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1952 Author SENIOR CLASS Fairfield High School North Fairfield, Ohio Title THE POW W W Publisher American Yearbook Company P N N F li, ' , CO-Editors . . Class Will .... Class Prophecy Class History . Sports ..... Activities . . N N UAL STAFF Phyllis Edwards Betty Woodworth . . Helen Swaney Margaret Risner . . Vaughn Baker Business Manager Personal Activities Class Plays .... F.F.A. and F.H.A. School Music . . . . . .. John Leak Roger Hershiser . . . James Wade . .Roger Graham . . Haldon Smith Grade School Activities .... Phyllis Minniear Adviser . . Mr. Emil Fernandez, Jr. DEDIC T10 We, the Senior Class of l95Z, dedi- cate our annual, "The Pow Wow," to our parents and teachers for guid- ing us through our twelve years of schooling, and to all of those who made it possible for our new school building. CLASS MOT TO: We are morally responsible for every wrong which we have the power to prevent. CLASS FLOWER: Yellow Rose CLASS COLOR: Green and White r' School UHYS, school days Gooo 010 Q01C10l'1 rule oavo I1 6 H your oooofolo oorofoot ooau oooro my in oo 0 ogoooto UH oioto WEN 5 ooopl IHHNHQBO RD LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr, John Edwards, Mr, Phillip Edwards, Mrs, Adah Parker, Clerk Treasurer, Mr, Harold Keiser President, Mr, Elroy Walcher, Vice-President, Mr, R, A, McNutt, Superintendent, F CULTY I Left to Rig,ht,First Row: Mrs, Troxel, Fourth Grade, Mrs, Fernandez, Home Economics, and Health, Mrs, McNutt, Third Grade, Mrs, Osborne, Fifth Grade, Mrs, Price, Second Grade, Mrs, Ross, First Grade, Mrs, Woodworth, Span- ish, and English, Mrs, Stevenson, Sixth Grade, Second Row: Mr. Fernandez, Math and Conunercial, Mr, Tipton, Music, Mr,Flint, Vocational Agricultural, Mr, Noel, Social Studies, and English, Mr, Ciavarra, Science, and Math, Mr, McNutt, Superintendent, Social Studies, and Physical EduC21t1OI1. 3 ff' is r v Q. "'-49' Y'T1P .ff -fi Superintendent VAUGHN RAYMOND BAKER Mr, Robert McNutt "Bake" President s ." Q is N+ujLJl,' if Y .ff 5- fs BETTY Lou wooDwoRTH "Bet" "I make the most of all that comes, and the least of all that goes." F,H,A, President 45 F,H,A, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,45 Girl's Glee Club 1,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Homecoming Attendent 8,45 Annual Staff 4. Outlook-Homemaker Y "He who never tastes, always drinks, and he who never talks, al- ways thinks," Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball l,2, 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Annual Staff 4. Outlook- Millionaire l WI--'V Z JOHN CALVIN LEAK "Johnny" "Save your money and be a mil- lionaire," Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2, 3,45 Band 15 Chorus 1,45 Boy's Glee Club 15 Class Play 3,45 An- nual Staff 4, Outlook-Army and Marriage Lgevbiw 1 g . Qi R . ' i f 3 f Qi Q 4 1 Ll e . I 3 4 ,, - ff - -xg 3, My 4, ,gi ,W an he A LQ Hu F I WHS YUUI' UEShfUl, UBPEWOT beau 'N-rv PHYLLIS IOANNE EDWARDS "Skipper" Vice President "We love her better every day, it isn't her looks, it's just her way," Student Council 3,4g Substitute Cheerleader 25 Mixed Chorus 1,45 Girl's Glee Club 1,43 Class Play 3,45 Annual Staff 43 Outlook-Homemaker YK' ur' 'fwfr I 'Z A, v sf 1-ul bil ROGER ALTON GRAHAM ..R0g.. "In each life a little rain must fall, but why does it have to be a cloudburst." Chorus l,2g Milan 1,25 Basketball 33 Class Play 3,-lg Annual Staff 4, Outlook-Aviator ,. pgs Its- f s 'x 3 sv-vv VM X HELEN MAY SWANEY "Honey Mae" Secretary "You cannot do a kindness too soon, because you never know how soon it may be too late." Band lg Mixed Chorus lg Girl's Glee Club lg Class Play 2,3,4g Annual Staff 4. Outlook-School Teacher ROGER KEITH HERSHISLR "Hershey" "Diplomacy is to do and say the nastiest thing in thc nicest way," Baseba1l3gPrcsidcnt 33 Band l,2g Class Play 3,45 Annual Staff 4, Outlook-The "Navy" 'wir Q7 MARGARET LOUISE RISNER "Maggie" Treasurer "Wherever fun and mischief beams, she is always sure to be seen," Sec. and Treasurer lg Mixed Cho- rus 4g Girl's Glee Club 4g F.H,A, 2,3,4g Homecoming Attendent 4g Class Play 3,4g Annual Staff 4. Outlook-Nurse if PHYLLIS JEAN MINNIEAR "Phyl" "Dimples in her cheeks, a dimple in her chin, she's right there when the fun begins." Girl's ciee Club 1,4, F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4gCheerleader 1,2,4g Class Play 3,f1g Annual Staff 4. Outlook-Housewife 'f lingua-' JAMES PEARSON WADE "Jim" "Those who dwell upon ivory tow- ers, have heads of the same ma- terial." Band 1gMixed Chorus lg Boy'sG1ee Club lg Baseball l,3g Annual Staff 4. Outlook-Army and Undecided , , 6 r , 1 lr, he f HA LDON CHARLES SMITH "Chad" "Perhaps some day in words of fame we'1l readthe wonders of his name." Basketball l,2g Baseball 1,2gC1ass Play 3,43 Annual Staff 4. Outlook-Farmer CLASS HISTORY Eight members of the Senior Class of 1952 started school to- gether. Helen Swaney, Betty Woodworth, Phyllis Edward, John Leak, James Wade, Haldon Smith, Roger Graham and Vaughn Baker. During the first year of school Phyllis Edwards moved away. James Wade moved away at the start of our second year of school. Smiling Jim came back in our locality the third year of school but Roger Graham moved to another locality. Phyllis Minniear came during the fourth year and Roger Hershiser and Phyllis Edwards in the fifth year of school. The ever moving Roger Graham returned dur- ing our sixth year, staying for two years, then moving again in the eighth year to return to stay with us in the eleventh year. Margaret Risner joined our class in the ninth year. Standing with our heads erect, with our thoughts full of happy memories of ourschool days together, the above members constitute the graduation class of 1952. 7 CLASS ILL Classmates, rest we here a little, while our life is yet at morng Pause a little for we seniors must make a will. 'Tis the time which all has led to, since we heard the first bell's call. Summoning us to meet in the now familiar hall. First of all let us call on smiling James Wade, and Elden Eastman in- herits his ability to get out of study halls. Haldon Smith, bequeaths to Bernard Keefer, the ability and endurance to graduate. Many a day Cynthia Jones and Roger Hershiser pondered as to Roger's beautiful red hair, which she wishes she had. The long-legged Roger Graham, the Henry Aldrich, of the school, bestows upon Thomas Clemons nothing but troubles. Margaret Risner, the flirting belle of our class, advises La Donna Gar- ner to take her place. Here about the grounds, studious Betty Woodworth, wishes that Nancy Gahring make as good in Chemistry as she did. To the ever quiet Lucy Atherton, Phyllis Edwards, bequeaths her ability to make men sigh. And Mildred Cole inherits Helen Swaney's skill, to stay on her feet while skating. Nancy Gahring is the recipient of the curly locks, that our cheerleading gal, Phyllis Minniear has. While Helen Swaney's advice to Audrey Cook, to be six feet tall, do stretching exercises. Ah! Dorothy Leach, watch out! Vaughn Baker wills you, his ability not to flirt. And ever munching John Leak, bestows upon Marvin Wheeler, his cleverness to get food from the cooks. O Commencement, not ending that is seems all our strife, But the gates that open outward to a bigger, broader life. Classmates, may the will of our spirit never set, But the faunt of inspiration gush through all our fancy yet. Howsoever life may lead, a long fare- well to High we say, And to our brave and dear advisers, nevermore to point our way, Let it fall on our dear school and all the friends we know, We must clasp each hand and whisper: "Good-bye, Classmate, we must go." CLASS PROPHECY Stranger than fiction are the tricks that "fate" plays upon us and yet it seems only yesterday that I was back in school. My little daughter took me back through the years when she asked me why Johnny, who was always sitting at the Bank and if he wasn't the same person whose picture she had seen in one of our books. She had my old class album. Through the years my classmates and I have gone our various ways and it seems that fortune has smiled upon us. Ten years have passed and we, who were together in that proud class of 1952 have much to be thankful for. John Leak, of course, is the President of the First National Bank which opened a few years ago here in North Fairfield. Johnny was the boy that my little Pam was speaking of. Next door to the bank is a General Electric Store managed by Roger Hershiser. Hoyt's Department Store! How it has changed! It is nine stories high and covers a block in each direction. Jimmy Wade, who was always an enterprising young man, is the Head Clerk. Gossip has it, that he is next in line to be manager. Betty Woodworth married a farmer from Illinois, embarrassing, as it may seem, I must admit I don't remember his name. Phyllis Minniear eloped last month with a fellow from New York. This morning while reading the "I-Iearald Times" I saw her picture that was taken in a Paris Night Club. They had gone to France on their Honey- moon. Maggie Risner's dream came true. She started up her ownHospital here in town several years ago. Ten years hasn't changed her a bit. Vaughn Baker bought out Pink's garage and has built quite a business. He runs the Buick-Pontiac Sales and Service on East Main Street. Haldon Smith has three different farms out West of town. He raises mostly potatoes. I hear that he had about 150,000 bushels last year. Phyllis Edwards married one of her schoolday Sweethearts. She is a very happy and contented housewife. What a lovely family she has! Her children are simply adorable! Roger Graham is out in Hollywood. The last I read about him was a write-up in the paper. He is the president of the Helicopter Service which is the largest in the country. He doesn't look the same since his nose was broken. Rumor has it, that he talked back to Humphrey Bogart at the wrong time. lhave been lucky. I always wanted to teach school and here I am doing it. Iam married to the principal, no less. All this goes to show, that dreams do come true. We have much to be thankful for, especially since Peace reigns all over the world. May this Peace last forever. 9 m UNIOR- E IOR PRO On May ll, 1951, the EIlk's Country Club was the scene of a well planned prom in honor of the Seniors of 1951. We, as the Juniors, carried out the theme of Indian Summer throughout the Club. The nut cups were small canoes and the place cards, tepees. A centerpiece made up of tepees and canoes on a mirror to represent a lake also added much color. Streamers, gay Indian colors, were hung from the lights. All this was drawn, paint- ed, and set up, with the capable help of our sponsor Mr. Fernandez, by the Juniors. Special entertainment was furnished by the Stower Sister's of Norwalk. The Menu consisted of: Fruit Cocktail Swiss Steak French Fries Succotash Tossed Salad Cherry Pie A La Mode Coffee Milk At midnight, of the same evening, Mr. and Mrs. Alton Woodworth entertained the group at their home. The lovely snack served there was: Pancakes Syrup Bacon Coffee or Milk At a later hour everyone left for home. All were happy, but sleepy too. The Junior-Senior Prom will be held this year on May Z, 1952, in the gym. The theme will be a night club setting. Further details are un- decided. IO f Ni' : UU wrote on my slate 'I love YUU SUI 145335 mia-in-if E IOR PL Y "THE DEATH RAY MYSTERY" Gregory McVane, millionaire scientist, is the discoverer of the death ray, a secret he has guarded with the most meticulous caution. They are all living together in the mansion, all but Hillary, the black sheep of the family, who has been on his own for the past three years. Hillary comes back to his uncle's home, however, though not by invitation. Instead, he enters furtively in the midnight hours, a hoodlum with him. They started a thorough search of the room and when Uncle Gregory enters they soon have him bound. As the curtain comes down we find Hillary threatening him with a gun unless he confesses to the hiding place of the death ray formula. The second scene opens we find that a detective has arrived and has begun his questioning of the family. The detective finds that each may have had some motive in killing Mr. McVane. Hillary's suspicion is further enhanced because of his appearance at this time. The audience is further convinced of his wick- edness when Mavis, who is desperately in love with Hillary, discloses the hiding place of the death ray to be in the locket about her neck. Taking her in his arms, Hillary gently removes the locket from her throat. His being guilty is further confirmed when Beatriz, one of the nieces and a firm believer in spirit- ualism, insists on holding a seance. When the lights come up, the butler, seated next to Hillary, is dead, and Mavis has disappeared. The audience is held in sus- pense until the very end, when after some unusual twist reveals the true crim- inal is not Hillary, but the disquised detective, Anderson. Olga, the maid fur- nishes many laughs and moments of suspense that defy explanation. CAST Beaudry .... Hi1larY. ...... Splash.... ...... Gregory McVane ,,., Pinzer ....... .... Adele ...... Cora Sutton .... Anderson ,,.,,,, Olga ............. Beatrix .......... Norman Sutton.....,,.... Mavis Huston., Haldon Smith John Leak Jim Wade Roger Graham Roger Graham Helen Swaney Phyllis Edwards Roger Hershiser Margaret Risner Betty Woodworth Vaughn Baker Phyllis Minniear UN IOR CLASS 'sl "us li F af -5' x -.Sta 'Q f .ali 1 .7 6' President Adviser Treasurer Cynthia Jones Mr. Frank Ciavarra Lucy Atherton Mildred Cole and Dorothy Leach were not present when pictures were taken. .--F'-V is UN IOR CLASS PL. 4 l- "THE YOUNG IMP" Marvin Wheeler A THREE ACT COMEDY CAST Armanda Tilden .... Cynthia Jones Nettie Tilden ..... Nancy Gahring Hattie Storey ..... Dorothy Leach Myrtle Heartsease . . Lucy Atherton as a Esmy ........ . . Audrey Cook . . Mildred Cole 1 Ned Page ....... Elden Eastman Tommy Ross .... Marvin Wheeler Brother Wheeler . . Thomas Clemons Peggy Page ..... LaDonna Garner Jonathan Ross .... Bernard Keefer ,nl- I Katie ...... v',, LaDonna Garner The setting of the play takes place in the apartment of two old maids, in the early 1900. Armanda and Nettie, confirmed man-haters, have made an iron- clad law that no man could enter their apartment. The only exceptions to this law were Ned Page, their A H.. nephew, and Brother Wheeler, a missioner. ji ,Q- -A, -.1 tt. Thomas Clemons 12 S , . ,s ' ' I I I 0 1 Vice-President Elden Eastman 3? Y ., N2 Audrey Cook 'N '."g"' 1' ...Q . Q 1 . Al.. -. Bernard Keefer fi K ' x Nancy Gahring GPHOMORE CLASS r.. a 5 as 1? S " "' ,, Z' - , ' . ., J H p L K M 43- SM! f f 'S - I. .r X: .if cgi' 'tt' :ir W! ' ' .,,. I ' .. 1 gn' , Q , ' .,l W1 lx B 2 3 , fp ' fax ' rc, ' ' -3 A 7' 5: t... , ' ' 'f' r -I xl ti . A ' A11 J f x N A A A 66 LE, ',. ' -ll Q. 'qi' yi ., ' FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, READING LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Woodworth, Advisorg Folly Phil- lips, Helen Taylor, Russell Conaway, Julia Ann Sweeting, Jerry Lykins, Margaret Seidel. SECOND ROW: Jim Hale, Yvonne Burras, Emma Jane Barnett, Larry Brown. THIRD ROW: Barbara Chandler, Tony Pre- dieri, Clarajean Moser, Bill Pierce, Lois Garner, John Holden, Juanita Sniith. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Con- away, Eugene Sands, Shirley Signs, Vaughn Fife, Roberta Cherry. The Sophomore Class organized at the beginning of the school year. Electing the following officers: Vaughn Fife, Presidentg Folly Phillips, Vice President, Clarajean Moser, Secretary-Treasurer. With the Presi- dent and Vice-President representing the class in the Student Council. The collection of tax stamps was chosen as a project for the class, which has proven to be a good source of income. At Halloween we had a gala of a time, the class planned and enjoyed a party at the home of Eugene Sands. During the Christmas holidays we had a get together at the home of our advisor, Mrs. Woodworth. Following a hearty pot-luck supper, we exchanged gifts. The class activities for the remaining of the year included the spon- soring of a dance and the selling of programs at the Basketball Tourna- ment in Norwalk, February 19, Zl, and 23. With these activities the class hopes to amass a large sum of money in which to start the Junior year. I3 F RESHM CLASS f Q' S , 5 I .. 9 M 'S V . .Q "' "' 2. :PL ' I ' . 3 i LT? 1 I 1 , , t, . , X 2' - 5 A -L7 Q J x J 5 I Y I x H .T A ir ,AFA ' , 5, i .ff H , Jr 1 "' Ile if Y if' 4 ' - ,wr xx an ' xy' I 1 A' 'wi ,M M I ji 1 ,fm T A, 'U N' il I Q as Ft A F. i - ff j 15 dj Q - f I 1 7, is , I ' xr... J-37' -. vm new q. 0' 1 Q fx' 3' 1 vu fr-1 I 1 ' , . ' ,fx .1 lx aw e hx AX... '- xl ,A'n....fA' 7 ,i A M FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: READING LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: Mr. Noel, Advisorg Marjorie Cherry, James Gahring, Julia Wheelerg William Cherry: Mary Lou Seidelg Raymond Risner. SECOND ROW: Mar- garet Sweeting, Earl Eastmang Donna Gulletg Robert Dotson. THIRD ROW: Merlin Bakerg Patty Hurnpheyg Keith Sweetingg Mathel Dickg Vaxter Risnerg Jack Sweetingg Robert Sweeting. FOURTH ROW: Clyde An- dersong Katherine Reedg Lyle Andersong Garland Lykins. The Freshmen Class organized at the beginning of the school year. The following were elected as officers: President, Roger Sweetingg Vice President, Mary Lou Seidelg and Secretary-Treasurer, Patty Humphrey. The initiation of the Freshmen by the Seniors started the year's acti- vities. We were quite an amusing group of "characters," The week prior to Christmas vacation we enjoyed a holiday party com- plete with games, food, and gift exchange. In February, the class sponsored a Leap Year dance, which proved a financial and social success. This has been a good year, full of fun and work. I4 EIGHTH GR DE ' fo . 5 5 I ' '6 A ' Q. I' 6 Aj lu . , , W .- . 4 1 's ,fm as 1 "- S 1 ' ' - s 'ff - 11 Leaf? rf:-is ATY4! sl ic'r',,:.f Tvs. A' Q in 4- Us ,' 4' X! . 0 A 9 1 ' 5 1 , Q L. , w e 5 K .. -K " ' y 7 6-N i if I. L9 -'J' ' f ' ' ' ' -- 0 , ,, x T-1 R x! g. w Y ' R I x, I I :i r 4 :A ki an ea- A.-il. xf .' A3 '. ' " jf ... ,4 I mb- rits A Ar is i FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: Mr. Fernandez, Adviser: San- dra Sanders: Edwin Woodworth: Joyce Coleman:Gordon Williams: Phyllis Farrington: Larry Coy. SECOND ROW: Carol Morrow: Homer Sands: Barbara Bordner: James Houghtlen. THIRD ROW: Henry Cole: Donna Biller: Virgil Osborn: Carol Smith: Artie Wallrabenstein: Ann Phillips: Howard Burwell. FOURTH ROW: Nadine Baker: Sharon Schimpff, Fred Baumann: Helen McPherson: Randall Garner. Our class has been on the quiet side this year as far as class pro- jects are concerned. Someday the play we planned for, will be a reality. The one plan that did materialize was a roller skating party the first of the year. Officers elected for this school year were: President, Nadine Baker: Vice President, Sharon Schimpffg and Secretary-Treasurer, Sandy San- ders. I5 SEVE TH GR DE 1' f I in ' v if . A "- if 1 V 5- 1 5- ' ,ft 1 I. f-, Q ,iw gr, "' ' ,rs f 1 H 1 ilkx ,yr "" is v 154 'fl B X I al. - 9, 'am , f, 3 F , i ia v 4 O aff. T ' 4 EN ' K p F 'iv ,, ' 34 1. are ,R I "T . ,, ,M . - - if-at , i "' ' iff i' 'S' " - as , i J ' -W.. .4 i i ' I 7 ,W .6 A 5 ju E3 'r , 1 'U . I E 1 t " 'K 5 m f 5 y , x fs- T t 1 3 Q df as - 4 . mlm lin! I I A FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, READING LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Fernandez, Adviser, Tommy Signs: Rosemary Smith, Richard Conawayg Gayle Dotsong Carl Chandler, Leota Athertong John Braden. SEC- OND ROW: Ellen Eastman, Harley Reedg Shirley Houghtleng Gerald Palrng Frances Garner: Roger Chase. THIRD ROW: Audrey Wheelerg Elmer Craft, Carrie Lightg Roger Mclntyreg Ruby Lykinsg Lowell Brown, Kay Hinckley, Ronald Chase. FOURTH ROW: Wayne Lewisg Karen Burrasg Roger Parker, Robert Osborn, Roger Carnahan, James Sweetingg Douglas Resor. Suzanne Gahring absent when the picture was taken. Members of the seventh grade chose the following as officers for the school year 1951-1952: President, Lowell Brown, Vice-President, Richard Conawayg Secretary, Roger Mclntyre, and Treasurer, Suzanne Gahring. Being in a Junior High School is much different from our former years, but we are becoming used to it. There has been fun mixed with work. For instance, the Christmas Party, and the Bake Sale, have provided us with lots of fun. 16 SIXTH GRADE ,f Y, t N f' .. ' I' , ,,, ' '.vw , . ,, 'I 0 ,xl v 1, - , r .- , , M- . .Q ' ' - ltr' 4 x ' KK fn? .ff 6- xv "'.-nm . : 43 ,P 1, Q I b - 7' 1 f -. J- - 2 1' ' A ,.. - 1- 3- L1 Q.. 7 fx, .ff I is a... ffhfr-' algal' 345' t 'k,,l '-'15 4- , A. It J fi A A fb FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, READING LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Mrs, Stevenson, Advisor: Jerry Sweet- ing, Mary Irwin, Robert Eldridge, Phyllis Lykins, Clifton Light, Donna Phillips. SECOND ROW: Daniel Schimpff, Ruth Graham, Thomas Jordon, Rosetta Green. THIRD ROW: Darryl Edwards, Margie Gullett, Wayne Bond, Judith Peirce, Benedict Phillips, Shirely Garner, Ralph Cherry. FOURTH ROW: Anna Osborn, Larry Swanders, Eldon Lykins, Myron Sanders, Thomas Zeigler. OFFICERS President, Jerry Sweetingg Secretary-Treasurer, Ruth Graham. The class chose for their theme this year "It's A Wide Wonderful World." We have tried to appreciate the relation of our way of living with that of other peoples. We sincerely hope that with a better understanding, and knowledge about other people, we will enable to further our way of life upon the rest of the world. Our Projects: Imaginary Airplane Trip over the Eastern Hemisphere, Pioneer Movement in Our Own Country, Better Ways of Living Follow the Frontier, and One Hundred Years of Progress, Exchange Library, Flannel Graph Studies, Science and Natural History Club, and Organized Physical Education. We've enjoyed the usual parties and play times. I7 FIFTH GR DF. 6 'Nik Q Q .tx 54- vi. 4 A ,'.,A,5,, '05 ' ' -. " ' A L"-N 9 l'EJ Qi! Q - rmvQ is 1 - in 3 Ln . -',-H .fp 1 1- F ra if . ' ft 5. -L , . i M Y I I - . 1 , -.. f .- 53 w , ".f " -6. , ,. ' 'fr 2' ' 'T' ' ' D ,L - -I 542' , , ' We V9 ..j'ff, -.1 Q . , A . Ill. .1 i H vw - as P 'sa AAAAA1- . s 1 an it . in F5 . E. ' Q .5 3 " A -r-. . ., - - nf A? 4 9' . A '-if A - 1 4 ,X L4 -L13 or - ' , - -f v T - ' 9 - , .T 7 , 4 an at-if tl L F. 35" '-E1 A FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, AND FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Mrs. Osborn, Teacherg Charles Sands, Alice Bistlineg David Williams, Judy Graham, Robert Smith: Connie Hosfordg Leo Dotsong Janice Lykins. SECOND ROW: Larry Leeg Romona Swanderg Paul Mclntyreg Jeannette Gordong LeRoy Fosterg Lois Eldridge, THIRD ROW: Betty Io Farrington: Ronald Schimpffg Sandra Dendingerg Hobert Williams, Deanna Parkerg Jerry Giles: Betty McFarling Reginald Phillips: Donna Vogel. FOURTH ROW: Helen Woodworth, Teddy Gullettg Patty White: Glayds Lykinsg Dian Earlg Alice Athertong Joan Walcherg Deanna Burwell, OFFICERS President, Leo Dotsong Secretary, Alice Bistlineg Treasurer, Dian Earl. In History we worked on numerous projects. Stories, pictures, and materials were collected for each explorer which we studied. This in- formation was assembled, under the direction of an able leader in the class, and made into booklet form. All drawings were made free-hand and without assistance. The last project fUnit HD was given to Donna Mae Vogel. In Geography the pupils collected material and information for a large Natural Resource map of the United States, which proved quite successful in the studying of the United States. The monitor system works very well in our class room. The monitors are changed every other week. Q I8 FO RTH GR DE " 1 '-'e 4 1' 'dt' ' ' A ' ' A, 6' ' 'li t It 1 'X b I 4 -E , Q - fl flu S g A : Qt K A A x ' is T - -I , , 2 Qt H ' 1 , .N lam? ll t Di ' - , A- n If I ,ip Q v x I, . X 'Er . .Nl m 4 L. -- .A - K 5 Q I T , u Gi " Vs' 4- is "' " ' 'A ' 'L - .N 3' -... - f QF- L 1 Q' ' s Q mv , I I - R 7 7 .m L .. N 'Ai K I ISF f "N .na 101 sq.. ' , 1' ,. ix I ' X,L . if FROM TOP TO BOTTOM AND FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Troxel, Teacherg Larry Christie, Janice Coleman, Dick Bistline, Janice Osborn, Van Woodworth, Ieanene Trembly, Garry Wilcox. SECOND ROW: Patty Vogus, Dale Biller, Margaret Phillips, Albert Conaway, Kathleen McNutt, Dick Garner. THIRD ROW: Dalton Biller, Barbara Ruggles, Robert Houghtlen, Patty Wallrabenstein, James Palm, Connie Hoyt, Tommy Bond, Marsha Clemons. FOURTH ROW: Paul Parker, Kathryn Lewis, James Westermen, Tommy Resor, Phyllis Houghtlen was absent when picture was taken. Since the taking of the class pictures the following two new pupils have joined the fourth grade: Delores DeWitt and Anna Belle Rowe. This has been a busy year for all of us. Our spelldowns have been ex- citing features of classroom activity. The girls and boys are very keen competitors. Along with work there have been some very enjoyable social affairs such as the hob-goblin fest at Halloween time, birthday celebra- tions with beautiful decorated cakes and ice cream. We spent a great deal of time preparing for the Christmas Program, but old man winter played tricks on us and sent too much snow at the wrong time thus pre- venting our having it as planned. However, we had our gifts exchange after the Christmas holidays. 6 I9 THIRD GR DE 1 iff- ' if-tgp I F 'fd' ,N ,,,, ,,, ng D " N' ." 'x Q ,Q fr' L .- 4 ,' 4 ' I W 7 ' x fi, ' A Y E -ytw 1' 2 ' 5: A ' is Al :li 1 5-so K bk A '15 rs' , - v 'i 3 it 1-f v' ,Q Inglis ::::. .::f f' RJ, . ' .1-uu..nr1' : 1 i. :' .i i X. af -ra . if il 1 af: .' ri . A ' 2' 4-9+ - - .TTA + 1- "-g"s' 'ff 'T'.' -le P ,,-A I " 'Q f "', " ' . , W' 5 v U 'X - '. .5 ' . ' " s . .lf 4 Ei' U. F ... I af' .V "H, A ' 2 6, 1- 5,1 ' no . D' ,'-'ui 1, " " nt -h v . X' A W fi Y rr' V I 1' lf," A . 1 7 I , - , 5 . D 'llghdi A 5 J , FROM TOP TO BOTTOM AND FROM LEFT TO RIGHT,FIRST ROW: Mrs. McNutt, Teacherg Leslie Stone- ham, Dottie Williams, Kenneth Brooke, Mary K. Phillips, Norman Saxton, Patricia Skinn, John Giles, SE COND ROW: Beverly Uttley, Bobby Farrington, Betty Lou Craft, Roy Dendinger, Luella Parker, Loren Baker, THIRD ROW: Charoltte Schimpff, Kay King, Sandra Swander, Richard Trushel, Margaret Atherton, Duane Atherton, Linda Coy, John Baumeyer, FOURTH ROW: Linda Dankmeyer, David Cook, Terry Baker, Larry Briggs, Bl1lyChumpp, Jack Morrow, Thomas Ferrin and Bobby Honaker were absent when picture was taken. We had fun making Thanksgiving murals. We cut out all our characters free hand. We made prettv mats for our mothers for Christmas, using crepe paper and light rope. For our fathers we made calendars. We made a tour of the Post-Office and the grocery Store. In the Spring we studied birds. We are gratefull to our Room Mothers and others who have given us so many nice treats. 20 SECO D GRADE vi. -. QW C. Xa . J L, - ' A v xldi . H if "R T " if , 4 fs' . 'wxfi t in fy 1 at ...v I. my Ai L. ix p 'T -'Vi fum 9 - M - ' 'sa ' 41 V j7Q ri -'ffl .fn 'E gf. K U ,.. -1 ,- -t lr 5 l, ' sv, , 4', D ' , J ' . fix ' 3- -"f ff-', Q: "N" ' 3 As, 3 ' ffl, 'rf ..' ,.t,.J C. vl Q-',. -,fv- "' squat -gn- ' , . I , -' ' .g.! 5 .KI 5 , , J. '4 F - Q' ,475 J H04 . A A u Yin IL. ' . FROM TOP TO BOTTOM AND FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: Theodore Cook, Mary Wade, James Hintz, Judith Chase, Jack Whitwright, Mary Beth Chisholm, Frank Anderson, Nancy Dankmeyer, Jerry Earl. SECOND ROW: Judith Skinn, John Hoyt, Judy Christie, Clyde Eldridge, Eileen Foster, Jonnie Vogus, THIRD ROW: Janice Graham, Emmons Funk, Roberta Baxter, Neil Robinson, Louise Eurin, Roy King, Kath- leen Rielly, Marvin Atherton, Garnetta Phillips. FOURTH ROW: John McFarlin, Carol Chupp, Neil Wal- cher James Farrington, Ronald Houghlten, Randall McDanields, Jack Baker, Paul Craft, David Culver, Kenneth DeWitt was absent when picture was taken. Everyone enjoyed the Halloween and Christmas parties. The boys and girls had a grand time at the Valentine party. Mrs. Whitwright, who was our room mother for the past year helped us a lot. The boys and girls were delighted at the new set of Arithmetic books and the new school 1'OO1'1'1. 21 FIRST GRADE :lil "" """' "' I"-'Q I V 5 N sq? f W wh y nw. .. 4 V ' 7""" T31 tl I ig ,kg , 4 5,9 9 4-. mg Q - A X at... -.1 hw g ' 'f "',"" 'Q Ill 'X 4 '- Q ' Q' u .fuk .I , ., nr- if ' Q- 3 ' " 1 4. L' .A - if may 'lar 1- Q ' '-,",.' g, 5. F-1 ,ng -in I FI ,- lags. . .. 'Alf 3-,liesjf ,ng lg ft? ' - ' x , if 43223 SW ah. at a f' as ' 'F ' W - P6135 f Q 2 Q-at N W Q ., . PQ .. . 1,4 f r are R 'lf 5' 1 ' gf. .a at - T r us A-A FROM TOP TO BOTTOM AND FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: Clement Lightg Sharon Uttleyg Tho- mas Walcherg Sharon Baumann: Charles Sweetingg Eliose Io Fernandezg Robert Schaffer, SECOND ROW: Virginia Wilcox, Larry Houghtleng Mary Garce Gahringg Dwight Kelley. THIRD ROW: Patricia Signs, Allen Lewisg Kay Dendingerg Mary Louise Vogelg Kathy Noel, Margaret Morrowg FOURTH ROW: Joyce Lykinsg Margie King: Susie Burrasg Christine Latherg Roseann Parker. Pictures of the following were not taken due to late registration: Earl Johnson, Shelley DeWittg and I-ledyla Rose. The facilities of the Public Library have been placed at our disposal and the goal for this year is to have each student read eight books. The Hal- loween and Christmas Parties were enjoyed by all. Our Valentine's Party and Mothe1"s Day Party was a great success. We have enjoyed our new school room very much. 22 Good old golden rule days 6 5 I 6 if .fa Ye a av N it A n ,Q 34 1:4 Q4 5 f, ,- 1 ll' 1 ' ?"'?' Ff i ' 51 3 Q, , Q :X , 5- x n' , 4, 32' 743 wax Q , T DE T COUNCIL FROM TOP TO BOTTOM AND FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: Vaughn Fifeg Folly Phillipsg Thomas Clemonsg Elden EastmangRoger Sweeitngg Lowell Brown. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Edwards, Treasurerg Mary Lou Seidelg Vaughn Baker, Presidentg Roger Hershiser, Vice-Presidentg Mr. McNulr, Superintendentg Cyn- thia Jones, Secretaryg Nadine Baker. Plans were made for a year of student activities such as, providing all school assembly programs, entertainment features of Homecoming festi- vities. The proceeds from the coke machine paid for the rental of chairs which were required in the auditorium when holding assemblies. The student council sponsored two programs for the entire student body. A Ventriloquist and an exhibit of 40 different species of snakes. Refreshment were sold at the basketball tournament in Norwalk. The proceeds were divided equally among Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes. The student council, a truly representative body has been found a means of communication between students and the superintendent. CUSTODIAN THE CAFETERIA I Mr. Bernard Maerkisch PROM LEFT TO RIGHT, Mrs. Gazel Hershisher, and Mrs. Elsie Bishop. 23 yy y BA FROM TOP TO BOTTOM AND FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: E. Woodworth, R. Mclntyreg P. Hum- phrey. C. Smith: I. Gahringg R, Sweetingg C, Chandlerp L. Atherton: R, Graham: P. Edwards. SECOND ROW: Mr. Tipton, Directorg I. A. Sweetingg S. Gahringg B. Bordnerg A. Phillipsg N. Gahringg H. Taylorg K. Cannon: A. Cookg N. Baker. THIRD ROW: J. Smithg S. Signsg L.D. Garnerg B. Woodworthg B. Chandlerg S. Schimpffg M. L. SeidelgC. Jonesg K, Burrasg D. Phi11ipsgB. Donawayg M, Seidel. FOURTH ROW: L. Gar- ner. The Band played at two basketball games during the season. A Concert was held February 29th. in the auditorium, North Fairfield combined with Greenwich and New Haven marched as a unit at the Pet Parade in Norwalk. They played at the Commencement Exercises, Eleven members of the band were selected to represent North Fairfield in the County Festival held at Wakeman March 14th. CHOIR FROM TOP TO BOTTOM AND FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: I. Holden, I. Gahringg L. Brown, I. HalegE. Sandsgl. Leak: F. Phi1lipsgV, Fife. SECOND ROW: T. Predie1igH. Taylorg L.D. Garnerg B. Wood- worthg J. A. Sweetingg B. Chandler: M. Risnerg R. Conaway. THIRD ROW: A. Leakg P. Edwards. L, Gar- nerg M, Seidelg S. Signsg N. Gahrmgg A. Cookg C. Jones: Mr. Tipton, Instructor. The Choir sang at the Concert held February 29th. Some members were in the County Festival held March 14th, at Wakeman, The Choir sang at the Commencement exercises. 24 GIRLS' GLEE CL B v 'if FROM TOP TO BOTTOM AND FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: Cynthia Jones, Betty Woodworthg Barbara Chandler, Mr, Tipton, Director, Kathy Reed, Maragret Risner, Phyllis Minniear. SECOND ROW: Helen Taylor, LaDonna Garner, Lois Garner, Audrey Cook, Ann Leak: Phyllis Edwards, The Girls Glee Club participated in the concert held February 29 at the High School Auditorium, Some of the members were selected to sing at the Countv Festival in Wakeman. 7th and Sth CHOIR TOP ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Roger Carnahan, Roger Mclntyre, Richard Conaway, Artie Wallrabcnstein, Carl Chandler, Howard Burwell,Iames Houghtland, Wayne Lewis, Thomas Signs, CENTER ROW: Edwin Woodworth, Leota Atherton, Suzanne Gahring, Kay Cannon, Carol Smith, Ann Phillips, Barbara Bordner, Helen Mc Pherson, Clara DeWitt, James Sweeting. THIRD ROW: Mr. Eugene Tipton, Instructor, Karen Burras, Carol Morrow, Phyllis Farrington, Sandra Sanders, Nadine Baker, Joyce Coleman, Sharon Schimpff. The 7th and 8th Choir sang for the concert held February 29 in the High School Auditorium. 25 TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorothy Leach, Mary Lou Seidel, Margaret Risner, Mildred Cole, Juanita Smith, Emma Jane Barnett, Phyllis Minniear, Barbara Conaway. MIDDLE ROW: Julia Wheeler, LaDonna Garner, Shirley Foster, Patricia Humphrey, Katherine Reed, Shirley Signs, Audrey Cook, Nancy Lee Gah- ring, Ann Leak, BOTTOM ROW: Mrs, Fernandez, Advisorg Margaret Sweeting, Lois Garner, Margaret Seidel, Julia Sweeting, Barbara Chandler, Betty Woodworth, Cynthia Jones. Our Club has twenty-one members this year. At the first of the year we had a weiner roast for new members. Everyone who was there enjoyed the festivities, DL-p26-j1004 The following officers were elected for the coming year: President ......... Betty Woodworth Vice President . . ..... Cynthia Jones Secretary .... . . Julia Ann Sweeting Treasure ..... . . Barbara Chandler News Reporter . . . . Margaret Seidel At Christmas time we had a pot-luck supper for the F.F,A, boys. The F,H.A. Club used the old draperies for reupholstering the furni- ture. We bought more drapery material and made drapers for the win- dows at the cottage. We rented an electric sander and refinished the floors and tables in the Home Economic Cottage. With the support of the Willard United Bank and the North Fairfield Branch the F.H,A, girls went to Cleveland. We went through the Federal Reserve Bank which was very interesting. We attended the Food Show exhibit at the Public Auditorium in Cleveland. Everyone who made the trip enjoyed it very much. All in all we have had a very exciting and successful year. 26 F. F. A. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Sweeting, Roger Graham, Marvin Wheeler, William Cherry, Bernard Keefer. MIDDLE ROW: Garland Lykins, Roger Sweeting, Keith Sweeting, Raymond Risner, Haldon Smith, Mr. Flint, class advisor. BOTTOM ROW: Folly Phillips, Vaughn Fife, Larry Brown, Eugene Sands, Elden Eastman, Russell Conaway. North Fairfield Chapter We the future farmers of America, We went to Michigan in January, To us the whole world will turn, To see General Mills experimen- May they be poor or they may be rich tal farm, We will feed them all, the whole We saw the way to raise animals, world. For the good Yankee dollar. We started the year with a bang, To Sandusky we went a swimming To our wise instructor, Mr. Flint In the good old month of February must go the credit, We turnedin the windy days of March Who made us believe we knew it all, To put on a radio program over Until we saw the daylight. WLEC. We planted five acres of corn Faithfully we've toiled and striven And we made plenty of dough. Pressing on with higher aim, We beat five other schools We are well prepared for action, In our annual pest hunt, Names to shine throughout, as the wonder of the age. 27 JR. HIGH BASKETBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: TOP ROW: Coach, Mr. Noel: Roger Mclntryeg Larry Coyg Roger Parkerg Artie Wallra- bensteing Ronald Chaseg Roger Chaseg Virgil Osborng Harley Reedg Gary Palm, BOTTOM ROW: Wayne Lewis: Fred Baurnang Gordon Williamsg Randall Garnerg Jim Sweetingg Henry Coleg Carl Chandler, Edwin Woodworthg Richard Conawayg Tommy Signs, SOFTBALL .'.K, ,, LEFT TO RIGHT: TOP ROW: Coach, Mr. McNurrg Larry Coy: Ronald Chasey Carl Chandlerg Henry Coleg Fred Baumang Roger Chase. MIDDLE ROW: Roger Parkerg Harley Reedg Roger Mclntryeg Gordon Willaimsg Lowell Brown: Artie Wallrabensteing Virgil Osborng Richard Conaway. BOTTOM ROW: John Bradengwayne Lewisg Tommy Signsg Jim Sweetingg Jimmy Houghtleng Gary Palm, Roger Carnahan. 28 mv'-gf 1.135553 gg, . ss: . f Lf x, 1 XM A:-i f ' f A 1, W , , A I .7 XA WHEN WE WEPE B CUUDIB of kids EB LL ,xi Ffh an .N 5. 4 TOP ROW: READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Earl Eastman: Lyle Andersonp James Gahringg Bill Cherryg Jack Sweetingg Bobby Dotsong Garland Lykins, MIDDLE ROW: Reading from left to right: Merlin Bakerg Tony Predierig Roger Sweetingg Thomas Clemonsg Eugene Sandsg Elden Eastmang Raymond Risnerg Vaughn Fife: BOTTOM ROW: Reading from left to right: Russell Conawayg Marvin Wheelerg Vaughn Baker: Coach, Mr. Noelg John Holdem John Leakg Folly Phillips. Our Baseball team played five games last fall. We feel our boys did a wonderful job. All the games lost were by close scores. We wish the team all the luck for the spring season. We They 2 Monroeville . . . 8 7 New Haven . . . 6 O Greenwich . . 1 7 New Haven. . . 8 7 Milan ..... . ll 29 VARSITY Monroeville F.H.S, Alumni F.H.S. Ruggles-Troy F.H.S, Greenwich F.H.S Shiloh F.H.S Wakeman F.H.S Sullivan F.H.S Greenwich F.H.S Union F.H.S Faculty F.H.S, Milan F.H.S New Haven F.H.S Berlin Heights F.H.S. Republic F.H.S Milan F.H.S Shiloh F.H.S New Haven F.H.S KETB LL, 19 as 45 r 31 48 S 41 41 as 42 64 33 37 48 54 50 48 42 , . A 54,0 fy. ,r . .4 X ,. A -.. cu --1 . 11 1 ,W,w.-- in, an -1,2 135-W 4 :s ass? 3543533 i O14 lmlmlqmi-'ri .ld TOP ROW, READING LEFT TO RIGHT: Earl Eastman, Lyle Anderson, Garland Lykins, James Gahring, Vaxter Risner, Raymond Risner, Keith Sweeting. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Mr, McNuttg John Holden, Vaughn Fife, Bill Cherry, Jack Sweeting, Eugene Sands, Roger Sweeting, Gerry Lykins, Tony Predieri, Merlin Baker, Manager, Henry Cole, BOTTOM ROW: Folly Phillips, Elden Eastman, Marvin Wheeler, John Leak, Thomas Clemons, Russell Conaway, Vaughn Baker. 30 Ln .- - i . ' Readin' 'n' 'ritin' 'n' 'rithmetic I VARSITY CHEERLE DER I. s-.-JA LEFT TO RIGHT: Cynthia Jonesg Barbara Conawayg Shirley Signsg LaDonna Garner: Barbara Chandler Phyllis Minniear, E glla w 4 JR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS 1 I 'Q LEFT TO RIGHT: Ellen Eastman: Sandy Sanders: Nadine Baker. H0 ECOMING LEFT TO RIGHT: Vaughn Bakerg Margaret Risnerg John Leak, Basketball Captain: Cynthia Jones, Queeng Marvin Whcelerg Betty Woodworth. A P : Z f -1- E u '- . ' , V a X X . .f Q ,--- att. 31 in STUDE T-TEACHER QS A .gt.i.s,, Vaughn Baker, Margaret Risner, acting Superintendent acting as Commercial Teacher, Betty Woodworth, Marvin Wheeler, acting as Home Economics Teacher. acting as Agricultural Teacher. 1- . ,gig sk Y? J, Jim Wade, Phyllis Edwards, acting as Social Studies Teacher, acting as English and Spanish Teacher. W im fini! :Juli Cynthia Jones, Margaret Risner, Betty Woodworth, acting as Science Teacher. Phyllis Edwards, The Awful's. 32 ., ,gy STACKS O' CRACKS Name: Phyllis Joanne Edwards Born: May 31, 1934 Ideal Boy: Richard Snapp Favorite Food: Swiss Steak Favorite Expression: Honestly! Where to Find: With Dick Name: James Pearson Wade Born: July 1, 1934 Ideal Girl: ? ? ? ? ? ? Favorite Food: T-Bone Steak Favorite Expression: I'll never tell. Where to Find: Jone's Name: Roger Keith Hershiser Born: May 15, 1933 Ideal Girl: Helen Swaney Favorite Food: Butterscotch Pie Favorite Expression: Carrumba! Where to Find: Skating Name: Roger Graham Born: February Z1, 1934 Ideal Girl: Jane Bishop Favorite Food: Escalloped Oysters Favorite Expression: I'11 clue you. Where to Find: With a girl Name: Helen May Swaney Born: December 8, 1934 Ideal Boy: Roger Hershiser Favorite Food: Tuna Casserole Favorite Expression: I give up! Where to Find: Everywhere at once Name: Betty Lou Woodworth Born: September 8, 1934 Ideal Boy: Don Smith Favorite Food: Chicken Favorite Expression: I don't know! Where to Find At Home Name: John Calvin Leak Born: November 4, 1934 Ideal Girl: Margaret Seidel Favorite Food: Chicken Favorite Expression: That sounds logical. Where to Find: With Margaret Name: Margaret Louise Risner Born: July 12, 1935 Ideal Boy: Robert Gorham Favorite Food: Turkey Favorite Expression: What's the mat- ter with ya? Where to Find: Liable to find me any place. Name: Haldon Smith Born: December 28, 1934 Ideal Girl: All of them Favorite Food: Boiled Ham Favorite Expression: I don't know. Where to Find: In town Name: Phyllis Jean Minniear Born: October 17, 1934 Ideal Boy: Lee Kale Favorite Food: Chile Favorite Expression: Holy Cow! Where to Find: Sleeping Name: Vaughn Raymond Baker Born: June Z9, 1934 Ideal Girl: Dottie Leach Favorite Food: Cherry Pie Favorite Expression: That's the Best Where to Find: In my car CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1952 - - xl - 1 . -.-:..x.:.-4 'Ya 'c"' 'fr T ' T ew-N' 123, .-fy' -:- 'x - he , .. , . , . ff' JA' - 'ff-"vw " f ' ,' ""- Nw' 'W'-we-N' . .i'- ' N 5,1 tu "-f'1- 1,492 'P ::".Q4x 'v T H. 7 " fi W -Raglan. - -,.f,,' f"'Af-- xg k 1--'-,,L'-'J-.ANY-',l ,i ,.y'f.k-eg,- ' K-Qggiif . M lg, 3-:vzgfx-" V-'QRS-cdivlaygtwinjkg, ., . aft Vi 4' , 34f'5'ff'ff 1 5 , 4, -.,, . L. . 5 4. I Q, an 4 Vs., Q, ,, . .- WILLARD UNITED BANK MEMBER OF FDIC North Fairfield Greenwich Willard --- ..-.- '-av You WEPE ITIY Q81 in 031100 6 HOLDEN'S GAS 81 APPLIANCES Paints Phone l953 North Fairfield, Ohio Compliments l 0 REED'S GARAGE The 8 S Moder phone 1363 , E. Main St . North Fairfield Baklng C0mP3l1Y General Repairs - Sohio Petrole Bakers of Products Good-will Used Car: .lOSTEN,S Fine Class Rings Announcements Yearbooks Awards Since 1897 Represent tive: William Lindboe Box 29 Bucyrus, Ohio Compliments of Vaughn and Evelyn CONFECTIONERY STORE Phone 1650 R. J. Underwood Compliments gels! :J: 'g .A ii,i:ilRi,i:' L1 :raliiiii f2':'1I'! l.:f-Fa?-' ' f-Eff H3 of H --1. , y . 3 ' 4? mmiizfrn Case Sales and Service Phone 1656 North Fairfield Ohio North Fairfield Ohio Compliments Compliments of Of KEISER HOME MITCHELUS CLEANERS FOR FUN ERALS Phone 1706 North Fairfield Ohio Invalid Car Service North Fairfield Ohio Compliments Congratulations of F""" THE HUEON COUNTY E. J. Mitchell FARMERS INSURANCE COMPANY North Fairfield Ohio Fire and Windstorm Insurance North Fairfield Ohio Compliments Compliments of of M. 81 M. RESTAURANT Home Cooked Meals We Cater to Special Dinners North Fairfield Ohio HOYT DEPARTMENT STORE Gro ceries, Paints, Hardware, Shoes Phone l832 North Fairfield Ohio Congratulations From NORTH FAIRFIELD MILL Feed Grain and Mixing Shelling Grinding and Mixing rtl'1 Fairfield Phone 1914 Ohi FAIRFIELD SERVICE CENTER Refrigeration, Electric 8- Plumbing Service C I A l' S l 8. R ' Compliments of LATHER'S I.G.A. GRDCERY Phone 'l652 North Fairfield Ohio Compliments of HURON SAND AND GRAVEL CO 70,000,000 Americans can't be wrong D0 YOU THINK you should get interest cause of corporation profits. No profits, on your bank savings account, dividends no corporations, no corporations, no in- on your life insurance policy? Naturally. terest or dividends for you. so do 'he ?0 million othezi Amellcans Remember that, next time radicals rave who own savingsaccounts an insurance. and rant ageing' corporation profits. You get the interest and dividends be- THE HURON COUNTY BANKING COMPANY Norwalk, Ohio The Oldest and Largest Financial Institution in Huron County Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 38 Compliments B. L. MCCLURE, INC. Cars STUDEBAKER Trucks Sales And Service 4 E. Seminary St. N l Ph 1261 WHITE ROOFING 81 LUMBER CO. Building Materials Builders Supplies rwalk li Ph. 3-5081 P11 5-211 Compliments LAWERENCE 81 BATTLES INC. MACKIN APPLIANCES Your Frigidaire Dealer 5 - 7 No. Foster Coroaire Gas Heaters Norwalk Ohio and Speed Queen Washers Au m i eP Main St Nor lk O11 Ph 2-4111 24121 Ride A HARLEY - DAVIDSON MOTOR CYCLE MARY ANN SHOPPE Wearing Apparel ws Really Fun and Millinery A. E. LINDENAU Bfidu' 5"0PPe 82 Bendict Ave. Norwalk Ik Oh PALMER'S GARAGE LANG IMPLEMENT CO. Oliver Farm Implements 190 East Ma. sf. and 1-mms Phone 3-2014 New ldea Farm Implements Norwalk Oh Delval Milkers Norwalk Phone 3-2391 Compliments of HOLMAN'S JEWELERS M I Street Norwalk, Ohl Compliments of PAUL A. LEVERS ROSEKELT MOTOR SALES Norwalk, Ohio Milan, OTC D606 Nunn Hmm C pl C pl of of B. C. TABER COMPANY A KUBACH FUNERAL HOME Your Department Store Norwalk Ol1'o Norwalk Ohio BREMSER COAL AND SUPPLY COMPANY Ready Mix Concrete Coal and Builders'Supplies Phone 3-7011 lc O Compliments of B 81 L SPORTSHOP Everything for the Sportsmen Compliments of FISHER MUSIC, FURNITURE, AND ELECT HOUSE Complete T.V. Service 81 Soles Pho 3-87619 M n ik h BERRY'S RESTAURANT Greeting Cards S""i""e'Y SODA GRILL Gifts THE CARD SHOP Af'e'Z'jGamQEvj'yb0d" olk Oh N lk Oh ZUERCHER INS. AGENCY TOM O'DONNELL Your Hotpoint Appliance Dealer rwalk O Dependable Protection Fire Bod A Tl382 Ikh BARTON 'S FLOWERS Dave Scheid Artistry In Flowers 10 Whittlesey Ave. Phone 3-2211 rwalk Oh HENRY'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All 0ccosion's Cor. Whittlesey 8K Monro Phone 2-3681 N rwalk Ohio Compliments of J. C. PENNY COMPANY The Family Store N Ik Oh Congratulations and Best Wishes to The Class of 1952 THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF NORWALK Member of Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Norwalk Ohio Congratulations to the Class of "SZ" Photographs For All Occasions BATEHAM STUDIO Sz CAMERA SHOP Van Bateham -Julius Mihali 33 West Main Street Norwalk Ohio Compliments of BETSCHMANS WEST END GREENHOUSE Telephone 3-8083 LORITS MOTOR SALES Clayton C. Lord Owner Monroeville, Ohio Phone 2631 C M d R d dC b S W d Blown In Rock Wool JOHN SUI-IR INSULATING CO. Norwalk, Ohio Pl-long 2-5785 Let Our 13 Years of Experie Assure You ofa Perfect lo Complrmenfs of SINCLAIR REF INING CO. C. K. Wolters - Supplier Ph. 3-44211 I DARBY PRINTING Com liments COMPANY if Catalog 8. Commercial Printing Phon 31194 Sam Giullombardo, Mgr. 36 E r s y S1 N lk Oh N clk Oh WILKIN SON ,S Sherwin-Williams Paints United and Strahan Wallpapers 26 B d t Ph 3 6101 N Ik Oh MAE M. MACK L. J. MCNEIL Insurance of All Kinds Real Estate Broker Automobile Financing Farm and City Property Phone 3-1811 Phone 3-1084 N lk Oh LOUIS O,DELL, JEWELER Fine Watches and Jewelery Repairing N Ik Oh AA WATCH SHOP Headquarters for Elgin Watches L. S. Swaebby Whittlesey Ave. Norwalk FREY COAL YARD Coal 8 Builders Supplies 51 Benedict Ave. Norwalk Ohio OLDSMOBILE SERVICE GARAGE 29 N. Hester St. N walk Ohio POHL-MORRIS CO. Clothing - Shoes Norwalk Ohio ECKHARDT FLOOR COVERING Carpets, Rugs, Lino. Rug Cleaning NORWALK HARDWARE Houseware B.P.S. Paints HARDWARE Tlle work Phone 2-784l 'l2-14 Monroe St. Wall Coverings Norwalk ohio Phone 3-'l6l'l THE HOME SAVINGS AND LOAN CO. of Norwalk, Ohio MZ Current Rate on Savings Accounts GILES FLOOR COVERING Rug, Carpets, Linoleum, Plastic, Asphalt, Rubber Tile, Venetian Blinds, Wall Covering Res. 8, Office Phone 3-3721 Norwalk Ohio Compliments of THE REXALL DRUG STORE Registered Pharmacists J. G. Kaiser and F. G. Wells W. Main Street Norwalk Oh Norwalk's Beverage Headquarters Wholesale Retail THE MAPLE CITY ICE CO. 35 Benedict Ave. Norwalk, Ohir Ph 2-40'I'l 2421 Congratulations to Class of 1952 THE PATRICK-HISS COMPANY Norwalk's Quality Store For Men and Boys N Ik Oh N ORWALK MOTOR SALES Sales Ford Service 60 East Main St. Norwalk, Ohio G. RAY GARNER Real Estate and Insurance Whittlesey Bldg. 'Nor lk, Ohio HARTER PHARMACY Prescriptions Compounded Quality Drugs Diabetic Needs 2 W2 Main Street Ph 2 867 Norwalk, Ohio BLINZLEY FURNITURE Furniture - Floor Coverings 32 34 36 W Mai S N Ik Oh KAYE'S SHOES For All The Family 'I8 West Main St. N lk Oh Congratulations DURKEE FAMOUS FOODS Norwalk, Ohio Makers of Margarine and Salad P d t Distributors ofSnices and C d ts SIDE O'HILL DAIRY STORE All Esmond Dairy Products The Best ln Dinners Norwalk Ohio KOHLMYER HARDWARE O'Brien Paints Housewares - Hardware Ph Q 2-5291 1416wtM Sf f N Ik oh: Compliments of F ULSTOW'S Sporting Goods Headquarters Ph no 2-8501 N Ik Oh A7 Compliments MILAN AVE. MKT. MARTIN MOTOR SALES 178 E. Main Street, Norwalk, Ohio Lincoln and Mercury 89 Milan Ave- Sales and Service Milan Oh N lk Oh MASSEY-HARRIS FARM EQUIPMENT BEDFORD'S SALES at SERVICE Fine gms PAUL METZ 236 Milan Ave. N lk Oh N lk Oh LANG Sz FISHER McCOY'S County Market Sales 8. Service Inc. Pork V I ea Lamb Beef ' Custom Killing Rom 61 J ' Rf. is s. zo N lk Oh Norwalk, Ohao Ph. 2-7571 C I MEYER'S-HECKELMAN PM INC. THE H. D. ROGERS Chevrolet Co. Best In Service DeSoto - Plymouth 8 k A E Meyer's P id Norwalk, Ohio C pl of EBERT AND SON MOTOR SALES Auth orized Buick and Cadillac Dealers Ik Oh CIGARETTE SALES CO. MILAN INN Broadeway Milan Ohio Loraine, Ohio Good - Food At . Mr. Rothman Phone - 5101 Compliments of Compliments of NORWALK AUTO BODY CHAPIN 81 CHAPIN INC. C0, Rome 20 EUS' Collision specialists Norwalk, Ohio Route 20 East E t 9 8- Dredging lk O i 2 8 4, 3-8734 ' 'll Compliments of NORWALK TRUCK LINE lk Oh Compliments of NORWALK CHICK HATCHERY U.S. Pullorum Passed Baby Chicks Norwalk White Goslings Purina Chows and Poultry Supplies Phone 33151 Norwalk, ohio Congratulations Grain Farm M FAR AU Feed B!! ca n Sup pl ies HURON FARM BUREAU Co-op Association Norwalk Ohio Compliments of NORWALK PARTS COMPANY Automotive Parts Distributors Cars, Tractors, Aircraft Shop Service Phone 2-4411 Norwalk, Ohio PERF ECTED Paint and Appliance Service Phone 3-1621 27 E. Main Street Norwalk, Ohio Compliments of THE FASHION SHOPPE Quality Clothes at Moderate Prices 27 E. Main Street Norwalk, Ohio Always Wishing the Best of Everything for North Fairfield High School OREBAUGH FUNERAL SERVICE Phone 3-1531 Norwalk, Ohio Wonderful Team-mates EBERT SPWSWQU' OFFICE EQUIPMENT from Everything for the Office Smith Corona Portable Typewriters Ngrwqlk Ohio 20 West Main Norwalk, Ohio G eenwich Compliments Compliments of of JONES JEWELRY MAPLE LAWN DAIRY 7 W Main Sf. Phone 3l42 Geenw h Oh G h Oh I l Compliments of llnolll. . VISTII Sales and Servlce Home Freezers and Refrigerators Sand Gravel CRUM'S HARDWARE Phone 3285 G 'h Oh N. C. Underwood FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Greenwich Ohio FOSTER'S FOOD LOCKERS 49 Main Street Sales And Service CRUM'S CHEVROLET ph 3741 Chas. A. 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BIGLOW COMPANY Manufacturers Shale Tile-Fittings for Every Purpose In All Sizes Phone 78 N L d Oh Best Wishes to The Class of 1952 RICHARITS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Willard, Oh Ph 237 MILLER Plumbing - Heating Sheet Metal Work Phone 5352 Willard, Ohl Compliments of R. P. SHARICK CO. The Leading Jewelers wallufd ohio Compliments 8 Of Sohio Service Station Mosizivs GROCERY C one 6961 Willard, Ohio In Willard lt's FINKS For Fine Furniture Floor Coverings "Best Wishes to Class 52" WILDIEPS MOTOR SALES Studebaker Cars and Trucks Goodyear TI res and Batteries Myrtle Ave. at N.S. 224 Phone 7901 Willard, Ohio WILLARD CLEANERS SECURE Your Dry Cleaning Furniture Headquarters f Willard, Ohio 20 Myrtle Willard, Ohio ' Phone 280 "Good Luck Class 52" Compliments of WILLARD DAIRY Compliments of SMITH'S GREENHOUSE WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Television 8. Service C P 8x A ' B I T I W R f W h R JACKSONiS DRUG STORE Complete Line Ot MILLS MARKET Foods . 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MARKET l fl Phone 273 l it I "1 t E, X o B as ll a Sales - Service alicia, o ' Congratulations Compliments to the of Class of 'l952 FEICHTNUR STORE HARRY V' JUMP Mews and Bows wear COUNTY COMMISSIONER W H d Shoes Oh Willard, Ohio Phone 3921 Compliments WARREN 'S of RADIO AND TV Services FRESH MEATS AND GROC. Mofowm-,,,,,m,,,,g I Car son Route 99 and Spring St. Phone 7521 ll d Oh WH d Oh Good l-UCk Compliments and of Best Wishes "om VIRGIL GILES WEINBERG'S General Trucking Where buyingis saving Stone, Lime and Gravel ll fd Oh See Your Frigidaire Dealer or F Modern Home Appliances Maytag Washers, RCA Radio-TV WILLARD SERVICE Tires - Tubes - Batteries Complete Line of Parts And Accessories Lubrication Services 103 Myrtle Ave. Willa d Oh Myrtle and Pearl II A Oh Livestock Trucking ROY PALM ARTHUR BURRAS SI General Truckin Stone and Grave? Phone 1874 of Phone 1853 Phone 1726 N hF f ld Oh I ld Compliments of APPRECIATION J B. Cumisciani Willard, Ohio C E. Ward New London, Ohio I aly's Norwa Ik, Oh ADVERTISERS

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