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15 - 'Q-dx ,Y ,if 'gnu A " 2 -,L-1gfs,.-.A--3-qc g.. -4 Annual Staff Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Dedication F.H.A., Class Will, Industrial Arts, New School Plans Sports Charles B Junior Activities, Foolin' Around Senior Activities, Appreciation Class Prophecy, Senior Snapshots Lower Grade Roll, Activities Honor Roll, Banquet, Band Class History, School Board Senior Verses 1 Emma Jane Brown Margaret Lee Emma Jane Brown Margaret Lee Roger Osborn ischoff, Bob Deruy Norma Conaway Bob Deruy Jo Ann Herner Catherine Cook .Toe Holden Charles Bischoff Joan Minniear 71' H - lrU??NW5 9 if Q is SN db X X x 1 fy 015105619 www ,X w gf Q- 5 db 3 ! X by .1 I Q , , .,.,.f--4' "' E I ,fren 'flax 4, le, we-'fnf .. Q! W ,,,,,, -.-...s-.W - i ,M -,ea . ,, , .. ,- f. -fs-1 J . J, ,.. .4 : RPN, ,Q g ,l,,.,,,iAi7 ,, .v, 'Vs ' :F 1 af-A , .V "3" fe V A tag-g5r:','gfZ 'ex -' A "K ,. 1 ,' -:'- f. M -" 'RPI' -l?5g"3"fi ..a...' 1'.:.'sFfi-f' "-fsdsdfe v wi.: ff. , 'X " GJ55 Dedication We, the Senior Class of 1950 , hereby dedicate our annual, "Golden Year t the school that we are leaving after these twel ve years of work, and to the desks with our carved initials and excess chew' . ing gum. They have taken our roughness our yelling and all our abuses, but not once have they given u . P After so many years of rad t' g ua ing Seniors, the school will be replaced this summer by a more modern building. Although we will all b e pleased and thankful we will reme ber and cherish thoughts of the "Old S h m c oo1". We Seniors, the class of "5O, are proud to say that we graduated from its walls. We thank also the people who h ave helped us through these twelve years and the people who have made the publishing of this ' annual possible . ' Q3 ' N. :gg . ,Z ,,- , f ,. ' p QA...-T -.......... ,af 'Z' "'A -"', , K In Ap v l, l , 1 , . f V A ,if-Qtr? A352 -x-Q S M : I - " Iee - 1 1 2: f 5 3 4. -.W ' , tw .,-. . as "-' , . -'-- 'I-" . .t . ' V in N . 4 we ' ""' 9 V "' '. 4 ., t ,--v - H ,,' Eli: :-l 3:5 xt r .. J ,li -',v 43, .gjfii ' V. ,' , :. Z -5 Q T SEQ .r Q -. "'. 2 ,.,.: -e'le' "" " 1 52 'e' 1 l'-. ' r L' , ei- A -:- 5: 355, '.-1 A , vi' ,- , r l,,,,,, "-: if 2" -g Q ., V. ...- 2: ' sf - A ty.. - ., , Z It , ef a 't evra yeli a aeal sp J A pgV,. l l g ' ,A .. 8: ..,, :fe ..,. ,....A + -vv.l, . lltl v Y , -N ..-, 1. le S ibii - l yyyys S eee , A P- V 3'1"-3-it ' A ' "'-- e . -.',. ,, - -- ,.,-1- 1 "'," iE',,:,if',,,MwQ Qjj ',"' "'.'.' ' , I .,,. ..4.,.,. .-..,., . ,...., L ,I ..'-- 1 Y - - 'A'-' ' ., , hgigqi -Apnrdiiri' N'55fT5-I"FA4RFxELt QWQ MW' "" ' 3 , ...Qu ,. ,.., , 3 3 iw Q K5 K 65 X X I F mwmiwfgwmmrnww X xx I Q! Q db K Z l Q School Board I I Q 5 ,lx A LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Helen Woodruff, Mr. Ralph Gahring, Mr. Tom Bond, Mrs. Adah Parker, Mrs. Maxine ' Schimpff, Mr. Elroy Walcher. Faculty 'J TOP ROW: Frances Stevenson, 6thg Mrs. Edith Miller, 4th, Mrs. Irene Eberly, Sthg Mrs. Mary Price, Zndg Mrs. Bertha Ross, lei: Mrs. Helen Woodworth, English, Mrs. Estelle Fernandez, Home Economics, Mrs. Kathryn McNeal, 3rd. SECOND ROW: Mr. Emil Fernandez, Mathematics, Commercialg Mr. Paul Goldsbury, Industrial Arts, Mr. G. R. Fox, Superintendent, Chemistryg Mr. Al Marcinek, Science, Algebrag Mr. Fred Noel, Literature, History, Mr. Robert Robellard, Music. 5 V- Yau.- - - -'-.-lIl- ,FII- "' ,. "I n Appreciation " One of the best known mernbers of our school is our janitor, Mr. Maerkisch. He has been serving our school for the past sixteen years and is always ready to talk to the pupils and help them in anyway. His familiar sight around the school is welcomed by all. To him, we, the class of "5O", give our warmest wishes for happi- ness and prosperity in the future. About noon time our stomachs start to appreciate the fact that there are two familiar faces waiting for us in the kitchen, Mary Romig and Gazle Hershiser, our cooks. 6 yZKfZ5 iv F2 Q Q Q Q Q mm genres xx Z7 if db x '?! J Q ROBERT DERUY "BOB" 'Tm on the brink of a great career, will somebody please shove me off?" Greenwich l: Class Play 3g Class President 4: Booster Club 23 Base- ball Z-3-4: Glee Club 2-3: Class Vice-Presldeni 3g Basketball Z-3-4. Outlook - Lawyer . ROGER OSBORN "0SSY" "I-le's small, he's quick, he's full of fung lf smiles were bricks, he'd weigh a ton." Class Play 3g Baseball 1-Z-3-4g Basketball l-Z-3-45 Glee Club l-Z-3' F.F.A. I-2: Class Vice-President 4. Outlook - Marriage CHARLES BISCHOFF "CHARLIE" "His smlles are always gay and bright, no studies bother him at night." Clasa Play 3: Glee Club 1-Z: Bas- ketball l-2-3-4: Band 2: Boys' State 3: F,F.A. 1-Z5 Baseball 1-2- 3-45 Class Secretary 4. Outlook - Traveling JOSEPH HOLDEN HJ-OE-1 "I may seem bashful-but, you'd be surprised." Class Play 3g Band 1-Z-3-4' Glee Club 1-2-3g F.F.A. 1-Z5 Class Tres surer Z-3-4. Outlook - Veterinarian G. ROBERT FOX, ADVISOR 8 JOAN MINNIEAR "MINNY" "She who talks against love is a fool and I'm no fool." Cheerleader l-3-4: F.H.A. I-Z-3-4: FJ-LA. Vice-President 4: Class Re- porter lg Band l-Z-3-4: Glee Club I-47 Student Council 4. Outlook - Navy Nurse NORMA CONAWAY "RED" "Pretty witty lull of fun, never stops from sun to sun." FJ-LA. l-Z-3-45 Glee Club 1-Z-3: Class Play 3: Class Reporter Z-3-4. Outlook - Homemaker MARGARET LEE "PEE-WEE" "Good temper like a sunny day. sheds brightnels all along the way." F.H. A. l-Z-3-45 F.H.A. President 45 Band lg Class President 33 Student Council President 4: CATHERINE COOK COOKIE "If the ladder of fame ever turns topsy-turvy, I'll be on the top." Band I-Z-3-45 Glee Club 1-Z-32 Outlook - Homemaker JO ANN HERNER "HERNER" "Happy-go-lucky, fair and free. nothing there ls that bothers me." F.H.A. l-Z-3-4: F.H.A. Treasurer 45 Homecoming Queen 4: Class Play 3g G7-C0 Club I-Z-3: Class Secretary 35 Student Council Vice -President 4. Outlook - Air Hostess EMMA JANE BROWN HJANIE "Her friends there are many, her foes - are there any?" Band I-Zg Class Play 31 Class President I-Z4 F'.H,A, l-Z-3-4: Cheerleader l-Z-3: Glee Club l-Z. Outlook - Homemaker 9 I followed the pilot through the door of the United-xflir Lines plane, on which I was hostess, and noticed a home town paper lying on the seatff rter checking the passengers' safety belts, I retired to the rear of the ship to glance over thi' !.', ' f home town news. As the plane roared skyward, a front page item, ,515 my eye: "Attorney General Robert Deruy Breaks Giant Restaurant Monopoly." To ' D r astonishment the article named Norma Conaway as defendant. It looked as if the' Departma , 'I Justice had finally caught up with Norma. I went forward to the pilot, Roger Osborn. As hegggrlfpsggqgtne controls over to the co- pilot, he grinned at me and pointed to the picture accomphnyihiiihe article. Sure enough, there was Emma Jane Brown, Bob's private secretary, sitting by his side, taking notes faithfully, Roger motioned ahead and I saw the impressive super-highway stretching across the country side ahead. "You know", said Roger, "Charles Bischoff is the construction engineer in charge of this Ohio Turnpike: they say that he is in line for Secretary of Commerce on the President's ' cabinet." Ossy must have seen the questioning look on my face, for he continued. "Oh, I heard all that from Catherine Cook. In her letter the other day, she relayed all the home town news and told me she had been appointed head nurse at Willard Hospital. Catherine also told me that Joe Holden is a veterinarian in North Fairfield and rapidly putting North Fairfield on the map. It seems that he has developed a new animal which is a cross between the cow and the buffalo. Have you heard anything from the others in our class? " Ossy asked. Itold him "Yes, Ihad stopped off between flights in Los Angeles and looked up Margaret Lee. Margaret is a rather prominent women's doctor in Hollywood. By the way, Iwas surprised to learn that she sees Joan Minniear quite often. Joan is a private nurse for Hollywood screen stars there, and enjoys her work very much." "Naturally," said Ossy, with a grin. Just then the buzzer sounded, and I knew that our visit must be at an end. Class Prophecy 1 Class History Twelve years ago on a September morning, five of our present class members entered school in this building: Charles Bischoff, Emma Jane Brown, Catherine Cook, Joseph Holden, and Margaret Lee. There were no new members enrolled in the second grade. During our first and second grades we had Miss Tooker as our guide. During the third year of our attendance in this school, we added a new member, Norma Conaway. Our advisor was Miss Ethel Beck. There were no additions during our fourth year although we had a different advisor, Miss Ellen Hartzel. In the fifth grade we had a total of six of the remaining ten members in our class. As we entered the sixth grade we had three new members. Roger Osborn from Greenfield, Joan Minniear from Willard, and Bueford Risner, who stayed only a short time and then moved away. Our leader in the fifth and sixth grades was Mrs. Elsie Stockrnaster. While in the seventh grade, we were glad to have Mrs. Zuercher as our advisor We had no additions to our class in the eighth grade. Our advisor was Mrs. Marian Gump. Upon our graduation from the eighth grade, the upperclassmen held an initiation for us. Jo Ann Herner came from Greenfield school making a total of nine members. Our advisor was Mrs. Robert Price. As we entered our Sophomore year, we were fortunate to have a new member from Greenwich join us, Robert Deruy. Our advisor was Mr. Francis Freeman. In our Junior year we were kept very busy with our class Play and the Junior -Senior Banquet along with other things. Our play was directed by Mrs. Francis Freeman, our sponsor. Finally we have reached the goal which we have been seeking--"A Senior". Our Senior class advisor was Mr. G. Robert Fox. 10 Class Will We, the Class of 1950 of North Fairfield High School, do make and declare this to to be our last will them to and testament. In the hope that some of our special abilities will prepare be better Seniors, we bequeath the following to the members of the Class of 1951. I, Robert Deruy, do bequeath my singing ability to Bud Maerkisch. I, .Toe Holden, do bequeath my muscles to Sam Risner. I,. Joan Minniear, do bequeath my ability to blush at a critical moment to Robe rta Ga rne r. L I, Smith. I, I, I, I. If Beckwith. Catherine Cook, do bequeath my quietness to Keith Bischoff. Charles Bischoff, do bequeath my ability to make up excuses to Don Norma Conaway, do bequeath my red hair and temper to Betty Osborne. Roger Osborn, do bequeath my bashfulness to Keith Bischoff. Emma Jane Brown, do bequeath my shortness to Don Smith. Margaret Lee, do bequeath my ability to argue to Shirley Swaney. Jo Ann Herner, do bequeath my liking for scorekeeping to Vilda ll fQf?i5 5 E wmwfxgfaasiwgm if ,Q Junior Class if? M ,Q .. '4' 'V' fa, 41 5. saw- A C49 f A .JW L Q Q7 sp xy, V.,' 2 e . W i -51, 5 1 ,..........1-- ,. fi than 1 A , 'T Z. 5 z A . I, -' 1 , Y. .7 ,Q '14, K 'ma R fa f V FIRST ROW: Don Smith, Sam Risner, Keith Bischoff, Betty Osborn, Vilda Beckwith. SECOND ROW: Shirley Swaney, Roberta Garner, Bud Maerkisch. -2 yql.. .5 Sophomore Class 1- W 4 Q If id. 1 -, 1 Q, lk, V... A R if fs W Q l ' , "": 1" ' 'T' I Z ' g K n H J 4 , A X I X , . R 'S .LI ' s FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: .xx 1 5 I as I' Q 4 3 f 4 1 fm ,R X - uv N 'W ' Betty Woodworth, Wallace Grose, He Hershiser. Bob Wade, Mary Newmyer, John Leak, Phyllis Minniear, Richard Foster, Phyllil Edwards. Vaughn Baker, Charles Blystone, Stanley Barker, Lawrence Burkett, James Wade. len Swaney, Haldon Smith, Margaret Risner, Roger 13 Freshman Class .- 1 , 46 1: t: ' :. ,x 4 -1 " ' f '.r. fv -1- "1 1 or .f rf' ' A-, L ' u 4' 1. fb' . 'LZ-Q gs 1 , A . N Q R e I K 4 A .,L.5M...L-iE, A W ' - I 'il ST , .1- Q' L 'av " -14 at d S , L L , , . ,. A :A . -ug, J ' ' ' "' -N Q 0 1 - ff. - f. 1' 1 0 I f ' 7 . 5 'B 1 JL . b , - p ,, 'qv Q- 0, . V J , , ' 7 , tt? , , , h "X '. A j A ' 2' " in rf 1 . , 1 X R TOP ROW: Carolyn Sweeting, Earl Seidel, La Donna Garner, Bernie Keefer, Nancy Gahring, Elden Eastman. SECOND ROW: Hilda Newmyer, Thomas Clemons, Audrey Cook, Lucy Atherton, Joyce Montgomery, Bud Adams. THIRD ROW: Marvin Wheeler, Faye Barker, Don DeWitt. 14 m' T' mr ii Eighth Grade pg It , V 'V .5 si' 1? f-.xv-i ,Te .tif X' M ' 4 J O "' rf, Q vr 1 N It 7 X'-dir . A " V' 5 f an l X H r Q ,X v 42' A ':' .- :aL,'1-ESE , C , 53 3,- , " 4 , xv ..A 'L f jf - f ff 4 1' "7 ' i 5 I 1 ' ,I V l ' If x .: li Xl ff . X'-.A 'Y'-J' ,f' 5 D 3 4 Q x J , - H ,, , ,O - - ,L - ,Q I ,x Y P I ya .yi .I 1 ' A X xl. . ' gn 'QA Q ..' C 1"-, 42 - k, .f -'rr Q N K 'th G ald L kins, Anna Belle Kirschner, John Holden, Barbara TOP ROW: Eugene Sands, Juanita Sm: , er y Chandler. SECOND ROW: Joyce Edwards, Lois Garner, Russell Conaway, Roberta Cherry, Larry Brown, Barbara Conaway, THIRD ROW: Carolyn Bischoff, Vaughn Fife, Shirley Signs, Yvonne Burras, Patricia Hoose. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Seidel, Julia Ann Sweeting. 15 I 1' w Seventh Grade 'tram - T- LT - rt YQ, f 4 V I ,. K ,, P . k1'f!f X J Y 'ily ' , , . tv. 1 I Q - ,A Q, " 5 'I . Ti . - f X QQ ' X I g ' '4 ,. I f' I ,fn wh, Q- ag, -4+,Qii . l'f' wg 7 'e 7? "' - 11 5 f 3 IJ l 'r 'J J .1 ' f 1 'Q ,,, ' F 'Q-i 'lv R vs E , "' H 'Q '. M 'F j , . A I A Ye h ., I V A ' . rv -Q vfr . fx 4 ,V bg! I :N it H lf' N , M ' , ' .xxx ' ' ' 'g A .451 Q iz' 2. ,ar 1' 11' ,X . 5 , A, '-" 'X 7 A ' 41 " " tg' TOP ROWg Left to Right: Julia Wheeler, Roger Sweeting, Margaret Sweeting, Keith Sweeting, Mildred Wilson, Jack Sweeting. SECOND ROW: Merlin Baker, Katherine Reed, Melvin Osborn, Helen Light, Virgil Osborn, Julia Ann Green. THIRD ROW: Joan Blystone. Robert Dotson, Earl Eastman, Jimmy Gahring, Bill Cherry, Marjorie Cherry FOURTH ROW: Clyde Anderson, Mary Lou Seidel, Bobby Bischoff, Lyle Anderson, Ann Leak, Roy Resor. FIFTH ROW: Patty Humphrey, Mr. Marcinek, Sponsor. 16 Sixth Grade -P Q gp ,qu TOP ROW: Edwin Woodworth, Howard Burwell, Larry Coy, Gordon Williams, Martin Mott, James Montgomery. SECOND ROW: James Houghtlen, Fred Bauman, Arthur Wallrabenstein, Randall Garner, Vaxter Risner, Robert Osborn, Homer Sands, Mrs. Stevenson. THIRD ROW: Sandra Sanders, Helen McPherson, Phyllis Farrington, Sharon Schimff, Nadine Baker, Ann Phillips, Carol Morrow, Carrie Light. ABSENT: Donna Bille r. We are proud of the spirit of cooperation and good discipline which we have built up in our classroom. Our class projects are: 1. An exchange library of 150 volumes operated in the classroom exactly as a city library. Z. A science club which encourages supplementary reading and collections in this field. 3. A current events club for social studies. 4. An "Our America" project for which we have collected beautiful pictures, souvenirs, and scrapbooks of transportation, industry, historical points of interest of places referred to in our reading stories. 5. A health and good grooming contest. The art work in this grade is almost entirely original. Special credit is given to pupils who bring in carefully prepared reports of additional information in any subject. The officers are: President ------------------- James Montgomery Vice-President -------------- Randall Garner Secretary 81 Treasurer ------- Carol Morrow 17 Fifth Grade g " ,W 1 I 1- fi TOP ROWg Wayne Lewis, Gary Pakp, Ronald Chase, Roger Mclntyre, Dallas Eldridge, Windell Eldridge, Roger Chase, Richard Conaway, James Swceting, Mrs. Eberly. 'SECOND ROW: Roger Parker, Leota Atherton, Bertha Deruy, Kay Canon, Gayle Dotson, Harley Reed, Roger Carnahan, Lowell Brown. THIRD ROWg Suzanne Gahring, Karen Burras, Frances Garner, Audrey Wheeler, Ellen Eastman, Mary Nlinniear, Roberta Kieffer, Shirley Houghtlen. ABSENT: Thomas Signs, Lois Biller, Carl Chandler, Eldon Lykins, Robert Wilson. We are glad to have seven honor students among our thirty active fifth graders. They are: Karen Burras, Bertha Deruy, Suzanne Gahring, Frances Garner, Roberta Kieffer Roger Mclntyre, and James Sweeting. A project in nature study is in progress. The study of birds and mammals and their habits are of special interest. We plan to correlate this with written composition in English Richard Conaway has been chosen librarian, Other books, besides the town's library books are being added. Work in art is showing some progress, many children being able to draw pictures to scale. Class officers chosen for the second semester were: President ------------------- Francis Garner Vice-President -------------- James Sweeting Secretary 8: Treasurer ------- Thomas Signs 18 Fourth Grade 3 TOP ROW: Darryl Edwards, Hebert Williams, David Hoose, Douglas Resor, Daniel Schimpff, Benedict Phillips, Wayne Bond, Jerry Sweeting. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Lykins, Judith Mclntyre, Rosetta Green, Shirley Garner, Ramona Swander, Marilyn Wilson, Anna Osborn, Donna I hillips. THIRD ROW: Mike Sanders, Clifton Light, Larry Swander, Thomas Zexgler. ABSENT: Rose Wert, Mary Brophy, Ralph Cherry. We have had to work hard this year for we are older than last and our work is harder. It has been enjoyable though, for we have learned so many new things from our textbooks and My Weekly Readers. We have also learned good citizenship qualities so we can be better Americans. Funi Yes, we have had fun, too, for "All work and no play makes .Tack a dull boy." We surprised our teacher with a fruit roll one day. We had a Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine party. 19 Third Grade a 1 4--v -.- ...J TOP ROW: Tommy Jordan, Joan Walcher, Deanna Burwell, Dian Earl, Helen Woodworth, David Wert, Darryl Eldridge, Charles Sands. SECOND ROW: Betty Jo Farrington, Tommy Osborn, Leo Dotson, Paul Mclntyre, Jerry Gllea, David Williams, Patty White. Mrs. McNeal. THIRD ROW: Betty McFarlin, Diana Parker, Alice Blstline, Sandra Dendinger, Alice Atherton, Jeanette Gordan, Donna Mae Vogal, Janice Lykins, FOURTH ROW: Bobby Houghtlen, John Montgomery, Reginald Phillips, Larry Lee, Ronald Schlmpff, Bobby Smith. ABSENT: Dale Biller. We have had our customary parties, Halloween, Christmas and Valentine. We have made a Thanksgiving and Health booklet. We have had a project in the sand table on Eskimos. Z0 Second Grade C .-v TOP ROW: Carole Kieffer, Margaret Atherton, Barbara Ruggles, Janice Osborn, Gerald Wilcox, Jeanne Trembly, Richard Garner. SECOND ROW: Sharon Mott, Ray King, Thomas Bond, Vivian Eldridge, Tommy Resor, Beverly Bailey. Larry Christie, Patricia Wallrabenstein, Van Woodworth, Marsha Clemons. THIRD ROW: Kathryn Lewis, Alton Chrisiie, Rebecca Mclntyre, Billy Chupp, Richard Bistline, Bethel Risner, Connie Hoyi, Margaret Minniear, Phyllis Houghtlen. FOURTH ROW: Terry Baker, Roy Dendinger, David Cook, Bobby Farrington, James l-loose, Paul Parker, James Palm, Richard Trushel. ABSENT: Patty Vogus, Dale Biller, Margaret Phillips. Z1 First Grade E Q0 lb -v nf .sy TOP ROW: Linda Dankmyer, Betty Lue Craft, Rosemary Wilson, Mary Phillips, Luella Parker, Dotiie Williams, Fatricia Skinn, Mrs. Ross. SECOND ROW: Beverly Uttley, James Farrington, Leslie Sionehem, John Giles, Sandra Swander, Charlotte Schimpff, Linda Coy, Gloria Green. THIRD ROW: Duane White, Loren Baker, William Hoose, Roy King, Roger Bischoff, Jack Morrow, William Ruggles. ABSEJNTEES: Donald Vogus, Jack Baker, John Baumeyer. The first grade has completed six reading books and have read several supplementary readers. We have learned how to get books from the library and read them. I .ZZ ,H ,, i 7Ky 3 9 F2 Q Kb K 65 N mrwzggrncs K 42 Q x g-Q Q Varsity I X v l . ,TWJW .,4 if .giqrv I 4 -,"f STANDING: Left to Right: Roy Resor, Assistant Managerg John Leaky Larry Burkett: Richard Fosterg Marvin Wheelerp Keith Bischoffg John Holden, Manager. SITTING: Left to Right: Charlie Bischoff Sam Risner, Don Smith, Bob D R , eruy, oger Osborn, Mr. Marcinek, Coach. .J 5 LEFT TO RIGHT: Sam, Don, Nr. Narcinek, Ossy, Bob, Charlie. Z4 v- an Basketball North Fairfield Saint Pauls Lost North Fairfield Milan Lost North Fairfield Shiloh Lost North Fairfield Clyde Lost North Fairfield Wakeman Lost North Fairfield New London Lost North Fairfield New Haven Lost North Fairfield Union Lost North Fairfield Geenwich Lost North Fairfield Townsend Lost North Fairfield Monroeville Lost North Fairfield New Haven Lost North Fairfield Wakeman Lost North Fairfield Townsend WON North Fairfield Milan Lost North Fairfield Shiloh Lost North Fairfield Greenwich Lost TOURNAMENT North Fairfield 28 New Haven Lost We had a schedule of 17 games of which we won one and lost sixteen. Although our season was not very good we are proud of the fact that the team never gave up trying. The team loses only three players this year so next year you can look forward to an experienced team. The varsity scored a total of 566 points this season, while the opponents scored 986. R eserfv es Our reserves had a schedule of 15 games this season winning five and losing ten. Most of the ones lost were by a close score. A few of the players were jumping from varsity to reserves wherever they are needed most. It is often hard to tell who would play varsity until the game started. All in all I believe we can say that we are as proud of the reserves as we are of the varsity for not quitting when the going became tough. Z5 Reserves STANDING: Left to Right: John Holden, Manager, Roy Resor, Assistant Manager, Haldon Smith: Bud Adams: Richard Fosterg Stanley Barkerg Thomas Clemons: Mr. Nlarcinek, Coach. SITTING: Left to Right: Larry Burkett, Earl Seidel, Vaughn Baker, Red Eastman, Bud Nlaerkisch. 7th Es' 8th Basketball K 771 FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Russell Conaway, Bobby Bischoff, Virgil Osborn, Merlin Baker, Folly Phillips Mr. Noel, Coach. ?'rliI?gND ROW: Leh to Right: Vaughn Fife, Nlalvin Osborn, Bill Cherry, Jack Sweeting, Eugene Sands. D . - . ROW. Left to Rllhtz Earl Eastman, Jerry Lykxns, Roy Resor, Roger Sweeting. 26 Varsity Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Joan Minniear, Carolyn Sweeti g, Phyllis Minniear, Roberta Garner. 7th 89' 8th Grade Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Leak, Lois Garner, Barbara Chandler, Barbara Conaway, Joan Blyst Z7 Baseball ,fi-Z . FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Roger Osborn, Sam Risner, Bob Deruy, John Leak, Keith Bischoff, Mr. Noel, Coach. SECOND ROW: Larry Burkett, Red Eashnan, Vaughn Baker, Don Smith, Thomas Clemons, Marvin Wheeler, Charles Bischoff. THIRD ROW: Holden Smith, Earl Seidel, Bud Adams, Jim Wade. .J -'-- - it Superintendent Fox, busily at work in his office. Z8 Q R fa Eb Q KE 3 I mcfwfwzfngs 4? f' xi ! , Ni--1? X J Q if FHA. 7 'sv 1 TOP ROW: Mary Newrnyer, Cynthia Jones, Margaret Lee. Margaret Risner, Io Ann He-rner, Roberta Garner, Shirley Swaney, Joan Minniear, Nortna Conaway, Mrs. Fernandez, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Hilda Newmyer, Phyllis Minniear, La Donna Garner, Faye Barker, Nancy Gahring, Vilda Beckwith, Emma Jane Brown. Future Homemakers of America OFFICERS President Margaret Lee Vice-Presid ent Joan Minniear Secretary Norma Conaway Treasurer .To Ann Herner Reporter Phyllis Mimxiear Historian, Parlimentarian Roberta Garner Student Council Representative La Donna Garner Advisor Mrs. Fernandez Club Mother Mrs. Minniear As a project for this year the F.H,A. bought material for drapes for the Home Economics cottage and new curtain rods. The drapes were made by the Junior-Senior Home Economics class. 30 REA. FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Bob Wade, Sam Risner, Kgih Bischoff, Bud Maerkisch, Stanley Barker. SECOND ROW: Don Smith, Mr. Goldsbury, Advisor, Bud Adams. Industrial Arts This year was the first year for Industrial Arts at Fairfield. After getting off to a late start the boys finally finished the year with many projects underway. There came out of the shop many projects of both beauty and learning. Through use of hand tools we find many objects of lasting value and significance for our community and selves. Industrial Arts endeavors to teach boys uses of their hands and mind in developing maturity. This new subject to the school got its start in this county as Manual Training.. It has grown into what is known as Industrial and Vocational Education where a student endeavors to learn a skill while yet in school. The members in the first two periods of the afternoon were Robert Wade, John Leak. Richard Foster, Bernard Keefer, Donald DeWitt, Richard Adams, Lawrence Burkett, Elden Eastman and Stanley Barker who left at the end of the first semester. In the last afternoon periods were Sam Risner, Bernard Maerkisch, Charles Blystone Donald Smith and Wallace Grose. The boys entered into hand tool operations, little work, wood identification and selec- tions and project building. Each student selects a project to be patterned and assembled in attaining the end of learning tool operations and use. 31 The Junior Class Play WE SHOOK THE FAMILY TREE - by HILDEGARDE DOLSON CAST Jimmy Dolson . . . Bob Dolson . . . . . . Hildegarde Dolson Sally Dolson .... Mrs. Dolson . . Ellie May . . . J'ill........ Paige Mason . . . . Freddie Shermer . . Mr. Dolson . . . . . Mr. Shermer . . . Mrs.Shermer........... Wallace Grose Keith Bischoff Roberta Garner Faye Barker Betty Osborne Vilda Beckwith Shirley Swaney Ann Leak Sam Risner Donald Smith Bernard Maerkisch Jr Helen Swaney Hildegarde is desperately anxious to attract the attention of some eligible Senior, for it's almost Saturday night, and no boy has even hinted that he'd like to take her to the big dance. She wins the school debate with an impassioned plea against drinking, but instead of attracting boys with her brains, she only convinces everyone that her father must be a terrible drunkard. As Hildegarde appeals to her mother for help, the phone starts ringing, with sympathetic women asking whether father beats them all very often, and suggesting that he might be sent to Alcoholics Anonymous. Mother was so horrified at the wild stories that she takes action. She knows a nice boy and she's sure he'd love to go with her. Hildegarde is in ecstasy at the thought, and, though she didn't know the boy's name, can't resist getting back at these popular girls. Poor Hildegarde! How could she know that her mother would pick Freddie, the one boy in school whose old-fashioned parents force him to wear knickers! He's a swell fellow, but those short pants make him the joke of the school. Hildegarde finds out the truth in front of everyone. She pleads with her father to let her break the date, but father is mad, for everyone is convinced now that he's a great drinker. Futhermore, Freddie's the son of father's boss. To make matters worse, it develops that Hildegarde has given a little girl she was supposed to watch some envelopes to play mailman with--but the envelopes that get distributed to all the neighbors turn out to be her father's old love letters to her mother. That settles it--Hildegarde can expect no mercy from her folks, and she's in despair. She reads an ad about Beauty Mud--a substance which will work a miracle on her skin--so she gets some in hopes that her fatal beauty will cause a stag-line stampede. Meanwhile, father, in danger of losing his job at the bank because of all the talk Hildegarde has started, invites his boss out to the house to see for himself how sane and sensible his family really is. As father tries to prove this, Hildegarde, her face smeared with beauty clay, dashes screaming into the living room. The boss is stunned. Then Freddie, goaded earlier by Hildegarde, bursts in wearing long pants. He's hooked them from her brother. The brother rushes in after him and tackles father's boss by mistake. In a. laughter-filled whirlwind finish a happy solution is reached that solves Hildegarde's and Freddie's problem. 32 Betty Lou Craft Luella Parker Loren Baker Patricia Ski.nn Katherine Phillips William RuggleS Charlotte Schimpff Leslie Stoneham Sandra Swander Richard Bistline Albert Conaway Rebecca Mclntyre Paul Parker Barbara Ruggles Patricia Bogus Cmstance Hoyt Ieanene Trembley Van Woodworth Carole Kieffer kricia Wallrabenstein Jerry Barker 'lDian Earl "Larry Lee Paul Mclntyre North Fairfield Honor Roll "'Deanna Parker 4'David Williams Alice Marie Bistline Leo Ddtson Janice Lykins 'Uudith McIntyre 'Frances Garner 'Names Sweeting Bertha Deruy Suzanne Gahring Roberta Kieffer Mary Minniear Karen Burras Roger Mclntyre 'l'Phyllis Farrington 'l'Helen McPherson 'Carol Morrow 'Sandra Sanders 'Sharon Schimpff Nadine Baker Ann Phillips 'Marjorie Cherry Ann Leak 4'Margar et Sweeting 4'Roger Sweeting Julia Wheeler Julia Ann Sweeting Larry Brown Lois Garner Barbara Chandler 'Faye Barker 4'Nancy Gahring Lucy Atherton Audrey Cook La Donna Garner Cynthia Jones Phyllis Edwards Keith Bischoff Barbara Blackert Roberta Garner Robert Deruy 'Io Ann I-Ierner 'Margaret Lee Emma Jane Brown Ioe Holden Norma Conaway Ioan Minniear 'Represents those who were on all three times. 33 Band TOP ROW: Timmy Gahring, Roger Sweeting, John Holden, Phyllis Edwards, Carolyn Sweeting, Faye Barker, La Donna Garner, Ann Phillips. SECOND ROW: Mr. Robellard, Leader, Bobby Bischoff, Nancy Gahring, Keith Bischoff, Joe Holden, Catherine Cook, Barbara Chandler, Betty Woodworth. THIRD ROW: Edwin Woodworth, Bertha Deruy, Sharon Schimpff, Carl Chandler, Ann Leak, Joan Minniear, Julia Ann Sweeting. President ..... . . Keith Bischoff Vice-President . . . . Joe Holden Secretary ...... . . Betty Woodworth Treasurer ............ . .Barbara Chandler Reporter, Student Council . . . Joan Minniear This year there will be three band members in the graduating class. Two are from the saxophone section and one is from the drurn section. They are Joe Holden, Catherine Cook, and Ioan Minniear. Faye Barker, also one of our band members, moved to Michigan this year. There were two bands this year, a Junior Band and the High School Band. There were fifteen members in the beginning band this year. The high school had twenty-one members. The band played at the home basketball games this year. 34 y K9 Q Ci Bb A db .SGWCWQQE HW if 9 'f C E 1 '. u . , . 6531-emi -:ff ' .4 s 1. feb wire., fr? . 1 ul? ' ... .. ,,Q' fem X T me ff V B41 W A Q f , QEMW -" V i . S V ...rj "W " Q 1 1 x X ' 'J K' E ' f ff' " I ll 1-'If . ' I . YAVN. Ap. -. J-K Q ri iq- ,r Vi ev 5 3 ' Z? Q., 5 .. , X .1 Y X n Quill.. 'Va 53 l. Bob, 2. Emma Jane, 3. Roger, 4. Charlesf 5. Margaret, 6. Catherine, 7, Catherine, 8. Emma Jane, 9. Joe, 10. Roger, ll. Io Ann, IZ. Bob, 13. Margaret, 14. .loan In Norma. 15. Charles, I6. Joe, 17, Jo Ann, 18. Margaret, Catherine, Bueford, ln Jo Ann, I9. Hmmmmmm, 20. Charles, Bob L Emma Jane, Zl. Bueford, ZZ. Norma, 23. Norma, Z4. Joan, Margaret, lm Norma, 25, Charles, Z6. Bob k Roger, Z7. Catherine, Norma, Joan Gr Emma Jane. 36 "Foolin ' Around" Name! Emma Jane Brown Ideal Boy: Lloyd McPherson Sport: Basketball Food: Spaghetti 8: Meat Balls Song: Old Master Painter Where To Find: Forest Lake Pastime: Writing Letters Pet Peeve: Sam Risner Expression: Don't Feel Blue Name: Joe Holden Ideal Girl: Joyce Edwards Sport: Basketball Food: Chicken Song: Whispering Hope Where To Find: With Joyce Pastime: Stamp Collecting Pet Peeve: Brother Expression: Yah! Name: Robert Deruy Ideal Girl: Audrey Fisher Sport: Basketball Food: Swiss Steak Song: Mule Train Where To Find: Hard Telling Pastime: Necking Pet Peeve: Mr. Noel Expression: I'm Always Careful Name: Charles Bischoff Ideal Girl: Rachel Skinner Sport: Basketball Food: Hamburger Steak Song: Old Faithful Whe re 'Do Find: Most Anywhere Pastime: Sleeping Pet Peeve: Girls Expression: I Don't Know Name: Roger Osborn Ideal Girl: Sally Mundy Sport: Baseball Food: Limberger Cheese Song: Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy Where To Find: Delphi Fastime: Eating Pet Peeve: Teachers Expression: Censored n- Name: Jo Ann Herner Ideal Boy: No such thing Sport: Baseball Food: Steak Song: Sentimental Journey Where To Find: Keeping Score Pastime: Doing Mathematics Pet Peeve: Basketball Team Expression: I Thought I'd Die Naxne: Joan Minniear Ideal Boy: Jim Bond Sport: Basketball Food: Cube Steak Song: Dreamers Holiday Where To Find: With Jim Pastirne: Dancing Pet Peeve: Mr. Marcinek Expression: Yeah-but Name: Norma Conaway Ideal Boy: Roger Rang Sport: Baseball Food: Angel Food Cake Song: Stardust Where To Find: Around Pastimes Dancing Pet Peeve: Civics Expression: Drop Dead Name: Margaret Lee Ideal Boy: None Sport: Football Food: Angel Food Cake and Ice Cream Song: Wunderbar Where To Find: You Can't Pastimes Talking Pet Peeve: Mr. Noel Expression: Why? Name: Catherine Cook Ideal Boy: None Sport: Baseball Food: Ham Song: Always Where To Find: Home Pastime: Reading Pet Peeve: Sister Expression: Oh Hecterf I.-w.,..,r..4 A l.....4 sy Inuwonfn QOTNIZII 37 y1Q2fS 9 K2 Ci Kb S SQ A1WLfzQ?zfw1fwc2 4x db 1 Q IF WE CAN SET JUST ONE BOY STRAIGHT - If this Message can get even one confused American boy, with ears assaulted by the twisted ideologies of the world, to think through to the truth . . . if it can make him know he can be paid in this world only out of what he produces for the world . . that he can go as far and as fast as his abilities and willingness to work will let him, but that no one can ever give him something for long which he does not earn . . that both the lust for power and the surrender to power are admissions of weakness . . that no force on earth can stop for long the principle that you prosper only by giving a little more than you get . . that the horizons of opportunity are exactly as broad as your mind and heart will make them . . that prosperity and peace and satisfaction come only from honest co-operation . . and - finally - any misunderstanding can be cured by hone st effort ...... . . . if we can set just one American boy straight in his thinking, here's one bunch of businessmen who will feel they have done something important for the good of our American way of life. The Huron County Banking Co. Resources Over 511, 000, 000. 00 Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Norwalk Ohm Congratulations To The Class Of 1950 ' Willard United Bank Offices At NORTH FAIRFIELD GREENWICH WILLARD OHIO Greenwich Mill 81 Elevator W 1 1 The Savings 84 Loon Banking Co. l' 1 1 rf an '--n gg 5 IHESAVIIIBSEQ1 5 E Annum .lf ,3 qii, Q mxnmcue Hi 'W' ', nl F ,g eo 2lF,1 , ,Q 3 11 , ' 8 4 ,1 w, if fs rl , J xv Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporat1on New London Ohio I Compliments Of Burrcas Motor Soles 207 Myrtle Avenue Telephone 249 Willard, Ohio 1 1 I 1 l Compliments Of The H. D. Rogers Chevrolet Co. Norwalk Oho V s1t Mory Lee Candies, Inc. FINEST QUALITY CANDIES Ro te 2.0 and Old Stat R t 1 Shop St d o Lobby Norwalk ' il Oh1o The Citizens National Bank of Norwalk Member Of Hankammer-Holden-Hoyt Crum's Chevrolet Sales and Service CHARLES A. CRUM - SYLBERT KEISER 14 East Main Street Phone 3194 Greenwich, Ohio C ompliment s Of The Peoples Nofionol Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Plymouth Ohio OLDSMOBILE SERVICE GARAGE, INC. Oldsmobile Sales and Service 2.92 Hester Street Phone Z-5061 Norwalk, Ohio Gifts For All Occasions Parker, Sheaffer, and Eversharp Pens and Pencils Hamilton, Elgin, Gruen, Bulova Watches Silverware, Greeting Cards - Pottery Curpen's Jewelry 81 Gift Shop EDWARD B. CURPEN Peoples Bank Building Plymouth Ohio Congratulations To Class Of "50" Osborn's Grocery Groceries - Meats - Dairy Products and Frozen Foods Shell Gas and Oil Phone 1652 North Fairfield Ohio Boles-Dondurond Studio School Photographs Photographers For The North Fairfield Annual Quality Work - Reasonable Prices Phone 2439 123 1fZ South Washington Street Tiffin, Ohio Compliments Of BERRY 'S RESTAURANT AND SODA GRILL C. J. Berry, Owner Famous For Fine Foods Norwalk On U. S. Route Z0 Ohio LOUIS O'DELL, JEWELER Fine Watches and Jewelry Repairing Norwalk Ohio Congratulations To Class Of 1950 THE PATRICK-HISS COMPANY Norwalk's Quality Store For Men and Boys Norwalk Ohio Compliments Of THE REXALL DRUG STORE Registered Pharmacists J. G. Kaiser and F. G. Wells 1 West Main Street Phone 4852. Norwalk, Ohio Compliments Of NORWALK PARTS COMPANY Automotive Part Distributors Cars, Tractors, Aircraft Shop Service ZZ South Linwood Phone 2-4411 Norwalk, Ohio Phone 34671 Compliments Of DR. S. A. HUMISTON, O. D. Professional Eye Service 18 lfZ Benedict Avenue Norwalk, Ohio Residence Phone 35731 Z6 Benedict WILKINSON 'S She rwin- Williams Paints United and Strahan Wallpapers Paint and Wallpaper Norwalk, Ohio Phone 336101 Norwalk Congratulations ! TOM O'DONNELL Electrical Contractor Phone 35751 Ohio m Compliments Of HOLMAN JEWELERS Opposite Courthouse Norwalk Ohio "There's No Economy Without Quality" Nationally Advertised---2 Coats - Suits - Dresses THE PREIS STORE Norwalk Ohio Compliments Of J. C. PENNEY COMPANY The Family Store Norwalk Ohio Compliments Of THE FASHION SHOPPE For The Smartest In Misses' and Ladies' Apparel Z7 East Main Norwalk Ohio v T J. W. PITKIN Your Dependable Jeweler Unexcelled Watch Repairing 29 East Main Street Norwalk Ohio Best Wishes To Class Of 1950 "When Words Fail - Send Flowers" BARTON'S FLOWERS Ray C. Moosbrugger - David W. Scheid 10 Whittlesey Avenue Phone 3-2211 Norwalk, Ohio E. KOHLMYER HARDWARE Stoves - Paints - Water Systems - Plumbing Phone 25291 14 West Main Street Norwalk Ohio EBERT OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY L. C. Smith Typewriters - All Makes Portable Typewriters Allen Wales Adding Machines - Victor Adding Machines Phone: Norwalk 2-7291 Phone: Sandusky 962 Norwalk 20 West Main Street Ohio PRICE AND SONS, INC. Home and Auto Supplies Z6 East Main Street Phone 3-4051 Passenger, Truck, and Tractor Tire Headquarters 58 East Monroe Street Phone 3-4001 Managers: Morley K. Price, Ed "Pudge" Price Norwalk Ohio RINGHOLZ - MEYERS Men's and Boys' Clothing, Hats, and Furnishings Norwalk Ohio Compliments Of W. T. GRANT Known 'For Values Norwalk Ohio The Original K-H CUT-RITE DRUG K-H Registered Pharmacists On Duty At All Times Fountain and Cosmetics 40 East Main Phone Z-5341 Norwalk, Ohio l Compliments Of BERT'S BARBER SHOP North Fairfield Ohio Congratulations To Class Of 1950 C. A. LEAK Milk Transportation North Fairfield Ohio Compliments Of RALPH J. UNDERWOOD Case Farm Machinery Sales and Service North Fairfield Ohio Congratulations NORTH FAIRFIELD MILL. Feed - Grain - Salt Grinding and Mixing North Fairfield Phone 1696 Ohio Congratulations To Senior Class Of 1950 I-IENRY'S FLOWER SHOP Phone 68 Norwalk Ohio Compliments Cf TITE'S SHOP "Thorogood Shoes" For Work "Bondshire Shoes" For Dress Opposite Post Office Norwalk, Ohio Compliments Of EBERT AND SONS MOTOR SALES Authorized Buick and Cadillac Dealers Norwalk Ohio JENNINGS FURNITURE STORES Norwalk Ohio N, C. UNDERWOOD Cities Service Gas - Oil Greenwich Ohio Compliments Of JU1VlP'S Clothing - Shoes Willard Plymouth Ohio Congratulations To The Seniors Of 1950 BEVIER'S Dry Goods - Ready-To-Wear Phone 382.1 Willard Ohio Compliments Of THE FEICHTNER STORE The Store For Men and Boys Quality Clothing and Furnishings Shoes For The Entire Family Willard Ohio WILLARD PARTS COMPANY Automotive Parts and Equipment Shop Service - Norge Home Appliances Phone 254 Willard Ohio Compliments Of BLINZLEY FURNITURE Huron County's Olde st and Largest Furniture Store Phone 3-6511 Norwalk Ohio Compliments Of KAYE 'S SHOES For All The Family X-Ray Fitting Norwalk 18 West Main Ohio Compliments Of B, CQ TABER COMPANY Your Department Store Norwalk Ohio GLENN JENNINGS Ready-Mix Concrete Builders' Supplies Phone 9 New London Ohio Sales and Service Home Freezers and Refrigeration CRUM 'S HARDWARE Greenwich Phone 3285 Ohio When In Plymouth, Stop At--Q DON'S GRILL Dinners - Short Orders - Sandwiches Open 6:00 A. M. To 2:30 A. M. Plymouth Ohio Compliments Of MCCARTY RESTAURANT AND HOTEL Willard Ohio DARBY PRINTING COMPANY Catalog and Commercial Printing Phone 3-1194 36 East Seminary Street Norwalk Ohio Compliments Of B. AND L. SPORT SHOP Sporting Goods Of All Kinds Thomas E. Battle 19 West Main Street Norwalk, Ohio Compliments Of KEISER Home For Funerals Invalid Car Service North Fairfield Phone 1657 Ohio Congratulations FIFE 'S RESTAURANT North Fairfield Ohio . Complim ents Of E. J. MITCHELL North Fairfield Ohio Compliments Of THE HURON COUNTY FARMERS INSURANCE COMPANY Fire and Windstorm Insurance North Fairfield Ohio Congratulations and Best Wishes THOMAS A. MCINTYRE Plumbing and Electrical Contractor North Fairfield Ohio HOMAN APPLIANCE COMPANY S-M - ,, E . WISE PEOPLE BUY Heating Equipment WISE E!,J,!5N!5,QE,? Coal - Oil - Gas Ji x j, , f Phone 38911 Z5 Whittlesey Norwalk, Ohio Compliments Of ERUSBERGER MOTOR SALES Dodge - Plymouth Telephone 35241 33 East Seminary Street Norwalk, Oh1o We Wish To Thank The Advertisers For Helplng Make This Book POSS1bl6 T 'V I V, vi! . 'L I A a f-' 'Ki W ' AE. ?'.?,f'L,MLQ:E'f,15Q?'.gL,' - -A V .R -T i3l'yVg,f.k- f,'.wx. ' 1 1 -QSPQS --ff ' gvvgil

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