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,m f t i X This book belongs to xx ,ff N A 5 56 TARTAN 1962 PUBLISHED BY ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY OF NORTH EUGENE HIGH SCHOOL EUGENE, OREGON MARY MEAD, Editor LITHOGRAPHED BY COMMUNITY PRESS Orem, Utah IN DEDICATIO OF A5 we look hack upon the yearf we fee happineff, joy and zearx, Even though faces change, there are nzernorlef of oar grade school llayx '-'f - ,H i sur : iEffw..Qff-:w - ' 1" 1 " fh:.':55i5...' ' WVR. a-'GUESS t'WL45,:'5i5E2izf Y ' 3 . " I . L. ' - X 1 ' 1? I kk 'S' . ' .... - ' : ' - Jw -fsffflsgagsgi. - . , M L he 1 . ' Eh - 4 -- K K xx . Y N., - ,, . , , X ,, ,, VV.AL E, M any'-4. Following Jtep hy Jtep our pathway! through the junior and Senior high Jchool olayf, 0 UR MEMORIES M wMf5wfAw54?ZZ6 ?fMM z,Q LQMQZ 3 Y .-- 2, ,, S. '., s1'2'22si22"gi-"...llf1:i .K.,,K.5,, 22,2,,, .-K--.,,...... , '.,,2:---- 2. X, N ., ,- -::.,,: S, 22 512.252.5515 , ........ K5 .,5g-gg--- 2... .W2--2.2 ee- 2, .g- 2, I M KK . ff.. M... 22222 if 222222, .f--.555 ,---.ies-Sai-Ks 25 ,, .--22 ...- --.-sw '22 2 K.K 1.2, . xr " -A K L, --fy 22222, ...g----- 2 -- ' g ...x...23... -if" Q,-----..-K, . ffff,f.... .' fylfffif ,, S- .. , -:..:.: gg fffg' '222222 .gg ff-2-ssefl:-ff?-?'2',, ..-2 i' -iiifmzii '2,' ,if ", . ' 'I-:-ifliffgilgi--"'Ei?21223? 'H lf: 55222222225-52' --1fii't2i.14f,,ggg-g--" .. 5- 2...- -fEfEfs2-.5,..f:i-ff- .s4s2"f"'2, .gf , -2 .. '5i--921 limi .-iwg--:i'2---A ' 2, M- ,,,.-..-,,, -gigg----222K S222--"M--Si ..ffff. if "fgg,f--2 . '22f..:.27 .ag-P'"f.2-f',4--es:'12,.--vz iw 252, ,,, "gg 525222222-'i,s5i :WS-2-ff ---s---K., 4---H -5Q22'.'E' F75-.?23i2.---2.11 -'fm' ...---f'i..e2s222i-- " ----2 --.232 ':f'gge"f,.--M2 - 55:-s-5555171592222525Kgigiif-5 .... 5'-255.--el-'EL 4gi'f'Si2:'V Egg --5.5552-S222 "eggg.--72KK..K55.g--22 -..- .. ,,- KKK, S. II. ,, ..... ,,, 2, K .x...- ' .s'5-ff' VE .fflii-2 Qf:.f?Q25: ,255ig5fg'.3-1.1.7, K " --hkk W V 45- 'QE'E'5'5ff45Ew:?:11555.i 2 f'f"35E55E:.:.-F''Ui?-'Y555Lf5555i7::l2iT.'ifff2-5"EE5?f2222E2...5E, 5511-2 "iv, ..-1-j2,, .Sf- , ,Q ..., M "':'55-ii ,SEYMWAif5"wL555:TEi...:5ffAff'H-553512, 532' iiiii-2EE'55?Zgg,KKKKg5jKgzifff ---- , '2,gV"k- '5-:v -2 . 2 ' K. . - Klgg--1 5-2 my-. I.:2,,,KK---.,,Em,:- SKF-,,AK. K, K 9iiH"HiStE5-Mir'-25522,..-5i.55EE'f'fi'esE522g525231222fjgE5:'2g2,KK nj if-2"K.gss-im:-L2gg,"jg--K"5gsss-ig, 'gf-"'5g'2.- " , 2 . --hkk f--- .. N EQ, L--- ,EEE,,LL LmLA Aygggziz, IEI ,K L.L, , A - Q-Sgggfg-'L-WE22,----72..f!li2f5i55 'if' 'S '2 wi... ,.W,, .. f.... :::,,, ..f,..-.- ,,.. ,'22223--2'.--- ax, , L--'-...Q ---ws222:f 24. ,KKKg,. ..,.-- " ----22ses-.qg- Q ..... , .... '2'+2 --25172 W 222 '-12,....-V "- iff, 222 'ff' 2: 2 . K-. , K 6 .W----" l " if'-2-52 Ki' ""'..!iff:"L,f5if"', -iQl2ffF2'KK -L .... 2327" --ii, ' 2---""-if 'H " H '--?525V"Ee,-23122 .SSIWZEQSEE225Em.---'+I' .1542 , .... , .. 2 -55421222 -if W- :xi-f2"" ---"-1 L2 ' vii--1 'iff-"mi "25?"eg.ee222..efSi'-"es--'" -- 5V5EEEE:2'-512-EEW222 ----T.:lffii?iEk :fl??': 'f'--'Hifi ny- I-5-2' .. m-- 'LI'--"Wi r--v2..5f32' 'iii :Fi ri, ...Sir H13 'I' -5f:7'E:?EfZ" :..:::2" 4:2552 "L:E55'52 -551, --Sf' 142-2' 'E iii, '2 .---255 ----- 2,' .f - 55' 'fiwiifi ' 3j,,KK.s,,,, ..i'Q,--f22..-22, "" 22,nKKK'K--- " HK. ,,,, 2i" "'i-i'ihf55E2" 222, 9' A .. 'M' 2'E222.5EE,-.-!"'.fi9'2ff':'if'-5f5"E2,.-E22.3 'ifgeii .. K 2 "LifL'5"' -' 22' -55 -5' e552V'.2-f3E,..g--22, iss- -2 ' - ',,,,,,,--:----,,,'. ..----- 2 2- K ..L,, KK-, K- ,, ---- ,, KKKKK "E K--ff" KK .S " FW--5E2f'2,, '.li:fVfe:eE- ' ,K ,,,,, KK., 9222 WV Q-Elf.--5?,,.lSi' gg'-H K " 1 V 'K , i- --- "----'W .15y'L- ' ' ' .-g---2757, 5293221 -L32-.5272 " 522' ' -"L--el ..-Wi.---'22 . ----- ----- - ,,,.---" , 2- . Ieifgw'---uffeig, .5422 --12222 Q, : ...:2 K'--'2.---', 5- " ,..2"i--gg, ...W-"2K--.-2,..-, .ff .-55, -'2,.--if "'52'-22'ie.- 2' ' if . '.!l?2'Ll'W 'Lqss?'?2Q:s'22. ' --5-sf 1 2-1'-2' '23 " ., wa.---',e2i, -5251, S'2,.2e"222 2..-:- 142-FW 22.-.-f .... "" H -- 22,2 2 953,22 g -:52"5--22"--' '2 1- A '. L :s--'E "V -5422: 'UAE' K. ' ' ' ' ,L .... 2' '21, -..::- ':.f.2--- M2 .-s,,. " -- -- . -- ...W ..-- 2 -K '2Q-'.---- "" .. f,-, .---- '.-- - ,,, .-- - K '2 V.-- .W -' 2 , 2 w2'z',,.::J-21,2 ..-S ..1'w ::,, '53, .f'W,.-:!512 ---22, "2 .-1-22, .2 222 1--22 -f555f55E2L-52-flwiii'S22L 2 522- gg- 5-- ' -wiivw' .-S532 ,L-z-,2,Kk 'ifjxi-222 -51112222 ' --2"lli'2'w "G " K IE -1372, .:f:22 ,,,,','. -"",, 222, --- ,, ..... , ..- 2 ,,, .. K. 2.-. Z.. 2 --V352 0. , ---55.5322 ---52:2-1195372 ::: ...V - r-5' ': 'L--::'52.:-v' ,, 2 'E' --rv522.EEwi,, 'fix f"i:'L7 :fff5:k.ffi?iiu--- , .'-55"'::g5f2 .:. , .W K 2,2 , .K, -5"':5K--1i,"N' "'g' --5 , 'EQKKg-322 -.fy H K, xv- .,,,- 22 ---- .. D K . ,, -- H K 21212 ....a.-, -- W' 22" -'Ky' ""'--ff? .ss22,,KK--xg H.--2,5 , '2,K.-- "2 .--- EVEKKKJVH KK..,,L.K...MKk iv.. A KM- Kg, ,K2, ..v2,KK.g,-V in --53E'.Q2,, .'-152.91 -1' 'H' :: 'Q---'TEf.:f" 1,222 52:12:55 ff' ':. '55-v :.:-'52,.:- Z-55-"EE:-1 .::E5?2.55',, -f7EE..KKl 22" .gg 15265 .-:: 'Lg-52:22 qgj gig-:ik ,.g5g7gK-5225 ...22,2..s-ilg-2V22'2 52221: l'5S:57'i,.-'22'Hz-. 52.257 72' 'EH ".-s"'.---'gal " 'L 3522.-ilk? ,, ,K KK . I , . .. 2225529 T52--W ' .- .-52571 2552? -fl2222"ffE-EYE 225-22 .1525 '.'ifij"Tff1f 5-2552?ffi'15:"" -2E'f'ei'.--'22, .. 2? 41 322 'S "gil .glide 5.--'i,,,.. 73222 3 jpg' I '55,-5-"5--g --Ig, 5115 gjigfggf' -T222-s--2"" 55,-3 --f " "E ,, 3 ff' ---2252--ff'f:,, fQ2s5f:m' .-1 5, 'Egg-2,2 " 5' .--'2' ...--'-22,-. KK ,,KKK,,,,,.K.,22, Mesq, , E 32222 f5f'i-5253" 2f5'?2-2222 .5 --5-"'2.KKS"Ef ---22 K"-- mf,-1352 1.-52E.gfZ,22'gQiQi2f ,, ', 'f'.,f,.--3 si '..w,, f..- ' 2525252 12, . CLASSES , 26 1- ' ' f S gg.-.2712 2-..--,222,, "2 H KK, ,. 2- 27- f'H"::5 "LA-5-EE-','EiEE ' ---- f-2' W' .,,,,.,....,2iE-Y .:2,, ' ' "f--2257 2 ..f2i.......ff,--- 2222'.:...ffe52--f22.....x,g------22,2 fff,....2, 'ff " Q ,, 2 2 K X K KKKKK,,.,K. ,, .2,..f 2, Jr 2 K ,W 2 2, -4,2 mf X my ' I wma I M . , fa, .I , - ,L J is ACTIVITIES GRGANIZATIONS 127 - 1 53 82-126 f If Q 1 A 3, SPORTS 1 54 - 188 FACULTY r We remember our teachers who helped us all the way, and these memories will endure far beyond graduation day. Xxx.. 7 ADMINISTRATIO K 'Vee wr t t Q-is it .iii N. . L' , mli is mK-L Dr. Millard Z. Pond Superintendent of Schoolr age . 4:1 'av sem .tai . ,": The administration department consists of five district members selected and salaried by the school board. These five members are of the Eugene Public School System and attend every meeting and function of the Eugene School Board. They are held responsible for personnel, curriculum, and operation of all elemen- tary and secondary schools in District Four. They work together with the school board members to determine the policies of the Eugene schools, and establish the procedures and financial means for carry- ing out these policies. The officers are responsible for the fulfillment of these decisions. One of the projects of the ad- ministration which has met with great success is the team teaching program practiced throughout the Eugene School District. Mr. Leroy Erdman Atrirtant Superintendent as 1 M.. W Mr. Lloyd Millhollen Artirtant Superindentent Cx fu, Mr. LCC Bishop C17dfl'Nl!1?I of flw Bmrwf CHOOL BOARD The North Eugene High Students would like to thank the school board for the time they have contributed to the making of our Eugene School System run more efficiently. The board members are selected for a term of five years by the people of the school district. The school board has the job of the legal responsibility for conducting the business of the school district. It established the policies under which the admin- istration may operate the schools. The members are non-payed citizens who devote their time, effort, and consideration to- ward the improvement of the school district and to the com- munity. These five members deserve much credit for their contribution to making our school system run more efficiently. Newbery of Ike Scboof Board: Mr. Henry Nelson, Mr. Verne Hoffman, Mr. Lee Bishop, Alf. Rit'liul'tl Miller. Dr. Luc Smufler. im! 9 .E. H. . Administration See ye: ,L-8-V W N "4h New ,,,,, ,. mz's Ray Hendrickson Principal, North Eugene High School Fellow Highlanders: I have always been proud to be affiliated with North Eugene High School and I am sure you must feel the same way. Therefore, I know that this yearbook will be a valuable chronicle of past events for you, and I also know that you will treasure it even more as time goes by. 1961-1962 has been a fine year for North Eugene High School in general and for many of you in particular. May the future be bright for all of you. Principal, North Eugene High School Another Sucoessfull Year The students of North Eugene High School would like to extend their thanks to the administration for another fine year of leadership in the school. The Deans, Mrs. Bergman and Mr. Zollinger, are at our assistance in arranging schedules and promoting interest in scholastic achievement. Mr. Newland, the Vice Principal, is a very efficient person and makes an excellent administrator. His job is to take over when the principal is away and to work mainly with the stu- 'T dents. The Principal, Mr. Hendrickson, has done a fine job in keeping North Eugene in order. He is a very dedicated admin- istrator and the school should congratulate him on his leader- ship. Mrs. Betty Bergman Dean of Girl: tttt .... .X Mr. Bob Newland Mr. Charles Zollinger Vice Principal Dew of Bow ll Robert Hamill BA., U. of Redland NLS.. U. of O. American Problemf, Speech, Tartan Eating in class? ?? Gene Beaver B.S., Luther College .M.S., O.S.C. American Problemf, US. History. Economist Marvin jaegers Department Head B'.S.. MA., Indiana U. U.S. Hirtory New classrooms and team teach- ing used in Social Studies. A new device for teaching Social Studies has been set up this year. This new device is team-teaching, Mr. Wiltz and Mr. Hamill are giving it a trial run. Other new ideas have been used. The department has set up departmental final exams in which each teacher makes up a portion, of the final. Students are in a hurry to get home and do their homework. jack Rollwagen B.A., U. of Wafhingion Englirh 2, lW0rlil Hillary John Reed B.A., Simpton College, MA., U. of Denver U. S. Hiftory, Ameriran Problemr Lee Goode BS., M.Ed. U. of O. U. S. I-Iirlory. Modern European Hixlory if 5 ' - ' ..1- ttt ess S I - W? ,,,... . . A i..' J . .r.- - 'I if 13 Q " 1 " f .. E' q ...I e 3 K , Mr. Wiltz and team teaching. Dean Baldwin BA., Colorado Stale Col. M.A., Colorado State U. U. S. Hirtory, American Problem: Mr. Keele relaxing in class. Tom Keele BS U o O .., . f . lVorld History Nick Wiltz BS., O.S.U. American Problems 'llama-'lf Lecture by Mr. Wilrz in American Problems. Miss Lottie Lee Lamb B.S., U, of O., MA., U. oy Denver Librarian Carroll de Brockert M.A., U. of O.. English 2, World Hirtory Mrs. Jacqueline Morfirt BA., U. of O., MA., O.S.U. lVorld History New cheating machine added. North's library has a new added attrac- tion this year which enables the librarians to do a more efficient job of checking out books. With the use of the Gaylord Book Charging Machine, a more accurate record of the library material can be kept. At the beginning of the year, each student was is- sued a library card with a number, similar to those of the city library. Each student has a corresponding numbered card in the lib- rary in which his literary record is kept. 13 Swimming classes held for first time in new pool. This is the first year of swimming for the students of North Eugene High School as the River road Emerald Street pool hadn't been finished for the previous school years. As Miss Bogan stated, "the purpose for having swimming classes is to teach everyone the correct way to breathe in swimming." This year is a trial to decide whether to include swimming as a part of the school curriculum or not. If it isn't worth going back and forth on the buses and all of the confusion, it will be discontinued after this year. Look at those muscles. , ,, , ,A . Spring brings outdoor sports.. Did We fofgef anything? Miss 'Agnes Best Illfl., BS., Slate Uni- venity of Iowa Department Head Everyone's busy but where's the Miss Jacqueline Bogan ball? B.S., M.S., U. of O. Mrs. Gay Rauell B.S., U. of U. 14 Richard Smith Department Head B.S., M.S., Springfield College Boys' P. E. It's not as hard as it looks! Getting up there is the easy part . . . V p .... . 5. Students enjoy new Gymnasiums. The approximate size of the new gym is 80 feet by 90 ftet. It was completed about the middle of October. The area is divided by a sliding door, providing a wrestling and gymnastic room for after school use. Apparatus "a" or the first room is equipped with overhead rings and ropes for gymnastics. It's built into the regular dressing rooms of the old gym. Apparatus "b" contains mats for wrestling while "a" has a storage room for weights used in wrestling training. Everyone seems to be enjoying this new addition along with the fine P. E. Department which helped in the skills of gymnastics, tumbling and wrestling. One - Two -- Three - . .. s Lenard Robertson M.S. U. of 0, Boyr' P. E. Mr. Schick tried his hand at basketball. , . .... 5. , .... '- In glgiiiiiiif. Q' f llifqifli ll-.i5?,::Q",:1' 5 ."-eff" Mel Krause M.S., U. of O. Boys' P. E. 15 Music department performs at assemblies. The music department consisting of A Cappella, , . qi' 1 band, and the orchestra, gave us fine performances this fini year. They produced our Thanksgiving and Christmas 49 assemblies. They also gave other outstanding perform- ances for the community and sang for the Lions club and the Jaycees. Estley Schick Clyde Diller U. of O., BM., A Cappella, U. of O, B,M,, Band. girls' choir, boys' choir, and mixed choir. Department head. Band performs for students at Christmas Assembly. ip .... , Half time entertainment by the North High Band. A Cappella performs at assembly. Robert Frazell U. of Colorado, B.M., orchestra Three plays produced by Drama Department. The drama and speech department headed by Mr. Quisenberry worked very hard this year to put on three very fine plays. "On Borrowed Timed was the first production, "Rebel Without a Cause," was sec- ond, and "Bye, Bye, Birdie,'l was the final and third. William Quesinberry U. of O., B.S. Stage crafts, speech, drama. Hard working director. Learn ITIOSG lirlf-ES!! 16 Donald Moore Industrial Arts classes creative. famcmmimi Depaflmerzt bead Colorado Smit f ON 0 ff B l Qgjlggg BA ll midjlwp annul drazznz wclzf bop The industrial art classes have been very creative this past year. Each student has worked hard and in- tently for this creativeness. wwf Drivers Education students prepare for licenses. The students learning to drive in Drivers Education class have spent an interesting time. Besides the fact that they had a few exciting moments they turned out to be good drivers. .nit . -. ' Hope no one was hurt. Wendall Hall Department bead. B.A., lWillarn- ette, Geometry, calculus. A1Gub1-ud Hard working Mr. Bell. M.S., Syracafe. Algebra, biology. Many mathematics courses offered. M s Dennis Davis B.S.. Southern Oregon College. Adranterl znatb I, bane fnatb. .3 -. age Q a H, 9 i 1 8 The students were offered a variety of math courses from basic to calculus. Basic and inter- mediate maths improve the students understand- ing of arithmetic. Algebra teaches a student to broaden his concept of the nature of math. Geo- metry is to develop ability to think critically topics related to points and lines. Advanced math 2 is a continuous study of algebra but at a more advanced level. Calculus and analytriecil geometry include topics in differential and integral calculus plus necessary topics from analytic geometry. james Snow B.A., Carleton College M.A.. Colorado State. Advanced matb II. alge bra. NDN Inghard Gjovaag BA., U. of O, Advanced math I, advanced general rnatb, algebra. S fl . li Q ,fw.,,,.4 George Krupicka B. Eel., BS., U. of O. Geometry intermediate rnatb. Richard Bach B.S., U. of O. Conramerf rnatb geometry. Science department helps students. Biology deals with life and with living things and their relationship to each other as well as to their sur- roundings. Physics is concerned with the study of the physical world, the world of forces, energy, electricity and of the related laws and principles so basic to living with understanding and appreciation in a modern world. Chemistry deals with the study of basic natural laws that take place between two materials. Applied Science is de- signed for the student who wishes to increase his knowl- edge of the applications of the principles of science to our physical world. J. A. Kaspar Department head. B.A., ALA.. U. of Iouzz. Cfyemislry. Freeman Melsted kom. Playricr. Hard working chemistry students. N. Ed., P. of North Du- is--1 ,abs John Lighty BS.. U. 0fO.Bio1o,g3 61, l 1' A , Paul Bell Careful! I Sue Deyo and Mr. Lighty. OSC" MS" U' of O Bw English students study Macbeth. Mrs. Nancy Samson BS., U. of O. Englisfla, rally. if ts .X iff. Miss Wilma Jacobson Department head, BS., M. Ed. U. of O. English. Wilfred Arneson BA., Denver Unizferrity. MA.. Michigan Stare U. Englitb. Miss June Denison BS.. U. of Minna' MS.. U. of O. Erzglifh. 65 a 1 . - fp .ii I 20 'iq Mrs. Katie Hull B. Ed., U. of O. Englnb. Macbeth, The Pearl, and other great Works were studied this year by English students. English courses teach students appreciation of English and American literature plus the basic fundamentals of the English language. All students are put in classes according to their capacity and previous testing. Classes start at basic and continue to college preparatory honors. Miss Bonnie Brunken Mrs. Jane Lindberg B.S., Brigham Young. BA.. U. of O. Erlgfiflo. Englith. William Payne A.B., Indiana Slate Teachers Col Engliyly, joarrzalifm, newfwriting .gf ' QQ Fil.. ' if-Zi . :IH N.E.H.S. uses new language lab. This year at North foreign language students have an opportunity to experience something new and unusual. With the use of the language lab a student has an oppor- tunity to better himself in the foreign language he is study- ing. The lab is used by students during their French, Ger- man, Spanish, or Latin class period or they can use the lab after school for additional study. Mrs. Marilyn Wiltz B.S., M.Ed.. U. of O. Englirh. - if! Mrs. Elizabeth Malagon BA.. U. of O. Englifh Mrs. Shirley Homefeld A.B., Wflaittier College. MA., Lo: Angele: State College. M.R.E., Fuller Theological Seminary. Students learn by using the lab. ' k,,,-Ma.-:fyrf - . . . .. S.. Ver' - . 'if fb Duane Adcock Al Gage Department head. NA., U. of O. B.A., Lezzflr and Clark. French. Latin, Mr. Holtonk German class. Mr. Bert Villanueva Mr. Holton BA.. U. of O, Spanirla. A.B., U. of Cincinnati, MA., U of O. German. 21 by Roe Betterton B.S.. 1lI.Ed., U. of O. Depart- ment bead. Barinerr education. .4 r ' .QE ..L ' - in Q Q 5 S QQ? - .Eh Q -- vs:-Jifsfi 'is . Mrs. Marceline Peiterson BA.. U. of O. Burinerr edaration. Retail selling forms new club. This is provided to teach the students the fundamentals in Re- tail Selling. They learn to run the cash register, how to make correct change, and anything else necessary for selling. Besides the Retail Selling class, Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Typing, and Business Machines classes are also taught. A variety of Business Education courses are taught. First year typing students working hard Miss Florence Althen BA., Dakota Wertlyan U. MA., O.S.U. Barinerr education. Mrs. Maxine Moorehaed BS., Soulhem Stale Col- lege. M.Ed.. U. of O, Barifzerr Education. Mr. George Ruby B1f.ri11e.vr education. B.B.A.. U. of Mifmerofa. Mrs. Louana Lamb M.Ed., U. of O. Barinerr ednration. , Everyone is Working hard' Attentive class you have, Mr. Betterton 22 Mrs. Louise Sprague Deparfmen! head, BA.. U, of O. Homemaking. Mrs. Melba Murphy HS.. OSU. Homemaleing. rraflr. Art club draws murals. The Art Club this year was very busy. They spent time go- ing into designs and studying them. After this, they made very nice looking murals. The Art Club had a very successful year this year. Miss Mary Constans BA.. U. of O. Art Betty Crocker test administered. The Homemaking classes were quite busy this year. In these classes the girls learn to plan, prepare, and serve meals. They also learn to sew garments for themselves. The Betty Crocker Test was given to several girls from the various Homemaking classes. Senior girls enjoy homernaking. Tuberculant tests prove successful. Mrs. Alma Ross, our school nurse, is on hand several days out of the week to aid students who are ill. She also has some student helpers who are always willing and able to help at times when Mrs. Ross is not available. Tuberculant tests were given by Mrs. Ross and some helpers from the Future Medical Careers Club to several of the students. They were very successful. Att class at work. Tw Mrs. Alma Ross, RN. B.S.. U. of Portland. Name 23 Mrs. Henson Office Serrefarji' l"'l" Mrs. Kennedy P67'J'0l71IEl Secretfzry Mrs. Reiersgaarcl Offire Secretary Office staff controls Northls business. Northls fine office staff are kept busy all day long working to keep N.E.H.S. going. Their fine dependable work in the main office, library, attendance office, and personnel office are appreciated by all Northls students. Any questions concerning student problems are ans- wered by the attendance or personnel offices. The main office deals with the smooth organization of the school. Much of the organization of North can be attributed to the hard working members of our office staff. Our thanks go to these members who have helped many students and faculty with their problems. Mrs. Richardson Allwzdazzce Swi'cfaf'y Mrs. llrguson Library Sef1'e!m'y Cooks supply students with nourishment. The plate lunch, the ala carte lunch and the snack bar are run daily by our cafeteria staff. Each day nourishing foods and sanitary surroundings are prepared by the staff for the students. Besides preparing the food, the staff also plans the meals so they are delicious, well-balanced and inex- pensive. Every one enjoys the hot dogs, hamburgers and milk shakes which are kept in supply by the staff. Silent servants keep N.E.H.S. clean. . ..... l 5 l P , as -- ,Q J ' J .fn 4 ,S W5 'z Q ' bug M an .,,, --AQ ,W . . J l i I XE 5 L t t . , ..:,, Mrs. Francis Hathaway, Donna Sandin, Mrs. Ethel Yoder, Mrs. Faye Williams, Mrs Mildred Hill, Mrs. Louise Washburne, Mrs, Floy Wells, Mrs. Elverda Hughes, Mrs Louise LaMons, Mrs. Lois Ruff, Mrs. Ruth Brumley. Sweeping the floor, washing windows, and doing what has to be done is the job of our silent workers. They clean up after each day sometimes working far into the night. They work hard all year long to keep our school clean and neat. These hard working people clean daily for students and faculty and even during vacations and week ends. Their jobs are well done and con- tribute much to the appearance and operation of North. Mr. Harry Mitchell Head Cmlodimz Marvin Glick, Joe Onexford, Finn Gauloa, -liggs Kirtley. 25 UR CLASSMATES Tho we shall part, Friends We will always be. When our school days are over Our memories linger on. if 7. A, N L,2sff9f: 7fa'!f-4 'Q 3 fczffgeae 522534 F, YHA V14 ll ll Ll ll, V lx , . u n mf, ,, I 1 J 4 -f K J , f,fM:N,..,.v,LW-w4...,r.,,,ff ,. .V HL N, ,Q -xv, 'X if """"'hm...,,,,, 1 27 gr -'il"'l"' Mike Wilsori p7'E.Ff.ll,977f .3 Tse i sew R. .. Q l A i - L .. ' '- ' Bill Thomas Vife Preriffeizl ADVISORS The advisors of the junior Class this year, Mr. Beaver and Miss Constans, have been a great help in planning and advising the activities of the class of "63." They both have always been available and had good ideas when needed. 28 CLASS OF '63 This year the junior class has had a great responsibility of raising money for the junior-Senior Prom. Through many long months of preparation and excitement, the juniors put on the Prom which was held in the gymnasium. It proved to be very successful. This was accomplished by fund raising, coke listening parties, carmel apple sales, and car washes. The class was also very active in working on the American Field Service Drive which started in early January. The junior class princess, who was supported by her class was crowned Miss Merry Christ- mas of the 1961 Christmas semi-formal. Dan Perkins, a Junior, did an outstanding job in leadership of the Drivers Safety Com- mittee. As the juniors moved onward to their Senior year, the juniors can look back on many exciting events and accomplish- ments which face the class of '65 Barbara Kammeyer Bill Luvaas Sectelarj' T7'L'!lTlI7'07' .wav- ir., A 35 ni :L-gsaivlil Ron' l: Ann Holcomb, Marge Moore, Sharon Hassman, Sharon David, Larry Read. Ron' 3: Gene Smorhers, Doug Hcbard Ron Tevcpaugh, Parry Abbott, Sue Deyo, Christie Daudel, Barbara Kam- Myss, Roger Metcalf. rneyer. Ron' 2: Mike Wilson, Gary Draper, Bill Thomas, Danny .M-', M 'fz W' W T ? A ASPEN My, , Sami! . i - W, . ' W f ,,,,, . 1 I Patty Abbott ,. " .uf 'aa k . -,t ag' i was ,Z ' . flaf. "4" p , 4 5: :We :rg--if Bii Fran Anderson Rita Barker . . Z , ff! K Larry Bennett Q xx -W.. Mk igi A Denny Bloom LJ 5' L1 va --fi- ... .. .. Q Ula i Y .4 J! k f r A A fs, R ., f' i , mf , f .. , A 5 this 4' it is rl ix its ia 'r X ww 1 5 -- ' .. at ' , , - - Sharon Agan Donna Aldal ii ral? ifififf ' - -Qif ,rf S5 - 5 ,ff r'-' rf-A -- -if T f 43 "f Ivan Anderson . --azz ffes2w+223se-if wr, fax - tg L -E Q5 B ig. t it.-g .u I K Darrell Bennett gli , t 'Q N faire? Pat Benson ate' t xgiik 5333-.W --xx ta" Judy Anderson O sp a 1 is. s is Ed Allison e Armitage W , gr. , , x . F ES, S J Y , 4 . a ..,, , at Jw iiiv 'gzftli i A -v ve... Sw ,,,, Carol Battling Dan Barton Mike Bilderback Ken Barnett Tom Ankney ,,, ,gb -- --J. X J C. We - -f -tw. . 6 H , 7' Y if fir 9 gf' fx 'Yr "' Barbara Anderson 4 Q93 Kathy Ash Carolyn Attebury eil 3' y x tt tt- 1 Marian Beagley Nancy Bedient 1 1 qi 'F fi , ,J j 5 Ken Black 7 . as Ei at .rrtt xiiiailfl p Judi Blackford K n iii' 'l" A Barbara Blye Carolyn Bohna John Borgaard Theo Bottom Milo Bowers 2 4:L. I1, 1, . 3, H Qin, X lf' Set anta, - 1 S55 ,N ia fra yy: Pr Q53 Jan Brandt Linda Brenaman 30 ft ---me i . -, .. -,.--W.--.N-,,i,,,,, W, sr 1 tg2f,,m ,, 5 Rr!- , 5-my f s .2 'S S t iliiil e aiii' ff ,,,... 2 T -'fi , Beverly Anderson Q , S54 'X ,ig 'K ,ga I T Marilyn Attebury M , Y Je 1 . i 53 S-.1 -f iiii at a t tti ----t,i , Sandy Beeson t B Afro A Bob Blair , r t 1 1 Margaret Bowman ii . ll Z f 'fa f 7 ' 1 B 'E ,., - B X ' t -, t , , B 1- iff .3322 s ,srs ty.: s , 'St ' - it N, Q at s X - if a Merry Btenneman Art Brenner jack Briggs Chuck Brink Marjorie Brooks , , a a , Q . ,. el S . i ' ,, -sfs,,.,, H1 Gary Brotherton K- M? ,vs A if L4 " an e 42 rf Barbara Butler g 5. , ii Q al l is Q4 l ll 2 H "A in . ni s -5 r ' Y Vf. Gene Courhorn 31, Q Liky f 'Q - in' V rrr il George Cluster rrrrr -sa, 644 :,:: . Q-0' fa 2 Mrk , - 3 C if 6 u Rick Brown Q it an ' avid- K A' E Toni Butler ty ,.1.. ,H Bill Chadek Q as , r ,s W, - E-www 49, 5 .5 f,a ,xf,,ffg V L le ,owns rg, wg.. 'TH Sue Brown Rick Campbell g ivin ee fif':Qf 'L Warr Q iii li fi Lloyd Chapman v rin '? + ri. 5? . K seq? John Collins Par Collins i f ' Q ,. Q' V' it 4. K a Lanny Crafts .. .7 Bob Craven , ..., ..i'. i .Lg iv' ,ew 'N Ri 4' .55 Y., , fi? , ggxhv, .. l Sue Brown dw, eg , 'sf if Janet Canoy '1-,, Mike Chauran Terry Collison .,Qi'a" Judy Bruns A 1,5, . v 1,246.5 iiee tl Q? Q PM-. C - Viy , sf. Dave Carlson a,,,.- 3 ,ne r r .1 . ..,, .., .Q r lg ' , . . V. V X , 73, "" - ww' I Larry Clark Don Cooper fm, Chris Burharr 45. Fi L 9 'Qt'- ! . ., 5' 7' 1. """'- . Brian Burton in -',' in rrier L A ' . 1 Dianne Carlile Rose Ann Carpenter Kim Clayton 4 12.5 .Q i 55 ' "E: i it Nancy Courtney - gg, are I 'fl' fu N ' 9 'fr ' W A131 Marsha Cross Sandy CfuikSh2r1k Mike Cully Lloyd Cummins pf iip ytti C ,C if f Pam Clearwater Doug Cracker f Y 551 ' my .W Mike Curtis if . r r a ,, , af' so fe ' A 195 A L' I rrn i ff' QL- 'K .f 3 :ik fr 1-,, i t A Stix Sandy Danner Chris Daudel Dan David Judy David Wenda David Ron Davies Bev Davis i as ff.. Chris Davis Judy Davis Q X we--W Gerald Delros Larry Demoss Dixie Dolan Lori Dollarhide ri - f . an -we 5 w D ' tif ,M '.,w'.-L gwf 'E "', 1- if r ,,,.,..,, .. V, R- ' .H .sl rv. Q an 'sis M F, , GNN, ' Y Bob Davis ' N, "-x..,.a 5 sang Deanna Deavers Wanita Deffenbacker Aileen Delany r, . , .. ,,.,,,, rw. .... . ,, .M lmao as aaa ikaju . X r :, agar Q, r ', I 5 if ew. 3 4 X' ,i1f'r" Q as ,Ty ii vfi saHQ?l 3,553 'r at in i? -V lf f .f Margo DeSanris Sue Deyo gwiaarefa2H1a?aaaiaQhfE1eWWf1'f2'ea s"' s iii? 57? lfis3E5ih35 S aaaaa L , ' ' Q ,, - - A Rf - ,, a ,., , r,. ' IQ E. We 42 i ff. ff- v ia v 1 'avian' xiii ' nfl f' ww l af'1 1' 4 , -3 Nancy Dorey Par Dundin Carolyn Durbin . .g Q ,L 'k . 1- 4-Ns.. ml- Jim Duzan I-.fs H' , rg I.. 4 .,, E b , , 'aw Gary Draper 4 'zu :L - , Greg Eastman if ,W 1- - Qjamw sas sal 5 I UC? Karla Endres Linda Engle "1--Q, 5 fiwii . W 5 QV - V a r l is .1 ?aNa5 Q ..:.: W' Ray Earman Mary Fay 32 Mike Engle s,, A - rs I 342 ,ff ! Tyler Fenn Take, we E s . isa, ' ' K 75152: Dianne Dickey lllllllllllq " ' Larry Draper ii. -...M John EHS fUfrf:g:gk,,,, r- rrxwzr HAL ve we Everer Engleharclt Carol Erickson FF T s g vi, ,,,y,, .- W 4 Larry Judy Ali Jan 'rf T. se, r va.. A Dickson 'Ut Duchesrieau JON ce Elmore Esterby in T 'El '5 , Q af i Tl rex ,iv Ai, Q" E QW r Vw: - r' F if sry, ga Zraiia- Q, V' I , V IW ., ef Dave Deller f..,,.. Jack Di Paolo . :rr H Ed DuHy Brenda Elmore 'i at 1' ' S SQ. , H' Judy Evans uikigggi rr. . .ez Q K as L N1 as - rig. W' Ja' fi as if r kg xl wi J fl W Roberta Fisher Sherry Fisher Steve Forrest Sherry Fountain y 5-2 ff E3 'V i V, wr,- efvr- I , r ZL. ' fi K 1 ,, W, ,5 fl fl ,Q-fx' " W- Pat Foy Dennis Gibson Bob Gravley 7121, , " rf N ,, Q K, Clayetra Hall Mike Harbour S A JW' Sharon Hauck Dan France A Wiz, i "F: af ' - ,,.. , - k an 11 Ed Giebisch s or iiii iiii f UH V f ,sawgw r- f . I ia il .P ii W Harold Greer ,,-r rav- Pam Hallet x 1 'Z we ? 'Q' fr is Rig. Dave Hardy ff' E 1 ' L- ff, QM if E10 ,Q i Cheryl Hay s qv M' tr' 'XE 4, Z on fra, M' 5' f . fair Q. Hz , jim Freedenburg Bob Gallagher Leslie Garber ibm fra, f- A f 'ff .- EH Barbara Gibson fre K x Carol Graves Dianne Graves .1 . .N , e K Dave Gavick R V K , , I ri. , . Q 1 , :rf 1 as - 1 K -er, . 1 2 ,r,' 1 ' 2 :': f ',"-, Q 'A zr., , -'.:- .".?EEE' ! Steve Glaze LaDonna Gordon Bill Gott ' - f , 31 i"1. f ' ' ' va- -, I 4, A In , rirr 'if' eei' B B - xr Az ' as -1. I 3 , 4' gli Sue Green Bill Guldager Henry Guse L I Q aff -N E ,M f Wi ri ,. 's Bill Halverstott Marge Hamilton Dennis Hamper Linda Hackleman 4. Sandy Hand Duane Hafdahl - gi, I K T 29. s I L Peggy Hanson M :tm l -, .. rf fr zz if A 155 5 . If N 'iii " . if rrrs h 1 " if if fmii r ii 5 D if .ff ' 5 ffiaff ..l2'l ,, gxifei" Jeannette Harries " l 9' Richard Harris Charles Harrington Sharon Hassman Bob Hastings 5 11 Jkgga' 'Ja , all .W I , ,VV a 7,3 , an rn A ' Q vin' , ' ' W rr r N. 7 ,, KV Q, 1 , 2,41 'yr ' Wanda Hayes Jerry Heacock Doub Hebard Gary Hedclen George Heizeman 3 N45 fs ggi? 'nr in . ,ry E. , , My el f- f ,.. r s .... .- J, Ni Q T kg? .:- ,E .xv f'.-Jgjf ,, V qw w S lay ,,, W Jim Henson Joyce Herendeen ex . .Q M.. Y 9- -.5 -. ,if:55lfJ" it J' if X: Gini Hinds .gf ' . ,E J, , f-r-.::,.-:f . " . if 4 ,.- AJ, ,, 'I'-13-. ' 5" -fr-.f.:"3!:f-'fb-5-?.a.'2l Judy Ingebretson ,gt Kate Jeppesen M I A --A-as --fa ,- ,. 5 lf J .---,,, -. ,gg ggi X , ave Ken Hobbs Art Ireland ,,-.egifssawagi ,, W, ,, ,V Egqtilrss ffl " .. 3 f if . ,mane 6 i is 'l 1. 5524. fl? an " i .Q if H r I Jeff Johnson fw- Sherry Johnson Carolyn Jones E2 , Jr 1 E we he ' a,, wg L V .E,,E S H M 1, 5.5, pu.-.. Tim Hermock Bob Hiatt Joan Hichenbottom fa A . 'l M' as :Q.: 11' Mary Hocking Kathy Hoerntlien Steve Ivy X a .. i .. t vi f fm he .fa , I s V ... 5 ' ' V, 5,,, .MQ -'v,M'-',:?j fa v : , ..-.JM-....,.? Bev Johnson I A a+-2'-K 1 ' E.. Rv, Tom Jones Pat Jacobs . H afar ' , fs a Q r 1 l ' Jef fha , ,rf C, V nidu- t ..-"M Cecil Johnson f Iv .,i.,.,. i W- . 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Q, . 4' sf" W' WYE, ill" A .f 111 ' 7 X 11. .h A me nf W my '-1- ,vi .Q .4 Peggy Kepner John Kingsley 1 , AV A Q r L-, X l it fr. Hx f . Q1 , Norm Kirtley an " , r " Q , ia Q x us an It S . , V j wk. it , '.kkk K , jing - i ., 1 ff --1-gxmzh t ,mx K I 5' - Vu'-221 - fam - ' ix .'.2..gri -A f l? w e gi iam-:zilas2..i jim Klick Terry Knutson l ' K Wlfieh K M ,-at f .-i:,,,:..f ,, ,.J,,,ri:a:- Q? .W,, - V A - D ' " .1 fy, , "' s aw A 1131 . 5 l AX2A Mark Kraeger Astrid Liljcgren ii kf,,,,, I - I . Zag: "1 R Myra Matteson Diane McKy Dave Kutshara Lowell Langan Sandy Lofvendahn Judy Looney , ug L '5M,r: 33" K , 1 ,. Yvonne Knutson Marilyn Koberstein ,. 1 i 'fi . 5 l 1 is . av 1 v S M X, Arg ? Bob Lange on rrt 's i-ff, Q 3 K K X Bill Luvaas A E 3,9 .slfgb ,:.r . "fl , 45 if Z S D S Jr fb - L one at iii' ,,. lg. 'M L K Ivan Koch George Krantz A ' 'Sig ur ,f ii I . fl C fri , 313' L ..,-, I il LaVerda LaPorte Ron LaSala 'Ex E jan Leal 'H V57 I V e" 'Z'W"i ff V ig lll vias , , I tsssss S . gi f tT':l P- 'zl' Rod Maesner Naomi Manela H Y ,,r,t r. 'V , 2 f fy 3 'iw it sr r Maryann McFarland Doug McKinnon K gina- .5 H g:g5W,,a:,- H., st ttt L ' as -3 ig law ,,, , 7 f", l Z Joyce McBee Sharon McFadgen David McElroy "" -g " rf fag, to if Qs L lisel raass S S ,S jack McWhorter Daleta McWilliam Karol Michner Chuck Mcdill Ruth Melby Roger Metcalf , 'Z 'lif" Q J ,i- wfi ,W :F :pe llslls 'S WW Vtsl J V frll s Q -,,r. . 31 sigh' I 9 Metimee Milhupt Susan Miller Ed Minturn Linda Montgomery Marj Moore Noralee Masengil -Q H, if ""A M 'wi ' Ayr Y , . 'wr' f, t qw? t M H tx 3 ,. 'B , .. i- .- gifiezll x , Y an-7, 7,5 Andy McKinney ,- K xv-. . ..-I x 4 -. -e D 7 1 Stewart Meyers 1 isi ay -. ,rc r'rf .liz ' X f ' Gene Morgan 35 Don Morrow 4? Peggy Myers ss' fi- n ile Ruth Neer lqF:Eu "1- ig Q Dianne Pack 3 x f, ,,t..k Wxzi N Dan Perkins Gayle Price A rs- . f, .sw-,tram its wr Bette Moyer .W ' K 'ifiaifs G S f"5w"1?1f"f3 ' ' W ll A mis L fm , A- , , ' imtf ' NW'4' miie limi -wyy sig h . -ik., ,E iw . J . -- v L C - . , , ' , : 5 s Clair Mamau Chuck Murphy Karen Murphy Karol Murphy Bob Myers G r.rr P r ---e' P p flfn H wut' :QR gf W ,gd , F X EE s , Ron Myss Dave Newton . .,,,, 5 gs, ---gi .qi , Y, W ,.., i . X sl K , rl. 'w ' Q3 Z V. - , ii. A Mike O'Connell Tom Olson MM., 5 Linda Paisley Joe Palanuk 3. ' ., 5" 'S ' -' est P fs Jean Perkins Bruce Peterson I' GA":55i":iE5E1',!!i?GEZEE?-EEE-F555 ':!3:'5'ii:". ,::E",3'55E9 5'.:::5l:555 f 'Emi-151: f ' -' lla., 5 in iff 2 r ,, if x-, Q 1-rj' is ii, xr , 'QT' 1 3 + ,M P in x 1 Linda Prim Steve Prochnow Kay Newman ..jav f'+ A ,V 3 as vi Q S, , f 5 Q, J' ir 1 Candy Newland Evan Newshwander Dan Newbaun K -- i 1 , tg? f t 'w . is fr . . ' ' miss-r K .. mi gi A , .. - ,.' ' 5: .rf if 'if ,. ' ,5 35 :fi: im1sf - I ' - 'P , P A . l' ' .. ' E rg, - , .fm :'v:- ' is, 2- - 5 1 ,Q -- :si 5. , ,, ,ay k - f - 1 .6 .. Diane Otto Denny Ovens Orrin Owen Jack Oxenforcl , ...K A-A' . 've fu- VQQQ ' sl 1 'ff' , ,M Party Palmquist Kim Parks Cheryl Pattee Doug Paul V, I .A a, reap! ff egg, 1 Q -' if Milton Pierson rig. , 'iii' ff mf.:::s.::::--fy 1- 5 Q s 154 ,,, wt s.. fl in 1 ?ZQf5fE2qR'be' 5- J erre v vwswwmn Gwen Qualls rf Dave Powell 'V' Chris Prescott Norm Preston -' ---- , fir: vi iii. - L Q' 1 'rf -451' iss. s,- 'Q' - ytt, rrrr' , 's - ,aM,r.:. fax : I -44:33, . K . Q 1 ': r.r" . ' .'fe4if?f-:.'-sff4'4hrf?m 1. wmN,xhr as swmww Gayle Quimby Pam Rankin Judy Radabaugh . ST W K ' r . 3' 5 fa 1: 1. .S Larry Read Mary Rear . ,, .,l,,r-Q. . if 152 bmw. , fu ,, ,f 7 , Y- ' an f-. 36, QQ. - .Q Un' M, 1- - QT Q Z-rtiizzz Nadine Reineke john Renken " fa Tk 102 , X fa' in Yi an EH W X 1, .. Q' V, - G Q a 4' Q ' , JH, ab 'Q na. 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JA' . ,I t e-dxf. ii 5, 2 B J L A if f 'N W ,ff,!f an AQ, rg, - if Q, Steve Schmidt Jim Soha Marv Schlosser Nancy Scott W , ,, Linda Stults Kay Shepardson f S is D 'S fl 1: 'D' 1 W' , , l i ja, 4, ,,, I L lp 51452, 4 if a, , sw, I , john Simpson Chuck Smith Kim Short -N' X W Q new ,mf W :azz ai - , i my 5 at s 5 4 Y - wa 4s 1, Sandy Smith Bob Shriver " R X . ,. . , Sharon Smith Paul Simenstead -'f n' s xt ui aaa s ,F I , ,.:f..3 M: ' V Gene Smothers la ka , ,, , :liar-ral.- X it rs B ik 1 T. 35' B 1?? T Q f f A 552 . ..11' fi .. V 'll' w- , 1 9 3 my 1 'Q t' Dennis Smyth Tom Sorenson Duane Stenshoel Barbara Stevenson f . ,, EE ::??22:222!?m i I gi mg M NK :D jg, aa rl S F X wht i K. Wi 1' ffm " wi' ':'?1:-155512. f' . . f fflf' :I s ,.., .., Judy Taylor 1 i ,T Q l X Q K sw 4, Q I1 S E13 jack Thompson a ,372 . it. 1 , .. f , 4: 5 'Lkk K Y ' ' 1 r Br flies 1. 5 fr - E5 52-Q O Sharon Tevepaugh Randy Thwing X Bruce Van Natta Linford Wade Marilyn Spriggs 3 b .si , is Dennis Stinson Q gz- N e ' ar E 'R S L is K L I, if wg? g 4 . 1" Jim Thenell Q W fa Bill Traynor 4 awrrbf' ,M , ze. Bob Washburn QSQPE -t .iff , ' J. , X A X it S ' , S e ,J . . .f - vs 5 S A- if , 1 X.-i 'SW 't is A Ei. , . R12 E -R, , 5 :gg - . l iii., - it if "uf ' , g -fy v 1, . , i7.s-.h.M?i'Wi'f.fg" '. 'ff Sally Wester Martha Westling Randy Whitney 38 PDM-fn., '-.K We -is .,., . l 1 sa Ra Anneeta Srite Glenda Stanley . 5 il u- , M ...A 2 K. in J Rick Stuller Bob Swartz " , .4 1: 5' ' H T S L xnxx ly I , Bill Thomas jacquie Trombley 1, fsfir A ' X XM-1 K sf S xx Rich Watkins Nei' 1: ' if mass!! ,,-,k:. 'X "if V Dorothy White Ray Thomas were A S S H? in f Earlene Tullar Wt, yyy r Rick Webking r, li Y 3 1 J fl , am, be f s . . l it L 'N' . ' S -,", . A .i,'5f:,'i,,v4 , .. '.'. ., fw.,,'g'." 5: S ,t hqt, 7 ' A ' ? xv! , 9.1 ,. : Y -. Bill Stauffer Gary Stedman f"'Us.,2l 'Q 'XM -- ix- ir? "-ar 7' l Ruth Taxclal Carol Thompson L wi ,fiw , -ff 2. 'N' t it Sue Turnbull 1,3 A, , f :Yau 5, it iii I Nancy Webster Gary White Mary Ellen White fi hill Jon Taylor ii i -ai is sal r N3 r r f ,, Gale Thompson W R :ggi rx, af, Tom Tuttle K , V ' M34 gf ,, 7 K , s 1 . s i K. 1 0 Diana Weigant I -it . 5 an " N Z :swf .f-,V il. .. . Keni White av , X, , A ' 32? Q- FF ,N , is ft ' if t ,X 4. iv if , 9 Jack Whittaker Marcia Wildish Dean Williams Catheryn Willie Judy Willoughby Margaret Wilmot Pat Witt Dee Wolfe Ron Woodward Beth Wyllie Steve Zajanc Pete Little 'L I if Dennis Holye Sandra Helvey joan Kulick AUTOGR PH ,,-1. ,. ' " ' Q. VST' mei , Mike Wilson John Ressler Phil Duerfeldt Preridenz CLA S OF '64 Green as they may be, the class of T64 started their wonderful high school days. No doubt they were scared the first day but after a warm welcome by fellow students of North, they got down to the business way of a sophomore class. First they became official members of the student body by wearing little green hats with horns. Next they elected class officers, who were Phil Duerfeldt, President, john Miller, Vice President, Sue Newman, Secretary, and Mike Reaver, Treasurer. In sports, a fine turn out of boys made up the sophomore football team, the sophomore basketball squad as well as track, base- ball and other fine sports. Many of the girls became active in Girls' League, White Blouse, and G.A.A. When Spring came, the sophomores took to the patios along with the upper class mates to bask in the warm sun. As the seniors were looking forward toward graduation, sophomores were only thinking of the fun they have had this year and of all the fun and new friends they would make next year as juniors. Never will they forget their sophomore year with all its new wonders, friends, and fun it brought to their lives. As the year comes to a close, sophomores aren't sophomores any more but juniors, and they will uphold that honor as well as they did as sophomores. vs. TM? John Miller Vice Preridefzl ADVI OR The Sophomore class Advisors this year were Mrs. Peiterson and Mr. Carmicheal. The entire class would like to thank them for their help and cooper- ation through the year. ln all of the class activities the advisors were there to give their advice and to help the students in any way they could. Again the class of '64 would like to thank our advisors for the help and understanding throughout the year. AO 49'- Sa Sue Newman Mike Reaves SGH"-'2f41'J' Tretzmrer Mrs. Peiterson Mr. Carmicheal OPHGMGRE 3 "NX a-My S.. Z' Ruiz' l: Trudy Cully, Sue Newman, Lynn Hallstrorn, Teryl Burkman, Rhita Drasye. Row 2: Leon Henderson, Jerry Gordon, Bob Seaman, jack Ferguson, john Miller, Bruse Kinnee, Phil Duerfeldt, Eddie Rupert. Row 3: Bob Curtis, Steve Egeter, Mine Reaves. fa, A ' ' i . ie A A 'A A A 5, ff, -.R mf Nm Y k 'pf 5 V .J 5 "X wi LJ 1 7 'V ,,V K K S, Sandy Aagaard Carol Adams Sherry Alfson Kathy Allum ' 1 -f , - A ' ,,.,, A ii .Wa 1 7 t Kathy And row s 1 ' 7 , fiffl, , M ' 4: J YW' , ,TQ Carl Anfo ra iff., 1 ii s .i f 3363? Sandy Armstrong t , rw: '-.Q M T t Ab 122 9' 83558159 A Helen Arneson -'ew I , A A f .. M , ' Q- -. 7.1, Gail Amspoker J af, sf, IX 4' s X J QA M Q, .b fql xi ,, fi MXH. Diana. Arnold L.-.. Bob Anderson Y jf' 's . rf? X A is 1 . , A f S 4 M. Q ,W V V ' , '71 a 'M' 15 f S s' Harry Ashburn Bruce Anderson Barbara Asmervig bww ,ax if 55' . 'M f wa y i""w fs f- ' ' 1- ' r 1 71' E r',, ' i,,,, 0' N r,. -V V. I f k iV:,Wift.5E: .ty - f ,H m y ,, 3 W, ff an fq 11.,:w'f Bill Ayres Gary Baldwin Myra Barrett Sue Bartunek Ron Baxley Anna Baxter Diana Beagley rm 1 or jennifer Beals fa as. . ,. '- if 4 -, fi.. F' sw- Sie r V ,fix K . 7 Rosalie Beals ,,,.k lj K 33.22. ':-:- , :YW 291, ' ' I 4 1f,,, X ,. , ' H' :-A i I My r lllll M y Gary Bendix Linda Bennett M, , B is B S 4 if it 45' H Mig' W J n Dave Bittleston -r r. E31 4" ' J f l- f- Geralcl Boggie .W-qv -H, se.. -Q af. K. Dianne Beary s S ww is F l, ,xii , .1 -as Pat Beck B fr - Hx ,fast mi- .4 fi? - " 'YQ fr W.. . 'S . H X. ,, it L11 ff. 7 S 2 ' B33 Russel Bernardo Gary Betts ig ' B ef : r A f "' Q' , 'W K . , I lg , V 1-., - A S i , ,eg ,, I Carol Blanchard Marilyn Blatchley Carol Block :wif Ei xl' S snrrr it Sr A Ken Boles Patty Borgaard Sue Bowen " "is "" :ie V - X, ' ' .:,..- - '3"M'M ,gi . if: , f fl B , , G- ---' 1,3 as at X eras, , x . , ...A fr iiii - I - Gary Blackford Pat Briggs Bruce Brandt Randy Brant jim Bright Tom Bristow -1- Q 1 rs We ' 5 w.. .. Q 1. A ., ug. if x, .. Y .LM 'Rv gian t Carol Bill w r M . K s A ,Q gr ' 'nf rrrry N- K . A , Eni x VV',: V, V if B gfsafiiiii- 'V K' ,,, rt' ' Judy Becker Bill Beebe ir. A .. Q ,r tii,, B' Q l xi 7' l l l 3 , Forrest Beymer Harry Briggs l Marilyn Block is' 8 5 1 lu. X R P' f, X ' S Tom Bowerman X , rar- ,y,, i :ri 'fi Q, K kb ,f fx Dennis Birran , K V 3. -2 r iff rf' 5' ' K or 1 ' 55 Xi-f i W Jean Blood Roger Blythe 3. 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Yin, f 3 - r. or 5 are .. 1 ir, ,V Sandy Burgess Teryl Burkman John Buskirk Rick Byers Raymond Calhoun Kent Calvin yyyyy y ,, , , .,,V If Byyyyy Z C C C nny r' I -n'n' i I S :arf 0 L J" r ' ' ' C f C A" " W nB" 'iyz , -' sa ,ffl ,, 3 h i if B' V' f4v'4f- V.-Hua, V-.: 5 'QNX QQJSRQX T' janay Campbell Kent Canoy Donna Carley Mike Carlson Betty Carleton Jon Carroll l w e r ra ' 5 . I H , ,, K' A ' fl F 3 ' . W' Q' 5? i ik ,"'- if rl , . N- f r Q. 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L ii Maureen Duckett V ' Z K' K 'ii s r ies Jerry Edin , ff' we at yi me ,,,, sr . if wiiwl' ,,,k 5 Czm.f'lE4::g?Ilu " Paul Ellis 44 miwdggm y , ii I ff g soos l ff fl -uiiiwl. Bob Curtis .. I x if QM ar' .az Wciykk, gin: 211: ,- Janice DeLong Q ' M .Q 2 'N 'X as Sara Devbnee " ei E7v1fPUf'f 2 , r . ,,,,,..: '35 13 lj ll' 1 f 5, 2 time C Phill Duerfeldt Jan Edwards -an ' N , if I , '- ,Q or .M f- F , ' 7 Wai.--':, 15 , 5 'Msn-f: 11 , r,r ,rrr , , Rick Engebretson i is ,'f5s"g?f 1 sr is 'ff x x W -.. ig 359' an X ir K L K -my fl' 5 Sf 4 as 1 .v ,Go - 13 'V' A Wir Carol Cutler Ron Daggett Verna Dauntless Fran Delyea Denny Dodge if ,ff , M "1 Q . 4. . YQ .1 , i, In . if I 'ii ,Lf 55a:, ,1' i ' J Jim Dun :,:. Q sic '., R r . 25 ..r. 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QQ' jv-t 5 Gerry Thompson Marlene Thompson Ron Thompson lll T Q 'gi y my 95 f Nia i ' f Greg Usher Pete Van Herwaarden Bob Van Natta . .t xii llell ill 5 - Don Walline Eunice Walton Ken Walton Susan Watkins Eileen Taylor Charles Tennent -4 ..: .1 1 1 1- ll dig s, jim Thornton Dennis Thun , . .t ,, : .im :awware-aswdfifswwss ff 1: ' K' K fiiw-Qwrzrgw-aa, EnSv?lyQ?Sff5wl . hih C se 'V to ,M L tp- 9 "" g N ffl A . 1 Earl Vian Terry Vogle 'si M X , 04' 4 Eiiqlkws l . e, W. if R 15 X x X 'L Mary Thomas Greg Thompson 5 f fi Kathy Turnbull Gary Ulmer Ralph Walker Ray Walker C C A -V E it aigif M 2 r ".. f I ,fa 'Ki' ' 1 ' Qi . M 1 -',v Sidney Weaver in s p at - 11 xt " ,..t ii J. , el in ii-' ' iizf 5 E 'Q I ,'e A 2 rt' 1-- ' ---, er at Darlene Weigant Dave Weinclel Karen Wigley Greg White Pat White T ee ee tt tt x s1-1f J 5 7. C' ' f' ' '95 A 'l h t -"' 41 HaQ,i,w as ' f"W'X L. f - 1 :""' f s 11 K ww-L " Kflif- 7 ., : elif V N ---1- W Tigger J, I1 I , Y A ' . ' 4 1-1 N 1- 4-, --- I st Q , P -t . f Q at I 3, 3, 1 , 1 p , I BLK I Q ,Lk 3.5 se r. 1 . i. V if , e,,t s,V, C, 5 f V Ken Wilkins jim Williams Mike Williams Carl Wilson Tina Wilson Doug Weber joan Weber I ' Aiwa: ' ---, i l tiers 2 ,..f Mike Whiteley Judy Wilcox Diane Winterbottom Cheryl Winther gi ' li g T, Y M 9, N 2 1 as W ' a w . X T F I' 1 1 Y Connie Wolfe Sharon Wolf Pat Walford Ron Wood jim Yates Tom Yates Marcia Youel Judy Young ' "" .iw x1fi"1s255If3, . SSW' .H A , , " " . we f Jiri' ll EV' ' 1 K fam. ,. ale , 'Q h af, . 'U' 5' gi 1 ' Don Zoon Carolyn Crowson O Carol Woodward 'Q -N l W X aww Susan Woodward A,-X fa, Chr'is Wright or a s fn , 'iv ahgm Qsg 5 ,nv sw joe Zajanc Phyllis Zilkoski Chuck Zollinger AUTOGRAPH .sefil K' 5 3-x Roger Lyman Preridefll CLASS OF '62 The Year l962 will come and go in history, forgotten by most, but for the seniors of North Eugene it will be remembered for always and surpassed by none other. During the three years at North, the Class of '62 accomplished a great deal and know that those who follow in our foot steps will benefit from our mistakes and enlarge upon our successes. As seniors we led the school in the American Field Service drive for funds for a Foreign Exchange Student. The main efforts of our class were directed to our grad- uation. Early in the spring graduation pictures and orders for announcements were taken and plans for baccalaureate, Senior breakfast, the assembly and finally Commencement became reality. College boards were taken and plans for the future began to take shape as our last year of high school drew to a close. Finally the activities of Senior Week came and there was much to be done before the end of the beginning comes for the mighty class of '62. Wfe leave and others will follow our path. But we hope they will have as much fun as we did and gain as much as we did. All through our years of education the faculty has watched and guided our advance with an occasional disapproving gesture and approving nods and "Good Luck" knowing we had survived the turmoil and uncertainty of high school years and will go our separate pathways with the memories of North dear to our hearts. '-JP' 6 slid", iv Sue Price Duretta Roderick Claudia Veteto Vice Preridezll Secretary Tferzrurer ADVISOR Many good things happened to the class of '62, Mr. Davis was one of those especially good things. He has been our class advisor since our sophomore year and will be remembered as a "great guy" by all the seniors. Mr. Davis has always been a great help to our class and was always there when we needed him most. Our many thanks go out to him and know he will remember us as we will always remember him. 54 I ..VV . :V Dennis Davis Adzvror S NIOR 9? . I I X' V rs ' U, ,. . rs ' lil" .Wi A -IJZJI'-gzrtg M54 1 .,. if'-, --xp 1i:,,f"!.':"L.W 1. .Vi fu". wfnr, N . 3' SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL: Roz: one: Durcrra Roderick, Sue Larson, ,Tim Gibson, Roger Duncan, Gordy Hall, Don Lundstrom Price, Karen Miller, Sandy Patrick, Patty Asmervig, Claudia Vereto, Bob Ridenour. Judy Privasky. Rou' tim: Mr. Davis, Jim Src-cle, Mel Jenson, George r irrr r rrr -, A , 5' 5 akw' jerry Abell Rick Adams Dwight Addleman Carol Aird Track "Rebel lllilbout a Cause" Student Body Vice President Pep Club A Cappella Track N011 B0r1'0u'eal Time" Serrice Club Student Council A Cappella Debate Team "Tbe Mikado" Sandy Alexander Pep Club G. A, A. Girls' League A i 5 si :K ,S ii. EM . x if ' A K Q:-1-if i Babe Allum i Pep Club Girls' League Girls' Cbolr 56 Lynda Allen Pep Club Frencb Club Vice Presialerzt Future Medical Careers Club Wfayne Allen Varsity Basketball junior Council Representative Secretary of Lettermaffs Club Linda Ambrose Pep Club G.A.A. Sports Manager Vice President G.A.A. John A. Anderson Band 1 5 - "' :swf . ajft. X if 1. J' ' john R. Anderson Mike Angelo Alanis Arnold Neopolymatb Club President G,A,A. President Cbemistry Club Pep Club C omtitutiou and By-Laws Y-Teens Committee 'Hy 'CTM Parry Asmervig Pep Club Secretary Drill Team Senior Council 12' Lmda Baker Dan Banra Lynn Atkins Football Trucb Vice Prerident of Letlernzank Club Wanda Babb 1- nr Larry Bailor Roland Baxter Dale Beall Trula Beaman C ermun Club Turion and Caledonian Tmnxfer from Arizona T ll bl Walk" Pbolograpber Arizonalf Girly' Smie Golf 1 . Rebecca Babb Neopolymutbf Club ML.- Pep Club GAA. A m L h f ,,'o2 yr P P o . ,Ez is sf 12 Q X 'Dx -c- cn llle or Sandy Bailor Girly' League Reprerwznzlzre Pep Club -llifllfll' urlcl Senior' f,-Ulfllfll L .k,7 , 1 - K , AA , V 4 Lynn Barber Girlr' League Reprerentatzze Pep Club junior and Senior Counczl A ws u? 'Q Pat Bechtol Dave Bires Sandy Bowser School Slore Tlvefpiam Neopoiymazlox Judy Beck Tbeipiam Pep Club Student Coanril Sandy Blythe Lasfiettef Girl! League Pep Clab Jerry Boggie Jerry Berg Lynn Bevans Gymmzxlic Team Vanity Baxeball "GrampJ" in "Ou Boz'fo:u'c.'l Time" j.V. Bafketlaall . ddd U Bob Boyd A Cappella Emmett Braun . .Q ,sw in Q 5.5 . Q.. ,, . W... . LB ' af Football Mike Brinkman Bob Brooks John Brown Treaifnfef' Biology Club ,l .- ... Kay Broyles Pep Club F.T.A. Harold Childers Band Future Retail Sellers of America Carol Christofferson Future i.ll6'!?JlL'dl Careerr Club Ad Sharon Braunbaugh Dave Buck Vursily Wfrertling A Cappella '00-Q Kent Campbell Dorothy Carmickle Future Mediml Cizreerar Club Pep Club "Rebel llvitboul a Came" f. .M gs Z? -. fine 4 W "'4f4Qobf Donna Chynowc-ck Lon Clark Sl'l0ffV Clafk Choir G.A,A. Don Burncrr -n.. Judy Cave-n Nerijwl-3'i1zuz'b.s' Scieilfe Club Girly' League Dean Church Beafer Boyf' Stale Repreremztife Debate Team Vanity Swimming Team 59 Georgia Claxton "G0ndof:er5" Future Retailerr of Amerfca Nancy Cone Student Body Secretary French Club Debate Team Dale Cronin Srvintnzzng 60 f k"' , ,. A A We ' - Q - i ' 4 -lr ,A H Wg Y A A'-as Laura Comstock Ralph Cole Nancy Collins Football Oregon Girlr' State Larri-ettar Barketball Student Body Historian Pep Club Track National Tberpian Society A Cappella David Cooper Wreytling A Cappella Football Ron Coverdcll Trarzxfered Wayne Daubenspeck Tranrfer from California 'Hx Curt Davis "Rebel llffitbout a Came" J.V. lVreJtling Team Vanity Football Manager Charles Dark Michele D'armond A Cappella "The Mikado" "Tbe Gondolierf' psf Sherry Davis Tranrfer A Cappella Debate Team L .. Qifislifzgisff 1' ME. 5' 2365! x .I L: ai" L . A fig my X Y Y zwwig' . L. Donna Day Mike Delaney Philip De Long Gymnafticx Baseball Bob DuPreist A Cappella Band Latin Club Mark Denham Caledonian Reporter David Deubner A4 Ruth Dclyea Spanifh Club International Relatioizt Student Council C ron C ountry and Track National Science Foundation National Merit S emi- finalift Mona Drasye , Pep Club 2 gg., Spanifb Club z ::,': Mixed Choir I l ll if J Roger Duncan l y M i l Senior Council ,X Swift C-in i--- 1 Ski Club lii ll S h i L il'i .4 Heather Dyson h Girlx' League Reprefentative Ruth Anne Dooley Tramfer from Oregon City Caledonian Aft Editor Janice Edmonds Girly' League Pretizlent Debate Team Rick Dunn Student Body Manager Student Council "Mikado" 61 hi F IijA I-C Sharon Efteland Pep Club Latin Club Girly' League A Alice Figsri ,ir Al 4.-aim Fran Elder Karen Flmquest Vuffify Rally Squad National Harm' Sociefy Student and Clair Council A Cappella Spauirb Club Pep Club Mike Emmons Bareball Fooiball Pep Club Vice Preridezzt Cbrirtmas Dance Queen Dennis Frb Baud Margie Evans Lani-ettes ln-. 7 'Egf- Fveretr Evenson llffrerrlinig Bareball Sharon Fisher 1 as is Pep Club in if ,gi ... 3, Emmy Flegenheimcr is Pep Club .. :sfff 'uri gf' f gg i - iii is L " r.s, .IVV . L is :.., t Z1 ,,.i A i LeRoy Folson Diane Forty John Franz Gail Freeman Service Club ASB. Prerident Lair!-eller Prexidemf Girly' League Varsity Barebail and Track Honor Society Boyf' Stale C0-Cbaifmafr of Prom 62 S ' Neva Funken Prexident FTA. Pep Club Girly' League Fafbion Dick Fuller L 1 ' iff Nadine Gamble Pam Garber Senior Council German Club Neopolymalbf Sbow Nalional Honor Soriely Sue Geiger Girli' Cboir DECCA Club Judy Gibbs illedifal Careerf Club A Cappella Lynda Gheen Tbefpians Girlx' League Scrapbook Cbairman jim Gibson Senior Courzeil Bafbefball Vicki Glass Pe Club P Girlf' League Reprefentalive Student Council Reprexentalizfe John Gillespie Band Harry Goldhammer Don Gott Hi-Y Club Varsity Foolball "Gonzlolier5" llVre.rlling Neopolynzalbf Trail Bob Graville Richard Greb j. V. Football 63 hh.. Linda Green Lanny Greer Don Hale Barketball Crorr Country Track Duane Hammon A Cappella "Gondo.32e1'5" 64 fsiuzstv-few , bggggfufggsvnssssx 22 . Q s ss vsiitfgssi . HSM ygslstsgiilw K ' 4 l 55 K 5 K ffl S f , X fa r K 1 5 5 J- L K If 2 X gk ll -N Q, ,, S M 3 me so rv X 1, 22 we N X M, r K J K 5325 fi fer K Ann Griswold Bareball Pep Club Service Club A Cappella Gordon Hall junior Clarr Preridenl Debate Team German Club Norman Hall National Honor Society Junior Senior Prom Committee Hi-Y Club Trearurer v 4 jim Grubb if V 'f-:g as . I E. -if jim Hardy Football Track Student Body Treayuref Chuck Harkins Football Gymnayticr Lette1'men'J Club Ron Hassle-r Howard Hatfield Pat Helfrich Football Football Bafeball National Honor Society Student Council Davxd Hemmmgson Vernecla Heacock Vxck1 H1leman Ellen Hill A Cappella Senior Singing Group "Gondoliers" Alan Hilles Hi-Y Club Prefideut National H onor S ociety Herb Howell Ansel Hyland Dennis Hyland Campux Clean Up Committee Latin Club School Band 'Q"'b- eww Dell lsham Football Wfreftling Track Melvin Jensen Reber llvitbout a Came" "On Bofrozvezl Time" Debale Team Ron Johnson Football Sludent Council Baiketball '17 if ,N " of we N ll -is Tie la .L Sheilia Jacobs Dale Jenkins Ivan Jensen SOP0l9m0f-2 Cldli Sewffldfy Tranifer Bafketball Manager junior Vanity Rally Squad Varfity Rally Squad James CRustyJ Johnson Debale Team lWre5lling Lette1'men'5 Club Keith Johnson Football "Reber Wilbout a Cause" "On Borrowed Time" . , ,lil s 5 Q all ,f fix ol,,,, Zi L . i n Sue Keir A Cappella Sfudenl Council Floyd Jones Steve Keeney Harvey Kelm Jerry Kimball "1lIikad0!' "GomlolierJ" A Cappella wa sb V?5f'5ir'9? Kayqgmfiha? P02 I 2 av' -551,555 -, - f Swiv - i H , - ...., 'fg,,F,f5: ,Q ?'5.:f-I:-aa.f . ,1h,a -i, ,-sg,.:..1m,g14,,- ' ' +:, . ,s ':g1-57,zzg,:"' L. L... V. Q 5 ' -' a- 1, ' W 'Z?i3'7:if.. L :fin 5-. -f ' jfizifil' L ' 1 L is l fi ' L ' .,. I , f . 2.5,-Q, .4 ,iii , ,, Z2 , .NL .. ' - ,. fir" ' 1 ' . .. - . --, 'X' ' ' -if 1 V ' ' V . ii' Jii5eefE.11i5ef:Q1: qt , ,, - -ff . ffm' 8. 3 , . I " V. 5? fav :- of ' :H 5, A M - I kim? , A I nw J H M it Mary Knotts Service Club Ski Club Sill it 5 I X ,521 . Jan King Leslie Knott Gif-li' League Money-Mabirzg Future Tearberr of America Cbairman Pep Club Pep Club Prom Com millee Ski Club GAA Judy Kroblen Spanirb Club Sherry Kupetz Neopolymalbr GAA. jere LaBonte Tarlan Slaff A Sharon Koberstein ssh fin-c mf, 'Sv George Larson Jim Laurin Don Libby Drama Club Wrerzling Gymnastic Team Latin Club N.E.H.S. Reprerentallrfe on Biology Club German Club KUGN I. R. L. Diane Knutson Eloise Krusensenstjerna Pep Club Girly' League Drama Club 5. irl Maralee Landers Pep Club Girly' Cboir 1' ' M.-Q ' . , -'X ' Sharon Lisa Jim Loney Alan Long Don Lunclstrom Student Council Debate A Cappella Neopolymatby "The Mikado" I. R. L. Roger Lyman Vanity Baxbetball Senior Clan Prexident Latin Club Jim McClory Parking Lot Committee State Traffic Safety Context Firit Place Kathy McCabe Pep Club Ski Club Future Medical Careerf Club Ray McCann ff?" Norin Malcolm Laffy M3105 VWWU' F00fbr1ll Student Council Tfflffffef Latin Club German Club Janice McKenzie Radio-TV. Publicity Chairman Neopolynzatbf Biology Club Officer Chris Mace Vanity Baxeball Lettermank Club Karl Manseth Ski Team Student Council "Rebel Without a Cause" "Dramal' L ,41- L. .A Sheryl Marr Mixed Chorux - - - ff ggi. ,- , sq f - ff f A .af 'Wt X S ll 15. 5 I t . :.' L "N 3 ,,, K, , ,wg .rw I .ax . . Linda Matteson Girly' League Secretary Duane Mayberry Tartan Staff French Club Secretary llvrettling Tranxfer Shi Club Anne Mayes Student Council ,. EL Q A Dana Maycumber junior Vanity Rally Squad Pep Club Prexident Lani-etter Neopolyntathr Traffic Safety Committee Sec. Mary Mead Lani-ettef Tartan Editor Pep Club Dorothy Mentze Lanz-ette.r 'gl Pep Club Student Council Stanley Meyers Latin Club Student Council j. V. Bafeball Gil Melby Gretchen Milhaupt Louise Minturn Karen Miller Tranffer Honor Society Pep Club French Club junior and Senior Council Lani-ettef Senior Hamburger Feed Chairman Tranr fer Band David Miller Audio-Vifual Service Lex' Artistr "Rebel llffilthout a" Robert Mitchell Steve Moir Bonnie Moon Gorzdolierr Golf Girlr' League Trearurer A Cappella N,E.H.S. Symphony Wilson Muhlheim Vanity Football Debate Team Latin Club Sue Mortimer Lani-etter Latin Club. Future Medical Careerx Club Nancy Munson Pep Club Lani-ettef Frenrb Club L. 70 Ron Murphy Varzvttg Bafeball "Ort Borrowed Time" Tberpianf Pat Murph ree Lex Artirtef Cathy Murray Girly' Cboir Keith Newman Tom Newman Football A Cappella Choir ll""rerIling Manager 'FN Ken Moore Cro.f5-Country and Track Neopolymatbr ---- - Www . is 5 V 're' , I if ,, 1 I W. 1' 2' if K .., ,.,,M, ,k,, etowgz will V3- i 'I 'awe WE e .Q Patricia Noble juli Norberg Future Medical Car-eerr Club "On Borrowed Time" German Club "Rebel Without a Came" Cirlr' League Cabinet Kenneth Oliver Bert Olson Gym ftafticr Karen Pederson Pep Club Ski Club Future Retailer: of America Club Dick Pendleton Track and Football A Cappella Cboir Wrertling Latin Club Serrice Club A A Gail Olson Alexis Owens Keith Pakulak Dick Partch Diane Partch Jim Paschelke Varfity Football I. V. Baseball I. V. Football Dan Pedersen Tartan Staff Football Biology Club Sandra Patrick Pep Club Student Counril 3 'WU'-Q 'gif' Ralph Pickering jack Pierson Tbefpiam President A Cappellla Cboir Band Drum Major L Lyle Potts 'Icrry Prater Dave Prescott Sue Price Stage Crew Choir National Honor Society Chairman of Campuf Drama Band Cleaneup Committee Hi-Y Student Counril Senior Clan Vive Prefident Student Council We Judy Privasky National Hon or Society Senioi Clam Counril Lxefutize Couizfil of G. L. Jim Randall Football Wreytling Tfatb Pat Quackenbush Dan Qu1ck Biology Club A Cappella Trark if' Donna Reavcs Neopolymatlar Latin Club Pep Club janet Reber National Honor Society Let Artister Youlb for Cbrirt Sally Ravizza Pep Club Future Medical Careerf Club I. R. L. Marilce Rear Pep Club Girly' League Ski Club Marty Reynolds Future Retailen of America Pep Club Student Council lm 'N-sw Randy Rhoaties Homer Ri'lfliiLli1i1Ci'i Pat Rhodes Baml "Y"' Teem Biology Club Pep Club - Pete Rice iii' Bob Ritlenour .Siwiior Countil lI"re.ftlir1g Beth Roberts Girly' League Vine Preridem' F.T.A. A Cappella V In twL'iv"g -rv Duretta Roderick Senior Clan Secretary FTA. Debate , I . was-.-.uv WJ V A Joy Roland Robert Rosen Margaret Rosentangle Gzrlf' League Reprerefllalife Ski Club Choir Y-Teeny Girly' League Arlene Rice National Honor Society Prefidenl of Biology Club Neopolymatlaf CN 4 Jane Rissberger Serfife Cluli Vice Prefulent "Rebel ll"i!hout a Came" in-NM Steve Rogers junior Clan Council 73 Ralph Rotter Track Crors Country A joan Sanderson Vanity Rally Squad junior Clair Secretary Serrice Club Vice Preriderzf Jan Shelley Girlr' Atbletic Arr. Treayurer Girlr' League 74 "Ev 1 Allen Ruth Mary Rutherford Rick Sanders Spanirb Club National Honor Society Wrertling Neopolymatb Club Latin Club Girlr' Atbletic Auociation Gary Schwieger Golf Team Varrity Barlfetball Student Council David Scott L. Sherry Simon jon Shepard Cberr Club Latizz Club Senior Council Pam Shriver junior Clan Vice Prerident General Prom Cbairman Cbairntan of Big and Little Sirter Program Jim Simonet Carol Skelton Girly' League Cabinet Pep Club Orcbeftra KA 41 Marty Slater Carol Sloan National Honor Society Srudenl Courzril Neopolynzulbf Elizabeth Smith Future Relailerf Anociation Jon Smith Baieball Sfafifliciarz Pat Smalley Pep Club German Club Girls' League Reprewntallve David Smith Vanity Yell King ll"reJtling Richard Smith Stuart Smith Donna Snodgrass Cheryl Sortor Biology Club Vice President German Club Charles Smith L 1 Elain Smith Future Teacher! of America Senior Singing Group "Mikado" and "GomlolierJ" Kay Smith Tartan Serrice Club Girlf' Atbletir A.rmfiutimz 75 'M - --Hi? t SX," :win 5 .kg ft, ,,f, .r ' ,E E V i MBE- X 5 nr 'R S gm S , 1, , 3-nlwjt , . . ap-12 FFP5 lf, Tl .Q :G-z.--sf ?-.ewveqi gi.-swuziifkts,-ftefg,,f', fgfi iw ffiiil' Ugl y ' ' .xii "QM ' 'E -1 John Spieger ii ---L - " ' -. ' S .. - l s t T5 1. 1,- . T11 . it We ts? . Q Jim Steele Senior Council Vanity Rally Squad Phillip Stephens Swimming Team Les Artitter 76 Grant Springer Jim Stedman Auther CBudD Steele Gymnafticf Vanity Baxbetball junior Council Election Committee Loren Steinhauer National Honor Society Cbefr Club Cbemiftry Club Neal Steinhauer Track and Field Publicity Committee PreJident Linda Stewart Arletta Stogsdill Pep Club Future Teacberx of America Steve Stolsig jack Strayer Connie Swaggart Caledonian Editor Varsity Basketball Publicity Committee Vanity Football Caledonian Plaotograpber Varsity Bateball 4 r C' l Gayle Swanton Sun Hi Synn Sandy Tatum Gary Taxdal A Cappella Exchange Student Varsity Rally Squad Biology Club Librarian from Korea Lani-elle: Pep Club Big and Lillle Sixter Cbairman Mere Neopolymatbx An '98 Donna Thurman Girlf' League Sebool PlayJ clirh Thompson Latin Club A Cappella gie Thompson Bob Ticer UV refrli n g .4 Linda Thomas Kexth Thomas A A' "' vHf1-Ssziiliii' .. e,,, 3 W, :K K ia ,454 ff a if X 1 s 1 Zzoo , W i "-' ,x " w ,i., K K 1 ,KJ Zia, ,B ' QE alli he Karla Tiffee A Cappella "On Borrowed Time" "Rebel Witlaoul a Came" Mary Sue Thenell Sludent Council Safely Committee Majoretle Glenna Thun Lani-etteJ A Cappella Sludemf Council Gary Truitt L Claudia Vereto Senior Clan Trearurer National Honor Society Orchefira and Dance Band l Shirley Wallace Choir Girly' League 78 Tom Upp Steve Van Horn Kay Velrman Student Council Lam ettes Juke Box Committee Girls' League Reprerentarwe Pep Club David Wamsle Concert Band Pep Band Orclaeflra Fern Watkins Girlr' League Marge Warts Howard Weeks Bert Wheeler Girly' Choir Wrestling A Cappella L.. Eunice Wheeler Gary Whitaker LeRoy White janet Whitney Aoierifan Field Seriive Ski Club Football Orcbertra Foreign lfxrhaoge Student A Cappella Girlr' Atbletii' Arrociatzon National Tbeffwian Society "Gomlolierr" Biology Club Irltenzational Relatiofly League Prerideiit Rogetr Wilcox Golf Team ClJe5J Club Paul Winters Varsity Football Latin Club Vanity Bafeball i - JL' 57' ,, LQ i ' t ,,,, 'fi ky Lynn Woodrich L Alice Yancy Publicity Committee Lex Artiftef Alfred Widmer Ski Club Rodney Wilhelm Vanity Football Manager Varsity Track Manager Varrity Wrertlirzg Manager Robert Yates Audrey Wilcox SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES: Tim Tracy Beldon Parker james Birrlesron "You don't say!" W ilt ! ' .l "f?5E'w :IL El H,A5..Eg3 ,Q wil- f 1, J fi, g-iq, .i ' f K f:l::,,L,, I 35x,,5,AV gi, b I :Eg ..,, ' .iii ' Q ,,, 4 . Q .,. A. rx ii? ' ' N., 5. , xg, 1 x gf' -. "That was a real good ball" F gm Q5 Hhimififfg 'Ks 5' W gk MK 'W wif' ,X ir- Aff ,W Hg Q- rx V7 N 4 yi 5-'ri' E Q ff SQLUH 5 --SHY what's going on!" "Th6Y saY hell' that it is red paint" ff ' , Q W ff fi ,....,,.,,,, , , 'fm N-'Q , :L "The hard-working teachers" K : g f 12. 1. 12 ZF 42 K f -- f I-:H L ' . ,W 4 'Ef f A exif- 1 ,sssimf ,,ff,,, 'iw iff: f -www -, .... ,W,,W ,,ALL 52, 57 :i5i5'i5fHf1-"E .M , - . .iff--f 3 Q:ll:JLwHW 7A .5221 ig 1- 0 wh 4555 am ' fi i N Illia ff! :H .-- ,asm V , . , :, Q Q-..M,..,,,.M,.. ORG IZATIONS The governing body of our student bodyg the organizations We participated ing the choirs and bands Whose performances we enjoyed are all part of our school days and happy memories of North Eugene High School. fr vi 83 Q North Eugene Associated Student Body officers up- held much of the responsibility of running North's student government. Under the capable leadership of President john Franz, the student council was operated efficiently and effectively. John carried out his responsibility in fulfilling his duties in government leadership and repre- senting the school. The duties of our Vice President, Dwight Addleman, were to assist john at council meetings, to preside in Johns absence and to serve as chairman of the election committee. The job of secretary was filled by Nancy Cone. Her job to record and read the minutes and role of the council meetings and to serve in any other capacity when she is needed. Jim Hardy, Treasurer, handled the financial transactions, prepared a monthly financial report and headed the student loans committee. 84 Nancy Collins, Historian, kept a historical record of all school events and activities and prepared the l962 scrap book. Rick Dunn and Lynn Bevans were Northis student body managers. They established Northis White Shirt sec- tion and with the help of the boys, rally produced an outstanding rooting section. Their duties also included pre- paring assemblies and serving as chairmen of the social committee. All seven members of the A.S.B. officers are to be congratulated on their fine jobs which made the year 1962 an outstanding year which will long be remem- bered by all North students. From the students of North we would like to express our thanks to our leaders for their outstanding jobs in leadership, cooperation and student government. "'b-125 Dwight Addlemen Vice Prexident Nancy Cone Secfelary jim Hardy Treaxurer STUDE T BODY OFFICERS Nancy Collins H iylorian 'UM Rick Dunn Student Manager Lynn Bevans Sludent Manager S ANDI G C0 MITTEE SAFETY The purpose of the safety committee was to in- crease safe driving and help the students accept respon- sibility of operating an automobile. The committee was busy in many events this year for they sponsored assemblies and showed safety films and also took charge of painting the yellow lines in the parking lots. The Safety Week was the main project of the year. This included a car check, car smash, and a "careful car caperi' dance. Dan Perkins was the head of the committee this year. R011 0216: Dan Perkins, Mary Sue Thenell, Linda Burden Anne Mayes, Sue Deyo, Barbara Kammayer. Rott' two: Mt. Hodges, Ivan Jensen, Karl Manseth, Ivan Koclc, Unidentified PUBLICITY The Publicity Committee is made up of approxi- mately 50 students who are in charge of making all designated announcements and signs for different activities which take place here at North. The com- mittee has been divided into ten divisions, they are as follows: Sports, Don Gott, Radio and T.V., Dotty White, Newspaper, Steve Stolsig, Posters, Neil Stein- hauer, Drama and Debate, Dona Reaves, Social Events, Joyce Herendeen, Music, Sandy Hand, Stu- dent Body events, Candy Newland, P. A, annouce- ments, Gail Freeman, Club activities, Rose Anne Carpenter. This year they have helped with school dances, club trips, game announcements and dinners sponsored by different organizations. Ron' one: Dona Reaves, Joyce Herendeen. Sandy Hand, Dorothy White, Candy Newland. Rose Ann Carpenter. Rott' two: Neil Steinhauer, Dell lsham, Don Gott, Steve Stolsig, Dave Prescott. f 86 JUKE Box The Juke Box Committee was set up to take charge of the Juke Box which was installed at the beginning of this school year. The committee mem- bers cleaned this machine and also decided on the records that were to be played. The Juke Box was placed in a new place this year. It was taken from the student lounge and transferred to the hall by the gymnasium. The Juke Box proved to be very profit- able with thanks to the help of the committee. Rou' one: Gini Hinds, Ivan Jensen, Karl Manseth, Steve Van Horn, Sheila Jacobs, Mr. Shick. HELPED MAKE A SUCCESSFUL YEAR. CLEAN-UP The Clean-up committee has been in charge of keeping the school grounds clean. This includes ap- pointing a different club each week to take charge of this duty. There has been competition between the clubs as to the most original posters and announce- ments, and also to how well the student body responds to the way each club conducts this duty. An award will be given at the end the year to the club that has best fulfilled these qualifications and most effective in keeping the grounds clean. The committee chairmen, Marilyn Spriggs and the rest of the club members under the supervision of Ray Hendrickson, advisor, has done an excellent job. Row one: Dan Pederson, Karl Manseth, Herb Howell. Rozz' two: Sue Price, Kar'a Enders, Sharon Hauck, Marilyn Spriggs, jean Blood. GIRL AND BOY OF THE MONTH The Boy and Girl of the Month Committee is made up of a rotating board of students who select a girl and boy who have done an outstanding job for the school for a certain month. Also, they are selected on personality, scholarship, extra curicular activities, service to school and citizenship. The chairman Linda Hackleman and Nancy Collins ar- range and take charge of all announcements and meetings. Q Linda Hackleman and Nanq' Collins SMOKERS BOUNDARIES The smokers boundary committee was set up to promote better relations for North Eugene with the public. Also it helped to prevent fire hazards in the school and handle any problems between North and the public. Boundaries were set up in the orchard just east of the teachers' parking lot. This prevented smoking from being around other students and grade school children. Karl Manseth was the chairman of the committee and he reported all actions to the l executive and student council. Row one: Pat Dundin, Christie Daudel. Row two: Jim Laurin, Karl Manseth, jim jaqua, Curt Davis. 87 TUDE Kneeling: Fran Elder, Nancy Hale, Leslie Garber, Nancy Cone, Nancy Collins, Karen Johnson, Cathi Necols, Marcia Youel. Rott' one: Trudy Cully, Margie Evans, Judy Evans, Jerri Johnson, Mary Rutherford, Ruth Dooley, Sheila Jacobs, Pat Henson, Sue Skirrvin, Barbara Asmervig, Duretta Roderick. Ron' 114-0 :E Candy Fields, Sue Bowen, Ruth Delyea, Pam Garber, Barbara Kammeyer, Peggy Martin, Sandy Burgess, Anne Jaqua, Mike Cully, Ron' three: Fin! row: Lynn Barber, Judy Privasky, Margie Evans, Sharon Efteland, Fran Elder. Second rout Gary Whiteaker Lynn Bevans, Dwight Addleman, Bud Steele. Dave Prescott, Larry Draper, Peggy Kepner, Sue Deyo, Judy Inger bretson, Marilyn Spriggs, Linda I-lackelman, Carolyn Foss. Row four: Chris Prescott, Danny Ousley, Randy Thwing, Paul Michaels, Ed Reed. Ron' fire: Jim Freedenbueg, Ralph Pickering, John Franz, Phil Deerfeldt, Dave Keebler, John Collins, Lynn Bevans Candy Newland, Roger Lyman. ELECTION COMMITTEE The duty of the Election committee was to take charge of all of the student body and class elections held at North The committee makes all of the ballots and sets up all booths and voting stations. The members of the committee are put at different stations to check names as the students vote. Another job of the Election committee is to tally the votes at the end of the election period. This years com mittee has done a very good job of keeping all in hand and everything running smoothly. y COU CIL Row one: Sandy Patrick, Sue Price, Claudia Veteto, Dana May- curnber, Duretta Roderick, Pam Shriver, Eunice Wheeler, Beth Roberts, Pat Dundin, Ginna Hinds, Sandy Danner, Chris Daudel. Row two: Margaret Rosentangle, , Jack Ferguson, Gary Schwieger, Bill Halverstott, Gary Draper, joan Sanderson, SOCIAL COMMITTEE The duty of the Social committe this year was to plan all social events and activities of the year. All of the activities that were sponsored by different clubs were approved by the social committee. Also, they made up the schedule for "Print and Cord Week" which went over very successfully. The com- mittee has worked hard in organizing all social events for this last year and should be recognized as a very important working committee of the associated body. Dwight Addleman, Tom Richardson. Ron' Ibree: jim Steel, ,lim Jaqua, Dean Church, Dan Perkins, Bill Luvaas, Larry Dickson, Pat Helfrich, jim Hardy, Larry Read. Razz' four: Bob Gravely, john Collins, Kim Short, Ralph Cole, Bill Thomas, Don Burnett, Larry Malos, Ron johnson, Steve Van Horn, lven Jenson. Karen Scott, joan Sanderson, Pam Shriver, Mike Carlson, Pat Helfrich, Lynn Bevans, Mike Cully. Francine Elder if as f- We - . ,,,. -Q s slss , 4 . -- ,,.L Q V -.:..:gr-'t :....--.W az., - f--:1-g. ..., V QL -3555313 f ff'-'fn -kwa. ayfsmwi gimme H he 'leap if We sara what eff wr is W , ' "-' . f iii?" ': f..3'f9 if 71 'i g A' 'F :' , fly 'l7:ll'7iU!5ULE f5Es75iTS15Z 1 ' 2' WSL- 'B " IW -w g V " as -S.-:t2:2iE552.1f'1, 'L .. ' t V ff frl.lE!'-- VARSITY Sheila Jacobs Each year the student body has the task of electing the next year's rally squad. During the spring of 1961 various girls practiced and tried out before student council from which twelve were chosen to try-out before the student body. Six girls were chosen to be the members of Varsity Rally. These six girls worked diligently throughout the summer to perfect their yells, dances, and to learn the Highland Fling. Practice did not stop there, it continued on during the school year in a special class period in which the girls work- ed on their own choreography. Dur- ing this period the Varsity Rally Squad worked on plans for pep as- semblies with the aid of their ad- visor Nancy Samson. Christie Hinds Highland Bonnie Lass I RALLY SQU Joan Sanderson D YELL KIN S ,M fv- Sandy Tatum Larry Robbins jim Steele Dave Smith Nancy Bedient Tori Butler JU IOR VARSITY RAL LY In the spring, several sophomore girls try-out before the student body for junior Varsity Rally Squad. They prepare for this after many weeks of practice and work. The four girls that are elected work during the summer planning their routines and yells, with the help of Mrs. Samson. After much work they are ready to cheer the IV. team on to many victories. Sally Saunders Ginni Hinds Gail Freeman Prerident Bev Davis r Margie Evans 'g Mary Mead Dana Maycumber Patty Asmervig Nancy Munson LASSI-ETTE The Lassi ettes Norths dance and drill team performed six times before the students They did their own chore ography with help from the advisors Miss Denison and Mrs Morfitt At half time at both football and basketball the girls entertained the spectators with routines to Hey Look Me Over Sweet Georgia Brown Hot Spot and "Parade Rock." The seventeen girls spent many afternoons and evenings practicing to perform their routines. Not pic- tured is Sue Mortimer. , Sharon Wallace Louise Minturn Laura Comstock Glena Thun Dorothy Sims Sandy Blyth Mary Hockm, l KHY VCIUHHH Lucy Schailzel B I Danna Maycumber Prerident J' if . iz l5ig5"?5 ii5 .J " f k Miss Bogan Adzfiror PEP CL Margie Evans Vife Prefidenl Miss Brunken Adziror .ggi Sharron Efteland Patty Asmervig Lynn Barber First Secretary Second Secretary Treasurer Pep Club, one of the largest organizations in the school, has had a very successful year. An organization meeting was held before school opened and plans for the year were discussed. New ideas have been the main objective of the officers. Squad leaders were appointed to aid in taking roll at games, red and white hand mittens were first used as added color during time outs of games, a pot luck was held to install 1963 officers and a new constitution was written, which is to become effective at the start of the 1962-1963 school year. Attendance and organization became more important as the school's basketball team worked its way to state. There, along with the cooperation of the entire student body, the second place sportsmanship plaque was awarded to North Eugene. Row one: Rose Ann Carpenter, Judy Bruns, Nancy Bedient, Sally Sauders, Mary Hocking, Patty Asmervig, Bev Davis, Lucy Schailzel, Louise Minturn, Nancy Munson, Laura Comstock, Kay Veltman, Mary Mead, Margie Evans, Tori Butler, Virginia Hinds, Pat Jacobs, Diane Carile. Row two: Sharon Hauck, Peggy Kepner, Judy Evans, Barbara Kammeyer, Marilyn Spriggs, Ruth Taxdal, Gayle Price, Kathy Smith, Dottie White, janet Canoy, Deth 94 Wyllie, Kathy Kerntlein, Sharon Agan, Sue Brown, Patsy Collins, Gwen Qualls, Carolyn Dirbin, Diane Dickey, Mary Rear, Mary Ellen White. Row three: Sandy Lofuendahl, Marjorie Moore, Carole Graves, Sue Deyo, Candy Newland, Sharon Smith, Cheryl Hay, Kathy Kadau, Erlene Tuller, Sandy Danner, Judy Willoughby, Linda Prim, Laverda Laport, Martha Wfestling, Karla Endrcs, Rita Barker, Sharon I-lassman. . ,Q ,M t - -1 ' - ' at 7 r ir. - - -af .sf wh .. f ,- - I. .1.,f..f.:. J.-az. 1 'si - -.a.fA -AD IL .' - Krzeeiirzgz Judy Blackford, Kay Newman, Janet Reber, Patti Rhodes, Janice Arnold, Dona Reaves, Arlene Rice, Sue Price, Sharron Efteland. Nancy Collins, Lynn Barber, Maralee Landers, Sandra Bailor, Sandra Patrick, Judy Beck, Beverly Allum, Donna Day, Anne Mayes. Sfazzdirzgi Judy Duchesmeu, Judy Ingelbretson, Arleta Stogsdill, Dorothy Carmickle, Mary Rutherford, Sharon VVHITE Lisa, Pat Smalley, Lois Augustine, Judy Privasky, Karen Elmquist, Beth Roberts, Carol Skelton, Lynda Gheen, Kathy McCabe, Vickie Glass, Ann Griswold, Karen Miller, Karen Pederson, Eloise Krus- enstjerna, Janice Edmonds, Duretta Roderick, Marilee Rear, Nancy Cone, Lynda Allen, Ruth Delyea, Sally Ravizza. BLOU E ,,,,, T ' Sitfirlgi Karen Johnson, Cathy Nicol, Connie Neal, Nancy Hale, Sorry Krupicka, Joan XY'eber, Ann Montgery, Rosemary Hauck, Ann Leighton, Tricia Duncan, Cathy Gerimonty, Marlene Thomp- son, Rosalie Beals, Joellen Sanderson, Pat Henson, Cythia Jacquat, Cythia Glenn, Barbara Asmervig, Chris Hunter, Eileen Tailor, Leann Hill, Marcia Youel. Sue Lahmerse. Krzeelingz Doris Reyn- olds, Sandra Coleman, Jackie Griffith, Linda Cracker, Debbie Hunter, Sue Skirvan. Verna Dauntless, Barbara Clunie. Lynn Munson. Melody Smith. Lynn Holbert, Sue Pederson, Jennifer f ,mvai .rm i " A i V, I f ,dogfk ai- 3 Beals, Diane Lee, Diana Beagle, Carol Doty, Linda Burden, Sue Bartunick, Linda Cox, Judy Hastings, Kay Demsey, Peggy Martin. Standing: Janice Johnson, Trudy Cully, Judy Becker, Mary Ellen Mc Eachern, Terrel Burkman, Judy Hunstock, Lynn Hallstrom, Janet Kindler, Virginia Smalley, Marilyn Blatchley, Vicki Rankin, Janice Delong, Linda Bennett, Kathy Jacobs, Roberta Johnson, Sue Prescott. Second max rtarzdingz Sherry Alfson, Jean Blood, Marsha Geohagan, Janay Campbell, Sue Bowen, Kathy Mason, Tina Mansell, Diana , Mary Muhlheim, 95 Janice Edmonds l if President F' i J ,FIS 5t'W's"r::f'fsi...."j l Cm.E.....rzf'-2 if A ,YA . , ,A N A,,, GIRL LE GUE Beth Roberts Linda Matteson Bonnie Moon Vice Pfetidenl Secretary Tfeawrer Our Big 8: Little Program initiated the year by presenting house parties and the annual style show in which the girls model together. The Fund-Raising Committee was responsible for such activities as selling baked potatoes at football games, N.E.H.S. stationary, and mums for the North-South games. Car washes and baked food sales supplemented the program. The Christmas Dance was a big success again this year. The Part Committee chose "Fire n' Ice!! as the theme, and with the money raised we sent four sewing machines to Chinju. Faculty teas were held by the Social-Service Committee, along with the Hawaiian Luau, which G. L. officers from around the area attended. Pins and awards were presented at the Award Assembly by the Points Com- mittee. The Publicity Committee served to promote all the activities, and the Scrap- book Committee sent our book to the State Conference where it appeared with others from around the state. As a final gesture it was shown at the Luau. New candidates for office prepared the tote bags for the State Conference. To our advisors, and to all others who helped make this year the success it was Cand to the S.O.G.L.C. alsol we say "Thank You!"-THE OFFICERS. REPRESENTATIVES fb S5 2? Row one: Jan King, Pat Smalley, Arlene Rice, Pat Rhodes, Sharon Sue Peterson, Teryl Burkeman. Row three: Lucy Schailzel, Astrid Hauck, Joyce Herendeen, Cheryl Brechtbill, Marilyn Blatchely, Lilygren, Martha Westling, Eloise Kruesensjerna, Carol Skelton, Cathy Mason, Sharron Efteland, Linda Matteson. Rau' two: Norelle Beth Roberts, Earlene Tullar, Sandy Bailor, Dotty White. Ron' Mesengil, Pat Dundin, Sandy Tatum, Pam Shriver, Lynn Barber, four: Margaret Ruberg, Vicki Glass, Lynda Gheen, Sharon McFad- Mary Hocking, Sue Newman, Judy Privrasky, Barbara Clunie, gen, Joyce Roland, Joyce McBee, Cathy Smith, Renae Brown. - X yglji DAGS F522 17 QOCJWIOO - " Q, :E n- 'H 'iiliiliie '5 Q .,,,-if fn: , 1, -sw mm l L M :, wi' 2 BUFFET STYLE gkny--V k3g,,:,,id:E.,.. V mi V- ..w,--M: ---' wg- ,,,, 1, i,,4i.,H,,,,, .... et 5 ,gt E. ,,ggiW55, , ..... ,551 1, my HZ ,, , .,, ,, V 5,5 4. Ngxz. CABINET il ..f"'A im 'ales Row one: Dotty White, jan King, Judy Privrasky, Sandy Tatum. Row t11'o: Carol Skelton, Lynda Gheen, Eloise Kruesensjerna. P113 Dunclin, Pam Shriver. ADVISORS Mrs. Louanna Lamb Mrs. Gay Russell 97 TAR TA The 1962 TARTAN staff was composed of fifteen hard working students whose job it was to produce a yearbook for the entire student body. Working on the staff were Mary Mead, Editor, Pat Dundin, Lay-out Editor, Rick Campbell, Sports Editor and Artist who designed the cover, Larry Read, Advertising Manager, Dan Pederson, Photog- raphy Editor, Pat Jacobs, Bookkeeper and Business Manager. Other members of the staff were Barbara Asmervig who did the typing, Mary Ann McFarland who was in charge of all pictures and equip- ment, Dale Beall and Jere La Bonte, photographers, and Rodney Wil- helm, Kay Smith, Sharon Smith, Judy Becker, Becky Babb, Rick Jor- genson all helped with the lay-out. The staff was very fortunate to have as their advisor Mr. Hamill who was a great help in making the yearbook. Mary Mead-TARTAN'S hard working Editor. N I 'Ra TARTAN STAFF: Rau' one: Dana Maycumber, Pat Dun- din, Barbara Asmervig, Mary Mead, Judy Becker, Mary Ann McFarland, Kay Smith, Sharon Smith. Row two: Mr. Hamill, Rick Campbell, Dan Pederson, Larry Read, Dale Beall, Rodney Wilhelm. Mr. Hamill with Mrs. Johnson and Sam Ellis for Kennell-Ellis. lm K2 - A ,K , ,r w , . . A Wh , , ,, aff bf 7 1 I is ' W Our photographers-Dale, Dan and Working ,o if j Pafdoing the bookkeeping and Rodney. 'K , ' ff FA... 5, TARTAN S business staff Kay and Sharon mr 3 fN'i'A ,,,W 5 Dana and Mary Ann looking over the pictures. 99 " FV t if Advisor Mr. Kenneth Payne Copy Editor Nancy Collins, and Mari Myberget. Assistant News Editors Ken Hobbs and Ruth Anne Dooley. A 0 I ,.-as xx H ' Q t ef: K it " "f'Q.,.:-ag.-2, t '- f ' Wi' 'ff I . .r.,.7. . .,. . M, ..,,,.,. .:. .Y r 5-it-4 -I , .. ...,.,., ..:. . .. ... ,"' A . .- W... . 'y V 'V 'SQ K- WX? Q , -,, ,-., QQS5 ' ,..A 1 - A .5 gt-sf, rw. t. W.. .,. ..... ... , 4 t , , .... t I X ..., . ' .. .a. .. ..... .. . -f 9,51 M, X s -5. -. "Ns, - 'xr '-V:-.:-:-:Q25fPg...4,. ' J" ' ,. ext.: -w 1 , 3 . .-if-W . - Z2 h I .....x.. ., ,,,, W, .... ..,.- ..... ....,. .LM . I V Each year the "Caledonian" staff combines its resources and knowledge through the process of newspaper production to give N.E.H.S. students a complete and accurate account of the schools news. Editor for the "Caledonian" this year' was Steve Stolsig. For the '62 school year the staff has issued an eight-page paper every two weeks, an increase over last year's production. With this increase in newspaper production an increase in funds was needed, For this purpose the staff sold handbooks at both the basketball and wrestling tournaments, sold concessions at football games, and washed windows. just for variety the staff sponsored the first annual "Caledonian" Marble Tournament. Advisor to the staff is Mr. Kenneth Payne. Editor Steve Stolsig Gm 5 is Q Copy Editor Chris Prescott Feature Editor Linda Paisley, Editorial Writer 'gy M ' K, Sheryl Hay, and Assistant News Editor Ruth U a WMM, Anne Dooley. ft 1.i 1 KIVV f Row one: jacquie Trombley, News Bureau Editor and Advertising Maoagerg Linda Paisley, Feature Editorg Vicki Hileman, Exchange Eclitorg Sheryl Hay, Editorial Writerg Nancy Collins, Copy Editorg Karla Endres, Reporterg jean Blood, Reporterg Sherry Fisher, Reporter. Row two: Steve Stolsig, Etlitotg Ken Hobbs, Assistant News Editorg Chris Prescott, Copy Eclitorg Dell Isham, Sports Etlitorg Ed Reed, Reporterg and Ron Coverdell, Reporter. ' ,. Qrlv Z 5 A 4 ltfiiisfff 'f ,.- ,ax Nui K ' .. .V DEBATE CLUB The purpose of the Debate Club is to teach and practice the techniques of debating and good public speaking. This year's debate club was very active under the direction of Mr. Adcock. They attended four tournaments. At Marshfield they took second place with the teams of Pam Shriver and Duretta Roderick, and Gordon Hall and Rusty Johnson. They also took second place at Pacific University with the team of Gordy Hall and Rusty johnson. These teams and the entire club participated in debates at Linfield College and entered debate and public speaking at McMinnville and at the District Meet. This yearls president was Wilson Muhlheim, The club felt that they accom- plished a great deal throughout the year and benefited from the practice and experience of debating. Ron one Dwight Addleman, Janice King, Janice Edmonds, Pam don Hall, John Luvaas, Wilson Muhlheim, Kim Short, Jim Loney, Shriver Duretta Roderick, Mel Jensen, Razz' Iwo: Pete Little, Got- John Ellis. 5 3Q,geg Q5wf.t,f,fr ,. v, ,,,, :Lwg.5,,A?qf.5g VQ...T.3.g,?.,,,aQ.fqga3gQ.i?,q3M iizgwgage. 'ff am' hr iw Lesser see-fa? 'Wi Nbr sa l '- i Kneeling: Ed Reed, Lynn Atkins, Pat Helfrich, Wayne Allen, Ken Moore. Row one: Dan Banta, Randy ThwingL Dean Church, Don Hale, Don Lundstrom, Ron Johnson, Bob Lange, Ed Allisow. Paul Winters, Wilson Muhlheim, Chuck Harkins, Emmett Braun. lim Stedman, Dave Buck, Gordy Hall, Rick Sanders, Jim Steele, Ricky Marx. Row luv: Phil Delong, Bob Gravely. Dave Hardy, Leon Henderson, Rod Wilhelm, Don Gott. Mike Emmons. Tohn Shep- ard, Art Brenner, Paul Keith, Del lsham, Gary Schwieger, Jim Miller, Dan O'Brien, Andy McKinney, Tom Jones. Ron' lbree: LETTER AN CL The Lettermans' Club is responsible for keeping spectators off the gym floor at Basketball games. There are usually about ten or twelve Lettermen at the games to hold the ropes so the excited fans will not get down on the gym floor. The advisor of the approximately seventy-five members is Mr. Robertson. Pat Helfrich was President, Lynn Atkins, Vice President, Wayne Allen, Secretary-Treasurer, and Ed Reed and Ken Moore were Sergeants-of-Arms. M Steve Forrest, Bryan Burton, Don Morrow, John Collins, Mike Cur- tis, Dave Deubner, Paul Michael, Bob Myers. Bill Gott, Charles Smith, Pete Little, Chris Burkhart, Larry Dickson, Craig Carr, Norman Malcolm, Jim Soha. Row four: Ivan Jensen, Bob Shriver, Bill Chadek, Larry Draper, Rich Jorgensen, Bill Holverstott, Bob Craven, Ron Davies, Bill Stauffer, Chris Prescott, Roger Lyman, john Franz, Bill Thomas, jim Hardy, Jack Strayer, Ralph Rotter, Dave Cooper, Neal Steinhauer, jim Paschelke, Ron Murphy. 103 wi .z11",ew:am4J , .rs ff, r F '4- 5 A 5 ' W ,M r rm Sr Row onei Sheila Jacobs, Sue Miller, Ann McNair, Tina Wilson, Melody Smith, Sue Peterson, Sandy Blyth, Eunice Wheeler, Anne Mayes, Judy Beck, Leslie Garber, Margaret Ruberg, Linda Paisley, Karen Scott, Pat Dundin, Judy Becker, Chris Hunter. Row tu-oz Martha Westling, Sall Wester, Keni White, Barbara Stevenson, Chris Davis, Lynda Johnson, Barbara Clunie, Lynn Munson, Pam Garber, Kathy McCabe, Sue Lahmers, Pat Henson, Cynthia Jacquot, Chris Wright, Ann Griswold, Kathy Turnbull, Anne Jaqua, Peggy Kepner, Mary McEachern, Karen Johnson. Row three: Unidentified, SKI CLUB 1 .,,, , , rr..... , -iii fifez- ' 5:"': ., 22, 2, H - Gary Draper, Norm Preston, Bill Chadek, Bill Halverstott, Dean Church, Bud Steele, Bill Freeman, Max Lawman, Alfred Widmer, Dave Robertson, Richard Harris, Craig Kerr, Jim Chapman, Mr. Holton. Row four: Randy Whitney, Tom Sorenson, Karl Manseth, John Collins, Larry Draper, Rich Jorgerson, Jeff Johnson, Bill Luvaas, Tom Olsen, Phil DeLong, Tom Bowerman, Wally Jones, Bruce Brandt, Mike Brooks, Randy Thwing, Bruce Anderson, Larry Robbins, Larry Dickson, Bob Swan, Charles Dark, Gilbert Nelby. ., , , i A X if Y L- 5 if i 1 ,lr Y i' , Q" " ai T s SKI TEAM: Row one: Bud Steele, Bill Luvaas, Jeff John- son, Gary Draper, Row Mm: Larry Draper, Alfred Widmer, Jim Thornton, Larry Dickson. 104 tr SERVICE CLUB The job of the Service Club members is to check student body cards ar Norths football and basketball games, to serve as ticket- takers and ushers for all Norths home games. Activities for the year included campus clean-up week, sponsoring the dance "The Twister" and car washes to earn money. Points were given for different activities and pins were awarded to members, The uniforms of the members were red skirts, white blouses, and tartan plaid tams. Mr. Moore and Mrs. Lamb were the club advisors. The officers were Sue Turnbull, president, jane Riss- berger, Vice President, and Diane Carlile, Secretary-Treasurer. f Row one: Pat Duncan, Sue Brown, Rose Mary Hauck, Sharon Springs Cynthia lacquot Sandy Barlor Diane Carlile R014 three Houck, Cynthia Glenn, Sue Prescott, Jo Ellen Sanderson, Sherry LaVerda LaPorte Kathy Turnbull Sandy Lofventlahl Cathy Nicol Johnson. Row !u'0: Janet Pederson, Thelma Pierce, Judy Duches- Sue Turnbull Ronnie Clusia Karen Johnson meu, Cheryl Rhodes, Barbara Horn, Patsy Murphee, Marilyn A N , y , s 1 1 X L f h I : JF 9' - . v.. QWQCF' --..a.aa'2!.f fi' sq? f'. . ,ti-. ' 1 'I . lil.. ,394 . lfaivvf LATI CLUB The Latin Club has had another successful year at North Eugene. There were seventy-five members in the club this year under the advising of Mr. Adcock. The officers were: john Lyman and Bob DuPriest, President, Carol Thompson. Vice President, Mary Rutherford, Secretary, and Sue Mortimer, Treasurer. The Latin Club took part in the lnter-Linguas Christmas party which is a party for students in all language classes. Also, they won first place in the turtle race during Print and Cord Week with Carol Thompson's entry called "Big Julief, The climax of the yearls activities was the Roman Banquet held in May. The first year students were slaves and served dinner to the second and third year students and invited guests. They carried on Roman cus- toms and ways of life. The Latin Club is affiliated with the Junior Classical League. t t 5:5 ,... , Q Mi t S A x t .ak - l .fy X xi Row one: Sue Brown I, Karen Justis, Janay Campbell, Marge Moore, Mary Ellen White, Barbara Kammayer, Sue Peterson, Le- Anne Hill, Lynda Johnson, Janet Reber, Dona Reaves, Pat Rhoades. Row two: Virginia Hinds, Karen Johnson, RoseAnn Carpenter, Carol Jensen, Arlene Rice, Mary Mulheim, Claire Hoover, Gary McReynolds, Art Brenner, Steve Forrest, Randy Thwing, John 106 T 3 il si, Lyman, Sue Newman, Sandra Hand, Meredith Banta, Mary Ruther- ford, Peggy Kepner, Chris Prescott. Rozz' three: Nancy Collins, Ken McGhee, Jay Puckett, Bill Peterson, Dale Skeinhauer, Lynn Atkins, Ansel Hyland, Tom Sorenson, Paul Keith, Mick Carlson, Wilson Mulheim, Dean Church, Tom Richardson. Roll' four: Bud Steel, john Shepard. ss- l F! if R011' one: Diane Winreulchstrroni, jennifer Beals, Margaret Ruberg, Linda Allen, Sheila Jacobs, Duretra Roderick, Linda Paisley, Diane Dickey. Mary Rear, Carol Battling, Chris Hunter, Rosalee Beals, Tammy King, Cynthia Glenn. Rou' two: Sue Miller, Kay Newman, Louise Minturn, Nancy Munson, Marcia Cross, Sandy Lofvendahl, FRE CH CLUB The French Club, L'alliance Francaise, under the leadership of President, Louise Minturn, Vice President, Lynda Allen, Secre- tary, Martha Westling, and Treasurer, Susan Miller, has had a very successful year. Its activities consisted of the Inter-Linguas Christmas Party, money-making project of selling popcorn at games, showing slides of trips of France by Eunice Wheeler, initiation part welcoming new members, and a French dinner at the close of the school year. The forty members were under the advising of Mr. Gage. ..,,, f -,,.. ..-....--v-' Karla Inders, Martha Westling, Barbara Clunie, Kathy McCabe. Rau' lhree: Loren Steinhauer, Alan Hilles, Gary Hedden, Larry Dickson, Del Isham, Margaret Wilmont, Mary Everett, Cathy Smith. Rou' four: Phil Duerfeldt, Mike Cully. Alfred Widmer, Cathy Gerimonte, Lynn Munson, Sharon Kebelbeck. A some-gg 107 sgiffw 'l' dl- s' V, 2. -W Mui? . . X S' -,. Q 'V' 5 V z , ' L 1 l F- , vm' X ' 5 .Sf V be Q li C to g 'ff wi S - Uk, 'is an 1 11,1 Q . ii 5' ,, L , if g NFS 7? X 7 1 , ul "' L l Row one: Carol Cutler, Peggy Penrod, Pat Henson, Nancy Hale, Lynn Hallstrom. Rou' three: Ruth Allen, Chris Prescott, Norm Joan Weber, Susan Prescott, Marilyn Spriggs. Row two: Janice Preston, Bob Craven, John Collins, Ralph jones, Dave Prescott. Arnold, Sharon Lisa, Karol Michner, Cheryl Hay, Judy Hunstoclc, f mx TA " XXX! ,,, -f ,Ai 1 L GSGITIS ' J' al WV' 108 S ANISH CLUB Les Amistosos, the Spanish Club, was established to better understand the Spanish culture and to boost interest in the Spanish language. The twenty-five members were under leader- ship of john Collins, President, Pat Henson, Vice President, and Cheryl Hay, Secretary. The clubls activities include a talk by Emmy Flaggenheimer, the Foreign Exchange Student, Inter- Lingua Christmas Party, a talk by Mr. Marquey, Spanish teach- er and former resident of Mexico, and the sponsored movie, "Dorea Barbara." The advisor for the Spanish Club was Mr. Villaneauva. LOWE GERMA CLUB The German Club, being advised by Mr. Holton, has had another active year. There are about fifty members under the leadership of President, Pam Garber, Vice President, Naomi Manila, Secretary-Treasurer, Pat Smalleyg Chef, Sue Turnbull, and Program Chairman, Timmy Termack. Some of the club's activities include the Inter-Lingua Christmas Party, Initiation, Bavarian Luau, and the Coast Trip. The purpose of the club is to make people more interested in the German language and customs. V it "" Y' ,, Row one: Naomi Manela, Pat Smalley, Sue Brown, Sandra Aagard, Phyllis Nygaard, Marilee Milhoupt, Diana Carlile, Sally Wester, Judy Radabaugh, Mr. Holton. Row two: Sharon l-laxtck. Leslie Ga:- ber, Kathleen Kadau, Cheryl Hay, Sandra Burgess, Pam Garber, Sue Turnbull, Sandy Danner, Roland Baxter, Gail Stater, Harry Goldhammer. Row three: Bob Blair, Ron Myss, Dave Robertson, Dave Prescott, Stuart Smith, Randy Whitney, Andy McKinney, Dale Forrest, Gary Hall, Mike Brooks, Bruce Anderson, Jerry Heacock, Craig Kerr, George Degner. Rout' four: Richard Harris, Dave Keebler, Bud Steele, Clair Mumau, Sun Hi Synn, john Bullar, Roger Lyman, john Franz, Bill Thomas, Mike Angelo, Bob Ander- son, jeff johnson, Karl Manseth, Jim King, Chris Burkhart, Leon Henderson. 109 HI-Y CLUB The purpose of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain and extend throughout the home, school and community, high standards of Christian character, During the year the club had many fine speakers and learned through experience how their purpose can be accomplished. The officers of 1962 were President, Alan Hillesg Vice President, Kim Short, Secrtary, Wilson Muhlheimg Treasurer, Harry Goldhammer, and Chaplain, Gary Schwieger. Mr. Bach was the club's advisor. Rau' 0116: Norman Hall, Harry Goldhammer, Bill Luvaas, Dean Church, Kim Short, Gary Whitaker. Ron' tzmz Gary Schwieger, Wilson Muhlheim, Ken Wilkins, Alan Hiller, Mr. Bach. --i.: if -af I 5 s i Row one: Gayle Quimby, Naomi Manela, Peggy Kepner, Margaret Collins, jim Soha, Ralph Jones, Larry Dickson Tom Sorenson Wilmot, Pat Benson, Karla Endres, Leslie Garber, Eunice Wheeler, Lloyd Chapman, LHHUY CfaffS, S9-fldfa I-0fVCf1dah1 R056 Afm Sharon Lisa, Lynn Barber, Christie Daudel, Dorothy Slater, Pat Carpenter . Smalley. Row two: Judy Bruns, Marge Moore, Pete Little, John I TER ATIO AL RELATIONS The purpose of The International Relations League is to pro- mote interest on the part of North Eugene High students in international relations. They do this by studying current issues relating to commercial, political and cultural exchange among the nations of the world. It is hoped that the various studies, activities and conferences will contribute to a better understand- ing between nations. The I.R.L. has served as a co-ordinating committee for the American Field Service foreign student fund drive. The officers for 1962 were Eunice Wheeler, President, Naomi Manela, Vice Presidentg Christie Daudel, Secretaryg and Pete Little, treasurer. Mr. DeBroekert and Mr. Jaegers served as the club advisors. l f'TK-. so rf 1 , . 3 X . iw. .T no Y 'V -I sg f 1-"Ha Row one: Judy Beck, Chris Hinds, Eunice Wheeler, Lynda Gheen. Rou' two: George Larson Curt Davis, Lynn Bevans, Rick Adams, jim Laurin, Ralph Pickering. k,,,,f r A V4 THESPIA S The National Organization of Thespians is a dramatics club to further interest in amateur talent of the dramatic arts. It is open to anyone interested in the theater. To be eligible to join the club, you must obtain ten points by working on school pro- ductions. These may be received by acting or stage crew. The officers were Ralph Pickering, Presidentg Eunice Wheeler, Vice Presidentg Margaret Wilmont, Secretaryg Lynda Gheen, Treasur- erg and Nancy Collins, Clerk. There were thirteen members in Thespians before initiation. The main activity of the year was the Banquet on May 25. The advisor of Thespians was Mr. Quesinberry. a if I , Jgkk EOPOLYMATH The purpose for Neopolymaths is to read and discuss well known literature. This was the fourth year of the existence of the club at North Engene .Books read and discussed were Cmzdide, by Voltaireg Bwwe New World, by Huxley, Sophocles, Theban Playsg Of Mice and Men, by Steinbeck, The True Believer, by Hofferg Mystery of Ecitvin Drooci, by Dickens, and The Prince, by Machiavelli. This years activities included attending the Shakespearian Festival at Ashland, Christmas party at Miss Brunkens home, the Book Fair in April at which they sold 636 books in four days, and speakers Dr. George Hull, speaking on hypnotism, and Mr. Gene Kaiser, giving a talk on Unitarianism. Officers this year were Mike Angelo, President, Paul Kieth, Vice President, Marty Slater and Dona Reaves, Secretaries, Allen Ruth Treasurer, and Ann Holcomb, Historian. The advisors were Miss Bonnie Brunken and Mrs. Donna Kernutt. il , I Skate psf., .X X,--.N ,, x ' 1 , l nf ms 1 it J.. A f 5, af W' - Row one: Sandy Bowser, Meredith Banra, Sharon Lisa, Arlene Ivan Koch, Ken Moore, Allen Ruth, Paul Kieth, Mike Angelo. Rice, Arm HOlCOf13lD, Sue DCY0, Barbara Kammcyer, Dona R6aVCS, Lanny Crafts, Harry Goldhammer, Judy Claven, Janis Edmonds. Marty Slater, Becky Babb. Ron' mo: Pam Garber, Sherry KupCIZ, H3 V l i 1 , T s 4 Row one! Dan Pederson, Sue Turnbull, Pat Rhodes, Arlene Rice, three Carey Martin Ron Robare Charles Dark Phil Stevens Don Libby, Sue Brown. Rau' Iwo: Sue Price, Marsha Holcomb, George Degner Dale Ransdcll Dumood Smith Brian Bostick Janet Whirneyf, Kathy Allum, Linda Warren, Mike Brooks. Ron' BIOLGGY CLUB The purpose of the Biology club is to further the interest in science through activities that are not possible in regular classes. This is accomplished by sponsoring speakers and field trips, helping with science fairs and open houses, and by col- lecting specimens for the use of the classes. This year's officers were: Arlene Rice, Presidentg Sue Turnbull, Vice President, Pat Rhodes, Secretaryg Don Libby, Treasurerg Sue Bryon, Personnel Secretary, and Dan Pederson, Reporter. Mr. Bell was the club advisor. llri ' '- ' ' L rr- CHEMI TRY CLUB 2 "' 1 F- - , ' 1 9 Q . 1 One of the organizations mixing business with pleasure - e was the Chemistry club. The purpose of the club is to enable 5 . . , a lvl L ,L North High students to explore the fields of chemistry more 5 , intensely than normal class time permits. It also gives the ' 9 V411 5541 i f 1 ' l ' l students A chance to make extra projects and get full use of the in N equipment. The club was advised by Mr. Kasper, North's ' ' ' Chemistry teacher, and the officers were Loren Steinhauer, M'--M'-Q' i- 'L Presidentg jim Soha, Vice Presidentg and janet Whitneyf, Secretary. " 4 -f ' l '. ' ' ' i' 'A 6 .K ,fever z5,q5S32,if2:fffQgs-:1 , Q . - V K7I67C!f7IL'I Mike Angelo, Loren Steinhauer. Rozz' one: Margaret Ruberg, Mr. Kasper, janet Whitney. Rott' Izroi Randy Whitney, Stevs art Meyers, jim Soha, Pete Little, John Buskirk, David johnson. f GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSGCI TIO The purpose of Girls' Athletic Association is to give girls more time to work on activities they enjoy the best outside of gym classi Some of the club's activities included a field hockey play day at South Eugene High, a Volleyball play day at South, a basketball play day at Thurston, and a track meet at Spring- field. They also hosted a gymnastics play day and sponsored the Girls' League Big and Little Sister Fun Night. The officers this year were Janice Arnold, President, Lynda Ambrose, Vice Presidentg Mary Rutherford, Secretary, Jan Shelley, Treasurer, Joyce Herendeen, Sports Manager, and Noralee Masengil, Points Chairman. The advisors were Miss Bogan, Mrs. Russell, and Miss Best. 'b ' m,'f"H.'?'i f . mfr f ft? at' , i, J ' , , 0.4 --Q'!.k' V I A S -,DPW 467 , x i bfi if-1, M Row one: Janet Whitney, Janice Arnold, Norilee Masengil, Joyce ney, Carol Erickson, Sandy Bowser, Sandra Helvey Rou four Janay Herendeen, Linda Ambrose, Mary Rutherford. Rau' two: Jean Campbell, Judy Hunsrock, Marsha Holcomb, Diana Beagle Cheryl Blood, Rosemary Hauck, Barbara Clunie, Sharon Wallace, Carol Rhoads, Linda Burden. Sloan. Maureen Ducket. Rau' three: Bonnie Moon, Nancy Court- 116 Row one: Miss Constans, Margaret Ruberg, janet Reber, Chris Fish, Dorothy Stater. Ron' lwo: Dale Deller, Dave Miller, Dennis Roberts LE ARTISTS North's Art Club, Les Artistes, was formed to further knowledge and appreciation of art through workshops, excur- sions, and speakers. This year the club used every opportunity to use their ability and express their thoughts through art. The members of the club designed, produced and sold silk screened Christmas cards. For North's first musical production they painted backdrops for "Bye Bye Birdie." The officers were Mar- garet Ruberg, Presidentg and Janet Reber, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer. Miss Constans was the club's advisor. is ,' 'I' l B f y , if 'NK wi 'f 'l a fr , 1 .J fix Ay f' 1 1 l f 2, gr f f f -1:1 f Q' ' si ,M Q y so Her? IQ 51 .: I f Q . 3 if 4, jf" s Row one: Duretta Roderick, Lynn Barber, Beth Roberts, Elaine Smith. Ron' izro: Leslie Knott, Marsia Cross, Karla Endres, Judy Radabaugh, Mary Rear, Diane Dickey. ,PTQEQXX Nl . A in .-r f FUTURE TEACHER OF AMERIC Members of Future Teachers of America enjoyed an active year of exploring the teaching profession. A potluck for all old and new members was the first activity. Several interesting speakers, including a panel of student teachers, were on the agenda for meetings. The Future Teachers of America sponsored a rally dance for the school. The highlight of the year was the District Convention at Newport. Installation of new officers ended the year. Officers this year were: President, Duretta Roderickg Vice President, Lynn Barber, Secretary, Elaine Smithg Treasurer, Beth Robertsg and Historian, Arleta Stogsdill. Mr. Robert Hamill was the advisor. FUT RE EDIC L CAREER The purpose of the club is to promote an interest and understanding of all health careers and to be of service to the medical field. Any student enrolled at North may become a member of the club by paying the annual dues. This year the club members were on their "toes" all the time with the leader- ship of their officers: President, Pam Shriver, Vice President, Lois Augustineg Secretary, Carol Jensen, Treasurer, Myra Matte- son, Historian, Alice Elmer. Advisors this year were Mrs. Alma Ross and Mr. Paul Bell. There was much accomplished by the club. Some of the activities and accomplishments were: A field trip to McGaffey's Funeral Home, sponsorship of Northls T.B. Clinic, a trip to Medical Hill and hosting all district Future Medical Careers club's to a potluck banquet. 9 5 E55 Row one: Rosemary Hauck, Sally Ravizza, Linda Allen, Peggy SOIL 109109 Hifs-Ck0fH, Pam ShfiVCf, Jud-Y Gibbs I-lflda Shellel' Penrocl, Carol Cutler, Sharon Hauck, Maureen Duckett, Diane Row three: Tori Butler, ROUHIE ROHUHIC Kaluza Allfe Elmef Otto, Carol Christofferson. Row two: Kathy Shelley, Christie Dau- Sharon MCF3gCHf, Cathy' MCC2b6, Carol AJHYUS Sharon AWGN? del, Linda Burden, Lois Augustine, Carol Jensen, Myra Matte- Sandra PMICC- fx? at l 5, 'X .Tee-My Row one: Sue Geiger, Judy Beck, Sandy Patrick, Judy Taylor, Ron Coverdell, Linda Lundbo, Karen Pederson, Tyler Fenn, Curt Judy Looney, Mr. Rudy. Ron' 1140: Harold Childers, jim Laurin. Davis. FUTURE RETAILER CL B The North Eugene Future Retailers Club was under the advising of Mr. Ruby. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in retailing as a career, to create responsibility for con- I tributing through business activities to civil, social, and moral welfare into society, to maintain and improve retailing work, and to learn business leadership. Activities included a sales 'AL project, a trip to the Lloyd Center in Portland, Distributive X , I , l i' isle fs ' .-sf Education Clubs of Oregon Leadership Conference in Medford, Qffiwllly fy dom li. Oregon. In March they received a Charter for the new club 32 his A :J ii from the Distributive Clubs of America. This year's officers i,?,"Q,'x6k'h,l:' l l were: Martha Reynolds, President, Jim Laurin, Vice President, I l ff.g,.fl 3, Sandra Patrick, Secretary, and Curt Davis, Treasurer. There were A 2 'il fourteen members in the club this year. I ! 1 120 , CHESS CLUB North's Chess Club participated in five Willamette Valley Chess League Meets during the 1962 season. Their first meet was with Lebonan where they lost three to two. Covallis was their first win with a score of four and one-half to one-half They lost to Springfield and South Salem with scores of four to one and three to two. junction City was a tie at two and one-half all. Their only non-league meer was with South Eugene where they lost four to nothing. At the final league meet their record was one win, three losses and one draw. Although the year wasn't successful as far as wins, the team felt they had put up their best and gained experience and had lots of fun playing chess. Their advisor was Mr. Hall, and Jon Shephard was the club's president. fem 1 fl Q Neg-gf Us -ef" .Q In fig fig' t V sa V Loren Steinhauer, jim Soha, Bud Steele, jon Shepard, Mt. Hall, Don Halt-. A CAPPELLA A CAPPELLA: Rau' one: Glenna Thun, George Larson, Marilyn Kobetstein, unidentified, Chris Hinds, Terry Prater, Meredith Banta, Le Roy White, Sue Brown, Ellen Elkens, Bert Wheeler, Mary Rear, Jerry Kimball, Georgia Clazton, Mel Jensen, Carol Battling, Larry Clark, unidentified, Dennis Smyth, Ruth Melby, Gail Freeman. Row two: Gayle Guimbly, Bob Yates, Karol Murphy. Dennis Roberts, Laura Comstock, Gary Taxdal, Diane Otto Ellen Hill, Chuck Harkins, Karen Murphy, Elaine Smith, Bud Folson, Marilyn Spriggs, Ed Allison, Sherry Davis, Bob Boyd, Gwen Qnals, Larry De Moss, Dotty White, Dick Pendleton, Judy Homanyk. Rou' three: Marv Schlosser, Sherry Clark, Dave Cooper, Beth MIXED CHOIR Roberts, John Kingsley, Michele D' Armond, Evan Jensen, Judy Anderson, Richard Smith, Judy Gibbs, Dwight Addleman, Cheryl Reynolds, Mike Wilson, Bev Davis, Rick Adams, Gayle Thompson, Evan Nushwander, Lynn Barber. Row four: Lois Augustine, Dan Quick, Sandy Lofundahl, Tom Newman, Gayle Swanton Ralph Pickering, Trula Beaman, Bob Mitchell, Pat Becktol, John Franz, Marcia Cross, Linda Gheen, Jim Hardy, Ann Griswold, John Ressler, Sut Sleight, Alan Long, Joan Hickenbottom, Alan Hilles, Nancy Collins, Rich Jorgenson, Linda Stewart. Duane Ham- mon, Wanita Deffenbacher. kr M-mv Row one: Marge DeSantis, Phullis Nygaard. Donna Clark, Pat Jones, Judy Becker, Sandy Coleman, Carol Cutler, Marlene Thomp- Son, Marilyn Blatchley, Toni Loomis, Sheila Lovett. Row 1514101 Lucy Schailzel, Pam Rankin, Sue Gallagher, Eunice Walton, Peggy Martin, Cheryl Winther, Thelma Pierce, Pat Beck, Diann Beary, Peggy Penrod, Luella Hirsekorn, Donna Aldal, Diane Ryals. Rout' t1J1'ee':L Carol Block, Mary Thomas, Dot Renken, Kathy McCarty, 122 Cheryl Pattee, Janice Johnson, Sandy Burgess, Laurelyn Tigner, Jill Clark, Trudy Cully, Donna Carley, Connie Neal, Curt Kendall. Rout' four: Gary Parsons, Earl Brown, Bruce Anderson. Greg Usher. Len Clark, David Shelley, Jim Chapman, Marc Ellington, Paul Simones, Jim Thenell, Jim Yates, Bert Olson, Bill Goetz, Mike Stutz. .,1 .i.- ME ,S CHOIR Row one: Richard Brown, Larry Bailor, Delbert Strand, Paul Simon- sted, Bill Goerz, Durwood Smtih. Rout' two: Steve Van Horn, Bruce Kinnie, Greg White, Robert Davis, Jack Simmons, Dennis GIRL' CHOIR W Long. Row three: Howard Fogg, Lyle Olson. David Woocl, Jack McWhorter, Bob Vogel, Gary Schwieger, Ed Minturn. 5 Row one: Donna Kenny, Sharon Johnson, Donna Thurman, Cheryl Sortor, Sharon Brumbaugh, Rebecca Clinginpeel, Sandy Smith, Christina Fish, Sharon Tevepaugh, Sally Ravizza. Judy Callahan, Kathy Horenrlein, Sally Saunders, Marilyn Atrebury. Roni' two: Diane Knutson. Sharon Fisher, Terry Knutson. Beth Spurlock. Beth Wylie, Judy Kroblen, Pat Harsch. Sharon Simon, Kay Veltman, Maralee Landers, Beverly Allum, Donna Day, Sue Skirvin, Anne Jaqua, Yvonne Knutson. Rout' three: Juli Norberg, Connie Swaggert, Nancy Scott, Peggy Meyers, Judi Inglebretson, Judi Blackford Pat Smally, Ellen Hill, Donna Carley, Karen Scott. Earlene Tullar Tori Butler, Memory Johnson, Lynda Pifer, Chervl Gulovsen Row four: Sandra Pattee, Betty Smith, Jan Esterby, Sandy Bailor Janet Brandt, Judy Duchesneau, Roberta Hesterlee, Carol Erickson Joan Kulick, Nadine Gamble, Ruth Anne Neer, Sherry Alfson Joyce Roland. I x BA S - f s -J . :ffl - :TN ,, ,M Kneeling: Jerri Johnson, Mary Thenell. Rau' one: La Verda La Porte, Merry Breneman, Mary Hocking, Joyce Herendeen. Row lwo: Mr. Diller, Ralph Pickering, Gary Kolstoe, Phil Duerfeldt, John Buskirk, Randy, Paul Keith. Rau' three: Mike Whiteley, Brian Bauske, Gerry Thompson, Darrel Petzold, Dennis Roberts. Ron' four: Dick Watkins, Dick Needham, Dave Doran, Mike Gillette, Dave Carlson. Rou' five: Harry Briggs, Sharon Wallace, Rick Web- ! va r 't """ - 1, Ka-any if 'e ,, sw' Q 'A se ' J .i king, Dave Wamsley, Bill Gott. Row fix: Claire Mumau, Linda Reed, Betty Carleton, Sandy Crosby, John Renkin. Ron' seven: Sue Price, Sue Lahmers, Janet Kindler, Bob DuPriest, Norm Kirtley. Row eight: Dave Prescott, Sandy Hand, jim Duzan, Ed Allison, Mike Christensen. Rou' nine: Greg Eastman, Lori Dollarhide, Mike Harbour, Dan Harris. Row one: Greg Eastman, Don Miller, Raymond Calhoun, Dan Zoon, Carl X y Anfora, Greg Nance. l 124 Z l ORCHE TRA Xl Seated: Bonnie Moon, Claudia Vetetl, Janet Whitney. Karol Mich- Fisher, Susan Prescott, Cecil Johnson. Slanding: Roberta l-Iesterlee. ner, Janice Potampa, Ann Montgomery, Ronnie Kaluza, Roberta Joyce McBee. PEP BAND MA JORETTES X I l.IAl V,, V ,!i. fM wTvV bi k,,. J 4 ? fl If iic5 4 a-g,,, 3fr??'E2'2 V- 'J-Y g M V ' 53:51 5122 :EW f Z .... f 6 ETS J 5 6' ii le, , l v A 9? I ws , 7 ' iii. l PQQQ' , I lgiztx XE lfy- Kneeling: Mary Thenell, Jerri Johnson. Starzding: Jean Shepardson, Joyce Herendeen, Mary Hocking, Merry Brenneman, LaVerda I.aPorte. 39 'LS J' '-I ,f 5 J :Cp Row one: Mr. Diller, Bob DuPriest, Sandy Hand, Dave Pres- cott, Dick Watkins, Dave Wamsely. Razz' tzuo: John Buskirk, Phil Duerfelclt, Clair Mumau, Betty Carleton. Rau' three: Dave Carleson, Dave Doran, Dick Needham, Mike Harbour. Row four: Greg Eastman, Paul Keith, Gary Kolstoe. 125 ACTIVITIES All the things we enjoy the most, the plays, dances, and graduation are the things that will stand out in our minds and memories for years to come. 4' 1 eeas O 9 'I' Q' Q is f :S Ei- '.2YffM1if'iif5-5?9wz,:1:-z,na fB5,,f,,,, W, ' ' ' ,f,,-:,,,ff :..w,Qg,xf:1g?3 "' H ,gi "" fw'wk.,f:, 1. ?,,,:1,xx, ---- f.. TffmL,,,S,',,-gf, ' 7 ,1 5 h :, -0' P ? 4 ' 55JEf35Ef5 SSUVQTE 5515 .. VI.. fm 22551222 7?,fqlig,5i5g , :r s? ,, .- " fS5:525,E??EEi3 "iz , f , . "Q, ff K L"' ,Vi . L . "z?i2iffiL:Q:'2!s:,,uf-vii5,,,f . :,m,,L,,,1S TSQ?5i5E,,if3i,,, SM, i 5. 'f5Ef?1E , K JWfif,3i:sQf f,,gz,,:fsmg fi, f, .i :- , 2 f wwf 2:Ii5swi,,fe1' fififiluf' ' ,, lm '5 Lk' Val, i Q,,:wv1,:3' L 121, T Y 'Lili 35 523, :QMM7 lie? 'T N 1,555 ' Yi-l?kT,,f11, 'v Q4 :sw T , , ,,,, iw, Q ygsf "11wfgi,fW?5gI1z,1'3vK!, J img: 5? Jf.v,f WMf?mg,3T2fiLQ5i Q' w , ,V ,, , Lsiwg QWQZA A , .L Q52 , , , V , I , I - " f Y iififiligeesw X x , NATIONAL HO OR OCIETY Dean Church Nancy Collins Dave Deubner Robert DuPriest John Franz Gail Freeman Pam Garber Harry Golclhammer 1 l The purpose of the Claymore Chapter of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote worthy lead- ership and encourage the development of character. Members of the junior class may be selected to mem- bership in the spring of their junior year, and seniors are selected in the fall and spring of their senior year. To be eligible for membership in National Honor Society a person IT1L1St have a 3.3 grade point average or better, an outstanding record, high scholastic achievement, interest in school and community activities, good student-teacher relationship, and good student-student relations. Officers for the year l96l-1962 were: President, Gordon Hall, Vice President, Robert DuPriest, Secretary, janet Reber, Treasurer, Alan Hilles, and Advisor, Aganes Best. Not pictured, Ken Moore. juniors selected this spring are: Lloyd Chapman, Bob Graveley, Sandra Hand, Sandra Lofvendahl, Margaret E. Kepner, Judy Rodabaugh, Jih Soha, Carol Thompson, Randy Whitney and Mike Wilson. Karen Elmquisr Vice Prerident pu! Gordon Hall Prerident 1 Norman Hall 5- Sharon Lisa ,nw- janet Reber Secretary PAW Martha Slater N are 0 N A L D7 TW W' 0 CQ LX Par Helfrich Q-M :QW Www Louise Minru rn Dave Prescott Arlene Rice Du retta Roderick 'Mmm Loren Steinhauer Sand ra Tatum Alan Hilles Chris Hinds Trerz In Ver Judy Privagky Sally R3.VlZZ2. Mary Rutherford Joan Sanderson l L Claudia Veteto Eunice Wheeler 129 OCTOBER Charles Smith Sandy Tatum MARCH Ron Yohnson Margie Evans Dave Deubner Nancy Collins DECEMBER Roger Lyman Pam Shriver APRIL Ralph Pickering Marta Westling QUALIFICATIONS 1. Personality 2. Citizenship 3. Scholarship 4, Service to School JANUARY John Franz Christie Hinds 5. Extra-cu rricular Activities MAY Lynn Bevans Judy Privasky .. S 1961-62 FOREIG This year the students of North Eugene were privi- leged to have three foreign students attending our school. Our American Field Service student for this year was Emmy Flegenheimer, from Barcelona, Spain. She lived with Judge Barber and his family. His daughter Lynn was a senior at North this year. Although Emmy spent only part of the school year here at North, the students will always remember her. Sun Hi Synn was our foreign stu- dent from Taegue, Korea. He was brought to the United States by the International Christian Youth Exchange Program. He lived with the Arnold B. Warren family. The students of North liked Sun Hi very much. Last but not least was Alfred Whidmer from Switzerland. He came to the United States to live with his cousin, Mrs. Donald Gabbert. He said that he had always wanted to visit this country and also wanted to attend an American school. His home town in Switzerland is Burdorf. The students of North Eugene were very sad to see each of their foreign students leave at the end of the year. LW' Emmy Flegenheimer from Barce ona Spain Sun Hi Synn from Taegue, Korea .15 Y twist, - Emmy with her American sister, Lynn Barber. Emmy and Sun Hi speak to the students at an assembly. il it 'ii--Q F 2 - . . .... ..,, Q . , F in rr W lla ia in if m lgaiixmxll .1 - -. if -- :V-3.555rggrsrgfstfafggfgf-:.,,0,- EXCHA GE STUDENTS hare A ,, . 3 .A ' 7 l l l l 3 Alfred Whidmer from Switzerland Last summer the students of North Eugene sent Eunice Wheeler, their American Field Service representa- tive, to France. While there she lived with Monsieur and Madame Lucien Bajulaz and their family. She lived in the town of Annecy, France, in the lower Alps. Wfhen asked about here experiences in France, she said, "I feel that my experience in France was a successful part of the much larger picture of the American Field Service. My life with the Bajulaz family was leisurely and happy, but I felt that it was more than just a pleasant vacation. l will never forget some of my experiences, often surprising, which in- clude some fascinating foods, the sights of Paris, the Alps, and the lively boat trips across the Atlantic. The most important part of my trip was the friendships, with Euro- peans and other American exchange students, which l made. These stand for the lines of communication and understanding which are being formed by the American Field Service and many other organizations. Knowledge, such as that gained by my introduction to French life, is necessary to secure real appreciation of other cultures and Outlooks. North's A.F.S. student, Eunice Wheeler A 'X 9 f f cycet ...M I xx isQ.s.esvi f,- may X gy His . . . Eric Williams Julian Northrup, Gramps . . . . . . , . Pud ........................ Nellie Northrup, Granny .. .. Mr. Brink .............. Marcia Giles .......... Demetria Riffle .... A Boy .......... .........,,. Workmen ..... Dr. Evans .... Mr. Pilbeam .... Mr. Grimes Sheriff .... Betty .. Lynn Bevans . Marjorie Brooks . . . . . . Kina Short . . . Eunice Wheeler . . . Nancy Collins . . . . Nels Gabbert . . . . George Larson, Karl Manseth Ron Murphy Dwight Addleman . Ralph Pickering . . . . . Mel Jensen Pepper Deubner t f-., 1.- ' 'a.,,i ii. -1 Q' 55 ' o css t . 'i'- l :: Q' x 5 if . ORTH HIGH THREE GRE T "On Borrowed Time" by Paul Osborn was chosen by North as their first production of the year. "On Borrowed Timew opened for a two-night run on November l0. It was the first N.E.H.S. effort of William W. Ques- inberry, drama coach. The production was well re- ceived by audiences. Assistant to the Director for "On Borrowed Time" was Sherron Murchyg Stage Manager, John Andrews, Costume Mistress, Dona Reavesg Property Mistress, Margaret Wilmot, and Make-up Mistress, Judy Beck. -if or 134 P ., .. s , . Q K, .E , ,W ,K Q , . H, w- - fa is Q, .-,, .gr t 7 5 , . Q ., is -e b J 5 i az L Y i ' Lt. llll 1 15213 "Rebel WithoL1t Cause" by James A. Fuller was North PRESE TS f""'e'fff,.., Eugenes dramatic production of the year. The play was presented January 9, lO, and ll in Norths auditorium. The play was directed by Williaiii W. Quesinberry and Student Director was Margaret Wfilmot. They story of "Rebel" revolves around teen-agers with Jim Stary and Judy Brown as the main characters. It tells the story of how mixed-up teens find them- selves and their place in society. Stage Manager was Charles Smith. Jim Stark ...... Judy Brown ..... Buzz Gunderson .... Plato ........... Ray ........ Mr. Stark ..... Mrs. Stark ...... Officer Brfullen . . . Mrs. Davis ..... Grandma ...... Belle ........... Miss Hannington Crunch ........ Coon Moose ,... Helen .. Millie .... Lecturer .... Mr. Brown . . . Mrs. Brown . . . . A Man ..... 24,196 CAST . . . Rick Adams .. Chris Hinds Steve Van Horn . . . Curt Davis .. Lynn Bevans . Keith Johnson Jane Rissberger . Karl Manseth Wanda Redman . Bonnie Moon .. Judy Becker Marjorie Brooks .. Bill Stauffer . . . . Mel Jensen . . Gordon Scott .. Chris Daudel . Debbie Hunter .. Sue Turnbull . John Andrews . . . , Jill Hicks . . . Jim Jaqua 135 il, Albert Peterson Rose Alverez . Teenagers: Helen ..... Nancy . . . . Alice .,...., Margie Ann . . Penelope Ann Mr. William Quesinberry, choreographer and Nancy Collins rehearses with director of "Bye Bye Birdie," Mr. Quisenberry. . . . . . Dwight Addleman . . . Janet Canoy Laura Comstock . . Christi Hinds Meredith Banta Zedra Mortimer . . Glenna Thun Deborah Sue .... . . , Lynn Barber Suzie ....... Linda ........ Carol ........ Martha Louise Harold ...... Karl .,.. Harvey . . . Henry . . . Arthur ....... . . Freddie ...... Ursula Merkle Kim MacAfee Mrs. MacAfee Mr. MacAfee . Shriners . . . , . . . . Marcia Youel ,. Karen Murphy . Karol Murphy . . . . . . Susan Brown . . . Terry Prater Lloyd Chapman . Roger Metcalf . . Gary Parsons . . . , Larry Clark Bruce Anderson . . . . . . . Janice McKenzie Dorothy XVhite . Ann Griswold Ralph Pickering George Larson, Mel Jenson, Allen Ruth, Jerry Heacock, Jim Hardy, Dennis Roberts, Evan Neuschwander Teen Trio ..,....... Lynn Barber, Glenna Thun, Laura Comstock I Sad Girl ........ Zedra Mortimer Another Sad Girl .. .. Christi Hinds Mae Peterson .... ............ N ancy Collins Reporters ...... . . . Mel Jensen, Dick Pendleton, George Larson, Jim Hardy Conrad Birdie .............,...,. Rick Adams Conductor ....,...,....,.,.,...... Allen Ruth Cheerleaders ....,. Karen Murphy, Karol Murphy, Mayor ....... ........... E van Neusehwandct Mayor's Wife .... Karen Elmquist Hugo Peabody ..... .,.,.. J im Laurin Randolph MacAfee .,..,,,.. Billy Mortimer Mrs. Merkle ............,..,. Jane Rissberger Neighbors .,,,.,...... Bob Bo 'd, Chris Burkhart, Lynda Gheen, Sue Sleight, Jerry Geacoek, Gail Freeman, Jim Hardy, Mel Jensen, George Larson, Dick Pendleton, Dennis Roberts, Allen Wfheeler. Mr. Johnson ..... Gloria Rasputin .... Ed Sullivans Voice .. TV Stage Manager . . . Charlesc F. Maude Bar Customers .... Dish Wasluer . . . Ruth, Gordon Scott, Bert Marc Ellington .. Lynda Gheen .. Ed Sullivan . Gordon Scott Bert Wfheeler .. Evan Neusthwander, Jim Hardy . . . . Bob Boyd "The Telephone Hou t" Another first in the history of N.E,H.S. was the Spring Musical production "Bye Bye Birdie." North Eugene was one of the first amateur groups to put on the . 'N it ' 3 Broadway play and Birdie was the first N.E.H.S, pro- duction to have sell out performances. Birtlie. a spoof on the American teenager ancl family, was enjoyed by all who saw it. On Courthouse steps, Birdie performs for Swett Apple Citizens. X ' ! -by I Mr. Dillar, Mr. Schick, and Mr. Frazell tliscuss problems of musical score. Girls serenatle Hugo. L ' 1 i Rose, ljanet Canoyr ,uives Albert, iDxxiuht Atluit-ni 1 a piece of her mintl. Orchestra works diligently on difficult score. 137 FIRE AND ICE The annual Christmas semi-formal put on by the Girls' League was the second biggest dance of the year. The exotic theme "Fire and Ice" was decorated in the shimmering light of red and silver. Three princesses were chosen, one from each class. Those chosen were Sandy Tatum, Seniorg Sue Deyo, Juniorg and Chris Hunter, Sophomore. The queen was chosen by a class competition penny drive and the proceeds were sent to Chin ju, Eugenes sister city. Pam Shriver and Lucy Schaizel the General Chairmen of the dance did an excellent job with the help of the following: Peggy Kepner, Decorationsg Pat Dun- din, Publicityg Mary Rear, Programsg Bonnie Moon, Entertainmentg Lynn Barber, Chaperonesg and Laura Comstock, Lynda Hackelman, Lynn Munson, Cor- Queen Sue with escort Ed Stauffer and Sandy Tatum with Bill Knutson, Omation. and Chris Hunter with Ray Tatum as court. E Uiwwgwywvwmh The entertainment provided by a North High group. "I crown you Queen Sue." 138 The queens dance with the court. 1 CHOOL DANCE f 'sh if ka' Wai: Z' 5' Xu ww "T Everyone enjoyed the wistcrf' Everyone looks so happy??? FW nz: W N. 5 'W Is IhlS one of your dana rounnm Glenna Hey, ler's rwisr!! Oriental cnrrance. ., .L., ,,,,.. H ll .,,, z,,f11 ,.11111N,,Q M L,k,,.- H ,. rf?Cl16tr'uusu-uwarwrlrr L+ 3- 5 l m Prom Queen, Sharon Wallace I crown you Queen Sharon. Beautiful japanese gardens, Princess Donna Snodgrass. 1962 PRO COURT Princess Christine Hinds SEL. P ri ncess Sand y Hohbcrg ms Dcl Isham and crowned queen blmmn Prlnccss joan Sanderson QUEEN and CGURT ,U ,. if -1 "" V , ,, ' 7 'KVV 1' Q 1 1 - I sm s . 4' i. : '-" - " '1 I .5 1 . .,.. .. -rm ,, V-Mal. 1 , V , . g rrr HV La v,.,. V, :,, , 1 1 f fQ'm-' z,,, QF, 7 A ' V N 1 Primcss Nancy Munson 141 PRI T AND Punishment presides over mock trial. Ooops! Flat tire! Whats everyone looking at? CORD EEK The Print and Cord Wfeek activities, sponsored by the junior Class, opened up with a turtle race. The winning turtle was "Big Julie" entered by the Latin Club Tuesday, students wore friendly signsg Wednesday was Student-Teacher and Dress- up Dayg and Thursday all girls wore white blouses and printed skirts and the boys wore T-shirts and Levis for Conformity Day. Friday was a mock trial for all persons committing crimes against Print and Cord Week rules, and the final activity of the busy week was the Print and Cord Week Dance at which Trudy Cully, Mike Emmons, Mary Ellen White, Craig Canoy, Maralee Landers and jim Gibson were chosen cutest couples of the girls' respective classes. Students soak up the sun. Back to grade school days, Junior class adds beautiful weather to Prim and Cord Week activities. '-Q lun-un Something wrong down there? South Eugenes entry proves to be "rough" competition. Junior girls work at times f, .. 1' 'W ez 4' wr EWLY ELECTED This year election time proved very exciting. The tension mounted as the candidates diligently worked making posters, slogans and speeches all which helped to enliven the campaign week. Colorful posters covered the halls with witty sayings and gimmicks. Y Dan Perkins Student Body Pretizlmft Left to figbl: Lloyd Chapman, treasuretg Dan Perkins, presidentg Candy Newland, secretaryg Sue Deyo, histotiang Bill Luvaas, vice presidentg John Lyman, manager. Bill Luvaas Candy Newland Llgyd Chapman John Lyman Vice Prerident Sec:-ettzry Treawfer fllamzgcr 144 OFFICER The North Eugene High campaign week ended with the final rallying of the Student Body votes. The new group of elected officers are very able workers for the coming year. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Sharon Hassman,, Secretaryg Randy Thwing, Vice Presidentg Pete Little, Presidentg Sandy Danner, Treas- urer. GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS: Joyce McBee, Presidentg Joyce Her- andeen, Vice Presidentg Sue Turnbull, Secretaryg Martha Westlrng, Treasurer. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: jack Ferguson, President Marsha Youel, Secretaryg Tami King, Treasurer. Eg -. ' is ' z ' , .,., ,,,, ' X Q5 1 gum ,,i. Q, ,, fl Nancy Munson Rodeo Round'-up PVTIIFEJI it ORTH' ROGTI G ECTIO Of all the activities throughout the year, the one requiring the most time is the pep sections at football and basketball games. The Pep Club, rally squads, drill team, and boys' and girls' shirt sections made up North's rooting section. Not only did they give spirit to the team but they placed North second in sportsmanship at State Tournament. North can be proud of their rooting sectiong she has set a tradition for the classes to come to follow. We hope the classes to come have as much fun supporting North's teams as the students of 1962 did. North's Majorertes perform at half time. The Pep Club hoops it up at Touranmcnt. The Highland Band and Rally Squad performing at half time, ,rim Bonnie was always tht-re to help VICTORY at Pep assembly. ' I-qw, T - ip'. ,,,,-, F - - .ag - e in - .,g.iW-T 1 t ii.i iiiiiiiii Z i ,F til T PM T . -Nw 1 -. ' 1 l5'7-"QTfQt,,'7H'- S' li, '-1 IQ- 'a t V, .5 E3 A , i ,P li . is ,K usa . TI my J V f f .. tl 'lip' i 2 'a A hx-ef-ni ' i '72, N ll i H d i .s ' 1 ,- . .. t , ..:ss1'ss s- H . 'U 11 ' .' w - J: 1 1 ,, . H ..... at ,. . g x , 4 Y, V . . W- 'WW A wtf f , iq' l" ' . Q V4.1 -t .,,. . 2,4 1 H I-ff' 15' Ef migii ' 7395: Ht- fn, f ,. et it -2 '-was ew' asv,:tase1.ffna1222w,egrf' ww q :2- ,g ,,gj 'K K 1- K - K jf, K " e ft -t i 1 L , X ll the mam, Boys' White Shirt section try out a new yell-ZAP!! l-46 as S fe: , L lf me t Nur- -qv-4' V 1k"' H kk r I 55.51. K ' ,l Slaves serving Latin students. Hail Ceasar!! ROMAN BA QUET held again Faculty join members in reciting Slave Pledge. ,f 5 1 The evening was enjoyed in typical Roman style. Again this year as before the Latin Club held their Roman Banquet. Each year the club holds their banquet in Roman style with Roman food, Roman clothing, and first year students serve as Roman slaves. The faculty as honored guests sit at the head table. The Latin Club goes all out for this banquet and the re- sults were well worth the effort. The slaves start serving the food. 147 TOO LOW THEY BUILD WHO BUILD GGVER OR HATFIELD speaks at COMME CEME T BELOW THE l 1962 Class Motto Governor Mark O. Hatfield was the guest speaker at the 1962 Commencement Serv- ices. Student speakers were Pam Shriver and John Franz. Judy Privasky gave the invo- cation and Roger Lyman gave the introduc- tions. Principal Ray Hendrickson presented th:e class and Chairman of the Board of Directors Lee P. Bishop awarded the diplo- mas. Commencement Services were held on june 7, in the North Eugene Auditorium. The Class flower was Red and White Chry- santhemum, the Class Colors were Crimson and Silver, the Motto was "Too Low They Build Who Build Below the Sky." Of all the events of graduation and the twelve years of school the one most remembered and treasured will be commencement. .3 W . DOCTOR LYMAN speaks at S NIOR ,Q "N ' ...,W-- ,, H. r,.,e,,..i,,.v , . 7 ,ya s , BREAKFAST Doctor Lyman was the guest speaker at the Senior Breakfast. Others speakers were Mr. Hendrickson, and Senior Class Advisor Mr. Davis. The junior Singers and the Orchestra were the enter- tainment. Senior Class President Roger Lyman introduced the speakers. The menu consisted of orange juice, scrambled eggs, sweet rolls, ham, milk and coffee. The colors were in the class colors of red and white, The breakfast was held on the morning of June 6th and the Senior assembly was held in the afternoon. Both events will stand out in the memories of all seniors, for years to come. Last minute instructions ,W-f .4-'P"'r Dont look so sad ag . 4 I Need some help? Here we come, ready or not . . . DOCTOR ICHOLSON speaks at BACCALAUREATE Doctor Westely Nicholson was the speaker at the Baccalaureate Service of the class of '62, Duretta Roderick and james Johnson were the student speakers. Friendship '62, the combined i graduation party of the seniors of North and Z South Eugene High Schols, was held at the Erb Memorial on Campus. Both schools partici- pated in the preparations. North was in charge l ' of the food and tickets with Judy Privasky as North's chairman. South Eugene was in charge of the decorations and entertainment. As the last event of the class of '62 all students worked to make it a success which it was. s ll l .-M' Senior Clss President Roger Lyman. Dqqfof Niqholgtm, Sheila and john admiring the cake. Friendship '62 1 Everybody twist. eiil t " --v"' ,, , .ia al Graduates enjoying the chicken dinner. Senior boys chow down. 151 44.4 N Q 'Q .ggi Q L - L-". M " '?..? ,. , -9 s s V , LLL.. '41 r L' Lassi-erres perform at tournament. A Carry it high, boys! wwe M: .gag r Hi: ,r 51-25 .JH -i iszrriswgsiiiasf isis Iiflfil, . - ' fx: . , my .L ----- , ,. gr ----' 359 QW - z ,VVQ 55+ i w Q' , ,H::f,,,s -If ffe, kiik - . K 1 , r,r: - r, H50 rr ii? fQf..:.s:,, if: Q rrrr a 2 , S000 fr r, , I ' is 5 rr ,Nfl U x! 1 Q' an r fi ,Ei lx' 'H W 7' ,rf ., ,f Z Cl X "' Pr, ,ages 5 Vnlcccci. V A N as fr QMQQ- M are f f 425592 r rrr l re: rrrrr s r rr rrrr i W 4 9 W fd ag K ,r.W:---- "1 gg 1-1 C :f"nIT1C,C ,QQ .. as 'fe an gsm ,N ryrr , -lmmammwwwl American Field Service reaches its goal . H i,,,,m,,m.M,,.sUW i was Mock trial for Prim and Cord Week. Rally squad presents Highland fling. il' R vt Q , Q x J i Ml ' i 5 4 t xx Q 11 B, . X i' ' , X ' ,l N i r i' , P, . - Space suit nn t-xhibit for students. Big sign - littlc boy! s Nortlis band pcrlorins in Concert style. Glen cilIHHlFlgl'1Cll'U V --.,,, I ' l Jester Harrison festival heltl at North. Jagger Harrison. 1 For when the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name. He writes, not when you won or lost, but how youplayed the game. jg s Qs 4 4713534 E3 i-51 .. L f,, .- V . ., M , ' wffyfia 3 W 2 SPORTS play a big part in High School Days In Foot At Asse mblies . . . At Halftime . . . Lynn Atkins Senior Right Halfback Ron johnson Senior' Right Halflaark Co-Capfaizz james Randall S enior Guard Mike Emmons Wilscan Muhlheim Emmett Braun Senior Senior Senior Leff Halflaafk Center Ceriler . 't" .. X 5 ,ee Dave Cooper Del Isham Jim Hardy Senior Senior Senior End Tackle End Charles Harkins Paul Winters Don Gott Senior Senior Senior Iinflbnck Fnllbafk Guard Norman Malcolm James Paschelke Jack Whittaker Senior Senior junior End Guard End jack Strayer Senior Guard Pat Helfrich Senior End Co-Caplain Bill Thomas junior Qnarterbafk Bill Halverstorr Chris Prescott Rick Jorgensen Ed Allison junior junior' junior junior Halffnzcla Cerner' Flzllback Halflnzck Coach john Reed 60 M yt? Z RHUJY Vffhitncv Paul Keith Robert Myers JIUIIOI' Jznzim' jfmim' TMH6 Tunisie Tackle Jon jenkins Ed Reed Steve Schmidt ,lzmior junior Junior Halfbaci Guard Tackle Coach Arbucklc David Kutchera Bill Stauffer Bill Goff junior junior jzmjgr Tackle Tackle End Mike Engles junior Guard Lloyd Chapman Manager CORVALLIS 13-6 The tirst game of the 1961 season was it disalwpointment for the High- lander squad. North made the first touchdown in the first quartet. Lynn Atkins, senior, made the goal from the 2-yard line to put North ahead with Zlfi minutes left in the first quarter. The Corvallis Roger Cox, quarterback, came back with two scor- ing passes in a two minute span. This was the end of the game for North. The Spartans scored again in the sec- ond quarter, The clock ran out for the W Highlanders with the final score 1361 ' 1 in favor of the Corvallis Spartans. ff if 1 1 s' it Q ff Atkins finds a hole, WILL METTE O-26 North Eugene opened up a fairly tight ball game against Wlillamette just after the second half kicktff. Defensixe halfbacli. Chuck Harlqins intercepted a screen pass from Wfolverine quarterback jeff Ride and raced 53 yards for the first Highlander score. All of Norths scoring was done in the last half of the ball game, North went on to win the game. 26 to O. Last resort pass is failed for Willttmette. Helfrich catches a "buttonhoo1c" pass. 162 RO EBURG 20-0 Pat Helfrich on a punt return against Roseburg. The Roseburg game was another exciting but disappointing tilt for North. The first tally didnt come until the second quarter had started in spite of a few outstanding passes by Bill Thomas and Nike Emmons, the Highlanders drive was not quite enough for the score on the strong Roseburg team, By the time Norths offense got rolling it was well into the second half, Roseburg appeared to be on another touchdown jaunt when they fumbled and the North Eugene Highlanders recovered. As a result Roseburg won at 2040. A Roseburg fumble recovered by North. Ron johnson receives a pass from Bill Thomas. PRI GFIELD 13-6 is Another near miss as ball over shoots receiver. A Springfield player being brought down by Bill Halverstott. The third game of the year was played at Silke Field against Springfield High. The Millers controlled the ball and scored all their points in the first half .The second half was a different storv. The double threat of the hard running backs and good line plav had the Millers on the run. The High- landers came out on top in total yardage gained but not in points. The final score was North Eugene 6 and Spring- field I5. 163 i I6 ARSHFIELD 20-6 Atkins finds straight ahead running with down field blocking. The Marshfield Pirates Trailed the Highlanders by six points throughout the first half of the game. It wasnt until the third quarter that the Pirates got their first score. From then on, an intercepted pass and a fumble led to a greater margin in the score in Marshfields favor. North Eugenes only score came on a pass from Bill Thomas to Pat Helfrich. Johnson finds little running room behind blocker GRTH BE D 19-14 One of the closest contests of the year for North was North Bend, North Eugene game. The High- landers were first to mark the score board, early in the first quarter, on a one-yard plunge by Paul Vfin- ters, North Bend, came back in the second period to tie it up. The next two scores. credited to North Bend, came in the third period on two long runs. The Highlanders came right back with one T.D. drive and two near misses, one of which stopping on the Bulldogs 9 yard line. 4 i , A THUR TO 33- ix Atkins about to enter the end zone. Trappecl?? The biggest upset of the year was presented to North by the Thurston Colts. They took the opening kiekoff and tlrove the hall 63 yards for the score. North Caine right hack on a drive of "li yards by Ron klohnson. Despite oiztstantling running antl ixissing by Patil XY'inters and Bill Thomas. the I-lighlantler atracl-1 was not enough for the strong Thiirsttgn Colts. The final score was 55-25. COTTAGE GROVE 644 A netktie used Bill Thomas. A tlifferent story came to North finallx' in the Cottage Cirove gaine, Ihe Highlantlers openetl the scoring with .1 safety early in the first qnarter. The Lions eanie right back with six points antl the half entletl that way. A batl snap from center in the thirtl quarter set Nlifs seeonel score. The final score came in the fourth quarter on a 28 yartl pass from Ron Johnson to Pat Helfrich. The Highlanders threat- enetl again in the Closing minutes as fullback Chuck Harkins was out of hounds on the one yard line when the gun souncletl. Atkins on an entl sweep. A L la... 65 UTH EUGE E 14-7 The annual Cross town rivalry game was started off carly in tht- first quarter by fl Highlander touchdown. An inrcr- Ceptcd pass from Bill Thomas Sct up the first South Eugene Scorc. Outstanding Highlandcrs pass dcfcncc Saggcd inet enough to permit a South Eugcnc touchdown which meant the gaiuc. The final North score of what looked like a My 3' score camp in thc closing minutcs of the gains, Halfhack lynn Atkins received a hand off from Bill Thomas and ran over for a score. lr was Called hack by the officials. They said that Lynn fumbled before he Crossed the goal line, The final SCorc was lfif in favor of South Eugcnv. North Eugene wins thc toss hcforc thc starting kickoff. J. V. FOOTBALL J. V. SQUAD. Kneeling: Eddie Rupert, Pat Mekech, Bill Gard- ner, Dennis Dodge, jeff Hammer, Jerry Edin, jim King, Dono- van Cooper, Mick Railey, Gary Bendex, Mike Bilderback. Smurf- ing: jim Fry, Dave johnson, Gary Power, Chuck Zollinger, Bob Seaman, Terry Collison, Mike Christinson, Steve Ivy, jim Hurst, Kent Canoy, Torn Bristow, Coach Hodges. Razz' fbree: Manager Bob Smith, Howard Fogg, jim jaqua, Dave Gavick, Garu Graup- ensberger, jack Ferguson, Dave Myers, jerry Thompson, Ivar Anderson, Bob Swan, Phil Duerfeldt. Fi ns Q 'F es " an p 5 ,T -A .Q-, Ji., 5 . ,,,, .r y I F .g 4 .., , .ix . f xl e- 3 JUNIOR VARSITY RECORD Thurston .... . . O IS. . . .... NEHS Springfield .... . . .I9 6. .. . . . .NEHS Cottage Grove 7 6... ....NEHS South Eugene .. ... O 6. .. ....NIEHS Thurston .,... . . . 0 27. . . . . . .NEHS Springfield ... ...27 18... ....NEHS South Eugene .. ... O 6. .. ....NEHS OPHOMORE FOOTBALL SOPHOMORE SQUAD. Ron' one: Mac Lewman, -lim Bright, Forrest Beymer, Brion Richardson, Ken Willkens, Bruce Brant, Mike Reaves. Ron' lzm: Greg White, Roy Reyes, Bruce Purdy, Ray Edenholm, Mike Carlson, Randy Brant, Dan Harris. Razz' three: Larry Harding, Mike Craiger, Doug Getchell, Ray Tatum, Bob Johnson, Bruce Harrington, Greg Thompson, Bruce Kinnee, Coach Krupicka. The Sophomore football coach, George Krupicka, was impressed with the desire and attitude of the sophomore football team. The team is made up of the sophomore players who didn't make the Junior Varsity team. Because of the lack of speed, the team had a difficult time scoring, and they finished the season scorea less in six games. The other opponents were Cottage Grove, Wfillamette and South Eugene. They played each school twice. 167 Fzrtt rote Anclrexx McKenney, Bob Gravely, Leon Henderson. Second rout Dave Hardy, Ken Moore Mike Curtis, Dave Deubner, Ralph Rotter. UNIOR VARSITY Firtt 1' ow: Jerry Gordon, Bill Beebe, Dean Hague. Semzzd 1-mv: Hom Mitcheltree, Tom Olson, Dan O The Cross-country team had an- other successful season by sweeping first place in the district A-1 com- petition, and placing second in the state Cross-country meet. This year's team was led by four out- standing runners, Dave Deubner, Ken Moore, Mike Curtis, and Dave Hardy. 4 VARSITY BASEBALL North Eugene hasehall team fin- ished second place in district 5 A-I baseball behind South litlgene. The Highlandcrs compiled a Ci-5 win- loss record. For the season Mike Snow, soplioinore. had the hem earned run average in district play. The Highlanders. with nine players returning next year should have a good chance for the district title, ,aff 4 . Mel lends a helping hint im VARSITY BA KETBALL Coach Mel Kraus Norths varsity coach has turned out a fine team. The Highlanders ended the 196167 season, second in A1 league fifth in state with a 17 win 4 loss record. North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene .... .... N.E.H.S. SEASON RECORD 77M--43 48-34 65-57 48143 69-57 61151 61-59 59+45 57-+49 45146 -55 -49 59 44 57-+-41 48-M54 52-36 57--49 56i49 48---41 51-42 45--50 MLB? . Junction City . . . . Beaverton junction City . North Salem . North Salem . . . Wfillamette . . . Springfield . . . . Thurston . South Eugene Cottage Grove . . . . Roseburg .. North Bend . . . Marshfield .. . Springfield . . . . Thurston South Eugene Cottage Grove Roseburg .. North Bend . . . Marshfield . . Willamette VARSITY SQUAD Kneelnzg Steve Forrest Ivan Jensen. Stqndingt Bob Craven, John Franz, jack Strayer, Roger Lyman, Wayne Allen. Don Hale Gary Schvsieger Paul Michaels Bill Thomas, Ron Davies, Jim Stedman, Ron Johnson, i 5 ff fb X ae X12 ,mov Ron klolinsmm Xwayne Allen John Franz Roger Lyman Captain - - Senior Senior Senior Sgnipr Girard Girard Cerner Forward EK Bill Thomas jim Srcllnman Gary Schwieger Jack Strayer flffllflf Senior Senior Sevior Forza ard Forivard Girard Ceriler Q1 Don Hale Bob Craven Ron Davies Paul Miihaels Senior JHHIOV junior Sophomore Girard Forward Forward Forward KU as -,A wx' 1 , 'MTI Ivan Jensen Steve FOFYCSF Ron Murphy Manager Manager Siafiffician 171 v i n scores again against Sunfli Fugcgrzc, I 4 Chief fI'iC'S for two against Miirshfichi. Stedman on rho go against Marshfield Schwicgcr and Thurston Colt battle for the ball. 1 Q , K Lyman is up and at 'em against Rnschurg. Allen tries one of his long shots. Sophomore Paul Michaels leaps for 2 against South The 1962 season ended as the best of the Highlanders in their five years in A-1 league competition. The Highlander squad started the season winning their first nine games, five of which were non-league. During this time they were rated first in State and tournament bound. The next five games brought trouble. Losing three of these brought Northls rating down but not their spirits. The next seven games brought North back into the light . . . by winning six games and losing only one to Marshfield. The season record was 5-O in non-league play and l2-gl in league competition bringing the Highlanders a second place tie with South Eugene and Roseburg. Marshfield was in first place. A highlight of the season was the civil way games with the cross town rival South Eugene were played. North downed the Axeman twice in season play bringing the total to five wins in 6 games over a period of three years. In the play-off games for a tournament berth, North and South met and parted with a score of 73-57 in favor of N.E.H.S. Next North met Roseburg and gained the 1962 State Tournament berth. The final score was 70-66. The Highlanders can be proud of their team. They have set many new firsts for North. 74 ORTH EUGE E CAPT RE FIFTH John plays the bacl-:boards against Corvallis. John and Pinkstaff battle in play off competition. 1 A I as A The Chief leaps up for two. Franz in all-stars. Second place sportsmanship. For the first time at touranment North Eugene left little to be desired. To the surprise of no one ,the Highlander 6' S" center gained a position on the l962 All Star basket- ball team. Other members were Rick Wfhelan, Milwaukeeg Ed Maerz, South Salemg jon Norgaard, Astoriag and Dave Kafoiiry, Cleveland. Another trophy North students can be proud of is the second place sportsmanship trophx: South Salem sported the first place and Corvallis was in third. All the students worked hard for this honor and were well deserving of it. PLACE IN STATE TOURNEY Roger Lyman leaps for the ball. Northls Tournament Record .... 60-65..,. .. NIEHS... .... 53-5l,... NEHS... .... 55-46.... NEHSH, .... 55 5l .... STATE A-l FINALS First-Grants Pass Second-Marshfield Third'-Cleveland Fourth-South Salem Fifth-North Eugene MClNlinnville Baker . . Corvallis Milwatikie Only after a long hattle of season play and play-offs did North gain a berth in the State Tournament. A first for North lftigene. it was not the first for the Highlander Coach Mel Krause. Mel brought his Franklin team to state and took the championship. ln the first game North met McMinnville. The final score was 63-60 in favor of lNICMinnville putting North into the consolation series. Next, the Highlanders met Baker and won with a score of 53-5l. Corvallis was next in line hut North took charge and won, 55-46. Milwaukie was the last game and again North came through ro gain fifth place in the State Tournament. W .-.wM,.,,..,.,---Q Franz sinks one. 175 JU IOR V R ITY BA KETBALL 513 ae so 40 13 42 4 JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD: john Miller, jeff Hamer, Brion Richardson, Wfayne Kerns, Bob Curtis, Mike Snow, Ron Koehler, jon jenkins, Durward Wright, jerry Gordon. . , ,wb -VT' ' 2.-s'fi5H :f Qkf' Ei-as ' .gw f f.:ff,2' f " . W V"iV , ugi,3'15'f"J'55MM , 'L-3:71 W M L iiiiiiii sgg iiiiii ii ii W 1 f ' M U-" A , P , I , , L . I' Af' in , 1 . . 'H i V jf., 64? up jg Q if 'fy - f ., 3 '- , 1 " W ,.,.. I A K t V . yt, Q - A A www OPHOMORE BASKETBALL i Ti- Ii . 'Z ilij ..q,,3----,- F7 ' iles: SOPHOMORE SQUAD: Jerry Thompson, Larry Harding, Jim King, Phil Durefcldr. x Unidentified, Bob Swan, Mike Snow, john Landers, Leon Henderson, Bruce Kinncc, Dave Johnson, Coach Keele. 17 GYMNASTICS TEAM-Ron' owe: Harold Greer, Sherry Fountain, Sandy Crosby, Sherry johnson, Nore Lee Massengil, joyct- Ileren- cleen, Chris Hunter, Gary Powers. Razz' frm: Brian Richardson, Don Libby, Eddie Rupert, Chuck Harkins, Jim Steele, john Collins, jim Miller, Ray Reyes, Unidentified. Row three: jerry Stubblefic-ld, Greg Landers, Donovan Cooper, Grant Springer, Phil DeLong, Mike Olson, Don Chapin, Mr. Smith. GYM NASTIC TEAM AGAI Chuck Harkins on the rings, 178 Joyce Herentlsen on the new balancing beam. L 'ii g,': ,"' riff ,--. V. , Mu.. V A an in i fv J' Eddie Rupert f Donovan Cooper on the low bars. Again North's Gymnastics team took first place in the state championships. This is only the third year North has had a team. Under the supervision of Mr. Richard Smith the team was one of the best at North. The size of the team increased over the previous number, there were 25 team members. The team had new surroundings to do their practicing. The new activity rooms provided more space for practicing and equipment. Added to the list of the equipment was a balancing beam which was made especially for North by Mr. Alfred Herendeen, father of Joyce Herendeen. During basketball season the gymnastics team performed at half time at several games including the North'South game. Mr. Smith, the coach, will not be at North next year as he has accepted a job at the University. feri VYWQQSIEL 972' S T5--'E f . john Collins on the parallel bars WRESTLI G VARSITY SQUAD-Row one: Joe Armitage, Rick Marx, Randy Thwing, Gene Smothers, Roger Blythe, Darrel Bennett, Ray Thomas. Ron' two: Dan Banra, Charles Murphy, Jim Randall, Gary Stedman, Dave Cooper, Mike Bilderbach, Dave Buck. Row three Dave Myers Del Isham, Don Gott, Paul Keith, Bob Meyers, Bob Ticer Team Captain -Dave Buck Top Dual Contender-Randy Thwing Most Improved-Bill Gott Canvas Back-Gene Smorhers Best Conditioned-Del Igham Team-Second in District: Bill Gott, Randy Thwing Most Impressive--Bob Meyers Rid, Mqrx Paul Keith Don Gott, Del Isham, Bill Got: and Dave Buck. 180 Dan Banra, Bill Gott, Don Gott, Dave Buck, Bob Ticer The winner - Dan Banra J. V. SQU D JUNIOR VARSITY SQUADM Rom' one: Roger Blyth, Gary Hall, Art Ire- land, Vfarren Smith, Rick Marx, Paul Ellis, Bruce Stockdale. Ron' Izzo: Forrest Beymer, Dave Doran, Roger Coulter, Duane Millihcn, Ray Edt-nholin, Gary Bendix, James Hurst, Bob Meyers. Roz: three: Bob Anderson, Ron Root, Kert Canoy, Jerry Edin, Gary Stedman, Chuck Zollinger, Eddie Burtham, jerry Thompson. Rou' four: Mike Biltlerback, Dave Myers, Paul Keith, Dave Kut- schara, Ralph jones, Glen Davis, Ken Wilkins, Mr. Reed. Dave Buck getting help from Conch Krupjkti. jim Rantlall in half-nelson against Reetlsport. rl Randy Thwing against W'illametta. M ..-""" , Don Gott using the arm lock, -JN 4- ,Z 181 ' ,. - cc .-rv A, P -V' -.Ffh-q,- ,h..s,.i .4 M- . V fr , ze- 1:,"f 4 2. ' .rite -q.W:'1r- - - -X-:SAW H, of 'Q gf- . 'gy up f-ce: ,ferr --1-5-ix--. -fifff,., - ff ner., -p, -A . -Lvfm -.. ,fi-. 11 . nail ii: A ,Y-L 1, M ' .x -Q-639, . :Qu S' EJ' , Q - H - . . -- ' V. 1- . .X ,J . ,,, f-. 'fc X mf ' 'gif 3. , . ""' -, 32 :1 Q W' 1 ' r 62 -S' Q tif, , . l r ' f S 5. , ' 1?"Tg', .: 1 r ,m,N,Til':,ff:: ,L - iq, Y- . -my ME , , g1::'f gh . fra. fx fer , - ", "V ' ri. . , ji, , K ' 'x Li, . - ,,,, ,, . :H,155-wr..--xvw,-2 -- 1- --- 2. f.m,,ez1: ff .m,---,-gr -- - -fr fr, - s- -2- -""- H ., f - - ' ' . - " sw- -S fsm 5'fs?' --'- - -Timwmw if ,--fsibr sz L--- .se-rf--wfirir '--- -wr war- ...,. ,Q f " .5 -5 - is-1. -aa: ,J 15. 551:S:'.?Q":f5iIT'n'5W1 ' ' ' " , . , swapmieii?-G 3.1 . Qs' s- '.m'L. . m WvSF5W '. Sri:-1-. 5 5 .1 t-wg:-f ,. GOLF X sr , , .,, . - S ir f 1 0' 155. -f5 , ir' fm - Es STATE RUNNER UPS-Roger Wilcox, Bob Shriver, Coach jaegers, Don Morrow, Gary Schwieger. Right: Bob Shriver. Far right: Nick Newhouse on the driving range. E: .5 as if A ii... X'-Q-me Vw, r... 'mQfigrxz,A::Yr I 5. ......,. ,L i Far left: jack Ferguson, Gary Schwieger, left: on number 9. T I 5 is TP' wr 74 W :M nr 5 4 , 1 eff., ""l3 i ... 4 1 at ww TEM 1 4. if , 2 1 The team Win - Loss Record SEASON MATCH PLAY NEHS .... 13 SEHS ........... 2 NEI-IS .... 12 Springfield ....... 3 NEHS .... 8V2 U. of O. Frosh ..... 6V2 NEHS .... l0V2 Corvalis .......... 4V2 NEHS .... l3V2 McMinnville .. .. IV2 NEHS .... 8iV2 Corvallis ,. 6V2 NEHS .... 9V2 SEHS ...,. GVZ NEHS .... 11 Roseburg . . . . . . . 4 NEHS .... 14 Lebanon ,... l NEHS .... ZVQ OSU Rooks ....... l5V2 NEHS .... SV2 U. of O Frosh l4V2 MEDAL PLAY "'NEHS 399, SEHS 450, Corvallis 417, Rose- burg 467. 'NEHS 408, osU Rooks 411, U. of o. P10511 414, sEHs 425. 'NEI-IS 409, N. Salem 438, Corvallis 419, Lebanon 484. 3'-Denotes winner. Top row: Ralph Cole, Bob Shriver, Roger Wilcox, Rick Newhouse. Boltom row: Gary Schwieger, Don Morrow, Coach Jaegers. The Highlander Diver Squad with Don Morrow, Gary Schwieger, and Bob Shriver, returning from last year's state championship team resumed their winning ways to go through the entire season without losing to a high school. They established the enviable record of being undefeated for two years in high school competition. The Highlanders defeated the Oregon State Rooks once and lost once. North defeated the University of Oregon Frosh twice and lost to them once. North again captured the Upstate Tourney crown for the second consecutive year and finished second in the State Championship Tournament, three strokes behind Corvalis, the winner. Roger Wilcox played the fourth position and turned in consistently good performances all year. Number five position was capably handled by Rick Newhouse and Bryan Burton who alternated in that spot. Jack Ferguson and Ralph Cole rounded Ollt the eight man squad. Coach Jaegers teeing off. I83 TRACK Row one: Unidentified, Tom Mitchelltree, Gary Powers, Leon Henderson, Dave Deubner, Wilscnn Muhlhiem, Mike Curtis, Lynn Atkins, Ed Reed, Richard Iorgenson. R011 lwo: jerry Gordon, Bill Beebe, Greb Thompson, Gafy Bendix, Larry Read, Art Ireland, Andy North's relay team. 184 McKinney, John Franz, Pat Helfrich, Dan Ousley, Ken Moore, Jack Briggs. Rout' three: Mike Bilderback, Glen Davis, W'ayne Kerns, Phil Duerfeldt, Dave Hardy. Row four: Doug Paul, Jon jenkins, Dean Hague, Ray Wfalker, Bob Gravely, Ralph Rotter. The 1962 track team, coached by Bub Robertson and Bob Newland finished the track season by sweeping the state track meet in Corvallis, Oregon. At this meer the top prep stars of Oregon high schools competed for the state title. This victory closed the season with a record of 10 wins and no losses. Besides winning the state title and break- ing five school records, we can proudly boast of having another track star listed in the "nation's best." Dave Deubner, by running a tremendous mile of 4212.8 was listed first in the nation's best track athletes. Another great winner was john Franz who broad jumped 6' 5" to break a meet record. ,L wwf Mr. Hend rnckson, starter. Pat Helfrich, N.E,H.S. best hurdlet. pizhg Two real champions john Franz and Dave Deubner. National Favorites Dave and Mike Curtis. Q, x, an K H 5 r I' - , T 49- Q- I., ga. r, Q., 7 fmt.: 1, fi fi' if Q ,wi . Q I nf!!! " 'W 'L A I . in " M l r r N '.,.fl""' N Z, . it M : ' , q i. f t -"" i a Neil Sticnhauer throws the shot-put. Pat and john in relay. , 4 tag, ,ss f 4 4 r 5? rw L gb , ,Una , ,J IAQ, W' . arf !" 185 SWIMMI G Back row. left to right' Ken Moore, Loren Pieterson Larr Dra er, - , Y l-7 Larry Dickson, Dave Buck, Charlie Smith, Phil Stevans, Carl Man .,. u g ,,. ,, ,N when ima? ,P ,L....-n Art Brenner performing a Swan dive. 186 "RWM v, ,,, A, rr' "V" P A MEM " ,. vu we 1 M347 -fa, 'W Www . -www . W., H., ykfr- f.aa.v.- A Jon Taylor, jim Brown, Dean Church, Unidentified, Randy Thwing, - Front row: Pete Little, Sun hi Synn, Mr. Bell, Gordy Hall, seth, Jon Soha, Terry Nagle, Dan Olson, Craig Kerr, Art Brenner, This was the first year for North Eugenes Swimming Team and a good one. Wfith the fine coaching of Paul Bell the team managed to send these boys to state: jim Soha Cbreaststrokej, Pete Little fbackstrokeb, Randy ThWingCButterflyj and Larry Dixon, Charlie Smith, and John Taylor in the free style relay. Divers are: Larry Draper, Art Brenner, and Craig Car. Team Captain posi- tion was filled by Dean Church. The be- ginning team didn't fair against other coma peting teams too well but managed to win in a triangle meet. AUTOGRAPHS ADVERTISEMENT The TARTAN Staff urges the students to patr iiize firms for they make the greater part of this book possible. Our thanks fronfrgthe stgff go to these firms for their E x in It K 135 vf -3.18331 ff' A A, ,. ,r f 1 EUGENE WELDERS SUPPLY ..-mr' 'I Oxygen "' Acetylene "' Welders Supply ' Safety Supplies 3' Medical Supplies "' Rental Service 1574 West 6th EUGENE MCDANIEIXS LUMBER CO. WQQDRUFF NURSERY Hearh's Wonder Fabrics Complete Lamlrcapifzg Service OSCQ7' St1"5l1,LSS 'I FRUIT AND NUT TREES 878 Williamette Eugene I' ROSES AND VINES " ORNAMENTAL SHRUBS john Warren Hardware, Inc. Your Willamette Valley Sporlr Center " EVERGREEN TREES 1270 River Road DI 5-1481 SPECIAUSTS IN SPORTS 771 Willamette D15-3353 PAYLESS DRUG STORE 63 West Broadway DI 2-1738 1. C. 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Gail 41 Anderson, Barbara 30 Anderson, Beverly 30 Anderson, Robert 41.109,181 Anderson, Bruce 41, 122 Anderson, Francine 30 Anderson, Lohn A. 56 Anderson, john R.56 Anderson, Judy 30 Anderson. lvar 30.167 Andrew. Kathy 41 Andrews. john 56 Anfora, Carl 41.126 Angelo, Mocheal 56.l13. 109.115 Ankney, Tom 30 Aird. Carol 56 Armitage, Ioey 30, 180 Armstrong. Sandra 41 Arneson. llelen 40 Arnold, Dianna 41 Arnold, Ianicc 56, 95. 108.116 Ash. Kathy 30 Ashburn. Harry 41 Asmervig. Barbara 41. 88, 95. 98. 99 Asmervig, Patty 57, 93, 94 Atkins. Lynn 57, 103. 106, 184 159 Attehury. Carolyn 30 Attehury. Marilyn 30. 123 Augustine. Lois 57. 95 Ayres, William 41 -B- Babb. Rebecca 57.113 Babb, Wanda 57 Bailor, Larry 57,123 A Bailor, Sandy 57. 95, 96, 105, 126 Baker, Linda 57 Baldwin, Gary 41 Banta, Dan 105. 180 Barber. Lynn 57, 95, 96, 111,118 Barker, Rita 30, 94,114 Barrett. Ken 30 Barrett. Myra 41 Bartling, Carol 30. 107 Barton, Danial 30 Bartunek, Suzanne 41, 95 Bauske. Brian 126 I DEX Baxley. Ron 41 Baxter. Anna 41 Baxter. Roland 57,109 Beagley, Clarence 30 Beagley, Dianna 41. 95,116 Beals, lennifer 42. 97,107 Beals, Rosalie 42. 107. 95 Beall, Dale 57. 98, 99 Beaman, Trula 57 Beatty, Bob Beary. Diann 42.122 Bechtol, Patty 58 Beak.1udy 58. 95, 104.112. 120 Beck, Pat 42,122 Bedient, Nancy 30.92. 94 Beebe. Bill 42,168.184 Beeson, Sander 30 Bell, Carol 42 Bendix, Gary 42,167.18l,184 Bennett. Darrell 30,180 Bennett, Linda 42, 95 Bennett, Larry 30 Bensen, Pat 30,111 Benson, Robert 58 Benson, Robert Berg, Gerald 58 Berger, Diann Bernardo, Russell 42 Betts, Gary 42 Bevans. Lunn 58. 88,112,131 Beymer, Forrest 42. 167, 181 Boggs, 1-larry 42,126 Bilderback, Mike 30, 167, 180. 181, 184 Bires. David 58 Birran, Dennis 42 Bittleson. Alan D. 42 Bittleson, lim 58 Black, Ken 30 Blackford, ludi 30. 95.123 Blair. Robert 30, 109 Blanchard, Carol 42 Blacherly, Marilyn 95. 96. 212. 122 Block, Carol 42.122 Block, Marilyn 42 Blood. lean 42. 95,101,116 Bloom, Dennis 30.169 Blye. Barbara. 30 Blythe. Sandra 58. 93, 104 Blythe, Roger 42,180,181 Boggie, Gerald 58 Bohna, Carol 30 Boise, Iames Boles, Kenneth 42 Borgaard, lohn 30 Borgaard, Patty 42 Bostic, Brian 114 Bowen, Sue 42, 88, 95 Bowerman, Tom 42, 104 Bowers, Milo 30 Bowman, Margaret 30 Bowser, Sandre 58, 113, 116 Boyd, Robert 58 Boylan, Gary 42 Boylan, Karen 42 Bradford, Doris Bradford, Gary 42 Brandt, Bruce 42,104,167 Brandt. Ian 30. 123 Brant. Randy 42, 126 Braun. Arthur 42 Braun, Emmett 58,103 Brechtbill, Cheryl 42,96 Bremmeman. Merry 30 127.126 Brenamen. Linda 30 Brenner. Arthur 30.103 106 186 Briggs. lack 30.184 Briggs Mary 42 Briggs. Diane 42 Briggs. Pat 42 Briggs. Robert 42 Bright. lames 42,167 Brink. Chuck. 30 Brinkman, Mike 58 Bristow. Tommy 42, 167 Brittian. Gary 42 Brooks, Mariorie 30 Brooks Brooks . Bob 58 . Mike 42, 104, 109, 114 Broyes, Kathryn 59 Brotherton. Gary 31 Brown, David 42 Brown, Earl 42,122 Brown, jim 43,186 Brown, Iohn 58 Brown. Renae 43 Brown, Rick 31,123 Brown, Susan 31, 94, 105. 106. 109 114 Brumley, Gary 43 Brumbaugh. Sharon 59. 123 Bruns, Iudy 31. 94,111 Bryant. Elizabeth Ann 43 Buck. Becky 43 Buck. David 59.103180 186 Buller, Mike 43 Bulter, Barbara 31 Burden, Linda 43, 95.116 Burgess. Sandy 43. 88.109 122 Burkhart, Shris 31.103 109 Burkman. Teryl 43. 95 Burnet. Don 59.89 Burton. Russell Bryan 31.103 Buskirk, lohn 43. 126. 127 Butler, Victoria fTorib 31. 92 94. 123 Byres, Richard 43 ,C- Calhoun, Raymond 43,126 Callahan, ludy 123 Calvin, Kent 43 Cameron, Rickard 43 Campbell, Ianay 43. 95, 106, 116 Campbell, Kent 59 Campbell, Richard 31, 98, 99 Canoy, lanet 31, 94 Cancy, Kent 43,167,181 Carleton, Betty 43. 126,127 Carley, Donna 122, 123 Carlile, Diana 31, 94. 105.109 Carlson, Davia 31.126127 Carlson, Mike 43,106,169 Carmickle, Dorothy 59, 95 Carpenter, RoseAnn 31, 94, 106. 111 Carro. ,lon 43 Carter, Sandra 43 Cauthorn, Gene 31 Cavahaugh. lim 43 Caven. Judy 59. 113 Chadek, james 31.103 Chadeck, William 104 Crowson, Carolyn 53 Cruickshank, Donald CSandyj 31 Cully, Mike 31. 88. 107. 169 Cully. Trudy Ann 44. 88. 95. 122 Cummins, Lloyd 31 Curtis, Robert 44. 176 Curtis. Mike 31. 103. 168. 184 Cutler. Carol 44, 108.122 -D- Capin. Don 43.178 Capman. ,lim 43.122 Capman, john Chapman. Lloyd 31.111, 144 Chauran, Mike 31 Childers. Harold 59.120 Christensen. Mike 43. 126. 167 Christensen Sandra 43 Christofferson, Carol 59 Church. Dean 59. 89. 103,104 l06,1l0.123, 186 Chynoweth, Donna 59 Clark lill 43.122 Clark Len 59. 122 Clark. Larry 31 Clark. Sherry 59 Clark, Tim 43 Claxton. Georgia 60 Clayton, ludith QKim1 31 Clearwater, Pam 31 Cline, Richard 43 Daggett. Ron 44 Dalros. Gerald Danner. Sandra 31, 89, 94, 109, 145 Dark. Charles 60.104114 D'Armond, Miciele 60 Daudel, Christie 3189.111 Dauntless. Verna 44.95 David. Danny 31 David, ludy 31 David, Wenda 31 Davies, Ron 31, 103,170, 171 Davis, Beverly 31. 93. 94 Davis. Christine 32, 104 Davis, Curt 60,112,120 Davis. David 60 Davis, Glen 44.18l. 184 Davis. Iudy 32 Davis, Robert 32.123 Davis, Roger 44 Clindinpeel. Rebecca 43,123 Clunie. Barbara 43. 95. 96,104. 107, 116 Cluster, George 31 Colarullo, Charles 43 Cole. Ralph 60, 89.182 Coleman. Sandra 43. 95,122 Collins, john 31, 88, 89,103,104 108,111,178 Collins, Nancy 60, 88, 95, 100, 101,l06,l28, 131 Collins, Patricia 31, 94 Collison, Terry 167 Comstock. Laura 60. 93. 94 Cone, Nancy 60. 88, 95 Conlin, Kathy Rae Conrad, Wilda 43 Cooper. David 60. 103. 180 Cooper, Dodovan 31. 167,178 Cope. Ronald Corum. Annette 43 Cosmus. Pat 43 Coulter. Roger 181 Courtney, Nancy 31, 116 Coverdale, Ron 60,102,120 Cox, Linda 43. 95 Cracker, Doug 31 Cracker, Linda 43, 95 Crafts. Alanson CLanniej 31. 113. 111 Crager, Mike 43.167 Crane, Ronald 43 Craven, Robert 31.103, 108, 169. 170. 171 Cronin, Dale 60 Cronin, Don 43 Crosby Sandra 43.126,178 Cross, Marcia 31,107,118 Crow. leff Donald Day. Donna 61.95.123 Deaver, Deanna 32 Deffenbacher, Wanita 32 Degner. George 44 Deitrich. Pam Delaney. Mike 61 Delany, Aileen 32 Deller, Dale 32, 117 Delong. lanice 44. 95 DeLong Phil 61, 103. 104.178 Delyea. Fran 44 Delyea, Ruth 61, 88, 95 DeMoss, Ron fLarryj 32. 169 Dempsey, Kay 44.95 Denham. Mark 61 Derry, Mary 44 De Santis, Margo 32,122 Desler. Chuck 44 Deubner, David 61. l03,l30. 168, 184 Deubner, Sara 44 Deverell, Robert 44 Dewey, Dennis 44 Deyo, Susan 32, 88, 94,113,144 Dickey. Diane 32, 94,l07. 118 Dickson. Darry 32. 89. 103. 107. 104. 111. 186 DiPaolo, jack 32 Dodge, Dennis 44,167 Dolan, Dixie 32 Dollarhide. Lori 32,126 Dooley. Ruth Ann 61, 88 Doran. David 44, 126,127. 181 Dorey. Nancy 32 Doty. Carol 44, 95 Draper. Gary 32, 89,104 Draper, Larry 32, 88. 103. 104. 186 Drasye. Mona 61 Drasye, Rhita 44 Driscoll, Charles 44 Duchesnaeu. ludy 32.95. 105.123 Duckett. Maureen 44. 116 Duerfeldt, Phil 44, 88,l07, 126, l27,167,177,l84 Duffy, Ed 32 Dull, james 44 Duncan, Pat 44, 95 Duncan, Roger 61 Dundin, Pat 32. 89. 96. 97. 98. 99 Dunn. Pierre 44 Dunn. Rick 61.85 DuPriest, Robert 6l,127. 128.129 Durbin. Carolyn 32. 94 Duzan. lim 126 Dyson, Heather 61 -E- Eastmen, Greg 32 126 127 Eckert, lim 44 Edenholm. Ray 44,181 Edin, lerry 44.167181 Edmonds, lanice 61. 95. 96.102 113 Edwards, lan 44 Efterland, Sharron 62, 95. 96 Edgeter. Steve 44 Ehrmantrout, Linda 44 Eigsti, Alyce 62 Esiminger. Lenore 44 Elder, Fran 62, 90. 88 Ellington, Marc 44.122 Ellis, Karen lean 44 Ellis, Paul 44.181 Ellis. lohn 32 Elmer, Alice 32 Elmore, Brenda 32 Elmquest, Karen 62, 95,128 Emmons. Mike 62, 103. 169. 158 Endres. Karla 32 101.107. 94. 111. 118 Engle, Linda 32 Engle. Mike 32 Englehardt. Everrett 32 Erb. Dennis 62 Erickson, Carol 32.116123 Esterby. lanet 32.123 Ester, Camilla 44 Evans, ludy 32 88,94 Evans, Margie 62.93. 8896130 Evans. Mike 62 Engebretson. Richard 44 Evenson, Everett 62 Everett. Mary 44.107 -FL Farman. Larry 32 Fay. Mary 32 Fenn. Tyler 32 Ferguson, Frank 62 Ferguson, lack 44, 89. 145, 167. 182 Ferguson. loanna 44 Fields, Candy 44,88 Fish, Bob 45 Fish, Christina 117.123 Fisher. Sharon A. 62,123 Fisher, Sherry 32,101 Fisher, Suzanne 45 Fisher, Roberta Flegenheimer, Emmy 62.132 Fogg. Howard 45,123,167 Folson. Leroy 62 Forrest. Dale 45.109 Forrest, Steve 103,106,170, 171 Forty. Diane 62 Foss. Carolyn 45 Foutain, Sherry 33.178 Foy. Pat 33 France. Dan Franz. John 62. 88. 103. 109. 128. 131.170,171.184 Freedenburg, Jim 32. 88 Freeman, Bill 45.104 Freeman. Gail 62, 93.128 Frieze, Mary Ann 45 Fry, Barbara Frye, Jim 45,167 Fuller. Richard 63 Funken, Neva 63 -G- Gallagher, Robert 33 Gallagher, Susan 45,122 Gamble, Nadine 63, 123 Gammell. Carol 45 Garber. Leslie 33.88,104.109. 111 Garber, Pam 63.88.104.l09,113. 128 Gardner, Bill 45.167 Gavick, David 33, 167 Geiger, Sue 63,120 Geoghegan. Marsha 45. 95 Gerimonte. Kathy 45. 107. 95 Getchell. Doug 45.167 Gheen, Lynda 63, 96, 95, 112 Gibbs. Judy 63 Gibson, Barbara 33 Gibson, Dennis 33 Gibson, Jim 63 Geibisch, Edward 33 Gillette, Mike 45.126 Gillespie. John 63 Glass. Vicki 63. 95. 96 Glaze. Steve 33 Glenn, Cynthia 45, 95, 105. 107 Goerz. Bill 45,122,123 Goff, David 45 Gott, Janet 45 Goldhammer, Harry 63. 109.110, 113, 128 Gordon, La Donna 33 Gorgon, Jerry 45, 168,176,184 Gordon, Judy 63 Gossett, Joeine 45 Gott, Bill 33, 103, 126 Gott, Don 63, 130, 180 Graeff, Richard 45 Garalow, James 45 Graupensperger, Gary 45, 167 Gravely, Bob 33, 89, 103, 168,184 Graves, Carole 33, 94 Graves, Dianna 33 Graville. Robert 63 Greb, Richard 63 Green, Linda 64 Green. Suzanne 33 Greer. Lanny 64 Greer, Dean 45 Greer, Harold 33,178 Griffith, Jackie 45, 95 Griswold. Ann 64. 95,104 Grubbs. Beverly 45 Guladager. Charles 33 Gulovsen. Mike 45 Gulovsen. Cheryl 123 Guse, Henry 33 -I.J- Hackleman. Linda 33. 88 Hofdahl. Dwane 33 Hagen. Sue 45 Hague. Harvey 45 Hale, Don 64, l03,121,l70, 171 Hale, Nancy 45. 88, 95,108 Hall. Clayetta 33 Hall, Gary 45,109.181 Hall, Gordon, 64, 102, 103, 128, 186 Hall. James 45 Hall, Norman 64,110,128,129 Hallett, Pam 33 Halloway, Barbara 45 Halloway, Larry 45 Hallstrom, Lynne 45, 95. 108 Halverstott, Bill 33. 89,103,104 Hamer, Jeff 45,167,176 Hamilton. Margo 33 Hammon. Duane 64 Hamper, Dennis 33 Hand, Sandra 33.106,126,127 Hansen, Lee Roy Hansen. Peggy 33 Harbour, Mike 33,126,127 Harsch, Pat 123 Harding. Larry 45,167,177 Hardy, David 33,l03, 168,184 Hardy, James 64,103, 89 Harkins, Charles 64, 103, 159, 178 Harries, Jeanette 33 Harrington, Charles 33 Harrington, Bruce 45,167 Harris, Dan 45, 126.167 Harris, Richard 33,104,109 Harris, Ro 45 Harvey, James 64 Hassler, Ron 64 Hassman, Sharon 33, 94,145 Hastings. Bob Hastings, Judy 45, 95 Hatfield, Howard 64 Hauck, Sharon 33, 94, 96.105, 109 Hauck, Rose Mary 46, 95,105, 116 Hay, Cheryl 33, 94, 101,108,109 Hay, Ken 46 Hayes, Wanda 33 Haynes, Carol 46 Heacock, 33,109 Heath, Jeff 46 Hebard, Doug 33 Hedden Gary 33, 107 Heberg, Doug 46 Heitzman. George 33 Helfrich. Pat 64. 89.103,129.l30 184 Helget. Betty 65 Helbey, Sandra 46. 116 Hemmingsen. David 65 Henderson, Leon 46,103, 109, 168, 177, 184 Hendrickson, Linda 65 Henson, Jim 34 Henson, Pat 46, 88, 95, 104,108 Herendeen, Joyce 34, 96, 116 127, 126,145,178 Hermach, Tim 34 Hescock, Verneda 65 Hesterlee, Carol 46 Hesterlee, Roberta 46, 123, 127 Hiatt, Bob 34 Hickenbottem, Joan 34 Hicks, Jill 34 Hickson, Larry 34 Hileman, Vicke 65, 101 Hill, Ellen 65,123 Hill, LeAnn 46, 95, 106 Hilles, Alan 65,107,110, 129 Hinds, Christine 65, 90, 112, 129, 131 y Hinds, Virgina 34, 92, 89,94, 106 Hireskorn, Joenne 46 Hirsekorn, Luella 46, 122 Hobbs, Ken 34,100, 101 Hocking, Mary 34.93, 94, 96, 126, 127 Hoefer, Lloyd 46 1-loerntlein, Kathy 34, 123 Hoeye, Dennis 46 Hogue, Duane 65 Hogue, Richard 46 Hohberg, Sandra 65, 91 Holbert, Lynn 95 Holcomb, George 65 Holcomb, Sylvia Ann 34, 113 Holcomb, Marsha 46, 114, 116 Holmes, David 46 Holt, Dean 46 Homenky, Judy 65 Hopkins, Mary Horne, Barbara 46 Howell, Clement 65 Howes, Terrance 34 Hoyman, Bill 65 Huckins, Loretta 46 Hufford, Janet 46 Hulbert, Marilyn 46 Hunstock, Judy 46, 95. 108, 116 Hunter, Chris 46.95, 104, 107, 178 Hunter, Debbrah 46, 95 Hunter, George 46 Hurt, Suzanne 34 Hurst, James 46,167,181 Hyland, Ansel 65, 106 Hyland, Dennis 65 -I- lngebretson, Judy 34, 88, 95, 123 Ingram, Reba 46 lnman, Linda 46 Ireland, Arthur 34, 181, 184 Isaacson, Jon 46 Isham, Dell 66, 101,103. 107 180 Iverson, Derek 46 Ixiv, Stephen 34, 167 -J- Jackson. Larry 46 Jacobs. Pat 34.94. 99 Jacquol. Cynthia 46, 95. 104. 105 Jacobs, Kathy 95 Jacobs, 66. 88. 90,104,107 Jantzer, Fay 46 Jaqua, Anne 46, 88. 104, 123 Jaqua. Jim 34. 89.167 Jenkins, Dale 66 Jenkins. Jon 34. 164,l76, 184 Jensen, Ivan 66. 89, 103, 169, 170.171 Jensen, Juanita 34, 46, 106 Jensen, Melvin 66.102 Kellis. Richard 47 Kellogg, Leroy 47 Kelm, llarvey 66 Kendall. Curt 47, 122 Kendall. Donovan 47 Kenny. Donna 123 Kepner. Peggy 34. 88, 94.111, 104. 106 Kerns. Wayne 47, 176. 184 Kerr. Craig 47. 103, 186 Killian, Jerry 47 Kimball, Jerry 66 Kindler, Janet 47, 95, 126 King, Janice 67.96. 97, 102 King, James 47,109.167,177 King, Tamara 47, 107, 145 Kingsley, John 34 Kinnee, Druce 47,123,167,177 Kirtley, Norman 35, 126 Kinzer, Terry Kinney, Mike 47 Jensen. Marjorie Jeppseen, Kate 34 Johnson, Beverly 34 Johnson, Bob 46, 167 Johnson, Cecil 34 127 Jolmson, David 34.l15,167.177 Johnson. James QRustyj 66 Johnson, Janice 46.95, 122 Johnson, Jeff 34, 104, 109, Johnson. Jerri 34. 88, 127, 126 Johnson, Karen 46. 88. 95.104, 105, 106 Johnson, Keith 66 Johnson, Lynda 47. 104, 106 Johnson. Menory 34, 123 Johnson, Roberta 47, 95 Johnson, Ron 66. 89. 103, 130, 170. 171 Johnson, Sharon, 34,123,178 Jones. Don 66 Jones, Carolyn 34 Jones, Floyd 66 Jones, Kay 47 Jones, Pat 47.122 Jones. Ralph 47, 108,111,181 Jones, Jones, Ron 66 Thomas 34, 103 Kinnett, Ronnie 47 Klink. James 35 Knott, Leslie 67, 118 Knotts, Mary 67 Knudson, Loralee 47 Kutson. Diane 67, 123 Knutson. Terry 35, 123 Knutson. Yvonne 35, 123 Kobersteine, Sharon 67 Koberstein, Marilyn 35 Koch, Ivan 35,113 Kotstoe, Gary 47,126,127 Kocks. Wayne 47 Koch, Roy 47 Kroblen, Judy 67,123 Kroger. Mark 35 Krupicka, Sherry 47, 95 Krantz, George 35 Krusenstjerna, Eloise 67, 95, 96, 97 Kulick, Joan 47,123 Kupetz, Jeanne 47 Kupetz, Sherryl 67,113 Kutschaara, David 35,181 -L- Jones, Wallace 104 Jordon, Jim 34 Jorgenson, Richard 34,103, 104,184 Justis, Karen 47,106 -K- Kadua Kathy 34, 109, 94 Kadrms, Shirley 34 Kaluza. Veronica 47 Kammeyer, Barbara 34, 88. 94 106. 113 Kangas, Mike 34 Kebekbeck. Judy 47, 107 Keebler, Ron 47, 176 Keebler, David 34, 109, 88, Kenney, Steve 66 Keir, Sally 34 Keir, Sue 66 Keith, Paul 34,103,106, 113, 127, 180, 181 La Bonte, Jerry 67, 99 Lahmers, Susan 47, 95,104,126 Landers, Greg 47,178 Landers, Maralee 67, 95,123 Landers , John 47,177 Lane, Mary 47 Lange, Larry 47 Lange, Robert 35,103,169 Langan, Powell 35 La Porte. La Verda 35, 94, 105,126,127 Larson, George 67.112 Larson, Sandra 47 La Sala. Ron 35 Laurin, Jim 67,112,120 Leal. Janet 35 Lee. Diane 47,.95 Leighton, Ann 47, 95 Lewis. Betty 47 Lewman, Clyde 47,167 Libby, Dom 67,114,178 Liljegren, Astrid 35, 96 Lindley, Janet 48 Lisa, Sharon 68, 95, 108, 111, 129 Little. Carol 48 Little, Peter 39.102,l03.1l1.l15. 145.186 Lofvendahl, Sandy 94.105,107, 111 Long, Alan 68 Long. Dennis 48,123 Loomis, Toni 122 Loney, Jim 68,102 Looney, Judy 35,120 Lovelace, Harry 35 Lovett, Sheila 48,122 Lund, David 48 Lundstrom, Don 68,103,169 Luvaas, Bill 35, 89,102,104, 110 144 Lyman. John 106,144 Lyman, Roger 68, 88, 103, 109, 131,170,171 -Mc- Mc Bee, Joyce 35,127,145 Mc Cabe. Kathy 69. 95,104,107 Mc Call, Mike 48 Mc Cane. Ray 69 Mc Cann, Sandra 48 Mc Carry. Kathleen 48,122 McC1ory, Jim 69 Mc Cullery, Lelia 48 Mc Eachern, Mariella 48.95.104 Mc Elory. David 35 Mc Fadgen. Sharon 35, 96 Mc Farland Maryann 35. 98, 99 Mc Ghee, Ken 48,106 Mc Kenzie, Janice 69 Mc Kinney. Everett fAndyJ 35. 103,109,l68,184 Mc Kinnon, Doug 35 Mc Ky, Diane 35 Mc Nair, Ann 48, 104 Mc Reynolds, Larry 48,106 Mc Williams, Deleta 35 Mc Whorter, Jack 35,123 -M- Mace, Chris 68 Madden, Jeanne 48 Maesner, Rodney 35 Malcolm, Norman 68,103 Malos, Larry 68, 89 Manela. Naomi 35, 109, 111 Manseth, Karl 68.104, 109, 186 Mansfield. Bob 48 Mansell, Tina 48, 95 Marotta, Thomas 48 Marr, Bob 48 Marr, Sheryl 69 Marshall, Pat 68 Martin. Carey 48,114 Martin, Peggy 48, 95,122 Marx. Rick 48,103. 180.181 Masengil. Noralee 35, 96,116. 178 Masoy. Cathy 48, 96. Matteson, Myra 35 Matteson, Linda 69, 96 Maxwell, Jim 48 Maxwell, John 48 Mayberry, Duane 69 Maycumber, Dana 69, 89, 98, 99 Mayes, Anne 69,95,104 Mead, Mary 69, 93, 94, 98 Meadows, Troy 48 Medill, Chuck 35 Mekech, Pat 48, 167 Melby, Gilbert 69 Melby, Ruth 35 Mentze, Billie Jean 48 Mentz, Dorothy CSimsJ 93, 74 ..N- Nagle, Terry 186 Nance, Greg 49,126 Neal, Connie 49, 95,122 Needham, Richard 49,126,127 Neet, Ruth 36,123 Nelson, Rebecca 49 Neubaum, Dan 36 Neuschwander, lvan 36 Newhouse, Ricky 49 Pederson, Bill 49,106 Pederson, Dan 71, 98, 99,114 Pederson, Karen 71, 95, 120 Pederson, Janet 49,105 Peiterson Pendleton, Loren 50, 186 Dick 71 Penrod, Peggy 49,108,122 Perkins, Jean 36 Perlich, Jane 49 Peterson, Bruce 36 Peterson, Nancy 49 Metcalf, Roger 35 Meyers, Stanley 69 Meyers, Peggy 36,123 Meyers, Stewart 35,115 Michael, Paul 48, 88,103, 169. 171,170 Michner, Karol 35,108,127 Milhoupt, Merimee 35,109 Milhoupt, Gretchen 69 Miller, David 69,117 Miller, Don 48,126 Miller, John 48,169,176 Miller, James 48,103,178 Miller, Miller, Karen 69, 95 Susan 35,107,104 Milliken, John 48 , 181 Newland, Candy 36, 88, 94,144 Newman, Kay 36, 95,107 Newman, Keith 70 Newman Sue 49, 96, 106 Newman Ton 70 Newton, Dave Nickel, Ken 49 Nicol, Cathy 49, 88, 95,105 Noble, Pat 70 Norberg, Julie 70,133 Nygaard, Phyllis, 49,109,122 Nylander, Jay 49 -O.. O'Brien, Dan 103 O'Conne11, Mike 36 Oliver, Ken 71 Minnickel, Leo 48 Minutrn, Ed 35,123 Minturn, Larry 48 Minturn, Louse 69, 93, 94,107, 128,129 Mitchel, Robert 70 Mitcheltree, Tom 48,168,184 Moir, Steve 70 Montgomery, Ann 48, 95,127 Montgomery, Linda 35 Moody, Janice 48 Moon, Bonnis 70,96,116,l27 Moore, Ken 70,103,113,168,l84, 186 Moore, Marjorie 35, 94,106,11l, 130 Morgan, Gene 35 Morgan, Shirley 48 Morrison, Mike 48 Morrow, Donel 36,103,182 Mortimer, Zedra 48 Moyer, Betty 36 Muhlheim, Mary 48, 95,106 Muhlheim, Wilson 70, 102, 103, Olsen, Tom 36 Olson Bert 71,122 Olson, Blaine 49 Olson, Carl Olson, Dennis 49 Olson, Don 49,189 Olson, Gail 71 Olson, Gaylore Olson, Lyle 123 Olson, Mike 49,178 Olson, Tom 49,168 Otto, Diane 36 Ousley, Dan 49, 88,168 106,110,184 Mulvey, Mike 49 Mumau, Clarie 36, 109, 126, 127 Munson, Munson, 145 Murchy, Lynn 49, 95,104,109 Nancy 70, 93, 94, 107, Sherron 49 Murphree, Patsy 70,105 Murphy, Charles 36,180 Murphy, Dennis 49 Murphy, Karen 36 Murphy, Karol 36 Murphy, Ron 70, 103, 169,171 Murray, Murray Cathy 70 Geri 49 Myers, ,Robert 36,l03,180,181 Myers , David 36, 49,167,180 Myss, Ron 36,109 Ovens, Dennis 36 Overton, Ken 49 Owens, Marilyn 49 Owens, Orrin 36 Oxenford, Jack 36 -p- Pack, Diane 36 Pack, Gary 49 Padgett, Karen 49 Paisley, Linda 36,101, 100, 104, 107 Pakulak, Keith 71 Palanuk, Joe 36 Palmquist, Patty 36 Parker, Beldon 71 Parker, Jack Parks, Penny 49 Parks, Kim 36 Parsons, Gary 49,122 Partch, Diane 71 Partch, Richard 71 Paschelke, Jim 71,103 Patrick, Sandy 71, 95, 89,120 Pattee, Cheryl 36,122 Pattee, Sandra 49,123 Paul, Doug 36 Peterson, Sue 49, 95, 96,104,106 Petzold, Derrell, 49,126 Phillips, Dale 50 Packard, Ray 50 Pickering, Ralph 71, 88, 112, 126, 131 Pierce, Carolyn 50 Pierce, Christine 50 Pierce, Don 71 Pierce, Thelma 50,105,122 Pierson, Jack 71 Pierson, Milton 36 Pifer, Lynda 123 Pittam, Nancy 50 Pittam, Larry 50 Pleasnet, Ellen 50 Potampa, Janis 50,127 Potts, Lyle 72 Powell, Dave 36 Powers, Gary 50,167,178 Prater, Terry 72 Prescott, Chris 36, 88, 101, 103, 106,108 Prescott, Susan 50, 95, 105, 108, 127 Preston, Norman 36,104,108 Preston, Ray 49 Prevics, Marsha 50 Price, Gayle 36,94 Price, Susan 72, 89, 95,114,126 Prim, Linda 36, 94 Privasky, Judy 72, 95, 96, 97, 129,131 Prochnow, Steve 36 Puckett, Jay 106 Purdy, Bruce 50 -Q- Quackenbush, Pat 72 Qualls, Ckzven 36,94 Quick, Dan 72 Quimby, Gayle 36,111 -R- Radabaugh, Judy 36,109,118 Radovich, Diane 50 Railey, Mike 50,167 Randall, Jim 72,180,181 Randle, Jim 50 Rankin, Pan 36,122 Rankin, Vicke 50, 95 Ransdell, Dale 50,114 Ravizza, Sally 72, 95,123,129 Read, Larry 37, 89, 98,184 Rear, Mary 37,94,107,118 Rear, Marilee 72, 95 Reaves, Dona 72, 95,106,113 Reaves, Mike 50 Reber, janet 72, 95.l06,117,129 Reck, Sharon 37 Redman, Wanda 511 Reece, Larry 37 Reed, Bruce 37 Reed, Ed 37, 101, 88, 103, 184 Reed, Same 37 Reed, Linda 50,126 Reed, Robert Reel, Tereas 50 Sanders, Shirley 50 Sanderson, lo Ellen 50, 105, 95 Sanderson, joan 74, 89, 91, 129 Sanford, Harry 37 Saunders, Sally 37, 92, 94,123 Schacher, Ron 50 Schailzel, Lucy 37, 93, 94, 96,122 Schlosser, Marvin 37,169 Schniale, Roger 37 Schmidt, Steven 37 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Sandy 37, 123 Sharon 37, 94, 98, 99 Stuart 75,109 Warren 57,181 Smothers, Gene 37,180 Smyth, Dennis 38 Snicale, james Snodgrass, Donna 75,141 Snow, Mike 169,177,176 Snyder, Darrel 51 Reineke, Nadine 37 115,121 Renken, Dot 50,122 Renken, john 37,126 Ressler, john 50 Reschke, lean 50 Rexford, Vicke Reyes, Ray 50,178 Reynolds, Cheryl 37 Reynolds, Doris 50,95 Reynolds, Martha 72 Rhoads, joan Cheryl 37,116 Rhodes, Pat 73, 95, 96,106,114 Rhoades, Randy 73 Rhodaback, Homer 73 Rice, Arlene 73, 95, 96,106,113, 114,128,129 Rice, Pete 73 Richardson, Brion 50,167, 176, 178 Richardson, Tom 50, 89,106 Ridenour, Bob 73 Rissenberger, jane 73 Ritzdorf, jim 50 Robare, Ron 50,114 Robbins, Larry 37, 91,104 Roberts, Beth 73, 89, 96, 95, 118 Roberts, Dennis 37,117,126 Robertson, David 37,104,109 Roderick, Duretta 73, 88, 89, 95, 102, l07,l18, 129, 130 Rogers, Kathleen Rogers, Steve 73 Rohrbacker, Rocky 50 Roid, Barbara 50 Roland, Gwendaline joice 73, 96 123 Root, Ron 37,181 Rose, Pam 52 Rosen, Bob 73 Rosentamgle, Margaret 73, 89 Ross, Bill 50 Rotter, Elsie 50 Rotter, Ralph 74,l03,168,l84 Ruberg, Margaret 37, 96, 104, 107,115,117 Ruff, joan 37 Rugloski, Mike 50 Rupert, Eddis, 50,167,169,178 Russell, Dasie 37 Ruth, Allen 74,108,113 Rutherford, Mary 74, 88, 95, 106,116,129 Ryals, Linda 37,122 Ryals, Nancy 50 -S- Samuels, Lora I. 37 Sanders, Richard 74,103 Schweiger, Gary 74, 89, 103, 110, Soha, james 37, 86, 103, 111, l23,l70,171,182 Scott, David 74 Scott, Dick 50 Scott, Karen 50 Scott, Karen 37, 104,123 Scott, Nancy 37,123 Scott, Teddy 37 Scott, Sharen 51 Scoville, Kenneth 51 Seaman, Robert 51,167 Sederlin, Kathleen Senkovich, Dave 51 Severns, Cheryl 51 Shaddy, Karen 51 Sharar, Kathleen 51 Shelley, David E. 51,122 Shelly, lan 74 Shelley, Katherine 51 Shepard, jon 74,103,121 Shepardson, jean 51,127 Shepardson, Katharine 37 Shewey, Roger 74 Short, Richard 37, 89,102,110 Shriver, Bob 37,103,182 Shriver, Pamela 74, 89, 97, 96, 102,131 Simmons, jack 51,123 Simon, Sharon 74,123 Simonet, james 74 Simonstad, Paul 37,123 Simonis, Paul 37,122 Siminsen, David 51 Simpson, john 37 Skelton, Carol 74, 95, 96, 97 Skirvin, Sue 51, 88, 95,123 Slagle, Dennis 51 Slater, Dorothy 51, 111,117 Slater, Marty 75,113,128, 129 Sleight, Susan 37 Sloan, Carol 116 Smalley Pat 75, 95, 96,109,111, 123 Smalley, Virginia 51, 95 Sorensen, Thomas Sortor, Cheryl 74,123 Spielman, Cathy 51 Speiger, john 76 Spriggs, Marilyn 38, 94,105, 108, 88 Springer, Grant 76,178 Sprulock, Elizabeth 51,123 Srite, Annetta 38 Standley, Glenda 38 Stater, Gail 51,109 Stauffer, Bill 38,103 Strand, Delbert, 123 Stedman, james 76,l03,170,171 Stedman, Gary 38, 180, 181 Stedman, Stephen 51 Steele, Arthur QBudj 76, 104, 109, 121 Steele, james 76, 89, 91,103 178 Steen, Pat 51 Steinhauer, Dale 51 Steinhauer, Loren 76, 107, 115, 121,189 Steinhauer, Neal 76,103 Stenshoel, Duane 38 Stephens, Phillip 76, 114,186 Stevenson, Barbara 38,104 Stewart, Linda 76 Steward, Stephen 51 Stimson, Gary 51 Stinson, Dennis 38 Stitt, Donna 76 Stockdale, Bruce 181 Stogsdill, Arleta 76, 95 Stodsig, Steve 76, 100, 101 Strayer, jack 76,103, 171,170 Strupp, Mike Stuller, Richard 38 Stults, Linda 37 Studltz, Mike 51,122 Sturgis, Diana 51 Swaggart, Connie 76,123 Swan, Bob 51, 104, 167,177 Swanton, Gayle 77 Swartz, Harold Bob 38 Swartz, Sharon 51 Synn, Sun Hi 77,109,186 Smith, Bob 51,167 Smith, Cathleen 51, 96,107 Smith, Cecelia 51 Smith, Charles 37, 103,130, 186 Smith, David 75, 91 Smith, Durwood 51,123 Smith, Elaine 75,118 Smith, Ellen 51 Smith, Elizabeth 75,123 Smith, jon 75,169 Smith, Karen Lee Smith, Katherine 51, 94 Smith, Kay 75, 98, 99 Smith, Melody 51, 95,104 Smith, Richard 51 Smith, Richard 75 Smith, Roy -T- Tatum, Ray 52,167 Tatum, Sandy 77, 91, 97, 96, 129, 130 Taubenkrau, Walter 52 Taxdal, Gary 77 Taxdal, Ruth 38, 94 Taylor, Donald 52 Taylor, Eileen 52, 95 Taylor, jon 38,186 Taylor, Judy 38,120 Tennent, Charles 52 Tevepaugh, Sharon 38,123 Thenell, Mary 77,127,126 Thenell, James 38,122 Thomas, William 38, 109, 103, 89,170,171 Thomas, Keith 77 Thomas, Linda 77 Thomas, Mary 52,122 Thomson, John Thomas, Ray Dean 38,180 Thompson, Greg 52,167,184 Thompson, Gerry 52,126,167, 177, 181 Thompson, Angela 77 Thompson, Carol 38 Thompson, Banta Meredith 113, 106 Thompson, Gale 38 Thompson, Jack 38 Thompson, Marlene 52, 95,122 Thompson, Ron 52 Thornton, James 52 Thun, Glenna 77, 93 Thun, Dennis 52 Thurman, Donna 77,123 Thwing, Randall 38, 103, 106, 88,l04,145,l80, 181,186 Ticer, Robert 180 Tiffee, Karla 77 Tigner, Laurelyn 122 Tracy, Timothy 77 Traynor, Bill 38 Trombley, Jackie 38,101 Truitt, Gary 78 Tullar, Earlene 38, 94, 96,123 Turczynski, Faye 78 Turnbull, Kathy 52,105,104 Turnbull, Sue 38, 109, 114,105, 145 Tuttle, Tom 38 -U- Ulmer, Gary 52 Upp, Tom 78 Usher, Gregory Allan 52,122 -V.. Van Herwaarden, Peter 52 Van Horn, Steve 78, 89,123 Van Natta, Robert 52 Van Natta. Bruce 38 Veltman, Kay 78. 93, 94.123 Veteto, Claudia 78, 127, 89,129 Vian. Earl 52 Vogel. Robert 78.123 Vogle, Terry 52 ..W- Wade, Linford Harlie 38 Walker, Ralph Daniel 52 Walford, Patricia Kay 53 Walker, Ray 52.184 Wallace, Sharon 78. 93,l26,l1 Wallace, Shirley 78 Walline, Donald 52 Walton, Eunice 52,122 Walton, Kenneth 78, 52 Wamsley, David 78,127,126 Warren, Linda 114 Washburn, Robert 38 Watkins, Fern 78 Watkins, Richard 38,127,126 Watkins, Susan 52 Watts, Margaret 78 Weaver, Judith Weaver, Sidney 52 Weber, Doug 52 Weber, Joan 52, 108, 95 Webking, Rick 38,126 Webster, Nancy 38 Weeks, Howard 78 Weigant, Diana 38 Weigant, Darlene 52 Weindel, David 52 Wester, Sally 38,109,104 Westling, Martha 38, 107, 104. 94, 96,131 Wheeler, Bert 78 Wheeler, Eunice 79, 112, 111, 89 104,129 Whilby, Noel Whitaker, Gary 79,110 White White White White White Whitej White, Dorothy 38, 94, 97 Gary 38 Greg 52, 123 Leroy 79 Keni 38,104 Mary Ellen 38, 106, 94 Patricia 52 Whiteley, Michael 52,126 Whitney, Janet 79. 127, 115. l14,l Whitney. Randy 38. 109. 115. 104 Whittaker. Jack 39 Widmer, Alfred 107.104 Wigley. Karen 52 Wignian. Dan Wilcox. Audrey 79 Wilcox, Judy 52 Wilcox, Roger 79,182 Wildish, Marcia 39 Wilhelm. Rodney 79. 103, 98. 99 Wilkins. Kenneth 52,167,181 Williams. Jim 52 Williams, Leslie Dean Williams. Michael 52 Willie. Catherine 39 Willoughby, Judy 39. 94 Wilmot, Margaret 39,107,111 Wilson, Michael 39 Wilson. Tina 52.104 Winterbottom, Diane 52.107 Winters, Paul 79. 103, 169 Winther, Cheryl 52.122 Witt, Patricia 39 Wolfe. Constance CConniej 53 Wolf, Sharon 53 Wolfe, Dee 39 Wood, Ron Lee 53 Woodard, Carol 53 Wood, David 123 Woodrich, Madolyn 79 Woodward. Jeff 79 Woodard, Ron 39 Woodward, Susan 53 Wright, Christine 53.104 Wright, Durward 176 Wyllie, Elizabeth 39, 94.123 -XY8Z- Yancey. Alice 79 Yates, Robert 79.122 Yates. James 53 Yates, Thomas 53 Youel, Marcia 53, 89, 95,145 Young, Judy 53 Zajanc, Joe 53 Zajanc, Stephen 39 Zilkoski, Phyllis 53 Zodlinger, Charles 53,167 Zoon, Donald Ray 53,126 16 -sw wi , ' .g-,.,- - 5 , , p . , 1 4 I ge, Q 'E 3 Q 1 V' V vm: N V .za " , V .ak , LII. E33 ' "lf l IL, . i7 2 i7 . .Q.a':, ,.. Wm 4 b L I

Suggestions in the North Eugene High School - Tartan Yearbook (Eugene, OR) collection:

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