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 - Class of 1958

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Text from Pages 1 - 98 of the 1958 volume:

I i S I K Z K S '-:XGOL 'aww uk .SJ 'l'W3WnA.q.p ,A A .fg 1 s-if - .'M.."' f 1' JM' Tk ,l izslgsql' im K vtgwmawmgg . 5' Y f X . . S f A! . ... , . ,.. W. ,,,,.4f. of " '- ., 'I ':?i1s52Rh I ' . Ji 1,-g,.Jj y.'ygk, X .gig-'i2.xK 1 ,H-1 . !4kf,i?,'f'f fy., 'gffyn - wtf .5-'.,,f-, I ,, ,A .n,?2..2 'J Ti ' v .5Zf'?1B'ii'a,,L fkfh , ytisffi 4- QA 4 x AU + 4 C' N if NTSB f " -,rn , V '14 W, I -yy 54. -A .+,5a,,jAf,EW,.VL1 w',,,x,.y1 Y tiflavf N, H5 .ixvw , A K at f M 'Y A V Kfg,1.rKffW.:,,Ax' s, A Q A ,ka 2 5, C' L, -ws 'W i Pg,-'Z Ani cm' N jul 'N , f M Q X f - M 2 J -- .4gf+VL,jy'u ,,, ,heir E .xijlyzkwx Mu Q J 1,2 . I f K . :I A., Y I ,., X. 4 in-S. r .,,5,Z31?fffiwffQ .4.,Vk,i-fa,,Mgffa!'QLg, x . . K.L....'-..,s 3... awk, au. IR 3 'HJ 'cf-H--f Y' r m' f ' . '- L1 +V, ,X ,:, ...ff QW 2 " i" X -f f' I rf av' mi-. Lv.. f 1 51 4' 1 ' " s4nA :.,- Qi -K 1cg',u',' OSJJF- Q' -- ',. '. u .-. '.',: Ft ' ,4i':v'4'r.1'-5+-' '55 q f' ' 9 V ' 'G ..l!ik l,x' ' . , 3 ' ' . ' n n ' ,' .Mx . 1 .' ' 4 I . Lf :P . ll ,zr l-. Q ,Q sggs . ' 3 1 !g': Q' as fb' ' Qt fg'f.l1+,' '. , v S VOQJV l Q ff.- 'V,+5,: rl . .,: r . b . - ' '.r. 4" '1, 5, "1-. . " .. 'K ' . . ,,. 5 ':, N99 AQ .4 I-six: I sy ij. 1 J' gllh,E'if'v1 il , - . ' "' 5-Q 3.-a ,-3 . ' I 4 3' gg 9. I -N -I 49 4' X 5, , A "' 5-. . . ' - ' "' " . JEQQ' ww ? ci X", 'A wi , T 1 . : f-it 1 -ii QHHUN , wal :ef .aiw. v L W 4-, :E ,w K x Y 4 1 A 4-1 t ' I A Hrvwn Sdifarial Staff SEATED: Jerry Wilson, Associate Editor, Mr. F1oyd'Price, Advisor, Harry Kline, Associate Editor, Jane Bartleson, Busi ness Manager. STANDING: Dicky Moore, Editor. my SEATED: J. Clark, Sports Editor: I. Smith, Typing Chairman, W. Cameron, Feature Editor, F. Boyer, write-up Chair- man, H. Edwards, Sports Editor, A. Roush, I. Saxberg, Photographer. STANDING: C. McCauley, J. Williams, M. Hollister, B. Bibb, H. Stewart, Art Editor, A. Alexander, K. Gamble, P. Roark, D. Parks. I Q MR, CONRAD TETER Vice-Principal MR, BRADFORD CORRY Principal MISS BERTHA FOCKLER Secretary MR. JOHN KELLEY Senior Class Sponsor Science, Latin MR. FLOYD PRICE Senior Yearbook Sponsor Spanish, Social Studies MISS NYLA MCCULLOUGH Senior Class Sponsor English 3 MR, HAROLD SWISHER MRS. NANCY WOLFE MR, DONALD WOLFE English, Social Studies English Science -- Q-fr MRS, MARY JANE FOGG MRS, EDNA HALL MISS BETTY BEELER Science Librarian Commercial Subjects MRS, EVELYN HUMMER MRS. ROSE HORTON Math, Science Arts and Crafts I--wx, , ,f ,I MQW. X gn. if N! at -.Xl 'if-if Xp-9' x 'fx 'WHKMH fx? Y 1 , W -Qin 1 , , 2356 W . if .- Ax X X x R5 QQ sw X X3-X Rio ' "'S"' 'Sf' , ff SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS HARRY KLINE - - ---- President WANDA CAMERON - - - - Secretary ANN ROUSH - - - - - Vice President FLORA BOYER ---- - -Treasurer ANNE LOUISE BLOMQUIST "Annie" "A joke's a very serious thing. " CLERICAL - Monitor 3, Student Council 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4, Jokes. NEAL ARTHUR BLOMQUIST "Neal" "Se1f-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control." ACADEMIC - Monitor 2, 3 - Captain 4, Patrol 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, BLUE HAWAII, MARO JESSICA BOTT "Marc" "The most completely lost of all days, Is the day on which she had not laughed," GENERAL - Glee Club 1, Monitor 3, "Real1yl" FLORA JANE BOYER "Flo" "Nothing is achieved without enthusiasm, " SECRETARIAL - Senior Class Treasurer, THE CROWN - Write-Up Committee, Monitor 2, 3, G. A,A, 2, 3, 4, BLUE HAWAII, Likes to Dance, Pizza Pie, Junior Hooky Day, ARLYNE LORETTA ALEXANDER "Leenie" "Be glad of life, because it gives you a chance to love, work and play. SECRETARIAL - Monitor 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Northeaster 1, G,A,A, 2, 3,4, Spring Dance Court 2, Junior Prom Court, THE CROWN, Ralph. JANE LEES BARTLESON "Janie" 'Honest labor bears a lovely face. " ACADEMIC - THE CROWN - Business Manager, Student Council - Secretary 3 - President 4, Stu- dent Council Workshop 3, Junior Leader 4, Mon- itor 3 - Captain 4, Northeaster 3 - Business Man- ager 4, Glee Club 4, Senior Play. WILMER CLARK BETTINGER "Bilm" "A woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart. " ACADEMIC - Monitor 4, THE CROWN, Assistant School Photographer, "The Bug", Junior Hooky Day , Aeronautical Engineer. BARBARA LANE BIBB "Barb" "Thinking is but an idle waste of time. " CLERICAL - Monitor 3, Glee Club 1, 2, Patrol 2, 3, Cheerleader 1, 2, G,A,A, 2, 3,4, THE CROWN, BLUE HAWAII, Junior Hooky Day. WANDA LEE CAMERON "Wanda" "In the Great Master's steps went she, with pa- tience and humility. " SECRETARIAL - Senior Class Secretary, THE CROWN - Feature Editor, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A.A, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, BLUE HAWAII, Senior Play, "Tough Bananas", Junior Hooky Day. JAMES CRISWELL CLARK num.. "Quiet, reserved and what's more, He's a friend of whom you are always sure." CLERICAL - THE CROWN - Sports Editor, Monitor 4, Band, Soccer 4, Basketball 3,4, Baseball 2, 3, Senior Play, Accountant. EDRA FAY COMBS "Eddie" "Her talents are of the silent kind." ACADEMIC - Junior Hooky Day. DELLIE MARIE COMER "Dell" "I know a trick worth two of that." GENERAL - Glee Club 1, 2, Monitor 2, Patrol 2, "Fun. " ivy- X iv ,, "'F"""' 3. sf DAVID ALLEN CULVER "Dave" "Politeness goes far but costs nothing." CLERICAL - Patrol 1, 2, 3, 4, Barber, BOBBI IO DAVIS "Robert" "The remedies of love she knew by name, For she was worldly wise in that old game. " CLERICAL - Monitor 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, Spring Court, BLUE HAWAII, Junior Hooky Day, Senioritis, SHELBY JEAN DAVIS "Shelby" "I've taken my fun where I've found it. " CLERICAL - Monitor 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, North- easter 1, 2, BLUE HAWAII, "Did You Ever?", "Bleached", Cool Jitterbug, Junior Hooky Day, Senioritis. JOYCE ANN DEAN "Joyce" "Sincerity is her middle name." CLERICAL - Monitor 4, Glee Club 2, G.A,A. 2, BLUE HAWAII, "Third Finger, Left Hand", "Sonny. " ...Z NANETTE LOUISE HALL "Nan" "A heart with room for every joy. " ACADEMIC - Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Monitor 4, Stu- dent Council 1, G,A.A. 2, BLUE HAWAII, "Heav ens to Betsy. " IOHN ROBERT HARMON "Tiny" "I'm slow of study." GENERAL - Safety Patrol 2, 3, Air Force. BARBARA ELEANOR HARVEY "Harv" "We'll not listen to reason. Reason means what someone else has got to say." ACADEMIC - Monitor 4, G,A,A, 2, 3, 4, Softball Manager 2, 3, BLUE HAWAII: "All Over The Is- land", "Go to Heaven", Letters to Alaska, Nurse. MARIORIE OWENS HOLLISTER "Margie" "Though she be but little, she is fierce. " SECRETARIAL - Monitor 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 1 - Captain 2, 3, G,A,A, 2, 4, Northeaster 1, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, BLUE HAWAII, Junior Hooky Day, Marriage, "Larry. " HALLIE MAE EDWARDS "Lucky" "The two studies she likes best of all, The hearts of boys and basketball. " SECRETARIAL - THE CROWN - Sports Editor, Mon itor 3, 4, Patrol 2, 3, Student Council 4, G,A, A, 2, 3, 4 - President 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3. KAY FRANCES GAMBLE ..Kay.. "To be content is enough to live happily." ACADEMIC - Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, G, A,A, 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, Patrol 3,4, BLUE HAWAII. PATRICIA ANN GONCE "Pat" "Her stature tall, " SECRETARIAL - Monitor Squad 3, 4, Patrol 1, 2, 3, Northeaster 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1, 2 - Vice President 3 - Treasurer 4, Glee Club 1, 3, G.A,A. 2, 3, 4, Junior Red Cross - Secretary 3 - Vice Pres- ident 4, "Not me, boy." LINDA LEE GREY "Punkie" 'Happy am I, from care I'm free." SECRETARIAL - Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Monitor 3, 4, BLUE HAWAII, G,A,A, 3, "Jimmy," FRANK EDWARDS HOPKINS "Frankie" "Even cupid is his slave." CLERICAL - Monitor 3, Glee Club 1, BLUE HA- WAII,C.P.A.: Real, Cool Dancer, "Oh, Yeah", Senioritis, Junior Hooky Day. MARVIN WEBSTER JOY "Merv" "He burns the midnight oil, but not always for study." CLERICAL - Monitor 3, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Hooky Day, "Hot Ford", Senioritis. DARIA PATRICIA JOWERS "Pat" "Sweet, neat and quite petite, " ACADEMIC - G,A, A., Northeaster 4, "To help the people of our world is any way that I can. ", Driver's Ed, "Blushing", Ice Skating. JAMES BENSON KIRK nBennyu "The rule ot my life is to make business a pleas- ure , and pleasure my business. " GENERAL - Monitor 4, "Breaks My Heart", Junior Hooky Day, Pool Room, Pin Ball Machines. if-H' was gnu-of BETTY MAY KLINE "Betty" "A maid of all work, whether it be coarse or fine, CLERICAL - Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Monitor 3, 4, Cafeteria, BLUE HAWAII, "Oh, Shaw", Germany Junior Hooky Day. HARRY RAVEL KLINE "Harvex" "They gazed and gazed, but still the wonder grew How one small head could carry all he knew." CLERICAL - Senior Class President, Treasurer 3, THE CROWN - Co-Editor, Prom Court, Monitor 3,45 Vice President 1, BLUE HAWAII, "Aw, Maul", '51 Plymouth, Red Hurst, Senioritis, "Gail. " SONJA LEE LINDSEY "Sonja" "Leave silence to the saints, I'm just a human." ACADEMIC - Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Northeaster 4, Patrol 1,2, 3, "Blushing", Nurse, "Richard." JUANITA JUNE LUNDY "June" "Those who say the least are often the wisest. " SECRETARIAL - Monitor 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Northeaster 3, 4, Safety Patrol 2, Roller Skating, Church Activities. HELEN GLADYS MILLER Olcislv "Through life she goes with a happy smile. " SECRETARIAL - Glee Club 3, 4, Student Council 3, Monitor Squad 4, C,A.P., "Boysl Where?", Roller Skating, Junior Hooky Day. JOSEPH PRESTON MILLER "Preston" "To know how to hide one's ability is a great skill. CLERICAL - "That's Okay", Plans to Join Service. BARBARA IOYANNE MURRAY "Murry" "Why shouldn't I strive to set the crooked straight?" SECRETARIAL - Monitor 3,4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, BLUE HAWAII, Roller Skating, "l Swan", "Ah, Get Out", Southern Baptist Missionary. RICHARD DUDLEY MOORE "Dickie" "Good qualities need no advertising, " CLERICAL - THE CROWN - Editor, Monitor 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, BLUE HAWAII, Junior Prom Court, "Whatta Ya Mean?", Senioritis, Junior Hooky Day, "Sandy." WILMER CAMERON McCALL, IR. "Weegee" "To know him is to love him," CLERICAL - Prom Court, BLUE HAWAII, "Mighty Fine", Engineering School, Chevie, Senioritis. GRACE ELIZABETH McDOWELL "Gracie" "Happiness seems made to be shared." CLERICAL - Monitor 4, BLUE HAWAII, Typist, Red Hair, "They'll kill us al1", Senioritis, "Bi1l." CHARLES OTIS MCCAULEY III "Chas" "Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter. Sermons and soda -water the day after. " ACADEMIC - Northeaster 4, Glee Club 1, Soccer 4, Senior Play, BLUE HAWAII. FRANCIS PHILIP MCKINNEY "Francisco" "His mind, his kingdom and his will, his law." GENERAL - Navy, Curly Hair, Loses Things. ALVIN DARRELL PARKS "Parks" "Men of few words are the best men. " CLERICAL - Monitor 4, Glee Club 1, Junior Hooky Day, Senioritis, Acme. HENRY DUDLEY PRATT amp.. "So faithful in love and so dauntless in war." CLERICAL - Basketball 2, 3,4g Baseball 2, 3, 45 'Daniel Boone" of North East Hi School, Senior- itisg "Barb." PRISCILLA MARIE OLDHAM "Lil" "Happy is the girl who enjoys life." CLERICAL - G.A.A, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 35 Soft- ball lg BLUE HAWAIlg "Live and Learn"g Junior Hooky Day. LEONARD FRANKLIN PUGH, IR. ..P00.. "I love foo1's experiments. . .I am always making them. " CLERICAL - Soccer 2, 3,4g Green '51 Dodge, Virginia." uf 4 HS' ini' wmv' GLORIA JEANNE OTT "Gloria" "Her very frowns are fairer far, Than smiles of other maidens are, " CLERICAL - 21" waist, Bleach-Blonde, Elktong Senioritis. CAROLYN CORNELIA RACINE "Carolyn" "A loyal companion, an excellent friend, An earnest worker, and H116 to the end." SECRETARIAL - Northeaster 3 - Editor 4g Student Council 4, Monitor 4, THE CROWN: Junior Prom Court, "Hayes", Blushesg Ice Skating. EUGENE FOLEY RACINE "Eugene" "Charms strike the sight and merit wins the soul," CLERICAL - THE CROWN, Faculty write-Ups, BLUE HAWAII, Senior Play, Junior Hooky Dayg Senioritis. ANITA ELAINE RITZEL "Ritze1" "Humor is the harmony of the heart, " GENERAL - Glee C1ub.1,2,4g G,A,A, 3, "Dave" "Wanna be the first one to the moon? "5 New River Ranch, "N-0" ?.,,,,,.. THELMA MAY SIMPKINS "Thelma" "Say little and do much, Meet everyone with a smile. " CLERICAL - Glee Club 1, 2, Patrol 2, BLUE HAWAII: Senioritis. ANN MATHEWS ROUSH .Annu "Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well." ACADEMIC - Student Council 1, 2, 3 - Secretary 4, Monitor 2, 3 - Captain 4, Northeaster 4, Senior Class Vice President, Junior Red Cross 2, 3 - President 4, Girls' State '57, THE CROWN, BLUE HAWAII, Junior Red Cross Training '57, University of Maryland, Letters to Alaska, JAMES ARTHUR SMITH "Smitty" "He was ever precise in promise keeping, " GENERAL - Patrol 1, Glee Club 2, Northeaster 3 BLUE HAWAII. IANET LOUISE SMITH "Shag" "Full of life and lively fun, A friend and pal to everyone," SECRETARIAL - THE CROWN - Typing Committee, Monitor 4, Glee Club-4, Northeaster 3,4, Basket- ball 2, 3,4, Volleyball 3,4, G,A.A, 4, Junior Drnrn fnnrt- RITIF HAWAII' TVDIST, MARGARET ANNE ROARK "Pe88Y" "Loyal, witty, and full of fun, She's a friend to everyone. " SECRETARIAL - Monitor 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Student Council 4, G,A,A, 2, Northeaster 3, Junior Class Vice President, Patrol 1, 2, Junior Prom Court, Tl-IE CROWN, Lancaster, Medical Secretary. JOEL TUOR1 SAXBERG nloel.. "Here is a dear and true industrious friend." ACADEMIC - Northeaster 3, 4, Boys' State '57, Soccer 4, Photographer, Amateur Radio, Black Studebaker, Electrical Engineer, Intellectual. GEORGE EDWARD SMITH "Georgie" "We cannot all be masters. " CLERICAL - Patrol 2, 3, Junior Hooky Day. NANCY LEE SHIFFLET "Nancy" "It is a wise head, that makes a still tongueI" CLERICAL - Monitor 1, G,A,A, 3, Glee Club 2, Cafeteria Cashier, Quiet. l""" -..-Q... .lf CHARLES CLIFFORD STEWART "Dicky" "Here I stand. . .l cannot do otherwise. " CLERICAL - Soccer 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4. HERBERT ARTHUR STEWARD "Herb" "l agree with no man's opinions, I have some of my own. " GENERAL - Monitor 4, BLUE HAWAII, Senior Play, Artist. IEANNETTE HEISLER WILLIAMS "Jeannette" "Of all the joys I recall, being in love is the best of all." CLERICAL - Northeaster 2, Glee Club 1, Monitor 4, Class President 1, BLUE HAWAII, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Soda Jerk, Senioritis, Senior Play, "Hershel, " PEGGY MARLENE WILLIAMS "Marlene" "Oh, if to dance all night." GENERAL - Glee Club 1, 2, G.A,A, 1, Cheer- leader 1, Likes to Travel, Tells Jokes, Dancing, "Gee Whiz. " 'lv' as-'-P PHOYO NOT AVAILABLE GERALDINE LEE WILSON "Jerry" "A person who is always punctual, leads a lonely life." ACADEMIC - THE CROWN - Co-Editor, Monitor 3, 4, Northeaster 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Volley- ball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, "Dodge that never starts", "Charlie. " WAYNE CARL WOOD "Wayne" "His only books were women's looks. " ACADEMIC - Northeaster 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Court, BLUE HAWAII, Junior Hooky Day. VIRGIL LOWELL WRIGHT "Vick" "He gained no titles, but lost no friends," SECRETARIAL - Roller Skating, Green Henry J, "For Pete's Sake", Accountant. Time out for lunch W R y,,,,,,,, ,.,, - ABOVE: Seniors at lunch at N,E.H. S. RIGHT: The sputnik and the new ad- dition - the same year! if 592, X 1 51554 .rw-, T I . -. Q, 4 ' fe:-, I :"'. " . f ' 1 155 K 'f g r lgsw E x 5 4 ' s .V 1 .WWW KAY PRESTON - - - C. Secretar + J' Y JANET REYNOLDS ---- Presiden t CHARLES WEAVER - Vice President B, KENNEDY - - - - - Treasurer BEVERLY PHILLIPS - - - Secretary "tis 'P' PV? Academic SEATED, Left to Right: K. Preston, C. Weaver, I. Balog, C. Armour, P. Campbell, W. Elliott, J. Miller. STANDING E. Latomaa, M. Huston, C. Reynolds, V. di Rubbio, J. Lipsey, 1. Meekins, W. Carr, M. Schenck, K. Patchell, G. Conway . 's tiff' 'fxllf Y' f i .I W mam 'QA ' V4 . M 5 I Ill! . ff M5 1 fs -sg .,,.. J ,..,, .,,. - ,... W... :M M.. 1-5 .............. J Il! in 1 Q , , , A- ,Q R Illl::ll' ' K fin mv K 1 1 c I I l X' ffiifff .2 , Q ' nun! f 3. 2 0, M. . MA V " wt K 1 i , jgi?gff.1 , L 5 .W uw-M .L r a se xx' r , an -1 gag' " F 5. 'Q ff , it , i ay. 1,4-,Q u ,. ggi. ...x.v,,,.x1 1 ,u , if 4. . . . mfg, ,b ,..'.,, H., ,s , .5 'fair' iff? i:?a,"o" 5 -fa .11 U. "'7.5 r.- N'.'.J?m'+r rn.. U.. ,, X ra .av wo' an div - 'SYQIV' ' "M okf, X 'fn ffufrlff . 'hrffs .N f r f' Cfafeferia W0 km' LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathleen Abrams fManagerj, Blanche Fleury, Helen Schirling, Ethel Sapp, Laura Racine, Josephine Wardell. 5 5, , . x 611 fad Zz! Staff LEFT TO RIGHT: Harold Bailey, John Scharjber, Warner Moore QI-lead Custodianj, Roy Chapman, Sam Crothers. sm, 552 I F A Q 44 f , Q. S0 T95 IO- FIRST ROW, Left to Right: L. Kryger, G. Cameron, K. Gray, R. Griffith, O. Blake, M. Horton, M. Cliff. SECOND ROW: M. Schenck, P. Cain, E. Puro, H. Kallio, M. Rhudy. J. McCall, R. Gambill, S. Pickens. THIRD ROW: P. Miller. J. Roush, R. Dell. I. Cantwell, D. Gibson. I O-2 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: L. Mash, S, Dennison, S. Sacconey, B. Ambs, N. Walbeck, L. Lawrence. G. Buchanan, D. Weber, T. Patchell, P. Letts. SECOND ROW: F. Rea, J. Hart, P. Dixon, R. Beldin, C. Griffith, B. Kerns. J. Gamble M. Steele, J. Lundy. THIRD ROW: G. Castelow, B. Gonce, K. Hammond, M. Russell, S. Reynolds, D, Smith, M. Ford, B. Burton. 'I If I M , 8 -gg ww ,,,,,X W -www ' ffl .5 x F' v E fl, -1 I 4, -'S ' ' W ,ffm , 1 2' if J. mhV ,h V ff, . ,E X ' im Y I ff A L 1-', ' .'.- s - 5 .1 - : ,, XL, 1 - .H r A f I' -- aff 1 ff Fi I ' I f:" A . 'M gg 'g I , gf. ,nA A ,, 4' , .1 X k Q f X... 8 ffkiffi 1 'f2 f'-ff! W ' as 'V gff 'N' . i .fy " A125 . I sv-. J We Yi " U r f yffwxi ' I gl NJ' f ,W ". y A K -fu.. ' fg, ' q, .. A 2321 ,, B' Y A 'f up an If 'E 8 1 x- r, :":,f.. X -Qgyvf.. ,,.,K-,, f .2273 . '--Y-... Epps--mm 'L B18 'Film wmggg J -.-if freshmen if 5' ,s :if wa FIRST ROW, Leftto Right: B. Buell, H. Lake, N, Bowen, D. Herd, R, Givens, P. Saxburg, B. Stewart, R. Bergroos, E. Thomas, M. Travagli, B. Wiggins. SECOND ROW: M. Wilson, A. Gray, G. Jales, R. Sexton, C. Gibson, T. Lipsey, J. Hodges, N, Everett. THIRD ROW: M. Armour, S. Herstine, C. Benjamin, P, Laramore, P. Howell, A. Bergroos, D. Wright, A, Penhollow. FOURTH ROW: L. DeMond, C, Harvey, M. Jenkins, P. Cooper, B. Reynolds, C. Biddle, L. Boyd, J. Bradley. 9.2 FIRST ROW, Left to Right, J. Weaver, S. Hammond, K. Blomquist, C. Crawford, I. Karchner, B. Blevins, J. Hayes, T. Levredge, L. Cooper, I. Russell, J. Simmons, B. Hansen. SECOND ROW: J. Rea, H. Guiberson, C. Husfelt, W, Watson, L. Nieminen, J. Vengard, K. Kahl, J. Beal, J. Blake. THIRD ROW: C, Sandoe, D. Pettitt, E, Edwards, R. Davis, R. Gatchell, W. Bryan, R. Veasey, D, Loving, wa-gh-. 3 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: H. Simpers, I. Isaacs, L. Karnes, V. Janney, H. Husfelt, F. Hill, R. Hart, V. Sullins, R. Jones, J. Parrott, R. Williams. SECOND ROW: V. Stewart, G. Potts, D. Pettitt, D. Elmer, V. Hart, B. Baker, C. Price, B. Cantler. THIRD ROW: H. Patchell, J. Frederick, B. Potter, E. McKinney, R. Loynds. nm: .Hn 1 Z K 5 - - f 1 I 4 9-4 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: T. Ivins, B. Pugh, M. Kerns, G. McDowell, H. Jackson, P. Streaker, D. Preston, V. Stevens. SECOND ROW: R. Baugher, P. Adams, J. Ingerson, B. Gatchell, M. Kennedy, P. Blevins, L. Letts. THIRD ROW: E. Harmon, R. Conway, H. Cornwell, T. Welch, R. Moore, R. Gestewitz. FOURTH ROW: C. Williams, G. Bouchelle, E. Williams, W. Peterman, D. Loving, F. Isaacs. Typing is the key subject in the commercial course, ABOVE: A scene in the new chemistry lab. RIGHT: Map study is most important in today's changing world. 'WM mpfhnqwm M f' ,,,j ,,!!!!V!! A 8-I FIRST ROW, Left to Right: N. Kirk, P. Krausman, C, Shiflett, B. Boyer, B. Weaver, C. Hammer, J. Heath, A. Conway, T. Deamond, SECOND ROW: J. Piatelli, V. Wood, B. Edwards, D. McDowell, G. Gatchell, B, Bartleson, J. Dalecki, P, Grason, M, Goff, THIRD ROW: G, Harvey, E. Thompson, R. McNutt, A. Webb, M. Wilson, B. Ward, P. Draper, O, Diamonte. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: T. McKinney, I. Rea, G. Rhudy, P, Blackson, G. Howell, R. Isaac, A. Rolfe, J. Franklin, R. Williams, R. Wiles. SECOND ROW: D. Mowbray, M. Phenninger, G, Shifflett, J, Futty, F, Goudy, L. Schirling, F. Poe, S. Weaver, B. Lewis, THIRD ROW: J. Bedwell, B. Hines, B. Adams, R. Knauer, D. Morris, R. Petrea, J. Palmer, D. Cooper, T. Dalecki. L, ...Am 'Ili l FIRST ROW, Left to Right: W. Rowland, M. Ritzel, L. Barton, I. Boulden, S. Ross, L. Gonce, C. Williams, L. Norman, J. Cote, V. Rosling, S. Perkins, H. Johnson. SECOND ROW: R. Welch, M. Cox, L. Cheadle, P. Moore, J. Christensen, P. Loveless, P. Aleshire, J. Gestewitz, P. Morris, W. Combs. THIRD ROW: T. Reynolds, U. Barton, H. Chadwick, S. Morris, D. Collins, K. Jackson, S. Letts, F. Hollister, J. Simpers, J. Gray, T. Dean, R. Tate. ,-M... . ,. . 7 U , , i.. , t. .r.,,,,-,,.a. : 4 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: A. Stumps, R. Everett, C, Meekins, D. Jackson, B. Townsend, G. Lake, S. Buell, T, Ambs, G. White, W. Funk, J. Morgan. SECOND ROW: E. Hendrix, C. Schuckler, F. Emmerson, C. Sasser, L. Aukamp, D. Cain, E. Fenimore, B. Henson, P. Lewis, J. Reynolds, S, Rhudy. THIRD ROW: G. Richardson, N. Blomquist, J. Mc- Kinney, C. Brooks, P. Meekins, D. Sprenkle, J. Goff, D. Carr, G. Racine, L. Laramore, L. Shallcross, L. Davis. 7-2 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: S. Hudson, L. Scarborough, C. Schialioni, D. Trosino, E. Cote, D. Anderson, G. Miller, P. Miller, E. Maclary, G. Gray, A. Blomquist, S. Rea, L. Dennison. SECOND ROW: M. Bennett, L. Jackson, B. Potter, R,-Helsel, G. Franklin, J. Karschner, R. Waldrop, A. Atkinson, W. Smith, J. McDowell, W. Frederick, R. Perkins. THIRD ROW: D. Smith, S. Cichirillo, W. Campbell, I. Taylor, B. Cooper, L. McClure, V. Collins, P. Rother, C. Johnson, K. Goodnow, S. Langley. l' FIRST ROW, Left to Right: R. Tarkka, C. Barton, B. Marshall, F. Dvorak, N. Abrams, W. Rowland, R. McRae, M, Bow- man, J. Weller, N. Gatchell, G. Gamble, SECOND ROW: P. Roark, L. Hall, R. Keene, E. McKinney, R, Gray, L. Rehrer, M. McLaughlin, S. Odom, A. Bowman, B. Knauer, M. Hill. THIRD ROW: E. Heverin, W, Heverin, M. Harvey A. Rea, G. Reynolds, E. Clark, G. Bailiff, H. Norman, G. Grafton, B. Shepherd, S. Phillips. 1 gf , ' ' u :m f ' : ', ' NY' ' ' ff k?iPQ4'Sf x 'uw ,L 4: Jef -- Xen ,- g ' , , ,W,W,,,,, ,W 1 f - . - 4 W fvrmww-iqa , MW . Lyx.,,.+.,. .. I Q h:!,w,..,,.,..,, A 5 g' '59 ' " 5,2455 A WLV. T 'if fe ' xg? , w TW? . F L Q, A f ' if W . 1 rr. ' ' SSM E f Q .LZ-U ' . L :vw , Y L A K jg, ff- r 6 , , sg ' 'xg J 5 ' f a A-jg! K X.. mv xiii . ' DE 4 3 VE. A , 2? ki , . ax! "' . ,wn' wxg1 5 5 ,5 52 1 3- '- 'fiitr 3 sg' :ga f ,"f' 'af-'w',' V I i ' ff' 32.2-V, V1 tfullfix x 1' 52: -,g b 1, 1' U 'J ,Qi .-:K , j::.'::.' L I'-3115 H Q YNE75 Q ' -"K -VS 1 uw - ., .' I 'L "11' AE-,xp A-r' PM. R . , Y? ff 1 J. fx k 5, qw'- ' 4 5 i 1 5 Q f 1 H R. ,im 2' Avg 4 . 4 , ,, ' 7 H W f A ., , Q fy i,QQ,1A75 ef? 34 . , .,,..,ff y L , my A, f- K, if 'V l' WM.. z. K QM ,. .. df 59.55-15-si X x Q x ,N K 2 . 'ww w if A T 'K fs 5 , ' , Rh QA ,sf 5 f, 4? ,YQ V f if f U H ,iq ,,,V .,,A x I Q . W. f. ' f :fx E , if??:-in. -. A Q, My W? A J Q ' iff , W I ,, 5, D M2 ua. ,LW w K, . ' .N ,,., An, Q, Q 72 M. me O ,fl . fc ,gy .ki f-Q34 . 5 Q , ... . . L"- Si 3 'fm -N Q 'Mah m Kg' A A L ' ' 1 , E . , ,W 1' EV" ?il'S i"', I 13 in Q. if :S Zz Q' L 'tg zz 2 1 . H . Q 5. K Q if ' 1 .Q n it Q o J W H? , H., u,,. Q -ax? .sry -'A QQSEQSSEEQTQV fffi H4385 ' ll N ,,,, , . Xia? 'Q ,Q Q V f?i,b,..,1' 1... ,mg .wmvffwwfww -2' 'V P K 'H - g M' W ' WW 'Q -f ,z M animal .anmvmw W L ,gg F 1 s K s aim' it 2? an K 1' , . iii Lai if w .W 5, :Z jj iff? 'N -uno" 1 Qi " W-K... Q 'Q X 1 fi 5 5 I 5 E - f lies Kes! lfrfrfking BOBBI IO DAVIS WAYNE WOOD ,Mast Versatile JERRY WILSON DICKY MOORE Kes! Dressed FRANK HOPKIN Hes! Personality WANDA CAMERON H RRY KLINE Mas! Lfikcly in Succeed Mast Studiaus ANN ROUSH N QUI T ik an A Kes! Athletes HALLIE EDWARDS PIP PRATT 611155 6'lr1uf11.s' ANNE BLOMQUIST WILMER M CALL DOWN WITH THE OLD FINISHING TOUCHES ON NEW PHYSICAL EDUCATION WING UP WITH THE NEW! I ,,,.,1 OUR PRIDE AND JOY x Wk'jX+wQ+ts 91 5 ' S' 'Wm ,w :QS-YH 1- ai' 4 Y L Wm MVIA L ' , :: ,,. - .gg- .: .: . . . 5, f - ' Qff1i95'.i?fEa 'f.f .' ' ' f ' ' " . kg :.wg:-Q, . - A -.iii-2 ' QWSSES -wz vmiamf - ,. . , . ' L 'vii 1 '5:25.f3f5:: -, H 22. , f V f gi ,V.1m.fE ,V aw ' if 2- 51355 W ia " H lfrisig S x W is SEATED, Left to Right: S, Pickens, B. Kerns, H. Hammond, B. Burton, A. Roush, L. Ashbridge, J. Bartleson, P. Gonce, A. Boyd, I. Sheperd, J. Rey- nolds, C. Racine, SECOND ROW: E. Puro, R. Gambill, C. Gibson, H. Edwards, R. Hart, P. Roark, L. Reynolds, L. Hall, J. Dalecki, V. Collins, K. Kahl. THIRD ROW: M. Travagli, H. Kline, D. Gibson, I. Clark, G. Borden, J. Dalecki, B. Frederick, J. Bartleson, President, L. Ashbridge, Vice Presidentg A. Roush, Secretary, P. Gonce, Treasurer, tudvnf Hrfuncil The Student Council was first organized in 1932, and has been under the sponsorship of Mrs. Emily Morris since 1940. Over the years the Council has grown in number. From its small begin- ning of twentyfrepresentatives it has blossomed into a group of over 40 repre- sentatives. This past year they have taken in a representative from each of the clubs and extracurricular activities . The Council sponsors many activities during the school year. They now sponsor four dances each year, run the Student Council store, are in charge of the bulletin boards, attend Regional and State meetings, collect canned goods at Thanksgiving and many other useful activities. The Student Council Store is run by two students from the student body. It is opened in the morning so students can purchase school supplies before classes begin. The Council has also become quite active in the Regional and State Student Councils. They travel all over the state to attend these meetings and return bringing with them many new ideas. One of their most civic projects is the collection of canned goods at Thanksgiving. Along with the help of the P.T. A. they pack baskets and distribute them to needy families. library gfllb SEATED' Left to Right: J, McCall, M. Cliff, L. Kryger, B. Burton, E. Puro, M. Rhudy, M. Horton, O. Blake. STAND- ING: C. Griffith, R. Griffith, H. Kallio, M. Schenck, J. Cantwell, S. Pickens, S. Dennison, C. Harvey, L. Castelow, Mrs. Hall. :ww 1 Give 61116 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: E, Thomas, L. Pickell, C. Benjamen, C. Biddle, N. Bowen, B, Stewart, R. Given, M. Horton, M. Cliff, R. Griffith, R. Shifflett, L, Ritzel, C. Castelow. SECOND ROW: C, Gibson, B. Hansen, K. Kahl, S. Herstine, J. Bartleson, J. Smith, K. Gamble, G. Miller, L. Gray, A. Alexander, K. Preston, THIRD ROW: J. Beal E, Ritzel, J, Lundy, B. Buell, J. Blake, B. Reynolds, D, Gestechow, F. Raine, B. Phillips, W. Cameron, J. Balog, E. Latomaa, Miss Miller. FOURTH ROW: C. Armour, B. Kline, A. Blomquist, P, Saxberg, H. Kincaid, M. Travagli, M Wilson, A. Edwards, J. Wilson. FIFTH ROW: J. Meekins, D. Gibson, R. Veasey, R. Dell, J. Roush, P. Miller, J. Schirling, D. Wright, A. Penhollow. SITTING, left to right: K, Preston fAssistant Editorj, J. Wilson fSports Editorj, C. McCauley fSports Editory, E, Puro CCopy Editorj, C, Racine fEditorj, Mrs, Wolfe fAdvisorJ, J. Lipsey fAssistant Sports Editorj, J. Bartleson CBusiness Man- agerj, C, Armour fNews Editorj, W, Cameron fFeature Editorj. STANDING: J. Saxberg flfhotographery, J, Smith fTyp- ing Editorj, Nvrflzmsfer SITTING, left to right: C. Castelow, W, Wood, A, Roush, K, Gamble, E. Latomaa, R. Gambill, M. Huston, F. Boyer M. Hollister, J, Lundy, S, Lindsay. STANDING: C. Biddle, G. Racine, J. Gamble, B. Reynolds, C. Weaver, I. Brad- ley, J. Goff, B. Edwards, J. Balog. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: B. Baker, P. Stricker, E. Thomas, C. Benjamin, C. Biddle, N. Bowen, B. Stewart, C. Gib- son, S. Hammond. SECOND ROW: M. Armour, L. Letts, M. Kerns, C. Crawford, B. Hansen, S. Herstine, B, Buell, B. Reynolds, H. Lake. THIRD ROW: G. McDowell, J. Simmons, B, Gatchell, M. Kennedy, I. Karchner, D, Preston, V. Stevens, V. Sullens, R. Hart. FOURTH ROW: Coach Breuninger, M. Jenkins, P. Cooper, C. Harvey, P. Howell, P. Larrimore, R. Jones, L. Boyd, J, Bradley. Girls ' Athletic Assvciafivu FIRST ROW, Left to Right: D. Smith, R, Beldin, N. Walbeck, B, Kerns, I. Smith, J. Bartleson, A. Alexander, W, Cameron, M. Hollister, P. Gonce, B. Bibb, F. Boyer, J. Wilson, SECOND ROW: R. Shifflett, D. Kennedy, J, Davis, S. Sacconey, M. Schenck, J. McCall, B. Harvey, K. Gamble, J. Miller, P. Letts, M. Cliff, L. Ashbridge, THIRD ROW M. Harmon, S, Pickens, L, Lawrence, G, Buchanan, R. Gamble, E. Nickle, B. Phillips, H, Edwards, K. Preston, N. Shifflert, B, Bechtel, J, Balog, Coach Breuninger. FOURTH ROW: I. Gamble, D. Weber, K. Hammond, M. Ford, B. Gonce, S. Reynolds, C. Reynolds, A. Boyd, J. Sheperd, F. Raine, I. Laine, E. Latomaa. u 1 , ' 4' 1- K ,...,- il' 1 dill ' Jlflzfuifrfr Squad FRONT ROW, Left to Right: J. Wilson, N. Hall, A. Roush, B. Kline, K. Preston. SECOND ROW: Mr. Wolfe fAdvisorj, N. Blomquist, B. Phillips, D. Gibson, W. Cameron, J. Lipsey, J. Bartleson, C. Armour, Mr. Knisely QAdvisorj. The entire monitor squad could not be pictured because of lack of space. Only the officers are listed. Safety Petra FIRST ROW, Left to Right: D, Loving, T, Lipsey, W. Combs, M. Goff, J. Hayes, T, Deamond, N. Kirk, G. Harvey, J. Putty, E. Demonde, T, Dalecki. SECOND ROW: J. Rea, R. Pettitt, E. Thomas, B. Wiggins, J. Watson, H. Lake, L. Boyd, P, Howell, D. Herd, C. Castelow, B. Boyer, L, Pugh, P. Blevins, A, Edwards, E, Crossley, E. Thompson, M. Wilson, P, Tate, I. Smith, J, Beal, B. Bartleson, E. Karschner, K. Gamble. THIRD ROW: D. Gibson, R. Gatchell, B. Wright, W. Carr, E. Harmon, R. Veasey, J. Cantwell, B. Watson, T. Welch, B. Sexton, D. Loving, D. Culver, J. Lore, C. Sandoe, Mr. Baker QAdvisorj. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: V. Boulden, K. Gamble, F. Raine, I. Wilson, K, Preston, B. Phillips. I. Smith, Coach Breuninger. SECOND ROW: R. Gambill, J. Gamble, H. Edwards, I. Miller, M, Schenck. THIRD ROW: Manager, P. Cooper, B. Kennedy, C. Reynolds, B. Hanson, K. Blomquist, S. Reynolds, R. Beldin, Manager, J. Bradley. Volleyball WE OPPONENTS THEY North East girls ended another volleyball season undefeated 35 Elkton 37 Rising Sun 60 Chesapeake City 29 Elkton 31 Rising Sun 25 Perryville 56 Cecilton 37 Cecilton 49 Chesapeake City 39 Perryville with a 10-0 record capturing the County Volleyball Championship The Varsity had only five girls returning from last year's squad but three girls were recruited from last year's J.V. team, thus making the team as strong as ever. Both the Varsity and Jr. Varsity worked very well together and displayed high spirit and good sportsmanship which aided in good relationship with other teams and also among themselves. Although next year's team will be minus four Varsity players, the coach feels they still have a very good chance for the Coun- ty title due to the upcoming members of the LV. team. The seniors, along with the other students, wish both teams the best of luckl I KNEELING: A. Gray, W. Wood, C. McCauley, M, Jones, D. Moore. STANDING: Coach Vugrin, R. Armour, E. Bibey, J. Schirling, M. Joy, M. Wilson, I. Clark, A, Edwards. J. Lipsey. J. Saxberg, R, Veasey, R. Pugh, K. Aro, C. Stewart WE OPPONENTS 1 Elkton 3 Rising Sun 2 Perryville 0 Chesapeake City 6 Cecilton 16 Elkton 0 Rising Sun 2 Perryville 0 Chesapeake City 3 Cecilton Svccer THEY The Indians sparked to place third in the county for soccer. The team consisted of four Freshmen, one Sophomore, seven Juniors O and eight Seniors. There will be fifty per cent of the team return- ing next year. 4 Mr, Jim Vugarin coached our soccer team this year. He did a 22 very good job of coaching our team and did a good job of keeping our team in very good shape for the season. 2 The captain of our team this year was Dicky Moore, who did 0 a fine job, 0 2 O 6 0 FIRST ROW: Co-Captains, K. Gamble, J. Smith. SECOND ROW: Managers, C. Gibson, W. Cameron, D. Smith THIRD ROW: J. Gamble, I. Bartleson, J, Wilson, F. Raine, R. Gambill, Coach Breuninger, M. Schenck, K. Preston B, Phillips, H. Edwards, D. Weber. SCORE BOARD WE OPPONENT 21 Rising Sun 54 Chesapeake City 42 Cecilton 47 Perryville 47 Elkton 43 Perryville 30 Rising Sun 38 Cecilton 43 Elkton 60 Aberdeen 30 Aberdeen Girls' lgaskefball THEY BASKETBALL CHAMPS 22 The basketball team ended up this year's season with the impressive record of eleven wins and one 19 loss under the wonderful coaching of Miss Ruth Ann Breuninger and assistant coach, Donnie Preston. The 31 one loss was suffered at the hands of Rising Sun High School with a score of 21-22. This was the first bas- 43 ketball game North East girls had lost since the 1956 season. Even though they lost one game they still 25 captured the "County Championship." 34 The LV. squad had a record of no wins and 3 losses this year. This record was due to the tough com- 23 petition and the fact that none of the girls had played in a game before. Even though the team didn't win 23 any games this year, the experience gained should help the girls who will be playing again next year. 27 Playing their last season for NE were J. Smith, J. 37 Bartleson. J. Wilson, K. Gamble, and H. Edwards. 27 SECOND STRING TEAM BACK ROW: Mr. Emmerson, J. Schirling, E. Bibey, J, S. Smith, M. Wilson. CENTER: A. Edwards. Lipsey. FRONT ROW: H. Letts, G. Conway, FIRST FIVE BACK: Pip Pratt, Jim Clark, Marvin Joy. FRONT: Dicky Moore, Wayne Wood. OPPONENTS THEY Havre de Grace 33 Aberdeen 40 Perryville 44 Rising Sun 49 Chesapeake City 38 Cecilton 40 Elkton 47 Perryville 44 Rising Sun 46 Cecilton 31 Elkton 46 Aberdeen 52 Rock Hall 43 Hays ' lfaskefball The Indians had a very successful season this year, winning 7 and losing 2 in Cecil County. Pip Pratt, Dicky Moore, and Wayne Wood were our co -captains for the 1958 basketball season. There will be five Seniors leaving this year, and they are Pip Pratt, Wayne Wood, Dicky Moore, Marvin Joy, and Jim Clark. The Indians captured the Class "C" Champion- ship for the fourth consecutive year, The team went to Chestertown to play in the Class "C" Champ- ionship, They played against Rock Hall, A11 of the players fought hard, but Rock Hall beat North Ea st, Coach Fred Emmerson did a real fine job of coaching the team to its victories this year. Mr. Emmerson helped us in every way possible to have a championship team. ,"""HW FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Barbara Stewart, Scorekeeperp Janet Smith: Vivian Bouldeng Kirsten Oikemus, Kathleen Blom quistg Dottie Weber. SECOND ROW: Vickie Goodnow, Brenda Hanson, Managersg Rosie Gambillg Charlotte Reynolds, Sandy Hammerg Kay Gamble: Kay Preston, Beverly Phillips: Hallie Edwards and Coach Breuninger. SCOREBOARD WE OPPONENT THEY 22 Rising Sun 10 5 Elkton 16 25 Perryville 4 31 Chesapeake City 0 22 Cecilton 7 22 Rising Sun 6 14 Elkton 7 14 Perryville 13 23 Chesapeake City 4 23 Cecilton 18 Sofilrall The '58 Indians, composed mostly of underclass- men, compiled a successful 9-1 season. This record wasn't as good as last years' because of the one loss to Elkton. Even though we lost our undefeated soft- ball record, we still won the title of "County Champs '58. " A number of team members were unable to play at various times during the season, but with the fine coaching of Coach Breuninger and Assistant Coach "Donnie" Preston, we were able to pull through with- out too much trouble. Seniors on the team were: Janet Smith, Kay Gamble and Hallie Edwards. These girls along with the rest of the Senior Class wish the future teams of North East High School the "Best of Luck!" Vi! FIRST ROW, Left to Right: N. Kirk, G, Harvey, Managers, SECOND ROW: D, Potter, J, Schir1ing,J. Bailiff, L, Edwards H, Letts, S, Smith, THIRD ROW: Coach Emmerson. J. Saxberg, J, Clark, N. Blomquist, P, Pratt, B, Jones, G. Bouchelle R. Veasey, E. Bibey. WE OPPONENT THEY 0 Chesapeake City 1 21 Rising Sun 3 2 Perryville 1 2 Elkton 4 10 Cecilton 11 2 Chesapeake City 1 15 Rising Sun 17 0 Perryville 1 0 Elkton 6 6 Cecilton 14 Kaseball We had a poor season in baseball this year. The Indians lacked pitchers during the 1958 season. The team cou1dn't get organized until the end of the season. Our best game of the season was against Chesapeake City. We placed fifth in Cecil County. The Captain of our baseball team was Babe Jones, who did a very good job as captain. Mr. Emmerson did a fine job coaching our team. He is hoping that the prospects for next year will be good, W ww Ww S 'X A 3 Qpf' s Q E Q1 fs 5 .Q X 5 I g K iii X. 1 5 X V x X x x 'I ""- ' ff gg 2 Lf" 'L f ww 5 . if -X 'fi fgif si A-2 1,3 - .. Q.. ff- x. X 5 sz .nu if , . 1 00 fmw 1 5 wb. was if ' ,MSS il- . i . - x K 330858 sv ,A W 4 Hia E-.. ,::fs I' fix S4 B A u commencement iunior and senior acfivi We ww l6'cl1 hd -PM rf' ,gum 5 A iw thc' Zfrzdcsf jlflcmrfries . , 3 'x NE., N ' 'bm 'ilk s + .4 .--I 91 Ly. s 1 1 i ll 0. K JJ? Q5 ' x Q ' ,W -' . sv - N X' U16 Lbvelies! ,Nzyhf of the year my -I-1. ,A ., ,. f , , ,TW I farm ' - .. Q 41 as 4215 ' .V f FFP .,, .X we 'f fflfiffk , X K N l . Ii , vw W' K Q? ,. wmv - - 1 Q if I' gm, me A ' 5 aiwfiylsga- f V. - m i '3 i ' -2:1 Y :agar ,EE ':: LL5?'fl' fi 5EfQL1Qz5iz'?7 ::ke2z11f ' we igikffiieffw f 2 S wa, f l ,HL an br Play MAKE UP!!! COFFEE BREAK Inf -A-1.1 BOOM-BOOM, RATTLE-RATTLE THE IOKERS BANG-BANG MEN RAF!! Rmndincr left rn Riohr- Iarrwc Flnrlz Ilnv Gnmhlp Hprh Rrpwnrrl RAP!! cifrinc lpfr rn riuhr- Wilmer AAPFQII High Selma! Hand junivr High Zfumblers MWW, I dm aah.. BUILDING CONTRACTOR LEWIS M. ALEXANDER North East Homes, Garages, Commercial Building, Pre Fabricating and Erecting, Tile, Concrete Work, Block and Brick Laying Floor Sanding, Finishing, Cabinet, and Millwork, Designing Layout, and Financial Arrangements Loans to 552, 500 on Siding, Roofing, Remodeling and Additions Phone 6711 I ,Sig Qfamdyviwwub Q ' New CME? Wlshes Cont1nued Success and Happmess to the Class of '58 I , NEW CAST LIE FARMERS' MARKET "De1aware's Most Fabulous Bargain Bazaar" Dupont Highway and Frenchtown Road New Castle, Delaware Phone East 8-4101 YOUR SEARCH EIIIS Q5 ' ffv 542' 0166 5 ' ' GIFT SHOP 2? Q n l :gl S Hand Hooked Rugs Chenille Bed Spreads Bath Sets Lawn Pottery U.S. Route 40 North East, Md. i '12 Miles South MAKE YOUR HOME COMPLETE' of Wilmington on U.S. Rt. 40 Little Things for a Prettier Home 5-In - it 'Eti- e" ' S .n 7 Hand Hooked Rugs - Ceramics - Lawn Pottery :Q Chenille Bed Spreads - Robes and Bath Sets i " , Souvenirs NITA T. POORE, Mgr. Phone Delaware City 4-4294 VCU R TROUILES P ir' 44 VAIISII ' 5 ,Q .... .3 61' 1 ' nl!!! On U.S.' tit. 40 Phone: 73701 Compliments of FRED S. RUSSEL AND SONS SAND - GRAVEL - CLAY North East, Md. Phone: N.E. 3041 or 3042 I I-FETQCDN S - S, ' CUT RATE "The Store of Service" Q lg A Friendly Place to Meet, Shop - ' and Save! North East, Md. Ph0I1eI 7-1000 I Lyman Boats lg and , M Mercury Motors C. n E ATWORKS, IN 2 North East . . . 5387 BO Q M fan.-c-.-a A- IHIQL if ' T IIIVESTIGATE SAVIIIGS... Jw THE PEOPLES BANK OF ELKTON 2 Elkton, Maryland Assets Over 55, 000, 000 . O0 Drive-In Window Facilities Two Per Cent Interest Paid on Savings Accounts Maximum F. D. I. C. Insurance Carried ts' 0- h J n i - " "' ,if P DAIRY PRODUCTS uh. .,,. .4,:. . 'C ..:u..h X-., M 5 X L.CD ST'-E N S DAIRY Chesapeake City, Md. Phone 3000 N CET l-I :EAST PHOTO STUDIO BERTHA BEACH, Photographer Commercial and Portrait Photography Weddings and Children a Specialty By Appointment Only Main Street North East 6831 Weegwzfk Ford - the One Fine Car in Its Field SAMUEL SADOWSKY Pe rryville Phone PV. 2841 Compliments of WE LLVVOOD CLUB Charlestown, Md. Phone N. E. 6666 Compliments of l.LJTZ'S nNc. Frigidaire - Westinghouse Maytag Appliances Zenith - Magnavox Bell and Howell TV and Hi-Fi Equipment Guns - Photographic Equipment Bel Air, Md. Phone 171 H plqmourh V C-5 if Qzibvm GARAGE ' Dodge - Plymouth Sales and Service Phone North East-2541 'BACE - I-I 'BU12E-EFE12 RANCH Steaks and Shakes Foot-Long Hot Dogs YQ Q Phone 5971, N.E. FR.ANK'S SHOES 1014 'Washington St Havre de Grace, Md 29 Parke St. Aberdeen, Md. M625 MOBIL CENTER Tires gg Lubricating Tube S 1 ,.. . ., ...o,o,,. ,,,. ,,s.,,,,. : , ,.., Washing B atte ri e S Re ca in . . :" 'f Kerosene ' tg " Service .:.,: . 1. zii g I I gqqvul W Accessories ,c Qd' W Class of '50 Phone N.E. 7-2412 Charle stown, Md . Compliments of 'DCDNI CZCDLEE Perryville , Maryland LET US HELP ' ' XX f. i,5O4QgQ2Eq I M E 'A e ' " ' ' P 1 We C' 4? N Zum 77toweq T I-IE T:-IQST' NIATICDNAL BANK of RISING SUN Rising Sun, Md. Telephone 301 ak f lf' 4 N, 9149 Qdaffw 6 Dealer in Pork Products Rising Sun, Md. Phone: 110 I-LAJEBI SON - VVALKE2 REFRACTORIES COMPANY Y up an ul i, INICDTQTI-I EAST THEATRE "Almost All the Good Pictures Released Will Be Shown" Shows 7 - ll P.M. - Weekdays Shows Z - ll P.M. - Saturdays Phone 2581 i- ! E l NNW Shoes for the Entire Family Nearest Retail Stores in Elkton and Havre de Grace INAT. AQAEAT I-ICDIVIE OWNERS SUPPLY CO. FARMS HOME FURNISHING CO. The Golden Guernsey "Two Stores . to Serve You Better" Dany Phones Port Deposit DRake 5-2311 N.E. 2851 N.E. 7-3311 VVILSO N - CDLIVEQ AGENC Y , INC . Gene ral Insurance Bel Air Avenue Aberdeen, Md. Phone Aberdeen 203 Congratulations to the Class of '58 Live Better . . . Electrically Kkmmfuqra . I l l X Ali' I ii ..- K N 5 i r I Qs' s ', QAVES - 1' ,Agfiw X 1 734 V . Compliments of Wu? WL up lfwwhwh North East, Maryland Compliments of I-IOIV1'-E FURNITURE MART 141 -3 Railroad Ave . Elkton 654 EKQQQWMK6 Billiards P Ox A 4: d' " North East, Md. VEENON -x A. ,- 'l25EY NCDLJDS General Hauling and Excavating M AND L. SAVE ,5: ,law14!" to AT - A 5 'Of' North East, Md. Phone 3021 5-J' NJ ' NEWEEEQY Compliments of COMPANY Your Family Store in Elkton, Md. BOYS' CLUB Growing Bigger - DONNIE PRESTON, Director to Serve You Better H gsukf , to Shop at FURNITURE TEST Newark Del End. 8331 f Pl ' EAGLES ,.,, Oxford Pa-901 902 E1'eC1'I'iC'5.1. - -Q Lt Compliments of W :ELKTON SUPPLY CO. Elkton, Maryland "Best Wishes to the Class of '58" gm B U I C K SALES ' SERVICE .EX - VVAEEENI BUICK' INC' BOUVCGIDEN Bridge Street INC Elkton, Md' Elkton, Maryland FAEZ co cmsm. Elkton, Md. dw? f JEWELERS nstyles ,VI Gifts for A,,f.+,.5,., :- qv X FIS? XX A11 Occasions P 1 ages Elkton of Seventeen Newark Che stertown zu ' I-I. TV SERVICE M CDOWEL L.. Bay View, Md. Phone 7-2191 ELECTRICAL REPAIRS R.D. 1, North East Phone 4246 Courtesy dimmi KT MOBIL SERVICE SUN PHARMACY E, gy Bay View, Maryland Phone 5818 Rising Sun, Md. Phone 250 Congratulations Class of '58 T I-FE 'DEI NT SHOP North East, Md. Dfzamm PAINT STORE Distributor of Masury and Sipes Paints Wholesale and Retail 15 North 3rd Street Oxford, Pennsylvania Qyakefzb Wcfzfm INC. HARDWARE COMPANY Oxfgrd, pa, Wholesale Electrical Supplies Nationally Advertised Phone 65 Wornen's and Children's Wear 330 Market St. Complete Bridal Attire Oxford, Pa. K, vi'3'?Ef- ARMoUR's THE XJ A MARKET xb I RESTAURANT N..-1 ' x 1' Fancy Grocerles North East, Maryland XX 1' "Serving the Best in Seafood" ' Fruits and Produce Meats ,,We Delivern Phone 7-1136 Phone 2771 North East, Md. Compliments of Compliments 9 1 of 6 A J ff ALEEE I A gl 'QONEY THE JANE HOWARD JACKSON SCHOOL OF DANCING CIP. WHWJZZ YACHT BASIN North East, Maryland Evinrude Outboard Motors Compliments of C HA-ELES 'ECDVD CIC. North East, lvlaryland Compliments of :ELK-l'CD N SHOE HOSPITAL A.1:. STANLEY NEWS DEALER El kton , Nia ryl a nd C-SLA-S SGW ACQINAS RE S TAURANT AND COLONIAL DINING ROOM AND COCKTAIL LOUNGE U. S. Route 40 Glasgow, Del. C7mfmez3 54 TO Sl. OO STORE North East, Maryland Compliments of HARDWARE JOSEPH Main Street North East, Maryland I--IONAIE VVALTE12. I GROCERY ' Fresh Meats - Produce Grocery We Deliver Phone: N.E. 2241 Phone 2518 North East, Maryland Compliments of CICD. WW MARKET North East , Maryland RADIO AND TELEVISION Sales and Service Phone: 5231 North East, Maryland Maytag - Frigidaire Service Is Our Most Important Product lc. K LOGAN INAA'l2 KET ELECTRIC CORP. North East, Maryland North East, Md. Phone 3571 Phone 2515 WEN-MAE BOAT YARD North East, Md. Evinrude Motors Z Yuma? Wlcfiambi SAND AND GRAVEL North East, Md. Z6 We ' MARKET R.D. 1642 North East, Md. Phone N.E. 5621 'SELINAAYS BEAUTY SHOP Main Street North East, Md. Phone 2321 Compliments of Wfzfgeczaf FIRE BRICK COMPANY North East, Md. Phone 23 5 1 O6-I-QQ. Esso DEALER SERVICE U . S . Route 40 North East, Md. 4155! Www GARAGE Scientific Tune-Up Mobile Service Phone: N.E. 2411 or 7-1771 Phone ' 3 7 6 Z wA12D'-5 .Jon-:knees TE XAC O SERVICE DINER U.S. Highway 40 Phone 7-1731 North East , Md . Specializing in Southern Fried Chicken Phone North East 7-1736 U.S. Rt. 40 North East, Md. Plenty of Parking gpencwi IELKTCDN CONCRE TE BLOCK CO. RESTAURANT U.S. Route 40, 1 Mile West of AND Elkton TRAILER COURT R.F.D. No. 4, Elkton, Md. Plant Residence Phone 7-2700 North East, Md. Elkton 1059 North East 6517 Compliments of Wfczcfibm HQUSE Gateway to the South MOTEL Cocktails and Dining North East, Md. Phone 7-1771 or 2411 Compliments of 'DALJ L. CQOUCH CONTRAC TOR Community Builder Qfeefnf ' HARDWARE Paints - Housewares - Toys Garden Supplies and Power Tools 207 North Washington St. Havre de Grace, Maryland Tops in Music and Ente rtainnment 'E DDIE 'DWYEQ AND HIS CLUBMEN Phone Phone Northfield 1033-514-4 Baltimore, Md. Havre de Grace Compliments of Wfaaai-5916 Havre de Grace, Md. -.J.DLb.X! IS JEWELERS Havre de Grace U r i ! Q R ' 1 Phone 263 FOLEYS PHARMACY St. John and Green St. Havre de Grace Prompt Service Phone 290 Compliments of BOTTLING WORKS, INC. Havre de Grace Maryland Compliments of ESDOT EAI NES STORE Havre de Grace Maryland 'l'l-ICD'l2N 'BEL AH2 YACHTYARD ROLLER RINK Charlestown Cecil County Maryland Bel Air, Maryland Yzbgwzafww BAACE FARM AND BUILDING SUPPLY PHARMACY Horseshoe Road Rising Sun, Maryland Phone 375 Bel Air Phone: Rising Sun 225 "Everything for the Builder" Udwzkbzffmu See It Made in. . . GLASS l4lT'CTl-IEINI RESTAURANT SERVICE Scrumptious Food Rt. 40 Glasgow, Del. LYNN HAVEN Fl .I ,. 1 1 INN H" P if EFA lg'- 6 Facilities for: . , DINER Banquets, Parties, Club Meetings 102 South Dupont Highway New Castle, Delaware Open Sundays For Reservations EAst8-2041 Dupont Parkway lRt. 131 Opposite New Castle Airport New Castle, Del. Licensed by Maryland State Police IIIIDSDII "All Phases DETECTIVE of IGEIIBY Protection" Civil - Criminal - Domestic Uniformed Guards MOTOR C O. QSSMOHQ0 .xi Phones Office Day 1688 135 North sr. Elkran, Maryland Night 1597 p Elkton, Md. . . a Read A11 the 'I-DQX I CUT RATE School News !,x in the - QQ! CECIL DEMOCRAT "Get It at Paxtda'a" Phone 78 Elkton, Md. ?ettm Valued , , X JAC ICSCDN-' SLJG-I-I-I 5 EALLING MEN'S WEAR OIL CO. Arrow Shirts "All Leading Brands" Tuxedo Rental Elk Theatre Bldg. Elkton, Md. Phone 1020 Shell Petroleum Products Telephone 306 Elkton, Maryland Compliments of SQZZQM "The Finest in Sea Foods" Chesapeake City, Maryland I , 'IDAXX IES FLORIST'S "Corsages For That Special One Sprays fx uf if. Elkton 831 ' f' I ll I 'M ' .-' 0 L. Z4 X V. ' af' I " ' C ! 1,,, .f 9 CECIL VVI-HCS First With Cecil 6524045 ' County News Z4 Hour Towing Service Largest Circulation North East, Md. D12 CII-UAIQLIES CJ. CJ. CI. 'DOTTS IXAINST-E12 CHIROPRACTOR X Office Hours 9:30 - 12 JEWEL-ERS 2. - 5 and 6 - 8 Except Wed. Since 1895 Saturday 9 - 1 Main Street North East, Md. Elkton, Md. - Newark, Del FRIENDS OF THE CLASS Mrs. John Roberts Phillips 24 Mr. and Mrs. George A. Harvey Mr. and Mrs, Herbert S, Wood Mr, and Mrs. Herbert M, Wood Dr, Wallace H. Sadowsky 35 Ann fSadowskyj Berkman 31 Dr, and Mrs, Robert A, Carr Wilson's Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Francis Keene Mr, and Mrs. Roice Logan Ryans Little Style Shop Ingrams Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hall Gladys Sweet Boucher 33 Mrs. Michael Nojunas 38 Ralph's Boats Supplies Collette 85 Weber, Golf Mr. and Mrs. W, R, Roush Mrs. Virginia F. Todd 19 Lineberry's Grocery McCool Ins. Agency Singmans Men's Wear Barry N. Heisler 57 Courtland Hardware Chester Russel Jr. I. Tumsden Holt Hector Holester Elkton Auto Parts M. Sc W. Radio Sales Dave's Barber Shop William R. Calary Plum Creek Market Wright's Pharmacy Irwin Ins. Agency H, Kenneth Mackey A. Monroe Ryan Sportsman Center Whitman Flying A Buckner's Texaco Cambell's Store Roney and Wells Gene's Bop Shop Robert L. Gonce N. R. Touchton Shamrock Diner Shockley Store Kitner Xa Evans Sander's Store Walter Wilson J, Frank Holt R. E. Stewart Frank Yewell F. B. Conway Bob Lynch Crouse Bros. Juicy Kaplin I. Jodlbauer Montgomery Restaurant C. W. Reymolds 19 The Bakery Bessie's Beauty Salon MacMullin St Sons Bill Landis Miss Harriet Pugh 16 Walter Patchell T. Guilday Mrs. Priscilla Pugh Lyon's Pharmacy Swiss Inn Bel Air Western Auto Benjamin Sunoco Stuckey's Miss Lucille Manning Drexler's T. V. H. Gray LITHOGRAPHED BY TA LOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS I TEXAS Th ses: Yearbooks are TAYLORVMADE Q5 a V9 f? ii

Suggestions in the North East High School - Crown Yearbook (North East, MD) collection:

North East High School - Crown Yearbook (North East, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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1958, pg 72

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1958, pg 87

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