North East High School - Crown Yearbook (North East, MD)

 - Class of 1957

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North East High School - Crown Yearbook (North East, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 74 of the 1957 volume:

Y.- Vw, " 1-4 .3 g A ,lax f Y 4, v 'W-is mare , ' is Us ' 5:2 Vg. Vg- ' " I 1' - ' 24s,.'4, - ',Z . i 355121-3321 " 1 " ' Vg' L " L 'Q "f 1,-. x . , '-li. ' ' 4 , . A N . ' ' ' 's-1 .-gY. v. Q- ,I 1 ,Q '. i-wif: 1 ,. Ivan- ' ' ,.., . ..-gi ,, --P',.,, ff'- , .gn ,N , ., x - .. '-:.-4. xv- . wr- , . , V Y wx. ,... k, .. 5,53 S. Y , Ef x-1f?'1?fg , 'T ,LFQ-. ga- gif? .- .uJ - fi. uffff. if,-1" 14 .ES 'W ' 1 '-L, NRE' 1.4.1 : . . gf f- -, 1 - x -' uw .Q ,--1-ff Y, J ' .Ju 'T 5 '1-.t' ' 3.EE1fFi ' L:-2 ff' fix f -, 5 , H9533 ff ' q A 5 .f up ' ' ,ffl . wwf- - - 'v':N J:-'fix ' : 219: - V I . ,g1,, y-3 U . "IZ ..-A ' :x-F762 -'rl 23-.:x x 4 'FL 4,7 5 ' , , , i'.Q"f.'f,'-1:12 'L - ,.5f1,:1-gba: ., , w ' .V Qg.g,gff:5, 2,5 .1.,-.25 . L r pu: 4 f-' ---.-2? ' .Q f1'fffaT'f2'5 '-fm. 1 .. W ahh, ., , . 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'7.l'Hfl 1 s 4 1 s J Q - :fx ,I qi y I1 v I , 1 I JL, y.,a-01 ,D,v-'A u ,-' ,evfuhdx Jslrflifsnfl -u-I ,.-1 f 5333-'L G.-'C's1C.s"'!3u?L' "5 ff- SGW-:f ' 29145 ' vlvrh L 7a0wzp who have so graciously contributed to our well-being,neverendingly assisted us in times of great need, understood even our smallest problems, reassured us when we were discour- aged,corrected us when we were wrong, and faithfully supported us even in our most un- promising undertakings, we the Class of '57 most humbly dedicate our yearbook, "THE CROWN." 1 , 5 u v fn 1 Q , uv :.,5l,:2:vQ-gg sJrC2'3.,,.aF,:2:' atalffg' ' fs' A:-xg, gb.: C D 4 "'5,,2' ,,,. ,.,. .ag an tg, -f-"sn 2-fag-5392-:'1vG'7!'s "L 5 "- Q 1' -" l."V J'-N 1-SIQ'-'H 'QC' 51 'Lirrf.'La-Gift 'is' 'fxlnl-l'e '5 w'w.""' ' v""" "mr" Ava!-'v"s 'jg :-.5"4N.,'5"' gh: Ish' a I " 0-P4 5 9. jg' ' AW' ,Q ' 'Au 'sf 1 en., Nag' fi, tusv un J 5 ,ug -07, J P ' 1 'ss . .r'3.' 'af-3 fr 5. .: Y-'-' JP 'H rf. .f-. 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Standing: Jim Bailey, Pauline MacGuiness, Betty Wood, Carolyn Edmanson, Mary Ellen Dennison, Gail Blomquist, Buck Edwards, Martha Lewis, and Virginia Ward. skank A TIP FROM THE TOP Seated: Bradford Corry, Principal. Standing: Pauline MacGuinness, Virginia Ward, Jim Bailey, Mary Ellen Dennison, Betty Wood, Carolyn Edmanson, Buck Edwards, Gail Blomquist, Martha Lewis, and Bob Phillips. ADMINIQFRA non MR. BRADFORD CORRY, Principal MR. CONRAD TETER MRS. BERTHA FOCKLER Vice Principal Secretary FACULTY MISS BETTY BEELER Review of Math Typing, Bookkeeping MISS NYLA MCCULLOUGH Senior Class Sponsor MRS RUTH DEEGAN MR. LESTER KNISLEY MRS MARY JANE FOGG MR FRANK CLATCH Home Economics Social Studies General Science Band American History Jlik MRS. EDNA HALL MR. ALLAN MILLER MRS. ROSE HORTON MR, ROBERT MORGAN Librarian Drivers Education Arts and Crafts Guidance MRS. MARY LUTZ General Math General Science MRS. EVELYN HUMMER General Math MR. JOHN KELLEY Senior Class Sponsor Physics, Latin, General Science MR. JOSEPH MORRIS MRS. EMILY MORRIS MR. EUSTACE PICKENS MISS FREDA PETERS P,O.D., U.S. History General Math General Math Stenography Trigonometry, Algebra General Business Office Practice, Typing NCQ MISS HELEN YOSIA MR, WARREN STEWARD Social Studies Social Studies English MR. DONALD WOLFE MRS. NANCY WOLFE General Science English Biology MR. JACOB VUGRIN Physical Education DUNS CAFETERIA CUSTO I NK. E, Sapp WORKERS ML Hatoid iigiliju 0 W amet Schiuing' fic Warden, H. sames OffK6 1 - Abrams. Moote . SE NIORS CHARLES LEE LOVING "loving" "lf girls interfere with your work, quit work." CLERlCALg Senior Class Presidentg Glee Club, Monitorg Junior Prom Court. JANET ROSE HUDSON "Janet" "She says little, but thinks a lot." SECRETAR.IALg Very active-Sparta High, N.C.g Libraryg Senior Secretary, THE CROWNg Student Council Store. HERSHEL CLYDE ARMOUR "Hershe1" "Happy am I, from care free, why aren't they all content like me?" CLERlCALg Soccer, Baseball, Student Coun- cilg Monitor, Laugh, Elkton Supply, Pontiac, THE CROWN. NORMA OLETTA BAILEY "Beetle" "From all her worthy qualities T' would be a task to pick the best." CLERICALQ Volleyballg Basketballg Softball, Northeasterg Glee Clubg GAAg THE CROWN, Co-editor. CAROLYN MARIE EDMANSON "Carolyn" "A lass so neat, with smile so sweet." ACADEMIC: Northeasterg Student Council, THE CROWN, GAA, Girls' Stateg Fear of Catsg Neat Dresser, Latin, Junior and Senior Class Vice President. ROBERT PAUL PHILLIPS ..Bob.. "Tall and stately aspect.' ACADEMICg Soccerg Basketballg Baseball, Student Council, North- easter: THE CROWN, Editorg Senior Treasurer, World Travelerg Tall. EDITH VIOLA ANDERSON "Edith" "Why should the devil have all the fun?" CLERICALg GAAg Moni- tor, Would make a good chauffeurg Tennis Shoesg Short Hair. VALIN GENE BEST "V. G." "May each new beat of my heart be a chance for a better start." CLERlCALg Glee Clubg Basketball, Soccerg Base- ball, Tall and Stately: Strums Guitars. GARY MELVIN CROUCH "Pete" "To worry little, to study less, This is my secret to happiness." CLERICALg Soccer, Baseball, Monitor, Glee Club, Neat Dresserg Cowboy of Northeast. GAIL BARBARA BLOMQUIST "Gail" "A quiet friend is the best kind to have. " SECRETARIALg GAA, Monitor, Student Typist, Glee Clubg Bright Tower, Hates to Drive. HOPE VIRGINIA DENNISON "Hope" "A smile that wins, a manner that takesg Everywhere she goes, friends she makes." CLERICALg President of Student Council, Glee Club, Basketball, Monitorg GAA, George: Libby's. MARY ELLEN DENNISON "Mary El1en" "Never speak sense, when nonsense serves the purpose." SECRETARIALg Student Council, Basketball, Northeasterg THE CROWN, Student Council Store. JOAN PATRICIA FUNK "Patsy" "Healthy, happy, the best of sports, You seldom see her out of sorts." SECRETARlALg Patrol: Library Workerg Likes to Read: Newberry's and Mr. Kelley's Car. BARBARA JOAN GATCHELL "Barbie" "My heart is whole, by fancy freeg Go away, little boys, don't bother me. " CLERICALg Monitor, Collects Recipesg Cuteg Nice Hair-do, Typist. VIOLET MAE GESTEWITZ "Dolly" "lt's either diamonds or dynamite, For it's a small package." CLERICALg GAA, Glee Clubg Bill, Milk shakesg Student Typist, Dances. RONALD PORTER EDWARDS "Buck" "Never let studying interfere with your educa- tion." CLERICALg Soccer, Baseballg Monitor: Patrolg GAA Play, Junior Prom court, THE CROWN. RUTH ANN GRAYBEAL "Ruthie" "Happy is the lass who enjoys life. " CLERlCALg Monitorg Collects Recipesg Cute Hair-dog Niceg Typist. JAMES WILLIAM BAILEY num.. "Good nature is the sign of a large and gener- ous soul. " CLERICALg School Patrolg Northeasterg Glee Clubg Shutter Bugg THE CROWN. DORIS VIOLA GUY "Doris" "A little on the serious side, But harboring a touch of gaiety. " CLERICALg Good Artistg Her Accentg Long Hair. MARILYN HOPE HAMMOND "Marnie" "Leave silence to the saints, I'm just human. " CLERICALg Volleyballg Softballg Northeasterg GAAg Monitorg Glee Clubg Georgeg Organizer of Bakesg THE CROWN, SHIRLEY ANN HART "Shlr1" "Her future is well planned, Third finger, left hand. " CLERICALg Likes to Cook and Sewg Pony -tailg Quietg Likes Cadillacs. SHIRLEY MAY HEATH "Shir1ey" "For she's capable, industrious, and kind." SECRETARIALg Patrolg Monitorg Libraryg THE CROWNg Student Council Storeg Likes to Paint RODNEY WILBUR GUIBERSON "Boomy" "Jolly and sincere and liked by all who know him." GENERALg Soccerg Basketballg Cadillac Trac- torg Well-likedg Good Electrician. BILLIE LEE HINES "creampuff" "It is better to wear out in mischief, Than to rust in being too solemn. " CLERICALg Glee Clubg Volleyballg GAAg Monitor. ALLAN RAYMOND GUY "A1lan" "Sober, stead-fast, and demure, This is Allan to be sure." GENERALg Soccer, Artg Crazyg Laughg Waves a wicked fish net. CONSTANCE MARY HOLLISTH2 "Connie" "A kind heart and a sweet disposition." SECRETARlALg Basketball, Softball, North- easterg GAA, Monitor: THE CROWNg Curly Hair. PAULA HELENE JONES "Paula" "She is little, she is wise, She's a corker for her size." SECR.ETARIALg Northeasterg GAAg French Fries: Elkton A8LPg Bay Shore, Chevy, Bill. BARRY NORMAN HEISLER "Barry" "I believe in work, but I'm not in favor of it. " ACADEMICg Soccer: Basketballg Baseballg Patrolg Northeasterg Dances, His Hairy Ply- mouthg Likes water Sports. LEWIS ISAAC, IR. "Luke" "He carries his troubles in his pocket with a hole in it." CLERICALg THE CROWN, Likes Carsg Typing Whizg Likes to listen to recordsg "Get out of my face. " VERLA ANN KLINE "Scrubby" "Let us enjoy pleasure while we can, Pleasure is never long enough. " CLERICALg GAA, Monitor, M8cM Dinerg Red- dish Hair, Likes to Talk. MARTHA ELLEN LEWIS "Martha" "Energy and vitality all bubbling in one, Crazy and dopey but full of fun. " CLERICALg Northeasterg THE CROWN: Class Clown: Dances: Gene, "Only You"g Court. JOSEPH JEROME KAHL "Jerry" "Al1 great men are dyingg I don't feel so well myself." GENERAL, Baseballg Junior Prom Courtg Subtle Sense of Humorg Ivy League Shirts. WILLIAM CURTIS KIRK "Bill" "Of all pleasures large or small, A day off from school is the best of all." CLERICAL: Monitor: THE CROWN: Pizza: Crabcakes: Likes Foot- ball and Water Sports: ACME: BCEICII. HA RRIETT LOIS MCKINNEY "Lois" "Life is what you make it." SECRETARIAL: Basket- ball: Northeaster: Moni- tor: GAA: Pork Chops: Allan: Sense of Humor: Bayshore. PATRICIA LORRAINE OTT "Pat" "Dynamite comes in small packages. " CLERICAL: Redhead: Short: Glee Club: Dances: Cute and Petie: Ne'-f Dresser. KAY LUCILLE PLUMMER ..Kay.. "l'll agree with you, but you're wrong!" ACADEMIC: Student Council: Northeaster: Library: THE CROWN, Co-editor: Student Council Store: Her Walk. PAULINE MacGUINNESS "Pauline" "Pleasure fills our youth- ful years, Why study if it interferes? SECRETARIAL: Cheer- leader: Northeaster: Monitor: Patrol: THE CROWN: Vernon: Subs: Dances. BERNICE BEVERLY MOORE "Morf" "The two studies she likes best of all: The hearts of boys and softball." CLERICAL: Softball: Volleyball: Basketball: GAA: Glee Club: Moni- tor: Northeaster. PATRICIA PAYNE ..Betty.. "If silence is golden, I'm rich. " CLERICAL: Likes to Sew: Typing Speed? Cluttered Locker: Will- ing Worker: Usherette. IOHN AUSTIN LEVREDGE "Johnnie " "For a bashful boy, he gets into lots of mis- chief. " GENERAL: Basketball: Likes to Work on Cars: Reckless: Good Kid: Bubbling personality: English? VIRGINIA LEE SCHIRLING "Ginny" "Laugh and the whole world laughs with youg Frown and it wrinkles your face. " CLERICALg Glee Clubg GAAg Monitorg Pretty Smileg Likes to Roller Skate: Birthday Party. RAY NIEMINEN ..RAy,. "Bright and sunny throughout the dayg You'l1 always find him that way." GENERALg Card Sharkg Quite an Artistg Blond Hairg Popular with the Sophomore Girls. ELSIE PATRICIA SIMMONS "Patsy" "Happiness is cheaper than worry, So why pay the higher price?" CLERICALg Glee Clubg Likes to Danceg Likes Blue. THELMA VIRGINIA WARD "Cookie" "Of all the joys Irecall, Being in love is the best of all." SECRETARIALg Student Councilg Glee Clubg GAAg Office Assistantg THE CROWN. SUSAN ELAINE WILLIAMS "Sue" "Not too serious, not too gay, A likeable girl in every way." CLERICALg Magazine Campaigng Glee Clubg Monitorg GAAg Typing for Teachersg THE CROWN. ELEANOR MAE WINLAND "Eleanor" "A smile and helping hand to offer at any time." CLERICALg Student Council: Monitor: GAAg Glee Clubg Student Typistg THE CROWNg Neat Dresserg Newberry'sg Writes Letters. LEWIS HUGH POTTER "Lulu" "Blessed is the man who invented sleep." GENERALg Phillies Fang Frecklesg Black Hairg Quietg Likes U.S. History?g Likes Carpentry BETTY ANN WOOD "Betty" "Friendly to all, hostile to noneg Always jolly and full of fun. " SECRETARIALg Volleyballg Basketballg Soft- ballg GAAg Northeasterg THE CROWNg Mikeg 2 RICHARD ALLAN SHIFFLETT "Dick" "Personality all his own. " GENERALQ Patrolg Monitorg Glee Club: Sonjag Ski Sweater: Future Farmer. CA THERINE FUTTY WOOD "Kate" "Beware! She may do something sensational. ACADEMICg.Editor of Northeasterg GAAg Patrolg Monitorg THE CROWNg Witty Sayings. JOAN CAROLYN WRIGHT "Ioanie" "She doesn't worry, she doesn't fret, The kind of girl we'll never forget. " CLER1CALg Rufusg Slimg Junior Prom Courtg Quiet, but Popular. MELVIN LEON STEVENS "King Fish" "Beneath this mild exteria there lies a dial of mischief. " GENERALg Soccerg Basketballg Garage Workg Works Like a Beaver. PAUL CHESTER WARD "Billy" "Don't take life too seriouslyg You'll never get out alive. " CLERICALg Monitorg Horseback Ridingg Pumps Gasg Junior Prom Court: Likes to Eat: Senior Chewing Gum Supplier. JOSEPH THOMAS WHARTON aloe.. "I like workg I could sit and watch it for hours. " GENERALg Baseballg Tall, Likeableg Author at Heartg Pool Sharkg A8nPg Will Join Service. , l I X Q .IUNIORS 771 Front row: J. Wilson, I. Dean, G. Miller, M. Roark, L. Gray, A. Blomquist, B. Bibb, W. Cameron, I. McKinnon, K. Gamble, B. Harvey, N. Hall, S. Lindsay, A. Roush. Second row, H. Steward, R. Moore, C. McCauley, W. Bettinger, J. Saxberg, D. Culver, J. Smith, C. Racine, I. Smith, H. Kline, E. Racine, J. Burton, W. Wood, L. Pugh, F. McKinney. 4 A sl if II Front row: M. Bott, D. Comer, B. Murray, B. Kline, P. Weaver, E. Combs, M. Hollister, A. Alexander, S. Davis, I. Williams, H. Edwards, M. Williams, N. Shifflett. Second row: V. Wright, J. Harman, J. Clark, H. Christensen, F. Boyer, E. Ritzel, P. Oldham, T. Simpkins, G. McDowell, C. Stewart, G. Smith, F. Hopkins, H. Pratt, W. McCall. SOPHOMORES 701 First row: C. Reynolds, I. Miller, I. Laine, E. Latoma, E. Ritzel, M. Houston, I. Balog, K. Preston, R. Walton, L. Ashbridge, P. Campbell. Second row: W. Elliot, C. Weaver, I. Meekins, M. Schenck, C. Armour, E. Beal, H. Kincaid, J. Lipsey, W. Carr, C. Smith, E. Oikemus, G. Conway, D. Shifflett, L. Bennett. 70 II First row: M. Quinten, V. Boulden, K. Oikemus, S. Harman, I. Lake, N. Anders, B. Bectchel, F. Raine, A. Boyd, L. Pugh, C. Castelow, M. Pettitt, S. Hammer, W. Rae. Second row: W. Knaver, J. Schirling, C. Ross, R. Armour, M. Reynolds, P. Tate, J. Reynolds, J. Dalecki, E. Nickle, M. DiVidio H. Letts, A. Edwards, R. Edwards, R. Lewis, E. Bibey. A .. A - i0 III First row: D. Lake, M. Helsel, J. McCall, B. Ienness, C. Ross, A. Edwards, D. Kennedy, J. Shepard, S. Palmer, B. Phillips, E. Heverin, R. Shifflett, B. Kennedy, M. Huffman. Second row: E. Williams I. Bailiff, W. Startt, M. Jones, H. Meekins,W. Burton, K. Aro, R. Biggers, R. Lynch, V. DiRubbio, C. Racine, J. Bailiff. av- ...aj ...V ilf' 700446 an 57 First row: K. Preston, B. Phillips. J. Shepherd, L. Ashbridge, C. Armour. Second row, F, Raine, A, Boyd, B. Corry. endow cyl SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Bob Phillips, Treasurer, Janet Hudson, Secretaryg Carolyn Edmanson, Vice President, Charlie Loving, President. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Harry Kline, Treasurer, Peggy Roark, Vice Presidentg Jane Bartleson, Secre- taryg Charlie McCauley, President. 66444 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Beverly Phillips, Treasurerg Cliffie Armour, President, Janet Reynolds Vice President, Kay Preston, Secretary. F RESHME N td First row: J. Simpkins, M. Ford, B. Kerns, R. Belden, T. Castelow, L. Mash, M. Russell, B. Burton, B. Gonce, P. Cain, D. Smith, R. Neff, N. Carter, I. Hart. Second row: I. Simmons, R. Travagli, I. Parrott, S. Reynolds, S. Sacconey, D. Weber, E. Griffet, N. Walbeck, G. Buchanan, J. Davis, W. Hollister, S. Weller, G. Borden, J. Weaver. Third row: F. Rae, J. Lundy, J. Carr, R. Crook, R. Sex- ton, R. Steward, R. Simpers, R. Spotswood, H. Shifflett, W. Foreaker, W. Watson, R. Wiles, R. Isaacs R. Pugh, B. Marshall. 9:4 First row: S. Pickens, S. Dennison, L. Kryger, Y. Phillips, O. Blake, T. Ward, L. Lawrance, M. Irey, E. Crossley, D. Dean, B. Bailey, P. Dixon, T. Patchell. Second row: R. Griffith, R. Gambill, K. Gray, I. Gamble, G. Cameron, P. Letts, M. Horton, J. McCall, M. Rhudy, H. Kallio, M. Schenck, E. Puro, K. Hammond, S. VanDenHeuve1, P. Miller. Third row: G. Laye, G. Castelow, D. Potter, W. Brown, R. McCall, J. Cantwell, R. Dell, R. Peterson, J. Roush, L. Lockard, E. Abrams, D. Gibson T. Welch, M. Steele. 1 W f' : bf , wgrm A ' M. J, , fl. mx 1. ' y 5v,F . ,, .IUNIUR HIGH X14 First row: C. Kahl, D. Preston, M. Kennedy, V. Sullins, L. Blevins, I. Simmons, B. Gatchell, L. Letts B. Pugh, J. Ingerson, I. Watson, V. Stevens, M. Kerns. Second row: D. Perritt, C. Husfelt, G. Potts, F. Isaac, J. Dollahite, W. Bryan, D. Loving, D. Loving, W. Peterman, R. Veasey, W. Smith, R. Kirk, A. Helsel, G. Mars, R. Davis, R. Moore, E. Edwards. First row: V. Ianney, P. Streaker, P. Walker, H. Lake, B. Baker, B. Cantler, R. Jones, V. Hart, H. Husfelt, R. Hart, B. Buell, S. Seymore, L. Karnes. Second row: W. Parrott, C. Williams, L. Ingerson, B. Conway, I. Palmer, G. Bouchelle, R. Petrea, H. Jackson, E. Williams, R. Loynds, H. Cornwell, K. Walker, T. Levredge. XM First row: P. Laramore, P. Howell, H. Dean, P. Adams, R. McKinney, J. Ramsden, B. Bowman, J. Vangard, L. Nieminen, J. Russell, P. Blevins, B. Hanson, C. Crawford. Second row: B. Welch, L. Cooper, D. Elmer, R. Williams, J. Rae, R. Gestewitz, K. Blomquist, D. Payne, J. Beal, J. Weaver, B. Stewart, N. Everett, P. Saxberg, C. Sandoe, J. Hayes, B. Potter, M. Wilson, E. Pettitt, H. Simpers Third row: I. Isaacs, F. Rolfe, V. Stewart, E. McKinney, H. Chadwick, Reeves, D. Morris, L. Harvey, T. Ivans, E. Harman, A. Bergroos, L. Moore, L. DeMond, G. Jalis, A. Penhollow, R. Bergroos. X54 First row: P. Waddell, V. Rosling, E. Karschner, P. Cooper, B. Wiggins, S. Hammond, B. Anderson, A. Rogers, I. Lore, P. Rice, I. Blake. Second row: C. Biddle, S. Herstine, L. Boyd, M. Jenkins, I. Bradley, B. Reynolds, M. Armour, C. Gibson, C. Harvey, C. Benjamin, E. Thomas, B. Sirovich, R. Iefferys, B. Sexton, R. Given, A. Gray, H. Lipsey, R. Gatchell, M. Travagli. 71 First row: M. Griffith, P. Moore, J. Cote, P. Loveless, M. Wilson, F. Hollister, B. Bartleson, P. Kraus- man, V. Wood, I. Heath. Second row: G. Younger, I. Dalecki, J. Smith, B. Edwards, H. Wallis, A. Webb, B. Ward, R. McNutt, D. McDowell, W. Bouchelle. Third row: A. Brown, G. Harvey, T. Logan, D. DuRocher, N. Kirk, T. Deamond, D. Atkinson. 711 First row: P. Aleshire, L. Barton, J. Christiansen, C. Shifflett, C. Hammer, C. Williams, G. Gatchell, D. Baugher, M. Cox, D. Williams, D. Mowbray. Second row: J. Helsel, R. Isaac, R. McKinney, J. Reeves, L. Districh, L. Reynolds, P. Blackson, M. Ritzel, B. Harriot, B. Hines, D. Cooper,,G. Peter- man. Third row: J. Simpers, R. Broschart, B. Adams, I. Piatelli, T. Dalecki, S. Morris, I. Patchell, T. Rhodes, M. Patchell, V. Church, W. Heverin. 7 III First row: B. Weaver, M. Draper, L. Burgess, S. Ross, B. Lewis, P. Morris, L. Gonce, A. Conway, I. Franklin, M. Phenneger, D. Barton. Second row: A. Ritzel, T. Dean, C. Mars, A. Diamonti, K. Jack- son, H. Pennington,I. Cleary, P. Lewis, H. Collins, U. Barton, I. Gray. Third row: M. Goff, J. Heverin W. Nickle, C. Blackson, W. Combs, I. Emmerson. 71V First row: E. Thompson, L. McCarthy, G. Shifflert, L. Norman, S. Letts, J. Collins, I. Carter, S. Perkins, I. Howell, R. Williams, J. Gestewitz. Second row: I. Futty, G. Rhudy, B. Boyer, L. Cheadle, N. Frederick, R. Wiles, I. Boulden, E. Knowles, T. McKinney. Third row: L. Schirling, J. Rea, R. Knauer, B. Mash, H. Davis, F. Grayson, J. Chadwick, L. Smith, A. Peterson. Seaebfz QV ,, 7304!-4'cZe!lfto5aeceeel Bas gedl- Dzeeeeei Eirmmx fait 77544: Papua CHRRLIF Safenkztdaea 66444 Quan RU Wine: Adam Zu: and fadqadgae HRSI MINUTES OF 1977 ALUMNI MEETING The twentieth annual reunion of the Class of '57 was held in the new Senior High School located at State Park. President Charles Loving Qwho, incidently, flew in his private jet-propelled Super-Constellation from Venezuela, where he is president of Loving Oil Refineriesy called the meeting to order. Bob Phillips, the treasurer, read the class balance as being 3000, 000,000.00. This was quite a difference from the usual astronomical figures of light years in which he usually deals: for after graduating from Georgia Tech. , he was appointed coordinator for the newest project conceming the latest earth satellite, known as "Phillips' Fo1ly." The next business on hand was the secretary's report, which was read by Janet Hud- son, who is the head of U.S. Central Intelligence and is now living in Moscow, Russia. She reported to the class that since we had always been such a curious class, a private detective had been hired to keep tabs on our fellow students after graduation. At this time Carolyn Edmanson, vice president of the class, introduced the detective. Carolyn, by the way, has given up teaching to take up housekeeping for her husband, Bill Kirk, now Secretary of Commerce. The detective was none other than Leon Stevens, the chief investigator for the Scrounge-Around -Detective Agency. He reported the fol- lowing concerning the activities of '57 'ersx First to be interviewed was Paul Ward, sitting in his luxurious penthouse fashioned after the musical gas pumps which have made his nationwide Tessungulf chain stations famous. Paul purchases the chewing gum he distributes at his stations from the "Snap, Crackle, Pot" Chewing Gum Factory owned by Lewis Potter. Shirley Heath, the present Ambassadress to Norway, traveled to the U.S. on the famous atomic submarine, "Rusty Can, " commanded by Barry Heisler as part of his practical training before he takes over the command post at Waterlog, Connecticut. They were greeted by Virginia Ward, who is now writing a TV soap opera serial called, "CORN, CORN, CORN FLAKES." Doris Guy has just arrived from her Parisian sketching assignment, where she made drawings of Betty Payne's newest fashion creations. Betty has just designed a complete wardrobe for Eleanor Winland, who tops the listiof the best dressed women in the U. S. Hershel Armour, Secretary of Defense, buzzes his house in his jet every day so Jeannette will know at what time to start dinner. Mary Ellen Dennison, now working in New York as executive secretary to John Baresfoot Tipton, has taken the afternoon off t0 see Jerry Kahl, Rookie of the Year, and third baseman for the Emerson Yankees. Ruth Ann Graybeal has originated the hair style which is the rage among Hollywood socialites. Barbara Gatchell, the guinea pig for Ruth's brainstorms, is now sporting the "pigtail shag. " Edith Anderson Gorron has recently won the Whitewall Derby at Black Dust City. She was the only participant. Buck "Bronco" Edwards, the idol of the lollipop set, was recently chosen King of the Cowboys. Buck is a modem cowboy - no gung no horse. Heading the Physical Education Department of Istanbul, not Constantinople, is Norma Bailey. Norma is handicapped because she isn't familiar with the bull of the Istan- bulians. When leon spied a bright red Pierce-Arrow, he knew at once it was Pauline Mac- Guinness Bryant's. Flagging her down he discovered that she was en route to Lois Mc- Kenney Pinder's house. That afternoon they were visiting Paula Jones Streaker in her new 330, 000 split-level home, which had just been completed by the Ray Nieminem We - Do -It-Ourselves Contractors. Rodney Guiberson, an expert farmer, plowed up a skull dating back before the Piltup Man. Allan Guy, curator of the National Archeological Museum, after careful investiga- tion, announced that it was not the discovery of the century, but the hoax of the century. John Leveredge, after absorbing too much Shakespere, had decided to re-enact the Yorick scene from HAMLET. At John Hopkins, James Bailey, who also deals with bones, still taking seriously his role in CAMPUS QUARANTINE, is head surgeon, and Kay Plummer is the leading psychiatric nurse. Hope Dennison Reynolds, now manager of Libby's, was seen boarding her private plane for her annual buying spree in Europe. Joe Wharton has dedicated his latest literary work, SIXTH PERIOD IN THE LIBRARY, to Mr. Kelley, our Senior Class sponsor. After the Kentucky Derby, Gary "Pete" Crouch, accepted solid gold argyle socks and belt for his winning horse, "Tennessee. " Martha Lewis Van den Heuvel, excelling in baby care, was crowned Mrs. America. She has three sets of twins. Lewis Isaac, professor of mathematics at Harvard and developer of the new theorem of determining the world's population - count toes and divide by ten - is now counting toes. He claims his class is so dumb that if they stood in a circle the government would investigate them for being a dope ring. Virginia Schirling is still marveling over her twentieth gold record. Her latest hit is "Three Seeing Gophers." Bernice Moore has been her accompanist for several years. Bernice's arrangement of "Boogie Woogie" has been the biggest hit of Tin Pan Avenue in years. Morf has definitely retained one high school traitg she can still be seen driving up one street and down the next. Catherine Wood's ability in English has secured for her a position as professor of English at Columbia University. Betty Wood Holmes has recently moved into Hathaway Terrace and is making new friends. She has made many valuable contributions to civic affairs. Patsy Funk Phillips and her husband Glenn have just arrived in California in their yellow trailer. Violet Gestewitz Moore will probably visit Patsy on her way to Hawaii, where she is to meet her husband. Pat Simmons is now with the world renowned Radio City Rockettes. Another '5'7er who has really traveled is Joan Wright Gibson. Immediately after graduating, she was married and has resided in Florida ever since. Lucky girl! Pat Ott was chosen by the Boston Fire Department as the Redhead Most Likely to Set the World on Fire. Billie Lee Hines is the only American Model modeling Christian Dior's fabulous creation. She is scheduled to return to America to help the fashion editor of the Wilming ton News Journal, Susan Williams, do a series on European Dressing as opposed no the American method. Marily Hammond, who rang the bells in our Senior play, liked it so much she is now striking the chimes for N.B.C. Gail Blomquist's taste for clothes has made her buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. And by the way, Valin Best was just elected to his fifth term as senator from Vir- ginia. Verla Kline and Shirley Hart have opened a public stenographic firm in Dallas and are doing so well they are thinking of investing in an oil well. Connie Hollister has devised a new technique which is replacing shorthand in the high schools and colleges of the country. She calls is Shortfinger because only very short students with very short fingers can leam it. After Leon's report on activities, a motion was accepted that the meeting be ad- journed until the next meeting on June 11, 1997. O Edith Anderson, will my driver's license to Sonja Lindsay. Hershel Armour, will my favorite expression "huh" to Dickie Moore. James Bailey, will my New England accent to Darrell Parks. Norma Bailey, leave my imagination to anyone who likes to dream. Gail Blomquist, will my position in the office to my cousin, Anne. Gary Crouch, leave my position as the school mail man to Wayne Wood. Hope Dennison, will my ability to get along with teachers to my sister, Sandy. Mary Ellen Dennison, will my basketball scorebook to Joan Shepherd. Carolyn Edmanson, will my log tables and Trig grades to Jane Bartleson. Buck Edwards, will my Bermudas to anybody with bony knees. Patsy Funk, will my place at the library desk to Phyllis Weaver. Barbara Gatchell, will my long finger nails to Gloria Gatchell. Ruth Graybeal, will my ability to set hair to Janet Watson. Violet Gestewita, will my lack of height to Frannie Raine. Rodney Guiberson, will my ability to get along with Mr. Baker to all his English Classes. Allan Guy, will my hair to Mr. Kelley. Doris Guy, will my ability to draw to the decoration committee of next year's prom Marilyn Hammond, will my "SHAG" haircut to my favorite teacher, Mr. DuMars. Shirley Hart, will the best of luck to my twin sisters, Rosa and Virginia. Shirley Heath, will my jewelry to Beverly Phillips. Barry Heisler, will my rebounding ability to Harold Letts, Billie Lee Hines, leave my nickname to whoever likes creampuffs. Connie Hollister, will my curly hair to Clare Biddle. Janet Hudson, will my typewriter and a sheet of typing paper for Gloria Buchannan and Judy Davis to fight over. Lewis Isaac, will my ambition in doing homework to Herb Steward. Paula Jones, will my ability to be on the Honor Roll to Roseann Jones. Jerry Kahl, will my knowledge of literature to anyone who wants to fail. Bill Kirk, will my soft spot in Mr. Price's heart to Vincent Dirubbio. Verla Kline, will my nickname, Scrubby, to anyone who would like to have it. Martha Lewis, will my title, "Queen of Hearts, " to a lucky Junior girl. Charles Loving, leave my being late to class to the early birds. Ray Nieminen, leave my ability to catch fish to Mr. DuMars. Pauline MacGuinness, will my resistance in not having my hair cut to Ruth Beldin. Bernice Moore, will to Jerry Wisdon, my ability to drive a car without stalling it. Lois McKinney, will my size 5 sneakers to Kay Preston. Pat Ott, will my ability to crack gum in class to Mr. Price. Betty Payne, will my quietness to my sister, Dorothy. Bob Phillips, will to Pip Pratt a pair of red and white pajamas. Kay Plummer, will my acting ability fro cry on stagey to Carol Hammer. Lewis Potter, will my seat in English class to Jim Smith. Virginia Schirling, will my ability to smile in dark moments to Mr. Teter. Patsy Simmons, will my dancing ability to our new seventh grade, the Class of '63, Leon Stevens, will my eternal toothpick to Wilmer McCall. Paul Ward, will my ability to keep out of trouble to Harold Patchell. Virginia Ward, will my ability to get out of classes to Wanda Cameron. Joe Wharton, will my height to Hamid Jackson. Susan Williams, will my ability to keep my mouth shut to whoever needs this trait. Eleanor Winland, will my ability to blush to Sandra Herstine. Betty Wood, leave my freckles to Judy Heath, who needs a few more. Catherine Wood, will a ruler and pencil to Carolyn Racine to figure out spacing for the "Northeaster. " Joan Wright, leave to all Juniors the best of luck in their Senior year. gage Wdqfqck :lil KING BOB QUEEN BETTY .- , ..,, A.. l , in axiwfifii 004 Journalism - - - Girls Athletics - Boys Athletics - - Student Council - - Boys Activities - Girls Activities - Commercial - - Boys Citizenship Girls Citizenship American Legion D.A.R. Citizenship - - - r I - - Catherine Wood - -Norma Bailey Sports Writing - - - - - Norma Bailey - - -Bob Phillips - -Kay Plummer - Ronald Edwards Bob Phillips - - - Carolyn Edmanson - - -Janet Hudson - - - Bob Phillips -Eleanor Winland - - - - Paul Ward Catherine Wood Rodney Guiberson Janet Hudson Service ---- - - - -Eleanor Winland Valedictorian - - ---- Janet Hudson Salutatorian - - - - Carolyn Edmanson Honor Grades - - G.A.A. ---- Yearbook - - -Connie Hollister - - -Norma Bailey - - Bob Phillips FRIENDS OF THE CLASS Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Plummer and daughter Janet Mrs. E. Westergrew and son Carl Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Dennison Mr. and Mrs. John E. O'Connor Mr. Mr. Mr. MI. and Mrs. Hayes Heath and Mrs. Edward Laye and Mrs. Frank Wood and Mrs. V. W. Funk James Otis Davis Edward Metzker C. C. Shockley Miss Beeler A THLETICS INDIAN BOOTERS, Front row: J. Lipsey, L. Pugh, W. Wood, D. Stewart, J. Bailiff, A. Edwards, M. Jones, R. Edwards. Back row: H. Kincaid, E. Bibey, D. Moore, B. Phillips, M. Joy, B. Heisler, H. Armour, Coach Fred Emmerson. GRID SC OREBOARD O PPONENTS THEY Ches. City ---- 2 Perryville - Rising Sun - ----0. Cecilton - - - - 2 Ches. City ---- 2 Perryville - Cecilton - - Rising Sun - 4 6 4 With only two members of last year's starting eleven returning the problem facing the Indians this year was how to build a good competitive first-string out of this year's recruits. Captain Hershel Armour sparked the hapless North East squad with many offensive as well as defensive maneuvers. The on- rushing line was led by wings, Ronnie Edwards, and Barry Heislerg insides, Babe Jones and John Bailiffg and center-for ward,Wayne Wood. The back field consisted of halfbacks, Dicky Moore, Hershel Armour, and Edgar Bibeyg Fullbacks, Marvin Joy and Leonard Pugh, and goalie, Bob Phillips. W' so In I!! vw' THQ!! iii iiii X We 43 51 60 25 42 34 34 44 32 29 NIPPY NETTERS, Front row: Hallie Edwards, Jerry Wilson, Marilyn Hammond, Billie Lee Hines, Norma Bailey, Captain, Bernice Moore, Francis Raine, Kay Preston, Kay Gamble. Second row: Kirsten Oikemus, Joyce Miller, Vivian Boulden, Joan Wright, Janet Smith, Dottie Smith, Joan Shepherd. Third row: Rosie Gamble, Beverly Phillips, Sandy Hammer, Pat Gonce, Ruth Belden, Roberta Neff, Betty Jenness, Manager, Coach Ruth Breuninger. Betty Wood was absent when the picture was taken. Opponents Ches . City Perryville - - Elkton - - Rising Sun Cecilton - Ches. City They - 13 - 23 - 7 -- -21 -- -29 Perryville - - Elkton - - Cecilton - Rising Sun - 23 - 19 14 -- -21 -26 'V The North East Indians started out the '56-'57 year with an un- defeated volleyball season. Immediately a high goal was set to strive for an unblemished record fcome what mayy. Both the Varsity and Junior Varsity played each game in a sportsmanlike manner, bringing glory and victory to N. E.H. S. after each contest. Each and every member combining efforts in picking up spikes, spiking, returning serves, and serving contributed greatly to the team's success which could not possibly have been obtained without that necessary something - that something that all North East teams always seem to possess - teamwork! INDIAN QUINTS, Front row: Pip Pratt, Dickie Moore, Wayne Wood, Harold Letts, Scotty Smith. Second row: Alan Edwards, Manager, Jim Clark, Barry Heisler, Bob Phillips, Marvin Joy, John Lipsey, Coach Fred Emmerson. COURT COUNT Opponents They Havre de Grace ---- 31 Aberdeen ------ 65 Perryville - - 43 Rising Sun - - 49 Cecilton - - - - - 25 Aberdeen - - 50 Elkton -------- 33 Chesapeake City - - - 45 Perryville ------ 33 Rising Sun ------ 35 Chesapeake City - - - 45 Cecilton ------- 16 Elkton -------- 54 Havre de Grace 34 Rock Hall ------ 47 Elkton ----- Alumni - - - ---as --55 Z Playing without the services of four of last year's champion- ship first stringers, the Indians surprised just about everyone when they came through with an 11 win 6 loss record and the County Class "C" Championship. They missed recapturing the county title by 13 points in a championship game with Elkton on the Rising Sun court. The Northeasters were red-hot at the beginning of the cam- paign when they won 9 consecutive league games. This high-spirited team captained by Bob Phillips consisted of Barry Heisler and Pip Pratt, forwards, and Wayne Wood and Dickie Moore, guards. Mr. Emmerson's many years of experience helped lead us to many victories. The members of the squad think that he is the best coach in these parts. ,drag - as l I K A fw-1f '1' ' xp! 'Nu ffm V 2 X ,,.,.. ..., . MMM! ,Mi K I 3 Q! 3 Vi Q5 SEA INDIAN CAGERETTES, Front row: Janet Smith, Betty Wood, Joyce Miller, Vivian Boulden. Second row: Joan Shepherd, Manager, Hallie Edwards, Janet Reynolds, Beverly Phillips, Jane Bartleson, Mary Ellen Dennison, Scorekeeper. Third row: Kirsten Oikemus, Jerry Wilson, Norma Bailey, Kay Gamble, Connie Hollister, Kay Preston, Pat Caine. HOOP SCOREBOARD Opponent Perryv ille Rising Sun- - - - Cecilton - They -- --49 27 52 Aberdeen - - - -45 Elkton - - Ches. City 23 38 Perryville - - - - 35 Rising Sun ----- 38 Ches. City Cecilton - Elkton - - 38 53 - --28 Triumphantly rounding out the '57 basketball season with ten wins and no losses, the North East lassies proudly grasped the Cecil County title and Whig ntophy by obtaining first place backed solidly by a thorough record - undefeated. Every game, a very special type of challenge to both the team and individual basketeers, resulted in a true bang-up affair with the Indians always coming through with a compli- mentary victory and a feeling of lasting satisfaction deep with- in the hearts of the North East gals. The undaunting sportsmanship of the North East girls remained openly good and commendable, even when the chips were down and the going was rough. Never did the team fail to engage in the fairest type of play or fail to give a cheer for their opponents after each game. Truly worthy of the title they attained, the girls basketball team of 1957, will always be remembered in the hearts of every North East spectator as a goal set and completed by a team well representing and upholding the high morals of North East High School. DIAMOND STARS, From row: Earl Edwards, Managerg Jake Bailiff, Donnie Potter, Scottie Smith, George Rhudy. Second row: Buck Edwards, Captain, Gary Crouch, Babe Jones, Charles Stewart. Third row: Ralph Veasey. Manager: Edgar Bibey. Bob Phillips, Pip Pratt, Jim Clark, Peter Miller, Manager. Z 17 With the coming of spring, a boy's fancy turns to baseball - or least it appeared that way as twenty eager prospects re- ported to the first practice. The coach had a hard job choos- ing the squad as all seemed to be fairly qualified for the various positions. The season opened with a defeat from Elkton followed by four consecutive victories. Elkton and Chesapeake City broke the winning streaks but it failed to down the hopes of the Indians. As the season neared the close, high hopes for a second place standing were lost when the Green and Gold of Chesapeake City defeated the Northeasters in the final game of the season. BASEBALL ROUNDUP Opponents They Elkton - - - - -1 Cecilton - - - - -1 Perryville ----- 2 Aberdeen - - - - 4 Rising Sun ----- l Ches. City ---- 2 Cecilton - - - - 5 Elkton - - - - -3 Perryville - - - - 5 Rising Sun ----- 0 Ches. City ---- 6 UNDEFEATED CHAMPS, Front row: Drena Lake, Bernice Moore, Hallie Edwards, Beverly Phillips. Second row: Virginia Schirling, Billie hee Hines, Sandy Hammer, Vivian Boulden, Kirsten Oikemus, Joan Shepherd, Manager. Third row: Helen Kallio, Mary Schenck, Norma Bailey, Kay Preston, Rosie Gambill, Coach, Ruth Ann Breuninger. DIAMOND SCORES We Opponent 30 Elkton ----- 15 Cecilton - - - 24 Perryville - - ll Rising Sun- - 17 Ches. City- - - 11 Cecilton- - - 23 Elkton - - 19 Perryville - - 20 Rising Sun - - 23 Ches. City - - They --9 --10 --12 --2 -o --3 --10 -'1 -5 - o 5 To make complete an undefeated year, the Norht East soft- ball team played ten consecutive games, downing their op- ponents on each occasion. Because of the lack of a playable diamond on the N. E.H. S. campus, the Indians were forced to play all games but one on their contender's field. The team, characterized by an unusually wide range of high batting averages, came through each game with one or more members tagging home runs. Terrific fielding on the part of the Blue and Whites was another contributing asset of the championship team. This '57 championship marked the third consecutive softball title for the North East Indians. URGA NIZA TIONS z SW! Front row: M. Hammond, R. Edwards, L. Isaac, W. Kirk, K. Plummer, R. Phillips, N. Bailey, M. Dennison, C. Edmanson, V. Ward, H. Dennison, G. Blomquist. Second row: M. Lewis, J. Wright, B. Wood, C. Wood, C. Hollister, P. MacGuiness, J. Bailey, S. Heath, I. Hudson, S. Williams, G. Crouch V. Best. ' s First row: C. Weaver, P. Ward, D. Moore, N. Schenk, C. Loving, B. Heisler, B. Phillips, R. Shifflett, C. Armour, J. Lipsey, G. Crouch, J. Saxberg, G. Conway, G. Laye. Second row: J. Wilson, A. Blom- quist, D. Comer, M. Bott, B. Phillips, M. Hammond, J. Shepherd, K. Gamble, B. Bibb, F. Boyer, A. Alexander, W. Cameron, I. Lake, B. Wood, P. MacGuinness, H. Dennison, C. Wood, R. Belden. Third row: B. Startt, B. Gatchell, B. Davis, J. Bartleson, P. Rourk, S. Davis, A. Roush, K. Preston, N. Bailey, D. Smith, M. Houston, A. Boyd, F. Raine, E. Winland, M. Rhudy, R. Neff, M. Helsel, M. Ford, R. Walton, B. Kline, M, Quentin, B. Kerns, I. Cantwell. Fourth row: M. Schenk, V. Boulden, K. Oike- mus, L. Ashbridge, I. Balog, C. Castelow, L. Pugh, M. Irey, L. Lawrence, N. Walbeck, G. Cameron, I. Gamble, P. Letts, K. Plummer, M. Hollister, L. Gray, J. Smith, S. VanDenHeuvel, E. Puro, K. Hammond. Front row: W. Cameron, E. Puro, J. Bartleson, M. Hammond, L. McKenney, K. Preston, K. Gamble, C. Wood, Editor, C. Racine, N. Bailey, C. Edmanson, B. Reynolds, J. Wilson, C. Hollister, B. Moore. Second row: P. Krausman, R. Shifflet, B. Wood, P. MacGuinness, P. Jones. J. Smith, I. Saxberg, C. Armour, B. Phillips, B. Heisler, G. Crouch, C. McCauly, M. Dennison, M. Helsel, M. Lewis, J, Dalecki, C. Biddle. .. l.. L .. ' Q ..,.,f.. A .A li.. .. . First row: N. Walbeck, R. McCall, E. Abrams, J. Meekins, C. Armour, R. Shifflet, R. Dell, I. Roush, J. Cantwell, L. Lockard, D. Gibson, G. Laye, E. Griffit. Second row: S. Palmar, K. Gray, C. Reyn- olds, J. Miller, M. Russell, I. Shepherd, I. Laine, B. Phillips, A. Alexander, K. Preston, W. Cameron, M. Houston, R. Walton, L. Ashbridge, M. Hollister, S. Dennison, T. Patchel, K. Oikemus. Third row P. Dixon, D. Dean, D. Kennedy, B. Ienness, A. Edwards, M. Reynolds, M. Schenk, N. Hall, B. Kline B. Kerns, R. Neff, M. Rhudy, K. Gamble, F. Raine, R. Beldin, D. Comer, A. Boyd, E. Puro, E. La- toma, A. Blomquist, B. Murray, G. Miller, E. Nickle, S. Pickens, P. Letts, S. Lindsey, J. Gamble. Fourth row: I. McKennon, R. Griffith, M. Horton, S. Reynolds, M. Irey, E. Crosley, A. Shifflet, R. Bechtel, V. Boulden, J. Balog, G. Cameron, D. Smith, B. Bailey, H. Kallio, J. McCall, I. Hart, J. Simpkins, C. Ross, R. Gambill, M. Ford, L. Ritzel, C. Castelow, L. Lawrence. S' . f 9' 'x J VE 4 SE.. xv . Eff' ,. N- . V WM S A if S 3- .fr wi' K sbm, M 1 M A-f - rf A , . , .x f .1 if - 2' ' iygf wzkk A a ' ,gf xv, I Front row: P. Adams, B. Buell, A. Peterson, H. Dennison, President, J. Bartleson, C. Shifflet, C. Ham- mer, I. Heath, B. Hanson, C. Harvey. Second row: M. Goff, K. Plummer, K. Hammond, I. Shepherd, F. Raine, A. Roush, B. Phillips, R. Veasey, M. Dennison, C. Edmanson, S. VanDenHeuvel, G. Cameron L. Ashbridge, Sponsor, E. Morris. Penal First row: M. Harman, M. Armour, I. Williams, B. Bailey, L. Pugh, B. Phillips, K. Preston, P. Mc- Guinness, C. Wood, K. Plummer, B. Bibb, J. Watson, J. Gamble, P. Howell, I. McKennon. Second row: G. Potts, P. Gatchell, R. Simpers, J. McKinney, D. Gibson, C. Ross, D. Lake, C. Gibson, J. Miller, E. Laroma, S. Herstine, B. Kennedy, A. Edwards, B. Anderson, J. Balog, A. Peterson, I. Raye, G. Rhudy. Third row: J. Bailey, B. Startt, D. Calver, B. Burton, J. Cantwell, J. Saxburg, R. Shifflet, R. Veasey, J. Harman, R. Biggers, J. Lipsey, C. Armour, T. Ivings, G. Smith, D. Shifflet, E. Abrams. fl! ii ' f ADVERTISERS GOOPHXFOOD a - C Go - - 5-lzwflf' if K 1:9 .. 3. . 1 . - 5 ,,-?:11E3.,- 12:extaaa1aaa11azzgazgmagaazyagnxx. '11.zauwaza-11.-11.-1211-- 1: --tml ' 'X-1faiiaxmiaiatkamtsasku-.-- 1-:E-120145 FEANKS CUT RATE SHOES "The Store of Service" S' Main St' 1014 washington st. North East, Md. Phone 7'1000 Havre de Grace IV! I LTON HARDWARE CO. Wholesale Electrical Supplies Congratulations to the Class of 57 Phone Oxford 65 U , 330 Market St. Live Better - - Electrically Oxford, Pa. CONOWINGO Compliments Of I-I. E. 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Suggestions in the North East High School - Crown Yearbook (North East, MD) collection:

North East High School - Crown Yearbook (North East, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North East High School - Crown Yearbook (North East, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


North East High School - Crown Yearbook (North East, MD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North East High School - Crown Yearbook (North East, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 8

1957, pg 8

North East High School - Crown Yearbook (North East, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 63

1957, pg 63

North East High School - Crown Yearbook (North East, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 21

1957, pg 21

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