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RGUGH R 7,-5-,...., .-..,...... ..,..- . , -1 'fx ' . , xg TA L F -Q... ff: ,egg ry ' Nf:sw.2131:41gv jj -V Mawr' L "H" ' ' ,y A . ,. I Lg . lr 4 Va vii I kai 'fi ,-a.:-ww ,. , M ,.f...' P.:-. N U .M , Q f?'i,fagg1A ' , , f ,Q 4 'J , .w 1, - .mf ,, Qyw, ,,yv-,5',fQL,gf- w , A , Wfww' ww ff S M' -X gif y wwf ,.,, fumisv 1 W A Eff K , . A 5581 Y ' . '5'57f3'3'?'Qf F,fi?i5lf3?5f1i?? ffm . SX, 'grae ' N - X, ,gin 41 'A V 1 W -ff X P, 44 ,,, 1 I x Cla V H ,R -Ulm..- , 24.2. N, . ,,,,fwf's wr... W .W ,4 .e.,.,,, , . . ,, , N W NY 55914313 X ?f'S:kiifJQzx:,v4?j'A1,w,f?.f. , , - .L-,ggwgw fm. A f g eff-:M A-w5E5F:sn.3?:ufn2si4.,fzQ4pa? ' ' ' 'hw Q Mg, K sv S 6 Q Earp ffm ' - ' f17v'vfNi"1 i ,.h, 3 K, , 1, R, ,-A 1' I 1' i-f wi ff!! - M... +99 fs- yex A My if 44539 mf W W ,Q www v G SC O 5 , , K fra . ,J ' n' A5 1. ' ' ,gf N ' ' 4 1 3 - ,Wh KM, my 'f il . 4 V ' M V , , 1 L ' - ' K sf X Q . F , ' It V 1. . Eh 13, Y, M, -iw" - 7 . 'V H Wai' ,X L , Q gs ' , f X ,I sau, , A J . 'F ,. A 1 ' , V wisp, W Q, .WM fi: V1 W ' M, f' 'Q Q Qigz12"'f,1fQ, +A Iv k ff ' ' , , ' -,,, A ff' A QU' HW , . , W x an - gm, .. A, , , , , . ,. , ,.., H, .... ,.,,,...,,,-..., ,.. . H ' ' .K 4 A Ci, THE ClA35 H O PHEBENU 0 U1 CY .f wmv f0M..' ., 196 THE NORTH EAST, PA. NORTH EAST HIGH SCHOOL, flwajrm A portal us defunecl as a gate or door especnally an umposung one any openlng suqgestrve of the entrance to a buuldung ln North East Hugh School there are many such portals or entrances clesngned for many purposes Through some we enter as students for the furst tume as lowlv seventh graders to begrn sux years of study and growth and enter danly thereafter untul the day we leave as young men and women better prepared to me t the challenges cf the world A portal as nmposlng Thus and for the future Through other doors com pronouncements of offuce regulatlon Through the classroom portals students enter the re'1lms of knowledge and eclucatlon Through some come the athletlc teams chargnng to vlctory And finally throuqh some portals nssue plans for varnous actnvntles Thus we the staff of the AQUILO for l96O have tned to show the func trans of the school an relatlon to Its varnous portals Plgf Tw, these major doors of N,E.l-l.S. represent challenges and goals in the present K+, f-filao, ADMINISTRATION 5' cum ncmum 15 STUDENTS ATHLETICS AQJTIVITIES W ,TTT Fi T .T,.. 55 Dedication Ci-9 MR GUNTHER FDELMANN To Mr Cnunther Edelmann as teacher of hlstory for hus many lnterestnng classes and sage advnce for has coachung lobs and helpung hand the Class of l96O proudly deancate thus AQUILO As a World l-llstory teacher Mr Edelmann ts patnent and understand :ng l-las relaxed manner and occaslonal touches ot humor gave a warm friend ly atmosphere to the classroom and tne course As a coach he keeps his tween has branns and brawn The wrestlers have come a long way un the two short years under has guldance and the debaters always come through for hum wuth a few blue rlbbons l-le can be ldentlfned through either has nickname or one of his many cars Snnce he entered through our portals In l954 with has now famous descrlptuon of ancuent man he has been a trnendly and helpful Influence to the students of N E l-l S Wnth thus dedication for these and many other reasons we salute hum and say Thank you Mr Edelmann I E . I , . , Y . , ' teams and himself in shape as he can be seen running back and forth be- , . ' ll fl A 7 ' lou: Admlnlsfraflon OX? DEAR SENIORS Your class has done a very commendable type of work during the last tour years Sixteen members of your group were scholastlcally elngnble tor mem bershlp ln the National Honor Society The faculty unanumously approved all elsguble students for mem bershnp nn the socuety Thus class has made a slgnltl cant contrlbutuon to both the currncular and extra currncular actnvltles In the school App oxumately torty percent of your class have b en accepted In nnstltu tions of higher learnnng tor the school year begnnnrng an September l96O Several other students wull enroll ln other types of post hugh school traunlng You are graduating at a tnme whlch mtght b termed the most htqhly competltuve perrod un our na tional hlstory Competltlon ns extremely dlttlcult tn all types of business and lndustry Opportunities for post hugh school tralntng are llmlted to the better than average student The qualntlcatlons demanded by employers make lt dlttucult tor the below average student to succeed You should remember there s always room at the top You get to the top and stay at the top only by doung your best at all tnmes Srncerely E C DAVIS MR DAVIS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF l96O The class should be commended tor the tune splrnt ot cooperatnon that was dnsplayed durung the past year Each member ot the class accepted has r spon subllltles and challenges wuth good spurnts and wnth a tune sense ot tour play lt as hoped that each sensor wlll tlnd hrs future years to be as successful and as enjoyable as thus year seemed to be It each one applu s the same ener gles and talents as were dlsplayed during the year I am quite sure that all rewards from thus point on wlll be extremely gratutylng Lute IS full ot many opportunutles May each m m ber ot the class of l96O make the most ot each one May thelr lwes be so complete that happnness will come not onlv to each member ot the class of l96O but also to all those who wall have the pleasure of enjoyung then company and ot appreclatlna thenr SSTVICQS May God bless each graduate Snncerely MR HOSIE MATTHEW HOSIE P1 ewx Assistants C125 MRS GEORGE DUTT ON The schools rlght hand gurl Couldnt manage wlthout her Transmlts messages Answers all questlons Frequently heard sayang No nclther Mr Hosne nor Mr Davis are In lQ"""-'nt MRS SIMMONS MRS ARNOLD SIMMONS Lett at semester Anticipating new arrival Seldom heard Absence lust maker upper Cheery face that brrght ens up the ottsce MRS DUTTON MR HAROLD SACK Vrsendly Always smalung Wise remarks Truant officer to some extent That embarrassungly loud P A system blarfng Hey you cross at the corner MRS DOVERSPIKE MRS CHESTER DOVERSPIKE Medicine chest guard Always on duty for our headaches Aspnrln protector Tests our ears and eyes "Better eat more carrots You need glasses" MR SACK Page Seven O A . , , . J I - . I . . . ,, .ww ' ' ' A61 . V " Zh 5' . y A may y , ' -'-' 4 T . l 4 . 1:5 ' ' . ' Q, ' ,, ' A V. .TT 1 ' C. . . . . . I . . . School Board Mr Jax B v n M Th odor Sprague Mr R v 1 I 1 Mr W n r Txlla k r Ke neth Bostw ck M Do 11d Campb ll Mr Paul Tu 1 Mr Harr Th Mrs G orge Scelford Xl s x Prcsndenr JOHN HALLENBURG Secretary WARNER TILLACK Cnon member? Treasurer HARRY L THOMPSON Members of the school board Raymond V Mead Richard J Wassmk James P Bryan Theodore Sprague Mrs George Scelford Donald W Camp bell and Paul Taylor Administer education Necessary part of school Confer wxth Mr Davls on many lssues C-Sundance counselors Always looklng out for our welfare Page E1 ht , mes r, a . r. e e 1, . 11 ond Near, . ar 0 ' c , M . n ' 'i' . r. Hg c , . . :jot . y ompson, . e ' , .' J'CI I: Mr. John Hallcnburg. Vice-President ,e,,,,.,,,e,,,,,eee,,,,,,,. KENNETH BOS-l'VVlCK T ' r A - l 1 - 1 1 ' ' N I 1 ' ' , , , . . . . . ,A 'Q Guidance Q 'Q Wu. Under supcrvrsuon ot M Bully WI uns Senuors benetut trom tests glven at Pennsylvania State Employment Ottrre National Merit Test given to yunnors nn March Career opportunlty books Scholarship programs Seniors vlslt Kalser Aluminum Plant and Erue Cnty lron Works sponsored by Amerrcans tor the Competltuve Enterprise System Incorporated Books and pamphlets on colleges Sensors unter viewed during the tlrst month ot school College night held at Strong Vincent Prelnmlnary Scholastrc Aptltude Test gsven to lunuors and sensors Intervlews Mr B'lly W'lk'nS Grove Cxtv College gnven to junnors durnng October Freshmen take the Penn Slalf Umvefslly BA M Ed Otns Self Admunusterung Test ot Mental Ablluty Sopho mores recelve Iowa Test Vocational guidance test Cuder Preference Record given to juniors Representatlves of Coast Guard Army Navy and Alr Force talk to senior boys Representatlves of all branches of the Reserxes Arr Force Placement Test glven to a tew sensor boys College Entrance Examlnatlon Board tor those seeking admrsslon to college Personal and educatlonal problems solved here Suggestlons to underclassmen on career opportunutles Advuce on choosing a colleg or place ot learnlng Page Nme Plz 'Y . TWA S ' -- , '- ,- r, ' 'Ik' .. I S 4 'A' E X ' x S. ,,l . . "' I ' " T I I U . . 1 . , C afeferia Staff hw Mrs Harrv Casperson Mrs Walter Yost Mrs Lloydlllsvurth Mrs G orgc Flcld Mrs Lurry Montg.,omcrv Mrs Robert Peck Mrs James Allen Absent Mrs Clem Heath Cafeteria under supervnslon at Mrs James Allen Mann cook Mrs George Field Lloyd Ellsworth Bakers Mrs Walter Yost and Mrs Harry Casperson Doer ot all miscellaneous lobs Mrs Clem Heath Cashiers Mrs Casperson and Jane Munn Dlshwashers Davld Howard Larry Wagner Gary Chrlsten Lowell McAdoo Don Kocher Davld Eaton Richard Farrlnger Jlm Mllllon and Robert Carey Good toad for everyone Be sure all the pans are scoured well The potato peeler that always foams at the neck and runs all over the floor The fork that went clown the dlsposal That llttle room all the cooks squeeze unto to eat their lunch Mrs Allen s oftlce almost as cold as the treezer room The dishwasher with too much soap Bus drlvers Mr Alton Eades Bus 2 Mr Robert Rouse Bus 3 Mr E C Smith Bus4 Mr Leon Prlester Bus 5 Mr .lohn Mathers Bus 6 Mr Wulllam Allen Bus 7 Mr Fay Bllss Bus 8 Mr Tom Welnhelmer Bus 9 Rlots ln the back of the bus The hlll that IS too steep to go up The longest route The stops bus druvers sometumes mlss The flat txres The dltches Oxerheated englnes Snow nn the motor The headaches our drivers sutter each day The klds who won t slt down In their seats All that mud rerouted busses Those early rlslng hours each mornlng Page Ten Y 4 W1 1 P1 . lf V ,V ' "- my rl : 4' . A , , , ,. l' I ' 'Q . . Q ' ' . . . A' ' ' l, . , h I , . . ,. l I . R . . . Assistant cook, Mrs. Robert Peck . . . Salad tossers, Mrs. Larry Montgomery and Mrs. I , . . . . I I , . . . I I I I I I I I I ' ' ' ll ll + + + . . . . . , . . . . , . . , . , . - I , , . . I I . r . . 1 . . . . V I Bus Drivers N l l l l l STANDING: Mr Fay Bliss, Mr E. C Smith, Mr, Alton Emles, Mr. Thomas We-inheimcr. Mr, Robe-rt Rolls-av KNl'Il'II.lNG' Mr William .Allt'l1, lVlr Ric-hurrl lVlc-chl. Mr Li-on Privster Almsentt Mr. John Mathers + + + 53 it il I The EAGER EATERS W. Pfwv FlPvmi Cusfodlans Our yanltors Mr Elton Roache and Mr VIP s lVery lrnportant People? They sand It couldnt b done lrvsng Long Jack ot all trades Some one to tsnd when anythung breaks down Stockroorn dlstrlbutcrs Frequent repanrs ot the tront door entrance Floor polush ers Window cleaners Plumbers and electnncnans General upkeep ot the school s appearance The ones who must stay tlll the last decoratlon ot every dance ns cleared away The most wanted people In the school Never to be found because they are always busy doung some thang somewhere else The behnnd the scenes men who keep thungs running smoothly Those who know N E l-l S as tew others do P1-ge Tw elvf Don t they ever do anythlng but snt7 The Ecoma gang Curriculum Yxu BM 1413 WWW E, vw, ,mimi 'RW +4 ,T Q 2, maui , 2 .QA MQ Mx Pam Thu teen . L A1iw i L ,p mf , ' A L2 Yiwiggifiaf' - , 147 ' ,f-wdfzkz? ' '-q5,?2sgw:eg ,sJy 2 . 164 'f7,,',?f . ' ' Y W 1,:ff??ef few '-f : . ' 4 1?w.?i22v 'if 2:21 u 1155, , E331 A ff I 'W 1 1 I vi ' q. I , . A , N ' - 's ,M , English Mr Theodore Miller n tx of '1 BS H 1 ASS1St8Hf Track Coach t.-.-.-:nv""" ,,..,.-nav" 1' 5 sw? Pd e FOLIILCSII M 1 l . I ' ll I ' U ivcrsi j Miami. Fl., . . in Ed. Jumor H1 h Baske ball Coach . ,, .. . . - I , . . . . . . , . S 2 V 7 , , . . A - . . . , ' if nj- My wry! 1 , -..--- .,.. A AW E ' ' ' ' - r ..:.., . X 1.3, ,,,,. """" ' x . 2 , .i2:,5' . , . . ' Q ,.,. l , l ' .- f U' ' ' D SEVENTH and ElGHTH GRADE , . . Concentrate on beginning phases of English grammar . . . Diagramming . . . Funny you can't put this word on any old line . . . "Think it's tough- wait for a couple of years' '... Worked on improving reading rates . . . Taught by Mrs. Roggenbaum and Mrs. Owens. FRESHMAN ENGLISH . . . Taught by Mr, Miller and Mr. Hanna . . , Study of Ivanhoe . . . Vocabulary concen- trates Somehow senior and fresh man vocabulary lists got switched around how peculuar SOPHOMORE Taught by Mrs Roggenbaum and Miss Sheridan Studied Silas Marner Short stories Themes Looking forward to Shakespeare? 9 9 Mrs Roggen baums explanation Nobodys is a head with no body Journalism Miss Sheridan s pet Grapevine assistance New this year Oh those cancer articles JUNIOR Studied their friend Hamlet Any junior could be heard memorizing that Impressive sollloquy Miss Sheridan s specialties scare English sheets and panels Those parsing papers the longer the sentence the better Objective book report everyone wants the same one at one time Who took the yellow book out of the roono Oral talks Taping speeches Striving for per fection in themes SENIOR ENGLISH classes Stud ned specific periods in English litera ture Studied the classic Macbeth To be or not to be oops wrong p ay Five months to work on term paper rought rough drafts why not an extension sigh of relief March I when they handed their masterpieces n lwell some of them werel Another book review Parliamentary procedure so this is how our class meetings SHOULD be run Public speaking shaky knees try deep breaths Heard from Mr Miller Just have to keep you seniors alert three hundred word theme on Mon day or Do these few questions C255 during halves at the game to night I wouldnt like to insult your intelligence by telling you what the test will cover i r Mrs Ivan Owens Miss Nora Sheridan Edmboro State Tuuhcrs Penn State Umversxtv BA College B S GRAPEVINE Advlsor Mrs. Roggenbaum Mrs, Willis Krause Creenvillo College, B A. Duquesne University, BS, in Fd, ffdkb. zLf4f"'-'Y-x Pnrre Fifteen Science Mr Kenneth Pullxng SIIDDLIW Rock btw, Coll gn H1 Y Advlsor """-5. Mr Bernard Maynard Edmboro St'1t C llef, B5 Pac S un SEVENTH a n d EIGI-ITI-I GRADE SCIENCE teacher Mr Bernard May nard Deals wnth the general com posrtnon of the world and how It affects th e m Buvlds sclentlfuc founda tlon for later years 7th grade stu dents study the many dufferent types of bones 8th graders study atomlc ener gy and plant llfe Entered many In terestung projects an the Sclence Farr they had thus year CHEMISTRY teacher Mr I-larold MacTarnaghan Taken marnly by yunuors Study the composutlon of thungs and what makes them tuck lnterestvng course reauures much study Students learn from own experiments Memoruzung chemlcal symbols one looks forward to lab day Mad chemlsts at work an long plastnc aprons Suckenlng smells orlglnate nn thus room BIOLOGY teacher Mr Kenneth Pulling Study of luyrng things Much dusectlng of anlmals to learn parts A lot of mncroscoonc work Study of protozoa along wuth yarlous bacterua culture developed In uncubators Fleld trap taken to collect leaves Study of sprung flowers and birds Course an first and planned Mr Pulllng s teas Ing the gurls Oh those tests' O - I V - K Q . g I gg H . . . A lu!! . , . - . . Use of formulas and equations . . . Every- ' 'K ' ii ' C" ' 1 0 0 fc, .'. Bs. - , . I- ' - 11 - - - rl A Lx: I S . . 4 Dv . . , 92 C43 ' ' ' -.I 1 , . . , a-'4 , A l I I - 'Awww 4 ' ll ll . ' ' ' I E a'L"iy - .K mg' .'ixl " Science GENERAL SCIENCE teacher M MacTarnaghan Study of the general composition of the world Some labor atory work Introduction to science ADVANCE SCIENCE teacher Mr MacTarnaghan Combines chemistry physics and biology in one course Taken second period bf industrious group of seniors Frequent experiment fiz zles such as the hot rod car which failed to take off down hall or explosives can blow up in anxious students face Common expression of Mr Mac'l'arna ghan Now let s see what went wrong here Term paper required for first semester PHYSICS teacher Mr MacTarna ghon Deals with the study of matter and energy Many puzzling problems to figure out Students continual plea l don t und rstand . . , Interesting and exciting experiments such as-the time Don Buchholz and a few other boys tried to break a barrel at the bottom of the school s drain pipe by pressure-- experiment successful with the aid of John Hoffman s sledgehammer . . . Many hours o. st :dv to be a success in this class. Mr Harold Mac-Tarnaghan Allegheny College B.S. Page Seventeen Math Ewen Mr Arnold Slmmons Mr Herbert Holllster Edlnboro State College BS Alleghenv C llege Monogram Club Advlsor B S 1n Economws Jr Hxgh Football Coach Jr Vxrsntw Dctmte Colch Wwww Q am P119 Fwehteen SEVENTH GRADE MATH . , . Instruct- ed by Mr. Arnold Simmons . . . Develop- ments ot meonlngs understondungs slghts oppreclatlons Uslng the ruler Froctlons Mentol arlthmetlc Geometry IH design Keeplng o cosh occount EIGHTH GRADE MATH Tought by M Herbert Hollister M Jock Spocht ond Mr Joseph Setcovoge Stresslng tundomentol processes Eroc tlons froctlons ond more troctuons Whot ns o rught onglep The three suded square New unsnghts on how to unsure your lute oll you need ns money ALGEBRA lnstructors Mrs Eorl C Dovls ond Mr Herbert Hollaster Signs wlth specuol meonlngs symbols Rules wlth exceptlons Slmple equotnons Only slmllor terms can be odded Those equotuons thot never work out Toke lt to nts lowest factors Unknowns Qucldrotlc equotlons Rotuo ond proportion PLANE GEOMETRY Mr Arnold Snmmons teacher A pottern of thnnknng Polygons Axloms Those puzzled toces Constructnons proofs and loc: Movues thot no one und rstonds No home work bds ketboll gome tonlght Stotement free peruod reoson sleepy look TRIGONOMETRY Mr Herbert Holllster Instructor Sllde rules thot olwoys get misplaced Some who couldnt toke o tull yeor Class of pertectnonlsts Puzzled expressuons The eosy tests999 4 ploce tobles for 5 ploce problems lnterpolotlon Those SOLID models ond theorems I 1 ln- , . . . T. , l'. , . . . . X , , . . . Y ' 11 - ' 11 . . . , . 5 l,Q . . . . A . ,, . . ,, . lr - - A , 11 - "fjg4,hI. Y . . . y l 'QQ A ' mf: x - ' ' ' ' ' , ., . V 0 , - H ' I ' A u ' F I - . - . ' , z ,' Q K . I ' , , ,, , Q . l t 1 - . , Ifswlcfmg-H ' YV WM M . . . . , l ' ' sz , . , , . . . ll D -T - C . . . ' ll . , . , . , . , . , . I , . T . f , . Languages LATIN Teacher Mr Hanna Dead language? Study of Roman way of living Better understand ing of Julius Caesar Those first attempts to Dronounce Latin words Romance language Subject to changes and modifications Mis interpretations One letter can change the gender of a word Standard test Vocabulary tests A better Idea of where our Eng lush words come from Those long declensions Every Latin student s goal Magna Cum Laude lwith great praisel SPANISH Teacher Mr Hanna Modern foreign language Enjoy Spanish dont just take t lOO word vocabulary tests Oral pronunciation Flash cards Translations of South American stories Funny surprises from stu dents Word games for vocabulary competition Elinor Hoyer fanatic perfectionist . , . Those free trans- lations . , . Tapes on correct grammar . . . Russell Browns conversational Spanish . . , Ability to translate freely on a college level after second year . . . They said it couldn t be done CSuzanne Swoap s perfect mid-year testl , . . Those fascinating discussions when the original subject is lost. Kllv-were Mr John Hanna Gannon College Lmxerslty Plf.lSbllFgh BA ML Latin Club Spamsh Club Page Nineteen Social Studies at ln., .QS Mr Gordon Edwards Mr Robert Slverlnng Dram tlc Cl b Ad 1sor Page Tm entv SEVENTH GRADE WORLD HISTORY Teochers Mr Gordon Edwords ond Mr Fronk Horoczy Protects Doy of terror tcst doy Terms terms ond more terms Keep your eyes on your own poper Would onyone core to volunteer for thus report? A new knowledge ot what hoppened before we got there EIGHTH GRADE AMERICAN IIIS TORY Teocher Mr Gordon Edwords Term popers Extro reports Chronnc tests Do you hove the test corrected Mr Edwords9 II br them tomorrow Frlendly personallty A complete ond thorough study ot Amerlcon history Kept up on recent hoppenlngs by current events tests CIVICS AND PENNSYLVANIA HIS TORY Teocher Mrs Eorle C Dovls Study of tormotnon ond government ot our state A Cornblned course token by treshmon Clever skits by students to follow current events Newsreels Those Inttle true ond tolse tests thot Mrs Dovns as noted for around l25 question AMERICAN HISTORY Teocher Mr Robert Woll Sophomores toI4e thus subyect No tolklng In here or else Mr Woll ond his prnze fighters Leorned oll obout the Cuvxl War Hord tests Mop ortusts . . . , . - -- A I I l V ll r - 11 X , I . . III . I 4 11 Ill: V JK f r , . . 4 Ing X . . . I ! . . . , . . Edinboro state couege. BS, Edinhoro stare coucgc, Bs. ' A A I 3 U V gf 1, M 9 , - - -F Q , W bf ' C ' s. I , I AX to 3 , . . , 4 cf ' ,S ' I' Y Social Studies WORLD HISTORY A , . Teacher, Mr. Gunther Edelmann . 4 . Taken mainly by juniors . . . Deals with study ot dis- coveries and problems plus a studv ot the Orient Famous tor standardwecl tests Mr Edelmann s terms u dent teochung tor change In style Sound movies to glve stud: s o reallstic touch Twentieth Century Reports tor extra credit Who volunteers to put his finger an the guillotrne The pount system PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY Teacher Mr Frank Haraczy P O D Limited to senzors Deals wrtn problems in democracy and current toprcs Studied about nnsurance and nncome ax Learn d many problems ot the consumer in our world today rs cusslons on qualuties ot a good mwrriag Term paper a requirement S ats frequently moved Ask any PO D student how a bill b comes a law lnteresting trip taken to Erne Insurance Exchange Trip taken to Warren State Hospital in Apnl to correspond with stud, of mentally ill in society Pres nted a mock murder trlal as an assembly tor the student body Sponsored a school presidential election Rough grading system g A Mrs Earle DQW5 Mr Gunther Edelmann Ind1ar1a State College UYIIVSTSIW of Pittsburgh Umvers1ty of Plttsburgh A BS MA Debate Coach Wrestllng Coach vgmnrfiiwx Mr Frank Haraczy Mr Robert Wall Fdmboro State College BS Shppery Rock State College Asslstant Jumor High BS m Ed Foothill Cosuh Asslstant Football Couch Tr wk Coach P1 f 'Twentv one I I . . . . . . , St - . . .9 , . I l I , L B, . , .1 A , . . . ., f o . . . .. . . . r . O , c . Q A ' a C . . , W . . . l ' N A V V . i lzzll 5 .,,...., , . .,.. I ' ' ' ' x 1 gl' , . . C 5555.5 - . '.5:, " -lf.. '- f .'t-.: ' - t:- fd!! ' 12'22" :? YQ V, c f ' I, , z , - 3 Lp' 1 K , SHORTHAND Mrs Fred Sladden Would you rep at the part between Dear Sur and Yours Truly? Flve mnnute dlctatlons Can anyone read that letter back spontaneous N Aumlng tor those awards Let s wrlte to Dear John Transcribed notes Several passed thelr lOO Took dlctatnon from special shorthand records Student tea hers Do you put a peruod after the word sem: colon? TYPING Taught by Mrs Fre'l Sladden and Mass Beatrice l-larrnson Typed to records Mad plctures on typewrlters around Chrlstmas a n d Thanksglvlng Five minute speed te t Dont look at the keys Weekly assignments In Typing ll Key lam ups asdt jkl Record breakung typlsts l2 words a rnlnute OFFlCE PRACTlCE Under super vlslon of Mrs Fred Sladden Acted as student secretarues for sem ster lnter vuewed tor a ,ob as ln an ottlce tongue tue Presented problem srtuatnons encountered between secretary and c'1ller Heard tram Sally Shuhart O Dear l don t know Us d dlctaphone Ready to tackle any office single handed COMMERCIAL LAW Mr Setcav age Instructor Taken by sensors I ' ll Q ' - - 11 Il II ll - o . . . . .K ' . . . e ' . . 'N . . 3 S . , . 64 words a minute-23 errors . . . ll I II ' e - . . l . . - - . d 4 A l . , C II . . , - h, I ll 3 ' , . A. - C ommerclal Study law that comes up In every day e Legal rights Unemployment benefits Social Security Chlld labor laws Seems to have a hard time trying to understand what Janlce Fra rnella ns trylng to ask Learn by Iec tures Only two boys an the class Chuck Wulson and Dennis Fucus out numbered BOOKKEEPING Under the watch ful eyes of Mass Beatrice I-larruson Kept books just as an a real office Write nn Ink only Never erase an bookkeeprng make a mrstake cross at out stlll wrong cross It out agann Use your book as luttle as passable Nothing ever balanced Cured any one of wanting to be a bookkeeper BUSINESS MATH Mr Setcavage Instructor Deals wnth every possible aspect of the uses of money Earn ings spendlngs avungs lwho can save moneyl Investments Review un damentals of arnthmetlc Confronts pupil with future busnness svtuatlons Exasperatung problems GENERAL MATH Instructor Mr Setcavage Baslc units of measure ment lf you have dlffuculty wlth any examples you need help ducung tractzons to lowest terms Short methods rn multnplucatuon and dl vnsuon Columns that add up differ ently each time f'hu3""'YZ Mr Joseph Setcavage Duquesne llTllXCI'iIt B Ed Footb Ill Co an h Pm e Twenty-three Home Economics Lil? Teachers Mrs Robert Snverllng and Mass Eluzabeth Ostendorf Prolects Home decoration and remodeling Sewlng under supervns-on Planning and preparing meals Cannlng and freezing foods Color schemes and flower arranglng paired toys for children at Christmas Budget p'annlng of food buying Cherry ple bakung contest winner Wanda Peck Ways of good grooming and personal care Home management Famous words heard around Home Ec classes That smells good Who made thus mess? Oh Mrs Slvenlnng s tests' Who has the scls sors7 Everyone for malang blouses without button holes What do you mean you for got the balang soda' Seventh penod class tnes to bake potatoes without lughtcng oven Glendy Vnlla constant dnsturbances Mary Lou l-lalloran s flower arrangement Phyllis Youngs famou salad dressung Mary Lou lnshs recelpe for marshmallow flop Advanced tallors who attempted sults not so advanced students who cant thread a needle Mrs Robert Slverllng Perm Stain Umxersux B Junior Hxgh Chcerleadcrs Semor Hlgh FHA Adwsor Pa e Twenty 1ou1 Mass Elszabeth Ostendorf Lxlncgu, Instltutn at Tcchnulogq BS Jumox Hlgh If HA Adxxsor 0 K X ,. 1 4 1 M - r g t lf -3'i::g, ' ' t . . . 1 . . , 1- , . . . ll 11 11 V 11 11 - , 4 1 11 ff - ll If ' ' ll ll . . ,, . , . . . . , , , - . , . C' I . . , - , . , . 5 . . . , . V I 1 , 2 r ' 1 U uf 'V gf W I' '7 4' , X : " " .S 'L ' 1 'X 5' 2 ' -' lj, . ' ' , X. 4 ' - ' ' 1' ' . ,r V. ff 7 '.. ' xv Agriculture it Taught by Mr John Spacht Boys had several proiects thus year Several acres ot tomatoes and grapes Blystone s gave school new pick up truck yellow three quarter ton Built blue truck rack for the pick up Devoted much time to making equipment tor the shop to make It more eftncient Appeared on tour television pro grams What ls in a Fertilizer Bag Our Group Projects Electricity a Fire Hazard Protecting Shade Trees Where Lawn is Made I m nervous Christmas tree sale was held on school lawn gave boys experience in business management Basic principles were taught in the classroom Douglas Gibbons received Keystone Farmer award at Pennsylvania F FA FOOVGUTION New John Deere -420 tractor this year Senior boys bought a new snow plow plowed at various parking lots and gas stations to raise ed around school grounds and on the tootball field to help keep them in condition tual problems were met on the individual and group proiects P' s Mr Jack Spacht Penn Stale Unlvcrsltv BS FFA Advxsor Page Twenty flve . X X --ill ' ' ' 'll If ' ,ll ll 4 ' ' ,ll I I . . . xf I . . . ' . V - . money to pay for it . . . Senior boys took trips to either Gettysburg or Kansas City. . .Work- ' , ' ' ' . . . Ac- M Q. l fs MN. , 'V Y ' f,,,,,,.4 M V ' i fissile: i i M M n ii.. , Girls Physical Education smnmqeym. Teacher Mrs DeVere Smlth Strength on parallel bars Grace on basketball court Skull throwxng foul shots Coordination IH jumping rope Physncal tat ness doing exercises Precusuon rn marchung Competntlon an games Teamwork In softball three strnkes and you re out Drive playlng volleybal Foot work play una knckball Power In soccer Balance on trampoline Straddllng the horse Flying through tne aur with the greatest ot ease on the rings Ruots nn the locker room Practical jokes Locker troubles can t remember combnnatxon Mlssung Items Happy birthday showers Mrs Smith s loud whustle Conflicts over basketball ru es Lucky foul shots is 'Wa' Mrs DeVere Smith Sllpperx Rock qldlfl College Unnersnx oi Kansas Bb M GAA Scmor Hgh Che rlead rs C d ts d 8 'VIa1orettes Adwxsor Page Tvs euty su I , . ... , J , l . 1 f 1 PW-if if .U C4 A -' V .'. Boys Physical Education Under the dlrectlon of Mr Wulluam J Weaver Boys had very nnterestlng and luv lx program Football and soccer In the tall Basketball and gymnastucs durlng the winter months Also wrestlnng and marchnng Sprung found the boys outside track and sottball Actuvntues also Included pang pong dancing and wcnght luttnng lntramural trannlng was held on Saturday mornings after Christmas Teams Included bas netball gymnastlcs and volleyball Towel tnghts nn the locker room Where s the soap? Suggestlon by Mrs Smith Stay on your own snde ot the gym Timed obstacle courses Gym taught by Mrs Smnth Several casualtves durnng the year Those co ed classes square dancing Was aunte a year Mr Wllllam Weaver ppc-rv R ck Shu C ll Basketball Couch Intr 1mur'1l Progru PQ v 'Txsentv seven Music C125 Both girls and mixed choruses under Mr Serffs leadership Special Christmas concert in December Class cut to three periods a week Annual spring concert Sent Evelyn Dutton Terry Henderson Richard Johnson Dian Lake and Judy Thurs ton to District Chorus at Oil City Hours of work Well worth the effort Har monizers inthe baritone section much to Mr Serff s regret You can t even sing the writ ten notes Hard workers at times Then at other times Fraternization ing ing gals Love to sing Heard througfwout the halls Easy to pick out gurl s chorus Participated in spring concert Garrulous girls Taken by all junior high students Broadened student s knowledge and interest of that old broken record player Talked about band Demonstrated musical instru ments Sang folk songs and spirituals Old stand by My Grandfather s Clock Heard from Mr Serff Anyone interested in chorus or band Frequent sour notes on piano Trying to harmonize Free private lessons for all Never can escape music 'Nl'-...-we ed Serff Penn State llY1lVtTSll.V BS M Ed Pu ff 'Tweutv ei ht l . , . , . . . . . . 1 r 1 ' . . . . ' . . I V ' 'J I . V A I , - ",.. A ' " . . , . . , music for future . . . science of understanding music . . . Played records of Burl lves on I ' V' ' . A 2 ll I II ll - 4 ll ff I fi Mr. Fr , Q . :I J, - 'Q' Chorus www -16 car 49 'ling lst ROVK Jour Cl1rk Cathx Pero D1'1n1 Dmkson D'1rlc11v. LXLINISS Hanna. LIFQLDI1 QITOI Phmro HolLn Gru.n 111.111 Calul Dxtmn nd ROVS NAIHX Sh1i1r In '111 Glbhq .Ioxu Llndiu Dorls H1111111111 bun Grun VI 111 1VI1111f., M1r1 11,111 Fnrgugon Beulah Ruvsell lrd ROVX Xkll!11i P1.rk111s Mu F11 Easlu P ttx Lxttlg .Imu S hlurirr Dmmhx Iqnlu L111ri1 Ilmri Judy K1 Il p.L11s11111h Dlclll Likn 4th ROVS hmm FlklNlI1Lf Mar'-h1C,01clo11 MWr1o11L bo1n11k Blll Poxxrll K 11111 S 11111 Lhgstu Srulord C111 thu BLlk111p IOUISI Andmriun ,1- 'Vw 1 M Luv.. ... Isi R011 J1n1Lr F1f11114l1.1 GILndor1 V1ll.1 C.1rolKr11losk1 Ixxthx S111111111' MIFIIWH C,.1ughl111 ludv 'lhursion L1nd.1 Young Marx Fllen Webb 'nd ROW' A111t1 GuttsLhl111g Bonkx Th0111pson L1nd.1IxrLss IJIKIIINK Ilopk111s L.11nl Wrsi NKIINX L111gu1IcltL1 Jtdfl Crouch ird ROW Eulxn Dutton MKIFIIXII Hopl-une Kathrxn 611.111.1111 JLJIIIIL IIOIIILI Su-1.111 Young-1 bunch Llovd Mary Lou Colhns Nmu Bums 4th ROW Eugene XVIISOII Marx L0uH.1llor.1n Dmnc Burger Rolxrhn Bdtlluu Iudx Lucbkg Slildlcl Slilllh Judv Garflgld Doug PXIL .nth ROW Ierrx Hg11dLxsun Ddwd Daxlmg RILKL Snxdex Dmk Johnson Frlltlllk Ronnu 'Ihu111pm1n Ddvld Eaton VVaxne Beal PAH P Tw enty nme W: img' Pi, mn. rj K Y . '. 1 Q ,V ,I rg ,- L 1 3 Y .. ., , - A A , 2 K.: W , - . Z ,.,, 1 1 h,5.,, Ai .... A 1 Y A ,R ., l-. .1 ' .. - -z..z z-, 1 --- Z 'z " 2 - ' ag aj '. Z1 g ' -, ' -. ' g 11 ' 1 , g, g 1- 1 - ' " z 1. I : 2. , ig f .I 1 3 ? K .V 4 I ' " 1, I F 3-M ' L W 'Q' ak W' 1 1 ' " - 4 N , 'HJ X . 2 , ' 25, 3 - in 7,3 f. Band I1 lst ROW Carol Koaher Sharon Iam. Cculxa Gunther Joanne W1ll1lIl1B Jmct Mlorn I1nd'1 Applcbcc Cheryl Hull lVllI'1lOllBl19S SXlNll Dawson Dcmna Wilson Judy Garllcld 'nd ROW Dxvm Mnnlrd AlW'u1ner Dwalnc Bagley Bob Mlller Bob Broltlllcul I lncll Glcgf., Elinor Hover Bur bara Blglcx Shlrlry Blndlcv Gary Bcrnlss lrd ROW Al Blass Walter Burkhnrd Charles Hollmm Allan Burkhud Phll Coburn Dck Pxlc ll wud V Allsburx. Doug, P lc Phll Palmer Under the patlent leadershlp of Mr Fred Serff l-lad many new members hlbnted frne preclslon marchlng at all home football games Traveled to Union Cnty for Waterford North East game Those nice sunny fall days on football fneld New members who couldnt tell right foot from left OVlQIHOl verslons of several march es bv the drum sectlon Rehearsals plagued by absenteeusm of members Four dns tract band members Dennis Coburn trombone Flnnor l-loyer flute Doug Pyle saxo phone l-loward Van Allsburg clarinet Attended East Hugh School on February ll Ellnor Hoyer selected for Regional Band at Pennsylvania State Unnverssty Twelve senior lettermen Don Buchholz Elinor Hoyer Dennls Coburn John Hoffman Albert Blass Al Wagner Sue Crltten den Betsy Paige Barbara Bag ley Jeanne Homer Bob Schultz Many hnlarlous moments at rehearsal Elunor Hoyer cant fund her plccolo Who threw the towel IH the tuba? Taklng half the perlod to get set up Har monlous dlscords IH trumpet section Where s my ma roon tue? Annual sprung concert held In May MAJORETTES Susan Weber, Llnaa Massey Stephanie Payne Page Thxrty X l 3 - - l ' I sl ,U ' , ' " 'Q A. i N A . V 4' I , ,.1 l lf 1 , : Q 'z 2 . R ' , ,' ' - . Z. Ziflfi . f , " 2 Af. z -1,11 "H, ' L- 2 1 21, S ' 2 ' . 2. 'z Q I : I ', : 1 , ' - " z . 2 z ' . ' ' ' . i- 2 o 'Q ' un ' Y. ' 3' '. ' Z ' . 4th ROWI John Hlllllllllilll, Dennis Coburn. Dale Hannah, Allan Klcnz, Boll Hczllh. ' ' . . . . . . . Ex- , . . . . . F . . g w- , 2 - , I , ' j , . . . 1 , l2, l3 , A . ' . A , A f TN f ' l 1 I I V , , ll I I T 1 1 ' 1 1 I . . . . 'ff , ll - K. I ' A ll H . Q . ll - V . P - Q ' I - - - . ' II I ' . . . kr . ,, . I Ari and Mechanical Drawing ART Teacher Mrs John Nash New experuences tor art lovers Totem poles Nunth grade marnonettes wnth orngunal sknt Reed baskets Tun can con structsons Wire and plaster sculpture Senror house and floor plans Leather tooling Chalk puctures Llnoleum block prnntung The pannt that gets spzlled Jars that won t open Construction paper that dnsappears Chalk that gets smear une Mnss Knupp student teach r wlth udeas MECHANICAL DRAWING Teacher Mrs John Nash Provldes basuc tunda mentals of drattnng Teaches the use of Instruments and the reading ot blueprints Snx second year students Several advanced protects Neatness accuracy and legs blllly 'fe ' Mrs John Nash Fdmhoro btlte Colltgc HS H I X T UH JI' lf.,'I A Club Aiwsrr t 1 1 'T' x 4 I I 1' sf! f fm .ff "-..,' ' 7 , QQ- n ,far 9' ed A . , Paste that hardens . . . Scissors that won't cut. A . People who can't draw a straight I' . . , ' , e ' ' T drill? ' A , Q5 , JJ if 'Y 1 '1 6'ttI'lSx l f f T1 , r "Sr 7: rg ' ltirlr 'f-cm A Shop iii' Supervised by Mr Matthew Hamllton Requnred subject tor the seventh and eighth grades All boys learned the use and care of all the hand and power tools Jngsaws Planes Saws Seventh graders spoon holders Enghth graders guest towel racks Nlnth graders small coffee tables The sensor hugh students orlgnnal projects Lumlted only by abnllty and Mr Hamulton s judgment Several such projects desks end tables and cabunets Boys also taught fundamental mechanucal drawlng Plannnng projects on the drawlng board prscnng materlals purchasing goods worknng an constructnon tlnal masterpuece completed lnstructlonal and nlton s paddle on specual occasuon Mr Hamlltons pet peeve too nnce to me Everythung under careful eye at Mr Hamilton on able assnstant Mr Hamulton ns the sweetest ot the sweet Hamllton long hours Mr Ham They re Always quote Mr W1-'M 'twilight 3,599 4llt'::'1"' vi, Mr Matthew Hamllton Calllormn S1114 Collmgn lxersltx lun B 9 M lfrl P1f Tmlx 1 , 'f , 1 .. M w,,,w-W,.w.,,n' , 1 . X ijw lk l " new 8 D?'O'w tfif. . . . , . . , , , 4 , , I , . . . , . . . , . , . , , . . . , . , . . I , 1 ' ' A ' I l ' I ' - ' I ll I . ,, . , ' fl 4 v If la A 'G ,. sa 1 4 V H 351 A f ' f 35- W . ' ' L 1 Y u 1' u Un" ." l' UI' Pitts 'gh r . iff! l",ul.wb Drrver Trarnrng N ,Q 'Mrk Wi' if Instructor Mr Wall Classroom Instruction on druvung That little Instruction book Movies on accident prevention Learning the correct way to drive re venting bad drlvlng habits before they form Essays on drlvlng That long awaited druver s permit Demonstratron furst Fnrst time behind a wheel Just thunk every one s lufe ns IH my hands I m nervous VVhlch pedal as the brake? Those who are always grlndung the gears Why couldnt It be automatic? Go slow at lrst Stalllng the car under a Ilght Floodang at Using the right hand signals for turning Which one IS the lights? The dent In the fender Ice and snow rnake a dltterence top sngns arent to be over looked The key has to be turned first A car needs gas Born hot rodders Ke p your eyes on the road ahead A time to show what you have learned The final step "HE I o o k s m e a n" "I can't Imagine why I failed" try, try again don't give up the ship the second time ss worse than the first a few tears a very good performance at last "I passed"' Page Thll ty thx ee 0 0 o x . ,ff . WWWM. ,,,.,,aW.raY,. ,' ms. ., ,. , ., -M I , ,QQu'T'I1fnT'iM,W""j'J" A A . , V xr! WML -Wt-fTN...w....c A-...,,..W,1,,.MW ct,, .ow L M, V M 1 . I - ,, ,' t gifr-gre y:-2, , nm' Wwrrfw-f-'+eQli sf- , QQ I A V r .4 .ut le kW..1,W4. .W W --V: - A " " "M Y q lwfm-ffmw-M - N . , . ' jj- 12 IWW . ' tswmzigflt A Q - 'fl Y z, rs. . . I Ki M Y . Q . x Uh I Q - K I IMWM , ,....r,,,..,v...c,.,.V.,.,,.. , :.: .,:'fsE fei' ' A 5 ' I ,, A " 4' 1 . , . . . . . . ,, . , . . . . . I - I ' ' 4 Il ll I Il Il A ' Il ' ' Il I ' ' ll , ,, . . . ,, , ' I A . ll , Q ., ll ' Library X 'fs 'vm lst ROW Pal Broadhc ld .Ianni Woderkl Elmor Hover Cxrol Vlc 1 xclvn Dutton Imc Munn Roberta Batten 'fnd ROW Daxld John'-.on Bill Powell Join Ilghl Sharlu Snx dar Dmn DlikSIJl1 Helen Grecnman Smdx Llowcl Susan Mead 1015 Flclrt Susan Rxlston Ku Rhoclts Caryl Suu url Shlrlu Blncllcx Jxmcs Bccrbower Llbrarlan Mrs Clalr Hoffman Addntuon of 450 books Emphasis on books for recreational readung Science books courtesy of the government 40 magazunes accessnble for student use Set of Brntannuca and Brntannnca Junuor Encyclopedias matlve pamphlets Seventh grade Instruction classes Lrbrory assmstonts Lrbrary handbooks to outline routnnes School name stamped on all books Classsfynng and catalogulng Card fnle Books checked nn and out Library permits sugned In red pencil Thus IS a place to meet your friends There are plenty of chalrs at another table Who will get the sports sectuon fnrst Private study room a place to have a gabtest Place to spend tree periods Lnbrary Club formed by Irbrary assustants Bulletin board dosplays each month Hospitality commuttee for soclal functlons Presudent Evelyn Dutton Vlce Pres: dent Carol Dutton Secretary Jane Munn Treasurer, Sharon Orton Mrs Claur Hoffman Umversztv of Plttsburgh BA Pratt Instxtutc BS LS Llbrarw Club Adusor Page Thuty foul C ., ,xr T' N blk B I 1 sz ' x -" ' .vsv 2 V.S'Evx- "E V . . Reserve book shelves for term paper work . . Faculty material . , . File drawer with infor- , . I v . .' . A A- . . . , . . I 4 . . T .- 1 css if? f ig ,. Sfudenfs C355 Honor Sfudenfs ' Pa e Thntv sm Valednctonan Salatatonan BETSY PAIGE DON BUCHHOLZ The two senuars who have malntauned the highest schol a tuc records durnng thenr tour vears of hugh school are Betsy Paige and Donald Bachholz On the basus at thm they repreeented the class as Valednctornan and Qalutatorunn re spectuvely at Commencement on June 2 1960 Besndes theur outstandnng Schaiastnc achtevement both were engaged 1n working on varaous ca currncular actuvutnes and have contrnbuted much to thenr Clase and Qrhool National Honor Society Q: 1, L lst ROW Joanne Douglas Janet WOGOLKI Mars Lou Hwlloran Marllvn Brooks Marv Lou Irlsh Susan Crlt lenden Phsllms Youngs Collxgan N.-mu Buccos Membershlp In the Natlonal Honor Society IS the hlghest honor the school may con ter on any student Any student who hos mauntalned o hugh scholastlc average a good character o tune degree ot leadership and a wllllngness to serve the school and others ns eligible for membershrp The Soclety s purpose as to create on enthusuasm for learnlng stnmulate o desire to render servuce promote leadershlp and to develop character sn students of Amerlcan sec ondary schools It as symbolized by the keystone representlng hugh ldeols and the flam mg torch representlng the purpose to follow the llght of truth To b elugrble for membership a student must have molntalned a scholostlc average ot B or better for the first seven semesters and must exhlbrt the four obove mentuoned quolutues Ot these students a number equal to l5Qo of the groduatung class are selected Thus yeor the lo students selected for membershup were honored ot a speclal as sembly program glven by a faculty commuttee In whuch outstanding students of the Sophomore and Junior Classes presented a pageant deplctung the purposes of the Society and at whnch tame the puns and membership certificates were presented After the as sembly a tea for the members and their parents was held The follownng students are those who received membership thus year Henry Lynn Marrlvn Brooks Janet Wodeckl Joanne Douglas Mary Lou l-lalloran Linda Young Carol West Joe Koszewskf Mary Lou lrlsh Phyllus Youngs Gayle Colllgan Susan Crittenden John l-lottmon Nancy Buccos Don Buchholz and Betsy Pauge We salute these students for their outstandlng achievement Page Thu ty seven Q I iyigtefy wlwrll. Y , i1'1U?'f " 'w.7w.f l , yn 4' ' 2nd ROW: Linda Young. Carol West, John Hoffman, Henry Lynn, Betsy Paige, Don Buchholz, Joe Kloszcwski,Gail f , . . . , . , I I . , . , . . . I 1 1 ' ' 1 I ' , . D . , . . . . " 1 . . , . I I I 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' Superlaflves Q15 Most Lnkely to Succeed Fruendlnest MARY LOU IRISH FAROUK BETSY PAIGE DON BUCHHOLZ Page .nh Pre'mestSm1Ie CAROL KOZLOSKI DAVID DARLING Most Musuccl MOST P0DU'OI' Most Tolkotnve MARSHA DALRYMPLE GI-ENDY VILLA ELINOR HOYER LOWELL MCADOO GEORGE WEBB DENNIS COBURN Ilmlx mum . "x f A ' ff , , l E 1' 3 - T f? E ! Superlafives Eegf Dglqcers 'Most Courfeous Mobt AVTISTIC JQANNE DQUGLAS PHYLLIS YOUNGS NANCY FLEMING AL WAQNER BILL JOHNSON GARY CHRISTEN Most Attract Most Athletic Wrttnest num: Hopkins JEAN scnuu-z SALLY SHUHART 'rom new DENNIS rlscus men Mcmrosu P14 'T' nc Sensor Class Hssfory Presudent Henry Lynn Vuce Pressdent Janet Wodecks Treasurer Dovsd Howard S cretary Nancy Flemung Freshmen lowly lemons Began clsmb sn the old school Successful dance Nute Lughts Under the leodershsp of Don Buchholz Sophomores became more famslnr wuth hugh school lsfe Furst class to have a dssc uockey at a dance Swungung Satel stes Put up wuth constructson nosse Under the l odershup of Lowell McAdoo Junuors new school to experuence and new rules to follow Recesved rungs early un the year Presented Sung Sung Swsng convsct dssc uockeys Lowell McAdoo and Duck Mclntosh Famous furst prom un the gym Prom nade Enchsnte Worked many hours but proud of results false ceslsng sn the gyn stre t from gym to the cafetersa red and whste ownungs and park wsth luve flow rs Fxtra added at troctson movue b for t e pro n breakfast pecsal nught for everyone to remember Red and whste checked table cloths lw can make them snto dssh towels and eo h owe of us can buy one to save monevpl All those tsmes we got excused fro 1 class to do thungs fcr the prom May 22 l959 a hard day of work for everyone before the bug nsght Class pscnsc at Susan Crsttenden s Und r the leader shsp of John Hoffmcsn Sensors furst class to have Sensor Week Freshmen assembly remem per the beatnuks Pnvuleged characters Sponsored hslaruous pep rally wuth sen uor boys asdsng cheerleaders and cadets un decoratsve costumes Sensors who acted fue Folly as cheerleaders besude regular sensors Pat Broadhead Nancy Buccos John Hoff man Lowell McAdoo Duck Mclntosh and Denn s Fsscus Those beanues rubbons and gras sksrts for the homemade sensor cadets lmale and femalel Banquet for sensors dance for the sensors and thesr dates Trsp to Puttsburgh Putt versus Tex s Chrsstuan October 24 Candy sales Achseved hsghest goil un maga 7une sales stuffed rats prszes for hugh e t sellers Large g t together at sensor tobofugansng party Movue at Chrsstmas norty Knut Rockne star of the evensnq Soonsored dance sn March Our Grad uatsous Means Good bye lce Follses sn Buffalo on March 26 car wash to help p y for transportatuon Not unother sta tson wagon when wull we get another for csgn car? Fsrst class to have a forescuu scoldsnqs for our actsons Petstsons for the rsnhts of a sensor flewvung an assembly furst e Trual bf the furst peruof POD class for on assembly Mable P Crum haw I am not accustomed to ly sn Sensor trup at the encl of th year to Crystal Beach Sensor Car wash Aprsl l6 to rasse money for the trup Sensor puctures sn one hand name cards sn other and pen un teeth Where ss that porlsa mentary procedure un sensor class meetungs The sensor play May 5 and 6 Meet Me sn St Louss Soon to graduate wuth happy memorses of school days New re ard suze class at June 2 graduatson Aquslo wuth dsfferent look maroon and gold Specsal thanks to Mr Hosse and and Mr Davus and other faculty members for all thesr cooperatson and endurance from the class of l96O o o I ' ' ' - V 1 A I "" . .. , I I - Q I ' . . . - , . I I I l . . , u , I I ' I ' 1 . . . 3 ' ' Il ' ' ll ' -W UC l . . . a ' ' - . . . . . ,, , . . . . I I s: l V ' ll 11 ' - 4 'I YM- or A l - . s . . . e - ' . . , e L V 1 -A u' ' 3 l P . . . . ' ll ' Il ' - ' ' ll ' ,. - 'I ' ' . . ' ll , s . 44 2 -P f - I ' , . . Q c , , . I E , I ' . ,, . , w --Paris theme-industrious workers put up 0XChC1nQ6 Student -- FOVOUR . , . Those , . 3 . Q I 5 - ' K D 4 A V llTh ' ll X ' ' ' ' , ' e' e h s L , .uuc . - s F I ' , I F ll ..D ,, A L, A - . . ,, . . . . . M- g , . . e 'P A . . 4 , .'- s ' ' ' , . . l Fu ' ' ' . , , s , . ' X , . . ' ' ' 1 . . . ' I I I ' 1 . . . . ' H t I , . . , 4 . . e - ' ' ff ' . . ,, . C ' I ' I I I ll . ' I A A l -1 - I I . . . . - - I tif: ' 2 Class of 1960 Herbert Abrens Herbert has mmded hls own 'lf fatrs so well that few of us know verv much about htm but those who do tag htm as a good fel low He hasnt any plans lor the future but we WlSh suecess t 11 tn all he does Borboro Joon Bogley After hearmg her Enghsh talks we know that Susle IS very mterested Ill nurslng Though us ually serious she Lan be humor ous Sue IS also .1 xery capable tvplst md demonstrates thts abll ltv ln her work for the Grape vme atm Club 1 2 YTeens P Band l I 'l 4 Grapevl James B Boerst A tall athletc Jlm has made 'ln outstandmg record tn basketball Thxs year he marked h1s greatest aehlexement by breaklng the school seortng record for a smgle season He IS also known for hxs wxllmgness to operate t vc servue after partles Varsltv Basketball 1 2 3 4 Monogram Club 1 3 4 Foot t I 2 Track 1 Dramatlc Cluh 4 H1 Y 'l Prom Com tem Mornlyn Brooks Marllyn IS a neat gtrl known to most tor her long ponv tall and QUIET yet pleasant manner She serxed as treasurer ot the FHA mn aettve member ot YTeens GAA and Lan be seen leadmg the Leglonettes during thelr sum mer performannes 0 Y Teens Z 4 Chorus l FHA l 4 GAA 4 Shortha Club 4 Natlonal Honor Snctelx I -new 'Q' 'N ,rw M82 -e-W Peggy Arnold As secretary of the FHA thxs gxrl uses her sklll tor takmg shorthand She IS an actlve mem ber of the GAA and proves very worthy durtng glrls basket ball games Peg halls from the country and can be seen march mg wlth the Leglonettes durlng parade season horus 1 F H A 1 Y Teens P G A A 4 Short hand Club 4 Dr xmatu Club 4 Albert Bliss Al ms a very modest and qulet student who IS very lnterested ln agriculture He Lan usually be seen drtvmg the Ag truck on errands for Mr Spacht HIS sen nor year he attended the Future Farmers oi Amerlca Conventlon m Kansas C1tV FHA 1 ' 'l 4 Dramat1cC Potrnclo Broodbeod Patty IS petite pert and pretty She IS always verv actlve ln all the school acttvltxes and her mam characterlstlc IS long blonde halr She can also be remembered tor her purple velvet majorette umtorm She was voted Legton Queen A 1 2 3 4 Cho usl A 1 'P 3 4 YTeens2 4 Grapevme 1 2 3 4 Lam Clubl Cheerleadero AQUILO 4 Prom Commxttee 'l Ilhrarv Club 4 John Kenneth Brown Here s a boy wlth a dxfflcult name to remember John IS a master mlnd when It comes to phySlLS and math Bowllng alleys hold Johns mterest and he shows great promlse Orgamzmg wagers and dlscussmg socxetys problems are h1s favorxte pastlmes I Spamsh Club 'I Math Club 4 Page Fmtv one Class of 1960 Robert C Brown Thanks to Bob the school drlve way was always cleared out ID the wlnter time An actlve mem ber ot FFA he could be seen on televxslon qulte often wlth Mr Spacht He can also be seen drxv mg tractors both for Mr Spacht and at hls after school Job at Lake Erle Ford Tractor Sales l ..-...T gee? Agrnculturel P 'l Nancy Jeonne Buccos Nancy IS a clever gurl wnth llvely sparkllng personallty She lS known tor her craLv debate tactlcs her forexgn vocabulary and her experlments wlth her halr She can also be remembered tor her portrayal of AGNES and lor her unorthodox methods of 'if' taklng Betty Crocker tests 457' gr A l 2 l 4 Grapevme 4 YTe 1 4 Ma Club 4 Student Council l C orus 1 L tm Club 1 2 Spamsh Club 'l 4 Prom Com ltee 3 Debate I 2 Umted Natxons 3 4 Natlonal Honor Society 4 Ylidl- Need any prmtmg done? 1 a famlllar saymg of thls boy lor he prlnted many of the semor name cards and the tlckets lor Prom enade Enchante When lt comes to math and scxence Brlc really We shmes Another one ol h1s hob bxes IS operatlng a ham radio outflt 0 Latin Club 1 9 Band 1 Math Club 4 Basketball 'l In termurals 1 H1 Y 'Z 4 'Wa-ml 'af Taj? Robert Corey Robert lS one of those quxet per sons who does much wnthout let tlng anyone know about lt H lS rather sllent as to his occupa tlon ln llfe but we have an mk lung that hell go South 0 Prom Commlttee '3 Cafeterm 4 6955 Page For ty two Russell Brown Russt ll IS a studlous member ol our class He ns a wh1Lz ln Span 1sh and speaks Just llke the natlves He llkes large words and has a ccrtaln aversion to SWll'll mm ln hls clothes He spends most of hls tlme trymg to per suwrlc thx teachers that home work IS unnetessary o Spwmsh Club l 4 Donold Buchholz Don can be seen workmg d1l1 gently around the school on hls many projects whnch consxst ol Debatlng publlshmg the Grape vlnc Cadet drummcr and mam tuning the tltle of ottlclal pinch er' He hls 1 phobla for Fords and shrlmp Thls ambmous boy Penn State bound I'xt1n Club 1 'P Spanlsh Club i 4 Grapevmel 2 3 4 Prom Committee 3 Band 1 2 J 4 D bate 1 2 l 4 Class Pres: dcnt l Math Club 4 Student Councll 'l 4 Natlonal Honor 4 ctw Bruce Mortln Campbell A golf enthuslast and a pal of John and Terry IS thxs red head ed scnlor In hls spare tlme he can be tound workmg at hls lathcrs store o at the golt course He lS known for hxs fre quent laugh and his other fav oxnte mtcrest domg nothxng A mcmber ot' the newly organxzed golt team hls motto would be torc 0 Bwsketball 'l Hn Y 3 4 Track 2 4 Prom Comnuttee .2 Math Club 4 Gory Chrxsten It 'mnvone wants a car wxth an extrx spcclal desxgn Gary wlll hayc the job done ln no txme He lowes to draw and someday we rc surc hell make an excel lent car desxgner Another of his mtcrcsts IS tootball a sport he lettcrcd ln thxs year 0 Football 4 Art Club 4 Prom Comnuttee l Monogram Club 4 . I I II WII ' . ' I I - 0 ' . . L. ., 4 . . 1, I . I . I . a 'I . If - ' ' ' . I ls - ' . oG.A,. , ,:, 1 ' 1, , 0 A ,V-2 , ,' - 2, 3, 1 - ens 2, Z, 3 I th -V 3 , ' ,I - - - f , I h I 'L 3' I If Q I ,:,':, .1 I. '- mi : I " ' . , 4? ' ' q0,,,"l 4" 3 A l Wolter Burkhord Z ' . - , 'I ' l I . . I I - We M A I ' . ' I I- I . I 'I, I ' ' I I . IJ, I I, If . I . . I ' , ..: , 2, 4: V ' ' ' 4 6: V- I , - sf V X , n ' ' Q - .. 2 . . . ' ' - ' ' ::::. 1. '- :-, 'I X X , . ' 1 1 1 - ' 3 1 l ' Class of 1960 Dennls Lee Coburn Thls red he xded bu 1s calm and though busw nexer seems rushed As an editor of the AQUILO and a representatlxe of North East at DlSfFlLt Band he IS kept verv busx However this box IS reads to have fun lf am happens to crop up nd l 2 4 4 Spanish C '1 4 Class Vlc-fs Presldent 3 Student COUIICII 'P 3 Math :uh 4 rapexlne I AQUILO editor 4 H Y 3 4 Dramatic Club 4 Gall Leslne Collugan Thxs llttle lass IS known bx all her classmates as Mouse In her spare txme she can be seen work mg m Murphxs and on speual oceasxons makmg plnates She mn be ldentlfled bw her long legs and crazv shoes Her future ambltlon IS to be a nurse Y Teens 2 'l 4 Debate 2 '1 4 GAA 1 2 3 Chorusl Span tsh Club 3 4 Latin Club l 2 Grapevlne 2 3 Prom Commxt e 'S Band 1 2 Monltor National Honor Socxetw 4 Susan Jane Crittenden All the adsantages of llWlI'l1:I on the lake and bemg u t m the countrx have been experlented bv Sue Her black Ford has let her dovxn more than once A one of the AQUILO edltors and member of XHFIOUS clubs she keeps vers bust eens2'i4GAAl2'l Math Club 4 Spamsh Club .3 4 Latln Club 1 " Intermurals 2 Prom Commlt ee AQUILO edltor 4 Grapevme 2 3 Debte2 3 4 Ban 2 3 DFHIDHIIC Club4 N'1ll0l1Zll Honor Souety 4 David P Darling Bunnw IS known as one of the semor mlass clowns Hxs glfted abtlltx for glvlng Englxsh speenhes almost alwaws leads to a r1ot No matter how dull the oceaslon we are alwavs cheered bx hxs wtde and happx grln He IS also at tlve m chorus and one of our outstandxng thlnclads Chorus 2 3 4 Wrestlmg 1 4 H1Y 3 4 Tr ck 3 4 In murals 1 2 Artl 2 Dramatlc Club 4 f 5 f Q.-MN' 'If' WWIIBWY Q43 'Nui' '51"'ZWK Samuel Coletta Sammy IS never grouchv and n xer slllv but a happv medium between the two He IS alwavs frank readv to help someone else and hked bv ewervone He IS verv good at farmlng A favorite Joke wlth Sam IS what he uses to get hxs shoes so shmy 0 Agrxeulture 1 2 3 4 Gay Craug A gxgglmg happx hearted member of our Llass IS Gay She has a score of frlends and IS a volley ball enthuslast nn GAA She halls from State Lme and can usuallv be seen ln the hbrarv 'after school Tcensl 3 4 A GAA 4 Marsha Norma Dalrymple Marshas red halr has glven her 1e txtle f red one Shes 3 PCDDX cheerleader who can really lead the cheers She IS also an acltlve member of Student Coun Cl and a hard worklng 1 f AQUILO We re sure thaktrllllzrrslgg wlll nexer forget the nlght she reigned 35 Queen ot' the Concords Student Council 2 3 4 Y 2 2 4 Chorusl 1 AQUIVIIEJET Grapevlnel 2 3 Shorthand Club 4 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Prom Commlttee 3 Latm Club 1 "' GAA 1 2 Grape Queen Joanne Lee Douglas Wherever there IS work to be dune Joanne can be seen She IS a bust member of the Art Squad Shorthand Club AQUILO staff and she IS also a monltor She IS p'1t1ent mdustrlous and verv I'l1lSChlE?VOLlS ln her own mee wav ln Club 1 G A A 1 e e n s 2 F H Grapevine 1 2 3 Shorthand Club 4 Art Squad 4 AQUILO 4 Dramatlc Club 4 MODIIOP 4 Prom Commxttee 'S National Honor Souety 4 Page F01 ty th1 ee Class of 1960 fXLD tvelyn Dutton Neat clothes green ewes and short halr are a must wlth thls glrl Evelyns Slnglng ablllty has Lertrnnlx proved her a worthv member of the DISKFILQ Chorus Her words are few her smlles are plentlful and she can usuallv be seen carrvmg notlces around Lttln Club l 2 Spanlsh Club 2 3 4 Chor l 2 'l 4 Monltor 4 Dramatic Club 4 Grapevlne 3 Ltbrary Club 4 Llbrarv Asslstant l 4 Dennus Frscus In football and basketball Denny has more than proved h1s worth Durlng football season he was known as the Plckers Poxson Player He seems to like hls lunrh monltor Job could lt be because he xs the onlv box??? Y l ball 1 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Traek l 'Z 4 Momtor 4 Wexghtllft mg Club 4 Prom Commlttee 'l Robert F Forbes Butch IS known for h1s blunt re marks Sxme he IS a big flirt he has manv btg problems' Hls motto IS work work work and learn learn learn??'P We wlsh htm luck Ill saxhng the seas ln h1s Navv bound career 0 Basketball 2 H1 Y 3 4 Track 'fl 4 GTRDEVIHC 2 Prom Com lnlttee l Monogram Club 4 Dramatlc Club 4 Anuto Gottschlung Happv go luckv thats Anxta f ansone ever Was' One of those people who keeps order 1n the halls we re sure shell never for get Sophomore Amertcan Hxstorv classes Reports from our rovmg reporters tell us that she will soon be walkmg up the atsle to the strams of the old weddmg march 0 Chorus 4 YTecns 4 Short hand Club 4 Grapulne 3 Momtor 4 Page F01 ty fout Jonlce Fnomello mu memhrr tts onlx s m sht con d he he 1rd l'LlYlllldlI'lg thc runners ln thc hall to slow down L utlxe member of GAA md Shorthlnd Club md onc of D1 mes companions ln Cl nb l Grapexlnc 1 G A A 2 'Z 4 ihortht ll J 0 Ui Y Tccns P l 4 Monitor 4 Noncy Flemung This blonde girl IS tlw ns callcd upon to show her xrttsttc ablhtv Her hmdlwork wus dlspltved at Promenade Fnchante and ln the V160 AQUILO Mans ol the hlgh sthool studtnts havc emoved thc open housc partles at whxch she wats hostess Latm Club Ch rus l 4 Y Teens 'P 'S 4 AQUILO 4 Shorthand Club 4 Class Sec r :rx 4 Dramatic Club 4 Prom Committee 3 Kenneth Forrester Skmns Frcd md hxs twangt gultar have alcled Mr Mack with hls oscllloscope more th m once He lS 'llwaws wllllng to help cn tertam at partxes and on bus rxdes Evrn though he isnt Elvls Preslex or Rlcks Nelson who knmxs somcdax he might be famousl V 0 H1 Y 'l 4 Chorus 'S 4 Track 4 Koth ryn Grohorn In one of hcr gaytr moods Kath rxn cm bc nustaken for a blrd or a fxrc engme Ncvertheless she can he a competent 'md polsed ltdv ltwxcr Sha could usuallw l scen up town durtng t1 th perlod attendmg her regular test p trtles orus I Lens La tn Club l Spamsh Club 'I GAA G pewne Z Prom Commlttec l Urnted lNat1ons 4 Class of 1960 Mory Lou Holloron Marv Lou IS a cheerleader vthose lamous words are COIHC on you klds hollerlll She xs presxdent ol the Shorthand Club and a member of the Y Teens Any one m Mary Lous Home Ec elass ean tell you all about her wtld .xttemo s at sexung Cheerleader P l 4 Chorus 1 Y T s 4 F H C, ewne 4 Sh: hand Club 4 N mon tl Honor Soc-tetx 4 Borboro Henderson We dont knou a great deal about her ou sde ol school but we do know thxt she IS 1 good worker e s tetne member t YTeen FHA and GAA She exee s ln eymnastxes and she en Joys v0llub:1'l xerx mueh Bar blrz has also lettered seytral yt mrs xn G A A Teensll GAA 4 John Morttn Hoftmon Clothes make the man IS John s motto He works at Kopekes and durmg hls spare txme can usually be tound on the golf course HIS mterest ln goll led to 1 broken ankle last vear He IS usuxllv quiet but IS very IlllSLhlf3N0lJS Hts future he at the Alr Force Academy Iatln Club l 'P Spamsh Club 4 AQUILO 4 Bandl I 4 H1 Y 3 4 Class Vlee Presl dent 'l Prom Chalrman 'S Dra matte Club 4 Natmnxl Honor Sof-letx t Drone Hopknns T fulflll her dream to be '1 stewardess Dlane holds all the quallflcatlons As a SLlbStlll.llC Cadet she proxed herseli a good marcher She IS aetlve 1n many clubs but xt IS qulte exlclent that her mam mterest ns m the Army Shes been an asset to the elass ever smte she came two wears ago 0 Cadets 4 Chorus 4 Grapevme 'l Shorthand Club 4 Y Teens A Ull O 4 A A 'Nm-Q NOP' tif -tp-all 'Jar 'Ama-1 'Nl' 150-nr Vlvton Hoskell Always laughing always gay thats Vu She would make good buslness woman Judgmg lrom her work IH eommerenl subjec s and above all she lb irlendly and eheertul Well l wa5s remember her Yak Y 1k teolumnl She served as '1 mem ber ot the Queens Court eens 2 3 4 FHA Class Secreturv 3 GAA l AQUILO 4 Spanish Club l Lat n Club l Grant Court 4 Terrance Russell Henderson Terry IS noted tor hxs wlse craeks ln class but we feel sure that beneath all that hes a serlous and ambltlous Splrlt Terrv hts a great quality of stleklng to what he belleves It you dont bellewe thxs Just tell hmm that clrcle xsnt a straxght llne and wateh what happens AQUILO 4 Monogram Club 7 Chorus 1 2 3 Traek .3 4 Prom Commlttee l M nth Club 4 Dtstrnet Chorus 4 Jeonne Homer Energetlc calm seemingly never worrxed Jeanne sets about t lCCOYllp1lSl'l her tasks WhlCh she does verv well Her outsxde ln terests are keepmg score at the basketball games and eheerlng tor the team She helps 1 lot on the AQUILO bv ratsmg enough money to ftnance lt '1 IH Club 1 B nd l Chorus 4 Y Teens 4 Class Secretarv " Grapevme l 'P 3 AQUILO 4 Dramatle Club 4 Mdrllyn Jeon Hopklns Wlth her sxlly laugh and bolster ous slumber partxes Marllvn proves that the only way to make '1 frlend lS to be one She xs an actlve member of the Chorus a hard marchmg Cadet and she ll make somebody an excellent homemaker Grapevme 3 YTeens 2 'l 4 dets 'l 4 L 1 b Shorthand Club 4 Chorus l 9 .3 4 Prom Commlttee I Dru natu' Club 4 GAA Page F01 tv flVP Class of 7960 Dowd Howard Got your dues? IS a fam1l1ar saylng of our class treasurer Early curfews and money com pose this mad motorcycllst The people who know h1m well wlll vouch for the fact that he IS lots ot fun and gxves excellent and thrlllmg rldes on h1s motorcycle 0 Band 2 H1 Y 3 4 Class Treas urer 3 4 Student Counul Mary Lou Irssh Mary Lou 1S a busy glrl She Lan be seen on the go or Just comlng back' Mary Lous capable leader shxp has been shown 1n her work Wllh the Student Counc11 and the Y Teens She flnally parted w1th her pony tall thls year but she dldhf lose her frlendly person ahty Student Counul 4 Y Teens " 3 4 Math Club 4 Cadets 'B 4 Dramatu. Club 4 Grapevme 3 Latm Club l 2 Prom Com mlttee 3 Queens Court 4 Na tlonal Honor Socletv 4 Wllllom Johnson B111 IS especxally noted for h1S e and It 1snt a f1Sh 1 e1ther If B111 cant be seen dr1v mg hlS Pontxac around town you can probably txnd h1m workmg at his mothers beauty shop One of the semor salesmen B111 sold S100 worth of subscrxptxons dur mg the magazme campalgn 0 Basketball Manager 1 2 Track Manager 1 2 H1 Y 3 4 Mono gram Club 1 2 3 4 Wrestlmg Jack Kocher Belng an early mornmg paperboy explams Jacks favorlte pastlme makmg up for lost sleep Jack IS good natured and always w1ll 1ng to help A valuable man on the basketball court h1s place w1ll be hard to f1ll 0 Monogram Club 'l 4 Basket bal,l 1 2 1 4 Track 4 Chorus l Page F01 ty six 'W 1 gm -:pug 1 1 .,...-nv Elnnor Hoyer Elmors ab1l1tv to play the flute and pmcolo earned her a place 1n D1str1ct Band and Reglonal Band W1th th1s and Spamsh she doesnt have much tlme to s1t st1ll It was because of Elnnors help 'md encouragement that mmv ol her fellow classmates saw the lnght ln the fore1gn lang uages Latxn Club 1 GAA 3 4 Band l " S 4 L1brary ASS1St3nt 3 4 Spamsh Club 3 4 Dramatlc Club 4 D1str1ct md Reglonal Band 4 Rnchord Gay Johnson A loyal member ot the Boy Scout movement Dlck really knows what 1ts all about when xt comes to hard work He can be remem bered lor h1s part ln the semor plu as Mr Dodge h1s good luck 1n phvslcs and h1s troubles 1n tru, and solld Iallll Club 1 Spanish Club 'l C l-'rom C0n1lY11tl8e l Art Club 4 Math Club 4 D1str1ct Chorus 4 Gr1pev1nel P l Dramatu u 1 Robert Kung Where there IS a skatmg rlnk there IS Bob lor roller skat1ng he1ds the l1st ot pastlmes wlth this lad He takes school and llfe 1n general llghtly and noncha lantlv Bobs smgmg ab1l1ty has proved hlm 1 worthy member ol tht Chorus 0 Chorus 1 'R Track 'P 4 H1 Y 4 Joseph Kloszewskn BGIYIU the only boy m Shorthand C1155 1snt an easy Job' He cer ta1nlv 1snt an angel but maybe somedav hell sprout wlngs al though now lt doesnt look that way Joe 15 a member of the Math Club Wh1Lh was formed thus year Joe IS headed tor the Un1wers1ty ot Buffalo 0 Lat1n Club 1 2 Spamsh Club Mnh Club 4 Class of 1960 Corol Ann Kozloski "Deer slayer" is a name well earned by Carol. for she is the senior's best hunter. Carol is known for her long hair. pretty blue eyes. and cheerful smile. She is one of the second-year stenog- raphers. 0 Grapevine 1. 2. 3: Chorus I. 2. 3, 4: Prom Committee 3: Dra- matic Club 4: F.H.A. 1. 2, 3, 42 Y-Tecns 2, 3. 4: Shorthand Club 4 Dovid Lepley Dave is interested in radios and hi fi s and we feel sure that some day he will meet his success in this field He has a pleasant dis position and is friendlv to all Many of his acquaintances out side school haye been made vm his ham radio outfit o Math Club 4 Henry Albert Lynn Jr Svy eetpea is a full fledged mein yer of the Camera Society H did an excellent Job of keeping he senior class organized We can all remember Sweetpea and the Bermuda Kld ln their exhibition of wrestling Moochie and his ringlet are one of Mr Hollisters pet peeves 0 Spanish Club 3 4 Hi Y 3 4 Football 2 Wrestling 4 AQUILO 4 Class President 4 Prom Com mittee 3 Monogram Club 3 4 Dramatic Club 4 National Hon or Society 4 Rlchord Mclntosh Dick is knovyn by his classmates as a Jokester His terrific sense of humor has given vyay to the art of clowning On the seri ous side he earned his fame in sports Dick and his pal Lovyell seem to like to sit in the bal conv durlng assemblies A 2 Fo ball 1 4 Basketballl 2 'S 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Monogram Club 2 4 H1 Y 3 4 Prom Co mittee 3 AQUILO 4 ' px . Q 4 Bw Y Q 12 ,, -4, Q: 4, X . .2 . .- 11.4 .. tv- - ' Y- 'emi' wr""""7 4 T7 4 Lindo Leitl Sitting in secret rooms and burn- ing things in home economics class seem to be a must with Linda. She has a sunny disposi- tion. She is active in Cadets and wrote many of the articles for the AQUILO. She is pals with Phyllis and Mary Lou. 0 Latin Club 1, 2: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Grapevine 1. 2, 3: Cadets 2, 3, 43 Prom Committee 3: AQUILO 4: F.H.A. 4 Lindo Lindsey Linda is very quiet and slightlv bashful Although she lS inclined to be reserved she is always readv to enter heartily into any thing that is going on Linda and Lois 'ire two good friends 0 New her Junior year Y Teens Lowell F McAdoo So you re a dr1ver??? Lowell can usually be seen and heard with Dick and their favorite saying We turned oer many books f0gether'?'? He usually over looks his studies to work on his car and what a car lt is Lowell neyer lacked in ability on the basketball court Student Council 1 Basketball k 4 H1 3 4 AQUILO 4 Chorus 4 Class President 2 Monogram ub 1 2 Joy Ann Mossey Porky is a senior delinquent She is known for her neat way of dressing and if she is not the hostess of a party she IS usually on the scene Her father being a doctor is likely to b the influence on her ambition to be a nurse Latin Club 1 2 Spanish Club YTeens 2 3 4 Math Club 4 Chorus 1 Grapevine 3 Cadets 3 4 Studen Council 3 4 Prom Commit tee 3 Class Vice President 2 Debate 4 Dramatic Club 4 Page Forty seven Class of 1960 Douglos D Meehl Calm eool and eolleeted thats Doug Even though Doug does not appelr to be on frxendlv terms wlth hls hooks we re sure well make an excellent farmer You ean nexer recogmze hxm bx the cur he xs drwmg because he ms forever tradxng them All ol them usuallv look meer when he llFllShLS worklng on them FHA Donald Munger Dons bxggest problem IS his ear He yust eant seem to dxseover vnhx tts exther ln a dxteh or a wreck A loxal member of the North East grapplers we re sure hell nexer forget those days hav mg to lose Welght before the mateh 0 Baskethxll Manager 2 FHA 3 4 Football 2 3 Traek l 4 H1 Y 'l 4 Monogra Club l 4 Wrestling 3 4 Corol Neenon Carol IS qulet and a good sport ln everwthlng vxhleh she takes part ln Two phrases that deserlbe Carols eharaeter her co opera tlon vuth others and her frlendlv dlsposltxon Carol ean frequentlv be found with Joyee O Latm Club 1 2 Y Teens Z 3 4 FHA 4 Chorus13 4 Dra matte Club 4 Corlnn Eluzobeth Pouge Be sx IS a tall gal who reallx ropes an the As As a debater 'md one of the edltors ot' the AQUILO her spare tlme IS llmlt ed Basketball seems to be her llVOI'1fl-2 sport Th1s bralnstorm of our class llkes to argue whether good or bad She xs a glrl who vtlll reallw go far Latm Club 1 2 Spanish Club S 4 Debate Club 1 GAA 1 Grapexme 2 3 Prom Commlttee 3 AQUILO 4 Math Club 4 Y Teens 2 3 Band 1 2 3 Unlted NdflOHS 3 4 Dra matxc Club 4 Nauonal Honor Soclety 4 Pave Fotty e1ghl: WU' 'ws- 1' YF' ,-e,,,.,..z a-nl"'s"""9 Loss .lcon Mundonlohl Lots IS a ehcerful and frlendlv She ean be seen IH gvm e.ass hanglnff the volleylspll lrmn one end to the other and 01119117105 blek agam Her hob be melude GAA and home Thls gal wlll go far m una exe-r she tttempts to 4 G ,lone Ross Munn Some thmk lines shv but thats vthere some are wrong Her motto IS You eant do two thlngs at onee sueh us worklng ln the ll bmrv 'md makmg change xn the eateterla Shes an able seam stress and sew on and sew on ee ns 9 H A 4 La uh 1 Span h C ub G A A 1 Llbrarv Asslstant 4 M nth Club 4 Dramatn Club 4 Dovud Nleboer To be seen and not heard IS the preferred motto taken bs this eertun se mor although not 11111 Id ln anx sense of the word A eourteous and dellghtful box ls Dau We re sure he wlll newer forpet those vuntrv daws when he vms eonstmtly gettmg stuek n the snow 0 Dr amatle Club 4 Abdul Forouk Pottnsohuslwo Approxxmatelx ten thousand mlles 'avxax from home IS a long vxaxs to b Farouk came here thls ve'1r trom Indonesla 'ls an ex chmge student and seemed to emox ewerw mmute of h1s stav He lnl-ees partles and dances and ean xlxxaws be lound tn the mld dle of thlhgS xf there happens to be mx mxsehlef 0 H Y 4 Chorus 4 Spanlsh Club 1 Student Counell 4 Class of 1960 Betty Pruchord Betty IS not a notsy Mtss 'ts tar as most of the semor elass hate been able to fmd out However she does have a s1llv streak m her thtt can cause a ltttle eltement She 15 frtends with Margaret md Peggy F H A 4 Y Tee Snor h and 4 Thomas Read Tom ts 1 xery handsome lad and although he catehes the eye ol many a gtrl he llkes to tea e md keep them guesstng Toms other sports are football and wrestlxn ts he has shown a great deal ot athletle skxll ln both otball 1 T ck Wrestllng 5 4 H1 Y .3 4 Mon ogram Club ' 'K 4 Prom Com tu Horry E Rooche We reeogmze Harry as the chnel cleaner upper and able asslstant to Roachxe He IS good natured and always readv wxth a smile On the 0UlS1dC he tramps manv mules ln all weather tor the gas company OHAY4 Bonnte Solen If anv company IS looking for an excellent salesladv they ye come to the rtght place for Bonmes persuaslve abtllty to sell maga zmes led the semor class to thelr goal Another of Bonmes talents 19 making the cute clothes she wears Her l7USlI'l6SS llke meth ods alded her as student dlrector of the semor play apeunel .Z 3 GAA 1 C orus P 3 Mom or P 'fl 4 Y Tee l 4 Prom Comrntttee Dranntle Club 4 W-. fe-"""' "X'!X 'ef' W YZ"'-'ar an Mil YZ? 'M' W-sw Hornet M Romsdell Harrlet alwavs does her share of eheermg at the games and makes sure that North East gets the eredlt they deserve She makes qulte a tew trxps to Weslevvtlle and xt she eant be lound there she IS usuallv tn the Feomt FHA ludnth Rutson Judv IS qutet and capable and ltked bv all She works steadlly and wtlltngly on anythmg there IS to be done like m xklng ptnates tn Cpanlsh She ts an aetlve mem bel ot YTeens and one of the Legnonettes 0 latm Club l 7 Grapevine l P fl Prom Commtttee 'l G A A 'Z amatle Club 4 Y Teens panlsh Club Eeuloh Groce Russell Beulah IS a great lover ot hlstory She can usually be found tryxng to put some pomt across to the Cass She can be remembered as the proescutmg attornev m the mock POD trtal She ts also aetlye IH gymnastics Y eens 2 3 Chorusl I 'i 4 A 1 L tn rapevme 2 FHA l Dramattc Club 4 Mornlyn .loon Schoff Marilyn can glVB vou all the tlps on helng an ldeal secretary and the proper ways to apply for '1 Job Although she IS usuallv keen and alert she had qulte a dxffl eult time keepmg awake ln com merclal c1ass"' 0 Y Teens 3 4 Latin Club l 'P Spamsh Club 'K Shorthand Club 4 Dramatlc Club 4 Page Fm tv nme Class of 1960 iii? Joyce Schroder Joyce IS a calm well behavcd gurl who can become quxte frus trated at tlmes and then watch out After graduatxon from hlgh school she plans to attend etther a busmess college or a beauttclan school She IS a hard worker and w1ll be successful xn everythmg that she does Iatln Club 1 Y Teens 2 3 orusl 2 3 4 FHA ,, 5 t Robert Schultz Bob always has somethxng to say hrs nickname of George whlch seemed to stxck wxth htm through Lxtm and Spamsh a Hr Y 4 Latxn Club 1 2 Foot '-Nl ba 4 Band l 2 'l Spanlh Club 3 4 Monogram Club 4 Alrce Kathleen Summer Can she bake a cherry ple? You bet th1s gal can for she baked a champlon ple for her Junxor year Kathy had a httle mlsfor tune th1s year She fell and hurt her back and as a result of this had trouble gettlng around the school 0 Chorus 2 3 4 Grapevme l 2 J YTeens 2 3 4 Shorthand Club 4 Margaret Stetson As G A A Prexy Margaret really shxnes She has a real hot car 'md IS known for her dr1vmg?? She manages to keep up wnth her school work and outslde xnterests There IS always excitement wher ever she goes Margaret xs peppy gxrl as most of us know HA 1 4 Shorthand Club 4 Y Teens Page Flfty 'hula ..,..,.-r 67' Jean Schultz It xou want a gnrl w1th abnhty to plav basketball or Just to be 1 true trlend you flnd tt lh Jean Shcs an expert homemaker and ms good natured We know she ll make good 111 whatever held she mu enter I YTc-ens P Chorus l GAA 5 4 Grapevl Sally Shuhart Sully has a talent that many vv She can always be counted on to make vou laugh wxth one ol lxcr clever wordlngs She IS ulwrys good natured and care trcc und lb the blggest nuxsance that exer h1t Mr Macs advance 114.1118 class Hcr humorous ways clct cd her to the posltxon ol llllit cdltor on thc AQUILO cens 2 l 4 GAA Prom Commlttee l Dramatnc Club 4 Grapevine P J Short md Club 4 I C u m AQUH 0 4 Carl Slmpson Ctrl dldnt pl xv thc entlre toot bull season He wls playlng end nd gnvmg the other teams rough tune untxl he sustalned a broken arm ln the tlrst two mln utcs ol the season' Hts splrlt vmsnt hurt and he staved ln thcrc pltchxng to the end Football P 'l 4 Track l 2 3 I-I1 Y .3 4 Monogram Club 2 4 Welghtllttmg Club 4 John Gaylord Stoddard Another tall one Johnnxe 1S ac uve 1n both basketball and track Hc can usually he seen wlth John Brown argulng about some sports cvent He IS also a bowllng en thustast and could be lound par llClDdt1Tlg 1n thls sport qulte fre qucntlv He IS also known for hls bad memorv concermng where hc belongs durmg seventh perlod Y 'l Baskctball 1 2 Track 1 2 1 4 Monogram Club P 3 4 Prom Commlttee 3 Math Club 4 ' ' ' zu- FHA,Hf, zz, :, 'Q ' ' "ntl O f ' 3 - , , 4: fl Ch , , , ', 1 . , . 4 We're4 sure that he won't forget comlmereial comedians would en- 'll :J . J 'sn I I . .Y-'rf 11,1 . . .1, 2,31 at ' 1 Lafn '1 r 11 ' ' Z ' . ' -, Q " '. 3 . ' ' o I . L, ., : . , 4: l . . . , P V - - - . ' . - . . h ' ' 3 . . . . . I Q r. , . ,2, 3, 41 G.A,A. 1, 2, 3, ' 'A -, ' ' . 13,4 Qui- .1 - . ,342 Class of 1960 ' Wo ndo R Thompson Haxmg been the ruined twpv. all through high school sht h s surprised exerwone this xear lx the number of organizations she belongs to Shc has been a grt it asset to the YTeens and thc Shorthand Club She is generalls seen vuth Diane and Anita Chorusl 'P 3 4 Latin Club YTeens 4 Monitor 4 Grip: me 3 FHA Z Shorthm Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 Corole Turner This tall slender and neatly dressed lass is always up to some thing Shes a big tease and a devil in disguise You can tell shes around when vou hear that sllls giggle If vou dont recognwc her from this description try ap plxmg the name Mable P Grim shaw Cadets 2 '3 4 Prom Commit tee 3 Spanish Club 'l 4 Latin Club l Dramatic Club 4 rapevine 'l G A A Y Teens 2 'Z 4 AQUILO 4 Alfred C Wogner So youre a 11tterbug2 Besides being a good dancer this box an excellent basketball plaser and won all county the last two wears A more faithful supporter to the athletic cause would bc hard to find Exen though Al has a quiet manner he is a friend a Football Manager 1 2 'Z Band l 2 3 4 HiY3 4 Monogr n ub 'P 3 4 Ba ketball 1 3 4 Trackl 2 3 Prom Com mittee 3 Dramatic Club 4 George A, Webb "Spider" likes to talk any time. any where, and about anything, He can be remembered as the Mr. Duffy of the senior play. Although not actixe in sports he's a good supporter of the team. and often heard booming out play by play descriptions of basketball games. Curiosity seems to be the "key word" with him. 0 Hi-Y 3, 4: Math Club 4: Wrest- lin 3: Latin Club l: In er- murals l, 2: Dramatic Club 4 'Z' rm 5-were 0"-'gy Joseph William Trlono Bill is so friendly that evervom likes him He is known to all bx his pleaslng manner and appear ance Hes never xery hard t find Just look in the Ag shop and youll probably find him Hi came to NEHS from St Greg org s 0 Agriculture 1 3 4 Glendoro Vullo Mrs Siverling seems to think Glendy is quite a nuisance in fourth period Home EL Sha really keeps that class in hyster ies Glendy has been the origin ator of manv of the famous sav ings around school 10h Ralphl With her hot green Ford she practices safe dr1v1ng??7 0 Y Teens 2 3 4 Chorus I 2 'l 4 Grapevine 1 FHA 1 'P 'l G A l 2 Wnlliom C Wolker You havent heard of him? Well thats because hes onlv been with us a vear We ve Colne to find out that he has trouble with his hot car and a little experi encz in paying fines o Hi Y 4 Corol Ann West A favorite costume of Carol's is Bermuda shorts and knee socks. If debaters needed to find judges. ete,, this was Carols job. Next year she will apply her skills in finding things, looking for thermometers, and medicine, ' she plans to become a nurse. Grapevine 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens .3. 4: Chorus 1.2, 3 4: G, . . 1. 2. 3. 4: Latin Club 1,21 S an- ish Club 3, 4: Library Club 3. 4: Debate Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Math Club 4 Page Fifty-one Class of 1960 tim Charles Wnlson Chuck IS known to all hls class mates as the Bermuda Kxd Wlth a busv schedule ln athletlcs he stlll fmds time to glve excel lent book revxews m Engllsh class HIS actlvltxes seem to run mostlv to athletlcs but hls out sxde lnterests have more varxety 0 H1 Y 3 4 Basketball 1 2 Foot b 2 'l 4 Wrestlmg Track 3 4 Monogram Club Janet Wodecku Janet IS one of those dependable well lxked persons who can al waxs smlle even when thmgs go wrong She works hard ln all her manv 3CtlVltlCS and IS especlallv helpful to Henry ln organumg class progects She can be seen with the absence llsts 2nd perlod Y Teens 2 3 4 Latm Club 2 Debate Club 2 'l 4 Shorthand Club4 FHA 1234 Grape ne 1 3 4 AQUIL Chorus 1 Dramatlc Club 4 Class Vlce Presldent 4 Llbrarv Club 4 Mnmtor 4 Cadets 3 Natzonal Honor Socnety 4 Janice Marne Youngs A glrl whos born vuth red halr vull have red haxr until she dyes Jan lS always known for her reserved manner and uncon trollable blush Durmg lunch perlod she could be seen on dutv as monitor ln the hall Spamsh Club 3 Shorthand Club YTeens3 4 FHA 1 2 GAA 1 2 Momtor 4 Dra matzc Club 4 Page Fifty-two egrw 'W WH? as-. 'wb- 'SDP 3 Qiff' Eugene H Wnlson This bow tickles the IVOFILS wlth great skull Hes a good member of the track team and also gets rxd of some of that exeess energv on the basketball court We must remevnber though that hls court mg IS not onlx xn basketball for hls heart strmgs are all tled p m .he senior class B sketball l 2 4 Track l 2 4 Chorus l " 'S 4 Monogram uh H 4 dent Counul 2 Lando Borba ra Young Reading rldlng and arlthmellc are Ilndas three hobbies The Wlmrd of O7 was a sxssv com pared to fearless Llnda durlng l'1b preparations ln chemistry class She mlxed evervthmg from A to 7 IH her experlments and sometnnes a lxttle more Grapevlnf. 2 3 4 YTeens ' 4 Chorus! 2 3 4 Spanx Cub 'l 4 Latin Club l 2 1, bxtc Club 4 Math Club 4 Phyllis Youngs It xoure lookmg for a lfreneh mald Phvl Lan act the part Her d0NlllShDGSS has not gone un notlned She served thls xear as capt'un of the Cadets a member of the Grape Court and Queen for the FFA latln Club 1 9 Spanlsh Club 4 Y Teens 2 3 4 Gra ne 1 2 C ts Student Councll 4 Prom Com nnttee 3 FHA 4 AQUILO 4 Grape Court 4 Dramatlc Club 4 Natlonll Honor Souety 4 Exchange Student ,M aw- Wuwvwiiav THROUGH THE PORIALS OF N E H S COMES QUR rOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT ABDUL FAROUK PATTISAHUSIWA th Mr H05 0 and Mr Du Came from Indonesia Arrlved September at Erse Anrport Welcomed by stu dent commattee and A F S delegation How do you pronounce Pattlsahusuwa9 Friendly Cheerful Speaking engagements Busy schedule Jolned many clubs Enjoyed Christmas testnvstues and snow at tnrst Camera bug thanks to Student Council Chrnstmas gltt Student Council roused money through homeroom prog ects Planned for continuance and addltlon of program In summer and fall P1 c Pmftv three -up " ' "':' i . 4 -.-. an b V 51 YW fl U , ' YA Y W ' Lf' ,, l Am NM 'qigy' V B X C E' ? C, . S, as 5 ' ,W ,. W, A T W 1 Y u- . 8 1 - - 1- . wi . i . . z'is. - l A . - 11 l ' I - ' if . . . l 4 . . I T? ei V V ISN? .MN--"" I , lf Q , -,. , , A, 2 1951 ' .A -, ' Class of 1961 A lst ROW Dorothy Montgomery Lmdl Crcgg Judy Thurston Sindy Wemhemur Llnda L8VKlS Jomm Gregg Icslle Blakeslec Pnd ROW Wllnm P1 rkms Sandy Culp Lmdx Lloyd Tom Freed lmc Stcphanxc Pxvne G1 ldv Kl0SlLW9kl lrd ROW D111 Hmndh Tony ipadx Dean Wemgxrd Frlnus Schyvutnr Jimns btewurd I Cook Clllt Hmm s ROW Iu1y Boll Janet 1 LI ucly llcr Joyce Prlrh xrrl Dorothy Lepley Eve ly n H unes 'nd ROW Mxrv Beth Hollmd Iudy Luc luke M xrporne Gorm lk Que Syyo up De mn 1 WIISOH rcl ROW M1LhaelAl1.orn M11 lard 'lurner Hxrold Sherrleh Allred Sylvester .Ilm Mllllon Dmnv Ddrlmg 4th ROXV Pzul Flshu' Howxrd VmAllshurg, Ruk Qnvdmr Dlylrl Mllex lxck Hxrtmm Proud owners of shnny new class rungf unlque date Truly upper classmen Sold North East sweatshurts as .1 project for torelgn exchange student F rst class to send a student abroad for the summer exchange program Sponsored Beatnula Bop weurd pauntnng that was auctioned off for Sl 74 featured Rockettes a dance band from Erue Wonder of wonders the prom many hours of nervous antlclpatnon and prepara tnon held on Erlday May l3 superstut-on held no effect nnght to re member for many starry eyed sensors music In a sophlstncated swlng bur den fell on the lunuors lvvnng up to the sensors cry, There wull never he another luke ours NEVER Anturnpotnng heung SENIORS Pun Fxftv tom , 3 , 1 , .. i Y . if ' 3 , 1 ' 5 1 fu- .H I . L U, , .V ,fy 1 1 1 ' Jun' 'x ' ss- L z ' f. - ' . ' 41 ,X , f . ' 1 J , ' - I ' s l ', 1 Y 1 5 1 'i 1 X 1 ' . J 1 . - 1, - -' 1 . 1 Q- -' ,- . 1 A' ' 3 1 . .nr- ry T , , ' " 1 wr, 1, Z i 1 lxt 1 , 'Q . ' Bzkv. J g M'l -. J' l " 's Q . -r V on- 5 , L 1 1 A A 1 . . . . ., w K . A' - , 1 l 1 . 1 - ' 1 , 1 1 ' ' , 4 'J. - ' - 1 '- 1 , ' ' , : 1 2, 1 A l 1 J f, " 1 2. 1 " 'Q ' I ', .1 ' 1 1 , .,-- . . . - . f , . . , , .1 I . . , . ll - ll - - - 4 l I .,, I .. - . . . . . , ,, . . ,, . . . . 1 ' ' ,, ' Class of 1961 Isl HOV1 Duuuunu Louuc uul u Mach lon Ixlgm Barb uru Cook Bmttx ou lon Ioxnc L nd U lu w Klunuzuusnuuth Susuc Wcbu' 7 'Pnd ROW Paullnu luwus Lund.-u WL1I111LlY11f'r Louusn Anderson Puuuluuuu XVugner Lund! Purkcr rd ROW John Bovxsur Phul Hopkuns Doug Pxlv. Wwxne mer Roger Stetson 41h ROW Charles Boll D.1v1d Fwuon Dunk Helden lst HOW Marx Jenn Iwrguusouu D un I ul-ue Kuthlun Cuntrull Lund u M ussu Judy C asperson bfullx Kress nd ROW Tom Luuhm un Que Simson Susan Spraguuu Lois Fuuld Duxud Max n uud Id ROW Kcnnch Hut! Duck Tefft Bull Herman Lxrun Fuch 111' Tununs F111 Ronruue Thomp son 41h ROW Ruchwrd Fcrrungcr Duck Slsuughter John Vwnder Wade Bob Hewth Presudent of closs of 1961 Duck Helden Vuce Presudent Tony Spodo Secretory Lando Weunheumer Treosurer Donny Dorlung Lost closs to be formolly unutuoted Skuts for senuors Those lemons Shy ot furst Held theur lurst dcunce Spnngtume Serenode Come thoroughly fomuluoruzed to the woys of hugh school lute Held skcutung portues prevuously Freshmen led by Tony Spodo Ordered closs rungs lote un the yeor Whot excutement Held the donce "Nughtmore" complete wuth cohwebs, cotfuns, ond Droculcu Trunels song guutor trouble Feelung ot belongung Under the leoder shup of Ruck Snyder os Sophornores Page Fufty fuve 'A' f 1 ff rm T 1 Q .. ..,.. A 1 V 5 .. , - ' N, ig, 2 ,X P r : f: 1 ' ' Q . ' -' . 4 1 . ' .' ,241 '- A 5 M v . . , - u 5-,-. . dy K :A . W 4 . . X H - fr V Tm ' -. ' ' ' " ' - ' . . 1 ' - 4 - . 1 .. at ' K ' ' . 2 ' ' 1 ' . ,' z 1 , Il 1 ' . ' I .. .' ', ri' E Bozul. David Douglas, Bill Pal- . ' fu I 11 . " . . I . 1 X ,,..- , A .' : g -1 '- S , iz 4: '. 1 '- 'z ' . 5 4 ' z 2 If -. . i 5: s. I. I P u 4 f 1 4 . . - Y Y ' X ' , . '. 1. 5 '- , z " 1 ' . 1 -v V . , 4 , A . '. .1 , . .. x ' li up 4g I 'x . 2 ' . ' . ft I' Q 1 . x ' J - . . , 5, , . . . ' I . . . , . , . , , , . 1. , . , ,, . . , . . . - , , , Be- Class of 1962 '? M '19 R PM ll Q-uma" ll 'Nr "man, .....-31 lst ROW N.-mrs BLIHIS Marx Mong Pat Llttle Pat Trams Nanu Reese Marv Lou Collms Kxrrn Loucks 'nd ROW Roberta Battles Mar sha Gordon Dlanx Dlekson Nlanu Shafer Swlxm Dawson Wilma Arneman 'lrd ROW Blll DuFossL Tom Hogan Carl Trxana .lmw Bemis Garv Dumond Bull Miller Chcs ur Samford 4th ROW Ronme Plrlfer George Edwards Dvsamc Baglcv Her but Kugal leff LEWIS Bob Cook ls ROW Kathx Wu Carol Phamo Jean Crouch Diana Burger Wanda Peck Marv Wls hart 'nd ROW Linda Phker Helen Grccnman .ludx Garfield Bar hxra Luke Nano Imgenfeltcr Allan Burkhard hd ROW Gary Shglr Garx BCll1liS Daxld Johnson Phlllp Coburn Jxm Nxeboer Daxld Bug lex Frlc Marshall 1th ROVV Jun Dans Harold Lx nn Duck Pwle Jlm Hopkms Fam KIOSZCWASKI Dxvnd Adams Ably led by President Ronald Holland Asslsted by Duck Pyle Vlce President Secretary, Darlene Bemuss Charles Hoffman, Treasurer Lowest class In Sensor Hugh School As Freshmen they planned and partuclpated un the Junlor Hugh parfues They also had a class pucnuc at the end ofthe year held at St Barnabas and enjoyed by all Thus year Page F'1fty sxx Class of 1962 lst ROW Carol Dutton Luthw Pero Nuckw Nordun Sun Green Ianet Alrorn Leona Hcndrrson Georguana Trlana 2nd ROW Susan Youngs Du une Way Judy Shank Annette .Stew art Jean Larson Darlene Beuuuuss 'lrd ROW John Kloszcwsku P uuul Sevmour Bull Powell Barhuru Craug Dexter Daman Kenneth Seuferl Doug Burgh 4th R O W Charles Holiuuu un Larrv Youngs Jeff ML ud Ed Sveda Allan Klenz Wil ,, lst ROW Marx Lllen Webb Kau cn Malluek Carol Koehcr Jean Gubbs JoAnne Wulluauns Dorus Znd ROW Joan Puursell K uts Qnvdcr Phyllus Davus L a n Lughl J o y 4. c Clark Lxnthuu Belknap rd ROW Bob Mlller Ru Caru Wulsnn Mundanuohl Jerrx Weun humer Iohn Copenuan Ronnue Holland 4th ROW John Howard Chester Doversplke W a 1 t c r Kuerstcun Rav Reuch Charles Kloszewsku Dale Banmster as Sophomores Held cu very successful dance Cupud s Carnuval after Valentunes Day on February l3 l96O Also selected theur class rungs un the sprung tor theur Junuor year Bug event un hugh school days e gunnung to feel at horne un North East Hugh School Page Fufty seven : , 'z 5 ' : ' fx, 'u 1 ' x u ' u - 2 . . ' . , : ' ' ', 1 L , 4 " . ' 2 2 : " 2 . . Y 'i u 3 ' ,'-,.,v ' 1 1114 L L' "I x . ., H - l - -. 1 f Hanna. l X, ' : , 1 K' ' u , 2 ' . , , ' ' I, J 1' 3 - q . 9 ., -' 2 ' . if ' f xl ' u ,. , Y' ' : , ' .L . ll - I ' ll . . . I I I . . , , . . Class QRS " V' 'wftfh 2 Page Flity cught SENIOR QEATFD Prcsndent Hnnrx Lynn V111 Preqxdcni Jam! Wudukx 1rd Sccretarw Nanu Plcmmg JUNIOR Trcasuru' D.-mn Dfullnp: Vlu rmmdvnt Tonv Sp.-xdu Sure 1.-:rx Imda Wcmhexmer Prgsldunt Dmk Hudcn SGPHOMORE Prcsxdent Ronnlc Holland burn. tarx Darlene Bemnss Vxu P1151 dint Dxck Pyle Trcamxur Charlce Hoffman ,.g::g. - ' ,. fs, STANDING: Treasurvr, David How- K fl, Nw H 5 5 . D-' .J ' ' ' M, . 5 g , I l f? V x K- X M--- ,, M' - , ...,. NM ' - 5 3 W V i L ' . W- aj ' . 1 k'V P,-'H I A, .zzkl-...Z 'Q lr X 'D I Q vm Gfflcers FRESHMAN Treasurer Jxm Mead Vxce Prcsx dent Sandra Mathers Presxdent Warner Tlllack Senretarv JH Southwmk EIGHTH GRADE Presldent Doug Helden Treasurer Mdrllwn Campbell Secretary Janet Anderson Vlce Presldent J 0 h n Lunhs SEVENTH GRADE V1LePres1dent Rlchard Kopcke Treasurer Susan Amsler Pres1dent Doug Muller Secretary Patrxck Murphy ef xr p Pave Flffv nme Class of 1963 ,R-1 lst ROW Phll Banker Dan Beer bovyer J e r r v Balley Robert Young Jamc Baur Tom Ward B111 Fall Jnd ROW Blll Pasthke George Schnell Don Peek Marty bel kregg Bob Koszewsk1 lfrank Abbey lim Burbower 'ird ROW Gllhert Johnston Robert Broadhead Dan Reese Hel b Johnston Ronald Luebke Denms Culvcr Russell Shatter Marxm Llght 4th ROW Wayne Sthrodvr Gary Detker Harold Way Rlchard Kennedy B1ll Babcock J1m New Robert W xlker Ed D'1wson lst ROW Blll Bostwlck Sharon Orton Sandra Nelson Dtana Johnson Ann Louxse Peck Kathy Eaton Harrlet Mlller Sandm Mathers Everett HODKIHS 2nd ROW Warner Tlllatk Mar Llnda Greenman Jane Campbell 'Vlargorle Klenl Chrlstlne Mar shall Al Reese 3rd ROW Arthur Norman Klrk Graham Edward Munn B111 Ramsdell Jett Southwwk James Ba1lev Rov Snvder J1m South wxck 4th ROW Robert Lee J1m Was stnk Brant Jones RlCh8Td Ku bUSIl"ASkl James Mead John Bexmss B1ll Wllkms Russell Cartx Ttmmv Clover Presldent Warner Tullack Vnce President Sandra Mathers Secretary Jeff Southwlck Treasurer Jvm Mead Junior Hugh dance at Chrlstmas Freshman Chorus sang at Chrustrnas Trlp at end of the school year Trucks and pranks Sklts ln clvlcs class Those cute sklts at lnltlatnon Long conferences an the guldance otflce The under prnvnleged class We can t have a class dance thas year Movnes ln the audltoruum "Why are we always last? Skating partles Elghth grade dance The fnrst eighth grade class In the new addition of our hugh school Those crazy gym classes Those students who thunk Pa gf' Slxty fi , ' bs' t . . t - , ' .s ' I Z zo ' K , ' ' . T 2 . 1 1' . f P x ' . ' v 5 l , n jorle Kienholz, Carol Colligan, A . . .I . , 1 L z , m . 1 v ' V H I . . . , ' I , . . , . . . , . . . . . ll I ' Il ' . . . ll ' ' 1 Class of 1963 Ist ROW LOIS Brovyn Kay Rhodes Sharley Snyder Jean Gregory Roberta Batten Elamc Bovd Pat Sylvester 2nd ROW Chervl Hall Kathy Slaughter Marv Ellen Tschorn Gayle Bagley Marv Croot Ce cllla Gunther Kathxe Loucks 'Erd ROW Barbara Llght Lllhan Stage Llnda Ballev Sally Roh man Betty Luke Marllou Bliss Carol Steward Carol Baglev 4th ROW Shxrlev Blndley J J lst ROW Cheryl Hall Geraldmv. Steel Ethel Glover Rosemarle Seene Jean Chrlspen Bettv Eades 2nd ROW Mary Allce Hartley Betty Bemlss Kathy Glover Jane Brown 'lrd ROW Vlckl Stetson Marv Kugal Sandy Hames Pat Tefft Sharon Forbes Ann Skrekla Mltzle Scexford Linda Freed lmc his 4th ROW Wnlhelmma Hagg Betty Lou Boyd Marxan Kloss Linda Applebee Barbara Wag ner Sharon Lane they have senior prlvlleges Linda Freedllne Vice President first halt ot year That Otis Selt Admlnlsterung Test ot Mental Ablllty lOl uc cessful candy sales for contrlbutlon toward our next Foreign Exchange Stu dent Prornlslng class In basketball Those tryouts for cheerleadlng and Cadets Hugh scoring bowlers Federalnsts and Ant: Federallsts voice their opunlon an crvucs class County Health panel dlscasslon on WICU on Multlple Sclerosus Vick: Stetson Carolyn Youngs Jett Southwrck and Jlm Mead made up the panel Just thlnk only three more years to gal" Page S1Xty one W -.. V .' . A A Y gy A 1 ' ' 'A T 5 bs xy. 1 3' 'ML r if 1' Sandra Smith. Carolyn Youngs, ' A , - . I A ' l - 5 4- . . 7 W5 . A . , T . . . ' ' " . . . s - f I I ' ll ' Class of 1964 P 1gg Slxty Luo mb-N flvfi lst ROW BL.-ltrlgn King. Slll mm H1 rrmgton SUIAITIIL Stllcs Carolwn Nlxon Claudia Bvrd Imdn But Barbara Pruhard ,nd ROW Linda Hopkms K llhv Gwrtm r Llu rx l Camphcll S m dra E xstman Karyn Holfm m lVllI'l'llll Nlclmcr rcl ROXV Janus Wodukx Rohm rt Ru fst xhl M'1rt1n Bark: r Rohcrt Marks Susan Shifrr lo h n Morton John Rumbcrggr Brx m Cook 4th ROW James P1erLL R mdy long, Ruhard Klun Patrick Bovu. n Edvx lrd Conullx John Collins Fdu 'lrd Schultz J'1Lk Spada ROW Kalhx N sh ll Proper Yxonnn Whcolgr Darlvnc Iaffyrtx Rahe-1caBahlut1 Mari nn Hlrtlu Kathx lohnson ind ROW Barbara Luke' Nanu M1Cl1lland Charlottc Whltmhcr Ann Arlxsl Gall Exans Kllhx Morton Imda Lmes oths Llttlv Gordon Lulu Rolxrt Ho xth Charl1s Gun1h1 r D11 k D '1 m 0 n Dgnnls Wunhm IIHCI' 'Vlxlu Dohanlc 4th ROW Archie Phxlhps T1rrx Andruas J zines Maas Wxll nd B :km r Ronald T 0 m 1 lamvs Hogan Ronald Huntgr Ch 1rlLs Daw IS lst ROW Dannx Chrlspum I nndl Stcmplc P lora Perdum I uullo Plopnr D o r 1 s Perdue Edlth Nmxm m Donald Sex mour 'nd ROW Melxxn Frmunm Rlchard Klmble Wavnl Saw u Iohn Pursell Chxr LS Slaughtnr Terrv Mclnlosh lrd ROW Hnrrw Hcrmm Gorrx Lstgrlmc Nelson F'I'lClFlLkSUll Cxrl Hulth Tom Muhnls Fddu Long Torn Argher 5 4 1 -1 ' 1 ' 1- 4 , A -4 ' I' -' 1 ' J 1 , 1 ' 1 " 1 , f X 1' 2 L 1 ' 1 ' 1 A 5 1 . f 1 ' . ' ,' . .1 - ' H 1. ' . - ' 1 . l ' . . . 1 . Q 1 xx 1- 'V s A '- . 1 . 1 ' ' 2 . I! 'E Y ' .'. 4 N , 1 . ' . fi 1 ' ' 1 .' A lx 1 ' . ,' - '- X K, 1 . , 1 , , V '- . '1 " 1. mv- , Q ' 0 ., 4 'K ' '. 1 ' i ' . ' . l - Isl : ' ,' 11: , I, 1-nllv 1 1 , . . "2 Q K 1 . .. ' . . -' , " . I 'Q 1 3 . , . l 1 L : ' ,, ' FA1 . , . 1 . A . . ' 3. ' ' 1 , Q 3rd ROW: Arnold Laffcrly, Tim- ! f . ' I 'I 'V 1 1 ' 1 H H, 1 . 1 . ' 1' Lf' ' . . ' 1 v 1 1, 1 , Y 7 ' " - A I , ,B ,J wg 1 - , ,M F' L., ,, ' 1 ' Q ' . J 1 1' . - , J .v , 4 - 1 v K ' ' ' if ' 1 , 3 . 1. I " -- 1 . K '. ' 1 .A . .-1- ' In ur, . ' . 1 lx i, YW A L- ' . . - - Z I 1 .' 1 , 'A J K - ' b . - ' U ' -4 . 'x . ' A . 4 1 is aff ,1 G 1 3 4 ' ', ' 1 lst ROW Donnfl Young Ku Weycrs Judy Young Dlxnc D1 l ver Georgl 1 Gllger Grace Fmn 'nd ROW Mlkc Porvdznxk Kar en Thomas Carol Rhodes Sharon Tavlor Ddrlenc Morgm Allcn Loucks Jlm Efxton rd ROW Rlchard COllSh Tom Fllsworth Rohclt Murrav J xck lynch Rxchard Metcalf M1ch'xel Ncen nn Lloyd Brum xgm Du lc Russell 4th ROW Joe Trxanl Tun Fleck Ixck H1tL Boh Semelka John Luchs Doug Thurston Phll Plerc c G trv Nordm Sands Balley Susan Renaud Susan Ralston ChervlStcmbuch Carol bandholl ind ROW Janet Anderson Suvln Mend Conme Stebluns Sxndw Crvtendcn Marllvn Cxmpbell Joyce Buchholr Andrem Fatlch lrd ROW Steve Seblmk Bull Powcr Pat Chrlstlan Donnal Gormlk Nancy Lvdxc Doug Hexdcn Pom Schoenfeldt E g,enc Brown 4th ROW B111 Campbell Jimcs Brvrm Pete Nell Jelf Buchholz Juck Norrls Donald Blnss Denns lowes Tun Bngerl Elghth Grade President Deck Helden Vlce President John Luchs Secretory Janet Anderson Treasurer Marllyn Campbell Can at least feel superlor to the seventh groders Feel they know the ropes Joan wlth seventh and nlnth grade ln junior hugh actlvltles Special dance sponsored by P T A lndlvldual classes have own actlvltles Page Szxtv tht oe : : . , aj x x 4' v S' ' 'x 'K . L I ' 1 . ' , . - ' 1 U I . I3 Z " ' " , D . " 2. . i ' 4 . V ' . u V ' . I .2 ' ' ', 1, ' .-.' 5 h ' I lst ROW: Lois Bogert, Joan Hunt, I . I h . 2 .' Q 1 , ' ' , z . ' - , ' . u- ,- . V : ' , . x . 5 v ' v . v L ' A., 'll , .Y I I Class of 1965 Gait 14 lst ROW Donna Maller Llnda Seymour Patty Gnlger Marlene Tressler Susan Pangborn Joan Shaner Llndrl McClelland Judy Taylor Znd ROW Rlehard Wallxn Phnhp Kldder Llnda New Lenore Kobusmskl Sara Lane Mxke Karash Davxd Boyd .lrd ROW Rlchard Javens Orv alle Gorton Eugene Warren Randy Franus Harold Walte Rmhard Alcorn 4th ROW Glen Seymour Dan Mundamohl Paul Hoyt Mukey Bostwuk lst ROW Lynda Swlft Susan Wallace Lynette Chesley Mary Ann Falls Patty Wnshart Jxll Bagley Patty Doss 'nd ROW Susan Amsler Elxza beth Walz Kathy Currxe Della Luke Prxscllla Jones Susan Klenz Nancy Malluk rd ROW John Campbell Bob Doss Jim Schoenfeldt Brnenne Foerschner Lou Ellen Vendor Denny MLAdoo Leonard Can ders Patrxgk Murphy 4th ROW Jerry Farver Frr- Luke Norm Burkhard Clalre Wxlson Kent Ellsworth Rlchard Kopcke Edward Travzs Carl Brown Seventh grade Doug Muller elected Presndent Vice Presadent Rnchord Kopcke Secretory Potrnck Murphv Treosurer Suson Amsler Shrnmps of the school I-loverft had tame to make much history Noted for qettmq un woy of upperclossmen Dedncoted to hugh school Page Slxtv foul V I U v n , 1 L , r- ' - ' - 4 X .- I I ' .- ' . 6 U V I . A .. . I v ' u r I 1 'fy n . . . . . . - , , , A , , . . . , Class of 1965 lst ROW Sharon Hopkms V1r glnla Horn Darlene BCIIIISS Sandra Stow P'1tr1cm Dalrwm ple Marx Thompson Bertclln DlCtYlCk 2nd ROW Barbara Applebet Barbara Wood Catherlne Burt h Prlsulla Shxek Shnrlex Trlma Susan Bloss Norma Montgom ery 3rd ROW .Inn Anton Margaret Graham Carol Munger Gerrl Wagner Roxlne Trxppl Barbarx Leach Robert Powell 4th ROW John Page Tom Max nard Wxlllam Greenman Robert Thompson John VanAllshurg Wxlllam Cares Daud Kembe Douglas Mxller lst ROW Kathermt L1f.,ht Mtrt Ann Glambelluca Mars Lou Snvder Karen Whlteman Heather Wheeler Rena Forbes Sharon Kugal Vonulle Boer shxg 2nd ROW Thomas Dean Robert Croot Russell Gartner Gregorx Henderson Ric-hard Locke Lee Shafer Denms Fowler 3rd ROW Rxehard Reed Llowd Pound Bruce Long Rlchard Perrlne Charles Johnston Hur old DuFosse Stephen Rouse 4th ROW Jim Bradlex Andrew Henderson Wxlllam D o h I e r Robert Long Thomas Jones is 61335 lute Wonder If thev wlll ever be sensors Looks luke o long woy to them Jolned nn enthuslostucolly with clctuvltues of school Flrst dances Skating portues Tokmg In oll they con Eoger be-overs Page Sxxty flve '. c A If .' ' , .' . 1 : 1 .- , 2 - V ' I 4. i ' ' v v' Vx . AMW 4 V - 3 . . ' l 'l l . - , Q A . l lv Q v A i'e , , ' . g", Nw! V . . 1 ' 7 -' . 9 Q . 1 J Y A L , . QQ' ,. J' Y AV 4 e ax , , ' I P Student Council Ist HOW Don Buchholz bd Lon Bull Rxmsdcll Kxtw bnx der Doug, M1llcr JIIUTYTX Eaton Mtrlcnc Frcssler Iudx Ctspcr son Doug, Hcndcn L1nd1Lmcs Sufmnc H6FFll1glC!l1 Kcnt Flls vsolth Cxrolxn Youngs Dwrlutc Bcnuss B111 Paschkc Duk Pxlc LLFT LADDER TOP Joy Mus soy Phxllls Youngs Marsha DWI rxmplc N mu Bcnus. J u d x Kllngensnuth bmdx Wcmhclmu RIGHT FOP Mux Lou lush Doug, Pxlc Lxrrs Cook Doug Butch l 'Q rw In Presnaent Mary l.ou lrnsh runs In the tamlly w ll someone PLEASE make a matron to adjourn the meetlng Vice President Doug Pyle No no we have lots more bust ness to discuss Secretary Larry Cook l seem to have forgotten my notes agaun Treasurer, Doug Burch We are In debt Establlshed track record board In gym Sold fountain pen sets Suzanne Herrnngton sold the most received a plece at lug gage from company Started a record club buy new records periodically to turnash music at school dances Free dances Student Councll Convention In sprung to whnch delegates were sent Selected next year s assemblues Get Aqualnted Dance for Farouk at begunnnng ot year Helped Jaycees pack candy tor Hallowe en Mummer s parade Heard from Mr Hosle after two months consnderatuon Now let s not run unto anythnng hastily Helped buy Farouk a camera tor Christmas Who gets stuck nn the coat check thus tame people who never showed up Helped wuth St Greg ony s student cauncll to sponsor leglon dances Managed to g t a meetxng a week Page S1 -tm sm C l l Y 7 1-me 4 X 1. 1, 'Vx' l Yr, . 'Z . .W 3 Y ,ia r I g' , f , Z Em 1? l P , ' i V ,.. ' rl 1 u l S l Y ' . ' -h ,A . . . - 4 . Q - ,w- muh!! K 1 '. .2 f .' - ,, S 'l A ' 5' MIDDLE TOP: May Fan Easley. 5 Y - . , , l 2, . . . . ,, , - , - - I 4 ' ll ' ' ll . , . ' 1 .1 1 I ' ll ll . . . , "- Till ' ll ' . I ' 1 ' I ' ' hi ll I . . . ,, . ' . , . e The color days . , . Stuffed suggestion box-na, we can't have shorter school days. Afhlefics UZ Varsity F oofball lst ROW Mr Joseph Setcavage Bob Schultz Dlck Mclntosh Denms Fxscus Tom Reld Ben Moyer Chuck Wxlson Gary Chrlsten Mr Robert Wall Znd ROW Jun Steward Bob Heath Duk Hzldcn Roger Stetson Larrv Cook Dean Welngard Tonv 'ipach Dm Darlmg 'lrd ROW Rav Relch Bob Cook Chet Qcelforrl John Copenvm Dlck Ferrmgcr Dave Faton Bill Herman Doug Burch Chtf Hammer 4th ROW Dive Mavnard Carl Txmnw larrs Youngs Due Adams Duk Amxrlon W'1lterK1erslexn Jerrv Wem helmer Coached by Mr Joseph Setcavage Assusted by Mr Robert Wall Team made very good shownng Enve returnnng lettermen from last year Team lacked expert ence but not splrlt Showed good tnght Many hard fought close scoring garnes Sensor lettermen include Torn Reud tackle Chuck Wllson haltback Duck Mclntosh end Bob Schultz tackle Gary Christen quarterback Carl Surnpson end Dennrs Flscus fullback Four were on the tlrst strung Carl Simpson only senior Injury dlslo cated elbow an the first game Dennis Flscus honored by Luons Club dunner A so was tlfth hlghest scorer In the Erle County League Next year nnneteen sensors and elght juniors return North North North North North North North North Pa e qwty elcht East East East East East ost East Eam Gnrard General McLane 2 Union Cnty Fanrvnew 3 Northwestern Fort l.eBoeuf Wesleyvllle Lawrence Park l l l l l 1 . , , ' , l I , I , , ' , I A I ' , 1 . I' 'V 3 , . , A 1 , 1 ,' 1 . , . 1. Z - I 1 ' , 1 . .1 "1 1. t1 h' . ' 1 .'. V' A . 1 ' . A , , ' ' I - ' - ' ' ' - I . I I I 1 ' ' ' I I I ' I 7 c,...,,c.....,....,,........., ' O .... .......,......c,.c. O ....c,...,,.c,.. E O ,,c,cc.. S ,.....,. , 7 , . ., gr. .L - 'j Senior LeHermen GARY CI-IRISTEN Quarterback DENNIS FISCUS CHARLES WILSON I-Ialfback FaIIback DICK MCINTOSI-I CARI. SIMPSON V1 H TOM REID BOB SCHULTZ Tackle Tackle I I SIXIN 111116 Junior High Football lst ROW Mr Arnold Smmons Douglas Mlller Douglas Helden Rmhard Locke Brant Jones John luchs Bxll Wllkm Frank Abbey Jxm Southwlck John Rumberger B1llC1mplxLll Mr Frank Haraczy 'nd ROW Jf.ilBuChh0l1 .Inn WdSSlHk Murtm Sclkregg Joe Trnnw Don Bllss Terrv Mnlntosh Im New Bull Pasthke Pom Areher Jack Norrls 'Brd ROW Dunk Russell Gordon Luke Dxck Dwmon Jnn Bogart PM Bowen Cnv Norrlm Ronzlrl Inehkc Tnn Intle Gerry Blur Mlkt Porvwmk RlLh'll"fl Kopcke Terrv Andrews l-lcd very successful seoson wnth four wuns ond no defects Cooched by Mr Arnold Snmmons ond Mr Fronk l-loroczy Composed ot boys an e seventh elghth ond nlnth grodes Team possessed greot potentnol for future vorslty moterlol Defunltely o tremendous progrom IH trounlng for vorslty footboll Teom gouned much voluoble expernence durlng seoson l-lod excellent support from the student body Mony teom members wnll be returnnng next yeor Promnses to be maroon ond gold uniforms thus yeor North North North North Pave Se ventv ost GST Eost ost o powerhouse teom Lowrence Pork 7 Westmlnster Unlon Cnty Ft l.eBoeut New I I th , ' , ' , , . ' E 2l ..,.,........s..,... .....s..,..., E 26 .,....,.lt,..s..u,.. ..,.,,. ' 7 584 ur,l e re,,. ' ' l9 E s Ql . , l2 Junior High Basketball lst ROW Arte Norman Doug He den Jeff Buchholz Dck Gregg Stev Rouse Russell Shaffer Mgr 2nd ROW Jeff Southwlck Jlm Southwlck B111 Campbell B111 Spelcher John Rumbcrger Marty Selkrcgg Jack Norms 'ir ROW Tc r M I t sh Bra t Jo s J m New Mr Mlllcr o cayta Bll R l ll Joh Luchs J m W'lss nk Alsent C ptam Blll Wllk ns Ably coached by Mr Theodore Muller Team had outstondnng record of l6 wuns and l oss First thirteen games of the l7 were vlctorles Team scored a total of 754 pounts for a 44 6 pornts per gome average twuce that of the opposltlon Co cop tam Bully Ramsdell led the team In scoring wrth 320 povnts or on l8 7 per game average Copably assisted by co captoln Bull Wulknns who was absent when picture was taken Completlng the first teom were Jum Wasslnk .llm New and John Luchs Team cl: maxed :ts very successful season by coppung the Northwestern Junior Hlgh Tournament Champnonshlp over ll other teams In the area Most coveted prsze for a junior hugh basketball team Bright future ns predncted for North Eost Basketball wlth the record these boys established Bull Ramsdell received trophies for outstanding player All Tournament team and high foul shooter North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North Eost Eost Eost OST Eost East ost East East Eost East East ast East East East St Gregory Westmlnster Lawrence Pa rk Horborcreek St Gregory Union Cnty Folrvlew Westmnnster Horborcreek Union Cnty Wattsburg Girard Lawrence Park Fort LeBoeuf Cambridge Springs Conneaut Valley Page Seventy one IS . d I -ryl cno .' V n ne., i , , ' ,c-' 1 in i amscc. n ' , i 1 i , -40 ............,..... . l2 -40 .................. ' I2 -44 ......,.......,... 28 E -29 .................. ll North Eosth45 ........,...,..... Wottsburg l2 -47 ,e.........,,.,... , 23 -45 .,,..........,.... ' ' 24 E -5l .................. ' ' l7 -45 .........V.,..,.,. ' 35 -48 .................. l7 -47 .....,.,.....,.... ' ' l7 -46 .,...,, l5 -60 ......,.,w........ ' 22 E -34 .........,,..v,.,. 39 -45 .,...,.....,,..... 42 -47 .........,........ ' ' 36 -40 ..l.............., Varsity Basketball s ROW Euge e Wlon L C ok Ja k Kocher Lo ll M Al Bocrst John Stoddard D FsusD 0 kPs1 c nvdr D KNEELING D at We ngwrcl Al Wag, '1 '1 W vc M llxrl TLr11c Varsity basketball under WllIuamJ Weaver Walter Watral assustant Team became ot age tlrst strung composed entlrely ot sensors Showed great teamwork all season long Tued tor lead ln Erue County League untul last tew games Set new at tendance record In gym Team averaged 59 04 points per game Jam Boerst set new scoring record 385 points tor season also led with l6 5 pounts per game average Al Wagner had 287 to contribute North East had honor ot belng host to Holiday Tournament team entered semi tlnals lost In close game to Lawrence Park Al Wag ner chosen Player of the Tournament Team won over Alumnn Bully Wllknn s Bene fat Game held on March l l960 Over Sl 400 roused from sale ot tickets and con trlbutlons Three excltlng games at end of season Girard game 23 out at 26 fouls made Certaunly proud team thus year Be a whale before we have another luke l5wlns and 8 defeats Sensor lettermen Include Al Wagner Jlm Boerst John Stoddard Lowell McAdao Jack Kocher and Dennis Fuscus Other sensors Include Duck Mclntosh and Eugene Wulson Four sensors partuclpated sn Belle Valley Llons game at Memorial In Erie March l8 Jim Boerst Jack Kocher Al Wagner and John Stoddard December North North North North North North North North North North East ost East East East East East East East East January North East North East Page Seventy 83tTl 52lTl 54 wo I-larborcreek Ft LeBoeut Northern Area Erie East Northern Area Alumnn Northern Area Alumni General McLane Lawrence Park Llnlon Cnty Wesleyvnlle North East North East North East February North North North North North North North North North East East East East East East East ast East March North East Lawrence Park Northwestern General McLane Folrvlew Westfield Et LeBoeut Unlon Cnty Girard Glrard Wesleyvulle Lawrence Park Wattsburg l 1 t 1 n is , arty 0 , C , we 1: foo, Jim ' .. , ennis i c , ave Eat rl, Dic Q e, Ri k S , e , ick Mclntosh. 'Z c 1 'i . . . fner, crphin: Mr. 'eu 'r. i 4 'c 1 fr. it . . . ' . . . ' ' , ' , 6l ,cc,..,.c, 57 North East 57 ..v.c,ct., Erie East 60 L 63 c..c,,,c.. Wattsburg 5l c,,.....,, 73 57 .... cc,.. E 6l ,....,,... . 55 66 Lct....... 50 - 65 .,..,c,cc 65 ,,ccc,.. ,, ' 69 52 s., . ' ' 62 ..,crcc... ' 50 5l tc......Y, ' 65 r,,.,rsLc ' 47 . 56 ccrr,,..,, . 62 ,e,sYcs,., , 50 62 .LcLcc,,,. ' ' 65 ,,,,,,,s,, ' 47 69 ..,..L,,, ' . 53 ' 54 E ' 43 .,c,s.... 54 c.c.....c ' ' K 48 ' 65 S enior Leffermen JIM BOERST Cuntu' LOWELL McAD00 Guard JACK KOCHER Forward JOHN STODDARD Form xrd AL WAGNER Guard DENNIS FISCUS Forward Page Seventy tlu ee . K . Junior Varsity Basketball l t ROW Larry Cook Carl Tr ana Ph 1 Hopkms B ll Her an Do Ko h r Larry Wagner Doug Burch nd ROW Dean Wc ngard Harold L3 Larry Yol ngs All n KI n7 Dwa c B gl v Dck K n dy Harold Sh r r b Mxllard Turner Mr Watral Flrst year under the durectlon ot Mr Walter Watrol JV s Had successful season Exhrblted all out effort and stamlna throughout the entlre season Startung lnneup Included playmaker Phil Hopkins leading scorer Larry Cook Captaln Bull Herman and rebounders Dwalne Bagley and Jack Hartman Entrre trrst team wull be varsnty rna terlal next season Roundung out the team were Larry Wagner Mallard Turner Tom Luhman Harold Sherrleb Don Kocher Rnchard Kennedy Allen Klenz Carl Truana Doug Burch and Larry Youngs Had very good bench strength ln the reserves Proved themselves as a hustlmg and scrappy ball club Page Seventy four North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North East East GST ast East East East ast East East ast East East ast East ost East East Harl:-orcreek Ft LeBoeut Northern Area East Northern Area Union Cnty Lawrence Park Wattsburg Northwestern General McLane Ft LeBoeut Unlon Cnty Girard Wesleyvulle Wattsburg lntra All Stars 30 ,...VuY...,t,,,.......v.....w. I0 ......Y.t....,.,.....,...,.... E 29 .............................. . E 30 ............,........... ,.v.. . 34 ....................,......... 34 .............................. l8 .........V.................... ' ' North East 26 .....,...,s................... Wesleyville E 24 ..............,........s....., 22 ....,........,..L............. 22 ....,.....,..,...a............ E 30 ........,A..............4..... 47 ........,......,.............L . 33 ........tuu..............,..,. ' ' E 47 .,...,,.vu...,..,,.,..,u.u...u ' 45 .....,...............,......,. ' E 4l .....,......,.,............... Wrestling ix I-OW Bohbv Heath Charhe Gunther Jerry Wemhelmer Jxm Bemls Dave Johnson Roger Stetson Dave Darllng Pd Munn Marym Lght nd ROW Dlck Locke Tony Wehh Ch'1rl1e Boll Tom lteld D k Helden Da e Mlller FFIT7 Rukrnd H nrx lynn Chester DOVPFQDIKC Mr Fdelmann Our newest addltnon ln its turst year as a varsity sport Ably coached by W Gunther Edelmann Team had a very successful season Team made several long trnps to Townvnlle Boys experlenced many sparse meals to keep weights clown Tea with lots ot sugar Lengthv work outs nn the gym Sensors on the squad an cluded Dave Darling Henry Lynn Chuck Wilson Don Munger Tom Read Ball Johnson Several outstanding undlvldual records Roger Stetson 9 wnns and l defeat Tom Read 7 wlns 2deteats and 2draws Jlm Steward 8 wlns and 3 defeats rue County Wrestling Tournament at Wattsburg Four sem: tlnalnsts Jim Bemis Henry Lynn Jam Steward and Tom Reid Henry Lynn won County Championship for l33 lb class In tunals Lost nn close match nn sem: tmnals at North North North North North North ast East ast ast East East Northwestern Townvllle McDowell Union Cnty Ft LeBoeut Wattsburg North North North North North Regional Matches at Tntusvvlle ast Union Cnty East Northwestern East Ft LeBoeut ast Wattsbu rg East Townvllle lst ROW Donald Munger Dav1d Darlmg, Henry Lvnn Tony Webb nd ROW Charles Boll Tom Reid Chuck Wllson l Pwe qeventv flve O it l NE? 1 lst T 'Z K , ' Q I ' ' y ' A , ,, . L . l . I I A '.AA.' i- . ...I .V E . E 29 .......... l5 E l7 .,.....,. ' ' 37 38 ......... ' l3 40 ....s..... ll E l7 ......... T 28 6 .......... . 40 E 8 ,,.,...... ' ' 46 E 23 .......... 22 l7 .....s... . 34 4l .......... ' l7 26 ........ 22 3 1 l ' ' 2 I J . Track and Fueld lst ROW Dave Darlung Eugene Wulson Terry Henderson Dcnnus Fusc-us Larry Cook Brant Jones Ronnue Holland and ROW Lowell McAdoo Duck Mclntnsh Boh Heath Duc Maynard .Iuun Wussunk Jum Soutlfuwumk lrd ROW Churles Knslewsku Doug Burch Allm Klerw Artue Normuuu Carl Shorts Dun Adcuuuus Brulu he Under the expert guudance ot Mr Robert Wall cund Mr Theodore Muller l-lad theur second exceptuonal year un a row Excellent partucupatuon un every event Opened season wuth several scrummages wuth cuty squads Exhubuted great potentual Rolled over last year s dustruct ten kungpuns un turst dual meet Followed wuth successuve wuns uncludung Erue East Many school and meet records shattered Included were lO 3 Seconds un hundred yard dash by three team members 5 6 un hugh jump by Lowell posted on new track record board un gym Senuors on the squad uncluded Tom Reud Duck Mclntosh, Lowell McAdoo Dennus Fuscus, Dave Darlung Eugene Wulson Terry Henderson, Carl Sumpson Don Munger Jack Kocher John Stoddard and Robert Forbes Enture squad went all out un every meet Boys worked hard and gave coaches many reward ung moments, wunnung the county champuonshup second un dustruct and fourth un the state lst ROW John Bowser Bob Forbes Tom Reld Bob Cook Dennus Fuscus Bull Wulkuns Bull Herman Jurn Bemus 2nd ROW Walter Kuersteun Lowell McAdoo Duck Mclntosh Dewn Weungfurd Alfred Sylvester .Ium New Chet Sceuford Ken Forrcster 'Srd RONV Don Muunger I 'trrv Cook T uurv Y0llHf.,9 Tell Mc ud Chester Doverspuke luck Kor har lohn Qtnrlchrrl Dave Dclrlung Paw Seventv sux O McAdoo . . . 55.9 seconds in 440 yard dash by Terry Henderson . . . l-ligh School records Monogram lst ROW Al Wagner Henry Lynn Roger Stetson Dan Darlmg Denms Flscus Carl Slmpson 'nd ROW Rxckv Snvder Dave Eaton Lowell McAdoo D1Ck Mclntosh Clxtf Hammer Phll Hopklns Bob Heath lrd ROW Chuck Wxlson Eugene Wxlson Dean Wexngard Mlllard Turner B ll Herm nn D1ck Helden Don Munger Robert lf rlrhes Under dlrectlon ot Mr Arnold Slmmons Members are lettermen nn football basketball track, or wrestllng Has no elected ottlcers but conducts nts actlvltles as a group Key purpose help provlde letter jackets for senlors who lettered In football basketball or track Club had several fund ralslng actlvutles Sale ot refreshments durzng football season at all home games Acted as ushers at several home basketball games Fourteen jackets were ordered thus year AI Wagner Dennls Fnscus Lowell McAdoo Duck Mclntosh Chuck Wllson Tom Read John Stoddard Jnm Boerst Henry Lynn Carl Snmpson Don Munger, Robert Forbes, and Terry Henderson recelved thelr packets Jackets are maroon wlth gold shoulder strnpes Club wlll become active next year Constltutuon was drawn up and otfrcers elected IN the sprung Pa Hr- Srwentv seven 5 , f Q 1 ' Ah V .W K W t A 17 , I Z v , ' , . ' . I . Z V i 1 ' . . Y 4th ROW: Larry Cooks Tony Spzlrlu. Tom Rs-irl. John Storlrlurd, Jim Bm-rst, Dick Slaughter, Terry H1-mlm-rson, I I ' ' ' I I I ' ' ' . . . I I 1 1 1 1 1 . I I I ,- . -A. Cheerleaders w. Uxrlem Bennss Smdx Wcmhmmzr Nmu 'C L ISDGYQOII IVI :rv I ou s J Cxsp I um nllur D ll I1 nn S mdx VN 1 mhz mul PTAIN INT Marsha N mu C ' Ol ISI!! 'I IHL H V H4 :mas SUB I 2 5 , I I 1 4 Ik-mix. udy II L-rson. Marsha Jnlj' ple. JL Nlzlry Lulu Hz :ln fi Judy ' M512 N Ir':l - CA -' l 5- 1 l ,V T: r Dal-I, ph. Hg- HL I'h1lIl4'1n 1 ga: .WH f'lHV'f'i','hl Cheerleaders TOP ROW Sand Crlttenden Jane Campbell Kathy Eaton Carolxn Nlxon Sands Smuth Sandy Mathers l s N n s M11 Squad consusts of sux regulars and one substutute Senuors Marsha Dalrymple captaun Mary Lou l-lalloran Junuors Sandy Weunheumer co captaun Judy Casperson Sophomores Darlene Bemuss Nancy Bemus Carol Phanco substutute Mrs De Vere Smuth advusor Wonderful year Senuor pep rally Those muddy football games where all we could do was stand on the bleachers and yell Annual football dance football kung and queen Marsha Dalrymple and Duck Mclntosh The new football skurts Behund the team all the way Runnung un wuth the fellas at the bas ketball games Bulls bulls and more bulls Booster Day Alfred E Neuman says Buy a booster button Those l OOO booster buttons Cheerung for the boys wear :ng the maroon and gold What? varsuty basketball players wearung red and black Long bus rude to Northern Area Deep conversatuons Thanks to the admunustratuon and the student body for theur support and cooperatuon Junuor Hugh Cheerleaders Two squads Advused by Mrs Robert Suverlung Football season Sandy Mathers captaun Sandy Cruttenden Sandy Smuth Jane Camp bell Kathy Eaton Carolyn Nuxon members of the squad New maroon football slacks made by advusor Went to away games Those cold games where they couldn t even move Tryouts New squad for basketball season Coached by Sandy Weunheumer Led by Sandy Cruttenden Connue Stebbuns Suzanne l-lerrungton Susan Mead Kay Weyers Joyce Buchholz and Nancy Malluck Went to away bas ketball games by aud of parents New gold blouses that never got here Cheered fou prelumunary game at Faurvuew Cheerung the Junuor Hugh Basketball Champs to vuc tory at Albuon Antucupatung football season Page Seventy nme C i stu. 5 f ff" X " : 3' ' , . J . .' ' , .' ' . - .' r. BOTTOM ROW: Joyce Buchholz, Sandy Crittenden, Suzanne Herrington, Kay Weyers. Susan Mend. Connie Stell- wini, El cj 1 lick, . . - I T I ' ' ' . I T ' 1 . . . I I I 1' . . . . ' . . . . I . I l , . . i . "T ll ll ' . - - I 1 - ' T TT . . . I I I ' I I . . . ' I . . . . . . . I l I I I I , . . - r '- ' Cadefs fd MW"!'9"'L:ln-. Carole Turner L1nd'a Leltl Nancx Reese M'1r1lxn Hopklns Lxnda P Irxsh W if A urker Imda Lloxd Dxan Lake Marx Lou Phxllls Dame Jox Massu K thx Snvder Marv Wlshart Carol Komher DunnaC0nL11ld Barbara Cook .Iudv Mlller af Phblllb Ymlngb Pdttx TFAXIG Hplcn Greenmdn Don Bughholz Dave Max nard Judx Garixeld CAPTAIN Dlane Hopkins Pane E1g1'1ty K - , r V , i i g Y Q7 :E 2 L' . 2 5 il 1 ZIEH L 1 1 .,-. :V -::l' 3 E 5 . 1' 5 A 5 2 , 3 1, ' iz: - ixwqfiisrz 3 H -.--' ---' Ti' '5-' I 1 , L, Z A X I , V 5 a A ga 2 5' K .., 'x 1 I iv ' Hs' Av jiyyv a Q' U l .v 'K ' , T , ' I 11 1 . lv ' I C adefs Leader Phyllls Youngs Co leader Lynda Parker Proud winners of several prlzes ln summer parades Trying tlmes on bus traps' New drills and fancy steps at basketball and football game halftlmes o stered sprrlt at pep rallies Guests of other schools at several away games Pre sale ln November Dance In February Basketball l959 and 60 Silhouettes Kung and Queen Jlm Boerst and Carole Turner Seniors who received letters and sweaters for being In three years Phyllis Youngs Linda Leltl Carole Turner Seniors recelvlng puns Marilyn '-lopklns Joy Massey Mary Lou lrlsh Drummers Don Buchholz and Davud May narcl Advisor Mrs DeVere Smith Substitutes Duane Hopkins Helen Greenman Pattv Travss and Judy Garfxeld Famous words heard around cadets Who belongs to these tughtsp Look at those handsome boys' Who forgot their gloves? What foot are we on? The time Mr l-losfe forgot thelr practlce and the cadets stood In the cold The last football game l didn t thunk all the football games were so cold Phyllns was grven a corsage by the group climax of football season Pen for leader at the end of the year The cadet sweatshirts for all the members Tryouts for next year Oh thus as harder than l thought Wind blowing the flags all over the street on Memorual Day Lynda Parker new captain Nancy Reese new co captain Get serious or we won t march Page Elghty one I . . . ' I , . . . . - , --T I , . . . . 1 I , , . . . l' - , I ., . . . ll ' Il ll ll ll ' ll ll 11 . ll - 1 v H " ' ' 11 . . . I , , . 1 I Snapshots WMM Butfalo or Bust Extra' Extra' Read all about lt' Whos tired Romeo7799 Brown Gel 0 lol? TV0 lfl l0 l0 mmrmfslq Hello out there ln camera land Sensor proofs You mean l look like that? Page Elghty two ...M , 2 . I - ' . ffu - 4 4 . 11 A 11 l 11 - ' - I ACflVlflES QYQJW O I I 2::wwf'f4? fiwffkfffe ' fy f ' ' H 2f??5'ifYF.sf3' J s 5 ' ' ?5 x wa E 3 1 ' E if X E , Grapevine '1 .,,,,,,...,na was Q lU'W'9 lst ROW Larry Cook Dlck Helden Dan Buchholz Betsy Palge Nancy Buccos Chester Doverspxke ,nd ROW Marv Lou Hxllorm Patty Brondhead Janet Wodeckr Barbnrn Bagley Kuthrvn Graham Mxrv Jean Ferguson Jean Crouch Iudw Klmgrnsmnlh Judy bnilcld 'trd ROW Sandy Llovd Ruth Ross Pxttv Dalrymple Kxthv Currnc Helen Greenmwn Ton1Fre1dlme Halrlrt Mrllcr Ann Skrekla Llnal Young Cnrol West 4th ROW Phll Bonkcr John Purssll John Luchs Duk Klcxn Rlchird Ionkc Duck Wlllm 'nth ROW Walter Kurstcln Wnm Bull Jell Lewis IJIVICI Mxvnuri Htrold Sherrleh Edltor Don Buchholz Assustant Edntor Betsy Palge Junnor Edator Phnl Hop knns Faculty Advisor Mlss Nora Sherldan The only paper nn the world that cares about N E l-l S Eught full rssues lssued once a month Eighteenth successful year Anded thus year by journallsm class Competntnon nn Pnttsburgh Don Buchholz Betsy Paige May Fay Easley Davnd Maynard Phnl l-topknns and Mnss Sheridan attended won Second Award Struggling for perfectlon Sponsored dance Sup rstutuon Swung featuring fortune telling by Madame Swamy tMlss Nora SherldanJ Earn d money by selling programs at Chrlstmas Tournament Nancy Buccos Neath the Arbor Sports Larry Cook Duck Helden and Judy Klnngensmlth Exchange Edltor Kathryn Graham Advertuslng Edutors Mary Jean Ferguson and Paul Flsher Clrculatnon Man agers Judy Garfneld Jean Crouch Llnda Young Photographers Kathleen Cantrell and Chester Doyersplke Features l-leadllnes and latest happenings Edltoruals l-lughlnghts an sports Neath the Arbor Number Please Boy and Girl of the Month sensors Club Sandwlch uestnon of the Month Comnng up Those days at the Breeze Proof readlng sessions Busy typlsts Lucky people wnth two by Innes Larry Cook and Nancy Buccos Always trying to meet that deadline Looktng for fuller for those empty spaces Ormglnal poems by dnfferent classes Inserted nn last ussues Home room reporters eager for gossup P nrt Ixrhtw fam "tal nCl Y " . ...........-. K ,-Nw., ' as Y I ,W .. 4 S , 4 f ,V 1 ' , J 5 .1 , L '1 A 1 2, 1 , ' '. ' li 1 , . A . at . .' . ' ', . .' ' ' , 'L"". - 3 ' .l 1 . . 2 . ". ' 1, ' " . f"' ' x 1 ' '. 1 , . . , . . . : . ":- , zf- -1, v" 1 ' r. z', : , ' . , , , - , ,.. f , . . . . . . . I I I I . . D .. . . . , . D - C - r I1 II W' I I . . . W I I . . . 'W . . . , . . , ,lt .ju Ir 7 Debate DON BUCHHOLZ BETSY PAIGE KATHLEEN CANTRELL DAVE MAYNARD DOUG PYLE NANCY BUCCOS LINDA MASSEY HOWARD VANALLSBURG lst Negahve lst Affurmahve 2nd Negahve 2nd Affnrmahve Resolved That the Federal Government should substantually Increase nts control over labor unlons Varsity teams under Mr Gunther Edelmann Junior Varsuty dlrected by Mr Herbert l-lollnster Future debaters for varsity contests Tlmekeepers and chairmen under Carol West Tlmekeepers to let the speaker know when he can slt down agaun Chalrmen to guve the wrong darectnons and Introduce debaters by the wrong names Judges final work This IS my flrst debate Debaters who ventured to another school only to tlnd there wasn t a scheduled debate l guess I know when l m licked Forgotten judges More water please A good debater l tried my best Why did my note cards have to tall now lntermlssuons Those temperamental debaters Nancy Buccos a fast persuasuve debater Those extended gestures by Betsy Paige l ISIN aren .-1l11ck Carol Kocher Susan Sprague LOUISE Anderson 'nd ROW Susan Crnttenden Carol Phanco Mary Ellen Webb Fllnor How:-r Jud Th x urston Patty Broadhead Janet Wodeckx Carol West Patty Llttle Linda Young Jean Ferguson Dlan Lake Judy Garfleld SondraSm1th Paulmc Wagner UW Marx Wxshdrt Phsllls Dans Helen Greenman Jean Lzrson Darlene Bemxss Jean Crouch K M 3rd ROW Ph1l P.-llmer Dlek Helden John Bowser B111 Powell Page Elghty fxve X, , ,W l be T l I l l 11 - ' - 11 . . ' . I .H I ' I1 ' II ll "but wh are ou blushin Don Buchholz?" Tall sheets . . . "You can't win them all" I ll ' ll ll ' II ' ' Spanish Club Nw gm' ,... N. W Qm,....,N .fs grw lst ROVV Wllmn Arnuwvm Lum Mnrx mn ry.,uson I thlun Cm roll D III Q um mdsu Ilnm Wmmhunm I Imdl Gregg Phil Hopx ns uc HOW I hn drrwuln 'I nx Spud: nm: I ug J W n lk xaap 1 o tk o ln uxxsu an up mu Q mn John Hoffman President Kathleen Cantre!l Vice Presldent Joy Massey Secretory Duan Lake Treasurer Buenos Duas Conslsts of first and second vear students the plnata partv that never was The Crowded mectxng II'1 Mr Hanna s room The unanimous elegtlons Grand tlesto Hosta la Va t ,,,.""5w lst ROW Judx Rltson Jax Masscx L1ncl1Yuung Imglxn Dutton C trol Wyst Flmor Hover Gul Colhgm Nano Buuos 'nd ROW Bob bghultz D n Bunhholl L xolt I Phxllxs Youn1,,'- Sur f,IlllLl1dLI'l Beelsx Puge Dunms f,UbU1l'l He-nrx Ixnn hussgll BIUXXII JohnHui1m4n Duk Johnson P uit Elghty slx . ns . ,V K J ,J , , I T, X 1 Z K. 1:2 1-1 , F . 4 v . -Q , 7 - fr, 4 .1 -- H KM 'W T 'Aft 90 A . Q 1, , Q, reg- ,, A 4- : A : ' ta - K . Bolt. 1 .'JL'1 Fr: 1 5 , in -- 1 1 , iz Lnkx .Io,'-- L' 1 ln 1 i Y Y 'Z .n Van - -- -. '0 .' Q 1 4. Curl Shorts. Nlurmrlc Ut ' Ek. Suu Spun.: -. Iuulmc up! er. Suz- rmx - Sv z . F1 1' L . J T B IJm K 'l Dal' II: uh. , . , . 'xf f T . . , - ff - ,ff , . . . , . , . , . . . , , . , - , , - , 11 - Q 11 . . . . . 5 G. fb- Qi If " M , T M gr -we T L I " '. 0 ' 'zu' j "LlI'Ill'!'. Q J H. ,' I ' 1 , 1 L"-, X Q Lafin Club GRD 1 .ROV Jann Pursell Dzana Dickson Katv Snvdar Marv W1sh1rt Phvllxs Dnvls Barbara Newton Nancv Reese C1101 Phmco 'ml ROSA Jurix Qhink P11 TFINIS CuulDu1ton Dxrlenr 'BtllllS's Helen GFCKYIIIXWH It mn: Larson Kirin Mllluk rd ROV. Chlrlrs Hoffman Bnll Powrll Fhesirfr Dont' pnkm flsslcr Qullord Allxn Burkhxrd I urrs Ymm S ' A Im Kln H7 Duck Pyle Presuclent Chrusfme Marsholl Vice Presndent Nancy Reese Secre tary Jam Soutlwwrck Treasurer Vale ' Roman Holiday Trojan s Column Real live Romcms complete with 'rogas and laurels The foantam of Trevl Due de Campo In the Sprung 'QW JL lst ROW Ann Skrekla Vmkv Stetson Dlane Way Kathy Eaton Marx Alxcc Hartlev Kwthv Lourks Betty Ann Bemxss Carol Collxg m Mntue Scelford Sandy Snnth Jane Czmpbell Znd ROW Allm Ruse Jeff Southwmk H'1rr1etM1llrr Loxs Brown Tmdl Grcenmwn Sindy Mnhcrs Chrlstme Marshul Carolyn Youngs Ed Munn Klrk Graham grd ROYV Wax ne Sphroeder Tun Young Bull Bostwlck Bob In Iam New lun Wxssmk Tim QOllfhWlCk I1 ru mr Uh ROW Roh Mnllu Tum Mnwrl Russrll Cwrex P1110 Fwhlx amen - i ul 14 Y: Q - D t ' K A vl, ' I ' ' Z x 1 .1 x u k V I wi x A 54 V g 5 I ' - A IL 'z , 1 ' . , ' '-. . '- -. '1-1 A . , 1 1 . rr X L:-' nr.-k syn.. rl x ,T V 1 I . . , I t I - - . . . . I T ' ' Il 'I ll ' ll ' 1 Trio to Pitfsbur l'1 . . . "Oh that bus riclel" . , . Sk snow'--"Last Da s of Porn eii" , . Y ll ' ' ' ll FHA UV' hllnlurllddllliw if 'Fly F ui lr lst ROW Patty Bruadhead Kathy Wav Jctn GllJlJS Janet Alcorn Jomm Wll1lAl1l5 Dorothy Montgomery Mxrv Lou Irlsh Glendy Vllla 'nd ROW Cdl0l Kozloskl MlYllVll Hopkins Lwrol Ntenun Sue Grun .I'1nctWoduk1 Bonme Qwlsn Mwrv lou Halloran Prlchard 4th ROW Phwllls Youngs Nxcky Nordm Gay Craxg Margaret Stetson Marsha Gordon Ions Mnndanlohl .nth ROW Vlvxan Haskell B'1rh'1r'1 Bogert Io'1n Ltght Que Stetson Iowa Qthrodfr Nfnmv 'ihmr Keorglana 'Frlana Future Homemakers of America Under supervnsuon of Mrs Robert Slverlung Led by Jean Schultz l-ler assistant Janet Wodeckt Forgot to keep a record of the last meetlng Peggy Arnold Flnances kept out of the red by Marulyn Brooks Worthwhlle protect at Thanks gnvlng Bug turkey and all the trnmmlngs to rnoke one famlly a lnttle happler Donation to the Heart Fund during the month of February Money maknng protect school book covers sold Flrst F l-l A dance opened to student body l-lomemakers l-lop held nn January That long rltual at rneetnngs Wall everyone read lt together lust once? l-lostesses at Open House nn November refreshments served buffet style un cafeterna Jean Schultz and Janet Wodeckt could have used another rught hand after pouring all that coftee Never knew so many people drank coffee Bonnie Salen, Margaret Stetson and Betty Prlchard supposed to be cuttlng the cakes and not eating them What happened to yunnor mem bershlp thus year? Workong together for better and happter home lnfe for everyone l-lelplng to make happy homes most umportant thlng that youth can do for democracy Page Flghty elght 0 0 0 s E J 4 f ' MW f Q W, f- N - I f WV xx , Tim 4 ? 2 X 1 4 W Q 3... f f 1 3rd ROW: Wanda Peck, Leona Henderson. Kathy Sinnnvr, Peggy Arnold, J e a n St-hultz, Marilyn Brooks, Betty V - ' ' ' - 1-. 1 l - 1 'l ' ' ' . ,. 1 . f ,. . ,, . . .. , , . . , , . , 1 , I I . ' ' ' -' 1 - ll ll . . . , - I A. 1 ' A . .lumor High F H A www lst ROW Sandy Nelson Llnda Freedllne Jane Brown Sandy Smlth Carolyn Youngs Harr1etM11ler Mary Croot Joyce Buchholz Becky Babbltt Lols Brown 2nd ROW Chrlstlne Marshall Jane Campbell Sandy Mathers Mary Ahce I-Ilrtlcv Pat Fettt Betty Eades Dlana Johnson 'ird ROW Margorxe Ke1nhol7 Barbara L1ght Carlyn Allen Sharley Snyder Rosunarxe Seene Vukx Stetson M1t21B Sceliord Kav Rhodes Marxlou Bllss Carol Steward 4th ROW Mary Ellen Tschorn Kathy Slaughter Gerry Steel Ruth Ross Flame Boyd Barbara Wagner Carol Colllgan Betty Bemlss Sth ROW Lllllan Stage Jean Gregory Mary Kugal Lmdl Applehee Ceceha Gunther Sharon Forbes Ann Peck Becky Bobbltt Money Bog Holder Joyce Buchholz l-lrstorlon Sondy Smith Reporter Sondy Nelson Porlnomentonon Vicks Stetson Song Leoder Mory Croot The long ntuol thot no one knows Corolyn Youngs reods It oll olone Tureen supper for gurls ond thelr mothers oll the grrls who brought jello thots whot hoppens when dnshes oren t osslgned Chrlstmos project reporrrng old clolls by sewing ond porntnng Clothes mode for dolls F H A donce College night representotlves of buslness lsbrory beouhcuon work teochung and nursung Summer pucnuc ot the Pen nnsulo Eoster protect Sprung teo lst ROW Pat. Christen Jane Rxce Llnda Best Sandy Baxley Beatrlce Klng Susan Mead Kathy Lxght 2nd ROW Cheryl Campbell Kathy Morton Kathy Nash Gall Evans Conme Stebbins Nancy Lydxc 3rd ROW Nancy McClelland Sandy Eastman Darlene Morgan Kathv Gartner Sandy Crlttenden Mmam Nw boer Donna Young 4th ROW Judv Youngs Charlottt Whltcher Karen Thomas Carol Rhodes Imda Hopkms Pau 1 htv lll mt O C I 0 O XE? mt A U K 2 ,, President, Corolyn Youngs . . . Vice-President, Horriet Miller . . . Keeper of Minutes, . , . -l I . n ' . . . I - . . I A ' ' ' I ' ' ' I f 'if' 5- ll ' FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER FFA lst POW Ro er Stetson Sfxm Coletta Dean Wemgard Dck McIntosh Don Munger Doug Meehl Bob Brown .ind ROVK Tom Wnrds Doug Burch Gurv Slagle Dxvc Johnson Bob Youngs Bob Walker B111 Tr1'1nn rd ROW Bull Mlllcr Herb Johnston Gtorge Schnell Mdrwm I1f.,ht Brll Paschke Dan Wood Davld Ad uns 4th ROW Don ink Fdfllt Svcdl Dlck Kenncdv Wilson Mund xmohl Fvcrctt HCJDKINS 'Tonv KIlS7iWHkl Dulf Durst Twenty two chapter farmers Chapter purchased a John Deere 420 tractor Purchased a snow plow also Sensor boys dud much snow plowlng wlth thus new outtut Custom plowlng In the school druveway Albert Blass and Davud Nneboer attended Natuonal F FA Conventron nn Kansas Cnty Duck Mclntosh Robert Brown Douglas Me hl Bull Tnana and Donald Munger gourneyed to Gettysburg on a three clay tnp chaperone Mr Elton Rooche Partucupated In the Wattsburg Farr Elected Phyllis Youngs to represent North East F F A Clrmaxed l4th annual Parent and Son Ban quet un May speaker North Atlantnc Reqronal Vice Presrdent Dean Hofter Duck Mclntosh Donald Munger Dean Welngard Douglas Meehl Albert Blass Robert Brown Sam Coletta Mr John C Spacht Pfm sf Nant x Presrdent Vlce Presndent Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sentinel Chaplann Advlsor Duck Mclntosh Donald Munger Dean Welngard Douglas Meehl Douglas Burch James Steward Tony Kloszewskr Mr John C Spocht O O O ' 'z z , ' . , , 1 t , , , ' '. z. il 1 ' ' - . X 3 , r ' , ' " J Y , ' '- , , ' z Sth ROW: .Iel'l' Mend, Bill Bnln-ook. Jim Steward, Herb Kugzxl, Raymond Carey, Dave Niehoel' ' ' ' ' ' ' I I D ,. . . - . C , , C l . , ..., I l F ' 1 1 D E 1 . sf, ' lt ' Hi-Y O lst ROW Al Wagner Chuck Wllson John Hoffman Lowell Mf.Adoo Dlek McIntosh Pom Rexd Ph1lHopk1ns ,nd ROVV Ben Moxrr Mlllard Turner Harry Roache Mlke Alcorn Dave Eaton Doug, Mcchl Don Kochcr Dnle Hannah Roger Stetson Ken Forrester Walter Burkhard Rlrk Snyder ,rd ROW Francls Schweitzer Gary Chrxsten Cllff Hammer Dewn Weuegard Dxck Tcfft John Powsu Dxck Johnson Harold Sherrleb Denny Coburn Larrv Cook 4th ROW Dnck HQIGGU Daxe Darlxng Dxck Slaughter Eugene Vhlson Carl bunpson Dtnnxs Flstus Daw. Hovx ud Terrx Henderson Dan Darllng Bob Kmg B111 Johnson Al Bllss Paul Flshcr 'lony Spirit .nth ROW Don Munger Bruce Campbell Bob Forbes Bob Schultz Bob Hcath Hemg Lynn B111 Hermin 'IOM REID Vice Presldent CHUCK WILSON Secretary DICK McINTOSl-I Treasurer JOHN HOFFMAN Chaplaln Young Men s Chrlstlan Association Composed of boys In the yunlor and sensor classes Promotes Chrlstlon fellowship an everyday Izvlng by partlcloatlng together for the good of all Charter member of the Northwest Pennsylvania Y M C A Under the capable supervlslon of Mr Kenneth Pulllng Had verv successful year All flve officers attended Officer Trolnlng Program at Washington and Jefferson College June I959 Several projects this year Included helplng a needy famlly at Christmas nual Hu Y Amateur Show held on March I5 Lowell McAdoo Master of Ceremonies Those tryung try outs Was that the fltth or slxth time we ve heard Teen Angel? Jerry Semelka best In the show The thnngs you never knew tprue mnxups and what happened to Dzck Mclntosh and the record pIayer9I Several recreatlonal and social events November hayrlde at Mr Pulling s form all those nature enthusiasts who took to the woods Sports nights In the school gvm Evening at the Y M C A Monthlv meetlngs varled Talk by Mr Robert Wall Recreation Talks by various members Lots of cake and Ice cream "Short" Buble readings Year clumaxed by trap ta Kennywood Park In Pittsburgh Page Nmety on -M sir ' V.Vy -' S I sz' I S A' ""' C, M M' A .. - M -L VM W P fe .,, r s1:f-ww MM ' of .ws -Aw LOWELL MQADOO .........e.......,....... ....................... P resident I I. I S l P A I I . . . . . . An- - ' ll ll 11- . ' - - I I II I ' If Sr Y Teens WM 'bf' lst ROW Nancy Buccos Becky Thompson Carol Neenan Jamce F1ame11a Jeanne Homer V1v1an Haskell Glendy Vllla Joanne Douglas Pat Broadhead 2nd ROW Barbara Henderson Barbara Bogert Carol West Llnda Young Mary Lou Irlsh Joy Massey Judy Rltson 'ird ROW Janlce Youngs Marv Lou Halloran Marsha Dalrvnxplr Nancy Fleming Janet W0dtCkl Kathryn Graham Marxlyn HODKIDS Carol Kozloskl 4th ROW Anlta Gottschhng Bonme Salen Marllvn Brooks Sally Shuhart Barbara Bagley Marilyn Schafl mth ROW Dlane HOPRIHS Joyce Schroeder G'1xlColl1gan Phyllis Youngs Cxrole Turner Lmda Lcltl Gay Cralg Margaret Stetson Susan Crxttenden Advlsor Mrs Fred Sladden Headed by Mary Lou lrlsh Aided by Sandy Weln helmer Meetings recorded by Lynda Parker Keeper at the books Judy Klungen srnlth Buble read by Lrnda Massey Publuclty Judy Thurston Entertainment provlded by Sue Weber Settler ot ruots In back of the room Carole Turner a lowe en Masquerade Party at Phyllis Youngs tnrst prlze winners were Patty Broadhead and her date lnrtlatlon new members formally accepted will old members ever know the nnutnatlon songs arent there any ssngers among us? Splash party we never had Mary Lou lrlsh representatlve to conventnon In New York and Washungton Slelghrlde to the Stars a sem: formal dance at Chrnstmas Sock monkeys for the orphanage Wall the sensors and juniors ever agree on anything? The Tru April 22 Oh that merlt system Dance on April l Mother and Daughter Tea on May 6 Y' s a lst ROW Donna COHCIIIB Mary Jean Ferguson Kathleen Cantrell Llnda Gregg Sue Weber Judv Kllngensmxth Betty Morton Madylon Klem Sandy Wemhelmer 2nd ROW Joyce Llndsey Dlan Lake Judy Thurston Lynda Parker Llnda Lloyd Ton1 Freedllne Judy Mlller 3rd ROW Janet Baker Suzanne Svxoap Dorothy Lepley Deanna WIISOH Wllma Perklns Sandy Culp Lmda Welnhelmer 4th ROW Lynda Kress Judy Luebke Mary Beth Holland LOIS Fleld Stephanie Payne Judy Casperson Sandy Brown Joanne Gregg Page Nxnety two - 0 f Y 9 Q w,. 'Il 9 ,i Q 1, x e W a 4 ' f v K, 1 , ,Q W? ,M Q J .,.,, .,. -... 1 , .. A . . Y Y , . , . . . Y y ' . K . B' K. I 'I 1 il' ,' i 1 - . , . . . . . . . ' 4 1 - o 1 I I - . . , , . . . H l- , . , . . . . . ,I '.' , . 4 .4 . . A I ' . I I I D.C .... , - . . . 5 ' L gpg gg.: ..., 3 Jr Y-Teens lll ,-nu. 'Ht " l' ,ew -- V , t r . I . iz, - ,. 5 I no - V. . . ,' ' - V E 5. f' I :J U ' N A rc 1 . A .T - ,N ,. , , H 1 5 V- Y I f-- A A . T ' S S - V v 9 ' , Z ' ' 1 E ' ' -- ' N . Fi f-- W , ' ' r .. W . ,T 1 ' no . A . 5 V. ..e - 1 2 .. A - ' 5 . , . Q - - , it V ' V . 3 If I ,gi .. I, N - E I. V ng ' -' , . l . - A- V : ,- N .u N 1 f H .t A . Q , 4 ,E Z 9- ' , Q ' S 3 N MH, .- N, . V 4 7 A ji . 'f ' D i , -f 1 .' , ' 2 qs, s Q z t 1 . S 5 . S . g S ' , . ' . z ' 5:5 ' .'5"M ' W . . . rg " . , W - ' in " U - , . s 1 V ' V- A f ' L T ' F f .. V ' ' Ln i . H W 4 , . . or I ' ' 1 - - 4 . '. - I l I l , I - L7 , . lst ROW Carol Koeher Nanew Bemls Jean Croueh Nlcky Nordm Marx Mong loanne WIIIIHHIS Sandv Parmente-r Marx Wlshart Cathy Pero 'nd ROW K tx Snxder Jeanne Larson Phyllis Dtvts Elatne Bend Linda Btker Pat Trans Dune Wu ird ROW Susm Youngs Marx Ellen We hh Kathy Beard lex Dtrlene Benn'-ls He-len Greenmm Karen Mtllltk Nmex Reise Judy Garileld 4th ROW Leona Henderson Ctrol Phmeo Mtrv IOllC0llll1S lem Gtlxhs lone Clark Dtarm Duk-.on loan Llght Lxnthla Belkntp B tles Mrs John Nash Advlsor Presldent Carol Phanco Vlce Presldent Helen Greenman Secretary Mary Wnshart Treasurer Jane Campbell Chaplain Sandy Lloyd Publuclty Sandra Smlth Soclal Chalrman M a ry Croot er geant at Arms Sandy Mathers and Sylvna Dawson lnntaatuon by sensor group on a wet and muddy nlght those sllly clothes all the paper confettt on the tootball grounds Pecan log candy sale before Chrrstmas Splash partnes Slumber partles Tureen dlnner Slenghrxde to the Stars presented by both sensor and tumor group Enter talnment provided at a meeting by the Trends a group of sophomore gurls Thanks glvung protect tor a tamnly an need Puppets made by members from stuffed socks puppets presented to orphans lst ROW Sands Nelson Kathy Loueks Mary Alice Hartlu Ann IJOLIISB Peek Kathv Eaton Harrlet Mlller R berta Batten Sharlex Snyder Pat Svlvester Pnd ROW Marge Kemhol7 Chrls Mxrshall L1ndxFreedl1ne K :thx Slaughter Vlekl Stetson Mll7lf Seetford Betty Eades Sharon Orton Sharon Forbes ird ROW Carol Stewxrd Carol Colllgan Betty Bemxs Lmelt Cxeenman Ltrolsn Youngs Sandy Smith Pat Tettt Marjorle klenl Sandy Mathers Sandy Halnes 4th ROW Gall Bagley Betty Lou Bovd Mary Ellen Tsehorn Shxrlev Bmrtley Jane Brown Jane Campbell Mau Croot Rosemarv Seene mth ROW Ions Brown Barium lnght Fertldtne Steele Dune lolmson lem Cregorw Mus Kugal Ku Rhodes Stllx Rohmm Pwr Nine-I y lluvf- Girls' Athletic Association 'KHP' lst ROW Paullne Wagner Carol Phcanco Judy Klangensmath Margaret Stetson Peggy Arnold Janet Baker 2nd ROW Sandw Wcanhelmer Donna Canculla Pat Bro adhcod Evelyn Dutton Elanor Hover Carol Wcst Kath leen Cantrell Lancia lloyd Tona Frccdlune Lvnda P'arkLr Bonnae Salcn Glendx Valla Jmace Fl1I'llLll'l Lunda Baker 'lrd ROW Dlan lake Judy Thurston Daana Duckson Carol Dutton Nancv Reese Karen Moallack D'1rlv. m Bemass Leona Henderson Birlaxra Henderson Marv Jean Fcrgu an lVI'1ralyn Brooks Georgaana Fruana 4th ROW Lucy Ball Louase Andcrson Mav Fav Faslcv Marge Gornaak Deanna Walson Helen Grunman Jr 'an Iarson le anne Croumh Marx Washarl Carol Konhzr Naaacv Beuauus Marv Beth Holland Nannw Shaltr Svlvm Dawson 5th ROW Qandx Culp XVulma Perkuns Fax Crwug Quo Slutsaaa Dram llopkans Al1lllCI3llSlhllH2 Susan Qprague Jenn Sth altx Garls Athletuc Assocuatuon Margaret Stetson Presudent Judy Klungensmuth Vuce Presudent Paulune Wagner Secretary Carol Phanco and Peggy Arnold Treas urers Advusor Mrs DeVere Smuth Stayed after school one nught a week Tram polune Bowlung un the tall Basketball games between varuous classes Senuors played uunuors un prelumunary game before the Alumnu game senuors won Jean Schultz senuor basketball star Furst senuor hugh skatung party of the year Candy sales Volleyball games among members Annual county volleyball competutuon un s rung Part of the prelumunarues held un North East Funals held un Albuon vutatuons extended to other gurls from varuous county schools to come to North East for game rallues and maxed fun Academy came to North East for volleyball games Softball un sprang Senuor Hugh and Junuor l-lugh Bowlung League hugh scorer, Sylvua Dawson Sold candy at basketball games Eunal pucnuc at end of year at Mrs Smuth s Famous words heard around GAA members Anyone care to buy a stuffed doll skunk or scholar? Sold stuffed anumals to rause money How about a Reese cup? "See you at the Grape Cnty Bowlung Alley ' Pau Nunratx fouuu Q , C , v 4 ,y -, it 5 1 ' ,gd A ? 1' Q K a sa 1 4 E g , 5 f S ,f at A 1: , . '. J ' ' . . , ,' , 1 , - I ' J u . 'zz ' . L . ' 2 . 2 L ', 1 -l 3 X , , a 2 . . 1, - 4 , , ., , zz' 1 , : . x . , , ,as 1 I 1 . ' ' J , ' 1- 1 . E. . ..z '. ,' 'z,,1 2, 1. . 1 4 . . 1. A' , , ' 1 ,rj .' . , I A' . 4 a 2 a ' .Q J: . 1 , , -1 r , ... , - , .. , - . . . . , II . . . - , ll ' ' Il ll . . , 11 I Y, I Art Club lst ROW Pete 'Nlexl Jarne Anton Beatrlce Klng Susan Ra' ton Kathy Llght Tom Dean Dlck Reed 2nd ROW Dxck Johnson Joanne Douglas Sue Swoap Sue Sprague Ed Schultz Voncxlle Boerschlg Georgna Trlana Lmda Hopkxns 'VIrs John Nash Under supervlslon ot Mrs John Nash Several lndlvldual projects lnterestlng and unusual Made name plates for classroom doors Wrote soylngs on cards to hang In classrooms WORDS FOR THE WISE board Oh' That modern art finger painting Printing with flnger pasnt Clay ceramlcs Marlonettes A few members partaclpatecl In manonette show for grade school Made posters and decorations for banquets and proms Largest project basketweavlng Dlsplay of miniature artltlclal head What have we here head hunters9' Collectnng drlttwoocl The students who dncln t return Maklng lamps and platters out of drlttwood Page Nmety fxve . . , Made posters for dances . . . l-lad display of masterpieces on bulletin Shorthand Club SEATFD Carol Kozloskl Kathy Slmmcr Joanne Douglas Betty Prxchard Peggy Arnold Janlce Flamclla Janet WfldLCkl Nancy Flemlng STANDING Dlane HODKIHS Margaret Stctson Marsha Dalrymplc Marx Lou Hallorm Sally Shuhart Murllvn Brooks M mrllxn Schttf Becky Thompson Janlcc Youngs Anlta Gottschlmg lnformal meetings very Informal Led by Mary Lou Halloran President Assusted by Deane Hopkins Vnce Presudent Mlnutes and money handled by Marllyn l-lopklns What do you mean l spent dues money for my lunch Periodic candy sales people who always forgot never turned out they sold brought triple batches next time candy pans In Mrs Sladdens closet since November that were never washed or taken home Monthly bulletin boards put up In the typing room never dvd get some up Shorthand Club sold h ot dogs potato chups pop corn and pop at the l-lollday Tournament pop corn machlne Roachue was convsnced would heat up never dld steam from the hot dogs that made all the gurls halr go stralght Received puns and dt plomos after passnng certain speeds In shorthand Stuffed animals that were bought to cheer up Kathy Summer brought them to shorthand class and laughed at them Mrs Sladden s baby s pictures Tentative plans for a slumber party at Mrs Sladden s parents house In Punxsutawney Food food and more food Weekend trap at the end of the year was anticipated all year Club bought dlctaphone for commercnal sec tlon Frequent laughs We dont want to leave you Mrs Sladden Pa ge Nmety SIX ax ,. ,' f fe 'Q' f x X 'M ff 41 . ', 1 .' 4' . ,' , ' I 'c. 5 - ' , if 1 .' '- .' 1 . 1 ' - ' I. ' '. z',' -z', S, " , ' '. 1 , I ' --. 4 Il Il ' ' 1 ... I , . , , . , , , I I . , . . . . . I I ' 4 I I - 4 , , . 1 x ' -' Monitors Jeinne Homer Janct Wodeckl Evelyn Dutton Joanne Douglas Phyllzs Youngs Bonnxe Salcn Becky Thompson Gall Colllgan Frrst peruod Jeanne Homer collector ol absentee notices Second perrod Janet Wodeckr distributor of absentee lusts Thlrd perrod Evelyn Dutton bank deposltor Fourth perrod Joanne Douglas wrrter of meal tickets Futth perrod Phyllis Youngs errand gurl Sixth perrod Bonnle Salen afternoon errands to the Breeze Seventh perrod Gall Collrgan telephone messages The absentee lust that never got to the nurse s ottrce l cant seem to fund that number Please be a llttle more quiet rn the halls Frequent trrps to the bank l bought three cent stamps Instead of I can t fund Roache Undelrvered messages Letters belong rn the boxes with names over the box and not under Answering the phone Please repeat that name The desired party rs always unavarlable The monitor who slid down the stairs because she trred to carry all the mall at once The mes sage always goes to someon on the top floor Hall mon: tors during the fourth period flrst floor Janlce Flamella and Anrta Gottschlrng second floor Dennis Fvscus and Janice Youngs mann entrance Judy Luebke Becky Thompson monrtor turst halt and seventh period monrtor second halt SEATED JIIHCL F1amel1a STANDING Janne. Youngs Denms Fxscus Judv Lucbke Anlta Gottsch Img Page Nmety s wen . . I - 4 . A A ' . I 'l h , , I iT . v n I. 1 I U . . . . I . , . i . . . , - . . . I ' Il I ' ll ll ' 4 ' ll . ' ll ' tour" . . . "We counted the money twice, but it still isn't right" . . . Forgotten errands . . . ll I ' ll ' ' ' - l ' . . . - ' f ' ' 'i U Ar. e . . . '- S F . I . . K 1 I I ' 'T' I , . . . Dramatic Club lst ROW Dtck Johnson Glendv V1ll1 Carole Turner Nmu Buccos Betsy Palge Joanne Douglas Bonnte Salcn Beulah Russell John Hoffman Henry Lvnn 'nd HOW Tom Webb J1n1 Bocrst Suc Cnttcnclcn Phxllls Youngs Marx Lou Irlsh Janet Woclcclu Bob Forbes Duc D3FllI1y., Al Wlgner irc! ROW L1nd'1 Leltl Carol Ko7losk1 Jovcc Schroder MITIIYH Brooks Brttv Prxchxrrl Pcggv Arnold Margdrct Stetson Jox Massex Judy RlfSKDH Gayle CO1llgil'l Sally Shuhart Jxmcc Youngs 4th ROW Fugene Wl1S0fl Mux Lou Halloran Becky Thompson Marllxn SLh'llf Janlcc F1'1111cll'1 Kxthv S1111 mar Llnda Young Evelyn Dutton Jeanna. Homer Daxe Eaton Nanny Fleming, Brucc Campbell Mlkm. Alcorn Seniors only Orgonuzed with Its mann purpose to present the play Formed an sprung Club chose MEET ME IN ST LOUIS to present this year Members try out ond cast chosen Once the task was started It was dlscovered that there s more to It than actung student durector prompter, stage crew, costumes, publuclty and usherettes Oh those rehearsals' Be punctual for proctlce Working for perfection Dlscoverlng of hidden talent Don t forget your cues' Remember where you stand Dont ruin your laugh lun " Keep Bonnie Solen s cot on the stage People stay IH character' React to all actnon Louder louder, louder, Do you thunk Rose and Esther will ever learn to swallow those chicken hearts? member to move the candy box before Act ll l-le wants us to remember all th s llnes"' You mean people actually wore those things? Openung night gutters Stage frlght Butterfly pulls Who has the grease pan t9 Lost minute nn structlons Lights curtoxn actuon Success Applause Mr Edwards our hard workeng dnrector Four sisters ond their brother s love prob lems moving to New York? World's Four everything works out all rnght Pag Nlnety e1ght O 1 l l Z 'u I . ' 2' , i -if vm I lr f' V Y ' , v 1- 'Z 4- ' ' 1 A. . ' 1. 1 'f A' .- 'b ' 1 - " 4 -1' 1 'f ' f. 2 , 1 1, ' . ay' . . 'cl " '1 1.. 2, '- . I ' . .1 V . . 1 V , - V -' ' ' xl 5th ROW: Gary Christen, Joc Koszcwski, Don Buchholz, David Nicbucr, Walter Burkl1u1'd.Al Bllss,Kc11 FUl'1'CSlLJl', . . . 1' . , . . . . , , . I I ' ' ' ' ll I ll ll ll Il I ' - ' I II , . . esl . . . ll ' ll Il ' ll . . . , . . . . . . , , - - ' IIR . . . . . . . 8- I ll ' . . . o e . ,, . ,, . . .. l '...H .l'l.H... ' '- . . . , , . . . . . . . , . . . 1 . I ' . . ' 3 . D . Meer' Me In Sf Louis I suppose you thought ld put up wetlw onyfhmg You bully Why does Lucille thunk shes so won Clerfulp Paw NlIlPlV nmv C sf l 11 4 -.H 1 r, 11 -11 11 - - , - 11 4 A In - I Aqullo Denm Coburn Susan Crittenden Betsy Pa ge Mr Hose EDITORS IN CHIEF Betsy Palge Susan Cruttenden and Dennis Coburn Spent many hours of work to present the AQUILO to the class of l96O Could b seen un the conference room durung fufth peruods On the scene durnng pucture takung Tryung to meet that deadlnn Jacks of all trades Proud of the results LITERARY EDITORS Janet Wodeckl Marsha Dalrymple Lunda Leltl and John Hoff man Never knew lust how many clubs nn N E H S until began to wrute articles on them Used a new style Put forth theur best efforts unnque lrttle paragraphs on each sensor Spent much tnme on thear portuon of the AQUILO Theur job also figure the fourth person from the left an the se ond row who ns he? ART EDITOR Nancy Elemung Her work speaks for Itself Worked dulngentlx and made her creations alone JOKE EDITORS Sally Shuhart and Duck Mclntosh Just the nght ones for thu jo Presented the humorous sude of the AQUILO ADVERTISING EDITORS Jeanne Horner Patty Broadhead Lowell M Adoo and Terry Henderson Surpassed theur goal Very nndustrlous and successful In theur I h of gettung patrons for the AQUILO SALES and DISTRIBUTION Joanne Douglas Bull Johnson and Duane Hopkins Once the AQUILO was flnlshed the lob of sellung was theurs Dad a aood lob of getting subscnbers SNAPSHOT EDITOR Henry Lynn Reluable Henry always on th s one Could be seen taklng puctures wnth hrs camera at surprising moments PHOTOGRAPER Mr Jack Schubeck Dad a good job for the AOUILO Trned to work out our Impossible shots Specual effect for sensor puctures ADVISOR Mr Matthew Hosle Told us how to do It Are you ever golng to get done Your next deadline as What you want to get out of class agaun9 Page One TUIINIIPCI O f A ' Q f I PERSONAL EDITORS - Carole Turner, Vivian Haskell, and Phyllis Youngs . . , Those ' b . . . ' . Aqullo Siaff C515 MF' 5 SK LITERARY EDITORS PERSONAL EDITORS IVIXRSII-X DALRYMPIL LINDA LLITI U5-ROW TURNER PHYT-Us YOUMS :Ami WODLLKI JOHN HOIFMAN VIVIAN HASKEIL 'D I SNAPSHOT AND ART EDITORS JOKE EDITORS HENRY IYININ NANCY FLEMING DICK MLINTOSH SALLY SHUHXRT ADVERTISING EDITORS SALES AND DISTRIBUTION PA1 BROADHEAD TERRY HFNDERSON B111 JOHNSON JOANNE DOUGLAQ IFAINNF HOMFR LOWELI McADOO DIANF HOPKINS Pwr Om IIIIIICIIPCIUIMJ Q 3334A I X ' I, 5 , , Sflfxiggigygxg I ' '4 Q , Qiirfinx' , I 'V ' 5 Q 1 , I H' 'B 'T' ' J N1 I I : ' ' 4 Q l , C, v - - I I .1 1 U L A A rv. ,k.h VN. , I 1 J , I .,,. , ,A 4 N IT! , , f . f . I Y. ' , z A g m ' MI 1 I I fi Y I if K I' "Pooped" Sfaff Q Up above are the ones to blame For This account of Thus years fame We re hred but happy the book s complete And your approval we hope 'ro meer We ve most sahcerely done our best And hope that you will read the re-ST P1 0 Om Hundred two . . , ' 1 A I 1 1 1 1 . 1 x A - Aufographs Autographs endow Bfwok my yfymff X DAIRY THE ELECTRIC MATERIALS CO WEINHEIMERS GROCERY 131 xx tu sf HARRY B COUSE North East, l'0nnz1. Dr. and Mrs. Carl A. Karsh I lm nf Ompi 9 N Carl S Rumberger of the RADIO 'md A Hampson Agency TV QFRUCF H Insurfmce 'lhxt Ineuree 6' E Mlm qt 1 A XX Nlfun St North Faei North Put I ' I6 lelephone SA 1 1092 I hone SA I I I BGGENSCHUTZ HOME FURNISHINGS Vlr md Mrs Pxerett F lookenhouQe Nesfnngnouse Appliances, and Television NOIKI ll I ASI S Ol DFQI' VI ORF P0 Qouth lake St North F121 Pa l hone SA 'S 'ZZ n Fomplxments ol' L3M3rtln Laundry 61 South lake St Michael s Restaurant North East I 91 T111 Mlm Qt Telephone QA 5 1103 HARTLEY S IGA MARKET ms sown IARF QTRPFW 1 - 1 ' . l K G. . . Y ' 1 L 1 1 A Russell A. enderson ' Vw ' ,, . n , 1 I av . 1 L . X 1 1 K A 1 1 ,, , , , , K. . a. 4 q A f L 1 - 1 A v , I 1 4 ,- rw 1 5- 4 ' "" L l'4 I l l ' I 1 1 v A . 4 na A ln A L xl . . N . . Furniture and Beddlng y y wr qw vrvy 1 v w 0 1 A A L K A .ll 5 J . v i nu L 4 L Q Ili , , if A ,VF I 9-I U . 1 Y 1 L J K A - 1 .' , 'a. L uf 2' . . A , 1- I L U-A I 1 i 'Y ' 1 Q L A A K A A Norfh Easf Frun' Growers Incorporated I I en VALLEY DRIVE IN BEST WISHES TO TI-IE CLASS OF 60 FRANK STEBELL AUTOMATIC REPAIR SERVICE MAJOR IND NIINOR RI I HRS an S ll In pet Simon 09 I :ISM Vrhlwtlennl IIn SN ISI O 'I'I'II,ICI'IIIlNIC SA 5-25705 I0 III'i'II2lI1lYIIIl' SII'l'I'I North ISHS . ' nn. ON RUIITE 20 ll ll I . r I 1 'I ,I .I Pen 21. Utztl Q c ion .'z ' No. .3 lllizs ."e0I int Cfs. ' :. '10 0 5-I 28 t omphments ol MR GMRS KEN YOUNGS Ma rgaret s Beauty Shoppe 49 West Mun Street I hone SA 5 4002 C omphmente of National Traller Convoy NC Moorhead Brothers lRlTtlxINt SFRVIFF I D I North I4'lNt P1 Phone QA 'S '25 r TACCONE PNEUMATIC POUNDRX EQUIPMENT t ORP 03 West Ham St Ph SA 5 3151 KOPCKE'S For Hls Graduation Gifts We Sug eat Mroxx qhlrts McC'regor Qportswear Tlee H"tIlftkE'I'ChlGfN Fsqulre Hoslerx Pobea H1CkOk Belts Qu ank Jewelry , . 1 . a u I Y 'Y Y' Y YW ln 1 f1 1- 7, .' ' X . ., 1 L Q 1. 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Y t , Cohgratulatiohs to the Class ot l96O LAKE SHORE POST NO. 105 THF AMERICAN LEGION Dr and Mrs E G Shelley CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STUDENT COUNCIL For the tune work they have accompllshed uh North East I mph et North East Hugh School ll ASS OI who F om Pa rent Teachers The North East Assoclatlon Hugh School Faculty North East, Pa. I I U I l CKJNCIIIATULATIONS TO 'PHE 'o 'm lls of l 1- Compliments of MILLERS FAMILY DEPARTMENT STORE I'IAS'I'W A Y SHOPPING CENTICR S A N I D A MILK ICE CREAM Sanitary Farms Dalry Inc WI Fist 18 St Erie I3 Qruallq hekd IHONI ll I1 N11 JOHNSON GRAY and ASSOCIATES BWI INF PR AND XRLHITECT 1014 Commerce Bldg Prle Penna COLLEGIATE CAP 6' GOWN COMPANY Nha NK IIIIS C' I 61861 114 Ixeats Sheet I hum LN b I My Iumsylx I 1 I - I 1 . j I4-I Ain I , ' . r ' C ' 'I I. '-71 'f I N 1 ' 1 W 1 L I . 1 4 J , ,.. 1 , . A g u CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS ,Qi " ', 3 '. . 7' ' v - 1 .. -, I. L I " I L 1 - in 72312 111'-, 21 '2I1'Zl BENNY S TAILORS ill XNI RS 1nd IUXI D0 RLNI Xl IN X lm Ni Phone NA Q 1162 Park Barber Shop 'Z W Wlfun St 1 1L thu, I lr DR and MRS Q onlphmentb 01 JOSEPH OTTO C THE WHITE DINOR RITTENDEN CanelIa's Shoe Repalr 'Vlen s Dress and Work Qhoes 30 S I'1ke Street Phone SA w 1314 I ','I.l,"l .li "1."l "ln: , , V- K , 1 ,--A , lla-S1 xvlSl1L'S lu the Class of '60 1 Z4 Hour Service T ' '. i " . 01 pus' 0 1 .'z k . . G. B. ' ' w 7 0 l ,1 YY I Y K ll :I kia If K , 1 '- L 0 -1 ' DR and MRS M L ADAMS WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE WM H POWFR 0 TIRLS TOOI S TOOI BOXES ISIC YI I LS AIVIO BATTI4 RIIIS I ISHINI TAI KI I' Fl ECTRIC AI APPI IAINQ If S SI ORTINI GOODS BLYSTONE S Buick Pontuac Vauxhall G M C Trucks DISTRIBUTORS OF VVOLF S HEAD OII PRODUCTS Telephone SA o 4091 38 ERSI M310 St BARD AND BURGER CLEANERS Ihstlmtlw Drs Ilednm Ion I e0pIe Who Ldre WE OWN AND OPERATE OUR OWN DRY CLEANING PLANT 'I If Main Street lh0l1e SA0 3101 NORIH ILASI IA o . o n . . . , wner 'YI 1 7 W1 I ' 4I ' I I JI '1 7 I Y'1 1 ' YY 'Y 1 1 '1 Y .1 I I ' 1 1I ' I l I 41 1 ' 1 ww 1, 'w JJ I A 1 AI ' I I I I l I l ' ' ' 1 I, , - 9 A 'Y P 1 P I ' I, ' I ' as ', ' , ' ., , ' , ' ,r ' . D T. 77 I . 1-, ' I ' I 1 I' I' rw 1 ni 1 I , . R E NORTH Co III A'IIN4 ANIII INIJLSII IAI PII INK I4 I I+'1 t Nth Street Ifrle Iennsslvmxa ED ROSE SPORTING GOODS Inc :I I Fene ee Street I hone II Znl School and College Outfitters Dustrzbutor tor the MacGregor Company HERFF JONES CO lvlamltacturmq Jewelers C7 Stationers 110129 IN KAI IIOI AV FNIII' INDI KN XI OI IS INDIANA I XRRI I III Representitlwe 0 THE ERIE DAILY TIMES 0 THE ERIE MORNING NEWS ' SUNDAY TIMES NEWS n o o 'I ' I . . If' I . I I . E1-S I J' ,f'. I 'I ' I 0 - x 1 , C 41. I .SS I I!IIIf'I"AI,0 3, NEW YORK 1 1 - r' - . Q n ' 'A - Y. I , V' A I 1 'A , 1 A I I A L Q r 1 - 4: .' A 4, K' c l Schubeck Sfudlo Woodblne Hts Phone SA 5 4896 I XSFPITRIIPIJ VIII ll lx Xl W ws sur North East Dalry Company NEDCO PRODUCTS Mllk I re lm Cottage I hee-.e Butter Iglltfflmllk Orlnge Dlmk O QUAI Ill WITH SI RN Il I' Our Mllk Is Se-llrlght Hooded lor Your I rotectlon O . , - N y wr 1 r w ' 1 'v 1 1 4 ww I L A A A A A L I A I L L A A l Telephone SA 5-23601 S0 Grzlhamville Sly O r ' 1 1 v v N Q A 4 Q ' K U ' ' . 1 f " n I A rl ' Lv 4: ' 'w an ' A, ntl Z '.,. 1' ' ' . D . ' 1sEs'l' WISHES T0 'PHE CLASS 014' '60 For Quality Insurance at a Low Cost BURG WOOD Agent Vl1n0if1.e thI"1t 0 e SA mpl ment C fr S BOWLING ulc rlh I hone SA 5 3201 SEIFERT S HOUSE OF FURNITURE ll 5, 'XDDII me We t Mmm St Fxt North Fmt P1 Phone North SA 5 3506 X 4 ,-X T Easi- T HELL ' W K QSC? LAKE ERII: FORD TRACTOR SALES I 1 ai "i' - Nor Ls, Pa. l'h n. S 5-3102 F0 i s ol' . . R0 - 20 N0 Emi, l'zl. ' .' . -. I VIIVI 'turo A Hu fs - . 'am - S 's .'f,'...'. 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W Mr PY51 wr' R f N 53: ,IXW U , . . . Congratulations to the Class ot l96O RICHARD L PAYNE Eleclrlcal C tractor CHAS LA ROCCA Men s and Boys Clothmg School Jackets FAMILY SHOE STORE IZ Clinton St SJ f I U' 're F' .T f J' :- iv" Q .. V OC 'I' 2' .- , f F' .. F' f P' c :s - cl 1 COllll1lDUll0ll to lhe Alu s xt u uothmg, Ollglll 11 uoulcl pop up so he wen to the Huh School Annu xl of l908 Thus. IS what he found F E SELKREGG FLORIST Cut Flowers Deslgns and Potted Plants Vegetable Plants an Season SOUFII I I ARL QFRFI T s mfs gout xml humps mxtune you au gong to touch off 1 bl ' ' Vlell nuke xou leal good loo xlllg, non s tgps L OlNIJl1INLIltS of Dr and Mrs Edward Ayres Mark Harrison l llllllllj. 6. llfdtllldllllg Ifist Lux l out Phom 9 'S nfl 9 l . lj" ' ' ' ll. l ll 1 l l r l l l ""' l l .l ,, ' l l . 1- . 1 K l . on "l'o1".'c-lk'1'f l'll zC'z.'.' ' . 1 "W ako his :ul il hit V: " ' " - lilo. 'l'l1i.'jvz ' ' f "fa ' " " gs 1 " L 1 'Kg 2 . 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KA I-I I , ' , T- ' . n w ,, w I 11 n . k, , , 1 yn I 'I --Q-.1 LAKES ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION CO ormulx Elllhell I ILLIIIC RNISI t ompl1n1entb of Amr Way Sanltlzor Co BARROWS D str' butor I5 N me Street I hom SA 5 'V' 5 616157 ' l6,m.m SIIICL 1910 Hill' IA I0l11DIlITlCI1ILb of Atty and Mrs Owen G Sheridan Apparel for Men md Boys P A MEYER ff SONS ERIE 5 FOREMOST CLOTHIERS b N State St rue Book Store P Nt Sth qt Frle Pa TPI 2 'BTS Phone GI 4 0111 Rlch DeFazlo s Sport Center Phone LA 8 5288 121 W 9th Sr ERIE PENNA TEAM OUTFITTERS FOR Baseball Football Basketball Soecen Frank W1 extlmg Ass 1rd Sw eaters Jackets Trophleb O If 3 ' " 4 ' '- 43 I - " .. X , 527 If li t' I ."'Ri'Il'L'l' I 1, ' - I I l X If - I , AL - i i I . . 7' 1 , U K O ' ' - I L1..l iQ 4 . , , ,. . W3 'J' l2I'l0IZII1d s bymbol of lflne Quality A 5 . I l z . , , . . '17-U21 Cz C . 'J - ' , ' ' I ' . . N y I 17 la. I t . t 1 ' . . 1 X- 1 - - 1 V , ' I A . ., . . , . L 11. 21:4 'Z ,I'g Q- Sunshine Packing Corporation of Pennsylvanla FRED L RAHAL P d Q73 79Y P10 MACKAY SWIFT Inc Dodge and Dodge Darf s fu s - I I . , reei ent A ears of Faithful Pe f Wit ur F ' CN . - , . ales an e . ervice lr m DERGANL E FORD um WI Sl of NORTH 1 xsl ox 70 A Friendly Place To Do Busmess MARKS FUNERAL HOME l S I Ike Sheet WEE! REID an IEC IQ! TIT TTT:-'FQQ QLJF-"FDI..1l ES NORTH EAST PA WAY ELECTRICAL SERVICE INDUSIRI Xl O i0Nl'VlI+ RCIU Rl SIDILNII Xl Phone SA 1 M09 VS Wim Ruud Nlmlh Fist P1 llost Wishos to Class nl' 'fill "0 P . ,,"' C."' ' ' if ."' .' L. S5 .'. ,z .' -1 Phono SA 5-1511 I I . , .v .f , ' IYY 1 X! W . L I A A L J I A qzki T VY i J , ' r - f' ' W ' . . . A A I 'f p . l K I A If - 0 C hm Adamus Gulf Service Cong: xtul lt1OIlS to the Jlm S Meadow Brook Cltssot 0 D B N1 un 8. Wlll Streets alry ar Nmih P lst Pa QOILLI ltlll1'fl0l1S to L Pho Q sAs 4ss9 N "I JAY LYNCH AUTO SERVICE RAMBI PR SAI hs 110 Q llflftlfl Sl LOI12,l'llUlltl0llb Llass of 60 I hone SA 5 3490 tom lmxxu L Ll H1 Cl 'I n es Pubes Batteues EN BOWEN S Sunoco Service 50 32 Past Nl un St flllllllllllllltg t Patrick s Beaut Salon N01 th Fast Penna Congx ltllllllOI1S to the Y C I tw of 0 Il lltUIltI0!lS to Oi Smith Bullt Awnings Phone SA 5 4990 PQ X me Street fhuck K M'u'y . . I I 1 ' I ' f'z 1 ' A ' V 1 Taq: f '6 ' vs, ' . Y . , Q A l A K N, 1 A ', "': 2' A tht 1 ' Jin , . , ' Fl: ' '60 n . W Y W Y J J I 1 A . 1 - 1 , 1 K I K, Y - ' P' 1 2 ' V ,, , 5 ' -.. O t'us Hlt'Ilttt'4l O Knuckle-ss O High 'm '-'nd O Iimis 1121111 C':u'brn1 Tm llrlvs O S 1' "sins: Mil :wo 4 P' ". . r , .' ' 9 , . K X ' ' ' '. - f ' ' . v 'I 1 x n C K Q 1 'Q ' 1 . 0' I Y I4 A '. '1 1 1 C K 1 ' - 1 . v 2 sh, r 1:6 as Vw Qui 1 ' . the , . , Fluss 'GO t A , - . .5 v ,, Y I as 5 .. -ul, L, WORSTER MOTOR LINES Inc LOCAL AND INTERSTATE TRUCKING REFRIGERATOR SERVICE Let S s fkgi Batter Friends' Mali I Q 'QA I Whipped FIRCH S SUNBEAM BREAD I FT THE BFST CFI Sealfesf FOODS ICE CREAM 6' DAIRY PRODUCTS AI t d Sta Fne Penna r I IT! B A - 3 . fig-f2mffaf,??5fv S - . Jfwzsixfff?r21uRfL1f5'A'. I I WZ' I gggf' M A I QM' M11 ' ' 'A " ,Lug I ' '- ,y ' , I I A A Ar. 'P' I A f n nw te SIS. 1 - 9 ' T WATT AGENCY lst Nlfun Street fmmhmeniq I om s Barber Shop mnen of fhnton and le'1rl North Fmt Q Own I I C0111 PAR. he CORNER STORE Rl' AI 'FOR I hone SA 1 4805 C omphments of Fashlon Hat Shoppe 1 Mun St I hone QA 5 4911 rmted Xdsertwmg Deweloped 'md Produced Byrd Prlntlng Co I o po a cl 1 91 West Maln Qt North Enst Pa NIKLAUS BROS Your International Harvester lllfllfll Dealer qmce 1912 NORIH EAS! PA PHONF QA 'S 1901 1 J I . Q" 1- v 1 1 nf- 11121. A 'L , s r v , . . C, . 0. . T I . 1 '. . -1 1 , , , - . 4 1 311. 2 F' , l P'-4, 1 1" .A ' ' - ' ' y ' 4 A Ali L . ma 'x e2 L 1 - . I Q ncr rle , 1 . nl si K n ,-1 11, . . . ' is L ll YY YYY A Q - 14 --'. L' I OITIIJIINIPIIIS of' DR and MRS Sa V Mor Dress Shop uhm md CIIIIIIIGYI s LEMUEL C ALCORN x0 Ldv to Wm 'xr' Ihom SX 1 I00l Worth Iwst I'1 IOFIIIIIIIYNIIIN ol Barnes Glenn Llck s Gara e g 'NAII IOOIXIVAI IEuII'1Io lurbme , S I Ike Street oncenlrlie Sp: uns W nh I lst lr' West I us Rmd North East Packing Corp umm x ,um mu 1 I I lfresmenf QUALITY FRUIT PRODUCTS Frozen Fruits Cherries In Brlne Fruit Julces TPI I I HUNI SA I 1807 61 119 Eflst Struct North Fast Pa I I , . . l 0 ' T 1 F W, l 1 ,1 I.. n z , ,. . . 7 v I.: l' - If D I 7 'Is .- e , X 1 , A Ifp q Ke I 1 x L1 - X I , I Vyiw v YY k"' YI 7 j II'II'..- IU ' U L .. ,, . 4 I. 1 1 1 Adil ll I QI . 1 1 -1 rx-1 l L K I y ' . Y .0 22. . 1. ,, . V . I If K y V v - vww 1 V' . I 1 U 2312, , . . 0 Q . . 1 wg 1 1 - , 142 U., I-L .4 . . -1 1 ' 4. I I 4. , WELCH GRAPE JUICE CO INC ry for Pure Welch s Enjoyment CIAILJLIKI IAMS IIVQEI VFR IIIIITS Compllmm nts of Mnlt s Service Center Dolores 5' Emmett I5 I' lst Mun Slreei Ihe DOI Pm Ilrne In I'I10n9 9 I w 2901 '01 Q Ifxkc QI1 vt Clinton Street fomphmonts ol Market 'Ilelts Frocerles Chesleys Fresh FTUIIQ Vegetables Ecoma Dany 62 Clmlon S1 al' Ih SA w 908 North Fast :HF c RFATI R HOLLISTER Er PHILLIPS I IN Phllpj AC ple e Clothing and Furnlshlngs FOR MEN AND BOYS Footwear for All the Famuly ., . I u . cv, .gf-,1-,IB rv- re.-f I 'fr' , irc' f If I 1 Ny ,w v ww w yy y w 1 1 L 4 I 'IU - - L, - has u In - r IJ 1 1 In I 1 ' i 4 ' I I X I I n 1 n wif I' I 9 JK: I I I rv N 'Y -1 - w nv 5- LAL l'Un4I I r-' , ' .. s. 11 Is V I I I . , . V , I ,,I I 2.- I ' If I 1 ' I A L I Q - , ' " B I . 'Y 'f . I .I 1-3. AII I I I I VY 1 4' 1 I 1 J Phi . iis om tc-:Lin of U O U . COUSE Cr BEMISS AGENCY Insurance and Real Estate Brokers lelephone NX m B600 North F1 t Pa d C R Nash Ofhce supply An erson s uf ate I XX CUNISUIT-XNT 10 Chnton Street 44 East Main I hone SA 1 1000 CARD S SERVICE M bil if Mobnl Gas ir Mobil Oil hh I' ASI MAIN ST PHONF SA 5 3195 'I I -Ii A 41 S , . I NU'I'ARY SERVICE ' 1 ' rm I I . 0 0 - x 1 V s 1 Y - ,A , , , J I I 1 .H " 5' NORTH EAST CO OPERATIVE Il IAYS IHI4 BI4S'l IHI LO OI WAY luhm Northlatl lelephone bk 1330 ARTHUR F SCHULTZ COMPANY GENFRAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 17 East Mam St North East Pa DR and MRS H F ADAMS THE HOLLY SHOP Ladies' and ChlIdren's Wearing Apparel NORTH EAST, PA. PHONE SA 5 3601 G. L. F. SERVICE, Inc. - .,.-' I 3.23 .-,v V Y I YL' ' x JL' X . Y ' M 1 - , S. Pearl Si. at Q1 z lviile 'I 5 , '21, " - A U 5-A I E I . U I , O O I I I hone SA 5 3159 Edith s Mlchael s Jewelry Fxpert W'1tch Repalrmg Beauty salon Fngxawmg, Dramond Setting EDITH JOHNSON 21 Vvest lwaln qtreet Z1 S I ake St I'I10Il0 SA 5 4161 North I ut Pennsylvanm North East pa me sruoem Q svomcml tk JOST EN CLASS RINGS and the spothght reveals Mag Hcenl su sh 0 10K gold y e tfllyeg O Thckf cated lonu THE SMART THING S S n IIIEHH H WHSS HIIIB JOSTEN' df CRAMER MOTORS Inc Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Sales Cr Service M un st If xt Telephone 5 2501 North East Pa ALMOST TOO NEW TO BE TRUE You'II fund greater road performance Greater driving ease and economy IH a fhevrolet or Oldsrnobnle from Cramer Motors , , . t , v -v 1 1 W o l o I I N I I ' D J r Y. r - . . I I 1 , 1 1 L Lv K I 1 A I - L I ' El .1 , E' '.c 1 , . 7 s on I , .55 - V H-, K I . .W , Y ' .f x - , , 5 . . 0 nu n un " N x I Exclusive original design W" 0 Ever ring b ou i u n rcved ' I Deep dimensi n die-work ' O i a s fl plu a host of feature I the ' UL ' q T , ra iion of quolil-' n Wil , o - I . 1 1 ' Y' ss . I I . 1, , ' ' ' , , ' L G Balfour Company ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS Iuxclrx s Fmest Claftsmen KIASS RINK S AND PINS ln d T Plq D pl m Rom I QGTIITILIX e U W lldemer Wav I akewood N Y DFI FRFFN IS SOAPQ Wilcox Products Phone 2 3773 I TOWEI Q TRASK State 8a Oth Frle I1 Compllmc nts of J Homer T Henderson P Broadhead L McAdoo CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 60 FROM CLASS OF 61 TURK SMITH INC John Deere Massey Ferguson Bean Sprayers PHONE S I I 3101 105 CLAY SI I 1 I L I. L Y Clu and Hospital Insignia Q Me als - rophies - a ues N Commencement Invitations N i o as 5 ROBERT 'l". TURNBULI, I l'RESCO'l"I' 8: RICHARDSON Li.. 2 5,4 , ..l S . ,A.,,1. ,H I r AVL' .I I I ' 1 ' t'm'ry, Pa. I I' 'PS 1. , I I f'mW1'mWtS ff Orton s Frult Market I' and Mrs M R O Leary '5I'lIIOI1 Road North Iffwt Pa PIERCE MOTOR SALES IHRI SI I R I I I MOI IH md IMI PRI XI SAI FS d SFRVICF M NI NIIIII Phone QA 5 IRQI MR AND MRS THEODORE F MAASZ MII CONCRA FUI A VIONS TO lux of ' Salchow s Drug Store PRFQPRIPTION SPFCIAI NTS 5 Weqt Mann St North EaQt W00dc0ck's CUUNHY Grocery Store ' ' 1 A1 , 1 - I 1 ' 4 1 , u n a a I 1 1 A , 1 1 1 I1 3 ' yv1 4 y 1 I I I , . I , 1 ' 1 I I - . . an . . 4 S5-ri! '. I I. SI. I -"-4 Nr ' 2 Iffzlsi IIUI'1lIlQ.fII 'PHX OI'I'im'v Y Y 1 J I 'l'Iw C' 2 ' 1.3611 IL .I L J ' I L K ' 1 . . ., . X KONI R-Xl'lII AIIUNS 'IO 'IHI' I I XSs OP ho BROTHERHOOD OF ST JOSEPH S Inter Sl North Past Pa Prompt Tax: Service Ii :rho Dxsp lfChLd S L and M L Anderson, ll D D S me Street I h bA 5 4408 VIII I IANI I STOW Presldent WII LIAM R STOW Treas PQ 1 IOHN H SIOW I I U Sec STOW Cr SONS INC nh on Strut North Past I ennfl George Bemlss Store ll 1 Ilw Sheet Ielcphone sA 5 369 I G C Murphy C0 A I A AA L I . A . . 1 .. I I O III I" ' .' . Y I' I I . . . ' '1 . , I T' K L C -'T 1 I I O Q O Ilzirolql Naylor ' ' ' v. , , 1 1 L I -A X V A A I A. Aw Q C' J . L. , 1 . I Q . A. ., L . I I 5 I " 4'- , Phone SA 5--1554 . a 0 V I 4 v ' - ' In K V1 i xi .I I f BUY AT THE Esso SIGN CONIPI lMFN'l S OF' CALISTA HARTLEY Stetson Bros Plumbmg Heatlng lnlectrlcal Supplies Hot Pomt Apphances Propane Gas Qervlce Doversplke s Servlce 110 I+ lst Mun Street North I .ist l'1 Phone SA 'S' 1 N If l'I1 S HOB CONIGRATULATIONQ to tho C lass oi 1960 Servrce 01131 11111 1110115 to tho Z o W -4 J: H1 P U1 -I :: xv T U 2 If T H1 n o is of 0 DECKER S STORE Hardware Pamts Glass Wallpaper Floor Coverlng Electrical G' Plumbing Supplies U3 ll South Iearl St North East P1 I'honL SA m 1119 Q I n I2 Q 1 2' I - 5- .- , 2. ,- ,gurl GRC fl'Illll'IS - " JYS NOX' I ,"1l'I - Bll'lS l u Brooklyn Gfocefv Cunningham Collision . C' f'z 1 1 ' J 1 Ulm ' 'css . , F' -F? kl , ' Ll 4 l 1 1 D THE CONCORD PHARMACY EXTENDS Besf Wishes for Success TOTHE CLASS OF 60 BAKER S 1850 1960 but VM'-hu to the 1960 North F 1 t High School C I ldudtu FROM Isaac Baker and Son St ate at 50Y!.ll1l1 Erie Pa Erle Insurance Exchange It xou xx mt tm lxtest fust lI1SL116 xxlth the thc umm mx that h as thc 170114168 noxx th lt 111 others c Jpx c ll Ixtu . 1 I I ' '.' nf 'f ' 1 I V Y 4 l 1 f Y E if I 1 1 u N ' 1 ' I c '. ' . 1 1 - ' K K K I , O e ' V .. 1 , . , " ., ' , . n F .' 1 1 A 1 ., . , C 1119, A ' Z .' 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JUST WHAT I WANTED WHPN YOU SAY IHAI ABOII ANYIHING YOU BUY HFRI' WI ARI' AS MUC II PLEASLD AS HOU IT MEANS WE BOTH HAVF BEEN SUI LESSPLL SIIOPPERS WE ARI SURF IHAT YOU WILL FIND SPRIING SFASON WI I H THE L REAM Ol' NI W SIOLK 'I 0 LHOOSI If ROM L. W CRIIOT DRY GO0DS C0 Compllments of HUBER HARDWARE II H JUST WHAT YOU WANT AT THE START OF A NEW I cow 1 imma Ol MIIJARD S TURNER FUNERAL HOME I lke md tlfn Street th I ' THEATRE Get More Out of Life See a Movie We t ngrltuhte the 1960 t lflull THE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO not SI 1U1 NIQHINGQ ESTABLISHED 1918 HOGUE S GUN STORE 45 EAST MAIN W NORTH FAST PA W4 YXY Y 1 I , A A1 t 1 . . 1 '1 ,ta , 1 .y t s ' . 1 . 6 Nm mst, l a. , J -, - f l I ' -x - ' y- 1 1 ' - . x 0 1 c - . lr: 1 lN U ' C " I A . I 1 f 1 , . t . , , , HILLGHILL L Nlorth Ffit I1 l Dem I Congrafulahons fo fhe Ciass of 60 KEYSTQNE coovem.-rave GRAPE ASSOCIATION i S Q mm 'N ' 90" U QW 'gig "s, wk Pg, Civil Enufinieers S Gibson Street 1 J. S i, H . 'l'. C. HILL, 1911 R, , +I gl, A. E. S'l'ERRET'I' J. K. HALLENBURG o I ii!! X 'all 'ire-01 Phone . A 5-A . A X1 E ' '42 -5-N Q- s , . - gr i A ve.. oz' S Q I Q ' 4 4 ' 1 ' 4' 'Y' O 'l HL NA l'IONAL BANK Ola NOIQTH EAS1 Qjf UPI ONIII' IHI' IARR Flre Casualty Allred Lmes lelephone SA 1 ilu' North East P1 ouue s Barber Sho P Comphments of Lou Cuts Han' Bex ond Comp ue Dr 6' Mrs George Sample 11 If Hun St I hone QA 5 4311 Y 1 V 1 Y ,f f ,Te r E x 1 K' v 'J 'H I 1 ' THE R. L. HARTLEY AGENCY vw v y 4 4 ru T , , l A U 'V I as , lo L ' ' A ca , , ' , , , U 1 C nA X X I I W , W Q 1 0 A. A L R 1 k ' N Compliments of STETSON'S Gibbs' Esso Service Center on Routc P0 Auto Sales and Parts I hone 'A 1 N61 1 cn 0 Phone SA 5 1801 JOS R BULL S Super Servlce Station C ompllmentb Fran Beauty' Sh0P Sack s Grocery SA 5 4005 thesles Bldg 22 East Mam St North I ul I OWNERS MR d MRS H L SACK I . ... I L' T-: ' Jn I . 2 R1 Q 'l Q O I . 1 ' Y , , of S I Q Phone - 1 , , ,. 1 . 3 . L . I ' Ca: , 'u. .': . an . . . .yy QL iv, , . . , W ,. 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