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Q wwsf f W W ziikfwif Q Q55 Qffiw QQ if Wy, wg Rami W fffwwf Af' 42592. M 7MM1f,fj,.7fi ff' ' U '7'fV'if1fmz: Z" C Q54 NCJUVV V X f W ofnbzlw m!Q f JZMZZJLV. Qyzfwuf ,Q Ov'W,,Qcf5 THE' ill' l SEWIUR UA55 DF 1956 NDRTI-I EAST HIGH 5'L'HO0L 69112 Sfnhunl The publlc school the pubhc school s A wondrous place to be Wlth students and professors grand And much that s good for me We start the day 1n a good way Vhth scrlpture and wlth prayer Then study hard from morn t1l mght To memor1ze wlth care When we reclte and get thlngs rlght It helps to compensate F01 all the dlsadvantages Through whlch we operate To take a book and flnd a nook Where we can concentrate ls one good way we all would say To get a hlgher 1ate Unless there s qu1etude In work and play throughout the ay We prove our aptltude Geography ph1losophy And math and all the rest Although confused and qulte abused We plan to do our best Some days are blue and boresome too And yet we get along We never fa1l nor even quall To slng a cheery song Wlth lore to galn and mmds to tram Ambltlons slowly form Departmg from her hallowed halls Wlth thoughts forever warm Joyce Flnn I . , . A , 7 1 I ! , , . . 1 ! It's h-ard to cram for an exam 9 ' , . d ! l 1 ! 9 ! 7 7 l 3 D . . I . , . . ! -2- North East Joint High School North East, Pennsylvania 4 ehiratinn The class of 1956 is very proud to dedicate this yearbook to someone who we believe is one of the most outstanding personalities th-at we have encountered in our high school years, Mr. Matthew Hamilton. 1 We shall never forget the jovial sense of humor which is so character- istic of him .and which has brought him close to the students and has made him many friends, especially in our own Senior Class. Mr. Hamilton has also contributed much to our learning by his teaching of American history and guidance. To someone who has meant so much to us, we dedicate this yearbook to you, Mr. Matthew Hamilton. -4- Supervising lglrinripell lVlr. Earle C. Davis B.S., M. Ed. NORTH EAST JOINT HIGH SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION President .... .... R IR. JAMES P. BRYAN Vice President .. MII. DANIEL W. THOMSON Secretary . f. . . . MII. THEODORE SPRAGUE Treasurer ........ . . . MR. KENNETH BOSTWICK Mrs. William Sceiford Mr. Theodore C. Hill Mr. Ilaymond U. Mead Illr. Harry L. Thompson Mr. Donald G. Norris Dr. Henry F. Adams Dear Seniors, Your group is fortunate to graduate at a time when opportunities for employment, for technical training, and education for the professions are abundant. The presence of opportunities without ac- tion on your part means very little. It is imperative that you choose to push forward or you will lag behind. Several members of your class have de- monstrated an active interest in further ed- ucation. The better colleges, universities, and hospitals throughout the tri-state area have accepted virtually all of those who have ap- plied. The entire faculty wish each individual member of the Class of 1956 the best success in any field of endeavor which he may choose. Sincerely yours, E. C. DAVIS Mr. James P. Bryan Mr. Albert Davies, Gannon College Zllarultg Mr. Gunther Edelmann, Mrs. Barbara Ferko, B. S., M. L. B. S. Mr. Roy Fordyce, Mr. Matthew Hamilton B S. B. S., M. Ed. -7- Mr. John Hanna, Miss Beatrice Harrison, B.A. B.S. Fifa fully Mr. Harold MacTarnaghan, Miss Elizabeth Ostendorf, B.S. B.S. -3- Mrs. Joan Page, Mr. Kenneth Pulling B.S. B.S. 1 atuliy Mr. Robert Thurbon, Mr. Billy Wilkins B. S. B. A. Mr. Joseph Setcavage, B. Ed. Miss Nora Sheridan, B. A. Mr. Carl Roggenbaum, Mr. Frederick Serff, B. S. B. S., M. Ed. -9- ROW 1-Advisor: Mrs. Page, J. Howard, B. Turner, M. Marks, B. Beardsley, Advisor: Mr. Wilkins. ROW 2--L. Morton, C. McAdoo, S. Harrison, B. Bryan, J. Baker, J. Miller, G. Bemiss, C. Jones, J. Phanco, S. Klozewski, R. Allen. 5111212111 Gluumzil The Student Council of 1956 elected Martha Jean Marks, President, James Howard, Vice President, Barry Turner, Treasurer, and Betty Beardsley, Secretary, as its officers for this school year. The Council started its program by supervising the seating arrange- ment .and the setting up of rules and regulations followed by the students throughout the year at all assemblies. The assembly programs for the following year were selected. A suggestion box was made and placed in the lower hall. North East students co-op- erated, and the Council did its best to suit the will of the student body for the good of our high school. Prizes were bought for the children of the community who entered the Halloween parade sponsored by the North East Jaycees. Dancing in the gym was the entertainment given for the high school students. An assembly on safe driving was prepared by a committee chosen from the group. A local Pennsylvania State Policeman was called in to present the program to the students. During the months of April .and May, a "driver of the month" was chosen and given 9510.00 worth of gasoline for his or her car. Betsy Bryan, James Howard, Betty Beardsley, and Shirley Harrison were chosen as re- presentatives at the yearly convention held in Millcreek, Pennsylvania. The conference they attended proved to be very enlightening, and will prove helpful to the Student Council of next year. Members of the North East Student Council thank Mrs. Page and Mr. Wilkins, the faculty advisors, for the help and advice they have offered throughout the year. si ' if Lim' - 10- -"'1"'i":-I' Z' 4 - "f f CLASS OFFICERS SHIRLEY HARRISON , , , - , ,., . Secretary SHIRLEY THORNTON M, N, Vice-President ANTHONY SANFILIPPO W, President JAMES MATHERS Treasurer Qllass Cbffirers We entered into North East High with great hopes for the future, but we were soon harassed by the seniors of that year during our initiation. None of us had a care in the world, but we soon learned how to live in a high school society. The sophomore year came upon us and with initiative We presented a delightful class assembly. It was a dramatic take-off on the prize television program, THIS IS YOUR LIFE. As juniors, we forged ahead and began acquiring a sense of responsibility. A decora- tive, pleasing Christmas Dance was carried out for the first time in the all purpose room in the grade school. Our entertaining Junior Prom left everyone with stars in their eyes, and we began looking forward to our last big year. With great dignity we entered North East High School for the last year of our sojourn here. The trading and autographing of pictures was furious and we put on a hilarious play called "Cupid in Pigtailsf' Everyone seemed to do a lot of learning and a lot of playing, but it all ended on June 7, commencement night. It was a great thrill to grasp our diplo- mas at last and look back on four years with fond memories of the happiest moments of our lives. ..12.. Doris Betts Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, - Grapevine 4 - Short- hand Club 4-F. H. A. 4-Dramatic Club 4 - Monitor 4. Pals with Luella Bob Quiet Donald Batten Band 1, 2, 3, 4-Chorus 2, 4--Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Dun Future Nlun1hy's Manager Stage crew D n o na Swahhie an ' I ' . 5 it --1 s 2 I I ff fl JJ il .1 r ,- 'fx -...X:-.I.4'.t4 It 1 E U i 1 5 a-as X 2 r 'B N ' W 7 W 4 1 25211 A fi Moa. . ,j f7 pdrygffwhd' .,,,,7.,,,,,' A If ,LL f fi ni Betsy Alcorn 1-. x, . . 5II ' 5 6 ' Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-F.H.A. ' 2 1, 4-Chorus 2, 3, 4- Q Dramatic Club 4 - .5 Grapevine 2, 3, 4 - g Monitor 4. j Mayhelle ' Greenfield Gal Pals with Joan fi V . ' 1 Eli B Q I Gordon Ahrens Swede Plymouth ti Curly Future Serviceman I Marjorie Card Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-F.H.A. 3, 4-Band 2, 3, 4- Chorus 2, 3, 4. Rell llulet Knows Chemistry Out-of-state student Joseph Chriest - Latin Club 1-Football 1, 2, 3, 4 -Monogram Club 4 - Hi-Y 3, 4- MOI'lll'f0!' 4 - Dramatic Club 4. .loo Fat Bomlnstic, hellowlnu, old huz- ard One of the senior delinquents xllf'f SHOQ "'4fro7 5-1 5963 7 f It d lf' , Wagga ZX im ggi Q1 cn-v Hcsnrrai' r ,gall ,, S N Rose Brown Latin Club 1-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Grapevine 3, 4 -Shorthand Club 4 - Dramatic Club 4-Mon- itor 4. Chuckie Future Secretary L'lres to skate Friendly Margaret Burdick Monitor 4-Cadets 4- Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Chor- us 1, 3, 4-Grapevine 4 --F. H. A. 3, 4-Art 1,2 Peony Other half of Priscilla Hair Styler Susanne Cox Band 1, 2, 3-Debate Club 1, 2, 3, 4-Latin Club 1, 2-Spanish Club 4-Language Club 3 - Chorus 1, 4-Grapevine 2, 3, 4-Aquilo Staff 4 -Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 -Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Dra- matic Club 4. Susie Honor Society Grape Queen Neat dresser Editor-in-Chief Margaret Cornmesser Cadets 2, 3-F.H.A. 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4- G.A.A. 3, 4-Shorthand Club 4-Intramurals 3, 4-Grapevine 3, 4 - Chorus 2, 3, 4-Drama- tic Club 4. Peutly Grape 0ueen's Court Enqaued Telephone Operator ! 5173 i B L...,-.. , 1 IQ HI 0: 0' V sr L3 I 1 iff C ks ,.-3 -ur Ll T--, ETC. is A Esc L-4, v I E .-,, f U X lla if ffyx s.......... .. A... LV- , - .-15i Helen Cook Band 1, 2-Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens 2-Mon- itor 4-Shorthand Club 4-Grapevine 2, 3, 4- Latin Club 1. Pretty hair Neat dresser Typinu Whiz Quiet V, Roger Clark Band 1, 2, 3, 4-Latin Club 1-Vice President 1-Class Treasurer 3- Hi-Y 3-Aquilo Staff 4. National Honor Society Miser Clarinetist Mathematical Wizard UI, Marjorie Dickson Latin Club 1-F.H.A. 4 -Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 -G.A.A. 3, 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Hockey Club 1 -Grapevine 2, 3, 4- Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-Dra- matic Club 4. Marne Dave "Long, Long Trailer" Number Please Vincent Filutze Football 1, 2, 3, 4-Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4-Track 2, 3, 4-Latin Club 1- Spanish Club 3-Hi-Y 3, 4-Monogram Club 2, 3, 4-Dramatic Club 4 -Intramurals 1, 2 - Grapevine 1, 4-Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-Aquilo Staff 4. Jess Where's Flip? Carol Une of Senior Delinquents A fb!-Q Q9 af Q55 Qfigfinl, 9 3556? I if Kyiv ....,.1 XX rl! xt LX f s I. I KGB: 1 I .lx , 5 4 'o v 1 ii . it Q X .n I Q . s X, 1. X , r - 5 Y-' ' at ,S " - ' f . ..- ,. f ,'i, i .iili ll, 3 1 , it 'A 3 - 16 - O Luella Craig Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Cadets 4- F.H.A. 1, 4-G.A.A. 4-Shorthand Club 4. Lu Hot Chevy Works at the White Dinar Interest in a pest uraduate David Desin Football 1, 2, 4-Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4-Track 2, 3, 4-Monogram Club 3, 4-Dramatic Club 4 -Intramurals 1, 2. on Judge of the beautiful uirls One of the Senior Delinquents ' " "my Helen Griffin Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Chorus 1, 2, 3-Latin Club 1. 2-Language Club 3, 4 -Dramatic Club 4 - Monitor 4-Grapevine 4--G.A.A. 3. Grif Let's skip Smoky Curry Stanley Green Chorus 3, 4-Hi-Y 4- Intramurals 3-Aquilo Staff 4. Stan Car Salesman Supreme School Skinner Q I .4 X 3:1- . 0 1...- 4- if ' 5 - ,., v 2 U 1 u 4 1.5 fL -'WJ ,. ,, I 4 1 .f, 1 0 F ' - A 'fig 'iii' we ar, ef? 5 of I, .4.11... lsusscmonouhs 5 , ,r 0- P we Charles Fulton I-Ii-Y 4-Intramurals 3. Chuck Steam Boat P.0.D. Jabber-hex Mumhlls Joyce Finn F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4-Y- Teens 2, 3, vine 4-Hockey Club 2 -Chorus 4-Dramatic Club 4. Don Chums with Mary .Iam Jo f 4 UI it L Jane Hatch Latin Club 1, 2-Stu- dent Council 2-Debate Club 1, 2, 3, 4-Lang- uage Club 3, 4-Y- Teens 2, 3, 4-Grape- vine 2, 3, 4-Aquilo 4- Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-Ca- dets 2, 3-Monitor 4- Dramatic Club 4. Grape Dueen's Court National Honor Society Ticlrlish Songbird Sally Hopkins Class President 1-Class Secretary 3 - Debate Club 1, 2, 3, 4-Spanish Club 3, 4-Latin Club 1, 2-Band 1, 2, 3 - Chorus 1, 3, 4- Cheer- leader 1, 3, 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 - Aquilo 4- Grapevine 2, 3, 4 - Dramatic Club 4. Sa-Sa 0ueen's Court Acting ability Aquila Editor National Honor Society I Allan Harrison F.F.A. 2, 3-Chorus 1. Drives a Lincoln The tall one Interest in the Supllomores Shirley Harrison Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-Y- Teens 2, 3, 4-Latin Club 1, 2 - Dramatic Club 4-Grapevine 2- Aquilo Staff 4-Short- hand Club 4. Pretty smile Quiet talker N ice dresser Brushes easy I' x,,. L OM-W -M- l --.-A-a.......-...J ---..-..-M W-. . -13- 5 srl' -4 Wil I-QL x" cgv l l l li' L ...l Ralph Lafferty Chorus 2, 3-Basketball 3-Latin Club 1-In- tramurals 2, 3, 4-Dra- matic Club 4-Grape- vine 4. Ralph Drives a green Chevy Freshman interests Sinuinu hillbilly William Klanz Band 1, 2, 3, 4-Chorus 2-Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4-F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4- F.F.A. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4-Aquilo Staff 4- Hi-Y 4. ein Interest at Hamnt Snapshot Editor Ch'cken Rancher s we Q e ll x7 T if xi Q5 JSKCKX I WING FAn4T I 2 Cf, F 2 I I I ' ' . ' 0. e ' .ga ,t P flag: J I as 1:7 4 , ad , 'Q ,Q 1 0 1 .1 -- ai 4 1 L-10 97 in-ff 5 .-1' " ef. , 2 -fv ..19... Priscilla Hunt F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4-Y- Teens 4-Monitor 4- Grapevine 4 - Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 4-Dra- matic Club 4, Art Club 3. Jean Future dress designer Pals with Penny Julia Hovey Latin Club 1, 2-Lan- guage Club 3-Debate Club 1, 4-Band 1, 2, 3, 4-Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3-Girls' Chorus 3, 4 -Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 - Grapevine 2, 3, 4 - Aquilo Staff 4. Which one this time? Neat dresser Tweet Tweet "Nosey" If Raymond Lincoln Latin Club 1, 2-Debate Club 2, 3, 4-Track 3, 4 -Dramatic Club 4 - Language Club 3, 4- Hi-Y 3, 4-- Intramurals 3, 4-Grapevine 4 - Aquilo Staff 4. Ray Star Dehator Mr. D. A. One ot the "toys" Hazel Lindsey F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4-Spa.n- ish Club 3, 4-Grape- vine 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-G.A.A. 4-Dramatic Club 4. Letter Writer Loves Enulish Vocabulary Mannerly Talkative 'io 822 , U . J I I Z: -4 tx .-...-...-.4-.......... ...- EFT it .-20... Robert Lewis F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4-F.F.A. Basketball 2, 3-Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Boh Hot pickup Future farmer Gerda Lichtenfeld Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Band 1, 2, 3, 4-Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 - G.A.A. 3, 4 - Shorthand Club 4-In- tramurals 1, 2, 3, 4- Monitor 4 -Grapevine 2, 3, 4-Dramatic Club 4. Grape Queen's Court Future secretary National Honor Society District Chorus Barbara Maas F.H.A. 1, 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Cadets 2, 3 - G.A.A. 4-Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-Hockey Club 1. Quiet Pals with Lu Former cadet Wayne Luke F.F.A. 1, 2, 3 Chorus 2. Roberta Future Farmer Quiet Hot Chevy elle , 4-Mixed . SWFE 5' S X 'S Q e 'I V523 gk o'!. . . as og ,eo v -53 hd "9 U u r '-5:45 . 'K .F S 1 .-21- Lois Lingenfelter FHA. 1, 2, 3, 4-Y- Teens 3, 4-Chorus 1, 2, 4-Grapevine 4 -- Dramatic Club 4. Quiet Writes letters Future homemaker Chums with Joyce and Betty Walter Lindsey Football 1-Dramatic 2, 3, 4-Hi-Y 3, 4-Chor- us 1, 2, 3, 4-Language Club 3. Walt Future paper hanuer One of the stage crew usonny.. Bla Judith Marx Latin Club 1, 2-Art Club 2, 3-Grapevine 4 -Debate Club 4 - F.H.A. 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Aquilo Staff 4 - Dramatic Club 4. National Honor Society Chemistry whiz Smart Friendly James Mathers Class Treasurer 4 - Class Vice President 3 --Hi-Y 3, 4-Chorus 2 -Latin Club 1, 2 - Spanish Club 3, 4-Stu- dent Council 1, 2, 3- Football 3, 4-Basket- ball 3-Grapevine 4 - Aquilo 4 - Monogram Club 3, 4 - Dramatic Club 4. Jim Future dentist All county end Aquilo Editor 47 F-E 1 -: -nz C4' s iv' . Hao: X 1 'hu E -. 4 3 YE QI 'CD 19 9 N.l ! Aneepfx ixfk no I Z .13 Philip Maasz Band 1, 2, 3, 4-Hi-Y 3, 4-Dramatic Club 4. Phil Coin collector Yes, yes, yes, yes Martha Marks Monitor 4-Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4-Grapevine 1, 2, 3, 4--Cadets 2, 3, 4-De- bate Club 2, 3, 4 - Aquilo Staff 4-Stu- dent Council President 4-Latin Club 1, 2- Spanish Club 3, 4-Y- Teens 2, 3, 4-Dramatic Club 4. Marty Likes to talk Rainbow Worthy Ad.'i::r Giggles Mussel I 0 Pool-we Joan Nadeau F.H.A. 3, 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Cadets 4-Dra- matic 4-Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-Grapevine Staff 4-Aquilo Staff 4 - Spanish Club 3-Latin Club 1. Mary Jane Mingoy F.H.A. 1, 2-Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-Hockey 1-Y- Teens 2, 3, 4. Minnie Shorty Shrill giggle Talkative ..-.-,,- E. . N' L51-5 DI-,AY BALL! 4.' xl ' 1 Q-' I Y-:J 'Nt 3 l 'LPI Il it C:?4:f HAM V Cf 'fqll f :N g J CHOPE IJ GROCEFNE S Mm-n-m. J -23- 1 l I l Donald Meehl Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4- Monogram Club 3, 4- Class Treasurer 1-Hi- Y 3, 4. Don Play hay Straight as an arrow Basketball star Calvin McAdoo Football 1, 2, 3, 4 - Basketball 1, 2, 3 - Track 2, 3, 4-Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4-Hi-Y 3, 4--Monogram Club 3, 4--Aquilo 4-Student Council 4-Class Treas- urer 2-Dramatic Club 4. Melvin Laughing boy Senior delinquent Marquis , , J----num-vw-ri ry qnvf-WS,-H -7-,ve-wmvqvrfiwv-ferr g ... i xl! IJ 2 f rl E .5 ,Q ' 'Qt 'l v ' 13 l ,,, f ' un. John Nieboer F.F.A. 3, 4-Dramatic Club 4-F.F.A. Basket- ball 4. Carter Safe driver Honor Society Newsweek oenius Martha Orton Latin Club 1-Spanish Club 3-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Band 1, 2, 3, 4 - Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4- Grapevine 1, 4-G.A.A. 3, 4-Hockey Club 2- Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4- Monitor 3 - Dramatic Club 4. Marty "Bind" Bob Sod: jerk nw.-,f - L--w '-X-gf-.--W ..-gwmnfq ' arm.-ff - vu'-fIgz11"Pff'1'. f-'f1'1"- ' 1"Tf!Ha12"l':v""E'!"K'f1v'f"'rv 55,9 r7'?r"7 2' V Susan Naylor - Latin Club 2, 3-Span- ish Club 1, 3, vine 2, 3, 4-G.A.A. 3, 4-Chorus 2, 3, 4-Y- Teens 2, 3, 4-Dramatic Club 4. Sue John Aunt Dottie Really!! William Naylor Dramatic Club 4. Tylie Senior delinquent Quiet "Partly" NCQ0, '51, 4 - El A 4. xv i Qi-7.1 ,Q I ll +241 Caroline Pieffer Latin Club 1, 2-Span- ish Club 3, 4-F.H.A. 1 -Y-Teens 3, 4-Girls' Chorus 2, 4-G.A.A. 4- Dramatic Club 4-Mix- ed Chorus 1, 3. Blondie Dick 10-year girl Nice hair Janeene Phanco Grapevine 2, 3, 4 - Aqullo 4 - G.A.A. 3- Dramatic Club 4- Y- Teens 2, 3, 4-Language Club 3, 4-Latin Club 1-Shorthand Club 4- Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-Stu- dent Council 4. Chums with Sally Future nurse Moody Works at Nash's sl Qli 'C'- s. 1 X113 X ljx ISDN C T l 'X .Vik N 34135 If , YS in BLUE AND wan-a , . I -of mln Sandra Peck F.H.A. 1-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Hockey Club 1, 2- Chorus 1, 2, 3- Cheer- leader 2 -Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4-Grapevine 2, 3, 4-G.A.A. 3, 4-Da- bate Club 4-Cadets 3 -Monitor 4-Dramatic Club 4. Night Crawler Hot Rod Interest in Army Giggles Shirley Payne Latin Club 1-F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Chorus 2, 3 - Grapevine 4-G. A. A. 4. Blondie Pals with Luella Cute Friendly B W.-. A A. n i l if 4 gf 'A ' L 7 -293 . I' NIGHT llgwk EJ! Max Reed Hi-Y 3, 4. Cave Man Maxine An old man Boakkeepinu Whiz Ray Reed Football 3, 4-Hi-Y 3, 4-Monogram Club 4. Ray Quiet Friendly l J' 6-L XX .W Q '199 f i I l Y 1.-F Richard Politz Grapevine 2, 3-Foot- ball 3, 4 - Dramatic Club 4-Hi-Y 3, 4. Polock Senior delinquent Little Louie William Popovich F.F.A. 3, 4-Dramatic Club 4. Artistic Mat Mere. Pup Kitty 1 9 5 ...26... Gail Schultz Grapevine 1, 4-Latin Club 1-Spanish Club 3, 4-Dramatic Club 4 -G.A.A, 4 - Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-Mon- itor 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 -Intramurals 2. Anthony Sanfilippo Aquilo Staff 4-Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4-Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4-Track 2, 3, 4-Class President 2, 4-Latin Club 1- Monogram 1, 2, 3, 4- Language Club 3-Hi- Y 3, 4-Intramurals 1, 2-Dramatic Club 4. Tony the Terrihle Flip Mad Butcher ,.L, ..,. , ,.,,.,...,,...,.,,- .. ,,,, .,,,., -:T Q Sx ex i 1 H iowa-5 T43 e' '1 V, LUCK in Z' , IJ .xi I l L Q so Q N I3 X1 1 i 2 Donna Ruslink F.H.A. 1, 2-Chorus 4- Y-Teens 3-G.A.A. 2- Dramatic Club 4 - Grapevine 4. Rusty Snorky Mad Driver Anchors Away . - f , , , 3. XOLJL LMA ,faq 5 12 ,X rye MMM? 1 J fs -4 4 ,L A N 104,-YP' Janice Rogers JB F.H.A. 1, 4-Dramatic Club 4-G.A.A. 4. ' M my Money collector 1 Girl from Greenfield X - Pals wiin Hale! V ' Naive . .A , ..-., -....i1. if ti ...27-. I IJ I' Betty Sissem Shorthand Club 4 - Dramatic Club 4 - Spanish Club 3. Engaged Pals with Joyce and Lois Commercial Law Question box Karen Souers Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-Y- Teens 2, 3-Latin Club 1-Spanish Club 3- Hockey Club 1, 2-Dra- matic Club 4-G.A.A. 3, 4-Grapevine 1, 2, 3, 4. Lone gal April Good singer District Chorus FHA wfh 'ff 1 1 atm tl 'W . ,,.,..,... ,,.. ,-. .... , , ,..k, . , ,Y.,,,,, "1 xa flj X - . 7 1-.lf 5 6 0 Y LT vVV it 2154!-'fvv 5 X ilk James Schultz Student Council 3 - F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4-Foot- ball 4-Hi-Y 4-Mono- gram Club 4 - F.F.A. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Duff Sue Farmer to he Pop's right hand man Judy Schultz Shorthand II Club 4- Intramurals 1, 2, 3- Latin Club 1-Chorus 2, 3, 4-F.H.A. 1, 3, 4- Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Grape- Vine 4-Dramatic Club 4-G.A.A. 3, 4. Farmer girl Future nurse Chums with Betsy, Sue, and Sue r, E Warren Sweet Latin Club 2-Language Club 3-Intramurals 2, 3, 4-Football 3, 4-Hi- Y 3, 4-Monogram Club 4-Dramatic Club 4- Track 4. Warnie Oh, that vocabulary Speedster Senior delinquent Sandra Sweet Latin Club 2-F.H.A. 1, 2-Spanish Club 3, 4- Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-Dra- matic Club 4. Sandy Gertie Future teacher Greenfielder Friendly wif'- Q ':f' YU! . P X, . ki U QWARREN 5 I f f A STOP E0 ll J A AA d -29- Charles Stoica Latin Club 1, 2-Hi-Y 4-Basketball Mgr. 3, 4 -Monogram Club 4. Slavic Senior delinquent Athletic director of grade l school i E 1 i Merle Spacht l F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4-F.F.A. f Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4- 4 Hi-Y 4 - Monogram l Club 4-Football 1, 2, 1 3, 4. Future farmer Cigars and pines Woman hater? Works at G.L.F. B I' le QM! i Ja N Ll-f I 1, v , cj N ll J Q, U , fl , ll pf xr M' I I V -, mv- t 1 A ,M 'J,,.,t QI! mfr' ft MW 1 1 1 ff 3 x 'ilu DIREQTO Bradley Wallace W it .fiiit Football ball 3, 4--Track 3, 4- Grapevine 3, 4--Aquilo 4-Dramatic Club 4 - Class President 3-Hi- 3, 4-Basket- Y 3, 4-Spanish Club 3, 4-Monogram Club 3, 4. Squats Senior delinquent Cat Man Joanne Ward Spanish Club 3-Latin Club 1-Band 1, 2, 3, 4-Chorus 2, 3, 4 - G.A.A. 3, 4-Grapevine 1, 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Monitor 4-Dra- matic Club 4-Hockey Club 2-Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Jn-Jo Our basketball star Fread's Steady .1 L. un' 3 X' 3 1,533 Q Shirley Thornton Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Chor- us 2, 3, 4-Cadets 2- F.H.A. 1-Class Secre- tary 1 - Class Vice President 4-Shorthand II Club 4-Intramurals 1, 2-Dramatic Club 4. Chums with Gail Norm Future secretary Cute Barry Turner Latin Club 1-Band 1, 2, 3, 4-Chorus 2, 3, 4- Spanish Club 3-Grape- vine 2, 3, 4-H1-Y 3, 4- Debate Club 2, 3, 4- Aquilo 4 - Class Vice President 2 - Student Council 3, 4-Dramatic Club 4. Ardent Student Director Red "I'll he on ton" Ten year plan :fx 'M n J U Q! 3 "::'ee ew eb lf 'il -ev04gFQ. IU 1 IT Q' l Wx u.. O . 4' GY Lia UU, vol of J, wr f VA A42 Larry Weaver Debate 1, 2, 3, 4-Latin Club 2, 3-Track 4 - Intramurals 3, 4-Dra- matic Club 4. Larry Smart Quiet Julia Ward G.A.A. 3, 4-Grapevine 1, 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Latin Club 3, 4- Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-Band 1, 2, 3, 4-Debate 4- Dramatic Club 4-In- tramurals 2, 3, 4. Julie Jaanne's other half Friendly Feomm- N' 15NOf.--- xl tml X Ugg' 77 " Q' 1 3 f Q 5 ' avid 'S ill' V A V .. -nd, V 4 K 132 , A l Joseph Ward Wftkx iz, 'V" Friendly 3' 'ff'-T Wi' .4 m y tl, I G. . Q, "1LA. gal: ,mil 3, """L .195 vw' L.. my , X. .S 5 L II .W W 2 6 iii an i "ii '.f'Jf' , ,Q Q 'K 'lk , I I 1 A ' ff " 4 ,4 " ff V .- .W ' ll mr, 2 2, I if? K E1 ' ?' f Q WW SWS ww Tunim' Glass ROW 1 f C. Villa, B Shank, F. Fleming, A Seymour, R. Bisbee, D Gibbons. ROW 2-J. Mundaniohl L. Shampoe, D. Smith M. Neff, J. Whitman S. Kloszewski. ROW 34J. Fall, F. Weber D. Johnson, H. Stolz R. Mahoney, L. Morris R. Garfield. ROW 4-A. Vanderweele. R. Hatfield, D. Felten- berger, T. Saunders, D. Woods, C. Dailey. ROW 1-J. Casperson, M. Campbell, R. Smith, R. Sveda, B. Doolittle. ROW 2.fJ. Nixon, J. Nel- son, B. Beardsley, G. Leitl, F. Reichenbach, L. Greenman, L. Batten. P. Seifert, S. Pace. ROW 3-K. Lichtenfeld, R. Bagley, J. Munn, S. Maas, S. Smith, N. Tur- ner, T. Greenwald. ROW 4-T. Leeper, R. Stetson, G. Lamb, W. Halloran, R. Tefft, R. Field, R. Reid. M. Lew- is, Mr. Davies. ROW IAL. Johnson, M. Green, E. Langin, S. Post, J. Luhman. ROW 2 - B. Reid, M. Males, D. Lawrence, D. Riedel, J. Rogers. L. Baker, E. Cantrell. ROW 3-T. Priester, C. Jones, C. Huber, M. Saunders, J. Helffrich, A. Evans, E. Rogers, R. McBride. u v 1 juninrs Ramona Bagley Lucinda Baker Lois Batten Betty Beardsley Jeannette Beebe Richard Bisbee Thomas Brown Martha Campbell Elaine Cantrell Joyce Carpenter Janice Casperson Fernn Craig Carl Dailey Ronald Danielson Charlotte Dilimone Barbara Doolittle Hilda DuFosse Acy Evans John Fall Dennis Feltenberger Neil Ferringer Richard Field Fred Fleming Robert Garfield Douglas Gibbons Mary Green Leonora Greenman Thomas Greenwald William Halloran Gerald Hartman Richard Hatfield James Helffrich Carl Huber Donald Johnson Linda Johnson Calvert Jones Stanley Kloszewski Gerald Lamb Eileen Langin Linda Larramore Doris Jean Lawrence Thomas Leeper Geraldine Leitl Mark Lewis Kurt Lichtenfeld Joyce Luhman Sharon Maas Robert Mahoney Peggy Males Robert McBride Lawrence Morris Nancy Motherwell James Mundaniohl Julia Munn Richard Myers Marvin Neff Jo-anne Nelson Judith Nixon Sondra Pace Donald Perkins Susan Post Thomas Priester Betty Ann Reed Freda Reichenbach Robert Reid Dianne Riedel Eugene Rogers Marjorie Rogers Georgia Rumberger Mack Saunders Thomas Saunders Patricia Seifert Audron Seymour Lloyd Shampoe Blair Shank Betty Smith Daniel Smith Stella Smith Richard Stetson Howard Stolz Rosella Sveda Robert Tefft Norma Turner Alan Vanderweele Charles Villa Fred Weber Jack Whitman Dennis Woods S l11Jlll1llIl11'L'5 --.1-. Dig. ' he in-1..- .-. in ROW 1-M. Langin, B Rockwell, M. Thomp- son, J. Yost, B. Bald- win, N. Hopkins, S. Al- corn, M. Miller. ROW 2 - J. Beebe, J. Kocher, P. Chylinski, D. Koslowski, B. Schermer- horn, D. Lingenfelter. ROW 3 - D. Duttry, J. Ross, W. Heaps, J. King, J. Clark, D. Mc- Cready, F. Semelka. ROW 4 - J. Howard D. Schroeder, T. Gill, R. Ferrick, L. Burden, D. Blackman, H. McCool. ROW 1-J. Wagner, R. Campbell, E. Hadzega, P. Stemple, J. Laskow- ski, A. Herrick, N. Be- miss, P. Shick. ROW 2 - P. Cook, P. Chambers, A. Michaels, R. Luke, R. Howard. ROW 3-A. Chriest, . S D Forrester, C. Bemis, . Cantrell, K. Decker . ,J Al Tefft, J. Sexton, R. - len. ROW 4-C. Sferrazza . , B W Fish, D. Nieboer, . L e wi s, C. Janes, R. Kierstein, R. Wilkes, F. Cornmesser. ROW 1-P. Culver, R. Ly- ons, J. Bisbee, R. Bai- ley, S. Ralston, C. Puri- foy. ROW 2-M. Bucklin, L. Lamb, C. Maas, S. Ahr- L ens, B. Mundaniohl, . CO4 31: 555 wi? Bm 'F? 7511-e 5:5 meg :Vee -9.4 W? FU swwxgmo ' w 5-'ogg Q-:sas mzgziiw gaimnhl 'SFS' FF 'P3o Cin: '- ?'T"'Qq,,, wn9?:3E FICQOQWG QBBCHBI' 5-ss" r'?'F:"9OF 22515875 ROW 4-D. McIntosh, . BFOWII. J- Janes, . Jones, J. Garfield, . Swoger, D. Finn, . Bostwick, W. Luke, . Farley, L. Morton, . Bemiss, F. Wodecki. Sheila Ahrens Susan Alcorn Robert Allen Rebecca Bailey Betty Lou Baldwin Jean Beebe Charles Bemis Nancy Bemis Norman Bemiss Janice Bisbee Murray Bissell David Blackman George Bostwick James Brewer Mary Ann Bucklin Laurance Burden Ruth Campbell David Cantrell Mary Carpenter Patricia Chambers Anthony Chriest Patricia Chylinski James Clark James Cook Patricia Cook Sue Copeman Francis Cornmesser Nancy Crittenden Joan Cuver Patricia Culver Patricia Dean Kenneth Decker David Duttry Norman Farley Raymond Ferrick Donald Finn Burton Fish Stanley Forrester 9 .'ff'lZ'E .ls- wk Snphnmnres James Garfield Linda Gierke Theodore Gill Gertrude Gorniak Paul Gunther Eva Hadzega David Hammer Willard Heaps Lorraine Herrick Nancy Hopkins James Howard Roberta Howard Charles Janes Jerry Janes Terrill Jones Richard Kierstein Dennis King John King Joanne Kocher Dorothy Kozloski Lucille Lamb Melvin Langin Judith Laskowski William Lewis Shirley Lincoln Dorothy Lingenfelter Patricia Lloyd Linda Lowes Robert Luke Rose Luke Ruth Lyons Carol Maas Harrison McCool Jerrold McCoy Daniel McCready Clara McGuire Donald McIntosh Arlene Michaels 131- Michael Miller Larry Morton Beverly Mundaniohl Daniel Neiboer Lois Phanco Carol Purifoy Quentin Rahal Shirley Ralston Barbara Rockwell James Ross Carol Rumberger Blanche Schermerhorn Donald Schroder Betsy Scouller Frank Semelka James Sexton Charles Sferrazza Patricia Shick David Shiel Carl Slater Alice Snyder Patricia Stemple Gary Stetson Carol Stoddard John Stolz Merle Swift Robert Swoger Jo Ann Sylvester James Tefft Marjorie Thompson Mark Urban Lorraine Victory Jean Wagner Richard Wilks Frank Wodecki Verma Yale Joyce Yost Zlirrs lp mvn Mk. -38 ROW 1 - E. Reed, J Whitcher, C. Durden M. Jant, N. Morton, T Roache, P. Miller. ROW 2-E. Batten, Herman, B. Kramer, Pound, R. Durden, S Peck, R. Mitchell, S Marx, M. Ciminnisi, E Conti. ROW 3SL. Bemiss, Coburn, P. Irish, Holzhausen, P. Nelson C. Hinkler, C. Eades, J Orton, N. Adams, C Durst, B. Bryan, S Shelley, N. Phillips, J Baker. B G P J FU O S A I Eff cn 5 sn. P' PUC5UuS Kocher, G. Golladay, Dickson, D. Morey, Goodwin, E. Bagley, . M 0 0 t z, P. Powell, Stemple, R. Gunther M. Schroeder, S. Strode. ROW 1 - M. Coon, S. Meehl, P. Newton, G. Gunther, J. Haskell, L- Hartley. ROW 2-J. Mackay, R. J Ballew, K. Stetson, Arnold, L. Seymour, C Locke, R. Triana, A. Pief fer, R. Lewis. ROW 3-R. Gibbons, B. C Northrup, M. Ross, Bucklin, A. Huntley, L. Russell, J. Getty, S. Dawson, B. Douglas, A. M Beebe, J. Rogers, Thornton, A. Rogers, C Schreiber. ROW 4fB. Beam, J. Mil- ler, P. Halloran, R. Da- vis, T. Woods, G. Sey- mour, R. Mathers, T Lowes, J. Griffin, P Saunders. ROW 1-M. Putnam, R Greenman, R. Doutt W. Allen, L. Wagner, J Culver. ROW 2-AG. Goodwin, R Morton, R. Travis, G Bemiss, M. Brumagin L. Batten, B. Baldwin D. Mead. ROW 3311. Wagner, T Schnell, W. Reich, R Orton, R. Albert, W. Graham, N. Field, J. Sissem. ROW 4-R. Burkell, L Yale, R. Warner, G. Bel m i s s, V- Canella, D Chesley, W. Klenz, P Maas, G. Brown, W Neff, R. Eddinger. 1 v Nancy Adams Herbert Ahrens Richard Albert William Allen Janice Arnold Elton Bagley Joan Baker Blair Baldwin Ruby Ballew Elsie Batten Leonard Batten Cathy Beal Barbara Beam Alma Beebe Linda Bemis Glenn Bemiss Meryl Bemiss Glenn Brown Merle Brumagin Betsy Bryan Constance Bucklin Ronald Burkell Dennis Chesley Marlene Ciminnisi Patricia Coburn Vincent Coletta Elaine Conti Marie Coon Jerrel Culver Robert Davis Faith Dawson John Dickson Beverly Douglas Robert Doutt Clementine Durden Roylene Durden Carol Durst Carol Eades Robert Edinger Norma Field Harold Francisco 'fa 'paw-A jlireshmen Wilbur Gerould Jane Getty Ruth Gibbens Glenna Golladay Darell Goodwin Garth Goodwin William Graham Robert Greenman John Griffin Geraldine Gunther Rosalie Gunther Philip Halloran Lois Hartley Joan Haskell Betty Herman Carol Hinkler Julianne Holzhausen Agnes Huntley Penny Irish Marcia Jant William Klenz Mary Ann Kocher Betty Kramer Ruth Lewis Carol Locke Thomas Lowes Phillip Maas Jean Mackay Sandra Marx Robert Mathers David Mead Sally Meehl John Miller Pamela Miller Reva Mitchell Gary Mootz Duane Morey Norma Morton Robert Morton Wilbur Neff Patricia Nelson -39- Phyllis Newton Betty Northrup Judith Orton Robbie Orton Sue Peck Nancy Phillips Allene Pieffer Georgia Pound Paul Powell, Jr. Merl Putnam Phyllis Randall Elsie Reed William Reich Theresa Roache Arlene Rogers Jeanette Rogers Mary Ross Lucille Russell Patricia Saunders Theodore Schnell Carol Schreiber Mary Schroder George Seymour Larvetta Seymour Susan Shelley James Sissem Roger Stemple Kathleen Stetson Susan Strode Shirley Sveda Mary Lou Thornton Ralph Travis Rose Marie Triana Larry Wagner Richard Wagner Ralph Warner Judy Whitcher Thomas Woods Lawrence Yale Qflelss Ulffi revs JUNIORS Mack Saunders, Pres. Joyce Luhman, Sec. Robert Reid, Treas. Calvert Jones, V.P. SOPHOMORES Willard Heaps, Treas. Michael Miller, Pres. Lois Phanco, V.P. Shirley Ralston, Sec. FRESHMEN Robert Orton, Treas. Rose Marie Triana, Sec Dennis Chesley, V.P. Roy Mathers, Pres. t . Llllll V, X, Advisor and Editors-in-Chief Personal Editors O SALLY HOPKINS 0 SUSANNE COX O MR. ALBERT DAVIES I JAMES MATHERS Aquila Staff 0 JANEENE PHANCO 0 RAYMOND LINCOLN 0 SHIRLEY HARRISON O CALVIN MCADOO Literary Editors o LARRY WEAVER O ROGER CLARK o JANE HATCH o JUDY HOVEY Art and Photography jf' Joke Editors 0 BRADLEY VVALLACE 0 JOAN NADEAU f--J Editors O BARRY TURNER 0 WILLIAM KLANZ Distribution Advertising Managers O STANLEY GREEN O JUDITH MARX .-.42.- 0 VINCENT FILUTZE O MARTHA MARKS I ANTHONY SANFILIPPO O SUSAN NAYLOR ROW 1-S. Cox, J. Marx, J. Hatch, G. Lichtenfeld, J. Hovey, S- Hopkins- ROW 24J. Nieboer, R. Lincoln. J. Mathers, L. Weaver, R. Clark. The gN'a1lin11e1l lhnnur Surivig Each year 154i of the Senior Class is given an opportunity to become members of the National Honor Society. All seniors who have a scholastic average of "B" or better for the first seven semesters are candidates for membership. The faculty chose the number equal to 153 of the total enrollment in the Senior Class from the students who met the scholastic requirements. The faculty based their choices on such qualities as character, leadership, cooperativeness, attitude toward school, and service to school. -43- ROW 1--H. Cook, S. Peck, J. Hatch, G. Lichtenfeld, J. Ward, G. Schultz, S. Thornton ROW 2-J. Chriest, B. Alcorn, H. Lindsey, R. Brown, D. Betts, P. Hunt, D. Ruslink, H. Griffin jlilunitnres To the monitors goes the job of running errands for Mr. Davis, wel- coming guests, keeping the halls empty of students during class time, and in general making themselves useful wherever and whenever needed. This year's monitors have tried to do these things to the best of their ability and have enjoyed their job. From the beginning they were quite busy, and anyone expecting to study during that time found they were sadly mistaken because it was an impossible feat. Being monitor is considered a privilege, and the job is left to seniors. It can truly be said by all monitors that while on the job, "There's never a dull moment!" ...M- 4 chats Qlluh The Debate Club was organized under the capable direction of our coach, Mr. Edel- mann. Officers were elected as follows: Jane Hatch, President, Barry Turner, Vice Presi- dent, Marty Marks, Secretary, Ray Lincoln, Treasurerg and Sally Hopkins, Head Chair- man. This year there were 16 speakers. Speakers returning from last year were: Susanne Cox, Jane Hatch, Ray Lincoln, Dick Stetson, Larry Weaver, Gerri Leitl, and Barry Tur- ner. New speakers were: Jim Howard, Dave Cantrell, Charles Bemiss, Gary Mootz, Elton Bagley, Betsy Bryan, Nancy Phillips, Bob McBride, and Burton Fish. The debaters attended the annual banquet of the Lake Erie Debate League for their social event of the season, and also attended the annual de- f hate tournament at Allegheny College which is the highlight of every de- bater's year. Our thanks go to Mr. Edelmann and to the student body who supported us in our efforts. I 1 ROW 1-J. Luhman, G. Leitl, S. Hopkins, Mr. Edelmann, M. Marks, S. Peck, J. Ward. ROW 2-S. Cox, J. Hatch, B. Tumer, R. Stetson, D. Cantrell, J. Wagner, P. Lloyd, N. Crittenden, M. Card, J. Hovey, L. Phanco, J. Marx, B. Bryan, N. Phillips, R. Lincoln, L. Weaver. ROW 3-C. Bemis, J. Howard, B. Fish, G. Mootz, R. McBride, E. Bagley. - 45 .. 6 'fsv ? v Vo ' 4 X f Sfemur 1 tanuaizr Qiluh 2 f ll H 7' C .MJ T47 xx Q, The Senior Dramatic Club was organized early in the s v year with Raymond Lincoln as president and Helen Griffin as secretary-treasurer. Of course, the most important achieve- ment of the club was the presentation of the play entitled "Cupid in Pigtails" which proved to be a great success. This hilarious comedy is the story of a twelve-year-old imp and her teenage brother and sister who are trying to find a husband for their mother in order that they may relieve themselves of the tyrannical dictatorship of their rich Aunt Dotty. A large share of the credit for the success of the play goes to Mr. Albert Davies, fac- ulty director and advisor. Barry Turner also deserves credit for his assistant directing. Lastly, credit should be given to the student body for their cooperation with the cast. Several makeup demonstrations were given for the members of the cast. Although a makeup committee was chosen, the cast put on their own makeup as a result of these demon- strations. The South Shore Inn was the scene of the Dramatic Club banquet during the week of the play. Those ,attending gave impromptu speeches on their activities in the club. After a delicious dinner, a dance was held to complete an enjoyable evening for all. A great deal of thanks go to the directors, the cast, the people behind the scenes, and everyone who helped in any way to make the production of "Cupid in Pigtails" and the ac- tivities of the Dramatic Club the success that it has been. ROW 1-WW. Lindsey, K. Souers, H. Griffin, J. Ward, J. Hatch, S. Cox, S. Hopkins, J. Hovey, M. Marks, W. Sweet ROW 2- fJ. Rogers, M. Orton, P. Cornmesser, M. Dickson, S. Harrison, G. Lichtenfeld, C. Pieffer, J. Nadeau B. Alcorn, S. Naylor, J. Phanco, S. Sweet. ROW 3-Julia Ward, L. Lingenfelter, J. Finn. L. Craig, R. Brown, P. Hunt, J. Schultz, J. Marx, H. Cook, H Lindsey, B. Maas. ROW 4-Mr. Davies, D. Batten, W. Klanz, D. Hatfield, J. Chriest, J. Mathers, V. Filutz, T. Sanfilippo, B. Wal- lace, R. Lincoln, J. Nieboer, S. Thornton. ROW 5kD. Politz, J. Lafferty, B. Turner, P. Maas, D. Desin, B. Popovich, W. Naylor, W. Klenz. -46-. ROW 1-J. Hatch, S. Hopkins, S. Cox, G. Schultz, S. Naylor, L. Johnson. ROW 2-M. Marks, S. Sweet, R. Bagley, J. Phanco, H. Lindsey, C. Pieffer, R. Sveda, E. Langin, H. DuFosse, E. Cantrell. ROW 3-B. Wallace, L. Greenman, M. Males, L. Baker, S. Pace, N. Turner, J. Munn, R. Reid. ROW 4-C. Jones R. Stetson, Mr. J. Hanna, J. Mathers, S. Kloszewski, R. Lincoln, A. Vander- weele, D. Woods, C. Huber, M. Saunders, J. Fall, R. Field, H. Stolz. Spanish Qlluh For the first time in many years, there has been a Spanish Club in North East High School, consisting of both Spanish I and Spanish II students. Under the capable leader- ship of the language teacher, Mr. Hanna, officers of the club were elected on October 4. They were: President, Martha Jean Marks, Vice-president, Calvert Jones, Secretary, Janeene Phancog Treasurer, Raymond Lincoln. Activities started off with a box social on the 29th of October at the home of Sally Hopkins. This event was a big success, and all who attended had a wonderful time, The Spanish II Class undertook the task of making "tacos," a Spanish filled roll that is deep fried. The project Went quite well, and wh. most of the class enjoyed them very much. Y The members of the Club wish to express their appreciation to Mr. Hanna for the interesting discussions in class and his helpfulness W in their work. Q. " ..48.... ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW 1-N. Crittenden, L. Victory, L. Phanco, S. Ralston, S. Ahrens, L. Lowes. 2fJulia Ward, C. Rumberger, B. Scouller, A. Snyder, G. Gorniak. 2-D. Cantrell, C. Bemis, L. Burden, R. Allen, J. Clark, G. Bostwick. 4--J. Howard, T. Jones, B. Fish, T. Blackman, A. Seymour. The Latin Club was organized early in the fall under the capable direction of Mr. Hanna and following officers: President, Lois Phancol Vice-President, Susan Shelley, Secretary, Charles Bemissg Treasurer, Judy Orton. Our first project was a very successful dance called the "Homo-Sapiens Hop." One of the main highlights this year was when the Latin II group made the trip Festival at the Buhl perience for all. The pie and bake sale. This was a very to Pittsburgh to attend the annual Latin Planetarium. It was .a very enjoyable ex- money for the trip was raised through a enjoyable year for the club members, and our many thanks are extended to Mr. Hanna for his kind patience and guidance. It would not have been so without him. ROW ROW ROW ROW 1fE. Conti, K. Stetson, J. Arnold, P. Coburn, N. Morton, E. Reed. 2-R. Lewis, M. Ciminnisi, J. Mackay, M. Seymour, J. Rogers, C. Schreiber, M. L. Thornton, C. Hinkler, R. Mitchel, R. Triana, A. Pieffer. 3-P. Irish, N. Phillips, L. Bemiss, J. Holzhausen, S. Dawson, S. Strode, J. Orton, M. Ross, G. Gunther, B. Bryan, C. Durst, S. Shelley, J. Baker, M. Schroder. 4-Mr. Hanna, J. Wagner, P. Halloran, E. Bagley, R. Stemple, J. Miller, R. Greenman, D. Goodwin, R. Mathers, C. Eades, B. Douglas. 5-J. Griffin, G. Mootz, T. Woods, B. Graham, J. Ross. ...49-. 7' aiin E A ri --Q V uma W at '1 time Kfiv RV -Teens Under the direction of a fine group of officers, the Y-Teens have had a prosperous year. The able officers were as follows: President, Jane Hatch, Vice-President, Susanne Cox, Secretary, Marge Dickson, and Treas- urer, Gerri Leitl. Among the many activities carried on by the organization was a splash party at the Y.W.C.A. in Erie. Also during' Christmas season the Y-Teens combined with the Hi-Y to go Christmas caroling and then to a dance which was held afterward. Last fall and also this spring there were Tri d'ances held at Rainbow Gardens which were semi-formal and formal respectively. As one of our many projects each class prepared a scrapbook illustra- ting our town, school, and activities which would be sent to another country. Another money-raising project was a bake sale which netted our treasury a few more dollars to aid in our activities. With the help of our advisor, Mrs. Page. the Y-Teens have experienced a very prosperous and enjoyable year. jul A E xnll i D . Q-A L." . 1:35 -gb V ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW S. Alcorn, L. Phanco, S. Ralston, C. Rumberger, N. Hopkins, B. Baldwin, L. Green- man. D. Kozlowski, L. Lamb, A. Herrick, P. Chylinski, J. Yost, J. Laskowski, J. Beebe, M Thompson, B. Scouller, B. Reid. Mrs. Page, E. Hadzega, D. Riedel, R. Campbell, R. Howard, L. Gierke, S. Lincoln J. Casperson, M. Green, H. DuFosse. L. Victory, N. Crittenden, P. Dean, P. Lloyd, P. Shiek, S. Copeman, N. Turner. P. Culver, P. Cook, C. Purifoy, J. Wagner, F. Reichenbach, J. Culver, M. Carpenter. I I ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW - -C. Pieffer, M. Burdick, P. Hunt, M. Mingoy, S. Payne, L. Johnson. M. Marks. G. Lichtenfeld, J. Nixon, D. Ruslink, E. Cantrell, R. Bagley, D. Lawrence, J. Nelson J. Phaneo, K. Souers, S. Cox, S. Hopkins. fJ. Hovey. S. Peck, M. Campbell, J. Luhman, J. Finn, L. Lingenfelter, H. Lindsey P. Seifert, J. Nadeau, S. Post, J. Munn, M. Orton, M. Dickson, L. Craig, D. Betts, S Thornton. J. Marx, J. Hatch, G. Leitl, M. Cornmesser, Mrs. Page, B. Beardsley. R. Sveda. I. Baker, S. Pace, M. Males, E. Langin, B. Doolittle. M. Card, Joanne Ward, S. Naylor, G Schultz, S. Harrison, Julia Ward. fB. Maas, B. Smith, J. Beebe, R. Brown, L. Batten. '. Schultz, B. Alcorn. -51- ROW 1-V. Filutze, P. Maasz, A. Sanfilippo, D. Meehl, B. Wallace. ROW 2-J. Mathers, R. Stetson, K. Lichtenfeld, R. Reed, C. Villa, J. Chriest, B. Turner, C. McAdoo, T. Priester. ROW 3-R. Lincoln, S. Green, M. Spacht, B. Shank, R. Tefft, C. Fulton, M. Reed. ROW 4-Mr. H. MacTamaghan, Mr. K. Pulling, W. Klanz, J. Schultz, W. Lewis, D. Woods, R. Reid, W. Lindsey, J. Helffrich, W. Sweet. ROW 5-T. Gill, C. Stoica, C. Huber, M. Saunders, G. Lamb. O' 9 251 - Last year the following officers were elected for the year 1955-'56. They were: President, Tony Sanfilippog Vice President, Donald Meehl, Treasurer, Vincent Filutzeg Secretary, Philip Maaszg Chaplain, Brad Wallace. These officers went to Slippery Rock State Teachers College last summer for a Northwestern Pennsylvania Training Conference. Brad Wallace and Phil Maasz went to a Hi-Y Model Legislative Assembly at Har- risburg. This was a privilege for these boys, and it gave them an idea of how the state government is run. Some of the projects of the year were: various rallies and conventions that the boys attended . . . the amateur show which was again a large success . . . Brad Wallace reading the Bible . . . the stormy nights we picked to have meetings . . . arguments over tardy fines . . . ice cream ,and cupcakes . . .Christmas caroling with the Y-Teens . . . the annual combined banquet with the Y-Teens . . . a badminton tournament . . . swim- ming party at the "Y" . . . these are the memories that will last longest in our minds. We would especially like to thank our advisors, Mr. Pulling and Mr. MacTarn.a- ghan, for the time they devoted to the boys. 152.-. idemh , The North East High School Band was formed to let each member learn to play in a group as well as by himself, and also to attain a fair amount of proficiency in marching in formations and parades. During the winter the band practices just as many popular and semi-classical pieces as marches, and this tends to round out the members' musical education. This year the band has been a better group than has come along in a num- ber of years because there was more of a variety of instrumentation. Every- one agrees that they had much enjoyment in playing, and it was well worth the time and effort. Both the band and cadets traveled to play and march at an away foot- ball game at Wesleyville. They were thankful for the opportunity, and everyone had a good time. The band also performed some new orchestr.a pieces at the spring concert in May and marched in the Memorial Day pa- rade. ROW ROW ROW ROW 1-Mr. Serff, B. Bailey, B. Turner, P. Nelson, D. Cantrell, F. Fleming, T. Leeper, P. Maasz, J. Ward, J. Luhman. 2-J. Ward, R. Clark, J. Miller, J. Holzhausen, G. Lichtenfeld, J. Hovey, P Lloyd. S. Pace, L. Gierke, J. Munn. 3-J. Beebe, R. Mathers, D. Goodwin, G. Goodwin, R. Garfield, M. Orton, J Clark, D. Riedel, M. Thompson, S. Peck. 4-G. Mootz, C. Bemiss, T. Woods, M. Card, R. I-latfleld, D. Batten, G. Bost- wick, J. Nelson, T. Gill, E. Bagley. ABSENT: M. Brumagin, T. Greenwald, W. Klanz, L. Burden, P. Randall, P. Halloran .-.531 ROW 1-M. Marks, M. Burdick, P. Hunt, B. Smith, J. Hatch, S. Harrison, M. Dickson. ROW 2-S. Cox, J. Nixon, J. Phanco, C. Maas, K. Sou ers, J. Nadeau, P. Seifert, M. Mingoy, M. Orton, S. Hopkins. 'EU O S To 9 'Li 3. 'Q eo I1 F' I o Q ru 14 F Ei Vi U' fn fu F 'C 0 ff' F' 5 Q o 77' S 2. in I P7 Q-1 N on UQ P' P 73 o E. Q E m 5 F' P' U B F' 3 C W -1 F' S. Lincoln, H. Lindsey, S. Naylor, J. Luhman, M. Cornmesser, G. Lichtenfeld. ROW 4-V. Yale, A. Michaels, S. Sweet, J. Finn, L. Lingenfelter, R. Luke, N. Bemis, R. Lyons, S. Smith, B. Doolittle, E. Langin, J. Wagner, G. Schultz, G. Leitl. ROW 5-Mr. Serff, S. Thornton, R. Sveda, P. Stemple, L. Baker, M. Males, P. Chylinski, J. Kocher, S. Copeman, L. Greenman. C5i1fls' Qllpnrus Under the diligent direction of Mr. Frederick Serff the choruses pre- sented two very fine concert programs this year. During the Christmas season the girls' chorus and mixed chorus each presented a wide selection of numbers which included seasonal and spiritual numbers. X' his Again in the spring .another concert was presented 5? featuring the cantata, "Caravan," in which both the gfirl's gf: and mixed choruses were combined. I V' Q "5 Letters were awarded at the spring concert to mem- AQR I f 1 bers who had participated in chorus for three years. 1 2 ra if N - 54 - N I l ....,.....-...- 1-l 1-.-'l' 1L..'-.'l"' S' - l- .--1.-.--.-..q-- ROW ROVV ROV! ROW I tO VV J. Garfield, D. Blackman P. Shick, P. Culver, S. Alcorn, M. Bucklin, L. Victory, N. Hopkins, B. Bailey. P. Cook, B. Reid, T. Priester, J. Clark. P. Chambers, L. Gierke, R. Howard, H. Cook, B. Scouller, B. Schmerhorn, M. Lingenfelter, R. Campbell, Joanne Ward. B. Maas, B. Beardsley, E. Cantrell, D. Rus link. C. Stoddard, L. Lowes, N. Crittenden, I.. Phanco, C. Rumberger, P. Dean, B. Alcorn, J. Schultz, Julia Ward, C. Purifoy, J. Culver. fT. Gill, Mr. Serff, K. Liehtenfeld, V. Filutze, D. Finn, B. Turner, D. Woods, W. Lindsey, D. Batten, B. Fish, T. Jones. C. Villa, L. Morton, C. Stoica, R. Hatfield, W. Lewis, S. Green, J. lloward. gllixch Q'Llpu1f11scs ROW ROW ROW ROW 1--P. Miller, M. Coon, S. Meehl, R. Lewis, N. Morton, T. Roache, E. Reed. 2-L. Bemis, J. Haskell, E. Batten, J. Getty, L. Russell, J. Mackay, P. Coburn, K. Stetson, R. Durden, B . Northrup, S. Peck, N. Phillips, R. Triana, A. Pieffer, S. Shelley, M. Jant, P. Irish. 3-J. Baker, A. Rogers, S. Dawson, S. Sveda, G. Golladay, S. Marx, C. Locke, C. Bucklin, N. Adams, G. Gunther, J. Orton, C. Durst, Mr. Serff, B. Douglas, M. Schroeder. 4-M. Putman, E. Bagley, G. Goodwin, N. Field, R. Greenman, R. Stemple. 155.- J ROW -M. Jant, A. Rogers, E. Conti, J. Haskell, S. Marx. ROW -S- Meehl, K. Stetson, R. Ballew, M. Coon, P. Miller, J. Getty, P. Nelson L. Russell, C. Bucklin, R. Lewis. ROW -C. Locke, P. Coburn. E. Batten, B. Northrup, N. Adams, G. Gunther T. Roache, A. Pieffer, Miss Ostendorf. ROW R. J 'F HCI -FI Ea ESB' ev-G OH V P I I 5 2 O 14 F' I U 5 fb F w U1 O N 5 e W O fb U' S' Q U2 E 5' U' EB '1 Q-l-1 3 Pl' 3 H 6 ES D 5 S 5 3 IV 6 3 D Ph 5 N H Q-Q . Fl 3 ages mf2,.-v- 5343.5 4 f-sg., Geese gg'1"'1v-1-1 ,,,,4-rf,B'.' igsim FY' Qmgie mg"QQ'oq' E..-pfD5":' Q. rn Q2 mUJ,.,.3 52.035 25923 SHOES 32111.22 'USE CD4 gm'CUf3f4 w0'mm zrlbgg g3'm0 mgglieg 5-as2 swomsi- w gm wise? sagem U25 'fmt-was Egg : 99595-FEES' 20551-P '10-frbgy' od fel., :ww CD94-1-CP.-. -'imc-I 9' 9 QQDHT5 foci 2:52 flgrgg mnwm -sm .... KD E-IPP1 2569: Q'mQ r-3,44 Pemba' o'mo N255 eww :mag QQQQE' co. r-em The officers for next year are: President, Susan Post, Vice-President. Joanne Kocher, Secretary, Beverly Mundaniohig and Treasurer, Ruth Ann Lewis. ROW M. Mingoy, M. Burdick, P. Hunt, B. Alcorn, J. Nadeau, M. Green, J. Luhman. ROW 2-S. Sweet, J. Kocher, B. Rockwell, S. Payne, P. Seifert, J. Schultz, S. Post, H. Lindsey. S. Lincoln, M. Dickson, M. Cornmesser. ROW SMD. Lingenfelter, B. Herman, R. Gibbons, M. Campbell, D. Kozlowski, L. Lamb, S. Alcorn, J. Marx, D. Betts, L. Craig, P. Culver, P. Cook, L. Johnson. ROW 4-J. Finn, L. Lingenfelter, C. Stoddard, V. Yale, B. Beardsley, S. Maas, B. Maas, A. Herrick, B. Schermerhorn, N. Bemis, R. Lyons, Miss Ostendorf, L. Batten, S. Harrison, J. Beebe. ROW 5-B. Mundaniohl. E. Hadzega, J. Kozlowski, J. Beebe, P. Chylinski, J. Yost, C. Maas. - 56 - ROW 1-M. Urban, M. Spacht, J. Nieboer, J. Schultz, W. Klanz, J. Mundaniohl W. Neff. ROW 2-W. Popovich, W. Luke, F. Craig, D. Perkins, D. Gibbons, E. Rogers. ROW 3-M. Neff, J. Dickson, T. Schnell, J. McCoy, R. Orton, P. Powell, R. Travis, R. Danielson, Mr. Fordyce. ROW 4-W. Reich, D. Mclntosh, L. Morton, R. Luke, N. Farley, R. Doutt. ROW 5-G. Brown, D. Nieboer, D. Schroeder, R. Burkell, W. Klenz, R. Coletta, F. Wodecki. Zliuture 7 armers nf ,Rmmfira The FFA is formed of the boys who are taking agriculture in high school who want to get more from their education by joining a nationally known organization of other farm boys. They know they can learn more by getting together and talk- ing over their various problems and by learning what others have done. When they acquire a farm of their own they will know how to run it successfully, and will be able to use the mechanical and scientific know-how of this age to their .advan- tage. The club conducts many successful projects throughout the year. They do such things as growing tomatoes and raising chickens all at a very good profit to their organization. They published an FFA calendar and also held a banquet which is ,attended by over a hundred guests. The officers for the year 1955-'56 are James Schultz, President, William Klanz, Vice-President, John Neiboer, Secretaryg James Mundaniohl, Reporterg Marvin Neff, Sentinel, and Donald Perkins, Conductor. -51... ROVV ROW ROW ROW -S. Hopkins, M. Burdick, P. Hunt, S. Peck, S. Cox, K. Souers, S. Payne. M. Marks, J. Phanco, L. Lingenfelter, J. Hatch, H. Lindsey, M. Cornmesser, M. Dickson, G. Lichten- feld, S. Harrison, S. Naylor, M. Orton. -J. Finn, J. Hovey, G. Schultz, J. Nadeau, J. Schultz, B. Alcorn, M. Card, J. Marx. -V--S. Sweet, Julia Ward, Joanne Ward, R. Lafferty, V. Filutze, B. Turner, R. Lincoln, J. Mathers, B Wallace, Miss Sheridan, H. Cook, D. Betts, R. Brown. O C5rape11me ROVV ROW ROW ROW ROW fB. Brown, P. Hopkins, P. Chylinski, A. Herrick, B. Smith, G. Leitl, J. Luhman, E. Brown, L. Wag- ner, J. Hoffman. fL. Phanco, S. Swoap, D. Lake, C. Belknap, S. Alcorn, R. Sveda, R. Lewis, P. Irish, N. Turner, J Nelson, B. Reid. B. Scouller, N. Buccos, M. Irish, J. Homer, P. Dean, N. Crittenden, P. Males, J. Munn, D. Riedel, P. Sciefert, B. Doolittle, P. Coburn, H. DuFosse, F. Reichenbach, C. Rumberger. J. Kocher, M. Irish, D. Kozlowski, L. Lamb, P. Lloyd, P. Shick, S. Pace, L. Baker, L. Greenman, Miss Sheridan. R. Stetson, P. Williamson, C. Villa, J. Helffrich, R. Stetson. ...58-. Qbrapeninte "The o11ly paper in the world that cares about NEHS" was published for its four- teenth successful year at North East High. The Grapevine came out monthly and was read by both the student body and the faculty. A large and capable staff was directed by Susanne Cox as editor-in-chief and the assistant editors, Jane Hatch and Dick Stetson. Faculty advisor, Miss Nora Sheridan, guided and counseled the staff through all problems and questions. Society editor Martha Jean Marks kept everyone informed on the latest gossip in her column, "Neath the Arbor." Much credit goes to the homeroom reporters for supplying items for this column. Ray Lincoln, the sports editor, is to be commended on his fine coverage of athletic events and records. Marty Orton held the distinction of being the first girls' sports editor on the staff 3 her column, "Phys-ed Fizz1es," presented news of the woman's world of sports in the school. Humor was supplied by joke editor Joan Nadeau who seemed to have an inexhausti- ble store of material to tickle the funny bone. Grapevine business affairs were capably administered by the advertising managers, Sally Hopkins and Marjorie Dickson, and the circulation managers, Judy Hovey and Gail Schultz. Jim Mathers fulfilled his duties of exchange manager by furnishing our adver- tisers and schools in the vicinity with a copy of each issue. News-worthy events and special columns were assigned to and reported by the ca- pable staff members each of whom did a commendable job. One learns by doing, and it's certain every reporter profited by this journalistic experience. The rising cost of living affected the bank balance, and everyone worked industrious- ly to keep the paper self-supporting. A bake sale, a movie assembly, "Three Came Home," and a very successful dance on the St. Patrick's Day theme did the trick much to the grati- fication of all staff members. Many thanks go to Mr. Davis for his complete co-opera- tion and assistance in all matters pertaining to the paper, to , Miss Sheridan for her patience, confidence, and efforts, and I ,G to the faculty as a whole for being so sympathetic toward 4 X a Grapevine projects. ? f As the voice of the student body, the Grapevine has at- tempted to continue the tradition of reporting the news ac- curately, airing students' opinions and criticisms, and sup- porting and promoting every undertaking beneficial to North East High School. Those graduating from the staff wish the staff of next year all possible success. -59' Mi 3 ' I Sb? QW? wk ,AVA 4 I 1 ROW 1 Coach Setcavage, W. Sweet, J. Schultz, B. Wallace, M. Spacht, J. Chriest, A. Sanfilippo, J Mathers W Lewis, R, Reed, V. Filutze, D. Desin, L. Morton, G. Brown, Coach Thurbon. ROW 2 C McAdoo, N. Bemiss, C. Huber, C. Dailey, W. l-leaps, R. Reid, D. McCready, R. Kirstein D Mclntosh W Klenz, T. Saunders, D. Gibbons, T. Greenwald, A. Chriest, C. Janes, N. Field, H. Stolz C Villa ROW 3 B Baldwin, G. Bostwick, M. Miller, D. Chesley, L. Burden, J. King, J. Brewer, C. Sferraza F Semelka P Maas, D. Blackman, G. Bemiss, J. Stoltz, J. Garfield, R. Swoger, G. Lamb. I nuihall We all look up to the boys on the football team as being the most ath- letic, and we give them much credit for their long hours of practice and wonderful performances at the games. When We come to see a game on a crisp fall night, they are the main attraction and have always given us the thrills and action everyone wants to see. Every football team has a goal throughout the year and, that is to attain the mark of perfection, an undefeated season. Even though they do not always attain it, we always know they did not go down without a fight. Our coaches, Mr. Setcavage and Mr. Thurbon, will always be remem- bered for their tireless effort in producing this fine team. The Seniors of this year's team thank the students for supporting us and wish the next team every success. -gg- Under the direction of Mr. Pulling, the North East High School Varsity ended the season with a record of ten wins and ten losses. Harsitg Basketball QQ XS' 5 Ck There are five members of the Varsity graduating this year. They are D. Desin, B. Wallace, V. Filutze, A. Sanfilippo, and D. Meehl. There will be two members of this year's starting five returning next year, R. Tefft and T. Francisco, along with a number of promising reserves. T. Francisco led the scoring with a total of 263 points. He set a new record forthe season of 41 points in one game for North East High. D. Desin was second with a total of 221, which included two games in which he scored 24 points. A. Sanfilippo totaled 203 with .a high game of 19. V. Filutze had 173, which was very good considering the fact that he played only part of the time. R. Tefft totaled 121, and B. Wallace had 87 which included a high game of 18 points. High-lights of the season were: Set shots by B. Wallace and V. Filutzeg drive-ins by A. Sanfilippog T. Francisco's 41 points in one gameg R. Tefft's steady play, and D. Desin's one-handers. ROW 1-C. Stoica, M. Saunders, V. Filutze, A. San filippo, D. Desin, D. Meehl, B. Wallace, Mr. Pulling. ROW 2-K. Lichtenfeld, J. I-lelffrich, G. Hartman, T. Francisco, R. Tefft, S. Kloszewski, R. Reid, R. Stetson. -.63... junim: lgerrsitg Zgarskeihall Under Mr. Roggenbaum's very capable direction, the Junior Varsity gained much valuable experience and enjoyed a very good season. They did very Well against other jayvee teams from our leagueg and if they can keep up the good work, they should give North East High a good varsity in the next few years. The Junior Varsity included such potential varsity material as R. Ferrick, N. Bemiss, T. Priester, D. Duttry, D. McIntosh, and D. Schroeder. ROW 1-R. Allen, T. Woods, D. Schroeder, R. Fer rick, N. Bemiss, T. Priester, D. McIntosh. ROW 2-C. Stoica, K. Lichtenfeld, W. Klanz, D. Nieboer, R. Swoger, R. Mathers, R. Stetson, Mr Roggenbaum. -64- Semin: gietiermen ANTHONY SANFILIPPO VINCFNT FILUTZE -4.-J. A-......,.Y,, DAVID DESIN DONALD MEEHL BRADLEY WALLACE T65- I 5210015 7 ettermen , - .X I . Y. xi. JOSEPH CHRIEST DAVID DESIN VINCENT FILUTZE V..,,,, I v.. ,.,..,.. .,..,- A,,, j H-M WILLIAM LEWIS JAMES MATHERS CALVIN McAD00 .. 66 .- ka A RAYMOND REED WQL, ,Nt . .L f- ,. .. .- ..,, .,, ,- -AJ MERLE SPACHT Seniors iiettetmen ANTHONY SANFILIPPO JAMES SCHULTZ ' A 1 f WARREN SWEET BRADLEY WALLACE - 67 - Lois Phanco, Janice Casperson, Sally Hopkins, Susanne Cox, Lorraine Victory, Elaine Cantrell Qllyeerlwhcrs The six cheerleaders enjoyed busy and exciting football and basketball seasons during which they led the cheers of the student body at both home and away games The squad was composed of two seniors, Sally Hopkins and Susanne Cox, who acted as co-captainsg two juniors, Elaine Cantrell and Janice Caspersong and two sophomores, Lois Phanco and Lorraine Victory. New V-neck sweaters were purchased to furnish warmth at football games. The cheerleaders sponsored a dance after the final game of the season to help finance these sweaters. Ti l Memories which no cheerleader will ever C l l forget are: the long ride to Clarion in the l Edelmann's station wagon, rain and more rain at the football games, free popcorn donated by the Monogram Club, deep con- versations on the bus to away games, the unfailing cooperation of Mr. Davis and each of the athletic coaches, and most of all the thrill of cheering for the boys wear- ing maroon and gold. SUSANNE COX SALLY HOPKINS ,L...... LOIS PHANCO ELAINE CANTRELL LORRAINE VICTORY JANICE CASPERSON ... 68 .... Qlahzis With Marty Marks elected as able captain, the Cadet drill team did a very remarkable job this year. At each home game the team marched and performed with the aid of the band, presenting many intricate drills and formations, which always seemed to add to the spirit of things. As part of a money-raising campaign, they held a bake sale and also an as- sembly was presented which everyone enjoyed. The money which was raised will be going toward the price of the purchase of new uniforms for the girls of next year's drill team. The Cadets hold many pleasant memories of the work, practices, and fun that were had this year. Cfljif-il? ROW 1 -N. Hopkins, J. Haskell, M. Ciminnisi, S. Shelley. ROW 2-S. Ralston, S. Marx, P. Shick, L. Craig. ROW 3-'M. Marks, J. Nadeau, P. Dean, P. Seifert. ROW 4--G. Lietl, S. Copeman, N. Crittenden, F. Reichenbach. -.69... ROW 1-D. Meehl, W. Klenz, G. Brown, J. Mathers, W. Sweet, R. Reed, R. Klerstein. ROW 2-J. Chriest, C. Villa, N. Bemiss, R. Stetson, K. Lichtenfeld, T. Saunders, V. Fllutze. ROW 3-W. Heaps, C. Dailey, L. Morton, M. Saunders, D. Woods, Mr. Setcavage. ROW 4-C. Huber, C. Stoica., J. Schultz, C. McAdoo, M. Spacht, A. San- filippo, W. Lewis, B. Wallace. nnngwm fllluh Under the capable leadership of Vincent Filutze and Mr. Setcavage, the Monogram Club had a very successful year. The Monogram Club con- sists of lettermen from the various athletic programs which this year was the largest in the history of North East High. To raise needed money the members of the club sold pop and popcorn at the basketball games where they made considerable profit. The Senior lettermen also received jackets as awards for their fine participation in sports which were made possible by the Monogram Club. The graduating Seniors wish the future members of the Monogram Club success in the following years. - -70- 'Ffhz Elyurtlyauh muh Under the supervision of our president, Gerda Lichtenfeld, and with the helpful advice of Mrs. Page, the Shorthand II Club of 1956 has had a very successful year. The object of the club has been to provide lots of fun for the members while often letting them try many challenging projects. We have tried to follow the rule that an active club is one that has active members, and everyone really enjoys belonging to that organization. So the activities which we have accomplished this year include a candy sale, a skating party, and a trip to Cleveland. With all our profits we bought the Shorthand II Club of 1957 a phono- graph, and sponsored a picnic for them. We wish next year's club the best of luck and we thank everyone who has supported us throughout the year. ROW 1-L. Craig, J. Phanco, P. Cornmesser, H. Cook. ROW 2-S. Thornton, S. Harrison, B. Sissem. ROW 3-H. Griffin, Mrs. Page, G. Lichtenfeld, J. Schultz, R. Brown, D. Betts. 471.- Most Likely Most Prettiest Most To Succeed Talkative Smile Athletic I Susanne Cox 0 Sally Hopkins 0 James Mathers 0 Joanne Ward O Raymond Lincoln 0 Calvin McAdoo 0 Shirley Thornton 9 Anthony Sanfilippo Senior Superlatines C545 Best Most Prettiest Most Looking Courteous Eyes Artistic 0 Vincent Filutze I James Mathers 0 Shirley Harrison 0 Barry Turner 0 Shirley Thornton 0 Jane Hatch 0 Charles Stoica 0 Priscilla Hunt -72- N. The Prettiest Most Best Wittiest Hair Musical Dressed 0 Martha Orton O Vincent Filutze O Martha Orton 0 Vincent Filutze I Calvin McAdoo O Shirley Thornton I William Klanz 0 Gail Schultz Senior gllI1JR1'lEIfi1IB5 GZ The Best Most Most Friendliest Dancers Popular Mischievous 0 Susan Naylor 0 Sally Hopkins 0 Susanne Cox 0 Marjorie Dickson 0 James Mathers I Bradley Wallace 0 Anthony Sanfilippo 0 Calvin McAdoo ...73... ifhe Glass will nf 1955 Gordon Ahrens wills his car to Q. Rahal. Betty Alcorn wills her love troubles to L. Phanco. Donald Batten wills his hammer and saw to next year's stage crew. Doris Betts wills her diamond to nobody. Rose Brown Wills her man-hating ability to L. Greenm-an. Margaret Burdick wills her secrets to R. Sveda. Marjorie Card wills her red hair to R. Ferrick. Joe Chriest wills his weight to J. Dickson. Roger Clark wills his bunsen burner to R. Garfield. Helen Cook wills her shyness to B. Beardsley. Peggy Cornmesser wills her agitating to N. Hopkins. Susanne Cox wills her brains to R. Tefft. Luella Craig wills her charm to L. Baker. Dave Desin wills Mr. Mac to next year's advanced science class. Marge Dickson is taking Dave with her. Vinnie Filutze wills his clowning to C. Huber. Joyce Finn wills her absence slips to H. DuFosse. Charles Fulton wills his steamboat to J. McCoy. Stanley Green wills his pranks to J. Fall. Helen Griffin wills her sun gl-asses to J. Nixon. Alan Harrison wills his Shirley Harrison wills her Jane Hatch wills her troublemaking to G. Leitl. Sally Hopkins wills her acting to E. Bagley. Judy Hovey wills her boys to J. Caspersen. Priscilla Hunt wills her drawing ability to R. Stetson. Bill Klanz wills his camera to R. Orton . Ralph Lafferty wills his dual aerials to G. Lamb. Robert Lewis wills his truck to W. Klenz. Gerda Lichtenfeld wills her voice to N. Crittenden. Ray Lincoln wills his job at the Breeze to P. Maasz. Hazel Lindsey wills her letter writing to a good junior. Walter Lindsey wills the stage curtains to W. Klenz. Lois Lingenfelter wills the thrill of graduating to all future graduates Wyne Luke wills his cowboy hat to W. Neff. Barbara Maas wills her Newsweeks to S. Maas. Phil Maasz wills his science books to G. Mootz. Marty Marks wills her smile to J. Luhman. 474- .ludy Marx wills her A's to B. Scouller. James Mathers wills his brother to all the girls. Calvin McAdoo wills his hot car to anybody who'll take it. Don Meehl wills his quietness to K. Decker. Mary Jane Mingoy wills her shortness to D. Feltenburger Joan N-adeau wills her gossip to P. Seifert. Susan Naylor wills her politeness to F. Weber. Bill Naylor wills his height to T. Priester. John Nieboer wills his razor blade to G. Brown. Marty Orton wills her wittiness to E. Cantrell. Shirley Payne wills her black hair to R. Durden. Sandy Peck wills her monitor's seat to C. Dilimone. Janeene Phanco wills her column to L. Batten. Caroline Peiffer wills her love life to R. D.anielson. Bill Popovich wills his interest in Acadamy to R. Reid. Max Reed wills his modern hunting camp to the boys. Ray Reed wills his humming in science to M. Saunders. Janice Rogers wills her home-room seat to S. Post. Donna Ruslink wills her car to D. Chesley. Tony Sanfilippo wills his football to C. Villa. Gail Schultz wills her sweaters to G. Gunther. Jim Schultz wills his position in Ag. to B. Halloran. Judy Schultz wills her blushing to E. Langin. Betty Sissem wills her diamond to A. Snyder. Karen Souers wills her voice to C. Sferrazza. Merle Spacht wills his pipe to B. Heaps. Chuck Stoica wills his tom-toms to T. Brown. Warren Sweet wills his pudginess to S. Ross. Sandy Sweet wills her glasses to L. Johnson Shirley Thornton wills her dimple to J. Haskell. Barry Turner wills his crew cut to G. Rumberger. Brad Wallace wills his shortness to T. Francisco. Joanne Ward wills her blonde hair to J. Mackay. Joe Ward wills his shyness to M. Swift. Julia Ward wills her athletic abilities to L. Batten. Larry Weaver wills his blue eyes to C. Daily. Q Zlnkes Joan came into class with a black eye. Merle: "Where did you get that shiner?" Joan: "I thought he was away with the Merlel "I thought he was away with the Marines." Joan: "I thought so too." Donna: "There's a man following me." and I think he's crazy." Mr. Sack: "Taking a look at Donna, he said no he isn't." Jim to Ray: "Did you know that Ireland is the richest country in the World? Ray: "Why ?" Jim: "Because its capital is always Dublin." Vince: "Don't bother me I'm writing to my girl." Flip: "But why are you writing so slowly?" ly ?n Vincef "She can't read very fast." Merle S.: "My pop can't decide whether to get a new cow or a tractor for the farm." Jim S.: "He'd look awful silly riding around on a cow." Merle S.: "Yeah, but he'd look a lot sillier trying to milk a tractor." Barry: "Please give me a kiss ?" Sally H.: "My lips are chappedf' Barry: "Well, one more chap won't hurt." Mr. Thurbon: "H-ave you given the gold- fish new water yet?" Bill Naylor: "No, they haven't finished the water I gave them yesterday yet." Roger C.: "Is it bad luck to have a cat fol- low you ?" Phil M.f "It depends, are you a man or a mouse ?" Janeene: "In .a couple of years you will all have to look up to me." Marty M.: "HoW's that?" Janeene: "I'm going to be window cleaner." Bill H.: "I hear Eddie kissed you last night?" Betsy A.: "He did not -and anyway he promised not to tell." Don B.: "This coffee tastes like mud." Gordan Arnes: "It should, it was ground this morning." Warren: "Why did you run away from the scene of the accident ?" Cal McAdoo: "I was running to stop a fight." Warren: 'But nobody was fighting!" Cal: "Me and the other driver were !" Miss Thayer: "Please, Albert, let me bet on just one more horse ? I promise it will be the last." Mr. Daviesi "It usually is!" For the benefit of the girls .... Revision for the sewing circle . . . Absence makes the tongue go faster. Andy: "I got this ring from a well known millionaire." Peggy C.: "Who." Andy: "Woolworth." Mr. McTarnagan: "Tony, what is the spinal column ?" Tony: "The spinal column is a bunch of bones down your back to show feeling." Most of the houses in France are made of plaster of Paris. It is the duty of the Governor to beg all pardons and fill all the empty seats. NO HOPE But, protested the space writer," perhaps you could use this article if I were to boil it down ?" "Nothing doing" rejoined the man behind the blue pencil, "If you were to take a gallon cf water and boil it down to a pint, it would still be water." LOST AND FOUND Doctor: "The pain in your right leg may be due to old age." Pat S.: "Impossible, the other one's the same age and it's all right." Gerri: "What becomes of all those love triangles ?" Dick S.: "Most of them turn into wreck- tangles." -16... Among the things that broaden students on their class trips, are those nice little eat- ing places along the road. A river system is a river with all its in- habitants. The Indian squabs carry porpoesis on their backs. Dennie WJ "Who was that pretty little thing I saw you with last night '?" Calvin J.: "Will you promise not to tell my girlfriend ?" Denniez: "Sure I promise." Calvin: "Well, It was my girlfriend." John told his girl that if she didn't marry him he'd hang himself right in front of her door. "Please don't do th-at," said Sue. "My father doesn't want you hanging around here." Mr. Hamilton: "Did you ever see the Cat- skill Mountains?" Jim Ross: "No sir, but I have seen them kill mice." Brad to Shirley: "Could you ever learn to love me?" "Well," sighed Shirley, "I learned short- hand in three weeks." Kurt L.: "You weren't born under a lucky star." Dick S.: "So what, I'm living under 48 of them." Who says pull never gets you anywhere? If love tugs at your heartstrings, you .are sitting on top of the world. Sandra P.: "I think I have at last figured out why worry kills so many more people than work does." Helen G.: "Why?" Sandra: "Because so many more people worry than work." Miss Ostendorf to Senior Girlsl "A great many things young l.adies, become much more serious after you are married. For in- stance, when he greets you with the words 'what's cooking ?' he means it! " Mr. Wilkins: "Brad, where is Cincinnati?" Brad: "Fourth place in the league." A College Professor is a person who studies sleeping conditions among students. A gent who was definitely wierd Declared, "This is just what I feared" "Please pass me the Lux, For a flock of wild ducks Has established a nest in my beard." Mr. Edelman: "How is it that you and Dave handed in identical answers to my history qulzn Cal McAdoo: "Haven't you heard that his- tory repeats itself?" Parents are one of the hardships of a min- or's life. Mr. Roggenbaum: "Dick if you had six apples and I asked you for three, how many would you have?" Dick: "Six". If you make out your income tax correctly you go to the poorhouse. .. . :I If you make it out incorrectly you go to Jai . l A WEEK AT SCHOOL It's Monday--We haven't quite settled down From our riotous weekend and "doing the town." We're tired, but happy, yet still full of zestg That's why teachers insist, it's a bad day for tests. It's Tuesday--And so we must get back to work. Between homework and teachers, we're going beserk. But whatever our work is, it must be done well. If it's not, what the teachers will say we can't tell. It's Wednesday-Thank goodness, an assembly is nigh. There's much laughing and talking, excitement is high. The seniors are proud, way up in front row, And they jeer at the freshmen and make them feel low. It's Thursday-and everyone's in for a scare. We're having a test, and we didn't prepare. But somehow or other, things come out O.K., And our worries are over, at least for that day. It's Friday-Oh wonderful, jubilant day! All gone are our sorrows and looks of disma.y I hear it, the last bell, what a stampede! Yes, our school week is over. The convicts are freed. KAREN SOUERS ONE OF THE GANG It seems he's always hungry, He's crazy after food: And sometimes you'd like to ch When he acts a little crude. He wears old blue jeans, And a loud plaid shirt, Gives the girls the "eye," Is an incurable flirt. He plays the clown, acts the fool, Is always hunting fun. Though he seems the "Casanova His heart belongs to one. He's behind in his studies, Pulls through on a "C", He has a new crew-cut, And drives a model "T", You couldn't do without him, He's a wonderful sort of guy, He's just one of our boys He helps with your homework, But teases all the while, He has a twinkle in his eye, And a wicked little smile. SCHOOL DAZE You can tell a freshman by his silly, eager lookg You can tell a sophomore 'cause he carries one less book, You can tell a junior by his dashing air and such: You can tell a senior, but you cannot tell him much. ...73... oke him 77 7 In that gang at "North East High." FRANli2,lmI?lSI:UTZE Plumbing and Heafing h F 398 R 2.537 P l I ' THEATRE The Mo t ln Bntel tau ment fo the Least' fx IN t t P . R' l N lh - lh Lef Us Enferfain You! . , . ERIE WHOLESALE GROCERY CO 1901 Peach Street Ene Pa Lomplxments of H H Hlleman News Co C pliments of Brooklyn Grocery MRS A L HARTLEY Cong: atulatlons T0 THE CLASS OI' 1956 Sanf1l1ppo's Drxve-In Tony Chrlest Fresh Frults Meats Vegetables mom: ssl M 75 GLINTON sr Comphments Of STETSON BROS PLUMBING HEATING ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES LROSLEY AND HOT POINT APPLIANCES PROPANE GAS SERVICE Phone 350 West Mann Ext ' 0 , . , . s 5 0 l OID . . . . 1 u no u u n I 0 . I w 1 1 f 5 1 . , ff? ! M scuusfcusrunlo MQMQKZWMMLTT fimfdffffff ffazgw fflmfff-if WW TXZZ-M 4 df Q4,42f1f'fw1'i ! 7 X' ffl f QA, ML, fy AQ, JO! V Qual! JQWWW VW! 1 aj 1 fifwl' Photographer of the ,f Of fda 113717956 Aqullo 45 A AJ A KM!! iv! :fa-Yfuff-.Lf r 4 1 WOODBINE HEIGHTS 34 ANN STREET BANK ST. EXTENSION NORTH EAST, PA. Q h , I 4 ,, n 7 , , . , f Y , Y 1 .4 .af 11 . , . . - F5 ' ff, 7 ',,L'.-f4--- A! . N 'Y7 f', Y 7 'WA' ,ZZLY 7' ' ' W' YY" fnl' , ' 1" 7 ' p-MEEEEAE E E ,i,E A E E5Am - NL A V V A A ' Ni U ,Q W, 'wfiaf'-' Q, ily " "1 my ,X ' WHA , - ' 1 4' f7'7bf711f4 Z Juan ' 4 'W ff r -u l ' ' J 4 ,J . X W1 7 I A 1' Af' A , A' ' V ' ' V , A U 114 I xf f , f I f ' ' gf 441: -4' 1 'X' ' ,, W V. 7 f -1 3 E A A - A L A - ,f ,ff , ' - f' x , pl If. F N 1 s fZf7fL4',? , g V, J if 4441? 1 V l Nfl f I 1 1 7 f7fi7!, ,. 5244, ' . 1 , ' ,lffffo 1 fw 'X mf - if I ' I , ' u - ,O 'A ff ' - Q 4 C , J f7 ' , ,,7 . ' Q A Jw' A, J -B A - f V ,ff ff ' ff A - f Eff? 'M lfff--' ' ' ' . . . , , "H ' A5 , f fm. , ll ' Z4 f l' ' - ! I u,- wr 2 4,07 ff-I1 5 L A N I RESERVE LOAN CO of North East 1 W MAIN ST PHONE 1471 iOw er Hlleman Newel CASH WHEN YOU NEED IT ' COMPLIMENTS OF CHOICE MEATS POULTRY FISH FROZEN FOODS Phone 1560 3 West Mum Street North East Pa Compllments of WEINHEIMER'S GROCERY 13 15 West Maln St Congratulations the Clase of 1956 Watt Agency REALTOR I - L . . v L .- . N r , 1 l . , . ' . - L L IFMEEIQ REID dn 1 1:31 III I JI-I-iq 'HIJ1-'1-'L.,I lzlb NORTH EAST PA JAYS FLOWER SHOP 44 Clmton sr I" " North Fast P llll TELEPHONE 802 BAKER'S 1850 1955 BEST WISHES TO PHI 1956 NOR FH FAST HICHT QCHOOL GQADUAIES From Isaac Baker and Son State at Seventh Erxe Pa Compllments of JAY LYNCH AUTO SERVICE 116 Clanton St Phone 1016 I I 1 K i E LQ V E 7 , M355-I, f . U, rr , 532. 'N ' 0 5' 1" ' Mvfsusg-Y . "Wir L , il. ..-., !!F'47 Y T Y '17 '1 Y N J J k I Ln - , . . . COMPI IMENT OF The G A Hampson Agency RUSSEI L A HENDERSON Insurance that Insures 6 E MAIN ST TELEPHONE 183 NORTH EAST PA CHESLEY S ECOMA DAIRY BAR Compliments of G C. MURPHY CO Compllments of McLean s Grocery PHONE 1009 22 East Mann St NEWBOLD 8z AILES FINE MEATS POULTRY FISH CHEESES Phone 167 13 E Main St Congratulatlons to the Class of 1956 CANELLA'S SHOE REPAIR 39 s LAKE STREET PHONE 831 R 1 O I ' 1 J o n 99 - 1 0 vs ' 9 7 I l 7 . . w -. 1. . 0 r K I - CONGRATULATIONS r wx r ,I r ri NNN U 'N M 'N TO THE CLASS OF 1956 my wk Marks Funeral Home 65 So. Lake Street Phone 181 HPASTEURIZED MILK IS ALWAYS SAFE" North East Dairy Company NEDCO PRODUCTS Milk, Cream, Cottage Cheese, Butter Butter Milk, Orange Drink "Quality with Service" OUR MILK IS "SEALRIGHT" HOODED FOR YOUR PROTECTION Compliments of JOE BULL'S Super Service Station A J.R.BULL I l . 7, f ' PENNZOIL PRODUCTS AUTOMOBILE NECESSITIES GOODYEAR TIRES EXIDE BATTERIES 1P'BUr ll - U -lllilzlill 1 ,Q la. lllll. +0 O IL-99' Lake at Grant Street NORTH EAST, PA. CONGRATULATIONS FROM The Greater HOLLISTER S PHILLIPS QPh1NPhll Q CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS FOR MEN AND BOYS FOOTWEAR FOR ALL THE FAMILY THE CONCORD PHARMACY EXTENDS BEST WISHES for SUCCESS TO THE Class of '56 i . i ips A Complete Line of MACKAY 8: SWIFT, INC Dodge and Plymouth Sales and Service THE NATIONAL BANK OF NORTH EAST M b f h F d l D p it Insurance Corporation BAKER and IRISH COLLISION SERVICE 16 GRAHAMVILLE PHONE 156-J Barnes Carrng TEEN AGE FOOTWEAR 12 S I ake Street North East Pa Comphments of Sa V Mor Dress Shop Ladies and Chlldren s Ready To Wear Phone 1021 North East Pa M1chael's Jewelry Pxpert Watch Repalrmg Engraving Dlamond Settmg Z4 S Lake St PHONE 299 J North East Pa Comphments of DAN BILLMAN TAILOR 1754 W Main St Second Floor Comphments of NASH OFFICE SUPPLY 2 Vme Street o u ua 1 ' u Q ., ' , - . , a Q Q .. . . . J ,... ... n L. 1 ' y o Q o n . . Compllments of DR AND MRS G J MASSEY DETERGENTS SOAPS CLEANSERS Cafeterla Samtary Supphes ,nouns Speclaltxes Manufacturers Representative FLMER S QHARER DISTINCTION VALUE L G BALFCUR Company ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS Class Rings and Pms Commencement Invltatlons Dlploma. Club Inslgma Personal Cards Medals and Trophles Representatxve MR. ROBERT T TURNBULL 28 Chautauqua Avenue Lakewood New York QUALITY SERVICE- COMPLIMENTS Mr and Mrs Dale Hufchmson - u X n n 0 s I S mf 0 0 0 O CORRYPENNA. , . J I . L ,i . ,-f, Y, , 'gin f Y-,- fm- --f-v-- 1 fwffff- we-'W ---+fvl?- n O O . . - . . - . q j . . - I - . ! OF 0 O I Llompl ments I Heiden - Craig - Fromyer PCST 4789 HEIDEN Veterans of Foreign Wars X-7 nolrgif ,fav Nag, cmue EQ H, Q44 -7 .. j Phillp d FROMYER North East Foreign Wars Veterans Club - BASTIAN BROS CO ROCHESTER IN X Desxgners and Producers of Excluslve Class Jewelry Genulne Engraved Commencement Announcements and Personal Cards MR CHARLES E McDONALD 120 Investment Bldg 239 Fourth Ave Pittsburg 22 Pa BREEZE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc Publlshers of THE NORTH EAST BREEZE Prmters of the HAQUIIOH O O v r , . n a 1 I 0 . . 1 . 1 ' 9 Q g 0 Kenneth W Fosburg Company wHo1EsALF PAPFR PRODUCTS W A O R7 A I E11 P f -A kv North East Pa Telephone 6 1w6 JAMESTOWN NFW YORK Nxklaus Bros Your International Harvester Dealer Slnce 1932 PHONE 807 Phone 807 A N ROSS TRUCKING Agent for Blocks by Duchnm Medusa Portland Cement and Rubber Base Pamts MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 79 West Mann Street Phone 386-W O 4 A A n - ' 1. w 1 Y n , A N ' o x 0 . x IIYIIIAYIOIAL HAIVISVII 0 1 . . n , Q , . O l . - CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 in I RICHARD L. PAYNE Electrical Contractor Perdue 81 0rton Company O Ferguson Machinery O Used Machinery O Perry Brush Cutter I Field Force Sprayers I Hydraulic Grape Hoe PHONE 366 105 'CLAY ST Compliments of BARD and BURGER CLEANERS Distinctive Dry Cleaning For People Who Care WL OWN AND OPERATE OUR OWN DRY CLEANING PLANT 24 F Main Street North East P Phone 368 CHARLES B LUKE ATLANTIC Gasoline Kerosene and Motor Oils ss WEST MAIN ST NORTH EAST Compliments of LAKE SHORE SUPPLY COMPANY LUMBER BUILDERS SUPPLIES COAL TELEPHONE 201 cplar Millard S Turner Funeral Home Lake and Clay Street North East Pa ll x 1, J. ' , a. C mpliments of O 9 . ' PA. m imen O O S , . Keysfone Cooperafive Grape Associafion 'A' OWNED BY THE GROWERS nk F INANCED BY THE GROWERS xi' OPERATED BY THE GROWERS C115 FOR THE BENEFIT OF THEMSELVES AND THE COMMUNITY AT LARGE BOGENSCHUTZ HOME FURNISHINGS Wefstmghouse Floor Coveunge Bedding and Carpeting NORTH EAST S OLDEST STORE Comphments of DR and MRS G B CRITTENDEIN PRINTED ADVERTISING O DEVELOI ED AND IRODUL ED Byrd Pr1nt1ngCo INCORPORATED 21 West Mam St North Eaet Pa Compliments of The Whlte Dmor 24-Hour Service . 1 .. L L T A - . 7 Y . . 1 4 1 j J N L o o I . . Lg q l 0 CONFRA1 ULATIONS THE CLASS OF 1956 FROM HARRY AND JACK HARRY S BARBER SHOP 93 S Lake Street North East Penna L omphments of Anderson s Cut Rate 10 Llmton Street Phone 1010 Compliments of HOTEL CONCORD Compllments of S L and M L ANDERSON D D S Complxments of FRAN'S BEAUTY SHOP CHESLI-:Y BLDG NORTH EAST PA. The Food Market and Dalry Bar Sundaes Banana Sphts Sodas Mxlk Shakes THE BIBT FOODS ALWAYS TELEVISION FOR YOUR PLEASURE Owner Mlchael Chlncuzxo 14 North Lake Street Phone 87 M 1 W Y K 9 r - s .. . 9 - ,. . . T 9 I , 9 J ARTHUR F. SCHULTZ COMPANY GENERAL ELECTRIC AP'PLlANCES I7 East Mann St North East Pa WAY ELECTRICAL SERVICE INDUSTRIAI I COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL I HONE 15 4 W 'VIAIN ROAD NORTH EAST I A GUSTAFSON OPTICAL COMPANY HONIL 2 4219 DISI ENSINI OPTII IAN? COMPI IMENTQ OF 9 MARKET ' 7' .. s , 1 . 113 WEST 9TH ST. - ERIE, PA " ' . S' 1 ' . Besi Wishes fo fhe Class of 1956 f l'0lIl Brother Willard, S. B.B. PHONE 139W 10 EAST MAIN STREET NORTH EAST PA fififififififi fi ii fi THE HCLLY SHOP NORTH EAST I A PHONE 127 J K Kama fafafafafa fafaffa. I l l O O O O O 0 O 0 O 0 0 O O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O O O 0 O VB 0 K is on no 0 O ., Ry on yo 0 0 ., F-3 -rg . , . , . D0 o Ladles and Chlldren s Wearlng Apparel 0 O O on K1 Q y . Q0 0 O M 33 on - - no 0 0 ., X ca no o W 0 94x 0 O 0 0 O O O 0 O O O O O 0 G 0 O 0 0 0 o o o o o o o o o 0 COMPLIMENTS OF COUSE 8: BEMISS AGENCY INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE BROKERS Telephone 123 North East. Pa Congratulatlons Class of 56 9 H1 Test Gas at Regular P lce 9 Knockless 9 ghP 'Edsl-I dCabnT bl 9 Surp ns ng M leage TIRES TUBES BATTERIES EV BOWEN S SUNOCO SERVICE 30-32 East Mann St North East Penna Mr and Mrs Theodore F Maasz CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 LAKE SHORE POST No 105 The Amerlcan Leglon North East Pa ' 9 9 .- r. Hi owered n ar r o rou es r' i i 9 COMPLIMENTS OF Success and Besf Wishes THE CLASS of 1956 From THE CLASS of 1957 Brocky s Radio Service COMPLIMENTS OF THE JOINT HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY O To Compliments of , O U Rev Rev Rev Rev The North East M1n1ster1al Assocnatlon CO OPERATING CHURCHES Q Y 9 Chrxsllan MISSIOHBFY Alllance Flrst Presbyterlan Evanqelxcal Unlted Brethren Free Meth0dlSt Flrst Baptlst Flrst Methodlst Holy Cross Eplscopal S Peter s Lutheran MlhlSt0rS Carl L Westover ew Edward R Rem Charles M McIntyre Rev Theodore E Klffer Ivan M Shreve Rev Robert H Moore John A Fetzer Pres Rev W1ll1am G Stemer Secy Freas A WISE man 18 C.'aUt1Ol1b and turns away from evll but a fool throws off rfstramt and 19 careless Proverbs 14 16 Worship m the church of your choice' Comphments of North Elgilxllqnglelgiltlilllg Corp. QUALITY FRUIT PRODUCTS Frozen Frults Cherrles In Brme F rult J ulces TELEPHONE 192 61-69 East Street North East, Pa. A' 1 ' , ,T J , ' L .A' . R '. . ' I C I f WURSTER MOTOR LINES, INC Local and Interstate Trucking Refrigerator Service EPP FURNITURE COMPANY THE FINEST HOME FURNISHINGS FROM America's Leading Craftsmen Phone 2-3683 1307-1311 S S eet E P I COMPLIMENTS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL DR AND MRS LEMUEL C. ALCORIN 6'-mb MEN LADIES BOYS P A MEYER 6? SONS ERIE S FOREMOST CLOTHIERS 817 19 21 23 Stat St HARTLEY S CASH GRUCERY GROCERIES and MEATS ll0So hL k S PHONE309 P 0WEN G SHERIDAN P fit. .1 5 1 iuunllrfy , Advanced Fashion P of Meyer-Quality for I I O 0 7 - . . e , Compliments of ut a e treet Com liments of Comphments of ALLAN K REESE SUI I I IFR OI' Smclalr O11 Products Goodyear Tlres and Batterles I HONE 251 CRAMER MOTORS, Inc CHEVROLET AND OLDS SALES 81 SERVICE W Mam St Ext Telepho 188 NORTH EAST PA Q70 The Mosf Beauhful BUY of All You ll fmd greater road performance Greater drlvlng ease and economy m a Lhevrolet or Oldsmobile from Cramer Motors C It , , 1 A E J XT 1 I 21 MECHANIC EIT. NORTH EAST. PA . ' . . ne , s X . Best Wlshes to the Class of 56 FOR QUALITY INSURANCE AT LOW COST Q NATIONWIDE MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO g NATIONWIDE MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INS OO O NATIONWIDE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Home Office Columbus Ohxo BURG E. WOOD Agent Phone 1090 MEAD FARM EQUIPMENT ALI IS CHALMERS NEW IDEA MYERS Sales and SCTVICC Phone 171 R D 5 Statlon Road North East Pa HUTCHINSON ELECTRIC STORE QUALITY HOME APPLIANCES Servmg North East for 33 Years 55 WEST MAIN ST TELEPHONE 320 Swoap's Esso Servlce ESSO PRODUCTS FIRESTONE TIRES ATLAS TIRES On Route 20 Phone 247 W MR and MRS RAYMOND SWOAP ' 9 ' 7 I 1 I . . .., ,. . I . . . Compliments of Sunshine Packing Corporation FRED L RAHAL Presldent 25 Years of Faithful Performance with Our Fruit Growers of Pennsylvania C pl ments of GLENN LICK S GARAGE BUFFALO TURBINE CONCENTRATE SPRAYERS West Law Road Congratulatlons to the Claw of 1906 ORTON S FRUIT MARKET STATION ROAD NORTH EAST PA COMPLIMENTS OF A F SMITH Gm SON YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER 45 EAST MAIN bT NORTH EAST Comph ents of Pierce Motor Sales Chrysler and Plymouth Sales and Servnce as 87 w MAIN ST TELEPHONE 377 om i , 9 .. 1 , I I , . o a 56 ' H Y . 'm 0 . 'gg 5-iw.. .HQ f llleaclowsfwok HOME DELIVERY aaifncxf PASTEURIZED IIOMOGENIZED VITAMIN D cnocoms mix FORTIFIED NON-FAT MIIK IUTTERMILK HALF I HALF SKIN MILK CIEAMED COTTAGE CHEESE Phone 8-3157 0 00' aw MLADOW Ba We are serving a constantly increasing number of homes in this area with Meadow Brook Dairy Products. The reason: Meadow Brook quality--superior quality at no premium in price. If you are not already a Meadow Brook customer, we would mightily like you as one. Try Meadow Brook and taste the difference. ICE CREAM , . , richer in flavor-finer in texturee-and the favorite of all who like a truly delicie ous ice cream. For the best in ice cream, buy Meadow Brook. MILK ncusso ron P1441 GET YOUR CHOICE AT YOUR FAVORITE FOOD STORE. ,A .12 4 gl W 'HIM wie 'yQzQfgggAgiurrA,Lo nn., :nie 'iiiiiti I . if ' ,...,. ,. , 1 4 - K O P C K E S FOR HIQ GRADUATION GIFTS ir WE SUGGEST Faultless Pajamas Arrow Shlrts Tles Handkerchlefs E qulre Hoslery Robes HlCk0k Belts Jewelry Sets W L STOW JOHN HARY FY STOW C L U WII LIAM R STOW S T O W S PHONE 245 79 GIBSON STREET NORTH EAST PA Western Auto Assocnate Store WM H POWER Owner Tues Tools Tool Boxes Bneycles Auto Batterles Flshmg Tackle Electrical Apphances Sportlng Goods 1 ., l... , . . . . :L ..- - - - - N . . . S . - S- " 1 Q ok V Y I L can T1 J gk L I Y .4 T n , u . . . , 'n , L' ' . - L- Compliments And Good Wishes To FACULTY AND STUDENTS North East Heat and Light Company North Easf Hardware Co. 75-77 South Pearl St. North East. Pa. Phone 1018 4 Hardware - Paints - Glass - Wall Paper - Floor Covering Electrical Sz Plumbing Supplies Compliments of DR and MRS KENWYN F WARD MINADEO S SPORT CENTER 121 W 9th St Phone 28-5288 Ene Penna TEAM OUTFITTERS or BASEBALL FOOTBALL BASKETBALL SOCCER THE R L HARTLEY AGENCY FIRE CASUALTY ALLIED LINES 'elephone 1441 North East Pa Congratulations to the Class of 1956 CHARLES LEXOW ELECTRIC WIRING R D 2 Dew 05 Poad Phone 266 7 , f TRACK - WRESTLING - AWARD SWEATERS - JACKETS Conglatulatlons fo the C LASS Ol' 1956 Dave s Atlantlc Serv1ce as E MAIN ST I omphments of CarlS Rumberger 1 X sl RADIO SERN ICE CLINTON STREET MARKET MEATS GROCERIEB FRESH FRUITS VEGETABLES Phone 359 M 62 Clmton St North East Pa Cumphments of KEIM HOME FOR THE AGED fongratulatlons to the GRADUATING C LAQS OF 1956 L 81 M Dmer SALCHOW'S DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST S 5 West Mam St North East Pa v 41 1 ' 1 R . 1 W 1 1 L Q 1 , o o 1 . s . , . . l r 1 y 1 fv 1 . -.-...Q-........-...-..... , ...N . . .. .-.V .... ,. .X,,-..-... ........--....-... W.: -,....... .. - ,. .......-..-..--1 1 1 L ..- ' 1 ' ' L. 0 9 . 4 . 1 I ' 1 1 A . n n n 1 u 9 COMPLIMENTS OF DR and MRS H F ADAMS LOUIE'S BARBER SHOP l k 51 E MAIN ST PHONE 7 R COMPLIMENT OF DOVERSPIKE S ESSO SERVICE Groce e Toys Hobble 110 E MAIN STREET PHONE 9091 COMPLIMEN TS HOGUE'S GUN STORE za VINE sr NORTH EAST, PA. For a cut i e the crew go to Lou's 9 ri s - - ' s OF Cow LIMENTS OF Dr and Mrs Carl A Karsh Comphmentc f W P ROUSE 81 SON WE RE IN A BLACK BUSINESS BUT WE TREAT YOU WHITE Comphments Oi Carl s Superette QUALITY MFATs GROCERIFS 71 CLINTON STREET PHONE 9086 OPEN EVE AND SUN North East Cooperatlve G L F SERVICE, INC IT PAYS THE BEST THE CO-OP WAY S Pearl St at Grahamwlle Telephone 70 North East Pa 1 . C O I O ' 0 C I ll I fl I . 7 1 A L T A. . . . O O O C O . . . , . JUST WHAT I WANTED WHEN YOU SAY THAT ABOUT ANYTHING YOU BUY HERE WE ARE AS MUCH PLEASED AS YOU IT MEANS WE BOTH HAVE BEEN SUCCESSP UL SHOPPERS WE ARE SURE THAT YOU WILL FIND JUST WHAT YOU WANT AT THE START OF A NEW SPRING SEASON WITH THE CREAM OF NEW STOCK TO CHOOSE FROM L W CRO0T DRY GO0DS 00 HUBER HARDWARE COMPIJMENTS OF Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Dumond WE ARE OFF TO THE GAME - - BUT REMEMBER - - WHEN THE WEDDING DAY COMES ! - Selkregg Flowers - DR and MRS E G SHELLEY We Lon ratulate the 1956 Graduates THE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO House Ifurnlshmgs Compllmente of Harry B Couse HILL 81 HILL CIVII Engmeers 8 Glbson Street North East Pa T C HILL 1911 R I DeBELL A E STERRETT JOHN K HALLENBURG Compliment! I O I O O , g A D O ., . . . l L , 1 . . , . . . 1 l .K o COMPLIMENTS OF Sweef, King and Lamb BAQKET MANUFACTURFRQ Q ONGRATULATIONS TO THE CI ASS OF l95l' Norfh Easf Fruli Growers Incorporated ir TLLEPHOWE 115 10 Grahamvllle Street North East Penna O n An 1 1 1 ww , n A up 1, I 1 A - Y DR and MRS W R GII LIAM Mrs Dorothy Garfield TOWNSHIP TAX COLLECTOR BLYSTONE S Buick Pontiac 8: G M C John Deere Implements b lf d O I P d Telephone 205 38 East Main bt North East Plumbing Company Compliments of 0 l 0 I J Compliments of O O Compliments of 7 , , I C D Distri utors of Wo 's Hea i ro ucts Compliments of ,QI il,-I, Speclallzlng m Hot Dogs Hamburgers 81 Ch1l1 Con Carne Best Wlshes to the Llass of 1956 Mlke 8: Bess Prop ...J mpl I Flrsf Nahonal Bank NORTH EAST PA 56 llsllnh Th Ba k That S S ce 1893 T T e?.-:-.- ' T 4' . .. . l E r 1 L F T x i , U F - -- - l T 'N' if T S 5 r t . -2-""""i-.1 : H . 9 Co inents of 'hensef' " e n ervice Built" H E R F F- I 0 NES INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA ir Official Jewelers to North East HS the class of '57 Dlstlnctlve class Jewelrv Graduatlon Announcements Medals Trophles Scholastlc Awards A R SEANER Rep e entat e Co pl me ts of Welch Grape lulce Go, Inc WK? k ZWNQ or fee QA WELCH S A All ENIUYMENT K' GRAPE .ILICE ir .IAMS if PRESERVES 'lr JELLIES if mi rx l l l TW f , ml Q Pun: w I tl I . , Qjy U I L. Press 8: Co. EVERYTHING FOR WORK, DRESS, PLAY 1206-16 State Street Erie, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF LaMARTIN LAUNDRY Telephone 808 61 South Lake St North East Pa W A Spencer and Son Internatlonfll Sales and Servnce General Repalrmg 11 East St Phone 107 M MERLE PIERCE GULF SERVICE PHONE 147 M Towne 81 East Main Streets North East Pa Shopper s Gulde J J PF I'TIT Complxments ot Dean's Weldmg Servloe CUSTOM WELDING ELECTRIC and ARC CU'I'I'ING and BRAZING Phone 190 M 17 East Street North East Pa ' 7 O O A n - . , - Compliments of , 0 Y . . I O O , , - , I COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. and Mrs. John S. Griffin COMPLIMENT on Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Cushman Compliments of CHAS. LA ROCCA MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING SCHOOL JACKETS "Family Shoe Store" 12 Clinton St. North East, Pa C mplimentl of THE ELECTRIC MATERIALS CO. North East, Penna. Compliments of Mark Harrison Painting and Decorating Compllments of Bagley s Moblle Servlce as L MAIN sr Lomphments of CIRCLE K POULTRY FARM DRESSED POULTRY EGGS Phone 221W CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 SEIFERT'S HOUSE OF FURNITURE Fme Furniture Rugs Appliances Why Not Investlgate The Opportumtles Afforded In 0 Busmess AdmlDISEF3tlOH 9 Secretarlal Sclence 0 Accounting They Are Profltable and Fasclnatmg Professlons ERIE COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Specialists ln Busmess Education State at 8th St Erre Penna PROMPT 24 HOUR TAXI SERVICE Clvde Roblnson 41 Vme St. Phone 1024 , I I W. Main Road Telephone 508 Complnments of -. Lmes Jewelry Compliments of EDWARD J ROSE Western New York s Greatest Sporting Goods Store Distrrbutors of The MacGregor Co and A. G Spaldxng 8: Bros Athletxc Goods ED ROSE SPORTING GOODS 51 msr GENESEE STREET BUFFALO N Y U , 1 ' I f I. I o , . . . - . . Q . . Fxrchs SUNBEAM BREAD M3655 mba ' ICE CREAM RIECK DAIRY COMPANY Ecoma D1v1s1on as I I NY PENN SERVICE STATION t S t THE ERIE TIMES DAILY AND SUNDAY 0 FIRST IN IIRCULAIION 9 FIRST IN NEWS I FIRST IN ADVERTISING "Let'S Be Friends" ' 9 an Sta e S Erie, Pe e 20 N. Y.-Penna. Sta e E Q4 Q

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