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, QQWLZ KM ,M . I 'T N 4, ig 4 ks Q Q., I5f,JmhuLL7,1fA4C'hAWf!96f5 NORTH EAST HIGH SCHOOL NORTH EAST PENNSYLVANIA ,, ALMA MATER Norlh Easl l-ligh School here-'S To you Besf in The land. 'Neafh The old Gold and Maroon We will proudly Take our slandz ln classrooms. sludies, fields or Jrrack Wifh you, dear, as our guide, No ofher ever shall we lack VVe'll win your pride. Rah! Rah! Rah! CONTENTS . . . Wee? flfcwik Zan! Jffzqk AT GRADUATION AT WORK IN CLUBS AT PLAY AT EASE DOWNTOWN Theme AlThough we are sTill aT war. we oTTer you The 1945 Aquilo as a peaceTime version. Looking ahead To The America of Tomorrow, a peaceful America. we vvanT To be able To leave ouT war and The parT iT has played in our lives: we vvanT To recall our happy days here in high school. Please do noT Think we are shirking our duTies or Tailing To realize The imporTance of This war. We wanT To remem- ber our lriendships, our TooTball and baskeTbali games, The school dances, our club parTies, and The Junior Prom. Because There are so many un- TorgeTTable evenTs ThaT we cannoT include Them all. we have Tried To bring ouT The mosT imporTan1 ones. Thus. we presenT our Aguilo, hoping ThaT you will enjoy reading iT as much as we have enjoyed pub- lishing iT. ' We wish To Thank sincerely Mr. Davis Tor financial advice, lvliss Parker Tor her invaluable assisTance. Miss l-larrison and her Typing class Tor Their help. and everyone else who conTribuTed in any way To The publishing of This Aquilo of I945. KENNETH PULLING Coach Dedication Because we appreciale his friendliness loyally and pafience, his guiding hand ex- Tended To us all, we, The class of l945 dedicale This Aquila To our coach, Ken nelh Pulling. THEODORE SPRAGUE Presiclem' of Board Board of Education Presidenl ..... .... T lweodore Sprague Vice Presidem' ................ Virgil A. Black Secrefary ........ Rose S. Cole lnon-memberl Treasurer --- Jolfiri lvl. McCord i' MEMBERS: Donald G. Norris, Dr. l-l. E. Adams, Theo- dore C. l-lill. Paul l-lomer. G. B. Mackay, Elizabelh Sceiford. Floyd Orfon. Six E C DAVIS Supervising Principal The presenT war is nearing a successful conclusion. We are naTurally concerned wiTh The peace which will Tollow. This will noT be The Type of peace which has Tollowed our former wars. The naTions oT The world and Their individual ciTizens musT work To guaranTee The peace. Many of your age will be required To assisT in This plan Tor liTTle compensa- Tion oTher Than The saTisTacTion of having helped To preserve world order. Such service should make your generaTion more conscious of our privileges and The needs of oThers. Your parT in such en- deavors should reTlecT crediT on your communiTy. ci I Seven Faculty EARLE C. DAVIS B. S. New York Univers- ity M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh Supervising Principal . . . genial . . . gardener . . . peonies . . . the shadow of doom . . .neat . . . our friend. FRANCES A. PARKER A. B. Oberlin College M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh English IV . . . Aquilo ad- visor . . . pleasant voice . . . American History . . . hot fudge sundaes . . . good natured. JOSEPHINE SCOULLER A. B. University of Pitts- burgh Latin and Mathematics . . . . . Assistant Principal . . . looks out for the Seniors . . . "please remember your excuses" . . . keeps order in upper hall. BEATRICE HARRISON B. S. lndiana, Pa., State Teachers College Commercial subjects . . . supervises typing Aquilo "copy" . . . in the office . . . efficient . . . always pleasant. CECELIA BELL A. B. Allegheny College Enjoys operas . . . French and Mathematics . . drives a shiny, black Chevy . . . . . . snowbound . . . dig- nity. H. MacTARNAGHAN B. S. Allegheny College Science . . . "Mac" . . . gets surprising results from ex- periments . . . friendly at the gate during games . . . joker. Eight KENNETH PULLING B. S. Slippery Rock, Pa., State Teachers College Physical Education . . . gym exhibition . . . Civics . . . helps the injured . . . cheerful . . . clears the halls . . . K. P .... has a word for all. NO RA E, SHERIDAN A. B. Pennsylvania State College English . those alumni games . . . demands strict attention . . . likes gram- mar . . . rigid Study Halls . . . believes in fairness. Faculty ROY A. FORDYCE E. S. Pennsylvania State College Agriculture . . . faces trouble courageously . . . F. F. A .... street signs . . . "Pop" . . . bees. HELEN GORNDT B. S. Pennsylvania State College Art in the grades . . . High School Art and Me- chanical Drawing . . . Var- iety Show . . . Art Club . . . friendly. NOREJANE JOHNSTON B. S. Mansneld, Pa., State State Teachers College Home Economics . . . Civ- ics . . . smiling . . . pa- tience should be her mid- dle name . . . lower hall duty . . . nurse . . . person- ality. LAURA SHERRANGE A. B. Villa Marie Col- lege Spanish, Latin, English . . Girl Reserves . . . pep . . busy . . . good humored . . Girl Reserve play. Nine VIRGINIA FLEMING B. S. Mansfield, Pa., State Teacher College Band . . . Orchestra . . . English I . . . excellent pi- anist . . . helpful . . . red- gold hair . . . enjoys a good joke. KATHRYN E. MYERS B. S. Ed. Indiana, Pa., State Teachers College Commercial . . . enjoys Shorthand parties . . . Mr. Davis' new "stenog" . . . likes to eat . . . sense of humor. STANLEY RALSTON B. S. Slippery Rock, Pa., State Teachers College Biology . . . Civics . . . un- limited capacity for ice cream . . . gentle pats on the back . . . runs the pic- ture machine . . . conta- gious laugh. WARREN L. MORGAN B. S. Education Ohio University Social Studies . . . debate coach . . . enjoys a good joke . . . P. O. D. parties . . . snappy clothes . . . pianist. Ein memnriam This page is dedicafed To The memory of Jean Schriefer, Helen Lyons, James Orfoh, Roberf Sprague, feur members of This graduafing class: and To The memory of Consfanf DuFosse, a mem- ber of The Class of 1947. I-le died March 23, I945. Ten MWQUM N OL O O .-ff'-1 ZMMWM WX Q f fwfr L ,T X ' 1. f I I + fffff 'J NW W I X WL f ,if , -f .I ! JAMES AKIN JOSEPHINE ARRIGO Hi-Y Q31 Q41 Chorus Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 ' Football Q31 Q41 Football Mgr. Q11 Q21 Basketball Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 Athletic Council Q21 Spanish Club Q31 Secretary Q41 "Lefty" . . . struttin' . . . Vine Street in the moon- light . . . "sick" three times a week . . . flash in Basket- ball . . . Beaver and Junior . . . all star back j7J,..,..-4.if57i.aL GLADYS BANGS Girl Reserves Q11 Q21 Q41 French Club Q31 Q41' Spanish Club Q41 Intramural Sports Q31 Q41 Interested in being a cadet nurse . . . 'LI mean, ah-" . . . pretty eyes . . . good student . . . likes to read . . . quiet in class. 342,07-7M-ff Girl Reserves Q11 Q21 Art Club Q21 Q31 Spanish Club Q31 "Jo" neat dresser . . . one of those Four Rhythmettes . . . cute Hgure . . . attractive hair . . . Murphy's sweetness . . L "Oh, gee!" a WV! dia, ROSE BANGS ' Girl Reserves Q11 Q21 Q41 Chorus Q11 Band Q21 Intramural Sports Q21 Q31 "Rosie" . . . Richard, the soldier . . . one of the State- line gang . . . works at the A 8: P . . . expects to go in- to the service as a WAC. ,Uf I Z 5 GEORGE BANGS Spanish Club Q31 Chorus Q41 Gruff voice . . . noon league star . . . profound bachelor . . . good student . . . early morning look. NAOMI BOGENSCHUTZ Girl Reserves Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 Pic Club Q11 Secretary Q21 Intramural Sports Q11 Q21 Q31 Grapevine Q41 Aquilo Board "Nick" . . . "good old Find- ley" . . . enjoys basketball and skating . . . a good sport . . . friendly . . . Sandy . . . driver Q?1 . . . blushes. MHIQU 1,4151 iff, ALLENE BORSTORFF Shorthand Club Q41 Orchestra Q25 C35 Q41 Gentle . . . one of those Shorthand gigglers . . . her heart is in the Navy . . . considerate . . . Rena's and June's pal. Glsmimriesssiailf RENA DOORISH Girl Reserves C41 Shorthand Club Q45 "Freddie" . . . enjoys laugh- ing . . . lives in town during the winter . . . likes to play Cupid . . . Allene's pal. im, .85 crunk THOMAS COATOAM 'Art Club Q39 445 Grapevine Staff Q35 Glee Club C31 Spanish Club Q43 "Tom" . . . busy . . . un- usual hair cuts . . . ardent bachelor . . . a great reader of current literature. ,JMU fyjaw ELIZABETH DURST "Ed" . . . quiet . . . Miss Scou1ler's helper . . . brill- iant . . . likes bookkeeping. ff A fatal Thirteen V , ff ,ff lo Lf 2 4 ,fp JOSEPHINE CONCILLA Glee Club C11 C41 Girl Reserves QU Q23 Band C19 625 139 649 Orchestra Q25 Q31 Q41 Spanish Club C41 Shorthand Club Q43 Aquilo Board Grapevine Staff Intramural Sports ill C27 C35 C49 "Josie" . . . nice personality . . . likes to dance . . . Ang- lie's and Ro's other part . . . excellent guard . . . tumbl- ing . . . enjoys Shorthand parties. y 6?-ww-541 LLOYD EATON Hi-Y Q43 "Half-pint" . . . Sunshine ex- ecutive . . . wicked basket- ball player? . . . man of many accomplishments . . . truck driving a speciality. JAM' ajft, '1,LffffA ,JERRY EDWARDS "Jerry" . . . My Sister and I . . . quiet . . . voices opinions in class . . . has own views on matrimony-and other things. LOIS FELTON Latin Club Q33 C41 Cheerleader flj Q25 Athletic Council Q21 Girl Reserves fl? 429 139 Q43 Intramural Sports C15 C23 133 149. Aquilo Board "Jim" . . . those "scratchy" shots . . . enjoys dancing and basketball . . . friendly . . . cute fand we don't mean bow-leggedj . . . good driv- er. is-Z...NE-s.SeI..s RICHARD ELLIS Art Club Q11 French Club 14, "Dick" . . . me and my Ford . . . ambition, to be a minis- ter . . . bookkeeping special- ist. ' EJLALEJL, FRANCES GIORDANO Pic Club C11 Girl Reserves flj Q21 Q35 Intramural Sports Q31 "Pete" . . . her new niece . . . humorous . . . Westfield . . . dependable . . . neat . . . Mr. Davis' helper . . . one of Mr. Ralston's pet peeves. ZWw,Q.lefmy Fourteen -,Qifcq fzf. JEAN EVANS "Louie" . . . Wishes her "one and only" were home . . . quiet . . . "I didn't do noth- thing" . . . attractive . . pleasant voice. kv Jqfffwnal CATHERINE GRESH Shorthand Club Q41 "Dot and I" . . . walked eight miles to get to school one day . . . giggles in English class . . . good bookkeeper . . . drives a Chevy . . . feather-cut. Qgihvum.-.J-QAJUABK THOMAS GRIFFIN F. F. A. Q29 433 443 Chorus Q41 Football Q41 Hi-Y C41 Aquilo Board HV. L." . . . Big boy . . . fut- ure farmer . . . takes life easy . . . cartoonist . . . Pop's chief assistant . . . pet peeve: P. O. D. and English. QMJMW JOSEPH HALLORAN Band Q32 C41 Orchestra C41 Chorus ff-D 14, Hi-Y Q41 Aquilo Board "Curly-locks" . . . roller skating enthusiast . . . great musician? . . . leader of the band . . ?,"Oh, the women in my life. BETTY GROSS Latin Q31 MJ Spanish Club Q41 Aquilo Board Intelligent . . . friendly . . . hails from Greenfield . . . Alan . . . friend of the bus driver . . . ambition: to be a teacher . . . well done assignments. MARGARET HESLING Girl Reserves C13 C29 C37 14D Latin Club C31 Q41 French Club Q31 Mixed Chorus Q31 Aquilo Board Secretary 13D Cheerleader CU C21 f3J Q41 Intramural Sports 613 C23 C33 C45 Cheerleader . . . enjoys bas- ketball and dancing . . . pretty eyes . . . neat dresser . . . Art's idol. Wmrsgi sexi-'Ng Fifteen ELEANOR GUARINO Art Club C11 123 Glee Club up 423 Cheerleader Q13 Q23 Q31 C41 Intramural Sports QD Q21 Girl Reserves fly C21 Likes to jitterbug . . . singer . . . cheerleader . . . loves them and leaves them . . . friendly . . . a "slick chick". Cifiwrzafi ,520-422-GZW ALBERTA HINKLER Glee Club C31 Mixed Chorus C41 "Birdie" . . . Marilyn's pal . . . ambition: beautician . . . Dick. 1 K fflf 1 J, I. V f I ,i,.ff 1, A0111 I CHAR Mixed Chorus C41 Spanish Club C31 C41 Aquilo Board Plays the piano . . . a bright "gal" . . . nice voice . . . in- teresting English talks . . . a different laugh. Q2Q,lmfofrWlg2-4 ARTHUR LARSON Basketball C31 Q41 Hi-Y C31 C41 "Art" . . . teacher's pet peeve . . . tall, dark and ? ? . . . wise cracks in class . . . basketball whiz . . . Country gentlemen.,uv1 Lv--- ,,., ,---nu one , use Glee Club C31 Girl Reserves C11 C41 Intramural Sports C11 C21 C31 C41 "May-bell" . . . One of the State Line gang . . . enjoys basketball . . . Paul . . . "Re- member the time that-" . . . a Findley skater. xWXa.,Q,-.n,Q ANGELINE LICATA Art Club C11 C21 Girl Reserves C11 C21 Intramural Sports C11 C21 C31 C41 Aquilo Board Athletic Council C31 C41 "Angie" . . . star guard . . . beautiful black hair . . . en- joys basketball and dancing . . . loves parties . . . editor- in-chief . . . good sport . . . leadership. af-am Sixteen -a J J W4 ff Football C41 Hi-Y C31 C41 Chorus C41 Vice President C31 "Bob" . . . Ripley gal . . . reddens easily . . . crooner . . . enjoys Jersey hi balls . . . State Line gang. fit! f C1429 HAZLE LUKE Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C41 Pic Club C11 Grapevine Staff C41 Treasurer C41 Aquilo Board Helps keep Findley open . . . Naomi's pal . . . big eyes . . . nice personality . . . friend- - ly . . . likes to drive . . . dis- appointments. ICQ-3-39" ' Lffff Aff' U SAM MADONIA HELEN MARTIN ELIZABETH MAYS Band CU C21 13D 145 Shorthand Club Q41 Girl Reserves Football 433 Q49 Pic Club 413 C13 C23 C37 C43 Basketball Q31 C41 Girl Reserves Chorus 111 C21 Q41 Hi-Y Q39 443 613 C23 C33 449 French Club 439 449 chorus 145 French Club 635 shorthand Club Q49 "Mu1ey" . . . an around ath- fxnirgiulfazlfports 425 637 Inglgmagalcfforts lete . . . runs close second r u l to Artie Shaw . . . not and Glenn I 1 i Corry D , I 3 Pep- Aqu110 Board cold basketball player . . . Sodent smile ' l I nice Clothes .mizzieu D I 1 tau U . l always "Stutz" . . . master of many arts . . . sheik. DONALD MCADOO Football Q42 "Mac" . . . Shirley . . . last minute football find . . . big smile . . . energetic CH . . . "School is such a bore" . . . cycles to school. . . . loves quarrels . . . roller skater . . . J0anne's pal. laefgme FRANCIS MGGAUGHEY Football Q21 C31 141 Basketball Q31 Hi-Y Q33 Q43 "Franny" . .. State Line gang . . . Beau Brummel of N. E. H. S .... Football, first game whizflast game Hzz. Zidfwow Qfifffij MM Q Seventeen smiling . . . neat dresser . . . Corry . . . Shorthand . . . Bob. J, vw NANCY MCLAUGHLIN Pic Club 115 Art Club C11 Shorthand Club C45 "Nan" . . . Johnny . . . likes to read . . . left in the mid- dle of the year. WMWWCWWM X , f of If ' I off 717, QL, f OA., A JENIFER MESSLER Grapevine Q31 Art Club Q11 Q31 Q41 Spanish Club Q41 Debate Club Q31 French Club Q31 Glee Club Q11 Q21 Mixed Chorus Q31 Intramural Sports Q11 Girl Reserves Q11 Q21 "Jennie" . . . Frank . . . act- ress . . . "dog tags" . . . prominent in P. O. D. class . . . future librarian. Mama' LUCY NORTHRUP "Dohn" . . . enjoys tele- phone calls from Camp Lee . . . blonde. afar QMW ., ,Q JOHN NASH Hi-Y Q31 Q41 Aquilo Board "Weasel" . . . ferocious car driver . . . morning tardi- ness . . . Casanova . . . "Let me tell ye 'bout me an' " . . . Whisperer . . . thumbs. ffm NANCY OLSON Art Club Q11 Girl Reserves Q11 Q21 Q31 French Club Q31 Q41 Spanish Club Q41 Intramural Sports Q21 Future designer . . . draws in all classes . . . long blonde hair . . . bangs . . . works at the A 8z P. glam., Eighteen ARDELL NEWTON F. F. A. Q21 Q31 Q41 Chorus Q41 "Newt" . . . future farmer . . . soft voice . . . sees no use in girls. ROSALIE PALERMO Girl Reserves Q11 Q21 Art Club Q11 Q21 Q41 Chorus Q21, Q41 Intramural Sports Q21 Q31 Q41 Spanish Club Q41 Grapevine Staff Aquilo Board "Ro" . . . artist . . . good guard . . . Angie's ansd Josie's other part . . . works at her grocery store . . . enjoys dancing and basketball . . . wise cracks. Qf-gwjw Sgidfvmr Z, Q 71' ,. i l VIRGINIA PETTENGILL Intramural Sports Q31 145 Quiet . . . shy . . . Patsy's pal . . . keen sense of humor . . . blonde. ESTHER PUSCHECK Art Club QD Pic Club C15 Chorus C11 C21 Q31 C41 Shorthand Club 141 Intramural Sports f3J .145 Friendly . . . quiet . . . good natured . . . neat . . . minis- ter's daughter . . . star for- ward . . . nice disposition. ctftaamotsslzlsfg ,,'.,-fvvv 1 FRANK PINNA Engineerinig Club C31 C41 Hi-Y 449 Chorus 141 Rosy cheeks . . . Jenny . . . long shots in gym . . . blue eyes . . . faithful . . . long telephone conversations . . . "got any weeds?" MARY RANDALL Girl Reserve Q11 MJ French Club Q31 C41 Shorthand Club Q41 One of the State Line gang . . . humorous . . . enjoys Shorthand parties. Nineteen JUNE PLATT Petite . . . soda jerk . . . quiet . . . blonde . . . new glasses. . CARL REIBS Hi-Y Q43 Blondie . . . smart dresser . . . Navy's got him now . . . wise cracks when least ex- pected . . . grocery clerk. JAMES REIMAN PHYLLIS REIN EDWARD RODENCAL Hi-Y Q35 Q45 President Q25 Q45 Band Q25 Q35 Orchestra Q25 Q35 Basketball Q25 Q35 Football Q25 Q35 Q45 Athletic Council Q35 Aquilo Board "Junior" . . . ears . . . foot- ball casualty . . . limpy . . . Jeannie . . . would-be asset to "BB" . . . hot temper . . . capable leader. LORETTA SCOTCI-I Glee Club Q25 Pic Club Q15 Intramural Sports Q15 Q25 Q35 Quiet . . . attends church regularly .. . black hair . . . good in Handicraft Class. fmlzlt All I Latin Club Q35 Q45 Latin Club Q35 Fremh Club 525 "Ed" Lizzie boat Spanish Club Q35 Mixed Chorus Q35 Debating Club Q35 Intramural Sports Q35 Q45 Vice President Q45 Girl Reserves Q35 Q45 Aquilo Board "Phyl" . . . knitting . . . minister's daughter . . . iiirt roses ener etic . . . . . . . . . g stubborn: ask Ray. Gafwiw MARY SCOULLER Latin Club Q35 Q45 French Club 'Q35 Q45 Chorus Q25 Q45 Debate Club Q35 Q45 Intramural Sports Q15 Q35 Girl Reserves Q15 Q25 Q35 Q45 .f Grapevine Q45 Aquilo Board ' Neat dresser . . . presides over three clubs . . . keen sense of humor . . . good sport . . . a student. Twenty livery gang . . . double dates Fritz . . . master of Physics . . . Dave and Fritz. El,-efaLQW6,M,t STEWART SCOULLER Art Club Q15 Q25 Engineering Club Q35 Hi-Y Q35 Q45 g Secretary Q25 Football Manager Q45 Aquilo Board "Drooler" . . . Skeets . . . hitch hiker Madison, K sWisconsin . . . attempts to drive the Pontiac . . . laziest manager in football history. RAY SEEVERS Basketball C31 C41 Football C31 C41 President C31 Athletic Council C11 Football Manager Cl1 C21 Art Club C11 C21 Engineering Club C31 Hi-Y C21 C31 C41 Aquilo Board "Beaver" . . . sailor . . . Phyl . . . chubby . . . slow and easy . . . huge appetite . . . continued rugged football season on basketball court . . . co-hitch hiker. 7 e BARBARA ANN SHAW Spanish Club C31 C41 Girl Reserves C11 C21 C3JC 41 Aquilo Board t'Babs" ood student . . . . . . g pig-tails . . . neat dresser . . . her black dog. h COLMAN SEMAN Engineering Club C41 Something has been added . . . "Halloween Terror" . . . "Red" . . . Merchant Marine. VINCENT SHIOLENO Football C11 C21 C31 C41 Engineering Club C31 C41 Athletic Council C41 Chorus C41 Hi-Y C31 C41 Art Club C21 "JunCgles" . . . shoulders . . . women trouble . . . rough- rough tackle . . . tall, dark, and handsome . . . Arthur Murray's protege. d,,Q Twenty-one ' Z 1, .f ELSIE SEMELKA Girl Reserves C41 Aquilo Board Burr . . . "shorty" . . "Well-l-l-1" . . . a temper . . husky voice . . . friendly . . attractive smile. HELEN SNELL Pic ciub C11 Harold . . . telephone calls . . . pretty teeth . . . brown hair . . . drawl . . . bash- ful C?1 . . . neat . . . roller skater. Maw Smal g,J:. JOANNE SNELL Girl Reserves C11 Q21 Q31 C41 Pic Club Q11 Chorus Q11 Q21 Q41 Spanish Club Q31 Vice President Q11 Art Club Q11 Q31 rr Helen's other half Co y . . . . pretty . . . dress designer to be . . . skating . . . hobby. eating . . . "Snuggie". JEANNE VOGT Chorus Q11 Q21 Q41 Orchestra Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 Intramural Sports Q11 Q21 Q31 Girl Reserves C11 Q21 Q31 Q41 Plays the violin . . . pretty hair . . . blue eyes . . . one of the Vogt sisters . . . pret- ty voice . . . basketball. Hemvmf Art Club Q21 Intramural Sports Q11 Girl Reserves Q41 Chorus Q41 "Lou" . . . commercial artist . . . friendly . . . red hair . . . lives in town now. THOMAS WEINHEIMER Art Club Q21 Q31 Q41 Engineering Club Q31 Hi-Y Q41 Chorus Q11 Q21 Q41 Vice President Q21 'LI got the fastest 'Studie' in town" . . . Annie . . . me and my little truck . . . sharp clothes .. . brainy phrases . . . wild. driver. Twenty-two DONALD TRIANA Football Q21 Q31 Q41 Basketball Q41 Hi-Y Q31 Q41 Chorus Q41 Athletic Council Q41 Engineering Club Q31 Q41 Art Club Q21 "Peanuts" . . . terror of the gridiron . . . little man with a big cigar . . . pet peeve: English . . . "Put me in K. P." . . . all star back . . . Sam and Vin . . . Navy man now. .8?w4f,ZTwaf' DORIS WILCOX Pic Club Q11 Girl Reserves Q11 C21 Q31 Q41 "Little one" . . . he's in the Navy now . . . enjoys camp- in at Findle . . . temper g Y .. drives a Dodge and "brother, you'd better" . . . neat . . . 'fDort". APM wa, 44? Class Will We, The class of l945, on saying farewell To Alma MaTer. sTudenTs, books, Teachers, and oTh,er essenTials involved, on This 28th day of May, in The year of our Lord nineTeen hundred and forTy-five. do begueaTh The following To The sTudenTs whom we leave behind: To The Juniors we begueaTh our seaTs,in The sTudy hall and assembly. May They acknowledge The honor of siTTing in Them as much as we have. To The Sophomores we leave our unsurpassed skill in passing noTes in sTudy hall. chewing gum in class. and our ouTsTanding sense of humor. Miay They use Them To The greaTesT avail, Thus becoming an unusual class. To The Freshmen we leave our digniTy, our ever- greaT influence which we have over The Teachers. and our ouTsTanding scholasTic abiliTy. May Their career in high school prove as successful as ours has. And, individually, we do begueaTh aT This final hour The following personal possessions To individ- uals who need Them mosT: James Akin's plaid shirTs To George Greider Josephine Arrigo's singing voice To Alice Welch Gladys Bangs abiliTy To argue To BeTTy BeaTTy Rose Bangs giggle To Virginia Page. George Bangs bass voice To George Ferko Naomi BogenschuTz's heighr To Jackie Palermo Allene BorsTorff's naTural curls To Cora Pancereve Thomas CoaToam's exTensive vocabulary To any- one sTruggling in English class Josephine Concilla's friendliness To any haughTy individual Rena Doorish's blush To JeanneTTe Nixon ElizabeTh DursT's efficiency To Wilbur Arnink Lloyd EaTon's small size To Bob BlysTone Jerry Edwards self-confidence To anyone pos- sessing an inferioriTy complex Richard EIlis's job aT Murphys To Sam MarTina Jean Evans's shyness To Joyce Werren Lois FelTon's pleaTed skirfs To any freshman girl who has few skirTs Frances Giordano's absence slip To l-lelen Brock- way , V CaTherine Gresh's Typing speed To Leona BoersT Thomas Griffin's sTrucTure To George Davis BeTTy Gross's scholasTic record To Russell Arrigo Eleanor Guarino's "hep To jive" To Nancy Munn Joe l-lalloran's car To Edward Garnow MTargareT l-leslings flirTy eyes To JaneT MacDon- ald AlberTa l-linkler's flashy shoe sTrings To Marion Eades CharloTTe l-linkler's masTery of playing piano To Gloria Graff Mabel l-lopkins's skaTing abiliTy To Clara Swanson Bob T-luggs sporT cloThes To David Bernella Arfhur Larson's sense of humor To RoberT Gross Angie LicaTa's opTimisTic views To WalTer Gray l-lazle Luke's "crushes" To Arlene VogT Sam Madonia's clarineT To Carl Spac'hT l-lelen MarTin's inTeresT in Corry To Doris l-luTch- inson ElizabeTh May's posiTion as salesman of "Aquilo" To DoroThy Edwards Donald McAdoo's love affair To WalTer Tieber Francis McGaughey's laTe enTrances To Melvin Puscheck Jennifer 'M3essler's dramaTic abiliTy To LoreTTa Levondusk: John Nash's being so shorT To Carl Prodehl Ardell NewTon's quieT manners in school To Eve- lyn Wilkinson Lucy NorThrup's alTo voice To JeanneTTe l-laskell Nancy 0lson's creaTive abiliTy To Rebecca Ore Rosalie Palermo's arTisTic abiliTy To Beverly Davis Virginia PeTTengill's arT of dancing To Lloyd Gil- dersleeve Frank Pinna's rosy cheecks To Charles Valone EsTher Puscheck's being a leTTerman To Norma Moyer Mary Randall's hearTy laugh To Shirley Ellsworfh Carl Reib's sTern aTTiTudes To AlberT Gagnon James Reiman's being presidenT of class for Two years To RoberT MacDonald Phyllis Rein's populariTy To any freshman sTruggl- ing for recogniTion Edward Rodencal's heighT To Jack Paschke LoreTTa ScoTch's reserved aTTiTude To Jacquelyn DenTon Mary Scouller's puncTualiTy To BeTTy Jo Good- will STewarT Scouller's inTeresT in l-li-Y To Jack SpachT Ray Seever's ''one-minuTe-before-The-belI" en' Trances To Paul Neumann Elsie Semelka's posiTion as cupid's helper To Crys- Tal Wood Barbara Ann Shaw's daily walks wiTh "Major" To Jean Van Giesen VincenT Shioleno's name "Jungles" To Neil Flar- ns l-lelen Snell's well-manicured finger nails To Eliz- abeTh Mory Joanne Snell's long curly hair To JaneT Conway Louella S'Trickland's sTrawberry blond hair To Rod Darling Donald Triana's re-adjusTed car To Michael Keefe Jeanne VogT's preTTy eyes To Jean Pierce Tom VVeinheimer's crush on Ann To John Amidon Doris Wilcox's being The "life of The parTy" To KaTherine 'Magoon To everyone we wish success and happiness in The following years. This, being our lasT will and TesTamenT, we, The class of '45, do hereby wiTness and execuTe This legal documenT. Signed May 28. 1945. Twenty-three Class Prophecy Arriving aT NorTh EasT To celebraTe The occasion of having won The Academy award for The leading role in "Romance aT Dawn," ArThur sTeps frorn his plane of which Thomas Weinheimer is The piloT. His picTure is Taken by phoTographer Mr. R. E. Seevers as he shakes hands wiTh Mayor James Reiman. As This is one of N'orTh EasT's mosT ouTsTanding social evenTs, every individual who graduaTed wiTh him, Ten years ago. has puT forTh an efforT To be presenT. Mr. Francis McGaughey has come all The way from Soufh America where he is employed as Secre- Tary of Foreign Affairs and lnTernaTional Problems. He is accompanied by his inTerpreTer of Spanish. Miss CharloTTe Hinkler. They say ThaT They meT Jean Evans down ThaT way. She is Traveling The souTh lands wiTh her wealThy husband. STewarT Scouller. foreman of a large consTrucTion company which re- cenfly compleTed a new Golden GaTe Bridge in San Francisco. comes forward To greeT his old friend. AfTer a lengThy "chaT". They go To The large and famous Rose-G'Grady Club where They are greeTed by recepfionisf. Phyllis Rein. SeaTed aT a Table. They are served a lighT lunch by Miss Helen Snell, experienced waiTress There. During The lasT course, They are enTerTained by Sam Madonia's or- chesTra, feaTuring his selecTion on The clarineT. To Their delighf, a beauTiful rendiTion of a lovely song was sung by Miss Josephine Arrigo. They Then visiT The local library where They find librarian, Miss Jen- nifer Messler. Picking up The "Breeze," They noTice ThaT Edward Rodencal has Taken The posiTion as edi- Tor of This paper. An arTicle sTaTes ThaT Miss CaTh- erine Gresh is The new head-TypisT. Lois FelTon has aTTained The TiTle of "sTar-reporTer" as she recenTly secured informaTion abouT a local robbery of which no one else could obTain news. A slighT disTurbance aTTracTs Their aTTenTion as The former Rena Doorish enTers wiTh her Two charming Twins. Cherry and Berry. They Then sTroll Through The park where They meeT an aTTracTive young lady whom They recognize as The former Lucy NorThrup, minding her darling guinTupleTs, all boys. She calls Their aTTenTion To The well-esfabiished firm. "CoaToam's ChemisTry Cor-- ner." Employed There is Miss ElizabeTh DursT, known To be a very efficienT bookkeeper. Affer leaving The park. They are TempTed by The adverTisemenTs in The windows of The local "Ecoma Dairy Bar," IT is owned and operaTed by Miss Doris Wilcox: since she has come inTo possession of iT. The Trade has increased so rapidly ThaT archiTecTs are now working on a sysTem To increase The capacify of The sTore. Foreman of These archiTecTs is Frank Pinna. They enTer, and aT The Table They are joined by Donald Triana. revisor of The presenT day calendar which afTer revision consisTs of seven monThs in a year wiTh fiffeen days in a week. Don is on his way To The "Freedom from Wives" club which is going To be addressed by Ardell NewTon. hunTer and Trapper in The NorTh Woods of Canada. They hear a crash. and rushing ouT The door. They see whaT remains of a car. Don MacAdoo is quick To The rescue. He owns a very good car-repair shop, known for miles around as "Mac's Machines." STewarT Then leaves ArThur. IT seems ThaT STewarT has been having Trouble wiTh The waTer sysTem in his home and righT away he musT geT The plumber. James Akin, who has formed a monoply in NorTh EasT in his occupafion. conTinues making The "rounds" Going in- To MurpTy's he meeTs Lloyd EaTon. owner of The NorTh EasT Dairy which has changed iTs name To "EaTon Drink Milk". l.oreTTa ScoTch is now The floor lady aT Murphy's in charge of all women employees. Elsie Semelka is buying envelopes: she is a farmer's wife. and in her spare Time composes humorous verses which adverTise "Quaker Puffed WheaT." Ad- joining Murphys is The ulTra-modern "Reibs Groc- ery." T MargareT Hesling. famous woman of socieTy, has senT ouT ir.viTaTions To a beach parTy aT The popular summer resorT aT Grchard Beach for This afTernoon. VValking The beach, ArThur meeTs VincenT Shioleno, The life guard. Bob Hugg joins Them: he owns an inTer-sTaTe moving sysTem wiTh which he moves families who reside befween Erie, Pa., and Los Angeles. Calif. He brings The news ThaT The crowd is gaThered and They are wanTed in The ball room. In one corner can be seen gafhered The Teachers discussing Their various Techniques. Jerry Edwards is Teaching hisTory and public speaking aT The Corry High School. Barbara Ann Shaw- social sTudies Teach- er aT NorTh EasT, is very well-liked and is known as The "sTudenTs' advisor." Angeline LicaTa is The loc- al girls' gym Teacher: she is responsible for The very successful girls' baskeTball Team. BeTTy Gross. Teaching aT Harbor Creek High. declares ThaT she has aT lasT found a way To make English., inTeresTing. and maThemaTics. pracTical. Joe Halloran is using his musical TalenT To The besT of his advanTage as band direcTor aT Wesleyville. Silence reigns aT lasT. Hazle Luke now gives a review of her laTesT book which has made her rich, TiTled "How To Have Money and Spend IT, Too." Miss Mary Scouller is a piloT of The local airplane running befween NorTh EasT and Buffalo. A cablegram has been received from The former Josephine Concilla: she resides in lTaly wiTh her husband, who liked life so well There when he was a soldier ThaT he reTurned. ArThur says ThaT Joanne Snell has made for herself guiTe a rep- uTaTion in Hollywood as a clofhes designer. They have in Their midsT a very disTinguished person. He QContinued on Page Twenty-sixj Twenty-four Twenty-five Senior Superlatives PERSONALITY James Relman Phyllis Rein BEST Lookime Tom Vlfeinheimer Joanne Snell INTELLIGENCE Jerry Edwards Belly Gross NEAT CLOTHES Carl Reibs lin servicel Margarel Hesling SPORTSMANSHIP James Reiman Angie Licara DISPOSITION Tom GriIIin Eslher Puscheclf PRETTIEST SMILE Tom Weinheimer Joanne Snell PRETTIEST EYES Ray Seevers Ivlargaref Hesling PRETTIEST HAIR Joe I-Ialloran Angie Licafa MUSICAL ABILITY Sam Nladonia Josephine Concilla ATHLETIC ABILITY James Akin Lois FeITon DANCING ABILITY John Nash Eleanor Guarino FRIENDLIEST Francis IVIcGaughey I-Iazle Luke WITTIEST Tom Griflin Elsle Semelka BUSIEST Jerry Edwards Ivlary Scouller Class Prophecy CContinued from Page Twenty-fourj is DisTricT ATTorney Richard Ellis. As secreTary, he has employed EsTher Puscheck who, previous To her presenT posiTion, was TypisT in a large hoTel in Phil- adelphia. Leaving The beach since The resorT closed early on This day, They visiT The largesT skaTing rink in This secTion of The counTry, "Eindley Lake SkaTing Re- sorT." George Bangs. proprieTor. greeTs Them and inviTes Them To join in The Tun. The TirsT on The Tloor is Noami BogenschuTz, who is co-parTner wiTh her sisTer in The TurniTure sTore. SkaTing wiTh her is ElizabeTh Mays. The radio singer, sTarring wiTh KaTe SmiTh. Mabel l-lopkins is anoTher. very acTive in The skaTing Tield. As Triends predicTed Ten years ago, she is happily wed To a sailor who goes To sea each monTh. SkaTing Tor John Nash is a "cinch". l-lis TeeT are his "bread and buTTer": he specializes in dancing. Serving reTreshmenTs is Rose Bangs who spends all her Time here when she isn'T working in The A 8 P. Enjoying The cold drinks, AlberTa l-linkler, operaTor oT her own shop. "AlberTa's BeauTy Sa- lon." and Virginia PeTTengiIl operaTing a beauTy sa- lon wiTh her sisTer, discuss The newesT Tashions in hair-does. JusT beTore leaving, who should en- Ter buT Rosalie Palermo, cover designer Tor "The Vogue." Nancy Olson is wiTh her. Nancy is a cloThes designer in New York CiTy. AnoTher arTisT presenT is Louella STrickland who is employed in The adver- Tising deparTmenT oT The "Ladies l-lome Journal". Two "ladies in whiTe". Gladys Bangs and Jean VogT. are presenT. They were Trained aT The l-lamoT l-los- piTal and are now employed privaTely. Thomas GriTTin Takes iT upon himself To see That ArThur caTches The plane back To l-lollywood. Tom is a radio comedian, sTarring wiTh Baby Snooks, oTher- wise known as Miss l-lelen MarTin. Allene BorsTorTT is aT The airporT. Due To The heavy hours spenT in an oTTice aT The G. E., she was unable To aTTend The program oT The day. ArThur afTer having asked Frances Giordano, sales lady in STaTe STreeT Dress Shoppe in Erie. Tor whom she is waiTing. learns ThaT Eleanor Guarino. screen sTarleT, is coming home Tor a resT aTTer her play. "My Life Was EasT"g she was co-sTarred wiTh Carmen Miranda. The plane is in aT lasT and STewardess Mary Randall, very popular wiTh all Travelers, sTeps To The door To greeT The board- ing passengers. i ArThur leaves NorTh EasT wiTh only one regreT: surely There could never be anoTher day so nearly perTecT as This. TO MY TEACHERS Our Senior class is Tull of joys: Angelic liTTle girls and boys. We yell and shouT jusT when we shouldn'T. IT we were Told To, Then we wouldn'T. Our eTTorTs are in learning spenT. Our backs are To our labors benTZ BuT when you see jusT whaT we've done, You'll wish you'd never seen The sun ThaT rose upon The generaTion OT This wild and youThTul naTion. We've learned jusT whaT To do and say To make our Teachers rue The day They ever sTarTed in To Teach This class in which The pupils each l-lave Taken courses jusT To learn The way To make a Teacher yearn To seTTle back wiTh razor sTrop And make each doggone pupil sTop Their acTions which. boTh loud and rough. l-lave gone, l'm sure, quiTe Tar enough. P. S. You really oughT To see The way l acT in P. O. D. And l'll confess. To make Things square. l really wroTe This poem There. Nancy Olson MEMORIES OF THE CLASS OF '45 Our Ereshman days Our TirsT assembly The Junior prom Our class rings ExperimenTs in chemisTry Chan Elberg as a Freshaman Sophomore girls won class championship l-lalT-day sessions Miss Scouller's desk bell Miss Cauley Mr. VanSTone Mr. Billings The year Mr. Pulling came Tardy bell noT ringing unTil 9 A. M. P. O. D. classes wiTh Mr. Morgan Two girls Taking Physics Thomas GriTTin's jokes Mixed chorus held TiTTh period The Senior Girls' Tea GraduaTion nighT Our rides on The school busses DisagreemenT among The girls as To whaT To wear Tor senior picTures The ouTsTanding snow sTorm Twenty-six M WWW NN Q www f A Q49 ML fb -J ' Juniors First Row-D. Bernella, A. Vogt, H. Brockway, M. Ross, E. Mory, J. Van Geisen, B. Beatty., A. Welch, R. Near, R. Arrigo. Second RowfW. Tieber, W. Gray, S. Hornan, D. Worster, R. Maurana, M. Davis, E. Collyer, J. Short, R. Bannister, L. Muscarella. Third Row-C. Amenta, G. Dean, J. MacDonald, L. Ferko, E. York, S. Ellsworth, C. Wood, J. Spacht, C. Taccone. First Row-S. Shirey, F. Loop, H. Mann, M. Caruana, R. Ore, E. Orton, S. Hill, M. Kapetan, G. Smith, S. Martina. Second RowfW. Janes, L. Madonia, S. Doorish, J. Pierce, M. Eades, C. Pancereve, D. Edwards, A. Markham, C. Prodehl, P. Muscarella. Third Row-F. Licata, F. Behnken, D. Barton, J. Selkregg, J. Nixon, E. Salen, B. Davis, J. Burden, M. Keefe, J. Spencer. Twenty-eight Junior Class CarlTon AmenTa-"Doc" Russell Arrigo-The mad chemisT RoberTa Bannisfer-l-luTch's friend Donna Barfon-"Chl My Akin back" BeTTy BeaTTy-Quiet buT oh. broTherl Fred Behnken-My career is wriTing poefry David Bernella--Curly headed Dave RoberT BlysTone-"Call me Pee Wee' l-lelen Brockway-MarTha's oTher half? Janice Burden-The eTernaI Triangl Ann Markham-Fair To look upon Sam Marfina-l-lard working baskeTball manager Rose Maurana-Super kniTTer Janef McDonald-Did you hear abouf my broTher?? ElizabeTh Mory-Those shorThand guesTionslll Lawrence Muscarella-Rosey's close friend Paul Muscarella-ThaT STaTion Wagon? 'Rose Mary Near-Surprised us wiTh a diamon V n e Nixon-Jimmy is her problem child ecca Ore-"Who is iT now?" Mary Caruana-Pops up wiTh unexpecTed answers EsTher GrTonhCuTe. calm. but noT always collecTed Evelyn Collyer-If I only lived in Town Cora Pancereve-A snappy guard in baskeTball Beverly Davis-"DesTinaTion Corry" Jean PiGFCe-Shirley'S oTher half Marilyn Davis-Oh. fishl47'QQfZ' arl lirodehl-King JiTTerbug George Dean-"lT's The Marines for me" Susan Doorish-Seen. buT seldom hear Marian Fades-A girl of many TalenTs DoroThy Edwards-"Oh, Mr. M'organl" Shirley FllsworTh-"Dear Willardff' Leona Ferko-Miss Sheridan's pride and joy WalTer Gray-"Slug's my besT Pal" Sally l-lill-"Red," a dainTy liTTle lady Sally l-loman-Carl rows her dreambo Doris l-luTchinson-My broTher and l William Janes-Chauncey Mary KapeTan-Shorf, cuTe and "SinaTra Fa Michael Keefe-Irish eyes Frank LicaTa-"l jusT love English" Fred Loop-"Who wanTs To geT Tough?" Louis Madonia-No relafion To Ichabod Crane KaThryn Magoon-Takes her annual winTer vacaTion l-larrieT Mann-Corry's righT-hand gal Collee oachfPrody,beware!, f Marfha Ross-Chl Johnny Eilene Salen-FaiThful forever l?7l Julia S kre g-"l-ler hearT belongs To Jimmy l'?l " am hirey-BeTTer laTe Than never Joan ShorT-Sfrawberry shorTcake, EdWaEr5hUnkf"Laiiie Boy Blue" 1 GerardiSm'Th-Q. T. or J. Q.--l don'T know! pachT-"F, F. A." John Spencer-Shy bashfull Johnny Charles Taccone-"When I become PresidenT"-7? ' WalTer Tieber-Makes a good drafTsman Jean Van Giesen-"AnoTher one of The liTTle Vans" Arlene VogT-Those scraTchy shoTs Alice Welch-ThaT Irish Temper CrysTaI Wood-Always seen buT seldom heard DoroThy Worsfer-ThaT Army man from Corry ElizabeTh York-JusT plain Raymond Twenty-nine Sophomores t L A ,A,. ,A M WS, K First Row-R. Thompson, W. Stevens, L. Schultz, L. Hugg, B. Newton, M. Rouse, R. Iannello, A. Hays, P. Valone, A. Scherrange, E. Orton. Second Row-G. Halloran, J. Beates, K. Shull, J. Halloran, M. Roach, L. Levonduski, V. Page, R. Stoddard, W. Arnink, R. Chimera. Third RowfN. Kuenen, D. Grabovsfski, N. Harris, S. Riefstahl, E. Eades, J. Lick, A. Allen, Jl. Amidon, D. Randall, P. Neuman. First Row-J. Concilla, S. Triana, R. Bangs, E. Hartley, A. Van Giesen, B. Bull, J. Hartley, J. Werren, M. Parmenter, C. Spacht, R. Palermo, C. Valone. Second Row-L. Gildersleeve, G. Grieder, H. Mory, C. Swanson., H. Brockway, F Black, J. Giese, A. Newara, A. Shultz, A. Gagnon. Third RowfL. Abata, R. Darling, G. Graff, M. Mills, I. McAdoo, D. Buchanan, D Bronson, A. Youngs, A. Mobilia. Thirty Sophomore Class Louis Abala-Those silly remarks Adah Allen-Baskelball lan John Amidon-Full ol lun Wilbur Arnink-Big game hunler Richard Bengsalhe Voice James Beales-All around fellow Florence Black-Everybody's pal William Blyslone-Nol a midgel, by any means l-lazel Brockway-Always in mischief Diane Bronson-She knows her slull Doris Buchanan--Bill's second llame Belly Bull-Quiel and demure Russell Chimera!Curly Joseph Concilla--Thal shy lillle man-hmml Roderick Darling-Jolly man Conslanl Dulosse-"Wahl your 'Plane' done?" Eslher lvlae Eades-Nedco's Dairy Girl Serio Fronlino-"Nol in school loday" Alberl Gagnon-"Foxey" sorl of guy Joan Giese-"Frilz" Lloyd Gildersleeve-Bring 'em back alive, huh. Lloyd Dan Grabowski-l-le-man Gloria Grall-She gels around George Grieder-Dreamer: could il be l-I. D.? George l-lalloran-Fulure Farmer Neil l-larris-Musician Ann l-lays-Serious sludenl Genevieve l-larlley-The big lillle woman Lois l-lugg-l-lobby: men Eslher l-lunlley-Quielenign schooln? Rose lannello-"The Crooner" Norman Kuenan-lnleresled in F. F. A. Lorella Levonduski-"Who is lhal guy?" Jean Lick-l-lappy-Go-Lucky '- Imogene McAdoo-Thal Weinheimer Boyl. Rulhnnary Miller-Nice Kid lvlary lvlills-Greenfield lass i Anlhony Mobilia-Mr. lVlorgan's problem child Harriel Morey-Those Wesllield Guys Angeline Newara-Following brolhers in alhlelics Paul Neumann-Woman haler Belly Newlon-Peanuls, Elwin Orlon-Lillle man wilh big ideas Richard Osborne-Noon Leaguer A Virginia Page-They don'l come any beller Richard Palermo-"Pixie," Super wolf Marian Parmenler-"My books are gone again' Kennelhlbawson-Thal lillle man David Randall-"Plane" wizard Shirley Reilslahl-Donald, he's my man lvlarlha Roach--Arlisl g lvlargarel Rouse--Thal Laugh - Angelo Scherrange-Skipping school is his weakness Alberl Schullz-Myslery man Lucille Schullz-Good sporl Kennelh Shull-Thal Big Smile. Carl Spachl-Slrong, silenl lype Arlene Snell-Beller lale lhan never William Slevens-Those baby blue eyes Roberl Sloddard-Junior Varsily Clara Swanson-Sludious Richard Thompson-Greal invenlor Sam Triana--Lillle Sam Charles Valone-All around girl Amy Van Giesen-Barbara's olher hall Joyce Werren-Always heard, but never seen Donald Wunz-Excuse Blanks Arlhur Youngs-Curly Tops, lhe colony man Thirty-one My Freshman First RowfW. Schmitt, T. Bartlett, V. Concilla, R. Palermo, E. Beatty, J. Palermo, N. Moyer, C. Madonia, P. Martina, R. Sgarlata, N. Sugden, G. Davis, W. Hogue, J. Paschke. - Second RowfD. Ross, J. Triana, A. Rizzo, W. Blanchard, M. Bangs, N. Allen, H. Du- Fosse, J. Conway, S. Ingham, J. Alonge, R. Abata, R. MacDonald, Third Row-M. Reiman, B. Erwin, R. Whitney, E. Nash, G. Ognibene, A. Concilla. A. Ognibene, G. George, S. Scherrange, J. Ahlgrim, H. Marlowe, D. Youngs. Fourth Row-S. Miller, R. Allen, F. Seman, C. Douglas, .J. Shreve, J. Shreve, R. Mus- carella, R. Gilmore, E. Wilkinson, H. Huntley. Fifth Row-W. Fisher, H. Hinkler, J. Cunningham, D. Gresh, R. Yost, B. Youngs, V. Woodcock, J. Rodencal, E. Rundall, M. Puscheck. First Row-G. Ferko, G. LeSeur, E. Garnow, L. Dodd, M. Salchow, R. LaRocca, M. Hannah, R. Ellis, E. Wilkinson, B. Newton, P. Desin, E. Chesley. Second Row-H. Sissem, R. Ore, B. McCord, J. Haskell, P. Stetson, J. Harrison, VV. Wilkinson, S. Meehl, N. Wheeler, R. Gross, R. York, J. Murray. Third RowfD. Harrison, J. Wheaton, L. Eaton, A. Bell, L. Rein, L. Caruana, P Pancereve, M. Miller, J. Krull, R. Post, A. Kapetan. Fourth Row-F. Hutchinson, G. Sheridan, J. Denton, L. Boerst, A. Adams, M. Youngs N. Munn, B. Shull, S. Sturdivant, J. Kramer, C. Smith, W. Thompson. Thirty-two Freshman Class Russell Abata--Curly Alice Adams--"American Girl." James Algrim-Algebra Wizard Norma Allen-Little Cutie Robert Allen--State Line Joseph AlongefSilence is Golden Mary Bangs---Oh, those curls! Theodore Bartlett4Hails from Erie Ethel Beatty-Small, but mighty! Alice Bell-Nice kid! 27,8443 " William Blanchard--Better late than never Leona Boerst--Party-thrower ' Lucy Caruana-Those college boys! Eugene Chesley-Milkman Antonette ConcillaYFriendly Vincent Concillag"Vinnie" Janet Conwayf---"Bouncing baby" John Cunningham-Sherman lad George Davis-sSlightly Small Daniel DeMarco-Book worm Frank Dennee-Lanky Jacqueline Denton-Blue eyed brunette. Paul DesinW"Got your English?" Louann Dodd-One swell kid. Coral Douglas-Country lass Henrietta Dufosse4Her heart belongs to Georgie Lois Eaton-Boys and basketball Ruth Ellis-"Candy lover" Robert Erwin-Oh, you kid! George Ferko-East High Man William Fisher4Handsome Edward Garnow4School is just a habit Gertrude George-"Gertie" Richard GilmorefBasketball star41948 Betty Jo GoodwillgAh! how she loves 'em Dorothy Gresh--The girl with the glorious hair Robert GrossfGreenfield Margaret Hannah-Ruth's pal Donald HarrisonYDeer Hunter Joan Harrison-Silence is golden Jeanette Haskell-Reaps the "A's" Harold HinklerfCharles Atlas Ward Hoguef"School is just a prison without bars." Howard Huntley-Tall, dark and happy? Frank Hutchinson-"I love Algebra" Shirley Ingham4"Blondie" ' Alex KapetanfRather play basketball than eat Joyce Kramer-Sweet stuff Joyce Krull-Always willing to help Rosalie LaRocca-"Dynamite" in a small package Gilbert LeSuer-Studious Robert MacDonald4Farmer Boy Clara Madonia-Neat and nice Harold Marlowe-Artist Phyllis Martina-Interests in Erie Blair McCord4"Country Gentlemen" Shirley Meehl-"Meehly" Mary Miller-That Ipana smile! Sheldon Miller-Muscle Man Norma Moyer-Angelic? Nancy Munn-"Dimples" Jack MurrayfA husky farmer lad Rosalyn MuscarellafThose flirty eyes Eleanor NashfJackie's otherhalf Robert Newton-ePlow Jockey Elvera OgnibenefMy sister and I Grace OgnibenefPretty cute, huh, Sam? Richard Ore-"I won't do it again, Mr. Davis Jacqueline Palermo-wSmall, short and cute Rosemarie Palermo4Nifty dresser Priscilla Pancereve4Last of the Plancereves Jack Paschke--t'Mum" is the word! Anthony Pellican-Blow your horn! Russell Post-Award winner Melvin PuscheckfHas "One Foot in Heaven" Morris Reiman-American Boy Lorna Rein-It runs in the family Anthony Rizzo-"Superman" John Rodencal-"Peanuts" H Adelbert Ross-"Speedie" Elmer Rundell-t'What fun on the bus" Marilyn Salehow44'Don't call me Pug" Sarah Scherrange-Her heart joined the Army Walter Schmitt-Meat Grinder Fred Seman-The second of the Semans Rita Sgarlata-Has many friends Gerard Sheridan-The guy girls talk about Janice Shreve-Double exposure Joyce Shreve-"Twin" Barbara Shull-Oh! those blue eyes Eileen Shunk-Everybody's pal Howard Sissemful live for English" Clyde Smith-Strong, silent type Patricia Stetson-"Pat" Sarah Sturdivant-Pretty cute! Norma Sugden4Hater of men William ThompsonASchool is a rare occasion James Triana--Dimmie Sam TrippifQuiet, please Madeline VillafNew in these parts Jack Wheaton-My brother and I Nettie Mae Wheeler-Just plain nifty! Robert VVhitney-'AI just love English" Elwood Wilkinson-Ivan II Evelyn Wilkinson-Talkative, and how! Winifred Wilkinson-Sweet gal! Verna Woodcock-Tall, slender, and dark Robert Yorkf"Me and Sam" Ruth Yost-Bashful type Beatrice Youngs-Night owl ' Daniel Youngs-"Just call me Abe" Mary Youngs--Red head Thirty-three l:irsT Row-KniT one purl Two, Bernella. MosT Unique: Phil and The waves, Boys will be boys, Becky. Jeanne in VVesT Springfield. Second Row-Love me. love my dogl, Barbara and Major, Joan among The Tlowers, l-lazle aT Findley. Third Row-Lucy all dressed up. Silly VValTer, SilliesTg The gang aT Findley, Lizzy on The Tarm, Engineering class, Represenlalive of school life: ParT oT lasT year's French Club. l:ourTh RowfDon'T Tence me inl, The grade school chorus, Superman SmiTh, Marine from l945 class. The Three muskeTeers. l:iTTh Row--Johnny Bob and Meg, Going swimming, Arlene7. One ol The lXlorTh EasT hornes, Grade school chums. Thirty-four 4. fifiiiggwwfw CWM fl fb gg -f X Nxt f' X M Q1 fs First Row-R. Palermo, B. Shaw, C. Hinkler, B. Gross, M. Hesling, M. Scouller A. Licata, P. Rein, R. Seevers, J. Concilla, S. Scouller, H. Luke. Second RowfJ. Reiman, J. Nash, T. Griffin, J. Halloran, E. Semelka, E. Mays, N. Bogenschutz. Aquilo Board Eclllor in Chief Assislanl Edilors ANGELINE LICATA MARY SCOULLER, Pl-lYl.l.lS REIN Adverlising Eclilors Naomi Boqenschulz, Lois Fellon, lvlargarel l-lesling, John Nash, James Reiman Lilerary Edilors Barbara Ann Shaw. Belly Gross, Charlolle l-linkler Personal Edilors Josephine Concilla, Hazle Luke, Ray Seevers, Slewarl Scouller Arl Edilor Joke Edilors Rosalie Palermo Elsie Semelka. Tom Griffin ' Sales Eclllors Ellzaloelh lvlays. Joe l-lalloran ' Thirty-six First Row---W. Janes, J. MacDonald, J. Concilla, B. Davis, J. Burden, C. Hinkler, B. Gross, R. Palermo. Second Row-B. Shaw, G. Bangs, J. Messler, N. Olson, J. Lick, S. Shirey. Entre Nosotros ConsisTs oT sTudenTs Taking Spanish l and ll . . . elecTed oTTicers aT our TirsT meeTing . . . Barbara Shaw was chosen To be our presidenT . . . vice presidenT, Rosalie Palermo . . . secreTary, Janice Burden . . . "Bill" Janes handles The cash . . . meeTings held during sixTh period, once each monTh . . . social meeTings held evenings . . . couldn'T decide wheTher To sponsor a dance or a movie . . . Tinally agreed on The laT- Ter . . . TavoriTe expression, "no es verdad7' '... programs consisT of Spanish songs. games, and reporTs on Spanish people and cusToms . . . aTTempTs To Talk in Spanish are fairly successiful . . . The club feels The man shorTage . . . only Three boys enrolled This year . . . Miss Sherrange is our adviser. . . usually leads us in singing . . . Quermos dar gracias a SenoriTa Sherrange por so ayudo . . . Buen suerTe al club de espanol de ano proximo. CharloTTe l-linkler Thirty-seven First Row-L. Felton, E. Orton, D. Edwards, M. Hesling, M. Scouller, P. Rein. Second RownJ. Burden, M. Keefe, B. Davis, B. Gross. Sodalitas Latinas Nine girls . . . one boy . . . resulTs oT elecTion aT The beginning of The Term . .A . 'Mary Scouller, presidenT . . . Phyllis Rein, vice presidenT . . . Michael Keefe. secreTary . . . MargareT l-lesling. Treasurer . . . mfeeTings held during school periods . . . enTerTainmenT plus educaTion . . . Treasury diminished by Trip To Keller's TheaTer . . . socials aT The homes of Miss Scouller, Beverly Davis, and Mary Scouller . . .Mich- ael's unTimely headaches . . . good lunches . . . wonderful Times . . . sponsored movie. "GhosT Breakers' '... appreciaTe Miss Scouller's grand leadership . . . our sincere wishes Tor success To The TuTure l.aTin clubs. BeTTy Gross Thirty-eight First Row-M. Kapetan, M. Randall, N. Olson, S. Hill, A. Markham, B. Davis, M. Scouller. Second RowfC. Pancereve, G. Bangs, E. Mays, W. Gray. M. Keefe, R. Ellis. Le Cercle Francais Purpose: To make our conversaTion more TluenT . . . have a beTTer undersTanding oT The concliTions of France . . . improve our knowledge of The French people, cus- Toms, and language . . . Club composed of French l and French II members . . . Mary Scouller, presidenT . . . Nancy Olson, vice presiclenT . . . Mary Randall. secreTary . . . ElizabeTh Mays, Treasurer. . . meeTings held oni Friday . . . sevenTh period . . . Twice a monTh . . . many inTeresTing reporTs . . . French games and songs . . . mosT TreguenT phrase . . . Puis-je parler anglais? . . . main evenT of The year, our clance . . . Le Cafe De Paris . . . inTeresTing plans Tor The TuTure . . .The club wishes To Thank Miss Bell Tor her help . . . Merci beaucoup. Maclamoseille Bell. ElizabeTh Mays Thi!'W'hi!I6 Front Row-D. Randall, J. Burden., S. Triana, C. DuFossle, K. Shull, J. Vogt, H. Mar- lowe, A. Borstorif, JL Short, J. Concilla, P. Neuman, W. Janes, .J. Halloran, J. Sheridan, W. Gray, Miss Fleming. - StandingfJ. Haskell, J. Amidon, R. Darling, S. Shirey. Orchestra New members . . . did not play tor any assemblies this year . . . new music . . . Rod Darling tuning his drum . . . those "jazz" outbursts trom Janice Burden on the piano . . . newcomer. Jeanette l-laskell . . . lectures from lvliss Fleming on "keeping quiet between numbers' '... otticers: president, Josephine Concilla . . . vice presi- dent, Elaine Moseman . . . secretary-treasurer, Bill Janes . . . librarian, John Amidon . . . noise from the drum section by Rod Darling and Sam Shirey . . . clarinets by Walter Gray, l-larold lvlarlowe. Sam Triana. and Bill Janes . . . Josephine Concilla and Jerry Sheridan on the saxaphones . . . Kenneth Shull, Judy Short, Joe l-lalloran, and Neil l-larris on the trumpets . . . John Amidon on the bass . . . David Randall on the trombone . . . Connie Dutosse on the baritone . . . Jeanne Vogt and Allene Borstortt on the violins . . . Allene's playing on three strings instead of tour . . . discovery land loss through movingl of Elaine lvloseman. an excellent Marimba player . . . played tor Commencement . . . lost through graduation, Jean Vogt. Allene Borstortt. Josephine Concilla and Joe l-lalloran . . . appreciate the work ot our very capable director. lvliss Fleming . . . the class ot '45 wishes the orchestra the best ot luck and hopes that it meets with great success in the coming years. Josephine Concilla Forty ' Standing-Miss Fleming, D. Barton, J. Halloran, R. Darling, R. Moyer, B. Selkregg Sitting-H. Marlowe, A. Pellican, S. Triana, W. Jones, J. Lick, A. Markham, S. Ma- donia, W. Gray, G. Sheridan, R. Gilmore, J. Reid, W. Blanchard, J. Concilla. J. Cunningham, K. Shull, E. Shunk, A. Kapetan, J. Short, R. MacDonald, C. Du- Fosse, S. Ellsworth, N. Harris, H. Thompson, J. Amidon, R. Randall. High School Band PresidenT, Joe l-lalloran: vice presidenT. Sam Madonia: secreTary and Treasurer. Jeanne Lick: librarian, KenneTh Shull . . . never a dull momenT . . . who broke my drum sTick? . . . alTos and saxes on same music . . . "VVhiTe ChrisTmas' '... no bifrf noTe . . . can l play louder? . . . "Glory oT The TrumpeTs" . . . "American PaTrol" open The door, The bell rang . . . "Begin The Beguine' '... leT's play swing music . . . playing beTween halves aT The TooTball games . . . Corry game . . . l broke my clar- ineT . . . "Under The Double Eagle' '... I TorgoT iT. New members: Dick Gilmore. I-larley Thompson, Richard Moyer, Jack Reid, AnTh- ony Pellican, Barbara Selkregg. and Elaine Moseman who was here halT a year and played Marimba . . . members now in service: Bob ShorT. Bob Darling, Joe Sanfilippo. Howard KoesTer. Bob Black, Norman Few. Harold Chrispen, Charles Gagnon, Lewis Gagnon, and our Tormer leader, 'Mr. SerTT. ln Memoriam: Bob Sprague and Bob Fordyce. We spenT a very prosperous and evenTTul year under our leader, Miss Fleming. Members graduaTing: Sam Madonia. Josephine Concilla, and Joe l-lalloran. Forty-one l First Row: S. Madonia, R. Chimera, G. Smith, D. Triana, J. Conway, B. Newton, P. Pancereve, E. Nash, A. Vogt, D. Worster, C. Madonia, S. Sherrange, A. Con- cilla, P. Martina, R. Sgarlata, R. Iannello, M. Kapetan, W. Schmitt, R. New- ton, G. Ferko, P. Desin, Miss Brownell. Second Row--R. Darling, R. Hugg, F. Pinna, E. Collyer, H. Morey, M. Eades, L. Scotch, C. Pancereve, R. Palermo, J. Concilla, R. Ore, I. McAdoo, R. Yost, R. Muscarella, M. Rouse, A. Mobilia, A. Newton, R. Bangs, D. Randall. Third Row-T. Weinheimer, J. Halloran, C. Prodehl, D. Buchanan., L. Boerst, J. Den- ton, L. Strickland, J. Arrigo, A. Allen, J. Lick, J. Selkregg, C. Hinkler, E. Pus- check, J. Palermo, R. Palermo, R. Thompson, F. Hutchinson, H. Hinkler, M. Pus- check, T. Bartlett. Fourth Row-C. Roach, J. Haskell, B. Shull, M. Scouller, E. Mays, A. Hinkler, D. Bronson, J. Short, J. Snell, A. Licata, D. Barton, S. Homan, S. Ellsworth. Fifth Row-L. Abata, G. Bangs, W. Blanchard, G. Sheridan, J. Amidon, T. Grif- fin, V. Shioleno, E. Shunk, M. Keefe, A. Youngs. Mixed Chorus lNlineTy members in The Mixed Chorus This year.. . . TorTy Tive boys and TorTy Tive girls under The direcTion OT Miss Brownell . . .Awe deeply and sincerely ap- preciaTe The TacT ThaT Miss Brownell has paTienTly devoTed much of her Time To The improvemenT OT our club . . . Presideni, Edward Shunkg vice presidenT, Rosalie Palermo: secreTary-Treasurer. Jean Lick: Carl Prodehl and Bob l-lugg are librarians: pianisT, WalTer Gray . . . The boys oT The club have really made an eTTorT To sing . . . a Tairly good job, Too . . . keep iT up, boys . . . This year Mixed Chorus meeTs regu- larly once a week. . .every Wednesday aT one o'clock . . . "To VicTory" was our ouT- sTanding selecTion aT The Spring l:esTival . . . The Juniors as well as The Seniors who have compleTed Three years of Chorus are enTiTled To a leTTer This year. Josephine Arrigo Forty-two First Row-T. Griffin, standing: A. Newton, E. Chesley, G. LeSuer, R. Whitney, W. Thompson, N. Kuenen. Second RowiG. Ferko, R. Desin, J. Wheaton, H. Sissem. Third Row-F. Seman, R. Newton, R. Gross, J. Murray, A. Mobilia, A. Shultz. Fourth Row-Mr. Fordyce, E. Orton, C. Smith, C. Spacht, G. Halloran, J. Spacht. Future Farmers of America Local chapTer consisTs of 25 members . . . I3 Greenhands . . . IO FuTure Farmers . . . Two KeysTone Farmers . . . Took parT in counTy judging conTesT aT WaTTsburg and XNaTerford . J. SpachT Tied for firsT place in judging horses . . . STaTe projecT win- ners . . . Jack SpachT TwelfTh place in TomaToesp AnThony Nlobilia S20 Sears Award for ouTsTanding poulTry projecT: Tom Griffin Third on hogs . . . WhiTney won firsi' place in STaTe junior projecf wiTh poTaToes. Program of work being sTressed . . . weekly club meeTings . . . local FuTure Farmer degree iniTiaTion held wiTh help of our Three American Farmers, KenneTh Perdue, James Burch. and Howard PosT . . . held counTy iniTiaTion for lvlillcreelq, l-larborcreelr. Albion. and Girard . . . purchased loT on which To build club chicken house . . . have underTalcen To build and puT up sTreeT signs for lXlorTh FasT . . . we all Thoroughly appreciaTe The unequaled supervision given us bv Mr. Fordvce whose peT phrase is, "LeT's be specific' '... we feel as do oTher pupils and supervisors The sTaTe over ThaT we are indeed forTunaTe To have "Pop" as our pal and supervisor . . . presidenT, Torn Griffin: vice presidenT, Burr Allen: secre- Tary. Ardell NewTon: Treasurer, Jack SpachT. Thomas Griffin Forty-three First Row-S. Doorish, B. Newton, C. Madonia, A. Concilla, R. Ore, S. Hill, D. Wil- cox, E. Semelka, E. Orton, A. VVelch, M. Kapetan. Second Row4A. Markham, E. York, R. Bangs, J. Harrison, J. Lick, M. Scouller, J. Nixon, M. Rouse, J. Palermo, E. Nash, R. Palermo, M. Hesling, J. Conway. Third Row-H. Luke, F. Black, V. Page, A. Hays, A. Vogt, H. Brockway, P. Rein. L. Felton, D. Edwards, H. Brockway, H. DuFosse, H. Mann. Fourth Row-N. Munn, J. Dentoni, D. Hutchinson, L. Rein, A. Adams, J. Giese, D. Worster, A. Bell, M. Bangs, E. Wilkinson, L. Dodd, M. Salchow. Fifth Row-M. Hopkins, L. Levonduski, L. Strickland, B. Shaw, B. Davis, E. Salen, D. Barton, J. Haskell, G. Bangs, S. Homan, J'. Burden. Sixth Row-R. Doorish, J. Short, J. Snell, E. Mays, D. Bronson, A. Allen, M. Randall, L. Boerst, E. Shunk, B. Shull, R. Muscarella, N. Bogenschutz. Girl Reserves "To tind and give the best" . . . seventy girls were initiated in the inspirational candle light service . . . lvlrs. Shields, Girl Reserve Secretary from Erie, present . . . Thanksgiving "Tri-l-li" dance saw several North East Girl Reserves escorting their dates . . . successtul tureen supper. . . Rev. Aldrich and Miss Scouller guests ot honor . . . congratulations to the cast ol "Nobody Sleeps" tor an excellent pertormance . . . enthusiastic new members . . . lVlargaret's torgetting the minutes . . . "Follow the Gleamu . . . Fun Nite sponsored atter exams . . . prize awarded to the Sophomores tor presenting the most unique room . . . gave over two hundred and torty dollars to lvlr. Knepp. collected tor March. ot Dimes campaign . . . Naomi's etticient work on pro- gram committee . . . l-larriet Mann and lvlary Scouller traveled to Erie tor annual conference . . . loeautitul lVlother's Day Tea in 'lvlay . . . Otticers tor the year . . . lvlary Scouller, president . . . Jeanette Nixon, vice president . . . Margaret Rouse. secretary . . . Jean Lick, treasurer . . . the club wishes to extend hearty thanks to Miss Sherrange tor her helptul guidance in a successful year. lylary Scouller Forty-four First Row-J. Reiman, standingg S. Triana, R. Palermo, S. Shirey, F. Loop, D. Triana, L. Muscarella, L. Eaton, G..Smith, S. Martina, J. Nash. Second Row-P. Muscarella, D. Bernella., W. Tieber, S. Madonia, J. Spacht, T. Wein- heimer, J. Aiken, R. Seevers, V. Shioleno. Third Row-L. Gildersleeve, R. Hugg, C. Reibs, F. McGaughey, S. Scouller, A. Lar- son, J. Halloran, F. Behnken, F. Pinna, Mr. Pulling. Fourth Row-J. Concilla, G. Grieder, W. Janes, N. Harris, J. Beates, P, Neuman. T. Griffin, C. Prodehl, Mr. Ralston. Hi -Y Our fine adviser, Mr. Ralston . . . annual father and son banquet . . . bought foot- ball warmups . . . first thing of its type ever attempted by Hi-Y . . . also bought bas- ketball and football schedule . . . had our annual l-ii-Y amateur night . . . most success- ful ever held. Fred Behnken's outburst of profanity at meeting which was followed by collection of six cents fine . . . our Christmas supper and party . . . was enjoyed by all who attended . . . continued to keep "kids" off park . . . the officers are James Reiman, president: Ray Seevers, vice president: Stewart Scouller, secretary: Art Lar- son, treasurer . . . last but not least Francis McGaughey who did a very commend- able job as Chaplin. . . We, the graduating members of the club of "45", wish the club of the years to come the best of luck and hope they will be benefitted as much as we have been. James Reiman Forty-dve First Row-R. Palermo, S. Triana, R. Iannello, H. Marlowe, A. Newara, L. Muscar- ella, P. Muscarella, C. Taccone, A. Concilla, S. Sherrange, P. Martina, M. Bangs. Second RowfM. Roach, C. Madonia, P. Valone, D. Worster, J. Shreve, S. Shirey, R. Muscarella., F. Loop, J. Ahlgrim. Third Row-T. Weinheimer, A. Markham, J. Shreve, L. Abata, M. Parrnenter, J. Messler, W. Tieber, J. Spencer, M. Eades, F. Dennee, F. Hutchinson. Art Club A very acTive club . . . always someThing new To work on . originaTed Tne "Masquerade Ball" which is now an annual evenT . . . has done a good job of supporT- ing "The Grapevine' '... Takes in a large group of freshmen members each year . . . Tun loving group wiTh many enTerTaining parTies . . . annual picnic aT The end of The year aT Findley Lake made possible by Miss GorndT . . . presenTed a series 'of skiTs called "The VarieTy Show' '... president Paul lvluscarellag vice president! Charles laccone: secreTary, Lawrence lvluscarella: Treasurer, Angeline Newara: acTiviTies corn- miTTee, Jennifer lvlessler and WalTer Teiber . . . lvliss l-lelen GorndT is our mosT cap- able and cooperaTive adviser . . . we wish To Thank her Tor all her eTForTs, and for The good Times made possible by her . . . our wishes Tor success To The ArT Club of V745-46. Rosalie Palermo Forty-six -at First RowfV. Shioleno, D. Triana, F. Licata, S. Shirey, S. Martina, L. Muscarella. Second Row-C. Du Fosse, E. Shunk, W. Tieber, R. Arrigo, P. Muscarella. Third RowiF. Pinna, C. Seman, J. Spencer, C. Taccone, C. Pancereve, E. Collyer. Engineering Club Second year al N. E. l-l. S .... Advanced Seniors and Juniors . . . Boardracks and Tool drawers . . . new boards . . . larger group Than lasl year . . . nineleen in all-Two girls . . . Engineering lellers . . . work and lun . . . advanced books lor blueprinl read- ing . . . snapshols ol group al soulh door ol l-leard Memorial . . . Charlies whislling and lVlarlina's jokes, daily rouline . . . Triana's of his work . . . Movie held in April . . . Triana's farewell in April . . . freguenl remarks aboul The four remaining Seniors . . . Official l-leads: Vincenl Shioleno. chief engineer: Frank Pinna, head de- signer: Don Triana. head drallsrnan: Cora Pancereve. secrelary-Treasurer . . . conslanl menace is The greenhorn praclicing in lhe bandroom . . . we wish To Thank Miss G-orndl for her unliring erlorls and bid The remaining group a fond farewell. Forty-seven Vincenl Shioleno l. -1 First Row4H. Martin, A. Borstorff, R. Doorish, C. Gresh, N. McLaughlin. Second-R. Palermo, M. Randall, J. Concilla, E. Puscheck, E. Mays. Order of Gregg Artists Firsl anniversary . . . ollicers elecled a+ firsl meeling on December l, l944 . . . presidenl. Josephine Concilla: vice presidenl, Rosalie Palermo: secrelary, Mary Rand- all: lreasurer, Calherine Gresh: scribe, l-lelen Marlin . . . dues paid promplly To avoid penalfy . . . l-lilarous Chrislmas parly al Eslher Puscheclcs home . . , wonderful re- lreshmenls . . . exchanged gills . . . Valenline parly al school . . . Miss Myers is swell lun al parlies . . . jusl like one of us . . . sponsored a dance on March 23 . . . every- one conlribuled lo The season's success . . . here's hoping fufure "ArTisTs" have as much success and enioymenl as we have had. Mary Randall Forty-eight First Row-C. Pancereve, J. Nixon, L. Ferko, J. Burden, A. Welch. Second Row-J. Beates, L. Muscarella, M. Scouller, M. Keefe, R. Darling, C. Taccone Debating Club Season ol '45 brings new Topic-Resolved: ThaT The voTing age be lowered To eighTeen . . . Tall schedule begins February 23 wiTh Lawrence Park . , . one varsiTy speaker reTurns . . . lXlegaTive upheld by Janice Burden, Alice Welch. Leona Ferko. who comes To us from EasT l-ligh . . . nine minuTe quesTion period reduced To six min- uTes . . . ATlirmaTiye upheld by Jim BeaTes, Michael Keele, and Rod Darling . . . new coach . . . The debaTers Thank'Mr. Morgan. Tor his helpful insTrucTion and eTforTs . . . . . . ambiTions To be a counTy all-sTar debaTer . . . specTacular DebaTe BanqueT aT The close ol The season . . . manager Tor This year is Mary Scouller, and JeanneTTe Nixon is her assisTanT . . . Cora Pancereve and Charles Taccone are The chairmen . . . Law- rence Muscarella is Timekeeper . . . Things To be remembered from This season: exciT- ing Trips To "away" debaTes . T. . Jim BeaTes' quesTions . . . Janice Burdens charm as a speaker . . . Leona l:erl4o's slam-bang answers . . . Mike Keele's persuasiyeness . . . Alice VVelch's shy smiles . . . Rod Darling's mighTy expressions . . . big feeds alTer debaTes . Forty-nine First RowfS. Martina, W. Tieber, C. Taccone, H. Luke, L. Muscarella, R. Muscarella, J. Concilla, G. Hartley, F. Loop, M. Scouller, R. Palermo, P. Rein, N. Bogen- schutz. Second Row-S. Shirey, J. Spencer, P. Muscarella, J. Beates, J. Cramer, P. Neuman. Grapevine Staff The only paper in The world ThaT cares abouT N. E. J. l'l. S. . . . six ouTsTanding issues of all school news . . . second ouTsTanding year oT our school's publicaTion . . . ediTorials, personaliTies, acTiviTies, chaTTer, adverTisemenTs, carToons . . . sponsored and financed by ArT Club . . . lasT year's issue won Third place in The ScholasTic Press . . . annual conTesT . . . This year we are members of The School Press Exchange of Pennsylvania STaTe College . . . We have encounTered many diTFiculTies, so True To all school publications . . . aim is "always a cooperaTive spiriT' '... woman chauf- Teur . . . mosTly all new members . . . "Silence in The courT house, The monkey wanTs To speak". . . informal meeTings . . . if selling "Grapevine," be prepared To be sTepped on . . . business manager, Elaine, moved away . . . EdiTor-in chieT, Charles Taccone: assisTanT ediTor, John Spencer: adverTising and business manager. Lawrence Muscarella . . . our sporTs and joke ediTors, circulaTion manager, carToonisT, chaTTer ediTors along wiTh our many reporTers are always "on Their Toes". We sincerely wish To give our Thanks To Miss GorndT Tor her advice and wonderful cooperaTion. l-lazle Luke Fifty l N MMWMM W? X 11,4 R u , .Z -i,,.l.,.---"4 fi 211: -Q f W X E 1 L 6955 f I 2.4 R. f jf G v Q NX ,ff .ZW f df ff f Q, First Row-A. Licata, V. Shioleno. Second Row---D. Triana, S. Martina, J. Nixon, S. Frontino, M. Reiman, R. Iannello. Athletic Council FooTball and baskeTbalI seasons were noT very successful . . . big crowd for The VVesleyvilIe game . . . conTribuTed money Toward Senior svveaTers . . . sorry To have losT Siero FronTino . . . eTTicienT secreTary-Treasurer . . . sponsored Senior LeTTer- men's Dance . . . raised prices for TooTbaH and baskeTball games . . . president Vin- cenT Shioieno . . . vice presidenT, Sam MarTina . . . secreTary-Treasurer, Angie l.icaTa . . . The members of The AThleTic Council appreciaTe The help and Tine supporT ThaT Mr. Davis and The sTudenTs have given To school aThIeTics This year. Don Triana Fifty-two c,YiMi5 K W ,,,,, -.MN ,..,......,.. -.,,. W . ......., .,..,. , ,,,, me .eg if ll ' . W is -..Abs First Row-S. Martina., F. McGaughey, J. Akin, D. Triana, F. Behnkeni, J. Concilla. Second Row-G. Smith, V. Shioleno, D. Grabowski, J. Beates, L. Gildersleeve, S. Ma- donia, D. McAdoo, W. Blanchard, Mr. Pulling, Mr. Ralston. Third Row-W. Stevens, P. Neuman, W. Janes, P. Muscarella, T. Griffin, R. Blystone, W. Arnink, S. Frontino, S. Triana, A. Kapetan. Football ConTinued luck of The lasT Three years . . . losT games we shouldn'T have losT . . . losT games we should have losT . . . very unsuccessful season . . . hearT-breaker aT Cor- ry . . . manager's peT pe-eve, Seevers and Be-hnken in shower room . . .ileTTermen IosT, Seevers. Reiman. GriTTin, Akin, Triana, Shioleno, lVlcGaughey, lvladonia and lVl'cAdoo . . . leTTermen reTurning, SmiTh, Behnken, BeaTes. MarTina . . . l:ronTino and Gilcler- sleeve losT because of age . . . RaIsTon's so called "Tough" pracTices . . . Reiman's broken leg aT Millcreek . . . pracTice in mud and rain. . . Akin's 40-yard kick aT Corry- backwards . . . home games. Wesleyville. l-larborcreek, Lawrence Park and Union CiTy . . . made The long Trip To Corry and Millcreek . . . exTra games were played wiTh Fairview . . . Thanks To Mr. RalsTon and Mr. Pulling Tor Their paTience wiTh us and To Mr. lvlaclarnaghan for his eTTorT aT The gafe . . . besT of luck To nexT year's gang. STewarT Scouller Fifty-three First Row-S. Triana, G. Grieder, D. Triana, A. Larson, Mr. Pulling, S. Frontino, S. Madonia. Second Row-F. Behnken, L. Gildersleeve, R. Seevers, J. Beates, J. Concilla, K. Shull, J. Akin, S. Martina., J. Spacht. Basketball We had a Tough season . . . won Three and losT eleven ,. . . finished wiTh TifTh place in league sTandings . . . many of younger players gained much experience by playing VarsiTy . . . close one aT Union CiTy . . . lasT guarTer slump . . . lacked experi- ence . . . ArT Larson, Team's high scorer, cenTer, piyoT shoT, always missing peepers . . . Jim Akin, guard, long shoT aT Union CiTy, Those long shoTs . . . Ray Seevers, guard, besT Toul shoT, killer on hardwood. came Through aT Lawrence Park . . . Don Triana, Tor- ward. "Teed me, fellas, l'm hoT", small and TasT . . . Sam Madonia, forward, slow polk. hoT sTreal4s. "he wasn'T my man' '... Serio l:ronTino, forward, almosT pulled Wesley- ville game ouT of hole, hoTshoT . . . Tollowing players reTurning nexT year: Sam Triana. George Greider. Joe Concilla, l:riTz Behnken, Lloyd Gildersleeve, Ken Shull, and Jim- mie BeaTes . . . we wish To Thank Jack SpachT and Sam lVlarTina Tor Their excellenT moral supporT Trom The benches and in The locker rooms . . . Mr. Pulling Tor his ex- cellenT coaching of The inexperienced maTerial Thaf he had . . . we also wish The besT oT luck To The TuTure Teams. i James Akin Fifty-four ' av- First Row-V. Page, F. Black, M. Rouse, H. Brockway, R. Ore, J. Conway, A. Newara, R. Iannello, R. Sgarlata, B. Goodwill, C. Madonia, A. Concilla. Second Row--I. McAdoo, J. Pierce, D. Barton, P. Rein, L. Felton, M. Kapetan, A. Markham, H. Mann, J. Van Geisen, R. Muscarella, B. Shull, B. Bull, G. Hartley, L. Eaton, J. Shreve, E. Collyer. Third Row-D. Buchanan, R. Near, J. Nixon, R. Palermo, J. Concilla, L. Rein, L. Boerst, H. DuFosse, L. Dodd, L. Ferko, L. Shultz, H. Moyer, V. Pettingill, R. La- Rocca, M. Hesling, S. Sherrange. Fourth Row-M. Hopkins, J. Lick, A. Allen, B. Davis, A. Salen, D. Bronson, M. Sal- chow, E. Mays, E. Puscheck, J. I-Ialloran, A. Bell, D. Worster, R. Palermo, M. Ross, P. Martina. Fifth Rowfl McDonald, E. Orton, P. Valone, G. Bangs, I. Shunk, J. Haskell, J. Den- ton, A. Adams, R. Maurana, J. Shreve, E Wilkinson, H. Brockway, A. Licata, S. Homnn, J. Selkregg. Girls' Intramural Sports lntramurals late in getting under way this year . . . practice every Thursday and Friday atter school . . . divided into two groups . . . badminton, ping-pong, and vol- ley ball are things ot the past . . . maroon and white teams play "prelims" again . . . The new idea ot drawing names for preliminary teams . . . lost Alumni game by two points . . . tive seniors expect sweaters . . . lookout tor those sophomores . . . we'll remember Nixon as the Junior star . . . Salen's and l-lesling's scratchy shots . . . Har- riet Mann's innumerable spills . . . Mary Kapetan at practice . . . did you hear the joke about- . . . we wonder what lyliss Sheridan finds so amusing when the Freshmen play?? . . . had hopes of playing Wesleyville girls but no such luck . . . we wish to thank Miss Sheridan, whomalces our Intramurals possible. tor her co-operation and guidance dur- ing the year ot l945. Lois Felton Fifty-flve Left to Right--M. Hesling, E. Guarino, E. Orton, J. Selkregg. Cheerleaders ln spiTe of poor TransporTaTion, we aTTended all buT Two away games . . . Two graduaTing This year . . , flashy new maroon dresses: The Trouble They caused Eleanor and Julia . . . gave The l-larborcreek cheerleaders a run wiTh all Their cheers . . . new "beaT me daddy" cheer . . . Tried acTion picTures This year . . . agreed preTTy well on every subjecT . . . only Two major argumenTs . . . ThaT amusing ride To Wesley- ville wiTh The Team . . . The numerous bruises received when The players would Tall on us . . . conTinuaTion of pep rneeTings in The gym aT noon . . . realized how much re- served seaTs meanT To us . . . Thanks To Mr. Pulling Tor his assisTance and also To The sTudenT body Tor Their Tine cooperaTion. In lVlargareT l-lesling Fifty-six MMWL JW ,gb - f pm, N X9 W 9 f Xx X , X X ZW' X -I' . ' X Wi ,7 F., X + X. .V f .N- A Q X w if ff X 5 f Y x M I X3 "Nobody Sleeps" "The play's The Thing." and since iT is cusTomary Tor Them To do so, The Girl Reserves decided To presenT a play This year . . . a one-acT comedy, "Nobody Sleeps." was purchased . . . Try-ouTs given . . . casT chosen wiTh James BeaTes in The male role . . . nighTs Tor rehearsals Tinally agreed upon. Orchids To Jimmy Tor his cheerfully Taking orders Trom The girls . . . giving a laugh-provoking performance as "Spike," The burglar . . . DoroThy Edwards' porTrayal of Mrs. Busby. who had burglars on The brain . . , The Three niT-wiTTy daughTers: Glory, Ada. Daisy . . . played by Rebecca Ore, Beverly Davis, Joanne Snell . . . Thanks To Naomi BogenschuTz Tor a fine job on sTage seTTing, lighTs, conTrolling whispers and giggles backsTage . . . delicious sandwiches . . . our sincere appreciaTion Tor Miss Sherrange's able and paTienT direcTing. Joanne Snell Fifty-eight How Not to Chew Gum Successfully OR MISTAKES i i-:Ave MADE Among The many TacTors which make up school life. one subsTance should noT be excluded, namely ThaT viTal, rubbery maTerial simply called gum. Many a sTudenT has learned The hard way how To Tool a Teacher inTo Thinking he is compleTely ignoranT of This "food" which Teachers haTe and sTudenTs love. For example, in a sleepy sTudy hall a loud explosion is heard by all. The crack OT gum! The Teacher in command cauTiously searches Tor The guiITy parTy. Ah, The of- Tender is spoTTed. BuT no. This culpriT has a Technique land who doesn'Tl. Gum lurk- ing beTween locked TeeTh. he suddenly TasTens his aTTenTion on a book, laboriously sTudying iT. WiTh a sly smile, when The Teacher's back is Turned. he swiTTly gives his liTTle Triend anoTher workouT. The duel may conTinue several minuTes, even a whole period. The chewer has a TiTTy-TiTTy chance oT being deTecTed. lT beseiged so closely ThaT escape is impossible, The "hoT" gum will have To be desposiTed. buT quick! Where? IT does noT maTTer. Were The TruTh To leak ouT. every seaT in every room TosTers many a dehydraTed "hunk". as iT is Tondly called. ln The moTley assorTmenT one mighT find some of The pink hue which signifies a gum shorTage and The consumer was Torced To chew bubble gum. This varieTy noT only makes bubbles, buT, when sTreTched ouT. will snap back wiTh a bounce noT aT all unliike a rubber band. Or one mighT swallow iT. OT course. in all Tairness To The Teachers The liTTle episode may be TerminaTed by a soTT lor loudl "Please puT your gwn in The baskeT." - Even when The coasT is clear. There is a righT and wrong way To chew This Tender maTerial. The meek soul who merely makes Teeble aTTempTs wiTh mouTh TighTly clamped can noT expecT To Tind The Tull enjoymenT oT The delecTable Tlavor as does The skilled veTeran who pracTices The meThod of exercising his Tace by a conTinuous moTion of an open mouTh. This drooling man oT experience does noT miss The exquisiTe Tlavor. ' To conclude my TreaTise on helpTul hinTs To The beginners, l have one Tinal sug- gesTion. When you wish To enjoy a TempTing sTick of delicious gum, There is only one safe way. Go home. young man. go home. Mary Scouller POST WAR DREAMS Rubber, gas. and meaT galore All wool rugs upon my Tloorg Princeless nylons and diamond rings All Those dear unobTainable Things. PoTs and pans and heaTing sToves. And TracTors, spray dope. and garden hose: PicTure film, and rubber booTs And a brand new riTle ThaT really shooTs. All These Things I have in mind All Sears Roebuck leTT behind They are all my "silken seams" ln my lovely "PosT War Dreams." Verna Woodcock Fifty-nine -..---- Arfhur Larson "Counfry Genflemenn - Sevenfeenn ....... American Home" -.. "Vogue" ........... -- Look' Safurday Evening Posf" Calling All Girls" ..... - True Confession" .... - l Love a Mysfery" -- Time' Newsweek ............. Magazines "Woman's Home Companion" "Modern Romance" .... if Liber'ry" .............. - Famous Funnies" - Poulfry Tribune" --- lThel Woman" ..... - Good Housekeeping" -- Sporfs AfieId" ..... - Reader's Digesfn --- American Girl" --.. American Boy" --- Farmer's Wife" .... Popular Mechanics" -- "Life" Wou1dn't It Be Nice If We A11 . . . I-lad clofhes like ...... Could Vlfere VVe re l-lad a vocabulary sing like --- neaf like ..... prompf like ..... I-lad a smile like ...... 2-lad brains like ..... Looked like .... l'-lad eyes like --- l-lad hair like ....... like ..- Could dance like ...... Were afhlefic like ...... l-lad a disposifion like --- Vlfere humorous like --- VVere musical like ........ Were "good sporTs" like Were friendly like ..... Were busy like ....... Were popular like .... E-lad a voice like .... I-lad ambifion like --- l-lad a figure like ..... Were arfisfic like ...... l-lad a complexion like -.. Could argue like ...... E-lad jewelry like .... Liked To reed like --- -- Margaref l-lesling ----.. N. E. l-l. S. Miss Scouller - Eleanor Guarino "l-laf Rack" --- lnframural Sporfs --- Excuse Blanks ---- Miss Sheridan - --,. Sfudy l-lall --- "Grapevine" -EI ....... Any boy ---- M. l-l. and A. L. Graduafion --------- Freshmen --- Agriculfure classes ------ Mary Scouller --- l-lome-Ec. classes --- baskefball games ----- Angie Licafa ----- l-lazle Luke ----- Ray Seevers --------- Elsie Semelka ---..---.. Sfewarf Scouller ---- Four years af N. E. l-l. S. ,,--,-,.--------,,----,,--------- Lois Felfon. Bob l-lugg --, Josephine Arrigo, Joe l-lalloran ..--- Louella Sfrickland. Carl Reibs ----- Elizabefh Dursf, Jerry Edwards -..-.. Mary Scouller, Thomas Coafoarn ....---- June Plaff. Vincenf Shioleno ..--- Beffy Gross. Edward Rodencal -- Angeline Licafa. Arfhur Larson --- Mlargaref l-lesling, Ray Seevers ---- Allene Borsforff. Joe l-lalloran ----- Margaref l-lesling. James Aiken --- Josephine Concilla. Donald Triana ..--- Esfher Puscheck, Colman Sernan ---- Helen Marfin. Edward Rodencal -------- Jean Vogf, Sam 'Madonia -------- Mabel Hopkins. James Reiman ---------- Cafherine Gresh, John Nash Charlotte Flinkler. Sfewarf Scouller -------- Phyllis Rein. Tom Weinheimer ------ Rosalie Palermo. Frank Pinna Barbara Ann Shaw. Sfewarf Scouller --------- Eleanor Guarino. Carl Reibs ----- Nancy Olson. Sfewarf Scouller ---- Phyllis Rein, Francis McGaughey ------- Gladys Bangs. Richard Elliis - ........ Elsie Semelka. Joe l-lalloran Sixty --- Jennifer Messler. Thomas Coafoam FirsT RowAARose Mary's cherry orchard, VVaTch yourseTT, JaneT!, NorTh EasT's love birds, The ArT gang. Second Row-Nice car, qirIs!, Helen in The snow, VVresTling nneTch in The snow, Nice smile, Mary, AnoTher,carnera Tan. Third Row-Josie and her Alma MaTer. The sophomore gang. FourTh Row-Eleanor up a Tree, EsTher and her horses, Everyone's friend, Alveria. The gangs all here. FiTTh Row-Three junior pals, Down Freeporf way, MosT ArTisTic: OUT camping, Meg enjoying The sun. Sixty-one A Why Seniors Come to School James Aiken ....... Josephine Arrigo - George Bangs .... -..----- lo play baskelball -- lo collecl absence slips ----- lo prove lhal he is willy Gladys Bangs .-... .............. l o, argue in P. O. D. Rose Bangs ........ .... l o be Miss Scouller's errand girl Naomi Bogenschulz ..... lo wrile lellers in sludy hall Allene Borslorll .... - ......... -...... l O giggle Thomas Coaloarn --- Josephine Concilla Rena Doorish ...... Elizabelh Dursl --- Lloyd Ealon .... Jerry Edwards .... Richard Ellis -- Jean Evans ..... Lois Eellon ....... Frances Giordano --- Calherine Gresh --- Thomas Grilfin --- Belly Gross .... Eleanor Guarino -- Joe l-lalloran ..... --- Margarel l-lesling - --- lo learn lo speak Spanish --- lo play in lhe orcheslra ---, ...... lo gel a diploma -- lo lake lhe senior class roll ----------- lo dash around ----- lo supporl his opinions ------------ lo ride on lhe bus --- lo gel away from Greenfield ------- lo please the leachers ---- lo wear snappy clolhes -------- lo be a speed lypisl -- .......... ---- lo make noise ----------- lo do her Lalin ---- lo sing for assemblies --..----.... lo play lhe drums --- because her Dad is a cop Alberla l-linkler ........... ......................... l o learn how lo knil Charlolle l-linkler .,...... ..- ................ lo sing allo in mixed chorus Mabel Hopkins --- Bob l-lugg ...... Arlhur Larson ..... Angeline Licala -- Hazle Luke ..... Sam Madonia --- l-lelen Marlin --- lo wrile lellers lo her brolhers ..----------- lo gel off lhe larm --- lo walk around in sludy hall ---------- lo be edilor-in-chief --- lo wrile lor "The Grapevine" Elizabelh Mays --- c--- Donald McAdoo .... Francis McGaughey Jenniler Messler --- -------....--- lo be a musician --.. lo display her new clolhes --- lo collecl Aguilo money ------------ lo lake naps ..-..---- lo have lun arguing -------- lo see whal "goes on" John Nash ....... ................. l o lease lhe girls Ardell Newlon --- lucy Norlhrup ....... -- Nancy Glson --- Rosalie Palermo .... Virginia Pellingill -- Prank Pinna ...... Eslher Puscheck --- Mary Randall --- Carl Reibs .... Phyllis Rein ..... James Reiman ...... Edward Rodencal --- Lorella Scolch --- Mary Scouller .... - Slewarl Scouller - Ray Seevers ...... ..... Elsie Semelka ...... lol ell us aboul hunling and lrapping --------- lo do her homework l?l -----..-----.--- lo draw dolls --- lo draw for lhe yearbook ----- lo gel her daily walk ----- lo visil wilh Mr. Morgan ------------- lo play baskelball ---- lo deliver noles lo Sam Triana lo supporl lhe Republican parly -..-------- lo be a popular "kid" ---- lo head lhe Senior class -Q ........... lo wrile noles --- lo walk wilh Mary and Lucy ---- lo lead lhe Girl Reserves --- To argue wilh Miss Parker --..--------- for somelhing lo do ..--------------- lo see lhe gang Barbara Ann Shaw .... -- lo 'fincenl Shioleno --- answer gueslions in Physics class -- ....--....... lo lak-e life easy ill What Would Happen If . . Josephine Concilla were seen wiThouT "Angie" and "Rosie"? Francis McGaughey TorgoT how To roller skaTe? Edward Rodencal didn'T wriTe noTes To ElizabeTh? Ray Seevers couldn'T buy fancy shoe sTrings? George Greider couldn'T play TooTball? Barbara Ann Shaw lacked enough crediTs To gradu- aTe? Jerry Edwards wenT sTeady? Miss Scouller refused To help us? MargareT Rouse moved To Lawrence Park? Donald Triana were The silenT Type? "Josie" Arrigo losT her voice? Mabel Hopkins didn'T like sailors? Tom Grillin were serious? Gladys didn'T have Barbara Ann To help her in Physics? "ArT" Larson wenT sTeady? Michael Keefe failed a subjecT? Mr. Morgan wasn'T friendly To everyone? AlberTa didn'T go To Ripley every SaTurday nighT? Elsie Semelka couldn'T drive? No Seniors were absenT for one week? Donald McAdoo couldn'T sleep in STudy Hall? V BeTTy Gross failed LaTin? MargareT Hesling didn'T have TlirTy eyes? l945 basketball Team won a championship? Beverly Davis guiT school? Hazle Luke didn'T Think ol Warren? Lois EelTon TorgoT Jimmy? VincenT Shioleno weren'T a wolf? Colleen Roache couldn'T sing and dance? Bill Janes had his Spanish done one day? Russell Arrigo were an A sTudenT? Frank Pinna didn'T have preTTy hair? Rose Mary Near were noT engaged? Doris Wilcox couldn'T dance? Carl Prodehl were exempTed in English? There were no cheerleaders? Jaguelyn DenTon were reserved? NorTh EasT had a roller skaTing rink? CharloTTe Hinkler Tailed English? Nancy Munn could jiTTerbug? Marilyn Davis had black hair? H RoberTa BannisTer didn'T go wiTh Chuck? George Dean sTudied in STudy Hall? Leona Ferko couldn'T debaTe? Fred Behnken lorgoT Joan Tor one nighT? Jim BeaTes were ignoranT? Mr. Davis had no conTrol over The sTudenTs? Miss Sheridan were a "soTT" Teacher? Discussion Among Blades They could hear iT coming even Though iT was sTill ouT of sighT. Much whispering wenT on among Them. and many wondered how iT would feel when iT came upon Them. Some said iT would be swiTT and sure while oThers sTaTed They ThoughT iT would be' a slow procedure. QuiTe a Tew said ThaT iT mighT be avoided if They lay TlaT againsT The ground. buT The resT knew beTTer Than To Try ThaT. They all agreed iT was Terrible and should noT happen even To a human being. WhaT was This Terrible Thing? Who were The people ThaT were Talking abouT iT? Why, They were The blades of grass Talking abouT The weekly lawn mowing. Ann Hays Sixty-three J -O -K-E-S Mary: "Do you know why There is a shorTage of eggs?" ' BeTTy: "No. Why?" Mary: "The hens are Too busy Turning ouT shells." A man passing Through Ripley had The following conversaTion wiTh one of The men of The village: STranger: "I-low does one geT To Findley Lake?" Villager: "IT is SouTheasT of NorTh EasT." STranger: lAnswering in a sarcasTic wayl "Very funny." Mr. RalsTon: "When I was a child. I never lied." LiTTIe Rhonda: "VVhen did you begin, Pop?" Don lriana: "Mama, did you know ThaT The new neighbors were very poor MoTher: "Why, son?" Don: "Because yesTerday I looked Through one of The windows and imagine whaT I saw." MoTher: "WhaT did you see?" Don: "Two of The girls were playing aT The same piano." ?.. Dan: "I saw you The oTher day aT The corner of Main and Vine winking aT The girls." J. I-lalloran: "I wasn'T winking. ThaT's a windy corner. SomeThing goT in my eye." Dan: "She goT in your car Too." A. LicaTa: "You look depressed, Rosalie. WhaT are you Thinking of?" R. Palermo: "My fuTure." A. LicaTa: "WhaT makes iT seem so hopeless?" R. Palermo: "My pasT." Jimmy: "Will I ever be as Tall as you. Daddy?" Mr. Maclarnaghanz "I Think so. You are doing very well." Jimmy: "BuT you're sTill geTTing Taller." Mr. Mac: "Why so?" Jimmy: "Your head is coming up Through your hair." Ardellz "I goT a IeTTer from I-lenry Morgan." Burr: "You mean 'MorganTheau'." Ardellz "Yesl lf he can cuT 2072 off my income. l can cuT 20752 off his name." I-I. Luke: "Do you know anyThing abouT insecTs?" D. VVilcox: "No, buT I can run a caTerpillar." E. Rodencal: You know. McAdoo's so dumb. he Things canaries come from Canary lsIands." F. McGaughey:s"Well, don'T They?" E. Rodencal: "Darned if l know." F. Pinna: "I keep all my noTes in my haT." S. Madonia: "News in a nuTsheIl, eh?" J. Akin: "lf you geT To The I-laT Rack before I do. you make a chalk mark." J. Nash: "O'kay. buT if you geT There firsT, you rub iT ouT." I-l. MarTin: "Oh, Glenn, I didn'T say iT wasn'T a big diamond. I iusT said iT looked all paid for." N. Olson: "I am Nlancy T. Olson." L. Scofch: "Why The T?" N. Olson: "Because l don'T like coffee." L. NorThrup: "Rena. This soup TasTes funny." R. Doorish: "Then why don'T you laugh?" MoTher: "Why daughTer, when I was a girl, we never ThoughT of doing any of The Things you girls do Today!" I-I. Snell: "VVhich was why you didn'T do Them." J. Snell: "I always do my hardesT work before breakfasT." L. STrickIand: "WhaT's ThaT?" J. Snell: "GeTTing up." , F. Giordano: "DocTor. whaT I need is someThing To sTir me up-someThing To puT me in fighTing Trim. Did you puT anyfhng like ThaT in This prescrip- Tion'?" DocTor: "No. You will find ThaT in The bill." Boyfriend: "You used To say There was someThing abouT me you loved." E. Mays. "Yes. buT ThaT's all spenT now." B. I-lugg: "My uncle and I ran allvday and only moved four feeT." Miss Parker: "You moved only four feeTl VVhy-7 Bob: "ThaT's all The feeT we have." S. Souller: "My picTure was in all The home-Town papers lasT week." L. FeITon: "I-low much reward do They offer?" Officer: "T-'leyl Pull over To The curb, lady. Do you know you were doing sevenTy-five?" P. Rein: "lsn'T iT marvelous?4and I jusT learned how To drive yesTerday." Ann M.: "If you Try To kiss me, I'lI call moTher." T. Weinheimer: "WhaT's The maTTer wiTh your faTher?" Ann: "Oh, he isn'T as deaf as rnoTher is." Sixty-foul' N. E. H. S. Hit Parade One MeaTball" .................... - Why Don'T We Do This More OTTen7" - Don'T Fence Me ln" ............... - l'm GeTTing Tired So I Can Sleep" --- The Day AfTer Forever" ......... - If I Ir-lad My Way" ............ - No LeTTers Today" ............ - l..eT's Take The Long Way Home" -- When I-le Comes I-lome" ..... - STop ThaT Dancing Up There" My DevoTion" ......,. - Miss You ,,,,,. --.. ..... My SisTer and l" ............ - l'm Beginning To See The LighT" .... - A Lovely Way To Spend The Evening" -- My FirsT Love" .................... - TonighT, Tomorrow and ATTer ThaT" --- My Beloved is Rugged" ............ - The Bells of Normandy" --- l Can'T GeT STarTed" ---- You are My Sunshine" Take IT Easy" .... - TempTaTion" ..... - l'm Falling in Love" SweeT and Lovely" -.. KniT One, Purl Two" ....... - I-lere Comes The Navy" ...... - l'm a LiTTle On The Lonely Side" -- !'ll Walk Alone" ............. -- ---- More and More" ....................... - I'm STepping OuT WiTh a Memory TonighT" -- STraighTen Up and Fly RighT" ........... - I-low Many I-learTs I-lave You Broken?" -- Don'T SweeThearT Me" ............ - Time WaiTs For No One" ......... - l CouIdn'T Sleep a Wink Last NighT" -,- IT I-lad To Be You" .............. - Look For The Silver Lining" --- The Trolley Song" ....... - -- ...... I 945 raTioning ----,,----------- VacaTion --- SevenTh Period STudy l-lall --- ......... STudy l-lall ------- GraduaTion -------- Mr. Morgan --- "Nick" BogenschuTz --- Jenifer and Frank ---- Rose Mary Near ----- The I-laT Rack -- ........ STudies ----------------- Lois FelTon CaTherine and DoroThy Gresh ----- ------- Freshmen --- School Dance --- AIberTa I-Iinkler ----- I-lomework ....-- Ray Seevers ------------ 3:49 bell ,-- Greenfield School Bus ---.. George and I-lenrieTTa ---------- Miss Sheridan ---- School Skipping --- MargareT I-lesling --- PaTricia Valone ---- Consumers Class --- Allene BorsTorTT ------ Lucy NorThrup --- Barbara Ann Shaw --- Thomas Griffin -- ......-. Alumni ---- Pre-TlighT course --- .,..... reporT cards ------------ Jerry Edwards - when book reporTs are due -.. .... .... - -- before exams ..------- Tom To Ann ------- --- ReporT Card day ----------------- school busses l Didn'T Know AbouT You" -- .... Bob Allen and Barbara Selkregg M'eeT Me ln ST. Louie" --- Oh. You BeauTiTul Doll" -- Biaity-five ----------------- Donald Triana --- Jackie Palermo LIFE The paTh we Tread, alled life, is shorT: IT leads buT To our deaTh, Where all iTs problems. of diTTerenT sorTs. Are solved wiTh our parTing breaTh. This paTh. called life. is whaT we make iT: lT may be hard and sTeep: Or we may Think This paTh was easy As we resT in eTernal sleep. IT your life is noT gay and enjoyable: IT iT lacks Things To make iT brighT. AdjusT iTl Change iTl lvlake iT reliable! Then you will obTain your heighT. Richard Ellis AN UNPATRIOTIC LADY "l'd like a pair of shoes, please!" Said The lady in The chair. "I Think a pair of saddle shoes Would be The besT To wear." "No brown and whiTe ones This Well. Then. leT me see- l'm sure some nice black sandals Would really be preTTy for me. year? "You have no sandals for me? l'll Take whiTe ones like nurses wear. You don'T have The nurses' shoes eiTher? This is more Than l can bear." "OT course l know There's a war on: I have read iT in The news: BuT you can'T seem To undersTand ThaT l wanT a pair of shoes." "l have only Tive pairs of pumps. Plus a Tew oTher odd pair- BuT if you won'T leT me buy any more, l Think you're very unfair!" CharloTTe l-linkler Sixty-six ENGLISH WORRIES The books upon Miss Sheridan's desk. Are deep and Treacherous aT Their besT. All The TesTs are worse Than They. Keeping The sTudenTs in dismay. Parsing is The worsT l know. For iT gives us guiTe a Throw. NexT in line comes diagramming: Because of iT we do much cramming. Also There are weekly Themes, OT which sTudenTs have bad dreams. STudy, cram. work, and Tussle. Like a woman in a busTle. There are Things ThaT we deTesT. VVorsT of which are The TesTs: They come down like snow Tlurries, Bringing sTudenTs endless worries. Fred Loop OUR FAREWELL We are going To say farewell To lovely NorTh EasT l-ligh. Oh how we dread ThaT day, Which To us seems so nigh. i The Teachers, The books, The Things we used lVlusT all be leTT behind. BuT many are The memories ThaT'll linger in our minds. Remember ThaT TirsT day here? lT was a greaT evenT: Yes. we were raTher Timid. BuT To our Tasks we benT. A X We've learned a varied number of Things. And many friends we've made. WiTh all Those good Times TogeTher Our eTTorT's been well repaid. Our TuTure lies ahead. To make iT whaT we will: BuT ThoughTs of our grand high school, Will conTinue wiTh us sTill. BeTTy Gross M' My NX NWQM z I ! X X! X f f f ' f f N X N X Q-.A - fi ,fg f PONTIAC MASTER ENGRAVERS T0 AMERlCA'S SCHOOLS I Quality Integrity and Dependability have established themselves as a definite tradition with Pontiac We have been constantly on the alert for new and improved procedures m yearbook d6SlgI'l1l'1g and service Qur modern precision equipment IS concrete evidence of adherence to this policy Our experienced altsmen and servicemen are carefully super vised by experts in the field of distinctive school publications. We are proud to have played a part in the publishing ol this book in the capacity ol official photo engravers. Our entire personnel congratulate the staff for their splendid work and cooperation. R AVI cnoot. Punmxcarlou Dtvlsto sn azz wnsr VAN nunnx srnnn-r, cxncmzo 1 nunoxsf NGA C. JL L JL .L JC .L JL L JL C Compliments of A. J. YOUNGS Fruits and Fruit Juices BROWNbilt SHOE STORE R. J. FELMEDEN Quality Footwear for the Entire Family 17 W. MAIN STREET NORTH EAST, PA Compliments of Main Street Garage and Service Station WM. G. CORKWELL, Prop. Mobilgas . . . Mobilubrication . . . Mobiloili EXPERT BODY AND FENDER WORK WEST MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 377 Compliments of Chesley's Dairy Compliments of A. L. Hartley's Grocery X 193 South Pearl Street NORTH EAST, PA. Compliments of DAVIS 81 BAKER WL- ,,Jf Y 7' 'W 'I 'OL 7? W 7 1? 7 QC JL JL C. JL L JC JC JL L JL Many Come Many a Mile to See . . . 131 U M S FARM OF PASCHKE "The Most Color This Side of Heaven" Compliments of GRAY'S DINOR "Where the Students Eat" 36 E. MAIN sr. THE NORTH EAST RIFLE CQLUB President ...................... R. E. BLYSTONE Secretary -- ......... HAROLD FEISS Treasurer ..... ..... W ARD HUTCHINSON Range Officer .................. ROBERT HOGUE U RANGE LOCATED UNDER CRAMER GARAGE 'W W 3? W W 7? 7? 79' 'IC 'bl 7 C J M. L J L JL C. J Compliments of 3 C0ncilla's North East Cleaners AND LAUNDRY +1 Dyeing. . . Cleaning . . .Laundry ALL WORK GUARANTEED 3-day Service 28 S. Lake St. Phone 299-R J 'a STATE STREET JEWELERS' ASSOCIATION OF ERIE riolnlulnicris Conrad's Mack's 1001 State Street 921 State Street Darling's Marvin's 905 State Street 703 State Street Hirsch's Post's 1104 State Street 1130 State Street Seymour's 708 State Street JL L JL L JL Lf. JL L JL L JL Compliments of Brooklyn Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Mark Harrison Compliments of G. C. Graham NOTARY PUBLIC Compliments of The Wagner Shoppe East Main Street North East, Pa. Compliments of Bard 81 Burger DRY CLEANERS 24 East Mkain St. North East, Pa. CARL SGHMITT All Kinds of Smoked and Fresh Meats 33 SOUTH LAKE ST. NORTH EAST, PENNA. Compliments of Isabelle's Beauty Shoppe 78 West Main St. Telephone 378 J -JL-.-JL-. . VL., WL -'-VL. 72- -Ji, .-JV.. D3 W , " L J L JL L JL L JL L J S A N I D A MILK ICE CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE Products of SANITARY FARMS DAIRY NIKLAUS BROS. MCCORMICK-DEERING TRACTORS Farm Machinery and Dairy Equipment 10 EAST STREET TELEPHONE 162-.I Compliments of MILES SANDWICH SHOP MR. AND MRS. A. S. MILES 21 S. Lake St. Congratulations to Class of '45 PAUL F. KGESLING 7 'W , VL- -JG. ,. .-.JZ--.SQ-.JL-.-JS.--JL--JL,--J L L Jesus said' THE NORTH EAST MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION REV. EDwA1V1?1l:Si5rRE,1N REV. IVAN M. SHREVE REV. CALVIN s. BREWER REV. REV. GAIL BERGSTRESSER CHARLES ALDRICH Churches: FIRST PRESBYTERIAN FIRST BAPTIST ST. PETER'S LUTHERAN IMMANUEL EVANGELICAL FIRST METHODIST "I am the Light of the World he that followeth me shall not VValk in the darkness, but shall have the hght o life." Congratulations to the Class of 1945 orth East Fruit Growers Incorporated TELEPHONE 115 is Grahamville Street North East, Penna. HEADQUARTERS FOR International Fertilizers Sherwin Williams Spray Materials McAdam 81 Sons Farm Machinery H k,,,,!L,-,,,-JF if wc 1: we wr nc uf wr 7 BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF '45... The Hat Rack North East's Recreational Center ::-rfciziziicicl:i:i:::::-lsvi. .i:i. LUNCHES ICE CREAM DANCING RECREATION 1-:-ic,-:ii-ci:-7:1-f-ni:-1:-1:-1:-1:1- -1:-,L-gnc Chairman of Board of Directors Run by a T5 Brother Willard -Gilpin, S. B. B. Student House Committee c an :c an :L av. ef. .sc ze. THE BUSINESS WORLD IS ALWAYS IN NEQED OF NTANTS WELL-TRAINED SECRVETARIES AND ACCOU . . 1 0 E1'ie's Largest Business Training Sehoo V'sito1-Q XVCICOIDC without Obligation I l.' . 0 New Classes Begin June 4. ERIE COMMERCIAL COLLEGE "Specialists in Business Training" STATE AT EIGHTH ERIE, PA. Compliments of DUTCH'S CLEANERS 37 South Lake Street North East, Pa. Compliments of LORETO OGNIBENE 8: SON BARBERSandBOBBERS "HOME OF THE PERSONALITY CUTS" W. L. STOW Insura+nee 7 W 'J if 7 L 'D H WLL ,477 'lf L it JL JL U. JL C. JL L JL L Compliments oi Harry B. Coruse Compliments of NORTH EAST HARDWARE CO. Compliments of A. RIZZO GROCERIES-MEAT CLINTON sT. NORTH EAST, PA There's a Ford in your Future A. F. SMITH FORD SALES AND SERVICE 45 East Main Street North East, Penna. .Louis A. Pease Quality Insurance Doesn't Cost IT PAYS JUSTICE OF PEACE REAL ESTATE 79 if 'K 'IQ 73 JC 71' 'OC 'N' V 7C 7 JL L JL L JL L JL L JL L JL Compliments of Blaine- ackay-Lee Co. If Greenhouse 0h, Pop, he grows posies for our little nosies And he grows them fat, thin, or tall Grows green ones, and brown ones, and fat little round ones He grows them enormous or small He grows them on Mondays and grows them on Sundays He grows them in April and May And then people's nosies, They sniffle Pop's posies And then they feel happy and gay. POP SELKREGG fN. E. H. S. '08, sc 1 wr 1 we 'Q wc 1 'ac v c 4 ac 1. av. 4. ac av. t h Congratulations from the Brotherhood of t. Joseph 3 7 ..JL..-....54'lL...J'-. l . F L JL L .SL JC L JL L Keystone Cooperative Grape Association 4EE25e1 5 5' G PE 5 Assn NORTH YAST ,425 Ae r ' ig QTY 1": fi' "" i ' PRA- -'iq i f a a '.'1 '-',. Q Owned by the Growers I Financed by the Growers I Operated by the Growers For the Benefit of Themselves and the Community at Large L JL L JL L JL L JL L JL L Dieges 6? Clust 17 John Street New York 8, N. Y. D Manufacturing Specialty Jewelers k 54 CLASS RINGS PLAQUES MEDALS PINS r' 2 ATHLETIC AWARDS 3 9- X U P JL L JL C. JL L Compliments of DR. AND MRS. H. G. HENRY GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATES . . . e""""'w Pages Greenhouses 5 E Dewey Road ?iQ,M1:umm9'5 NORTH EAST, PA. Compliments of LT. COMMANDER W. K. STOW, Jr. U. S. Navy Compliments of North East Plumbing Company NOW AT . . . E Tenth and Peach Street SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY Established 1901 Maldon. of cow-se Compliments of THE DOROTHY JANES BEAUTY SHOP 14 VINE STREET NORTH 'N' 'J 1? 7 'JC' 5 79 7 'J EAST, PA Telephone 162-W ' JL L JL L JL C 'J L J JC L JL C JL L JL L Food Production - . IS - - Vital War Work As you students look forward to the 1945 vacation periods when you Will be ableto Work, give careful consideration to the vital war work which you can do by assisting on the farms or in the food processing plants. This year Will be one of the most critical for food production. Your help Will definitely be needed to assist with the raising, harvesting, and processing of the various crops. WELCH PRODUCTS ARE FIGHTING FOODS Welch's various fruit products-Grape Juice, Tomato Juice, Jams and Jellies are going to our armed. forces all over the World. There is a special demand for Welch's Grape Juice for our military hospitals. Here is a letter from a Captain in the Air Force: "The reason that I'm Writing is the fact that We have Welch's Grape Juice here in the Hospital. You know they give you a lot of liquids here for some reason. We get Welch's three times a day, about 10:00 A. M., 3 P. M., and 8 P. M. Seems I run into your .products wherever I go! Remember We had your juice in Africa!" See how important it is to help With these various crops, especially in harvesting and processing. So plan now to help on the farm or in a processing plant. The Welch Grape Juice Co. 1g 1. 1c 1 ,,1c,,, 1 1: 1 1: 1 7 78' 7 'JC' 'J UC 7 'JC JL L JL L JL .L JL L JL L JL Compliments of Gladys' Gift Shop "BURWO0D" NOVELTIES DINNERWARE J. 81 L. Self-Service Fresh F ruits-Meats--Vegetables LORETTA M. PELLIGAN JOHN f-Ghristl ACQUISTA Proprietors Compliments of A. H. OLSON y Building Material 9 Mechanic Street North East,Pa Compliments of Howard Beauty Shop Congratulations to the Class of 1945 ST. GREGORY'S PARISH Buy From Your Home-Owned Grocery "Keystone" Brand Juice JACOB HALLER COMPANY Erie, Pennsylvania C 7 1 ur 2 b ,pr nf Y V J L JL ZL JL JL JL L JL L Compliments of S. L. and M. L. ANDERSON, D. D. S. Compliments of Anna May's Beauty Shop CLINE BUILDING--NORTH EAST, PA. E. H. Brockway's Grocery r GROCERIES and MEAT 22 E. Main St. North East, Pa. OPEN NIGHTS Compliments of G. C. MURPHY CO. Compliments of Pennsylvania Electric Company North East, Pennsylvania Compliments of H. H. Hileman News Co. JL JL JL L JL L JL JL JL L JL THE NATIONAL BANK OF NORTH EAST Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation X Bastian Bros. Company V ROCHESTER, N. Y. Designers and Producers of x Class Jewelry Commencement Announcements Name Cards ge Member The Educational Jewelry Manufacturers' Association CHARLES E. MCDONALD ,fi 920 Investment Bldg.--239 Fourth Ave. PITTSBURGH 1221 PA. X The Greater Hollister 81 Phillips A Complete Line of CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS For Men and Boys 'A' if FOOTWEAR FOR ALL THE FAMILY! DRY CLEANING By ZINK'S 'Qc .sc at ao. at L- Compliments of Hartley's Gash Grocery GROGERIES and MEATS 110 South Lake Street PHONE 309 L , , C.-. W". ,JLG ,." , G- J-J' -JL-. JL JL it SL JL L JL L JL JL JL EXPERT WORKMANSHIP PROMPT SERVICE DAN BILLMAN 35 22 Tailor SUITS AND TOPCOATS MADE TO ORDER Garment Alterations a Specialty 3 17 yi W. MAIN sT. SECOND FLOOR Compliments of The Skiff Hat Shoppe Best Wishes To The Class Of 1945 Compliments of Selkregg Hardware Company Compliments of THE G. A. HAMPSON AGENCY Insurance J 'I Compliments of Vogt's Bakery 9 West Main St. Telephone 324-J J 'I Compliments of A. Palermo MEATS-GROCERIES 71 CLINTON sT. NORTH EAST, PA. J .-Ji.---3L.--JL-.17Q..-.JL--.-.3L- -9? -.W-.. .-9?..1 ,VL--FJ L JL L JL L JL L JL L JL C Compliments of the KUPFERBERG'S Compliments of Tom's Barber Shop 14 Clinton St. Compliments of DR. R. C. SCRAGG Compliments of CHARLES La RUCCA Style Shoes and Quality Clothing 12 CLINTON ST. NORTH EAST, PA. Compliments of MARKS FUNERAL HOME J North East, Pennsylvania " Phone 181 ess. Lake sr. Compliments of L. E. CUSHMAN J INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE --JL.-.JL--JL--JL.--JL--JL.---9L--'7Q-v-JL-17L--J JL L JL L JL L JL L JL L JL Compliments of F irst National Bank NORTH EAST, PA. ,f XN5Uy4I'Q. 5 5 E i. 1 ..'x'..':::. 2 Q 5' .ME . M 0' X "The Old Reliable" 3, Always the Best in Screen Entertainment J fl At Popular Prices ! -9L---JL- H 73 7? 'J 'JC 5 V nr-5QV W 7. WL 'I L lf. L JL C JL C JL C JC L Compliments of ' COLLINS SPORT SHOP Jamestown, N. Y. it I HUTCHINSON ELECTRIC STORE QUALITY HOME APPLIANCES P Radios, Kelvinator Ref1'lig'era'tol1's, Washers and Ironers, 3 Gas Ranges, Electric Ranges, Oil Burners, Maytag Washers and Ironers, Hoover Cleaners, Bendix 'Home Laudry 55 WEST MAIN ST. TELEPHONE 320 24 TAGS - ENVELOPES - LABELS - PRINTING - LITHOGRAPHING - ENGRAVING If 1' KENNETH W. F OSBURG COMPANY Manufacturer and Distributor 3 Wholesale Paper Products PAPER TOWELS - TOILET PAPER - PAPER CUPS 559 BUFFALO ST. JAMESTOWN, N. Y. 3 MEAD 81 BANNISTER Phone 171 Corner Mill and Wall Sts. North East, Pa. I Dealers in Flour, Feed, Grain, Fertilizer and Farm Implements I "Wise Feeders Use M. Sz B. Feeds" . . Q . . 7 7: .Ti-x , ,Q .. 75 ... - .i,, M. ..,, , . if JL L JL JL L JL L JL L JL ,LAKE SHORE SUPPLY COMPANY TELEPHONE 201 We Congratulate the 1945 Graduates THE EDWARDS COMPANY, Inc. House Furnishings JEWELRY AND ITS KINDRED LINES in quality merchandise only! J. WAYNE HASKELL Jeweler and Optometrist ze soUTH LAKE sT. NORTH EAST, PA Compliments of W. O. WILSON 81 SON Morticians J 'n W 751 ata , 7: A FJ: ,A ,A . at L 3 L JL L JL L JL JL JL JL L 2 Res. Phone C55-105 Oilice Phone 23-244 HOWARD J. JoNEs FOOD BROKER Commerce Bldg. 12th and State Sts. Erie, Penna. Compliments of DALE HUTCHINSON Sporting Goods - Bicycles - Fishing Tackle Tires and Tubes-Vulcanizing-Accessories KELLER THEATRE BUILDING MEET AT . . . CONCILLA'S ICE CREAM BAR Home Made Ice Cream, Sodas, Novelties, Sundaes, Candy, Gum Corner Mill and Clinton LONG'S Ladies' Smart Apparel 917 State Street Erie, Penna. 7 7C 7 7? 7 7? 7 7C 7 7? 7 JL L JL L JL L JL .SL JC C JC Compliments of GEORGE BEMISS STORE Compliments of BLYSTONE'S GARAGE Telephone 205 38 East Main St Compliments of a Friend Compliments of WM. W. NASH GENERAL INSURANCE 914 Commerce Bldg. ERIE, PENNA. 1: Y ,Jew 1 79 1 1c 1 1r 1 1c 1 -gp, L JL SL JC SL 3L IL 3 L JL L THE QUALITY SPECIALTY SHOP OF ERIE . . . I 435112 ilnlle Bros. Q10- Times S326 W Compliments of Ross Manor MARY E. STONE PIIONE 239-W 52 NORTH LAKE ST Compliments of HIGHLAND FARMS SALCHOW DRUG STORES 5 WEST and 9 EAST MAIN ST. NORTH EAST, PA. CARNAHAN BROS. CHARLES AUTO SALES Used Cars Bought and Sold 166 VVEST MAIN sr. TELEPHONE 116-VV 7 'IC 'J 'IC 7 'IC 7 'If 'J 7C 7 N. L JL 6. JL L JL JL JC C JL X BEST WISHES TO THE ff CLASS 0F 1945... Q w' THE PLACE TO HAVE YOUR CAP X AND GOWN PHOTOS MADE J J ru ,JL-.-JL,-.43 'W JF ...Ji ,- F. .,.JL.--pii, ,J Let's Meet and Gas x JOE B LL' Super Service Station .J R BULL . emwrmn-new-M 14 ,A - A PENNZOIL PRODUCTS QUALITY TIRES AUTO-LITE BATTERIES AUTOMOBILE NECESSITIES ox9T l OQ X f"f rn I SIS IEIPII -1, Ti' I 67 ll. I5 Ill. I. 9 o OIL -I 99' Lake at Grant Street NORTH EAST, PA. 1 78' '3 'OC 5? ' 'if 77 if 'J W 'U JL L JL L JL L JL L JL L JL Compliments of DR. AND MRS. H. F. ADAMS HILL 81 HILL Civil Engineers East Main Street North East, Pa GREEN'S RED WHITE SLJIJCQDIRE Sun Valley Frozen Foods TELEPHONE 107-.I We Deliver Compliments of GRAPE CITY BOWLING ALLEYS C. E. KRANTZ 7 7? 7 7? 7 7? 7 7? 7 7? 7 L JL L JL L . .. - 3 -ty iii. 52225222 fi .1.1.:.z2iEE222: ' 55:55 Q . .-.-:-:':3'1:':':-:-,-' , ':1:21r:-1-.. 1 I . .1 -vr. WNY , II i i"lliiivi BOSTON STORE ERIE, PA. JL L JL L JL L WESTERN AUTO Associate Store WM. H. POWER, Owner I 0 Tires E 0 Tools 0 Tool Boxes 0 Bicycles I I Auto Batteries eepsake DIAMOND RINGS 'P' 'A' to 'A' gi, I 0 ' f I, N 'A' 6 SA' it X 0 Birthstone and Emblem ERIE BUSINESS COLLEGE Established 1884 The Outstanding School of Northwestern Pennsylvania for Accounting and Secretarial Training I College Grade Courses 0 Expert Teaching Staff I Modern Equipment 0 Ideal Surroundings Rings 0 Exceptional Placement Record, ' Complete Line Of 0 Special Defense Training Jewelry Courses A Good Position for Every Graduate Danford C. Cushman VISIT THE SCHOOL J eweler can 22-814 or Write for Catalog 220 W. 9th st. ERIE, PA. 10 South Lake St. JL C JL L JL KOPCKE' For His Graduation Gifts. . . WE SUGGEST . . . O B. V. D. Pajamas ' Arrow Shirts 9 Ties 9 Handkerchiefs ' Holeproof Hosiery 0 Robes I Hickok Belts 0 Jewelry Sets 'T JL JL JL C C- 7 ir C A MA-MADE Bread 'A' "ln the Orange Wrapper" You Can Always DEPEND Upon . . . ru usum,,, 00 I QQNAW 1 if it Z lilly Fr-o-J oy gi- mnum I-W Ice Cream In North East go to: O SALCHOW'S DRUG STORE O CARL RIZZO O GRAY'S DINOR 'A' Lake Shore Division R GENERAL ICE CREAM CO P. . o p v 'Our work is done for those who love and remember" Granite and Marble Monuments KENNEDY MEMORIAL COMPANY 66 South Pearl St. TELEPHONE 200 1 -sr 1 sc I 1. ug W u ac u 'sc JL Compliments of THE ELECTRIC MATERIALS CO. North East, Penna. Compliments of BEHAN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Compliments of WHITE DINER B. C. McFadden Compliments of SHOPPER'S GUIDE TRASK, PRESCOTT 81 RICHARDSON CO. DEPARTMENT STORE si ATE AT NINTH STREET IRIE PA SMITH BROS. COAL and COKE 10 BOTHEL STREET TELEPHONE 297 7 7 f 7: -JG T, W ' 7 'N' JI. L lf. L JL L JL C M. L JL Compliments of . . CROOT 0 Dry Goods U Ready-to-Wear Telephone 324-R North East, Pa. "Pasteurized Milk Is Always Safe" orth East Dairy Company Telephone 189 80 Grahamville St. NEDCO PRODUCTS Milk, Cream, Cottage Cheese, Butter Butter Milk, Orange Drink YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO VISIT OUR PLANT "Quality with Service" OUR MILK IS "'SEALRIGHT" HOODED FOR YOUR PROTECTION 73 UC if UC 7? V V 'If' W 75 - 'Qi YWL,-1 Y jg' JL SL JL JL JL 66 YEARS OF QUALITY Orville S. Bogensehutz ir Home Furnishings Flour Coverings Bedding Westinghouse Electrical Equipment Wall Paper and Paint NORTH EAST'S OLDEST STORE JL L JL L JL L JL L JL L JL Compliments of W. P. ROUSE 81 SON "WE'RE IN A BLACK BUSINESS, BUT WE TREAT YOU WHITE" Compliments of EDWARD J. ROSE Western New York's Greatest Sporting Goods Store Distributors of P. Goldsmith, A. G. Spaulding Sz Bros. and O'Shea Athletic Goods ROSE 5i3b12ii13fGe2:5oi3E 51 EAST GENESEE STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. N. W. Couse M. K. Bemiss COUSE AGENCY Fire, Automobile and Storm Insurance Real Estate Compliments of a Friend Q5 F,-Ki'IQ I-JZ I I 'lf 75 .JC k Y 7 QL.. ,JC 7C 'D C JL JL L JL L JL C JL L WEINHEIMER'S GROCERY Free Delivery 13-15 W. Main Street TELEPHONE 144 Compliments of CHARLES B. LUKE ATLANTIC Gasoline, Kerosene and Motor Oils 36 WEST MAIN ST. NORTH EAST, PA. North East Cooperative ., G. L. F. SERVICE, INC. North East, Pa. IT PAYS THE BEST . . . THE CO-OP WAY S. Pearl St. at Grahamville Telephone 70 7 7? 75 ,JC 7 78' 7 77 7' 7C 7 JL JL JL It JL :L JL JL JL L JL Compliments of Todkill Chapman . . . . ' WQQ Y V 'JC Q V 1 Q 7Fw V-V3-VV lnY5LL V V'JL,L 5 L JL L JL L JL L 3L L JL L Compliments of DR. AND MRS. M. R. O'LEARY GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATES . . . UNION BUS TERMINAL PHONE 267 18 E. Main St. North East, Pa. Compliments of WILLIAM SCOULLER Compliments of DeLAND'S GROCERY Compliments of BURROWS HARDWARE CO. TELEPHONE 165 NORTH EAST, PA Lick's Harness and Columbia Bicycles A Dependable Product 22 E. 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