North East High School - Aquilo Yearbook (North East, PA)

 - Class of 1944

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North East High School - Aquilo Yearbook (North East, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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Q..-,....-Q... -Q..-q... fm me QW NORTH EAST I-IIGI-I SCHOOL North East, Pennsylvania !9aM1f1'JQeci7 Me Cjfadit af XQ44' r V u X iff r C S 'NGWA W 1 1 Y c 'uf Eur 55 . . . '11 Li" :T wud-A THA H135 Q' TW5-3 5' 'Wcj 1. .' ix I1.!!f', ' T" ' ,' 1" ' .I Nw' ' 'wg 1 K 1' -1 1r", 1' H-L-' 11 .mir :WC ,1 Iwi: ' ' nz' 1.iXJ1T' 5 'M X- I., ,f Tvwv' ' :,+T".x wr T' fQ" ' MTNC- " TH- .arf-'c' Y I -", " Hu- r' vvw fr mf. MH :Www 5"'wL' Slay , 'Kfflp TM- ' X .' .'-mbwzf WOT US ' 'mf H M I 1' ,'. V 1' vlrx .T 1" 7' "w ww v- ?'.1v-- wmv J r'1v . " ' I"1'V!"f-1Y"!t'-zxiff..'Vf'f"",' ' 1' f Y "'i1f.1' ww "ES Elin - :v'vH:.1 'v' .r IK HT w' E .'.L 'f f:C'l Ll' iw' ". "u1'2"'C,'T9, , "- .' -,- 1vbwW .xv Vfxfw T' i T N bf' Sc up Ev'-T.x"1'rqg"N1x Xrwd ,-.n'- by puwvir Tm- 4. Muzi bf'1,'wcflx our ,zyrid rum' . N. U' .1'.1 That -'HMV vfcwid :T ,mar H1 '31 vw 1' :mm Tp OHTPV, v, 1 Y Ny VERY Sensor when he leaves lXlorTh PHT lQ School has a qreaT cleil UT 1 c n Tor The Teacher who perTlv 1 d hum Through Amer can LuTeraTore lf l qnrls Thus a ecT:on IS enhanced by Th s ca von vuTh ner ln lnTrafTwras ve Tound her To be a Sv el or 'uno parTuclpanT ln eve y orm ol sTnl T For These reasons and becacse ol specT Tor her onesTy nrnparTuallTy and enjoy"nenT of ner sense OT hlnfnor The S n Llass Takes greaT pleasure ln dedncahnq TM our T944 Aqunlo To Miss Nora lf Sherld 'vb ?-- f' OW lx,J ,lx xW "QlfSWf'KW ' ' AXFDE S ,,,,.,.,..-, I V' Vxfylf,-Rv! 'WTS if V'15NIh,,,,,,, 1 VX- -Ulf W "" 1 , J M47 Five Ram! of Z Presrd or Vice reswduwf TV? HS TGV Donald G Norrus Donald G Norrns Theodore Spraque Dr H F A arms MEMBERS Joh: M Mc:C,ord Theodore C Hull Paul Homer Vnrgul A ack G B Mackay Elnzabefh Sceuford Floyd Orion ' F e , A oo,,o,,.....,...M , ,,--,,,.,,., , , Secretary ,,....,.............. - ..... Rose S. Co!e fmom-memberj L .1 r ......,,,,,,.. ., .w,-... , .H,,,,,.,--,.,, , , , de ' ' . Bl lem SGWAUJM Your class ws TelT more Tully The umpa T OT The war Than The class of I943 AT leasT TwenTy Tuve persons have been losT from y qrouo To undusTry and The arrned forces Those of you who are complehnq T Tull Tour year cours are graduahng unTo a vvor ri abundanT w4Th 3poorTunuTres huT wuTh as rnany hazards RaTher Than cnoose your vocaTuon Tor T e unnnweduaTe TuTure rnosT of The boys will be chosen Tor mulnTary servxce and several OT The gnris wall pursue occupahons ordana :Iv reserved Tor rnen Your record has been such ThaT I predx T a succe sful career Tor each of you Snncerely Earle C Davrs Seven ' . . re 2 ' ,c , Qxjr . he A , 3 T, Y . C . , ' ' yy, X . . r. Q 'c s . EARLE C DAVIS B S New York University M Ed University of Pitts burgh Principal Used to be a sailor wavy black hair E C sense of humor erybodys pal financial pep talks lightning cal culatlons capable and sincere CECELIA BELL A B Allegheny College French Mathematics Pet peeve mumblers favorite sport tennis pretty hair ta nice dresser attractive quiet smile poised en when French I students murder the French langu age ROY A FORDYCE B S Pennsylvania State Col lege Agriculture F. F. A. boys . . . quiet smile . . . Pop . . . conver- sationalist . . . teaches Shop Class in Pre-Flight this year . . . carefully chosen words. HELEN GORNDT B. S. Pennsylvania State Col- lege Art, Grades 1-8 Art and Me- chanical Drawing 9-12 From Heard Memorial School Faculty . . . conducts large High School Art and Mechanical Drawing classes . . . capable Art Club Advis- or . . . loves to waltz . . . friendly after school classes. Eight 'G' JOSEPHINE SCOULLER A B University of Pitts burgh Assistant Principal Latin Mathematics Excuse blanks pet peeves coal smoke late stu dents excellent dresser better get rid of that gum before the next class Senior s guardian angel VIRGINIA FLEMING B S Mansfield Pennsvlvan 13 State Teachers College English Band Orchestra New Band and Orchestra director capable anist for Chorus hails from Erie former Acad emy student teaches English to the Freshies CONCETTA FRACHELLA B. C. S. Mercyhurst College Commercial Subjects New Shorthand Club ad- visor . . . mailable letters . . . black hair . . . nicely dressed . . . time is mone . . . very efficient . . . friend- BEATRICE HARRISON B. S. Indiana Pennsylvania, State Teachers College Commercial Subjects Accuracy before speed . . . neat . . . orderly classes . . . liked by all . . . soft voice . . . Mr. Davis' helper. Y 'V ...ev- I , -ua . Ll l nn.. I ' ,Y ' . , . ' 1 - 7 Y ll...' . . . I ...pi- ' ' ' --ev- . - I . Z." - H" LA 77 I LL 77 I. yn ly 1 A ' Y ' La u ,. If' I NATALYA A HOLLAND A B Grove Clty College Soclal Studles Tall Ford coupe ha1ls from Falrvlew home lncldents hums self control durmg debate season lnterestmg con V8I'SatlO1'la1lSt HAROLD MacTARNAGHAN B S Allegheny College Sclence Mac snappy suns and tles unexpected re sults 1n PhyS1CS first year of Pre Fllght great compllcatxons 1n problems ear to ear grm hum or at the most unexpected tlmes KENNETH PULLING B S Sllppery Rock Penn sylvanla State Teachers College Physlcal Ed CIVICS Frlendly mee lookmg Gym exh1b1t1ons Now cut your fool mg around regular guy quxet but forceful physlcal fitness program NORA E SHERIDAN A B Pennsylvanla State College Engllsh Broad shoulders broad mmded basketball very frank Tuesday nlght shows pleasant smlle manages to get Hamlet pounded mto Jun lors Y Nme NOREJANE JOHNSTON B S Mansfield Pennsylvan 13, State Teachers College Home Economlcs CIVICS Favorlte sport tennls pretty eyes plays the clarmet and the sax nurse monologues dlrected Art Club play Strlde varled arts hlnt dont mlsspell her name' FRANCES PARKER A B Oberlln College M Ed Unlversxty of Plttq burgh Engllsh Amerlcan Hlstory Pretty halr llkes to kn1t good sense of hum conslderate new to our school enjoys bas ketball good sport STANLEY RALSTON B S Sllppery Rock Penn Sy1Vanla State Teachers College Blology CIVICS Slow and easy lazy drawl fix me a black and Whlte pretty halr vallant efforts at Let termens Ball LAURA SHERRANGE A B Vllla Marle College Engllsh Latln Spamsh Well dressed advlsor for the Glrl Reserves lts Spanlsh thls year often seen ln the hall con verslng wlth teachers fun xn Latln classes Clau dlte llbros' appreclates humor 111 J:H1.1nnr1n1n Ten Q C7 " ' v f- s -. W :N J' 1 fffd X 'ww 'N x Y 5.1: "-lrrwfw' yf ' I 1-1 :' V-bruwy ff Y V- 'Q Q HSN 4 "af- Q O f ,AMT Umbra Somew MELVIN L ADAMS Baseball Q11 Football Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 Basketball Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 V1ce Presldent Q11 Q21 Q41 H1 Y Q21 C31 C41 Grapevlne Staff Q41 Aqullo Board 35 "' Ji, Sandy three quarter pants Onlv but sweet slxteen race you to 5: Erle ln second Diane dxsappearmg rmg one of the Blg Three GLORIA ALLEN G1rl Reserves Q21 Q31 Q41 Glee Club Q11 Q21 Q31 Mixed Chorus Q41 Intramural Sports Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 French Club Q41 Treasurer Q11 Q31 Secretary Q21 Aqullo Board Qulet Queens court attractlve dark eyes studlous Lady of the Lake well dressed Bonehead Why? SARAH ALONGE ,, ,., Shorthand Club Q41 G1rl Reserves Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 Intramural Sports Q21 Works at La Rocca s Oh those soldxer boys' neat Frances good natured commerc1al student nlce smlle MARIANNE B AMENTA G1rl Reserves Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 Intramural Sports Q11 Q21 Shorthand Club Q41 Glee Club Q41 Ecoma soda Jerker cat eyes xnter csted ln G1rl Reserves Say whad ya th1nk thls ISKPH peppy mtelllgent Well now lf you dont 11ke It faces Twelve Shui-6 I . . 5 E - 1 ' ' tm, - ni-JCB' 'N Col 'lv Q f Y U H '. 1 ...ily ' .Swami CHARLES ANDERSON Hr Football 429 Q33 443 Staboach' Rlpley powerful Bulek Marllyn sweaterman Murder Inc Wlth Powl 1n the lme I got the toughest dawg 1n town Rod and Deack JACK BEHNKEN Football 131 Q41 Basketball Q31 14D H1 Y Q31 Q41 Treasurer Q21 Delhll ta Janlce The great er Holhster and Phllllps fnamelyj hey slug fest partlng IS such sweet sorrow monologues 88 keys BETTY BORSTORFF Glrl Reserves QU 121 -Z Shorthand Q41 O 1? f Borsty State Lxne gang Star Eyes good UD drlver ear for humor laugh and be happy r1He medal MARALOUISE CURTIS l yi Glee Club 143 Shorthand Club Q41 Greenfield cllque raucous Jokes dent gum fan bralns gets the glggles contlnually on the go formerly from NVesleyv1lle Thlrteen i ls X is ,,K 7' 7!...GK 77 1 . " "'...ll... ' ...H - yay" . . . Chevy . . . excitable . . .-layatory C3 .5 X N I .-ju K x sd ' ' 5 . ALFRED DOUGLAS Art Club Q32 MJ French Club MJ Englneermg Drawlng Club Q41 Doug mactlvely brllllant JOSIC Murphy s muscles math wlzard all out for glrls week I am hke a tree I Hourlsh at the top Dook FLORENCE EVANS Glee Club C45 Shorthand Club 145 H111 bllly muslc plald su1t hlgh heels Maraloulse s pal eyelashes Greenfield naturally curly halr Art Club CD John Harley mght edltor sult orlglnal ldeas m Physlcs Ford con x ertlble state man Salchow s man of mfluence mature bl mo RODERICK FARR Band up 423 433 Foodolph moods slxth perlod 111 cldents coal passer woman hater K 1 Q- C 01 fr? lndependent notes He s IH the Army fx! JL., Now lsr' Fouxteen 4' fi ..-'xs.Z""' s S 1 n O C 'TM .5 X X'l '...4-H... ' HARLEYFARR I OL! Smm GEORGIANNA FARVER 6 Glee Club 111 121 133 'NA-' 0 ,-Qjj' Intramural Sports 111 121 131 AA- Glrl Reserves 111 123 131 141 Ai Shorthand Club 14D --C, ,zu-fu! Art Club 11J ""N- Aqu1lo Board Georgle Wemhelmer s pretty haxr L1ll1an sweaters types notes to Dave mterests Corry Navy etc Blonde Bombshell skates Va Wm kllvxfl ledeeymqr HENRIETTE FROMYER Glrl Reserves 11, 12, French Club 14j Henny Murphy s sweetness Julla pretty haxr qulet dual personallty dependable V MARILYN GABRIEL Intramural Sports 121 131 14D P I C J Glamazon tall dark and Anderson basketball flash sllk stocklngs mature ear rlngs frlendly smlle FLOYD GRAY Art Club 115 122 131 5 Delta Lambda Sxgma 1 H1 Y 131 141 Debate Club 141 French Club 14, wp fi? Aqullo Board A Restauranteer French xs the most 4 beautlful language frlendly angel K f f 2 face Jack and Floyd the long and short of lt verbally belligerent whlte shlrts .3..sC2..Q-. fast talker Fifteen I X X Ha X1 "" Fc' f 3 lv , ll 7!'.- Y ' ...little one...reserved...nice smile... K3 s"fL 7 '1 3 4,1 .. .12 , , . 3, Q' 7 B' fl ' 0 - Semen HARLEY HARTLEY Art Club flj f2J Q31 141 French Club 141 Hartleys grocery Art Club Hat ess qulet bllghted sense of humor transparent mustache everybody s friend G JEAN HATFIELD Intramural Sports UD 121 Q31 Q41 I C X AX, Hatty Westfield or F1or1da" bas etball Frances And uh he rty laugh happy go lucky Joke book 'D 15 RUTH HECKER 'VW' Lawrence Park Jet black halr new student dlmples long skirts good I Ei inns natured llkes gum drops sweet sim Lf' lf'- ple and shy qulet LI,-, ' LL' ESDP- 5353..- iv JACK HESLING S eepy lots of gas Dolores ECQ spotllght Jumor G man mechamcal emus Army Sixteen l"... ' ...U - fb tu M! P.. .425 1 4 Gm Qkvcb A ' 0 .I ,'- en r- 031 Q7 2 Q 2 Q7 .zz 'Q u:'.'l..L:n,i::i . . . . . . ' . 2 N I! 0 tilmil-x ...U H... ' 5 sense of humor . . . noon league star . . . de- ojd J livery boy . . . other half. 1 ' Q Q9 Rf ig' A k . 1.1 I .1 - . J 0 ' , A K, 4 :' g ' HAZEL HOGUE N A ' Girl Reserves C23 Q33 Intramural Sports 125 Q33 C41 Twln one of the Hogues Fmdley X Lake iilghty freckle m her eye full of fun good natured frlendly HOWARD HOGUE H1 Y Q43 Hoggle Ford C9 mlles to the gallonl , X Q ' ' Q Duwhang ample smlle rlbald Q7 MARIAN HUGG Glrl Reserves flj Intramural Sports f4J Shorthand Club C41 Shorthand enthuslast blushes easlly Borsty pretty eyes short sknrts Jokes t1dy always ready to go MARGARET HUTCHINSON I Intramural Sports 121 fb" Shorthand Club 443 V Glee Club 123 my 447 Aqullo Board Hutch good sense of humor neat dresser attractlve Semper Fldeles 5 Washmgton famous laugh choco late sodas llkes nlght llfe linux! Seventeen Semen MARJORIE JACKSON I C Glrl Reserves 121 131 141 Margxe soda Jerker Lons Stonewall ambltxon vetermary He s my honey short supporter of Glrl Reserves LOIS KALTEIS Intramural Sports 131 Glee Club 131 141 Mlxed Chorus 141 Aqullo Board Bookkeepmg pxamst Keystone blonde short speed typlst Marg ROSADY KRULL Glrl Reserves 121 131 141 French Club 141 Art Club 121 Blondle ambltlon nurse cadets studlous Thora s pal Studds pendable Freeport Road GERALD LEWIS Englneermg Drawmg Club 141 Snappy dresser cute dlmples engag mg raucous laugh laugh small wltty Dodge cares are few Exohtecn 5-'X SN oo f '1 Nvfx 00 'v P... .121 F3 0 " "'... ' ' U ' H U... .I 1 . ... 1' . ' 0 1 A o 0? ie" . . . 'arnbitious...... quiet. ' ' l l M gf . yq 1,1 1 .. ..- 1 110 xg ' ' ..." "" N I V' 4' x Q-I v- Swarm DOHN LOCKE H1 Y Q31 Q41 Engmeermg Drawlng Club Q41 Hornby army sults twms easy gomg qulet wavy halr JAMES LUCE Basketball my 445 H1 Y Q45 Q Band can 139 441 3 V9 16 0 I f Orchestra Q23 C31 Q45 Me and my band Doc chum orlgmal dances smgs a beautlful bass Navy gultar well pressed pants JUNE LUKE Borsty sxlver wlngs ta blue eyes Cookle soft volce quiet JOHN R MACKINTOSH Art Club 123 135 143 H1 Y C31 Q45 Grapevme Staff 13D Mlxed Chorus Q41 Aqullo Board Mack lousy Jokes J R and R W speaks hls m1nd accordxon Gall agher poet laureate of our class Nmeteen UV gli E f .xt K at st l J E elea agp X gl 5 . . Qlllll Swarm JOHN McGAUGHEY Football 121 131 141 H1 Y 141 Red s my color ha character strut blushes horses HARRIET MEAD Art Club 141 lfrench Club 141 Glrl Reserves 111 121 131 141 Shorthand Club 141 C Treasurer 141 McGooey Mar devoted footballer and Francls and the fx Spamsh Club 141 y Aqullo Board Slats nlce dresser attractive temper sleepytlme gal dxsllkes empty JAMES MEEHL Presldent 111 121 131 141 HIY 121 131 141 Basketball 111 121 131 141 Football 121 131 141 Grapevlne Staff 131 141 Aqullo Board Max Joanna exceptxonal athlete fourth term president Are you kid dm 'V cute grm ln sports a natural small but mighty JOHN MEYER French Club 141 H1 Y 131 141 Shorthand Club 141 Spanlsh Club 141 Tall thls ends the Meyers clan ablllty to argue Floyds pal short hand student speedy typist Twenty 1 e i xAt..s-SS sfN"'N-'fx-fs' 4-522-f-xxx f-X-JN.. fh- QZ-svb , 55.1 f-' C015 ... ..."Me ' O0 Q-1 I-"1 il P.1. .121 . ll . I y " "...' ' fl mail bones . . . "Hutch's" pal.. Cf, ' ..." '- Xxx ' ,.n... ' ... ' , 1 K I I - ROBERT MILLER H1 Y 131 141 Corner store Slnatra pretty halr Paper Doll vacant stare Waltll w Q I turn on the pressure one mmute to nme entrance Sleepmg Beauty 'Na fxxe I N! CHARLES NEWARA Football 111 141 Football Manager 121 131 H1 Y 131 141 Basketball 131 141 Elsle last of the centermg Newaras Charlle elgars Karsh s handy .Vw Ji, -3 MARY NICASTRO Glrl Reserves 111 121 131 141 Intramural Sports 111 121 131 141 Shorthand Club 141 C Basketball lover gosslps fiend for skatmg black halr honest frlend LORETO OGNIBENE Band 111 121 131 141 Orchestra 121 131 141 Debate Club 121 141 X Art Club 141 XP H1 Y 141 Grapevine Staff 141 Delta Lambda Sigma 131 Englneermg Drawing Club 141 Slushpumper big bluff skxrt on Glrls Week Doc Doug and Oggle nlce halr wlry beard hamburg ear eflicnent stage manager for Art Club play Twenty one 9 o ur, J . Z0 - ' I o D x x .' Ks , an . -' xl l - . 1 - man . . . handsome . . . brown Dodge. 0 :' P. I. . 121 ly. ' . . . ' 1 . L1 . ii ll !!' ' . K6 ' 11 . . . , , JOANNA ORTON Latm Club 131 141 Intramural Sports 111 121 131 141 Secretary 131 G1r1 Reserves 111 121 1 1 141 Debate Club 121 141 Delta Lambda Slgma 131 AqUl10 Board Blonde Mercury popular Pete He s my guy Glrl Reserve presldent smart dresser lengthy telephone conver s tlons FLORENCE PAGE Intramural Sports 131 141 I Glee Club 111 121 131 141 'Ui I C Shorthand Club 141 Mlxed Chorus 141 Aqullo Board Fun beautxful scrlpt MHIPYX Doates Shlrley good Engllsh stu dent presxdent of the new Shorthfnfl Club SHIRLEY PAGE an Lam Club 131 141 H' Intramural Sports 121 131 141 Debate Club 121 141 Glee Club 111 121 131 ,,,..--- Mlxed Chorus 141 G1rl Reserves 121 131 141 Delta Lambda Slgma 131 Aquxlo Board Carl good talks rellable blonde star debate! helpful pals wlth Florence brllllant l ANGELINE PALERMO Band 131 141 Glrl Reserves 111 121 131 pa S Intramural Sports 111 121 131 141 Athletlc Councll 141 AQUIIO Board -ag Blondle athlete Ford reckless shoot and pray everybody s pal lnfectlous grm Twenty two 2 A 2 E vig j I ' ' f P. . . 121 in xy. V ,,. 4 1 I . ' . . . AVL I 45' I lx 7 I E if - ff ' 1 . g I C . ' N .I I is 'T F73 U LAWRENCE A PALE RMO Art Club 111 121 121 Debate Club 131 141 H1 Y 131 141 Football 141 Larry wolf walkmg plcture alb 1m fuzz cut tears around wlth Samt mce smlle artlst FRANCEb PANCEREVE Latm Club 131 141 Glee Club 141 Plgtalls Greenfield lass contest wln ner studlous mlle a mlnute talk record attendance ambltlon to be a doc OI' JEAN PARKS Glee Club r11 121 Intramural Sports 111 121 131 141 Glrl Reserves 1211 31 141 Debate Club 121 141 Delta Lambda Slgma 1.31 Athletlc Councll 131 Secretary 141 Spanish Club 141 Aqullo Board Just naturally brlllxant lete llvely personallty congemal strlde edltor ln chxef SHIRLEY PASCHKE C Art Club 121 141 Intramural Sports 141 Artlst pretty halr June un mcely dressed drlves her brother s car q0I'lSt llttle pug nose Twenty three L . 4' lui I ss Q -.-P ' t ' ' .' . , Q1 X t . V ,Q ' - xii' Latin Club 131 -141 if ww J A P 1 km . . . 121 nm 5 X 7 A 2 ' UI . Q 1 . . - xxx. A D ' . . . A . l . . X X Seam CARL PIETHE H1 Y 131 141 Aqullo Board Blonde black Ford Daves r1ght and man lntelllgent temperamental tumbler vlrtuous puglllst neat RUSSELL POWELL Football 121 131 141 Basketball Manager 121 131 141 H1 Y 131 141 V1ce Presxdent 131 GFRPEVIHS Staff 141 m Aqullo Board Powl owl flashy shlrts goon lang uage w1tty My heart bleeds b1g of the B1g Three dlmples Pepso ent smxle RICHARD ST GEORGE Football 141 asketball 131 141 H1 Y 131 141 Athletlc Councll 131 141 Samt secret passlons screwball expressxons Thxs IS no al1mos1nary 1nst1 ut1on hot basketball streaks orlgmal vocabulary plowed up the football field What I know about an engine Louis SALEN ZZ Football 111 121 131 141 Basketball 111 121 131 141 Athletlc Counul 111 121 131 141 H1 Y 121 131 141 Last of the Blg Three Julxa treaks of humor Theres no concelt 1n our famlly I got It all lnefflclent farm mg Stans Ford stlll runs Lovely Loule stellar basketball Twenty four .- f5 - J Oo . f . d '. H33 N019 B fi! - . . Z HAROLD SCHULTZ H1 Y 141 Basketball 141 Football 131 141 Man wnth the buxld Me1n Schultz gf steaks Man mountaln mdependent L ENLIS li Chevy truck as good as gone tlme means nothmg bankboard man feet mechamc WILLIAM SHANNON H1 Y 131 141 Art Club 111 121 131 Mlxed Chorus 141 Grapevme Staif 131 Buzz Sally works at Mlke s smart dresser Doc Aw you re hav mg mghtmares wltty say1ngs care free DUANE SHULL Band 131 141 Orchestra 131 141 Delta Lambda Slgma 131 Grapevme Staff 141 Debate Club 141 H1 Y 141 Aqullo Board Duwhang trumpeter Dooey Og gxe and Hoggy well groomed ha1r varled educatlon speaks hlS mind brams h1s head 15 1n the clouds wolf SAM STEVENS F F A 121 131 41 Broad sm11e from the country Fut ure Farmer boisterous laugh does any thlng on a bet conslstent Engl1sh talks Twenty five 5 0, Q xx l"l 1 5 y"'l N . ' qv .LIU 1 My 5 FRANCES STODDA RD C Hobby Club 111 Intramural Sports 131 141 Tall Marllyn s pal maroon sweater Brooklyn qulet dlmples ample of a good sport lackadalslcal RUSSELL TACCONE Delta Lambda Slgma Debate Club 121 141 Mlxed Chorus 141 H1 Y 121 131 141 French Club 141 Secretary 111 Prapevme Staff 131 141 Engmeerlng' Drawmg Club 141 Art Club 111 121 131141 Aqullo Board Im 1n favor of any progesslve orgamza tlon War Horse Grapevlne editor radlcal luxurlant hair The Dreamer man wnth the tux Mr Gallagher and Mr Sheehan Hxgh Pressure Homer Glrl Reserves 111 121 131 Beauty snappy dresser beautiful halr frlendly cute figure her heart s ln the Navy DONALD WAKLEY F A 11 121 13 Future Farmer strlde necktles lusty pats on the back shop genlus son of the soll dependable Pop s protege crude humor Twenty six KN g 0 Nr X-Ik' Xu X lbs 11, f DE 'Q u fgux X ge X A 66 P.1. .121 C ' 131 GD . Pj ' A QWQ .hw F 933. N1 ,J SARAH TRIANA Qufzf if , ,www ' 5161" P ' x , 12' ' ,VV S V' we U -3 1: fb, ',fvi," '-'T ,f -' do UN F. . . 1 1141 N Samaria! KW Vw 'X EDWARD WERREN turns X shark ,Q --53, s!S.4Q Macs asslstant The worm lots of words but llttlo sald That lsn t the answer I got carburetor always happy SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Ladues and GenTlemen Thus us sTaTuon NET-TS Senuor class orugunaT ung un The Aguulo STuduos un NorTn E sT Pa A The occasuon of our TourTh burThday arruves we oTTer as a specual aTTracTuon The nughlughT durung These Tour years un whuch we have gauned recognuTuon and success Our TursT year l94O was The year durung whuch we became acquaunTed wuTh The rules and by rules oT The game OT cours no one accepTed us They called us Freshues booec us and shoved us ar und as ul we were na bodues NeverTheless we wuThsTood True unuTua Tuon guven us by The hugher ups OLTsTanduno un our Freshman days was our TursT assemh y whuch we aTTended wuTh some musguvung We also enTered whole hearTedly unTo The cam paugn To rause money for band un Torncs Our Freshman days passed cuuuckly ATTer a welcome vacaTuon we resumed our school ac TuvuTues as Sophomores Our me norues o Sophomore days unclude many Thungs Amonc These we wull all remember Earl Fllbero who uf as consudered by many To be a genuus OTner hughlughTs were The brughT new busse The buo logy huke and leaf books The lasT Prom un our remembrance and The Edunboro lylusuc ana ArT l:esTuval As Tume seemed To speed all Too ouucklv we soon Tound ourselves To be Junuors wuscr un many respecTs and more deeply unvolved un school aTTaurs We had some seruous maT Ters To aTTend To such as selecTung class rungs and The cancellaTuon oT The Prom Tor TTe year We also TelT raTher umporTanT when as sugned To The Task of Tundung Tlowers Tor The baccalaureaTe servuces And Then oT course who could TorgeT The measles epudemuc7 Havung sTarTed hugh school wuTh one hun dred and TwenTy sTudenTs we Tully expecTed To be one of The largesT classes To graduaTe Funally arruvung aT Thus crucual pounT w looked around and To our surpruse Tound ouT we hwd abouT suxTy one members Ouur Senuor year The busuesT yeT un our bruel career as sTudenTs was hughlughTed by work on The Annual ln order To publush Thus greaT book we sold mag azunes To make our book The besT n husTorv lT was durung Thus evenTTul year ThaT The Sho T hand Club and The Muxed Chorus were organ 'ze N ne oT us Nul ever TorgeT G Week un whuch Alfred Douolas and La ff Qgnubene parTucupaTed To The TullesT exTenT l-lowever all These evenTs wull be ouTshadowed by The greaTesT oT Them all Graduahon Thus us sTaTuon NET-lS Senuor Class sugnung wuTh suncere good wushes Tor Those who follow us un our Alma lVlaTer Twenty seven -I O "Ed" . . . ' ' . . . H .. ,, . . i KK ' Y YY f l X "inf . . . . . 1 G V I S V I ' I I - . I, . , S ' , .. 4 .. . . O I u,,- I ' I r I I h I - . . . . . . 9 . . If ' - ' ' .I ' ' ' ,u . u ' . E . . A . ' ' r - l V' ' J l l ' d. o Vl " irl's . 3 'l ' ' r x u', ' ' . il ul - . . . C . - i A V - u A , I, . . I . I I . f our Sensor Class Wull We Tne class ol 44 amud The sorrows oT deparTure Trom our Alma MaTer do besTow upon you The underclassmen To Tollow us The TrauTs and pecullarmes which have made us exTremely happy during our Tour years of knowledge gaining ln NorTh lfasT Hugh Sandy Adams hanr cuT To Norman Kuenan Shsrley Paschkes pleaTed shorTs To Gladys Bangs John Meyer s good manners To Judy ShorT Marlorne Jackson s noTes To Mary Mlller Rosady Krull s absence slnps To Barbara Shaw John MacksnToshs accordlon playang To any one who can sTand T Harrlef Meads desugnlng ablluTy To DoroThy Oakes Bull Shannon s long legs To Frederlck Loop Alfred Douglas knlTT4ng To Jerry SrnuTh Sarah Alonge s composure To BeTTy BeaTTy He TrueTTe Fromyer s guaeT manner oT speaking To Sally Homan Floyd Gray s vocabulary To Larl Renbs RoberT Millers whnsTlung To Jack SpachT John McGaugheys Tumbling abuleTy To Tom Gruhfrn Jean l-laTTueld s congenual1Ty To Marlon Fades Frances STodclards he1ghT To Josephune Con cnlla Dohn Locke s shyness To Tom Wennhenmer Joanna OrTon s posmon as Gnrl Reserve pres ndenT To JeanneTTe Nnxon Hazel Hogues skaTung abul1Ty To ElrzabeTh Mory Maralounse C,urT1s chaTTer1ng To MargareT Szoszorek Loss KalTeas absluTy To Tickle The rvornes To Duane Bronson Russell Powells wausTlnne To Lloyd Grlder sleeve Glorna Allens luTerary abuIuTy To Josephnne Trlana Mary NncasTros one handed baske-Tball shoTs To AlberTa Hlnkler Marianne AmenTas unTeresT In The Girl Re serves To LoreTa Levonduskl Charles Newara s good sporTsnnanshop To any one who needs :T Charles Andersons poslTuon on The TooTball Team To James Akin Florence Pages shorThand ablluTy To Louella STrnckland Jack Behnken s plaud vesT To anyone who wanTs James Meehl s hugh scoring record mn baskeT ball To James Resman Florence Evans gulTar To Joe FuluTz BeTTy BorsTorTT s harrnonuca necklace To Hazel Brockway Jack Heslnngs car To anyone wnTh an A and B coupon Roddy Farrs occasronal smile To RoberT HUQQ June Luke s guaeT counTry charm To Florence B ack Georglanna Farver s love Tor dancnng To Al lene BorsTorlT James Luce s band To anyone who wanTs The job oT leading :T Marulyn Gabruel s pompador To Ann Hayes Gerald Lewls neaTness To Sam Young Harley Farr s g1TT ol gab To John Spencer Shirley Page s excluslve winks To FlszabeTh DursT Howard Hogues happy go lucky aTTlTude To Jerry Edwards Sarah lrnana s peTnTeness To Januce Burden Davns Louns Salen s smnle To AlberT Gagnon MargareT HuTchnnson s w1T To any dull sTudenT Jean Park s scholasTuc record To BeTTy Gross RuTh Heckers snlence To Helen MarTnn Harley HarTleys grocery career To anyone nnTeresTed Carl RneThe s wavy hair To Thomas CoaToam Duane Shull s unTellecT To RoberT BlysTone Donald Wakeleys nnTeresT un Ag To John Nash Edward Werren s Tall sTornes To Joseph Kaul mann Frances Pancereves ambmon To become a docTor To EsTher OrTon Lawrence Palermos desire To Tease To Ed ward Rodencal Richard ST George s passnon Tor arguing To STewarT Scouller Harold SchulTz busld To ConsTanT DuFosse Angelnne Palermos scraTchy shoTs To Amy Van Glesen Russell laccones way waTh The Teachers To Brlly Gerould LoreTo Ognabenes excellence n playnng Tle Trombone To Johr Amudon Sam STevens gauT To Donald McAdoo Twenty elght ' A , if. i . F A I ' A - ' ,' . A A - Marian Hugg's guarding abiliTy To Beverly Senuor Class Prophecy Year 1954 lT has been saud CuruosuTy kulled The caT Dusregardung The ancuenf proverb leT us gaze unTo The faThomless crysTal ball and see whaT The fuTure holds for The graduafung class of IQ44 The besT class of Them all l.uTTle by luTTle The musT vanushes from The cenTer of The globe and we see un The year I954 Dr Frances Pancereve workung un The surgucal room of The Werren General l-lospu Tal r BosTon assusTed by Rosady Krull head nurse Trus hospuTal has recenTly been conduc Tuncu experumenTs un meducune under The capa bl leadershup of chemusT Carl PueThe The scene changes and we see un a well known modelung deparTmenT of The Fmporuum Dresse Shoppe Muss Sarah Truana wearung The especually beauTuful evenung frock desugned by FlarrueT Mead who us as famous un her professuon now as Adruenne was un l944 ln The same cuTy The new GoconuT Grove recenTly rebuulT by Roderuck Farr us havung uTs grand openung nughT wuTh The musuc beung furnushed by James Luce and hus Mellow Musuc Makers feafurung l.oreTo Ognubene as from bonusT Duane Shull as TrumpeTer and youd never know ThaT swooner crooner of The ouTfuT To be Charles Anderson ln The busuness world we fund Maruanne Ame-nTa havung successfully funushed her busu ness course aT hugh now furmly esfablushed un The Nylex beTTer Than Nylonl l-losuery Corn pany Presudenf Russell Powell The vusuon wanders and we see Angelune Palermo acfung as unsTrucTor un gurls gym nasTucs aT NorTh Easf l-lugh lT has been sand ThaT her baskeTball Teams nave never losT a game and uT was Through her unfluence Thaf The gymnasuum was enlarged un order To se1T The ever growung crowd of people ThaT comes To see The vucToruous N E Team beaT every opponenT BeTTy BorsTorfT Maralouuse CurTus and Florence Evans are now rnanagung eduTors of a well known Advuce To The Lovelorn column To be found un The local paper whose eduTor un chuef us none oTher Than ThaT Two fusfed champuon of uusTuce Harley Farr The scene un The crysTal ball agaun changes and over The seas we go lT seems ThaT Floyd Gray havung excelled un French has decuded To see The land of uTs orugun and aT presenT he us luvung un one of The mosT colorful secTuons of Parus wuTh John Meyer collecTung maTerual for Theur laTesT novel Back un Ameruca agaun we fund l-larley l-larT ley happuly marrued and a uunuor parTner un hus fafher s grocery busuness Three promunenf Senuors of 44 are now ouTsTandung lawyers un The furm of Newara Taccone and Palermo Jo anna and PeTe are sTull goung TogeTher for as The years have gone by she has never decud ed uf uT us To be Mr and Mrs Now our vusuon becomes rusTuc We see lelarold SchulTz and Donald Wakely as modern farmers lT has been saud ThaT The carroTs whuch They grow on Theur farms are so large ThaT The rabbuTs now chase The hounds Jean Parks us a well luked member of The faculTy of The old Alma MaTer mauorung un The fueld of husTory Florence Page heads The commercual deparTmenT un The same school CapTaun Wulluam Shannon afTer h corps experuence remauned un The army afhr The ArmusTuce and aT presenT us luvung wuTh hus wufe aT Berkeley Fueld The scene moves agaun and The worlds IargesT curcus comes unTo vuew ln The fursT rung we see Marulyn Gabruel beaufuful female luon Trauner un The second rung Alfred Doug las us beung unTroduced by Jack Behnken mas Ter of ceremonues Alf us now a lovable clown known To all kuddues ln The Thurd rung are Hazel and l-loward l-logue Twun bare back ruders and on The Trapeze us John McGaughey perform ung specTacular feaTs of darung Now whaT us Thus we see before us7 Ah' The vusuon clears The Sfevens ArT Gallery un New Orleans us now exhubuTung The works of Shurley Paschke an up and comung young arT usT The famous munsTrel show un The same cuTy lConTunued on page 64l Twenty nine O . I ' . . . . . 'T' . u ' " T . . , - ' ' ' ' e . . ' I I I T ' A' , us aur . . , , H . ,r . l K . , . . , I I . 4 T I . l . , . . f f I . . ' I . . Jun or C ass Thlrty H Martn H Luke ng L Fe ton P Ren M Randa aMHes J Conc E Seme ka R Pa ermo F Gordano FIRST ROW J Patt B Sm th J Mess er J Arr go B Gross G Dud ey M Scou er SECOND ROW M Hopk ns J Evans L Northrup G Bangs D W cox V Petteng N McLaugh n THIRD RO J Vogt R Bangs N Oson E Puschcck M Szoszorek C Gresh R Door sh E Durst L Str ck and A Borstorff J Ak n R Seevers J Nash J Re man J Kaufman T We nhe mer C Hnk er B Shaw A Lcata L Meeh er nk ays,,A H ogenschutz E M N F Pnna C Rebs, D McAdoo L Wa OFHH JHa cGaughey S Madona R Hugg FOURTH ROW T Gr ffm A Newton P att L ng I I I . I , . i , . l ,, . 1 , . i , . ill , . li , . l , . i , . ll, . i , . ,, . il , . ill, . , . , . Q I . i , . l , . ll , . , . i , . l , . , . i l , . , . i , . , . 1 , . , . , . , . , . li Q WI . B , . . i l , . i l , . , . i , . 1, . i i , . i , . , . , . i , . Il, F. M , . i , . 1 2 . i , . , . ll , . , . lli , . l , . i , . i V. i l , . i . ll , . , . , . , . 1, . , . 1011. Ea L Loyd H Rodenca E Wheaton R ds dwar J E Coatoam T er Scou S ana, T T D SHO 0 Sh Jumors f f-Milo S losep we Arrroo All Tor ooo JI adys Bangs EfTGllSll oraTlor s Rnse Banos lalkrno s ner ho by Georo Banos H reT bay Cone Torrorrov bil 'T V' Ters Allene 5orsTor Snap ahoy lhorna Q oaToam ArdenT VVebsTer Tan Sf oll e Loncv Semoer Pndelus Ta oorrsh T school buT oLTTsud o gram Dodley Sre loves Tnem HI 1 T rs Lol r L r yd EaTon Hall p nT Je rry Edwards C,onscrenTloLTs mr Pencul hour er e in vans rs L e m e T as e o mTcaoeTTromRvLsre C,aTharlne Gresh Jeans oTher half lr :mas Gr n Lazybones e Ty G ss reL Treds brwws o 1 ora l7Th STreeT oe noir G O59 'lr lljf 5 9 IU S I A crfa l-llnkler My susTer ind I rflabel llopklns Hobby sal ors o frT Hood lT 1 sname Tch o ep Kaulmarn llTTle he A Th r Larson ShorTy Andr lnne Llc aTa Amerlcan Girl lv Hrd Llovd Lnkes To ar L6 e u H3 vs Prinnue m 'fladonm A TTL s pr r r nn e n L n Eluzibmh Mays Sne qeTs aroord owald lVlcAdoo l l e N E Princes McGLaJcghey Qne T 1 mrllro Nl ancv WlcLauo lrr lnTeresTs an G eenfleld as 'vleehl Llkes To qlve Endlush Talks lcnlTer Messler Those laccons boys John Nash NorTh EasTs Bad Boy Ardell NewTon Speak Low ucy lNlorTnr p ls IT Dan or Dohn n Nl ancy Olsor Grocery curl Rosalue Palermo ShorT dark and cLlTe V1 aryorle Palmer Soda jerker Jsrounua PeTTengull Sulence as qolden Vrsnk Punna Where d he geT Those rosy cl: e ks Lre laTT ll l only looked like Ted y Len PlaTT No I excuse TorqeTTer E Ther Puscneck The 'lhlnker lvlwry Randall Loves Them and lLaves Them Lirl Qeubs Pollovs an Johns TooTsTe-ps James Relman l dream oT Jeanne ns Penn A oel WIT rr ner e LoreTTa ScoTch Friendly lvl ary Scouller C,ourTeous and lrrendly Tew 1rT couller Drool r R my Seevers A qurl an eve ry porT Plsne Semelka Lharlle Birbara Shaw SmarT as They come Vuncenl Shuoleno Ch' lm donna hnT yi' li arbara SmuTh Happy o anne Snell All or NloTnrnq 1 A He en Snell RoberTa s pal Louella STrlckland Her beaLTufuI re d h Raymond SweeT QuTdoor man Mirq1reT Szoszorek Q eT s mouse Donald Trains Man lVlounTaan lea ne VoqT Scrafchy snoT 1 rence Nal no T Thomas Welnhevmer C as anovw RoberT Whe sTon The same old Encgllsh a orus VVulcox he v ere only mare Thnrty one Llrmes -K. Pf pal. 1 g. 1- ' 7jT'T-- ' r, ', . L hr e- D 4. Lo' L f ' ' , lfll. r L, L V g L ' V T ' b . e ' , e 4 7 e ov I J V f md' T lx-lil-Luml Bore sCbLlT1-ef-"Nl-k" and her many lefe L r l, L. -- I 's Qiwxf? A1 dl. "" L4 PQ , - Pug , ,. IS Q -- L L s - l LE ' A , - A . Jo X r lla, " , V ' ."' V," , , '--,A ' V . Ren D ' AOcle ln L T ' ef hl -L ' -- T ' L ' we 35:1 ' f' lr -l. JLT P' --" 'v,,d." EllzibeTl De T-V A Lnf y lass. L, 1 . L, . ln A- - i . s . , v ' , 1 s f P A A . L f L 7 . Rlcf c: Ellis? ' L dw Pc , A -W .' ' ' . Jx lf f,-NVV1 Tnere or' lke her. L ' L -.-H L , ' LLT Felt n-lu' 'e f i 1rd,. Phyll' ' Q nf, 'h Tne devil ' yes. Frances Giordano-Snappy dresser. Edward Rodencal-LaTln experl. 'wc LL Nl f L . L - X 5 . li T ro - 'G ,vw ',l l T rm S -L Ss 4' e Joe llll L J"." L me V' ' e . ML eT Hesllnr -Th . Ty eyesl L '. P A CQ' L lrTTL H' klerf-fQr.lz kid becu. l. L f '--H L A , . lbw L ' , f ' L , ' ' -" . ' 7' L ' L 'L , f' ' - 3" 'I X .L 4 -"- P be JQ-- 's. 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D ' ' - "IT , -v , homore C ass Thxrty two A Markham R Ore E Or ou J Van Gesen A We ch M Eades B Beatty E Co yer D Worster M Kapetan SH FIRST ROW H Mann J Tr ana M Caruana R Near SECOND ROW C Roache R Sm th B York D Barton D Nay or S Doorsh M M er Oakes C Goodenow J B Stetson R Maurana C Woods E Mory B Dav s J N xon, K Magoon D Edwards H Brockway M Ross Burden E Sa en J Se kregg S E sworth C Pancereve S Homan a R Bann ster aAMob P Muscare a R Arr go F Loop S Sh rey Perce THIRD ROW L Muscare Vogt D Hutch nson G Sm th S Youngs W Gray W Janes W Teber C Prodeh A Gagnon FOURTH ROW M Keefe D Berne a C Taccone L Madon a N Kuenan M Abee F Lcata J Spacht R P erce R Bystone G Schocnfe dt R Sweet BAen Amc1ta W Bystone G Dean E Shunk F Behnken E Maas S Mart na , W' Y ' .. .. - .. .. Q , ..- .-. .. e - .- 1 .-c .-. w .-. "' ..- ' .-. .- Q . ., - . "' e ..- . y ' K ..- .-. .. . -A .-. .... - .,.. ' .-. . .-. su- . .- .- -I 1 . .. ' ..- ,, A .-. 0 ..- .. ..- ..- - Q " ..- - ..- .-. ,. - .-. . ' ..- .. .. , .,.. . ..- ... .-. ' Z '-4 . . .-. K ..- 'f f .-. A .- . ..-. .,... r .-. ' " .. b . ..-. .-. .- - .- . . ..-. . . I , CJ '1 st O Sophomores MeIvIn Abele Slow buT sure Burr Allen Sfudy World HIsTory7 WlIaT Tor C,3rlTon AmenT1 Im IusT 1 drf wmer RIsscll ArrIgo uIeT RoberTa I5ennIsTer Llwuck s my one and onlf Donna BarTon Men mean noTnIno To me BeTTy BeaTTy STaTe LIne lass Ered Bennlfen Bonurk DavId Bernella LolIecTor oT are commodITIes fIllIam BIysTone Here Today and gone Tomor row RoberT BlysTone Husband of TI e bearded lady een Brockway Lakes To or In grocery sTores Iamce Burden J I3 namely Jack Belwnken M ry Qaruani PIeHsanT smIle Evelyn Lollye r IlIose noTes In TvpIng Beverly DivIs Fa IIIons Ir m MademoIselIe George Dean He knows IIIs sTul Sus an Doonsn SusIe M1rIon Eades Iops is an 1rTsT DoroTIIy Edwards An A sTudenT SnIrIey IEIlsworTII He s IA ID Tne army AberT Gagnon Al sys on 'Iand fITlI nome work 7 IVaITer Gray COIIBQIOUS Eleanor Guaruno GTI' IIIaT r ndsome saIIor boy' y mn y Ioman o 'Tons lIuTcIIInson MargareT s pal W III am Janes Llniuncey Mary KapeTan Polka dancer I nael Keele Make TraveIIng man IXorm1n Kuenen Norm Igreeable Frank LIcaTa Franky Fredenck Loop J,IsT owe me IIVTIG EmmITT Maas Tall a d dark ouIs MadonIa X! aT snze Goes sn Take r Q,rooT7 P4 Tnerune Maooon I TeIIIoenT arrIeT Marr ere musT e an aTTracTIon I Qorry' Arn Marklwam IIey re eITncr Too yo ng or Too o Sam MarTIn1 FuTure IooTI3all sT r Rose Maurwna My Iwobby IS b3skeTb1Il aneT McDonald My one mm IS To In s keTbaII sTar' wry MIIlcr Do you lIke To ska I AnT ony MobIIIa Tony a feeTTee er ElIzabeTII Morey How s Lawrerce W 9 Lawrence Muscarella Twerp alwwys v ITII a Tev help ng or s Paul Muscarella Dare devIl Dolores NayIor D IIsn dIsIrI Rose Mary Near CounTry gal JeaneTTe NIxon JIm and Inorses DoroTIIy Oakes Do you love me IIun7 Rt becca Gre SnorT sIIIy wno sl ap II Ippy s Isr GrTon Gve II MDI w IT wanT' Lori Pwncereve GreenTIeId s Tenor' IC Wrd PIs rce IC SPFIOIS ,le an PIerce SIIIrley s oTI1er INIT Lwrl Prodelwl Mf 7 On comms sense ac Lolleen Rowclw SWIDQ sIsTer MarTna Ross My l'IearT s aT STaTe LIne EIlene Salen Roy s I eal George ScnoenTeIdT I love To Tudy JuIa Selkregg Look oIrIs w M NI Sam Slmrey SIngIn Sam Edward Snunk Always nas ar wrswer ess RuTn SmITI'I Words are DFSCIO s Lrald SmITlI SrnITTy narosome IJIIT broTner' Jo In SQTLIII AIIas Jack JolIn Spencer Inose clwerry QICVPVS IroI Buelin STeTson STu3rTs my anne Raymond SweeT Basnlul boy T m Greerf Lnarles Iacco e GTTen seen Tar g mlk c EasT MaIn STreeT a er Iueber IT s amazIng v T e c Josepmne Tmana Ecoma gal m Young n no a If 1 Jean Van GIesen Speak louo ple asf Arlene VogT Sf eeT sT T A Ice Welcn I guITI Q,rysTal Wood SIIence IS golo DoroTny WorsTer Snes Tops T J EIIZ IbeTn fork BeTTy Thirty three I - 4, , ' Q' cfm I L I .II I 7" I , , I?II LIL , L -II , Q I fr .I bn., NI I QHIII I I H .II ' ' 5 T -Q - IVIQ A A e I , Te XNIII RII'3Sf'Il.I C ' YI' A I XI" I1 7 , A I 'IT ,. iw I' 'I . 2 I I, k - ' , , , YII i L rescm ,, ,, Af I I w d. . ,, f I . . ' , If X r I I . I I -,, .A ,, I . V i y , H l -Y I k I Y 'X I I ' ' 1 P ' G , ,c I -I I . NN' 7- H ,N g t E Tl? LI I Te r'I lc II. Tney , . K ' .II I1 L L 4 'Y L , N - V i n -1 7? 'i ' I K K, l' , I , L GG 4 I - I- - -- R lm H ,-f--IID ,k,II . . 1 . - Is o P , . 4 I V - I ,E ff- , , I . , 4 H . I. X N A S ' -H - II . , --- 1, , .vu 1 IS Ill Y . . I k.II c 1 . Q I I . x , , V' V' 1 L . I I A . ,- LI S .II X I A H III -II ,JI .C A Qnarleen Goodenow- Im from GreenTIeId. g - v--I - - - II I 7 if ' A - I S - , , reosrcz- .I H - . Ia I I . 4 4 . l I U ' SJII IIIII-JusT plc I3-. l. L. L. G5 - H4-I 4 . X M V Ui Sall In 4 -- II kn w IT.II , I I! L ? Q L . II K 3 -f T , X I7 fdrlr' I I L ee 4 A , , ry. flick. 2, I ,I I . Q y fm Q I :I I II II I I F K I I C , nf , ,. I -H ro I,IeIc:. ,y ' 4' X XI r 7 -Inf I,-I s ' -d V, N IT I . - I I n ,nn cio. L I Y-f--I' A nc I r e M. I If 1 5 ' 'T Sa -"OI I I IIke bloc, nCIr.II '5 , ' , - ,- -,-. Q ' ' I er, ,, . He ', fI,f- In . be I ' ' In I H If JT. I , I'-I '-" I Y V N V f L g 4 . . M I L f- Y , A L1 Y ' ff - Id. I 1 I .'.I IT Irn. man Thlrty four a R Ianne o A Newara P Va one M Parmenter J Werren L S gnore BBu G Hart ey FIRST ROW J Gese L Schu tz L Hugg A Sne F SECOND ROW A A en R Kaufmann M M s N Sugden I McAdoo D Buchanan C Swanson B Newton G Hes ng V Page B Goodw 9 T Tweedae A Van G esen E Hun raff GG ays H A th Sm rght N NW P erce M S R efstah OI'1 I'0IlS DB OUSC MR way ck Back H Bro I Longstreet THIRD ROW E Orton S Tr ana R Ear 8 y D Sweet L Levondusk B Donne J Ha oran J Pr ester ades Roach E E M R C Rosequ st R Pa ermo R Bangs G Ha oran C Spacht D Kuhn R Stoddard L G ders eeve A Schu tz pson Thom R mera Ch Hunt R J Newy B Reese B Stevens D Grabowsk W Arn nk A Youngs D Randa R Dar ng P Neumann FOURTH ROW W Lews Osborn UIIZ DW nge Scherra A 0118 Va C H0 nt S Fro Can Fresh Class 1 1 . 1 , . 1 , . , . 11, . 1 , . 11, . ' , . 1 11 , . 11 , . , . 1 , . , . , . , . li , . , . ill, . , . , . , . , . ill Q Z . ll , . 1 , . , . , . , . 1 1, . 1 , . 1 , . 1 , . , . , . 1 , . 1 , . 11 y, . , . , . 11 , . 1 , . 11 , . , . 1 , . 4 1 . , . 1 , . 1, R. , . 1 , . , . 1 , . 1 , . 1 , . , . 11 , . , . , . , . 11 1 , . , . 11 , . 1 1 . 1 , . 1 , . , . , . 1, . 1 , . , . 11, . 1 , . 11, . 1 , . , . , . 111 , 1 . 111 , . P1-1111 , . 1 , . -1 , . , . . aA IIC JCo el' M J Ross L Abata A don Am J Shu K N Harr s Freshmen Lours AbaTa Yardbnrd Adah Allen Anybody gonna w alk me home John Amudon Hes noT on The Trombone VV: ur Arnnnk PuT your gum I The bas eT Wilbur nc ard Bangs You Take Tac nexT guesTuon MrsTer Bangs nm BeaTes S arT sl ck and all sm: es Gerald Beebe Oh Those baby blue eyes lrlorence Black Lens Tlame Hazel Brockway Slug and Those remarks Duane Bronson Ch Sandy you darling Doris Buchanan PreTTy InTTle Truck BeTTy Jane Bull Penzup Blondue Russell Chlmera BeTTy s Curly locks Joseph Conculla NeaT nuTTy and nrce Rod Darling Wuse cracker and hov BeTTy Jean Donnelly MoThers lnTTle helper ConsTance DuPosse Blow Gabrrel blo EsTher Mae lfades CounTry cuTue RoberT Earl The Dreamer Joe FrluTz RaIsTons problem chlld Snero Fronhno Freshman sparkplug Wllllah Gerould Always here Joan Glese SslenT Sugar Baby BeTTy Jo Goodwill ShorTy Dan Grabowskr Tall dark and handseme Gloria GralT Goody goody g rl George Halloran Farmer genrus Joyce Halloran Those sughs Nell Harrns Braun sTorm Trom Brooklyn Genevleve HarTley G Babe l you roll Them eyes Ann H ys You darllrg Maru Geraldune Heslnng Dark Eye Loss Huog Bashful lass RoberT HunT HunT Tor unT EsTher HunTley The guaeT Typc Tnlnk Rose lanella Brown eyed blues srnger RuTa KauTTmann GeTs along swell Joyc Kramer HaoplesT of Them I Dan Kunn STar Tackle oreTTa Leyonduskr 0 ueT a ryeo am Le v 1 ean Lrclf PreTTy poluTe ard slr lsabell LongsTreeT Gnggles WaTesah Magunnls BeTTy Jo s nu ff Imogene McAdoo PreTTy cuTe Joseph Muller lm The Wolf Mary Mills LaTun experT HarrueT Morey SweeTy Pre Paul Neumann Adahs hermrT Angelun Newara Forward plus James Newly LuTTle man wuTh blo we 1 BeTTy NewTon Dd you lusT yalk R s Rrchard Osborne Skuppy lflwln OrTon ShorTy Vurgunna Page STudlous buT loTs of Tun IC ard Palermo Pixy good s manager Marnan ParmenTer Gh Gee whaT k KenneTh Pawson Bug game hunTer 7 AnThony Pelican Tony The Toughy Margery Paerce Plays a hoT sax JeaneTTe Pr:esTer CuTle David Randall RalsTon s bookkeeper Wrllaam Reese Hey you wrTh The ace here Shrrley RreTsTahl My SusTer and l MarTha Roach l jusT love To dance Charles RosegulsT Never laTe f AdelberT Ross Worklng man 7 Angelo Sherrange Nlce kld AlberT SchulTz Superm n Lucrlle SchulTz Good Engllsh TudenT Joanne ShorT Wolfess deluxe KenneTh Shull ProTessuonal w lf and l Lena Sugnorella P l hra p ella Norma Jean SmrTh Snappy dresser Arlene Snell AThleT1c abullTy Carl SpachT LuTTle farmer Bull STevens Quuz Krd RoberT SToddard Chubbles Norma Jean Sugden Nobody s Baby l o Clara Swanson ArT Room arTrsT Delores SweeT Gnggle Gurl Rrchard Thompson Sherlock Holmes Sam Trlana SmooTh on The courT Charles Valone Bunz PaTrrcna Valone Good Iookrng Amy Van Gnesen Tiny ToT Joyce Ann Werren ChaTTerbox Norma VVrrghT NeaT dress r Donald Wunz Kellers sTar usner RuTh YosT Nnce volce ArT Youngs Curly headed cuTue Thirty Hve 'lb ' -" A 'n k, . ' -" ' R' h -" T . E A ' . ' . ' ff - , ' " , . . . T ' 2 .Pei al G - m ' ' ' L L l ' --" l ' lv C us' 'TO'Yl'T.ll l - .. - T 'l , K . . ,, . l,, 4 ' V' I l II I A - ' ' T - R h - , a Pre 'll'Vfll . -" ' ' ,-" ,, ,T e eodl' . . W , I - fc . 1. - . G -" -z, ' , ' f ' . - R ' . ' ' , , , ' Te ,come 1 , W ' - X- , i ' , - , Vnarlre. ' A ' A ll Lloyd Ggldergleeve-Jgmilay." MargareT Rouse--"Meg" always on The ru". ' Y" " , 4 ,-- ' , A T 5 T F- , , , , , , - -' 5 - ' - , i . " ' 7 -' - . K l , -I . 1 ? I 1 4. ' T I I I 1 A L O -H .TC ' ' - ' . ' l- ' -" u c u ' -" h, f al ,lklumlf ' f C - a fu 'T ne." W ' . f H . T vu ' N Tl - 4 v----we . I . - I . 9 - ' , .11 , A G .. ,. ' V T - A ' , l. -' 2- cd .l l7'l. 'A -I . Mlll, buT he r7eTs urosedl 4 4 ' . . .- A J X- , , , V' 1 f-sasanf. , ,' X 4 i . .ff T .3 1 A- g X - , ' Representatlve Sensors 'F 'E bil 1 XXX 'PX Q Thlrty slx Personallfy Joanna Qrfon Jwnnes Me en' Good Looks Georou anna Farver d cw lnfellecf Jean P arks DUE e Snuil Preffy Hair V T 1 N1 Good lookmg Clofhes HV wef Mead 5 S' inn n A+hle'rlc Abullfy Ani Pune Paiernno Q MAOP1 Sporfsmanshnp les Ne re Sense of Humor Anoelure P2lern'O Jo w M ackunfosn Musncal Abullfy Flo ence Evans Lor To Uonube e PreHy Smale Sa QU Tmana Lows Salen Danclng Ablllfy Georomn a Paw Jwnn I. Ce Preffy Eyes Sarah Truana BMI Snwnnon Fruendlnness Mimlyn Gqbrnaf Re sei! pox el Buslesf Jean Parks RL SSOH ar one ' 5 ' Q e Q e g of ' I 3 ' - emu L ,mg x x X K X ' . n Sta kin ri. na It Bob X iI!0r BH u o' 3 f e, Ll .1 vow Fl X , v 5, gr egg X fl 7 h 1 Y Mardyn Gabriel! Q , in K 4 ' e pr 'X n eg if ' Q 5 - rr in e 'Y ' . d f . ,. ,il .Qs I, no , 5-r vs , - N: X U, ' k A . x 1 15 V, , Ta JC I' J' ,157 T Aquilo Board Edlfor-in-Chief Jean Parks Assislanl Edifors Liferary Edilors Arl Edifors James lvleenl Gloria Allen Snirley Pasclwlce Russell Taccone Florence Page Russell Taccone Snirley Page Adverlising Edilors Georgianna Paryer Joanna Qrlon Ployd Gray Cxarl Pie we Sales and Dnslrnbuhon Lois Kalleus Duane Shall Business Advusor Earle Q, Davis Personal Edifors Nlargaref Hafemnsafi Harrief Mead Melvin Adams Russell Powell Joke Edllors Angeline Palermo Jonn lvlacliinlosw Lulerary Advusor Prances Parker Flrst row F Page I Parks S Paschke second row L Kaltels H Meed M Hutchmson L Farver A Palermo J Orton S Page G Allen thxrd row J 'VIeehl F Gray J Mackmtosh R Taccone R Powell M Adams C Plethe D Shull Thxrty elght ' i f :. ,.. ,. 5 :. ,. . -, w . ' . 4 Glee Club and Mixed Chorus Miss Brownell, direcTor. . . Miss Fleming, pianisT, . . ThirTyenine members in all. . . Glee Club pracTices during school hours. . . Mixed Chorus on Wednesday aTTer school. . . pracTicing Tor spring TesTival, . . cuTsTanding numbers: "A Green Gaithe- dral" and "By The Bend of The River' '... club ollicers are president Shirley Page? vice president LoreTo Ggnibene: secreTary, Josephine Arrigo: Treasurer. Gloria Al- len: librarians, Edward Shunk and John MackinTosh . . . firsf year lor mixed chorus . . . members receiving leTTers are Gloria Allen, Florence Page. and Shirley Page. . . club moTTO: 'Nlfe do noT make comments aboul fellow members' '... we wish To Thank Miss Brownell and Miss Fleming Tor Their palience, guidance. and eTForT in direcTing us Lois KalTeis Flrst row B Smith J Van Glesen D Worster F Evans M Amenta B Newton H Mory F Page E Collyer A Markham second row J Amldon E Puscheck A Page thlrd row C Roache J Messler P Rem E Salen, M Hutchmson F Pancer eve G Allen L Kaltexs M Curtis fourth row W Gray C Prodehl L Ognlbene A Douglas R Taccone W Shannon C Taccone E Shunk Thirty nine . , . , . , . 3 : . ' , . , . Hinkler, M. Hesling, C. Hinkler, J. Tweedale, D. Buchanan, I. McAdoo, M. Pierce, S. , . , . ' , . ' 5 2 . , . , . ' , . , . , . , . , . . I-llglw School Orchestra Memories of The year oT I943 44 apprecnaTe work oT new olrecTor Mass Flemnnq sTrnnqs and woodx ends overbalanced by brass and Tympany ann Borden Tnclcled The lvorues lecTures Trom lvluss Flemunq on dynamics espec ally IU The drum and alTo secTuon oT'ucers presldenT Jlm Luce vice preside-nT Duane Shnll secreTary Treasurer Josephine Qoncllla librarian Ed Shunlf lucoruce shclfs handled by WalTer Gray Beverly Davns and Bull Janes slushpwnps by LoreTo To nlbene and Bull Shannon TrumpeTs by Duawe Shall Ed Shunk KenneTh Shall ludv ShorT and Lonnie DuTo5se on The barlTon S sTrlnq secTlon capably handled by J annf VOQT and Allene BorsTorlT Josephune Loncllla was The only saxaphone player n use rom drum secTuon by Rod Darling and Sam Shure Bu Reese and hrs masucal a new music played for commencemenT losT To armed Torces Jnm Luce losf Through oraduahon l.oreTo Qgnubene Duane Shull and Bull Shannon Duane Shl Il F1rst row J Vogt, W Gray, B Davls, W Janes, J Relman, second row C Du Fosse, B Reese, A Borstorff, J Burden, J Concllla, J Short, E Shunk, D Shull, thlrd row S Shxrey, R Darhng, B Shannon, L Ogmbene Forty , ' ... ' , . . J ,ce ... O' T , ' ' A y... 'il , ' ' ' lTo. .. . 4... High School Band PresidenT, l.oreTo Cgnibenej vice presidenT, James Luce: secreTary-Treasurer. Ann Markham: librarian, Duane Shullq manager, James Reiman. . . we all remember The incessanT bedlam beTween numbers in band pracTice. . . loud noTes Trom The alTo sec! Tion. . . drum secTion capably handled. . . mellow music Trom The clarineT secTion . . . The sweeT TrumpeTs when They were in Tune. . . Trombones doing a good job on everybody's music buT Their own . . . The SOTT, pleasing eTTecT oT The saxaphones . . . The ambiTious bariTone secTion. . . played Tor all The home TooTball games and some basl4eTball games. . . some oT The Seniors given a chance To conducT aT The Spring Concert . . enjoyed an evenTTul year under The capable direcTion oT our new band leader Miss Virginia Fleming graduahng wiTh The class of I944 are Angie Palermo Bill Shannon Duane Shull and Larry Ognibene James Luce leTT Tor The Navy earlier in The year Larry Qgn bene Flrst row K Shull J Short B Davls R Darlmg B Blanchard B Reese L Markham J Amldon D Barton thlrd row D Bernella, R MacDonald J Relman S Madoma A Kapetan J Concllla D Randall fourth row E Shunk W Janes J Hal loran S Trlana C DuFosse B Shannon Forty one Ognibeneg second row: D. Shull, E. Ellsworth., A. Palermo, W. Gray, M. Pierce, A Girl Reserves Impressive iniTiaTion, , , blue skirTs and whiTe blouses, . . candlelight . . Miss PaTricia ColgaTe, Girl Reserve secreTary, honored us by her presence. . . ChrisTmas Tureen supper in spiTe of raTioninq. . . Miss Josephine Scouller was our quesT of honor . , . The size of our Tree . . . very successful "Fun NighT" , , . good eaTs . . . varieTy of games , , , cheerfulness of crowd , . . swelled Treasury . . . Joanna QrTon and Jean Parks Travel To Niagara Falls for Mid-winTer Conference . . . The Tales They Told . . . panel discussions . . . March of Dimes Campaign . . . never-To-befTorqoTTen MoThers' Day Tea , , . Ann's posTers . . , Becky's enThusiasm , . . arnbiTious new mem- ers defense sTarnps record aTTendance Tor annual picTure Qflicers lo anna QrTon presidenT Mary Scouller .nc presidenT JeanneTTe Nixon secre Tary Beverly Davis Treasurer Marianne ArnenTa Flrst row B Newton S Trlana J Parks E Orton A Markham, M Kapetan R P Rem L Felton G Farver J Orton D Barton, L Levonduskle A Allen, M Rouse F Black H Brockway J Glese, S Page M Jackson thlrd row M Heslmg, M Scoul ler B Davls J Selkregg J Nixon, H Mead, G Allen S Alonge M Amenta N Ol son, A Hays fourth row H Luke D Hutchmson J Vogt B Shaw, N Bogenschutz E Mays, H Mart1n,R Krull, J Burden, E Salen, D Bronson, J Snell Forty two Ore, H. Mann, S. Hill, D. Wilcox, D. Edwards, M. Nicastro, F. Giordanog second row: Hi-Y Sponsored The annual l-li-Y AmaTeur Show . , , a huge success . . . purchased The baske-Tball schedules , . . drew up a ConsTiTuTion Tor The organizaTion which conTained many ouTsTandinq principles . , . penalTy for swearing, six cenTs . , , Sandy Adams owes enough To puT him Through college , , , baskeTball and volley ball aTTer meeTinQs , . . conTinued To keep sTudenTs oil The park grass . . , inTeresTing Talks from The min- isTers oT The Town . , . chaplain. Floyd Gray . . . president Sandy Adams . . . secre- Tary, Louis Salen , . . Treasurer, Charles Newara . . . seven members leTT aTTer gradu- aTion , , , Those reTurning are Ray Seevers, James Reiman, VincenT Shioleno, James Akin, STewarT Scouller. John Nash and Sam lvladonia. Richard ST, George Flrst row R St George B Shannon J Luce M Adams F Gray J McGaughev Hogue thlrd row R Powell S Scouller H Schultz L Ogmbene R Taccone S vladoma fourth row J Akm R Seevers L Salen C Plethe L Palermo J Meehl Forty three J. Reirnang second row: R. Miller, V. Shioleno, D. Shull, J. Meyer, C. Newara, H. Future Farmers of America Local chapTer consasTs of eaghTeen members Twelve Greenharads sax FuT ure Farmers Roy A Fordyce as chapTer aovasor we Thank ham Tor The success of our club no Traps Thas year To STaTe College or lelarrasburg on accoonT of The war an The proaecT conTesT Jack SpachT goT TaTTh place waTh Torlseys AnThony Moballa goT nanTh place waTh poulTry Tom Graham goT TwelTTh place waTh swane rao meeTanoas of The counTy l: F A Thas year Donald Wakley as secreTary and Jirl SpachT as delegaTe To The Erae councal we have boughl' one S50 OO war bond had one naghT meeTancg waTh reTreshmenTs anaTaaTed The Greenhands and Two Fuhare lhomas Gralhn secreTary George SchoenTeldT Treasurer lloward lloyd reporTer Sim STeyens Pop s l m noT Tryang To be personal and Lall aspade spade have had loTs oT shop Thas year and wanT more well so o Q Donald Wiklf y Flrst row C Spacht, G Beebe, G Halloran, R Hunt, J Newly, E Orton, second row W Lewxs, J Spacht, A Schultz, A Mobxlxa, R Bangs, thlrd row H Lloyd, T Gllfflfl, N Kuenen, D Wakley, B Allen, G Schoenfeldt. Forty four O . , . . L l , I 5 l , , . . . A I . c , 4 Farmers . . . ollicers Tor The year: president Donald Walqley . . . yace president I . . , . , , , , , A , .Q , W L , . . . , , c . 3 , . , l ll' I . . ll ll Nc 1 a ci s a Art Club MosT successTul year in hisTory oT The ArT Club . . . sponsored several ouTsTand- ino social evenTs . . . X-XrT Club Masquerade Ball . . . Russells "Tux' '... ChrisTmas Parfy . . . puT on The play "High Pressure Homer" under Miss JohnsTon's capable dif ief'Tioo . . . Freddy Loop voTed huge success . . . subsTiTuTed hayride lor The sleigh rifle . . . box social . . . new Tornn of enTerTainnf1enT . . . good-by parTy Tor Seniors . . . .annual Finclley Lake picnic aT Miss GorndT's coTTage . . . sponsored "Grapevine" .wiTh Russell laccone as ediTor-infchief , . . The paper really puT NorTh EasT on The map . . . biggesT Thrill was The cornpleTion oT The "Modern YouTh Mural" aT The "l-laT Rack' '... ollicersz presidenT, Russell Taccone . . . vice presidenT. Alicred Douglas secreTary Josephine Arrigo Treasurer Torn CoaToarn we wish To Thank fliss CorndT our advisor Tor her consTanT eTTorTs To rnake This year a success llarrieT Mead First row J Werren B Donnelly A YVelch A Markham, R Iannello A Newara H Brockway M Parmenter D Worster M Ross second row M Eades, J Arrxgo P Valone J Messler H Mead L Slgnorella, J Tweedale J Platt, S Paschke H Brockway thlrd row P Muscarella W Tleber L Muscarella S Shlrey L Valone A Scherrange F Loop fourth row G Dean J Spencer L Ogmbene A Douglas R Taccone T Wemheimer C Taccone H Hartley Forty tive , . , , , T ., I L V . . ' Q . . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . , . , . , . , . . , . . , . , . . , . , . , . , w . . ' . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . Speculatores Aeneae len members, nine qirls and one boy , . . Spies OT Aeneas . , , Shirley Page, presf idenT , , . Joanna QrTon, vice presidenT . , , Lois l:elTon. secreTary , . , Ed' .-.f ard Roden' cal, Treasurer , . .pins Tor The new members . . , c!ub's moTTo: "Semper ParaTus" . , , club period devoTed To business, games, reporTs, and The reading oT The LaTin paper v.iTh iTs numerous jokes . . ChrisTmas parTy aT Miss Scouller's home . . l..aTiii Bingo . . Good food , . . Miss Scoullefs inTerpreTaTion of Virgil has clepTh and leelincg . , , sponsored movie "Beware Spoolssu in lvlarch . . . we exTend sincere wishes Tor success To The LaTin Club of W45. Frances Panrereve ton B Gloss E Rodencal M Scouller M Heslmg Forty lix First row: J. Parks, P. Rein, L. Felton, S. Page, F. Pancereveg second row: J. Or- Le Cercle Francais Le Cercle Francais meeTs every oTher Friday during sevenTh period . . . meeT- ings conducTed in French . . . hasTy wiThdrawals To The use oT English , . , club com- posed ol all The French l and ll sTudenTs. due To The small number ol advanced sTu- denTs , . , TirsT Time . . . old hands aT The language are presidenT. Gloria Allen: vice presidenT, Floyd Gray: secreTary, Rosady Krull . . . because ol an insuhficienT number of advanced members, The Treasurer, Jack Meyer, had To be chosen Trom The ranks ol The beginners . . . highlighT ol The year was The French Club dance which oTTered someThing enTirely new To The sTudenT body , , , however The acTiviTies of This club could noT have been possible wiThouT The ingenious Mademoiselle Bell . . . The club has worked hard, buT nary a member has given as much Time and eT?orT Toward making This years program compleTe as has our TaculTy advisor Alfred Douglas First row G Bangs M Randall N Olson G Allen R Krull J Messler H R Taccone A Douglas E Mays M Scouller Forty seven Fromyer, H. Marting second row: M. Hesling, H. Mead, H. Hartley, F. Gray, J. Meyer, Entre Nosotros EnTre lNlosoTros charTered This year . , . sTudenTs in Spanish l . . . meeTings aT- TempTed in Spanish , . , hablamos espanol . , . la asamblea es abierTo . . . meeTinqs, sixTh period , . . Those social meeTings . . , inTeresTing Tallcs , . , Spanish sonqs and games . . , remember The elecTionsl . , , Floyd Gray, el senor presidenTe . . . Phyllis Rein, vice presidenTe . . . John lvleyer, nLesTro secreTario . . . Beverly Davis, noesTra Tesorera . . , all vvorlfed ToqeTher To esTablish a Tirm ToundaTion Tor TuTure Spanish Clubs , . , lyliss Sherranqes capable, paTienT advising appreciafed by all , . . miichas qracias, senoriTa . . . we deTiniTely believe . . . Quien llabla Dos Linquas Vale Dos lrlombres. John Meyer Fxrst row J Parks J Arrlgo G Allen C Hmkler B Davxs H Mead B Shaw P Rem D Worster second row H Hartley F Gray J Meyer J Akm W Janes W Gray Forty eight - - y - a - r ' 1 ' 1 ' y - 1 . , . Q I . , . , . , . , . , . Grapevine Staff FirsT Tull year OT publicabom piomeered by Russell Taccone and Allred Douglas . . . puT OUT eiqlwT successful issues . . . burrwinq Tlwe mldmlqlw oil . . . lasT mimhe assign- memTs . . . deldyed deadlines . . . belped puT Tlfwe "lplaT Rack" oyer . . . won Tlwlrd place le a ruahomfwide sclwrrl 'newspaper conTesT . . . The Grapevine swbsCripTiofw assembly . . . elworus Cubes . . . fiery ediToridls . . . wiTTy jokes . . . lweuf-'Nd drguf memTs wiTb "l lffppy' '... Trouble wiTb subsCrlpTior1s ...' 'Treedpm of Tlwe press" . . . clever CUTS QT Tops ol pages . . . inlluenTial Tbrouqbom boflw sfibopls . . . IOOHT sTu- der1T publicaficm . . . promises To be permanent LOreTo Oqrlibemff Fxrst row J Meehl F' Page M Eades J Messler A Palermo .I Arrlgo S M Keefe J Qpencer L Ognlbene D Shull C Taccone Forty nine l Page, R. Ore, M. Adamsg second row: T. Coatoam, R. Darling, R. Taccone, R. Powell, Debating Club The '1uesTmon Ter The se-asom of 44 rs Rrsolyed TNT T e UmTed STaTes shox C, 'om I0 recoesT4TuTmQ The League OT Nahorws TaTe sTarT Thrs year To r yarsuTf Q ers r G sr ew r PTyIlus Rem Srwriey Page and Jean Parks me y w T Loreh Qrmbe L Dnrwe hull ir RL sei Tvrcme sTromQIy upTTeNe T 0 Neowxe Tvelve lem e debaTes swx away swx Q rome snappy olack dresses dry TwroaTs 'T m T T y yoa QOT your oebaTe speed ruTTeru O 1 r we Team epprecumes ard Thwr A y :ss fl ray LT v Tee r Q r 1 TNT m T L I y far Q1 T e po 1 Twrrekeen Woamrw DrTOm wamaqer 2 d Mary ouller oSS45T w mmaoer se T e f Q T arTy Tor all HI fi 3 V Joann, 3 Tor Fxrst row D Shu1l,L Ogn1bene,R Taccone, P Rem, S Page, J Parks second row F Gray, M Keefe, L Palermo, J Orton Flfty . ' , T 1 f A , 3 1, H 4 , 4, QT srvegk , eTT,rr . , . Twe re.: Q Je s , .. , ' ', , ,, T . ui Tbi uprweld Tre f4X"r"'r.2Trye . , . , 'T Od V -mi ,rf S , K ci ls SN K e. . , 1 N 74' I . . . v' , 47,1 , , , . I n eT1,.,,TrycwTs,,. ' ' , 5 ,. Those mr e mi .ies OT ':esT was ...' Tea e f , A T-,, ' , . , bel fu! QrrT'Crsms Tr1:T'v1fJ..rrcmQw.,. ' - K4 xW f Ps TW' PTT T' iam! Tor Her p'1TrerTT and ifdwsTrmus e"OrTs To make debahrwq a success . , . Floyd G f , .vrer e Pai Trrre, rd V.flrc'Tmel Ke-efa rw-rffprmed dmmes as C 4 'r er , . . Ras' Var N-T Hel' 'T ,srT'Q"T of V ,T ,z er , . , ,. ' f , f T P , se , Sc , ' ' e T ,T Q in , 'w51rfdN1, PT, bushes. for he dab . , . 5 p I . Tae Cru Ty Ta. ms 19 Tu-ld .TT Trw flwse cTT Tee sc ,sn , . . seasww was Considered hiqely SLw'C'0SSful by .1lI. L J C f 1 Order of Gregg Artists Newly organized al 'rrie lfiall , , . "The qirls ol Sliorfliand ll and Mr, Meyer" . ,. dimicully in selecfinq a 'iarne . . , Jacks nu-neronis rnofions . . , Florence Page, presi- di.-nT: 'vlarqarel llmcninson, yice president lvlamlouise Curtis. secrefary-Treasurer: Lois Kalreis, Grapeyine renorrer , . . lvlrs, Praqliellifs X ,A,' onderlul advice and coopera- lion deemly appreciated by all , , . Valenfine parfy .sl Mrs. Fraciiellas willi Wliss Har- rison as QLJGST , . . club acls as clmrler members , . , reiecled, nonfrnailable. and mail- .ible leflers . . . M irigan and lwer wandering bciolc , , , clues 'flier were paid Drompfly . . . since-re .wisli lor Tne success and progress of llwe Q. G. A. for many years To come, lvlaralouise Curtis Flrst row F Evans F Page M Amenta S Alonge L Kaltels B Borstorft' M Nicastro second row G Farver' M Hutchlnson J Meyer M Hugg M Curtis Flfty one . . , . , . , . , . , . , t . , . . , . , . , . , . . Engineering Drawing Club Qnly organizaTion oT iTs lrind in lNlorTh Earl High , . .no dues To pay . . . success- Tul Trom The iErsT day ..,i a ll advanced lvlechanical Drawing sTudenTs . , , eighi oT us lelT ,.., iuoTe lvliss GorndT, "nice liTTle bunch" . . , daily grab Tor VVeinheimef's French curve , . , our original nalT year proiecT, namely The STearn-lorbo-ElecTiic Truck . . , The sbccess oT our Tarewell dance To The seniors? , . . The parTy Tor Don Locke on his leaving Tor The army . , , The cake, ice crearn, and pop . , . our picTure Taken on VVeinheirner's Troclf , , , The Tollowirg elecTed To do The nwosT work: Russell laccone, chieT engineer: l.oreTo Qgnibene, head designer: Donald lriana, head draTTsmang lhornias Weinlieimer, secreTaryeTreasurer . . . our sevenTy dollar insTru- rnenT bill , . , proved obsoleTe , . , The gre3T Gray Trial , . . guilTy . . , me hope nexT vear's club does hall as well . . . we end The year wiTh Three cheers Tor Miss GOVIIUT Tor her pahence wiTh Us Gerald lvl Lcxi Locke A Douglas F Pmna L Ogmbene V Shloleno Fxfty two 4 , , , . , luis First row: D. Triana, R. Taccone, T. Weinheimer, G. Lewisg second row: D. , . , . , . i , . i . f Fnfty three NZQZQZM L ,X ' I ,f Athletic Council l:ooTball and baskeTball season very successful . . , conTinued having nighT TooT ball games under lighTs . , . individual awards Tor class champions . . , sponsored Tne "l.eTTermen's Ball" vviTh The cheerleaders , . , inTramural awards limiTed To girls of The Senior class , . ,numerous checlrs signed by The Treasurer . . . president Louis Sale en: vice pre-sidenf, Richard ST, George: secveTary-Treasurer, Angeline Palermo . , . Council members: .Angeline LicaTa, Jim Reiman, Sam l'JlarTina, JeanneTTe Nixon .ind Jim BeaTes , . . our Thanks To lVlr. Davis Tor his assisTance, and To The sTudenT body and public Tor Their excellenT supporT oT The Teams, Angeline Palermo balen R St George S Martma Fifty four First row: J. Nixon, A. Palermo, A. Licatag second row: J. Reiman, J. Beates, L. Football Tough season argoyed by all jnnx Team enQounTered hard luclc Tnromhoa The sea nn l T r ouT of IX games b, one oolnT scored 44 povnTs To ponenT s TorT5 sux on one and losT sux All Sensor Tearr beaT Alblon I 20 nloyable Trap To Buhalo To play Lanusuus score unmenTlonable Siler Adams Meehl and Anderson represenTed NorTh EasT an All STar game Anderson and N wara made All QounTy leTTermen losT Through graduaTlon Adams Anoer on Behnken lVlcGaughey lkfleehl Newara Palermo Powell Salen SchulTz and ST Ceorge reTurnung IeTTermen Alon Seeyers SmnTh and lruana we apprecune The T1nTh lu eoaenung by lvlr RalsTon and Mr Pullung and we wash To Thank The eheerlewders Semor Team ST George besT lone plunger on Team lvleehl slxTy Taye yard run agasnsT lvlullcreelc Adams slxTy Taye yard lock To one yard lane aT Wesleyvulle Sa en snxTy Tlve yard Touchdown run agannsT Albion Powell game aT Wesleyvulle wnTh brolen Tnnger Anderson bIoodnesT guard we had Newara lasT oT The Newaras aT cenTer SchulTz good game an The backfueld Palermo TwenTy Tnve yard gain on STaTue o LuberTy play In lvlullcreelc game Behnken he could mass any pass lVlc:Gaughey losT a Tnnger naal aT Wesleyynlle Jack Behnlsen Flrst row L Palermo R Powell, C Anderson R St George, L Salen C New ara, J McGaughey, M Adams, H Schultz, J Behnken, J Meehl, second row Mr Ralston, R Palermo, D Trlana, V Shloleno, F McGaughey, R Seevers, R Bly stone, S Madonna, J Re1man, J Akm, F Behnken, Mr Pullmg Fifty-five ' . , ? T' . . U . ' ' X' l s-, .... osT ou 3' T ' ' . . . A A oo- ' f I 1 . . bla 4 . . 4 ' I l v lr . . - e ' ' 7 A ' A , ' . . . . , . L , . . ' - . . . 4 e- r T - f . . . . . ' I . l S . X .J l ' ' I . . 4 . , A , T' . .and Townsoeople Tor Thelr enThusiasTic support - , , I A . . ' : . , . . , . . . , . - Basketball Enjoyed a lanrly good season under The e xcellenT coachung of KerneTh Pulllng won enghT and losT sux league games ned Tor Thlrd place losT To Lav rence P r an nlay o s luck enT Tne wrong may an The lasT hall of The season vv can T TorgeT Th aT we beaT WesTTueld Tor The TnrsT Tame an Ten years lvleehl s long shoT aT Lawrence Park Tough loss aT Mlllcreek ST George belore each game daTes aT The Ilarbor Tuzz haur cuT Pu :ng and Po ell s shooT Tor a mulkshake lames lvleehl guard Te m s soarkplug ug scorer aa asT ern League pulled Team Through TaghT sraoTs IOUIS Salen guard ou slnoT aT VVesTTaeld ah ays masslrg beepe rs always combs haur beTore a gane Charles Ney ara Torward shooTs luke broTher Joe TasT break come on boys leT s go Racharo ST George forward came Throrgh 'aT WaTTsbuvea besT mor ale supporTe he re r my pa s7 Sandy Adams guard a aT la borcree k Ga e famous scorung average r v ays an has eyes T-larold Schu'T cenTer Three buckeTs has goal esT bank board man had To look up aT Qorry Jack Behnken cenTer alumna game Tunry one hanged shoT James Luce Torward leTT Tor Navy T cy dra ber Teal evmg playe rs y all rrTurn nexT year James Akun James eu man Arfhur L arson Sue ro FronTuno e Nash T a Th nk Sensor lvlan age r Russe ll Powell Tor hrs excellenT moral supporT and brullaanT x ork on The score books Fred Behn ken Soo omore Manager Tor keepung Tunne KenneTh C Pullung Tor has excellenT leadershao e al o a T To Traank Tne se cond Team Tor Theur suoporT from Tre benches e v asa Them al The luck nexT ye ar haT d4dnT have ouns Sale a First row J Meehl, C Newara, J Akm, J Behnken, H Schultz, L Salen, R St George, M Adams, second row R Palermo, Mr Pullmg, S Frontmo, R Seevers, A Larson, J Relman, R Hugg, F McGaughey, R Powell, F Behnken Fifty-six 3 -fa .-. . . VL. . ak', -5... vs 1 - f , ,,, e . ' Q if ,e ' 2 ' ' A , ' . i c , ,, c Y E .., . , F e ',5.,, ll' w,'l' e V ,.,e I e. ',.,h'h, WETA ' ,... , . L J '. ' L ...l l aa ,f .,,Lf. ARM ' , L e.e . .. X V1 L . . . . .. ' A f 5 . . ., . T, - , . ' . ' ... .V I X ar' ,.,' 1 at Q eral . .. T ek cr ,,,goTloT. T.r 1,.e ' .ek .,,hai ale .rp 'n ...A e I e,..l3 - L 4 4 L J , , ...4 Q f... 1 'ff I sa r - .-. -.. - L -. an nb l , . , ' lafr , a 1 e I I . e . R '- ky K I 'a - V .v'y,'aa' k A V' Q 1 s . a L K Q I ix A- V , ' ... ' . 1 awe -Y , ' A V V I . I, V I , , V ,,,' , 4, 4 s wga 1 ' I X ,u , la . . . . v, Q l l T .we l ' K. L n. .T A: Girls' Intramural Sports PraQTice every Tuesday and Friday alrer school . , , badrninTon. pingepong, and volleyball every oTher Wednesday evening . . , seniors plan To geT sweaTers aT The end ol season . . . only one leTTer To a persor . . , sweaT-shirT Tad , , , Too bad Tor The person who rnisses more Than Two praCTices . . , Angie, our sTar forward . . . Miss Sheridans excellenT rnanagemenT . . . volleyball a Thing ol The pasT . . . maroon and whiTe playing prelirninary games . . . look ouT Tor The Freshmen in anoTher year , , , lXlic:asTro and FelTon wiTh Their scrarchy shofs . . . LicaTa, "wha'r a guard' '.., Thanlrs To Miss Sheridan Tor her splendid co-operaTion, guidance, and patience during The fear Marilyn Gabriel Fxrst row J Parks R Ore V Page A Van Glesen E Orton B Bull H Luke R Iannello L Slgnorella A Newara M Ross, H Brockway, E Collyer, V Petten glll P Valone second row A Vogt M Kapetan H Mann J Vogt M Nlcastro F Glordano J Concllla R Palermo D Barton F Page S Page H Brockway M Selkregg J Nlxxon S Paschke 'VI Heslmg G Hartley D Hutchmson, N Wrlght A Snell L Schultz G Bangs J Orton M Scouller fourth row M Hopklns G Allen D Bronson B Davls N Bogenschutz E Puscheck M Szoszorek, R Maurana J Hatfield F Stoddard M Gabriel, A Llcata, A Palermo, H Hogue, M Hugg R Bangs Fifty seven Rouse, A. Allen, J. Tweedaleg third row: S. Homan, J. Lick, F. Black, E. Salen, J. Cheerleaders The gang ThaT qives ouT wiTh The pep , . , Team's moTTo: A Team ThaT won'T be beaT can'T be beaT , , . new sweaters and skirTs . . . reserved seaTs , , . new cheers , , , were on The Tood cornn1lTTee for The "LeTTerman's Ball! '... Mr, Pulllnos assis- Tance . , , new sTyIes . . . wenT To "away" games in spiTe of gas raTionlng . , , pep rneeTinqs held in The gyrn during noon hour . . . eleCTlon of oTTiCers . . . capTain, Julia Selkreqog secreTary Eleanor Guarino .,,, ne wanT To Thank all The sTudenTs Tor Thelr Tine CooperaTion. The Cheerleaders Fifty eight D. Naylor, E. Guarino, E. Orton, M. Hesling, J. Selkregg. 7m mf! Wai I N A, .1,. x Tommy Rszzo Lleuf Anne Cauley Plc Ward Hufclnnson Neck Truana Sgf Joe Newara Louls Gagnon Charles Gagnon Plc Norman Few Sldney Dailey John Reubs Ray Van Glesen Sfuarf Garnow Lewis Slnoleno Fredernck Serff Ivan Wilkinson Harley Brnggs Bob Shorf Sfanley Salen Tony Canella Joe Canella Harold Chruspen Roberf McAdoo Pefer Kapefan Joe Sanfilippo GENIUS Trubute to Dave J mes VValTer He derson Sr suTT ng Tn Tle uncomTorTable chaur beTore The large Tmoressuve door aTTTng Tor The lady To an nounce hum was never more Tmpressed by T TTcTTonluke ruse To success oT hus n James WalTer Hendersou Jr Even hs own er had To vauT T see hm aT a T when he wanTed To see num more Than any Thung else Tn The vorld The Tormal lady had saud l know you are very anxuous To see hum lvlr Henderson buT ou wull have To waTT a Tew mTnuTes James VValTer Henderson Sr Tound noThTrg more TascTnaTTng Than remunuscung oT hus sons specTacular clumb To success ln elemenTary scnool he y as always aT The Tead oT hus class nus reporT card y as envued by all The oTher sTudenTs The Teacher called hum a model sTudenT ln hugh school TT was Tle same sTory H son vas a leader among The sTudenTs presu denT of hus class Tor T o years on The a keT ll and TooTball Team Tn hus Turuor and enuor years and he played ID The band Then came college where James J achueved many greaTer Thungs He vas a sTar aThleTe member oT Tne DebaTe Team good allaround sTudenT and valedTcTorTan oT nus class VVhaT more could a TaTher expecT o hus son James VJalTer Henderson Sr ThouglT ol hus own meager accomplTshmenTs and sank deeper Tru hus chaur ATTer college hus son enTered a manuTac T g m as ln a year he was sTsTanT sales manager He Tnen receuved a po uTuon as sales man ger oT a larger Turm and Tunally rose To become presTdenT Henderson s ProducTs were Tamous ThroughouT The naTTon llus monThly salary Tas more Than hus TaTher made Tn a year Hus busuness abTluTy had made hum an Tn luenTTal person and polTTTcTans we e Talkung abouT draTTTng hum Tor The SenaTe AT Ter ThaT he mTghT even be ome PresTdenT limes VValTer He Tderson Sr had Taken hus TTe To WashTnoTon o ce and They had seen Tre lJVl'TIl6 House '-lus oulse began To pound TT Tne TnougTT oT TT AT lasT The door opened and The Tormal lady came on Yoa may see your son Tor Tev mTTuTes sau H euohs sux ds and Tnree Duane Shull Tor The pasT Tevw years There has been a man around school whom ev yone luke d respecfs ln spTTe of all hus responsTbTlTTy he IS always ready To lTsTen To our Troubles and advuse us when we geT unTo dTTTTculTTes Ter haps you have never realuzed how umporTanT 'Te s buT Tmaglne whaT school would be luke TT w were absenT Tor a Tume Havung known hurn Tour years and gaunung mor respecT Tor hus Tune characTer e ery year we Teel ThaT he wull be a persor o Tr Tluence Tor years To come and as Tune a om panuon To The on comung sTudenTs as ne 'T s be n To us The SenTo s TO YOU you people whose Tamuly curcles arenT broken you people who havenT seen 'T loved one go you people who Tnunk buyunq bonds IS a boTher aven help you when ouf of The sea The Japs row you people who have an empTy chaur aT The Table you people who bravely waved goodbye and saw hum you people who bonds Tull re TTUFTS Heaven bless you when our bombers bla Tokuo l-lenrTeTTe Fromyer SIGNS VVTTh The passung oT The snowsTorms WITH The lengThenTng oT The days WTTh The wund s genTle blowung WTTh The suns warm rays WTTh The flowers spry boldness NuTh The burds churpung songs VVuTn The comung oT These Thungs Sprung skups along Shurley Page Suxty one O S 1 , ,VY , . -T I V, 1 77 T 4' T ' ' 5 sTT'T, , , x , er ', s an he - 4- 50 - , . . . D yi t I E T , . - TaTh ,T ' o l - T'me J ' l' y , . . c ' y 5 I , U T . 'Tu . ' 'S ' . . . I ' l . I TTT S 9 T T . Tv' y . o , I . ' u T T' . L , . . . M - If 41 ' C - . A T , . ' - ' Q ' la , D . Av' K x V I ,g C u Y 1 4 . 1 'A C . ' A ' T T, , . Ts , 1" ,Q 1 T - " , ' w , , bas- , ba T T 4 ' T4 To S, A , C T f T , . , ,, A ,, c , r. lo Q ' C , ' ' I' . T , T Hee , , 1 7, A I J Y I L, '. ' ' . To - . ' V - To Turna Tur a clerk. V as- . - T ' C- go. ' ' Ma - - V To - buy ' ' TT ally , , T , ' ,, f sT . . IN . I x , . . . N yr , . ' . c ' . ...V , V r , ,, , I ' .y, P V , , V . ' gr 1 . l . , . T c ,T , K ' 4 l s W T I H T x XX - l . , , . ' a . mu nos-" she 'adj " e W' ' -T - . ' TT Y I TTFCQVT ' , omces. T - ' T , , T SNAPSI-IOTS 5-4 Q 'R Sixty two FIRST PRIZE hw owls Gem' a ITT 0 lac ST adme Hcldmq up THQ 'Tag O Q Q Us VG Tor Qcmwome Tr 5 TT e ww LT Q w IO S0 abm S T non L MVT? P ajaww r wade TT G long and ST OTT slvyvmlle- or aST Se 1 sub ebs Une OT The Dead end T s dwssfhd up and o y Q Bmhorly ovo 9 GF TTTQT 2 vw D Tum Wonder whom looking aT N Th E1sT o hT lVleeT The ed1Tor uh Second Prnze Rovmg eyes Oh happy school day Pugoy baek rude lDOc3VlLJ'lS Luke up a Tree an aT The ru e 0 aqe o Two Two sober Freshmen SauhT auT T ar ey sees Thus' Deeorahorm Day Tell us The joke Florida Tam oT The no ld 0 end o oerf QT dey B Thnrcl Pr: e The ldoque Turns S e The preTTy dog o ly WT Le Q l3olhT e ol Th al JluTh cull me Toowe AlTar of flose Poe no V' or f J l Je ., Ap F W ' ' il Tl l, "We're slTTlhg on ToD Th T a , NJ. R." wd 'R W Wh l es 1 Bell .e b l EA Sensor Prophecy ConTnnued Trom page TwenTy nnne TeaTurnng John MacknnTosh and ST George as hnlarnous comednans ns now drawnng huge crowds We now hop a modern anr lnner and dnscov er The pnloT To be Sandy Adams RoberT Mnll er ns co pnloT and lvlarnorne Jackson ns sTe wardess We noTnce The handsome man nn The opposnTe seaT and Thnnknng he looks Tamnlnar nngunre hns name Why he says he ns Gerald Lewns now a busnness man WnTh hnm rs ons KalTens who ns hns never Tanlnng secreT3ry Home agann we Tnnd Jean hl1TTneld and hr r brood oT lnTTle ones on Thenr way To see Thenr T1vornTe movne sTars namely Georgnanna Far ver and Louns Salen now co sTarrnng nn Tne acclanmed pncTure Two NnghTs of l.ove Vlfe Tollow Jean and run across John Heslnng now manager of The TheaTre Dohn Locke ns nn charge of The oronecTnon room We hear a loud lauoh Teel a hard clap on The back and Turnnng abouT T d nT T lVlargareT l-luTchnnson whom we see sTnll mann Tanns her school day characTernsTncs The newsreel ns now nn moTnon and nn The gnrls sporT sernes we gasp nn asTonnshmenT HT seenng Mary lNlncasTro Thrownng The baskeT ball Through The neT every Tnme ln her prnvaTe home RuTh I-lecker wndelv known Tor her orngnnal desngns now operaTes an exclusnve mnllnnery shop Frances SToddard ns brnngnng nn danly scoops as a resulT of her posnTlon as reporTer on The Des lvlonnes Danly HenrneTTe Fromyer and June Luke have es Tablnshed a home for orphans and crnpplecl chnldren The Mesdames R and lvl whose mander names were Marnan hlugg and Sarah Alonqe are now lnvnng nn The resndenTnal secTnon of rne ATTer an exTended course nn ancnenT hns Tory Glorna Allen ns now dnggnng among The runns oT The once glornous cnTy oT Berlnn She ns a famed archeolognsT RECKONING DAY The women Talk The men all say OT course These males sTay muTe all day They crnTncnze our crazy haTs And say we Talk lnke jealous caTs Qur cooknng nsnT To Thenr TasTe They say The Tood we cook w wasTe Some Thnnk we females dress lnke heck Qur hanr To Them looks lnke a wreck We walk lnke ducks upon 2 fence O r branns aT besT To Them seem dense BuT soon The reckonnng diy shall come And Then They ll see we re noT so dumb We Tems wnll geT TogeTher Then And Tell Them whaT we Thnnk oT Them Jennfer lflessler POET THAT S ME l am a buddnng poeT l wrnTe The Thnngs see I wrnTe OT bnrds and bees and ug And Thnngs ThaT nnTeresT me Im noT a masTer wrnTer ln TacT lm very poor As soon as These enghT Innes are done l won T wrnTe any more STewarT Scoull LasT buT Tar Trom leasT we Tnnd Shnrley Page on a MednTerranean crunse wnTh her hus band who ns very wealThy Back nn The aTmosphere oT The crysTal globe we Tnnd The mnsT Thnckennng and con gealnng Then darkness engulfs The globe and we can see no more Sixty four . I ' I F' .T .. V A ' - - ' nn nn ' I A U' , e . . ' f . ' Q4 , l L .V , nn" . ll , l L H 4 , Q . , X I .L g n A . A . 1 V . ' F T A T Q' l ., ll -V .H T ' , ' L . 4 . ' , ' ' , in ' o be A ' I , . . I . , . l 3 T . ' ' ' ' . . b Vs, 1 , E V A , . ' g T I er T' ", KA fn , E ' . ' H ll "i ill Ill W His 'iii ini vm I ,- W.. W H XW YFLE . Ne,.,.31 f'q5 ,, 57 . 4 MX IQIIWW Www ' .- -"-' .,-1? " Q" -.617-f.:3'. 1 4? f-f EMT T e AJLHIO Boa d O Id lkefl To fl wk flu s Frances Parker for Per nvalu ble is T erary Aovssor Mr E L U v amcsal advice M S eifruce ur Vypmq II classes Eno We fT1PV'YNbFFi of Th f ulfy for hear ffdlamq coo Qrafuon md + Q adverfrsers for Tmenr enfhusfgshc suooort 74 . .h f ' r U L ,, 1 I 'S r f i 51 gels if-QQ qs UT. ' 4 I . . X. la is for his fin ' I 2 X' is B K ' , tix ' Lawn, HW ' ,K .' . e . . P ac- T . K . . D , I A xh Of All Sad Words Now and Then on every school Youll always Tund some uTTer Tool ThaT sTncks up for The group oT men ThaT never were whaT They mnghT a been Such a Tool am l y'VuTh many a black and bruised eye To Tell my side oT The llTTle sTory ThaT made our Team look preTTy sorry Wfe sTarTed our season In a pool oT mud BuT The way we played :T soon was blood Q,ombnnaTuohs came and vvenT Soon our paT1ence was almosT spenT To guoTe Adam s words so good and Tune There s noThung luke a broken splne lT seems our TuTure was cuT and dried BuT you couldnT say we hadnT Trned We helped To puT more Teams ouT of acTuon Than had any oTher school or TacTuon Soon our repuTe was round The would Go To NorTh Easf :T you wanT To geT somled They came They saw They Tossed We fouled we killed we losT u:T yer smoking guuT yer boozung Come on men we keep on losing Thus spoke our ever TanThTul coach Whale Andy growled and muTTered 1 boach ThaT being whaT our Trouble was The nexT game we really began To buzz Darned buT we Took TT nlneTeen To zero Every man was a greaT bug hero The moral To Thus sTory being We fellows had sTopped our Toolush spreelng ERIE BUSINESS COLLEGE Establlshed 1884 The Outstanding School of Northwestern Pennsylvania for Accountmg and Secretarnal Trammg College Grade Courses Fxpert Teachmg Staff Modern Equlpment Ideal Surroundlngs Exceptlonal Placement Record Speclal Defense Trammg Courses Good Posrtnon for Esery Graduate VISIT THE SCHOOL Call 22 814 or Write for Catalog 220 W 9th St ERIE PA I Our work is done for those who love and remember Gramte and Marble Monuments KENNEDY MEMORIAL COMPANY 66 South Pearl St TELEPHONE 200 If ,, 0 0 O f , , . , 1 A I . .. .. V V I .STU Russell l7ov.fffll JL N. JC M JC ,C .K il JL JC JC :: ll ' 3 ,Y . rg . .. 1' 3 h . . . l 22 J I In " 0 . f u A i VIA K . v .f, 0 ' - ' ff Q . ' I ., 9 A . . V Y 3 If re . . , . sg C JL Il. DL JL JL 2 JL IL M C Compliments of MARKS FUNERAL HGME North East, Pennsylvania Phone 181 65 S. Lake St. Compliments of a Friend DR AND MRS M R OLEARY Compllments of H H Hlleman News Co Compllments of North East Plumbing Company Vogt s Bakery 9 West Mam St Telephone 324 J Compliments of 7 I U 0 Compliments of 9 7 'bc wr at 73 at 73 it 75 wc 1 LONG S Ladues Smart Apparel Q11 Stltc Stleet E11e Penum Compllments of HUTCHINSON ELECTRIC STORE 55 West Maln St Telephone 320 College In tl L -lu J' Styled Clothes E M u 1 Sults Topcoats Sport Ensembles College Shirts College Sh Lb Under ear HOSICTW College Ne kt es Coll ege H xts Lugg 15,0 Jewelry Always Reason xbly Prlced 817 819 821 We qt P A MEYER 81 SONS me Congratulatlons to the Class of 1944 CARL REIBS R 81 W STORE 7 'JC 'O if JL JL IL JL IL JC Sf. JL IL JL L 7 ' Y . H 1 2 A lx ' X 1' , i . I 1 'x W II.,r -' ' 5, 'MMM Q Q. Meyer-Quality cfm LL ' , ,- 5 1 11 or xl- - . O 1 F ' ' 0 " w 12 ' A' c i 1 ' zz f ' ' - - Er' 1 O C Il' N T . u o o 7 O O 72 9 'JC 7, 'if 7- W - it JC JL JC JL IL JL JL 3 LAKE SHORE SUPPLY COMPANY INCORPORATED TELEPHONE 201 GRAPE CITY BOWLING ALLEYS C E KRANTZ Compllments of a Frlend DR T S KELSEY Optometnc Eve Speclahst Hours 9 00 to 5 30 21 W Mann Street Compliments of 0 0 Compliments of O C I 7 'N' 'If W 7 V 5C 7- 79 T 'W 7 TRASK PRESCOTT 81 RICHARDSON CO DEPARTMENT STORE STATE AT NINTH STREET ICRIE PA A L Hartleys Grocery 1 NORTH FAST I X THE ELECTRIC MATERIALS CO North East Penna NOW A'l 'I enth and Peach Street SHOES FOR ALL IHE FAMILY bl 1 d Weschlers of course CHARLES AUTO SALES Used Cars Bought and Sold 166 NX PST MAIIN S1 TELEPHONE 116 VN GOOD LUCK TO IHIL GRADUATES UNION BUS TERMINAL PHONE 267 18 E Main St North East Pa L JL L JL L JL L JL L JL L , I ! Compliments of 9 I I 195 South Pearl S reel L . ' , 'I . Compliments of O , . A a n n Esta is IC 1901 O O O I I Q 0 76' 'OC if T 76 'Of 71' 7? QC 71 W L DL JL JL SC JL :L JL JL JC L Be in the Know . Read "The Aquilo" . . . and Meet Your Pals at the Ecoma Dairy Bar 5 affeaf MILK and CREAM EALLY FLOWERS Flowers F lowers Flowers Flowers Lllfl IHI' SPIRII INOURISH OUR SOULS S'lRI4NGlHEN OUR IAIIH BRICHIIRN THE OUILOOK FARM fl9MfAL POUL l RY Edwm GLADS Shnrley Jack O e Flowers MAINTAIN oUR COURAGE 0 T 11 3 W 7- 7t 53 'OC W 7' 5 The Greater Holllster 81 Phllllps CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS 'A' 'A' FOOTWEAR FOR ALL THE FAMILY' DRY CLEANING B ZINKS NORTH EAST HEAT and LIGHT GO G d G B g Appl an en an :L - o 0 0 A Complete Line of For Men and Boys y " Compliments of ' Distributors of as an as urnin . iances 3 31 Amerlca Looks to Youth On the battle fields of the world today American youth is doing its part in safeguarding democracy America is depending, on its youth to save the four freedoms On the home front America is also looking to its youth lhe students of North Fast High School and ex ery other high school in the nation are needed to help in the har than play But the American farmer knows that he can depend on youth to do its part lhe North Past and vicinity farmer grows quality pro ducts that are recognized the nation over The Sunshine Packing Corporation sends these products all over the world to the soldier in Alaska Hawaii Africa We must see that our American soldier has the food to win the war of Pennsylvania NORTH EAST PENNA L DL JL JL JL JL JC JL JL IL C O o o o ir vest. Vacation days this year will be ones of work rather ir O O O Sunshine Packing Corporation 1 1 12 at I-IGGUE S Cider and Planlng Mull CUSTOM PRESSING CUSTUM PLANNING Good Ladders T l ph 64-W NOR l H FASI -3 -J Compliments of 7 o o o and F S , . , , PA , : Q 1: SANIDA MILK ICE CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE Products of SANITARY FARMS DAIRY Compliments f THE NORTH EAST RIFLE CLUB Presldent R E BLYSTONE Treasurer EARL FEISS Ran e Oflicer ROBERT HOGUE 0 RANGE LOCAT ED UNDFR CRAMER GARAGF Comphments of a Frlend Compllme ts of PERDUE 8z ORTON FEED COAL SUPPLIES Telephone 366 7 'N' 'I TQ V N. 'D ,UQ- L Ac. :c 'JL :L an sf. JL ze. JL L ' ' ' 0 Secretary ....,...,...,v,.,,,,,,..,. GRANT GICK g .--..-. .--. ffff... ' n ' . , apr ,oc s C JL IL JL QL 31. JL BC SC JL L EDWXHBIQET Olzosls Western New York's Greatest Sporting Goods Store Distribu urs of P. Goldsmith, A. G. Sllaulding 8: Bros. and O'Shea Athletic Goods When in Buffalo Stop in and See Our Store M Q ROSE' SPORTING Goons H COU SE AGENCY Pne Automoblle md 5to1 m lIlSU.l moe Real Estate Lompl men ts of LORETO OGNIBENE 8: SON BARBERS and BOBBERS HOME OF THF PERSONALITX CUTS NIKLAUS BROS Farm Machmery and Dalry Equlpment 10 EAST STREET TELEPHOBE 162 J G ' X MCCORMICK-DEERING TRACTORS 5 we 1: uc 'sr we 1' we 1: 'oc s JL JL SL JL JL JL SL JL 'L JL IL Compliments of Chesley's Dairy AFTER GRADUATION . . . ATTEND Erie Commercial College 8th and State St., Erie, Pa. Complnments of Welch s Grocery 52 LIBFRTY PHONE 186 M Compllments f G C MURPHY C0 Compliments of Tom's Barber Shop 72 SOUTH PEARL ST Compliments of ALLEY SERVICE GARAGE W A SPENCER General Repairing Day and Night Towlng Servlce Gas 011 and Batteries Packard Sales and Servnce PHONE 107 R MECHANIC STREET N......JL1-Dsl.3L-.-Ju..-JL.--Jw L- 5 i7l -7 7 , ST. H - ' o I O l .. , . . . , , . . . . . . 7 2 JC JL QL I SMITH BROS. COAL and COKE 10 IOTHEL STRIIIIT 'l'El EPHONE 2 7 Compl' ent f BEHANS BEAUTY SHOPPE WILLIAM SCOULLER SHOPPER S GUIDE DR J PIERCE BASHAW all DR LLOYD R BASHAW Oste path Phys a s c,p1 f GEORGE BEMISS STORE llll S 0 9 Compliments of Compliments of 9 Compliments of W I O d O I 0 ic ici n 'om iments o 4. JL 'C JL It JL JC JC C JL C. Compliments of T h e H a r b 0 r Hurborcreek, Pa. HADBERG 84 DAVIS PHONE 84 461 315' vi Page s Greenhouses Dewey Road NORTH EAST, PA. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1944 . . . 4-'N' 'Y 'Yu , 5 E 'eu Bmw-W Compliments of A J YOUNGS Fruits and Fruit JUICCS Compllments of a Frlend Congratulatxons to the Class of 1944' Mlchael s Jewelry Store Compliments ot Markhams Muslc Co O U o Q ' 1 ' 9 , a 0 7? 'N' 73 7C 77 74' 71' 7? 7f 71 7 ws! IIISI-lill 5, Let s Meet and Gas J O B L L Super Servree Station J R BULL PENNZOIL PRODUCTS QUALITY TIRES AUTO LITE BATTERIES AUTOMOBILE NECESSITIES 1P'B'-lr Lake at Grant Street NORTH EAST PA 2 C 'J C C 'JC C : at JL :L JL : JL Q : f I I I Q I U E ' 0 0 Qi I op 09 U i - - " g Q 1 Ll - + 0' OIL -' 9 9 1 , . 72 7 5? 2 Complm ents rf THE NORTH EAST MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION MlHlSt6fS REV IVAN M SHREVE REV CALVIN S BREWER REV GAIL BERGSTRESSER REV CHARLES ALDRICH Churches FIRST PRESBYTERIAN FIRST BAPTIST ST PETERS LUTHERAN IMMANUEL EVANGELICAL FIRST METHODIST Behold the fear of the Lord that IS wlsdom and to depart from evnl IS understandmg Job 28 28 Sugden s Market FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES GROCERIES MEATS POULTRY 16 Clmton Street TELEPHONE 108 J L JL if. JC IL JL SL DL J- JL L ' 1 4 REV. EDWARD R. REIN 9 5 W 73 -JL -JL--32-i3L 11-.iii-J? L JL IC JL JL JL If. JL IL JL LL THE NATIONAL BANK OF NORTH EAST Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MEAD 81 BANNISTER Phone 171 Corner Mill and Wall bts North East Pa Defllers ln Flour, Feed, Gram, Ferhllzer and Farm Implements Wrse Feeders Use M 8: B Feeds DR and MRS E G SHELLEY A . . , L xi . O O O A 6 ' 9 7 . . . . llfll 1 E . II' I ES Nonrv-1 EAST, PA. Compliments of . . . . W 75 'JF 7? C 72 'JC 'If 'IS' 73 'IC C JL SL JY. It JL 'L lf. it DL C Compliments of DR. H. F. ADAMS We Congratulate the 1944 Graduates THE EDWARDS CCMPANY, Inc House Ifurmshmgb Comphme ts of CHARLES B LUKE ATLANTIC Lyasolme Ke1osene and Motor 0115 36 WEST MAIN ST NORTH EAST PA WEINHEIMER S GROCERY TELEPHONE 144 , . . N ' n , 1 ' , ' ' v 9 Free Delivery 13-15 W. Main Street 1 we w uc 1 We-ace 1. ace 1 E gc -1 Cmnplmunls ri DR AND MRS H G HENRY CAOIIIPIIITILDIS of CHARLES La ROCCA Sty le Shoes and Quahty Clothmg 12 CLINTON sr wonm EAST PA Complunc nts of LI W K SIOW JR US Navy ILXI E RI WORKMAWSHII PROMPI SI RX ILI DAN BILLMAN Tallor SUIIS AWD IOPCOAIS 'NIADIL I0 ORDI R Gnrmcnt Xltmrxtmns .1 bpc-uxltw 17' VS MAIN bl SILOINIJ ILOOR Compliments f MACKS RADIO 81 ELECTRIC SERVICE Houee and Cal Racllos A SANFILIPPO Falrlawn Store GIOCGIIGS bold Meats lwulte Vegetables CLINTOIN ST NORTH EASI PA L JL IL DL QL JL JL JL IL JL IL . I 1 1 , Y . . I . 1 , . . . , . ,4,,i,, 1, , Y-C '2 A A, L 2 ' . ' J: -v v , . .TI , , ' 0 7 w 4 A . I A .V 1' Y 1 4 1 H W 1 ' A77 - f 75 ,' ' . H, - 'JI 'Of 71 if 1? WW 7? 'if 75 W 7 K f fr? w I xy fill lf 1 HIGH ENERGY FOODS .. 2-ff are on the job on 'W' every Flghhng Froni c ll no 111 111 1111 lts lung mmlx 111 s 1 11 1 url s t l11111 1 1QLl1lEl1 msc L 1 tn . LI 1111x1111 . Ll 111 s mlx lll1tSl1lllIlIHll1Q nust 1 LZ 1111 IL I1 11 1 10 111 111 111 5 5 1 1 cleu11tw1 lt 1 Nltxll JlllN C 1111 ul S Students Teachers Busmessmen Housewlves .111 111111 to ha ll Cllllllfl xo111 s11.111 t1n1L 11111111 mg xxcelx Lncs 1111 1.111 nuns 1x1t1 It Ydlltlllg, urns lllii 1111 11rocus111gc1 x ll s crm DS Bum 11 1 loocl C r1111111.111fl11 1ml help fur X 111011 .nncl our gllllltfl for LS THE WELCH GRAPE JUICE COMPANY IL DL IL JL IL JL .TL JC SL JL IL Z K' 79' , VME l " ' , f 2' -7" ' ffl ' , "' 1,1 1 4 . W I J, W Lag N V 1 : '5 . ' 11 Q, .5133 J Nf 1 uf' ff,-1. Q Gi ' 31411 J f 1 f 1 - fpffw ' 2 ' xl ' .':l a", T-' EN lm, um:---W ' l . . 3: xii, ir." H, 2 "An z11'n1y 'z 1 go f 'tl -' tl: ' 5 jost e, S1111 1' line. fjlll' trm 11: are well l"cl, 'ell 5' clm tl - ,wvll cc1L1i1111ecl. I.'11l11lv hc 'z ' L-rs. thv foocl lDl'UL'0SSOI'S anal thc 11z1clicrs . . . lz1l1o1' J 'lllfl lllilll'1." t. Th uctiv' lill' ers of thv Q11z11'tc1'111'1st1' :1111l all thl- 111 101 uf :Q thc cjll2lI'lL'I'lH'lSl 1' Corps have kcpt ll' sup- 5' J "Wo 1 5 mise foocl. 111'11c1-ss it. ship 't, jet -f it to A 11" '11 S lclicrs vl 1 '- f'5'l t' jf to 111z1li 1 this 1 1 ' ' ' 1'lcl." 3: 2. I.ic1 . Fen. .l11sc11l1 T. 1 '.'z 'ncy D01 j ZIV' 'Stull' U J R, v . 1 . 54 J . rl l.' A I, . U. . , ' 1, ' 1 I -1,--, 1 I '- 'at' "I tl11l- 'J la ja l 1' f thlj yu ' ll " T ' 2 7 I ' 2 1 "xl the A'z ' . . . 1 ' Cut'- ,, 'F 'I 57 W 75 WC -Ji .LC 73 JL--JF TC- 7? Let Us Examme Your Eyes and FIT THEM WITH PROPER GLASSES DR R H COLLMAN O e st For Appolntment Phone 22 098 C H COLLMAN COIHDIIIHPIIIS mf North East F rult Growers Incorporated IELILPHONE 115 lle St t th If HIIADQUARI ERS FOR Internatlonal F ertlllzers Sherwm Wllllams Spray Materlals McAdam 81 Sons Farm Machinery O O O O ptom tri 0 0 M onic Temple 8th an e C s. Erie, P ' , U51 O hamvi ree Nor last, P 4 , , 79 7- 7? 5, 76 5 76 7- QC JC -L JC .L M. Sf. JL JC JL L Blaine-Mackay-Lee Co. Comphments of McMullen s Drug Store The REXALL Store PHONE 141 19 EAST MAIN ST ' 7 1 ac 'o vp ,ve ac 1 we T w we 1 Complnments of THE G A HAMPSON AGENCY Insulance Complnnents f Selkregg Hardware Company Gladys Glft Shop -k ALL LIINLS OI' CHIINA Hand Made Harness Smce 1891 LlCk s Harness Lasts Longer F E Llck Compln nents of DAVIS 81 BAKER Compllments of DeLAN D S GROCERY C JL IL JC IL JL SL JL il. JL L I C ' ' 0 1 il ' 0 , o iv HBURVVOOIY' NOVELTIES ii - ' ,Y ' 9 'l 9 7? 7? 'Of WY 7? 7C 75 'If 'J L JL LL JL JL JL IL JL JL JL JL E. H. Brockway's Grocery GROCERIES and MEAT 22 E. Main St. North East, Pa. OPEN NIGHTS SALCHOW DRUG STORES 5 WEST d 9 EAST MAIN ST NORTH EAST PA Best Wrshes to the Class of 1944 Sklff s Hat Shoppe BROWNb1lt SHOE STORE R J FELMEDEN Quallty Footwear for the Entue Famlly 17 w MAIN STREET Nonru EAST PA Reg lar Gas Pr c Kn ckless ered Ends Ha d Carbon T oubles Surp sung M leage CRAMER S SUNOCO SERVICE STATION 7 W 7 Ti 7 TC 'D 76 7 'N' 7 . an . , . ' 7 . , . 1 . Q 1 ' C u i e Q n C High Pow- I r r Q ri ' i 1 9 - . . y . . . . . , - 4 l - Q W P ROUSE 81 SON WE RE IN A BLACK BLSINESS BUT WE TREAT YOU WHITE GRAY S DINOR Wh 16 the Students Eat 36 E MAIN sfr ORVILLE S BOGENSCHUTZ WESTIINGHOLSE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Home Fumlshmgs F1001 COV6III'1g'S Wall Papel and Peunt Beddmg HILL 81 HILL C1v1l Engmeers East Mam Street N01 th East Pa L JL L JL L JL L JL L JL L C mplune t f I O .. , , H 1 C mplnne1 t f 7 if 0 . L 1. H Compliments of l 1 ' Y 1 T L ' n J 1 0' . ' ' w. , ' , 1 L I s r 7 7 W 'O 71 72 71 7? 'IC 1 'lf 'J L JL .C ' 3C Sf. JL JC JL Cf. DL if. Uncertain world conditions and the ever present problem of distribution loehooves the horticultur- ist to preserve and market his products through- out the year Keystone Cooperatwe Grape Association NORTH EAST PENNA f democracy will function in faimeis organization to the adxantage of the grow ei and the community 1-...Je vv- 0. w--if--2 -W WL--PE-.-.-JL... -J I O 0 0 A , . Cooperation, the key o " 1, ' ' ' . 1 7 " ' v . x -L-- v Compliments of Hartley's Cash Grocery GROCERIES and MEATS 110 South Lake Street PHONE 309 POP SELKREGG l"2ef5 yOU I"0I'l'l l1lfYL0l'lg f odlefi happy to share your memorles of North East Hlgh G J .J .JG L... G f Ae IO ' .l F. E. SELKREGG, .74 Bastlan Brothers Co Rochester N Y Fngr rx ed Commencement Announcements N mme C611 ds Essentral War Work CHARLES E MCDONALD 920 Investment Bldg 239 Fourth Ave PITISBURGH 1223 PA Compliments of L W CROOT 9 Dry Goods 0 Ready to Wear Telephone 324-R North East, Pa J fl IL JL JL JC JC JL JL 34. JL DC IL I l C , . . Designers and Producers of Exclusive Class Jewelry l J "2 ' I ' Z . . L, O O Breeze Publrshrng Co, Inc Pubhshel s of THE NORTH EASF BREEZE Prlnters of the Aqullo Always the Best rn Screen Irntertamment At Popular Prices ' L JL JL JL :L DL :L JL QL Qc, g O O O x . w T r h r rrrrrrr rrrrrrrr ' r rrrr r rrr " E 4 I I I Y7 56 'lf 'JC 'JT 'lf 'L 'JC 5? 7C 7- 7? SL JL It J If. JL 2 M. SC JL IL Compliments of DALE HUTCHINSON Sporting Goods - Bicycles - Fishing Tackle Tires and Tubesee -Vulcanizing--Accessories KELLER THEATRE BUILDING North East Cooperative -r G L F SERVICE ING North East Pa IT PAYS THE BEST THE CO OP WAY 16 GRAHAMVILLE ST TELEPHONE 70 BLYSTONE S GARAGE Telephone 205 38 East Main bt JEWELRY AND IPS KINDRED LINES in quality merchandise only' J WAYNE HASKELL Iewelei md Optometl lSt soL rn LAKE sr Nomn E lsr 7 7? 7 79 7 7? 7 7? 7 79 7 0 O O , 0 , . C mpliments of 7 ' 1 . 1 2 :- 26 ' T' ' . , , PA. ' P steurlzed M1lk Is A ways S f 1 orth East Dairy Company lelephone 189 80 Grahamvllle St NEDCO PRODUCTS Mllk Cream Cottage Cheese Butter Butter Mnlk Chocolate Drmk Orange Drmk YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVI I FD IO VISI'I OUR PLANI Quallty wlth SCFVICC Our Mrlk Is Sealrfght Hooded for Your Protection Comphments of Fwst Natlonal Bank NORTH EAST PA The Old Rellable L JC IC JC IC lf. IC JL IL M. C C ' ' 99 a l a e . ' Y , 9 Y H . . . ,, O 9 , . fy LZSLYJI. 'E If ?:,:f.ff1f' t.D? '66 ""3-Vs' v,favj,Q+, x gaif if 66 ' 79 'lf 9 TQ 55 71 'If 'if 'JZ W 7' 'If Todklll Chapman 1 1 J 1 Q P ....J2-.--...Ji-...--JZ-.-...--7l.....-.-J1--.--JC---...-9i.........7C........J2...-....?C...-.....?-.... sc an ac sc sc ac :L an :c an sc 3 2 H if X 2 H if X P4 75 if ri 54 T5 Q Q if X . H ri 22 pi 54 H 21 It 54 r' 24 Ji t4 v Fi L JL Il. J SC JL :L JC JC JL SL BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF 1944... WALLIN STUDIO IHF PLACF '10 HAVE YOl R CAP AND GOWN PHO TOS MADE 17 John S DIEGES 8: CLUST treet New Yo Offlclal Jewelers for the Class of 1944 'VIAN bl ACI URING SPF CIAI IH IEWEI FRS rkNY LY 7 A '10 NV1 Y K 11 Jr1Y" Ju Hingis, Pins, Medals, Athletic Awurfls, Charms if 1 79 1' UC 3 if 7 'N' 3 72 FHF OUKI ITY SPECIALTY SHOP OF ERIE 55112 malls jfmrus 610 mS5Q f l ff Keystone Brand JUICE JACGB HALLER COMPANY F e Pnnsyl n Compl t f HIGHLAND FARMS mpl MARK HARRISON Pfimtel and Decolatol C mph nts of G C GRAHAM J ust1ee of the Peace Compliments of DR R. C SCRAGG 7 'JC 7 7? 7 7? 7 7C 7 7C 7 L 3L JL JL JL IL SL JL JL JL L My Ti 8 ZW f BUY FROM YOUR HOME-OWNED GROCERY! 66 77 ' -ri , e ' va ia imen s 0 Co iments of 0 'me eepsake KOPCKE DIAMOND RINGS For Hls Graduatlon G1 ts WE SUGGEST B V D Pajamas 0 Brrthstone and Fmblem Arrow Shirts Rmgs 'l res 0 Complete Lme of Handkefchlefs Jewelry Holeproof Hosrery Robes Danford C Cushman mtkok Belts Iewelel Jewelry Sets 21 East Mam Street GREEN S RED C84 WHITE STQLQE We Deln er CRAMER MOTOR COMPANY CHEVROLFT and OLDSMOBII E Sales and Servxce 26 28 L MAIN Sl PHONI- 188 NORTH IHASI JC CL JC SC JL Sl. JL JC JC JL I ' ln Q f O I I O . . . ' S u 1 . ' ' ' 1. . . ' I ' A C . . ' . S Q i . 7 a D ' ' T I - - I S' '. I ' I ' ', PA. 2-1 3 - . -I 1 wc 1 11. S T E T S O N S General Store Sportmg Goods Wall Paper HardWa1 e Pamte Iv Ili I 3 BOSTON STORE ER I F PA ll"C MA MADF Bread "IT'S THE BEST" You Can Always D11 PFND Upon 1 ur uann,af,,,, I Q' rnnuum W' F ro Joy Ice Cream In North East go to' 0 SALCI-IOW'S DRUG STORE 0 CARL RIZZO 0 GRAY'S DINOR if Lake Shore DIVISION GENERAL ICE CREAM CORP .921 JL -JL. 'JG 7? . 'li 7 JL 'L JL JL JC JL JL SL JL 2 C mpliml ms f .32E:z.3:1:.1s:1.:-f..2Zf5'li::f H.:Q:1:::a352a.5.1.'., I E245 'Y Fr El ' v Il' f 'R :HQ 255552222525--5' Tl H 41'-, sqzgsggsgsgsefgag- ..-----------.---- - if.fllj1p!:? Wlllmf-ef - ,jiffil ,. ' ,.,. izgzgf22'??7 F , 1 w J' will r' 6 S -2 'll 1- if 2 Q W S I RK 'Wm Y ' .4 4 L JC L JL If. JL C. JL .IL if. L CGLLINS SPORT SHOP Jamestown N Y and MRS CARL A KARSH W L STOW Insurance 0 WILSGN 81 SON Moitlcldns W 7 7? 7 7? 1 7? 3 -J Compliments of 1 J Q n Q Compliments of DR. S. . . . Compliments of i i O C A A . if Comp11mLntQ of F H MCCORD 8: C0 Lmnpll llll n ls of Anna Mays Beauty Shop MARY E STONE PIIONL ZH W 'NORIH LXKI Sl o11g,1.1tul.1t1rms to the Class of 19 ' ST GREGORYS PARISH Cmnpllmn nts of Wllllam W Dlehl Rfglstel ed Plumbew I9 CI IN IOY Sl CAIIHPIIIIIL nts 1 I Whlte Dmer CORXN1 lxIINl NlXRfLI'RllEDl'XU L JL SL DL IL JL SL JL JL JL L O Q O 7 CLINIC Bl'll,DlN'G NORTH ICAST. PA. Compliments ui' Ross Mzmor I Sf J- ' 52,' " , Q C 1' " - ' .' 1 ' - S ' .4-1 . ! i A 'l 1 - ' ' ' ' .' 1' if 'IC 7? 'JC if 'IC 7? if 73 'JC 7 L it .L QL SL JL SL JL .IC JL L CARNAHAN BROS. A F Smlth C mpl ments of and M L ANDFRSON D CARL SCHMITT K 1 S Smoked and Ifresh Meate zz SOUTH IAKL Sl NORTH mu PA BURROWS HARDWARE CO ll I EPHOINF 165 NORTH FAST PA L nplnments of THE DOROTHY JANES BEAUTY SHOP I4 N INE SIRFFI NORTH FAST PA lelephone 162 W Co w :mu of C I lu i S. L. ' . . , , . D. S. All il d of . . - ' I ' , . Compliments of I , , T , , . . . , , . 'Ol ' ' , . ,, A 4 4 4 Y 7? '33 'if 71 if 'R V 71' 7? if 'lf 'IC 1-V--.........-..--..,..-.. .-...,......-.......- pq ...,.. .,-W.....,.-.....------..., ...,..,,..,, ,.,., ,

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North East High School - Aquilo Yearbook (North East, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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