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9""g.' I ri 1 S A N THE AQUILD YEAIQ Boon or N. E. H. I. DUBLISHED BY THE CLAII DI: 1940 DEDICATIDN As a token signifying our deepest thanks and appreciation for his loyalty and his active participation in all student functions, we, the class of 1940, in all sincerity dedicate this "Aquilo" to Mr. Stanley Ralston. BDAIQD Cf EDUCATIDN President . .... ,,,, T , C, Hill Vice President .... ....... J . M. McCord Secretary .,... .... T heodore Sprague Treasurer .... ..,. G . B. Mackay MEMBERS D. G. Norris Russell Youngs Virgil Black Mark Orton Mrs. Elizabeth Sceiford Dr. Henry F. Adams Three IC. C. DAVIS Sunervisimg Prlncllml B. S, New York University M. Ed. University of Pittsburgli 'The man with the "million dollar" smile is Mr. Davis. His sense ol' hu- mor and public speztking' ability make his ahpeztvance popular at any time, He often semis a substitute to buy his newspaper, but he always gets his haircuts at Mike's in person. NYLA FREE A. B. Pennsylvania Stale College Petite is the word for Nyln. Her clothes relleut the latest style trends. and her variety of shoes makes all the girls envious. She has a method of her own in teaching: lflnulish IV that makes even the most be'ittlinp: students happy followers ol' Macbeth. ll. A, FOIZDYCIC B. S. Pennsylvania, State College 11' anyone still thinks ll, farmer is dumb after Mr. Fordyce has turned out a flnishesl product, may he be svorned to shaine. VVhen diseibline is mentioned, the Freshmen say his bite is muvh. much worse than his bark. Never gather the opinit n that he has no sense oi' humor just be- vause he doesn't laugh when he tt-I s 11 joke. B I'IA'l'RlCE I., IIA li RISON' B. S. Indiana. Pa.. State Teachers' College Upon Miss Harrison rests the re- sponsibility of tactfully convincing' tardy students that they were later than they thought. She remains calm and pleasant even after the incessant poundinf: of typewriters five days a week. Her even temper and ready wit are sreat factors in making her Glasses so sucvessful. HE FACIJLT Four JOSICPHINIJI IC. SCOULLER Assistant l'l'llll!lll1ll A. B. University of Pittsburgli Miss Soouller rules in study hall. and she keeps her patienve and sense of humor oven after the strain oi' the bailllng poarance of three desk bells. Her indly ,Lvuidance and ire- quent help are :1 boon to upper Class- inen as well as to Freshmen. S'l'ANl.EY E. llAI.S'1'0N B. S. Slippery Rock State '1'0ilt'llCl'S' College liizr. and ol! y! Stan loves to tell jokes, rep X mr otherwise, and Freshmen tli he is extremely 4-lever. O e students know him to be 1 - 'round fellow. and he pro 'es s a "he-man" by taking' E 'i e QU hikes with the Hiking i NOILI lf, Slll-IRIDAN A. B. Pennsylvania State College Instilling' fear into the hearts of Oulprits and admiration into the eyes of the consuiontious, Miss Sher dan is :1 friend indeed. lSin:.:'o and basketball are her spovialtios. and her Caustic comments i'olicel'l1im.:' the absence list :five her class delightful diver- sion. S7 K ' i , ,, , 6. I,-hvg, IVA DE SKl'IL'1'0N B. S. l-ldinboro State Teacheis' College As a new teacher here. Mr. Skelton really rates tops, He is especially noted for his neat clothes l'0I1lhlll2l.- tion and his Ford. Authorities say he is quite a skating' enthusiast: and as far as athletics go, he is always on hand to support the home team. NVQ llnd him to have a rare sense of humor and a knavk of being' able to teach the Freshmen without too much exertion. CICCICLIA BELL A. B. Allegheny College Her dark hair and sparkling: eyes make her rate as one ol' our pret- tiest teachers. Her classes run smoothly and are well disciplined. She is running' over with ideas for French Cluh entertainments. and at- tempts at simrine' French songs are rapahly aided hy her, H.Ul0l.D Mac'l'ARNAGIlAN H. Allercheny College "The XVizard of Oz" was a sissy ronmared to "Mae" during' lah prep- arations. In study hall and in his classes. his sense of hearing: and see- ing is acute. A nliotosrrapliiv fan. hc :roots a lot oi' fun out of Camera Cluh. of which he is the capable advisor. BIARIAN .IIILGRIII B. S. Mercyllurst College For n new addition to our teavh- in:.:' staff, Miss :xhlS'.'l'ilT1 has in-"naged several out-oI'-the-ordinary feats with :rreat surcess anions' her var- ious classcs. She is certainly easy to look at. and if she tear-hes her students to sew as well as she does, wc'll have a very chic looking stu- dent hody. RALPII VAXS'l'0NH B. University of Illinofs "Little Van" is a dynamie enerine of energy twhen he's in the moodl. He is superstitious ahout his liasket- hall team. and suspicious oi' the exf cnses given hy the ,frirls in his ,aryin classes. l-le her-omes extremely ex- asperated at the loouacity of his vlasses and is noted for "duel: walk" henalties. I-Ili FACULT Five 'Q' CONCE'l"1'A GALBO B. C. S, Mercyhurst College A fluent speaker with a pleasing' voice, Miss Galho consistent y turns out exceptional students oi' short- hand and hooklceeping: Her charm- ing' manner and neat appearance make her well-liked hy everyone. AAMI4! l..KUllA SIIEIIILKXGIC A. B. Villa Marie College For such a, tiny person, Miss Sher- rangre has more pen and ambition than three other persons. She rules her classes with zi Ilrm and forceful hand and commands the respect of everyone, Her popularity with girls is evident in the fact that she has lieen Girl Reserves' advisor for sev- eral years. FII I-IDl'IRlC,K ICR FF ll. S. Pennsylvania State College Mr. Serff is the genial conductor of our various mi sical or anivations. He often appears on the skating' rink. and were we surprised when he save his permission that the or- chestra play popular plcc-es! I NATI .. IOLLANIJ A. , Grove City College Miss Holland has quickly won :L place for herself in our hearts. Var- iety is her theme, not only in hair styles hut also in clever belts and orizrinal ideas. She cahab'y lTlfll'lil5l'0S her Sociology Classes and Dehatins' Team when they sometimes HJ get out ol' hand. even if she has to c-ite a lf'alrview examhfe to bring' about order. AQUILO B0 DD ASSISTANT EDITORS Margery Burden R. 'Ruth Norris PERSONAL EDIOTORS Lucille VVassink Lila Jean Kunkle Donald Ball Norman Barton BUSINESS ADVISOR Earle C. Davis EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Owen Sheridan ART EDITOR Virginia Pellor JOKE EDITORS Harold Greeninan Ruth Riefstahl SALES AN D DISTRIBUTION Julia NVagner Reid Mays Six LITERARY EDITORS Jean Ruble Eleanor Herrick Fred Sladden ADVERTISING EDITORS Charlotte Hollister Elvora Goodspeed Charles Cook Robert Cook LITERARY ADVISOR Nyla I. Free CLAII EI i RAYMOND ARCHER "Bud" is one of those St. T5Z1l'l'lll.lHlS boys-you know, the ones who are always late. Football was his sport but we think he's eliangrell DOXV. At least he seems to shine at all the dances and suvh, Xlfe e:1n't make ull our minds. thou:.:'h, just who the drawing' Card is. PHY LLIS JEAN BAKER Girl Reserves 123 133 Frenvh Club H3 To roller skate is "Phil's" aim. She is quiet and has a pleasing' DOI'- sonality. 'Ruth XVheeler will be lost without ber next year. She likes to drive a Ford. ROBERT' DONA LD BALL Band Q13 Q23 133 Q43 Orvhcstra 123 C33 Q-I3 French Club Q-I3 Camera Club Q33 U3 Hi-Y Club Q23 133 Q43 Debating' Club Q23 133 Class 'l'reasurer H3 Aouilo Board The Mill's little handy man. "Mn- sio's my ambition and llilli-l"DOllg'S my racket." This is a slogan our Mr, Hall foes by. His heart belongs T0-Gill!-l'9l'. Don's friendly attitude and his avtlve part in students acti- vities has made him a. great help to all of us. NORMAN ll. BARTON Orchestra 433 Q43 Band 123 Q33 H3 Biology Club 123 Aqullo Board Music and dancing enliven Nor- n1an's life. And oh! That Grove City belle! "Hank" really plays a. hot clarinet. too. Hes especially noted for his line and we don't mean :L tlsh line either. Perhaps that speaks lor h's avtins' abllityg that ls. he really knows his lines. I-IE CLA!! I: 194 Seven JANE BEMISS Gill Reselvas U3 Q23 133 C13 Glee Club L33 U3 Latin Club 133 U3 Biology Club Q23 "Janie" takes a very active part in the Epwortli l.eng'ue of the Meth- odist Church. Xveck-end visits from lkleadville keep the smile upon her fave. Her musieal ability is trans- ported to us throul.:'h the Xylophone. .E-he is :L sincere friend. CENIQVI EVE liS'lFlll'2R BENNETT Girl Reserves 123 Xlfhen other girls refused to assist in a few niagic tricks, Genevievds lcrit and iletermlnation showed her io be a. worthy assistant to the ma- gician. She is often seen with her brother Ted. and has proved. not Ollly at the Reid home where she works. but also in school. to be a. trustworthy and noble friend. IIOXVARD THORNTON BOYD Orchestra Q23 133 H3 l-loward has no end to his musival ability. playing: the violin and ,fruitar with exceptional skill. A musical Career is his ambition. Howard says the violinists must play to.Q'ether to procure perfect harmony. Maybe that explains his playfulness towards lloselyn. MA RG ER Y 'PR EAT BU RD EN Girl Reserves U3 Q23 433 U3 Glee Club Q13 123 Q33 Q43 Latin Club Q33 L43 French Club U3- Camera Club 433 443 Bi0l02L'Y Club Q23 Art Club Q43 Aquilo Board Hiking' Club U3 Her verbal dexterity is found in her brain child. the "Anuilo Jr." Pitt Center is living' up to its name by being' the "center" of her affectlonsg incidentally his name is "Bob", "Mar- gie" takes an enthusiastic part in school at-tivities, There ought to be a "Greeklo3" club for her. THE CIAII DI: l94O CHESTER IVILLIAM CASCONI Football Q35 Q45 Basketball Q35 Q45 Biology Club Q25 In football and basketball "Chet" has more than proved his worth. Being' jolly. good-natured. and every- borly's pal is second nature to him. A person would go a long' way to Ilnrl as true a friend. He's a hard worker and is very thoughtful of others. .urrnvn curzsmfzv, Jn. F. F, lx. Q35 Q45 XVhere there is a Skating' rink. there is Art, for roller skating heads the list of pastimes with this lad. His knowledge of science centers around the automobile. and to name lt as his future ambition would not be exaggerating. As a loyal and co- operative worker of the F. F. A.. Art is known and recognized by all. C HA RLES F, CO0K Basketball Q15 Q25 Q35 Q45 Football Q15 Q25 President Q25 Athletic Council Q15 Q35 Hi-Y Q25 Q35 Aquilo Board One of our big' men-versatile. ac- tive. popular. All through high school Virginia has been his one and only. An athletic star, we hope his run in life will be as successful as it has been in athletics. ROBERT LA VERSE COOK Football Q15 Q25 Q35 Q45 Basketball Q15 Q25 Q35 Q-l5 Hi-Y Q15 Q25 Q35 145 President Q15 A. A. Council Q45 Aquilo Board Some say Bob's inspiration comes in those letters from Pittsbursrllg but be that as it may, he is never lack- ing' in ability either on the basket- ball court or the gridiron. His two strongest hobbies are playing' cards and those mile walks up to Punk's. Though big. he is realli' quite harm- less after you know him well. Eight ROSELYN IMAE CURTIS Glee Club Q2 Q35 Q45 Orchestra Q25 Q35 Q45 Biology Club Q25 Art Club Q45 Girl Reserves Q15 Q25 Latin Club Q35 Q45 Hiking Club Q45 The "4-H" Club finds her an active member. VVe c:m't decide whether it is the violin or the violinist that at- tracts "Pop-Eye's" attention: per- haps it's both. Helen rates first as her school chum. Her motto is "Love me. love my violin." CHARLO'l"l'E ALICE CUSHMAN Biology Club Q25 Glee Club Q25 Q35 Q45 Hobby Club Q35 French Club Q-I5 Charlotte has quiet ways and stu- dious tendencies. She works stead- ily ancl willingly. and excels because she is so capable and conscientious. Helen and Roselyn are among her best friends. ALIC E LOIU'l'l"l'A DEC KER Girl Reserves Q15 Q25 Q35 Camera Club Q45 Alice is quiet and capable, She will certainly make a place for herself in the business world she is plan- ning to enter. for she has shown a. great deal of ablity. accuracy. and perseverance. Alice is kind-hearted. pleasant. and studious. ROBERT EDWARDS Latin Club Q35 Q45 To be seen and not heard is the preferred motto taken by this cer- tain Senior. although not timid in any sense of the word. Stamps and baseball provide the satisfied, recrea- tion for Bob who has much know- ledge of both. THE C All F1940 MARIE GAR X0 YV Camera Cluh 133 Girl Reserves 113 123 Glec Club 113 Biology 123 Marie is a hard-working young' lady who seems to helievc that "si- lence is Holden." Tall. s'eudcr. and quiet. Marie is not fond of hcing' in the llineligrhtz yet she's always "there" when she is needed. She is a. dcpendahle person on whom we like to rely, KYAl,'l'lSR IV. GODSIX Camera Cluh 1-I3 liiology Clllll 123 llehating Cluh 123 133 1l3 Latin Cluh 133 1l3 Hiking' Cluh 143 "The little hip: shot" of the Senior Class. "Greeko", as we call him. is to he envied for his line scholastic let-ord. From reports a'athered. we hear that Margie has attained first nlaee amonir his school activities. NVa'ter's ainhition to arirue is well consumed hy the ln-hatini.:' Cluh of which he is a whole-hearted and ac- tive participant. ELYORA I.-. GOUDSPE ICD Basketball 1l3 123 133 1l3 Girl Reserves 113 1231 33 li'olog'y Cluh 123 133 Athletic Council 133 Auuilo Board Camera Cluh 133 Clothes have always heen a spe- clalty with her. Xlihenever seen. she is generally with Boh. "Punk" is especially active in school athletics and outside sports, takini: a partic- :llIll' interest in haskethall and skat- ni-T, ll A ROLD G ll EICNMA N l-'oothall Manairer 143 liaskethall 133 143 liaskethall Manager 113 Hi-Y 133 1-I3 Camera Cluh 133 1l3 Biology Cluh 123 Auuiln Board Band 123 133 143 Orchestra 143 Hiking' Cluh 143 So you're a Jltterhui.:'? lVell. .lit- tcrhugs are tahoo with Mr. Green- man. The old art of telling' jokes is a favorite pastime with "Squawk." Miss l-'arver is this g'entleman's choice for "First Lady." Harold takes a very active part in many of the school's activities and is well- known and liked hy all. Nine ELISA X011 LOUISE ll ICRIKICK Glee Club 1l3 123 Girl Reserves 113 123 133 1I3 Vice President 123 Secretary 133 Biology Cluh 123 133 Camera Cluh 133 1-l3 Dehatingf Cluh 123 1,13 Aquilo Board French Cluh 1-13 Hohhy Cluh 143 Hiking' Cluh 1-I3 Being' neat ami accurate. Eleanor is a. very capahle girl. Friendly and cheerful and with somethlnrr original to tell us, she is the possessor of many friends. among' them "lJunk." CllAlll.0'l"I'l'I liS'l'llER IIOLLISTER Baskethall 123 133 1,13 Girl Reserves 113 123 133 143 Biology Cluh 123 Cheerleader 113 123 133 1-I3 Camera Cluh 133 Athletic Council 133 Aquilo Board Holly sparkles on the haskethall court and also as a cheerleader, She is noted for her never-failinir cheeri- ness and good humor. Sunday nights as well as lnany other nlfrhts are always left open for Harold. Even though she is a Senior. she just can't he dir-Tnifled. ADA HOPKINS She is practiclnp: housekeeping' at the home of Dr. Kelsey. rzmrlisli talks hothered her hut she is a whiz at shorthand. At present. she is lll'i-!1lll1ll'IL-Z' of marriage and Vermont. one is as modest as a violet, RH' HAR Il IIOXYA R D llikinir Cluh 1l3 Biology Cluh 123 Camera Cluh 1-I3 Dehating' 143 Hi-Y 133 143 A loyal memher of the Boy Scout movement. "Good Deed Dunk" really knows what it's all about when it comes to schoolwork too. It has heen said that the trail from the Middle Road to lCleanor's house is being' considered hy the government as a possihle state highway. He takes an active interest in many school activities and is truly a con- scientious worker. THE C All F1940 CLARENCE E. HUTCHIXSON Football Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 Basketball Manzlsier Q-11 Athletic Council Q21 Biology Club Q21 I-li-Y Q11 Q21 A more faithful supporter in tho Athletic Cause would he hard to find, In the summer time, you will gener- ally find him at his "Orchard Beach l-Estate." Ruth is the reason he spends many nights on East Main St. lIl'Il.l'IN MARIE KAUFMANN Biology Club Q21 French Club Q41 XVe don't know a great deal ahout her outside of school, but we do know that she is a good worker. with a lot of ability and a love of fun. Helen is quite clever in class and the master of a. larsre and well- chosen vovabulary. LILA JEAN KUNKLE Glee C ib Q 1 Q41 .a a. b Q41 ' ' g uh Q41 ' . ' Club Q-11 ee 'e ry Q41 Aquil Board Girll serves Q11 Q21 Q31 Q-11 Sweaters, sovks, and skating' are her hobbies. The future will flnd her an addition to Grove City College. She is attractive. studious. and un- derstanclins: At ping-pong' and ten- nis she has few equals, GEORGE MACK.-KY LICK Camera Club Q31 Q-11 French Club Q41 Biology Q21 Band Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 George is rather silent as to his future occupation in life: but if he does as well as he has clone at North East, his future is sure. since perse- verance is one of his Chief c:ha.raCter- istivs. In the summer time one can llnd him almost every day at the lake. Ten HELEN BISRNIECE LOOP Glee Club Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 Lattin Club Q31 Q41 1-lobby Club Q31 Basketball Q21 Q31 Girl Reserves Q11 Helen proves the truth of the old saying. "The only way to make a friend is to be one." The Latin Club ilnds her a very active member, and she fills the position well as secre- tary and treasurer. She completes the well-known trio together with lioselyn and Charlotte. EDXVARD JOHN' LIIEBKE Hi-Y Q21 Q31 Q-11 Band Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 Orchestra Q21 Q31 Q41 Camera Club Q31 XVe call him "Kin:-1' of the Slush- Pump." You often Ilnd him hidden behind one of his special "stogies." Frankness is one ot' his most :Ld- inired v:hara0teristi0s, To many he is known as the "lied and XVhite" delivery boy. RUFUS M. Luisnliic Football Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 "Rule" says his Chief pastime is eating, but another is colecting' pipes. Some of them are very rare Qsmelling1. A valuable man on the grridiron. his place will he hard to Illl. Rufus is aways good-natured and carefree. Another of his pas- times is setting pins in the bowling' alley. ' WI Lib Q 1t1',ti'lI shack 'lt Ortlrr 1 pastime, lo lowin ' ii 's ls ootstehs, Killer' will make -L cl cupenter. H is 'tn asset o ehxting C, ub 'ts -L driver. 1. mf 0 , l ' I O . - 131 Q41 ' fa - .1 . . . ' .1 cl is the foremost Maas and : . F s i hi 6 A' z' e . . K tl e I i U ll l 1 THE CLA!! I: 1940 w. .u.1..iN Mat'DONALD Football up 14A5 Asst. Football lklanager 125 135 Camera Club 135 "Mac" seems to be the tall. digni- fled type in school. although reports from his friends tell us different'y. His hea.rt be'ongs to Aviation: and from what we hear. he has made rather deilnite plans for the future. Aside from being! the janitor's han- dyman. Mads outside interests are usually found in the C. M. T, C. or- gzanivation of which he is a loyal member. ESTE Ml LAN MAXON His brother's 'Terraplane provides the satisfied reereation for Este. while Harry and Don make the fa- mous threesome of which he is a gallant member. "One word well spoken is as good as two." is the motto and attitude taken by Max who believes that every word should count. ll. REID DIAYS, JR. Football 115 125 135 Biology Club 125 Camera Club 145 Hi-Y 1-I5 Athletic Council 125 135 Auuilo Board ' As :mother exponent of the si'ent type. Reid holds fast to his ag'ree- ment, His knowledge of wo."d W de exents is mostly obtained through a correspondence with his pen page Elirl friends who seem to be his num- ber one hobby and interest. The A and P reserved a place for Reid's salesmanship ability, a.lthoug'h that is not his ambition. MA R Y MARGA RET MEE HL Glee Club 115 125 135 145 Girl Reserves 115 125 135 145 Camera Club 135 145 Biology Club 125 Basketball 145 Mary lnay be called Miss SCouller's private secretary for she is a great help in keeping the roll of the Senior Class. One will often find "Mig'g-le" writing" letters to friends in Pitts- bursh. .She has worked hard on the girls' class basketball team. Eleven FRANCES IRENE I 'YICR Glee club I115 Biology Clmlb 125 1 Basketball 115 125 135 1-15 "Dust of the Earth" proved that dramatic ability is a natural with "Pat.", Her best t-hum is her sister Joan.f The basketball team will miss a good guard next year, , I I JOAN ,'EDNA MEYER ' GleegiGlub 115 iolosy 125 seeth:-t'1 ,115 125 135 115 Secretary 125 Another one of those tzfented Mey- ers'. Joan keeps the torch of drama- tic ability burning' bliechtly. Reports from our Roving' Reporters tell us that she will soon be walking up the aisle to the strains of the old wed- ding march. Joan's active part in sports as well as her gleaming per- sonality keep her well in the lime- light of the student body. CAR MELLA MARIE MORILIA Girl Reserves 115 125 135 145 Basketball 125 Camera Club 135 Carmella is as unusual as her name. Besides enjoying' the outdoor life. she likes to sew and is a great lover of music. You can often see her strolling' up the street with Vir- ginia. CLARA NICASTRO Girl Reserves 125 1-I5 Clara's lustrous well-kept hair is the envy of many a girl. She spends much of her leisure time helping around the school, As forward on the class team. she has helped us Win many games. Another ot' her diversions is dancing. 'un I-1 Y .47 THE CLAII F 1940 BIfA'l'RICE RIITII NORRIS Orchestra Q15 Q25 Q35 Q-15 Cheerleader Q15 Q25 Q35 Q-i5 Girl Reserves Q15 Q25 Q35 Q-15 lliking' Club Q-15 Debating' Club Q25 lilology Club Q25 French Club Q45 Camera Club Q15 Aquilo Board The Norris home seems to he the current Mecca for pins-pong' enthus- iasts. They say "Pussy" is the rea- son XVesleyril'e moved to North East. Skating' is her second love and she is also very active as a cheerleader. She is following in her brother's lootsteps as the "Terror in the Ter- raiJ!ane." XVI LLIAHI P. PALMER Football Q15 Orchestra Q15 Hi-Y Q35 'IB li" is never downheartedg he is always ready with that cliaracler- istic Sllllle, He tells some good slor- ics. too: and whenever you hear that 'vodenu' jive." it is always Bill. 'l'll0lltrli modest. he knows a lot. He is a, steady worker, and collecting' good marks in tests is his pastime. VIIXGIXIA M. PELLOR 4French Club Q35 Q45 Art Club Q-l5 Hiking' Club Q45 Aquilo Board Virginia is an up-to-date girl- progressive and capable. She is fam- ed in N. E. H, S. for her reinarkable ability to draw and she has been a meat asset to the artistic part of th s Aquilo. Virginia is the reason why lion is never in his seat when the hell rings. lXE'l"l'Y M A RI E PHI LLI PS G!ee Club Q15 Girl Reserves Q15 Biology Club Q25 Caniera Club Q35 Betty is a modern g'irl-progres- sive, attractive. and capab'e. Pretty to look at and delightful to talk with, she has many friends and ad- mirers. She's a wee lass with a. liappy, breezy way. TYVBIVG ELIZA Bli'1'Ii .JlCAXli'1"1'E PIERCE Latin Club Q35 Q45 French Club Q-15 Girl Reserves Q15 Q35 Biology Club Q25 Two phrases describe Elizabetlrs coolte.atio11 with oth- ers and her friendly disposition. In- formation about lfliizabetlrs private life is scarceg but from what we ltnow, she docsn't wear a Certain ring' because she has to. IREXE DIXIE PIERCE Camera Club Q45 Debating Club Q45 Her fast walk and her frank cri- ticisms ale characteristic ol' Irene. Although she doesn't tell us much about her outside interest. we know l.e's from Titusville. Her job as cloak-room monitor and hor ambi- tous attitude toward her studies Illitlxe her well-known to all or us, VIRG I XI A MAY PIERCE Girl Reserves Q15 Q25 Q35 Biology Club Q25 Although shy and rather timid. Virginia. expresses her opinions whenever reciting: Her ambitious attitude finds her niirlits atter school helping' some of the teachers with their home room tasks. Vir- s:'inia's initiative to work hard for things she wants. we're certain. will brine' her good results in the near future. BERXI C E POST Glee Club Q15 Q25 Q35 Q45 Girl Reserves Q15 Q25 Q35 Camera Club Q35 Q45 Bernice is an ardent member of the "J:th Street Roller Skating: Club" and one will irenerally find her there on Friday and Saturday nights. Skipping school, especially in the niorning. seems to be her weakness. Not only is she well- liked in North East, hut she is well- liked by a host of Harborcreel: friends. THE CLAII I: l940 IIOWVARD C. POST F. F. A. 111 121 13j 1-lj Howard is one of those quiet per- sons who does much Without letting' anyone know about it. He has been a great asset to the F. F. A. during his four years in high sehool. That new Nash of his is the envy of many of the students. RUTH M. RANDALL Girl Reserves 115 123 l Glee Club 115 125 131 141 Latin Club 13j Ruth's singing: ability has certain- ly proved ber a worthy member of the Girls' Glee Club. Not on'y is she active in this club, but she also de- votes much time to her studies which is shown by her good marks. In the winter time Ruth makes her home at Croot's. IKUTH MARE'l"l'li RIEFSTA HL Girl Reserves 115 123 131 1-lj Glee Club 115 141 Camera Club 141 Biology Club 121 131 Hiking' Club 143 Aqnilo Board "Ruthie" is a pal to all of us. Xvitty and srenlal. she has a host of friends. 'Those "set-t0s'ethers" at Ruthie's house seem to be the favor- ite of everyone. I-Ier dialects and her singing' gzve her added populaiuty. ELIZA BETH HOUSE Having' been the reserved type all through high st'ho0', she ras surpris- ed us this year by her good revita- tions in classes. She has a knack for making' ori::,'inal .class piojevts. She is ,2'enerally seen with her tivo sis- ters. Thirteen JEAN MAUIII CE RUBLE Glee Club 111 121 131 141 Girl Reserves 115 125 131 143 Biology Club 123 Vice President 143 Debating Club 123 133 '1-lj Camera Club 141 Auuilo Board French Club 141 Hiking Club 1-IJ Vvhether Jean is more active scl'o'- astlcally or socially is merely a mat- ter of opinion. Our only 1'8PCl'6t.lS that we have to share her affection with innuinerab'e college men. She is admired greatly for her good ex- eentive ability. especially as the De- bating' Club Manager. SA NTO JOSEPH SC RIM ENTI Biology Club 123 Hi-Y 1-ij XVe recognize Santo as the ehiet' "cleaner-upper" and able assistant to Dave Being the studious type, he rates with all the teachers. He is g:'ood-natured and always ready XVl'I,ll a smile. MA RC-A R li'1' E. S EM EL K1 Ma,rg'aret's words are few. but her smiles are plentiful. She b ushes easily, we hear. especially when a Certain "Ed" is mentioned. She is u good sport in evelything' in whivh she takes part. CQAAMV... jg' .if ff'-"!f'If-n OXYIHN G ERAR D SHERIDAN Band 115 121 133 143 Orchestra 111 125 133 147 Vice President 115 'Preasurer 121 President 133 141 Liebating' 13y 1-ij Camera Club 12-ly 145 Aqnilo Board French Club 141 Owen is clever. alert. enei's'e1i0. and one of the class's most noteworthy exponents of the art of oratory. His time ls divided between the "Aquilo Jr" and Ethel. "Rub" is one ol' our most capable musicians. being' an ex- pert on the clarinet and saxophone. THE CLAII F l940 ,, 1 f R U'l'lI ICLEANOII SHIELDS Glee Club Q11 Q21 Q31 Q-l1 Biology Club Q21 Latin Club Q31 To be a music teacher is her am- bition. Earl rates llrst in the home- town. but Albion Q?1 Ruth is petite and vivacious. and she has a charm- ing: smile. Fords always count with her. Illl'l'll AXXETTE SHIREY Glee Club Q11 Biology Club Q21 Ruth is a patient and industrious worker and is very quiet in her own nice way. She is kind and cheerful and likes to help others. Although she likes to keep secrets. we are sure we're right when we say that Louie is the prominent social interest. FRED C. SLADDEN Debating' Club Q31 Q41 lilolosry Club Q11 Aquilo Board Hi-Y Q41 Canadian stories are the delight ot' "Sluts" who hails from Pitts- burgh. As this goes to print, inter- ests seem to be centered on "Butch." He is an influential speaker in debat- ing' and otherwise. Natural history is h's intended vocation, and guns and out-door life are his hobbies. H'.ll.'l'lCR DONALD SMITH F. F. A. Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 Camera Club Q41 "Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow" seems to be his method in life. 'l'houi.:'h usually ser- ious, he can be humorous: but lie is usually content to laufrli at someone else's jokes. Xvalter is always friend- ly toward all. Fourteen JANET SNELL - Glee Club Ql1 Q21 Biology Club Q21 Camera Club Q31 Girl Reserves Q11 Q21 Hobby Club Q-'11 Tiny is one of the smallest, but re- member it's only in size. She can be serious if necessary, but we arc con- tinually charmecl by her delig'htl'ully keen sense of humor. She is a steady student who can be counted on. "Sherry" and she lnake an attractive couple and are therefore envied by others. REI D G l LMOR E SPRAGUIC Football Ql1 Q21 Q31 Q41 Hi-Y Q21 Q31 Ql1 Debating' Club Q31 Q41 Camera Club Q31 Q41 Reid is as funny as a school day is long. No matter how dull the IIIZICB or how dreary the occasion. we are always cheered by his wide. hap- py grin. He swims, plays tennis, and amuses us much by his humor. His interests turn toward llittsburgh. l'llY l.l.lS STI MSON After hearing' her English talks, we know that Phyllis is very inter- ested in farinimr. Not only does she sing' in the Baptist Church choir. but she is also noted for her duets with her brother who accompanies her on the guitar. J ll LIA LOUISE XYAGXER Basketball Q11 Q21 Q31 Ql1 Glee Club Q11 Q21 Q-I1 Athletic Council Q-11 Aquilo Board Hiking' Club Q41 Camera Club Q31 Q-I1 Girl Reserves Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 Julia. is a girl who is known for her Freshmen inlatuations. yet Law- rence Park and Johnny are still in the limelight. She is a good sport. both in and out of basketball. Her driving' ability ls admired by many and will be missed next year. Q I Inq FUI l i I THE CLA!! F 1940 LUCILLE RIITH XVASSINK Glee Club QU Q21 Q33 H5 Girl Reserves 113 125 Q33 HJ Camera Club 143 Biology Club QD Basketball lkianager HJ A Aquila Board l .Y French Club Hi . ' Hiking' Club Q-lj Debating Club Q23 139 As you can readily see. "Lue" cer- tainly does her share when it comes to school activities. Letters iand very infrequent visitsj from Penn State seein to be her livelihood. As B. Rutlvs pal, she enjoys dancing' very much. lnc-identally, as a stu- dent she knows how to drag' down the :Vs too. PAIN. XV. YVAY, JR. llioloirl' Club Q27 Hiking' Club Llp Carl is never LZ'l'0lll'llY and never silly. but a happy medium between the tivo. He is always frank, ready to help someone else, and liked by a. host of good friends. .He is very good in acting, especially in mono- losues. H ROLD XVICINI-I ICIMER Basketball 121 133 HJ Hi-Y Q35 lsiolosy Club 125 Athletic Council Q43 Harold seems like a quiet chap but that is only at disguise. The people who know him well understand that he is really jolly. friendly. funny. and kind. He will always be renfiembered for his great Change in infatuation. Fifteen xl KA'l'llIl,YN l.. NVILKIXSON Girl Reserves U3 123 Q31 up Camera Club Q33 HJ Basketball C21 135 QU Hiking' Club 1-lj To many of us. Kathryn is known as "Peppy." She counts in math and she counts in basketball. Much ol' her leisure time is spent in writ- ing' poetry. She also spends much time writing' themes for Mr. Ral- ston: but this doesn't bother her, for she's very witty. .umias ii. vovxcs F. F. A. up 425 qsy my "Jimmy" has just about the sun- niest disposition in high school. Lat- est bulletins tell us, however, that interest is now being' centered on a Miss Phyllis Blackman as well as farming. XVinchell or Jimmy have neither conilrined this report. how- ever. s" - U, ,:-5 ' ' w Y mmbb M is tk R ' ' f , f 1'h ' -A , 1 " . , . 1 Q' 1 - . -- 1lL-A ,,, .:,' ' " V : A A " f Y' 1 Y 1 K. VVAK V Y A w f 'W 5: ,'z 5 "' Q ' I "" ' N jp ' . mf . V L ' ' Lm-L ' ,Qlm 5 . - r' .IAIAA -W A ,.:: S . Lif' ' W F' , n hm 1 M gsm. " L b A 3 ' b l M, 35? 'Y M k 1 ' eb P - ai 13 " A ' , . . , . K L , - ww 1 . V ' ' V - Lk k"' .ils .Jk, . K 1- A .A ff ' .. Q 'P' A , 'A J, -kgu 3 fi 1 . , I H I . . ki J- K , , I . 4 I I 17. ' ' i Q - 'Y' -'E ' .W P'-2 nf X A," , .,,,f , , f K 'i', . A - AA We 1 l 'mi Ll Q 1 .,,,.w ' 1 V AV,, ... X . EL' Lkkkik , .. 5546 . n f' .". E- P " , .571 , .:,:: a 5 ' ' 1 .f" ' K fx -42 A A i ' L .f,, l .Q':" .., 1f I 2 1'f, e i.. 5 I 5 . ' 32 ' ', M m ' 1 H ' ' 'k Q ' 'wi M Q In . Vg ,X , V it W M 1 1 A ' A ' f ? " Q m 'K1 '3 K 'l1 W ' " ' 6 l f- f 3' "" A 1 N 5 f YV ' ' ' ' A , f ll! 'V 3 " VF.: :l" ' -,,f' I S Q-H2 K' , 'if 4 ' K 'iffi :" eifggiiw K , 12? - 5- V - " rill V A A 1: - A ,Af . . W , M , 11 , Q ,.,l , 1 l: ' I 1 5 , W " ,, ,' . H .. 1 . N v."b -- "ff - - I -I - .,,,' . ., A-rf, 2 - -f - x, 1 - ' x ' ' '- K QW: ,. t. ,,, L .:,. ,J-4.0 1 -L f ... ' ,7 - , x . ' -. - J f ' , 1 A - 2 f V 51 f ' f V. , "2:' ,. ., J Q',: K m 'm ' E M V f H K V? :,,- , ,A 6 V. i s H 3 3 ' f 1:-2 1 A , l . ff f M gi' F -ff "1: if 1 zzgf 43, f A V, H . I V ' ' .. x . A 'k W 'sf i m W' . ' 1f ' Reva Eldridge-Raven hair and rovin' eyes. JIJNIDIQI Marian Adams-Those 50c words. Harry Adkins-"Zeke". Philip Anselmo-"Heathclitf". Phyllis Arrigo-Kitten on the keys. Carol Barton-Roller-skating. Lloyd Bloss-Nice personality. Howard Briggs-"Blushing cutie." James Brimmer-Promoter. Gilbert Calkins-VVitty. Jean Collyer-Twelfth St. Rink. J lm DeLong-"Oh, Johnny, Oh!" -0 effrey Douulle Favorite son 0 M C.A. WVilma Estes-Home Ec. Emory Evans-"Pinnochio . b Betty Farver-Blond Goddess. l' Betty Felton-That summer romance. Jean Flanagan-Irish eyes and Irish blarney. Stephen Fromyer-College hair-cut. Raymond Garnow-Baseball. Betty Gerould-Curls and ringlets. Betty Gibson-VVesleyville's loss., our gain! John Grabowski-Superman. Jack Gray-"Popsickle" Gray. Robert Gray-"Caddy." Richard Greene-"I don't care what color her hair is". Colleen Gustafson-Shades of Jean Harlow. Beatrice Halloran-Academy. Jay Halloran-Handy man. Beth Herrick-Those camping trips. Bernard Holmes-Jolly country boy. Pearl Hunter-First basketball team guard. lWard Hutchinson-Jitterbug with a master mind. Reid Irish-Contagious laugh. Carl Kalteis-"Better late than never". Robert King-Man of science. Marjorie Kopeke-That tennis court in Bed- ford. Betty Kress-"Queen Dido". Charles Lexow-Missed the kick-oil. Catherine Limpantsis4VVattsbung Fair of 1939. Ruby Locke-The boys in the Talon Co. Robert Loop-"Dobber". Ardice Loucks-"That Valentine!" Florence Lowes-On with the dance. Eleanor Luebke-Jack. Henrietta Mann--He's tall, dark, and hand- some. Carolyn Maurana-Private secretary. il ll Marjorie Mays-All aboard for Locliport.m Hall McCord-Sheik. Arthur Meyer-"City Farmer". Dorothy Mlynar-Part time student. Marjorie Murphy-A blond and a V-8. Cosimo Muscarella-F. F. A. Loretta Muscarella-Educational En-glish talks Betty Niklaus-Drugstore glamour girl. gf? N iflertha Niklaus-Elmira, New York. Hal Olson-French and radios. .Kenneth Page-Known for his grin and laugh. Ruth Palmer-Those English talks! Frances Palermo-Nursing career in view. Edwin Paschke-Peaches, flowers, and vvlllllil. Earl Pearson-"Monte". Gerald Peck-Paul Revere's bicycle ride. Violet Peterson-One of the gang from Brooklyn. Melvyn Pierce-Boulder Dam. Viola Pierce-Corn-colored hair and blue eyes. Charles Plowright-Bookkeeping. Richard Pracht-Air-minded. Richard Ramsdell-Goes for redheads. Anita Reibs-She likes a certain Senior. Donald Riefstahl-Shy. Elizabeth Riefstahl-Frantic about ice-skat- ing. Gerard Riegger-Baseball Hend! Harold Roach-"Alfalfa". Mary Rouse-Silence is golden! John Sammarco-Patent leather hair. Mary Santilippo-School girl complexion. Jacquelyn Saughter-Pleasingly plump. Carl Schoenfeldt-"Little Alvin". Nan Schultz-"Last of the Schultzes". Katherine Selkregg-Ann Arbor. Richard Sheridan-Those blue eyes. George Smith-The gent in red. Jean Smith-"Freckles". Kenneth Smith-M3's party! Donna Spencer-"Twinkletoes". Marian St. George-Always arguing. Maebelle Stahl-"Little Genius". Frances Sweet-VValter is the one IIONV. Frances Talley--Mayville. Gilbert Tllornton-Cartoonist. 474 ,-. ,I Nick Triana-Heads tl1e Juniors. , Robert Xvay-"Trouble Shooter". Richard Weinheimer-"Babe in Arms". Leonard YVilkinson-Paper Mill Hollow. Jean VVykolf-Popular, and how! Seventeen x 4 ,js I F vt . .. : fl Z -, A J ' Kiky 1 V ' ffzi 55- X M. i'- f f - ' ,U ' ' W' mm fb' - , f 1-ff' 1 - ff , g'-5' , fb 5 4111. WT. 4 j ' ,,,.. 1 f gh ,4 , 'rr 1 V W A . . 'J ' , . f 1 Y K .. G if . w if F ls AQ ,jig ':,A W ,V ,B Q 'u f f " 11 ' '- f - " kvy 1V.,. Q' "' WPx -1-' ' , A h ' h V -. .,. 5' i "i"' , , . -- f 'Q 71 A ff' r . A ,,,-. 2f.,,,"X f . -DQW 4, N-'A -" 1QQ1 M . 3 ,M 1 -I, AA ikk K kk.k . I f , ' it if K2 .V Q . S 1 1- fl E .- Vg if ,. 'KM I . in V : Lu Y fi -- ,my ' 9 , V ' ' A A . 'A .K ' " 1 4- ga A,, 3 5 , ' 'Q Q W-F-f ' A"' fy ' lf W f355mg?f-: 3 . ,V ' U .E W W I .Q il ,ii liar gk LV . .... LN, V Q 5 K 3 kk 5 if-1 , mmf- ,X I -f 5 gn... - f J 'f' , , .,.. R ...S V K 1 t 3: , I Air. , K . , .qz. M V L , , L lvv' ' is , . - ' ' , Q- - M' if " - l .. V e ,. 2 3 -.- .P Pe- in .' 35? M - - ' ' 'L .. ..' ' , ' x "" 1 ' K -Ns Q - . - E f - -'V f ' - ... T .. 1 . 1' A ' nh, , "X ,z ,.:: iff' "E: , ig- , ' H2 ,,,. 5 ALA .QQ'A' 1 ' i 1 ,, W 1 , x i! ' A4 1 F Y, 31 ' A' ' N 2 j, ' ,., , I . - .k J . rw: K . K , -mm K W - A is 1 1 - 5 '- , ' 55' ' Q . K A ' , ix , ---- ' l i' ' .g , A, ?:N 3 gk V , - 1 1 '- Q ",' " . ' . V, I ,yi ,,,V K- Q Nei 'Y '.,',- i w: A ' I .3 -A I , . WE - J QT, f ' 55-M ::' 5 ' - .,,z 4. ' Q ff -v ' ' "Qs, f ' - m 'V - ' 5 , l ,A Q -if -A M A Q ' f'f A . ,J if ' .Q " . A fb .-W1 - wi A ' """ f L . L f V FK , ' " .L . M -We L4 Y T :a' , J Sif t 5.35 ll 7 "Q -. 51 'Zh' uv 1 ,- L ' slag S 'WE' .I it T 4 R , . 'Q' fi if-A A-wi U 2 x W LVVL ' 'd V ii bmw in W J K' "' . " ,.,, IDDHDMDIQEI Vincent Abata-Very neat. Josephine Allessie-Pretty hair. 'N Betty Anderson-"Little Skipper." lj Joe Backus-"That Sly Old Gentleman." Virgil Baily-Last month's installment. Martha Ball-Latin expert. L?lflf1.f..l1l1 Carolyn Barber-Down with labor! Sheila Barber-Gum-chewer. Betty Bartlebaugh-As nice as.they come. . Dorothy Barton-Rythlnn babyQD:2.T Lbtmva Betty Beates-H15 Up!" ' ' Theodore Beckwith-Country boy. Mary Mae Bell-Muscle woman. Robert Black-Small, dark, and wholeso1ne.,": ---'- A Phyllis Blackman-Object: To be heard below a whisper. Jean Bogenschutz--XVants to learn all she can. Olive Bowen-Champion gum-chewer. Herbert Boyd-"Curly-Topi'. Robert Burdick--Sidney's pal. Russell Camarata-Little twerp. Betty Campbell-Church-goer. Joe Canella-Shoeshine boy. Tony Canella-"VVhere's Joe?" James Caseoni-Football bench-warmer. Robert Chapman-Really studious this year. UD Harold Chrispen-C-lassrooln jitterbug. Jeanne Culver-Knee high to a grasshopper. Sidney Daily-The "Daily" Times. Frances DePaul-Beautiful locks. Raymond Eaton-VVay down thar. Jean Egelston-Quiet. Henry Franz-Future farmer. James Frontino-VVorld History student t?J Charles Gagnon-Blow, Gabriel, Blow. Frederick Gartner-Future basketball star. Dorothy Gildersleeve-Home Ee. artist. George Gilmore-Life is a bore. Josephine Giordano-Little Josie. Harriet Green-"Blondie" Dortha Greenman-"For 'Pete's' sake." Jeanne Halloran-VVaves galore. Elnora Hatfield-Heard but not seen. James Hatfield-Talkative. Mary Hendrickson-Neat as a pin. Donald Hiles-Object: To graduate sometime. Marie Hill-Little irt, but wow! Jean Hitchcock--' nmagxf. Harold Hutchinso -Gift to the women. Charlotte Ingham-Shorty. Peter Kapetan-Future president of 1990. -'tuna Kaufmann-Latin student. at-:tty Krull-A great past before her. Lois Lick-"VVl1en Bob comes home-". Mary Lick-All-around athlete. Marian Loop-South paw. Louise Loucks-Likes an argument. tValter Loucks-Nothing to say. Milton Luke-"The Shadow." Zola MacDonald-Future airplane pilot. Mary Malta-Built close t thevgrou Betty Marlowe-Witty. M rub Anna Martina-Loves to talk l?J Bill Meyer-Specialist in "Middle Names." Elwood Miller-One of the "Brawley Gang." Mary Miller-Here today-gone tomorrow. Philip Miller-Entomologist. James Moyer-'Am I good in football?" Lois Munger-Give her the floor! Louis Newara-Shy little OJ boy. Bill Nichols-Johnny's pal. Xvillard Northrup-Professor of Agriculture. Jeannette Orton-Getter of A's. Marie Palermo-Home Ee. Gerhard Piethe-"The Other VViSCll12lI'l.,' Margaret Plowright-Studies. Marjorie Post-Jeannette'S pal. Miller Prindle-Makes the sound effects in "Bugs", Ruth Randall-Pretty sm'le. John Reibs-Oh JohnnyQnJ, Geraldine Rizzo-"Wan some 'chee-chee' nuts?" Rexford Root-To be or not to be? Katherine Rouse-Home girl. 1 Ruth Ruble-Debating and Hutch. 'FQ' Stanley Salen-Lover of sports and-. Harry Sandhoff-Shirley. Ivan Schoenfeldt-' Ivan, the terrible". Angeline Scrimenti-Wotta laugh. Jane Selkregg-One of the Selkregigs. Margaret Sheridan-"Gotta date with .K:nny." Charlotte Shirey-Eater of brain food- Jean Slater-"Going Skating?" Florence Smith-60 miles per hour talker. Paul Smith-"The little man that wasn't there." XVave Stetson-Swingy dresses. Betty Storm-Quiet. Erma Tieber-'Vocalized pauses." Ann Triana-Tennis or nothing. Marjorie Vogt--Ideal student. Betty VVells-Jitterbugs while giving talks. Ruth Wheeler-"Silent Night." Richard Xvilkinson-Bashlul boy. Shirley Vtfilkinson-Orphan Annie. ' Vincent Williams-"The Minute Man." Albert YVinter-Object: to build a better mouse-trap. Ethel VVolf-"B" a d "B" QB b and basket- ball. -JJ 149 , Robert VVooster-Gets "wo ter" and Hwoos- terv by the day.. Phyllis 'VVunz-"I want to be a Junior some- time." Loretta York-You'd be surprised. Robert Yveinheiiner-Future King of Swing. Nineteen Q -51 " if fi '54 is 4' - 25 V- A ' SP4 sv...-k 3 e0 se' - ':" L QV" M Ad' -WX x ' ' ' S5 . K K - AK , EK -K .K V , gift K K K KK K KMKK IK f- w Y 4 V Ae ' - I Aiwa -A A ' - 1 m m V Eiiif' ,', ' 1: 2 ' f ,. K , : 'X . ' fi: X ...qf ,, -K -f ',A,. K 4 ' ggi , . K K K- R KK .li K f K KK -5 Q., ffj ' 'ff' YW , ' V - -'i K .PIX Ni W A Q A . .S QI, Ka G. xKJ.K Ta G K I. , 'KKK X ., , .k1 Q . +-- ? K 'KK K, I 2 K kk-- ' X, K K R13 , ' -ly J ' K hi' M. id ,f K .KKK KK, K4 , ' ' ' Q 'Q 5 Y' 1 fn" 3 -K , K K ,,Vf Wg K -K K -1 ' QS- .- ' :I 'xf . 1 ' 3 K f -' ' 13 5 ' ,,.- ' ' ,,"' -A K K- :-' ' ' H 1 1 . ' - if , J fs . A, L ' . "' ff ' 5 V A A '-" 1 K 14"-MA I f f A "0 . ag ' A f ' QQ, , 9 ' ff V P Fw ' -L V , f l A " . , 1 N M , ,A-f Ep 1 Il , 1 ."A 1 - K 'A ., '75 1 A ' - 'F " , ' L k X S 5 3 f ,V fig 1, , :, 1 ' 'kLK K, 4 ., " fs' V 1 . .W V ?'Q ' ,153 H " , ' 7 3 A 7 M' - i' W F- ' QW? -- My-,H L f, .BQ ,245 A A. - gb 4 1 1 V V- '- ' ' ' . 1 MW f 1 f E1.. ,,,,,, f, fm ' f ' 3 y YE wif ' -. ' - . X, .,., Q Z' , gf'-1' J. " , gg, K .L K Ah., 6 KKK, KM. , . A ' Ng.-5 , , Qv , , Q'-"' fbvf .- K X ' A' ' "'. ..,. f 5... n.hf A I5 ,,,, - -. ' y ' .fl Y f' 55 ' N " , ! 5 "'k , K ,gi Vg l f n 'K - 'K X. .M vii l i gf 2- P ' Q' EIL - V- 5 1 X K L ' -,KK ,al ,, , 5 . G .K K..f K 1 Lg F 5 2. ,K t. 05 vu 4, 1 K 1 ' ?xej"x,.y3" f Q V' , Q , Z V ical? Q iS'dQsMf" 'Mi' .-- Q , - uf IF.: " if U ....... fi 4' E -H.. AX ,,, K K K. - " v ., , ,,-.,. ,.-: f " Wil. , ' K FD EIHMEN Thelma Adams-Likes Mr. Serif. Donald Akin-Ace. Sam Allessie-Rover. Mary Ardillo-Ambitious. Katherine Arrigo-Katy, the hoofer. Harry Barton-Mortimer. Raymond Beardsley-'fRay, go over and get-" Ernest Beckwith-Ernie. Maxine Blackman-Current Events? Richard Bliss-Spats. Rodney Blystone-YVindy. Gerald Boam-Peter and I. Lawrence Boyd-Bashful. Lee Bohigian-In my Model A. Betty Borstorff-"Borsty". Harley Briggs-Object: t get on WV. lt. A. Jean Carnahan 'Zeke -NJXL Joyce Casconi-Hey, F yce! Nancy Cerrie-Nemo. Frank Chimera-Tomatoes. Sam Chriest-VVhere's the money, Red? Francis Coburn-That haircut! Robert Darling-"Confucius say-" Josephine DePaul-Pretty hair. Doris Eaton-Everybody's pal. Dorothy Eldridge-Oh, you Wilkinsons. Harley Farver-"You've heard of my sisters, of course." Norman Few-'Tll take Seniors, thank you.' Calvin Fisher-Prindle's pal. Robert Fordyce-"Ping-pong's my sport." Morris Foster-Pony boy. XVayne Franklin-Boy Scout. Theresa Gagnon-Tuba's sister. Mildred Garnow-Star forward. Donald Geraci-Rico. Sally Giordano-The great artist. Charlotte Goodenow-Dick H. Frances Grabowski-"Boy, did we hit hard?" Louise Greene-Housemaid. Annie Hedzega-Calm, cool, and collected. VVebster Halloran-Silent. David Hartley-"Will that be all, Madam?" LaVonne Haslett-Sweet 15 and 'never-Oh, yeah! Anna Hesling-I love life. John Hesling-Oh Johnny! Louis Hogue-Sleepy. Duward Jones-One of the Jones boys. Marianna Jones-Ivan's ole' flame. Helen Kapetan-Gerry's right hand Hman." Lois King-The little King. Howard .Koester--'Tm just wild about Ardice!" Bertha Locke-Smart and sophisticated. Shirley Maas-Chubby. James Maginnis-Stumpy. Thora Martin-Object: to get taller. Caroline Martini-Civics is her favorite sub- ject C21 Theodore Mays-Timid Teddy. John Mech!-Scroncho. ' Richard Meehl-"I'll trade hooks with you, Bill." Irma Messler-Have you seen Lois? Bert McLaughlin-Alberta. Robert McLean-The old money-maker. Annie Mlynar-There's Annie. Ellwyn Morgan-Pirate chief. Lucille Munger-Shy. lVillia1n Murray-Oh, what a girl was Gerry. Doris Nelson-Object: to get in pictures. Joe Newarailow, but sure. Robert Orton-Dynamite. Julia Orton-Quiet. Betty Osborne-Talkative. Randolph Palermo-Randy. Annie Pancereve-The human dynamo. Betty Peek-Baldo. Dale Pierce-Oh, for the life of a farmer. Mary Pierce-That's right, you'rc wrong. Lucille Plaisted-Has her brothcr's walk. Betty Platt-Bashful. Theresa Platt-Sun-kissed girl. Esther Randall-Image of her sister. Philip Reid-The little man who wasn't there. Charlotte Riefstahl-Shorty. Grayce Rizzo-It's only a schoolhouse. Tommy Rizzo-Tailspin. Alma Rosequist-Tidioute Miss. Jean Sgarlata-Dressmaker. Sam Sgarlata-Lefty. Richard Sehriefer-"Boy, was that watei cold!" George Sclkregg-"Georgie, Porgie". Hildcgarde Semelka-Bakery gal. Lewis Shiolcno-Screwy. Lucy Shioleno-Good cook. Robert Short-"Boy, do I love the ice!" Richard Southwick-Algebra UD Gilberta Swanson-Robert King. Betty Thompson-Trumpet. Doris Thompson-Dippy. Roy Thompson-The gentleman farmer. Angeline Tinti-I don't know. Lois Van Giesen-Irma's pal. Ray Van Giesen-Angola lad. Frank Vicari-Franko. Theresa Viscuso-Squirt. William VVassink- Milkman. Betty Weaver-City -girl from the country. Ivan VVilkinson-"Flash." ' Louis Wilkinson--Runt. Joe Wilson-That sister, wow! Josephine Wilson-Chuck. Bob Winter-Mr. Winterbottom. Geraldine Wunz-Basketball star. Richard Yeager-Unconscious. Twen ty-One - ATHLETIC ASSDCIATIIDN CUUNCII. The duties of the Athletic Association Council are to attend to the financial part of the sports and to assist in selecting thc managers for the boys' and girls' basketball teams. The members of the Council wish to thank Professor Davis for his kind and helpful assistance. We also wish to thank the School Board, the student body, and the public for their financial support of our athletic teams. COUNCIL MEMBERS President ........................ Robert Cook Vice President ...... .... J ulia Wagner Secretary-Treasurer Nan Schultz Harold VVeinheimer Betty Felton John DeLong Betty Lou Marlowe Mary Lick Robert Short Twenty-Two - S ACTIVITIES - 11- 'is "vi "yi ' r' r FDDTBALL Although this season was not successful, it can be said that the boys had a good Hghting spirit and went down Hghting. Much credit is due to Coach Vanstone because this was his first year of coaching football at North East. VVith the assist- ance of Mr. Campbell, they did very well in selecting and build- ing a team from almost entirely new material. To the boys who did not make the team or a letter, much credit is given for their services and loyalty to the team. XVe hope that next year they will win their letters. The following lettermen will be lost through graduation: Raymond Archer., Chester Casconi CCaptainJ, Robert Cook, Clarence Hutchinson, and Rufus Luebke. The letternlen who will be back in 1940 are Harry Adkins, Howard Briggs, John Grabowski, Nick Triana, James Frontino, Frederick Gartner, Harold Hutchinson, James Moyer, Louis Newara, Stanley Salen, and Frank Chimera. Rufus Luebke. Twe nty-Th ree BASKETBALL The North East High School completed a successful season, finishing in league competition in fifth place. Much credit is due Ralph Vanstonc for his splendid work and encouragement of the team. lVe wish him better success in future years as coach at North East High School. Also much credit is due the managers for their kind and generous assistance throughout the entire season. XVe wish to thank all those who have supported us morally as well as financially. The following players will be lost through graduation this year: Robert Cookii, Charles Cookii, Chester Casconiii, Harold Greenman, and Harold W einheimerik. The following players will return for action next year: Nick Trianaii, Philip Anselmori, Richard Ramsdellilt, Frederick Gartner, John DeLong, Harry Adkins, and Stanley Salen. Lettermen Harold lVeinheime1', Clarence Hutchinson. Twenty-Four BASKETBALL Although there was a change in rules for the girls' basketball for this year, the team still lived up to the fine standard set by previous teams by winning the majority of its games. Out of the ten games played, Hve were won, four were lost, and the one with Lawrence Park on our own floor was a tie. This year six of the members of the team will be lost through graduation. The following comprised the team: Left Forward .................... WC. Hollister Right Forward .... . . Goodspeed Center Forward , WJ. XVagner Left Guard ...... .. FP. Hunter Right Guard . .. . . . WF. Meyer Center Guard .... il'N. Schultz Manager ............ . . XVassink Assistant Manager .... ...... B . F arver Coach .......................... Miss Sheridan Substitutes: B. Marlowe, NVolfe, M. Mays, RK. lVilkinson, J. Meyer, M. Lick. it Lettermen Kathryn Wilkinson. Twenty-Five DEIBATING CLUB The question for debate this year was, "Resolved: that the Federal Government should own and operate the railroads." This year the debate team enjoyed a successful season through the capable supervision of our coach, Miss Holland, and manager, Jean Ruble. Ruth Ruble, VValter Godsin., and Owen Sheridan conducted the affirmative argumentsg and the negative team consisted of Jean NVykoff, Richard Greene, and Fred Slad- den. The chairmen included Gilbert Calkins, Reid Sprague. lVard Hutchinson, and Richard Howard. Jean Flanagan, Marie I-lill, Betty Beates, Gilbert Calkins, and Jean Hitchcock acted as reserves. A trip to Buffalo Canisius and to Niagara Falls in the early part of the season rewarded us with experience and a good time. This year the teams to debate at Allegheny College were selected by their opponents through a system of individual merit. The members of the Debating Club hope to continue the splendid records made by previous teams representing N. E. H. S. i Walter Godsin. I Twenty-Six BAND The North East High School Band was organized in 1938 under the leadership of Mr. Frederick Serff, and it has progressed rapidly in the past two years. The band has played for both football and basketball games during the past year, and it is hoped that this will be continued in the future. P Trumpets--Robert Way, Howard Koester, Harold Chrispen, Philip Reid, Robert Fordyce, Donald Akin, Roy Thompson, Frank Chimera, Raymond Maurana, Billy Wassink, Edward Shunk, Betty Thompson. Clarinets--Donald Ball"', Owen Sheridanfi Norman Bartonii, George Lick? Joe Sanfilippo, Norman Few, Biaggio Chimera, Grayce Rizzo. Soprano Saxophone-LaV 011119 I-Iaslett. Alto Saxophone-Hertha Niklaus, Russell Camarata. Altos-Harold Greenmanii, Gerard Riegger. Trombone--Edward Luebke"'. Bass-Charles Gagnon. Baritone-4Robert Black. Drums-Robert Weinheimer, Robert Darling, Sam Chriest, Robert Sprague, Donald Geraci. . H. Greenman. 'F Lost through graduation Twenty-Seven UIQCI-IESTIQA This year the orchestra under the direction of Mr. Frederick Serff is the largest that it has been for several years. lts acti- vities were confined to performances in assemblies where it took part in several programs and also played for group singing. This was the first year that students from North East were chosen to participate in the District Orchestra sponsored by the Pennsylvania State Music Association. Those chosen were How- ard Boyd, Owen Sheridan, and Edward Luebke. PERSONNEL First Violin-Howard Boydis and Rosalyn Curtisii. Second Violin-Betty Campbell and Helen Kapetan. X .Alto Saxophone-Owen Sheridan. Clarinet--Donald Ball? and Norman Barton? Trumpet-Robert Way, Howard Koester, Robert Fordyce. Trombone-Edward Luebkeili. Piano-B. Ruth Norris? Drums-Robert Weinheimer and Robert Darling. Xylophone-Jean Collyer. Director-Frederick Serff. 'l' Lost through graduation Twenty-Ei Sh t F056 Gllflf CLUB The Glee Club for 1939-40 had a very successful year. The enrollment totaled fifty-five girls consisting of Freshmen, Soph- omores, Juniors, and Seniors. The elected officers for the year are as follows: President ....... Ruth Shields Vice President .... ..... B etty Niklaus Secretary ....... .... D onna Spencer Manager ............. . .. .... Jean Ruble Librarian ........................ Jean Culver On November 9, 1939, the club sponsored the first skating party for the school at the Twelfth Street Skating Rink. Be- cause this was such a success, they sponsored another on Feb. 14, 1940. This, however, was not so successful because bad weather prevented many students from going. April 5, 1940, they sang at the Spring Festival held at Union City. The girls that receive their letters are Jane Bemiss, Margery Burden, Charlotte Cushman, Roselyn Curtis, Lila Jean Kunkle, Bernice Post, Helen Loop, Mary Meehl, Jean Ruble, Ruth Ran- dall, Ptuth Shields, Julia Wagner, and Lucille Wassink. In behalf of the girls, we wish to thank Mr. Serff for his everlasting patience, his interest in the club, and the hard work that he put forward to help make us a success. Ruth Shields. Twenty-Nine 1 4 I. TINC IJ The Latin Club consists of students who are now taking their third and fourth years of this subject. The fourteen mem- bers, both Seniors and Juniors, hold a meeting each month in the home of someone belonging to the group. They have also held several purely social gatherings during the year, including a sleigh-ride and a Christmas party. The club colors are purple and gold, favorite shades of thc ancient Romans, and the pins of the group are worked in the same colors. The name selected this year was "Trojanie," a very suitable one since we are studying the exploits of the Trojans. Under Miss Scouller's capable guidance, the club has been a great successg and we, the Seniors, hope that the members left behind will continue to enjoy and benefit from it. President .... Margery Burden Vice President ......... Robert Edwards Secretary and Treasurer .. ..... Helen Loop Robert Edwards. Thirty FE' CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club organized during December, this year com- pleting the fourth year of its organization. The meetings were to be held twice a monthg but basketball and other activities interrupted, making it difficult to keep to our schedule. The main purpose of this club is to make familiar to the members the essential parts of photography. OFFICERS President .................. Harold Greenman Vice President ...... . . . . Eleanor Herrick Secretary-Treasurer ............ Ruth Riefstahl The members of the club wish to thank all who have taken an active part in the club and helped to make it interesting. To Mr. MacTarnagan the club wishes to extend its appreciation for his interest and time spent on the club. Ruth Riefstahl. Thirty-One FIJTUIQE FAIQMEIQS Our present chapter membership includes three Keystone Degree members, eight Future Farmer Degree members, ten Greenhand Degree members, and seven who do not officially belong to the club. Since the organization started in this school. we have had two Ameri- can Farmers and twenty-one Keystone Degree holders. The club has adopted a program of work which the members carry out during 'the year in addition to the regular school work. Some of the highlights in this program of work include making a trip to State College to enter the various judging contests four winners were Harold Rose who was fifth in Dairy Judgingg I-Ioward Post, fourteenth in Feed Identifica- tiong Robert King, fourth in Insect 'and Disease Identification and second in Farm lvlechanicslg entering the State Project Contest tour school ranked seventh in the state., collecting forty-three points. The winners were Edwin Paschke who was second. third, and Hfth in Poultryg Nicholas Mobilia, sixth in Poultryg -Howard Post, thirteenth in Poultry and sev- enth in Beesg Roy Smith, fifteenth in Truckg Cosimo Muscarella, fourth in Red Rasppberriesg and Robert King, seventh in Strawberrieslg buying cooperatively fapproximately one thousand dollars worth of chicks and project supplies were bought through the club last yearjg holding an annual F. F. A. family banquetg helping conduct the Community Fairg and awarding sweater emblems for outstanding accomplishments. OFFICERS FOR 1939-1940 President ................................. Lloyd Bloss Vice President Leonard IVilkinson Treasurer ...... ......... R obert King Secretary ..... ....... ll Iilton Luke Reporter .. Carl Schoenfeldt James Youn gs. Thirty-Two GIIQI. IQESEIQVES This year the Girl Reserves have been very active under the guidance of Miss Sherrange. Among the activities planned were a 'Christmas program for assembly, a skating party at White Swan Farm, a book party, a health program, a Mother's Tea, and the Annual Easter Dance. The collection of toys at Christmas for poor children and the contribution sent in to the World Fellowship Fund speak well for our Welfare Committee. On November 19, 1939, the Girl Reserves held an impressive candle-light ceremonial, initiating forty new members into thc club. The purpose of the Girl Reserves is to create fellowship among all classes of people, regardless of race, creed, or color. We strive "To find and give the best." The presiding officers are President ........ .... I .ila Jean Kunkle Q Vice-President Charlotte Hollister Secretary ...... Lucille Wassink A Treasurer .... B. Ruth Norris 1- Carmella 'M. Mobilia. Thh-ty-Three The platform of the Hi-Y is clean living, clgan sport, clean speech, and clean scholarship. U At the beginning of the year the club was directed by Rev. Hankey as adult advisor with Mr. Vanstone as recreation leader. Rev. Hankey was later temporarily replaced by Mr. Ralston. The membership of the club is limited to thirty members, who are selected by the ones who already belong. The sponsoring of an "Amateur Night" was one of the high- lights of the year. This was a great success, due to the gener- osity of the participants and the cooperation of the club members. . The officers for the year are President ...... .. Harold Greenman Vice President ...... Louis Maas Secretary ..... ...... l loward Briggs Treasurer .. .. Robert NW-:inheimer Chaplain . . . ...... James Brimmer Richard Howard. 'Thirty-Four I-l0I3l3Y CLUI3 The Hobby Club members are those who are now taking or have taken Home Economics or Consumer Goods. This year the club has eighteen members. Although it was not organized until January and the mem- bers have had much less time than last year, the meetings have been very enjoyable and much progress has been made. The members have taken up such hobbies as sewing, knitting, cro- cheting, or embroidery. A candy sale sponsored by the club was very successful. This year the club meets on alternate Tuesdays. Miss Ahl- grim has charge of the club and is to be complimented on her able leadership. lx. The club ofiicers include President ............ . . . Frances Sweet Secretary .. ....... Violet Peterson Treasurer .. Dorothy Gildersleeve Elizabeth Rouse. Thirty-Five l FIQENCH CLUB The "Pas .A Pas" French Club which is composed of Seniors taking French was organized at the home of our advisor, Miss Bell, on November 28. The aim of the club is to further our interests in French and to gain a better understanding of France. Meetings are held once a month at which an interesting pro- gram is presented with games, songs, and conversation in French. During the year we sponsored a movie, 'The Gangstcr's Boy," starring Jackie Cooper. lVe also bought pins for each member of the club. Our officers are President ...... . .. B. Ruth Norris Vice President ..... . . . Eleanor Herrick Secretary-Treasurer . . . ....... Lucille lVassink lVe wish to .thank Miss Bell, who by her interest and whole- hcarted cooperation, has made our French Club a success. Charlotte Cushman. Thirty-Six HIKING CLUB The Hiking Club was organized in January this year, com- pleting the fourth year of its organization. Although no definite time was set for the meetings, several hikes were planned for the year. The members are those who are taking Biology or who have previously received credit in the subject. The purpose of this club is to further our interests in Biology. OFFICERS President ....... . .. ...... Virginia Pellor Vice President . .. .... Harold Greenman Secretary ..... .... R uth Riefstahl Treasurer ........ .... lX flargery Burden Faculty Advisor . .. ....... Mr. Ralston Julia NVagner. Thirty-Seven ADT CLUB Although this is the first year that N. E. H. S. has hadiau organized Art Club, there are twenty-iive members. The stn- dents in the Art Club really appreciate and enjoy art to such an extent that they were selected to belong. Their interest in the club is proved by the fine pieces of work that they produce. Miss Gorndt, our leader, is also our art instructor, and she helps with the planning and drawing of pictures. Our members exhibited their best works at the annual Music and .Arts Festival which was held this year at Union City, April 5. The officers of the Art Club include the following: 'President ...... Virginia Pellor Vice President . . . . . . Geraldine Wunz Secretary ...................... Roselyn Curtis The Seniors in this club sincerely hope that the club may continue in the years to come. Roselyn Curtis. 1 'flmirty-1-Eight LITEIQAIQY 1 f n w w s H ? AND THEY LIVED HADDILY EVEI2 AFTEIQ As I sat relaxed one evening in a spun-glass armchair and carelessly watched the telc- visionic screen become alive with Hgures re- lating the n.ews of the day, I was startled into attention. For there on the screen was the face of ivalter Godsin, the new and bril- liant radio commentator. Standing beside him was the gentleman whom he was pre- senting .to this deeply interested televisionic audience of 1950-none other than our old high school classmate, Louis Maas. He was now the state senator who had just gone on record for delivering the longest filibuster in history-one nhich lasted for seven weeks and was at last successful in defeating an unfair militia bill. Next, to my still greater sur- prise, our commentator presented another school friend, Virginia Pellor, who had just won first prize in a Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit for a portrait of her still in- timate friend., Carmella Mobilia. Carmella, I have since heard, is now the wife of that sue- eessful young man, Reid Mays, who is a jun- ior partner in a VVall Street brokerage firm. This unexpected glimpse of my old friends made me determined to find out the fates of more of those people with whom I spent four years of my life. Fate seemed to be playing into my hands, for the very next day whom should I mee-t on the street in North East but Charlotte Hollister. ln spite of her vows to remain unmarried, "Holly" was the second member of our class to march to the strains of Mendelssohn, preceded only hy Jean Meyer, whose diamond we admired so much in high school days fore told arighl. With Charlotte was Eleanor Herrick the noted New York fashion designer, home on a visit, who said that she had seen several of our friends at a recent New York party given by Ruth Riefstahl, now a famous hostess. At this unique party. where the guests came dressed in the rather foolish styles of ten years ago, 1940, were among others, Lila Jean Kunkle, smart young society matron and leader of cafe society, Owen Sheridan, editor of a metropolitan daily paper, and Margery Burden, at that time working on a magazine staff. Fred Sladden, the globe-trotting reporter, was unable to be present because he was covering the sailing of our new U. S. Ambas- sador to France, Gabriel Gagnon. As a rather strange coincidence, on the Normandie, Jr., on which "Gaby" sailed were two of our other classmates, each unaware of his friends' presence. Leading the ship's orchestra was Harold Greenman, and official hostess of the beautiful floating hotel was Ruth Shields. However, it wasn't necessary to look so far from home for some of our friends. The pop- ular young "gym" instructress in our new high school was Julia VVagner, and Lucille Wassink showed herself equally successful as an English teacher. B. Ruth Norris we were not surprised to find the proprietress of a florist's shop in Erie. Howard Post had be- come one of the town's leading large-scale farmers and was still competing with his old friend, James Youngs, in the agricultural. line. George Lick has only recently completed his internship and is now ready to begin prac- tice. Harold VVeinheimer, who still makes his residence in North East, was at the time out of town supervising the opening of another branch in -ll1E'YVOiHl1CiIllCl' Grocery Chain. Traveling with him is Bob Edwards, who is now a talent scout for the New York Yanks, and has been assigned to this area. Also liv- ing in North East at present, as I later dis- covered, is Phyllis Baker. She is now a busi- ness woman, but at the time I called upon her, she was in Meadville visiting her old chum, Jane Bemiss, who has been living there for nearly five years. One evening at a concert given bv a famous orchestra now on the road, I was surprised to see Roselyn Curtis playing in the violin sec- tion. Ncar her as always, was Howard Boyd, another member of the orchestra. Traveling with the company as a dynamic press agent was Rufus Luebke. Equally serious is the lifework of Helen Kaufmann who is one of our leading woman scientists, as I learned in a recent magazine article, and is now working on an important theory. Santo Serimenti has taken up the same line, also with success. Among those classmates who have chosen less sober vocations I found lfcrnice Post the manager of a roller skating rink and Bob Cook a highly rated "pro" football star. Man- aging the same team on which his brother plays was Charles Cook, whose business sense makes him a good man for the job. Farther from home, I found Elizabeth Rouse a feminine lawyer of unusual skill. Elizabeth Pierce is her invaluable research worker. In the same city Betty Phillips has taken expert charge of a famous doctor's of- fice. Pat Meyer I found the operator of a detec- tive ageney, and another classmate with an unusual vocation is iValter Smith, a racer, and winner of the Indianapolis Classic of 1949. Jean Ruble has become an expert de- bating eoach, but we hear she is soon to fol- low in Miss Woods's footsteps. NVe find that Elvora Goodspeed's expert ice-skating has put her well on the road to fame. Janet Snell has also taken up skating professionally, but hers is in the roller, and not ice, line. Marie Garnow, urged on by her success in her senior Continued on Page Forty 'I'liil't5'-Nine AND THEY LIVED HADDILY EVEIQ AFTED Concluded from Page Thirty-Nine year at high school, is now one of those lucky people who devote their time to winning con- tests galore. "Peppy" VVilkinson is a member of the class of '40 who chose an unusual voca- tion. She is now a "health fan" and advo- cates going without coats, sweaters, gloves, and hats whenever possible. Raymond Arch- er, unsaddened by school-day experiences in the peanut line, has opened a factory and now passes out nuts on his own whim. Reid Sprague, another who wandered far from home, was evidently attracted by his visit to New Orleans, because he married a southe.rn girl and settled there. Also in the south is Ruth Randall, who is studying sing- ing in St. Louis. Far from home is Norman Barton who we hear is doing well in his dance studio in Reno. Hard to keep track of is Irene Pierce, who has become a police woman and thus travels around somewhat. Mary Meehl, the beauti- cian, like Este Maxon, now a mechanic, is still living in North East. Edward Luebke runs a grocery store and Bi-ll Palmer, just as back in 1940, is interested in farming and girls-in fact, is the father of five daughters. Alice Decker and Clara Nicastro, success- ful young secretaries, 1-ide from Nortn East to work in Erie each day with Carl YVay, a rising insurance man. Phyllis Stimsc-n's train- ing in "Home Ee" prepared her well for life as a housewife, the same career which Margaret Semelka has adopted. Their friends, Ruth Shirey and Ada Hopkins, registered nurses, say that they are anxious in their off-duty hours to try on the hats of Donald Ball, who has become '21 famous designer in France. By a strange coincidence, court reporter Richard Howard, took notes when electrician Clarence Hutchinson and Allan MacDonald took out a patent on their new invention. Virginia Pierce, preparing for jury duty, mea- tioned this as we went to notify Charlotte Cushman and Arthur Chesley, both of whom still reside in North East, oi' their selection for the same duty. It was Chester Casconi who told Genevieve Bennett and lnyself of the success of Chicago Lusvness woman Helen Loop, the last member of the class of 1940. And it was with a sigh as I realized how singularly well that' group has placed itself in the world, that I closed that chapter in my flife. IENIDD CLASS WILL WVe, the class of '40, being of sound body and spirit, do give and bequeath these personal attributes to those who are following in our footsteps: Phyllis Baker's slow walk to Joyce Casconi. Jane Bemiss' job of collecting absence slips to Hertha Niklaus. Genevieve Bennett's willingness to help to Eleanor Luebke. Margery Burden's column to Gerald Peck. - Roselyn Curtis' violin to Betty Campbell. Charlotte Cush1nan's earnestness to Ruth Ruble. Alice Decker's operation to Marianna Jones. Marie Garnowis soft voice to Theresa Gagnon. Elvora Goodspeed's Bob to next year's Senior girls. Eleanor Herrick's red wool dress to Colleen Gustafson. Charlotte Hollister's speed to Jean Carnahan. Ada Hopkins' smile to lVave Stetson. Helen Marie Kaufmann's brain to the Barber twins. Lila Jean Kunk1e's ping-pong playing to Richard Schriefler. Helen Loop's best friend to Lois King.. Mary Margaret Meehl's figure to Jean Hitchcock. Frances Meyer's basketball ability to Annie Pancereve. Joan Meyer's Corry boy-friend to Violet Peterson. Carmella Mobilia's loud talking to Betty Storm. Clara Nicastro's black hair to Donna Spencer. B. Ruth Norris' driver's license to Jacquelyn Saughter. ' Virginia Pellor's artistic ability to Jean Smith. Betty Phillips' interest in Lawrence Park to Dorothy Barton. Elizabeth Pierce's tiny writing to Miss Bell. Irene Pieree's business-like manner to Russell Camarata. Virginia Pierceis after school position to Phyllis Arrigoj Bernice Post's admirers to Josephine Wilson. Ruth Randall's coiflure to Betty Gerould. Ruth Riefstahl's big blue eyes to Betty Peck. Continued on Page Forty-Two Forty Past achievements and an impressive record are nice things with which to bolster one's self-esteem. But they do not guarantee future success. Keystone Cooperative Grape Associations North East, Penna. You as a farmer can insure your future crop returns by participating in our Canning and Fresh Fruit Pools. SENIOD CLASS WILL Concluded from Page Forty Elizabeth Rouse's quietness to Marie Hill. Jean Rublc-'s debating managership to Betty Niklaus. Margaret Semelka's German to Anita Reibs. Ruth Shield's bright teeth to Robert VVeinheimer. Ruth Shirey's smallness to Elizabeth Riefstahl. Janet Snell's "Sherry" to Catherine Limpantsis. Phyllis Stimson's retiring manner to Nan Schultz. Julia VVagner's Freshman to Jean VVykoff. Luci-lle lVassink's basketball managership to Betty Farver. Kathryn VVilkinson's big feet to Ardice Loucks. Raymond Archer's football ability to Stanley Salen. Donald Ball's faithfulness to Richard Ramsdell. Norman Barton's dancing ability to Robert Way. Howard Boyd's electric guitar to Herbert Boyd. Chester Casconi's all star football position to Nick Triana. Arthur Chesley's skates to Francis Coburn. Charles Cook's way with the women to WVilliam Murray. Robert Cook's notes to Richard Greene. Robert Edward's curls to Joe Backus. Harold G1-eenman's wit to Robert Darling. Walter Godsin's dislike of Lady Macbeth to Howard Briggs. Richard Howard's way with Miss Free to Vincent VVilliams. Clarence Hutchi'nson's desire to be a farmer to Lloyd Bloss. George Lick's French to Robert Gray. Edward Luehkelsway' with Mr. Serif -to Robert Fordyce. Rufus Luebke's-calmimanner in the face of difliculty to YVilliam Nichols Louis Maas's driving 'for the debating .team to Frederick Gartner. Allan MacDonaId's- height to .Kenneth Page. Este Maxonis Terraplane to Rodney Blystone. Reid Mays's clerking position to John Reibs. Vtfilliam Pal1ner's striped sweat shirt to James Brilnmer. Howard Post's soberness to Katherine Selkregg. Santo Scrimenti's reading material to Richard Vveinheimer. Owen Sheridan's saxophone to LaVonne Haslett. Fred Sladden's Study Hall seat next to Jean to Harold Roache. Xvalter Smith's Ford to Hall McCord. Reid Sprague's tardiness to Jeanette Orton. Carl VVay's funny English talks to Philip Reid. Harold VVeinheimer's moods to XVillia1n Wassink. James Youngs's disposition to Earl Pearson. A SliNI0l2'S Thoueni Though now we leave this dear old school We cannot say we're done, For though we've lived for quite awhile Our life has just begun. XVe know we've worked for several years And learned to take defeat, But what we've had is just a taste Of what we're going to meet. VVe will not try to take the world And shake it out of spaceg But merely strive and never shirk, And meet things face to face. So now we wait and wonder, toog And yet we know quite well VVhat tears and smiles the future holds, But time alone can tell. Owen Sheridan. Forty-Two THE NATIONAL BANK OF NORTH EAST Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporati Let Us Examine Your Eyes and FIT THEM WITH PROPER GLASSES DR. R. H. COLLMAN C. H. COLLMAN Masonic Temple 8th and Peach Sts. Erie, Penna DDDIJ LADI17' CONTEST MOST POPULAR B. Ruth Norris Owen Sheridan BEST ATHLETE Julia W'agner Robert Cook BEST MUSICIAN Roselyn Curtis Owen Sheridan PRETTIEST HAIR Lila Jean Kunkle Reid Mays BEST LOOKING Jean Ruble Charles Cook Forty-Four MOST STUDIOUS Helen Marie Kauffman lValter Godsin BEST DANCER Lucille NVassink Norman Barton BEST DRESSED B. Ruth Norris Charles Cook PRETTIEST EYES Margery Burden Robert Edwards WITTIEST Ruth Riefstahl Harold Lireeuruan We Congratulate the 1940 'Graduates THE EDWARDS COMPANY, Inc. House Furnishings Compliments of L. W. CROOT Dry Goods-Ready-to-Wear PHONE 324-R NORTH EAST, PA. Compliments of DR. T. S. KELSEY Optometric Eye Specialist nouns: moo f so 42 w. MAIN sr. Compliments of BLYSTONE'S GARAGE Telephone 205 38 East Main St 1' tYF N0 ITD The sudden, sharp ringing of the phone lifted Mary Raines from her chair by the fire and had barely stopped as she raised the re- ceiver to her ear. "Yes . . . yes . . . wonderful! . . . O. K. fine . . . by!" formed the entire telephone con- versation which ensued. As Mary danced back to her seat, Mr. Raines looked up, a startled look on his face. "That was a short conversation," he remarked. "XVhat's the matter?" As Mary joyously explained that "the gang" were planning a trip to the nearby city that evening and would pick her up in a few hours, tl1e first few pelts of snow stung the windows. As well timed as though the phone's ringing had been a signal, the storm began. Snow fell harder and faster each moment and the temperature had already dropped several degrees when, a few moments later, Mr. Raines announced firmly., "Mary, for the last time, I don't want you to go tonight. lt's already storming hard, and snow on top of all that ice will make the roads practically impassablcf' "Mother!" wailed Mary, "Daddy wo'n't let me go!" As his wife's determined tread re- sounded through the house, Mr. Raines winced. A hunted look crept into his eyes as Mary's mother took the situation into con- trol. Some minutes later, gasping weakly after the torrent of words, he made his last stand. "But Annaj' he pleaded, "1 just den't want our daughter hurt. I say she can't go." Two hours later Mary fought her way down the walk and piled into the already crowded coupe of her best friend, Mary Smith. The "Marys" exchanged greetings and paused a moment to chuckle again over the ever amus- ing coincidence of having the same first name, and then they were oft for an evening of fun. Some time later, finding the hour much later than they had realized, the happy and excited quartet of girls made their way back to the car after having spent an unusually pleasant evening in the city. WVhen Mary Smith had some trouble in driving her car away from the snowy curb, they found it necessary to get help. But the girls regarded it as a lark and a fine climax to the evening. On the way home along the treacherously smooth road, the raekety little auto gave a few experimental skids which made its pas- sengers squeal with delight and animation. But suddenly and without warning, there was a deafening crash and the ripping, tearing sound of a once useful Ford suffering its final hour. For After minutes that seemed like hours, a limp, bedragglcd figure fought its solitary way out of the overturned car and lost itself in the driving snowstorm which, after a few steps, hid even the car from view. The lone- ly white world i11 which the solitary struggler found herself was a frightening one. No lights could he seen in either direction, and the snow l1id all land marks so well that she was completely lost even on this familiar road. Trudging slowly and with effort through the storm, it was all she could do to keep to the highway, and the one thought which kept chasing itself through her mind was "Get to a house-find a phone-get to a house-find a phone-get to . . ." The thought suddenly occurred to her that She probably could not see if she did pass a house. Almost totally discouraged by this, she felt like turning around and going hack, but she no longer knew the way to the car, so there was nothing to do but force her way on into the storm. Meanwhile the wind was increasing in fury every minute, and lzack in the Raines home, Mary's father anxiously paced the floor, his steps growing longer and longer as his fear increased. He only paused for a moment to adju:-.t the radio to the city station, and then returned to his nervous vigil. Soon, with a startling suddeness, the announcer boomed forth, "Conditions are fast becoming serious," he said. "The fall of snow has been so heavy that even the snowplows have had difficulties on certain of the roads which were icy to be- gin with. Many of the highways leading f'ro1n here to surrounding small towns are al- most impassable and . . ." Mr. Raines had knocked over the offending radio in his haste to shut it off. An eternity passed as he went back and forth across the floor, and retraced in his mind his daughter Mary's life. Again and again he cursed himself and his wife for per- mitting her to be on the roads in a storm like this one. Then into the thick silence the shrill ringing of the telephone cut for the second time that evening. XVith one stride he was across tl1e room and at the phone. "Mr, Raines?" came an unfamiliar voice. t'There's been an accident-the girl just made her way to our house a few mo- ments ago. She says she's af'raid that she's the only survivor-her name is Mary . . ." "Thank God," breathed Mr. Raines. ". . . Mary Smith." Margie Burden ty-Six Compliments of First National Bank NORTH EAST, PA. QQXNSUQQ? '30 N W L Q 95.000 Q -, mxlnuu , E lnsuuncz 3 mana: 5 ua nrvosuron a, S 41EMBf,9 Member Fed-eral Deposit Insurance Corporation DIEGES 81 CLUST Class Rings and Pins Medals, Cups, Trophies, Plaques Athletic Awards' 17 John Street Chamber of Commerce Bldg New York, N. Y. Pittsburgh, Pa. 1"tS TDAGEDY Cf IMI NT VALENTINE February fourteenth is Valentine's Day, YVhen most young lovers are very gay. Howard Koester, a freshman, Qvery smart, Wished to give her a chocolate heart. She was a junior a-nd very small But he, too, was less than tive feet tall. He thought she was lovely and very prettyg She didn't ignore him-she thought he was witty. YVhen that great day came for exchanging of thought He was very proud of the gift that he'd bought. W'hen a Senior asked whom it was for, however, He said, "My mother, not a girl. No, neverf' But the Senior ignored the small white lie 'Cause he knew who it was for and why. The Senior played Dan Cupid's part, And used the chocolate instead of a dart. He rushed to her home room to talk to Miss Free To explain his errand in evident glee. Miss Free, smiling graciously, agreed to the plot To see if Ardice would blush or not. Now Ardice, though tiny, with dignity Sweet Arrived at her home room to take her seat But Miss Free told her not to be in a hurry, And gave her the box with pomp and flurry. "To the Loveliest Girl in the World" it said. All unruiiled and calm this caption she read. But poor Howard suffered a lover's defeat And lost all faith in love complete. Into this story, the moral we weave, "Never to wear your heart on your sleeve." B. Ruth Norris. TH If fl.l DT A,sweep of golden curls, A hit of precious lace, A pair of red lips smiling From a tiny heart-shaped face. The rustle of a silken skirt, Two changeable blue eyes Mark her a daring little flirt In all her lovely guise. Jean Rublc. Forty-Eight Always the Best in Screen Entertainment At Popular Prices ! BREEZE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc Publishers of THE NORTH EAST BREEZE Printers of the "Aqui1o" Ftxl SNAD SHCTS -. . "" . s., Y' . UQ A 'Mr ir ' N if ,i Y- I fini 'ti Fifty FIRST ROW First Prize-Skeets, the smile of beauty Betty Krnll, Scowling: Poppy, Some pcplg Holly, Books Benny. -A' SECOND Row Gingvr, IVhcrc's Don?g Harold and '?, Upper- cnt on il cutter-uppcrg Prof., The big boss. 'A' THIRD ROW Nan and Mary, Capital plus, Betty, IVhcn and whcrc?g Ethel and Owen, XVhat a coinci- clvncc! 'k FOURTH ROW Second Prize-Pussy, Jean, Lue Three smart girls Bob, Sh1:'s my girl, Squuwk, Misplzlccd feet 'A' FIFTH ROW M. lil. M., Legs: Reid Mays, Muscle-man, Marianna and Doris, Froslnnan lnssies. 'A' SIXTH ROW Carmclln, One-way ridcg Betty, Also riding. i SEVENTH ROW Don and Fred, Ambitiofng Bob and Harold, Going to Ripley? Third Prize-Nyla, Poise WElNHEllVIER'S Grocery 14 D 1 y 13-15 We. Main St PHONE 144 Compliments of McMillen's Drug Store e The REXALL Store PHONE 141 19 EAST MAIN ST. SNAD SHOTS FIRST ROW Class of '40 "This Changing XVOrld" 'A' SECOND ROW J can Debating Conference Jcanj LaVonne, Mm-ic Letchworth Park Kakic and Butch Do you call this hiking? 'A' THIRD ROW Donna Hot foot Marie, Lavonne, Jean, Jean, Kakie, and twin Girl Scout picnic Harold Snap-it Fifty-Two - - 1-ll-U ll l ERIE'S FOREMOST A CLOTHIERS P. A. MEYER 6? SONS 817-819 State Street MEAD 81 BANNISTER Ph 171 Corner Mill and Wall Sts. North East D l rs i FLOUR,' FEED, GRAIN, HAY, STRAW and LIME Wise Feeders Use M. 81 B. Feeds l I -1 , 4 I l 1 u l flil'Il5llllxfmulll1I'Ell A FARM MACHINERY and Tractors ARMOUFUS FERTILIZERS NIKLAUS BROS. McCormick-Deering Farm Machinery General Blacksmithing 10 EAST STREET TELEPHONE 162-J Compliments of SHOE REPAIR INN New Life for Old Shoes Harold Hultman E. MAIN ST. NORTH EAST, PA F ir c I1 's M A . M A D E B R E A D "IT'S THE BEST" Fil Compliments of DR. H. F. ADAMS THEO. C. HILL, '11 JAMES R. I-IILL, '13 E. I. SPRAGUE, '16 HILL 8: HILL Civil Engineers East Main Street North East, Pa Compliments of S. L. and M. L. ANDERSON, D. D. S. Compliments of DALE HUTCHINSON Sporting Goods - Fishing Tackle - Bicyles Tires and Tubes-Vulcanizing-Accessories KELLER THEATRE BUILDING Tff Fi SSTHANIYS--FIQDM lil LLEIQ IDUIQIV' Dick was elated. He had his first car and it was his opinion that it was the fastest car on the road. The salesman had told him it would do one hundred miles an hour, and Dick had to drive it that fast before long or he would never feel satisfied. All this was running through his mind as he drove swiftly along. Abruptly his thoughts were interrupted by a man signaling for him to stop. He stopped quickly, thinking that perhaps the man was in trouble and he could be of assistance. As the car came to a standstill, the man jumped in and commanded, "Get me to Erie quick or I'll blow your brains out!" Now Dick was a brave boy, but the busi- ness end of a .38 automatic is far from a soothing touch. Dick compressed his lips tightly and started the car. fWhen he reached fifty miles an hour, he did not try to increase his speed. The man behind him shoved the gun in Dick's ribs and cooly stated, "I said quick! If you don't get this old crate up to ninety, I push you out and drive it myself!" For the first time Dick was really angry. "Old crate, huh? I'll show you," and he slammed his foot down hard on the acceler- ator. The car began to pick up speed. Faster and faster it went. Eighty-eigbty-five- ninety-and still it gained. It happened when the car reached ninety- iive. Dick had swerved out to pass a truckg and just as he came up beside it, a bus came around the curve less than one hundred feet away. Dick swerved the car off the road, over a ditch, and into a tree. The man had been thrown clear, but Dick was wedged behind the wheel and the car was beginning to burn. The man, seeing Dick in the car wedged behind the wheel, had for the first time in his life a streak of humanity. When Dick came to three hours later, the doctor handed him a note and said, "VVe found this pinned on your jacket. The man who pinned it there was riding with you and got you out of the car when it started to burn." Dick opened it and read "Thanks, boy. Here is money to pay for your car. If that bus had been late, I would be in Erie, now. But it wasn't, so I think I'll see how far I can swiln toward Canada. .Killer Durk. P. S.-I can't swim. Este Maxon. DI-IADIO DY Ol: A IQADICAI. There'd be many major changes If I should run this school. No student disarranges If I should run this school. I'd straighten the kids up with a snap, I'd put the school upon the map, l'd show the town that I'm no sap, If I should run this school. l'd do away with studies, And make all homework play. I'kl make the kids my buddies And jest with them all day. I'd Iire the teachers if I dared, So there'd be none to make us scaredg And others would see how well we fared And let me run their school. Donald Ball. Fifty-Six Compliments of North East Fruit Growers Incorporated TELEPHONE 115 Grahamville Street North East, Penna HEADQUARTERS FOR International Fertilizers Niagara Spray Materials McAdam 8: Sons Farm Machinery Compliments of W DR. and MRS. E. G. SHELLEY COUSE AGENCY Fire, Automobile and Storm Insurance Real Estate Fft S Ll FE EVEIQLASTING Now that our fourth year is closing, we, the Seniors, must bid fond farewell to our high school days and turn with grim determination to face the world and strive to obtain that course in life which shall bring,above everything else, happiness. However, though we may be graduated and no longer he a part of the high school, long and dear will be the memories of the past four years which have been spent there. During this time we have made numerous acquaintances, both among teachers and classmatesg we have known luck, both good and badg we have known long hours of hard workg we have enjoyed supreme happiness. To mention each thing we have gained would be a never-ending task. Incidents and personalities will be endowed in our hook of memories as long as we breathe. I feel, however, that considering everything, there will be one dominating theme in the minds of us all. To briefly describe ity, it's this. NVe learned some of it when we attended the eighth grade. Wfhen we entered as Freshmen, we were somewhat en- lightenedg and as Sophomores we learned it word for word. WVhen, we, the graduating class of '40 return to North East High School in the coming years as Alumni, there will not be one among us who will not rise to his feet the moment he hears the old "School Song" and "Hurrah for the Maroon and Gold"-a memory which will have life everlasting! Owen Sheridan. DAY DIQEAMINIS I sit at ease in a cozy chairg My thoughts are wandering everywhere. l'm up in the sky in a keen aeroplane, Or walking the streets in an April rain. 1'1n saving a life-I'm a doctor now, And then I'm a farmerette milking a cow. Pm a practicing lawyer, an attorney at law, Urging a witness to tell what she saw. I'm modeling gowns in a style parade, Or the stalwart commander of a fierce brigade. I'm a professional skater, a Sonja Henie, Or a ragged old woman without a penny. Pm a fearless explorer with Admiral Byrd, Or the greatest actress that you've ever heard. I'm a Professor of Science at Harvard or Yale, Or a government worker-sorting out mail. I can do everything, or so it seems, As I sit in my chair and dream thrilling day- dreams. Jean Flanagan. Fifty-Eight 9 Lets Meet and Gas J 0 E B U L L ' s Super Service Station PENNZOIL PRODUCTS GENERAL TIRES AUTO-LITE BATTERIES AUTOMOBILE NECESSITIES 1P'BUr Ill IQISIEIFII 5. 'L th I' U 5 le. IB lu.: Lake at Grant Street NORTH EAST, PA. F'It Ni SCI-IDDI. VVhy did we all come to School? VVas it to learn, or just to fool? Those who fooled are sorry now, Because in June the rest can bow. It really hasn't been so badg Think of all the fun that we have had. Hardships have faced us, that is trneg VVhen they come again, we'll know what to do. Our Freshman year wc were green, We met things we had never seen. After a while we began to feel That we were getting a very good deal. Our Sophomore year we felt O. K., And often you could hear us say That we were glad to be in school Instead of in the street being a fool. The Junior year soon rolled aroundg lVe had to put our nose to the ground VVitl1 Bookkeeping I and English III. Once again we were not free. Finally our Senior year has passed, The thing we wanted has come at last. Graduation means more to me Than anything I"ll ever see. To the underclassmen I say, "G0odJbye. From now until the day I die I'll never forget my dear old school. Please come to learn and not to fool." Robert Cook. DIQDVIIION When it's wint'ry outside, And the wind's goin' mad, And the walks are all slush From the weather we've had. NVl1en it snows and then rains, Then freezes up tight, Makin' ice on the sidewalks And streets slipp'ry right. When the "temp"' 's way below, And your coat needs a pad, For a couple of weeks then- VVhy-school ain't so bad! Gerald Peek. Sixty Compliments of Erie County Court House Officials WILLIAM E. HIRT ................ MILES B. KITTS ......... ELMER EVANS ......... J. ORIN VVAITE .....................' . HELEN SCHLURAFF DELL DARLING ............,....... THOMAS FLATLEY .............. BURTON LAUB ........ ROLLO MCCRAY ...... HARVEY VVILLIS ....... CARL KUPPLER ............. LAVVRENCE TAYLOR RALPH B. MCCORD HARRY MILLER ...... GEORGE WILSON ....... DR. W. G. STROBLE ....... Superior Court Judge . Common Pleas Judge Common Pleas Judge Orphans' Court Judge County Commissioner County Commissioner County Commissioner District Attorney County Treasurer .. ........ County Comptroller County Sheriff Prothonotary Register of Wills Recorder of Deeds Clerk of Courts County Coroner CDIJNIEI. T0 GIIQLI fWith Apologies to Robert I-Ierrickj After very careful consultation and intri- cate study, there are those of us who will admit that girls, when well-humored and well-fed are almost human. That is, they walk, talk, and breathe-although most of them can't seem to realize. Perhaps it is their talkativeness that causes the most trouble. After further collaborating on the subject, some of us have drawn up a code which, if followed religiously, will never fail to bring its aspirant into the limelight-one way or another. At parties be the first one upstairs in order to start the group discussion. Also remem- ber, she who stays up the longest is the most popular with the boys. If offered two dates for the same evening, accept both. This will enable you to surprise one of them and the joke will long be re- membered hy him. Always apply make-up with a putty knife. This brings out your aristocracy. You have more where that came from. When on a date, always let other boys know you are around. Play 'idrop the hand- kerchief" if necessary. Remember, your dale only brought you. He has no strings on you whatever. Never pass a mirror. Always stop to dab into your compact and dab on some paint. tvhen in the company of your escort, strive to complete the biography of another boy's life. He will probably love biographies -especially as you are so interested in him. Never acknowledge the fact that a boy might have some degree of intelligence, for there is always the danger of conceit. Always make all the plans so that you may have your own way. Remember, you are right! What boy would ever dare to make you unhappy? Girls, all the "best-dressed" have a com- plete wardrobe of angora sweaters-one for every suit her boy-friend has. It's best to have them in contrasting colors such as white ones for blue serge, etc. Last of all, there is always the girl who makes her escort carry her combination tool kit and lunch box in his coat pocket. fThis sometimes goes under an assumed name such as hand-bag or pocket-book.J She troubles him often for it but is so sweet and coy he hasn't the heart to say anything at the time. lVhen you have memorized these ten com- mandments, a short course on how to acquire a steady line of chatter and a fluttery dis- position will enable you to attend all social functions with never a fear of feeling out of place. You now are the possessor of the mastery of "How to lVin Friends and Influcnce People." Donald Ball. T0 A DEIK Oh wooden bearer ot' paper and lead, Whose hardy back has never bled From pupil's knife or pencil lead. Your cries are fewer than the men YVho with their power rule the land. For some, you help them through a test, And yet, for others you express The name which often they caress. And whether I go East or West, I'll not forget you-'WVooden Desk." Jolm DeLong. Sixty-Two Compliments of DR. O'LEARY and DR. SCRAGG Compliments of JOHN MARKS FUNERAL HOME Compliments of MR. and MRS. OWEN GOODRICH Compliments of GRAY'S RESTAURANT and VIRGINIA HOTEL Compliments of HOME TOWN BAKERY EAST MAIN STREET SA-V-MOR DRESS SHOP "Always the Earliest with the Latest" m Y ,, ,pl,,, , Compliments of Blaine-Mackay-Lee Co. WHITE DINER Serves Special Sunday Dinners coRA M. KEIM MARGUERITE uno Compliments of WILLIAM W. DIEHL Registered Plumber 99 cL1NToN sr. Compliments of THE ELECTRIC MATERIALS CO. North East, Penna. S'tF ' Compliments of CANTRELL'S CASH STORE "Service Saves Money" TELEPHONE 394 Compliments of DR. A. H. EHRLER NORTH EAST PLUMBING COMPANY Plumbing, Heating, Meyers Water Systems TELEPHONE 77 NORTH EAST PA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1940 . . . WALLIN STUDIOS 41 South Lake Street PHONE 227-R S t INSIDE INCIDENTS DI: ICDNDDLASTID INDIVIDUALS There was a young fellow name "Chet"g On his prowess with girls I did het. One day from afar Came a girl named Mlynar. I lost. He now calls her "My Pet." There is a young girl named Joan, In the future we shan't find alone. Her heart beats for Bob, Yet she isn't a snoh. NVe can tell it is love by her tone. There is a young girl named "Pat"g WVe also do call her "Fat". In games that are hard She is -al good guardg VVe'll never forget her for that. There was a boy named Bart, Xvho had a stone for a heart. He danced well you know, A clarinet he could blow, But humming a smoke was his art. Owen and Donald and Ed Can make a "corn-trio" 'tis saidg But when Serif says, "Go," They all give a blow And call it a dirge instead. There's a fellow around named "Killer", lVho was afraid of a lowly moth-miller. He picked up a club, Said, "I may be a dub, But if it's the last thing I do, I'll drill "'er NVe all know the girl named Bee Ruth, YVho, if one were to tell the truth, VVent out once with Bob, And sat on a goh Of gum, on the seat in their booth. There was a girl named Jean, VVho was a regular coffee fiend. But she could bake pies That would open your eyesg And I know, for I have seen. There was a young lady named Tiny: She had roller skates all nice and shiny. XVe admit she was limberg But when she hit the timber She announced, "Now bring on Miss Heinief' The President of our class is named Oweng It's true that he always is blowin'- lt's not that he talks Or whistles and walks, But he plays the Sax with good showinl Marge is so clever in writing. W'ith news she is always inciting Her victims to rage, A hysterical stage, For gossip is not so delighting. There is a girl named "Punk," WVho's always afraid she'll flunk. Bob thinks she's swell, And for him she fell, Now studies to her are the "hunk." Eleanor's a girl we admire 'Vtfith her hair and neat attire. She's full of vim, And never prilng Her habits we'd like to acquire. W'e all know our classmate named "Holly" l'Vho at times has been given to folly. She Iirst went with Ben, But never again, For now it is Harold, by golly! You all like that fellow named VValter lVhat he needs is a rope and a halter. He likes all the dames And has many flames, But it's Margie who still makes him falter. More of these things we just haven't got, And for these we do hope we're not caught So we're ending them here And now make it clear That we're quitting before we get shot. Sixty-Six 1 Compliments of DR. J. PIERCE BASHAW Osteopathic Physician General Electric Refrigerators, Ranges, Radios, Washers, Electric Sinks Complete Kitchens, Commercial Refrigeration ARTHUR F. SCHULTZ 1029 stare sr. ERIE, PA. 1616 Parade s NEMO, Incorporated DISTRIBUTORS OF NORTH EAST BRANDS Manufacturers of Nemo Chocolate Milk Prep and Student New Spring Suits 810450, 5512, S515 CARNAHAN BROS. SltS MDIT fAITl'IflJ I. IEIQVANTI There are two things to which I owe My thanks in every wayg They've aided me for several years Up to this very day. , They came with me when I was borng VVithout them I'd be lost. I would not think of trading them Or selling at any cost. Although they're large and awkward too, They do my work for me. They take me to and from the school And serve me tirelessly. You probably wonder what these areg And yet to be most true, I must admit quite honestly That you have got them too. The first of these must serve us yet And work with us some more, For even though we're leaving school VVe'll find more tasks galore. The other one of which I speak Is more important still, For we must guide theln straight and far Up that lo-ng, steep hill. Together these two form for us A shield against all ill. Our hands and feet will serve us long If we but have the will. Owen Sheridan. T0 VCU To you underclassmen We Seniors advise, Make the most of your studies. Be wise! W'e studied four years, Four years we have yearnedg Now we can truthfully say, "NVe learned!" Lila Jean Kunkle. Sixty-Eight Congratulations to the Class of 1940 CARL REIBS' R. 81 W. STORE Compliments of DR. and MRS. CARL A. KARSH Q- Lcu EVROLETI W-L.-:.."-S' CRAMER MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet Sales and Service ze.-zs E. MAIN sr. PHONE 188 Noam EAST, PA BODY and FENDER REPAIR JACOB HALLER COMPANY Wholesale Grocers Almost Everything from Individual Sizes to Gallon Cans for Bakers, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Hospitals, Institutions, Camps P. 0. BOX 898, ERIE, PA. SiN P+ I DADADISE Through the woods, Scattered daily, VVere the tents Put up gaily. Now and then, Through the day, Another camper Saw the bay. More and more, Still they came, For tl1e camp Had much fame. They shouted gaily, Those who came, To their friends Engaged in game. And those who left Shed a tear For the camp They loved so dear. Those who came Saw the trees, Swaying slightly In the breeze. Those who left Saw only this: A paradise, A camper's bliss. Beth Herrick TO THE MADIYDI They say to write for the Aquilo. One must be able to construct and throw VVords together, to complete a rhymeg And know what you're alking about, at least part of the time. But making an attempt really isn't so hard Even though you're not regarded a bard. But it's when people turn in epistlcs like mine That the editors keel over and die on the line. Donald Ball. Seventy Compliments of R. F. SWARTZMAN Compliments of BURROWS HARDWARE CO. TELEPHONE 165 NORTH EAST PA Compliments of F. H. MCCORD 81 CO. Good Watches and Silver at J. F. LEWIS JEWELRY STORE since 1893! Compliments of G. C. MURPHY CO. H. H. HILEMAN NEWS CO. News Dealers and Stationers Cigars and Candies MAIN AND LAKE STREETS TELEPHONE 45-W THE CIDEEIK Down in a meadow where the green grass grows Is a little swamp where the clear water flows. Up on the hillside stands a little old shack YVhere the boards are rickety and the windows crack Down from the house leads a long crooked path, Down to the creek where the bull-frogs pass. Down in the meadow where the lilies grow Stands a tumble-down shed where the roosters crow. The owner is old and walks with a cane, But he hasn't any children to give the blame. He wears an old hat that is battered and torn, But he doesn't mind if his clothes are worn. He hasn't any neighbors for miles around, And he seldom ever walks to town. He has only the creek that is flowing by To keep him company until he must die. . Virgil Bailey. THIS CHANGING WDIQLD Can you remember long ago VVhen Grandma was a child? They really did have fun, you know, But never acted wild. It wasn't like it is today, VVe modern folk are brighter, YVe've trained the world to go our way, And made young spirits lighter. XVhen we have fun, we celebrate, No matter the occasion. Dull parties with us never rate On any school vacation. If Grandma could just see us now, She'd blush and blush for shameg For when she left her one last vow VVas "Good things stay the same." Betty Phillips. Seventy-Two Every Effort. . . I s During the past 29 years our College Annual Staff has put forth concentrated effort in helping schools and colleges produce attractive yearbooks. We are proud to have the pleasure of Working with the staff of the North East High School in preparing their 1940 annual. ERIE ENGRAVING COMPANY .75MiqnmA - Qefanchwzfi - ZMQAQHM4 Mercantile Building ERIE, PENNA. NORTH EAST MINISTERS' ASSOCIATION First Baptist Church ,..... ..... R ev. Ivan Shreve First Evangelical Church ..., .... R ev. Howard Lauby First Methodist Church ..,. ...... R ev. Adolph Weaver First Presbyterian Church .......... Rev. J. Fulton Kiskaddon St. Peter's Lutheran Church "The truth shall make you free." Compliments of ERIE LAUNDRY COMPANY -530 EAST 19th ST. 15 VINE ST. ERIE, PA. NORTH EAST, PA. Dear Seniors: Didn't we have Fun ? The very best of good fortune attend your Way. Sincerely, Edwin "Pop" Selkregg, N. E. H. S., '08. UI' Compliments of JOHN J. GALBO Compliments of HOME RESTAURANT AND GRILL 21 EAST MAIN ST. NORTH EAST, PA. "Our Work is done for those who love and who Remember" . ,, Mg- . Qfvzowx Gramt-e and Marble M SS, xg: Monuments , U N re KENNEDY MEMORIAL COMPANY TELEPHONE 200 66 SOUTH PEARL ST A. H. OLSON JOHNS-MANVILLE BUILDING MATERIAL "Heat-Rite" Coal and Coke Roofing--Insulating Board DEVOE PAINTS-ANCHOR STOKERS Phone 244 Seventy-Fi I2 LITO ITU I - Tl-l If VUICE Of EXDEIQIENCE Dear Editor: How can I increase mv height? Billy M. By growing. Dear Editor: Is it proper to kiss a girl friend? H. fMastermindJ K. It depends who the girl is. Dear Editor: Please tell me what color is most becoming to blondes? M. M. M. Red is most dangerous. Dear Editor: How should I comb my curls? V. Marsh W. WVith a comb, by all means. Dear Editor: How can I make boys like me? J-l-a W. I refer you to C-ll-n G. Dear Editor: My friends disagree as to wheth- er I should wear my hair up or down. How can I please them all? R. R-b-e. Don't wear it. Dear Editor: Is it proper for students to be on intimate terms with the teach- ers? Marg. B. Certainly, if you find it pays. Dear Editor: I have too many freckles. How can I get rid of them? H. G-man. Take equal parts of rosewater and lemon juice, and a cup of cold cream, vaseline, and a pint of hydrochloric and oxolic acid mixed, and a quart of rain water. Apply before each meal. Dear Editor: Girls won't go out with me, be- cause I have a steady girl friend. What should I do? C. C-k. Stick to Virginia. Dear Editor: How can I be sure my Meadville boyfriend is faithful? Jane B. Move to Meadville. I Shock Overcomes Several! fExclusivc with NEP Newsl- Flash! Mr. Ralston told a new joke at a recent Hi-Y meeting. Several members of the club were serious- ly affected by the shock, and two required medical aid. Stanley him- self seemed a little surprised at th-e burst of laughter which greet- ed his story. By a stop watch which was luckily open, the relat- ing of the story has been set at ex- ' actly twenty-live minutes and thir- teen seconds past eight o'clock. Authorities on Mr. Ralston"s jokes say that it is absolutely a new one., and bets are already being laid as to how many years it will be be- fore he tells another new one. Harold Greenman. philosophic president of the Hi-Y, prophesied that Ralston would tell another new one in 1941. All you under- ClEl'S1H6l'l are advised to be on the lookout for it. as it might come wh le you are dosing in class. VVhat is this world coming to? Dear Editor: I have asked a certain girl to go to a dance with me. How can I entertain her between dances? R. C--k. Let her do the talking. She usually does, docsn't she? Dear Editor: A young man recently asked me to go to the movie and then did not come or send anv excuse. YVhat should I do? UB." YV. Return the lemon with interest. Dear Editor: Please give me a schedule of trains to Erie. J. S-ll. Pl-ease restate your question. I don't know whether you mean freight or passenger trains. Dear Editor: 1 recently lost a ring of my boy- friend's which was an heirloom. NVhat to do? K-k-e S. Visit all Erie hock shops. Dear Editor: How can I remove lipstick from my collar? Dick R. Your mother should know how by now. Seventy-Six IQACI N I5 N EWS lSport Section! Bee Ruth Norris, who is filling her broth'er's place as "Night Rid- er," is doin-g very well in that po- sition. However she seems to lack the speed and maneuverability of her famous racing brother. Richard Howard, brother and protege of Paul "Lucky" Howard, is the last of the famous racing Howards. Although new at the game, he is coming to the toD rapidly and should be a top notch winner in next summer's racing convention. Interesting to note is the fact that he is not racing at Sheridan speedway as his broth- ers did. but has opened up a new course which runs from his Mid- dle Road home to East Main St. via the Orchard Beach Road. This course has many bumps and sharp curves in it. thus making it both diiiicult and dangerous. 3 WANTED 5 More People to skip school less. Mr. Davis. Padded cells for the Freshmen. D. Ball. A piano for the lavatory quar- tet. Quartet. Trolley serviee to th-e Brickyard Road. Harold G. A football team for 1940. 1939 squad. Some way to get rid of teachers when passing notes, copying as- signments, etc. If interested, hang around Room 9. A clarinet section for the 1940 orchestra. Mr. Serif. Longer study halls. Night Hawks. Someone to sign excuse blanks. Ed. Luebke. More time between class ex- changes. Carmella M.. 5 ...................,...,............... ............ Several very valuable hours of sleep, in or near city of Erie last Saturday night. If found, please return to Carl "Poota" VVay. One handsome black cameo ring. No 'reward if returned. Harold NV. A 1939 class ring, valuable only in sentiment. Finder's keepers. "Holly" H. A large portion of traditional dignity. Class of '40. Compliments of HARRY B. COUSE PHONE 108-R Compliments of SUGDEN'S MARKET WE DELIVER Compliments of WILLIAM SCOULLER Tax Collector Come to LORETTA'S to Get "WICKED CLOTHES" 82.5 Peach St., Erie, Penna. Quality Is Always First ..,.at... The Zgalle Etna. Qin. Times Square-Erie, Pa. Compliments of SALCHOW 81 BALDWIN b Uh HIT DAIQADE '-Bi ny" ............ u is lt 44 ac Asleep or Awake" .. Faithful Forever" .. Once in a VVhile" . .. Dark Eyes" ......... Do I Love You?" Confucius Say" "Farewell Blues" tc as mc as as H 6 ns u H A. SK is 6: is an 44 at as so sa Ragtime Cowboy" .. To You" .......... Careless" .............. I VVant a Girl" .......... All the Things You Are" Love's Old Sweet Song" Chatterbox" ................ It's a Hap, Hap, Happy Day" . Scatterhrainu ............... Goody Good-bye" ......... Darn That Dream" ................ In an Old Dutch Garden" ............ The Man Who Comes to Our House" . It's a Sin to Tell a Lie"' ............ Sunrise Serenade" ................. Simple and Sweet" .... Now It Can Be Told" ............ XVishing" ......................... I Didn't Know 'What Time lt VVas" .. Blue Evening" .................... My Prayery' ..................... "I Thought About You" .. ss as sc One O'clock Jump" ...... Good Morning" .................. . Dark Town Strutters' Ball" .......... "Holy Smoke! Can You Take a Joke?" . . . at as u in cc cs as Yodelm' Jive" ..................... Lovely Lady" Comes Love" ....... It's Dream Time" Clarinet Marmalade" .. Truckin' Along" ........ I Hear You Calling Me" .. "Out on the Old Plantation . . u Ls as as u 64 as as u es it Ac as as u u U Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" . ............ .. All's XVel1" ................................ Are There Any More at Home Like You?" .. Mendelssohn's March" .................... 1t's a Blue Vtforld Yvithout You" . .. Does Your Heart Beat for Me?" .. Oh, Johnny" ................... In the Mood" ....... ......... If I Dicln't Care" .. Blue Orchids" .... My Reverie" ...................... Is It Possible?" ....................... Gee, But I Hate to Say Goodnight" It's a Hundred to One I'n1 in Love" Love Me, Love .My Dog" ............ Go Fly a Kite" .......... Eyes of the Fleet" . ..,. Seventy-Eight . . . . . . . Billy Wassink . . . Harold VVeinheimer .. "Dunk" and Eleanor "Butch" and Fred Walter Godsin . . . . . . . . Charlotte Hollister Mr. Davis: "In regard to-" Class of '40 Bill Palmer B. Ruth to Bob . . "Bud" Williams . . . . James Youngs Prof. . . . Marie and Dick . . . Howard Koester ... . . . . . . . Graduation .. . . . . . . . . Any Freshman . . . Teachers to students ,... . . . . Betty Farver Miss Holland Truant Ofiicer . . . 'VVhy weren't you in school? Alarm Clock Donna Spencer Owen and Ethel Freshmen . . . . . . . . . Stephen Fromyer . Atter a basketball game On exams . . . . . . . . Don to Virginia . . . . . .. Louis Maas . . . Miss Scouller .. . . Junior Prom . . . Aquilo Junior . . . Milton Luke . .. Jean Ruble .. . . .. Reid Mays . . . . . . Study Hall . . . Norman Barton .. . . . Bob Burdick Bob Cook Howard Post But not on school grounds . . . . . . . . Janet and "Sherry" . .................. Colleen For Joan . . . Lucille W'assink .. . .. Bob to Margie Johnny DeLong ... . . . . . . .. Bob Weinheimer Betty Felton to Bill Nichols Ruth Riefstahl .. . . . . . . .. "Hutch" to Ruth . . . . Greene and Marjorie Charlie to VVeinie . . . . . . . . Kenny Smith . . . Harold Roachc Jean Flanagan W. L. STOW Insurance ' Compliments of HOLLISTER 81 PHILLIPS SHOES and CLOTHING Dry Cleaning' Service by ZINK'S Compliments of W. O. WILSON 8: SON Morticizms - Compliments of NORTH EAST HEAT and LIGHT 'CO Distributors of Gas and Gas Burning Appliances ,. THE IDEAL IENIDIDI Charlotte Hollister Margery Burden .... Pat Meyer ......... Lila Jean Kunkle .... Helen Kaufmann .... Jean Ruble ...... B. Ruth Norris . .. Ruth Riefstahl .. Joan Meyer ...... Bernice Post ........ ..... Elvora Goodspeed .. PERSONALITY . SMILE EYES HAIR BRAIN COMPLEXION .. CLOTHES SENSE OF HUMOR . . . DISPOSITION . . HEIGHT ATHLETIC ABILITY Jane Bemiss ....... ......,... F EET ........ Janet Snell ...... Virginia Pellor ... Ruth Shirey Irene Pierce' ..... Eleanor Herrick . . . . . Ruth Shields .... ARTISTIC ABILITY VOICE BUSINESS ABILITY . . . . AMBITION . . . . MUSICAL ABILITY .. Harold Greenman . . . . . . James Youngs Harold 'WVeinheimer .... . . . . . Reid Mays .. . . . NValter Godsin . . . . Bob Edwards . . . . Charles Cook . . . Reid Sprague . . . Rufus Luebke . . . Chester Casconi Bob Cook Carl YVay . . . ......... Bud Archer . . . . . .. Fred Sladden Clarence Hutchinson .. ...... Donald Ball . ..... Edward Luebke . . . Howard Boyd MEMDDIES TI-1AT BLESS AND BURN QWith Apologies to Jimmy Fidlerj When iValter yelled "Bingo!" in Mr. Pero's Plane class. The well-used "Girls' Wieck". Va'n's temper in Freshman girls' gym classes. The attempt at a "Freshman VVcek". Julia IVagncr's crushes on Freshman boys, Harold VVeinheimer's inability to arrive at school on time. Last year's Junior Prom. Fred Sladden's Alaska tales. Certain Freshman girls. Mac's "attitude" in his study hall. Parties at the Beatcs-Sladden-Maas Mansion. The timefsj you were caught' skipping school. The Senior pictures. That familiar "leave your gum in the basket." Being found unprepared in a class of Miss Scouller's. Trying to recite over a wad of gum. The Amateur Hour-Edward Luebke. "Aquilo, Jr." on certain occasions. The "feel" of being a Senior. Hutchy's parties. Giving talks in English IV. Freshman antics of the Class of '40. Wfhen Janet Snell changed her first nalne. The essay contest Eleanor Herrick won. Xvhen the "slam hooks" were coniiscated. Reid Mays's long stand as a woman hater. The Glee Club's radio program. The test on marriage and dates in Sociology Class. Julia's smash-up in "Girls' WVeek". The many class rings that changed hands. The roller-skating parties inaugurated this year, Qespecially the one on Valentine's Dayj. Ardice's valentine "To the Loveliest Girl in the VVorld." The costumes "Junior" wore in the All-County play. Smells that penetrate the halls near Chemistry Class. "Killer's" girl from Allegheny. VVow! The time Irene Pierce came to school with curlcrs in her hair. Eighty ' 'v '-- iw- H - Compliments of HARTLEY'S CASH GROCERY Groceries-Tobaccos-Confections PHONE sas-R 193 s PEARL ST. Compliments of G. C. GRAHAM Justice of the Peace INSURANCE STADIUM DINOR BAR-B-Q SPECIALISTS 26 EAST 26th STREET ERIE, PA. Compliments of MARK HARRISON Painter and Decorator Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK Q CO. 1020 STATE STREET ' ERIE, PA. PULAKOS 926 State ERIE, PA. 1lty0 WHAT FAMCUS CELEBIQITIES SAY AIBDUT THE 1940 AQUILD Conducted by MacDonald Opinion Institute President Roosevelt: "The most democratic publication in the entire history of the United States." Abraham Lincoln: "It is popular in the South also." VValter XVinchell: "1 do plenty of reading and writing, but for real reading pleasure, give me the N. E. H. S. Aquilo. Al Capone: "The annual will help me to take the straight and narrow path." Mussolini: "The O. C. P. U. likes to look at the pictures of the Senior girls. So do I." Hitler: "Any propaganda and important plans in the annual?" No! Robert Taylor: "Miss Burden and Miss Wagner take very good pictures." Clark Gable: "Never mind, Bob, I saw them first." Fibber McGee: 'tAquilo"' McGee as I was knowd as in them days. Ed Wigganipsigalrowleyinski: fWho is he? Never heard of him., "My congratulations to the class of 1940 and their annual." Q Prof. Einstein: "At last, something that is parallel with my own mentality." George Washington: "The 'Aquilo' shall be placed in my library along with the works of Shakespeare, Dickens, Bacon, and others." Socrates: "The 'Aquilo' will be used as a textbook for my more advanced students in the literary field." Popeye: "I lay ya among the swea' peas if ya don't like the 'quila fAquiloJ." lt is my only regret that l cannot write what many more famous celebrities have said in praising the 1940 Aquilo during the interviews I have had with them. ALLAN MacDONALD, Professor of Opinion, MacDonald Opinion Institute JUST IMAGINE . . . Richard Howard not being a boy scout. Harold Weinheimer coming to school on tilne. Phyllis Baker on the war-path. Alice Decker without freckles. Harold Greenman without a corny remark. Reid Sprague forgetting to scratch his head. Elvora Goodspeed not reading B0b's note in Chemistry class. Donald Ball without Virginia. Bernice Post without her make-up. Charles Cook going with someone his own size. Jean Ruble off men forever. Ruth Riefstahl without her jokes. Elizabeth Pierce forgetting to be friendly. Howard Boyd with a tuba. Miss Seouller without her bell. Miss Bell being short. - Mr. Vanstone without a temper. Elizabeth Rouse flirting. Ruth Shields not talking about a boy. Santo Scrimenti flirting with girls. Marie Garnow being boisterous. Helen Kaufmann flunking a subject. Clara Nicastro with her hair mussed. James Youngs with a date. Ruth Shirey with a squeaky voice. Julia VVagner without "Freshman flames." Lucille Wassink without her worries. Rufus Luebke without his pipes. Eighty-Two LAKE SHORE LUMBER 81 COAL CO. INCORPORATED TELEPHONE 201 ERIE OPTICAL COMPANY an PEACH STREET ERIE, PENNA. M. O. Shreve, Guild Optician Compliments of Z I N K ' S MIRACLEAN Clean as a Breath of Spring HUTCHINSON ELECTRIC STORE Radios, Kelvinator Ref rigerators, Washers and Ironers, Gas Ranges, Electric Ranges, Oil Burners, Maytag Washers and Ironers, Hoover Cleaners. 55 West Main St. Telephone 320 J It Tl X, x 5 W A, Jfv 3 J 1 1,4 ' HP rrnrrurnnnntrlfh Ja u .g'?E's:t:rnnrnrylIl2Ff'?i- 'Fatal- . 1 iir v 'rn . t ER ' 1, rrmmzwg-' lggmile ax erggfff5555552.EiEiEi5fl.ff:-5 +1HL'ffInQ, +irffr4PwY-'-f--'- 55 'ILM - 1-sal THE BOSTON STURE Elgin and Bu-lova Watches Complete Lines of Jewelry Clocks and Silverware Danford C. Cushman Jeweler nu nlwmmulmmlmmmuinmmuhn,mnwlmlumm mmlaummmuw L 0 N G ' S Ladies' Smart Apparel mmnmmmmmIuu.u,nu:m,.mu. unmmnmunummm:mnmmnfmulnummm-1mu.aummm-m1mm,n 917 State Street Erie, Perma. FRENCH'S GULF SERVICE Main and Town Streets North East, Penna. Lgltb I' Compliments of GEORGE B. CRITTENDEN, M. D. JEWELRY AND ITS KINDRED LINES in quality merchandise only! J. WAYNE HASKELL T Jeweler and Optometrist 26 SOUTH LAKE sT. NORTH EAST, PA Compliments of ORVILLE S. BOGENSCHUTZ WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Home Furnishings-Flooi' Coverings Wall Paper and Paint-Bedding Compliments of LORETO OGNIBENE 81 SON BARBERS and BOBBERS "HOME OF THE PERSONALITY CUTS" I iglt Fi ULD, N EW, IBDIQIQDWED "Allegheny Uprising" it AND BLUE The ROHCI BHCIKU ......... . ..........:.'..,.:..:. ...-.'..'......... "The Dead End Kids on Dress Parade" .. "Another Thin Man" ..... "Blondie" . .. .. Lady of the Tropics" Love Affair" ......... Laugh It Off" ....... Stage Coach" ....... Made for Each Other" .. Five Caine Back" Babes in Arms" .... East Side of Heaveni' Honey Boy" ........ Cafe Society" ....... I Take This lVoman" Gone with the Wind" Stubborn Cinderella" u is l l as rv .6 is ss ' 44 U 1 an at as 54 il "Jesse James" if The Road to Glory" ..,. Never Say Die" ......... "The Great Victor herberti' Angels VVash Their Faces" First Love" .............. Little Accidenti' ........ Boys' Town" .. Dark Victory" ....... His Girl Friday" ...... The Tower of London" .. Jamaica Inn" ....... Dangerous" ...... Thunder Afloatv . Two Bright Boys" ....... sc u 66 .. Li U ii Gi .. H KC KS it "God's Gift to Humanity" U 65 Miracles for Sale" ....... Campus Confession" . . . The Real Glory" ...... If I VVere King" ........ "It Could Happen to You' . as gf is u Bad Little Angel" ...... Drums Along the Mohawk" The Cat and the Canary" . Green Hell" .... ........ ............. .... ... Senior Scholarship Test The road from Freeport . . . . Slats, Greenie, Bart .. . . . . . . . Freshman year . . . . . . . Chet Casconi . . . . . . . . . Julia VVagner . . . . Jacquelyn Slaughter . . Charlie and Virginia . . . . . . . . Report Cards Norris' Car .. . . . . . Ethel and Owen College Students Returning Freshmen High School Days Charlie Cook Tefflis Dinor Acquaintances Dunk Howard and Eleanor John Thompson Jean Ruble Bob YVeinheimer . . . . . . . . Fred Sladden . . . Joan's Engagement . . . . . Football Team . . . . Norman Barton Sophomores . . . . .. . . Carinella and Reid Mr. Ralston vs. Motorcycle Mac's Room . . . VVesleyville's Victory Jean VVykotf Louis Maas Teift's Dinor A Summons to the Oflice Remember" f ..- ...............i.. Mr. Davis . . . . . . . Owen and Donald . . . . . . Senior Year , ......... Class of '40 Ruth and Hutch . . . . . . VVanted by Everyone Alumni home from college Graduation Bob Cook . . . . . Most Anything . . . Margery Burden SIENIDIQ IBEATITUDES Blessed are they who chew gum in the presence of Miss Scouller: for they shall he deprived of it. Blessed he the poor in mentality: for their reign shall be long in North East High School. Blessed alty. Blessed Blessed Blessed their seats. Blessed Blessed are those who talk back to Van in gym: for they shall receive their pen- are they who come late for school: for they shall receive excuse blanks. are they that make baskets: for they shall be praised. are they that come late for Miss Sheridan's Study Hall, for they shall lose are they who skip school: for they shall be caught. be the good looking girls: for they shall be popular. Ei gh ty-SIX . Compliments of W. P. ROUSE 81 SON "WE'RE IN A BLACK BUSINESS, BUT WE TREAT YOU WHITE" SULLIVAN'S . RE p new H ITE TELEPHONE 107-J WE DELIVER JANES GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRING 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Welding, Ignition and Battery Service House PHONE zze-w-suor PHONE zzs North East Cooperative G. L. F. SERVICE, INC. North East, Pa. 16 GRAHAMVILLE ST. ' TELEPHONE 70 E151 ty S Nlorpheus . Nlnemosy ne Terpslchore .... . . . ... . -.. WHY IDME IENIDIQI COME T0 ICI-NDDI. RAYMOND ARCHER-to pass the time away. RUTH SHIELDS-to find out the latest gossip. EDIVARD LUEBKE-to be tardy. HAROLD XNEINHEIMER-to see Holly. REID SPRAGUE-to see how fast he can walk CARL VVAY-his mother told him to. CLARENCE HUTCHINSON-nobody told him. ADA HOPKINS-she doesn't. LUCILLE YVASSINK-to talk over her worries. BETTY PHILLIPS-to annoy Mac. ROSELYN CURTIS-to chat with Helen. MARGIE BURDEN-to get out of the country. MARIE GARNOXV-because Betty and Janet do. ELVORA GOODSPEED-to read Bob's notes. JEAN RUBLE-to stand up for her sister. LOUIS MAAS-to drive to debates. ARTHUR CHESLEY-so he won't have to wor BOB COOK-he can't understand it himself. SANTO SCRIMENTI-to read. BERNICE POST-to flirt. JAMES YOUNGS-to smile. HOVVARD POST-to become a farmer. VIRGINIA PELLOR-to draw fart and Donj. GEORGE LICK-to make a date for next week. CHESTER CASCONIfto star in sports. NORMAN BARTON-to learn something C21 YVALTER GODSIN-fto talk over Margie's home ONVEN SHERIDAN-aimer. HOVVARD BOYD-to graduate. MARY MEEHL-to tell of her latest escapades. down the halls. k at home. work UI MUDEIQN MYTHULUGY fliing of Godsj . CGod of Vtfatersj .. fGod of Strength . .. fGod ofSleepj . ..... fGod of Entrancesj fGoddess of Huntingj . lG0ddess of Beautyj fGoddess of Memoryj fMuse of Historyl . .. QMuse of Dancingj f.Muse of Comedyj . . .... fMuse of Lyric Poetryj . QA Great Musicianj . CA Young Hunterj . . . 1Handsome Youthj . , . Eighty-Ei glut . . . . Owen Sheridan ...... George Lick .. . . . Rufus Luebke . . . Harold XVeinheimer Virginia Pierce . . . . . Jeanne Slater . . . ... Jean Ruble .. . Eleanor Herrick Helen Kaufmann Lucille VVassink Kathryn VVilkinson .. . . . .. Donald Ball . . . . . Howard Boyd . . . . Walter Godsin . . . Charles Cook Compliments of SHOPPER'S GUIDE EXPERT WORKMANSHIP PROMPT SERVICE TAILOR SUITS AND OVERCOATS MADE T0 ORDER Garment Alterations a Specialty 175 W. MAIN ST. SECOND FLOOR Compliments of DAVIS 8z BAKER Compliments of SELTER'S BEAUTY SHOP Owned and Operated by Anna Mae Walls Compliments of DeLAND'S GROCERY FORD SALES AND SERVICE A. F. SMITH Equipped 10072 for Ford Service ' 45 E. MAIN STREET NORTH EAST, PA. Telephone 59 1 'ht N . f.,,,,, ,... ...fsck e-f.-at CLAII I NVENTDIQY VVe of the class of '40 find in our annual inventory that we have: Au Archer .... but no arrows fwho wants to shoot anything anyway?J A Baker .... .... b ut no butcher. A Ball .... but vcry few baskets. Bexniss ..... .... b ut no Be Mrs. One Boyd ....... .... n ot two in the bush. A Burden ......... .... b ut no strength. Too many Cooks .... .... a nd no broth Qit'd be spoiled, anyway.j A single Decker . . .... but no Dagwood fpaging "Blondie".J Some "Holly" .. .... but no mistletoe fwho needs it?j A Hopkins . .. .... but no Breeze fplcnty of wind, thoughg A Lick ..... .... b ut no sta111p fthey're not required on notes.J A Loop . .. .... but no hole. A Lopez .... .... b ut 110 swing band. Maas .... .... b ut no grass fnot under his feet.i Mays ..... .... b ut no Junes ibut we have a Carmella.j A Meehl .... Meyer ......... .... b ut no mud. Three Pierces .. .... but no wounds foccasionally a broken heart.J Two Posts .... .... b ut no horses to hitch. A Ruble .... .... b ut no franc. A Slats .. . .... but no Abbie. Shields ..... .... b ut no spears fand us pacifistslj A Smith .... and no chestnut trees. A Snell .... but no tackle QSherry bit!j ivagner .. .... but no Beethoven. A iVay ...... .... b ut no ticket. iVeinheimer . . . .... but no A Sz P fwe bring our lunch.J A Young ..... .... b ut too soon we'll all be old. in spite of the Cooks. A DAY WITH DUI? NAME! As some "Cooks" rode along the "ifVay" in their auto "Mobilia" at a very "Goodspced", they saw a "Boyd" perched on a "Post". They met "Stim-son" and "iVilkin-son" at "Hollister" and "Phillips" where clothes are sold without "Maas" in them. They had such a heavy "Burden" from the "Baker"y and "iVeinhei1ner"'s that they got stuck in the "Meyer" and the car "XVas-sink"ing in at an a"Mays"ing speed. The car "Rief"ed and "stahli'ed. iVhile in the "Meyer" they saw a "Green man" sitting in a "Palm" tree "er" swamp tree. They got out their "Shields" to protect themselves from the "Pierce"i'ng arrows that the unseen "Archer" was shooting at them. Finally the village black "Smith" came and offered to help them out for several "Rublc"s. After arriving in town they again met the black "Smith" who had "Rand all" the "iVay". He was choking so hard that someone cried, "Kant mann", and you'll feel better. Next they saw their own team "Lick"ed in a "Ball" game. After a ride on the "Loop"-O-Plane, they had a good "Meehl" on milk from "Chesleys"'s Dairy and groceries from "Bemiss" and Stets0n's. Phyllis Baker. Ninety l i W. C. ROBINSON Painter and Decorator Work Done by Day or Contract 39 PARK STREET TELEPHONE 236-R Compliments of THE G. A. HAMPSON AGENCY Insurance HOOG 8: SCHMITT All Kinds of Smoked and Fresh Meats as s. LAKE si-REET PHoNE zo4-J Noam msr, PA. Compliments of MACK'S RADIO 8: ELECTRIC SERVICE House and Car Radios Compliments of ERIE SPORT STORE 723 STATE ST., ERIE, PA. Distributors of Wilson Sports Goods Compliments of - ART SMITH Friend of the High School Students NitO . . . Lue Xvassink simon non CALL A is for Art, a fine roller skaterg B is for Burden, a wonderful dater. C is for Charley, a "V Man" if everg D is for Donald who forgets Ginger never. E means Elvora, our basketball star, F is for Freddie whose tales we don't bar. G is for Godsin, the debater's joyg H is for Harold, a comical boy. I means Irene, soon to he married, J is for Julia whose troubles are varied. K means Kunkle, one knit, two purlg L is for Lucille, our "all-around" girl. M means Mobilia, we can't forget herg N is for Norris, a "Junior Night Terror." 0 is for 'i0scar." Reid Sprague to youg P is for "Peppy", all things she can do. is for queer, we have none of theseg is for Riefstahl who loves to tease. Q R S is for Sheridan, our Senior class president, T is for "Tiny," a Twelfth Street Rink resident. U may mean "you" who are not on our listg V means Virginia, a future artist. W means NVeinheimer, a change-of-heart lad, X is that which we get when we're had. Y is for Youngs, a farmer boyg Z is "Zee end", much to our joy! Eleanor Herrick. WELL-KNUWN DEDDLE DF TODAY Kay Stammers .... Jimmy Fidler . .. Al Jolson ....... Jack Benny ...... Myrt and Marge .... Jack Armstrong .... Benny Goodman . . . Dick Tracy .......... Henry Aldrich . . .-. . . . Einstein ............. Charley McCarthy .... Mortimer Snerd ....... President of Liars' Club Dorothy Thompson ..... Hank Lusetti ......... Davey O'Brien ..... Ginger Rogers .... Scarlett O'Hara Mickey Rooney Sonja Heinie .... Baby Snooks .... Myrna Loy .... Zazu Pitts . . . Joan Davis Joe Penner ...... Jane VVithers ..... Ann Sothern ...... VVee Bonnie Baker . . . Lew Lehr .....' ..... Ninety-Two ..-..-...... Helen Loop .. Owen Sheridan .. Bud Williams Harold Greenman and Roselyn Curtis Bob Cook Norman Barton Dick Schriefer Don Ball Francis VVhitcher Carl Vfay Howard Koester . .... Fred Sladden .. .. Margie Burden .. . Chester Casconi .. . . . . Nick Triana . . . Donna Spencer . ....... Jean Ruble . . . . . . . VVaIter Godsin Elvora Goodspeed 1 U .... Frances Tally . . . . Lila Jean Kunkle .. . . . . Ruth Shields Betty Peck . . . . Jeifrey Douville . . . . . Jean VVykoif .. .. Ruth Ruble . .. Carol Barton .. . Bud Archer Ecoma Bar 14Q'wmllVew'7aeaz'.' CAKEE CONES Six crisp, crunchy sugar cones for only Sc OOC valuej with every pint purchase of ice cream. Don't miss this thrilling new way of enioying ice cream at home. At our dealers only. ECOMA lc: cnfnm n,,,,n "l,x ,Q-W Seohesr, Inc. and this company on under the some ownership. DAIRY PRODUCTS S gn 4' 1 J Compliments of Howard Beauty Shop 65 South Lake Street PHONE 113 Compliments of Ll Friend llxinety Tl lee THE HARBOR Frosted Malt Dancing Freezer Fresh Ice Cream A. C. HADBERG HARBORCREEK, PA- TRASK, PRESCOTT 8: RICHARDSON CO. DEPARTMENT STORE STATE AT NINTH STREET g ERIE PA Compliments of HIGHLAND FARMS Compliments of a Friend I Compliments of BUD 81 BILL'S GROCERY BILL WELCH PHONE 348-.I WE DELIVER Compliments of DR. LEMUEL C. ALCORN Success to the Class of 1940 DUTCH MILL SERVICE STATION A Clififord Phanco Phone 1411-R5 EN ROLL NOW . . . STRIDE AHEAD TO SUCCESS Through 21 specialized business course to a desirable position as a COMPTOMETER OPERATOR ACCOUNTANT OFFICE MANAGER SECRETARY STENOGRAPHER EXECUTIVE BANK CLERK STENOTYPIST CIVIL SERVICE EMPLOYEE 98021 of our graduates are placed soon after completing their training. FALL TERM BEGINS SEPTEMBER 3 State Approved Standards Teachers State Certified Largest Business School in Northwestern Pennsylvania ERIE COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Specialists in Business Training T. D. KRUM, Pres. Sth and State Sts. 22-644-98-179 Ninety-Five THE DIQDFEIIDIQ Sometimes I cannot understand Just why I can't be in the band, Or why I can't play basketball., For me it just w0n't come at all. But when I think of all my work That, in school, I have yet to shirk, I do not feel that little dart That lies imbedded in my heart. For in this wide world I have done My part, my banner has been won. 1 do not feel so dreary now, For with knowledge this world I will endow. Ivalter Godsin THE IUNIET How pretty it is when the sun sets, And the day is growing old, VVhen it falls behind the universe All purple, red and gold. How lonesome it seems departing From this side of the bay. It hides where no one can see it Till the dawn of another day. Catherine Lilnpan tsis IUIDEIQIDIDITY You can tell a Senior by his hat and gowng You can tell a Junior by the way he struts aroundg You can tell a Sophomore by his "F's" and "D's" and suchg You can tell a Freshman, but you can't tell him much. Milton Luke Ninety-Six CHARLES AUTO SALES USED CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD 166 WEST MAIN ST. PHONES 116-W THE SKIF F HAT SHOPPE Congratulations to the Class of 1940" Compliments of CHARLES La ROCCA Style Shoes and Quality Clothing 12 CLINTON ST. NORTH EAST, PA. J. M. CIMINNISI Sz SON "Whei'e Haircuts are the Best" PHONE 239-W Compliments of Ross Manor MARY E. STONE 52 NORTH LAKE ST. RALPH L. HARTLEY "All Forms of Insurance" Nit WHAT WOULD HAIDDEN If XVe had an assembly every week? The teachers forgot to come to school? "Van" forgot to give exercises in gym? Miss Sheridan didn't teach English III? Norman Barton did his own -1? Mr. Ralston owned a good car? Betty Niklaus was unfriendly? Harry Adkins had one nick-name? Bill Palmer didn't have a joke to tell? Louis Maas drove a Ford? Marjorie Mays lost her dimples? Gerald Peck could not do his geometry? "Blinkey" was fifty pounds heavier? Everyone was on time for once? "Butch" d.dn't have forty-Seven sweaters? N0 one chewed gum? There were no stories about Commercial Law Classes? There was no Freeport? Ruthie became dignified? VVe didnit stop at Tetft's? Nobody went sk-ating in Erie? There were no out-of-town dates? B. Ruth didnt like Nvcsleyville? The Juniors thought the Seniors had prettier rings? Nobody talked about joining the Navy? Some of the girls didn't drive? Jean and Marie were blondes? Virginia couldn't draw? No one day-dreamed in study hall Cand classcsj? Nobody listened to Glenn Miller? The clocks all speeded up? No one person yawned on Mondays? NVe got bigger Freshmen boys? The debaters were on time for a meeting? Don lost to Owen at ping-pong? Wl'IAT'I N EW T Miss Holland, Miss Ahlgrim, Mr. Skelton Phil Anselmo, Jack and Bob Gray Junior Class Rings Girls' white gym suits Tan basketballs Class basketball trophy on the book case Joan's diamond Hip length Cardigans Alligator pumps Coneoctions in Chemistry Miss Holland's clever belts Knee-length socks "Confueious say-" jokes Prof. Davis' green suit The color of the Aquilo Girls' Week Hiking Club All-County Play Jitterbugs Art Club Senior Christmas Dance Bill Palmer Ninety-Eight THE DOROTHY JANES BEAUTY SHOP 14 VINE STREET TELEPHONE 229-W Congratulations to the Class of 1940 ST. GREGORY'S PARISH BROWNbilt SHOE STORE R. J. FELMEDEN Quality Footwear for the Entire Family 17 NV. MAIN STREET NORTH EAST, PA. LOCKWOOD'S Leather Goods, Kodaks, Handbags, -Bill Folds, Gladstones Compacts, Belt Sets, Brief Cases, Musical Puff Boxes 709 STATE ST. ERIE, PENNA. Compliments of KELLY STUDIOS Mammoth New Stock of Cameras and Equipment Makers of Silverglo Dated Snapshots 14 EAST 10th ST. ERIE, PENNA. Compliments of Kendall Gasoline and Oils 170 West Main Street Lake and Grahamville Sts. PHONE 68 PHONE 40 INIXNI 1 1 A 1 ALLEY SERVICE GARAGE W. A. SPENCER General Repairing, Day and Night Towing Service, Gas, Oil, Batteries and Tires PHONE 107-R MECHANIC STREET THE RENEE DRESS SHOP Children'S and Ladies' Wearing Apparel WESTERN AUTO' ASSOCIATE STORE 1 Automobile, Bicycle and Sporting Goods Supply 1 1 1 Chrysler and Plymouth Sales and Service 1 ARCHER 81 PIERCE 1 9 MECHANIC STREET PHONE 122 "The Fear of the Lord iS the Beginning of Knowledge." May Godfs Benediction rest upon all your Endeavors. 1 1 ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH 1' O H ll Compliments of A. J. YOUNGS Fruits and Fruit Juices G. A. WATT REAL ESTATE BROKER Farms and Lake Front FORTY'S CLEANERS 3429 BUFFALO ROAD WESLEYVILLE PA PHONE 24-541 Compliments of GRAPE CITY BOWLING ALLEYS C. E. KRANTZ Compliments of the Faculty NORTH EAST JOINT HIGH SCHOOL CHARLES HARTLEV Dealer in Groceries-Provisions 110 South Lake St. A PHONE s-J WE DELIVER nuunumu Compliment of nmmmummnnvuv4vIuIluumumndumum nn,umnmmmmmmnmmmm: STETS ONSS General Store mmmnrmummumml numnmmummmnmmmuvzuulmnurmnnvummiumw Sporting Goods A Wan Paper Hardware Paints "Pasteurized Milk Is Always Safe" orth East Dairy Company NEDCO PRODUCTS Milk, Cream, Cottage Cheese, Butter Butter Milk, Chocolate Drink Orange Drink YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO VISIT OUR PLANT 1 "Quality with Service" A 1 Telephone 189 80 Grahamville St O H lelT 1, Compliments of DR. J. M. HOLLINGSWORTH Compliments of CHARLES B. LUKE ATLANTIC Gasoline, Kerosene and Motor Oils 36 WEST MAIN ST. NORTH EAST, PA. ' K C Compliments of T EFFT'S DINOR Where the Students Eat" as E. MAIN sT. -Groceries 75 CLINTON sr. A. SANFILIPPO Fairlawn Store -Cold Meats-Fruits-Vegetables NORTH EAST, PA. One Hundred Tl OOO OOC Mr. MacTarnaghan: "What is steam?" Bill Palmer: "Water in a high state of perspiration." O Bob Cook: "Say, what's the idea, wearing my raincoat?" Charlie C.: "iVell, you wouldn't want your new suit to get wet would you?" O Miss Free: "Richard, tell me one way in which one may stay out of war." Richard Greene: QMind not on the subjectj 'fStay single." O Miss Sheridan, VVho can name for me three collective nouns?" James Casconi: "Fly paper, waste basket, and vacuum cleaner." Clarence H: "Have you heard Bob Cook's story of how he fought off three robbers sin- gle handed?" "Lopaz": "Yea, I told it to him." O Bob .NVay: "I can't go to school today, Mother. 1 don't feel well." Mrs. VVay: "Where is it you don't feel well?" Bob: "ln school." I E. Goodspeed: fcoylyj "Can you drive with one hand?" B. Cook: Cexpectantlyj "You bet I can!" Elvora: "Then have an apple." Mr. MaeTarnaghan: flixplaining to class about the planet Mars, compared with the earth, "1'll use my hat to represent Mars. Are there any questions you wish to ask bc- fore I go on?" B. Archer: "Yes, sir. Is Mars inhabited?" Mr. Fordyce: "How many kinds of farming are there?" Edwin Paschke: "Four. Pretensive, exten- sive, intensive, and expensive." Mr. Ralston: "VVho can tell me what an island is?" Bob Loop: "'I can, teacher. It's a piece of land that went out for a swim." ONE Htl Miss Scouller: "Give me an example of an imaginary spheroidf' Bill Palmer: "A rooster's egg." Miss Free: "VVhat words do you think a Scnior uses most?" G. Lick: "I don't know." Miss F.: "Correct." "A woman often makes a monkey out of a man, and I insist that sometimes it is a real improvement," says Charlotte Hollister. While studying Macbeth, the question was asked, "VVhat happened to Fleance?" Owen Sheridn replied, "VVell, his father told him to fly, so I guess he must have joined the Royal Air Corps." O XVQ Seniors shall never forget the day when Miss Scouller, while passing out report cards, said to the class, "As soon as you get your report card you can start passing out."- Overheard at a basketball game. Carol Barton: "Bob, do you drive?" V Bob VVeinheimer: "Yea, do you have a car?" Johnny R. says, "Yeh! they're all alike. XVhile you're trying to get your pockets rc- fillcd from the effect of the one night's enter- tainment, they're out with somebody else. Grrr!" Miss Holland: "You ll1llSll not laugh out lr ud in school, Jack." Jack Gray: "I wasn't laughing. I was just smiling and the smile burst." I Fred Sladden: "That pie isn't lit for a pig!" NVaitress: "I'll take it back, sir, and bring you some that is." Mr. Casconi: 'iStop reaching across the ta ble, Chet. Haven't you a tongue?" Chet: "Yes, but 1ny arm is longer." Whatever trouble Adam had, No man, in days of yore, Could say when Adam told a joke, "l've heard that one before." nd red Four FRIGIDAIRE THE GREATEST NAME IN REF RIGERATION if Domestic and Commercial Refrigeration 'A' Electric Ranges if Bendix Home Laundry 'A' Radios and Radio Re- Pairing G. IVAN BAKER 35-37 Vine Street PHONE 107-M . KOPGKE'S For His Graduation Gifts . . . WE SUGGEST . . . Arrow Shirts Ties Handkerchiefs Holeproof Hosiery Robes Traveling Sets Gladstone Traveling Bags MARKHAM MUSIC COMPANY PHONE 42234 17 WEST llth T Compliments of t ":i' fm PAGE'S FLOWER SHOP 16 EAST MAIN ST. NORTH EAST PA When Its Flowers-Try Gurs O H l ll'i Zin Cillielxrnriermn WE, the Seniors, dedicate this page to the memory of the recently de- ceased Mrs. Theodore Snrague and R. E. Powell, both prominent members of the Board of Education, and also to C. D. Cole, who for the -mast number of years had acted as secretary. One Hundred Six Regular Gas Price Knockless High Powered Ends Hard Carbon Troubles Surprising Mileage BOWEN'S SUNOCO SERVICE STATION 30-32 East Main St. North East, Pa. "Hand-Made Harness Since 1891" Lick's Harness Lasts Longer F. E. LICK Columbia and Tribune Bikes "The Breaking Waves Dashed High On a Stern and Rock Bound Coast" Like a light that guards the shores, the State Mutual has for more than ninety-five years withstood the lashing of severe economic storms. RUGGED as New England's rock-bound coast-it stands-stronger today than ever. It has protected five generations. You, too, may have the protection of this pioneer. STATE MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE CO. WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Incorporated 1844 ARTHUR B. GREEN-District Associate 85 SOUTH LAKE STREET PHONE 256-R One Hunt 189 n A .1 " .P1 EDHUIQIAL WITHIN the bounds of these covers we had hoped to include all our high school memories, but upon exam- ination found it to be but a mere outline of all those things of the past four years which we shall ever hold dear. Our gratitude and sincere thanks are extended to Miss Nyla Free for her invaluable advice and assistance in lit- erary problems, to Mr. Davis for his guidance in financial matters, to Miss Harrison and her typing students who will- ingly assisted upon request, to all our advertisers and to anyone who in any way lent his aid.. In the future this book shall serve us as a summary of the times never to be surpassed, and it is our sincere desire that in reading it you derive even a fraction of the pleasure which we enjoyed in making it. The Editor. One Hundred Eight l

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