North Dorchester High School - Keneu Yearbook (Hurlock, MD)

 - Class of 1957

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North Dorchester High School - Keneu Yearbook (Hurlock, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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1 2 The Senior Class of 'qi Notgtn DoRcHEstER HIGH sc:HooL ., 4 if -1, presents the 1957 KENEU North Dorchester High School Hurlock, Maryland June, 1957 -55.5 E +1 -ka ' . . - . Lf , I H A ' Q. Foreword W the staff of 1957 are proud to present the Keneu We hope that 1n years to come you will be able to glan e through your Keneu anu remember the good times we had at North Dorchester Can we ever forget our f1rst season of football and the tense moments 1n the Thanksgiving Day game with Lord Baltimore which resulted IH our first and only win to date7 How about the Seniors getting the privilege f Seniors remember the patron ad parties when we met at home and talked and ate after going outto sell patron ads7 Then of course we ll always remember the Sen1or Prom If when glanclng through these pages you recall these and other memorable moments we feel that we have accompllshed our purpose The staff has enjoyed worklng on the yearbook and hope you will enjoy reading it and keep1ng lt as much as we enjoyed producing t Sincerely THE 1057 KENEU STAFF 2 ef 1 It ,,' . . C ll ,Y ' . . y . . . . . . . . . O going on an overnight trip to Jamestown and Williamsburg? 7 Y ' 1 . 7 ' I ' i 7 Y . . . . . . , ve ' ' i . l . , ll' i hi 'W A l . l a Table ot Contents Foreword Administration t Unclerclassmen Seniors Activities S t Class Night Commencement Nou Q A S -2, 25.5 Keneu Staff i 54? gk Q7ffxfzf7fff7ffffxfzf gli L MN MSBJEWFY5 l i v A l 4. ,C Qi' 9 'AX ......... 2 A' f ' ' ' .... . . . 5 F l fu aculty X l Cafeteria Salt f y Health Council W!! I f C C C C C C it X rf ' 27 5 f ' " CC... ,C.C 4 3 Q If Clubs 27 If Publication Staffs X 7 pors J? Cheerleaders I V ' ...C C C . 61 5 . . . . . I 'fUQ,s if cl ..... . . . 63 Q .CCCCCCC ao ,sf 9 1 r Z Dedication WITH US SHE'S TOPS! N4-il We, the class of '57, take great pride in dedicating this edition of the"KeneuH to Mrs. Edith S. Shufelt. She has been more than a guide and a teacher to us, she has been a close friend. Although we go our own separate ways, we will always re- member that she inspired the best in us. Ye salute you, Hrs. Shufelt nyc? eu 04 'Wet 95'-K 9 99 X -. l-s ? 5 i'Q' ! F I i 1 no 'E ' , H ' l K OX? 9 o ' 9 .. nk D O ,' ' ' 5' .1 QV'Ig, ' My CNN 4 04:4 N.:h..-.-.A i 1 0 o xt . Q . Q 2 til: fe: ,, We 2 K, 1 SOv4'A" i' GNN ' N Administration xv Xe x CHARLES F HURLEY To Mr Charles F Hurley PflnClPUl and Mr Orem F ROb1HSOn Jr UICC PFIHCIPGZ we are for ever grateful for gu1dance and leadershlp They have been a true IHSPIFGCIOD to the PTCYIOUS graduatlng classes to our class and to our school Mrs Herbert Smlth our efflclent and hard worklng secretary has been al1fe saver to the faculty 0ff1Ce and students dur1ng her two years as secretary of our school She has 1ndeed become a frlend and helper to all of us Nu. C"' OREM E ROBINSON JR MRS HERBERT SMITH 6 el , - Z N RNXN N ni . ,A H, N E., 'x . . , i l 1 i . 4. i . , i ' i i r - I . ' U , Y ' G . 1 . . 1 ' I 1 I R I 'S S1 ,1 ' , Q -i v. Avila 'V ' 1 fi Q' . AE ii ' 'AN ii, .- V I Aj, A as ff raw' ,' 9 ,W ,f 'fry' ' NA ,, AH 4 ' ., 2 " K . f ' l V, ', l., , O Faculty Home Economics, Agriculture, Shop Mrs. Charles Blades Mr. Robert Brobst Mr. Martin Reid fnot present, Mr. Perry Flegell Math 81 Science Mr. Ray Moore M m,,f! If Mrs. Crawford Pomeroy X L- Llfgfv-5 Xfgf 'f3mN f K t n E fs . vi-1 ,gm . Hi! Q I Physical Education Mr. Edward Mink Mr. Thomas Austin Mr. and Mrs. William Hopkins English, Social Studies Mrs. Vinton Shufelt Mrs. Hammil Smith Mrs. Clark Todd Mrs. Philip S. Richardson 7 I Social Education Mrs. Edward Moxey L, Mrs. Melvin Turner Mr. John Bush H, 431 4- al" Student Teachers Hr. Ward Taylor Mr. John Bosley Nir. Charles Murphy Mr. George Mason Miss Doris Burke Caknena 9aH 7 i . i . A54 D xv,-s- 5 Am. f rye' X M 'Til K . --1. Ist How: Mr. W. Vaughn, Mrs. M. King, Mrs. R. Scott, Mrs. C. Medford, Mrs. M. Hurley, Back Row: Mrs. B. Vaughn, Mrs. T. Marine, Mrs. L. Hackett, Mrs. L. Jolley. Heahh CouncH Y., 4'F'f,,, ist How: Mrs. A. Parker, Mrs. M. Travers, Mrs. D. French. S' Lankfofd -ll, I Mrs. T. ,L Todd N r I T5 l Back How: Mr. C. Hurley, Mrs. E. Parker, Mrs. P. Hopkins, Mrs. E. Yates, Mr. B. Hopkins, E. Bradley. ' r .J ILII 1, if h g, 109, - M07 A "'1'lllI'lf1ln'1H HMI' IH ll fe! Q h 1 ' I ' I 4 1-LTA ---Tr nmxghr PMN 5 ' l Q... 9 w -bfi' M. Harrison Secretary- Treasurer M. Morris President D. Foxwell Vi ce-President I 5 W - E. Bennett. C. Blake . .Wk 1. g , . ,I f , 0' 6-. 1 ' -" 0- T. N- . - r , , --- 7 LK -' . . I 1 ' Q I Q5 u IU fl .J ,f..Qq ' A D xg, 1 ki X 6' K .1 'ini' gk ,, 4 WE L" V p 1' W. Bradley C. Brinsfield Af, -.- R. Brinsfield - , R. Bryan ' C. Gxeeseman J. Cohee 4 J. Dayton E. Dickerson K. Freeman ' " F' G. Grimes 'M - ' .V A ' f -' M. Harrison mi , V +V- " 4' . . - ' ' vi F. Horsman , 9 ffl: ' f .1 . , f' . X ,Pkg 4 . 7 ' .3 :iv j' ' ,f in X. M .5 ' if ... ,. C. Hurley A, V! , - K PICTURE F. Kelly 5 4 NOT E. lmuck in V' - . A 5 75 A' "" V J. Lewis l A ' ' r Y' W A -H R. Milligan -- qi x- Q, . s.- AVAILABLE f H. Morris " lx . v l 1-Q X X 1:4 ' L. Nagel S. Nason I -n. ..f V. f - 2... - --ef - :.- V U. Powell Q 'W' 9 H' " 7, ' mn 'a 'f ' L. Qnuen , , ,v ' , Q ,J , D. Reid le 2 A ' ' 4 u , 1'-' aj ' E. Roberts A f' Lua X 4 s A 1' ' T. Smith T - qi--, ...i L ' y e' , MJ.T3:nb2fnd l '4 " 6 K ,Q 3 1 "' 1' ' E. Wheatley 41 . '. ,Ty ' . M. Wheatley .1 ' I .3 1 L. wiuey W fu-JP is 1 4 X ll if L P X en " ""' N H Bentley R Bloodsworth J D11W0rCh F Dodd 4 1' D Foxwell Q 'Y L Ga dow V' G Getz 'W jb- L. uv f' ,flu 5 Q It -on "" ,.,. P I CTUHE NOT AVAILABLE 13 D Hackett la B Hard1nL C Hardlng J Harper .I Hubbard B Hurley W Hurley W Hurley W Lauck P Moxe N1 Nbxey X Vlchols B Pa ne I loo e Ren D Qmlth xg V Nlnlth 5 Npence P Qtewart X, R Taylor V Weber V Wxlhamson 5 F W1 lson QT, S if- L- . 4 11 ' x 5 . . A V ' 3,3 f K H v -J A A f ,A ,Q Q , . A . . K Y f V' f ' 4 H 3" 1 I M' ' K' .5 tv- 3 K x '., ,x rl' - nh w 44 I - .- - ' . m, Q., . ' f Y .W 1 K - ! I V J , . A , Q f I Q J w . Q . . u ' ' WA , , Af , . WL C. '1111 H - M , s.. f.. , ' M y, 9 I ,. ' Qi' ' D Q, . A' 5 -1 ' , Y' 1 .' . - ' Q 'A " ' , 'A ' 1' ' 'f J F A I ' ' Q -A -I 3' C- vt. 'I .5 ,u , fn ,, f "" A, ,, ,, D F. Jubb -W ' -Ly" . 4 3 . . 5' h' Gi 'T' 5 ,' ' fi "', f 1 Y ' :YQH-as 52.131 . X " 5? Q Q I A Y 1 i . J- 1 in 5 ' "' ' Q' L L. 'I 4 , ' 1 X - , i A N . , I .1 Q x , 1 A ' Nl! A . -'N I 11 A .6 X -' lh ' . - X F' I 'J sX'l - W - 0 : K I x , "' N 1 64 U - xdv , " at I-.1 f 7T:g, V. ' -As 5 ,1 V5 I-fa .. - - . X .1 J I fr . LR W, U , 7Z 9 Adams K Bla des C llogash .B O 4 P Boy ce PI CTUHE NOT VAI LABLE ,J l V7 tm Ax .-L, F kfx "4 I4 'U AW' R Buarque R Omeeseman R Cook D Crelgzhton M Davenport D Franz W Gadow G Hardlng J llardmg frrllns ff: F Hurley J Lank ford L Lowe W Mann ln gs K Mooney S Moore L eal A Parker J R1 cha rds on S Sa lmons S Stewar t M Symenskl. P Tobar. S Van Orden 6 J Wheeleton T Wheatley W Wh1t,e I If -- if X . 'N Q V s fy J - 1' f-0' A. fx ,, Q 4. x on 'O A "' Q Y- x4 ,,. s' A . N . . - 7 J A , D A . , Q . . - - 4 , n X, - ,J , 1 7 M, N - , - W ,. , - K J A 5 N if J ' A cfs- J uv-f D - "" bs 'D 1 . ,Q ,-f 1' ' pp Us h - I I -..Q K iv - K, i . ." v V, Q KW! ' .. ' O ' ' ' ' W y 5 Y df V R ,,,,.,f ' if ,ii . . 4 ' W9 ff lf A L ' . . ' , J Q A f N. Hughes I-' -5: - 7. -- "' ' 1 . J f A -. Q - - 5' F ' 'Q ' . ' x. , ' ' ' - " . x' ' A 1 A ' xl, , ,f 5 in - ,- ,, A ' ' Af. A A I Jill 1 .a V- N n V ' Y W , . N .fl ' ' ' s ' 1 , 1 ' , I A N A Y ' K X A, t , ' 'F ra - 4 'P 1' 9 'rr ,J 'XS V It 'A ' - ' - A ,ly f ' . A, ' Q 4- YJ, ' if . . 1 -..f M. - I ' A ' 5 8X 5. Richardson Vice-President J. Harper President S. Wode Secretary-Treasurer .fo I D. Adams ,Q 'T , - Q, 0 B. Adams V -. f 'lf Q.. Q18-J," ' . .- ,,,, J. Adshead J 71 ,f 1 L Y for ,V ' , ,S If jg 1 3 51 4 X ' " M. Collins X-2' 1 uf C I I X x ' 35. fl . If " 1 x. " , A v , ,Q ,Q-.-'A A Ha' 6 7 Q f A ff N, xx 'jx W l . ' in Qx - f ' P I C'TllflElS P I C'TIJl1E S Nor 7" 'N NOT AXfAII.AIBLEZ CT, AY'AIl.Al3LE ... ...X A - ' "' i C., 1- 'Q Q fo . M .Q , v 'V' 'Q ,7 ' " A fd, 1. A 9 fd ' .A L 0 1 I ' 4llak 1 I ' L A , PICTURE --f-J. ' NOT QC' 'PP - - - ' , f ' 'f 'P ' . - AVAILABLE AK y R 5 Q I ll. 1 x j -' fll. . ..A"'k .QX a ' df X ,.,, up ,A :- fo' "' f 1.4 Lf n ? Lf pl? fs gg-1 J. Coulbourne M. Cox N. Dukes L. Era H. Harris S. Holston H. Hubbard H. Humphreys E. Hurley C. Jackson G. Lauck P. Lord W. Marine H. Mowbray C. Nimmo F. O'Farrell B. Parker R. Poole J, Hatcliffe S. Richardson J. Huark V, Short C Stokes N. Vaughn E. Wheedleton H. Wheedleton R. Widdlekind E. Williamson D. Willey G. Wriuht P I CTURE J Bradley D Brlnsfleld ,,.- -v- NOT D Carden B CRJIIISOII 1 l L AVAILABLE Efnx C Dmkley J! 'E' F Dmkley D Eskrldge Granger D Hardlng ,Mp J Harper J Harrlson L Hen ry " M' V Jackson D Love D Marunek E McA111sLer J M1 ls M Nosslck " " "' C Parker J Clxeen J Reed B Saunders K Shufelt, J Qmlth 3 N1 Sm th px 1 3 PICTURE NOT AVA I LABLE I6 Q L Thomas H Vlnson J Webster H Whlte R W1l1ey 'CT H Wllloughby D Wxndsor jk J Wyatt. ,- A2 Q ,D ,V p H H .,f' ' 4 - , my W ' ' , W , 42 il 53 av- eff 0' -f 5 T. . Q M r, ' X 1 . ,,:. N Q S.. . ,em X K 1- K M ,fm +A A V ' A ' if e F rf '- G ,,N wan , 'V 4 fs 1 no Q J jf . vu . . ,, Xl ,"V A' "2" K7 H . A iv , I h 4. af EQ I, - ' ' as .P 5 ' ' ' D 3 I . '1 D . '- f 'ss 4. A A A H 'Q 'V J. - ' - f ll, -b .'- A ' ' ' 4 1 " ' Q 1 ' fi N ' Q 5 A W . 07, '1"" A N ,. 'I A - vl' a,'Q ' - va 7 ' J -' 5 ' A -l' 23 I L ' A K Rx 'I A - rx f X V! 1 -f? 7' 1 I :bn 'Q S V". ' ' x f ' .. A' ' J J-ff' as 1 l- ' , , I L ., I KJ -. VL lx 8Z PICTURE P Buch E Bounds NOT H Bradshaw M Brlnsfleld AVAILABLE 9 Bryan --1.-Q PICTURE NOT J Carneal N Corkran J Crannell D Ewell VAILABLE M Getz 1' X N Gore l T Hurlock T Jackson 4 K. N Jones L lauck H Massey W Massey R Moore E Parker G Parker J aul S Phllllps -4? cn-5 ,Q R Powell E Rlchardson N""'s " J short H Sxmmons W Sm1Lh N Qtoker ray, P Turner B Wheatley 'v A ,., D Wheatley I W1 y M Wllson S Wode I7 iv 'Q 5 AH.. 'Q I rv ,., 1 "' . . A 7 P f ., 'M I I' ' N A ! fl' j 47, -1 I yy X ' ' B' ,wifi X , I N 'X Q - ,4 1 N ,,. - 4 . . .. - 1 "' ' 'Q " V 5 " " I ' . X ' ., lf - 1 . H '. . A 7 3 . ,- 1 ' t f Y v . ' A , . 'f ,,.. , 1, 'V .1 . av r b T "" "' 'Q in . H ' A l , Q . , I H r' X," ' fb K ' I 5 l M. Medford ,-. 19 "' -, -, ,.-, rv U , , . 1, Q -I . ' ' I v . 'A I L I . 1 ' ' 1 . l P U h A I A K , T - U' Yi if ,. - v 1 K A ' -. . . 'T 0 7 4 - . . I - . ,L 5 - . . . . ' . 1 1 sw ' v YN . X K . ' i . 3 . 1 Q 'F Q , ', " 'P fp. V Y 'Q 1 . - 1 , 0 ' , ' . 'ue - ' - ' - ' - ' y ' ' ' QA-v . . ' - ' 1 ' o f I - I - A L W . P- T.-.QL .-'f.':r1. 9X F. Trice Secretary S. Hurst Treasurer G. Harrington Vice-President B. Coates President PICTURE T N an ,A 1 D. A11 H f Z' OT " M J. Bajslett, - 3 AVAILABLE M3611 'ff' .7 ,y gy HQ I I Ci A W 15, ii, . 'lub l A , . ' , X 7 x 4 ,- fl " iq 1 Q Cn. PICTURE e.', 'QFF .l iw' - 'Q NIJT y 4-5' y W-J' - AVAILABLE filth A4 A' ,FI 1 x."' I iilwfl ,. - Q '- ,- A ' 'C' I '- -- . , ff" X ir' Y ,, I tv ti X y 1 f f . 4 f 5. A 113 0.2.1 f X 'ati 5 ' l1:i fi: lr: an 4, S 35 Mar '4 175- if A 02.4 ,V L:,, ., 5 h, -. . -' TV " ,J I ' f , , , ' . , 5 5 f9,Zs - EC 1.Ka' -ggi n PICTURE 10 , "' 'I' A , I. NOT V U W k ff, ' ' ,' AVAILABLE X ff il A 1 .A X fl ' I8 X7 "' -Q ' ' I ,Q,,.nn i 1 '. . , . Q 9 .AX ,T PICTURE NCJT AVAILABLE IQ , 1 ,4I x' X ' Q 7 N Wa S. Bounds D. Boyce K. Campbell C. Carneal P. Cook V. Dukes B. English J. Fleming H. Gadow J. Gillis G. Harrington W. Hubbard C. Hughes S. Hurst D. Koch H. Lankford R. Layton J. Linn G. Marine W. Medford L. Murphy W. Payne H. Hatcliff L. Sherman B. Shannahan N. Smullen M, Travers N Wheatley G. Whitehead D. Williams 9Y 'I' .' E. Bell 14 -7 ' I ,. v -.. 4 . 'nf "' v M' I' Q 4, 9 5 Q xQ.- ' ' My J 4 . not H .Ar 1" ' . , 4, f n- ' :U 1 , -ox , 14 41 PI CTURE NOT AVAI LABLE 4 I X ,F ,. 3 A. Bowdle G. Brinsfield Ni. Calloway '-' J. Campbell TM, f"' B. Qzates J. Collison .3 B. English J. Fskridge C. Gray D. Gray ' FI. Wheedleton T B. Hubbard I N fa A I . ,zu ff D. Hurley P. Jones S lixnkford C Legg vb . ,Q 'N ,S " " Q v , , l T A I X n X -' Q f ,t H -' fu' "' "T fx T. Marshall " 3 A -, ' ' .-x. N1 Q. J . X A .fl . xl xg I U '. Millig n I A T' 8 .X A T I C- Murphy, F , KW :wr - ,S ,' Q 5 ,, .6 U, Q 1,-. Phgmps 4 , 1' . 'T 'J' - - I f"' ,. -cfh - A 1 A ik Yu A fix ,. az.. -1 cg 46.1 at J - v .'z A '-,J X E A . X, f 'T - J if., X . K I, rv Y" 'A Z5- J. Fhckwood ' ' F. Rogers g-' , W. Saunders J. Sirmnons A. Smith N' N. Stack , C. Thomas R. Travers , x R. Walls 11' -v-4 9Z P ICTURE D fxtkerson NOT C Bell L Bennett AVAILABLE :J VAL. PICTURE N M "" NOT I Causey A Coppage B ra ll Freeman J Cates F Hardlng B Holloway A Hurley H Hurley J Jones J Kramer vw' AVAILABLE F limkford -Has: P RE G Lankford PICTURE ICTU W mn NOT 1' N NOT S Mess ICM Q Mxmford AVAILABLE K, AVAILABLE L Murphy ,AAL M North R Phllh ps S Phllllps C Powell M Redmgton X4 G Saunders 4 L . J Short. B Slacum D Travers F M Tr1ce R Wzunwrxghr. J en F7 H Wllson 70 rw "" - :Av D, .. I if' - ' " A' ' A L, N A 'F fir 'A' 'Az-.I ,M ff' -E ' ' , ff ,. ' 1 A 1 , 1 if ' '- 1 . :V .H 'lf ,, g' ' I r' "M ,al K ' 1 vw A ' . . - A M' y , 1' , . -f A' X ll . ' L, A . A Uqlwiw 1 ' " ,f . :l v - In Era' V T - ,- , , I . ' ., A v Q Vw M G. Marine V , MA V P N, '53, -' A - . l nv' , f , . . 4-1' A H A ' U A , 4 ' A , A .fr X A ' , 5,5 .S W5 - ' . . .1 ff ,,. W, as t Q 1 C- as K- . u -. ' 1 ' , A ' . A- ' V A -, - I at N f., 'X ' ,X ll wh V ,, ' 1' if A ' ' - Az. M A 'X ' 'A is HN" ,vs , t . , u , ,, A . Q 'P ff A ,, Q. 511 A ' 'A A '. 'rv "- ' "' 1' A . - " X ' . . ' f , ' 4 Q , I l . . sy! V I - 1 Q ' fj ' ' 'I 1 ., , 'www ' . In R I A : M My A ,h 9 , i A 5 . X A 10X Marjorie Wheatley Vice-President Billy Gang President 'Vancy Phillips Secretary Wendell Willey Treasurer P. Andrews JB- fir- ' 1... x N. Bradley , . - 5, W2 in F. Collins lf. +1 A 4-1. .nlifkf ,f , " H. English . Q 'Q 1, ,.-A B. Foxwell Q' ' 0 v- 7, is N r V 1 W. Gang A I i ',, 1 L. Gray 4, '7' F. Hall 1 I J f y 1 ,KN n. Harding 1 Q,, 0 X x A 1 li - L. Harrington V- 4 R. Hastings ,pk 45 :nf 4 M. Holloway W fs 51" .4 " J' ,V B. Hughes " , 15, L gg, J. Jackson f" .I ' J x J N' L. Jones Q H. lee K 1, , - G. Martinek a , ' - f' ' " " H. Voore 35 0- - ad Vw C-2 :Q A 1' 'N n- P. Vloxey 1 P J, ' U- A , L ' V Nossick ...n f -c , x,,, q' "' ' 9' I N. Phillips 4' . fl A f x .' ' R. Hatcliffe ,, - ,X V ,. 1 B. Reid V2 Q. .H "' "' " . "' "' no 35 A- , J. Short , ,,, , .x Z - - " " J. Trice 'F' n v -if ftfv C- Q .A .- A. Van Orden V ' 1 C. Windsor x ,tins L in n 4 f 21 lx Xussmussen G Bell S Causey J Coll1ns N ,,. M J French ec J Gorsk1 'ir -I Greenhawk ,If R llarchng L Hoffman PICTURE A Holsberg M Hurley NOT W Kenton B LeCates AVAILABLE " S Nhlhgan G Morean C Neal L N1cholson 1.7 C Parker P Poole G Powell ,- D Ratcllffe C Schrmck P Stewart W Thomas C Wands W Wllley M G-Q44 , 6 A vi A... 5 n I - ff Q in 79 Aw: J .A , A A ' ' - V ' '34 .A Z 'V 'MV' A73 4 ' . 39 W ,x , S , xii AiL , A ml! A AA If N 'W all , b I Y .. an ""L , as fa . -. I .M La Y' U n , , f , A A 1 21 - N' - W ' , . . ' ' A1 :A Ai ll v A T3 at W ,E Q Ta LA ,: .. v 1v', 1 x Q ' V Z I ' W 5 A " I V '31 -, A -- , A - . , . ' I t " 'f 'Ao g. ff ' v - ' ' ' 7 - r ' . 'J ' ....- Q , A J .fb x 'h , I S 1 'QU A 6 1 I A . ' 1 - ,Ji A D, 4 lx .A Q A4 ' 1 A-.N L 1OZ 7 'D ...A-f' Xl A in-. ig .1 Q 01' qua: PICTURE ,, f' NOT " "' Q-f AVAILABLE 19 ff PICTURE NOT 4: ' 8 I Bencley J Hul lock B Foulbourne A D1CkCrS0n W ra J Gadow L Creenhawk J Handy F H3St1n D Horsman F lhrley H Hur ock 5 Lord F HacG1l1v1ray B Moxey B Vlchols J North J Payne B Qulllen W Saunders Ntoker M Wheatley WW1 ey a, v Jn 4' A 1 l'l. 7 I, " lf' 's . - ,v 1 ' '. ' . D ' -" 4,. . , ., 0 ' ' - ' . A fl9' -4"' , " 3 ,lf 1.1 . F Q A ,s kj A Q, ..,,4y 1 t . ,QIAQFA 'I' X X -f . A, A A . 1 Q ' 2 . "' ' 0 .. - 7 'A 1, 0 I - ' 2 N 'u ' 1:4 ,- ' H, Lf x ' AVAILABLE B. Holecheck - is E vw' X girly' 5 V.. X' . ' ' 1 'cab 'T . l f' '- MN f K a t' L.. ' ' , 7, 1 V G - vc A . . 'J 0 --', lx f K ' I 43 L.4Y . Y Y Y Y -' X f ,, " ' '- bf: Q . .A v- - - o , Q, - ,. "ll 4 1' f n . 1 x I V -1, AN . A I fx I' 23 11 X ,:'I...'I.'?Q nl? 'Q ai - -. 1 1- ,vn Q . XM- ,, Q. W h '4' . s jx .1 ff- 94,6 7 10-Y' ,. ,.., ,Q 1- . PI CTURE NOT AVAI LABLE 'T . - V NM! .4 5, 45 C I f X K , N ,, .'- an gn- .J . u . ' P I CTURE NOT AVAI LABLE A'-N 1-v x QZ?4' s r c .ll .I - ,, 9 1 Q. E. Baker K. Baumgartner 4, 's. .1 1 ibn 9 W Q . A 1 r. Q if 3 1 lb , f ? " x 2 l 4"'Tw K-Q M' Bogash D. Bramble J. Carneal 0' 1' vt 4 X-...f 1 1 If xl ,yfx.' rv L!! K lj ri 7' A ttf., 1 fy' vs - ,- xx f A . ff ' ...- x' Q'- Q, 19 s . , . .X ,fl ,L tn' ,oz 4' " , 5. 1 PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE 3'5- 4 K 'W fx 0" 1 5 ,fu v""' 24 A W? 4- f ' 'G V Jimmy Walls, P7'CSidCY1f llelmus Bramble, Secretary Jimmy Jones, Treasurer B. Christopher N. Collison " T. Hikes A. M. Fnglish L. Era B. Foxwell ll. Griffith G. Grimes 'w - B. Harrison , H. Hubbard If- ll. Hughes l J. Jones .4 A l. King S. Lankford ,Q .5 W. Little . H. Mahoney 'v I E. Marine M B. Marine Q 'ii' ,- rv A . ff' 511 L. Mende C. Moran J. Nagel 1, S. Noble P. Payne f I' Beid B. Shocks ,, S. Stoker f' 5 J. Walls - J. Vianex 4-' F. Wheatley J W. Wheatley HY fi N Ff. Bradley ., A ,Q 0- S. Bramble 9 A "' "' .n. D. Bdarque - V i . V - -Y -Q-7' 1 W7 W b A - , as "" . 0 "" "W if Ji WA., -of ' I 7 Q" f ...fl T. -A i. Etgxxf' .k Q 'Y' 52 . ,gs V? 4 3 , I ., , A. ' . Q p l at-I -.-:fl I ,. 1 is 25 'KK 3 Q. B, Era, A, Collins, P Brinsfield, J. Cordrey 21111 Row: D. Griffith, M. Bradley, H. Wheedleton, B. Hubbard C. Bryan V P. Corkran Q ' D Gadow 1: , 1, M. Goehringer if w-f 7 T. Hessler , 5 jN..XN P. Lewis Fl G. lord A . N. Messick Q Q' ' 9. Vessick 4- Q 5 L. Morris Q? 4' 1. Q- J. Niurphy ti, ' jfkl. K. Pepper B. Peterson 2 B. Short. 1 'J , S F. Truitt I? ' R F. Waller ' u F. Watkins 'af A 6 P. Windsor 1' .A Ah Junior-Senior Prom 7- 4 ,Q , VV W SCX The 5CIl1OI' Class ls L L i by Lhe .IUDIOFS aL the L t d uw' 5,3 I 1 ial eventoftl y OO 5 S- -4 coll Uoo 0 ' U' 1? uk I Q 'W Q9 1 O0 Oo O 00 060 f5C5o Q lg, 0' oo 0 ego 0 Szofwz, 000' o ooooo 086 600 oo Wu.. .lig- W'- Nz f -df' . L.MN I , I I I 3 f 1 . u 1 I y 1 i s I ' ' 1 1 I ' 1 1 I , 5 I 1 I 1 1 f I Ziximxw 'W ' M , ' l 5l'A'o'V bo mi'4'I' f"' 5 g A- . 0 V 1' A ' m y o I f d o 0 alzophva 0 . , I ,, " G o o 060 1 5 W o 9 5 , I 0 F 5 X Qgyvnopn, 1 0 , 1 b 4 Jn 1 I o Q , J ' 5 'a O V V E ' I ' 1 I lb N ylylwilvlljl j ' l o o 0 Q I I oo J 3 Q Y J 1 Y 1- f N O ' , X 0 I 0000 55 '1f1'P',F :Qin OP lf' 0532712 N -iisl Y ' 1l,i 1 .- - Jack Coulbourne, President Francis Hurley, Vice-President Charles Biskach, Sergeant-at-Arms Kay Morris, Secretary Jimmy Marine, Treasurer f v-r" Uxarles B1skach Hose Blades Norma Baker Tony Bandoch CHARLES LOUIS BISKACH Very HCUIVC 1n the FFA Skach 15 V1ce Presldent thls year You may often see h1m worlung for Mr He1d on the school farm The FFA 1S only one of the many clubs oraan1zat1ons and act1v1t1es Charles has part1c1pated1n wh1le 1n hlgh school You may well see sports 1s one of h1s ma1n mterests lle has played soccer for two years and football for one Talung the vocatlonal course qkach plans to farm after graduat1on 11" L...-urs N., ANTHONY DONALD BANDOCH Presldent ol the Qenlor Dramatxc Club th1s year that Tony 'llany may remember hxm as one of the twxns lll the Seruor Dramauc Club Productlon You Can t luss C'1I'Ol1Il8 llesldes b6lOIlf,,1l"lt,, to the Dance Flub and FFA Tony helps w1th many extra currlcular ac t1v1t1es Tony takes the General course and he says he 1S unde clded a to h1s plans for the future 29 in WI f-"7 'bf NORMA RUTH BAKER Norma has a b1g., respons1b1l1ty by be1ng Ed1tor of the Keneu but we re sure no one could handle lt better She has above avera e grades IS a member of the Cu1ll and Scroll and 15 serv1ng as presldent of the Glee Club th1s year Nn enthuslastlc sports fan 'Vorma attends almost every game to help cheer our teams to v1c tory ln add1t1on she has played basketball and volleyball as well as hav1ng managed and kept t1me for these teams After graduat1on Norma plans to attend college ROSALIND MARIE BLADES Actlve 1n school affa1rs Hose 1S Fd1tor of the Junlor laae of the Faele a pob whrch she performs well qhe has been a Glee Club member for 2 years havxng held the Vxce Presldency lor 1 year She was IH the Flll for l year and 15 amember of the Lu1ll and Qcroll llose played left lnner on the fleld hockey team 1!l the lun1or year Xu honor student Rose takes the Kcademlc course and has chosen nursmg as her future ca reer b Q " I W , . ,y 3, , ., -..: ' ". f , asn l' ' F 1 : ,. , y W ,V 1 2 f ' 'AW' - L 74, . M , - - Y I ' ' , , 1 . L: f Y . . : U ' , . ' I I , 7 , T A D 1 u W , i 4 -,. . x ' ' ll YI , A - - - . . , ' 4 fr . . j', . I ' 1 1 .I I 1 I . ' 'A 1 . I . ' Q u n I h - , . - ' ' K , - - - , - y n ,. . . " S , ' all v rl W ' 1 , - H - - A Q N ' 7 V A 1 b . ' Ll 'Za L - ' - ' ' " ' E s ,. I T ' ' W ' 1 of 1 v ' 195 TN -M BARBARA CECILE BRADLEY Very busy as Business Manager of the Keneu, Barbara has few spare moments. She is a member of the Journalism Class and writes many articles for the Eagle. Becently she became a member of Quill and Scroll. Barbara has been a mem- ber of the HlA for two years.and has served as treasurer for one year. She has also contributed her alto voice to the Glee Club. She is an honor commercial student and plans to become a secretary after graduation. IRENE CATHERINE BUARQUE UCathyH became a member of our class when her family moved to Vienna from Seaford. Cathy, we are sure, was very active atSea- ford School. Whenever a teacher wantssomethingtyped,sheinmedi- ately calls for Cathy. Cathy has belonged tothe FHA and Glee Club in high school and she played on the volleyball team. Swimming, playing the piano and dancing are Cathy's main interests outside of school College is included in her plans after graduating. X Q , as of Afx 1 ' 5 ,tPA bf. -2 ,,,,..- nl V I I mmf, --a-f' nnwl n- "X Cathy Buarque, Barbara Bradley, Phylis Butler, -ws., . .aww 'Q-Q--1' MARILYN JOAN BRINSFIELD Marilyn is an above average stu- dent, in addition to being busy as Managinu Editor of the Eagle. A member of the Glee Club, she participates in all its produc- tions. Marilyn will long be re- membered asMa Band in the Senior Dramatic Club Play,"You Can't Kill Carolineu. Besides being in Elays, she is vezy active in the .enior Dramatic lub in all ca- pacities. After graduation she plans to attend University of Maryland, 30 and Marilyn Brinsfield PATRICIA ANN BUTLER Pat is one of the two senior girls whohas won a school letter. She earned her letter b managing and keeping time for the girls athletic teams for three years She managed the hockey, fieldball, and volleyball teams and kept time for fieldball and volleyball. Patn served as President of the Intramural Council, Vice-Presi- dent for the FHA, and helped in all phases of productions of the Keneu. Patsy's plans for the fu- ture are uncertain, but whatever they may be we wish her lots of success ,f M . fue U' i I 5 Jack Colbourne, Margaret Uickerson, Oliver Collins and Phylis Butler JACK CLEVELAND COLBOURNE President of our class, captain of the football team, president of the Hi Pliers, and business manager of the Eagle -- that's Jackie. Jack is happy when he is playing orwatching sports. Foot- ball is his favorite. He has played left half back for three years and wishes he could have played longer. Fast boats, girls, and hunting are his chief inter- ests. Taking the Commercial course Jackie plans to enter the Armed Services after uraduation lI 'K ,':V. 5 s , 1 , . 5 ..,. --ry OLIVER HARRISON COLLINS Oliverhas played both tackle and guard on the football team for two years. He enjoys running on the track team and is an active par- ticipant in the intramural pro- gram. He has been a member of thelH,Fliers for three years and in the FFA for two. Oliver names swimming as his only hobby. Al- though taking the Vocational Agri- culture course, Oliver plans to join the Marines upon finishing school. 31 R6 if PHYLIS ANN BU1LER "PhylisH is the tallest girl in our class and names short boys as her pet aversion. A irl with a very busy schedule, ghylis is a cheerleader, assistant feature editor and reporter for the Eagle, and a member of the Glee Club Music bein one of her chief in- terests, sie has played an alto saxophone in the Band for four years. An Academic student, Phylis plans to enter training for a nurse or to become a music teacher. MARGAHE7'ANN DICKERSON Interested in Home Economics, Margaret has leen amember of the FHA for 4years, holding down the office of President for one year and historian for one ear She was chairman of the parm Show this year. Taking the fbmmercial course, Margaret is a member of the Business Club She is active in Journalism class and is a re- porter for the Eagle, After grad- uation, Margaret plans to be married. l ,,- s...?f5 ilk' gas. if V' WILLIAM HENRY EBERSPACHER lee Wee IS very act1ve ID the FFA the VOCdf10H0l OfgdH1L3bl0H of wh1ch he has been amember for three years Thxs year he has the honor of bC1Hg the presldent Hesldes hls busy FIX schedule hehas part1c1pated1n the Student COUHC1l for the past two years lee Wee very capably served a AdV6fC1S1Hg Vanager ofthe heneu He takes the Vocat1onal course and 1S underlded as tohls plans for the future WARREN GORDON FUXWELL Warren 15 one of the two boys 1D our class who takes shorthand as one of h1S COmmerC13l sub1ects He must love school b1nCC he has made perfect attendance for the past flve years N member of the Llbrary Club for two years ox may often be seen worklng 1n the llbrary hs favorlte past C1m8S Warren 11sts p1ay1n, the p1ano and S1Hg1n Xfter graduatlon Warren plans to study t be m1H1SLCT F575 40 Qs W1ll1am lberspacher lnn hang Marne Unglxsh LENA MARIE ENGLISH Varle 1s probably the quletest senxorxn her class but llke her sisters before her she dxsplays her ab1l1ty 1h the commerclal fleld takxn typ1np.mulshorthand Qhe also uses her C0mm6FC181 a b1l1ty ID the Husxness Plub X txve In many clubs she has been a FUX member durxn past years Warle s plans for the future are 1ndef1n1te butshewlll probably seek a secretar1al Job 32 Warren loxwell VERTHEA ANN GANG Inn 1S one of our smallest SCHIOP glrls What she lacks 1D helhht she makes 1n other ways Qhe 1S typlst and reporter for the Keneu Clubs 1h wh1ch she has been 1nterestedl1ave been the BUb1HESS Club Dance Club and Glee Club Xnn played the bells IH the band for one year Taklng the Conmerclal course Ann rates shorthand blah onher l1st of f vor1tes Nhe also llkes to type and ls plann1nb to further her commerclal educatlon at a bus 1HCbS college UN Y ! Q . A Q, ,I L . x 5 YJ X . lx lm U, ul 1- u ' ' - , A ' I' ' ' ' Q ,. ' Y, If ' 5 1' I . Y . 1 ,A 1 U, n S 7.1 I v - H - H - I I V'-s llx YY ' . I I ' -...A .1 , ' U . 1 ' 4 , ' I. ' A . 1 - 1-F H . I h ,. . . . . I 1" f I .f' I ' l , Q r 3- ' u ' S ' . ' ' ,J. f ' A , I '- ' . ' ' o a .. - H -W - 'f 4 ' - . . , ' ' - 1 - , , Il . I' i ' 1 r- V - K . . . . AIC, ., F .f pg . .,q V' ' ' ,' , s ar .V t 1 I , - - ' 'v 11 'P C . , , a rl if ,r"". !5WWEE r 451 If ' , -932 S' 4311 If 'TX Lucy Holloway, Marie Gray, George Harris, Joan Hackett GEORGE RALEIGH HARRIS "GeorgeH is one of the artists in our school. Whenever we want anything drawn, we ask George. He helped with much of the art work for the Christmas Dance. Tinkering with anything from clocks toautomobiles is Geor:e's chief interest. He has been in the Hobby Club for three years, one year of which he served as secretary After graduation, George's interest lies in the Navy. PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE rw" x '1 4: '7T'TT 's ALICE JOAN HACKETT Fun loving and interested in sports ---- that's Joan. Sports Editor of the Eagle, Joan has written up many girls sports ar- ticles. She has acted on the ln- tramural Council for one year and has been a member of the Girl's Athletic Club fortwo years. Dur- ing high school,she has partici- pated on speedball, hockey and volleyball teams. After gradua- tion Joan plans to further her commercial educatial at a busi- ness college. 33 1. MAHIE DELITHA GRAY Whenever you hear a typewriter, you may be sure Marie is somewhere around Taking the Commercial course, Marie isthe fastest typ- ist in the class and is typist for the Eagle and Keneu. She also enjoys shorthand. She serves as president of the Business Club, After graduation, sheplans tobe- come a secretary. Many may re- memberher as"Miss Frankn in the Senior Class play, uRemarkable Incident at Carson's Cornersn. LUCY LEE HOLLOWAY "Lucy'sH ability to write has been a help to her in her iob as Feature Editor of the Eagle. A memberof the Thespians, lucy has been in many Dramatic Club per- formances and can be remembered as"9usieH in"You Can't Kiss Carolinen. Lucy has been active in the FHA for two years, one of whichshehas servedassecretary. Reading, cooking,andwriting are Lucy's favorite pastimes. An above average Academic student, Lucy is a member of Quill and Scroll. Her plans for the future are"undecidedU. .ily V , .wa V' 5,55-a, xl ' yy , I3 5 '51 ,Vx S J 1' Y JOSEPH HENRY HUBBERT l "Joe"is one of tue most fun-loving seniors. We will all remember Joe by his red hair and freckles. Just ask Joe what he enjoys most andhe will quickly reply,"base- ballu. Besides pitching for NDHS for 3 years, he has played guard on the basketball team for two years. The Hi-Fliers Club has interested Joe for two years. He has played the trombone in the Band for 4 years. Joe plans to take up farming after graduation. CHARLES FRANCIS HURLEY Sports Editor4ofthe Eagle, Vice- President of the Senior Class, Co-captain of the football team --- that's"Chuck"Hurley. Very interested in sports, he is not only anmmber of the Eagles Foot- ball Squad,buthas playedforthe past three years on the baseball and basketball teams. Francis has always been an outstanding performerin all dramatic produc- tions. ln high school, he has been astudent council member and was treasurer ofthat organization for one year. Chuck is uncertain as towhat college he will attend next fall. X 3 i--J , 2 Q ' -- ,r 7 X.,.z Jean Hurley, Chuck Hurley, Eleanor Hughes ,fnsqi swf -5 M-if RUTH ELEANOR HUGHES '3kidH names dancing as her fav- orite hobby andis an active mem- ber of the Dance Club This year she is a member of the Business Club in which she displays her commercial ability. Unlike many of her girl classmates, she is a veryactivememberofintramurals. She has playednmlthe hockey team for one year. To become a sec- retary isher ambition and we are sure she will please any boss 34 and Joe Hubbert RACHEL RUTH INGLES Rachel displays her alto voice in the Glee Clubcofwhich she has beenaamember for four years Mu- sically inclined, she plays the piano and accordian and partici- gates in all productions of the lee Club. She also mentioned that one of her chief interests liesin the field of photography. Although taking the commercial course, Rachel plans to enter nurses trainingaftergraduation. ffx 1 -,i,, AI - .Gi f X I f Donald Jackson, Jimmy Hurlock, Danelle Lawson, Bobby Jones ROBERT FRANKLIN JONES You may often see Bobby on a tractor cutting grass or doing something for the school farm or the school. He has been a FFA member for the past three years. Bobby takes the Vocational course and names huntingas his favorite pastime. His interestafter grad- uation seems to lie in the direc- tion of the Armed Forces. I . .QV , , U, , 5 , kj:-H 3 " V f X - N s fr: -.f . wav' ' DONALD HARRY JACKSHV Donaldis one of the best artists in the Senior Class. Living on a farm, he has always been in- terested in FFA work. Donald has been a member of the Hi-Fliers for three years. Interested in sports, he has been a forward on the Jr. Varsity basketball team and has playedon the soccer team for two years. Upon graduating, Donald plans touse his Vocational 4 +I " I I JAMES CLIF7UN HURLOCK 'Jimmyn is always ready to help with all school activities In the llth grade, he was Vice-Presi- dent of our class. He is on the advertising staff of the Keneu and is a very active member. Be- ingalnember of the FFA for three years has widened his vocational ability. Football has been his interest for sometime and he has played both guard and center for our team. J1mmy's interest lies in the Armed Forces after gradua- tion. DANELLE ALBERTM LAWSON Editor-in-chief of the Eagle, Danelle is a commercial student with straight"A'sH,andis amem- ber of the Chill and Scroll. She played on the field hockey team forone year. Nhsically inclined, Danelle loves to play the piano or dance. She has been a member of the Glee Club for one year. This year, Danelle is amember of the Business Club. After gradua- tion, she plans to become asten- ographer or secretary. I knowledge helping his father on his farm. ,, ., fa. " .1 -, x V' SSNNN 35 x 5 "fx 'N-. HAROLD LEE LORD 'Greasyn as he is better known to his many friendsis another of our football players. Playing tackle on the football team for three years, HGreasy"received his school letter this year He wasa member of the Hi-Fliers for one year, Library Club for one year and this year he is amember of the Intramural Council Hunt- ing rates high on"Greasy's" list of favorites. Taking the commer- cial course,he plans to enter the Army after graduation. JAMES EDWARD MARINE "JimmyH is a commercial student and treasurerofour Senior class in which he uses his knowledge of figures. He names bookkeeping as one of his favorite subiects. Sports-minded, Jimmy played soc- cer for two years, and this year he was captain of the team. He also heads the listas one of our first string varsity basketball players this year Jimmy plans to oin the Armed Forces after graduation. "-5' -W' ' - .w'g?'. 74.54 Patsy Lowe, Jimmy Marine, Harold lord, 60' I PATRICIA LEE LOWE Many may remember uPat"asone of our cheerleaders for the past two years. This year, she is captain. An Ncademic student,"PatH can always be found in many school activities She has been student director of the Candlelight Ser- vice for the past two years, and is layout editor of the yearbook and recently became a member of Lhill and Scroll. After gradua- tion her plans include four years at Salisbury Stateleachers' Col- lege where she will major Ulhng- lish. 36 Virgie Marine VIRGIE TMNZY MARINE Virgie is very interested in sports. She has played with the North Dorchester Eaglettes for two years, playing field hockey, volleyball and fieldball. Dan- cing is a hobby of Virgie's and that can well explain why she is a memberof the Dance Club Other clubs which have attracted her attention are the Intramural Council and the Athletic Club. As a Commercial student Virzie plans to find a secretarial job after graduation. ill -ri 'fi X 'RN Douglas McCulley, Charles Harshall, Lois Medford and Johnny Medford JOHN LAYIUN MEDFORD "JohnnyU, an academic student, has taken an active part in the Senior Dramatic Club. He had one "1 . 1 1. of the leading roles in this year's production of HYou Can't hiss Carolinen. Another chief inter- est of his lies in the library where he is often seen helping out. Showing his ability to write, Johnny is a member of the Keneu Staff. After graduation, he in- cludes college in his plans 'X gas , f . Q xx -if .2 i DOUGLAS GEORGE MCCULLEY A star basketball player--that's "Doutie" For three ears"DoutieH , D Y , has played as first string for- ward on the varsity basketball team. His ability for the one hand hook shot has done much to makehinxahighscorer. Basketball is not his only sports interest for he played football for two years. Clubs such as Intramural Council and Hi-Fliers have at- tracted"Dougie's"attention dur- ing high school Taking the gens eral course, Dougie plans to at- tend colleee after graduation, 37 X -JI 'r W 1 2 "a. C CHARLES LANKFORD MARSHALL Charles has been mxactive member of the Senior Dramatic Club for three years. He has played in three of their productions and this year he played ateen-age boy in,"You Can't Kiss Carolinen. Couldyou say Charles loves school or just hates to miss? He has madeperfectattendanceeveryyear for six years. Charles takes the Vocational course and his future plans include college. LOIS VIRGINIA MEDFORD This busy senior spendsnmch time reporting for the Eagle and func- tioning as copy editor for the Keneu. She is a member of the Quill and Scroll Lois has been a member of the Student Council for the past two years and the Senior Dramatic Club in the 10th grade. She was banner carrier for the Band for two years. Lois takes the Commercial course and after graduation she plans to be- come both asecretary and ahouse- wife. flu 2. 715 1"'? I aus V Q. 'W ,,, vo- X ,v 5, 1 3 2 1 ,N vc f W ha, ' 'A , ,' ,ya I . 4. 'f' , .W W J ' Q- ',,,, 'Qftf .1 .,-H g env. KENDALL WILSON MILLIGAN Kennyn is a busy student around school Office work just suits Kenny since he is taking the com- mercial course. He is often seen doing various typing jobs for the school. He is an active member ofthe Business Club and the FFA He names horseback riding as his favorite pastime and after grad- uation plans to :et an office job or farm, KAY FRANCIS MORRIS Kay, afbmmercial student, is ac- tive in shorthand and typing class and wants to become a secretary after graduation. No doubt she will be well prepared, because during school she has been sec- retary for the Student Council, the FHA, of her class for two years, Kay manages all sales of the Keneu She is a loyal sports fan andis timer ofthe volleyball and field hockey team We wish Kay success in whatever she does after graduation. ,...s, , 5 .., ,I Alan Nichols, Kay Morris, Joyce Moore, an wa n .nf 'vga X 'iuuszzt - JOYCE ANN MOORE Joyce takes the Commercial course and likes to type. She demon- strates her ability by typing many things for the Eagle on which she is circulation and advertis- lnu Manager Joyce is editor of the school news for the county newspapers also. Rhsically in- clined, Joyce has been a member of the Glee Club for four years She has been a majorette in the Land for four years and has re- ceivedher four year pin. Joyce's plans for the future are indefinite. 38 kenny Milligan RONALD ALAN NICHOLS Klan is an Academic student and can nearly always be found with a book somewhere around him, For two years, he was active in the Senior Dramatic Clubandis amem- ber of the photography staff of the Keneu His plans for the future are indefinite, but weare sure he will be content in what- ever ne does. Q txt 33 55' 4 1 I . larry U'Farrell, Frances Oliphant, Glen Nichols, and Jimmy Nichols LARRY LEE 0'FARRELL larry proved his athletic ability whenhewon honorable mention for the all state football team this year He was one of our first team football players Larry be- lonus to various clubs at school and although he has no specific job on the yearbook, he takes an active part in all our patron ad parties to raise money for it. larry's plans for the future are indefinite A xv, 'vu 7 v Q., , :5s Au. JAMES BRADLEY NICHOLS Jimmy has not been a member of our teams but heis always around to help cheer our teams to vic- tory. He has been active in several clubs while in high school. One of his main interests has been in the Band in which he has layed the trumpet for four years ghis year he will receive his four year pin for Band work. he also hadan important part in the Senior play. Jimmy's plans for the future are indefinite. 39 S -v fum. f. l I GLENN OSMOND NICHOLS "Diamond"transferred to our class this year from Federalsburg. We learn he was very active in Fed- eralsburg school, serving on the Student Council, Yearbook and playing in the Band. uDiamondH plays the trumpetand has been an active member of the Band this year. Glenn also finds playing in a dance band both enjoyable and rewarding. XGeneral student, Glenn plans to enter college in the fall. FRANCES ELLA OLIPHANT One of the most fun-loving and jolly of all our seniors is "JohnnyH 0r"FrannyH Nell liked by all, she is active in all school activities This year she is a member of the Intramural Council and acaptain of intramurals In- terested in music,"Franny"has beenin many Glee Clubactivities. The General course will aid her in making a choice between the woman's branch of the service or college life ssqga . u 'X 153' 'dy V. R Q ,ji f ru 'r Q L :A A , 'B . , . -' , E in . ' rf---- -A . - 5. 4' u ,gg - - 'U 'I' 1 I WAYNE STURH PHILLIPS Wayne is very active in Student Council work, Last year he was Vice-President and this year he has the honor of being President. He was President of our class in the 10th grade. Interested in sports, Wayne has played varsity basketball for the past two years. He is an active member of the Keneu staff and is photography manaaer this year. Farming is one of his main interests but, the serviceu seems to be drawing Wayne's attention after gradua- tion. DIANE SHUFELT Diane is very active in all school activities. She has been in the Glee Club for two years and is treasurer this year. She was ac- tive in the Senior Dramatic Club in the 10th grade. You may al- ways find Diane working as re- porter of the Eagle or as chairman of the patron ads for the Keneu. Besides filling a busy schedule at school,Dianestill finds time for extra hobbies such aswriting letters. She lans to attend Goldey Beacom after graduation. A Y Q o 'q,. 2 Gi Wayne Phillips, Diane Shufelt, George -1 ,.,aa7 .Iv if :- .fr X ' f? iff 1 ai BLANCHE LEE POWELL Findonething that Hlanche isn't interested in having to do with sports and Phys. Fd 7 You can't! She has served on the Intramural Cbuncilandfirls' Athletic Asso- ciation. She has been captain of the basketball team and co- captain of the hockey team. Play- ing fieldball, volleyball, basket- ball, field hockey and speedball have helped her be one of the two senior girls to attain her ath- letic letter. After graduation, Blanche plans to attend college to major in science or Phys. Ed. or to work in a medical labora- tory. 40 Simmons, Blanche Powell GEORGE DAWSON SIMMONS George has been active in all school activities. This year he is vice president of the Senior DramaticClubandplayednStanleyn in"You Can't Kiss Carolinen. Fortwoyears, Georgeplayedfoot- ball with our team. He works hard on the advertising staff of the Keneu. After graduation, George plans to join the Armed Forces. if I "'E "'W I ,1' lqr. . N ' f X-, 4 ::'X'r.34 ,.,J v Gwen Skethway, Waner Waller fx 4"f""""'z' Q 'A' t Q hy , ' X . WANER WOODROW WALLEH Taking the Commercial course, Waner proves his worth in typing. By coming from Elliotts, you may well guess his favorite astimes -- hunting, fishing and boating. After graduation in June, Waner is undecided as to just what he will do. It lies between work at DlPODC'S andjoining the service. CLASS MOTTO - He can, who thinks he can CLASS COLORS - Red and White CLASS FLOWER - Red and White Carnation 41 '17 dlis'Vx GWENDOLYN ANN SKETHWAY An above average Commercial stu- dent, Gwen scores high in typing and shorthand. She belongs to the Business Club and does much work for the school. To prove typing must be her favorite sub- ject, Gwen is both typist for the Eagle and the Keneu. Gwen was President ofour Junior Class and headed the Jr. Sr. Prom. She has ten years perfect attendance to her credit. Gwen has been a mem- ber of the Glee Club for 2years, and has participated in all its productions. Gwen's chief ambi- tion is to become a secretary. Who's Who North Dorchester Most Athletic Best All-Around Blanche Powell Norma Baker and and Doug McCu1ley Francis Hurley - Most Studious Danelle Lawson and William Eherspecker KM Most Attractive Most Popular Host Likely to .Succeed Lois Medford PGCSY I-DW? Marilyn Brinsfield and and and Charles Biskach Jack Coulbourne Alan Nichols E".,,m 'mmnapm , -6-i---.........Llu. Illllf' -- Kb 5 'V lij' 1 ' A gf' "' , -7 Q . ,- K 'ii Q ,Z Q ii, ,iii l aw , , vxxm I M :,-- , W 2 - .1 1 -"'?.'.. ' NN 8 Sensor Hugh Student Council I5 I U 41 ag' l Seated W Gang P Corkran B Foxwell treasurer E Bradley v1ce presldent W Ph1111pS pres1dent B Foxwell secretary M Wheatley L Medford Sfdndlng W Wheatley R Ph1111ps L HBFFIHHCOD Mr VIDCSHL adv1sor G Powell W Medford L G1bbons Junior Hugh Student Council . Y 7 Seated Sharon Granger, G Parker, H MOPFIS, Margo Symenskl Sfdndlng M COIIISOD, commlttee head, Mrs Turner, adv1sor, 9 bpence l I Q :vi 5 3 355 2 , . ' ' 4 A , sig 4 ii g K of - f A 3 . ' ' 0 Z Q5 3 Q x A ' 2 1- " ' - 3, Q, . -- . " J 5 F ' - ,T Q. in MQ i, L A .v ' P ' IV' ,1 . .ts Y ' "7 ' Uv fr tl I .g I I l.I:11 1:,iy'N I in :Qu 1111i 1 f I jf 7M A 4'Q 'f -- L .. g A ,ty .f .Y 1 - , l 1 ' V ' f A X f ' M ex 's we ' . ' - , - , - s , - Q, ' - ' , - 'n 1 9 , . I , I . . , . . ' . ' , . , . , . . g , . , . , . . C I I - i " - . V I Jig? 1.WQ k ' W f S A . A . C Senior Glee Club fGYCd 15 HOU? 9 Mumford S Ph1ll1PS B 1llen V Nkssxck S Voble F TFUIKL B lo oway P Xndrews, P LEWIS P Poole C Veal Sfafed 2nd Row K Baumgartner B NIC ols Schmlck I. King V N 1Ck V Baker J Moore H Blades H Ingles P Lowe Sfandln r Scott J. Vagel K Buarque H Holecheck S Stoker S Wesslck J Campbell C Hug es Jumor Glee Club J f f Ne' HA 7 ' r vi -.dlll cated ist How: V Corkran J Heed V Wedford 2nd How C Dunckley F Duncklev R M1111 an Collison, V bmlth J Webster U Brlnsfleld J Xdshead H Colllns L Getz J bhort V ROW N. Jackson C Ntoke s k N ort Vol ton P Turner F Wheedleton authn C Vimmo, 1rs loxev Gfk ROW Henry N Rrxns 16 d 5 ph1ll1PS Q Rxchardbon Richardson F HCxlllSCCf C larker B Nunders D Wheatley J Harrlbon Lg, Nl Band in U' 4.59 Kflffliflg - H. Hurlock, P. Poole, mayorettes. SCGYEJ - T. Nlarshall, H. Hastings, C. Parker, H ' l Moore, C. Parker, J. Nichols, A. Vaughn, C. Nimmo, S. Nfumford, Nl. French, G. lowell, C, llugxes l.. Harrington, ll, Hurley. Sfl1Vldif1g'll. Hackett, W. Willey, l.. Greenllawk, N. Saunders, ll. Harding F. Wheatley, S. Vlilligan. A588112 - J. Moore, B. llolecheck, P. l,owe, C. Hurley. L.: Future Homemakers of America ff Seated- G. Lankford, C. Schmick, J. Handy, A. Dickerson, C. Windsor vice president, Standing - M. Dickerson, L. Holloway, B. Wilson, M. Wheatley, president, P. Dentley, L. Mendy, C. Wands, secretary, D. Boyce, K. Campbell, absent: B. Reid, Treasurer. FLITUTS F3l'l'T'lSI'S of 1AxITISi"lC8 ' As.-...lil ,.-? . .2 l P. 5. 'r I me :- I Q .iq X4... Seated - lst How: C. Biskach, F. Marine, C. Bell, W. Ebers acher, president, J. Collins, H. Wheedleton, W. Hubbard. 2nd How! G. Grimes, J. R. Horean, F. North, D. Koch, W. Saunders, F. Wheedleton, T.Harshall, D.Harding, D.Allen, W.Payne, D.Jackson, H.hra, D.Hughes, D. Christopher. 3rd Row: V. Dukes, P. Brinsfield, W. Baumgartner, R. Nhlligan, F. Hurley, J. Krammer D. Coul- bourne, A. Hurley, R. Jones, W. Ihillips, J. Flemming, W. Thomas, F. MacGillivary. 6th Rvws M. Bradley, D. Griffith, L. Hoffman, J. Cordrey, A. Collins, C. Marshall. BGCk Row: Mr. Brobst, J. Hubbard, J. Dayton, Mr. Reid. ---4.., Future Teachers of America Ch 1' i. ist Row: R. Hubbard, G. Harrington, L. Murphy, B. Powell, B. Foxwell, I. King, Mrs. Tbdd Back Hou: N. Baker, W. Wheatley, F. Waller Business Club .....f. - v t .Y , - S A r' 1:5 5 J "' 3- -H 1 , K, nr, lst Row: A. English, J. Carneal, secretary. 2nd How: M. English, A. Gang, E. Hughes. 3rd Row: F. Wheatley, D. Lawson, R. Marien, C. Moran, W. Little, Mr.Cross. Absent: Marie Gray, president Kendall Milligan, treasurer Junior Library Club 1-if How: P. Birch, J. Harper, J. Willey, S. Wode, W. Gadow. 2nd Row: S. Bryan, E. Roberts, I' l,auck, L. Lauck. 3rd How: P. Tobar., B. Massey, B. Payne, S. Nason, K. Smith, D. Cook, H. Simmons 4171 H0101 Mrs. Harper, D. Ewell, B. Wheatley, T. Hurlock, Fi. Bounds, G. Wright, B. Crannell, W Smi th, P. Lord. Senior Libra Club III! . itll' 1 IS! How: D. Allen, B. Payne. hd How: G. Saunders,N1. Travers, B. Short, B. Coates, J B. Peterson, 'W Hell. 3rd ROW! Mrs. Harper advisor, F. Hall, B. Lankford, B. Iinglis J. fkullison, B. English, C. Carneal. 14th Row: N, Whearley, 9. Hurst, W. Hubbard, D Greenhawk P. Cooke Hur ley. Dramahcs Club 'i T Bandoch H Hurley K Ausmussen G Slmmons 0 Y-CCFS Presldent Teny Bardock V1cePres1dent George Smmons Secretary Kay Ausmussen Treasurer Quarles Powell Sub Treasurer Becky Wllson Camera Club D. llughes, T. Dxkes, J. R. Morean, Mr. Moore, advisor, G. Grimes, G. Bell 51 Business Staff SCGYCJ P Bltler K Morrxs B Bradley W Eberspacher landing G Slmmons O Colhns J Hurlock Keneu Staff Editorial Staff Seated Edltor Norma Baker CoEd1t.or P Lowe Standing FI Moore Advlsor 1 1 E ...L Typists - Reporters 500904-G. Skethway, A. Gang, L. Medford. Standing - A. Nichols, W. Phillips, L. O'Ferral1, J. Medford. Eagle Staff Editorial Staff D Lawson Edltor Mrs Rxchardson Advlsor L Holloway Feature Edltor R Blades Junlor Edxtor F Hurley and J Hackett Sport. Edltors S if Produchon Staff Seated - P. Skethway M. Gray. Standing - M. Dickerson. 5 f ln- Busmess Staff Jack Colbourne and Joyce Moore Intramural Council IS! How: B. Massey, D. Taylor, C. Blake, S. Spence, P. Stewart, H. Morris 2nd Row H Hurlock D. Harding, V, Marine, advisor, Mrs. Hopkins, P. Butler, K. Morris, F Oliphant 3rd Row D Willey, J. lhrper, N. Corkran, S. Richardson, J. Harrison, B. Powell, J Hackett 4f ROW J Hubbert, J. lhrlock, J. Marine, C. Biskach, D. McCulley, H. Lord E Hurley Intramural Placements ist 2nd: I 3rd .... 4th 5th SENIOR HIGH Bo IsbQQA'bQ..l.l,,LQ " bby Soxers Cool Cats Destrovers Crew Cuts Ist 2nd,,, 3rd 4th 5th JUNIOR HIGH ...By 54 Hound-dogs 81 - 7V 7x 8: 72 Football 15? HOU! C. Powell, F. Hall, J. Smith. 2nd ROI! H. Lord, C. Biskach, O. Collins, J. Short, F MacGillivary, B. Coates. 3rd Row: L. 0'Ferrall, W. Saunders, J. Hurlock, H. Moore, B. Hastings F. Hastings. 4!h ROW! S. Era, C. Hurley, B. Gang, T. Marshall, W. Willey, J. Colbourne. 51h How Mr. Austin, E. Bradley, L. Jones, B. Hubbard, Mr. Hopkins. NDHS'S football team, under the tutorship of coaches Bill Hopkins and Ton Austin, played their first varsity season this year. The Eagles, who played seven games on the gridiron, ended the season with a 1-6 record. They were able to spread their wings one time as they romped over Lord Baltimore, 25-0. This Thanksgiving Day triumph brought the season to a glorious finish. 55 Soccer Seated - H. English, M. Bradley, J. Cordrey, D. Gadow, G. Nichols, J. Collins, H. Wheedlecon Sfflfldl-Hg ' G. Grimes, timer, W. Wheatley, Manager, J. Walls, T. lhkes, C. Moran, W. Hubbard, L Morris, Mr. Plutschak, Coach. Track in ' Q . - 51" lu' . JI '4J.f 'X 'tqgv-rf' 1: Q X :L l J A l A. Kflffliflg- B. Gang, D. Gadow, F. Hall, J. Short, E. Bradley, Mr. Plutschak. Siflndiflg-H. Marine K. Pepper, J. Jones, L. Hoffman, J. Colbourne, H. Hubbard, B. Wheatley. 56 Fielcl Hockey Kflffliflg - N. Messick, scorer, F. Hughes, A. Howdle, K.. Ausmussen, P. Stoker, R. Shocks, lf. Fox well, H. Powell, F. Wheatley, K. Morris, Timer. Sfdlldlflg - J. llackeLL, U. At,kerson, A. Colpage S. Stoker. V. Marine. U. llardinu. ll. lee, P. Stewart, R. Wilson, F. Trice, Mrs. Hopkins, fgoach Junior Varsity Basketball KflCCZiVlg - R. Moore, H. Hastings. Sfllffd - G. Legg, W. Hubbard, J. Cordrey, W. feng, U. Qaiiow L. Hoffman. -Fflllldlflg ' 'i1r. Nlink, Coach, G. Grimes, Timer, W. Wheatley, Vanager, T. Varshall R. Hubbard. Varsity Basketball Ist How: H. Lee, D. Hardinv, A. Bowdle. hd How: B. Powell, B. Foxwell, Mrs. Hopkins, advisor H. Wilson, L. Murphy, P. liutler, Manager. 3Vd HOW-' R. Morris, Timer, H. Shooks, A. Coppagge F. Trice, P. Stoker, D. Atkerson. Varsity Basketball Knecllne - W. Gang, fl. fiadow, l.. lloffman, J. florflrey, R. Moorv. f'Uf'd ' 'l. uubljarrl, -l. Nlamnff R. Fra, W. Phillips, C. Hurley, IJ. Vcfiulley, Mr. Vink, fhanh. fgldnfilnfl - N. '-1'lteaL1ey, svorffr J, llultbert, F. iirattlay, lx. Pffppr-r, ll. Jones, G. Grlrneas, Timor, .l. Flmrt, 'f'anai'er. Volleyball ist ROW Kneeling- J. llulpbert, L, Hoffman, S. Era, F. Hurley, Nlr. Austin, J. llarine, J. Coulbourne J. Short. 2nd Row K'1ACUl1'1g' R. Moore, B. Hubbert, K. Pepper, A. Collins, B. Hubbert, L. O'l"errall B. Phillips. Standing ' J. Short, L. Bennett, B. Wheatle , C. Moran, J. Collins, ll. lvledford, V. Dukes, B. Little, D. Gadow, G. Llarine, Nl. Hell. Cheerleaders 'r'M+-- , T7-4-..,. M0 .ht JAN XXX, 0 . N-x? The full cheerleading squad consists of eight members. They are: Sue Noble, substitute, Nancy Messick, Phyllis Corkran, Carol Neal, Pat Lowe, captain, Sue Stoker, substitute, Ann Marie Hols- berg, Phyllis Butler. 1 Regular Squad Members: L - RJ N. Messick, C. Neal, P. Butler, A. Holsberg, P. Lowe, P. Corkran 60 Class Night A Night of Fun Mixes .- 9' Soul fxlllng mus1c wlth is Games of sk111 and riff:-,Qx s X foretellxng of the future 61 1 f 2- ' ,. p n' I' -. . g 2 , fp' . I 5' . ,Y , j 2 s f fx V -U , X M f ,I s 1 J an I I .J ,' X.. . , ,4 :- v - , f x I Q' ff 7 f n s .xb aff - -fl" 1 s V ' "' ,J rs, V , 4. wrt, b ll A wk Fx A. K A 1 1 Commencement Exercises i .G .. Q P9 a we 5,5 . 1 Mr. Edward Walters addresses the graduating class. Ja rf! 1 f Z , 3 - 2 s f Zilli 'Es ov Xa 3, l 1 x 'ly The long-awaited moment ar- rives as the seniors march up to receive their diplomas and thereby become alumni. .. , l3.A . , . , , lm wal lil ll ' fi 1 A1 North Dorchester High School's Outstanding graduates of l957: Seated - Marilyn Brinsfield, Danelle Lawson, Norma Baker, hicy Holloway. Standing - Francis Hurley, Gwen Skethway, Blanche Powell, Wayne Phillips. Our COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND AND MRS LAWRENCE ADSHEAD S ELWOOD ANDREWS AND MRS HARRY ARNETT AND MRS MAJOR ARNETT AND MRS LEWIS BAKER AND MRS VINCENT BASSETT BATA SHOE STORE EASTON MARYLAND M A D MRS PHILLIP BAUMGARTNER MR AND MRS EMERSON BELL MR AND MRS LLOYD BELL MR AND MRS WINFIELD BELL BILL AND BOB GERALDINE BIRCH MR AND MRS FRANK BISKACH ND MRS O BOGA ETHEL BOUNDS MR AND MRS WILLIE BRADSHAW MR AND MRS ELMER B BRAMBLE MR AND MRS FRANCIS A BRAMBLE ARTHUR BRINSFIELD AND MRS BALVIN BRINSFIELD R AND MRS HOWARD BRINSFIELD MRS LOTTIE BRINSFIELD REV AND MRS STEWART BRINSFIELD AND MRS TRUITT BRINSFIELD ROBERT BROBST AND MRS ALBERT BUSTA AND MRS EUGENE BUTLER AND MRS CLEVELAND CARNEAL GEORGE CARROLL SR COLLINS DRUG STORE MR AND MRS GEORGE COLLINS Patrons AND MRS WILLIAM JONES AND MRS STEVE KATINSKY GEORGE KAUFFMAN AN MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS VINCE KUPERSMITH LLOYD LANKFORD JOHN LANK WILLIAM LANGFORD GROVER LES CALLETTE RUSSELL LEWIS CHARLES LOWE R LOW PHILIP MANNING ALONZO MARINE LESTER MARINE GLENWOOD MOORE HARLAN MORRIS THOMAS MOREAN ANDREW MOXEY HAROLD MOYER NESBITT MURPHY WARNER MCALLISTER MISS JACKIE MARSHALL AND MRS LEON MEDFORD AND FAMILY AND MRS OTIS MEDFORD R AND MRS KENNETH MESSICK GEO NEWELL AND SON AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS COMPLIMENTS MR AND MRS MR AND MRS MELVIN NEWELL FRANK 0 DAY AND FAMILY JAMES PAYNE NORRIS PAYNE OF A FRIEND A L PENNYPACKER WALTON PHILLIPS GARY J COLLINS MRS DARCY PITTS C COO MR AND MRS EDWARD CORKRAN MR AND MRS NOOKIE CORKRAN M S O W CORKRAN AND NANCY AND MRS PHIL CORKRAN CALVERT CREIGHTON WALLACE DAVENPORT AND MRS MILES DENEAU AND MRS AND MRS MR AND WIIL M MR AND MRS ROBERT PITT5 H PITTS MAYOR OF HURLOCK MRS GARLAND PRUDEN MRS MARGARET REID JAY MARTIN REID M AND MRS WILLIAM RE D MRS PHILIP S RICHARDSON FRANCES ROCHE VERLON DUKES MR AND MRS MR AND MRS FRED EBERSPACKER CHARLES ERA DARCY ERA COMPLIMENTS MR AND MRS MR AND MRS MR AND MRS OF A FRIEND CLIFFORD ROGERS FRED RHUE WARREN SAUNDERS MR AND MRS NAOMI ERA B EG AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS NORMAN EVANS RALPH FOXWELL WILLIAM GANNON TAYLOR GORSKI GROTON AND FAMIIY ALTON HACKETT T GROVER HACKETT MRS GARLAND HARPER MRS VIVIAN HARPER SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB LAURA E SHOPPE AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS MARION SMITH COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND SHARON SMITH ROBERT H SPEAR MR AND MRS WALTER SPEAR MISS MYRTLE STACK GEORGE SHORT ROY SHUFELT AND HAMILL SMITH FAMILY STORE TRICE S AND MRS ALVIN HARRISON AND MRS WM HARRISON MRS MALCOLM C HASTINGS HIGG AND MRS GERALD HILL D MRS E W HOLD ALICE AND BARBARA HOLECHECK BRENDA LEE HOLLOWAY MR AND MRS GEORGE STARK AUDREY STARKEY MR AND MRS JAMES STEWART MR AND MRS WALTON P TAYLOR MR AND MRS THOMAS TOBAT MRS VICTORIA TODD ELWOOD L TRAVERS MR AND MRS COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS MR AND MRS MR CHARLES MR AND MRS COMPLIMENTS MRS MILDREO MR AND MRS MR AND MRS MR AND MRS WM L HOLLOWAY OF A FRIEND OF A FRIEND JAMES HUBBARD AND JANICE F HURLEY DONALD HURLEY OF A FRI ND HURLEY JAMES HURLOCK MILBY HURST FRANKLIN ISENBERG MRS WILLIAM JAYNES MR AND MRS E HUR MR AND MRS ARTHUR JONES ROGER JONES COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND MR AND FRED R MRS JOHN VAUGHN WADDELL AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS HARRY WAINWRIGHT JAMES D WALTER WALTER WEBB TONY WANEX JULIUS WHEATLEY ROGER WHEATLEY ROY WHEATLEY AND MRS WILLIE WHEATLEY WOODROW WILLEY DARCY WILLIAMS AND MRS AND MRS JEAN WILLIAMS DUDLEY WINDSOR MR AND MRS LENOS V WRIGHT MR. . MR. . MR. . MR. . MR. MR. . MR. D . MR. . MR. . MR. . MR. . MR. . MR. . . . MR. . R. N . MR. . . . MR. . . . MR. . J. . RY . . MR. . MR. . MR. . . . MR. . MR. A . S. . SH MR. . MR. . , , MR. . , , , MR. . , , , MR. . MR. . M . . MR. . , MR. . . . M . . MR. . . A. MR. MR. . MR. . MR. . ' MR. . MR. . MR, , MR. . J. . RS . . . . , IA . : HAPPY CORKRAN MR. AND MRS. J. M. PLUMMER R . . . . MR. . MR, . R. . I MR. . . . MR. . J. . GEN . MR. . MR- - MR. . MR- - MR. . NR- - MR. . MR- - MR. . . MR. . MR. . - MR. . - - DR. . . MR. 0. R. INS - - - MR. . - - MR. AN . . . ER - MR. . . I MR. . . D U MR. . . D MR. . E MR. . . MR. . . . MR. . n . MR. . . ' MR. . U MR. . v. . ST SEAFORD NYLON PLANT E. I. Du PONT'DENEMOURS AND COMPANY. INC. SEAFORD. DELAWARE Smce 1864 FRAMPTOM FUNERAL HOME FEDERALSBURG MD TELEPHONE PL 4 3331 COPE'S CANDY COMPANY SEAFORD DELAWARE AND SHARPTOWN MARYLAND ESTERSON'S PHARMACY 22 RACE STREET CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND Prescrfpffons Cosmeffcs FOUnf6lD PHONE 437 THE KENT COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS Kerosene Fbrnace Of! PHONE 1651 CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND Affanffc Gasoffne - Mbfor Of! 64 CHAS. E. BROHAWN AND BROS. INC. General Contractors SINCE 1924 CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND FEDERALSBURG MARYLAND Porfraff Wedding CbMm6fCl8f PHONE 7201 JAMES T NICHOLS COVGRATULATIONS' Grocerfes YO0R'S BAKERY Clfl65 Service Producfs PHONE 1939 PHONE WI 3 4021 CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND 65 ORBAN STUDIO L O SEAFORD DELAWARE Farma!! Tracfors Farm lmplemenis Wisconsin Mofors Farm Supplies New Idea Equlpmenf PHONE 3148 E S IIUBBERT AND SON INC Farina ll frac fors AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS SALES AND SERVICE Hardware Feed Seed General Insurance SUNBURST HIGHWAY CAMBRIDGE PHONE VIENNA 556 TEL EPHONE 147 W HOLLONELL AND SON Sales Chevrolet Servzce FEDERALSBURG MARYLAND Where FRANKEL'S e RICHARDSON'S STYLE SHOP Whole Fam1Zy Shops I CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND 66 T U L B R TIIE R S, I N C. JAMES F. NOBLE, DR. . MD. : - IOI J. . , INC. Th TSCHANTRE'S JEWELERS J. EMILE TSCHANTRE, PROP PHONE: CAMBRIDGE 294 CNABRIDGE MARYLAND GOOD LUCK from CULVER'S MEN'S SHUP DELMAR DELAWARE COMPLIMENTS CIASS OF 1057 COMPLIMENTS or PARKER'S fnfernaffonal Har esfor Dealer HURLOCK MARYLAND CAMBRIDGE RECREATION CENTER W C BRADLEY D Bowlzng Hardware Bllllafds Garage CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND HURLOCK MARYLAND TODD'S GARAGE SECRETARY IARYLAND PHONE HURLOCK 5751 Where Servzce 18 Flrst FURNITURE APPLIANCES TELEVISI COR MUSE AND ACADEMY STS CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND PHONE 942 O OF ' v M n - - AN SON ENGLE'S 67 COMPLIMENTS OF 'D . v., ,,1-. 'hip ,.'.'2.' -.g ,,.:,. ,P '-'Q' ' LS GM? noouceglgx CAMBRIDGE. MARYLAND H AR 0l.D 'S Ufofs fo 7een's Clofhfngn SEAFORD, DELAWARE BEACH HAVEN MARKET PH. CAMBRIDGE 31J11 Fancy Maafs and Groceries s and If BILL ELZEY PROP THOMPSON MOTORS 11 Q 2 600 nov EASTON MARYLAND LLOYD'S GIFT SHOP an RECORD CENTER 615 STEIN HWY SEAFORD H ide selecflon of single Records and Albumsu CompL1ments HERB'S BARBER SHOP EAST New MARKET FIRST NATIONAL BANK Securffy and Service SINCE 1865 THOS R YOUNG Frigidaire Mbyfag Appliances Pianos TELEPHONE 3226 OR 4506 A EL. -1 Q 0. d of W. . . , MD. OF sEAFonn - - - SEAFORD DELAWARE SEAFORD DELAWARE THE B ll0R CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND R!!!l!!P5 TOMATD AR CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND 69 H0 BY I 0 o TllY'S F I MACHINERY MILBY HURST DEALER IN Hardware Pa mfs 01 fs Seeds Farm and Garden Suppffes VIENNA MARYLAND BLADES 8 PHILLIPS ne Sfop Farm Service PHONE ORIOLE 3 3581 PRESTON MARYLAND DEKALB CORN CHICKS SCHMICK INSURANCE AGENCY Genera! Insurance and Fha! Esfa MAPLE AVENUE PRESTON MARYLAND URIOLE 3 3821 O L THOMPSON Your Aeebsake Dzimond Jeweler SEAFORD DELAWARE HARRINGTON OYSTER HOUSE SECRETARY MARYLAND MARY EWELL Toum and Country Shob CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND IESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE FEDERALSBURG MARYLAND PLEASANT 4 6411 imma Cwned and Operafed by HARRY HOFF LAURA NAVY SHOP Ladies Misses and Junior Dresses Mlfllnery Sparfswear CORNER OF RACE AND GAY STREETS CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND U0 A II Compliments of fe l 70 VIILMER FELL DAVIS COMPANY FEOERALSBURG, MARYLAND PLEASANT 4-2111 Complzments of THE FEDERALSBURG BUSINESSMEN S ASSOCIATION BELL S CUTRATE CANTNER S DRUG STORE CAROLINE POULTRY FARMS INC FRED FOREMAN FOXES SC TO 31 OO STORE J W HALLOWELL 8 SONS INC HASTINGS FOOD MARKET LONG LUMBER 8 SUPPLY COMPANY MATTHEW S INC POOLE S INC THE TEEN ROBE G L TUBNAN 8 SONS E A HANNAH S BEAUTY SHUPPE DRLGbf0R5 all for Ahhvzntmenfs IFEDS EASTON MARYLAND PHONE V,ENNA 442 PHONE TALBOT 2 1190 7 R D ' S YOUR TH E 0 M AN Y BUILDIVG SUPPIIES AND COAL HURLOCK MARYLAND ARE YOU PLANNING A CLASS TRIP? CALL MATTHEWS' CHARTER SERVICE INC U S ROUTE 50 PHONE 482 CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND CIUB TOUR? 72 A D K IN S C P 0 F HU RI.0 CK A , . , . SHENK'S QUALITY FOOD MARKET Heats and Groceries PHONE 2711 HURLOCK MARYLAND WE DELIVER COMPLIMENTS of HASTING'S FOOD MARKET HURLOCK MARYLAND COUNTY TRUST COMPANY OF MARYLAND MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTE 11 HURLOCK MARYLAND PEPPER'S GROCERY HURLOCK MARYLAND COVPIIVENTS D M WEBSTER AND SONS SECRETARY MARYLAND PAUL BIRCH Gro SECRETARY MARYLAND PHONE VH 3 3971 NOODNARD'S MARKET EAST NEW IARKET AARYLAND PHONE NPI? 4011 HOT ROD HANG OUT RICK'S LUNCHEONETTE S d h EAST NEW MARKET MARYLAND . ,. of caries . . 3 f . Fresh Mears and Groceries X1 P Pennsua .6 Ice Cream an wfc es 73 CONGRATULATIONS LEGGETT S TO THE DEPARTIENT CLASS OF 1957 STORE CAMBRIDGE 0FPICE SUPPLY C0 CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND PHILLIPS HARDIARE CUMPANY CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES 510 MARYLAND AVENUE CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND DURCHESTER FERTILIZER COMPANY GEORGE A NEWELL Q SON DWRC0 HURLOCK CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND MARYLAND 74 1 !!!! JOHN l. TIEDER, INC. II , II . U DORCHESTER COUNTY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION BENNETT AUTOMOTIVE BROOKS BROTHERS DASHIELL 8 LEONDARD INC MEREDITH AUTO SALES WALKER MOTORS Chrysler Plymouth Buzck Dodge Plymouth Chevrolet Pontzac Internatzonal Ford Mercury COVGRATUIATIOIS TO THE SENIORS FLEETIOOD and WILSON SIITH and SPENCE HURLOCK MARYLAND THE WATCH SHOP CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND COVPLIVEVTS AIEBICAN STORES HURLOCK MARYLAND B. J. LINTHICUM SONS .......... .... ....... Of 75 COULBOURNE N E SEAFORD PACKERS SECRETARY MARYLAND SHEAREB THE JEWELER D0llIS BEAUTY SHOP EASTON DORIS L ECOMPTE MARYLAND HURLOCK MARYLAND CONTINENTAL CAN COMPANY HURLOCK MARYLAND 76 A D RA COHPLIMENT5 of I W EASTON MARYLAND 0 W CORK N COMPANY HURLOCK MARYLAND DEAN'S FURNITURE STORE CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND THE MODERN BRIDE CHOOSES HER STERLING CRYSTAL AND CHINA PATTERNS FROM TUBMAN'S Your Leadzng Jeweler CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND AND FEDERALSBURG MARYLAND . . RA I AND TALBOT 2-2500 - 22 N. WASHINGTON ST. IN 77 HURLUCK HURLOCK LUMBER IILLING COMPANY COMPANY HURLOCK MARYLAND HURLDCK MARYLAND WILLEY s SERVICE srAr1oN VIENNA MARYLAND J L HURST AND SoN Genera!Re,oa1rs Auto Su151Jl1eS Aufo Trucks Tracfors U S ROUTE 50 PHONE VIENNA 781 PHONE V'ENNA 561 COUNTY TRUST COMPANY MARYLAND VIENNA MARYLAND 78 - - Gas and Oil OF BEST WISHES JAMES STEEN S T V SHOP HURLOCK MARYLAND HURST AND SON THE PARIER S SUPPLY and EQUIPMENT COMPANY DORCHESTER AvENuE E R CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND EASTON MARYLAND HmNE 1600 COMPLIHENTS KROKER S SHELTUN GRAY Meafs and Grocerfes PH NE 711 VIENNA MARYLAND SHUP U 0 CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND 79 ' G. C H R Y ' S of 7 E BARBER O : DEAN'S F RNITURE ST RE CAIBRIDGE SPDRTING GO0DS CENTER CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND ,Q The End 80

Suggestions in the North Dorchester High School - Keneu Yearbook (Hurlock, MD) collection:

North Dorchester High School - Keneu Yearbook (Hurlock, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North Dorchester High School - Keneu Yearbook (Hurlock, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 60

1957, pg 60

North Dorchester High School - Keneu Yearbook (Hurlock, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 87

1957, pg 87

North Dorchester High School - Keneu Yearbook (Hurlock, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 8

1957, pg 8

North Dorchester High School - Keneu Yearbook (Hurlock, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 64

1957, pg 64

North Dorchester High School - Keneu Yearbook (Hurlock, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 28

1957, pg 28

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