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I, gjlwggr V ff. . N I- L , - . -'- ' . , 1 , "X z 4 3. 1 6 . f ' ' R Qi K M: . frm,-WA , A if Es? 4 -14+ -Ar f rs . B H Y, ,f f G m....., 3 I B52 f'-12 - gi X 7 1 r Y- X A 4 D' Aix 'Q at 52, I 5, my 4, , yr-.' J! X '1 5 4 ,.sh"w gy 5 3? E fa., -fi y, wa. MM 110 , . 5L f: if ' Q L -11? A, nf iz iv, X vi gmvsfff' 25 T ' '3 2, , A BABY PICTURES Row I: Pol Jones, Corelia Goselti, Wilma Qualls, Geraldine Johnson. Row 2: Connie Esler, Tom Filipul, Theresa Woods, Tom Kane, Karen Grosser. Row 3: Ovid Thompson, Karen Grosser, Joe Wells, Beverly Morris, Alvin Taylor. .. Tiff -ei i' ,, . ,pg ,w1if.A'Q B gffifyifii' -kai-ffyggfg .5-, 217 Elf V WVIEL I - L' B 3 if f ' I I '-'f 5 K , r BABY PICTURES Row I Jerrell Jones, Judy Becker, Marilyn Schroeder, Row 2 Robert Ritter, Diana Reep, Dena Shapiro, Connie Purtle Row 3 Kenneth Tulum, Carol Simmons, Norlene Manske, 41' f 3. af ilu , Row Row Row Row 38315 M NA. JK., ,, . ww if . Y' my ,WM N, ,. 1, Nw 'Wi it ' X 'X X1 FRED HARDY LAVERN TRULSON Qur photographerai L .ii 1 . Ni' QR lm-Y-R!" ""'v-.-.1 1D f . jwggglq 45 Uwnf, J A ,, Q W M ,i aff? sf 5- ,dw il ..,.N...,.. W5 is ' '. Hffr-rffnfvl H gmwfu ' ' 'M ' -w L... Lqm-My-xv ii -Q' .QW f s -.5 s 3? 'fv Y... H . Y W ' "M 91 'Xl' Tennis E. Juno, J. Pokorny, O. Gee, W. Turner, J. Coleman, D. MacKai, W. Thompson, N. Zuelke, R. Ritter. North's 1958 tennis team had one returning Ietterman, Neil Zuehlke. With the fine play of Neil and the fast improvement of newcomers, Oliver Gee and Wilbert Thompson, the tennis team won more than their share of games. Our top three players were given fine support by these seniors who par- ticipated in tennis for the first time: James Pokorny, Donald MacKai, and Robert Ritter. The prospects for next season are good with the return of lettermen, Oliver Gee, Neil Zuehlke, and Wilbert Thompson, plus the added support of B squad members William Turner, Judson Coleman, and Elton Juno. TEAM RANK l. Neil Zuehlke 4. James Pokorny 2. Oliver Gee 5. Donald MacKai 3. Wilbert Thompson 6. Robert Ritter W ' .... -nz ' Golf L. Trulson, R. Whiting, J. Heinbuch, Mr. Tracy, T. Filiput, L. Jay. North's Golf Team, after a solid 7-2 win over West in the first meet, ran into some very solid opposition in the next few weeks. They faced in quick suc- cession, the top teams in the city, losing to Pulaski 9-O, Juneau 7-2, and Bay View 9-0. North's five man squad was consistently outgunned by the 25-40 man squads of the other schools. The North linksmen hope to fight back in the second half of the season to secure a few more victories for old North side. With Ken Gruel pointing the way and other first squad golfers Tom Filiput, Ralph Whiting and Lee Jay consistently improving, the team looks forward to an improved position by the end of the season. Baseball C Row 3: E. Hamilton, W. Zahn, O. Porter, W. Harris, J. Bean, C. Smith, H. Oden, D. Moore, Redman, P. Winters, Mr. Temby. Row 2: J. Bledsoe, R. Gensler, R. Cunningham, D. Miller, J. Horton, C. Davis. Row 'l: A. Williams, R. Brown. Our baseball season has started with the boys proving themselves very capable in all fielding positions. The hitting at present is a little inconsistent, but as the season progresses and with warm weather, we feel that it will improve. The mound duty this year will be divided among David Mueller, Wayne Zahn, and William Harris. All three show great promise and will play important roles in determining the degree of success for the coming season, . 5-limi-me v.-5:15 ""v- , '. , ', .f-'Q ..- , .ev " 4745-1 4 . ,-M... . .zqfhifly r ggf:7'17r'fA A-1. I ,fe,f::"-.,'.-' M '1:a.,j.'p- '1', . . V h ,wi Q .1 Gym Team . 6, AW, X. le YW 555 ,.. ,- .-531 ' f ' . zz. A , .tx , D i x 4' X X S Z3 Y 3'-5 S J . FN Q Y K Q' X we F Row I: Mr. Ristow, J. Awe, M. Parr, E. Kindberg, A. Levy. Row 2: J. Curran, J. Slaffaroni, R. Thomas, A. Eggleston, C. Richard. Row 3: E. Zahorek, T. Gillespie, D. Riepl, C. Richard, R. Mueller, S. Sprewer. OUR CHEERLEADERS Y. Kemp, D. Andrews, G. Zahn, A. Craig, 102 Q il 34 J. Schuman, P. Kelln, C. Neustedler 1 XXQR TA, v.0R7" The present track squad with only five letter- men from last year is unquestionably North's best since the 1954 championship squad. At the time of this printing, three maior meets have been held with the "Blue and White" winning all three. North topped East with Cl team score of 18 points in the University of Wisconsin-Mil- waukee Relays, won the second City Indoor Championship with a mhrgin of 8 points, and posted 58 to 48 for Shorewood to defeat the best in the city and suburban schools in the Shorewood Relays. The Blue Devils returned with three silver and nineteen gold medals. ln these three meets three records were set. The 8 lap relay team of Jeffrey McClain, Mil- ton Johnson, Kenneth Tatum and Donald Little established a record of 2:06.0 in the University NDR NUM RECORD SETTING RELAY TEAM 'linaok W55 of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Relays, and a record of 2:O5.5 in the 8 lap relay in the City Indoor Meet. The broad iump trio of Clyde Wells, Walter Shelby, and Marvin Fuller set a new Shorewood Relays record averaging 2O'9. Three big ones won and three big ones, City Relays, State, and City meets to be won. A big order, but nothing is considered impos- sible by this talented and determined 1958 group. "There's no excellence without great labor" is no more true than in Track where every man has put forth his best in the last ounce of his energy. That individual effort-combined with sincere loyalty and steadfast co-operation has made "The Winners" a term synonymous with "Track", si Q Quf!H'5X - A2-El lflil H.- iii N s wa 77' 'uc was Row 1: R. Riller, K. Tatum, Mr. Rislow, D. MacKai, R. Endisch. Row 2: C. Carroll, L. Bollesi, T. Davis, D. Daddato, R. Jenkins, L. Thomas. Row 3: B. Tatum, D. Jackson, T. Yogel, W. Conklin, J. Coleman, W. Turner. Swimming Team -DA 'U 1 1- -'X 98 'G-11" Row l: F. Washington, R. Gilbert, R. Cunningham, W. Jackson, W. Bolton. Row 2: Mr. Thompson, L. Juniel, D. Little, J. Green, J. Kimble, R. Gast. Gross Gountrg When letters were awarded at the end of the i956 season, all seven emblem winners were expected to return and prospects for the following season seemed to be the best in many years. Only three of the seven lettermen returned. A dis- couraged and late start combined with illness produced a very average season. In the medium section of the state meet, North was seventh, the same place they finished the previous year. The "N" men are: Captain Reginald Gilbert, James Green, Donald Little, Leonard Juniel, Richard Cunningham, Jerrel Jones, Willie Bolton and Floyd Wash- ington. v if 52. is Y' ,. 3 , .wee 3 aBaxtX'NorthxEg21 ts So I1 06155 ut , 73-56 is Gm i ffy! First Pla fxhCa?"e WWA 5 5 Ou 1, LOS X 6 hqEiTiile Hc XN65 3 ' S! Om f-if 10,1 X395 :YW R fe lm-ds if No: ws , SQYXYKXEIXQ UQ? gain Pevils Rai 28 Poinls,O3iiurr:j 78 to 59 Q Noffb Q en 1, -- I IKUUTS Wauk ions Gr ev iizcvogggigpfor 09, 0 gqqvei 'O eshag as ,Q Jef is 59N0l'1:h vvmb 4' ,' ...Jw--Q... ' vi? ' 'Q 43 Q em, X Q Y ,QLQS , aw, K HM if Lf: r rv :zu ar if' ..AA. 51: A 5m X X ,sp A5 I --.,. p i ' Q Q M, buf 5, M Q 5159176 Tournament North, after an undefeated season which included eleven straight conference wins to clinch the city title for the first time in 23 years, entered the Regionals to the State Tournament. Custer, King, East, Washington, West Milwau- kee, and Wauwatosa blocked their way. Eliminations were played and North defeated King, East and Washington, to win its second straight Regional Championship. But the task ahead, the Sectionals, was much more difficult. Our Blue Devils proved equal to the challenge and soundly trounced Shorewood, and Wau- kesha,-we were once again, for the second straight year, "Madison Bound." This in itself was a record because it meant that North was the only city conference team to go to the State Tournament. ln Madison, amidst a tremendous setting, North defeated Black River Falls to enter the second round to play the defending champs, Shawano. Any vision of a third straight championship for Sha- wano were shattered in an overtime by our "Fighting Blue Devils", who came from six points behind with 2 minutes 30 seconds left to send the game into the overtime and a final result of victory. Hopes were high for a state championship, but those hopes were shattered as a "hot" shooting Madison East Team defeated North to win the State Championship and break North's 24 game winning streak. Although seven mem- bers of this team are leaving, hopes for next year are still high and a trip to Madison again is highly probable. "GOOD LUCK" Town Qual f I iid C' FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Row l: W. Lawrence, J. Coleman, Mr. Pelikan, J. Bledsoe, C. Smith, l. Hardy, C. Davis. Row Z: E. Jines, B. Pelry, G. Ware, E. Bradford, R. Braum, J. Hicks, J. Heinbuch, C. Johnson Row 3: R. Cunningham, F. Powell, G. Crawford, V. Stephens, R. Nichols, D. Weaver, I. Grant. Row 4: W. Tabol, G. Wells, W. Revmond, C. Grace, J. Lawrence, R. Nicholson, E. Coleman. WATCH THEM GO WHEN THEY GROW Gitg Gonferenoe This year our basketball team was composed of many of the boys who represented us so well last year in the city and state tournament. These boys, nine of whom were on the state tournament team, started off right where they left off last year by winning all of their non- conference games and then the long awaited City Conference race started. North was vic- torious in their first seven games. The night that North fans will long re- member is the night they gained an inside track to their first city title in twenty-three years. Their opponents were Washington, considered the best team in the city. Our team will long recall their 49-39 victory of that night. This victory so inspired the Blue Devils that they went on and clinched a clear cut title by thrash- ing Juneau 91-53. North set a number of records in their tremendous season. They set a new field goal record, a new record for total points, and scored the most points in one game for the '57-'58 season. Of course, the boys' great spirit kept them going, but we must pay tribute to a really great coach, Mr. Anderson, who was so ably assisted by Mr. Jafferis and Coach Pelikan. Leading scorers were Howard Fuller, Marvin Fuller, Eugene Hamilton and, James Kimble. The other members of our team who contribut- ed immensely to the Blue Devils' tremendous year were Dewitt Moore, Clyde Wells, Julius Wells, Walt Shelby, Gerald Kelly, James Miner Pickens Winters, William Brooks, Ron Ross, Ray Wilder, and Don Holz. Their record for conference and non-confer- ence games was an outstanding l5-O. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Row I: .l. Wells, J. Kimble, H. Fuller, Coach-V. Anderson. Row 2: G. Kelly, P. Winters, E. Hamilton, M. Fuller, J. Miner. Row 3: J. Hoskins -Assl. Mgr., W. Shelby, D. Holz, D. Moore, Wm. Brooks, C. Wells, H. Oden, Mgr 'Elma Uevil Glwmpionei Row I: T. Malone, Mr. Withers, F. Johnson. Row 2: E. Kelly, E. Kendrick, P. Hellwig, S. Vaughn, C. Rodgers, W. Brooker, R. Smith, T. Farrell, N, Robbins. Row 3: E. Moton, W. Malone, J. Morris, H. Thomas, J. Barian. Row 4: l. Ruth, C. Sprewer, W. Harris, R. Gensler, J. Curtis, M. Cornie 'W 6615 l i ng The second year of wrestling, North Divi- sion moved from lOth place to 6th place in city standings, having won 4, losing 4, and tying 2. We had two boys place in the all-city eliminations: Eddie Moton, placing 2nd and William Malone, placing 4th, We had two boys that also qualified in the state meet at Madison, they were Eddie Moton, who placed 4th, and lsiah Ruth, who was elimi- nated in the first round. This year we had a very young team. If the boys will keep up their grades, our wres- tling team will continue to improve. The captains this year were lsiah Ruth and Eddie Moton, two boys who did a tremendous iob of making our team a better one. Y. I Elfmh-Q. i- .f-ff!!! ' ..,'- if' 1- -"" -v .,--: - - . .'-' -1-.r':!ff ..-,-r..---' 0' , ,,. .9 - 1, ,--. J. I I. .nm ' ,,, -.- .J- , ,, . - . ' . ...'.'-1 fvf' ' .1 ,,, ., it Q, - 1 - - I 1 A-v -1 4' "' ' .1 rvdv 'iq-1 V, :':.-------JQ4-g,m,, J. ., .. If --,gf--wikiinwgw --I ea -.An '-q .------- up--4-ulfa,-4 Q Q4 I.. .r -----I-q--.-.,q,...-nw ,. ,Pl 'W - s ,g g 1,3 I S1 . SITTING IT OUT 'YL 'U' 'Q' ' 4" GET IT CLYDE! 6 .!""M nasal E 4.....,,.,..,. II II M5 .. - Ms , X bw STA? SHALL WE DANCE? Sl I ...K H The 1957 football team was held to a grand total of 51 points, but was fortunate enough to make 31 of these points in a single game, to beat a big and favored Pulaski team. North's homecoming game against Washington was, perhaps, the hardest fought and best played game of the season, although North was unable to put up a strong defense against Washington's passing offense. In the Pulaski game Don Neufuss was first to score on a 10 yard run. Then it was Milt Johnson, who added to North's score followed by Neufuss's pass to Al Taylor who crossed the goal line for North. Milt Johnson provided the biggest thrill of the night and the season, when he streaked from North's one yard line through 11 opposing players to add 6 points to North's rising score. Games were not the only things lost, for Carl Engelke retired from his coaching iob at the end of the season. We wish him the "Best of Luck", but above all, we wish our new coach, Ed Withers, the "Best of Luck." FRESHMEN-SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM Row 1: E. Harris, T. Malone, W. Lawrence, W. Bethea, S. Walker, C. Smith, W. Carter, W. Malone, I.. Hunter. Row 2: R. Peters, W. Bledsoe, T. Booker, R. Carpenter, H. Thomas, L. Daniels, J. Copeland, F. Powell, W. Sims, A. Schmidt. Row 3: R. Dale, K. Knutson, W. Dorm, R. Brown, E. Kelly, Mr. Martin, Mr. Marasch, B. Downey, Satterwhite, R. Nelson, P. Hellwig. 'llamsg Football 4 , ,. .Ev Row Row Row Row 1957 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD : C. Smith, J. Barian, A. Taylor, W. Harris, C. Johnson O Bennett J Hunter S Vaughn G Kincaid, D. Tillman, H. Oden. : J. Horton, J. Tunstill, C. Grace, E. Moton, D. Neufus R Schoennlng M Johnson A Jewell E. Hamilton, A. Williams, L. Williamson. : S. Harbert, O. Porter, E. Morris, N. Fritz, W. Tatum E Brooks D Mueller E Fayne Ju Wells R. Gensler, C. Davis, W. Guyton, Mr. Wither, Asst Coach : Mr. Engelke-Head Coach, J. Woode, E. Crockett D Hansbrough W Brooks C Sprewer G Wolfe, D. Moore, J. Wooder, O. Robinson, W Shelby C Holloway Mr Anderson Asst Coach, Mr. Marasch, Asst. Coach. North North North North North North North North GAMES West East Pulaski King Juneau Washington Bay View Custer IQ Lndividusll Honors New , yr' ,JV I I 1 va 4. ' Alla . ,. 4 V K in 'W HOWARD FULLER lst Team, All-City Basketball All Tournament Hon. Mention, All-State 52 i 5 JAMES KIMBLE All-City Journ. and Sent., 2nd Tm. State Tournament, lst Team All-State Assoc. Press, Ist Team EDDIE MOTON All-City Football, 3rd Team 2nd All-City Wrestling S t C DEWITT MOORE All Tournament af . Legg? I, ,V s - I Q V qv gs .. .i ,a2,,, av? .ab I 'U MARVIN FULLER lst Team, All-City Basketball 1' 2-J a s sne ' 1-if its if . 9' O ..-.15 DK- Q W Q Qi' s A ,s I A LLl ' ' ,,f,s ,lsl I Ftrs , ,.' . ff- sfe FYLQQ ,s,s I l na fe2 KENNETH TATUM Ist IBO yd. low hurdles 2nd l20 yd. high hurdles A . ' X 4' A .iw Wi! it , , Q , -:.. ' i X ' aiis -an gr 3 sm' as gf A i i ii zi'ii I W2 DONALD LITTLE 3rd All-City High Jump 3rd All-City 440 Yd. Dash All rn.. R Cn-nn Rl-'tn Vrl Relnv MILTON JOHNSON All-City Football snow? i K V lm 'M f ik 15, f me ,Q 55 .,, , Ni wmv, ,, . I WILLIAM MALONE 2nd All-City Wrestling 4th State Sec. Wrestling 1 1 "N" Gmb Row I: Wilder, D. Little, K. Tatum, C. Engelke, R. Ritter, E. Hamilton, J. Kimble. Row 2: Cunningham, J. Shoffner, A. Taylor, R. Gilbert, Moose, J. Hunter, K. Saxton Row 3: Oden, N. Zuehlke, J. Horton, R. Schoening, M. Fuller, P. Tipton, E. Moton, D Row 4: Winters, R. Endisch, C. Davis, R. Ross, H. Fuller, L. Williamson, E. Crockett, L Junuel D MacKou Mr. Engelke ll YI nm Sem- Officers second Sem, The N Club helps develop good athletes . . . . and fine gentlemen. The annual N Club Reginald Gilbert ............. President ...,... . .... ...James Kimble , . . . Award is presented to the outstanding young Howard Fuller ...... ....,, V ice Pres ...,. ..... P ickens Winters , , man in the club at the end of the year James Kimble. ,.... . ...... Secretary ,.,..... ,......... K en Tatum Pickens Winters. .,.... Treasurer ...,.,. ....., M arvin Fuller ATHLETIC COUNCIL Row l: Mr. V. Anderson, Mr. Ptak, Mr. Deon Keith, Mr. Oliver F. Wergin, Mr. A. K. Ristow Mr Pellkan Row 2: Mr. Withers, Mr. J, Jafferis, Mr. E. Thompson, Mr. H. Martin, Mr. Temby Mr Marasch J? U N: , 7 au, .-',, .J I 4 'L :- A ,fx -' .x' '- 2 L. f - ... 'fy -.' .V .,", .ws . ffl, ,-I . Q- nj, .44 r, . .Ch ,- 47 - ...l eq .. . .' 'J V .,, "t". .f b -1 . 1 A., .. ,V W, '. 1.- 21 A ' V, ' lg f U, xx F ' ' W ff 'N ' x 'V ,.,- ly' 'fi . x. Rr 'W My w.: Q I lv UMD 0, I. 44 f Junior- XT'5lue,Moon . H Wi. , 4 -x ' Q cg? , - l ,ks llmil Six ii 1 1 fi .-nu. 1 ,kg Et k k vague? 1. I.,-1 J NANCE N L Qui? of the Frying Q90 T ,ggi 3 Tl i di George Bodell ...... ........ Norman Reese, Mrs. Garnet .... Tony Dennison Muriel Foster... Kate Ault ...........,... ........ SENIOR DRAMATIC PRODUCTION Krug Hall November twenty second 1957 OUT OF THE FRYING PAN A comedy in three acts The Cast lin order of appearance! Donald MacKai .Richard Gibson .......Carol Simmons ,Ovid Thompson .......... Lahna Olson .........Pat Jones Marge Benson ....... ....,,.. S hirley Carter Dottie Coburn. Mrs. Coburn.. Mr. Kenny ...... Mac ............ Joe ................ ......Julie Johnson ...........Connie Mohns . ...... Ralph Cunningham Richard Beadoin ...........Clarence Johnson Senior Uramstio Qroduotiion- " is i at Fun Em Qword Hop ii? If K -JS- , h 1 8hri5'Um95 program 1 i 4 i 4 A B- 'K -X XY W-4 +1 -1 . ii' 4 'r www if f A . 4,. 5 a 1 I I gli, 'gi we Y I i 9 ' 1 I ' sf 1 Q 1' 1 ' Q s X ,, Ex Mm 09066 Ensemble Row 1: J. Fischer, G. Teat, E Heiden, I. Subleit, V. Scoil. Row 2: P. Ploeger, M. Mcloin B. Washington, B. Wright, J Johnson. Row 3: C. OH, J. Engler, K Gardner, K. Pierce, L. Guyion E. Rudolph. l l. Row I Row 2 Row 34 Row 4 Ghoir rohe,6'Ur,Q . x Q. .gn L.M .Wh Wilder, J. Jones, R. Gibson, F. Hardy, C. Junior. udd, V. Ghoston, I.. Lee, J. Fischer, M. Green, E. Holder, P. Kelln. Surrall, S. Brown, B. Kirchhoff, J. Beene, B. Byrom, G. Ponds, J. Hannah. Row Row Row Row lie, D. Tillman, P. Kinlow, Y, Kemp, L. Guyfon, B. Thomas, J. Gilles me P. Ploeger, E. Rudolph, D. Shapiro, G. Johnson, W. Shelby, N. Unmock, K. Pierce, M. Dukes, J. Q i F. Orlando Bracey, C. Par rg' r- s. ,. M . . Q, Q A .W -5 N - .. . vrffyff.-'AY-, 'Ur 1, E I'l'1 3 fo Q. .7.' 0 " 2 F' Q. O f- J 'v U 0 . J W E? C . A J' U II' - 2 2 N N '11 Q . 3 ': ff :I D. fb 1 -4 5 X ID 3 Q 1: . A xg --q T... X . U31 A 5581.1 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row COLOR GUARD Row 1: Sue Colvin, Les n Wcllmun. Row 2: Marilyn Schroeder Lchnc Olson. Row 3: Carol Fike, Row Row Row Row SENIOR BAND -l Hedgwood, R. Hobbs, R. Gilbert, l. Jackson, R. Reynolds, R. Barion, M. Byron, J. Roth. Sublett, l.. Swayne, L. Lee, C. Overlree, R. Starks, C. Harris, M. Hutchins, J. Williams, L. Thomas Gast, E. Martin, K. Hutchins, D. Weaver, C. Wells, B. Petry, K. Mitchell, C. Gilbert, J. Hicks Bradford, G. Ponds, W. Tabor, S. Colvin, M. Schroeder, C. Pike, L. Olson, L. Wallman. N U H 5 Senior 69nd MAJORETTES il s Irene Sublett ' Elizabeth Marlin .RK . f , t A f , 4 Q Row Row Row Row Row HALL CADETS -I D. Mackai, J. McClain, R. Thomas, E. Hamilton, D. Trythall, J. Bates, R. Washington M. Gaines, R. Cruff. 1 J. Peikarski, Y. Lucas, S. Jones, A. Green, S. Pittman, B. Berry, A. Mason, D. White, S Bennett, E. Adkins. : J. Thornton, C. Walters, V. Durbin, L. Duehring, R. Sloan, N. Washington, S. Colvin, J. Ukasick R. Long, J. Simms, M. Jones. 1 W. Hubbard, J. Schmidt, N. Manske, J. Gosh, B. Morris, S. Brown, B. Smith, D. Swanke B. Wolfe, A. Crockett, M. Stepke, B. Flower, R. Stahl. N. Fritz, J. Ponds, J. Hubbard, R. Donley, M. Johnson, D. Moore, R. Whiting, D. Jackson, I l. Ruth, W. Brazziel, J. Gillespie, R. Peterson, B. Ringgold. The purpose of our Hall Cadets is to see that the halls are kept quiet and free of waste paper, challenge students without passes, check lockers and to direct visitors to their respective destinations. Row Row Row Row Row R. M. F. L. J. L. C. C. D. HALL CADETS 1 2 Schaening, R. Gust, H. Fuller, O. Porter, L. Hunter, D. Little, K. Tatum, L. Miller, W. Struter. Owens, J. Purifoy, B. Brooks, P. Kelln, J. Schumann, V. Taylor, C. Pirtle, K. Hutchins Barrs, V. Scott. Bottes, L. Bradford, C. Lawerence, B. Strayhorn, C. Neustredter, D. Andrews, S. Juech Sherr, M. Simmons, C. Goodman, G. Johnson. Joy, R. Lagoa, C. Stower, C. Jefferson, P. Post, A. Rucinski, H. Eismann, L. Wallermann Esler, R. Fischer, Z. Bishop. Sprewer, R. Gensler, D. Bottesi, J. Crisp, J. Benson, S. Halbert, R. Thomas, R. Jenkins King, J. Thompson, S. Pegues, F. Kirksey. Cadets 6 HALL CADETS - 2 Willis, E. Hampton Childs, B. Hobbs, Williams, P. Jones, Smith, B. Strayhon B. Patterson. Morris, A. Rucinski Durbin. Thomas, S. Brown Warren D MacKai, M. Roberts, Post R LaGoo, K. Jewell. ow 5 Smith, D. Neutuss, VanBismuth, J. Hoskins, O. Thomp son W Brazziel, R. Stahl, F 147-1 i HALL CADETS-l Row l: K. Creuzer, J. Gillespie, Beamon, E. Hardy, C. Brooks, H Clark, J. Curtis, W. Berry. Row 2: C. Osler, V. Henderson, Olson, J. Horton, J. Smith, R. Ros J. Hubbard, R. Washington, G Smith. Row 3: J. Mason, B. Ringgold, Mack, M. lzard, B. Kennedy, Johns, E. Bielinski, H. Eismonn, B Thompson. Row 4: E. Hamilton, R. Orange, J Kimble, M. Fuller, I. Ruth, C. Davi S. Walker, D. Bottesi, R. Crutf S. Halbert. Row 5: A. Levy, N. Fritz, M. John son, R. Gibson, D. Mueller, E Fayne, R. Wilder, F. Hardy, D MacKai, R. Gray. HALL CADETS - 3 Row l: S. Ashford, J. Ray, D. Hott man, B. Morris, F. Higgins, M Mitchell, B. Dunlap, G. Johnson. Row 2: S. Kyler, J. Bunk, M. Simms T. Bond, J. Jacobs, G. Martin, E Adkins, N. Robbins. Row 3: A. Green, M. Jones, B Stevens, L. Bell, S. Juech, B. Brooks V. Taylor, S. Pittman. Row 4: F. Partee, Y. Lucas, L. Hicks l. Sublett, S. Hutchins, K. Whitney W. Hudson, R. Cannon, K. Hutchins Row 5: J. Simms, G. Watkins, B Smith, C. Carroll, R. Brown, A Crockett, E. Wentz, L. Claypool. J Ac 'Work and .915 Q99 it ,gb J? , K ary' Bi XM f 2? . ' 0 ,S Q i A . . Row I: M. Wilke, A. Listau, C. Pogel. Row 2: T. Tee, R. Finley, R. Taylor, J. Moyer. Row 3: S. Hudson, E. Walls, R. Laird, P. Hellwig, W. Dorn. A. V. A. CADETS Mr. Hall Adolph Listau. ,.... ............................. S tudent Director Charles Pagel ....... ....... A sst. Student Director Martin Wilke ...... ........... A sst. Student Director and Scheduling Director The A. V. A. Cadets give up their study halls to teach other boys how to operate the A. V. A. equipment. They preview any material before it is shown or heard in the classroom and take care of the equipment. A. V. A. OPERATORS A. V. A. OPERATORS Mr. Hall The A. V. A. Operators give up many of their free periods to show films and filmstrips, and play records and tape recordings to dif- ferent classrooms. These boys also show the feature films in the auditorium during 4th and 5th hours. Row l- D. Holz, D. Buchholz, W. Matson, Mr. Hall, W. Lawrence, G. Rose, W. Tabor, M. Wilke. Row 2- J. Baier, R. Laird, R. Whiting, J. Futterer, T. Davis, J. Barion, H. Polk, R. Williams, i E. Juno, R. Barian. Row 3- J. Coleman, B. Thomas, R. Taylor, I. Grant, R. Nichols, W. Dorn, P. Hellwig, L. Johnson, E. Kelly, B. Downey, M. Opalewski. Row 4- M. Rosenstein, C. Gilbert, A. Mosby, J. Roth, H. Johnson, R. Finley, O. Bland, h W. Berry, J. Moyer, C. Pagel, R. Jones. Row 5: A. Nut, E, Walls, N. Zuehlke, C. Davis, O. Ball, W. Zahn, T. Vogel, A. Listau, S. Hudson, A. Mouse, W. Williams. oft Row I: Mr. A. Hettwer, A. Stewart, H. Gutter, D. Jackson, K. Joy. Row 2: J. Bunk, G. Zahn, M. Whipple, D. Hoffman, F. Bronson. LATIN CLUB P. A. TECHNICIANS and STAGE CREW Mr. Hettwer First Sem. Officers Second Sem. Jean Bunk., .... ...... P resident. .... .,...,......... J ean Bunk Fay Lindert ........ ..,.., V ice Pres .,...., .,.... D arlene Hoffman Annie Stewart ...... . ..... Secretary ..,.,. ,.......... A nnie Stewart Mable Whipple ,...,., ..., Treasurer ,.... ....... M able Whipple The Latin Club fosters an interest in things Roman with special emphasis on Roman in- heritance in many fields. The Latin Club again, this year, sponsored a booth at the Fun Fair and helped with Homecoming decorations. Mr. Harper Roger Laird Richard Sessner Jim Staffaroni Clifton Day Tommy Hobson Without the P. A. Technicians, our auditori- um programs and the use ofthe public address system by our various organizations would be impossible. Little do we realize the great service these boys offer to their school. Row I: C. Day, Mr. Harper, T. Atwell, J. Staffaroni, G. Krueger. Row 2: R. Laird, T. Hobson, R. Sessner, J. Scheidt, B. Baller, W. Schiessl. Row l: Mr. A. Hida, R. Ritter D. Mackai, J. Brown, K. Joy C. Fike. Row 2: E. Johnson, F. Barrs, S Bennett, M. Linsy, B. Berry, J Bunk, E. Adkins. Row 3: S. Kilwinger, L. Clay pool, G, Zahn, D. Greer, G Pirtle, H. Jensen, C. Talley J. Bunk. Row 4: W. Fields, D. Andrews F. Rodgers, M. Whipple, S Colvin, A. Stewert, P. Givens H. Bell. Row 5: G. Crawford, H. Gutter M. Green, R. Whitaker, C Simpson, G. Juniel, A. Daugh- erty, L. Staples. BIOLOGY CLUB SPANISH CLUB First Sem. Sue Colvin.. ... Delores Andrews Jean Bunk . , ., Mr. Hida Mr. Tracy Officers Second Sem. Presideny --.-,-l,Vvv,- -4v.AAA..- nulvth- J 5 m Kimble Pres .,... ,.,. . .,..., S ue Colvin Vice President ........ ..,,..,,.. L ance Bottesi ,Vice Pres .,.. .. ...Delores Andrews Secretary .......,,.....,... .......... C athy Anderson Treo, .4v.-.- ,,-,.,.,,, J eqn Bunk Assistant Secretary .... ........ J ohnnie Mae Smith Shirley Kilwingef Treasurer ,.,.,. ...........,.. . . ...,,........ Tommie Reed Shirley Kilwinger, .....,. Sect'y.. The Biology Club encourages the study of and the practice of scientific attitudes and meth- ods, provides vocational guidance, and views science at work. They visited the Filtration Plant, had a booth at the Fun Fair, and have many other events planned. The Spanish Club tries to promote a better understanding of the people of Spanish speak- ing countries by studying their customs, culture, and language. SPANISH Row 1: Mr. Tracy, W. Lawrence, J. Lawrence, J. Kimble, J. Miner, W. Thompson, R. Washington. Row 2: L. Whartom, P. Wil- liams, C. Wentz, S. Temple, K. Harrington, B. Edwards, E. Shelton, Kelly. Row 3: L. Grimes, T. Reed, B. Webster, J. Beene, B. Day, M. Tiedt, G. Cannon, C. Anderson. Row 4: R. Taylor, L. Palmer, I. Johns, S. Hartman, B. Hender- son, E. Glenn, R. Warren, L. Bottesi. Row 5: D. Bottesi, W. Powe, J. Shoffner, L. Tillman, C. Staples, S. Reandolphe, C. Burns. Row Row Row Row Row l : 2: 3. 4. 5 1 Row Row Row Row Row F.T.A.-3 C. Simmons, P, Williams, G. Kincod, T. Woods, W. Berry, J. Bates, E. Owens, C. Wells. G. Collins, J. Fischer, V. Taylor, M. Wyatt, M. Linsy, P. Kelln, D. Shapiro, V. Scott, M. Hutchins G Marin W. Qualls, H. Bell, S. Adkins, M. Hobbs, M. Coleman, M. Green, J. Ukasick, K. Bell, G. Pirtle H. Gutter, M. Dukes, S. Wilson, l. Williamson, A. Stewart, S. LaVora, G. Zahn, C. Esler, M. Jewe. Hicks L Wallm M. Gaines, O. Bland, M. Burrage, J. Schmidt, P. Ploeger, S. Ashford, D. Andrews, C. Neustedter, V Henderson A Rhodes The Future Teachers' Club interests some of North's outstanding young people in the great profession of teaching by acquainting them with the requirements, ideals, and opportunities of teaching as a career. Some of the outstandinq programs have been a talk by a member of the Milwaukee School Board, a panel of foreign exchange students, and an autumn party. F.T.A.-4 Kohl, R. Ritter, J. Kimble, E. Walls, W. Bolton, F. Scoggins, C. Fike. ey, Y. Lucas, L. Smith, F. Barrs, S. Bennett, T. Bond, P. Johnson, J. Joy, . Bashaw, R. Sloan, C. Moutry, J. Simms, B. Morris, E. Johnson, J. Schwenk, J. Scherr. C. Hanford, J. Perkins, D. Wyatt, S. Kilwinger, J. Johnson, B. Washington, B. Wright, J. Hein uci S Co vii H. Eismann, H. Johnson, D. Jones, W. Brazziel, C. Osler, l. Johns, E. Shaw, S. LaVora, C Simps P Jones 9' i as W my . ,, 4 is Z 5 , - -.. S:, i Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Y sfq : P. Kelln, J. Schwenk, J. Garland, L. Smith, E. Gregg, C. Scott, T. Bond, l. Gonzallz, B. Fechner : G. Pirtle, A. Craig, G. Nevels, C. Lawrence, K. Bell, B. Morris, G, Collins, Y. Lucas, W. Qua 1 S. Ashford, P, Jones, A. Stewart, C. Hanford, P. Hamilton, J. Beene, I. Williamson, S. Weaver M Ho s 1 B. Winterwhite, H. Johanson 1 R. Beaudoin, J. Shoffner, J J. Schmidt, E. Ridolph. First Sem. Dena Shapiro.. ,. , ,.,.. President. . ,,. Edmund Walls Wilma Qualls Lois Kohl ,, . ,.,. Vice President... .. , D. Jones, E. Hardy, R. Fischer, M. Roberts, D. Crisp, C. Esler, S LaVora Hentrel B . Kimble, C. Fike, J. Eismann, O. Thompson, A. Levy, W. Bolton S Car r C Mohns Second Sem. .Dena Shapiro .Edmund Walls .Wilma Qualls ... Lois Kohl : E. Johnson, C. Talley, J. Fischer, M. Green, J. Ukasick, J. Joy, D. Shapiro, B. Holferl, G. Marlin , M, Bashaw, L. Johl, M. Dukes, J. Perkins, B. Wright, V. Ghoston, S. Kilwinger, J. Johnson, J. Grace 1 D. Andrews, A. Paikerinsike, K. Felderinsiieke, E. Shaw, C. Henderson, G. World, J. Rulh, F P r Ma 1 H, Eiesrnann, l. Johns, S. Pegues, C. Simpson, P, Boulware, W. Neddle, W. Brazziel, L, Wallmann, P Ploeger C Neustedter 1 R. Ritter, C. Wells, E. Walls, P. Williams, D. Neufuss, C. Simmons, G. Kincaid, R. Ross, H. Gutter E Crockett T Woo s we A 'A - 'Pl sv Y 1 Row lz C. Conner, J. Shelton, S, Brown, Mrs. S. Thomas, E. Riley, L. Sydllo, B. Smith. Row 2: C. Handford, M. Dukes, C. Rodtke, V. Cross, R. Haskins, G. Simmons, M. Linsy, M. Simms. Row 3: C. Jakobsons, S. Zingler, G. Bowen, M, Nation, C. Simpson, W. Wolfe, L. McClain, S. Weaver. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB President.. Vice President... . Secretary ......,. Treasurer .,..... Bus. Secretory... .. Bus. Manager. Mrs. Thomas ., Elizabeth Riley ,. . ,Sandra Brown .. Jeonette Shelton . , Bonnie Smith . Lavone Sydlo . Carol Conner The Home Economics Club promotes and participates in the activities of North Division. They participated in the Fun Fair and presented a Fashion Show. STUDENT GYM TEACHERS Row l: W. Qualls, E, Heiden, I. Subletl. Row 2: J. Collins, M, Hobbs, F. Higgins, K. Nusberger, A. Craig. 59 Row Row Row Row Row Row l: D. Donley, R. Broadie, M. Johnson, Mrs. Yennie, C. Goodman, L. Bell, J. Fowlkes. Row 2: L. Williamson, D. Rob- ertson, M. Tyler, J. Childs, K. Kelly, K. Miller, J. Jones. O. Row 4: N. Polm, O. McDowell, D. Jackson, L. Jones, B. Mosby, R. Sutton, A. Donley, C. Thompson. Row 5: B. Coleman, E. Harwell, E. Tyler, C. Brumfield, B. Smith, N. Childs, R. Halifield, B. Slewart, C. Roby. 58 Row 3: D. Thomas, V. Smith, Z. Brooks, E. Violet, C. Green, Cubie, J. Jones, D. Kelln. Henderson, J. Cocklield, M. Reasby, V. Ellis, N. Childs, J. Johnson, F. Oliver, B. Stevens, B. Morris. Adkins, G. Martin, J. McClain, P. Johnson, M. Hutchins, B. Edwards, M. Eulane, Nusberger, E. Tyler, M. Simms, M. Linsy. Taylor, E. Riley, M. Wyatt, D. Shapiro, Y. Lucas, S. Bennett, S. Katulis, F. Barrs, Hutchins, G. Collins, R. Hoskins. Simmons, H. Oliver, M. Foti, C. Wentz, B. Berry, C, Pirlle, C. Talley, l. Sublett, Miller, R. Cannon, F. Warthen. Dickinson, B. Sanders, P. Williams, C. Anderson, K. Bell, L. Smith, M. Green, A. Mason, S. Kyler, J. Zingale, G. Koester, L. Deggins. Girls' Club ELEMENTARY GIRLS' CLUB new r, 5, Shields, D. Pugh, r Woods, J. Thompson, L lrllmun M. Fields, B. semyrrorrr, D. ron.-s M. Nation, D, King, P, Jones Row 2: E. Rudolph, P. Plocrrc-r, K Grasserr, J Berkcr, N Mrrrrskr- S, Surrntt, K. Gardner, H. Frsrnann F. Bielinske, B. Sshcieren, G. Zindler. Rowfl J. Lee, M Johnson, C Goodman, B Thompson, W. Roth S Peques, M Grr-an, C, Simpson H Johnson, G. Bowan, J Errqlur K Pierce, J. Schmidt, P. Rhatun Row A- C. Orr, M. Treat, E wr-nrr L. Wizdwarrt, J. Oi-lrler, L Guyrarr J. Thorton, M. Gnrnr-s, C Hrrrrrs F Scoqqins, M, Phillips, C- Bell C. Johnson Row 5 A. Urwrfrrr-, H mir.-r, J Unrnack, A MrCorn-r, E Britton E. Corkticld, C. O Connor, W Fields, E Glenn, F Williams, R Glenn, K, Jackson, B Ouli-y, f Hayes, C. Brown. Brown, F. Kirksey, B. Morris, C. Young, P. Post, S. Zingler, M, Karnenick, R. Fields, T. Bond, B. Freeman. Row lf E. Row 2. G. P Row 3: D Rh Row 4: M f L irtle, E. Boone, E. Smith, S. Allen, V. Durbin, B. Fechner, J, Schen, A Stewart, M, Hobbs. Cleveland, J. Henderson, B. Washington, B. Reed, B, Wright, A. Craig, V. Roberson, B. Pugh, A. odes, H. Bell, S. Cannon. Simmons, C. Lawrence, W. Qualls, P, Jones, S. Wilson, M. Reed, J Shelton, M. Boll, M. Srepke, G Taylor, S. Jones. Row 5- B. Grier, B. Dennedy, R. Warren, D. Smallwood, D. Andrews, C. Handtord, M. Dukes, J Miner, E. Shaw, L. Palmer, S. Hcrrtmen, K. Shi GIRLS' CLUB Row lr D. Wyatt, l. Williamson, S. 'Necver, C, Wright, M. Shaw, B. Stewart, E. Witherspoon, M. Weiermann, L. Swayne. Row 2: S. Adkins, L. Wharton, M. Jones, C. Brown, S. Juech, H. Jen- sen, P. Kelly, J. Schumann, C. Gosetti, P. Kienast. Row 3: G. Johnson, J. Whitmore, P Givens, B. Slrayhon, S. Joniel, C Osler, A. Daugherty, D, Henderson M. Jewell, C. Moutry, J. Simms Row 4: G. Zahn, S. LaVora, K Parker, J. Jordan, B. Webster, B Day, B. Jeter, J. Smith, G. New som, B. Chapman, F. Greer. Row 5: L. Wallmann, S. Colvin, J Johnson, J. Schwenk, M. Bledsoe, P Hamilton, J. Hannah, Z. Bishop, V Sykes, E. Sutherland, C. Radtke, C Esler. 57 Row 1: P. Kelln, S. Carter, C Mohns, E. Rudolph. Row 2: Miss H. luker, Mrs. H Boumgartner, J. Bryant, Mrs M. Polomis. OFFICERS and ADVISERS Semester 1 GIRLS' CLUB First Sem. Juanita Bryant ........ .... Erika Rudolph Connie Mohns Shirley Carter ow l: Mrs. M. Polomis, Miss M. Myers, V. Scott, C. Mohns, Mrs. H. Baumgartner, Miss H. Luker. ow 2: S. Kilwinger, P. liams, S. Brown. 56 Miss l.uker Officers ,.,President... .V. President. ...Rec. Sec..,, ,..Treusurer. Corr. Sec... Second Sem. Connie Mohns Veronica Scott Shirley Kilwinger Patricia Williams ....... Sandra Brown GMS' Glub The Girls' Club promotes friendship and good-will among our girls through parties and programs. Some of its events were a Get Acquainted Party, the Officers' Play, a booth at the Fun Fair, and Senior Farewell. Wil- OFFICERS and ADVISERS Semester 2 First Sem. John Etta Miner Constance Pirtle Marilyn Roberts Judy Fisher .... , Mrs. Weltmer Officers President .......,..,. V. President ........ Secretary .,... .. BOOK KEYS Second Sem. John Etta Miner Constance Pirtle Mary Green Treasurer ....., .. .. . Robert Widish The Book Keys combine the library with other school activities and have fun doing it. They participated in Student Library Associa- tion of Milwaukee, attended a Book Fair in Chicago, Homecoming Decorations, and had two booths at the Fun Fair. First Sem. Dena Shapiro Claire Young ..., Carol Ott .,....., , Jeanette Zingale Row l: C. Wells, R. Widish, H. Johnson, L. Guyton. Row 2: J. Joy, C. Pirtle, J. Green, S. Pilarski, M. Green, l. Smith. Row 3: C. O'Connor, J. Miner, J. Taylor, S. Kilwinger, J. Johnson, K. Bell, G. Pirtle. Mr. Orlando Olticers . President ,.V. President. , Secretary ..... Treasurer. Second Sem. Dena Shapiro . Claire Young Carol Ott Jeanette Zingale The Fine Arts Club promotes musical ac- tivities and participates in many musical activities throughout the year. Their music was enioyed at the Spring Festival, Senior Class Play, Ap- preciation Concert, and Graduation. They also sponsored a booth at the Fun Fair. Row la Mr. Orlando, D. Sha piro, C. Pirtle, A. Jordan, H Thompson, C. Tolley. Row 2: J. Bracey, M. Dukes, Gordon, C. Young, F. Johnson, L. Matson. Row 3: G. Johnson, G. Hollins, D. Smallwood, P. Hamilton L. Guyton, P. Ploeger, C Gordon. Row 4: E. Rudolph, K. Pierce M. Junior, L. Trulson, N. Un mack, D. Little, W. Shelby 1 FINE ARTS CLUB 55 . . 1 u as TELEPHONE OPERATORS Row I: B. Flower, B. Kohler, B Woelky, J. Bunk, J. Miller, V Wrigley, P. Lewis. Row 2: G. Zahn, F. linderl, K Bell, S. Juech, J. Fischer, H Jensen, A. Troitor. Row 3: I.. Sydlo, l. Todd, J Knopf, G. Smith, D. Reep, M Bofinger, J. Perkins, M. Dukes Row 4: C. Fike, J. Engler, K Gardner, J. Schmidl, L. Wall- mann, C. Neusledter, H. Bell D. Pugh, M. Green. Row I: L. Kohl, H. Bell, K. Bell B. Clonin, J. Schumann. Row 2: D. Pugh, C. Simmons J. Brown, L. Sydlo, J. Gosh OFFICE MONITORS fi MONITORS Row I: S. Davis, G. Pirlle, J. Johnson, J. Fischer, M. Green D. Mclaughlin, T. Prosfek, J. Green, J. Joy. Row 2: A. Olson, S. Kilwinger, P. Givens, E. Newsom, G Swoyne, M. Dukes, F. Porlee B. Woelky, K. Bourn, V. Scoll. f Row 3: B. Schaefer, J. Taylor S. Colvin, J. Harrell, J. Miner F. Rodgers, M. Whipple, M Burrdge, V. Orlik, J. Rades. 1 1 Row 4: J. Boone, P. Williams M. Mclin, H. lnod, N. Manske C. Esler, A. Doll, A. Frog, L. Sydlo, A. Warfield. I Row 5: C. Wells, J. Brown, C Simmons, C. Fike, J. Engler K. Gardner, F. Scoggins, S, Corler, l. Guylon, R. Widish Row l: L. Olson, L. Wallmann, Miss. Heiden, M. Schroeder, C. Fike, P. Williams. Row 2: K. Parker, S. Juech, J Schumann, D. Shapiro, P. Kel- In, J. Ukasick, V. Scott. Row 3: E. Rudolph, K. Pierce, J. Engler, S. Colvin, J. Prodzin- ski, J. Johnson. Row 4: C. Mohns, J. Schmidt, B. Schaeren, D, Reep, C. Esler, S. LaVora. First Sem. Sarah LaVora... Barbara Shceren... .. Connie Mohns... Korlene Parker.. Diana Reep... .. P 5 f Q, W C W 1 ,I fi- . - ik Ii J nr 0 -.,. A A Y L -M . r e Miss Heiden Officers .-.Co-Chair... ..-Co-Chair..... ,. ...... Sec.... Treas..... .. .....Recorder... Second Sem. ..-Veronica Scott ....,.......Susan Colvin .....Leslyn Wallmann .......Joanne Engler ..-Connie Esler BIG SISTERS The Big Sisters are, as their name implies, to aid the freshmen and new students to North, scholastically and socially. They also decorated for the Snowball Dance, participated in the ceremonies of the Homecoming Dance and the Prom, and had a booth at the Fun Fair. F . J' .1 7 1261? if-V STUDENT OFFICE SECRETARIES Ol' F W in, A. Olson, Mr. G. Karlson, S. Carter. Row I: G. Swoyne, Mr. Gee, P. Givens, Mr. :ver . erg Row 2: J. Thurmer, H. Jensen, B. Woelky, T. Prostek, J. Miller, P. Lewis, J. Fischer. Row 3: M. Schroeder, M. Green, J. Engler, J. Becker, C. Esler, S. LaVora, S. Colvin. BOOSTER BOYS Row 'l: Mr. J. Jafferis, H. Ful Schultz. Endisch, R. Ross, D. MacKai 9' N A. Taylor. '24 . :tll llilts - Ev. BOOSTER BOYS BOOSTER GIRLS Row l: C. Simmons, l.. Olson Mrs. E. Freitag, J. Schmidt, K. Gardner. Row 2: J. Ukasick, J. Schu mann, D. Shapiro, D. Melser, V. Scott. Row 3: K, Feld, P. Jones, A Paik, D, Andrews, C. Neusted ter, S. Colvin. + we Mr. Jofferis First Sem. Officers Second Sem. Howard Fuller ...... ,,.,.,.,. P res ...,... ...., R obert Ritter Donald Neufuss ........,..... Vice Pres ..,... ...... T om Filiput Ronald Endisch ......, ....,. S ec ,....... ....., R oland Gast John Barian ..,.......... ...,..... T reas ....,....,.,..,..... Edmond Walls The Booster Boys instill school spirit by promoting and supporting school activities. They took part in the Variety Show, sponsored a Fun Fair Booth and advertised school events. 52 2 1 f og, Mrs. Freitag First Sem, Officers Second Sem. Caryl Neustedter ...... ..,..... P res .,...... ....... C aryl Neustedter Lahna Olson ....... . ...... Vice Pres ....... ...,.. V eronica Scott Jean Schumann ..... ........ S ec ...... .. , ..... Janet Schmidt Donna Melzer .................... Treas .,.. ...,........ J oanne Ukasick The Booster Girls instill and increase school spirit by promoting and supporting school oc- tivities. Some of their many services were: sponsored pep rallies, assisted at the Home- coming events, advertised school events, ushered ot school activities, conducted o Fun Fair booth, and took part in the Variety Show. ler, R. Gast, R. Ritter, C Row 2: E. Walls, D. Neufuss L. Bottesi, J. Barion, T, Filiput Row 3: C. Wells, L. Jay, R ?""'f STUDENT COUNCIL Row Row Row Row Row . R. Gust, R. Ritter, Mr. Brooks, H. Fuller, V. Scott, D. MacKau, Mr. Trythall, F. Hardy, L. Jay. , J. Heinbuch, J. Joy, J. Ukasick, P. Kelln, D. Shapiro, C. Pirtle, J. Moutry, K. Hutchins, S. Bennett, M. Linsy, P. Lewis, J, Jordon, G. Cannon, L. Hicks, D. Savage, S. LoVora, M. Bashaw, S, Juech, G. Pirtle, C. Brown, J. Johnson, C. Talley, B. Morris, H. Thomp- son. I Williamson, M, Dukes, W. Qualls, S. Juniel, J. Smith, J. Simms, D. Andrews, C. Neustedter, L, Wallmann, L. Kohl, S. Colvin, T. Reed, B. Webster. , E. Hamilton, J. Kimble, T. Laird, E. Walls, P. Williams, L. Carter, C. Fike, C. Mohns, B. Thomas, T. Farrell, O. Bland, E. Shaw. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY '23 'Ca . 'T 'F Q- 2 M.. L. I I KM, aft, W' -N4 ef ' 'M v""n 15" . s.,,,.. ' ' ' W, . 2 S ss- f f - Q4 . - M .. - 1 I C? Row I: Mr. James Jafferis, Pat Williams, Lahna Olson, Barbara Schaeren, Tom Filipul. Row 2: Dena Shapiro, Sarah LaVora, Connie Esler, Diana Reep, Julie Johnson, Connie Pirtle. 5 I STUDENT COUNCIL Row Row Row Row Row 50 Mr. Trythall, K. Starks, I Williamson, H. Fuller, Mr. Brooks, D. Buchholz, P. Williams, E. Walls, R. Ross. V Gh aston, Y. Lucas, G. Pirtle, C. Talley, K. Hutchins, S. Bennett, V. Scott, R. Prodzinski, M. Hutchins. Shapiro, T. Reed, J. Smith, J. Simms, J. Thurmer, P. Kelln, B. Morris, L. Patterson, H. Oliver, M. Coleman. Filiput, C. Hamilton, L. Wallmann, D. Andrews, W. Qualls, A. Stweart, C. Brokenshaw, S. Juniel, D. Henderson. . Ware, C. Wardlaw, D. Neufuss, L. Olson, D. MacKai, T. Laird, W. Williams, G. Kincaidi, E. Nash, F, Powell, P. Hicks STUDENT COUNCIL Mr. Trythall First Sem. Howard Fuller ....... Kenneth Starks.. Constance Pirtle ...... Inez Williamson Officers .....President...... ,.......Vice Pres.... .....Secretary...... Second Sem. ,......,.Howard Fuller Donald J. MacKai ...........Lahna Olson Treasurer ...... . ....... ...... ...... ....... V e r onica Scott The Student Council provides the students of North with an opportunity for leadership and service to the school. A few of its activities were the Record Hop, Spring Dance, Dress-up Days, the Fun Fair, Noon day movies, Directional signs on the stairs, and charge of Hall Cadets. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Mr. Jofferis The greatest honor that can be bestowed upon a graduating senior is to be chosen a member of the National Honor Society. The requirements needed to be selected are high scholarship, excellent leadership, and good character. Q. f ,.:. wg H " ' , 4-if Q- ' ,, 'fig F . t ,IF2 wif - B ,J-gf' . f 1. aff lg wkfgw -Q-' ,st , 7 ,I,x. va ,' 4. 9 ,, ,'. '.-,s - 'J 91 ' ...l mln., .ln ,lg . 1 M' ,I , .I 1 x . 9 sr 'X I . 1 n I Raw ts, gi 3-f x 2 ly' .f 'K . rv' rf 1 X 3 ,eff it . , , 9' Q . M,.f"' +' " ,M 'Q R X XJ' 6 YQ Q f' ' 4 'pp ,Fw 1. Qu M f M W , it Q ,. Q x V, ' Nei ' 4 , Y Q ,ff - 1 LMWQQ Y:52,gQ5q.J?- Q' g' Q5 ' f X! 18 Elementary Graduates Q: ,Y .V HOMEROOM O10 Row T: C. Clayton, R. D. Town sell, S. Wilson, Mr. Meyer B. Franks, B. Stewart, S, Mc Intosh. Row 2: O, Cubie, A. McEIwee B. Laster, R. Jacobs, V. Ellis L. Duehring, J. Johnson, Row 3: D, Savage, N. Hampton B. Calvert, R. Wright, D, Pat- terson, C. Hammond, P. Byrd HOMEROOM O4 Row 1: G. Thomas, J. Tatum H. Orr, E. Coleman, D. Don- Iey, H. Bentz. Row 2: M. Johnson, G. Taylor E. Kemp, C. Goodman, D Clifton, R. Reufenstuhl, H Wright. Row 3: M. Marion, B. Smith N. Childs, L. Redmond, R Herron, Z. Brooks. HOMEROOM 110 Row I: Mrs. Yennie, M. Bor- som, R. Broadie, A. Johns Row 2: R. Halifield, E. Harwell D. Hutchins, C. Green, J Carter. Row 3: B. Coleman, T. Thompe son, L. Bell, N. Palm, O. Mc- Dowell. HOMEROOM lO4 Row l: H. Long, J. Griffin, R Long, Mr. Marlin, C. McDon ald, E, Webster, O. Parker. Row 2: G. Show, A. Benson M. Tyler, C. Mathews, L Davis, T. Hampton, E. Hud nell. Row 3: L. Baldwin, J. Wash ington, S. Carr, S, Newen feld, D. Kelln, D. Dielen, Y Little, R. Sutton. Row 4: A, Dismuke, C. Thomp son, A. Donley, Y. Grans- berry, C. Bradley, H. Brad: ford, N. Harwell, B. Carter HOMEROOM O9 Row l: V. Willie, D. Schultz, Mr. Williams, J. Lee, J. Bea- lin, S. Von Steele. Row 2: J. Greer, R, Par ' vi, W. Elwee, C, Carter, M. Geihan, M. Cockroft. Row 3: M. King, B. Cannon, D. Boll, R. Burgess, R. Wallin, B. Bell. Row 4: C. Bensin, J. Schuenke, R. Berry, M. Hudnell, C. Bra- den, P. Franks, J. Love. WU HOMEROOM llO Row l: Mrs. Yennie, P. Tatum W. Toliver. Row 2: K. Erun, K. Turner, E Reynolds, E, Tabor, B. Cole HIGH. Row 3: J. Peller, J. Taylor, A Hansen, W. Williams, W. Ed wards, J. Potnom, L. Jones D. Johnson. Row 4: E. Hughes, R. Jenkins E. Terry, D. Hoskins, W. Gib son, R. Pirtle, W. Kinnie. HOMEROOM OlO Row l: Mr. Meyer, C. Pape, Lt Smith, P. Yancey, B. Guylon M. White. Row 2: A. Myartt, L. Williams M. Williams, T. Hampton, N Mathis, B. Lowe, R. Grace Raw 3: T. Martin, J, Tubbs, R. Coralline, C. Daniel, J. Nor- ton, H. Shephard, H. L. Row 4: D. Cottrell, G. Sutton, B. Carr, G, Brown, S. Wil- liams, D. Jackson, N. Har- well. rl f agus HOMEROOM T13 Row l: M. Hutchins, M. Car son, J. Nash, Mr. Kausch, O Kennedy, P. Curtis, J Fowlkes. Row 2: T. Hutchins, H. Cole man, J. Jones, B. Byrd, M Shumpert, L. Williamson. Row 3: J. Childs, C. Morgan V. Smith, D. Robertson, C Austin, R. Clifton, K. Kelly Row 4: R. Nolan, E. Baldwin C. Hall, C. Williams, J. Jones, B. Mosby, S. Epps D. Thomas. HOMEROOM 04 Row T: O. Tatum, W. Luckett R. Williams, C. Plautz, R Wells, D. Williams. Row 2: C. Anderson, G. Mills R. Steward, J. Helgemoe, G Nusberger, T. Datz, B. Beil- schmidt. Row 3: J. Spells, M. McGowan R. Jackson, J. Allen, E. Butts C. Show, M. Sara. Row 4: D. Scoggins, M. Bell S. Williams, L. Stowers, L Glover, E. Franks, B. Fisher. 46 HOMEROOM 106 Row l: Mr. Kucera, D. Gray, R Ingram, H. Renlro, S. Chap man, C. Satterfield, D. Brown. Row 2: B. Davis, W. Owen R. Nash, J. Tinsley, R. Short- er, J. Nash, T. Morisse. Row 3: B. Campbell, J. Joplin H. Gilmore, J. Miles, P Jones, C. Thompson, J. AI ston, A. Duehring. Row 4: W. Hampton, H Thompson, S. Walker, A Hicks, G. Schwartz, R. White G. Simms, R. Goodman. HOMEROOM O8 Row I: Mr. Hepner, C. Wash- ington, R. Klamon, J. Apple- white, C. Westmoreland. Row 2: L. Williams, M, Rich- ardson, C. Shields, J. King J. Cottrell, K. Schwendler, Si Walters. Row 3: A, Hardy, B. Horne, R. Barth, H. Bobby, J. Mary, E. Pinkney, L. McClain. Row 4: J. Williams, W. Mc- Gowan, N. Hoskin, G. Had- ley, L. Love, B. Ricks, J. Neal. xml 4-ff HOMEROOM 105 Row l: Mr. Temby, E. Meeran S. Jones, C. Hammond, D Wilkerson, M. Weakly, S Johnson. Row 2: J. Laflimore, M. Cum- mings, C. Armstrong, E. Al- exander, C. Grace, D. Lasler A. Talum. Row 3: E. Lee, J. Love, M. Mil Ier, B. Thomas, W. Warlhen A. Brown, J. Green. Row 4: A. Brown, S. Boone J. McAdory, P. Garner, L Johnson, L, C. Turner, R Oliver, B. Patmon. Elementary Row l: A. Renfro, M. P. Pale, M. Herron, Mr. Togolz, L. Williams, E. Johnson, V. Fair. Row 2: E. Smilh, C. Greer, L Gross, C. Canlrall, M. H Crawford, R. Windom, J Reasby, D. King. Row 3: A. Walker, K. Sprague G. Simpson, J. Brown, D McAdory, S. Parr, L. Berry. Row 4: C. Lamberl, C. Jordon H. Johnson, F. Tinsley, C Lee, B. Smith, L. McLin. iw: A HOMEROOM Ol 7 Row l: Mr. Marasch, A. Brooks, S. Lutlrel, C. Hobbs, C. Schuenke, T. Young, M. Towns. Row 2: J. Alexander, S. Tun- sfill, S. Purnphrey, H. Thomas, M. Williams, D. Dilworlh, M, Finch, R. Dale. Row 3: C. Roby, P. Campbell, L. Baylis, J. Martin, H. Fields, V. Flowers, J. Windham, F, Tyler, M. Bates. Row 4: A. Rucker, L. Thomas, J, Repsa, D. Schwamb, R. Johnson, T. Kinlow, R. Wol- Iace, G. Bowie, H. Dickinson. Homeroomes HOMEROOM l O9 Row l: Mr. Ebner, L. Jackson, G. Davis, L. Farmer, T. Velas- ques, H. Davis, Row 2: D. Harvey, I. Crawford, G. Zingler, D. Jackson, L. Rauise, A. Nusberger. Row 3: S. Shaw, W. Ashford, R, Nauorro, L. Cox, S. Roy, S. Prisuda. Row 4: A. Harvey, V. Hamplon, L. Johnson, A. Reynolds, C. Eslergard, A. Allen, E. Eis- mann. Q 'Q HOMEROOM 203 - 9B Row l: Mr. A. K. Ristow, M Borsom, H. Orr, E. Coleman A. Johns, B. Daley. Row 2: Mr. R. Herron, R. Hor ker, R. Jacobs, C. Green, Z Brooks, O. Bubie, J. Carter. Row 3: F. Betty, J. Johnson N. Childs, R. Holifield, L Duehring, L. Redmond, P Kamrnler. Row 4: C. Clayton, D. Hotchins E. Harwell, D. Clifton, C Durrah, G. Taylor, B. Calvert HOMEROOM 2ll - 9B Row l: Mr. L. Kampine, G Westmoreland, L. Lundgren ff! S. Mclntosh, G. Thomas, D. ' his J A V, Donley. Row 2: N. Williams, D. Sav- age, R. Wright, B. Smith V. Ellis, B. Laster, A. McEl wee. Raw 3: R. Townsell, E. Moorer, O. McDowell, B. Stewart, P. Jones, N. Palm, R. Relfen stuh. Row 4: E. Kemp, J. Tatum, R McCain, C. Goodman, T. Thompson, S. Wilson, M Shaw. ,ui L, - HOMEROOM 324 - 9B Row l: Mr. Tracy, L. Howard R. Broadie, P. Bcity, S. Hol lins, J. Le Bourgior. Row 2: P. Miller, S. Goodman W. McReynalds, E. Orlit, J Jordan, M. Smith, E. Evans Row 3: C. Holmes, M. Johnson S. Rick, R. Schwenk, G. San ders, L. Bell, J. Evans, D Houston. HOMEROOM 313 and 314 Row l: Mr. M. Hansen, M Myers, K. Hayek, A. Uhmack J. Butler, J. Tatum. Row 2: M. Foli, J. Lowery, H Jones, D. Butler, M. Gee, J Wilde, U. Helen. Row 3: B. Brown, J. Nash, E Nash, L. Gee, C. Caldweel E. Newsom. Row 4: G. Schwechel, F. Hayes A. Hill, P. Hicks, W. Buck- hana, E. Harvey, D. Jackson J. Jahnke. HOMEROOM 303 - 9A Row l: Mr. Hida, F. Welch, T Toliver, A. Mosby, J. Apple while. Row 2: M. Bond, M, Tatum S. Allen, B. Stowers, M. Bell R. Jones, R. Borian, C. John son. Row 3: H. Johnson, D. Mays J. Unmack, G. Greenlee, V. Stephen, J. Brown, M. Phil lips, G. Cannon. HOMEROOM 306 - 9A Raw 1: A. McCorter, G. Walls J. Lawrence, W. Race, C Burns, R. Bell. Row 2: J. Oehler, C. Belling M. Curran, H. Washington J. Mourry, B. Sayas, Row 3: B. Murphy, J. Jordon M. Tripp, I. Grimes, H Thomas, B. Morton. Row 4: R. Hamilton, M. Mc Lain, L. Palmer, B. Owens R. Molter, R. Laird. 1 KW HOMEROOM 316-9A Row 1: Mr. Frost, W. Tabor, T. Malone, J, Edwards, H. Thomas, B. Smith. Row 2: P. Williams, P. Wil- liams, L. Rozell, H. Schneiker, B. Campbell, O. Woodard, B. Edwards. Row 3: D. Essell, M. Fisk, J. Hicks, Jr., J. Cummings, E. Gleen, T. Reed, C. Brown, B. Dugh. Row 4: J. Bennett, P. Shel- ton, l. Williams, M. Schoen- herr, M. Hoffman, S. Hort- man, B. Day, R. Thompson. .as HOMEROOM l29 - 9A Row l: Mrs. E. Freitag, T, Teasley, G. Lindsey, E. Fritch, J. Sattewite, R. Wanke. Row 2: D. Jones, M. Cera, E. Woods, B. Kohler, R. Mani- aci, N, Robbins. Row 3: L. Sartin, B. Petry, B. Jeter, S. Brumlield, E. With- erspoon, B. Kennedy. 'V HOMEROOM 208 - 9A Row l: L. Crowley, Miss Luker, A. Schmidt, W. Shaw, R Knippel, B. Thompson. Row 2: N. Sherard, R. Jones C. Dickinson, J. Nolan, E. Martin, E. Allen. Row 3: F. Mueller, B. Webster P. Rhoten, L, Wedward, A Shelby, P. Linder. Row 4: V. Toliver, R. Nichols W. Dorn, L. Beverly, E. Gor: don, C. Robinson, M. Rel- inger. HOMEROOM 235 - 9A Row l: Mrs. Williamson, D. Bottesi, L. Pugh, A. Baity, G. Woods, D. Weaver. Row 2: J. Heinbuch, O. Fron- ces, J. Henderson, K. Har- rington, J. Caldwell, S. Keith. Row 3: T. Morgan, A. Taylor, W. Beech, J. Altman, G. Bell, J. Clifton. Row 4: E. Derrick, M. Richards, M. Evans, J. Hagler, T. Hob- son, J. Benson, W. Ingram. 42 HOMEROOM 227 - IOB Row l: Mr. Zettel, K. Jackson W. Conklin, l. Grant, T. Booker, B. Craig. Row 2: B. Brooks, B. Freeman, M. Washington, S. Lex, S Hampton, J. McClain. Row 3: M. Wallace, M. Bailey A. Bridges, C. Stricklen, E. Ford, D. Greer. Row 4: W. Hubbard, J. Moyer, J. Geinen, R. Williams, L. Jordan, S. Wright. l'lOYYl6t'OOt'Yl5 Row l: M. Wilke, P. Clark, J. Roth, R. Remmel, C. Pagel, R. Taylor. Row 2: M. Reasby, C. Wilding, G. Watkins, H. Thompson, E. Shelton, Kelly. Row 3: B. Strickeen, C. Wal- ters, J. Poepping, G. Ponds, M. Simmons, B. Wright. Row 4: H. Endisch, R. Peterson, E. Williams, L. Moses, J. Walker, H. Polk, C. Rodgers. New ' 6 HOMEROOM 225 1 IOB Row I: Mrs. Lemke, V. Durbin H. Aldrich, J. Piekarsr Crisp, J. Fisher. Row 2: E. Ware, S. Reandol phe, A. Harrell, K. Shine Jefferson, N. Rickert Row 3: D. Zindler, W. Strichter R. Nicholson, A, Lis Sprague, R. Finley, F. John son, HOMEROOM 226 - IOB Row 1: Mr. F. Harper, R. Sess- ner, E. Dukes, R. Luttrell, J Curtis, E. Kelly. Row 2: C. Lawrence, M. Ow- ens, M. Clifton, S. Sealey, K Hutchins, J. Purifoy, E. Or lick. Row 3: B. Johnson, J. Reasby D. Clark, N. Washington, A Eggleston, J. Brocey. Row 4: P. Smith, D. Hurt, M Opaewski, R. Laird, R, Bla lock, C. O'Ronner, B. Davis, HOMEROOM Jll - IOA Row l: Mr. Thompson, W. Be- thea, J. Hunter, J. Davis, T. Coleman, J. Bledsoe. Row 2: C. Jacobs, A. Hardy, C, Anderson, J. Green, E. Johnson, B. Hobson, F. Bans, S. A. Bennett, Row 3: A, R. Turner, W. Sims, A. Berry, M. Burraqe, D. Barrs, K. Anderson, B. Got- son, M. D, Evans. HOMEROOM 232 lOB ow l Gee Brame Dorsey Mr V Anderson W Wa ther H Phill p ow 2 L Smith M Hen er san Wnlmoat J Fa ne Smith C Scott ow 3 N Anderson H c urty H Stamp M rc ham J Webb ow 4 G axon Kleclmley F Grey A Bryson ws HOMEROOM 234 --10A Row 1: Mr. Meyer, K. Joy, B. Ringgold, V, Mason, E. Harr. Row 2: S. Sykes, M. Bobinger, B. Powell, T. Beard, L. Spearz, J. Smith. Row 3: R. Olinger, C. Carroll, J. Holton, l.. Turner, O. Ta- lum, W. Pettigrew. 1L'fOt'Yl6Y'OOt'Yl5 HOMEROOM 301 -10A Row 1: Mr. McCullough, J. Farmer, J. Copeland, W. Heard, A, Montini, D. Charleston. Row 2: L. Hicks, M. Coleman, E. Juno, A. Oslen, S. Pilar- ski, L. Zahorek, A. Booker. Row 3: T. Jackson, C. Ashford, B. Jones, S. Gilmore, S. Ash- ford, B. Jakobson, R. Sloan, M. Jewell. ."'.- HOMEROOM 310 -10A Row 1: A, Bunk, W. Berry, S. Doss, Mr. Newman, R. Cun- ningham, H. McAdory, W. Turner. Row 2: D. Hoffman, T. Davis, D. Reynolds, C. Talley, B. Brent, B. Morris, C. Metz, F. Bronson. Row 3: J. Coleman, A. Law- rence, O. Bland, R. Brown, V. Dunbar, D. Swanke, B. Downey, M. Green, C. Sharp. HOMEROOM 214 - 10A Row 1: Mr. Engelke, C. Smith, W. Lawrence, W. McGlown, l. Newbern, R. Hobbs. Row 2: L. Winters, B. Snaders, D. White, M. Porter, S. Tem- ple, V. Willis. Row 3: T. Weatherspoon, l. Lockhart, L. Mudd, A. Mc- Murray, D. Johnson, D. Mc- Cain. Row 4: F. Powell, B. Mullen, C. Nash, F. Jones, W. Shav- ers, B. Todd, B. McLain. HOMEROOM l28 - lOA Row l: Mrs. Reagles, J. Brown, R. Matthews, J. Calvert, R. Coleman, B. Dantzler. Row 2: F. Warthen, H. Oliver, C. Wentz, P. Joan, J. Bunk, J. Collins. Row 3: R. Spaniol, J. M. Smith, R Glenn, C, Osler, P. Banks, N. Blackshire, J. Simms. lflomerooms HOMEROOM 205 - IOA Row I: Mr. Hettwer, S. Hud- son, R, Schwendler, R. Bal- ler, R. Riepl, J. Boier. Row 2: J. Marx, E. Boone, P. Long, W. Neal, D. Daddato, R. Jenkins, A. Green. Row 3: G. Crawford, P. Hell- wig, A. Willis, S. Juniel, A. Daugherty, P. Gutzmer, D. Blundon. A. fn. H. -gf' .wat HOMEROOM 206 - IOA Row l: Mrs. Baumgarlner, I. Hardy, M. Junior, W. Ma- lone, W. Carter, R. Car' penter. Row 2: V. Roberson, W. Hud- son, B. Garland, P. Gordon J. Fields, J. Day, L. Wharton Row 3: B. Henderson, W. King F. Rodgers, D. Henderson, C V. Goodman, D. Walters. Row 4: T. Farrell, M. Fields R. Starks, K. Knutson, W Fields, l. Johns, G. Wash ington. HOMEROOM 210 - IOA Row l: Mr. Pelikan, R. Crufl G. Brown, C. Davis, V. Pitt: J. Moore. Row 2: C. Bryant, G. Tysor A. Watson, C. Moutry, F Braun, D. Hornsby, C. Owen' Raw 3: G. Zindler, J. Cephu A. Harris, B. Wolle, M, W G. Swayne, M. Tiedt. . V 1'4" HOMEROOM 307 - llB Row I: Mr. Patterson, W. Brooks, B, Tatum, W. Guyton, B. Peace, W. Thompson, C. Grace. Row 2: B. Brumfield, J. Tun- still, C. Fike, J. Eismann, R. Whitaker, J. Williams, E. Brown, S. Kilwinger. Row 3: G. Zahn, M. Woger, R. Smith, J. Schwenk, C. Richard, V. Wrigley, M. Crawley, G. Martin. l'lOYYl6t'OOYYl5 HOMEROOM 330 - ITB Row T: Miss Daly, C. Flenorl, W. Hardy, M. Fuller, E. Jines, M. Hannah. Row 2: B. Briese, G. Simmons, C. Brown, S. Pittman, P. Johnson, E. Chappell, C. Finch. Row 3: A. Ghostqn, I.. Har- rell, M. Bledsoe, A. DeBose, C. Hood, B. Mason, M. High- shaw. 58 HOMEROOM l22 - llB Row l: J. Taylor, E. Harris, C Staples, Mrs. Heath, A. Mc lain, O. LaGoo. Row 2: H. Bell, D, Wilbon, D Atkins, M. Linsy, B. Bragg J. Owens. Raw 3: M, Whipple, A. Wil liams, J. Bunk, B. Carter, S Cannon, P. Givens, D. An drews. Row 4: D. King, S. Surratt, P Scott, S. Pegues, C. Simpson M. Izard, L. Staples. HOMEROOM 231 - IIB Row l: Mr. Orlando, E. Addi- son, S. Walker, J. Townsend R. Dixion, L, Rodgers. Row 2: A. Crockett, G. Pirtle S. Kyler, H. Jensen, V. Tay- lor, E. Scheidnasz. Row 3: J. Staffaroni, J. Wil- liams, F. Willis, S. Colvin M. Reed, M. Marinich. Row 4: R. Jones, D. Tillman W. Gutter, M. Green, O Clark, W. Klein, J. Beene, T' N16 NC. 1 M1 HOMEROOM 233 - I IA Row I: D. Holtz, W. Shelby, C. Holloway, C. Junior, C. Schultz, Mr. Groves. Row 2: M. Jones, V. Murrell, F. Toliver, E. Holder, E. Tyler, M. Jones. Row 3. N, Martin, F. Washing- ton, B. Kennedy, B. Smith, S. Sprewer, L. McLain, F. Greer. Row 4: N. Zuehlke, J. Morris, Y. Kemp, F. Lasler, L. Carter, E. Batton, C. Overtree. HOMEROOM 302 - I IA Row I: Mr. A. Ptak, G. Rich- ards, W. Hicks, R. Yauck W. Cowans, C. Gilbert. Row 2: M. Bashaw, L. Swayne, J. Grace, F. Higgins, W. C Booker, P. Ferguson, B. Berry Row 3: R. Stemplinger, R. Whit ing, B. Ford, E. Haller, V Henderson, V. Orlik, L. Clay pool, B. Dunlap. sn D J Y -1. HOMEROOM ZOI - I IA Row I: Mrs. S. Thomas, D. Vernon, R. Gray, J. Green, N. Williams, J. Hoskins L. Davis, E. Fisher. Row 2: M. O'Ncil, S. Davis, 5. Adkins, R. Haskins, S. Jones, D. Brown, T. Band, L. Shields. Row 3: F. Kirksey, C. May, W. Sherard, A. Warfield, E. Cocklield, J. Perkins, M. Dukes, J. Brown, J. Shelton. HOMEROOM 213 4 IIA Row I: R. V. Boyd, E. Hamil- ton, C. Hampton, R. Gensler, J, Carter, Row 2: S. Miels, A. Olson, B. Flower, J. Ukasick, J. Joy, R. Broderick. Row 3: J. York, J. Carler, J Barion, J. Rades, M. Mitchell M, Hobbs. Row 4: L. Christopher, J Schmidt, L. McDowell, P Hamilton, B. J. Alexander M. Riley, C. Neustedter. .-,Q 1,94-. l'lOt'YI6t'OOl'Yl5 Row Row Row Row Row HOMEROOM "A" -- I 2B E. Morris, R. Gast, E. Brooks, D. Little, Mr. Weeks, N. Bridges, E. Kindberg, F. Gutter. . Tripp, B. J. Hapton, G. Johnson, D. Smelley, G. Collins, L. Herron, G. Koester, P. Lewis, J. Jacobs. . Bowen, G. Kincaidi, J. Awe, J. McClain, R. Thomas, Z. Tatum, C. Green, E. Martin, O. Cline. . Clark, G. Joseph, J. Means, K. Jensen, J. Sims, E. Moton, R. J. Mueller, C. Richard, F. Mack. . Vogel, D. Dawydowycz, W. Zahn, R. Preschat, F. A. Hardy, F. Griffin, H. Oden, L. Juniel, G. Kelly. HOMEROOM "B"-I IA Row I: D. Durbin, Mr. Schmidt P. Plueger, L. Wallmonn, K. Thorner, L. Kohl, S. Brown. Row 2: R. Rodgers, E. Dudd S. Katutis, R. Fetzer, R. Vir- gil, K. Nusberger, V. Scott. Row 3: V. Clayton, J. Miner H. Clemens, E. Evans, K. Bell A. Genius, P. Kelln. Row 4: D. Smallwood, R. War- ren, E. Show, K. Clemens, G Watkins, B. Byron, J. White lI1OI'e. HOMEROOM "B" -- IIA Row I: J. Scheidt, D. Mueller G. Rose, W. Matson, Mrs Polomis, N. Urmack, L. Trul son. Row 2: M. Rosenstein, A. Hit ler, K. Pierce, E. Kendrick E. Rudolph, D. Paque, H Johnson. Row 3: K. Gruel, J. Thompson Wm. Bell, W. Lee, J. Moss D. Gibbons, D. Jones, M Parr. Row 4: D, Landgraf, J. Wil liams, M. Byrom, J. Watson C. Smith, D. Johnson, C Weddie, B. Kreiser. I I PROSPECTIVE SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES JUDY HANNAH Elective Course Music Fest. WILLIAM H. HARRIS Elective Course Football NONA HUDNELL Elective Course JERREL JONES Music Fest.: Mon. in "A": Track "N": Latin Club: Hall Cadet: Prog. Mon.: Talent Show. English Course THOMAS KANE Elective Course Sr. Dram. Prod.: Art Guild: Pres.: Sketch Club. JANICE MILLER Elective Course ERMA OWENS Bio. Club: F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Student Council: Hall Cadet. English Course Elective Course AGNES RUCINSKI Hall Cadet: Usherette: Girls' Basketball, Man. FLOYA SCOGGINS History Course Bio. Club: F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Guid. Rm. Mon.: library Mon.: Hall Cadet, IRENE SUBLETT Secretarial Course Bio. Club: Girls' Club: Rest Rm. Mon.: Maiorette: Dance Ens.: Variety Shaw. JOAN THORNTON Elective Course Music Fest.: Girls' Club: Hall Cadet. SYBIL E. WEAVER College Preparatory Course Biol. Club, Sec.: F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Guid. Rm. Mon.: Student Council: Latin Club: Hall Cadet. if .4 BEN WESTMORELAND Latin Club: Hall Cadet: Sketch Club. Elective Course ROBERT W. WHITING Golf "N". Elective Course ARDELL WILLIAMS, Jr. Football "N", Elective Course CORA WRIGHT F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Rest Rm. Mon.: Latin Club: Hall Cadet. Commercial Course NOT PHOTOGRAPHED EUGENE PRIMISING Elective Course Program Mon. ROBERT SCHOENING Elective Course Football "N": "N" Club: Hall Cadet. Z., I' A L. as June Graduates KARLIS R. ALKSNIS Elective Course Hall Cadetg Cafeteria Cadet. CAROL CONNER Science Course GWENDOLYN COLLINS Elective Course JAMES J. CURRAN Science Course Gym Teamg Hall Cadetp Cafeteria Cadet. WILLIAM A. GEIB Elective Course Gym Mon.g Gym Teamg Student Council. JAMES E. MINER Elective Course Basketball "N"g Mon. in "A"p Rest Rm. Mon.g Latin Clubg Hall Cadet. CLARA NIMACK Elective Course PROSPECTIVE SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES MAE ELLA BALL Girls' Club. ELIZABETH I. BIELINSKI BESSIE CHAPMAN MAUDIE E. CROSS Hall Cadet. THOMAS M. GILLESPIE Gym Team, MARY A. GRANT Girls' Club: Hall Cadet: Elective Commercial Otfice Mon. Elective Commercial Elective Elective Course Course Course Course Course Course Music Fest.: Biology Club: Girls' Clubp Latin Club, Hall Cadet: Prog. Mon.p F.T.A. EDITH M. WENTZ Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. PATRICIA ANN WILLIAMS Elective Course English Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Treas., Guid. Rm. Mon., Local Hon. Roll, Nat'l Hon. Roll, N. D. Hon. Club, Infirmary Mon., Sr. Mixer Com., Student Council, Sec., Big Sisters, Latin Club, Hall Cadet, Sr. Class Officer, Sec., Variety Show. INEZ WILLIAMSON Elective Course Music Fest., F.T.A., Guid. Mon., Girls' Club, Student Council, Treas., Fine Arts Club, Latin Club, Homecoming Court "57", All-City Choir. SALLY WILSON Elective Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Latin Club, Sr. Band. PICKENS WINTERS Basketball "N", Football Club, Treas. JOE N. WOODARD ROBERT G. WITTENBERG THERESA WOODS F.T.A., Girls' Club, Mon. in Office Mon., Hall Cadet. BETTYE JEAN WRIGHT Elective Course Hall Cadet, "N" Elective Course Elective Course English Course "A", Home Rm., Commercial Course Biology Club, F.T.A., Girls' Club, Donce Ens., Gym Mon., Variety Show, Hall Cadet. DOROTHY MAE WYATT Girls' Club. Elective Course MAMIE WYATT Commercial Course Girls' Club, Gym Mon., Student Council, Usher- ette, Hall Cadet. CLAIRE C. YOUNG Elective Course Music Fest., Girls' Club, Sr. Dram. Prod., Speech Mon., Hall Cadet, Fine Arts Club, Sec. EDWARD J. ZAHOREK English Course Hall Cadet, Gym Team, Movie Mon., Mon. in "A". JEANETTE M. ZINGALE Elective Course Music Fest., Girls' Club, Fine Arts Club, Treos., Sketch Club. SANDRA L. ZINGLER English Course Girls' Basketball Team, Girls' Club, Office Mon., Latin Club. WILLIAM RANDOLPH WASHINGTON Elective Cross Country "N", "N" Club, Wrestling, "N", Track "N", Spanish Club, Hall Cadet. JOSEPH JULIUS WELLS Elective Basketball "N", Football "N", Movie Mon., Sr. Cap and Gown Com., All-City Basketball Team "58". 33 DENA SHAPIRO Mathematics Course F.T.A., Pres., Girls' Club, Treas., local Hon. Roll, Nat'l. Honor Society, N. D. Honor Club, Sr. Mixer Com., Student Council, Tattler Annual, Big Sisters, Latin Club, Sec., Treas., Hall Cadet, Booster Girls, Fine Arts Club, Pres., Guid. Room Mon. SHIRLEY D. SHIELDS Commercial CAROL JEAN SIMMONS Science Course Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Library Mon., S.L.A.M. Rep., Telephone Mon., Sr. Dram. Prod., Student Council, Treas., Latin Club, Pres., V. Pres., Variety Show, Hall Cadet, Booster Girls, Treas., Prog. Talent Show. MATTIE M. SIMMS Elective Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. LOIS SMITH Elective Mon., Course Course Girls' Club, Library Club, Library Mon., Latin Club, Hall Cadet. FRANK C. STAHL History Mon. in "A", Hall Cadet. RICHARD EUGENE STAHL English Latin Club, Hall Cadet. BOBBIE J. STEVENS Elective Hall Cadet. ANNIE F. STEWART English Course Course Course Course Biology Club, F.T.A., Girls' Club, Mon. in "A", Student Council, Latin Club, Rec. Sec., Infirmary Mon. ELAINE ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND Girls' Club, Mon. in "A", Hall Cadet. LAVONE J. SYDLO Commercial F.T.A., Girls' Club, Guid. Rm. Mon., Mon., Hall Cadet.' VERA SYKES Elective Gym Mon., Girls' Club, Mon. in "A", Mon., Latin Club, Usherette, Hall Cadet. KENNETH L. TATUM Science Elective Course Office Course Office Course A.V.A., Student Council, Swimming Team "N", Capt., Track "N", "N" Club, Sec., Hall Lt., Sr. Class Officer, Pres. OVID THOMPSON Elective Music Fest., F.T.A., Library Mon., Sr. Dram Sr. Mixer Com., Tattler Annual, Variety Cafeteria Cadet. LEE ANN TODD Stenographic Music Fest., F.T.A., Girls' Club, Office Hall Cadet, Girls' Glee, All-City Choir. ARLENE C. UNMACK Elective Girls' Club. BETTYE WASHINGTON English Biology Club, Dance Ens., F.T.A., Girls Cadet, Course . Prod., Show, Course Mon., Course Course ' Club, Variety Show, Mon. in "A", Inf. Mon., Latin Club, Hall Cadet. CLYDE WELLS English Sr. Band, Basketball "N", Football "N", Library Mon., Sr. Mixer Com., Track "N", Boys. 52 Course F.T.A., Booster U-ff -. 3.3 , H-9 523332 5 M06 . is. Graduates WILMA JEAN QUALLS English Course F.T.A., Treas., Girls' Club, Local Hon. Roll, Sr. Mixer Com., Student Council, Latin Club, Hall Cadet, Prog. Mon. CLAIRE N. RADTKE Elective Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Sr. Dram. Prod., Student Council, Usherette, Spanish Club, Mon. in JUDY RAY Elective Course Hall Cadet. BETTY REED Elective Course Girls' Club, Off. Mon., Gym Mon., Student Coun- cil, Latin Club. DIANA C. REEF Elective Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Guid. Room Mon., Local Hon. Roll, Nat'l Honor Society, N.D. Honor Club, Off. Mon., Tattler Annual, Editor, Big Sisters, Rec. Sec., Variety Show, Head Mon. in "A", Usherette, "Youth Speaks", Rep., Milw. Sentinel, Prog. Announcer, Hall Cadet, Sr. Cap and Gown Com. ARTHELLA RHODES Mathematics Course Music Fest., Girls' Club, Infirmary Mon., Variety Show, Hall Cadet, Prog. Announcer, All-City Choir. ELIZABETH M. RILEY Elective Course Girls' Club, Office Mon., Hall Cadet. ROBERT H. RITTER Science Course Bioloby Club, F.T.A., Mon. in "A", Home Rm., A.V.A., Sr. Dram. Prod., Sr. Mixer Com., Student Council, Swim. Team "N", Track "N" Mgr., Hall Cadet, Booster Boys Pres., Boys Dance Ens., Variety Show, "N" Club, Town Hall Day, Badger Boys' State Rep. MARILYN I. ROBERTS Business Course Music Fest., F.T.A., Girls' Club, Library Mon., Hall Cadet, Girls' Glee, Library Club, Sec., Ush- erette, All-City Choir. WILMA JEAN ROTH Elective Course Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. ISIAH RUTH Science Course Motion Picture Operator, A.V.A., Wrestling, Hall Cadet, All-City Choir. CHARLES SAUER Elective Course BARBARA R. SCHAEFER Commercial Course Girls' Club, Guid. Rm. Mon., Student Council, Girls' Basketball Team, Hall Cadet. BARBARA L. C. SCHAEREN Elective Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Guid. Rm. Mon., Local Hon. Roll, Nat'l Hanor Society, N.D. Honor Club, Book- store Typist, Big Sisters, Sec. and Co-Chair., Hull Cadet, Tattler Typist, Mon. in "A", RAMON SCHENDEL Elective Course MARILYN L. SCHROEDER Science Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Guid. Rm. Mon., Local Hon. Roll, Mon. in "A", Gym Mon., Tattler Annual, Asst. Ed., Spanish Club, Color Guard, Usherette, Hall Cadet, Sr. Gift Com. JEAN A. SCHUMANN Science Course Girls' Club, Local Hon. Roll, Mon. in "A", Tele- phone Mon., Sr. Mixer Com., Student Council, Tattler Annual, Big Sisters, Co-Chair., Usherette, Hall Cadet, Booster Girls, Sec., Cheerleader. JAMES SEIFERT Elective Course Football "N". DEWITT MOORE Elective Course Backetball "N", Baseball "N", Footba Il "N" 7 "N" Club, Latin Club, Hall Cadet, Sr. Gift Com., Class Officer, Vice Pres., All-City Basketball Team "58". GEORGE MORAVEC Sr. Band, Gym Team. BEVERLY A. MORRIS Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. MAE NATION Girls' Club, Girls' Glee, JOHN B. NORTON JAMES R. OEHMCKE LAHNA H. OLSON Science Commercial Commercial Mon. in "A". Elective Elective Secretarial Course Course Course Course Course Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Guid. Rm. Mon., Local Hon. Roll, Mon. in "A", Nat'l Honor Society, N. D. Honor Club, Sr. Dram. Prod., Sr. Mixer Com., Student Council, Sec., Tattler Annual, typist, Big Sisters, Co-Chair., Hall Cadet, Lt., Booster Girls, V. Pres., Track Queen, "l957", Usherette, Color Guard, Home Coming Queen, "57". RAYMOND ORANGE Elective Course Music Fest., Sr. Dram. Prod., Art Guild, Hall Cadet, All-City Choir. CAROL A. OTT Elective Course Spring Concert, Sr. Orch., Fine Arts Club, V. Pres., Variety Show, Dance Ens., Girls' Club, Guid. Rm. Mon. KARLENE M, PARKER Science Course Music Fest., F.T.A., Girls' Club, Guid. Rm. Mon., Office Mon., Big Sisters, Treo., Dance Ens., Span- ish Club, Variety Show, Hall Cadet, Cafe. Cadet, All-City Choir, A Cappella Choir. FRANCES L. PARTEE Commercial Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Library Mon., Gym. Mon., Library Club, Usherette, Hall Cadet. CONSTANCE PATRICIA PIRTLE Science Course Girls' Club, Fine Arts Club, Guid. Rm. Library Mon., Library Club, V. Pres., Local Hon. Roll. Nat'l Honor Society, Student Council, Sec., Tattler Annual, Latin Club, Hall Cadet, Sr. Gift Mon., Com. JAMES O. POKORNY Elective Course Hall Cadet. DOLORES J. PONTZLOFF Commercial Course Hall Cadet. OSCAR PORTER Elective Course Football "N", Hall Cadet, Gym Mon. PHYLLIS A. POST Elective Course Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, Girls' Basketball Team, Gym Mon., Usherette. WESLEY E. POWE English Course Music Fest., A.V.A., Cross-Country "N", Hall Cadet, All-City Choir. DOROTHY O. PUGH Elective Course Girls' Club, Office Mon., Student Council, Tele- phone Operator. AGNES JORDAN Elective Course Music Fest., Girls' Club, Fine Arts Club, Mon. in "A", Student Council, Hall Cadet. SANDRA J, JUECH Elective Course Girls' Club, Treas., Library Mon., Guid. Room Mon., Student Council, Big Sisters, Hall Cadet, Lt., Spanish Club, Library Club, Usherette, County Government Day Rep. MARJORIE KATHERINE KAMENICK Commercial Course Girls' Club, Gym Mon., Girls' Basketball Team. JAMES L. KIMBLE Elective Course Basketball "N", Capt., F.T.A., "N" Club, Pres., Mon. in "A", Student Council, Track "N", Spanish Club, Pres., Student Announcer, Mon. in "'B", All-City Basketball, Second and First Team, Hall Cadet, Ll., Sr. Gilt Com., Cate. Cadet, All-State Basketball Team "58". PAUL L. KINLOW Elective Course All-City Choir. BETTE KIRCHHOFF Commercial Course Music Fest., Girls' Club, Guid. Room Mon., Sr. Dram. Prod., Hall Cadet, All-City Choir. WAYNE F. KRIST Science Course Motion Picture Operator, A.V.A., Latin Club. ROSE E. LA GOO Commercial Course Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. TERRY LAIRD Elective Course Student Council, lnter-High Rep., Baseball SARAH LAVORA Elective Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Library Club, Sec., Library Mon., Local Hon. Roll, Head Mon. in "A", Nal'l Hon. Society, N. D. Honor Club, Sr. Prom Com., Usherette, Student Council, Variety Shaw, Tattler, Typ. Ed., Big Sisters, Co-Chair., Spanish Club, Student Sec., Badger Girls' State Rep., Hall Cadet, Sr. Cap and Gown Com. JEANETTE LEE Elective Course Girls' Club, Mon. in "A", Hall Cadet. AL LEVY History Course F.T.A., Mon. in "B", Hall Cadet. YVONNE MARIE LUCAS College Preparatory Biology Club, F.T.A., Girls' Club, Movie Mon., Student Council, Tattler Annual, Latin Club, Hall Cadet. DONALD J. MACKAI Elective Course Biol. Club, Sr. Dram. Prod., Sr. Mixer Com., Student Council, V. Pres., Swim Team, "N" Club, Swim. "N", Boys' Dance Ens., Student Announcer, Hall Cadet, Lt., Booster Boys, Cafe. Cadet. NORLENE K. MANSKE Elective Course Music Fest., Girls' Club, Guid. Rm. Mon., Mon. in "A", Student Council, Tattler Typist, Latin Club, Hall Cadet, Gym Mon., Usherette. ANNIE B. MASON Elective Course Girls' Club, Mon. in "A", Hall Cadet, Student Council. LOUIS L. MILLER Elective Course Music Fest., Mon. in "A", Hall Cadet, All-City Choir. CONSTANCE M. MOHNS Elective Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Pres., Sec., Guid. Rm. Mon., Local Hon. Roll, Mon. in "A", Sr. Dram. Prod., Student Council, Big Sisters, Co-Chair., Sec., Usherette, Variety Show, Hall Cadet, Lt., Sr. Cap and Gown Com. 29 SANDERS HALBERT Elective Course Football "N": "N" Club: Hall Cadet. DONALD HANSBROUGH Elective Course CAROLYN HARRIS Elective Course Girls' Club: Sr. Band. CLARA HENDERSON Elective Course Girls' Club: Sr. Gift. Com. JYNETTE L. HOLLINS English Course Music Fest.: Girls' Club: Mon. in "A": Student Council: Spanish Club: Hall Cadet: Sr. Orch.: Fine Arts Club: Girls' Glee. JOSEPH T. R. HORTON Elective Course Football "N": Mon. in "A" Home Rm: "N" Club: Hall Cadet: Cafe. Cadet. J. C. HUBBARD Elective Course Hall Cadet. JERRY LEE HUNTER Elective Course Music Fest.: Variety Show, Football "N": "N" Club, Pres.: Mon. in "A": Student Council: Hall Cadet. CATHERINE JACKSON Elective Course Girls' Club: Latin Club: Hall Cadet: Sr. Gift Com. DARLENE L. JACKSON Elective Course Latin Club. DONALD B. JACKSON Science Course A.V.A.: Swimming Team: Mon. in "A": Govern- ment Day Rep.: Hall Cadet: Cafeteria Cadet. Cadet. LEE A. JAY Science Course Music Fest.: Golf: Student Council: Tattler Annual, Sports Ed.: Spanish Club: Variety Show: Badger Boys' State Rep.: Hall Cadet: Booster Boys: Sr. Gift Com.: Talent Show: Sr. Band. CATHRYN JOHNSON Elective Course Girls' Club: Latin Club. JULIE ANNE JOHNSON Science Course F.T.A., Sec.: Girls' Club: Library Club: Library Mon.: Local Han. Roll: Mon. in "A", Home Rm.: Nat'l. Honor Society: N.D. Honor Club: Sr. Dram. Prod.: Tattler Annual: Big Sisters: Spanish Club: Inter-High Rep.: Student M.C.: Sr. Cap and Gown Com.: Dance Ens.: Variety Show. LESTER R. JOHNSON Science Course A.V.A.: Student Council: Sr. Gift Com. MILTON JOHNSON Elective Course Football "N": Track "N": All-City Football: State Track Relay: "N" Club: Hall Cadet: Sr. Cap and Gown Com. PATRICIA A. JONES English Course Variety Show: F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Library Mon.: Library Club: Mon. in "A": Sr. Dram. Prod.: Student Council: Latin Club, Vice Pres., Treas.: Usherette: J.R.C. Council: Hall Cadet, Lt.: Booster Girls: Sr. Cap and Gown Com.: Prog. Mon.: Local Hon. Roll. SYLVESTER JONES Elective Course 28 U06 its Graduates CONNIE M. ESLER Commercial Course F.T.A., Girls' Club., Guid. Mon., Local Hon. Roll, Head Mon. in "A", Nat'l. Honor Society, N. D. Honor Club, Student Council, Big Sisters, Rec. Sec., Student Sec., Hall Cadet, Lt., Sr. Cap and Gown Com., German Club, Student Bookkeeper, Tatller Typist. R. DELORES FIELDS Commercial Course Library Mon., Library Club, Girls' Club. TOM D. FILIPUT Science Course Golf "N", Local Hon. Roll, A.V.A., Nat'l. Honor Society, N.D. Honor Club, Student Council, Booster Boys, V. Pres., Sr. Cap and Gown Com., Variety Show, Badger Boys' State Rep. JUDITH A. FISCHER Elective Course Music Fest., F.T.A., Girls' Club, Library Mon., Local Hon. Roll, Office Mon., Hall Cadet, Cafe- teria Cashier, Variety Show, Usherette, Library Club, Pres., Treas., SLAM Delegate, All-City Chorus. PATRICIA A. FISCHER Elective Course Girls' Club, Library Mon., Mon. in "A", Home Rm., Tattler Annual, Art Guild, Girls' Basketball Team, All-City Choir. RITA F. FISCHER Elective Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Office Mon., Usherette, Hall Cadet. DARLENE FITZGERALD Elective Course Girls' Club, Office Mon. NEIL FRITZ Elective Course Hall Cadet. HOWARD L. FULLER Science Course Basketball "N", Co-Capt., F.T.A., A.V.A., Sr. Mixer Com., Sr. Prom Com., Student Council, Pres., Vice Pres., Tattler Annual, All-City Bas- ketball, First Team, "57" and "58", Hall Cadet, Booster Boys, Pres., Sec., Cafeteria Cadet, Pro- gram Mon., "N" Club, V. Pres., Sec., Treas., Variety Show, Cross Country "N", Inter-High Rep., Prom Court of Honor "57", Tennis Team "N", Color Guard, All-State Basketball Team "57" and "58". MAXINE R. GAINES Elective Course Girls' Club, Mon. in "A", Hall Cadet, Sr. Cap and Gown Com. KAREN M. GARDNER Commercial Course Girls' Club, Local Hon. Roll, Office Man., Student Council, Hall Cadet, Booster Girls, Vice Pres., Sr. Gift Com., Style Shaw "55", Usherette, Dance Ens., Variety Show, Tattler Annual. VIVIAN C. GHOSTON Elective Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Guid. Room Mon., Student Council, Hall Cadet, All-City Choir, Mon. in "A". JEFFERSON S. GILLESPIE Elective Course Movie Cadet, Hall Cadet, Cafeteria Cadet. CORETIA L. GOSETTI Stenographic Course Girls' Club, Gym Mon., Hall Cadet. JEANETTE GOSH Elective Course Hall Cadet, Telephone Operator. MARY L. GREEN Science Course Music Fest., F.T.A., Girls' Club, Library Club, Sec., Infirmary Mon., Sr. Dram. Prod., Usherette, Mon. in "A", Hall Cadet, Sr. Gift Com., Sr. Class Officer, Treas., Library Mon. KAREN M. GROSSER Elective Course Girls' Club, Mon. in "A", Office Mon., Big Sisters, Tattler Typist, Hall Cadet, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Spanish Club, Usherette, Girls' Glee. LURIA GUYTON History Course Variety Show, Girls' Club, Library Mon., Library Club, Mon. in "A", Dance Ens., Hall Cadet, Talent Show, Fine Arts Club, All-City Orch., All-City Choir. Z.. 1 all-at ,sf ' June ESTHER ADKINS Science Course Biology Club: F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Mon. in "A": Student Council: Tattler Annual: Latin Club: Hall Cadet. EARLEAN BEAMON Elective Course Girls' Club: Infirmary Mon.: Latin Club: Hall Cadet: Program Mon. IUDITH A. BECKER Elective Course Music Fest.: Girls' Club: Local Hon. Roll: Mon. in "A": Jr. Red Cross Rep.: Big Sisters: Spanish Club, Vice Pres.: Student Sec.: Gym Mon.: Hall Cadet: All-City Choir: Sr. Prom Com. MADELINE BECKLEY English Course Sr. Mixer Com.: Dance Ens.: Variety Show: Homecoming Court, "56-57": Hall Cadet. ZELDA M. BISHOP English Course Girls' Club: Office Mon.: Sr. Dram. Prod.: Stu- dent Council: Hall Cadet. WILLIE LEE BOLTON Elective Course Cross Country "N". LANCE C. BOTTESI Elective Course A.V.A.: Swim Team, Man.: German Club: Booster Boys. WOODROW BRAZZIEL English Course F.T.A.: Hall Cadet: Cafeteria Cadet. DON BUCHHOLZ Science Course Music Fest.: Mon. in "A", Home Rm.: A.V.A.: Student Council: Sr. Cap and Gown Com.: Sr. Band. RUTH ANN CANNON Elective Course F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Office Mon.: Hall Cadet. JOHNNIE M. COCKFIELD Elective Course Girls' Club. ADDIE M. CRAIG Elective Course Biology Club: F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Infirmary Mon.: Latin Club: Dance Ens.: Variety Show: Hall Cadet: Sr. Cap and Gown Com.: Cheerleader. KEN CREUZER Elective Course Music Fest., 1957: Hall Cadet. VOLINA D. CROSS Elective Course JOHN JAMES DALEY Elective Course LENORA D. DEGGINS Science Course Girls' Club: Hall Cadet: Tattler Annual. HOPE A. EISMANN Science Course Biology Club: F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Latin Club: Hall Cadet. JOANN R. ENGLER Commercial Course Girls' Club, Rec. Sec.: Guid. Mon.: Office Mon.: Tattler Annual, Typist: Big Sisters, Treas.: Hall Cadet: Sr. Gift Com.: Talent Show: Variety Show: Dance Ens.: Usherette. Tuesday, June 17, 1958 Steuben Jr. H. S. Auditorium PROCESSIONAL . ..... . Class of June, 1958 "Pomp and Circumstance" ............. Elgar North Division High School Orchestra NATIONAL ANTHEM AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Senior Class Adviser ........ . James G. Jafferis ADDRESS OF WELCOME . . Dena Shapiro NORTH DIVISION HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA "Oracle" ......... . Otis Taylor Directed by Frank Orlando PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT . . Kenneth Tatum ACCEPTANCE OF CLASS GIFT . . Principal, Oliver F. Wergin COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS .......... Mr. Alvin Westgaard Assistant Superintendent, Milwaukee Public Schools ROLL CALL OF GRADUATES . . Vice Principal, L. W. Culver PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS . . Principal, Oliver F. Wergin RECESSIONAL . .... . The Graduates "Graduation March" . ........ . . . Skornika North Division High School Orchestra 25 Row Row Row Row Glass Ulfieers President . . . Kenneth Tatum Vice-President . . Dewitt Moore Secretary . . . Pat Williams Treasurer . . Mary Green SENIOR CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Addie Craig Diana Reep Julius Wells Don Buchholz SENIOR-FACULTY MIXER COMMITTEE Donald Mackai lahna Olson Robert Ritter Jean Schumann Sarah LaVora Ovid Thompson Maxine Gaines Dena Shapiro Connie Esler Tom Filiput Milton Johnson Madeline Beckley Clyde Wells Pat Williams Pot Jones Wilma Qualls Julie Johnson Howard Fuller SENIOR GIFT COMMITTEE Mary Green Lester Johnson Clara Henderson James Kimble Catherine Jackson Joann Engler lee Jay Marilyn Schroeder Karen Gardner Constance Mohns Constance Pirtle Dewitt Moore June Senior Committees l- Mr. J. Jafferis, D. Moore, H. Fuller, M. Johnson, R. Ritter, K. Tatum, D. Mackai. S. LaVora, J. Johnson, A. Craig, K. Jackson, C. Henderson, M. Green, C. Pirtle, D. Shapiro, J. Schumann. K. Gardner, J. Engler, L. Johnson, T. Filiput, M. Beckley, P. Jones, W. Qualls, C. Esler, D. Reep. L. Jay, D. Buchholz, C. Wells, J. Kimble, L. Olson, P. Williams, M. Schroeder, C. Mohns, J. Miner, M. Gaines JUNE, 1958 Valedictorian . . Salutatorian . . MAGNA CUM LAUDE Dena Shapiro Barbara Schaeren Sarah LaVora Thomas Filiput Constance Esler Diana Reep Lahna Olson Theresa Woods . Dena Shapiro Barbara Schaeren Julie Johnson Pat Williams CUM LAUDE Constance Pirtle Karen Gardner Wilma Qualls l Annie Stewart Marilyn Schroeder Bette Kirchhoff Judith Becker Lois Smith Joanne Engler Howard Fuller Jean Schumann i A-s 1 f X Sandra Juech Marilyn Roberts x fl t A . Q JANUARY, 1958 Valedictorian . . Vera Kesners Salutatorian . . Joanne Prodzinski MAGNA CUM LAUDE Vera Kesners Shirley Carter CUM LAUDE Joanne Prodzinski Joan Harrell Alvin Taylor Gerald Schreck Dorene Mundt Clarence Johnson Karen Feld Kenneth Whitney Amy Juanita Bryant Mildred Mclin Matthew Dent Reginald Gilbert Graduates sew PATRICIA A. WILLIAMS F. T. A,g Girls' Clubg Mon. in Home Rm.7 Infirmary Mon.. Spanish Club: Sec.: Officer, Sec. College Prep. Course Hall Cadet. Sr. Class LEON WILLIAMSON Football "N"g Track "N"g "N" Cluby Hall Cadet, Elective Course Elective Course BARBARA WOELKY Girls' Clubg Guid. Room Mon.g Sr. Mixer Com.: Student Councilg Office Mon. GERRY WOLFE History Course Football "N"5 Student Councilg Hall Cadet. BRENDA J. YANKE Stenographic Course F.T.A.g Girls' Clubg Mon. in "A"g Office Mon.p Hall Codetg Student Councily Latin Clubg Program Mon. VICTORIA M. YANKO English Course Library Mon.p Mon. in "A", Home Rm.: German Club. ISABEL YOUNG Elective Course SHIRLEY RUTH CARTER Elective Course Music Fest.y F.T.A.g Girls' Club, Treas.5 Local Hom. Roll, Nat'l. Hon. 5oc.f Office Mon.g Sr. Dram. Prod.: Tattler Annual, Typ. Ed. Not Photographed: PATRICIA ANN EARSLEY Elective Course Girls' Club ROGER PONTZLOFF Elective Course 21 THERESA M. R. PROSTEK English Course Girls' Club, Guid. Room Mon., Office Mon., Art Work for School. GERALD R. RITTMANN Elective Course Stage Crew, Movie Mon., Hall Cadet, Program Mon. RONALD P. ROSS English Course Music Fest., Basketball "N", Variety Show, Foot- ball "N", F.T.A., "N" Club, V. Pres., A.V.A., Sr. Prom Com., Student Council, Baseball "N", All, City, Hall Cadet, Booster Boys, V. Pres., Sr. Gift Com., Sr. Class Officer, V. Pres., Gym Mon. KENNETH N. SAXTON Elective Course Track "N", Sr. Gift Com., "N" Club, Sketch Club, Art Guild. GERALD W. SCHRECK Elective Course Stage Crew, Hall Cadet, Variety Show, Reading Rm. Mon. GLORIA A. SMITH Elective Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Office Mon., Hall Cadet, Lt., Sr. Cap 8- Gown Corn., Homecoming Court of Honor, '57. JOHNNY SMITH Science Course Hall Cadet, Sr. Cap 8- Gown Com. KENNETH STARKS English Course Sr. Prom Com., Prom Court of Honor, Student Council, V. Pres., Hall Cadet, Lt. FLOZENE STRONG Elective Course Girls' Club, Sr. Mixer Com. ALVIN E. TAYLOR Science Course Football "N", Local Hon. Roll, A.V.A., Student Council, Track "N", Hall Cadet, Lt., Booster Boys, Sr. Class Officer, Pres., Variety Show. GLORIA TEAT Elective Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Dance Ens., Variety Show, Mon. in "B", Hall Cadet, Sr. Cap 8. Gown Com., Cheerleader, Homecoming Court '57. JUANITA M. THURMER Elective Course Biology Club, Girls' Club, Guid. Room Mon., Library Mon., Office Mon., Sr. Prom Com., Student Council, Latin Club, V. Pres., Track Queen '56, Prom Court of Honor '57, Variety Show, Talent Show, Hall Cadet, Sr. Gift Com., Cheerleader, All-City Choir. ROBERT G. VANIER Elective Course A.V.A., Track "N", Mgr., Gym Mon., Sr. Gift Com. HELEN C. WALTERS Elective Course Girls' Club, Mon. in "A", Student Council, Hall Cadet, Lt., Sr. Gift Com., Gym Mon. KENNETH G. WHITNEY Science Course Swimming Team, Head Prog. Mon. RAY WILDER Elective Course Basketball "N", Track "N", "N" Club, Hall Cadet. GEORGE C. WILLIAMS Elective Course JEAN A. WILLIAMS Elective Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Sr. Mixer Com., Hall Cadet. 20 January W3 'fit ' S .., ' '- A., K 4 1 , R N '- ., :g:,,:,.x ' :cxafg I f:::-15,21 P . .225-Tfsg N gf., , mi, 1- ' - .sz ,t M- , Y, . .f -itil Graduates SHIRLEY HUTCHINS Commercial Course Girls' Club, Mon. in "A", Sr. Dram. Prod., Stu- dent Council, Hall Cadet, Lt., Sr. Cap 8- Gown Com. VERNA M. INGRAM Elective Course Girls' Club, Sr. Mixer Com., Hall Cadet. CLARENCE JOHNSON Mathematics Course Football "N", Mon. in "A", H.R., Sr. Dram. Prod., Sr. Mixer Com., Student Council, Tattler Annual, Track "N", Variety Show, Hall Cadet. STELLA M. JOHNSON Elective Course Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. VERA KESNERS Elective Course F.T.A., Local Hon. Roll, Office Mon,, Student Council, Hall Cadet, Valedictorian. JUNE C. KNOPF Elective Course Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. AIVARS KRIEVINS English Course Mon. in "A", Home Rm., Tattler Annual, Hall Cadet. WILLIAM LUNDSTROM Elective Course Art Work for School. ESSIE J. MALONE Elective Course Music Fest., F.T,A., Girls' Club, Sr. Band, Variety Show, Sr. Cap 8- Gown Com. DONALD E. MATTHEWS English Course Sr. Mixer Com., Student Announcer, Talent Show, Hall Cadet. PATRICIA ANN McLAUGHLIN Elective Course Music Fest., F.T.A., Girls' Club, Student Council, Guid. Room Mon., Tattler Annual, Hall Cadet, Gym Mon., All-City Orch., Cafeteria Cadet, Talent Show. MILDRED ELLEN McLlN English Course Library Club, F.T.A., Girls' Club, Library Mon., Mon. in "A", Infirmary Mon., Hall Cadet, Sr. Cap 8. Gown Com., Variety Show, Spanish Club, Dance Ens. DORENE J. MUNDT Stenographic Course Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. WHITLOW NEDDLE History Course Sr. Gift Com. DONALD A. NEUFUSS Science Course Music Fest., "N" Club, Football "N", F.T.A., Variety Show, A.V.A., Sr. Mixer Com., Student Council, Baseball "N", Capt., Hall Cadet, Booster Boys, V. Pres., Talent Show. GWYNETTE L. NEVELS Elective Course Music Fest., F.T.A., Girls' Club, Mon. in "A", Sr. Mixer Com., Student Council, Variety Show, Gym Mon., Hall Cadet, ALICE PAIK English Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Guid. Room Mon., Mon. in "A", Office Mon., Student Council, Usherette, Mon. in "B", Gym Mon., Variety Show, Dance Ens., Talent Show, Dance Mon., Hall Cadet, Lt., Booster Girls, Pres., Sr. Gift Com., Cheerleader "N", Talent Show. .IOANNE M. PRODZINSKI Elective Course Music Fest., F.T.A., Girls' Club, Local Hon. Roll, Office Mon., Big Sisters, All-City Choir, Saluta- torian. ---.A ,ww 'Hifi 3 'QA L . F I f 1 s '95 " N N 5 I ef 1 " i l J ' I is 'C' fi .1 'b ,R , ps . Y: K hype 1-nn-tg.. use "ltr 1,4 MD' - ,: ft wif, X N i My 5. x x N V I 'u ti 'c L January RAYMOND BAUER Elective Course Hall Cadet, Cafeteria Cadet. RICHARD R. BEAUDOIN Elective Course Rest Room Mon., Sr. Dram. Prod., Hall Cadet, Sr. Gift Com., Cafeteria Cadet. BEVERLY J. BRITTON Elective Course Usherette. .IUANITA A. BRYANT Elective Course Music Fest., F.T.A., Girls' Club, Pres., V. Pres., Corres. Sec., Student Council, Hall Cadet, Lt, Program Man., All-City Choir, Spanish Club, Govt. Day, City Clerk. PHILIP W. COPPERSMITH Elective Course DONA CRISP English Course Girls' Club, Gym Monitor. EDWARD C. CROCKETT College Preparation Course Football "N", F.T.A., "N" Club, Hall Cadet. RALPH E. CUNNINGHAM Elective Course Music Fest., Sr. Dram. Prod., Sr. Mixer Com,, Hall Cadet, Variety Show, All-City Choir. CLARENCE DAVIS Elective Course Hall Cadet, Cafeteria Cadet. MATTHEW DENT Elective Course Music Fest., Cross Country "N", Local Hon. Roll, Student Council, Hall Cadet, "N" Club, All-City Choir. KAREN MAE FELD English Course F.T.A., Guid. Room Mon., Mon, in "A", Home Rm., Student Council, Big Sisters, Head Mon. in "A" 6 "B", Talent Show, Usherette, Variety Show, Dance Mon., Dance Ens., German Club, Sec, Ha'll Cadet, Booster Girls, Pres. 8.'Sec., Cheerleader, Homecoming Court, "57", Sr. Gift Com. JUNE Y. GARLAND Elective Course Music Fest., F.T.A,, Girls' Club, Sr. Band, Girls' Glee. RICHARD C. GIBSON Social Science Course Music Fest., Mon. in "A", Sr. Dram. Prod., Student Council, Hall Cadet, Lt., Cafeteria Cadet, All-City Choir, Gym Mon., Sr. Cap 8- Gown Com. REGINALD GILBERT Elective Course "N" Club, Pres., Gym Mon., Hall Cadet, Sr. Cap 8. Gown Com., Track "N", Cross Country "N". FRANCES LULA GRIFFIN English Course Girls' Club, Tattler Annual, Movie Mon., Hall Cadet. RUTH HADEL Girls' Club. Elective Course ERMA JEAN HARDY F.T.A., Girls' Club, German Club, Gym Mon., Hall Cadet. Elective Course JOAN HARRELL F.T.A., Girls' Club, Mon. in "A", Office Mon., Inf. Mon., Spanish Club, Treas., Local Gov't Day, Treas., Hall Cadet, Sr. Class Officer, Treas. College Prep. Course January Commencement Program Monday, January 27, 1958, 8:00 P.M. in Krug Hall ORGAN PRELUDE . . Richard Kausch PROCESSIONAL ...... . Class of January, 1958 "Pomp and Circumstance" ............. Elgar North Division High School Band NATIONAL ANTHEM AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Senior Class Advise r........ . G. Verne Weeks ADDRESS OF WELCOME . . Vera Kesners NORTH DIVISION HIGH SCHOOL BAND . . Begine the Beguine by Directed by Eldon Hepner Cole Portor PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT . . Alvin Taylor ACCEPTANCE OF CLASS GIFT . . Principal, Oliver F. Wergin COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS . . Rev. William B. Downey ROLL CALL OF GRADUATES . . Vice Principal, L. W. Culver PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS . . Principal, Oliver F. Wergin RECESSIONAL . . The Graduates "Graduation March' '.......... . Skornika North Division High School Band January Snnior Uomrnititnns SENIOR COMMITTEES ' R. E. Cunningham, J. Williams, R. Gibson, Mr. Weeks, R. Ross, D. Neuluss, F. Strong. G. Nevels, J. Herrell, K. Saxton, J. Thurmer, G. Teat, S. Hutchins, B. Woelky. G. Smith, P. Williams, H. Walters, K. Feld, B. Vanier, A. Paik, M. Mclin. K. Starks, E. Malone, V. Ingram, J. Smith, D. Matthews, R. Gilbert, A. Taylor, C. Johnson Senior glass Qiiionrs Row . Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: President . . Vice President . Secretary . . Treasurer . SENIOR CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Gloria Smith-Chairman Shirley Hutchins Mildred Johnny Smith Essie Malone Kenneth Stark Richard Gibson . Alvin Taylor . . Ronald Ross Patricia Williams . Joan Harrell SENIOR-FACULTY MIXER COMMITTEE Jean Williams-Chairman Flozene Strong Gwynette Nevels Clarence Johnson Donald Matthews Verna Ingram Ralph Cunningham Reginald Gilbert Barbara Woelky Gloria Teat Don Neufuss SENIOR GIFT COMMITTEE Ron Ross-Chairman Alice Paik Helen Walters Karen Feld Robert Vanier Ken Saxton Juanita Thurmer Whitlaw Neddle Richard Beaudoin -aff y ,, ,., 'H-' JJ ...-I ' -1 '1 -" 4 .N '. .ir , "1" ,.-. fy. ' 5. n . f ,. ' 1'2- . Q ,wx .'. V...z1 N112 1. , ' H fl . I ',':"s : P . 1 ' rl., " . .fi r 'f-5. , ' Zli mm , 'kgilz 301' J M459 J 114, nm 1 if " .E if .81 ' 4, ef KK VA Y ,M A , I - , N: ' WJ? -Q, ef, H Q mg, 4 82? ffl? v " '4 , rv .fs f 'LZ' 1, 'L , V 55,0 - 4 1. X , '26, MR. EBNER MR. KAUSCH Science Social Science AH MR. JACKSON MR. KUCERA language Arithmelic Science MR. TEMBY Art Language Social Science MR. TRACY English High School MRS. YENNIE Ari Science Arilhmetic MISS RUSY Nurse Fblbullig MR. MARASCH Arl Science Arithmetic MR. MARTIN Social Science FQGMIUQ Elementary MR. MEYER Social Science Language Art MR. TAGATZ Language Social Science MR. ZETTEL MISS PUNKE Commercial Welfare MRS. WELTMER MR. SLATTERY Librarian School Engineer Eloultg if MRS. FOX MRS. HABERMAN Secretary Office Assistant MISS DIMAGGIO MRS. MURPHY Office Office Assisiont Assistant Ps X D Elliultg Commercial MR. PTAK Biology MRS. REAGLES Household Arts MR. RISTOW Physical Training Swimming Coach MR. TRYTHALL Commercial Sludenl Council MR. WEEKS MRS. WILLIAMSON Art TATTLER MR. WITHERS Arts Physical Training Football Coach MR KAMPINE MR. KEEGAN oc ol Science English MR KARLSON MR. KEITH Science History Athletic Director 1.15 dxgitgtfrl I 11, ix? . Q .. - V ,N yur Ni . . .- sk ' ., ad' ff' 'V 'A W - --fl . 5 F MR. MYRA Commercial Bookstore MR. NEWMAN English Program Director ll MR. ANDERSON MRS. BAUMGARTNER MISS DALY MR. ENGELKE Commercial History TATTLER Football Coach MR. DAMUTH MRS. FREITAG Commercial Household Arts Booster Girls History Mathematics Basketball Coach Girls' Club MR. ATWELL MR. BROOKS Industrial Arts English Stage Crew Student Council MR. FROST Speech Dramatics MR. GEE Social Science 10 MR. HARPER Ind ustrial Arts Stage Crew MISS HEIDEN Physical Training Big Sisters z MR. GEE or of Guid Uireetorfi of Guidanee And Serviee x MR. KARLSON Curriculum Co-ordinator ' K. 24, -'Y' MR. L. W. CULVER Vice-Principal MR. O. F. WERGIN Principal WM? '. 'a A . , 5- ', . K Ol , 1 . N . , N ,I 4 n ,, x N A uxf H Wh 1'??!w9n g A film!-19-s ii. ,'-,' X vp.- Iv. X' We 'ENV 1 'lar r A Row Row Row Row vw' Mr. Brooks, Miss Daly, Mrs. Williamson, D. Reep, Mr. Orlando, Mr. Groves, Mr. Trythall Y. lucas, G. Pirtle, C. Pirtle, D. Shapiro, K. Nusberger, E. Adkins. M. Schroeder, L. Olson, J. Johnson, L. Wallman, S. laVora, M. Bashew, L. Deggins. J. Engler, O. Thompson, F. Hardy, H. Fuller, L. Jay, L. Trulson, S. Carter. Tatum SMH 6 Editor: Activities: Diana Reep Dena Shapiro Yvonne Lucas Assistant Editors: L Ed, Marilyn Schroeder ayoui 'tor' June Johnson Leslyn Wallman Typing: S rt: pals J Shirley Carter Hee Q5 F H Lahna Olson owar U er Sarah LaVora Photographers: Joann Engle' Fred Hardy Art: LaVerne Trulson Gloria pirfle Esther Adkins Photography: Lenora Deggins Constance Pirtle l . Maxine Bashaw Advemsmgi Karen Nusberger Ovid Thompson Mr. Groves Miss Daly Mr. Trythall Mr. Orlando Mrs. Williamson Mr. Brooks W were f Wfdw- if If ' 2 -:ai 2- as RONALD ENDISCH THE NOBLE NATURE It is not growing like a tree ln bulk, doth make Man better be, Or standing long an oak, To fall a log at last, dry, bald, and sere A lily of a day ls fairer far in May, Although it fall and die that night- lt was the plant and flower of light. ln small proportions we just beauties see And in short measures life may perfect be -Beniamin Jonson 1 Ronald Endisch had an untimely death leaving us at the age of sixteen, and although he didn't have much time to leave his mark on society, he did contribute much in his short lifetime. What he did is not startling nor great, nor will it be known to the rest of the world. But those of us who were close to him feel enriched because of our acquaintance with him. He was an honor student, a leader among his classmates, and an athlete, who practiced sportsmanship not only on the field, but in everyday life. He had the problems of a typical teenager, the same as you, and he had to work them out himself the way we all have been taught to do. Although Ronald is beyond us now and can no longer be with us in person, he will always be with us in our thoughts. Alice Ann Paik ,Wi l 7w'?! WW. . 93 5-4-5-' P-' :elif ,. hH ma i-...,,,,,L.,T 'mZ2"'.Ln:E',,,,qM-gk x 2-33- 41" Y ' 0 . A N- . ,W - , - il'-Tm or-' gqigliii-iH40'heemn.:4alH-dn..m.,.,A mmm.. .. I , Q gl.. .bv ,N V-is amfgiwxurfqggfsgi .. 1 ,7fevn: ', ufi5,Eg,113,,,,2N " ' 1- p , - . . -if if xii? Y? 1- " ' r f 7 1 "H" .1" rw-msec Mn: 'UAHLR-"f'-5-Mk . ,M l - - Ag.: 93-,lag P-,y-A:3W,.j3.i'k ,-pi5?gSg5.j,,!y7Z"f nal-ig fy , -.1 ..-QQ!! 1 ?4':'N4a0gg-33:.,i:'11:gH,hl5'T1?, . 1 1 , M - ' Lyj j'L-l,L,,k:?,:1,,?fjiQ, xv .V1 1. , V-v? ,. , -A Q . -M.. .1591 ' Q . V " AQAN-v.,L. ,--- .. -- ljlr-" '- 5 ,,,, - - . , + . h',w5,:.J,fVl,,j':q,wfj, A ...v.....,w-r N..J I xx nj C 71 1, I Q' m V fb A, N Ql ?f'1 Zi n2, xNwxi vi ffbwm yy h 'Q M !jf4?! 7K f .J' fff' f- 31 , X1 v!2t t?M ff,L B C2 4, 3,16 V- P N 59" 7 v ! 'f'fLf,ffC fffy i ,P 1' - Q, C 1, 4" C ,QZQ x xxx K? C Q-X 5 Y 1' 1 c , C 1 2 'xiii C' C , XX pf, M T ' ff' J 3 S2 A ix wjk f W 1 1 9 Y A N ' ' L Q v X Ny 71,7 7 ' . 1 xx? X X--., Z!!-"C'1.-4,7 x 'Y , Nw SNK X J YIJXJQU RX X , I W L .bxxb .N rv N X JBA 'ifkffftpb X X . Kb Jed? f 0f""! . X .f Y , xx AEAE Q Q I ,212 K6 M , xg? Ex Lubms W! J -., NAMEL, x x H 1 q,,W A-V E HoMERooM ' 4-l 3353 XS cg wQii1akS Xxx Q, . . J Y 3 A ,WWW MW Q5?2gV WW Wm sy? ,WKMNLJW KM ZZ? W X ?fLW21m Www? Eiiiggyfh ZLVJWWXWJM 1 ,'X ,f V, J 'Ply - , , 5 5 9 ' "' -"C , ,f fjf' g 4, f In g'7!! , I '- ,Yr f'f'L X X. 4,- fk ff ,l, , If , 1 w -' I V I I J M 1 0' ,-.ff f ff ,L , .ff fl 4- K ff -jf f .J f L 5, 5, . ffl ff In 4 X L 4'65zfc Y - ' 1' f J C r. 4 .ff 14,4 M3 M QQVLSSW -va 2, ' gy Qc-fgefad QQZMZZQWZMQ , Zf We A 2629? my XJ' M ff My Mm 5 W, lm - , , -, g,j-- lf. , J . .1 'V , 4, --J 4 .S , A ' I N -. 'n' J' , , ,, , ,, , ', . , ..., T - .V V .. ,v , ., -- ----'P f ' ., U .L f- -4- -- '-' ' -' Mffwigl WX MQW. N K ' Zi C266 ., Vg, J 6 U' L' . 0-' f ,f A ,N 2 , if 1 J. - 'Lf ..,. D '57 C6 QV iff, J. !.,' 'I AA ' Li U 'gc'Aw'fl f 1 ,ffyil X IA, . ' 'ref-'M'-ik? 'LJ f ,Ag 'lil ' QYVZLZ 4 'jj I il ff, I I, Ftpvadluhii -.:,.44,L 1 . ,, . n I 1 w jx 'f2,q:f,f, J " ' ' ,Q-Lx, ' 'Qcaff f V if jfuflifn 'K -512177 L Z-A jj 1 W ' 1 ' A - - LU' A ., ml QL LQ iff if HJ ' f ,414 L w agp f' - I 'f ff, L HL If '11 7 A f bi V 12' fl ' ,flirt Ab Q 712 CQ , , -Lf I 'jg 'yt L 1 'lf K L f, if fuvfflu' n NLLHX! My L, an fl ,VL H C-LL f'7DL'rgf7 "60V!iLAN HF!!!-9 4' Lf, if , fmdxj W '1' CX-Lt fy ffjvzfff f - V H 1 P 1 K VL 'X Q ,f Ln, wr? X A f' 4 WW? , I' my kbwf uf Luigi M, 4 I 77 Q ,aw Mjfffif ww of 656' Y f W 'uf H1 '27 ff 'Q , Q A' 7 7f7f'l f,f- I Y X A 7' Q ' jf fmfw, 5 141. '7 - Q . fcfjvffff? ,fy '17 ffm? - -f W' 'f ffm' . ,f'P77Zf ' ' 17 1- f117777"7" D V ff 7 jf 1,17 f --- L10 r fflyffv VIFMUZ71, L fm!! 7,,,41,f If ,VL WJ mf1.v1f'Llf f'1f"'?' fp' U ,'y?T7'f6 ' ,f 1'P"'f'ff A L V MMV! A7 , j17f,ij! n,,m'7 Wx ,fvj I 1761.51 qv,- K Kf"'fffn if ,faX14' Jw JJ HM gw Hifi? QL,liQ13 :1ff5Mf5',f2'a:1 Wff 4? 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