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'.x I, 'u Vw 0 ,df x ,-pw yy Y' XE' T' f - - U. . P PM ol 4. .AVVVI IK P X Q4 if do WMM W ww . jfiffffg f V X f Y!! MQ M S2253 W' . Bl ' I "J-7 jf V 4 . YM if Q ,nl ,A.' - WD 521 Q YK W clit' if V I Q' . ..W ' , ' 'ss Q 40 WWW w, S3 3' xv E5 'WWA r 11 ml- 3g 1 1? E, Abe, , ,gg,,.? SS, 1 N162 R X is llmx X, Qi M5 K 'ix 'XQDSZD Q SSSS X 'NYA 15 ' 3 My Mg, ig! xii 2 ,qv wif" 1: 'CJQZ Wlfj,Q R figs +59 N W - if My gb JY E354 ' ,ff WEE' Ygfffjlgifg' All ig' J if ffm' -'K 'X Nfiff H12 V3 lfiifm 3, ff W ii? 53? . ' - Q, WAY .K L' 1' ' ' EQ-E .l , 'FQ' ,, W 1 d. , . ' ,H 21. 1- 5-7,3 1,1 ae ' - l J- V . -Mx. , A M , ,, ..f.l ' I. kX4g xuwifx HHAQQQQ m Q YJ X Q ff In .J rx E fi! AA,, 7 N. K, Oiu Ze Ai igiiwm l , H we :LQ APS 'Q-XBYQT exif D - u H- NWT 7139132 A XA Sify ' 'Z ivrgw Kr af lr, If A jm A . Nw Ffwfww Prvybla A " af? 3 E if Iii Qi' Ni SJ ' , . s 3 1 4f'N,?3 5, 5 3 Q E S533 fm x, NSR fi IQ 5 113 xg N W W ' Mwfflhg T 25 dwm Mm 4 W M W3 N E fWfb' 'W Q 5?-wg M 2 Jfgi, Ww ?L. f Vyiffmy W yfww f A35 ' kv gyywfi ww NINETEEN HUNDRED FI . s ,U - 4,4-r. - fl. - ff I I ' r ,U A nf, ' Editor: Valerie Foerster Assistant Editor: Helen Blelland TTI fzeaeaw FTY O SEVEN f ,A f 'F . A14 4 I A Q NORTH DIVISION Q HIGH SCHOOL M ILwAUIcEE, wIScONSIN 567564 IN .... OUR FACULTY S OUR CLASSES OUR ACTIVITIES OUR SPORTS eatcmdag ie gene ae 4 on "wg 0 0 J K ..... ......... Q if Wye K? JOfZmWw.Z'mej 44211609 . A M, 42,600 clk-vna W, .lffdaim ow M4 .r5wa4 M 125- - 67 7 4... yn' 5, UH! MWMQMQ-,4, zfwffwe WL! 'J If n . an au-c Luv'-441 1194! afr-04y94j4' Wzfyuf 4714-ffrf 4VZ0'1f4"a444!9a:vff-V-4-La. Zo f-24314 45" ' MZ, 5' ,y4L5A, 1, 1r-pb' , -45-:zo 'ilivc ,Q ,,. fyaflfz-110141, 611 M, pany? eu-a!Ac,f54.ZQ ,Avi QW!! l' 4'f0,f""- CHESTE N WM N ic iii.,-W.. ,z2Lfz,4.ffAZLZ!025Zv MR' R D' E A , " l' I ,iff We salute not only Mr. Newman, ,D W' the man, but what he has stood for and c W!! iii? an , glorified-the North Division Tattler. 45,4145 Few know that Mr. Newman has the outstanding record of having devised and managed our annuals for twenty-five A TRIBUTE . . years, a record unsurpassed by any " - teacher in our city system. rl U, N ,X I 'F .Q What greater commendation can l ' I ' ix 1 Q Q l ' ' f we give to this esteemed leader than to K i .1 i' 'ls n A 1 i " say that he has been a devoted teacher, if ..' if x, a discerning philosopher and, best of all, L,- 'X X 1 V ' A fx ' ' l I a heart warming friend. 1 J l ,x V I N .2 E YJ K s u 4 I I I I I I I I I lvl I SQ S, S I Ji-19 y. MQ vfiimbk L. FIRST SERIES .IIMHL ff-""'1 X IW Iliff? loflfwllf Wcugzff aw' MR O F WERGIN Prmclpol Wwwomwwbfm .mfmfw :dwg W Wm WM www' 'wsfmmm' W VmWmmWmW5Wn mm W- W. mm WM, , K www 4 Mww Q f as wr .,,..Vmssmm ,M W ,MMA , , . , mP'LimmM -mf 'EET www mm ff1""h""'SSHli5Wm,mSb""'n., im WWA ' ff'-M-W N ' vw mmawwamsm Efssfsmsms wma mfsgmwwm Qmmwzmmw if wa W M AJ dz fl-W WmWAMi:'MWXfM' - 1ffii:z,.., 3gff1fQ-vf ' fr ff Q MS W, W- A M f"fH2'2-'S ,xl K j , I . ' 'N. if ' I v -rl X lf, 1 Q f , Q , ' ., f' 4 f' - A ' fx ff ,N R 4 10 W V' ' ' ' ' ' v f ' ' .W . ' a F I v 1 I ' , o 9 n ,v I MR. CULVER Vice-Principal A I ?:,4.5:,,1iL.. U-0-4 '95 MR KARLSON Currnculum Coordinator A I - DIRECTORS OF GUIDANCE AND SERVICE MR HALL Durecfor of Audio Visual Aids MR. GEE Director of Guidance DEPARTMENTAL CHAIRMEN MISS HEIDEN MR. KEITH Physical Training History MISS LUKER MR. NEWMAN MR. PRITCHARD MRS. REAGLES ,VII Mathematics English Commercial Household AYIOJ' JW If It Viv fx, IC MR. SCHMIDT MR. WEEKS MRS. WILLIAMSON MR. WITTE Music Industrial Arts Art ,,f1,fI'! Science V lily , 'ML , .QL 13 -- MR. ANDERSON MRS. BAUMGARTNER MR. BROOKS MR. DAMUTH Hislory Mathematics English Commercial MR. ATWELI. MISS BANNACH MISS DALY MR. ENGELKE Industrial Arts English, Spanish Commercial History FACULTY MR. FISHER MR. FROST MR. GEE MR. GROVES I-009'-F090 SPGGCII Social Science History and English MRS. FREITAG MRS. GAVETT MISS GREGG MR, HALL Household Arts Reading Mqthemqlicg Science 14 rf ,A f R l f X MR. HEPNER MR. JAFFERIS MR. KARLSON MR. KINTIS Music English Science Science fa, f MR. HET E MR. KAMPINE MR. KEEGAN MR. UBBY lx f . . . . Language X Social Science English Commercial K ii i FACULTY MR. MCCULLOUGH MR. MEYER MR. MYRA MR. PELIKAN English Art Commercial Mathematics MR. MCGARTY MISS MEYERS MR. ORLANDO MRS. POLOMIS Commercial English Music Household Arts I5 MR. RISTOW MR. STEPHENS MR. THOMPSON MR. WITHERS Physical Training Industrial Arts History Physical Training MRS. SCHULTlS MRS. THOMAS MR. TRYTHALL MR. WULZ Physical Training Household Arts Commercial Science FACULTY MR. ZETTEL MISS PUNKE MRS. WELTMAR MRS. FOX Commercial Welfare Librarian Secretary MISS ALIOTO MISS DiMAGGlO MRS. HABBERMANN MR. WIESNER Office Office Office School Engineer Assistant Assistant Assistant 16 MR. EBNER MISS INGWERSON MR. JACKSON MR. KUCERA Science, Art Social Science language Arithmetic Language, Art Science MR. LOGAN MR. MARASCH MR. MEYER MR. TAGATZ Language Art, Science Social Science Language Arithmetic Language, Art Social Studies U RS ALMA ROSENHEIMER lNot photographed J Special Class ELEMENTARY MR. TEMBY Art, Language Social Studies MRS. EBERT lst Semester Elementary MR. WOJAN MRS. YENNIE Arithmetic Art, Science Science Arithmetic MRS. GRUENWALD MR. NAULT lst Semester lst Semester High School High School Language English MR. ZOSKE Music MISS TRUITT lst Semester High School Household Arts SECOND SERIES .IIJP.IHI. . Uma Zcwaea JANUARY SENIOR COMMITTEES Row 4 Row 3 Row 2 Row I Ronald Faich Curtis Harris . Maxine Beck . Betty Lehigh . : D. Kissel, D. Kirchoff, B. Parsons, M. Gruber, R. Myers, R. Faich J Davis : A. Gordon, G. Bengston, J. Boshek, G. Carr, G. Grant, J. Zur C Harris : F. Gordon, E. Goltz, M. Beck, B. Lehigh, D. Feldmann, B. Kozick C Cannon : J. Himmelmann, T. Heise, H. Bryant, Mr. Witte, K. Watke, S. Vls CLASS OFFICERS Senior Cap and Gown Committee John Himmelmann - Chairman Darlene Feldmann Tom Heise Don Kirchoff Steve Vis Barbara Parsons Albert Gordon Glenn Carr Gordon Bengston Ronald Faich Barbara Kozick Janice Zur Ken Watke Don Kissel Carol Cannon Senior Gift Committee - Chairman . . president . vice president . . secretary . treasurer Senior-Faculty Mixer Committee Maxine Beck - Chairman Emelie Goltz Frank Gordon Mike Gruber Curtis Harris John Boshek Dove Schultz Ronald Faich Howard Bryant Betty Lehigh Robert Myers Jim Davis Ronald Schubert Ronald Faich Gcridine Grant January Commencement Program Wednesday, January 23, 1957, 8:00 p.m., in Krug Hall PROCESSIONAL .................................. "Pomp and Circumstance" ................................,.... North ....Class of January, 1957 Elgar Division High School Band NATIONAL ANTHEM AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Senior Class Adviser ...............,........... ..... . . ,... .. ADDRESS OF WELCOME ....... NORTH DIVISION HIGH SCHOOL BAND ...... ...... SELECTED PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT ACCEPTANCE OF CLASS GIFT ....... GIRLS' ENSEMBLE - "NOW IS COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS ....... ROLL CALL OF GRADUATES ....... PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS ....... RECESSIONAL ............................. "Graduation March" Marvin H. Witte .........Thomas Charles Heise Directed By Eldon Hepner Ronald Gene Faich Principal Oliver F. Wergin THE HOUR "..... ..... D arby George Hampel Jr. Vice-Principal L. Culver Principal Oliver F. Wergin The Graduates Skornika North Division High School Band JANUARY RUTHE M. AVERY Elective Course Pep Club, Talent Show. NANCY CAROLE BALDWIN Elective Course Girls' Club, Latin Club, Infirmary Mon., Hall Cadet. MAXINE A. BECK English Course Music Fest., Variety Show, F.T.A., Local Hon. Roll, Pep Club, Student Council, Sec., Big Sisters, Co- Chairman, Booster Girls, Sec., All-City Choir, Library Club, Pres., Sec., Homecoming Queen "56", Girls' Club, Pres., Treas., Cheerleader, Student Control Mon. GERALD C. BEHRNS Elective Course A.V.A. GORDON BENGSTON Elective Course Music Fest., Biology Club, Football "N", "N" Club, Mon. in "A",,H.R., Sr. Dram. Prod., Hall Cadet, Student Control Mon., Booster Boys, V. Pres., Sr. Cap 8- Gown Com., Cafeteria Cadet, Program Mon. JUDITH M. BENGSTON Elective Course Girls' Club, Big Sisters, Hall Cadet, Talent Show. JOHN P. BOSCHEK Science Course Mon. in "A" H.R., Sr. Mixer Com., Sr. Prom Com., Latin Club, "N" Club, Baseball "N", Hall Cadet. TONY W. BRIDGES Elective Course HOWARD W. BRYANT Science Course Basketball "N", Football "N", Local Honor Roll, Sr. Mixer Com., Sr. Prom Com., Cross Country "N", Latin Club, Hall Cadet, Booster Boys, V- Pres., Prog. Mon., "N" Club, Sec. CAROLYN L. CANNON Elective Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Student Council, Executive Com., Hall Cadet, Span. Club, Pres., T.V. Rep. Dr. Ed., Sr. Gift Com., Prog. Mon., All City Choir. GLENN CARR Science Course Football "N", Sr. Dram. Prod., Latin Club, Hall Cadet, Sr. Cap 8- Gown Com. MARY JANE DADDATO Elective Course Girls' Club. JAMES B. DAVIS Science Course Local Honor Roll, N.D. Honor Club, A.V.A., Stu- dent Director, Sr. Gift Com., Swimming Team, Latin Club, V-Pres., Hall Cadet. ROGER BRUCE DUBESTER Elective Course RONALD G. FAICH Science Course Local Honor Roll, N.D. Honor Club, Nat'l Honor Society, Hall Cadet, Mon. in "A", H.R., Head Monitor in "A", Study Hall, Sr. Gift Com., Sr. Cap 8l Gown Com., Sr. Mixer Com., Sr. Prom Com., Prom Court of Honor, Sr. Class Pres., Booster Boys, Pres., Student Council: Treas., Executive Com., Improvement Com., S.E. Wis. Convention Rep., Student Control Mon., N.D. Pub- licity Com., Tattler Staff, Variety Show, A.O. Smith Rep., Dance Ensemble, "Face of Youth" T.V. Rep., "Career Day" T.V. Rep. DARLENE C. FELDMANN Stenographic Course Girls' Club, Guidance Rm. Mon., Local Honor Roll, Office Mon., Student Council, Latin Club, School Typist, Sr. Cap 8. Gown Com., Jr. Red Cross Rep., Hall Cadet. MURIEL J. GENSLER Secretarial Course Girls' Club, Mon. in "A", H.R., Hall Cadet, ln- firmary Mon. EMELIE GOLTZ Nursing Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Local Honor Roll, Nat'l Honor Society, Sr. Dram. Prod., Sr. Mixer Com., Student Council, Big Sisters, Sec., Latin Club, Pres., Hall Cadet, Pep Club. GRADUATES ALBERT PAUL GORDON Elective Course Music Fest.: Mon. in "A", H.R.: Swimming Team: Hall Cadet: Sr. Cap 8. Gown Com.: Cafeteria Cadet: Pro. Mon. FRANK A. GORDON Elective Course Sr. Mixer Com. GERIDINE GRANT Elective Course Girls' Club: Office Mon.: Sr. Prom Com.: Dance Ens.: Hall Cadet: Booster Girls: Sr. Gift Com. VIRGINIA M. GREEN Office Mon.: Hall Cadet. MICHAEL A. GRUBER Music Fest.: Sr. Dram. Prod.: Sr. Mixer Com.: Sr. Band: All-City Band. IRENE R. HAMANN Girls' Club. Elective Course Elective Course Elective Course CURTIS HARRIS Music Fest.: Basketball "N": Football "N"'s: Gym Mon.: Variety Show: Sr. Mixer Com.: Sr. Prom Com.: Sr. Prom Court of Honor: Student Council, Pres.: Baseball "N" 's: N.D. lmp. Com.: S.E. Wis. Conv. Rep.: "N" Club: Hall Cadet: Booster Boys, Treas.: Sr. Class Officer, V. Pres.: "A Day in Court" T.V. Rep.: Inter-High Rep.: N.D. Honor Club: Nat'l Honor Society. THOMAS C. HEISE Science Course Local Honor Roll: A,V.A.: Nat'l Honor Society: N.D. Honor Club: Latin Club: Sr. Cap 8- Gown Com.: Valedictorian. JOHN O. HIMMELMANN Elective Course Basketball "N": F.T.A.: Pres.: Mon. in "A", H.R.: Sr. Prom Com.: Student Council: Tattler Staff: Latin Club: Hall Cadet: Booster Boys, Pres., Treas.: Sr. Cap 8- Gown Com.: Cafeteria Cadet: Pro. Mon.: Tennis "N". Mathematics Course VELMA J. JONES Elective Course DONALD E. KIRCHOFF Elective Course Mon. in "A", H.R.: Stage Crew: Hall Cadet: Sr. Cap 8. Gown Com. DONALD G. KISSEL Elective Course Football "N": Baseball: Gym Team: Hall Cadet: Sr. Gift Com. BARBARA MARIE KOZICK Stenographic Course F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Guidance Rm. Mon.: Local Honor Roll: Nat'l Honor Society: N.D. Honor Club: Salutatorian: Sr. Dram. Prod.: Variety Show, Stu- dent Council: Tattler Typist: Big Sisters: Latin Club: Pep Club: Sr. Red Cross Rep.: School Typist: Hall Cadet: Sr. Gift Com.: Talent Show. BETTY LEHIGH English Course Dance Ens.: Usherette: Homecoming Court of Honor '55 8. '56: F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Pep Club: Local Hon. Rall: Mon. in "A", H.R.: Nat'l Hon. Society: N.D. Honor Club: Sr. Mixer Com.: Sr. Prom Com.: Student Council: Big Sisters, Corres. Sec. Co-Chairman: Hall Cadet: Booster Girls, Pres., Treas.: Sr. Class Officer, Treas.: Cheerleader, Capt.: Pro. Mon.: Variety Shaw. DOROTHY JEAN LEVER Elective Course PHYLLIS A. LEVER English Course June Graduate. NORMAN MANKE Science Course Hall Cadet: All-City Choir. THOMAS C. MARQUARDT Elective Course P.A. Crew, Mgr.: Hall Cadet: Art Guild: Boys State Rep. Badger we indi- We 53 M36 3 Q:-1 T 'Y""".- -, ly' CLIFTON L. MASSINGALE Elective Course Hall Cadet. CONSTANCE McCLARTY Elective Course Girls' Club, Sr. Dram. Prod., Latin Club. HAROLD W. MEYERHOFF Mathematics Course Hall Cadet. PATRICIA A. MUTTERS Elective Course Music Fest., F.T.A., Treas., Girls' Club, Pres., Lib. Mon., Lib. Club, V. Pres., Tattler Annual, Student Council, Adv. Com., Variety Show, Gym Mon., Talent Show. ROBERT A. MYERS Elective Course Football "N", Hall Cadet, Booster Boys, Sr. Gift Com., "N" Club. JOANNE KATHRYN NATOLI Elective Course Hall Cadet, Inf. Mon. NANCY E. NELSON Elective Course Girls' Club, lnf. Mon. MARY M, NEUENS Elective Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Guid. Mon., Mon. in "A", H.R., Office Mon., Student Council, Adv. Com., Tattler, Variety Show, Gym Mon., Publicity Com., Hall Cadet, Program Mon., Talent Show. GLORIA J. NEUSTEDTER Elective Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Guid. Mon., Student Council, Pub. Com., Tattler Annual, Latin Club, Variety Show, Pep Club, Hall Cadet, Prog. Mon. BARBARA JEAN PARSONS English Course Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, Sr. Cap 8- Gown Com. THEADOLL PEACE Elective Course Music Fest., F.T.A., Girls' Club, Library Club, Latin Club, All-City Choir, Dance Ens., Variety Show, Gym Mon., Pep Club, Talent Show. ARIS E. PENIKIS Mathematics Course A.V.A. Operator. JOSETTE A. PRISUDA Elective Course June Graduate. Girls' Club, Office Mon., Gym Mon., Pep Club, Hall Cadet. JAMES PUM Elective Course Mon. in "A", H.R., Hall Cadet. JAMES QUALLS Elective Course Music Fest., Tattler Staff, All-City Choir. SANDRA SUE RAFTERY Elective Course Girls' Club, Guidance Mon., Mon. in "A", H.R., Sr. Prom Com., Student Council. KAREN KRIS REITER Elective Course Mon. in "A", H.R., Office Mon., Hall Cadet, Sketch Club, Prog. Man., Talent Show. JAMES B. SCHEIDT Elective Course Stage Crew. mt M i' new JANUARY GRADUATES Not Photographed: PETER E. SCHILLING Science Course Bio. Club, F.T.A.p A.V.A., Hall Cadet, Student Council, Swimming Team. RONALD A. SCHUBERT Elective Course Sr. Gift Com. DAVID C. SCHULTZ Science Course Boys' Dance Ens., "N" Club, Mon. in "A", H.R.p Sr. Mixer Com., Sr. Pram Com.g Track "N", Hall Cadet, Lt., Booster Boys, Sec., Pro. Mon., Talent Show. PAUL B. SCHULZE Elective Course Basketball "N", Baseball "N", Cross Country "N", Hall Cadet. WALTER J. LEISTEN Elective Course Gym Team. SHIRLEY MARIE SPITZA Elective Course Music Fest., Girls' Club, Office Mon., Student Council, Pro. Mon. DIANE M. SVAJDLENKA Elective Course Girls' Club. EARLEEN KATHERINE TABOR Elective Course NADINE V. TYSON English Course Sr. Dram. Prod. STEVEN J. VIS Elective Course Mon. in "A", H.R.y Sr. Cap 8- Gown Com. KENNETH A. WATKE Elective Course Hall Cadet, Sr. Gift Com. JANICE A. ZUR Elective Course F.T.A.p Girls' Clubg Library Club, Pres., Local Honor Roll, Mon. in "A", Sr. Prom Com., Big Sisters, Guidance Mon., Latin Clubp Gym Mon., Hall Cadet, Sr. Gift Com., All-City Choir. SHARON HAMM Elective Course Girls' Clubg Gym Mon., Hall Cadet, Latin Club, V-Pres. JANUARY 1957 HONORS Valedictorian . . Thomas Heise Salutatorian . . Barbara Kozick MAGNA CUM LAUDE Thomas Heise Barbara Kozick Maxine Beck Howard Bryant Janice Zur Darlene Feldman Shirley Spitza Barbara Parsons Muriel Gensler James Davis Emelie Goltz Betty Lehigh Ronald Faich CUM LAUDE Curtis Harris Theadoll Peace Sandra Raftery David Schultz Harold Meyerhoff Aris Penikis Mary Neuens Thomas Marquardt James Scheidt JUNE 1957 H O N O RS Valedictorian . . . Valerie Gerda Foerster Salutatorian . . Shirley Jane Lueck MAGNA CUM LAUDE Valerie Gerda Foerster Shirley Jane Lueck Richad Arno Dippel Juanita Hudson Marilyn Priscilla Williams Patricia Ann Sossong Irene Fehr Barbara Jean Wallermann Patricia Louise Dean Yvonne Travitt Richard William Schnell Ella Mae Phillips Phyllis Earlene Taylor Mary Ranner Yvonne Jahn Warren Allan Schmidt CUM LAUDE Lila Marie Pierce Holly Anne Rudolph David Heinbuch Mae Louise Siemann Helen Marie Bielland Sandra Jean Schaetzel Janet Florian Beverly Marie Tunstill Antoinette Marie Roback l Nancy Ann Piering Marie Annette Salzwedel Nancy Koehler Michael Lawrence Zetteler Patricia Milanowski Bonnie June Worny Gwen Haessly Gary Homer Lindert Minerva Dudley JUNE SENIOR COMMITTEES Row 4: A. Roback, M. Williams, R. Schnell, S, Lueck, D. Heinbuch, T. Simms, S. Schaetzel, J. Florian, L. Pierce. Row 3: R. Dippel, N. Piering, M. Ranner, B. Graham, J. Hudson, B. Harris, B. Tunstill, A. Kendrick. Row 2: E. Phillips, M. Washington, B. McBounds, P. Dean, G. Haessly, M. Salzwedel, Y. Travitt, E. Washington. Row I: D. Roeder, W. Schmidt, P. Taylor, Mr. Witte, B. Benson, C.'Goller, H. Bielland. CLASS OFFICERS David John Heinbuch . Richard William Schnell Mary Theresa Runner . Shirley Jane Lueck . . SENIOR CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Helen Marie Bielland Patricia L. Dean Charles A. Goller Barbara Jean Harris Alleen Kendrick Bette Joyce McBounds Lila M. Pierce Richard William Schnell Phyllis Earlene Taylor Mae Ella Washington SENIOR G Janet M. Florian Beverli Mae Benson Richard Arno Dippel Brenda Juanita Graham Ella Mae Phillips . . . . president vice president . . secretary . ITCGSUTEI' SENIOR-FACULTY MIXER COMMITTEE Gwen F. Haessly Juanita Hudson Shirley Jane Lueck Nancy Ann Piering Mary Theresa Ranner COMMITTEE Marie Antoinette Salzwedel Sandra Jean Schaetzel Warren Allan Schmidt Yvonne Travitt Marilyn Priscilla Williams Antoinette Marie Roback Dennis Henry Roeder Theophilus Simms Beverly Marie Tunstill June Commencement Program PROCESSIONAL .,................................ "Pomp and Circumstance" .......................................,......,. North Division High School Orchestra NATIONAL ANTHEM AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Senior Class Adviser .............................,.... ..,... ADDRESS OF WELCOME ..... North Division High School Orchestra ......... ...... "Pro cess ional March" ..... PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT ..... ACCEPTANCE OF CLASS GIFT ...... ACCORDION SOLO ....... "Finlandia" COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS ..... ROLL CALL OF GRADUATES ..... PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS ....... ....... RECESSIONAL ................................... "Pomp and Circumstance" .................................,...................... North Division High School Orchestra .......Class of June, l957 Elgar .Marvin H. Witte ......Valerie Gerda Foerster Directed by Frank Orlando C. Woodhouse ........David John Heinbuch Principal Oliver F. Wergin ......Valerie Gerda Foerster ......,.........Jean Sibelius ......Rev. John Heinbuch Jr. Vice Principal L. W. Culver Principal Oliver F. Wergin ........The Graduates Elgar PATRICIA I. ALFORD Senior Dram. Prod.p Hall Spanish Club. RICHARD H. BAHR Gym Mon. JOYCE ANN BEHLING Girls' Club. BEVERLI M. BENSON English Cadetg Talent Elective Elective Elective Course Showg Course Course Course Dance Ensemble: Color Guardf Student Councilg Tattlerp Hall Cadetp Sr. Gift Cam.g Cheerleaderg All-City Orch., All-City Bandf Talent Showg Gym Mon.g Variety Show: Pep Club. MARY JANE BISHOP Elective Course Hall Cadet. HELEN M. BJELLAND Elective Course Usheretteg F,T,A.g Girls' Clubg Guidance Room Mon.g Local Hon. Rally Mon. in A lHR.lg Sr. Dram. Prod., Tattler, Asst. Ed.p Big Sisters: Co- chair.g Hall Cadet: Conference Room Mon.g Gym Mon.g Book Store Typisty Sr. Cap and Gown Com. ROOSEVELT BLACKSHIRE Elective Course Basketball "N"p Rest Room Mon.: Track "N"g Cross-Country "N"g Hall Cadet. FRANCES M. BOETTCHER Elective Course Music Festivalg Fine Arts Club. FLORENCE M. BOETTCHER English Course Music Festivalg Girls' Cluby Fine Arts Clubg Cate- teria Cadet, Cashier. JOHN C. BONNETT Science Course A.V.A.g Swimming "N"g Hall Cadet. SHALEY BOULWARE English Course Biology Clubg Football PAULINE BREUTZMANN Elective Course Music Festival, Rest Room Mon.: Gym Mon.g Talent Showg Mon. in "B" Pep Clubg Hall Cadetg Cafeteria Cadet. GERALDINE J. BURBEY Elective Course Guidance Room Mon. LILLIE PEARL DAVIS Elective Course Girls' Club. MYRTIS MARIE DAWKINS Elective Course Biol. Cluby F.T.A.p Girls' Clubg Span. Club. PATRICIA L. DEAN Elective Course F.T.A.y Girls' Clubg Guid. Room Mon.: Spanish Clubp Usherettep Hall Cadet, Sr. Cap and Gown Com. RICHARD A. DIPPEL Science Course Music Fest.g F.T.A.g Local Honor Rollg A,V.A.yNat'l Honor Societyp Student Council, Vice Pres.g Boost- er Boysg Sr. Gift Com.: All-City Orch.: All-City Band. MINERVA L. DUDLEY Elective Course F.T.A.g Girls' Clubg Latin Clubg Pep Club. 30 JUNE GRADUATES JO EARLENE DYES Elective Course Girls' Club: Guid. Mon.: Hall Cadet Lt. LA VAUGHN G. ELLIS Elective Course IRENE FEHR Elective Course JANET FLORIAN Elective Course F.T.A., Treas.: Girls' Club Carr. Sec.: Guid. Mon.: Local Honor Roll: Mon. "A": Sr. Dram. Prod.: Student Council: Big Sisters, Co-Chair.: Pep Club: Hall Cadet: Usherette: Sr. Gift Com.: Talent Show. VALERIE G. FOERSTER Mathematics Course F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Guid. Mon.: Valedictorian: Local Honor Roll: Nat'l Honor Soicety: N.D. Honor Club: Tattler, Editor: Hall Cadet, Lt.: "Trees for Tomorrow": LaCross Playday: Variety Show: Bookstore: Talent Show. ANNE M. GABOR Elective Course Music Fest.: Girls' Club: Hall Cadet: Variety Show. EULA J. GHOSTON History Course F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Hall Cadet: Reading Rm. Mon.: Mon. CHARLES A. GOLLER Science Course Bio. Club: Pep Club: A.V.A.: Student Council: Tattler: Latin Club: "N" Club: Badger Boys: Gym Team: Basketball Mgr.: "Trees lor Tomorrow": Golf "N": Student Control Mon.: Sr. Cap and Gown Com.: Intramural Basketball, BRENDA J. GRAHAM Elective Course Girls' Club: Gym Mon.: Hall Cadet: Sr. Gilt Com.: Homecoming Court of Honor. GWEN HAESSLV Elective Course Music Fest.: Bio. Club: F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Local Honor Roll: Ofl. Mon.: Sr. Mixer Com.: Student Council: Hall Cadet: Booster Girls: Variety Show: Cheerleader: Talent Show. ROBERT WILLIAM HAGLER Elective Course ROSE MARY HANKlNS Elective Course Girls' Culb: Hall Cadet. JEROME W. HANSEN Science Course HERMAN HARPER Elective Course Mon. "A": School Lettering Artist: Prog. Mon. DAVID J. HEINBUCH Science Course Basketball "N": All-City Basketball, 2nd Team, Capt.: Biology Club: Football "N": F.T.A., V,- Pres.: Inter-High F.T.A. Rep.: Pep Club: Wash. High Town Hall Meet.: Local Honor Roll: Hr. Mon.: M. Picture Operator: A.V.A. Cadet: Nat'I Honor Society: North Div. Honor Club: Sr, Mixer Com.: Sr. Prom Com.: Student Council, Pres.: Tattler: Baseball "N": Latin Club: Booster Boys, Pres., Treas.: Sr. Cap and Gown Com.: Sr. Gilt Com.: Sr. Class Officer, Pres.: "N" Club, V.-Pres.: Intramural Basketball, Capt.: Cafe. Cadet: Prog. Mon.: Badger Boys State Rep.: Boys Dance En- semble: Variety Show. SUSAN M. HENDRICKS Elective Course Music Fest.: Girls' Club: Student Council: All- City Choir: Hall Cadet. ROBERT LEE HOLLOWAY Elective Course Cafe. Mon. JUANITA HUDSON English Course Biol. Club: F.T.A., Treas.: Girls' Club: Library Mon.: Local Honor Roll: HR. Mon.: Rest Room Mon.: Sr. Mixer Com.: Student Council: Tattlerg Latin Club, Pres.: Variety Show: Library Club, V.-Pres.: Homecoming Court ol Honor, Pep Club: Hall Cadet, Lt.: Student Control Mon.: Booster Girls, Treas.: Prog. Mon. 31 JUNE BRIZZELL JACOBS Elective Course F.T.A,: Girls' Club: Span, Club: Hall Cadet. YVONNE L. JAHN Elective Course Girls' Club: Local Honor Roll: Big Sisters: Span. Club: Hall Cadet. ESSIE MARIE JOHNSON English Course F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Latin Club: Gym Mon. EVELYN JOHNSON Science Course F.T.A.: Mon. in A CHRJ: Student Council: Latin Cub: Hall Cadet. JAY F. JOHNSON Science Course Music Fest.: Football "N": A.V.A. Operator: Head Operator: Tattler: Gym Team: "N" Club: Variety Show: Booster Boys: Cafeteria Cadet: Prog. Mon.: All-City Choir. VIRDA JOHNSON Elective Course Girls' Club: Hall Cadet. OTIS JONES History Course Basketball "N": Baseball "N": Hall Cadet. ULYSSES JONES Elective Course Hall Cadet. MARY H. KAISER Elective Course Girls' Club: Guid. Mon. ALLEEN KENDRICK Elective Course Music Fest.: Girls' Club: Gym Mon.: Sr. Dram. Prod.: Sr. Cap and Gown Com.: Talent Shows: All-City Choir. SHARON M. KIENAST Elective Course CLARICE E. KIRKSEY History Course F.T.A.: Lib. Mon.: Lib. Club: Span. Club: Pep Club: Hall Cadet. NANCY LEE KOEHLER Elective Course Maiorette: Gov't. Day, Cir. Judge: F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Local Honor Roll ll selectionl: Mon. in A QHRJ: Hall Cadet: Talent Show. ANITA D, KOLBUS Elective Course Girls' Club: Office Mon.: Hall Cadet: Talent Show: Bookstore. WAYNE A. KRAMER Elective Course Baseball "N". BETTY KUCHLER Elective Course Music Fest.: Biol. Club: F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Guid. Room Mon.: Hall Cadet: All-City Choir. SHIRLEY M. LACY Elective Course ROY W. LAMBRECHT Elective Course Gym Team: Stage Crew: Keyroom, Mgr.: Tattler, Talent Show: Hall Cadet: Student Control Mon. GRADUATES FRED LAWRENCE Elective Course Football "N": Student Council: Hall Cadet: Cafe- teria Cadet. BOBBIE J. LEVER Elective Course Music Fest.: Girls' Club: Hall Cadet: Talent Show: Sr. Band: Girls' Glee. GARY H. LINDERT Elective Course MARIE H. LUECK Music Fest.: Guid. Room Mon.: Gym Mon.: Pep Club. SHIRLEY JANE LUECK Elective Course Music Fest.: Biol. Club: Girls' Club, Sec.: Guid. Room Mon.: Library Mon.: local Honor Roll: Mon. in "A", Homeroom: National Honor Society: N.D. Honor Club: Pep Club: Sr. Mixer Com.: Sr. Prom. Com.: Student Council: Tattler: Big Sisters: Hall Cadet, Lt.: Booster Girls, V-Pres.: Sr. Class Off., Treas.: Variety Show: Talent Show. JOSEPH MASNICA Elective Course Football Mgr.: "N" Club: Gym Mon.: Hall Cadet. BETTE JOYCE MCBOUNDS English Course Biol. Club: F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Guid. Room Mon.: Mon. in "A", Home Rm.: Rest Room Mon.: Stu- dent Council: Tattler: Latin Club: Pep Club: Usher- ette: Hall Cadet: Sr. Cap and Gown Com. PATRICIA T. MILANOWSKI English Course Music Fest.: F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Head Mon. in UAV.. JOHN PETER MOLZEN Elective Course Talent Show: Head Mon. in Keyroom: Cafeteria Cadet: Program Mon.: Hall Cadet. MARY ELLEN MULLEN Elective Course Girls' Club: Latin Club. ROBERT L. MUR Elective Course A.V.A.: Scheduling Dir,: Gym Team. WILLIE JAMES NASH Elective Course Music Fest.: Track "N": Cross-Country "N". FRANCES M. NEVINS Elective Course Biol. Club: F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Guid. Room Mon.: Mon. in "B": Latin Club: Hall Cadet: Booster Girls. GAIL M. NICK Elective Course Music Fest.: Girls' Club: Office Mon.: Rest Room Mon.: Hall Cadet. GERALDINE M. O'CONNELL Elective Course F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Infirmary Mon.: Usherette: Gym Mon. ELLA MAE PHILLIPS Elective Course F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Guid. Room Mon,: Library Mon.: Mon. in "A", Home Rm.: Gym Mon.: Li- brary Club: Pep Club: Hall Cadet: Sr. Gift Com.: Talent Show. LILA M. PIERCE Elective Course Pep Club: F.T.A.: Girls' Club: Local Honor Roll: Mon. in "A": North Div. Honor Club: Student Council: Big Sisters: Gym Mon.: Hall Cadet: Sr. Cop and Gown Cam.: Talent Show. NANCY ANN PIERING Elective Course Biol. Club: F.T.A., Sec.: Girls' Club: Guid. Room Mon., Library Mon.: Mon. in "A", Home Rm.: Sen. Mixer Com.: Student Council, Advisory Com.: Tattler: Big Sisters, Co-Chairman: Library Club: Gym Mon.: Variety Show: Hall Cadet: Booster Girls, Pres., Sec., Treos.: Cafeteria Mon.: Pep Club: Prom Court of Honor, I956: Town Hall Meeting. JOYCE R, PISCUINE Elective Course Biol. Club, Girls' Club, Guid. Room Mon., Mon. in "B", Rest Room Mon., Latin Club, Variety Show, Hall Cadet, Cheerleader, All4City Choir. CLEONE A. PUDLIK Elective Course Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. GERTRUDE PUECHNER Elective Course Girls' Club, Latin Club. MARY T. RANNER English Course Prom Court '56, Biol. Club, Dance Ensemble, F.T.A., Girls' Club, Courtesy Campaign '54, Lib. Mon., Local Hon. Roll, Mon. "A", Nat'l Hon. So., Off. Mon., Rest Rm. Mon., Sr. Mixer Com., Sr. Prom Com., Student Council, Adv. Com., State Con., Pep Club, Tattlerg Variety Show, Big Sisters, Sec., Lib. Club, V-Pres., Gym Mon., Town Hall Meeting, Hall Cadet, Booster Girls, Treas., Sr. Class, Sec., Cheerleader, Prog. Mon., Usherette. TOM RICKERT Elective Course Music Fest., A.V.A., All-City Band. ANTOINETTE M. ROBACK Elective Course Music Fest., F.T.A., Sec., Girls' Club, Sec., Local Honor Roll, Office Mon., Sen. Mixer Com., Stu- dent Council, Tattler, Big Sisters, Sec., Usherette, Gym Mon., Hall Cadet, Lt., All-City Choir. DENNIS H. ROEDER Elective Course Music Fest., Student Announcer, Student Council, Tennis, Drum Major, Hall Cadet, Booster Boys, All-City Choir. HOLLY A. RUDOLPH Elective Course Music Fest., Girls' Club, Pres., V.-Pres., Local Honor Roll, Mon. in "A", Office Mon., Latin Club, Fine Arts Club, Pres., All-City Orch. MARIE A. SALZWEDEL Elective Course Biol. Club, F.T.A., Girls' Club, Guid. Mon., Lib. Club, Pres., Pep Club, Tattler, Big Sisters, Sec., Dance Ensemble, Variety Show, Hall Cadet, Lt., Sr. Gift Com. SANDRA J. SCHAETZEL Elective Course F.T.A., Sec., Girls' Club, Guid. Mon., Mon. "A", Pep Club, Tattler, Big Sisters, Co-Ch., Sec., Hall Cadet, Booster Girls, V-Pres., Variety Show, Sr. Gift Com., Trees for Tom., Cheerleader, Dance Ensemble, Prog. Mon., Usherette. SHARON ANN SCHERR Elective Course Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. WARREN ALLAN SCHMIDT Science Course Football "N", Local Hon, Roll, Mon. "A", Nat'l Hon. Soc., North Div. Hon. Club, Student Council, Hall Cadet, Booster Boys, Pres., V.-Pres., Treas., Sr. Gift Com., Gov't Day, "N" Club, Pres., V.- Pres., Variety Show, Badger Boys' State. RICHARD W. SCHNELL Science Course F.T.A., V.-Pies., Pres., Interhigh Rep., Mon. "A", A.V.A., Student Council, Tattler, Variety Show, Mon., "A", Color Guard, Hall Cadet, Sr. Cap Bt Gown Com., Sr. Class V.-Pres., Talent Show. MARVIN J. SCHWIRTZ Elective Course Sen. Dramatic Production, Art Guild, Pres., Treas., Hall Cadet. ROBERT LEE SHIELDS Art Course Music Fest., F.T.A., Lib. Mon., Lib. Club, Student Dir., Art Guild, Rest Rm. Mon., Sr. Dram. Prod., Color Guard, l.A.A. Usher, Student Council, Adv. Com., Treas., Imp. Com., Toittler, Tennis "N", Variety Show, Hall Cadet, Student Control Mon., Booster Boys, Sec., Sketch Club, Caf. Cadet, Prog. Mon., All-City Choir. MAE L. SIEMANN Elective Course Biol. Club, Pres., F.T.A., Girls' Club, Library Mon., Local Honor Roll, Rest Rm. Mon., Big Sisters, Pep Club, Hall Cadet. WILLIAM L. SIMMONS Elective Course THEOPHILUS SIMMS Elective Course F.T.A., V. Pres., A.V.A., Sr. Mixer Com., Student Council, Tattler, Cafeteria Cadet. 54 JUNE GRADUATES PATRICIA ANN SOSSONG Elective Course Girls' Club, Sketch Club, Sec., Talent Show. MARY R. SPIELVOGEL English Course Guid. Room Mon., Mon. in "A", Office Mon. CAROL A. STRELOW Commercial Course Music Fest., F.T.A., Girls' Club, Office Mon., Hall Cadet, Variety Show. PHYLLIS EARLENE TAYLOR Stenographic Course Color Guard, Maiorette, Biol. Club, Sec., F.T.A., Girls' Club, Guid. Room Mon., Library Mon., Local Honor Roll, Student Office Sec., Dance Symposium, Mon. in "A", North Div. Honor Club, Office Mon., Dance Mon., Student Council, Advi- sory Com., Big Sisters, Treas., Latin Club, Hall Cadet, Dance Ensemble, Pep Club, Gym Mon., Sr. Cap and Gown Com., Talent Shows, Freshman Spell. Contest Winner. MELVIN A. THEUS Elective Course Music Fest., Hall Cadet. YVONNE TRAVITT Science Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Library Mon., Student Council, Latin Club, Dance Ensemble, Variety Show, Library Club, Jr. and Sr. Prom Court of Honor, Hall Cadet, Sr. Gift Com., Cheerleader. BEVERLY M. TUNSTILL Science Course Girls' Club, Rest Room Mon., Sr. Mixer Com., Student Council, Latin Club, Hall Cadet. .IEANETTE N. VEISBERG Elective Course Music Fest., All-City Sr. Orch., Cap Symphony, Girls' Club, Library Mon., Gym Mon,, Mon. in "A", Fine Arts Club, Treas. DONALD E. WACHOWIAK Science Course A.V.A., Gym Mon. BARBARA JEAN WALLERMANN Elective Course Girls' Club, Tattler, Big Sisters, Hall Cadet. EDRIS YVONNE WASHINGTON Elective Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Sr. Mixer Com., Student Coun- cil, Big Sisters, Treas., Latin Club, Hall Cadet, Booster Girls, Talent Show. MAE E. WASHINGTON English Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Student Council, Spanish Club, Usherette, Hall Cadet, Program Mon., Sr. Cap and Gown Com. MARILYN P. WILLIAMS Stenographic Course F.T.A., Treas., Girls' Club, Guid. Rm. Mon., Mon. in "A", Home Rm., Student Council, Tattlerg Typist, Big Sisters, Pep Club Bookstore, Gym Man., Homecoming Pub. Com., Talent Show, Dance Mon., Auxiliary Com., Hall Cadet, Sr. Gift Com., Talent Show Com., Chairman, Co-Chairman. WILLIAM H. WILSON Elective Course Hall Cadet. BETTY J. WOLF Elective Course Music Fest., Girls' Club, Student Council, Latin Club, Hall Cadet. BONNIE JUNE WORNY Stenographic Course Music Fest., Girls' Club, Office Mon., Big Sisters, Treas., Hall Cadet, Sr. Prom Com., Gym Mon., Pep Club. MICHAEL L. ZETTELER Science Course Local Honor Rall. Not Photographed ELEANOR KAY FERSTADT Elective Course Music Fest. ELIZABETH J. PHILLIPS Elective Course Music Fest. MELVIN R. PETERS Science Course Swim Team, Cap., Hall Cadet. 55 Vfs PROSPECTIVE SUMMER SANDRA L. ANDERSON Elective ELBERT GENE ASHLEY Elective Wrestling "N". SHARON L. BLAKE Elective DOROTHY E. BLALOCK Elective Girls' Club. JERALINE LILLIAN BREITENFIELD Elective Mon. in "A", H.R., Hall Cadet. AZELL COLEMAN English Basketball "N", MARVA COLEMAN College Preparation Course Course Course Course Course Course Course F.T.A., Girls' Club, Corr. Sec., Spanish Club, Library Club, Treas., Pep Club, Hall Cadet. YVONNE MARIE COUILLARD Elective Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, All-City Choir. JOANNE MARIE GAMBINO Elective Music Fest. BETTY GRAYS Elective Music Fest., Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. MARDREE J. L. HARPOLE Elective Music Fest., Girls' Club. BARBARA J. HARRIS Elective Course Course Course Course Course Music Fest., Girls' Club, Student Council, Hall Cadet, Sr. Cap and Gown Com., All-City Choir. ANNETTE M. JOHNSON Elective Course Music Fest., Girls' Club. CORDELL ORANGE Elective Course Mon. in "A", Student Council. , MICHAEL F. OTHROW Science Course Hall Cadet, All-City Choir. Football "N", Student Council, "N" Club, Treas., Variety Show, Movie Mon., Investigation Com., DONALD L. RICHARDSON Elective ROY SCHMITT Elective LYNN L. SCHUETTE Elective Course Course Course Girls' Club, Office Mon., Student Council, Latin Club, Pres., Vice-Pres., Hall Cadet, Booster Girls, Cheerleader, Cap., Variety Show, Talent Show, Dance Mon., Head Mon. "A", Dance Ensemble. SCHOOL GRADUATES JESSE STEWART Elective Course LOTTIE M. THOMAS Elective Course ENDOLYN L. WEBB Elective Course VIOLA F. WILDER Elective Course Not Photographed BEVERLY MATTUSCHEK English Course Girls' Clubg Span. Clubp Hall Codet. JEAN WARE Commercial Course Girls' Club. GEORGE C. WILLIAMS Elective Course SPONSOR GROUPS Row Row Row Row Row S. D. J. K. L. Mr. HOMEROOM "A" l2B Mr. Witte ond Mr. Weeks Darryl, W. Leistch, J. Williams, F. Strong, E. Malone, V. Ingram, E. Hardy, K. Starks, J. Smith, V. Yanko, Knopf, S. Johnson, H. Waltors, A. Paik, K. Feld, H. Rudolph, C. Brooks, M. Hintrel, R. Gilbert, C. Johnson. Saxton, J. Stewort, B. Vonier, A. Smith, P. Williams, J. Harrell, l. Young, G, Smith, C. Wallace, S. Blake. Schuette, P. Coppersmith, R. Hadel, G. Teat, T. Prostek, P. McLaughlin, B. Woelky, B. Yanke, J. Garland. Witte, G. Wolfe, R. Pontzloff, R. Bauer, G. Rittmann, R. Cunningham, A. Walker, Mr. Weeks. HOMEROOM 235 llA Mrs. Williamson Row 3: J. Miner, R. Mueller, M. Roberts, P. Post, R. Fohey, P. Polzin, E. Presley, B. Reed. Row 2, J. Lee, T. Filiput, J. Ber- geon, M. Beckley, A. Partee, J. Miller, L. Smith, V. Carter. Row l: T. Wurson, P. Boone, D Pontzloft, P. Williams, P. Fisgher W. Krist, J. Gillespie. HOMEROOM 3l6 llA Mr. Frost Row 4: S. Carter, L. Jones, E Beamon, J. Lee, D. Pugh, C. Harris, E. Owens, F. Griffin, J Gosh. Row 3: B. Shaeren, R. LaGoo, D Lockhart, M. Gaines, B. Morris D. Crisp, Y. Kesners, E. Wentz Row 2: B. Britton, L. Johnson, N Alford, V. Sykes, A. Mason, Z Bishop, M. Green, D. Shapiro. Row l: Mr. Frost, D. Hansbrough F. Manshu, A, Levy, Rober Sparks, S, Schields, C. Ott. 1 HOMEROOM 302 IIA Mr. Kintis vi HOMEROOM 208 IIA Miss Luker Row 4, T. Laird, M, Schroeder L. Oison, J. Engler, M. Bates K. Grosser, J. Becker, M Powless. Row 3: D. Evans, J. Pokorny, C McHenry, K, Parker, S. LaVora N. Linglord, P. Jones. Row 2: J. Prodzinski, S. Juech J. Johnson, M. Grant, E. Riley M. Simms. Row I: Miss Luker, J. Daley, R Gibson, D. J. Mackai, R, Orange W, Belton. HOMEROOM l28 IIA Mrs. Reagles Row 4: K. Vogt, J. Wade, C. Sim mans, W. Brazziel, J. Norton C. Sauer. Row 3: J, Volkman, J, Currad C. Esler, B. Schaefer, M. Kame nick, B. Stevens. Row 2: A. Albrecht, J. Hoshieel J. Zingate, A. Craig, S. Hutchins, R. Cannon. Row l: Mrs. Reogles, G. Nevels G. Moravec, D. Buchholz, H Clark. 4 Row 4: D. Matthews, P. Kinlow C. Johnson, T. Woods, L. Sydlo, L. LaDuran, W. Roth, J. Hollins Row 3: L. Todd, B. Kirchhoff, B. Washington, S. Jones, B. Wright, C. Jackson, L. Deggins, Row 2: A. Renfro, M. Wyatt, C partie, J. Bien, G, Whipple, A. Jordan. Row I: Mr. Kintis, W. Munson A. Krievins, K. Creuzer, M. No- tion, O. Thompson. Q7 wt 'U' V HOMEROOM 306 IIA Mr. Brooks Row 3: G, Lawson, D. Howard, D. Fitzgerald, K. Gardener, J. Bryant, R. Fischer, F. Stahl, G. Westcott, W. Neddle. Row 2: R. Schendel, S. Holmes, R. Buege, D. Wyatt, C. Hender- son, C. Young, J. Schumann. Row I: Mr. Brooks, L. Cocroft, R. Williams, J. Oehmcke, E. Prime asing, K. Alksnis, F. Scoggins. ,S 'I HOMEROOM 3l l: TRACK Mr. Thompson Row 3: S. Walker, L. Juniel, K Tatum, M. Dent, J. Baumann, D. Jackson, l. Ruth, N. Zuehlke, Row 2: W. Carter, W. Malone G. Kelly, J. Means, R. Washinge ton, W. Rowe, R. Parpentr, W. Jackson. Row l. Mr. Thompson, N. Fritz, D Holz, G. Holloway, C. Schultz, R. Ritter, D. Little. SPONSOR GROU HOMEROOM 203 IIB Mr. Ristow Row 4: G. Joseph, E. Morris, T Vogel, F. Mack, J. Awe, G Bowan, B. Westmogeland. Row 3: l. Williamson, Z. Tatum A. Stewart, R. Thomas, B Schneider, W. Geib, C. Wright, S. Weaver. Row 2: J. Beene, S. Wilson, J. Pruiett, G. Koester, K. Whitney, L. Toliver, E. Adkins. Row 1: Mr. Ristow, M. Sanfelip- po, L. Jay, D. Dawyoowycz, W. Zahn, R. Endisch. 1 PS FOOTBALL HOMEROOM 214 Mr. Engelke Row 5: W. Guyton, O. Porter F. A. Hardy, A. Jewell, W. Car ter, L. Williamson, C. Davis, L Harper. Row 4: J. Horton, D. Tillman, R Gensler, J. Seifert, D, Neufuss R. Schoening, C. Grace, C. Wci- ciechowski. Row 3: O. Bennett, F. Gutter F. Laster, R. Donley, E. Moton H. Oden, J. Shoffner, S Naughn. Row 2: J. Hunter, S. Halbert, G. Kincaid, A. Taylor, W. Sherard, J. Barian, R. Brown. Row l: Mr. Engelke, D. Robine son, W. Brooks, W. Shelby, R. Beaudoin, M. Johnson. I sl f , HOMEROOM 232 IIB Mr. Anderson Row 4: Brendel, N. Bridges, P. Melvin, C. Weddle, S. Parker, T. Gillespie, E. Bielinski, W. Knebel. Row 3: H. Eismann, K. Jensen, L. Boone, R, Kumrow, E. Mar- . tin, G, Johnson, B. Hampton. Row 2: G. Williams, l. Sublett, G. Collins, C. Gosetti, Y. lucas, P. Lewis, L. Thomas. Row 1: Mr. V. Anderson, R. Gast E. Kindberg, T. Jackson, J. Hub- bard, F. Griffin. HOMEROOM Zll llB Mr. Kampine Row 3: J. McClain, D. Gibbons C. Richard, J. Thornton, C. Green, A. Tooke, A. Rucinski, N Ghoston. Row 2: M. Ball, B. Chapman, A. Rhodes, D. Smelley, J. Watson Y. Hodd, J. Jacobs. Row l: Mr. Kampine, A. Masley, D. Johnson, T. Dane, G. Schreck J. Lewis, H. Barksdale. 3 HOMEROOM 129 TOA Mrs. Freitag Row 3: R. Almeydo, J. Perkins, J. Rades, C. Wilson, J. Shelton, M. Dukes, D. Cleveland. Row 2: G. Plaulz, M. Pace, S. Jones, S. Miels, J. Ukasick, R. Broderick. Row l: Mrs. E. Freitag, Y. Kemp, J. Schmidt, B. Smith, C. Jackob- sons, A. Fuchsburger. 5 gal HOMEROOM "B" TOA Mrs. Polomis Row 5: M. Brewer, R. Tate, S. Golden , Smallwood, J. Miner, C, Sharpe . Large, K. Clemens, E. Shaw, J ier, H. Carnie, J. Stallaroni. Row 4: H. Clemens, O, Watkins, J itmore, B. Grier, L. Kohl, E. Evans . Schaentelder, D. Philer, M. Na aniel, P. White, S. Cherney. Row 3: P. Hendricks, L. Duckert, F Cockfield, L. Patterson, W. Wetzel . orper, K. McMillan, l. Jackson V. Clayton, E. Schaefer, P. Klein. ow 2: P. Swarthout, E. Lockhart, G rgil, E. Budd, R. Tetzer,, S. Kalutis S. Pittman, V. Scott, R. Rodgers, K Nusberger, R. Beene. Row l: Mrs. M. Polomis, S. Arndt, B Davis, D. Jarach, T. Beard, W Schnopp, R. Warren, D. Pague, K Gruel. HOMEROOM "B" lOA Mr. Schmidt Row 5: J. Sclteidt, D. Mueller, R Koehler, C. Migacz, G. Rose, P. Mc Carter, W. Matson, N. Unmack, G Kreiser, L. Trulson. Row 4: T. Roensch, R. Widish, E. Walls D. Landgral, N, Neopaleon, G. North J. Tucker, L. Dalton, R. Kinl. Row 3: J. Williams, E. Powless, M Byrom, B. Parker, J. Thompson, N Hudnell, F. Moss, J. Schielen, W Thompson, J. Meyer. Row 2: L. Wollmann, P. Ploeger, K Thurner, E. Rudolph, M. Rosenstein, P Fair, E. Kendrick, B. Westphal, W Lee. Row lr H. Johnson, C. Hudson, D Jones, B. Byrom, W. Bell, M. Dun nett, R. Winchell, Mr. Schmidt, D Durbin, K. Pierce. v HOMEROOM 303 IOA Mr. Wulz Row 4: C. Gilbert, M. Purifoy M. Junior, E. Haller, V. Orlik, B. Dunlap, L. Swayne. Row 3: V. Henderson, F. Prof- fitt, M. Bashaw, L. Claypool, J. Grace, F. Higgins, W. Qualls. Row 2: M. Petrich, L. Bell, S. Pachniak, B. Berry, K. Bourn O. Wittenhurg. Row l: E. Addison, S. Stein, Mr. Wulz, W. Hicks, R. Yauck, W. Cowans. HOMEROOM 233 IOA Mr. Groves HOMEROOM 201 l0A Mrs. Thomas Row 4: J. Metz, A. Warfield, E Fisher, F. Kirksey, H. Myrna, J. Cephus, C. Stowers. Row 3: E. Cockfield, C. Hondlord, M. Bledsol, S. Atkins, S. Davis, L. Young, M. Oneal. Row 2: J. Brown, F. Davis, B Avery, R. Haskins, D. Brown, L Miller, T. Bond. Row l: Mrs. Thomas, M. Grady, A. Dunlap, L. Bartes, J. Green R. Gray, J. Hoskins. 42 Row 4: E. Batton, J. Johnson, J. Smith, C. Overtree, L. McClain, B. Kennedy, N. Martin. Row 3: F. Washington, S. Sprew- er, V. Murrell, F. Greer, B. Smith, M. Jones. Row 2: M. McCoy, F. Toliver, E. Stribling, B. Liddell, E. Holder, E. Tyler. Row l: Mr. Groves, J. Schultz, C. Junior, J. Townsend, B. Johnson, L. Carter. HOMEROOM 213 lOA Mr. Keith Row 4: O. Clark, J. York, M. Riley, P. Hamilton, I. Waldhern, D Row R L. Raw L. J. Row Valerio, P. Goelden. 3: C. Neustdeter, S. Hay, Matson, J, Carter, M. Hobbs, Buege, L. Liddell. 2: M. Mitchell, B. Clarke, DiBella, A. Olson, A. Boy, Joy, J. Kriegel. l: Mr. Keith, R. Lindsay, J. Walker, J. Butler, C. Woerfel, L. McDowell. XJ., ,gy -u. ?5fiwJ in f . sf.-g.. fiilfiijwfr 'Plas Y HOMEROOM 23l OB Mr Orlando ow 4 Gutter M Green R gers R Jones W Kle n R Fayne, B. Cramer. Row 3: S. Colvin, S. Smerz, M Reed, J. Holton, L. Lee, P. Gloria M. Marinich. Row 2: S, Kyler, H. Jensen, A Crockett, J. Morgan, V. Taylor D. McLaughlin, E. Scheidnasz Row l: Mr. Orlando, G. Liebner, R. Dixon, L. Tillman, C. Swarth out, S. Wurzinger. GROUPS HOMEROOM 307 l OB Mr. Jatteris Row 4: J. Tunstill, E. Brown, J Williams, L, Moutry, R, Whit- acker, L. Beckley. Row 3: K. Schueck, D. Walters B. Westcitt, M. Wogen, G. Zahn S. Kilwinger. Raw 2: R. Smith, R. Hultman, J Schwenk, M. Hutchins, C. Rich ard, G. Martin. Row l: Mr. J. Jafferis, B. Tatum M. Blundan, B, Peace, C. Fike, J. Eismann. if N.. . . lifz . s, My 6 L .J as 1 ll" 5. HOMEROOM 324 IOB Miss Bannach Row 3: C. Mosby, D. King, P. Scott, G. Tate, A. Williams, J, Williams, W, King. Row 2: L. Harris, E. Jines, C. Hood, F. Willis, B. Highshaw, M. Jones, P. Johnson. Row l: Miss Bannach, J. Farland, D. White, E. leans, R. Matthews, A. McLain. N cn. - 'I' 7 .x l Iii QE 'S .u . , 45 1 HOMEROOM 122 IOB Mr. McGarly Row 3: D. Andrews, M. Whipple, G. Simpson, S. Surratt, J. Baier, L. Staples, A. Geib, B. Carter, S. Cannon. Row 2: P. Givens, G. Jackson, E. Boone, H. Bell, C. Stricklen, D. Atkins, M. Linsy, J. Owens. Row l: Mr. McGarty, N. Werner, S. Staples, G. Zindler, M. lzard, S. Pegues, L. Braeunert. fi 5 HOMEROOM 3Ol 9A Mr McCullough Row 4 J Svalplenka D Charles on A sten L rell Lang S Studener B Jakobson Row 3 A McDaniel M Moore S Ashtond M Jewell L HI ks M Coleman ow 2: J. Scherr M. Glifton seph S Piarskl ,lu Zahorek Row l: Mr. J. McCullou Freitag J Copeland W Heard C Ashford T Jackson SPONSOR HOMEROOM 205 9A Mr Hettwer Row 4: E. Dukes, P. Tipton Crawford R Riepl A Daugh e S Juniel A Will s Row 3: B. Fechner D. Hur Dyes D Jones P Gutzmer D Blundon W Caldwell Row 2: A. Daddato A. Bur ess Hegwood A Green R Jones Hernandez Row Mr Heltwer M Smith Sims H Bressehe S Hudson Esler HOMEROOM 323 lOB Mrs. Gavelt Row 3: L. Estaada, D. Houseton R. Schwendler, L. Harrell, B Tipton, B. Alexander, J. Childs A. DeBose. Row 2: B. Mason, A. Phoston, C Brown, P. Gray, B. Briese, B Carter, E. Chappell, C. Finch. Row l: Mrs. Gavett, G. Willer, W Hardy, L. Swayne, J. lrick, R Williams. HOMEROOM 206 9A Mrs. Baumgartner Row 4: B. Henderson, I. Johns, G. Hall, D. Ellis, R. Starks, G. Washington, K. Knutson. Row 3: D. Henderson, P. Gordon, W. Wetzel, R. Overton, A. Han- sen, V. Robeison. Row 2: F. Rodgers, B. Garland, L. Wharton, W. Hudson, D. Hall, S. Jarvis. Row 1: Mrs. H. Baumgartner, B. Bledsoe, P. Kohout, M. Junion, W. Ousley, D. Lopoe. HOMEROOM 234 9A Mr. Meyer Row 4: L. Roback, E. Reeder, R. Olinger, M. Mantick, P. Bank- head, M. Phillips, M. Bobinger. Row 3: J. Watkins, S. Sykes, J. Dozier, J. Smith, B. Powell, D. Niedzwiecki, C. Carroll. Row 2: M. Stepke, J. Cannon, V. Wilber, O. Tatum, L. Spears, P. Melser, S. Soller. Row l: Mr. Meyer, W. Podvin, L White, K. Joy, B. Ringgold, V. Mason. ev HOMEROOM 210 9A Mr. Pelikan Row 4: B. Wolfe, V. Pitts, T Freund, B. Thomas, D. Dunlap A. Harris, D. Barwind, C. Moutry Row 3: A. Watson, C. Owens, H Tyson, M. Wallace, J. Appel, F Einert, M. Washington. Row 2: G. Swayne, M. Tiedt, J Kontny, D. Fritz, B. Clanin, A Fink, D. Abel. Row l: M. Purefay, R. Cruff, F Shorter, G. Brown, S. Gast, Mr Pelikan. Yi HOMEROOM 310 9A Mr. Newman Row 3: V. Dunbar, K. Jewell, M Green, W. Turner, B. Downey A. Williams, T. Davis, C. Moeschi Row 2: B. Lingford, O. Hallman D. Reynolds, B. Morris, B. Brent, C. Talley, I. Miller. Row lx C. Sparks, H. McAdory R. Cunningham, Mr. Newman K. Johnson, S. Doss, J. Colemani GROUPS HOMEROOM lO4 9A Mr. Fisher Row 4: P. Kroening, A. Peltz, R Glenn, C. Osler, J. Futtorer, F Moore, B. Stricklen. Row 3: M. Leitenberger, N. Black- C shire, P. Banks, H. Oliver, Wentz, J. Price. Row 2: P. Neumann, J. Bunk, S Stahl, J. Bieber, J. Collins, C Schoenfelder. Row l: Mr. Fisher, J. Brown, E Zimmermann, B. Basile, J. Cal vert, A. Askew. I HOMEROOM 227 9B Mr. Zettel Row 4: A. Dettlaff, B, Craig, W. Hubbard, L. Jordan, M. Bailey, J. Mayer, T. Booker. Row 3: K. Lynch, B. Giese, D. Greer, S. Wright, R. Williams, B. Brooks. Row 2: B. Freeman, J. William- son, B. Zolicoffer, G. Krueger, S. Hampton, J. McClain. Row l: K. Krogman, J. Christian- sen, Mr. Zettel, J. Heinen, K. Jackson. r,. HOMEROOM 225 9B Mr. Pritchard Row 3: C. Johnson, C. Jefferson, G. Ware, W. Hughes, R. Finley, V. Durbin, S. Allen, B. Bailey. Row 2: F. Thompson, J. Crisp, J. Pieranski, B. Kannenberg, H. Cargile, M. Henderson, M. Mc- Laughlin, M. Moutry. Row I. W. Strieter, R. Nicholson, A. Listen, Mr. Pritchard, J. Kor- mendi, J. Butzlaff, M. Williams. 46 ki? 9 HOMEROOM 226 9B Mr. Stephens Row 3: J. Durrah, M. Opalewski, E. Kelly, B. Johnson, D. Benic- min, D. Clark, J. Bracey, C. Lawrence, N. Washington. Row 2: J. Purifoy, R. Laird, H. McClain, A. Eggleston, K. Hutch- ins, E. Knebel, E. Orlick, S. Sealey. Row l: W. Torrence, J. Curtis, R. Donaldson, Mr. F. Stephens, D. Ronald, R. Sessner, J. Reasby. SPONSOR GROUPS HOMEROOM 330 9B Mr. Keegan Row 4: R. Taylor, J. Roth, L. Winding, R. Peterson, R. Rem- mel, C. Walters, B. Tipton. Row 3: J. Walker, G. Ponds, J. Poepping, B. Wright, M. Sim- mons, H. Thompson, H. Polk. Row 2: G. Wilding, M. Raasby, C. Rodgers, G. Watkins, E. Shel- ton, M. Yanke, R. Prodzinski. Row l: Mr, C. Keegan, D. Mich- aud, M. Wilke, E. Williams, C. Pagel, P. Werni. JANUARY GRADUATION -A 8th Grade Row 5: P. Werni, W. J. Torrence R. Donaldson, R. Huck, R. Sess ner, G. Voss, J. Christiansen, M Wilke, G. Pate, J. Curtis, R Smith. Row 4: I. Grant, R. Taylor, C Pagel, A. Listau, J. Kormendi R. Knippel, J. Roth, E. Kelly, K Krogman, H. Kahny. Row 3: R. Dale, C. Jefferson, S Allen, M. Henderson, W. Hub bard, B. Tinton, R. Remmel, R Peterson, S. Cassel, J. Heinen Row 2: R. Barian, R. Prodzinski G. Krueger, G. Watkins, M Yanko, J. McClaim, C. Toliver, 5. Sealey, S. Hampton, M Moutry. Row 1: L. Jordan, W. Florance F. Johnson Jr., E. Williams, L Winding, B. Craig, J. Mayer, B. Davis. JANUARY GRADUATION - B 8th Grade Row 5: B. Burney, G. Ponds, R Blalock, B. Johnson, M. Balley J. Haut, C. Walter, K. Lynch J. Stefanec. Row 4: E. Stegall, D. Greer, B Giese, S. Brych, S. Bronston, G Pellman, G. Mathia, B. Wright J. Williamson, K. Hutchins. Row 3: J. Nolan, B. Zalicoffer, H Thompson, C. Lawrence, M. Sim- mons, J. Bracey, A. Bridges, H Cargile, B. Brooks, G. Wilding Row 2: O. Woodard, E. Shelton J. leidy, H. Polk, J. Walker, J Peopping, C. Rodgers, M. Lar sen, R. Williams, S. Wright. Row I: R. Laird, L. Colfer, A Dettlaff, M. Opalewski, H. Mc Clain, T. Booker, T. Winter, K. Jackson. HOMEROOM 314 Miss Myers Row 3: R. B. Bey, P. Huff, J. Tatum, E. Harvey, W. Buchana, L. Gee, E. Newsom. Row 2: M. Votsis, M. Phillips, B. Brown, M. Williams, M. R. Foti, P. Pearsley. Row I: Miss Myers, K. Hayek, A. Hernandez, J. Awe, A. Unmack, F. Hayes. ELEMENTARY DIVISION. ,IT M HOMEROOM llO 8A-2 Mrs. Yennie Row 4: F. Welch, R. Knippel, R. Bell, B, Owens, B. Thompson, J. Hagler. Row 3: B. Morton, L. Sebeny, L. Bonnett, E. McDonald, R. Car- ter, L. Johnson. Row 2: G. Moses, D. Schwamb, B. Schleft, J. Nolan, S. Knut- son, S. Kreutzer. Row l: Mrs. Yennie, W. Rose, M. Cross, H. Martin, G. Sanders, E. Edwards. SPONSOR HOMEROOM 109 BA-3 Mr. Ebner Raw 4: A. Schmidt, L. Palmer, S Hoffman, S. Parvi, M. Hoffman, J. Oehler, L. Wedward. Row 3: P. Wright, C. Dickinson, A. Johns, C. Gordon, O. Mc- Dowell, A. Shelby, E. Moorer. Row 2: D. Clifton, L. Bradford M. Curran, J. Hicks, O. Wood- ard, M. Williams. Row l: Mr. Ebner, T. Burke, H Thomas, T, Malone, W. Tabor, M. Borsom. HOMEROOM 09 BA-I Mr. Woian Row 4: V. Taliver, T. French, B Gee, R. Hamilton, M. Tripp, J Brown. Row 3: R. Nichols, N. Sherard, K Hinkfuss, C. Nemetz, M. Bell, J Rainey. Row 2: G. Cannon, D. Perkins V. Ellis, G. Wozniak, K. Mit- chell, R. Barian. Row l: Mr. R. Woian, G. Hess G. Walls, J. Appelwhite, W Show, H. Johnson. HOMEROOM 'l'l3 BA-4 Mr. Zoske Row 4: C. Hardisor, J. Mosiolb J. Jordan, A. Love, P. Williams, E. Glenn, G. Bell. Row 3: J. Williams, T. Reed, B Smith, R. Laird, R. Reifenstehl L. Grimes, P. Williams. Row 2: F. Oliver, H. Thomas, B Edwards, H. Washington, J. Alt- man, R. Herron, B. Soyes. Row T: Mr. G. C. Zoske, J. Law- rence, R. Brown, A. McCarter C. Clayton, B. Day. 1 HOMEROOM OlO 88 Mr. Meyer Row 4: C. Hughes, S. Mclntosh M. Phillips, M, Buege, C. Ham mond, B. Stewart, P. Rodionov Row 3: l. Barsh, M. Miller Calvert, V. Hampton, R. Wright B. Franks, L. Jackson. Row 2. B. Laster, D. Savage, L Duehring, R. Jacobs, O. Cubie A. McElwee. Row l: Mr. Meyer, J. Sieza Wilson, D. Patterson, R. Town sell, P. Byrd. HOMEROOM Ol7 7A Mr. Marasch Row 4: J.Johnson, L.Johnson, L. Thomas, E. Eismann, B. Thomas, R. Navauo, V. Goodlow. Row 3: S. Tunstill, F. Tyler, L. Williams, M. Bates, C. Young, R. Olives, R. Wallace. Row 2: L. Hayward, S. Pumphrey, P. Dilworth, H. Gee, H. Thomas, G. Cox, J. Williams. Row l: J. Hansen, L. Farmer, M. Wealkey, J. Martin, W. Ash- ford, D. Wilkerson, A. Smith. A. HOMEROOM O4 8B Mr. Jackson Row 41 C. Washington, H, Boyn ton, M. Johnson, C. Goodman N. LaGrow, G. Taylor, J. Love Row 3: J. Ward, B. Smith, E Kemp, H. Wright, G. Golgcr, B Samuel. Row 2: N. Childs, P. Kleppin, L Redmond, G. Zingler, Z. Brooks E. Samuel. Row l: Mr. Jackson, H. Bentz, J Schleif, E. Coleman, J. Cockrill D. Donley. GROUPS HOMEROOM lO5 BB Mr. Hepner if Row 3: B. Coleman, E. McCanna, L. Johnson, E. Harwell, L, Bell, J. Hampton, C. Durah, W. Kreil. Row 2: D. Hutchins, T. Thompson, L. Rozell, V. Cox, R. Halilield, N. Palm, C. Green, J. Carter. Row l: Mr. Hepner, L. Jackson, R. Broadie, L. Lundgren, G. Davis, G. Westmopeland, C. Burns. SPONSOR HOMEROOM O19 7A Mr. Temby Row 4: T. Young, B. Tolbert, Y Little, C, Grace, S, Walker, S Luttrell, G. Lawson, W. Woods Row 3: J. Repsa, C. Estergard, R Lagrow, D. Wabyick, D. Laster, V. Flowers, A. Brown. Row 2: J. Lattimore, J. Windham R. Zobbicoffer, C, Shields, C. Armstorng, M. Cummings, F Miller. Row l: Mr. Temby, R. Strickland V. Fair, J. Applewhite, A Brown, J McAvory, R. Herbert. Q21 HOMEROOM O8 7B-3 Mr. Logan Row 4: T. Van, W. Alan, J. Jem- eny, F. Siemann, L. Johnson, L. Williams, R. Augsburger. Row 3: l. Reed, A. Hicks, R. Goodman, P. Townsell, N. Har- well, C. Greer, K. Haut. Row 2: P, Samuel, G. Simms, J. Alexander, L. Davis, R. Nolan, J. Alston, E. Stahl. Row l: Mr. Logan, R. Williams, M. Pate, J. Wright, R. Kloman, H. Hollis, R. Clennis. HOMEROOM IO6 7871 Mr. Kucera HOMEROOM ll2 7B l Mr. Tagatz Row 4: J. Wells H. Johnson Schwartz, C. Jordon, l. Guyton D. McAdory, O. Parker, C. Love Row 3: J. Berry, C. Cocroft, L Berry, E. Baldwin, L. Smith, R Robinson, J. Joplin, V. Smith Row 2: D. King, J. Reasby, C Cantrall, J. Cottrell, D. Smith L. Klingman, J. Brown. Row I. Mr. Tagatz, N. Bradley, M. Hutchins, M. Butler, J. Boyce D. Smith, J. LaPlante. GROUPS az' I 'S Row 4: L. Jones, H. Benson, J. Allen, A. Duehring, L. Bald- win, C. Thompson, B. Davis, T Morisse. Row 3: H. Thompson, S. Chap- man, H. Gilmore, D. Johnson D. Rodgers, A. Christiansen, J Miles, P. Jones. Row 2. M. Franks, D. Braun, C Pope, C. Bradley, S. Williams J. Allen, J. Balzer, W. Hampton Row l: Mr. Kucera, G. Hudy, E Franks, E. Satterfield, J. Mary P. Terry, C. Plautz. ra Q-is Q 1 l OUR CLASSES AT WORK lab -L S THIRD SERIES: Q F Q 3 M' ,ff six MQ E? wr ,I ' qui TMA , .K 'N L, x W X - mmf xv ,, T "Giang,- f4cZ'cIa6Z'6ea. , ow 4: C. Mohns, K. Pierce, J. Florian, Wallmann. ow 3: D. Reep, K. Parker, L. Pierce, ow 2: J. Johnson, S. Juech, M. Salz- ow l: Miss Heiden, H. Bielland, P. Wil- LIBRARY CLUB lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester T. Peace ....,... ,...... P resident ...... ........ J . Fischer D. Melser ...... ...,.... V . President ...... ........ V . Scott J. Joy ....,.....,... ..... . Secretary ...... .,........... J . Joy M. Coleman ........ ....... T reasurer ,..... ....,... R . Winchell C. Fike: S.L.A.M. C. Fike: J. Fischer ...... ....,.,,.. d elegates .,...... .,... J . Fischer Student Director C. Simmons ...... ........ o f Monitors ..,... ,,..... C . Pirtle Ass't. Student Director C. Pirtle ..,,,.,................. of Monitors ..,.,,,.......,. ., ..R. Shields The purpose of the Library Club is to inte- grate the library with other school activities, and to have fun. The Library Club meets in the library, on Monday- 8:10 to 9:00 A.M. ln addition they have their traditional monthly, Wednesday, morning meetings. The outstanding events in which the Library Club participated were as follows: Participated as member of Student Library Association of Milwaukee in Public Library Opening Celebration, shared second prize for Homecoming Decorations with Fine Arts Club, and had a booth at the Fun Fair. Miss Heiden B. Shaeren, P. Ploeger, B. Worny, L. S. LaVora, S. Colvin, J. Prodzinski. wedel, P. Kelln, J. Schumann, D. Shapiro. liams, A. Roback, L. Olson, M. Schroeder. Mrs. Weltmer Row 4: M. Roberts, M. Beck, E. Haller E. Phillips, B. Cramer, M. Coleman, R Shields. Row 3: V. Orlick, J. Johnson, T. Peace S. Cherney, J. Fischer, Y, Travitt, K Bourn. Row 2: P. Kelln, D. Melser, C. Pirtle, J Joy, C. Kerksey, V. Scott. Row I: Mrs. Weltmer, C. Simmons, C Fike, K. Pierce, R. Winchell, J. Miner BIG SISTERS lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester C. Mohns ........ ....... C o-Chairman ..... ....... J . Schumann J. Florian ......,.. ..,.... C o-Chairman ..... ..... H . Biellond S. Schaetzel ..,.... ........ S ecretary ..... ,....... B . Schaeren P. Taylor ....... .,...... T reasurer ..... ,.....,. B . Worny Purpose: To help the freshmen at North Division so- cially and academically. Time and Meeting Place: Thursday at 7:30 in the Girls' Gym. Outstanding Event: The Big Sisters participated in North's Fun Fair by sponsoring a treasure chest. We also helped the freshmen with their programs and decorated for the Homecoming and the Snow- ball Dances. Mr. Meyer Row 3: .l. Beard, K. Saxton, C. Overtree, P. Goelden, B. Griffin, P. Sossong. Row 2: W. Hughes, B. Shields, M. Kettle, R. Faich, H. Cargile. Row l: J. Schultz, T. Kane, Mr. Meyer, M. Schwirtz, C. Orange. ART GUILD lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester M. Schwirtz. ,..., ..,.... P resident ........ ...,.... M . Schwirtz R. Shields ...,.. ....... V . President ........ .....,.. R . Shields P. Scssong ........ , ...,.. Secretary ........ .....,.... P . Sossong C. Massingale, .... ...,... T reasurer ......., ....... C . Massingale FINE ARTS CLUB Mr. Orlando lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester H. Rudolph ........ ..,... P resident ...... .....,, H . Rudolph P. McLaughlin... ...... V. President .,...,. ..... E . Rudolph P. Ploeger .....,, ...., S ecretary ...... . ..,.. P. Ploeger J. Veisburg .,...... ........ T reasurer ..,... ....,.. J . Veisburg Purpose: Promote school activities and develop an interest in better music. Time and Meeting Place: Room l30-Second Wednesday of each month after school. Outstanding Event: Set up a booth at the Fun Fair, held annu- ally. Participate in the Variety Show, and also in the May Music Festival. Row 3: J. Veisberg, F. Boettcher, K. Pierce C. Ott, E. Rudolph, H. Rudolph, P Ploeger. Row 2: C. Young, J. Hollins, l. William son, P. Gordon, F. Boettcher, D. Melser P. Mclaughlin. Row l: W. Shelby, D. Little, Mr. Orlando V. Unmack, S. Stein, L. Trulson. 55 Row 3: K. Feld, M. Beck, B. Lehig Piering, M. Ranner, J. Hudson. E. Washington, F. Nevins. K. Gardner, S. Schaetzel. r BOOSTER GIRLS Mrs. Gavett lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester K. Feld .......,. .....,.. P resident .,,,.. ........., A . Paik S, Lueck .,..... ,,....,. V . President ..,..., ,....... K . Gardner N. Piering ....,. .,..,... S ecretary ...... .......... K . Feld J. Hudson ..... ........ T reasurer... ....... C. Simmons Purpose: To instill and increase school spirit by pro- moting and supporting school activities. Time and Meeting Place: Every Friday at 7:45 in room 325. Outstanding Events: This year the Booster Girls sponsored pep rallies, advertised school events, ushered in and out of school activities, conducted a Fun Fair booth, took part in the Variety Show and held farewell dinners for graduating members. i 1 BOOSTER BOYS Mr. Kintis lst Semester Otticers 2nd Semester R. Faich .......... ...., P resident ...... ...... D . Heinbuch W. Schmidt ....... .... . V. President .,..,. ...,.... R . Dippel R. Shields ....... . ...,... Secretary ...... ......... H . Fuller D. Heinbuch ....... ..... T reasurer ....... W. Schmidt Purpose: To create and instill school spirit by "doing" in promoting and supporting school activities. Time and Meeting Place: Every Friday morning at 7:35 in room 302. Outstanding Events: The Booster Boys again won first place in the Homecoming Dance decorations for the sec- ond consecutive year. The Club also promoted all social and sporting events, as well as help- ing with sales and promotion of the 1957 Tattler. Row 2: R. Ross, H. Bryant, D. Schultz, D. Roeder, J. Himmelmann, W. Schmidt, D. Heinbuch, H. Fuller. Row l: Mr. Kintis, R. Shields, R. Dippel C. Harris, D. N,eufuss, J. Boschek, R Faich, R. Myers. 56 Row 2: A. Paik, G. Haessly, L. Schuette Row 'lz Mrs. Gavett, G. Grant, S. Lueck 1 Row Row Row Row Row . , - . ' 'S 5: R. Carpenter, V. Sykes, J. Shelton, P. Jones, Ousley, R. LCunningham, Strayhon, J. Brown. i. I 2 IS . I ine' 4: J. Johnson, J. Miner, E. Rudolph, K. Joy, W. Krist, R. Starks, B. Downey, C. Jackson, B. Reed, L. Deggins, G. Johnson. 3: C. Simmons, S. Wilson, P. Banks, F. Rodgers, C. Owens, B. Brent, W. Qualls, L. Kohl, G. Zahn, C. Talley, A. Crockett, A Dougherty. 2: B. Jakobson D. Melser, S. Katutis, A. Hansen, W. Hudson, C. Pirtle, I. Miller, J. Bunk, P. Lewis, D. Shapiro, E. Juno, Schoenfelder. I: Mr. Hettwer, S. Zingler, H. Eisemann, H. Johnson, S. Brown, S. Doss, I. Williamson, H. Jensen, M. Grant. LATIN CLUB Mr. Hettwer lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester E. Rudolph ..... ..... P resident ..... ...,. C . Simmons C. Simmons .,...... .V. President ,...,. ....... P . Jones D. Shapiro ....... ..... S ecretary ,.... .... . .C. Moesch P. Jones ....... ..... T reasurer ........ ..,... S . Brown Purpose: The purpose is to foster an interest in things Roman with special emphasis on our Roman inheritance in many fields. The social ameni- ties of a club are not neglected. Time and Meeting Place: Room l3O. Approximately every 2nd or 3rd Thursday of the month, at 3:15 P. M. Outstanding Event: The lecture on Roman coins, including their significance to historians, as given by Mr. Culver. Row 4: M. Byrom, E. Knopow, H. Eis- mann, W. Knebel, P. Ploeger, L. Wall- mann, L. Kohl. Row 3: C. Jakobson, C. Neustedter, P. Hendricks, J. Prodzinski, S. Weaver, S. Sprewer, P. Lewis. Row 2: R. Whiting, G. Collings, Y. Lucas, P. Kelln, J. Ukasick, S. Katutis, T. Bond. Row I: Mr. Allan Wulz, P. Koehler, R. Endisch, L. Juniel, S. Stein, R. Widish, T. Vogel. BIOLOGY CLUB lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester P. Lewis ..,....,..,, ...... P resident. ,..,, .. R. Whitaker J. Prodzinski ..,... ...... V . President ....... . S. Colvin S. Weaver ,,...... ..,... S ecretary ....... . ..B. Cramer C. Jackobson... . ...... Treasurer .,..,.. . . ,..C. Fike Purpose: To further understanding of the basic prin- ciples of life, to acquire scientific methods, to appreciate conservation of natural resources, and to improve our general health standards. Time and Meeting Place: ln Room 303 at 3:10 on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. Outstanding event: The outstanding event of the Biology Club was a field trip to the Museum of Science and lndustry in Chicago to observe first hand the wonders of science. Lindfsrd, E. Johnson, V. Mason, R. Glenn, B ifi X dl ll NA. in L vig Student Council iAl Row 4: F. Rodgers, B. Morris, T. Lilipnt, R. Shields, C. Neustedter, P. Jones, C. Handford, S. Colvin, J. Childs. Row 3: L. Schuette, W. Qualls, V. Ghoston, Y. Travit, B. Kosick, C. Cannon, M. Wyatt, S. Hutchins. Row 2: Y. Lucas, J. Ukasick, D. Shapiro, B. Woelky, J. Joy, G. Neustedter, E. Washington, V. Scott. Row l: L. Wallmann, P. Mutters, M. Neuans, Mr. Brooks, L. Pierce, E. Martin, S. Wilson. Student Council iBl Row 4: E. Fayne, R. Myers, R. Faich, D. Schultz, J. Boschek, R. Ross, D. Neufuss, R. Dipple, S. Walker, G. Bengtson. Row 3: T. Simms, M. Othrow, C. Fike, L. Carter, l. Bryant, C. Johnson, E. Gollz, K. Feld, M. Ranner. Row 2: B. Lehigh, N. Piering, B. Ringgold, E. Harvey, S. Gast, F. Jakobson, S. Juniel, J. Simms, K. Georgieff. Row 1: J. Himmelmann, H. Bryant, Mr. Trythall, M. Beck, H. Fuller, C. Simmons, C. Harris, D. Heinbuch, W. Schmidt. Officers lst Semester 2nd Semester Harriss .......... ...... P resident ........ ,..,... D . Heinback Fuller .... V. President.. ....... H. Fuller Beck ,..,... ,..... S ecretary ...,.... ...... P . Williams Simmons ....... .Treasurer ..,,.... Shields Purpose: To provide the students of North Division with an opportunity for leadership and service to their school community. Time and Meeting Place: Library on Wednesday morning at 8:25 a.m. Outstanding Event: The Student Council sponsored the Spring Dcnce, the Snowball Dance, dress-up days, talent shows, the Fun Fair, and is in charge of all hall cadets. i --it I Row 6 Row 5 Row 4 Row 3 Row 2 Row I Jordan, J. Childs, C. Handford, S. Juniel. M. Ranner, P. Williams, T. Laird. T. Bond. STUDENT COUNCIL 5 s ,P : G. Willer, C. Goller, M. Williams, A. Taylor, R. Cunningham, B. Thomas, S. Ashford, J. Bryant, J. Engler, E. Johnson, L. : J. Hudson, .l. Smith, l. Williamson, A. Williams, M. Washington, J. Simms, G. Uirtie, L. Wallmann, S. Colvin, C. Neustedter, : E. Phillips, N. Piering, G. Haessly, A. Paik, T. Filiput, .l. Perkins, F. Rodgers, P. Givens, R. Whiting, J. Mayer, J. Bracey. : R. Shields, V. Ghoston, Y. Lucas, G. Wilding, M. Wyatt, P. Kelln, D. Shapiro, D. Melser, B. Woelky, E. Washington, V. Scott, : W. Schmidt, D. Roeder, Mr. Wergin, Mr. Trythall, Mr. Brooks, S. Lueck, B. Benson, P. Taylor, A. Roback, C. Simmons. : H. Clark, L. Trulson, R. Ross, D. Neufuss, R. Schnell, L. Juniel, H. Fuller, D. Heinbuch, E. Fayne. Row 3: Mr. Karlson, Mr. Wergin, Mr. Gee. Row 2: J. Schumann, T. Prostek, B. Jakobson, M. Marinich, H. Bell. Row 1: J. Brown, P. Taylor, L. Roback, K. Thurner, L. Kohl. STUDENT SECRETARIES The student secretaries give valuable service to the school at the same time that they obtain real practice in secre- tarial duties and responsibilities. In their free periods they do many of the vital tasks pertaining to full-time office procedure. They take dictation, tran- scribe letters, notices and written matter of many kinds. They keep files and rec- ords and handle financial operations connected with the every-day business of the curriculum, guidance and admin- istrative offices. Among the positions of highest responsibility to which a student may be appointed in North Division is that which the student secre- taries hold. 59 GIRLS GIRLS' CLUB Ist Semester Patricia Mutters ...... .,.... Holly Rudolph ..... . Annette Roback Dena Shapiro .... Amy Bryant ...... Officers ..V. President.. 2nd Semester President ........ ....... H olly Rudolph ., ..... Juanita Bryant Rec. Secretary ........,.... Joanne Engler ....Treosurer....... .........Sandra Juech Carr. Secretary .,.....,. .Marva Coleman OFFICERS AND ADVISORS Semester l: Raw 2: D. Shapiro, J. Bryant, A. Roback H. Rudolph, P. Mutters. Row I: Mrs. Polomis, Miss Luker, Mrs Baumgartner, Miss Myers. OFFICERS AND ADVISORS Semester 2: Baumgartner, H. Rudolph. Row I: J. Bryant, Miss Myers, J Engler, S. Juech. Purpose: The Girls' Club strives to promote friendship and cooperation among the girls of North Di- vision. The club is open to all girls from 98 to 12A who wish to have wholesome enioyment and to meet new friends. Time and Meeting Place: The meetings are held every second and fourth Tuesdays in Assembly "A" at 3:10. Outstanding Events: Each semester the club features a Get- Acquainted Party in the cafeteria, a style show, an Officers' Play, and a Senior Farewell, at which graduating seniors are given a diploma and a corsage. Row 2: M. Coleman, Miss Luker, Mrs. CLUB MEMBERS Row 5: G. Grant, M. Beck N. Dunbar, A. Johnson, D. Ellis, G, Hall, A. Kendrick V. Johnson, J. Hudson, M Dawkins, 8. Grays, J. Brown Row 4: J. Childs, C. Simpson, H. Guller, S. Juniel, P. Goel den, S. Colvin, D. Barwind, J. Appel, C. Einert, A. Kol bus, N. Cox. Row 3: A. Albrechl, C. Elser S. Jueck, M. Coleman, J Harrell, E. Johnson, L. Wal- lace, Hardy, B. Blalock, M Granl. Row 2: C. Jackson, M. Jewell A. Harris, V. Henderson, P Hendricks, S. Hay, S. Cher- ney, L. Dibello, L. Cloypool B. Brenl. Row l: E. Knopow, H. Eismann l. Kohl, B. Grier, C. Harris P. Jones, J. Hollins, M Gaines, E. Goltz. MEMBERS Row 5: K. Bell, L. Deggins, V. Ghosion, M. Kaiser, M. Dad- dalo, R. Avery, B. Kozick, J. Johnson, P. Alslan, D. Barrs, H. Bjelland. Row 4: C. Cannon, L. Davis, P. Earsley, J. Bunk, B, Clanin, B. Jacobs, P. Alford, E. Clay- pool, A. Craig, J. Dyes, D. Frllz. Row 3: S. Hulchings, M, Green, G. Koester, C. Goserli, P. Kelln, P. Kienasl, G. Collins, R. Jones, B. Berry, S. Ander- son. Row 2: E. Hamm, R. Cannon, R. Hadel, S. Kalufis, J. Joy, D. Barlell, A. Fink, R. Fetzer, R. Beene, E. Adkins. Row l: R. Glenn, P. Gordon, H. Bell, E. Boone, G. John- son, P. Deon, L. Buege, M. Dukes, Z. Bishop, D. Crisp. MEMBERS Row 5: P. lever, J. Miner, J. Perkins, P. Williams, B. Kuchler, S. Lueck, G. O'Con- nell. Row 4: J. Zindler, K. Pierce, B. Malluschek, B. Wolf, C. Pudlik, Z. Tatum, J. Ware, M. Schroeder. Row 3: N. Manske, B. Schaeren, E. Rudolph, P. Ploeger, J. Schmidl, S. Schaelzel, B. Le- high, L. Wallmann. Row 2: S. Spitza, B. Worny, D. Reep, J. lee, D. Wyatt, B. Slrayhon, D. Svaidlenka, S. Scherr. Row 1: B. Wallermann, C. Mohns, P. Taylor, L. Roback, N. Nelson, A. Unmack, P. Williams. 61 ...Q MEMBERS Row 5: S. Wilson, M. Washing- ton, I. Williamson, M. Tiedt E. Wentz, M. Wallace, A Watson, C. Neustedter, J Veisberg. Row 4: N. Piering, M. Ranner, A. Stewart, G. Murrell, S Weaver, A. Schoenfelder, G. Zahn, L. Lee. Row 3: R. Taylor, M. Salzwedel Y. Travitt, B. Woelky, J Schumann, C. Wents, J. Uka sick, C. Talley. Row 2: M. Wyatt, L. Smith, I Sublett, E. Washington, V Scott, M. Simms, C. Schoen- felder. Row I: V. Sykes, B. Washing- ton, G. Smith, E. Phillips, B. Tunstill, M. Neuens, L Pierce. 62 GIRLS' CLUB MEMBERS Row 5: D. Gibbons, D. Bla lock, P. Esler, C. Fike, I. Ha mann, J. Engler, P. Fisher, F Boetlcher, S. Carter, L, Guy ton, V. Foerster. Row 4: Y. John, M. Gensler B. Kuchler, P, Koehler, D Mundl, K. Grosser, D. Durbin J. Florian, I. Fehr, J. Becker L. Gee. Row 3: N. Lingford, B. Lingford S. LaVora, K. Parker, J,Prod zinski, H. Oliver, A. Nodes M. Linsy, E. Riley, l. Miller Row 2: A. Mason, J. Miller, C Pirtle, D. Melser, J. Owens G. Neustedter, P. McLaugh- lin, F. Kuban, P. Melser, G Martin. Row I: C. Osler, W. Quclls, Y Lucas, G. Pirtle, B. Lever, L Patterson, B. McBounds, T Peace, F. Rodgers. A.V.A. A. V. A. CADETS Mr. Hall - Director M. Opalewski. Endisch. ls T. B. J. D. R. T. R. t Semester Erfert .... Mur Barian .. Mueller . Gast Vogel Endisch Student Director ..Ass't. Student Director.. Scheduling Director...,. Ass't. Scheduling Director .... Head Operators A. Pellz R. Gust 2nd Semester T. Roensch Mur E. Zimmerman M. Opalewski T. Vogel R. Endisch D. Mueller A. V. A. OPERATORS Mr. Hall - Director disch. l. Rodgers. Row 2: K. Gruel, A. T. Davis, E. Juno. Row l: J. Bonnett, D. Mueller, R. Gast, D. Wachowiok, Mr. Hall, T. Rickert, E. Zimmer- mann, A. Walker. The Audio-Visual Crew is made up of relia- ble boys who are giving up many of their free periods to serve our school as operators of Audio-Visual equipment. They help students add to their knowledge and understandings through the use of films, filmstrips, records, tape recordings, still pictures, etc. During a school year approximately 3,500 groups make use of this effective aid to learning. This co-operative group of boys take great pride in providing this service to their fellow students and teachers. Row 2: A. Peltz, J. Bonnett, E. Walls, R. Ritter, T. Vogel, Row l: D. Mueller, R. Gost, Mr. Hall, T. Roensch, R. Row 5: W. Matson, C. Goller, S. Walker, T. Roensch, R. Ritter, D. Buchholz, N. Neo- polean, W. Zahn, R. En- Row 4: C. Davis, J. Baumann, A. Hitler, O. Von Bismark, T. Vogel, E. Walls, D. Neu- fuss, R. Freitag, W. Carter. Row 3: .l. Johnson, J. Johnson, R. Dippel, T. Simms, M. Ro- senstein, T. Gillespie, W. Bowe, A. Taylor, B. Vanier, Peltz, B. Thomas, L. Johnson, M.Opa- lewski, J. Barian, J. Futterer, 6 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 64 HALL CADETS 14 in Qu Mr. Trythall J 45592 2 -- A I' A "ZA .. vs. i 5: D. Reep, L. Pierce, 5. Trosch, G. Whipple, C. Pudlic, J. Natoli, K. Qualls, B. Harris, L. Johnson, B. Tunstill, B. Parsons 4: B. Morris, B. Grays, P. Dean, S. Cherney, M. Washington, F. Higgins, S. LaVora, K. Parker, G. Haessly, S. Juech, E. Stribling 3: B. McBounds, C. Jackson, G. Johnson, L. Deggins, V. Ghoston, C. Cannon, B. Jacobs, M. Carter, K. Bourn, G. Koester. 2: B. Stevens, S. Scherr, Y. Lucas, M. Wyatt, J. Dyes, N. Baldwin, G. Neustedter, E. Washington, S. Hendriks, B. Yanke. l: R. Schnell, S. Lueck, B. Kuchler, S. Schoetzel, K, Feld, B. Wallermann, M. Ranner, N. Piering, P. Mutters, S. Spitza. 4: L. Guyton, J. Becker, M. Roberts, Y. Jahn, R. Fischer, E. Phillips, M. Gensler, l. Sublett, R. Mueller. 3:W. Klein, J. Baier, A. Took, M. Othrow, C. Harris, M, Williams, J. Zur, J. Bryant, M. Bishop. 2: D. Gibbons, S. Puegues, M. Mclin, D. Durbin, F. Kirksey, L. Todd, S. Johnson, J. Knopf, J. Harell. l: D. Schultz, M. Salzwedel, J. Fischer, J. Hudson, Y. Travitt, L. LaDuron, V. Fcerster, A. Paik. Cadets volunteer their services to the school and do an excellent piece ot work in helping to keep the school clean and orderly. Among the many services rendered by North's Service Corps one notes the duties of My the cadets, namely: ll l To see that the halls are kept quiet and free of wastepaper. l2l To challenge students without passes. l3l To check lockers. To direct visitors to their respective destinations. Row Row Row Row Row Row H A L L Hamilton, P. Williams, M, Fuller, M. Dent, W. Nash, W. Wilson, R. Gibson, D, Mackai, K. Alksnis, R. Schoening, F. Lawrence, E. Moton. D. Dimitro, T. Laird, G. Schreck, J. Pokorny, J. Jones, R. Gilbert, L, Jones, M. Roberts, L. Braeunert, D. Durbin, H. Eismonn, M. Whipple. Scoggins, C. Strehlow, L. Todd, S. Johnson, L. LaDurcn, R. Schnell, S. Schaetzel, B. Kirchhoter, N. Koehler, B, Wallermonn, E. Hardy, Staples, J. Engler, K. Gardner, J. Becker, K. Thurner, C. Einert, E. Johnson, W. Wolfe, J. York, L. Wollmann, G. Nick. Beoudoin, M. Johnson, L. Williamson, R. Bauer, R, Lambrecht, J, Molzen, . Wottel, B. Stevens, W. Hudson, S. Hutchins, E. Riley, T. Teat, Y. Lucas, C A D E T S Row Row Raw Row Row Row A. Krieuins, D. Pontzloff, D. Roeder, W. Schmidt. J. Fischer, J, Schwmann. L..--' - H, Walters, R, Fischer, S. LaVorcl, N. Lingford, C. Young, M. Theus, R. Blackshire, P. Williams, M. Mclin, G. Smith, E. Phu n s Graham, M, Gaines, S. Brown, H. Ware, D. Andrews, V. Sykes, J. Shelton, L. A, Bell, R. Whitaker, M. Coleman, J. Florian Pierce, N, Piering, M. Othrow, M, Ranner, G. Haessly, M. Boscheck, J. Luster, J. Prisuda, V. Kesners, M. Calloway, V. Ghos on Moesch, E. Ghoston, J. Perkins, B. Jones, C. Jackson, M. Carter, P, Alford, M. Coleman, L. Deggins, B. lever, M, Beckley. Harris, J. Dyes, S. Juech, J. Bryant, H. Fuller, Capt. S. Lueck, L. Olson, J. Kimble, Lieut. D, Trytholl. Hendricks, L. Smith, E. Washington, P. Lewis, B. Breutzmann, M. Hutchins, l. Sublett, D. Shapiro, G. Martin, R. Beene. Hall Cadets Row 4: J. Molzen, A. Krievins D, Mackai, R. Lambrecht, R Meyers, R. Ross, A, Gordon, E Crockett, O. Jones. Row 3: L. Jay, W. Brooks, D Sims, L. Juniel, M. Dent, W. Wil son, L. Olson, M. Schroeden. Row 2: A. Gabor, G. Nick, C Strelow, B, Wolf, M. Florence, W Knebel, H. Eismann, E. Knopow Row l: D. Corey, T, Marquardt, H Bryant, H. Fuller, Mr. Trythall, N Mahnke, J. Boschek, 65 ow 3: T. Simms, J. Johns ow 2: J. Barian, P. Hicks, E. Row l: H. Fuller, D. Heinbuch, NORTH'S BUSY BEES . Semester l P. Mutters, M. Neuens, Harris, M. Dukes, P. Jones, A. Tooke, B. Kozick. Nash, C. Richard, R. Shields Y. Lucas, B. Woelky, G Neustedter. J. Himmelmann, D. Schultz, H. Bryant, R. Myers, R. Faich, J. Boschek. Semester Il Row 6: M. Ranner, E. Johnson, J. Becker, B Schaeren, M. Roberts, L. Sydlo, B. Worny, L Todd, P. Goelden, J. Lang, E.Nash, M.Dukes. Row 5: J. Appel, P. Hendricks, E. Shaw, H. Paul, S. Colvin, H. Jensen, C. Moesch, C. Othrow, N. Piering, M. Othrow, A. Roback. Row 4: G. Schultz, A. Kolbus, J. Hudson, B McBounds, S. Cherney, D. Reep, J. Prodzinski J. Fischer, R. Shields, J. Barian, M. Wash ington. Row 3' V. Ghoston, A. Craig, R. Jones, B. Lever, D. Melser, J. Ukasick, P. Mc- Laughlin, B. Woelky V. Scott, P. Bruetze fT1CV1l'l. Row 2: G. Rittmann, B. Benson, S. Lueck, S. Schaetzel, M. Schroe- der, C. Mohns, J. Schmidt, K. Pierce, L. Guyton, J. Bryant. Row l: P. Taylor, J. Kimble, H. Bieltand, N. Zuehlke, H. Fuller, R. Gibson, J. Collins, F. Lawrence, C. Sim- mens. 66 Semester I Row 5: J. Zur, G. Grant, C. Mohns, G. O'ConnelI, J. Engler, K.Gardner, K.Grosser, K. Thurner, J. Florian, P. Taylor. Raw A: R. Fischer, N. Piering, M. Ranner, P. Goelden, J. Lang, S. Hay, C. Neustedter, H.BelI, E.Gt1ostan, J.Hudson. Row 3: M. Neuens, B. Worny, D. Feldmann, B. Kozick, C. Moesch, S. Cherney, L. Di- Bella, B. McBounds, A. Kol- bus, Y. Trayitt. Row 2: M. Lueck, C. Cannon, J. Dyes, C. Pirtle, J. Schu- mann, B. Woelky, G. Burbey J. Ukusick, J. Joy. Row l: M. Williams, E. Bea man, J. Brown, H. Rudolph P. Williams, L. Sydlo, L Todd, S. Johnson. .3 i The monitors of North assist in the intirmary, restrooms, cafeteria and at the noonday movies. Without their able assistance North would not function as smoothly. We can be -C., ! Nz .1 P 1 9 i L N Semester 2 Row 2: R. Stemplinger, K. Johnson, G. Rittmann, G. Schreck. Row I: R. Reinert, Mr. Atwell, Mr. Stephens, R. Laird. gf '1' DQ, -13 498 1-N .J , . and STAGE and P.A. CREWS 1 Q Semester I Row 2: G. Schreck, T. Marquardt, G. Rittmunn, R. Lombrecht j Row I: Mr. Atwell, K. Johnson, R. Taylor, Mr. Stephens. Row Row Row Row Row 5 4 3 2 l S E M E S T E R l Row Row Row Row Row . : .f V xwxi, 'ii 'N . 9 9 . .MWJE i S. Hay, C. Neustedter, P. Goelden, R. Buege, l. Williamson, A. Stewart, K. Parker, M. Wash- ington, V. Kesners, E. Webb, R. Ritter, H. Bryant. P. Hendricks, V. Ghoston, S. Wilson, L. Buege, J. Johnson, M. Dawkins, K. Bell, W. Qualls B. McBounds, P. Alston. N. Tyson, B. Kozick, C. Cannon, R. Shields, B. Lever, B. Jacobs, J. Fisher, B. Cramer, J. Ukasick P. Kelln, D. Melser, D. Shapiro, J. Joy, Y. Lucas, E. Washington, F. Nevins, B. Yanke, P. Beene N Piering, M. Ranner, J. Hudson, B. Washington, J. Burrell, M. Coleman, P. Dean, Mrs. Yennie FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Officers John Himmelmann... ...... President .,.,,.. .....,.. R ichard Schnell A? Richard Schnell ....,... ...Vice President ...,.... Theophilus Simms X 0 Q Julie Johnson ,....... ..,... S ecretary ...... ..,...., N ancy Piering K Marilyn Williams .,.......,.. Treasurer ...... . ..... Janet Florian P. Williams, S. Carter, C. Mohns, R. Winchell, K. Gruel, P. Jones, J. Wright, K. Feld, S. Schaetzel. H. Eismann, P. Ploeger, P. Goelden, M. Fuller, J. Hudson, G. Zahn, S. Kilwinger, M. Ranner, A. Doll, L. Hicks. C. Schaf, L. Wallmann, S. Smerz, P. Shelley, W. Qualls, J, Prodzinski, J. Hoshiesel, G Haessly, B. Fuller. B. Cramer, J. Ukasick, B. Lever, B. Jacobs, M. Green, P. Burleton, S. Glusman, S. Hendricks E. Adkins. S. Stein, B. Schaeren, H. Bjelland, V. Foerster, C. Schultz, N. Fritz, R. Ritter, E. Walls, J. Kimble. 1 ' X N X X K7 X -ff' R Y S E M E S T E R 2 Q x L S E M E S T E R l FN N ZS M T E R 2 WD Raw Row Row Row Row Z 5: J. Kimble, V. Foe J. Bryant, J. Boschek. rster, P. Williams, H. Bielland, C. Mohns, J. Williams, J. Zur, T. Simms, 4: E. Malone, G. O'Connell, S. Carter, P. Leuer, N. Nelson, B. Schaeren, M. Roberts, R. Schnell, R. Dippel. 3: J. Florian, E. Goltz, M. Genzler, E, Rudolph, H. Eisrnann, E. Knopow, L. Kohl, P. Ploeger, L. Wallmann. 2: H. Gutter, E. John son, M. McLin, J. Byrom, D. Reep, P. Williams, L. Pierce, E. Phillips. l: Miss Gregg, H. Fuller, D. Heinbuch, J. Himmelmann, P. Taylor, A. Lincoln, S. Stein, R. Faich. Purpose: The Future Teachers' Club is a part of the National Organization whose aim is to interest some of the outstanding young people in teach- ing as a career. Its primary purpose is to Row Row Row Row Row M H. C. S. M A. R. M acquaint its members with the requirements, ideals, and opportunities of this great pro- fession. It also attempts to encourage scholastic attainment and to provide pleasant social contacts. . Roberts, C. Fike, J. Schmidt, H. Gutter, L. Kohl, E. Rudolph, G. O'Connell, M. Chandler Ware. 1 Simmons, E. Ruller, E. Shaw, A. Stewart, L. Dettlotf, M. Othrow, P. Dean, M. Jewell Wilson. I . Dukes, J. Perkins, M. Hobbs, M. Dawkins, V, Kaesners, J. Johnson, B. Morris, G. Whiz, Gabor. Shields, M. Coleman, J. Joy, E. Webb, Y. Trovitt, Y. Lucas, A. Mouse, D. Dippy, V. Scott. rs. Yennie, H. Fuller, N. Piering, J. Ochs, T. Simms, R. Schnell, D. Heinbuch, Miss Gregg l 2' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY January Graduates James Davis Thomas Heise Barbara Kozick Betty Lehigh Curtis Harris Ronald Faich Emilie Goltz June Graduates Valerie Foerster Shirley Lueck David Heinbuch Mary Ranner Warren Schmidt Richard Dippel The greatest honor that can be bestowed upon a graduating senior is to be chosen a member of the National Honor Society. High scholarship, excellent leadership, out- standing service, good character are the re- quirements a candidiate must have to be selected. No matter where these students travel in the country, they will feel at home when they sight the emblem proudly displayed by fellow members. SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Thomas Heise Bausch and Lomb Science Award University of Chicago National Merit Scholarship Valerie Foerster Honor Scholarship University of Wisconsin James Davis University of Wisconsin Emelie Goltz U niversity of Wisconsin Betty Lehigh University of Wisconsin Left to rl t David Heinbuch Shirley Lueck Mary Ranner Richard Dippel Valerie Foerster Warren Schmidt Row Row Row Row D. Wachowiak, F. Hardy, C. Goller, L. Trulson, J. Johnson, A. Roback, H. Bielland, R. Schnell S. Lueck, J. Meyer, T. Simms, M. Williams, B. Wallermann, N. Piering, M. Ranner, J. Hudson Mrs. Williamson, Miss Daly, B. McBounds, R. Shields, J. Johnson, M. Salzwedel, J. Schumann, P McLaughlin Mr. Brooks, Mr. Trythall, Miss Bannach, Mr. Groves, Mr. Orlando, D. Heinbuch, V. Foerster TATTLER STAFF Editor in Chief: Valerie G. Foerster Assistant Editor: Helen Bielland Business Manager: Charles Goller Sports: David Heinbuch, editor Jay Johnson Organizations: Juanita Hudson, editor Bette McBounds Patricia Mclaughlin Jean Schumann Photography: Julie Johnson, editor Fred Hardy LaVerne Trulson John Myers Mr. Trythall Mr. Groves Typing: Mary Ranner, editor Nancy Piering Sandra Schaetzel Marilyn Williams Advertising: Richard Schnell Shirley Lueck Barbara Wallermann Donald Wachowiak Theophilus Simms Accounting: Antoinette Roback Marie Salzwedel Art: Robert Shields, editor Clarence Johnson Mr. Orlando Mrs. Williamson Mr. Brooks Miss Daly Miss Bannach I l . ,U gr I 1 Dance Ensemble Row 3: S. Schaetzel, K, Feld, M. Ranner, A. Paik, A. Kendrick, E. Martin, K. Parker, G. Haessly. Row 2: L. Schuette, J. Johnson, A. Craig, T. Peace, M. Salzwedel, Y. Travitt, F. Nevins. Row T: P. Taylor, B. Benson, Miss Heiden, G. Grant, J. Engler, S. Lueck. DANCE ENSEMBLE """"'Se1 is .Q gmgi iw County Fair To provide an opportunity for creative activity through dance movement. To improve dance technique to goin knowledge of the elements of dance chore ography. Time and Meeting Place: Room O2 Hour: 8 Day: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Outstanding Event: l. Pep Rally- l Mr. Touch Down 2. Dance Symposium- 3. 4. 5. Christmas Program Pixie Land Scrubs Gifts Cookies Holly A Party Wimowah - Lion Hunt Money in the Bank 4 Q Row 4: R. Gcst, C. Onertree, J. Cephus, l.. Swayne, J. Priuet, C. Holloway. Row 3: E. Schaefer, H. Barksdale, J. Ponds, R. Endsich, J. Childs, W. Willis, G. Morevec Row 2: H. Fuller, L. DiBella, E. Martin, N. Koehler, l.. Thomas, M. Hutchins, J. Garlord Row 1: Mr. Hepner, P. Taylor, T. Bridges, M. Byrom, M. Gruber, R. Starks, W. Ousley. N D H S SENIOR BAND North's band was often called upon to play at school activities and they always answered with fine music and showmanship. At the football games the band always performed pre- cision marching as well as rendering music. When the basket- ball team went to Madison, the band was there to play and encourage North's team. The band also took part in the Variety Show, Concerts and many other of the programs in the auditorium. Row Row Row Row Evelyn Schaefer Nancy Koehler Phyllis Taylor Elizabeth Martin Linda Di Bella '-r 4. T. Rickerv, C. Junior, J. Hunler, C. Rickerl, J. lrick, D, Roeder. Tahor, J. Schmidt, C. Gilberl, T. Roensch, R. Dippel. Kemp, K. Nusberger, B. Dunlap, J. Whitmore, B. Westphcl, L. Duckcrl, J. Himmelman Nevels, E. Malone, F. Linderf, D. Buchhollz, E. Morris, R. Shields, MAJORETTES Row Row Row Row Stein, M. Bryon, T. Bridges, C. Holloway. Gordon, I. Williamson, P. McLaughlin, F. Boettcher. Melser, N. Unmack, K. Pieril, C. Ott. Johnson, C. Young, L. Matson, L. Trulson. SENIOR JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Row 4: F. Findert, M. Manlick L. Robach, A. Burgess, C Harris, S. Wilson, F. Lasrer L. Ernest, P. Esler, L.Swuyne S. Parker, A. Mosley, J Hubbard. Row 3: F. Shorter, L. Brad ford, E. McDonald, E. Adkins B. Clanin, P. Melser, P. Kie nast, J. Lee, K. Georgreff K. Mitchell, K. Jewell, N Herdnell, E. Zimmerman, J Hunter. Row 2: P. Wallace, J. Blair L. DiBeIla, E. Schaefer, S Miels, T. Hegwood, G. Zahn B, Byram, B. Morris, R Beene, G. Kincuidi, D. Small wood. Row I: E. Martin, D. Atkins C. Jacobson, P. Hamilton, M Dukes, M. Blundon, C. Pirlle C. Tallez, J. Fulterer. X bi gf Row Row Row Row T. Rickert, R. Endish, D. Roeder, R. Dipple, D. little. D. Buchhaltz, E. Morris. F. Boettcher, J. Hollins, B. Tabor, W. Shelly, L. Duckert, N. Martin. Mr. Orlando, H. Rudolph, P. Ploeger, E. Rudolph, J. Veisberg. ORCHESTRA North Division's Orchestra played for many of the social events around school. Their fine work was appreciated at the Senior Class Play and the Appreciation Concert, which was given in honor of the basketball team. They also participated in the Spring Concert. The orchestra is at the present looking forward to the June Commencement exercises at which they will present the musical part of the program. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Row 3: Row 2: Row l 1 Row 4: A. Roback, B. Kuchler, L. Guylon, B. Walke, M. Beck, J. Becker, C. Harris, S. Spilza, L. Wallman, P. Mutlers. J. Whitmore, G. Nick, R. Schwendler, A. Kendricks, Y. Couillord, B. Worny, P. Milanowski, A A. Sch , Gabor. oenfelder, L. Duckert, T. Peace, L. Bell, J. Fischer, S. Kalulis, S. Hendricks, R. Beene. J. Himmelmann, W. Munson, F. Hardy, B. Meyers, J. Johnson, C. Davis. GIRLS' GLEE 4' mix QSM? . r Q in ' g Aff Row Row Row Row : L. Williams, K. Grosser, D. Lochhnrdl, E. Thorlon, L. Todd, S. Johnson. : J. Hannah, P. Wealherspoon, S. Trosch, B. Garland, H. Oliver. : B. While, J. Gambino, E. Lochhardl, A. Osfen, J. Garland, G. Neusledler. : Mr. Hepner, M. Nation, L. Tillman, F. Scoggins, W. Hawkins. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Row Row Row Row C. Junior, N. Zuehlke, M. Byrom, M. Williams, J. Bryant, S. Schaetzel, J. Schmidt. M, Roberts, B. Grier, B. Westphal, A. Matson, W, Scott, B. Harris, J. Prodzenski, G. Haessley. J. Piscuine, J. Cephus, J. Grace, R. Shields, G. Brame, l. Jackson, P. Kelln, M, Green, V. Scott, K. Nusberger. J. Qualls, R. Wilder, D. Roeder, R. Gast, R. Cunningham, R. Gibson, J. Anderson, Mr. Hepner. GIRLS' GLEE J' S 'W W 5. Q , ' 113 Q V -3 Y J. J A.-3 . . 455:11 , gy I X P I - i Row Row Row Row 4 : 3 . 2 1 l : ie . 1 ' ' I Evans, L. LcDuron, B. Phillips, L. Ernest, M. Neuens, D. Lever, L. Ellis. Hicks, P. Dean, D. Hernke, F. Toliver, B. Tiddel, E. Holder. Hadel, M. Washington, J. Miller, J. Ukasick, D. Burtelt, C. Schoenfelder. Unmack, N. Hudnell, L. Carter, E. Reeder, l. Fehr, B. Smith. Qa- 7 9 1 " .51 gL,, L . , -M I 4- 'i 55533 ? 5 A We 4 is f .,, ,. PM . MAY 'I'I, 1957 A: i ?. 5 K 6 Q. TOBY six F xx I gy, 9 .gag W 2, X 4 52 'EIN'-515-2 -3 EWU? 3 -if .Qi f3".'.T0'X SENIOR Molly ....... Jane ........ . Johnnie ...... Betty Lou ...,.... Dave ........ Toby .........., Mortimer ........ Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. THE Harvey ...... Phelps ,...... Brown ....... DRAMATIC PRODUCTION KAT BEATS THE BAND a farce in three acts Krug Hall ............ November 30, I956 THE CAST tin order of appearancej Gillan .....................................,......, PLACE: A small mid-western town THE TIME: The present ACT l The stage of an old community hall ACT ll The same, one week later Scene I Before the curtain Scene ll "Flower of the Valley" A melodrama .....Janet Florian Alleen Kendrick ..Michael Gruber .....Nadine Tyson .,.........Glenn Carr ...Robert Shields ......Emelie Goltz .Barbara Kozick Constance McClarty Alford .......Ruth Avery las presented in the slate play contestj ACT lll The same as Act l. Half an hour after the performance The North Division High School Orchestra .....,............................................ Selections "Song of Love "...... ............................. ........ D . Donnelly and S. Romberg "Tales from the Vienna Woods ".,..... .......................,.......... Johann Strauss "El Choclo" .................,............................................... ...... A . G. Villoldo Mr. Frank Orlando, Director PRODUCTION STAFF Mr. John Frost ................ .....................................,... ........ D i rector Mrs. Elizabeth Reagles ...... ....... W ardrobe Mrs. Eleanor Freitag ....... .......... W ardrobe Mr. William Meyer ...... ....... S cene Design Mr. Truman Atwell ..... ....... S tage Crew Mr. Verne Weeks ........ ....... P roperties Mr. Francis Stephens ....... ...... S ound Crew Mr. Warner Damuth ....... .......... P ublicity Mr. Walter McGarty ...... ........ P rograms Mr. Lee Kampine .......... .......... H ouse Mr. Dean Keith ..,... Helen Bielland ....... Barbara Kozick ......... STAGE CREW Gerald Rittmann Gerald Schreck Kris Johnson .........Tickets ......Prompter SOUND CREW WARDROBE GIRLS Tom Marquardt Carol Schoenfelder Robert Taylor Mary Coleman Patricia Melser Wm sv' Winning Costumes Ronald Faich - "Huntin' Revenooer" Joan Harrell - "Mamie Yokam" Barbara Wallermann - "Citizen of Dogpatch' Roosevelt Blackshire - "Citizen of Dogpatchn D. , , X 4 2 gg ff 5 it X tx 7 vt 'W' lf. ,M SADIE HAWKlN'S DAY fiww :S :fy , L1,ig,i.,:.g QQ ,, .. - feveggs iiw-f,s1.:.iQ,g1f:ffff2zf ,-I 'n-1 .ii n flfzi ifii tirsxlsi i'3SY:is?z'ff R 51.13-" Y" iii .,,. Q., Aw - 'eigeiaekn .,a:fM: M - ' :, 9 . 4, S . ..... V .W Q, , H HK 5, 4 Z' A " 2? . J Vi item:-:iz-az-A-, , ,,. Sgszffiviv - - vu- A-,f f f - FACULTY CHRISTMAS PARTY if FUN FAIR SPRING DANCE ,IX S. XV--AC fr axis A U MET MARCH 11, 1957 F E 9 nf R '.. A R Y 7 FOURTH SERIES .IUP.lHl. . paula, , ATHLETIC COUNCIL l st Semester Wcrren Schmidt David Heinbuch Howard Bryand Curtis Harris .,.,- Row 2: Mr. Temby, Mr. Pelikon, Mr. Withers, Mr. Kintis. Row I: Mr. Thompson, Mr. Jcfferis, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Keith, Mr. Ristow, Mr. Engelke. "N" CLUB Officers 2nd Semester .. , President ...... ,.... W arren Schmidt Presidentm... .........Ronold Ross ......Secretury...... ......Howord Fuller .....,Treosurer,... ....Michoel Othrow Purpose: To further the athletic and civic reputation of our school and create and promote an inter- est in its athletic program. The annual "N" Club Award is pre- sented to the young men possessing outstand- ing scholarship, citizenship, and athletic ability Row 4: W. Schmidt, J. Himmelmonn, D. Roeder, P. Schulze, M. Johnson, D. Schultz, H. Bryant. Row 3: R. Ross, R. Myers, J. Kimble, C. Goller, J. Johnson, D. Neufuss. Row 2: O. Bennett, O. Jones, C. Harris, J. Masnico, M. Othrow. Row I: Mr. Engelke, R. Wilder, H. Fuller, D. Heinbuch, Mr. Kintis. Not Pictured PAUL SCHULZE All-City Basketball Honorable Mention MELVIN Perens Little city Breast Stroke Champion CURTIS HARRIS All-City Second Team 1 Baseball All-City Second Team - Football DAVID HEINBUCH All-City Second Team - Basketball All-State Basketball Tournament Third Team HOWARD FULLER All-State Basketball Tournament First Team es. Ii S 5 A...-. . .K yy- GIRLS 'uf A usual orth's Cheerleaders right: distinguished them- selves at various athletic e ve n t s throughout the year. Their fine spirit many Cheerleaders From left to B. Benson .l. Piscuine G. Teat L. Schuette Y. Travitt A. Paik G. Haessly times encouraged our boys to win. The efforts of the cheerleaders were sincerely appreciated by all of North Division. L NORTH'S 1956 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Row 4: K. Saxton, W. Scott, M. Othrow, C. Harris, F. Lawrence, S. Halbert, R. Hagler, J. Hunter, C. Johnson, A. Taylor, R. Sellers, G. Wolfe. Row 3: J. Mosnicka, R. Ross, E. Ashley, J. Johnson, A. Gordon, C. Davis, C. Woicuchowski, D. Tilman, E. Moton, O. Bennett, A. Smith, J. Horton, D. Neufus, J. Seifert, Mr. Kintis, Mr. Withers, Mr. Engelke. Row 2: A. Walker, M. Johnson, R. Beaudain, R. Faich, R. Shoening, R. Myers, J. Horton, S. Boulware, O. Porter, S. Harvey. Row lc D. Heinbuch, C. Flenoral, W. Schmidt, D. Hollins, G. Carr, R. Blackman, H. Ford. North 6 - East 0 North carried home its first victory of the i956 season even though only four of the starting eleven boys had any varsity confer- ence experience before. North's first, and only, touchdown came in the second quarter. Ron Ross passed from the thirty yard line to Dove Heinbuch, who made it to the East fifteen yard line. Milton Johnson swept around the right end to the one yard line, and Ron Ross plunged over on a quarterback sneak. Through the third and fourth quarters, neither school was able to get very far into the opposition's territory. The Blue Devils had possession of the ball in the last minutes of the game and ran out the clock. T956 FOO North 'I2 - King 34 North went down to its first defeat of the year at the hands of a smooth, powerful King team. North, never really in the game, was 28 points down before they finally broke into the scoring column. A brilliant 56 yard pass play from Ross to Harris put the ball on King's one yard line where Ross scored with only seconds remaining in the first half. ln the second half, the battle was more even, mainly because King's second team was in action. On the last ploy of the game, tackle Oscar Porter picked up a fumble on King's 26 yard line and raced into the end zone for the final touchdown of the game. 'keft-' ALL 4: ., FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE "B" FOOTBALL SQUAD Row 4: Row 3: R. Brown, R. Smith, B. Downey, J. Barian, R. Starks, S. Vaughn, L. Moutry, J. Coleman, W. Sherard, G. Jackson. E. Harris, J. Tunstill, P. Tipton, W. Malone, W. Carter, H. Oden, R. Carpenter, Mr. Marasch. Row 2: A. Dunlop, C. Grace, G. Kincaid, R. Gensler, C. Davis, R. Donley, S. Walker. Row l: A. Jewell, W. Guyton, E. Hamilton, W. Shelby, B. Brooks, D. Mueller, O. Robinson SEASON North 0 - Lincoln 7 North and Lincoln put on a good defensive game with Lincoln finally breaking the tie score and holding on for a 7-0 victory. The teams fought to a O-O tie at half time. The big break came for Lincoln when they re- covered a North fumble deep in North's terri- tory. North was hampered because its quarter- back, Ron Ross, suffered a fractured wrist early in the second quarter. His absence was severely felt by the North offense. From that point on, the Blue Devils were lust not able to crack Lincoln's defense. North 19 - Washington 39 ln the first half, the Blue Devils looked like city champions as they ran up a l9 to 6 lead over Washington, but were unable to survive the second half splurge by the Purgolds and finally went down in defeat 39 to 19. North scored within three plays after the kickoff in a 50 yard pass play, Curtis Harris to Milt Johnson, and scored again a few min- utes later on an end run by Harris. With only ten seconds left in the half's final scare. In the second half, led by Orten and Savage, Washington was able to score consistently. At the same time, they held the Blue Devils to set them down to their third loss of the season. North 6 - Tech 20 ln a game that was played under some of the heaviest fog ever seen by the players and fans, North went down to a 20 to 6 decision. The main foe of the night for both teams was the heavy fog since the visibility was only fifteen to twenty yards during the entire game. Tech used the fog very effectively as they used tricky handoffs and runs to score twice in the first half and once in the second half. ln the first half, all of North's drives were stopped short of the goal. The Blue and White also pushed over a score late in the fourth quarter on an eight yard pass from Harris to Heinbuch. The extra point attempt failed, and the game ended 20 to 6. PM ,,.. . North 13 - South 36 As has happened several times this past year, North played inspired football during the first half of the game but faded in the second half. North lumped off to an early lead on the first play of the game. Milt Johnson scored on a 50 yard gallop after a pilchout from Curtis Harris. North was able to score again in the second quarter on a 38 yard pass to Dewitt Moore who had gotten behind the defense. South came on to score three times during the first half, and the score stood: South lB, North 13. In the second half, South was able to score three more times while North was held scoreless, although several North threats were stopped deep in South territory. - , . . .8 .- 'fi ...we ss North 27 -- Custer 0 North celebrated its Homecoming game with a sparkling 27 to O victory over Custer. It marked the third homecoming victory in as many years for the Blue Devils as they played inspired ball for this game, During the first half it was a close game, with neither team getting a score. North stopped two Custer threats on the eight and one yard lines respectively. After halftime intermission, North caught fire and scored three touchdowns in the third quarter. the first score came on a 70 yard pass play from Harris to Heinbuch who outran the Custer defense - for a final 65 yards, Several plays later, North scored again on a 45 yard pass play from Bennet to Heinbuch. On the final play in the third quarter, Milt Johnson ran 80 yards for another score. Johnson ran 80 yards for another score. Johnson added another six points on an end run in the fourth quarter after Harris had returned a punt to the Custer 8 yard line. Harris added one extra point with his placement kick and added two others on passes to Heinbuch. ei , 4-. -V ., .... es. - X Q Y 1. V " s , N North 0 - West 46 North again tasted defeat in their last game of the year. This ended what we call a somewhat disappointing season for our Blue Devils. North won two games and lost six to finish up in o tie for ninth place in the City Conference. ln the West game, in which North was hampered by injuries, North got off to a very bad start. Three fumbles in the first nine minutes all resulted in West touchdowns. After thot, the game consisted of North moving for a while and then West taking over control. The West squad was very powerful and showed a good passing and running attack as they succeeded in adding up the score. North did threaten several times, but good West defense prevented any North scores. Row 3: D. Robinson, F. Hardy, I. Ruth, W. Carter, W. Malone, E. Ashley, H. McArdory, E. Moton. Row 2: Mr. Withers, A. Fair, R. Washington, J. Schoffner, T. Simms, S. Vaughn, G. Crawford, H. Carnie. Row 'lz J. Coleman, W. Sherarb, R. Starks, W. Turner, B. Downey, G. Jackson, K. Jewell, R. Smith, WRESTLING Wrestling has been a fine addition to our sports program. ln the first year of competition there was o great deal of interest in this program. We are sure this kind of attitude will continue, and therefore, will improve our record the coming year. Our conference record consisted of 'I win and 9 losses, non-conference I win and 'I loss. This gave the team a total of 2 wins and 'IO losses. ln terms of the City and State Matches we failed to qualify any Weights, but the team did a fine iob in representing the school in this their first year. 'J 95 96 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Mr. Anderson Row 2: D. Heinbuch, R. Wilder, D. Moore, J. Wells, H. Fuller, E. Hamilton, W. Schmidt, R. Ross Row l: Coach Anderson, A. Coleman, P. Winters, J. Kimbel, M. Fuller, O. Jones, R. Whiting. 1956-1957 BASKETBALL SEASON CITY CONFERENCE North 46 - Pulaski 47 North opened its 1956-57 basketball sea- son with as close and thrilling a game as could be played. The game was so close that neither team held more than a five point lead at any time during the contest. North lost the opportunity to gain overtime when they missed a free throw in the last five seconds of the game. All five North starters were in action during the entire game. The game was played with a strong defense on both teams. Paul Schulze and Dave Heinbuch scored 15 points each, and Howard Fuller contributed 10 points for North. North 54 - Lincoln 53 For the second straight week, North played a game that was decided by a single point. This time, they were on the long end of the score as they upset a forward Lincoln team 54 to 53. The score was in favor of Lincoln for most of the game until the Blue Devils went ahead with only ten seconds remaining. After North stole the ball, Kimbel went down for the de- ciding basket that climaxed a good comeback. Lincoln had led by ten points at one time during the game. Schulze and Kimbel set the scoring pace for North with 15 points each. The scoring was evenly divided as Heinbuch and Fuller hit for 12 and 10 points respectively for the Blue Devils. North 54 - King 62 North, after last week's victory, tried vainly to get victory number two as they bowed to King's Generals. It was a close game with North leading at half time, 27 to 24, and it was not until the last minutes that King was able to build up a lead. Although somewhat smaller than their rivals, North was able to control the rebounds and many times beat King to the scoring punch. North, because of its height disadvantage, played slow, deliberate ball, taking advantage of the GeneraI's mistakes. North, after the first six minutes, was with- out the services of guard Schulz who fouled out quickly. Heinbuch led both teams with 22 points followed closely by Fuller with 21. North was able to hold high scoring King forward, Plinska, to 17 points. ' 1 turf 41 " 7 FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Row 3: R. Gensler, N. Zuehlke, J. Barrmonn, L. Juniel, A. Mosley, C. Holloway, D. Mueller, D. Holz. Row 2: J. Barian, G. Kincaid, R. Cunningham, S. Parker, P. Tipton, H. Oden, C. Grace. Row 1: C. Davis, 'W. Guyton, W. Shelby, W. Brooks, G. Kelly, J. Means, Mr. Pelikan. North 64 - Custer 65 North continued playing the "close" games, although they were defeated once again. This marked the third time in the first four games that North's game was decided by a single point. Even without the services of Howard Fuller, who was injured last week, North seemed well on its way to victory. The Blue Devils led by nine points at the half and by as much as twelve in the last quarter. Then Custer's all-city guard, Richard Laabs, made several quick baskets that somewhat confused the North side. With just two seconds remain- ing, Laabs hit the basket that put Custer ahead for the first and only time in the game. Although losing, North had the high scorer in Dave Heinbuch who hit for 33 points. Laabs was high for Custer with 29. North 79 - East 54 North Division, after many close decisions, de- cided to pour it on East as they romped to a 79 to 54 decision. The Blue Devils were never in trouble as they iumped off to an easy lead and led by l2 points at half time. North used a full court press for the entire game, and this confused the East guards some- what. Many times North was able to steal the ball before East could even get away a shot. Heinbuch was again high scorer for both teams, scoring 25 points before he left the game in the fourth quarter. North used substitutions freely, and the remainder of the scoring was evenly divided. I North 64 - South 62 North probably won the biggest game of the year as they beat a strong, heavily favored South team. South, with only one defeat games and over the last five played by the North five. Paul Schulze, a mid-year the last game here at North, Schulze drove in for a basket with about 30 seconds left to play in the game. This basket tied the score, and the game went into overtime. Then, with iust two seconds left in the overtime, Schulze won the game with another basket. in the last forty-nine years, was really out- graduate and playing was the game's hero. lt was an exciting game all the way through and neither team was ever more than fout points ahead at any time. lt was an especially fine victory for North, not only because of the fine record of South, but because of the fine spirit and playing of the North team. It was a victory well deserved. Schulze had l6 points and Heinbuch and Fuller had I5 points each. The scoring was well divided. if Cc North 69-Tech 59 """"' - '1'c " "' "'c'-F"""",'ZIl . P North 3 ' mug ways as they won their third straight game at the expense ol Boys' Tech. Although leading for the entire game, it was still a very close and exciting play for the North fans. P 'I 1.9"fi's" ME" 'tfrfw a stubborn West "5" by a score of 64 to 61. North 83 - Juneau 62 North put on a good scoring show as they ran up the highest score of the year against Juneau. ln the second half the Blue Devils really turned on the steam as they stalked a total of fifty poin.ts. The Blue Devils had three players that scored 20 or more points. Heinbuch had 26 points while Kimbel and Fuller tallied 23 and 20 points respectively. Nabrovski led the Ju- neau team with 28 points. North 50- Bay View 51 North's Blue Devils ended the season in the same manner as they started it, with a one-point defeat. lt marked the fourth game this year that was decided by a single point. The defeat made the record for the season, six wins and five defeats for the North five. The majority of the games this year have been very close and this one was no excep- tion. The Blue Devils led at half, 29 to 23, but were unable to protect this lead and lost, 51 to 50. Waldoch led both teams with 18 points and Heinbuch was high for North with 17. Tech started a rally in the third quarter and at one time came as close as three points late in the quarter. Then Dave Heinbuch, North's center, led an attack in the last quarter to preserve the win. Heinbuch scored 12 of his 32 points in the last quar- ter. Fuller and Kimble scored 12 points each. They were the second high scorers for North. North 63 - Washington 65 Defense seemed to be the main obiective as Washington nipped North by a score of 65 to 63. lt was a close game all the way with the score being 23 to 17 at the half. In the fourth quarter North was able to catch the Pur- gold and even go ahead at one point. Then with less than one minute to play, Washington took the lead to stay. A last-second shot by North that would have tied the score rolled off the rim and that was all. Ron Glaser led the scoring with 21 points for Wash- ington while Dave Heinbuch tallied 14 for the Blue Devils. North 64 - West 61 North got back in the win column as they turned back Fine play by two relief boys, Ray Wilder and Joseph Well, helped insure the victory when West seemed to start a comeback. Wilder and Wells scored three fast baskets between them and there was no doubt concerning the outcome thereafter. Howie Fuller and Dave Heinbuch led North with 16 points apiece, but West had the game's high scorer in Al Betzhold with 23 points. and now . . 99 mis Suu I i Q .fy A W9 . Q 1 . 'vs v , , 4 'C va 5 . 'W i has k.,,, . 1 4 X ,av ., .KVM I 4 ' ml fm Em t S - M vs n . bl, , 1 fa' ' 0 was 9 RNAMENT the game and it was a big game for both schools. ln the first quar- ter, North iumped off to a lO to O lead and the bewildered Wau- kesha team was never in the game. North played its best game of the year and literally ran the Blackshirts off the floor. When it was all over, North had won by a score of 78 to AO, much to the delight of North's rooters. Madison bound! ---- For the first time in history, Milwaukee was to be represented in the fi- nals at Madison and North was going to be the representative. Their first opponent was Madison West. As the game started, it ap- peared that the Blue Devils had a case of "stage fright" and scored only five points the entire first quarter, while West scored l7. The deficit was too much to overcome and West won the game, 58 to 49. North went on, however, to win the Consolation Champion- ship by beating La Crosse Logan, 73 to 64, and then Superior Cen- tral by a score of 68 to 66. All in all, it was a very success- ful season and we are all looking forward to another exciting and successful season in the next year. 5 , WX., ' sms 3 .. f 55 A-.W ' ML, --wr ff- g: X Q, YM f fu L 5 A 'n L 1 msg sys - 1-. . fgqwf' A -' 15zi5' ' Q Y A yi 10 K x L W O R K . v V7 . X fr CROSS COUNTRY The 1955 Cross Country squad was young and inexperienced. Since only one letter winner, Captain Reginald Gilbert, returned from the previous year. During the season, the Blue and White were able to post one or more victories over Lincoln, West, South, Tech, Custer, and Juneau. The Blue Devils ran poorest in the City Meet and best in the State Meet where they were seventh in the medium school section. The "B" team placed second in the City Meet. This very good "B" squad, combined with the fact that all those receiving cross country numerals are underclassmen, is very encouraging. Emblem Winners were: Reginald Gilbert, Howard Fuller, William Jackson, Matthew Dent, Wesley Powe, Randolph Washington and Leonard Juniel. Top Row: R. Gilbert, J. Kimble J. Lewis, C. Holloway, J Green, H. Fuller, C. Schultz F. Griffin, M. Dent, D. Little L. Juniel, and N. Fritz. Bottom Row: F. Washington, J Hoskins, W. Powe, R. Wash- ington, W. Jackson, and T Simms. STATE MEET CONTESTANTS Row 2. C. Holloway, H. Fuller, R. Gilbert, W. Powe, Row 1: Mr. Thompson, R. Wash- ington, M. Dent, L. Juniel, W. Jackson. iq. 104 1- 5 TRACK SQUAD FOR 1957 Row 4: Coach Thompson, R. Gensler, C. Schultz, O. Robinson, A. Walker, W. Shelby, S. Walker, C. Holloway, D. Little, R. Wilder, M. Johnson. Row 3: R. Ritter, Mgr., J. Bakian, E. Kendrick, E. Morris, C. Johnson, C. Grace, L. Juniel, W. Nash, E. Kelly, R. Hagler, R. Gilbert, J. Mayer, J. Hub- bard, S. Vaughn, Coach Marasch, Coach Kintis. Row 2: A. Taylor, R. Washington, L. Rodgers, G. Kincaid, W. Malone, J. Copeland, J. Daley, E. Ashley, O. Jones, R. Thomas, W. Sherard, J. Kimble. Row T: W, Neddle, E. Moton, E. Harris, J. Tunstill, K. Saxton, N. Fritz, J. Mc- Clain, K. Tantum, M. Dent, W. Brooks, D. Hansbrough, J. Hoskins. -vu-new 4-lvflt' 'Ag TRACK Willie Nash, Donald Little, and Kenneth Tatum are the only lettermen back from last year's fifth-place team. As this is being written, North's few accomplish- ments consist of placing fourth in the time trials at the Journal Relay, a first place in the Eight-lap Relay in the City Indoor Meet, and in defeating Juneau, 69-49. There is a bright side to North's athletic picture. There are more boys in school with physical ability than we have had for several years. Only time will tell if these boys really want to be athletes. 105 Swimming Team l Row 2: R. Gast, T. Heise, R. Ritter, R. Endisch, B. Tatum, D. Sims, K. Tatum, D. Jackson. Row 'lz Mr. Ristow, D. Mackoi, J. Davis, T. Vogel, M. Peters, R. Fohey, G. Jackson, L. Thomas. SWIM TEAM Swimmers take your marks! Get set! Bang! The l956-57 swimming season was under- way. North's Bluegills started their season with a victory over Concordia College. This victory gave them hopes but as the season developed they realized the team would be handicapped by lack of depth. There were individual stars such as Mel Peters, Little City Breast Stroke Champion, and Ken Tatum who never failed to place in a meet, but lacked the depth to get the vital second and third places. Little City Conference North . . 26 Washington . . 41 North . . 39 South . . . 38 North . . 45 Lincoln . 32 North . . 30 East . . 47 Swimming Team ll Row 2: R. Ritter, B. Tantum, R. Endisch, J. Bonnett, K. Tantum, D. Jackson, D. J. Mackai. Raw l: Mr. Ristow, T. Vogel, M. Peters, W. Jackson, D. Daddoto, L. Thomas. ,iii 1, 'i 'din-. 252,35 ' rwwjyl' .,"f1gHfw- M A,,7.,,A ,,,.N,NNv W V: ,f 'swf 5. QL? A ex - i as? 'wxgikg 5-.TiwiT' 4 an w W N H Sq ian ,wif Q J ,,,.,.....n-an Carey, Mr. Temby. Michael Othrow, Neil Zuehlke. TENNIS Coach North's tennis team faced a rugged i957 schedule. The team was once again fortunate in having a good squad. The returning veterans are: Captain, Dennis Roeder, Howard Fuller, Robert Shields, who is one of our most improved players along with Neil Zuehlke. A newcomer is Dennis Carey who has shown a lot of promise and has contributed a great deal to the squad. The prospects for next year are fairly good, with the return of lettermen Howard Fuller, Neil Zuehlke, and Richard Koehler. 1 Mr. Temby Team Rank l. Dennis Roeder, Captain 4. Robert Shields 2. Howard Fuller 5. Neil Zuehlke 3. Dennis Carey 6. Richard Koehler 7. Mike Othrow Results as of April 9, l957 North . . . 2 Pulaski . . . 2 North . . 3 Juneau . . l North . . 3 Bay View . . l Top Row: Dennis Roeder, Howard Fuller Dennis Bottom Row: Richard Koehler, Robert Shields Left to right: Ralph Whiting, Ken Gruel, Charles Goller, Fred Hardy, Craig Woerfel, Tom Filiput, Mr. J. Jafteris. GOLF The 1957 golf team will have three lettermen. These include: Kenneth Gruel, Charles Goller, and Robert Whiting. With this nucleus and the fine all-around play of the other members of the golf team, North Division is assured of their share of wins in inter-school competition. As the 1957 edition of the Tattler goes to press, North's baseball team is looking forward to a highly suc- cessful season. With six returning lettermen and a good squad of new- comers, the Blue Devils have every reason for an optimistic outlook. The returning lettermen, on whom the team will rely, are Ron Ross, DeWitt Moore, Don Neufuss, Dave Heinbuch, Otis Jones, and Wayne Kramer. The new players who hope to win a starting berth include Ray- mond Brown, Albert Dunlap, Warren Schmidt, Pickens Winters, Eugene Hamilton, and Freshman, Cornelius Davis. lf the Blue Devils play up to their expected ability, they can im- prove their league standing of last Baseball Squad for 1957 Row 3. Coach Anderson, K. Starks, R. Brown, I. Laird, P. Winters, D, Moore, D. Heinbuch, W. Schmidt, R. Ross, D. Neufuss, A. Dunlap. Row 2: A. Coleman, El Hamilton, R. Cunningham, O. Jones, W. Kramer, L. Joy, D, Mueller, B. Hollis, H. McAdory, C. Davis. Row l: R. Starks, J. Morris, H. Oden, G. Craw- ford, M. Fuller, B. Downey, J. Beene, J. Clautir. BASEBALL year, when they finished fifth. The players are also looking forward to the State Baseball Tournament which begins on May ll. Best of luck to our baseball team and their coach, Victor Anderson. 'Y' 1 Y 'ig f M , , gf H 3 vig M5223 , WMNAM,-,,.,,.. WM A ,M W. NN. M M. ,ww ,Q- .Q f ,M WM., 1, -Ng f , . M , A by . ---'M-.',,,...-v-f E B hh K 4 IELII by 5 fix 'iff' ij .. . , . af. 'M-j,,,,1 , , ,WM A, Q f f 'M-Vigil... E Y? , 5' My 'K' '9 f i' i .x,. Q , A L. , . . . ' .sex . .. 'V f '- fi' , .-g"'v Q' , 'VKLL LL 4 V . K ..., , NA K i f 3 wg K YQ A.. A A 4 5 K J H, A W 5 3 .Ms ES- wkq 1 ww a 'F A sgwwwyx .A.. ,A .4 9 ,K x ,Q ,L mm,A .K hi. , .- -L.,..R 2 , Q1 ,Q bw, + Arg,-K wfviffi- 3 ' J: F 1 EU u, if X' " , . Q.-. ,T - ua Mm" . 3 . - ' 3 y 1 rw, y Q I . Q M n Q R 'Y . ' Q ' ,Y K K ,V .. 1 f"T-A s 'x I! I NLE aww, . .1 ' 94 i Wiz 114 We WW .f ig .. as, QMS- na? A gk' Lf'-.Ss Pham Conrrefy of THr MILK! AUM 1: IOURNAI as if . ,-qf. if - Q, We, Q' of 7957. . . 1-t. ,.- 'f 3 , . - .- S Thank our Faculty for their fine leadership, guidance, and backing throughout our high school years. Thank our fellow students for helping to make these years enjoyable. Thank our advertisers who have helped make this TATTLER Annual possible. REMEMBER it pays you to patronize the TATTLER advertisers! f af xg xg xx Rf Af Rf xf we af Aff R eniord . . . Cap and Gown Photographs One Large 8 x 10 Picture in a Folder Four Proofs 53.00 Six for 356.00-Twelve for 38.50 Cap and Gown Available at Studio Preserve the Memory of Your Graduation with a Photograph in Cap and Gown Duplicate copies of your photographs may be had from your negatives on file. MORRISON'S STUDIC YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER BRoadway 1-3793 Wisconsin Theatre Bldg. hcgYKg3fhe,Yhe,9fYejfkejfhejfhejfhejfhejfhegykjf IRV. MEN'S and BOYS' IWEAR Corner Center and Teutonia 709 W. Mitchell Phone LOCust 2-0873 RAY BAIER GLASS CO. Desk, Dresser and Table Tops Mirrors to Order Radiators Cleaned and Repaired 2400-Z N. Teutonia Ave. Milwaukee 6, Wis. Morris Jeffries Record Shop 1330 W. North Avenue T. V. Repairs-Radio Repairs Prompt Service Reasonable FRanklin 2-1311 LA VERA'S BEAUTY ROOM Evenings by Appointment La Vera Adkins, Manager 925 W. Center Street Milwaukee 6, Wis. DEICKEN'S PHARMACY. INC. 2700 N. Teutonia Ave. M. W. WENDT, R.Pb. R. K. WILM, R.Pb. PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY ERV'S RADIO 81 APPLIANCES SALES and SERVICE 1628 W. North Ave. KI lbourn 5-3310 ERV. KRAFT LAABS BROS. CO. Wfholesale BUTTER and EGGS I ij "QUALITY SPORTS EQUIPMENT" I IYQXN' Gllzge fb 5.5.1, 0... 749-51 N. Pla to ve. STANDARD DAIRY COM PANY Pasteurized Milk and Cream Butter and Cottage Cheese 2759-A N. 10th St. LOcust 2-5594 Congratulations to the GRADUATES OF 1957 from the LAMAR WILLIAMSON FUNERAL HOME 0 BORN'S FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Phone LOcust 2-1266 DEGNER METAL CRAFTS. Inc. Manufacturers of Wrought Bronze, Wrought Iron and Aluminum 1204 W. Center St. LOGISC 2-1546 vgfemer Degnel- 1023 W. Center St. Milwaukee 6, Wis. Look into the Opportunities of an COURSES ENGINEERING . . . 5.5. Dogroo 36 to 42 months Electrical Engineering E N G N H E E R I H G Moior in Electrical Power or Electronics Mechanical Engineering Maior in Refrigeration, Air C A R E E R Conditioning, and Plant Enginee g or Metals Fabrication and Industrial Technology options ' :Momentus rscnmcmn . . . CUM' Wme 'I2 to I8 months . I 9 Electro Technician of ylgyf ,he Electronic Technician Radio Technician Radio and Television Technician M OI k Industrial Technician Air-Conditioning Technicia I w u u e e TECHNICAL SERVICE . . . 6 to I2 months Electrical Service S I h 0 0 I Refrigeration Service Radio and Television Service PREI'ARATOl!Y...3months 1025 N. Milwaukee St Milwaukee I, Wis. BRoodwoy 6-6006 FAMOUS RUG 8x CARPET WASHERS Inlaid Carpeting Cleaned On Location Binding and Sewing A. WAHN, Prop. 1039 W. Hadley Street LO. 2-0359 SCHAETZEL'S FOOD MARKET 3000 N. Teutonia Ave. LO. 2-5839 FREEZERS OWNERS W' e can .rave you money Call us for prices U Q9 gmt JLY' af-Jl..Lo., ' ww C+'-v90f"H ttlfaf WJ Mr Luonlldl-Q1 ' la ufvvfl-"R Jfcfw I 1 Q ' u a 7TN.7' QQ. mf-J' MA 11,.MfWg fl QA4WwwN stepping stone I ll ll v gm to the future Your High school degree can be Tin' Ol-A Nfl? U0- step towards your educational and , I i vocational goals. A college degree will -I I A41 L2 WQQ, Vg,-Q,U1,Q, give you unlimited opportunity to achieve and a. X . . surpass yozr highestdexpjctations. d :J by .mul Decide f on going to co ege . . . eci e now on atten ing 014 . Marquette University, a University offering outstanding faculty :X ov .3 D U 1 11. g4 jAj aa! and facilities and nationally accredited degrees In: Q-P QV QV susmrss ADMINISTRATION - ummm menu: - DENTISTRY ENGINEERING 0.54 X yy.4,,,f,L Q19 JOURNALISM - uw - LIBERAL Ants MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY - MEDICINE Oh' Nunsmc mvsicm. rnznvv srsscn 5 M jv,4m,m!f1 A, Q Marque!! md Iyo., wan e I Y th d i f VOCATIONAL O Y : ci uhm GUIDANCE CENTER . . . an OUTSTANDING FACULTY th I 9 pegionnl ention . . . FULL CAMPUS SOCIAL CALENDAR I d 1 elics, ' Lire' :l'lll5lC, fraternities I .... 9 Q 1 E I! 121 For Full Information write: Director of Admissions. X ' fydfn-V' !A0"b fm Jalal' . ,MII we Maze J-?Ml,Wa .3 Owe-A 9 ' Q we awjdwwmmhw EEEAE u U ' kin I' 120 Consistent Growth wi greater M1lwauke e -1 ,Af 19" - :Cf TAL Assn' 1 -1 .3701 2. S 3850863.92 4 . S 724758.84 . S 6,l49,0S3.03 4 S 8,857,223-1.66 5 .. 51697203920 4 31171672448 51206996076 31270855774 81350589922 4 94 S16 571 275 66 52 S19 841 894 64 5 S22 197 922 60 5 S24 66976204 S25 5 I 5 725 I7 Teuionlu Bunk fgmfny af M4 iii! MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION rh G . Q, TO s 90..S3 ,385 1941 192 1943 194.. 194 .. . 196 ....... , , . 1947 ....... , , . 198... , , . 1 9... , , . 1950 . . . . S14,927,821.27 1951... .. , , . 19 .. .. , , . 19 3 .. .. , , . 19 4 .. .. , , . I955 ....... , , . 0 TO OBTAIN r-- 3, h Y I .mirifincfiuq erenf, anal .gnzbuinluaf 414. ' RESULTS Let us suggest ideas for your book. Our years of experience as Annual - 2 f builders enable us to give the year- , book staff specialized, intelligenthelp. , J.. 1 ' L' I 1' -'I A A 'X E ,f f a x ik J J X li I V. L ' N , ' 6 hr! f f A - ff Q My f J Hammersmith- Kortmeyer Co. . 3 rnmnsns . LITHOGRAPHERS . more-ENGRAVERS' ' 733 N. Van Buren Si'ree'I', Milwaukee, Wisconsin Ag P 0 S T S RAY EHLERTIS Sfores for Women S A N D W I C H S H 0 P 2701 N. Teutonia 2301 S. Howell I 822 N. 27th Sr. 1437 N. 12th Sr. Our Sperzalty STEAKS and HAMBURGERS French Fried Potatoes 2730 N. Teutonia Ave. COncord 4-9837 CLASS RINGS - CLUB RINGS - TROPHIES COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS VICTOR A. NOWAK COMPANY 623 N. Second Street BRoadway 1-8090 l ' World's Largest Producers T 4-CYCLE, AIR-COOLED GASOLINE ENGINES AUTOMOTIVE LOCKS, KEYS and LOCKING SWITCHES amass a smitten coup. uk!! 5 Y EL5IE'S GIFT SHOP HALLMARK CARDS Large selection of: ' U Dress Yardgoods Gzftx For All Occaszons Patterns Notions 2758 N. Teuto ' A Ea! makes ,, 1 to the xgesi JCZLL f -S May Your Future Be Happy gyracluafing arm and Prosperous 1957 Atlas Printing Company Phone COncord 4-6228 227 West Brown Street 17 .f+ XR K D X A .' - ,L ' -3 .- X in UU J Y F - r e ep m i- .... T Xml gr r l l FJ Ill -I .QE . ' I v K - l E Each of the drawings shown here represents a tool of some occupation or profession at Allis-Chalmers. While these are just a few examples of literally hundreds of different kinds of work our people do, they illustrate the wide range of opportunity you'l1 find in a modern industrial plant. But more important than the jobs, to our way of thinking, are the people who fill them . . . their abilities, their skills, their willing- ness to get along well with others. Industry is constantly on the lookout for young men and women with these qualities. ALLIS-CHALMERS 0 u it .... Q Y 2 43 1-I,ffrrlllflniiiiiiiixiiiiixxiiitx QI! looking for ci better ii u EEEH lIII!HmIw' water heater .,,:: .-If ll ,itilyiitijimgia 1171:--:IZ . i -"?'l'if5. It .,1,g,mf'IiIfIli , X ililiiliiiiiliiiiiiliii QU u shoP if , I -iid V , il foreman in who wanted Q f better welding " electrodes searching for a better way to store and HQ ,- process feed i 5 1 Kita ww Ln 'i X and HWY all lived IWPPIIY eve' une' Through research - 5" Iii . . . a better way with better products by A. 0. Smith ' The 1ady's answer was a Permaglas glass-lined water heater . . . proved in more than 3,500,000 homes. The ' foreman chose A. O. Smith electrodes - made by Welders for Welders. The farmer found what he wanted in A. O. Smith's revolutionary, acre-stretching Har- vestore feed processing and storage unit, x . . , , The key to each story, of course, is A. O. Smith's C O R P O R A T I O N very special talent for finding a better way through research. It's a talent that has created many happy endings with better products for home, farm and in- MILWAUKEE 1, WISCONSIN dustry-from automobile frames to furnaces and home air-conditioners . , . from pressure vessels to line pipe 12 DIBHIS in New IGYSSY, P0r1riSYlv2rii8, 0hi0, WiSCOr1Sin, ...from glass-lined processing equipment to petroleum illinois, TBXHS and California meters, International Division: Milwaukee 1, Wisconsin 125 X JC',"i-'Ihr fhffi.f.y,.4! f 'Z :ic uu1n:. n:-2: an-u:7::+: :zl-pe---:: 5 z.: :g1acYV:: :a1ow1nr :: lt 1-1, pin: If in-cook B.RING THIS COUPON INTO OUR STORE AND GET A SUITFITISE FRE! GIFT. ,I Speczal Introductory- Offer . . . lL from Carl - King of High Trades 5 N 5 ' A l .00 This Coupon Is Worth .00 ff- M Dr May ha used only as down payment on any malor appliance or talavlslon marked "KInp Garl 8poclal" ,L,,.f1 Xxfk. and must be presented ahtlma of purchase. Only one coupon to a customer. ' , ,. 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JOHNSON West Vliet St. at North Milwaukee 5, Wisconsin 2655 Phone West 3-2377 Iizwrymlc III"l'll'flfllt' FOERSTER MUSIC HOUSE 27th Established 1880 Inlermztional Piano Accordions Holton Band 11l.Yll'IHI16'I1fs MUSICAL MERCHANDISE Sheet Music for Piano, Organ. Piano Accordion, GROCERIES Violin, Clarinet, Trumpet and other Band Instruments. 540 W. Center DIVISION 4-ZQ45 v 2053 N. 18th Street Milwaukee 5, Wis. H80l'flbSf fongratulations to the entire Stay? of the 1957 TATTLER from THE NORTH AMERICAN PRESS 728 N. 7th Street The Milwaukee 5, Wisconsin 1957 TATTLER cover is a NORAMPRESS cover Outstanding covers since 1864 . Q Pafronlze Our Taffler Adverhsers. Litliogruphy by Hammersmith-Kortmeyer Corn! y Cover and Binding by North American Press Photography by Morrison Studio 12 All i0gl"al0 If ., 44 iff ! x I lk f I Gr X ' f ZS 1 , V. .ll M! IJ 5 ,J finz' ' 'Lax' QA' 'J M x S ,Wu 9 K ,f , fx ,,L,-YF .Wg 1' fny 'fx fl bf . Il ' , ,f"' rf 2,1 ,'A,f,.-' If ' I! jf!!-," f --,-X" ZW' lffh-QFA7kQWC2654fM90ffw2M.fy ' fjww7fMLmpf'fQ'Lf 0 My Us ififdwiffb ZZQW W iff? QW Q, XYJ7 WQWWZMQJJ ffwifi X Q31 X ai Qiffgffw A 2QfQE ffibffii N " Npxfw W of Q' 051 '- Wi '29, V Q ,g.,,, 2, m y.. in H' .AG 9. M. 0 . ' , ,I f n Q l li JA V .f ,4A,, ,C,,,-A-"ff 5,1 Q Q 04,4 V ' U 0 JY N . ff' 'ff Lf24gJl?,,Q,Mff:fg 7 If ,Qglwfifffmf-My f Q-owl i ' in Pj! ,si r My mf, W5 -Q2 W fry, 5, 1 Qxfygqgvgy ffl b:E 1 v 959 V' Iy 'fm . , 'I Y fu g if , .. ' "--'f'7- T' ' ., ,Y 1 , . , - 'fi ..::---az, ' ., ..- "-"V, , ,. ..,f4,e' .. 1, 1 fi w QQ 20 awpxwggfvw' ' Q50 lxfjjw civffm M12 ifcmi zulu W ,., .1 'J' fm iff Qkiigfwi?

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