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, aifgbf' . .vhn A V1 x E,. X, - N, FL iQ gg? ,Jim if wg, gf' ' fx 1' x X1 , Iv 5 X1 ,P , N ii 4 r-ff ' - ,. . 1 9 Hu W ik ,w Q K v W' F Wi pg x JL 'X VB A' xt? f Q , sw-ff' x . fx vm I - EJ v. 1 UUA W f 5, ' wi .X u JVLAILLLM A Q 'ik 45-WL 1 A7 an '. ' V 'f 0 5,1 ' a OO HA.-f 94" n ., ' GJ 1 , , Q 5 , T B J L1 .f QTL 9 9 fga1r JZXZIMAW ' XJ H A Y -qu: V M EV ' A Sf? - , in ' 1 fl' , Qi? 'XXJUM X A fy: MJ Y X E, 7'- 2 'Ll' if '.-3 7 MVN kf, 57 ,' :Ji J ' .vw :S MN J' ' ffff' J f ,gp fy ,ff ' , A . n ,mis I ' J U 'N- , an Ai, Nh A fy V, L jf? AMI il '- X if Xu 1 4 KJ v ff X - Q3 'J six A J f ,-2 5, K 1 ' ' yy 'V 5 5 V E? ug U 1 'A X 1' lf" 'TX ' fl ' l '1' Q2 'V X X .3 ,Q , K, 4, v 3 ,X V 1" cj ' f J L Dj LO x'f,4,VVL A 440 " fv A L E7L,,f,avL ' fi-Q! Q7wfWf 114 A Q ,JJ 99 wi! CZ? ggi-vciigo QS Q Zia , wp, J is xiQ?ad5fz . T35 Xu w JB ?, W MZ? .A , G7 5 W mf ii wlww, wx 0 WS, LN MW! 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E ,F bgfxkfi 35 5 QM ,P SYSNED Xi W XJ Q1 xg E A . 1 fg? all urwrvv-wwf r .,. .r . 3!P'W'v'T"F"'WfY-"P ur .r Q., .V - if, .1--1. ' "' :H H ' , ff ' 4 ' if Af lsx. W, ,XJ 4 1 'se fi. A . ,ew-e,6f,Z.l.f ff-M-46' ,gf ,if ff ,X-66 . , BX c N . K4 p V x. N X' J 2 5 XX. N lf? MTG w 4 sex K sqft , 4 M1 , , Qi a OJ if fffuffc uh 7Z0 f Ui liwfffifei D911 ZA' To the Students of North Division High School: Many are the days of your life that you spend here within North's walls . . . live out of every seven throughout ten months of the year. Edu' cators maintain that your school is the place where you prepare for life. Indeed, it is more than thatg for-in reality -- THIS IS OU I-IFE . i ' Q fi? H- .- 41 Liu 1 4 ,'..1.L . . JQALL-Z..n.u ha 'QL L . '- vs' 5:35, ff F' 0- v' r rs lg 1" -'-.". 33. ll - 1.1 " i 1 1 Q A 5 . J 'Y 3 MEFWQWQM ai f i' ivlifvfwi N V Ju YA!! , M , L- qiaiiu-nmg..g,s,AunL1 t Aida 1 MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN KATHLEEN OEHMCKE .IOANN TROTTS -Co-Edifors eine af NETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FIVE... MARLENE DAVIS -Assistant Editor A ' mw'f'f"W""'vw"fs1""'vfff 'wr' rf PA' 'HYW' IJEDIBATIUN Mr. Michalak, a former lieutenant colonel in the United States Army, came to North Division High School as its principal in September, 1946. A Milwaukeean, he is a graduate of Marquette University where he received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education degrees. In 1935 he studied in Europe on a scholarshipg during that year and again in 1938 he visited most of the countries of Europe. Mr. Michalak's teaching experience has been broad and varied. Before coming to North, he had been on the faculties of Marquette High, Kilbourn junior Trade, and Pulaski. He was vicefprincipal of Pulaski High School. He also taught in Louisiana State University where he was a Visiting professor of education. In 1944 and 1945 he was assistant professor of military science and tactics in the University of Louisiana. For several years he has served as president of the Milwaukee Principals' Association. Through his constant and deep devotion to the interests of North Division High School, and specifically in his promotion of audio-visual aids in education, and in his zeal in building up our school's counseling service, we have proited by learning how we can better face life's problems. So, we of the TATTLER staff, as representatives of the student body and faculty, pay tribute to our principal who--in his nine years here at North-has left his positive imprint upon the progress of our school. With our heartiest appreciation of his work and with our best wishes for his success and future happiness in his assignment to the pnncipalship of the new Custer High School, we dedicate this yearbook-the 1955 TATTLER-to Mr. Raymond F. Michalak. PRINClPAl RAYMOND F. MICHALAK n jfihufe to MISS MARY CARROLL I .ree the Jtrength and heanty of thy face, The little fnzile that alwayx lendf it grace, The thoughtfnlnefrr hehind eaeh word and deed, The generazif giring to a friend in need ,' A dignity eornpoied of poiie and charm, An inner .fenfe of right that naught ran harm A gift for rnirnicry, an Irifh wit fl Jinile ai' I recall each elerer hitj ,' A gift for friendfhip-loyal, fine, and trzre, A depth of love that'J only granted few. The hoary with Mary helped to inahe life Jufeet: There'J joy in hnoufing we again xhall rneet. I will not Jay that the haf gone away - fait au revoir nntil anather day. -A. C. N. Mary Carroll: student, teacher, friend! Student at the Uni' versity of Wisconsin where she received a Bachelor of Science degreeg teacher, for many years head of the Home Economics Department of North Division High Schoolg friend, loyal and sincere, to all who came within the circle of her warm, glowing spirit. e 7,4 ll rl Sa, 491 M .Ilan 71:74 R 6 1,6 "' do " 1 7 2 3 0 3 I' YOUR 41: vedrhuy . r,- 915 , 5 Cl-Asses 16 1 11 12 6 7 71 13 3 19 20 I4 15 27 21 22 Ue:'1'::Ff1Sot 28 29 Sup, Mon T ue , QMIOM pw' vw FHBB, Sun h1on'f"ew2 3 4' 1 9 10 11 12 3 3 19 s 7 1 f301:11j212J3124 25 26 227 23 You R AC1'IVl'l'IEg QMWW OCTOBER Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sa 1 ,.,A voun SPORTS pmfgww . 14 20 I5 91 4 27 2122 151011 5 2829 cj 6, 7 I Sun Mon Tue 1 e PRIL p-,,--" A 1' d Thu Fri Sat , 1 2 9 12 13 14 15 01 6 2 M .A Y - Soi Wa 'rn-A Wg 7 Tue 1 5 on 4 Sunilz 3 13 1 112 8 91018 9 20 21 1617 6 '1 25 11 2522 15 20 21 22 25 27 28 29 .1 26 4 21 6' 27 28 ie 23 217 -fa -31 "":f1' -1ffV- A ww ms f Ffgf M , mm W.. wif - .,,,,.,.,.,. 2,,. 292 : .,,. 'wif W :" 15.-12':f"fi1f::f5 QW2' 2" 5 21,2:f:2 QQQ2- 2 V, RX W N""""4-M y indfrucfion en arge fha laowerd o!fLe min MR. CULVER Vive-Prinfipal irecfor: North Division High, ever mindful of yours, the students' needs, provides an efficient prof gram in curriculum development, in audio' visual aids, and in guidance. . . . ALL planned to assist each and every one of you students to meet your indif vidual problems. . . . ALL designed to help you take your place here now, and later elsewhere- vvherever the call may be -in your life. MR. KARLSON Curritulum Coordimzfor 7 Q . . MR. HALL MR. GEE Dirertor of AZltif04VfJIldf Aidf Direclor of Guidame WWW Departmental Chairmen MISS BERGEN MR. FIELDS MISS HEALY Mathematics Physical Tfaimng Language I I MR. KEITH MR. NEWMAN MR. PRITCHARD H1SIO1y English Commenial MR. WEEKS MRS. WILLIAMSON MR. WITTE Industrial Arts Aft Science ' i .WW Faculty MR. ADAMUS MR. ALEXANDER MR. ANDERSON MR. ATLAS History Commercial History Commercial MR. ATWELL MR. BROOKS MISS DALY MR. DAMUTH Industrial Arts English Commercial Commercial MR, ENGELKE MRS. FREITAG MR. FROST MR. GEE History Household Arts Hman, , V' O A . I Faculty MISS GREGG MR. HALL MISS HEIDEN MR. HEPNER MLlthL'1v111t14's Silence Physical '1'1c1mmg Nfuxlc MR. KAMPINE MR, KARLSON MR. KINTIS Hixtmy Sncnce Science MR, KNEISLER MISS KOEPP MR. LIBBY lmluxr1mI Anx English Cm1111u'1cm1 MISS LUKER MR. MCGARTY MR. MEYER MRS. MOSER Mathcmatlcs Conzmcnml Aft Language W. KWEQ Faculty MISS MYERS MR. MYRA English COH17Y1CTC!dl MR. NELSON MR. NOWAK lnduxtnul An 5+ VQ . V . R 'A - -1-A -4 ..h:, gg: 5,-gh ',,2 4 :': "'-' ' ""' MRS. NYBERG MR. ORLANDO English Mime S Eughxh MR. PELIKAN Marhmmrlcx MRS. POLOMIS MRS. REAGLES MR. RISTOW Hkmxuhuld Arts Huusclwld Arts Physmll Tmimng 0 , ,CLQLA ff , MR. ROSENHEIMER MISS SCHAEFER MISS SCHERKENBACH MR. SCHMIDT Languages Language English Music Faculty 9 V I - ' . .,...:, 1 7 ' SEEK X. -I f .5 'f . if I I I ,,A. . If .,,A , -fifs "1-221 : .. .,, , . .:J?g:y- . l . 455.gif-1 . I . .. . K gg H , , sf I , MRS. SHULTIS MR. STEPHENS MRS. TALL MR. TETZLAFF Physical Tmuxmg Induxtmzl Arm Houxchold Avis Science I MISS THALL MR. THOMPSON MR. TRYTHALL MISS HERZIGER English Histovy Commevcial Libmvian MISS BUETTNER MR. WIESNER W'elfa're Counselor School Engineer MISS FUCHS MISS ALIOTO MISS WORNY Sccfztmy Office Assistant Office Assixtzmz MIM' 6 VW Faculty MRS. EBERT MRS. GILBERT MRS. HGRVATH MR. KUCERA M14-xIA A11rhmutxr Lmlgmlgr Arm A11rlm1ut1c Srluufu Snfml Sfxmluc Sru'vn'u MR, MARASCH MISS MEYER MISS SCHUSTER MISS SCHWARTZ An. Summa L.mg1mgu Arm Langlmgc Arts Lmlguugu Artx A1x!hmu!1: Swim! Srluncc Sucml Silence Surml Scxunrc MR. TEMBY MR. WOJAN MRS. YENNIE Aft, Lfmglulgu An.: Arlthmutxf ATI, Sfxcncu Sucml Scncnic Sclunfc Antlmluzxf DR. WIESE MISS DONNERMEYER Sulwvl Dnclm School Nuns YGUR CLASS! IJMZ7 olzarning fo ala Lg cloing January Commencement Program llflbalneulay, January 26, 1955, 8:00 fum., in Jcug .jwlaff PROCESSIONAL ..................... .................. .... C l ass of January, 1955 "Pomp amd Circumstanccn ................................ ......... E lgar North Division High School Band NATIONAL ANTHEM AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Master of Exercises .........................,....... ..... M ARVIN H. WITTE ADDRESS OF WELCOME .................... ................ W ILLIAM J. HEISE NORTH DIVISION HIGH SCHOOL BAND .... .... D irected by EDWIN C. SCHMIDT SELECTED PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT ..... ...................... R ICHARD STIEHL ACCEPTANCE OF CLASS GIFT ....... ..... P RINCIPAL RAYMOND F. MICHALAK GIRLS ENSEMBLE -HHALLS OF IVY". . . ............................... M. Willson COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS ............................ DR. JOHN B. JOHNSON, JR "The Importance of the Impossible" ROLL CALL OF GRADUATES ..... .......... V ICEfPRINCIPAL L. W. CULVER PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS .... ..... P RINCIPAL RAYMOND F. MICHALAK RECESSIONAL ...................... . .................... .... ' THE GRADUATES L'Pomp and Circumstancev ............................... ......... E lgar North Division High School Band January Senior Committees CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE SENIOR-FACULTY MIXER Sara Lee Blathers Anita Louise Bowes Joanne Carol Drott Nancy Ruth Brandenstein Donna Marie Gaskell Gloria Mae Brushel Jermaine Hackbarth Ruth Eleanor Hart k Bela Horvath Delcie C. Kamenic Carol Jean Matson Salvatore Carl Natoli Virginia Mattson Ruby Nevels Carol Ann Maynard Donna Jean Roush Janis Irma Schultz Vivian Veals Arnold Leon Weiss Warren Edwin Witt SENIOR GIFT COMMITTEE PROM COMMITTEE Ronald C. Albrecht Jameg Allen Bfgck Eleanor Corrine Alston PhiilI0Sl1H FIXCJISECTG A Helen Hill al' yn H8 raZ1anO . N Diane Mae Hough 'luamta 'lohnbon , I Carrol Lorraine Kloeckl Allan Charles Klipstem Barbara Anne McMahon Carolyn Kuchler Ba1gliaiT'JeanrPgrii1y I J Kenneth H. Mauer 1 lam ' C mlm r' Richafvdlcafl seem Hagljgl 322122 Willie Mae Thompson Kathleen Zacher Rose Mary Tornquist Sandra Lynn Zirgibel Row l' Row 2: Row 3' Row 4: JANUARY SENIOR COMMITTEES K. Mauer, H. Trosch, P. NVerth, Mr. Witte, Adviser, R. Albrecht, S. Natoli, R. Stiehl. D. Roush, WN. Thompson. B. Perry, S. Zirgibel, M. Graziano, C. Maynard, V. Veals, S. Blathers. R. Hart, G. Brushel, V, Mattson, J. Drott, A. Bowes, D. Hough, B. McMahon, R. Nevels. R. Tornquist, C. Kuchler, C. Matson, C. Kloeckl. A. Weiss, J. Johnson, K. Zacher, J. Schultz, H. Hill. RONALD C. ALBRECHT. History Course. Salutatoriang National Honor Societyg North Div. Honor Club: Hall Cadetg Sr. Gilt Com. ELEANOR C, ALSTON, Science Course. Future Teachers' Cluhg Girls' Cluhg Pep Cluhg Spanish Club, Hall Cadetg Sr. Gift Com. FREDRIC P, ASHLAND. Elective Course HENRY F, BAHR. Science Course. Music Festival: Cross- Country "N"g Pep Cluhg Sr. Dramatic Productionsg Hall Cadet. NVILLIE BAKER. Elective Course, CrossfCountry "N," Captaiug Student Councilg Track "N," CofCaptaing Hall Cadet. ROBERT LEE BARKLEY. Elective Course LA VERNE EVA BERNDT. Elective Course, Music Eesti' valg Future Teachers' Clubg Girls' Cluhg Guidance Room Mon.g Leadership Group: Pep Clubg Mon. in A lHomef roomlg Courtesy Campaigng Variety Showg Latin Clubg Hall Cadetg Usherettesg Sketch Cluh, Sec., Treas., Pres.g Art Guild, VicefPres.g Local Honor Roll. SARA LEE BLATHERS. Science Course, Future Teachers' Club: Girls' Cluhg Pep Clubg Hall Cadet, Sr. Cap and Gown Com. ANITA L. BOWES, Stcnographic Course. Girls' Club: Mon. in A tHomeroomlg Sr. Mixer Com.g Student Councilg Gym Mon.g Big Ststcrsg Hall Cadetg Booster Girlsg Usherettes: Noon Program Mon. NANCY R. BRANDSTEIN. Elective Course. JAMES ALLEN BROCK. Elective Course, Music Festivalg Sr. Prom Com.g Pep Bandg Hall Cadet, Lt,g AllfCity Band. GLORIA M. BRUSHEL, Elective Course. Music Festivalg Girls' Cluhg Guidance Room Mon.: Student Otlice Scc.g Pep Club, Oilice Mon.g Sr. Mixer Com.g Student Councilg Variety Shoxvg Local Honor Rollg Dance Ensembleg AllfCity Pageant. ESSE BUTLER. Elective Course. Mtlsic Festivalg All'City Choir. JOANNE CAROL DROTT. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Group: Office Mon.g Tattler Annualg Gym Mon.g Hall Cadetg Sr. Cap and Gown Com. ANTHONY Il. ECKSTEIN. Science Course. Biology Club, VicefPtes,g Visual Aids Operator, Asst. Student Dir.g Local Honor Roll, Variety Show. HERBERT EERSTADT. Elective Courst PHEDOSHA FOSTER, Science Course, Future Teachers' Club, Girls' Clubg Pep Club, Spanish Club: Sr. Prom Com.g Hall Cadet. HENRY FUCHS. Elective Course. Mon. in B iHomeroomjg -Hall Cadet. January ALLAN J. GABEL. Elective Cuursv, Binluqy Clubg Visual Aids Oneraturg Student Council. DONNA M. GASKELL, Elective Course, Sr. Cap and Guwn Cum. MARLYN MAE GRAZIANU, Elective Course. Music Festivalg Binlugy Clubg Uflice Mun.1 Sr. Prism Convg Student Cuuncilg Gym Mun.g Hall Cadet. ,IERMAINE K. HACKBARTH. Elective Course. Music Fcstivalg Girls' Club, Student Office Sec.g Ollice Mun.g Hall Cadetg Reading Runm Mun. RUTH ELEANOR HART. Elective Course. Music Festivalg Girls' Clubg Mon. in Ag Sr. Mixer Cnm.g Hall Cadet. LOIS xl. HAY. Elective Course. Music Festivalg Girls' Clulng Pep Cluhg Hall Cadetg Triple Triug AllfCity Chuirg Chuir Robe Mun. DONALD G. HEBERER, Elective Cnurse. Gym Mnn.g Hall Cadet. XVILLIAM bl. HEISE. Science Course. Valedictnrian: Cross' Country "NVQ Visual Aids Operaturg National Hnnur Sncietyg North Div, Hunnr Clubg Student Cnuncilg Lncal Hnnnr Roll. ELLEN HILL. Elective Cuursc. Reat Ruum Mtiix.g Student Council. HELEN HILL. Elective Course. Biology Club: Mun. in A LHnmernumjg Hall Cadetg Sr. Gift Cum, BELA HORVATH. Elective Course. Music Festivalg Sr. Cap and Gown Cum. DIANNE M, HOUGH. Elective Course. Miisic Festival: Biology Clula, 'I'reas.g Girls' Clubg Guidance Room Mun.: Leadership Groupg Library M4wn,g Pep Club: Mon. in A iHnmernomJg Sr. Prnm Cnm.g Student Councilg Big Sisters: Latin Clubg Hall Cadetg Library Clubg Dance Ensembleg Variety Shuwg Usherettesg Cheerleader. BARBARA J, IVERSON. Elcetivc Cuurse LORETTA JACKSON. Elective Cuursc IUANITA JOHNSON. Elective Course. Mlisic Festivalg Girls' Clubg Hall Cadctg Dance Ensembleg Sr. Gift Com. RICHARD JOKISCH, Elective Course. Photo Clulwg Mon. in "A"g Visual Aids Operatorg Local Honor Roll. GREGORY R, JONES. Elective Course. Music Festivalg Visual Aids Operaturg Variety Shnwg Gym Mon.g All' City Choir. DELCIE C. KAMENlCK. Elective Course. Music Festival' Pep Cluhg Sr. Mixer Cum. Graduates G HMNCQ VJ, RICHARD F. KIRCHHOFF. Elective Course. Hall Cadctg Noon Prograni Mon. ALLAN C. KLIPSTEIN. Elective Course. Gym Team: Mon. in Ag Visual Aids Operatorg Student Councilg Track "N"g Hall Cadetg Sr. Gift Com. CARROL LORRAINE KLOECKL. Elective Course. Music Festivalg Girls' Cluhg Guidance Room Mon.g Leadership Groupg Library Mon.g Pep Clubg Mon. in A1 Student Office Sec.g Oiiice Mon.g Sr, Dramatic Productiunsg Sr. Prom. Cum.: Student Councilg Tattler Annualg Variety Showg Gym Mon.: Big Sister: Hall Cadetg Library Clubg Dance Ensembleg Booster Girlsg Uslierettesg Triple Triog AllfCity Choir. CAROLYN KUCHLER. Elective Course. Music Fcstivalg Biology Club, Pres.: Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Library Mon.g Mon. in Ag Local Honor Society: Office Mon.: Student Office Sec,g Girls' Ath. "N"g Latin Clubg Hall Cadet: Library Clubg Sr. Gift Com. LEAH JANE KUPFERBERG, English Course. Music Fcsf tivalg Biology Clubg Future Teachers' Clubg Girls' Club, Vicefpresg Variety Showg Gym Mon.g Hall Gadetg Ushcr' cttesg Triple Triog AllfCity Choir, JEAN ANN LEISTEN. Elective Cuurse. Head Mon. in Ag Tattler Annualg Hall Cadet, ROSEMARY J. LEISTEN. Elective Course. Girls' Club, ELAINE LEITINGER. Elective Course. Future Teachers' Clubg Girls' Clubg Sr. Dramatic Productionsg Student Councilg Hall Cadet. JOHN CARLTON MzicLEAN. Science Course. Visual Aids Operatorg Student Councilg Latin Clubg Hall Cadet. SHELDON B. NIALMON. Science Course. Music Fcstivalg Basketball "N," lvlanagerg Football i'N"g Pep Clubg Student Council, Advisory Com.g Variety Showg Hall Cadet. MARILYN C. MANTHY. Elective Course. Music Festival: Future Teachers' Clubg Girls' Clubg Pep Clulzq Hall Gadetg Triple Triog All'Gity Choirg Choir Robe Mon. JAMES E. MASCHE. Elective Course. Hall Cadet. DIANE P, MATOLA. Science Course. Miisic Festivalg Biology Clubg Girls' Gluhg Mon. in Ag Rest Room Mon.g Variety Shuw. CAROL JEAN MATSON. Science Course, Future Teach' ers' Cluhg Girls' Club: Student Office Sec.: Spanish Clubg Office Mon.g Hall Cadet: Sr, Cap and Gown Com. VIRGINIA MATTSON. Elective Course. Girls' Cluhg Pep Clubg Gym Mon.g Hall Cadetg Sr. Cap and Gown Com. KENNETH H. MAUER. Elective Course Visual Aids Operator and Instructorg Sr. Gift Com. CAROL ANN MAYNARD. Elective Course. Biology Club: Future Teachers' Glubg Girls' Clubg Guidance Room Mon.g Leadership Groupg Pep Clubg Mon. in Ag Sr. Prom Com.g ?ftbGuildg Variety Showg Hall Gadetg Ushcrcttcsg Sketch , u . BARBARA A. McMAHON. Elective Course. Music Fes' tivalg Biology Clubg Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Library Mon.: Sr. Prom Cum,g Student Councilg Latin Clubg Hall Cadetg Usherettes. January SHIRLEY L. MILAN. English Course, Future Teachers Club: Girls' Clubg Guidance Room Mon.g Library Mon.- Readine, Room Mon.: Library Club. JAMES S. MILLER. Elective Course. Mon, in A fHomef roomjg Student Councilg Gym Mon.g Hall Cadetg Cafeteria Cadet. SALVATORE CARL NATOLI, Science Course. Scninr Class Officerg National Honor Societyg Sr. Mixer Com.: Local Honor Roll: Hall Cadet. RUBY LEE NEVELS. Elective Course. Music Festivalg Future Teachers' Clubg Girls' Clubg Pep Clubg Sr. Dra' matic Produetionsg Sr. Mixer Com.g Hall Cadetg AllfCity Choir. BARBARA JEAN PERRY. Science Course. Music Festivalg Biology Clubg Future Teachers' Clubg Girls' Clubg Sr. Prom Com.g Student Cnuncilg Latin Clubg Hall Cadet' Dance Ensemble. DONALD H. PINSKER. Elective Course. Music Festival' Pep Bandg AllfCity Choir. 1 EMIL POKORNY. Elective Course. ROBERT L. ROBERSON. Elective Course. Gym Mon. DAVID M, ROLFER. Elective Course, CrossfCountry "N"g Gym Teamg Stage Crewg Track "N"g Hall Cadet. DONNA JEAN ROUSH, Elective Course. Biology Clubg Future Teachers' Clubg Girls' Clubg Guidance Room Mon.g Leadership Groupg Library Mon.g Pep Clubg Sr. Dramatic Productionsg Sr. Mixer Cum.g Student Council, VicefPres.g Variety Show. JOSEPHINE SANFELIPPO. Elective Course. Biology Clubg Future Teachers' Clubg Girls' Clubg Variety Show. WILLIAM T. SCHMITT III. Elective Course. Music Fes- tivalg Future Teachers' Club, Sec.: Leadership Groupg Pep Club: Mon, in Ag Sr. Dramatic Productionsg Sr, Prom Com,g Student Councilg Swimming Teamg Hall Cadetg Booster Boysg Noon Program Mon.g All'City Band. ARTHUR R. SCHOENFELDT. Elective Course. Mon. in A. JANIS I. SCHULTZ. Stenographic Course. Guidance Room Mon.g Leadership Groupg Mon. in Ag National Honor Societyg North Div, Honor Club: Spanish Club, Sec.: Student Council: Tattlcr Annualg InterfHigh Student Councilg Local Honor Rollg Hall Cadetg Sr. Cap and Gown Com. GRACE S. SPANENBERGER, En1's Music Pres.g i,l1.h Courseg Festivalg Future Teachers' Clubq Girls' Club, Treas., Leadership Groupg Pep Clubg Spanish Club, Pres.: Oifice Mon.g Sr. Dramatic Productionsg Local Honor Roll: Photo Club, Sec,g Big Sisters, Hall Cacletg Publicity Com.g Variety Show. VJILLIAM J. SPITZER. Elective Courseg Baseball UN." RICHARD C. STIEHL, History Course. Senior Class Pres,g Mon. in A 1HomeruomJg Gym Mon,g Hall Cadetg Sr. Gift Com. WILLIE MAE THOMPSON. Science Course. Future Teachers' Club: Girls' Clubg Pep Clubg Spanish Clubg Sr. Gift Com.g Fine Arts Club, Graduates January Graduates ROSE MARY TORNQUIST. Elective Course. Music Fes' tivalg Girls' Clubg Guidance Room Mon,g Leadership Groupg Library Mon.g Student Oilice Scc.g Student Councilg Variety Showg Latin Clubg Hall Cadetg Sr. Gift Com.g Noon Program Mon. HARLAN E. TROSCH. Elective Course. Music Festivalg Pep Clubg Sr. Dramatic Productions: Sr. Prom. Com.g Swimming Team "NN: Art Guildg Hall Cadetg Cafeteria Cadetg All-City Bandg Pep Band. JOHN J. VAVREK. Elective Course VIVIAN VEALS. Science Course, Girls' Club: Pep Glubg Sr. Mixer Com. XXIILLIAM E. YVADE, Elective Course. Basketball UNIIQ Football "N"g Track "N," ROHN ERAZER XVEBB. Science Course. Visual Aids Operaturg Sr. Dramatic Productionsg Latin Club. CAROLYN WEDGEWIORTH. Elective Course. Music Festival. ARNOLD LEON YVEISS, Elective Course. Visual Aids Operatorg National Honor Societyg North Div. Honor Clubg Student Councilg Tattler Annualg Gym Mon.g Hall Cadetg Sr. Cap and Gown Com.g Treas. of Senior Class. PAUL E, WERTH. Elective Course. Future Teachers' Club: Pep Clubg Sr. Prom Com.3 Stage Crewg Student Councilg Swimming Team VICTOR WIGGERT. Science Course, National Honor Societyg North Div, Honor Clubg Student Councilg Local Honor Rollg Hall Cadet. EDDIE L. WILLIAMS. Elective Course, Mon. in A lHome- ruomlg Hall Cadet. WARREN E. WITT. Elective Course. Music Festivalg Sr. Mixer Com.g Swimming Team. GENE K. ZACHEK. Elective Course. KATHLEEN ZACHER. Elective Course. Music Festivalg Girls' Clubg Guidance Room Mon.: Leadership Groupg Library Mon.g Spanish Cluhg Sr. Prom Com.: Student Councilg Tattlcr Annualg Variety Showg Advisory Com- mittee: Hall Cadetg Dance Ensembleg Cheerleader. SANDRA LYNN ZIRGIBEL. Elective Course. Music Fes- tivalg Girls' Club: Guidance Room Mon.: Student Office Sec.g National Honor Societyg Office Mon.: Sr. Prom Com.g Variety Showg Local Honor Rollg Dance Ensembleg AllfCity Pageant, GRADUATES NOT PHOTOGRAPHED ROBERT BOBINGER. Elective Course. DONALD H, RITTER. Elective Course. Stage Crew, Mgr.g Program Mun. RICHARD STARR. Elective Course SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Richard Carl Stiehl ..... ....,.. P resident Salvatore Carl Natoli. . . .... Vice-President Janis Irma Schultz .... ...... S ecretary Arnold Leon Weiss. . . .... Treasurer .l0,- Mr. Marvin Witte... .... Class Adviser .l0?,. H O N O R S Valedictorian .... ..... W illiam I. Heise Salutatorian .... .... R onald C. Albrecht MAGNA CUM LAUDE William I. Heise Janis Irma Schultz Ronald C. Albrecht Sandra Lynn Zirgibel Victor Wiggert Ellen Hill Arnold Leon Weiss Salvatore Carl Natoli CUM LAUDE Grace S. Spanenberger Carrol Lorraine Kloeckl Anthony I. Eckstein Shirley Lorraine Milan Kenneth H. Mauer William E. Wade LaVerne Eva Berndt Richard John Jokisch Kathleen Zacher Carol Ann Maynard Gloria Mae Brushel Richard Carl Stiehl Carolyn Kuchler Henry F. Bahr, Ir. Donna Jean Roush Row 1: Mr. Row 2 Row 3. . Row 4. . JUNE SENIOR COMMITTEES Vlittc, R. Johnson. G. Kollauf, XV. Jackson, R, Mcicr, J. Brandstaettcr. : G. Bischoff, J. Young, B. Vv'are. N. Lukats, V. Washington, M. Clay, B. Mayer. ' L L- 'A O W v "h Ntzsc M Rice P Summers P. Brown S, Bolduan. uns, . ctncr, P. Alhrtt t, T, in hc, . . . , , ' J James, J. Buehler, N. Strchlow, S. Kralt, E. Zenisck, J. Dcngcl, P, Vv'hitmorc, O. Fears. SENIOR GIFI' COMMITTEE Patricia M. Albrecht Patricia Gayle Brown Margerine Clay Opal Fears John Robert James Thomas P. Nitzsche Mavis Darlene Rice Neal Clem William Strehlow Patricia Ann Summers Barbara Ware CAP AND GOWN 'COMMITTEE Karen Jean Anderson Geraldine June Bischoff Marlene Emilie Davis Walter Jackson John Robert James Robert Edward Johnson Stanford T. Kraft Lois Louise Lewis Phyllis Dayle Whitmore SENIOR-FACULTY MIXER Susan Joanne Bolduan John C. Brandstaetter Gerald P. Buehler Janet Dengel John Robert James Gordon C. Kollauf Nancy Johanna Lul-rats Barbara C. Mayer June Graduates Veloys Washington Otto Wegner Judy Young June Commencement Program June 16, 1955 PROCESSIONAL .............. ..... C lass of June, 1955 "Pomp and Circumstancev ............................... ....... E lgar North Division High School Orchestra NATIONAL ANTHEM AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Master of Exercises ............................. ..... M ARVIN H. WI'TTE ADDRESS OF WELCOME ........................ ..... I OLET DAWN SHAPIRO NORTH DIVISION HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA "The Sleeping Beauty ....................... .... P . Tschaikowsky PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT .... ................. J OHN ROBERT JAMES ACCEPTANCE OF CLASS GIFT ..... .... P RINCIPAL RAYMOND F. MICHALAK QUARTETTE-"Stout Hearted Men" ................................... Sigmund Romberg Robert Schamber, Thomas Nitzsche, John Brandstaetter, Richard Gritzmacher COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS .... .... ........ D R . GEORGE PARKINSON ROLL CALL OF GRADUATES ..... ...... V ICEfPRINCIPAL L. W. CULVER PRESEN'TATION OF DIPLOMAS .... .... P RINCIPAL RAYMOND F. MICHALAK RECESSSIONAL ................ ..... T HE GRADUATES "Pomp and Circumstancev. . . ...... . .Elgar North Division High School Orchestra Directed by Mr. Frank Orlando JUNE CLASS OFFICERS john Robert James ...................... President Gerald P. Buehler ..... ...... V icefPresident Patricia M. Albrecht ..... ........ S ecretary Geraldine June Bischoff .... ...... T reasurer Mr. Marvin Witte ..... .... C lass Adviser June SHIRLEY J. ADAMS. Elective Course. Future Teachers' Club: Girls' Club: Guidance Room Mon.: Leadership Group: Pep Club: National Honor Society: Hall Cadet, Lt.: Publicity Com.: Head Assembly Attendance Mon, PATRICIA M. ALBRECHT. English Course. Biology Club, Sec.: Future Teachers' Club: Girls' Club, Treas.: Guidance Room NIon.: Pep Club: Mon, in A: National Honor Society: North Div. Honor Club: Sr. Dramatic Productions: Sr. Prom Com.: Student Council: Big Sisters, Corres. Sec.: Hall Cadet: Usherettes: Noon Program Mon.: Sr. Class Sec. MARIE ALTMANN. Elective Course. Music Festival: Sr. Dramatic Productions. KAREN JEAN ANDERSON. Stenograpbic Course. Music Festival: Future Teachers' Club, Historian: Girls' Club: Guidance Room Mon.: Library Mon.: Pep Club: Mon. in A: Sr. Dramatic Productions: Sr. Prom Com.: Student Council, Exec. Com.: Tattler Annual, Typist: Art Guild: Big Sisters: Hall Cadet: Publicity Com.: Cafeteria Cadet: Noon Program Mon.: Student Court, Clerk: Usherctte: Library Club: Fine Arts Club: Red Cross Com. AUDREY BAGLEY. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Photo Club: Sr. Prom Com.: Gym lvlon.: Hall Cadet. GERALDINE J. BISCHOFF. History Course. Miisic Fcstif val: Future Teachers' Club. Historian: Girls' Club: Leader' ship Group: Pep Club: Mon. in A: Sr. Dramatic Produc- tions: Sr. Prom Com.: Student Council, Advisory Com.: Tattlcr Annual, Photo Ed.: Big Sisters: Hall Cadet, Lt.: Cheerleader: Cafeteria Cadet: Noon Program Mon.: All' City Choir: Sr. Class Treas. SUSAN JO-ANNE BOLDUAN, Elective Course. Biology Club: Future Teachers' Club: Girls' Club: Guidance Room Mon.: Mon. in A: Office Mon.: Book Club: Hall Cadct: Ushercttes: Reading Room Mon.: Conservation Camp, Delegate. ROLAND J. BOLLE. Elective Course. Hall Cadet. JOHN A. BORN. Elective Course. Biology Club: Future Teachers' Club: Library Mon.: Pep Club: Rest Room Mon.: Sr. Dramatic Productions: Sr. Prom Com.: Stage Crew: Student Council: Gym Mon.: Hall Cadet: Library Club: Sr, Gift Com.: Cafeteria Cadet: Noon Program Mon. JOHN C. BRANDSTAETTER, English Course, Nlusic Festival: Football "NF: Mon. in A: Sr. Class Play: Stu' dent Council, Pres.: Tattler Annual, Sports Ed.: Track UNH: Variety Show: Hall Cadet, Lt.: Booster Boys, Pres., Vicc'Pres., Treas.: "N" Club: Spanish Club: Badger Boys' Rep.: Publicity Com. PATRICIA MARIE BRAUTIGAIVI. Elective Course. Guidf ance Room Mon.: Cafeteria Cadet. DANIEL E. BRESKA, Elective Course PATRICIA GAYLE BRONVN. Science Course. Music Festival: Girls' Club, Rec. Sec.: Leadership Group: Pep Club: National Honor Society: North Div, Honor Club: Local Honor Roll: Sr. Prom Com.: Student Council, Sec.: Tattlcr Annual, Clubs and Organizations: Big Sisters, Co- Chairman, Recorder: Hall Cadet: Booster Girls, Pres., Trcas.: Sr. Gilt Com.: Publicity Com.: Usberettes, All' City Orchestra. KENNETH L. BUB. E'ective Course, Music Festival: Football "N": "N" Club: Pep Club: Sr. Dramatic Prof ductions: Sr. Prom, Court of Honor: Student Council: Hall Cadet: Booster Boys, Sec.: Cafeteria Cadet: Noon Program Mon. JERRY P. BUEHLER. Science Course. Nlusic Festival: Football UNE: "N" Club: Pep Club: Sr. Dramatic Prof ductions: Sr. Mixer Com.: Student Council, Advisory Com.: Student Court, Investigation Com.: Local Honor Roll: Hall Cadet, Lt.: Booster Boys: Publicity Com.: Sr. Class Vice'Pres. GERALD R. BUSCHKE. Elective Course. Basketball "NN: Baseball "N": Football "Nu: "N" Club: Miwn, in uA"g Student Council: Hall Cadet: Student Control Mrwn. KENNETH CANNON. Commercial Course. ERMA K. CHOWHAN. Elective Course. Future Teachers Club: Girls' Club: Guidance Room Mtin.: Pep Club: Mon. in A: Sr. Prom Com. Graduates MARGERINE CLAY. Elective Course, Future Teachers' Club: Girls' Club: Pep Club: Hall Cadet: Office Mon. MARILYN 1. CLAY. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Office Mon. ELBERT COLEMAN, Science Course. Football "NH: Student Council: Track MILDRED LEE CROWELL. Elective Course. Biology Club: Girls' Club: Pep Club. MARLENE E. DAVIS. English Course. Tattlcr. Asst. Ed,: Leadership Group: Pep Club: National Honor Society: Local Honor Roll: Student Council: Gym Mon.: Hall Cadet: Dance Ensemble: Cheerleader, Capt. "NH: Variety Show: 1953 Homecoming Queen. LILLIE M. DEDMON. Elective Course. Music Festival: Biology Club: Girls' Club: Leadership Group: Big Sisters: Hall Cadet: Dance Ensemble: Variety Show: AllfCity Choir. JANET R. DENGEL. Elective Course. Music Festival: Future Teachers' Club: Girls' Club: Pep Club: Mon. in A: Sr. Dramatic Productions: Sr. Prom Com.: Student Coun- cil: Tattler Annual: Big Sisters: Hall Cadct: Usherettes: Cafeteria Cadet: Noon Program Mon. THOMAS F. DOERFLINGER. Elective, Basketball "Nu: CrossfCountry UNE: Hall Cadet: North "N" Club. MARY DRIVER, Elective Course. Pep Club: Office Mon.: Student Mon.: Student Council: Latin Club: Hall Cadet, MARJORIE M. DUNCAN, Elective Course. Girls' Club: Oflicc Mon.: Student Council. AIUDITH A. ERFERT. Elective Course. Music Festival: Biology Club: Future Teachers' Club: Girls' Club: Guid- ance Room Mon.: Spanish Club, Pres.. Sec.: Office Mon.: Art Guild: Big Sisters: Conservation Camp. Delegate. CHARLES E. FAYNE, History Course. OPAL LEE FEARS. Elective Course, Mtisic Festival: Girls' Club: Hall Cadet: Usherettes: AllfCity Choir. LAVVRENCE S. FINKLEIN, Elective Course. Student Council: Hall Cadet: Student Court, Bailill. HAROLD L, FISHER. Elective Course. BARBARA JEAN FITCH. Elective Course. Music Festival: Girls' Club: Mon. in A: Office Mon,: Big Sisters: Hall Cadet: Usherettcs, NESTA K. FRITZ. Elective Course. Music Festival: Leadership Group: Library Mrnn.: National Honor Society: North Div. Honor Club: Gym Mon,: Hall Cadet: Library Club: Conservation Camp, Delegate. ALEX GABARDI, Elective Course, Mon. in A: Hall Cadet. 'u 'w J J June ARTHUR R, GABARDI. Elective Course. Mon. in Ag Hall Cadet. ROBERT P. GARVEY. Science Course. Spanish Club, Treas.g Sr. Prom Com., Publicity, Head Attendance Mon. in Ag Football Spotter at Stadiumg Tennis "N," INGRID M. L. EBERT. English Course. Girls' Club, Leadership Groupg Library Mon., Head Mon. in "Avg National Honor Societyg North Div. Honor Clubg Student Council, Advisory Com.g Tattler Annualg Big Sistersg Hall Cadetg Publicity Com., Chairman. MARLENE JOY GERSTMAN, Elective Course. Office Mon. DOLORES M. GLASER. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Guidance Room Mon.g Usherettes. KENNETH A. GOFF. Elective Course. Sr. Dramatic Prof ductions, Track "N." LEE GONZALEZ. Elective Course. Milsic Festivalg Guidf ance Room Mong Pep Clubg Girls' Glee Club. MARY CAROL GOTCHLING. Elective Course. Girls' Cluhg Pep Club, Hall Cadet. ROBERT M, GRABOWSKY. Elective Course, Visual Aids Operator. CAROLYN GRANSBERRY. Elective Course, Music Fesf tivalg Biology Clubg Girls' Clubg Pep Clubg Dance En' semble. JAMES MARTIN GRAYSON. Elective Course. Basketball "N," All'Cityg Baseball "N"g Student Councilg Track "NT: Hall Cadet. RICHARD O. GRITZMACHER. Mathematics Course. Music Festival: Pep Club: National Honor Society, North Div. Honor Clubg Sr. Dramatic Productionsg Sr. Prom Comg Student Council, Advisory Com., Student Court Judgeg Investigation Com.: Tattler Annual, Advertising Mgr.g Hall Cadet, Lt., Booster Boysg Publicity Com. MARY ANN HAYDEN. Elective Course. Future Teachers' Club, Girls' Clubg Office Mon.g Sr, Prom Com. JIM HENDRICKS. Elective Course. JOANNE P. HOLLFELDER. Elective Course. Biology Clubg Girls' Clubg Spanish Club, Oifiee Mon,g Conserva' tion Camp, Delegate. ,JAMES P. HOSKINS. Elective Course. Football HN." DOROTHY JEAN IGNATIUS. Elective Course. Girls' Club, Reading Room Mon.g All'City Choir. THOMAS IHLENFELD. Mathematics Course. Student Couneilg Hall Cadet, Cafeteria Cadet. Graduates LESTER M. IHRCKE. Elective Course. GLORIA DEAN IZARD. Elective Course. Music Festival, Future Teachers' Club, Girls' Club, Library Mon., Pep Club, Student Council. GAYLE EILEEN JACKSON. History Course. Music Fes- tival, Biology Club, Girls' Club, Pep Club, Student Coun- cil, Fine Arts Club, Big Sisters, Hall Cadet, Dance Ensemble. WALTER J. JACKSON, Elective Course. Mon. in Ag Student Council, Gym Mon,, Hall Cadet. XVALTER H, JAHN. English Course. JOHN R. JAMES. Mathematics Course. Mon. in A, Motion Picture Operator, Sr. Class Play, Student Council, Student Court, Booster Boys, Badger Boys' State, Rep., Sr. Class Pres. PHILIP W. JENKINS. History Course. Mon. in A, Gym Mon., Hall Cadct, Cafeteria Cadet. EGNAR F. JENSEN. Science Course. Football Announcer, North Stadium, Mon. in Ag Spanish Club, Rest Room Mon., Sr. Prom Com., Publicity, Student Council, Ad' visory Com., Hall Cadet, Conservation Camp, Delegate. ODELL JOHNSON. Science Course. Biology Club, Foot' ball "N", Future Teachers' Club, Gym Team "N", Mon in A, Student Council, Latin Club, Serg.-atfArms. ROBERT E, JOHNSON. Science and Mathematics Course. Mtun. in A, Spanish Club, VicefPres., Sr, Dramatic Prof ductions, Student Council, Tattler Annual, Hall Cadet, Booster Boys, Cafeteria Cadet. XVANDA R. JUNO. Elective Course. Gym Mon., Hall Cadet. PAUL L. KAISER. Science Course, Visual Aids Operator, Student Council, Gym Mon., Hall Cadet. MARILYN D. KATH. Elective Course. Girls' Club, Office Mon,, Hall Cadet, Usherettes, Book Club. DONALD G. KIHL. Elective Course. RICHARD J. KLEJSMIT. Elective Course, Future Teachers' Club, Mon. in A, National Honor Society, North Div. Honor Club, Student Council, Student Control Mon, Hall Cadet, Lt., Publicity Com. GORDON C. KOLLAUF. Elective Course. Pep Club, Student Council, Track "N," Hall Cadet. STANFORD T. KRAFT. Mathematics Course. Biology Club, Pres., Mon. in A, Visual Aids Operator, National Honor Society, North Div. Honor Club, Student Council, Advisory Com., Latin Club. Vicc'Prcs. JOSEPH L, S. KRENUSZ. Elective Course. Music Festival, Future Teachers' Club, VicefPres., Student Council, Inf vestigation Com,, Tattler Annual, Photographer, Variety Show, Photo Club, Hall Cadet, AllfCity Band. CAROL E. KROCHALK. English Course. Miisic Eestivalg Girls' Club, Pep Club, Main. in Ag Sr. Dramatic Produc' tiorisg Sr, Prom Com.: Student Council, Treas.g Big Sistersg Hall Cadetg Booster Girls, Pres., Publicity Com.g Usbercttesg Noon Program Miin. CARULYN R, KUEHN. Electivc Course, Miisic Festival, Girls' Club1Mon. in A. CARL H. KUNZLER. Elective Course. Variety Show, Basketball "N", Baseball "Nu, Leadership Group, Library Ninn.: Mon. in A, Student Council, Track "N", Hall Cadet, Library Club. VIRGINIA A. KURTZ. Stenograpbic Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Group, Pep Club, Ullice NIon,: Gym NIon,g Hall Cadctg Dance Enscmbleg Variety Show. LEONARD L, LANKE. Elective Course. Visual Aids Operator, Student Councilg Swimming Team. MQDNTE R. LAVERENZ. Elective Course. Music Festivalp Hall Cadet. BARBARA il. LeHEW. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Pep Club, Big Sisters. CLARA J. LEIVIANCZYK. Stenographic Course, Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. ALFRED W, LEMKE. Nlanual Arts Course. "N" Clubg Football "N", Ivlotinn Picture Operator, Student Councilg Buosttr Boys. .IAMES M. LESSILA. Elective Course. Bascball "NU: Pep Clubg Student Council, Advisory Com.: Gym Ivlong Hall Cadet, Lt., "N" Club. LOIS L, LEVJIS. Science Course. Nlusie Eestivalg Biology Clubg Girls' Clubg Library Main., Hall Cadet: Library Club, AllfCity Choir, Girls' Glee Club. NANCY ,l. LUKATS. Elective Course. Biology Club: Future Teachers' Club, Treas., Sec., Pres.g Girls' Club, Rec. Sec., Guidance Room Ninn.: Leadership Group, Library Ninn., Pep Clubg Office Ivlong Sr. Dramatic Prof ductions, Sr, Prom Com,q Student Council, Treas.g Art Guild, Trcas.g Student Courtg Sketch Club, Sec., Pres.: 1952 Homecoming Queeng Civic Conferencc, Rep.: Biz Sisters, CofCbairmang Latin Club, Hall Cadet, Library Club, Sec., Booster Girls, Sec., Publicity Com., Usherettesg Noon Program IvIon,g Ninn, in "A." VIRGINIA LUKITSCH. Stenoszrapbic Course. Girls' Clulwg Hall Cadet. ,IANICE LUSTER. Elective Course. Biology Clubg Girls' Club. ,IAIVIES CHARLES LYNCH. Elective Course. Miisic Fes- tivalg AllfCity Orchestra. ARTHUR IVIALONE. Eltctive Coui c. Cross-Country "N"g Track BARBARA C, MAYER. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Guidance Room Mon., Pep Club, Prt's.g Ullice Mon., Sec., Student Council, Sec., Hall Cadct, Lt.3 Booster Girls, Pres.: Noon Hour Program Ivlon. GLORIA A, MAYS. Elective Course, Future Teachers' Club, Girls' Club: Variety Show, June BOB MEIER. English Course. Spanish Club: Sr. Prom Com,: Student Council: Hall Cadet, BARBARA D. MEUNIER. Elective Course. Music Fesf tival: Future Teachers' Club: Girls' Club: Guidance Room Mrin.: Library Mon.: Office Mon.: Hall Cadet. BETTY L. MEYERHOFF. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Pep Club: Hall Cadet, DONALD RAYMOND MILLER. Elective Course. Visual Aids Operator: Sr. Dramatic Productions: Student Council: Gym Mon. NANCY ANN MINOR. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Hall Cadet: Ushcrettes: All-City Band, Majorctte: Tattler Annual: Red Cross Com.: Cafeteria Mon, SHIRLEY MIRR. Elective Course. Future Teachers' Club: Girls' Club: Sr. Prom Com.: Student Council, CAROL ,IEAN MUNDT. Stenographie Course. Girls' Club: Hall Cadet. THOMAS P, NITZSCHE. Elective Course. Music Festival: Leadership Group: Library Mon,: Student Council: Swim' ming Team "NU: Variety Show: Hall Cadet: Booster Boys, Treas., Pres.: All-City Choir: Publicity Com.: Advisory Com. ARVIN NORTH. Elective Course. KATHLEEN MARY OEHMCKE. History Course. Future Teachers' Club, Sec.: Girls' Club: Leadership Group: Library Miun.: National Honor Society: North Div. Honor Club: Spanish Club, Pres.: Student Council, Advisory Com.: Tattler Annual, CofEditor: Big Sisters: Library Club: Local Honor Roll: Book Club, Vice-Pres.: Conservaf tion Camp, Delegate. ROSEMARY ELIZABETH PAGAC. Elective Course. Music Festival: Future Teachers' Club: Girls' Club: Guid- ance Room Mon,: Library Mon.: Head Mon, in A: Spanish Club, Sec.: Student Council: Big Sisters: Hall Cadet: Library Club, Pres.: Usherettes: Noon Program Mon. CAROL ANN PANOWITZ. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Gym Mrin.: Hall Cadet. ANNA MARIE PAPP. Elective Course. Music Festival: Girls' Club: Pep Club: Rest Room Mon,: Hall Cadet: Usherette: AllfCity Choir: Tattler Annual, Typist: Leader- ship Group. EVELYN L. PEDERSEN. Elective Course. Music Festival: Biology Club: Girls' Club: Book Club: Latin Club: Hall Cadet: Cafeteria Cadet. ROSEMARY PETERSON. Elective Course. Music Festival: Girls' Club: Guidance Room Mon.: Pep Club: Office Mon.: Masqucrs: Fine Arts Club: Hall Cadet: Usherettes. ANNIE MERL PETTUS. English Course. Future Teachers' Club: Spanish Club: Girls' Club. WILLIE NELL PICKENS, Elective Course. Music Festival: Girls' Club: Pep Club: Mon. in A. MARGARET POGORELC. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Tattler Annual, Typist: Red Cross Com.: Student Sec. Graduates June GUNTIS PURINS. Mathematics Course. Local Honor Roll: Mon. in Ag Motion Picture Operator: Office Mon. in A.V.A.g Student Council. ROBERT WILLIAM RAHFALDT. Elective Course. Future Teachers' Club: Rest Room Mon.: Buys' Infirmary. ANDREW RANNER. Mathematics Course. Library Mon.: Gym Mon.: Hall Cadet: Library Club. BILLY j. REED. Elective Coursc. Music Festival: Pcp Club: Mon, in A: Student Council: Hall Cadet: All-City Band: Choir. BERT D. REVELS, JR. Elective Course. Miisic Festival: Pep Club: Mun. in A: AllfCity Choir. FLEMELLA REYNOLDS. English Course. Girls' Club. MAVIS D. RICE. Elective Course. Red Cross Com.: Future Teachers' Club: Girls' Club: Leadership Group: Library Mon.: Mon. in Ag Student Council: Fine Arts Club: AllfCity Library Club: Library Club, Vicefl-'rcs.: Usher' ettes: Local Honor Roll, ,IUANITA RICHARDSON. Elective Course. Hall Cadet. NANCY RIPPLE. Elective Course. Future Teachers' Club: Girls' Club: Sr. Prom Coin. CAROL ANN SCHAEL. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Hall Cadet: Mariorette, GEORGIA LUCILLE SCHALLER. Stenographic Course. Girls' Club: Guidance Room Mon.: Library Mon.: Pep Club: Mon. in Ag Big Sisters: Hall Cadet: Library Club: Usherettes. ROBERT D. SCHAMBER. Elective Course. Music Festival: Future Teachers' Club: Student Council: Variety Show: Booster Buys: Photo Club: Publicity Com.: AllfCity Pageant: AllfCity Band: All'City Choir, BARBARA M. SCHILLER. Elective Course. Biology Club: Girls' Club: Book Club: Fine Arts Club: Big Sisters: Hall Cadet: Usherettes. GORDON R. SCHMIDT. Elective Course. Student Coun- cilg Hall Cadet. ROSE MARIE SCHULTZ. History Course. Girls' Club: Library Mon,: Library Club, ROY D. SCHULZE, Science Course. Visual Aids Operator: Hall Cadet. IOLET D. SHAPIRO. History Course. Music Festival: Future Teachers' Club, Sec., Treas.g Girls' Club: Guidf ancc Room Mon.: Leadership Group: Library Mon.: Local Honor Roll: Student Council: Big Sisters: Hall Cadet: Publicity Com.: String Quartet: Tattlcr Staff, Clubs. NANCY CAROL SEITH. Stcnographic Course, Girls' Club: Hall Cadet: Publicity Com. Graduates ROBBIE ZINE SIMMS. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Spanish Club. ELVIRA SINGLETON. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Pep Club: Oflice Mon. CHARLES EDXVARD SMITH. English Course. Pep Club: Mon. in A: Track "N": Hall Cadet. LEON SMITH. Mathematics Course. Spanish Club. PATRICIA A. SMITH. Stenoqraphic Course. Music Fes' tival: Girls' Club: Guidance Room Mon.: Library NIon,: Gym Mon.: Big Sisters: Library Club: Dance Ensemble: AllfCity Choir. DUXVAYNE SPANGENBERG. Commercial Course. Gym Mon.: Hall Cadet. ARLEEN LOUISE STEINKRAUS. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Guidance Room Mon.: Library Mon.: Pep Club: National Honor Society: North Div. Honor Club: Hall Cadet: Library Club: Office Typist. ROBERT F, STEPHENS. English Course. Football "NN: "N" Club: Hall Cadet. MARILYN D. STEUERVVALD. Elective Course. Biology Club: Future Teachers' Club: Leadership Group: Pep Club: Main. in A: Girls' Club: Office Typist: Fine Arts Club: Usherettes: Tattler Annual, Typist. NEAL C. XV. STREHLOXU, English Course, Pep Club: Sr. Prom Com.: Student Council: Tattlcr Annual: Hall Cadet: Booster Boys: Publicity Com.: Cafeteria Cadet. PATRICIA ANN SUMMERS. English Course. Fixture Teachers' Club, Historian, See.: Girls' Club, VicefPres., Corres. Sec.: Leadership Group: Library Mon.: National Honor Society: North Div. Honor Club: Student Council: 'Tattler Annual: Book Club, Pres.: Big Sisters: Latin Club, Co-Consul: Hall Cadet: Library Club: Local Honor Roll: Conservation Camp, Delegate: Masquers: Sr. Gift Com.: AllfCity Choir. ARUTHA SNVAN. Elective Course. Girls' Club. CAROL A. TABOR. Elective Course, Girls' Club: Pep Club: Spanish Club. KENNETH C. TEMPLE. English Course. Spanish Club: Gym Mon. BARBARA MAY TESKE. Stenngraphic Course. Girls' Club: National Honor Society: North Div. Honor Club: Student Council: Hall Cadet, Lt., Asst. Capt.: Publicity Com. MAZIE THORNTON. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Pep Club: Spanish Club. MILTON TOWNS. Elective Course. Mon. in A: Student Council: Gym Mon.: Hall Cadet: Cafeteria Cadet. JOANN RUTH TROTTS. English Course. Future Teachers' Club, Historian, Sec.: Girls' Club, Treas.: Leadership Group: Library Mon.: National Honor Society: North Div. Honor Club: Student Council, Sunshine Com.: Tattler Annual, Co-Editor: Big Sisters: Latin Club: Hall Cadet: Library Club: Usherettes: Book Club: Local Honor Roll: ,lr.fSr. Prom Com.: Conservation Camp, Delegate. I qqpuluul i 1 Y ,W . 0 NORITTA M, VIELGUT, Stenographic Course. Girls' Club, Pep Club, Hall Cadet. NANCY LOU VIERKANDT. Elective Course. Girls' Club. ANNETTE WADE. Elective Course. Future Teachers' Club, Girls' Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club. BARBARA J, VJARE. Elective Course. Music Festival, Girls' Club, Pep Club, Student Council, Variety Show. VELOYS WASHINGTON. Science Course. Biology Club, Girls' Club, Leadership Group, Library Mon., Pep Club, Big Sisters, Latin Club, Library Club, Dance Ensemble. EDMUND WEGNER. Elective Course. Student Council, Gym Mon., Hall Cadet. OTTO WEGNER. English Course. Music Festival, Sr. Dramatic Productions, Student Council, Fine Arts Club, Hall Cadct, Noon Program Mon. JAMES M. WERTH. Elective Course. Music Festival, Football "N," All-City, Capt., 1954, Gym Team, Pep Club, Mon. in A, Sr. Prom, Court of Honor, 1953, Sr. Prom King, 1954, Stage Crew, Student Council, Variety Show, Hall Cadet, Student Court, Sheriff, "N" Club, Treas., Cafeteria Cadet, Noon Program Mon. PHYLLIS DAYLE WHITMORE. History Course. Music Festival, Biology Club, Future Teachers' Club, Girls' Club, Guidance Room Mon., Leadership Group, Library Mon., Pep Club, Office Mon., Sr. Prom Com., Student Council, Big Sisters, Latin Club, Pres., Library Club, Sec., Booster Girls, NEWELL LEAN XVILDER. Elective Course. Music Festival, Girls' Club, Guidance Room Mon., Pep Club, Sr. Prom Com., Reading Room Mon. CARROL JEAN YAUCK. Elective Course. Girls' Club, Pep Club, Student Council, Hall Cadet, Usherettcs, Tattlcr Annual, Typist, Red Cross Com., Sr. Cap and Gown Com. JUDY YOUNG. Elective Course. Music Festival, Guidance Room Mon., Mon. in A, Sr. Dramatic Productions fOrchestraJ, Usherettes, Fine Arts Club, Pres. HELEN E. ZENISEK. Elective Course. Girls' Club, Guid- ance Room Mon., Leadership Group, Pep Club, Mon. in A, Office Mon., Hall Cadet, Usherettes, Tattler Annual, Typist, Sr. Cap and Gown Com., Inhrmary Mon. NOT PHOTOGRAPHED ROBERT F. ARMOUR. Elective Course. Basketball UN." LARRY I. GEIB. Elective Course . Football "N", "N" Club, Student Council, Hall Cadet. EVELYN D. KLEIN. Elective Course. MELVIN F. MARINO. Elective Course, LOIS L. SCHXVEITZER. Elective Course. June Graduates Iolet Dawn Shapiro. . . Stanford T, Kraft .... . . . . .Valedictorian . . . .Salutatorian MAGNA CUM LAUDE Iolet Dawn Shapiro Stanford T, Kraft Ingrid M. L. Ebert Kathleen Mary Oehmcke Richard J. Klejsmit Joann Ruth Trotts Shirley Jean Adams Patricia M. Albrecht Barbara May Teske Marlene Emilie Davis Richard Orlen Gritzmacher Nesta Jean Fritz Patricia Ann Summers Arleen Louise Steinkraus Patricia Gayle Brown CUM LAUDE Robert Edward Johnson Gerald P. Buehler Evelyn D. Klein Guntis Purins Marilyn D. Steuerwalcl Gordon R. Schmidt Susan Joanne Bolduan Helen E. Zenisek Georgia Lucille Schaller John C. Brandstaetter Audrey Donna Lee Bagley Carol Krochalk Mavis Darlene Rice Robert Schamber James Smith Barbara Jean Le Hew Robert P. Garvey Andrew Ranner Virginia Ann Kurtz Alfred W. Lemke, Jr. Marie Altmann Phyllis Dayle Whitmore Marjorie M. Duncan John Robert James Leon Smith Elbert Coleman Paul L. Kaiser Nancy Carol Sieth Prospective Summer .IERRY L, BRAZIL. Elective Course. DONNA M. BRANDT. English Course, Miisic Festival: Biology Club, VicefPres.g Future Teachers' Club, Vice' Pres.g Girls' Club: Guidance Room Mon,g Leadership Groupg Pep Clubg Mon, in Ag Sr. Prom Com.: Student Council, Advisory Com.g Big Sistersg Hall Cadet: Dance Ensemhlcg Booster Girlsg Publicity Cum.g Ushcrettesg Cheerleader. JUDITPI D, CARRINGTON. Elective Course, Pep Club: Hall Cadet, KATHELEEN I. COATES. Elective Course. Miisie Fesf tivalg Girls' Club, JUDITH A, CISTY. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Guidf ance Room Mon.: Office Mon. MARION S. FETZER, Elective Course, Girls' Clubg Gym Mon.g Hall Cadet. JANICE L, GAY, English Course. Miisic Festivalg Pep Clubg Mon. in Ag Spanish Clubg Student Councilg Variety Show. STEVE J. HAERING. Elective Course. Football "N"3 Pep Clubg Student Councilg Hall Cadctg Booster Boys, Vice'Pres.g "N" Club, Pres. CLARENCE HUNTER, IR. Elective Course. Cross Country "N"g Track FLORINE D. INGRAM. Elective Course. Miisic Festivalg Girls' Cluhg Pep Clubg Cafeteria Cadet. LEILA LOVDALE. Mathematics Course. Miisic Festivalg Biology Clubg Future Teachers' Club, VieefPres., Historiang Girls' Club, Pres.g Leadership Groupg Guidance Room Mc1n.g Pep Clubg Mon. in Ag Sr. Prom Com.g Student Council, Advisory Com., Social Com., Suggestion Com.g Student Court, Foreman: Tattler Annual. Clubs Reporterg Big Sisters, CofChairmang Hall Cadet, Lt.g Dance En- sembleg Booster Girlsg Publicity Com,g Usherettes. MAVIS M. McCALLUM. Elective Course. Future Teach' ers' Clubg Girls' Clubg Pep Clubg Student Councilg Big Sistersg Hall Cadctg Dance Ensembleg Homecoming Court of Honorg Variety Show. DAVID F. LARSON. Science Course. Visual Aids Oper- ator, Student Dir.g Student Council. BONNIE McCLAIN. Elective Course. BILLY D. PAYNE. Elective Course. School Graduates WAYNE W, NELSON. Elective Course. Hall Cadet. LEONARD E. ORLIK. Elective Course. WILLOLA PAYNE. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Pep Clubg Mon. in A. GERTRUDE ANN PRODZINSKI. Stenographic Course. Usherettes. IONE SCHMECHEL. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Sr. Dramatic Productionsg Art Guildg Usherettes. ALAN C. STAUSS. Elective Course. Student Council. TRAVIS O. THOMPSON. Elective Course. DOROTHY M. TWIGG. Elective Course. Music Festival: Girls' Clubg Pep Clubg Office Mon.g Student Councilg Hall Cadetg Usherettesg Cafeteria Cadet. YOLANDA DELANE GOGGANS. Commercial Course. Library Mon.g Student Council. ALLEN S. WILSON. Elective Course. Future Teachers' Clubg Mon. in Ag Hall Cadetg Reading Room Mon. EUGENE F. ZENISEK, Elective Course. Music Festivalg Pep Clubg Student Councilg Gym Mon.g Hall Cadet. NOT PHOTOGRAPHED BERKELEY FUDGE. Elective Course. ROBERT W. HOUGHTALING. Elective Course. JOHN L, DURR. Science Course. Swimming Team. Lf, Rim R, Row A. Ruw IJ. IL nx- XX Run I Rum K. R4 rw S. R- vw Semester 9B HOMERQOM 232 Mr, Anderson 1: E. Kimlhvrg, A. KI-'wr-ll, XY. Stnnc. Mr. Andrrbnn, Gust, G. Hurling, 1: G. julmsun, R. Klllnruw. R, Hlcxxlwrrg. V. Lucas, flnllins, F. ,IL'1Trrsun, L. Tlwnms. 3: T. flxllcsplc. V. Bucsc, H. Emnnnn, N. Bridurs, Lulk1tscl1,M. Brcndrl, S. Hunt, R, Gunld. 4: T. jxxckswlm. L. jllnlcl, R. Murphy. E. Knnpuw, XYnlfr, NY. Krcbcc, E, Bwl1nwki, H. O'Brv1mt. Semester 9B HOMEROQM 310 Mr. Ristow 1: E. Mmnn, XY. Mm-llcr. R. Enrlmfch, Z. XX'.nyne, XYUHHRQ, M, Snnfclippu. 2: S. Burrm-ustvr, K. Hnndt. hl. Lzmirnnv. R. N--Alu. XVhitnry, G. Km-stcr, E. Adklnb. T: E. Kfikiflik, T, Vcucl, B. Sclxnlwdcr. C. Hrnm, Smxt, Z. Tatum, H. Tcrrcll. 4: C, XVrlqht. E. Murris, A. Stewart. CI. XYilann, I. Baubcr, I. NV1lli:nnwn, S. XYilmn, S. XX'unw1' Rf rw L. Rn nx' Semester 9A HOMEROOM 302 Mr. Kintis 1: K, ffrrnzvr, XY, Nlnmlh-IJ, INAY. Klntif, H. Fuller Lu Dnrnn. 2: F. Bcanxchznnp, M. Swnn. A. Imnlznrm. S. juncs, B Cl.unphvll, M, Bruuk. Rr nv R1 vw 3: Cl. fflmykmvmkl. I.-Hcrtnllls. fl. Kclly. K. H012 lu'x'QUr. A. Hilnmx, L. Drgglm, C.. Huy--5, 4: I. Gnbh. FI. Hnlllne. N. Cfl1zxp11xn11.M. 111'-rss, I. Sims R. Bnndrwn. ll. Nutech. ll. Wlnpplv. Lx Scmcstcr 9A HOMEROOM 227 Mrs. Rcuglcs Rmv 1: R. Wgndull. L. Hugh. Mrs. Rcamlcs, XV. Harris XX v. Sknwtulx, D. Buchhulz. Row Z: K, Thnmpsnn. J. Bachmann, S, Hutchins, C. Pirtlc R. Cannnn, P. Fvtzur. Rnw 3: If, Burl!-t-m, KI. Nnrtnn, C, Sunrr, G. Ncvels, M Kumcniuk, P, Schnrr, B. Sclmcfc1', R-vw 4: C. Simmuns, K. Vogt, H. Clark, L. GLly'I'JH, A Rzuuch, A. XYinklvr, R. XYnsh1ngmr1. Sponsor Semester 9A HOMEROQM 316 Mr, Frnst Rmx' 1: R, Kmrpmzm, I.. Brmvn. I. Lvv. Mr. Frost. A Unnmck,5.5xcr.urk1. H. Ulcklv, R R-rw 2: I, Hrrmzmn 9 Bllxw' U xxvhlll xx M Krm , - ,. . 11 . . mmm D.Slmp1rn,S.Sm1tlm,L.Tullxur. Rmx' 3: E. Rick, H411-1'gnrm, M. Sr-llcrs, A. Hupgrml J.Szny.ns.A.All-,'11,M, NILskns,H,M4vrf1b. Rmx 4: I'. XX' XYlsulzI-w, B. Sfllzarlwrm, A. Krull. 5. Zlrmlvr. R .nllnqy M. Rldsl. nl, Schlcft, L. Srmtln, 1 Nlvdzlmvck. Semester 9A HQMEROOM 235' Mrs. Vvvilliamson R-rw l: R, XY1lImrr1s, fl. Prlrltzllftt, V. XY1llmms, J. Clnypnul x 1. Ruth. Mrs. NX nlmmsm. Row I: T. Fifipnt. R. Ivfuvllvr, H. Scutt, B. Riclxurdsun, T L:-xrrmr, R. Czurlcr, XY, Krxst. Rum' 3: R. Fr1hv:y,D. Fr:mk,l5. R-wp. H. R-cd R Sl n . . cmuvs CI. Rudlkc. Ru xv -O: U, Schnck, ff, Dunn. 1. Humlr, S. Hdlhrt, I7 jacksrmn. M,Brus1fn. Cf. Dllzrm. R Czarlr. Semester 9A HCMERQOM 208 Miss Lukcr Rum' 1: NY, flxrtcr, C. Clurprun, D, Mackai, 17. Lutz, Miss Lulwl. Rmx' 2: il. ffurrarx. rl, Pukurrw, K. Pzlrkrr, Prudzlnski, ,I. Brmc. S. ,lm-ch, D. Ilubhs. R-my 3: LI. Ifnglrr. K, Grusscr, AT, Iivckvr, S. Luvurn, U.'rry, P. Qlnmrs, M, Pricwu. T. Lanrd. Rmx 4 B W ' : , alters. R. Omngc, L. Olwn, M. Sfhlwnudvr, XX, ITlIUI1A!I.,I, Ihddanrv. R. Rm-r. N. liffhu. Nmester 9A HOMEROOM 306 Mr. Bffjfiki R-ww li E. Tfldmzm. K. Sclm':u11:wr1hfr:L+ r. 1. M.1rl1. P, Kms-'l'. T. K1mr,Mx. Brmfks. Rmv I: R, Fish-r, I'. Kxxcgvl. M. ErJm.m, KI, Fxschrr. Ll. Sihl1l'l1fllN1, hl. fiuswull. J. S"UlNUl'lll'1L. Rmx- 3: CI, Y-yung. V. Lrlxrxs-um, R, Bllvgy. H. Nfrl.m, C, Hlrlchxwhl. 5, V.mEvck. Rmv -4: fl. Strlllmu. J. R1'yzmt. D. Frtzuvmld. N, Nlunskv. K. flqxdm-1, R, Krlkl-. fl. Slum, V. Flschrr. Groups Sponsor Sem ester 9A HOMEROOM 323 Mr. Nowak Run' l: Ml', Nowak, Hlxlwlvznrd, E. Harwell, rl, XVilkn, R. Sch-A-mug, Cl. Smith. Rmv 2: A. Albrecht, C. Eslcr, H. Hunley, M. Grunt, A. Crum. D. Ncmerz, U. Mueller. Ram' 3: L, Tmltl, B. Evans, J. Martin, B. NVntts, J. jnlmsun, L, Bmme, N, Gamslmw. Rmv 4: D. Manrqunrtlt, M. Dent. P. Post, A. Lumu, D. Cult-, L. Sfhievc, M, Ruhr-rls, F. l'urtv--. Semester IOB HOMEROOM 124 Mr. Myra ROW l: Mr. My'r1r, G. VVull'e. R. xvlltllif, H. XV:m', L Stovall, R. Cunmnulmnx. Row 2: R. Hull, N. NVilsun, L, Means, M. Coleman, K Suxwn, ,l, Smith, B. Scllcra. Row 3: E. xluhnsnn, M. McLin, C. Brooks, J, Harrell, Cl lolmsfm, K. Starks. Row -li M. Mcfiluutl. A. Frxenel, L. YVlll1nn1wn. A. Smuh K. XVullncc, M. Blue, B. Urnhzunx, P. Wrllmms. Semester UBB HOMEROOM 129 Mr. Weeks Row 1: Mr. XVN-ks, R. Bauer, R. l'unlzlnll', J. john, A Levy. ,l. Gnllespxe. Row 2: C. Cnmplwcll, S. johnson, XY. Nedrllc, 17. Miele-szk F. Nevins, l'. McL:augl1lin. Row 3: V. Yzmkm, C. Swznrtlxuut, H. Rudolph, B. Frzmcl D. Runge, l. Knopf, Kurmcmll. Semester 10B HOMEROOM 2 27 Mr. Pritchard R-mu' l: A. Nkkulkcr, C. Bund, C. Mueller, Mr. Pritchnr Vfilllzlnms, il. Yt-ku, E, Mnlunr. ,l. Row 2: F. Puynes, -l. Garlzmd, D. Duehrin1.1, T. Prwstvk J. Russell, B. Bruyli. .l. Russell. Ruw 3: R. Ruby, R. Cullins, B. Harris, K. Schultz. K xvllllllil, A. Cummings, vl. Nclwn, U. Freeman. R4 nv 4: H. Cuxrtrr. N. Kru Q . . . 1. . lngnnm. A. Tuylnr, Cl. Strvlmv. S. L.rVen, M. Sch-vrr. e " ver E H'u' B vw'n1lf,lVl Run E Row C R1 xxx' P1 Ruw H R135 Y 5l1n11t Huntn R B111r D HllHdI1LNCY low 1 111111 111 M South 'X Qmnh I Q am P,I'1l1IC1n111 Row 1 xx 1rd M Dmkm P 7111 I' Hmz UlL1111 C 11k T H11 Ll Rmx' 4 L 11 t 1 X Kr111111' 9 Z1 trmx 5. S 1 1111 1 N L111 1.1 Ruw R K1 N 1 9 rtz I nhnsun G. I 11ul111' H K111l11r Ruw ' I I'1u11 1 r 1 B 511111 Bun Fcrst r 1 B1u1tz1111 1 RUWF Dlppcl R 51 111 l11ll1pf N Kunhlnr A Kundrx k L l1L R T1tn1v1 vw -4 11 UNN1111 I 11111111 B Sdnnu urn B, M111 M K1ll1 n1 mx' H. uw Z D. S xv 3 XY:1rz1n 1 H M1 hI1t 111w-1: R 5t1111I11111r 11 A Tllllm 'I R11 T,H11d111 1111 l M1 Illwb B11ll111d L Rww Semester IUA HQMERUOM 210 Mr, Pclikun l: lf. Rulwrt. P. llxllmrl. L. lizllmlclwml, E, Lvintz, F. Lawn-ncf. N. Kflutia. R1 iw Dudl Run' 3 : Z: S. Sclzivfcllwun. I. lirvitrnlivld, xl. Swrlass, M. cy, Y. Tmvltt. l'. Alford, IJ. Andrrslm. liurlnu Iulmsun, XY. Davis. T. linlnnrr. ,l. ,lulmsun M, lil-nslu. if-rmtuncc Nlcfflurty, R. Av--ry, B. Uruwn. Rl AX' R+ mx' R 4: l'. Em'nd.n, C. Stricklnml, H. lilzuckslmirc, B. Crnw lurd. ll. Nllllvr. lhlltz. N. Nulwu. ,l. H1:lxs,'l'. XYil:on Semester IHA HUMEROOM 233 Miss Kofzpp l: ll. l'l-lynlun, D. ffnrvy, Mis: KucPP. ,l. Sclxrcllwl' . Silxultz. Row Z: hl. Erlxclm. Al. Blakely, 15. l..znm.lgml', A. Sclxin-fvllvcin ' mn L Dun m IL. Xlaslnug . . . w. Row 3: K. Brvllv. Y. llnllillnrll, L. lricwc, -l. YV1llus, B Tumtxll, ll. lkttsgruw. E, nl-whnsun. Row 4: D, lV:aclum1.nlx, C, Gullcr, P. Rrrsenmn, L. Clay H. Mzuttllschuk, R. Tlncrnkc. B, Wgnllcrmann, M. Rus nmascn. Semester mA HOMEROOM 301 Miss Healy Rum' 1: R. Pnrl-Lim, D. llumlrr, M155 Hmlv, R. jvnlxins I7. Hullms. Rwfv 2: R. Tlmuurlclx. A, finlwr. F. H-wtlclwr, J. Qunndt S. Hvndrlcks. Rnw 3: A, jnhnsun, ll. H1ll. H. Nick, S, Spntzzu, N. La Fmmmxn, A. Lutz. Ruw 4: A. Harrni, XY, XV1lsun, XY. Nznwln, fl. Tcl!cS, J Osusky. ,l. Bmmmu, H. Harper. Semester IHA HOMEROOM 107 Mrs. Mlmscr llmv 1: f'. MrN:4llx', D. l'l:mM'n. Mlf. Nlusvl, ll. Ynnli V. lin-rmx. Rum- I: E. fklmlmul. S. l'1icv. ID, fI4+rm.ul1t1x1v:ux1, M, l'rtcr K. Rrlu'1',5, Kmxust, l li: M XX Rum Ufruy, li. l'lm'tm.m. ' 4: ll, Krzunskv. A. ficlxmmlt. R. V-ut, l', Kuclxl M. lxxxa-. U. .l-flwx ll. Nlattlmvxx-. Sponsor ' ?: M. Nlullvn. l. Ynung. lvl, K.nm'x, fl. llmllicll, li Ll Ssmcftcr IUA HOMERQOM 313 Mr, Newman Rum' l: 13. 1Y1llinms. N. Blnlhlllll. Mr. Nuxnnm. Camrzzl. F. llwttclmrr. R. lvlurtm. hlncuu, , . xv ke. llmx 1: T, l'u:1u', M, Small, CI. Kulxrcy, M. l.x1crlw. li l R 911 ll Rww J: Ll. Hmlwn. f.. Hlmllcl. l3. Alumu, M, Xllwlmllmut 11 l'.A1fum, B, Nlcliwllmlx, M. Hdrpnlr. Rum' -4: ll. vlmmus, T. Unuzmn, T. Simms. rl. fmllmf. U klmuvs. A.Q1mllb.I4,flr.wN.,l.Snmlrr. Scmcstcr 11B HOMEROOM 231 Mr. Urlzmdo Run' l: D. 1Y1lkC, Mr, Urlnmlnv, nl. Nulzln, T, H11 ml, lumta, R. lvicycre, N. Nlallmkc. Ram' 2: T, Brulgrs, E. Umhnm. I. Hoskins, fi. Bxna. Uurdun, H. lvlryvrhnll, 17. Knillcr. Row 3: Al. Zur. M. B1-fk. l. lvlalunv, ll."l1L1l1, B. Strll fi, Fn'tznr,kI.tI1cm',l.. Blulzvr. Semester 11B HQMEROOM 122 Mr. McCarty Row I: lvlr. lvfcflurty, 13. I'--dlvsfk, K. Nllatkv, K. l5lll', IJ Klascl, fl. lxfvltcrsdurf. Row Zz. M. H.um1'lmn. M. Tatum, M. l.7zn.ldzm1. I. Nu-:lx ll. l' Kmydns. Rmv KI. llvlnm, 17. Mzmkicwlcz. I. Dum, V, film-11. l' Sclullmq. rl. Nl.mx1c.u. fl. Szcvguum, Semester 11B HCDMEROQM 203 Mr. Trytlmall limi Mr. Txvtlmll. R. Hug. R. llulwuanr, A. lkmlu l'. Slvwurt, li. B1 ckly. Rum' 2: 17. Lymlu. A. K9-lulmw, S. Rufrfrv, S, H.lmm, ll SY1l.IxllCI1liI!, F. Alvlc. 4 Rww 3: A. Stv.'mlnllw1'. U, flmnl. l. Hznnmlxlm, l, fllzmm l l' I '. lrfcrt. l . Nulwn, M, Nuucm. P Groups Sponsor Semester 11B HOMEROOM 125 Mrs. Pulimiis R-iw 1: R, llzwsiim. IT. lxiirhlivwii. Mis. lifliimi I Ulm Rim I: l, H.-riih, Cf. l'iix':i'. B. Vihila, IZ. l'.ih-ir. M. Bziilcy N. Bulrlxxiri. 5, .L Quizilla Rim 3: R Hiillimgiv, S. fliiiipi-i'. A. Smal. ,l. Ni-xv, R. Alli min. ,l. Yiiiiiu. Semester IIA ASSEMBLY "B" Mrs. Freitag Row l: R. Scli.icl:kv. K, Bnhiimri'. C. K.ii'.ui1, Mrs. Frciiiig A. Uhiimiml, ,l, Dvngcl. R, Cihirlip. Rim' 2: C. llimrii, ff. Giiiwa. fl, Scliwailv, J. l'ri:iid.i, I' Hiwipsiwili, P. ffimkv. S. Bragg. R4 xxx' l Q Rim' Cl, Ri iw ,L Rim' fi Rim K5 3: D. XYrstcuti, V. Schrcck, ID. Mwiris. ,L Nviimziim Hrburri, M. H1ili'i:,Cl. IJ.-:imx -4: M. Ewcr. ,l. Schilhizick, R. XYilwn. P. XYc:itl1crspiniii Spii-lx-ug.-l, IS. Diinniuiiii, L. Wzifliiiigwii. .l. Klrnim. 5: H. Bimini, C, H.iwkim, V. Kxnsiiiczi. G. Bcngbtiiii I'ii'ir.ii'rki, R. Lickmli, XY. I'iu'lrl'. P, Iviiiylr. Semester 11A ASSEMBLY MB" Mr. Schmidt l: xl. Huilivwiiy, Ii. K.igi-1, j, Suiiiiriilwiilg. Ml'. Schiiiidt Hnyva. 17, H,iiid-'lzimi. Z:- I. Mqmtliy, fl, Runuv. ,L Iiriitivu. ,I. Riiiuv. l'. Nash 1 . .X iiils. .iz K.. Bi-ig. I. Hmmm. J. Pziliiri, li. I'i-triixxsky. B XYiIwiu, V. Birh. A. Hllghu. Rim' Rim' Bri Rim' XX ' , .. . , ,- 41 lu. XX .1iwi1i:il1. ll. iini-iii. R, Nutt. R. Sch.u'h'i'. 1 i1rl1.T,Zii'tl-iw, lf. Mcflluii, IL Mi:y'i'i'. H: H. Him. A. lkkiiiiiiig, R. Rzninrifsi-ii, R. Miir'i' . Pnxkiix, B. Hmxkim, IS. Oiliiirii. P. Yimiig. ,l. Fluimn Scmcstcr IIA HOMEROOM 31-1 Miss Schaicfcr Rim- l: A, Simm nf. L. kiiixrllx. Min Scli.u'ii'i. T. Scliulwi'i't XY. Ziriil. Rim' 2: M. lliirimicz. .L Kyli-i', S. Fifiidifr, QI, Srrlny. A Iirrlil. R-1w3: F. Smith. D. H-1:uJ, rl. ffiuitw, E.'i'iN. l7,H:1rdiu XV, XY.irdvl1. Ri iw C 4: R, Bi-i'i1h:igi-ii, M, fvrulwi. ll. Luck. ,I, f .1li.ixx'i'il, L. lliildlu rg. P. Allmxll. Groups Semester IIA HOMERCOM 207 Miss Gregg Row I: N. I:vlIwr, il. Sclfvrt, M155 Iirvgg, -I. N--lwn. I Vfclmn. Row Z: S. Lunch, I. Mmmllizn, I. I'IifI1up, II. Mcfllmnd, B Iirlmmr. Ilmv 1: I-. fmuxlvru. T. flridrr. V, Rnblnsnn, B. Mcclzuxn II I3 fum 1 15.1. Vfn 5, Rum' 4: L. Hyrlms. I... Zuclnzk, M. Bvrnslrln, C. Mansail1u11IL R ' nn I' L .Inj c, ,. mug. Semester IIA HOMEROCM 322 Miss Scherkenhach Row I: F. Sfmtug, Cl. Kuy, B. Bucgc, S. Stops, H. Hcllim, E. Rummy. Row Z: VY. WI-nh. A. Row 3: XX. N. Sn-lrwr. Ii. Plunmmur, K, Mnchauls, Ii. Ryan, B. Blnmer, B Sknsu, Ii, Ymmq. ' Haxxrmcr, K. Kunnvdy. J. Mattcr, P. W'urdr-n Klum, M. Alksl1if,M.FxscI1L'r. Scmcstcr IIA HQMEROOM 303 Mr. Tetzluff Iimv I: Il, Mutmznk, F. RIwdQs, Mr, TctzI.ntI, M. Ilvis F . .. I'1'm-rnun. Ruxv 2: nicky, M. R. Rwbumm. I. Sullurf, M. Iincttclnrr. H. VIAIHI11 LI Rush ' 1. Rum' 3: D. I'r:mZIuII. S. I'I11Il1pa, fl. Hmwcr, ff. Slvlfrs, A TlILIm'I1, M. ISr:mtu. R-ww -4: IX. G. XY1Iamm, I7. Sdnwuu. J KlfCI'lLl', fl. Mmh.-11.15, Srhnxzxllcs. I. I'ctn-rem Scmcstcr IIA and Stage Crew HUMERQOM 'ZII Mr, Kampinc Ilmv I: KI. I.xmIvr. AI. SCIWIQII, Mr. Kzxnmpilw, T. IvInrqu:xrLI!. Iimv Z: V. XK'hizr. S, Murrull, P, Camper Iiulzlqrrn. Ru-.v I: j. Fischcr, IQ. XVcstcf1tr, W. Hznlhvrt, Hn-fn, Y Tcmplr. I- .Iom-5. Rww 4: XV. Sxma, A. N-n'lIx, M. Mcffxxllllrlm, II. fluchrzm, L. ,IuI1nsm1, V. Blur, Alfvlm:-nn. ns. R. Schmitt II. Hill, R Rim' ll. Svmcstcr IZB l2B'7 HQMEROOM NA" Mr. Witte, Mr. Dzimutli l: fl. l'u.ucc, Nlr. XVith', F. XYllli.lms. XY. lhlmltli, Lzirswn, ,l. l5u1iaip.nrtL'. Row 2: Y. fmuigziiis, l. Slizipiru. P. lmtzmx. l. Nwlivxx, fi. Riiimc. N. IR-in, F. lliixml-iw, Row 3 : F. Apjwlcwliitc, XY. All-xzmtli-r, li klulxn. R. Miller, M. Lluy. xl. fwcliairfri. H, liuslw. Rr rw NX Rx Jw ,l. N Ram' F. Rmv li. Ri vw -l: NY. Rllnnrlls. E. Klcscr, l.. Nlulilll, Cl. Scliniiirlzlu, '. Ruth, N. Rnchiil. ,l. Ncxirs. Il, iiiivtzlzill, S. Kuuri. 5: I7. Krlivqcr, l., Smllli, K. Ciiltlvnlmclx. T. l'li'un1:m11, Bumlusi-n, I3, Rvimrr. xl. Amlvrsmi. CI. Vulkiuainii, Twlvg. Semcstcr 12B l'lBf7 HOMERQQM Miss Thull, Miss Hcidcn l: Miss Huidcn, Miss Tlmll, Al. Brazil, ll. Armstrmig, Kiddim, L. Hzirinnn. E. Pzlyncs. '11 L. Luvdnlv, N. fllmstuii, B. Pups. U. Hulwimgcr, Emgrlliauxlt, D. ljramlt, T. Cxfzaldi. 3: R. Niuskcs, XY. Luigcmimn, l7. Ln Fnumum, XV, Vfvi-tlvrriulqs, R, Luiicmxmn, R. Brzmtzi. xl. l,lnrl:1m.l, V. Bc fuichzirnp. Ruw 4: A. Rcinlmrdt, E. Russ, I. Buchfmzm, C. Uwuns, WI. Ottuwitz. B, Thmlwzild. Al. Dwdrich, U. Schoula. Rmv in S. Pickup. B. Fuduv. D. Spirncvr, P. Gilhurt, I. Elven, xl. Malilmrn, E. Ulm. hl, Znrnotli, xl. Fislicr, M. Krimmrr. Football HOMEROOM 214 Mr. Engelke Rim- I: N. Lumlquist. nl. Drivir, il. Ulsun. Mr. lfiigclluc .l- Rim- G Arnistninq, H. Sims. I.. Hzirmun, Z: R. Evans, E. Klcsi-r, ,l. Nvvcls, l'. llcil, C. Hairri: Vfcstccitt. R. Caldwcll. Row 3: S. Hiivriiiu. 5. Nutzul, VV. Rllnnvlls. A. Little. ,l XN'z'rtli. XV. Oppurmsinn, R. Russ, F. Spruiiz. Rmw 4: C. Bcnnvtt, lf. Diclccrsun, H. Nlyi-rs. E. Pzuyncs R H2lfl'Lll. .l. Hurtuii, S. liulllxxxilc, XY. Cliiyxun, A Rumlinrdi. Publicity HOMERQOM l0-4 Mr. Rosenlicimcr Rum 1: M. Krimmcr. .l, l3l':umlst:u'i!vi', R. Urilzmqicliux' Mr. Rusunhwiiiivr. I, lflwrt, il. Bu-'lilvi', Rim' 1: B. Trslir. L. Lmxlzilr. R. Klvismit. l. Slmpim N. Lukiits, S. Atlnms. Rim- 3: G. Sclimiwlzlc. Cl. Krucliailk, il. Kiuctiilillli, T Nxt zsclic, ll. Hrzmdt. ll. Brown, U, Riclitur. I Rmv -l: R, Fzncli. N. Siiwghlmv, R. Sclxgiriilwr, U. Vugnrrs Olin, N. Ri iclml, K. Amic1'smi. i,-. 1 11 -i- Track HOMEROOM 311 Mr. Thompson Row I: Mr. Thompson, F. Harvey, J. Himmclmann, G. Carr, D. Schultz, L. Cuiruft. Row Z: M. Thcus, K. Tatum, R, Blzickshirc, R. Gilbert, R. Hardt, W, Pnxw, B. Vanicr. Row 3: I. Boschck, D. Ncufuss, N. Fritz, P. Brandt, G. joscph,'C. jonus, R. Hoskins. Row 4: H. Bryant, j. Uchmckc, J. Andcrsun, L. jay, P. Schulze, H. Willianrs, L, Rhudus, K. Sicth. Library Monitors HOMEROGM 307 Mrs. Nyberg Row 1: S. Lucck, P. Taylor, Mrs. Nybcrg, J. Evans, P. Murtcrs. Row 2: M, Eastman, C. Munch, R. Tulivcr, J. Pajari, G Ncustcdtcr, M. Salcwcdul. Row 3: M. Schultz, A. Avery, N. Picrinlg, M. Runner, M, Sicmann, J. Kuppu. Special HOMEROOM 314 Miss Myers Row l: Miss Mycrs, H. Schocnboth, T. Barnchy, E. Fzrync, R. Engle, G. Ticdt. Row 2: M. Cicsc, D. Kennedy, J. Bchling, J. Nash, D Earslcy. Row 3: D, Enghcrtsnn, bl. Buruchy, D. XVcshcr, J. Baqin, E. Hnrvcy, Lucas. Sponsor Groups Elementary Division J F. Rim NX CI Rn xxx' Row Semester 7B HOMEROOM O4 Miss Schwartz Row l: H. lircfsvrtu, L. Alzlcksmn, fl. Parc, Miis Schwartz . Burk, T. Smith, M. Zuulicr. Row 2: M, XY1lliu1ns, B. Frccmzun, A. llullr, vl. I,4AH1Rlfim U. Kru-'u,cr, S. lilycli, N. Lzmruw. Rnw 3: l. Willinnxsim, I. R-mlm, l. lnnclxt, I. Fulcv, I H l 1 k H L ll uincn,.K, Hutchins, T.. ii ii ur, lizlshlmxwi . ' Row 4: D, Hull, li. Craig, C. XX'z1shi11gtur1, L. Lunilgrcn K L U ul n . yncli, F. R lviriswri, R. Tuylur, Al. Hxnyt, Nl. N .r . Scrncstcr 7B HQMEROOM 08 Mrs. Gillvcrt Rnw l: C. Wnnds. .l. Curtis. NV. Zriliccrlllr, Mr's. Gillwurt G. Nunn, B. johnson, S. Nclmn. Rnw Z: M. Ri-asly. J. Hicpping, M. Lnrsun, j. Lcigly, N Hcmlcrsnn, Cl. Tnlivur, M. Yamku. Row 3: H. Knlmy, CQ. Rndlkv, XY. Angst, R. Rcmmcl, H Bnynmn, R. Dulc, U. Wnudzinl, V. Tolivcr. Rim- 4: L, jnrdrm, L. Gicsc, l. llrziccy. ml. Stvfunuc, L M X l llrunlx f n :u't1n,ll. Vriglit, 5. ' 's, 1. Linvru cr. Semester 7B HOMEROOM 106 Mr. Kuccra I: K. lznckmn, A. l'h'ttln1l, U, Manlliqn, T. XVintcr Fnlgvr, L, Duclwrinu, R. llarinn. Z: H. hlucgrr, G. Vfiss, L. Schwnllmcli, Mr. Kuccrn '. Hulwlwalrd. B. Scnsncr, V. Framlilin. Rem' 3: E. liulirisuim, 'l'. Nlzilwnr, KL-lly, H. Cl.m.1ll0, S Hmnsnm, il. Bfllllililll, R. Mznnsnclil, H. Mcflllin. 4: R. Knippcl. fl. Hntchmsun. S. Allen, M. Miller . Rulmisuri, A. Sclmwcimrrt, M. Xvllsnll, L. Hzirria. Rnw l: F. Vfilliams, Durrah, Mr. Mzsrnsch, G. Hull R. Glenn. XV. Race. Row 2: A. Holtz, F. Rmlgcrs, K. Knutson, R. Brnwn, A. Hansen, J, Bunk, J. Collnzs. y Row 3: N, Bluckslnrc, C. Rnhinsnn, l. Banks. P. Gordon, B. Rt-cf, D. Glacsncr. R. Starks, W. Hudsnn. Row 4: J. Simms, XV. Nlzllonc, YY. Ouslct. H. Nlnrtin, XV. Hard, L, Beauchamp, F. Buhn, C. Calvert. Rnw 1: Miss Schuster, C, Dean, G. XY1cdcr Flvr, O. Dnnhzar, M, Bell, D. Shvrrcl. J, Nlczlclnrr. Row 2: 0. Bland, J. Ruhlnsun, K. 'l'v:wull. B. Dnwnev Hr Row 3: B. Mmmrris, XV. Turner, R. Peterson, F. lun J Coleman, M. Tlcdt, B. Brent, C. Tallcy. Row 4: C. Rutclillc, I. Pliskzn, B, Strayhnn, C. Mmvesch, 17. Hoffman, XV. Berry. K. Jruhnsnn, R. Haizel. low l: Mrs. Hurvath, J. Plumiris, F. Jackson, A. len-ull, J. Copeland, A. Donaldson. low Z: l. Charlcstnn, S. Churchwull, l. Gunicr, S. Fsndur P. Albans, C. Schocnfelder, E. Juno. low 3: M, Coleman, T. Mattcsnmn, S. O'Bricn, M. Ballm L. Hicks, H, Olxvcr, J. l'r1cc, R. Taylur. low 4: M. Green, S. Ashfard, B, Jxxlmlwstnn, M. Jcwcll, L. Ncvcls, C. Ashford, T. Jxncksun, Durctto. Elementary Dlvlslon Semester 7A HOMEROOM O17 Mr. Marasclx Semester 7A HOMEROOM O19 Miss Schuster cnalc, D. Ruynnlds, T. Davis, C, Bcrnhaucn. I Semester 7A HOMEROOM 112 Mrs. Horvath Sth GRADE GRADUATES january, 1957 Rim' 1: N. Ni-rl, E. Morris, A. Givsr, A. Vulkmunn, B. Tcrrull. S. Smits, A. Alcwcll, ,l,CZlF1llU. Ruw 2: ,l. Ncstlc, D. Mzinkicwicz, P. Kuhlcuhurg, K. Bunk, K. NYhitncy, R. Kumrmv, K. wlcnsirn, G Bmckwziy, M. Brrndzil. R-iw 3: T. Gillvspiv, T, Vugcl. E. Wilson, R. Ncstlr, F. ,lcflvrsui1, G, Collins, F. Kendrick, N. Bridurs, l..:uttir1wrc, Rim' -li V. Bucs.-. C. XX'r1ght, I, Xkulliannsun, D, Kuchlcr, L. hlunicl, Tyrone, M, Bust, S. XVilsun. li. Edcr, A. Stewart. Row 5: B. Frank, XV. Zahn, ,l. Ernst, il. XYgillwl. E, Milton, . Knupnw, E. Bcrling, E, Kindlwrg, M. Szmfulippu, .. Migncz, H. Zzichvr. R. Williams. E 6 Grade 8A June Graduates Mrs. Ehert Mr. Wujan Rim- I: Mrs. Ehcrt, ,l. Rudi-s, R. Buyd, D. Muullcr, E. XYalls. G, Rust, Mnntqumcry, Mr. NYU-inn, Row 2: R. Suliva, M. Hughcs, K, Iznrd, hl. Kucchcrcr, R. Orr, C. Gilhcrt, D. Mclscr, E. Bolduun, M. Bcnnc. Rim' 3: D. Pliska, M, Mitchell, ll, Puin. l. jackson, A. Olson, XV. Hicks, J, Barum, L. Miller, K. Huum, Row 4: K. Zzirnulh, R. Pirclli. R. Matson, C. Nlumgnmcry, L, McDowell, -l. Childs, D, Skowrun, E. Stcwurt, R. Duuhring, K. Bell. Rnw iz N. Zuchlkc, D. LaGruw, IJ. Summer. ll, Drcxlcr, T. Miller. 1. Shuflncr, G. Holtz, ,l. Fcrrcll, B, Smith, P. Pluugcr, L. Wnllmann. Grade SA june Graduates Mrs. Ycnnic Rmx' 1: Mrs. Ycnnic. L, Schlfif, XV. NL-gil, C. Hullmvny N, Thurmcr, Al. Wicizxnd, M. Nrlsun. Rim' 2: l'. Kirnnsr, Z. McMilliin, F. Higgins, J. Grnce B. Berry, G. XYillinms, R. jenkins, D. Mimkicwicz, ,I Bum-ck. K. Nushcmcr, Rim' 3: -I. Yuung, P, Hvndricks, L, Claypiml, J, Hcrmzinn G. Macc, L, Buuqc, P. Kclln, A, Kruuqur. I. Carter. Rim' 4: A, Sclxmwixfcldnr, l'. Hainilmn. G. Masks, M, Huhbs E. l.,aPl:um', M. Zaxchairunkxi, fl. -lllk'LXl'I', A. Hxiycs, J, XVhit 1 rnurc, L. Tru sun. l Rim' F: G. North, H. Matson, B, Znlunkv, XY. B-zll, E. Pullzm C' Rxcki-rl, M. Mrirrhn, B. Smith, K. Picrcc, L. Ernst E. Hnllur. Elementary Division Semester 8B HOMEROOM 010 Miss I. Meyer Rowl 1: B. Tatum, R. Huck, XV. Guyton, N. Vv'r:rns:r, Miss J. Meyer, R. Haut, XVm. Brooks. Row 2: H. Jensen, I. Tatum, ,l. Tunstill, M. Hutchins J. Bruno, A. Smith, S. Kaylier, j. Bunk, M, Martin. Row 3: G. Liebncr, L. Lee, H. Gutter, P. Leach, J. Mllcllcr G. Pirtle, C. Smits, S. Cannon. Row 4: D. Robert, S. Staples, P. Berry, G. Tyson, G Watkins, J. Schwirtz, M. Green, D. Benson, C. jakubsonn Grade SB HOMEROOM 109 Mr. Temby Row 1: E. Pinnix, R. Burkett, S. Vaughn, Mr. Temby, C. Fike, J. Eismann, S. Surratt. Row 2: P. Givens, B. Cramer, E. Boonie, C. O'Conncll, R. Jones, R. Whitaker, D. Dacldotn. iow 3: C. Grace, J, Nlieloszyk, C. Wblnik, S. Walker, D. Walters, E. Harris, R. Xlfestcott, N. YVoger. Kew 4: L. Staples, M, Flowers, R. Dixion, XV. Klein, A. Geib, R. Gensler, D. Gardner, T. Reasby, H. Bell. Elementary Division I A C T I V I 'I' I E pda! - Uariefg id fke :Spice of :IL GIRLS' CLUB Rmv I: C. Mcfflzxrty, K. l'zu'kur, f.. Raldtkv. C. Pmllxk, N, Kuchlvr. B, XYm'11y, II. ,lum-s. Rww 2: IS. Hrllnncr, O. Vmls, M. Ilzndd-luv, B. Knvzifk, A. Alluucht. Y. ihnlillurd, VI. Bcrtullle. P. Nlllzxnmvaki. Row 3: M. XYnslx1111tux1, R. Hurgu, C. Kil'ksL'y, D, Svzudlclmkn, P. Puck, C.. XN1'Juuwm'lIx, W, I'.nyn--, S. Murrcll, R-Iw 4: M. Knmcnick, S. Zinqlrr, . M S Ifznftlnzm, M. Kzmrr, E. Klhrrry, .. L.n'urzx, B. Ifvzxm, P. Drzm. Ruw 5: I'. S-mnxxg, M. Mm1Il4'x1, M. Gcnslur, D, Rungv, D. Mlllxgll. P. Fxschrr, S, Spitzzx. M. juhmun. H. Rudwlph. GIRLS' CLUB Row I: H. Kirrlxhufn, J. Hzmcl, S. Iulrclm, M. Nik-hkvs. II. Vcalls, U. Brzxmr, M. I7:xwkins. Row 2: D. Shapiro, M. Szllzwcdul, Ii YunIac,S.S1mtl1,gI. Curran. M. Iimckx R. Iwxzvr. xxx I C' Iiurth I luv 9 9'hLrr Rn'.: v. Un,-.-L'. Nl. Fischer, Al. Schnunulm. E. XYASIHHQI tum, S. Hutchins. F. Iicxmchnnmp. Ram' 4: RI. Vrmlzmski. If McLaughlin A, Kulhus, Y, Tmvitt, QI, Hlznkuly, C Plltlr, M. Knwxmllxq. M. llznmlmw, Row 9: M. Burk, I, Zur. I. Hnmamu R. Graf, AI. Vriahvrg, KI. Sxmnmns II, I,IICfIIIIUI', V. Fm-r'btI'1'. R. li-'Ivan-I GIRLS' CLUB Ruw I: I'. K-whIvr, VI, I'-Ilrmlw, S Luvrk. Uultz. II. Klmmzzi, R CHKUZZI. N. Mzmskv. Ruw 1: K. fInrLIm'x'. B. IM.-LI. N. Iiulmv S, Rzxftwy, B, Luluuh. M.'1' M. Nvllvm. Rum' 3: K. Crubsur, J. Hrckur, II. XX':xIlIr mzmn, M. Sirlnzum, N. I'wr1l1q, Y jsxhn, ID, Lvnrh. L. Tudd, R-iw 4: IS. M:utllxfcI1l'k. M. Rivt'vI. C Mnrlmxxs, L. Olsuu, M. SfI11'm'LIcl', S Znstmw, S. Sclmctzcl. Rmv 7: IL 'I'uylur, II. Pzxrsum, I... High H, Iiicllznlnl, D. Hl1mlr1vsvl', M. XVII Ilnms, L. lixxytnn, P. Nvls-un. Girls' Club of N.D.H GIRLS' CLUB Rim' l: IS. LuHI-w, M, ihitchlinq, C Kuvhn, J. Nvumguin, C. Hchcrvsr. I Heinrich, M. Hzillscr. N Rrvw Z: I.. Struvrwald. C, MJly'I1IlfLI A. Hrvnt, P. Cuukv, bf. Haickharth, C Mliiidt. S. Milzuii. Row 3: Ii. Lcitingcr, N. Minor, M Croxwll, A. Stcinkrzius, C. Schzillcr B. Schillvr, M. Bm-rtcliur, A. Papp. Row 4: I. Shapiro, j. Sulivai, C. Mcacli N. Lukzns. V. Wzishirigtmi, M. Fetzer B. Emlvlhnrdt, H. Zciiibvk, C. Yallck GIRLS' CLUB Row 1: E. Sirmlvtmi, M. Thornton, M. Rcskin, K, Michaela, M, Fischer, M. Bramn, C. Blzimcr. Ruw l: L. Lovdalc, C, Msittacmrl, I... Hay, M. Maiitliy, XV, Plummcr, E. Harris, A, Avery, V. YVhitc. Row 3: H. Vfcrth. C. Brushvl, S. Ziruibcl. C. Pamvwitz, N. Viclgut, C. Schzicl, M. Pogurclc, B. Parry, D. Roush, Rnw 4: C. BischmI, B. Papc, B. Huh, I, Schilhruck, D. Kamunick, R. Hurt, G. Hawkins, B. Braimc, C, M. Rvynulds. Row 3: P, Alhrvcht, R. Pzigac, B, Tcsku, J. Hullfuldcr. D. Brandt, D. Hough, U. Rirhrcr, C, Klncckl. GIRLS' CLUB Rim' 1: B, Muycrhnff. R. Ihwcrsmi, J. Zzirimth, II, Ballard. C. Schulila, K. Uchmckc, I.. klnlinsrm. Rim' 'lt M. Ricc. KI. Florian, IU. Mritulzu, N. Sirth, M. Hziydvn, M. Kath, S. Iiuldihm, V. Kurtz. Rmx' 3: U. Guctzl:iiI, IU. Ohrrdrics, I.. juiivii, Cl. SICIICS, RI. Jiiliiisirii, B. U'Hi'1cn. P, XX'zi1'di'r1. I'. Ruhinsuli. Rim' 4: I'. NVhitnmrr, L. Dudlnmi. N, Ruchwl, C. Luiunnczzyk, If. Cilu-whim, C. Krrmchulk. J. Dunuvl, I. Mattcl'. Row 5: I. Bhcrt. N. L, Wildur. D. Rui' mcr. I, Schnivchvl. V. Lukitsch, C. Vulkmzmli, E. Ulm. CI. Mzitsiwii, U. Fitcin. GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS AND ADVISERS, SEMESTER 1 Row l: Miss Luker, Miss Gregg, Miss Bergen, Miss Healy, Miss Knapp. Row 2: J. Kupfcrhcrg, P. Brnwn, -I. Trotts, P. Summers, G. Spanenhcrgcr. Girls' Club: Advisers: Miss Bergen, Miss Luker, Miss Gregg, Miss Kocpp, Miss Healy, Miss Myers Ist Semester Ofhcers find Semester G. Spangenbergcr .,.,.... President ...,..... ........ L . Lovdale I. Kupfcrherg ..,,,.,..... VicefPresident ,,.....,.,.... P. Summers P. Brown ...,.............. Rec. Secretary ......., ....... N . Lukats P. Summers ....,. . .... Curres. Secretary .............. G. Richter I. Trotts ..... ,........ T reasurer ........ ....... P . Albrecht Purpose: To encourage social and intellectual interests and to promote a feeling of genuine friendship among the members. Time and Meeting Place: On alternate Tuesdays at 3:15 in assembly ..A ,, Outstanding Events: Two illustrated talks: one on the Holy Land and one on Europeg a talk on the three graces by Miss I-Iaddow of Californiag and a talk on how to get a position. Social events were the freshman party, a birthday party, a play by the officers, and the senior farewell. 1 GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS AND ADVISERS, SEMESTER 2 Rim 1: N. Lukats, P. Summers, L. Lovdalc, G. Richter, P. Alhrccht. Row Z: Miss Gregg, Miss Nlyers, Miss Kncpp, lvliss Bergen, Miss Hcaly, Miss Lukur. FINE ARTS CLUB Row I: G. YVolrcrsdorf, N. Lundquist, H. Myers, Mr. Orlando. H. Bahr, P. Knehel. 1. Bundescn. Row 2: D. Lynch, G. Hawkins, J. Schilhrack, J. Young, M. Harris, M. Boettchcr, R, Bundesen, D. Shapiro, P. McLaughlin. Row 3: B. Horvath, B. Schmitt, O. WI-gncr, J. Veishcrq, H. Rudolph, G. Birts, M. Altmann, E. McClain. ' A G 'I Flne Arts Club rt UI d Adviser: Mr, Orlando lst Semester Ofhcers 2nd Semester O. Wegner ............,...... President ................... O. Wegner M. Altmann ............. VicefPresident ....... ...... M . Altmann I. Young ...,..... ........ S ecretary ..... ......... I. Young I. Young ...,.. ....... T reasurer ,....... ....., I . Young Purpose: To promote interest in the school orchestra and to create an interest in orchestra music in general. Time and Meeting Place: During the sixth hour in Room 130. Outstanding Events: The Fine Arts Club contributed to the North Division Fair by sponsoring 21 dartfthrovving booth. Adviser: Mr. Meyer lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester N. Lukats .......... ......... P resident ....... .......... G . Olson G. Olson ........ ....... V icefPresident ..... .........,.. I . Olsen .........Secretary....... Sossong ......Treasurer....... Schwirz Purpose: To promote a professional interest in art. Time and Meeting Place: Every Thursday at 3:15 in Room 234. Outstanding Events: The sponsoring of 21 booth at the North Division Fair and helping with Variety Show decorations. ART GUILD Row 1: G. Olson, T. Marquardt, P. Erfert, P. Sossong, Mr. Meyer. Row 2: I. Heinrich, C. Mcach, N, Lukzits, vl. Erfcrt, I. Olsen. 63 -- January Dramatic Production mat goof jorwar D Directed by Mr. Frost NORTH DIVISION HIGH SCHOOL, KRUG HALL, 8:15 P.M., DECEMBER 8 AND 9, 1954 Dutch Miller .... Hunk Hoyt ..... Satchel Moyer .... Chuck Green ..... Dr. Reeber ......... Biff Lancaster, '41 . Minerva ..,. . . . Donna . . . Ethel ........... Miss Delaware Wa ter Gap .... Carol .................... The Blind Date. . . Bud Hooper ..... Professor Lloyd. . . Gale Joy ....... Jack Haggerty .... Chester Billings ..... Helen Schlessinger. Miss Smith ....... Old Grads ...... CAST . . . .Otto Wegner . . . .Kenneth Goff . . . .Robert Johnson . . . . . .Donald Miller . . . . . . Dick Gritzmacher . . . . .John Brandstaetter . . . .Elaine Leitinger . . . .Carol Krochalk . . . . .Patricia Albrecht . . . .Nancy Lukats . . . .Donna Roush . . . .Gerry Bishoif ..... .John James . . . .Karen Anderson . . . . .Carrol Kloeckl ..... .Henry Bahr .........Rohn Webb Grace Spanenberger . . . . . . .Ruby Nevels . . . . .Kenneth Bub Jerry Buehler Carrol Kloeckl's Second and Third Act Costumes -- Courtesy of BitkerfGerner Place: A room in the boys' dormitory at Winsocki Prep Time: The present, Fall Act One: The afternoon of the big dance Act Two: That evening Act Three: A short time later SYNOPSIS The Play Staged and Directed by Ivlr. john Frost, Assisted by Mr. Marvin Alexander The Scene Design by Mr. Richard Bartz, WSC, '55, Assistant to Mr. Williain Meyer -64 I Uh Q. XK11m!,v! I-nr rl xxcurumf fx N ,u Lawn uhm I J I1L.- my LIU. Mm ,lm 7 C llv lm. I x. C-xnlx hw! Y n IymHIwI111IlQ ,lfmlxf Punt Lllmn If uni' V 15uI.IWk.urlm In-xx? Huld xt! 141 "Thrx1' lAx1uzxIrr1'11.ul1u'g luflwlr. l xxlflm I:1UNI.llWllall ilu- .xmxm qrm uf uwlvl "Yu1lkl1mx , :my Xxlllx1Wl'vU.'! V "Hu ' ' gl. hmx 4:11 yuuf XX Im I1up1w11ui.' 1'-trim Luft .lppulll Ruzlllv. 111yl:nt.up1n'nI!" ,ul pn':1i11m:H1J IIUAIUY Halls ,luvf flzal-I xlwy! Hz1lr.lu5!U ,nk 3 "2'a.Q1: jk mw.M,,,, ,f A .. , A is S E wiv L his Nik W 5 The Variety Show .... 'Ubi JL Ji!" Krug Hall . . . April 28, 29, 1955 Mr. john Frost . . . Director . . . Program . . . OVERTURE ............. .............................. N orth Division High School Band Mr. Eldon Hepner, Director ON WITH THE SHOW .................................... MASTERS OF CEREMONY Karl Kunzler, John Born, James Lessila TUMBLING ..................................................... GYM TEAM JUNIORS LOVE WILL MAKE YOUR MIND GO WILD .............................. THE TURKS LaMont Brown, Julian Driver, Willie Guyton, Alphonso Owens, Robert Dayne, Ronald Schulz BOOGIE BEAT ..................................... THREE BEATS AND A MEASURE Don Neufuss, Garry Parker, Harry Myers, Terry Budnik WHERE WILL THE BABY'S DIMPLE BE? ........... ..........,.. G ERRY BISCHOFF MAINTENANCE ................................................... DANCE ENSEMBLE Miss Esther Heiden, Choreography and Direction TILLIE AND MILLIE IN NEW YORK ................ Willola Payne and Newell Lean Wilder THE HIGH BAR ..............,..... ....... T HE GYM TEAM SENIORS HEARTS OF STONE ......................................... BY THE STARLIGHTERS Joan Never, Julianne Ottowitz, Pat Smith THE RINGS ....................................... ...... T HE GYM TEAM SENIORS HOW IMPORTANT CAN IT BE? ........................ ........ R ONALD SCHULTZ CRAZY JESSE .................................................... Jesse Bundeson-Piano Harry Myers-Bass and Terry Budnik-Drums QUIET VILLAGE ................................................................ Shirley Warren, Joyce Garland, Shirley Bragg, Beverly Strong, Brenda Garland ANSWER ME, MY LOVE ................,..................... VENORA BEAUCHAMP HEY, GOOD LOOKING! .... ......... A RVEY SMITH PIZZA AND PAJAMAS .......................................................... janet Dengel, Nancy Lukats, Karen Anderson, Pat Albrecht, Carol Krochalk, Gerry Bischoff, and Ronald Faich, Mr. David Nowak, Director DANCE WITH HER, HENRY ............................................ THE TURKS HAVANA HOLIDAY .....................................,... THE DANCE ENSEMBLE Miss Esther Heiden, Choreography and Direction EXIT MARCH ..... ................................... N orth Division High School Band fwawgm x , xl Q Y , vmamumwmw J 1 as , .W 'QMHN y wiv ibm: x 45 5 3113 iW',Vigim.gV,',w ,4 X Lim H . I M X " v W.,s??M in A 'fe 2 , . , c,,,,W,M-ff A , '-Qmwmaigfffv .-' QT X wx af . if 1 J l ,V X - X Q U. X. L, Xa ff sg Tw x A , z 'r Nm. . o + A s s 5 2 Q Q QL .N 9 . ,AV W? Q14 QS! f 41 Mmm fi s 3. A 1 ' QW y Q Summa' l Q fi x ,. vw ' 2 fs Q 'L 'g' X , gg -1 ' Us gsigsyf 622 gig? fm W,,,,,,z.Wm,, .N - . -. w- A I X U ,,,, .,.,....,. y , GJ, , A Wm Wf'W .iv f' W Q M x S Mae - K "L, ,sl Q. A I , N ' ' ' Q? 1 I If Z QE STUDENT OFFICE SECRETARIES Row l: Mr. Karlson, P. Allnrecht, Mr. Nlichalak, C. Kloeckl, Mr. Lice. Row Z: K. Michai-ls, G. Brushel, S. Zirgihel, B. Iviayer, J. Hackbarth. Row S: P. Hrautigain, R. Tornquist, C. Nlarson, C. Kuchlcr, B. Lehigh. BIG SISTERS Row I: C. Bischoff. D. Hough, P Erfert, G. Clletzlailf Thall, D Hundricser, P. Vfhitmore, H. Bjelland I. Ehert. Row Z: E. Nkiashington, G. Shaller, B Schiller, B. LeHew, G, Bobinger, J Erfert, G. jackson, V. Vk'ashington B. Klein. Row 3: P. Smith, N. Lukats, B. Fitch I. Shapiro, C. Hedecn, L. Lovclale A. Bowes, M. Ranner, D. Roush, B Lehigh. Row 4: D. Brandt, K. Oehmcke, G Richter. P. Brown, R. Pagac, Trotts j. Evans, M. Beck, M. McCalllin1, P Allvrecht. Row 5: P. Summers, C. Klneckl, G Spanenlwerger, L. Dcdmon, S, Schaet zel, S. Zastroxv, N. Rochol, J. Dengel C. Krochalk, K. Anderson, E. Olm. Student Office Big Sisters Secretaries Adviser: Miss rissii The student oiiice secretaries are on duty a combined total of eight hours a day. They work for the guidance directors in the guidf ance offices. Each girl works one hour of the day. They are chosen through having the ahility and wanting the experience in a real office situation. Their duties vary from taking dictation to running errands. They type, file, do accounting work, make out notices, and do other routine office duties. The henefits from this service are numerous hoth to the school and to the secretary. The school has much needed work done without cost. The student receives experience in office procedure and atmosphere. She will learn to run special machines, to actually take dictation, and to find out if she would like to do that type of work as a career. W 70 lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester L. Lovdale I s f 4- IB. Lehigh N. Lukats I """"""' Cmchiurmen """""' lG. Bohinger E. Ulm ............. ...... R ec. Secretary ................ N, Rochol P. Albrecht. G. Richter ....... P, Brown ....... Cortes. Secretary .............. G. Richter .......Treusurer...............D. Hundreiser .....RecorCler...... Zastrow Purpose: The Big Sisters help new acquainted with North Division. They act as advisers and they sponsor social events for incoming students. girls heeome Time and Meetiiig Place: 7:30 Thursday mornings. Outstanding Events: The first semester the Big Sisters held a senior farewell tea in honor of its graduating seniorsg the second semester the group held a freshman tea. LATIN CLUB Row 1: Mrs, Moser, R. Stahl. R, Roby M. Driver, J. Hudson, J. Davis E Cherry. Row Z: A. Harrison, A. Craig, N Baldwin, Y. Travitt, A. jordan, E. Vtlashington, F. Nevins, B. Yankc. Row 3: G. Schwab, J. Thurmer, L. Schuette, il. Gayclos, M. Dudley, G. Borth, G. Ncustedtcr, B. Whitlow. Row 4: C. McClarty, J. Erlich, M. Alksnis, B. NVatts, j. Piscuinc, T. Peace, M. Grant, B. McBounds, S. Hamm. Row 5: T. Brunner, F. Boettcher, M. Beck, B. Wolf, N. Manske, E. Golfz M. Miillen, J. Martin, H. Rudolph. Row 6: J. Himmelmann, D. Schultz T. Heisc, G. Carr, C. Washington, P Wlilliams, G. Puechner, C. Goller 1. Zur. SPANISH CLUB Row 1: R. johnson, G. O'Conncll, R. Catozzi, K. Oehmckc, D. L. Schaefer, R. Pagac, E. Jensen, I.. jay, L, Smith, Row 2: R. Brent, C. Tabor, A. XVadc, B. Jacobs, P. Alford, M. Swan, C. Cannon, J. Sayas. Row 3: R. Avery, P. Alston, M. Kmen- ing, J. Erfert, R. Simms, C. Radtkc, K. Parker, M. Eastman, P. Dcan. Row 4: E. Harris, A. Avery, C. Berg, J. Hollfclder, M. Thornton, V. Blair, K, Temple, S. Phillips, D. Lynch, Y. Jahn. Row 5: M. Schroeder, H. Meyerhoff, T. Simms, B. Mattuschek, L. Johnson, C. Owens, I. Bryant, M. YVilliams, R. Garvey, G. Spanenberger. Latin Club Spanish Club Adviser: Mrs. Moser Adviser: Miss Schaefer 1st Semester Ofhcers 2nd Semester 1st Semester Officers 2nd Semester I. Hudson ........ ........ P resident ....... ......... E . Galtz J. Erfert ........... ....... P resident ....... . ......,.... J. Erfert M. Beck ..... ...... V icefPresident .,.... ....... J . Davis R. Johnson ....... ...... V icefPresident ...... ....... R . Johnson R. Piigae ........ ....... S ecretary ........ ........ R . Pagac purpose: R. Garvey ...... ....... T reasurer ....... ..... R , Garvey To preserve the ideals and accomplishments of old Rome, to participate in school activities, and to encourage as many students as possible to take the Latin course. Time and Meeting Place: Twice monthly in Room 105. Outstanding Events: The Latin Club's participation in North's i'Fun Fair." The club sponsored a hot dog stand, a cake sale, and a "Wishing Well." Purpose: 'To use our knowledge of Spanish in social and educational activities, games, playlets, and songs and to create an interest in the life of Spanish speaking countries. Time and Meeting Place: Every second Tuesday at 3:15 in Room 324. Outstanding Events: The Christmas party with the cake decorating contest, the breaking of the piiata, the playing of games, the awarding of prizes, and the serv' ing of refreshments. 71- Student Council Advisers: Mr. Rosenheiiner, Mr. Brooks, Miss Koepp, Mr. Kueera Officers President .,,,....,,.... nl, Braiitlstzletter VicefPresitlent .,,,. ,.777 R . Roush Secretary ...., P. Brown Treasurer ..,.A ...,7 C . Kroehalk Purpose: The Student Council promotes the general activities of the school and furthers everything that will he to the hest interests of the student hotly. STUDENT COUNCIL Row I: Miss Kocpp. Mr. Rosruh-'inu'r. Mr. Brooks, ll, Brzxmlt, C. Runge. C. Huss, N. Fcllwr. Row Z: S. Smith. F. Biuulclxaunp. l. Hzuiel. B. Sth:u'fvl', D. Anderson, C. Bohingrr, Ni Llilxats, B. Rtvcls. Row 3: R. liuuzic, Phillips, ,l. Ivlnrlin, S. Spitln, ,l. lfrlith, B. Lt-laugh, ll. Roush, P. Brown, Cl. Berg. Row -li U. lzixrtl, l. Flshvr, K. Antlvrf son, A. Xl riss, L. Kloctkl, l', Whir- moxu, S. Haucring, l. Elwrt, E, Colt-f miui. Row 9: K. liulw, XY. Oppi-rui.uin. P. XYvrlh, -I. lX'rrth. fi. Ht-nigstou, F. Kiddou, nl. Armstrong, A, Simnions. H. Fullvr. STUDENT COUNCIL Row l: Mr. Michzulzlk, C, Kroch.nlk, l. Brnlxdstavttw. K. Feld. lf. Crt-vu J. Schultz, K. Zzichcr. R. johnson. Row 2: B. Bruuui-r. E. Lvitinucr, Bovttvihcr. B. Klein, l'. Alston, . jackson, -I. l'ziiiu'i. M K. Row 3: P. Nelson, L. Lovtlnlr, H Harris, C. Rndtkv, li. Pape, II Bischoff, 17. Hough, fl. Richtvr, D XXX-glut-1'. Row -l: R. Stott, C. Nluellcr. K Ochrnckc, E, Ulm, J. Diugcl, ll Hundricser, K, Kvnnudy. ll. Lutz N. Corpron. Row 3: C, Collet, ,l. Horton. R. Schnnx her, S. lvlnlmon, A. Reirlizutlt, ,l jzxmcs. A. Lviiil-tc. J. Bushlvr, R Gritzmnchcr, j. Hinunulmguin. - SEMESTER ONE - - SEMESTER TWO - STUDENT COUNCIL Row l: J. Himmelmann, G. Olson Miss Koepp, Mr. Michalalc, J. Brand: staetter, XV. Schmidt, H. Fuller. Row 2: M. Eastman, G, Jackson, Feldmann, J. Pajari, S. Jones, Lukats, F. Nevins, D. Shapiro. D N Row 3: C, Simmons, T. Nitzsche. Spitza, P. Nelson, G, Richter Martin, YV. Halbert. S , J Row 4: B. Werth. G. Bcngtson, S Haering, K. Bub, XV. lvlueller, O Johnson, C. Miicller, J. Denuel, C Krochalk. STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: J. Armstrong, R. Gritzmacher, Mr. Kucera, Mr. Brooks, J. Buehler, J. Bonaparte, J, James. Row 2: L. Lovdale, A. Paik, T. Peace B. Klein, M. Spencer, K. Reiter, B Mayer. Row 3: D. Brandt, M. Beck, K. Gard' ner, G. Bischoff, L. Todd, B. Tunstill E. Green, L. Pierce. Row 4: M, Krimmer, XV. Rueth. S Kraft, E. Kleser, N. Strehlow, R Rhodes, G. Berlinu. L. Olson, J Never. Officers President ........ ...... J . Armstrong ViccfPresident .... ..,...... G . Olson Secretary ...... B. Mayer Treasurer .. ,...... N. Lukats Time and Meeting Place: In the library, every Wednesday from 8:30 to 9:00 a.rn. Outstanding Events: Under the auspices of the Student Council, the school held a fair in which the various school organizations participated. 'The council also sponsored a Valentine Turnabout Dance and played host to the InterfHigh Council. Student Council am l Q 2 FUTURE TEACHERS Row 1: S. Schactzel, Mrs. Yennic, Dennis Carey, J. Armstrong, I. Brand' stacttcr, D. Hundriescr, V. Focrstcr, S. Zastrow. Row Z: P. Dean, B. Kozick, R, Tolivcr, A. Wilde, Nl. Pajari, A. Brent, B. Brun- ncr, G. Ncustcdtcr, D. Shapiro. Row 3: P, Nelson, B. Lehigh, B. Mc- Clain, E. Green, A. Vv'ilson, L. Luv' dalc, V. VVhitc, R. Klcjsmit, N. Ghosf ton, I. Pajari. Row 4: M. Riefel, M. Clay, O. W'cu,- ner, P. Albrecht, R. Dippcl. D. Brandt, P. Summers, K. Uehmcke, S. Bolduan, G. Biseliorl. Row 5: N. Roch-ul, ,l. Never. R. Pagac, C. Owens, G. lzard, L. Johnson, A. Stcinhilber, VI. Evans, P. Mnttcrs, L. joncn, FUTURE TEACHERS Roback, P. Williams, B. XVaisman. Row Z: M. Clay, T. Peace, Y. Travitr Wald, S. Adams, M. Salzwedcl. Chaels, G. Nevels, N. Lukats, P Nlilanowski. Row 4: T. Nitzsche, M. Bernstein, R Rahfaldt, M. Rice, E. Walls, G. Vili sotzkc, M. Neuens, B. Cochran, G Bobinger. Row 5: J. Gay, Al. Trotts, M. Mccal lum, J. Fisher. B. Hawkins, R. Seham ber. il. Krenusz, G. Sehmaelzle, J. Zur . M. Beck, M. Sicmann. l Future T achers' Organization Advisers: Miss lst Semester Officers Znd Semester N. Lukats ..... ......... P resident ....... ........... E . Olin D. Brandt ....... ....... V icefPresident ...,.. ........ I . Krenusz J. Trotts ....... ......... S ecretary ....... . .... ...K. Oelimcke E. Olm ..........,. ,..... T reasurer ....... ...... I . Shapiro K. Anderson ...... ...... H istorian ....... ......... Purpose: To give young people an opportunity to explore the profession of teaching as a possible life work and to acquaint them with the ideals, the preparation, and the various phases of a teaching career. Gregg, Mrs. Yennie Time and Meeting Place: In the library on the second Tuesday of each month, 8:35 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Outstanding Events: The highlight of the year was the field trip to Madisoii, where the group visited the state capitol and the state legislative chambers and made a tour of the University of Wisccmiisiii campus and several lecture halls. Row lz P. Koehler, E. Ulm, R. Crit:- macher, G. Guetzlall, Miss Grew.. A. G. Borth, M. Spencer, L. Steiner: Row 3: Al. Hudson, A. Avery, I. Sha' piro, Y. Tcmplc, G. Mays, K. Mi' I LIBRARY CLUB Row l: H, Sicmann, P. Muttcrs. J. Evans, S. Lueck, D. Taylor, Miss Hcrzigcr. Row 2: M. Salzwcdcl. G. Ncustedtcr, R. Toliver, xl. Pajari, A. Steinkraus, G. Schaller. Row 3: M. Eastman, A. Avery, I. Knppa, V. XVashingtnn, M. Ranner, N. Piering, C. Kunzler. Row 4: M. Rice. K. Oehmcke, P. Sum- mers, R. Pagac, R. Schultz, J. Trotts P. XVhitmorr. USHERETTES Row l: Mr. Kampine, xl. Dengel, C. Krochalk, R. Pagac, U. Cuetzlaif, S Bolduan, Row 2: N. Lukats, J. Garland. A. Papp. B. Schiller, N. Minor. L. Steuerwald B. Mayer. Row 3: G. Bnbiniler, D. Twigg, M. Kath, H. Zenisck, C. Yauck, B. Fitch, B. Klein. Rnw 4: J, Evans, D. Brandt. P. Brown D. Glaser. B. Lehigh, B. Pape, C Hlamcr, B. Muilnicr. Library Club Adviser: Miss Herziger lst Semester Officers 'lnd Semester M. Beck ........ ........ P resident ........ .......... M . Beck M. Ranner ................ Vice-President ................ M. Ranner S. Lueck ....... ..... S ecretary and Treasurer ...,........ S. Lueck Purpose: To train student librarians to check hooks in and out, to keep the shelves in order, to file cards, and to maintain the daily record. Time and Meeting Place: Twice a month in the lihrary during the homeroom period. Outstanding Events: Won first prize for the homecoming dance decorations and participated in the student fair. The clulfs annual field trip was taken in june. Usherettes Adviser: Mr. Kampine The Usherettes are a group of girls who generously give their time and services to the school. At all the outstanding public events, the Usherettes are the attractive young ladies who greet you at the door and usher you to a seat. Some of the events for which the Usher' ettes' services are used are as follows: the Senior Class Play, the Variety Show, and Graduation Programs. There are no dues, no officers, and no "set" meetings. The girls render this fine service to the school voluntarily under the guidance of their adviser, Mr. Kampine. 77- t E f Lukats, B. Klein, B. Mayer Booster Girls Adviser: Miss Thall lst Semester Oilicers Znd Semester B. Mayer ......... ,...... P resident ........, ....,.....,.. C . Berg N. Lukats ........ ....... S ecretary ......... ,....... I . Koppa G. Richter ....... ....... T reasurer ......... ..,.., B . Lehigh Purpose: To promote school spirit and to boost all North Division activities. Time and Meeting Place: 7:30 Wednesday morning in Room 310. Outstanding Events: One of the Booster Girls' big jobs is selling tickets for school activitiesg dances, plays, and other special events. They planned and made the decorations for the Valentine Dance. 'The outstanding event of the semester was the Booster Girls' Talent Show, "Dragnet Goes to Kindergarten." The girls are proud of the fact that their homecoming decorations together with those of the Library Club won first prize. What fun f irresistible with good food and good fellowship! -73- BOOSTER GIRLS Row 1: Miss Thall, P. Whitmore C Krochalk, C. Kloeclcl, D. Brandt Row 2: D. Roush, L. Lmdale Row 3: G. Bobingcr, G. Richter P Brown, II. Koppa, C. Berg A Bowes BOOSTER BOYS Row l: Mr. Adamus, T. Nitzschc. E. Klescr, XV. Ructl'1,4l. james, A. Lcnxlw. j. Buchlcr. ow 'Zz 1. Brandsract Olson. Armstrong, XY. Schmidt, I. ter, R. Critzmachcr, G. 4 Booster Boys Adviser: Mr. Adamus lst Semester Oflicers 2nd Semester J. Brandstaetter ..,.......... President ....,.............. T. Nitzsche G. Olson ......... ....., V icefPresident ,..... Brandstaetter E. Kleser ......,... ....... S ecretary ........... .......... W . Rueth T. Nitzschc ....... . ....... Treasurer ............ Himmelmann Purpose: The purpose is to instill school spirit by pro' moting and supporting school activities. Time and Meeting Place: Every Friday at 7:35 a.m. in Room 113. Outstanding Events: The Booster Boys' activities have been varied both in quality and in number. They have charge of the publication of all the athletic schedules, the athletic and social an' nouncements, the sale of tickets for athletic contests, and the promotion of cultural and social activities. They participated in the home' coming decorations, school parades, committee work, ushering services, and the fair. Booster Boys' 'Afplotting Session P.A. SYSTEM AND KEY BOYS Row 1: Mr. Stephens, R, Schmitt, Mer., j. Schcidi, G. Oehlcr, Mgr., D. Kirchhoif, Mr. Atwcll. Row Z: A. Smith, R. Smith, W. Schuf mann, I. Iviarqnardt, j, Fischer, N. Kraina, R. Lambrecht. STAGE CREW Row I: I. Schcidt. Mr. Stephens, Mr Arwcll, D. Kirchhoii. Row Z: R. Smith, XV. Schumann, J Fischer, G. Vfestcott. Row 3: R. Schmitt, T. Marquardt, G Ochler, R. Lamhrecht. N. Kraina. Stage Crew and Public Address Technicians Advisers: Mr. Atwell, Mr. Stephens Stage Crew Under the supervision of Mr. Atwell, the stage crew prepares the stage in assembly "A" for school plays, for outside speakers, and for any other function that demands stage work. The crew arranges the lighting for special dances and for all noonfhour programs. It also keeps the stage scenery and stage properties where they can be available at any time. Public Address Crew The public address technicians operate our complex but flexible public address system at every school or community function at North Division. Whether it is a day or an evening program, the PA boys are present. MEMBERSHIP IN STAGE CREW J. Scheidt R. Schmitt D. Kirchhoif T. Marquardt R. Smith G. Oehler W. Schumann R. Lambrecht J. Fischer N. Kraina G. Westcott MEMBERSHIP IN SERVICES P.A. SYSTEM AND KEY MONITORS G. Oehler, Mgr. W. Schumann R. Schmitt, Mgr. I. Marquardt J. Scheidt Fischer D. Kirchhoff N. Kraina A. Smith R. Lambrecht H30- Visual Aid Corps Mr. Hall, Director lst Semester Officers Znd Semester D. Larson ....,. - .,.. Student Director ...,.,............. I. Davis I. Eckstein U. Bunclesen tl. Bundesen ........ Head Operators ...,..., All, Johnson W. Heise l iT. Heise R. Mur .................. Schedule Director .................. R. Mur D. Heinbuch.....Asst. Schedule Director ..,,, D. Heinbuch Purpose: The AudiofVisual Department of North A.V.A. CREW Row 1: D. Nlatuszalc, D. Larson, G. Purins, Mr. Hall, H. Fuller, R. Schulze, R. Grabowsky, A. Walker. Row 2: A. Taylor, R. Dippel, R. Schnell, E. Burleton, G. Fetzer, R. Bundesen, P. Brosseau, B. Vanier. Row 3: D. Jackson, K. Tatum, . Pctersons, G. Spielvogel, B. Mur, Simms, J. Davis, R. Ritter. Row 4: W. Garth, A. Reinhardt, I Bennett, R, Tradewell, P. Kvasnica D. Buchhulz. ,l. Johnson, C. Goller. Row S: K. Gilgenbach, T. Rickert, P Kaiser, F, Sprenz, D. Neufuss, R. Ross, A. Lemke, M. Krimmer, W. Ructh. Row 6: T. Hcise, K. W'atke, A. Penilcis C. Karau, XV. Skowron, R. Bundescn D. Wachowialr, G. Vegners, I. james. .l T v Y Division takes pride in being of service to the faculty and students. The audiofvisual crew of approximately 80 boys shows films to about 150 classes each week and in addition operates equip' ment for filmstrips, tape recordings, phono' graph records, etc. These boys provide this service to the school during their free periods after completing a course in the operation of audiofvisual equipment. A.V.A. CADETS Row l: G. Purins, YV. Skowron, Mr. Hall, D. Larson, Row 2: R. Schnell, J. Davis, G. Veg- ncrs, B. Mur. x D81 v- PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Row l: K. Anderson, G, Vegners, Mr. R. Rosenlu-inier, R. Sehaniber, C. Kr-vclialk, N. Rochol. Row 2: B. Teske, l... Lovdale, l. Shapiro, R. Kleismit, N. Lukats, G, Spanen- bergcr. Rr iw 3 : Zhi E. Ulm, CI. Selimaelzle, T. '. 3. Inezlatl. G. Richter. Nxt tht K l t l'. Brown, S. Adams. Row 4 bl. Brandstaettrr, D, Gritzf maclier. ,l. Biiehler, M. Krimmer, I. Ebert, D. Brandt. N. Strehlow. DANCE ENSEMBLE Row l: D. Reimer, Anderson, ,l. Ottowitz, E. Heiden, C. Kloeckl. xl. Zarnoth, D. Hoad. Row Z: V. Kurtz, C. laclrson, V. Vfash- ington, U. Deane. B. Klein, Sellers, S. Zirgibel. li. Smith, Row 3: ll. Brandt. l.. l.ox'c.lale, il. Brusliel. Nl. Davis, C. Bere, CI. Hedeen. K. Michaels, J. Sanfclippo. Publicity Committee Adviser: Mr. Rosenheimer lst Semester Ollicers 'lnd Semester l. Ebert ........ ,..... P resident ....... ,......... I , Ebert Purpose: The members of the Publicity Committee work together daily in Homeroom 104 where they prepare publicity for the numcrous school activities such as the noonfhour programs, school dances, and athletic events. This is done by public address announcements, mimeographed flyers, posters, and tape recordings. The success of our school events is to a great extent de' pendent upon the work of the Publicity Com' mittee. Time and Meeting Place: Homeroom period and after school. Outstanding Events: Publicity Committee Christmas Party Dance Ensemble Director: Miss Heiden The last few months were filled with activity. Cn March '25 the Ensemble gave three show' ings of "Alive in the Classroom" as its part in the School Fair. For the Variety Show, April 29 and 30, the Ensemble presented its premier showing oi' 'll-lavana Holiday" starring Barbara Klein and the Hlviaintenance Department" starring Donna Brandt. To wind up an eventful season the Ensemble gave its final performance of the year at a Talent Show on June 3. To those who want to learn by doing, make the Dance Ensemble your goal, for once in the Ensemble, uchoreography floor patterns, step patterns, and counter point" are no longer words, but a part of the dancer's very being. National Honor Society Adviser: Miss Scherkenbach Since 1922 North Division High School has had a chapter in the National Honor Society. Membership in this society is the highest honor the school can confer on its students. ELECTED IN NOVEMBER, 1954 Adams, Shirley I. Albrecht, Patricia Albrecht, Ronald Brown, Patricia Davis, Marlene Fritz, Nesta Gritzmacher, Richard Klejsmit, Richard Kraft, Stanford Oehmcke, Kathleen Steinkraus, Arlene Summers, Patricia Teske, Barbara Trotts, Joann Zirgibel, Sandra ELECTED IN APRIL, 1955 Armstrong, Jerald Bobinger, Gertrude Brandt, LaDonna Ebert, Ingrid Krimmer, Manfred Lovdale, Leila Olm, Elaine Reinhardt, Albert Rochal, Nancy Shapiro, Iolet -33- NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Bottom Row: Miss Scherkenbach, M. Davis, A. Stcinkraus, S. Adams, G Bubinger, I. Shapiro, B. Teske. Middle Row: I. Ebert, N. Fritz, L. Lovdale. P. Sommcrs, K. Oehlnclre D. Brandt, E. Olm, P. Albmm, Pf Brown, R. Klejsmit, S. Kraft. Tup Row: R. Gritzmacher, M. Krimf mcr, I. Trurts, N. Rnchol, A. Rein' hardt, j. Armstrong. PATRICIA BROWN Queen HOMECOMING DANCE JAMES WERTH juniorfSenior Prom King of ik? QCLIQCB TATTLER STAFF Semester One Row 1: Mrs. XVilliamson, R. Johnson, Miss Daly, Mr. Newman, Mr. Or' lando, Mr, Alexander, Mr. Trythall. Row Z: J, Drott, J. Schultz, P. Brown Mrs. Nyberu, G. Bisclxcwfl, M. Davis E. Ryan, J. Monia. Row 3: A. Vfiss. J. Trutts. P. Sum' mers, K, Oehmcke, E. Wagga, J. Leistcn, K. Zachcr. Row 4: XV. Runnclls, B. Baum, C Kloeckl, J. Brandstaetter, R. Gritz' macher, R. Strehlow, J, Krenysz. TATTLER STAFF Semester Two Row 1: Mr. Orlando, J. Trotts. Mr. Newman, K. Ochmcke, T. XVilliam' son, Mr. Trythall, Row 2: Mrs. Nybem, M. Pogorela, R. Eileen, C. Yauclr, N. Minor, P. Koh' lenberg, Miss Daly. Row 3: G. Schmaelzle, G. Giictzlafl, P. Summers, P. Brown, G. Bischoff, L. Lovdale, I. Shapiro. Row 4: XV. Runnells, B. Baum, R. Gritzmacher, J. Branclstaerter, R. Johnson, I. Ebert, N, Strehlow, J. Krcnusz. Tattler Yearbook CofEditors . . . . . Assistant Editor . . . . . CofBusiness Managers . Advertising . . . . Sports Editor .. . . Organizations and Clubs. lKathleen Oehmcke 2Joann Trotts Marlene Davis SRobert Johnson 2Neal Strehlow Richard Gritzmacher, Mgr. William Runnells Joseph Krenusz Geraldine Bischoff Leila Lovdale Ingrid Ebert . John Brandstaetter Patricia Brown, Editor Patricia Summers Gloria Schmaelzle Iolet Shapiro Grace Guetzlaff Photography 51. fn., 55 'Geraldine Bischolf, Editor . . . .... 3 Bernard Baum Joseph Krenusz Phillip Kohlenberg l'Eileen Ryan Art . . . . Eileen Waga 5Judy Monia Publicity . . . . . Leila Lovdale J Ingrid Ebert Typists .. Advisers .. ,'Karen Anderson 1 I 4 ...i Carrol Kloeckl Janis Schultz Jean Leisten Nancy Minor Carol Yauck Margaret Pogorelc Mr. Newman, Chr. Mr. 'Trythall Mr. Alexander Mrs. Williamson Mrs. Nyberg Miss Daly kMr. Orlando Row Ron Row Row Row SEMESTER ONE MONITORS T.uylo1'. N. Fovrstri, fl. Bisrhotf, I3. Roush, T. Ivinrquzxrdt. -I. Erlich. R. Nixllrr, gpitzn, E, jvnscn. Lihiqh, QI. Erfcxt, U. Brushfl. S. Zirulhrl. J. Brzuin, G. Haessly. B. Iviziycr. D. Iizirth. . Rushkn. Kwrh, R. FUN. M. Siuniann, I. Hollfcldrr, M. Hnydvn. K. Michzxcls, N. l'n'r1r1LL, Rwnnvr. D. Hough. Cfhowhun, R. Peterson. A. Tlldvn, S. Stops, R. Vw':irdvn, D. Klvin. nl. Schaefer. Bolduzin, fl. Klorckl. Wlntniorc. S. Lllcck, B. Kuuhlvr. M. Bvck. C. Mzutsnlri, P. Brznmquni. K. Andi-rson. Iv. Svihlnswlzlv. P. Alhrvtht. Monitors' Meritorious Service Advisers: Mr. Michal: Purpose: Ivionitors are on duty every hour of the day to see that North Division is kept running smoothly. Each period in the iniirinaries, monitors minister to the needs of students and assist when the doctor or nurse is present. MONITORS Rim l: Cl. Kivy. H. Bxiuni. H. IH'1'k.l1', R. l1l'itzl1mv:l1vx', I. Armstrong. N. Strchloxx. R. johnson. Row 2: I'. Brcntznmnn. M. Hovtrchrr. IS. Wfrih, N. Lukuts, L. Lovdulv, G. Riclnrr. CI. Km-chalk. Row 3: K. Anderson. -I. Uungrl. F. Sprcnz, K. Huh, NY, Oppciwxmim. il. XYvrth. Kisser. 1. jznnws. Al. Burhlcr. I leets North's eeds r. Culver, Miss Hcrziger 'sr vaw MONITORS Row l flolcmam. R, Harrell. : CI. Bcnm-tt. C, Owens, F. Sprrnz, R. Gritzmachcr, T. Docrflingcr, I., Harmon, If. Row Z: T, Pczicu, R. Tolxvcr, I. Pujzxri, I. Tlzurmcr, F. Nevins, I, Hcinrich, J. Cisry, S. Adams, M. Rushkzu, M, Salzwcdcl. Row 3: I. Hudson, V. NVashinqton, G. jackson, V, White, B, Wcrth, D. Twiuu, C. Mcnch, I. Pzmjxm, C. joncn, G. Hacssly. Row 4 ' B. Pape. G. Bischoff, M. Eastman, A. Avcry. Row 5 S. Kollrt, II. Ifvzxns. P, Matters, M. Ranncr. fx Roxx Dcnqvl. N. Struhlox, AI. Uillcspic, C. Kunzlcr. Where They Function: At noonfhour programs. In th In In In ,......--M. ' 3 th th ch e lihrary. e office. e study hall. e cafeteria during the noon hours. MONITORS . johnson. QI. Armstrong. G, Olson. IJ. Clarvy, XY. .I:1ckson, G. Mitchell, Molzcn, P. Taylor. C. Klcy. A, Rohack, Row 1: R Row Z: A. I... Row 3: E. V. Rim' 4: O. S. Row it S. R Row 6: N. C, Pimp, A. Stvlnkxzuls, M. Krorvnng, Cl. Schullcr, U. Burrh. M. Bocrrchcr, J. Flshcr, Stuucrwzald, C. Nclxstcdlcr, P. lircntzmann. Singleton, M. McLm, M. Cnlcnizm, D. Fcldmann, H. Zunisrk, I. Shapiro, C. Burg, Kurtz, P. Smith, N. Luknts, II. Erfurr. XVugncr. P. Alhrfchl, R. Rahfaalrlt, M. RNC, U, Guctzlulf, ,I. Young. I, Schaefer, Bolduzm, C. Rlchtcr, I. Koppa, xl. Hollfcldcr. I Zastrow. G, Sulmvtzcl, fl. Stops. I. Zur. R. Schultz, S. Lucck, B, Nlcvcrhoflf, , Pcrurson, A. Tildcn. M. Bock. M. Sicmann. 1 Fritz. F. Sprcnz. K. Huh, XY, Runnclls, J. IVcrtlx, S. Hacrinu, G. Bcngrsnn, Volkmunn, J. Trotts, Ulm, E, flhowmun, If. Zcnisclc, : T, Ihlcnfclal. N. VVildcr, V, Fucrstcr. M. Towns, P. W'h1tn1o1'c. CI, Krochalk : A. Rannur, T. Nitzschc, P. Snmmrrs, K. Oehmckc, N. Pcin, G. Nick, S, Spitza, : V. Luknsch, C. Izard, R. jackson, R. Pnuac. G. Schmaclzlu. S. Ln Ven, ml. Florian, . J- SEMESTER TWO Vx m1mi11.4.r: 1 SEMESTER Ri nv Ri iw Ri in R4 :xx R4 in Ri uw ONE . .l. XX N rt.n'tt I E HALL CADETS . Nluntlt, N. Sloth. M. Mainthy, L. Huy, V, Mattson. 15. Hough. B. XvCl'lll, D. Roush. 1-. Blstli-ill. M. Szilzwrnlel. C. Miiiidt. H. Mayer. vl. Hxielrlunrtli, li. NYiislungloii. 5. Hfuthers. ,l. Kiipferlwerg, A. Smith, T. Clilultli. fl. Nluynzuxl. l . Burch, L. Stcuerwielel, A. Vamp, N. Minor. H. Schiller, S. Scheir, E. Runge. M. Hotclxling, S. Hamm. B. Kuzielf. 1-dwairtl, fl. Ynuek, H. Zeniselc, U. jackson. M. Fetzer, B. Fitch. D. Cionstauxtinezui. . Denrici. I. Shapiro. E. Phillips. M. Hsytleri. ,l. l'lollf-sltler, B. Mvunier. C. Sehzwl, xl. Brock, li. l'wrrv, xl. Erlich, Nl. l'risutl:i, V, XYhite, G. NYisntzlte. M. Liwrenz. V. Xluqqert, .l. Armstrong, Ll. Hunruclm.inn, T. l3ovrllingi'i'. Ql. Brunel' Row l ' Row Row ,- Ri uw Row 'T' Row 64 ei. l'. Fiuh, R. Urit:ln:iclxcr.,l Bucliler. M. Stein. I North s Cadet Corp Adviser: Mr. Rosenheimer Cadets volunteer their services to the school and do an excellent piece of work in helping to keep the school clean and orderly. Purpose: Among the many services rendered by Nortlfs Service Corps one notes the duties of the cadets, namely: HALL CADETS M. Mcflzillum, L. Dedmon, A. Bagley, S. Schgietzel, N. Rochol, E. Ulm. ,l, Denuel, C. Kruclmlk. S. Nntoli, R. xlolxnson. R. Hurt. M. llavis. H. Teslce, li. Lehigh, H. Hill. H. Richter, l7. Brzmelt, il. Richardson, If. Fxzinilorf, R. Sticlil. l'. Summers. fi. Spzinenlwerger, R. Peterson. H. Mi-5'i'1'l1nvll, ,l. Trotts, 1. Heath, T. lhlenleld, A. Weiss, O. Weiner, L. Ihrclu-. M. Towns, M. Baker. E. Rligzi, N. Runnels, ,l. johnson, l'. Young. ,l. Jones, E. Pinion, J. Ni-vels, H. Fuchs, XX'egner. l. Borneo, I. Lesszxniiiul. M. Klmyhoin-s, ,l. Bushelzicke. F, Spivnz. .l. XVi'rtli, K. Huh, XY. Upperiniuux. B. Tlxei-lmld, lf. Prpersen, l. Sclxilhrzick, C. Lemiinczyk. K. Anderson, l. Schmcchcl, V. Focrster, H. lilelland, E, Volkmzunn, il. Mgihkorn, D. IQi1:uiiis,l3, XYillw, N, Strelxlow, E. Jensen. R. Schulze, D. Hzindelumll. ivy Michaels, B. Meunier, M. Kath, N. Vielgut, T. Neumann, G. Hebercr, D Row Row Row HALL CADETS Meier, J. Brzmdstaettcr, T. Docrflinger, H. Bryant, G. Hayes, YV. Schmidt Roscnheimer. Cannon, S. Belling, B. Schiller, M. Fetzer, A. Kolhus, K. Reiter, C. Iviunclt Brock. Jones, N. Ganshow, I. Heath. Row 4: H. Walters, G. Richter, B. Teskc, N. Sieth, B. Vvlcrny, T. Zietluw, J. Erlich, S LaVcn, E. Phillips. Row 5. M. Siemann, C. Kruchalk, J. Dengel. B. Meyerhoff, R. Peterson, R. Jackson, J Johnson, M. Rasmussen, Y. Jahn, B. Wallcrmann. Row 6: G. Rittmann, E. Kleser, V. Lukitsch, J. Lessamincl, J. Burneoncil, V. Fucrstcr, C Harris, J. Williams, E. Gotz. ender Services More Elementary Adviser: Mr. Kucera To see that the halls are kept quiet and free of waste paper To challenge students without passes To check lockers To direct visitors to their respective des- Row Row Row Row Row Row HALL CADETS R, Bolle, R. Johnson, J. Himmelmann, D. Schultz, N. Jackson, C. Bennett, E. Wagner. D. Constantincau, B. Brunner, J. Prisuda, G. Schwab, D. Duhbs, E. Washington S, Smith, J. Schumann. B. Tunstill, M. Davis, V. White, J, Pokorny, D. Lang, G. Bobinger, M. Alksnis J. Carrington, A. Albrecht. J. Schilbrack, D. Runge, M. Herbeck, G. Bischoff, C. Panowitz, D. Mundt, J Hollins, A. Wilson, R. Klejsmit, B. Baars. C. Owens, B. Olm, J. Trotts, M. McCalIi1m, L. Zachck, M. Nyilliams, E. Pcclcrscn C. Strclow, D. Brandt, C. Hoover, K. Bolle. G. Schmidt, N. Strehlow, W. Runnells, G. Bengston, S. Haering, F. Sprcnz, A Gabardi, M. Towns, J. Moizcn, H. Bjelland, T. Ihlenfcld. nw, 1- u- . .. 1 1 www g , at-nullisit ,.u. G SEMESTER TWO 'lR. BAND AND ORCHESTRA Dircctors: Mr. Schmidt M1'. lvflillidll 111- T. I311Jn1k l'i:1wb. F. liwrtrlx-'1'. H. 511111. M. Alr111.11111 2: li. l'l11ll111s. li, Hu1'1111.111. V. I.1yI111 H11llmx.1v, 15. li11111111cl1, ,l. K1v1111f:, R. C1411 3: Mr. Scl11111L1f. B. Mrf1l11111. .L Z111u:11v B1v1ttfhu1'. XY. Hnvwv. M I'1'1l11:. R. 511111115 1111113 I. A11d1'1'M111. K. Cf11'11:1'1'. U. 1311111111 11111. Run: O. XXvg111'1'. L. Hr-1xx11. H. Plulgr. N 15111111111 Rnw: M. ll111lm'1'. R. H fl Cl. Y111111g, I. Y111111q. ,I. Y111111 Rmv A ' IS. li.-1151111. ,L P.11z11'1. fi. Nvwlr. L, lI111c111tt .l. S. K11111't. Rem' I. L. H1 fl.5l1:1xx'.17.L11t:.M1,O1l.11 Ruw 4: I. NX'1ll11's, L. XX'11wl1111g11111. C. 51111111 M. Ih'11m11. M, Tlww. L. 1111111 A. H4111'1a H XN'1ll111n1a.V1'.S1111s. Twp ' K , In . N115-111. T. 1'11vuc1. Ii. XX.11tr1's. R. I51p11l1'. T. R1cP11'1l 11111 1 B 5 h.1111lw1. ' H1111 1-', .fc Rwtr--111 Rmx: A fhnlnl. RI. Ut1111x1K:. ff. I'I,.yd-w-11. C,. 5rl1.11I. N4 M111111, 41, Spg111g1'11h1-1gr1 R XY. SQh1111t1. H. T111,cl1. M1. 5:11111 J1. Rmx 1: S. M.1I1111111. fl. 51111111-, I. K1'1'1111w. Run 3: H, R1'111111v1'.l5.lf.1r11gg1.M, FN-11.-1-. KL, 41111511 11 Rmx 4: R. M1111-1. ,l. H-:1'11111. XY. WAJ1. T . ,A 1111 Run: ID.M:1111f:.1k,I'.P.11.111.T.R11-L111.f, R.11. . . ...QO- 111 XX l'111111lw1 North Division High School Band Clarinet N. Corpron C. Savage S. Malmon J. Krenusz. S. Kourt I. Soliva N. Fritz R. Graf P. Nelson J, Pajari Saxophones R. Miller 1. Horton Vw", Vy'ade VJ. Witt Directors: Mr. Schmidt fe lst Semester Mr. Hepner --2nd Semester BAND PERSONNEL BY INSTRUMENTATION Trumpets D. Roccler R. Dippcl G. Corpron S. Stops D. Lutz G. Shaw A. Gordon R. Paine Drums W. Schmidt H. Troseh R. Brock W. Westbro D. Dobbs R. Dobrient oks Tuba I. Lynch R. Scbamber T. Brunner French Horn B. Brunner M. Fischer Baritone D. Matuszak Trombone M. Bernstein G. Parker C. Karan 1. Pajari W. Plumber T. Rickert Oboe B. Benson P. Taylor Drum Major A. Gabel Marjorettes J. Ottowirz C. Haydeen C. Schael Color Guards B, Benson P. Taylor rl. Pajari P. Nelson ttorn Row: NV. XYcstlvronks. xl. Brock, R. Dubricnt, D. Dulwh T p Row: M,li1'r11s ui R N' Z: N.f.1upmn.j.S-,ln.1.S. Kulnt,R.Kumi,N.Frlt:,l'.Nelsur1,l'5.l5i'11s1m, l'.T:iylor. R x F: R. l51ppIr.S. Siupgll Rnrtim-. l5.Lnr1.C5. Sl1giw.A,f.ord-m. R. l',u1l1v.,l. Paxzirl. I n,f1. lallui. T. Brunner.R,bcl1i1mlm'r I L n lx -..Q1.- NORTH DIVISION ORCHESTRA Butt-nn Row: N. Lundquist, H, Bzxhr. Schxlhraxck, NIL Orlnmlu, Dm mv Z: IJ, lihhhs, B. I'Iurv:lth, G. NV:xItQrsdrwrI', NIQCIAHH. Ulf. R Row 3: B. Schmidt, G. Spznxgcnhcrgv1'. NI, Hur-ttchfr, I', IVICI..1lllQ,I1I!I1 I, 5I1.up11'n, I Top R4-xv: M. Burnstcin, U, I'xukvr, Iiundvscn, B. Brummcr, B. Cum North Division High School Orchestra Director: Mr. Orlzrmlo .A 92 .. ORCHESTRA PERSONNE lst Violin P, Knehcl J. Sch ilhrack H, Bnhr B. Horvuth D. Lynch H. Rudolph D, Shapiro NORTH DIVISION ORCHESTRA Bnttnin Row: P. Knehcl, D. Lynch, M. Altmzinn, O. Weuncr, xl. Viesberi, Row Z: G, Birts, C. Grzmsbcrry, B. Baum. H, Randolph. J. Young, D. Shapiro. Row 3: A C' rd 9 Mzilnicvn. A. Gnbel Twp Row: M. Fischer, R. Dipple, G. Cinrprun, H, Myers, B. Sehamber, B. Wade, Al. Lynch. If INSTRUMENTATION 2nd Violin M. Altmann J. Versberg O. Wegner N. Lundquist I. Young M. Harris G. McClain G. Waltersdorf B. Baum M. Boettcher Viola Cello F. Smith G. Birts I. Malone P, McLaughlin I. Shapiro A. Gordon String Bass H. Myers Clarinets S. Malmon A. Gabel Horns M. Fisher B. Brummer B. Catozzi -93 -D Tuba J. Lynch Trumpets R. Dippel G. Gorpron Drums B. Schmidt D. Dobbs G. Spangenberger Trombone M. Bernstein G. Parker Piano bl. Bundesen lst Soprano J. Bishop L. Dcdmon ul. Diedrich 1. Gay D. Hoacl C. Kuchler I. Krupfcrherg D. Matola -l. Never R. Pagac A. Papp E. Runge nl. Schilhrack 2nd Soprano M. Duncan N. Felher M. Fischer C. Frandorf D. Ignatius B. Klein B. Krueger L. Lievis S. Spitza N. Wilder E. Walls A Cappellc Directc PERSONNEL I Accompani: lst Alto A. Bagley V. Beavehomp O. Fears L. Hay D. Hough L. Jackson bl. Kappa C. Krochalk C. Kuehn M. Maiitlwy B. Meunier C. Richter C. Zacker Rmx' Row Row Row Row :N :V CHOIR . Lumlquist, Al. Never, L. Dudmon, R. Pagac. l', Brown, N. Felhcr, Mr. Hcpncr, Dirrctm. .Bcauchamp, P.S1mth,C. Kuchn. B. Wurth, E. Runge, A. Papp,Al.Kl1pfcrbci'g, A. Smith. ' R. M. Schultz, nl. Schilhrack, S. Spirza, D, Hough. R. Bridges, L. Hay. M. Nlanthy. -I. Kuppu. ' T. Nitzschc, D. Ignatius. K. Anderson. D. Fears, C. Krnchzilk, R. Tornquist. C. Kuchlcr. L. vlum-5 ' XY. B. Rcvcls. il. l'5mi1i.lst.icttcr. C. Karan, K. Bulw. U. Bcngstmmn, il. Wirth, P. Knclwcl, E. KI.-ser. Ihbir r. Hepuer OCAL POSITION use Marie Schultz 2nd Alto lst Tenor K. Anderson Qniergon G. Bobinger ' ISC 9 R. Bridges gf-,g'yg3'1O P. Brown L, Jones N. Fritz SJ Klgebel . ane M. Gerbeck A. Smith C. Keiy Y. Temple JV Attowity R. Tornquist N, Rochol 2nd Tenor P. Smith E. Bntler G. Spanenbergcr Iglllizsclle A. Steinhilber Cr S. Warren Werth Baritone J. Brandstactter K. Bub G. Buehler G. Jones C. Karan E, Kleser M. Laverenz B. Reed B. Revels 2nd Bass F. Ashland G. Bengston D. Gritzmacher N. Lunclquist G. Qlson CHOIR Ruw 1: M. Lnvcrunz. U. Mzxtcxln, Al. Ottuwxlz, L. Lewis, 1. Guy, il. Dicdrich, D. Huad. Row 2: G. Buhingcr, M. Fischer, B. Nleumcr. M. Crznziunu, Y. Tcmplc, S. XYz1rrcn. I. Bislwp, XY. Puwc. Row 3: C. Fmndnrf, L, jackson, G. Bxschuif, U. Rxchtcr. M. Duncan, C. Zalchcr, M. l"lL-rlwck. Rmx' 4 R4 vw 7 : F, Ashland, C. Kicy, N. L. Wilder. N, Rochul, N. Fritz, G. Spancnhcmcr. A. Bagley. A, Stuinhnh r : F. Harvcy, C. Olson. E. Butlcr. H. R.-rd, C. jones. R. Gritzmzxchcr, J. Buchlcr. R. Schumhvsr. Row Row Row Row GIRLS' GLEE E Hepncr, D, Poolcsek, S. Murrcll, Y. Goggans, V. Birts, Y. Cuuillard. N. Grams, j. Gambinn, B. Strong, J, Hackbarth, E. Ferstaclt, P. Breutzmann. P, Milanowski, C. Cannun, P. McLaL1gh1in, M. Gerstman, N. Ghoston. D. Lang, B. Fitch, D. Twigg, j. Pajari, J. Pajari, J. Erfert, ..96- Girls' Glee 1 Direc i FF' GIRLS' GLEE Row l: C. Lemanczyk, V. Lukitsch, B. Hawkins, G. Schmaclzle, P. Taylor. D. XVilke. Row 2: R. Schultz, P. Nelson, J. Florian, G. Prodzinslci. W. Halbert, B. Wilson. Row 3: G. Guctzlaff, E. Waga, M. Baker, J. Coates, C. Hedeen, P. Sossong. Row 4: D. Hundrieser, I. Anderson, J. Mahkorn, B. Benson, J. Seifert, J. Dengel, J. Fisher. lorth Division r. Hepner lst Soprano PERSONNEL BY VOCAL POSITION C. Cannon Y. Corillard J. Fischer I. Erfert B. Fitch E. Ferstadt J. Gamhina J. Florian M. Gertsman Y. Goggans N. Ghoston N. Grams J. Hackforth W. Juno C. Hecleen I. Pafari D. Lang D. Podlesek P. MacLaughlin B. Strong P. Mibanowski D. Twigg S. Murrell E. Woga P. Nelson 2nd Soprano P- SOSSOUS M. Baker Alto P. Breietzman J. Anderson B. Benson V. Birts K. Coates J. Dengel G. Greutzlaff D. Hundrieser N. La Fountain V. Lukitsch J. Mahkorn I. Pajari G. Prodzinski N. Rietz G. Schmaelzle I. Seifert P. Taylor vo u n S P 0 R T S pau' Qawa... l pfaging fhe game-win or Ade 1954 FOOTBALL: VARSITY SQUAD NORTH DIVISION HIGH SCHOOL Row l: R. Stephens, H. Sims, B. Revcls, C, Olson, VV. Nlfatlr, J. Driver, N. Lundquist, C. Armstrong, J. Brandstaettcr, E, Dickerson, R . Caldwell. Row Z: O. johnson, C. Bennett, A. Reinhardt, L. Harmon, R. Harrell, E. Paynes, B. Reed, G. Buehlcr, J, XVerth, K. Hub, S. Haering, A. Lemke, lf. Klenser, Row K: NV, Rimnells, Mgr., H, Nleycrs, R. Evans, J. Smith, E. Coleman, I. Hoskins, A. Little, J. Ncvcls, S. Malmon, VV. Cuytun, xl. Buschke, NV, Oppermzm, F. Sprfnz, C, Harris, L. Geib, Coach Engelke, Coach Kintis. North 0 - Washington 26 North Division opened the 1954 football season by losing the first game to Washingtoii. The score doesn't tell of the hard fought battle put up by the Northsiders. Trailing the well manned Washingtoii team 6 to 0 at half' time, the score remained the same after three quarters. Then a punt return to North's 23 set up a second TD. A stubborn defense by the Blue Devils was not enough to counter the four fumbles lost to Washingtoia. The two fumbles later in the final quarter set up Washington's other two scores. North 6 - Custer 18 After a scoreless tie at the half, Custer's air attack set up a third quarter touchdown. Two touchdown passes in the last quarter gave Custer an 18 to 0 lead. A 6Ofyard run by Henry Sims gave North its lone touchdown in the fourth quarter. The Blue Devils outgained Custer on the ground, but a sharp air attack was unable to be stopped by Northside. oot ba ll Mr. Engelke f Head Coach 100- ATHLETIC DEPT. Top Coach Trythall, Basketball lockwisez Coach Ristow, Swimming Coach Engelke, Football, Head Coach Marasch, Football, Ass't, and Track, Ass't Coach Adamus, Tennis Coach Kintis, Track, Ass't, and Football, Ass't Coach Anderson, Baseball Coach Pelikan, Football, Ass't enter Coach Thompson, Track North 6 - Tech 33 Again hampered by fumbles, North lost its third straight game to Boys' Tech on a slippery field. A Blue and 'White fumble on its lfyard line set up Tech's first score. Two more TD's gave Tech a 20 to O year before Henry Sims broke loose on a 59fyard touchdown run. At half' time Tech led 27 to 6. Tech scored again in the third quarter, and the game ended 33 to 6. North 12 - West 25 West got off to a 19 to O lead before North' side could spring Elbert Coleman loose on an 85-yard touchdown gallop. West led at the half, 19 to 6. In the third quarter North drove 91 yards for its second touchdown. A 56fyard run by Julian Driver sparked the long drive. A few - COACHING STAFF plays later Clyde Bennett scored, and North trailed by only one touchdown. After being outgained steadily on the ground, West finally settled down and scored once in the last quarter, ending the game's scoring with North unfortunately on the lower end. North 13 - South 29 A quick scoring South team proved too much for Northside to overtake. South had scored 22 points before North was able to score in the second quarter. 'The Blue and White's Hrst TD came from an end around pass play from John Brandstaetter to the other end, Julian Driver. Bill Wade added the extra point. South scored again in the third quarter be' fore North could get another touchdown. Curt Harris crossed the goal line on a quarterback sneak from the twofyard line. A quick count on the play caught the Cardinals unaware. -lOl- 1 tll R vw: B. Vvhiltcrs. R. Carr, B. Bi-tklvy. A. Levy. D. Hollins, . R 1954 4- FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL SQUAD t rn R xv: R. Hunley, S. Halbert, M, lit-nson. A. Gordon. XY. Krrnnr, B. firaxxford, R. Davis, R, XN'addell, U. ,l:1ncr.,l. Walks. oss, R. Nt-iifuss, T. Budnik, il. Holler. IF. Carey, NY. Dorint-lt. R T i Ri xx Coach nl, lvlarascli, ll. Hunter, NV. lvlunson, H. Nash, R. Expos, R. Hug, E. Farmer, R. Towrirclid, XY. Schmidt. ,l. Horton. ii. rl inns, SBI nR9lult A'tC'1lal'l'liin ow.m', R, Koopma . , .ci 2. ss mac. . c ci . JIM WERTH All-City Football Honors North Divisions football team placed a small but mighty guard on the AllfCity Eootball Team. jim, though not a big man, stopped many plays which were run through the middle of the line. On offense he was a dependable blocker who rarely missed his assignment. Northside is proud of jim, who did a manf sized job. North 31 - East 24 The Blue and White had a happy homecomf ing for the first time in years after running over East. East scored first only to be tied on a 60fyard run by Roosevelt Harrell. Another East score put them ahead at the half, 12 to 6. The Blue Devils exploded for four TD's in the third quarter. A 67fyard run uoffftackleu by Henry Sims and the extra point added by Bill Wade gave North a 13 to 12 lead. Harrell scored again on an Stifyard run which was folf lowed by an East TD. On the kickoff Wade ran back 74 yards for another North score, and Sims scored Northside's final touchdown on a 67fyard sprint. One TD by East in the last quarter was not enough to overtake the highly spirited Blue Devils. "Beat East! Beat East!" Whcose Turn Next? Right Down That Field! Banded Together for North! North 0- Lincoln 13 After winning the homecoming game, the Northside squad suffered a letfdown hy losing to a stuhhorn Lincoln team. Touchdowns in the iirst and third quarters hy Lincoln were all the scoring that was done in the hard fought game. Fumhles again hurt the Blue and White, for they could not penetrate their enemy territory deeper than 5 yards. North 7 - King 28 Hampered hy three touchdown runs hy fullf hack Tom Vxfolkos of King, North Division ended the 1954 foothall season hy losing to the Generals 23 to 7. Held scoreless for three quarters, the Blue Devils finally scored from the 3-yard line on a plunge hy Curt Harris. Henry Sims converted the point after touchdowng so that was that, ending the scoring as well as the foothall season. Huddle! Follow Them After That! infos-aww wwwifmmwimwmf M L, a - fn 7 f 7 ' '- VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD, 1954-1955 Bottom Row: H. Sims, R. Armour, C. Kllnzfer, 1, Grayson, nl. Driver, J. Buschkc. Middlir Row: H. Bryant. C. Harris, R. Evans, H. XX'illianis, C. Oxxrns, C. Jones, R. Branta. Coach D. Trythall. Top Row: U.Schulr:.T.Doerflm1er.,l.Himmelman,ll.xIllst1cr.F. XYilll.ini:, C. Bennett. P, Schulze. M. Reis. BAS North 68 - King '73 Baskethall! A new season and a fresh start! Trailing at halfftime, North's Blue Devils forged ahead of King in the third quarter hy scoring 27 points, hut to no avail. The Blue Devils scored only 11 in the last quarter to lose a 9fpoint lead and their first conference game of the season. The 'll points scored hy Jim Grayson were not enough to pull the game out of the fire for North. North 55 - Custer 52 Northside got into the winning column hy tripping Custer in a close contest. A 2Ofpoint last quarter sparked hy ,lim Gray' son put the Blue and White on top after trailing hy 6 at the end of the three quarters. Grayson led North's scoring with 13, folf lowed hy John Himmelmann with 12 and Julian Driver with 10. KETBALL ..... Season af C54-C55 4104-N Head Coach f - Mr. Trythall North 56-East 53 North won its second in a row in City Conf ference play at the expense of East, scoring 56 to East's 53. After a close first half, the Blue Devils pulled away in the third quarter and hung on in the last for another close game. Julian Driver led the Northsiders with 16 points, followed hy Jim Grayson with 14 and Boh Armour with 12 points. '22' Freshman-Sophomore Squad - Basketball Row l: R Row " ' ' . Koopman, E. Farmer, R. Blaclcshire, NV, Nlunson. Coach Peliltan. -: B. firowford, O. jones, V. jones, Z. Pricwe, D, Hollins. V, Curran. Rim Rim ' J: S. Boulware, rl. Hnhhard, XV. lYilson, VV. Krziemer, F. l.1nxyi'nee. VI. Boschek, A. Levy. '4: R. -Schultz, H. Fuller, A. Vfalker, D. Schultz, H. Brvantf-M-fr P S li lt l 1 ,., ,.eu:',L. Nloizen, R, Ross. Assistant Coach - Mr. Pelikan North 49-South 70 After trailing the Cardinals at halfftime, Northside pulled within one point Q33-32, in the heginning of the third quarter. Then South pulled away and led for the remainder of the game. jim Grayson scored 21 points, hut they were not nearly enough hecause he was the only Blue Devil to score in the double figures. 1 2 . North 57-Tech 55 North got hack on the winning side of things hy tripping Tech in a douhle overtime. A hasket hy Julian Driver and two free throws hy Jerry Buschke in the second overtime was all North needed to win its third close game. Buschke and Driver led North's scoring with 16 and 14 points, respectively. North 62-Washingtoii 70 North Division played a sparkling Hrst half hut faded in the second. The Blue Devils were outscored 40 to 26 in the second half to lose their 6 point halfftime lead. Scoring honors were taken hy jim Grayson who put in 23 points. North 57 - West 59 Northside could not win the close one against Westg and consequently, lost its fourth game against three wins. A shot with five seconds left hy a Westsider paid off, and the Blue Devils lost a hearthreaker hy two points. Leading scorers for the Blue and White were jim Grayson with 14 points and Boh Armour and Henry Sims with 13 each. E105- Neat Trick! Tense Alertness! North 50 - Juneau 56 Lost another close game and that to a stuhf horn teanig such was North's fate in the tilt with Juneau. The Pioneers' stalling tactics in the last quarter forced the Blue Devils to foul in at' tempting to get the hall. Juneau's free throws then led them to handing North its fifth loss. jim Grayson again sparked the scorers with 18 points. North 65-Bay View 55 The Blue and White got hack in the winning ways hy setting hack the Rcdcats. Bay View threatened the Blue Devils only once, hut unsuccessfully, as the Northsiders hore down and left the Redcats hehind. High scoring jim Grayson pumped in 30 points in pacing Northside to victory. North 63 - Pulaski 53 North got a Sfpoint lead in the first quarter and never relinquished it in winning its fifth game of the season. Henry Sims led the scorers with 16 points, followed hy jim Grayson and Carl Kunzler with 13 each. North 52 - Lincoln 62 The Blue Devils moved on, starting slowly against a fastfmoving Lincoln squad. Northside came hack fast in the second htlf hut it was too late for victory. jim Grayson led in the scoring column with 'li points for the night. SCOREBOARD: BASKETBALL PYCSCHSOII GHIIISS North Port Vsfashington . North Messiiier ........ North Kenosha . City Conference Games North King ........... North Custer . . North East . . North South . . . North Tech ..... North VVashington . . North Vv'est ..... North Juneau .... North Bay View . . . North Pulaski . . . North Lincoln . . low l: N. Lundquist, -I, Driver, B. Armour, Coach Engelke. Asst Cczc "1 's ' r - strong, G. Olson, low 2: F. Sprenz, C. Harris, L. fleih, C. Kunzlcr, R. Hoskins, T. Nitzsche, W. Schumann. VV low 4: ,l. Buchlcr, O, johnson, A. Reinhardt, C, Bennett, XV. Cuyton. R. Evans. J. Grayson, xl. Buschkc. low E. low 3: A. Lcmkc, NV, Runnells, K. Bub, C. Bcngtsnn, B. crth, S, Haerinu, il. Hoskins. XY. Rueth. 1. H. Sims, T. Doerflinucr, C. Hunter, U. Kollnuf, Dickerson, R. Stephens, j. Brxmdstaetter, D. Schultz, R. Harrell, P. Schulze. trek JIM GRAYSON All-City Basketball Honors To Jim Grayson goes the distinction of win' ning a place on the "Milwaukee Journals' All' City Basketball Squad for the second straight year. Being a fancy ball handler and an excellent shot from the outside made Jim an outstanding choice for one of the Honor Team's guard positions. He scored 199 points in the regular season and finished third among the City Conf ference scorers. Northside, in her great pride for Jim, sin' cerely thanks him for bringing recognition to his school and team. "N" -a-NORTH'S LETTERMEN Advisers: Coaches Engelke and Kintis lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester A New ........... President .................... S. Haering Organization ....... Vice-President ....... ........... G . Olson of the ........... Secretary ,.............. Himmelman Second Semester ........... Treasurer ...... .............. I . Werth Purpose: The "N" Club was recently organized for the purpose of developing in the boys at North an "N" CLUB li h lxiiti, Himmclmann, -I. Arm- interest in not only athletics but also scholarship. Time and Meeting Place: The second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 8:30 a.m. in the cafeteria. Outstanding Events: An athletic banquet and the school fair. "N" Club - Lettermen M 107 a- Cross-Country Team-Season of 1954 Bottom Row: H. Williams, J. Jones, D. Jones, C, Hunter. L. Brown, Middle Row: L. Rimes, R, Cilhvrt, R. Hoskins, XY. Baker. Top Row: W. Hcxse. P. Schultze, J. Hillman, H, Bzilxr, C, Xkasliinqton, H. Bahr, H. Bryant. Cross Country Mr. Thompson, Coach Willie Baker and Robert Hoskins, the top runners on the team, consistently placed well for the Blue and White. As in the previous seasons, the squad lacked the depth and hal- ance of a topfnotch squad. The season ended with North placing above onefthird of the schools and helow twofthirds of the teams. The Tenseness of Competition CROSS-COUNTRY EMBLEM WINNERS Baker, Willie Bahr, Henry Hunter, Clarence Heise, Bill Hoskins, Rohert Schultz, Dave Schulze, Paul Setting the Pace 4 in CrossfCountry Race , .hi Tennis Squad - '55 Season Bottom Row: R. Garvey, M. Bernstein, R. Shields, A. Schmidt, C. Owens, Coach Adamus. Top Row: T. Nitzsche, XV. Ructh, E. Klescr, 1. Himmclmann, D. Roeder, H. Fuller, E. Alensen. At this writing North Division stands third n City Conference tennis standings. Being led hy John Himmelman Cundefeatedj, Pom Nitzsche, and Bill Rueth, the returning etter men, Northside is making an excellent howing in conference play. John Himmelmann, ranking first on the team, s regarded as a top contender for the varsity ingles championship. He won the freshman' ophomore title last year. Scoreboard as of May 9 North . South North Custer North Pulaski North Juneau North Lincoln North ..... King Team Rank 1. John Himmelmann 2. Tom Nitzsche 3. Dennis Roeder 4. Bill Rueth 5. Bob Garvey Handy Racket Men .,..' 'fr egz o Mr. Adamus, Coach ld' if North's Baseball Squad of '55 Row 1: A. Reinhardt, J. Buschkc, A. Simmon, E. Farmer, D. Handeland, F. Sprcnz. P. Schulze. Row 2: Coach Anderson, XV. Kramer, L. Geib, H. Belling, R. Ross, C. Harris, C. jones, S. Boulwarc. Row 3: M. Krimmcr, J. Boschck. J. Smith, C. Massiiigalc, D, Neufuss, K. Kunzlcr, E. Ross. Coach: Mr. Anderson Y, With seven returning lettermen and a iine Northside an optimistic view toward thc com group of young prospects to complete the mg Season' squad, Coach Anderson sees a strong, well' Refufng1glTqiff2fn12n formed first division team for this season. Itllsgrrise Charles Jones Having Paul Schulze, Curt Harris, and james gig Kligzleil d . . . It E Smith as starting pitchers, and Ron Ross and Laffy GET? ar Curt Harris as a second base combination, ives Frank S renz g P Eager Spectators! Good Players! Great Came! 110- 3 i x lt ' at .. V55 if TRACK SQUAD --- 1955 SEASON Bottoin Row: E. Paynt-s, F, Harvey, H. Sims, Coach Thompson, R. Harrell, E. Coleman, C. Kollauf, A. Littlc. Row I: G, Olson, H. XYilliams, J. Hixrtnn, G. Carr, L. Pricwe, L, junicl, L, Thomas, A. Taylor. Row 3 : j. Armstrong, T, Fxlput, R. Cilbcrt, K. Tatum, K, Starks, C. Hunter, R, Bluckshirc, R. Hoskins. Row 4: A. XYalker, L. Harmon. ,l, Driver, Pittman, XV. Alexander, C. Bennet, ll, Scl-n1'tz, H. Bryant. Top Maiiager R. Vanier, Maiiagcr R. Hardt, Coach Kimis. Mr. Thompson, Head Coach The squad felt so good over the idea of being city track champions that they began the season by winning the "journal" Games Relay for City Schools. In winning, North be' came the first city school to win this relay the second time and also equaled the time of 1:O9.5 set by Boys' Tech a year ago. As the season got really under way the squad realized that it had only five returning letter men, namely: Elbert Coleman, Henry Sims, Gordon Kollauf, R. Harrell, and Frankie Harvey. This was in contrast to King's 13, Row: Coach Marasch, E, Dickerson, E. Smith, XV. Nash, F, Applcwhitc, T. Simms, R. Alksnis, R. Nlycrs. Assistants: Mr. Marasch, Mr. Kintis WHSh1l1gtOI1,S 16, and Lincoln's 9. An injury to Coleman and illness to Kollauf suddenly brought the number from five to three! Alvin Little, Robert Hoskins, Willie Nash, Roosevelt Blackshire, Clarence Hunter, Simon Pittmann, David Schultz, and Larry justice did so much to add to the scoring power. And now, behold! After all the years of bus travel to a practice field elsewhere, we are happily watching the completion of the new athletic field adjacent to our own 'High School. Track, at North, is dehnitely on the way up. Iournal Relay Winners Hurdler Co-Captains Harrell, Sims, Kollauf Hoskins, Coleman Little Coleman -111- Shot-Put F. Harvey Mr. Ristow, Coach STARS T. Nitzsche . . . W. Rueth BOYS' SWIM CLASS R. Gibson. I. Bonnvtt, NV. Ziehl, R. Prescliat, D, Bannach, xl. Conrad, R. Daniels. il. Qmvri. F. Hinz, M. Ili-i'i1s1e1ii, R. Ritter, xl. Sams, M. Peters, il, Quandt. B. Hn-1'v.itli. 13. Kcllvr, R. Smith, Scliiinmnn, R. l..imhr4-cht, I5. Alacksuli, K. Tatum. R 4 IF. R-wdcr, j. llernhard, R. Bauer, A. Harris, I. Hulwlmrd, R. Baht. T. Hi-ise. ..- s.i .i -,am an ft Row I: N. Lundqmst, R. Stephens, J, Bonaparte. K. Bohinuvr. F. Kxddim' Coach Risrow. Row Z: T. Nitzsche, E. john, XV. Rueth. R. Muir' TIS. ,I. Vavrelc, Ii. Sprenz. 3: R, Myers, P, 'erth, M. Krimmer. A. Reinhardt, F. Sontag, VI. Durr, E. Dickerson. Varsity Swimming Team North's Blue Cills finished the swimming season with an excellent .SOO mark in dual meets. Northside finished fifth in the City Relays, third in the Little City Meet, seventh in the City Meet, and ninth in the State Meet. Led hy Paul Werth, Bill Rueth, and Tom Nitzsche, North had a successful season. In the Little City Meet, Rueth took first in the 200fyard free style and third in the 100- yard free style, while Nitzsche placed first in diving. Rueth and Nitzsche were North's only place winners in the City Meet with Rueth placing fourth in the Zflflfyard free style and Nitzsche first in diving. Nitzsche placed fifth in diving and Rueth third in the 200fyard free style in the State Meet. Bill Rueth and Tom Nitzsche gained recogf nition hy winning places on the AllfState Swim' ming Team. It was the second time Nitzsche had received the honor. SCOREBOARD NORTH 34 SHOREWOOD . . .. . 49 NORTH 42 BAY VIEW ....... 41 NORTH 33 WHITEFISH BAY .. '50 NORTH il LINCOLN ............ 3 NORTH 45' WEST MILWAUKEE . .. ... 38 NORTH 38 WASHINGTON ...... 41 NORTH 51 M.U.S. ............. .. . 32 NORTH 35 TECH ............ 47 NORTH 31 WAUWATOSA .... .. . SW NORTH '51 WEST ALLIS .... 3' NORTH 34 EAST ......... .. . 49 NORTH 47 SOUTH .... . . , 36 NORTH 54 CUDAHY .. . . . 29 NORTH 35 PULASKI ....... 4G IN THE RANKS NORTH ith IN CITY RELAYS NORTH 3rd IN LITTLE CITY MEET NORTH 7th IN CITY MEET NORTH 9th IN STATE MEET Swimming Class G y in Tea m BOYS' GYM TEAM Row l: U. l'arltri'owsk1, fl. Kol'.ulll'. l'. Froli, R. Steplxens L. Lanke, A. Kllpstciu. Row 2: R, lwlur, ll, Rolfe. ll. Sclxiclclhrili. R. llippvl, Al. XYedxx:ud. R. Sclmr-ll, A, Sm' 1 Loach Rislo Roxx 3: ,l. Lissila. ,I. XXvl'klr1l1,f,. Brnefron. nl. lamir. A.,l.johnson. Gym T am Mr. Ristow, Coach Despite the fact that competition on the high school level has ceased, the gym team at North remains a popular sport, especially so for the hoys who like tumhling, swinging on the rings, and other apparatus work. With the revival of the AAU gym meet, however, the team has a goal to work for and is working again at full speed. This year three hoys, Paul Gilbert .lim Wedw'ard, and Richard Dippel, entered the meet and next year we hope to have a full squad. Gymnastics is the ideal sport for the smaller hoys for size is a handicap instead of an aid as in most other sports. If you would like to improve your musculature, hetter your coordination, and enjoy yourself in programs, variety shows, and the like, comc out for the gym team. Physical Education Class Wtnrking Boys! On the Up and Up! f ,wwvmgwmuwom i K fi XM f 3 Wigs fl L Vx Xe , 4 ? g CHEER LEADERS Ron' l: D. lirxmdt. Rim I: B. l.vhxgl1. Al, Evans. ,l. ffailzmd, li, Klein. Row F: M. Davis. A. Brent, U, Holxiimcr. fr., Bistllull. Pep Club and Cheerleaders AdviSCrrMrS.Shu1tiS The Cheerleaders This year at Northside, nine peppy gals acted as cheerleaders in 10 football games and 13 basketball games. In addition they planned and presented 10 pep rallies in assemblies HA" and "B" and they were responsible for training and selecting new cheerleaders for next year. Marlene Davis was elected head cheerleader for the 1974155 season. The Pep Club The Pep Club was organized to instill school spirit, to assist with skits, and to originate new cheers and songs. Many loyal students worked diligently to write and present clever pep skits and to conduct an effective drill between halves at the homefcoming game. Barbara Mayer was elected president of the new club which met on Thursdays. PEP CLUB OFFICERS ,l. Cimins, XY., ld. Nlaiyer, D. Twieg, l'. Yollng. ,547 KW ,W M 4 Q illi- 3. W, fi 719 X, , U i n Wx gif, SQ L! 'fu-T 3215 3333? a- X'-1l': A , . XM .Q R .RW AN Us ,. Yi Y ' me -Jffjfm 'R F556 gg jf 'Jig 7 1 -1---f.,L.:,. .,-'M' ..... 1 ' . NNW. A WMM . ::ei.s:a-:sw ::::: -:.--:. i ::: , Q aaa ww-A L .M 'bm uv' A' J' rf ' b -2-2-lf. ' , JW' - A . ,f 'W 4 ' , f. Q i , Z.., . 1, 5, , :L I .1 Hz A,,.,w'f""' mm +-Q-wsf"'f"'m 1 ,M wmv V is V ,'viw,f'uZ5S f 5 Esipw Qifffggff' 5 i 'Q 'in fe Q 'hw A ' 'Ti f .V J, My M,,,.v, f -,:f?2f" M ,Nz V Www, 5, ' na- E? ' Y ' 'ik K 5 WM Va Agfi M r -U25 5 5 we X ra 4 Aw ' .lvl 5 was a -7 ' L1 IM t ie : ,I N W if , vwfx. we 53 g ' 752,55 , fx F5 iq P! Egg 7 'K E 1 'ef um 5? mm -1, w is Q if 2 J 1 1 W me L5 BWNWV nw 45 ,ZS 30 fx ? if Snaps Heai 'Mila to the gyracluafing Cfaafs 1955 May Your Future Be Happy and Prosperous Atlas Printing Company Phone COncord 4-6228 -4-6229 332 E. Reservoir Avenue --123- FRANK'S CAMERA SHIIP 1104 W. North Avenue FRanklin 2-6460 Cameraa - jifma - ,9Aofo SMPPAQ5 Frank to greet you for the best deal in town BRING IN YOUR FILMS FOR PROMPT PHOTO FINISHING -124- Consistent Growth with Greater Milwaukee TOTAL ASSETS 9 0 S 33 0 5 I9 1 S 385086392 19 2 S 4724 5884 19 5 . . . S 6,1-49,083.03 1944 ....... S 8,857,284.66 1945 ....... S10,972,039.20 1946 ....... S11,716,724.48 1947 ....... S12,069,960.76 1948 . . . . . . S12,708,557.74 1949 . . . . . . S13,505,899.22 1950 . . . . S14,927,821.27 1951 . . . . . S16,571,275.66 1952 . . . . S19,841,894.64 1953 . . . . S22,197,922.60 1954 ....... S24,669,762.04 Teutonic Bank 2803 N. Teutonia Avenue T ignzfhz , af 45 gjwf H f MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 25- Y,,, You'd be Surprised at what MARQUETTE Offers You! I 'I .",21Z1I 3, MI,:1:.11:i1i ' tr' I 'I 1, "i ---Z Just look at this list! 9 A Vocational Guidance Center 9 Cultural and Social Advantages 9 An Outstanding Faculty 9 Recreational Facilities 9 The Most Modern Facilities 9 A Metropolitan Atmosphere 9 And All These Fields to choose from: 9 Business Administration 9 Dental Hygiene 9 Liberal Arts 9 Medical Technology 9 Dentistry 9 Medicine 9 Engineering 9 Nursing 9 Journalism 9 Physical Therapy 9 9 Speech CHOOSE MARQUETTE AS YOUR UNIVERSITY NOW! For full information write: Director of Admissions MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY --126- W ' Q, 1-' swat. 'I' - - ,L i r! ' l i ix 4' S' rL X , VA -If-l x Su I 1 . i iii 1.4. A ' C7 O ,lfdl 0 0 f o 0 4 .5 'Q 5 Q L- yt X xml, 55, It Q if Q Q N! Each of the drawings shown here represents a tool of some occupation or profession at Allis-Chalmers. While these are just a few examples of literally hundreds of different kinds of work our people do, they illustrate the wide range of opportunity you'll find in a modern industrial plant. But more important than the jobs, to our way of thinking, are the people who fill them . . . their abilities, their skills, their willing- ness to get along well with others. Industry is constantly on the lookout for young men and women with these qualities. AI.I.IS-CHALMERS 0 jlf-y f Xi Xf Xf Xf Xf X! X! Xf Xf Xf Xi X eniom . . . Gap and Gown Photographs One Large 8 x 10 Picture in a Folder Four Proofs 3.00 Six for 36.00-Twelve for 358.50 Cap and Gown Available at Studio Preserve the Memory of Your Graduation with a Photograph in Cap and Gown Duplicate copies of your photographs may be had from your negatives on file. MORRlSCN'S STUDIC YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER BRoadWay 1-3795 Wisconsin Theatre Bldg. KjfkgYKgykgykvfkgfkvykgykegykgyk QJXQY -128- What' it used for? if' -x , . xx .Wm 'l. This product is used for . . laj firing artillery shells Ibj transporting natural gas fcj viewing the stars 4. This product is used for . . faj compressing air lbj heating water Icl manufacturing soap 1b 2a 3c 4b 51: 6b This product is used for . Iaj ioining metals fbi hospital x-ray lcj commercial laundering i l I - I I . I . I : i : S. -if I I I I I : 3. This product is used for . . . I Iaj controlling temperatures : fbi filtering gases I Icj metering liquid petroleum I nl ll-X iii! it - 1 This product is used for . . . tai water filtration fbi refining petroleum fcj storing feeds A. O. Smith line pipe serves in thousands of miles of pipe line . . . conveys natural gas to homes and industry. A. O. Smith welding machines speed production of metal products of every description at low cost. A. O. Smith petroleum meters contribute remarkable ac- curacy to the measuring of liquid petroleum products. America's leading glass-lined water heaters-Permaglas - are made by A. O. Smith and proved rustproof in over 2,500,000 homes, A. O. Smith Harvestore bulk and feed storage units serve modern farms and many industries. A. 0. Smith pressed steel automobile chassis frames have been the sturdy foundations for 50,000,000 cars. All these products, and many more, are built by A. 0. Smith to help keep America strong and prosperous. I 6. This product is used for . . . l Kai carrying concrete : fbi building automobiles I lcj bob-sledding v Through research Ser' i..a better way A.0.Smiih CORPORATION MILWAUKEE 1, WISCONSIN 11 plants in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas and California International Division: Milwaukee 1 -129- 510,- CUR SCHCCL We, the Graduates of '55- Thank our advertisers who have helped make this TATTLER Annual possible. In taking our leave, may we admonish you students to- Patronize TATTLER Advertisers -130- Heartiest Congratulations IO the Entire Staff of the 1955 TATTLER from N 0 R A M P R E S S Symbol of Topmost Quality in Yearbook Covers 'A' The 1955 TATTLER cams Mafzufactured by THE NORTH AMERICAN PRESS 728 N. 7th Street Milwaukee 3, Wisconsin Outstanding Covers Since 1864 -11 ERV'S RADIO 84 APPLIANCES I, A A B S B R O S . C O . SALES and SERVICE 1628 W. North Ave. KI lbourn 5-3310 Wholesale ERV- KRAFT BUTTER and EGGS Haul It Yburself-Rent-A Trailer SYI.'S STANDARD SERVICE BONCZEK TRAILER RENTAL 1507 E. North Ave. 2841 N. 3rd St. COncord 4-1236 Milwaukee 12, Wig, BRoadway 2-8512 Milwaukee, Wis. SCHAETZEUS FOOD MARKET YOUR FIRST IOB IS IMPORTANT! FRESH PRODUCE - FRESH MEATS For a BETTER IOB get competent assistance A Red Bell Sfgye from experienced personnel people 5000 N. T toni A . eu 3 Ve NATIONAL ClERICAl AND txtcunv: STANDARD DAIRY COMPANY Pasteurized Milk and Cream Meme Butter and Cottage Cheese Room 6069 2759--A N- 10th Sf- LOCUSI 2-5594 161 W. Wisconsin Ave. BRoadway 1-7403 P O S T S Stores for Women T 0 SLWHIQIIIETK E T 2701 N. Teuwnia 2501 S. Howell ' ' 822 N. 27th St. 1457 N. 12th St. FANCY MEATS and POULTRY Wholesale and Retail GET IT AT . . . MUEI'II.BAUER'S DRUG STORE BRoadWay 1-5214 Corner W. Burleigh and N. 13th Sts. 1115 N. 3rd St. Milwaukee, Wis. '-'. -' ...,: ""' .'.' ','r'1 ',.. ' e .e .. ,W e e A 4 Ciii 945111-33 9 ' Cl 4 '-'i e1.:. HO M4 M I :" ":: '7-'5125E5l5.515'fI5:5.5:5f5". 22 ffi Sis:-, ':':.:. ::.: ':':' "'2 I ... M , ...,.- ...V :i"':" 1., '.'1 J: ' - E . llli 'zlziii ---' 'L alrq UU Z0 , , alrq :me 1 X N I 1609 E. North Avenue BRoadway 6-9900 -1324 AUTOMOTIVE AND AIRCRAFT SUPPLY CO. 1000 W. Center St. FRank1in 2-3430 Crankshaft and Clutch Balancing Complete Machine Shop Service SCHULTZ PHARMACY ERICH A. SCHULTZ, R.Ph., Prop. Prescriptions Filled As Ordered By Your Doctor 2101 W. Center St. Phone LO. 2-9710 R. B. BREWSTER GROCER 1039 W. Center St. DElCKEN'S PHARMACY, INC. 2700 N. Teutonia Ave. M. W. WENDT, R.Ph. R. K. WILM, R.Ph. PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY FRAME'S SHOES 2703 N. Teutonia Ave. For Smart Styles at Popular Prices "See Our Windows" EDDY'S ZENITH SERVICE Gas for Less 1206 N. 16th St. ELSIE'S GIFT SHOP 2758 N. Teutonia Ave. HALLMARK CARDS and GIFTS LOcust 2-1128 Famous RUG AND CARPET WASHERS Inlaid Carpeting Cleaned on Location A. WAHN, Prop. 1039 W. Hadley St. LOcust 2-0359 RICHARD'S "CENTER CUT" MARKET Cliormerly Toman'sj Choice Grade Meats Fresh Poultry and Meats 2707 N. Teutonia Ave. KOHL'S FOOD STORE 2777 N. Teutonia Ave. A. C. HENTSCHEL Jewelers 2043 W. Fond du Lac Ave. Diamonds - Watches - Silver Friendship Rings A B C LOCK AND KEY SHOP Day and Night Service Keys Made-Locks and Door Closers Sold and Repaired 2841 N. Third St. LOcust 2-5612 MANN'S MARKET Homemade Sausages and Smoked Meats Choice Meats and Poultry 2719 N. Third St. LOcust 2-2303 AUGUST KAUFMANN FUNERAL HOME LOcust 2-6033 936 W. Center St. Hamilton -Elgin and Gruen Watches Watch and jewelry Repairing Diamond Setting WILLIAM J. KAPP 3230 N. Green Bay Ave. LOcust 2-4180 ',,, "QUALITY srons comment" Y . 749-51 N. Plankinton Ave. 's J Congrafufafiond fo fAe graJuafed UNITED HOME FURNISHINGS CO. A. ATLAS, Pro p. DRAPERIES - CARPETING FURNITURE - APPlIANCES 2327 W. FOND DU LAC AVENUE CU 3-1270 UP 3-4321 I R v l - MEN'S and BOYS' WEAR Corner 12th and Walnut Corner Center and Teutonia R A Y E H l E R T ' S SANDWICH SHOP Our Spefialty STEAKS and HAMBURGERS French Fried Potatoes 2730 N. Teutonia Ave. COncord 4-9837 Congratulations to the NORTHWESTERN IAUNDRY CO. 2401-2403 W. North Avenue Telephone: Dlvison 2-3736 R. H. FlATH COMPANY Everything Photographic ,Fine Photo Finishing Specialists in Amateur Movie Cameras and Projectors Fine Still Cameras, Lenses, Enlargers, and Accessories A 2410 N. Third St. LOcust 2-9110 Milwaukee 12, Wis. COncord 4-3662 KINDLER BROS. GRADUATE LANNON STONE CO. Class of 1955 Veneer I-Wall - Flagstorze F jwaedeffing Co. Menomonee Falls 21M5 Lannon, Wis. 137-A E. Wells St. BRoadway 6-1863 -13 CLASS RINGS - CLUB PINS - TROPHIES COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS VICTOR A. NOWAK COMPANY 623 N. Second Street BRoadway 1-8090 U G I FURNITURE STDRE INC. Open Monday and Friday Evenings FRank1in 4-2460 2865 N. Teutonia Avenue Q V World's Largest Producers 4-CYCLE, AIR-COOLED GASOLINE ENGINES AUTOMOTIVE LOCKS, KEYS and LOCKING SWITCHES BRIGGS 8. STRATTON CORP. Milwaukee BORN'S Fl0WER SHOP FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 1204 W. Center St. LOcust 2-1546 C o n gmtulati o ns! TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1955 M A R T Y l A R S 0 N County Supervisor ALUMNUS ' COURSES ENGINEERING . . . B.S. Degree in 36-42 Months Electrical Engineering Maior in Electrical Power or EI 1 ' look into the ' ' ec ronics opportunltles Mechanical Engineering Maior in Design, Plant Engineering or Metal Fabrication ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN . . of an I8 h 'I2 to Mont s Electro Technician Electronic Technician Mechanical Technician R d' T h i ' a IG ec n clan Radio and Television Technician Air Conditioning Technician TECHNICAL SERVICE . . . 6 to 12 Months Electrical Service W ld' O r t ENGINEERING CAREER e ins Pe a or Refrigeration Service Heating Service Radio and Television Service PREPARATORY . . . 3 Months Call, write or visit the Milwaukee School of Engineering i025 N. Milwaukee St. Milwaukee l, Wis. BRoadway 6-6006 T0 OBTAIN' C- f if Eiofincfiue, ibimrenf, ana! cgnobuicluaf ef' if V RESULTS Let us suggest ideas for your book. Our years of experience as Annual builders enable us to give the year- book staff specialized, intelligent help. MGPAOOL 6lIlgl'llUel"6 Hammersmith- Kortmeyer Co. PRINTERS 0 HTHOGRAPHERS 0 PHOTO-ENGRAVERS 733 N. Van Buren Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Typesefting: Frazier Typesetting Ca. Printing: Atlas Printing Co. Engraving: Hammersmith-Kortmeyer Ca. Binding: North American Press Photography: Morrison Studia -4 136- ' 9' 4 a V, 4, if ww 'W Xxdfidf - MW, ,f4.14f,?' ' ,JJ m X xx 3- 1 9 xi 'X Aw ,SQQRT in A 1 V ,L 2 Q :X A-is 3, ., -4 .f'f' . MLP' W Q 41-'W - ,, ' gk yup :LVL fi WML ,QCLWIEWN 'QlL"Jl0JM"YN?5J,A I. 9 'J 59 W' QR 1 Y !6'V Ep +L 2 'x R . 4 J fzfqfb Jovi!-if !7"'!.fb'C"'5-7 JU 'Vw' E, M ff 1 4 Eff Q f W' 33M' ww ,,Wimw V WW W '1,f?fkm0fY'fJ'mJL4 .X . 4 1 bfgggx 32?f .c,g, E WNJWQQWW W L' 45 , iff Q . If j ff 36,0 K Q l 0162, Wo: f ' giili? ffflfp JJ " ,,. ww Jw 2 W ' fd if W V' f ffmtfh A l . 11,41 1 7424711 I ff Q. QAM!! , H k W 13 .' wk, LQM":iQ+ J . Xx x r V mb X jf J ' 'XX N"'3KelK'Uq7A'1-'f WE 'Ky C' E4 '15 'A I MQ 1 af V is Q. 1 , . 1 1 j

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