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Nam X rid L- M-,, H.R. R. S uw n., 70nmS 9 'AWAUQ rl QL 61 E 2 , 5 SEHSON Ol' 1954 9Ql" ana! i2l" 47 ' mg iw X by .ff rx. Q If , ni Q 95"- E A ' N. f J 'A T 1 ' 5' N if V Sq ' I x " Rf' I , ' if g " 3 A ref Q- ' l D + f I if , ,. . il HL-5 .1 ffQ1t"'i A X f Ann,- .ws iw , fn, . 'Sl UNDER TI-IE BIG TOP -SYQOHJOFQJ Ly EUNICE HOFFMAN ..... Edit 0 .x.s51,s,.lyx15.:g:s 514421 315 , w s,.q.... OBTI-I DIVISIDN I-IIGII 7!M!wauLee, moconain .sznior ,Salam 2 .... Assistant Edltors main .fdffracfiorm . . FACULTY CLASSES IN O IN G WO ACTIVITIES SPDRTS IN R NG OUR MISS JENNIE GCELZER C 01lHIln?l'fjdl Deparlmefzf ibecbcafion TO Miss JENNIE GOELZER In the passing of jennie Goelzer,'North Division lost an outstanding teacher, and both students and faculty, a loyal friend. Miss Goelzefs excellent training gave her a splendid background for her work as an educator. She received her early training in the Milwaukee public schools after which she took her Bachelors degree at Lawrence College where she was elected to the honorary fraternity of Phi Beta Kappa. Later she earned her Master's degree at Northwestern University. But Miss Goelzer was more than a scholar. As a teacher, a cofworker, and a friend, she endeared herself to everyone because of her quick responsiveness in word and deed, her simple dignity, her tactful sympathy, and her complete unselfishness. Because of her own high standards she inspired her students with the highest ideals for their personal lives as well as for their professional careers. No task was too great for her. No task was worth doing that was not worth doing well. She gave unstintingly of her time and energy to North Division with no thought of personal gain. Miss Goelzer was a counselor in the deepest sense. Her cheerfulness, her kindness, her keen sense of humor, and her gracious manner won for her an ever increasing circle of friends, who will miss her companionship and unfailing helpfulness. "None knew her but to love her, none named her but to praise." Jennie Goelzer lived her religion -a religion of love in its highest sense. She exemplified the thought expressed by Philip Brooks when he said, "No man or woman can really be strong, gentle, pure, and good, without the world being better for it, without somebody being helped and comforted by the very existence of that goodness." We cannot say that she is gone but rather that she will always live in the hearts of all who knew her. n jigufe fo MRS. ALICE KNIGHT A graduate of the University of Chicago with Phi Beta Kappa honors, Mrs. Alice Knight is an example of the high scholarship, the lofty ideals, and the strength of character that has become tradition in a university that holds high rank among the leading schools of America. Mrs. Knight's field is science, a field in which she has excelled as both a scholar and a teacher. Under her guidance here at North, the wonders of creation unfolded to the thousands of eager young students who attended her classes, and there were few whom her enthusiasm did not inspire to work for the love of learning rather than solely for a credit in biologyg and to everyone who came under her tutelage, she was teacher, counselor, friend. She gave the hestg she demanded the hest. Her motto: "Hitch your wagon to a starf' For many years Mrs. Knight was head of the National Honor Committee and the Local Honor Committee. She was instrumental in organizing the Future Teachers' Cluh of North Division, the purpose of which is to encourage outstanding students to enter the field of teaching. In fact, there seemed to he no limit to the projects delegated to her competent management. A born executive she performed every assignment efficiently and expeditiouslyg and no task was too small not to be worth doing well. Yet, greater than all these, stands the nobility of her character, the warmth of her friendly personality, the depth of her understanding. "A perfect zmumzz, fmbly plmzfzed, To warm, I0 ronzforl, and L'07lH1ZdlZd.U - Wordsworth MRS. ALICE KNIGHT Sfiezzre DEp:2l'I7I16lll .Zac em Efirec! MISS MATILDA STOEKLE Gallant .flDl7'l!, faciii life Wilh ilr fnallenge and iff .firifeg H eeilin g nal tlae winrerir blaft Knowing .fpflllg will rome at lar! Finding good in everytbiizg-A Always' having laeart to Jing. Gallant ypiril, blitlae and free, I7lJ'pl7'dfl0lZ for nf be! - A. Nyberg Miss Matilda Stoekle, who holds a Master's Degree from Northwestern University, is a brilliant woman with rare ability in the field of creative art. Her approach to everything while here at North was so original that she was able to touch off the "divine spark" in the most prosaic mind. Thus, in all her English classes, the arduous task of theme Writing became something of a joy and a challenge to the imagination. She seemed to have a gift for discovering hidden talent that might otherwise have remained forever buried. Her untiring effort to develop in her pupils a pride in themselves, her faith in their inherent abilities and vvorthfwhile qualities, and her unswerving loyalty to North Division made Miss Stoekle one of our school's true builders. MISS MATILDA STOEKLE En gl ifb Department MR, RAYMOND MICHALAK Prinripal 0,2 0101, Schaol, n............. MR. L. W. CULVER Vice-Prifzripal .911 Mig On? if f. O I O "'4.,,,,, XR f , jf X X X XX FACULTY 45' 2 ' xv x 'Q "4 I . ff: ' ."b3i.?l I - fp , l Nvvhu X . N .f. 4 15 Smwicm, MR. KARLSON Cl7lI'l'fl'7l!llIll Coordimzfm' AUDIOfVISUAL AIDS Mr. Hall, A.V.A. Director, with the untirf ing effort of some sixty boys, makes possible the outstanding service in the realm of audiofvisual aids that function so much in the instruction in our school. Literally films and records by the hundreds are made available to the teachers and classes to be used by them, as the teaching procedure and situations demand. To supply specific sensory experience in the learning proc' ess of North Division's studentskfor that, these modern tools of education have their utility function. CURRICULUM COfORDINATOR The integration of all those activities that conf tribute to the improvement of daily instruction, the problem of curriculum development and the mutual sharing of information with other Milf waukee schools-all this is the purpose of the Curriculum Cofordinator, Mr. Karlson. His purpose is, moreover, to keep abreast with cur' riculum developments and to provide for ex' change information among other schools 1- both inside and beyond the Milwaukee schools me thereby promoting academic progress. dudlb- UIZMAL mild, MR. HALL Direrfor Semulcm. MR. BRANDEL Former Director fTransferred to VicefPrincipalship Lincoln Jr. H. S., GUIDANCE "Service" 4The spirit of service is the conf stant interest manifested in the Guidance and Educational Service facilities that are offered for the assistance of each and every student of North Division High. From the time the student is assigned to his first homeroom sponsor on through the stu' dent's school life at North, the guidance depart' ment stands ready to serve those who need assistance. Szwzhm, MISS CHWALEK Director Mr. Brandel, North's guidance director for many years, was promoted to VicefPrincipalship of Lincoln Junior High School. With his leaving us the second semester, Miss Chwalek, pro' moted to the Directorship of Guidance Depart' ment, has ably carried on with seeing that the department functions in aiding and supplement- ing work of the various advisers. 'The department of guidance urges that both parents and students make use of the personnel services which the school offers. MISS BERGEN MISS HEALY MISS CARROLL Mclthumcztnfx Language Household Aus MR. KEITH MR. FIELDS MR. WITTE Hmmm Physncal '1'minmg Suicncu MR. NEWMAN MR. PRITCHARD English Commercial MRS. WILLIAMSON MR. WEEKS An Manual Tmunmg MR. ADAMUS MR. ATLAS MR. ATWELL H1SIOTy Commcvcial Manual 'Trai-ning MR. BENDLIN MR. BRANDEL MRS. POLOMIS Music Commcvcial Household Ants MRS. REAGLES MR. BROOKS MISS CHWALEK MISS DALY Houxehold Arts English History Commerrial MR. DAMUTH MR. FROST MR. GEE Covnvncrrml Englxxh Hismvy MR. STEPHENS MISS GREGG MR. ALEXANDER MR. HALL Manual Trammg Mathematics Comvncvcial Scicnre MISS HEIDEN MR. KAMPINE MR. ENGELKE MR. KINTIS Physxcal Tvninmg Hixtovy Hixtovy Science Juwlfef MR. LIBBY MISS LUKER MRS. MOSER Commcvcial Mathcmrmcs Language MR. MCGARTY MR. MEYER MR. MYRA MRS. NYBERG Commucml A1t Commc'rcml Ewglixh MR. ROSENHEIMER MR. RISTOW MISS SCHAEFER Languages Physical Tmmmg Languagu Jaculfw MISS SCHERKENBACH MR. SCHMIDT MR. BARNES MR. KARLSON Englixh Music Muthcmatirs Science MRS. SHULTIS MR. ORLANDO MISS TENDICK Physiful Tmining Music English ww MR. TETZLAFF MISS THALL MR. THOMPSON MR. TRYTHALL Science Englnxh History Co'mme1cial ...ljaculfqr MISS KQEPP MISS HERZIGER MISS BUETTNER English Lxbmrx-In uf'CU1lTU Counxulor MISS FUCHS MISS ALIOTO MISS WORNY Secretary Office Axxixtnnt O-fflrz Asxuxtant DR. CARON MISS PFEFFERKORN MR. WIESNER School Doctor School Nuns Sthoul Eug1'nuu1 J .971 Mn? 31110 . . CLASSES Q ff! Q ,529 Q11 ,N Xi? 'Q' 4 ' ' 1 ' S Sw Q AfSS Wgf fulx D A fi? xx A F g 'N f P. fl X A E ,....,..,M. Nw. ' S SENIOR COMMITTEES Row 1: G. Winston, H. Moser, B. Hedeen, Mr. R 7 R EU- is 4.31 V715 Sm E. QT? R1 Et? aa E? Pr of 34. PW' FC T321 C ri ge 5? 3:5 5? rs :ar .Dm JP A ci A. aw 512 GO 1? FO 2? P5 na? E. ' sk C5 21 55' CLA Iohn Gerald Bruno.. Leroy Thomas Allen. Carol A. Runnells. .. Marilyn Ann Hoppe. SENIOR CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Annie Frances Bailey Geraldine E. Bub Carol S. Hartmann Bonnie Norma Hedeen Judith H. Ielinek Hans George Moser Suzanne Carol Spilger Marjorie Wintersteen Audrey Helen Wrobbel SENIOR GIFT COMMITTEE Leroy Thomas Allen David M. Bogost joan Myrtle Chatham Jean L. Eichmann Fay Leona Frank Betty Louise London Thomas Earl Netzband Antoinette M. Sanfelipo Class Adviser .... 5 ' Witte, J, Bruno, B. Mirr, J. jclinek. ow ..: M. Hoppe, J. Sellers, L. Schadek, S. Spilger, M. Klein, A. Wrolnbel, J. Chatham, W. Wcddle. SS OFFICERS ....................President . . ......... VicefPresident . . . . . . .Treasurer . . ..... Secretary SENIOR MIXER COMMITTEE Alan Harvey Grunert Patsy Ann Hundt Thomas Otto Jahnke Mary Ellen Klein Ruth Lehmann Mary Rosetta Smith Wilma jean Weddle Lois Fay Wensing Glenn Raymond Winston SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE john Gerald Bruno Marilyn Ann Hoppe Mason W. Mims Loretta T. Mosley Barbara A. Mirr Carol A. Runnells Jack Allen Samosky ...Mr. Witte H24 A Loris Sehadek Ioan Sellers fn Jhoqfzam qfllzclnenlay, January 21 1954, 8:00 l:z.m., in Jcug .jwlaff PROCESSIONAL ............................................ CLASS OF JANUARY, 1954 'iPomp and Circumstancev ........................................... Elgar North Division High School Band NATIONAL ANTHEM AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Master of Exercises ......................................... MARVIN H, WITTE ADDRESS OF WELCOME ................... ..... D AVID WILLIAM GRIFFITHS NORTH DIVISION HIGH SCHOOL BAND... ...Directed hy EDWIN C. SCHMIDT "Forrest Whispers" ................ .................... L osey PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT .... ................ J OHN GERALD BRUNO ACCEPTANCE OF CLASS GIFT ................. PRINCIPAL RAYMOND F. MICHALAK CHORAL ENSEMBLE e---"THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD" ................. Franz Schuhert Accompanied by Lajuana Stewart COMMENCEMEN'T ADDRESS ............................ MR. ALVIN E. WESTGAARD Assistant Superintendent of Schools "What Can a Graduate Expect?" ROLL CALL OF GRADUATES ..... ......... V ICEfPRINCIPAL L. W. CULVER PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS. .. .... PRINCIPAL RAYMOND F. MICHALAK RECESSIONAL ........................................... THE GRADUATES "Pomp and Circumstancen .............................. ........ E lgar North Division High School Band H O N O R S David William Griffiths ........ , . .Valedictorian Judith K. Grauberger .............. Salutatorian MAGNA CUM LAUDE David William Griffiths Joyce Beverly I-Ieherer Judith K. Grauberger Carol S. Hartmann David M. Bogost Marvin Aarron Rudack Loris Schadek Marilyn Ann Hoppe CUM LAUDE Hans George Moser Audrey Helen Wrobbel R h L h Winona Grace Arnold Thomas Ranft Valerie Thompson Janice A. Reinke Joanne Louise Folger John Andrew Bradley Natalie Weicher Rosann Marie Juno Janice Lee Gross Geraldine E. Bub Dorothy Ellen Conner Donald Steinegger ut e mann Lois Fay Wensing Betty Louise London Fay Leona Frank John Gerald Bruno Jack Allen Samosky Thomas Otto Jahnke Chana Gutherc Jean L. Eichmann Annie Frances Bailey Patsy Ann Hundt -25..- LERoY T. ALLEN. Elective Courre. Footlwall"fN':, Stu' dent Council, Viee'l'res.. Senior Class: br. Init Com. WILLIS VI. ALTMANN. lnelustrlal Arte Course. ANNIE F, BAILEY. Elective Course. Mtisic Festivalg Girls' Club: Local Honor Rollg Mon. in Ag Fine Arta Club, Sr. Cap and Cloxxn Com,g Photo Clubg Program Nlon. JEAN M. BEHLINKP. Elective Course. Ivluate Festival: Office NIon,g Program Mcrn. DAVID M. BOCOST, Science Course. Biology Club, Pres., Local Honor Rollg Mon. in Ag lvlotion Picture Operatorg National Honor Societyg North Div. Honor Club: Sr. Mixer Com., Student Council, Swimming Team "N"g Tennis Team "N", Future Teachers' Clubg Latin Club, Vice-Pres., Hall Cadet, Student Control NIon.g Sr. Gift Com., Photo Club, Program Nlon. jOHN A. BRADLEY. Efeetive Course. BEVERLY ,l. BRANDENSTEIN, Elective Courae. Mtiaic Festivalg Cirls' Club, All'City Paqeantg Triple Trlog All- City Choir. JOHN C. BRUNU, Nlatbematies Course. Biology Club: lvion, in Ag Nlotion Picture Operarorg Sr. Prom Com.: Student Councilg Swimming Team "NH: Tattler Annual: Senior Class, Pres.: Hall Cadet, Lt.g Student Control Mon. GERALDINE E. HUB. Elective Course. Nluatc Festivalg Girls' Club, Oirls' Ath. "NU: Leaderalnp flroup, Stu' dent Councilg Big Sistersg Latin Club, Hall Cadet: Booster Girls, See.g Sr. Cap and flown Com.g Cheer' leader, Program Nlon, 91" kgifagst PATRICIA A. BYRD. Elective Course. MIISIC Festival. JOAN M. CHATHAM. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Group: Office Mz:n.g Future Teachers' Clubg Hall Cadetg Sr, Gift Com. ROLAND E. CLARK. English Course. Program Minn. DOROTHY E. CONNER, Elective Course. JEAN L. EICHMANN. Elective Course. Mtisie Fcstivalg Girls' Club, Corr. See.g Guidance Room Mon.g Leader- ship Groupg Library Nlong Local Honor Rollg Rest Room Mfin.3 Big Sistersg Booster Girls: Sr. Gift Com.g All-City Pagcantg Dance Ensemble. JOANNE L. FOLGER. Elective Couree, Girls' Clubg Latin Club. 9 GHANA GUTHERC. Elective Course, Girls' Clubg Local Honor Roll. CAROL S. HARTMANN. Elective Course. Mtisic Festi- valg Girls' Clubg Guidancc Room Mong Leadership Group: Local Honor Roilg National Honor Societyg Va' riety Showg Hall Cadetg Sr. Cap and Gown Com.g Triple Trio. JOYCE B. HEBERER. Elective Course, Girls- Clulvg Guidance Room Mon,g Local Honor Rollg National Honor Societyg North Div. Honor Clubg Office Mon. BONNIE N. HEDEEN. Elective Course. Music Festivalg Girls' Clubg Guidance Room IV1on,g Library Mon.g Mastiliersg Sr. Prom Gom.g Student Council, Advisory Com.g Usherettcsg All-City Pageantg Dance Ensemhlcg Sr. Cap and Gown Com.g Sketch Cluhg Cafeteria Cadctg Program Mon. JOAN A. HOLIVIGREN. Elective Course, Miisic Fcstivalg Library Mon,g Mon. in Ag Photo Clubg Triple Triog All-City Choir, MARILYN A, HOPPE. Elective Course. Mtisic Festival: Girls' Club, Rec. Sec.g Guidance Room Mr1n.g Leadership Groupg Library Mon.g Local Honor Rollg National Honor Societyg Office Mon.g Sr. Dramatic Productionsg Sr. Prom Com.g Student Cauncilg Tattler Annualg Library Club, Vice-Pres.g All-City Pageantg jr.-Sr. Prom Court of Honorg Sr. Class Sec.g Dance Ensembleg Big Sistersg Hall Cadctg Booster Girls, Sec. FAY L, FRANK. Stenouraphic Course. Mllsic Festivalg Girls' Clubg Local Honor Rollg Rest Room Mon.g Sr. Gift Com.g Civil Defense Mon. IOLA FRANKLIN, Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Future Teachersi Clubg Fine Arts Cluhg Photo Cluhg Sketch Club. TOM VJ, GILGENBACH. Mathematics Course. Library Mon.g Mon, in Ag Motion Picture Operator, Head Operatorg Latin Cluh. MERVYN M. GOULD, Elective Ciune. Student Coun- cil. W'INONA A. GRACE. Elective Course. Future Teachers' Cluhg Fine Arts Cluhg Hall Cadet. ,IUDITH K. GRAUBERGER. Elective Course. Mllsic Fes- tivalg Girls' Ath. "NN: Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg National Honor Societyg North Div. Honor Clubg Office Mon.g Hall Cadetg Clerical, School Recordsg Salutatorian. DAVID GRIFFITHS, Science Course. Local Honor Rollg National Honor Societyg North Div. Honor Clubg Student Councilg Cross-Country "N"g Hall Cadetg Valedictorian. JANICE L. GROSS. Elective Course, Music Festivalg Girls' Cluhg Leadership Groupg Office Mon.g Gym Mrin.g Sr, Dramatic Productionsg Sr. Prom Com.g Student Counf cilg Future Teachers Clulog Fine Arts Clubg Usherettesg AllfCity Pageantg Latin Club: Student Control Mon.g Sketch Club, VicefPrcs.g Triple Triog AllfCity Choir, ALAN H. GRUNERT, Elective Course, Mon. in Ag Mo' tion Picture Operatorg Sr. Mixer Com.g Student Councilg Hall Cadetg Student Control Mtan. '-If 3, JUDITH H, JELINEK Elective Course. Music Festival: Girls' Club: Oilice Mon,: Tattler Annual, Typist: Future Teachers' Club: Usherettes: Allfllity Pageant: Hall Cadet: Sr. Cap and Gown Com,: Program Mon.: All-City Choir, XVARREN S. JOHNSON, Elective Course. Student Coun- cil: Hall Cadet. RUSANN M. JUNO, Elective Course, Rest Room Mon.: Home Room Attendance lvlon. WAYNE E. KELCH. Elective Course, Football "Nu: Motion Picture Operator, Instructor. MARY ELLEN KLEIN. Elective Course. Music Festival: Girls' Club: Leadership Group: Masquers: Sr. Dramatic Pro.: Sr. Mixer Com.: Student Council, Sec., Trcas.: Homecoming Dance, Court of Honor, 'i2f'i3: jr.'Sr. Prom Court ul Honor: Dance Ensemble: Future Teachers' Club: Fine Arts Club, Sec.: Ushercttcs: Variety Show: All'City Pageant: Big Sisters: Latin Club: Hall Cadet, Lt.: Student Control Mon.: Booster Girls: Sketch Club: Cafe, Cadet: Program Mon. CARL NV. KROLL. Commercial Course. Hall Cadet. LEXVIS G, LAKRITZ. History Course. Fine Arts Club: Hall Cadet: Program Mon. RUTH LEHMANN. Elective Course. Girls' Club, Vice' Pres.: Guidance Room Mnn,: Leadership Group: Local Honor Roll: Mon. in A: Sr. Mixer Com., Chr.: Student Council: Tattler Annual, Typist: Color Guard: Big Sis' Hall Cadet: Photo Club, Treas.: Future Teachers' u . ROBERT J. LEITINGER. Science Course, Motion Picture gpelrator: CrossfConntry "N": Publicity Com.: Photo A U 3. GERALDINE HUDSON, English Gourse, Biology Club: Girls' Club: Fine Arts Club: Future Teachers' Ciub. CAROLE J. HUG. Elective Course. Music Festival: Girls' Club: Office Mrin.: Rest Room Mon.: Sr. Dramatic Productions: All-City Choir: AllfCity Pageant: Dance Ensemble, HOXVIE G, HUNDRIESER. Elective Course. PATSY ANN HUNDT. English Course. Variety Show: Music Festival: Girls' Club: Guidance Room Mon.: Leadership Group: Masquers: Sr. Dramatic Productions: Sr. Mixer Com.: Sr, Prom Com,: Student Council, Advisory Com.: Dance Ensemble: AllfCity Pageant: Big Sisters: Latin Club, Quaestor: Student Control Mon.: Cheerleader: Program Mon.: Triple Trio: AllfCity Choir. ROBERT IMSE. E'ectix'e Course. THCUMAS U. JAHNKE, Science Course. Miisre Festival: Sr. Mixer Com.: Student Council, Advisor: Tattler An- nual: AllfGity Pageant: Drum Major, Band: Hall Cadet: Booster Boys, Pres.: Photo Club, VieefPres., Pres.: All' City Band. BETTY L. LONDON. Elective Course. Fine Arts Cluh: Music Festival, Girls' Clubg Mon. in Ag Spanish Cluhg Hall Cadctg Sr. Gift Com.g Program Mon. MASON VU. MIMS. Science Course. Sr. Prom. Com.g Student Council: Hall Cadet, Program Nlon. BARBARA MIRR. Elective Course. Girls' Cluhg Guidf ance Room Mon.: Library Mon., Sr. Prom. Com.: Stu- dent Councilg Big Sistersg Hall Cadetg Booster Girls, Program Mon. HANS G. MOSER. Mathematics Course. Biology Club: Local Honor Roll, Mon. in Ag Motion Picture Operatorg Sr. Prom Com.g Student Council: Tattlcr Annual, Photo Ed., Staff Photographer, Future Teachers' Club, Trcas.g Badger Boys' State Repres.g Latin Club, Pres., Treas.g Student Control Mon., Sr. Cap and Gown Com.: Photo Club, Pres., VicefPres.g Cafeteria Cadet, Program Mon., Hall Cadet. LORETTA T. MOSLEY, Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Sr. Prom Com., Chr. THOMAS E. NETZBAND. Elective Course. Mlisic Fcs' tivalg Football "N"g Student Control Miin.g AllfCity Band. XN'lLLlAM F. PAUL. Elective Course, lvlotion Picture Operator, Variety Show, 'Sig Hall Cadet, Lt. GAYLE PAYNE. English Course. XVAYNE M. POPPENDORF. Elective Course DARLEAN ,l. PROBST, Elective Course. ARNOLD T. RANFT. Science Course. Music Festival, Mon. in Ag Motion Picture Operatorg Tattler Annualg AllfCity Pageant, Photo Cluh, Pres., Vicefl'rcs.: All'City Choir. JANICE A. RElNKE. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Hall Cadet. WAYNE G. RINGXVOLSKI. Elective Course, Hall Cadet. MARVIN A. RUDACK. Science Course. Local Honor Rollg National Honor Society, Latin Cluhq Hall Cadet. CAROL A. RUNNELLS. Elective Course. Music Festi- valg Girls' Ath. "N"g Girls' Clubg Mon. in Ag Sr. Dramatic Productions, Sr. Prom Com.: Senior Class, 'l reas.g Publicity Com., Spanish Clubg AllfCity Pageantg Big Sis- ters, Co'Chr.g Hall Cadet. JACK SAMOSKY. Science Course. Future Teachers' Clubg Biology Clubg Mon. in Ag Motion Picture Operator, Sched. Director: Sr. Prom Com., Chr.g Student Counf eil, Advisory Com,g Tattler Annual, Advert. Man., Photo Ed.g Publicity Com,g Tennis Team "N"g Hall Cadetg Student Control Mon.g Photo Cluhg Program Mou. ANTOINETTE M. SANFELIPO, Elective Course, Music Festival: Girls' Club, Hall Cadet: Sr. Gift Convg Pro- gram Mon. LURIS M. SCHADEK. Elective Course. Mlisic Festival: Girls' Club, Pres., Guidance Room Mon.g Leadership Group: Local Honor Roll, National Honor Societyg North Div. Honor Cluhg Rest Room Mon,g Sr. Dramatic Produc' tionsg Sr. Prom Com.g Student Council, Adv, Com.: Ushf crcttcg Publicity Com., Chr.g Homecoming Court of Honor, Spanish Clubg AllfCity Pageant, Future Teachers' Clubg Big Sisters, Co-Chr,g Student Control Mon.g Booster Girls, Treas.g Cafeteria Cadetg Program Mon. DONNA R. SCHIMELFENIG. Elective Course. Girls' Club. CHARLES A. SEEGERT. Elective Course. JOANNE SELLERS. Elective Course. Music Festivalg Girls' Clubg Local Honor Roll: lvlou. in Ag Sr. Prom. Com,g Hall Cadet. GWENDOLYN D. SHORTS. Elective Course. Girls' Cluh. MARY RUSETTA SMlTH. Elective Course. Nlusic Fesf tivalg Girls' Cluhg Sr. Mixer Convg Future Teachers' Cluhg Fine Arts Clubg Photo Club: Triple Triog All-City Orchestra: Allfility Choir. JOYCE SOHWEIDE. Elective Courst 1 J, ffm t jx SUZANNE C. SPILGER. Elective Course. Girls' Club! Future Teachers' Cluhg Hall Cadet: Sr. Cap and Gown Com. DONALD H, STEINEGUER. Efective Course. RUSSEL STEWART. Elective Course, Football "N"g S . I' Dramatic Productions: Student Councilg Hall Cider, Pro- gram Nlon, 5 IvlAR,lURlE A. NYINTERSTEEN, Electixe Courfc. Nlusic Festival: Glrlsi Club: Nlon. in A: Office Mon.: Student Council: Publicity Com.: All-City Pageant: Latin Club: Sr, Cap and Gown Com, AUDREY H. NYRUBHEL. Marhenmrics Course. Color Guard: Girls' Atlm. NNN: Girls' Clulw, Treas.: Leader' ahip Group: Nlon. in Ag Student Cuuncil: Tattlur An' nual, Typist: Student Control Mon.: Hall Cadet: Latin Club: Sr. Cap and C-own Com.: llhutn Club. Treas. and Sec.: Program Mon. SHIRLEY A. YAUCK. lflrctlve Course. lvluxir Festnal: Girls' Club. NOT PHOTOGRAPHED BARBARA MALUNE. lfleetlve Course WILLIAM NY. SHOPE. Elective Courst L31.- PAUL R. Hall Cadet, Lt.: Student Control Main. VOELKEL. Elective Course. Student Council ,IEROIVIE VUIKDT. Elective Courae, VALERIE A. THOMPSON. English Courae. GERALDINE WAITES. Elective Course. Biology Club: Fine Arts Club. WILNIA JEAN WEDDLE, Elective Courbc. Music Festi- val: Biology Club: Girlb' Club: Mtxn. in A: Sr. Mixer Com.: Student Council: Hall Cadet: Program Nlon. NATALIE WEICHER. Elective Course. Girl! Club: Nlon. in A. LUIS FAY YVENSING. lllectxxe Course. Mlisle Festival: Girls' Club: Library Mun.: Local Honor Roll: Mon. in Ag Guidance Ollice Nlon.: Sr. Dramatic Productiotis: Sr. Mixer Com.: A lfCity Pageant: Library Club, Pres.: Big Sisters: Hall Cadet: Triple Trio. RICHARD XYILEY. Science Course. GLENN R. XVINSTUN. Hiarory Course. Sr, Dramatic Prntlllctions: Sr. Mixer Com.: Student Council: Hall Cadet. Lt.: Stutlvnt Control Mon.: Cafeteria Cadet, june fn Plmoqlzanz. .7LurAc!ay, june 1Z 1954, 8:00 ln.m. PROCESSIONAL .................. .................. .... C L ASS OF JUNE, 1954 "Pomp and Circumstatncev ............................. .......... E lgar North Division High School Orchestra NATIONAL ANTHEM AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Master of Exercises .................. ............ ......... M A RVIN H. WITTE ADDRESS OF WELCOME .... .. .............. ...EUNICE MARIE HOFFMAN NORTH DIVISION HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA ...... Directed hy FRANK ORLANDO 'LS cmii g of jupiter" .......................... ........ L Ieorge F. Handel PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT .... ................. W ALTER R. GRAFFIN ACCEPTANCE OF CLASS GIFT ..... .... P RINCIPAL RAYMOND F. MICHALAK CHORAL ENSEMBLE ffl WAITED FOR THE LORD" ....... .... F . Mendelssohn Acct niii panied by Rose Marie Schultz COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS ..... ..,..... R EV. DAVID J. GRIFFITH ROLL CALL OF GRADUATES .... ..... V ICEPRINCIPAL L. W. CULVER PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS .... .... P RINCIPAL RAYMOND F. MICHALAK RECESSIONAL ................... ................... .... T H E GRADUATES "Pomp and Circumstanccu ..... ...................... ......... E l gar North Division High School Orchestra A 32 -- .1 SENIOR JUNE COMMITTEES - Row l: R Jackson, R, Thomas, D. Lictzkc. Mr. W'ittc, C, Bernhagen, J. Lee, YV. Graffin, B. Rcinickc. Row Z: N. Buch, S. Rccht, S. Kcgler, S. Clark, D. Barry, J. Barry, J. Brisco, R. Brock, B. Czarnyszka. Row 3: E Llzosf, W. Kehoe, K. Wagner, G. Qujmhy, R. Roush, R. Koglin, H. Lutz, A. Bernhagcn, L. Pryor, . CC HIFI. Senior Class Adviser. . . .... Mr. Witte JUNE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Walter R. Graffin ....................... President William R. Reinicke ...... ..... V icefPresident Kathleen Carol Wagner. . . ....... Secretary Howard Edwin Lutz .... ..... T reasurer CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Howard Edwin Lutz Richard Brock Guy C. Quimby Robert Thomas Jacqueline Linda Barry Ethelen Mary McClain Dorothy Pamela Barry John Brisco Nancy J. Buch SENIOR GIFT COMMITTEE SENIOR-FACULTY MIXER Walter R. Graffin William R. Reinicke Kathleen Carol Wagner Clyde R. Bernhagen Jim E. Lee Ronald James Koglin Dale Leitzke Ronald Jackson Richard Rousch Susan Rae Kegler Howard Edwin Lutz Suzanne Joyce Clark Sammy Recht, Jr. Barbara Czarnyszka Arlin Beatrice Bernhagcn Louetta Marquerite Pryor Winnifred I. Kehoe Richard A. Rose -33.. -ni -L lt Q' ARLIN B. HFRNHACEN, Fnglish Course. Girls' Clulw, l'res,g Uuidanee Room Nlong Local Honor Rollg Iviun. in Ag Nurtli Div. Honnr Cluhg Oillce lVfun,g Student Council, Seng Usherette: Courtesy Campaign Coin.g Va' riety Slimv: Big Sisters, Seng Hall Cadet: Booster llirlsg Sr. Gift Conig Program Nlon, CLYDE HERNHAUEN. English Course. Student Cizuneilg Pres, of lnter'High Student Council. GERALD Ii, BEST. Fle:tive Course. Nlusie Fertivalg Nlon. in Ag Hall Cadet, Lt. DOLORFS ld. BINDER. lflective Course. Cirls' Clulxg Office Mirii. BARBARA ANN ISIRLFR, Stenograplne Course, Cirl-' Clulu JOHN HRISCO, Elective Course, Footlmli Allfflityg Traelt Alllffity: Variety Slioxvg Sr. Cap and flown Cwm. WINIFRED BARBARA ADAMS. Elective Course. Girls' Clulwg Hall Cadetg Fine Arts Club. DARLENE JOY ALAND, Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Local Honor Roll: Nlun. in Ag Big Sis' tersg junior Red Cross Rep,g Doctors Ronin Nlon. JACK C. ARMSTRONG. Science Course. ARLENE M. BALISTRERI, Elective Course, Milslc Fes- tivalg Guidance Room NIon.g Otlice Mirrl.g Triple Trio: AllfCity Choir. CLAUDETTE Y. BALLINGER. Elective Course, Gym Mon.: Girlsi Clulwg Fine Arts Clulwg Future Teachers' Cluhg Office Curriculum Nlong Usheretteg Latin Clulwg Hall Cadet. DOROTHY P. BARRY, Elective Course. Chess Clulv, See., Trcasg Girls' Clulwg Guidance Room NIon.g Oilicc Mon.: Student Councilg Tattler Annual. Artg Hall Cadetg Sr. Cap and Gown Com.g Photo Clulvg Cheerleader, C4ipt.g Fine Arts Club. JACIQUELINE LINDA BARRY, Elective Course, Biology Cluhg Chess Clulvg Cirlsi Cluhg Guidance Room lvfonq Otflee Minn.: Student Couneilg Tattler Annual: Hall Cadetg Sr. Cap and Gown Com.: Photo Clulag Cheer- leaderg Fine Arts Club, MARILYN C. BATRANIK, Elective Cuur e. Reading Room Mrvn. DONALD A. BEHRNS, Elective Course. Biology Club. Treas.g Nlotion Picture Operatorg Student Council: Swim' ming Team "Nu: Future Teachers' Clulwg Cafeteria Cadet. RICHARD l'. BROCK. Elective Course. Football "N," Football Mgr. "N"g Student Council, Treas., Pres.: Booster Boys, ViccfPres.g Sr. Gift Comg Sketch Club, Vice.-Presq All-City Band: All-City jr. Band. NANCY J. BUCH. Stenographic Course. I'rom and Home' coming Court of Honorg Music Festlvalg Girlsi Club: Dress Room Mon.g Big Sistersg Sr. Cap and Gown Corn. LUIS CARLSON. Elective Course, Girls' Cluhg Sketch Club. GEORGE CARNAKO. Sc.enee Course, Cafeteria Cadet, Candy Counter. GORDON U. CHAPMAN. Elective Course. Music Festi- valg Student Council: Hall Caeletg Student Courtg Cheer- leader. ELAINE E. CHERNEY, Elective Course. Mllsic Festival: Biology Clulvg Leadership Groupg Hall Caeletg AIlfCity Choir. NORMA .IEAN CHRISTIANSEN, English Course, Music Festivalg Fine Arts Club, Pres.: Future Teachers' Clultg Dance Ensemble: Girls' Clulwg Mon. in Ag Student Coun- cil: Variety Show: Hall Catletg Student Control Mon.: Triple Triog AllfCity Orchestra. NANCY ,l. CLARK. Elective Course, Girls' Clubg Lead' ership Groupg Otlice Mon. SUZANNE nl. CLARK. Elective Course, Music Festivalg Girls' Cluhg Mon, in Ag Office Mon.g Sr. Mixer Com.: Student Councilg Variety Showg Hall Cadet: Triple Trio. 5 SHELBY 1. CUNGER. .IOANNE G, COWEN, Ollice Mon.: Tattle Reading Room Mon ROBERT E. CRAFT. I' Stenographie Course, Stenographic Course. Girls' Club: Annualg Big Sistersg Hall Cadetg Elective Course. Music Festival: Hasketlvall "NN: Student Couneilg Variety Shmvg Hall Caeletg Student Control lvlon. GENEYIEVE CRAIG, Elective Course. Biology Clubg Girls Clubg Student: Councilg Big Slstersg Hall Cadet. BARBARA ANN CZARNYSZKA. Elective Course. Music Festivalg Girls' Cluhg Sr. Mixer Com.: Student Council: Tattler Annualg All'Citv Pageantg Variety Slum-g Latin Cluhg Hall Cadetg Dance Ensemble. LEONARD P. DALE. Elective Course, Senior Class Play, Prompterg Track "N"g Hall Cadet. JOHN L. IDARLINCZ. Science Course. Ivlution Picture Operator, Asst. Student Director: Swimming Team "N"g Publicity Klum., Trans.: Variety Show. GEUFFERY DAVIS. Elective Course. Lilwrary Mon.: Sr. Prom fiom.. C'ifCh1iirlnan: Student Cnuncilg Tattlt-r An' nual, Sports Reporter: Sr. Advisory Com.g Courtesy Corn.. Ilofflluiirrnang Hall Cadetg Student Control lvion. in A. YVONNE IH. DAVIS. Iflrctixc Course. CAROL A. IDEIXBELER. Strnograpliic Course. IvIu:ir Ft-sf tivalg liirls' Clulwg I.r.itlt-rwliip flroupg Txittlcr Annual. Typist: llrxiduatinn Usht-ig Student Control Nlon.g All' City fllinir, NIARIUN fi. IJEGARU. Elective Coursr. MARILYN L. HORN. Iflectivc Course. Mllsie Feszivalg Girls' Cfulvg Leaderslup Ilrnupg Office NInn.g Student Clnuneilg Student Control lvInn.g All'f1lly' Ifliolr. ELEANOR T. DRAZCIUNYSKI. Stenneraphic Course. Girls' Iflulwg Big Sisters, DOLURIES IJEL DRICHT. Elective Course. EDXYARD P. DUBESTER. Elective Cour H. Football NN - I I i I 'Y FLORENCE L. DUDLEY. Elective Course. Mtisic Eesti' valg Mtin. in A. JOAN L. DUNNIGAN. Elective Course. Girls' Cluhg Local Honor Rollq Hall Cadet. PATRICIA A. DUVALL, History Course. Girls' Clulwg Guidance Room Mon.g Big Sistcrsg Hall Cadet: Sketch Club. KATHRYN V. EASTER. Elective Course. Biology Clubg Girls' Clubg Rest Room Mcvn.g Student Councilg Future Teachers' Clubg Hall Cadctg Cafeteria Cadut. PATRICIA A. ELLIS. Elective Course. Otfiee NIon.: Stu' dent Councilg Student Control Mtvn. NANCY C. FISCHER. Elective Course. Mtisic Festivalg Biology Clubg Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg Ushercttcg Publicity Com.g Latin Club: Hall Cadet: glietkch Cluhg jr. AllfCity Orchestrag Future Teachers' u . I I 5 ROBERT F. GIERING. Science Course. Motion Picture Operator, Student D.r. GEORGE GOLD. English Course. Nlotion Picture Opera' tor: Student Council: Tattler Annual, Coflvigr.: Future Teachers' Club: French Club: Student Control lvIon.: Cafeteria lvIon.: School Dance, Mon. ELEANOR G, GOSH. Stenouraphic Course. Girls' Cluh: Mon. in A: Rest Room Mon.: Hall Cadet: Student Con- trol Mon, XVALTER R. GRAEFIN. Elective Course. Rep. to Badger Boys' State: Loeal Honor Roll: National Honor Society: North Div. Honor Club: Student Council: Color Guard: Sr. Class Pres,: W'ardrohc NIon.: Hall Cadet: Student Control lvion.: Student Court, Dist. Atty.: Booster Boys: Sr. Gift Com,: Sketch Cluh. DAVE GRIEN. Elective Course. Milsic Festival: Swim' mini: Team, RONALD G, GRETZ. Elective Course. Motismn Picture Operator: Variety Show. RICHARD D. FLEGLER. Elective Course. Hall Cadet. TED FOLGER. Science Course. liiolotgy Cluh, Vicefl'res.: Local Honor Roll: Latin Cluh: Hall Cadet: Student Con- trol Mon. IOANNE D. FRONIMGEN. Stenoeraphic Course. Nlusie Festival: Girls' Club: Leadership Group: Local Honor Roll: Office Mcuii.: Tattler Annual. Tvpiat: Hall Cadet, Lt. GEORGE G. FULSHER. Elective Course. HAROLD GALITZER. Elective Course. Nlon. in A: Mui- tion Picture Operator: Student Council: Swimming Team, CofCapt.: Tennis Team: Hall Cadet. GLORIA A. GARDNER. Elective Course, Girls' Cluh: Rest Room Marti.: Hall Cadet. ROBERT N. GARDNER, Science Course, lviotion Picture Operator: Student Council Advisory Com.: Variety Show: Cheerleader. NORBERT ,l. GENGLER. Elective Course, GEORGE R. GERTH. Elective Course, lvlon. in A: Cafe' teria Cadet. I RUBYE J, HOWELL. Elective Course. Biology Cluhg Girls' Cluhg Lilwrary lvlong Rest Room Nlong Senior Prom Com.1 Student Council: Future 'Leacliera' Clulwg Hail Cadet. PATRICIA M. HOXVK. Elective Course. Girls' Club. VIOSEPH R. HRENAK. Electiw Course, Nlotion Picture Operator. LEVORIA L. HUBIKERT. Elective Course. Rest Room Nlon.g Hall Cadet. SHARLENE HUF. Elective Course. Girls' Clulwg Guidance Room Mon.g Local Honor Rollg Mon. in Ag National Honor Societyg Oilice Mon.g Tattler Annual, Associate Editor: Publicity Com.: Reading Room Nlon. RENEE I. HUNTSINGER, Elective Course. KEN GRUENZEL. Sciencc Course. CrossfCountry "N," CHARLES E. GUTTER. History Coursc. Cross'Country. CAROL L. HAESSLY. Elective Course. Mtisic Festivalg Biology Clubg Girls' Clubg Girls' Ath. "NM: Guidance Rogm Mon.g Leadership Groupg Student Council: Hall Ca et. EVAGENE M. HANSEN. Elective Course. Girls' Ath. "N"g Girls' Club, Vicefl'res,g Guidance Room lvIon.g Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg Nlon. in Ag Na' tional Honor Societyg North Div. Honor Cluhg Student Councilg Tattler Annual, Clubs Reporterg Future Teach' ers' Clulwg Variety Show: Big Sistcrsg Hall Cadetg Sketch Clubg Reading Room Nlon. GARY K. HENK, Science Course, Local Honor Roll: Stage Crew, Asst. Meng Student Councilg Variety Shoxxg Hall Cadctg Student Control Ivlon. GLORIA S. HILL. English Course. Hall Cadet. MARY L, l'llLL, Elcctive Course. EUNICE M, HOFFMAN. Science Course. Biology Clulw, Pres. and Vice-Pres.g Girls' Clulwg Guidance Room Nlon.g Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg National Honor Socictyg Office Mcmn.g Big Sistersg Sketch Cluh, Sec. and Pres.: Tattler Annual, Editorg Book Clubg Valedietorian. LORETTA E. HOLTON. Elective Course, Music Festivalg Girls' Club. 1 WILLIAM R. IHLENFELD. Elective Course. Senior Prom Com,g Hall Cadet. RONALD L. JACKSON. Science Course. Senior Mixer Com.g Latin Clubg Hall Cadetg Student Control Mon. THOMAS R. JASTER. Science Course. Football "N"g Publicity Com., Chairmang Sr. Prom King: Booster Boys, Pres,g Cafeteria Cadet. BERNICE E. JIERSCHECK. Stenographic Course. Girls' Club: Variety Showg Hall Cadetg AllfCity Choir: Music Festival. OLETA JOHNS. Elective Course. Music Festival: Olfice Mon.g Student Councilg Variety Showg Triple Triog All- City Choir. EARL H. JOHNSON. Elective Course. Senior Class Playg Hall Cadetq Student Control Mon. in B. WARRENETTA JOHNSON. Elective Course NANCY C, JUNO. Elective Course, MARLEN KAHL. Elective Course. 5 HAROLD L. KAMINSKI, Science Course. Music Festivz-lg Stage Cn-wg Student Council: Variety Showg Hall Cadet: Student Court Sheriflg All'City Choir. PATRICIA J. KATSEMBEL. Elective Course. Milsic Fes' tivalg Girls' Clubg Mon. in Ag Usheretteg Student Control Moog All-City Choir. SUSAN RAE KEGLER, Elective Course, Girls' Club: Office Mon.g Sr. Mixer Com.g Student Councilg Courtesy Campaign Com.: Hall Cadet, Lt. XVINNIFRED I. KEHOE. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Office Mon.5 Senior Class Playg Tattler Annualg Courtesy Campaign Com.g Hall Cadetg Student Courtg Sr. Gift Com.g Program Mon. JANET D. KIDNEY. Stenographic Course, Girls' Clubg isdllon. in Ag Oilice Mon,g Hall Cadetg Student Control on. PATRICIA A. KIEFER. Elective Course. Music Festival: Chess Clubg Girls' Club. Corres, Scc.g Guidance Room Mon.g Leadership Groupg Masquersg Office Mon.g Student Councilg Variety Showg Big Sisters, CofChairmang Hall Cadet, Lt.g Student Control Mon,g AllfCity Clioirg Fine Arts Clubg jr.fSr. Prom Com.: Usherette. IMOGENE KING, Elvctivt' Course. Girls' Cllubg Library Mun.: Library Clubg Latin Clubg Hall Cadet, DIANA G, KIRSCIH. Elective Course. Music Ft-stivalg Uirlsi Clubg Big Sisters, Trcasg Hall fladctg Pnvgrani Mun. THOMAS H. KLUG. El.-ftivs Course. Hall Catlvt. MARVIN KNULL. Elrctivc Court MARIANNE L, KOEHLER. Stenugraphic Cfmirsc. Girls' Clillvg Guidance Ruum Mun.g Leatlerfhip Ciruupg Local Honur Rullg Natiunal Honor Sueictyg North Div. Hunor Clubg Seniur Prmn Comg Student Culincilg Big Sistersg Salutatiirian. RONALD J. KUGLIN, Elective Course. Fimzball UNUQ Senior Mixer Curing Varicty Shmv, PATRICIA A, KOXVALSKI. Elective Ciiursv. Girls' Cluhg Lv:at.lei'sliip Gruixpg Hall Czulct. MARLENE A. KRAFT. Stcnugraphic ffiiiirsv, Girls' Clilbg Guidance Runin Mun.g Local Honor Rimllg Ollice Mong Big Sisters. RALPH L. KRAFT, Elective Cuursr. Hall Cadet. .4 ,...-A, J l . l i Q ,. l i Cv, - ALLEN H. KRUECER. Elective Course, Mun. in Ag Motion Picture Operator. KENNETH R. KUECHERER. Science Course. Motion Picture Operator: Student Council Rcprcsuntativcg Color Guardg Hall Cadet: Student Control Mon. JAMES KURCZEWSKI. Elective Course. JAMES J, KUSIK. Elective Course. Football "N"g Gym Team "NU: Variety Shnwg Hall Cadet. MARGARET A. KVASNICA. Elcctivc Course. Girls' Club. PATRICIA M. KYLER. Elective Course. Girls' Club. I i l 5 HOXVARD E. LUTZ. Elective Course. Music Festival: Football "NF: Mon. in A: Senior Class Play: Studcnt Council, Vice'Pres.: Tattler Annual: Variety Show: Hall Cadet: Captain of Cadets: All-City Trumpet Corps: Sr. Class Treas.: Sr. Cap and Gown Com,: Sr. Gift Com,: Student Court: All-City Band. XX'lLLIAM J. LYNCH, Elective Course. Mon. in A: Motion Picture Operator, Instructor: Variety Show. CAROLE MADER. Elective Course. Music Festival: Leadership Group: Hall Cadet. EDWHKRD J. MAKOVEC, Elective Course. Local Honor Ro . MARLENE R. MARQUARDT. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Hall Cadet. GRACIE L. MARTIN, Elective Course. Music Festival: Spanish Club: Fine Arts Club: Girls' Club: Library Mon.: Masquers: Rest Room Mon.: Sr. Mixer Com,: Student Council: Variety Show: Triple Trio: All'City Choir: Senior Class Play. 5? .K vt, , gf -41- PATRICIA A. LASIEWIEZ, Elective Course. Music Fes- tival: Student Council. JAMES E, LEE, Science Course, Music Festival: Mon, in A: Student Council, VicefPrcs., Pres.: Tattler Annual: Rep. to State Student Council: Hall Cadet: Student Conf trol Main.: Student Court: Booster Boys, Sec.: Sr. Gift Com.: Sketch Club, Pres.: All1C1ty Choir: Fine Arts Club. JOANNE R. LEHIGH. Elective Course. Chess Club: Girls' Club: Guidance Room Mon,: Masqucrs: Office Mon.: Senior Prom Com.: Bic Sisters. NIARJORIE A. LIEBNER, Elective Course. Girls' Club: Leadership Group: Student Council. DALE H. LIETZKE. Elective Course. Sr. Prom Com.: Student Council, Treas.: Sr, Advisory Com.: Sr. Execu- tive Com.: Color Guard: Hall Cadet, Lt.: Student Con- trol Nlon.: Student Court: Booster Boys: Sr. Gift Com.: Sketch Club: Program Mon. ALFRED LIGHTFOOT. English Course. Leadership Group: Mon, in A: Motion Picture Operator: Student Council: Tattler Annual. Coflvigr.: School Dance Nlon.: Future Teachers' Club: French Club: Student Control Nlon. ELGEE LOCKETT. Elective Course, FRANKLIN M. LOTTER, Elective Course. Biology Club: motion Picture Operator: Latin Club: Student Control on. JACNET R. LUEDTKE. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Hall Iadet, l 4 5 i 3 l 4 l I 4 9 ! 1 M0 -vulbrf QR GLEN NEUSTEDTER. Science Course. Basketball HN' Football "NA'g Tattler Annual, Sports Editor. BETTY WIEAN NOLDIN. Stunoqrapliic Course. Girls' Ciubg Masquersg Sr, Prom, Court of Honorg Hall Cadctg Studcnt Control lvlon. ALVA Ol'INE. Eluctivc Count' AVIS M. Ul'lNli. Elective Course GLORIA A. OTT. Elective Course. VICTORIA I. OXYENS, Elcctive Courre. Mueic Featlval Girls' Club. ETHELEN M. MCCLAIN. Elective Course, Mllsic Festival: Biology Clubg Girls' Clubg Library Mon.g Spanish Club: Library Club: Fine Arts Club, Vicefl'rcs.g Latin Club: Sr. Cap and Gown Com.: Photo Clubg Sr. Variety Show. MINNIE R. MCCUNE. Elcczivc Course. Future Tcachcrs' Club. CLAYTON H, McKEE. Elective Course, Hall Cadet. NORMAN C. MIEROW. Elective Course. Student Coun cilg Hall Cadet. RENA J. MILLER. Stenographic Course SUE CAROL MILLER. Stenugraphic Coursc. Girls' Clulig Mon. in A lHomeroumJg Olliee Mon.g Hall Cadetg Stu- dent Control Mon. ROBERT L. MONSEN. Science Courer. I'. A. Crcxx' Mgr.g Program Mon. KAY L. MOORBECK, Elective Course. Cirls' Club: Guidance Room Mon,g Mon. in Ag ling Sistursg Cafctcria Cadet. CAIL B, MOREY. Electivc Cuursu. Cirla' Club. .. ,..4 CAROL L. PARK. Elective Course. PATRICIA PAVELKO. Elective Course. Chess Club Girls' Clubg Guidance Room Mon.g Local Honor Roll Office Mon.g Sr. Prom Com.g Big Sisters. JOYCE A. PEARSON. History Course. Music Festival Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Student Councilg Ma: jorette, Band. BARNETTA L. PEQUES. Elective Course. Music Festi- valz Girls' Cluhg Future Teachers' Club: Hall Cadetg Fine Arts Clubg Basketball "NCQ All-City Choir. NANCY D. PENEAU. Elective Course. Leadership Groupg Library Mon.g Big Sistersg Local Honor Roll, GAIL R. PITTELMAN, English Course. Biology Club, Sec.g Girls' Clubg Guidance Room Mon.g Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg National Honor Societyg North Div. Honor Cluhg Office Mon.g Student Council North Rep., Esther Hotton Showg Future Teachers' Club: Pres.g Spanish Clubg Hall Cadetg Tattlcr Annual, Assof ciate Editor. GERALDINE E. PROSTEK. Elective Course. Music Fesf tival: Girls' Clubg Mon. in Ag Future Teachers' Clubg Hall Cadet. LOUETTA M. PRYOR. Science Course. Music Fcstivalg Biology Club, Sec.g Book Clubg Girls' Cluhg Leadership Groupg Library Mon.g Local Honor Rollg Mon. in Ag Sr. Mixer Com.g Student Councilg Tattler Annual: Va- riety Shoxvg Latin Club, Tre:-1s.g Hall Cadetg Student Court, jurorg Library Club, Treas.g Future Teachers' Clubg Advisory Com . GUY L. QUIMBY. History Course. Motion Picture Operatorg Student Councilg Hall Cadetg Student Courtg Sr. Cap and Gown Com. 1 6 , i JANET B. RAASCH. Elective Course. JAMES A. RANNER. Science Courst SAMUEL RECHT. Science Course. Biology Clubg Local Honor Roll: Motion Picture Operatorg National Honor Societyg Student Councilg Latin Clubg Student Control NIon.g Sr. Gift Com. JACKIE REED. History Course. Girls' Ciulwg Mon. in A. XVILLIAM R. REINICKE. Science Course. Music Festival: Basketball "N"g Football "N"g Senior Class I'layq Sr. Mixer Com., Chairmang Student Councilg Tattler An- nual, Art Editorg Hall Cadetg Booster Boys, Vice1Pres. and Student Council Rep. CLEOPHIA V. REYNOLDS. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Usherettc. LUCILLE M. RICK. Stenographic Course. Biology Club: Girls' Clulwg Rest Room Mon.g Student Couneilg Tattler Annualg Hall Cadetg Student Control Mon. RICHARD A. ROSE. Mathematics Course. Local Honor Roll: Mon. in Ag lvlotion Picture Operatorg Sr, Mixer Com.g Student Councilg National Honor Society. VERLEE L. ROSS. Science Course. Music Festivalg Future Teachers' Club. RICHARD RUUSH, Elective Course. Color Cuardg Fine Arts Clubg Wardrobe Mon.g Hall Cadet, Lt.g Student Control Mon.g Student Court ,ludgeg Booster Boys, 'I'reas,g Sr. Gift Com.g Sketch Clulwg Program Mon. FRANCES L. ROXYELL. Elective Course. MORRIS RUDBERG. Science Course. Miisie Festivalg Biology Clulvg lvlotion Picture Operatorg Latin Clulvg AllfCity Orchestrag All'City Band. ANNA K. SAUER. Elective Course MARY I. SAVAGE. English Course. Mtlsic Festivalg Girlsi Clulvg Library Mon.g Masquersg Mon. in Ag Rest Room Main.: Senior Class Playg Sr. Mixer Com.g Student Councilg Library Clubg Fine Arts Clubg Spanish Cluhg Variety Showg Latin Clubg Triple Triog AllfCity Choirg Future Teachers' Club, LOUIS SCHAEL. Science Course. Hall Cadet. l 1 l 'l I dt ? ,Q .'-. I :ll-2lE: ':"':: ..,. ' I ll? f L . .- " 5 ' hi, l ,,44,, HAROLD J. SCHAFER. Science Course. Biology Cluhg Motion Picture Operaturg Student Councilg Hall Cadet. KATHLEEN C. SCHAFFNER. Elective Course. DLKIIKOTHY SCHALLER. Elective Course. Rest Room on. YVONNE M. SCHERBARTH. Elective Course. Girls' Cluhg Guidance Room Mon.g lvlasqucrsg Nlon. in Ag Sr. Prom Com.g Big Sisters. MARILYN A. SCHERGER. Elective Course, Girls' Clubg Ollice Mon. WERNER E. SCHERR. Elective Course. Music Fcstivnlg Biology Clulwg Local Honor Rollg Motion Picture Opera- torg Hall Cadetg Photo Club. 5 DON E. SEIFERT. Elective Course. Stage Crewg Key Room Mgr. DEWEY C. SHAW. Elective Course. Track "N"g Cross- Countryg Hall Cadet. PERI L, SHAW, Science Course. Girls' Ath, "N"g Girls' Clubg Guidance Room Mon.g Leadership Groupg Future Teachers' Club: Biz Sistersg Latin Club. BERYL I. SIEGEL, Elective Course. Girls' Ath. "N"g Girls' Clubg Hall Cadetg Student Control Mon. LOIS M. SIEGEL. Elective Course, Music Fcstivalg Biol' ogy Clubg Leadership Group: Band Color Guardg Fine Arts Clubg Future Teachers' Clubg Variety Shuwg Hall Cadctg AllfCity Orchestra. KATIE I... SIMMS. Elective Course. LAVERNE L. SCHEUNEMANN. Elective Course. Girls' Ath. "N"g Girls' Clubg Tattler Annualg Book Club: Mon, in Ag Hall Cadet. GILBERT L. SCHNIID. Elective Course. Mon. in Ag Hall Cadetg Sketch Cluhg Program Mrin.g Tattler, Art. SHIRLEY A. SCHOENING. Elective Course. Mlisic Eesf tivalg Main. in Ag Hall Cadetg Student Control NIon.g AllfCity Choir. NINA FAY SCHOENFELD, Elective Course, HAROLD E, SCHOLL. Elective Course, Mllsic Festivalg Basketball "N"q Variety Show. DORIS B. SCHUELLER. Elective Course. Girls' Ath. "N"g Girls' Club: Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg Ollice NIon.g Biu Sistersg Hall Cadet, MIRIAM A. SCHULTZ. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Mon. in B. WAYNE M. SCHUMACHER. Elective Course. Hall Cadet. JOHN L. SEBENY. Elective Course. lviotion Picture Operatorg Hall Cadet. ODESSA NY. TAYLOR. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Leadership Groupg Hall Cadet. GINO P. TENAGLIA. Elective Course, GRADY THOMAS. Elective Course. Track ROBERT THOMAS. Elective Course. Basketball UNUQ Football UNNQ lvlon. in A lHorneroomJg Rest Room Mon.: Senior Class Playg Track "N'Ag Hall Cadetg Stu' dent Control Nlon.g Sr. Cap and flown Com. KATHLEEN C. XVAGNER. English Course. Mtisic Festi' valg Girls' Club, Recording See.g Guidance Room Mon.g Leadership Cronpg Local Honor Rollg Masqucrsg Na' tional Honor Sorietyg Office Mon.g Senior Prom Com.: Tattler Annualg Future Teachers' Club, Vice-Pres.g Sec. of Senior Classg Variety Shoxvg Big Sisters, Scc.g Hall Cadet: Sr, Gift Com. HATTIE F. YVALLS. Elective Course, G XVARREN E. SOLOMON. English Course. Future Teach- ers' Club: Spanish Club. ALVIN PHILLIP SORKIN. Science Course. Tennis "N"g Latin Clubg Hall Cadet: Photo Club. JOAN M. E, SPINDLER. Elective Course. All-City Music Festivalg Student Councilg Fine Arts Clubg Dance Ensenibleg Variety Showg Program Mon, CAROL E. STEFFEN, Elective Course. MARY ANN STENZEL. Elective Course, Loeal Honor Rollg Student Cuuncilg Sr. Prom Queeng Publicity Com.g Variety Showg Big Sisters, CofChairman: Hall Cadet: Student Control Mon.g Booster Girls, Tr-sas.: Music Festival. LAJUANA K. STEYVARD. Elective Course, Music Fes- tivalg Mon. rn Ag Senior Class Play, Prompterg Futurc Teachers' Clubg Variety Showg Latin Club: Student Con' trol Mon,g Triple Trio. RENEE S. STORM. Elective Course. Girlsi Clubg Rest Room Mon.: Hall Cadet. LAVERL M. SYDLO, Elective Course. Girlsi Clubg Stn- dent Control Nlon, GORDON E, TACKES. Elective Course. fist L ffiak IQ DARLENE M. NVEDXVARD. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Doctors Room Mon. DAVID VVELLS. Elective Course, DONNA MAE NVICK. Elective Course. Music Festival. WILLIAM F. WILKENING. Elective Course. Variety Showg Gym Mon. LAMON VJILLIAMS, JR. Elective Course. Biology Clubg Senior Class Playg Sr. Prom Com.g Student Councilg Variety Showg Cheerleader. ANN E. YOUNG, Elective Course. Music Fcstivalg Variety Show. VCALTER I. YOUNG. Elective Course. Hall Cadet. NANCY L. ZERATSKY, Stenographie Course. Music Festivalg Girls' Clubg Guidance Room Mon.g Office Mon.g Student Council, Sec.: Variety Show: Big Sisters, Treas.g Student Courtg Booster Girlsg Cheerleaderg Pro- gram Mon.g AIlfCity Choirg Dance Symposiums. KENNETH E, ZICK. Electivc Course. Local Honor Rollg Key Room Mon. XYALDEMAR GERASSIMOFF. Elective Course. Football "N"g Local Honor Rollg Mon. in Ag Senior Class Play: Student Councilg Swimming Teamg Junior Red Cross Rep.g Variety Showg Hall Cadet, Lt.g Student Control Mon.g Program Mon. MARY JANE ZIEGLER. Elective Course. Music Festivalg Girls' Clubg Guidance Room Mon.: Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg National Honor Society: North Div. Honor Clubg Office Mon.g Big Sistersg Sketch Club. NOT PHOTOGRAPHED ORVILLE PITTS. Elective Course. In U. S. Military Service. JANET JOHN. Elective Course. 5 HONORS Eunice Hoffman, Valedictorian Marianne Koehler, Salutatorian MAGNA CUM LAUDE Eunice Hoffman Marianne Koehler Alvin Sorkin Nancy Fischer Walter Graffin Gail Pittelman Werner Scherr Arlin Bernhagen Evagene Hansen Marlene Kraft Louetta Pryor Kenneth Zick Waldemar Gerassimoff Ioanne Cowen Darlene Aland Nancy Clark George Gold Odessa Taylor Edward Makovec Ronald jackson Ioan Dunnigan Joanne Frommgen Gary Henk Mary Ann Stenzel Doris Schueller Carol Debbeler Nancy Zeratsky Dorothy Barry Pat Pavelko Theodore Folger Samuel Recht Franklin Lotter Kathleen Wagner Mary jane Ziegler Sharlene Huf Richard Rose Nancy Peneau CUM LAUDE Eleanor Draszgowski Katie Simms Patricia Kiefer Harold Galitzer Barbara Czarnyszka Earl johnson Howard Lutz Kathleen Schaffner james Ranner Jacqueline Barry janet Luedtke Kay Moorbeck Richard Roush Gloria Ott Patricia Katsembel Kenneth Kuecherer Harold Kaminski Warren Solomon Clyde Bernhagen Nancy Buch 48- PM ' 2, .S-chnnl, 5 VIRGINIA R. BALLARD. Elective Course. Mtisic Fesf tivalg Hall Cadet. BETTY G. HAUMANN. Elective Courst, EDXVARD R. EMMER. Elective Course, Eootlwzill UNT: Hall Cadet. RONALD N. FACKLER. Elective Course. Hall Cadet. VUILLIANI B. FOLLANSBEE. Elective Course. Gym Team "N"g Sr. Prom Com.g Swimming Teamg Tattler Annualg Court of Honor, 'il Promg Hall Cadet. GENEVIEVE HUDSON. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Ushercttc. ROBERT G. KAGEL. Elective Course. Gym Team "Nu: Sr. Prom Com.g Tennis Teamg Swimming Teamg Tattler Annualg Court of Honor, '53 l'romg Hall Cadet. SHIRLEY M. KOHLXVAIES. Elective Course. MARILYN L. KOHNE, Electivc Course. JOHN P, LESSILA, Elective Course. Gym Team UNMQ Motion Picture Operatorg Tattler Annuzilg Variety Shoxvg Hall Caclet. GEORGE MANIAN, JR. Elective Course. JESSIE L. QUALLS. Elective Course. Mein. in A. DONALD H, RITTER. Elective Course. Stage Crew, Mgr,g Program Mori. NORENE C, SCHNUG. Elective Course. Girl! Clulw. ALBERT E. SIMS. Elective Course. JOHN XVHITLAIV, Elective Course. DOROTHY L. WILSON. Elective Courfc. Future Teach' crm' Clubg Latin Club. NOT PHOTOGRAPHED ROBERT LEE BARKLEY. Elective Course. 35.5 "' l - Q9 ' - Sclllcstcr 9A HOMEROOM ?-H7 Mrs. Nybcrg Rl lu' 1: If M.llllll-'. U. XVII! . 5. Ur' lllzmf. A, XX'.llLrl'. L. Klllflllll. Mls. Nylf. lg. Row I: H. Umgg. T. l'l'llslvL, F lilvllw. ll. fllllu-lt, Y. XX'lllwlllll. K Schultz, A. T.lvI-ll: Rllw 3: CC, 1Qlll'Iwl, fl. Sllwlllxx. F Pllllllx, ff Nllllllvlg N, Klllvgrl, I' ISl.lllll. M Schull SCIIICSLCT 9B HUMEROOM ill rl Ml'. Vw'ccks Rllw I: R, RUM. I. Mm., Ml. XXU-kf. t. f. Hvllll, R. IS.llll-l. Rlmw Z: li. V.llllvl'. F. Nvxlllx. U. Mlll- Illszyk, l'. IvlrL.lll:llllll, R, H.lldl. IJ Sprglrs. Rum' F: M. 5lll'llll.ll'd. R. Flilllrlx. I5 Rullgl-, S, Qlllhlmlll, tj. Klllllvf. fl Hrss, Kllllllvlllil. Row -I: ,I. llll'lllll', V, Yallllw, H. Rll' ullrlpll, l., llvlh, R. Plllllzlllil, I Uvlllllrkl , ,l. Hllll-fplll, A, l.-'xx Sclllcftcl' 913 HOMEROOM ZH6 Mrs. Shultis Rllw 1: U Sllllc. C, Rlltlllxlllll. 11. Nullfllw. Mn. Slllllrlf. K. Ii-lll, .I i L, -lllllllmll, lf. Flllfvr, Rllw Z: H. Ynllkc. It f..lllll.lll. J. Thllrlll--l, I.. Scllllvttr. M. Qllllwllll. H. kvlvl, XX. lmlrlllll. R, Iillllllrlxr-'l Rllw lv: I, vzlllgnlv. D. Mlllllll. Ii. J ll.lrih-l, S Illm-Il, A. l.llk. H XX.llf tllx, A A-llllx, li. Iklgllx. SCIIICSICY 9A HOMEROUM Ztll Mr. Libby Iillw 1: H. Iilvlllllld, K, Iilllvklllllllll Ml'. Lllwlw. .l. M-ll:l'll. V, Bvllx. Rmx' Z: A. klllllllf. S. fN'llvll', II. f1.lll null, K. H.lllllll-ll. IJ, Suu-lf-lll. 1 f H if Mu iw Hzlvssly. Rllxx' 3: B. Mlclllltz, B. Hlllllf. I ll 1 XX l If I , . . . Illllllps. 1, Ml N, l, will . Aahlcy, ,l. Iivllgatllll, lillxv 4: Y. ,I.lllll, N. Kllzlmwlll, ,I Stull. S. l'llllll.lll, M. Ii.llw1', Tllvll fl. Shaw. Scmcftcr 9A HUMEROUM 301 Miss Healy Ruw l: C., Ilrxxrxx, XX. N4-II. XX XXIIWII, XX. H.-.IIy, D. RWJI-1', R If.I1x.I1'IIf, R. l'1'1'L111x, Rmv 1: I, QIII-IIIII, I, I'.Ij:Iri, KI, IIII1f Iwvv, A.x12.II1II1, AI. ScIIn1.Icl1rI', M XX IIQIII. S. Sl1II:4I. Rum' 3: H. HIII. A.I1,I111f1I11,A. L-Itz, HRIIIIIIYMI P KIIIII , 5 1. 1-111-, , 1-11-, I3.1:1I1wtI, D. H1-1IIIXII:II, yfwups, SCIIICSICI' 9A HOMEROOM I I2 Miss Curmll Ruw I: I'. T.1vIII1', S. l,1I-II ScIm1I'tZ. M. f1.I1I1IlI. A. IIII1- I1 S11-gvl, Run 1: M. 51: I-II, I 11 II xx II f H1111 5'I1II'll I I'1vlII1I' I IIIVIII . I I I'I1-1'II1g, S. IILIIIIIQIIIII. Rmw 3: P. SINIIIIQ, M. S11-111.11111 PII Irv, I, V.II11'I'r, R, IVIIII1 MIII, I7. K1'IInII'IfIi, II. MI1IIIIt Run' -I: N. KI-1IIII-I, If, RIM I IIIIll11pr, I. IHIIIIWII. R. HIIIII I I'III-:Im-'11, M. XXIII1.II1If, I. II II Ii. Iivmnxu, Scrmwtcr 9A HOMEROUM 23-I Mr. Mcycr R-Iw I: Mr. SIIIIIIIIIII. IJ. Hum ,I. H.IIIac11. XY. M1vrI'. U. l,II1I ll R TI'zII.II'xwII, A, R11Iw:IcIx. RIM' 2: I. OlfvI1, S. IIIIIIIN 11 I' MIIJIIIIMSIII. I. IHIIIII1111-I, I', I'I I I XX'-IIxx.I1'J. A. SIIIIIII. Rum' 1: R. I.II1II11I-flat. I' l71'.III M ISI,-1II1, K. XK'111cI1rll. M, l3.IxxIx1II I KINIIII, D, H11iIrIL.I, Rnw -I: S. ZLIMI-In, S. SrI1.u'I:I K K.1IczItscII, I. I'11II-IIJII-, S. I"1wII I I' N'IIlIII:, IX Ix1,IIII1'1, K. 01.111111 ll SCIIICSICI' 9A HOMERUOM 233 Miss Knapp ' I' I3. IY.IrI1IIwIzIII. I. SIIII II I RIM Mlas Kuvpp, II. IIIWIIIIIII, R, 5 IIIIII Ruw Z: D. M1'1Is, Y. C1I1I11II:II'IIx II 'I' IIIINIIII, I. MIIIIX, I. ZIIQII1-II I XYMIIIIIQIIIII. Rmv 1: fl, Ilvft, II I.IIr.Iw. K. Ii ll Ii, XY:IIIcrII1.IIIII, M, RIIIIIIII, IIfII. R. SIIIIIII. Rmx 1 -4: IF, C1111-y, H, CIIIII-IIIIIII I1 MIIIIIN'IIrIs, I. AI1IIIvc, If. XXQI I I IIIIIT. I. AIII1IIIs. -J -4 .I I....I1 Scmcxtur 117A ASSEMBLY "B" Mr, SC11l1l1L1l Rum 1: V, 1, 17. 111111-mn. 17. 1'1,m 1111.1m1. A 1l.Knmnu. Ml. Sc11m11lr I. S1nmv1w1w11xg, 11, Kaul. K. 151111111111 15. Puxmf. R-M l, 1', 111-N1-4111. S. 111.111, 11 1J1:u-fa. R. '1'1fl1v.r. 1. Mgxrrlmx, I N1-nnrvmrm. IJ. M-I1'1'1x, ,1, 1'm11n. 11 11111. 1. 1'.m.n1 Run 1: ff Mundy, 12 H-X1u'xwl. V S.-1m ck. 1. 1Sm1u'--, 11 1'mwn, 1' Kmxnlcn. ,1. 1Iurpr4n1, V. Ruta, 1' Mwv-fr. 11, 111111. XX'.m1n.s11. 1'. Ymmg, R, Sfmt. 11.111, xv. lmmf. J, s,..I11,1.,.1. I1 Kluvgvr, R. Nlurruh, 12, XYNH1. Rim 4: M 1fm'x'. IJ, 1V1cL1un. 15 M Scmcftcr 9A HUMEROUM 1115 Mrs. Mmcr Run 1: 1V1lv 1V14+r n'l', 11, MQN.1lls. S11w11kx, 1f, 51npp, F. Hdmmx, 15 Hzmsru, V. Fuvrfrw. Rmx' Z: 13. 1Iuml.nl1t1m'.u11, 15 .NYM 1.. M.xl!11x1':. 1. Hlrlw. 1f. Vdlxglnn 1f. 1I1.nlp11.1I, S. Kurmsl. K Rvm-I Rmx' 3: H. Mlllf, 15. Kl.umN11v. 1 Vv1s1w'x'qa, I'. Kmlxllx. M1151--rx 1 Ymmu. 1.. 1.11.1nc11uc11. 12. 11Urtm.m SCIHCSYCI' 9A HUMEROUM 311 Mr, Tlmmupmn Rum 1: 1., Rmlwn. 11 1'.nm.-I. 1 1'11m11pw11, XX. lwlmlwtxmvx. 1. 151m 1 1m1'd. A. 111.mux', 17. 1nmml!:. . , . Rum' I: 1., 11111111-Q. R. 1A1n-m1r11. H Hznrpvx. 17. Sclmf.-I1-vm. N, 1-1.1111 1 M. 11-ivxx. 5, H1m1rlc11-. Ruw 3: T. limlmk. 1,, N hmsa. 1', Russlnxnn, N, 1..11'm1nr:un 11, 51111 In-'1n1m. 1. Ymmu. Scmcstur 11115 HUMEROUM 231 1w1r, Gcc Rum 1: N, 1V1.x1m11v, 11, 1w1xv1f. R, R. lumen. 17. XX llkr, Ml. 1 , . . . Rum -: 11. N--xxx:-dv-fu, 11. 1'rlwl. XX Imam. J. UAW. 14. sm... ra Tuckrs. Rmx 3: 1. N1.1lum'. 11, 1V1rx1x1w11', 1 Lr111u11. 1', 1V1ll!tv1'a. 15. 111111-'l, 1 11+:sc1u'11. ,1. 1'fx.lnu Run -1: M, 141-511. 1. Zn:1,1-,lixltn R XX'11lx-1111-, 1'. 1Sx111:1X. 1'. 11.1111-xx 13. 1'1vllvl. 1'. 1-1-sn. 5!L0,ll,l2A, Scmwtcr IIIIS HOMERUOM IHS Mr. TrytI14xII Ir'x!... Ig, fc :. Ii.-,x I' I 5Ix.1.It. I I'I1mm1Im.Im N1 In IIIII II H1 IJ NIIIIII RIM I: M, N111Im, S. Ii,nIl.fxy. ZIIIINLI. S II,Imm. II II.uxI-3. AIN-I, Iiwxx 1: ,I f'Im:n, T. NI.n1.II1,u1Ir. Ii Ivelf. A Sr-mIx1IIwr. I'. IfII-It. IJ I.x1:.Ix, Il ' ' -' mx -I: NXIN. II, I7I1InNt.!.R.I.u1II1. II. Ixu.-I.--II. I' Sulmlzw. II Iixmnl. I, I.I.lcIx SCIIICNICI' IUIS HUNIEROOM IN Mr. Orlzlmlu Rlv I' Mv UrI,mII . II I'.I1-Ima M Thaw. I2 ffm. If 5:-wut. I s tifmwrm, RIM I: III.vl. I, III.uII1. II VIAIN, ,. Iflzluv. If, 'I'.IIw1'. II,uIIIxxm. M IIIIIIII, RI-w 1: II NI-Im, I' IQIx.III:x. M II.Ixlt-. :X YIM. Y Iixlluw. IIUXI. Ii, .-XIIIMH. RIM 4. ,I QIMIII. If IIIIIIIfxx.u. IIl.IIxzxm, S HIIYIIHI. II Ii.'rIsIrx. Cl .qu-u, I KIIIIIIH-. .I I',IvI4Ir. SA'IIICxICI' IUII HUIVIEROUM 1114 X111 Mk'GiII'ly' RIM I, I 'I'Iumw.IN. Il. KHNQII, I' IIIINI. My MI-f2.nlx. IJ. Tum V Imlxtwvw. IQ. XYAIIM RIM. I II IwIIIm.mvw. II K1 :HIM I'rrrv. I Nmxlm. M lD,I,I,I.nII. I'xrt:u.m, I fi.nIIII-. I M.mmxm, Rwxx 3: M, Suxrmvr. I7 KIWI, KIIIx. IW. IxI.mI-xxmxz. Y. llwm, Samgv. M IIIm:It1-vw, I' KIIIIIH. I'rwIN. f'-A ,.. , saw nw -if ,f X , I 2 5 . I Sclmwtur I IIA .-XSSEMIILY "ISM Mlw I-IUIKICII I--I I I' ISI'-'I1vvl. Ii Iimm,I II.I'.w I' Knmw, IVIINN IIIIIIIII, Il VIIIIIV I IIIxxIImN. II fXIxIlm If 9.I1nl:Iu M I I' NJNI1, I' IMILI. II XMI'- II IM-1. I. II. mush. I,, IIMXIII. I. Iwmn. Il II4Iw:v1IIxl. M II,IlllN. I V.mIIn. mx 3 Ii I'IrvfuxIIx, I lflmvw. IS Xhlwn. Il XXX-rwrz. If NWI IQII I' Zu-Nm, I' XX-MII.: Iwunk I I'I.k.uxII1, R, 5-II.-II-1. I7, Iiwlx :xx I: IS I'I.mLlx1y M, lGIIrI.v. If IIIIIIIH, Ii IIIIL-Im, If IYIIIIIIIII.. II XYIIWH. fl Sxuaul. I S.-I1III'x...I.. K KIIIH. I I"II1,.m, :X IQIIIIIII Sclllcitcr IHA HUIVIEROOIVI I 3 Z Mr. Myrzl Run l: S, Ihlmv-'1n. I5 Hur-1. Mr Mxx.1. I IIIIII-m.Ix. ll, link-x. A llhumuml. Rmv I: A. II11gIxw. S. XY.nxvl1, .I I'uxxuI.u. 12. Scluwzxlw. I3, Ixxluu. S Slunn. Ruw 3' I.. XX'.wIIu11grul1. IS. l7'IIr:vu. ll I'I,mIun-. I. Smmth, fl. Rlmur, ,I XYIVIIIIIII. Ii. IIIII. Rmv 4: I'. Ifwln, A. Lxtllr, I, Amlrx mn, I". fhum-lr, A. lhxvm, XX' NY,mI. XX' llmmvunn, Scmcstcr IHA HOMEROOM I lil Miss SCIMCIQI' Rum' lg Il, III xnlmqvn, II. XYlIImn1s MINN S.'I1.uIr1, A. Sxunnlms, I. Iuqm. Rnw I: N. Ru-t:. A. ISI-knl. N I. Kxlm. NI. If.wrxn.m, M RIM- 3: S. Ifvmiwx. l. litmus. N, XX'.u' JI-ll. A. ,'Mxxv. L. IIUIIIIN-xg, F Snntll, I. Qllfnw, Run 4: fl. Z.wh--I. IW. An.-Iu..Iu1. Il IIHMI. I', IK--,pl-N. L. Tv.-. N Zn.-Iul M. I-lulmr. I. C.Unl.uI. SUIIIUNLKI' IIIA HOMEROOM 205 Mm Gregg Run I: I., lil'-MIN, Ii. XY1IImlua. Mx- lln-gg, XV. Illlvnm, CI, NI.nN1gnIv. Ilmx 1: I.. ISI-II. fl. Rmx. I II1fI1up I' Sllupfmx. Ii, Iilmmvl. I.. r'MI.m1N. Run 3: vl. NIINUH. I, NI-I-Un. 5 ,Immx XY. ffmwlvnxmx, If XVIII-, IVI. II-kltxxrvlxx I'. Ii-mlwnnmu. Rum' 4: QI. SMI-'11, N. FrIIwl'. I, H.1r Illlm. li.I3mI1, Ii., ,I 1g....u. CS? -:Nga NH T' Scmcftcr I IB HOIVIERUOIVI II I 7 Mr, Stephens Rwxx I: F. K1JdI,If, I.. Hnrnwlx. II Suuwrl. A. Mnrxmv, XY. Cllxmlnx' Imm. Rmx' I : F. Stu3vIxuz1f, M. Amlurwlm, fl, Oxxcnf. IVI TInfx'nII:n, A. Hlzlcry, N. Ilcntlcl. I' Row 3 K..n:I1 xv, RI. GQuI.xmI. : M, C,mII, I. Iiuclmnzm. IJ . ,. r. . . I I'x:nmIcl. Sflnwull-1' C H ul XX Rl I R R 1. I N, . Iviulicr, XY, XX1',gIwrU.1IQ, . v , . . mn. XX. Run' Rmx -4: XX Ruth I7 'Xu n II S Iwi IL I- a. Hum .. znwun. ,I. Andurmn. I Kill, R. TI1mIImIII. It IJ1mn1nQI-I 5fwup4, Semester IHA HOMERUOM 303 Mr. Tct:Iz1fI Ruw I: R. RI-Ium. II. Vvgmws, Mr 'I'vt:I.uII, F. RIIWIN, IJ. Mautllszxxk. I'Inx!:IIfiI', II, K.-III.utIx, S. I'InII1p5, . MINIIIII. RIM 2: M. III-:Im-L, II. Iivrggstrurn, IJ K. Rww 5: II. 5cI1v1l.xllw. ,I. Kl1n'I1rl'. ,I I'rrvywl1, II. Sclnum. R. I'.uyx1v. R IX'.IfI1lugtvm, fl. ,Iulum Rmx' -I: M, RIIAIIIILI. II, Kllwlumckv. N IIf1vttfIn'1'. ,I. Kuplm. fl. FrznmII1lf, A 'I'1IIIru. Semester INA HOMERUOIVI ZII Mr. KZIIIIDIIIC -, U.'Imlur. R. ScIumtr, R. linux-I. M NIcfI1nII11m. R-'xx' I: NI11 K.nl11pl11--. V IYlIIl.mmm 4. R-iw 2: AI. .Iunus. S. Iviuunll. Y. 'Il-vu DI-'. I'. flzuspvlg II. Hull, S. IJNIII-1' R. I7zxIxIurrw. R. Ue1:wIw. Rmx' 3: U. kII:I1mIm. R. Husklm. IK f1IwIxr1nx, X7. III.zi1. Ii flux-11, I .IwI1mIIn. XX. II.uIIwIxl, Ii. IXIIIII, R Smyth. Scmcstcr I IB HOMEROOM 122 Miss IDRIIY Rmx I: KI. Il1uI1lrIx, KC SQIIHIIIJI. II ScI1l11m'I:Iv, CI. VI+II4m.nm, D. Rvnw: Mxfs Daly. Ruw I: F. Iizmlmx. N IH-in, M, Ii-I zwr, A, XY:nII'. fi. 'I'.nIwr. AI. Cnlv NI. Claw. Rum 1: If. Rrmgr. fl. ,I.urImm. II I3l.el1fIw-fry. IQ. lI.IIxlngvl'. RI. ,Iunvn fl. I'I.lnwU. fl. Y:rI.1mI.z, R. fIml.uw. Rum 4: H. IIMLII, NI. RvsI,m. V I5w1u1cIxzuup, ,I, ScI1.xvIrx. ,I. Nrwl I". Iuqmln. KI. Iinv, I7. I.zxFm1l1lnll1 IQ. NI:1yr. ff--f 94 1- -sv 1-.P 1 'mcftcr HOIVIEROUM INN Mis Lulwr I Ixl ml IVI1af Scmcstcr I III HOMEROOM U19 IVIV. RINIIIW' Rmx' I: RI. FiaIx.'1', I.. NIvr'riII, Ii CIHIII. XX', Lugpr1x.u1xn, I. Hvllmzmn Mr. Iim-M. Rum I: IX, Lwgvrmnu. N. KIIIIMHII, Sullxu. K. rx. I.. I'mstvII, T KllI.uI4,I1. Ruxx' 3: -I, Z.n'lmtI1. N Txxxvg. ll. II.lI Izud. NI. C,I,uy, R, IIl.u1t.x, lv. l.1md QIRIII. If. PxppIrwI1lt-'. Row 4: II. Fmlgv. I. Iiulw--n'mm, Ii I':xvm'f, If F.uym'. I.. Smith. ,I't-. IH, Swarm Semester IIA HUMEROOM 3l3 Mr. Newman Run I: Mr. Nrxxm.m. Ii. lI11nIwxuIw I5 . H. I..mII. I7. CNHI IX. ScIxmxt:. R-vxx 1: II. I'.n'nv. XX'. .IllmI.v.I. flu rmgnm, NI. IXunc.m. II. XX.ur, M IJ1 1 Il MII n rw. . I II-rw . Rum- Eg If. Rf-sa, ll. I:.mI. ,I. I.xmvr R. Schulz-. R. KuI.nI1I. Il, Alw-I. ,I I'IvmIl1fIx- SCHICSICI' I IXX HOMEROUM 3116 IVIV. BrmnIu XX' ' ' ' Iiuw l: . I-ruth. It. :XII.unNLv. M1 ISIIIUI0, I, SQIINIII. NI. Iunwlrrxz. RIM 1: A. I'.npP. II. KuvIm, I.. Umm z,eIvz. V. Kurtz. XX'. l'wII.'us, IX Iimlu. 5. Iimx' X' . I'-Mus. I. Sclmnvlzvl. K A Inf-n, Ii. NrIn1It:. II. MIvvlIwtI'. L IIIIIIIIIIII. Ibm -I' XXI, XXVIII. II. 5pIl1crl', fl . . .. ., , 5.-Immlr, H. I'11cI1A, I. Ium.4:. I Kqlwl, XX'. Rrnlm. ILM I- XX. LIIII1 K, I R4 xxx III I3 R4 'xx S1 XX RI ,xx II K I . .I.IIm. .vm,mc:xII X I.uIx1t::Im Junk. IS. I.. In xx, M mIIx-Im, .-X, XXRINIH nm In IVI.utts.m. h. XX 1' I' X' xl. I.. .XI 11x,lII. 3: IXUIIXII, wtI1. V. XIII'-x. 4- Ii II Ilmmu. ckwn, I XX'.m'. 1I1I. I-. I'-III. .NII --. T IIwxIIm 1 M XX I U QI If N .I N I7 7-., 5JLO.llf2A, SCIIICfIL'I' IIA HOIVIEIUIXIIVI FIU Mr. KIIIIIN IX. I- I: I. IiIIwIIIIv. 5, III IIIII III. IXII KIIIIIN. I' I-XII'II1IIl. If. ifIII,xxII,III R ' I ' Im 2: I.. Nvx-IIxx.IIII. II 5cII1IIvI'. I.. ISIIIIIX. II. 'I'xxI::. N. VI.I'I4.IIIIIl. RIM X: II I"II-IIIIN. A. Ifvmw. Ii I'-INI.IIII. M IXIIIII. K.. SIIIJI-I. I.. IJIIIIIIIKIIL RI-xx 4' R. XII-IRIN. M IIIIIXXIIT. R IIIIIII. ,I. IiI.I:II. .I NI.II1II. N XXIIII-I I IIIIIII Scllwxtcr IIA HOIVIERUUM IU6 Mr. I,I'IlCIX2ll'LI RI xv I: I.. IIIIIII. A. IfcIIrtfIII. MI I'IIrfII.II'II. IX, Ii.IIxIv. I.. HIII!-III. RIM Z: II. KIIJXIINQ 5. IIILItI'II'I's, A NvIIIIxI'IIII4. if 5I'II.IIIwI. M. IPLIXIN. XX'. I'.IyII-X. S. I'QIIIIIIv. Il-In 3: M II.III-II. M. KIIIII. .I I.-'IxIvII. I RNIIIIIIINIIII. I. H-IIIIwIII-'I. N. IXIIWIH. li IIIIIXIIII. Ibm -I: :X, IIIIII:.II-1. I. I.vlIcII. Ii YI ' ,IIIsII1. IX. IIIIIIQIILIIIIIQ. ,I, IIIIII. S K . I.III. XX I4.II.I. SCIIICNIUI' IIA HOIVIEROUTVI 135 Mrs. XYIIIIIIIIINIIII IXIIIX I. I1 KI1II:'vl. I. I..--xII.I. MIAX XXII II.IIImIII. L, III-IIIIIIIIIIQIII. I. IQIIIINIIII IXIIIX 1: IS. MLIX'-'I. ,I. IIIIIII'-. Cf. MIIX II.IIII. N. MIIIIII. S ZIIQIIIII. R SIIIIIII-. RIII 2: 12. ISIN.-IIIIII. I,YIIllrI:. I. IIIIIIIII. II. I..III4. II LI'IIIwII, Ii I'.III-IIII. RIM 4: I. I'IIIIIIIpwII. FX. IVIAIIIIII. I SLIIIIII. II. IgII.IrIII, I'. ISLIIIIIQIIIII. R fNI'II.IIIIIII I. PX. II.III.IIIII vw wr -..--I ,sv 1-Iv J: QI-'A Iii! 1 'Q nv' 15 rw 'Sf K is 'IIIU lu II.X IIUMEROUTVI SIM Mus Hcrzigrr RIM I U XXXQIII-I. I 'II II I.I XIX. MIN- IIII:IgII. I II.IIIIIII I IIII IIIIIII, IX--xx I: K' MIIIIIII. I7 MII I IQ I lIII.III. X" XX'.INIIIII'!-II. X Ii IIII II. NIIIIIII. IX. I'I:III. RIM I I.. IAIIIIIIIII.. II I'.II.,I IIIIIIIIIIII. M RI!-I I' NIIIIIII I KUIIIIIIIII R RIIIIIIIIIII. N MI Ibm 4. II I.IxxIN. I7 IIIIIIII II fQIIII.1 IIIIIII I. N IIIII. U I I' XX IIIIIIIIII-. Ii IIIIII' I' XX II I Scum-ftcr IIA HUMERUUM 310 MIM Tlmll Ruw I: 11 KwcI11nIIx, A. Nlnrll, KI IILIIJIII. I ITIHQVI, -I, Smith. R-ru I: II, lfu.-Im. -I, Ifrf.-rl. ,I. fII1.m IIIIIIIX. N. V1-'Igl1t, IS NIIIIHMI, I. l.lIw1n Kam 3: fi. NIvl1lxu.slIlvl'. I Su-xmrxx ,I. S.u11I-Implm. NI. IMQ-mls, NI, 'IMI IwnI1.r1u, H, I'1'mI:lnsIxl, A. S.ImIrlf. Ruxx -I: II. NIvvvr. QI. liIImI4-Nm. F Vs'lII1.nlv1x. IU. I..n1'wn. Ii. ,II-nun, I' rhllwn. SCIIICSIUI' IZIS HUIVIERUUIVI ZIII NIV, B2lI'I1k"- Rmx I: IT. RMI!-11 X' H.III.mI. IVII IK.uu.'f. I? IQ.nNIvII. If 'Ihmx Run' 1: I. II,nrLIw1u'rI1. KI. XXIII:-'m11lI1 lr rf.,41.1. V. V.-..1, xx: 'rrwmpl sun, II. XX .nIIf. Rum v: I- Iivlmn. I, I71-IH. A, Ilmxw, If. Rlxmvlkl-. R I'I.ll'I. I7. K.umrn1:Ix. Run' 4 II, M.1ttIuxu, II, IMIH. RI. Iw1.nuI.-.n'x. V. XYIQQHI. :X IQIIV-I-'111 I: ANIMMI. ff. Ivvgmm SCIIICNIUI' Illi IIUYVIEROUTVI 227 Mr'-, Rulglw Rum I' I,, ,I.u'Ixwu. K. f.urIx-1. if KIM..-kl. NI1- RVJQII-. 4, KINIIIVI. If I'4II.xwvx, 11 Nlnlwn RIN I. 5 IVIvI.I:1. :X Sxmm. li I'vl!x A IvI.mtIn. If Imrlrulx. Ii IIN.-n I5 IwIcIvI.uInm. Ruw 3: I. Mlvwm. I NIIIIII. I7 ,Irm- uu. II. R.x.If. IVI. Sum, XX, Hmm I' Ixnlum, XY. Spxrzu. 'sr av -r 'Q7' -v-0 'mf Q.. s.. vw A 4 , X SUIIIUSICI' IIIS HUMERUUM ll? IVIV. Dzlmlltlx Rum I: 1- ,l.,u.-. I IwIm-I 1 IT.nw11II1. I'I, I'I:II. K Imxtr-. RIM 1: IQ ,Imlw In. N. ISl.m,If im. :rx M. I-l.n:1,uwI. I3 Iimuglx, II. I.. II.n'. Ixxr-vm RIM 1: IS. RIUI. I1 II.IIImf. .I XXIHI Imx. Ix. Mmm. II I--Ny. II. I""-Iwi I. V.n1.I.. Semester III! HOMEROOM 316 Mr. AIux11mIur R xx l. IS. I-I.,rx:nI1. A. XXQIN, Mx. XI x.mIIvr. R. Su-III, II. HuIxr-I R xx Z: 5. lxuphxlulu. R, Nun Z. . , M.mfIu. SIIIIII R TuIlu1 I7 R xx 7: I.. Zn'1mlm'1lu.m, S. NJIUIII. R. rvrht. R. ,IuIIm'I1. RI. M.xrcIx . R. R Imfurx. .1 for A. 3 inf ij ll an HOMEROUM II4 Mr, Engclkc Ruw I: M. Rus. A. Stlnun, KK' I.rxQIx. ,I. I7r1wx, ff. Ifu:VIIv', W XYLRIV. N. Ltlmlqlllst. R. XXX-I-Iv, R I..IIxI. RI ' ' ' ' rw 1: f,. Humax, 11, Ixlcwr, 4, S.'Im'zn. .I. RK-rtIx. fl, Iivngstml, S II.Ir1'mg, R. fI1nIIIxxrII, T. Hdulmldl If. Srhmltt. Rmx 3: II. Sim, S, NI.lIln41n, II' Nfl mu, I Nrfrlf. IQ XYuaIn:lt. If. lvl-Ir m.m, R. hmm, ,I. Iiwklm, 5. I-:.l K. Iiulw, L. Lzmlu Run -I: KI. Ulwn, U 'I11I1lmm. KZ rl1.m'. If. Sm-nz, If. Z4-Im-'II, Ii L Slvwxms. fl. III-umm, A. I.vu1Iu', R H.nrl'vII. KI. Iivnum-I. CI. Iixclwlwn, RI Il.mInrr. HOMEROOIVI 314 Miss Tcndick Rum' I: ,I. Gxwr. M. Ihrmllwn, CI II.m's, Miaf 'I'vmIzcL, QI. ISIIIIIUQ. K Wufclmvr. Rmx' l: L. I5.xI:vl. NI. SQIUIMII-I. I3 Strung. L. XYJHII, R Sum. I', Ifguf Ivy. L. Hzulusun. Rmx' 3: T. Iiugln, IJ. K.-nm-Ily, I, R.lgmI.nIr. ID. Saul, NI. 'I'I11m1.n, M 1114-bv, F. Vqncv HOMERUOM 1479 Mr. RUSUIIIICIIIICI' R-Iw I: ,I. Ilulllxg, S. Huf. N RUQIIUI, IVIY. R-m'nInrnu.x. A. Aml-'I fun, Ulm. I. IIIWYI. Rmx 2: Ii, I.uiIu'll, S. ALI uns, N Lllkixts, N. Flm'Iu'l', I, SIILIWIU, R KIvlwmll. I.. LmvnI:lII'. Ram I: H. TI-skv. IQ R1cI1tvl'. 'I' Nltzfrlxv. P. Iiurmxlx. Il Iimmlr, H I.11vt:I.nII. I.. Sp.I1nIxIwlg.'1', Rmv 4: N. SrrrIxI-xxx, rl. Iix1cIxI-1. R I3l1tznm:Ixfr. I. Allmtnmu. I. lI1.umI Nlmltvr, T. ,Ixnxl-1. A Rv1nI1.nII!. M K1'1mmrx'. vm' yn len, mm . . ACTIVITIES N 'f ,gil UI?!?Yf! M X - V 0 D Y, If ' , 54 'N -Q--P' I I M, J NG EIJWQM f X Q He ' AP QWX ' Pgx Maw - ?vl0R0gOx'O ' 'A fiziirx """ it gm amgw P Advisers: Mr, Bendlin, Mr. Orlando lst Semester Officers G. Jackson ...,... ....... P resident .......... E. Mcclain ....... .... . Vice'Presidcnt ...... C. Hug ....,.,.. . .,.,. Secretary ...Y.... . S. Clark ,,,,,,,, . ,,,. Treasurer ,.,.. . Ind Semester jackson Mcclziin Hug Clark P1'e.fide11f L. SCHADEK FINE ARTS CLUB Row 1: Lee, R, Roush, L. Holton Mr. Orlando, A. Trillo, B. Bou mann, J. Spindlcr, N, Christiansen. 3 son, G. Butler, U. Wxutus, j, Kup ferhcrg, VV". VVcddle, C. Hudson. Row 3: I, Franklin, C. Shorts, W ompson, G. jackson, N, Lukzits. ll ondon, J, Sellers, V. Wzislungtun. Row 4: C. Matson, E, McClain, P Albrecht, B. Schmitt, A. Hailey, W Adams, M, Smith, C, Hug, M Lewis. Purpose: To promote and to foster activities in the claily life of the school. Our founder, Tom Eisenhut, formed this club to better the school in every way possible. Each member develops his personality for the benefit of the school. Time and Meeting Place: Every Wediiesdziy at 3:15, Room 130. Outstanding Event: Participated in the homecoming festivities. Ref. S1'C1'EIt17'j' M. HOPPE Vice-Prexideflf R. LEHMAN T'I'6.I,flH'El' Cor. Serremrj A. WROBBEL J. EICHMAN Jim gm gm Row 2: Barry D. Hurry, D. XVil' Jia gm gm Advisers: Miss Bergen, Miss Luker, Miss Carroll, Miss Gregg, Miss Koepp, Miss Healy lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester L. Schadek ..,........,........ President ................ A. Bernhagen R. Lehman ....i. ....,.. V icefPresident ..,.............. E. Hansen M. Hoppe ........,. ,...... R ec. Secy ................,.... K. Wagner A. Wrobbel ..,..... ....... T reasurer ..,....,... G. Spanenberger I. Eichman ...... .,...,. C or. Secy ........... - ............ P. Kiefer Purpose: To provide entertainment that is enjoyable as well as profitable, to encourage the girls' interest in the social and cultural graces, and to promote a feeling of friendship among its members. Time and Meeting Place: Alternate Thursdays in assembly "A" at 3:15 p.m. Outstanding Events: A dance review given by one of the club members and a group from her dancing class, a spring style show presented by the Boston Storeg the officers' play, a program featuring Bill Rey' nolds of WTML and our traditional Senior Farewell program. Second Semester GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS AND ADVISERS RIM' ' ' ' iss Luker, Miss Bergen, Miss Kocpp, Miss Healy, Miss Lnrroll. R Miss Gregg, P. Kiefer, G. Spancnbergcr, A. Bcrnhagen, K. Wagner, E. H n R. R. RI RI R R- R R R. R R R1 RI R. RI I I 4 I Scmcftcrs I and 2 GIRLS' CLUB :xx I: IS. Kurhlvl, S, I.mvL, V Iiruv. A. RUIw.n'k. V. I7m'1m-I , A Sn:-I. II. Tzaylm. rw I: II. Kurlm, II. H-Iluxlm. ,I Zu:xIwl. S RI-'Iam-nu. I'. Mllmwxwlxm ,I. Zlnuxulv. M, llmklm, Il, Mumlt Ii Xhwuxxy. m 3: Ii. Yzmkv, M, S.IIZwvaI4l. I' I'1cI. S. Sch-'rx'. A. Kulhm. If. XVMI1 annum. I', McI.,m:I1Iln. QI. I'.u.ux1. I Ulw 11. ,I Mum :xx 4: A. I'.nIm, I'. IL.m. N. KINIIII-1' N. I'nxmg, IB. Rung., 41. C1Ix.mcIn1cII M,'r, M, Su-ln.un1. II. Tunxtmll I. I'1Ilrv m 9. 5, 'I-lmcll. II,, Il lYlIUumII. M. If. Mull--n. S. I"1-cI.--1 H. Rml-Ilph. Y. l:nIm. QI. Iilwlmu In fx: R. KzIIx.ltwh, P. Kwhlxl. 5 ScI1.u't:m-I, S. 2.1511-xxx, N. Kruxvg-'1. II IYUII. .I. V.m Ifxt. RI. Amllm, II III-umm. II. I5lIII.ImI SCIIICSICFS 3 and -I GIRLS' CLUB ' ' ' Ii ru I' II. Run:-1. R. IxInm.Ix. Ifulwflh, I7, XX IIII-, fl, Rlrx, I4 Ilxxw-w R UNI, I', MIWII' lu I: 12. NIINIIIII-I. IJ. II.IuIu, U Vmlf. II. Vr.1Ix. I, Hvlnrlck. S II.nlvvm, 5 Mv1I1I'II, A. SL.:-.I, I5 HvII. mx 3: I Nylllxuutvlw, ll, Hvlnnx, Ii Klrm. C, Iiulwn, fl. Mlnulx. M II.nIIl.nt.y. V. Iixllupx, Ii, Kuzlrk. fi F--llmxnm. .I, MIIUI-1'. mx 4: M. Humax. S. R.uI!vrv. K Ml.'Ix.uI If. V. Wvlxllr, XY. I'Illmulvr Ii ,I XX'.nIIf. M. Fxxhv I. M. Ifmx' IJ I.x'vlfIl. IL IflIn'l't, M, N1 ll-'mx mx Q: .I Flmxznlx. II, R:rI1r.u. II IIuIw, A. ScI1m1Ilt, I'. Nrlwu, II Vnw. I'. IY,nxIIru. QI. Ifnmx, M Iivck, I., luIm-Hn, I. M MrK,.uIIum. SCIIICSIUTQ 7 amd 6 GIRLS' CLUB xxx I' S. Kmart. IQ. II.nII.mI, .I IU.-ng-I. ff, VwIIIm.nm. I. IfIwlt. ,I Tl--HX. If. ffIwxxIx.m. If. UIm -xx 1. fi. MIIIIIII. fi. M.nxlI.41II. I. II xxx III -X S1 mln lu 1 SI Sn- I ..I .... '- 'z 5. D, -.UILII Imz. N. VII'I1III, M. CI.Iy, Ii IIIICII I ClIx.mrI1l1cIx. vu 9. N. I7vut1rl, M, KJII1. .I 51f'1x.u. R. Sumlv. S, ZHQII-rl. I7 R-IINII, N I"1wI1-x. N. S1rtI1. I. I,Hx.I1.1lI. CI, Szlml mx 4' V. Mmtwn, M. TImmt-111, A I'vlrIv. M Cfluv. ii fIuvt:I.nII. N Lung. S, I541IgIll.m, M. Rwkm, I' Iixmxn, R I'Ilw1wn wa gm - Jim 5,9111 gm Sclncstcrs 5 :md 6 GIRLS' CLUB Run I: I. IJ1.wI1'1cI1. I., NcIufuI:u. I' Suxllnllxwrw, QI. Zn1xmtIx. IQ. SfI1maurI:Ir I'. XK'Iutl1mrr, II, Nvxrr, N. Ii-II-Iwl. Row 2: T. CflI.uIII1.- AII.mxs, QA I':npp. IS. SIIIIIII-x. f,. I'.nIuIl. ,I. Inu InmI. KI. Clan. fl. Y.mcIx, M. Frlzrl RIM- 23 N, Lukzuts. Ii. Iluugy, V XY.nsI1lm1tmux. IS. Warn. II. Ifm1vlIma11xIt ll. III1Iw1l1:rl. I. 5Imp1l'u. M. II:lyLIrn H, Zunm'Ix, S. Mlrr. Rmx' -I: Ii. T-wks, M Schultz. II IVI.Iyf, A. Iilnfnv. 5. IY.n1In. I7 Iix'.1mIt, L. rs.-lm. lf. Am..-In, ,I SrIx.u'frx', AI. IYLIIINT. Scmcftcrs 7 amd S GIRLS' CLUB Row I: ff, KIuu'IxI. L. Iylvur, I' I'4nrIIm. -I. LvI1luI1. Il. M1III'x. M Ihfrn. Ii. Album, M. I.u'Ivm'l'. Rum' 2: S. Mllzm. Ii, NUILIU1, I KllpI'rrIn'r:. S, Krulrr. S. K1I.1l'k, fi Hmhmx, Ii. II:x'I--r. QI. II.u1y, II I5.ulnmmx. Row W: I3. IS.u'1'y, I'. Iiyivl. Il, Alznml I7. Iimdcr, M. ScIxvmrr. XV. TImmp bun, Ii. AIxv1':cI1vfIx, If, limb. S M1IIrl. Rum' -I: fl, MnvlI's'. L. ffmrlwn. M Z1cQIcr. If, I"'H. ,I. KILIIWV. I' IfntM'l1xIwI. N. IIIQHIQ. ,I. I.l1mItILv. I7 5cInlrIIvr. Scmcstcrs 7 and 8 GIRLS' CLUB Rmx' I: fl. Hau'ssIv, ,Iv Ifxmlulngvll. IS ff:.u'm'szIm. L. Lllnckvy. K. Ifnftcr, R H . . A mu-II. C., I'lttwIx11zm, 5, Iiul. Rum' 2: M. Kx.muc,n. Cl, Ii.-x'mIILIs, II Six:-'I. S. III.xlI1-'rx I' Slmxv. I. Sclnrxlllmmgnlmlx. N. IIIIJII, If. Imltlngrl fi. iQ.n1Invr. Rim' I: RI. IJulmlg.m. M. K-1vI1Iur, K MI141rIu'1k, M. M.u11rI1x'. QI. Clmxvu N. SxI!III1Q. M, Lvxxxr. A. Iimxr- ,I. Ihmn. Rmx' 4: N. Zvmnlw. M. N'ImI!z. KZ I'vmr.'I4. IS. I'vqm-5. IH. Ilwuglm. I' I5uxzxII. If. Ihnzumwlxx. M Kmfl, XX' KI-II-Iv, 5, 'f VW riff Y. K 1.2 x Q mi H X' l. sf is r TS KA' Yi . , 5 ,Q 1 Q W' f fm -2 Q. X . t 'ling 5 x M, - V M gf., I x X lwmmsfmuus Q Wk Wi' ' V 3 i A f ' W K V,,,,,.,,,, fNh, , , . 135' 'U 5 Q A 1' - E M 1 A .- 1 Q , xl! A I4 Y V, S 2 v . ' 5 37 ' ,. liar V U QM 4 K X QV' ,, ' AQ . fifty la 5 ,Ex sf Q V K D ' wi f ' Y U 7 bn ng ,Q f ww QM! 1' 2 H My 3 L K , NPS is S, 3 , , 3, 3 ,QQ ' . x 1 - ' E x , 1 Lv in . 1 - W I . - I .AIQJ j0l,U" fo 0 Presented in Krug Hall . , , December 9th and 10th, 1953 The plays were staged and directed by Mr. John Frost, assisted by Mr. Marvin Alexander. I The Woiider Hat. . .Ben Hecht Scene: a park by moonlight Harlequin ................,. Robert Thomas Pierrot ...... .... L amon Williams Punchinello . . ...... Earl Johnson Columbine . . . .... Mary Savage Margot ....,.... .......... G race Martin II Overtones. . .Alice Gerstenberg Scene: a fashionable livingfroom. Harriet Goodrich ........... Mary Ellen Klein Hetty, her primitive self ...... Winifred Kehoe Margaret Caldwell ............. Lois Wensing Maggie, her primitive self ...... Carol Runnells III The Impertinence of the Creature. . . Gordon Hamilton Scene: a boudoir leading from a fashionable ballroom Lady Millicent ..... ..... L oris Schadek A Gentleman ................ Glenn Wiiiston IV A Proposal of Marriage. . .Anton Tschekov Scene: the livingfroom of the Tschubukovs Time: a sunny afternoon in Old Russia Stepan Stepanovitch Tschubukov, a wealthy landowner .......... Howard Lutz Ivan Vassiliyitch Lomov, a neighbor ................. Russel Stewart Natalia Stepanovna Tschubukov, Stepan's daughter ........... Patricia Hundt Master of Ceremonies ....... Williani Reinicke Music by the North Division High School Orchestra under the direction of Mr. Frank Grlando M67, - US ll l ll Jim mai 0,4 54 North Division High School, Krug Hall, 8:00 P.M., May 13f14, 1954 VARIETY SHOW PROGRAM INCIDENTAL MUSIC . . . ............................. North Division High School Band GOOD EVENING ......... ................... ................... C H ORAL ENSEMBLE W. WY-ide, L. Dedman, E. Butler, J. Gay, G. Armstrong, O. Johns, B. Baumann, E. Klescr, T. Nitzsche, S. Clark, J. Branclstaetter, P. Brown, N. Christiansen, C. Bengston, R, Tornquist, G. Olson, E. Runge, H. Kaminski, L. Steward, H. Frankie, B. Ware, L. Wlilliams, B. Rcvcls, E, Mcclain. MISTRESSES OF CEREMONY .... A. Bcrnhagcn, S. Huf, S. Kcgler, D. Kirsch. CAKE WALK ...................................... . . . . . . .GIRLS' DANCE CLASS C. Berg, C, Hcdeen. B. Hill, P. Peoples, J, Sellers, C. Tabor, lBOYSJ G. Mays, L. McCune, E. Mcclain, J. Sanfelippo, D. Reimer, M. Thornton. GIRLS' QUARTETTE ............ O. Johns, J. Ottowitz. J. Never, P, Smith. RINGS ....................... R. Koglin. J. Lcssila, J, Kusik, J. Darling. ACCORDION ............ H. Kaminski. HORIZONTAL BARS ....... R. Koglin, J. Kusik, J. Lessila, J. Darling. WESTERN MEDLEY .................... C. Jones, G. Henk, R. Gretz, N. Lunclquist, H. Smith. BABY SITTING ...................... XX'aldcmar Cerassimolf. PRIMITIVE MOODS ...BOYS' GYM TEAM . . .BOYS' GYM TEAM - .... THE JONES BOYS RITUAL OF THE SUN GODDESS ..................... GIRLS' DANCE ENSEMBLE Primitive Accent! J. Anderson, D. Brandt, D. Hoacl, C. Kloeclrl, L. Loveclalc, D Roush, V. XX'ash1nqton, Zarnoth. J. Ottowltz. Keepcrx of the Sacred Flame: E. Drazgowski, B. Klein, P. Smith, S. Zir-gibcl. Sun Goddess: Joanne Spindlcr. Original music for Sun Goddess and Keepers of Sacred Flame hy J. Brisco, NV, Lunningham, C. Seoggins THIS IS COMEDY? ......... ........... .... ..... ...... C. Kunzler and J. Kurczciwski. WESTERN MEDLEY .................... G. Jones, G. Henk, R. Gretz, N. Lundquist, H. Smith. PARALLEL BARS ................,... J. NVerth, T. Eestein, R. Kusik, J. Darling. NANIMAL CRACKERSN . . . G. Bischoff. N STRING ENSEMBLE .............. ......... ....... P. Knebel, N. Christiansen, J. Slcilhrach, H. Myers, NV, Cunningham. ... .THE JONES BOYS ...BOYS' GYM TEAM "IS'TANBUL" ....................................................... BOYS' ENSEMBLE XV. NVade, E. Burler, C. Armstrong, E. Kleser, T. Nitzsche, B. Revels, J. Branclstaetter, C. Bengston, C. Olson, H. Kaminski, F. Harvey, L, Vfilliams, G. Martlii. SODA FOUNTAIN ........................ ,........ . . .GIRLS' DANCE ENSEMBLE Clerk -f C. Kloeclcl 4 ' Blues - D. Brandt B. Klein, J. Spimller, J, Zarnoth, J. Anderson, E. Drzizlmwski, J. Ottowitz, I'. Sin tl C K. Michaels, V, Washington, C. Zacher lCheerleaclerJ, S. Zirgihel. INCIDENTAL MUSIC ....................... .... NIGHT CLUB "EL TROPICANNAR ................ .. M. Davis, L, Vfilliams, T. Nitzschc, C. Scoggins, J. Briscn. G. Martin, M. Savage Cunningham, R. l'aiac, O. Johns, J. Ottowitz, Never, P. Smith, N. Christiansen EINALE ........ ........ ..... ............ EXIT MARCH ..................................... Brushel, Cl, Jackson, V. Kurtz, L. Lovcclale, North Division High School Band . . . . . . . .In Order of Appearance , Brock, B. Meyer, J. Kupferherg, W. . , J. Spincller, F. Harvey. ...IT'S BEEN A GREAT DAY North Division High School Band Faculty Sponsors: Miss Heiclen, Mr. Bcndlin, Mr. Orlando, Mr, Alexander, and Mr. Frost, Director. ,,.69w Row l: Whitmnnre, G. Richter, Mrs, Moser, D. Hough, E. Mcillain, J. Van Ert. Row 2: . , . . . Boettclicr, S. Hamln, fi. Borth, D. Newsome, E, NX':isliiny,5ton, Cl, Neu- stedter. Row 3: S. Mllfftll, H, Perry, M, Driver, . Plummer, V. White, M. Harris, Row 4: N Fischer, K. Michaels, J. johnson, j. B jones, Koliclt. Row 5: Heimbucli, L. Harris. P. Franks, . King, LATIN CLUB C, Bernhaqrn, P, Taylor, E. li Hill J Piscuine M. E. Spielvoqel, V. XVasliington, XV M. Reskin, N. Lukats, , Y, Temple, ll. Feldml IIHI1. . O, Hohi xsmirm, S. Kraft, D, E. Sartin, M. Beck, G. Haiti' .KM . kins, P. Summers. Adviser: Mrs, Moser lst Semester Officers Znd Semester P, Summers I ......,....... President ..r,,,. ,.... l P. Wliitriiore C. Bernhagenl IV. Wliite S. Kraft ...,.........,....... VicefPresident ....,...,.......... S, Hamm P. Whitmore ..... ,...... S ecretary ...,......,.,. V. Washington L. Pryor .......... ....,.. T reasurer ....,. ........ M . Boettcher Purpose: Row l: Spanenhereer, S.'l'hillips, A, Petrus. Row 2: Dawkins, A. Hughes, T. Brent. Row 3: Y. jahn, P. Erfcrt, j. Kendrick. Row 4: Garvey, M. Williams, E. Mcfllain, E. Rousey. To preserve the ideals and accomplishments of old Rome. The cluh also helps promote school activities when help is solicited or when it is apparent that assistance is needed, The memhers encourage students, especially fresh' men, to enter the Latin course. Time and Meeting Place: 3:15 on alternate Tuesdays in room 130. Outstanding Events: The Latin Cluh took third place in the decoraf tion contest for the Homecoming Dance, particif pated in the Homecoming Pep Rally, and held a skating party at Riverview Rink. Adviser: Miss Schaefer lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester K, Oehmcke ,...,.. ,.,..... P resident ......,. ...... K .Oehmcke R, johnson .,.,,. .,.,.,. V icefPresident ,...., ..... R .johnson A, Brent ,,,,,,., ...... S gt.'atfArms ...,... ....... A . Brent -I. Erfert ..,... ...... S ecretary .,...,.. ..... V . Blair R. Garvey ..,., ,,,,,, T reasurer .,.,,.. ..,.,,, P . Erfert Purpose: To stimulate further interest in Spain and SpanishfAmerican countries through films, projf ects, plays, and gamesg to enahle all of the Spanish classes, regardless of grade level, to par' ticipate in the activities, and to enable students who no longer are taking Spanish to continue their contacts with it through cluh activities. Time and Meeting Place: 3:15 every 1st and 3rd 'Tuesday in 110. Outstanding Event: The Christmas Party with penata, SPANISH CLUB Miss Schaefer, R. Johnson, G. A. Avery, R, Simms, M. j, Gay, K. Ui-hinclie. V. Blair. J, Brandslaetler, E. Jensen, R. atumgwzmffgmax mam STUDENT COUNCIL Row l: Mr. Michalak, Mr. Brooks Mr. Barnes, A. Bcrnhagen, Ri Brock, M. Klein, J. Lee, Miss Koepp, Mr. Rosenheimer, Mr. Karlson. Row 2: S. Kcgler, D. Twigg, L. Balzer, J. Barry, D. Barry, G. Mar- tin, R. Schnell, W. XVeddlc, S Hendricks. Row 3: M. McCallum, N, Corpron, L. Finklcin, D. Hough, B, McMahon Y. Goggans, M. Davis, I. Shapiro L. Schadck, J. Kurczcwski, J. Garf land Row 4: C. Bcrnhagen, W. Graffin, D Hoad, G. Richter, K. Zacher, J Schultz, G. Bub, C. Runnclls, M Wintcrsteen, G. Bischoff, J. Schil brack, T. Ihlenfeld, B. Schmitt. Row 5: V. Wiggert, H. Mrzscr, C Bennett, O. Johnson, W'. Baker, T Jahnke, J. Bruno, J. Samosky, S Malmon, E. Klescr, W. Oppcrmann Krochalk, P. Fischer unczl ,7l1.2,9'l..Q.2L..S,. fn lst Semester Officers R. BROCK J. LEE Prefidefzl Vice-P1'e.videul Advisers: Mr. Karlson, Mr. Michalak, Mr. Culver, Mr. Barnes, Mr. Brooks, Miss Koepp, Mr. Rosenheimer W. Gerassimoif, D. Hundrieser, C lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester R. Brock .......... .....,,.. P resident ........ ............... J . Lee J, Lee ......................... Viceflnresident ....... ...... ...... H . Lutz A. Bernhagen .... ........... S ecretary ........ ..... N . Zeratsky M. Klien ..........., ...... T reasurer ..... ..... D . Lietzkc Purpose: To create a better "Northside" by promoting in all ways the general activities and the best interests of the school. - A. BERNHAGEN N. KLEIN Flfsf Semester Serremry Trefzmrer -72 STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: Mr. Brooks, Mr. Michzilaik, V. Wiqgcn. fl, Bcrnhziuen, B. Rein- ickc, Miss Kocpp, R. Schmitz. Row Z: Thurmcr, C. Cannon, D. Twiuu, B. Strong, B. Pt-lry, G. Chanchuck, S. Sptiza, N. Christian' sen, G. Brushcl. Row 3: M, Davis, R. Brock, H, Ru' Clolph, E. Haunscn, D, Hough, L. Finklcln, K. Zalchcr, N. florpron. M. Beck, P. Wvlminore. Row 4: L. Pryor. XY. Geraissimolf, YV. Runnclls, L, Rhodes, lf, vlcnscn, S. Horton, R. Saber, J. Davis, R. Thomas, NY. Schmidt. STUDENT COUNCIL Row I: R. Gritznmchcr. 17. lvlatuszzili. il. Ln-. Mr. lizirncs. Mr. Kzirlson, Mr. Rorenlicinicr, XV. Gmlfiii, H. Kzirnmski. D. Livtzke. Row 2: ,l. l'zii.iri, H. Koziclc, U. .lauckf son. S. Hendricks. N. Pirring. hi, Rainnrr, N. Zvrzitsky, A, Bowes. U. Bischi-il, E, Urrcn. Row 3: fl. fllinimiziii. A. Afcrv. ,l. Schultz, K. Uiliimlfu-, W, Schimnmn, l'. Summers, li. Wolf. fl. Krochnlk, XV. lYitt, Al. Krrnusz. Row 4: S, Krall. R. lhirtlncr, S. Vis, XX' llikrr. S. Haicring, fl, Quimlw, H Lutz, K. llulw, fi, llrngston, H. Schzifvr. 1 2d Semester Officers J. LE E H. LU TZ 1Ji'v.i'ia'e11l Vive-Pr'e.a'idu11l N. ZERATSKY D. LIETZKE SwwI.n'3 'l4I'b'iUIl1'L'7' Time and Meetiiig Place: In the lilwrziry, every Vxfcdnesday from 8:30 to 9:00 zi.m. Outstanding Event: The outstanding event of the semester was ai courtesy czimpzlign, ln addition the Student Council played host to the InterfHigh Council, aiwzirded il trophy to the outstanding cadet, acquired technicolor movies for noon hour prof grams. sponsored 11 Student Council dance, and sponsored 11 courtesy daince. Second Semester 'WN x in 1 wif? 5 'Q fi: I ff 5 V' if x Pin? ez Q I 5: V,., . in .a in 5 S Y ,S f II, 3 x W is Q. 'Ir E 'U X W Liv ai f . f if . K A 5 av as 'E A AMW gm Adviser: Mr. Tetzlaff lst Semester Officers Znd Semester D. Matuszak .................. President ........ ....... D . Matuszak E. Olm ....,...,... ,...... V icefPresident ...,... ............. E . Olm B. Bub ............. ...,.. S ecretary ,....... ........... B . Bub M. Reskin ....... ...... T reasurer .....,., ...... M . Reskin Purpose: To stimulate interest in biological science through extracurricular activities such as student programs, audiofvisual aids, lectures hy outside speakers, and field excursions. Time and Meeting Place: Every other week on Tuesdays at 3:15 in room 'Y '7 3.10. BIOLOGY CLUB Row 1: P. Matuszak, S. Oehler, N. Rnchol, G. Schmaclzle, N. Twicg, Mr. Tctzlaff. Row Z. B. Bula, I. Shapiro, L. Love' dale. B. Bobingcr, G. Hcberer, T. Cifaldi, I. Kupferhcrgl. Row 3: B. Hawkins, E. Olm, M. Clay, D. Brandt, M. Rcskin, M. Bunnow, E. Hansen. Outstanding Event: The outstanding event was an excursion through the Health Department Laboratories at the City Hall. Adviser: Mr. Kampine The Ushcrettes are girls who usher at graduaf tion, Open House, music festivals, the Variety Show, the Senior Play, and other school func' tions. The group is open to any girl who would like to serve the school. There are no meetings or officers. Z. USHERETTES Row l: A. Bcrnhagcn, J. Eichmann Mr. Kampinc, C. Kruchalk, R. Pagac B. Hedeen. Row 2: N. Fischer, N. Lukats, B Klein, A. Papp, M. Klein, U. Schal ler, J. Kupferbcrg. Row 3: P. Brown, C. Kloeckl, D Brandt, R. Peterson. S. Bnlduan, C Hcdccn, D. Hough, B, NIcMuhon. FUTURE TEACHERS Row 1: B. Xvaisman, C. Matson, N. Rochol, L. Pryor, Miss Gregg, R. Thomas, P. Franks, B. Rohe, NV. Soloman. Row Z: S. Blathers, S, Johnson, C. Maynard, P. Milanowski, j. Cistv, C. Bnbinger, N. Christiansen, N. Lukats, M. Savage. Row 3: S. Boe, M. Kath, R. Klcjsmit. M. Bernstein, XV, Thompson, B. Meunicr, R. Ncvcls, G, Prostek, B. ' Pequcs, M. McCune, Row 4: K. Ochmclre, P. Alhrecht, L. Bcrndt, M. Colburn, V. Ross, E. Olm, K. VVagncr. P. Summers, E. Alston, E. Chowhan, I. Krcnusz. FUTURE TEACHERS Row lf G. Gold, A. Lightfoot, J, Dengul, Miss Tendick, K. Anderson, C. Ballinger, V. Foerstcr, D. Hun- driescr. Row 2: S. Adams, M, Boettcher, P. Shaw, Garland, D. XVilson, N. Fischer, I, Shapiro, D. Roush, M. Bunnow. Row 3: K. Michaels, M. Hayden, S. Mirr. G. Bischoff L. Lox-cdale, E. Hanson, A. Pcttus. M. Ranner, B. Lehigh, K, Kakatsch. Row 4: S. Schactzel, S. Zastrow, S. Fischer, G. Spanenhurger, D. Brandt, L. Steward, G. Pittclman, K. Easter, R. Howell, E, McClain, J. Trotts. juiwm, jnarlmu, Advisers: Miss Gregg, Miss 'Tendick lst Semester Officers Znd Semester J. Samosky ...... ......... P resident ....... .. ..... G. Pittelmann L. Lovedale ............... Vice-President ..... ...... K , Wagner I. Shapiro ....... ....... S ecretary ....... ....... P . Summers S. Spilger ........ ...... T reasurer ....... ........ N . Lukats P. Summers ....... ...... H istorian ....... ..... L . Lovedale Time and Meeting Place: 'vw Room MO, the second month, 8:35 to 9:00 am. J. Bischoff Tuesday of each 4.77, Outstanding Event: Field trip and recruitment meeting sponsored by Delta Kappa Gamma and Phi Delta Kappa. Purpose: The Future Teachers' Club is a part of the National Organization whose aim is to interest some of the outstanding young people in teach' ing as a career. The club attempts to acquaint them with the preparation required as well as with the ideals and opportunities of this great profession. Row Y ' BOOSTER BOYS Row l: Mr, Adamus. VV, ilralfxn l Lui. fl. lii'i'nli1igvn. Row I: T. ,l.ihnlu'. T. xlvstvr, lf. Klesvl, B. hclimltt, R. Brock. R. Rivusili, K. llulw, fl. liriig-stoni l. lil.undst.1-Ilrr ll l.iit'lir -'xr Bnndm Adviser: lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester T. Alalinke .............,,....... President .......... ............ T ,jaster W. Reiniclce .,,,,,........ Vice-President ...... .,,... G . Bengston T. blaster ..,........ ........ S eeretary ........ . ............... K. Buh R. Roush ....... ...... T reasurer .....,....... Brandstaetter Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to prof mote certain school activities, such as dances and games. The memhers of the eluh encourage stu' dents to participate in these activities. Mr. 62244, Adamus Time and Meeting Place: Room 113 at 7:35 a.m. every Friday. Outstanding Event: The Booster Boys won the first prize for deco' rations for the Homecoming Dance. The hoys also worked on puhlicity for the Tattler and the Spring Dance. 78 Gathered around a Trophy W, Runnells, S. Hoering. T. Nitzsche BOOSTER GIRLS Row l: P. Brown. G. Bula, N. Zeta! 1" 57 ' sky, M. Hoppe, L. Schadvk, B Klein, M. Klein. Row 2: A, Bvrnhagzin, P. Whitmore C. Krochalk, M. Sn-nzel. .l. Eiclimann B. Mirr, C. Kloctlrl, A. Bowes. Q11i.ii Harwich, 501.111, Adviser: Znd Semester ..C. Kroehalk ffffii."iiiLQiLQ , ..... P. Brown lst Semester Officers P. Brown ..,.... ,......... P resident .......... ,.., ...,.....Viee-President......... M. Hoppe ...,..... .......... S ecretary .......... L. Sehadek ........ ...... T reasurer .,.,.. . Purpose: To boost school spirit and to promote all ac' tivities at North. Striking a Pose The Time, the Place, and The Girls . . . Boosters All! Miss Thall Time and Meeting Place: 7:45 on Wednesday mornings in room 310. Outstanding Event: The Booster Girls' higgest assignment was selling tickets for athletic events, for the Variety Show, and for all school dances. They promoted the Tattler Publicity Campaign and made the Tattler collections. The outstanding event of the season was the AllfGirl Convocation, B.. 79 - PUBLI Row I: Mr. R. R-,si-nlii-um-r, R. Lvitinqrr. R. flnrzmnclm-, T. ,lasts-r, M. Krimm-'i', Row 2: I3 Iiramlt, H. Ti-ski-, Cf. Run' ll L Imduli dik ni- s, . Row 1: I. Darling, E. Ulm. A. Rem' haldr. I. Iflwrr, S. Hul. M. Sn-nzvl, J. Sarnoslsy, PIIBLICITY COMMITTEE Semester 2 Row I: T. -laslvr. I. Iiurlilvl. I, IIi.uiclsl.u'ltvi'. R, timznmi-lil-r, ,l', Armstriniu. Mi', Rosriilxriiner, Row 2: 5. Adams. N. Lukals, R. Klfismit. I. Shapiro, N. Fisclicr, L. Lowlalv. ll. Rlclltvr. Row Y: l', Broxxn. T. Nirzscliv, ll. Spam-nlwiiurr. QI. IJai'lmg, il. lluelzf lall, IL. Ulm, IJ. lirandt. Row 4: II Ti-slug K. Anderson. A. Ri-mli.mIx, I. Elini. N. Stn-Iilow, M. Kilninier. N. Roeliol, S. Hill. CITY COMMITTEE Semester l .1 ". -, L. Scha '. 6711.l1lLIczZq. n ' Adviser: Mr. Rosenheimer lst Semester Officers Znd Semester L. Scliadek ,..... ...... C lliairman ,.... ....... T ,-luster I. Ehert... ..... . Secretary... ., , I, Ehcrt Purpose: The twentyfeight memhers of the Puhlicity Committee work together daily in homeroom 109 preparing puhlicity for various school activities. such as noonfhour programs, dances, athletic events, and the recent Courtesy Campaign. This is done hy puhlic address announcements, mimf eographed flyers, posters, skits, and tape record' ings. Most notahlc of the tape recordings are those produced hy a suhsidiary of the Puhlicity Committee, the Mzigiiet Staff, which has entire charge of humorous announcements. Time and Meetiimg Place: Homerooni period and after school. Outstanding Event: Puhlicity Committee Christmas Party. KEY ROOM BOYS D. Seifert. ,l. Ivlolzcn, R. Lanihreclm Mr. Atwrll. ffmw Adviser: Mr. The stage crew has a variety of duties to per' form. Under the supervision of Mr. Atwell, it prepares the stage in assembly "A" for all school plays, for all outside speakers, and for any other function that demands stage work. Atwcll The stage crew arranges all lighting for special dances and for all noon hour programs, An' other duty is to keep all stage scenery and stage properties neatly placed where they can he available at any time. STAGE CREW Row l: D. Ritter. Stage Nlanzugetg F, Stvplxens, T. Atxwll, R, Nlonsen P, A. Nlanauct. Row Z: R. Schmitt. CI. Ochler, G. Henk, ' Fischer. R. lioese, l, A, flrcxvg STAGE CR EW Row l: P, NVerth. F. Stephens, D. Seifert, Mr. Atwcll. ll. Ritter Row Z: R. Boese, R. Schmitt, G. Oehler, G. Henk, Il. Fischer. VISUAL AID OPERATORS Row I: XV. Heise, A. Eckstein, Mr Hall, D. Larson, J. Bundesen, j Davis. Row Z: A. Gruncrt, .l. Peterson. C Gollcr, R. Dippel, J. Behrns, B Miur, P. Kvasnica, A, Ranft, D Miller. Row 3: fl, Jones, R. Gretz, YY. l'aul P. Kaiser, A. Hammas, D. Heinhuclx R. Rose, A. lX'eiss, J. Samosky. Row 4: D. Matilsznk, R. Schulze, C Karan, L. Lanlre, A. Krueger, G Gold, T. Heise, F. Sprcnz, NX' Gerth, K. Borckmann, T. Heumann. Row W: K. Manli-r, F, Lolter, R XVehl'1, P. Bnntis, R. Leltinqcr, R Grahowslry, M, Kahl, J. james, A Koninu, M. Krimmer, A. Reinhardt. VISUAL AID CADETS Row l: K. Maller, D. Bvhrns, Mr Hall. F. Lotter. Row Z: Rr-cht. il. Bnndesen, D Larson, C. Pnrins, A. Ecksrcin. lst Semester D. Larson .... A. Eckstem ....,.,..... W. Rueth .... bl, Bundesen ,..... W. Heise ....,.. VI. Davis ..... Purpose: Officers ....Student D1r.......... LwaLdid4,L'mpA. Adviser: Mr. Hall Znd Semester Larson .Asst. Student Dir ...,,......... A. Eckstein Scheduling Dir ....... ........... R . Mur ..l-lead Operator. ..Head Operator. ..Head Operator. Bundesen Heise Davis 'The purpose of the AudiofVisual Aids Def partmcnt is to he of service to the school. To accomplish this, the A.V.A. has a large numlwer of projectors and other types of AudiofVisuaI equipment, which the operators transport to the classrooms where the slides or movies are to he shown. The success of North Division's AudiofVisual Aids is due to the willingness of these operators to give up their free periods in order that students may receive the heneiits of educational films, filmstrips, tape recordings, slides, records, and opaque projection. S Row 1: P. Brown, P. Albrecht. Mr. A H M Meyer, Ziegler. Row Z: Twins. Brock. Row 3: Brock, Barry. Row 4: Grallin, C. Krochalk, K. Anderson. Row l: G. Spanenlwrger. M. Meflalf lum, J. Lehigh, P. Pavelko. P. Whit' more. A. Bernhagvn, l. Elaert, Miss Thrill. Row 2: J. Erfcrt, Cowen. Y, Scher- hartli, B. Klein. N. Lulcats. V. XYaslx' ington, I. Shapiro, L. Lovdiile. Row 3: E. NV:isliington, P. Shaw. N. Buch, E. Hoifman. G. Schziller. M. Koehler. K. Moorhi-ck, D. Aland. Row 4: A. Bowes. N. Zvmzsky. D. Schneller, P. Kiefer, P, llnvzill, Hansen, D. Hough. M. Ziegler, K. Uchrncke. Row 5: C. Richter. P, Brown. lf. Drazgou-ski. M. Kraft, P. Alhrecht, R Pi ic 1' Vu lull' E Ol Kloeclcl. gm lm aaa ' Adviser: Mr. Meyer Adviser: Miss Thall lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester lst Semester Officers N. Lukats ..... ....... P resident ....... ............ I . Lee M. Stenzel I ..........,.. Co-Chairmen ....... . R, Rouch ...... ..... V ice'President ..... ....... D . Brock C- RUHHQIISS B. Meyer ...... ....... 5 ecretary ....... .....,. B . Meyer A- Bemhagen ---- ----- S 9C"9tarV--- L. Bernt ....... ....... T reasurer .... ....... G . Richter P' Pavelkv "--' ----- T feasufef ----- - PUYPOSE Purpose: To promote an interest in create school spirit. Elft and to help Time and Meeting Place: Alternate Tuesdays in room 234 at 3:10 p.m. Outstanding Event: The making of posters for the Student Counf cil "Courtesy Campaign." The cluh has grown in popularity and memhership hecause of the many social gatherings and field trips that were enjoyed throughout the year. 2nd Semester Brown U. Cowen .. .... ,..K. Wzigner Bowes 'The Big Sisters help the new girls at North Division by offering them assistance in their social adjustment to the school. Time and Meeting Place: 7:45 Thursday, room 113. Outstanding Event: The Big Sisters held two teas for freshman girls. The also sponsored a reception for grad' uating seniors. KETCH CLUB . arnmvs. L. Berndt, . D, Barr? .l. Bcngston. li. C, Maynard, K. Reiter, B. E. Hansen, P. Dux-all. R. N. Lukats, D. Twigg, ,l. I., Schmid. I. Lee. NY. J Brandstaetter, R. Roush, BIG SISTERS . 1. .1 etz. . . m. CI. K. Wagner. Lggee Jluz, ofibaalzy. 6111.6 Adviser: Miss Herziger Officers 2nd Semester President ........., ...,,,.,........,..,....., ..,... R . Pagac VicefPresident .... ............. M . Rice Secretary ........ ........ P . Whitmore Purpose: To train student librarians to check books in and out, to keep the shelves in order, to file cards, and to help in all library functions. Time and Meeting Place: Twice a month in the library. Outstanding Event: Assisting at faculty teas and working on homecoming decorations. Social events included a schaum torte party and a picnic. Adviser: Miss Scherkenbach Since 1922 North Division High School has had a chapter in the National Honor Society. Membership in this society is the highest honor the school can confer on its students. ELECTED IN DECEMBER, 1953 Graflfin, Walter Pittelmann, Gail Hansen, Evagene Recht, Sam Hoffman, Eunice Rose, Richard Huf, Sharlene Wagner, Kathleen Koehler, Marianne Ziegler, Mary Jane ELECTED IN MAY, 1954 Bernhagen, Arlin Fisher, Nancy Graiiin, Walter Hansen, Evagene Heise, William Hoffman, Eunice Huf, Sharlene Koehler, Marianne Natoli, Salvatore Peneau, Nancy Pittelman, Gail Recht, Sam Rose, Richard Schultz, Janis Scherr, Werner Wagner, Kathleen Weiss, Arnold Wiggert, Victor Ziegler, Mary jane LIBRARY CLUB E' 25 F5 'li LFE 5- in rn ' EE Si- 2: , .. rr: -ii 'F' - sz pg: Q 52 25 :za :cgi F? 3- 9-F . -. N 3 5 UE' H' E 321' fl V IC? rr' gf 9.9 " - ., 'EE' Q' dw wr- iw Hoppe. Row 2: M. Savage, V. 1Vashin1.:ton, Koppa, C. Munch, Row 4: J. Davis, I. King, J. Trotts E. McClain, N, Rochol, AI, Never J. Fisher. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Bottom Row: J. Schultz. Recht. N. Fischer, M. Koehler, E. Hollman. Row 2: XV, Scherr, E. Hansen, M Ziegler, A. V'ciss, N. Pcncau. P Heise, A. Bcrnhagen, Row 3: S. Nzitoli, U. Pittclmim, S Huf, K. XVagncr, R. Rose. To Row: V. XVigqert, xx', XV. Semester 1 TATTLER STAFF Row l: Miss Daly, Mrs. Nyberg, Mr. I Orlando, Mr. Newman, Mr. Alex' andcr, Mr. Trythall, Mrs. William' son. Row 2: R. Lehmann, C. Debbelcr, A Xlleiss, A. Rzmft, M. Hoppe, J Barry, D. Barry, F. Hoffman, Ai Wrobbel. Row 3: J. Jelinck, J. Bruno, S. Huf. H. Moser, J. Davis, L. Pryor, C Pittclman, J. Samusky. Semester 2 TATTLER STAFF Row l: Mrs. Nyberg, Mrs. Vvlilliamson Mr. Alexander M ' , r. Trythall,Mr. Or- lando, Miss Daly, Mr. Newman. Row 2: E. Hoffman, D. Barry, J. Barry, J. Cowen, E. Hansen, K. Wagner, B. Czarnyszka. Row 3: J. Frommgcn, C. Debbclcr, G Pittelman, L. Pryor, A. Lightfoot, G Gold, A. Weiss, S. Hut. Row 4: H. Lutz, R. Jokisch, J, Lee B. Rcinicke, G. Neustcdtcr, R. Kagel B. Baum, W. Runnells. EditorfinfChief .. Assistant Editors . . CofManagers: Business. . . Advertising .. Sports .. Jim, Jattlefz. nnk Eunice Hoffman fiSharlene Huf QlGai1 Pittelman ,John Bruno Arnold Ranft George Gold ,Alfred Lightfoot 'Howard Lutz ,James Lee 'I William Runnels ,Kathleen Zacher fiGlen Neustedtcr 4F Jerry Davis Louetta Pryor Kathleen W8g11C THE STAFF Photographers Art . . I' Typists . Organizations and Clubs. .glliffagfne I-Iilansen Advisers , ar1 yn oppe ,Carol Debbeler Circulation Distribution. .Richard Jokisch Egg.. 'Hans Moser iJack Samosky 'I Bernard Baum ,Arnold Weiss i'Wm. Reinicke lDorothy Barry Uacqueline Barry ,Gilbert Schmid 'Judy Jelinek Ruth Lehmann Audrey Wrobbel Winnie Kehoe Joan Frommgen ,Joanne Cowen 'Mr. Newman, Chr Mr. Trythall Mr. Alexander Mrs. Williamscmii Mrs. Nyberg Miss Daly Mr. Orlando FIRST SEMESTER MONITORS NOON HOUR AND STUDENT CONTROL Row I: A. Bernhagcn, L. Allen, M Davis, R. Rasmussen, G, Cgirngiko C. Runnells. Row Z: N. Lukzits, IJ. Twigq, I Harry, D. Barry, A, Wrohhcl, C Maynard, B. Mayer. M, Klein. Row 3: N, Christiansen, D. Roush hl. Sunfelippo, I. Shapiro, R. Nluyer L. Scliudelc, H. Klein, A. Bowes, I I Bruno XY i'ux Row 4: Steveis, k. ton, L. Berudt, M. Colburn, XX' fiemssimuif, Saimosky. A. Ziegler I'. Fischer, B, Soxvlles. Row 5: H. Moser, fi. Schmid, ,I Lee, C. Bernlxzigrn, R. jackson, T Folger. MONITORS Row I: II. Meunicr, C. Munch, Miss Scliurlceubzieh, Miss Carroll, Miss Her' Zigcr, E. Hansen, P. Duvall. Row 2: A, Stuinkrzius, Runge, M. Klein, G. Martin, CI. Maynard, B. Mayer, R. Tulivcr, S. Milan. Row 3: Sulivn. V. Xlhshington, P. Smith, I.. Loxrdale. I Barry, M. Schumer, E. Row 4: B, jicrscheck, A. Koppzi, K. Michaels, M Szn':u.1i:, fi. Bohinqer, Ii. Row 5: M. Winzersteen, A, Avery, M. Rice, D. Hoppe, L, XYens1nL2, H. Brushrl. ,. . .nj Barry, IJ. Hoffman. Szinfelipo, J. Fischer, M. Klein, M. Rcskin, Glaser, M, Zenisvk, CI. Advisers: Miss Carroll, Miss Herziger, Mr. Miehailak, Mr. Culver Purpose: A monitor is on duty in the Doetor's room each period during the day to minister to the needs of girl students. Ivlonitors who serve dur' ing periods when the doctor or nurse is present assist with records. .4 36 I in Smwice, MONITORS NOON HOUR PROGRAM NOON HOUR CAFETERIA Row l: D. Ignatius, A. Iiernh:ii.:en, J. Never, I. King, J. Froinnigrn, R, Ihiqzic. Ruxv Z: A. Schmidt, S. Iloldvgin, CI. Richter. N. Clark. M. Schultz, Holmgren, C. Hue. Row 3: I'. Sunuu.-rs, L. Iierndt, D. Mzitimlzi, II. Iiraiudt, II. Hub, Kidney, S. Miller. Row -4: ,l. Trotls, AI. Eichmnnn, L. Rick, E. Mffllzuu, J. Fisher, E. Olin, M. Collwuru. Row 5: N. Fritz. l'. IYhitniorc, L. l'rx-or, N. Rochol, M. Dorn, R. Miller. MONITORS NOON HOUR, CAFETERIA Ruw l: D. Kirsch. nl. Al nmslrung. J. LN. Mr. Arwvll. Mr. Iiaruus, Mr. Nvxx man, XV. GratIm, C, Srlmmftl. Ruw 2: B. Mawr. II, Maxuartl. N. Mmm, K. Moorlwrli, S. Rvcht. li. Klum. U. rlafkson. N. Zrlatslu. A. Hours. Row 3: M. Rl1tll'wx'g, G. lils-'lxollx II. flarualto, R. Amlrlson, K. Zachrr, XV, Kflm-. A. XY-'lsx ff, Krucllall-4, N. H.-vth. KG, Ifhapm.m. Row 4: A. livrnhauvu, Klt-sur, fl. Qlulnlwy. H. I.ut:. IF. llrvmstmm. R. Roush, T. xlastcx, H. Kalnmslu. Il. Lxctzlw. Monitors render service throughout the school dailyf scmcstcr altar scmcstcr in so IIIHITY PITEISCSI CU At noonfhour talent programs. QQ In the cafeteria during noon hours. GJ In thc lihrary. Q-U In the study hall. R4 R4 R1 R4 R. R4 R1 SECOND SEMESTER MONITORS rw I: Muss Srlxcrlwnhacll. H. Sslxmzu lf Zlv, A. Rolvaclc, R. Tlnomosino, II. XX'l1m-rnorv, l.. Wxllmms, Mxss flamtll. vw 2: M. Salzwvtlrl, S. Adams. R. Tollvrr. M. Korhlrr, I'. Sunpson, hl. Clowuxl, V. XK'aslnug!-rn. Ii Mvluurr. nw Y: N. Zrralsltv. S. Mxllt'1', lf. Goslx. M. Savauv. M. Iluncan, A. Sltasa, .l. S-ul1x'a, Cl. Mvafh. m' 4: I, Slxapmro, M. Ikatlx. M. H.n'tl4'1x, H. Zvulsrlt, L. l.ox'-'tl.ul4'. Ql. Schultz, K. l,t'lllIlCli4', li. Iiuh, D. XYrtlxx'arLl. R. Stornx. lf. XYlntn1mr. rw iz fl. Havsslv. R. lhuac, O. Johns, M. llatramlt, R. Schultz. Cf. Muckv. Cl. llall1nQrx. If. lvlrfllain. I. Trotts. K. XYLQQI1-1. MONITORS vw l: Miss Hvrzxuvl, A. Schultz. Rorhol, N. Fritz, A, Bwrnlxaucn, Taylor, ff. Kxcy. Mrs. llraql- s. rw 2: S. Mllau. li. lhuuncr. -I. Vaiari, If. HolImau, K. Moorlwfk, li. Kllru, N. Lukats. ll. Fitch. Row F: E. Ruugc. IQ. ll.m.lm'l'. I'. Snmh, VI, Valoru, N. I'u'riuq, M. Rannrr, M. Slrnxalul, M. l.andowsl41 K. Mlcharls. Row-1: N llvmurl M lfnwlu-r ,I Rn Kuytpa, fl. Framll-1l'. Awry: l'l Ku'l4'r. M. Drxvrl, M. lfastman, R. Tolnx rr. rw W: A. Tuldun, R. l'-ftvrsou, A. Srhmltlt. P. Sunuurls. N If-'llu-r. li. Ilramlt. lf. Ulm, L. Ulnckt-v, ' Knfuxt, I'. Kovlxlvr. I.. Lwxus. N. 217 N. P JL Row Row Row Row Row CADETS H. Moser, M. Knoll, W. Grallin, R. Roush, M. Klein, J. Luc, G. W'instnn, j. Buuhlcr. N. Lukats, D. Twigir, A. Papp, S. Hamm, J. Barry, A. Wrohhcl, C. Maynard, G. Mzirtin, W. Vfcddle. H. Bosko, Finklcin, Brock, M. Driver. D. Griffiths, VV. Schumachcr, NV. Gcrassimoll, M. Colburn, A. Bagley, M. Stcnzvl, R. Kraft, XV. johnson, B. XVaisman. S. Natoli, B. Kuchlcr. K. Zacher, B. jierschcck, M. Marquardt, J. Richardson, L. D. Spanircnhcm, Il. Davis, R. Alhrccht, K. Kucchcrcr, L. Rick, G. Schmaclzlc, L. Dcdnmn, C. Klouckl, Cl. Hill, Evans. SEMESTER ONE Q .Sauna Adviser: Mr. Ba Under the auspices of the Student Council, the Cadets help keep the halls at North Division clean and quiet. 'They see that all wastepaper is picked up, that lockers are checked to insure the safety of student property, and that order is maintained by stopping students who are in the Row Rm iw Row Row Row CADETS ' T. Docrflingcr, V. XViggcrt, A. Bcrnhagcn, D. Kirsch, P. Vuclkcl, T. jahnkc, U. Bula, J. Bruno, Mr. Barnes. J. Rcinkc, D. Twiggr, J. Sellers, D. Barry, B. Schiller, N. Nlinor, G. Schallcr, S. Kcglcr. B. Maycr, J. Fischer, j. Grams. XV. Baktr, J. Lcssila, W. Gracc, J. Koppa, C. Frandorf, J. Schaeffer, L. Bcrndt, S. Lucck, J. Lcisten. R. Luistun. ' F. Flint, A. Simmons, T. Folger, J. Samosky, P. Alhrccht. G. Bischoff, C. Hartmann, B. Krueger, G. Spanenhcrgcr, R. Lehmann. R. Thomas, XV. Ringwolski, C. Vnlkmann, O. Fears, L. Lewis, A. Steinhilber, J. Ottowitz, S. NX'achs, D. Hevcrcr, F. Gruncrt, B. Schmitt, G. Henk. U16 Row Row HALL CADETS Brock, J. Drott, J. Frommgcn, WN. Gcrassimoll, H, Lutz, K. Zacher, G. Best, R, Roush, S, Kcglcr. Siuucl, L. Schennemann, B. Noldin, S. Clark, Mr, Barnes, P, Kowalski, O. Taylor, J, Benuston, S. Dunnigan, J. Lucdtke. Trosch Row Miller, E. Gosh, B, Jierschcck, M, Lewis, V, Mattson, G. Chanchuck, A, Sorkin, J. Grams, P. Kiefer Lcistun. Row Bowes, B. Pvqlles, H. Hill, L. Zimmerman, D. Roller, R. Peterson, P. Brown, P, Albrecht, L. Ulickey B. Czarnyszka, C. Klocckl. Row Ottowirz, J, Anderson, K, Easter, L. Pryor, R, Howell, J. Krcnusz, D. Reimer, O. Wcgner, fl. Nlatson , Miller, L. Rick, S. Nlalmon, R. Evans. Row Young, C. Chapman, XY. Strehlow, B, Meier, E. Johnson, U. Schmid, R. Schmitz, R. Craft, J. Buchlcr Thomas, P. Shaw, T. Folger, J. Nevrls, 3 Q Q I halls without passes. The reward for these serv' SEMESTER TWO ices is the satisfaction of a job well clone. We of North Division wish to express our gratitude to a group of students who help make our school a better place in which to live. R l IXK' Rl IXY Rm rw Ri uw Row Row HALL CADETS . Fcldmann, NV, Runni-lls, L. Siegel, N. Christiansen, J. Barry. J. Andrce. E, Alston, D, Spencer. . Foster, S. Hlathcrs, A. Str-inkraus, G. Schallcr, J. Zirgihcl, C. Maynard, D, Twigg, L, Bcrndt, C, Yauck. Behan, D. Roush, B, lvfclvlahon, D. Houigh, M, firaziano, J, Kurczewski, XV. Schcrr, M. Bernstein, L. Dedmon. Richardson, U. Prostck, U. Richter, E. Hansen, R. Storm, S. XY:uchS, U. Spancnherger, Evans, L, Geilwolowitz. Pittulman, NV, NVitt, B, Ihlenfi-'d, Emmcr, L, Schacl, S. Natoli. R. Bcrnhagen, J. Masche. B, Baum, . Rehm. lvlanian, N. Mierow. XV. Nelson, D, Spanucnhcrg, G, Kollauf, B. Olson, J. Luc, NV. Gratlin, V. XViggerr, . Kufahl, K. Kuechcrer. Jim Clarinet G, Buehlcr N. Corpron A. Gubel M. Kulil j. Krcnusz S. Kourt S. Malmon A. Rzmft M. Rudack C. Savage R. Sclmmbcr A. Siegel J. Soliva Qu: BAND Saxophone R. Clark T. jzxhnkc R. Miller W. Witt Cornet G. Chapman K. Connor R. Dippel A. Gordon H Lutz T. Nctzbzmd R. Payne D. Roedcr M. Rudbcrg R. Smith Director: PERSONNEL N.D.H.S. BAND l -I. Uttnwirz. U, Sp.niiviiiwl'grr. 1.. .ium-s, Cf, Schiurl, C. Hi-tl--vii, XY. XYmllw1'u4:k, nl. Hlllidwrli, R. Klixil, H. Trmch. M1'. Schmitll. R. Ivfillrr, R. Llzuk, XX. Witt. ,l. Riuiimg, Cf. lixirhlur, A. R.m Kumi, A. Sit, l. . . f , it I Siillm, 5. R. Pznyixi. R. Ihppvl. R. Smith. ll. Rmfilvx. A. 4-ulilmi. k, f.4muux'. Mr. Rlltilwru. H. Lutz. N. Timm, S. Smpx, IJ. M.itl1bz1uk, R. Rim.-L, ,I. Luv. - 90, - ' Sclzonl Hand r. Schmidt BY INSTRUMENTATION Drums G. Best I. Brock J. Bundesen R. Craft W. Schmidt G. Spanenbergcr H. Trosch W. Westbrooks Majorettes C. Hedeen L. jones I. Ottowit: C. Schael Tuba R. Brock I. Lee I. Lynch French Horn B, Brunner M. Fischer Baritone D. Matuszak S. Stops N. Tinn Trombone M. Bernstein D. Grein 1. Holmgren D. Pinsker W. Plummer Color Guard A, Bagley R. Lagen R. Lehman A. Wrobbel 4 N.D.H.S. BAND Row 1: NX. hchmitt. il. Brock, G. Bust, T, Iahnlw. Row 2: Cl. Snvinlc, R. Schznmhcr, A. Gulwl. N. Crvrpr n M Kuhl M Rudik 5 Mi m A, NVruhhcl, R. Lehman. Row 3: C. Chapman. T. Nvtzhzmd. B. Brunner. M. Fi Agn R Ln., Row 4: Lynch, D. Pinskcr, D. Crvin, Hulmgrrn, M llxl'l1SlllIl Vi l,lllI'llYIlLl' 'K N,D.H.S. ORCHESTRA I: :X If-:IIIv1, R. I..41,m, II. I.xrwfI1, II, RAIN. N, f.I111Nt1.mwvw. .I NIIIIIHAXIX. R11 tXxI.umIU .. Iv Smuu vvIwI'gvx. I. IVI.uIrvnw, I Nmzllwxu. I'. 5m1tI1. Iv I51lIa.I..51v:1I 3 XX Cfmumlglmuu. H, I,vl!:. 'I' IN--t:Iw.nmI. I, IAUIH. R, K.I,nIX. XX. XXIII 4' I Ix.a1.ul,I'I. Mxvnx, M I'm'Imu', II Ihumnu II. RIM l.I R III SII Rum In Hn I.. uw. IX. I. 1,0 Jim Q... ,IVNIUR ENSEYVIBLE Ibm' l: I Xhum. .I ISU.-rr.Im. Rl xx I R U1.nmLI . I Iilmlm. I.. 3: NI: nllxtmll-I XX IIIU, .IL .-X IVV' -4: Ii, n.I IHII. R I 5.1 X , vu I, XX :lt I N xml-.IN . mu., N1 IS l .wht IIMLI XX' Klan M.-.'I.nm N IMI.: I Ixvxnm. R III: I 5.mI,,ln I IIluIm.L 1 :MII Ml O1I,llnI NInmIr R X-I1,urvvIw-I 'N rw II. l..xu M X, Slum r I NI,nIfm .X. Run! R Su :I-, 4 ILM, lx I RUM, R I'ImvIm, II Iilxm ,XlnIv1wm. I7 Rm .Im Ix lvm-.I I5 M Iarwm N.D.H.S. ORCHESTRA Row l: l'. Knvlwl. A. Altlnann, Ll. Young. B. Bauln, li. Nlrrlaln, O, Vleglwcr. Row 2: N. Row v: M. Kahl. fl. lfuvhlcr, H. Trosch, XY. Schmi Lllnclqliist, A. Hxnnnws, C. slnclcson. Cl. Graiwslwurry. H. Hziusncr. N. Pisrlx-r Ron 4: D. futin, ol. Hollnggrrn, D. Pinskcr. ,l. Lynch. Al. Lev. ' 5ch0nL0 lst Violin I. Schilhrack Concert Master N. Christiansen P. Knehel D. Lynch H. Bahr B. Horuth R. Lagan L. Siegel 2d Violin A. Altmann J. Young B. Baum Director: Mr. Orlando ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL BY INSTRUMENTATION N, Lundquist O. Wcgner E. Mcclain A. Hammcs Viola F, Smith G. Birts G. ,lackson C. Gransherry Cello N. Fischer B. Hausner l. Shapiro I. Malone Trumpet T. Netzhand H. Lutz Saxophone T. janke R. Clark W. Witt Clarinet M. Kahl C, Buchler Percussion H. Trosch W. Schmitt G. Spanenherger 93f String Bass K. Karau H. Myers French Horn M. Fischer B. Bruner Trombone D. Grain S. Holmgren D. Pinsker Tuba j. Lee Al. Lynch CHOIR Row l My llvnrllln, M. Smznur. U. Nl.n'lln, ll. kl1r'l'scln'flc. li, Klx'll1, M. xl. Kl1pfv1'lw1'g, S, fIl.ulr Rmx' V w, li. l'vum-5, ,l, Sclxlllvlncls. M. XYxx1u'rstvvrx, fi. Runnvlls, l'. Smxzlx, S. fllnrk. M. Hnppr. R-sw " ll Hr-rlvnn, Cl. Ilvlwlwlvr. ,l, Frnnungr-n, fl. Sp1nlwrxlw1'1rr, R, Schultz. R. Stnrlu, T. Nltzsclmr. lf. Kiln-rnm, Rum 4' C ku 'v. N,Fung,R.T-lrnqurar,lJ.sI4-l1m.15,,, Knllzruf, ll. Hunrlr. Rr M .,. rnlv. N. lnxmlqlmt, ,l. Alruxrrnnxg. l. llxzxmlxlzxvttvl. R. Cvrrtzmzzclmrr, T. lzulnnlw. ll, Sclmrnlwu. T l.utv1'. Soprano P. Shaw N. Clxristmn A. Pimp L. Hay L. VVcnsi11g,f C. Hug C. l'lz1rtmz1n -I. Ncvcr B, Krueger E. Mccluin L. Steward S. Clark . Dorn . lglliltlllr M D SCH - . U4 Jim 1 KHPPQUQ LVM' A. Bulistrcri . Savage Martin B. Klein KLlPlAL'Tl7CTg 5. Clark bl. Scluillnrzacli B. Pcqucs M. Vhntcrstccn M, Huppc l. lfronmmgcn R. Storln Gross M G l. -lclinck Dircctnr A CAPPELLA CHOI Alto L. B. M B. M .l. P. P. G A C lf' C Accompamis Sclwzldck Bullm nn n Klein MCIIIIICI' lvlanntlmy Holm grvn Kiclcr Brown SCl1Ulll.l Bagley Klncckl Uttnwitl Bulw T' 3, 5 CHOIR Rum' l: P. Slum. A. lfnmv, L, Sch.xJwL. B, Ii.eun1,mn. M, Kiran. N. I.lum1.uw'l1. R Nm-flx, Ruw 1: H. Mrum-1. M M.mrhx. L. Hay. I.. XXX-lx-mlm. ,l. Hwlmgxvm. l'. Knlvr, I'. Iixmxu. A, Knut: Ruw w: f,. Hug. l-. Bm-lwti, C.. Hzurmdxm, ,l. Nu-'x'. fl. S:lmuI,u, A, Hnglrv, C., Kluwfkl. li, rimxxt: Rum' 4: H. Kulcgrx, M. Hnmh H kmmnrkx. lt. M Clam L 51-'xx.u'J. M, I3 in I kl I 1 Ii 11 I 11 K' . 1. Ruw 'lg B, T. TN-'rzlnml I3 Igmnulx, A. Ihlmxvll. lt, Hull 1 H R1 wif, ,I. Lw. M. Linn X , . pg mwfum fir. Bcmllin ERSONNEL BY VOICES L. Schultl C. Runncllx P. Smltlm B. Hcdccn C. Dcblwlcr U, Spz11wr1hurgrr' E, cjl1CI'IM'Y C. Kicy N, Fritz Tenor R, Ncvul X G. Bleclwcvilt M. Smith B. klicrschvck M R . O P Bass A, H E. G B. T, E. Gfilliillitb Turnqulft ,lohm Hundl Rzmft KllIlllI15ki Klcscr Bcngsum Ku-mor Nctzlmml Butler Rcvclf Lee . Luvcrcn: Nitzxchc -Immu ', X?v'Y2ldC Lundq uift Arrnxtrung BI'LllldSlllClil'I' c:fiIZIlHlClN'I' T. Aluhnkc Schumbcr VIQISICIA PM . 1 1' 1 Soprano D. Wilkf J. clI'ilLllWL'I'gCF D. Hood M. Bunnuw D. Twigg B. Hill P. Rwhcl P. BYCIILZIIILINII M. Hziniiltwn L, Balzcr C. Kuchn M. Fetzer J. Pzijari -l. Staplctun L. Dcdinun P. Peoples E. Runga I. Bishop M. Gcrstrnzin C. BClHlH GIRLS GLEE PERSONNEL BY VOICES Accoinpzmistsz B. Vwlnre 5. Spitzzi 5. Yuuck j. Spindlcr L. Holton . Guy . Bcziuclizlnip lvl, lfixchcr .l V 2d Soprano j. Nlainthy D, Lung DI. Erlcrt -I, Owens VU. Piclicns A. Hullowcll B. Sager VI, Uicsc C. Zictlow lvl, Sclirucdcr E, Tripp C. Willialins, R. Schultz I. johnson R. O. N. C. W1 A. H. .l, P. j. .l. G M A. Alto 1, D. G. Peterson Fears Buch Burns Vv'cxldlc -Innes Vv'a1lls Scllcrs Flowers Chimchuck New Izsird Duncan Bzilistrcri Eichmunn Kumenick Bohingur Vkkdgcwurth Strung Fitch Duvall Bchling Sanders Kruchalk Bridgcs Mclvlillcn Aitchisun Cozitcs Haclchzirth Dunllcy Tolivcr Hawkins Hcrhcck Anderson Dcngcl Rmhol Hzlwkina Ingram Hzicnly Ri, Ru Ru Rn R., 'NNI GIRLS GLEE H..fl.,, Iiiyhllm. IJ. XX'illu. RI. fli.illl-mul-1. I7 Himrl. ll. llichiniinn, M. liunixmx. ll. Kninrnirlx. fi. li lin I, D, Trung, fl XX'-ilgnxurlli, -I. Nluivtlxy. ll. Hill. l'. Riflirl. ll Str n l lil ut mum .I. limilrun. L. lhlzvi. In Kuihn, S. Lung. ,l. lzrlrll, M. Iwlzcr, ll. Fitih l l nun , . . xaull, C.. Zutlmx. M. Siliiuiklii. -4 I Ou n N. Ihqkifm. A. Hulluxxill. li. Emil, nl. Huw, l lIu ,f .. . .Vx l li hlin,. li. l,. Ilmlmuii. l,. T113 I lulnmim, l'. l'.-splvf. R. Skliult.. A. humliif. R l'.u-ifmii 9 6 GIRLS' VOCAL ENSEMBLE 1.X11111111I 1I11 p1,11111: 1111 1111'1gI11l T M1. Ii1111I.111. D111-111.11 I-. M.11'r111. M. 541.111 I I IxI11.'1'I11. U KIHI111-1111, ,-X, l5,1I1wt11'11, L. Nux- 111 N. f.I1115r1.111f111. Ii 11 111: Aq.w1111p.1111fr R SqI111l1:. S C,I.1rk, R l5111111:11111. I. k11,1-1I1114 Jim 503' 61146 05 iv' ' R-:xx R1 11x Raw R1 wx R1 111 Director: Mr. Bcndlin GIRLS GLEE f,. k111cI1:1II1. U. I:1'.11N. R H11dg-N. IVI IVICIVI1II1'11. IJ :K11rI1f1111. .I L.11.1t1- . I111.111, IJ. Txugg, If, Rl111g1. N ISu1cI1. I. I511111x. I. lI1fI11111. XV. W11I1ll1'. ll, II1 I1I111I1 'I11111-5. H, XX11IIf. I. Svllrn, I' I'I11xx1-vw, If lllullrv, M I11-1N1111:111. I. fII1.1111l111k I Ii l1111 . T+1I1x1'1', xl. Nux. ,I H.11xL111N. Ii XY4111-. S, Sp1r:.1. CI XY1.l111111N, S. Y.111ck. I 51111111 1 M H rl L -,I1:1w11. I I71'11g1'I. IN, Ruclwl, L. HUI11111. II, H.1xxk111f, I.. I:111'1I. ll. 11.15, I' I11 11111 . 117 .yn mtg 301110 . . SPORTS J fag f ff? K ,' fgpxl Q Q P 2 4 1 I x .' I If x. ,l gi?fV 'X A ' Q ' 1' , ' N' , ' 1 f . Vxwya' 'A V I Sept. 24 Oct. 2 Oct. 10 Oct. 17 Oct. 22 Oct. 30 Nov. 6 Nov. 12 Scoreboard Football: Games of the Season Custer 28 .... West 31 .... Bay View 34 .... East 25. . . . . Pulaski 24. . King 13 .... Juneau 38 .... Washington 5 9 North North North North North North North North -100- Top: NORTH'S COACHES Coaches Ristow, football and swimmingg Trythall haskctballg Bendlin, football. Middle 1 Coach Adamus, tennis and swimmingg Thompson trackg Fields, track. Bottom : Coaches Engelke, fuothallg Myra, footballg Barnes track. NORTH FOOTBALL PLAYERS Number Name 17 Malmon, Sheldon 18 Monsen, Robert 19 Netzband, Tom 20 Evans, Randolph 21 Webb, Rohn 23 Kollanf, Gordon 24 Gerassimoll, W. 25 Wade, William 26 Strauss, Allan 27 Koglin, Ronald 28 Haering, Steve 30 Lehmke, Alfred 34 Neustedter, Glen 35 Stephens, Robert 36 Thomas, Robert 37 jaster, Tom 38 Kusik, James 39 Brisco, Iohn 40 Lutz, Howard 41 Brandstaetter, john 43 Kelch, Wayne 44 Emmer, Edward 45 Bernhagen, Clyde 46 Dubester, Edward 48 Werth, James 49 Haskins, James 50 Coleman, Elbert 71 Reinicke, William 52 Bub, Kenneth Large, William Nitzsche, Tom jnnt6alL .... N.D.H.S. FOOTBALL VARSITY SQUAD FOR SEASON 1973 Ron I: ,l. lirisco. R. lvlonsrn. T. Nitzsclie, A. Coleman, XY. flriasiiiioll. S. Heating. lf- E'U""'l'- ,l. l"loSl4IIlS- Row 2: S. Nlalmon, A. Lemlw, QI. Albrrtlit, H, Lutz. fi. lienuston. K. Hub, T. glastcr. ,l. Hi'aiidstarltei', 'l. Nt-tzband. R. Koglin. Row 3: floach lfiigvllie, Coach Ristow, Al. Knsirlt, R. NYeblw. R. Thomas. A. Stallss, fl. Armstrong, fl. Kollaiili, KI. Bernliagen. Al. XY.-rth, Coach lvlyra. Row 4: XY. Runnells. lvlgr.. R, Stephen, ll. Nrlisredtvr, XV. Rwinitkw. YY. XVaili, R. lfvans, M. Rodgers, L. Flnklein. R. l5libi'stvi', North 0 - Custer 28 North started the football season by losing to a big, tough Custer team by a score of 28 to H. Arvid johnson put on a onefman show for the victors as he ran for most of Custer's yard' age. Custer led at the halt by a score of 3 to fl, pushing ahead after Bill Reinicke, one of North's best men, was injured. North 6 - West 51 Unce again the Blue Devils suffered from the second half blues and bowed to West, 31 to 6. lt was a rough and tumble game with North drawing tirst blood on a lflfyard seoring plunge by Tom Netzband. West scored with a few minutes remaining in the second quarter, tying the score at ofall at the end of the first half, In the second half the undermanned North team could not hold and West went on to win. - lfll North 6-Bay View 54 ln the third game of the season North lost to Bay View after holding the opponent seoref less in the first quarter only to have Bay View break away and score two touchdowns in the second quarter, one in the third, and two in the fourth. hlohn Brisco scored for North on a sixf yard plunge in the fourth quarter. North was the first team to score on Bay View. Nozth 6 - East 25 Once again North got otl to a, slow start and was downed by East, Zio. Northls only score eame after a o3fyard drive. Tom faster sparked the drive and bucked over from the oncfyard line for the score. THE FIGHTIN' NORTH BLUE DEVILS! North 12 - Pulaski 24 Though North played one of its hest games of the year, the fighting Blue and Wliite tough Pulaski team hy a score of 2-LIZ. Pulaski lost to a eapitaliled on Blue Devil mistakes and seored all flour of its touchdowns in the first half. Randy Evans, who played a hrilliant game, scored for North on a Zflfyard run in the second quarter. In the second half North held Pulaski seoref less. Every Pulaski drive was thwarted hy fine defensive play. In the fourth quarter, Randy Evans onee again hroke loose for a -Wfyard run for his second seore of the game. North's Blue Devils, dejected and somewhat disappointed, of course, hore up well in spite of a lopsided score which concluded the game. 2 WHISTLE! XVATCI-I IT! North 15 - King I4 - Homecoming ln one of the most thrilling games of the year, North was edged hy Rufus King, I4fI 3, Ir was North's homecoming game and the hoys tried their hardest. North got the hall on the openf ing lciekoff and marehed all the way down the field for a quick touchdown which was scored hy Randy Evans. The extra point was made on a pass from Tom jaster to john Brandstaetter. In the third quarter King scored. Then our hoys in Blue and White held for three downs hut, ironieally, on the fourth down King fum' hled, the hall rolled into the end :one, and was recovered hy King for the touchdown that gave them the victory. N.D,H.S. FRESHMANf FOOTBALL TEAM w l: liams. R. Caldwell. R. Hunley. G. Schmidt, A. Simmons, K. Grluenlwach. w 2: Cv. Viestcott, NY. Uuiton, M. Krimmer, A. Reinhardt. R. IDlll'Wl'5lCl', F. Sprenz, L. Smith, C. Schwai, j. Nevels. R. Evans. xv .az Coach Bendlin, L. Bennett, hl. Deneel, E. Dickerson. L. Harmon, l Driver, H. Sims, G, Olson, R. Dans, ' cog- SOPHOMORE BILL REINICKE North 6 - Juneau 38 A surprisingly strong Juneau team trounced North's Blue Devils, 3841. john Briseo scored North's only touchdown on a 4Ofyard run in the third quarter. North 6 - Wfashington 59 North lost the closing game of the season to the champion Purgolders. It was a case of North's just not heing ahle to hold on to the hall. North scored its last touchdown of the year in the fourth quarter when John Briseo plunged across from the onefyard line. ALL CITY HONCRS JQHN Balseo All-City Football Honors North placed two hoys on the second allfcity foothall squad. 'They were Bill Reinicke and John Briseo. "Big Bill" was one of the hest tackles in the city, as our opponents who played against him will testify, He was outstanding on offense and defense. John Brisco was always a threat hecause of his great speed and his evasive running. He eontinually kept our opponents guessing with his end runs and fast line plunges. Although these hoys played on a losing team, they hoth distinguished themselves with their Hne spirit, aggressiveness, and skill on thc grid' iron. H103- BASKE FBALL VARSITY SQUAD ni I Hrlsto. ill R Ih mi I fix n K Hu lik C lxunzlri. 5. Mqlinon Hczld Coach: Mr. Trythzill North 65 - Custer 46 North opened its cugc sczlson with :tn imprcsf sivc victory ovcr Custer on the King floor, jump- ing to 21 lcztd curly in thc iirst quarter und ncycr losing it :is our Blue Dcvils outplzlycd Custur in cycry phase of play. Jim Grayson lcd the scorf ing with 17 points. He was followcd hy Boh Craft with 13 and Henry Sims with ll points. North 59 - East 65 In thu second QZIINC of thu sczlson North was edgcd out hy Il tough East iivc in Il hairdffought hzlttlc. North outscored East in the first two quzirtcrs. hut lost out in the sccond half with Ez1st's winning, 6559. Bold Craft took scoring honors for North with IS points, Hu was followed hy ,lorry Buschkc with I2 points and Jim Grayson with lil. BASKETBALL: FRESHMANBOPHOMORE SQUAD Hotiorn Ron: j. Drixrr, Al. Himmwlmann. fl, Bennett. R. Evans. l'. Schulze, C.. lillhf- Roxx 2: R. Barnes, R. Branta. H, Bryant, fl. XYeseott, C. Harris, CI. Ou.-ns. Roxx 3: D, Schultz, li. Selmai, F. Sprenz. XY. Hinton. A. Uxvtfm, H. XX illlams. A. Sunni-Ins. R. Cialtlxwll. Q Top Roxx: R, Scliaetzke, F. Xlallialns, IS. Rliodrs, L. kln-tus, V. XY1lllamson, II. Inrins. L. Hannon, L. Smith, Assistant Coach: Mr. Barnes l North 49 - South 69 North went doxvn in defeat for the second l time in a row when the Blue Devils met with the ehampionshipfhound South five. South just had a little too mueh of everything for North's team to outdistanee. Jim Grayson, the only North player to score in douhle figures, was high scorer with 'll points, North 52 - Tech 63 North wen: down against Tech with a score of 6352 in its third defeat. It was a tough game from start to finish. The first quarter ended in a tie hall game, hut Teeh pulled ahead to an llfpoint lead at half time. In the third and fourth quarters North and Teeh played evenly as hoth teams seored exaetly 29 points in the seeond half. Once again jim Grayson was high scorer as he dumped in li points. UP AND AT 'EME North 62 - Washiiigtoii 60 North shed its losing streak hy heating its archfrival, Wzishiiigtciii, in one of the closest games of the season. North led at half time, 31 to 27, hut WZlSh' ington pulled to a tenfpoint lead in the third quarter as it outscored the Blue Devils, 25 to Il. North took over in the fourth quarter and overcame the tenfpoint deficit to win the game. jim Grayson dumped in 19 points for North, followed hy jerry Buschke with 13 and Boh Graft with I2 points. North 58 - West 88 In crushing defeat, North howed to a red hot West team hy a score of 8358. The iirst half of the game was even with West leading hy a score of 2825 at the end of the half. In the second half Vw7est exploded, scoring 30 points in hoth the third and fourth quarters. jim Grayson and Boh Thomas led the North scoring with I 1 and lf! points respectively. North 50 - Juneau '56 North was humhled in its opening game of second semetser play hy a scrappy Juneau team, iofifl, Coach Don Trythall used the two' platoon system hut to no avail. North led until the heginning of the fourth quarter when Ju' neau outscored North I4 points to 7 to win the game. Bill Rcinecke was high scorer for North with ll points. JUMPING FOR IT! North 49- Bay View 44 North got hack into its winning form and dc' feated a tall Bay View five hy a score of 49'-H. North overcame a Bay View lead in the sec' ond quarter, maintaining the lead for the rest of the game. jim Grayson led the scoring with 13 points. followed hy Boh Craft with 11 and Boh Thomas with IU. North 64 - Pulaski 58 A smoothfworking North live defeated the scrappy Pulaski cagers hy a score of 6458. Pulaski jumped to an early lead which it maintained until the end of the third quarter when North tied the score at 43 all. Jim Gray' son then sank nine straight baskets to lead the fighting Blue Devils to victory. Jim Grayson, North's star forward, scored the most points of his career as he captured scoring honors with 36 points. North 56 - Lincoln 52 North extended its winning streak to three straight hy heating a fast Lincoln team in a douhle overtime. The North tive trailed all through the game, hut with less than a minute to go, jim Grayson made a hasket and Bill Wilde pitched a free throw to tie the score at 47fall, In the first over' time, hoth teams scored three points, hut in the second overtime, Grayson and Henry Sims made haskcts to sew up the game for North. Grayson led the scoring with 13 points, followed hy Sims with 10 points. 'TIS PART OF THE GAME I l i i i i I I , North 76 - Rufus King 64 In the final game of the season, North's red hot Blue Devils trounced Rufus King hy a score of 76 to 64. North led throughout the game, stopping every King rally with accurate shooting and exf cellent rehounding. jim Grayson again took scoring honors with 22 points. He was followed hy Clyde Bernhagen who had I4, Glen Neuf stedter with I3, and jerry Buschke with IO points. Conclusion North concluded its most successful season in three years hy compiling a record of six wins and live losses, ending in third place in the City Conference standings. Jim Grayson was North's outstanding perf former and the sparkplug of the team. The spirit and determination of every ineinher of the team were the vital factors which enahled the Blue Devils to have a winning team and do so well in the conference. PLAYING XVITH GUSTO! ATHLETIC GRACE AND SPIRIT ALL-CITY BASKETBALL HONORS ,lim Grayson, star and sparkplug of North's team, was honored hy heing selected for the Milwaukee hIournal's first string AllfCity team. As all haskethall fans know, Jim was an all' around good player. He was sixth in scoring in the City Conference, one of the hest hall han' dlers in the league, an excellent defensive man, and a line rehounder. Jim, a junior, has another year of line haskethall ahead of him. North's hopes anticipate a repeat of that honor next year. Q ALL-CITY Jim Grayson rw., , .... ,W M... , .. KMAA, fnunfztq, Coach: Mr. Thompson Highlights of the Season Willie Baker, Robert Hoskins, and Dave Rolfer placed well in all meets throughout the season. Injury and illness did much to cause inconsistency in the fourth and fifth places. Capable runners are still in school to make a very well balanced squad for next year. We are already looking forward to the 1954 cross- country season. ! SETTING THE PACE Scores for the Season: Autumn, 1953 North 21, Juneau 40 North 29, Lincoln 27 Washington 43, King 61, West 69, North 92 East 108 North 30, East 29 North 35, South 25 Washington 37, Bay View 91, King 110, South 114, West 123, Lincoln 148, CONFIDENT IN THEIR STRIDE North 163, Pulaski 204, East 233, Juneau 261 North 35, King 26 SKILL, DETERMINATION, PROWESS TENNIS TEAM Bottom Row: T. Nitzsche, A. Sorkin, XY. Rueth, D. Roedcr. Top Row: Nl. Himrnelmann, H. Ualltzcr, R. Garvey, ml, Bonaparte, Coach Al, Adamus. Mr. Adamus, Coach The tennis squad under Coach Adamus did a wonderful joh of representing North this year. With only one letterman returning from last year, Mr. Adamus developed a uperformf ing" squad. As the Tattler went to press, the team was in fifth place, ranking in the first divif sion. The sparkplug of the team was john Himmelmann who had heen heaten only once while winning six times. As to next year's prospects, the team will have a fine nucleus of hoys returning. High hopes for "net results" in another year are horne out with john Himmelmann, Tom Nitzsche, Bill Rueth, and Dennis Roeder - all experienced men who will return. Tennis Results as of May 14th -n North 1 East o North 3 . Lincoln 1 North 0 King 4 North 3 .. Custer 1 North 3 .. South 1 North 3 . Pulaski 4 North 2 . Juneau 2 Team Rank 1. john Himmelmann 2. Al Sorkin flettermanj 3. 'Tom Nitzsche 4. Bill Rueth 5. Harold Galitzer Poised for Receiving! Nice Backhand Stroke! Coach Adamus Shows How SWIM TEAM Row I: I5. Iiehrnr. IU. Dickerson. ,I. Ilonaparte. R. Iiohinger, R. NIwrs. Row 2: XX. Witt. XX. Iierassirnolf. II. Schmitt. R. Tradrwell, T. Nitzsche. II. Slanke. Row 3: AI. Ilurr, ll. Feld, I. Vavrek, XY, Rui-th, I'. XYerrh, AI. Ilruno, Darling. Mr. Ristow, Coach t. Judges and timers ready?" Swimmers ready?" "To your marks!" "Bang!" So the North Division swimming team was off to a highly successful year which saw our Blue Gills place ahove the .SOO mark. North placed fourth in city competition and tied Pulaski in the state meet. The team hit its peak in the Little and Big City meets. In the Little City meet, Werth placed Hrst in the lfiofyard hreast stroke, Nitzsche took first in diving, and Darling took second. In the Big City meet, Werth again took first in the lflflfyard hreast stroke and Nitzsche took second in diving. In the State meet at the Whitefish Bay pool, Werth took second in the hreast stroke and Nitzsche took sixth in diving. Paul Werth and Tom Nitzsche were honored hy heing named to the AIIfState swimming team. This is the first time this honor has heen hestowed on hoys from North. SWIM CLASS xx I NI. Stein, R. Iiohingat. D. Iioeder. K. floll. 1 xx T. lvlarqilardt, R. Ilaiiriingtr, I. Iivhrns. I'. Kvzisiilca. XY. Srliulna 1 xx T. Hesse. II. Iiallm, R. lVIorr1s.I:. Sonug. I. I'rt-'rsori, 'If Iiiitlgi N. nn. -I. I"isrher. SWIMMING LETTERMEN John Bruno, First Sem. Captain Harold Calitzer, CofCaptain Paul Wertli, CofCaptain Tom Nitzsche -lohn Darling Gene Feld William Rueth. Don Behrns Harland Trosch David Crein RESULTS OF MEETS North 42 West Allis Central .... North 36 Vwfcst Ivlilwaukee .. North 34 Bay View ....... North 39 Vifliitehsh Bay North 48 Lincoln ....... North 36 Vw'ashington .. North 44 South .... North 35 East .. North 32 Tech ..... North 56 M. U. S. . .. .Mann-ni 4I 47 49 44 35 47 719 -I8 71 l7 PAUL WERTH, TOM NITZSCHE ALLSTATE SWIM MEET F53 GYM TEAIVI R-:xx I' ll. Slvplinlis, IT, S-iliil, Il. Kogliii, Ixll ik, Nl, lloivgil-s, l N Row 1: AI. Isilmsoil, R, filming, li, lhpiwl I5 NI Il SrIxit'lwllwli1, I lla! Ix'l, I7. IVIIIIH, XXII tlxxaltl lioxx 3: I", Kiliiiimt. ll, l'aulaxmki. A. Tomaz, I. l. ilu, R, liihm, I, I?.ii'lii1g, A. Iitltstiin, D. Rolfu. is i Rim 41 I, liolloxxax, A, lxlipstvln, I, ll ith I Ii li I lhuloi. I, Ilioiiiiisoli, ID, ,I-'lm-on . . , , ' XX, Ru-ali, IS lmtlg-, I, 1.illw.ii,,I, ,I North Divisionls gym tcam was idle again this year hccausc the sport has hccii discontinued iii ilw City Coiilicisuliuc. Witliivill liolut- ol' winning a lcttcr, thcsc hoys gave their time to lcccp this sport in the school. In rctum, they dcvclopcul muscular coordination and finc physiqucs, Coach Ristow hclicvcs thu hoys would have liccii top' notch in competition had the sport hccn city' aliirs. .ii,. witlc with Jim Kusilc, Iohii Darling, and Anthony Eckstcin to load thc way. GYM TEAM In the Making Outstanding Boys Uymlmst Seniors: Manuel Gonzalcs C!'fCCtlo1i ,Iamcs Kusilc Allcn Klipstcm john Darling Dun MMU Ronald Kllylllll 'Ohm Lcsxlln Tom Nitzschc Ed Mi,k,,x,CC blames Vfurtli DUVC RUIIUV Freshman-Sophomore: Juniors: ,Iaiiics Vfcdward Anthony Ecksttin Tony Toma: Mi'. Ristm ww, Cm iach Nlusulr Nluii ol' llym Tuziin TRACK SQUAD Row lzs fl. Carr, F. Sprenz, B. Reed, Coach Fields, Coach Thompson. Coach Barnes, K. fluff, Mgr., A. Simmons, YV. 1K'ade. '1 Row -: H. Vanierl, Mgr., W. Scherr, ,l. Brisco, R. Hunley, W. Schumann, Mgr., W, Kramer. C. Cutter, R. Hoskins, L. Crib. Row 3: F. lviakttlrews, S, Haerlng, C. Harris, H. Bryant, hl. Boschek. XY. XYestbrooks, E. Emmer, E. Dubester. R. Rehm. D. Roller. Row 4: ,l. Smith, K.. Ingram, R, Evans, j. Nvvels, W. Renfro, A. Little. XV. Baker, E. Coleman, KI. Hoskins. XY, Gus-ron, D. Shaw. Row 7: NV, Helse, A. Klipstein, D. Schultz, fl. NlcNallY, H. Baht. R. Evans, R. Harrrll. l.. XVare, L. Harmon, fl. Bennett, A. lvlalonc. Row 6: H. Sims, R. Thnmosino. ,l. Hrandstaetter, L. Daic, F. Harvey, j. flardner. B. Revcls, T. Doerllinger, R. Schmitz, I. Himmclmann .l. Driver, B. Rernxckc. , Mr. Barnes, Assistant Coach Mr. Thompson, Head Coach 'The track season started with great enthusif asm and hope for a balanced squad. Never before had North started the season with eight returning letrermen. A dropped baton by our defending ehamf pions at the Journal Games, illness of "Devils" 1name taken by lettermen1g and incxperience of the "Hustling Souls" 1name taken by the nonlettermen1 at the State College meetf-fall these facts failed to show the unusual ability of the squad. The first dual meet with Bay View, a school North had not defeated in a dual meet for twentyfeight years, indicated that the Blue Devils were on the way. In this meet North won eleven first places and ended with a score of SZZX3 to 3016 for Bay View. Robert Thomas set a new school record in both the high and low hurdles. Willie Baker bettered a school Mr. Fields, Assistant Coach Determination, caused by what was felt to be only an average showing in the triangular meet, accounted for the Blue and White two days later defeating South, 78 to 35. Again eleven firsts were taken. Finally convinced of their ability, the Blue Devils took five first places in the Northside Relays, a meet that had long been dominated by Washington, at King Stadium. The scores of this meet were Washington 88, North 80, King 80, East 54, and West 52. The first places were in the broad jump where a new meet rec' ord was set, in the high hurdle, the low hurdle, the 440-yard, and in the 880fyard events. The 880fyard relay team of Brisco, W. Baker, A. Malone, and E. Coleman set a new school record in this event. Boys on the win' ning relay teams were R. Thomas 141, J. Brisco 131, E. Coleman 131, W. Baker 121, J. Brand' record in the 8S0fyard run that had stood for 39 years. The result of the second meet was for North SZMQ Lincoln SZMQ Juneau 28. staetter 121, G. Kolland 121, W. Wade 111, and A. lvlalone The season closed to the gratification of the school and all its participants. 1 CofCapts. Thomas and Baker The Shot Put, Fine! jump, Boy, jump! Recordfbreakers! Urn and Over! 5cen.a.4,aLfh.ajJzacl1,, f Y. f'3i3-55 figs fu K h RH f 5 ,n 5' M wi-'H my wif' DANCE ENSEMBLE R xx l I Oltm limmll. ,l. Zmwlh. QF. Amleyffm. , . Hml.-11, R -xx 2: V. xlr:. f,. klmekl. D. KY.nsImllngtm1, 4-. klxlckwrl U klein 5 Zu IMI, ff. Bruf. Kunz. lm 1. Y. c1.nIf, l'. Smxrh, ll. R vu 1' k M1 I Ruualx. L. L H I I I11.1.1--xx-ku. mme . . uul.uI4'. f.. Z.ucln'1'. 17. THOSE WHO DANCE Directed by Mise Hciden . I l Z E O . O THOSE XWHO CHEER Dirceted by Mrs. Shultif Dzwia K. Zneher, D, Barry, R. Gardner, ,I. Barry. N. Zerzntsky, D. Hough m Simpy X55 5, "A"--'s .9-...,,,,5a ii xy V55 qy fiff 1. . .-1:A: V A i A X aw, T .1 FB :ri 3 S' : "s 'Y Y' 3 9ngpunaL QSIUIP-'L 'ww 95 Egg'-5 M WN '8- kgyw ,fix X , 'On 'W Lmfx 1 Helm, lww, 'WH H' Ileartiest Congratulations to the Entire Staff of the 1954 TATTLER from N O R A M P R E S S Symbol of Tolbmost Quality in Ylfarbook Covers 'A' The 1954 TATTLER Covers Alanufactured by THE NCRTH AMERICAN PRESS 728 N. 7th Street Milwaukee 3, Wisconsin Ollfffdlldillg Covers Since 1864 174... A Communily Bunk r t u ll Mi M 313 2 ,.- It is our desire to take satisfactory care of your banking needs . . . 0 Savings Department v Commercial Department 0 Safe Deposit Department 0 Installment Loan Department BUY SAVINGS BONDS jufonia gang Deposits in this bank are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation with 310,000 maximum insurance for each depositor. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM fe-125 D TO OBTAIN midincfiue, erenf, ani! .gnohuicluaf RESULTS Let us suggest ideas for your book. Our years of experience as Annual builders enable us to give the year- book staff specialized, intelligent help. MGTLOOL gngfa vera Hammersmith- Kortmeyer Co. PRINTERS ' LITHOGRAPHERS ' PHOTO-ENGRAYERS 733 N. Van Buren S'l'ree1', Milwaukee. Wisconsin l T W0rld's Largest Produfers 4-CYCLE, AIR-COOLED GASOLINE ENGINES AUTOMOTIVE LOCKS, KEYS and LOCKING SWITCHES BRIGGS 81 STRATTON CORP. Milwaukee U 81 I FURNITURE STORE INC. Open Monday and Friday Evenings FRanklin 4-2460 2865 N. Teutonia Ave. TOWN MARKET L. H. SCHMITT FANCY MEATS and POULTRY W'lJ0lexale and Retail BRoadway 1-5214 1115 N. 3rd St. Milwaukee, Wis. -12 Eaf MAJAQA to the grcwluafing Cfadfs I954 May Your Future Be Happy and Prosperous Aflas Printing Company Phone COncord 4-6228--4-6229 352 E. Reservoir Ave f-127'- NORTHWESTERN LAUNDRY CO. 2401-2403 W. North Avenue Telephone : Dlvision 2-3736 Congratulatiofzsf TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 MARTY LARSEN County Supervisor ALUMNUS WELFARE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 2200 N. 31'Cl St. LOCuSt 2-6660 INSURED SAVINGS Amortized Mortgage Loans F.H.A. Mortgage Loans Straight Mortgage Loans Improvement and Repair Loans At Lowest Cost to Borrowers RAY EHLERT'S SANDWICH SHOP Our Spefialty STEAKS and HAMBURGERS French Fried Potatoes 2730 N. Teutonia Ave. COncord 4-9837 Congratulations to the GRADUATE Class of 1954 IA jwaeaeffing Co. C. A. FRAZIER, Prop. 137-A E. Wells St. BRoadway 6-1863 BORN'S FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 1204 W. Center St. LOcust 2-1546 CLASS RINGS - CLUB PINS - TROPHIES COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS VICTOR A. NOWAK COMPANY 623 N. Second Street BRoadway 1-3860 where are the new frontiers' and what about the new worlds to conquer? Every now and then you hear someone ask- ing questions like these. The people of Allis-Chalmers can give you some of the answers. 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MORRlSON'S STUDIO YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER MArquette 8-5793 Wisconsin Theatre Bldg. Xegfkginajfkg!R,!X,!xg!Xo!R'!Rg!R'!Xgf fm- Ofi CUR SCHCOL We, the Graduates of '54- Thank our advertisers who have helped make this TATTLER Annual possible. In taking our leave, may we admonish you students to- Patrofzize TATTLER Advertisers Typeseiiingz Lowrance Typesefling Cc. Prinlingz Aflos Printing Co. Engraving: Hammersmiih-Korlmeyer Cc 1?-, Binding: Norfh American Press T - 3 A Photography: Morrison Studio

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