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a',,x 1.f? , 1 , rf' 4, af -"W l fs Aff' , QQ' , I rk pf'- yu W , 5 .ms ,R x P N ui- 1 Nf- 5 -4 ' 31 . 1 1 1 ' f' 1 1 -' '. liz' 1 A 1 -M 1 - 11 4 1 - ,1. ,- , 1 1 A Y . , 1 I 1 1 - 1 ' ' " V 7 Z A J. , 1 .1 . . I 3 - 11, H -- I , 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' 1 -' 111' 1 W 1 1 . -1 -'- "'f '. Y1 11 1 -1 1 1:- 1. . 1 1. 1, , 1 1 ' --.' 32111. . X 1 .TV -, ,Q 1 1 r 7 ' -1. 1 .J' 1 . 1. J 1 . 1, - JL: .' Q' ' I '14 'A' . '. 2. 1 .1 1.-1 F., . f 1- . , 1 1. '11-JT.-' -.1 1 ' 1 "--L S ' L .-N A -,. A I Y , I, , A 'Q ,1 H. .1 Q1 1' '--Mull" 1 1 . .A W ::w,l'.1'1." ' 1 - ,. Q -, uf, A :,.1,1U.:,l' ,- -' 1 P"' ,- ',,' A , I 1' -'1 .'.,- 1 1. 1 1 1 - .-, 1 ,. -. . 1 , 1 1" .y . , -f' ' 1 ' 1 -J, ,J ' 1 ' ' . 1 11 - 4- 1 ,, 1 11" V' 1' . .. X A I xr: . Q 11 1, , 11 11- " , 1,1 . 1 ,. 1 . - - 1 ' 1- 1. 1 ,1 , 1 ' .11 1 ' ff- K ' 1 751 1- 11- A 1 ' 1 .. 1 1 1 . , 1 .. ' ,- U - , 1 1. . .-v1M.- 1- - 1, ' 1 fx' - , 1 Qi 1 J. ,ml ,I . 1, .1 1 1 if Y -w 1 71 1 1 -1-'C'-Q11 -' 1 V' , I,11 -1'1'1 ' . 1, , , -- 1 .1, 11-1' 1 '-J'--1:-1. 1. 1 1 . 1 1- 1- 11'-. -- ' 13 . . 11 1 ..1,-3 ' 1 1. 1 11 1 1 ,,-'fp Hy!-.V1-1 1 1 ,rr 1,1v , , X x .IJF y 1 1 , h N , 1 - Jar' ' , 1 , 1 -' - 1 ' ' , 1 1 , . 1' . ' ' 1 11'4l 11 , t, -1 . . 1 -1 Q. A 1 1 'T1:':."1.: ,. 'f - - 11. 1 . .1',-7 QT'-'1-'i.-11-.1 . .1 11, - -, - . 1' ,.' 1-' 11.1 11,1 ,..,,1.1.-., 111, 1 1 H... V ,1 1. 11'-1 'LJ .1-1 1: -11 .1 1 1 1 1 .1 . in' .-1111.-.1 ,Q1 '11'.-.151 . ' 1 -..n 1..1.1, ,1 1 5 4- 1- .1 1 1 1 1 V 1 V X11 1 1 1 11l- -:1'1 ,1 .- 1 1 v- 'J 1: 1-1 - 11.- .. 1, , 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 - S 1 1 1 ram, "- 1-11: .111 . W 1, 1.. -1.1 .1 .11 -Q . 1 .,-I -,,..,.,.. ' 4 1 .11,, , -.,11,.1-1. 11, 1 . 1-.11 - .1 1 ,- .--,1 ,151 .1-. 1, . 11 ., .,11., -1 .1., 1 1 . 1, 11- 1' 1 -1 1 1 1 1 .,,,. 1- ,-1.1. ,1,--,. 1Q1-'1' 1! '- '1-15 X. :.. 1 111- .'-11 1J1." A ' 1' 1. -'1'V.', ' 11 111,. - 1- 1 .1::.4., , -1 1,' 1- -Q-L 1- 7" 5.1-11. - 1 .l1.' 1 5 T r i --l i 1 1 -- 1,,, , 11.1515 , -.-1fff1 .i 1n1C"g- -V Q15-1 ' L 1: .l1:U.-in 3.1114-I-1 Y 1 Q , 'T -"-'5--1151.1 ' 1 5-1-.5 ' 11.1-L",f 1,111 11 .1 Y - 1. --i .53 -30, 11- Lf rf,-' b A .. , , -d:V.i.1 ,,'1,1!1-,-,L -. - F' - ,1-1----f1J"'f.1-?'f'1:,'1' '1. ' 11 A-. . , 17- ,1a1. -1-'- '.1--1, I 1 ' 'I 1 111 ' 7-1 " 's. -.,1?1l"-.',f 1.1 7' J-'. 2'171'1 'Quin - -.--Ig 'W 1---- f-' 1 11,1 11-.-1 1- 15.5.-,1 N .1L1j -- .1 , 11 1:-.1 1. 1. . --.--,111 1 1 11 -.1 'L.1':-.L -- 11 1- . :1 -- . --1 1: - -111,3 'r V- fig., 'A-,-1, '1 .J-. 1,-:1,.,1.-1. ,-1' L 1'g'1.' 121-' . -5" 1y",i -1-. r""11: --I"1'::.l'f"lflff " .1 1 - 'f- .1 1, ' 115 1 1.p. 1 1,--f1 11- '- 1-' --11111-':'---.-z'.' :iii Q' 1 1 1 1 -:11',..1'.. .F-136 .g-1 1 -f1-g'1- '. 111- 11. '11 1' 1-:1::g.1'..,x,1.1-'11 ','.1-1 1 9,115.11 .-.1..-,...1. .1 .N -D, ,v,..,1 -.,.- 1 1 N-x-,J151 :1-,,'f,.i J 1 Q..-If-1.1-:-' 1 1 111"g,1, 1 1 1,1 .-L.. 1,11.1 . 1, 1,1 11 -,XJ111-1 1 H1 11, 11:--1,, .1 ,1,, 1,,-,1gli' 1-1 1 1.11. .1 . H1 J-,,1 1 .1 11-3 . .4 1. 1 1 ,.1,1, ...A- 1 jV:"gi'-Alflri Q1 il J1,.1j.2:!1 1 ?'1,v ' .1- 1 f'.:"1'f 5 Sf. .111---1--. ,, W. ' L V-, J. 1 . W t . X U1 V n1f11.1-771-'5.-.331-1i"1'! .1.----.H 1-1 1 21---, 1.11.11-1' 'xg -51.1 , 1121- - 2 1"' 1 .f.1,1'11f '- 217' 1"':1'1- -'-1 111 "' .ff 1.'i-391, vp., ".. USIN13- 1 1.- :.v,:1',c1 ,, 1- .1,, 1 . Lf,--5 11 h 1,1 . -l7k,g,1 QM,-1 ,fl-1,15 mn.. A M , 1. 7 I- 'X 1- 1- 1, 111133-',-iljgf:-'fgfi-,.g' Q 111- 1' -1 --Y 5517.1 -1 1 -f- -1 wwf'--.-11.1.1-1111'ii -114.1 -.W 1- 1 1 11 1-51 1115111-1 ., - f'1 ,1, :---- -1 .11,.1I-11- 111,11 --1-'-H ,, 1i,1.11L. .. 11 1-.. .- 1 111-11 111- ,1-.1 ,. 1, 1- -11r -.311-,, ww., V1 1 ., 1 1 , 1 11.1 112: 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 --.1 1-11. , , 3 .- 1 , , f f ' - "-' , fy W7 I., , 'w..f'V. A. . r A rg 1 I x u r Q ,J -I , Q :'Jx,.' A I up 'J 1 ' ' -Q , I 44' ' I -1 N, f ,f J L ' 1 if 1 QQ, 3 Si iii Q? I , Q J? QW EMR ga: fiffzift n 1. HARRY IRVINE . . . . Editor-in-Cbie f Pwwufinf- In honor of our boys serving in the armed forces of our country- 7Ae NINETEEN FCDRTY - THREE WILLIAM SEFTON . . . . Business Manager l 1 W ... . 1 in az NCDRTH I DIVISION HIGH ir .Q Q f Q may I I, 5 E II ' W X25 5 V ,fx nl: Q 3 ' "'i'i 'fi' f W - ,, . fl f , .3,,,,,+ I I, , gl .LI , N9 AI I Q ' I IYI IMCWI I I I fd X KIM-fe+--if I kgs fl I I I My I ., I I -5mbU5m - U ' F MILWAUKEE-WISCCNSIN ,,,,, S 7'- 4K '7!w flkmzafmzii Alum? " . .. . We shall actively resist wherever necessary, and with all our resources, every attempt by Hitler to extend his Nazi domination .... We shall give every possihle assistance to all who are resisting Hitlerism or its equivalent .... b I say thiscan he doneg it must be doneg it will he done .... " -Franklin D. Roosevelt. 'K FACULTY CLASSES ACTIVITIES . We Gam! FACULTy "' 1+ in- if .iJ 4, F. W. WERNER Principal TO THE GRADUATES: ' Your graduation concludes forty years of North Division. In September, 1903, Principal R. E. Krug, six teachers, and a small group of students occupied an abanf doned fourfroom frame building then located on the ground of the Twelfth Street School. Four years later a larger group moved into the north section of the present building to which two additions have resulted in the quadrangular building as it is now. Mr. Krug early established a high standard of scholastic achievement which has characterized North Division ever since. . In my forty years at North Division I have noted a marked change in our student body. During the early years, mainly those who planned to go to college entered high school. Now the high school offers all young people training in a variety of fields. I No matter what your achievements may be, happiness is the keynote to success in life. A well known radio preacher recently quoted an old lady who said, "I'Iappif ness is the perfume which remains on your hand when you pick a flower for someone else." How simple and yet how true. May all of you be truly happy! FRED W. WERNER. T0 THE GRADUATES: You young people today can take satisfaction from the knowledge that your country will need your services either to win the war we are fighting, or to help in the work of reconstruction that will follow it. Your education is, of course, a preparation for whatever work you may be called on to, do. So, now, more than in time of peace, you should feel under obligation to make the most of your opportuf nity to prepare yourselvesiby continuing with your schooling as long as you can. Although you may be too young to take an active part in the warl at present, you can feel that you, too, are serving if you are constantly growing in knowledge and in skill. The longer you have been in school and the more conscientiously you have studied, the more valuable will be your service to your country when it needs you. L. W. CULVER. S L. W. CULVER Vice-Principal MR. ALBRIGHT Playf. Training MRS. ALK Language MR. BERGEIM Muyic MISS BERGEN Mathematics MRS. BOLTZ Librmiarz MR. BRANDEL Commercial MISS BUDD Matbe122atic.f MISS H. CAMPBELL Hifiory MISS CARRGLL H ozuebold Arif MISS CONLAN Englifb MR. FLUGUM Mazbenzaticx MR. GEE Hixiory MI S S DALY Comm ercial MR. DAMUTH Commercial MR. DUWE C 0 m m ercial MR. FIELDS Playx. Training MI S S G IVAN Commercial MISS GOELZER C om m ercial . MISS GREGG Malhemfztirx MISS HALBACH Comm errial MR. HALL Science MISS HEIDEN Pbyf. Training MR. HOLMES Englifla MR. HGVLID Manual Arty MRS. JAMES Houxelaold Arlx MR. KAMPINE H ivory MR. KARLSON Science MR. KEITH H ivory MRS. KNIGHT Science MR. KRENERICK Science MR. LIBBY Commercial MISS LUCKER Englixb MR. MAEGLI Manual Arts MR. MARTENS Language MR. MCGARTY Comm erfial MISS MILLS Language MISS MUELLENSCHLADER English MR. MYRA Commercial MR. NEWMAN Englixln gif A 'V MRS. NYBERG , , Englixb Q2 af ec' MISS OLTMAN Houfebold Am' MISS PERKINS Hixtory MRS. PORTER Hiftory MISS PREUSS C om m ercial MR. PRITCHARD Commercial MR, REDMOND Art S MR. RESCHKE Hiftory MISS ROBERTS Englirb MISS ROETHKE Commercial MISS SCHERKENBACH Englifla MR. SCHMIDT Music MR. SEEFELD Manual Arts MISS SHERMAN English MISS SMAIL Commercial MISS SPIERING English MR. STEUERWALD Manual Arts MISS STQECKLE English MISS SUCKOW Music MR. TETZLAFF Science MR. TRYTHALL Commercial MR. VAN HORN Engliffa MISS RAETZMANN Language MR. WARNER Science MRS. WILLIAMS Plays. Training MISS ZUCKER Language MRS. WILLIAMSON Art MR. WITTE Science MRS. RAMTHUM Office MRS. LANGE Office MISS MORODER Ojfice Not Photographed MISS EICHE Matbematicx MR. McMAI-ION In U. S. Service, Navy MR. ROTTMAN In U. S. Service, Navy We Mud' me CLASSES It is Q s E 2 E 4 . r l l 1 Bottom row: G. Daniels, C. Timm, M. Cohen, Mr. Krenerick, M. Choren, M. Griffin. ' Row 2: J. Clasen, E. Lippow, S. Levin, L. Stein, R. Lerner, E. Goldberg. Row 3: H. Kravs, I. Roitblatt, B. Milaccio, B. Silbermann, M. Levin, V. johnson. Row 4: j. Glazcr, A. Krueger, S. Bear, E. Frantl, E. Herbon. FEBRUARY SENIOR COMMITTEES PIN AND RING PROM Betty Milaccio, Chairman Herman Kraus, Chairman SHHO11 Levin Margaret Choren Vernon johnson G10 da Daniels PUBLICITY Emily Goldberg Ellis Herbon, Chairman Ruth Lerner Marion Cohen Warren Thurow Jacob Glazer Emily Goldberg EXECUTIVE . Israel Roitblat Marjorie Griffin, Chairman Lorraine Stein S01 Bear Lois Klug MIXER Milton Levin Edward Erantl, Chairman Esther Lippow- june Clasen L , S , Ellis Herbon Orrame tem August Krueger Bernice Silberman CLASS ADVISER Carol Timm H. Clyde Krenerick Page Twenty-six lune, 1943 Qedfmafuf 0 amen! flaagfmm FEBRUARY 2, 1943 - KRUG HALL PROCESSIONAL ....... ................... .......... T H E GRADUAT ING SENIORS "The Pilgrim" . . . ...... . . Lake SELECTIONS ........ . ..................... .... T HE NORTH DIVISION BAND Concert March, "Emblem of Unity". .. ........ Richards Overture, "Poet and Peasant" ....... von Suppe ORIGINAL ESSAY ....................... ESTHER LIPPOW "The World We Want to Live In" VOCAL SOLO ........................ JOAN DIBBERT "Senora" ........... Feist PIANO SOLO .................. .. . JACOB GLAZER "Rhapsody in GfMinor". . . . . .Johannes Brahms ORIGINAL ORATION ...... ELLIS HERBON "We Are Not Alone" GIRLS' TRIPLE TRIO "Ave Maria" ........ Bach Gounod "Allah's Holiday" ...... . . Friml Riegger Accompanist on Harp ..................... ......... L o1s Klug PRESENTATION OE HONORS AND DIPLOMAS ........ PRINCIPAL FRED W WERNER RECESSIONAL ................................. ......... T HE GRADUATES ir 4e6fuwuf Glen ,Hanan Magna Cum Laude Ellis Herhon Simon Levin Esther Lippow Helen Lukach Milton Levin June Clasen Bernice Silberman Goldie Derzavitz Margaret Choren Frank Martina Marion Cohen Helen Zastrow John Bennings Erhard Opitz Elaine Ahrendt Jacob Glazer Marcia Miller Esther Schuster Roland Klippel Kenneth Dick Cum Laude Georgette Gross Audrey Retzlaff Lorraine Stein Gloria Daniels Mary Jane Schalk Phylis Buechs Ruth Petersen Babette Schwarting Herman Kraus Violet Koglin Marjorie Griffen Edward Frantl Betty Haas Leopold Beber Bernice Riesterer Bertha Pauly Lois Klug Mavis McCallum Lillian Silberman Jack Knusel Marie Gabriel Tqttlef Page Twenty seven ELAINE AHRENDT. Elective Course. Cadetg Local Honor Rollg Office Mon. LILLIAN ATLAS. Elective Course. SOL R. .BEAR. Science Course. Forensic Teamg Icieadership Groupg Masquersg Speech Clubg Sr. Exec. .om. JOHN W. BEHLKE. Elective Course. Art Clubg Mas' quersg Photo Club. JOHN SYLVAN BENNINGS, JR. Elective Course. Football "N"g Local Honor Roll. JAMES J. BINGENHEIMER. Elective Course. Stu' dent Coun.g Swimming Team. Page Twenty-eight fra 4 CLYDE V. BRANDSTETTER. English Course. CHARLOTTE CHATHAM. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Music Festival. MARGARET MARY CHOREN. Stenographic Course. Girls' Club, Cor. Sec'yg Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg North Star Staff, Adv.: Sr. Prom Com.g Student Coun. JUNE F. CLASEN. Science Course. Biology Clubg Forum, Sec'yg Leadership Groupg Nat'l Honor Soc.g N. D. Honor Clubg North Star Staff, Editor-inf Chiefg Sr. Mixer Com.g Speech Clubg Student Coun. CAROL CLAUS. Elective Course.' Chemistry Club, Sec'yg Forensic Teamg Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Speech Clubg Student Coun.g Music Festival. CHARLOTTE COHEN. Elective Course. Girls' Club. MARION M. COHEN. Science Course. Girls' Ath. "N"g Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg Sr. Pub. Com.g Writers' Club. GLORIA ANN DANIELS. English Course. Cadetg Forensic Teamg Leadership Group: Masquers, Sec'yg Nat'l Honor Soc.g N. D. Honor Clubg Office Mon.g Sr. Class Playg Sr. Prom Com.g Music Festival. JOHN W. DAVIS. Elective Course. Football "N"g Motion Picture Oper.g Student Coun.g Track UN." I une, 1943 1 l Q . . ROBERT G. DUNKER. Science Course. North Star . Staff, Photog Photo Clubg Student Coun.g Tattler, Photo. LOUISE M. DURANTE. Stenographic Course. Girls' Club. FRANCIS M. ENGBRING. Elective Course. JAMES H. FOLLMER. Elective Course. Football 'LN"g Track - ARTHUR L. DERKSEN. Clubg Football HN." Science Course. Chess GOLDIE F. DERZAVITZ. Mathematics Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg Nat'l Honor Soc.g North Star Staffg Music Festivalg Stu- dent Coun.g XVriters' Club. KENNETH T. DICK. Science Course JEROME F. DITSCHEIT. Elective Course. CARL DOBSON. Elective Course. ELEANOR RUTH DUDLEY. Stenographic Course. North Star Staff, Adv. MARIE GABRIEL. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Music Festival. JULIUS T. GARBER. Elective Course. Chess Clubg Speech Club. JACOB GLAZER. Science Course. Band Concertg Leaders' Groupg The Masquersg Sr. Pub. Com.g Speech Clubg Music Festival. MILTON GLICKLICH. Elective Course. Gym Team "N"g Photo Clubg Swimming Team. EMILY GOLDBERG. Elective Course. French Club, Treas.g Girls' Clubg The Masquersg Sr. Class Playg Sr. Prom Com.g Sr. Pub. Com.g Speech Club. Tcrttler Page Twenty-nine MARJORIE SUE GRIFFIN. Elective Course. Biology Club: Chemistry Clubg Girls' Club, Rec. Sec'yg Lead- ers' Group: The Masquersg Sr. Class Play, Sr. Exec. Com., Chairmang Speech Clubg Music Festivalg Stu- dent Coun. BETTY J. HASS. Stenographic Course. Girls' Club: Masquers. SHCERIEEY A. HAMACHEK. Elective Course. Girls' u . RUTH M. HARRAS. Stenographic Course. ELLIS R. HERBON. Mathematics Course. Biology Club, Vice Pres., Pres.g Forensic Teamg Leadership Groupg Masquers, Vice Pres., Pres.g Mon. in "Ang Nat'l Hon. Soc.: N. D. Honor Clubg Sr. Class Play, Sr. Mixer Com.g Sr. Pub. Com., Chairman, Speech Club, Pres.g Student Coun., Pres.g NVebster Soc.g Color Guardg Prom Kingg High School Victory Corps Delegate, Valedictorian. JOHN G. HESS. Elective Course. RAYMOND HOFFINS. Commercial Course. ETSEE PATRICIA HOMA. Elective Course. Girls' u . EDXVARD I. JEZEWSKI. Commercial Course. Page Thirty ROLAND W. KLIPPEL. Stenographic Course. Chess Club, Sr. Mixer Com.g Tennis Club, Webster Soc. LOIS B. KLUG. Stenographic Course. Art Club: Band Concert, Drum Majoretteg Girls Clubg North Star Staff, Adv.g Sr. Exec. Com., Music Festival. JACK LEONARD KNUSEL. Commercial Course. Chess Club, Music Festival. VERNON JOHNSON. Elective Course. Band Con- cert, Music Festivalg Sr. Pin and Ring Com. G. KEUP. Manual Arts Course. Track JAMES W. KINCAID. Elective Course. Football "N," Mgr. Iune, 1943 f SIMON LEVIN. Science Course. Chess Club, Pres., Color Guardg Forensic Teamg Leadership Group, Masquersg Mon. in "Ang Nat'l Honor Soc.: N. D. Honor Clubg Sr. Class Playg Sr. Pin and Ring Com.g Speech Club, Treas., Student Coun.g NVebster Soc.g Salutatorian. KATHRYN L. LINDEN. Science Course. Art Club, Pres., Girls' Ath. "NVQ Girls' Club. ESTHER LIPPOW. English Course. Forumg Girls' Clubg Guid. Room Mon.g Leadership Groupg Mas' quers, Vice Pres.g Nat'l Honor Soc.g N. D. Honor Clubg Sr. Class Play. HELEN M. LUKACH. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Masquersg Mon. in "Aug Nat'l Honor Soc.g N. D. Honor Club. EDXVARD MALKASIAN. Elective Course. Football "N"g Track LEEIEIDY, J. MARKGRAF. Elective Course. Football Tattler VIOLET M. KOGLIN. Science Course. Girls' Ath. "N"g Leadership Group: Masquersg Sr. Class Play, Music Festivalg Student Coun. MARY A. KOHLS. Stenographic Course. 1 RUTH L. KCLLMEYER. Elective Course. Girls Clubg Music Festival. WILLIAM T. KOZAK. Elective Course. Band Con' cert, Masquersg Shakespeare Clubg Music Festival, Swimming Team UN." WILLIAM B. KRAATZ. Science Course. Motion Picture Oper.g Student Coun. HERMAN KRAUS. Elective Course. Forensic Teamg Local Honor Rollg Masquersg Mon. in "Aug Nat'l Honor Soc.g Sr. Class Playg Sr. Prom Com., Chair' mang Student Coun. AUGUST A. KRUEGER. Elective Course. Band Conf cert, Drum Majorg Leadership Groupg Masquers, Treas. and Pres.g Music Festival, Sr. Class Play, Sr. Mixer Com.g Speech Club, Pres.g Student Coun., Vice Pres. and Pres.g Tattler Annual, Bus. Mgr., High School Victory Corps, Delegate. RUTH LERNER. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg glasqucrsg Music Festival, Sr. Class Playg Sr. Prom om. MILTON LEVIN. History Course. Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg Masquersg Mon. in "Ang Nat'l Honor Soc., Sr. Class Playg Sr. Exec. Com., Speech Club, Sgt.-at-Arms. Page Thirty-one FRANK E. MARTINA. Elective Course. Football "N"g Local Honor Rollg Motion Picture Oper.g Student Coun.g Track "N"g Music Festival. JUNE MATTHIESSEN. Stenographic Course. Music Festival. MGVIS L. McCALLUM. Elective Course. Student oun. HOWARD MCCOY. Elective Course. Track "N"g Webster Soc. JOYCE L. MESSNER. Stenographic Course. Art Clubg North Star Staff. DAISY S. MEYER. Elective Course Page Thirty-two l 1 , . 3 J i 4- L BETTY J. MILACCIO. Elective Course. Forum, Pres., Treas.g North Star Stall, Phot. Ed.g Rest Room Mon.3 Student Coun.g Sr. Pin and Ring Com. MARCIA RUTH MILLER. Elective Course. Mrlsic Festivalg Chess Clubg Girls' Club: Masquersg North Star Staffg Sr. Class Playg Cheerleaderg Student, Coun.g Tattler Annualg Writers' Club, Treas. 1 GRACE E. MOHNS. Elective Course. Masqucrsg North Star Staff, Copy Ed.g Rest Room Mon.g Sr. Class Playg'.Student Coun. KENNETH R. MUELLER. Elective Course. Shake' speare Club. RUSSEL MUELLER. Elective Course. Art Clubg Band Concertg Football "N"5 Music Festivalg Student . Coun.g Tattler Annual. CHARLOTTE O. ONARHEIM. Commercial Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Office Mon. ERHARD OPITZ. Science Course. RUTH IRMA PETERSEN. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg Nat'l Honor Soc. ELEANOR D. PUEHRINGER. Stenographic Course. Iune, 1943 1 PAJRICIA SERVETER. Elective Course. Rest Room on. ESTHER SHAPIRO. Stenographic Course. French glubg Firls' Clubg Masquersg Sr. Class Playg Music estiva . BERNICE SILBERMAN. Science Course. Chemistry Club: Forumg Leadership Groupg Nat'l Honor Soc.g N. D. Honor Club: North Star Staffg Sr. Mixer Com.g Student Coun.g Tattler Annual. LILLIAN SILBERMAN. Elective Course. ABE SILVERSTEIN. Science Course. Masquersg Mathematics Club. ELAINE SMAHEL. Elective Course. North Star Staff. JOHN EDGAR SMITH. Science Course. Leadership Groupg Student Management, Chairmang North Star Staffg Student Coun., Vice Pres. ELEANORE E. SORENSON. Stenographic Course Leadership Group. BETTY A, SPINDLER. Science Course. Forum, Treas.g North Star Staff, Adv. Mgr. Tattler O. GLEN RADDER. Elective Course. Football "N"g Gym Team "N", Capt.g Swimming Team. AUDREY RETZLAFF. Elective Course. Girls' Club: Leadership Groupg Library Mon.g Local Honor Rollg Nat'1 Honor Soc.g Speech Club. BERNICE DORIS RIESTERER. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Group. ISRAEL ROITBLAT. Science Course. Sr. Pub. Com.g Speech Club: Tennis Club "N," ESTHER SCHUSTER. Stenographic Course. Mas- quersg Music Festivalg Writers' C'ub, Pres. BABETTE M. SCHXVARTING. Science Course. G'rls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Mon. in "Amp Nat'l Honor Soc.g N. D. Honor Clubg North Star Staff, Editor' -infChiefg Student Coun.g NVriters' Club. Page Thirtyt-hree LORRAINE S. STEIN. Science Course. Girls' Clubg Guid. Room Mon.g Leadership Groupg Masquersg Nat'l Honor Soc.g Sr. Exec. Com.g Sr. Pub. Com.- Speech Clubg Local Honor Roll. 1 BERNICE STEINBERGGER. Stenographic Course Girls' Club. ' MARIE M. STOCKS. Elective Course. HAROLD E. STROERZER. Elective Course. Shake' ' spears: Club, Sgt.-at'Arms. 5 XVALLACE F. STRUCK. Elective Course. Band Con- certg Masquersg Motion Picture Oper.g -Sr. Class Playg Music Festivalg Stage Crew. JEWEL THIELE. Elective Course. Band Concertg Girls' Club. WARREN C. THUROW. Science Course. Bahd Conf certg Biology Clubg Chemistry Clubg .Masquersg Photo EClubg lSr. Class Playg Sr. Prom Com.g Music estiva . CAROL J. TIMM. Elective Course. Band Concert, Drum Majoretteg Girls' Clubg Sr. Mixer Com.g Music Festival. l Page Thirty-four Iu-ne, 1943 DELBERT C. TREICHLER. Elective Course. Football "N"g North Star Staff. EUNICE TURNER. Commercial Course. Girls' Clubg Music Festival. SYLVIA ZABLE. History Course. French Clubg Girls' Clubg Masqucrsg Sr. Class Play. HELEN P. ZASTROW. Elective Course. Forumg Girls' Clulag Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg North Star Staff. JOHN ZETTINIG. Science Course. Chess u . ROBERT H. ZIMMERMANN. Elective Course. Foot' ball "N"g Music Festival. ROBERT F. ZINSMEISTER. Elective Course. Art Clubg Tattler Annual. NORMA E. KULAKOXVSKY. Elective Course. Girls' Cluh: Speech Club. Tattler Page Thirty-five Q . fVaZ'f7 ll LEOPOLD C. BEBER. Commercial Course. BLIESNER. Science Course. Football RIiQII'H L. BRAUN. Stenographic Course. Guid. Room on. PHYLIS L. BUECHS. Stenographic Course. Art Clubg Local Honor Rollg Nat'1 Honor Soc.g Writers' Club. MELVIN J. COHEN. English Course. CHARLES J. DAVID. Elective Course. OLLY W. DENTON. Elective Course. JOAN F. DIBBERT. Elective Course. Art Clubg Girls' Clubg Music Festival. LORRAINE H. EHLERS. Elective Course. EDWARD XV. FRANTL. English Course. Basketball "N"g Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg Sr. Mixer Com., Chairmang Student Coun.g Tennis Club. NANCY GONTAR. Stenographic Course. Girls' Cfubg Rest Room Mon. RUTH LENORE GRAEBERT. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Guid. Room Mon.g Rest Room Mon.g Music Festival. GEORGETTE D. GROSS. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Student Coun. MURIEL M. IRMISCHER. Stenographic Course. Band Concertg Music Festival. 1 LOUISE I. JAEGER. Stenographic Course. Girls Clubg Music Festival. ADOLPH H. KAEHNE. History Course. ESTHER MAKUS. Elective Course. Art Clubg Band Concert. PEARL L. MIGHELS. Elective Course. ROBERT MOLKENTHEN. Science Course. Football "N"g Masquersg Motion Picture Oper.g Speech Clubg Swimming Team "N," PETER J. OWSLEY. Elective Course. BERTHA V. PAULY. Stenographic Course. VIRGINIA L. RADSECK. Stenographic Course. Lead' crship Groupg Music Festival. ESTHER H. RHADANS. Elective Course. MARY JANE SCHALK. Elective Course. German Clubg Girls' Clubg Local Honor Rollg Nat'1 Honor Soc.g Student Coun. HANS G. SPORBECK. Elective Course. Music Festival. Page Th1rty SIX Iune, 1943 awe 0 Paaqzzam nr JUNE 17, 1943 - KRUG HALL PROCESSIONAL .............. .... T HE CRADUATING SENIORS "Pomp and Circumstancen. ................... Elgar At the Piano ........... .... L onise Kalweit FLAG SALUTE GIRLS' TRIPLE TRIO "Flower of Dreams" .......... ..... J oseph Clokey g'Rackety Coo" from "Katinka" . ..... FrimlfBeuford Accompanist ............... .... L ila Wolfgrain BARITONE SOLO .......................................... .... A LLEN WERK Fantasia 'for Baritone, "Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep" ........... Rollinson Accompanist ...... ....... ..... I .................. .... L i l a Wolfgram ADDRESS . . . ..... REVEREND ROLLAND SCHLOERB VOCAL SOLO . . . ....... .... J UNE SHIELMAN "Italian Street Song". .. .... Victor Herbert . Aecompanist ........ - ..... Thelma Safer CORNET DUET .............................. ..... E ARL KLEIN, WILEORD NEHMER Valse Caprice for Two Cornets, "Helen" .... ...................... S mith Accompanist ............ . ....... .... L ila Wolfgram PRESENTATION OE HONORS AND DIPLOMAS ........ PRINCIPAL FRED W. WERNER RECESSIONAL .... ..... T HE GRADUATES Tqftler Page Thirty-seven Bottom row: F. Feclcrman, A. Starr, Mr. Krenerick, R. Wcndorf, B. Karp. Row 2: L. McGovern, V. Gerkcn, D. Kremnitzer, V. Reifsnyder, E. Schumacher, G. Lerner. Row 3: R. Stcpp, D. Calligaro, R. Schulkin, E. Numrich, F. Aschenbrenner. Row 4: E. Stuckert, R. XVenclorf, S. Nelson, J. Capello, W. Boedecker, A. Forster. JUN E SENIOR I COMMITTEES RING PROM Lee McGovern, Chairman Adolph F01-Star, Chairman Haffy Irvine Douglas Calligaro lane PHTYS Fern Federman Herbert Richter PUBLICITY Robert Stepp Joseph Capello, Chairman Riehafd Wendorf William Hester V Betty Karp - Dolores Kremnitzer EXECUTIVE George Lerner Frank Aschenbrenner, Chairman Richard Shulkin Virginia Gal-ken Earl Klein MIXER Ella Schumacher Earl Numrich, Chairman Ann Staff Williain Boedecker Earl Sfuckert Joseph Capello Seymour Nelson Virginia Reifsnycler Ruth Wendorf H. Clyde Krenerick CLASS ADVI SER Page Thirty-eight Iune, 1943 Tattler une elafid. Jfanafui T Magna Cum Laude George Lerner Betty Schwartz Pauline Schaubach Florence Phiffer Ann Starr Evelyn Cerletty Audrey Stamm Ruth Mirochnik Jane Gerschke , Susan Rant Harry Irvine Eunice Dwoskin Mabel Proefrock Joseph Fogec Margaret Brueckner Robert Stepp Toni Hodges Earl Stuckert Elaine Kleist Richard VVendorf Elaine Breitwish Constance Stephen Dorothy Siinpelaar Vivian Kohl Virginia Verduin Wilina Eakin Lee McGovern Yolanda Deinichei Dorothy Meister Esther Goldberg Williana Hester Earl Numrich Albert Slutsky George Christie Earl Klein lean Richards Shirley Fuelster Cum Laude Ray Morris Adolph Forster Shirley Kainrath Marion May Catherine Zenisek Fern Federman Eileen Perlson Marjorie Cooper Rebecca Burstein Dorothy Johnson Jeanne Carmichael Marcile Ehrich Betty Kiey Donald Glaesner Janet Eichenbaurn Virginia Bohren Leona Mayville Dorothy Blaha Ella Schumacher Charlotte Rice Eugene Frank Edward Gibbs, jane Parys Mildred Moll Hilbert Zimpelinan Nathan Sonin Charlotte Lubow Dorothy Engels Donald Braun Ethel Freiburger Eric Mueller William Sefton Marion Eberhardt Virginia Gerken Ann Newby Dorothy Goelz Ruth Weiner Page Thirty-nine LUCILLE AKEY. Elective Course. Masquersg North Star Staff, Ass't. Mg. Ed.g Rest Room Mon.g XVritf ers' Clubg Charm Club, Pres. FRANK X. ASCHENBRENNER. E lective Course. Football "N"g Sr. Exec. Comm., Chairmang Student Coun,g Track MN." PHILLIP H. ASKOTZKY. Science Course. Chemistry Clubg Leadership Groupg Shakespeare Club. . ROBERT BANNECK. Elective Course. Spring Conf certg Stage Crew. BEVERLY BARCLAY. Elective Course. BERNICE M. BARRETT. Latin Course. Page Forty ir if Mile MARIE LOUISE BEBEAU. Elective Course. Shake speare Club. THOMAS BECKLEY. Elective Course. EILEEN BEINING. Elective Course. Girls' Club. quersg Shakespeare Clubg Spring Concert. Spring Concertg Tennis Club, Capt. DOROTHY JUNE BLAHA. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Guid. Room Mon.g North Star Staff' Off. Mon.g Photo Clubg Webster Soc. JOSEPH R. BOBO. Science Course. DELORES E. BOEDECKER. Elective Course. WILLIAM E. BOEDECKER. Elective Course. Sr. Mixer Comm. I une, 1943 HELEN BERGEIM. Elective Course. Band Concert: Biology Clubg Chemistry Clubg Girls' Clubg Mas- JOHN W. BEYER. Elective Course. Basketball UNH' Q Qawcfualbi DOUGLAS M. CALLIGARO. Science Course, Sr. Prom Comm. JEANNE CARMICHAEL. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Tattler Annual, Photo Editorg W'riters' Clubg Service Corres. Club, VicefPres. JOE CAPELLO. Elective Course. Forensic Teamg Forumg Masquers, Prcs.g Sr. Class Playg Sr. Mixer Comm.g Sr. Pub. Comm., Chairmang Shakespeare Clubg Speech Club. EVELYN CERLETTY. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Guid. Mon.g Lib. Mon.: Local Honor Rollg Student Coun.g Webster Soc.g Typist, Ath. Dept.g N:-1t'l Hon. Soc.g Mon. in HA." GEORGE T. CHRISTIE. Science Course. Chemistry Club, Sgt.fatfArms: Leadership Groupg Mon. "Ang Shakespeare Club, Sgt.-at'Arms. XVALLACE CONELL. Elective Course. U. S. Army. MARIORIE L. COOPER. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Guid. Mon.g Leadership Groupg Lib. Mon.g Local Honor Rollg Mon. "Ang, Student Coun.g Nat'l Hon. Soc. YOLANDA C. DEMICHEI. Stenographic Course. Girls' Club. RCEEIIYIARY DEWSENBERRY. Elective Course. Girls' u . attler VIRGINIA M. BOHREN. Stenographic Course. Off. IvIon.g Spring Concertg Local Honor Roll. DONALD L. BRAUN. Elective Course. ELAINE BREITWISH. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Masquers. MARGARET E. BRUECKNER. Stenographfc Course. Cadetg Girls' Clubg Guid. Room Mon.g Local Honor Roll. REBECCA BURSTEIN. English Course. Chemistry Clubg Girls' Clubg Leadership Group: Masquersg Shakespeare Club, Sec'yg Speech Clubg Local Honor Roll, HAROLD J. BRUNNER. Elective Course. Page Forty-one FREDERICK G. DOCTER. Elective Course. Shake' speare Club. MADELEINE DOERFLINGER. Stenographic Course. Girls' Club, VicefPres.g Leadership Groupg Spring Coneertg Triple Trio. MILDRED DOMRES. Elective Course. Girls' Club' Wehster Soc. 1 ALLAN DRIER. Elective Course. Gym Team "N.' EUNICE DWOSKIN. English Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg Masquers, Scribeg Off. Mon.g Sr. Class Playg Speech Clubg Student Coun.g Tattler Annual, Ass't. Ed.g Student Cooperation. NVIIEIVLA R. EAKIN. Stenographic Course. Girls' , C u . MARION B. EBERHARDT. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Shakespeare Clubg Spring Concertg Triple Trio. MARCILE EHRICH. English Course. Girls' Ath. "N"g Girls' Club, Treas.g Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg Speech Club. JACK EHRMANN. Elective Course. Chemistry Clubg Gym Team "N"g Motion Picture Oper.g Swimming Team. Page Forty-two JANET EICHENBAUM. Science Course. Biology Club, Vice'Pres.g Chemistry Clubg Forensic Teamg Girls' Clubg Speech Clubg Student Coun. SYLVIA E. EICHMAN. Elective Course. G'rls' Club. JACK A. ENGEL. Elective Course DOROTHY M. ENGELS. Stneographic Course. Girls' Clubg Masquersg North Star Staff. HENRY A. EURICH. Science Course. German Club: Speech Club. ZELDA FARBER. Elective Course. Masquersg Shake' speare Clubg Spring Concert. I une, 1943 DELORES M. FUEGER. Elective Course. Girls' Clubq Speech Club. MARIAN L. FUELSTER. Stenographic Course. Girls' Club, Rec. Sec'yg Spring Concert. SHIRLEY FUELSTER. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg North Starb Staflgi Spring Concert, Triple Triog XVriters' Clu . PETER M. GAD. Science Course. Gym Team "N"g Masquersg Sr. Class Playg Shakespeare Club, Pres.g Swimming Team. SHIRLEY FAY GEORGE. Elective Course. Photo glub, Sec'yg Speech Clubg Spring Concertg Student oun. VIRGINIA L. GERKEN. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Guid. Room Mon.g Leadership Group, Mas' quers, VicefPres., North Star Stallg Off. Mon.g Sr. Class Playg Sr. Exec. Comm., Spring Concert, Tattler Annual, XVriters' Club, Sec'y, VicefPres. Tattler FERN E. FEDERMAN. English Course. Girls' Club, Pres.g Guid. Room Mon., Leadership Group, Local Honor Roll, Masquersg Mon. "Ang Sr. Class Playg Sr. Prom Comm.g Speech Club, Student Coun.g Stuf dent Cooperation, Nat'l Hon. Soc. SHIRLEY FISHBEIN. English Course. Chemistry Clubg Girls' Club. EARL L. FISHER. Elective Course ADOPH L. FORSTER. Science Course. Chemistry Club, Vice Pres., Leadership Groupg Mon. 'iA"g Motion Picture Aper.g N. D. Hon. Clubg Sr. Prom Comm., Chairman, Swimming Team "N," Capt.g Nat'l Hon. Soc. JOHN BOB FRANCETIC. Science Course EUGENE B. FRANK. Science Course. Shakespeare Club, XVebster Soc. ETHEL L. FREIBURGER. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Rest Room Mon.g Speech Club, Spring Conf cert, Triple Trio. DORIS B. FREUND. Elective Course. XVARREN D. FRIEBERG. Science Course. Band Concertg Chemistry Clubg Leadership Groupg Spring Concert. Page Forty-three JANE GERSCHKE. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg ' Leadership Groupg Mon. "Avg N. D. Honor Clubg Off. Mon.g Nat'l Hon. Soc. EDCXYQRD M. GIBBS. Elective Course. Chemistry u . DONALD T. GLAESNER. Latin Course. Band Conf certg Tattler Annual. Local Honor Roll. DOROTHY K. GOELZ. Stenographic Course. ESTHER J. GOLDBERG. Stenographic Course. Local Honor Roll. NATHAN GOLLMAN. Science Course. Shakespeare Club, Sgt.fatfArmsg Speech Club. 1 CLARICE GOODSTEIN. Elective Course. Biol. Club, Sec'yg Student Coun. WILBUR H. W. GRAACK. Elective Course. Football "N"g Spring Concertg Track "N," IRVIN GREENBERG. Elective Course. Basketball "N," Capt. SYLVIA GREENBERG. English Course. Biol. Clubg Chemistry Clubg Girls' Clubg Speech Club. MARVIN GRIER. Elective Course. Gym Team "N"g Spgng Concertg Swimming Team, Capt.g Cheer' ca er. GERALD F. GRIMM. Elective Course. Band Con- ccrtg Chess Club. RUTH GRUENINGER. Stenographic Course. FRANCES B. HAFEMAN. Elective Course. Band Concertg Spring Concert. X JUNE H. HAGENKORD. Science Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Group. Page Forty-four I une, 1943 RICHARD G. HOLTZ. Elective Course. MURIEL E. ILLIAN. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Spring Concert. XVALTER E. IMMEKUS. Science Course. North Star Staffg Photo Clubg Shakespeare Club. HARRY B. IRVINE. Science Course. Chemistry Clubg Local Honor Rollg Masquers, Pres.g Mon. "A"g Motion Picture Oper., Chief Oper.g Science Club, Pres.g Student Coun.g Tattler Annual, Ed.finfChiefg XVebster Soc., Pres. DOROTHY J. JOHNSON. Elective Course. MARY JUNE KADLEC. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Speech Clubg Spring Concert. RUTH J. KAISER. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Spring Concert. -0 SHIRLEY C. KAMRATH. Stenographic Course. Cadetg Girls' Clubg Guid. Room Mon.g Local Honor Rollg Nat'l Hon. Soc. RUTH N. KARBASH. Elective Course. Girls' Club. Tofttler PAUL HAGENSICK. Science Course. Forum, Treas.g North Star Staffg Student Coun. DOLORES J. HAMANN. Elective Course. Spring Concert. XVILLIAM A. HESTER. Science Course. Chemistry Clubg Gym Team "N"g Mon. "Ang Sr. Pub. Comm.g Speech Club, Vice-Pres.g Student Coun. SYLVIA H. HEUER. Stenographic Course. DORIS HIKEN. Elective Course. Girls' Club. TOM HODGES. Science Course. Forensic Teamg Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg Masquers, Sgt.- atfArmsg Swimming Teamg Tennis Club UN." E l Page Forty-five ELIZABETH KARP. Elective Course. Sr. Pub. Comm. RITA LEAH KESSELMAN. Science Course. Chem- gtry Clubg Forumg Girls' Club, Off. Mon., Webster oc. MILDRED K. KEZELI. Elective Course BETTY JANE A. KIEY. Stenographic Course. Lead' ership Groupg Local Honor Rollg Spring Concertg Student Coun. ELIZABETH KILYVINGER. Commercial Course. MILDA KLAXVITTER. Elective Course. Band Con- cert, Drum Majoretteg Spring Concert. EARL E. KLEIN. Science Course. Band Concertg Chemistry Club, Pres., Leadership Groupg Sr. Exec. Comm.g Spring Concertg Student Coun. M. ELAINE KLEIST. Science Course. Chemistry Club, Girls' Clubg Leadership Group. ANITA H. KNOPP. Elective Course. Chemistry Club, Girls' Club, Spring Concert, Student Coun.g XVebster Soc.: Service Corres. Club, Pres. l l Page Forty-six VIVIAN M. KOHL. Elective Course. Girls' Club, Prezg Local Honor Rollg Rest Room Mon.g Speec Clu . RUTH KORIATH. Elective Course. DOLORES L. KREMNITZER. Elective Course. Girls' Club, Ivlasquers, Scribeg Sr. Class Playg Sr. Pub. Comm.: Student Coun., Sec'yg Webster Soc., Scc'y. L HARRIET S. LASNOVER. Elective Course. Bol. Club. SHIRLEY LEBERMAN. Elective Course. Speech C'ub4 GEORGE E. LERNER. Science Course. Biol. Club, Treas.: Chess Club, Treas.g Forum, Sgt.-atfArmsg Leadership Groupg Masquersg N. D. Hon. Club: Sr. Class Playg Sr. Pub. Comm.g Shakespeare Club, Treas., VicefPres.g Speech Club, Pres.g Valedictoriang Nat'l Hon. Soc. I une, 1943 l LEE MCGOVERN. Science Course. Gym Team Capt.g Iviotion Picture Oper.g Shakespeare Clubg Student Coun. DOROTHY MEISTER. Eectivc Course. Nlafquersg North Star Staff, Copy ECl.g Photo Clltbg Speech Club, Student Cooperation. RUTH MIROCHNIK. Stenogrnphic Course. Cade-3 Forum, Sef'y. Vice Pres.g Leadership Groung N D. Honor Club' Masqucrs: Ivlon. "AU: Nat'l Hon. S wc.g Orchestra Librar'ang Shakespeare C'uhg Spring Crnf certg Typist. Tattlcr. MILDRED L. MOLL. Stenographic Course. Girls' Club. ERIC C. MUELLER. Science Courfe LESTER G. MUELLER Elective Cours' Tcrttler JEAN S. LIBOXV. Elective Course. Chess Club, Treas.g Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Shakespeare Clubg Student Coun. EDXVIN LIEDTKE. Elective Course. FRED H. LIESONG. Manual Arts Course. Biol. Clubg Chemistry Clubg Masquersg Sr. Class Playg Spring Concertg Stage Crew. SHIRLEY LIESCHULTZ. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Spring Concertg Student Coun. CHARLOTTE A. LUBOXV. Science Course. Biol. Clubq Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Masquers. LOIS A. LUHN. Elective Course. LEILA L. MADSEN. Elective Course. Girls' Club. MARIAN MAY. Elective Course. Local Honor Roll. LEONA M. MAYVILLE. Elective Course. Local Honor Roll. Page Forty-seven SEYMOUR NELSON. Science Course. Band Concert, Sgt.g Biol. Club, Sgtnat-Armsg Chemistry Clubg Leadership Groupg Sr. Mixer Comm.g Shakespeare Club, Treas.g Spring Concert. MILTON CHARLES NEMEC. Elective Course. ANN NEWBY. Elective Course. Band Concertg Chem- istry Clubg Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Spring oncert. BEEDIIE F. NEXVELL. Elective Course. Chemistry lu . HELEN M. NISSEN. Elective Course. Girls' Ath. "N"g Spring Concert. EARL H. NUMRICH. Science Course. Chemistry Club, Trcas.g Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg Mon. "A"g Sr. Mixer Comm., Chairmang Shake- speare Clubg Student Coun., Pres.g Swimming Teamg Track "N"g Student Cooperation. Page Forty-eight JANE C. PARYS. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg' Masquersg Rest Room Mon.g Student Cooperationg Student Coun.g Sr. Ring Comm.g Typist, Ath. Dept. R. KENNETH PATZLAFF. Science Course. VIRGINIA PEABODY. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Speech Club. JUNE D. PECK. Science Course. Girls' Club. MARY ANN PECKELS. Stcnographic Course EILEEN A. PERLSON. Stenographic Course. Local Honor Roll. HATTIE B. PETTERMAN. Stenographic Course. Girls' Club. FLORENCE LUCILLE PHIFFER. Stenographic Course. Cadetg Girls' Clubg Mon. "A"g N. D. Hon. Clubg Off. Mon.g Nat'1 Hon. Soc. JOYCE M. POPUCH. Science Course. Biol. Club, Pres.g Girls' Club. lune, 1943 + l VIRGINIA REIFSNYDER. Elective Course. Gil-15' Cluhg Rest Room IvIon.g Sr. Mixer Comm.g Speech Clubg Student Cooperation. 'CHARLOTTE ELAINE RICE. Elective Course Chemistry Cluhg Girls' Cluh. JEANKANN RICHARDS. Stenographic Course. Local Honor Roll. HERBERT E. RICHTER. Elective Course. Ivfasquers, Treas.g North Star Staff, Photo.g Photo Clubg Sr. Class Playg Sr. Prom Comm.g Student Coun.g Tat' tler Annual, Photographerg XVriters' Cluh. PEARL R. RICKMANN. Elective Course. Girls' Ath. "N"g Girls' Cluh. ROBERT R. RISTOW. Elective Course. Forum Spring Concert. ERTRUDE ROSEN. Elective Course. ARSHALL ROHLAND. Science Course. Chess Club, Pres., Vice-Pres.g Forum. VILLIAM ROOTS. Elective Course attler ANCIEIELO PORCHETTA. Elective Course. Basketball RICHARD A. POTRATZ. Elective Course. LILLIAN PRESS. Elective Course. Masquersg North Star Staff, Ed. of Stardustg Sr. Class Playg Spring Concertg Student Couri. 1 MABEL PROEFROCK. Stcnographic Course. Girls Clubg Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg Mas- quersg Mon. "Avg OH. Mon.g Rest Room Mon.g Student Couu. BERNICE RADTKE. Elective Course. Girls' Ath. "N"g Girls' Clubg Spring Concert. SUSAN RANT. Stenographie Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg N. D. Honor Clubg Masquersg Off. Mon.g Student Coun. Page .Forty-nine RUTH WEIN'ER. Elective Course. Girls' Club. JUNE H. SAGER. Elective Course. Art Clubg Girls' Ath. "N"g Girls' Club. ANNE E. SAWYER. Elective Course. Spring Concert. PAULINE SCHAUBACH. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Masquersg Mon. "Ang N. D. Hon. Clubg Off. Mon.g Sr. Class Playg Nat'l Hon. Soc. EDITH H. SCHAWRAN. Commercial Course. Biol. Clubg German Clubg Girls' Club. ROBERT F. SCHERSCHEL. Elective Course. Stu' dent Coun. PEARL CAROL SCHEUNEMANN. Elective Course. MARION JEANETTE SCHILLING. Stenographic Course. GLENN E. SCHLEIFER. Science Course. Gym Team "N"g Capt. "A" Team. Page Fifty CLARA SCHNICK. Elective Course. ROBERT SCHOEWE. Elective Course. Motion Pic, ture Oper. EVELYN SCHULTZ. Elective Course. Chemistry Clubg Shakespeare Club. PEARL R. SCHULTZ. Stenographic Course. F HORST C. SCHULZE. Manual Arts Course. Mas quersg Sr. Class Playg Spring Concertg Stage Crewe Mgr. ELLA H. SCHUMACHER. English Course.. Girls Clubg Leadership Groupg Sr. Exec. Comm.g Shake speare Club, Pres., Sec'yg Speech Club, Sec'y Spring Concertg Student Coun., Sec'y. Iune, 194 A l l AUDREY M. STAMM. Stenographic Course. Girls' Clubg Mon. "Ang N. D. Hon. Clubg OH. Mon.g Spring Concertg Nat'l Hon. Soc. ANN RAE STARR. Science Course. Forensic Teamg Forum, Sec'yg Leadership Groupg Local Honor Roll, Masqucrsg Off. Mon,g Sr. Class Playg Sr. Exec. Comm.g Student Coun.g Tattler Annualg Student Cooperationg Nat'l Hon. Soc. CONSTANCE A. STEPHEN. Stenographic Course. Local Honor Roll. KURT STEPHAN. Science Course. Chemistry Clubg Spring Concert. ROBERT L. STEPP. Science Course. Leadership Groupg Local Honor Rollg Masquersg Mon. "Ang Motion Picture Oper.g North Star Staff, Bus. Mgr.: Sr. Prom Comm.g Speech Clubg Student Coun., Treas.g Student Cooperation. ELSIE STOKES. Elective Course. Tattler GLENN SCHWANBERG. Elective Course. Basket' ball "N"g Student Control, Chairmang Spring Con' certg Student Coun. BETTY MAY SCHWARTZ. Science Course. Chem' istry Club, Sec'yg Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Mon. "Ang N. D. Hon. Clubg OH. Mon.g Student Coun.g Salutatoriang Nat'l Hon. Soc. WILLIAM A. SEFTON. Science Course. Leadership groupid Motion Picture Oper.g Tattler Annual, us. gr. RICHARD YALE SHULKIN. English Course. Biol. Club, Pres.g Forensic Teamg Sr. Pub. Comm.g Speech Club. DOROTHY L. SIMPELAAR. Elective Course. Local Honor Roll. ALBERT A. SLUTSKY. Elective Course. Leadership gfospg Local Honor Rollg Masquersg Shakespeare u . i NATHAN SONIN. Mathematics Course. Chemistry Clubg Masquersg Mon. "Ang Sr. Class Play. p DORIS SPITZ. Elective Course. Girls' Club. SARAH STADLAN. Elective Course. Page Fifty-one EARL F. STUCKERT. Science Course. Chemistry Clubg Local Honor Rollg North Star Staffg Sr. Exec. Comm.g Shakespeare Clubg Science Club, Vice-Pres. DCERGJTHY L. TESSENDORF. Elective Course. Girls' lu . DON A. TRAPMAN. Elective Course. Chess Club. AUDREY TREBUS. Science Course. Girls' Club, Treas.g Student Coun. SHIRLEY M. TREICHEI... Elective Course. Rest Room Mon. WILLIAM C. TREUDEN. Elective Course. Band Concert, Staff Sgt.g Chemistry Clubg Spring Concert. CORRINE E. VAN PEMBROCK. Elective Course. LIBERT M. VASARELLA. Elective Course. Foot' ball VIRGINIA D. VERDUIN. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg Library Mon. Page Fifty-two ALFRED P. WASLESKE. Maniial Arts Course. Mas quersg Sr. Class Playg Speech Clubg Spring Concert Stage Crew, Asst. Mgr. ELMER F. WEISS. Elective Course. Swimming Team HILBERT M. ZIMPELMAN. Elective Course. Leader ship Group. I une, 1943 Tattler JOE CORRAO. Elective Course. U. S. Army. JAMES ROTH. Elective Course. U. S. Army. ' ROSE WEISS. Elective Course. Charm Club. RICHARD A. WENDORF. Elective Course. Cadet: Leadership Groupg Mon. "Ang Off. Mon.g Sr. Prom Comm.: Student Coun.g Victory Coun.g Tennis Club: Local Honor Roll. RUTH J. YVENDORF. History Course, Chemistry Clubg Girls' Club, Corres. Sec'yg Sr. Mixer Comm.g ancient Coun.g Webster Soc.g Service Men's Corres. 1 U T. LEROY WENGER. Elective Course. Masquersg Sr. Class Playg Spring Concert. ALLEN ELMER WERK. Elective Course. Band Con' ccrt, Prin. MllS.Q Mon. "A," ARMIN R. WIETZKE. Elective Course. Masqiiersg Sr. Class Play. ROSE C. ZAUNER. Science Course. Biol. Clubg Chemistry Clubg Girls' Ath. "N"g Spring Concert. ADOLF G. ZEISLER. Science Course. Chemistry Clubg Photo Club. CATHERINE M. ZENISEK. Commercial Course. Leadership Groupg Local Honor Roll. Page F ifty-three Pwapeciiae S 4 NAOMI A. AHLMANN. Science Course. Chess Clubg Girls' Clubg Leadership Groupg Local Honor lgcollg Rest Room Mon.g XVebster Soc.g Nat'l Hon. oc. CARL F. BEYER. Elective Course. Spring Concert. HAROLD ERUNNER. Science Course WAIIZILACE E. COGER. Elective Course. Football m FRANCES E. DUROVSKY. Elective Course. Girls' Clubg North Star Staff. GILBERT G. HAFEMANN. Elective Course. Shake' speare Club. FRANK R. HEBAR. Elective Course. RUTH HENSCHEL. Elective Course. Girls' Club. W Q Na! wt ARTHUR HENRY BLOSS. Elective Course. JOSEPH S. FOGEC. Stenographic Course. Local Honor Rollg Mon. "Ang Student Coun. MARY JEAN HAMILTON. Elective Course. ARTHUR J. HAYBECK. Elective Course. GEORGIAN KOENITZER. English Course. Band Concertg Chem' istry Clubg Girls' Club. , RAY NV. MORRIS. History Course. Chemistry Clubg Local Honor Roll. I HENRY ROESELER. Elective Course. SAM SADOFF. Elective Course. Biol. Club. KARL THEODORE YELLICK. Elective Course. Page Fifty-four Iune, 1943 School Qacacfucallat LORRAINE M. MUTH. Elective Course. Band Conf certg Girls' Clubg Spring Concert. WILFORD L. NEHMER. Elective Course. Band Concert, Staff Sgt.g Masquersg Spring Concert. IRENE I. RADLOFF. Elective Course. ARLENE STONE. Elective Course. Girls' Club. WILLIAM G. STUMPF. Elective Course. Band Conf certg Masquersg Spring Concert. MARION A. TANEL. Elective Course. DONALD M. HASS. Commercial Course. RICSAQRD W. LISKA. Elective Course. Football 'A' 'k if ' s sczmz qw fvaz fum HAROLD E. DAHLINGER. Elective Course. DOROTHY FREEMAN. Elective Course. ESTHER FREEMAN. Elective Course FRED MUNDT. Elective Course. JUNE SHIELMAN. Elective Course. Leadership Groupg Eocal Honor Rollg Masquers, Sec'yg Sr. Class Playg Spring onccrt. IRV WICHMAN. Elective Course. Basketball "N"g Stu- dent Coun. Tqtfler Page Fifty-five O9 MR. HOLMES Bottom row: C. Wietzke, M. Wray, S. Fuelstcr, Mr. Holmes, A. Frank, S. Bubolz, B. Steinegger. Row 2: R. Ceaser, N. Burns, M. Junior, L. Herzberq, G. Ricwe, B. Schlotz, A. Martinsi Row 3: A. Wcrgin, B. Gies, V. Pcffinsc M. Fitzgerald, B. Nowicki, B.bNin: stil, D. Meister. Row 4: H. Tuchman, J. Chernin, M. Bines R. Krasn , 0, R. Krugman, A. Sinitzky, L. Wittig, Jr. O10 MISS ROETHKE Bottcm row: B. Raskin, D. Goldwasser, E. Roethke, VV. Cooley. H. Spiechcr. Row 2: B. Schneider, S. Becker, J. Lueck, S. Appelbaum, R. Ruh, H. Karas. Row 3: L. Rohatsch, M. Reitman, B Webb, E. Sieger, H. Depratt, D Kohne. Row 4: G. XVasluk, M. Sernovitz, J. Feldcr, R. Dix, R. Hcnnc, E. Hille. 101 MR. BRANDEL Bottom row: D. Jackson, E. XVilliams, R. Brandel, E. Volkert, M. Kula' kowsky, M. Milbrath. Row 2: M. Silbar, E. Algrin, M Prince, F. Abelson, B. Tushinsky J. French, M. Wieczorek. Q Row 3 : C. Rosen, S. Perlson, M Schalk, H. Medved, L. Pogrob, J Stathas. Row 4: G. Deering, D. Bender, V. Jackson, F. McCrary, R. Rottcr, T. Blumberg, J. Mcndclsohn. Page Fifty-six Spandafa June, 1943 Qaawp4 102 MISS SMAIL Bottom row: R. Kilopcich, M. Kahny, Miss Smail, C. Traub, XV. Schroeder. Row 2: G. Lueth, M. Ellis, M. XVenf del, D. Neumann, L. Scheidt, R. Cain. Row 3: C. Sturm, J. Schauer, L. XVasc- dalelc, B. Middleton, N. Grosman, E. Post, A. YVagner. Row 4: M. Walters, J. Montabon, R. XVerner, T. Makler, H. Banneck, L. Braasch. 104 MISS PREUSS Bottom row: H. Juech, J. Ebner, D. Voigt, Miss Preuss, R. Benner, D. Effertz. Row 2: D. Werle, A. John, E. Mall' witz, R. Harp, W. Hackbarth, H. Johnson. Row 3: P. White, D. Redclemann, B. Gabsich, I. Brenner, R. Mecus, G. Karp, F. Eggleston. Row 4: C. Mielke, D. Reiter, B. Pen' terman, J. Runge, Ruth Mecus, R. Johnson, D. Wehe. 105 MISS GOELZER Bottom row: E. Rossow, G. Schwenk Miss Goelzer, G. Engel, R. Kuchen: becker, J. Beyer. Row 2: G. Baars, J. Schwantes, L Parteka, E. Lukach, N. Dembeck B. Haase, D. Rifller. ' Row 3: B. Neuber, C. Schultz, L. John son, R. Cassens, R. Noennig, S Bruss, M. Askotzky. Row 4: J. Ristow, C. Marotske, P Kuritz, R. Traas, D. Haase, B Wickert, M. La Pidus. Page Fifty-seven 4 106 MISS SHERMAN Bottom row: M. Christenson, G. Evcnf son, E. Dealc, Miss Sherman, B Roitblat, M. Chovanec, J. Bcrgemann Row 2: M. Jacob, A. Theodor, R Rickun, S. Hirschberg, B. Turner, J Grams, R. XVickman. Row 3: S. Rice, E. Fingcrman, M Toglicht, E. Goldman, A. Ivlatosian B. Schmidt, E. Byrd, A. Rifzis. Row 4: I. Bremer, J. Knobbe, B. Hrica H. Weger, NV. Boenig, M. Schmidt R. Bookstaff, G. Ballsiepcr. 109 MISS RAETZMANN Bottom row: C. Ristock, L. Aschcn- bach, L. Nicola, Miss Raetzmann, B. Kampcn, S. Gahr. . Row 2: L. Rahn, J. Meyer, A. Key, R. Rahn, N. Giuliani, D. XVolff, C. Weimer. Row 3: D. Patterson, R. Baumann, M Buechner, S. Comdohr, L. Otto, E Rahn, B. Hammond, B. Riedel. Row 4: K. Buelow, J. Matis, A. Roemf hild, S. NVurm, D. Schubert, G Bcining, R. Gaurke. Page F ifty-eight s 113 MISS MILLS Bottom row: D. Bronston, D. Umbr M. Apuli, G. Darrow, I. Rogga, E Buske, S. Jannetto. Row 2: B. Hall, L. Blanke, D. Doine B. Mueller, E. Schwartz, S. Lamoore B. Heibler, A. Voelkel, V. Jackson Row 3: B. Albers, B. D"eringer, O McVv'illiams, R. Payne, C. Prest, D Hoffman, D. Leutgeweger, L. Vogl E. Weiss. Row 4: J. Augustine, L. Schroeder, A. Vollerecht, R. Theimer, D. Seefurth E. Gaertner, G. Strong, V. Strong L. LaBonte. I une 1943 x s 122 MISS DALY Bottom row: L. Manett, A. Thiers, Miss Daly, L. Praefke, D. Rocver. Row 2: S. Lex, S. Brandes, A. Schnick, G . Graff, L. Freund. Row 3: G. Bie, C. Sherman, J. Vfill in g, B. Rocthe, C. XVictzke, J. Roese. 205 MISS EICHE Bottom row: D. Lucas, M. Kreeger, D. Brueckner, A. Eiche, E. Euer, J. Kohlhoff, M. Laun. Row 2: H. Waldow, M. Cartwright, J. Joseph, D. Sullivan, K. Rink, M. Mabie, D. Graebert. Row 3: J. Galst, I. Moskowitz, W. Born, K. Gauger, T. Bovlet, E. Kurtz, S. Kurth, J. Berner. Row 4: T. Flor, A. Berman, D. Schutte, V. Kofler, E. Forster, L. Karstedt, E. Dahlinger, D. Richter. 206 MISS BERGEN Bottom row: A. Dehmer, A. Kusch- mann, L. Bergen, B. Braun, A. Mi- haljevich, R. Kastl. Row 2: D. Snyder, E. Goldman, W Baughman, W. Nienow, J. Lange J. Klein, H. Michel. Row 3: E. Doerr, G. Kuhaupt, L Schmidt, F. Reuter, D. Kaslaske, M Haberman. Row 4: J. Oswald, F. Wendler, A Keene, V. Kalagian, M. Cohen, K Meils, E. Crabtree. 208 MISS BUDD Bottom row: T. Plotkin, C. Bingenf heirner, L. Strauss, Miss Budd, V. XVoIter, L. Heup. Row 2: K. Hoffman, H. Davis, P. Grein, B. Butzlaff, H. Zuclsdorf, M. Oswald, D. Pielmeier. Row 3: A. Schfeck, B. Simpson, S. Moriarity, P. XVegner, R. Gaulke, G. Borges, VV. Hart. Row 4: C. Anderson, H. Shabushnig, A. Zittel, D. Krause, G. Mertz, D. Kuehn, K. Loesche. 211 MISS H. CAMPBELL Bottom row: S. Cohn, J. Gardner, F. Smith, Miss Campbell, G. Warxvick, S. Roffcrs. Row 2: K. Mueller, C. Liedtke, E. Raufman, P. Granke, G. Niesl, J. Brown, W. Mente. Row 3: J. Slepickz, R. Rahn, D. Aulik, F. Eckhardt, W. Bingenheimer, K. Lauterwasser, K. George. 213 MR. KEITH Bottom row: G. Bilder, E. Hinkforth, Mr. Keith, E. Pcllegrini, H. Kuepp. Row 2: M. Melter, J. Sivright, A. Pet- tersen, M. Sinclair, E. Ostrom, K. Piering. Row 3: V. Sellin, R. Hoover, D Garske, V. NVise, D. Kowarsch, B Frank, E. Graf. Row 4: W. Struck, A. Lemke, J Emrich, R. Pollnaw, XV. Portenier R. Freeman. a l 1 ,, ,,,,,,, ,. page Sixty Iune, 1943 .. 214 MISS PERKINS Bottom row: L. Lippman, B. Britvich, M. Maxey, Miss Perkins, M. Neal, S. Laurell, B. Vv'alker, B. Hooker. Row 2: N. Erlicher, J. Knipp, M. Sim' mons, D. Johnson, B. Knipp, N. Singer, J. Ciesemier, B. Hass. Row 3: M. Reske, E. Mentecki, D. Roese, M. Gums, D. Stafford, A. Beck, J. Spitz, G. Scheunemann. Row 4: V. Maiholzer, G. Gigl, J. Hruska, B. Peterson, D. Hrubes, E. Huedner, E. Isleb, G. johnson, J. Seefeldt. 226 MISS ZUCKER Bottom row: E. Schroeder, B. Bischoff, ,l. Pfeifer, Miss Zucker, D. Townley L. Hart, S. Nicolai. Row 2: N. Bernstein, G. Lauterxvasser, B. Berg, C. Weber, C. Wolf, B Mendell, H. Frey, R. Granschow, M. Edelstein. Row 3: D. Brandenburg, J. Amann, H. Spitz, R. Perschon, R. Haas, K. Domres, NV. Buchanan, G. Borsuch. 231 MISS SCHERKENBACH Bottom row: D. Plamenig, A. Misun, L. Hanneman, Miss Scherkenbach, C. Kling, M. Klein, B. D'Amico. Row 2: F. Zeman, A. Cohen, L. Del Bello, E. johnson, C. Dotzauer, J. Langer, H. Munzel. Row 3: I. Lyden, G. Lade, I. Schoenf felcl, M. Griffin, A. Zeller, G. Stauss, S. Pinnow. Row 4: R. Orban, R. Munro, O. Thompson, R. Stephenson, V. Fritsch- ler, H. Venz, D. Kohls, R. Mueller. Page Sixty-one may '!C0!ClflN K, 232 MR. TRYTHALL Bottom row: I. Passon, A. Erdmann, Y Tolwinsky, Mr. Trythall, R. Scha low, J. Bosch. Row 2: Q. Kaisershot, I. Wichnmaxm, F Dervah, M. Bocksenbaum, E. Rossinc N. Schulze, C. Biskupski. Row 3: I. Greenberg, D. Schultz, E Zeratsky, M. Taylor, R. Jonas, L Auer, J. Beyer. Row 4: J. Fabina, R. Becker, G. Kahne R. Duchow, E. Brumgartc, A. Por: chette, G. Kotras. 233 MISS MUELLENSCHLADER Bottom row: J. NVenzel, D. Glienke, I. Lustig, E. Boucher, L. Hellmich, L. Hackbarth. Row 2: D. Hess, A. Mey, W. Fitz' gcrald, E. Hirzin, I. Stern, G. Forn- crook, R. Artner. Row 3: A. Linz, J. Hubatch, J. Benko Miss Muellenschlader, L. Garraghnn B. Dunaj, L. Hass, P. Kane. Row 4: A. Potrats, R. Siegel, H. Eiche M. Mannigel, R. Kummerling, C Yellick, H. Mueller, XV. Rucinski. 1 s 301 MISS LUKER Bottom row: S. Ehlcrt. C. Brunner Miss Luker, D. Rechlin, R. Gicse I fi G. Porchetta. Row 2: G. Zingler, M. Platow, I Vasarella, A. Nickel, A. Guk, K. Graebert. Row 3: H. Carlson, B. Hackl, E. Felder, T. Ricciardi, D. Friday, P. Green, E. Hinclin. Row 4: B. Garfield D , . Duggcr, E. XVasemillcr, D. XVeavcr, E. Straub' haar, J. Gcnzcl, R. Rohda. Page Sixty-two 302 MRS. KNIGHT M. Lathrop. Row 2: J. Hoehn, C. Madsen, K Abler, S. Ropter. Row 3: B. Mulgrew, R. Ottoson, J Voeltner, E. Schlotter, D. Friday M. Widuch, L. Ott. Zunker, J. Leahy, F. Schalk, E NVelky, E. Ruchlinski, F.. Krentz. 306 MISS HALBACH Bottom row: E. Steinhilber, A. Matte Miss Halbach, G. Kupka, L. Lueck M. Versegi. Row 2: E. Levich, F. Klinyk, A. Kark R. Meyer, B. Kraft, R. Ricklin. 77' 307 MRS. NYBERG Bottom row: J. Peters, V. Gill, J Reifsnyder, Mrs. Nybergj D. Han sen, E. Sinitzky, T. Komlyr. Row 2: L. Sorenson, P. Weber, H Lenter, D. Schulz, R. Reed, M Thoreson, L. Krogman, B. Rosen. Row 3: K. Kemp, D. Manthei, T. Fer clerbar, F. Spiering, F. Hipp, L Davis, B. King. TCTU191' Page Sixty-three Bottom row: L. Bclke, R. Hoffmann, C. Zaruba, Mrs. Knight, D. Shoemaker, Klinka, L, Schiller, K. Grimm, Di Row 4: R. Schraith, C. Dobson, M. Sophomore and Junior Boys MR. FIELDS Bottom row: H. Marx, G. Suchy, D. Bauer Mr. Fields R. Phel s J. i , P Q Wichert, B. Levine. Row 2: E. Wergin, H. Rohr, R. Roth, E. Kamrath, J. Cornlield, H. Husak G. Sitter, R. Sehiro. Row 3: A. Suhr, K. Vogt, H. Cralnf dell, H. Zilberbrand, R. Spott, Hester, W. Owens, R. Zenisek. Row 4: F. Behlkc, YV. Summers, D Beining, D. Burgardt, M. Patten, A Dumke, W. Mateicka. Row 5: D. Jackson, G. Dahlen, K Robarge, R. Gulbronson, A. Jaeger D. Proeehel, R. Rohr, W'. Luehke. MR. HALL MR. MAEGLI Bottom row: D. Esche, D. Brazner, L Shenken, Mr. Maegli, W. Dewsenf berry, J. Serres, J. Schmid. Row 2: L. Trautner, E. George, R. Fausek, E. Wolff, D. Seamandel, W. Worgull, R. Winter, R. Ausustine, R. Maseari. Row 3: W. XVinzig, K. Roger, A. Moratz, E. Allen, J. Hipp, K. Hen' ning, W. Sarow, D. Vfalters, F. Gichert. Row 4: H. Brockman, J. Hoffmann, H. Padden, M. Murray, D. Staurakis, R. Eakin, D. Huff, H. Raduc, G. Jurgcnsen. Row S: A. NValters, NV. Spangenbcrg, J. Bargenquast, B. Brace, Mr. Hall, G. Garske, H. Bahr, M. Keller, C. Bayer. Page Sixty-four MR. NEWMAN MR. TETZLAFF Bottom row: Mr. Tetzlalf, XV. Kemp K. W'anner, M. Komisar, G. Wruck J. Silbar, A. Haltner, Mr. Newman Row 2: E. Sehnoll, M. Fefer, R. Hill R. Goldstein, M. Bloom, L. Mil neritsch, E. Meyerson, A. Bregantin EJ Nussbaumer, G. Thompson. Row 3: D. Runnells, D. Lecher, R Skaw, E. Medlyn, B. Seeurth, R Goldwasser, S. Fuggiasco, R. Ravens craft, R. Kaufmann, E. Lerner. Row 4: W. Keirsey, G. Meinkoff, B Deflner, D. Buechner, R. Shabushnig J. Hill, K. Schultz, W. Holb, H Neuhaus, E. Laatsch, G. Hauser. Row 5: E. Martin, L. Brady, L. Mc' Cargo, R. Heyse, R. Doleschy, P Stathas, F. Erlauer, J. Milgrew, Ji Hirschberg, G. Koester. I une 1943 BLAST Sophomore and Junior Girls MISS SPIERING Bottom row: G. Parkins, J. XVolter, Miss Spicring, L. Olsen, D. Efram. Row 2: M. Key, B. Nummerdor, B. Baumgart, R. Leahy, T. Schuman, D. Roecker. Row 3: M. Moriarity, D. Fritz, M. Lange, J. Ottenstein, F. Recht, C. Karp. Row 4: B. Guralmick, V. Ponpcndorf, H. Chabak, L. Ricwe, V. Bcrtz, G. Prince, J. Licbl. .. fr M83 . , r .t JY-fix, . NJ7! , 'L f X- Q 4. ft- Wjwif if ' X, . J . 2' wk, MR. VAN HORN Bottom row: C. Struck, E. Levine, M. Thurncr, Mr. Van Horn, M. Timm, M. Tesch, E. Schmeling. Row 2: P. Wold, B. Baglien, S. John' son, M. Geiger, J. Dionne, L. Wolff gram, D. Weickenand. Row 3: A. Habermann, C. Keim, A. Piclmcier, M. Thurner, G. Loeber, M. Morrison, L. Kiefert, B. Rades. Row 4: J. Bic, W. Menger, D. Rodahl, E. Zitzer, A. jacob, E. Einwalter, D. Redlich, P. Sellin. MR. PRITCHARD Bottom row: R. Keene, M. Dreyer Mr. Pritchard, M. Falk, E. vaugimf Row 2: B. Linder, M. Mihopulos, G Harris, J. McMurray, C. Haas, S La Bonte. Row 3: A. Bland, G. Dominguez, M Doine, M. Krasny, M. Roberts, R Schneider, M. Stathas. Row 4: N. Belke, M. Schmidt, M Einwalter, B. Marquardt, J. Hussey D. Draves, B. Leake. Bottom row: K. Seefeld, L. Clertel, Assembly "C" MR. RESCHKE MISS CARROLL Bottom row: E. Clark, S. Hilber, M. Carroll, Mr. Reschke, B. Semrau, B. Mason, C. Grayson. Row 2: G. Ratzow, D. Cradecki, J. Au ustine C Rod ers N I g , . g , . Heder, K. Lefebvre, L. Lamboy, N. Yesko. Row 3: R. Albert, J. Molkenthen, P. Mahov, J. Johnson, J. Lewis, M Voigt, J. Mahuki, A. Buettmer, G Krueger. Row 4: C. Katz. S. Shielman, S. Ross B. Ansfleld, E. Koch, M. YValters M. Lehman, J. Karl, J. Baumann, F Schumacher. Row 5: M. Telford, L. Mileller, A Leistikow, M. Raines, C. Boettcher D. Holzhauser, B. Centz, C. Boy ington, D. Zeisler. MRS. WILLIAMSON MISS HEIDEN MR. SEEFELD U1 5 55225 '1 L'-2 ENS?-' 5,0552- 1701 fn' SFU 'HQ arf ?5 mg 5-' 5: S' 3' P n-nz F :ci Q FE.: 5 553-3 fg PF 51. ow 3-io Loper, E. Kremer, E. Stuebner Mihopulos, V. Grossman, B. Hecht, C. Morris. Row 3: B. Castagna, L. Klesper, M. Haase, W. Zfemer, R. Tarrant, R. Schilling, E. Timm, L. Mueller, A Malkasian, G. Kurth. Row 4: E. Quincey, C. Kaniess, J Tak, M. Rosen, E. Lasts, MI Muchka, H. Rosenbaum, E. Bloom- field, G. White, L. Woceske. Row 5: M. Jacob, R. De Laurier, H. Aspenleiter, M. Nelson, G. Lemke H. Oertel, J. Large, R. Turrittin S. Meindel. ow 6: F. Kippert, H. Emold, E. Worgull, XV. Janotta, E. Klug, H. Kclber, C. XV0lfer, W. Burke, R Zcntner. s a Page Sixty-six ASSEMBL MISS STOECKLE MRS. ALK Bottom row: M. Schumacher, E. Ketel' hohn, D. Schuster, B. Breitwish, V. Wisnepke, L. Hagen, C. Berger, Miss Stoeckle. Row 2: C. Grossmann, S. Dansin, M. Kleiner, A. Poliak, J. Mustas, J. Macalust, R. Mechanic, E. Wagner, M. Johnson. Row 3: B. Michalek, M. Schuppe, M. Rosen, M. Wietzke, C. Segal, N. llzxleljels, G. Miller, N. Crockett, Mrs. Row 4: O. Ludwigsen, M. Jensen, C. Boswetter, L. Jezewski, M. Schiller, S. Reder, M. Zaye, S. Oboth, F. Schreier, M. Scherschel. Row 5: H. Ahlmann, E. Brandstrom C. Kopp, M. Kruegel, S. Kummer B. Rubenstein, C. Voelkel, M. Man' del, B. Liddle. Row 6: J. Hackl, R. Isaac, J. Heyse B. Heyse, J. Bauer, A. Mueller, M. Kreuser, M. Dix, F. Buxbaum, V Huebner, M. Ahl. Iune, 1. MRS. JAMES MISS SUCKOW Bottom row: A. James, F. Randazzo, L. Schiefelbein, D. Kaliebe, R. Kueff fer, L. Jaeger, L. Bcrgner, Miss Sucf kow. Row 2: C. Mathews, E. Dallgas, B. Bassett, S. Bonneson, M. Groeling, C. Vasarella, A. Gunther, R. Panaf VURSD. Row 3: S. Reddin, D. Lutz, L. Held, S. Freisleben, M. Gross, E. Rudolph, L. Lange, O. Dixson, R. Baer. Row 4: B. Stiehl, D. Christiansen, L. NVehb, B. Rogers, M. Bowes, B Kurth, J. Burmcister, A. Roseland M. LeFenre, T. Szivecz. Row 5: D. Siewcrt, S. Carmichael, M Greenleaf, G. Klatka, A. NVetzel, E Hughes, F. Margolis, B. Hafeman, D. J Furnish, E. Chapman. attler v Assembly "C" MR. RESCHKE MR. WITTE Bottom row: M. Murdjak, J. Fausek, Mr. XVitte, Mr. Reschke, R. Timm, J. Timm, H. Mueller. Row 2: I. Mumpcr, J. Verburgt, J. Balke, S. Luhn, R. Omick, D. Euer, B. Krueger, L. Homman. Row 3: I. Juech, P. Henrics, E. Rigo, M. Born, V. Lackrawski, M. Ham' sher, J. Clark, V. Messing. Row 4: J. Bauer, C. Niemann, E. Zernia, K. Grimm, E. Bracey, A. Howard, M. Crawford, D. Herbst. Row 5: B. Sandhusen, J. Frieberg, NV. Smith, S. Eakin, S. Kass, G. Bur stein, B. Neumann, D. Mascari, D. Zeigler. MR. BERGEIM MR. DUWE Bottom row: Mr. Bergeim, G. Fiebrink, J. Linden, D. Kannenberg, R. Knuth, B. Soltol, R. Rottner, Mr. Duwe. Row 2: H. Haack, G. Baier, H. Hesse, J. Cohen, A. Harrer, E. Holmserom, A. Cohen, J. Birk, W. Lange. Row 3: R. Johnson, R. Lucas, W. Bailey, B. Blanchard, F. Tarman, H. Gollman, R. Foley, T. Bellefy, E Dembeck. Row 4: C. Manning, D. Schmidt, F Hora, E. Stadlan, M. Cohen, P Baumann, D. De Barge, M. Koessler D. Sengbusch. Row 5: L. Batzko, J. Sommers, D Taticelc, W. Callahan, B. Poytinger gdglson, H. Stoerzer, B. Pansky, J o . Page Sixty-seven 510 MISS CONLAN Bottom row: S. Nelson , A. Chcrncy, B. Frank, Miss Conlan, J. Rasmussen, D. Mucllcr. Row 2: C. lwfuth, J. Tcnncsscn D , . XVensing, M. Mucnchow, C. Johannes, H. Pohlc. Row 3: . Kar P. Schlo - J p, ttcr, D. Sor ensen, J. Misun, H. XVchnes, C Rode, P. Spanhcimcr. 311 MISS ROBERTS Bottom row: P. Engelbcrt, D. Bell, P. Linkc, Miss Roberts, D. Drinlcurine, P. XVeiss, L. Hcrro, N. Sanfclippo. Row 2: M. Slesarik, C. Forbes, C Dolinky, L. Baumann, J. Sticr, R Zahn, L. Lind, H. Barian. Row 3: R. NVhite, M. Zwaska, E Kline, J. Scribbins, E. Schultz, E Gross, R. Sturm, L. Tomczkc. U ' 314 MRS. PORTER Bottom row: V. Reid, G. Dexter, B. Simon, B. Bubolz, P. Parmclcc, G. Godfrcy, R. Hoffmann. Row 2: L. Ebncr, L. Kanitz, B. Kamin, D. Pasbrig, R. Keller, E. Hermann C. MacLeod, R. Trzccinski. Row 3: M. Hamilton, M. Kappcl, T. Proctor, B. Knuth, C. Litcrslci, G Suckow, A. Bott, V. Conrad, R Satori. Row 4: G. Rocsclcr, R. Rocmcr, Mrs Porter, J. King, G. Grail, D Schulkc, A. Henning, M. Gordon D. Stccnwcg. Row S: XV. Lenz, R. Mason, D. Vcrf hcin, R. Schrocdcr, E. Mittelstadt, F. Thcis, A. Lcdcbuhr, C. Dedrick. Page Sixty-eight I une, 1943 323 MR. WARNER Bottom row: M. Krasno, T. XVussow Mr. XXIZIYIICY, P. Valentino, B. XVer ncckc. Row 2: R. Pless, G. Feld, M. Brand stattcr, E. Davics, R. Luttropp. 324 MISS GREGG Bottom row: D. Minor, A. Schmidt, S. Kopriva, Miss Gregg. G. Landry, A. Grasser, M. Callahan. Row 2: B. Kcllermann, P. Klein, B. Flaeschel, G. Gordan, V. Prusha, Mankieruig, A. Rifkin. Row 3: M. Selensky, R. Corrao, H. Holzman, F. Schlaefer, T. Witt, Y. Graf, G. Sanders, E. Unke. Row 4: H. Lensky, E. Justus, R. Ben' ish, G. Higgins, I. Bograb, R. Som' mcrfelclt, D. Stauher. Y SEM. 7 SENIORS Bottom row: A. Hackbarth, G. Allen, E. Brueckncr, N. Ahlmann, R. Far' kas, C. Hoffman, S. Hoffmann. Row 2: D. Hilty, H. Dickhut, R. Abel, R. Hecht, I. Davidson, B. Gold, R. Gash, M. Bratel. Row 3: J. Freitag, A. Dockhorn, M. David, S. Golofl, L. Bocksenbaum, . D'1"l go m 55' ra- I' FU Q 2. UQ 2 F : DJ 2 0 I' 5' ,QUE I3 ff UF 21? E W cn 55 EHR? ' :f CFU :UU 552 CUC err Ur-nU E ii P' F L' o :D 5 TU as Z O o :J- W P Gmoscr. Tqfflef Page Sixty-nine v f 204 MR. KAMPINE MR. MYRA Bottom row: Mr. Myra, R. Stephenson, E. NVolfl, R. Mueller, G. Bogs, R. Lorenzen, Mr. Kampinc. Row 2: A. Nedbeck, F. Widmann, H. Kilclay, J. Kollauf, W. McCoy, R. Stefanovitz, C. Barr, H. Gegenhuber. Row 3: A. Felker, J. Fitzgerald, E. Bray, R. Larsen, P. Burkhart, L. Lindstrum, R. Mee, E. Peters, D. Campbell. Row 4: L. Pnrmelee, D. Trincll, M. Rickun, R. Sander, R. Williams, R. Sefton, L. Hculer, D. Moody. i' uk ir ul' ir 'A' 1. SEM. 7 SENIORS Bottom row: L. Keene, S. Schultz, A Lemke, C. Lehman, L. Primakow D. Kuchenbecker, L. Lindemann. Row 2: E. Karrys, H. Leiser. S. Litovf chik, R. Michel. M. Knuth, L. Kal- weit, J. Pagel, E. Juettner. Row 3: C. Johnson, H. Krause, A. Klokow, J. McDonald, I. Michaels S. Koch, C. Knuth, M. Valenti, A. Ponilc. s 1 Row 4: N. Komisar, R. Mahl, H. Mess' nick, C. Maronek, H. Lecher, H. Leibl, R. Lehman, L. Kane, W. Becker. Row 5: G. Boas, D. Karrvs, JV. Kar' rasch, R. Pfluq, B. Jacobs, E. Bock, G. Lambert, D. Allen. Page Seventy I1-1119, 1943 if if if 'A' 'A' ir SEM. 7 SENIORS Bottom row: S. Rudolph, R. XVinzig, M. Reich, A. Radue, L. Rogers, V. Scherr, M. Schwister. Row 2: A. Trautmann, P. VJeldon, J. Stein, M. Schiefelbein, A. Runge, H. Wbelkerling, A. Schroeder, O. Rad' ford. Row 3: L. Runnclls, M. Sitter, L Salzbrenner, XV. Schmidt, V. Schlotf tcrbeck, C. Simpson, M. Stoeckle, L. Tammcr. Row 4: A. Schoepke, I. Zelenka, M. Sosoff, S. Slotnick, M. Vtfexlcr, K. Seaman, XV. Zinke. Row 5: D. Radbill, R. Zauner, M. Sin' agub, C. NVolff, R. Sander, W. Wilke, R. Salow, R. Schalow. Tcrttler 204 MR. KAMPINE MR. LIBBY Bottom row: L. Libby, XV. Bruss, J Moody, D. Haekbarth, D. XVright A. Hankin, L. Kampine. Row 2: G. Laatsch, D. Krueger, E Ochs, R. Hemmings, F. XVeiss, R Svitak, D. Roppoport, R. Seharf. Row 3: NV. Patek, J. Rcgner, M. Slut skv, G. Gottlieb, D. Kilday, E. Schuf macher, R. Prochazka, D. Brinkman G. Mifko. Row 4: C. Liebl, C. Kahn. R. Moll K. Stoll, H. Drake, J. Ferroly, A. Bobo, F. Kowiak, R. Plack. Page Seventy-one n X w ff A We WML' . ,M- . GIRLS' CLUB Bottom row: C. Onarheim, R. Petersen L. Bergen, V. Verduin, J. Car' michael. s Row 2: L. Muth, C. Rice, D. Fueger J. Cerschke, M. Klawitter, M. Hath' away. i Row 3: J. Eichenbaum, M. Domres, S. Rant, D. Engels, D. Blaha, B. Stein' egger, B. Haas. Row 4: A. Stone, D. XValworth, J. Parys, F. Phiiler, M. Cohen, A. Newby, B. Radtke, E. Kleist. Row 5: B. Riesterer, E. Sorenson, C. Vaughn, V. Reifsnyder, C. Claus, J. Peck, M. Kadlec, E. Frciburger. Cirls' Club members are entitled to participate in the friendly, entertaining gatherings that are held every second Thursday by the club. Bef sides their social activities, the girls have been doing their utmost to aid in our great war effort by contributing cancelled stamps, castfoff silk Page Seventy-four GIRLS' CLUB Bottom row: C. Porchetta, L. Tomczek, V. XVolter, Miss Carroll, C. Bingen- heimer, J. NVolter, J. Roese. Row 2: B. Mendell, D. Lassilo, C. Dolinky, P. Kane, C. Zingler, L. Del Bello, E. Johnson, D. Friday. Row 3: P. Engelbert, D. Hess, J. Aucrf bach, J. Joseph, J. Kohlhoff, B. Berg, B. Schneider, S. Becker, C. NVeber. Row 4: J. Bauer, E. Schlotter, G. Krue- ger, A. Thiers, S. Lex, S. Brandes, L. Otto, J. Meyer, C. Mueller. Row 5: M. Lehman, C. Ratsow, H. XValsoow, L. Herzberg, A. Martins, A. Nickel, J. Vasarella, R. Behling D. Friday. Row 6: C. Brunner, D. Recklin, S. Ehlert, R. Kastl, J. Benko, J. Hu' batch, A. Linz, R. Hoffmann, M. Meyer. GIRLS' CLUB Bottom row: M. XVray, J. Augustine, S. Meindel, Miss Carroll, D. Shoe' maker, M. Dit, R. Kueffer. Row 2: S. Reder, B. Stiehl, S. Cboth, S. Bonneson, M. Groeling, S. Free' man, M. Gunther. Row 3: E. Rudolph, S. Moriarity, B. Dunay, J. Lustig, L. Strauss, A. Schieck, R. Cicser, A. Bucttner, C. Niemann. Row 4: B. Simpson, D. Ziegler, M. Krecger, N. Fritschlcr, L. Ott, B. Reifsnyder, L. Nicola, M. Zwaska, M. Klein. Row 5: C. Zaruba, F. Ricc"ardi, B. Butzlail, M. Platow, L. Hart, A. Riff kin, J. Ropeter, J. Langer. Row 6: S. W'enzel, C. Keing, A. Jen' sen, E. Schroeder, L. Praefke, J. XVilling, S. Comdohr, E. Felder, L. Manett. Advisers: Miss Sherman Miss Bergq stockings, and scrapbooks for the underprivif leged children in the hospitals. The latest move' ment taken up by the club, with the cooperation of the sewing classes, is the presentation of utility kits to North Division boys who are entering the armed forces. GIRLS' CLUB Bottom row: S. Johnson, B. Neumann, P. Valentine, Miss Luker, J. Karl, E. Zernia, C. Kopp. Row 2: M. Lange, J. Macaluso, P. Goldstein, J. Wussow, M. Brandstetf ter, D. Schulke, E. Laste, C. Vasarf ella, F. Schreier. Row 3: L. Wolfgram, G. Scheunemann, D. Hoffman, N. Singer, C. Prest, M. Sinitzky, M. Rosen, G. Johnson. Row 4: J. Seefeldt, M. Gums, D. Roese, E. Weiss, S. Hilber, J. Bau' mann, L. Stops, F. Schumacher, M. Simmons. Row 5: B. Hass, R. Keller, E. Her- mann, R. Albert, J. Mahnke, J. Scmier, B. Heibler, J. French. Row 6: G. Burstein, J. Fausek, E. Bischof, G. Gigl, D. Hrubes, R. Theimer, D. Siewert, V. Maiholzer, R. Timm. GIRLS' CLUB Bottom row: S. Rudolph, E. Brueckner, G. Parkins, Miss Gregg, C. Struck, G. Schloer, J. Licbl. Row 2: J. Popuch, H. Bergeim, A Knopp, D. Tcsscndorf, R. Henschel R. Grueninger, R. Kesselman. Row 3: D. Redlich, J. Pagel, Y. Def michci, C. Chatham, L. Bocksenbaum M. Valenti, R. Abel, H. Krause. Row 4: E, Beining, E. Breitwish, C Maronek, B. Michalek, R. Schneider B. Liddle, J. Ottenstein, G. Locher M. Schiefelbein. Row 'iz V. Grossman, J. Dionne, P ,Wold, H. Leiser, A. Trautmann, J McMurray, N. Crockett, M. Junior B. Gold. Row 6: E. Kremer, V. Harrison, XV. Merger, A. Dockhorn, L. Primakow, B. Guralnick, E. Levine, E. Stuebncr, C. Berger. i ss Gregg, Miss Luker, Miss Carroll, Miss Ottman. Cne patriotic program was given in officers of the army and navy were guest ers. Among the social gatherings were a man party, an informal mixer, and the farewell tea which added the finishing to a happy, active year. cxttler which speak' fresh' senior touch GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS Bottom row: M. Griffin, M. Doerflingf er, Miss Sherman, A. Trebus. Row 2: V. Kohl, L. Runnells, M. Ehrf ich, R. Vlfcndorf. Row 3: F. Federman, M. Chorcn, M. Fuelster. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester Fern Federman .................. President ...... . ...... Vivian Kohl Madeleine Doerflinger...VicefPresident... ..... Lois Runnels Marjorie Griffin ................. Secretary ...... .Marian Fuelster Audrey Trebus ........ ....... T reasurer ........ Marcile Ehrich Margaret Choren ........... Cor. Secretary.. ..Ruth Wendorf Page Seventy-five NORTH STAR STAFF fSe1nester 1 J Bottom row: Mr. Holmes, Mr. Gee, Miss Spiering, Mr. Brandel, Mr Warner, Mr. Libby. Row 2: J. Wussow, M. Groeling, G. Riewe, R. Lecman, D. NVeisner, B. Habermehl, B. Schlotz, M. Johnson. Row 3: R. Krasno, G. Derzavitz B Milaccio, S. Bubolz, A. XVergfn, B. Steinegger, V. Peginsc, M. NVray, R. Krogman. Row 4: R. Kucffer, M. Bines, A. Sinitzky, V. Gcrken, S. Fuelster. L. Akey, L. XVittig, B. Gies, B. Schwarting. Row 5: A. Frank, M. Muchka, R. Kobler, L. Press, J. Clasen, D. Meisf ter, N. Burns, B. Ninstil, E. Smahcl, Row 6: C. XVietzke, J. Chernin, H. Tuchman, R. Luttropp, H. Richter, R. Stepp, E. Stuckert, J. XVickcrt, G. Arbiturc. The NQRTH STAR is published fortnightly by the students and for the students of North Division. The pictorial was started in February, 1941, and has continued to give the school a paper which is the only one of its kind. The STAR is grouped into four divisions: the editorial staff, business staff, advertising staff, and photographic staff. Each department is run by a separate body of students under the direcf tion of an adviser. Although these advisers are always there, they do not act as censors, and they give their opinions only when consulted. The editorial staff is under the supervision of the editorfinfchief, managing editor, and four assistant managing editors. Each page has a if if '7he Mm Advisers: Mr. Holmes, Mr. Gee, Miss Sp separate editor, each of whom has assistants reporters under him. The staff accepts or re all articles and pictures as it sees lit. The editor, sports editor, art editor, star dust s pastefup editors, and printers make up the of the journalistic staff. The advisers are Holmes, Miss Spiering, Miss Heiden, and James. The photographic department in 323, the supervision of Mr. Wariier, consists of school photographer and a separate pho pher for every two pages. The photo e and clerks see to it that the photographers the correct assignments and later deliver the tures to their owners. All icture By the Students p saret PUBLI S lurk NORTH STAR STAFF fSen1ester 25 Bottom row: E. Engels, R. Kucffcr, P Valcntinc, V. Huebner, NV. Peginsc L. Bcrgncr, S. Fuclstcr, A. Frank. Row 2: A. Martins, J. Klein, B Schlotz, G. Ricxvc, L. Hcrzbcrg, N Burns, M. Junior, Al. XVussow, R Krasno. gerald, B. Nowiclci, R. Ccascr, D Meister, B. Ninstil, M. Grocling, M Brandstcttcr. Row 4: C. XVictzkc, M. XVray, S 1 s Helden, Mrs. James, Mr. Warner, Mr. Brandel, Mr. Libby. veloped, and printed by student photograf ers. This department is very important since paper is a pictorial with seventy per cent and thirty per cent printed matter. The business staff, under the direction of Mr. and Mr. Brandel, is made up of a business circulation manager, assistants, and This group has charge of all the finanf and business problems. Last semester there a circulation manager in each room for the of getting subscriptions, collecting oney, and taking care of all the STAR's busif ss in his particular room. He was awarded a ce subscription if his room was one hundred r cent, and the group was given a chance to RTNIGHTLY For the Students choose any serviceman to whom they wished to send a free subscription. During the past year, the circulation was the largest in the STAR's history. This fact shows that the paper is popular among the students. The advertising department consists of all the people in Mr. Libby's salesmanship classes and of special STAR solicitors. To save money, the ads are set up in the business office ofthe STAR by student printers. The STAR advertising manager, who works with Mr. Libby, tries to get enough advertising to keep the STAR on a good financial basis. The coordination of these four divisions are responsible for the smooth functioning of the STAR staif. Q Row 3: M. Krasno, L. Press, M. Fitz' Bubolz, B. Stcincggcr, A. XVergfn, R Krugman, B. Geis, L. Lindemann, L Miith. Row 5: D. Staubcr, M. Bincs, J. Chernin, H. Tuchman, R. Luttropp, L. Wittig, R. Pless, A. Sinitzky. . Row 6- Mr. Gee. Miss Saierinlz, MF- Holmes, Mr. Brandel, Mr. Warner, Mr. Libby. TATTLER STAFF Bottom row: A. Starr, H. Karas, Mrs. Nyberg, Mr. Newman, Miss Conlan, G. Feld, M. Brandstettcr. Row 2: R. Mirochnik, E. Dwoskin, Mr. W'arner, Miss Givan, Miss Daly, V, Gerkin, M. Meyer. Row 3: E. Powers, J. Carmichael, Miss Roethke, H. Irvine, Mrs. Porter, D. Glaesncr, NV. Sefton. Advisers: Mr. Newman, Miss Campbell, Miss Conlan, Miss Daly, Miss Givan, Mrs. Ny Our school year book, "The Tattler," has alf ways rated high among school annuals because the best work of a carefully picked staff has gone into its production. Every student, espef cially the graduating seniors, looks forward to its publication. This year "The Tattler' Annual staff has worked long and diligently to edit a NORTH'S Y book that will convey the patriotic spirit that 0 school has shown since our country became ii volved in war and that will keep alive memori of a happy year at North. To you, the students and the faculty of Nor Division, the Tattler Annual of 19424943 pr sents the passing review of North's school li TAKE THIS DOWN, PLEASE! f Page Seventy eight I une, 1943 TATTLER SUBSCRIPTION DRIVE EUNICE DWOSKIN Assistant Editor HOWARD KARAS Advertising orter, Miss Roethke, Mr. Warner, Mrs. Williamsoii. K OF 1943 HE TATTLER STAFF BY POSITION Virginia Gerkin ...... Activities' I-rv Irvine Editor Donald Glaesner .... .... S ports Editor nice Dwoskin. . . ..... Assistant Editor Bermce ,sllbemmn ' ' ' """' 'Typist illiarn Sefton .... .... B usiness Manager Ruth Mlrochlllk ' ' ' """' Typist rilyn Meyer .... ........ A dvertising Edward Powefs- - - - - -Aft Edlwf ward Karas ....... ..... A dvertising ' ADH RRG Staff ----- .------- A ff nne Carmichael .... . . .Photo Editor Robt. Zinsmeister .... .... A rt THEY WORK TO SERVE Tcrttler Page Seventy-nin-e GIRLS' LEADERSHIP Bottom row: H. Zastrow, R. Lehman H. Ruhes, Miss Scherkenbach, D Roese, M. XVray, S. Rant, S. Fuel ster. Row Z: C. Simomsen, M. Geiger, E Bloomfield, J. Karl, 1. Baumann, H Leiser, B. Schneider, E. Hermann. Row 3: J. XVoIter, P. Sellin, V. Rad seek, B. Riesterer, E. Sorenson, K Grimm, K. Meyer, A. Dockhorn, G Loebcr. Row 4: J. Hussey, M. Buechner, L Primakoxv, F. Cohen, S. Goloff, A Hahermann, C. Zenisek, V. Messing M.'Rosen, F. Margolis. Row 5: P. Parmelec, A. Key, F. Recht Thurner. Matis, A. Schmidt, R. XVinzig. BOYS' LEADERSHIP son, XV. Winzig, C. XVolff. Row 2: G. Garske, M. Murray, A. Slutsky, C. Maniiing, M. Bines, A. Haltner, E. Klein, G. Christie, E. Numrich. Row 3: A. Sinitzky, B. Levine, J. Gold, M. Koessler, B. Pansky, R. Mahl, C. Brown, R. Shabushnig. Row 4: N. Cohen, W. Sefton, A. For- ster, E. Stuckert, J. Wickert, R. XVendorf, G. Bogs, D. Allen, W. Spangcnberg. Row S: C. Barr, R. Tarnofsky, H. Hiken, H. Hesse, H. Zimpelman, J. Cohen, E. Frank, J. Cornfield. feaclmihip. Qaaupi Advisers: Miss Scherkenhach, Mr. Flugum "O for a living man to lead! That will not babble when we blccdg O for the silent doer of the deed! One that is happy in his height, And one that in a nation's might Hath solitary certitude of light." -Stephen Phillips: "A Man." This year America is facing the most imporf tant crisis in her now, and leaders of reconstruction leadership groups in our war effort. After lunching history. Leaders are needed will he needed in the years that will follow. Thus, the are playing an important role together, the members hold round table discussions on leaders and the qualf ities necessary for leadership. During the year inspirational talks were given by faculty members. On January 5, Mr. Wet' ner spoke on "Pointers Which Lead to Successwg and on January 6, Mr. Reschke took for his topic "Basic Urges of Human Beings." In April, the girls' group was addressed by Mrs. Knight, while Mr. Vkferner spoke to the boys. Each semester Miss Scherkenhach and Mr. Flugum direct groups of students who are inter' ested in this work of specialized leadership. Page Eighty june, 194 1 C. Haas, A. Malkasian, E. Johnson: J. Klein, J. Mahnke, A. Martins, M. Row 6: E. Bischof, C. Onarhe'm, R. Petersen, E. Sandhnsen, M. Doerf ilinger, E. Breitwich, M. Thurner, J. Bottom row: R. Phelps, H. Tnchman, NV. Frieberg, Mr. Flugum, S. Ncl' spmz, ew Adviser: Miss Roberts At some time in his life probably every per' son who is actively engaged is called upon to make a speech of some kind. It is the purpose of the Speech Club to help the student acquire the ease and confidence that are necessary if he is to make a good impression. The mem' bers have the advantage of practice before an audience of friendly critics. The programs, most of which are planned and presented by the students themselves, offer opportunities in extemporaneous reading, dec' lamation, dramatization, and other phases of speech work. Sometimes speakers from other fields, far removed from school life, address the club. First Semester August Krueger. William Hester ...... . Ella Schumacher .... ...... Cecil Brown ....... VVEBSTER CLUB Bottom row: G. Boggs, N. Cohen, Mr. Reschke, XV. Kemp, R. Phelps, H. Irvine. Row 2: R. Krogman, A. Doelchorn, G. Loeber, D. Blaha, M. Domres, M. Rosen, E. Laste. Row 3: F. Behllcc, E. Frank, A. Harrer M. Knopp, D. Schulke, B. Domres, R. XVendorf. Row 4: L. Jaeger, J. Frieberg, B. Neuf mann, M. Thurncr, E. Cerletty, R. , Theimcr, W. Huebner, L. Runnells. Row 5: A. Malkasian, G. Kurth, A. Knopp, G. Miller, G. Prince, N. Crockett, M. Junior, B. Gold, R. qt Kesselman. - l SPEECH CLUB Bottom row: I. Capella, A. Krueger, F. Zillner, Miss Roberts, XV. Frieberg, XV. Hester, H. Eurich. Row 2: L. Bocksenbaum, J. Gerschke, D. Fueger, S. George, F. Federman, Ei Freiburger, M. Kadlec, V. Kohl, . Reifsnyrder. Row 3: C. Brown, E. Schumacher, R. Burstein, M. Rohlanel, B. Levine, J. Eichenbaum, L. Primakow, M. Bowes. Row 4: A. YVasleske, N. Gollman, R. Shulkin, A. Di Blasio, N. Cohen, R. Stepp, S. Bear, I. Roitblat, M. Glicklich. Row 5: J. Cornfield, M. Ehrich, V. Peabody, F. Recht, J. Clasen, D. Meister, E. Dwoskin, S. Leberman, G. Lerner. .v OFFICERS Second Semester President ...... ........ G eorge Lerner .VicefPresident ........... ...Cecil Brown Secretary ....... .......... F aye Recht Treasurer ,..,. . ,,.,..., Allen DiBlasio Zbeddlea 81145 Adviser: Mr. Reschke A reference to Webster may, by some, be considered a turning to the dictionary: but by many Northsiders it means that club whose activities comprise many interests. Primarily the Webster Society is interested in literary achieve' ment. During the past year the programs were made up of debates, extemporaneous speeches and talks, both inspiring and instructive. A highlight of the second semester was the nofdecision debate that was held between the Vwfebster Club and the Speech Club. The quesf tion for debate was "Resolved, that the schools adopt a plan for military training for all youths who have attained the age of eighteen years." The topic, a timely one, was debated with eager enthusiasm by both sides. OFFICERS President ............. ...................................... H arry Irvine VicefPresident ....... ....... G ertrude Loeber Treasurer ............ ........ E leanore Laste Secretary ............ ......... I oy Frieberg Sergt.fatfArms ....... ..... A rthur Harrer l l "att1er Page Eighty one l VISUAL AID Bottom row: J. Bosch, A. Forster, G. Bogs, Mr. Hall, H. Irvine, XV. Sefton. Row 2: J. Gold, E. Martina, R. Franz' kowiak, R. Krogman, D. Karrys, L. McGov'ern, G. Montgomery. Row 3: B. Molkenthcr, D. Runncls, R. Stepp, W. Kraatz, H. Brockman, R. Pflug. Row 4: D. Esche, C. XVolff, K. Sea' man, G. Hauser, R. Stephenson, G. Garskc, J. Ehrmann, R. Schocwc. FORENSICS WINNERS M. Junior, L. Bocksenbaum, R. Shul- kin, F. Zillner, Miss Roberts, Coach, J. Capello, J. Eichcnbaum, C. Brown. A. Starr. Widaaf :qi Gpeaaload Adviser: Mr. Hall To count the number of pictures on a hunf dred mile strip of motion picture film at the rate of one picture per second would require almost two and onefhalf years on the basis of a 4Ofhour week. Such a strip of film approximately equals the length of film projected in North Division classes during one school year. The Visual Aid Gperators take care of all the details necessary for film projection. The Head Operator, Gerold Houser, prepares the daily assignments, services the equipment, and mails the film. The Assistant Head, Daniel Karrys, assists his chief and delivers the assignf ments to the other members of the group at 8:30 each dayg the other two operators, Lee MCGOVCIII and Carl Wolff, set up equipment and check its operation. These boys deserve much credit for their many hours of unselfish work and service. Page Eighty-two Qaaendicd, Winmu Adviser: Miss Roberts Each year the speech classes sponsor a for' ensic contest that is open to the school at large. After two elimination contests this year, the finals were held in Krug Hall on May 3 and May 7. In the extemporaneous reading group La Verne Bocksenbaum got first place and Ann Starr second. In humorous declamation Frank Zillner, using "Brother Take a Bow," took first honors, and Janet Eichenbaum, using "China Blue Eyes," took second place. In oratory Richf ard Shulkin won first place with "Ropes," and Mary Junior took second place with "Lest We Forget." In serious declamation first honors went to joe Capello, who gave "Cataracts," and second honors went to Cecil Brown who gave "The Murder of Lidicef' Three teachers from the faculty acted as judges in each contest. I une 1 943 BIOLOGY CLUB Bottom row: G. Burstein, G. Allen, R Rotter, Mr. Tetzlaff, M. Born, J Balkc, F. Bock. Row 2: A. Cohen, D. Schulke, S. Ross L. Blanke, S. Bonneson, M. Grocling K. Lefebvre, L. Lamboy. Row 3: L. Schroeder, C. Grayson, J Bowman, B. Simon, J. King, G Greil, R. Kucffer, B. Bubolz, E Bloomfield. Row 4: J. Serres, J. Karp, D. Taticek S. Kahn, E. Mittelstadr, E. XVietzke H. XVchnes, D. Sengbusch. CHEMISTRY CLUB Bottom row: W. Hester, A. Zeisler, W Frieberg, Mr. Karlson, E. Stuckert A. Forster, W. Winzig. Row 2: V. Grossman, E. Schultz, H Lciser, A. Trautman, H. Bergeim, D Roecker, A. Knopp, B. Nowicki, R Kesselman. Row 3: R. Zauncr, R. Wendorf, R Lehman, R. Burstein, I. Cornfield M. Fitzgerald, C. Claus, M. Mandel Row 4: H. Tuchman, E. Levine, R Krasno, J. Eichenbaum, R. Schneider B. Schwartz, B. Breitwish, J. Liebl R. Gulbronson, K. Stephan. Row 5: P. Askotzky, R. Luttropp, L Shinken, D. Brazner, E. Gibbs, G Christie, P. Askotzky, E. Klein, E Numrich. iofoqaf Q ui efze ' Glad Adviser: Mr. G. S. Tetzlaif The purpose of the Biology Club is to prof mote interest in biology and to vitalize the subject for the student. Membership in the club gives the ambitious student opportunities through programs, discussions, and excursions to integrate and broaden his education in biology. The club meets on the average of twice a month, once as an integral part of the Science Club, at which time an outside speaker is usuf ally provided, and once as a separate organizaf tion where students furnish the programs. Among the outstanding student programs of the past 'year were biological spellfdowns, def bates, and round table discussions. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester Gloria Allen ........... ...... P resident .......... Elaine Mittelstadt Ruthann Rotter ........ VivefPresident ........... Phyllis Manor Joan King ..................... Secretary ...... . ........... Joan King Peter Spankiemer... ...... Treasurer ....... ...... M orton Fefer Adviser: Mr. Karlson Although the main aim of the chemistry group is to show the importance of chemistry in every day living, during the war emergency the club has been attempting to make clear the im' portance of the role of chemistry in winning the war. The members have studied explosives and gases, they have seen how gas masks Work, and they have been impressed with the part that common articles play in bringing victory closer. In furthering its aims, the Chemistry Club teaches the students how to perform experiments and how to explain the reactions so that spectaf tors can understand the work. This is valuable training, for it gives the members an opportu' nity to prepare interesting demonstrations. First Sem ester Earl Klein ..................... Adolph Forster ....... . Betty Schwartz ............. Earl Numrich ...... ...... OFFICERS Second Semester President ...... . .......... Jack Chernin .VicefPresident... ......... Dave Brazner Secretary ...... , ...... Marvin Murray Treasurer ........... Donald Proechel attler Page Eighty three Bottom row: F. Martina, J. Misun, E Row 2: S. Levin, E. Lerner, E. Kurtz Row 3: R. Hester, F. Binder, E. Vol Row 4: NV. Kemp, A. Potratz, D. K"l Row 5: D. Dugger, E. Schultz, K. Som Row 6: J. Davis, B. Molkenthen, R Bottom row: C. Claus, V. Reifsnyder Row 2: E. Dwoskin, C. Dallgas, R Row 3: D. Meister, R. Klippel, B Row 4: R. Hester, E. Numrieh, J Row S: C. XVolff, J. Smith, W. Kraatz Sllucfenl' eaunci Adviser: Miss Spiering The Student Council was revived and reorf ganized several semesters ago to' promote the best interests of the school and to develop appreciation of true democracy. The Council is steadily becoming more active and more truly representative of the studenty body. It has undertaken many progressive enterprises in the last year. Foremost among them are a com' pletely revised school constitution, a wellforganf ized, democratic system of Student Government, and the successful promotion of homecoming and defense stamp dances. The Council has aided the war effort in sponsoring several patrif otic and victory campaigns. Future activities will be dedicated to the improvement of student activities and relationships and in making our slogan, "Fourffourths for North," a reality. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester Ellis Herbon ...... ........ P resident ...... ......... E arl Numrich John E. Smith ........ ,.VicefPresident... .............. Carl Wolff Dolores Kremnitzer ...... Secretary ..... ..... E lla Schumacher Dave Brazner ......... ...... T reasurer ..... .......... R obert Stepp eaapefzafiae aamnmenl' Adviser: Miss Spiering Student Government was instituted at North Division two semesters ago and has steadily grown into a democratic and efficient organizaf tion. It is a cooperative "setup" whereby students take over the disciplinary activities of assemblies, thereby releasing teachers for other duties. The Student Council early realized the pos' sibilities of this cooperative system and appoint' ed a Student Government Committee to draw up a permanent set of rules and to introduce the new system to the school. All assembly chairmen are elected by the students. The success or failure of the system depends entirely upon the cooperation of the student body. As long as the students show the leadership and responsibility that it takes to run such large assemblies as exist at our school, Student Government will continue to grow and flourish into a permanent feature of North Division. STUDENT COUNCIL Numrich, J. Gold, Miss Spiering Mr. Culver, G. Wruck, K. Seaman E. Herbon. B. Hecht, D. Boecker, E. Dwoskin W. Nienow, J. Clasen, C. Dotzauer H. Karas, H. Davis. kert, M. Thurner, K. Grimm, A Thiers, L. Ott, S. Johnson, G. Loe ber, A. Bland, C. Claus, E. Flath day, J. Parys, R. Rotter, D. Krem nitzer, Y. Demichei, F. Federman, B Levine, B. Milaceio, E. Bischof, E. Mittclstadt. merfeldt, XV. Ziemer, M. Buechner C. Grayson, J. Bowman, E. Karrys B. Berg, R. Kobler, L. Press. Lorenzen, A. Krueger, R. Wendorf R. Scherschel, XV. Hester, D. Braz ner, J. Smith, C. XVolff. STUDENT CONTROL Miss Spiering, G. Daniels, F. Feder man, M. Griffin. Malkasian, A. Starr, D. Roese, J Molkenthen, J. Mahnke. Linder, M. Dreyer, E: Einwalter, D Draves, G. Lerner. Capella, L. Lindstrum, W. Hester A. Forster, N. Sonin, R. Mueller. F.. Frantl, A. Slutsky, G. Christie, R Stepp, E. Herbon. Page Eighty-four Iune 1 . . .al caiwnaf Jfanafz. Sou Adviser: Mrs. Knight Election to this society is one of the highest recommendations any student can have, for probably no other school group more clearly portrays the aim of true education than the National Honor Society. In the words of its founders, the purposes of the society are "to make a society which shall recognize those finer qualities of kindness and unselfishness which should be encouraged in all high school stu' dents, to make clear that the moral attitude is the very highest factor in the development of youth, and to emphasize good scholarship so that it may always stand as a foundation for distinction and achievement." A candidate must possess an excellent char' acter, must have a high scholastic record, must have proved his ability to lead his fellows, and must have demonstrated good citizenship by having given service to the school. From the office, the library, the guidance room, the infirmary . . . from the near and the distant parts of the school building they come and go-these monitors. They are the mes' sengers who serve the school in various capaf cities: sometimes they are the harbingers of good report, again they are the carriers of mis' fortune, say . . . in the instance where they deliver a Special Help slip reminding the recipif ent that he will report after school in 204. To render service to the school represents sacrifice on their part along with the honor they receive in so doing. As one looks at the picture of the monitors on this page, he will see many who are also on the National Honor Society. In rendering to the school their services in this capacity they also demonstrate their ability for taking responf sibility and showing their attitude of helpfulf ness. Monitors, we salute you. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY S. Kamrath, A. Trautmann. Feclerman. attler MONITORS Bottom row: N. Ahlmann, B. Kiey, Schultz, C. Berger, M. Brueckner, Gcrken, B. Kraden, V. Reifsnyder. Row 2: M. Schielfelbein, A. Runge, kin, R. Kesselman. F. Recht. o Krause, F. Federman, E. Perlson, S. Kamrath, M. Rosen. Row 5: M. Schwister, M. Thurner, Townley, J. Hussey, V. Bohren, Bottom row: J. Schielman, S. Goloff, L. Bocksenbaum, L. Kalweit, P. Schanbach, G. Lerner, H. Messnich, A. Starr, R. Miroschnik, F. Phiffer, Top row: A. Stamm, R. Winzig, L. Lindermann, E. Cerletty, B. Schwartz, R. Farkas, A. Forster, E. Karrys, M. Cooper, N. Ahlman, J. Gerschke, F. S. B. J. Ottenstein, B. Hecht, P. Schaubach, R. Mirochnik, D. Gradecki, E. Dwosf Row 3: B. Stiehl, S. Rant, J. Gerschke, A. Stamm, M. Cooper, A. Dock' horn, M. Stathas, L. Bocksenbaum Rw 4: L. Runnells, P. Sellin, H S Treichel, M. Proefrock, F. Phitfer E Laste, E. Deak, B. Schwartz, I3 McDonald, M. Tesch, R. Winzig. i Row 6: H. Irvine, R. Wendorf, D Allen, W. Hester, B. Levine, A. Werk, R. Stepp, J. Fogec, N. Sonin. five Page Eighty- .Shake e Glad Adviser: Miss Muellenschlader The aim of the Shakespeare Club is to prof mote in the student body a more active interest in Shakespearean plays-those which are well known to the pupils as well as the less familiar dramas. The organization is open to all juniors and seniors who are interested in this study. During the current year the list consisted of scenes from "Hamlet," "Julius Caesar," "Romeo and Juliet," "King Lear," and "As You Like It." During the winter, the annual Christmas dance was held. This spring, the club presented before the school a cut version of "Macbeth.'l First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester Peter Gad ..................... President ...... ..... E lla Schumacher Lee McGovern ....... ..VicefPresident .......... George Lerner Ella Schumacher .... ...... S ecretary ...... .... R ebecca Burstein George Lerner ...,... . ...... Treasurer ........... Sevmour Nelson Nathan Gollman ........... Sergeant ....... ...., G eorge Christi SHAKESPEARE CLUB Bottom row: L. McGovern, F. Zillner, E. Schumacher, P. Gad, G. Lerner, J. Glazer. Row 2: M. Sitter, H. Bergeim, R. Mirochnik, M. Mandel, V. Gross' man, E. Schultz, Z. Farber, A. Roccher. Row 3: M. May, M. Eberhardt, S. Fuelster, S. Johnson, Miss Muellenf schlader, C. Simonsen, M. Geiger, E. Frank, M. Bebeau. Row 4: K. Mueller, XV. Summers . Slutsky, G. Christie, N. Gollman, . Levine, B. Definer, R. Burstein. Row 5: A. Forster, G. Hafemann, . Stuckcrt, NV. Rusch, W. Kozak, . Nelson, J. Capella, E. Numrich, . Klein. mlb l'11UJl'I1 WRITERS' CLUB Bottom row: R. Stephenson, Miss Spierf ing, Mr. Holmes, J. NVickcrt, A. Di Blasio. Row 2: E. Karrys., M. Stathas, E. Schuster, G. Ricwe, M. Johnson, H. Karas, ,L Stier. Row 3: L. Akey, S. Bubolz, L. Hell' mich, M. Reitmen, A. Bland, B. Gics. Row 4: R. Silverstein, J. Chernin, M. Bines, J. Carmichael, S. Fuelster, V. Gerken. Page Eighty-six Zfffulleaa' Q A Advisers: Miss Spiering, Mr. Holmes The Writers' Club is an old, wellfestablished club at North Division. Students who join learn not only the art of good writing, but also the art of constructive criticism. The meetings are held each Wediiesday after school. The literary programs consist of stories, essays, poems, book andlscreen reviews, and magazine reviews. The literary criticism which follows gives rise to interesting discussions. Cn March 17, the club sponsored a success' ful St. Patrick's Day dance in the Girls' Gym. Social activities have always had a regular place on the club's calendar. Any student interested in writing will find this organization both enjoyable and instructive. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester Esther Schuster ..........., President ................. Jack Wickert Adrienne Bland ........ VicefPresident... ..... Virginia Gerken Virginia Gerken ....... Secretary .......... ...Marilynn Johnson Evangeline Karrys. ...... Treasurer ...... ..Ralph Stephanson Iune, 19 Bottom row: V. Koglin, E. Shapiro, S. Row 2: C. Morris, P. Schaubach, S. Row 3: M. Proefrock, L. Tammer, E. Row 4: J. McDonald, R. Hester, NV. Row S: J. Capella, G. Jurgensen, A. Row 6: XV. Becker, NV. Struck, F. Lie' Bottom row: B. Simon, C. Grayson, J. Row 2: R. Theimcr, S. Oboth, A. Gun- Row 3: M. Thurner, V. Larkowski, F. Row 5: S. Goloff, F. Recht, M. Stathas, MASQUERS' CLUB Zable, E. Goldberg, E. Hcrbon, E. Lippow, H. Irvine, R. Lerner, Miss Budd. Rant, L. Press, C. Lubow, T. Ml' neritsch, E. Dwoskin, L. Stein, A. Starr, R. Mirochnik, Z. Farber. Schuster, C. Mantel, E. Wergin, G. Lerner, R. Kaufmann, M. Miller, G. Daniels, S. Levin. Summers, H. Kraus, M. Levin, H. Schulze, W. Luebke, A. Wasleske, D. Krcmnitzer, J. Hussey. Slutsky, A. Wietzke, A. Di Blasio, P. Gad, L. XVenger, V. Gerken, J. Parys, C. Brown. song, C. XVolff, N. Sonin, A. Kruef ger, L. Lindstrum, A. Silverstein, J. Glazer, S. Bear. MASQUERS' CLUB Tilk, M. XVray, F. Cohen, F. Feder' man, Miss Halbach, M. Griffin, E. NVeiss, R. Tarnofsky, L. Schroeder. ther, D. Roecker, M. Junior, G. Radecki, D. Leutgeweger, P. Par' melee, L. Lamboy, C. MacLeod, I. Stern, J. Liebl, J. Bowman. Randazzo, E. Breitwish, B. Breitwish, L. Jaeger, V. Huebner, L. Akey, E. Karrys, B. Definer, E. Hughes, B. Kraden. ow -I: NV. Nehmer, H. Hiken, J. Cohen, E. Gacrtner, S. Hilber, A. Bland, E. Bloomfield, H. Rosenbaum, R. Burstein, L. Keene, P. Linke, J. Ottcnstein, D. Engels. V. Schlottcrbeck, D. Meister, B. Bubolz, L. Blankc, M. Muenchow, M. Brandstetter, N. Heder, S. Shielf man, S. Ross, G. Burstein. ow 6: H. Richter, J. Schmid, H. Brockman, R. Silverstein, H. Emold, D. Bucchner, M. Cohen, P. Ramsey' cr, R. Heyse, A. Haltncr, R. Zauner 7fze Madqaead Advisers: Miss Halbach, Miss Budd, Miss Zucker The dramatic organization known as THE MASQUERS has one hundred fifty enthusiastic members, who are striving to learn the fine art of acting. Workfshop plays under the direction of MASTER PLAYERS are the proving grounds for the new members who enter as APPRENTICES. Activities in plays and on special committees, such as reading, casting, makefup, and program, pave the way to the JOURNEYMEN group. Honor pins for out' standing performances and for exemplary serv' ice were awarded to Cecil Brown, Ellis Herbon, Tom Milneritsch, Leslie Lindstrum, Allan Di' Blasio, and Carl Wolff. Through the excellent leadership of Joe Capello, president, and Virginia Gerken,'vicef president, two kLDl111C'H'lOd6O1lSq, were presented crttler in the second semester. Original plays, three' minute blackouts, onefact comedies, songs, dances, musical solos, and novelty numbers def lighted the matinee audiences. The extra funds bought furniture and furnishings for the stage. The graduating seniors, upon receiving their Masquer diplomas entitling them to honorary life membership, bid farewell to all undergradu' ate Masquers and faculty sponsors, Miss Half bach, Miss Budd, and Miss Zucker. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester Harry Irvine ........... ...,.. P resident ...... ............. J oe Capello Esther Lippow .......... VicefPresident ....... Virginia Gerken June Shielman ...,.......... Secretary ...... ...... J eanette Hussey Robert Hester ...,...,...... Treasurer ...... ....... W illiam Becker Eunice Dwoskin ....,......... Scribe ........ .Dolores Kremnitzer Ray Kaufmann ....... ,..Sgt.fat'Arms.... .........,.... Carl Wolff Page Eighty seven Hkememlea 7fze lay" A Play in Three Acts presented by The Senior Class and the Masquers December 4 and 5, 1942 FINALE - CURTAIN CAST CF CHARACTERS Un the order in which they speak, First Bell Boy ..................... Peter Gad Nora Trinell .... Esther Lippow, June Shielman Flower Girl ................... Marcia Miller Second Bell Boy ...... .... Mr. Mason, Reporter ........ Dewey Roberts. . Kate Hill ...... Tom Allen. . . Steve Hill ...... Ellen Talbot ..... Miss Price ..... Dan Hopkins .... Mr. Steele ..... Edith Phelps ..... Mrs. Roberts ..... .... Charlie ...... Edgar . . . Mildred . . . jane ........ Mr. Roberts. . . Mr. Phelps .... Miss Kline ..... Anna ......... D. R. Roberts. . . Second Reporter. . . Al, Photographer. Joe, Photographer. . . . Woiiiaii Reporter .... . . Leslie Lindstrum . .Allan DiBlasio Tom Milneritsch . . . .Ruth Lerner . .George Lerner . . . . Simon Levin . . . . .Eunice Dwoskin .Marjorie Griffin . . . .Ellis Herbon . . . . .Carl Wolff . .Gloria Daniels .Virginia Gerken . . . .Cecil Brown . .Leroy Weiiger . .Esther Shapiro . .Fern Federman . . .Milton Levin Warreii Thurow . . . .Lillian Press . . .Grace Mohns . . . .Joe Capello . . .Nathan Sonin . . . .Bill Deffner . . .Herb Richter . . .Violet Koglin Senator Marion .... .......... R alph Zauner Kate Hill Roberts ......... Delores Kremnitzer Seventh Graders at Polk Grammar School- ,lames Birk, jack Cohen, Vada Giacolet, Nora Lee Heder, Ray Kaufman, Lillian Lamboy, Man' etta Lange, Dorothy Leutgeweger, Colleen Mac' Leod, Colleen Morris, Pauline Schaubach, Jerry Spcicher, Ann Starr, Richard Tarnofsky, Robert Tarrant, Armin Wietzke. ENTER MISS HALBACH, Coach STAGE CREW Bottom row: XV. Lucbke, E. W'ergfn, J. Barge q t Row 2: A. NVasleske, R. Zcnisek, H. Schulze M Row 3: Mr. Krcnerick, F. Liesong, Mr. St SCENE SYNCPSIS Prologue An alcove in a hotel lobby, Washingtoil, D. C. Today. Act One Scene 1. A school room in MiddlefWester11 suburb. Polk Grammar School. May. A long time ago. Scene 2. Living room of Dewey's home. Three weeks later. Act Two Scene 1. The school corridor. The following September, after school hours. Scene 2. Living room of Dewey's home, almost an hour later. Act Three Living room of Dewey's home. A few days later. Epilogue ' Same as prologue. Today. The Senior Class and the Masquers thank Joe Capello for his arrangement of the Epilogue. APPRENTICE MASQUERS ,Q . " ' ..... ..v. ' ft.. - A ISL... NMS: 'is ' ? 'WIT ..Art for args Sakew is a frequently quoted What game is considered the best stimulus 442' Glad Adviser: Mrs. Willianison expression, but really we have those here at North Division who really delve into their art in a big way . . . yes, for the sake of art itself. Yet they are the creative sort, too. They come together to study art both from the standpoint of appreciation and from the practical point of creation. They do things: paint, draw, cartoon, design, work with the silk screen, and other activities too numerous to mention. Aside from the cultural study there is always the spirit of doing things together, it makes for a transference into other fields of endeavor where that working together is known as co' operation. Needless to say, the Art Club is a profit enterprise, he profits most who belongs. Page Ninety ART CLUB Bottom row: R. Zinsmeister, E. Powers K. Linden, -I. Linden. Row 2: J. Meyer, M. Schiefelbcin, V Schlotterbeck, R. Shabushnig, V. Lar kowski. Row 3: J. Sager, J. Stromley, D. John son, E. Makus. CHESS CLUB Bottom row: K. Koltcrmann, M. Thur ner, Mr. Schmidt, j. Hackl, R. Tinn R. Gaurke, D. Gmoser. Row 2: M. Fefer, R. Ganschow, J Sivright, B. Gold, R. Albert, P Green, G. St. Charles, E. Davies. Row 3: J. Libow, E. Zernia, A. Rose land, M. Thurner, C. Segal, G. Loc ber, M. Morrison, S. Kurth. Row 4: R. Hass, M. Cohen, H. Emold E. Stadlan, A. Bloss, D. Trapman H. Gollman, G. Lerner. Row S: M. Murray, R. Rottner, G Lambert, J. Hanus, M. Rohland, K NVanner, G. Grimm, R. Benish, R Koepke. efzeftd 6 146. Adviser: Mr. Schmidt f for the brain? Why, chess, the game of kings, of course! If you have a brain that can stand the strain of concentrated thought, join the Chess Club, which has been a popular organ' ization at North for five years. Mr. Schmidt, the sponsor, is assisted by Mr. Esbjorn, the wellfknown chess expert under whose tutelage the club has gained cityfwide recognition. In the annual team tournaments that were played, the chess club victories were won large' ly because of the skillful playing of champions, Marshall Kohland, George Lerner, and Douglas Gmoser. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester Raymond Koepke. ........ President ........... Gertrude Loeber Marshall Kohland....VicefPresident ..... Marshall Kohland jean Lebow ,.....,,.,.. , ...... Secretary ........... Maxine Thurner jean Lebow .,,,..,, . ...,.. Treasurer .........., Maxine Thurner Iune 194 CHARM CLUB Bottom row: G. Parkins, D. Efram, Mrs. James, J. Wolter, W. Menger, J. XVenzel. Row 2: J. Lustig, D. Glienke, S. Com- clohr, D. Redlich, R. Schneider, R. NVciss, J. Bic. SERVICE CORRESPONDENCE CLUB Bottom row: J. Langer, H. Leiser, Mr. Karlson, S. Carmichael, C. Berger. Row 2: G. Zingler, P. Kane, L. Del Bcllo, A. Knopp, A. Schroeder. Row 3: R. Lehman, M. Falk, E. Ein' Lvalter, V. Schlottcrbcck, M. Schiefcl- ein. Row 4: M. Dreyer, J. Carmichael, S. Rudolph, C. johnson, E. Brueckner. Qtek' efnmm Glad Adviser: Mrs. James The aim of the Charm Club is to develop charm and personality in the high school girl. The members discuss good grooming, posture, manicuring and the care of hands, proper care and attractive arrangement of hair according to the shape of the face, and improvement of the complexion with correct use of makefup. The art of conversation, courtesy, cleanliness, neat' ness, and attractive clothes for individual types are other topics of interest. The importance of a well groomed appearance and a pleasing perf sonality is especially stressed. The girls learn how to choose correct clothes, which will be suitable for both the individual and the occasion. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester Lucille Akey ................. President ...... ........... L ucille Akey Gladys Parkins ......... VicefPresident .......... Gladys Parkins Rose Weiss ......,............ Secretary ...... .. ...... June Wolters Doris Efram ....... ....... T reasurer ...... .. ,...... Doris Efram Tattler Sewice ealnedpancfence Adviser: Mr. Karlson The Service Correspondence Club had its be' ginning four semesters ago as a committee of students from "A," Its purpose was to let North Division boys who went into the armed forces know that the classmates they left be' hind are keenly interested in their activities. During the iirst year of writing, interest mounted rapidly, and the students in "A" conf tributed to a postage fund to make more letters possible. As the volume of mail increased, the entire student body became so enthusiastic that, sponsored by the student council, a schoolfvvide contribution was made. An average of fifty letf ters each week is now going to our boys from North Division. OFFICERS President ........... ..........,............................. A nita Knopp VicefPresident ....... ............ I eanne Carmichael Secretary ..........,, ....................... H elen Leiser Treasurer ....... ......... M arjorie Scheifelbein Page Ninety one THE NORTH DIVISION BAND I I I In Bottom row: M. Geiger, P. Parmelee, E. Unke, K. Grimm, G. Kahne, A. XValters, P. Goldstein, V. Strong, D. Gmoser. A Row 2: Mr. XX'itte, H. Haack, A. Davies, F. Schumacher, F. Hafeman, G. Graff, M. Boxenbaum, J. Langer, E. Doege. Row 3: R. Moe, J. Fialla, M. Junior, R. Gulbronson, J. Behlke, A. Newby, R. Rupprecht, E. Flarh, G. Jurucnsen, L. Kanei Row 4 Top row: XV. Stumpf, G. Bogs, J. Silbar. Bottom row: M. Geiger, H. Bergeim, D. Plamenig, B. Kurth, A. Singer. : G. Strong, G. Grimm, R. Luttropp, E. Zeratsky, G. Minkotf, j. Serres, M. Edelstein, NV. Bailey. G 7fze fVafz.Z'!a fbiadd 1 I THE PERCUSSION GROUP H row: Mr. Bcrgcim, R. Poytingcr, C, Maronck, M. Cohen, A. Erdrnann, D. Glacsncr, A. tz, K. Kocsslcr. oscland, M. Klawittcr. ,l. Silbar, D. Plamcnig, B. Kurth, A. Singer, H. Bergcim, Stumpf, G. Bogs. 2- E Klein, XV. Nchmcr, B. Gold, U. Gigl, L. Trautmzin, S. Rudolph, B. Truschinsky, . Nelson. 4: E. Rohrbach, J. Serrcs, A. XVcrk, VJ. Treudcn, R, Skaw. J. Rcgncr, E. Glover, bl. XVickcrt. wt Sched Gam! This has been a patriotic year for the North Division Band which has used music to do its bit toward winning the war. The first activity in September was attendance at all the conference football games where the band members presented a "V for Victory" formation with songs of the armed forces. This was something new and impressive. During the year the organization played for many patriotic rallies to promote the sale of war bonds and stamps. It also presented patriotic programs at Roosevelt Junior High School and the Fifth Street School. Cn January 29, the band joined with the choir, the girls' glee, and the orchestra in a music festival in Krug Hall. This spring everyone took part in the celebraf tion of the band's eighteenth anniversary, for Mr. Bergeim came to North Division in the fall of 1925 to organize the band. The group is justly proud of its traditions and is resolved to maintain the high standard that has always been its goal. MR. BERGEIM Director MR. SCHMIDT Directs 7fze Neath fbzwaa North Division is proud of its Senior Orchesf tra which, under direction of Mr. Schmidt, has completed a successful musical season. In addif tion to programs that were prepared for student assemblies, parents and friends enjoyed a def lightful musical evening at the Open House and at the Music Appreciation Concert. The orchesf tra also furnished the music for the class play and entertained Fifth Street School and Roose' velt Junior High students this year. The high' light of the season was the Music Festival in january. This was given in conjunction with the band, the chorus, and the Girls' Glee Club. The musicians who were graduated in Februf 4 i I Page Ninety-four Bottom row: R. Borken, F. Abelson, R. Farkas, F. Gichert, K. Kolterman, R, Plack. Row 2: M. Geiger, F.. Stadlan, R. Johnson, B. Pansky, B. Kass, O. Mihopulos, B. Simpson, A. Sawyer. Row 3: Mr. Karlson, M. Mihopulos, D. Zeislcr, E. Geiger, L. Kalweit, B. Riley. Row 4: L. Kane, E. Klein, M. Koessler, B. Poytinger, D. Gmoscr, A. W'alters, G. Kahne, YV. Smith. I une, 1943 gh Sdaaal Uacfzaiha OI' ary were replaced by new members, and now in June others will leave, and the ranks will again have to he filled. To their fellow members and to Mr. Schmidt, the graduates say, "Amid the struggle and strife of the future, we shall often think of the pleas' ant hours our music gave us. We shall cherish the memories of the concerts, the programs, and all the events in which our orchestra played a part." And to the graduates there is this message, "Gur love of music will always be a bond be' tween us. Good Luck!" MARIAN GEIGER, Harpist Bottom row' M Thurner, Mr. Schmidt, G. Loebcr, R. Shabushuig, G. Burstein. Row 2. : J. Mendelsohn, N. XVinnig, R. Mirochnik, L. Shiefelbein, E. Volkert, C. Vaugn, M. Illian, M. Edclstcin. Row 3 Row 4: J. Rcifsnyder, A. Dockhorn, S. Bruss, G. Strong, B. Trcudcn, R. Skaw, S. Nelson, S. Rudolph, E. Zcratsky. attler ' V. Grossnmn, S. Golohf, M. Johnson, M. Reskc, D. Johnson, J. Johnson, H. Bergeim, P. Schlotterer, B. Stumpf. Page N inety-five Page Ninety-six Bottom row: L. Kalwcit, E. Brandstrom, M, Illian, H. Nissen, S. Lifschultz, C. Johnson, L. Held. 7. ' Row Row Row Row Z. Farber, D. Fritz, C. Maronck, G. Loeber, L. Muth, E. Schumacher, M. Docrflingcr. A. Runge, G. Zauncr, B. Liddle, M. Schiefelbein, C. .Kanicss, L. Bergner. D. Rocchcr, M. Junior, J. Johnson, O. Dixon, S. Fuelstcr, V. Gerken, D. Hamann. J. Bcycr, G. Minkoff, A. Ncdbcck, S. Nelson, D. Gmoscr, E. Bock, D. Trindle, G. Schwanberg. '7fze llfaailz Zia! Music FESTIVALLOF 1943 1. L'Cherubim Songu from the Russian Church .....................D.S.Bortnyansky arr. P. Tschaikowsky 2. "The Turtle Dove".. .... Eng. Folk Song arr. V. Williams Solo, Don Trindl 3. 'LDeep River" from "Jubilee Songs" ..... .........arr. H. T.Burleigh 4. L'Echo Song". . . .Orlando di Lasso arr. W. Widman 5. "As Lately We Watchedw ............. . ....................AustrianFolkSong arr. Charles Black Solo, Audrey Runge I une, 194 l Bottom row: C. Lehman, D. Zeislcr, A. Stamm, E. Frciburger, M. David, M. Fuelster, H. Bcrgcim. Row 2: B. Kicy, NV. Eakin, M. Eberhardt, S. George, V. Bohrcn, L. XVolfgram. Row 3: D. Scngbusch, E. Loper, L. jacgcr, I. Brucr, M. Schcrschel, M. Geiger, Mr. XVcrncr. Row 4: W. Nchmer, L. XVenger, R. Plack, XV. Craack, A. Lemkc, B. Breitwish, E. Lange, lvlr. Karlson. Row 5: YV. Coger, L. Parmelcc, D. Campbell, D. Schmidt, D. Sorensen, F. Widmanri, E. Clover. eapella Gfzaia CtOI' Choir! The El Dorado that all the music lovers in the choral classes are seeking. Indeed, the boys and girls who have merited a place in this select group of singers feel a thrill of pride whenever their A Capella Choir is mentioned, for'it has earned recognition in the school, in the city, and in the state. As usual, the year has been an eventful one in spite of the loss of several boys to the armed forces. Among these are: Frank Knuck, Rus' sell Miller, Robert Zimmerman, Edwin Zellmer, Arthur Miholovich, and joe Bracey. In addition to assembly programs, which were musical treats for the students, the choir sang for an inauguration of the De Molays and for a convention at the Pfister Hotel. The most soul' satisfying work, however, consisted of the Christmas Carols which they sang for the World War veterans at the Soldiers' Home. The following is just one excerpt from the many letters and cards of appreciation: "As Yuletide approaches, one of the things most eagerly looked forward to by us 'Vets' is the carols so beautifully sung by your choir. God bless you." Signed-"A Veteran of two wars." The holiday season at North Division would not be complete without the caroling that fills the halls with Christmas music. Each year the most important musical affair is the Music Festival in which the Orchestra, the Band, the Girls' Glee Club, and the Triple Trio play equally important parts. The Girls' Triple Trio, consiting of nine girls, is a branch of the Choir. These girls have also delighted their audiences and are in demand by organizations like the City Club, the Athletic Club, and others. , Choir! The El Dorado that every music lover in the choral classes is seeking. T attler Page Ninety seven nvmzza gm' Qzee em Girls! Girls! Girls! Dark and fair, short and tall! And how they can sing! Our Girls' Glee Club! The entire year the music room has been filled with the sound of happy voices lifted in song. The Girls' Glee Club and the Choir have worked while they sang-for they have added numberless selections to their repertoire. Among them are such wellfknown and wellfloved songs as "Greeting to Spring," better known as the "Blue Danube Waltz" by Johann Strauss, the Mexican song "Ay, Ay, Ay," a favorite with everyone, "Go Down to Kew" by Theophil Wendt, a piece about the famous Kew Gardens in England, and a novelty number "The Alpha' bet," which is a delightful musical jest in three parts. Last semester, in the fall, the girls sang at the open house program, and in December, they entertained the Twelfth Street School Children with Christmas carols. The chief event of the semester was the concert in January which was a combination of the annual band and the spring concerts. The groups that took part were the Girls' Glee, the Choir, the Triple Trio, the Band, and the Orchestra. The second semester, the Girls' Glee sang an inspiring song to boost the sale of United States war bonds and stamps. Among the other activf ities of the Glee Club was a concert at Twelfth Street School and the annual program in Krug Hall in May. The Glee Club uniforms are white tailored skirts and blouses with royal blue chiffon scarfs fastened at the throat. With the close of this semester we are losing many of our best singers, some through graduation from school and others who will enter the choir. Bottom row: B. Simpson, B. Peterson, E. Sandhusen, G. Gigl, Miss Suckow, J. Fausek, D. Brueckner, M. LaPidus, F. Randazzo. Row 2: C. Boettcher, L. Kiefert, A. Knopp, B. Gentz, S. Brandes, L. DelBello, B. Bubolz, J. Langer, V. Prusha. Row 3: N. Singer, M. Muenchow, D. Pasbrig, B. Krueger, J. Burmeister, P. Vv'old, L. Manett, D. Plamenig, B. Ninstil, B. D'Amico. Row 4: Mr. Karlson, B. Radtke, J. Verburgt, S. Oboth, D. Roese, J. Roese, A. Schieck, D. Redlich, R. Kastl, Mr. Werner. Row 5: S. Johnson, D. Ludwigsen, V. Strong, B. Kurth, D. Kaliebe, R. Kuchenbecker, M. Kulakowsky, L. Schiefelbein, E. Weiss, I. Heyse. Page Ninety-eight ' Iune 19 GIRLS' TRIPLE TRIO L. Kalweit, pianistg A. Runge, L. Held, C. Johnson, E. Freiburger, M. Doerflinger, L. NVolfgram, M. Schiefelbein, B. Kiey, D. Roeclcer. O I luwuc auhaal, 1943 GIRLS' GLEE 1. "I Waited for the Lord" .... F. Mendelssohn arr. W. Norman 2. "The Shepherdessn. .' ....... H. S. Roberton 3. "Hear the Sledges with the Bells" ........ ........................R.S.Roberton 4. "Chinese Lullaby" from "East Is West". . .........................R.H.Bowers arr. W. Riegger 5. "Mistress Margarita" .......... A. A. Penn arr. N. C. Page Accompanist-Louise Kalweit GIRLS' TRIPLE TRIO 1. "Ave Maria" .... .... J . S. BachfGounod 2. "Allah's Holiday" ................ R. Friml arr. W. Riegger Harpist-Lois Klug crttler Page Ninety-nine Q FGOTBALL LETTERMEN 4 4 Naaihi Zzaaidall Squat!--194.2 Photo Above fLeftJ Top row: Coach Myra, Coach Kampinc, R. Bauman, H. Gcgenhuber, F. Zillner, E. Gray, H. Eurich, R. Zauner. Middle row: J. Bobo, H. McCoy, H. Brunner, A. Cohen, K. Koelterman, E. Optz, B. Maulkenthum. First row: J. Fitzgerald, G. Grames, K. Stephan, F. Martina, A. Dcrksen, J. Bennings. Photo Above Top row: R. Liska, J. Engle, A. Bobo, W. Coger, R. Marquart, NV. Stumph, W. McCoy, Coach MacMahon. Middle row: R. Mueller, E. Peters, L. Bliesner, J. Davis, J. XVeber, R. Sanders, D. Benz. First row: D. Campbell, F. Aschenbrcnncr, G. Radder, J. Follmer, L. Pfeffer, B. Vasarella, R. Mee. FGOTBALL LETTERMEN Photo CLeftJ . Bottom row: XV. Coger, J. Davis, D. Treichler, F. Peters. Row 2: J. Fitzgerald, E. Malkasian, B. Vasarella, W. Graack. Row 3: D. Campbell, J. Bennings, F. Martina, H. Markgraf. Row 4: L. Bliesher. Roxv S: F. Aschenbrenner, B. Molkenthen, A. Derksen, J. Weber. 4 4 0144 Jfyaaed. in 571043 Tcfttler Page One Hundred One WMM fbzazazawi Gm! Sermon After defeating Gudahy, 'Z,OfO, and Messmer, 2O'6, in nonfconference games, North subdued a stubborn Pulaski team, 6fO, for its first conf ference victory. Jim Follmer and Frank Aschf enbrenner sparked the Blue and White to its score late in the second period. After Don Campbell had pushed the ball to the five yard line on a quarter back sneak, Glen Radder passed to Aschenbrenner for the touchdown. Wallace Coger's kick for the extra point was low. The Blue Devils showed sparks in spots, but each time they started rolling, the team stopped itself with penalties and fumbles. A Pulaski threat in the fourth period died on the 17 where the North line held. North made 10 first downs to six for Pulaski. North lost its second contest to South, 21f7. The combination of several timely passes, some sweet running, and punt returns by South car' ried the 'city champions to their triumph. North's first nine passes had failed to connectg they scored in the last two minutes on a 64fyard pass play from Aschenbrenner to Follmer. Tackle Wallace Goger converted. North had the Cardinals on the defensive in the second quarter, yet was unable to go over. Several penalties also kept North from making headway. Aschenbrenner's punting was a feature for North. He averaged 35.4 yards on ten boots. Rufus King defeated North under the lights, 26fO. After recovering a fumble in King terrif tory in the first quarter, North made its most serious bid to score. King's strong defensive play held the Blue Devils to a total of 19 yards on the ground. North tried five passes, com' pleted none, and had three interceptions. North battled the Generals on even terms in the first period, neither team hitting the scoring column. In the second period, however, King scored 14 points and continued to add 6 points in each ref maining quarter. The winners had an 8'3 edge in first downs. Frank Aschenbrenner personally took charge of things as North scored a 2049 victory over East, thereby smashing the Orangemen's hope of the city conference title. Running 76, 60, Page One Hundred Two and 23 yards respectively, the Blue Devils' half' back spurted to the three touchdowns which defeated East in a thrillfafminute game. East scored first on an 86fyard drive. It took North just two plays to tie the score, with Aschen' brenner reeling off 76 yards. Both teams scored again in the second quarter, and the half found North leading, 1342. In the fourth quarter, Frank swept around left end for North's third score of the evening and ultimate victory. On a field of mud, North played a 6f6 tie with West. West scored first after driving 65 yards for its only tally. The conversion was blocked. With Frank Aschenbrenner and jim Follmer running, the Blue and White attack was carried into enemy territory only to bog down. The second quarter found the teams going both ways, but the condition of the field held them scoreless. The third period found North with much spark. After a pass which carried the Blue Devils to the West threefyard line, Glen Radder plunged over. Wallace Cog' er's try for the extra point was blocked. North stood out defensively as it held West to a minus two yards in rushing. North made nine first downs to four for West. A high spirited North team ended its football season by defeating Tech, 26f0. Frank Aschenf brenner scored three touchdowns, thereby run' ning' up a total of 42 points for the season. North drove to a touchdown before the half of the first quarter had passed. In the second period jim Follmer slashed over for North's second tally. The first half found the Blue and White dominating the play, except for a few Tech flashes. In the third quarter Aschenbrenf ner raced over from the 15fyard stripe to score the Blue Devils' third touchdown. North now led, 19fO. In the fourth period, after John Ben' ning, North halfback, had reached the one yard line, Frank again went over. Wallace Coger, North tackle, converted. Thus closed another football season. Frank Aschenbrenner was honored by being placed on the first allfcity conference team. I une 1943 I w l i r 3 i 9, 'N' -'PN 55 . "I ,'N:1"" IfiiimizfiFEES:r-'QSBNL-??Q:x.1','-F 2.i5YN1'?13-YE'S.E??3'?1S'i3XEibR :'KR1Qx6XNvmi2Wi3 ' K A THE FOQTBALL SCOREBOARD fThe 1942 Season at a Glancej North 20 ........................ Cudahy O North 20 . . . . .' ................ Messmer 6 North 6. North 7. North O. North 20 North 6. . . North 26 .... .Pulaski 0 . . .South 21 ....Rufus King 26 .East 19 . .West 6 ....Tech O I i' i' XEA TEAM' THERE THEY GO AGAIN! ASCHENBRE crtiler N. D. H. S. LETTERMEN Bottom row: E. Numerich, W. Graack, M. Kapp el, E. Weiss, H. Rohr, E. XVergin, R. Ravenseraft, C. Brown, L. Vasarella, T. Hodges, W. Hester Row 2: R. Tennyson, E. Greenberg, A. Drier, M. Crier, R. Hester, P. Gad, F. Ashenbrenner, J. Boosch, R. Liska. Row 3: J. Zelenka, B. XVintcrs, L. McGovern, E. Peters, R. Sehalow. Row 4: Y. Tolwinsky, J. Fabina, J. Ehrman, A. Forster, A. Porchetta, D. Campbell, G. Schwanberg. fnllaamufml 5720111 la like afzanlf Intramural athletics this season has come to the front at North Division with noteworthy success. In lieu of track this year - which had to be abandoned because of lack of travel facilf ities to an athletic held -Coach Albright, who is a newcomer to North this year, introduced intramural baseball. The response to this field of sports was very enthusiastic with one hunf dred and twentyfiive boys participating. Wartinie, especially, brings about a need for the development of competitive spirit for the greatest number. Boys at North in the varif ous baseball teams have learned "to take it" in developing response to order and discipline and in building up physical reserve. I The league was composed of six teams with .a schedule of twentyfone games, each team play' .ing seven games. The teams were named for various branches of the armed forces. Some of the boys who were outstanding in batting, fielding, and pitching include Ray Brown, John Ferroly, Kenneth Henning, Arthur Nedbeck, Meyer Bloom, and John Emrich. The season culminated with the allfstars, who were made up of the players from all teams pitted against the champions. The enthusiasm manifested on the part of all participating gives Mr. Albright conidence in a bright year ahead. The coach is looking forward optimistically to intramural competition again next year. it TEAMS AND THEIR CAPTAINS ' i Marines . . . . . . . . . . . ....... . . . .Robert Saunders Army ....... .... M arion Tanel . . . . .Ray Brown . .Robert Hester Coast Guard. . . Navy ............ . Merchant Marine .... . . .Leroy Wenger Army Air Corps .... . . .Ellsworth Peters Page One Hundred Five THB UA., BASKETBALL SQUAD Bottom row: J. Bcycr, G. Schwanbcrg, R. Shallow, I. Greenberg, E. Frantl, Coach Trythall. Row 2: M. Taylor, Y. Tolwinsky, H. Brunncr, J. Bosch, R. Jonas, J. Fabina. Row 3: E. Zcratsky, A. Porcluctta, A. Ncdbcck, J. Brucey, H. Mcssnick, E. Wichmalm. l .1 AT THE FINGERTIPS! l HURRAH FOR NORTH! victory fromEast by one point. row: R. Duchow, C. Barr, A. Bobo, H. Erdmann, L. Huclcr, D. Campbell, Coach F' ld . lc. iiotras, E. Peters, E. Oaks, B. Hauser, D. Schultz, J. Fitzgerald. .. Mgr. V. Kufller, E. Lerner, N. Schulze. F. Divoli, C. Bfskupski. bw 4: M. Komisar, A. Fclker, R. Bcckcr, C. Bauer, Q. Kaiscrshot, J. Emmcrrich. After defeating St. Stanislaus, 3923, and Waukegan, Illinois, 3f28, in nonfconference games, a North quintet consisting of Irvin reenberg, Ed Frantl, Glenn Schwanberg, John Beyer, and Russ chalow, opened the season by defeating Custer, 39f27. North held he upper hand throughout the game, but had to stem off a fourth uarter drive by their opponents. The Blue Devils defeated Rufus King for theirsecond victory, 5f2O. It was a decisive victory, for 't was the first time in a major sport Event pitted against the Generals, that the Blue Devils have come out on top. Playing a close game all the Wy, North finally pulled ahead. T ith the score 2Ofall, and two minf lutes remaining in the game, Ed l rantl and John Beyer tossed in two askets to give North the margin needed for victory. ' The Blue and White did it again! In a thrilling game North defeated East, 41f4O. Cutscored in the first half, 2043, North came back in the third quarter with a scoring spree of 19 points to go into the lead, 32f3O. With one second remaining, and North leading 41f4O, Morgan White, East forward, missed two freefthrows. North turned the trick twice in the same season, having taken both football and basketball 4 THE MBN BASKETBALL SQUAD A SURE SHCT! HE MADE IT X Nw XX A-vi .K W S S A ,NX N 3 X s xxx A Xa -RgS:NxX,, im . XR: xwx 4 Q X x ,Qs X I S A XXX? Q , .,., X X ' XX X xy. X wav X,x .Q xr X , ' X . , X -X . 2 X -'wsj-f-Q -"' ., 2.15351 xg X X g 5 I i he . -x , 9 4 9 X 2 g 1 1 3 2 TEAM "TOPS" Left to right: J. Beyer, I. Greenberg, E. Frantl, J. Fabina, G. Schwanberg, R. Schalow. Sharing the conference lead with Washing' ton, North next engaged this opponent. Play' ing in a packed gym, the Blue Devils lost, 36f29. Never outfought, North lost to sheer weight and height, for, the game was tied 8f8 at the quarf ter, 15f14 at the half, and, 23f21, in favor of North at the end of the third quarter. John Fabina took scoring honors with eleven points. North hit the victory column again as they defeated West, 39f33. The Blue Devils found the range and at one time were leading, 3925. Although the game was close at times, the Blue and White had the upper hand, and led at all intermission points. Russ Schalow led scorers with eleven points followed by John Beyer who scored ten. North next lost to a strong Tech quintet, 41f38. Although North led at the quarter, 1Of6, the Boilermakers soon tied the gap and led at the half, 25f22. Although the rest of the game was close, Tech, nevertheless, kept its lead and won by the narrow margin of three points. Ed Frantl and Glenn Schwanberg played their last game in a Blue and White uniform. Both players were honored by being selected on the! allfcity midfsemester first and second teams ref spectively. Pulaski defeated the Blue Devils, 38f29. The south siders went on to win the conference championship. North held the lead at the quarf ter, 6f5, lost it at the half, 13f18g but regained it at the third quarter, 28f27. It was here that Pulaski forged ahead of the Blue and White by scoring eleven points. A determined North aggregation took on a attler strong South team and defeated them, 5643. After losing at the first quarter, 15f9, North scored sixteen points in the next period to lead, 25f21. Both teams found the range, and the score was 34fall at the end of the third quarter. The Blue Devils, however, kept pouring balls through the hoop and quickly outdistanced their opponents. North lost to Lincoln on their home grounds, 41f38. Although the Blue and White held a 24f14 lead at the half, the Blue and Gray kept chopping away at the score until North led only by one point, 31f3O, at the end of the third quarter. On successive baskets, Lincoln went ahead to victory. North defeated Bay View, 4Of35. It was in this game that Coach Trythall put in the entire bench, giving his next year's team experience. North led at the half, 27f18. Irvin Greenberg and Russ Schalow displayed good rebound work In its last game of the season, North defeated a visiting Juneau team, 36f29. North led at the half, 24f2Og and, 32f26 at the fourth quarter. John Beyer was selected on the allfcity second team. North will greatly miss those who are graduating. They include Irvin Greenberg, Irvin Wichman, John Beyer, and Angelo Por' chetta, Manager. LETTERMEN John Bosch, John Fabina, Irvin Greenberg, Ivlartin Taylor, Yale Tolwinsky, Irvin Wichf man, John Beyer, Russ Schalow, Bob Jonas, Ed Frantl, Glenn Schwanberg, Angelo Porchetta, Manager, Eugene Zaratsky, Manager. Ji' Page One Hundred Nzne GYM SQUAD Bottom row: Mr. Fields, M. Grier, P. Gad, L. Parmelee, J. Berman W. Hester, Mr. Albright. Row 2: R. Scharf, P. Green, W. Lange, T. Milneritsch, E. Schnoll, W. Nienow, H. Aspenleiter, B. Mirlgrew. Row 3: H. Mueller, C. Wietzke, R. Franzel, R. Corrao, C. Biskupski, J. Tennessen, E. Ochs, E. Dembeck. Row 4: E. YVergin, G. Schleifer, H. Rohr, R. Lucas, E. Hille, L. Karstedt, J. Oswald, W. Sommers, L. McGovern. Row 5: D. Brinkman, R. Augustine, P. Spanheimer, YV. Bruss, Mgr. G. Hauser, R. Hester, Q. Kaisershot, H. Wehnes, J. Ehrmann. auffdgym 7eam ' The year 1943 - as a school year- does not pass without the Gym Team of North coming in for its legitimate share of honors among North's outstanding athletic events. Under the able tutelage of Coach Fields, the Blue and White matmen brought Commendation to be added to the pride of the school in the his' torical record of this year's sports events. North scored 693.5 points to nose out West, contending champions, by one point in the "B" team meet. Melvin Kappel, North captain, led all contestants with a total of 95 points. He was followed by Wallace Bruss, Ralph Tennesf sen, and Ervin Hille, who placed third, fourth, and ninth respectively. Page One Hundred Ten In the city meet for "A" teams, North placed third, following West and King by piling up a total of 603.5 points. Bob Hester was North's mainstay by scoring 88 points. He was the only Blue and White man to place among the first ten. He was followed by Glenn Schleifer, Lee McGovern, Peter Gad, Marvin Grier, and Jack Erhman. J it COCAPTAINS FOR NEXT YEAR Robert Hester and Jerome Berman will cap' tain the "A" team next year while Paul Green and Quentin Kaiserhot will lead the "B" squad. I une 1943 GYM TEAM Bottom row: T. Milnervitch, E. Schnoll, H. Rohr, E. Wergin, G. Schleifer, XV. Summers, R. Augustine, L. McGovern, Coach Albright. Top row: R. Hester. J. Berman, M. Grier, P. Gad, I. Ehrman, L. Parmelee, W. Hester, G. Hauser, Manager, Coach Fields. 19424943 LETTERMEN "A" Team Marvin Grier Bob Hester Glenn Schleifer Lee McGovern Peter Gad Jack Erhman Gerald Hauser, Mgr. "KEEPING FIT FOR MY COUNTRY" presented by The Physical Education Department 6 June 3, 1943 7 Directed by Miss Heiden, Mrs. Williams, Mr. 3- Fields, Mr. Albright, Band, Mr. Bergeim 13 Assisted by Mr. Keith, Mrs. James, Miss Olte man, Mr. Redmond, Mrs. Williamson, the 11 Stage Crew and Mr. Steurewald 1. Advance of the Colors and the National 12 Anthem. 13 2. Youth on Parade .......... Girls and Boys - 3. Flying Rings ...... ......... G irls 14 attler 4. 5. "B" Team Melvin Kappel Wallace Bruss Ralph Tennessen Ervin Hille Richard Franzel Richard Scharf Paul Green Harold Wehnes ..............Boys Studied Action ...... Conditioning Exercises ..... Girls and Boys A Dime a Dance ...... Manette Lange and William Hester Flying Elephant . . . .............. Boys Obstacle Course. Music by the Band. Tumbling ........................ Girls just in Fun ............ Earl Numrich and Allen DiBlasio Horizontal Bar. . .................. Boys "This World of Ours" ...... Dancing Class fFreedom, Fear, Faith, Hope, Song p ...... ................. ' 'American Page One Hundred Eleven Ng :XX X A X x . .VFW x ws. ww x X Bottom row: R. Mason, P. Gad, J. Ehrman, S. E. Albright fCoachJ, Co-Capt. M. Grier, R. Phelps, K. Reger. Second row: E. Allen, R. Hester, R. Suitak, R. Pless, I. Cohen, E. Weiss, T. Hodges, F. Erlaucr, F. Widmaii. Third row: E. Ryehlinsk, H. Padden, D. Goldwasscr, R. Kemp, D. Taticek, J. Moody, F. Weiss, R. Skaw, P. Spanheimer. Fourth row: R. Hemmings, R. Turriton, J. Misun, J. Birk, A. Forester, E. Nummrich, A. Lcmke, V. Conrad, M. Edelstein. Top row: D. Burgardt, M. Koesslcr, J. XViclcert, H. Gcgenhuber, XV. Karrasch, A. Ladwig, H. Bahr, J. Traut. fVo4M'4 Saulmmma In its first meet the "mermen" defeated Lin' coln, 45f38. The Blue Devils were paced by Marvin Grier and Elmer Weiss, who scored 12 and 8 points respectively. North next lost to West Milwaukee, 35f48. Elmer Weiss, Adolph Forster, and Marvin Grier captured seven points each. North was defeated by Cudahy, 44Mf37M, in its next dual engagement. The Blue Devils nosed out West Allis in their own pool, 42f41. Glen Radder took honors in diving. The Blue and White next lost to a rejuvenated Cudahy team, 4865. North for the seventh consecutive time anf nexed the Little City Championship. North scored 48 points to overshadow East, Washing' ton, and Lincoln. Grier scored 12 points, folf lowed by Forster and Weiss, each of whom had 8 points. Radder broke the Little City record in diving hut lost to Matson, city champ, by .5 of a point. Losing both relays to Pulaski decided North's fate in its next contest. The team lost, 52f3O. North lost the services of Bill Kozak, Glen Rad' der, J. Bingenheimer, and Elmer Weiss, who ended a very successful career at North and were consistent point winners. Again due to tt er relays, the Blue Devils lost to a strong Bay View team, 52f3O. The Blue and White nosed out East, 42f41. The contest was decided by Bob Hester, who, making his debut as a diver, won first place and captured five points. North lost to the City Champions, Boys' Tech, 65f27, in its next meet. In its next dual engagement, North was defeated by a strong Milwaukee Uni' versity High School team, 56f27. North came in fifth in the city meet. Marvin Grier attained all of North's points by taking a second and third in the 200 and 100 yard freefstyle events. North finished its schedule by defeating Lin' coln for the second time, 42f41. Lost by graduaf tion are Marvin Grier, Adolph Forster, Peter Gad, Tom Hodges, Jack Erhman, and Joe Bobo. LETTERMEN Marviii Grier, Adolph Forster, CofCaptains Gerald Murad, Manager Bob Phelps jack Erhman Ken Reger Joe Bobo Frank Erlauer Bill Kozak Bob Hester james Bingenheimer Peter Gad Glen Radder Tom Hodges Elmer Weiss Page One Hundred Thirteen G Bottom row: C. Beyer, T. Hodges, A. Bobo, L. Mueller, S. XVurm. Top row: 'Coach Duwe, R. Wendorf, C. Barr, J. Bobo, G. Fiebrink. fvafdffzi 7eam Last fall a tennis tournament was held to find new material with which to reinforce the team for this spring. The twentyfeight boys who came to try their luck were divided into two groups, freshmenfsophomores and juniorsfsenf iors. John Beyer was the victor among the upf per classmen and Bob Mason among the lower classmen. Each received a can of new tennis balls for his efforts. This spring the tennis team welcomed back two of their lettermen, John Beyer and Tom Hodges, plus Bob Mason, Louis Mueller, Chesf ter Barr, and George Eiebrink, members of last year's squad. Dick Wendorf, john Eabina, and Al and joe Bobo were new members of the team. In order to give the inexperienced boys a pref view of what was to come, Coach Emil Duwe secured matches with Wauwatosa and Whitefish Bay. The Northsiders lost to Wauwatosa by a score of 4f1 and were defeated by Whitefish Bay, considered one of the best teams in the state, by a score of 5fO. North's first conference match was against Juneau, one of this year's most promising title contenders, to whom they lost by a score of 4fO. The team finally began to click in its next con' ference match against East, whom it tied, 22. Page One Hundred Fourteen After a nonfconference match in which North defeated Marquette by a score of 4fO, North trounced South in a win of 4fO. The Blue Devils lost to Lincoln by a score of 3f1 in its next match, but then defeated Lutheran '5f0 in an' other nonfconference contest. Contests with King, Pulaski, and Washington concluded a commendable season for North. INDIVIDUAL SCORES Juneau 4 - North O ' Drobac defeated Beyer 6f2, 2f6, 6f3g Eastman defeat' ed Wendorf 6f2, 6f1g Mattner defeated Hodges 6-3, 6f1g Koch and Wallschlaeger defeated Barr and Bobo 614, 6f4. North 2 - East 2 Beyer defeated McBride 7f5, 6f2g Wendorf defeated Sanderson 6f3, 6f1g Jones defeated Hodges 4f6, 6-2, 6-3, Hyman and Adashek defeated Mason and Bobo 6'4, 3f6, 6-3. North 4 - South O Beyer defeated Kanitz 7-5, 8f6g Wendorf defeated Radtke 6f1, 6fOg Mason defeated Brown 6'4, 6f2g Barr and Fabina defeated Lang and Zilles '7f5, 14f12. Lincoln 3-North 1 Beyer defeated Zuba 6f3, 6f3g Milhowski defeated VJendorf 6'3, 9f7g Czecholinski defeated Mason 6f2, 5-7, 7f5'g Feiss and Ernst defeated Barr and Fabina 7-5, 8f6. Iune 19 Qiala' Nihlelfiu With the fourfyear gym program demanding the use of the gymnasium until 4:15 every day, it seemed as if the girls' extrafcurricular athf letics would have to be labeled "Cut for the Duration." At least so it might have been at any ordinary school, but North Division is not just an ordinary school. The "N Girlsl' at North are real, redfblooded Americans. If the boys in service could get up and have an early morn' ing workfout, so could they! Besides, doesn't Uncle Sam want everybody to build strong, sound bodies? Volleyball teams were organized, and to make the girls conscious of nourishing foods, the teams were named after fresh fruits and vegef tables. Games were played in the morning. Yes, every day from 8:00 to S225 the volley' ball net was up-inviting the peppy and en' thusiastic girls to an exciting game. Congratu' lations, "Peaches," you deserved the champion' ship! A very interesting extrafcurricular athletic program is in the making for next fall. Every young loyal American girl will find that the girls' athletic program will help her to "keep fit" for her countryg and, besides, wouldn't every girl like an "N" of her very own instead of one with strings attached to it? i GIRLS' "N" Bottom row: B. Radtke, M. Ehrich, M. Lange, H. Nissen. Row 2: Elsa Williams, M. David, R. Lehman, R. Schneider, E. Heiden. Row 3: P. Rickmann, D. Efram, R. Zauner, R. Kohler, J. Sager, J. Wolter. Page One Hundred Fifteen S x x Q-.L S4if'NiM Q 'gk . 1:i - X MRL ,. gm tws11RSFlR-' - -six 9' fxwss.:.,m:Q g.:- t-Nw www fl x x :csc-:Fl-YN v .,,,gQ, ,QW www, k, sv xx?-QQ isis Q PRS: X xx ' N: N N X -5 it VNQ-Q E? -,Z Q. Ap Q N mf -S X fx, X .K 4, xx JZ X N xx X X x Q X NX X NN Q X X, f Qx 2 :fxs , q X f-:SN 2,3 A 1 ,W Q "f I S A .-X' Q Q S 1 Q xx XX -M .K T5-x'?:v X , A Wwmwr mm. Q.. ' X X Q X EN S"'j'XQQ:s:::g31 .X xxx x X XX X X X XRSQ: Nix P N xx N xx. X, Q wwmvAw Bk'W3iklkYSS X x NNN Nm Aw N wx Q Q , J i b -K . !' M ! N X " ' mx X .Q- X S , 1 s 2 3 4 Q S V fwf' Q x X X X NN X .L ., X HIT-X , gy x g5.s:ffx,-- X MM X R www W W X 2 E N xx... www i X A ks Www sg ' S X X K ,x X N X ' I' Y .. X N. . .. 5 X S SN Q U 3 1 wi: N X W? S Nix ' NY - 'F --Q - - . X Esirim . S xv X :Q 1 A 5 Q .t , . A . X Szss' ' 559 ,. K. ..,.: -,.f z ' - . s...Nx.. wwww www' , L KX xx X x xxxw x Rss . ..,,, ., fi x gli R, X x X X Q X Q F .Y -R x Q Q X E + . Q X 1 Q X Q Q X X A , X V N as X X A X -Sw ., N .,.,.,. Q -:NK-Q: .- x N' ' 35: "' H SQ ' X ' ' W ,, X N X wg V, xx K N X . .. . X I Us SZ as R gas., R9 vGgN X x Xxxe vwsvw' N Xxx XXX 'Q IFEEII-'::',',6a:g2.i5'51252- . I ' x 'P-f-.-:Egg , Z H ' -E:::'fa-2:1 'I7-Ei:E1E1I'I'IvE'E2'I:3i'2. Eel: V ,, ' ' -i.':,,,..,,fes'.:: . L2 - -E.-b:.:.,1::f,g ,gg w nf Yi -.N fi S Z 4 Q3 3 , ,X X 215' 1 Q .ff an 1 Q. . 4 , S f".,, 4."'f Q' EX :tif U T x xg i PS 1116 995 X406 Nuvzds SCH S X S S N Rx Q . Q X X X xx X N ,x x ' ,SS 2 R Y x , vw: , RX -Q . . . x..,:.m: - 2, ' Q E I x x :Ii mt.: ,-if x al' if yy. 9. S ,M i- eww -x Sk,- " .Ss .wxgagp WV ,,,,. -QS: PR " : Q, Y 2,e, Ar lux-8 24 xiii? fS Qif- - K MW. .. .1 , .. ,,, fl . -, Sw 261.- ?i'1g'i Qgxq If Xa...+ 'ax NORTHWESTERN Compliments of LAUNDRY CQ, 2401-2403 W. North Ave. Telephone: NORTH STAR K1 Iboum 5635 - 5636 DES FORGES COMPANY A1T1S1'.iC'CI'S First SCIIOOI BOOKS QF ALL PUBLISHERS P,iCfOIfQ'1 Standard Sets-Rare Book Boys' and Girls' Book Stat' ery-French Books FOUR-FOURTHS FOB NORTH is Greeting C ds for A11 Occasions 427 E. Wisconsin A e Milwaukee Compliments of Teutonia Avenue Advancement Association Page One Hundred Twenty-two B Iune, 1943 "MlLWAUKEE'S RELIABLE FURRIERSU 7 3 I N. B R 0 A D W AY fffhe Place to Buy Your Furs" Large Selection of Smartly Styled QUALITY FUR COATS Jackets Capes Scarfs Mufts Reasonable Prices Plwone for CHUDIK BROTHERS FUR CO. "IvuLwAuKsE's RELIABLE FURRIERSH BONDED. SUPEDI OD HELD STUEAEE ...and Complete, Expert Fur Service ' GUERNSEY FARMS FOUNDATION -- A solid foundation for life or business can only be attained by a sincere de- sire to serve and please. CONFIDENCE - Confidence can best be gained by liv- ing up to your word, and by giving a little more than the recipient expects to receive. RESPONSIBILITY - To carry out one's responsibility we must be loyal to the things we under- take to do. The GEHL policy is to live up to these virtues, knowing full well that only by living up to them can we expect to thrive and grow. Fred W. The Way You Wish It Is the Way We Do It! Z , Phone Kllbourn 0967 . . . For Appointments jeweler lack e1land's Beauty Salon A HAIR STYLING 2410 N. 3rd St. LOcust 9110 2637 N. 27th Street Milwaukee, Wis. w1scoNs1N HALL EDW- PNK PETER AMANN, Prop. REAL ESTATE Rented for A11 Ocasions 2401 N. 12th St. Phone LOcust 5826 REALTOR-GENERAL INSURANCE-AUTO-FIRE CASUALTY-NOTARY PUBLIC Phone LOcust 3730 2000 N. 3rd Street Milwaukee, Wis. Best Wishes to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1943 LIL'S SWEET SHOP LILLIAN BLOCK, Prop. 937 W. Burleigh St. LOcust 0490 Tattler Page One Hundred Twenty-three Phone DAly 0661 Iewelry' Repairs ' Trophies for Champions Fred J. Theleman, Inc. Official School Iewelers for Class of l'943 Manufacturers of Class Rings and Pins College Fraternity Badges and Crests Emblem Rings 617 N. Second Street Milwaukee, Wis tr' L EAGLE BEDDING SHOP MR. and MRS. RAY R. POTRATZ Wool, Cotton and Feather Quilts NEW PILLOWS Quilts and Pillows Recovered Renovating - Carding Blankets - Mattresses - Pads Telephone HOpkins 9044 2018 W. Center St. Milwaukee, Wis. SCHWANKE'S PHARMACY Visit Our Yellow Lantern Soda Grill Corner N. Third and W. Locust WELFARE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 2200 North Third Street LOcust 6660 - l - 2 Mortgage Loans at Lowest Interest Rates INSURED SAVINGS TOWN MARKET F. G. SCHMITT FANCY MEATS and POULTRY Wholesale and Retail MArquette 5214 1115 N. Third St. Milwaukee, Wis. Page One Hundred Twenty-four A I une, 1943 KOSANKE PRINTING COMPANY Telephone HOpkins 8342 "We Invite You to Ca11" AMERICAN LINEN SUPPLY CO. COATS - APRONS - GOWNS TABLE LINENS -- TOWELS, Etc. Towel and Linen Service for Every Requirement 1500 West Hopkins Street 1003 W. North Ave. COncord 3636 Repairing CA11 Inslrumentsl Piano Tuning BULOVA-G d t' W t h 1 ra mm GC es MARK S MUSIC SHOP Dealers in STELLERS' INC. Iewelers for 50 Years 2740 N. Teutonia Ave. 3419 W. North Ave. Musical Instruments and Supplies Sheet Music and "Best Hits"-Record Albums 3243 N. Green Bay Avenue LOcust 0935 HARRY H. 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Tattler Page One Hundred Twenty-five HELP AMERICA E sv KEEPING Em 'X Drink Borden's Milk 3 Times a Day! d GRIDLEY DIVISION IF lT'S BORDEN'S, IT'S Q-In' T0 BEfGO0QI Page One Hundred Twenty-six june, 1943 SIIIVING WAII PIIIIBIEMSI For AMERICA: 90 mm. anti-aircraft guns... steam turbines for land and sea ..delicate turbo- superchargers for high-flying planes -- these are some of Allis-Chalmers many war products. Behind them are motors, pumps, electric control. For INDUSTRY: Precise welding machines, Texrope V-belt drives, chemical kilns, mining equip- ment, transformers, switchgear, sawmill equipment - more than 1600 Allis-Chalmers products serve America's production front. For FARMERS: From border to border, from valleys of New England to wide western prairies -- Allis-Chalmers farm equipment is on duty . . . plow- ing, sowing, cultivating, reaping and threshing, help- ing our farmers feed the world. A 1597-A Allis-ciiiumms MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN Heiden Plumbing 6 Heating 932 W. Center Street For Your Next Job- CALL LOcust 2340 BUY WAR BONDS- Your Best Investment. Your Next Best Investment- A DIAMOND fALF-W- ' '63, IIJI ll-ll june oiamonos L llilllllill ll!! 3279 N. Green Bay Avenue Compliments from MALTEDS -Q SUNDAES - SODAS Home Made Ice Cream 2728 N. Teutonic: Ave. I P SENIORSI Visit the New Home of the BUSINESS INSTITUTE Air conditioning, fluorescent lighting, acoustical ceil- ings, specially designed deslts and chairs-everything that is new and practical, everything that is conducive to more efficient teaching and more enjoyable study- ing-has been incorporated in our new building. SUMMER TERM begins Tuesday, July 6th Information Bulletin FALL TERM Sent on Request begins Tuesday, Sept. 7th JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COURSE-16 MONTHS EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL COURSE-10-12 MONTHS tWith Gregg Shorthand or Stenotypyl JUNIOR ACCOUNTING COURSE-10 TO 12 MONTHS GENERAL OFFICE COURSE-9 MONTHS OFFICE MACHINES COURSE-8 MONTHS STENOGRAPHIC FINISHING COURSE-5 MONTHS EMIL KLOIBER Bllsllless Illstltllte - SHOE REPAIR SHOP 77EeS'a6oo!QfP I First Class Work Done at Moderate Prices with ' Upto-Date Modern Equipment! ' Plankinfon Ave. at W lls St. DAIv 5200 "EVERY SHOE REPAIRED ON A LAST 2355 North 12th Street Tattler Page One Hundred Twenty-seven UQQQA25 to vbssiiv ma no ma oorfwcy oss may was mr? Q2 Gap and Gown Photographs One Large 8 X 10 Picture in a Folder F our Proofs 5.2.00 Six for 34.50-Twelve for S6.50 Preserve the Memory of Your Graduation with a Photograph in Cap and Gown. Cap and Gown Available at Studio Duplicate c p es oi your photographs may be had from your negatives on file. 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NORTH SIDE CLEANERS REAL ESTATE and DYERS Mortgage Loans - General Insurance ' 1114 W. Center St. 1826 W. Center St. HOpkins 0950 Lgcust 3331 Phone ORchc1rd 9834 Estimates Furnished g Compliments of Mid-West Wrecking 6. Lumber. Co. BAND BOX CLEANERS Used and New Lumber-Building Material H I OFFICE and YARD: - U lVIEHL'S DRUG STORE 1559 W. Pierce St. M1lWGuk66,W1S. 2000 W. Center St. Milwaukee' Wis. ROOSEVELT THEATRE Cofnphmenm of I Invest in War Savings Stamps and Bonds S 1402 W. North Ave. 746 W. Center St. COIIIPIIITISIIIS of L Compliments of MR, and MRS, H, KARAS DAVID SILVERSTEIN G-ROCERY HQWARD KARAS ' 900 W. 'Walnut St. LOcust 7362 Kllboum 4180 Residence: WEst 5309-W Otto G. Brauch 6. Associates AETHUE G' WOLFF' Atl9'EeY'C'H-UW REAL ESTATE AND FARM-INSURANCE-LOANS 2750 N T t Yhlvfukee Theme Bulldfmg 1546 W. Hopkins Street Milwaukee, Wis. ' eu om? ve' Once: Concord 5210 L ' HENRY E. F ' Baxter Launderers and Cleaners ATTORNPQELSKE 1627 W. North Ave. KI lbourn sooo 21S'2.EI.2f2i'37S'i' W... Am. L. W. Schmidt Funeral Home 1 Best Wishes 'O concord 2929 , North Division Graduates 541 W. Burleigh St., Corner N. 6th . V GIESEFELDTN5 LETWIN'S FOOD MARKET W. North Ave. lbourn 3174 N. 13th S1. LOcust 4525 I'IABERlVIAN'S SHOE HOSPITAL Compliments of 2674 N. 9th st. I STRANG S GROCERY STORE RUDOLPH L. FORRER ATTORNEY 2600 N. 12th Street Milwaukee' Wis- 135 W. Wells sr. ' DA1y 3193 - I Congratulations to LAWRENCE TYPESETTING CO. GRADUATES 319 E. Detroit Si. Class 1943 I Milwaukee 2. Wis. Tattler Page One Hundred Thirty-one Lzvsn. calf: A 140 'Bank ami" T, ' , -e "W 551 " f-"'1,,,, ' 1' M . . l wrfgg 'TSEEN Si :K- r " ' ' FIT 1: '10, ' Q3 5 ,E-Lwv., -- - , -Q-. , . - 'f..1ef.,5xg,-- ,Q .f- fa? A ' ""4"f:g3-, ,sin if W1 -mtl: : -V I N 5' it 3 7 25 fi 1' Faiiii F' ' 2 '3 I I Ii i. lil- Q ll' A,f,I',? ' - mf ' 5'f2rigf: ' s ' 0 v.31,l5fw.: . fi: z , . -.U r-,,,1gnfT 4. -- v It is our desire to take satisfactory care of your banking needs . . ' Savings Department ' Commercial Department ' Safe Deposit Department Buy War Bonds and Stamps '7eul'ania 14 Sllafe Baruch N. TEUTONIA AVE. at W. HADLEY ST. Deposits in this bank are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation with 55.000 maximum insurance for each depositor. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM -vt -v YI' ' ffrvvrv-v Y-v-rf - - Y-v Y-vxv-flvvrvfva Page One Hundred Thirty-two Iune, 1943 . - - , WMM - , K!! - A - - WM! Q. - A The CQVER for the 1943 TATTLER ANNUAL was made by C P oducts D THE NORTH AMERICAN PRESS Milwaukee Wisc-onsin Page One Hundred Th1rty-three nl' if ir 'A' 'A' 'ku 'A' if uk ir Best Wishes to the Graduating Class 1943 May Your Future Be Happy cmd Prosperous 1 i' ATLAS PRINTING C0. Phone COncord 0740 338 E. Reservo Ave. fxff1fffvfvf++ff+u+ +f e One Hundred Thirty-four Iune, 1943 l SUMMER SCHOOLS V Compliments of 1. I t ' W rt'me Courses. 2. 35525525 Viclxory Courses" for young ladies. G, 3. "Pre-Induction Military Office Training" for young 4. Egsernment and Industry need thousands of trained 5 cgfice workersi f C. -1 S I . - . r courses a so prepare or 1v1 ervxce examma- , , ticllns. Beginning salaries: S146 to S164-per menu.. Expert Watch and Clock Repairing 6. Afternoon work in an office or war industry for those who desire ir. .1319 W. Center St. 7. 6-8-10 and 15 week courses. 8. Summer classes begin Iune 14, Iune Z8 or Iuly 6. 9. Hours: 8:00 A. M. to 1:00 P. M. 10. Write, Phone or Call for free Bulletin. No obligation Take Advantage of OUR 5-POINT PLAN Zephyr Cleaners 6 Dyers COLLEGE, Inc. Spencerian Building 608 E. Wisconsin Avenue lgenter 7317 MArquette 0880 Milwaukee, Wisconsi one ourn IOHN L. SEMMANN CO. MArquette 7630 DR. I. M. MOTZKO INSURANCE DENTIST Hours by Appointment LOcust 6282 2050 N. Twelth Street 1309 W. Vliet St. Milwaukee, Wis. We Have a Complete Line of R E C O R D S HACK TIRE 6 SUPPLY CO. 3381 N. Green Bay Ave. GEORGE HOEFS 'Good Shoes Since 1873 3267 N. Green Bay Ave. DONATH FURNITURE CO. Where You Can Buy with Confidence 3298 N. Green Bay Ave. REGAL BEAUTY SHOP A11 Branches of Beauty Culture' Expert Operators 1114 W. North Ave. COncord 9941 BORN'S FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 1204 W. Center St. ' LOcust 1546 HERMAN F. PAPE "QUALITY Foo:rWEAH" 2807 N. Teutonia Ave. Kllbourn 1170 Near W. Hadley St. LOcust 0313 - 0725 RAASCH PHARMACY CAMERAS- KoDAKs - MOVIE FILMS 800 W. North Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. SCHUCK'S DEPARTMENT STORE 2777 N. Teutonia Ave. FAMILY HOSIERY STORES 2701 N. Teutonia Ave. DAVE SAV1CK'S GROCERY 1439 W. North Ave. Tattler ' Page One Hundre1d'Thirty-five FOR CORRECT BUY WAR STAMPS and BCNDS Regularly First Wisconsin National Bank of Milwaukee Printing by Atlas Printing Co. Photography by Morrison Studio Engraving by Hammersmith-Kortmeyer Co. Page One Hundred Thirty-six lune, 1943 l , 1 V . 1 R jj , fy PJ ffl!! I fjlf ' ff! 1 L A15, My L u A , ill jj! WMM M W " If ' J " U G sa ff Un X 'qii .4 . ' jj if isfw Q ' iff' U x .ff M - QLKAWJJJZ Www i Wmmw r i 3 , I sf' 4 's .Ar ,1 , X .V ,J H ? TJ s Q' i 'LW' 1 -.N tip 1 L4 5 "1 W 4 A . .1 . -J ' G2 1' if-1 -5 .. I .HJ 3 Q1 and Ly fi , ? .Au I, if 5 N 3 .M ' 3' W P 14 MH . in f

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