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WLWWWP My 7? WWW jifvlffwf WV YWW , 4700 QQMD 0 'FC wwf Nw I W W W W fy.. ,- 1. 12, 'ft 'x- ,' I , V V ni: 5. V- ' ' ,. - 1652? ' I , 'E ,, ' 'fx' , -.MQ ' Y- T11 L J H 1 . H - g7?'pgj XJ N Q 9 MW WM Sb wb My W S-Sis, W9Y wW .a.2'fV-whuia' QM 0 Www 7!v'fj0fZa5C7 Yi W W Wig! Em 1, , fi ,. V W M, ,, W . ln 5 . h bswirx X' w W .- WW f W N xl- ' . QMWMKMW fmgm ,QMQQJ 729, -., aj M A ' A - " 'i' .f -"fAHi'A " Sf . . ,- .H . iw. 7 - M W fb? V8 bww W W MQW' kldif5w Mpf,iWM W Wwla My ff? if SW is Nw , L K X R Q' J ' ' ' X W Nl 9' e K N My - .K iv tv- b X 'XX y , 'QW J D4 - if w . I f-.4 Q ' 2 N 1 L .5 A L' xx X xl- '-twuxl , I , X v , wg mf W wjwlfif J 41 .64 y The Tattief xx xx n xx :Q Vol. XXVII n n W n Number 'I North Division High School Milwaukee Q n n w Wisconsin wfffffi The Tatilo Page W mmm' DEDICATION l To Our Parents Who have aided us in gathering our store ot knowledge so that we might be equipped better and more fully to accept responsibilities. Who have spoken words ot encouragement when we were disheartened and depressed in spirit so that we might go torth with renewed strength to triumph over the obstacles which block our paths, Who have sacrificed both time and money to keep us in school so that we might get a better start in lite. Who have done so much to aid in the torme- tion of our characters so that we might be- come more intelligent citizens of this commu- nity and nation- We, the graduating class ot I935, do atlec- tionately dedicate this senior number ot our Tattler. UN 9 lil l l i l l l Page 3 CON S F lty G d S CI O Q Athi t Ad t M of 0 EQ, W yggaggf PM "9 Egg? 533' t 09510. X? 'c S 1 .1-' , Lie LL , ,fn KO JA5f F 5-jx SCENIC 21 je iltl -ll 1-li u BEYOND MILWAUKEE I-IORIZGNS For some .of uf the trip is done, and we Have reached the shoreg but others .dill go on To .ree if they can jimi a fairer land Which they are able to explore. Tc RIA LOA FALLS, CALAMA. CHILE. UN I93 l ge The filer l I A Page 6 , ,U 1 w lx NEVA, SWITZERLAND. GE ON, LAKE LL OF CHI TLE E CAS TH 4 I ' va- arf' X f 'ls TFA an '31 9. K, fm x , -6 yu! AQ f sk Qs Q A Q ,Ls 1 53 X 1 . 13,1 U 54 43 45.128 -'.- 'atm ., . ..'k 3 ,S rn . ,Q hd U 4 ws. - , wi, ,, ffl, 1 J . PQ? af' is . ,ur . 'Tri-'. ,, 6. ,u f- 1 H ,. O bk'.W .ng I X. .1 Sl, . Q., X. vs ,kg 4'4 N 0 Y 5. Y .J 1 z W o V w ,wi Z w Q6 Pd U I935 The lkler Page 8 Q , Q 'T 3, . 6 41-tg 1 L, , NL kr MT. TICEWEENOT, WYOMING If A, Q FACULTY Z? Our guide! and mentors through four years of .rchool To ur their aidiv worth more than 4 jewel. I WMM J U I9 ffliwmwwi M pk, Lwwpaxa M FRED W. WERNER Principal .4 VWVIL mum ,xy r X XX mx Q!!! ff LILLARD W. CULVER Vice-Principal O X Wi Mrs. Alk Milli. Lunglmgux Miss Brenckle English Mrs. Conroy lkilithcvmlrxcs Miss Davis Av! Miss Bahr Mr. Bergeim Miss Bergen Mud. Lllviglxlxgcx Minxxl' Ml1IhL'wv1l1!ll'x Miss Budd Miss H. Campbell Miss M. Campbell Ml1rhun1lllxl'x History Clnnnlcvcml Miss Conlan Miss Cropper Miss Daly Emlgllxh An Cumrnwrflul Miss Eiche Miss Finan Mr, Flugum Muthunmtxfs l.'mnn1uTf.ul mxcilru Mr. Brandel Cmvinlcvcull Miss Carroll Hmrwlmlli Aux Mr. Damuth Cmnvrlcvznll Mr. Gee History JUN I93 l l I l il l l l l r l l l ll l H l I 1: 31 i lil, lll li' l ,l ll The Taiiler VH li W sll ' l ln Tull MW WM wg Miss Givan Mr. Goetz Miss Goelzer lfmvivrluvrllll l'l1v.x. Tnlmnxg Cmrivricnxlll Miss Halbach Mr. W. J. Hall Mrs. A. Hall lf,-nlnxrv.'1.1l Srzcvlrc Lzlmxmlvz Mr. Hovlid Mllvnla-ll Arts Mr. Libby Lffmlwvlcn ml Mr. Karlson Mr. Keith Srxumu Hxxfufv Miss Luker Mr. Maegli Englmli Mrmlml Arts v f ' 'K X Miss Gregg M.1!lti'vv141!1i'.c Miss Heiden l1l1x'.x. Tmmm! Mrs. Knight Srnmiru Mr. Martens l.l1rm Miss Gross Ulcvlg Mr. Holmes 1 glmll Mr. lirenerick Srlun-'C Miss Maas Kflvrk Miss McConochie Mr. McKeever English Mr. Myra lf.mxii1crrlr1l Mrs. Polomis Hnxuulmlil Arla Miss Rebrovich Phvx. Tmmmg Mixvirurxl Arts Mr. Newman lfvlglxih Miss Preuss Lfmvxrvxcvvlrll Mr. Reschke Hlxtnrv Miss Meyer hr luwnrc Mrs. Nyberg Evxglnll Mr. Pritchard lfo11111lr'rr'ml Miss Roberts English Miss Mills Miss Muellenschlader Lnrm lfnglrwh Miss Otto Miss Perkins lfvxgllsh Huturx' Mr. Purin Miss Raetzmann A11 Mud. Lmxgimgcx Mrs. Roberts Miss Roethke Hunxuhnlrl Arts Cminivrfrrnll Pa HH J U N I 9 3 5 WH Q! N11 RQ iii W MM M' M WH if w I I W 1 il' y w i ge I3 ru 1 f T a Q Q I e r i in 1, i i N Y I 1 i l Mr. Rottman Miss Scherkenbach Miss Schoenk Miss Selznick Miss Sherman Phvx. 'Tnmuug Mud. Linlgxmgcs Cuvnvncnmi English English i i Miss Smail Miss Spiering Mr. Steuerwald Miss Stoeckle Miss Suckow if W, Cfmnvnuvfml Engnmh ManlmiliA1lA Evxgimh Mlzsic i H 1 i W 1 N M iv 1 Mr. Tetzlaff Mr. Trythall Mr. Van Hom Miss Walmsley Mr. Warner 311, Sncruu Cmwinxcvfnll English Evzglxxh Sturm! ,M ii 1 lu' Mr. Witte Mr. Kampine Miss Zucker Miss Zahl wi 51 Srutmc Hixlovw Evlgimh Mird. Lmiguugcs w w W ,xi , ,3 V! 3 I ' 1 W i n 1 F 4 1 W i i Y N Ti lull I 9 tlt ll t tl V it l lt l l vi . ill H px l "ll, t ld . llh LOUIA M. l-IENIKA pp lfpon opening an old autograph allmum, we saw on '1 one of the pages this simple inscription: l lt 1 "lt takes hut a line for remembrance." ' t l.ouia May llenika needs not even a line for re- memlmrance. .Xfter having given over two decades of l, ll! active service in the North llivision lligh School, he- :gill cause of her unseltish devotion she will continue to M' live in the hearts of both students and colleagues. Yet lt tlll we wish to express our appreciation and esteem. llltt t dll Miss llenika was an instructor in the department ltgll of mathematicsg she was intensely interested in all of her pupils and served generously wherever oppor- V l' tunity presented itself. She was associated with Miss l 1' S. lfdith Brown in the early work of the tiirls' Clulig X X of late years she conducted the tiirls' Leadership tx ti tiroup. In whatever capacity she served, her work 'llw was characterized lay thoroughness and efficiency. To Nt' these qualities she added understanding sympathy and ldll loving concern. dl: '-rl .1 V! If ,vl ,. ,. -',, ,'., . ii!! iose vu to vnevt ier hast rttognmed the tact that lx her devotion began in her home and extended beyond I A the class-room. lluman interest was dominant: she t was never indifferent to another's need of material, mental or spiritual assistance. linthusiasm and luenev- til olence were conspicuous in her everyday life, hut com- lmined with them were self-control and perfect poise. t Miss llenilia came to North llivision in 19143 her Q , death occurred .Xpril 23, IUS5. after an almsence of almout ill ix six weeks: her passing may he her gain, hut it is our ill ll loss. ' l l To her sister, Mrs. l. li. lleckendorn, to her lmroth- er, Mr. Ray llenika, and to the other members of their ll t families we extend our sincere sympathy. , i ll lll lt T Tatiler 1 , The 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111 1. 1 1 1 '11 1 -1 1 H V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1A 1 1 1 ge 16 EMMY V GUMPERT gf. l1I'11xs 111s11I'11 N1 IIUN 15 1 1111' KJ 0 ll Lflllgx 1111 1 Q11 N 111111 X111 111 111111 r1111.1111 1111111111 111r 11 1 . . ll 11 1 111111' 1 1 1 . 1 1111 1 1r 1r 1 1 . 111 1111 111. 1 .,111 111111 xx 1111111111 1 11 1 1111111 111111 11 11 1111 1111111 111 1 S11 1 1 1 r 11.11 11 N X 1111 111 L11 r1 . 11111 111' 11111111111 1111 S11 11.11 11r0111r11 111 13110 1111 1r 1111 . 1 11 . 111 111 I1 ll 1 1 r11 11.111 111 1111 'H .111 111 1 . 11 1111 11111 LFS H111 1 1 111111111 1r11111 111111111111 111 1111.11 1111111111 NIL 11.1 11 11 .1 1' 3115 s 1 111111 1 11 IN 11 I U 1 N 11 1111 111111 111 11111111 1r 111111 111 11 1 . 1 1INS1I1l1J1lllg, 11111 11 11111111 S111 11111 1111111111 111 111 1 11111 IL 1 1 1 1 111 TCYNL 11111 0 .N 1 11111 1 1 11 111 s .111 u.111 111 1 11111 . DN ll S11 11 1.11111 1 N .S 1111 111 1 11111111r111111s 1 1101111111 IINL 1.11 r 1 1 CL 11 111111111 1 11 LX 1 1 IIIILN 1 111 1111 1111 1111 1-111 1 11r 11111 s Lf NL1NL 111111 11111r 1 1111 1111 1 N 1 111 1111111 111 1 1. 11 11101 1 110 N XL 11111111 1' 1 1111 LIL . 1 . 1111 11111, 1111 111 Q N SN 111 1 1111 'IX 01111111 111' "ly 1- 1110 - .'1'1'.ff- 1 5 C1114 1110 1z11'." A '1- 1 118 s 11'-' 1' 1 1i4'1 1121.' -1-.11'-' 1155. 11111-11 v1'i111 1111110 111'111 1110 11s11'11 z11'1i11', :11111 1 15- Sl 1.-." ,Q 11- 1'isi1111 :11111 110rq01'01"1111'0 '11z11'z11'101'is1i11 111 111-1' 111-111110, 11 is 1 Sl 1 1.'111g,' 111'l1 11 1' '-111 '1110 2j"111 -' 11. Mi ,',' '1 1 - '1111 - 111 us 111111 1110 1' "-','i11' S1-I ,:1 1011-1 01 1 -310 '- :1 1 '2l."1-' 1i1s110 1'1111 110 i111 1110 1110111 X111'111 lDi1'i,'i1111. X" 1111'- ing' -"11 , s110 1101111011 h0rs1-If 111 1110 '11111 '-1110111 111 1- .' - .X 51- 1-1 h- 111i 11'111 11111 110011 :1111 11'011 1 r0111'1i11 111 01-1i11s0 1'lll' 11:1 111' - 11' 'z1'1111. 11:1 ga 1 ' - ' - .'1' - N - 11111 '11111 1 ' - ' ' '- :111' 111' XYis01111." , 11'i111 SI 1--1:11 1'1" 1" 1" i11'1 ' 5 51- "s 1111111111011 111 1C2l11 11111 1111' in 11 - 1'l1SU2l 5110 11:11 1'11 , 1711 in 1110 11110 2 1s If '011. ,1111 11111111 111 11111111 111111 24111111 11r011:11':11i1111, 11'0 1'1111 51-1'1' ' '1' "1-. S011 1 1'- 11001 '111 i1111i1'i1111z11 511 1-111111-11' fr00 1111111 :111 2l1'1'CC1Zl111111. 1111111 :111' .',' - '11 1-'1 ,'- 1-5 1-fs 1K'1'11j 1101 .' - 51- 1111 s111'-1 1 ,' -11. 11-1' - "11j". '1: 1111- ' ,11z11 10 '1 ix ' '1 "11011 "11 1' s011'11'1s :111z11111-11 111 1110 1111.1 1111211116 .' rl 1 1-' ' '11gg'. ll -11' 11"1,' 11111 1110 sl: 1 'z - '.'CT,-Z 'gf - IS 0111 1" .' 11010 111' S11lv1"1 1'111' 1 1-' .' -111. S111 1-11-'1-11 111 1101' 11' Il'1i, :11111 1z11111r1-11 -1 ' -5111. z -:1 lf 2 1' 1-11'g,'- 11.' 1' ,' '11-fs. 11- 5-1 111' 1111 ' :11111 111-1' 110011 ' - 0:1 110111 11 111 'i11111'11j-' 11111 1110 111111111111 111 - 1111111111101-. .Ns 1111' 11-:11's 11'1- 111', "1.110 11-"11110 11 - 1 "51'111-1' 111' 111 f"1'I' ,111' Ii '-11, :11111 1111- l'C1lS1H1 111' 1'11h' 11111111111-11 1 1'1- 1-10:11'." '1'11-'- 11'z1s '1111'z11's 1111110 111-111111. 11' 1l'1lC 11101'i1, 111111051 011110'11'11r. 1"' 51' ' 1 ,11'1'. :11111 1111'-111111' 110111111111 111 111-1' 1111111-.'si1111 11051-r1'0 11111110- 1'1z11i1111, 1111-11 s111'1-11' 110 111111' 1'01'0r0 1101 1111-111111'1'. X10 111i ,'.' 1 1' 218 011110111111 :11111 '1s -1111. GRADUATES1? So from the Labyrinth, Ignorance we fled With thankf for n gift of price!e.v.f, golden thread Alp rn Anderson Altshul Ansfield Artner X , W 1 ti Q as Ballsieper Bartolowits Bartelt . w l r r r , Wm M o., .. M Beniak Bergernann Berling uscher Beyer Binovsky Blecker Block Boehringer Boettcher JUNE l935 8 I W 1 N W' M 1, The Taiiler I Page I8 Bricker Bornsteinx Brossmann Br ant Bublitz Bubolz Bubrick Buck . an Byrne X ,fy Q! E i x . Caesar ' C r, a nsky Cherney Nl Chernin 5 XT Cohgix o n 1 Criplean Dashefsky N J fu", ff Tr' ,ff .- M' if fry,- Derzavitz ' Det ann gm ...ll Draeger D WQA1 J ' D ' 'I fgjfmgukl Dudley D W . ly- W! :N Q! 0f'J'Yf V Edelstein Eisemann Ely E h Ewald Fabr' ln? Farina Farkas F N JW' " QW Q MW , 'S ' w T h e T e C Q I e r N ' x 1x 9 . K J X IJ 1 z ' A 1 E Fefer Fischer Fleissner Forstrcm Ziefie X J Fran.: Fritsche . : q " xx J ff Lv? Y. X , . n l I 1 x 3 U lx . - W 1 X f Frodermann omm , 'X Fromstcin Frumerman Fuelster Gahr Gailog Gates Gatzow Gellman I ge 20 I W I I WQMfHWWf'QWKf Nkigfiulggifwiw + 9,9 ifQ5Q' NwmQm XNZ Twigfl TiYW N r N NM! Pe 'FS A H M Nw Y The J - 7 V umm J f Jr 1 N N i w J I i N w 4 4 N Halperin Hansen Harder Hartung Heidenreich wx , ' 1' Hein Hinchliffe Hinrichs Hoffmann Horvath J W W JH J "i fm ,J W1 M N3 Q3 Hubenthal Jacobs Janke Jansen Jens n N Jezo Johannes Junker Justman Kaap , J ' F1 1 J J N 1 5 N 1 H mum WW swf" W XV :Weir Kovar alkow5lcy Kromsky ko Krueger Kuehn Kunick Y Krs ' 1 ww, W Page 23 I w J, Ylylf I-xl 1 W T h e ' M I i XX . Tattle f 4 ,fl J ,lf V V ' 1. XJ J If ,4 f Y 1 Y 1 w W Y W N N w 'mf La Belle Lachenschmidt Laemmel La Malia LeC a Leis Lemke Lentz Leshin Leslie W 1' 1 Levenson Levin Legs:-:naar Linke Luedike 1 i Luehman Lurie Lutz Malig Margolis 1 ' N N 2 N ,1 1 ' w 1 ' I N! X N 1 1 W 'x w I I Page 24 'x W' , ff' 'X J u N EM JY McMackin l lx s lege hjxi -aT" " M 9 WQJUML--M Miner rvloskowifz N p Neumann 1 j , Page 25 ' ' x J TWH b If, 1 X jj ' it Bm T h e my X- X AY! -I H Q I e 1 J jx -J HRM! xv. , X J 1 x, ' ge 26 RQ' .U SJ! J 65 X Q J 'W I. cmann Nicsscn Noerenberg Orman V, I . Oudinot x . .' I , achefskv Palcr Palm Papke Q2 F' A' Parvis v yy , - v Q . I x. .lx , ,fn - X, LY Y Ny ,V M 5 1 X1 '- K v V Q X Paulcr Pfaffl Pick Pintei A Pipkorn f X xf' . W rx' Plate Pllschke Poppendieck Praefkey Praefke . . QM? t L-75 Polenske Plotkin Radtke ""'E!11!vQ , , ' Reese . V, ,QQ ' x.,,i. Rahinovitz Rosen Rudman Saichedr' .s Rdqiack X F' 's. - 'G A 1 ' : I " ' ' ffl L "7 . 4. :J - V' -1 s I '54 1 - , 1 '., Sam Sandor Sass Schacht Schleif Schlueier Schmidt Schmidt Schmiedeman Schneck -C Q 9441 I93 VW Y W iM n W "fr, . ...lp .M,,,',,UN I ,Wg W ,N N f! 1 1 N W W W 'Vi IN 'x nl UN 1, ww ii N 0 g N5 fx, W Y, ,fx Th M. 362 N 50? I Y 1 S hnitzer ' h Schowalter Schroeder Schuettler iy Schultz ax Q Schulz h 3 Schwartz Schwenk h h X N JI-1 X 0 J A h yf d Shanno S l Stauss Steffen xgef l 1 Z ' x y , Wyy ff? M Page 28 X WH! I lx J U N E I 9 3 5 5 F W X 1 I. W W 3 Stern I Strauss Tack Tews Throne TilLrlaW Trettin Tsiakalos Tuft Twinem C Uebelher Urkofsky Van Eerden Van Selow Viets Voigt Volk Vopravil Wachsmuth Wagnette I . Vx K W X, 'N 'V W N1 M ,N W U JP J T P a g e 2 9 mv If VP 3 if AFV Qifrf Y I 5 Weinheimer 'ss Wyrich Y X, ,f A ig Zeller Zepp Z05k Zakowitz gk Y 2 32 iii? SUMMARIES? k If you would know bow full .rome livex can be Do not forget to :can this Jummary. I Class of 1935 By Carla Minkley Listen, my children, and you shall hear Not of the ride of that Paul Revere, But the fame of the Class of 'Thirty-Hve, Of which group we hope all are still alive At the end of another fifty years. What class was it that "brought 'em back aliveu? What class was it that made fair North Side thrive? VVhat class was it that always played the game? What class was it that brought to North great fame? VVhy, the Senior Class of 'Thirty-live! VVe have always essayed in word and deed To continue our Alma Mater's lead, In not only athletic championships, But as well in music and scholarship Have we tried to uphold the North Side creed. We are now all prepared to face the world, With the banner of bright success unfurledg And just how we shall fare we do not know, But we're ready to battle blow for blow, Our defiance to failure we have hurled. Although most of us now must look for work, Yet none of us will his duty shirk. In these troublous unsettled times, it may Be less easy a thing to do than say, For in every corner dangers lurk. But away with these dismal, grim concerns! Let us rather await more bright returns. For we've youth and ambition, and both will serve To bring us our goal from which we'll not swerveg We must look toward the bows of our ships, not the S grill, l935 l , e,,t My 7 ,, la Page 3I ll Th futile Page 3 SOPHIE ALPERN English Course. Girls' Club, '33-'35, Library Mon- itor, '34-'35. A smile in her eye. ALEX ALTSHUL 3.2 Sis Graduate. Elective Course. Science Club, I ak patient, for the world is broad and wide. ETHEL A. ANDERSON Elective Course. German Club, '34-'35, Girls' Club, '32-'35, "Mikado," '34, Spring Concert, '33-'35, Webster Society, '33. Life is not life at all without delight. IRVING J. ANSFIELD Science Course. A. A., '34-'35, The world knows only two, that's Rome and I. WILLIAM HARVEY ARNDT History Course. A. A., '33-'35. Alas! when were woes ever equal to mine. - MYRTLE ARTNER Stenographtc Course. Girls' Club, '31-'32, '33-'35, Leaders' Group, '32. Not stepping over the bounds of modesty. I JULIUS ROBERT ATINSKY Science Course. A. A., '32-'33, Boys' Club, '34, '35, Science .Club, '32-'33, Student Council, '32, Webster Society, '34-'35. Who says in verse what others say in prose. ALEX R. ATLAS English Course. Boys' Club, '33-'35, Treas., 34, Pres. '35, Forensic Team, First Place Dist. Con., '35, Forum, '32-'35, Sergt., '33, Treas., '34, Pres., '35, The Masquers, '34-'35, Senior Class Play, '35, Cadet, '34- 35. As man speaks, so is he. EDWARD H. BACKES Elective Course. A. A., '32-'33. A nice unparticular man. g ALLEN O. BALLSIEPER Science Course. A. A., '34-'35, Boys' Club, '32- '34, Student Council, '32-'33, Tattler, '34-'35, Art Editor: Gym Team "N," '33, Senior Informal Comm., '35. The voice of experience. FLORENCE M. BARTELT S. S. Graduate. English Course. Cadet, '34-'35, German Club, '34-'35, Girls' Club, '32-'35, Lead- ers' Group, '33, Local Honor Club, '34. A true friend is forever a friend. FRED BARTOLOWITS Science Course. Boys' Club, '32-'35, Cadet '34- '35, Lieut., '34-'35, Leaders' Group, '33, Local Honor Club, '34, Monitor in "A," '34-'35, Stu- dent Council, '31, '32. Gentle of speech, benejicient of mind. RAYMOND M. BECKER Manual Arts Course. Can one desire too much of a good thing? FRED H. BEHRMANN Elective Course. A. A., '31, '34, Boys' Club, '32, '34, Sergt.-at-Arms, '32. I do not remember. NORMAN BEILFUSS Elective Course. Whate'er he did was done with so much ease. STEVE BENIAK Science Course. A. A. '34-'35, Boys' Club, '34- '35: Mathematics Club, '34-'35, Science Club, CBiol. Div.J, '32-'33. Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. EVELYN BERGEMANN S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. A. A., '34-'35. She was a phantom of delight. HAROLD F. BERGMANN Elective Course. Boys' Club, '31. The game is up. CARL F. BERLING Elective Course. Band Concert, '34-'35, Corp., '33, Sergt., '34, Chess Club, '34-'35, Vice-Pres., '34. The moon is made of a greene cheese. v GORDON BEUSCHER Elective Course. Forensic Team, '33-'34, Forum, '34-'35, Vice-Pres., '35, Leaders' Group, '33-'35, Senior Class Play, '35, German Club, '33-'34, Pres., '34. Tully was not so eloquent as thou. JACKSON H. BEYER Science Course. A. A., '31-'35, Boys' Club, '31- '33, Sergt.-at-Arms, '33, Cadet, '33-'35, Chess Club, '34-'35, Leaders' Group, '33, Library Mon- itor, '33-'34, Local Honor Club, '32, '33, '34, Mathematics Club, '34-'35, Monitor in "A," '34- '35, OE. Monitor, '34-'35, Science Club, 32-'34, Treas., '33-'34, Salutatorian, Nat'l Honor So- ciety, '35. Knowledge is power. VERA BINOVSKY Elective Course. Girls' Club, '34-'35, Local Hon- or Club, '33, Off. Monitor, '34-'35. Like twilight is lter dusky hair. HENRY BISCHOF Science Course. Boys' Club, '31-'33, Cadet, '35. He was one to speak plain and to the purpose. GEORGE BLECKER S. S. Graduate. Science Course, 3M years. Boys' Club, '33-'35, Forum, '33-'35. All we ask is to be let alone. LUELLA R. A. BLOCK Science Course. German Club, '33-'35, Girls' Cl b '31-'35, u ' I am constant as the northern star. ORLO S. BOEHRINGER Elective Course. A. A., '32, '35, Boys' Club, '35, Forum, '34-'35, Mathematics Club, '35, Spanish Club, '34. He is a very veray parfit gentil Knight. LILAH M. BOETTCHER Science Course. Girls' Club, '31-'33-, Leaders' Group, '33, The Masquers, '34-'35, Science Club, '32-'34, Senior Class Play, '34-'35, Spring Con- cert, '35. l'm twisting all the chains that tie the hidden soul of harmony. FLORENCE G. BORNSTEIN S. S. Graduate. English Course. She was as dainty as a drop of dew. EUGENE BRICKER Science Course. Band Concert, '34-'35, Corp., '35. Aye, every inch a king. YETTA D. BRONSTEIN Elective Course, SM years. Forum, '33-'34, Girls' Club, '33-'35. With a smile on her lips. HUGO GEORGE BROSSMANN English Course. A. A., '33-'35, "Mikado," '34, Spring Concert, '3S. The very pink of perfection. RAYMOND BRUSHABER Elective Course. Band Concert, '31-'35, Corp., '32-'33, Sergt., '33-'34, Staff Sergt., '34-'35. He is never alone who is accompanied with noble thoughts. DARCELLA BRYANT U Elective Course. A. A., '31, Cadet, '32-'35, Girls' Club, '31-'32, Leaders' Group, '33, -The Mas- quers, '34-'35, Off. Monitor, '34-'35, Science Club, '32-'34, Sec., '34, "Mikado," '34, Spring Concert, '35, Laboratory Monitor, '32-'33. Stately and tall she moves in the hall. MURIEL BUBLITZ Elective Course. Girls' Club, '32, '34-'35, The daintiest lass to make the end most sweet. WILLIAM F. BUBOLZ Elective Course. I was not born under a -riming planet. SAM BUBRICK Mathematics Course. Like two single gentlemen rolled into one. ROBERT F. BUCK u Elective Course. Chess Club, '34-'35, Writers' Club, '33-'34, Swimming Team, '35. Now comes the mystery. CARL G. BULKO Elective Course. Local Honor Club, '34. They are only truly great who are truly good. FANNIE F. BURMAN S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. A lovely lady, garmented in light. EVELYN F. BUTLER Elective Course. Girls' Club, '34-'35. How sweet and fair she seems to be. KENNETH EDWARD BYRNE Elective Course. A. A., '32-'35. Hitch your wagon to a star. GEORGE CAESAR gljectgige Course. A. A., '30, '33, Boys' Club, ' For my part, getting up seems not so easy. CATHERINE CARTER English Course. The Masquers, '34-'35. In every soul she poured the light. EILEEN MARGARET CAVADA Stenographic Course. Cadet, '34-'35, Girls' Club, '32, '34-'35, Treas., '35, Leaders' Group, '35, The Masquers, '34-'35, Off. Monitor, '35, Senior Class Play '35, Student Council, '32. I am glad that my Adonis hath a sweet tooth. NETTIE CEKANSKY S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. A. A., '34-'35, Girls' Club, '33-'35. Her face was like a blessing. JAMES R. CHARLTON S. S. Graduate. Manual Arts Course. He showered about friendly greetings like wild spring rain. BEVERLY D. CHERNEY Science Course. A. A. '31, Girls' Club, '31-'32. Haste thee, Nymph. MILTON M. CHERNIN English Course. German Club, '33-'34, Senior Class Play '35. dravery never goes out of fashion. - ABE COHEN Elective Course. He is a wise man who always knows what to do next. HENRY COHEN Science Course. I am monarch of all I survey. RILEY K. COHEN Elective Course. A. A., '34-'35, Bo s' Club, '31, '34, Senior Class Play, '35, Senior Exec. Comm., '35, Chairman. Arm me, audacity, from head to foot! ADOLPI-IE COOPER Science Course. Very gentle and of a good conscience. MARIE CRIPLEAN Science Course. How "Drier" we are. CHARLOTTE EUNICE DANIELL S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. SALLY DASHEFSKY S. S. Graduate. History Course. A. A., '32-'33, Chess Club, '34-'35, Sec.-Treas., '34, Vice-Pres., '35, Forensics, '33-'35, Forum, '32-'35, Sec., '34, Girls' Club, '32-'33. And what is writ is writ. . LESTER DERZAVITZ Elective Course. Boys' Club, '33-'35, Spring Con- cert, '33-'35. Every man has his fault, and honesty is his. DOROTHY L. DETTMANN Elective Course. Girls' Club, '31-'35. A ministering angel thou. D ROBERT A. DIX Elective Course. A. A., '31-'35, Cadet, '33-'35, Leaders' Group, '34, Student Council, '31, Tat- ller, '33-'35. The eyes and ears of the world. HAROLD DOERING S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. Boys' Club, '31, '32, French Club '34, '35. Work first, then rest. STUART S. DRAEGER Elective Course. A. A., '33-'34. A job or nothing. WILLIAM DREIER Elective Course. A. A., '34-'35, Boys' Club, '31, '33, Cross Country, '32, Track "N," '32-'35. Ponting Time toiled after him in vain. IONE H. DREWS Stenographic Course. Cadet, '34-'35, Girls' Club, '31-'32, '34-'35, Leaders' Group, '34-'35, The Mas- quers, '33-'35, Sec., '34, Pres., '35, Senior Class Play, '35, Senior Informal Comm., '35, Student Council, '32. She stoops to conquer. JOHN 1. DUDLEY Elective Course. No legacy is so rich as honesty. VIVIAN E. DUFFRIN Elective Course. Girls' Club, '33-'34, Senior Class Play, '34, Spring Concert, '35. She was modest as a lily. ROSE E. DWORKUS Accounting Course. German Club, '33-'34, '35, Girls' Club, '33-'34, '35. I never knew so young a body with so old a head. PHILIP B. DWOSKIN Science Course. Boys' Club, '32-'34, Science Club, '32, Student Council, '32. A kinder gentleman treads not the earth. MARY EDELSTEIN English Course. A. A., '31, Cadet, '33-'35, Lieut., '34-'35, Forum, '32, Girls' Club, '31, '33-'34, The Masquers, '33-'35, Sec., '35, Science Club CBiol. Div.J, '32-'33, Chemistry, '34-'35, Student Council, '34, Senior Class Play, '35. Look out upon the stars and shame them with thine eyes. PATRICIA M. EDWARDS Elective Course. Girls' Club, '33, '35, Leaders' Group, '32, Local Honor Club, '32-'33, Monitor in "A," '34-'35, Off. Monitor, '35, Senior Exec. Comm., '35, Nat'l Honor Society, '35. A blue eye is a true eye. CARL EISEMANN English Course. A. A., '34-'35, Boys' Club, '31- '32, Swimming "N," '34-'35. What a terrible thing hunger must be. ELLEN B. ELY Elective Course. Girls' Club, '34-'35, The Mas- quers, '34-'35. A soul sincere. LAWRENCE C. ENGEL Elective Course. Melancholy men of all others are mast witty. GEORGE ARTHUR ERICH Elective Course. Football "N," '34. My friends believe that I sleep. EVELYN EWALD Elective Course. Girls' Club '31-'34. The loose train of thy amber-dropping hair. FRED A. FABRIC Sicsiengce Course. A. A., '33-'34, Science Club, ' -'3. I am not a politician, and my other habits are good. TONY A. FARINA Science Course. The truly brave are soft of heart and eyes. JOHN FARKAS, JR. Science Course. A. A., '31-'35, Boys' Club, '31- '34, Sergt.-at-Arms, '33. As large as life and twice as natural. HULDA M. FECHTER Science Course. Girls' Club, '31-'35, Off. Moni- tor, '35. Her smile is sweetened by her gravity. HHHH L JUNE I935 I Page 33 Th Tuttle Page 3 ANNETTE FEFER Science Course. A. A., '32-'34, Girls' Club, '32- '33, '35, Webser Society, '33-'35, Treas., '35. 'Youth and beauty. LESTER L. FISCHER Science Course. Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit. ALOIS FISCHER S. S. Graduate. Elective Course, A. A., '30-'3l. The time has come-. HARVEY FLEISCHMANN Science Course. A. A., '31-'34. Flowery oratory he despised. MARGARET C. FLEISSNER S. S. Graduate. English Course. Great thoughts come from the heart. PHYLLIS FORSTROM Elective Course. Girls' Club '31, '32, Leaders' Group, '32, Local Honor Club, '32, '33, '34, Monitor in "A," '34, '35, OE. Monitor, '34, '35, Nat'l Honor Society, '35. Deeds not words. CECILE SEENA FOX I Elective Course. French Club, '33-'35, Vice-Pres., '34, Pres., '35, Girls' Club, '33-'35, Leaders Group, '34, Student Council, '34. To be or not to be. HOWARD ARTHUR FOYER Elective Course. Boys' Club, '31-'32, A moonlight traveler in the land of Fancy. MILDRED FRANK . Sgnimsgraphic Course. A. A., '33, Girls' Club, '3 -' . The most manifest sign of wisdom is continued cheerfulness. MILDRED A. FRITSCHE Stenographic Course. Girls' Club, '32-'35. Fair daughter of the Dawn. BERNICE FRODERMANN Elective Course. French Club, '33-'34, Student Council, '32. ' , A precious gem to Poet s eyes. LOUISE D. FROMM Mathematics Course. Forum, '32-'35, Sec., '33, Girls' Club, '33-'35, Leaders' Groug, '32, Library Monitor, '33-'34, Local Honor C111 , '32, '33, '34, The Masouers, '34-'35, Scribe, '35, Mathematics Club, '33- 35, Pres., '35, Monitor, in "A," '34-'35, Student Council, '32, Valedictorian, 96.75, Nat'l Honor Society, '35. Why shouldn't the world hear of a great mind? ELIZABETH R. FROMSTEIN Elective Course. Band Concert, '34, Girls' Club, '32-'33. In the bloom of youth. MOLLY C. FRUMERMAN Elective Course. Girls' Club, '31-'35, Le Group, '32, Science Club, '32-'33. She is so constant and so kind. LOIS E. FUELSTER Stenographic Course. Girls' Club, '31-'33. Tresses like the morn. LOUIS GAHR Elective Course. Senior Class Play, '34, I played fiddle for the Czar. JULIA ANN GALLO Eaecgve Course. A. A., '33-'35, Girls' Club, aders' She is a winsome wee thing. DOROTHY E. GATES Elective Course. Girls' Club, '33-'35. Sweets to the sweet. VERLIN GATZOW Electgve Course. A. A., '34, Boys' Club, '3l, 33 3 A fellow of infiinite jest, of most excellent fancy. RUTH GELLMAN Elective Course. A. A., '31, French Club, '34- '3S, Girls' Club, '31-'32. The grass stoops not, she treads on it so light. . RUSSELL H. GENICH Elective Course. A. A., '31-'33, Boys' Club, '31- '33 ,I Forum, '33-'34, Senior Class Play, '34, Spring Concert, '33, '34, Tattler, '33, '34, Web- ster Society, '33, '34, Pres., '33. Here's metal more attractive. NATALIE GEORGEL S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. Beholding thee so fair. ROBERT GIDDINGS Science Course. Were a rnan but constant, he were perfect. CLARENCE S. GINGERICH 3.2 Si3Graduate. Elective Course. The Masquers, His' face was radiant with good fun and humor. RUTH GOESSL Elective Course. A. A., '34-'35. My heart is like a singing bird. HILDA A. GOETZ Elective Course. A. A., '31-'32 '34-'35, Girls' Club, '31, '34-'35, Local Honor Club, '34. The hand that hath made thee fair hath made thee good. EVA M. GOLD English Course, 3 years. Forensic Team, '35, Girls' Club, '34-'35, Science Club, '33, '34, Web- ster Society, '33-'35. All that glisters is not gold. EDITH L. GOLDBERG English Course. Girls' Club, '33-'35, The Mas- quers, '34, '35. Heart on her lips and soul within her eyes. ARNOLD T. GOLLMAN S. S. Graduate. Science Course. How great a master am I. . TINA E. GOOSSEN English Course. A. A., '34-'35, German Club, '33-'35, Sec.-Treas., '35, Girls' Club, '33-'35. A damsel of high lineage. RUTH GOREN English Course. A. A., '32, Girls' Club, '32-'35, IEISCQSHOHOT Club, '33, Science Club, QBiol. Div.D, Her ways are ways of pleasantness. EDWARD GREENWOOD Elective Course. Boys' Club, '33-'34, Swimming Mgr. "N," '34-'35. 'Tomorrow will be another day. ELEANOR GREIFENHAGEN Stenographic Course. Girls' Club, '31-'35. What a dream art thou. WILLIAM A. GROTH Eaecgtitve Course. A. A., '31-'34, Boys' Club, - 'Let me have men about me that are fat. FRANK I. GRUEL S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. Spring Concert, '32-'35, "Martha " '32, Senior Class Play, '35. l"'lay, Fiddle, play. HILBERT AL. GRUNAU Science Course. Boys' Club, '31, '35. This is a gentleman nature has made. CLARENCE A. GRUNDEMANN Science Course. Boys' Club '32-'33. Well, here fam. HELEN HAAS Science Course. A. A., '31, Science Club, fChem. Div.l, '34-'35, Sec., '34-'35, Sr. Inf. Comm., '35. She is pretty to walk with, and witty to tall, with. HARRY J. HAASCH Science Course. Cadet, '33-'34, Co-Capt., '34, Leaders' Group, '33-'34, Science Club, '33-'35, Vice-Pres., '35. Go West, young man, go West. ESTHER N. HACKBARTH Stenographic Course. Leaders' Group, '33, Off. Monitor, '34-'35, Spanish Club, '32-'33, Tennis Club, '34. None but the brave deserve the fair. DELORIS VELMA HAGEMAN Elective Course. German Club, '34-'35, Girls' Club, '32-'33, The Masquers, '33-'35, Science Club fBiol. Div.J, '33-'34, VVriters' Club, '32-'35, As true as l ROY E. HAHN English Course. A. A., '30, Boys' Club, '30-'31, Ca et, '33-'35, Cross Country, '32-'33. His eye begets occasion for his wit. LAWRENCE HALPERIN Elective Course. Forensic Team, '35, Ta-ttler, '34. His mind was cast in the true mold. ARLENE HANSEN Elective Course. A. A., '34-'35, Silence hath more eloquence than speech. ROBERT E. HARDER Elective Course. A. A., '31-'35, Boys' Club, '31, '33, Leaders' Group, '33, Science Club, '34-'35, Cheerleader, '34. Never elated when one man's oppressed. ROBERT G. HART Elective Course. A. A., '34-'35. Success is every man's god. ETHELYNNE MAE HARTUNG Elective Course. A. A., '33-'35, Girls' Club, '32- '35, Senior Class Play, '34, Spring Concert, '35. Folks wondered how I kept so young. HAZEL L. HEIDENREICH S3Tn??raphicCourse. A. A., '34-'35, Girls' Club, ' ' The very flower of youth. GEORGE HEIN Manual Arts Course. A. A., '34-'35. Much may be said on both sides. ELSIE HEISER lglectgige Course. A. A., '34-'35, Girls' Club, ' l, ' . Fantastic as a woman's mood. n JOSEPH HINCHLIFFE Accounting Course. A. A., '31-'35, Band Concert, '31-'35. Corp. '32, Sergt., '33, Staff Sergt., '34- '35, Boys' Club, '31-'32, Vice-Pres., '31, Pres., '32, The Masquers, '34-'35, "Mikado," '34, Senior Class Play, '35, Spring Concert, '32-'35, Cheer- leader, '31-'35. A little body often harbors a great soul. ALIDA HINRICHS Stenographic Course. Girls' Club, '33-'35. The deepest rivers flow the least sound. DOLORES LUICE HOFFMANN Elective Course. A lovely countenance is the fairest of all sights. ALICE HORVATH Stenographic Course. "Mikado," '34, Spring Concert, '34 '35. The mildest manners with the bravest mind. BERNICE A. G. HUBENTHAL Accounting Course.. Band Concert, '31-'35, Corp , '32, Sergt., '34, Girls' Club, '31, '35: Leaders' Group, .32, "Martha" '32, Senior Class Play, '35, Spring Concert, '31-'35. Everyone excels in something in which another fails. EVELYN L. JABLONOWSKI Stentagraphic Course. Girls' Club, '33-'35, Lead- ers' roup '33. There's a woman like a dew drop. D GILBERT JACOBS ggecgitve Course. A. A., '34-'35, Boys' Club, ' ' I bear a charmed life. HARVEY JAECKLE Science Course A. A., '31, '35, Cadet, '34-'35, S d C 'I '11 tu ent ounci . . . Although he had much wit, he was very shy of using it. RUTH A. JANKE Steniagraphic Course. A. A., '34-'35, Girls' Club, '31-' . No path of flowers leads to glory. ARTHUR W, JANOS Elective Course. No one has made a career like mine. HENRIETTA D. JANSEN Stenographic Course. A. A., '34-'35, Cadet, '35, Girls' Club, '31, '33, The Masquers, '34-'35. For she is sweeter than perfume itself. ' DOROTHY D. JENS Elective Course. Girls' Club, '31, '33-'35, Off. Monitor, '34-'35, Tennis Club, '33-'34. Her air, her manner, all who saw aum.r'd her. OLGA ROSEMARY JEZO Elective Course. Girls' Club, '33-'35. A loving heart is the beginnmg of all knowledge. ERNEST G. JOHANNES History Course. A. A., '33"35, Boys' Club. '31- '32, '34-'35, Webster Society, '32-'33. Female! look to thy heart. RICHARD J. JOHNSON Elective Course. Aviation Club, '33-'34. Sad, sad to think tha: the year is all but done. DAVID JOSEPH S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. The .star of the unconquered will. JACK JOSEPH S. S. Graduate. Mathematics Course. The very flower of youth. GLADYS ARLENE JUNKER I Elective Course. Girls' Club, '31, '34-'35, Science Club, '32-'33, Sec. Biol. Div. Breuxty is the soul of wit. HAROLD P. JUSTMAN- D Elective Course. A. A., '34-'35, Aviation Club, '34-'35. Can l go forward when my heart is here? LILLIAN E. KAAP I Stenographic Course. A. A., '34-'35, Girls' Club. '34-'35, OE. Monitor, '34-'35. Thou art a jewel. V MILDRED KABELITZ S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. She was as small and gracious as a fairy. LEWIS KATZ Elective Course. He is too good a man to be President. MILDRED R. KIMMEL I Elective Course. Dramatic Club, '34-'35, Girls' Club, '33-'34, Science, Biol. Div., '33-'34, Spring Concert, '33, '34, '35. My voice will never make them hear. FREDRICK KLEWIN Accounting Course. Leaders' Group, '32, '33, "Mikado," '34, Spring Concert, '35, Come, give us a taste of your quality. EDGAR PAUL KLIPPEL Elective Course. ' The second thoughts are the best. ARTHUR E. KNAPP Elective Course. A. A., '32-'35. Style is the dress of thoughts. MYRTLE KNAPP D Stenographic Course. A. A., '32-'35, Girls' Club, '33-'35, Sr. Ring and Pin Comm., '35. 'Tis good to be merry and wise. HENRIETTA C. KNAPPE 1 Science Course. Girls' Club, '31, '32-'35, Senior Class Play, '34, Spring Concert, '33-'35, Silence is the most perfect herald of joy. WILLIAM M. KNIGHT Science Course. A. A., '31-'34, Boys' Club '31- '35, Cadet, '32-'34, Leaders' Group, '33, Local Honor Club, '32, '33, '34, Mathematics Club, '34-'35, Monitor in "A," '34-'35, Science Club, '32-'33, Tattler, '32-'35, Photographer, Nat'l Hon- or Society, '35. ' There is no royal road to love. jlllllm 935 age 35 W RENICE H. KNIPPEL eno a Course. A. A., '34-'35, Girls' Club, Tattler tit...- -' 3 ers' Group, '33. Her smile was the sweetest that ever was seen. RALPH A. KOEGEL Elective Course. A. A., '31-'34, Boys' Club, '31- '33: Football "N," '31-'34. The boy will win his spurs. NORA A. KOEPKE Elective Course. Girls' Club, '34-'3S. O, saw ye the lass wi' the bonnie blue e'enl MILTON E. KOESTER Manual Arts Course. Boys' Club, '32-'3S. He kissed her. JOE E. KOHN English Course. y kingdom for a bowl of Hungarian goulash. DELORES L. KOSSOW Stenographic Course. Girls' Club, '32-'35. She was our queen, our rose, our star. ANNE KOVAR ective Course. Girls' Club, '32-'33, '35g Student ncil, '32. She never yet was foolish that was fair. '+ RAYMOND KOWALKOWSKY I ence Course. A. A., '31, '34: Aviation Club, -'35: Boys' Club, '31-'33g Cadet, '33-'35: Chess I ub, '34-'3Sg Leaders' Group, '34-'3S. A I Magnificient spectacle of human happiness. ,"l FLORENCE L. KRASNO I Elective Course. Girls' Club, '32-'34, '3S. 'I would applaud thee to the ver cha that would ll 5 N applaud ' . iv Il il . EMNITZER a , S, S d Electi Course. Girls' Club, 1 31-'3 ' . l X X The endeari egance of friendship. . I xsanona xnomsxv A In athemaggs Course. Cadet, '34-'35g Senior Lit. omm., . 1 t though he llriabourkl all' day long, he cheered his a orers wit a song. Ir - lf Josmpi-uns: Knossir. Science Course. l A star was set forever here to glitter in a - brighter sphere. Page 3 ANNA E. KRSKO Elective Course. Girls' Club, '34-'3S. She was good as she was fair. ROY C. KRUEGER Mathematics Course. A. A., '31-'32, '34-'35. I could not have done better myself. ELISABETH KUEHN Stenographic Course. A. A., '31, '32, '34g Ger- man Club, '32-'33: Leaders Group, '32g Girls' Club, '31-'34, Local Honor Club, '32, '335 Moni- tor in "A," '34-'35g Off. Monitor, '34-'35: Writ- ers' Club, '32-'33: Nat'l Honor Society, '3S. A mother's pride, a father's jay. GERALD L. KUNICK Elective Course. A. A., '31-'32g Boys' Club, '31, '34p The Masquers, '34-'35g Science Club, 2:Chem. Div.J, '33- 35, Vice-Pres., '35: Senior lass Play, '3S: Webster Society, '34-'35, Sergt.- at-Arms, '3S. Cookery has become an art, a noble science: gentle- men are cooks. ANITA M. LA BELLE Elective Course. Cadet, '34-'3Sg French Club, '33-'34s Girls' Club, '31, '33-'34g Leaders' Group, '32: OE. Monitor, '34-'35g Senior Class Play, '32, '34g Spring Concert, '32-'35, Angels listen when she sings. LORRAINE LACHENSCHMIDT Elective Course. Girls' Club, '32 '33, '3S. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. ESTERE LAEMMEL Elective Course. A. A., '32, '34g Forensic Team, '35: Girls' Club, '31-'34: Tennis Club, '32-'34, A face with gladness overspread. FRANCES LA MALFA Elective Course. Girls' Club, '33-'3S. There is a dimple in her chin. PAUL F. LANGBECKER Elective Course. A wise man's country is the world. MILDRED LECLAIRE Mathematics Course. A. A. '34. As merry as the day is long. HELEN A. LEIS English Course. A. A., '33-'35: Cadet, '34-'35: Girls' Club, '31-'35g Tattler, '34-'35g Writers' Club, '32-'33. Love me. love my dog. NORMAN C. LEMKE Elective Course. Boys' Club, '32-'33. Wit and wisdom were born with this man. VIRGINIA LOUISE LENTZ Stenographic Course. A. A., '34-'35: Girls' Club, '31-'32, '345 Science Club, '33-'34. What Venus hath wrought. BERNHARDT B. LEPGOLD S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. Studious to please. SAMUEL LESHIN Science Course. Silence is sweeter than speech. KATHERINE F. LESLIE Science Course. Toung in limbs, in judgment old. HAROLD LEVENSON Science Course. The enthusiastic and pleasing illusion. RUTH D. LEVIN Elective Course. Girls' Club, '34-'3S. Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo! HARRY A. LEYSENAAR Elective Course. Football "N," '33. Tour cares are now all ended. I-IERMANN PAUL LINKE Science Course. A. A., '31-'35g Boys' Club, '31- '349 Cadet, '33-'355 The Masquers, '34-'3Sg "Mar- tha," '32, "Mikado," '343 Sr. Class Play, '35s Spring Concert, '31-'3S. He is handsome, valiant, young. HAROLD W. LUEDTKE Elective Course. Variety's the very .spice of life. EARL A. LUEHMAN English Course. Boys' Club, '31-'32g Forensic Team '35g Sr. Exec. Comm., '35g Sr. Lit. Comm., '35: Swimming "N," '3S. The heart to conceive, and the hand to execute. ROBERT LURIE Elective Course. A. A., '34-'35g Band Concert, 31-'32. Better late than never. LA VERN L. LUTZ Elective Course. Girls' Club, '32-'33: Science ' -'34, Club, 33 Whatever is popular deserves attention. FREDRIC J. MALIG English Course. 1 really did not see the light. ALEXANDER A. MARKOWITZ S. S. Graduate. English Course. Forum, '33- '34g The Masquers, '34-'35. Everything is sweetened by risk. e ALICE MARGOLIS Elective Course. Off. Monitor, '34-'35g Webster Society, '33-'34. Sweet Alice whose hair is so brown. DORIS MARIEN Elective Course. Girls' Club, '31-'353 "Mikado," '343 Spring Concert, '35. Sweet mercy is nobility's true badge. OLGA MARGARET MARKOWICH Stenographic Course. Girls' Club, '32-'34. Good things come in small packages. EMILY M. MASEK Stenographic Course. A perfect woman, nolrly planned. RUTH MATCHULAT Science Course. A. A., '31, '35. Go and be happy. PAUL J. MATEICKA Science Course. A. A. '31, '34, Cadet, '34-'35, Lieut., '35, Leaders' Group, '33, Local Honor Club, '32, '33, '34, The Masquers, '32-'35, Treas., '34, Pres. '34, "Mikado," '34, Monitor in "A," '34-'35, Off. Monitor, '35, Sr. Class Play, '35, Student Council, '32-'33, Nat'l Honor Society, '35. The man who blushes is not a brute. EDNA H. MeMACKIN Elective Course. A. A., '31, '35, Girls' Club, '31, '34, '35, Leaders' Group, '34, OE. Monitor, '34, Spring Concert, '33-'34, Webster Society, '31-'32, Shes the loveliest lassie that trips on the green. FRIEDA MEIROFF Elective Course. Girls', Club, '32, '33, '35, Off. Monitor, '34-'35. Blushing is the color of virtue. ROSE MEISTER Science Course. Cadet, '33-'35, Lieut., '35, Girls' Club, '32-'33, Leaders' Group, '33, Library Moni- tor, '34, The Mas uers, '32- 35, Tattler Rep., '34, Vice-Pres., '35, Sr. Class Play, '35, Student Council '34. The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid. DOROTHY MAY MEYER Stenographic Course. Band Concert, '35, Spring Concert, '35. She was full of life and fun. ANTHONY MICALE Elective Course. Adversity is the test of strong men. FRED W. MICHALZIK Accountinsg Course. A. A., '31, '34, Boys' Club, ' 1, '34-'3 . 'Youth now flees on feathered foot. LILLIAN RUTH MIEGEL . English Course. Cadet, '34-'35, Lieut., '35, Girls' Club, '31-'34, Leaders' Group, '33, Local Honor Club, '33-'34, The Masquers, '32-'34, Vice-Pres., '34, Monitor in "A," '34-'35, Sr. Class Play, '35, Nat'l Honor Society, '35. The ,fairest garden in her looks, and in her mind the wisest books. RUTH C. MIKAS Egecgve Course. A. A., '34-'35, Girls' Club, - l Blessings ever wait on virtuous deeds. HAROLD W. MILBRATH Elective Course. A. A., '31-'35. Gentle shepherd, tell me where. GILMORE MILLER S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. His style is himself. IDA C. MILLER English Course. A. A., '33, Girls' Club, '32, The Masquers, '32-'35, Writers' Club, '32. Who chooseth me shall have as much as he deserves. PEARL MILLER l Silence Course. French Club, '33-'34, Girls' Club, ' , '3 . Of soul sincere, in action faithful, and in honor clear. PHIL FRED MILLER Elective Course. Boys' Club, '32, '34. Rejoice, oh, young man, in thy youth. CARLA MINKLEY Science Course. A. A., '31, Girls' Club, '32-'33, Leaders' Grou , '33, I.ibrary Monitor, '33-'34, Local Honor Cllub. '32, '33, '34, Monitor in "A," '34-'35, Off. Monitor, '34, Sr. Lit. Comm., '35, Webster Society. '34-'35, Nat'l Honor Society, '35. A lovelier flower on earth was never sown. ORVAL G. MOSER Science Course. Science Club, '32-'33. And still am I learning. MILTON MOSKOWITZ Elective Course. There is no royal road to learning. LILLIAN A. MUELLER English Course. The glory of a frm capaciaus mind. . LYDIA E. MUELLER Elective Course. Girls' Club, '34-'35. Almost everything that is great has been done by youth. RUTH M. MUELLER Elective Course. Girls' Club, '33-'35, Science Club, '32-'33. Why aren't they all contented, like me? SADIE N. NEI-IM Mathematics Course. A. A., '31-'35, Girls' Club, '31-'35, Leaders' Group, '32, Library Monitor, '34-'35, The Masquers, '32-'35, Vice-Pres., '33, Sr. Class Play, '35. ls she not more than painting can express? CAROL G. NELSON Elective Course. A witty woman is a treasure. CARL W. NEUMANN Elective Course. A. A., '35, Band Concert, '31- '35, Boys' Club, '31, '3S. I pray the gods a respite from these toils. BELLA NEWMAN Elective Course. Girls' Club, '34-'35, Monitor in "A," '34-'35. A penny for your thoughts. RICHARD J. NIEMANN Science Course. A. A., '32, Boys' 'Club, '32, '35. God help the surplus. Donori-iv E. NIESSEN ' Elective Course. A. A., '34, Girls' Club, '31-'32. A sweeter woman ne'er drew breath. FRED H. NOERENBERG Science Course. A. A., '31, '34, Boys' Club, '31-'33, Pres. Jr. Div., '33, Mathematics Club, '341'35, Sec.-Treas., '35, "Martha," '32, "Mikado," '34, Sprin Concert, '33-'35. Let not the man be trlusted fvho hath not music in I3 SON . ROBERT E. OHM Elective Course. Basketball "N," '35. The world still needs its champion. TILLIE ORMAN English Course. Forum, '33-'35, Sec., '35, Girls' Club, '32-'35, Leaders Group, '34-'35, Local Honor Club, '33, Science Club, '32-'33. Wise with a wisdom all her own. ELEANORE L. OUDINOT Science Course. Cadet, '34-'35, Girls' Club, '32- '35, The Masquers, '32-'35, Treas., '33, Sec., '34, OE. Monitor, '35, Senior Class Play. '35, Writ- ers' Club, '34-'35. , Shall the wise ask for reasons. SOLOMON L. PACHEFSKY Science Course. Band Concert, '34, '35, Corp., '33, Sergt,, '34, Boys' Club, '32, '33, Monitor in "A," '34-'35, Webster Society, '34-'35. , He knows more than enough. RUBE H. PALER Science Course. A. A., '32-'35. Faint heart never won fair lady. EVELYN R. PALM Elective Course. A. A., '34-'35, Cadet, '34-'35, Girls' Club, '32-'35, The Masquers, '34-'35. Be to her virtues very kind. GERTRUDE EDNA PAPKE Stenographic Course. A. A., '34-'35, Cadet, '34- '35, Girls' Club, '32-'35, The Masquers, '34-'35. Soft peace she brings whenever she arrives. RICHARD JOHN PARVIS Elective Course. A. A., '32-'35, As innocent as a newly laid egg. UNE 935' Page 37 Th little QE. Page 3 JOHN NORMAN PAULER Science Course. Basketball "N," '33-'35, Co-Capt., '34-'35, Leaders' Group, '34, Senior Ring and Pin Comm., '35. Madam,l am the king. ROBERT PFAFFL Elective Course. Much study is a weariness of the flesh. LILLIAN B. PICK Elective Course. A. A., '31, Girls' Club, '32, '34. The joy of youth and health her eye displayed. DORIS KATHLYN PIERCE Elective Course, 3M years. A. A., '32-'34, French Club, '34, Girls' Club, '32-'35, "Mikado," '34, Spring Concert '34, '3S. Life is a ticklish business. MARIE T. PINTER ' lective Course. A. A., '31, Cadet, '34-'35, Girls' Club, '33-'35, Leaders' Group, '34, Library Moni- tg5,'3g3-'35, The Masquers, 34-'35, Science Club, There is a meek modesty about her that charms me. RUTH BETA PIPKORN Stenographic Course. A. A., '33-'35, Girls' Club, '32, '33, Leaders' Group, '33, "Mikado," '34, Spring Concert, '3S. None know thee but to love thee. HARRY LAWRENCE PLATE Elective Course. A. A., '33-'35, Band Concert, '33-'35, Color Guard '33-'35, Sergt., '34-'35, "Mi- kado," '34, Spring Concert, '3S. An emperor lgeeps his word. ESTHER RUTH PLISCHKE English Course. A. A., '31-'35, Girls' Club, '32- '35, Leaders' Group, '32, Student Council, '32, Cheerleader, '34-'35. The noblest mind the best contentment has. ANN R. PLOTKIN Graduate. Elective Course. Girls' Club, - I With thy endless mirth. LORRAINE A. POLENSKE S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. Silence is the perfectest herald of joy. ELMER T. POPPENDIECK - Science Course. A. A., '33, Cadet, '34-'35, Forum, '32-'33, Leaders' Group, '32, Local Honor Club, '32, '33, '34, Monitor in "A," '34-'35, Off. Moni- tor, '34-'35, Nat'l Honor Society, '35. He was ever precise in promise keeping. DOROTHY CAROLINE PRAEFKE Igliectisige Course. A. A., '31, '34-'35, Girls' Club, I The mildest manners and the gentlest heart. MARGARET L. PRAEFKE Science Course. A. A., '34-'35, Science Club, '32-'33, Girls' Club, '32-'34. The magic of a face. JUNE E. PRIDEMORE Elective Course. Fair and wise is she. JUNE M. PUTNAM English Course. Her very frowns are fair. ROBERT G. RABEHL Elective Course. The greatest men have cut their way through difficulties. HELEN J. RABINOVITZ S. S. Graduate. Science Course. A. A., '33-'35, Cadet, '34, '35, Girls' Club, '32-'35. Her eyes shone like stars. EDWARD W. RADTKE Science Course. Aviation Club, '33-'35, Sec.- Treas., '34-'35, Cadet, '34-'35, Local Honor Club, '33-'34, Mathematics Club, '34-'35, Monitor in "A," '34-'35, OE. Monitor, '34-'35, Science Club, '32-'33, Vice-Pres., '32, Nat'l Honor Society, '35. He lives to build. MARGARET REITH Stenographic Course. Girls' Club, '32-'33. She is a bonny wee thing. ARTHUR RICHTER Elective Course. There is a good time coming, boys. i KATHRYN MAE RICHTER English Course. Forensic Team, '35, Girls' Club, '32-'35, The Masquers, '33-'35, Scribe, '34-'35, Senior Class Play, '35, Senior Lit. Comm., '35. A sight to delight in. MARCELLA ROESE Elective Course. A. A., '33-'35, Girls' Club, '32-'35, Writers' Club, '34-'35. A happy soul. ELEANORE D. ROHDE Stenographic Course. Girls' Club, '33-'35. I am the very pink of courtesy. . BEVERLY ROSEN Elective Course. Cadet, '34-'35, Girls' Club, '33- '34, '35, Leaders' Group, '35, OE. Monitor, '35, Student Council, '32. A sweet attractive kind of grace. DELBERT A. F. ROSSOW Elective Course. Chess Club, '34-'35. His nature is too noble for this world. NATE ALBERT RUDMAN English Course. Lest we forge!-lest we forget! . ALVIN E. RUMACK Sicsience Course. A. A., '34-'35, Boys' Club, '33- - He is all mirth. . ROBERT F. RUSSELL SXencg5Course. Boys' Club, '33-'35, Monitor in , . He was a scholar and a ripe and good one. MARJORIE SAICHECK Stenogragmhic Course. Cadet, '34-'35, Girls' Club '31-'35, ec., '35, Leaders' Group, '33-'34, Local Honor Club, '32. Pills the air around with beauty. AGNES A. SAM Elective Course. Girls' Club, '32-'33, She is young and fair. ELLA A. SANDOR Elective Course. Girls' Club, '32, '33, '35, Stu- dent Council, '32. Sweet as the primrose that peeks beneath the thorn. HARLIN SAROW Elective Course. So good he would pour rosewater on a toad. DONALD A. SASS Science Course. A. A., '32-'35, Band Concert, '33-'35, "Martha," '32, "Mikado," '35, Spring Concert, '32-'35. Sound the trumpets, beat the drums. ROBERT SCHACHT Elective Course. A. A., '34. Bring me something to eat. ELIZABETH SCHARNICK Stenographic Course. German Club, '34, '35, Lo- cal Honor Club, '33-'34, Monitor in "A," '34-'35, Off. Monitor, '34-'35, Senior Lit. Comm., '35, Nat'l Honor Society, '35. A violet by a mossy stone half hidden. CLARA M. SCHLEIF Stfniisgraphic Course. A. A., '34-'35, Girls' Club, 3 A rose with all its sweetest leaves yet folded. LORAINE B. SCHLUETER Elective Course. A. A., '32-'34. A sweet girl graduate. LA VERGNE F. SCHMIDT S. S. Graduate. Stenographic Course. The voice so sweet, the words so fair. MELVIN SCI-IMIDT Manual Arts Course. A. A., '32, '34. Not in the roll of common men. BERNICE SCHMIEDEMAN Elective Course. Girls' Club, '31, '34, '35, Off. Monitor, '34-'3S. She's all my fancy's painted her. CAROLINE SCHNECK - Stenographic Course. Cadet, '34-'35, German Club. '32-'33, Girls' Club, '32-'35, Local Honor Club. '32-'33, Monitor in "A" '34-'35, Student Council, '33-'34, Nat'l Honor Society, '35. 'Tis good to be merry and wise. HELENA SCHNITZER Elective Course. Girls' Club, '33, '35. 'They laugh who win. GILBERT T. SCHOWALTER Science Course. A. A. '32-'35, Boys' Club, '32, '33, Cadet, '33, '34, Iiootball Mgr., '34, Senior Informal Comm., '3S. None but himself can be as parallel. HOWARD W. SCHROEDER Science Course. A. A., '31, '35, Boys' Club, '33- '35, Cadet, '32-'34, "Mikado," '34, Spring Con- cert '34-'35. M Nic thought 1 heard a voice cry, "Sleep no mare! LUCILLE M. SCHUETTLER S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. AA. A., '31-'35, Girls' Club, '31-'33, '35, OE. Monitor, '34. E2,ueen rose of the rosebud garden of girls. NORMA E. SCHULTZ Elective Course. A. A., '33-'3S. A sight to dream of. not to tell. EVELYN RUTH SCHULZ S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. German Club, '33-'35, Vice-Pres. '35. iiond and young. IDA M. SCHWARTZ S. S. Graduate. Stenographic Course. A. A., '34- '35, Girls' Club '34-'3 , OE. Monitor, '34-'3S. Golden hair, like sunlight streaming. ROBERT S. SCHWARTZ Ggcogrgting Course. A. A., '34-'35, Boys' Club, ' First in the fight and every graceful deed. HOWARD J. SCHWENK Elective Course. My whole life has been a golden dream. I-IILDEGARDE SEEBERG Science Course. A. A., '33-'35, Cadet, '34-'35, Girls' Club, '33-'35, Pres., '35, Leaders' Grougi, '33, The Masquers, '34-'35, OE. Monitor, '34-'3 , "Mikado," '34, Senior Informal Comrn., '35, Spring Concert, '33-'35, Student Council, '33, Tattler, '34-'35, Tennis Club, '34, Sec., '34. Her voice was ever soft. gentle and low. FRANK SEEFELD Elective Course. One of the most bashful and reserved young fellows. MARCELLA A. SEEGER Elective Course. A. A., '33-'35, French Club 'sa-'34, Girls' Club, 'ss.'ss, Rec. see., '35, Local Honor Club, '34, Senior Exec. Comm., '35. Beautiful as sweet, and young as beautiful. ARNO H. SEIDEMAN Elective Course: 4A., '33-'35, Boys' Club, '32, ootball N, 33 3 . 'The thicker the hay, the easier mowed. IMOGENE SHANNON Elective Course. I will find a way or make one. RAY SIERING Elective Course. A. A., '31, '32, Local Honor Club, '33, Student Council, '32, '34. Better not be at all than not be noble. BLANC!-IE E. SILGMAN Elective Course. A. A., '34-'35, Band Concert, '33-'35, Corp., Sergt., "33-'35, Girls' Club, '34-'35. Wise to reso ve and patient to perform. LEONARD H. SMITH Science Course. Forensic Team, '35, Science Club, '32-'33. A big nose never spoiled a handsome face. WM. H. SOLOCHEK Elective Course. We must eat to live and live to eat. Y FRANK J. SOMMER as Graduate. Science Course. Science Club, Facts are stubborn things. I ANITA SPOETH Stenographic Course. Girls' Club, '34-'35, Lead- ers' Group, '34, Student Council, '33. Grace was in all her steps and heaven in her eye. . EVELYN E. STAUSS Elective Course. Girls' Club, '31, '32, '35, A daughter of the gods. HENRY H. STEFFEN Science Course. A. A., '33-'35, Boys' Club, '32, '34-'35, Science Club, '33, '35. This is moderation even in excess. DAVID ALFRED STERN Science Course. Men shiver when thou art named. WILMA L. STRAUSS gtlenggraphic Course. Cadet, '34-'35, Girls' Club, She moves a goddess, and she looks a queen. . ROBERT J. TACK Elective Course. Aviation Club, '33-'35, Band Concert, '31-'35, Staff Sergt., '34- 35, Boys' Club, '31-'32, "Mikado," '34, Spring Concert, 33-'35, Life is a jest, and all t ings show it. 1 HOWARD C. TEWS Science Course. Boys' Club, '31-'32. That is the complexion of virtue. I JUNIOR A. TI-IRONE Science Course. Student Council, '31, Webster Society, '34-'3S. I awoke one morning and found myself famous. JEROME J. TILLMAN Science Course. Leaders' Group, '32. A prodigy of learning. ' EWALD F. TIMM Accounting Course. Boys' Club, '32, '33. A few honest men are better than numbers. , HAROLD TIMM Elective Course. Lightly from fair to fair he flew. LENA L. TRETTIN Elective Course. A. A., '32-'33, German Club, '32-'34, Girls' Club, '31-'3S. Let your fair eyes and gentle wishes go with me. VIRGINIA TRUGMAN Elective Course. A. A., '34, Band Concert, '32, '34, Girls' Club, '31, '32, '35, The Masquers, '34, '35, "Mikado," '34, Spring Concert '33, '3S. A composition of tricks and mischief. SAM S. TSIAKALOS Science Course. Boys' Club, '34, '35, Chess Club, '33, '35, Science Club, '33-'34, Student Council, ' My heart is true as steel. ANITA JANE TUFT English Course. Leaders' Group: '34. Buxom, blithe, and de onair. LUCILE E. TWINEM Stenosgraphic Course. A. A., '34, Girls' Club, Leaders' Group, '33, Library Monitor, Her eyes have powers beyond Thessaliam charms. MARIAN E. UEBELHER Steno raphic Course. Girls' Club, '31-'35, Stu- dent Council, '34. A sight to delight in. HARRY UPSON Science Course. Science Club, '34-'35, Pres., '3S. Ask me no questions, and l'll tell you no ills. NATHAN URKOFSKY Science Course. 'Tis as cheap sitting as standing. UNE 935 ego 39 I Th Tuttle Page 40 EARL J. VAN EERDEN Egective Course. Boys' Club, '31-'34, Ir. Trcas., Though l'm always in a haste, 1 am never in a hurry. ETHEL H. VAN SELOW S. S. Graduate. Stenographic Course. A. A., '33- '34, Girls' Club, '32 '35. Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. BEN M. VIELIE S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. joy rises in me, like a summer's morn. MARGUERITE E. VIETS Stenographic Course. A. A., '34-'35, Cadet, '34- '35, irls' Club, '31-'35, Science Club, '33-'34, Angels are painted fair to look like you. IRENE VOIGT Science Course. For truth has such a face and such a mien. ORRIN VOIGT S. S. Graduate. Elective Course. All is well. RUTH RAZELLE VOLK Elective Course. Girls' Club, '34-'35, Science Cl b '33 '35, u 1 r To know her was to love her. MARIAN JEAN VOPRAVIL Stenographic Course. Low gurgling laughter. RUTH WACHSMUTI-I Elective Course. Girls' Club, '31 '33, '35, Sci- ence Club, '32, "Mikado," '34, Spring Concert, '35, Student Council, '32. There is no wisdom like frankness. RUTH A. WAGNETTE Stenographic Course. A. A., '34-'35, Cadet, '35, Girls' Club '31, '33, And the cold marble leapt to life is goddess. LESTER WALLMAN Elective Course. Hail, fellow, well met. DICK WALSH Elective Course. Much to learn, much to forget. EPI-IRAIM H. WASSERMAN Science Course. Boys' Club, '34-'35. Secrethand self-contained and solitary. DOROTHY M. WEBER English Course. A. A., '34-'35, Cadet, '34-'35, Lieut., '35, Girls' Club, '31, '35, Leaders' Group, '33-'34, Local Honor Club, '33, The Masquers, '34-'35, OE. Monitor, '34-'35, Science Club, '32- '33, Pres., '33, Senior Class Play, '35, Spanish Club, '32- 33. Beauty is its own excuse for being. SOL WEINER Elective Course. Band Concert '34, '35, Boys' Club, '31-'35, Spring Concert '35, Student Coun- cil, '32, Tennis Club, 'az-'si Write me as one who loves his fellowfmen. FRANK P. WEINHEIMER Elective Course. Boys' Club, '31-'33. At home I am great. MARVIN WEISS English Course. A. A., '33-'35, Cadet, '33-'35, Lieut., '33-'35, Forum, '32-'34, Treas., '33-'34, Pres., '34, Leaders' Group, '33-'34, Monitor in "A,f' '34-'35, Off. Monitor, '34-'35, Senior Lit. Comm., '35, Student Council '33, Vice-Pres., '33. 1 love my fellow creatures, I do all the good I can. JOHN ANTHONY WENDLING Science Course. A. A., '31-'32, Boys' Club, '31- '33, Cadet, '32-'35, Co-Capt., '32-'33, Capt., '33- '35, Leaders' Group, '33- 34, Library Monitor, '32-'33, The Masqluers, '34-'35, Sergt.-at-Arms, '35, Off. Monitor, 34-'35, Science Club, '33-'35, Chem. Div., Pres., '33-'34, Vice-Pres. '34, Biol. Div., '34-'35, science Div., Pres., '35, senior Class Play, '35, Mgr. Publicity Comm., '35, Senior Exec. Comm., '35, Inner Council, '33- 34, Stu- dent Council, '33-'34, Biol. Lab. Monitor, '32- '33, Chem. Lab. Monitor, '33-'35. l'm the only one of my friends 1 can rely on. MARY JANE WEST Elective Course. A. A., '31-'34, Girls' Club, '31- '35, Vice-Pres., '35, OR. Monitor, '35. She walks in beauty like the night. FRANCIS WHITMEYER Sciegse Course. A. A., '33-'34, Boys' Club, '31-' . I have had my day and my philosophies. LORRAINE WINTERMUTH Elective Course. Cadet, '34-'35, Girls' Club, '31- '34, Leaders' Group, 34-'35, Library Monitor, '34-'35, Science Club fBiol. Div.J, '32-'33, Senior Class Play, '32, '34, Webster Society, '32-'35, Sec., '34, Pres., '34-'35, Off. Monitor, '34-'35. A true friend is forever a friend. MARGUERITE E. WYRICH Elective Course. A. A., '31, Girls' Club, '34-'35, Leaders' Group, '34, Student Council, '32-'33. A full grown flower, a glorious beauty. CLARENCE YOUNG Science Course. Forum '34-'35. Never defected while another is blest. MARIE C. ZABOR ggensugrapliic Course. A. A., '32-'33, Girls' Club, 1 ' She was like a dream of poetry. GABRIEL S. ZAMOSI-I Science Course. Boys' Club, '34-'35. He adorned whatever subject he took. LILLIAN E. ZAKOWITZ Elective Course. Silence never betrays you. VIRGINIA A. ZELLER Stenographic Course. Girls' Club, '32-'35. How divine a thing woman may be made. ROY ZEPP Accounting Course. A. A., '33-'34, Boys' Club, '33-'34, Leaders' Group, '33, His scepter shows the force of temporal power. MARQUERITE C. ZIEFLE Stenographic Course. Girls' Club, '31-'35, Lead- ers' Group, '34, Spring Concert, '35. A good lady, wise and virtuous. HOWARD ZOSKE Elective Course. Science Club, Biol. Div., '34- '35, Student Council, '31-'32. He's a sure card. Commencement Program June 20, 1935 PROCESSIONAL .......................................... i.The Graduating Seniors Grand March--"The Pilgrim" ............................................ Lake COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS .......,...... Professor Frank O. Holt The High School Graduate Plays a New Game MUSIC ...................................................................... North Division Band AWARDING OF HONORS MUSIC .......................................... .......................... A Cappella Choir "Praise to the Lord" ............................ F. Melius Christiansen Celtic Hymn ................................................ Hugh S. Robertson "When Allan-A-Dale Went A-Hunting" .............................. L. de Pearsall PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS .... Principal Fred W. Werner RECESSIONAL ................................................................ The Graduates Honors MAGNA CUM LAUDE fElected to National Honor Societyj Louise Fromm Jackson Beyer William Knight Paul Mateicka Carla Minkley Bella Newman Tillie Orman Raymond Siering Hildegarde Seeberg Fred Bartolowits Marvin Weiss Solomon Pachefsky Dorothy Weber Robert Russell Marcella Seeger Vera Binovsky Esther Hackbarth Ruth Goren Hilda Goetz Lillian Kaap Lucille Twinem Marjorie Saicheck Beverly Rosen Kathryn Richter Anita Spoeth Clara Schleif Eva Gold Jerome Tillman Eileen Cavada Edward Radtke Phyllis Forstrom Elmer Poppendieck Lillian Miegel Elizabeth Scharnick CUM LAUDE Yetta Bronstein Gabriel Zamosh Carl Bulko Anita Tuft Emily Masek Esther Plischke Marian Vopravil Alex Atlas Frederick Noerenberg Marguerite Wyrich John Wendling Sam Bubrick Ewald Timm Margaret Praefke Eleanor Rohde Marguerite Ziefle Dorothy Jens Olga Markowich Julius Atinsky Marie Pinter Alice Horvath Anita La Belle Alice Margolis Lilah Boettcher Caroline Schneck Patricia Edwards Elizabeth Kuehn Gordon Beuscher Adolphe Cooper Frieda Meifoff Myrtle Artner Harvey Jaeckle Lillian Mueller Ruth Wagnette Molly Frumerman Anna Krsko Henry Bischof Frederick Klewin Eleanor Greifenha Ruth Pipkorn Rose Meister Lydia Mueller Dorothy Gates Wilma Strauss Marian Uebelher Josephine Krosse Rose Dworkus Virginia Zeller Lois Fuelster gen UNE 935 I . Page 4I Hocqc mmm imi1d1'CCiLCC1G1I'C Huw Johnfarfzas Jumor illccn Cavadn EnrN1n Erden Rukhwachsmith '1 ' Q X ' 3 X E, 'fa 5 .N H '- ,.A Q ,LLL Y J gap. ,A r ff k .3 N. Marvin Vkeiss LilahBoeH:cb8r 'NW U I935 Pg 43 a ' s ill fattler I Page 44 Scoop For your enjoyment, 1167671 the luteft .troop Of new! about those in the .renior group. John Wendling seems to have met his Waterloo finally in the form of a female. John seems overcome when he opens a conver- sation with her, for she possesses the art of silencing him. How come, johnny? Did you know that Irving Ansfield sprained his back while carrying a card-table? It was moving day for him. Sincere con- dolences. We wonder at junior Throne's desire to be at his speech class so quickly. Is it the attraction of one of the opposite sex? Man's paradise has been found at N. D. H. S. A senior civics class contains five girls and thirty boys. Sol Weiner has finally confessed his ambition. He intends to charm cobras in India with his clarinet. QEh, what? Eh, whatlj "A ring around the moon means raing a ring around a girl's finger means sunshine." Are Dolores Hoffman, Edna McMackin, and Hulda Fechter basking? Girls, Leonard Smith admitted openly that he is not a talker. He is what you call a "converser." Alex Altshul has been seen frequently annoyed by the ladies at his place of business, a dispensary of periodicals. Our Isadore Kromsky has been revolutionized. He has come into quite an acquaintance with A-6-31. An observer reports the Hash that came to Marjorie Saicheck's eyes when she saw Fred Bartolowitz coming down the hall dressed in knickers for the first time. Did you see those "pantaloons"? It seems that Cupid has no unemployment problem at North Division. Have you noticed how solicitously the eighth hour lieu- tenant of cadets escorts "Portia" along the halls from the seventh hour English class to the eighth hour speech class? There! There! "Enuf's enuf!" Bicycling is known to be quite a healthful sport. We have observed that a certain L. F. and a certain W. K. have gone in for it in a big way. Did you know that Marvin Weiss has had his name legally changed? His new name is Marvin Wells, so if you get his diploma at commencement, don't be in a quandary. Ernie Johannes has finally realized that Aeneas was not loiter- ing in tcollegeg it was in Carthage. The Senior Literary Committee makes this interesting obser- vation: the members of the graduating class have not been as sensitive about handing in their baby-photos for publication as were those of classes in the past. CHave you noticed those excel- lent likenesses ?j Pantomime is a great deal of fun, but recently one pantomime was offered in which Brutus and his conspirators would have de- spaired, for it took Brutus and his men a half-dozen times to kill that excellent Caesar, Allen Ballsieper. Why does Hugo Brossman become so crimson when that girl of a sixth hour class converses with him? Is that like Hugo? Sally Dashefsky, one of our great satirists, certainly enjoyed the passage in the "Deserted Village" which told of some students who always laughed at their instructor's jokes. Do You Remember? If you can't recall what happened years ago, This chart will tell you what you want to know. 1931 W'hen the football team just started to practice at Estabrook Park. CHigh hopes, eh Pj VVhen we were surprised on coming back to school to find the building repainted and decorated. QGetting "classy!"j VVhen the hopefuls on our team were Al and Art Guepe, Wally and Elly Wefel, Walter Buege, Cral Deblitz, and Henry Larsen. The first win of the season, North, 27-Custer, 0. The second, a tie, North, 6-East, 6. The glorious exhibition of mass gym work at Franklin Square. CGood work, Mr. Goetzj The excellent talk, with illustrated slides, given by Com- mander Byrd's private secretary. CResult, all seniors owning police dogs, and wearing fur coats.j The day North took Tech into camp, 25-O. The next victory, North, 12-South, 0. The thrilling talk given by Mr. Zimmerman, a deep-sea diver. showing scenes from the life of a real deep-sea fisherman. The first of a series of "jinx" games, North, 0-Bay View, 13. When North vindicated herself by defeating Lincoln, 6-0. When the team captured second place by defeating West, 19-6. 1932 The first basketball game of the season which North won, 24-17, against East. When North tied Lincoln for the championship by defeating Washington in a hard fought game, 8-7. The beauty contest sponsored by The Tattler. The "winnah"-Evelyn Erich, the Venus of N. D. H. S. The victory over West, 21-17. When Carl Deblitz set the new city record in the broad jump. When Cap't. Roy E. Hahn was presented a cup by the track team. When the opera "Martha" was presented. The excellent advice and philosophy given to us by Dr. Charles Barker. When North lost the first football game of the season to Wash- ington, 13-0. When North lost three games in a row to East, West, and South, and ended by tieing Tech, 0-0. The new "streamlined" horse-drawn Ford at the North-South game. When Howard Paul took first place in a dual cross-country meet. When "A" resounded with yodels as the Swiss Yodelers en- tertained us. ' When Howard Paul captured the city cross-country cham- pionship, 1 UNE 9 ill Th Tuttle Page 4 1933 When North acquired the new Rufus King Stadium to prac- tice in. When Mr. Adolph Braun, esteemed teacher of foreign lan- guages, passed away. When North conquered the Alumni for the first time in many years, 13-6. When Mr. Zilner, the famous characterist, entertained us. The next victory, two wins over West Allis in one day. When Mr. Van Horn was honored at a dinner given by appre- ciative former pupils. The famous homecoming parade before the East game. Mr. Werner's comment on "the ruffians from another school," the day after the parade. The loss to East, 27-0. The victory over Custer, 19-6. The Bay View "jinx" again, 0-0. The Lincoln game and riot, in which Leysenaar tried to drown the "pigskin" in the shower during the game. The victory over West, 21-12. When johnny "Mickey" Maltsch got all-city post for the sec- ond time. When North's tankers defeated Washington, 40-33. 1934 The romantic duet given by Rosa Gross and Glen Parker. The appreciative letter for The Tattler from the President's private secretary, Louis MCH. Howe. When' the swimmers took Lincoln, 58-13. The beautiful cello solo given by the celebrated Mlle. Mong- of Paris. When the cagers took four victories in a row. The disasterous end of the poor mouse, killed by the brute Ludwig Schmidt. When Lincoln defeated North for the '34 basketball cham- pionship. When Miss Foley, Latin teacher for many years, passed away, to the great loss of North. When Mr. Chamberlin went to Rufus King High School as principal, and Mr. Culver, vice-principal of Washington, came to North in Mr. Chamberlin's place. ' When North took every conference football game but one. The thrilling Washington-North game which ended in our favor, 20-6. The day Arnold Marion volunteered to be North's sole repre- sentative in the big parade on Wisconsin Avenue. When the drouth hit North. Harry Leysenaar's "cauliHower" ears. When the opera "The Mikado" was presented. The athletic banquet at which Bohlman, Maltsch, and Schultz were presented all-city plaques. When Carveth Wells spoke of the enormous deer he had shot. 1935 l. When Mr. Linn, from China, came to speak to us. 2. When North "sunk" South in the first basketball game of the season, 21-18. 3. When the "Walk-around-the-block" club was reorganized. 4. The boys' cooking class was organized. COver ZOO boys signed up-7 5. When North's newsboys took first place in the city newsboys' skating meet. 6. When our cagers took four games in a row. 7. The final game of the season, between Lincoln and North, for the championship. 8. When the trophy was presented to North's championship cagers. .llTi.l.1. lil.. Senior Presentation Ji May 3-4, 1935 SHE STOOPS T0 CONQUER N A Comedy in Five Acts by OLIVER GOLDSMI Directed by MISS HALBACH If First Produced in London, March, 1773-in New Yoga, ugust, 1773 .-ilt TIME - Eighteenth Centuryg PLACE - England Squire Hardcastle CHARACTERS fln. order of their appearance-:D Mrs. Hardcastle ........... Tony Lumpkin ..... Kate Hardcastle .. Constance Neville . ' o Stmgo, Landlord f the Three Pigeons ........... Slang ...................................... Mu ins gg .....,.......................... Tom Twist ......... Men at the Inn Drowsy ................ Ammadab ........... . ................. Young Charles Marlowe ........ ....... .....Willard Scholz ........Mary Edelstein Jack McCullough ...........Ione Drews ........Rose Meister ........Gordon Beuscher ..............Riley Cohen .........Donald Derrah ..........Herbert Jonen .. ....... Milton Chemin ........joseph Hinchliffe .....Herman Linke George Hastings .................... ............... .......... P a ul Mateicka Diggory ............. .. I ............. Rudolph Poweleit Sfjf' """" U """ Servants of Hardcastle i'j"jjj'j'j'j """' 5ffjf,,'lkE,Q?jQ Ellen ...................,........ .. ......... Eleanor Oudinot Dimple, the maid ............ ........... S adie Nehm Sir Charles Marlowe .............................................................................. John Wendling Barmaids-Lilah Boettcher, Eileen Cavada, Caroline'Cheek, Lillian Miegel, Ida Miller, Bernice Mirochnik, Kathryn Richter, Dorothy Rus- sell, Virginia Starke, Dorothy Weber. Page 47 Th Taiiler S . Y - f'2, Ea Page 48 A A 'qs 1 . ' ' "SHE STOOPS TO CONQUICR wQ9Wff'ff S Af S S. QQSVVQQWJ' W 1-FE CLASSES Your ball -of ilk 1: I1 If d And that is why yo lk If I k p f d SEMESTER 1 U rm Pag 49 MW The Tailler Page 50 Q1 Top to Bottom: SEMESTERS 2, 2, 3 Top to Bottom: SEMESTERS 3, 3, 4 UNE I935 ge WM u M The iiler Page 52 WJ lm W SEMESTER 4 R . T 1 'a J 1 1 n- AJ . J L 4. UNE 1 J J Nix 1 N , ' TQ' I 9 3 5 J lv X I x Top to Bolton1:.S5,MQ3f 175 Vg ,X J A -7 ,U -KX. 1 'KYQJ ' K' .1 x w . ' ' a ' 1 wif 'dfl Y W Page 53 VH' M ,jf 's,,,,1Jf!5f3W yrylwlf' V" . . Z, af . , f -- ' V uxni-1 A- vi!! ML f's' Sp: +5,qS 54-Q 45 'fs 5' 5? fm 'Wi 139. 'F N ' 'ERICA' tv Q ' " ip up 'Q' 'Y' ' w W ' ,ng-,M ,3 rv NM Y L i N , W f" fg, 6 Q ' fn C3 .Q uh Q. X A Top to B : SEMESTERS 5, 5. 6. 6 W IUNE I935 m gwgx I Vp,Q,V K .rcafxlwi .4 P Page 55 L-of Z The Tetiler Qi SEIIVIESTELR 1 If MVA ' IN. MY' K N Y 1 X 1 XJ' A ff!! na' X Nj J age 56 Q, " dj!! X W gf W w 'i f 4, f7 Ll? fi 445, , fgfifih Qrganizations 'LKJQ Le lli-., --11-gl an Activities 51 aff , Aa, Y f' .lx L 1 U LJU Ki is fi N V, if N. A .WU 'LVM' ,1 if if X' fn" Je ,iw M? WL! M JM .L 1 if X WM l fy' 'i QL My fi fxff vi, fi! J Tbexe group! have interest! of varioux kinds For both sefiouf and pleamre-Jeeking minds. Hllll n J U 'x ' l935 l 1 TATTLER STAFF ,.,2.,4. ' 'f' ,,Q,,u.,s Top Row. Herbert Jonen, lawzilsz Allen Ballsieper, Art: Willar Scholz, :xllVt'l'IlNilljJf-Nl-Lg, W Mziiizigtwz Robert Dix, l'lltPl0gI'illllll'l'Q Robert Bagemiehl, Literztryg William Knight, ' 1'llUlUSl'il1lllCl'. LN--4 Third Row: Marion Flieth. Cii'cttl:ttimi Mzuiztuerz Advisers: Miss Otto, Miss Conlan, Miss v Selznick, Miss Daly, Miss Roethkeg Lucille Markscheffel, llumttr. Second Row: Carlton Sherman, Athletics: Advisers: Miss Cropper, Mr, Newman, Miss l Givan: Ruth Schim elpf nnig, litlitttrg Virgi 'a Kazl, I.iter:u?'g Harvey Karas, Assist- t zuit lislitrii' ssg ' ' l Bottom: Hildegarde Seeberg, llunmr, Katherine on ay, janet Ke drick, Societies: Shir- W ley La Bonrle, l.itvr:tryg June Helgason, Alumiitg Helen Leis, l.+tcztls1 Dorothy Lireen- ' l wood, Literziry. t 1 ,M .i t 1 TATTLER-CLUB REPORTERS l Top: Larry Bornstein, Vliess: Walter Sawitsky, littyl t'luIi: janet Birchler, Scicticeg l Donald Derrah, Avizitwn: Kenneth Hackbarth, Clitvir: Robert Marquardt, l.v:ult-i'slii1m. Middle: june Hummel, l"m'citsit's, Belle Sossman, NYclistv:r: Edith Malofsky, lfrciivlig Virginia Starke, l'lit'iitistryg Janet Kendrick, lizuirlg Vivian Schoeve, tiirls' l.t'Iltlk'I'Nlllli. Bottom: Marjorie Saicheck, Girls' l'lulmg Florence Bartelt, tit-imztii fltili: Atlviscrs: Mr. Newman, Miss Daly: Louise Fromm, liistsqtiuiwg Virginia Kahl, XYriters' fliilv, l l Page 57 HHIHI ww tile! ge 58 .Xllcu Ilzxllsicpcr llclcu llxxss lm COMMITTEES I-I. C. Krenerick D RING CZl1'lJlIHC Check, Chzxirmzm Myrtle Iilllllll! .lwlm VZIIIICI' TATTLER SENIOR LITERARY Iillfl l.uchm:m, Clmirmzxn lszulwrc IQFUINSICI' Czxilwriuc Richter K :u'l:1 Hinkley Ifliz:x1mcll1 SL'lIZlI'IIIL'Ii AI2ll'YIIl XXX-iss CLASS MIXER Myrllc linzlpp, flmzmirmzm .Xlcx ,XIIIIS Richzml Xicmzum XYilli:1m llrcicr Lucille Suhuctllcr U INFORMAL Q inllmcrl Sclwwzlltcr, Lhmrmzm 10 Drews llilzlcgzmlc Scclmcrg GIFT john l,2lL1lCI', L'l1:xi1'm11n llzwvcllzl Hryzml julm l'q11I'Ii2lS L 'lrulinc flmccli ,Xnncttc lfcfcr EXECUTIVE Riley C1 mhcn, Cl1IlII'l11llIl l"1lx'iciz1 lfclwzmls Marccllzl Seeger I"ll'I Luchmzm .lulm XYc'11rlli11g NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Adviser: Mrs. A. Knight Candidates eligible to membership in this organization must rank in the upper fifteen per cent of the Senior class and have scholastic averages for their high school careers of at least ninety. Some students have the false impression that high school scholarship and good character alone are necessary for election. These attributes are sufficient to entitle one to a place on the local llonor Roll each year, hut to merit election to the National llonor Society it is equally important that a candidate possess the qual- ities of leadership and has given willing service to the school. The ideals of the founders are "to make a society which shall recognize those Iiner qualities of kindness and unsellishness which should he encouraged in all high school students: to make clear that the moral attitude is the very highest factor in the develop- ment of youth: and to emphasize good scholarship so that it may always stand out as a basis and foundation for distinction and achievement." Fifteen years ago the Iieta-Chapter of XYisconsin of thc Na- tional llonor Society of Secondary Schools was established at North Division Iligh School-the Iirst school in Milwaukee to organize a chapter. This spring the following seventh and eighth semester students were elected hy the faculty: .lackson lleyer NYiIIiam I-Euelow I'atricia lidwards I'hyIlis Forstrom I.ouis Ifromm -Ianet Kendrick XX'ilIiam Knight Iilizaheth Kuehn I'auI Mateicka I.iIIian Miegel Carla Minkley lilmer I'oppendieck Iidward Radtke XX'alter Sawitzky Elizabeth Scharnick Caroline Schneck Margaret Schroeder Rose Sterling IIIIIIIM I 9 'I II I I IIIJ I-I I I , I I IVI I I III. I I E ' I I I II iI IfiI ,MI III III IPI IIII' 1, II If I, I Ip: I I! L III II I III III I I. I I II,Ir III , I IW .III II III III III II IIIMI II II I I III IIIIII Peg IMI'I III! II I I e59 llllllll The Tattler lil t 1 M, lll 1' ll mtl W 1 t, lill itll, new lt ll l , l, t, 1 it Wt lli ll ,,, it l lt :Ml ill ,t ll ' ' 1 l . ,t H Page 60 1 ,ll lll l my l lull lvl ,,l, l AVIATION CLUB Adviser: Mr. Steuerwald .Xviation Club members are airplane enthusiasts, who are in terested in furthering their present knowledge in the extensixe and interesting lield of aviation. The members are informed bx l series of enlightening lectures given by representatives of aireraft companies and by field trips to airports. Vresident ............... Yice-l'resident ........... Secretzlryffreasurer ............. ...... liarl Benthien XNilliam Hufl'ing'ton llenry Crass Robert Fmde XVilliam Fluegge lflarold Froderman Robert Gerkhardt Tony Illavinka Robert .laeckel Emmett l,awonn Members .......l.ynn Moths ......Robert ,laeekel ......lidward Radtke Martin Meyer Chester Miellce Lynn Moths Rudy Poweleit Edward Radtke Roger Rooney XYalter Sharkey Roland Strehlow Robert Tack Carl XYickman THE NORTH DIVISION HIGH SCHOOL BAND Director: Mr. Bergeim . This year the band celebrates the tenth year of its existence, and has become a North Division institution of tradition and sta- bility. VVith a personnel of ninety members, an excellent instru- mentation, and a reputation for doing a high type of concert work, the band has been recognized for years as one of the outstanding school musical organizations of the' Middle West. The tenth season was begun by a concert in Krug Hall, and this was followed by attendance at all of the football games in which our splendid team participated. The girls marched this year for the first time, and added zest and spirit to the maneuvers. Old friends at the La Follette School, Roosevelt Junior High School and other grade schools in our district, were entertained several times in the form of concerts. In April, the band assisted at the annual convention of supervisors of physical education held at the Hotel Schroeder. The traditional annual concert of the band was held in Krug Hall in january, and was the usual artistic and financial success, many of our friends coming from great distances to attend. The advent of the seventh bi-ennial music festival of the public schools called many of the band members to prominent places in the all- city band and orchestra. Another june always brings a sincere regret for the loyal members who must leave, but also a determination on the part of those remaining to carry the traditions of the band through an- other year. Repertoire for 1934-'35 Overture -- "Fest" ....................................................... ........ L achner "Hungarian Fantasia" .................................................. ........ T obani Overture-"The Merry Wives of Windsor" .......... ........... N icolai Symphonic Poem-"The Universal Judgment" .............. De Nardis Czardas from "The Ghost of the Warrior" ............... .. ..... Grossmann Suite Espagnole-"La Feria" .............................. ................ L acome Overture - "Schauspiel" .................................... Prelude to "La Traviata," Act I ....... Selection from "The Bat" ................. Quartet from "Rigoletto" .................................. Selection from "The Red Mill" ............... .. ........... Waltzes - "Gold and Silver" ...............,.................... ....... American Sketch-"By the Swanee River" ...... Cornet Solo-"Sounds from the Hudson" ...... Cornet Solo-"Showers of Gold" .................. Clarinet Solo-"Lightning Fingers" ........ Piccolo Solo-"Sweet Birdie" ..................... Trombone Solo-"Thoughts of Love" ........ Tuba Solo-"The Favorite" ....... - ................ Xylophone Solo - "Nola" ........................... Symphonic March -- "Syncopation" ........ March-"Entry of the Gladiators" ..... March Willow Grove" ................... March Richelieu" ......................... March Shenandoah" ............ March American Eagle" .................... March His Honor" ................................ March Desert Patrol" .......................,....... March-"Blue and White on Parade" March -"Wisconsin School Band" ..... "March in Bb" ............................................ Bach ..........Verdi .......Strauss ..............Verdi ......Herbert ..........Lehar . ........ Myddleton ............Clarke .........Clarke ........Fillmore .............C0x ..............Pryor ........,Hartmann ..........Arndt ........Creatore ..........Fucxk .Sorrentino .........Boisvert Goldman oehm .....Fillmore ...............Ochs .....Bergeim .....Bergeim UNE 935 Page bl My ,fffiffmf W QE Rx AS ,gb ik Q1 QQ Q Z 41 CQ -I O O III UL. we gi -E me Z... O22 H. 25 5. H. Q2 I I-4 D5 O Z lx! E-1 Q g 9 X557 ef is Wff?,IfW'M I ' x ORTH DIVISION HIGH SCLOOL BAND ' PERSONNEL Principal .Musicians Edward Glazer Drum Mayors: Lynn Moths, Edward Dunn. Carl Neumann Color Guard: Clarence Scholl, Harry Plate, Clarence Hoth, Howard Adrian First Sergeants: Henry Twelmeyer, James Emde Stall' Sergeants: Iosgzh .HinchliFEe, Sol Vifeiner, Virginia oenitzer, Clarence Scholl, William Maurer, Eames Burtch, George Scaife, Robert Tac , Donald Sass Accompanists: Virginia Koenitzer, Dor- thea Petaschnic , Dorothy Zednik, Myrna Neuhaus Faculty Manager: Marvin H. Witte Piccolos Bmseph Hinchlifie orothy Meyer Flutes . Baseph Hmchliffe orothy Me er Mary Mantel, Florence Belinky Cecelia Zmsmeister Oboes l Dorthea Petaschnlck CSerFeantJ Dorothy Zednik CCorporaJ Edward Adler Robert Berlowitz English Horn. Dorthea Petaschmck Eb Clarinets Henry Wiegmann CCorporalJ Walter Giese Bb Clarinets Henry. Twelmeyer Virgima Koenitzer Sol Weiner Anne Eichenbaum Sol Pachefsky fSergeantJ Blanche Sggman 1 ergeantl Catherine ekel fSergeantJ Joseph Himmelreich Louis Sinitzky fCorporalJ , Helen Vergon CCorporalJ May Fraser Edith Sernovitz ' Marion Flieth Delores Jolly Virginia Starke Pearl Becker Fanny Prudowsky Marie Zinsmeister 4SergeantD Edward Gri m . ' m f Genevieve Cohen 6CorporalJ Q 5 gmet Kendricke orporalj ' X azel Vergon C orporalb ' Fanny Prudowsky I June Heiden Ruth Arnold I Emil Zimmer Ollie Seidler Leona Kunde Shirleve Pallowick Winnifred Stanley ' 0 Alto Clarinets Virginia Kahl CSergeantJ Joe Chudnow Bass Clarinet Earl Rudolph CCorporalJ Alto Saxophones Lynn Moths Richard Buran CSergeantJ Eugene Bricker CCorporalJ Ioe Aaron Tenor Saxophones Eugene gohnson fCorporall Russell chmaelzle Howard Adrian Baritone Saxophone Clarence Scholl I Bassoons Bernice Hubenthal fSergeantJ Iulius Smith fCorporalJ Sam Yanow , Comets Edward Glazer Robert Emde CSergeantJ Henri Gauger CSergeantJ Carl erling CSergeantD Norman Wegner E:CorporalJ Edward Lancin C orporalj F a k P k f ll al' Cf Donald Dellmann Fluegelhorn lrma Richter Horns VVilliam Maurer Tayne Eauslin fSer eantb Evelyn Sernovitz Cgorporalj Cylvia Behr Ruth Mueller ' Betty Belcher Baritones George Scaife Norman Bricker Trombones Tames Burtch Charles Howe fSer eantl Herman Wiernick ?CorporalJ Rqhert Schlader CCorporalJ NVilma Jane Thrush Edward Dunn Basses Tames Emde Robert Tack Ray Bernarz Marvin Koepke Ioe Peckerman T aVern Williams Edward Kurtz String Bass Bernice Ixops Snare Drums . Ralph Mueller CSer eantl lanet Gochenauer izorporalj Sam Glazer Bass Drum Edward Krysement fSergeantJ Cymbals Edward Morawetz Tympani DonalqqSass Ethel - amerofsky Xylophone Donald Sass - Harps Myrna Neuhaus CSergeantl Charlotte Berger CCorporalJ urmli JA Page 63 1' "N WH Ri Y N wx ,' The TaQtler' wig Page 64 VV iw O' . Wig Qjfw SC H1 IOL ORCHESTRA rector ID o . -2 :rx 25 Om E NORTH DIVISI Mins TH lst Violins Frank Greuel, Concert Master Hyman Madnek Caroline Becker Marvin Golper Joseph Kirkish Edward Patten Hermann Linke Louis Gahr Paul Hermann Raymond Schok 2nd Violins Evon Verle Francis Stanley Dorothy Nissen Helen Kovach Blanche Guiliani Anna Jane Wishlinski Fred Klewyn Frank Kingsbury Caroline Wigele Fred Holtz Violas Elmer Dobberstein Lawrence Schuengel Myrna Neuhaus Eva Bloom SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA-PERSONNEL Director: Miss Suckow Albert Post Bernice Cohen Lester Derzavitz Daisy Van Bclkum Cellos Fred Noerenberg Hildegarde Seeberg Louise Greuel Henrietta Knappe, Librarian Elinor Buelow Minnie Bubrick Marybelle Sullivan String Basses Bernice Kops Howard Schroeder Frieda Seeberg James Emde Josephine de Ranitz Flutes Joseph Hinchlihfe Dorothy Meyer Florence Belinky Cecelia Zinsmeister Piccolos Joseph Hinchliffe Oboes Dorothy Petaschnick Dorothy Zednik 1 Clarinets Henry Twelmeyer Virginia Koenitzer Anne Eichenbaum Sol Weiner Bassoons Bernice Hubenthal Julius Smith French Horns Jayne Eauslin Wm. Maurer Evelyn Sernovitz Ruth Mueller Trumpets Edward Glazer Robert Emde Trombones Charles Howe Herman Wiernick Robert Schlader Tuba Robert Tack Tympani Donald Sass Drums Ralph Mueller Harps Myrna Neuhaus Wm. Heim A CAPPELLA CHOIR - PERSONNEL lst Sopranos Lilah Boettcher Anita LaBelle Anita Leibiger Bessie Jaeckel Mabel Kandler Darcella Bryant Doris Pierce Janice Delfner June Williams Ethel Hartung Vivian Dulfrin LaVerne Nelson Doris Schnabel 2nd Sopranos Myrna Neuhaus Ethel Anderson Helen Kovach Eva Bloom Daisy VanBelkum Virginia Trugman Sarah Silverstein Caroline Kovach Mary Kinsella Elizabeth Scharnick lst Altos Alice Horwath Doris Marien Anna Preston Margaret Scaife Edna McMackin Ruth Pipkorn Ruth Wacksmuth Leona Kandler Marguerite Boehner Marie Wendling Irene Strack 2nd Altos Dorothy Russell Edith Grabow Marion Roecker Harriet Scheibe Jeanette Laatsch Marion Noerenberg Ann Mollan Rosalie Fuzska Margaret Ziefle Ruth Hummel Ist Tenors Elroy Roessler Russell Genich Austin Wagenknecht Edward Fenske Harry Opitz Max Rosenfeld Charles Boettcher 2nd Tenors Kenneth Hackbarth, Librarian Willard Scholz Eugene Johnson William Mrazik Harry Crass Frank Parker John White Baritones Harry Plate Howard Schroeder Howard Rediske Robert Arnold Robert Tack Ernst Volkmann Roger Rooney Curtis Schroeder Andrew Laabs Frank Hahn Robert Gamble Basses Fred Noerenberg Hugo Brossman Rudolph Poweleit Richard Krenke Edward Patten Elroy Piel William Andrae William Fox Don Zunker UNE 935 r l E ri -ue, t ll, f F age 65 I T-if 2321 Sal b b d llll.. "H ANNUAL SPRING CONCERT Krug Hall, june 7, 1935 P R O G R A M M E Der Freischiitzn-Overture ................................ C. M. von Weber Symphony Orchestra Meditation" from the Opera "Thais" .................... Jules Massenet Violin Solo and Orchestra . "Poupee Valsante" .......................................................... E. Poldini K4 b. On the Bayou" from the Suite-"The Cotton Fields" .... i C. Whllte . "The Magic Flute"-Overture .................. ........ N V. A. Mozart Symphony Orchestra . "Concertina" for Oboe, Horns. and Strings .......... G. F. Handel i Arr. by R. Koebner b. "Serenade" for Violin, Cello, and Harp ............ Paul Frommer . "Praise to the Lord"-Choral Anthem ................................ 1 Melius Christiansen . "Weary My Heart Doth Plead"-Madrigal..Orlando di Lasso . "Celtic Hymn"-CThe Outgoing of the Boatsj .................. S. Roberton A Cappella Choir g . "Bendemeer's Stream" ............................. ....... C arrie B. Adams Boys' Quartet . "Allah's Holiday" .................................................... Friml-Riegger Trio for Women's Voices and Harps , . "Swing Along" ............................................................ W. M. Cook . "When Allen-A-Dale VVent A-Hunting"-Madrigal ........ de Pearsall . "Annie Laurie"-Scotch Melody ........ arr. by A. E. Johnstone . "Vanka 'n' Tanka" ................................................ A.'Dargomijsky . "Fireflies"-Russian Melody ......... .arr. by H. Clough-Leichter A Cappella Choir Ballet Egyptien" ............................................... ....,... A , Luigini Ballet and Orchestra ago 67 Pa The Tatiler f 1 f 'w ge 68 THE BOYS' CLUB THE BOYS' CLUB Advisers: Mr. Witte, Mr. Keith, Mr. Hall The Boys' Club feels satisfied that it has, this semester accom- plished a two-fold purposeg namely, to create better fellowship among the boys, and to give the fellows vocational guidance through contacts with business and professional men. The latter was accomplished by having several prominent speakers address the club. Senior Division Junior Division Alex Atlas .............. President .............Myron Nauyok Edgar Schlueten ...... ...... V ice-President ................ Kenneth Conklin Walter Sawitzky ......... ........ S ecretary ....... .............. H arold Selke Frank Rankel ............................ Treasurer ...................... Raymond Knapp Burton Zimmermann ...... Sergeant-at-Arms ............ Clarence Butzlaff Frank Wessel .................... Sergeant-at-Arms ................ John Ninneman S THE GIRLS' CLUB i Advisers: Miss Perkins, Miss Sherman, Miss Bergen, Miss Luker, Miss H. Campbell, and Mrs. Roberts L President ...................................................... Hildegarde Seeburg ' Vice-President ....................... .. .................... Mary jane West W Recording Secretary ............... ........... M arcella Seeger Corresponding Secretary ....... ....... M arjorie Saicheck Treasurer ................................................................ Eileen Cavada Another enjoyable year of Girls' Club draws to a close! To the iive hundred members of Girls' Club, it brings happy recollec- tions of good times and good fellowship, of a host of interesting entertainments, and of the forming of new friendships. During this year the club has tried to live up to its threefold aim of pro- moting a friendly spirit among the girls, of presenting recreational as well as educational programs, and of rendering service to the school. This semester the girls have presented very many novel and interesting programs. In addition to the lovely May Day enter- tainment and the traditional dance, we were delighted with the talk given by Dr. McCann and with the play presented by the Milwaukee-Downer Dramatic Club. lille i935 Page 69 The filer 1 1 THE GIRLS' CLUB . Xr t , tx ,W P . Y' V y. K ' U l V MW Am K K U , X 'x f N N ' 3' ' t . ' l X I J l N P F V X P xc N VA 1 K I X wx. . N A r W . ,X 5, F K K N y L 1 SX 5 L ffl! x - v KX 'fy b xl J J .' 1 . r J Q kr as xr 1 x K fs 1 'X THE GIRLS' CLUB N N M1 .I U N ED I 9 3 I Why! . :ix . , fi, l l N M V n :V W MM 11 N Tait l l I . ll l 11 I M3 Ml ull? 'lvl M i:li il ' l il li 1 l l 11 ml I I ll I l l t l l W M ll t it ll I. ww ,, l'1t wx' tv, Page 72 ler I5-dv ,- T h weed, 8 M . . ze 0.5710 -1.0 -12 ,.2T.d2 . CADETS Adviser: Mr. L. W. Culver tiaptain of Cadets .....,......... ...,.,. V Iohn VVendlinpg lst Hour I.ieutenant .......... ....... I 'aul Mateicka 2nd Hour Lieutenant .......... .. .......... Lillian Miegel 3rd Hour Lieutenant .......... ...,.... I "red llartolowitz 4th Hour Lieutenant .......... ........ IN Iary lidelstein 6th Hour Lieutenant ...,....,, ..,... I Dorothy Weber 7th Hour Lieutenant ........,, ......,. R ose Meister 8th Hour I. Geraldine Anderson Alex Atlas Florence Ilartelt Steve Ileniack jackson Beyer Vera Binovsky Henry Bischoff Delores llretzel limily lirucker Darcella Bryant Billy Buinfington Iiileen Cavada Howard Cowen Ernst Decker Janice Definer lone Drews Phillip Dwoskin Georgia lfuksa Marvin Golper Roger Graf listher Hackbartlt George Haeeker june Helgason Fredrick Hobmeir Henrietta ,Iansen Lewis Katz ieutenant ..............., ....,..... ....... Herbert Kiefert Fredrick Klewin Ruth Klosterman Raymond Kowalkowsky lsadore Kromsky Anita La Belle james Lechner Helen Leis Hermann Linke Robert Marquardt Jack McCullough Robert Miller Carla Minkley Bernice Mirochnik Lynn Moths Dorothy Morgan Lewis Nolte lileanore Oudinot Robert Pagel lfvelyn Palm Gertrude llapl-ce Marie Ilinter lilrner lloppendieek XValter Powell Helen Rabinovitz lidward Radtke Fred Rankel Marvin Weiss Harry Rattner Howard Root Virginia Roozen Beverly Rosen Marjorie Saicheck Malcolm Schelong Verlon Schleifer Marcile Schmidt Bernice Schmiedernan Caroline Schneck Robert Schwartz Hildegarde Seeburg Marcella Seeger Heinz Sieber Wilma Strauss Catherine Sonday Donald 'I'reichel Henry 'I'welmeyer Marguerite Viets Ruth Wagnette ltarbara Walton Lorraine Wintermutli Raymond Wirth Arthur VVoehrle Ieanette VVoehrle llurton Zimmermann f ll t BOYS' AND GIRLS' LEADERSHIP Advisers: Miss Scherkenbach and Mr. Flugum l ' 1 The groups 1neet every week to discuss and study great lead- ers The development of such personality traits as seen in these leiders coupled with the desire to serve the school is the aim of e it h member. Marcella liarehent Eva Bloom Martha Buelow Eileen Cavada Jeanette Craden Ione Drews Violette lingesath Ruth Fritz Margaret Fuhr Blanche Guiliani Lillian Helm Doris Hooper Virginia Kahl Robert Bellaek Gordon Beuseher XVilliam Buelow Hugh Clark Donald Derrah Alan Gerlaeh XN'alter Giese Donald Good Ray Kowalkowsky Robert Krohn -lerry Lier Girls Boys Shirley Kaiser Gertrude Kastrul Mary Knippel Shirley La Bonde June Lass Virginia Patek Mary Pfeiffer Lorraine C. Polzin Lorraine M. Polzin Marion Roecker Beverly Rosen Vivian Sehoeve Gertrude Van Eerden Robert Marquardt jack McCullough Robert Miller Lynn Moths Lewis Nolte Ralph Onarheim Carl Spoeth Carl Vlliekmann Dale Vlinkel Burton Zimmermann tml l l ll l I , 4 l'1 ll l ll 1 age 73 The f I ,I III IMI, I Page 74 Rulverl llellilcli ,Ineksmm Ileyer Huldu Ifeelitei' Phyllis lfurstrmn listlier Haeklmrtli Lillian Knzxp lfretl Iiarlulowits ,Iueksuu Ileyei' l':xtriCi:1 lfclwzirnls l'I1yllis l:UI'Sll'Ulll Imuise lfrcnmn xvllllillll Knight lfvelyn .'XCI1iIIeQ Supliie JXIIJCYII llzmline llzuilm Ruth lfllis liuill Ifrilz JXII:u1 Iierlzxeli Rutli Hulil lim-is Hmvpei' OFFICE MONITORS Iiliszxbetli Kiielm Paul Mateicka Tillie Grimm lfleanur Uuclfnul lilmer Ibppeiiclieck Edward Radtkc Ileverly Rwsen lflizalvetli Selizlruiek Hilclegnrcle Seelmerg Marvin XVI-iss Uorutlly XYCIWI' ASSEMBLY A MONITORS lilisalmetli Kuelm Paul Mateieka I.iIIizn1 Miegel fllflfd Hinkley lilmer Ikvppenclieek liclwnrcl Rncltke Robert Russell lilizulvetli Scllzlrniek Ilella Ncwnmii Iiilflllllll' Selmeek Sulmilmi I'z1eI1eIsliy Marvin XXI-iss LIBRARY MONITORS Mildred Kimmel Shirley I.a Ilimcle lane Ijncleman Sadie Nelim Iilezumre Nell Marie I'inter Ifziftli lIl'lKlClTllhI'C Virginia Rouzen XYiII:1rnl Srlmlz Ihmriw Sellulx Frances Stanley I.ueiIle 'liwiiiem Ililflbllfil xyllllllll lAll'I'IlIllC Xyllllklllllllll Xlyrlle XVISIIUI' UNE I 9 3 5 Tl-IE FORENSIC TEAM Adviser: Miss McConochie School representatives in league contest: Serious Declamation - Frank Behrens ...,............... ....... ' 'The Finger of God Iixtemporaneous Speaking- "'.fXlex Atlas .......................... ........ ' 'The New Deal' Extemporaneous Reading - Esther Laemmel ............ .... ' 'The Revolt" Humorous Declamation - 'kfieraldine Andersen ....,.. ....... ' 'Anne of Green Gables" Oration - 'Earl Luehman ........,............................................,................,... "Ropes" 1'tWinners of league contest in which Riverside, Custer and North participated. Alex Atlas won hrst place in the district contest held at Milwaukee Teachers' College. -y I 1- iiil fbnuvf,-h,1,,vy,yu, LQ ,Q l age 75 lfvelyn Achilles lfrvvin liisenstadt LaVerne Ryeherg will The Tattler 'WW l l tm w t , ml l pl l l 1 i i l t i l l 1 1 t lik 1' -i , , t t l M VM 1 li :ily ill tp mt 'tht iljh 'W ALM ha Milli X t LA- T H E F O R U M Adviser: Miss Mills The Forum is justly proud of its reeord this past semester l'nder the able leadership of an enthusiastic group of officers marked progress has been made in debate, oratory, deelantation extemporaneous speaking and reading. .N keen interest in parlia- mentary law has been manifest. llail and farewell to our graduating members! President ............, ...... ...... .....,,.......,., X l e x .Xtlas Vice-President ...... ...... 1 lordon lieuseher Secretary .......,., ..,.......,. ' fillie Orman Treasurer ................. ,,...,. S ydney Zaidens Sergeant-at-A-Xrms ...... ...Y.. X Yalter tliese Members Sherbert Agranovitz Idie Alperin Alex Atlas Arvilla llalderson Richard llartelme Frank Behrens Max liergstein Gordon llenscher George lllecker Rose llursak Isadore Charney Hugh Clark llernice Cohen Shirley Cohen Sally Dashefsky Nancy Dunlop Anne Fiehenbauni Louise Fronnn Lucille Genich VValter Giese loseph Hinnnelreieh Bernice Hindin Ruth Hohl LaVerne Hunt joseph Kirkish lva Krauss lane Lindemann lidith Nehmcr Augusta Meyerson Lewis Nolte 'l'illie Urinan Harleth llubanz Beatrice Rahinovitz Florence Rubin lfdgar Sehlueter Anne Schwartz Chester Spalm lNIareeal Sykara Barbara XValton VVilliam VVeber Leonard XYeiner Don VVehausen Frank Xkfessel Helen NVidinan Howard XYille Raymond XYirth C'arl Yaillen flarenee Young Sydney Zaidens Sarah Zaretsky Q Jwwww Wawwwaf W of W .Qfwb THE WEBSTER LITERARY SOETY Adviser: Mr. Reschke The NYelmster l.iterary Society was founded primarily to help students develop three cardinal virtuesg namely, good fellowship, school service, and forensic and literary ability. Voluntary school service is the natural introduction to intelligent adult citizenship. Participation in literary and forensic activities promotes social grace and provides leisure time interests. liI'CS1llCl1l ................................. . .................... Yice- l 'resident ....... Secretary ........... Treasurer ..... Geraldine Andersen Yirginia Arndt Rose Bloom .loan Cherney llorothy Cohen lfhuer De Marks llhilip llwoskin .Xuuette lfefer Carol Fields Klargaret lfuhr Georgia Ifuksa charles Gagliano Mae Gerlach lfya Gold Maurice Gross Lorraine Henne Yiyian Hiken Gertrude Kastrul Lorraine Klingbeil Audrey Kraft Gerald Kunick Florence l.ifschultz lfdith Malofsky Donald Margolis Members Geraldine .Xndersen Vivian lliken Belle Sosrnan Xnnette Fefer Lillian Miegel Carla Minkley liernice Mirochnik Dorothy Morgan Marilyn Olson Solomon l'achefsky lleatrice Packer Rudolph Poweleit ,lessie Rahinoyitz Martin Ratie lileanore Reidy Dorothy Rubin Mildred Schreiber Marion Selke Carlton Sherman Myrtle Sonnen llelle Sosman Carol Stumpf Audrey Terhardt Junior Throne illarydona NVelch l.ucille NVise Arthur VVoehrle Beatrice Zahn .ty l i 11 l P T T i i , 1 Y Pa T l I l l l l l l l t l l 4 t 9 The , 4 Tattler W it tl W lil: All all mn i 'tl lf l M lm WH ll :gli in lla 'll fl' ill Wi 'l i l ' I i V ll sill Ill Page 78 394' jfaafn-5 I - .43w,M?A4a,,o,,,.4.4 aww! -'yu-ff! Tl-IE SENIOR MASQUERS Adviser: Miss Halbach The development of a spirit of cooperation and a love for the theatre is the major purpose of the Masquers. Since the desire for play-acting is inherent in human nature, the Masquers furnish a vibrating chord for a keener participation of its members in dramatic art. President .....................,...... lone Drews Scribe ................,,........., Louise Fromm Vice-President ................ Rose Meister Sergeant-at-Arms ...... john Wendling Secretary ,.,.....,,............ Mary lidelstein junior Director .,...... Howard Rediske Treasurer ....,,.... ......... W illard Scholz junior Scribe ......YY.......... Ruth Hampel Members Geraldine Anderson Alex Atlas Gordon lleuseher Lilah Boettcher Darcella liryant Catherine Carter Eileen Cavada Caroline Cheek Milton Chernin Riley Cohen Harry Crass Donald Derrah lone Drews Mary lidelstein Ellen lily Lenore Franz Louise Fromm Edith Goldberg Delores Hageman june Helgason Joseph Hinchliffe Henrietta Jansen Herbert jonen Mildred Kimmel Lottie Klieger Gerald Kunich Herman Linke Alexander Markowitz Paul Mat?ecka jack McCullough Rose Meister Lillian Miegel Ida Miller Bernice Mirochnick Violet Molling Sadie Nehm Eleanore Oudinot Evelyn Palm Gertrude l'apke Kenneth l'attow Vivian Peterson Rudolph Poweleit Marie Pinter joseph l'ruseha Katherine Richter Dorothy Russell Marian Sauerwald Katherine Schaff Robert Schlader Willard Scholz Gilbert Schowalter Hildegarde Seeberg Virginia Starke Virginia Trugman Barbara Walton Dorothy Weber john Wendling lclie Alpern Rohert Arnultl -lanet llirehler lfthel lllmnner Theresa lluth lflinor llnelow Stella Uhainhers Shirley fUllk'll Rachel lidelstein Ruth Ellis Hans Faiss Olga lfelseher May Frazer Helen Froehlieh tlnistanee Hafenian Ruth Hanipe Llean Hettriek Kurt Henle JUNIOR MASQUERS Adviser: Miss Brenckle Members Harvey -Ieske Shirley Kaiser Lottie Klieger hlune Klinger Ruth Klosterniann Mary Knippel Helen Kovaeh lJtbI'UIllC2l Kuehner .Xntlrew l.aahs .-Xnita l.eihiger Sarah l.evin liditli Rlalnfslay Ruth Mosher lithel Nanterrmfslcy l,aVerne Nelsen Dorothy Nissen Lewis Nolte Howard Reclislce Virginia Rtmzen Marjorie Rubin l,aVerne Sass liileen Sanerwald Doris Schaefer Oscar Scheihe Susan Schiniclt Aileen Sehniitx lluris Selinahel Helmuth Sellweer Jeanette Schapiru llessie Schein Sarah Silverstefn Varl Spueth -ltvhn Yinuliraclslqy Herbert Vulkniann Helen VVidinann JUNE l935 l l l l l ,l ll ill lql ,NN l l 1 I age 79 E Us se Q T.. T fl , igebipfgi l -x L X-HL l I 1 f l l T l l ? l ffl THE ROUND TABLE OF THE AIR Adviser: Mr. Gee , T Radio Technician: Mr. Krenerick llllwl ll lll ' .N , .lust as lztlwin C. llill presents the human sicle of the news ll 'T Ml so does The Round Table of the .'Xir attempt to bring vou the Till' ' l . ll logical sicle of the news. The character of our news comments has ,Nl been threefold: local, national, and foreign. l M It has been our custom to bring only the most vital news be- fore you. VYe have purposely omitted colorful news of temporary Htl interest in an attempt to interest North Division in the real prob- ll lll lems of the day. 'l XN'e hope we have been successful. l pl, Members l T ll T . . ll .-Xlex ,-Xtlas Sol l'aclTetskv .ll l ' ,l ll . v . 'alll Max Bergstein Xorman XX egner llllllf Hugh Clark liurton Zimmerman ,ll llll pXlexancler Markowitz llyp' l ll. llllt l T lll lllll ll" l . ,N T l T ll l ll lll T T.. ,llll T l. l ll l l Page 80 1 fjxuij ff FM VWMAN tl" ff' ,0fiJlj J V .ff If j V It I, 1 JJ ly .ily if fffiyuii li , ,W l l My PM ,A ff 9 Tl-lE FRENCH CLUB Adviser: Mrs. Alk The French Club gives its members an informal approach to the study of the French language by familiarizing them with French songs, plays, games, topics of French interest, and informal conversation. An attempt is made to further the knowledge of French and of the French people in a social and informal atmos- phere. President ............. Vice-President Secretary ........... Treasurer ....... Riley Cohen Shirley Cohen Louise Dallas Harold Doering Fannie Forman Cecile Seena Fox Genevieve Freeman Ruth Gellman Alan Gerlach June Goelz Anna Goepfert Edith Goldberg Members Belle Goldman Paul Gottlieb Roger Graf Charlotte Grinsel Ruth Holle Faye Horwitz Francis Krajcik Floyd Lindstrum Edith Malofsky Ida Miller Ruth Mueller Shirley Norell ........Cecile Seena Fox ..,.Mayme Tureck ...Edith Malofsky Charlotte Grinsel Beatrice Packer Catherine Rademaker Marjorie Rubin Erwin Schuster Fdith Sernovitz Frieda Silberman Sarah Sterling Mayme Tureck Hazel Vergon Marydonna VVelch Doris VVilliams Sara Yurman lllk Ji '! l l ' l Page 8 WWW Tattler W W W W W W W Wt ,W W' Wu WSW .Wt Page 82 i W WWWWWW KW THE GERMAN CLUB Adviser: Miss Raetzmann The fluh has twu ptirptmses, Une is to prtnntute an interest in the tierman lzniguage :incl culture, hy means wi' lantern slitle lu tures, plays, iiCl'lllllll inovies, singing anal German gantes. The othtr is tu prmnote sueiahility ainong the memhers hy means of l-IACKIUL parties :intl picnics l'i esulent .....,............. Yiee-l'1'esitle nt .......,..... T' See re I ary-'l'1'ez1surer ..... lztht-l .'xlNlt'l'Stlll Tlierese liatler Marcella llarehent lflorenee liartell l.uella llluek lcla llerksen Ruse llwurkus Fanny lfelistein Norman Frahni Kathryn Fuss Max Ginsburg lllanche Giuliani -lanet Ciuehenaur Anna Gm-pfert l.illian Goldsmitli Tina Gcmssen llelnris llaeeinan Members Vivian Hiken lilsie Hink Leona Kandler Virginia Koenitzer X'Valter Kowatseh Leona Kunde lilizaheth Lauehart Lucille Langenohl Anita Leihiger Robert Marquardt Merle Marshek Bernice Miroehnik Mary Pfeiffer Lorraine Polzin Grace Safer lilizaheth Scharuiek Lorraine Sehiefelbein Margaret Schloemer ..........l,enna Kancller velyn R. Schulz ..,.'1'lll2l tlnussen lfclgar Sehlueter lfvelyn Schulz livelyn K. Schulz linuny Sehuntaker Helniuth Schweer Norma Tanner Donald Treiehel Uthelia VVallner Hildegarcle XVasehk Margaret NVeiehe Alice VVilcle l.ueille NVise Esther XV0lfQ.!I'2lIIl Sarah Zaretsky Lorraine Zimmerman Cecelia Zinsnieister Marte Zinsmelster .flame 064. ' Kililfg- W if fm I 444-'fi Lfk 1 THE WRITERS' CLUB Adviser: Mr. Holmes The purpose of The Vl'riters' Clulm is to have fun with writing as a social grace and a means of self-expression. Both original writing and book reviewing form part of the club activities. The routine of the club, moreover, is such that many members find themselves well on their way to later success in the literary de- partments of "The Tattlerf, President ........................ Vice-President ....... Secretary .............. Treasurer ........ Virginia .-Xrndt Willard Barbour Sarah Becker Erwin Behr Mabel Dunn Louise Eichinger Virginia Fricker Margaret Fuhr Mischa Goldenber Dolores Hageman Harvey Karas g Members .......,Edgar VX'inkelman .......Dorothy. Greenwood ................Virginia Kahl ...........Belle Goldman Audrey Kraft Eleanore Oudinot Marcella Roese Bessie Schein Ruth Schimmelpfennig Eileen Schmitt janet Shymanski Sarah Silverstein Myrtle Sonnen Edith SossolT I UNE 935 i I l lil l P age 83 lt fatiler Page 84 Tl-lE SHAKESPEARE CLUB Adviser: Miss Muellenschlader ln orcler to insure it greater familiarity with Shztkespenes works, it is the purpose of this club to interpret ztntl to re it clrznnzmticzilly Sl1Z1l'iCSlJCZlI'Cl1l1 plays which are not zx pztrt of the reg ulzn' school course. President ,......... .......,..,... X lex ,Xtlt Yice-l'resiclent ...... ...... l Cclgztr Schlueter Secretary ....V...... .,........ X 'ivizxn Schoue 'l'rt':tsurer .... ...,..,. l iuclolph Vowelut Marshal ......, ........,.... l .ewis Nolte Rezuler ...... ..... l ly .Xppointment Members iXlex .Xtlzls l.uellz1 lllock tztlt.j Riehzirfl Drews .lohn l'l2lL'l1lj11li Qzlltj Surah lfiellqow lllunche tiuilizini ,lohn Koller lit-rnzlrtl liztitnztn Lewis Nolte Rolvert l'z1tek Doris lliCI'L'C Rudolph Poweleit lilsie Renner Evelyn Rickert Miriam Sztuerwuhl Robert Schlacler Iiclgzir Schlueter Viviun Schoeve Rose Sterling llenry Twelmeyer Howard XYilli Yera XYilliznnson Arvilla Balderson Nlarfaret Fuhr Tl-lE SCIENCE CLUB Advisers: Mr. Tetzlaff, Biology Division Mr. Karlson, Chemistry Division The purpose of the Science Clulw is to give students an understanding of the applications of scientific principles in the modern workaday world by listening to and coming in contact with professional men and men of aliairs. Another purpose is to give students opportunity for original re- search and self-expression. Biology Division Chemistry Division Victoria llockhaus .... ..,.... I 'resident ........ ......,,.,,,,,.. H arry Upson Marcille Schmidt l...... ..,.. V 'ice-President ....,. ....,,, C ierald Kunick Harvey Karas. Virginia Bauer Caroline Becker Victoria Hoekhaus Larry liornstein Jack Clements Genevieve Cohen Kenneth Conklin Glen Crum Iithel llrapkin violin Dudley lelen Froehlich Elaine Anderson Herman Haier Robert Brockman Albert Ilaub Violette I-lngesath Marion Flietll lloward Frank Ruth Garrison llarry Ilaasch Ruth llohl Bernard Kainiau Caroline liecker ...... ..,.... S ecretary ..,. Treasurer Biology Division A ls Mae Gerlach Ilarry llaasch Robert Ilarder lloris llinse Anthony lllaveuka Frank ,laegar llarvev Karas june Klinpzer Lucille Kloth Robert Krohn l.orrame Marquartz Chemistry Louis Kautz Orville Kirmsse Frederick Kohls Gerald Kunick I lowaril Landusky Ray Mieske llerbert Mueller ,lulius Naskban Rita Nieskes Kenneth Pattow -lolm Priudle Roy Meier Ileury Morris Fred Mueller Allan Oswley 'I'homas Papez Fanny Prudowsky llarnld Rawling jane Ritterholf La Verne Sass Marcille Schmidt Beulah Schroeder Delores Schulte Division lidwaril Radtke llarry Rattner lilanor Reidy Iiarl Rudolph Verlon Schleifer Florence Schmidt Curtis Schroeder llelmuth Schweer Marion Selke Clarence Sequeiz Virginia Starke .......Virginia Starke Kenneth llattow listher Schultz Ray Schwartz Bessie Shein Arthur Stephenson Evelyn Turinske John VValters Norman VVegner John VVendling George NVhitte llerbert Vlfolfi lloward Zoske llenry Steliens Marceal Sykora llarry Upson llazel Vergon lielen Vergon Austin W'agenknecht Marydona Welsclt Carl VVickman Bernice Ziegert Cecilia Zinsineister Marie Zinsmeister l l lll lil JUNE l935 il , li t li all fl i lil 4 l l i i l i l l 1 1 1 i l l l ii! 4 l , l l lil Page 85 ll it tt M fr Wfjifl Tuttle f tilt lt Nl QM rr ht l 1 l' l l lx tt ,tl U Tl 't l l l l ll l www M Tl-lE PHOTO CLUB Itfll Adviser: Mr. Warner l The l'hut0 Cluh was urgzmizecl this lust semester to prtmm ti' intelest in mlmtoffrzt thx' zmcl 21 stutlv of its nrt: clevelu mint", wr tel . l 2-. - - N mg, Clllilfglllg, lUlCI'UlJl10I1Jgfilllliy, color plmtogrztplmy, :mtl utter ill phases equally interesting. Pictures for "The Tztttler"-our u Il Hi 3 mate ol1jeetix'ef:11'e at nztturztl outcome of this mterest ztml stt ra, - F' llI'CSlClClll ........... ...,. l rerzllrl lxumeh ill Yiee-l'resirlent ..... .......... S ol llrztpkin will Seeretztrv .....,... ........ ..,.. .,...., l . 1 mise lfrrmtm itll ' Wt Members ulltt . . .. . Y . Itlll tterzllchne tXmlersun XX 1lll2lI'l1 lxmght llzteksmm Beyer tierulcl Kuuieh Robert llix Ruhert Ixlilftlllllffll xlljy Sul llrzlpkin Fred Klicltztlzik tl l Curl liisemzum l.illizu1 Miegel fl Dj blue Feilen liclwztrcl Rzultke in 'j Louise Frmmu lluwztrcl Rfmt at ' tl llc-urge time-lz lfztrl Rtululplt ' Ru "er Grill' Klureile Sehmirlt Y K 1 -1 4 1 -1 1 Ray lrrztlt Kurtis Sehruefler 1 Frecl lleissner l.z1wrenee Yrmlk N 'N llernztrd Kzliman l Wall ttgmpt it Tl-IE CHESS CLUB Adviser: Mr. Holmes lhe purpose of The Chess Club is to promote interest and n the great game of ehessg to foster friendships based on nmon interestsg to conduct a social activityg and to arrange thus matches with other Milwaukee senior high schools. l resident ......,..........,.. N ice-President .......,.............. ...... Secretary-Treasurer Morris Xppleman Carl llerling jackson Beyer Larry Hornstein Robert Huck lYilliam Buelow XYalter liihnke Sally Dashefsky Marvin Goessl Iiugene Goldstein Morris Gross Roy Hahn Fred Heissner blames Humphrey Melvin Kessler Members ..................hlohn Koller .......Sally Daehefsky ........l.arry Bornstein joe Klaneinlq Roy Knapp Casper Koller .lohn Koller Roy Kowalkowsky Paul Melrood Robert Miller Robert Repas Phillip Rose Delbert Rossow Evelyn Traut Sam Tsiakalos August Ulm Mike XYienstein ago 87 Th Tuttle Page 88 THE MATHEMATICS CLUB Adviser: Mrs. Conroy The purpose of this club is to give students an opportunity to study and discuss problems of interest to them not taken up in class-problems of either a serious or recreational nature, to acquaint them with famous mathematiciansg to create an interest for further study in the Queen of the Sciences. President .................... Vice-President ................ ..........Louise Fromm .......Edward Radtke Secretary-Treasurer ............................ ........ F red Noerenberg Steve Beniak Orlo Behringer Jackson Beyer Louise Fromm Alan Gerlach Roger Graf Melvin Kessler Ruth Klann Members William Knight John Koller Robert Miller Fred Noerenberg Edward Radtke William Weber Sidney Zaidens NORTH DIVISION NEWSBOYS The Newsboys of North Division have ended a successful season. They started the season by taking second place in the swim- ming meet, missing first place by one point. The next event was the skating meet at which again North's "Newsies" took first place. This was the crowning event of the season, and North Division may be justly proud of the results. Mr. Froemming of the Street Trades Department presented the school with a trophy, and the boys who participated, with ribbons. The last event of this season was the newspaper folding and throwing contest, at which North Division again won first place. Both the track and basketball meets were called off because there were no places to hold them. The North Division Newsboys' Club is looking forward to another successful year next season. , ACKNOWLEDGMENT The Tattler staff wishes to call attention to the fact that the cover design was made by Raymond Wirth of the art departmentg art lettering was done by Allen Ballsieperg art layout of photo- graphs, William Dreier. The views of the Scenic section were taken by Mr. Warner, the adviser of the Photo Club. Tl-lE STAGE CREW Advisers: Mr. Krenerick, Mr. Steuerwald, Mr. Warner The stage crew, better described as the invisible yet invincible power behind the scenes, has for its personnel, first, Mr. Krenerick, supervisor and the controller of the public address system, then, Mr. Warner, electrician, or the man who makes the moving pic- tures moveg next, Mr. Steuerwald, property manager, who does all the hard work, and last of all, a group of five "hangers-on," really more useful than ornamental, which constitute the stage crew. Since you may, at some future time, wish to avail yourself of their services, let me introduce them. This handsome fellow is Kenneth Pattow, stage manager, Qsomeone had to bear the titlej. He tries to tell the rest of the crew what to do, but only succeeds when he helps them. Now, meet Richard Springer who handles the scenic drops. He has the most pull and drag in school, with the exception of Sidney Sterling, who pulls the curtain. Then, here is Edward Paegelow, who with 1-larry Crass does all the heavy work. Harry certainly has plenty of push, especially when it comes to furniture. These boys are on stage for all plays, programs or activities that require its use. All in all, a play like a plane could never Hy through to a successful or "happy" landing were it not for an efficient crew. Members Kenneth Pattow, Manager Richard Springer Edward Paegelow Harry Crass Sidney Sterling llllll J U N E I 9 3 5 lllilf ill 'l .ll ,ill lll ll ,ill lll: llpl 'llfl lm ,W lil il l age 89 HW The Tetiler Page 90 WH -4- LVF X s 2 ' 1 V' I THE SNAPSHOT ROUND-UP 1Rcprescnting Members of Various Organizationwl ATHLETICS - 'y,J,g,,,,,ii , ,i ,A i J -1 UJLS- ff: H-Q-we if UW WWW m thnc e In tld l Our mfg ty Vere: who, in conflicts Have won r att e a an 'er f-mn!!! FOOTBALL REVIEW Gifted with a dressy fur coat and a football player named john Maltsch, Instructor Kampine of the history department and North Division's football coach, assisted by Mr. Myra and Mr. Rottman, worked hard to give North Division a winning team last season. Whether he was more grateful for the dressy fur coat or the player Maltsch is an open question. A dapper man to a marked degree, Kampine, nevertheless, takes his athletic duties very seriously, and football players comparable to the one named Maltsch are as rare as Wodehouse stories without butlers. There can be no doubt, however, as to how North Division as a whole felt about the matter. Maltsch, along with fifteen or so other foot- ball players, combined their athletic talents to proffer to N. D. H. S. the most presentable football record since the title winner of 1916. These are but three of the accomplishments of these boys: QU they won undisputed possession of second place in the City Con- ference ratings, QZJ "johnny" Maltsch won the individual scoring championshipg Q35 two other players, Arlin Schultz and Frank Bohlman, along with Maltsch, won all-city honors. Schultz, a fine end, and Bohlman, aggressive tackle, were standouts of an exceptional line that'opened large rents in oppos- ing lines for the nimble Maltsch to scamper through. Tom Kebis, long fullback, occasionally flashed power as line cracker and could almost always be counted on for a yard or two when needed. There were other standouts too-Staffeldt and Koegel-who, together with Schulz, gave North a trio of truly remarkable wing- meng Sires, a consistent guard whose steady play won him men- tion on several all-conference teams, Bill Fox, whose speed on wide end sweeps gained much yardage, Rotter, veteran linesmang Madritsch, the little giant, and as fine a center as a man could wish for-these and others gave North much to be proud of in 1934. The season got under way with a victory over the unusually strong alumni team. Then came something of a snag. Two defeats, one at the hands of St. John's Cathedral of the Catholic loop and the other, more important, by East's defending City Conference champs, 13-O, marred an otherwise perfect record. The next Saturday, however, the Blue and White started on a winning streak that ended only when the season was over. The Boys' Tech Boilermakers were met, and, with the aid of some brilliant passing by Maltsch and a bit of nifty running every so often by Kebis, were downed, 19-0. If Lincoln proved to be better, it was not good enough, and went the way of all flesh, 7-O, the touchdown being scored on a 17-yard pass from Maltsch to Schultz. Then came perhaps the finest game of the season. Picked to lose by at least one touchdown by the so-called experts, the Blue Devils played truly inspired ball to trample over Washington's heavier team, 20-6. The North machine, guided by the masterful hand of "johnny" Maltsch, functioned perfectly in all respects. This was the decisive game of the season for these two squads. Homecoming found the North lads as good as ever. West happened to be the unwilling victim, rewarded for their efforts with a 30-7 defeat. The final game of the season was played on Thanksgiving Day. UNE 935 age 9 The Ta t t I Ia r T ru-. :W X fl 'Al iii. X. lm! ll If ill ' l' W Y ll'v , . 1 ,. 1 -.Ib I '1 lv' . Q. " , W-'fa 5,3 'l. V l. M , i l 'I Page 92 NORTH DIVISION FOOTBALL SQUAD-1934 Coach adritsch, cgel, P. M Ko Wohlfart, R. J Erich, cks, C. Post, L. Nolte, R. Barthen, G. dr G. Hen ,I McCullough, Coach Myra, W. Sawitzky, First Row: ,I Maltsch, B. Fox. Seidcmann, F. Rankel, choenecker, T. Kebis, H. Lass, B. Staffeldt, A. ulz, E. Rotter, E. Sires, R. S ch ski, A. S OW R. Mlk Second Row: M els, I ark, R, Brye, .Cl ke, H hn ranof, A. Ristow, E. Luehman, E. Deblitz, W. Regenfuss, C. Mcunier, H. Nemetz, G. Ja Third Row: B. Praefke, H. G .ci u vz .- mx 3 O M sf ua I: J: aa u v-I v-H J l. o .D I-Il O Agranovitz, R. S. lv Slilzsk B. egenfuss, F. Fleury, H. jonen, ts, J. R Cn In Fischer, J. Cle rieser, S. r, W.P SC el, P. Ka n, F. Wess H, B rossma F. Peterka. WZ Fourth Ro dlach, : :1 O South's Redmen provided the opposition, and their feeble efforts were just not enough. Maltsch nosed his way through the South eleven for no less than five touchdowns, the entire score tally for the game, the linal score, 33-O. The final record, then, shows that North won five out of the six conference contests in which they engaged. At the end of the season, letters were awarded to Arlin Schulz, captain of the team, William Staffeldt, Ralph Koegel, Eli Sires, Earle Rotter, George Erich, john Maltsch, Arnold Seid'emann, David Quabius, Frank Bohlman, Robert Schoenecker, Fred Rankel, Paul Madritsch, Herbert Lass, Thomas Kebis, and William Fox. Of this list, Schultz, Staffeldt, Koegel, Quabius, Rotter, Sires, and Erich will not return in 1935. Despite this fact, however, prospects are not so bad for next year. Three first class backs in the persons of Lass, Fox, and Kebis, several excellent linemen including Schoenecker, Madritsch, and Bohlman, along with Ran- kel, and some promising reserves who should fill in capably-all these are enough to bring the smile to Coach Kampine's lips. THE LETTER MEN Arlin Schulz ' Fine all-around end. All-city honors and captain of squad. Swell fellow. Eli Sires Several all-city honors. Excellent player. . Ralph Koegel . Tall and rangyg perfect build for the outstanding end that he was. Frank Bohlman A Burly, powerful, ever ready to fight. All-city berth. ' ' John Maltsch Johnny's clever and knows the game. What a player! All-city honors. High scorer in City conference. . Bob Schoenecker Bob, blond and good natured. Fitted in just right. Paul Madritsch Sweetest center at North since the days of his cousin. Bill Fox He could compete with Mercury for speed! Back next year. Earl Rotter Rough and ready, left guard for the last two seasons, bolstered up the center of the line. His work will be sorely missed next season. Bill Staffeldt "Wild Bill" Staifeldt capably filled the left end position. Good sport, this guy, Bill. ' Fred Rankel ' Quiet, reserved-"Freddie on the spot" when needed. Arno Seidemann Q Another quiet Cbut, gosh, how goodll fellow, right halfback, who proved his value often. Dave Quabius We won't forget smiling Dave who played center and was always in the "midst of things." ' Tom Kebis Long, lanky Tommy Kebis, fullback, a fast, flashy player who'll show us more of his stuff next season. Herbert Lass "Devil-may-care" Herbie "Fumble" Lass, left half, will be with us next season and will give us the "low-down" on "what it takes." George Erich .Handsome George Erich, globe circumnavigator, was always ready to gp in there and "mix it up" when the going got too rough for the "reg- u ars." UNE 935 ago 93 Th Taitler ig, ,. ht ,ii i l, i t, l ,i l ,, , l l ti ll lt tili i , i l , i l, til 'i l ,i til Page 9 ll ,i 'i l l ll l, l i l f i l 1 NORTH DIVISION BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS-1935 Top: L. Hanscher, W. Staffeldt, Capt., D. Quabius, D. Harrel, J. Knorr, R. Slitski. Bottom: H. Beyer, D. Hentz, R. Ohm, Coach Trythall, W. Siefert, C. Vergetis, J. Pauler, Capt. BASKETBALL REVIEW rllllfltlltlll Coach 'l'rytl1all and his assistant, Mr. l.ibby, North obtained its first basketball championship in this decade and incidentally ended l.incoln's three-year dominance of that position. ln so doing North pleased the entire circuit, because inter-scholastic basketball in this city has been played only these last three years, and with one team monopolizing the honors, interest was beginning to lag. Mr. Trytball and his boys were practically put on the spot. Everyone, desirous of ending l.incoln's reign, put the proposition squarely up to North. They might well have said, "Well, if anyone can do it, you're that one, and if you don't --." The point is, Trythall and his lads not only did win out but did it in such a way as to leave no bad taste in the athletic mouths of anyone--not even Lincoln. He was indeed fortunate in having john Pauler on his team. john, tall, lithe, and a possessor of an uncanny eye for the basket, played a whirlwind game all season. High point man in nearly every game, Pauler not only set a new record of 90 points for the season, but also holds the record for most points scored in a single gameg 20, against West. In addi- tion, he was, for the second successive year, the only unanimous choice for an all-city berth. One of the best liked men on the squad, Pauler not only contributed his technical ability, but played the game as it was meant to be played-for five men. In the earliest stage of the season it was Dave Quabius, who, until his graduation in January, provided an additional spark. Playing only in the first two games, Dave, nevertheless, earned the appreciation of the school by setting the lads on the right road. When Quabius left, Bill Staffeldt immediately stepped into his shoes and became that leading spirit whose presence is an essential part of all championship teams. Several times during the season, Trythall freely ad- mitted that it was Statteldt whose steady play helped so much. His antics in the dressing-room and on the-practice floor had a great effect on the morale of the team. Staffeldt was honored at the end of the season by selection for an all-city guard position. There were others who contributed much to the success of the venture. Little Chris Vergetis, some 120 pounds of sheer basketball cleverness, made his presence felt. In that Lincoln game it was. Chris who lead the way, scoring 13 points and generally behaving in an irreproachable manner. For rebound work there was huge Lester Hanscher, the tallest man in the league. Harold Beyer worked well in the latter games and Bob Slitski mated with Staffeldt at guards to give North dependable back-court play. The season started auspiciously enough with a 40-15 victory over Wash- ington. In this game Quabius contributed 13 points. The boys were hard-pressed in winning their second game against South. The totals, 21-18, represent the closest score that any team was able to record against North. Quabius and Vergetis, with 8 points apiece, saved the day for the Blue and White. Lother, sharpshooting South for- ward, was a constant threat to the North team and scored 14 of his team's points. Much to the chagrin and disappointed surprise of other conference members, Trythall's basketball forces seemed to have been weakened not one whit by the loss, during the mid-year period, of Dave Quabius, John Maltsch, Don Hentz, et al. They demonstrated this to the complete satis- faction of everyone concerned with a convincing 44 to 27 victory over Bay View. Pauler had one of his big days and scored 18 points. V February 15, North's contenders stood the Boilermakers from Boys' Technical High School on their respective heads. The Mechanics were never in the ball game, losing interest very shortly, and at the end of the game the score stood at 41-17. The following week found North battling at Custer High. Meeting little resistance from a disorganized team, the Blue and White rolled up a 34-13 score. Once more it was John Pauler who outdid all others, scoring 16 points and playing a truly beautiful ball game. Then came the West game. West, Lincoln and North up to this point had been tied for first place, each with no defeats and several victories. It was in this game that Pauler really showed his mettle, scoring 20 points for a new record. Then began a week of feverish anticipation for the Lincoln game- the championship game. With interest stirred to a surprising height all over the city by the side issues involved, the two teams prepared for the contest. But had Lincoln gone around and picked the best men from every team in the city she could not have beaten North that day. No one who saw the contest could doubt North's superiority. With the final score read- ing 43-22 not even Principal Otto Gilbert, perhaps the most faithful of Lincoln fans, could do aught but acknowledge North's clear claim to the title. Chris Vergetis, after playing just average ball in two previous efforts, picked the psychological moment to blossom out as a full-fledged star, scoring 13 demoralizing points, breaking up Lincoln's plays, and passing well and often. Pauler, Staffeldt, Slitski, Harrel, Siefert. and Hanscher all registered points. The day was a complete success for North. As is natural, honors were showered upon the victors. At a mass stu- dent rally, letters were presented to Pauler, Knorr, Vergetis, Beyer, Han- scher, Siefert, Staffeldt, Ohm, Slitski, and Harrel. The presentation was gnaiiie by Bud Foster, famous coach of the University of Wisconsin's basket- a team. as-'mia UNE 935 ago 95 lull Taitler 1 Page 96 GYM GEMS At the All-City gym meet held at Rufus King High School, April 12, North won the Freshman-Sophomore championship with a score of 689 points. West Division was second in this division with a score of 630 points. In the Junior-Senior division, North placed second to West, losing by only 30 points, 770 to 740. The 1935 results were closer than the 1934 scores when West then won the Senior championship by some 50 points. It is pleasing to know that North has never lost the "B" division championship fhaving now won four consecutive yearsj. As far as other gym teams go, there isn't any competition-the third place team being 100 points back of North. p The gym team practiced every Wednesday and Friday from 3:30 until 5:00 P. M. since the basketball season closed March 8. These limited practice periods prevented North from making a liner showing in the Senior division. Each team is made up of 15 boys-30 boys constituting the gym team. Every boy must perform two required exercises on the five pieces of apparatus Qrings, horizontal bar, parallel bars, side horse, horse longj plus two required exercises on the tumbling ITl3.tS. Freshman-Sophomore Team Fred Fleury Robert Gerkhardt James Regenfuss Robert Evans Edward Buran Robert Ohm Charles Levenhagen Howard Frank Junior Throne William Andrae Gerald Laetsch Glen Crum Harry Zavik George Fleissner Robert Bauer Junior-Senior Team Fred Michalzik Earl Zahn Don Glatz Gilbert Jahnke Richard Tews Edward Neville James Delaney William Ritter Kurt Meyser Robert Schuster Adolph Karrasch Hugh Clark Dave Lipscomb Harry Crass Fred Schell TRACK So far this season Qas this number of The Tattler goes to pressj North's track team has lost to South and come in third in a triangular meet with Washington and West. The team won the meet against Bay View High. The bright spots of the team devel- oped by Coach Brandel were Howard Nemetz in the shotput, dis- cus, and pole vault, Good, and Parvis in the mile rung Harrell in the high jumpg Bobby Schoenecker, Dreier, and Deblitz in the quarter-mile and half-mile runs, Lass and Fox in the sprintsg -and Bohlman, Karrasch, and Drake in the hurdles-all these were con- spicuous as the "boys who made good." The Team Allen Ballsieper Frank Bohlmann Richard Brye James Charlton Hugh Clark Elmer Deblitz Ardash Der Avedesian Donald Derrah Richard Drake William Dreier John Farkas William Fox Donald Glatz Don Good Ardell Guenther Dan Harrell Gilbert Jahnke Adolph Karrasch Herbert Lass Paul Madritsch Howard Nemetz Richard Parvis James Regenfuss Robert Schoenecker Kenneth Sohns Henry Steffen Frank Weinheimer J s f . t 1 f Top: Bovs' Trask Tram: Mr. Brandcl, COPCI1. Middle: Boys' Gym Team: Coaches: Mr. Goetz, Mr. Rottman. Bottom: Phvsiral Education Instrurtors: Mr. Goetz, Miss Heiden, Miws Rcbrovitch, M11 Rottman. 11111111 R1 1x1 1 1. 1 11 11,11 1 1 11 1 1, 11111. 1 1 ,N 1 11 ,1 1 1 1 , 1 111 11' '1 1111 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1', 11 1' 11 1111, 1,111 11 Q 11 1, 11 111 1' '1 '11 1 1 X 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 1111 '1111 11111 111 1 1 111 1 '. wx 1 11 1 111 11 11 11111 1, 1 11 X1 1111 1 1111'1 11, 1 1 H ' 1 11,1 1 11 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 11, 1, 11 1 ' 1 WN 1, 1 111 1' 11 1 1 11 1 111. 1 111 111, 1 ,1 11 Pa ge 97 ,K xx ' The J, Tatiler X Ht' ' .r 4 , ,,,M,. Page 9 ff 7" H' W Q A Aff Xxx 42? , 'il GIRLS' ATHLETIC TEAMS ' x ..4 XJ' Top to Botiom: Volley Ball, Bagcctball, and Swimming. x Wg. 03.156 ' f 5: QM A f M , ' N INK.-" I Ex IJ U A NW X J X CW' x HyNf'Qi J ,fy ff my W :- fn. ,-.1 , -f,f l X , -XJ '.x .4 ja 2 y uf .N k uv 3' X -A NORTI-PS SWIMMING TEAM Top: Coach Rottman, Edw. Greenwood, Manager, H. Steffen, W. Weissenborn, F. Fleury, R. Buck, W. Andrae, R. Tews, Mr. Damuth, Faculty Athletic. Manager. Bottom: F. Schell, W. Fluegge, C. Eisemarm, H. Lass, E. Rotter, Captamg W. Kowatch, D. Trapp, P. Williams, A. Ristow, E. Leuhmann. SWIMMING Catching North's spirit of victory, Coach Rottmann's swim- mers sallied forth and grabbed for themselves a record comparable to any. However, it is unnecessary to comment here of the team as a group, knowing, as we do, that the team's record speaks quite well for itself, winning four out of five dual meets and placing second in the City meet. l-et's turn to the individuals. There is something of a compliment to a sophomore who makes his place on the team. Donald Trapp is such a one. He added much this season to his reputation for fancy diving, having won first place in all the dual meets and placing third in the City meet where the competition is very close. Great expectations hover around Trapp in the future. ' Eddie Greenwood, the sprightly manager of the team, states that Ristow and Eisemann deserve special mention. These two boys in the "City" took places. Letters were awarded to Walter Kowatsch, August Ristow, Earl Luehmann, Carl Eisemann. Donald Trapp, Fred Schell, William Fluegge, and Hugh Clarkg with a manager's award-' to Eddie Greenwood. Of this group, Kowatsch, Ristow, and Trapp will be returning next year. These. coupled with capable reserves in the persons of Bob Eberts, Willard Albers, and Weissenborn, should do quite well the coming season. The Swimming Record for Season of 1935 l. West - 43 3. North - 36 6. Quadrangular Meet- North - 40 Lincoln - 35 West -41 2. North - 38 4. North - 41 floffhl- 3226 Alumni-37 Washington-32 4mc0-n'- Washington - 24 5. North - 38 East-34 IIIII UNE 935 I age99 U This bank extends congrat- ulations to the Graduating Class of 1935 and its best wishes for a successful fu- ture. We will be pleased to aid with our advice and security in your financial IT.l1Gll61'S. Teutonia Avenue State Bank N. TEUTONIA AVE. AT W. HADLEY ST. l Dpsitsins aupeossoooud usskgmf I ., X KCCC4: Jgmiff gl , 'nt 1, -7 C., 'K f "Hi if 1 fy X I I 'lr' ,W 1546973 gd, 2. -Q c,6,.,, ,K V c 71-C 'hu -n u nn- -:jf ADVERTISERS Make it your policy To patronize "Tattler" Adverlixers. Qc-Q -- l -1l.., --ll. SPORTING GOODS ur hai ALLMAN-CHRISTIANSEN Us e Wholesale Distributors of Fine Printing Papers PAPER CO. t .d .1 SQ F XNILLLS 57 X 9 47-HL yt V! f Milwaukee. Wisconsin ETIC suP' He had never had such a tough time in his life. First he got angina pcctoris, followed bv arteriosclerosis. just as he was re- covering from these he goit pneumonia, followed by pulmonar phthisis and tuberculosis. Somehow he got over them just in tim Y e to get appendicitis, to say nothing of pyorrhea. All in all, he never knew how he pulled through it. It was the toughest spelling test he'd ever seen. Mrs. Guzzler: "The friend who gave me the recipe for this soup is in great trouble." Mr. Guzzler: "Then out of respect, let's drink it in silence." Visiting Doctor: "How is it, Pompey, that you and your fam- ily manage to keep so healthy?" Pompey: "XVell, suh, I bought one o' them sanitarv drinkin' cups, and we all drinks outen it." I . -L "Your wife needs a changefl said the doctor. "Salt air will cure her." The next time the physician called he found the Scotchman sitting bv the bedside fanning his wife with a herring. "Hut how did the police spot you in your woman's disguise?" ' fl "I passed a INlllll16I"S shop without looking in at the window Mother: "You naughty girl, Ruth, to pick up vour food tha t way. I ought to send you away to some boarding school to learn manners. Ruth: "XYhy, mother, can't l learn them at home?" "My life is like a bookf' remarked the flirt. "Yes, dear," returned her friend, "'Chap One', 'Chap Two', and so on." C O S T U M E S ". F FOR ALL occAsloNs . Q A! 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Ii.: "'l'l1:11's uolliiugl My sou is only scycu moullis olil N :mil iilziys ou the liuolcumf' I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I III 1.:.:.... f Phmmacy visit our lceCg?:::tE:?::: at Yellow Lantern Soda Grill Norfh Divisicn Cor. N. Third and W. Locust Al: "I understand that Bill Fluge has had only five girl friends so far this semester." Mel: "Yes, sir, that's right." She: "I think you ought to talk to me while I saw." He: "'s turn it around, and you sew to me while I read." Young Man Cat post oiticej: "Any letters for me today ?" Postmaster: "No," Young Man: "That's strange." Postmaster: "Nothing strange about it. You haven't answered her last letter." Man of House froaring with ragej: "VVho told you to put that paper on the wall?" Paper Hanger: "Your wife." Man of House Qsubsidingj: "It's pretty, isn't it ?" "Oh, John," screamed the excited woman driver, "the car is running away!" "Can't you stop it P" asked the worried husband. "No l ln "XYell, see if you can hit something cheap." The stately old gentleman was approached somewhat cockily by a rich and vulgar young man, who announced: "I say, I'm thinking of marrying one of your girls. Have I your permission ?" "Yes, indeed. VVhich one interests you, the parlor maid or the cook?" J. O. KRUMBHOLZ Supplies Your Every PICTURE and Picture Framing Want 1 1 27 W. VLIET ST. Telephone MAr'quette 4304 Tattler engravings by Hammersmith 81 Kortmeyer, Milwaukee. UNE 935 Page IO3 THIQCUCHCUT THE YEAD CANDY II ALWAYI IN IEAICN t NORTH THE AMEIQICAN CAN DY CCMDANY Many varieties ot the "sw t purchased over the candy coun- ter a have been the products ot l9l N. Broadway Milwaukee X if For Everg Purse and Purpose f Automobsles Parts-Repairs Petersdorf Motor Co 2964 N Teutoma West Srde Auto Body Co 1309 W Memecke O K Auto Glass Co 2402 N Teutoma Detront Auto Radiator Co 2400 N Teutoma Luxck Auto Servnce 2729 N Teutoma 1Rear3 Volkmann s Garage 1435 W Hopkins St Furs Sol W Holzman 2730 N Grocers Peter Hunn 2836 Henry A Lawonn 3000 Hardware Dealers Staadt Hardware Co 2816 Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Awnsngs Milwaukee Awnmg U Tent Inc Bakerses Dawn Bakery Math Maltsch Banks Teutoma Avenue State Bank Barbers 3937 2776 2828 2801 Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma 2666 Teutoma 1340 W Center 2750 N Teutoma Beauty Shops Daly s Beauty Shop 2820 N Teutoma Bulldmg and Loan Associations Northern Bldg 8' Loan 2746 N Chester Henne Henry Kueck Bob Rogers Teutoma Insurance B F Kuchlhorn 2746 N Teutoma Jewelers Stellcr s Inc 2740 N Teutoma Lsdses Apparel Teutoma Apparel Co 2756 N Teutoma Lawyers james T Krock 2748 Edwmj Styne 208 E Wlsconsm Mason Contractors Walter F Hexden x 126 R 11 Sta Manufacturers Brxggs Es' Stratton Corp 2711 N 13th Meat Markets Wm Sander 2826 N Teutoma Teutoma Chsropranors Irvmg j Teuteberg 2750 N Teutoma Csgar Manufacturers Teutoma Schxllmg E? Krause 3004 N Independent Market Anthony Rausch 2707 N Teutoma Teutoma Cngar Co 2677 N Cleaners and Dyers Teutoma Cleaners and Dyers 2832 N Curtain Cleaners Dutch Curtam Cleaners Co Inc 3 l l 4 N Department Store Schunk s Hadley and W Krenbohm C R Kurth W H Reuter H A Schleyer Drugs O K Drug Co Meyer s Drug Store Electrscal Contr 2866 2748 2750 2750 2782 2981 actors H E Sanger Inc 2974 Feather Cleamng Mrlw Feather Cleanrng Co 2971 ZZZZ Z N Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Men s Clothlng Stock Bros 2768 N Metal Craftsmen Emnl J Lehmann 1023 W Center Morttcsans Wm M Raasch Ei Son 2157 N th Psmt and Ssgns Teutoma Plumbers Ed Borth 2977 N Teutoma john Luhcnow 2856 N Teutoma Prmters Atlas Pnntmg Co 2667 N Teutoma Safety Pnntrng Co 1596A W Hopkms Real Estate Mortgages Insurance Wm Schnellbacher Co 2659 N Teutoma Recreation Parlors Fsllmg Stations Ewald s Servmce Statnon 1534 W Columbxa Gruber s Servxce 2851 N Teutoma Meyer s Servnce Statxon 1373 W Center Wadhams O11 Co 2904 N Teutoma Sc, l0c and 25c Store L Wnemann Co 2727 N Teutoma Florssts Born s Flower Shop 1204 W Center Francxs Perrme 3152 N Teutoma Frusts and Vegetables Economy Fruit U Vegetable Market 2745 N Teutonn Royal Fruxt Market 2769 N Teutoma Fuel Dealers H H Brueggcmann Co 2545 N Teutoma Rodank Bros 2653 N Teutoma Furnsture U E? I Furnnture Co 2869 N Teutoma Welcome Furntture Co 1811 W Center Wnttak Koenen Furmture Co 2656 N Teutoma Teutoma Avenue Ceorge Becker 2750 N Teutoma Restaurants Stanley Dunn 2750 Shoe Repasrmg and Hat Cle Eveready Shoe Shop 2752 Shoes Herman Pape 2807 L A Ripple 2704 Sporting Goods Korb Bros 2733 Tailors Ben Knlheck 3118 Taverns Charles Bertram 2815 los Rexf 2600 The Trxangle 2835 Theatres Mnlwaukee Theatre 2754 Wsre and Iron Works Globe Wxre fs' Iron Works 1027 N Teutoma N N W Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Teutoma Atkmson Adv Association U N E 9 3 5 M 9 . . - - .1 ' 1 . ---------- ----- - f .............................,.. . N. ' . . """' 3 . ' .................... N. ' l """"' I" ' V ' ............... .. N. ' h '.-.--- -.....-'-..... h mm- 4 Q , ............. ................. , ' n . .......................... N. I " V ....................,,,..... N. ' A -------------------------- - ..1I11111IlffiffflifiIm' ' . ' - . ' ............ Bo . . . . F 4 . ............,,,,,,,, , ' QJr. ...... A ' ' ................... , ' ' Frank G. Demercll .................. ,...1365 W. Center Dr. . L. ................ . ' Dr. . . ..................,,. . , ' . Dr. . . .................... . ' ' """""""" """"""' ' ' . Dr. . , ,................. . ' """"""" Q 't"""' ' . .' ......................... N. 'H A, --------'------------ Q V' . . . . ................... : N. ' , Y - ,,,,.,,.,t,, F' , ' ' ........... ffffffffffffu ' . ' ' . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, N, - ' l """"""" 1 """" ' ' ' ....,........ ,,........... .... N . ' . V . . ' .....,.,.,,,..,,.....,........ N. ' ' ...: ....,..............., .. , ' N' A W A -----------... . ' ' .................... N. ' ll I I a I Page 105 0Nl.Y GRIDLEY provides ML these SAFEGUARDS 4. SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY CONTROL N Q J moosnn snuun IQUI J Accunul , rmrnuunl c J noun nsreuuznlon . J noun, COURTIOUS DILIVIRY. Propcrb' Pauteurized I FRENCH DRY CLEANING Telephone LOcus'k 338l N mgmfnvawome Trophies Class pins Class Rings ALSTED-KASTEN CO. FINE JEWELRY 33I East Wisconsin Avenue Y CHOCOLATES CHDCULATE CANDI EI AN D NDVELTI EI WALTER B. NIEPOW gewood 6282 1025 E. Lexington Bl d Milwaukee, Wis. Th Ta til 0 l i Page l08 - T0 S The Place to Go After the Prom Dine and Dance in Real Chinese Atmosphere On Second St. just north of Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Teacher: "Give me three collective nouns." Bill: "Flypaper, wastebasket, and vacuum cleaner." "Nature is the world's greatest artist," says a writer. But it must be confessed that she's quite incapable of copying the pic- tures on seed packets. Al: "Which one do you think is the best ?" Mel: "Well, if you ate five lemons one after the other, could you tell me which one was the sweetest ?" Billy and his father were in the garage after dinner, making a kite. Suddenly they heard a terrible din of falling crockery in the kitchen where his mother and sister were doing dishes. Billy listened for a minute, and then said, "It was Mother!" "How do you know it was Mother?" asked his father. " 'Cause she's not saying anything!" Billy answered. jack: "Joe, do you like to play with blocks P" joe: "Not since I grew up." Jack: "Then quit scratching your head." Clerk: "Now, that, madam, is the most becoming hat you have tried on so far." Mary: "I agree with you. That's my own." Mr. Bergeim: "Now we shall play 'The Star Spangled Ban- ner'." Jimmie: "Gosh, I just played that." EPURITYEQUALITYESERVICEE We Pledge These Facis -..-:-.1:' o -- Telephone l EDgewood0330 ' DAIQVCO Z . S ,il L- - , SENIORS . . . Start this Summer Toward cz Business Position 0 Quality tor a position or to get better grades in college. Beginning and ad- vanced classes in Commerce for High School graduates of both Commercial and English courses. 0 Individual attention. 0 Free employment assistance. 0 Cool, comfortable classrooms. Hours arranged to permit outdoor recreation. SUMMER SCHOOL July 24, July I, July 8 Write for Free Summer School Bulletin Q 606 E. Wisconsin Avenue Phone MArquette 0880 1 f I ,741 . ...e il- Once you have tasted GridIey's Fast-Frozen Ice Cream you will enjoy no other. So smooth-so full of that good sweet-cream flavor. Phone: Marquette 52l4. 52I5, 52l6, 52I7 THE TOWN MARKET FANCY MEATS and PouLrRY Hotels, Clubs. Schools, Institutions and Restaurants Supplied F. G. SCHMIDT I I I5 N. Third St. Milwaukee, Wis. CHARLES STIEGER Light Lunches- Candies Soda Grill LOcust 5573 l3OI W. Center St. Whatever your sport you'll find the things xo play it with 709 N. Water St. Milviaukee, Wis. TYPEWRITERS RENTED Free Delivery Initial Rental Applied on Purchase Lowest Rates-1-Convenient Terms Typewriiing 81 Adding Machine Exchange 34 Planlrinton Arcade DAIy 6889 JUNE 935 ege10' I ,ii I I e I wh""WbnrAnathvf"f QUALITY TELLS Wherever QUALITY is the first consider- ation there you will find GARGOYLE. Everywhere it is rec- ognized as one of the world's finest coffees. And that is why those who know, always specify-and insist on -GARGOYLE. Blended, Roasted. and Packed by O. R. Pieper Company Quality Wholesale Grocers Milwaukee and Eagle River BIG Double Size Fresh Strawberry Sundae 151: StaneIIe's Sweet Shoppe 2776 N. Teutonia Ave. LOcust 9869 RoII Film Developed and Printed . . . 25C Per Roll. Any Size KURTZ FILM SERVICE Corner N. 22nd and W. Hopkins Phone HOpIrins 5626-R L AW R E N C E Typesetting Co. 3I9 E. Detroit St. DAIy I863 MODEL DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTIONS Sodas and Sundaes. I0c 746 W. Center St. RIPPLE'S SHOES N. Teutonia at W. Center Our Permanents Are Popular Reasonable Prices DALY'S BEAUTY SHOP Opposite Teutonia Ave. Green Maricet Open Tuesday and Friday Evenings 2820 N. Teutonia Ave. Tel. LOcust 3200 Tattlcr eng vings by Hamm ith K Kortmcycr, Milwaukee. STUDENTS Cap ancl Gown Photographs One Large 8 x I0 inch Folder -Four Proofs 52.00 Six for 34.50 l Twelve for 56.50 Preserve the Memory ot Your Graduation with a Photograph in Cap and Gown Cap and Gown Available at Studio MMORRISON srunio Your Photographer MArquette 3976 Wisconsin Theatre Bldg. UN 93 i l l l ll' Page 111 Best wishes to the Graduating Class of 1935 may your future be prosperous and successful. ATLAS PRINTING CO. SQ ix 211 Rx EX 2 Q:TfE?i'EYo Ex if .V is R, xx Q32 1 aim? Pita QR K , l ,, . I M ,W Q , n ff www WW QQ 4 O N .V 1, w 1 YW? Q64 M ff-W9 kgoff li"s'3 dnmf31Jf'1v.i-. H ' WNSA 151657 W 1. . gjfijgiifizifyfa S MW Q W Q I by JP Yi M f N V "-'1- .- E2 QF A, , . -- . A , 'fix' 1 My MMV V V hx. s I -. q 5, Mg -

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