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ITwfKTv € fc, ; r vV ■ i T toai «S ■ 35 1 35 V - iKi ' ■ ■j sj , VT ' Jtf jr iWHSHRSaaTv K North Davidson High School Route 10 Lexington , North Carolina Richie Leonard, EDITOR Thom He go, BUSINESS MANAGER We, the 1967 Nordahi Staff Proudly Present ' A YEAR TO ' i - L ■ : ' v ■■ ' a " , •yv , ■ ■ ... . . • . . JUmHoBD ■ ' - 9 1 fV» m 1 H |£» fee- i r It has been A YEAR TO REMEMBER . . . In Academics Administration . 20 Faculty . 22 Classes . 34 In Features Events . 100 In Retrospect . 112 Service . 116 In Activities Organizations . 122 Athletics . 146 4 It started out much as any other year, with new classes, different teachers, and reworked schedules. Gradually, however, the year began to emerge as something special. The football team, playing hard all sea¬ son, completed the first undefeated season in the history of the school. Academically, five Seniors were named National Merit Semi-finalists, North ' s first since 1958. The bas¬ ketball team launched a fine season by winning thirteen consecutive games. Athletics, academics, both reached their greatest heights. Far from being just another year, 1966- 67 will remain in the annals of North Davidson as A YEAR TO REMEM¬ BER. 5 A utumn The empty building awaits us, As we, the students, return-- Confident, unruly-, vigorous. New courses to conquer, New challenges to meet. But the year is young-- Nothing can stop us. ti ;V ' Sadness, sorrow intermingle, As we, the students, prepare to leave. For some, graduation; For others, a pause before returning. For all, memories of a year Filled with laughter, tears, education. Flurry of Ballgames. Classes, and Study Winter The year drags on--slowed down By tests, term papers, science projects. The Christmas break comes and is gone. Exams--then the long g rind through the winter, Brightened by an occasional smile At North, life moved at a brisk pace. Senior Robert Nicholson performs his daily chore of opening drinks for break. After long months of waiting, Senior boys are glad to finally receive their class rings. Sophomores and freshmen display their self-made fashions at the annual Mother-Daughter Banquet. 8 while next door, a new junior high rose Construction of the new junior high began in the fall, and continued throughout the year. The new junior high is being built to relieve North ' s crowded hallways and sidewalks. 9 Weekly pep rallies raised school spirit and boosted team morale. Athletes carried North to higher glories, Wild uproar followed the final game of the season as North won the coveted regional championship. During assembly, Mike Stewart proudly presented the state baseball championship trophy to the school. 10 Induction in the National Honor Society represented the hope of many, but the achievement of few. The rules of " KlassroomKwiz " are explained to North ' s three contestants, Richie Leonard, Lomane Davis, and Judy Leonard. while Scholars raised the academic prestige A Senior study hall caught at a rare moment--everyone is studying. Senior Vickie Wood hurriedly searches for last night ' s homework. Mrs. Remmy Archando, a foreign ex¬ change teacher who spent three weeks at North Davidson, points to her native Bolivia. 12 The expression on Charlie Doss ' face indicates that all is not going well. Senior boys amuse the class by adapting a scene from " Peanuts” to CANTEBURY TALES. As typical of sophomores, Ann Conrad, Minehardt Fishel, a nd Joy Lawson spend much time " just kidding around. " Playing Dressing in old clothes and singing in front of the school are two require¬ ments for initiation into the Future Farmers club. it was a busy year 13 .go. No.o s 144.96 JJ. 32. 60 Nd iuzzJ « Pm 145 63 Sm 15 0.35 92,. 93 94 ® i Np P U 23.8.07 1 2i2- 212 Ti 47.90 V 50.95 Cr | Mr 52.01 154.94 40 Zr 91.2 2 41 Nb 9 2.91 Mo rvc 959S 99 72 f 73 Hf Ta Li.79.58 Iraass j 74 m rj| € 183.96 { 186.2 2 A Dual Dedication We Remember An Individual " The most evident sign of wisdom is con¬ tinued cheerfulness " —Montaigne His contagious smile and jovial manner have changed many a routine class into something special. With a rare combina¬ tion of intellect and individualism, he does everything, and more, that is asked of him. We know him not only as a competent and versatile teacher, but also as a friend, sympathetic and understanding. In grati¬ tude for his unfaltering devotion to his pro¬ fession and his students, we gratefully ded¬ icate the 1967 NORDAHI to Mr. Glenn Bemisderfer. 2 5908 00585284 8 Mr. B. has gallantly led many scientific expeditions. We remember a school. . . Viewed through the ice-covered limbs of a Dec¬ ember morning, the school takes on a new aspect. This year draws to a close the first cnapter of the North Davidson story--a chapter which witnessed the transformation of a small rural high school into an athletic giant and an acknow¬ ledged center of learning. It has been a chapter filled with colorful events, expansive growth, and vibrant personalities. With this year, it ends. It ends only to make way for the beginning of the second chapter--one that promises even greater glories. Next year, as it becomes a senior high school and moves to a higher con¬ ference and rating, North Davidson promises to enter into a period of unparalleled growth and prestige. However, in years to come, as we look back on our high school days, our memories will be of the boisterous, crowded four year 2-Ahigh school in which we studied and learned. It is to these memories that we dedicate the 1967 NORBAHI. Teachers meetings seem interesting to some, but tiresome to others. Mr. Jones gives another of his half-time pep talks. The entire object of true education is to make people not merely to do the right things, but enjoy them; not merely industrious, but to love industry; not merely learned, but to love knowledge; not merely pure, but to love purity; not merely just, but to hunger and thirst -John Ruskin after justice. Administration Mr. E.L. Brown Superintendent of Davidson County Schools Mr. Clate F. Huffman Assistant Superintendent of Davidson County Schools Mrs. Carl Brinkley Supervisor of Davidson County Schools Mrs. Brinkley ' s smiling face is frequently seen throughout the halls of North. COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Robert L. Ripple, Chairman Mr. Clarence Sink, Vice Chairman Mrs. C. L. White Mr. W. H. Boone Mr. I. Tom Johnson NORTH DAVIDSON SCHOOL BOARD Mr. John Hedrick, Chairman Mr. John J. Perryman, Secretary Mr. Clyde Zimmerman 20 School Officials Mr. James O. Teal, Principal Mrs. Berrier, Mr. Teal, and Mr. Gathings discuss the day ' s announcements. North Davidson students appreciate our respected principal, Mr. Teal, and his beloved assistant, Mr. Gathings, as well as our most efficient secretary Mrs. Berrier. This trio works very hard, with numerous interruptions, to furnish our school with the leadership necessary to make North Davidson a smoothly operated school. Miss Ann Fleming English I, II Chorus Mrs. Robert Motsinger English IV Mrs. Ralph Proto English I, in Mrs. B. H. Revelle, Jr. English II United States History Economics and Sociology- Speech Students learn to converse in their native English Mrs. Robert Voyles English II Journalism " Culture is to know the best that has been said and thought in the world. " —Arnold Our English department has endeavored to impart knowledge and culture through the study of the masters. Of equal importance has been the prac¬ tical application of this knowledge through oral and written expression. Research papers, MACBETH, and deadlines for book reports will long be remembered. English teachers, Mrs. Proto and Mrs. Motsinger, think all their work has gone to waste as they listen to a pep rally! Mrs. W. S. Wright English HI, IV, V 22 Mrs. Charles Hales Spanish I, n, m, IV. English I A warm smile and friendly counsel are typical of Mrs. Hales. as well as French and Spanish. Mrs. Greg Hicks English I French II, III C ' est la vie. Asi ' es la vida. French and Spanish courses have given us an understanding of cultures different from our own in some respects but much like ours in others. Listening to tapes and memorizing dialogues became a familiar part of the school day. Mrs. Hicks contemplates her lesson plans for the day. Mrs. C. M. Layman, Jr. French I, English I 23 Mr. Glenn Bemisderfer Chemistry Advanced Biology " From alittle spark may bursta mighty flame. " --Dante The fascination of the lab lures us on in the study of science where every question has its answer. Test tubes, bunsen burners, and in¬ structors in white coats form the mental picture of our science classes. Mr. " B. " and the Advanced Biology class brave the mountain wilderness in the interests of science. Science — man’s attempt to define the universe. Mr. William Carroll General Math Physical Science Mrs. C.H.B. Leonard Biology Physical Science Miss Brenda Vickers Biology Physical Science Modem Math keeps students in a whirl " Attempt the end, and never stand to doubt; Nothing so hard but search will find it out. " --Lovelace Mrs. Frank Hoover Consumer Math, General Math Physics, Basic Business Seniors and juniors with slide rules, sophomores with protractors, and freshmen with furrowed brows--such are the students of math. Mrs. J. Phillips Algebra I, Business Math Consumer Math Mrs. Kenneth Sink Algebra I, II Business Math Mr. Kenneth Sink Algebra I, II Business Math Mr. Banks Evans United States History Civics General Math " The heritage of the past is the seed that brings forth the harvest of the future. " -Unknown The heritage of the past became ours in history classes. Conscious of the value of such knowledge, our teach¬ ers admonished us to " Remember this date, " or " Don ' t forget this. " We will fondly remember the classes long after we ' ve forgotten the dates. Mr. Ernest Kirby World History Mrs. Farrell Koontz World History World Geography Social Studies instills an appreciation of the past. Mr. Don Nance Economics and Sociology Dramatics, U. S. History 26 ' Stonewall” Kirby L r. Mrs. Bill Cook Health and Physical Education Mr. Pete Jones Mr. Donald Palmer Health and Physical Education Advanced Physical Education General Math “Physical fitness goes hand in hand with moral and mental fitness. ” John F. Kennedy " The health of the people is really the founda¬ tion upon which all their happiness depends. " —Disraeli Physical education is a requirement for fresh¬ men, but our capable staff makes that require¬ ment a pleasure. In addition to the fun, we learn. We become more and more conscious of the importance of healthy bodies in rela¬ tion to healthy and alert minds. Mrs. Cook counts to make sure that all are present for exercises. Because of our fine commercial depart¬ ment headed by Miss Barney, our com¬ mercial students have little trouble find¬ ing a job. Commercial department cultivates Miss Joyce Collie Typing I, Shorthand I 1 ) Miss Patricia Reddick Typing I, Chorus accuracy and dependability " Time wasted is existence; used is life. " --Young This quotation could be the motto of our commercial department. We are proud that graduates of these courses are in great demand by local industries—proof of the high standards adhered to by our commercial teachers. You really do have a " short hand " . 28 Mrs. Parker aids freshman girls in preparing their first meal. Mrs. Harold Parker Home Economics I, II Vocational students prepare for future occupations Mr. C. R. Hill Agriculture II, IV Mr. Carl Tucker Agriculture I, III Striving to plan for the future opens the door to a wealth of invaluable experiences for our students. Home economics gives the girls a rich background for preparing themselves for womanhood. In the same manner, agriculture supplies boys with a greater understanding of the cultivation and use of soil as well as the cultivation and use of their minds. Producing one of the finest agricultural departments in the state are Mr. Tucker and Mr. Hill. " He that lovetha book, will never want afaithful friend, a whole¬ some counselor, a cheerful companion, an effectual comforter. " -Barrow The service rendered by our efficient librarian and her well trained assistants is a distinctive featuie of North Davidson. Numerous volumes have opened doors to rich treasures for those who read. Perhaps future librarians are molded by Mrs. Hanes. Library Science Mrs. John Hanes Library Science " If a man knows where to get good advice, it is as though he could supply it himself.” Mr. Drum has provided invaluable aid to all this year. His assistance has helped many frantic students select a college or choose a career. Guidance Mr. Kenneth Drum Guidance Mr. Drum studies college information in order to aid the frustrated seniors. 30 Reading Improvement Corrective Reading, new to our curriculum this year, is taught by Mrs. Hinkle. This course was devised to increase vocabulary, speed, and comprehension and is available to freshmen and sophomores during their study hall periods. Not a regular, but still a favorite, is Mrs. Hinkle. Driver ' s Education is necessary for every student before receiving his driver ' s license, and justly so. In this class a student learns important safety facts as well as receiving invaluable driving experience. Driver ' s Education " To drive or to wreck, " that is the question. 31 Band students listen as Mr. Jones explains the crowded schedule of ballgames and parades. Our band has improved with each performance. In future years familiar tunes will recall pleasant mem¬ ories in pep rallies, ballgames, and concerts. " Music is the universal language of mankind. " --Longfellow Mr. Tennyson Jones Band Band and Chorus add a musical note to the curriculum This is a familiar pose of Miss Reddick as she works with the chorus. There is music for Thanksgiv¬ ing, for Christmas, for Easter, or simply for our listening pleasure. Miss Reddick and Miss Fleming sup¬ ply the capable leadership while the students supply their voices. Journalism " I wonder howl can win the Polaroid camera without anyone suspecting me? " Speech Mrs. Revelle makes an inquiry as to why her speech class will be smaller again today. " Darn that annual! " Drama Giving directions as to where some props should be placed, we find Mr. Nance, our drama teacher. Seniors President-Greg Berrier Our senior year was the most memorable. Super¬ lative elections, class rings, scholarship nomina¬ tions all reflected the prestige which we had finally gained. At last it was our turn to furnish the school with presidents, editors, and captains. Victorious in athletics and academics, we played a vital role in making this one of North ' s greatest years. Treasurer Judy Leonard Senior Sponsors Miss Reddick Miss Collie Miss Barney Mrs. Motsinger Mrs. Wright Mrs. Hicks Vice-President Eddie Mahaffy Secretary Sandra Sink 34 WAYNE ANDERSON BOBBY ASHBY JOHN BANNER BRENDA BARKER After eleven long years—we are finally seniors! RAMONA BATES CONNIE BECK LOWELL BECK RONNIE BECK MARTHA BEESON BILLY BEMISDERFER GREG BERRIER 35 Seniors JOHNNY BERRIER JIM BOWERS CHARLES BOYD The year was filled with anxiety as college-bound ik. i JAMES CANNON CHRIS CARTER GARRY CLODFLETER WANDA CLODFELTER GAIL CONRAD PAT COOK JOYCE COOKE JACK COPPLEY LESLIE CRATER ROBERT CRAVER students anxiously awaited their acceptances HENRY CROTTS FRED CULLER LOMANE DAVIS Relieved seniors happily compare early acceptances. 37 SHARRAN DAVIS RICKY DeHART GARY DELLINGER LINDA DENTON Seniors in the Commercial Department Long hours spent at the typewriter characterize the days of the senior commercial students. SONNY DISHER CHARLIE DOSS JUDY DRAKE Seniors 38 EDDIE DRIVER JUDY ESSICK SHELIA ESSICK actively prepared for their futures BOBBY EVERHART ELAINE EVERHART JUDY EVERHART RANDY EVERHART SYLVIA EVERHART LINDA FENNELL 39 Seniors The football squad eagerly follows the action on the field. Senior Football Players commanded vital role in North’s winning the Conference, JOYCE FLOWE DONALD FLOWERS LINDA FLOWERS JANE FOX CAROL FRANKLIN JAMES FRIZZELL JOYCE GRUBB 40 LINDA HAGGARD BETTY HANES CHARLES HANES District) and Regional Championships JANE HANES RITA HARTLEY PAM HARTMAN JAMES HAYES VICKIE HEDRICK THOM HEGE 41 SANDRA HENDERSON JANIE HESTER Class Rings BOBBY HILL reflected the JACKIE HILL LARRY HILL SALLY SUE HOGAN JAY HOLDER CHRISTIE HUFFMAN STEVE HUNTER 42 Seniors JOHN HUTCHENS ROGER HYATT DONNA JAMES joy of being seniors Jimbo Wagner, Edward Lawrence, Jay Holder, and Hinley Truluck display their senior status symbols. CAROLYN JONES DAVID R. JONES STEVE JONES R. DAVID JONES 43 Merit Semi-Finalists Bobby Hill and Eddie Mahaffey display the " scholarship and dignity " rep¬ resentative of their position. Five National Merit Semi-Finalists BETTY KEPLEY JIMMY KOONTZ MICHAEL KOONTZ STEVE KOONTZ LINDA LANE GAYLE LANIER EDWARD LAWRENCE 44 Seniors JANET LAWSON CALVIN LEMLY CLARA LEONARD emerged from the ranks of the class RICHIE LEONARD SANDRA LEONARD TEX LEONARD 45 TOMMY LEONARD RANDY LESTER EUNICE LINEBERRY STEVE LONG We survived Alexander’s Algebra-Trig. LAURA MADDOX EDDIE MAHAFFEY CHARLES MARTIN " I wonder what all these little marks are for! " 46 Seniors ThomHege and Lomane Davis labor over chemistry equations. and Bemisderfer’s Advanced Biology JUDY MAYES PATSY Me FARLAND CYNTHIA McGLAMERY DOUG MEREDITH GEORGE MIZE BARBARA MOON BRENDA MOORE FIELD 47 KAREN MOSELEY LORICA MYERS LARRY MYERS ROBERT NICHOLSON Seniors found time for fun BILLY NIFONG RICHARD NIFONG CECIL NIFONG Student Council President Tex Leon¬ ard seems to enjoy pouring Cokes for break. 48 Seniors Acting out old maxims in English V proved to be more fun than work. in addition to time for work RONALD NIFONG WILLA NIFONG LINDA PARDEW HOMER PARKER TERRY PAYNE THERESA PERRYMAN MIKE PHILLIPS 49 BONNIE PIERCE Meetings and discussions MIKE PIERCE led to the PRISCILLA PORT IS adoption of BARRY SAINTSING DIANE SAINTSING FRANK SIDES Seniors JOHNNY SINK PAT SINK SANDRA SINK the Yellow Chrysanthemum as Class Flower FRANKLIN SMITH BECKY SMITH BONNIE SMITH KAYE SMITH The Yellow Chrysanthemum 51 Seniors convened in the auditorium to make plans for the year. NANCY SMITH GLENN SPAUGH CATHERINE STEWART MIKE STEWART Graduation arrived and we left RODNEY TREXLER HINLEY TRULUCK LEE URQUHART Library assistants begin the final end-of-the-year inventory. 52 Seniors North Davidson High School JIMBO WAGNER LINDA WAGNER STEVE WALKER ROGER WARD DAVID WEISNER KAREN WEISNER 53 Seniors JENNIFER WILLARD GAIL WILSON The year ended. As another begins, STEVE WHITE VICKIE WOOD BUNNY YOUNG Seniors ' faces were wreathed with smiles as the end drew near. 54 CALVIN YOUNG LINDA YOUNG LARRY ZIMMERMAN Seniors strive to live their Motto: “The difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer. ” A ir Fo rce A cademy Mascots HEIDI HOLDER DURWOOD BERRIER 55 Senior " mm ' : wmm • ts mt MOST VERSATILE- -Lomane Davis, Tex Leonard; MOST INTELLECTUAL--John Hutchens 56 57 MOST POPULAR- -Jay Holder; BEST LOOKING -Gail Conrad, Joel Ragan 58 BEST ALL AROUND--Greg Berrier, Christy Huffman; MOST POPULAR--Linda Flowers 59 MOST DEPENDABLE--Pat Sink; WIT TIE ST--Steve Long; MOST ATHLETIC—Vickie Wood 60 FRIENDLIEST— Elaine Everhart; MOST ATHLETIC--Mike Stewart; FRIENDLIEST--Robert Nicholson 6) I jssggyr Juniors Alexis Hinkle, President As Juniors, we were finally able to take part in all aspects of life at N.D. Our part was an active, alert one because we had to prepare ourselves to be the school leaders of ' 68. Meanwhile, we were proud of our new status, which was evident in tougher courses, larger yearbook pictures, more respect from Seniors, and the events by which we will remember our Junior year. Rena Funderburk, Secretary; Lonnie Ashby, Treasurer; Jeff Koonts, Vice President. 62 Glenda Alexander Terry Andrews Lonnie Ashby Brenda Banner Jimmy Beasley Gail Beck Ruth Beck Teressa Bemisderfer Anna Berrier Joan Berrier Becky Binkley Paul Blake Selling magazines, planning, working, dreaming—all for the success of the “ Junior-Senior” Glenn Blum Janice Boatright Joyce Boatright Dianna Bowers Touchdowns, baskets, runs justified pride in our junior Jackie Brandon Marlene Brewer Christine Brinkley Luzette Brinkley Norman Brown Roberta Brown Dennis Bryant Marilyn Burton Roy Byerly Art Caldwell Linda Carlson Ineta Cherry Linda Kay Clark Linda Clinard Harrell Clodfelter Wesley Crater Glenn Craver Randy Craver Ronnie Craver Sandy Davis athletes Vicky Disher Kay Dunn Hal Essick Randall Essick Belinda Everhart Danny Everhart Donna Everhart Moncie Everhart Patsy Everhart Rexanne Everhart Rodney Everhart Sylvia Everhart Marie Farmer Mike Farmer Beverly Fletcher Carlton Freedle Judy Freedle Ronnie Freeman Rena Funderburk Debbie Gallagher Linda Gambill Pam Greenwald Frankie Gregory Diane Grubb Junior Civitans, F.T.A., Honor Society, and Jerry Grubb Edith Hall Ronnie Hanes Roxie Hanes Linda Hatch Tommy Hayes Donald Haynes Carol Hege Shirley Hege Rene Henderson Carol Hester Cathy Hiatt Linda Hill Ronnie Hines Vickie Hines Alexis Hinkle Alpha Beta Gamma accepted Junior members Bonnie Hinkle Brenda Hinkle Craig Hinkle Teresa Hinkle Lanny Hoffman Ricky Hoffman Melvin Hollifield Ellen Holt Judy Horton Karen Huffstettler Bobby Hyatt Karen Hyatt James Irby Carolyn Ireland Elmer James Carrol Johnson Geraldine Johnson Henry Johnston Allan Jones Sue Jones Juniors Randy Vaughn and Glenn Craver compare P.S.A.T. scores. PSA T, College Night, and SA T turn our thoughts toward the future Allen Kearns Brenda Keith Molly Kepley Dwain Kimel Sammy King David Kite Eddy Koonts Jeff Koonts Joel Koontz Ted Koontz Tony Koontz Janice Lassiter June Latham Donna Leonard Gene Leonard Shirley Leonard Sally Link Ken Lyon Phyllis Martin Vicky Matthews Benny McCrary David McDaniel Regina Mendenhall Ponzi Merritt Yearbook and Newspaper assistants worked this year Junior Journalism students are a vital part of the Knight News staff. Juniors 70 Judy Michael James Milam Amy Miller Carole Mize Annette Myers Elizabeth Myers Linda Nifong Mike Nifong Ronnie Nifong Peggy Nobles Lynne Owen Clarence Parker in order to assume full responsibility next year Lydia Penry Wayne Peterson Barbara Phillips Jimmy Phillips Frankie Polston Sarah Polston Kathy Poole Mary Portis Andy Potts Kim Powell Marshals were George Powers Janice Presley Katrina Rector Pat Reid Sue Reid Eddy Scarbro Becky Shoaf Annette Shutt Doris Simerson Gail Simmons Bonnie Sink Danny Sink Juniors Bonnie Hinkle, David Weaver, and Christine Brinkley display studious habits typical of those Juniors chosen to be Marshals. chosen from those who excelled academically David Smith Sharon Smith Betty Sowers Cathy Sowers Wayne Sowers Kathy Spangler Gregg Stabler Brenda Starr Sharon Stone Joe Swicegood Bobby Taylor Tommy Taylor Brenda Thomas Elizabeth Thomas Margaret Transou John Turner Gail Tussey Jeff Tuttle Layne Urquhart Randy Vaughn Keith Vernon Keith Wagner Mary Wagner Penny Wagner Excited Juniors were measured Betsy Walser Donna Walser John Wayne Walser Beverly Watts David Weaver Diana Weaver Janice Weaver Pat Weaver Wayne Weaver Andrew Weavil Pat Westervelt Martha Whitaker Larry Wooten Wayne Wright Zona Young Glenda Younts for Class Rings Juniors Tony Koontz and Kim Powell enviously observe Senior Robert Nicholson ' s class ring. 75 Sophomores Our Sophomore year was filled with foreign language, geometry, and chemistry. We studied everything from perpendicular bisectors to re¬ dox numbers. The year was more difficult than any before; it was also more memorable. Steve Evans, Pres. Eddie Foltz, Vice Pres.; Ann Conrad, Sec,; Ned Craver, Treas. Dianne Ader Lewey Alexander Brice Allen Jennie Allgood Kathy Bailess Judy Ball Paul Bargoil Paulette Bargoil David Barlow Tony Barker We were 250 in number Craig Berrier Donna Berrier Jane Berrier Linda Berrier Sylvia Berrier Wayne Black Sharen Blair Bruce Blum Jimmy Bowers Nancy Brandon Rickie Bates Ronnie Bates Larry Beck Alan Berrier 77 Charles Brewer Andy Bridges Gary Burrow Lee Byerly Tommy Byerly Linda Cabe Tony Carlson Gloria Carroll Vickie Carter Gary Casey We lost last year’s green look Charles Craver Debbie Craver Karen Craver Mark Craver Mike Craver Ned Craver Toni Craver Tony Craver Perry Crotts Larry Cuthrell 78 Carlene Davis Jerry Davis Victor Davis Leu Dean DeLapp Scotty Dellinger Linda Donley Randy Doss Gary Doub John Drake Nancy Drake and gained one almost as bad nores Joey Estep Steve Evans Brenda Everhart Clarence Everhart Darrell Everhart Donna Driver Judy Edwards Kenneth Eller Linda Eller Donna Essick Randy Essick David Everhart James Everhart Jean Everhart Linda Everhart Margaret Everhart 79 Mike Everhart Steve Everhart Vickie Everhart Dianna Fennell Jennie Fine Minehardt Fishel Danny Flack Eddie Foltz Judy Foltz Carol Freedle Many new responsibilities David Freedle Steve Fritts Linda Frye Billy Galloway David Gregory Dale Griggs Earnest Hall Patricia Hamby Albertia Hamilton Joanne Hanes 80 Keith Hanes Martha Hanes Peggy Hanes Linda Hardwick Mike Harper Clayton Hartley Patty Hartley Joyce Hartman Norman Haskins Deborah Hedgecock Kathy Hedrick Ronnie Hedrick Van Hege Veta Helms Lynn Henderson David Hester blend with Sophomores’ active days Debby Hildreth Jimmy Hill Steve Hill Charles Hinkle Harvey Hinkle Linda Horton Julie Huneycutt Henry Imes David Jackson Gary Jarrett 81 Richard Jolly Ann Jones Durwood Jones Milton Jones Perry Kearns Karen Kepley Sylvia Kirby Phillip Kiser Steve Knight Tim Koontz Tony Koontz Barbara Lambeth Ricky Lanier Mike Latham Joy Lawson David Lee Bobby Leonard Sophomores found classes harder Calvin Leonard Judy Leonard Linda Leonard Shirley Leonard Travis Leonard David Link Jo Anna McAlpine 82 Turn about is fair play. Dwain Mendenhall Kay Mendenhall Mike Mendenhall Brenda Michael Perry Michael Doug McCrary Shirley McCrary Cindy Mahaffey Vickie Mayes and books heavier Benny Miller Gary Miller Kent Miller Carole Ann Mize Bobby Moon Steve Morgan Doug Moseley Dennis Moser Danny Moss Steve Musgrave 83 Delbert Myers Kermit Myers Margaret Myers Jeanie Nelson Cheryl Nifong Dallas Nifong Patricia Nifong Terry Pardew Tommy Pardu Ruth Park Donald Payne Roger Pennix Beverly Perryman Jimmy Perryman Tim Perryman Shirley Peterson Tim Phelps Shirley Phillips We participated in sports Marty Pitts Jean Poindexter Barry Pope Jan Proehl Ralph Proto Lynn Raines Mike Reich Florence Reid Dorothy Rhycroft Danny Riddle ■84 Jane Ripple Terry Rothrock Pat Schlacter Keith Scott Susan Shillinglaw Ann Shoaf Linda Shouse Toni Sidden Irvin Sink Gayle Smith nores Jo Ellen Smith Kathy Smith Sherry Smith Kenneth Smoot Bobby Snyder Jerry Snyder Kay Snyder Mike Sowers and crammed for semester exams ”2 + 2 was 4 until new math. " 85 Sandra Sowers Sally Spainhour Gene Spaugh Jackie Speaks Terry Speaks Ronald Spivey Johnnie Spurlin Joe Starbuck Tim Stewart Tom Stewart i A difficult yet memorable year has passed Jane Swing Charles Taylor Karen Taylor Henry Thomas Johnny Thomas Alice Thomason Brenda Transou George Trantham Jerry Tuttle Vern Tuttle Brenda Tussey Sandra Tysinger Terry Utt Neal Vernon Barbara Wagner Becky Walser Kathy Walser Rhonda Walser Shelby Walser Sylvia Walters Celia Whicker Ted Wilson mores Carol Wooten Luci Lee Wright The title “Jolly Juniors” belongs to us " Two average sophomores??” Freshmen Irond Storey-President The last and largest freshman class, we entered North Davidson in the fall of 1966, inexperienced and timid, yet eager. Quickly, however, we became accustomed to the routine of class changes, study halls, and new faces. After a while, even the title, " green " freshmen ceased to annoy us. Our freshman year has been a time of fun and memories; we will always recall it as one of the best parts of high school life. Freshman Class Officers Donna Zimmerman .Vice President Elizabeth Thomas .... Secretary Dick Brandon.Treasurer 88 Ann Allen David Anderson Gary Bailess Rick Bailey Rhonda Ball Buel Barker Kathy Barker Patricia Barker Gary Bates Ann Beck Clinton Beck Sandra Beckerdite Dottie Berrier Jack Berrier Phil Berrier Vickie Berrier Kathy Black Debbie Blackburn Donald Bodenheimer Jim Boyd Dick Brandon Vickie Brandon Joey Brinkley Kay Bryant Ricky Bullin 276—We were the largest class ever Harold Burns Iwona Burrow Brenda Butner Patsy Butner Danny Byerly Patsy Cannon Glenda Cecil Pat Clark Freshmen The changing of classes quickly be¬ came a routine part of the freshmen day. Hall monitors directed us Karen Clodfelter Kathy Clodfelter Beverly Cockerham Kenneth Collins Kathy Conrad Harold Cook Joy Cook Martha Cooper Debbie Craven Debbie Craver Hubie Craver Mike Craver Sue Craver Vickie Davis Jay DeHart Melvin Dickerson Janet Donley Karen Dorsett Thomas Duffey Norma Durham Jane Duvall Joel Essick Marjorie Essick Ann Essick Barney Everhart 90 Sue Everhart Yvonne Everhart Johnny Everhart Norman Everhart Paulette Everhart Mary Flack Audrey Foltz Sharon Foltz when we were lost Steve Forrest Willard Franklin Bonnie Freedle Daisy Freedle Don Gibby Stephen Gibson Vickie Gobble Diane Godbey Melva Grubb Sylvia Grubb Faye Gwaldney Marie Hailey Deborah Hall Sharon Hall Donna Hamdy Bobby Hanes Penny Hanes Regina Hanes Shelby Hanes Sue Hanes Larry Hartley Laura Hartley Linda Hartley Belinda Hartman Tommy Hartman 91 Danny Haynes Muncy Haynes Charles Hedrick Jane Hedrick Marie Hedrick David Hege Patricia Hege Sylvia Hege Shirley Hemric James Hepler Buddy Herman Larry Hiatt Betty Hill Brenda Hill Debbie Hill Mary Hill Tommy Hill Rick Hill Geraldean Hines Joe Hinkle Martha Hinkle Ricky Hinkle Mike Hollifield Carol Holton Claudette Honeycutt P.E. students felt the cold of the gym Sandra Horton Ronnie Hulin Bruce Hutchins Gay Hutchins Rebecca Hyatt Patricia Irby Adelia James Debra Johnson Freshmen Gaye Johnson Kim Johnson Ricky Johnson Sandra Johnson Ted Johnson Tim Johnson Rebecca Jolley Sandra Jones Kenneth Joyner Mark Kimel Tanya Kimel Brenda Kirby Lois Kite Barbara Koontz Beth Koontz Donald Koontz Vernon Koontz Linda Lambeth Claudia Lanier Joyce Lanier Debbie Largen Jeanna Latham Roger Lawson Marian Lemby Claude Leonard a winter day Debbie Leonard Douglas Leonard Doyle Leonard Jimmy Leonard Teddy Leonard Gladys Levett Bobby Link Donald Link Freshmen Gary Linville David Long Micheal Long Priscilla Long Connie Lovette David Lynn Stedham Maddox Anthony Martin We were lost in a maze Charlie Matthews Judy McGlamery Sherry Mendenhall Curt Meredith Donald Miller Elizabeth Miller Rebecca Miller Rita Miller Tony Mize Bobbie Moore Brenda Moss Mark Motsinger Sue Motsinger Gary Murphy Martha Murphy Gary Myers Eugene Nifong Greg Nifong Randy Nifong Judy Owen Mary Jo Peeler Clyde Penry Glenn Perryman Ronnie Perryman Ricky Phelps 94 Allen Phillips Carolyn Phillips Terrie Polk Shirley Polston Tim Pope Jeff Proehl Shirley Queen Eric Reich of lectures and library passes Paula Reid Fannie Renigar Archie Reynolds Tommy Reynolds Terry Robbins Jeff Robertson Ronald Rogers Janet Saunders Jill Scott Jerry Shipley Rita Shoaf Lorett Sides Ralph Simmons James Simms Donald Sink Donna Sink Ester Sink Kenneth Sink Phylis Sink Ray Sink Barry Sizemore Garry Sizemore Beverly Smith Darrell Smith Debbie Smith 95 Paula Snider Felix Snyder Susan Spainhour David Spangler Judy Spaugh Deborah Stamey Jackie Stoner Irond Story Pat Swain Garland Swiney Becky Swing Debbie Teal Melissa Tesh Elizabeth Thomas Linda Thomas Bobby Thomas Deborah Turner Maston Turner We have survived a memorable freshman Becky Wagner Lee Wagner Avery Walker Foyle Walser Jane Walser Diane Ward 96 Sandra Ward Judy Watts Dottie Weaver Steve Weaver Barbara Weisner Jerry Weisner Sam Welch Pam White Sharon White Deborah Wilson Bobby Wimmer Doug Wood Mike Woosley Terry Woosley Gray Younts Chris Younts Connie Younts Wanda Younts Donna Zimmerman year to become “Silly Sophomores ” " I ' ll show you how it ' s done. " 97 A thing of beauty is a joy forever; its loveliness increases; It will never pass into nothingness. --John Keats !» • Events Adding excitement to the daily grind are outstanding scholars, the crowning of school beauties, dances, and drama productions. These things make up the bustling routine of our yearly EVENTS. Miss North Davidson Miss Carolyn Jones From a group of eleven contestants, the student body selected Miss Carolyn Jones to receive the coveted title of Miss North Davidson for 1966-67. North Davidson is proud to have a beauty like Carolyn to represent it in various beauty pageants. Homecoming Homecoming Queen Miss Gail Conrad Vickie Wood, Linda Flowers, Martha Beeson Court Homecoming of 1966 was climaxed not only by another victory for North, but also by the crowning of lovely Miss Gail Conrad. Only one queen can be crowned, but these ten re¬ maining beauties retain their regal¬ ity as members of the queen ' s court. FIRST ROW--Sandra Sink, Willa Nifong. SECOND ROW--Nancy Smith, Karen Moseley Elaine Everhart, Christy Huffman, Carolyn Jones Student Council Presented “Hello Young Lovers ” The 1967 Valentine Court MEMBERS—Zimmerman, Walker, Mendenhall, Nifong, Hedrick, Hinkle, Clodfelter, Gibson, Mendenhall, Pinn ex, Huneycutt, Hensley, Miller, Nifong, Coleman, Dellinger, Kepley, Koonts, Wagner, Tuttle, Huffman, Koontz, Greenwald, Gentle, Conrad, Parker, Brandon, Ashby, Sink, Berrier, Hanes, Driver, Moseley, Lawrence, Smith, Stewart, Swing, Tuttle, Everhart, Crater, Starr, Powell, Bailess, Carlson, Everhart, Fritts, Mahaffey, Knight, Smith, Riddle, Clod¬ felter, Craver, Hanes, Hartman, Largen, Leonard, Storey, Simms. With all decorations finally intact, the music began, and the atmosphere of our gymnasium was changed from one of chal¬ lenge and excitement to one of poise and formality. 104 as the Theme of the Annual Valentine Dance Valentine King and Queen The annual Valentine dance was highlighted by the crowning of Greg Berrier as Valentine King and Pat Sink as his Queen. 105 Homecoming Sponsors--Pam Hartman, Jane Fox, Janet Lawson, Becky Smith, Jane Hanes, Paula Leonard, Lomane Davis Homecoming Sponsors Homecoming Sponsors—Paula Swain, Ann Conrad, Cathy Spangler, Jackie Brandon, Sue Reid, Amy Miller, Elizabeth Myers, Pam Greenwald, Becky Shoaf. Not Pictured--Brenda Keith 106 Twirp Days For the second year the Pep Club sponsored " Twirp Days. " Girls took over the duties of boys such as opening doors, carrying books, and buying drinks. Ten girls, along with their male sponsors, were chosen as members of the Twirp Court. The court was presented at a pep rally at the end of the week and the King and Queen were crowned. Members of the 1966 Twirp Court were: King Greg Berrier, escorted by Queen Elaine Everhart. The court looks on as the king and queen are crowned. During Twirp Week, a girl with an armload of books was a common sight. Gail Conrad . . Wanda Clodfelter Elaine Everhart Priscillia Portis Linda Carlson . Sue Reid .... Pam Greenwald Ann Conrad . . . Julie Honeycutt . Claudia Lanier . Richie Leonard David Weisner . Greg Berrier . Tex Leonard . . Paul Blake . . Joel Ragan . Randy Lester . Mike Stewart Fred Culler . Ronnie Beck 107 Top Juniors Chosen As Marshals (top to bottom)--FIRST ROW--Jeff Koonts, LydiaPenry, Brenda Starr, AnnaBerrier, Bonnie Hinkle-CHIEF. SECOND ROW--David Weaver, Alexis Hinkle, Sarah Polston, Jackie Brandon, Christine Brinkley. 108 Seniors Won Impressive Scholarships Several winners of outstanding scholar¬ ships emerged from this year ' s senior class. National Merit, Morehead, and Reynolds Scholars, coupled with athletic grant winners, continued to heighten North ' s reputation. In addition to the winners pictured here, partial athletic grants were awarded to Mike Stewart, Jimbo Wagner, and Randy Lester. National Merit Finalists from North Davidson are (top to bottom) Richie Leonard, Bobby Hill, Larry Hill, Eddie Mahaffey, and Judy Leonard. Senior Richie Leonard became the third Morehead Scholar in North Davidson history. Judy Leonard gained the distinction of becoming North ' s first Reynolds Scholar. Big John Banner signed a grant-in- aid to Pfeiffer College valued at $ 7 , 600 . 109 The Black Masque Presented Director--Mr. Don Nance Employing a minimum of scenery, " Our Town " is a vivid portrayal of smalltown American life. After weeks of steady practice, the dramatics department gave two performances, on October 27 and 29. The Cast Thorton Wilder’s “Our Town ” The simple and tender love between George Gibbs and Emily Webb is the focal point of " Our Town " . The audience watches . . . as they fall in love, The stage manager, played by Thom Hege, explains the action as the play progresses. as they are married, In Retrospect 1965-66 The events of last year which occurred after publication of the yearbook are not to be forgotten. With the spring and summer months come the May Dance, another drama production, and the continuous striving of some students to further their education through summer study. In retrospect we maintain these fond memories. Rendezous in the Stars” Sponsored by the F.T.A., an evening of excitement with a " Rendezvous in the Stars " made our fairyland dreams come true. 1966 May Court--Smith, D. Wagner, Kepley, Doss, Myers, J. Wagner, Huffman, Trexler, Flowers, Berrier, Largen, P. Berrier, McCrary, Shoaf, Hege, Nifong, Thompson, Onan, Yountz, J. Leonard, Conrad, T. Leonard, Sink, Essicks, Ellerbe, K. Wagner, Brandon, Truluck, Ripple, Ashby, Craver, Taylor. 113 “The Clown That Ran Away” captivated audience Dodo t he Clown, played by John Knight, gallavants with Gladys, the horse. The comical Black Masque pro¬ duction of " The Clown that Ran Away " told the story of an unloved clown, Dodo, and how he saved Mr. Frump- kins Doll Shoppe. fkins r oil Shoppe Dodo recounts his troubles to the audience. The dolls from Mr.Frumpkins Doll Shoppe thank their rescuer. Students Attended Summer Sessions Each year, a few students attend various summer sessions. Some appointments, such as the Governor ' s School, serve as rewards for aca¬ demic achievement; others prepare students to assume positions of re¬ sponsibility in the school. Jimmy Leonard and Bonnie Hinkle were two of the select few chosen to study under the auspices of the National Science Foundation, Jimmy at the University of North Carolina, and Bonnie at East Carolina College. Richie Leonard and Judy Leonard, editors of the year¬ book and newspaper, attended the North Carolina Scho¬ lastic Press Institute to gain a better understanding of their responsibilities. Glenda Alexander and Kay Smith were two of the North Carolina students chosen to attend the elite Governor ' s School. Tex Leonard and Lomane Davis attended the Student Council Convention held at Mars Hill College in order to better fulfill their duties as Presidentand Secretary of North ' s Student Council. Representing the Junior Civitans, Lomane Davis and Thom Hege spent a week at the Junior Civitan retreat, Wild Acres. Services What makes N. D. tick? . . . the combined efforts of many unselfish people who give of themselves as well as their time. The backbone of a school is often misinterpreted to be solely the re¬ sults of the principal and teachers. However, also included in this vital process are valuable services ren¬ dered by the office staff, teacher as¬ sistants, substitute teachers, library assistants, lunchroom staff, projec¬ tion staff, lab assistants, bus drivers, and custodians. Grateful appreciation is extended to these people for helping our school to tick . . . louder and louder each year. Our sincere appreciation and thanks are extended to Mr. Joe Hinkle for the time, effort, and patience he has put forth in the photography of theNORDAHI. No matter what the circumstances, Johnny Everhart, Donald Byerly, and Donald Gibby, are ever faithful in their duty of raising " Old Glory. " Lunchroom Staff Marie Hanes Supervisor Ethel Walser Edith Fritts Martha Swicegood Margaret Swicegood Ruby Freedle Josie Shoaf Custodians Maurice Leak, Catherine Roseboro, Clay Carr Tuttle Office Assistants Office Assistants--Romana Bates, Pat Cook, Leslie Crater, Sharon Davis, Jane Hanes, Brenda Morefield, Karen Moseley, Linda Pardew, Becky Smith, Bonnie Smith, Nancy Smith, Jennifer Willard, Gaile Wilson, Bunny Young, Sponsor--Mrs. Berrier. Teacher Assistants [ ’ u |gjg 1 LjH I | j Teacher Assistants--FIRST ROW--Smith, Essick, Willard, Pierce, Sink, Cook, Brinkley. SECOND ROW--Wilson, Nifong, Franklin, Denton, Hanes, Flowe, Sink, Fox. THIRD ROW--Moseley, Becky Smith, Bonnie Smith, Young, Ever¬ hart, Pardew, Bates, Crater, Myers, Perryman. Audio-Visual Assistants ASSISTANTS--Allgood, Banner, Bates, Beck, Berrier, Burrow, Burton, Clodfelter, Coleman, Craver, Davis, Essick, Everhart, Hanes, Harper, Hartley, Hedrick, Henderson, Hoffman, Hollifield, Johnston, Kiser, Leonard, Martin, Miller, Moss, Pope, Queen, Scott, Shouse, Sink, Swiney, Swing, Trantham, Utt, Weaver, Wright. Lab Assistants SULFATES CHLORIDES BROMIDES IODIDES COMPOUNDS SILICATES SULFIDES SULFITES SEATED--Hyatt, Robbins, Bemisderfer, Sink, Koontz, Leonard, Mr. Bemisderfer. STANDING--Coppley, Brinkley, Lyons, Lynn, Clifton, Snyder, Jones, Wagner, Davis. 119 Partnership is not a principle, but a relationship between persons who share in a common enterprise, involving common risks, common privileges, and common re¬ sponsibilities. Everything depends on the reality of our partnership with one another. --George Craig Stewart. Organizations A basic fundamental of life at North David¬ son was the various activities which make life more interesting and challenging. With the growing number of students came more and larger clubs to offer services to the community and school. These clubs offered increased op¬ portunities of leadership for each student, help¬ ing to cultivate citizenship and character. Student Council Drafted Lomane Davis Secretary The adoption of a new constitu¬ tion which reformed election proce¬ dures was the greatest accomplish¬ ment of the 1966-67 Student Council. In addition, the Student Council oper¬ ated the concession stand, and again sponsored the Homecoming and Val¬ entine dances. Paula Swain Treasurer 122 Tex Leonard and Lomane Davis balance the books for the World ' s Finest Chocolate sale. Mrs. Proto and Mrs. Hales, Student Council Spon¬ sors, give advice to the student body leaders. New Constitution l MB ; w M » M IHJ| i§i ' 1 yi | | Jh zifci X 1 .,. Members--FIRST ROW--Ned Craver, Eddie Foltz, Terry Pardew, TomStewart, Clayton Hartley, Steve Evans, Steve Gibson. SECOND ROW--Irond Storey, Donna Zimmerman, Cindy Mahaffey, Jane Berrier, Martha Hinkle, Debbie Largen, Jackie Brandon, Sandra Sink, Bonnie Hinkle, Rhonda Ball, Janet Saunders, Lydia Penry, Vickie Wood. THIRD ROW--Kim Powell, Glenn Craver, David Weaver, Belinda Hartman, Tex Leonard, Thom Hege, Rena Funderburk, Sally Link, Sue Motsinger, Paula Swain, Joyce Brinkley, Wanda Clodfelter, Kay Snider, Alexis Hinkle, Lomane Davis. FOURTH ROW--Doug Meredith, Greg Berrier. 123 Nordahi Staff Worked Sponsof—Mrs. Motsinger Editor-in-Chief--Richie Leonard, Assistant editor—Alexis Hinkle 124 Busily on the Yearbook Senior editor--Lomane Davis, Junior editor—Glenda Alexander, Sophomore editor--Minehardt Fishel, Freshman editor--Donna Zimmerman Sports editors--Greg Berrier, Vickie Wood. Assistants--Jeff Koontz, Debbie Galagher Photographers—Keith Charles, Jack Coppley, Jeff Tuttle Copy editor—Wanda Clodfelter, Assistant--Penny Wagner 125 Knight News Kept Running the KNIGHT NEWS is the hectic job of Assistant Editor Glenda Alexander and Editor-in-chief Judy Leonard. Covering the events as they happen, KNIGHT NEWS reporters are Diana Bowers, Janet Lawson, Roberta Brown, Lynne Owen, and Gail Conrad. Pam Hartman, Bonnie Pierce, Kay Smith, Theresa Perryman, Rita Hartley, and Gail Beck are included in the KNIGHT NEWS composition staff. Student Body Informed Art work for the KNIGHT NEWS is the task of artists Barbara Phillips and Carolyn Jones. Class editors for the KNIGHT NEWS are Junior Pat Westervelt, Senior Gail Conrad, Freshman Ted Leo¬ nard, and Sophomore Eddie Foltz. 127 Reporting about North ' s athletic events is the domain of Sports Editors Brenda Keith and Ken Lyons. Members--FIRST ROW—Judy Leonard, Nancy Smith, Gayle Lanier, Jane Fox, Lomane Davis. SECOND ROW-- Sandra Sink, Christy Huffman, Linda Flowers, Donna James, Patsy McFarland, Gail Conrad, Bert Wagner. THIRD ROW--Jimmy Leonard, Mikie Robbins, Roger Hyatt, Richie Leonard, John Hutchens, Bobby Hill. Future Teachers Sponsored Annual May Dance Officers--Judy Leonard-V. Pres., Lomane Davis-Pres., Nancy Smith-Secretary, Jane Fox-Treasurer, Gayle Lanier, Historian. Sponsor--Miss Reddick Sponsor--Miss Barney 128 Members--FIRST ROW--Hill, Powell, Hayes, T. Leonard, Lyons, Wagner, Weaver, Vaughn, Essick, Lester, J. Leo¬ nard, Koonts. SECOND ROW--Huffman, Hinkle, Flowers, Brinkley, Berrier, Everhart, Johnson, Fox, Flowe, Hender¬ son, Essick, Potts, Presley, Wagner, Davis. THIRD ROW--Tuttle, Sink, Link, P. Everhart, Funderburk, Phillips, Bemisderfer, James, Lanier, Moseley, E. Everhart, Nifong, Hege. Junior Civitans Served Their Fellow Students OFFICERS--Thom Hege-Pres., Jeff Tuttle-V. Pres., Linda Flowers-Sec., Rena Funderburk-Treas., Jeff Koonts-Chaplain, Lomane Davis-Reporter. ft® raw Wkfe ' s® fl » 4 l|sS|kV T ; , II tart ? jjLJt % isaa IHf i M - - 3 : .0 v : 11 |gB aHes mWj (Mfc? W |g|j K • ' m r b i, y2 -« 55; ss Members--FIRST ROW--Thom Hege, Eddie Mahaffey, Bobby Hill, Jimmy Leonard, John Hutchens. SECOND ROW-- VickieWood, Wanda Clodfelter, Judy Leonard, Kaye Smith, Sandra Sink, Bonnie Hinkle. THIRD ROW--David Weaver, Richie Leonard, Jeff Koonts. National Honor Society Inducted Eleven New Members Sponsors—Mrs. Revelle, Mrs. Wright Officers--SEATED--Judy Leonard-Treas., Sandra Sink-Sec. STANDING--Bobby Hill-Pres., Thom Hege-V. Pres. Members--SEATED--Mike Pierce, Judy Leonard, Richie Leonard, Lomane Davis, John Hutchens, Jack Coppley. STANDING--Theresa Bemisderfer, Glenda Alexander, Tim Stewart, Rexanne Everhart. Forensic Society Debated in Various Tournaments Richie Leonard President First Negative Lomane Davis Vice President First Affirmative John Hutchens Secretary Second Affirmative Judy Leonard Mrs. Revelle Treasurer Sponsor Second Negative 131 Alpha Beta Gamma OFFICERS--Jackie Brandon-reporter, Vickie Wood-Sec., Roger Hyatt- Treas., Jimmy Leonard-Pres., Kim Powell-V. Pres. Science Clubs Fostered Members--Banner, Bemisderfer, Berrier, Brandon, Brinkley, Coppley, Davis, Frizzell, Hayes, C. Hege, T. Hege, Henderson, Hill, Hinkle, Hunter, Hyatt, Koonts, Lawrence_, Jimmy Leonard, Judy Leonard, Ted Leonard, Tex Leonard, Link, Lyon, Mahaffey, Meredith, Nicholson, Richard Nifong, Ronald Nifong, Potts, Powell, Ragan, Robbins, Sink, Smith, Starr, Stewart, Trexler, Truluck, Tussey, Urquhart, Wagner, J. Wagner, Weaver, Weisner, Westervelt, Wood. 132 Alpha Bi Sci OFFICERS--Donna Zimmerman-Treas., Lynn Henderson-Sec., Ned Craver-Pres., Keith Scott-V. Pres., Bobby Leonard-Sergeant-at-arms, Kay Snyder-Reporter. Interest In Nature Members--Berrier, D. Brandon, V. Brandon, Carlson, Conrad, Craver, Crotts, Davis, J. Davis, V. Davis, Dellinger, Dorsett, Drake, Foltz, Gibson, Godbey, Hardwick, Hartley, Hartman, Henderson, Hinkle, Hulin, Kirby, Kiser, Knight, Largen, Leonard, D. Leonard, Lynn, Maddox, Mahaffey, Owen, Pardew, Perryman, Phillips, Polk, Reich, Scott, Sink, Smith, Snyder, Stewart, Brenda Tussey, Walters, Whicker, Zimmerman. 133 MEMBERS--FIRST ROW--Pierce, Parker, Ashby, E.Koonts, J. Koonts, Tuttle, Parker, Doss. SECOND ROW--Pete Jones-Sponsor, Smith, Nifong, Funderburk, Flowers, Moseley, Huffman, Wood, Sink, Truluck, Wagner, Don Palmer- Sponsor. THIRD ROW--Don Nance-Sponsor, Lester, Banner, Ragan, Bemisderfer, Berrier, Stewart, Beck, Lawrence, Ernest Kirby-Sponsor. FOURTH ROW--Robbins, Walker, Holder, Hunter, Koontz, Saintsing. Monogram Club Viewed Wake Forest-Memphis State Game OFFICERS--Becky Smith-Reporter, Rena Funderburk- Treas., Sandra Sink-Sec., Randy Lester-Pres., Lonnie Ashby-V. Pres. 134 OFFICERS--Elaine Everhart, Janice Presley-Co-treasurers, Gail Conrad- Sec., Burt Wagner-V. Pres., Sandra Henderson-Pres., Randall Essick-Ser- geant-at-arms, Glenda Alexander-Constitution Chairman, Kaye Smith-Re¬ porter, Ann Conrad-Asst. Sec. and Treas. Pep Club Helped Boost School Spirit MEMBERS--Alexander, L. Alexander, Bemisderfer, Berrier, Boatright, J. Boatright, Bowers, Brandon, J. Brandon, Brewer, Brinkley, Carlson, Clodfelter, Conrad, G. Conrad, Carver, Drake, Eller, Essick, Everhart, P. Everhart, Foltz, Gambill, Greenwald, Gwattney, Hanes, P. Hanes, S. Hanes, Hartman, Henderson, R. Henderson, S. Henderson, Hill, Hinkle, Hoffman, Honeycutt, Hyatt, James, D. James, Kearns, Keith, Knight, Lanier, G. Lanier, Latham, Leonard, Long, Lyon, Mendenhall, McFarlan, McGlamer, Motsinger, Nifong, Phillips, S. Phillips, Polston, Portis, P. Portis, Presley, Proto, Reid, Ripple, Simmerson, Sink, Smith, K. Smith, S. Smith, Sowers, Stone, Spangler, Taylor, Wagner, L. Wagner, Weisner, Westervelt, Whicker. 135 MEMBERS--Anderson, Ashby, Beck, Brown, Byerly, Connor, Clodfelter, Hanes, Hege, Hill, J, Hill, Hines, Jones, S. Jones, Koontz, Leonard, T. Leonard, Martin, Myers, Nifong, C. Nifong, Payne, T. Payne, Reid, Sides, Spaugh, Ward, White, Zimmerman, Blum, G. Blum, Bowers, Byerly, Freedle, Grubb, Hanes, Hinkle, Hoffman, James, John¬ ston, G. Johnston, Leonard, Nifong, Parker, Phillips, Sink, Swing, Urquhart, Walser, Weaver, Wooten, Allen, Bargoil, Black, Byerly, R. Byerly, Craver, Doss, Estep, Everhart, Flack, Freedle, Fritts, Hedrick, Hege, Hester, Jones, Koontz, T. Koontz, Leonard, T. Leonard, Link, McCrary, Micheal, Miller, L. Miller, Moon, Moseley, Moss, Musgrave, Nifong, Proehl, Sprulin, Starbuck, Surratt, Swicegood, Bates, Berrier, Bowers, Bullin, Burns, Collins, Cook, DeHart, Duffey, Essick, Everhart, Franklin, Hanes, Hartley, Haynes, Hepler, Herman, Hiatt, Hill, T. Hill, Hutchens, Johnson, T. Johnson, Keaton, Koontz, Lawson, Leonard, Leonard, Link, D. Link, Long, Mahala, Mize, Moore, Motsinger, Murphey, Nifong, Perryman, Powell, Proehl, Robertson, Rogers, Shipley, Sink, R. Sink, Smith, Smoot, Turner, Wal¬ ser, Weaver, Weisner, Wood, Woosley, T. Woosley, Younts, C. Younts, G. Younts. Future Farmers Continued Progressive Record OFFICERS--Jimmy Leonard-Reporter, Dale Griggs-Sec., Jim Bowers-Treas., Steve Jones-Sentinel, ThomHege-Pres., Bobby Hill-V. Pres. F.F.A. Sweetheart Christine Brinkley Sponsors--Mr. Hill, Mr. Tucker Sponsor--Mrs. Parker OFFICERS--AnnaBerrier-Historian, Gail Conrad-Treas., Alexis Hinkle- V. Pres., Christy Huffman-Pres., Jane Fox-Sec., GayleLanier- Recreation Leader, Molly Kepley-Reporter. Future Homemakers Convened in Raleigh Ball, Banner, Barker, Beck, Beckerdite, A. Berrier, D. Berrier, Jane Berrier, JoanBerrier, Blair, Janice Boatright, Joyce Boatright, Bowers, N. Brandon, V. Brandon, Cecil, A. Conrad, G. Conrad, Craver, DeLapp, Duvall, L. Ever¬ hart, P. Everhart, Fennell, Fletcher, Flowers, Foltz, Fox, Gambill, Gwaltney, Haggard, Hall, Hamilton, P. Hanes, S. Hanes, Henderson, Hiatt, A. Hinkle, B. Hinkle, Holton, Huffman, Imes, A. James, D. James, Jones, B. Koontz, M. Koontz, K. Keplty, M. Keplty, G. Lanier, J. Lanier, Latham, Lemley, D. Leonard, S. Leonard, McFarland, Moorefield, Nifong, Peeler, C. Phillips, L. Phillips, Renegar, Saunders, A.Shoaf, B.Shoaf, R. Shoaf, Shouse, Sidden, Sink, Smith, Snider, Sowers, Swain, Swing, Taylor, Tesh, Thomas, B. Transon, M. Transon, Thomas, Turner, Walser, Wilson, Young. OFFICERS--Sandra Henderson-V. Pres., Betty Sowers-Pres., Linda Flowers-Sec., Janice Weaver-Reporter , Cathy Hiatt-Tre as. Future Nurses Toured Several Institutions JHpW Ji Jt ? j Members--FIRST ROW--Potts, Henderson, G ilagher, Wagner, Weaver, Hiatt, Allgood, Mahaffey, Mendenhall, Hinkle, Kepley. SECOND ROW--Starr, Flowers, Davis, McGlamery, Shoaf, Sowers, Westervelt, Sowers, Nobles, Smith, B. Smith. Sponsor-Miss Collie Mr. FBLA Miss FBLA James Frizzell Becky Smith OFFICERS--Elaine Everhart-V. Pres., Molly Kepley-Pres., Pam Greenwald-Treas. Not pictured--Priscilla Portis, Sec. Future Business Leaders Published Student Directories Beck, Berrier, Boatright, Essick, Everhart, Fennell, L. Fennell, Frizzell, Gamill, Greenwald, Hiatt, Hinkle, Hyatt, Ireland, Kepley, Leonard, Mendenhall, Micheal, Mize, Nifong, Phillips, Portis, P. Portis, Saintsing, Smith, Sowers, Stone, Tussey, Weaver, Willard, Wilson, Wagner. BUS DR1VERS--REGULARS--Beasley, Berrier, G. Carver, R. Carver, DeHart, Driver, Everhart, Greedle, Hanes, Hayes, Hill. Hogan, Hyatt, D. Jones, S. Jones, Kimel, King, J. Koontz, S. Koontz, Leonard, Long, Martin, Sink, Spaugh, Trexler, Vaughn, Wagner, Weisner, Zimmerman. SUBSTITUTE BUS DRIVERS--Bemisderfer, Clodfelter, Disher, Everhart, Farmer, Hoffman, Jones, Merrit, Powell, Sides, Taylor, Tuttle. Bus Drivers Received Salary Increase SPONSOR--Mr. Gathings OFFICERS--Davis W e i s n e r-Treas., Bert Wagner- Pres., Glenn Craver-V. Pres., Pat Sink-Sec., Thom Hege-Parliamentarian. 140 MEMBERS--FIRST ROW--Hoffman, Franklin, Bates, Wright, Perryman. SECOND ROW--Leonard, Henderson, Hin¬ kle, Weaver, Burton, Cook, Pierce, Brown. THIRD ROW--Hanes, Yountz, Moorefield, Shouse, Everhart, Haggard, Mize, Beck. FOURTH ROW--Berrier, Banner. Library Club Purchased New Equipment 14 North Davidson Marching Band jS w r t . iJfc it- fl .• ' 1 . 2 : 1 : - i. A : f - II in I W ml F ff fl f 1 J rJ I i, % . lit - M. - XK. Lwiimi r : T M jfco, 3 ; MSjM .i r4 ,§ § lir € wll! ' JfHl MEMBERS--FIRST ROW--Koontz, Willard, Hinkle, Hege, Martin, Scott, Graver, Johnson, Welch, Payne. SECOND ROW--Swain, Park, Hardwick, Crater, Walters, Watts, Reid, Teal, Miller, Saunders. THIRD ROW- -Storey, McGla- mery, Sides, Pope, Kimble, Gibby, Brandon. FOURTH ROW--Johnson, Griggs, Ader, Charles, Everhart, Berrier, Linville, Sink, Ward, Smith. FIFTH ROW--Link, Foltz, Johnson, Joyner, Sink, Simms, Largen, Clodfelter, East. SIXTH ROW--Bodenheimer, Reynolds, Speaks, Long, Sink, Merrideth. SEVENTH ROW--Everhart, Burrows, Culler, Trantham. EIGHTH ROW--FranklinSmith-DRUM MAJOR, Carolyn Jones-CHIEF MAJORETTE. NINTH ROW--Wag¬ ner, Brewer. TENTH ROW--Reid, Wagner, Apangler, Edwards, Everhart, Hartman, Weaver, Zimmerman, Latham, Lawson. Majorettes MAJORETTES--(kneeling) Chief Majorette Carolyn Jones, (standing) SharonSmith, Penny Wagner, Alice Thomason, Paula Swain, Jane Ripple, Jackie Brandon. 142 Improved With Each Performance Director--Mr. Tennyson Jones Drum Major-- Franklin Smith Students silently rise as the band plays the Alma Mater. Weaving intricate patterns, the band provides half time entertainment. MEMBERS--FIRST ROW—Motsinger, Kepley, Hedrick, Leonard, Portis, Hyatt, Sink, Mendenhall. SECOND ROW— Myers. Fennell, Hutchens, Shoaf, Sowers, Hiatt, Reid, Conrad, Spangler. Hedrick, Drake, Foltz, Young. THIRD ROW --Everhart. Johnson, Everhart, Crater, Dorsett. Thomas, Ball, Owen, Hanes, Myers, Mendenhall, Pardew, Young, Hartley. FOURTH ROW--Boyd, Everhart, Thomas, Zimmerman, Pierce, Beeson, Beck, Hoffman, Lee, Perryman, Jones, Brinkley, Hinkle, Driver. FIFTH ROW—Johnson, Failess, Hill, Reid, Doss, Anderson, Disher, Barlow, Del¬ linger. Young, Jones, Bowers, Clodfelter, Saintsing, Sink, Berrier. Chorus Performed at Holiday Assemblies SPONSORS--Miss Fleming, Miss Reddick " Hearts and Flowers " " Hearts and Flowers " , or " Curses the Villian is Foiled”, was a one-act comedy which told of the conflict between True Hope, her villian hus¬ band Blackie Blackman, and the Noble Godfrey Godheart. " Scrambled Eggs " " Scrambled Eggs " comically told a story about two city men seeking solitude and a movie star and her troupe accidentally snowbound to¬ gether in a mountain cabin. “Four for Tonight ” Performed By Black Masque 1 , " Sorry Wrong Number " A thrilling melodrama, " Sorry Wrong Number " recounted the tale of abed- ridden invalid who accidentally over¬ heard the plotting of her murder. " Jack " " Jack " , the concluding play, was a comedy taken from the unrealistic theater of the absurd. Athletics Instructed by able coaches, this year marked the pinnacle of North ' s athletic career. North teams, some of the greatest yet, won con¬ ference championships in three varsity sports. For the first time ever, North gridders won the conference, district, and regional champion¬ ships. The basketball team tied the school re¬ cord for consecutive victories. In the greatest triumph of all, the 1966 Black Knight baseball team surged to the state 2-A championship. In recognition of North ' s accomplishments, Mr. Don Palmer was chosen Davidson County Coach of the Year, with Mr. Pete Jones as a close second. North Davidson Coaching Staff Athletic Director Don Palmer (R) gives instructions to Coaches Ernest Kirby, Pete Jones, Ken Drum, Joyce Collie, and Don Nance. 1 46 Members--FIRST ROW--Ashby, Evans, Beasly, Robbins, Walker, Parker, Caldwell, E. Koonts, Vaugn. SECOND ROW--Driver, Sink, Pierce, Truluck, Wagner, Scott, R.Craver, Everhart, J. Koonts, J. Koontz. THIRD ROW--Tuttle, Urquhart, Stewart, Bemisderfer, Lawrence, Imes, Swicegood, C. Parker, Doss, Crater, Beck. The Black Knights—Undefeated Champions Co-Captains--Jimbo Wagner and Mike Stewart. 147 I Mike Stewart All-Conference Quarterback, Honorable Mention All-State Billy Bemisderfer All-Conference End Four Seniors Earned I 48 Lee Urquhart End All-Conference Honors Ronnie Beck Tackle Honorable Mention All-Conference Homer Parker Linebacker Honorable Mention All-Conference E dward Lawrence Tackle Honorable Mention All-Conference Steve Walker Linebacker All-Conference Jimmy Koontz Tackle Mike Robbins Guard 149 Seniors Mike Pierce Tackle Eddie Driver Halfback Charlie Doss Guard Randy Lester Fullback A Winning Season . . . The Black Knight gridders of 1966 com¬ bined an explosive offense and a tenacious de¬ fense in winning their fourth straight Central Carolina Conference championship. In the season opener, the Black Knights trounced the talented and highly-favored Mount Airy Bears by 27-6. The Lexington Senior High Yellow Jackets felt the sting of the North team the following week as the visitors downed the Jackets 27-13. The N.D. football team, top-rated in state 2-A competition, defeated their next two oppo¬ nents, Denton and East Davidson, quite easily, and remained tied with Randleman for the con¬ ference lead. On September 30, the showdown came as Randleman invaded the North field. One of the hardest fought defensive battles of the year ended in a scoreless tie. The Black Knights, undaunted, bounced back with resound- ingvictories over Trinity, West Forsyth, Cent¬ ral, West Davidson, and Ledford to finish the season undefeated. In the district playoffs, the North football¬ ers, with a dazzling display of offense, captured their fourth straight district title by defeating Stanly County by a score of 34 to 7. In the state championship game, the North defense sparkled as our team downed East Surry, 17-7. This victory gave North its first state champion¬ ship in football history. 150 Offensive Team OFFENSIVE TEAM--LINE--Bemisderfer, Beck, Robbins, Wagner, Walker, Lawrence, Ashby. BACKFIELD --Truluck, Tuttle, Stewart, Evans. Defensive Team ■ piiiii i p» t h ■ DEFENSIVE TEAM--LINE--Urquhart, Parker, Everhart, Koontz, lines. BACKFIELD--Driver, Walker, E. Koonts, Scott, H. Parker, J. Koonts. 151 Junior Varsity Football Team Members--FIRST ROW--Snyder, Chisholm, Riddle, Stewart, Tuttle, Graver, Davis, Mendenhall, Stewart, Galloway. SECOND ROW--V. Tuttle, Casey, Speaks, Bates, Perryman, Brewer, Myers, Kiser, Bowers, Knight, Powers. Freshman Football Team Members-- FIRST ROW--Sizemore, Barker, Everhart, Wagner, Weisner, Phelps, Leonard, Franklin, Hill, Walker, Mathews. SECOND ROW--Bailey, Turner, Shipley, Wimmer, Sizemore, Maddox, J. Leonard, Lynn, Moore, Nifong, Bullin, COACHES--Drum, Kirby. ]52 Managers--Lewey Alexander, Ken Lyon, Steve Hunter, Tex Leonard, Delbert Myers. It Was An Action-Packed Year End Billy Bemisderfer receives a pass from Quarterback Mike Stewart. North players make a jarring tackle. The Black Knight defense traps a Stanley halfback. Members —FIRST ROW—Tuttie, E. Koonts, Stabler, Robbins, Truluck, J. Koonts. SECOND ROW—Ragan, Stewart, Banner, Lawrence, Berrier, Wagner, Coach Jones. Victorious Black Knights Coach Jones and Captain Greg Berrier admire the championship trophey. 1 54 Managers—Charlie Doss and Bobby Ashby. John Banner Center Seniors Edward Lawrence Forward Greg Berrier Forward Joel Ragan Guard Captured Conference Title Hinley Truluck Guard Mike Stewart Forward Mike Robbins Forward Seniors 155 Jimbo Wagner Forward Starting Five--Greg Berrier, Jeff Koonts, John Banner, Joel Ragan, and Edward Lawrence. Starting Team f 1 ■r Black Knight ' s exhibit board strength. Defense was the key to many N. D. victories. 156 Lady Knights Willa Nifong-Senior Forward Becky Smith-Senior Forward Gayle Lanier-Senior Guard Girls’ Varsity Experienced Sandra Sink-Senior Forward Patsy Everhart Rena Funderburke Pam Greenwald Cynthia McGlamery Senior-Guard Karen Huffstetler Sally Link Vickie Wood-Senior Rover Lydia Penry Patricia Reed Betty Sowers 158 Promising Season FIRST ROW--Penry, Sowers, Everhart, Greenwald, Reed, Hinkle, Wood. SECOND ROW--McGlamery, Huffstetler, Lanier, Link, Funderburke, Smith, Nifong, Sink. 159 Jayvees Hold Promises of Greatness FIRST ROW--Tuttle, Evans, Everhart, Hartley, Foltz, Brandon, McCrary. SECOND ROW--Phelps, Craver, Franklin, Sizemore, Leonard, Sizemore, Nifong, Beck. FIRST ROW--Hanes, Leonard, Clodfelter, Wagner, Zimmerman, Berrier, Ward, Kimel, Berrier. SECOND ROW-- Manager Phillips, Lanier, Black, Largen, Dorsett, Kirby, Smith, Swain, Nifong, McCrary, Coach Collie. 160 Golf Team Improved Steadily Members--Tony Carlson, Perry Crotts, Scottie Dellinger, Jimbo Wagner, Barry Saintsing. Mr. Ken Drum Coach 161 Track Team Looked FIRST ROW--Leonard, Bowers, Taylor, Snider, Wright, Vaughn, Sink, Everhart, Fritts. SECOND ROW--Coach Nance, Coach Palmer, Swicegood, Essick, Bemisderfer, Ragan, Truluck, Holder, Lester, Managers--Drake, Kiser. What determination in that face! " I gotta kill that bird. " 162 Team members take break after tiring practice. Toward High Goals Jay Holder Randy Lester Hinley Truluck Joel Ragan Bill Bemisderfer 163 Baseball Team Reached Summit " Dink” Doss In its climb North defeated South Stanley and Mt. Holly. The final de¬ ciding series of games pitted North against Havelock for the State 2-A Championship. Our North boys " wrapped up " the title by winning two straight. Jimmy Koontz Eddie Driver RECORD W L Conference 12 2 Season 16 2 Tournament 5 0 OVERALL RECORD 21 2 " Deano " Stewart 164 In State 2-A Championship FIRST ROW--Eddie Driver, Gregg Stabler, Eddie Koonts, Jeff Tuttle. SECOND ROW--Charley Doss, Jeff Koonts, Jimmy Koontz, " Deano " Stewart, Clarence Parker. I think they won, fans. Jeff contributes verbal action to the game. 165 Coach Jones demonstrates his favorite, the " drag " bunt. Enthusiastic Cheerleaders Spurred Linda Flowers Co-chief Senior Karen Moseley Senior North ' s cheerleading squad works fervently in support pf its football and basketball teams. On behalf of the school we thank the cheerleaders for their unceasing enthusiasm. Nancy Smith Senior Debbie Gallagher Bonnie Hinkle 166 Knights to Resounding Victories Co-chief Linda Flowers sparks students to greater cheering efforts. Cheerleaders depart for Lexington parade. Christy Huffman Co-chief Senior Bonnie Smith Senior Molly Kepley Amy Miller Andy Potts 167 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Left to right--Beth Koonts, Martha Hinkle, Belinda Hartman, Debbie Coleman, Joy Lawson, Donna Sink, Nancy Drake, Kathy Hedrick. It Was A Great Year NORTH DAVIDSON NORTH DAVIDSON STATE AA STATE AA CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS 1966 BASEBfll I I II ! I Mil IIIMl I Senior Statistics DALLAS WAYNE ANDERSON Band 1,2; Chorus 4; FFA 1,2,3,4. BOBBY REE ASHBY Bus Driver 3; Chorus 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Baseball Manager 2; Basketball Manager 4. JOHN SMITH BANNER, JR. Transfer--DunbarHighSchool; LibraryClub 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Projection Staff 3,4; Basketball 3, All Tournament, All Conference 4. BRENDA SMITH BARKER Drama 4; FBLA 4; FNA 3. RAMONA DIANNE BATES FHA 1,2; Library Club 3, Sec. 4; Office Assistant 4; Teacher Assistant 4. CONNIE ELIZABETH BECK Chorus 4; FBLA 4; Student Council 3; Valentine Court 3. LOWELL RAY BECK FFA 1,2,3,4. RONNIE MARK BECK Monogram Club 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4. MARTHA JUNE BEESON Cheerleader 1; Chorus 3,4; FHA 1,2; Pep Club 2; Home¬ coming Court 4; Christmas Queen Representative 4. WILLIAM GLENN BEMISDERFER Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Alpha Bi Sci 1, Pres. 2; Band 1,2; Bus Driver 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Student Council 1,2; Lab Assistant 1,2,3,4; Class Officer 1; Football 1,2,3, All Con¬ ference 4; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; Western Carolina Math Session 3. SONNY CONNER FFA 1,2; Transfer--Reynolds High School. JOYCE GAIL CONRAD Alpha Bi Sci 2; FHA 1,2,3, Treas. 4; FT A 3,4; KNIGHT NEWS 4; Pep Club 3, Sec. 4; Student Council 1; Class Officer 1,2; HomecomingQueen 4; Valentine Court 1,2,4; May Court 2,3; Twirp Court 4; Superlative--Best Looking. PATRICIA ANN COOK JOYCE JEAN COOKE Chorus 3,4; LibraryClub 4; Office Assistant 4; Teacher As¬ sistant 4. JACKSON DAVID COPPLEY Alpha Bi Sci 2; Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Forensic Society 4; Drama 3,4; NORDAHI 3,4; Lab Assistant 1; Track 1,2. LESLIE ELIZABETH CRATER Band 2,3,4; Chorus 4; FHA 1,2,3; Office Assistant 4; Teacher Assistant 4. ROBERT MORRIS CRAVER HENRY VON CROTTS FRED MILTON CULLER Band 1,2,3,4; Drama 4. EVA LOMANE DAVIS Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Alpha Bi Sci Sec. 2; Forensic Society 1,2; Vice Pres. 3, Vice Pres. 4; FTA 3, Pres. 4; Junior Civi- tan Club 3,4; KNIGHT NEWS 2; NORDAHI 3,4; Pep Club 2; Student Council Treas. 2,3, Sec. 4; Lab Assistant 4; Citizen of the Month 2,4; Senior Spotlight; Klassroom Kwiz 4; NCSCC 4; NCSPI3; Wildacres4; Football Sponsor 2,4; Best Debator 3; Superlative--Most Versatile. GREGORY DALE BERRIER Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Alpha Bi Sci 1,2; Band 1; Bus Driver 3,4; Drama 4; Monogram 3,4; NORDAHI 3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Class Officer 3,4; Citizen of the Month 4; Senior Spot¬ light 4; Twirp King 4; Valentine King 4; Superlative--Best All Around; Basketball 1,2,3, Captain 4. JOHN WADE BERRIER, JR. Band 1,2; Library Club 2, Vice Pres. 3,4; Lab Assistant 1,2,3; Projection Staff 1,2,3,4. JIMMIE DALE BOWERS AlphaBiSci 1; BusDriver 1,2,3; Chorus 4; FFA 2,3, Treas. 4; Lab Assistant 1. CHARLES EDWARD BOYD Bus Driver 3,4; Football 1. JOYCE FLOWE BRINKLEY Alpha Bi Sci 1; Band 1,2,3; Junior Civitan Club 4; Student Council 4; Teacher Assistant 4; Office Assistant 4. RITA HARTLEY BROWN KNIGHT NEWS 3,4; Library Club 4; Teacher Assistant 4. FRANKIE STEVEN BYERLY FFA 1,2,3,4. JAMES HENRY CANNON FFA 1. STANLEY CHRIS CARTER Chorus 4; FFA 1,2,3,4. GARRY REID CLODFELTER Chorus 4; FFA 1,2,3,4. WANDA GAIL CLODFELTER Alpha Beta Gamma 3; Alpha Bi Sci 2; FTA 3; Honor Society 4; Pep Club 4; Student Council 4; Junior Marshal 3; Twirp Court 4. SHARRAN LEGG DAVIS Office Assistant 4. RICHARD ANDREW DeHART Transfer--North Forsyth High School; Bus Driver 3,4. GARY BERNARD DELLINGER Bus Driver 2,3; Chorus 4. LINDA KAY DENTON FHA 1,4; Office Assistant 4. CLYDE WALTER DISHER Bus Driver 3,4; Chorus 4; FFA 1. CHARLES GRAY DOSS Chorus 4; Football 1,2,3,4; BasketbaU 1,2, Manager 4; Base¬ ball 1,2,3,4. JUDY ANN DRAKE Chorus 4; Pep Club 4. EDWARD EUGENE DRIVER Bus Driver 3,4; Drama 4; Footoall 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2; Baseoall 1,2,3,4. JUDY CAROL ESSICK Alpha Bi Sci 1,2; Cheerleader 2; FBLA 4; FNA 3; Junior Civitan 3,4; Library Club 3; Student Council 2; Office Assist¬ ant 4; Teacher Assistant 4. SHELIA DIANNE ESSICK FHA 1,2,3,4. BETTY ELAINE EVERHART Chorus 4; FBLA Vice Pres. 4; FHA 1; Pep Club Treas. 3, Treas. 4; Junior Civitan Club 4; Office Assistant 4; Teacher Assistant 4; Twirp Queen 4; Homecoming Court 4; Superla¬ tive--Friendliest. CLAIRE JUDITH EVERHART Library Club 4. 169 Senior Statistics RANDALL DALE EVERHART Bus Driver 3,4; FFA 1. LINDA BENFIELD EVERHART Transfer—Lexington Senior High. ROBERT CURTISS EVERHART Transfer--Lexington Senior High. SYLVIA ANN EVERHART LINDA YVONNE FENNELL Chorus 4; FBLA4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Office Assistant 4; Teacher Assistant 4. DONALD RAY FLOWERS Chorus 4; FFA 1. LINDA KAY FLOWERS Cheerleader 2,3, Chief 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; FNA 3, Sec. 4; FTA 3,4; Junior Civitan Sec. 3, Sec. 4; Monogram Club 3,4; Val¬ entine Court 1,2,3; Tournament Queen Representative 4; Su- perlative--Most Popular; May Court 1,3; Homecoming Court 4. VIVIAN JANE FOX FHA 3, Sec. 4; FTA 3, Treas. 4; Junior Civitan 4; Teacher Assistant 4; Football Sponsor 1,4. CAROL JEAN FRANKLIN Library Club 3, Treas. 4; Teacher Assistant 4. JAMES EARL FRIZZELL Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Alpha Bi Sci 1; FBLA 4; Football 1; Superlative--Most Courteous. JOYCE FAYE GRUBB LINDA JEAN HAGGARD FHA 1,2,3,4; Library Club 2,3,4; Projection Staff 2,3. BETTY JEAN HANES Library Club 4. CHARLES KIRBY HANES Bus Driver 3,4; Chorus 4; FFA 1,2,3,4. MARTHA JANE HANES Drama 4: FBLA 4; Pep Club 4; Office Assistant 4; Teacher Assistant 3,4; Valentine Court 4; Football Sponsor 4. PAMELA SUE HARTMAN Drama 4; KNIGHT NEWS 4; Pep Club 3,4; Football Sponsor 4. JAMES ALEX HAYES, JR. Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Alpha Bi Sci 1,2; Bus Driver 3,4; Junior Civitan 3,4; Student Council 1,2,3; Class Officer 2; Citizen of the Month 4. VICKIE MARLYNN HEDRICK Chorus 3,4. THOMAS CHRISTOPHER HEGE Alpha Beta Gamma 4; AlphaBiSci 1; Bus Driver 3,4; Drama 4; FFA 1,2, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Honor Society 3, Vice Pres. 4; Junior Civitan Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; NORDAHI 3,4; Student Council 1,4; Projection Staff 1,2; Class Officer 3; Junior Marshal 3; Wildacres 4; State Land Judging Team 3; Superlative--Most Likely to Succeed. SANDRA KAY HENDERSON Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; AlphaBi Sci 1,2; FNA2,3, Vice Pres. 4; Junior Civitan 4; Pep Club 2,3, Pres. 4. EDNA JEAN HESTER JACKIE LANE HILL Bus Driver 3,4; Chorus 4; FFA 1,2,3,4. LARRY RICHARD HILL Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Alpha Bi Sci 1,2, Lab Assistant 3; Nat ' l Merit Finalist 4. ROBERT LYNN HILL AlphaBetaGamma 3,4; AlphaBiSci2; FFA1,2,3, Vice Pres. 4; FTA 3,4; Honor Society 3, Pres. 4; Junior Civitan 3,4; Chief Junior Marshal 3; Nat ' l Merit Finalist 4. SALLY SUE KINSEY HOGAN BusDriver4; Cheerleader 1,2,3; Drama4; FHA 1,2,3; Junior Civitan 3; Monogram 3; Pep Club 3. WILLIAM JAY HOLDER Transfer--HillJuniorHighSchool; Drama 3,4; Monogram 2, 3,4; Football 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Superlative--Most Popular. SANDRA CHRISTINE HUFFMAN Student Council 2; Alpha Bi Sci 2; Cheerleader 3, Chief 4; FHA 1,2, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; FTA 3,4; Junior Civitan Club 3,4; Monogram 3,4; NORDAHI 3,4; Class Officer 3, Citizen of the Month 4; FFA Sweetheart 2; Homecoming Court 4; May Court 1,2,3; Valentine Court 2,3,4; Superlative--Best All Around. PAUL STEVEN HUNTER Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Bandl; Monogram 3,4; Football 3,4; Golf 4. JOHN CLIFTON HUTCHENS Forensic Society Treas. 3, Sec. 4; FTA 3,4; Honor Society 4; KNIGHT NEWS 3,4; World Peace Speaking Medal 3; Most Improved Debator 3; Junior Marshal; High I.Q. Bowl 4; Su- perlative--Most Intellectual; Senior Spotlight. ROGER EDWIN HYATT Alpha Beta Gamma 3, Treas. 4; Alpha Bi Sci 1,2; Bus Driver 3,4; FTA 3,4; Student Council 3; Lab Assistant 1,2,3,4; Citi¬ zen of the Month 4. DONNA KAY JAMES Drama 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; FTA 3,4; Junior Civitan Club 4; Pep Club 3,4. CAROLYN ROSE JONES Alpha Bi Sci 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2; FTA 3,4; Junior Civitan Club 3,4; KNIGHT NEWS 4; Majorette 1,2,3, Chief 4; Miss North Davidson 4; Homecoming Court 4; Valentine Court 1,3. DAVID RUSSELL JONES Bus Driver 4; Chorus 4; Drama 4; FFA 1,2. GARY STEVEN JONES Bus Driver 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; State Land Judging Team. ROY DAVID JONES Bus Driver 3,4; Chorus 4; FFA 1,2,3,4. BETTY JEAN KEPLEY Chorus 3,4; FHA 1. JAMES CLEO KOONTZ, JR. Bus Driver 3,4; Monogram Club 4; Football 4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4. MICHAEL FREEMAN KOONTZ Chorus 4; Drama 4. STEPHEN EUGENE KOONTZ Bus Driver 4; FFA 1,2,3,4. JANET GAYLE LANIER FHA 1,2,3,4; FTA 3,4; Junior Civitan Club 4; Pep Club 3,4; Basketball 2,3,4. EDWARD LEE LAWRENCE Alpha Beta Gamma 4; AlphaBi Sci 1,2; Monogram 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4. JANET MARIE LAWSON AlphaBiScil; Chorus 2,3; Drama 4; FHA1,2; KNIGHT NEWS 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Valentine Court 1; Football Sponsor 2,4. 170 Senior Statistics CALVIN EUGENE LEMLY CLARA ELAINE LEONARD Chorus 2,3,4; Teacher Assistant 4. JAMES RAY LEONARD Alpha Beta Gamma 3, Pres. 4; Alpha Bi Sci 1,2; Bus Driver 3,4; FFA1,2,3,4; Land Judging Team 3; FTA 3,4; Honor So¬ ciety 3,4; Senior Spotlight; Junior Civitan Club 3,4; Lab As¬ sistant 2; Junior Marshal; Nat ' l Science Found. Summer Session 4; Track 1,4. JUDY KAY LEONARD Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; AlphaBiSci 1,2; Forensic Society 2, Pres. 3, Treas. 4; FHA 1,2; FTA 3, Vice Pres. 4; Honor So¬ ciety 3, Sec. 4; KNIGHT NEWS 3, Editor 4; Lab Assistant 2; Class Officer 3,4; Klassroom Kwiz 3,4; High I.Q. Bowl 4; Junior Marshal; Nat ' l Merit Finalist 4; Governor ' s School 3; NCSPI 4; Superlative--Most Likely To Succeed. PAULA RAYE LEONARD Alpha Bi Sci 1; FNA 2; Library Club 3,4; Teacher Assistant 4; Projection Staff 3; Football Sponsor 4. JERRY RICHIE LEONARD Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Alpha Bi Sci 1,2; Forensic Society 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; FTA 3,4; Honor Society 3,4; NORDAHI 2, 3, Editor 4; Pep Club 1,2, Vice Pres. 3,4; Klassroom Kwiz 4; High I.Q. Bowl 4; Junior Marshal; Nat ' l Merit Finalist 4; NCSPI 4; Morehead Nominee 4. SANDRA KAYE LEONARD FHA 1,2,3,4; Junior Civitan Club 3,4; KNIGHT NEWS 4; Bas¬ ketball 1. TEX ALLEN LEONARD Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Alpha Bi Sci 1, Treas. 2; Junior Civi- tanClub4; Monogram Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; StudentCoun- cil 2, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Class Officer 2; Citizen of the Month 3; NCSCC4; Football Manager 3,4; Superlative--Most Versatile. TOMMY LEE LEONARD Bus Driver 3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4. JAMES RANDALL LESTER Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2; Track 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Junior Civitan Club 3; Drama 4. EUNICE EVA LINEBERRY Drama 4; FHA 1. STEVEN DALE LONG Bus Driver 4; Chorus 3; Drama 4; Superlative--Wittiest. LAURA IRENE MADDOX EDWARD ALLEN MAHAFFEY Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Honor Society 4; Student Council 1; Class Officer 4; High I.Q. Bowl 4; Junior Marshal; Nat ' l Merit Finalist. CHARLES MONROE MARTIN Bus Driver 3,4; Drama 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Football 2. JUDY GALE MAYES FHA 1. patsy gail McFarland Transfer--West Forsyth High School; FTA 4; FHA 4; Pep Club 4. CYNTHIA KAYE McGLAMERY Chorus 2,3; FHA 1,2; FNA 2,3,4; PepClub 3,4; Basketball 4. CLAYTON DOUGLAS MEREDITH Alpha Beta Gamma 4; Junior Civitan Club 4; Student Council 2,4. GEORGE FRANK MIZE FFA 1. BARBARA JEAN MOON FBLA 4. BRENDA GAIL MOORE FIELD FHA 1,3,4; Library Club 4; Office Assistant 4. KAREN JO MOSELEY Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Junior Civitan 3,4; Monogram 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Office Assistant 4; Teacher Assistant 4; Home¬ coming Court 4; Valentine Court 4. LORICA ANN MYERS Chorus 4; Office Assistant 4; Teacher Assistant 4; Transfer- -Philo Junior High School. WILLIAM LARRY MYERS Chorus 3; FFA 1,2,3,4. ROBERT LEWIS NICHOLSON Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Alpha Bi Sci 2; Student Council 3; Superlative--Friendliest. BILLY KEITH NIFONG FFA 1,2,3,4; Track 1. LARRY RICHARD NIFONG Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4. LOWELL CECIL NIFONG FFA 4. RONALD WAYNE NIFONG Alpha Beta Gamma 4; Student Council 1. WILLA ZAN NIFONG FBLA 4; Monogram 3,4; Teacher Assistant 4; Homecoming Court 4; Valentine Court 1,3; BasketbaU 1,2,3, Capt. 4. LINDA ELLEN PARDEW Transfer--Philo JuniorHighSchool; Chorus 3,4; FHA 2; Of¬ fice Assistant 4; Teacher Assistant 3,4. HOMER MICHAEL PARKER Bus Driver 3,4; Chorus 4; Drama 4; Monogram 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4. TERRY WAYNE PAYNE Band 1,2,3,4; Bus Driver 3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Projection Staff 2,3,4; Football 2; Baseball 1. THERESA ANN PERRYMAN KNIGHT NEWS 4; Library Club 3,4; Teacher Assistant 3,4. THEODORE MICHAEL PHILLIPS Transfer—Lexington Senior High. BONNIE LOU PIERCE KNIGHT NEWS 3,4; Library Club 4; Teacher Assistant 3,4. MICHAEL DEAN PIERCE Transfer—Glenn Junior HighSchool; Chorus 4; Forensic So¬ ciety 4; Monogram Club 4; Football 3,4. PRISCILLA ANN PORTIS FBLA Sec. 4; FHA 2,3; Library Club 3; PepClub 4; Valentine Court 2; Twirp Court 4. JOEL ALLISON RAGAN Alpha Beta Gamma 4; Monogram 3,4; Superlative-Best Looking; Track 3,4; Basketball 3,4; Transfer—Granby High School. JOHN WALTER REID Chorus 4; FFA 1,2,3,4. 171 Senior Statistics MICHAEL WAYNE ROBBINS Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; AlphaBi Sci 1,2; Drama 4; FTA 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Student Council 1; Lab Assistant 1,2,3,4; Class Officer 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Track 3,4. BARRY LYNN SAINTSING Bus Driver 3,4; Chorus 4; Drama 4; Monogram 4; Lab As¬ sistant 1; Projection Staff 2,3; Baseball 1; Golf 3,4. MARGARET DIANNE SAINTSING Forensic Society 3; FBLA 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Library Club 3; Pep Club 4; Track 1. FRANK WALTER SIDES Bus Driver 3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4. JOHNNY REID SINK Bus Driver 2,3; Chorus 4; Drama 4; FFA 1,2,3. JACQUELINE PATRICIA SINK Bus Driver 3, Sec. 4; FNA 3; FFA Sweetheart 3; KNIGHT NEWS 3,4; Library Club 3; Office Assistant 4; Teacher As¬ sistant 4; Projection Staff 3; Senior Spotlight; May Court 3; Valentine Court 3, Queen 4; Superlative--Most Dependable. SANDRA RAE SINK Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Alpha Bi Sci 2; Drama 4; FTA 3,4; Honor Society 4, Treas. 4; Monogram Club 3, Sec. 4; Pep Club 2,3; Student Council 3,4; Teacher Assistant 4; Junior Marshal; Homecoming Court 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4. BEVELLY FRANKLIN SMITH, JR. Alpha Bi Sci 1; Bandl, Drum Major 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Stu¬ dent Council 2; Outstanding Band Award 2. BONNIE JUNE SMITH Alpha Bi Sci 2; Cheerleader 2,4; FBLA 4; FNA 4; Pep Club 2,4; Office Assistant 4; Teacher Assistant 4; Football Spon¬ sor 3; Basketball 1. LINDA KAYE SMITH Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; AlphaBiSci 1,2; FHA 1,2; Honor So¬ ciety 4; Pep Club 3,4; KNIGHT NEWS 3,4; Junior Marshal; Governors School 4. NANCY JANE SMITH AlphaBi Sci 2; Cheerleader 2,4; FNA 4; FTA 3,4; Pep Club 2,4; Office Assistant 4; Teacher Assistant 4; Class Officer 2; Homecoming Court 4; Valentine Court 1,4; Football Spon¬ sor 2,3; Basketball 1. REBECCA JO SMITH Alpha Bi Sci 2; FBLA 4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; Office As¬ sistant 4; Teacher Assistant 4; Football Sponsor 3,4; Senior Spotlight 4; Class Officer 1; Basketball 1,2,3, Captain 4; Miss FBLA. GLENN WILLIAM SPAUGH Bus Driver 3,4; Drama 3; FFA 1,2,3,4. CATHERINE ELIZABETH STEWART Transfer--Ledford High School; Drama 4; FBLA 4; Bus Dri¬ ver 4. MICHAEL DEAN STEWART Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Alpha Bi Sci 1,2; Monogram Club 3, 4; Senior Spotlight; Basketball 1,2,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Foot¬ ball 1,2,3, Captain, All Conference, Hon. Mention State 4. RODNEY LEE TREXLER Alpha Beta Gamma 4; Alpha Bi Sci 1; Bus Driver 3,4; Bas¬ ketball 1,2. FRANK HINLEY TRULUCK, JR. Alpha Beta Gam ma 4; AlphaBiSci 1,2; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4. HENRY LEE URQUHART, JR. Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Alpha Bi Sci 2; Monogram Club 4; Football 3,4; Track 3,4; Transfer--Central High School. DANNY BERT WAGNER Alpha Bi Sci 2; Alpha Beta Gamma 3,4; Bus Driver 3, Pres. 4; FTA 3,4; Pep Club 3, Vice Pres. 4; Student Council 1; Citizen of the Month 4; Lab Assistant 3,4. JAMES LAFAYETTE WAGNER Alpha Beta Gamma 4; AlphaBiSci 1; Monogram Club 3, Vice Pres. 4; Football 1,2,3, Captain, All Conference 4; Basket¬ ball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,4; Golf 2,3,4. LINDA ANN WAGNER Band 3; Chorus 1; FBLA 4; FHA 1,2,3; Pep Club 4. EDWARD STEVE WALKER Bus Driver 2,3; Chorus 4; Drama 4; Monogram 2,3,4; Foot¬ ball 1,2,3, All Conf. 4; Baseball 1; Track 2,3; Golf 4. ROGER DEWEY WARD Alpha Bi Sci 1; Bus Driver 2; FFA 1,2,3,4. DAVID LEWIS WEISNER Alpha Beta Gamma 4; Bus Driver 3,4; Pep Club 3,4. JUDITH KAREN WEISNER FHA 1,2. STEVE WILLIAM WHITE Chorus 3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4. JENNIFER LYNN WILLARD FBLA 4; FHA 1,2,3; Office Assistant 4; Teacher Assistant 4. JAMES LESLIE WILSON Transfer--Seabreaze High School, Daytona Beach, Florida. LINDA GAILE WILSON Transfer--Reynolds High School; FBLA 4; Office Assistant 4; Teacher Assistant 4. LINDA YOUNG WISHON Chorus 4; Transfer--Jackson Junior High School. VICKIE LYNN WOOD Alpha Beta Gamma 3, Sec. 4; Alpha Bi Sci 2; Honor Society 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; NORDAHI 3,4; Student Council 2,3,4; Junior Marshal; Homecoming Court 4; Valentine Court 2,3; May Court 1,2,3; Football Sponsor 2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Superlative--Most Athletic. BUNNY JEAN YOUNG Chorus 4; FBLA 4; FHA 3,4; Office Assistant 4; Teacher As¬ sistant 3; Transfer--Philo Junior High School. CALVIN WAYNE YOUNG Transfer--Jackson Junior High School; Chorus 4. LARRY EUGENE ZIMMERMAN Bus Driver 3,4; Chorus 4; FFA 1,2,3,4. 172 General Index Administration.20,21 Advertisements.176-216 Alpha Beta Gamma.132 Alpha Bi Sci.133 Band.142,143 Baseball.164,165 Black Masque.114 Bus Drivers.140 Chorus.144 Coaching Staff.146 Dedication .14-17 Dramatics .145 Faculty.22-33 Forensic Society.131 Freshman Class.89-97 Freshman Class Officers.88 Freshman Football.152 Future Business Leaders of America . . 139 Future Farmers of America.136 Future Homemakers of America.137 Future Nurses of America.138 Future Teachers of America.128 Homecoming Court.102,103 Homecoming Queen.102 Homecoming Sponsors.106 Jayvee Boys ' Basketball.160 Jayvee Cheerleaders.168 Jayvee Football.152 Jayvee Girls ' Basketball.160 Junior Civitan Club.129 Junior Class.63-75 Junior Class Officers.62 Knight News Staff.126,127 Lab Assistants.119 Letter from Editor. Library Club . Lunchroom Staff. Marshals. May Court. May Queen. Miss North Davidson. Miss North Davidson Runners-Up . . Monogram Club. National Honor Society. Nordahi Staff. Office Staff. Our Town. Pep Club . Scholarships . Senior Class. Senior Class Officers. Senior Mascots. Senior Statistics. Senior Superlatives. Sophomore Class. Sophomore Class Officers. Student Council. Summer Delegates. Teacher Assistants. Track . Twirp Days. Valentine Court. Valentine King and Queen. Varsity Boys ' Basketball. Varsity Cheerleaders. Varsity Football. Varsity Girls ' Basketball. . . 174 . . 141 . . 117 . . 108 . . 112 . . 113 . . 100 . . 101 . . 134 . . 130 124,125 . . 118 110,111 . . 135 . . 109 . 35-55 . . .34 . . .55 169-172 . 56-61 ... 76 122,123 . . 115 . . 118 162,163 . . 107 . . 104 . . 105 154-156 166,167 147-153 157-159 Knowing that the annual is finished, Sponsor Mrs. Wright smiles with relief. LETTER FROM THE EDITOR It is with a deep sense of relief and happiness that I report that the 1967 NORDAHI is finished. However, quite unexpectedly, there is a slight feeling of sadness that this undertaking is over. For more than a year, most of my spare time, including Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations, has been spent in compiling this annual. At times, with the mountains of layouts to be drawn, pictures to be taken, and copy to be written, it seemed an unending and impossible task. How¬ ever, I must admit that I have enjoyed every moment of it. Classmates, thank you for giving me this opportunity. This year, I have incurred many debts of gratitude which I would like to express: First and foremost, I would like to thank the annual staff for the teamwork and co¬ operation which they have demonstrated throughout the year. I would especially like to thank Mrs. Wright, who has been a constant source of advice and encouragement. My appreciation goes to Mr. Joe Hinkle, our wonderful photographer who has never refused to go up on the roof, out into the woods, or anywhere else I asked in order to make the best picture. My thanks goes to the administration and faculty, especially my own teachers, for their understanding nature when it was necessary that work be done on the annual. I am grateful to our DELMAR representative, Mr. Herb Eaton, for the trips he made to confer with us, and for his helpful advice. Iwould like to thank Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Boaze, who so graciously allowed us to make pictures in their beautiful home. Last, I would like to apologize to my family and friends for the way in which I have growled at and ignored them while under the pressure of an annual deadline. I am proud of the 1967 NORDAHI. I only hope that you will enjoy reminiscing through it as much as I have enjoyed being its editor. Richie 174 For some, graduation; For others, a pause before returning. For all, memories of a year Filled with laughter, tears, education. 175 Without patrons such as those repre¬ sented on the following pages the pub¬ lication of this annual would be im¬ possible. We wish to express our appreciation to the businesses adver¬ tised; we urge you, our readers, to patronize these establishments. NORTH DAVIDSON PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Member of Officers R. Jack Brandon, President Jasper Younts, Vice-President Mrs. Charles Kearns, Secretary Mrs. Hobart Hill, Treasurer Objectives of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, church, and community. To raise the standards of home life. To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the training of the child. To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education. 177 WELCOME COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL " Working together for a better Community " WELCOME WELCOME area COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT WINNER VqTo COUNTY WINNER 1962 I96B 1964 178 Compliments of MIDWAY SCHOOL P. T. A. 179 WELCOME CIVITAN CLUB Officers Douglas Craver - President Don Palmer - President - Elect Archie Surratt - Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor of Welcome Little League Baseball Welcome Pony League Baseball North Davidson Junior Civitan Club Welcome Boy Scout Troop North Davidson Nursing Scholarship 180 POPE’S DRIVE-IN AND FABRIC SHOP Home of the Pope ' s Big-Big-Burger Phone 731-2253 For Fabrics That Are Tops Visit Pope ' s Fabric Shop Phone 731-7301 Compliments of COBLE DAIRY PRODUCTS Lexington, North Carolina 181 Welcome School PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION " Better P.T.A. ' s through better schools make better communities. " Mr. Robert Rankin Principal Mr. Reuben Essick President Officers Miss Sandra Truall Secretary Mr. Hoy Michael Vice- President Mr. Perry Grant Treasurer 182 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 183 H ' M f .IB i [TJI m « ft SHOAF WAYSIDE FURNITURE For 26 Yrs. A Trusted Name Appliances- - Carpets- - Draperies Floor Coverings--Ceramic DECORATOR SERVICE HWY. 64 WEST Phone 246-5991 184 HERFF-JONES CO. D. W. Smith, Representative SENIOR CLASS RINGS Taylorsville, North Carolina Compliments of M esnoxaxl Cotton Melils Lexington, N. C. 185 Lexington, North Carolina ALLEN-WHITE PONTIAC BUICK CO., IN C Compliments of SONNY’S ( ) SERVICE WILSON FURNITURE Sonny Everhart AND CARPET CO. Owner Welcome, North Carolina Midway, North Carolina Phone 731-3911 186 Air Conditioned Free Parking Compliments of DE ROSE BEAUTY SALON West Salem Center 637 Peters Creek Parkway Phone 723-3506 CARESS FLOWER SHOP Winston-Salem, N.C. Complete Line of Beauty Service Steam Baths -- Massages Phone 764-0227 Winston-Salem, N.C. CENTER GULF SERVICE N. H. CRAVER Gas--Oil--Tires Motors Steam-Cleaned SONS, INC. U. S. Hwy. 52 Center Church Road Welcome, North Carolina Quality Building Phone RE 1-3 571 187 WELCOME BUILDING AND REALTY CO. For the Best in Building - Buying - Selling Stokes Craver Jim A. Craver 731-7522 731-7521 188 NORTH LEXINGTON TRACTOR Used Tractors and Equipment Hwy. 52 Phone: Day 731-3928 Nite 764-0856 Lexington, N.C. Bush Hog Dearborn Plows Paul Reich - Mgr. All Parts Wholesale Compliments of UNITED FURNITURE CORP. 189 THE FOOD CENTER " Where Quality and Prices Meet” Owner: Bud Hayes Phone 731-4224 Welcome, North Carolina 190 ROBY A. LEONARD WHOLESALE, INC. Ford Is First In Davidson County Tobacco, Cigars, Candy School Supplies, Notions The Place to Buy Ford, Falcon, Fairlane, Mustang, Thunderbird, or Ford Trucks is THOMAS MOTORS, INC. P. O. Box 531 805 Winston Road Lexington, North Carolina Lexington, North Carolina CONRAD PAINT STORE COCKERHAM-CALAWAY FURNITURE CO. Paints For All Needs Paints Stag Marvelite Spred Satin A Complete Line of Home Furnishings at a Savings Phone 246-5316 24 E. First Street Lexington, North Carolina Phone 788-2261 3931 South Main St. Extension Winston-Salem, N. C. 191 Compliments of FRANK IX SONS ’’Weavers of Fine Quality” MANN IMPLEMENT CO. 430 North Main Street Lexington, North Carolina Phone: 246-2755 International Harvester Farmall Tractors - Farm Equipment - Homelite Chain Saws Parts - Shop Service 192 WAGNER TIRE Compliments of OF LEXINGTON, INC. Distributors of U.S. Royal Tires DAVIDSON VENEER COMPANY INC. Wheel Balancing Recapping Vulcanizing Retreading South Main Street Lexington, North Carolina Lexington, North Carolina 246-2153 246-2590 M. O. HAYNES AND SON Compliments of General Merchandise Groceries CAROLINA PANEL Welcome, North Carolina Phone 731-2273 193 HINKLE CONSTRUCTION CO. " Builders of Quality Homes " Gene Hinkle Arnold Hinkle Phone 731-4585 Phone 731-2612 Route 10 Lexington, N.C. 194 WELCOME DRUG WOOTEN PUBLISHING PRINTING COMPANY Your Neighborhood Store Welcome, North Carolina We Fill All Types of Prescriptions 731-3791 Telephone 731-2901 Color Specialists BELK-MARTIN CO. FLOWER BOX " Flowers for all Occasions” Phone 246-4222 South Main Street 1903 Winston Road Lexington, North Carolina Lexington, North Carolina 195 WELCOME OIL CO. Your Texaco Distributor Gas, Oil and Greases - Burner Service Owner Lincoln Link Phone 731-2111 Compliments of DIXIE FURNITURE COMPANY INC. Lexington, N.C. 196 Hanes Construction Company Grading -- Asphalt -- Concrete Phone 249-9015 -- P.O. Box 237 Lexington, N. C. 197 Congratulations from LOVE’S TIRE OIL CO. DAVIDSON COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Recapping 1| |(|j Fuel Oil Comprehensive Training Kerosene Academic Technical Vocational Adult Education Phone RE 1-3341 Welcome, N. C. G A IMPLEMENT COMPANY, INC. John Deere New Holland Farm Machinery McCulloch Chain Saws Comet " Snapper " Riding Mowers 1200 South Main Street Lexington, North Carolina Phone CH 6-2538 WOOTEN’S GROCERY Route 1 Lexington, N.C. Phone 764-2664 198 J w WELCOME SHOP RITE FOOD STORE DRIVE-IN THEATRE " Choice Meats " Welcome, N.C. Route 9 Phone 731-3031 731-7594 Winston-Salem,, North Carolina Phone 764-0230 Compliments of PARKER-MILLER LANIER OF WELCOME, COMPANY INC. Certified Gemologist and Registered Jewelers American Gem Society Welcome, North Carolina Phone 246-2308 100 South Main Street Lexington, North Carolina 199 DAVIDSON ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION Box 559 - Lexington, N.C. Compliments of SICELOFF MANUFACTURING COMPANY INC. Slacks and Work Wear for Men and Boys Lexington, North Carolina 20C COMMUNITY DRUG STORE, INC. Walgreen Agency 206 W. Center Street Lexington, North Carolina ' Round the Clock Prescription Service 246-52 55 Registered Pharmacists W. Stanford Tate Seth G. Miller 246-5022 246-6551 PETE’S CLEANERS 731-2244 Welcome, North Carolina BECKY HINKLE FABRICS Fabrics of all Kinds Yarns and Needlework Supplies Pa tterns--Notions-- Trims Spencer, North Carolina 201 HANES CORPORATION Knitwear Division Winston-Salem, N. C. 202 RIPPLE OIL COMPANY, INC. 40 Years of Continuous ESSO Service Distributor Phone: 731-2221 Products Welcome, N.C. HAYES JEWELERS 903 Winston Road Lexington, North Carolina " Home of Keepsake Diamonds " You’re the flippingest! Today ' s young people are turned on and tuned in to what ' s happening. And thingsarehappening because plentiful, low- priced electricity is mak¬ ing them happen. You flip the switches and turn the dials, and electricity does the rest. It makes life easi¬ er, happier, more comfor¬ table and entertaining. And when you have a home ofyour own, electri¬ city will work even harder to serve you. It ' s what ' s happening. 203 HOWARD JOHNSON MOTOR LODGE AND RESTAURANT 150 South Stratford Road Winston-Salem, N.C. J. D. YOUNTS HEATING AND COOLING MUELLER CLIMATROL P. O. Box 425 Welcome, N.C. Phone 731-4539 Res. 731-3519 204 THE CROWN DRUG STORES Winston - Salem, N.C. CROWN DRUGS, INC. 631 Peters Creek Parkway CROWN ACADIA PHARMACY 301 W. Acadia Ave. CROWN OLD TOWN PHARMACY 3716 Reynolda Rd. CROWN PARKVIEW PHARMACY Hwy. 150, E., Corner of Kernersville Rd. Nicholson Rd. CROWN OLD TOWN PHARMACY J. W. Leonard, Watch Repair 205 PICKETT GREEN The Shop For Men Lexington, North Carolina SMITH MEN AND BOYS STORE Curlee Suits, Sport Coats Levi Pre-Pressed Pants Bostonian Shoes We Appreciate Your Business Phone 246-2488 Lexington, N.C. Compliments of NATIONAL WHOLESALE, INC. DAVIDSON MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Lexington ' s Chevrolet Dealer For Over 42 Years zoe VAN-CAROL BOARDING KENNELS Route 4, Gumtree Road Winston-Salem, N.C. Phone 764-1828 Shady, Individual Runs Air-Conditioned, Heated Kennels Separate Cat Facilities Boston Terriers Dachshunds Cocker Spaniels b) tl i LEXINGTON STATE BANK LEXINGTON • S. MAIN . WELCOME Mimbtr fcami o»pot t Iniudiui C»p«»t M WESTERN AUTO ELLIS JEWELERS Your Home Owned Family Store Columbia Diamond Rings Foil Vivian Swing Bulova and Elgin Watches Phone 731-2231 8 E. Center Street Welcome, North Carolina Lexington, N.C. Phone 246-5364 207 LEONARD’S RED WHITE FOOD STORE Compliments of Piedmont Plaza Talbert Blvd. C C TACKLE SHOP We Reserve the Right To Limit Quantity Lowest Prices Plus King Korn Stamps Phone 9-9216 Lexington, N. C. 1527 Cotton Grove Road Lexington, N. C. BARBECUE CENTER Compliments of " Barbecue At It ' s Best” North Main Street Lexington, N.C. 208 BRUEL BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. Building Materials Martin Marietta Paints Westinghouse Appliances Leonard Road Phone 246-2729 Lexington, North Carolina N. C. LEONARD OIL CO. Distributor of Phillips 66 Products " The Gas That Won the West " Welcome, N.C. ZIMMERMAN COMPANY Furniture and Home Appliance Store Your Search for Economy Ends Here We Can Furnish Your Home Complete From Start to Finish Welcome, N. C. Phone 731-2151 PIEDMONT GAS SERVICE CO. 339 South Main Street Lexington, North Carolina Phone: 246-2496 209 Compliments of ERLANGER MILLS, INC. WAGNER’S AIR CONDITIONING MOTSINGER’S REFRIGERATION BLOCK PLANT Sales and Service Route 9 Winston-Salem, North Carolina W. Monroe Wagner For Better Building Blocks Ridge Rd. 731-2628 Welcome, N.C. Phone 764-0350 210 McCRARY J. C. BECK MACHINE SHOP RADIO TV SERVICE Zenith-Radio TV Sales - Color-B W Berkeley Pump Sales Service Service All Makes General Repair, Electric and Acetylene Welding Norman " Bud " McCrary We Build and Repair Rural Fire Trucks Box 185, Welcome, N. C. 27374 Phone 731-2542 Box 85, Welcome, N.C. Phone 731-3681 LEXINGTON BOOK AND FAIRVIEW CLOTH SHOP STATIONERY FAIRVIEW TAILOR SHOP 25 West Second Ave. Phone 246-2551 Lexington, North Carolina 1236 Fairview Drive Lexington, N.C. Phone 246-5035 " We Can Supply Most Any Book " Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Kimrey " Say It With Flowers " from DAVIDSON FUNERAL HOME M M FLOWER SHOP Lexington, North Carolina Route 4 Hartman Road Winston-Salem, N.C. 27107 Phone 764-1640 246-2311 " Pleasing You Means Our Success " MIDWAY COLD STORAGE KONNOAK RESTAURANT Route 9, New Lexington Rd. Winston-Salem, N.C. 3 500 S. Main Street Winston-Salem, N.C. Sandwiches -- Plate Lunches Phone 764-1550 764-1551 Carl Shields Harry Clodfelter 212 Compliments of WELCOME MERCANTILE DACOTAH COTTON MILLS, Groceries - Fresh Meats INC. Gas - Oil Lexington, N. C. Welcome, North Carolina Phone 731-2254 PIEDMONT FUNERAL HOME LEXINGTON DAIRY Distributors of Phone 246-2366 405 S. Main St, ms Lexington, North Carolina Lexington, N. C. Service Since 1913 Phone RE-13004 213 LEONARD Compliments of BROTHERS MOTOR Arnold Road, Route 8 LEXINGTON, N. C. COUNTRY KITCHEN Phone 731-3265 Midway, North Carolina Joe G. Leonard Howard J.-Tommy-Leonard WAGNER WAGNER MASONRY " Quality is our specialty” James L. Wagner Route 1 Lexington, N. C. PHONE 731-2629 214 BOOSTERS OF NORTH DAVIDSON HIGH SCHOOL SMITH BROTHERS ' OIL COMPANY Rt. 6, Winston-Salem, N.C. MACK’S Rt. 9, Hwy. 52, Winston-Salem, N.C. LEONARD ' S CLEANERS Lexington, N. C. LANIER HARDWARE, INC. 218 S. Main, Lexington, N.C. CRAVER’S PAINT WALLPAPER STORE 2 5 East Center St., Lexington, N.C. STEWART ' S 3-WAY GROCERY Winston-Salem, N.C. FRITTS PACKING CO. Lexington, N.C. DUNCAN MUSIC CO. Winston-Salem, N.C. THE GIFT SHOP Gum Tree Road WELCOME MILLING CO. Welcome, N.C. F. N. HEDRICK ' S AMOCO SERVICE Winston Rd., Midway, N.C. R. L. LINK’S GROCERY, SERVICE, FERTILIZER Route 8, Lexington, N.C. 215 BOOSTERS OF NORTH DAVIDSON HIGH SCHOOL HUDSON BELK OF THOMASVILLE ANN ' S KUT-N-KURL GREEN PRINTING CO. P. W. STABLER FLOOR SANDING WEST CENTER GULF STYLETTE BEAUTY SHOP W. T. GRANT CO. WELCOME FLOWER SHOP DAWN ' S SHOPPE, INC. SHAW ESSICK GARAGE UNITED BAKING CO. GLANELL ' S WEST SALEM CENTER BARBER SHOP 216 5908 00585284 8 Sil :r£Hs£ ' »« fttefc .S.i ' Vj.AV |R f ‘ R.. . , f VS“ -M ■B HB T k | For Reference Not to be taken from this library

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