North Davidson High School - Nordahi Yearbook (Lexington, NC)

 - Class of 1964

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North Davidson High School - Nordahi Yearbook (Lexington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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X , -. . J ff 1 f' 1 ' x k, ,W . OSNH f .f ,. 1, . .,'7 ' ' !,.,x- N A Aff! EEN, A -1 iw , R' rw 1 X,,wMv'. ,L gc w ' ' xulvbgfr ,. v , ,,1-Wjgi gh, ,wwf fra, H. fwifwfwfi. 1 f v f my . Q.: mpg- b , , 2,45 1-FA' '. . WA , . Wmullu 9 u .Q -M WSW XMF? gMuwrW5.2a:l1WiWM+ A 9 V5-L v 4 w'hNyf x v v 'V N Q,fQDAw paw 't 85-up i J iiqsv' iii fx I 'wff xr 'dlMr.m A " ff ,1. -y 4- w ' :vm ' ' 'M S ' f- M" 1 MS, 5, 41 .1 ' Nw' Jr w'iilb.,.X ' , x, .. , Q 1, 1, A , . V. We 'HW'f1i'f' fm 3' wwf-'g5.lyf, L A , ,, , -, . x -4-gym' , H aw' " .. U an Our Swirling Teenage Sociefy -. wi Table ot Contents Organizations. . . . . .75 Features ..... , ,35 Sports . . . , , 41 Students. . . , , 55 Seniors . . , ,56 Juniors .... , , 79 Sophomores. . . , , 89 Freshmen . . . . 97 Advertisers. . . . . 705 The swirl of our year began in confusion. . . gradually setting into a routine filled with new experiences that molded our personalities and enriched our lives. May the NORDAI-II of 1964 p ro v i d e m a ny pleasant recollections of this wonderful year. Q 1964 1. M 'a-V 'V' Mm fy. y. ,v if: - 21391723 VF"5.-3515531 X2'. ,,2 'ms ,,. .J-L, G ,Y - uiwwwsd M 14 I U: , . lx , 2 41,i:! 'ya' " fa X1 A S ,ff ' W3MrS, f 1 .vw """"' Three of I-Iinkle, and Mrs. Rankin pose for a picture after partici- pating in our sophisticated teachers, Mrs. Revelle, Mrs. a pep rally. The thrill of homecoming, the excitement of plan- ning programs, and the laughs supplied by our teachers and friends have added spice and fun to our year. 4 N.D. 's cheerleaders help boost school spirit by riding in the homecoming parade. -... ' we ,xxx +..,,,- Le X The chorus is caught unaware while practicing fo first annual Christmas program. ,iv yl lv 'gig A. r the 'X XX . 9153? .a , Q ,, 5 aww! , L" 1 V , QV ,, Q V. . ' 'VL r f W V- it 135 -fl I 1 is K ', N .. ,, 6' I, North Davidson's own "Black Knight" appeared in the homecoming parade. The annual staff works laboriously to complete the year book layout on time. The first pep rally of the year takes place around abonfire on the football field. 4 'if " 1 , ff., 'Y' r-1+ if . t ' if 5111 A .1,.'ff'if ' gg:':,.,31. 'tff,:'31Q,.i?A '5 "M i' ' 5 I a. . - ' A f'p1Eti,,:j 1 1 jg, Q,-W. 1 '-9 ll " ' i P' aisle: r v , Phil Potts and Frank Funderburk increase their scientific "Peter Punk"--the man be- knowledge by dissecting a cat inAdvanced Science class. hind N.D. 's success. Steve I-Iinkle scores again. Classes, study halls, ball games and gala affairs all served to keep this year from being routine . One of our industrious study halls await the ringing of the three o'c1ock bell. yi , U f,, 'I ' . 1 'i I l ' 'Q-7, yifgvi ,Mifm , W. r . is Q ,rx lam- 6 Many hectic rehearsals were required for the Valentine Court to make our dance a success. I . , MW., , - - ' 1 ' , ff .. 4" , 'Q fi f-if . 1. ga ac g tif ' I P ,. I ip E 'Y X, -- i" 1 J N ,R ' v .. , ff af 7' ' In f v f it ,Br I L A A Q, ln! Mg, Y P , 0 'A xiii if iyfs I 4' i J ww ' ed 5 a" t.V ' L fr ' P X 'fi P ,ll K' , V . v,v,', ..s :Wir ,. Freshman lab assistants experiment with newly acquired equipment. ZH' VX I Senior boys put their "status symbols" on display. Mr. Teal crowns our lovely Homecoming queen, Barbara Biesecker, at the homecoming game. We dedicate "I have taught them the goodness of knowledge" QDickensj is a quotation that aptly describes Mrs. "Pete" Revelle. I-Ier life also exemplifies the immense power of hard work, unfaltering pursuit of what seems right to her, and a directness of character, sy mb olic of the great men she talks about daily in her social studies classes. With pride we gratefully dedicate the 1964 NORDAHI to MRS. REVELLE in recognition for her devotion to duty and her geunine concern for her students. MRS. B. H. REVELLE, IR. i o Foculfy Gnd D Adm in isfrafion I 9 , ysmny M w ,J s Wg, ,. ' 2 ,f yfkp f :., kin f f f f if f fl 3 ET --',A 2 in xfw' 20 "fn-H..-M-.-.,....-fvf' 1 '51, 13 if 'gr , ff MR. E. L. BROWN Superintendent of Davidson County Schools MRS. CARL BRINKLEY Supervisor of Davidson County Schools Qty 'Z 1!'Mmn.... COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to right: Mr. Roy G. Orrell, Mr. D. Clarence Sink, Mr. H. Lindsay Dorsett, Mr. D. W. McCulloch, and Mrs. C. L. White, jr. 10 -w MR. CLATE F. HUFFMAN Assistant Superintendent of Davidson County Schools NORTH DAVIDSON SCHOOL BOARD Mr. John Hedrick, Mr. Robert Ripple, Mr. Clyde Zimmerman. I i'g--... M rs. Berrier, Mr. T e al, and Mr. Gathings examine school records and keep the school running efficiently. MRS . JOE BERRIER Secretary ff V ' ' 4 1 ' ,M M W 3 Mr' MR. J. O. TEAL Principal 11 MR. I. L. GATI-IINGS Assistant Principal MR. TIQEEECANDER Pchenfly Advanced Algebra Trigonometry MR GLENN BEMISDERFER Chemistry Advanced Science Biology MISS MAGGIE BARNEY Office Practice Shorthand II Bookke eping MISS LUCILLE BOWERS General Science MRS. ELLA RAY CHACEY Guidance MRS. BILL COOK Drama and Music l to r: Spivey, Hales Physical Education Advanced Physical Education MR. KENNETH DRUM Economics and Sociology American History General Math MISS ROSE FARRINGTON Algebra I Not Pictured MR. DALE FREEMAN American H1story Civics World Geography MR. CHARLES HALES Social Studies lto r: Drum, Sebastian, Egglish H rama McNamara, Freeman, Revelle . I2 Building Good Cifizenship . . . -ff-E Guidance counselor-Mrs. Ella Ray Chacey. Always listening to our problems and trying to find answers, our faculty has been an invaluable part of our year. A . , ---- . 1 -R. 'wif 47 ff' V M t tag ,tt 'Q ttxj' 3 ,, ,,.-MW , Foreign Language Dept. 1 to r: Kinlaw, I-Iinkle MR. c. MRS, ALEX MRS. FRANK RAYMOND HILL HINKLE HOOVER MRS. JOHN Agriculture II French 1 and tt Geometry MR- PETE JONES I-IANES and IV English IV General Math BEOIUQY Library Physical Education MISS CAROLYN MISS ANN MR. 1. R. MR. B. J. LOWDER MCNAMARA MICHAEL MRS. ROBERT KINLAW Typing World History Business Arithmetic MOTSINGER Spanish I and II General Business Geography General Math English I and IV X- Q- .1 rg' gs -Eli 17" -ft-sv ,-at "ON MR. DON PALMER Physical Education General Math MRS. H. E. PARKER Home Economics, I and II MRS. HOWARD HONBARRIER Typing Shorthand I MR . JIM PICKETT Biology MRS . RALPH PROTO English III MRS. B. H. REVELLE, JR. American History Economics and Sociology Speech and Personolmes Science Dept. lto r: Pickett, Bowers, Bemisderfer MRS DON MRS CAROL M B L MRS. ROBERT SEBASTIAN SPIVEY SWICEGOOD VOYLES MRS. W S World History English I Driver s English II and III WRIGHT Engllgh I1 Music Education journalism English I and II At, ' ' .:' ' .. at X 'j?""'X 2 My ! Q X 3' I 'L' - ,Ek ' 'Wir -I I ll H f . Organizofions 1""""K"l E Advisors, Mrs Proto, Mr I-Ialesg Members: I-lege, Kearns, Leonard, Fritts, Craver, Perryman Powell, Zimmerman, MCC rary, Biesecker, Brittain, Wood, Bemisderfer, Barker, Hege, Michael, Esslck, Shoaf, Lemly, Mahaffey johnson, Link, Berrier Funderburk, Swicegood, Barnes, I-lege, Hayes, Berrier, Robb1ns,N1fong, Wagner, Conrad Sfudenf Council , ,, of W, TOM KEARNS Vice President xi O 7 1 JUDY MCCRARY Treasurer 1 K MRS . PROTO Advisor Nofionol Honor Society 17 The object of the North Davidson Chapt er of the National Honor Society is to c re ate an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimu- late a desire to serve, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the de- velopment of character. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, service leadership, and character. First row: Carol Brewer, C athy Graham, Marion N ol a n. Second row: Jeanette Koontz, President, Gerotha Scott, Peggy Johnson. T hi rd row: Pat T e al, Barbara Biesecker, Secretarygjean Swicegood. Fourth row: Bill Link, Vice President, Dianne Berrier, Phil Barnes, Treasurer, Advisor, Mrs. Wright. fNot Pictured: A dv i s o r, Mrs. Revellej. Editor -in -chief, D I A N N E BERRIER , Assistant, L Y N N WARNER. The NORDAI-II staff consists of seniors, with juniors as their assistants, and one freshman and one sophomore as their respective class editors. The staff is chosen on the basis of scholarship, personality, and service. ff? Business Manager, JIM GREEN, Assistant, GENE PERRYMAN. Nordohi Staff Sfeodily Working 2.1 . , . if Q ' ' 2. 'fa .l v ,Jr ed. 4? v if . V" . 'Q' " 'bunk' : .. 4' s Y.. s ' f, 4' ' ' -' 5? f. ,, 1 . ' . N, "N Feature Editor, PEGGY JOHNSON, Assistant, JANIE SHOAF. Sports Editor, BILL LINK, Assistants, GRAY FISHEL, JOE CRAVER. '29 5 So much time and work is involved in the publication of the 1964 NORDAHI that the staff sincerely hopes each student will enjoy the fruit of their labors. I ' . 1 M 1 ff 1 ii . 3+ - ,B Q rf L i sttsnss - spls, slss R sl set , xXS xl ., XR N X mi: X 4 'tl X Q' mm Lx s, M mi ,fl it X E J fm ,ss r A i 1 X - f 1 ' , -et xi' M, A W B ,fix " s X cb I, . , r 2 -...Q . r QF' 5 ' , , i ' 11 s ,415 ,Is I: xv I X .. . .. , tx, ii., x 'Za 54 .1 ' 4' is-,X 'qeafww ,. V' 4 A 4 ,,,, , X Class Editors, B ILLIE BRANDON, JOHN KNIGHT, CAMLLLE MENDENHALL, CAROL BREWER. Seated: Link, Johnson, Berrier, Dellinger, Dorsett, Green. First row: Fishel, Brandon, Shoaf, Warner, Mendenhall, Brewer, Advisor, Mrs. I-linkle. Second row: Craver, 0 fi z if Q 2 2 241545 .1 W fcwl' V X: ff' Z: if 5 gf' 9f,.,2f,fA-igjgfrz, , . W 4 Photographer, LINDS AY DORSETT, Assistants, MIKE ZIMMERMAN, TED ESSICK. Nw...,,,. 55: 'Vi Art Editor, DENNIS DELLINGER, Assistant, CHARLES HILL. Perryman, Essick, Hill, Knight, Zimmerman, Advisors, Mrs. Motsinger, Miss Phipps. f 1 i if N! sf, " 3 " 5 "r"1 A m 4 AQ .... 11 Andrews, Barnes, Berrier, Biesecker, Boatright, Brewer, McG1amery, Nolan, Powell, Potts, Ripple Saintsing, Craver, Forrest, Fox, Graham, Green, Hedrick, Hiatt, Sink, Shoaf, Snyder, Stewart, Swicegood, Teal, Warner, I-Ii11, johnson, Koontz, Link, L. Link, S. Link, Weaver, Yarbrough, Zimmerman Future Teachers of America Officers: President, JEAN SWICEGOOD3 Vice President, DAVID BARNES, Secretary, DIANNE BERRIER , Treasurer, JANIE SI-IOAF, Parliamentarian, CHARLES HILL, Historian, CAROL BREWER. MISS BARNEY, MRS. SEBASTIAN Q' Sponsors Knight News' Junior Journalists S A 2 ,Ag f , 1,A 5 Z Y Q fi if 5 ii Editor, MARION NOLAN, Assistant Editor, MIKE ZIMMERMAN. Advisor, Mrs. Voylesg Nolan, Zimmerman, Barnes, Koontz, Saintsing, Mendenhall, Brinkley, Scott, Leonard, Johnson, Powell, Graham, Snider, Evans, Tuttle, Smith, The Knight News, the school newspaper, is published monthly by the Future Teachers of America. The staff is composed of students from all four classes. This year our newspaper is being printed instead of being typed by the students. ff MRS . VOYLES Advisor Berrier, Green, Stewart, Swicegood, Teal, Biesecker, Warner, Hedrick, Fox. ' 5 liiff Alpha Belo Gamma . . . Experimenfing L , , 9 A AWNWMWKM AIA4. 'Q 5- T, V Cr Mn Fc Co N' Cu Zn Ga G2 l Sf ...- cz- - ,L ,ww Ax- g . A L A P X' zr Ni Mc it Ru Rh Pie AQ Cd ln Sf- Sbff ,Q L+ 1. N pi, Os Lf pi Au Hg TI Pb B. 'Ps ,, ,L S L ., ' RARE EARTH EUMENTS ,L p, Nd Pm 5., 5, ca 'Ts Dy Ho sf 'Tin vb, ti .1 V- , , T: Q:-, il Isp F.. Arn Cm Bk,CF 'Es Fm Md No, ' I ., , ,Q f.,,. ' .. . . . Sponsors, Mr. Bemisderfer, Mr. Gathings, Andrews, Barnes, Beckel, Berrier, Biesecker, Church, Clodfelter, Craver, P. Craver, Dellinger, Devaney, Dorsett, Fishel, Fox, Freeman, Fritts, Funderburk, Flowers, Graham, Alpha Bi Sci . Sponsors, Mr. Pickett, Mrs. Bowers, Bemisderfer, Berrier, Collins, Essick, Flow, Frizzell, Hayes, Henderson, Hill, jones, Leonard, R. Leonard, T. Leonard, Lopp, Nifong, Phillips, Robbins, Sink, Smith, K. Smith, Stewart, Surratt, Trexler, Truluck, Wagner, Ward, Andrews, Barker, Beck, Berrier, Brittain, Clodfelter, L. Clodfelter, X xi iw ' - -lm Green, Hill, johnson, Knight, Koontz, Link, L. Link, Long, Mendenhall, Nolan, Perryman, Potts, Presley, Saintsing, Shoaf, Sink, Snyder, Sowers, Stephens, Swicegood, I. Swicegood, Zimmerman. . . and Learning Craver, Ellerbe, Essick, Evans, Forshee, Griffin, Hanes, Hartman, Hege, Hill, james, johnson, Koontz, Grubb, C. Koontz, Largen, Latham, Lemly, Marble, Massey, McBride, Mock, Murphy, Musgrave, Nifong, Owen, Bailey, Roberson, Surratt, Thomas, Thomason, Tuttle, Ward, B. Ward, Williams, Wooten. Pep Club . . . School Spirit Boosters tl T. S 'L 1 Sponsor, Miss McNamara, First row: Disher, S. Carver, Saintsing, Leonard, Nolan, Hill. Third row: Link, L. Carver, Koontz. Second row: Rothrock, Yarbrough, Clodfelter, Wood, Fritts, T. Leonard. N. D. . . Music Mosfers Sponsor, Mrs. Spivey, Essick, Godby, Matthews, Surratt, Freedle, Grubb, Helper, johnson, Snyder, Ward, Essick, Fritts, Payne, Cook, Gandy, I-Iolt, Lawson, Mendenhall, Freeman, Green, Leonard, Knight, Shaw, Wynn, Berrier, Snyder, Thomas, Marble, Brittain, Essick, Gobble, Hill, Knoll, Nifong, Lunsford, Saintsing,Stephens, S . Stephens Poole, Scott, Williams, Wirlan, Everhart, Forshee, Brinkley. J 23 Norfh Davidson Bond Color Guard: Left to right, Barbara Barker, Gwynn Disher, Jane Williams, Brenda Ward, Lana Yountz, Sue Massey, Mary Ann Brittain, Linda jean Craver, Joan Yarbrough, Patsy I-lege. MR. TENNYSON JONES Band Director s 4? Anderson, Andrews, R. Berrier, S. Berrier, Biesecker, Bodenheimer, J. Brandon, D. Brandon, Burrow, Clodfelter, Craver, Culler, Disher, Doub, Everhart, Essick, Flowe, G. Foltz, J. Foltz, Forrest, Fox, Fritts, ,. V. ,,.- ,V ,,.,. , . , ,,,, , , 4 W., , ,,,,,,,,,m., f . ,, VW 3 Porodes, Foofboll Gomes, Concerts . . . Majorettes: Carolyn jones, Cassandra Thomason, Ilene Barbara Biesecker and Pat Teal, Debbie Storey, Brenda S ink, Penny Craver, Barbara Lawrence, Co-chiefs, Craver, jean Essick, Angela Andrews, Harriett Evans. I-lege, Hill, Hunter, Jones, Lassiter, Lawrence, Leonard, Snyder, Storey, Teal, Thomas, Thomason, Tesh, Lunsford, Lynn, McBride, Nifong, Payne, J. Payne, Townsend, Welch, Willard, Williams, Evans, Lambeth, T. Payne, Roberson, G. Scott, K. Scott, Smith, Sink, Riddle, Clodfelter. Y'-' -'H' '-rm" s V fr ., -V , mm :,-,,,-- -' ,f,.nnfzf-- 1 , 5 5 ' 1 , zff f ' ' ,. 1 my f if ,fi il 2 5 1 4 5 c Officers: Preisdent, MARION NOLAN5 Vice President, CHARLES HILL, Secretary, CAROL BREWER, Treasurer, ILENE SINK. Seated: Sink, Brewer, Hill, Nolan. First row: Andrews, Fox, Shoaf, Saintsing, Graham, Stephens, Yarbrough, pugwurs was tum: u up Q an Forensic Sociefy The North Davidson Forensic Society was established this y e a r under the sponsorship of Mrs. B. H. Revelle, Jr. Being affiliated with the National Forensic Society, our society participates in the "Round Robin" tournaments and the Wake Forest Speech Festival. The 1964 query is: "Resolved, that Social Security benefits should be ex- tended to include complete medical care." MRS . REVELLE Sponsor Beck. Second row: Zimmerman, Craver, Hill, Perryrnan, Berrier, Disher, Latham. X .,,,.g.5 5 95+ .af , bt - The Block Mosque Seated: R ob e rt son, Everhart, Wilson, York, West, Brittain, Roberts, Flowers, Berrier, Gammons, Saintsirig. First row: Shaw, Hege, Fritts, Chisholm, Godby, Powell, Brinkley, Swicegood, l-Iill, Thomason, Biesecker, T he Black Masque, our dramatics club is under the direction of Mr. Charles Hales. Their fall production of Harvey was a huge success. Class projects, speeches, and productions are all included in this worthwhile course. Advisor, MR. I-IALES, Officers: President, TIM BRITTAIN5 Vic e President, ROBBIE ROBERTS, Secretary, LARRY FLOWERS, Treasurer, REGINA WE S T, Reporter, PAT YORK, Historian, DIANNE BERRIER . Thomason, Advisor, Mr. Hales Second row Dorsett Westmoreland, Green, I-Iinkle Surratt, Hopper Stewart, Essick, Zimmerman, Warden WWW The Block Mosque Presents . . . HARVEY 4 H 5 The Black Masque presented as L r Y, its fall production Harvey. This was a comedy about a large white rabbit X i named Harvey that could be seen by only one person. The play was a huge success, and it was enjoyed by everyone who saw it. 28 Junior C ivifon Advisor, Mr. Alexander, Barnes, Beckel,Berrier, Biesecker, Brinkley, Chisholm, Crater, Everhart, Dorsett, Flowers, Fritts, Funderburk, Graham, Hedrick, Heg e, jones, Koontz, Lemly, Leonard, Link, Montemurro, Nolan, Potts, Saintsing, Swicegood, Teal, Thomason, Warden, West, Westmoreland, York, Andrews, Barnes, North Davidson is very proud to have the newly -organized junior Civitan Club. Always striving for better citizenship in the home, school, and community, this club has proved very active in its first year. Officers: President, BILL LINK, Vice Presi- dent, JOE CRAVERg Secretary, SANDRA HEDRICK, Treasurer, CAROL EVERHART, S erg eant-at-arms, LARRY WESTMORELAND, Advisor, MR. ALEXANDER. Berrier, Brinkley, Brinkley, Craver, Craver, Disher, Fritts, Hedrick, Hill, Kearns, Link, Link, Lunsford, Powell, Shoaf, Sink, Sink, Snider, Snyder, Storey, Swicegood, Warner, White, Wooten, Green, Stewart, Dellinger, Brittain. :rv , , V 1 Bates, Beckel, Beriier, Brinkley, Chisholm, Crater, Dufiey, Everhart, Hanes, Hartman, Hedrick, l-lege, Hege, Koontz, Leonard, Leonard, Montemurro, Nelson, Thomason, Wagner, Walser, Wilson, York, Berrier, Boatright, Buie, Byerly, Byerly, Byerly, Cardwell, Clark, Disher, Essick, Essick, Denton, Everhart, Flowe, I-lege, james, johnson, Koontz, Koontz, Lassiter, Leonard, Lunsford, McBride, McDowell, Mendenhall, Miller, Moorefield, Nelson, Nifong, Phelps, Portis, Saintsing, Saintsing, Shoaf, Sink, Sink, Snyder, Storey, Wagner, Ward, Welch, Whicker, Cecil, Essick, Bargoil, Ellerbe, Essick, Essick, Everhart, Forshee, Gooch, Hines, I-lines, Hopper, Largen, Lemly, Massey, McBride, Mendenhall, Musgrave, Nelson, Paige, Robertson, Saintsing, Surratt, Thompson, Ward, Williams, Bates, Beeson, Brinkley, Brandon, Brinkley, Cannon, Conrad, Cook, Cowan, Crater, Denton, Essick, Everliart, Fennell, Flowers, Garrison, Haggard, Hege, Huffman, james, Kepley, Kinsey, Lanier, Lawson, Leonard, Lineberry, Logan, Lynn, Bates, McG1amery, Moorefield, Priquette, Saintsing, Shoaf, Smith, Snyder, Surratt, Russell, Thompson, Wagner, Willard, Weisner, Future Homemokers of America Sponsor, M R S. PARKER, Officers: President, KAY NELSON, Vic e President, ANN SNYDER5 Secretary, JEANETTE KOONTZ5 Treasurer, LANE WALSER, Historian, CONNIE LEONA RD, Parliamen- tarian, DEBBIE MCBRIDE, Reporter, DERENDA THOMASON, County His- torian, JANIE NIF ONG. QN o t Pictured: A NN SNYDERJ. G. QQ dent, DAN HEGE, Vice President, TOM KEARNS, Secretary, JERRY BRINKLEY, Treasurer, JIMMY HARTMAN, Senti- nel, MICHAEL HILTON, Reporter, KENNETH LEONARD. QNot Pictured: DAN I-IEGEJ. Future Farmers Combining Science and Agriculture Ashby, Byerly, Byerly, Church, Canner, Disher, Hege, Hepler, Hill, Hine jones, Mize, Nifong, Payne, Payne, Perrell, Sain, Walser, White, Berrier, Brown, Buckley, Buie, Byerly, Cannon, Essick, Flowers, Freedle, Freeman 7 Jones, Lane, Leonard, Martin, Mayes, Sides, Spaugh, Thomason, Anderson, Beck, Clodfelter, Everhart, Freedle, Hanes, Hege, Hill, Mendenhall 3 Koontz, Leonard, Leonard, Logan, Medlin, Myers, Nifong, Reid, Ward, -gap Zimmerman, Byerly, Cecil, Freedle, Leonard, Leonard, Mize, Odell, Sink, Sink, Tesh, Welch, Threatt, Berrier, Brinkley, Carter, Daniels,Essick, Everhart, Essick, Grimmett, Hege, Hilton, Hill, Saintsing, Shoaf, Smith, Tysinger, Welch, Everhart, Ball, Byerly, Hartman, Hill, Hilton, Koontz, Tussey, Younm, Clinard, Byerly, Hege, Hill, Shoaf, Weisner. Myers, Miller, Nifong, Sink, Hinkle, Miller, Mize, Reid, .GP 'fi '47 1 ,A ...........m... ...,. . X fn- af L . 1. -2 4 . ma If KT - ff.. ,JA ' V , , 5 A '-1 .eff . ' If Sponsors: MR. HILL, MR. TUCKER, Officers: Presi- Monogram Club Officers: President, PI-IIL BARNES, Vice President, STEVE I-IINKLE, Secretary, BARBARABIESECKER, Treasurer, DAVID BARNES: Sergeant-at- a r m s, I E R R Y STEWART, Reporter, CONNIE LEONARD. D. Barnes, P. Barnes, Berrier, Clodfelter, Everhart, R. I-Iinkle, S. I-Iinl-de Johnson, Knopf, Koontz, Leonard, Potts, Ripple, Roberts, Shoaf, Snider Stewart, Thomas, Wagner, Westmoreland, Wilson, Andrews, Biesecker Brinkley, B. Craver, P, Craver, Forrest, Lawrenc e, Leonard, Link, McCrary 5 1 N-J 'oz Dffice Staff and Bus Drivers X ., . ,. ., .,i,,-V, i Q' , , w 1 ' t i il Q, Y 1' 7 I, . X u -1 ' 9 i , First row: Advisor, Miss Barney, Svvicegood, West, York, Wilson, Nelson, Leonard, Reid, Hege, Leonard, Gammons. Second row: Principal, Mr. Teal, Advisor, Miss Lowder,Miller, Huffman, Walser, Kinsey, Montemurro, A. Fritts, Berrier, Hill, G. Berrier, Thomas, Brittain, I-lege, Whicker, Miller, Essick, Leonard, Barnes, Nifong, Matthews, Reid, Koontz, Essick, York, Hege, Byerly, Brinkley, Lassiter, Ball, Everhart, I-lege, Perryman, an-n-.1-.............,,.. ...,,... , ' I 1 . , F , SFI 1 i ii, ' f,'lfZ,. ..' f i ,iw f ly if 5112? l 1 f 1 5 S 4 ' ' . , , 1 , , I. ,,,,Q,., M 1, Y, , -5 , -f , V- .im . . -5 ' I ' . 5 1 i 'f V vi f , g , . J 4 gwi f- 1 ,ff Q. 5 1 :'l ' ' gg , , f' .f A - ' ' Q ' Z if L 'V' ,- if r . 'E , " Y Fc' Q , .. 6011 ,Y X Myers, Walser, Duffey, Leonard, Hartman, Koontz, johnson, Secretary Mrs. Berrier. Third row: Chisholm, Brittain, Crater, Hedrick, Berrier jones, Bates, Evei-hart, Brinkley, Thomason, Hill, Hege, Wagner, Scott. Burrow, Ripple, Hilton, Knopf, Haggard, Everhart, Lambeth, Meredith I-Iinkle, Beeson, Weisner, DeLapp, Presley, Sink, Funderburk, Green Brinkley. 5 Library Assisfonfs First row: McDowell, White, Link, Bates, Nelson, Gammons, Montemurro, Snyder, Duffey. Third row Advisor, Mrs. Hanes. Second row: N. Byerly, K. Byerly, Dillard, Brittain, Fritts, Mize, Langley, Essick, Walser Beckel, Leonard, Everhart, Whicker, Everhart, Lemly, Kepley, johnson. Lun chroom Sfoff Lunchroom Staff: Mrs .M 'Y' Vilas Swicegood, Mrs. Arlie Swicegood, Mrs james Biesecker, jr. , Mrs. Claude Walser, Mrs Madison Conrad,Die tician, Mrs. D. T. Fritts, jr. , Mrs. jimmy Sink. 34 Features I If 7, I 1 ,- f :Q ' Yr g M : ,:,x'sr fs-195 Q , . 1 , ' x Feff 5 "yn -2 - , P 3,41 K' :.-3,2 wie, S. .K : 'c.ff,:'5'-f,fiffAs,g1gx "'+'f- Q2 55. V. 1 2-1. ll. . N? ,.g3 L . sA W I T , x ,if 5, ' T HEY? Q-HE ',?2Q'7' 315. , .. i V5 as . 1 . M, Q .Q , 1 - gl Tig A Y" A Q 'fx'-' fi , . 71, X ' Q 1 f " ,.,",:. ' 4 Q ,. 3. A 5 'iii' . ,? 355 2 N F. . X Miss Nor Davidson Mrss BILLIE w1LsoN 36 Homecoming Queen MISS BARBARA BIESECKER 5 3 i Vcilenfine King and Queen BILLIE WILSON and ROBBIE ROBERTS ' Front: Billie Wilson. First row: Martha Hedrick Nancy Leonard. Second row: Kay Nelson. Third row: Court Football Sponsors Carol Everhart, Pat Gammons. Fourth row: Bonnie Hill, Martha Brinkley, Regina West. Front: Connie Leonard. First row: Kay Saintsing. Second row: Jane F ox, Ilene S ink, Brenda Brinkley, Penny Craver, Debbie Storey, Brenda Craver, Lana Yountz. 38 Moy Court of 7963 'pn K MISS SUE HILL May Queen Kenneth Leonard, Jane Williams, Phillip Potts, Martha Hedrick, Bucky Shoaf, Ruth Ann Wooten, Ronnie Long, Janet Koontz, Mike Devaney, Barbara Lawrence, Tony Cecil, Billie Wilson, Larry Mendenhall, Belinda Sink, Rod Loflin, Mardie Swicegood, Maid of Honor, Sue Hill, May Queen, William Oman, Barbara Biesecker, Mike The Future Teachers of America of North Davidson Hig h School held its sixth annual May Day Festival in May, 1963. The athletic field was beautifully decorated to carry out the theme, "Springtime in Paris." The setting depicted a typical Parisian street scene with a strolling policeman, a flower vendor, artists, and bicy- clists. Members of the French classes sang "I Love Paris" and the physical education classes presented some French folk dances. To climax the evening, a semi-formal dance was held in the school gymnasium. Saintsing, Sandra Craver, jimmy Hartman, Kathy Bean, John Crafford, Jean Essick, jimmy Hopper, Kay Greenwald, Steve Hinkle, Marie Stegall, Jerry Stewart, Jane Michael, Allen Fritts, Mascots, Sherry Hines, Eddie Hill. V WW WW Junior Morshols ? 0' . 40 " '7 -Z A! if WWW? MIKE ZIMMERMAN Chief Marshal Qwwu JEAN SWICEGOOD Not Pictured 1963 First row: Lynn Warner, Sheryl Boatright. Second row: Brenda Johnson, Kit Powell, Linda F ox. Third row: David Barnes, Tom Kearns, Charles Hill, Joe Craver. ' ,M yi-'I yy, 1.3, , I 1 n X X x Sports ,g r G,-F-,LTI '44 J! 't CCC Foofboll Champions '- I I ' C its? T, fa W fx .I -v " -4 I Q , n X' , r., 4 K M., x .1 - , ' 5io5a1Ef'i' . V-1'1" . Football Team -Bottom row: John Thomas, Steve Hinkle, jerry Stewart, Bill Knopf, Frankie Fritts, Robbie Roberts, Phil Barnes, Gordon Saintsing. Middle row: Bill Wagner, Charles Berrier, Steve Hall, Walter Wilson, Tony Young, Coaching Staff-Coach Pickett, Head Coach Palmer, and Coach Jones. Robbie Roberts Phil Barnes Zi s r , ,Bak -,Af X by - kiwi 1: S i ZA 'JA I ' 3' :S 'fi 535' ,gf 1-'f-' 41, X faq- ,?l,,.ss -Msgs,-1:2 , 5 . ,t- ,' -wg A, .If ' T af, if i :. ff' f - gs" sc , sf-w'.ggi,' ' 2- 4. 4 ag- , wgafftn- 'N ,- r ri W ' -' 1.112 .Q :vo ig? a A -- Mhflr- '!Z,pw,f'Q-?"?1:. 13725 7'.a 'T ' iIel?gY?":"i1faf-if 2-tw - xml ' 24 Y 1 X Tv M' 1 FIX if-grxx is i N -A ri T -A - . 'C f . ,""x Alle n Fritts, Phillip Potts, Roger Clark. Top row: Ike Essick, Kenneth Berrier, Sammy Long, Tom Kearns, Rod Loflin, Barry Gray, Rick Snider, and Dennis Snider. A ft e r a slow start, North Davidson finished with its greatest year. N.D. was C.C.C. champion, District champion, and runner-up in the regional division, which is the highest division a 2-A team can win. The I.V. and Freshman teams, also with good records, should continue to bring N.D. glory next year. Phillip Potts Jerry Stewart -"is ' f" , .- . -+1 + 'ef YI ,- . 1, D, . , J , "kv: . , A " W X J, , x 'VIS T. ' ,L A " ' a A Q 4 l X 7 3 si- , V ,, Q ww , .4 .. U 3 V K iw i, jf" iv 'W X, a -- District Foofboll Champions Managers-John Knight, Ronnie Ripple, Larry Link, Harry Andrews. Northwest Guilford- North gained 400 y a rd s against Northwest Guilford's 100 yards. The game ended in a 7- 7 tie mainly because of North's 9 fumbles. Griffith- The second game of the season brought defeat for the Black Knights. At halftime North led 7-O, but Griffith scored on two drives in the second half and time ran out on North who lost 12-7. Frankie Fritts jim Green Ike Essick ,MQW , Q 2 ,A 4 I e in i X 2 ' 49, . X s h A L I J 4 ' 1, ., "54"w J - . A f ' f of 'Qi ,A ,Q P' 1' ' J , 1 f ' C, 1 N f ' Q " Fi' ' ' ,ta il 1-w "'7 ' ' ,. w . L,,,,,, , , f'-ifqf . TQ g, i ,V -'fizyfli' ' Legg ,Li s t ' . ff' - 51 . , f , 411911 H .fffsiknagisrgzgg 3 h W-'il Qfgy. V I L " f-94 tai. "if", ' -f-.-iff '-P 7 f2'QiQvf4J?iglQs.if: . ,f5T'.+Qf-,"sT.gQ- b-.Q afggE,s1i?f-Qlfgfjr-Y ' ,ff . smqzgaa r'5f'fl+'fa As. 8. ' , ,ate xzwsu-Qe,,f11,gf-3:45,-'Q 1-"iw,r K, ,F swf 1 -.f,743f,- Xevigif, 1g,s?,S,:fa ,f..1Q-,T .-1344s 1,544 :?P'vf,Q' -afs,.-.- af x, -f P'5't,-71"-.f ' "'-' 9 5' .-5-swf -,vw ' f-,-f fs -'N we--ive" .1 1 ffff-?3" Y 43 Co-C aptains-Robbie Roberts and Steve Hinkle. . .x " .. sr- . ' . Q Eiigqhlzf h,,gN,i , V .R K 'X A 5 A 3, 1 W ,-V. in t, ,, ., ' , any 4,-v f 'W '54, ,, SGS . X f:3'i"',-X"fTff 33 255 . , X. -, . y-s ,ggi , Q- X' . -1 R R' i 'T'f'.V '- - r iiiilff 'ff 1 P. -1 kg. bhfuil: pf .33 'X '-ef Q rg Ar- lpwikfr Ya. ,gg th," X'- i"'j5L, ' HQ igizfligbgexf x . -ugtfw, .- ' . . iii?-iff?-Q 1 .ff F fe -me , Q, .. . .. r ii? sx Bill Knopf Walter Wilson ' "'41:j .:",'2g.S,,1s-.5-it ' ., I ,isa .3-, ,-rj, L -0 -L, 3.4, .N L. fu., .N g Q, , ,. Q , . 6.1, W a a we " N X -. 1- Q A 'S 531 r fw is ,L ixxf-g , ' at . -c Q-Ax X- x W K if 'K . , XT .mmf Q, si ., wa, ., ., xi" '?f,.-Q., l x 15. , F. 3 2 -A5 tal' '- , '5 ' .r,"'. if Q ' , x ' ai ff N-ef -- 5' - .kg 4 sf -s -- 15' . 1 :J ,I " A, 'D' . -isis Diff. sv! -'Sf ' "' 'T 2: '- Eu - u' i . ,A lives!! 1 1.---b Z , , ,E I A 5 v ,xr , i ,X s -'N 5 5 I , 'f Q 1. ,... S 0' ff 'Gs f- ' ' xii' ' ...f MH- 4- ',,5'-s:1T,.-I- ,. .--af may '- J ig.. we -- ,,, V ,X-jg-1-N,gX x5-""-I,,-Z- -,. -iw' 3 i '" f ' 13 A3i'la'1iN ' - f-fy". tb' K' in , S Q,jyssLitjf:f' ,, Agfagg fi fs. swf? ff I 'raw-M-1 'i s a ' - wr 4 - - ,. it a, 4 nf- i h. 5 'gf' - 2' f ' 5f,is q4ii:.. i U-T155 1 T ' v N , , . 'B ' "N A ' 'W'-'X ' "R N ' vpn- '- .-si?-T Q 5 " -Ts AQQX:-'qfif 2-.U1f':i"if"' W3- zw g wr, +1 'K , f Sas Q. x S' Q, xiii Xu. X4 4- K5-HSN fix 533, K ' mf 'N' -1 f v :Ak ' N.D. 's invaluable teamwork. ,Self-,V3,?l, , -1 N. , E ast Davidson- N orth produced a 21-6 victory over East Davidson. Robbie Roberts, Steve Hinkle, and Phil Barnes scored touchdowns with Steve I-linkle kicking all three extra points. Trinity- This game was a great disappointment to the fans as well as the team itself. In the great excitement of the last few minutes of the game North failed to score from the four yard line and lost our homecoming game to Trinity 7-6. I.V. Football-Top row: Coach Pickett, R. Bailey, F. Franklin, R. Sink, G. Hill. Middle row: C. Hodgin, P. Berrier, J. Oman, B. Denton, S. Welch. Bottom row: Runner-up for Regional Denton- North's first victory came with Robbie Roberts scoring the first touchdown and Ricky Snider scoring on runs of 85, 80, and 70 yards. The final score of 28-0 greatly helped the school spirit. Randleman- North played before Randleman's home- coming crowd of 3,000. The Black Knights spoiled the happy occasion with a 28-0 victory. This was the third in a row for North. East Forsyth- North edged East Forsyth 9-6 with Charles Berrier rushing for 136 yards on 21 carries. This was East'sfirst defeat. They were rated fourth in the State until their upset by North. D. Wagner, L. Everhart, J. D avis, K. Wagner. Not pictured: B. Thomas, G. Westmoreland. Championship Central Davidson- North won over their arch rival after a seesaw battle. Berrier and Snider scored touch- downs for North. After each touchdown Central tied the score. With less than two minutes to play Berrier was able to cross the goal line, but fumbled and end Steve Hinkle fell on it for the winning points. The final score was 20- 14. West Davidson- A 44-6 victory over West gave North at least a tie for the C.C.C. title. Charles Berrier, Robbie Roberts, Jerry Stewart, Ronnie Sink, Walter W.ilson, and Steve Hinkle made winning touchdowns. Allen jay- North was behind 12-O at the end of the first quarter, but at halftime the score was 12-7. In the second half North scored twice, and the final score was 19-12 in North's favor. This win gave North the District Championship title. Freshman Team-First row: Coach Drum, Stewart, Lester, Lawrence, Beck. Second row: Coach York, N.D. begins a drive. Ledford- North defeated Ledford 40-O with Saintsing, Snider, Berrier, Hinkle, and D. Wagner all scoring touch- downs. Hinkle kicked the extra points. Mt. Holly- Mt. Holly scored twice in the first half, and North didn't score until early in the fourth quarter. A final rally on defense failed to hold the Hawks as they made a first down on their fourth down to keep possession for the ball. North lost 14-7 and was runner-up for the Regional title . Bemisderfer, Robbins, Driver, Boyd. Third row: Wagner, Walker, Truluck, Parker. ' 45 Varsity Basketball-Kneeling: E a rly S h o af, R o b b ie D a v i s, Larry Li nk, Steve I-Iinkle, and Manager Allen Roberts, jimmy Hopper, Rod Loflin, Phil Barnes. Stand- Fritts. L ing: Coach Jones, Kenneth Leonard, Robert Bailey, Bruce N. D. Vorsify Basketball Phil Barnes Robbie Roberts jimmy Hopper 46 Southwest Forsyth 62 Griffith 44 Trinity 87 North Forsyth 45 Randleman 53 Central 53 Denton 42 East Davidson 54 West Davidson 44 Ledford 48 Trinity 60 Southwest Forsyth 61 Randleman 43 East Davidson 40 Captain-Robbie Roberts and Coach Jones A long shot from outside heads for the basket. The Starting Team-Robbie Roberts, Kenneth Leonard, Steve Hinkle, Rod Loflin, and Phil Barnes. Girls Varsity-Kneeling: Gail Mock, Angela Andrews, Penny Craver, Doris Thomas, Mary Ann Tesh, Janie Shoaf, Carolyn Swicegood. Standing: Judy McCrary, Managers -Barbara Biesecker and Martha Brinkley The Starting Team-Judy McCrary, Angela Andrews, Mary Ann Te-sh, Penny Craver, Doris Thomas and Janie Shoaf. Brenda W a rd, Ja ne Williams, Linda Fox, Lana Hines, Willa Nifong, Becky Smith and Judy Everhart. Girls' Vorsily N.D. 31 Southwest Forsyth 22 N.D. 27 Griffith 32 N.D. 39 Trinity 26 N.D. 4O North Forsyth 24 N.D. 29 Randleman 22 N.D. 41 Central 40 N.D. 25 Denton 26 N.D. 34 East Davidson 19 N.D. 39 West Davidson 34 N.D. 39 Ledford 41 N.D. 42 . Trinity 29 N.D. 26 Southwest Forsyth 36 N.D. 31 Randleman 22 N.D. 27 East Davidson 17 9 BoysJ.V. Basketball-Top Q 1 'rj f-fl' ,H jf ff ' L, . row. coach Pickett, Mikey X 15 r 2261.8 'sgga Wfff' Robbins, Rodney Trexler, Billy Bemisderfer, David Wagner, Phil Berrier, Kenny Wagner, jimmy Leonard, and Managers jim Latham and David Polston. Bottom row: jimmy Koonts, Larry Everhart, Greg Berrier, Charles Doss, Hinley Truluck, Mike Stewart, Jim Wagner, Gordon Saintsing, and Edward Lawrence. Q,s.H,.. l I ll. H. leaf 'hal N. D. .l. V. Every g ame for North this season was a team effort with North coming out on the bottom very seldom. Since the varsity is dominated by juniors and the J.V. team had a very good season, the future looks bright for N.D. basketball. 'Tay' if 12 Basketball U,4,,v,,, . XLHLV, I0 i O ' iq.: Girls J. V. Basketball-Top row: Coach Drum, Janet Lawson, Willa Nifong, Sandy Everhart, Gail Essick, Linda Essick, Sue Massey, Karen Johnson. Bottom row: Sandra Sink, Nancy Smith, Bonnie Smith, Bobby Phillips, Vickie Wood, W a n d a Snyder, Managerjudy Beck. N. D. Baseball aka Y w- .ns V 8 . . 1 'f ww.. . ,,,.Q,, X: , X W ' 4- .Q , nil ' e- .. . "- .,.nc-ra'li-x,..- L, S , J ' 1, X. W ' Q " 'Q' rj .42 X. M "lily ua' x , J. Q .- M , su- .. , , ,, A-r.,,m, S.. 'Q W ff wwf- M51 f A I K, V f, fr ., "M:1f.'ib-s.shf'.3-gg.,-'-' FP' . - if -. 5 Q w:"'Wx' , Q - w -1 . "fe X -12 'VX f ., E K iw m i . . ,. ff-'iw w g X . - rw, 2 5'5" 1 1- Q. Qi - f- 1.,- T., 1 . -.-if-,V ,1..,-li-.AQ 1.,,.,,5.,: vw, S.,-.,,fQ,,. . A ig ,V S ' 1 . .1 N S ,Y , A ff., .,... i , QV,-x,,,w Q V, .,,,x .gn , We 5 -M5-4f.f'i1 a f' 'Fifi 2 , b' .,33,.-if 5.i.,m,.v.,',:,v,f,-f-,,,,..:M.g I ,Q R. pm 1 . Robbie Roberts Jerry Stewart Coach Jones Baseball Team -Bottom row: jerry Stewart, Steve Hinkle, David Wagner, Calvin Evans, Jim Kearns, and Donald Early Shoaf, Robbie Roberts, Allen Fritts, Ronnie Koontz. Griffin. Top row: Coach Jones, Tom Kearns, Kenny Wagner, rv? .2 l K S X 1 xx I! . 4 I . Q ' x J I 1 1 I 50 Defending CCC Chompions X Xgf ,IX A If N 1 1 i I 1. .e I IAA Starting Team -Bottom row: Jerry Stewart, Steve Hinkle, Kearns, Kenny Wagner, David Wagner, Donald Griffin Early Shoaf, Robbie Roberts, Allen Fritts. Top row: Tom N.D. 'S winning form. Seniors show underclassmen how it's done. ' - t ' ,.',,:-.,' 5 , .. Q , , ..- LIJOI-4'-lw-s4 3.4 1 it in ' , 51 Defending CCC Trock Champions T rack T e am-Bottom row: Larry Eve rhart, Mike Berrier, Ronnie Ripple and Ronnie I-Iinkle. Not pictured Zimmerman, Mike D ev an ey, David Barnes, Johnny Phillip Potts. Koontz. Top row: Coach Pickett, john Thomas, Charles Q Phillip Potts -s enior Track Player Manager, David Polston Ronnie I-linkle-State Finalist in Discus johnny Koontz-Senior Track Player nimii ,,- yur K' 1- .. ,. ,. , 3.13: 1455? ' A' ' 4053 . 'f , ,U 1 mln' 1 Miss McNamara, Sponsor N. D. Cheerleaders I.V. Cheerleaders-Linda McBride, Martha Beeson, Linda Joyner, Karen Moseley, Sally Sue Kinsey, Billie Brandon. Our Cheerleaders kept "our fire" going . Cheerleaders-Sue Link, Carol Forrest, Martha Thomas, Chief Derenda Thomason, Barbara Koontz, Connie Leonard Sharon Ellerbe, and Sandra Hiatt. N. D. 's Action Homecoming Festival at North 7 f ,W X77 W X W ff 1 ' f' 5 , . X A, V is , ., W 1 'M ."" 3' ,gfff M ' Q , 4 .3 '3- N.D. has power on defense too Pop talks it' over at home- coming game between N. D. and Trinity. 251' f- v I-Iinkle shoots and scores. ' -'ss Doris Thomas shoots for N.D. C losses 11 Prepcufofion for fhe Future 55q SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, TIM BRITTAINg Vice President, LARRY FLOWERS5 Secretary, LANE WALSER5 Treasurer, ROBBIE ROBERTS. Senior Class CLASS MOTTO "No really great man ever thought himself so " DELBERT BALL LYNN BARKER PHIL BARNES Y , 'manly Our Lost ond Best Yeor 495: FAYNET TA BATES Senior C loss 'Davin 'awww- BETTY BECKEL DAVID BERRIER DIANNE BERRIER GARY BERRIER MARY BERRIER CLASS POEM The sunlight warms the scuffed floor, Flooding through window and open door. The bell has rung -- the halls are clear. A normal day? A common year? No. . . this one's different somehow, Little things gain importance nowg The friendly "hi" the cheerful smile, Each joy and dream, each task and trial. To those who've led us on our way, The building where we've learned each d With key in hand and head held high, We whisper quietly, "Good-by. " The key is turned, the door's spread wide And Future beckons from outside. Hesitant, yet eager, we now step through Into a world - unknown and new. Carol Brewer 3. : Senior Class . osx MARTHA BRINKLEY PRESTON BYE RLY ':,,'-:.- BARBARA BIESECKER A Year Filled wifl1 .w-Niki f'-A :PUR Av- .MW ,,.. WW- LIB BIESECKER CAROL BREWER TIM BRITTAIN SAMMY BYERLY X x X X TOM BRIT TA IN EVELYN CHISHOLM M,-0 58 BOBBY CHURCH Classes, Study, Ball Gomes, N MOST POPULAR Barbara Biesecker and Tim Brittain PATTY CRATER BARBARA CRAVER WM' 59 DAVE CLINARD MIKE CLODFELTER DENNIS DELLINGER RONALD DILLARD Q-'H rw 'fw- LINDSAY DORSETT SARAH DUFFEY BEST ALL AROUND Mary Berrier and Larry Flowers 'T X 1 , .1 W ' 1 A KW 4- DONALD ESSICK ,W M, ANN EVERHART 'QWQ' IKE ESSICK 'de""'!V .'M-' CAROL EVERI-IART Club Meetings, Don ces, 458 iii ww-we-4' Q5 -'mf wwf' 'UQ I fi: .1-Q, ' LINDA EVERHART LARRY EVERHART PHIL EVERHART RICK EVERHART and Many Friendships. MOST DEPENDABLE Lynda Leonard and Luther Fritts LARRY FLOWERS BRENDA FREEDLE KENT FREEMAN FRANKIE FRITTS LUTHER FRITTS Senior Class BETTY JEAN GANDY i..,...pvv 1 1 PAT GAMMONS CATHY GRAHAM Nviv-0 We Hove Learned. Q Vu, mv-f JIM GREEN ' 5 :XM 'IBB Qvwwf JUDY GRUBB NATHAN HAGGARD KAYE I-IANES BEST LOOKING Billie Wilson and jimmy Hopper CAROLYN I-IARTMAN WI JIMMY I-IARTMAN 63 D Learning Noi Only of PEGGY HAYES ff 4,.,. 'ik BONNIE I-IEGE DAN I-IEGE 'ill--gp JANET HEGE MARTHA I-IEDRICK MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Marion Nolan and Bill Link LINDA I-IEGE English, Mofhemofics, and History EEEEES E JUDY HEPLER If I BONNIE HILL MOST COURTEOUS Pat Gammons and James Sink JIMMY HILL LUTI-IER HILL NANCY HILL MICHAEL HILTON 65 ,ayilaus 'Q' wg- q..,..,.,...,f 5 EUGENE I-IINKLE RAY I-IINKLE JIMMY I-IOPPER FRIENDLIEST Bonnie Hill and Gary Berrier lf' I qgwnm---' DELBERT JAMES REGINA HUFF MAN J ,apex-.,. . '..f wk PEGGY JOHNS ON 1 Buf also, Learn ing fo . ,qu Live, Love and 'f""S 1 Undersfond ii., T7 wgfwff DICKIE JONES PAT JONES -1-3-1: ':. n.,,:'. ' ' 1 vs .11- 9 . ,,VVV I VV V 5 7 ,... .. 1,' , '4' fu LARRY KEPLEY Plunnluul V . up Y . 'fm 1, , .,A 4, 1 e MOST STUDIOUS Cathy Graham and E. I. Long SI-IERRYL GREGORY Senior C loss NANCY KIGER KINSEY BILL KNOPF 'YN 67 -we-3-R 'aff' Learning fo Serve Our Family, I I I I I me M I 1 I 4 I I I JEANETTE KooNTz JOHNNY KOONTZ LINDA KOONTZ I i 5 I Sen for Class I l I RALPH KOONTZ MARTHA LEMLY CONNIE LEONARD I LINDA LEONARD LYNDA JOYCE LEONARD NANCY LEONARD BILL LINK rw :vb 'Ui Q, W., 68 Our Communify, and Our E. J. LONG '58-ua-P' nav' CAROLYN MILLER F X ff 435: 1 Counfry f Vf f , IQ T INQQ . I . I 1 I ' 'iff I 4a Q f . ,V x, f w N . I I fix ,213 J ' 'mga ,, X' X. 5 .L 5 1 Q iff' ' IST ig, X I ff we ,X 4 E, , :gg X V I 3, Nfl: Y . L .elif . W fi. 'S 'I' wg, x L, KS X ,ii 43 " ,fx X .ix :x X X ,Q L 1 . .jf I X, :xx ,P S53 't xii' QL X 1 'K L ' .2 Q7-.-gi.. Z - I .MW . -, fm ,W , , Q- 'MMI I -' f , X A f . M -A f W 9 NM I f N 1 - I A 2 QQ f aw, -' -X L " 2 . .1 . , ,we Sv ' wg. vw-3 , a,.v'.-wffx,2f"1'ff 'WLv ,.,1 9 , 5 fm K- Y 'Mi , . U xg- I A lf six ,win X T I S. 55 xx ,W A . , V , X I fs Y -. FAQ: - X XA wxzgfgg? X , . X . X MOST ATHLETIC Lib Biesecker and Phil Barnes DAVID MILLER HARRELL MILLER STEVE MILLER JIMMY MIZE -- M X' EUS 69 We Hove Sfudied ond TED MIZE KAY MONTEMURRO . SEE -A 3, we 2 LN ,fi-iwwix. W 1 Senior H ,K ,.x.w54-vi ,, C, , Class o e X EQ mix if wie 2' 1 Q S Em " wi pe 2 f TT , 'X "W ,-v , SV , '40 , 'AY Q ' W FS, , 2 MOST VERSATILE jackie Reid and Robbie Roberts DARLENE MYERS WAYNE MYERS KAY NELSON MARION NOLAN "" 1 Q l Y , 1 70 I Prepared. We Musf Be Ready we 52 ' .w"""""!i 4? FRED PAYNE CRAIG PERRYMAN PI-IILLIP POTTS Senior Class LINDA BEESON RICHARDSON I ' ,I ifhf CHARLES PRESLEY JUDITI-I ROBERTSON All'- wg-we ' L JACKIE REID KAY SAINTSING li. q - WWJ.,-Alpr y NNW 71 RWM PVS ROBBIE ROBERTS GEROTI-IA SCOTT calm., VAN SCOTT CUTEST ERNIE SHAW BRUCE SI-IOAF JAMES SINK T Pat York and Rick Everhart 5-5 ' -' .Mm-f fiiwpffz Z . ., My . TOMMY SOWERS LINDA STEPHENS F' To Live Independently Responsibly, and Happily I L gi ALI'51,MW' -1. -' WITTIEST Derenda Thomason and Ike Essick JEAN SWICEGOOD PAT TEAL JE RRY STEWART 4 An 1 V 9, JIMMY SURRATT DARLENE TI-IOMASON Q4 DERENDA THOMASON ' ' ,,,Q R ,lluiaig x ,X X , . :.: i.- r f"' 'fx' .... . T' -3 'gg' ,' ' :: I 73 b' ' fm aww' +V AUTI-IUR TUSSEY Senior Ciciss JUDY WEAVER Using Our Own individual wi iss' .N . XS, ' LORRAINE WAGNER 'SF LANE WALSER PHIL WEISNER '4'?"""""" sum-asf' AUNDRY WALSER rx 'W A fmmfy ,. Y LINDA WALSER LARRY WARDEN REGINA WEST LARRY WESTMORELAND . . ,, ,ti 1 TWXETJ1 " i i i i i i ! I , . QVQ Tf"'MW""'-v A J A 74 ,I Abilities fo the Ufmosf. Im, ,,. , , , 'Hhs-A-1-' kan" JIMMY WILLARD BUDDY WILLIAMS MASCOTS W! Senior 5, 3 Z A Closs 5 Tammy Essick and Bradley Thomason BILLIE WILSON WALTER WILSON PAT YORK PI-IILLIP YOUNTS Not Pictured LINDA JOLLY EMMA LEONARD MYERS 75 Senior Directory DELBERT SHERRILL BALL Dramatics 45 Bus Driver 45 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Football 3. ROBERT LYNN BARKER F.F.A.1,2,3. GUY PHILIP BARNES Student Council 1, 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Alpha Bi Si 25 AlphaBeta Gamma 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Monogram Club 2, Vice President 3, President 45 Bus Driver 3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball, j.V. 1, Varsity 2,3,45 Base- ball 15 Class Treasurer 15 jr. Civitan 45 Superlative - Most Athletic. FAYNETTA BATES Office sfaff45F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. BETTY MARIE BECKEL Alpha Bi Si 25 Alpha Beta Gamma 3,45 Library Club 3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 jr. Civitan 4. DAVID LEWIS BERRIER Bus Driver 3,45 F.F.A. 1,25 Football 35 Baseball l,2,35J1'. Civitan 4. SYLVLA DIANNE BERRIER Student Council 2,45National Honor Society 45 Newspaper Staff 3,45 F.T.A. 3, Secretary 45 Annual Staff 3, Editor 45 Alpha Bi Si 25 Alpha Beta Gamma 3,45 Glee Club 2,45 Latin Club 1,25 Forensic Society 45 Dramatics Historian 45 Basketball Varsity 1,25 Marshal 3. GARY LYNN BERRIER Bus Driver 3,45 F.F.A. 1,25 Superlative - Friendliest. MARY RUTH BERRIER Alpha Bi Si 25 Glee Club 1,25 Office Staff 3,45 F.H.A. 2,3,45 Basketball J.V. 1,25 Superlative - Best All Around5 Jr. Civitan 4. BARBARA ANN BIESECKER Student Council 1, Treasurer 2, 3, Secretary 45 National Honor Society 3, Secretary 45 Newspaper Staff 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Annual Staff 25 Alpha Bi Si President 25 Alpha Beta Gamma 3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Band 1, 2, 3,45 Majorette 1, 2, Co-chief 3, 45 Forensic Society 2, 35 Dramatics 45 Monogram Club Treasurer 2,3, Secretary 45 Pep Board 25 Basketball Manager 1,2, 3,45 Class President 1, 35 May Court 2,35 Homecoming Queen 45 Valentine Queen 25 jr. Civitan 45 Christmas Queen 45 Marshal 35 Superlative - Most Popular. ELIZABETH ANN BIESECKER Alpha Bi Si 25 Glee Club 15 Latin Club 1,25 Basketball Varsity 1,25 Superla- tive - Most Athletic. MARY CAROL BREWER National Honor Society 45 F.T.A. Historian 45 Annual Staff 3,45 Alpha Bi Si 25 Glee Club 2,35 Forensic Society Secretary 4. MARTHA SUE BRINKLEY Newspaper Staff 3, 45 Alpha Bi Si 25 Glee Club 25 Dramatics 45 Monogram Club 3,45 Office Staff 3,45 F.H.A. 2, Treasurer 3,45 Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3,45 Homecoming Court 45 Ir. Club 45 Valentine 4. TIMOTHY DEAN BRITTAIN Student Council 45 Alpha Bi Si 25 Glee Club 45 Dramatics, President 45 Li- brary Club 35 Class Secretary 2, Class President 45 Superlative - Most Popular5 F.F.A. 1. THOMAS HENRY BRITTAIN Glee Club 45 Library Club 45 Bus Driver 3,45 F.F.A. 1,25 Track 15 Valentine Court 4. PRESTON BYERLY ciee Club 25 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. SAMMY LEoN BYERLY F.F.A.1,2,3,4. EVELYN MARIE CHISHOLM Dramatics 45 Office Staff 45 Basketball J.V. 25 jr. Civitan 4. CONRAD ROBERT CHURCH Alpha Bi Si 25 Alpha Beta Gamma 3,45 Latin Club 1, 25 Baseball 15 Track1,3. DAVE WILLARD CLINARD F.F.A.1,2,3,4. JOSEPH MICI-LAEL CLODFELTER Alpha Bi Si 25 Alpha Beta Gamma 45 Latin Club 1,25 Basketball 1,2,35 Track 2, 354. PATRICIA LOUISE CRATER F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Valentine Court 35112 Civitan 4. BARBARA MARIE CRAVER DENNIS ORLICE DELLINGER Annual Staff 3, 45 Alpha Bi Si 25 Alpha Beta Gamma 4, Reporter 35 Latin Club 1, 25113 Civitan 4. RONALD EDWARD DILLARD Latin Club 1,25 Library Club 4. HARRISON LINDSAY DORSETT, JR. Annual Staff 3, 45 Alpha Bi Si 25 Alpha Beta Gamma 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Dramatics 45 jr. Civitan 4. SARAH FRANCES DUFFEY Glee Club 25 Library Club 3,45 Office Staff 45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. DONALD GRAY ESSICK Glee Club 45 Library Club 4. IKE C . ESSICK Glee Club Treasurer 45 Monogram Club 45 Bus Driver 3,45 Football 45 Su- perlative - Wittiest. PATRICIA ANN EVERHART Glee Club 152,45 Library Club 4. MADELINE CAROL EVERHART Office Staff 45 Bus Driver 3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Ir. Civitan 45 Homecoming Court 45 Valentine Court 35 Basketball j.V. 1. LINDA KAY EVERHART Library Club 45 F.H.A. 1. LARRY WAYNE EVERHART F.F.A. 1,2. PHILLIP EUGENE EVERHART Band 3,45F.F.A.1,2,3,4. RICI-LARD C. EVERHART, JR. Bus Driver 45 Track 15 Superlative - Cutest. LARRY WAYNE FLOWERS Alpha Beta Gamma 3, Treasurer 45 Dramatics Secretary 45 Class Vice Presi- dent 45 jr. Civitan 45 Superlative - Best All Around5 Basketball J.V. 2. BRENDA JOYCE FREEDLE Glee Club 1. KENT FREEMAN FRANKLIN LEE FRITTS Glee Club 45 Latin Club 15 Bus Driver 3,45 Football 153,45 Baseball 1,2. WILLIAM LUTHER FRITTS Glee Club 45 Latin Club 1,25 Band 1,2, Manager 3,45 Dramatics 45 Library Club 1, 3,45Bus Driver 2, 3,45 Pep Board 45 jr. Civitan 45 Superlative - Most Dependable. FRANK EDWARD FUNDERBURK Transfer: West Rowan5 Student Council 45 Alpha Beta Gamma 3,45 Bus Driver 45 jr. Civitan 4. VIRGINIA DALE GALLOWAY Latin Club 1,25 Dramatics 45 Office Staff 4. PATRICIA MAE GAMMONS Latin Club 1,25 Dramatics 45 Library Club 45 Office Staff 35 Basketball 1,25 May Court 25 Homecoming Court 45 Valentine Court 45 Superlative -Most Courteous. BETTY JEAN GANDY Glee Club 4. ' 76 Senior Directory JAMES ROBERT GOBBLE Glee Club 45 Latin Club 1,25 Baseball 1. RONALD DALE GODBEY Glee Club 45 Dramatics 45 Library Club 25 Track 1. CATHERINE ANNE GRAHAM Student Council 1,25 National Honor Society 45 Newspaper 3,45 F.T.A. Vice President 3, 45 Alpha Bi Si 25 Alpha Beta Gamma 3, Secretary 45 Latin Club 1,25 Band 1,25 Forensic Society 2,3,45 Marshal 35 Jr. Civitan 45 Superlative - Most Studious. JAMES FRANKLIN GREEN Newspaper Staff 3,45F.T.A. 45An.nual Staff 1,3545 Alpha Beta Gamma 3,45 Glee Club 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Dramatics 45 Bus Driver 3,45 Monogram 45 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1,25 Jr. Civitan 4. JUDY DONNA REE GRUBB ciee ciub 45F.H.A.1,2. HENRY NATHAN HAGGARD Bus Driver 3,4. LINDA KAYE H.ANEs ciee CIub15F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. CAROLYN HARTMAN Office Staff,45F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. JIMMY DAVID HARTMAN Bus Driver 2,3,45 F.F.A. 1,2, Treasurer 3,45 Track 3. PEGGY JEAN HAYES MARTHA JEAN HEDRICK Alpha Bi Si 25 Glee Club 25 Office Staff 45 F.H.A. Homecoming Court 45 Valentine Court 45 Jr. Civitan 4. 1,2,3,45 May Court 35 BONNIE JEAN I-IEGE Dramatics 45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. DAN DELAPP HEGE Student Council 2, 3, President 45 Alpha Beta Gamma 45 Bus Driver 3,45 F.F.A. 1,2, Vice President 3, President 45 Class President 25 Jr. Civitan 4. JANET ELIZABETH HEGE Teacher Assistant 4. LINDA VEIGH I-IEGE Alpha Bi Si 25 Office Staff 3,45 Bus Driver 2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Basket- ba1lJ.V.1,2. JUDITH FAYE HEPLER Glee Club 4. BONNIE CAROL HILL Glee Club 35 Dramatics 45 Office Staff 45 Basketball J.V. 15 Class Secretary 35 Homecoming Court 45 Superlative - Friendliest. JIMMY WAYNE HILL ciee Club 1,2,3,4, E.F.A. 1,2, Sentinel 3,4. LUTHER VERNE HILL F.F.A.1,2,3,4. NANCY ELIZABETH HILL CLYDE MICHAEL HILTON Bus Driver 2,3,45 F.F.A. 1,2,3, Sentinel 4. LESTER EUGENE HINKLE Bus Driver 45 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. RAY ALEXANDER HINKLE Dramatics 45 F.F.A. 1,2. JAMES MCDANIEL HOPPER, JR. Transfer: Minerals Springs5 Dramatics 45Basketball 45 Baseball 45 Superlative - Best Looking. REGINA TATE HUFFMAN Transfer: James A. Gray High5 Office Staff 4. PERCY DELBERT JAMES F . F . A . 1. PEGGY ANN JOHNSON Student Council 45 National Honor Society 45 Newspaper 3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Office Staff 45 F.H.A. l,2,35 Class Treasurer 35 Marshal 3. LINDA JOLLY Transfer: North Forsyth5 Glee Club 4. FRANK HOWARD JONES JR. Jr. Civitan 4. PATRICA ANN JONES Glee Club 25 Teacher Assistant 4. LARRY FRANKLIN KEPLEY Library ciub 4. NANCY LAVONNE KIGER SHERRYL GREGORY KINSEY Office Staff 4. WILLIAM FRANCIS KNOPF, JR. Transfer: Hill Junior High5 Alpha Bi Si 25 Latin Club 25 Monogram Club 2,3, 45 Bus Driver 3,45 Football 2, 3,4. MARY JEANETTE. KOONTZ Student Council 1,25 National Honor Society 3, President 45 Newspaper Staff 3,45 Alpha Bi Si 25 Office Staff 45 F.H.A. 1,2,3, Secretary 45 May Court 2. JOHN EDWIN KOONTZ, JR. Newspaper Staff 2,3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Alpha Bi Si 25 Alpha Beta Gamma 3,45 Latin Club 1, 25 Monogram Club 45 Pep Board Treasurer 45 Track 1,2, 3,45 Jr, Civitan 45 Marshal 35 State Science Fair Contestant 2, 3. LINDA SUE KOONTS Glee Club 1,25 Latin Club 1,25 Bus Driver 3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3. RALPH c. KOONTZ F.F.A.1,2,3,4. MARTI-LA ANN LEMLY Glee Club 2,35 Jr. Civitan 45 Library Club 4. CONNIE JO LEONARD Newspaper Staff 3,45 Monogram Club Reporter 45 Office Staff 45 Bus Driver 3,45 Pep Board 25 F.H.A. 1,2, Parliamentarian 3, Historian 45 Cheerleader 3,45 Jr. Civitan 4. LINDA CAROL LEONARD LYNDA JOYCE LEONARD Glee Club 35 Library Club 2, Vice President and Library Service Award 3,45 Office Staff 45F.H.A. 1,2, 3,45 Class Vice President 35 Valentine Court 3,45 Superlative - Most Dependable. NANCY MARIE LEONARD Office Staff 45 Homecoming Court 4. WILLIAM KERMIT LINK, JR. Student Council 45 National Honor Society 3, Vice President 45 F.T.A. 45 Annual Staff 3, 45 Alpha Bi Si 25 Alpha Beta Gamma 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Pep Board 45 F.F.A. 15 Basketball J.V. 1,25 Marshal 1,35 Jr. Civitan Presi- dent 45 Superlative - Most Likely to Succeed. E. J. LONG Alpha Beta Gamma 3,45 Superlative - Most Studious. CAROLYN ANN MILLER Glee Club 1,25 Latin Club 1,25 Band 2,35 Teacher Assistant 4. DAVID V. MILLER Basketball 1. HARRELL MILLER Bus Driver5 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. STEPHEN KNOUSE MILLER F.F.A.1,2,3,4. 77 Senior Directory JIMMY LEE Mizz r.F.A.1,2,3,4. TED VERNON MIZE Library Club 4. JANET KAY MONTEMURRO Alpha Bi Si 25 Glee Club 2, 35 Library Club 3,4, Central District President 3- Office Staff 45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Jr. Civitan 4. BARBARA DARLENE MYERS F.H.A. 15 Teacher Assistant 4. EMMA SUE MYERS WAYNE KEITH MYERS F.F.A.1,2,3,45I.E.C. 4. BRENDA KAY NELSON Student Council 35Alpha BiSi 25 Library Club Reporter 3, President 45F..H.A. 1, Secretary 2, Vice President 3, President 45 Class Vice President 15 Home- coming Court 1,45 Valentine Court 35 F.F.A. Sweetheart 1. MARION BANKS NOLAN Student Council 15 National Honor Society 45 Newspaper Staff 1,2,3, Editor 45 Alpha Beta Gamma 3,45 Alpha Bi Si 25Latin Club 1, 25 Band 15 Forensic Society 2, 3, President 45 Pep Board 45 Basketball 1,25 Jr. Civitan 45 World Peace Speaking Medal Winner 35 Superlative - Most Likely to Succeed. FRED FORD PAYNE Glee Club 45 Latin Club 1,25 Band l,2, Drum Major 3,4. KENT GRAIG PERRYMAN I.E.C. 4. PHILLIP SMITH POTTS Student Council 2, Vice President 35 F.T.A. Treasurer 3,45 Alpha Bi Si 25 Alpha Beta Gamma 3, President 45 Latin Club 1, Treasurer 25 Monogram 2, Treasurer 3,45 Football 2, 3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Jr. Civitan 4. CHARLES RAY PRESLEY Alpha Bi Si 25 Alpha Beta Gamma 45 Latin Club 1,25 Bus Driver 3,45 Basket- ball J.V. 1. JACKIE SUE REID Office Staff 45 Superlative - Most Versatile. EARL FRANKLIN ROBERTS, JR. Dramatics 45 Monogram Club 2, 3,45 Football 1, 2,3, Captain All Conference 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 45 Baseball 1,2, All Conference 3,45 Class Treasurer 2,45 Superlative - Most Versatile. LINDA BEESON RICI-LARDSON F.H.A. 1,2,3. JUDITH ANN ROBERTSON Latin Club 1,25 Dramatics 45 F.H.A. l,2. ANITA KAY SAINTSING Newspaper Staff 45 F.T.A. 3,45 Alpha Bi Si 25 Alpha Beta Gamma 45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Forensic Society 2,3,45 Dramatics 45 Pep Board 45 Basketball J.V. 1, Varsity 25 Marshal 35 Jr. Civitan 4. GEROTHA KAY SCOTT National Honor Society 45 Newspaper 45 Alpha Bi Si 25 Glee Club 25 Latin Club 1,25 Band 3,45 Teacher Assistant 3,4. ROBERT VAN SCOTT Glee Club 2. ERNEST ANTHONY SHAW Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 45 Monogram Club 3,45 Pep Board 35 Football 1, 3,45 Basketball 1,25 Baseball 25 Track 3,4. NORMAN BRUCE SHOAF F.F.A.1,2,3,4. JAMES EDWIN SINK Bus Driver 3,45 F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Superlative - Most Courteous. THOMAS HENRY SOWERS Latin Club 1,25 Football 2,35 Track l,2,3,4. DERENDA THOMASON Newspaper 45 Glee Club 25 Band 15 Forensic Society 35 Dramatics 45 Mono- gram Club 3, 45 Office Staff 45 Pep Board 25 F.H.A. 1,2,3, Reporter 45 Cheerleader 3, Chief 45 Basketball J.V. 15 Jr. Civitan 45 Superlative - Wittiest. ARTHUR TUSSEY , F.F.A.1,2,3,4. EDITH LORANIE WAGNER Alpha Bi Si 25 Latin Club 25 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Office Staff 4. AUNDRY JANET WALSER Latin Club 1,25 Teacher Assistant 4. SIMIRIA LANE WALSER Student Council 35 Library Club 2, 35 F. H. A. 1,2,3, Treasurer 45 Class Secretary 45 Valentine Court 3. LINDA WALSER LARRY ROBERT WARDEN Alpha Bi Si 25 Glee Club 1,25 Dramatics 45 F.F.A. 1,25 Basketball Manager 1,25 Baseball 1,25 Jr. Civitan 4. JUDY FAYE WEAVER PHIL WEISNER Bus Driver 3,45 F.F.A.5 Football 35 Baseball 1. REGENA DORICA WEST Dramatics Treasurer 45 Office Staff 45 Homecoming 45 Jr. Civitan 45 Tranfer: Griffith. , LARRY WESTMORELAND Dramatics 45 Monogram 45 Jr. Civitan 4. JAMES EDWARD WILLARD, JR. Band 3,45 Track 1. PHLLLIP AARON WILLIAMS BILLIE JOYCE WILSON F.F.A. Sweetheart 25 F.H.A. 1,2, Secretary 3, Historian 45 Class Officer 15 May Court 35 Homecoming Court 35 Teacher Assistant 45 Miss North Davidson 45 First Runner-up, Miss Davidson County Contest 4. WALTER WILSON Dramatics 45 Monogram Club 3,45 Football 3,45 Track 2,3,4. PATRICIA ANN YORK Student Council 15 Dramatics Reporter 45 Monogram Club 25 Bus Driver 45 Pep Board 25 F .I-l.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 25 Jr. Civitan 45 Teacher Assistant 45 Superlative - Cutest. PHILLIP RAY YOUNTS LINDA SHARON STEPHENS Transfer: Arlington High5 Glee Club 45 Forensic Society 4. JERRY AUSTIN STEWART Newspaper Staff 45 F. T. A. 45 Alpha Bi Si Secretary 25 Glee Club 2,3,45 Forensic Society 25 Dramatics 45 Monogram Club 3, Sergeant at Arms 45 Football 2, 3, All Conference 45 Basketball 15 Baseball 1,2, 3,45 Jr. Civitan 4. JAMES THOMAS SURRATT Dramatics 45 Basketball 15 Baseball 1. JEAN RITA SWICEGOOD Student Council 2,45National Honor Society 45F.T.A. 3, President 45 Alpha Bi Si 25 Alpha Beta Gamma 3,45 Glee Club 25 Latin Club 1,25 Forensic Society 25 Dramatics 45 Jr. Civitan Club 45 Marshal 3. PATRICIA ANN TEAL Transfer: Graniteville High5 National Honor Society 45 Newspaper Staff 45 F. T. A. 45 Alpha Bi Si 25 Band 2,3,45 Majorette 2, Co-chief 3,45 Forensic Society 3, 45 Basketball 25 Class Vice President 25 Valentine Court 25 Jr. Civitan 4. DA RLENE TI-IOMASON Dramatics 4. 78 Junior Class Angela Andrews David Barnes CLASS OFFICERS Presid ent, TOM KEARNS5 Vice President, KENNETH LEONARD Secretary, JANIE SHOAF5 Treasurer, LINDA FOX. Claude Bates Kitty Bates Janelle Beck Janice Beck jimmy Beeson Charles Berrier ,Z Kenneth Berrier Linda Berrier 79 f"'N 'lb ,on-4 PCN Paul Berrier Reggie Berrier qv, ff? 1 . '.. ws Sheryl Beatright Butch Brendle jerry Brinkley Harry Britain james Byerly Kay Byerly Leon Byerly My ,gf 'V Mn' Katheryn Byerly Kenneth Byerly Nancy Byerly 1' A,-s 9'rt""V' , , i""'ls Susan Brewer Patsy Buie Robert Bye rly Barbara Clark """b-q,- 'WD' Brenda Brinkley Gary Brinkley Larry Burrows Harrison Byerly O Never Forg efhng Alma Cannon Patsy Cardwell Roger Clark Sherry Collins ' 5 j9fhk 8 0 'Y' .nf-as fW"U!' MUN C48 Brenda Craver joe Craver Judy Craver Penny Craver Richard Craver Wanda Craver Bruce Davis jack DeLapp Janice Denton Mike Devaney Janie Essick Martin Essick Our Junior Year Danny Evefhart jean Essick Ted Essick Karen Everhart Helen Dillard Gwynn Disher Gail Dorsett Steve Doss Carol Eggleston Craig Essick Z lj 4T.,,,,N., .. Mr ' 'in ...fur aqw . fvsw fra !N Texas 4115 Nancy Everhart Gray Fishel Nancy Flowe Carol Forrest Linda Fox Elizabeth Freedle Carolyn Freeman LaVerne Goard Kathy Gordon Allen Fritts Nelson Goolsby Barry Gray Kay Greenwald Faye Hanes Dale Flynt Gail Foltz Polly Freedle Willie Freedle F ' ll ' ma y Becoming Carl Gusman Charlotte Hanes Steve Harper Willian Hartley -nn-N, 'ww- qzfiff ln v W an-' 82 6.3 -wiv .521 wiv' fin. ,..-. 'V' -4g,.'7' Dennis Snider Rick Snider Ann Snyder Geraldine Snyder Freddie Speaks Ann Starbuck Sandra Stevens Debbie Storey Carolyn Clarence Swicegood Swicegood Bill Wagner Jane Wagner Carol Wall jackie Wall Upper-clossmen . . Wphinewau meftwalsef Freddie Tesh Mary Ann Tesh Doris Thomas johnny Thomas Sylvia Tesh sgv, ,1- 'ff' Ruenell Thomason Em G' V' 1 , 83 Q me Z' - .1 , .,., ., " fi' ' fic , of , "WI ff: - f 'V fx ' 'Il . V I Q V ,M V 5-123 1, x rr, J , , i, - 3 , , f N . ,- . W . 5' 1' , ' ' 4 ' W? ' X' ,- f ,1:a.fT'H,ff ' , Tia' 4 , ,, , , ,Wy V 7, ,f N.-1 fs... ' ,4: - My f ff - 'Mi g' " f ' i 4 ff 1 f- f, I V-,ww :M M 1 1' ' 'J 'VN y 7 ,.m1,,x,, , ,' , '1-i f i wk . ffl - I ' K '42 T ' GK Jane Koontz Martha Koontz Barbara Lawrence Ilean Leonard james Liner Sue Link Rod Loflin fQ W5 K fi 2' ISK h 1. fl u A AA L L I V Iv R ' 1"":9' ,J Margaret Langley Roberta Lassiter Willian Lassiter Kenneth Leonard Larry Leonard Wayne Leonard Sammy Long Larry Matthews KA Us Magazine Sole and Steve Martin Karen McDowell qx guy' .aff ng 'X 7,0 84 f ff A, UW Billy Mentry Elaine Murphy Roy Nifong johnny Payne 85 .ff- 'Qi WT"-'AY Junior Poole Jane Portis Kit Powell Sarah Proto John Reaves Larry Reid Ronnie Ripple Mary Rothrock Brenda Saintsing Linda Saintsmg Early Shoaf Robert Shoal Franklin Sink Janie Shoaf Vickie Shoaf Freddie Sink iv' nr 'VS ....v' 411 lf Soon fo Become Patsy Sink Danny Size more 15 'UN .1-5 rv 'th 01 Richard Hartman Ronnie Hartman Brenda Hester Sandra Hiatt 0 h S 0 M IQ fy en lors . . Ronnie Hinkle Steve Hinl-cle Judy Hoots Worth Hutchens Sandra Hedrick Alex Hege Patsy Hege Charles Hill Billy Hinkle Claude I-Iinkle Kimball Johnson Tom Kearns Larry Kimel Brenda Johnson Harvey jones Linda Kesner Dwight Holton vw Wanda james K . mf 1, ' iid' '4':T"?' 1- Q--gr 'U' eff? , 'Wi ' 6'- T?'t2"R'y f' Qi 5? . V , WZ V 95 W Ax if Toby Walser Brenda Ward Lynn Warner Kay Weaver Mickey Weavil Danny Weisner Kay Welch Hank Westervelt Norma Whicker Connie White Mickey Ann Linda White Faye Wooten Jimmy Wynn wwf W , White Melvin Wooten Joanne Yarbrough QV ffm pr-- -ut' 'W' v 'VN If -7 K., .JL Junior Class Tony Young Linda Younts Mike Zimmerman 88 Sophomore Closs Harry Andrews Robert Bailey , A 3 Barbara Barker Wanda Bates if ni? .af President, DEBBIE WOODg Vice President, WAYNE ESSICK3 Secretary, Judy Beck Johnny Berrier Phil Berrier Roy Berrier Steve Berrier Buddy Boatright Ray Brinkley Marianne Brittain Larry Bryant Robert Bryant wwf' Things Bobby Denton Bobby Eggleston Richard Eller Sharon Ellerbe Gail Essick Treva Bryant Dorothy Byerly Robert Byerly Steve Byerly Becky Carter Donald Cecil Gail Cecil Rita Cecil james Clinard Frances Clodfelter Linda Clodfelter Kenneth Colson Darlene Craver Linda Craver Loretta Craver Sue Craver Alvin Daniels Chuck Darr Chuck Davis jimmy Davis Sophomore Class -se' . . . Musf Come fo on End. Biology av r 'J ff: , X jackie Essick Linda Essick Robert Essick ' .5-as Q Vickie Essick """ Wayne Essick 4i,,,x Calvin Evans Harriette Evans Judy Everhart , Larry Everhart Nancy Everhart W" wgzgv eww i Rita Everhart Ronnie Everhart Ronnie Everhart Q Jane Foltz Myra jean Forshee ,,,, -:',? "-,, df xv Freddie Franklin Daryll Freedle Linda Freeman Charles Galloway may Richard Galloway """' """""" Sophomore Class Ann Gooch Donald Griffen Darrell Grimmett Steve Grubb NAA' , Dianne Hanes - 91 . . . Geometry, Tournomenfs ond Even if Don Hanes f Linda Handy , ,, 35 ,, Nell Hanes 1 H " Tommy Harper ' "C" jean Hartley Olivia Hartman Stokes Hege Suzanne Hege Marie Hepler jim Herring Garland Hill Gene Hill ,a Ray Von Hill Jerry Hilton Becky Hines Q- -!L'f"' Lana Hines Ronnie Hines Clark Hodgin Benny Hoots Nancy Hopper "tn--af ""i""' Sophomore Class Kaye I-Iulin Carolyn james Earl johnson Karen johnson Robin jones 17? Q 7 XR .,x,,f I '-swx 92 . . . Our Memorable Sophomore Yeor. jim Kearns john Knight Carol Knoll Carmel Koonts Barbara Koontz Ronnie Koontz Sammy Lambeth Bonnie Largen jimmy Latham Carolyn Lawson Peggy Lemly jack Leonard Jeanne Leonard johnny Leonard Katie Sue Leonard Ronnie Leonard Stanley Leonard Kaye Marble Sue Massey Dani McKinney .L gg. . s ...,-' ,"'-vf 'Q-W-r """7 it TI".."'IY 'Zvi WWHQQ 708 'IH -M! 9-...a-Iv" ,Q in ,iff w-9,-I 'lx Sophomore Class if 1 Y"' 'UW' A.. UNH 'uw si 4 1. L 'V' .Sf fi. km., ..- judy McCrary Linda McBride Ruth Ann McGlamery David Mendenhall Nancy Mendenhall . . . And As Many of Us Turn "Sweet l6," . fx 3, 6' K 4 0 i - - A. 'WN ,. -4 4 . 7. r ss s W , ,K vw ,Q ' .W 'S . yr 1 -. ,r N 3' fl 409' Wi?-', ' Q1,.:r Legina Perrell Douglas Perryman Eula Pinnix David Polston Norma Railey Richard Meredith Jane Michael Roger Mickle Darrell Miller Shelby Miller Steve Miller Steve Mize Barbara Mock Gail Mock Clifton Murphy Judy Musgrave Ronda Myers Joyce Nelson Sheila Newsome David Nifong William Odell Jimmy Oman Dan Owen Joyce Paige Tommy Parker sv 121 dj LA -2--"" Vickie jean Roberson Kenneth Rummage Brenda Russell Beverly Saintsing Gordon Saintsing Ronnie Saintsing Benny D. Shoaf Benny F . Shoaf Bucky Shoaf David Shoaf Donald Sidden Faye Simmerson Barry Sink Donald Sink Ronnie Sink Allen Smith Jerry Smith Don Sowers Ricky Stegall Lorraine Surratt . . We Deepen Our Foofhold in the Q. Bobby Swiney Reid Tesh Bill Thomas Emily Thomas jimmy Thomas Larry Yokeley Pauletta Young Lana Yountz Martha Thomas Cassandra Thomason Tony Townsend joel Tuttle David Tysinger David Wagner Kenny Wagner Teddy Wagner Bonnie Walser Brenda Ward Mary Jean Ward Larry Weaver Ray Welch Sammy Welch George Westmoreland Jane Williams Linda Williams Debbie Wood Janice Woosley Ruth Ann Wooten If Freshman Class CLASS OFFICERS Pre s 1d ent BILLY BEMISDERFER5 Vice President, MIKIE ROBBINSg Secretary, GAIL CONRAD Treasurer, BECKY SMITH . v 1, . -A -as ....3, Wayne Anderson Bobby Asheley Ramona Bates Connie Beck Lowell Beck Mike Beck Ronnie Beck Martha Beeson Billy Bemisderfer Greg Berrier Ronnie Berrier Russell Berrier Beckey Binkley jim Bowers Charles Boyd Freshman C loss Billie Brandon Mary Brinkley Norman Brown Ronnie Bryant Ken Buckley Terry Buie Eddie Butner Richard Byerly -M-wr' -an A New Way of Life x s . 51-..,,,, xii in ..,.. a?-vxi .Jog D '4 fir . .4 ,. 4 QU aim wr, "v 98 ,,, 9- Roy Byerly Ella Mae Cannon james Cannon Chris Carter Eddie Church Garry Clodfelter Wanda Clodfelter Peggy Collins Sonny Conners Gail Conrad Joyce Cook jack Coppley Pat Cowan Judy Cowan Leslie Crater Robert Craver I-Ienry Crotts Fred Culler Lomane Davis Gary Dellinger I C Judy Everhart Randall Everhart Steve Everhart Sylvia Everhart Paul Farmer Linda Fennell Joyce Flowe Donald Flowers Linda Flowers Jane Fox Carol Franklin Charles Fre edle Lillian Freeman Sammy Freeman Carolyn Frizzell James Frizzell Linda Garrison Frankie Gregory Joyce Grubb Linda Haggard ,y-. QQ Linda Denton Clyde Disher Charles Doss Judy Drake Eddie Driver Judy Essick Shelia Essick Wayne Essick Benny Everhart Elaine Everhart with lfs Confusion and Fears Betty Hanes Charles Hanes jane Hanes Louise Hardy Vickie Harvy Pam Hartman James Hayes Vickie Hedrick -.M,,..f if "'f . V . ,wi 'EY' -n,,,,r...-ev an Many Heorfoches and Challenges X ga - fv- -1 X, , , Q 4 IDX Y . ,., c rv x x - .Q-xr 'rfb bg '. PM T' Av., -."'. ---'f ar , I M1293 ff? ,vw 53 'is 4, ' r 351' IOO f" 11' sy. A, qv 7' 4 2 David Wayne I-lege Sylvia Hege Thorn Hege Sandra Henderson Janie Hester Roger Hiatt Bobby Hill jackie Hill Larry Hill Larry Hines Teresa Hinkle Elaine Holt Christine Huffman Larry Hughes Steve Hunter john Hutchins Donna james Martha Johnson Carolyn jones David Russell Jones nrt QM'- 2 'UV Roy David Jones Steve jones Linda Joyner Betty Keply Sally Sue Kinsey Jimmy Koontz Steve Koontz Miachael Koontz Ted Koontz Steve Lane Much Excifemenf ond Many Thrills Gayle Lanier Edward Lawrence Janet Lawson Sharon Legg Buddy Lemly Calvin Lemly Clara Leonard Gene Leonard jimmy D. Leonard jimmy L. Leonard Judy Leonard Kay Leonard Paula Leonard Randy Leonard Richie Leonard Sandy Leonard Tex Leonard Tommy Leonard Randy Lester Eunice Lineberry f R 'mr X , , K , . , I v -i f- . Linda Logan Robert Logan Pat Long Steve Long Connie Lopp jane Lynn Laura Maddox Eddie Mahaffey We Mel the Challenges. r 4' If 7 r .r f I Q. t1i 4 Charles Martin Gary Mayes Judy Mayes Cynthia McGlamery Donald Medlin Douglas Meredith Eddie Mickle Geroge Mize Barbara Moon Brenda Moorefield Karen Mosely Judy Myers William Myers Robert Nicholson Billy Nifong Cecil Nifong Richard Nifong Ronald Nifong Willa Nifong Homer Parker l - if lf. dglf Surely We Could .Q Q John Walter Reid Mikie Robbins Patricia Russell Walter Sain Barry Saintsing rv? Dianne Saintsing Kay Shoaf Franklin Sides Gail Simmons Franklin Sink johnny Sink P Pat Sink . , Sandra Sink W' P 4: W' Becky Smith 'QA l Brenda smith if Bonnie Smith Kay Smith Nancy Smith Wanda Snyder Glenn Spaugh 103 , Randall Parks Tommy Perrell Donald Payne Terry Payne Theresa Perryman Bobbie Phillips Bonnie Pierce Priscilla Portis Jonnie Priquette Christine Reich Never Forgef .fi 4? , y , ' x ,L I ' 1 -.fa ..f- 4 .Ll l KJ' i25Es.- , Mike Stewart jane Surratt Mike Surratt james Doyle Thomason Rhonda Thompson Kathy Temple Rodney Trexlor Hinley Truluck M- ll" N..?. t Il w ,M 3 1 as it .f , E ', -1 vs X ,ww f'N iv as rx , 15 I Qur Freshman Yeor. SX ffl gnnx 'Ch 44. IV .sf -Q -Us kts n 'sv xl Y 5 T WM 104 mx KY. x .. 1, -- x. 4 UN , ,--V Q-Q V John Turner Joan Vernon Burt Wagner james Wagner Linda Wagner Steve Walker David Walser Joyce Walser Brenda Ward Roger Ward David Weisner Karen Weisner Dickie Wesson Steve White Jennifer Willard Ralph Wishon Vickie Wood Larry Zimmerman Not Pictured Cathy Barnes Larry Nifong In Loving Memory A xsfgsi 1 'if MRS. BOB RANKIN T he salutary influence of example set by Mrs. Rankin will always be an inspiring memory to those students and fellow teachers who knew her. Her ready helpfulness, keen integrity, and keeninterest in all phases of school life, parti- cularly in athletics, are part of Mrs. Rankin's unforgettable personality. 105 At N.D. we proudly exhibit our trophies. The Advanced Science class took time out from their busy tour to pose for a picture. L ? It must have been cold when the Advanced Science class went to Oak Ridge. And this ended our year. 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