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Text from Pages 1 - 350 of the 1963 volume:

wyw-r446m :W . '3 ?.?MW 1 Victory, defeat,- friends, tears, happiness, memories, laughter, joy. This is the 1962-63 school year at North Dallas High School. Records were made in the academic, social, and athletic fields. The school and its students were on display at all times: t The VIKING Staff did its best to make this yearbook a complete and memorable i record of North Dallas, 415t year. Many years from now, when we are old and gray, l many experiences iof out high school life will be remembered through these pages of ii the past. These memories bring to mind enrollment day for sophomores, football games, pep assemblies, dances through the years, Senior Day, and exams. The worry and tears before exams will seem very trivial compared to the trials of late life. i , In anticipation of these hours of memories the 1963 VIKING has captured betwee its cover the memories of an outstanding i iThe pictures in the VIKING beco' Iiortraits of NUS stude i .. y, their pro .5 and joys. This book is a part oft Bulldogs and for that re ' i -- - :' 0m z45md77idtez High above in stately beauty with their spirits true, Wave our White and orange colors glorious to View, Lift the banner, raise it Skyward; loud its praises sing. Love and honor to North Dallas We forever bring! Mr Huchinson deals patiently with all stu- dents. Here he counsels With student Millie Smith. The 1963 VIKING 'is dedicated to Mr. Seldom S. Hutchinson. He came to us from Holmes Jr. High to be our assistant princi- pal. V For four years this man has walked the halls of North Dallas. Never has he fal- tered in his dedication to his profession and his friends. Few know to what extent he has worked for us. There are many duties of an assistant principal, and Mr. Hutchin- son has always done his share and more. We know we can never fully repay you, Mr. Hutchinson. But we hope you will ac- cept our sincere thanks for your never end- ing service and loyalty. I ,4W 29W Mr. Hutchinson diligently performs some of his daily duties as assistant principal. Mr. Seldom S. Hutchinson received his B.S. at Kirksville State Teachers College in Kirks- Ville, Missouri, and his M.A. at the University of Missouri. He also did graduate work at South- ern Methodist Univasity. He has been assistant principal at Forrest Ave- nue High School, assistant principal at Holmes Junior High, and Came to North Dallas in 1959 to be our assistant principal. Student Mary Souza discusses a problem with Mrs. Dorothy Hupfield. Mrs. Dorothy Hupfeld graduated from Texas Womarfs University, earn- ing two degrees in counseling B.S., M.A. She has served in Dallas schools for fourteen years 9 years in the Health Department and five years as the Dean of North Dallas. 74a gm M 304445 cg EM 7?63 The nine members on the Board of Education are elected by the citizens of Dallas. This election is conducted in the same way as a regular political election. The Board of Education has meetings at regular intervals and all members must be present. At the meetings, policies by which the schools are operated are established. Dr. W. T. White, as Superintendent, is the head of the Administrative part of public schools. Active in setting up regulations, he is subject to any regulations passed by the Board. Reading from left to right: Mr. Lee McShann Jr., MI. Donald M. Bruton, Mr. J. Willard Gregg, Mr. John P. Green, Mrs. Tracy H. Rutherford; President, Dr. W. T. White; Superintendent of Schools, Mr. R. B. Gilmore, Mrs. Vernon D. Ingram, Mr. Loyd G. Shelly, Mr. Robert S. Folsom. T16 purpose of the Parent-Teacher Association is to bring into closer relation the home and school so that parents and teachers may co-opemte more ef- fectively in promoting the welfare of our youth. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. James B. Peddy, PublicatiOns Chairman, Mrs. Doyle Stewart, Director of Organization, Mrs. H. E. Williams, Director of Budget and Finance, Mrs. G. J. Yarbrough, Delegate to City Council, Mrs. Clyde Tischmacker, Delegate to City Council, Mrs. Charles T . Davis, Vice-President, Mrs. M. H. White, President, Mrs. Geo. W. Davis, Director of Program Service, Mrs. James H. Harper, Treasurer, Mrs. Jim Prestridge, Director of Education. SECOND ROW, left to right: Mrsh A. E. France, Student Activities Chairman, Mrs. W. M. Cr'ockett, Mental Health Chairman, Mrs. W. L. Keetch, Historian, Mrs. Truitt D. Bishop, Asst. Chairman of Budget and Finance, Mrs. C. J. Green, Decoration Chairman, Mrs. John Adams, Director of Public Welfare, Mrs. Herbert Ogawa, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. G. E. Wiggins, Recording Secretary, Mrs. N. M. New- ton, Publicity Chairman, Mrs. R. H. Briscoe, Decorations Chairman, Mrs. W. J. Jackson, State Life Membership Chairman, Mrs. F. W. Prachyl, Juvenile Protection Chairman. - Each The officers of the 1962-63 Dad's Club are as follows: FIRST ROW: Herman Campos, Athletic Chairman; Bruce Dobyns, Secretary and Treasurer; Henry Hanna, President; Rice C. Linn, Budget and Finance Chairman. SECOND ROW: Earl Hol- land, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer; J. B. Taylor, Education and Publicity Chair- man; Clyde Tischmacher, eMembership Chairman; Roy Briscoe, Social and Entertain- ment Chairman; S. S. Hutchinson, Assistant Principal; C, H. Castleberry, Program Chairman tNot in picturey The purpose of the Dad's Club is to secure a closer relationship between the fathers and the school officials. It is an opportunity for the fathers to do something for the betterment of the students of North Dallas High School. Members at Large 0f the Student Council: Carol Le- Noir, Susan Hall, Gwen Kubin. Officers of the Stu- dent Council John Adams, President; David Jones, Vlce-President; Sara Cole, Secretary; Fred Dobbs, Par- Iiamentarian. . EEiQizE'e The Student Council is organized as Mr. Seldon Hutchison, sponsor, super- Vises : The governing body of North Dallas High School is the Student Council. The council is composed of rep- resentatives elected from each homeroom. Seldon S. Hutchinson, Assistant Principal, sponsors the organization. This group acts as 3 link between the faculty and students, bringing them to a better understanding of one l another. Reaching outside the school, the Student Council represents North Dallas throughout the city. Members of the Student Council vote on an important issue at a weekly meeting. Dottie Blasingame, Gwen Kubin, Sarah Cole, and Millie Smith decorate the Christmas tree which was bought and sponsored by the Student Council. Students from North Dallas contributed food and clothing and put them under the tree for needy families at Christmas time. This is one of the many projects carried out by the Student Council. WM Wk an; M69? Thanks . . . this is'the wotd most deserved for our teachers. In the past they have. tried to teach us the values of life. In the future they will continue to do so. Years later, when we look baclt, we will know that through their sttength and knowledge, we will have gained much on the road to our success. I9 ing. Austin College, B.A., M. CLARK, MISS MARY SMITH DEW, MISS MILLIE English and Journalism. Southern English. North Texas State Univer- Methodist University, B.A. Quill and sity, B.S. Viking Sponsor. Scroll. Compass Sponsor. Mrs. Winifred Humphrey and he enjoying sunny dispositions. sixth period senior English class seem to be H HUMPHREY, MRS. WINIERED HUMPHRIS, MISS BOBBYE MAE PUTMAN, MISS PAULA Engljsh, Baylor University, B.A. English. Southern Methodist Univer- English. North Texas State Univer- sity, B.A. Essay Contests. sity, B.S. Cheerleader Sponsor. BERRY, MISS IMOGEN Spanish. Trinity University, B.A., Southern Methodist University, M.A. Pan American Club. Senior Class Spbnsor. Miss Ethel Masters and her Latin class take a moment from their transA lation to peek at the cameraman. HOLBROOK, MRS. HELEN English, Spanish, and French. University of Texas, B.A. The Sop bonne, Paris, France. MASTERS, MISS ETHEL Latin. University of Texas, B.A., Southern Methodist University, M.A. SPQR Sponsor. National Honor So- ciety Sponsor. Miss Imogen Berry drills her class on translations. Clara Lemm n keeps her classes up-to- in current ex ems from the newspapers. CLEMENTS. MISS BETTY Trigonometry and Algebra. Uni- versity of California, MA. Audio Visual Aid. BRONENKANT, MRS. VIRGINIA American and Texas History DENSLIORE LVIR. JOHN XVorld and American Hist. East Central State College. BA. 5 State College for W'omen, . ., University of T xas, M.A. Lajustessc Sponsor. GREEN, MR. JACK Algebra, Plane Geometry and Math 9. Abilene Christian Col- lege, North Texas State Univer- sity, B.S. Pe'rigon Club Sponsor. WESTERFELD, IMR. LLOYD Alegebra and Geometry. Univer- sity of Texas, B.A. 22 RIDLEX , MRS. RIX American History and Cix 5. Sam Houston College. B.A., University of Houston, MA. Future Teachers Club Sponsor. WRIGHT MR. FREDERICK E. American History. Texas University BS. Junior Class Sponsor. LEMMON. MRS. CLARA Civics and Econornxcs Oklahoma State University, BS. FPW Mr. Jack Green, math teacher, types out another rough Algebra test. SW, STEWART, MRS. FLORENCE Geometry and Algebra. University of Texas, B.A., IVI.A. Miss Genelia Lewis helps students With experiments in advanced chemistry. GRAY, MR. MARVIN Biology. East Texas State College, B.S. LEWIS, MISS GENELIA Chemistry. North Texas State Col- lege, B.S., Columbia University, MA. WAGNON, MR. DAVID Physics and Biology. Southern Meth. odist University, BS. Tennis Coach. Slide Rule Club. Miss Dayle Driver changes a typewriter ribbon in her typing class. 3W DRIVER, MISS DAYLE Typing 51nd Shorthand. South- ern Methodist University, B.S., Texas Christian Uni- versity, B.A. Red Cross Spon- sor. MOORE, MISS WYNETTE Typing and shorthand. North Texas State University, BBiAW MB.E. MEYER, MR. RALPH Bookkeeping and Business Arith- metic. Southern Methodist University, BB.A., M.Ed. Student Banking Activ- ity Fund. Students receive the Watchful eye of Mr. Ralph Meyer as they do their Business Arithmetic. Girls learn to play volleyball in sixth period John Speer takes the easy way Out REYNOLDS, MR. RALPH Physical Education. North Texas State Uni crsity, B.S. XVHITE, MISS MARION Plysical Education. Texas XWomen's UniVersity, B.S. Drill Team Sponsor. GRICE, lVIRS. BHRIAIVI Physical Education Assistant and Pianist. Co-sponsor of the Vikingettes. Brian Sn rrel looks a BOLLINGER MR. C. M. COPPEDGE, MR. GENE HASSELL MR. ROYCE Drivers Education. East Texas State Biology. Austin College, BB. Assist- World History. Stephen F. Austin, Teachers College, B.S. MS, Baseball ant Conch. B.S., M,A Assistant Football Coach Coach. "B" Team Basketball. Mr. C. M. Bollinger holds a skull practice session for football boys. HYDE, IXIR. RUFUS Algebra. Hardin-Simmons University, BA, North Texas State University, MA. Head Football Coach. STRONG, MR. JOE American and World His- tory. North Texas State University, B.S., M.A. Assistant Football Coach. Head Basketball Coach. ZABOJNIK, MR. JEROME Commercial Arithmetic. North Texas State Univer- sity, BS. Track Coach. "B" Team Football Coach. WATSON, MR. BILLY W. English. Speech. Jone University, B.A., M.A. New York University Little Theatre and ND Speakers Sponsor. FORGY, MR. PAUL Band. Orchestra. Texas Col- lege of Arts and Industries, University of Texas, B.A., M.A. Speech students Kathy Parma and Juanelle Lozano demonstrate how to apply make up. 9W,SW,M WWW WARMACK, MISS DOROTHY Chorus. Concert Choir. Peabody College for Teach- ers, B.S. Mr. Paul Forgy directs the Bulldog Band at a football game. DARR, MR. JAMES Art. East Texas State College, B.S Art Service Club Sponsor. Art students seem to be enjoying their work? 74c W m 7192 Am Puma: GARLAND, MR lVIAX Distributive Education. East Texas State College, B.S. STEENSON, MRS CLYDIA B. ZLOGER, MRS. LORETTA Nurse. Texas Women's University, Dietician. University of Minnesota, B.S. Future Nuxses Club Sponsor. B.S. WZWPW MW7W Mrs. Patsy Withrow instructs her homemaking class in how to cut out a pattern. WITHROXW, MRS. PATSY Homemaking, North Texas State University, BS Mr. james Myers and his mechanical drawing class take time out to pose for cameraman MYERS, MR. JAMES Industrial Arts. North Texas StatE University, B.A. Key Club Sponsor. JACOBSON, SGT, GILBERT Col. Roberts, Sgt. Jacobson, and Sgt. Baker discuss their daily military prob- lems. ROBERTS, LT. COL. ROSCOE Commandant. Oklahoma University, BS. 32 BUTLER, MRS. MATTYALEA Study Hall. WRIGHT, MRS. Study Hall. IRISH, MRS. CLIO Librarian. North Texas State Uni- versity, B.S. CHAPMAN, MRS. WILMA Assistant Librarian. Mrs. Veda Wright and Mrs. Clio Irish take Mrs. Whittlesey on a tour of the library during the party given by the faculty celebrating Mr. Whit- tlesey's birthday. GARNER, MRS. LORA Counselor's Assistant. Miss Eleanor Jenkins and Mrs. Lora Garner look Our Counselor MISS ELEANOR JENKINS ' Centenary College, Shreve- port, La., B.A , Texas Chris- tian University, M.A. over counseling materiaL Mrs. Louise Vandervort and Mrs. Joe Dismore work hard to keep our attendance straight. MOYER, MRS. EDITH Secretary to Principal. Mr. Whittleseys office seems to be the center of activity early in the morning. Coaches Jerome Zabojnik, Rufus Hyde and Gene Coppedge watch ball practice during summer workout. L Mr. David Wagnon and Janis Probeck solve everyday problems in the office. The faculty observes the Beauty Assembly with delight. 35 Our staff displays unmeasured 10; Ilty at all sch 01 events. C01. Roscoe Roberts explains military procedure to a cadet and his parents during Texas Education XWeek. Mr. C. M. Bollinger explains to underclassmen that red means st0p n0t g0. Mrs. Loretta Zloger does an excellent job of planning our daily diet. Annie Robinson works hard to keep enough food for hungry students. ML A. Vents, Head Custodian, Ellenberg, Mr. E. Mafhgum, and Mr. B. Dass. Mr. H. Miller, Mr. N. Roberts, and Mr. M. Law. 38 This page reptesehts a door. On May 30, 1963, these Seniors will go through this door and into a new and complicated world. It is time for them to leave the security which school brings. They have completed the first cycle in life. They must go on. Their steps will be soft at first. They are the young men and women of tomor- row. But with each tick of the clock their steps will become louder . . . louder and more confident un- til they become tomorrow. Their fate Will be ours . . . wwww Mm? Vice- President 1 NORMAN L , , - . - , . AKINS : 3 , , . ' , - L ' v . ' , President ; Secretary , ' ' , . : , . . ' v , HOWE . : DENNIE ' ' , v . '. . ,V V ; DAVIS Senior Class Sponsor 1963 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MISS IBIOGEN BERRY '2, g 3 ,g a E -: The 1965 Senior Class officers and Miss Imogen meeting. Miss Imogen Berry and Mrs. Howe inform the comn ittee about costs of this year's senionactivities. ADAMS: EDWIN JOHN Birzladate: September 17, 1944 Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Track Team; 5-Yr. Letterman, "A" Football; VI- KING Favorite Nominee, 3-Yrs.; Red Cross; Chair- man of the Junior Executive Committee; Athlete of the Year Nominee, 2-Yrs.; Honor Rolls; Senior Di- rector of Key Club; Library Assistant; President of Student Council and Student Body; Mr. Handsome Nominee, 2-Yrs.; VIKING Junior Favorite; VIKING Most Handsome, '62-'65. AKINS, NORMAN LEE Birthdate: December 26, 1944 Birthplace; Dallas, Texas VIKING Favorite Nominee, 3-Yrs.; VIKING Staff; Vice-President of Senior Class; Key Club; Athlete of the Year Nominee; Football, 3-Yr. Letterman, Captain '62. ANDRES, ALBERT ERNEST Birthdate: January 7, 1944 Bii'tbplare: Dallas, Texas Sr. Executive Committee; jn Achievement; Honorable Mention A8zM Mechanical Drawing Contest; 2nd Place Crafts Fair; Honor Rolls; Homeroom President. APPLE, ANNELLE BINFORD Birlladale: March 7, 1945 Birthplwe: Dallas, Texas VIKING Beauty Nominee, '60-'61; Vikingettes, '61; Tout Le Monde Tri-Hi-Y, '61, Pres; Y-Teens, 3- Yrs.; Bible Credit, 2-Yrs.; Future Teachers; Honor Rolls; Red Cross. ARMSTRONG, JUDY Birlbdate: November 12, 1944 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society; Vikingettes; Eta Sigma Ph Latin Award; SPQR; Y-Teens; Red Cross, Secreta '62-'63; Assemblies; Honor Rolls. ASHCRAFT, LEONA FAYE Birthdate: January 27, 1945 Birtljplace: Dallas, Texas AVALOS, BEATRICE ALVAREZ Birthdaze: August 24, 1945 BirtlapZare: Orange, California Senior Pub; Pep Club. BAKER, SUSAN ANN Birthdate: April 12, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Perigon Club; Compass Staff, 1-Yr.; Art Service Club, 1-Yr.; Latin Club; Counsul Major, Aeta Sigma Phi Bronze and Silver Awards; National Honor Society; Honor Rolls. .ARRON, YOLANDA nzi'zbdale: March 4, 1945 frilaplgzre: Dallas, Texas oncert Choir; Y-Teens; Red Cross; Art Service Club; urse's Assistant. ARTLETT, SUZANNE 'tbdale: February 14, 1945 ?lawzzrgx San Antonio, Texas out Le Monde Tri-Hi-Y; Little Theatre, 3-Yrs.; OnevAct Play, 3-Yrs.; State One Act Play Finals; ssemblies; N.D. Speakers; Chorus; Concert Choir; lst Division Award4Voice Contest; Easter Pro- ram' Christmas Program; N.A.T.S. Convention; , omeroom Secretary, 2-Yrs.; Career Clinic Hostess. BERKLEY, WILLIAINI HENRY, HI Birlljdaze: August 4, 1944 Birzlaplace: 1 Tashville, Tennessee R.O.T.C., Company Commander, Commissioned Of- ficer; Camp Dallas, 2-Yrs.; N.D. Rifle Team; Drill Team, 2-Yrs.; Military Ribbons, Awards, and Medals; Woozencraft and Arlington Drill Competition; Foot. ball. BLAKE, RODERICK JEFFERY Bh-tlydate: April 4, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Red Cross; Student Council, '61-'62; Baseball, 2-Yrs.; Art Service Club; Vice-President of Homeroom, '62; Jr. Class Favorite Nominee, Semi-Finalist. BARBER, NANCYE CAROLE Birthdate: May 19, 1945 Birtbplme: Frankfort, Kentucky Future Teachers; Bible Awards, 2-Yrs.; Library Assist. ant; Honor Rolls. BARBER, NITA SUE Birthdate: November 30, 1944 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Vikingettes, '61-'63, Captain, '62-'63; National Honor Society; Honor Rolls; Assemblies; VIKING Salutes; Perigon Club; Concert Choir, '61-'63; Y-Teens, '60-'63; Tennis, '60-'63, 2-Yr. Letter. BARDIN, CAROL LEE Birthdate: September 21, 1944 Birthplace: Alberta, Canada Vikingettes. '61-'63; Baseball Princess, 2-Yrs.; Bas- ketball Princess, '63; VIKING Staff, 2-Yrs., Assistant Editor; Texas Acva Journalism Workshop, '62; La Justesse Tri-Hi-Y, 2ers., Chaplain, Vice-Pres- idem; Homeroom Officer; Nurse's Assistant; Honor Rolls; Y-Teens; Assemblies; Red Cross Representative; Linz Bible Award; VIKING Salutes; Senior Pub Staff; National Honor Society; Quill 6t Scroll. BARNARD, CHARLES THOBIAS Birtbdafe: July 6, 1944 Binbplnce: Floydale, Texas BLASINGAME, DOTTIE JEAN Birlbdate: January 21, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Senior Class Personality; La Justesse Tri-Hi-I Secretary; Red Cross; Honor Rolls; Office, Libra Nurse Assistant; Baseball Princess; Assemblies; V kingettes, 1961-62; Perigon Club; Cheerleader, Alte nate; YvTeens; Student Council Representative; Hom- room Secretary; Senior Pub Staff; Basketball Princes BLAIR, SHIRLEY NEAL Birlbdale: June 14, 1945 Birszlace: Abilene, Texas BONHOIVIME, MARTHA Birtbdale: February 22, 1945 Birthplace: Marshall, Texas Compass Staff; Senior Pub Staff; Library Assistan Red Cross; Honor Rolls; Linz Bible Award, 2-Yrs. Chorus. BROTHERS, ROCKFORD WAYNE Bitrbdate: July 28, 1945 Birthplace: Galveston, Texas 11A" Football Team, 2-Yrs.; Assemblies; Rotary Club Track Team, 2-Yrs.; Homeroom Officer; Red Cross Lunch time is a busy time at the senior boys, lunch table. -ROWN, CHESTER DOUGLAS 7116111116: December 2, 1944 'mbplace: Sulphur Springs, Texas ed Cross; Football, 3-Yrs.; Letterman, 2-Yrs.; "B" eam Baseball; Track, 3-Yrs.; Honorable Mention ineman of the Week, Dallas Morning News. nRUNSON, GEORGIA RAYE 711121111112: March 26, 1945 rntbplace: Dallas, Texas 'ed Cross; Art Service Club; Homeroom Secretary, -Yrs.; Y-Teens; Pep Club; Assemblies; Honor Rolls. uRUNSON, THOMAS ROBERT 11113151119: March 19, 1945 urtbplace: Dallas, Texas ittle Theatre; ND. Speakers; "Our Town" Cast; 'erigon Club, Chess Team; Slide Rule Club; Junior chievement, SrYrsg R,O.T.C., Commissioned Officer .nd Co. Executive Officer; Norseman Crack Drill 'Iatoon; Camp Dallas, 2-Yrs., Ribbons and Awards; rlington Drill Competition, 2-Yrs.; Woozencraft ompetition. RYAN, BETTYE GENE ' 1217121126: March 20, 1945 111171711158: Woodward, Oklahoma Office Assistant; Red Cross; Student Council; Home- oom Vice-President; Honor Rolls; Pep Club; Junior itizens Traffic Commission. BRYANT, LINDA LAVELL 8171211171119: April 20, 1945 Birlbplace: Mineral XWells, Texas Art Sewice Club. BUCHANNON, LINDA SUE Bz'rlbdazg: November 26, 1944 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Concert Choir; Student Council Representative; Hohor RollsA BULLARD, SANDRA JEAN Birthdate: August 4, 1945 Birthplace: Seattle, Washington Future Nurses, 2-Yrs.; Y-Teens; Junior Achievement, 1-Yr.; Senior Pub; Homeroom Secretary. CAMPOS, ALFRED DAVID Birthdale: April 1, 1945 Birlbplace: Fort Worth, Texas Homeroom Vice-President; Red Cross Representative; Art Service Club; "B" Team Basketball; "B" Team Football; "A." Team Football, 2-Yrs.; Football Letterman, 1-Yr.; Senior Pub Staff; Winner.of Round Table No. 1 Scholarship Award; Honor Rolls. CHAVEZ, ONEIDA Birlladate: June 17, 1945 BirtlJpZare: Dallas, Texas Art Service Club CLAUNCH, PATRICIA JO Bh'tbdale: April 9, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Vikingettes, 2-Yrs.; Tout Le Monde TrivHi-Y, Secre- tary, 1-Yr.; Y-Teens, 2-Yrs.; Red Cross, 2-Yrs.; Counselofs Assistant, 1-Yr.; Senior Pub Staff; As- semblies; Honor Rolls; Parades. CLEVELAND, JANICE NELL Birtbdate: May 12, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Military Princess; Red Cross; Y-Teens; Future Nurses; Concert Choir; Vikingettes; Pep Club; Assemblies. COLE, SARAH ELIZABETH Birtljdate: September 15, 1944 Birtbplzwe: Dallas, Texas Vikingettes, 1961-63; Sophomore Beauty Nominee; Sophomore Favorite Nominee; Student Council, Sec- retary, '62365; Art Service Club; Perigon Club; Y- Teens, Treasurer; Linz Bible Award; National Honor Society, Secretary, Fall '62; Tout Le Monde Tri-Hi- Y, Secretary, Vice-President; National Merit Scholar- ship Letter of Commendation; Senior Pub; Honor Rolls; Assemblies; VIKING Salutes; Office Assistant; Homeroom Officer; Parades. CANTU, AMPARO SONNIA Birlbddle: November 20, 1944 Birthplme: Dallas, Texas Student Council; 161362; Red Cross, 160361; P Club, 161362; Vikingettes, 16265; Concert Choi 162363; Y-Teens, 161362; Assemblies, '62-'65. CARTER, NIARIE MAXINE Birlbdate: March 6, 1945 Birthplafe: Scranton, Pennsylvania Band, 2-Yrs.; Assemblies; Future Teachers, IZ-Yr Y-Teens, 1-Yr.; Jr. Achievement, 1-Yr.; Parad- CEDILLO, JESSE Bir'tbdate: September 19, 1944 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Distributive Education. CHATTEN, BETTY SUE Birlhdate: August 15', 1945 Birszlace: Dallas, Texas Y-Teens; Vikingettes; Pep Club, Captain; Assemblie Compass Staff; ND. Speakers; La Justesse Tri-Hi- 2-Yrs., Sergeant-at-Arms, 1-Yr.; Little Theatre; Inte scholastic League One Act Plays, District and Cit Best Supporting Actress, Regional4Best Actres Parades. OLEMAN, SHERI LYNN 'rzbdale: January 30, 1945 5116121469; Wichita, Kansas 'kingettes, '61-'63, Ltd. 162363; Future Teachers, ice-President; VIKING Organizations Co-Editor; d Cross; Y-Teens, Inter-Club Council Represent- iv '62-'63 Military Princess; La Justesse Tri-Hi-Y 1- 63, Historian; Honor Rolls; Assemblies; VIKING lutes; Pub Staff. OOPER, JANNET JO 'rlbdate: June 11, 1945 I'rtlaplare: San Angelo, Texas .D.4Senior Pub Staff. Bison, South Dakota4 'eerleader, Fr. and Soph. Yr.; Pep Club; Girls1 ate Representative; Press Club; Chorus; Tripple 10. OURSON, GARY 'irtbdate: January 10, 1944 irszlate: Waco, Texas RAVER, CHARLES RONNIE irlhdaw: December 25, 1944 'irllaplace: Dallas, Texas ophomore Personality; Student Council; Homeroom Ifficer; Red Cross; Key Club, 3-Yrs.; Football Letter- an, 1-Yr.; "B" Team Football; Assemblies; Allied outh Club; Key Club Social Committee. CRAZE, DONNA GAIL Birthdate: July 22, 1945 Bia-szlme: Corinth. Mississippi Y-Teens, 34Yrsx, Red Cross, 3-Yrs.; Honor Rolls; Office Assistant; Chorus, 2-Yrs.; Assemblies. CUNDIFF, JAMES ROBERT Birlbdale: July 31, 1944 Birszlace: Dallas, Texas R1O.T.C. Company Commander. CUTLER, MARY LOUISE Birthdate: September 13, 1944 Birtlzplare: Kansas City, Missouri Senior Pub Staff; Red Cross; Y-Teens; Assemblies; Pep Club. DAVENPORT, GARY FERRELL Birtbdate: May 21: 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas DAVIS, DENNIE LYNN Birthdate: January 8, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Vikingettes, 2-Yrs., Lt. '65; Future Teachers, Secre. tary; National Honor Society; Y-Teens; Red Cross, President, '61-'62; Honor Rolls; Secretary of Senior Class; Sr. Executive Committee; Jr. Citizens Traffic Committee; Delegate t0 SMU; La Justesse Tri-Hi-Y; D.A.R; Award to Outstanding Citizen; Outstanding Homemaking Student; '61-'62; VIKING Salutes, 5- Yrs; VIKING Sophomore Beauty Nominee; Sec. of Jr. Class Commitme; VIKING Personality, 3-Yrs. DAVIS, JANIE RUTH Birthdate: March 21, 1945 Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas Y-Teens; Red Cross; Office Assistant; Honor Rolls; Homeroom Treasurer; Chorus, 3-Yrs.; Future Nurses, 3-Yrs.; Nurse's Assistant; Art Service Club; As- semblies; Little Theatre; Student Council Represent- atlve. DeGAW, SUZY TAWNY Birtladpzte: December 4, 1945 Birtbplare: L05 Angeles, California Editor of the VIKING; Lieutenant of Vikingettes; Key Club Sweetheart; Homecoming Princess, '62-'63; VIKING Personality, 2-Yrs.; VIKING Salutes; La Justesse Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer; Y-Teens, President; Pan American Cfub, Reporter; Junior Executive Com- mittee, Homeroom Vice-President; National Honor Society, Vice-President; Student Council Represent- ative; Quill and Scroll, 2-Yrs.; Assemblies; Honor Rolls; Mistress of Ceremonies of 1962-63 VIKING Beauty Assembly; Library Assistant; Scholarship to Texas ASzM Journalism Workshop, 2-Yrs.; VIKING Staff, 3-Yrs. DELGADO, OLGA Birthdale: October 25, 1944 Birlbplarex Dallas, Texas Honor Rolls; Assemblies; Pan American Club; Office Assistant, 2-Yrs. DIAZ, OLIVIA Bitrbdate: October 23, 1945 Birthplace: Wichita, Kansas Student Council; Red Cross; Art Service Club, 2- Yrs.; Office Assistant; Pan American Club, Pres- ident; Honor Rolls; Assemblies; Senior Pub Staff. DOBBS, JAMES FREDRICK Birlladale: September 26, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas; Texas Regimental Commander and Cadet Colonel, R.O.T.C.; Military Ribbons and Awards, S.A.R. Medal and Outstanding Platoon Leader Award, Camp Dallas; Senior Executive Committee; Junior Rotarian; Student Council, Parliamentarian; Assemblies; Little Theatre; Chess Team; Honor Rolls; Perigon Club; Tennis Team, 3-Yrs.; Captain, 1-Yr.; Homeroom Vice- President. DOROUGH, ALLEN THOMAS Birthday: May 26, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Military, Drill Platoon, 2-Yrs.; Executive Officer; Senior Pub Staff; Red Cross; Art Service Club; Honor Rolls. DOUGLAS, JANET ROSE Birthdate: August 18, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas EDXWARDS, MICHAEL ODELL Birfivdczzfe: February 2, 1945 Biribplace: Dallas, Texas R.O.T C., Drill Platoon; Honor Rolls; As- semblies; C-Company Commander; Ribbons and awards; Expert Marksman Medal; Camp Dallas, 2-Yrs.; Parades. EDXWARDS, STANLEY JAY Birlljdate: October 25, 1945 Birfbplczte: Dallas, Texas Football Letterman, 2-Yrs.; Basketball Team; VIKING Personality, 3 Yrs.; Assemblies; Senior E'ecutive Committee; "A" Team Bas- ketball; Honorable Mention Lineman of the XVeek, Dallas Morning News; Honor Rolls; VIKING Senior Most Handsome Nominee; otball Letterman. DU VAL, KARLA Birtlyzlale: November 23, 1945 Birzlaplare: Tulsa, Oklahoma Vikingettes, 1-Yr; National Honor Society, 2-Yrs.; S.P.Q.R., 2:Yrs.; Bronze and Silver Eta Sigma Phi Awards; Concert CI r, 161362; Junior Achievement, 2-Yrs., Secretary and Treasurer; Red Cross Treasurer; Y-Teens; Future Teachers; Honor Rolls; Homeroom Secretary, 1-Yr,; Interscholastic Spelling League Con- testant. EATON, CHARLIE EDWARD Bl fbdate: August 24, 1945 Birzljplace: Bagwell, Texas Distributive Education. Scutter Newton seems all wrapped up in his 1e decorating for the Senior Valentine Dance. 49 ELDER, JAMES LEE Birlljdaza' January 10, 1945 Birthplace: Muskogee, Oklahoma ND. Speakers, 2-Yrs.; One Act Play, 1-Yr.; Little Theatne, 1-Yr.; Band, 5-Yrs.; lst Sgt. of Band, 1-Yr.; Slide Rule Club; Assemblies; Junior Rotarian; Home- room Vice-President. ELLIS, LINDA PATRICIA Birlbdaze: May 8, 1945 Birtbplare: Dallas, Texas VIKING Beauty Semi-Finalist, 2-Yrs.; VIKING Most Beautiful, 1-Yr.; VIKING Personality, 3-Yrs.; Pep Club; Nurse1s Assistant; Deads Assistant, 2-Yrs.; Honor Rolls; Assemblies; Art Service Club; Y-Teens; Student Council, 2-Yrs.; Valentine Princess. ELLINGSON, PENNY JEANNE Birthdate: October 18, 1944 Birthplace: Bloomfield, Nebraska EMIVIERT, DAVID IVHCHAEL Birthdate: May 12, 1945 Biytbplme: Wichita Falls, Texas 5B" Tehm Football; Pub Staff, Bookkeeper; "A" Team Football Mgr., Letterman 1-Yr.; uA" Team Baseball Mgr., Letterman 1-Yr.; Compass Staff, Busi- ness Manager. ERNST, ROGER CHARLES Birthdate: December 1, 1944 Birthplare: Long Beach, California R.O.T.C.; Band; Orchestra; Junior Achievement; Concert Choir. ESCAINHLLA, GILBERT ROLAND Biytbdate: January 2, 1943 Bz'rtlaplzzce: Dallas, Texas R.O.T.C., 3-Yrs.; Drill Platoon Commander, 2-Yrs.; Camp Dallas, lst Sgt; Company Commander, 1-Yr.; Commissioned Officer; Civitan Award; Arlington and Woozencraft Competition; Ribbons and Medals; Honor Wreath, 34Yrs.; Concert Choir; Pan American Club; J.A.; D.E.; Red Cross. FARLESS, LYNNE ANN Birthdate: May 16, 1945 Birszlace: Dallas, Texas Vikingettes, 2-Yrs.; Compass Reporter; Perigon Club, 2-Yrs., Secretary; Art Service Club; Red Cross, 2-Yrs.; Homeroom Secretary, 3-Yrs.; Pan American Club, 2- Yrs., Vice-President, 1-Yr.; Y-Teens; Honor Rolls; Senior Pub Staff; Assemblies. FARRAR, CYNTHIA LEE BirlbdaZe: June 2, 1945 Birtlyplace: Shreveport, Louisiana Y-Teens. ARRETT, FRANK OLEN nirtladale: November 5, 1944 :rtbplare: Dallas, Texas heerleader; Chaplain of Red Cross; President of I omeroom; Key Club Vice-President; VIKING 'ersonality Nominee, 2-Yrs.; Assemblies; Basketball earn; Golf Team; Honor Rolls; Perigon Club. ARRETT, PAT FRANCIS airtladate: October 10, 1945 i-rthplace: Dallas, Texas "B" Team Football; Varsity Football, 1-Yr. Letter- man; Varsity Basketball, 1-Yr.; Varsity Baseball, 2- Yrs.; Student Council, 1-Yr.; Member of Track Team, Vz Season. GARZA, GLORIA LINDA Birthdate: July 29, 1944 Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas Future Nurses, Secretary; Chorus; Honor Rolls; Senior Executive Committee, Secretary; Assemblies. GILLIAM, EARL RAY Birthdate: September 8, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Distributive Education. FOOSHEE, KAY MARGARET Birthdale: December 10, 1945 Birtfaplare: Dallas, Texas VIKING Staff, Co-Senior Editor; Senior Pub Staff; Viking Band, 3-Yrs1; T.W.U. Band Festival; 15t Place City Ensemble Contest; Orchestra; All State Orchestra, Cotton Bowl; Y-Teens; Perigon Club; Future Nurses; A'rt Service Club; Honor Rolls; As- semblies; Parades; Hostess for Career Clinic. FORGY, HUNTYCE ELAINE Birzbdale: September 1, 1945 Birllyplare: Marysville, California Viking Band, 3-Yrs1; Orchestra; 2-Yrs.; DaI-Hi Orchestra, 4-Yrs.; National Honor Society; 2-Yrs.; S.P4Q.R., 2-Yrs.; Perigon Club; T.W.U. Band Festi- val; ND. Speakers, 2-Yrs.; Band Military Princess; Honor Rolls; Assemblies; All State Orchestra; Cotton Bowl; VIKING Salutes; Bible Credit; Parades; Eta Sigma Phi4Summa Cum Laude, 2-Yrs.; TJ. and City Solo Contests, lst Place. FOX, MURRAY EDWARD Birthdate: May 11, 1945 Birtbpiare: Chicago, Illinois National Honor Society; Honor Rolls; Key Club; Latin Club; Senior Executive Committee; Projection- ist; Student Council; Homeroom President. FRIZZELL, FRANCES EU'WAYNA Birthdate: December 14, 1944 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas VIKING Band, 2-Yrs.; National Honor Society; Compass, Senior Staff Assistant; Senior Pub Staff; Future Teachers Club, Treasurer; Perigon Club; Art Service Club; Pep Club; Honor Rolls; Assemblies; Parades. Yea, SCniors '63 l !! GILLILAN, MARILYNN Birlbdale: May 29, 1945 Birllvplace: Dallas, Texas Vikingettes; VIKING Favorite Nominee; Hono Rolls; Military Princess, 62; Student COuncil; Tou Le Monde Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer and Vice-President Red Cross; VIKING Staff Assistant; Y-Teen Inter club Council; Concert Choir; Bible Award, 2-Yrs. Honor Rolls; Assemblies; Clinic Assistant. GILLILAND, JOHN HARRISON Birthdate: April 20, 1945 Birtlyplare: Dallas, Texas Cheerleader, 62363; Art Service Club; Perigon Clu- Vice-President, 2-Yrs.; Senior Pub Staff; Junio Achievement; Assemblies; Compass; Honor Rolls. GONZALES, MARY CONCEPTION Birtbdate: June 19, 1945 Birlljplme: Dallas, Texas Student Council Representative; Y-Teens; Red CIOSS' Honor Rolls; Pep Club; Chorus. GONZALEZ, JOE A. Birthdate: March 18, 1944 Birthplace: Brownsville, Texas North Dallas Band; Jesse and The Misters; Military; Tennis Team; First Division Percussionist; Scienc Award. OODWIN, KATHARINE ELIZABETH ' lbdate: September 21, 1944 irtbplare: Graham, Texas uture Nurses; Nurse's Assistant. OULDING, CLARE MARIE zhdate: May 2, 1945 irtbplare: Dallas, Texas uture Teachers; Future Nurses; VIKING Staff, C0- ctivities Editor; Pep Club; Red Cross. RAY, WILLIABI EDiVIUND u'rtlydate: October 6, 1944 irzkplace: Dallas, Texas IKING Staff, VIKING Salutes Editor; Red Cross; ey Club, Treasurer; Student Council; Senior Pub Staff; Honor Rolls; Assemblies; R.O.T.C.; Camp IIallas, 3-Yrs.; Drill Platoon; Honor Cadet, 3-Yrs.; adet Regimental Executive Company; PMS. Ribbon nd Athletic Ribbons; Bible Award; Woozencraft and rlington Drill Competition; Best Dressed Cadet, amp Dallas, 1960; P.H.S. Ribbon for the Parade Cup41961-621 GRESHABI, JABIES PERRY nirzlydale: March 1, 1945 Birthplace: Glen Rose, Texas GRIMIVI. DAVID ALAN Birlbdale: July 117 1945 Birlbplace: Dallas, Texas Perigon Club; R.O.T.C., 3-Yrs.; Cadet lst Lt; Camp Dallas, 2-Yrs.; Ribbons and Awards; Bible Linz Award. GRISWALD, JUANITA PAULETTE Birlbdale: June 24, 1945 Birtbplare: Pittsburg, Texas Future Nurses, 2-Yrs.; Y-Teens; Honor Rolls; Con- cert Choir, 3-Yrs. GRZYWINSKI, VIRGINIA NIARY Birlljdaie: May 19, 1945 Birthplare: Cicero, Illinois VIKING Staff 4Asst, Business Mng; Assemblies; Office Assistant; Honor Rolls; Distributive Education. HACKLER, DAVID MARCUS Birthdate: February 3, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R.O.T.C., 3-Yrs.; Commissioned Officer; Company Executive Officer; Assemblies. HARRELSONI JOHNNY BURTON Bh'tladate: August 16, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas "A" Team Football; Student Council; Honor Rolls; Assemblies; Bible Award; Perigon Club; Homeroom President, 2-Yrs.; Projectionist. HARRIS, PHYLLIS ANN Bii'tbdale: July 13, 1944 Birthplace: Winnsboro, Texas Art Service Club; Assemblies; Decorated for Dances. HEBERT, ANITA MARIE Birthdate: December 1, 1944 Birszlare: Dallas, Texas Office Assistant, 1-Yr.; Manager of Vikingettes, 1962-65. HENDERSON, ALICE MAE Birzladate: March 2, 1945 Birtlaplme: Hobart, Oklahoma Library Assistant. HANBY, MARY SUE Birthdate: July 19, 1945 Birthplate: Dallas, Texas Band, 3-Yrs.; Orchestra; VIKING Co-Senior EditOl Perigon Club, Vice-President, 1-Yr.; City Hono Band; Linz Bible Award, 2-Yrs.; Future Nurses; 1 Division City Ensemble Contest; Latin Club, 1-Yr Eta Sigma Phi Award; State Orchestra, Cotton Bow Honor Rolls; Assemblies. HANDLEY, MELODY ANN Birthdate: July 20, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Vikingettes, 162-163; Student Council; Honor Roll Y-Teens; Red Cross; Pep Club, ,61362. HANNA, CELIA JOSEPHINE Birthday: May 22, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas VIKING Staff; Homeroom Vice-President; Re Cross; 4th Place Crafts Fair; Assemblies; Y-Teen HARPER, JAMES L. Birthdale: November 2, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Honor Rolls; Tennis Letterman, 2-Yrs., Captain Junior Rotarian; Library Assistant; Perigon Club, 1 Yr.; Latin Club, 2-Yrs. ERNANDEZ, EDWARD "zlydaZe: November 17, 1944 25'1pr5er Dallas, Texas onor Rolls; First Place Award in Industrial Arts, tudent Crafts Fair, 1961; Entered Texas A81M fechanical Drawing Contest 1961, 1962. ILL, PAMELA ELAINE 'irtljdczte: February 19, 1945 Jrlijplare: Dallas, Texas a Justesse Tri-Hi-Y; Y-Teens; Cheerleader, 2-Yrs.; alentine Princess, '62-'63; Military Queen, 161362; asketball Queen, 161362; Homecoming Queen, 162- 3; VIKING Personality, 2-Yrs.; Jr. Class Favorite; IKING Beauty, 2nd Runner Up 162, Semi-Finalist 5; Homeroom President; Office Assistant; Honor olls; Assemblies; Senior Favorite; VIKING Beauty inalist, 3rd Runner-Up 162, 163. HOWE, JAMES ED Birthdate: May 26, 1945 Bjrszlate: Dallas, Texas Football, 2-Yr. Letterman; Basketball, 2-Yr. Letter- man; Baseball, 3-Yr. Letterman; Honorable Mention All-City Football; President of Senior Class; Home- room President, 2-Yrs1; Captain of Football Team; Favorite Nominee, 2-Yrs.; Key Club; Library Assist- ant; Athlete of the Year, 165; Junior Executive Committee; Senior Executive Committee. HULSEY, ELIZABETH Birtlydzzte: January 11, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Library Assistant; Y-Teens. Thanks goes to Jesse Lopez and his Misters for providing music for early morning sotk- hops. HUNSAKER, TOMMIE CLINTON Bz'rtbdate: October 6, 1944 Birthplare: Sherman, Texas Red Cross; "B" Team Football, 2-Yrs.; "B" Team Basketball, 2-Yrs.; 11A14 Team Baseball, 2-Yrs.; As- semblies. HURST, JOHNNY LEE Bi7'tladate: September 14, 1944 Birszlczre: Nacogdoches, Texas Distributive Education; Honor Rolls. JACKSON, RICHARD MICHAEL Birthdate: April 12, 1945 Birlbplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society; Perigon Club; Chess Team; Library ASSistant; Honor Rolls; Assemblies; Student Council; Homeroom Vice-President. JACKSON, ROY M. Birthdalex March 31, 1945 Birlbplzzce: Manhattan, Kansas Key Club; Baseball, 2-Yr. Letterman; Honor Rolls; Library Assistant; Red Cross. JENKINS, LARRY DALE Birthdaze: May 28, 1945 Birthplace: Idabel, Oklahoma Student Council, 2-Yrs.; Perigon Club; ND. Ches Team; Projectionist; Honor Rolls; R.O.T.C., 3-Yrs. Military Ribbons and Awards, JONES, DAVID JOSEPH Birthday: March 12, 1945 Birthplabe: Liverpool, England Vice-President of Student Council and Student Body President of Key Club; Junior Director of Key Clun Dallas Times Herald Teenage Council; Delegat to Key Club Convention, Oklahoma City; Homeroo l President; 2-Yr. Letterman in Football; Track Lette man; Honor Rolls; Library Assistant, 3-Yrs.; M Handsome Nominee; Favorite Nominee, 3-Yrs. Honor Student; Compass. JONES, DELORES ANN Birthdate: November 13, 1944 Birthplace: Mabank, Texas Counselor's Assistant. JONES, GARY DWIGHT Birthdaie: September 11, 1944 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas "B" Team Football; "A" Team Football; Home Student; Projectionist; Compass; Assemblies; Ho'no Rolls. UBIN, GWENDOLYN LEA 7116111119: December 3, 1945 'irtbplare: Dallas, Texas heerleader, '62-'63; Vikingettes, '61-'62; Y-Teens; uture Nurses; Clinic Assistant; Tout Le Monde ri-Hi-Y; Football Princess, '62-'63; Red Cross; Bas- etball Queen, '62-'63; Key Club Princess; Valentine 'rincess, '62-'63; Military Princess, '62-'63; Home- oom President; Student Council; Inter Club Council epresentative; Personality, 3-Yrs.; VIKING Beauty ominee, 3-Yrs.; Junior Executive Committee; Con- ert Choir, 2-Yrs.; Chorus, 1-Yr.; Assemblies; Honor 'olls. ACEY, JUDY LEE 17111229: March 22, 1945 rtbplare: Dallas, Texas Teens. I ACEY, MOLLIE ANN 71111122219: December .9, 1944 17151111256: Dallas, Texas ompass Editor; Senior Executive Committee; Future lurses; Pep Club; Y-Teens; Honor Rolls; Linz l-ible Award, 2-Yrs.; Dean's Assistant; Senior Pub taff. LANG, LINDA LEE ' zbdaZe: September 22, 1945 17161721258: Dallas, Texas I ational Honor Society; Compass Staff; Senior Pub Ctaff; N.C.T.E. Nominee; Red Cross; Ready Writers' ontest; Library Assistant; Honor Rolls; Champion- hip Girls' Volleyball Team. JORDAN, JUNE ANN Birlbdate: April 3, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Vikingettes, '61-'62; VIKING Personality, '61-'62; Tri-Hi-Y President; '62-'63; Tri-Hi-Y Vice-Pres- ident, '61-'62; Y-Teen President, '62-'63; Y-Teen Service Chairman, '61-'62; Student Council 2-Yrs.; VIKING Staff; Red Cross Executive Council, 3-Yrs.; Tennis Team; Office Assistant; Representative to Journalism Conference; Art Service Club; VIKING Reporter. KEETCH, JUDITH LYNN Birthdale: May 31, 1945 Birllaplace: Dallas, Texas President of Homeroom, 3-Yrs.; Red Cross Treasurer, '62-'63; Y-Teens; Art Service Club; Personality, 5- Yrs.; Beauty Nominee, 2-Yrs.; Beauty Semi-Finalist, 1-Yr.; Valentine Queen; Assemblies. KING, jAlVIES RODNEY Birthday: March 30, 1945 Birtlyplate: Miami, Florida Viking Band, 3-Yrs.; Art Service Club; R.O.T.C.; Military Band, 3-Yrs.; Orchestra, 2-Yrs.; Concert Choir; City Solo Contests; Assemblies; Compass; Red Cross; Perigon Club. KIRBY, DOROTHY JANE Birthdale: September 30, 1944 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Office Assistant; Red Cross; Honor Rolls; Future Teachers; Y-Teens; Assemblies; Homeroom Officer. LARA, RALPH Birthdate: December 5, 1944 Birthplare: Lubbock, Texas "B" Team Football; Track Team. LENOIR, BIARY SUZANNE Birzbdate: October 177 1945 Birszlnte: Dallas, Texas Pan American Club; National Honor Society; Teens, Chaplain; Honor Rolls. LEWIS, JUDY GAIL Biribdale: July 13, 1945 Bimbplare: Dallas, Texas Vikingettes 2-Yrs.; VIKING Personality, '60-'61 La Justesse Tri-Hi-Y; Y-Teens; VIKING Staff, Co Organization Edito'r; Red Cross; Secretary1s Assistan Pan American Club, Treasurer; Red Cross Executiv Committee; Assemblies; Honor Rolls; Parades; Bibl Award. LONG, RONALD WAYNE Birthdate: June 27, 1944 Birthplars: Baytown, Texas Distributive Education; Honor Rolls; R.O.T.C. LOPEZ, JESSE JOSEPH Birtladate: September 24, 194 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas VIKING Personality, 3-Yrs. Sophomore Favorite; Studen Council; Assemblies; Ke Club; Concert Choir; Re- Cross; VIKING Band; Or chestra; State Fair Talen Show, lst and 2nd Place; Soc Hops; Junior Traffic mission. LOVE, WARREN JAY, JR. Birthdale: February 25, 1945 Birthplare: Jefferson, Texas Key Club; Art Service Club, Vice-Pres- ident; Color Band7 2-Yrs.; Military Band, 2-Yrs.; Camp Dallas; Sgt. First Class; Medals; Concert Choir, ZVZ-Yrs.; Assemblies; Backstage Work; A "Mis- ter," First Place High School Talent, Wonder what Georgia Brunson did this time? 1962; 11Die Fledermaus"; Arts Crafts Fair. 58 LOZANO, BETTY JUANELLE Birthdays: January 9, 1945 Birszlate: Dallas, Texas Viking Band, 3-Yrs.; Orches- tra; Perigon Club; Future Nurses; Honor Rolls; Band Council; National Honor So- ciety; T.W.U. Band Festival; Y-Teens; All State Orchestra, Cotton Bowl; Assemblies; Pa- rades. LUNA, FRANCISCO XAVIER Birthdale: June 25, 1944 Birzlaplate: Dallas, Texas Baseball Letterman, 1-Yr.; R.O.T.C,, Major, B Company Commander; Rifle Team; Drill Platoon, Arlington and W002- encraft; Military Ribbons and Awards; P.M.S., 4; Camp Dallas, '61-'62; Student Coun- cil; Assemblies; Senior Pub. Pat Rodriquez seems to want something as she decorates for the Valentine Dance given by the Senior Class. LYON, PATRICIA ANN Birthdate: October 9, 1944 Birthplace: Detroit, Texas Viking Band, 3-Yrs.; All City Honors Band, 1961; Orchestra, 3-Yrs.; T.W.U. Band Festival; Orchestra Vocal Soloist; ND. Speakers; Little Theatre; A54 semblies; Bible Credit. McANALLY, JANET SUZANN E Birthdate: February 12, 1945 Birthplate: Dallas, Texas Honor Rolls; Concert Choir, 2-Yrs.; Y-Teens; Junior Achievement. MACAULEY, MARY ELIZABETH Birthdate: December 2, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society, Secretary; Student Council; Compass, Managing Editor; Concert Choir; Art Serv- ice Club; Y-Teens; Quill and Scroll; Junior Achieve- ment; Office Assistant; Homeroom Officer; Honor Rolls. MCFARLING, JUDITH ANN Birtladate: August 20, 1945 Birthplace: Wheatland, Wyoming Distributive Education; Future Nurses; Honor Rolls. 59 MCGIBBONEY, LINDA DARNELL Birthdate: January 23, 1945 Birthplme: Dallas Texas MAIN, JHVHVHE EARL Birthdate: August 1, 1945 Birthplace: Palestine, Texas Jesse Lopez Combo, lst Place State Fair High School Talent Contest. MALDONADO, MAGDALENA Birthdate: July 18, 1944 Birlbplare: El Paso, Texas Chorus, 3-Yrs.; Assistant Editor of Compass; Honor Rolls; Assemblies. lVIALONE, PATRICIA JOAN Birtladam' February 16, 1945 Birtkplace: Atlanta, Georgia Assemblies. bIALLEWICK, DAVID BRUCE Birthdale: September 9, 1945 Birthplace: Niagara Falls, New York MARINO, ANNA MARIE Birtbdnte: October 15, 1945 Birlbplare: Dallas, Texas Vikingettes, 2-Yrs.; Office Assistant; Bible Awar Assemblies; Film Projectionist; Library Assistan Senior Pub Staff; Y-Teens; Red Cross, 161-63; R. Cross Executive Council, ,61362. NIARTEL, MARC Birthdate: September 16, 1944 Birtkplare: Dallas, Texas Concert Choir, 2-Yrs.; Student Council, 2-Yrs.; Pa American Club; R.O.T.C.; Awards and Ribbons; A semblies; Honor Rolls; Band. MARTINEZ, DAVID Birlbdzzte; August 22, 1945 Birthplare: Los Angeles, California ' RTINEZ, EUGENE bdale: May 1, 1944 bplace: Dallas, Texas -erleader, 262363; Key Club; Assemblies. NDEZ, JUDY tlydzzte: January 25, 1945 prlate: Dallas, Texas I Cross; Assemblies; Y-Teens; Sr. Girls' Chorus. LLER, ALLEN R. 'lhdate: April 25, 1945 15171459: Huntington, Indiana igon CI b. LLER, JANET GRACE tbdate: September 22, 1944 Mplare: Dallas, Texas ingettes, 2-Yrs.; Red Cross, 2-Yrs.; Y-Teens; rary Assistant; Honor R0115; Tout Le Monde Tri- Y, Vice-President, President; Little Theatre, '60- ; Christmas Play; Homecoming Princess, '62-'63; emblies; Parades. Senior girls take time out in gym for a "gab session." MURPHY, MARTHA ANN Birthdate: August 28, 1945 Birthplace: Seymour, Indiana N.D. Speakers; Concert Choir; Future Nurses; One Act Play; Vice-President of Future Nurses. W. W. Samuell4Blue Jackets; Y-Teens; Future Nurses; Concert Choir; Red Cross; "Carousel"; "Lil Abner." NANCE, THOMAS WILLIAM, JR, Birthdate: September 15, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Key Club; Projectionist; Football; Assemblies. NASH, RONALD LEE Birthdate: May 17, 1945 Birthplace: Maysville, Kentucky North Dallas Speakers; Little Theatre; Honor Rolls; National Honor Society. NEWTON, SCUTTER Birthdate: June 3, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R.O.T.C., 3-Yrs., Regimental Commander; Camp Dallas, 3-Yrs.; Company Commander, 162, 5B" Com- pany; Colonel Owsley American Legion Award for Outstanding Cadet of City, '62; P.M.S. Ribbon for Winning Parade Trophy at Camp Dallas, Ribbons and Awards; Rifle Team Letterman; Norseman Drill Platoon; Key Club, 3-Yrs., Secretary, ,63; Student Council; Concert Choir; Assemblies; VIKING Sa- lutes; Senior Pub Staff. 62 NIILLER, SANDRA Birthdate: August 11, 1945 Birtbplate: Kaufman, Texas Senior Pub Staff; Dean's Assistant; Future Teach- 2-Yrs., Parliamentarian; Red Cross; Honor Rolls; Teens; Assemblies. MITCHELL, THOMAS HOUSTON Birthdate: July 29, 1945 Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma Head Cheerleader, '62363; Key Club; Honor R0 Homeroom President, ,62-163; Bible Award; Bask ball; Golf, 2-Yrs.; Library Assistant; VIKING P sonality, 2-Yrs. MULLINS, WILLIAM CARL Birthdale: May 23, 1945 Birthplace: Clinton, Oklahoma "B" Team Football; Compass Staff, Sport$ Edit Projectionist; Art Service Club; Assemblies. MURPHEY, DONNA EILEEN Birlbdate: July 29, 1945 Birthplace: Tyler, Texas Band, 2-Yrs.; Assemblies; Future Teachers, 2-Yr Mobil Stage; Torchlight Parade; Y-Teens, ,6036 Future Nurses, 16061; Honor Rolls; Downto Parades. NIEDERHOFER, JUDY ELAINE Birlljdate: July 25, 1945 Bil'tbpldff'! Huntsville, Texas National Honor Society; Y-Teens; Honor Rolls. NOBLE, STEPHEN D. Bir 1b1le.'June4,19-15 Birfljplace: Dallas, Texas Little Theatre; One Act Pia , Art Service Club, President, 2-Yrs.; Concert Choir; Assemblies; Homer room President; Announcer of Big D Half Time Show. NUNEZ, MARTHA GRISELDA Birtbdnle: December 2 3, 1945 Birthplace: Santz Ana, El Salvador National Honor Society; Art Service Club; Y-Teens; Little Theatre; Treasurer and President of S.P.Q.R.; Student Council; Eta Sigma Phi ard of Merit in Latin; Bronze Award in Latin; Pan American Round Table No. 1 Award; Concert Choir; Assemblies; Honor Rolls. OLIVO, IRIVIA Birtbdgzie: August 10, 1944 Birllyplare: Dallas, Texas Chorus, 1-Yr,; Concert Choir, 2-Yrs ; Pep Club; Assemblies. Mrs. Humphreys senior English Class is busy at work. PELLAM, DIANE SUE Birthdate: September 1, 1945 Birthplare: Hereford, Texas Y-Teens, 460361; Assemblies; Honor Rolls; All Girls' Chorus; Office Assistant. PHILLIPS, GARY BOYD Birthdate: October 14, 1944 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas "B" Baseball Team; Assemblies; VIKING Personal- ity, 2-Yrs.; Key Club; Football Letterman, Manager; Mr. Y-Teens Nominee, 2-Yrs.; Track, Homeroom President, 2-Yrs.; Film Room; Basketball Letterman. PHIPPS, KENNETH E. Birtbdate: March 21, 1945 Birthplare: Cleveland, Ohio Perigon; N.D. Tournament Chess Team; Lawton, Oklahoma4Latin Club; Hi-Y. PICKARD, DIANTHIA CHERYLENE Birzladate: July 22, 1945 Birtkplace: Proctor, Oklahoma Y-Teens, 160361; Art Service Club, 560361; Viking- ettes, '61-162; Honor Rolls; Assemblies; Tout Le Monde Tri-Hi-Y, '61362; Chorus; Attendance Office Assistant. 64 ONDRUSEK, HENRY R. Birlbdale: March 16, 1945 Birzlyplare: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society; Key Club; Senior Execut Committee, Chairman; Rifle Team Letterman; Stud Council; Assemblies; Library Assistant; Honor R0 PACE, AURORA DIANE Birtbdczie: January 5, 1945 Birthplace; Los Angeles, California PADILLA, GEORGE V. Bz'rtbdate: March 2, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas ND. Speakers; Military Band; Concert Band; Ba Officer; Little Theatre, 15Our Town"; Concert Ch. "Die Fledermaus"; Art Service Club; Assembli Mobil Stage; R.O.T.C., Ribbons and Awards; Won encraft; State Fair Activities. PARMA, KATHERINE ANNA Birlbdate: December 19, 1945 Birlbplmer Dallas, Texas Honor Rolls; Concert Choir; Homeroom Preside Future Nurses; Nurse's Assistant; Student Coun Alternate; Junior Traffic Safety Commission; Hon room Vice-President; Youth for Traffic Safety Cu ference at S.M.U., 2-Yrs.; Career Clinic Hoste 2-Yrs.; ND. Science Fair, 1962, First PlaCFGi Math, Second Place4Girls Chemistry; Natio Honor Society, Spring Treasurer. NSON, JESS FRANKLIN 'rzlydate: August 12, 1943 '1'tbplate: Orange, Texas oncert Choir; R.O.T.C., Company Commander, Com- issioned Officer, Rifle Team, 2-Yr. Letterman; Drill atoon, 2-Yrs.; Camp Dallas, First Sergeant; As- mblies; Slide Rule Club; Individual Woozencraft. ' IBBLE, PENNY KAY 115515122: November 26, 1944 'rtbplare: Dallas, Texas -Teens; Art Service Club. UICK, FREDERICK STANLEY ieradate: June 22, 1942 irtbplare: Orange, Massachusetts ECTOR, DARLENE DELORES irtbdale: March 5, 1945 irtbplate: Carthage, Missouri ible Award, l-Yr.; Junior Achievement, 2-Yrs.; nior Achievement Bank. REED, CAROLE ANN Birthdate: March 2, 1945 Birtlaplate: Dallas, Texas VIKING Beauty Semi-Finalist, '61-163; Honor Rolls: Basketball Princess, 16263; Nurse's Assistant. REID, ROBERT PAUL Birtbdate: September 22, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R.O.T.C., 3-Yrs.; Company Commander; Assemblies; Camp Dallas; Ribbons and Awards; Commissioned Officer; Sharpshooter Medal. REYNA, YOLANDA Birthdate: April 10, 1944 Birthplare: Monterrey, Mexico Red Cross. RICHARDSON, LOIS ANITA Birtljdnte: December 31, 1945 Birthplare: New York City, New York Assemblies; Honor Rolls; National Honor Society; Vikingettes, '61-'62; Red Cross, 1-Yr.; Mobil Stage, 1962; Student Council; Senior Executive Committee; Y-Teens. RITCHIE, JOHN RAY Birtbdate: February 15, 1944 Birthplace: Maud, Texas Boxing; Football; Track; Basketball; Rifle Team Hiawatha High, Hiawatha, Kansas. ROGERS, ALFRED CALVIN Birthdate: September 6, 1945 Birtlaplace: Hot Springs, Arkansas Viking Band, 3-Yrs.; Orchestra, All State Orchest Cotton Bowl; Perigon Club; Assemblies; Military, Yrs.; Band Executive Officer; R.O.T.C., Cadet Ca tain; Military Awards and Ribbons; Assistant Stude Director of Band; Slide Rule Club; Compass Sta' Senior Pub; Camp Dallas, 2-Yrs.; State Fair Acti ities; Honor Rolls. ROBERTSON, WALTER STUART Birthdate: January 27, 1945 Birthplare: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society, President, 16263; Stude Council Representative; Honor Rolls; Viking Ban 3-Yrs.; R.O.T.C., Band Company Commander; Pe gon Club, President, 5-Yrs.; Homeroom Preside N,D. Tournament Chess Team; Pan American Clu Junior Achievement, President of Company; Libra Assistant; Military Ribbons and Awards; Nation Merit Scholarship Commendation Letter. ROGERS, MARGIE ANN Birtlydate: July 30, 1943 Birlbplace: Greenville, Texas Red Cross, 1-Yr.; Treasurer of Future Nurses, 2-Yrs All Girls Chorus, 1-Yr.; Y-Teens, 1-Yr. RODRIGUEZ, PATRICIA ANN Birthday?! December 11, 1944 Birtbplczte: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society; Vikingettes, '61-'63; Stude Council; Red Cross, 5-Yrs.; Y-Teens, 2-Yrs.; Nurse Assistant; Pan American Round Table Scholarshi. Honor Rolls; Assemblies; Pan American Club; Seni- Pub Staff; VIKING Staff, Co-Advertising Edito Big D Half-Time Show, 2-Yrs.; State Fair Mob Stage Show, 2-Yrs.; Parades; Denton Yearbook C0 vention. RYCHLIK, RAYMOND FRANK Birthdate: February 8, 1944 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas RODRIQUEZ, GLORIA ANN Birtbdaze: December 1, 1944 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Office Assistant; Y-Teens; Pep Club. SALDANA, JOHN EDWARD Birthdate: November 24, 1944 Birthplare: Dallas, Texas Senior Executive Committee; Student Council; Hon. Rolls. SAUCEDO7 JANIE DURAN Birlbdate: June 13, 1944 Birlbplafe: Dallas, Texas Senior boys patiently await the afternoon bell. SCARBOROUGH, STEPHEN WARREN Birtbdale: November 2, 1944 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Baseball, 5-Yrs., 2-Yr. Letterman; As- semblies; FootbalL 1-Yr. B" Captain; VIKING Personality, 2-Yrs.: Junior Executive Committee; Key Club; Home- room President; Student Council; Li- brary Assistant. LINAS, ALBERT SANCHEZ, EMIVIA rtladmfe: April 8, 1945 Birthdate: November 17, 1943 rtlaplace: Dallas, Texas Birzljplace: Lockart, Texas sketball Letterman, 3-Yrs.; Captain, 2- Red Cross; Christmas Assembly, Mary. 5 VIKING Beauty Contest Escort; sketball Princess Escort; All Tourna- nt Team Urvingy, Leading Scorer, 01f, 61; Key Club; Assemblies; Home- cm Vice-President; Projectionist; onor Rolls. SCHIRATO, JOAN IVIARY Birthdate: March 3, 1945 Birthplate: Lebanon, Pennsylvania Vikingettes, 2-Yrs.; La Justesse Tri- Hi-Y, 3-Yrs.; Red Cross Treasurer, Sec- retary, and President; Homeroom Of- ficer; Student Council; Y-Teens; Honor Rolls, 3-Yrs.; Assemblies; Perigon Club. Gary Philips appears disinterested in the juicy gossip shared by Judy Lewis and Sherry Yarbrough at the Senior's New Year's Eve Dance. SCHXWILLE, LYDIA MARSUE Bir bdate: June 25, 1945 Bzrtlvplace: Dallas, Texas Student Council; Vce-President and President 0 Future Teachers; Traffic Safety Council; Vikingettes VIKING Personality, 1 Yr VIKING Beauty N0 inee, lst Runner-Up, 6 , Nurse's Assistant; Librar Assistant; La Justesse Tri-Hi- , President; VIKINI Staff; Titche's Fashion Board; Co-Ordinator t0 Seve teen Magazine Fashion Council; Y-Teens; Homeroo Officer; Datesetter Finalist; Honor Rolls. H NKS. CAROLJANE Bi'l'lbdxiif Junel 19 , Bzrtbplace: Dallas, Texas La Justesse Tri-Hi Y; Vikingettes, '61- 67- Representative; Junior Top 20 Personality; VIKING Staff, Faculty Editor; Y-Teens; Honor Rolls; Dele gate to Texas High School Press Association Con vention; Fair Day Parade; Mobil Stage Performance Texas Public School erek Assembly; Assemblies. Birllvtidte: April 20, 1945 Birlbplme: Dallas, T xas Homeroom Officer; Latin Club Officer; Eta Sign Phi Award; Bible Award, 2-Yrs; Football Team, 3-Yrs.; Baseball; VIKING Senior Personality; Ath- lete of the Year Nominee; Honor Rolls; Assemblies; VIKING Staff; Key Club. SHOTWELL, RAND KARL Bi Maddie: July 26, 1945 Birtbplare: Dallas, T64 as N'B" Team Football, 1-Y "A" Team Football, 2- Yrs.; Perigon Club; Chess Team; President of Na- tional Honor Society; Pan American Club; Senior Personality; Athlete of the Year Nominee; Key Club; Assemblies; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation; Compass Staff; Senior Pub Staff; Senior Best AllAround; Senior Favorite. IFFORD, EVELYN MARIE irtbdate: June 29, 1945 irllyplare: Sherman, Texas oncert Choir; Red Cross; Future Nurses; Future eachers; Senior Pub Staff; Student Council; Honor 0115; Assemblies; Homeroom Officer; Compass taff, Assistant Editor; Y-Teens; Quill and Scroll. LATER, VERA LOUISE irtladatg: September 7, 1944 irtlaplace: Dallas, Texas Tout Le Monde Tri-Hi-Y; Library As- stant; Art Service Club; Student Council. IVHTH, LINDA NELL 'z'rtbdate: September 14, 1945 uirtbplare: Dallas, Texas enior Executive Committee; National Honor Society; -anking Assistant; PrincipaIYs Assistant; Counselofs ssistant; Honor Rolls; Bookkeeping for VIKING; horthand Award; Assemblies. MITH, MILLIE JANE 711240129: August 22, 1945 rtbplare: Wichita Falls, Texas ational Honor Society; Student Council; Future urses, President; Pep Club; Y-Teens; Assemblies; uture Teachers; Nurse's Assistant; Counselors Assist- nt. Francis Frizell is caught in one of her 4'c0unting to ten moods" While typing. STOVALL, KAY LOUISE Birtbdgze: November 9, 1945 Birthplace: Marlow, Oklahoma Vikingettes, 1-Yr.; La Justesse Tri-Hi- Y; YrTeens; Red Cross, 2-Yrs.; Future Teachers Historian; Latin Club, 2-Yrs., Secretary, Parliamentarian; Beauty Semi- Finalist, 2-Yrs.; VIKING Most Beauti- ful, V60-'61; Personality, 1-Yr.; As- semblies; Honor Rolls; Eta Sigma Phi Latin Award, 2-Yrs.; VIKING Beauty Finalist, lst Runner-Up. SULLIVANT, JOY ANN Birthdate: June 8, 1945 Birlbplare: Dallas, Texas Band, 1-Yr.; Vikingettes, 2-Yrs.; Tout Le Monde Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain; VI- KING Beauty Semi-Finalist, 2ers.; C0unse10fs Assistant; VIKING Beauty Finalist7 4th Runner-Up. Everyone looks bright and alert in class? SWINDLE, CAROLYN ELAINE Birlbdate: August 10, 1944 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Honor Roll; Y-Teens; Red Cross. TEAMES, LARRY PAUL Birthdate: August 27, 1945 Birszlace: Dallas, Texas THOMAS, LANA LOIS Birthdate: December 10, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Cheerleader, 62363; Beauty Nom- inee, 2-Yrs ; VIKING Personality, 1-Yr , Basketball Princess, '61; Li- brary Assistant; Tout Le Monde Tri- Hi-Y; Y-Teens; Club, Lt.- Red Cross; Chorus; Pep Assemblies; Honor R0113; Bible Credit. THONIPSON, FREDRICK JABIES Birlladate: February 12, 1945 Bii'tlaplaw: Webster, South Dakota Military; Drill Platoon. Senior girls seem to be occupied With something other than their studies. THOMPSON, MICHAEL LYNN Birthday: April 20, 1945 Birtbplare: Dallas, Texas Football Trainer, Track; Basketball. 2-Yr. Letterman; TODORA, IRENE VERONICA Birtbdzzte: June 5, 1945 Birthplace: Brisbane, Australia ND. Future Nurses; St. Edwards, Choir; Drama Club; Freshman Fa- vorite. TUTT, ERNESTINE Birthdate: July 3, 1945 Birzljplace: Omaha, Texas Tout Le Monde Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer, 1-Yr.; Vikingettes, 2-Yrs.; Y-Teens; Student Council; Red Cross; Bible Credit; 2-Yrs Honor Rolls; As- semblies; Parades. TYLER, BRENDA ALICE Birtbdate: May 25, 1945 Birtlaplate: Dallas, Texas Red Cross, Treasurer; Pan American Club; Secretary's Assistant; Y-Teens; Student Council Alternate; Home- room Officer; Honor Rolls; Assem- blies; Perigon Club. VAN HATTUM, EDDIE EDWARD medm- December 27, 1944 VAUGHN, SHARON RUTH Biribdate: August 5, 1945 Birszlace: Dallas, Texas 817161711153: The Hague, Holland R.O.T.C., 3-Yrs.; Maj. Adjudant, Executive Officer of Company D; Camp Dallas, 61362; Drill Platoon Competition Arlington and W002- encraft; Military Ribbons and Awards; Athletic and P.M.S. Rib- bon; Student Council; VIKING Military Editor; Senior Pub; Honor Rolls; Key Cub; Red Cross; Base- ball. Vikingettes, 2-Yrs.; Pan American Club; Red Cross, Vice-President, 2- Yrs ; Y-Teens; Student Council; Yrs.; Y-Teens; Student Council; Homeroom Officer; Honor Rolls; Red Cross, Secretary; Perigon Club; Assemblies; National Honor Society. Rand Shotwell admires some of the N.D. trophies. VILLAREAL, DANNY JESUS Birthdate: April 7, 1945 8271pran Dallas, Texas VOURAS, FRANCIS VICTORIA Birlljdate: April 13, 1945 Birtbplare: Meriden, Connecticut Tout Le Monde Tri-Hi-Y; Y-Teens; Student Council; Projectionist; Pep Club; Red Cross; Homeroom Vice- President. WAGON, MARTHA ANN Birthdate: March 13, 19-15 Birthplace: Corpus Christi, Texas Future Nurses; Honor Rolls; Pep Club; Y-Teens. Lunch time is always fun time. WALKER, CAROLYN ANN Birthdale: April 21, 1945 Birtbplare: Dallas, Texas Linz Award, 2-Yrs.; Honor Rolls; Junior Citizens Traffic Commission. WALKER, JEROBIE TIDIOTHY Bb'tladate: December 13, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas XWASHBURN, BECKIE ELLEN Birtlydate: August 2, 1944 Birlbplarg: Indianapolis, Indiana Future Nurses; Nurse's Assistant. WHITWORTH, PEGGY ANN Birzladam' November 30, 1944 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Pep Club; Honor Rolls; Y-Teens. WILBORN, MIKE BARNETT Birtladgle: April 26, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Junior Achievement. Olivia Diaz recites to her speech class. WASHBURN, NEVA LOUISE Birlbdate: August 7, 1945 Birtbplace: Indianapolis, Indiana Future Nurses Club; Nurse1s Assist- ant. WHITE, SUE CAROLE Birzbdaze: July 23, 1945 Birllaplczce: San Antonio, Texas North Dallas Speakers; Art Service Club; Chorus; Little Theatre; As- semblies. WILDER, JIBINIY LEE Birthdate: March 7, 1945 Birzlyplarex Kilgore, Texas The football team shows their excitement at one of our pep assemblies. WILDER, WAYNE LEWIS Birthdate: June 22, 1945 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R1O.T.C., Ribbons and Awards; Key Club; Camp Dallas. WILLIAIVIS, JAMES PAUL Birtbdate: January 24, 1945 Birszlare: Dallas, Texas Honor Rolls. WILSON, RICHARD LEWIS Birtbdczle: November 20, 1945 Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia WILSON, WALLACE H. Binbdaze: October 16, 1944 Birthplace: New Rochelle, New York Vice-President of National Honor Society; Student Council; Cadet Major, Battle Group Staff; Comman- dants Council for Outstanding Military 1; Superior Military 2; Rifle Team, 2er. Letterman; Represent- ative to Dallas Council on World Affairs; Represent- ative to Junior Bar Association; Little Theatre, "Our Town"; Assemblies; Honor Rolls. WITTENBACK, MARY AGNES Bzrildate: April 5, 1945 Birtbpbtc: Covington, Illinois Tout Le Monde Tri-Hi Secretary; Chorus; V'king- ettes. '61-'63; Counselor's Assistant; Y-Teens, 3-Yrs.; Y-Teen Program Chz'rman, 1- rs Nurse's Assistant, Yrs Honor Rolls; Assemblies; VIKING PersonaL ity, 2-Yrs. ' XVYNN, BILLY BOB Birtlzdzzle I nuary , 1945 Biy'tbplac Dallas,Texas Vking Band, Drum Major and Assistant Drum Major; ROTC. Commissioned Officer; Orchestra; A11 Region Band, 2-Yrs; All State Orchestra; Dal- Hi Symphony Orchestra 3-Yrs.; Assemblies; Home- room President, 2-Yrs.; Student Council; VIKING Salutes; Red Cross; Honor Rolls; Senior Superlative. ZASTOUPIL, LINDA ANN Birtbdtzlw August 5, 1945 Birtlvplau Dallas, Texas Vikingettes, 2-Yrs.; Y-Teens, 2-Yr ., VIKING Beauty Nominee, 3-Y Semi-Finalist, ZYrs, Personality, S-Y Football Princess; Baseball Prlncess, 2Yrs.; Offlce Assistant; National Honor Society; Homeroom Secretary; Library Assistant; Homeroom Vice-Pres- idem; Military Princesx 6061; Honor Rolls; Teen- Age Council, 662163; Assemblies; Senior Best All- Around. ZIIXIBIERINIAN, JAIVIES RICHARD Birlbddtc Tune 26. 1945 Birtbpkm tho, Texas Assistant Cheerleader, '6 363; R0. C Red Cross; Honor Rolls; Assemblies; R.O.TC., 2-Yrs.; Slide Rule Club. Scutter Newton and Linda Prachyl, Tommy Dorough and Sheri Coleman, Sarah Cole and Edmund Gray "sit this one out" at the Valentine Dance. Seniors cheer in the traditional section. Creative seniors are studying art, Senior boys find lunch a con- venient time to catch up on studying. $ a , c 3 The first day at North Dallas is new and exciting for the sophomores. They find fun in all the new experiences and share in the spirit of all the activ- ities. As juniors they help plan more .of the events in the school year; al- ways supporting the school. In the future we know they will continue to uphold the high traditions and great honors which have always been brought to North Dallas. Bl Adame, Arthur Adams, John Adams, Judy Adams, Kay Algarin, Margaret Austin, Mary Beth Ayala, Rachel Bernhard, Diane Bertrand, Ernest Black, Shirley Blasingame, Pattie Blaser, Larry Bledsoe, Linda Buentello, Joe Bunch, Sharon Camacho, Leonor Campos, Lenora "Ooh! Cool man!" says Carmella Madden as she twists at one of . , Carter, Mike N'D' S SOCL hops. Cervantes, Charles Chaves, James Chavez, Matilda Cbavoya, Gloria Clark, Richard Colbert, Arlene Cooper, Gary Corrillo, Jesse Cortez, Lydia Courson, Gary Cox, April Craze. Annette Crowder, Sandra Cuello, Dolores Cumin, Jane Davila. Myrna Davis, Ann Davis, Doris Davis, George Davis, Georgia Dismore, Diana Dotson Susan Drobnies, Naomi Duvmll, Ellen Eilers, Susan Esquivel, Christine Everett, Pam Foreman. Pam France, Carol Francis, Bob vets and Ben Loring are caught by surprise in t1 6 drug store. Gonzales Mike Green, German Hall, Susan Gosche, Marlene Hall, Bobby Fredeck, Margaret Garza, Carmen Gilbert, Barbara Gordan, Elizabeth Gwozdziousky, Orest Heath, Becky Frith, Roger Gibson, Carol Gonzales. Lupe Gutierrez, Gilbert Harris Jeannine Garza, Salvador Gonzales, Louis Hanes, Brenda Henderson7 Keith Holloway, Nettie Johnson, Shirley Kurc, Barbara Layne, Pat Lewis, Janice Jimerson, Billie Kramer, Roberta Hernandez, Lupe Jenkins, Judy King, Rick Lara, Ralph Henry, Rlichard Jackson, Jim Jung, Susie Lappe, Ronnie Leptic, Rickie Underclassmen Hildebrandt, Sarah Holloway, Larry Hobson, Sandra Johnson, Boyd Linn, Danny Linn, Lisa Loftus, Mokkus Maldonado. Manriquez, Paul Martinez, Alfred Carmen Loring, Ben McDonald, Rita Mora, Luis Beck Heath and Pam Everett make spirit posters for one of N.D.'s pep assemblies. Underclassmen cheer the team on in one of our spirited pep assemblies. Madden, Main, Maurice Carmella McGuire, Katie McGovern, Meza, Kathy Mary Alice Meyers, Ruthy Jimmy Peddy and David York discuss the junior assembly with Mr. Fred Wright Mills, Paul Millsaps, Mims, Bill Moore, Eddie Claudette Mott. Carolyn MOyeL Nedah IVIoreno Nance, Daryl Yolanda Murphy, Reba Neal, Shirle; Nelson, Joseph Nichols. MariLH Palomo Daniel Peddy, Jlmmy Phipps, Kathy Ogawa, Carole Orr, Judy Owen, Bill Pierson, Dolores Platt, Marcia Powell, Mike POPS, Linda Prachyl, Lynda Probeck, Jam's Pruitt, Ruby Rainey, Ginger RamseyV Ann av Rasnic, Diane Renfro, Marilyn Reyes, Reynolds, Linda Rhea, David Richardson, Richardson, Richburg, Riggs, Virginia Rislov, Kay Robertson. Graham Glenda Robertson, Sharon Rogers, Elizabeth Rozien Rucker, Kay Clark are found talking Clifford Bradford and Rlchard events of the day. Schick, Nancy Schmitz, Brenda Searcy, Linda Seibett. Evelyn Seitzler, Brenda Silva, Diana Skxpworth, Smith, Cheryl Smith. Don Smlth, Freida Souza, Mary Speer, Bobby Ronald White, Bill Wiggins, Fred Wiggins, Judy Williams, Betty Williams, Judy Wommack, Karen Wood, Hope Yates, Anna Yee, Kenny Stephens, Virginia Stevenson, Cathy Stewart, Pat Taber, Nancy Terrell, Joye Tischmacher, Ronnie Torrez, Irene Trevino, Rosalinda Tucker, Leslie Ussery, Hal Utesch, Billy Vallette, Folger Vandygriff, Sharon VanLiew, Rita Washburn, Susie Wells, Barbara Abercombie, Gail Adair, Stephen Aderholt, Noel Adkins, Barbara Anderson, Lana Anderson, Liana Andrews, Betty Antoine, . Mike Arriolo, Frances Ashmore, Billy Avon, Mary Jane Baker, Jimmy Ballinger, Joe Bardin, David Barnard, Anne Bell, Bill Benedict, Dwaine Bennight, Ricky Berry, Kay Bishop, Gary Blackburn, Audley Blankenship, Wanda Bocanegra, Mary Boyd, Susan Boyer, Ronnie Bradford, James Branger, Linda Bredlow, Tony Britt, Bobby Brothers, Judy Brown. Carolyn Burton, Georgiann Bush. Robert Butler, Emma Butler, Patricia Campbell, Julia Capps, Janet Cassidy, Moira Castro, Dolores Castro, Mary Ann Charles, Randy Chavoya, Diana.- Chavoya, Juanita Chefchis, Chris Chenoweth, Jody Clairboume, Ted Cole, Tex Coleman, Gregg Colunga, Johnny Conner, Daryl Copeland, Mickey Corrick, Ann Cox, Pat Crockett, Tom Crouch, Sharon Cruz, Elena Cuellar. Mary Alice Cunningham Linda Dameworth, Robert Daoust, Linda Davis, Martha Day, Vlcki De Leon Joe Denton, Helen Dismore, Ronnie Dobson, Ben Duvall. Allen Elmore, Judy Ferrell, Bill Few, Marth Foster, Cleda Foster Loren Fountain, Lonni Garcia, Alex Garcia, Elizabet Gibson Llnda Gilbert Sheila Gilder, Judy Goggans. Ronnie Gonzales. Carmen Gonzales, Joe Grayson, Connie Greathouse, Linda Green Greene, Morris Grindstaff, Grizzaffi. Luke 92 w illiam Guerara, Betty Ann Gunther, John Gutierrez, Sylvia Hackler, Jerry Haley. Terry Ann Harville, Michele Hanna, Roberta Hansard, Phil Harmon, Van Harper, Cathryn Hay, Curtis Heatherly, Doris Hedden, Marian Helton, Eddie .op'homore classes relive Julius Caesar nuring Miss Paula Putman's English lass. Hensley, Johnny Harrington, Gary Hague, Ronny Hollinger, Jane Hopkins, Franklin Humphrey, Tommy Hunsaker, Wlillie Ingersoll, Dale Inman, Ronnie Jackson, Dennis Jackson, Shirley James, Janet Jenkins, Ann Jenkins, Bobbie Sue Johns, Pattie Johnson, Bruce Jones, Susan Jung, Richard Kavanaugh, Barbara Keetch, Danna. Kidd, Joe Kinney, Susie Kocyan, Anna Kruse, Laura Kundey, Gary Lafferty, Jay Lairs, Verdon Lancaster, Helen Lane, David Lara, Esther Leclair, Gene Lee, Carolyn Ledbetter, Jane . . . ' Lee, Don's " Lemons, Paul LeNoir, Carol Liebeech, Johnny Line, William Logue, Spain London, Tracey Laredo, Pedro Loveless, Danny Luna, Dolores Carol LeNoir is surprised by an intruder during Drivers Education class. Lubke, Tony Lyon, Crystal hICDonaId, Richard Luna, Juan Luna, Jill lVICGee, Ronnie McGinnis, Linda McLaughlin, Richard McLeod, Tonia McSorIey, Kevin McVay, David Main, Patsy Martin, Roger Martinez, Mary Ann Martinez, Rene Mastin, Richard Mayberry, Pat Miller, Cynthia Ann Miller, Robert Morales, Joe Biorrison, Linda Muller, Tomi Lou Mullins, Ann Audley Blackburn finds a few minutes before school to study his lesson. Newman, Lana Newsome, Jane Novacic, Marsha Ojeda, Ramona Park, Tom Parman, Wayne Peck, Dale Peneado, Geor Petty, Jane Phillips, Mike Pinson, Billie Poplin, Sue Pou, Rhonda Pou, Richard Prestridge, Mary Prinz, Karen Queroga, Rene Quillen, Tena Ramirez, Frank V Maurice ' ' the cent among under sc Raney, Patricia Underclassmen prepare last minute studies before school in the lunchroom. Rector, David Redman, Mari Reader, Charl Reid, Gloria Repass, Sybil Rippa, Terry zier, Susan cker, Victor ssell, joe ssell, Mike ne, Billie Dell azar, Julia 5 to be tion boys before assen, Donna hrasher, John Toler, Ronme Tarr, Gabe Sanders, Vearenne Sandidge, Phyllis Seaman, John Sherane, Cheryl Sheppard, Nancy Shettle, Spence Shultz, Alton Smith, Wayland Solis, Mary Sanchez, Esperanza Sosa, Barbara Speer, Don Rivette, Sharon Roden, Billy Rodriguez, Beatrice Rodriguez, Linda Rose, Edward Roughton, Barbara Speer, Johnny Starleigh, Loretta Stovall, Chce Chee Sullivan, Kathy Sullivant, Jeanne Tanner, Pat Torres, Gloria Tucker, Leslie Upchurch, Mitchell 97 Vaughn, Deanna Vivero, Rosemary Vouras, Lillian Walters, Carl thhbum, Kennie W'ebb James White David Whitehead Mike XWhitmire Tedd ' ' ' . , W R g , , y VVlggms,Audrey W11der,Norma Webb,Lmda WeLghtman, W 111131115, Wlendy Wblte, P. J. Wommack, Paula York, David Young, Patricia Willett, Kay Nanette . WHIliams, Judy Yvarra, Dam. 98 I00 Each year the VIKING sponsors jan election for the student bedy to elect class favotites. Each student in each separate class nominates ten boys and ten girls. The VI- VKING Staff counts these votes and the boys and girls receiving the highest amount of votes are fea- tured in this section; 2115?, the queens of the various sports and ' organizations. The VIKING further wishes to salute the student body for, although they are not featured here, their friendliness has made North Dallas one of the most likeable schools in Dallas 1 1 i Pam H gawk ;1 fr 611 m 0 h S d n a R GWEN KUBIN NORMAN AKINS LINDA ELLIS H P U 0 T s A z A D m L GARY PHILLIPS STANLEY EDWARDS SUZY DE GAW E M A G W S A L B E T T O D AUBYN SHETTLE JIMMY HOWE LANA THOMAS H SAWGWL gymm .evgynmu Eu dx i TOMMY MITCHELL MARY WITTENBACK JESSE LOPEZ p 6 '5 d 0 a a Z a t a 6 d DAVID jONES DENNIE DAVIS Tommy Briscoe q r a e S a d .m L GARY COOPER S E N A H A D N E R B LYNDA PRACHYL LARRY BLASER NDT SARAH HILDEBRA HAROLD JONES N HALL SUSA JIMMY PEDDY BILL WHITE NANCY SCHICK PAM EVERETT M m T s w m m m w m N. m a m S B m m R A H C BEN LORING SANDRA CROWDER JANIS PROBECK Il2 3n? V wx Janie Petty Billy Ashmore JULIA CAMPBELL TOM CROCKETT RONNY HOGUE MARTHA FEW : - ' ' " g -. .- L . DANNA KEETCH $8 1x3 CAROL LENOIR TOM PARK RONNIE MCGEE RHONDA POU NEWMAN SPAIN LOGUE LAN A GH MIKE WHITEHEAD MIKE PU T N A N L L U S E N N A E J NORMA WILDER ANN MULLINS RICHARD POU x w .a m M Q? man v $$$va Miss Pamela Hill Elected by Sludem B0dy 7962-63 3W 2W Miss Gwen Kubin Elected 5y Stadem Body 7?62-63 3W 2W Miss Susan Hall Elected by Simimt Body l?62-63 2W Miss Sandra Crowder Elected by Military 7962-63 WW Zhaw Miss Judy Keetch acted by Studelzt Body 7?6Z-63 2k7 ah5 ?iw Miss Suzy DeGaw Elected by Key Club The VIKING also sponsors an elec- , tion for class beauties and the most handsome young men each year. In the beauty election, each student in-ominates ten girls out of his class for facial beauty, poise, charm, neat- ness, and appearance. The VIKING Staff holds an assembly at Which these girls are presented to qualified judges from the Dallas area; These judges pick the semi-finalists whose pictures are sent to a well-known actor to be judged. This year the judge is Mr. Richard Beymer, star of Academy Award Winning 'iWest Side Story." These beauties are fea- tured in the VIKINGJ To pick out most handsome young men, each student nominates two boyslwhom he thinks fit this cate- gory. These young menis pictures are also sent tb be judged; this year by Miss Annette Funicelloi North Dallas is proud of its Dream Guys and Gals! Jgnuary22,wz332 - L :k 9;zea j mas ' m.- Deaaaw , :EBLBELXHolLaIid Ave . ,, Ball :5 13,- Texas .- Miss N ancy Schick mk E; h S u MISS LINDA ELLIS H P U 0 T S A z A D m .L S m M MISS DANNA KEETCH MISS SANDRA CROWDER MISS JUDY KEETCH , $2 ,3 Aungwggm s yakganmm D E E R E L O R A C S E M MISS RUTHY MEYERS MISS ROBERTA HANNA MISS SUSAN HALL W9 Preparations for the annual VIKING Beauty Assembly began When members of the VIKING Staff decorated the stage to create an atmosphere of beauty that was soon to fill the stage. A brunch was given the morn- ing of the assembly for the six judges that were chosen to select the fifteen beauties. It Was held in the Homecoming Department and gave the judges a chance to relax be- fore meeting the girls. The six judges were escorted into the gym Where they met and talked with the thirty beauty nominees. The girls were judged on charm and per- sonality as well as beauty. Outside the gym, the girl's escorts appeared to be as nervous as the girls. They anxiously awaited their turn to escort their beauty down the aisle. Each girl was introduced to the audience by Suzy DeGaW, Mistress of Ceremonies, and then crossed the stage and Walked before the judges and audience in a final display of their poise and beauty. 7k 347W At last each girl made her appearance before the audience and the moment of the finale arrived. The thirty beautiful girls made one last striking appearance on the stage. Then the curtain closed, leaving the girls and the audience wondering Which fifteen Beauty nominees Will be chosen by the judges as the VIKING Beauty Semi-finalists. The fifteen chosen had their pictures sent to a well-known personality for judging of Most Beautiful. agent's: I35 John Adams STANLEY EDWARDS 7?62-63 7. WM BILL WHITE CHARLES CERVANTES RONNIE MCGEE TOM PARK SPAIN LOGUE Hmmmmwmthmmma w . ,. . , ., a "A school is only as good as its students make it." As the year and its activities proceed, many students achieve honors Which contribute to the- spirit and, tradition of the school. Our trophy case is a fine example of the honors brought to North Dallas in the past. Now the VIKING wishes to salute the following students for making their varied talents into add- ed honors for N.D. May they con- tinue to bring honor to North Dallas and to themselves. I39 VIKINGETTE OFFICERS f. LEADERSHIP. These girls: Captai Sue Barber, Lieutenants Denn Davis, Sheri Coleman, and Su DeGaW upheld the excellent cha acteristics of the Vikingettes th year. JUNIOR ROTARIANS for SOCIAL REPRESENT TION. JImmy Elder, Jimmy Harper, and Fred Dobbs were chosen to represent North Dallas each week at the Rotary Club. lVIAJOR SCUTTER NEWTON for INTEGRITY. Scutter has executed his office With great faithfulness and conscientiousness mander 0f the ROTC. RS Cadet Regimental Corn- LUIS MORA for SPEED. Luis was nominated Honorable Mention-Back of the Week by the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Times Herald. THE MAJORETTES f01 TALENT. Bille Marie Pinson, Sharon Vandy- griff, and Dolores Luna have gracefully used their special talent as an asset to themselves and to North Dallas. RAND SHOTWELL for ABILITY. Rand brought great honor to North Dallas when he received an appointment to West Point. $ 5. f h g E g i l g, NORMAN AKINS and JIMMY HOWE, FOOTBALL CAPTAINS, for ENDURANCE. Jimmy and Norman served the school diligently 0n the foot- ball field this season. THE SENIOR CLASS 0 F F I C E R S F O R ACHIEVEMENT. Jimmy Howe, Dennis Davis, and Norman Akins have pro- moted their class with un- usual enthusiasm and hard work. RICHARD CLARK FOR DEPENDABILITY. Rich- ard has always been avail- able as the VIKING pho- tographer and has received a salute of gratitude from the VIKING Staff mem- bers. FALL OFFICERS of NATIONA HONOR SOCIETY. The leader are Stuart Robertson, President Sarah Cole, Secretary; Huntyc Forgy, Treasurer; Wally Wilson Vice-President. JOHN ADAMS for VERSATILITY. John has given admirable service to the school by serving as president of the student body and by taking part in various school organizations. L 9 'Q WW Mm AUDLEY BLACKBURN for PATRIOTISM. Audley displayed unusual school spirit through- out the football season and the entire '62 and 63 school year. MR. RALPH MEYER for FAITHFUL SERVICE. As business manager of the VIKINGh Mr. Meyer has served North Dallas very diligently. BILL WYNN for DRUIVI MAJOR SKILL. The 1962 Bulldog Band was served Very well by Bill, with his en- thusiasm shown on the field. TOMMY BRISCOE FOR ACCOMPLISHMENT. Tommy received the honor of being chosen All City by the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Times HerTld for football. FRED DOBBS FOR DILIGENCE. As Cadet Regi- mental Commander of the ROTC, Fred has executed his office with great faithfulness and conscientious- ness. CHESTER BROWN FOR STAMINA. Chester, Who served the school well during this year's football season, re- ceived the honor of Lineman 0f the Week from the Dallas Morning News. JIMMY HOWE FOR SUCCESS. Jimmy was chosen by the entire student body as the North Dallas Athlete of the Year. ELIZABETH ROGERS AND HUNTYCE FORGY FOR MUSICAL ACCOMPLISHMENT. Elizabeth and Huntyce received the special honor of playing With the Dal-Hi Symphony. EVELYN SIFFORD and MOLLIE LACEY for LOYALTY. Evelyn and Mollie have served the student body loyally as Co-Editors-in-Chief of the 1962-63 Compass. SUZY DEGAW and CAROL BARDIN for DE- VOTION. Suzy and Carol have tirelessly per- formed their tasks as Editor and Assistant Editor of the Viking. TOMMY MITCHELL for SPIRIT. Tommy not only led the school toward greater spirit, but also in participation in school activities. SPRING OFFICERS of NATIONAL HON- OR SOCIETY. This term's group of leaders are Kathy Parma, Treas- urer; Suzy DeGaw, Vice-President; Rand Shotwell, President; Mary Macaulay, Secre- tary. STUA T ROBERTSON, AR H COLE, and RAND SHOTXWELL for INTELLIGENCE. Stuart, Sarah, and Rand received letters of commendation from their high scores on the NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP Test. JUNIOR EXECUT VE COMMIT- TEE OFFICERS for ENTHUSIASM. Bobby Hall, Judy Adams, and Jimmy Peddy have done remarkable work for their class, and deserve much recognition. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS for ORIGINALITY. Secretary Jane Petty, Vice-President Billy Ashmore, Treas- urer Carol LeNoir, and President Spain Logue have led the sophomores Well into their three years at North Dallas. OTIS MORSE for AGILITY. Otis was chosen for the HONORABLE MENTION ALL CITY BASKETBALL TEAM by the Dallas Times Herald. LINDA ZASTOUPIL AND DAVID JONES MIKE FOREMAN FOR DEDICATION. Mike FOR REPRESENTATION, This year Linda and has faithfully given his time and effort to North David were North Dallash representatives on the Dallas by taking pictures for the VIKING. Dallas Times Herald Teen Council. 'V VW .$mwa mevmww MRS. BRONENKANT'S HOMEROOM FOR EXCELLENCE. The attendance contest sponsored by the Student Coun- cil was won by Mrs. Bronenkant's homeroom Which had the best home- room attendance. Ricky Jackson, Kathy Parma, Tommy Mitchell, Aubyn Shettle, Joan Schirato, and Mollie Lacey are officers. JUNE JORDAN, MARSUE SCHVVILLE, and KAY STOVALL for MODELING TALENT. June and Kay are regular members of the Titches High School Fashion Board for one year and Marsue is an Honorary Board Member for two years. MAJOR GILBERT ESCAMILLA for MILITARY SKILLS. As Drill Platoon Commander Gilbert has maintained the high standards of the Norseman, Drill Platoon. LARRY BLASER for HONORABLE MENTION ALL CITY. Larry gained many yards for the Bull- dogs on the field this year. Again we say; "A school is only as good as its students make it." These clubs help make North Dallas. Each has its own purpose; each has its own leaders; and each has its own function. But they all have a common goal: to support N.D. and carry her on to further triumphs and higher standards. The VIKING in turn supports them and hopes they will continue their good work. :Qxfwxmggmg Mr. Seldom S. John Adams David Jones Sarah Cole Fred Dobbs Hutchinson Prwidenl Vice-Prexidem S ecremry ParliamenMrian Spomor ' PURPOSE , To provide for student participation in school government, to contribute to the educa- tional growth of the student body, and to foster and promote democracy as a way of life. Judy Adams Dottie Blasingame Mary Ann Castro Juanita Chavoya Gloria Chavoya Tex Cole Ann Corrick Pat Cox Sandra Crowder Ann Davis Linda Ellis Carol France Pat Garrett Edmund Gray Susan Hall Melody Handley Johnny Harrelson Sarah Hildebrant Dennis Jackson Danna Keetch Gwen Kubin Esther Lara Carol LeNoir Danny Lovelace Mary Macaulay Carmela Madden Mark Martel Ruthy Meyers Nedah Moyer Ann Mullins Irma Olivio Tom Park Jimmy Peddy Marcia Flatt Marilyn Renfro Inez Reyes Pat Rodriquez Elizabeth Rogers Ernestine Tutt Wallace Wilson Vice-Prejidml Sarah Cole Setrezm'y Miss Ethel Masters Spomor Judy Susan Armstrong Baker Murray Ricky FOX Jackson PURPOSE The purpose of the NHS is to recognize pupils Who are outstanding 'in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Dennie Davis Juanelle Lozano NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY V I Q Huntyce Porgy Trmwrer Stuart Robinson Prejz'demf Suzy DeGaW Mary Macaulay Miss Imogen Berry Spomor The purpose of the Senior Executive Commit- tee is to promote the proper school spirit and loy- alty among members of the senior class and to Norman Akins encourage the participation of the student body in Vite'P'Iwidem all school activities. of Senior Clan Pete Andres Dennie Davis, Secretary 0f Senior Clam Fred Dobbs Stanley Edwards Murray Fox Gloria Garza Jimmy Howe, Preyident of Senior Clan Molly Lacey Henry Ondru Lois Richards Edward Salda Linda Smith 2am The purpose of the Red Cross is to give all students who are interested in helping others an organization through which to work. FIRST ROW: Tommy Hunsaker, Pat Rodriquez, Sharon Vaughan, Joan Schirato, President, Judy Armstrong, Brenda Tyler, Chaplain; Frank Garrett. SECOND ROW: Joy Sullivant, Susie Jung, Nettie Halloway, Josephine Tames, Gloria Rdoriquez, Janie Sanchez, Donna Craze, Dorothy Kirby, Lynne Farless, Lois Schirato, Carmen Garza, Yolanda Barren. THIRD ROW: Mike Gonzales, Paul Menriquez, Barbara Kurlough, Lydia Delgado, Lois Curry, Kimberly Berry, Mary Ricco, Pat Cox, Lisa Linn, Inez Rey, janie Davis. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Inman, Tommy Humphrey, Richard Jung, Timothy Guerra, Martha Bonhomme, Joe Ballenger, Van Harmon, Hal Ussery, Ray White, Robert Miller, Don Gardner. FIRST ROW: Captain Sue Barber, Lieutenants Suzy DeGaW and Sheri Coleman. SECOND Managers Kay Rislov, Kathy Stevenson, Anita Hebert, and Joye Terrell. THIRD ROW: Eli Rogers, Mary Wittenback, Katie McGuire, Brenda Hanes, Pat Rodriquez, Joy Sullivant, Gillilan, Judy Armstrong, Honorary Lieutenant Dennis Davis. FOURTH ROW: Miss Marion Lupe Gonzales, Mrs. Miriam Grice, Betty Chatten, Janet Miller, Judy Orr, Linda Zastoupil, ert, Patti Blasingame, Gloria Chavoya, Judy Lewis, Ernestine Tutt, Nedah Moyer, Elizabeth don, Amparo Cantu, Sarah Cole, Anna Marie Marino, Lynda Prachyl, Sharon Vaughan. FOURTH : Carol Bardin, Janice Lewis, Matilda Chavez, Claudette Millsaps, Sandra Crowder, Janice veland, Susan Hall, Melody Handley, Pat Claunch, Georgia Davis, Lynne Farless, Janis Probeck, h Hildebrant, Judy Williams, Louise Slater. Pam Everett. DeGaW and Sue Barber proudly lead the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Pat Claunch, Melody Handley, Susan Hall, Janice Cleveland, Sandra Crowder, and Claudette Millsaps look very enthusiastic during one of the many early morning practices. 746 WWW WW Lieutenant Sheri Coleman proudly leads the kaingettes in a routine done to precision. Mt. Billy Watson Suzanne Bartlett Ronnie Boyer Linda Branger Robert Brunson Sbonmr PURPOSE To offer en- joyment in group partici- pation as a form of com- municafion and entertain- ment. Betty Chatten Arlene Colbert Jimmy Elder Huntyce Forgy ?.2. 5 Larry Halloway Pat Lyon Ann Mullins Martha Murphy Ronald Nash. George Padilla Sue White Mitchell Upchurch Sheila Gilbert MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Georgia Christe, Donna Jones, Lois Schirato. Wmmagwy'm 7W Marsue Schwille Sheri Colemane, Mrs. Rix Ridley Nedah Moyer, Dennis Dav Prejz'dem Fin! Vire-Prejidem Spomm' Second Vice- Retordmg Prelidem Serremry Linda Searcy, Francis Frizzell, Sandra Miller, Kay Stovall, Maxine Carter Delores Cuello S errelary Treamrer Parliam entarian H ixtorian Myrna Davilla Ben Dobson Officers Sheri Coleman and Marsue Schwille install Lynd Prachyl at the F.T.A. Installation. Carmen Garza Dorthy Kirby Susan Hall Brenda Hanes Mokkie Loftus Carmela Madden Kathy McGovern Ruthy Meyers Claudette Millsaps Murphey Delores Pierson Lynda Prachyl Mary Prestridge Kay Rislov Sharon Robertson Anna J0 Rocyan Elizabeth Rogers Nancy Schick Evelyn Seibert Brenda Seitzler Evelyn Sifford Millie Smith Mary Souza Kathy Stevenson Kathy Sullivan Sharon Vandygriff Judy Wiggins The officers of the Future Teachers for 1962-1963. FIRST ROW: Majorettes Billie Pinson, Delores Luna, 'and Sharron Vandygriff, Drum Major Bill Wynn. SECOND ROW: Mr. Paul B. Forgy; Band Leader, Mary Sue Hanby, Kay Fooshee, Frances Frizzell, Huntyce Forgy, Susan Eilers, Patricia Massengill, Michelle Harvel, Glenda Yeakle, Loretta Starleigh, Lynda Yeakle, Linda Branger, Beatrice Rod- riquez, Sharon Robertson, Mary B0- canegra, Nettie Halloway. THIRD ROW: Wanda Blenkenship, Pat Lyon, Susie Jung, Steve Adair, Daryel Nance, Stuart Robertson, Charles Price, George Padilla, Calvin Rogers, Audley Black- burn, Kathy Phipps, Lydia Cortez, Ricky Bennight, Paula Wammack. FOURTH ROW: Larry Curts, Frank Brister, Frank Lee, George Davis, Danny Lynn, Rod- ney King, Tony Bredlow, Jim Yarbor- ough, Larry Halloway, Larry Skelton, Ronny Toller, Lonnie Fountain, Pat Layne, Leslie Magehee, Juanelle Lozano, Susan Jones. Mr. Billy Watson Spomor Suzanne Bartlett Ronnie Boyer Robert Brunson Betty Chatten Arlene Colbert Larry Holloway Pat Layne Pat Lyon Ronald Nash Steve Noble George Padilla Mitchell Upchurch Sue White Wally Wilson 172 PURPOSE "All of the arts, in one way or another, to some greater or lesser extent interpret life." MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Candy Brown Georgia Christe Syliva Walverton Lois Schirato For its fall production of 1962, the Little Theater pr sented Thbrnton Wildefs "Our Town." George an Emily were played by Steve Noble and Betty Chatte Ann Corric Janie Davi Fred Dobb Jimmy Eld Jerry Hack Paar 24W W PURPOSE The aim of the Pan-American Club is to encourage respect for, and tolerance toward, all nationalities in the Americas. This is best done by learning more about the Spanish-speak- ing countries, their people, customs, language, and culture. 5 Imogen Berry Olivia Diaz mar Prexident Carmela Madden Vire-Prejident Elizabeth Rogers Secretary Irene Torrez , Picture Tremmer . Not NOT PICTUR- Available ED: Carmen Duarte, Reporter Genie McGee Mary Al'faro Lynne Farless Judy Jenkins Mark Martel Mary Alice Meza Claudette Millsaps Lynda Praqhyl Janis Probeck Graham Richardson CAPTAIN: Susan Slater, Lieutenants Jeanne Sullivant, Janie Petty, Carmela Madden. FIRST ROW: Betty Guevara, Willet, Tracey London, Wendy Williams, Diane Bernhard, Kay Adams, Juanita Chavoya, SECOND ROW: Yates, Julia Salazar, Sharon Crouch, Judy Adams, Nancy Schick, Lupe Hernandez, Mary Alice Cuellar. THIRD R Phyllis Crawford, April Cox, Joella Wright, Annette Craze, Cheryl Shehane, Patricia Raney, Delores Castro. FOU ROW: Linda McGinnes, Jill Luna, Judy Evans, Norma Wilder, Jaymie Fiscus, Roberta Hanna, Chee Chee St FIFTH ROW: Anne Barnard, Darryl Conner, Pat Young, Lillian Vouras, Ann Mullins, Lana Newman, Carol Le SIXTH ROW: Linda Morrison, Kathy Sullivan, Barbara Roughton, Arm Corrick, Sandra- Hobson, Helen Lanc Mickey Copelahd, Rhonda Pou. i'mg-itr in nu w I AIN: Linda Searcy, Lieutenants Lois Schirato, Martha Few, Lenora Campos. FIRST ROW: Danna Keetch, Sheila rt, Francis Arriola, Viarinne Sanders, Mary Jane Avon, Rene Quiroga, Leonor Comacho, Carmen Maldonado. SEC- ! ROW: Sylvia Gutierrez, Shirley Black, Mary Martinez, Gloria Jones, Judy Brothers, Linda Greathouse, Kim Berry, 'D ROW: Marian Hedden, Dorothy Embrey, Mary Ann Castro, Linda Rodriquez, Rita McDonald, Pat Cox, Tania 0d. FOURTH ROW: Delores Cuello, Judy Wiggins, Anna Jo Kocyan, Linda Cunningham, Christine Esquivel, a Davila, Deanna Vaughn. FIFTH ROW: Jan Clark, Yolanda Moreno, Mary Alice Meza, Karen Prinz, Martha 5, Mary Solis, Lana Anderson. SIXTH ROW: Doris Lee, Jane Newsome, Mary Souza, Brenda Schmitz, Julia Camp- Ruthy Meyers, Mary Prestidge, Connie Grayson. Y-TEENS 7W The purpose of the Y-Teens is to help girls to grow as persons in friendship with people of all races, religions, and nationalities, and to grow in the knowledge and love of God. Mrs. Winifred Stanley Edwards Humphrey Mr. Y-Teem Spomor June Jordan Linda Searcy Mary Wittenback Annelle Apple Marilynn Giililan Preyident Vice-Prexident Serretary Treamrer Council Reprexentazive Julia Campbell Juanita Chavoya April Cox Annette Craze Donna Craze Mary Cutler Linda Ellis Judy Evans Sandra Hobson Susie Jung Helen Lancaster Judy Lewis Carmela Madden x J net Miller C audette Millsaps Ann Mullins Carol Shanks Jeanne Sullivant WI "Mm 4,, Mary V'ittenback. Gary Phillips, Sarah Hildebrandt, Larry Blaser. Annclle Apple, Stanley Edwards, June Jordan, Tommy Briscoe, Ruthy Meyers, Ben Lorinv. Linda Senrc escorts and them nominees for Mr. Y 3? 3 Teens. and Billy Ashmore are the PURPOSE The Key Club is a service organiza- Mr. James David Jones . Frank Garrett Scutter Mey r Praridwzt tlon Of North Dallas High SChOOl V m raridem Newto: S pomor sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. 5a,.em,.y Edmund Gra John Adam Norman Akins Billy Ashmore Larry Blaser Mike Carter Trmmrer Charles Cervantes Ronnie Craver Stanley Edvs ards Murray Fox Jimmy Howe Jimmy Jackson Frank Luna Alfred Martinez Eugene Martinez Tommy Mitchell Henry Ondrusek Tom Park Jimmy Peddy Gary Phillips Steve Scarbrough Aubyn Shettle Rand Shotwell Stewart Vice-President Frank Garrett calls the meeting to order while Scutter Newton calls the roll. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Tommy Harris Sunny Castleberry ie Van Hattum Folger Vallette Bill White Wayne Wilder Mrs. Virginia Bronenkant Spomor Carol Barclin Vire-Prexident Dottie Blasingame Seu'elary Sheri Coleman Dennie Davis June Jordan Prejident Suzy DeGaW Treamrer Judy Lewis Pam Hill, Carol Bardin, Betty Chatten, Joan Schi. rato, Mrs. Virginia Bron- enkant, and Judy Lewis take a few moments from their meeting to pose for our camera. Joan Schirato Marsue Schwille Carol Shanks Kay Stovall Two beauties Sheri Coleman, and Kay Stovall, accompanied by dates, attended the Monster Mash Dance given by the La Justesses. D0 Carol Shanks, Marsue Schwille, Suzy DeGaW, Sheri Coleman, Judy Lewis, Carol Bardin, and Dottie Blassingame approve of What President June Jordan proposes? Mr. yDon Dart Steve Noble Jerry Love Georgia Bruns- Spomor Praident Vice-Prexidem Secrelary 24w 5W Kay Adams Leian Anderson The purpose of the Art Club is to enable interested students to better serve North Dallas through art and service projects pertaining to school activities. Shirley Black Nita Chavez Ann Corrick April Cox Linda Ellis Lynne Farles Martha Few Kay Fooshee Frances Frizz Carmen Garz Orest Judy Keetch Roberta Hanna Mokkie Loftus Gwozdziowsky Ann Martinez Ruthy Meyers Kathy McGovern Dolores Pierson Dale Peck Inez Reyes Ginger Rainey Sue White Sharon Vandygriff The Art Service Club decorates for the Christmas program. Georgia Christe holds time in her hand. Mary Wittenbac Secrelmy Ernestine Tutt Trem'wer Louise Slater Chaplain 7044! 16 Janet Miller PreJ'idem The purpose of the TRI-HI-Y is to seek, to maintain, create, and extend high standards of Christian character for ourselves and our home, school, and community. Marilyn Gillilan Vite-Praridelzt Pat Claunch Sarah Cole Gwen Kubin Lana Thomas Frances Vouras Sarah Cole, Marilynn Gillilan, Frances Vouras, and Mary Wittenback are enchante by Janet Miller. The purpose of the Perigon Club is to pro- mote interest in mathematics and chess. . Jack Green Stuart Robertson Mary Sue Hanbv 0mm Praxiderzz NORTH DALLAS Vice-Pre.ride71t y CHESS TEAM David Grimm Fred Dobbs Kenneth Phipps Ricky Jackson Rand Shotwell Sue Barber James Chaves Ann Davis George Davis Kay Fooshee Mi I Mike Foreman Frances Frizell Larry Jenkins Susan Jones Richard Jung Susie Jung Rodney King Juandle Lozano Tom Park Sharon Robertson Calvin Rogers Larry Holloway I85 PIANISTS: Janet McAnalIy, Daryl Nance. FIRST ROW: Roberta Kramer, Nedah Moyery George Padilla, Jay Love, Carlos Rodriquez Don Adams, Billy Rodin, FrankPinson, Marilynn Gillilan, Irene Torrez. SECOND ROW: Irma Olivio, Paulette Griswold, Judy Wil liams, Mark Martel, Carl Walters, Jesse Lopez, Mike Cortez, Johnny Olsson, Isais Morales, Ben Saling, Kathy Parma, Mantha Nunez Yolanda Barren. THIRD ROW: Carmela Madden, Evelyn Seibert, Roger Ernst, Curtis Hay, Rodney King, Steve Noble, James Zimmer man, Timothy Whitaker, Marvin Yeakle, Tony Lubke, Mary Macaulay, Amparo Cantu, Barbara Sosa. FOURTH ROW: Linda Buchan non, Dolores Cuello, Gwen Kubin, Evelyn Sifford, Donna Jones, Marilyrm Stultz, Ginger Rainey, Suzanne Bartlett, Sue Barber, Janic- Cleveland, Barbara Brisendine, Georgia Christe, Marcia Platt. Caroling is not only an N.D. tradition, but also a lot of fun for the Choir members. BOYS IANIST: Daryl Nance, FIRST OVI: George Padilla Jay Love. arlos Rodriquez, Donnie Adams, -iIly Rodcn, Frank Pinson SEC- ND ROW": Mark Martel, Carl "alters Jesse Loprsz Mike Cor- z, Johnny Olssom Isaias Mor- 165, Ben Salim; THIRD ROW: oger Ernst. Curtis Hay, Rodney inf; SteVe Noble. J hes Zim- uermam Marvin Yeakle, ukbc. GIRLS PIANIST: Janet MCAnally. FIRST ROW? Linda Buchannon, Gwen Kubin, Roberta Kramer. Nedah Moyer, Martha Nunez Yo- landa Barren, SECOND ROXY: Paulette Griswold. Judy W'illiams. Evelyn Seibert, .Kathy Parma. Georgia Christa, Marilynn Gilli- Ian. Irene Torrez, THIRD ROWE Irma Olivo. Carmela Madden. Don 1 Jones, Mary Mac ulay, Mar :1 Flatt. Barbara 30 Am- paro Cantu. FOURTH ROXV': De- lores Cuello. Evelyn Siffoni Gin- ger Rainey. Marilynn StultL Su- zanne Bartlett Sue Barber, Bar- bara Brisendine. Janice Cleveland. The chorus takes a well deserved bow after their Christmas pro- gram. Miss Ethel Masters Spamor The purpose of SPQR is to enable ad- vanced Latin students to learn more of R0- man customs, habits, and events than regular Cl-ass-time and materials allow. Membership is only offered to those students Who have advanced to Latin 5, 6, 7, or 8. Susan Baker Aubyn Shettle Kay Stovall Martha Nunez Huntyce Forgy Comul Major Comm! Minor Smibg szexlor Pmelor There seems to be some question in the translation as Miss Ethel Masters looks it up for her Ad- vanced Latin Class. Naomi Drobnies Hollaway Carmen Maldonado Nedah Moyer Cathy Stevenson rs. Clydia Steenson Millie Smith Martha Murphy romor Prejidenz Vice-Prexident PURPOSE The purpose of the Future Nurses Club is to give to those young girls interested in nursing the opportunity to increase their knowledge of this field. Gloria Garza S errelm' y Margie Rogers Treamrer Millie Smith, President, discusses their Christmas project With the rest of the club members. Janice Cleveland Kate Goodwin Elizabeth Gordon Claire Goulding Connie Grayson Gwen Kubin Barbara Kurc Molly Lacey Marilyne Renfro Miss Millie Dew Suzy DeGaW Spomor Editor PURPOSE REQUIREMENTS The purpose of the VIKING Staff Each VIKING Staff member must is to plan and edit the North Dallas maintain a C average, sell a certain yearbook. amount of advertising, and show a genuine interest in the publication. Sarah Hildebrandt Lana Newman Susan Hall Brenda Hanes Co-Undertlanmen Co-Umierclanmen Editor Co-Sportx Editor Co-Spomr Editor Editor Richard Clark June Jordan Celia Hanna Claire Goulding I90 Pbotogmplaer Co-Adil'erziiz'ng Editor Co-Artivitiej E51170? Co-Activitiex Editor Carol Bardin AIJiIldilt Editor Pat Rodriquez Co-Advertixing Editor Copy Editor Judy Lewis Co-Organz'zaliam Editor Carol Shanks Faculty Editor Virginia Gryzwinski Co-Bmiizem Manager 2?- Edmund Gray Co-VIKING Salute: Linda Smith Co-Bminew Manager Jeanne Sullivant CovVIKING 541mg: Marsue Schwille Carol France Sheri Coleman Co-Fawrize; Editor Co-Favorite; Edizor Co-Orgmzizatiom Editor The VIKING Staff work; While Miss Millie Dew looks on. . A- a Mary Sue Hanby Kay Fooshe Eddie Van Hattum Co-SeniM Editor Co-Sem'or Editor Military Edilor Myrna Davila Co-Index Editor Mike Foreman Plaozagmpber Sharon Bunch C0-I7zdex Edilor Ann Davis Szaff Aminmzt t 95W Miss Mary Clark Mollie Lacey Evelyn Sifford Spomor Co-Editor-in-Cbief Co-Editor-in-Claief PURPOSE It is the purpose of the staff to publish THE COMPASS for the stu- dents of North Dallas High School. Maggie Maldonado Linda Branger Auixlmzt Edilor Amoriale Editor Jim Yarbrough Mary Macaulay Billy Mullins Lydia Cortez Auntiate Edilor Managing Edilor Spam Editor New; Editor Lenora Campo Amatime Edi; Barbara Adkin Circulation Edito David Emmett Adverliyhzg Manager Betty Chatten Feature IVriter Martha Davis Co-Extbnge Edimr Kay Willet Co-Extbange Editor NOT PICTURED ARE: Donna Jones Feature Editor Staff AJIiItamI: Eunice Carpenter Genie McGee Rhonda McKinney Dolores Staton Shirley Black Susie Jung Reba Murphy A1113 t Staff Auixmnt Siaff Auiyzant The Compass Staff takes time out to THINK after the deadline. Mollie Lacey gets sticky fingers as Evelyn Sifford, and Lydia Cortez cut out pictures for the Compass. mam am The purpose of the orchestra is to play concert music that is mN.D.H.S Style" for any purpose that music can be used. FIRST ROW. Ronnie Toller, pianist. SECOND ROXV: Sharon Vandygriff, Huntyce Forgy, Elizabeth Rogers, Sharon Robertson, Susan Jones, Billie Pinson, Mary Sue Hanby Pat Lyon. THIRD ROW Delores Luna, Lonnie Fountain, Beatrice Rodriguez. Frank Brister, Steve Adairy Stuart Robegtson, Linda Yeakle, Mary Bocanegra, Glenda Yeakle, Kay Fooshee, Linda Branger, Loretta Starleigh, Calvin Rogers, George Davis, Bill Wynn, and Mr. Paul B. Forg3, Band Leader. FIRST ROW: Sarah Cole, Dottie Blasingame, Ernestine Tutt, Linda ZastOupil, Judy Lewis, Joy Sullivant, Brenda Schmitz, Delores Jones. SECOND ROW: Millie Smith, Brenda Seitzler, Carol Gidcumb, Chee Chee Stovall, Linda Smith, Karen Prinz, Elizabeth Gordon, Gloria Chavoya, Mrs. Edith Moyer, Secretary, Mrs. Leora Gamer, Counselor's Assistant, Miss Eleanor Jenkins, Counselor. am'd rim FIRST ROW: Martha Few, Ruby Pruitt, Janet James, Judy Wiggins, Cheryl Smith, Olivia Diaz, Claudette Mill- saps, Carmela iMadden, Olga Delgado. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Louise Vandivort, Mrs. Io Dismore, Mary Souza, Janie Davis, Betty Bryan, Dorothy Kirby, Jane May, Smdra Miller, Linda Ellis, Kay Rucker, Kay Admas, Rita I95 Van Liew. FIRST ROW: Janis Probeck, Mary Wittenback, Mrs. Clydia Steenson. SECOND ROW: Anna Yates, Susan Dotson, Yolanda Barren, Millie Smith, Carole Reed, Martha Few, Janie Davis, Kathy McGov- ern, Gszen Kubin. FIRST ROW: Gary Jones, Frances Vouras, Bill Minns, Gary Phillips, Anna Marie Marino, Albert Salinas. SECOND ROW. Ronnie Craver, Fred Quick, Stanley Edwards, Rarrson Sifer, Miss Betty Clements, Tommy Nance, Norman Akins, Bill White, Ben Loring. D'IU 'g a. gs In. PURPOSE The purpose of Distributive Education is to offer to high school students a part time occupational training program which will enable students to gain valuable work experience plus a closely related classroom instruction. FIRST ROW: Darlene Johnson, Gilbert Escamilla, James Robertson, Larry Beshires, Johnny Hurst, Billy Sides, Gary Courson, Raymond Grzywinski, Arthur Adams, David Milton. SECOND ROW: Jerry Whitson, Brack Cain, Earl Gilliam, Doug Wilson, Ernest Bertrand, Johnny Wall, Clay Baxter, David Rippa, LeRoy Cressley, Ronny Long, Bill Stone, Jerry Henderson, Floyd Varney. FIRST ROW: Crystal Ryon, Darlene Rector, Rachel Ayala. SECOND ROW: Bob- Brunson, Paul Menriquez, Mike Gonzales, Van Harmon. THIRD ROW: David Rector, Peter Andre, David Layne. FIRST ROW: Dolores Pierson, Judy Adams, Janise Probeck, Carmela Madden, Claudette Millsaps, ght, Sponsor, Jimmy Peddy, German Green, Charles Cervantes, SECOND ROW: Mr. Fred Wri Bobby Hall, Richard Contreras, Al fred Martinez. 5W 5W FIRST ROW: Patricia Raney, Juariita Chavoya, Cheryl Shehane, Helen Lam caster, Deanna Vaughn. SECOND ROW: Gary Ford, James Webb, Pete Wolverton, Pat Mayberry, Tex Cole, Danny Loveless, Mike Russell. Miss Mary Clark 5170mm NOT PICTURED Suzy DeGaW Donna Jones Lynne Farless Frances Frizzell Billy Mullins Carol Shanks Evelyn Sifford Jim Yarbrough ? HNVEPNAMNAL Carol Bardin Brenda Hanes Mollie Lacey Mary Macaulay Maggie Maldonado The ND. VIKING keeps :1 rec- ord of various activities during the school year through pictures. Some of the activities include pep assemblies, dances, Little The- atre productions, concerts by the choir, sock hops and other impor- tant activities throughout the year. These activities make up a good deal of' the life and times at North Dallas. 20! Unos de 105 estudiantes que representumn Ins Clases de El din Pan-Americnno fue cel'ebrado con una fiesta para unimar el estudio de los paises de los Americas de sus costumbres. su musicn. su cultura, de su amistad. espnnol. Una fiesta no es co'mpletu sin cancibn y baile por las senoritas Diana Silva, Mryna Davilla y Elizabeth Rodgers. The little slave girl, Karla DuVall, and a Roman household. Eta Sigma Phi Awards Banquet. Murray Fox is shown here as a Roman senator. The thirty beauty nominees are pictured on the stage at the close of the assembly. Suzy De Gaw directs the Vi- king Staff as they decorate the stage for the Beauty Assembly. After the beauty nominees Were announced at a Viking they were honored with a spotlight dance. Judy Lewis and June Jordan serve refreshments t0 the judges of the beauty contest. Judy Lewis seems to be more popular than the beauty nominees. The two ugly stepsisters tease Cinderfella at a pep assembly. Jimmy Howe presents the Waco 2nd place basketball trophy to Mr. Whittlesey at the basketball assembly. The chofr assembly brings back pleasant memories of the fair. Members of the Vikingettes, Brenda Hanes, Mary Wittenback, and Pat Claunch perform at a pep assembly led by Lt Suzy DeGaw. N.D. Speakers recite at the Christmas assembly. KWM W Stuart Robinson gives a speech at the National Honor Society As- sembly. ne of the selections played by the band at the hristmas Concert. Mrs. Lemmon hopes that our photographer Will be interested in current events, too. Mr. and Mrs. Whittlesey show Miss Dew his birthday gifts from the faculty at his early morning party. Mrs. Humph ey, Miss Moore, Mrs. Meyer, Mrs. Grice, and Mrs. Sten- son take time out from their lunch to smile for the camera. Mr. Gene Coppedge displays one of his many talents. uzy De GaW and Celia Hanna seem to be busily organizing he VIKING. While the VIKING Staff is busily at VVOIk, Edmund Gray seems to be enjoying his mideafternoon snack. The Compass Staff appears happy over the sale of their latest paper. B-Team players game and Iiste instructions Boys in the detention hall impatiently await the bell. Sophomore girls have more purses on the table than food. e a home inute h Bollinger. Come now! It couldn't be that boring. Mr. Darr's art students learn that beauty is found in many places Vikingettes perform faithfully both sum met and Winter. Samuells' Blue Jacket Card Section honors North Dallas at Samuells North Dallas game. The homecoming princesses Brenda Schmitz, Linda Searcy, Janet Miller, Pam Hill, Gwen Kubin, and Suzy DeGaw anxiously await the half-time. You pick the prettiest, we can't. The cheerleaders lead the team on to Victory. The Bulldog Band and Vikingettes perform at the Woodrow game by forming a football With a ,63 inside it. The Juniors' Fall Festixal success Everyone had fun at the Hillbilly Dance sponsored by the soph mor. class. Y-Teen nominees Gary Phillips, Larry Blaser, Tommy Briscoe, Ben Loring and Billy Ashmore smile for the camera while Mr. Y-Teen Stanley Edvards tries to contain his jn The Key Club princesses Joy Sullivant and Gwen Kubin smile for the camera while Key Club Sweetheart Suzy De Gaw pins on her corsage. The escorts were Wayne Wilder, Aubyn Shettle, and Jimmy Howe. The beauty nominees are honored by a dance at an early morning sock hop. Scutter Newton and Linda Praychel enjoy their dancing at the Military Ball. Mr. and Mrs. Howe greet the seniors at the New Year's EV Dance. j nis Probeck and Jesse Lopez 'have fun at the Christ- mas Dance, only one of many holiday activities at N. D. is about to CI Richard Contreras, Penny Prib- ble, Oneida Chavez, and Robert Kleen take time out to pose for our photographer. The juniors and sophomores enjoy themselves at the Christmas Dance sponsored by the junior class. - ith a bang! Smile, you're on Candid Camera. The N. D. Speakers have proud expressions on their faces after their excellent performance. The All-Girlsh Chorus and N. D. Speakers present our annual Christmas program. Jane Petty and Ronny Boyer decorate the bulletin board in Miss Putnam's English class to add a little Christmas spirit to N.D. Rufus Jara appears to be bothered by the light in the lunch room. Eddie Moore isn't worried about his exams. Charles Cervantes, Donna Murphy, Celia Hanna, Hal Ussery and Keith Jackson gather at the drugstore after a long day at school. seen marching in the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Jesse Lopez is shown here once again on his way to Victory at the Mobil Stage. Mike Whitehead, Jane Petty and Judy Evans work hard selling cakes for the sophomore bake sale. Tout Le Monde Tri-Hi-Y president, Janet Miller, expresses something funny only to other members. Sharon Bunch and Ann Davis, members of the Perigon Club, enjoy a game of chess. Valentine Princesses Linda Ellis, Jane Petty, Gwen Kubin, Pam Hill and Sandra Crowder pose for a picture With Judy Keetch, Valentine Queen. 7k 2W mgm of the N. D. exes re- Hey, Gwen! Where is your partner? 1962 Valentine Queen Linda Jones crowns her successor, Judy Keetch, at the Valentine Dance. he Valentine Dance. Judy Keetch and Charles Cervantes twist away! The captain's envelope is opened; the name read. You could never tell Lynda Pracths name was in its contents. The Vikingettes seem to be enjoying their banquet. The new captain, co-captain, and lieutenants are very happy with their new titles. Both the old and the new are very pleased with the choice of next year's officers. Coppedge watches While Mr. olds makes a jump shot for the lty team. Garland has everyone spell- nd as they all wait to see Who 11 get the next point 226 ND. participates in various inter- - school sports. The members of the various teams give their time freely and must maintain a good scholastic record. The coaches also devote much of their time and knowledge. These students help create much of the spirit which is typical of on; school. CO-CAPTAIN NORMAN AKINS: Senior; 3-Year letterman; Back CO-CAPTAIN JIMMY HOWE: Senior; 2-year letterman; Back Managers Pat Mayberry and David Emmett. MR. RUFUS HYDE Head Football Coach 5W1! Wm Taking advantage of several North Dallas fumbles the Sunset Bisons scored a 20-0 victory September 27 at Sprague Field. The costliest error of the game came in the third quarter When ND. fumbled 4nd Sunset recovered. Six plays later the BisOns had a touchdown and had put the game out of reach. rmwmmmswm ugpmxgzx DWAINE BENEDICT: Sophomore BILLY ASHMORE: Sophomore; 1-Year Letterman; Center 1-Year Letterman; Back a wggggm - wax: ' E "w a-w m .5 m AWL Aymxm -;$$$$g$$ Yaxwx mm mm x JOHN ADAMS: Senior; Letterman; Back LARRY BLASER: Junior; 2-Year Letterman; Back Larry Blaser, Num carries the ball f Bulldogs in the TOMMY BRISCOE: Junior; 2-Year Letterman; End ROCKY BROTHERS: Senior; CHESTER BROWN: Senior: 1-Year Letterman; Tackle 2-Year Letterman; Tackle gem Wm WM 0m 2'5,ng The Bulldogs' attempt to enter the win column proved unsuccessful as they dropped 20-0 to South Oak Cliff October 12 at Cobb Stadium. North Dallas defense looked good, holding SOC twice inside the 10-yard line." On the first play from scrimmage Larry Blaser intercepted a pass and returned it 35 yards to SOCs 45-yard line. ND was unable to take advantage and the ball went over. The Bears scored twice the first half and once the second. er of the South Oak game at Cobb. FREDDY CAMPOS: Senior: CHARLES CERVANTES: Junior; JAMES CHAVEZ: Junior; lYear Letterman, Center 1-1 ear Letterman; Back Tackle WWW 700W WWW gm RICHARD CONTRERAS: Junior; GARY COOPER: Junior: BEN DOBSON- Sophomore; 2-Year Letterman; Center Back lYear Letterman; Guard STANLEY EDWARDS: Senior; 2erar Letterman; Tackle JOHN GIDCUMB: Sophomore; 1-Year Letterman; End There seems to be some question as to who has the ball in this play. LUPE FLORES: Junior; PAT GARRETT: Senior; 1-Year Letterman; Guard 1-,Year Letterman; End PW 70a; 0W Paced by quarterback Butch Wheeler, the Hillcrest Pan- thers opened the gridiron season With a 22-6 Victory over the Bulldogs. The game was played at Franklin Field on September 14. The teams traded downs for most of the first half, With both teams playing on even terms. With 59 seconds remain- ing in the half, Hillcrest broke the stalemate by scoring on a 73-yard run by Wheeler. JOHNNY HARRELSON. Senior; DON HILL: Sophomore; DAVID JONES: Senior; Guard Guard 2-Year Letterman; End GARY JONES. Senior; BEN LORING: Junior; MAURICE MAIN: Junior; Tackle End 2-Year Letterman; Back 234 JOE MENA: Junior; LUIS MORA; Junior; 2-Year End Letterman; Back 70m SW W ?W Woodrow Wilson beat ND 27-6, November 9 at Frank- lin Field. Wildcat quarterback Ricky White completed nine of 15 aerials as he turned in one of his best performances of the season. The Bulldog touchdown came in the final quarter on a march of 71 yards. Jimmy Howe picked up 69 yards and was an offensive standout all night. Defensive stalwarts for ND were John Gidcumb, Chester Brown, Tommy Bris- coe and Bob Newton. BOB NEWTON: Junior; 1-Year Letterman; Tackle TOM PARK: Sophomore; 1-Year Letterman; Back Trainer Mike Thompson attends Maurice Main, injured in the Hillcrest game. MIKE PUGH: Sophomore; AUBYN SHETTLE: Senior; 1-Year Letterman; End Back RAND SHOTWELL: Senior; 3-Year Letterman; Guard Bulldogs break the Victory banner at the Homecoming Game! The North Dallas Homecoming crowd was treated to one of the most exciting games of the year as Adamson edged the Bulldogs, 14-13, at Cobb. Stadium, November 16. The Leopards took a 6-0 lead in the first quarter but a Park to Howe Clicked for 65 yards and a score. Benedict kicked the extra point to give ND 21 7-6 half time lead. Adamson scored in the third quarter then added the two points that proved Vital. Trailing 14-7, the Bulldogs took the ball on the 46-yard line, and one play later had a touchdown as Luis Mora slammed up the middle and scampered 54 yards to score. BERYL SHREVE: Junior; FOLGER VALLETTE: Junior; BILL WHITE: Junior; 2-Yeat 2-Year Letterman; Guard Back Letterman; Guard FIRST ROW: Gary Jones, Freddy Campos, Bill White, Folger Vallette, Ben Dobson, Luis Mora, Lupe Flores, Billy Ashmore, Tom Park, Manager Gary Bishop. SECOND ROW: Manager Pat Mayberry, John Gidcumb, James Chaves, Charles Cervantes, Maurice Main, Rand Shotwell, Jimmy Howe, Norman Akins, Dwaine Benedict, Aubyn Shetgle, Manager David Emmett. THIRD ROW: Coaches Royce Hassel, Jerome Zabojnik, Gene Coppedge, Joe Mena, Don Hill, Johnny Harrelson, Beryl Shreve, Bob Newton, Chester Brown, Coaches Joe Strong and C. M. Bollinger, Head Coach Rufus Hyde. FOURTH ROW: Richard Contreras, Mike Pugh, Pat Garrett, Rocky Brothers, Tommy Briscoe, Stanley Edwards, David Jones, Ben Loring, Gary Cooper. By the expre sidelines, it 5 Tommy Thompson for Adamson is brought down by Charles Cervantes, number 15. 238 . Bulldogs on the a thrilling game. COACHES: Mr. Jerome Zabojnik, Mr. C. M. Bollinger, Mr. Gene Coppedge, Mr. Royce Hassel, Mr. Rufus Hyde, Mr. Joe Strong. W3m ?am 12: 7? So far it's been a winless season for the Bulldogs. Thomas Jeffersonts Rebels completed touchdowns to over- power North Dallas 21-0. The game was played at Frank- lin Field, October 4. Trailingy 21-0 in the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs drove to the Reb 18-yard line, and it appeared as if ND would score. On fourth and one, quarterback Charles Cervantes plunged through the middle but was halted inches short of a first down. The Canines got the ball back with less than two minutes to play and took to the air in an effort to get on the score- board. The drive was going well until a Cervantes pass was intercepted, killing the drive and ND hopes. Adamsorfs quarterback hands off to one of his squad as ND loses to the L6opards at the Home- coming game. Bulldogs clash with Hillcrest in the opening game of the season. N played a hard game. The team relaxes and compose themselves before a big gam at Franklin Field. Cheerleaders Becky Heath, Tommy Mitchell, Lana Thomas, John Gilliland, alternate Dottie Blasingame, Frank Garrett, and Gene Martinez pose for Frank Rogers' camera with mascot, Duchess, at the Homecoming game, November 16. "3" 7mm FIRST ROW: Joe Bob Taylor, Jerry Vivira, Ronny Houge, David Myers, Gary Kundey, Hal Ussery. SECOND ROW: Billy Roten, Arthur Ramirez, Tony Luke, Gorman Green, Ronnie Pinkard, Mike Antion, Tex Cole, Danny Loveless, Gary Bishop, Manager. THIRD ROW: Coach Jerome Zabojnik, Keith Jackson, Tom Crockett, Dickie Pou, Ronnie McGee, David Layne, Wayne Parfnan, Harold Jones, Joe Gonzales, Bobby Hall, Coach'C. M. Bollenger. FOURTH ROW: David Bardin, Spence Shettle, Dennis Sharp, Don Smith, Bill Owens, Jimmy Peddy, Victor Rucker, Chris Chefchis. "7W 5W" Fight! North Dallas, Fight! North Dallas Break right through that line; Toss the ball around the field, A touchdown sure this time! Rah! Rah! Rah! Fight; North Dallas, Fight; North Dallas, Fighting for her fame, Fight, Bulldogs, fight fight, fight, You'll Win this game! Cheerleader Gene Martinez teases with Duchess, ND's pride and joy. 24l 1962-1963 HOMECOMING PRINCESSES: Linda Searcy, Brenda SC Miller, Queen Pamela Hill, Gwen Kubin, and Suzy DeGaw 746 7?62-7?63 WWW Head cheerleader Tommy Mitchell presents Escort Charles Cervantes lends his congratula traditional bouquet to Queen Pam Hill. Proud and happy, Charles Cervantes and Queen Pam Hill smile for the camera. Princess Gwen Kubin and Escort Maurice Main. 0 WW PW Princess Janet Miller and Escort Johnny Adams. Princess Suzy De Gaw and Escort Aubyn Shettle. Princess Brenda Sch curt Gary Cooper. M 5m Princess Linda Searcy and Escort Tommy Briscoe. 7 962-7?63 ?W FIRST ROW: Manager jimmy Jackson, Jimmy Howe, Gary Phillips, Coach Joe Strong, Rene IXIartinez, Mike Carter, Manager Pat Mayberry. SECOND ROXV: Otis Morse, Sonny Castleberry, Stanley Edwards, John Speer. MIKE C TER: Junior SONNY CASTLEBERRY: Junior Albert Salinas stays Close to Tech's Jimmy Carosco. STANLEY EDWARDS: Senior JIMMY HOWE: Senior Loyal ND fans look tense at one Of the exciting basketball games. RENE MARTINEZ, Sophomore OTIS MORSE: Junior tanley Edwarks hopes for a successful basket While the opposing am hopes for a rebound. m nmgwmwwm GA Y PHILLIPS: Senior ALBERT SALINAS: Senior Jim 1y Howe sinks two points against Tech. JOHN SPEER: Sophomore SCOREBOARD ND ....... ,45 ND ........................ 59 ND ........................ 36 ND ........................ 35 . ND ........................ 48 Pint H 41f Adamson ...................... 57 SOC .............................. 71 Tech .............................. 48 Sunset ............................ 59 Kimball ............... .50 Second Half ND ........................ 59 ND ,,,,,,, ,5 1 ND ........................ 48 ND ........................ 48 ND ........................ 5 2 Adamson ........................ 80 SOC .............................. 63 Tech .............................. 62 . . S Maglclan or basketball player, Sonny Castleberry makes the unset 666666666666666666666666 59 ball disappear while the other team looks on. Actually he Kimball .......................... 59 just shot a little too high for the camera. 746 7W 6W WM! MR. JOE STRONG Basketball Coach Stanley Edwards outjumps the opponent in a futile effort to regain control of the basketball. Stanley Edwards's little brother, David, looks :15 interested in the game as the other ND fans. John Speer. number 25. and Stanley Ed- wards, number 32, show their stuff in a crowd of Crozier Tech players. The game begins and it's a scramble for possession of the ball. The ball goes up; it's anybody's game. Injured player, Otis Morse, stands by the sidelines With cheerleader, Tommy Mitchell, and basketball coach, Joe Strong. Gary Phillips is closely guarded by an aggressive player from Crozier Tech. .21 On the first basketball assembly the basketball Princesses are announced. Princesses Linda Searcy, Carol Reed, Sandra Crowder, Queen Gwen Kubin, Carol Bardin, Dottie Blasingame. Princess Sandra Crowder and Princess Dottie Blasingame and Escort Mike Carter. 2 . L- L , Escort Jimmy Howe. PW m Queen Gwen Kubin and Escort Stanley Edwards. Princess Linda Searcy and Princess Carol Reed and Princess Carol Bardin and Escort Tommy Briscoe. Escort Gary Phillips. Escort Albert Salinas. 255 4e 79624963 Wm Tommy Mitchell, Lana Thomas, Gene Martinez, Gwen Kubin, Frank Garrett, Pam Hill, John Gilli- land and Becky Heath. Right: Gene Martinez and Gwen Kubin Left: Head Cheerleader Tommy Mitchell ana Lana Thomas Frank Garrett and Pam Hill. John Gilliland and Becky Heath. ALTERNATES: James Zimmerman and Dome Blasmgame. MISS PAULA PUTMAN Sponsor t ,12. ???dwrag W L L $52 :5 a , .3 w; 7, wrligg ES a 7962-7?63 7m 7mm 3?! V: 1, FIRST ROW: Ben Dobson, Tom Park, Clifford Bradford, Richard Fabbri, Wayne Parman, Clyde Creighton, Lupe Mesa. SECOND ROW: David Meyers, manager, Alfred Martinez, Dickie Pou, Billy Ashmore, Ronny Hogue, German Green, James Chaves, Dick McGloffin. THIRD ROW: Ben Loring, Jerry Vivaro, Bob Newton, Chester Brown, David Jones, Tommy Briscoe, Don Hill, Don Smith, Rocky Brothers, Coach Jerome Zabojnik. DON HILL: Sophomore, Shot-put DAVID JONES: Senior, Hurdles German Green, Lupe Mesa, Ben Dobson, Clifford Bradford, Alfred Martinez James Chaves looks very determined as he practices with the discus. 440 Eda; TOP TO BOTTOM: Ben Loring, Dickie Pou, Ronny Hogue, Clyde Creighton, Billy Ashmore COACH JEROME ZOBOJNIK Head Track Coach TOMMY BRISCOE: junior, Discus Thrower Not much form, but plenty of fortitude. David Jones tries his skill as other members of'the track team look on. John Adams and Bobby Hall practice before spring training starts. Ben Loring hands off to Don Smith. If youhll notice, neither of Don's feet is touching the ground. Rocky Brothers brushes up on his discus throwing. Maurice Main clears the bar as two other members 262 of the track team look on. Track team goofs off during a practice session. A rare style of high jumping form is displayed by Clifford Bradford. Ben Loring is caught by photographer as he takes off from the starting block in an effort to in- crease his starting speed. 7962-63 M 7m Frank Garrett, Sonny Castleberry, Albert Salinas, Coach Col. Roberts, Tommy Mitchell, Allen Cant- well FRANK GARRETT: Senior ALBERT SALINAS: Senior SONNY CASTLEBERRY: Junior ALLEN CANTWELL: Junior COL. ROSCOE ROBERTS Golf Coach TOMMY MITCHELL: Senior Tex Cole, Betty Arnold, Allen Cantwell, Sue Barber, Fred Dobbs, Lana Huddleston, Jimmy Harper, and Coach David Wagnon. SUE BARBER: Senior FRED DOBBS: Senior ior ior Sen Jun RUFUS JARA LANA HUDDLESTON 'i'V-Wm I O 1 Jun' ALLEN CANTWELL: Coach DAVID WAGNON is MR Tenn TEX COLE: Sophomore BETTY ARNOLD: Sophomore ABOVE: Rufus Jam contemplates his next swing, while Jimmy Harper, right, looks confident as he swings at the tennis ball. w wm xxhw mum xx m mWEKng :xxxrmmx x 3,: w 55 a. m: sma : m mm Wm mm: a 'g :3 3 5:3? $3; w W w W25? n, ggggzswggi 1a: a nggggw xxxxxg x' mu em waggigigigz 5?: , 3;; saw , $3: $$$$ng 2g .a Ms, X :32? , , aw m a n w ,, w my; x 5m v 91 gig: x. mm, 35m? 4 ,3 zax 7?62-63 34W 7mm FIRST ROW: Joe Bob Taylor, Pat Garrett, Dale Ingersol, Dwaine Benedict, Jimmy Peddy, Steve Scarborough, Larry Kennedy, Rene Martinez, Danny Loveless. SECOND ROW: Coach C. M. Bollinger, Johnny Luna, Jimmy Howe, Mike Whitehead, Ronnie Pinckard, Mike Pugh, Jimmy Alexander, Billy Ashmore, John Spear, David McNalIy, Coach Gene Coppedge. THIRD ROW: Billy Kennedy, James Paige, Tom Crockett, Ronnie McGee, Mike Russell, Danny Boyce, Tommy Humphrey, Victor Rucker. JIMMY HOWE: Senior; left field. LARRY KENNEDY: Junior; pitcher. 27' w, ' x W RENE MARTINEZ: Sophomore; infielder. M . BOLLINGER Baseball Coach JIMMY PEDDY, Junior; outfielder. Joe Bob Taylor looks determined, but Danny Loveless is more worried about his belt than the scrimmage. RONNIE PINCKARD, Junior: catcher. Third baseman, Mike Pugh, in action. JOHN SPEER: Sophomore, outfield. MIKE PUGH: Sophomore; outfield. STEVE SCARBOROUGH: Senior; right field. Hiding from the camera, R 0 n n i e Tischmacher catches a curve ball. Jimmy Peddy returns a ground ball quickly to infield. RONNIE TISCHMACHER: Junior; catcher. Joe Bob Taylor doesn't catch Billy Kennedy is caught by photog- rapher as he rounds the bases in a baseball practice session. The boys were timed on their running. Sophomore Mike Russell appears worn Out by the end of the afternoon work- out. An out at first base By joe Bob Taylor. Steve Scarborough shows Why he is a big part of our base- ball team. Bulldogs brush up on their throwing and pitching before real practice begins. Mike Russell shows us how to do it. Ronnie Tishmacher tests the bats to see Which one he will use. Bardin Princess Janie Petty and Escort Ron- ncess Carol nie McGee. ve Scarborough. Princess Rhonda Pen and Escort Tom Princess Lois Schirato and Escort Crockett. Pat Garrett. incess Dottie Blasingame and E5- t Jimmy Howe. These young men have just re- ceived the Camp Dallas cup for the best Patade Company of 1962. To them and the other members of the . R.O.T.C. we owe our gratitude for their interest in the .future of our , school and our eountry. They are one more addition to the color, spirit, and tradition of North Dallas. 27 COL. ROSCOE ROBERTS SGT. GILBERT JACOBSON Sgt. Jacobson looks unsure as he listens to Sgt. Bakefs instruction. SGT. ROBERT BAKER FIRST ROW: Scutter Newton, Gilbert Escamilla. SECOND ROW: Frank Luna, Fred Dobbs, Wally Wilson, Stuart Robertson. THIRD ROW: Frank Pinson, David Grimm, Bill Berkley, Calvin Rogers, Larry Jenkins,. George Padilla. FOURTH ROW: David Hackler, Tommy Dorough, Robert Reed, Billy Page, Bob Brunson, Eddie Van Hattum. North Dallas cadet officers practice "front and center" for the parade. FIRST ROW: Scutter Newton, Gilbert Escamilla. SECOND ROW: Wally Wilson, Fred Dobbs, David Grimm, Folger Vallette. SCUTTER NEWTON Honorary Cadet Major Regimental Commander GWEN KUBIN Smff Prizzren FIRST ROW: Stuart Robertson, Calvin Rogers, Bill Wynn, George Padilla. SECOND ROW: Charles Price, Steve Adair, Danny Linn, Lonnie Fountain, Leslie McGehee, Daryel Nance, Johnny Wilson. THIRD ROW: George Davis, Robert Miller, Ronnie Toler, Larry Curts, Frank Brister, Larry Skelton. FOURTH ROW: Pat Layne, Jim Yarbrough, Larry Holloway, Jimmy Elder, Tony Bredlow, Rodney King, Rick King. Honorary Cadet Major HUNTYCE FORGY STUART ROBERTSON B51774 Primfif CALVIN ROGERS Band Commander Executive Officer FIRST ROW: Franklin Pinson, Robert Reed, Charles Lancaster, David Hackler, Billy Page. SECOND ROW: Bobby Britt, Johnny Colunga, Fred Sandaral, Leonard Angle, Roger Frith, Gregg Coleman, Johg Williams, Virden Laws, Joe Deleon, John Randy Charles, Richard Jung. THIRD ROW: Patric, David Bramblet, David McWeely, Fred Wiggins, Ronnie Pinchard, Tommy Humpry. FOURTH ROW: Ernest English, Joe Buentello, Gary Langston, Timothy Whittaker, Duke Holt, James Webb, Tob Hoover, Paul Mills, Eddie Moore. FRANK PINSON Vi , ROBERT REED Company Commander Executive Officer Honorary Cadet Colonel SANDRA CROWDER 1962 Military Quem FIRST ROW: Frank Luna, Tom Dorough, Johnny Floyd, Folger Vallette. SECOND ROW: Wayne Pettit, Steve French, Mike Gonzales, Pat Stewart, P. J. Wolf, George Pineda. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Hammett, Mickey Lister, Gilbert Gutierrez, Jessy Corrillo, Paul Manriquez, Jimmy Baker, David Lewton. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Skipworth, Steve Morrow, Jeff Howard, Wright Toth, Boby Hall, Gabe Tarr, David Mendez. FIFTH ROW: Jimmy Sherman, Mike Foreman, James Lanier, Boyd Johnson, John Gunther, John Adams, Paul Lemons, Bill Grindstaff. FRANK LUNA Honorary Cadet Major TOMMY DOROUGH Company Commander MARILYN GILLILAN Executive Officer Company Princeu FIRST ROW: Billy Berkley, Jerry Gary GUIDON BEARER, Bob Brunson. SECOND ROW: Pedro Laredo, Don Johnson, Richard Masters, Alex Garcia, Luke Grizzaffi, Rudolph Philiph, Rodie Golden, Jody Chenoweth THIRD ROW: Densel Ledgerwood, Daniel Palomo, Benney Barrero, Mike Cortez, William Green, Glenn Grady, Salvador Garza. FOURTH ROW: Larry Kennedy, Billy Cooper, Lon Rosser, Gene Laclair, Robert Ovalle, Joe Kidd, Jerry Rub, Tommy Mendez. BILLY BERKLEY Honorary Cadet Major BOB BRUNSON Company Commander RITA MCDONALD Executive Officer Company Princes; FIRST ROW: Edmund Gray, Eddie Va Hattum, Juan Luna GUIDON BEARER, Larry Jenkins. SECOND ROW: Ponciano Garcia, Fred Thompson, Jerry Hackler, Don Adams, John Seaman, Joe Morales, Billy Roden, Rick Benight. THIRD ROW: Phillip Miller, John Johnson, John McSorley, Gary Chandler, Joe Ballenger, Ronnie Roden, Kenny Yee, John Thrasher. FOURTH ROW: Bill Lotridge, Roger Miller, Wayne White, John Logue, Keith Henderson, James Cross, Graham Richardson, Larry Miller, Robert Bernt. EDMUND GRAY Honorary Cadet Major EDDIE VAN HATTUM Company Commander SHERI COLEMAN Executive Officer Compzmy Prinwm FIRST ROW: Gilbert Escamilla, Scutter Newton, Frank Luna, Tommy Dorough, Eddie Van Hattum. SECOND ROW: Daniel Palomo, Ronnie Pinckard, Steve Morrow, Gabe Tart, Jerry Rubi, Jimmy Baker, Richard Masters, Alex Garcia, Johnny Floyd, Jerry Garey. THIRD ROW: Eddie Moore, Joe Kidd, Mike Foreman, Kenny Yee, Joe De Leon, Roger Frith, Richard Jung, P. J. Wolfe, Pedro Laredo, Joe Morales. Scutter Newton gives a daily inspection of the "NORSEMEN." Frank Pinson marches proudly in front of his company as he leads the parade. Our color guard proudly holds hOLD GLORY" during a parade. Bobby Hall seems to be asleep while standing at attention. Edmund Gray likes to be different from everyone else by marching backwards. C01. Roberts watches on as company "B" drills "Let's go, get your distance," says Tommy Dorough to one of its classes. some of the cadets. Scutter Newton gives a daily inspection to one of the companies. Frank Luna, no doubt, is marching his company towards victory! 292 Scutter Newton gives the new queen, Sandra Crowder, her roses as last year's queen Pamela Hill crowns her. Mrs. Roberts seems to be asleep as she dances with her husband. The princesses and their escorts were Rita McDonald and Bennie Barrera, Gwen Kubin and Fred Dobbs, Huntyce Forgy and Larry Holloway, Marilyn Gillilan and Tommy Dotough, Sheri Coleman and Eddie Van Hattum. While everyone dances, Frank Pinson and his date seem to have :1 private joke between themselves. The newly elected queen, Sandra Crowdet and her court: Sheri Coleman, Rita McDonald, Gwen Kubin, Huntyce Forgy, Marilyn Gillilan with former queen, Pamela Hill, pose for the camera. Gilbert Escnmilla marches proudly in front of the honor guard which was set up for the princesses. Officers show off the cup won by them and the company for the best parade company. "This is a tent I'm tearing down, isn't it?" asks Ronnie Roten. This was one of the daily visits to the "Green Monster." Captain Edmund Gray gives a dem- onstration concerning discipline. Why isn't Pruney smiling? Scutter Newton stands in full attire, "Watching," as camp folds up. Captains Scutter Newton and Edmund Gray discuss problems on the first day of camp. At the beginning of the school term, each prospective membere of the yearbook staff sells advertisements. In fall the Viking Staff holds a giant sales campaign. The money from these advertise- ments, together with the money made from the sales of our year- books, makes the VIKING pos- sible. The Viking Staff wishes to thank these businessmen for their co- operation in placing advertisements in the Viking, and the student body of North Dallas for supPorting their Viking. 296 The N. D. Cheerleaders lead the Alma Mater during the Woodrow Assembly. C. C. ALLEN SCALE SERVICE 2526 Brookfield Ave. DALLAS 35. TEXAS C. C. ALLEN FLeefwood 7-3045 MITCHELL'S FAMOUS BAR-B-Q 2! l8 Greenville Ave. TA 3-9243 BURK'S BARBER SHOP 4I05V2 Oaklawn Ave. LA l-0252 open 7:30 am. +0 6:00 pm. MODERN OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 3802 CEDAR SPRINGS LA 6-3236 RenfaIs-Special Ra+es +0 Sfudenfs Sales-New and Used Typewri+ers Service-All Office Equipmenf Ribbons-Carbon Paper-Office Supplies Looks like another completed pass for Our haxd-wotking team. SEWELL " . " VILLAGE LA 6-8505 5460 Presi'on Rd. DALLASl TEXAS DICK CROWLEY MY FLORIST 5342 Lemmon Ave. LA 8-0294 LA 8-0287 FE l-632I 3920 Penrod 51'. DALLAS II. TEXAS Dis+ribu+or of TOM'S TOASTED PEANUTS Tom's Peanu+ BuHer Sandwiches and Candies Nowheresville Most Likely to Be in Your Future Young M oderns Live Better Electm'cally M DALLAS POWER 3. LIGHT COMPANY J IMMY COOK'S GROCERY Choice Mea+s Frozen Fish Frozen Foods School Supplies 2259 Anson Rd. FL 2-0248 Marllynn Gilliland, Elizabeth Rogers, Joy Sul want, Mary Whittenback and Pat Rodriquez practice to make perfect, the drill-team. BILGER FLORIST 3525 Greenville TA 4-3 63 7 TEXAS PAINT 82 WALLPAPER CO. 4225 ROSS TA 4-4574 Walipaper-Hoor Coverings Pain+-Sunclries Mr. Whittlesy explains to the sophomores what all about. USSERY PRINTING CO. 3204 Gasfon TA 7-9933 TA 3-788l COLE AND HASKELL DRUGS 3l2l N. Haskell LA l-543l Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1963 MaHs. Sha kes Hamburgers F REZO 453l Maple Ave. LA 6-6063 Congratulations to Seniors '63 ' a Stuart Robertson helps to raise spirit at N. D. Pep As- semblies and games. URBISHES MELROSE PHARMACY Oaklawn Ave. a'l' Dickason Ave. LA l-2I33 DALLAS l9, TEXAS Serving Norfh Dallas 53 Years PHONE LA I-0264 The "New Look" in Shoe Repairing HIGHLAND PARK SHOE SERVICE Me+alizing Baby Shoes Over 30 Years' Experience in Shoe Repairing D. D. EDGAR. 3223 Knox s+. Mgr. DALLAS. TEXAS ODENEAL JEWELRY 5443 Denfon Drive ME l-0I25 N. D. Senior Citizenship at its best. GEYER DALLAS STREET GUIDE Pa+hfinder Map of Dallas and Dallas Coun+y P.O. Box 20252 FL 2-2425 DALLAS 20. TEXAS Richard Contrares and Brenda Seitzler really have fun at N. D. sock hops. BUCK DOUTHIT MOBIL SERVICE STATION 3025 N. Fihhugh LA 1-0139 "We give Top Value S+amps" SPANISH VILLAGE 3839 Cedar Springs LA 8-97I3 Fred Quick and Suzanne Bartlette always seem to find something to talk about. MODERN CLEANERS Men's Suifs Silks Hand Finished TA 3-0954 A. R. KNOWLES 42I7 BRYAN CHARM BEAUTY SHOP 80l8 Denfon Drive FL 2-0072 OPEN 9-6 MATTIE BELL GILLESPIE Compliments of DAN KELLIHER INSURANCE AGENCY 7I4 FideIHy Union Life Bldg. DALLAS. TEXAS RI 2-7I68 CASUALTY 0 FIRE O BONDS 0 LIFE CASUALTY - FIRE BONDS - LIFE FEDELITY UNION LIFE BLDG. DALLAS, TEXAS RI 2w7l68 GASTON AVENUE CLEANERS 44l3 Gas+on Ave.. a'r Carroll -Pick Up and Deliverye TA 3-78'7 The Vikingettes represent North Dallas in various parades and performances with much gusto. LA l-l326 BRIDGES SHOE STORES E DICK 2; DON SERVICE STATION 3.003,? 33;:wa $5.; 2:315:35 Firesfone Tires and BaHeries WH 3'89'6 TA "085' Wash-Lubrica+ion E. B. DICKENS McKinney af Haskell "More for Your Dollar a+ Bridges" N. D. FUNDERBURGH DALLAS, TEXAS SW "FINEST IN FABRIC CARE" 34I9 Lombardy 77l2 Den+on Dr. 4l3l Bluffview 6920 Hines 297I Walnuf Hill Luis Mora and Pat Rodriquez help decorate for the beauty assemblyefrom the sidelines. RANDALL FLORISTS 2928 N. Henderson TAylor 4-2545 DICK JORDAN Owner Mike Thompson patiently waits for another chance to aid the team. The Student Council handles problems at their Monday morning meetings. LA 8-8760 MAIBAUER MOBIL 49l5 LEMMON Free Free Pickup and Delivery Plaid S+amps Our majorettes lead the band in the Balloon Parade. 307 800d9d Lightning Protection Systems Underwriter Approved Lightning Rods Electrostatic Engineers DALLAS 4502 Holland LAkeside 1-4528 "SIGN OF SAFETY" Thompson Lightning Protection has meant 10070 effective light- ning protection for 50 years. Pro- tect your farm the Thompson way. . . 1+ sfrikes schools churches. hospi- +aIs and homes af random . . . brings fire, des+ruc+ion and dea+h. Spires. +ow- ers. flagpoles and ofher proiecfion com- monly found on +hese buildings can ac- +ually a+frac+ Hwis rufhless killer. Help safeguard your communify. lnsis+ on adequafe Iigh+ning profecfion-so sim- ple and inexpensive. especially when compared +0 possible losses. PROTECT NOW! especially suburban homes PHILLIP'S VARIETY STORE 4442 MAPLE LA 6-I357 Complimenfs of J. R. DUSEK Wi+h Ed Maher, Inc. 420 N. Harwood 5+. RI .387. POU THE PLUMBER 2 ms N. HASKELL TONY KICKIRILLO TEXACO TAY'" 3'4525 3124 Nor+h Fifzhugh DALLAS 4. TEXAS LA l-0304 lNTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS INCORPO RATED Designers Manufacfrurers Since I9IO Invi+a+ions Cards - Diplomas - Yearbooks ROBERT T. ADAMS KANSAS CITY 530 Verne+ S+ree+ FACTORY and HOME OFFICE RICHARDSON. TEXAS 60l5 Travis Lane Suzy DeGaw leads the Vikingettes in their high kick routine ADams 5-IOIO MISSION KANSAS 309 against T. J. Mrs. Hill and parents show delight as Pamela is crowned Homecoming Queen. Compliments of AVALAWN Cleaners. Dyersl Launderers 3923 CEDAR SPRINGS LA l-5l48 Cleaners-Dyers-HaH-ers-Cold Fur Sforag JIMMIE OCHS Custom Construction FL 2-6490 New Homes Remodeling Fire Res+ora+ion Lake Cabins Cabanas Gay S+ruc+ures T. RAMEY CO. Grinding Service 3023 N. Fi+zhugh Ave. DALLAS 4, TEXAS Sales Saws Sanders Drills Rou+ers Hedge Shears Saw Blades Rou+er Bi'l's Shear Blades Saw Filing Planer Knives Paper Knives Band Saw Blades Carbide Grinding Pick Up and Delivery LA 8-9355 RAGAN SERVICE STATION 420l McKinney LA 6-ll55 Sheri Coleman leads the Vikingettes in a precision drill routine at the Adamson game. EVERARDO l. LOZANO Real Es+a+e Broker. FL l-0I32 Bonded. Have Buyers. Lisfings Wan+ed. Tile Work 2122 SHEA RD. DALLAS. TEXAS STORK LAND Ba by Furni+ure "Larges+ Selecfion in Dallas" 33H NORTH FITZHUGH - LA 6-7947 PETTY PLUMBING COMPANY Comple+e Plumbing Service 4206 Cole Ave. LA 6-65l4 DA 1-0008 LA 8-5307 Wighfs and SundayS "O. K., boys, fun's over" says Coach Za ojnik at Bulldog pfactice session. SUPERIOR BOWLING CLUB 4l50 N. Cenfral Expressway TA 6-3525 "Junior Memberships Save You Money" Congratulations SENIORS '63 Seniors Gwen Kubin, Pamela Hill, Georgia Brunson, Juney Jordan, Frank Garette and Jimmy Howe cut up in front of the Mobile Stage on High School Day. 33l8 N. Fi+zhugh DALLAS, TEXAS Phone: LA 8-0383 LA l-3806 o Florist Antiques Nighh FL 2-8772 DALCO CHEMICAL and MAINTENANCE COMPANY Sanii'ary Supplies 42 I 6 Bryan w. M. ENCKE TA 6-2063 Mgr. DALLAS. TEXAS The Vikingettes help build school spmt dunng pep as- semblies. Telephone TA 4-256l Permanenf Type Fil+ers O. E. WHITE FILTER SERVICE xas' Oldesf Complefe FiHer Sales and Service" l4ll No. Peak S+ree+ Posf Office Box 8l22 O. E. WHITE SR. DALLAS 5. TEXAS BUTCHER'S COSDEN SERVICE STATION MECHANIC ON DUTY Road Service and U-Haul Trailers LA 6-9036 35l9 McKinney Ave. DALLAS. TEXAS L. V. BUTCHER Propriefor Senior English brings about varied expressions from the Seniors. 3l3 "77" HAMBURGERS 4432 Harry Hines DALLASl FINEST CHARCOAL HAMBURGERS AND HOT DOGS Try Our SpeciaHy No. 4-Wi1'h Chili. Cheese and Onions. Only 4 blocks nor+h of Cobb S+adium on Harry Hines. ll A.M. +0 Midnighf "77" RANCH MOTOR HOTEL 4500 Harry Hines You can' be sure when you recommend "77ll your guesfs will re- ceive a +ruly friendly recep+ion. Our business is making ou+-of- fown people happy. WE INVITE YOUR INSPECTION. 2! Years Under +he Same Managemenf 24-Hour Room Service Heafed Swimming Pool Breakfasi- in Bed Free TV in Each Room Compliments of REPUBLIC NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. 3988 N. Cen+ral Expressway TA 4-0I3I Specializing in Crisp Egg R- Chinese Food and Chow Me Family 5+er Dinner AIR CONDITIONED CHINA CLIPPER CAFE Besf Chop Suey in Town Sizzling Steak and Sea Food We Prepare Any Food +0 Take OmL LA 6-9 I 65 DALLA 3930 McKinney TEXA ' So this is What senior girls do in gym. JUSTICE MAN'S SHOP Complefe Ivy League Apparel From +he CAMBRIDGE ROOM 356 Hillside Village TA 4-6006 DALLASI TEXAS KNOX ST- WALNUT HILL HARDWARE BARBER :27 Walnuf Hill Village SHOP FL 2-1001 DALLAS, TEXAS 3 I 28 Knox 5+. 74c 7ap Km: 3W 5m Under Personal Supervision of JUNE BURKHOLDER 4l60 Buena Vis+a LA 8-2604 DALLAS. TEXAS LEWIS FERGUSON PLUMBING CO. 3605 McKinney LA 8-5666 GULF SERVICE CENTER 3734 McKinney LA 6-9I42 DEWEY AUSTIN Your Good Guhc S+a+ion "LeJr Us Serve Your Needs" Vikingette Captain Sue Barber exhibits North Dallas friendliness as she makes friends with the S. O. C. Golden Bear. AHas Accessories Humble Producfs BRILEY'S SERVICE STATION WISEMAN BRACE C0. We Give S8:H Green S+amps A. P. BRILEY 290i N. Henderson TA 4-l577 38H Brown DALLAS. TEXAS LA 6-8604 Shoes for Children ORTHOPEDIC APPLIANCES Flowers and GEHS for Every Occasion HOLT'S FLORIST Gwen Kubin and Gene Martinez cheer the Bulldogs on at the Richardson game. 20 l 7 Greenville Avenue PHONE TA 7-322I ALL HOURS RUST PICTURE FRAMING Ci+y-Wide Delivery of 3320 King's Road Lovely Flowers You LA 82 I 82 Can Afford 6596 OWNED AND OPERATED BY 3. L. YEE 0 Chinese Food 0 Steaks 6 Seafood 0 American Food xi . 5404 LEMMON AVE. 56'6 RESTAURANT Jr VL Open '11 :00 AM. Daily and Sundays - LA 6-1050 SONNYS Pme" ""k gw LAkeside l-732l Knox S+re FINA STATION HANDLEY'S Knox S+ree+ Cleaners Laundry Service Re-Weaving Difficul Ha+s Cleaned and Blocked AHeraHo 2432 N. Fi+zhugh TA 4-956I Captain Sue Barber leads the Vikingettes in forming tw hearts at Homecoming. HAY WAY Bar ' B ' Que 8: Groceries 54l8 DENTON !Cu+ off at HudnalD ME l-l43l Even Underclassmen show Bulldog Spirit. MAURICE'S SHOE REPAIR 35l9 OAKLAWN LA l-9644 h," The same hCompany which manufactures the North Dallas High School class rings also manufactures the Official U. S. Military Academy class rings tWest Pointt, the U. S. Naval Academy class rings tAnnapolist, the S.M.U. cless rings, the University of Texas class rings, the Texas A.8tM. class rings, and famous class rings for hundreds of other distinguished institutions. 'kL. G. Balfour Company PIZZA PARTY OPEN DAILY ITIL l2 P.M. Safurday 'Til 2 A.M. -Carry Out Only- 44 l 5 GASTON AVE. For +he Mos+ Delicious Pizza in Dallas Call TA 3-4446 FAIRMOUNT PHARMACY RI 7-9785 2500 McKinney DALLAS Regisfered Rexall Pharmacisi' JOE A. GONZALEZ Cheerleaders Becky Heath, Tommy Mitchell, alternate Dott Blasingame, and John Gillilan "do their stuff." mt manna swat t? g 17 H1! QIRDIIHV ELLIOT'S HARDWARE 5308 Maple ME l-03l5 PATRICIA'S BEAUTY SALON JO SANDERS - Owner PHONE LA I-5l4l NORTH HASKELL LA l-5l42 3l l5 Congratulations, Seniors '63! CLINE MUSIC CO. Everyfhing for Band and Orches+ra 40l Sunse'l' ll07 Elm WH I-5459 RI 7-373! DALLASI TEXAS DALLAS. TEXAS w , g :32: Seniors Dottie Blasingame, Pat Rodriguez, and Eddie Van Hattum discover something different about our football field. CAPITAN BEAUTY SHOP '808 N. HENDERSON TA 4-37l I Students in Study Hall 201 are deep in study. 323 These students are busy in Mechanical Drawing trying of knowledge. HILLTOP GROCERY and MARKET 4322 Maple Ave. LA l-0356 "We Specialize in Meafs DALE VANDERBURG'S FINA STATION 280l FITZHUGH TA 4-9093 The Mighty Forester Bulldog Eugene Martined rescues Little Orange Riding Hood 4Gwen Kubim. 324 TACKER and GREEN TEXACO SERVICE Corner of Live Oak and Haskell TA 7-4294 PRESTON RECORD CENTER 6l34 Lufher Lane EM 8-6909 Congra+ula+ions +0 Seniors! OAK LAWN TUXEDO RENTAL Formal Accessories-Cus+om Tailoring Men's Apparel LA I-I434 32l0 Oak Lawn DALLAS l9. TEXAS The Viking Band files out for another half-time show. Plumbing Repair Copper Repiping Wi+hou+ Wall Damage ales and Service on All Makes Wafer Heafers Free Es+imafes TA 7-I7Il WESLEY WILLIAMS PLUMBING CO. also BRYAN STREET PLUMBING CO. 4400 BRYAN ST. WHITE'S SHOE SHOP 39l0 CEDAR SPRINGS LA 6-9083 Shoe Repairing This was part of the N. D. crowd at the State Fair Talent Contest. Congrafula+ions. Seniors! complimen+s of +he DELMAN TH EATER Lemmon a+ Raleigh LA 8-ll8l NELL'S BEAUTY SALON 4434 McKinney LA l-247l GRIZZAFFI GROCERY AND MART 3627 Bryan TA 3-7IOI DOAK'S BARBER SHOP 390st2 CEDAR SPRINGS LA I-3620 J. P. DOAK. Owner CLYDE WYNN SERVICE STATION Haskell a+ Bryan TA 3-5296 HERALD DRY CLEANING co. HaH-ers. Dyers. Cleaners 4233 Ross Ave. TA 4-2l9l Free Pick-Up and Delivery PICNICS ' SPECIAL OCCASIONS ' PARTIES Day or Nigh+ Food Service +0 Your Door Ca" Us for Your Coffee and Lunch Breaks WWWSW Ho+ and Cold Sandwiches ' Chili ' Soups Salads ' Cold Drinks ' Juices ' Miik Coffee ' Donu+s and Pas+ries GENE MEYER TA 3-4761 or TA 3-8445 JAY FISCUS 2817 GASTON P. L. CASH RADIO 8 TN. 5437 Den+on Dr. ME I-02I7 EXPRESSWAY BOWL 59l0 N. Cen+ral Expressway TA 6-6930 OPEN 24 HOURS The smiling C0 Vikingettes make their appearance at one of the games. UKE'S FINE FOODS 24 I O Shorecresf FL 2-0 I 80 L. L. BLASINGAME. Owner Cheerleader Gene Martinez introduces our mascot, Duchess, to some girls from Bryan Adams. CARL'S FOOD STORE 3500 McKinney Ave. LA l-0l60 Complimenfs of BlL-JO 81 SON Tile Contracting S'I'ore Fronfs Drainboard Ba+hrooms 42 I9 Cres+haven FL 2-9437 KEENEY'S OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Jimmy Harper watches as Carmela Madden tries to tell us something. Calcula+ors Adding Machines Office Furni+ure and Supplies pewrii'ers Duplica+ors RI 2-644! LONNY SMITH 22 I I Commerce DALLAS. TEXAS ym'd ORIENTAL FOODS 82 GIFTS Chinese and Japanese Foods and Fresh Vege+ables GiHs and Par'ry Favors for All Occasions TA 7-7653 ED J. JUNG 25I9 N. FH-zhugh DALLAS, TEXAS 329 MARINELLO BEAUTY COLLEGE 2908 Oak Lawn O 9 00 0 LA 8-07ll, LA 8-436l Pe" ' +0 ' '00 HAIR STYLING-SETTING WAVlNC-Zv NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED-ALL YOUR BEAUTY NEEDS Na+urally Nor+h Dallas has so many beau+ies-+hey are so close +0 MARINELLO-and we are so close +0 +hem. ATTENTION: Mofhers, insure your daugh+ers' college educa+ion by en- rolling her in MARINELLO +wo summers. She will have a license +0 earn a high income for all her needs. MARINELLO HAIR STYLING AWARD WINNERS I959-MARINELLO beau+y college has won 9070 of +he hair s+yling confesfs for I3 s+raigh'l' years including +he world's award in I959. PERMANENTS SHAPING TINTING NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED PROMPT AND COURTEOUS SERVICE RANEY'S VACUUM SHOP 2II2 Greenville Ave. TA 6-5961 We Welcome Your Pafronage HUB BARBECUE Our Breakfasf Is Tops Make +he HUB a Habif PACIFIC AND ERVAY June Jordan shows the basketball team a new technique. SILVER CIRCLE BEAUTY SALON 27I6 Henderson TA 3-5748 ' ' ACE TV 2k APPLIANCE SERVICE "Dedicafed +0 Service" 3205 Knox 5+. LA 6-8846 DALLAS 5. TEXAS Tung-sol Produc+s SERVICE Three of Adamson's cheerleaders Oohn Gillilan, Frank Garrett, and Gene Martinez in disguisa come to visit before the game. 33I MALONE'S GARAGE Elec+ric Welding AufomO'I'ive I92l N. Henderson TA I-2624 This picture of head cheerleader Tommy Mitchell and Pam Hill is a great example of the spirit and enthusiasm created by our cheerleaders. ESTELLA' S BEAUTY SALON We Specialize in Permanen+-Waving ESTELLA CASTRO Salon Ph. LA 8-5253 Res. Ph. LA 8-3027 4209 Maple Ave. DALLAS. TEXAS Visi+ Us for Qualify Merchandise GRAHAM VARIETY 543: DENTON DRIVE THE FRENCH PASTRY SHOP LA 8-9862 Special Occasion and Whipped Cream Cakes DONUTS COOKIES BREADS CARL'S EUROPEAN SAUSAGE SHOP LA 6-778l 35 VarieHes Double Smoked Bacon S+eaks for Cookou+s 453l-35 McKinney Jus+ OH Knox Col. Roberts watches as Scuttet Newton, Frank Luna, Bob Hall, and Don Adams practice at the rifle range. HIGBEE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE "Exclusive Service on A" Types of Au+oma+ic Transmissions" 7427 Den+on Drive Dallas. Texas BILL HIGBEE FL I-ll93 PENNOCK'S PRESCRIPTIONS 3630 Maple Ave. LA 6-3867 DALLAS This is famished Mr. Wagnon in action. BURTON DAIRY WAY I9I0 N. Haskell DALLAS Bus. Phone Residence TA I-2505 TA 7-2739 FURNITURE a+ Popular Prices JOHN P. THOMAS FURNITURE Buy. Sell. and Trade New and Used Furni+ure. S+oves. Refrigera'fors 42l0 ROSS AVE. DALLAS. TEXAS LL DRUGS SUN REXA BURCH SERVICE STATION 4IOI Bryan .31" Haskell TA 4-4539 Washing and LubricaHon open all nigh+ Mechanical Road Service l'Lei' Us Fill Your Prescripi'ions" TA 3-4900 4502 Bryan C. R. BURCH. Prop. DALLAS, TEXAS RCA WHIRLPOOL PHILCO-BENDIX GOLDEN FURNITURE Comple+e Home Furnishings TA 4-0938 430l Bryan Sf. Dallas 4. Texas Bob Hall, Bill White, and Folger Vallette study before school as Celia Hanna supervises. 935mm 2 67l7 Presfon Road PHONE LA l-9946 DALLAS. TEXAS These Viking Staff members Judy Lewis, June Jordan, Suzy DeGaw, and Pat Rodriguez are shown as theyJeave for the convention in Denton this past Fall. Davis-West INTERIORS CARPETS DRAPERIES LAMPS GIFTS LARRY DAVIS LA 8-l24l 27 Highland Park Village DALLAS 5. TEXAS Mr. Gray, always ready to help, instructs one of his classes in the secrets of Biology. qgw Pancho's AUTHENTIC MEXICAN RESTAURANT The Very Best in Eating Mexican Mexican 5+er Dining Imported Beers I609 McKinney DALLASI TEXAS RI '7-7036 BOB CLARK'S FOOD STORE 28l3 N. Henderson TA 6-2737 DO-lT-YOURSELF STORE 4544 McKinney LA 8-4565 Comple+e Au+o Repair TAYLOR'S GARAGE 4722 Maple LA 6-2597 Can it be that Miss Jenkins is almost caught up in her work? GRANADA THEATRE 3524 Greenville TA l-2205 TROPICAL GARDENS Cole a1" Haskell One of our students must be trying something new. LA I-0264 The "New Lookll in Shoe Repairing HIGHLAND PARK SHOE SERVICE METALIZING BABY SHOES Over 30 Years in Shoe Repairing D. D. EDGAR. Mgr. 3223 Knox 5+. DALLAS. TEXAS K FLOWERS AND FLOWERS and AQUATIC PLANTS For All Purposes Weddings Corsages b AQUARIUMS Md M2 cox: Avg. Funerals. RI 8-7502 What can Mrs. Dismore and Mrs. Gamer be talking about. HOWARD LINN MAN'S SHOP THE MAN'S SHOP 3200 Knox 51'. a1" Cole LA 8-l9l3 DALLAS. TEXAS ri. 2-4991 silk screen A 2718 elm dallas Jesse and the Misters" they won first place. perform at the State Fair where HIGHLAND PARK PHARMACY free delivery Knox a+ Travis LA l-2I26 DOIGG'S REXALL PHARMACY 50 I 7 Lemmon BLACK FLOOR CO. 4223 Maple Ave. LA l-2745 The witch Hana Thoma$ from Sleeping Beauty sneers just before she is killed by the Bulldog Forester. Don t these students in Mr. Wrighfs history claiss look eager to learn? 338 SALON ole BEAUTE 4l04 Oaklawn L . 8-2550 PETROLEUM PRODUCTS C. G. ANDERSON SERVICE STATION 3927 Oak Lawn Avenue DALLASI TEXAS C. G. ANDERSON Dealer PHONE: LA l-l76- FRIENDLY FOLKS FRIENDLY PRICES FRIENDLY CHEVRO Lemmon a+ Inwood LA 6-88Il . DALLAS FRIENDLY is why CHEVROLET's the buy Abercrombie, Gail Ann 90 Adair, Stephen Earl 90, 170, 194, 284 Adame, Arthur Lee 82, 197 Adams, Donnie Whine 186, 187, 288, 333 Adams, John Edwin 16,42, 144, 158, 178, 230,244,261,264,106,135 Adams, John Quincy 82, 286 Adams, Judy Ann 82, 150, 158, 197 Adams, Mildred Kay 82, 182, 195 Aderholt, Noel Richard 90 Adkins, Barbara Louise 90, 192 Akins, Norman Lee 42, 142, 143, 162, 178,196,229,238,264,40,106 Alexander, Jimmy Mack 271 Alfaro, Mary 173 Algarin, Margaret 82 Anderson, Lana Joyce 90 Anderson, Liane Lou 90, 182 Andres, Albert Ernest 42, 162 Andres, Peter 191 Andrews, Betty Lou 90 Angel, Leonard 285 Antoine, James Michael 90, 241 Apple, Annelle Binford 42, 176, 177 Armstrong, Judy 42, 160, 163, 164 Arnold, Bettye Sue 267, 269 Arriola, Frances Z. 90 Ashcraft, Leona Faye 42 Ashmore, Billy Von 90, 151, 177, 178, 214, 230,238, 259, 260, 271, 113 Austin, Mary E. 82 Avalos, Beatrice A. 42 Avon, Mary Jane 90 Ayala, Rachel 82, 197 Baker, Jimmy H. 90, 286, 289 BAKER, ROBERT 31, 280 Baker, Susan Ann 42, 160, 188 Ballenger, Joe Keith 90, 163, 288 Barber, Nancy Carol 43 Barber, Nita Sue 20, 43, 140, 160, 164, 166, 183, 186, 187, 267, 317, 320 Bardin, Carol Lee 43, 148, 165, 180, 181, 190,199, 254, 255, 257 Bardin, David Allen 90, 241, 114 Barnard, Alice Anne 90 Bernard, Charles Thomas 43 Barron, Yolanda 43, 163, 186, 187, 196 Bartlett, Suzanne 43, 167, 172, 186, 187, 304 Baxter, Raymond Clay 197 Bell, William Elmo 90 Benedict, Marion Dwaine 90, 230, 238, 271 Bennight, Rickey Dale 90, 170, 288 Berkley, XWiIliam Henry 43, 282, 287 Berndt, Robert Earl 288 Bernhard, Dianne 82 BERRY, MISS IMOGEN 21, 162, 173, 40, 41 Berry, Kimberly Jean 90, 163 Bertrand, Ernest Lee 82, 197 Beshires, Larry Dene 197 Bishop, Gerry Gene 238, 241 Black, Shirley K. 82, 182, 193 Blackburn, Audley, Jr. 90, 95, 145, 170 Blair, Shirley Neal 44 Blake, Roderick Jeffery 43 Blankenship, Wanda Lee 90, 170 340 Blaser, Larry Wlayne 82, 153, 177, 178, 214,230,111 Blasingame, Dorthey Jean 17, 44, 158, 180 181,195,240,254,255,257,322,323 107 Blasingame, Patricia Ann 82, 165 Bledsoe, Linda 82 Bocanegra, Mary Louise 90, 170, 194 BOLLINGER, C. M. 27, 36, 209, 238, 239, 241,271,272 Bonhomme, Martha 44, 163 Boyce, William Daniel 271 Boyd, Susan Diane 90 Boyer, Ronald Boyd 90, 167, 172, 218 Bradford, Clifford Earl 88, 259, 260, 263 Bradford, James Lewis 90 Bramblett, David Allen 285 Branger, Linda Kay 90, 167, 170, 192, 194 Bredlow, Anthony 90, 170, 284 Briscoe, Thomas Richard 177, 214, 230, 238,245,246,259,261,110 Brisendine, Barbara Jean 186, 187 Brister, V. Frank 170, 194, 284 Britt, Bobby Herman 91, 285 BRONENKANT, VIRGINIA 22, 180 Brothers, Judy Ann 91 Brothers, Rockford Wayne 44, 231, 238, 259, 262 Brown, Candy 172 Brown, Carolyn Sue 91 Brown, Chester Douglas 45, 146, 231, 238, 259 Brunson, Georgia Raye 45, 58, 182, 312 Brunson, Thomas Robert 45, 167, 172, 197 282, 287 Bryan, Bettye Gene 195, 45 Bryant, Linda Lavell 45 Buchannon, Linda Sue 45, 186, 187 Buentello, Joseph David '82, 285 Bullard, Sandra Jean 45 Bunch, Sharon Francis 82, 180, 221 Burton, Georgiann 91 Bush,lR0bert 91 Butler, Emma Parlena 91 BUTLER, MRS. MATTYALEA 32 Butler, Patricia Ann 91 , Cain, Brack Powell 197 Camacho, Leonor R. 82, 192 Campbell, Julia Ann 91, 176, 114 Campos, Alfred David 45, 232, 238 Campos, Lenora 82 Cantu, Amparo 46, 165, 186, 187 Cantwell, Allen XWayne 265, 266, 267, 268 Capps, Janet Lynn 91 Carrillo, Jesse Roland 83, 286 Carter, Marie Maxine 46, 168 Cgrter, Michael David 82, 178, 247 Cassidy, Marie 91 Castleberry, Charles 247, 251, 265, 266 Castro, Dolores 91 Castro, Mary Ann 91, 158 Cedillo, Jesse 46 Cervantes, Charles 82, 178, 198, 220, 223, 232,238,244,230,112,136 Chandler, Gary Donald 288 CHAPMAN, MRS. WILMA 32 Charles, Randy 91, 285 Chatten, Betty 46, 164, 167, 172, 180, 19 Chaves, James Martin 82, 185, 232, 238, 259, 260 Chavez, Matilda 83, 165 Chavez, O1Neida 46, 182, 216 Chavoya, Diana 91 Chavoya, Gloria Maria 83, 158, 165, 195, 198 Chavoya, Juanita Hope 91, 158, 176 Chefchis, Chris 91, 241 Chenoweth, Joseph Jody 91, 287 Christe, Georgia Anne 167, 172, 183, 186 187 Claiboume, Ted William 91 CLARK, IVHSS BIARY SAHTH 20, 192, 199 Clark, Richard Lewis 83, 88, 143, 190 Claunch, Patricia Jo 46, 165, 166, 184 CLEMENTS, MISS BETTY 22, 195 Cleveland, Janice Nell 46, 165, 166, 186, 187, 189 Colbert, Jane Arlene 83, 167, 172 Cole, Sarah Elizaeth 16, 17, 42, 76, 158, 160,165, 183,150,195,144 Cok,1bx 91,158,198,241,267,269 Coleman, Gregg Scott 91, 285 Coleman, Sheri Lynn 47, 76, 140, 164, 166,168,180,181,191,285,288,292 293, 311 Colunga, Johnny A. 91 Conner, Daryl 91 Contreras, Richard S. 198, 216, 232, 238, 302 Cooper, Billy Don 287 Cooper, Gary Lee 83, 232, 238, 245, 111 Cooper, Jannet J0 47 Copeland, Mickey Sue 91 COPPEDGE, MR. GENE 27, 35, 208, 225 238, 239, 271 Corrick, Patricia Ann 91, 158, 172, 182 Cortez, Lydia 83, 170, 192, 193 Cortez, Mike 186, 187, 287 Courson, Gary Doyle 83, 47, 197 Cox, April Jean 83, 176, 182 Cox, Patricia Anne 91, 158, 163 Craver, Charles Ronnie 47, 178, 196 Craze, Donna Gail 47, 163, 176 Craze, Mary Annette 83, 176 Creighton, Clyde Hathaway 259, 260, 262 Crockett, Tom 91, 241, 271, 277, 114 Cross, James Curry 288 Crouch, Sharon Kaye 91 Crowder, Sandra Darlene 83, 158, 165, 118 166,222, 254, 255,285, 292, 293,112, 129 Cruz, Elena B. 91 Cuellar, Mary Alice 92 Cuello,D010res 83, 167, 186, 187 Cundiff, James Robert 47 Cunningham, Linda Kay 92 Currin, Jane Evelyn 83 Curry, Sandra L015 163 Curts, Larry Michael 170, 284 Cutler, Mary L. 47, 176 Daoust, Linda Ann 92 DARR, MR. JAMES 29, 182, 209 Davenport, Gary Ferrell 47 Davila, Myrna 83, 168, 191, 202 Davis, Ann Elizabeth 83, 158, 185, 191, 221 Iavis, Dennie Lynn 48., 140, 143, 160, 162, 164,167,180,40,108 Iavis, Doris Avis 83 Iavis, George Allen 83, 170, 194, 284 avis, George Lee 83, 165, 185 IaVis, Janie Ruth 48, 163, 172, 195, 196 II avis, Martha Grace 92, 192 . Iay, Vicki Dean 92 IeGaw, Suzy Tawny 48, 138, 140, 148, 149,199,160,164,166,204,207,209 215,241,245,309,334,180,181,190 107,119 IIeleon, Joe R. 92, 285, 289 Ielgado, Olga 47, 163, 195 IIENSMORE, MR, JOHN 22 IIenton, Helen Marie 92 IIEW, MISS MILDRED 20, 190, 208 Diaz, Olivia 48, 74, 173, 195 Dismore, Diana Kay 83 DISMORE,1VIR. JOE 34, 195, 337 Dismore, Ronald 92 Dobbs, James Frederick 16, 48, 140, 146, , 158,162,172,185,267,282,283,292 Dobson, Ben 92, 168, 232, 238, 259, 260 Dorough, Allen Thomas 48, 76, 282, 286, 289, 291, 292 Dotson. Susan Joanne 83, 196 DRIVER, MISS DAYLE 25 Drobnies, Naomi E. 83, 188 Duarte, Maria Carmen 173 Duval, Ellen 83 Duval, Karla 49, 203 Duvall, Allen Scott 92 Eaton, Charlie Edward 49 , Edwards, Michael Odell 49 Edwards, Stanley Jay 49, 162, 176, 177, 178,196,214,233,238,247,249,25L 252,264,107,136 Eilers, Susan Elaine 83, 170 Elder, James Lee 167, 172, 80, 140, 284 Ellingson, Penny Jeanne 8O Ellis, Linda Patricia 50,158, 176, 182, 195,222,106,128 Elmore, Judy Ann 92 Embrey, Dorothy Ann 92 Emmett, David Michael 50, 192, 229, 238 English, Ernest Arnold 285 Ernest, Roger C. 50, 186, 187 Escamilla, Gilbert Roland 50, 153, 197, 282,283,289, 293 Esquivel, Christine 83 Evans, Judy Bob 92, 176, 220 Everett, Pamela I. 83, 86, 165, 112 Fabbri, Richard 259 Farless, Lynne Ann 50, 163, 165, 173, 182, 199 Farrar, Cynthia Lee 50 Faught, Linda Susan 92 Ferrell, Bill Frank 92 Few, Martha Sue 92, 182, 195, 196, 114 Fiscus, Jaymie Lou 92 Flores, Guadalupe 233, 238 Floyd, John Henry 286, 289 Fooshee, Kay Margaret 51, 170, 182, 185, 191,194 Ford, Gary Lynn 92, 198 FOREHAND, MRS. LEORA 20 Foreman, Michael Jeff 83, 152, 185, 191, 286, 289 Forgy, Huntyce Elaine 51, 144, 147, 160, 167,170,188,284,292,293,194 FORGY, BIR. PAUL B. 28, 170, 194 Foster, Amos Loren 92 Fountain, Lonnie Haskell 92, 170, 194, 284 Fox, Murray Edward 51, 158, 160, 162, 178,203 France, Carol jean 83, 158, 191 Francis, Robert Elmore, II 83, 112 Fredeck, Margaret 84 French, Steve Ray 286 Frith, Roger Wayne 84, 285, 289 Frizzell, Frances E. 51, 69, 168, 170, 182, 185, 199 Garcia, Alex 92, 287, 289 Garcia, Elizabeth Leonor 92 Garcia, Ponciano 288 Gardner, Donnie Lee 163 Garey, Jerry Randall 92, 287, 289 GARLAND, MR. MAX FOSTER 29, 225 GARNER, MR. LEORA 33, 195, 337 Garrett, Frank Olen 51, 163, 178, 179, 240, 256,257,265, 312, 331 Garrett, Patrick Francis 51, 158, 233, 238, 271,272,277 Garza, Carmen 84, 163, 168, 182 Garza, Gloria Linda 51, 162, 189 Garza, Salvador 84, 287 Gibson, Carol Ann 84 Gibson, Linda Jean 92 Gidcumb, Carol Anne 195 Gidcumb, John Vincent 233, 238 Gilbert, Barbara Jean 84 Gilbert, Sheila Kay 92, 167 Gilder, Judy Lorene 92 Gilliam, Earl Ray 51, 197 Gillilan, Marilynn 52, 164, 176, 184, 186, 187,286, 292, 293, 301 Gilliland, John Harrison 52, 240, 256, 257, 322, 331 Goggans, Ronnie Lee 92, 287 Gonzales, Carmen 92 Gonzales, Guadalupe 84, 164 Gonzales, Joe Manuel 92, 241 Gonzales, Joe Angel 52 Gonzales, Mary Conception 52 Gonzalez, Louis 84 Gonzalez, Mike Fernando 84, 163, 197, 286 Goodwin, Kate E. 53 Gordon, Elizabeth Henny 84, 165, 189, 195 Gosche, Marlene Mae 84 Goulding, Clare Marie 53, 189, 190 Grady, Glen 287 GRAY, MR. bIARVIN 24, 334 Gray, William Edmund 53, 158, 76, 178, 191, 288, 290, 294, 295 Grayson, Connie Joe 92, 189 Greathouse, Linda Ellen 92 Green, B111 Dwight 92 Green, Gorman Ray, Jr. 84, 197, 241, 259, 260 GREEN, MR. JACK 22, 23, 185 Green, Johnny Thomas 92 Green, William Dwain, Jr. 287 Green, W. Morris 92 Gresham, James Perry 53 Gressley, Leroy James 197 GRICE, MRS. MIRIAM 26, 164, 208 Grimm, David Alan 53, 185, 282, 283 Grindstaff, William Walter 92, 286 Griswold, Paulette 186, 187, 53 Grizzaffi, Luke Anthony 92, 287 Gryzwinski, Raymond Philip 182, 197 Gryzwinski, Virginia Mary 53, 191 Guerra, Timothy 163 Guevara, Betty Ann 93 Guevara, Mary Helen 84 Gunther, John E. 93, 286 Gutierrez, Gilbert 84, 286 Gutierrez, Sylvia 93 Gwozdziousky, Crest 84 Hackler, David Marcus 282 Hackler, jerry Lee 53,93, 172, 288 Hahn, Carol Lynne 84 Haley, Terry Ann 93 Hall, Robert Cecil 84, 150, 178, 198, 241, 261, 286,290, 333, 334 Hall, Susan Lynnelle 16, 84, 159, 165, 166, 168,190,277,111,118,13O Hammitt, Eugene Jimmy 286 Hanby, Mary Sue 54, 185, 191, 194, 170 Handley, Melody Ann 54, 159, 165, 166 Hanes, Brenda Kay 84, 164, 168, 190, 111 Hanna, Celia Josephine 54, 190, 209, 220, 334 Hanna, Roberta Erin 93, 183, 130 Hansard, Phillip Atwell 93 Harmon, Van Edmond 93, 163, 197 Harper, Cathryn Ann 93 Harper, Jim L. 54, 140, 267, 269, 329 Harrelson, Johnny Burton 54, 159, 234, 238 Harrington, Gary 93 Harris, Linda Jeanie 84 Harris, Phyllis Ann 54, 183 Harville, Gypsy Michele 93, 170 HASSELL, LIR. ROYCE 27, 238, 239 Hay, John Curtis 93, 186, 187 Heath, Becky 84, 86, 240, 256, 257, 322 Heatherly, Doris Carol 93 Hebert, Anita Marie 54, 164 Hedden, Marian Farley 93 Helton, Marshall Edwin 93 Henderson, Alice Mae 54 Henderson, Jerry Lee 197 Henderson, Keith Paul 85, 288 Henry, Richard Allen 85 Hernandez, Edward 55 Hernandez, Lupe Rosa 85 Hildebrandt, Sarah Jane 85, 159, 165, 177, 190,111 Hill, Don Wayne 234, 238, 259 Hill, Pamela 55, 180, 213, 222,241, 117, 244,256, 257, 292, 293, 312, 332, 104, 126 Hinsley, Johnny Wayne 93 Hobson, Sandra Kay 85, 176 Hogue, Ronald Gene 93, 241, 259, 260, 114 Hollinger, June Elizabeth 93 HOLBROOK, MRS. HELEN 21 Holloway, Larry Milton 85, 167, 170, 172, 185, 188, 284, 292 Holloway, Nettie Ruth 163, 170 Holt, Duke 285 Hoover, Lucian Tab 285 Hopkins, Franklin 93 Howard, Jeff Lanell 286 Howe, James Edward, Jr. 55, 142, 143, 147, 162,178,206,215,229,238,247,249 250,264,271, 276, 277, 312, 40, 107 Huddleston, Svetlana 267, 268 Hulsey, Elizabeth 55 Humphrey, Tommy Ray 93, 163, 271, 285 HUMPHREY, MRS. WINIFRED 20, 176, 208 HUMPHRIES, BOBBYE 20 Hunsaker, Tommie Clinton 56, 163 Hunsaker, Willie Marion 93 HUPFELD, MRS. DOROTHY 12 Hurst, Johnny Lee 56, 197 HUTCH'INSON, MR. SELDON S. 11, 16, 17, 158, 8 HYDE, MR. RUFUS 27, 35, 229, 238, 239 Ingersoll, Dale Gene 93, 271 Inman, Ronnie Ray 93, 163 IRISH, MRS. CLIO 32, 161 Jackson, Dennis Philip 93, 159 Jackson, Herman Keith 220, 241 Jackson, James Neville 85, 178, 247 Jackson, Richard Michael 56, 152, 160, 178, 185 Jackson, Roy M. 56 Jackson, Shirley Ruth 93 , JACOBSON, GILBERT 31, 280 James, Ianet Elaine 93, 195 Jara, Rufus 219, 268, 269 Jenkins, Bobbie Sue 93 Jenkins, Charlotte Ann 93 JENKINS, MISS ELENOR 33, 195, 336 Jenkins, Judy Anne 85, 173 Jenkins, Larry Dale 56, 185, 282, 288 Jimerson, Billie Ruth 85 Johns, Pattie Jo 93 Johnson, Boyd A., III 85, 286 Johnson, Bruce Dean 93 Johnson, Donald Allen 287 Johnson, Iva Darlene 197 Johnson, John Lee 288 Johnson, Mark Dean Johnson, Shirley Jane 85 Jones, David Joseph 16, 56, 158, 152, 178, 221,234,238,259,261,108 Jones, Dolores Ann 55, 195 Jones, Donna Mary 167, 186, 187 Jones, Gary Dwight 56 ,196, 234, 238 Jones, HaroldEugene 241 Jones, Susan Annette 93, 170, 185, 194 Jordan, June Ann 57, 153, 180, 176, 177, 19o,205,312,331,334 Jung, Lyn Sue 85, 163, 170, 176, 185, 193 Jung, Richard Winston 93, 163, 280, 285, 289 Kavanaugh, Barbara Jane 93 342 Keetch, Danna Kaye 93, 159, 114, 128 Keetch, Judy Lynn 57, 183, 222, 223, 108 129,119 Kennedy, Billy Wayne 271, 275 Kennedy, James Larry 271, 287 Kidd, Joe Sherman 94, 287 King, James Rodney 57, 170, 185, 186, 187,284 King, Rick Owen 85, 284 Kinney, Susie Collene 94 Kirby, Dorothy Jayne 57, 163, 168, 195 Kleen, Robert 216 Kocyan, Anna Jo Marie 94, 164 Kramer, Roberta Lee 85, 185, 187 Kruse, Laura Ann 94 Kubin, Gwendolyn Lea 16, 17, 57, 159, 183, 186, 187, 189,196,213, 215, 222, 241, 244, 254, 255, 283, 292, 293, 312, 318, 324, 106,117 Kundey, Gary Eugene 94, 241 Kurc, Barbara Jean 85, 189 : Lacey, Judy Lee 57, 177 Lacey, Mollie Ann 57, 148, 152, 162, 189, 192, 193, 199 Lafferty, Jay F . 94 Lairs, Verdan 94 Lancaster, Charles Cartlan 285 Lancaster, Helen Marie 94, 177, 198 Lane, David Arganbright 94, 197 Lang, Linda Lee 57, 160 Langston, Gary 280, 285 Lanier, James 286 Lappe, Ronnie Richard 85 Lara, Esther 94, 159 Lara, Guadalupe 85 Lara, Ralph 58 Laredo, Pedro 287, 289 Laws, Virden Newton 285 Layne, Pat Stuart 85, 170, 172, 284 Lecclaire, Eugene Gordon 94, 287 Ledbetter, Rebecca Jane 94 Ledgerwood, Denzle 287 Lee, Carolyn Sue 94 Lee, Doris Jeanne 94 Lee, Frankie Joe 170 LEMMON, MRS. CLARA 22, 23, 208 Lemons, Paul W. 94, 286 LeNoir, Carol Ilene 114, 16, 94, 159, 151, 177 LeNoir, Mary Suzanne 58, 177 Leptic, Rickie 85 Lettieri, Ralph Lee 93 LEWIS, MRS. GENELIA 24 Lewis, Janice Gail 85, 165 Lewis, Judy Gail 58, 68, 165, 177, 180, 181, 190, 195, 205, 334 Lewton, David Lee 286 Liebreich, Johnny Michael, 94 Line, William Pelsent 94 Linn, Allison Amanda 86, 163 Linn, Dan Malcolm 86, 170, 284 Lister, Mickey Allen 286 Loftus, Mokkus 86, 168, 183 Logue, John Slaton 288 Logue, Spain Avery, Jr. 137, 94, 151, 115 London, Tracey Alyson 94 Long, Ronald Wayne 58, 197 Lopez, jesse Joseph 58, 178, 186, 187, 216,220, 55,108 Loredo, Pedro 94 Loring, Ben Edwin, Jr. 84, 86, 177, 178, 196,214, 234, 238, 259, 260, 262, 263, 288,112 Love, Warren Jay, Jr. 58, 178, 182, 186, 187 Loveless, Danny David 94, 159, 198, 241, 271 Lozano, Betty Juanelle 28, 160, 170, 185, 59 Lubke, Anthony Wayne 95, 186, 187, 241 Luna, Francisco Xavier 59, 178, 282, 286, 289, 291, 333 Luna, Juan Jose 95, 288 Luna, Satresa Jill 95 Luna, Sheila Dolores 94, 170, 194, 141 Lyon, Crystal 95 Lyon, Patricia Ann 59, 167, 170, 172, 194 McAnaIly, Janet 59, 186, 187 McDonald, Richard 95 McDonald, Rita Kay 86, 287, 292, 293 McFarling, Judith Ann 59 McGee, Genie 173 McGee, Ronnie Lee 95, 241, 271, 277, 114, 137 McGehee, Leslie Clifton 170, 284 McGibboney, Linda Darnell 6O McGinnis, Linda LaVern 95 McGloffin, Dick 259 McGovern, Kathy Kay 86, 168, 183, 196 McGuire, Kathryn E. 86, 164 McLaughlin, Charles Richard 95 McLeod, Tania Louise 95 McNeely, David Lee 271, 285 McSorley, John Kevin 95, 288 McVay, David Clyde 95 Macaulay, Mary Elizabeth 59, 149, 159, 160, 186, 187, 192, 199 Madden, Carmela C. 86, 159, 168, 177, 173, 186,187,195,198,329 Main, Jimmie Earl 60 Main, Maurice Vernon 86, 96, 234, 238, 244, 262 Main, Patsy Janet 95 Maldonado, Carmen 86 Maldonado, Maggie 60, 188, 192, 199 Mallewick, David Bruce 60 Malone, Patricia Joan 60 Manriquez, Paul 86, 163, 197, 286 Marine, Anna Marie 60, 165, 196 Martel, Mark 60, 159, 173, 186, 187 Martin, Roger Brent 95 Martinez, Alfred 86, 178, 198, 259, 260 Martinez, David 60 Martinez, Eugene 61, 178, 241, 240, 256, 257,318, 324, 329, 331 Martinez, Mary Ann 95, 183 Martinez, Rene 95, 247, 249, 271, 272 Massingill, Patricia Irene 170 MASTERS, MISS ETHEL 21, 160, 188 Mastin, Richard Wayne 95, 287, 289 May, Jane E. 195 Mayberry, Patrick Owen 95, 198, 229, 238, 247 elton, David Ray 197 ena, Joe 235, 238 endez, David 286 endez, Judy 61 endez, Tom 287 EYER, MR. RALPH 25, 145, 178 eyers, David 259 eyers, Ruthy Marie 84, 86, 159, 169, 177,183,112,130 eza, Lupe Joe 259, 260 eza, Mary Alice 86, 173 iller, Allan Reed 61 iller, Cynthia Ann 95 -111CI, Janet 61, 165, 177, 184, 213, 221, 241, 244 11161, Larry Frank 288 Iiller, Phillip Ray 288 i1ler, Robert Earl 95, 163, 284 7 tiller, Roger 288 liller, Sandra 62, 195, 168 fills, Paul Goodwin 87, 285 illsaps, Claudette 87, 165, 166, 169, 173, 177,195,198 ims, William Sidney 87, 196 Iitchell, Thomas Houston 62, 149, 152, 178, 240, 244, 256, 257, 108, 266, 327, 332, 265 oore, Eddie Clark 87, 219, 285, 289 OORE, MISS WYNETTE 25, 208 Iora, Luis 86, 141, 235, 238, 306 Iorales, 158185 186, 187 orales, Joe V. 95, 288, 289 oreno, Olga Volanda 87 2 Iorrison, Linda Jean 95 Iorrow, Steve Alan 286, 289 0:56, Otis, 151, 247, 249, 253 ott, Betty Carolyn 87 OYER, MRS. EDITH 34, 195, 208 oyer, Nedah Kay 87, 159, 165, 168, 185, 187 ' uller, Tomi Lou 95 ullins, Ann Louise 95, 159, 167, 177, 115 vIullins, William Carl 62, 192, 199 VIurphy, Donna Eileen 62, 169, 220 vIurphy, Martha Ann 62, 167, 189 VIurphy, Reba Faye 87, 193 VIyers, David Ray 241 YERS, MR. JAMES 30 Qance, Daryel Allan 87, 170, 186, 187, 284 ance, Thomas William 62, 178, 196 Nash, Ronald Lee 62, 178, 196 eal, Shirley J0 87 elson, Joseph Lynn 87 ewman, Lana Kay 96, 177, 190, 115 ewsome, Jane Rhea 96 ewton, Robert Nelson 235, 238, 259, 289, 291, 292, 295, 49 1 ewton, Scutter Emmett 62, 141, 178, 179,215,282,283,76 ichols, Marilyn Kay 87 1 iederhofer, Judy Elaine 63 I able, Stephen Douglas 63, 167, 172, 182, 186, 187 I ovacic, Marsha Ann 96 l unez, Martha 63, 160, 177, 186, 187, 188 Ogawa, Carole Adrian 87 Ojeda, Ramona 96 Olivo, Irma 63, 159, 186, 187 Olsson, John Virgel 186, 187 Ondrusek, Henry R. 64, 161, 162, 179 Orr, Judy Carol 87, 165 Ovalle, Robert 287 Owen, William Marshall Jr. 87, 241 Face, Diane Aurora 64 Padilla, George 64, 167, 170, 172, 186, 187,282,284 Page, James Allen 271, 282, 285 Palomo, Daniel 87, 287, 289 Park, Tom Newton 96, 159, 179, 185, 235, 236, 238, 259, 114,137 Parma, Katherine Anna 28, 149, 152, 161, 186, 187, 64 Parman, Wayne Trice 96, 241, 259 Patrick, John T. 285 Peck, Dale Austin 96, 183 Peddy, Jimmy Clay 87, 150, 159, 179, 198, 241,271,111,273,274 Pellam, Diane Sue 64 Pettet, Harold Wayne 286 Petty, Janie 96, 151, 218, 220, 222, 277, 113,125 Phillip, Rudolf Peter 287 Phillips, Gary Boyd 64, 68, 177, 179, 196, 214, 247, 250, 253, 106 Phillips, Michael Duane 96 Phipps, Kathy Jeanne 87, 170 Phipps, Kenneth Eugene 64, 185 Pickard, Dianathia Cherylene 64 Pierson, Dolores 87, 169, 183, 198 Pinckard, Ronnie E. 241, 271, 273, 285, 289 Pineda, George 286, 96 Pinson, Billie Pearl 96, 141, 170, 194 Pinson, Franklin Jess 65, 186, 187, 282, 285, 290 Flatt, Marcia Louise 87, 159, 186, 187, 293 Pope, Linda Louise 87 Poplin, Amber Sue 96 Pou, Rhonda Loreu 96, 277, 115 Pou, Richard Ross 96, 241, 115, 259, 260 Powell, Robert Michael 87 Prachyl, Lynda Gwen 87, 165, 169, 173, 76, 215, 224, 111 Prestridge, Mary Jim 96, 169 Pribble, Penny Kay 65, 216 Price, Charles Thomas 170, 284 Prinz, Karen 96, 195 Probeck, Jam's C. 35, 87, 165, 196, 198, 216,173,112 Pruitt, Ruby Louise 87, 195 Pugh, Mike Lee 236, 238, 271, 273, 274, 115 PUTMAN, MISS PAULA 20, 93, 257 Quick, Fred 196, 304 Quillen, Tena Elaine 96 Quiroga, Marie Rene 96 Rainey, Ginger Leigh 87, 183, 186, 187 Ramirez, Arthur 241 Ramirez, Frank Anthony 96 Ramsey, Ann 87 Raney, Patricia Lynn 96, 177, 198 Rasnic, Marilyn Dianne 88 Rector, Darlene 65, 197 Rector, David Earl 96, 197 Reed, Carole Ann 65, 196, 254, 255, 129 Reeder, Charles Franklin 96 Reid, Gloria Jean 96 Reid, Robert Paul 65, 282, 285 Renfro, Marilyne L. 88, 159, 189 Repass, Sybil Kay 96 Reyes,1nez A. 88, 159,163, 183 Reyna, Yolanda 65 Reynolds, Linda 88 REYNOLDS, RIR. RALPH 26, 225 Rhea, David Paul 88 Riccio, Roxanne Mary 163 Richardson, Linda Lou 88 RiChardson, Lois Anita 65, 161, 162 Richardson, Phares Graham 88, 173, 288 Richbutg, Glenda S. 88 Ritchie, John Ray 66 RIDLEY, MRS. RIX 23, 168 Riggs, Virginia Katherine 88 Rippa, David Madison 197 Rippa, Terry Wayne 96 Rislov, Karen Kay 88, 164, 169 Rivette, Sharon Laine 97 ROBERTS, COL. ROSCOE L. 31, 36, 265, 266, 281, 333, 291 Robertson, James Jefferson 88, 197 Robertson, Sharon Lynn 88, 169, 170, 185, 194 Robertson, Walter Stuart 66, 144, 160, 170 185,194,207,282,284,302 Roden, Billy Gene 97, 186, 187, 288 Rodriguez, Beatrice 97, 170, 194 Rodriguez, Carlos 186, 187 Rodriguez, Gloria Ann 66, 163 Rodriguez, Linda Irene 97 Rodriguez, Patricia Ann 66, 159, 161, 163, 164,323, 301, 306, 59 Rogers, Alfred Calvin 66, 170, 185, 194, 282, 334, 284 Rogers, Elizabeth 88, 159, 164, 169, 147, 194, 202, 301, 194 Rogers, Margie Ann 66, 189 Rose, Edward Cameron 97 Rosser, Lon Elliott 287 Roten, Ronald Dennis 88, 288, 294 Roughton, Barbara Kay 97- Rozier, Ralph Dennis 88 Rozier, Susan Marie 97 Ruby, Jerry 287, 289 Rucker, Linda Kathyryn 88, 177, 195 Rucker, Payne Victor 97, 241, 271 Russell, Joe Donald 97 Russell, Mike David 97, 198, 271, 275 Rychlik, Raymond Frank 66 Ryon, Crystal Charlene 197 Saine, Billie Dell 97 Salazar, Julia 97 Saldana, John Edward 66, 162 Salinas, Albert 66, 196, 249, 250, 265 Salinas, Benito Barrara 186, 187, 287, 292 Sanchez, Emma 66 Sanchez, Esperanza 97, 163 Sanders, Helen V. 97 Sandidge, Phyllis Faye 97 Sandoral, Fred 280, 285 Saucedo, Janie D. 66 Scarborough, Steve W. 66, 179, 271, 274, 275, 276, 277 Schick, Nancy Lynn 88, 169, 112, 123 Schirato, Joan 66, 163 Schirato, Lois Anne 163, 167, 152, 172, 181,277 Schmitz, Brenda Jean 88, 195, 213, 241, 245 Schwille, Lydia Marsie 68, 153, 168, 177, 181,191 Seaman, John Edward 97, 288 Searcy, Linda Viola 88, 168, 176, 177, 213, 241,245,254,253,110,130 Seibert, Evelyn Ann 88, 165, 169, 186, 187 Seitzler, Brenda 88, 169, 195, 303 Shanks, Carol Jane 68, 144, 177, 181, 190, 199,194,207,282,284 Sharp, Dennis Eugene 241 Shehane, Sheryl Alicia 97, 198 Sheppard, Nancy. K. 97 Sherman, James 286 Shettle, Aubyn Keith 68, 152, 179, 188, 215,236,238,244,264,107 Shettle, Spence Oliver 97, 241 Shotwell, Rand Karl 68, 72, 150, 142, 149, 161, 179, 185, 236, 238, 264, 103, 105 Shreve, William Beryl 237, 238 Shultz, Alton 97 Sides, Billy Edward 197 Siforor, Ransom 196 Sifford, Evelyn Marie 69, 148, 169; 186, 187, 192, 193, 199 Silva, Diane L. 88, 202 Skelton, Lar'ry Earl 170, 284 Skipworth, Ronald Jay 88, 286 Slater, Vera Louise 69, 165, 184 Smith, Cheryl Lynn 88, 195 Smith, Don Aaroh 88, 241, 259, 262, 111 Smith, Freida Kay 88 Smith, Linda Nell 69, 161, 162, 191, 195 Smith, Mildred Jane 17, 69, 161, 169, 189, 195, 196 Smith, Thomas Wayland 97 80115, Mary Louise 97, 177 Solis, Mike Gonzales 99 Sorrells, Lynn Brion 26 Sosa, Barbara Ann 97, 186, 187 Souza, Mary Donna 12, 88, 169, 195 Speer, Donald H. 97 Speer, Johnny Robert 26, 97, 247, 250, 252, 271,274 Speer, Robert Moreland 88 Starleigh, Mary Loretta 97, 170, 194 STEENSON, MRS. CLYDIA B. 29, 189, 196, 208 Stephens, Virginia Ann 89 Stewart, Charles Patrick 89, 179, 286 STEWART, MRS. FLORENCE 23 Stevenson, Cathryn Lynn 89, 164, 169, 188 Stone, Bill Morrow 197 Stovall, Kay Louise 70, 153, 168, 188, 124 Stovall, Chee Chee 97, 181, 195 STRONG, MR. JOE 27, 205, 238, 239, 247, 251, 253, 254 Stults, Marilyn Louise 186, 187 Sullivan, Kathleen 97, 169 Sullivant, Gloria Jean 97, 177, 191, 115 344 Sullivant, Joye Ann 70, 163, 164, 195, 215, 127 Swindle, Carolyne Elaine 70 Taber, Nancy 89 Tames, Josephine 163 Tannar, Patricia Lynn 97 Tart, Gabe 97, 286, 287 Tassin, Donna Jean 97 Taylor, Joe Bob 241, 273, 275, 276 Teames, Larry Paul 70 Terrell, Joye Lee 89, 164 Thomas, Lana L015 71, 184, 240, 338, 107 Thompson, Freddy James 71, 288 Thompson, Michael Lynn 71, 235, 307 Thrasher, John William 97, 288 Tischmacker, Ronnie Clyde 89, 274, 275, 276 Todora, Irene V. 71 Toler, Ronnie C. 97, 170, 184, 284 Torres, Gloria 97 Torrez, Irene 89, 186, 187, 173 Toth, Wright 286 Trevino, Rosalinda 89 Tucker, Leslie 89, 97 Tutt, Ernestine 71, 159, 165, 184, 195 Tyler, Brenda Alice 163, 172 Upchurch, Mitchell Allen 97, 167, 172 Ussery, Hal Carson 89, 163, 220, 241 Utesch, Billy Mitchell 89 Vallette, Folger Bryant 89, 179, 237, 238, 283, 286, 334 VANDIVORT, MRS, LOUISE 34, 195 Vandygriff, Sharron Paulette 89, 141, 169, 170,183,189 Van Hattum, Eddie Richard 72, 179, 191, 288, 283, 289, 292, 323 Van Liew, Rita Rae 89, 195 Vamey, Floyd Dwight 197 Vaughan, Deanna Marie 98, 198 Vaughn, Sharon Ruth 72, 163, 165 Villareal, Danny Jesus 72 Vivero, Rosemary 98 Vouras, Frances 184, 73, 196 Vouras, Lillian Frank 98 WAGNON, MR. DAVID 24, 35, 267, 268, 333 Wagnon, Martha Ann 73 Walker, Carolyn Ann 73 Walker, Jerome Timothy 73 Wall, Johnny Lee 197 Walters, Howard Carl 98, 186, 187 WARMACK, MISS DOROTHY 28 Washburn, Adelia S. 89 Washbum, Becky Ellen 73 Washburn, Kinnie Marie 98 Washbum, Neva Louise 74 WATSON, MR. BILLY 28, 167, 172 Webb, James Vincent 98, 198, 285 Webb, Linda Sue 98 Weightman, Nannette S. 98 Wells, Barbara Ann 89 WESTERFELD, MR. LLOYD 22 White, Artie Ray 163 White, David 98 WHITE, MISS MARION 26, 164 White, Sue Carole 74, 167, 172, 183 White, William 4BiID 89, 179, 196, 237 238,334,112,136 White, Winston Wayne 288 Whitehead, William Mike 98, 220, 271, 115 Whitmire, Teddy Eugene 98 Whitson, Jerry Lee 197 Whittaker, Timothy Franklin 186, 280, 2. WHITTLESEY, MR. JAMES T. 10, 161, 208, 301 Whitworth, Peggy 74 Wiggins, Audrey 98 Wiggins, Fred 89, 285 Wiggins, Judith M. 89, 169, 195 Wilbom, Mike S. 74 Wilder, Jimmy Lee 75 Wilder, Norma Jean 98, 115 Wilder, Wayne 75, 179, 215 Willett, Barbara Kay 98, 192 Williams, Betty Jane 89 Williams, James Paul 75 Williams, John Henry 285 Williams, Judith Ann 98, 187 Williams, Judy Ann 89, 165 Williams, Wendy Ann 98 Wilson, Douglas Lynn 197 Wilson, John K. 284 Wilson, Richard Lewis 75 Wilson, Wallace H. 75, 160, 161, 172, 282,283 WITHROW, MRS. PATSY 30 Wittenback, Mary Agnes 76, 164, 176, 177 184, 196, 301, 108 Wolfe, P. J. 98, 289 Wolverton, Pete Michael 198 Wolverton, Slyvia S. 172 Womack, Pauls Andrea 98, 170 Wommack, Karen 89 Wood, Alberta Hope 89 WRIGHT, MR. FRED E. 23, 87, 198, 338 WRIGHT, MRS. VEDA 32 Wynn, Billy Bob 76, 145, 170, 194, 284 1 v Yarbrough, Jim David 170, 192, 199, 284 Yates, Anna Louise 89, 196 Ybarra, Daniel Reyes 98 Yeakle, Glynda Kaye 170, 194 Yeakle, Lynda Raye 170, 194 Yeakle, Marvin Lynn 186, 187 Yee, Kenny 89, 288, 289 York, David 87, 98 Young, Patricia Ann 98 ZABOJNIK, MR. JEROME C. 27, 35, 238, 239, 241, 259, 261, 311 Zastoupil, Linda Ann 76, 152, 161, 165, 102,106,128,195 ZLOGAR, MRS. LORETTA 29, 37 Zimmerman, James 76, 186, 187, 257 sgiigsgrkga; a; kiwg . '1 '5 . 3 J 1 ,1 A VI .2 i 3 5 -' 1; .. m-v w- . 5, vquv

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