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Text from Pages 1 - 306 of the 1960 volume:

D Q 3 M011 1 I , . , ' 4+ of fi W Y I .via v f 1,1 .-, ly' I L p ' ', f x' ""g 'X 'Exif , , ' ' K ' 1 .f wk!! ., XJ I. .J . U 'ix' .44 20' V .IX Viv u V 2" , ir. 1 .A '. A 1 ,IV Q fj' A R' ' fp If VIN , I ," f 1 X f , I I I ' l I ff' f . ,?!A A Q 4 1 I 'L R' KL 1 7 , ' fb!! V, ' QQ fl! ff La, ff' fy , x X f X J f. 5 1 hx? lb ,lf 5 ,L A I LL! X, f ' - ,lf , W 1 J" . Af gi X 6 ' -T 1 jx fl L ZLL, J' Ll' -3- .-A s V X jf Z, J I li V L I' 0 1 F + ff 5 f M '-1 M ,QV 1,1 ff V ' NW ' A, RQ"' 'K ' f , nv, K 1 J U 1 L 7!l,n!'Cf X11 + " X fl 395 0, , A SWA . 2 l ixuskffbitp X I Q 0 "' A 4 AVN Q. f 3A0JLqi, Scam-L, H M AVL? fv' MM - if Q Quai V 5 if M WB ff-7, , cha ' , '51, 9 V67 1. LJC -QCLL ' x ' I .,C?fQy 6 1654! eilllj aj M u I ., gQwA . 079 QS' Jn J 5m,4Q,4f,-5 A 3 dftb q , m Aux ,WMA , ' WMQMJ , QILLVIV, LL 1 QI MM 'Q -fo Q M M 54aJ,.1 Q 1 JLVCQ 4 XM, IM ? 01 aff Si L' -:WJ QL MQ!! Aiumjd B i ff PM .. J D A J ' J , VLLJ k7?1a,qA A 'fcM. ,m,, -I fibfgilu Gfgf , Af 'N , , pfdfgffbff f 1 MOL vCf" f:. f If , f , fa V041 5? , - .lf I, ff - fffjff' ff, flbc 'I ff, Ldv! Qblzff xL77fF ' f h .Lg f In if K,54tjfC'!6 X -f 5 12.1.4 1 ,1 .ffff LL ff3'f""f W! A f A' ' " , I f GbVQL4QQ, I J ki .. . V i yr? R535 ,". ' J, A , , M' K0 Hiya I ff ff! gi .xy Q fl' Q 1 ' ' ,L Qtyytlft , ,V . 1 A , my X .45 ff' ,' ' 'nffl , , . 3 - 6565 J M, W arfififffg 'k xg: .xt ,Mfg V Sf2,f4Iv09jQ4cf,'fL,vL,?fVji,Lit ,, A J '7Uf75"yl' "ix qx be 51 . Aj My , lf! 'A 6l,"LQ'LLLMl x I . Il 'lung .,.g"-'.'- WM' ' Wi ff' HV L 1 2210? A f J vfp NE V if MX' I ' 1 XL If AV. 5 ,gf JVQV ,.,, V K J' Q, ly ff f 7 I , 1 N -1 . I I lk 1-I X " Mix: L f5!l,, il L L X A - fr.. ., L K xg fl x. g Q , J J kj 'JV , ,Q L' A , f f,-vb 4 r ,,i,,Lk' I I H XA wk V1 3. L LA LK' W ' ' ' , ki 5 n C. lv L L L L, A4 I 1 ,L fTm,, NJIIAG 5, -- I z I Y j ry V' , V K, K gi ,, -' V ,W 1 1 . l I Lf" J fx 1, ff f fl fy, .7 ' fl Lrju 'f X !fJ,fyfL " V j 5-,Nj ,, f -rj lj 05- ,Wv ' x -N3 Q or N X1 ' X-. r ,D i V 3 51.4 X Xu ,f ' F0 f ' ,J I 5 XL iffy R, fl Q' , RN ll. x5 xx? X - 'lf ,wwf W WZZWQQ ' J U A W JlI",lfv+" d b My QM r WW I D ' vi I W' 5, W N, g my if O r MV? ., Viulij Ltwpg ,. V X qflby f75 LLL 4 W Q ?,4'j-.LiL? i t H K .N I DMJL1-f 3, ,WLLL ' ' 5 4 Mig ,vw 5 wvqff K JA' 5 - , " flfbi v, I -,fi , XULAJXD Qi W 'J ng ,4l'1'q bh4 i 'Q A . ff. ,fx S. 'li 1-'KX Q-QQ EN. n fmii an ,K -w V X Hs" , xs- Q Y' C-q'7x' ik X 2 , X X, Q X 1 'I . f ,1 Az ' ' I-Y, kr f X - f ' 'JRLX-, rf . - ,, 1 41 X 1 .Q ,, S , wtf" ' V - x , 5 7 ' Y. ' fv' X. ' f 1 K' X-'rf f' " X1-' ff, QT-'s P! Y' 4 XA fx 9 A f Q ' P335 , y f fs gv L , Cf - if X' If' . - Y S T' , ' .ff X X' -QQ, V33 M 1 Q ' f' K, .Y in ?N 7 -K Vi X Y V , Y ia, Y! '71 'A N X' h , 5 a ,, A Q. -f C? , 71, .X F- K KJ' 32: .., f' J , 'N .A J LTL' X 3-Z.. - X 1:14 - S' X If K Q '-,N -v. N 1 li fp iff- -- , . A ' fp ' f-, Y- I -5 , j , .,f ' Qf-9 .1 W I .3 V . J, 3 If C- Lf alfa? if V f ,' 4 g,L f 7 , '-' 'jf' - fv 1 1 f ,J L ff fu M X I 1 ALMA MATER or J W AQ M9 gy- High above in srafely beauiy T VM with Their spirir True ,W 'W Wave our vvhire and orange colors W WJ ' glorious To view Lifi The Ioanner, raise if skyvvardg M loud iis praises sing. - Love and honor To Norih Dallas we forever bring! Mwwnmiwfrwifiefs-. ,w.,fi:WW mei, is DEDICATION The staff proudly dedicates the i960 Viking to Mr. James T. Whittlesey, who has understood our problems, assisted us with patience of steel, listened to our complaints with an admirable smile, inspired us with confidence, encouraged us when we were disheart- ened, and enhanced our chance for success. THE ADMINISTRATION AND BOARD OF EDUCATION Dr. Ewell D. Walker, T. W. Browne, Dr. W. T. White, Don Matthews, R. H. McKay, Dr. Frank L. Williams. ADMINISTRATION DR. W. T. WHITE Superintendent ot DR. EWELL D. WALKER Assistant Superintendent DON E. MATTHEWS Assistant Superintendent Personnel Schools Special Services DR. FRANK L. WILLIAMS R. H. McKAY T. W. BROWNE Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Instruction Administration Business EDWIN L. RIPPY, M.D., President MRS. TRACY H. RUTHERFORD, Vice President MRS. VERNON D. INGRAM R. L. DILLARD, JR. FRANKLIN E. SPAFFORD R. B. GILMORE VAN M. LAMN DONALD M. BRUTON ROUSE HOWELL MR. JAMES WHITTLESEY, PRINCIPAL MR. SELDGN S. HUTCHINSON ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL .4 S X 1 akin New , A QNX.. g :ff qw 5552721 .1 sr,-,fin V, s f x . . -' W ,irgiiifu , f . X like A57 -fi L ' , . f f x m 2 ",fXL 'f I -A fy ' Y .,f ,haf K gi, XS: 1 4,11 .-'H' 1:1 1' xiii . 'Cr-Wk' 11 W .EJ rm ,L ' . JJ, " :pf L7 - ff - K - Gi., wx ML , nm, .- X 2. .M zu. :' H M z ff ' Q. x 1 5 :V6:5eIju'2. . . "TQ - ' W. .RJ ,. wk , I 7, in k Sf' iffikw uw - fm, , 'iw g ' if ' 2:1 Q ' r fi 4 I fn 5 X V.. kiwi, X lv ' if 1 Q 5 . we l 63211 f 1, 1 Q 'E , mf igigw .W-S Q www- ? 51 . .X H-545 f:zJ '.f'2hix. 125: - 1.1 A kvr . , s X Ju, V t MRS. DOROTHY HLIPFELD, DEAN 'ef' Q. , 'f 1 . , 7 lt? fs: -is - f W if f v ' +1 V . - -, wsfs1mQfzQ w My -Y .? - I96O .jeff 'V' 4,.,Q,, Yr -X .uma-fi ,YH QC.. f , 3 fy 1 1 J, N, .frm ' "deze: Qfwx. S gl-3 if-1--, g,:Q.4fi 1-121 5" 7141. kent: . Z-.96-ff, P3151 ' . ng Q1 -, 2 EQ: 'lfif . Mb'-'5?"5H K TRP ff 4 T ' 1-- .3599 'V ' pig. ' , Z, QZQA-2' ... ,cult xggx YA A .'-ffdf-'P xp'-'fain A xp, -, ?, 5,5 il- t H., V925 ff-SN: iff cl s- fl ' i ' if .adxf iF!-2' 2 qv -.2 ...... '4 'fi -, iff. ffrvt' f . .SV-sry, LY- -riv- -mgy Q ,Q 1 5- X gg 5 1 . E3 sf, qi, ,. . H 2 X0 fi, L Y , ' if 5 V -s A ? ,5 . , V 3,25 . . ,- ', M, fag? H51 fi -Qi'-IA.: -., ' IW- ' 1-zjffff: -f-.....1,,. :jf ,321 ""!g'--X ' f A if-ft " 'M 'T-Mfwhw 4,2-P " ""1 . '---- , 5, "Z 'fl - --Af-YL ,L , -Y ' -Y-wi-. L- x - f 'f' - .,-..,.L.-Yf N ' Y ' 5 "-- ---i-- ...AQ v . ,Ll ""f1fffj""- 3 '. A 5 ,"'x ' . , V 1 'I' 'l' 3 ' ' 2 A , .1 . 1-' 1. ' - ' " ig . ,g 1 - , I I , V A , , 8 1, . , t 'XY 1-,L. '?'N' '.,:vfm, " 2 - - ' V 'i . 4 If z if z"4 I Q V. 5 -'A' ws 1 . x :lx L Q 1 hi ,L Q THOSE NO LONGER HERE i Mrs. Bertha Taylor Melba Sholry Mr. Odus C. Kerley NOT PICTURED Miss Laura Hamilton, who is novv Mrs. Mrs. Jane Gruver is The mother of a new John Lawrence Roach, is residing in Arkansas. daughter, Rachel Melire. EARLE ADKINS American History and Civics. North Texas State College, B.A. and M.Ed. Assistant Football Coach. IMOGENE BERRY Spanish. T r i n i t y University, B.A., S.M.U., M.A. Pan American Club and Senior Sponsor. U A C. M. BOLLINGER JEAN BRETT VlRGlNlA BRONENKANT Driver Education. East Texas State Distributive Education. Texas Techno- American History and Texas History. Teachers College, B.S. and M.S. Base- logical College. University of Cali- Texas State College for Women, B.A., ball Coach. fornia. University of Texas, M.A. BARBARA BURKE Typing and Shorthand. S.M.U., B.B.A. Cheerleader Sponsor. MATTYELEA BUTLER Study hall. I2 " T, T A f Soi E me-,gb ...B I Q jf ,V , ,Sa MAXINE CALAME Secretary to the Principal. East Texas State College, B.S. WILMA CHAPMAN Assistant Librarian. MARY CLARK f ' A English and Journalism, S.M.U., B.A Quill and Scroll and Compass Sponsor. 5. Q- 1 I , ,- ne- '-- ' - .5 . . l GENE COPPEDGE ELIZABETH DICE Biology. Austin College, B.S. Key Club Mathematics. University of Texas, B.A., Sponsor. M.A. LEORA FOREHAND English. Austin College, B.A. and M.A. Red Cross Sponsor. LORA V. GARNER Clerk, Counselor's Office. East Texas State Teachers College. JANE GARROW English. Brooklyn College, B.A.g S.M.U Viking Sponsor. LUTHER GOLDEN Physical Education. S.M.U., B.S. in Education. MIRIAM GRICE ARTHUR HARRIS BURNAL HAYS Physical education assistant and pian- Algebra, geometry, and frig0r10n'Ie1ry- Biology. North Texas State College. ist. Tulane University, B.A.g S.M.U., M.A. B.S., M.A. Track Coach. HELEN HOLBROOK English, Spanish, French. University of Texas, B.A. The Sorbonne, Paris, France, RUFUS HYDE Algebra. Hardin-Simmons University, B.A,y North Texas State College, M.A. Perigon Club. CLIO IRISH Librarian. North Texas College, B.S. CARRIE KEARNEY Study Hall. University of Missouri, B.A. NELL LAWLER GENELIA LEWIS Algebra and geometry. Trinity Uni- Chemistry. North Texas State College, versity, B.A., Columbia University, M.A. B.S., Columbia University, M.A. A.. ETHEL MASTERS Latin. University of Texas, B.A., S.M.U., M.A. SPQR Sponsor. National Honor Society Sponsor. RALPH MEYER Bookkeeping, business arithmetic and world history. S.M.U., B.B.A., and M.Ed. Viking Business Staff. WYNETTE MOORE Typing and Shorthand. North Texas State College, B.B.A. Audio-Visual Aids. 1. I is fzgfeis' to I 5 SALLY LEE MONTGOMERY English. Northwestern University, B.S. HARMON PORTER Architectural, mechanical and technical drawing. East Texas State College, M.S. RIX RIDLEY American and world history. Sam Houston College, B. A., University of Houston, M.A. Future Teachers Club Sponsor. F. M. SPONSELLER Band, World History, English, and orchestra. Heidelberg College B.Mus.p North Texas State College, M.Ed. Band and Orchestra sponsor. FLORENCE STEWART Algebra and geometry. University of Texas, B.A. and M.A. MINNIE ROBERTS LT. COL. ROSCOE ROBERTS English, University of Texas, A.B,, Commandant. University of Oklahoma B.B.A. and M.Ed. JOE B. STRONG, JR. NTSC, B.S., American History DAVID WAGNON Physics. SMU, B.S. DOROTHY WARMACK Chorus. Peabody College for ers. A Cap I Sponsor Sf. fi ' rf PATSY wlmizow Homemaking. North Texas State Col- lege, B.S. BILLY WARREN Jones University, South MARION WHITE Physical education. Texas Women's N-YU-, B-A-, M-A-I SPGSCIWI Eiglish University, B.S. DriIIvTeam Sponsor NOT PICTURED MR. HASSELI. Stephen F. Austin, Nacogdoches, B.S M.S. CAROLE MILES HOUGHTALING B.A-, M.S. Art Mrs. Steenson says, "Shall we look at it or just guess?" Mrs. Logan is our new diefician. i8 Mrs. Vandivort checks the absenfees. Mrs. Moyer makes out admit cards N-. IJYIHBYQLRE Senoritas from Spanish classes dance La Jofa on Texas Education Week program. The French class sings the national anthem of France, "La Marseillaisef' Dowling Kennedy, Jerrie Cox, and Paul Lindsey give speech on library. 20 ERICAIN 2 T I, , 'W Judy Jones, Lou Ann Schick, Carolan Zasfoupil, and Delia Hernandez dance to "The Sunny Side of the Street" Wei Mp? Peggy Vanclergriff performs an The help of Curiis Dobbs. 1 zfif ' ,QQ experiment in chemistry' with Mr. Whifflesey leads "The Eyes of Texas." 2l EDUCATION WEEK Bill Leslie, Mary Lou Hay, Doris Chatten, Julianne Walden, Katherine Wright, and Judy Bealmear study Roman statue. Mrs. Forehand oversees Olena Carber and Melinda Duke in their Red Cross proiects Mr. Wagnon looks on as Sue Kynett and Helga Matthaei prepare to look through a microscope. 22 I ' ' : gi? is , am, A young Spaniard from Madrid explains The act of bullfighting to fhircl and fourth year Spanish classes. Gloria Wynn, Joyce Young and Mrs. Wifhrow fix a horn Mrs. Withrow and Linda Scarborough supervise Billie Marie o'plenfy. Grubsmith's sewing. S NICR PLAY, I9 9 Bruce Hyde as fhe Dean, John Calhoun as The Professor, and Sherrie Dickson in "Mother ls a Freshman Deanna Haygood and Joe DeSoIa are students Cas usualj in The senior play. A TROJAN YANKEE IN QUEEN DIDO'S COURT FRONT ROW-Fredric Uhlemeyer, Rita Mims, Lou Ann Schick, Judy Jones, Elsie Sippola, Joanna Glanges. BACK ROW-Charles Nafus, Bill Leslie, Bill Harrison, Roger Sandoval. The Latin Honors Banquet was held at ChantIy's on March 26, 1959. At the banquet bronze Eta Sigma Phi medals were presented to those who had an "A" or "B" average in Latin 3, 4, 5, 6, and silver awards were given to those with an "A" or "B" average in Latin 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. RUBRA CUEULLA ILITTLE RED RIDING HOODJ Greg Kinnan, Shirley Reeves, Cheryl Campbell, La Veta Morris, David Bates, Marilyn Peoples. L B A A T N I Q N U E T "Dido's Lament" danced by Shirley Reeves. 25 S ANISH BANQLIET La senorita Margo Hudspeth da la bienvenida a todos que asistieron a la Fiesta Espanola. LA FIESTA ESPANOLA . ,..f I . . . . . La Fiesta Espanola se celebro el dia de las Americas, el catorce de abril de mil novecnenfos cmcuenta y nueve. El salon de baile era la escena para esta ocasicfn. La se'rToriTa Margo Hudspelh era la direclora del programa, la cual presenfo a la seT'ToriTa Joy Rislov que nos pronuncio la invocacion. Luego un grupo de muchachas bailaron el "Ahualulco." En seguida To d o s comieron mieniras que la se'n'oriTa Wanda Lafon y el sefor Raymond Olivas caniaban unas canciones. El huesped honado era el se'rTor Erneslo Zorilla, cdnsul de Mexico, y el presidenfe Internacional del Club de Los Leones llego de sorpresa. EI seffor Zorilla nos dio un discurso sobre la genie de Mexico y Ia juventud. Una plfatica sobre las leyendas de Mexico fue dada por la senora Zorilla. Era una funcidn muy simpalica y Todos se divirlieron muchisimo. Los huespedes de la mesa mayor gozan la comida. E W 1? 34? .1 f ' s WJ, AN Y L C Nervous candidates await their Turns. Jumping Jim Whitson Sandy Hill seems upset. Richard Kimble is launched. Sandy Tully has sore feet Eight different expressions of ioy as 1959-1960 cheerleaders are announced. -,, The new cheerleaders lead the color yell 4 I Above: The exes in orange and the chal- Iengers in white both struggle to gain the lead in the exes basketball game. Right: An enthusiastic crowd watches their favorites. 30 Left: Stretch! Right: Larry Ekberg takes time out AWARDS ASSEMBLY Ollie Sharp and Tom Bell receive "Ready I Don Malone regeive5aD,E,award Writers" awards. Mr. Whittlesey congratulates Margaret Kubin for being most outstanding citizen in the D.A.R. 4? 'W' 1+ X The Latin Award students. Mrs. Brett gives recognition to D.E. students. The new candidates of the National Honor Society take their vows. 3' Miss Clark hands out Quill and Scroll pins To Margeret Kubin, Ann Scott, Carman Green, Olivia Salas, Wanda Hafaway and Lou Ann Schick. David Biscomb, Torn Bell, Tommy Ferguson, and Charles Teagarden receive medals from Col. Roberts. Nancy Eidt and Deanna Walters beam as award is given on assembly. 32 Brenda Newton, a member of the Future Nurses Club, receives a bracelet. SPO RTS AWARD Mr. Whittlesey and the coaches admire the sportsmanship trophy. Mr. Strong, Mr. Coppedge and the basketball team remember Paul More lseatedl WON CllY and l'99lOnil and 3rd in State their previous year. on the mile run. Bill Harrison, Kyle Riley and Bobby Mora were on the relay teams. gavgfg ' ffm fe' 5 I A fi' l 9' ' fgufg mv 7-1"5v' 'rw- ai-,-:ri Lui' l 5 Mr. Wagnon congratulates Dickie Mathis and Mike Schmeitzner for their fine iob on the tennis team. Q5 Ee ll Loach Hyde shakes the hand of Bill Rich, most valuable football player. I9 9 EXES GAME ACHIE EME TDINNER Mr. Whitflesey, Mr. and Mrs. Strong, and Mr. and Mrs. Wagnon catch up on The latest gossip N . K N SENIOR SPONSORS I 9 I' x I 5 4 m.. Miss P'Pool and Miss Berry, senior class sponsor, look over Senior Dafa Sheets. qv-1 , -r,WA...N,. ,.f., . f Mark Ussery, class president, calls for nominations for vice-president, Seniors vote 'For class officers during Senior meeting Left To right: Mark Ussery, Cathey Taylor Bobby Boyd JUNE 1960 GRADUATING CLASS OFFICERS Mark Ussery ..... .,.... - ,.,....,.. - ......,....,..,.......,....,............,...... - ....,,... ,........ P r esidenr Bobby Boyd ,,.,, ,,,,.....,..,,.,.,.,... ,,,,,,.,,. - ...... , ,....,..A........... ,.., V i c e-Presidenf Cathey Taylor .... M .,...... - ..,...., o ,...... - ...... .. ........ ......... S ecrefary ADAME, PETE Birthplace: Brady, Texas Birthdate: March 25, 1941 Key Club: Allied Youth: Perigon Club: Slide Rule Club: Latin Club: Junior Engineering Technological Society: Key Club Combo: The "Four Seniors" Combo. ALCANTAR, CHARLES Birthplace: Forney, Texas Birthdate: January 17, 1941 Pan-American Club: Basketball "B" Team: Baseball "A" and "B" Team: "A" Team Baseball Manager: Honor Rolls. ALVARADO, PETE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: August 22, 1941 Art Club. ANCONA, ANTHONY LEON Birthplace: Kansas City, Missouri Birthdate: September 12, 1941 Track: Tennis Team: Treasurer, Art Service Club: Concert Choir: As- semblies: Dad's Club Talent Show. ARMITAGE, JEANNE Birthplace: Manhattan, Kansas Birthdate: September 16, 1942 Concert Choir: Linz Bible Award: Y-Teens: Pan-American Club: Senior Play: Honor Rolls: Assemblies: Typist for Student Directory. BAIN, ROBERT Birthplace: Groesbeck, Texas Birthdate: November 28, 1940 Distributive Education. BARBER, BOBBY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 13, 1941 Football, 2 years: Track, 2 years, Letterman: Arts and Crafts Fair: As- semblies: Honor Rolls. BASSINGER, JERRY DON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: June 28, 1942 Basketball Letterman, 1 year: Baseball Letterman, 3 years: "B" Team Basketball BATEMAN, RHONALD MAULDIN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: March 3, 1942 Cdt. Officer, ROTC: Cdt, Maior: A Cappella Choir: Band Commander: Color Band, 3 years: Military Band, 3 years: Rifle Team: Rifle Team Citation Cord: Military Band, Citation Cord: Drill Platoon: Woozen Craft Competition: Commandants Efficiency Ribbon: Perigon Club: J.E.T.S.: Ex- pert Rifle Medal: Assemblies: Honor Rolls: National Science Foundation Test. BAYLES, BETTY Birthplace: Clarksclale, Mississippi Birthdate: March 18, 1942 VIKING Staff, 2 years: Beauty Finalist: Vikingettes, 2 years: Red Cross Representative: Student Council, 2 years: Office Assistant: Assemblies: Honor Roll: Senior Pub Staff. 39 40 BOYD, ROBERT JOE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: July 22, 1942 "B" Football Team: "B" Basketball: Assemblies: Honor Rolls. BREWTON, CHARLES HEILIG Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: July 11, 1941 Track Team: Exes Football Game: Concert Choir: Manager of the Football Team. BROCKER, HERBY Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma Birthdate: December 21, 1942 Football: Football Manager. BRONDER, MICHAEL Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Birthdate: March 13, 1942 Choir: Assemblies. BURKE, WILLIAM ALLEN Birthplace: Barnstable, Massachusetts Birthdate: April 21, 1941 Track. BURLESON, HARRY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: August 17, 1942 Perigon Club: JETS. BURLESON, KATHRYN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: January 26, 1942 Senior Accompanist, A Cappella Choir: Y-Teens: Allied Youth: Future Teachers of America: Junior Red Cross: Journalism Forum, SMU: Press Forum, SMU: Homeroom Secretary: Assemblies: Student Council: Com- pass, Associate Editor. BUTLER, GAYLA RAE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: June 18, 1942 Junior Red Cross: Pan-American Club: Nurses' Assistant: Vikingettes: Assemblies: Spring Festival: Honor Rolls: Accompanist for Chorus. BUTLER, SHELBY Birthplace: Dodd City, Texas Birthplace: November 13, 1941 City High School Art Contest, 3rd place prize: Junior Red Cross. CAMERON, JAYNIE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthplace: August 15, 1942 VIKING Personality: Vikingettes: Band: Red Cross Representative: Y- Teens, Chaplain: Allied Youth: VIKING Staff, Activities Editor: Office As- sistant: Assemblies: Honor Roll. Vice-President of Senior Class: VIKING Personality: Football Letterman: CAMPBELL, CAROLE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 1, 1942 Linz Bible Award: Red Cross Club: Dean's Assistant. CARPENTER, MARVIN WAYNE Birthplace: Crockett, Texas Birthdate: October 23, 1941 "A" and "B" Football: Art Club: Homeroom President: Homeroom Sec- retary: Chorus. CASTLEBERRY, BETTY SUE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: January 18, 1943 Student Council, 3 years: Honor Craft Fair: Allied Youth: Y-Teens. CASTRO, JOHN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 6, 1942 Rolls: Assemblies: Entry to Students CERVANTES, ELIZABETH SUE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: November 1, 1941 Pan-American Club: Compass Proiectionist. Staff: Library Assistant: Tennis Team: CERVANTES, JOAQUIN A. Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: July 31, 1942 Cdt. Captain, Battle Group Acliutant: Drill Platoon Commander: Sergeant Maior: PMS8iT Ribbon, Commandant's Efficiency Ribbon, Company Ef- ficiency Ribbon, Best Drilled Cadet: Service Ribbons: Athletic Ribbons: Woozencraft Competition: Monogram Models Corporation Honor Awards, Junior Achievement, 2 years: Concert Choir: Assemblies: Academic Achievement Wreath: Compass Staff: Marksmanship Medal. CHANDLER, DENNIS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: May 6, 1942 CLEMENTS, PATRICIA ANN Birthplace: Lubbock, Texas Birthdate: June 21, 1942 Pan-American Club: Office Assistant: Library Assistant: Senior Pub Staff: Spring Concerts: Assemblies: Honor Rolls: Homeroom Officer. CLEVELAND, JERRY fi Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 27, 1942 COLLINS, JUNE Birthplace: Medford, Massachusetts Birthdate: July 16, 1942 Junior Citizens Traffic Commission: Y-Teens: Concert Choir: Honor Rolls: Junior Citizens Traffic Convention at SMU: Assemblies: Choral Clinic, 2 years: Commencement Choir. 41 CROWDER, WAYMON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: February 21, 1942 Football Letterman, 3 years: Football Captain: Honorable Mention All- City in 1959: Baseball Letterman, 3 years: All-City First Team: VIKING Personality, 3 years: Junior Rotarian: Assemblies. CRUMB, VERNON RILEY Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Birthdate: January 2, 1942 Baseball: Chorus. CUNNINGHAM, PEGGY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: February 14, 1942 Counselor's Assistant: Y-Teens: Honor Rolls. DAVIS, SUANNE ' Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: August 6, 1942 Vikingettes, 2 years: D.A.R. Best Citizen Award: Pan-American Club: Allied Youth: Y-Teens: Office Assistant: Military Princess: Banking As- sistant: President of Homeroom: Assemblies: Honor Rolls. DAUGHERTY, PAULA Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: February 16, 1942 Art Club: Assemblies: Dallas Jaycee Art Show: Intramural Sports. DELACY, MIKE Birthplace: Hollywood, California Birthdate: March 19, 1942 Distributive Education. 42 COOK, LINDA FAYE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthplace: November 14, 1941 Junior Red Cross: Student Council. CORNETT, JAMES DONALD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: February 17, 1942 Cadet Officer, ROTC: Cadet 1st Lieutenant: Color Band, 3 years: Military Band, 3 years: Service Ribbons: Commandant's Efficiency Ribbon: Band Letterman: Perigon Club: J.E.T.S.: Band Efficiency Ribbon. COURTNEY, AL Birthplace: New York City, Birthdate: June 21, 1941 New York CRABBE, CAROLE JEAN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: April 16, 1942 Vikingettes, 2 years: Assemblies: Christmas Parade: Senior Play: Spring Concert. DOBBS, CURTIS EDWARD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: October 30, 1941 Key Club, Secretary, National Honor Society, Vice-President, Assemblies, Honor Rolls, Honor Graduate, Perigon Club, Baseball Manager, Enter- tainment Chairman, District Key Club Conference, Delegate Key Club District and International Conventions at Mineral Wells and Toronto, Junior Host Kiwanis International Convention, Senior Play, KRLD Radio Program, Intramural Sports, Chairman Secretaries Division Key Club Training Rally, Senior Superlative. DOUGLASS, MIKE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: March 15, 1942 Key Club, Student Council, VIKING Personality, National Honor Society, Honor Rolls. EDWARDS, KAY Birthplace: Waco, Texas Birthdate: December 18, 1942 Vikingettes, 1 year, Banking Assistant, Secretary's Assistant, Dean's As- Football Sweetheart '59, VIKING Personality, 3 years, Movie Review Board sistant, Y-Teens, Treasurer, Homeroom President, Allied Youth, sentative, Young Texan Board Representative, Assemblies, Pan-A Club, Senior Pub, Editor, Honor Rolls, Bible Credit Awards, 2 Senior Superlative. EKBERG, LARRY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 23, 1941 Basketball, 3 years, Letterman, Homeroom Officer, Red Cross, Assistant, Film Proiectionist, Honor Rolls, Assemblies, Intramural ball Referee. Repre- merican years, Library Basket- ELLIOTT, COOPER JAMES Birthplace: McAlester, Oklahoma Birthdate: January 14, 1942 Track, ROTC, Homeroom Vice-President. ESPINOZA, DANIEL ONTIBEROS Birthplace: Grafton, North Dakota Birthdate: August 2, 1940 State Fair Talent Show, first place, second place, Art Club, Dads' Club Talent Show, Assemblies, Compass Staff. ESTRADA, MARY ELIZABETH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: December 30, 1941 Vikingettes, Perigon Club, Vice-President, Pan-American Club, Vice-Presi- dent, Student Council, Honor Rolls, Assemblies, Library Assistant, Tennis, Little Theatre. FARMER, MARY EDITH Birthplace: Bonham, Texas Birthdate: April 4, 1942 Vikingettes, Honor Rolls, Assemblies, Bible Linz Award, 2 years, Chorus. FARLEY, VERNON PAUL JR. Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 16, 1941 Football, 2 years, Drill Ribbon, Efficiency Ribbon, Service Ribbon, PMS8:T Ribbon, Marksman Ribbon and Medal, Sport Ribbon, Company Efficiency Ribbon, Camp Dallas, Second Lieutenant, VIKING Personality, South Oak Cliff Commandant's Efficiency Ribbon, ND Commandant's Ef- ficiency Ribbon. FERGUSON, THOMAS LEE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: November 8, 1942 Cdt. Col., Regimental Commander, Outstanding Military I, Outstanding Military II, Most Efficient Company Commander, Camp Dallas, Sons of the American Revolution Award, Superior Cadet Ribbon, 2 years, PNVSBQT Ribbon, South Oak Cliff Commandant's Efficiency Ribbon, ND Com- mandant's Efficiency Ribbon, Athletics Ribbon, Drill Ribbon: Camp Dallas, Key Club, National Honor Society, Honor Rolls, Assemblies, Homeroom President, ROTC Drill Platoon. 43 FOERSTER, ROLAND Birthplace: Dt. Eylau, Germany Birthdate: October 28, 1941 Key Club, Perigon Club, Junior Engineers and Technical Society, First Place in Technical Drawing in Crafts Fair. GlBSON, HAL GENE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: July 9, 1942 Military, Distributive Education, Honor Rolls. GARRETT, KENNETH GILMER, SUE Birthplace: Murfreesboro, Arkansas Birthdate: February 16, 1943 GLANGES, JOANNA Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: March 22, 1942 National Honor Society Secretary, VlKlNG Personality, 1959 Football Princess, Vikingettes, 2 years, Future Teachers Club, Vice-President, Homeroom Vice-President, Student Council, Senior Pub Staff, Eta Sigma Phi Award, Latin Club, SPQR, Bible Awards: Linz Award, Advanced Bible Award, Perigon Club, Honor Rolls, Assemblies, Candidate tor D.A.R. Citizenship Award, Office Assistant, Y-Teens, Quiz 'Em Repre- sentative, KRLD Radio Program, Teen Time, Senior Superlative. CLOVER, JAMES Birthplace: Bonham, Texas Birthdate: September 22, 1941 "B" Team Football. GOMEZ, JUVENAL RENE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: June 5, 1941 Homeroom President, Orchestra, Art Service Club, President, First Place Winner of the "High School Talent Show", Second Place Winner, Senior Year, First Place Winner of Dads' Club Talent Show, Assemblies, VIKING Personality, 3 years, Craft Show, 2nd place winner of woven emblem. GONZALES, MARGUERITE l"COOKlE"l Birthplace: Austin, Texas Birthdate: December 3, 1943 Student Council, Student Council Alternate, Pan-American Club. GREER, BILLY DWAYNE Birthplace: McKinney, Texas Birthdate: September 3, 1942 "A" Football Team, "B" Football Team, Baseball Letterman, 2 years, Baseball, 3 years. GREER, JACKY Birthplace: McKinney, Texas Birthdate: September 3, 1942 Baseball, 2 years, Football, 1 year. 44 'Honor Rolls, Assemblies, First Place, Outstanding Award, Individual GREGORY. CURTIS E. Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: December 21, 1941 GROSS, FRANKLIN DELANO QBUDDYD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: December 15, 1941 Homeroom President, Basketball Letterman, 3 years, Football Letterman, 1 year, Pan-American Club, Assemblies, Library Assistant, VIKING Per- sonality, 3 years, Slide Rule Club, Honorable Mention, All-City Basket- ball. GROSVENOR, SIDNEY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 13, 1941 Honor Rolls, Junior Red Cross, Perigon Club.. GRUPSMITH, BILLIE MARIE Birthplace: Brady, Texas Birthdate: September 12, 1942 Military Queen, Valentine Princess, 2 years, VIKING Personality, 3 years, VIKING Beauty Finalist, Junior year, First Place Beauty, Senior year, Homeroom Secretary, Red Cross Executive Council, Y-Teens, Proiectionist, Trophy, Students Craft Fair Homemaking. HADDIX, JOHN DAVID Birthplace: Paris, Texas Birthdate: February 21, 1941 Basketball Team, 3 years, Letterman, Football Team, Exes Basketball Game, Exes Football Game, Assemblies, Junior Red Cross, First Place Art Design Contest, Senior Pub Staff, ROTC, Service Ribbon, Drill Rib- bon, Art Club, Key Club, Intramural Basketball Team. HAIR, JAN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: January 23, 1943 VIKING Personality, VIKING Beauty Finalist, Pan-American Club, Presi- dent, Executive Council of the Junior Red Cross, Vice-President, Honor Rolls, Workshop at Red Cross Chapter House, All-Star Volleyball Team, Certified Monitor of United Cerebral Palsy, Assemblies. HALEY, CHARLENE Birthplace: Covington, Kentucky Birthdate: December 16, 1942 HANEY, GERALD Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas Birthday: February 20, 1942 ROTC Drill Team, Student Council Representative, Staff Sergeant, Cade 1st Sgt. of "A" Company. HANKS, HOWARD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: February 1, 1941 ROTC, National Honor Society. HARRIS, BETTY CAROLYN Birthplace: Pittsburg, Texas Birthdate: May 22, 1942 Art Service Club, Tennis Team, Y-Teens, Red Cross Representative. 45 HARRIS, NANNIE FAY Birthplace: Winnsboro, Texas Birthdate: April 26, 1942 Choir: Y-Teens: Assemblies: Honor Rolls: Usherette at Commencement and Play. HARRl5ON, BILL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: May 29, 1942 "A" and "B" Football Team: Track, 2 years: Letterman: Key Club, Treas- urer: National Honor Society: SPQR, Eta Sigma Phi Award: ROTC: Rifle Team: National Merit Scholarship Test Finalist: NCTE Contest, Runner-Up Junior Rotarian: Honor Rolls: Junior Engineering Technological Society, Program Chairman: Key Club Combo: Library Assistant. HARPER, SHIRLEY KATE Birthplace: Wichita Falls, Texas Birthdate: December 31, 1941 Future Teachers Club: Allied Youth: Latin Club: Eta Sigma Phi Award: Senior Pub Staff: Honor Rolls: Program Co-Chairman of Future Teachers: Assemblies: Red Cross Representative. HAWTHORNE, PAMELA Birthplace: San Francisco, California Birthdate: October 9, 1942 National Honor Society: Latin Club: Student Council: Junior Citizens HAYNES, DAVID EDWARD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: August 9, 1942 ROTC, 2 years: Military Band, 2 years: Pan-American Club. HERNANDEZ, DELIA Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: January 16, 1942 Personality, 2 years: Vikingettes, 2 years, Captain, 1 year: Football Prin- cess, '59: Honor Rolls: Assemblies: Library Assistant: Office Assistant: Senior Pub Staff. HESTER, BOB Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: December 10, 1941 Tennis, 2 years: Honor Rolls: Commerce Invitational Tennis Tournament Finals. HILL, ROBERT Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: April 29, 1942 "A" Team Football, 2 years: Letterman: "B" Football Team: Rifle Team, Letterman 1 year: Honor Rolls: Expert Marksmanship Medal: Drill Rib- bon: Commandant's Efficiency Ribbon: Service Ribbon: Military Honor Wreath: Sports Ribbon: VIKING Personality, 2 years: First Sgt., ROTC: Company Efficiency Ribbon. HOGAN, PAT Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: February 6, 1942 Vikingettes: Assemblies: Pan-American Club, Secretary: Honor Rolls: Y-Teens: Allied Youth: Office Assistant. HOLZER, LARRY LEON Birthplace: Waco, Texas Birthdate: July 31, 1942 Red Cross Representative: Drill Platoon Guide. 46 Traffic Commission: Choir: Assemblies: Future Teachers District Con- vention: Future Teachers Club: Library Assistant: Honor Rolls. HOOD, REX Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: August 14, 1942 "B" Team Football: Student Council. HUGHES, BRUCE Birthplace: Center, Texas Birthdate: December 21, 1942 "B" Team Football. HUNT, JERRY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: December 7, 1941 "A" and "B" Football, two-year HUSBANDS, ROBERT ALLEN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: March 19, 1942 letterman: VIKING Personality. ROTC Captain, 6 Commandant's Efficiency Ribbons, 10 Service Ribbons, Drill Ribbons, Company Commander: Honor Wreath: Marksmanship Medal: Managing Editor and Advertising Manager of the Compass: Senior Super- lative. HUTCHISON, CHARLES EDWARD Birthplace: Denton, Texas Birthdate: May B, 1942 North Dallas Bank, 2 years: Traffic Safety Conference. ROTC, 2 years: Pan-American Club: Teenage INGERSOLL, SHARON KAY Birthplace: LaPorte, Indiana Birthdate: November 16, 1942 Corresponding Secretary of Future Teachers: Home Room Secretary: Honor Rolls: Quiz 'Em On the Air: Office Assistant. JACKSON, PHYLLIS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: January 24, 1943 Student Council: Future Teachers' Club: National Honor Society: Honor Rolls: Bible Credit Pins, 2 years. JACKSON, SAMMY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: February 25, 1941 JAMISON, BARBARA SUSAN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: November 4, 1941 Pan-American Club: Y-Teens Club: Stage Manager for Talent Show and One-Act Play Contest: Member of Senior Play: Vikingettes. JESTICE, JO ANN Birthplace: Bonham, Texas Birthdate: October 19, 1942 VIKING Personality, 3 years: Home Room Secretary, 2 years: Chorus: Assemblies: Typist for Compass Staff: Typist for Student Directory. 47 JOHNS, NANCY DARLENE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: June 10, 1942 VIKING Personality, 3 years, Student Council Representative, Beauty Nominee. JONES, JUDITH ANNE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: May 11, 1942 Vikingettes, 2 years, Captain, 1 year, National Honor Society, SPQR, Latin Club, Eta Sigma Phi Award, Magna Cum Laude, Honor Rolls, VIK- ING Personality, 3 years, Beauty Finalist, 1 year, Student Council, Upper Council, VIKING Staff, Underclassman Editor, Representative to Titche's High School Board, Sportsmanship Committee, Assemblies, Safety Con- ference, SMU. JONES, PATRICIA ANN Birthplace: Lampassas, Texas Birthdate: September 3, 1941 VIKING Staff, Organizations Editor, Senior Pub Staff, Senior Play, Make- up, Student Council, Honor Rolls, Assemblies, Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Dean's Assistant. KALMUS, WALTER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: August 6, 1942 "B" Team Football. KEENER, ANNA MERRELL Birthplace: Montgomery, Alabama Birthdate: April 9, 1942 First Place VIKING Beauty, Junior year, Second Place Beauty, Senior year, Homeroom Secretary, 2 years, VIKING Personality, 2 years, Assemblies, Honor Rolls, Senior Play, Vikingettes. KILLEN, KENNETH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: July 27, 1942 "B" Team Basketball, National Honor Society, Honor Rolls, Winner in Drawing at Student Craft Fair, Vice-President of Homeroom. KRAMER, DOROTHY Birthplace: Washington, D. C. Birthdate: June 6, 1942 Allied Youth, Future Teachers, Concert Choir, Y-Teens, Honor Rolls, Bible Credit Award, 2 years, Assemblies, Junior Citizens Traffic Con- vention, SMU, Future Teachers' Convention at Denton, Choral Clinic, Com- mencement Choir. KRAUSE, JO ANN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: June 3, 1942 Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Future Nursing Club, Honor Rolls. KURC, JODIE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 25, 1942 Future Nurses Club, Secretary and Treasurer, Bible Credit, 2 years, Y- Teens, Allied Youth, Advertising Manager Senior Pub, LAFON, WANDA LOUISE Birthplace: McKinney, Texas Birthdate: April 9, 1942 Vikingettes, 2 years, Concert Choir, 2 years, Secretary of Pan-American Club, Junior year, Vice-President Pan-American Club, Senior year, Secre- tary Homeroom, 2 years, Honor Rolls, Assemblies, One-Act Play, Senior Play, Allied Youth, Y-Teens. 48 LAND, CHARLOTTE Birthplace: Hobbs, New Mexico Birthdate: February 24, 1942 LANE, CAROLYN ELIZABETH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: January 2, 1942 Y-Teens, Compass Typist, Honor Rolls, Pan-American Club. LANNOM, BILL C. Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 3, 1941 ROTC, Distributive Education. LARA, JAMES SIMON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: October 8, 1941 "A" Football, 3 years, 2-year Letterman, Reporter Compass Staff, Art Service Club, Pan-American Club, Concert Choir, "B" Baseball. LEWIS, DANA Birthplace: Winchester, Virginia Birthdate: June 25, 1942 Honor Rolls, Chorus, D.E. LEWIS, GARY JOE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: March 8, 1942 "A" and "B" Football Team, Home Room President, 2 years, VIKING Personality, Linz Pins, 2 years, Assemblies. LOGAN, CORNELIUS ERIK Birthplace: Los Angeles, California Birthdate: January 15, 1941 Choir, Proiectionist, Bible Credit, 2 years. LUTTRELL, HOWARD Birthplace: Los Angeles, California Birthdate: December 23, 1941 Junior Engineering Technical Society, Slide Rule Club, Assistant Student Director of Band, Woodrow Wilson Concerto Concert, 2 years, Solo Clarinet North Dallas Color Band, 3 years, Concert Band, 3 years, Military Band, 3 years, All-Texas Symphony Orchestra, 2 years, Dal-Hi Symphony Orchestra, North Dallas Orchestra, Spring Music Festival, Bronze Eta Sigma Phi Latin Award, Consul Maior and Liton of Latin Club SPQR, Key Club, Key Club Regional Convention, Junior Rotarian, Second Lt. in ROTC, President of the Perigon Club, Band Et'-ficiency Ribbon, Dads' Club Talent Review, Student Council Representative, Homeroom Presi- dent, Honor Rolls, Assemblies, ROTC Service Ribbons, Band Letterman. MCCULLAH, HARDY Birthplace: Greenville, Texas Birthdate: October 17, 1940 VIKING Personality, 2 years, Key Club, Assembly. McCULLERS, VERNON E. Birthplace: Mobile, Alabama Birthdate: August 21, 1942 Band, 3 years, Junior Achievement. 49 MCCUTCHEON, MURIEL ANN Birthplace: Tyler, Texas Birthdate: April 21, 1942 Compass Staff, Pan-American Club, 2 years, Y-Teens, Honor Rolls, Senior Pub Staff, Homeroom President, Vikingettes. McDONALD, JACKIE JEANETTE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: December 19, 1942 Associate and Feature Editor Compass, Future Nurses, Y-Teens, Pan- American Club, Proiectionist, Junior Achievement, Honor Rolls, Red Cross Alternate, Commencement Usherette. MCMAHON, PATRICIA ANN Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas Birthdate: January 8, 1943 Pan-American Club, Historian Future Teachers, Y-Teens, Honor Rolls, Linz Bible' Award, Office Assistant, Clinic Assistant, Accompanist Concert Choir, Tennis Team, Student Council. MACA, BENNY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: October 18, 1941 Homeroom President, 2 years, Key Club, "A" Football Team, 2-year Let- terman, "A" Basketball, 3-year Squadman, 1-year Letterman, "A" Base- ball Team, 3-year Letterman, Assemblies, Honor Rolls, Library Assistant, Slide Rule Club, Senior Play, VIKING Personality, 3 years. MATTHAEI, WILLIAM Birthplace: Hamburg, Germany Birthdate: November 9, 1941 President of Student Council, Junior Rotarian, Junior Red Cross Treasurer, Perigon Club, Student Directory, VIKING Personality, 3 years, Senior Superlative, Most Popular Boy. MAYBERRY, DOLORES ANN Birthplace: Sparta, Tennessee Birthdate: September 20, 1942 Honor Rolls. MEADE, MARVIN E. Birthplace: Houston, Texas Birthdate: October 19, 1942 MEADOWS, SHIRLEY ANN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: October 25, 1941 Student Council, Homeroom Vice-President, Honor Roll, D.E. Student. MELTON, JACKSON DALE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: December 11, 1941 Captain ROTC, Crack Platoon, 2 years, Rifle Team, 2 years, North Dallas Commandant Efficiency, 5 Drill Ribbons, 5 Service Ribbons, Tech Comm. Effiency, South Oak Cliff Comm. Efficiency, Parades, Honor Wreath, Marksmanship Medal, Assemblies. MENDOZA, BARBARA GUADALUPE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: October 9, 1941 Future Nurses Club, Vice-President, Concert Band, Color Band, Spring Music Festival, 2 years, A Cappella, 1 year, SPQR Latin Club, North Zone Musical Contest, North Dallas Orchestra, Mixed Chorus. 50 MEYER, EDWARD HOWARD JR. Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: December 29, 1940 ROTC Officer: Service Ribbon: Drill Ribbon: Company Efficiency: Com- mandant Efficiency: Marksmanship Medal: Marksrnanship Ribbon. MILES, LESLIE H. N R , Birthplace: Temple, Texas N is K N5 1 X N amhdaiet April 5, 1942 .DfggwQs, ss c r E Q Band 2V2 years: Perigon Club: Pan-American Club: Tennis Team: Libtary Assistant: Assemblies: VIKING Combo: Choir. MILLER, ANN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: August 5, 1942 Dean's Assistant: CounseIor's Assistant: Pan-American Club: Senior Play: Vikingettes: Assemblies: Allied Youth: Y-Teens: Senior Pub Staff: Dads' Club Talent Show: Future Nurses Club: Red Cross Representative: Allied Youth: Honor Roll: Dallas Oratorical Contest. MILLER, VIRGINIA Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas Birthdate: January 7, 1942 Vikingettes: Co-Underclassman Editor VIKING: Student Council: Home- room Secretary: Bible Award, 2 years: Assemblies: Y-Teens: Allied Youth: Pan-American Club: Dean's Office Assistant: Nurse's Assistant: Honor Rolls. 1 MIMS, RITA VIRGINIA Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: July 30, 1942 Maiorette, 3 years: Band: Orchestra, 3 years: Latin Club: Latin Award for "B" Average: Student Council: All-State Orchestra, 3 years: Dal Hi Orches- tra: Honor Rolls: Future Teachers Club: Y-Teens Club: Perigon Club Secretary: Assemblies: VIKING Personality, 3 years: Military Princess 1959: Football Princess 1958-59. MITCHELL, PATSY Birthplace: Kerens, Texas Birthdate: November 25, 1941 Red Cross, 3 years: VIKING Personality: Cheerleader 1959-60: Proiection- ist, 3 years: Dean's Assistant: PrincipaI's Assistant: Student Council: As- semblies: Junior Achievement: Future Teachers: Tennis Team. MONTGOMERY, MARY ANN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: January 6, 1942 Honor Roll: Junior Red Cross: Library Assistant: Assemblies: Senior Play: Compass Staff. MOON, RICHARD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: October 22, 1942 Homeroom President: Homeroom Vice-President: "B" Football: "A" Foot ball, 2 years: 1-year Letterman: "B" Basketball: Library Assistant: As semblies: Honor Rolls: ROTC Officer: Camp Dallas: VIKING Personality 3 years: Junior Red Cross Executive Council Member: PMS8iT Ribbon Commandant's Ribbon. MOORE, JOHN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: January 6, 1942 MORA, PAUL Birthplace: Steelestore, Texas Birthdate: July 1, 1941 President 2 years Downtown Dallas Hi-Y: Representative Youth Legisla- ture, 2 years: Pan-American Club: Track Letterman: Honor Roll. 51 1 NElGHBORS, GLORIA JEANNE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: March 13, 1942 Chorus, Y-Teens, 2 years. NOBLE, MYRNA CHAHN1 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: November 22, 1941 Honor Rolls, Concert Choir, Homeroom Secretary, Y-Teens, Assemblies, Spring Concert Choir, Music Festival, Christmas Program, Easter Program. OLSSON, OSCAR Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 10, 1941 ROTC, PMS8.T, Commandant's Efficiency Ribbon, Drill and Marksmanship Ribbons, Assemblies, Chorus, Proiectionist, Compass Staff, Homeroom Officer, Student Council, Compass Representative, Camp Dallas Intramural Sports, Varsity Football, 2 years, 1-year Letterman, Honor Rolls. OROSCO, LUPE PAIGE, HOWARD LEE Birthplace: Windsor, Missouri Birthdate: April 11, 1942 Color Band, 2 years, Military Band, 2 years, ROTC, Junior Citizens Traf- fic Commission, Safety Conference at SMU, Science Fair for Bell Tele- phone, Military Parades. PARKER, DlAN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: February 5, 1942 Military Princess, Proiectionist, Red Cross, Play Usherettes. 52 MORGAN, JOHN DAVID Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: December 7, 1941 Chorus, Senior Play, Assemblies, Spring Concert Choir. MUNNEKE, MELINDA Birthplace: Abilene, Texas Birthdate: November 5, 1942 Vikingettes, Senior Pub, Pan-American Club Reporter, Allied Youth Chair- man, Y-Teens, Usherette Senior Play, American Education Week Hostess, Assemblies, Honor Rolls, Red Cross, Essay Contest. NAFUS, CHARLES Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 21, 1942 President National Honor Society, Vice-President of Student Council, President and Treasurer of Latin Club, Finalist National Merit Scholarship Exams, Junior Rotarian, Eta Sigma Phi Awarol, Harvard Book Award, Jun- ior Citizens Traffic Commission, SMU Traffic Safety Conference, Senior Superlative, Honor Rolls, Assemblies. NAJERA, MARIO Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: July 27, 1941 Pan-American Club. PEOPLES, MARILYN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 9, 1942 Assemblies: Vikingettes, 2 years: Student Council: Y-Teens: Allied Youth: Basketball Princess: Honor Rolls: Office Assistant: Senior Pub Staff. PHELPS, CAROL ANN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: December 29, 1942 National Honor Society: Student Council: Upper Council, Parliamentarian: Allied Youth: Y-Teens, Vice-President: Pan-American Club: Future Nurses Club, President: Senior Pub Staff: Bible Credit Linz Pin. PHILLIPS, GERALD LYNN Birthplace: Clarksville, Texas Birthdate: January 26, 1941 Linz Pin at Tech: Honor Rolls. PIERCE, PATRICIA Birthplace: Arcadia Park, Texas Birthdate: July 23, 1942 PINSON, VIRGINIA Birthplace: Corsicana, Texas Birthdate: October 31, 1941 Honor Rolls: Homeroom President: Future Teachers' Club: Future Nurses Club: Perigon Club: Pan-American Club: Allied Youth: Dean's Assistant: Celebral Palsy Monitor Graduate. POPE, KATHERINE NELL Birthplace: Longview, Texas Birthdate: September 21, 1941 Art Club: Honor Rolls: VIKING Personality: Office Assistant: Assemblies: Jaycee Scholarship. POPE, KATHLEEN HAZEL Birthplace: Longview, Texas Birthdate: September 21, 1941 Beauty Nominee: Honor Rolls: Art Service Club: Office Assistant. POUNCEY, TEMPLE CONE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: June 30, 1943 Compass Staff, Sports Editor: Key Club, Vice-President: Representative to Teenage Council: Pan-American Club: Quill and Scroll: Senior Pub Staff: Honor Rolls.: Assemblies. PULLEN, DAVID A. Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: January 2, 1942 Student Council: President of Key Club: Rifle Team, 2 years: Lt. Colonel, ROTC: Finalist in Woozencraft: Best All-Round: Dallas Sales Executive Club Oratorical Contest, Second Place: National Honor Society, Vice- President: Sons of American Revolution Medal: Expert Rifle Medal: Drill Platoon, 2 years: Senior Superlative. PYLE, DIANE Birthplace: Sherman, Texas Birthdate: July 16, 1942 Pan-American Club: Library Assistant: Homeroom Vice-President. 53 f REEVES, SHIRLEY JANE Birthplace: Houston, Texas Birthdate: October 5, 1942 Maiorette, 57-60: Library Assistant: Latin Club, 2 years: Perigon Club: Future Teachers: Assemblies: Honor Rolls: Band, 3 years: Senior Pub Staff: Senior Play: Texas State Junior Golf Championship: Alpha Sigma Phi Award, 2 years. RENEAU, PAT Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: July 28, 1942 Vikingettes: Allied Youth: Y-Teens: American Club: Honor Rolls. RICH, TONY Birthplace: Amarillo, Texas Birthdate: June 22, 1942 RILEY, KYLE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: July 21, 1942 REYES, JOE Birthplace: Austin, Texas Birthdate: August 18, 1941 Pan-American Club. RICHARDSON, ANITA Birthplace: Cooper, Texas Birthdate: December 13, 1941 Linz Bible Award: Typist for Compass Statt: Y-Teens: Honor Rolls: Usher' ette at Commencement. 54 RANDALL, BUDDY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: December 24, 1941 RAZ, BARBARA ELIZABETH Birthplace: Canton, Texas Birthdate: November 21, 1941 Senior Play Committee: Honor Rolls. REEDER, JACKIE SUE Birthplace: Gilmer, Texas Birthdate: May 2, 1942 Red Cross: Library Assistant: Office cert. Assistant: Assemblies: Spring Con REEVES, POSlA ALLEGRA Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: February 9, 1942 Vikingettes, 2 years: Red Cross Representative: Future Teachers, Vice President, President: Y-Teens: Allied Youth: Honor Rolls: Senior Pub Staff . F.T.A. Convention, Denton: Assemblies: Bible Credit, Linz Award: Home 1 room Secretary, Vice-President. Nursing Club: Senior Pub Staff: Pan- Office Assistant: Pan-American Club: Perigon Club: Senior Pub Staff: RODRIGUEZ, ALBERT PETE Birthplace: Ft. Worth, Texas Birthdate: December 13, 1941 Ribbons, 3 Drill Ribbons: 5 Service Ribbons: Drill Platoon. Cdt. ist Lt., ROTC "B" Co. Commander Ribbons: 2 Commandant Efficiency , Aff ROGERS, PATTI Birthplace: Los Angeles, California Birthdate: July 5, 1942 Y-Teens: Pub Staff. ROSE, LESLIE CARL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: August 3, 1942 of lu, Football Letterman: Golf Team: Track Team: Honorable Mention for Back ofthe Week by Dallas Morning News. RUSH, CAROL ANN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 2, 1942 Honor Rolls. fn 11 :-an-nu-annum-nn at unnmmwtmumzt RUSSELL, BRENDA Birthplace: Sherman, Texas Birthdate: September 7, 1942 National Honor Society: Compass Editor: Senior Superlative: Proiectionist: Pan-American Club: Future Teachers Club: Y-Teens: Quill and Scroll: Journalism Conference, SMU: Linz Bible Award: Advanced Bible Award: Dallas Morning News Reporter: Quiz 'Em Contest: Assemblies: Honor Rolls: Journalism Contest, SMU. SALINAS, ARNOLD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: February 12, 1942 "B" Team Football: "B" Team Basketball: "A" Team Golf: "A" Team Football: "A" Team Basketball: Assemblies: Back of the Week: Dallas Times Herald Honorable Mention: VIKING Personality. SANDOVAL, ROGER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: July 26, 1942 Key Club: Allied Youth: Latin Club, Consul Maior: Perigon Club, Treas- urer: Honor Rolls: Assemblies: Eta Sigma Phi Bronze Award: Eta Sigma Phi Silver Award: Scholarship Award of Pan-American Round Table: Junior Engineering Technical Society: Secretary National Math Contest. SCHICK, LOU ANN Birthplace: Garfield, Arkansas Birthdate: May 2, 1942 Valentine Queen: National Honor Society: Vikingettes, 2 years: Viking- ette Captain: VIKING Editor: VIKING Personality, 3 years: VIKING Beauty Finalist: VIKING Staff, 3 years: Quill and Scroll, 2 years: SPQR, Eta Sigma Phi Award: Senior Pub Staff: Assemblies: Honor Rolls: Student Council Representative: Y-Teens: Senior CounseIor's Assistant: Journalism Conference, SMU. SCHROEDER, EDWARD CLAUDE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: February 24, 1941 Honor Rolls: Track: Assemblies: D.E.: Compass Reporter, Editorials: Captain of Intramural Basketball Team. SEEBER, CHARLES Birthplace: Longview, Texas Birthdate: July 7, 1942 VIKING Personality: Library Assistant: Track: Football Letterman: ROTC, Rifle Team: Assemblies: Honor Rolls: Quiz 'Em. 55 SMITH, PAUL STEPHEN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 9, 1942 Band, ROTC Band, Assemblies, Second Place State Fair Talent Show, Pan-American Club, Linz Bible Award, Advanced Bible Award, SMITH, SANDRA ANN Birthplace: Corsicana, Texas Birthdate: November 23, 1941 SMITH, SHARON Birthplace: Corsicana, Texas Birthdate: November 23, 1941 Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Little Theatre, One-Act Play, Assemblies, Plays, Prompter, Assistant Student Director. SMITH, TRECIA Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: November 19, 1941 VIKING Staff Typist, Pan-American, Y-Teens, PrincipaI's Office Assistant, Library Assistant, Allied Youth, Honor Rolls, Assemblies. SMITH, WILLIAM TERRY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: June 8, 1942 Honor Rolls, Assemblies, Pan-American Club. SON, SHARON Birthplace: Union, Missouri Birthdate: February 4, 1942 56 SHARP, OLLIE LOU Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: November 10, 1942 National Honor Society, Treasurer, Latin Club, Vice-President, Eta Sigma Phi Latin Award, 2 years, Future Teachers' Club, Parliamentarian, Dis- trict Future Teachers' Convention, Denton, Bible Award, 2 years, Ready Writer's Essay Contest, District Representative, interscholastic League, SMU, Ready Writers' Division, Quiz 'Em Panel Show, Senior Pub Staff, Honor Rolls, Assemblies. SHELTON, HELEN DEMITRES Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: October 8, 1941 Future Nurses, Library Assistant. SIFFORD, MARILYN Birthplace: Sherman, Texas Birthdate: March 20, 1960 Honor Rolls, Typist for Student Directory. SIPPOLA, ELSIE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: February 2, 1942 Cheerleader, 58-60, National Honor Society, VIKING Personality, 3 years, Assemblies, Latin Club, Alpha Sigma Phi Award, Upper Council, Student Council, Secretary, Y-Teens, Secretary, VIKING Beauty Finalist, Junior Year, Fifth Place Beauty, Senior Year, Basketball Queen, Valentine Prin- cess, Honor Rolls, Orchestra, Oftice Assistant, Senior Pub Staff, Senior Superlative, Most Popular Girl. its . its mum-nu -f ifl: z aaW1,s2ff I st SPEED, ROGER D. Birthplace: Sulphur Springs, Texas Birthdate: January 17, 1942 Perigon Club: "A" Honor Rolls: Assemblies: Pan-American Club: Linz Pin, Everett Award: Homeroom President: Junior Engineers Technical Society, President: National Math Contest: Hockaday Math Tournament: Senior Superlative. SPURGEON, LlNDA E. Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: June 5, 1942 Nurses Assistant: Library Assistant: STATON, DAVID MICHAEL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: May 27, 1942 Distributive Education. STEEN, MIKE LYNN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: March 6, 1942 ROTC: Band: Track. Nurses Club: Bible Credit Linz Pin. STEER, SCOTTY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 29, 1942 STILES, JOHN CLAYBORN Birthplace: Texarkana, Texas Birthdate: January 3, 1942 Football Letterman, 1 year: "B" Team Football: "B" Team Baseball: Li- brary Assistant. STOREY, DIANE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: March 16, 1942 Vikingettes, 2 years: VIKING Staff, Sports Editor, 2 years, Art Editor: Quill and Scroll, 2 years: Senior Play: Senior Pub Staff, Art Editor: Pan-American Club: Junior Red Cross: Linz Bible Award: Honor Rolls Assemblies: Senior Superlative. STUART, DONNA GAIL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: August 12, 1942 Distributive Education: Bible Credit, 2 years: Compass: Commencement Usherette: Senior Play Usherette: Allied Youth: Pan-American. SURLES, ROBERT Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: February 18, 1942 Future Teachers: ROTC: Senior Pub Staff: Compass Staff, Assistant Busi- ness Manager: Senior Play: Allied Youth: Distributive Education: Honor Rolls: Library Assistant: Bible Credit. TACKITT, JESSIE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: October 31, 1941 Cheerleader, 59-60: VIKING Personality: Honor Rolls: Senior Pub Staff: Student Council: Homeroom Officer: Slide Rule Club: "B" Basketball Team: Track, 2 years: Senior Play: Assemblies: Library Assistant. 57 rs TAQUINO, RANEY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: July 21, 1942 "B" Team Football, "A" Team Football, Honor Rolls, Assemblies, Dallas Times Herald Drawing Contest. TAYLOR, CATHEY RUTH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: May 15, 1942 IV "A" Secretary, Senior Pub Staff, Y-Teens, President, Allied Youth, Of- fice Assistant, Clinic Assistant, Assemblies, ND Representative to "Quiz 'Em", Latin Club Treasurer, Eta Sigma Phi Latin Award, Honor Rolls, Bible Awards, 2 years. TERRANELLA, PHILIP ERNEST Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: November 15, 1942 Baseball, 2 years, Key Club, 3 years, Chorus, 3 years, Stage Manager, Student Council. TODD, WILLIAM FORREST Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: December 17, 1941 Bible Award, 2 years, "A" Team Football, Senior Play, Compass Staff, Library Assistant, Assemblies, Intramural Sports, Honor Rolls, Varsity Football, 2 years. TRAYLOR, CECELIA TULLY, SANDRA Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: October 30, 1942 Tumbler, 1957-58, Vikingettes, 1958-59, Cheerleader, 1959-60, VIKING Personality, 2 years, Future Nurses Club. TURNER, LANELL Birthplace: Temple, Texas Birthdate: April 21, 1942 Band, Latin Club, Lictor, Latin Club, Bible Credit Linz Pins, Assemblies, Honor Rolls, Orchestra, Horizon Club, Senior Counselor Assistant. UHLEMEYER, FREDRIC LAURENCE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 15, 1941 Arsenic and Old Lace, Trinity Industrial Lions Club Speech Contest Win- ner, Inter-Scholastic League Poetry Reading Contest, Ready Writer's Con- test, 3 years, Linz Bible Awards, Everts Award, Band Member, Band Letterman, Drum Maior, Military Band, Executive Officer, Literary Editor, Compass, Dal-Hi Symphony, 2 years, Treasurer, Future Teachers Club, Consul Minor, Latin Club, Eta Sigma Phi Award, Bronze, Eta Silver, Na- tional Honor Society, Library Assistant, Assemblies, Honor Rolls, Band Efficiency Ribbon, North Dallas Spring Festival, Dallas Public Schools Band Show, Delegate, State Convention, F.T.A., Student Director, Concert Band. URBAN, JUDY Birthplace: Ft. Worth, Texas Birthdate: July 10, 1942 VIKING Staff, Assemblies, Homeroom Secretary, 2 years, USSERY, LOGAN MARK Birthplace: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Birthdate: March 30, 1942 Homeroom President, Homeroom Vice-President, Football Letterman, 3 years, Baseball Letterman, 3 years, Baseball President of Senior Class 1960, Member National Honor Society, Library Assistant, Honor Rolls, Assemblies, VIKING Personality, 2 years, Senior Superlative, 58 VANDERGRIFF, PEGGY DEE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: November 29, 1941 National Honor Society, VIKING Staff, 2 years, VIKING Beauty Finalist, Pan-American Club, Student Council, 2 years, Key Club Sweetheart, Girls' State Representative, Honor Rolls, Assemblies, Senior Pub Staff, Bible Award, I year, Vikingettes, VIKING Personality, 3 years, Valentine Prin- cess, Y-Teens, KRLD Teen Time, Senior Superlative, Office Assistant. VANDYGRIFF, SHIRLEY MARIE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: January 13, 1942 Library Assistant, Office Assistant. VARLEY, VIRGINIA ANN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: July 31, 1942 Student Council, S.P.C.A. Poster Award, lst Place, Linz Bible Award, 2 years, National Honor Society, Secretary, Future Teachers, Recording Sec- retary, Art Club, Treasurer, Honor Rolls, Best All-Round Girl, District and State F.T.A. Convention, Senior Superlative. VAUGHN, SANDRA Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: October 22, 1942 VIKING Personality, 2 years, Student Council, 2 years, Vikingettes, 2 years, Honor Rolls. VENTRCA, CAROLINE ANN Birthplace: West, Texas Birthdate: November 13, 1942 Assistant to the Secretary, Honor Rolls, School Typist. VERMILLION, DIANE Birthplace: Amarillo, Texas Birthdate: January 6, 1943 Honor Rolls, Typist for Student Directory, Dean's Assistant. VICTORY, BARBARA Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan Birthdate: November 16, 1942 Homeroom Secretary, 3 years, Vikingettes, 2 years, Honor Rolls, As- semblies, Office Assistant, Linz Bible Award. VOURAS, CHRISTINA Birthplace: Meriden, Connecticut Birthdate: May 8, 1942 Chorus, Honor Rolls, School Typist. WADE, RUTH ELAINE Birthplace: Hammond, Indiana Color Band, Flagbearer, Assemblies, Concerts, Lincoln-Way, Cheerleader, 2 years, Future Nurses, Future Homemakers of America, Dramatics Club, Band, Southwest Music Festival, Solo and Ensemble Contest. WAKEFIELD, DICKIE Birthplace: Corpus Christi, Texas Birthdate: July I7, 1942 Red Cross Representative, "A" Team Football, Library Assistant, "B" Team Baseball, VIKING Personality, 2 years, Assemblies, ROTC, 2 years. 59 WHYTE, NANCY CATHERINE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: November 29, 1941 WATTS, CHARLIE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: June 5, 1942 WEBB, BETTY LOU Birthplace: Henrietta, Texas Birthdate: October 2, 1942 Y-Teens: Assemblies: Honor Rolls: Usherette at Commencements. WHITSON, JAMES RUSSELL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthplace: February 27, 1942 Head Cheerleader: Assistant Student Council Representative: Senior Pub Assemblies: Assistant Red Cross Representative: VIKING Personality. WHITTAKER, EARL B. Birthplace: Akron, Ohio Birthdate: October 24, 1941 ROTC, Second and First Lieutenant: Drill Ribbon. Pan-American Club, 2 years: Y-Teens: Allied Youth: Future Teachers Club: Student Council Representative: Homeroom Secretary: Office Assistant Honor Rolls. WILCOX, RONNIE Birthplace: McKinney, Texas Birthdate: March 17, 1942 Football: Student Council Representative: Homeroom Vice-President: VIK ING Personality, 2 years. WILLIAMSON, JOE WAYNE Birthplace: Marlin, Texas Birthdate: October 26, 1941 National Honor Society, President, Spring Term: Basketball Letterman, 3 years, Captain, 1 year: VIKING Personality: Pan-American Club: Track: Homeroom Vice-President: Library Assistant: Honor Rolls: Assemblies: Slide Rule Club: Senior Superlative. WOMACK, BARBARA Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: January 8, 1943 Vikingettes: Latin Club, Secretary: Y-Teens, Social Committee, Service Committee: Bible Credit: Allied Youth: Honor Rolls: Secretary's Assistant: Little Theater Publicity Committee: Assemblies: Future Teachers: Future Nurses: Latin Eta Sigma Phi Award: Junior Red Cross. WOOLDRIDGE, PATRICIA ANNE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: September 19, 1942 Y-Teen, Treasurer: Office Assistant: Student Director of Senior Play: Vikingettes. WOOLF, JEWEL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: August 4, 1941 Y-Teens: Future Nurses: Little Theater: Allied Youth: Assemblies: Plays: Tennis: Choir. 1 WOITH, NADINE Birthplace: Abilene, Texas Birthdate: February 13, 1942 WYATT, MARY SUE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: October 13, 1942 Pan-American Club: Future Teachers: Assemblies: Junior Achievement, Treasurer, 2 years, Sales Manager, 1 year: Editor-in-Chief of the J.A. Newspaper, THE ACHIEVER: Delegate to Southwest Junior Achievement Management Conference. YOUNG, PAM Birthplace: Camden, New Jersey Birthdate: March 20, 1942 Band. YOWELL, REED Birthplace: Victoria, Texas Birthdate: August 30, 1942 Homeroom President: Key Club, Publicity Chairman: "A" and "B" Bas- ketball, Letterman, 1 year: Linz Pin, Bible Course: Honor Rolls: Library Assistant: Slide Rule Club: Assemblies. ZASTOUPIL, CAROLAN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Birthdate: December 24, 1941 Vikingettes, 2 years, Captain, 1 year: Homeroorn Secretary: Y-Teens: Allied Youth, Secretary: Student Council Representative: Senior Pub: Assemblies: Honor Rolls: Bible Linz Pin Award, 2 years: Assistant Red Cross Representative. Jerry Don Bassinger and Charles Brewfon siop for an early morning gab session. The Perigon Club, sponsored by Mr. Harris, holds an iniriguing meeting. Shirley Harper works on a proiect in Homemaking. The Key Club members enioy an early morning breakfast. V 'Y gb ,I"AN XQN X - uaassslm Barbara Rosalind Sydna Sara Sue Janell Aderholr Ancona Apple Avon Avon Bailey Alice Phyllis Leonard Judy Carol Ann David Ballard Ballenger Banks Barksdale Bafes Bates Danelle David Randy Connie Jerry Colin Benggeli Biscomb Blansefi Blumm Bowers Brady L - '--. , il.i' C i an Pat Nancy Donna Sandra Mike Claude Brockman Broom Buchanan Buckels Buffingfon Burba Claudette Judy Leo Vera Harold Cheryl Herbie Burba Burch Burford Bush Butcher Campbell Campbell Sharon Pete Billie Tony Carrel Dolores Harvey Carey Carless Carothers Carrell Car.1y Castillo Caughey Q W- ! 2 4 i if as s' 5, Barbara Mary Frances Rosa Ransom Evelyn Chatter: Choate Christe Jerry Cipher Clark Cleveland DG William Jean Walter Robert James Jimmy Cluck Coker Colbert Combs Couch Cowperthwaite i l Y , ' i ' -. if' if 'fl ' l J ' 1 is. L 55'- .2 ' fi 'fi j 3 yi iv George Dave Lydia Jack Judy Martha Craft Davis Delgado Dibrell Dickson Dillard Q' 1 Diane Kay Douglass Doyal Linda Dimifry Duncan Duvall John Lou Ann Edna Eaton Lynn Diana John Marie Ada Sue Ekberg Enns Estrada Estrada Eubanks ' '.'r' :ii l.h" 'i' F Jane Pat Lloyd Carolyn Judy Fatherree Gibbs Gore Gray Gray Sharon Evans 28 David Green Caroline Farwell Kaye Green Luke David Bill Susan Mike Jack Grizzaffi Gunby Haddan Holbrook Haley Hammond Marie Valeta Mary Ellen Lucien Susan Hal Handley Hanes Hanks Harmon Hayle Hearn Glenda William Scott Nancy Gary Tom Henson Hetherington Higgins Hill Hobson Horan George Irma Jimmy Sue Brenda Paul Hookings Huerta Imperial Irwin Johns Johnsfop Joyce Kennelh Worth Bailey Cecilia Tom ay Jones Jones Jones Jordan Juarez Kavanaugh -Kelsey I Sallee Harold B. Richard Greg Charles Judy James Kelso Kernodle Kimble Kinnan Kirby Klepak Lansdowne Frances Terry Frank Murrell George Carolyn 'l2'x fs- X a , fir ig 53 N.. LS Lawrence Legg Lewis Lewis Lindsey l.lOyCl Carolyn Pat Charlotte Barbara Billie Donna Locklar Lozano McCaffrey McGibboney McGowan McKee I fam a io'-41: iff 'X 'i5e3z::e21lJa am E121 ef a gl 0 a f . John Marlene Carolyn Bambi Gail Wanda McMath Mallewick Marcell Martin Mastin Meyer Brenda Sherrie Gail Don La Veta Janet Miller Minton Mitchell Moore Morris Myers Patty Jacqueline Tommy Sandra Joe John Linda Nance Neff Neighbors Nevius Nixon Normand Norris Judy Eloise Frank Celeste Bill Elva Marla Olsson Ormsbee Ortiz Packwood Pappas Particle Pascher fw 67 'K . 1 1 Carole AA-gha Mildred Johnny Rick Pederson Pennington Peveto Pomeroy Potter Ellis Jimmy Billy Janie Mike Rankin Redding Rennie Richards Richey ,,V: I .. Pl 5 -LI A V Herb John Barbara Lynn Gilbert Rippa Roberts Robinson Robinson Rodriguez Mercedes Mary Tom Margaret Arthur Rodflgl-'92 Ross Rubel Russell Salas David Preston Pat Riddell as Al Rodriguez Arthur Salinas Robert Sally Tishie Junie Sue Schueh Seaman Shepherd Shuler Shipps Janet Smith FRI Joe Martha Shirley Sue Ronald Pat Bill Smith Smith Smith Smith Solomon Stanfill Steel ah Hunter Tom Nanetfe Pamela Paula Kathy Stuart Tackitt Taquino Tatom Tatom Taylor Teagarden Ellen Linda .lim Jim Robyne BETTY Teagarden Teames Thompson Tidrow Tompkins 1 t if il Richard Ron Rachel Torrey Tucker Turner Umphress r v7', Y Q f Q i 4 f Georgene Utesch 1 Glenda Richard Bill Murine James Vaughn Wagnan Ward Watkins Watson 5 sf if ' X 5 , 1 David Peggy Charles Carol Mike Webb Wesfdyke Willer Williams Don Sandra Terry .lerry Wimberly Winningham Wise Worden its 1 19 V ,i Williams ' Q Harvey Wright 5 'Q Margaret Valentine f 'SHN Q., , , 5? 'TT' ,Q -M v is Charlie Waits Ken Williamson Peggy Jack Wyatt Young I fl if I Bob Ronnie Andrea Paul Barbara Susie 'Abel' Agpalza Aldridge Allemon Amy Asel Kenneth Shirley Truiif Ruby Jo Billie Gaila Bardin Bell Bishop Blackman Bransieiler Britt """ " ""i"' 5934? 5159? .l-r - i Jo Ann Billy Janice Ken Carol William Brockman Brumley Buckels Bucher Bullard Burley ,, i J' Lf' ' 1 f i fi l,-f Gloria Faye Beatrice Herman Tommy Cynthia gd' Butcher Bynum Byrd Campos Capley Carlisle Donald David Fanny Charles Mike Sue ' Leslie Carter Chamberlin Cherry Claibourne Clayton Clements Coe N R Adele Charles James Joe Gwyn Sandra Cole Cole Collin Colunga Compton Contra s Cooksey 70 i Curtis Corley Raymond Harry Richard James Kathryn Cornelison Crowder Crump Cundiff Currin Judy ' Dacus Gary Ken John lrma Melvin Dalton Daniel Davis Delgado Derr Bill Dietrich r f Connie Elliott Donald Linda Jerry Steve Marilyn Dismore Donnell Duvall Edwards Eidt Howard Gail Randy Bobby Ellis Etley Faulk Few Flores f -1 1 Myra Charles Sandra Mike Joyce Gaylia Herlinda Flowers Freeman Freiden French Garner Garrett Garza - Q 2 Fil ffig - ll' J . .3 I Ralph Donna Charles Linda Tommy Alice Gloria Garza Gay Gideon Gilbert Glidewell Gonzales Gomel 5, ,Mi t ee,a. a wc? 'X 255355 V, 1 11 1' aqfimgrerqs ww , f,femwW Naam Q' 1 il 7 T65 in ff" 'F -iff za- Sally Billy Goodwin Gray Danny Green Lucy Nancy Mary Guerra Hammitt Harris Dolores Grindstaft I wg 5, ,-, 'f 1 f 1 I 'ff ' 1 i l'Si!Ei7ifE1? ' . f'5f5SiJiQgS' s , F111 . , Wana . "ig , :.:i5'f1 " ' Nancy Harrison ,, . , -at M1 L : .,..r ,:,-,.-- - R es 4 iw 1 fire WWF 6 ," , 4, ,Q .. ,., E , , watyi , ,, .C21f " 1 fi? tg .1,k'fi. . .4 ,. 5 -if 1 ,Y va, a use .wr rr mfg: -- SJ sf: 'f 1 . V-me , or Mr iikfift ,jr - QL,.. gf1l 5 iL, ea?l51':igg4'l -'N'532I'2? 7315225522552 V ' silzf 1 sw 'if t -:za ia far- ff? ,r,. T it 'G , . D J , , : , a, . sw f' me "Y :'5fifiig'g:f.if- ' : av i ' My Rose Ann Ronnie Griswold Grubbs Pat Donald Harrison Haynes Margaret Betty Cecelia Susie Nancy Gary Hearst Hernandez Hernandez Herrera Hildebrant Hill Km, Jack JQVVY Sandy Sandra Betty Susan Hull Hill Hill Hulme Huber Hudclleston Zelda ' Mike Mickie Janie Lewis Ronnie Harriett Hunter Hurst Hutson Hyde Ingersoll James Jennings Charles Warren Carol Linda Shelley Wayne Virginia Jimerson Jinks Jones Jones Jones Jqnes Jordan 1 'Lena Tommy L ,K i L no rilr i i V i f i K fi A 5 V ' ' . , ,,i gQ42i':lz , 3 - is ' V' " i or we , A af V A 1 L r 1 L . A A A , any ,ly 1 Y A A J ,'., VV E Helen Joan Mike Beth Diane Carlene KaVf3f"'3U9lW Keese Kelley Kiersky King Kinnan - VV V ' V ' I . ' Q 'Wi ' ia' W' VV'1 ? V 15x VVa5' Q ig 353.2 ?f:' iz igh l. : V. y X , gy if , L ,K x . L y f Cp blffl' V i Y Dave ldeana Carolyn , Rachel Joanne LUCY Knight Lain Lamberf Lewis Linle Lockharf 1 V .F 'VV l V G .V 45. T, Sharon Linda Carolyn Wgynene Bill Gwen Loring McCown McDaniel McKee-I MCKOY Mcfmaqh A . ' ,A V . f Q31 En ,-, . L " 1 I i n yei,, , kzfwvr ' r,, "'i ' ' ,kk,,. Bridger Rudolph Cynthia Judy Charles Eddie McSorley Matthaei May May Miller Miller 4 ET L ya L L if i L L gif . L Mlke Hl-'Qh Luis James Alice Mlllef MOSS Muir Muller Mundy Linda Norwood Mamie Nuncio V Richard Mary O'Nale Orr Reeva Owens Nelson Newman G I V 7,Vi I 7 ,k.V ' Q , ' Kafhleen Dolores Paddock Paloma Susan Don Sue David John Park Peacock Peacock Peoples Perez it Q' A,', -' "' J gg 'fi A j -,'- 1- 5' - i t lair? e 2' ff? , ., 13 ,554 'V' A in -K , 335: '. -r I-ff: I. I x ' -iii P A' ' fi ' .',. Jiri? ' ggiilsiff-:L ,Sl fi 't i ell A . its ,E Riia Mary Ann paul Edward Phil Pinckard Platt Platt Poetschke Polhemus Judy Ann ROIWY Jack Helen Olivia Beth Pope Prachyl Pugh Ramirez Ramos Raney Brenda Bonnie Jim Beth Judy Richard Ray Ray Reason Reeder Reneau Rheder if ilay B if ael ' 'Q iiii l ' , ,rl,r i J J R J ecli Annette Carol Joanne Mary Ann James Mary Rice Richardson Rietcheck Riggs Robertson Rocha Norma Felice Huguette Sherrill Kay Debbie Rodrigues Rolston Rolston Rose Roten Sanders Pat Jeff Don John Barbara Shepherd Sims Smith Spragens Staton I , " ' 4 'ow .1 fi ini A? JOG Ken Mary Rae Gene Allen Steen Tabor Tadlock Taquino Thomas Lana Carolyn Judith Mary Dennis Tilford Tipton Tittle Todd Turnbull .av WGS Rosemary J. A. Tommy Linda Dianna Tyler Vasquez Vaughan Wall Wallace Waller Ngf,:,j3gsjgfjtmizaugziilffff I 5 T Ea Diane Homer Judy Culley Don Jeff Ware Warlick Warren Wilcox Williams Williams Tom Curtis Sue Woodard Wright Wyrick Nancy Linda Wiliiams Wilson Jeanne Youngblood ROTC is an interesting class for underclassmen? Wafch if, eve ryonel Enioying SporTsman's breakfast? Nr--q...,1, ww fi xwgflg , , -1 A . , , , 225-4142.-f,9, H. .. :,'.,,,, W ? :fa iv,- I 1 if ' wr' K:-s'W4'Q m A mf.f., v. f wfffzwiix . Y N ' . x' .XX H- Qg., ,sf .,.g+.iu,. Underclassmen Worth Jones, Scoif Higgins, Sam Wadsworth and Jim Carier examine a rifle. Underclassmen have fun too. Miniature bull session The early bird gets the worm Girls study outside in warmer Ahempfs at singing! Underclass Chorus Class Sandra Nevius and Sharon Everett Iearn some French from Mrs. Holbrook E f i Minerva waiches over the 61h period Latin class. Junie Schuler and Claude Burba atithe Drug Store. 1' ' il" W 1 1 1 'G gm. fi, f iw, if Mr. Wagnon Teaches slide rule To Baily Jordan, David Gunby and the rest of The class. Several underclassmen seem anxious To see who will represent Them for Viking Beauty. Jerry Worden and Mr. Hassell Take a look af China. Firaunaliflea X X .Xu X X xx. NN MOST POPULAR GIRL Elsie Sippola Eiected by the Senior Class '59-'60 MOST POPULAR BOY William Maiflwaei Elected by the Senior Class '59-'60 BEST ALL-ROUND '59-'60 Ann Varley Elecfed by the Faculty Q , Sandra Vaughn SENIOI Waynion Crowder S l E 1+ Billie Marie Grupsmith Charles Seeber DERSONALITIES Ronnle Wulcox An n Keener Joanna Glanges Arnold Salinas Jo Anne Jesfice Benny Mace Ga ry Lewis SENIOI Peggy Vandergriff Jesse Tackitf DERSONALITIES Juvey Gomez Rifa Mims Kay Edwards Mark Ussery I Cathey Tay Buddy Gross SENIOF Joe Williamson Judy Jones Dick Moon Delia Hernandez DERSONALITIES I I Patsy Mitchell Bobby Boyd Dickie Wakefield Lou W Mf jf QD WMIQ pf Q 0-f WJ f 92 Diff K ij I f J ff ,mp JLINIQI N Tom Horan DERSONALITIES Don Moore Carla Tanner if . J,- Barbara Chatten Richard Kimble Diane Douglass Rick Potter JUNIC pson Cheryl Campbell H. B. Kernodle La Veta Morris ERSONALITIES Jimmy Imperi al i aff" F. Jackie Rhodes Tishie Shepherd Victor Lissiak argaret Valenf Mike Richey JUNIOR PERSCNALITIES Greg Kinn Sydna Apple Luke Grizzaffi John Duncan Georgene Utesch Janet Myers Carol Pederson Junie Shuler Tommy Rubel Danny Green Dennis Turnbull Linda Jones SOPHQMOR Sue Peacock Don Smith ERSONALITIES Linda McCown Susan Park Charles Gideon Beth Reeder Charles McKinney SOPHOMOR Rae Gene Taquino ERSONALITIES Jack Hlll Janie Hyde Diane King ,..Y, --..-v SOPHOMOR garet Hearst David Peoples DERSQNALITIES 5 ei: -' ffl - il W l Sandy Hill M . 1 ' X ' Qgpf ,sf ' H ' 1-A A :QQ , ii , Q. I ' f.-1 . l' +141 -- "-f ' , A H . i 6 'l I " 2 , . 5 EL? ' Charles Freeman A 3 e ig J , if , 1 Q 2,3 F Y EQ W fa ti 4" W l J .Q f Mal? 1 L , , 5 My, - fi? ' f K- L , J-5 J my , , -' 1 f 5 . . -A ff, gi. h il.. W Curtis Corely . 4--fu I Joyce Garner 5' .' - V,-'.x A . 24 N , uv :XI 4 1- 1 .- . 1' I .4 , P 5-if .F .I o ,, 1 f"' -'. 4- 4 1 A . X , if , .f ,x . , ,,a ' W., rf' 'L . . A. J"', P I , , 'jf A' J , , - , 1 f I03 1 MILITARY QUEEN '59-'60 Billie Marie Grupsmilh Elected by The Nlilifary Y l lll KEY CLUB SVVEETHEART '59-'60 Peggy Vandergriff Elected by the Members of The Key Club 3 W, Q g ff 3 - , A e I i Wg vi VALENTINE QUEEN '59-'60 Lou Ann Schick Elected by The Student Body V 'KA ,- ' ,, .,,,.. ,. ., JY :Qf , ,: V V ,WM M N -4-M.,. ,. ,. LMI ' ' .,:A,,.,.-,,mm,. WM. W.. f' - 0-f W ., A ' , A Miss Lou Ann Schick S222 Goodwin Ave. Dallas 6, Texas Dear Miss Schickg I received your letter and the photos of the contest- ants for your beauty contest several days ago and boy, what a tough job! To pick a winner when you have so many really attractive girls is really a difficult job. I finally made my choice though and hope that you will be pleased with my selection. I have, as you requested, put them in the order of my selection and had them marked as well so that there would not be a chance of their being mixed up. I would like to have the names and addresses of the girls I have selected and a copy of their pictures, if possible If there is any way of your sending me a copy of the book I would certainly like to have it. I would consider it a pleasure and a privilege to add it to my collection. I have also enclosed an autographed photo of myself and hope that it meets with your approval. Thank you again for extending to me the honor of judging your contest. Sincerely, Eg Jimmy anton JCXPP VIKI BE UTY JUDGE JIMMY CLANTON v , x Qbsggggk, i , in Rt First Place-MISS BILLIE MARIE GRUPSMITH Second Place-MISS ANN KEENER Third Place-MISS DIANA WALLER Fourth Place-MISS CAROL MCDANIEL 2" kevaavihrhwfwx' w- .A ff. FifTh Place-MISS ELSIE SIPPOLA M W Miss Peggy Vandergriff Miss Junie Shuler BEAUTY FINALISTS 1 3 WM Miss Sandy Hill A 1 sun., Xu' A , , Miss Betty Bayles II7 Miss Diane Douglas Miss Cheryl Campbell Miss Sherrie Minton Miss Donna Buchanan Miss Barbara Chaffen Some of the Beauty Finalists pose for the VIKING. 3 3 r X 2 f 5, 3 . X yy mg sam w THE VIKING SALUTE Judy Jones, Lou Arm Schick, Carolan Zastoupil, and Delia Hernandez W H Co-Captains of The Vikingettes Fred Uhlerneyer, Drum Maier Jim Vvhirson, Head Cheerleader THE VIKING SALUTES Lou Ann Schick, Editor of the VlKlNG krllllilliam Matthaei, Student Council President Lupe Orozco, Joanna Glanges, Charles Nafus, Miss Masters, Ann Varley, and Howard Hanks, Officers of the National Honor Society, Fall Term. 124 l TH E VIKING SALUTE 'Q , sv ' we - g -7... Quill and Scroll members, Diane Storey and Lou Ann Schick. Russell. Correspondent to the Dallas Morning News, Brenda Billie Marie Grupsmith, Military Queen, and escort Elsie Sippolal .lOl'1I'1 Duncan. Mage, 5 ff , Basketball Queen, and escort Benny I25 THE VIKING SALUTES Mark Ussery, Honorable MenTion Tor Back of The Week by Morn- ing News. KIITT All-CiTy Tearn. Mike Richey, Lineman of The Week Tor The Morning News Three Times. I26 Arnold Salinas, Back of The Week and Honorable Men Tion for All-CiTy by The Morning News. THE VIKING SALUTES hi! Q H. B. Kernoolle, Honorable Mention tor Back of the Week, and Honorable Mention for All-City by the Morning News. Waymon Crowder, Honorable Mention for Back of the Week, and Honorable Mention for All-City by the Dallas Morning News. THE VIKING SALUTES Bill Harrison anol Howard LuTfrell, Spring Junior Rotarians. Lou Ann Schick, Valentine Queen, and escori Torn Horan. l28 Suanne Davis, DAR Most Oufslanoling Citizen , 4 ,r ,, - -v V 4 ' fi 1 f '-'f5l L-15'-1' . Qu . 'Sha-Q V f N 'f Z... Qs x, N K 'E if h K. "iv 3: THE VIKING SALUTES William Marrhaei, Charles Nafus, and Waymon Crowder, Fall Junior Rotarians Mark Ussery, Carhey Taylor, and Bobby Boyd, Senior Class Officers. THE VIKING SALLITE Tommy Ferguson, Regimental Commander of R.O.T.C. Temple Pouncey and Brenda Russell, Quill and Scroll. Joe Williamson, Honorary Mention tor All-City Basket- ball Team and basketball captain. '31 THE VIKING SALLITES Lucien Harmon, VIKING Photographer Bob Ivey, Captain ot the Rifle Team Charles Natus, Harvard Book Award, and Bill Harrison, N.C.T.E. Contest Runner- Up. rgam THE IKI G-CHAPTER OF JOE WILLIAMSON CURTIS DOBBS .IOANNA GLANGES OLLIE SHARP Presiclenf Vice-President Secretary Treasurer NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Q V X f f S X EE? MISS ETHEL MASTERS Sponsor MIKE DOUGLASS TOMMY FERGUSON ' HOWARD HANKS BILL HARRISON - M, 3 PAM HAWTHORNE PHYLLIS JACKSON JUDY JONES N 'i TIO AL H0 OR SGCIETY KENNETH KILLEN CHARLES NAFUS BRENDA RUSSELL LOU ANN SCHICK , ,.,:,, L.,,.L.,.L V A AAAN A fi N x N X , . L FREDRIC UHLEMEYER PEGGY VANDERGRIFF 2. M. zapQfaj3-453,25 -if? 1, ' , 1' . ,l :Q-:I-5w,,,,'Q .- . .fi A ' , .L if,-wr L-mx, Q . f.-, ..,' 5 ff ' A H, CAROL PHELPS DAVID PULLEN ELSIE SIPPOLA MARK USSERY ANN VARLEY LUPE OROZCO All newly elected members rise to fake oath. UPPER COUNCIL MR. HUTCHINSON Sponsor CHARLES NAFUS ELSIE SIPPOLA Vice-Presidenf' Secretary bf, 1 Y .R . I 'I , ..,. X J Q 'QM , gi M J 'Q' President .. Af' I I' . WV ff- , I A I PQP PPP I ,,.n- - ff- ,L X f , A I 1 , , . X, CAROL PHELPS JUDY JONES Parliamenfarian STUDE T COUNCIL BETTY BAYLES DONALD CARTER M P P5""fmW ' Tfarliigflz, "5 L: 5"z3Y'I"'EI ESIZKYWIXQI 1'5'E:,':-. , Jnmgygf ,-ew --f ' fx- AY PM ,, " ' ' fr w as Sw J I BILL HADDAN MARGARET HEARST JAMES COUCH GAYLIA GARRETT I I SUE IRVIN NANCY JOHNS WILLIAM MATTHAEI W E , ,f ,, , , , T, TLIDE OLINCIL GWEN MCMATH VIRGINIA MILLER PATSY MITCHELL TENA NELSON MARILYN PEOPLES DAVID PULLEN JACKIE RHODES TISHIE SHEPHERD JESSE TACKITT RAE GENE TAQUINO DENNIS TURNBULL GEORGENE UTESCH PEGGY VANDERGRIFF PEGGY WESTDYKE RONNIE WILCOX NANCY WHYTE LIZ ESTRADA Sfudent Council President, William Matfhaei, and Mr. Hutchinson. l37 DIANE STOREY Sports Editor Art Editor THE VIKI STAFF PEGGY VANDERGRIFF Activities Editor VIKING Salutes Editor JUDY LSSO CELESTE PACKINOOD I-OU ANN SCHICK Personamy Editlor Mlmary Ednor Editor Ass't. Advertising Editor MARGARET VALENTINE BETTY BAYLES BETTY HUBER Advertising Editor Business Manager Organizations Editor I38 ,-P"'QfQ+x"'5 I . 'i nfs. lg 3 of .5 , ,... ., 5 3' BOB ABEL TRECIA SMITH JUDY DICKSON Underclassman Editor Typist Index Editor VIKING Photographers: Lucien Harmon and Charles Miller Margaret Valentine, Betty Huber, Lou Ann Schick, Diane Storey, Bob Abel, and Jesse Tackitt prepare the stage for the VIKING, Beauty Assembly. I39 'Q' l 'SW l z ' l CGMPASS STAFF The Compass is published bi- monthly by and for the student body of North Dallas High School. By putting out the paper, the staff gains experi- ence in reporting, Writing, copy- reading and making up a news- paper. MRS. CLARK BRENDA RUSSELL Sponsor ECllTOI'-lr'l-Cl'1l8f ROBERT HUSBANDS JACKIE MCDONALD CHARLES WILLETT Managing Editor Feature Editor Business Manager Mi ' - i ROBERT SURLES TEMPLE POUNCEY ANN MCCUTCHEON Assistant Business Manager Sports Editor Copy Editor LUCY LOCKHART SHERRIE MINTON Art Editor Exchange Editor COMPASS S AFF DOLORES CASTILLO ELIZABETH CERVANTES JOAQUIN CERVANTES MYRA FLOWERS GAYLIA GARRET DONNA GAY CAROLYN LANE JAMES LARA I My M ANITA ICIHARDSON EDDIE SCHROEDER BILLY TODD Brenda Russell, Editor of the Compass, interviews Ann Landers. ORTH DALLAS BA AUNDREA ALDRIDGE RONALD BATEMAN COLIN BRADY LESLIE COE GWYN COMPTON DON CORNETT GEORGE CRAFT GARY DALTON LYDIA DELGADO JOHN ESTRADA MICHAEL FRENCH DONNA GAY GLORIA GOMEZ SALLY GOODWIN DONALD HAYNES SUSAN HUDDLESON 5 if ORTH DALLA AN Z MIKE KELLY SALLEE KELSO BETH KIERSKY JAMES LANSDOWNE RACHEL LEWIS HOWARD LUTTRELL VERNON MCCULLERS BILLY MCKOY BARBARA MENDOZA LOUIS MUIR JANET MYERS TOMMY NEIGHBORS LINDA NORRIS REEVA OWENS PAUL PLATT SHIRLEY REEVES ORTH DALLA N MARY RIGGS HUGUETTE ROLSTEN JOHN SPRAGENS KENNETH TABOR MARY TADLOCK JIM TEAMES CHARLOTTE TUCKER WINKIE WADE DON WILLIAMS DONALD WIMBERLY CURTIS WRIGHT FREDRIC UHLEMEYER ND Maiorettes I44 FUTURE URSES CLUB MRS. STEENSON Sponsor 5 1 4 s I I 53? I ' 7 'fs f 51 f .31 CAROL PHELPS President PURPOSE The purpose of the Future Nurses Club is to give girls who are interested in nursing a chance to in- vestigate further that career. This is to help them to understand what will be expected of them if and when they become nurses. MOTTO "Our nation's wealth depends upon its health." BARBARA MENDOZA JODIE KURC Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MARILYN EIDT ROSALIND ANCONA CAROL BULLARD LINDA DONNELL MARIE ESTRADA SALLY SEAMAN ' ' f-SC Hi?-:I:?f13! I ,tg, ,, gi, -:,. ffsW . ' DOLORES GRINDSTAFF VIRGINIA JORDAN I 'tw . .W s eb fly ., HELEN SHELTON BARBARA WOMACK I- KEY CLUB MR. COPPEDGE Sponsor PEGGY VANDERGRIFF Key Club Sweetheart . vi ' ! I , If 'Q I , i '1-A TEMPLE POUNCEY CURTIS DOBBS BILL HARRISON Vice-President Secretary Treasurer if V PETE ADAME HARRY CROWDER MIKE DOUGLASS LUKE GRIZZAFFI DAVID GUNBY BILL HADDAN DAVID PULLEN Presidenf REED YOWELL Publicity Chairman ROLAND FORESTER HAL HEARN JACK HILL RICHARD KIMBLE HOWARD LUTTRELL I if Q ROGER SANDOVAL JIMMY THOMPSON DENNIS TURNBULL I 1 'QII RW AI'I 1 I 5 I f 4. 45? RICHARD TURNER CHARLES WILLETT fimx' 5- ,A BENNY MACA Key Club Officers Take time ou? before a meeting, 2' 1 ' f ., RT CLUB JUVEY GOMEZ, President BILL HADDAN ROSALIND ANCONA Vice President Secretary PURPOSE A service organization created for those students interested in art. The purpose of This club is to learn more about art, to make use of our knowledge and to have fun as well. LEON ANCONA SUE SHIPPS Treasurer Social Director ' 1: T ., , . . , gi We M. . ami... ' . : 33155525 , , , 912gA?3Hf i f ,i ef' .fs ' - f ' we 1 iw -,-fs,-. f J i'fl5isff21 at M P it 3 Wi' X its ix 'K 5 ft ,K V, Q or ettu w fn. k If .n V f ga T SANDRA BUCKLES MARVIN CARPENTAR ovvvm coMPToN PAULA DAUGHERTY ' "Vl -1, ,T T ri r 11 it ' ' V V ',if 2 it , :.: as ,f.,, Q ANNETTE FEW BETTY HARRIS CECELIA HERNANDEZ WORTH JONES HELEN KAVANAUGH SALLEE KELSO JAMES LARA A i sy '31 JUDY KLEPAK -1 flak, f" A 751- V x"' ri, x E ' ' A r f . SANDRA NEVINS SUE PEACOCK JUDY POPE KATHERINE POPE KATHLEEN POPE DIANE RIKER A touch of Halloween. W 5. I, IKI G ETTE .nr .,,:f ir, ,1.,,.. .. -.,' .-Wi The purposes of The Viking- "e fi LLL. eTTes are To encourage and en- g rich school spiriT among The STU- ' iiii X L' denf body, To provide color and A ' serve as a backbone for The . 'fg-Tr igg. 'f.V 'ggi cheering secTion aT aThleTic LV ,A ' evenls' and lo be an example ff ilir 5Zi41liifl1if',f4..rf . f?? i-'H for The school as a whole. .ffl g ,L W, A-,. T djgygigf ,?5v,73sf'i5 "is A l'i' A - MARION WHITE MIRIAM GRICE DELIA HERNANDEZ JUDY JONES Captain Captain 1 LOU ANN SCHICK CAROLAN ZASTOUPIL Captain Captain SYDNA APPLE ALICE BALLARD JUDY BARKSDALE 2e45fxi'2w3z,., BETTY BAYLES CHERYL CAMPBELL CAROLE CRABBE SUANNE DAVIS MARTHA DILLARD Ig. .fi s ii ini M? DIANE DOUGLASS KAY EDWARDS DIANA ENNS MARIE ESTRADA LIZ ESTRADA SHARON EVANS MARY FARMER JANE FATHERREE ISI JOANNA GLANGES VELETA HANES PAT HOGAN SUSIE JAMISON JOYCE JONES ANN KEENER WANDA LAFON CAROLYN LOCKLAR BAMBI MARTIN ANN MILLER VIRGINIA MILLER SHERRIE MINTON MELINDA MUNNEKE CELESTE PACKWOOD CARQLE PEDERSON MARILYN PEQPLES IKINGETTE ALLEGRA REEVES PAT RENEAU BARBARA ROBINSON LYNN ROBINSON mv- TISHIE SHEPHERD JUNIE SHULER GEORGENE UTESCH PEGGY VANDERGRIFF 'W'- . If ZI V I . WI . :J- - ,, , 1 av ' SANDRA VAUGHN JANET SMITH MARTHA SMITH DIANE STOREY PAULA TATOM BARBARA VICTORY CAROL WILLIAMS BARBARA WOMACK PURPOSE To study private life and matters of Romans and matters ot personal lute ot early Romans. MISS ETHEL MASTERS CHARLES NAFUS Sponsor Consul Maior FREDRIC UHLEMEYER BARBARA WOMACK JACKIE RHODES LANELL TURNER Consul Minor Scriba Quaestor Lictor ROSE LEE CHRISTE BARBARA MENDOZA SHIRLEY REEVES ROGER SANDOVAL OLLIE SHARP PA AMERICAN CLUB l l I MISS IMOGENE BERRY W Sponsor l l I I CHARLES ALCANTAR ELIZABETH CERVANTES MARGUERITE GONZALES JAN HAIR LLSS I ':E" PAT LOZANO VIRGINIA MILLER TEMPLE POUNCEY JUNIE SHULER The objective of PASF is to encourage a respect for and tolerance toward all nationalities ih the Americasg to encou-rage the learning of Spanishg and to serve as an example of what can be accomplished by pupils of different nationalities working together. BEVERLY CLARK SUANNE DAVIS ELIZABETH ESTRADA "'m-'r-'F PAT HOGAN WANDA LAFON JAMES LARA PAUL MORA MELINDA MUNNEKE JANET MYERS TRECIA SMITH NANCY WHYTE MARY SUE WYATT I55 CONCERTCHOIR FIRST ROW: Nanette Taquino, Mercedes Rodriguez, Nancy Broom, Pat Brockman, Jackie Neff, Alice Ballard, James Lara, Eric Logan, Glen Banks, Worth Jones, Rae Gene Taquino, June Collins, Dottie Kramer, Rachel Torrez. SECOND ROW: Ellen Teagarden, Carolyn Zastoupil, Ellen Teagarden. THIRD ROW: Cynthia May, Wanda Lafon, Jewel Wolfe, Faye Harris, Leon Ancona, Charles Miller, Bill Halddan, Joe Williams, Joaquin Cervantes, Lynn Robinson, Rose Lee Christie, Linda Teagarden. FOURTH ROW: Pat Hogan, Betty Webb, Harvey Caughey, Warren Jinks, Johnny Morgan, Charles Brewton, Don Moore, Johnny Crawley, Leslie Miles, Jeanne Armatige, Pam Hawthorne. FIRST ROW: Linda Gilbert, Billie Marie Grupsmith, Mary Lou Brown, Jackie Sue Reeder, Bambi Martin, Ruby Jo Blackman, Gloria Neighbors, Helen Shelton, Brenda Mellon, Louis Medellin, Juvey Gomez, Rosalind Ancona, Lupe Brown, Ollie Sharp, Nancy Johns, Kay Ward, Brenda Johns, Helen Ramirez. SECOND ROW: Pat Clements, Carol Jones, Jo Ann Krause, Gaylia Garrett, Cheryl Schmie- deke, Katherine Currin, Mike Stein, Jimmy Elliott, Sherill Rose, Carolyn Tipton, Linda McCown, Betty Hernandez, Sara Nunez, Alice Mendez, Lucy Reyes. THIRD ROW: Beth Reeder, Sue Avon, Jean Coker, Wynette McKeeI, Sue Clements, Rita Pinkard, Sharon Loring, Linda Wallace, Billy McCown, Albert Rodriguez, Joe Ceoukca, Harriett Jennings, Paula Tatom, Marilyn Eidt, Dolores Palomo, Reeva Owens, Olivia Ramos. FOURTH ROW: Janelle Bailey, Mary Farmer, Gene Taylor, Liz Estrada, Barbara Amy, Shelley Jones, Melvin Darr, Mike Bronda, Kyle Rose, Larry Melder, Wayne Jones, Donna McKee, Myra Flowers, Alice Gonzalez, Mary Ann Rocha, Carol Richard- son, Charles Marie Tanner, Peggy Westdyke. I56 ORTH D LLAS PARE T-TEACHERS' ASSOCIATIO 44' '40 -1 IRST ROW left to ri ht M , g : rs. J. T. Rogers, Director of Education, Mrs. W. Roy Compton, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Harold Kernodle, 'ice-President, Mrs. William B. Mims, President, Mrs. Clifford Jones, Recording Secretary, Mrs. Fred M. Ramsey, Director of Health and Public ervice, Mrs. Lloyd Kimble, Delegate. SECOND ROW: Mr. Whittleseyg Mrs. Burnett Smith, Counsel Delegatey Mrs. L. C. Miller, Parliamentarian, flrs. Robin Teagarden, Treasurer, Mrs. Stewart C. Robinson, Historian. AWARDS S150 Scholarship SOCIAL Coffee honoring new members American Education We Buffet-Football team, band, and V Founders's Day Luncheon Texas Public School Week Luncheon following installation of officers ek-O pen House-Spaghetti Supper ikingettes ADULT EDUCATION Program theme: Education is Life in the Making Finance: pay assembl , pp , or allas megaphones Welfare: cookies for U.S.O. y, rummage sale spaghetti su er N th D l57 CAROL PHELPS Vice-Presidenf Y-TEENS Kf'L Tsss, si ELSIE SIPPOLA PATSY WOOLRIDGE PATTI ROGERS PATTY NANCE SecreTary Treasurer Council FaiTh RepresenfaTive Chairman PURPOSE To build a fellowship of women and girls devoTed To The Task of realizing, in our common life as ChrisTians, The ideals of personal and social living. "In This we endeavor To share His love for all people, and To grow in knowledge and love of God." MRS. WITHROW N ? C vwvui' B7 al- W q 2 , Qin M wi fi a S gk N J X fl kiisxlffle, if . Y-We , 5 4 TQ P as 3 i Qs? fi 4 saw . AUNDREA ALDRIDGE CAROL ANN BATES SANDRA BUCKLES I58 Sponsor 1 ROSALIND ANCONA SARA AVON Q Wvzssiiv 21551. 9 xc - ,-5355 'ff . ' "I ifaiiiff' V X 253 1 zf- - a s-lffisilfi K T'-' " ' is K :iff 93 1 611315. . .1 ,T ,sas-f:mfgg1gQ1:s ' C-,gg.f5,1,,, ,Mlm , CF CATHEY TAYLOR PresidenT SUE AVON PHYLIS,BALLENGER DANELLE BENGGELI BARBARA CHATTEN RUBY BLACKMON CONNIE BLUMN ,.: r ' f L 2545 ,, SW .Ei A Q fi Ye - my 51:5 Q, 1 .Fife fi - .Ng ,.s, , JEAN COKER JUNE COLLINS BILLIE BRANSTETTER 2 Kwveraf J-1415, sfzffvsrn A A-:Q m ales-,. ,T is was 4 2. QQSSQTQTSQEQFXQTTB gf , , . GWYN COMPTON .w jf' ,ww .I . , n nigga Lx Juv X I , ' 4y '7"i g ,I ' F" . ' QA . ,K I I X.. 1002? DIANE DOUGLASS KAY EDWARDS JUDY GRAY BILLIE MARIE GRUPSMITH SUE IRVIN DIANE KING WA-2' P as Q , 1,-f 'Ib w. , M. sf M ,I , 4: D W in I V 5 A, im X , Q31 " H15 1 fi JOYCE JONES DOROTHY KRAMER Y-TEENS ANNETTE FEW 2 ' rf sf., we ? 55 ,. J- V h -M I -15 fwfr BETTY HARRIS 1 L, A ' f fi' ' 'W A Qu' L. A PAT JONES JODIE KURC LINDA MCCOWN BAMBI MARTIN BRENDA MELLON . W X4 . .I,I If: If Y s MYRA FLOWERS S., X . if . FAYE HARRIS I I 1: if A 5.1 f JOAN KEESE Qi.-7ifibp A SHARON LORING ANN MILLER 1 2.31, M Q 5, ix: - 1453.2 I 1 .z ga g . , gi:-1 1 . . iii n ,riff - I ,,..l, , f fl DONNA GAY JANIE HYDE SALLEE KELSO PAT LOZANO VIRGINIA MILLER l59 Y-TEENS mi A, R5 A I C T SJ RITA MIMS MELINDA MUNNEKE JANET MYERS e REEVA OWEN5 CELESTE PACKWOOD PAT FATTERSON ' ' - .E ,, ,,sg,LT. " ' -T xv 35 K A TTT A A MARILYN pE0pLE5 MILDRED PEVETO BRENDA RAY Q . , "V A s. W LYNN RQBINSQN SHERRILL ROSE SALLY SEAMAN L f . 'Tf:':sM- :z:::,.1e-fm Q, 'Z an 4 'Nj 1 'T T , ig fzz 5 T A 5, - ' - , ."l7Yf-'71-Qgg M , A I Q1-r.5-W .. T .STN W .,.,w.. X Q , zqu Aiea.: , lirsfli ,A "si ,J 7 45 ' E TENA NELSON SUE PEACOCK - . T,.-5:Tl.x,V.Ti? 1 BETH REEDER ' f A m v L. 11' . ' ?'f.fW2i6 5779 ww ,T , 2 kL,'T TISHIE SHEPHERD SANDRA NEVIUS 'CAROLE PEDERSON PAT RENEAU SUE SHIPPS JUNTE SHULER JANET SMITH SHARON SMITH BARBARA STATON PAULA TATOM I60 Y-TEENS I f W 11 ,Lx , . sf ,L 4 2 W . sa " we 1 ELLEN TEAGARDEN LINDA TEAGARDEN MARY TODD LINDA WALLACE I I "a 'MNL DD 'Q' A Q L JUDY WARREN SANDRA WINNINGHAM BARBARA WOMACK Q9 5 Y-Teens have first meeting of The year. I6I JAN HAIR PATSY MITCHELL WILLIAM MATTHAEI DICK MOON Vice-Presidenf Secretary Treasurer Reporter RED CROSS COUNCIL ALICE BALLARD NANCY HILDEBRANDT BILL DIETRICH WORTH JONES LYNN ROBINSON I A ' 71.-g , QL - 'JL -' I, -in w r' , ay -. :fit BILLIE GRUPSMITH ' .,. FI fin . .,, 3:1 ff' .1 1-'S A I 1 , T 5 -. 'iff 3..,L.ggf:gfI SUSAN PARK SALLY SEAMAN JANIE RICHARDS President BILL HADDAN DAVID PEOPLES IKI G CHAPTER OF FUTURE TEACHERS PURPOSE To help students deter- mine their personal apti- tudes and interests towards teaching as a career. MRS. RTX RIDLEY HOWARD HANKS Spqngor Pl'SSid6!1T ALLEGRA REEVES ANN VARLEY Vice-President Secretary PAT McMAHON PHYLLIS JACKSON CAROLE PEDERSON Historian Committee Chairman Committee Chairman PAULA FRY DONNA GAY RITA MIMS if JACQUELINE NEFF BRENDA RUSSELL SUE SHIPPS FREDRIC UHLEMEYER SECRET RY AN ASSISTAN S FlRST ROW: Aundrea Aldridge, Sue Clements, Trecia Smith, Carolyn Lambert, Caroline' Ventrca, Mrs. Calame. SECOND ROW: Pat Clements Barbara Victory, Janet Myers, Judy Olsson, Nancy Whyte, Patsy Mitchell. LIBR RIAN AN ASSISTAN S FIRST ROW: Trecia Smith, Miss Irish, Pat Clements, Shirley Reeves, Jo Ann Brockman, Diane Pyle, Mrs. Chapman, Mary Montgomery. SECOND ROW: Waymon Crowder, Mike Wyatt, Dick Wakefield, Reed Yowell, Arnold Salinas, Paul Farley, Dick Moon, Joe Hernandez. THIRD ROW: John Stiles, Buddy Gross, Benny Maca, Leslie Miles, David Peoples, Charles Seeber, Fredric Uhlemeyer. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Hill, H. B. Kernodle, Joe Williamson, Bobby Boyd, Bill Harrison, Cutley Wilcox. I64 SENIOR COLINSELOR AN ASSISTAN S I FIRST ROW: Mary SECOND R OW: Orr, Sharon Inger- Mrs. Garner, Peggy roll. Cunningham, Ann l MiIIer, La Nell Turner, Miss P'Pool. LIRSE AN ASSISTAN S nn- fix I FIRST ROW: Joan Kavenough, Carolyn Marcell, Bonnie Ray. SECOND ROW: Janie Hyde, Judy Warren, Virginia Miller, Mrs. Steenson. I65 PROJECTIONIST AN ASSISTAN S FIRST ROW: Billie Marie Grupsmitlt, LaVeta Morris, Linda Norris, Diane Parker, Sue Shipps, Carole Pederson, Sue Gilmer, Jackie McDonald SECOND ROW: Jimmy Pinson, Ken Daniel, George Schaltz, Randy Blansett, Oscar Olsson, Colin Brady, Jack Melton, Danny Warren, Miss Moore DEAN AN ASSISTAN S FIRST ROW: Sandy Tully, Sallee Kelso, Carol Camel, Ideana Lain, Patsy Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Gray, Virginia Miller, Cathey Taylor Kay Edwards, Patsy Wooldridge. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Vandivort, Beatrice Byrd, Carolyn Locklar, Sandra Nevius, Mrs. Moyer, Melinda Munneke Pat Jones, Mrs, Hupfeld. 66 1 DI TRIBLITI E EDLICATIO MRS. BRETT SPOVISOV PETE ALVARADO ROBERT BAIN JIMMY DAY MIKE De LACY HAL GIBSON w , 'Q' Q --'ifiuiiw . f ZjUI+iQf VEg,:i'51 3 "5f?I1Qf CHARLENE HALEY -V' 239513 IU: iff! 1 Qiigf ,w5??'I v- ' L 'A . 'fdtzgfg ATT 1 'Lv . ,.- - ' 1-want 451, ' W , .-, . A . x I . f i :i q I j H I , KW Q . 154 , I . BILL LANNOM I L GEORGE HOOKINGS SAMMY JACKSON CHARLIE KIRBY DANA LEWIS CHARLOTTE MCCAFFREY CARROLL MCCOWN DI TRIBLITI E EDLICATIO SHIRLEY MEADOWS MYRNA HAI-iN NOBLE EDDIE SCHROEDER DAVID STATON GAIL STUART ROBERT SURLES JIMMEY SWINNEY KATHY TAYLOR FRONT ROW: Charlene Haley, Shirley Meadows, Gail Stuart, Myrna Hahn Noble, Al Courtney, Don Malone, Dana Lewis, Charlotte McCaffrey, Mary Allan, Kathy Taylor. SECOND ROW: Gary Hooks, Jimmy Day, George Hookings, William Searcy, David Staton, Dolores Myers, Joe Nix, Albert Bain, Sharon Fisher, Carroll McCown, Mrs. Jean Brett, Co-orclinator. THIRD ROW: Don Phillips, Tommy Avon, Toney Quillen, Bob Laurence, Kenneth Graves, Larry Russell, Robert Surles, Gerald Phillipsf, Jimmy Smith. BACK ROW: Eddie Schroeder, Larry Reeves, Hal Gib- son, Bill Lannom, Buddy Randall, Herman Nesbitt, Joe Clevinger, Sammy Jackson, Mike DeLacy, Charlie Kirby, Pete Alvarado. l68 w 'X if AMERICAN EDUCATIO WEEK The chorus performs for parents and visitors at open house The Spanish department displays souvenirs from Latin American countries. A panel composed of N.D. seniors discusses teenage marriages. I70 xr Ak Qi ul i:Ah W 9 5 .. . 5 f 'fff fw ' ' W . , Q. ,Q , m, X y. Q' g:" lrgi ,fl ,fiia A M l bf, Viv i ' V 4 ii E we i 3, 5 423 , -if .4551 I .P I fi Nh 2' I as L fm HCMECOMI The 1959 Foofball princesses with their escorts await the climax A preview of the Hillcrest-N.D. football game is given by at pep assembly. , ..... 1 asc, ? - 5,1911 M, .. 7ff- rsihzfs , 'U i 'f' A',f'J7??l - "5 fe 4 ps .fag " SR , Z QF ? 1? 1 .. f S." l '. J, in ' 5' QSC hfilfdl W . ,,s, -Ms the girl cheerleaders ,fr 5 5 S ' if ,, E Q M f l is 1 4 A r ' :Q -,-, , 1 A W ei -A A 1 ' ls,, 'f's f 1 l , 5' -- 1 - , -f,-w -k.. is is -,L, mi- fwfr-fr S, .411 Pt ' ' L 1 V 5 2 ' 2 ",- f U s .1 .hkf 1 95 , k,... 17 . f. if f- , f as ..,... - . za-F, .W Q. x ET' E , Q Se -5 1 '-k,- :K 1,n:i i '.,fb gil 'W l 'Q -V I ' ,a.. Y: 'r.' Z: 'Viffi 355 S X 4 l S --" ',L X 'f J 1 , 2 in ii N 1 f i r v BE UTY-FLILLD Yf ui fl ' L l, . .ww , - my .53 . Q22 , . ,, l 4. Af 4- 41--'uf , iw 2 . Maw vefa1sfs1,sm ?wi. 51,1 Q f1f:f3,QYf:z:a Q,fwfQ, 5,4 new ,V my--2 fmlw SS :amiga az.:gm:mmgggyflmzmew 3-Q-me-J -- :ms-f: 'e:2fe Nw -f 1,1 Z. -. fr - Y W fb- 1 , 5.f.:v-sw ww lm -mf - M- M ,W ,ww A wsflfwi r fslzwa .f..-as-. mm ew. .. - , vw , ef f vgwS..,,,i www . W ww .115 5--1 l ff..f-w,.Jr-.- ., .92.w-4 Asfl332 -f5f2w,, ,5m..-,. HP.- is fm 1. My .L ,- ,5,, .,,,Wl .swam ff-'ew 1:-'wf..g-S4 . 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If 4,f.:',Af:f--,9f?1. .ur W, my 21112, Q W- Qbsffifieiifw lm, rw 2.1-1' " is .41J45.uL'ww:, 127 li 'zfffgifisv X ,:?W'Lw" me5 - - 4 I ' 7 f.:e :gue,me-,:'- A ,, :W . ,f:',z:::',wfw -fr YR' ff., . : 'Y-415524, - I , - :E fly,-fc. 1' - Sw- 1 1' Sw 5' T-ffwr F V Z K 1 " f ' 1 . H . . . f ,,.,,f,f.,sg,5,,,, ,..,.sM M , . 3. .... . ., . M ,, . .,,,,,.,. ., ., . , X ,, r. , W X Qi W, , , I K- 1 , 7 K 1 ,, -r - i ' I A r f ef' s K3 'iff 1 E 'iiiTili'ZEjLll,1,'ll,5'M5,-IJ J mykixrfxsvrgvv-iSfgHif:",g r,-rf v':',i.' 353413-Y' f 'z71ilEi,i'ni2l'5Wl-wif"-M25fl'-fbi "::':?'Z.5ER, 9, ff? 3?ill'lQf5?5T1X7i5E5:f'5Q-3121 iz? :Q-Ez 'V f f' , L-J-W' ' 'El ' ' ' ,.9i.:siir"-ellwfgivi A f M gy wg Q- ., f 5 r QQ-,gams',:1e7 V- rx W - f may fgfggQfgf:a4sz,':gt-zlf, 5 . WP f - . -as S' - 1 ' - f - f , ' r 1 , s f 5 ,ai L11 . , mal' -,aa , . fy 4, ,. , I, . . 'E I 9' ' ' - lil Ji if iii, ' ',QL.w :-'-fl ,I S . Asitzz-w,1w'J'w y M.,-hiv.. 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A. Vaughan entertain on the Dad's Club Assembly with a song accompanied by Martha Asel. Charles Miller plays The Rachmaninoff's Theme from his 2nd Concerfo. The Joe-Williams Combo livened up the night with their iazz renditions. if ll f F . if '-2 Q fo din 'V 4:4 QQ Q' 'Q Ay ASKETB LL Queen Elsie Sippola escorted by Benny Maca. Princess Ann Keener escorted by Reed Yowell. The long awaited moment comes as Jim Whitsc Elsie Sippola receives congratulations from the ces Elsie Sippola as 1959-1960 Basketball Queen. ACTIVITIE in 5 5, 5 . f . ,WVBWMQM J-asa:-m.,, ,N S., -x-rs-eww - . www Princess Marilyn Peoples escorted by Joe Williamson. etball princesses. "--......m Princess Junie Shuler escorted by Buddy Gross. i l I79 FRLISTRATIONS BEFORE DE DLI E VIKING Staff COMPASS STAFF I fold you that was wrong! We'lI never, never make if! Problems, problems, problems! Q av ! 51,7 11 'ii pf", ,ig jvyfgg if 2' " 'V 9, f' Zig' :gg f?Mi- ' L fu 7- ' 1' QU 11 1 'ln' X 593 E THE ILIT R The Military Queen with her court poses a few minutes after the coronation. The Military Queen, Billie Marie Grupsmith and her princesses, Anneile Rice, Sandy Hill, Suanne Davis, Jane? Myers, and Rita Mims. use X-Misha! 'Y M. ? ilrgg, .if ' 1 Billie Marie Grupsmith proudly bears ihe roses and crow .P 'QMTA44 r ,7, , I The Military Queen and princesses honored by a parade of ihe North Dallas Cadets. n of the 1959-60 Military Queen. , if V ' WDW! 4 ' A uywev eu Q f A+ 1, V, 'fi JSM THE E-AC PL Y portant part. Members of the One-Act Play cast, Sharon Smith, Lynn Robinson, Bill Haddan, Billy Meador, Fred Allison, Wanda Lafon, and Sam Wads- worth during a rehearsal. l84 Fred Allison, a gangster who has iust joined the other world. ln the first rehearsals, prompter Susie Jamison, plays an im- .rw North Dallas wears a veil of snow. NA ,ry 'HIPIQISM s., --.... - 4, , .mmf TZ, '13, J.. 44 Boys must play!! !""l Are you surrendering, Benny? WI TER ORTH D LLAS is v ,,A ' A Which Judy is your Target? mf N"-Q. K.. VALE TIN Princesses Sandy Hill, Elsie Sippola, Billie Nlarie Grupsmith, Lou Ann Schick, and Peggy Vandergriff. lf's a happy moment for Queen Lou Ann Schick. The only one happier 'rhz l 1 l Elsie Sippola and Paul Thompson sit this one out . . . l86 'ANCE 2? The princesses and their escorts wait for the announcement chick is Tom Horan, her escort. Congratulations and tears came next. While Johnny Sosa and his-date dance. l87 CLUB ACTIVITIE ii ir 3 1,2 v img? ES QE i l A 1 C gtk w wf C W it ,, e gr aft sffsfffsrssizgjtfsisglt W2 Y 'tg g'v2M'fW em. mi fall t - 1 ,Ar s Sf, .. .qw gl ,"L' i g li trsiri , r 3 - 'e l ' ir r i at 9 Q' , H 5 Q ' Q Q if W t A M f-', r yi S . , 1 rf Wf W 2 , 'C Wg 'f e -' " W2 at ..,, E E li l? it ig ? 5 '.-L.' E 4 Efg i 'iz 1 sstt t C Q -.- s 51 C ai-with Wx " ' -2 i f iiiiffg . f" , E g i 3 N g" l' sr ' 3 fl l il 5 3' L tw- S ' its-Q' s ,f i i l 2 S: g tf ' -A rw r- ' is K 4, Lf' f gd - ,,,'-fag' figgizgg,,q11,1f.I:'.e1'.- if F ' iii 'Fifa l 'Q my 'f l a g M Wulf fists 2 'L'LL f f' if 'll ,, i t - . im if V, .fs , msgs , K. v . ,V , M - C S ,. srl ,., ' S gi ., ,. 5 sg ga , ..., gg, ,, ,. E .el ,, is t! sg C, , - , fm za: , r ' EE is tl 1' ' is rigs 2 N 2 The Perigon C I88 tub spends an after V10 on in BC hess game. David Pullen and Curtis Dobbs preside over a meeting of the North Dallas Key Club, THE RED CROSS William Matthaei, Patsy Mitchell, and Janie Richards perform one of their many Red Cross duties. fi et 3' 52 if B n l Q f"'Zf 3 QF ,L 1 i 3 L -1 ,Q l QM I V! ' 2 s. gf' 53,5 :F s f S4-qi? -'Q' u S 'Nh in ..- Q..- 1-s., ACLILTY ACTIVITIE Mr. Hutchinson's duties are many and varied. Mrs. lrish, Mr. Coppeclge, and Mr. Golden start their day with coffee and a smile Miss Connally explains a difficult passage to Bob Dar. The student teachers share their classroom ex- periences. 15' 'Wu' W. we Aw K 'L,, NV""'12W-ffm,-Q. 2 t , I P UI' Left: Mark Ussery, co-captain, Senior Three-year letterman, Back Honorable Mention: Back of the Week, Twice Right: Waymon Crowder, co- captain, Senior Three-year letterman, Back Honorable Mention: Back of the Week Honorable Mention: All-City Left: Mike Richey, Most Val- uable Player, Junior Two-year letterman, Guard Honorable Mention: Three times Lineman of the Week, Three times KLIF second team Right: Jimmy Imperial, Junior Tvvo-year letterman Tackle position . 9 Bib, m I ,. 5 9, Left: Dick Moon, Senior One-year Ietterrnan, Back position Right: Buddy Gross, Senior One-year Ietterman, End posi- tion i Q t 6' 4 x ,- X Q Left: Bobby Barber, Senior Back position Right: Bill Harrison, Senior Back position is Left: Arnold Salinas, Senior One-year lefferrnan, Back l-,l. 'K Honorable Mention: Back of The Week Honorable Mention: All-City Right Walter Colbert, Junior Guard position Left: Jerry Bassinger, Senior End posilion all , f .6 1 . EV ' r hi 'il A Q If ff - - msg' ,, I 5 , Right: Oscar Olsson, Senior , i 1 , W- fl. One-year lelferman, Tackle ' , M position f l ' f ' . aa l E S K ' ' w K ' i',', 1 f 'fi' . , m M .,s. A f 1 arsar a'iobl r'r ' ffl l,,. fi' I 0 E 3 f Left: David Haddix, Senior End position Right: James Lara, Senior Two-year Ietterman, Guard position Lett: Mike Wyatt, Junior Two-year Ietterman, Back position Right: David Biscornb, Soph- omore Center position pf. S J . A , I x ' .55 1" . L A ' M ff an fm, - . 'Q-3, , Cz' 5 I 3 1 Y 4 ...Q M . ,,, ,W Www , , M K xg M , ., .V I " .j?k-if-""i' gl f,gg in ! V . ,Y Wu Qs K sf -.,' f , Q. - X - .'j:'t,1+i,S,,,4 ? g . ' , ti ' - ' V. ..., . L' Ax.: M .A ,Eb , K -Ir f N If rsh? -Y, I n ,Mf , -A' ,zw T' - 2 1 - 'fiffj' 3 ,gf-M,-,ws , X , a m y , 1 N 1 f .. mtg xv: ggi: A 1, V ,fe .lf ,QV 41,-f' , ,ii",a.:,2Ag,,4 .rg as .,f. -f A , ' ' i ,N 5-.. A 4, X ,git vw. '1w ,,,, ' . -u swf r,.,1,:s- A- 4, - 0.5 -H- ,,,. Y, Eh . i, Z fr .Z Left: Gary Lewis, Senior End posirion Righh Herman Campos, Sophomore One-year Iefterman, Tackle position 3 5 M ,.,r ,, W i 4, rf Mi, wx? Lefiz Biliy Todd, Senior Back posiTion Right: Bobby Boyol, Senior One-year Iefterman, Cemer posifion - r rirr, "" JSM' .iv , V pi Q as i "'i Bi S s -F K w ' .. 43- 1 'M k , xi. aw, - ,. if 3 'Tf ' if. -. ., I 9' ' :ffm 'iS' ff 1 :pi-ig-1 if ,, rf ,',' if'..'g4"z!'1-'Y' V- f ' ., 3 153,-A 'QM ' ,,., fi . ..,...4 ' .:,.xjQ ,' ? Jf. 245 1 1, fr ii liz """Lf Q t rf U , Left: Jack Hill, Sophomore Back position Right: Benny Maca, Senior Two-year letterman, Back position , f 1 'X at " '4-x , d' ' I 4. -t S .f la x , , :- 'H , ,, I 1 it S :X u i Left: David Peoples, Sopho- more One-year Ietterman, Back position -. Right: Tommy Newman, M . l Sophomore W Q ' End position S. i au- V- i 4 ' x I' N M' . 'I 't' Q 1' .. ' i ft A f 'P V M- ff' '- -his f, :ig 1 - . gif, ' ' ' " . - ,., ' ' ex kai-fe N fp., . s,zAy41.,,,, ., , 1' S M.. H H , Jvv,,I:,, , .Uk k :JM 'Q 0 5:1 Tlzi jz. on fr K 711, F 41 ,I . , Q 11 MV ii ' F' fix s r-I s H Lett: Bill Deitrich, Sophomore Back position Right: Johnny Welch, Junior Two-year letterman, Tackle position f R K L gi , . L, 175 ' it ff ? ,,,,z.- " . -1 5: . E, , , ew I 4 2.1, xg L, . , i A x if ,. -. . ' A J ' fT3'fg, iYf:- f R rx R ' if kat 2 5. Qw:s:'ifiM'W-wt" 3 1' .V , .I ,E K W izwi , ,,..3"' is gn -fs s iff, iw Y , -, M ,L e i Left: Tim Reason, Sophomore Enol position i Right: Danny Green, Sopho- M mo re i .Q" fff One-year letterman, E n cl position A f , x 1, MP1 we . ' K S ,T ,.E,,,, ,Wm w ma' M f " l A ----V .., J w e , " W - if, i..' i 'W , V X -,,. f ,lfi 1 .,. ' , "f - , , V. ..'i 4 Tliflgg' .-.i, ik R ip,,' r in ieefflifti, if 3, V sys Q lf'-if he like Lett: John Reeves, Sopho- more Center position Right: Tom Horan, Junior One-year letterman, Guard position f fy . V ,, 4 it - . ln f ff 5,34 ,ft+l'fwiffff W L ff -3,:,grm? V , , , M, vm- fakh, Q Al l 'X , gflxmix. . fi SRS' iz, f : 'Z Y :K 1 ,. 4, ,M uh - l "' Na, f . N AJ' af 'wk 'gi',,syr 5 . A , , fav -di 'Q 'F t V ,rp 2 Left: H. B. Kernodle, Junior Two-year letterman, Back Honorable Mention: Back of the Week Honorable Mention: All-City Right: Ken Daniel, more Back position Sopho- E, fm if fi if I if T , " .Q ll '?--- A 1 'Q ' ,,:,,,,, A A l 1 u K . o l P 4 5 ' ' g f f Li if Vs f ' t- A nag- vi' V -M s - me may-' .: J x 4 kQ5gsQ.,fsf45g?ei,Q,rz " J' 'Q' . . ' -?5f'f... EEK' 3 44, 32 -Phu -iQQ,'4Ar17'w:Zg Ei: 'W' 5 44' 'Wills fx? " m-"' V V' 2: x ,..-f X ,izgtff 'iw " ri wi? we-'FQESS Nami-Dwarf mzwiyi t W, nf ,K 1 .P , I U R - gr, 6,59 - X Efx K K if-fflag l -'lr f t - .. ' , ,, L. -j in 't t' ,Si If 'Q g,v.,.,.lq.5gg.j W se' 'J .ziwftmr -2 W v- , 5. ' .' -P. f'7'V . ff 'f My twig", the of ' W , Jef fd , M W ,EM 4 ' ix- i'f'5v2ff?+Tfl sr-1-' J M Q 1 M ff. 1 , v , 1",- ' wa .3 . -V7 - . K - , If mill- ,. f M r x Mew if 1 4 ,f f"P' as 'PtQ'wz,'-gatwax."'Q s its " N ,, ' 5 1- , U -,M .. 3. .gs J Y, , ,,,,..,s.. 'S fs: es? -I H-1. .. J' 4.,,.5v.s:r6. ,'.'s,.,,1. -,.,g-,"z- . . 'Fa 5- 1 ",',jjfl:S'J'w iff:'.gH2'T'i?iL'1,,Ei'Q if ' - - I tf'fs,A L ., .gin-+ M . - , .1 ,, 4. , ,'5x,,g- -.3,, V - of ml, --- g,.gz:-gales' x x ' !?!3 A.A' , ,p,QM4 ' Left: Charles Freeman, Soph- omore Guard position Right: Dickie Waketielol, Senior Back position s in I I ' "W 8 i Q ' Q S 1- f aairf g G S Q? Lett: Gary Hobson, Senior - S . sis . ,K Tackle position l KS Right: Truitt Bishop, Sopho- more One-year letterrnan, Guard position 1... J' 'F . L 6 " M N qi' 6 1 tif' P y ' Lett: Bobby Hill, Senior Two-year letterman, Back if position g Right: Jimmy Gonzales, Jun- tx lor Guard position Q 1 cifi- ..-w. x V Gia- gn. 1 f 1' .i n s , ' ' i 3 2' ,i,,f i f Lett: Paul Farley, Senior End position Right. Charles Seeber, Senior One-year letterrnan, Tackle position E? f eff , AK W S , 2 : K g ,,.. K , ..,.. I S . Z4 S ' ff. f , . W .fi - ,,."' ,L . .- 5 - in V. K Us says- -is,-.W,. ' 11 ' WY-fr fist 1 fig L Y ef 3 N We , 51. s. S , ' i 1 , ., f' i - .uf fwfr! ,tk f ' i ,V ' fx - .- -:ff-' :LM , J ff ' "' "f1,f , v ,:,q,jg'f- A A -13'-'tk ' K " A1 ' 1 V .-M-W. ,-M " .- f ff 'Mig iw. , ., . wwf V r - "1-X 1 - Lett: Jerry Hunt, Senior Two-year letterman, Center position Right: Steve Edwards, Soph- omore End position Left: Tommy Wall, Sopho- more One-year Ietterrnan, Tackle position Right: Mike Clayton, Sopho- more Guard position 1 V it :WW , F 1 'va Q i f-eg 'g 4 C X 1 get Q1 ,S F 4 2, Q se Us Mix? 4 Left: Charles Apple, Sopho- more Back position Right: Allen Thomas, Sopho- . -. A 5' fy ' -L, s 3' v more End position 3 4 Q X Q b -.. Left: Don Smith, Sophomore Back position Right: Curtis Corley, Sopho- 53?- i ISA, V r as y' more Back position Left ig right: Jim Whifson, Elsie Sippola, Jesse Tackitt, Sandy Hill, Victor Lissiak, Sandy Tully, Richard Kimble, Patsy Mitchell GRTH DALLAS . Xa- X e sivvo R. ' on and E si Ichard Kim im WMS ble and P r der l H SY Mircheu cxweeflea Head 5 L SM Sandy H'l Q CHEERLEADERS '59-'60 CHEERLEADERS I r FIRST ROW: Gerald Moore, Charles Gideon, Tommy Rubel, Reed Yowell, Jerry Bowers, Arnold Salinas, Waymon Crowder. BACK ROW: Coach Strong, Jerry Bassinger, Buddy Gross, Larry Ekberg, Joe Smith, Joe Williamson, David Haddix, Benny Maca, Mgr. Gary Hobson. ' 9 '60 BAS B LL TEAM - y KET Joe Williamson, captain, center Tommy Rubel, guard 206 Left: Benny Maca, guard Right: David Haddix forward r Left: Larry Ekberg forward Right: Charles Gideon guard WN G SE E 49 Left: Reed Yowell, guard Right: Jerry Bassinger guard Leff: Joe Smirh, center Right: Gerald Moore, guard "B" TEAM ASKETB LL ROW 1: Coach Hassell, Perry Logan, James Couch, Steve Edwards, Charles Apple, Tommy Newman, Danny Green, Mike Hurst. ROW 2: Eddie Miller, James Marcoulides, Curtis Corley, .lack Pugh, Mike Buffington, Arthur Salinas. TEYW S ROW 1: Mary Tom Harris, Sandra Buckles, Olivia Ramos, Roseland Ancona, Patsy Mitchell, Leon Ancona, Mr. Wagnon. ROW 2: Celeste Packwoocl, Gaila Britt, Barbara Chatten, Edward Poetschke, Billy Gray. 2I0 r ,I W Y 1 L-, . ' 5 TENN S TEAM Edward Poetschke, Barbara Chatfen, Leon Ancona Edward Poetschke starts a game with a strong serve. H, Celeste Packwood, Gaila Britt. '60 FIRST ROW: Ken Daniels, John Duncan, Jenaro Zapata, H. B. Kernodle, Dennis Turnbull, Bobby Barber, Kyle Riley, Bill Burke, Bm Harrison. SECOND ROW: Coach Hays, Charles Freeman, Bobby Mora, Randy Blansett, Carl Rose, Joe Williamson, Herby Campbell, Don Moore, Jimmy Imperial, Paul Mora, Lee Autry, Allen Thomas, Jack Hill. TRACK TEAM Left to right: John Duncan, Paul Mora, Ken Daniels, Jenaro Zapata, Jack Hill. 2 Left to right: Kyle Riley, Bobby Mora, Bill Harrison, H, B. Kernodle. Left to right: Herby Campbell, Don Moore, Lee Autry, Carl Rose, Joe Williamson. Left to right: Dennis Turnbull, John Duncan, Jimmy Imperial, Bill Burke. 2I3 l Bill Dietrich, Sophomore Benny Maca, Senior Firsr base Second base, Two-year Iefterman Jerry Bowers, Junior Outfielder BASEBALL Curtis Corley, Sophomore Outfielder Claude Burba, Junior Mike Buffingfon, Senior Ouifielder Outfielder Mark Ussery, Senior Catcher, Two-year letterman is Billy Greer, Senior Shorrsfop, One-year lefferman TEAM --Q... Waymon Crowder, Senior Pircher, Tvvo-year letrermari H. B. Kernodle, Junior First base, One-year letterrnan l Tommy Ruloel, Junior Jerry Bassingef, Senior Center field, One-year lefferman Third base, TW0'Yea" leilefman JACK PUGH RONNIE PRACHYL DON SMITH DAVID PEOPI-E5 MIKE ZEIGLER RICHARD cRuIvIP sczon HIGGINS EDDIE MILLER CHARLES GIDEON LOYD CHAMBERS PAUL SALINAS CURTIS DOBBS, Manager FIRST ROW, left To right: Mikeleigler, Loyd Chambers, Paul Salinas, Charles Gideon, Bill Greer, Mark Ussery, Waymon Crowder, Don Smiih, Tom Rubel, Scott Higgins, Eddie Miller. SECOND ROW: Mr. Coppedge, H. B. Kernodle, David Peoples, Bill Dieirich, Ronnie Prachyl, Curiis Corley, Benny Maca, Mike Buffington, Jach Pugh, Jerry Bassinger, Claude Burba, Curtis Dobbs, Mr. Bollinger. 2I6 X in Juni. vga W Left To right: Coach Golden, Claude Burba, Dennis Ewing, Arnold Salinas, Jack Ramsey, Arthur Salinas, Rod Mahon ARNOLD SALINAS DENNIS EWING ff' Q Q ' "WY M1 Pamela Tatom, Rita Mims, Ada Sue Eubanks, Shirley Reeves, Jane? Myers. MAJORETTES RITA MIMS SHIRLEY REEVES ADA SUE EUBANKS JANET MYERS PAMELA TATOM OUR MASCOT "North Dallas Fight Song" Fight! North Dallas, Fight! North Dallas Toss the ball around the field, A touchdown sure this time! Rah! Rah! Rah! Fight! North Dallas, Fight! North Dallas Fighting for her tame Fight Bulldogs, tight, tight, tight, You'll win this game. K nu A 1 F iw ,ww ,sg 5? fm nn Tri NSTRLI TORS COLONEL ROSCOE ROBERTS Commandanf of Cadets SGT, RUDY F. TURNER SGT. LEE V. SOUTHERLAND REGIIVIENTAL STAFF FIRST ROW: Tommy Ferguson, David PuIIen. SECOND ROW: Joaquin CEVVBIWYGS, Vern WOOdI'0W,NHoward Hanks, Bob Ivey. THIRD ROW: Bill Haddan, David Green, COL, TOMMY FERGUSON LT. COL. DAVID PULLEN 2ND LT. JOAQUIN CERVANTES Reg. Commander Reg. Ex. Officer Reg. Adjutant QS-ID CAPT. VERN WOODROW CAPT, HOWARD HANKS IST LT. BOB IVEY Intelligence Officer IS-2D Reg- Plans 31 Reg. SuppIy Officer IS-41 Training CS-37 224 COIVIMISSIO ED OFFICERS FIRST ROW: David Pullen, Tommy Ferguson, Ronald Bateman. SECOND ROW: Vern Woodrow, Joaquin Cervantes, Bob Ivey. THIRD ROW: Jack Melton, Robert Husbands, Jesse Curiel, Fred Uhlemeyer, John Duncan, Joe Williams. FOURTH ROW: Howard Luttrell, Walter Colbert, Albert Rodriguez, David Preston, Earl Whittaker, Don Cornet. ,---Q 3 , 13 'CW' N17 -V ' N " -I m , ww , ' f -1.-i,'UfsufaQ..r...av4.,a 225 coMPAN " H ROSTER FIRST ROW: Jack Melton, John Duncan, Bill Dietrich, Greg Kinnan, Gary Hobson, Preston Millet. SECOND ROW: Don Peacock, Herbert Meeker Kenneth Shepherd, Steven Moore, James Robertson, Pedro Chavez, James Watson. THIRD ROW: Perry Logan, Ronny Prachyl, Richard Burns James Collins, Mike Layden, Charlie Watts, Edward Barnett, Ronny Agpalya, Kenneth Williamson. FOURTH ROW: Carlos Woodall, Jose Segura, Wayne Jones, Eddie Crystal, David Chamberlin, Randy Blansett, Robert Cundiff, Ralph Garza, James Muller, Issac Batt. JACK MELTON JOHN DUNCAN GARY HOBSON GREG KINNAN Company Commander Ex. Officer Ist Platoon Leader 2nd Platoon Leader 226 1 COMPA " ACTIO ' Ay iff. t A 4,1-5"f1-' M4 'fra , i'V!,u ., . ' , , -, ,,,.J'9'M ,M Q . ca. HAH s1'uClYinQ? J -- fm L-4-1' s fi. 'f First platoon preparing for parade. f 1,,,'. A' Kinnan shouts, "Straighfen up Those files!" Cadet Lf. Duncan conducting class for Co. "A." Company "A" holds inspegfion in fhe armory 'N-. -, .r COMPA Y " " RosTER FIRST ROW: Robert Husbands, Walter Colbert, George Linsey, Emmett Buell, David Biscomb. SECOND ROW: Sam Wadsworth, Richard O'Nale Charles Willett, Donnie Richards, David Webb, Howard Pennington, Murrell Lewis, Gilbert Rodriquiz, David Knight, Richard Kimble, THIRD ROW David Smith, William Rennie, Gerald Haney, Richard Turner, Ray Dooley, Frank Lewis, Dennis Chandler, Ronald Matney, Billy Gray, Jimmy Gon zales. ROBERT HUSBANDS Company Commander WALTER COLBERT EMMETT BUELL First Platoon Leader Second Platoon Leader 228 COMPA " " ACTIGN SHOT 19" Cadet Cpl. Jinks and Pfc. Bardin of Co. "C" faking M-1 rifle apart. Sgt. Turner inspecting Co. "B," Co. "B" at Present Arms. Sgt. Gary Hobson answers a question CHow originallj. All I-ighf! Wake Up, Pere!! 229 COIVIPA Y" "ROSTER FIRST ROW: Jerry Mitchem, Albert Rodriguez, Worth James, Edward Myer, David Gunby. SECOND ROW: Tommy Glidewell, Robert Chatnness, John Burnett, Pete Record, Donald Dismore, William Vandergritt, Bill Bass, Kenneth Barolin, Eddie Burrows, Donny Tandell. THIRD ROW: Harry Crowder, Guy Skinner, David Green, Warren Jinks, Harold Summers, Bill Haddan, Jack Young, Curtis Corley, Tommy Woodard. JERRY MITCHUM Company Commander ALBERT RODRIGUEZ DAVID GUNBY 151 Platoon Leader 2nd Platoon Leader 230 COMPA " 'i' ACTIO The gang's all here! Cadet Sgt. Higgins answers a question. Co. "C" at parade rest. "AlI present and accounted for, Sir," Co. "C" weapons class is instructed by Robert Husbands COIVIPA Y " "ROSTER FIRST ROW: Richard Ansley, David Preston, Ronnie Solomon, Jesse Curiel, Jerry Reid. SECOND ROW: Dwight Barnes, Ned Bronder, Gary Carnes, Victor Paloma, James Pederson, Edward Poetschke. THIRD ROW: Richard Hayes, Freddie Allison, Jimmy Harness, Johnny Pomeroy, Jim Carter, Ronald Umphress, Jerry Hill, Randall Hogden, Tim Davis. FOURTH ROW: Jesse Chavoya, Harvey Sherman, Phil Harris, John Reeves, Calvin Sims, Alvino Toth, Dennis Turnbull, Wess Tyler, Arturo Salas, William Burke. RICHARD ANSLEY DAVID PRESTON Original Company Commander First Platoon Leader Knot picturedj Knot pictureclb JESSE CURIEL Company Commander 232 MILIT RYB D o FIRST ROW: Ronald Bateman. Fred Uhlemeyer, Don Cornet, Howard Luttrell, Joe Williams, Johnny Crawley. SECOND ROW: John Estrada, Danny Warren, Gary Dalton, Mike Spraggins, Mike Kelly, Louis Muer, Jimmy Fams, Billy McCoy, Randy Reeves, Tommy Neighbors, THIRD ROW: Paul Platt, Leslie Coe, Don Williams, Colin Brady, Charles Tabor, Curtis Wright, George Craft, Mike French, Don Parks, James Lansdowne, Donald Haynes. Ronald Bateman Fred Uhlemeyer Don Corner Howard Luttrell Joe Williams 234 THE BA DI ACTIO fx, lv 0 IQ l Ny! 0 QS? H I l Q-54? X 1 lg my f x x. 5.4.5315 Al Military Band on parade. Band inspection in Room 18. The Joe Williams com bo shows their Talent ORSEM FIRST ROW: Richard Ansley, Joaquin Cervantes. Emmett Buell. SECOND ROW: Don Peacock, Kenneth Shepherd, Richard Kimble, Tommy Glide- well, Johnny Pomeroy, Tim Davis, Edward Poetschke, Jim Peterson. THIRD ROW: Pedro Chavez, Ronny Prachyl, James Collins, Guy Skinner Edward Barnett, Kenny Bardin, Jim Carter, Robert Chamness, Murrell Lewis. FOURTH ROW: George Lindsey, Tommy Woodard, David Gunby Richard Turner, Dennis Turnbull, Warren Jinks, Charlie Watts, Harry Crowder, Jerry Hill. A group works diligently on weapons before school. The Crack Platoon comes early to drill, drill, drill! 236 E ,ee CAMP D LLAS KN- wx Now, isn't1ha1 neat and tidy? ' X "Boss" Duncan Flagpole Hill? "Get a move on, plebe!" Oooh, my shoulder ifches 55: We + Sgfgi-fa y We Fawn .K Another day, another backache. f ,xii .A I ,, 'QXQF ,z My, my, iT's Richard Kimble. if' "The long green monsfer!!" Left: Remember, Ken- neth, nickel limit! Right: The Iasi day- work is ending. First Semester Color Guard on Parade. Left: Capt. Davis, Asst. RMS. 81 T. watch the N.D. Regiment. Randy Blansett, Jack Melton, Robert Husbands read the Military bulletin in front of office. YARE Meeting of cadet officers conducted by Cadet Colonel Ferguson and Lt. Sergeant Turner salufes "Qld Glory," Pullen. 240 Right: Sgt. Turner, Capt. Robt. Husbands, S.F.C. Richard Turner, Capt. Tommy Woodard and 2nd Lt. Emmet Buell prepare for annual inspection. Cadet P.F.C. Blansett shows the new 50-star flag , bought by the Military. is C z . 4th Battle Group at attention on Viking Field. Cadet SXSFG Pomeroy, Cadet Cpl. Jinks, Cpl. Bardin, Cpl. Peterson Unit Strength Board in Military office is gazed upon by Cadet Maior stand for inspection. Bateman and Cadet Captain Cervantes. 24l THE i960 MILITARY QLIEE Tommy Ferguson and Suanne Davisp Howard Lutfrell and Rita Mimsg John Duncan and Billie Marie Grupsmithp George Lindsey and Sandy Hillp David Gunby and Janet Meyersp Richard Ansley and Annette Rice. The queen and her princesses. l Billie Marie Grupsmith and John Duncan, escort. Col. Roberts lakes his turn and congratulates the new queen. 242 WW J 50, M5 66 JO SANDERS Owner and Manager SPECIALIZING IN ALL PERMANENT WAVES PRICES REASONABLE All Experienced OperaI'ors MARGUERITE VELMA JO SANDERS RUBY RICH OLLIE HUBBLE NORMA BRADLEY DELLA BUFFINGTON JEANNE 3I I5 N. Haskell LA I-0239 veryone is enloylnq The Maverick Dan BEAUTY KRAFT BEAUTY SALON 4538 TRAVIS LA I-9I I0 Il Drink DR. PEPPER Frosty, Man, Frosty" JUSTICE MAN'S SHOP 356 Hillside Village TA 4-6006 Dallas, Texas "l 'rawl l saw a pucldy lar." Hair Shaping ancl Slyling Congra+ula+ions Graduafes HOWARD LlNN's THE MAN'S SHOP 3200 Knox S+. Dallas, Texas They said if couldn'f be done. Now, girls. wafch wha? you say. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS HUMBLE SERVICE STATION 4903 Lemmon Dallas, Texas C. M. MIARS Phone: Ageni' LA I-l400 OI' LA I-9448 Jesse and Sandy are pradicing? MY FLORIST FLOWER SHOP 5630 Lemmon LA 8-0287 ELLIOTT'S HARDWARE The Hardware Slore Thar Has Hardware 5308 Maple Ave. LA-8-2085 LA-6-3I I2 Billie shows Judy how Io smile. Oh, my aching back. FINA SERVICE STATION DALE VANDERBURG Dealer 280I Norlh Filzhugh TA 4-9093 William Maffhaei, presidenl of 'rhe sludenl council, opens an assembly. M IU Ill wt s 6- 4' L Q 'Nm N' FRED L. HASKETT TRAVEL SERVICE 205-6 Tower Pe'l'roleum Bldg. DALLAS I, TEXAS Phone: RI 8-4492 65 I 7 Hillcres+ EM8-2726 EM3-25l l JIMMIE COOK'S' GROCERY Choice Mea+s Frozen Fkh Frozen Foods School Supplies 2259 ANSON RD. FL2-0246 l.'lly G lcl sembly. CONCHITA'S BEAUTY SALON PHONE LA6-I I I2 32I6 Oak Lawn Dallas, Texas Annual cheerleader campaign. REMIX. fUS+ relax. S EW E L l: l. L A G E LAkesicle 6-8505 5460 Pres+on Road Everyone seems to enjoy llve exes game. mcludrnq l-lal l-learn and Bull and Jaclc Greer. FRANK'S GROCERY AND MARKET 3l I9 NORTH HASKELL LA 8-680i The Bulldog Meeling Place Across +l1e S+ree+" W Complimenfs of STANFORD FURNITURE CO. 2I I0-I2 Elm S+. Ph. Rl-I-533I DALLAS, TEXAS Tlme Pep Squad is ready 'ro fly. To lhe sophomores N. D. rourlne is sfill blurry. Congra+ula'I'ions SHIRT SERVICE Graduaws Laundry and Cleaning 48l5-C ROSS AVE. Ta 3-0667 HOWARD LlNN's THE MAN'S SHOP The N. 3200 Knox S+ree+ Dallas, Texas D. szx plus one half. MOBILUBRICATION WASHING MCWILLIAMS MOBIL SERVICE Mobil Tires and Tubes ancI Ba'H'eries Au'I'o Accessories and SpeciaII'ies Polishing - Waxing CARS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED Phone: dy, Vic+or, and Jesse pracfice befor bIy FiI'zI1ugI1 aI' CapiI'oI -I-A3'0866 C oIyn Zasfoupil and Diane Douglas worry abou? a roufine ore 'rhe game. HANCOCK PLUMBING 4534 McKinney LA I-059I VOGUE FLORIST Congra'I'uIaI'es The Seniors of I960 I903 McMiIIan-TA4-252I And They say we're messy The crowd really seems as'll1ougl1+l'1ey're enioying Huis early morning pep rally. 'll 'HS C1 Slrlkell Cl' SUPERIOR LAN ES 4l5O N. Cen'I'ral Expressway TA 6-3525 I6 ALLEYS SNACK BAR PIN SPOTTERS AIR CONDITIONED BLASINGAME HARDWARE 7708 Den'I'on Dr. FI2-0293 General Elecfric Appliances . Complefe Radio and TV Service The VIKING-ETTES add Iheir supporl af The rally. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS C. G. ANDERSON SERVICE 3927 OAK LAWN AVE. Dallas, Texas C, G, ANDERSON PHONE: LA I-I766 L Dealer Palsy, Billie. Jan and Margarel do a lake-off of Ihe I959 CI-IANDELIERS. Specializing in Chinese Food Family S'ryIe Dinner CRISP EGG ROLL AND CHOW MEIN AIR CONDITIONED CHINA CLIPPER CAFE Besl' Chop Suey Sizzling SI'eaIc and Sea Food WE PREPARE ANY FOOD TO TAKE OUT LA6-9 I 65 3930 McKinney Dallas, Texas Donna seems Io be a IiH'Ie camera shy. CROSSTOWN PAINT SUPPLY PainI's, Specialiies, Cleaning Supplies Renials, Floor Polishers, Sanders EIecI'ric Tools Hobbies TA 3-8723 CAPITOL AND HENDERSON lx X Nix rw Xl N I "lunar N llll .I l'!"l MII ,. :Ill 5 un ,lullg-ulllllqn I' Ill ' h-515 3:5551 ' 1 llllIlI"l"Il' RN -5'.i'llIIIn H" Qfglfnlll Q l W llllgl .12 5 , Ill-I--h 4 rlfullinlll x 5 I "nl "svn- I jlll,,E::. Erik I-1 gl-qggln n' lllllll riuiziiiiigiii-e:l':... Q u 'nllllll l"i1 ::s::l:i::::lll!l :E I 3- :E I-'liill lniull 1 QI ' ' u.II:5llnu5'llg::Sl.l" :------::: -- ar '.,g:nlllI"" "III.ullV' e :-EIIIIIII 'g' "llll!g- ullllllll' ' 55, Q45 N. '. ' 2 - ' I - I. 1 nrm X i' if - - ' X M i, ' . , x ' i -N . l- I 'iq' l H' n x-1 1 l M X l . Y ix 1 Y fi' G fn ' . E , N , -L 14 - X U 01 - 1, F 7.- Ji, pi ' -' sliil rdf., g 'fll'fQ2f.. 'gk gl. 1 Mr .ge -,f f 12112-', -H-eflizrfs' , 1EEEff::5i:7:!iE'E5i L LE 5!,"l'32iiig552 'Qual EL... , lg.: ,-522:-r:::fn' Vllllv' N 7 ' ,f'1!!::::-5.2:-f.. ' l -::ggg:211,,i,i::-r 1,- ' -:.f'i"'iiiif"'25'f' K 2'3w5fl!I!iss:e!?i,f:f1' 0 .f l.,..gIg255::g:la:rg, I ' 'Elf' 1dli:uln lf1'i",.- ' ,,,, . ' 's ' p ' WIRE? 'x " F ll 'N 9 ' ' L ' 'kv' ' I." Ill li E I ' , ' v"' 1 N X121 - 'pf I ll . L. ' -e -pta s 1- ,ga . .-- --..:,.'.-gl 1:3:g:gQ--,- .-Eiilllig !:l ll I 1 Is: Pl 1" iu::g:-..--- "I 'E ' I we I " :"l'i"'- I I ul'---.., .,. In , I.: ll -- . 1:5222 'fi I. "' "' iffy! ' I 1 lg f - .lllQ!i"i-ugzil 'ii . 1 I U.- ul Don't be shook up buy your records at MUSIC BOX 5629 W. Lovers Lane FL 2-7072 OPEN 'TIL 9 The girls praclice 'For precision lo keep flue repulelion of being lime besl drill leam in flue crly N. D. cilizenslwip af Hs best I A. PAU L'S TV SERVICE Home and Au+o Radios Used TV's PHONE TA6-I7I I 2407 N. Henderson PHONE TA-I-5682 Congra'I'uIa+ions From HANK'S FAN 81 VENTILATING CO. MANUFACTURER OF "HANKS" A'Hic and Indus'I'riaI Fans Aufomafic SI1u'I'+ers and Cooling Eqiup. HOWARD HANKS 44II Eas+ Side Dallas, Texas Marlene and Sue seem happy. T. J. DAVIS SERVICE STATION 5034 ROSS AVE. TA I-2I2O The drill Team Iciclcs off. I BUD'S DRIVE IN 28I4 Filzhugh ' Carolan Zasloupil leads Jrhe drill 'leam io 'lhe rouline of "Man Wilh A Golden Arm." -. ,Q an STORE 0F 'I000 WONDERS 409 N. ERVAY-OPPOSITE POST OFFICE ' DALLAS 11 TEXAS Mr. Golden resumes his weekly duly of selling fooiball +ic KI S Sfeaks I Chops Lunches Breakfasl' Sandwiches of All Kinds 33 i 7 OAK LAWN l l Palsy and Richard find one of 'lhose rare momenls when lhey Rl-8-I879 WILLIAMS FU RN ITU RE CO. New and Used Furnifure J. B. WILLIAMS 2205 Elm S+ree'l' Dallas L we A familiar meeling place is +he wafer founlain in 'l'he l room. Tom Horan and Lou Ann Schick, Roseland and Leon Ancona seem lo be having 'Fun ai' one of fhe early morning sock hops. For 'I'he Bes+ in Eye Wear S'l'yled +0 Your Personalify and Tas+e MYERS OPTICIANS 3523 CAK LAWN LAI -502 I F-ines+ Qualify Glasses and Op+ome+ric Service Our cameraman found Benny Maca pracficing his foolball passing. 3839 Cedar Spring LA-8-97l3 SPANISH VILLAGE Dallas' Only Resfauranf f WH'h a i Na'rional Repu+a+ion O0 ! MUY SABROSA AMIGOS! QS? P. G. CALAME JEWELERS QIEIS Highland Parlc Village DALLAS Delia successfully ends fhis dance wilh a spliI'. A lense momenr In fhe Ioolball game. WHITE STAR Laundry and Dry Cleaning Suede and Lea'I'her Refinished LAI-2I55 4535 CCLE ,mx ,VI GIEFI Open 7 A.M. 'Io I0 P.M. Mechanic on Dufy PULLEN'S GULF SERVICE Across From N.D. High School 3734 McKINNEY SERVICE CALLS AT BLACKBURN PHONE LA 8-262I The camera seems +0 have surprised Mary Todd The sun shines on N.D. and some early arrivals. 1643 PACIFIC AVENUE CONGRATULATIONS 'Io +I1e SENIORS From B. L. GRIZZAFFI TELEVISION SERVICE Mike Buffingion and Jerry Bowers hurry To Ih I Ic b F I' fp d erio . Siudy, sfudy. sfudy. Pafronize RAE-ANN SHOP Every I'l'em ReIIecI's Fine Tas+e and Good Qualify 44I7 LOVERS LANE LA I-2995 NORTHWAY FLORIST, INC. 2720 N. Henderson DALLAS 6, TEXAS LETTA JOURDAN BUS. TA 4-35I7 RES. LA 8-8572 Mr. Sponseilor shows his approvaI of 'Hwe b d 'Wil Loyd Gore, " Ihe non-conformisff' GENE FREDERICK AUTOMOTIVE 3820 ROSS TA7-2756 N.D. s'ruden+s go home affer a weary dery. BOERGER OPTICAL COMPANY BeHer Vision Through Your Eye Physician Dispensing OpI'icians In Lobby of I'he Medical Arfs Building RI2-4420 RI2-83 I 4 MARINELLO BEAUTY CCLLEGE 2908 Oalc Lawn O 9:0 I : LAS-0711, LA8-436i Pen 0 Io 000 HAIR STYLINC-5-SETTING-WAVING NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED-ALL YOUR BEAUTY NEEDS Na+urally Nor+h Dallas has so many beau+ies-Ihey are so close Io MARINELLO-and we are so close +o +hem. ATTENTION: Mo'rhers, insure your daughlers' college educaI'ion by en- rolling her in MARINELLO Iwo summers. She will have a license 'Io earn a high income 'For all her needs. MARINELLO HAIR STYLING AWARD WINNERS I959-MARINELLO beauiy college has won 901, -of 'rhe hair s+yIing con+es'Is for I3 s'rraigh'I years including 'Ihe world's award in I959. PERMANENTS SHAPING TINTING NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED PROMPT AND COURTEOUS SERVICE Col. Roberis sefs Ihings up. CompIimenI's of AIRWAY CLEANERS 8I I4 Den+on Dr. FL 2-I8I8 HURST'S RE-WEAVING SHOP Also NOTARY PUBLIC and INCOME TAX PREPARED 2722 Greenville Ave. Call or Phone TA 7-2490 Day or Nighi- A. R. HURST Peggy, Susie and Anne look fired. These boys were foo busy Io pose. Lunches - Sandwiches T H 5 is R ' G 1 fgi1i1iJi2ilib 4 DAYNIG 41 y-.QI H, 49 'f J' 6 REc:oRDs - 255 "Top TuNEs" 470 XXV Ro Y N A CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS! Complimenfs of +he DELMAN THEATRE Lemmon aI' Raleigh An orchesfra pracfice session. ENHANCE YOUR PICTURES WITH CORRECT FRAMING For porI'rai+s, originals or prinTs, seIec+ framing +ha+ is correci' for The picfure. Our large s'I'ock includes wormy ches+nu+ and dis'Iressed pine 'For Provincial or Early American: mahogany or meTaI leaf for I8I'h Ceniuryg colors for modern. See our seIec+ion of ou'I's+anding mouldings and ma'I' RUST PICTURE FRAMING 3320 King's Road Dallas, Texas E. J. RUST, JR. board. The senior girls Take Time ouT from lunch To smile preT'ryforTl'1e camera. PHONE - LAIceside I-732I y PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 32II KNOX STREET J. L. CAMPBELL HANDLEY'S KNOX STREET CLEAN ERS Laundry Service Re-Weaving Difficulf Ha'Is Cleaned and Blocked AII'eraI'ions SERVICE STATION 350I Oak Lawn II T Da as, exas J. L. CAMPBELL PHONE: LA 6-6588 Dealer CALHOUN CHEVROLET 90l Soufh Ervay "Cl-nevrolef Loca+ion for 29 Years" Whafever your paym-enfs or 'rrade-in differ- ence, you'll always do beH'er on new cars. used cars a+ CALHOUN CHEVROLET "'Cour'I'eous Dependable Service 'Genuine Chevrolef Paris Danelle Bengells and David Green seem fo have found some- flwing inferesfing 'io look af. THE RECORD CORNER 1930 GREENVILLE TA3-1575 More scenes from 'The Red Cross assembly. BOB CLARK FOOD STORE 28l3 NORTH HENDERSON Dallas, Texas TAylor 6-2737 HUMBLE MILLER'S SERVICE STATION 5534 Den+on Drive W. H. MILLER PHONE: LA I-9637 Dealer Dallas, Texas Dr. Whiison and nurses Ellen and Ruin Teagarden prep + B'II' M ' Io OPSFG 6 OI1 I I6 BFIS. Oscar Olsson and Dick Moon pu+ 'Iheir heads Iogeiher for +l1is play. H-S TRAVEL AGENCY Manager- CLAUDINE DOWNS I7l5 Pacific RI8-5786 Creclil Carcls Honored Diner Club American Exp. RAN DAL FLORISTS "The FresI1es'I FIowers" "The Finesl' PIanIs" 2928 W. Henderson TA 4-2545 DICK JORDAN Owner Tommy Ruble poses before his Irophy case. TE 0 LA. I-I326 DICK 81 DON SERVICE STATION Firesfone Tires and BaHeries Wash - LubricaI'ion E. B. DICKENS McKINNEY AT HASKELL N. D. FUNDERBURGH DALLAS, TEXAS Mr. Whi'r+Iesey I'eIIs us abouf 'rhe rise in 'Ihe enroIImen'r of scI'1ooIs Io show us 'rhe imporfance of scI1ooIs. "Our Hear+s Were Young and Gay" L lalolll',".h,'I 5' ' A 'f Serving 3 K 'y 3 o N. DALLAS .5 J 3 o PARK cmes 3 'If 3 0 SMU "- .... . . . . -S WASHATERIA ,ll I I I I I 'Clin Opera'I'egI or Cus+om' . WET Service. FLUFF WASH DRY We Operaie Our Own Laundry ancI Dry Cleaning PIan'I' LA 6-9024 U52 BIocIc Off Knox a+ Cen'IraI Express 4520 McKinney CROSSTOWN PAINT SUPPLY J. B. PAINTS, SPECIALTIES Cleaning Supplies, Renfals, Floor Polishers, Sanders, EIecI'ric Tools Hobbies PHONE: CAPITOL AND TA 3-8723 HENDERSON AI'1aII DICK PRATHER FINA SERVICE "PersonaIized Service" 3l06 Blackburn Phone Lal-0029 'Precision Wheel AIignmenI' "'Scien+ific MoI'or Analysis "'WI1eeI Balancing "'SI'ar'rer and Generaior Service 'Brake Service FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY Member of Member of DINERS CLUB NATIONAL MOTOR CLUB Dealer in GOODYEAR +ires and accessories ' ' V YQFW. 9 'T' N, Ag x as ia i Bri M an ax' The I959-60 cheerleaders. W Kls F3 T STEAKS CHOPS LUNCHES BREAKFAST Sandwiches of All Kinds 33I7 Oak Lawn Give me one big ugh. KEENEY'S Headquariers 'For S+uden+s All makes new and used TYPEWRITERS Por'I'able or S+andard Office Models Terms: No+hing Down 24 Mon+hs +o Pay 22II COMMERCE ST. DALLAS, TEXAS Riverfride 2-644' Margarei' VaIen+ine seems pre'H'y happy over personaiiiy resulfs. Miss Warmaclcs' class fakes a break. ONE HOUR MARTINIZING No Exfra Charge for Fasf Service 4825 LEMMON AVENUE LA8-776I Pick-Up ancl Delivery Service Cleaning and Laundry Dyeing-Tailoring Prompf and Courfeous Service "We Clean ancl Repair Everyfhing You Wear" Be a Charm-Career Girl in I2 Weeks JOBS AWAIT! Whafever career you aspire fo-whefher a Model Secrefary, Office Recepfionisf, or Compfome- fer Operafor-nafionally ,famous Charm-Modeling Training in our Charm-Modeling Sfudios will en- hance your chances for a beffer posifion, fufure securify. New Charm-Career Program sfarfing soon wifh many office courses fo choose from. Save fime, save money, by calling now. Day, nighf, V2 day. DRAUGl"lON'S COLLEGE Tel. Ri-I-BI33 2IOI Commerce Sophomores musf play.. REED PAINT 84 BODY SHOP PHONE FL 2-5274 I 7508 Den+on Dr. EARL REED RES. FL2-3807 Mr. Sponseller leads +I1e band. CongraI'uIaI'ions Io GRADUATING SENIORS From HUGH GILLIAM AUTO PARTS . , .... 'H I -.. I I f ' O . 254.-H IQ Aw, 1 5 . FL 2-9826 B. L. YEE Owner YEE'S CHINA GARDEN RESTAURANT 5027 Lovers Lane One Block Wesi' of Inwood Road Wha+ is Tommy doing? SUBURBAN OPTICAL CO. Your Eye Physician 82I5 WESTCHESTER 4307 OAK LAWN EM I-4336 LA 8-8IOI Some of our senior boys ciown backsfage. OAK LAWN SERVICE STATION 2500 Oak Lawn LA6-l555 We Give S and H Green S+amps Geffing ready for anofher day's work. The MaioreHes pracfice Their roufines early before school. NORTEX ELITE CLEANERS DICTATING MACHINE PHONE: TA3-0747 COMPANY HOOKS SIGHBURGER Phone FLee'I'wood 2-7463 wner 272I Brookf' ld P.O. 'Bo 35402 49'0 R055 AVE- DALIIEAS ss, TEXASX Dallas, Texas Dis+ribu+ors of 'rhe NORELCO "35' R D A R U G S T O R E SCENES -M 14. 1+ Congra1'ula+ions 'I'o Seniors From VOGUE FLORIST mos MCMILLAN AVE. Janie. Terry and Barbara seem fo +hink 'H161' 'rn 'Hwing funnyabouf H. B. l Reddell finds warm+h on one of our cooler d y TOP KNOT BEAUTY SHOP 3743 McKinney LA8-2604 y Mifch XF , W. x , 'Q 1 X V Q ,Q l 1 if Q qw .gh f f 'I P 4 24 f.',3,p,5,, 9 J' i . .A 5 g 1. ' ff' "W, 94" 'milf' 1 -' ' " g fre? I ' f.. 4 N. H l E Mrs.Garrow'sI1omeroom, one of +I1e I1omeroomsI'I'1a+ subscribed IOOZJ 'Io Hue Compass. Th p I1 lass seems 'Io be hav I BOERGER OPTICAL COMPANY Dispensing Op+icians LOBBY OF MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING RI 2-4420 - Rl 2-83 I4 Dallas, Texas Congra+ula'I'ions 'ro +he Seniors From A Band members pep up flwe assemblies. OAK LAWN TUXEDO J. L. CAMPBELL RENTAL SHOP SERVICE STATION Congra+ula+es fhe GRADUATES The Samuell Sfarleffes and fhe crowd wafch fhe N.D. Band and Drill Team perform. Y . GENE FREDERICK AUTOMOTIVE 3820 Ross Elsie Sippola, Jesse Taclcill and Sandy Hill ai Ilwe assemblies. give Their su ppori' FREE DELIVERY Knox a+ Travis H IGH LAND PARK PHARMACY PHONE LA I-2I26 Huichinson checks 'rhe cars in fhe ieachers' parking lol- William Maiihaei and Mr. Huichinson discuss siudeni councl business. You figure 'rhis one ou'r. Complimenfs of THOMAS OPTICAL CO Ground Floor Medical Ar+s Bldg. DAN L. THOMAS Dallas I, Texas THE ANGEL SHOP 3058 Easf Mockingbird The Shop Thai' Has a 5+h Avenue S+yIisI' I'o Pamper You. Judy Jones leads The drill Ieam in fheir hall fime perform SAN DY'S SHOE STORE "Shoes for 'Ihe Whole Family" 2572 Gus Thomasson Road Casa View and 5 I 8 Pres'I'on Royal Village I Dick iusf can'+ keep his mind on Ioofball. A. J. BENEKE GARAGE S+orage and Repairs Phone: RI8-2835 I7I7 N. S+. Paul Back fo Ihe old grind again. CompIimen+s of a Friend INWOOD PHARMACY Are These Norflw DaIIas sfudenfs? The I959-60 VI KINGETTES. HARRIS AMLICO SERVICE Fine Deluxe Gasoline 2432 N. FITZHUGH TA4-9562 NORTEX DICTATING MACHINE COMPANY FL2-7463 272I Brookfield P.O. Box 35402 DALLAS 35, TEXAS Dis'I'ribuI'ors of fhe NORELCO "35" The diefician checks ine menu for 'rIIe day. ESTABLISHED IN I92I SHARP HARDWARE 4244 Oak Lawn- I20 Inwood Village LA I -2 I 8 I FL2-4856 and 62 I Pres+on Royal EM8-646 I "DaIIas' Mos+ Complere Hardware and Housewares S+ore" HemIines weni' up Ihis year. OAK LAWN BARBERS If your hair is unbecoming, You should be coming 'I'o us. Mr. Whifrlesy gives examples Io show a++endance records. Open Sundays Phone EM3-2625 WE DELIVER YOUR FLORIST Finesi' Qualify Lowes+ Prices Diners Club American Express Honored Here 6I45 Berkshire Ln. f Spiri+s soar a+ The Thomas Jefferson and N. D. Assem y JUMBO DRIVE-IN "Finest Food in All Dallas" Sandwiches, Sieaks, Mexican Food Dining Room Service Inside and Oui' CLARENCE and LEONARD PRINTER, Owners FL2-6I7O 64I2 Lemmon T pi P y d Sherrie Minfofl SCM H19 news- Mr.Hui'cl'1insoni1appily clo h if f H1 d y PETROLEUMTRODUCTS HUMBLE SERVICE STATION 2820 Oak Lawn DALLAS, TEXAS GENE BAKER Phone Agenf The VIKING-ETTES proudly leave Ilwe field affer a fine per- formance. Everyone seems +0 be salisfied wiII1 personalifies. HARRY BULLARD FLORIST THE COUNTRY MAIDEN Juvey Gomez pracfices on luis skins. Grrrl TA 7-095: P 81 G SEAT COVER CO. Tailored Sea? Covers-Cus+om Inferiors Conver'IibIe Tops- Marine UpI'1oIs+ering JOE GIBSON 48I5 Ross Ave. CLYDE PHILLIPS DALLAS 4, TEXAS You I'eII Iwim, CarIa Sue. PRINCE of HAM B U RGERS 5200 Lemmon Ave. BOATS - Ropes - PAINTS MARINE 81 INDUSTRIAL "The Boa+man's Depar1'men+ S1'ore" E. ELLSBERRY, Mgr. 4932-34 Maple Ave. LA 6-8637-8638 DALLAS 35, TEXAS Delia, Ann, and Mary Take a break. Mr. Hufchinson performs one of his morning duiies. COMPLIMENTS of E. L. BURK'S 5c TO 565.00 7700 Den+on Dr. and 5307 Lovers Lane CONGRATULATIONS From SNAP SHOTS, INC. QUALITY BLACK AND WHITE and COLOR PHOTOFINISHING Serving 'Ihe Leading Camera SI'ores and Drug S+ores in Dallas Rl I -5575 fllwe VIKINGS are enjoying playing on flue Red Cross assembly I1 Th 'I' d I '19 ANDERSCN FURNITURE CO FOUNDED IN I897 BY E. M. ANDERSON Complete Home Furnishers 2I0l-3-5-7-9 Elm St. Rlverside I -63 26 DALLAS I, TEXAS Dallas' Oldest Furniture Store SAME LOCATION SINCE I897 "Ye olde family portrait." ROSE DRESS SHOPS LCCATIONS 3I09 Oak Lawn l026 Elm 4423 L II7 Wesi' Jefferson I9I9 Skillm O SOUTHWESTERN BALFOUR Senior Rings Gradua+ion Announcemen+s Trophies and Awards McKinney a+ Lemmon SANGER'S, 2nd Floor Q AX fy 9 GENE GAuss QJK PHOTOGRAPHY Z! . Cuslom Pho+o Finishing Taylor 7-08I8 29I6 N. Firzhugh Ribbon Knils-Yarns Free lns+ruc:+ions Open Monclay-Safurclay 9:30-5:00 27I5 FAIRMCUNT Pleased lo Knil You Bench warmers? 1 The '59-'60 Foolball Princesses smile preffily for fheir piclure. Abel, Bob 70, 139 Adame, Pete 39, 146 Adams, Thomas Adams, Kenneth Aderhalt, Barbara Jean 64 Adkins, Earle 12 Adkins, Leon Agpalza, Ronnie 70, 226 Alcantar, Charles 39, 155 Aldridge, Aundrea Jo 70, 164, 158, 142 Allemon, Paul 70 Allen, Mary 168 Allison, Freddie 232, 184 Alvarado, Pete 39, 167, 168 Amy, Barbara 70 Ancona, Lean 148, 257, 39, 210, 211 Ancona, Rosalind 64, 148, 257, 210, 158, 145 Anderson, Mike Ansley, Richard 232, 236, 242 Apple, Charles 99, 203, 210 Apple, Sydna 64, 94, 150 Armitage, Jeanne 39 Arnold, Joyce Asel, Martha 70, 176 Ashmore, Wilfred Eugene Avon, Sara 64, 158 Avon, Sue 64, 158 Avon, Tommy 168 Baggett, Frank Bailey, Janell 64 Bain, Robert 39, 167, 168 Ballard, Alice 64, 150 Ballinger, Jackie Floyd Ballinger, Phylis 64, 158 Banks, Leonard 64 Barber, Bobby 193, 39, 212 Bardin, Kenneth 70, 230, 236 Barker, Brenda Barksdale, Judy 64, 150 Barnes, Dwight 232 Barnett, Edward H. 226, 236 Barrira, Raymond G. Bass, Bill 230 Bassinger, Jerry Don 194, 206, 209, 39, 62, 215, 216 Bateman, Ronald 225, 234, 237, 39 Bates, Carol Ann 64, 158 Bates, David 25, 64 Batt, Isaac 226 Baxter, Raymond Bayles, Betty 138, 175, 117, 39, 136, 151 Bell, Jerry L. Bell, Shirley Jean 70 Benggeli, Danelle 644265, 158 BERRY, IMOGENE 12, 37,155 Biscomb, David 32, 64, 195, 228 Bishop, Truitt 70, 200 Blackman, Bobby Blackman, Ruby Ja 70, 158 Blalock, Ja Ann Blansett, Randy 64, 166, 226, 237, 240, 241, 212 Blumn, Connie 64, 158 BOLLINGER, C. M. 12 Boswell, Sue Ann 290 IDE Bowers, Jerry 64, 206, 208, 214 Box, Rita Boyd, Bobby 164, 196, 101, 89. 38, 40, 130 Bradford, Billy Bradley, Jerry Brady, Colin 64, 166, 234, 142 Branstetter, Billie Fay 70, 158 BRETT, JEAN 12,167, 168 Brewton, Charles 40, 62 Britt, Gaila 70, 210, 211 Brocker, Herby 40 Brocker, Ronny Brockman, Jo Ann 70 Brockman, Pat 64 Brander, Michael 40 Bronder, Ned 232 BRONENKANT, VIRGINIA 12 Broom, Nancy 64 Brown, Lupe Brumley, Billy 70 Bryson, Yvonne Buchanan, Donna 253, 175, 64, 119 151 Bucher, Kenneth 70 Buckels, Janice Lynn 70 Buckels, Sandra 64, 210, 158 Buell, Emmett 228, 236, 241 Buttington, Mike 64, 260, 214, 216 Bullard, Carol 70, 145 Burba, Claudette 64 Burba, William Claude 64, 214, 216, 217, so Burch, Judy 64 BURKE, BARBARA 12 Burlison, Kathy Burtord, Leo Dean 64 Burke, William Allen 40, 212, 213 Burke, William Earl 232 Burleson, Harry McClure 40 Burleson, Kathryn 40 Burley, William 70 Burnett, John 230 Burns, Richard Anthony 226 Burrows, Edward Lewis lEddie1 230 Bush, Vera 64 Butcher, Gloria 70 Butcher, Harold 64 Butler, Gayla 40, 151 BUTLER, MATTYELEA 12 Butler, Shelby Joe 40 Bynum, Laverre 70 Byrd, Beatrice 70, 166 Cain, Lana Dee Camel, Carol 166 CALAME, MAXINE 13 Cameron, Janie 27, 40, 151 Campbell, Carole 41 Campbell, Cheryl 25, 64, 92,175, 118, 151 Campbell, Herbie 64, 212, 213 Campos, Herman 70, 196 Cantu, Felix Capley, Tommy B. 70 Carey, Sharon 64 Carless, Pete Emanuel 64 Carlisle, Cynthia 70 Carlson, Ruth Ann Carathers, Billie 64 Carpenter, Marvin Wayne 148, 41 Carnes, Garry R. 232 Carrell, Toni 64 Carroll, Tena Catherine Carter, Donald 70, 136 Carter, Jimmy 232, 236, 77 Carty, Carrel 64 Castillo, Dolores 64, 141 Castleberry, Betty Sue 41 Castro, John Robert 41 Caughey, Harvey 64, 141 Cervantes, Joaquin 224, 225, 236, 41, 141 Cervantes, Liz 41, 141 Chamberlin, David Wayne 70, 226 Chambers Jr., Lloyd L. 216 Chamness, Robert 230, 236 Chandler, Dennis 228, 41 Chaney, Pam CHAPMAN, WILMA 13 Chatten, Barbara 65, 91, 274, 119, 210, 211, 158 Chavoya, Jessie 232 Chavoya, Robert Chavoya, Robert Lewis Chavez, Pvedro G. 226, 236 Cherry, Fannie 70 Choate, Mary Frances 65 Christe, Rosa Lee 65, 154 Chrystal, Eddie 226 Cipher, Ransom Earl 65 Claibourne, Charles Thomas 70 CLARK, MARY 13, 140 Clarke, Beverly 155 Clarke, Evelyn 65 Clayton, Mike 70, 202 Clements, Patricia 164, 41 Cleveland, Jerry Lee 65, 41 Clevinger, Joe Dennis 168 Cluck, William Marion 65 Coe, Leslie Lee 70, 234, 142 Coker, Jean 65, 158 Colbert, Walter 65, 194, 225, 228, 237 Cole, Angela Cole, Charles C. 70 Cole, Martha 70 Collins, James Kenneth 70, 226, 236 Callins, Jerry Michael Collins, June 41, 158 Colunga, Joe Dennis 70 Combs, Robert Paul 65 Compton, Gwyn 70, 148,s15B, 142 Contreras, Ben 70 Cook, James Allen Cook, Linda 42 Cooksey, Sandra 70 COPPEDGE, GENE 13, 190, 216 146 Corley, Curtis 101, 203, 230, 71, 214, 216 Cornett, Don 225, 234, 42, 142 Cornelison, Raymond 71 Cortez, Julie Couch, James Hampton 65, 210, 136 Courtney, AI 42, 168 Cowperthwaite, Tammy 65 Crabbe, Carole 12, 151 Craft, George 65, 234, 142 Crawley, Johnny 234 Crowder, Harry Sheill 230, 236, 237, 71, 146 Crowder, Waymon 164, 172, 192, 1306, 86, 208, 42, 130, 127, 215, 16 Crump, Richard Lloyd 71, 216 Crump, Vernon 42 Culfman, Homer Roy Cundiff, James Robert 226, 71 Cunningham, Peggy Lane 165, 42 Cunningham, Robert Glenn Curiel, Jesse 225, 232 Currin, Kathryn 71 Dacus, Julie 71 Dalton, Gary 71, 234, 142 Damommio, Sammy Anthony Daniel, Kenneth Wayne 71, 166 199, 212 Daugherty, Paula 148, 42 Davis, Dave 65 Davis Jr., Harry Frank Davis, John Garden 71 Davis, Suanne 42, 242, 128, 182, 155, 151 Davis, Tim S. 232, 236 Day, Jimmy 167, 168 DeLacy, Mike Ernest 42, 167, 168 Delgado, Irma 71 Delgado, Lydia 65, 142 Derr, Melvin Glenn 71 Dibreil, Jack M. 65 DICE, ELIZABETH 13 Dietrich, Bill 100, 71, 198, 226, 214, 216 Dickson, Judy 65, 139, 185 Dillard, Martha 91, 65, 151 Dimitry, Linda Marie 65 Dismore, Donald 71, 230 Dobbs, Curtis 43, 129, 188, 181, 216, 134, 146 Donnell, Linda 71 Dooley, Raymond 228 Douglass, Diane 92, 175, 65, 118 151 Douglass, Mike 43, 134, 146 Dayal, Kay 65 Duncan, John Travis 65, 95, 125, 242, 227, 212, 213 Duvall, Lou Ann 65 Duvall, Jerry Lee 71 Eastwood, Rebecca Louise Eastwood, Sandro Kaye Eaton, Edna Earl 65 Edwards, Kay 123, 166, 173, 174, 43, 104, 89, 151 Edwards, Steve 71, 202, 210 Eidt, Marilyn Sue 71, 145 Eitel, William Ekberg, Larry M. 30, 206, 207, 43 Ekberg, Lynn 65 Elliott, Connie 71 Ellis, Howard Marvin 70 Elliott, James 43 Emmett, Carol England, John Allen Enns, Diana 65, 151 Erck, James Espinoza, Daniel 43 Estrada, Marie 65, 155, 151 Estrada, John 65, 234, 142 Estrada, Elizabeth 27, 43, 137, Etley, Gail 71 Eubanks, Ada Sue 65, 281, 218, 219 Evans, Sharon Ann 65, 151 Ewing, Dennis O'Brien 217 Fams, Jimmy 234 Farley, Paul 164, 20, 43 Farmer, Mary 284, 43, 151 Faulk, Randy 71 Farwell, Caroline 65 Fatherree, Emma Jane 65, 151 Ferguson, Tommy 32,224, 225, 240, 131, 134 Few, Francis Annette 71, 148 Finch, Steve Fisher, Anthony William Fisher, Sharon 168 Flansbury, Carol Ann Flansbury, Janice Marie Flores, Bobby 71 Flowers, Myra 71, 141 Foerster, Roland 44, 146' FOREHAND, LEORA 13 Foster, Ronald Howard Freeman, Charles 101, 200, 71, 212 Freiden, Sandro I 71 French, Mike 71, 234, 142 Fry, Paula 163 Garner, Joyce 71, 101 GARNER, LORA 13 Garrett, Gaylia 71, 136, 141 Garrett, Kenneth 44 GARROW, JANE 14 Garza, Linda 71 Garza, Ralph 71 Gay, Donna 71, 141, 163, 142 Gentry, Barbara Jeane Goggans, Carol Jane Gibbs, Patricia 65 Gibson, Hal 44, 167, 168 Gideon, Charles 71, 98, 206, 207, 216 Gilbert, Linda Fay 71 Gillespie, Mary Ann Gillespie, Wanda Kay Gilmer, Sue 166, 44 Glanges, Joanna 25, 124, 87, 44, 129, 134, 152 Glidewell, Tommy 71, 230, 236 Glover, James 44 GOLDEN, LUTHER 14, 244, 256 190, 217 Gomez, Gloria 71, 142 Gomez, Juvey 148, 283, 89, 44 Gonzales, Jimmy 201, 228, 237 Gonzales, Alice 71 Gonzales, Marguerite 44 Goodwin, Sally 72, 142 Gore, Loyd 65, 279 Graves, Kenneth 168 Gray, Billy 228, 72, 210 Gray, Carolyn 65, 166 Gray, Judy 65, 159 Green, Danny 96, 198, 72, 210 Green, Glenda Kaye 65 Greer, Billy Dwayne 249, 44, 215, 216 Greer, Jacky Wayne 249 Gregory, Curtis Edward 45 Gregory, Richard Eugene Gressley, LeRoy GRICE, MIRIAM 14,150 Grindstalf, Dolores 72, 145 Griswold, Rose Ann 72 Grizzatti, Luke 66, 94, 146 Gross, Buddy 164, 179, 193, 206, 100, 208, 45 Grosvenor, Sidney 45 Grubbs, Ronnie 267, 72 Grupsmith, Billie Marie 23, 125 6 86 45 266, 174, 175, 253, 26 , , 182 242 183 182 186 106 1101159 ' ' ' L Guerra, Lucy 72 Gunby, David 66, 230, 236, 237, 242, 80, 146 Haddan, Bill 66, 90, 148, 224, 230, 237, 184, 136, 146 Haddix, David 195, 206, 207, 45 Hair, Jan Lois 175, 253, 265, 89, 45, 117, 155 Haley, Charlene Barbara 45, 167, 168 Haley, Mike Charles Edward 66 Hall, Jahron Hammitt, Nancy 72 Hammond, Jack Biddle 66 Handley, Ann Marie 66' Handley, Hanes, Va Elaine leta Sue 66, 152 Haney, Gerald 228, 45 Hanks, Howard H. 124, 224, 45 134, 163 Hanks, Mary Ellen 66 Harmon, Lucien Frost 66, 132 Harness, Jim William 232 Harper, Shirley Kate 46, 62 Harrington , Thomas Clinton HARRIS, ARTHUR 14, 62 Harris, Betty Carolyn 148, 159 Harris, Faye' 46, 159 Harris, Mary 72, 210 Harris, Phil Tam 232 Harrison, Bill 24, 33, 123, 164, 193, 46, 128, 132, 212, 213, 134, 146 Harrison, Nancy 98, 72 Harrison, Patricia 72 Hawk, Leta Yvonne Hawkins, Wayne Hawthorne, Pamela Lee 46, 134 Hayes, David Edward 46 Hayes, Richard 232 Hayle, Susan 66 Haynes, Donald 234, 72, 142 HAYS, BURNAL 14, 212 Heodrick, Patti Ruth Hearn, Hal 66, 249, 146 Hearst, Margaret Ann 100, 72, 136 Henkie, Larry Frank Henson, Glenda 66 Hernandez, Betty 72 Hernandez, Cecilia 48, 72 Hernandez, Delia 21, 122, 259, 284, 101 Hernandez, , 46, 150 Joe 164, 134 Hernandez, Lupe Garcia Herrera, Susie 72 Heslet, Jackie Hester, Robert Lee 46 Hetherington, William 66 Higdon, Janet Maria Higgins, Clen Scott 66, 231, 77, 216 Hildebrandt, Nancy 72 Hill, Gary 72 Hill, Jack 99, 197, 236, 72, 212, 147 Hill, Nancy Jeanne 66 Hill, James Richard Hill, Jerry 232, 72 Hill, Robert Wade 164, 201, 46 Hill, Sandra Kaye 28, 101, 175, 246, 251, 278, 205, 204, 72, 242. 182, 186, 117 Hobson, Gary 66, 200, 226, 206, 229 Hogan, Patricia Sue 46, 155, 156 Hogden, Harvy 232 HOLBROOK, HELEN 14 Holbrook, Susan Annette 66 Holcomb, Jr., Homer Hardy Holme, Sandra Holzer, Larry Hood, Drexal iRex1 47 Hookings, George 66, 167, 168 Hooks, Gary 168 Horan, Tom 66, 90, 199, 257, 128, 171, 186, 187 Housewright, Sharon Huber, Betty 138, 139, 72 Huddleston, Susan 72, 142 Huerta, Irma 66 Hughes, Bruce 47 Hulme, Sondra 72 Hunt, Jerry 202, 47 Hunter, Zelda 72 HUPFELD, DOROTHY 7 Hurst, Mike 72, 210 Husbands, Robert 225, 228, 47, 231, 240, 241, 140 Hutchison, Charles 47 HUTCHINSON, SELDON 6, 278, 282, 284, 190, 136, 137 Hutson, Mickie 72 Hyde, Jane Ellen 99, 165, 72, 159 HYDE, RUFUS 14 Imperial, Jimmy 66, 93, 192, 212, 213 Ingersoll, Lewis 72 lngersall, Sharon 47 IRISH, CLIO 15, 190 lrvan, Judy lrvin, Sue 66, 267, 136, 159 Ivey, Bob Wayne 224, 225, 237, 132 Jackson, Phyllis Kay 47, 134, 163 Jackson, Sammy 47, 167, 168 James, Ronald 99, 72 Jamison, Susan 263, 47, 184, 152 Jennings, Harriett 72 Jestice, Jo Ann 88, 47 Jimerson, Charles 72 Jinks, Warren 230, 236, 237, 72, 241 Johns, Brenda 66 Johns, Nancy 87, 48, 136 Johnson, Pam Johnston, Paul 66 I Johnson, Cori Jones, Carol 72 Jones, Kenneth 66 Jqnes, Linda 96, 174, 72 Jones, Linda Gayle Jones, Joyce 66, 90, 159, 152 Jones, Judith Ann 21, 25, 122, 174, 261,100, 48, 134,136, 150 Jones, Patricia 166, 48, 159 Jones, Shelley 100, 72 Jones, Wayne 72, 226 Jones, Worth 66, 148, 230, 77 Jordan, Bailey 66, 80 Jordan, Virginia 72, 145 Juarez, Cecilia 66 Kalmus, Walter Larry 48 Karger, Peggy Kavanaugh, Tommy 66 Kavanough, Joan 165 Kavanough, Helen 149, 73 KEARNEY, CARRIE 15 Keener, Ann 87, 175, 178, 263, 284 48 111 152 1 Keese, Kay Keese, Joan 73, 159 Keith, Robert Kelly, Mike 73, 100, 234, 143 Kelso, Kay 66 Kelso, Sallie 66, 149, 166, 159 Kernodle, H. 8. 66, 92, 164, 199, 274,127, 212, 213, 215,216 Kiersky, Beth 73, 142 Killen, Kenneth 48, 135 Kimble, Richard 28, 66, 91, 228, 236, 239, 256, 204, 147 King, Calvin King, Diane 99, 73, 159 King, Tommy Kinnan, Carlene 73 Kinnan, Greg 25, 66, 94, 226 Kirby, Charlie 66, 167, 168 Klepak, Judy 66, 149 Kluge, Arthur Knight, David 228, 73 Kramer, Dorothey 48, 159 Krause, Ja Ann 48 Kurc, Jodie Eline 48, 159, 145 Lafon, Wanda 27, 48, 184, 155, 152 Lain, ideana 73, 166 Lambert, Carolyn 73, 164 Land, Charlotte 49 Lane, Carolyn 49, 141 Lannom, Bill 49, 167, 168 Landsdowne, James 66, 234, 143 Lara, James 148, 195, 49, 141. 155 Latimer, Larica Latimer, Linda LAWLER, NELL 15 Lawrence, Bob 168 Lawrence, Frances 67 Layden, Mike 226 Le Fiore, David Legg, Terry 67, 274 291 McKay, Bill 73, 234, 143 Pennington, Walter Howard 228 Lewis, Dana Beth 49, 167, 167 Lewis, Gary Joe 88, 196, 49 LEWIS, GENELIA 15 Lewis, Frank 67, 228 Lewis, Mary Ann Lewis, Milton Murrell 67, 228, 236 Lewis, Rachel 73, 143 Lindsey, Joe King 20, 236 Lindsey, George Dodson 67, 228, 242 Lissiak, Victor Jr. 93, 251, 204, 205 Little, Joanne 73 Lloyd, Carolyn Kay 67 Loban, James Lockhart, Lucy Ann 73, 140 Locklar, Carolyn Jean 166, 151 LODEWICK, PATRICIA Logan, Eric 49 Logan, Perry 226, 210 Lopez, Julio Rodriguez Loring, Sharon 73, 159 Lozanao, Patricia Ellen 67, 159, 155 Luttrell, Howard 225, 234, 49, 242, 128, 143, 147 McCaffrey, Charlotte 67, 167, 168 McCain, Michael McCown, Carroll 167, 168 McCown, Linda 17, 73, 159 McCuIlah, Hardy 49 McCulIers, Vernon 49, 143 McCutcheon, Ann 50, 140 McDaniels, Carolyn 73, 175, 114 McDonald, Jackie Jeanette 166, 50 140 McGribboney, Barbara 67 McGribboney, Gene McGowan, Billie 67 McGowan, Ida Marie McGregor, Marsha Gene Mclntire, Ronald McKee, Donna 67 McKeeI, Waynette 73 McKinney, Charles 98 McLeod, Clifton Patrick McMahon, Patricia Ann 50, 163 McMath, Gwen 73, 137 McMath, John 67 McSorley, Bridget 73 MacLaren, Robert Maca, Benny 123, 125, 164, 197 257, 88, 206, 207. 50, 185, 214, 216, 147 Mallewick, Marlene 67 Malone, Don 31, 167 Marcell, Carolyn 67, 165 Morcaulides, James Marcoulides, Marc Anthony Martin, Donna lBambil 67, 159, 152 MASTERS, ETHEL 15, 154 Mastin, Gail 67 Matney, Ronald 228 Matthaei, Rudolf 73 Mattaei, William 124, 244, 278, 83, 50,130,188, 136, 137 May, Cynthia 73, 176 May, Judy 73 Maybery, Dolores Ann 50 292 Meade, Marvin 50 Meador, Billy 184 Meadows, Shirley 50, 168 Meeker, Herbert 226 Medellin, Louis Frak Melder, Larry Mellon, Brenda 67, 159 Melton, Jackson Dale, Jr. 166, 225, 226, 221, 237, 50, 240 Mendoza, Barbara 50, 154, 145, 143 Mendez, Alice Meyer, Edward Howard 230, 51 MEYER, RALPH 15 Meyer, Wanda 67 Miles, Leslie 164, 51 Miller, Ann 165, 51, 159, 152 Miller, Brenda 67 Miller, Charles 73, 176 Miller, Edward 73, 216 Miller, Gloria Jean Miller, Lewis Miller, Mike 73 Miller, Virginia 165, 66, 51, 137, 159, 155, 152 Millet, Preston 226 Mims, Rita 25, 89, 51, 242, 182, 218, 160 Minton, Sherrie Ann 67, 175, 282, 118, 140, 152 Miramantes, Jimmy Miramontes, Mary Mitchell, Patsy 101, 164, 253, 256, 274, 204, 51, isa, 210, 137 Mitchell, Shirley 67 Mitchum, Jerry 230 Mohan, Rod 217 Moler, Glenn Montgomery, Mary Ann 164, 51 Montgomery, Sally 16 Moon, Dick 100, 164, 193, 247, 261 , 266, 51 Moore, Don 67, 91, 212, 213 Moore, Gerald 206, 209 Moore, John David 51 Moore, Robert MOORE, WYNETTE 15 Mora, Bobby 33, 212, 213 Mora, Paul 33, 51, 212, 155 Morgan, Johnny 59 Morris, La Veta 25, 67, 93, 166 Moss, Hugh 73 Muir, Louis 73, 234, 1-43 Mutter, James '73, 226 Mullins, Robert Mundy, Alice 73 Munneke, Melinda 27, 166, 52, 160, 155, 152 Myers, Dolores 168 Myers, Janet 67, 95, 164, 242, 182, 218, 219,160,155 Nofus, Charles 25, 123, 124, 52, 130, 132, 135, 136, 154 Noiera, Mario 52 Naiera, Pete Nance, Patricia Dell 67, 158 Nash, Ja Frances Neely, Wenona Sue Neff, Jacqueline 67, 163 Neighbors, Gloria 52 Neighbors, Tommy 67, 234 Nelson, Tena 73, 160, 137, 160 Nesbitt, Barbara Nesbitt, Herman 168 67, 149, 79, 160 73, 197, 210 Nevins, Sandra Newman, Tommy Nix, Joe 168 Nixon, Fow 67 Noble, Myrna 52, 168 Normand, John 67 Norris, Linda 67, 166 Norwood, Linda 73 Nuncio, Mamie 73 Nunez, Sara Amelia Ogawa, Richard Olsson, Judy 67, 138, 164, 287, 185 Olsson, Oscar Sigurd 166, 194, 266, 52 O'Nale, Richard 73, 228 Ormsbee, Eloise 67 Orosco, Lupe 124, 52, 135 off, Mary' 73, 165 Ortiz, Frank 67 Owens, Kathleen Owens, Reeva 73, 160 Peckweod, Celeste 67, isa, 210, 211, 160, 152 Paddock, Kathleen 73 Paige, Howard 52 Paloma, Victor 232 Pappas, Bill 67 Paris, Joe Park, Susan 74, 97, 174 Parker, Diane 166, 52 Parker, Joy Carolyn Parks, Donald Ray 97, 234 Partida, Elva 67 Fascher, Marla Elizabeth 67 Pascher, Robert Patterson, Patricia 160 Peacock, Don 74, 226, 236 Peacock, Sue 73, 96, 149, 160 Pederson, Carole Ann 68, 95, 166, 163, 160, 152 Pederson, Lana Penn, Carolyn Pennington, Martha 68 Peoples, David 74, 101, 164, 197, 278, 216 Peoples, Marilyn Faye 25, 179, 53, 137, 160, 152 Perez, John 74 Peterson, James 232, 236, 241 Petty, Patricia Peveto, Mildred Ann 68, 160 Phelps, Carol Ann 53, 135, 136, 158, 145 Phillips, Don 168 Phillips, Gerald 53, 168 Phillips, Rodney Phillips, William Pierce, Patricia 53 Pinckard, Rita 74 Pinsen, Jimmy 166 Pinson, Virginia Ann 53 Pitts, Linda Marilyn Platt, Mary Ann 74 Platt, Paul 74, 234 Poetschke, Edward 74, 97, 232, 236 210, 211 Polhemus Jr., Merle Pomeroy, Johnny 68, 232, 236, 241 Pope, Joe B. Pope, Judy Ann 74, 149, 171 Pope, Katherine 149, 53 Pope, Kathleen 149, 53 Porter, Harmon 16 Poston, Geroge Potter, Rick 68, 92 Pouncey, Temple 282, 53, 129, 131, 181,140,155, 146 P'Pool, Ruda 37, 36 Prachyl, Ronney 74, 226, 236, 237, 216 Preston, David 68, 225, 232 Price, Sharon Pugh, Jock 74, 216 Pullen, David 224, 225, 237, 53, 233, 240, 188, 85, 135, 137, 146 Pyle, Diane 164, 53 Quillen, Toney 168 Ramirez, Helen 74 Ramos, Olivia 74, 210 Ramsey, Jack 217 Randall, Buddy 54, 168 Raney, Beth 74 Rankin, Ellis 68 Ray, Tonnie 74, 165 Ray, 8renda 74, 160 Raz, Barbara 54 Raz, John Reason, Tem 198, 74 Record, Bruce 230 Redding, Richard Redman, Clyde Reeder, Jackie Sue 54 Reeder, Beth 98, 74, 160 Reeves, John 199, 2 Reeves, Larry 168 Reeves, Posia Allegra 54, 163, 153 Reeves, Randy Reeves, Shirley Jane 25, 164, 54, 218, 154, 143 Reid, Jerry 232 Reneau, Judy 74 Reneau, Patricia 54, 160, 153 Rennie, Billy 68, 228 Repass, Bruce Reve, Edvin Reyes, Joe 54 Reyes, Lucy Rhea, James H. Rheder, Richard H. - 74 Rhodes, Jackie Aveon 93, 137, 154 Rice, Annette 74, 242, 182 Rich, Tony Ward 54 Richards, Donnie 228 Richards, Jane 69, 90, 264, 188 Richardson, Anita 54, 141 Richardson, Carol 74 Riker, Diane Marie 149 Watkins, Murine 69 Richardson, Dwight Richey, Mike 68, 94, 192, 126 RIDLEY, RlX 16,163 Riddell, Pat Henry 68 Rietcheck, Jo Ann 74 Riggs, Mary 144 Riley, Kyle 33, 54, 212, 213 175, 278, 286, 82, 204, 56, 186 105,115,135,136,158 Skinner, Guy D. 230, 236, 237 Slater, Virginia Anna Teagarden, Ellen Ruth 69, 266, 161 Teagarden, Linda May 69, 266, 161 Teames, J im A. 69, 144 Terranella, Phil E. 58 Smith, David 228 Thompson, Dwight Thompson, Jimmy M. 69, 92, 147 Thompson, Linda Beth Rippa, Herb 68 ROBERTS, MINNIE 16 ROBERTS, ROSCOE 263, 242 Robertson, Jerry W. Robertson, James J. 226, 74 Robinson, Barbara 68, 153 Robinson, Lynn 68, 184, 160, 153 Rocha, Mary Ann 74 Rockman, Edwina Janice Rodriquez, Albert 68, 225, 230, 55 Rodriquez, Mercedes 68 Rodriquez, Gilbert T. 68, 228 Rodriquez, Norma 74 Smith, Don 97, 203, 74, 216 Smith, James Smith, Janet Louise 67, 160, 153 Smith, Jimmy 168 Smith, Joe 68, 206, 209 Smith, Martha Jane 68, 153 Smith, Paul S. 56 Smith, Sandra 56 Smith, Sharon Jan 56, 184, 160 Smith, Shirley Carol 68 Rush, Carol Ann 55 58' 135, 154, 163, M4 Rogers, Patti Ann 55, 158 Rolsten, Felice 74 Rolsten, Huguette 74, 144 Romero, Delores Rosario Rose, Leslie Carl 55, 212, 213 Rose, Sherill 74, 160 Ross, Mary Louise 68 Roten, Kay 74 Rubel, Tom 68, 95, 266, 206, 215, 216 Smith, Sue Ann 68 Smith, Trecia 139, 164, 56, 155 Smith, William T. 56 Snow, Johnny H. Solomon, Ronald R. 68, 231 Son, Sharon Elaine 56 Spraggens, John 74, 144 Spraggins, Mike 234 Spurgeon, Linda 57 Speed, Roger Dale 57 SPONSELLER, F. M. 16, 260, 271 Wilson, Hoyet W. Russell, Br enda Joyce 125, 55, 135, 140, 163 Russell, Larry 168 Russell, Margaret 68 Russell, William R. Stamhill, John Stantill, Pat Gray 67 Starness, Lonnie Staton, Barbara 75, 160 Staton, David 57, 168 Steel, Bill 68 Steen, Mike Lynn 57 Mrs. Steenson 145 Steer, Scotty 57 STEWART, FLORENCE 16 Thornton, Martha lmma Thorsheim, Martin H. Tidrow, Robyne 69 Tilford, Lana 75 Timbes, John R. Tipton, Carolyn 75 Tittle, Judith Anne 75 Todd, amy 196, ss, iii Todd, Mary 259, 75, 161 Tompins, Betty Jane 69 Torrez, Rachel 69 Toth, Alvino R. 232 Traina, John D. Traylor, Cecelia 58 Tucker, Charlotte Ann 69, 144 Tully, Sandra 28, 166, 205, 204, 58 Tungate, Donald G. Turnbull, Dennis J. 96, 232, 236, 74, 212, 213, 137, 147 Turner, Lanell 165, 58, 154 Turner, Richard 69, 228, 236, 241, 147 Tyler, Wes 232, 74 Uhlemeyer, Fredric L. 25, 122, 264, Umphress, Ronald E. 69, 232, 237 Urban, Judy Jane 58 Ussery, Mark L. 192, 89, 38, 58, 130,126, 215, 216, 37,135 Utesch, Georgene Liso 69, 97, 137, 153 Wardwell, James F. Warlick, Homer E. 74 WARMACK, DOROTHY 17, 276 Warner, Clyde H. Warren, Danny E. 166, 234 Warren, Judith Anne 165, 75, 161 Watkins, Maxine 69 WATSON, B. 17 Watson, James R. 69, 226 Watts, Charlie F. 69, 226, 60 Wayman, Allen K. Webb, A. David 69, 228 Webb, Betty Lou 60 Welch, Johnny 198 Westdyke, Peggy Jo 69, 137 WHITE, MARION 17, 150 Whittaker, Earl B. 225, 60 Whitson, James R. 28, 122, 178, 266, 286, 204, 86, 60, 171 WHITTLESEY, MR. 21, 34, 281 Whyte, Nancy 60, 137, 155 Wilcox, Donald Wilcox, Ronnie 87, 60, 137 Wilder, Stanley Charles Willet, Charles H. 69, 228, 140,147 Salas, Arthur 68, 23, 237 Salinas, Arnold 164, 194, 87, 206, 208, 55, 126, 217 68, 23, 232, 237 Sanders, Debbie 74 25, 55, 154,147 Salas, Arthur Sandoval , Roger Stiles, John 164, 57 Valencia, Angela Claire Valentine, Margaret 69, 138, 139, 174, 253, 269, 287 Vandergritf, Peggy Dee 21, 27 138, 174, 175, 263 88 59 129 I 1 1 186, 107, 116, 135, 137, 153, 146 Schick, Lou Ann 139, 122, 124 21, 25, 32, 138 125, 175, 257, 101 55, 128, 186, 187 108 116 135 150 Schmiedeke, Cheryl Faye Schroeder, Edward Claude 55, 141, 168 Schaltz, George L. 166 Shepherd, Kenneth L. 226, 236 Schuch, Robert B. 68 Seaman, Sally Marie 68, 160, 145 Searcy, William S, 168 Seeber, Charles 164, 201, 86, 55 Sequra, Jose 226 Sharp, Ollie Lou 56, 154 Shelton, Helen Demitres 56, 145 Shepherd, Pat 75 Shepherd, Tishie 68, 93, 137, 160, 153 Sherman, Harvey L. 232 Shipps, Sue Ellen 67, 148, 166, 163, 160 Shuler, June Rae 68, 95, 179, 175, 8O,116,160,153,155 Siilord, Marilyn 56 Sims, Calvin 232, 74 Sippola, Elsie May 25, 125, 178 Stiles, Karen Stone, Bill Storey, Diane 138, 139, 125, 57, 153 Strong, Joe 17, 206 Stuart, Donna Gail 57, 168 Stuart, Hunter R. 69 Sturgeon, Linda Eileen Stull, David Summers, Harold 230 Surles, Robert W. 57, 140, 168 Swenney, James C.-168 Tabor, Kenneth W. 234, 74, 144 Tackitt, Jesse W. 139, 246, 251, 57, 88, 137 Tackitt, Thomas M. 69 Tadlack, Mary 75, 144 Tandell, Donny 230 Vandygrilf, Shirley Marie 59 Vandygritf, Will H. 230 Varley, Virginia Ann 124, 59, 84, 135, 163 Vasquez, Rosemary 75 Vaughn, Glenda Mae 69 Vaughan, J. A. 176, 75 Vaughn, Sandra June 86, 59, 153 Vent, Charles M, Ventrca, Caroline Ann 164, 59 Vermillion, Diane 59 Victory, Barbara Ann 59, 153 Vouras, Christina Frances 59 Wade, Carl F. Wade, Ruth Elaine 59, 144 Tanner, Carla Sue 91, 284 Tanner, Charles Marie Taquino, Nannette 69 Taquino, Rae Gene 98, 75 Taquino, Raney 58, 137 Tatom, Pamela 69, 218, 219 Tatom, Paula 69, 160, 153 100, 38, 58, Taylor, Cathey Ruth 130, 158 Taylor, Emma Eugene Taylor, Taylor, Kathryn 69, 166, 168 Robin Dawn Wadsworth, Samuel G. 228, 237, 184, 77 WAGNON, DAVID 17, 34, 210, 80 Wagnon, Richard Charles 69 Wakefield, Dickie 164, 200, 101, 59 Wall, Tommy J. 202, 74 Wallace, Linda 75, 161 Waller, Dianna Ward, Bill S. Ward, Kay Ann 96,175, 75,113 69 Williams, Carol Lea 69, 153 Williams Don L, 234, 74, 144 Williams, Jelf J. 74 Williams Mike Fred 69 Williams Nancy 75 Williams, Walter Joe 225, 235 Williamson, Joe W. 164, 176, 234 100, 206, 60, 129, 131, 212, 213 Williamson, Kenneth C. 69, 226 Wilson, Linda 75 Wimberly, Donald R. 69, 144 Winningham, Sandra June 69, 161 Wise, Terry 69 WITHROW, PATSY 17, 158 Woith, Claudia Nadine 61 Womack, Barbara Lou 60, 154, 161, 153, 145 Wood, Edna Mae Woodall Jr., Carlos M. 226 Woodard, Thomas 230, 236, 74, 241 Woodrow, Vern L. 224, 225, 237 Wooldridge, Patricia Anne 60, 158 Woolf, Jewel Lorrian 60 Warden, Jerry T. 69, 80 Wright, Curtis M. 234, 74, 144 Wright, Harvey F. 69 Wyatt, Mary Sue 61, 155 Wyatt, Mike M. 90, 164, 195 Wyatt, Peggy Ann 69 Wyrick, Sue 75 Yandell, Donny Young, Jack H. 69, 230 Young, Pam Rae 61 Youngblood, Jeanne 75 Yowell, Howard Reed 164, 178 206, 209, 61, 146 Zapata, Jenaro A. 212 Zastoupil, Carolan 21, 122, 251, 256, 61, 150 Zeigler, Mike James 216 293 2? ,iff C' ,gffffff , . 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Suggestions in the North Dallas High School - Viking Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

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