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 - Class of 1946

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North Dallas High School - Viking Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 158 of the 1946 volume:

. f 3 1 xv' 1 , it fy WM ,ff jj 5, W 1 1 fy .Q SLQXAMI4! ff! MQW f a -,FE TT? .' ' 1 .' , 4 55 f 1 '1 ,gi Qfzlfi f' G1 9-if' 5 f, H s Q, J, ' Q , '-fb' xl V 1 DAL'-Aftf faint M ik! sa H f ' rf: .31 'fig 9? rf Ji 41 F? lx is 4- , rx 9 1 G' X ,S YL 1 x 4 Q. 'if' 3519? 5 , KL. if-2 . w f A , '1 ' u XS - s ', 54LLfO9 1611265 f2f,,,,,,6g,?pgw f yffmf d,.wfjpE5f M, Wiz M' W yJ Q WL JW Y 0951 31? L www Q ' V Gqufogz 1 Yi guwd wg X35 Rik AJMQJ 5 ggi? 555, f,iW M mf-13 Q M JZ ix fffm E ,,,,,,'f,,: : ,,, ,,,,f.Zf +,,, Z, fl X A S Jw -X gleji-5541 Sg.q5XQMXXQL?QXXQQXQ X ,IK li' 'f - I f g f, K fff22i,yfggf.5 L" 'LKLL K' k'x""' """'-'- --'-- f ,,.Q. , f !h 'f "'V " f JYY N.f,.,,,,,,,,,,.4 ...C . ,J,,..N.: - 'f- ' f ' f ' f . QM f ,. V1 AU ' "Wd1Zff' 'fr' W' V iw iTff A-wi' 1fez!y,f,1gf2 'um -' vE1i 9 411+ W lm fin 1662 ,ml 4 5 V A 'Af LL f w ', , f'a:3g ' gag., ag ' w xy , W ' MM Vg,-,gLi, 1,,,Q , H0 fwmg gr' wa IWW ,V 5 QQ W M W W . k" L W Wlfffwj? 'WM W f fffjf i-' W WM 1 ,,l IW ffygffvg x .1 H1wHluMim PiA fQ ,HV I4 , 1 ,jilux X , ' 5 EMI' lx N 13: iN Mu ' -fr,,4:N5,,wi,H Waaxxmxmm 4fW!GUf'f if ,, Li I lyf f N 55" ' ' ,, ""4:lQQ1 nm WWglf1l11f5 um IWIJIAW , M -x ,plum ,N H, A ,Ly !: V f,,.,6:!Z-xi as v N "----lqgzu-F 4WMV4u,915,g5y5f,1,Q f X - M W ?:f ,Q uf - .f, vw - , --..,, . 114, 'nfI,h,-wsu ,4 ,H ,Q .W 'N , fy, ,,,, ,R -rpg. ' l1 +lW,1 Afh. M X :'1f'c X A 1' , ' K 5 ' X' ' 'iiiirm "f' 'N R , -fn' " U- -."Q'5'fi '- ' f Y 'A v E W M xxigr x MW K Q A-N ',f, 1L5fA X, 'f k . 1 I Ye, ', j i! .fffqfff - -,w,i47'iJ1g- x 1' f isnf f e f 1 F 1 55 5 4 ig! . 515+ s f' 12" Q + l'.2' A1'f'v'ii fi 2 I fi IJ W , fy f l ffn fs Q Q kf s wfp f -- 3 I Zi zf- 5 ,I Lg, I ,gs QW 2 5 gf Q i i QM fffff M A Q f 1 125 H -I E fi if ' 14,5 1' 7. SX sy 3 5 I M RQ U"1VLW -1 4x'1AFgwIg53l'g?g7g J ' 2 ,A my Q ' , ,g-tml! lf - f- M W W f -1 , 1, 1- 5 My U , 5' W ,Q ffw, M i NAM XX '4 x IM vi nw f gVf'Wxjl:!- K-gg Z W QM 5 H fax F Y N Hz, f ff- ., ' f 1 ' 5,35 5 ' Jw ggfylw , f H 2 f W:-f f fig 5 L y W4 5 X WW, -j KI, fqhrqlw X 1? ,R .f eg, ff, 5 Q - , gwgaff .- uk x5XQMfMW! luv! ,K - -' gsexyylff M? Mm ft 1 -4 16 wg' GL f N j 7 W ,, ' A f5Qg1r, Q4 g fy 11. Q wwf fgififfw' 'f QW: L fif3w,4 f, E- 1 Ja Tqw mr, In recognition ot his many years of diligent and untiring service as principal of North Dallas I-Iigh School, his assistance to the VIKING, and his continued interest in the s c h o ol as Assistant Superintendent In Charge ot I-ligh Schools, We, the graduating classes ot Iune '46 and Ianuary '47, dedi- cate this issue of the VIKING to MR. E. B. COMSTOCK MR. E. B. COMSTOCK Editor MARY MARGARET WOODWARD Associate Editor SIDNEY BOYD Business Manager ANN GILLILAND EWELL D. WALKER W. T. White . E. D. Walker . E. B. Comstock . Dr. David W. Carter Mrs. W. Pj Zumwalt WARREN TRAVIS WHITE ERNEST B. COMSTOCK The Administration . . . . . . . Superintendent of Schools . Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Personnel . Assistant Superintendent in Charge of High Schools BOARD CF EDUCATION Gabe P. Allen R. L. Thomas Mrs. T. A. Waggoner F. D. Daniord Dan D. Rogers PRINCIPAL W. O. PIPES 1 mrff- -,-rw ' K 5 " . ,..,,. rr- , LLL,Qfq1 ,,fL , l. ,i.,.. F 1: ua. f- . f wi: .,,, My, V r. lf. ,fs 1 J.-ff ,.., , L?LLl A LLLc.L,fL R L, y, ,LLL , V,LL .. M rim r Q s if A , 25, M M , , if , I , ,., - ri ers rrmis . , . - r G LLL- -I 3 f, S S rg is ' ' Z 1 f M Z . S ' fu, s ar 5 ' L Q, 5 ar , 9 M 5 r S N km vf - ' gg-was r ' y i rm . ,"-' r ' I is r M5 5 Sz 35 f if as ,Zi ,Q use .f W 6- SH! as ' , S , Q '41 S 1, er if-Me r . + ' - s z . K -f if 5,19 Q rg Q is rr 4- .. - ,NS :gg M, , Q S is , ,, I gg i ir -, V-4 ,ma wg Q K .fir ' ' g iiikv fx 41 , XM" y , cf :g:,-5. ,, ,sg ,.., . ,i m X . 15355 , X -,-.- 1 5-A' 'xx Q 3' .... . . -:-::::::::. ,sill ......,.,, ...:::,,L,, MW EEZ .,.,.. 1 2 "" f rs si A a, r is-by :EL .,,,,., Q X my ir : If mom! if S ' a w if B ii ,,,,,,,,, ,,, rrrrr Firsi Row: Charles Anderson, Landon Baker, Mabel Baldwin, Mary Berirand, Lila Blake. Second Row: Katharine Bradford, Myrile Byrd, Dorothy Cosiin, Olafia Crane, Ruth Crawford Third Row: Ruth Curtis, Mabel Davies, Elizabeth Dice, Doyle Driver, Adele Epperson. Fourth Row: E. M. Fulton, E. B. Greenman, Miriam Grice, Leora Guinn, Arthur Harris. Fifth Row: Helen Harrison, B. C. Hays, Rufus Hyde, Clio Irish, Bess Keller. Page Twelve v----iw--M--A --H ,,.... ...., , W., fi ., 444' as ,QF ,K 4 S 'F Q 1. R if ,um .vi ,-,-.. . V -ye h ,f -' Y' 2. 1 , -- 'QMW wewsypse '..' u g. li - ' ei r kwri sv1s,1m.vt.5s H.. . iw- - . 13.1. ss?l5i5?4?EW fail , ei xiii -ysil VAY, ,-,4 . ,1::, ...,. Ma .. -,.- ,.5,...-W Q. W ta get y fs . 35?1a 3. S gg 55 W2 sd 5 5 Q . 2 ' 323281 .W ,L re Q 'W J ASI' . we 'ii' M 11993535 my ,gr . .es X .S + sig... .ei 4 ' 111, is 5 Sf t ,, 1 4 f.L- -,:ff'?"f....., , - ,T 3 .rgr ik. I. ,mf 5, x'L '- Q Af..,-L 1 ' fi W Q nfl- . .wr is 1 F . . .1-,, S .. . i sr E ,.,.em?5 ,. ,..,. 1 -1. 5-. .,t.. .,. . z -iff-1"aEi!:sw-if :.... ...f:i7:.f-Wee. ,iy e fgswvif ' -wif. 558625: . 5. ,rf im fixwaglwr S 5 2 A 5 fr me W Ciieff ? is x ' .,.,.,. . kj A . ,,tt, . W QM ' "' I ? " f ' , ' QV X' ,yyg X - "' . ff if ' ' fn First Row: Stanley Knapp Nell Lawler H. C. Maiden, Don Matthews, Ellen Meador. Second Row: Harry Menezes, Sarah Meriwether, C. M. Morphis, William Morris, Mary Lois Nesbit. Third Row: F. A. Norton, Ruth Pierce, Clara Ransom, Earl Ray, Minnie Roberts. Fourth Row: Emily Slaughter, C. L. Syron, Florence Taylor, W. T. Tardy, Eugenie Terry. Fifth Row: Pearl Tunnelle, Pearl Whatley, Fleta Williams, I. R. Williams, H. C. Witmeyer. . flfm."r SQ . 4 .,,, EE " 1 in . - 1 y .mme-w ..... " 'a A' liar 'ii' 5 RZ! ra . N ,we A 1 M Q , y Leila 755 QA 5 if f 1' ' ' f l i l I 4 2, Awww r 4 ' .... , ,. ri, 7 , J ..., or Page Thirieeu Class et tune, 1945 President ...... lack Cleetvelcmd Vice-President . . . . Wayne White Secretary . . . Icme White , , IEANNE ADAIR Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Art Club Officer: Chorus: Dallas Mu- sic Festival, Pay Assembly, Linz Pins: Honor Roll. BETTY ADAMS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas RICHARD ALANIZ Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Printing Assistant. MARTHA LENA ANDERS Birthplace: Mineola, Texas MARGARET ANDREWS IIMMY APPERSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club: History Club: Na- tional Honor Societyg Library Assis- tant, Linz Ping Chorus, Interscholas- tic League Spelling Contest RICHARD ARNWINE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Graduated January, 1946. KENNETH BAILEY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas ONAMAE BAKER Birthplace: Amarillo, Texas Girls Sports Club, Delphian BARNEE JOYCE BARIL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Debate Club, Degree of Excellence: National Forensic League, Compass Staff: Linz Ping High Honor Roll: Greater Dallas Music Festival: De- bate Tournaments: Assemblies: Chorus. Page Seventeen RAY BARKER Birthplace: Wichita, Kansas Football Letterman: Lette-rmen's Club, Homeroom Vice-President, Track, Basketball, Hi-Y Club, Assemblies, Honor Roll: Baseball. SUE BARNETT Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Allied Youth Secretary, History Club, Pan'American Student Forum Reporter, Homeroom Secretary, Cho- rus, Compass Business Staff. BOB BARTON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club. MARY JEAN BASYE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Compass Staff. STEPHEN BATES Birthplace: Santa Fe, New Mexico Homeroom Vice-President, Chemistry Club, Baseball. Page Eighteen i, CAROLYN BEALL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Thalian Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Homeroom President, Vtce-President, Secretary, History Club, A Capella Choir, Music Award, First Division Solo Ensem- ble Contest, Greater Dallas Music Festival, Student Council, Declama- tion Contests, Debate Club, National Forensic League Degree of Honor, Senior Class Committee, Assemblies, Navy Day Assemblies, Recognition Service. ELDERLEEN BELK Birthplace: Little Rock, Arkansas National Honor Society, Debate Club, Pan-American Student Forum, National Forensic League Degree of Distinction, Linz Pins, High Honor Roll, Assemblies, Viking Staff, Linz Bible Award, Chorus. ELIZABETH BERRY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Office Assistant. DICK BIAR Birthplace: Dallas, Texas CAROL BITNER Birthplace: Kendollville, Indiana National Honor Society, Student Council, Art Club Secretary, Allied Youth Treasurer: Chemistry Club, Homeroom Thrift Director, Secretary, lnterscholastic League Spelling Con- test, Dallas Youth Symphony Or- ganization, High Honor Graduate, Library Assistant, Four Year Linz Pin, Linz Bible Award, High Honor Roll, Assemblies, Viking Club Edi- tor, Iunior Red Cross Representa- tive, Compass Staif Editor, Chorus, Essay Contests, Senior Class Com- mittee, Greater Dallas Music Fes- tival, Everts Award. WYNGIE BLAIR Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Homeroom Vice-President, President, Compass Staff, Senior Day Commit- tee, Hi-Lites, Honor Roll, Iunior Red Cross, Pan-American Student Forum, Delphians. BETTY IEAN BLASER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Girls' Sports Club, Compass Staff Reporter. CHARLENE PATRICIA BLYTHE Compass Staff, Second Place Foot- ball Ticket Seller, Basketball Ticket Seller, High Honor Roll, Young Lite, Homeroom Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Crack Company, Armis- tice Day Parade, Office Assistant, Assemblies. BETTY ANN BORGELD Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan Pep Squad. SIDNEY L. BOYD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club, Camera Club, Stu- dent Council, Lettermen's Club, Homeroom Treasurer, National Hon- or Society, Quill and Scroll Club, Compass Staff, Viking Associate Edi- tor, Basketball Letterman, Track, Football, Linz Pin, Assemblies, Hon- or Graduate, Upper Council. BETH BROGDON Birthplace: Houston, Texas Delphians, National Forensic League, Compass Staff, Viking Staff, Senior Pub Staff, Camera Club Treasurer, Debate Club, Speech Tournaments, Honor Roll, Student Council, Home- room Presid ent, Vice-President, Senior Picture Committee. BETTY JANE BROOKING Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Delphian President, lockey Club, Homeroom President, Treasurer, Of- fice Assistant, Camera Club, Essay Contest, Junior Life Saving, Iunior Red Cross, Chemistry Club, Senior Play Committee, Pan-American Stu- dent Forum, High Honor Roll, Linz Pins, Winner ot Football Ticket Let- ter, North Dallas Chapter of Young Life Secretary, Compass Society Editor, Aurora Borealis. PATSY BROOKS Birthplace: Estelline, Texas DORIS MAXINE BROWN Birthplace: Blanchard, Oklahoma Chorus, History Club, Compass Staff, Assemblies, Dallas Music Festival. MARGOT BROWN Birthplace: Houston, Texas Chorus, Assemblies, Student Coun- cil Representative, Dallas Music Festival. Page Nineteen SHELDON BROWN Birthplace: Paris, Texas Chemistry Club: Baseball. BARBARA TOYCE BURCHETT Birthplace: Sapulpa, Oklahoma Chemistry Club: A Capella Choir: First Lieutenant Girls' Military: Pep Squad: Chorus: Parades: Assem- blies. MARTHA RITA BURNS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Compass Staff: Honor Roll. BONNIE CAMPBELL Birthplace: El Paso, Texas Chorus: Assemblies: North Dallas Litttle Theater Secretary. MATTIE WAYNE CASH Birthplace: Madisonville, Texas Page Twenty. f IO BELL CHAPMAN Birthplace: McKinney, Texas Delphians, Hi-Lite Vice'President: Homeroom President, Vice-President: Secretary: Viking Staff: Compass Statt: Chorus: Honor Roll: Linz Pin: A Capella Choir: Student Council: Assemblies. VVILLIAM CHILES Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club: Viking Staff: Home' room President: R. O. T. C. Crack Company: Honor Roll: Armistice Day Parade. CHARLES WAYNE CLARK Birthplace: Terrell, Texas Lettermen's Club: Track Letterman: Camera Club: Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent: R. O . T. C, Captain: Parades: Track Medals: Assemblies. DOROTHY CLARK Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Art Club: Honor Roll: Chorus. TANIS CLARK Birthsplacez Dallas, Texas National Honor Society: Camera Club: Compass Staff: Viking Busi' ness Staff: Homeroom Vice-President: Girls' Volley-ball Team: Homeroom Thrift Assistant: Essay Contests: Pour-year Linz Pin: Everts Award: Assemblies. IACK CLEVELAND Birthplace: Dallas, Texas IV-A Class President, Lettermen's Club President, Homeroom Vice-Pres- ident, President, Camera Club, Foot- ball Letterman, Baseball Letterman, All-City Honorable Mention Center, Co-Captain l945 Football Team, Vik- ing Staff, Compass Staff, Senior Pub Staff, H-Y, Traffic Cowrt Com mission, Aurora Borealis, Honor Roll, R. O. T. C. Technical Ser- geant, Parades, Assemblies. NORMA SUE COBB Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Debate Club, North Dallas Little Theater, Compass Staff, Homeroom Vice-President, Program Chairman, Library Assis tant, Assemblies, Chorus, Essay Contests, Office As- sistant, Spelling Contests, Homeroom President, Debate Chairman. PATSY RUTH COFFEY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Debate Club, 'Compass Staff, North Dallas Little Theater, Homeroom Of- ficer, Library Assistant, Essay Con- test, Office Assistant, Chorus, Linz Pin. CAMILLE COLE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Camera Club President, Homeroom Secretary, Hi-Lites, Debate Tourna- ment Chairman, Chemistry Club, Debate Club, Homeroom President, Vice-President, Student Council, Compass Staff, Girl Reserves, Pep Squad, Parades, Thrift Assistant, Assemblies, Honor Roll. CAROLYN COLE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Delphian Second Vice-President, Iockey Club, National Honor Soci- ety, Student Council, Pan-American Student Forum, Camera Club, Home- room President, Compass Staff, High Honor Roll, Linz Pins, Everts Award, Assemblies, Essay Contests, Aurora Borealis, Iunior Red Cross. lOl-IN COLE Birthplace: Monroe, Louisiana Homeroom Vice-President, R. O. T. C. Band, Print Shop Manager, Cam- era Club, Orange Band, Junior Ro- tarian, Representative Lone Star Boys' State, l944, R. O. T. C. Lieu- tenant, Office Assistant, Viking Mili- tary Editor, Compass Staff, First Di- vision Band and Orchestra Solo and Ensemble Contests, High Honor Rolls, Linz Pins, Greater Dallas Mu- sic Festival, Parades, Assemblies, Senior Pub Editor. LARAE CONNER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Orchestra, Homeroom Treasurer, Linz Bible Award. PHIL P. COOK lR. Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas Chemistry Club, Assemblies, Foot- ball, Basketball, Track, Armistice Day Parade, Navy Day Parade, In- spections, Pan-A merican Student Forum, Homeroom President, Base- ball. IACK COOPER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society, Upper Stu- dent Council, Student Council Presi- dent, Vice-President, Homeroom Vice- President, President, Lettermen's Club, Hi-Y, High Honor Roll, Linz Pins, Representative Lone Star Boys' State, Traffic Court Representative, Rerpresentative Civic Federation, Compass Editor, Football Team, Ten- nis Letterman, District Champ, Boys' Doubles, Iunior Rotarian, Aurora Borealis, Assemblies, Student Chair- man, Second Place City Essay Con-, test, Senior Committee, Senior Pub Staff. BOBBYE GRACE COVEY Birthplace: Brownwood, Texas San Souci, Student Council, Honor Poll, Compass Staff, Viking Busi- ness Staff, Chemistry Club, Iunior Red Cross. Page Tweniy-bne JOHN ROBERT CURTIS, IR. Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Four Year Linz Pin, Honor Roll, Al- lied Youth President, Pan-American Student Forum Vice-President, His- tory Club Vice-President, Parliamen- traian, Homeroom Vice-President, Chemistry Club, Dallas Youth Sym- phony Club, Colonial Dames Essay Contest, Assemblies, Hall of State Program, North Dallas Representa- tive, National 4-H Club Dinner, Greater Dallas Music Festival, 1944, Camp Dallas, Crack Company, R. O. T. C. Staff-Sergeant, Nimitz Day Parade, R. O. T. C. Efficiency Award, Armistice Day Parades. BEVERLY IANE DAGUE Birthplace: Enid, Oklahoma San Souci, Viking Business Staff, Compass Staff, Iunior Red Cross Work, Honor Roll, Homeroom Secre- tary, Treasurer. IACKIE DEAN . Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Hi-Lites. l 1 WAID DEAN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club, Band, Library As- sistant, First Division, Greater Dal- las Band Contest. DOROTHY DENDINGER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Compass Staff Editor, Chemistry Club Secretary, Allied Youth Vice- President, Social Chairman, Pan- American Student Forum, Homeroom Vice-President, History Club Presi- dent, Vice-President, Dallas Youth Symphony Organization, High Honor Graduate, Four Year Linz Pin, Everts Award, Viking IVA Class Editor, Intra-School Tennis Champion, High Honor Roll, Chorus, Office Assistant, Assemblies, Colonial Dames Essay Contest, Greater Dallas Music Festi- val Interscholastic League Essay Contest, Iunior Red Cross Repre- sentative, Linz Bible Award, Debate Chairman. Page Twenty-Iwo BARBARA DeSPAIN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas San Souci Secretary, Viking Busi- ness Staff, Assemblies, Senior As- sembly Committee, Honor Roll. HERBERT DEWBERRY Birthplace: Mesquite, Texas CATHERINE MARYE DISCH Birthplace: Beaumont, Texas Chorus, First Division Solo and En- semble Contest, Assembly. IUANITA DOUGLAS Birthplace: Sayre, Oklahoma DOYLE DUNCAN Birthplace: Bardwell, Texas National Honor Society, Chemistry Club Vice-President, I-Iomeroom Vice- President, Armistice Day Parades, R. O. T. C. Second Lieutenant. BARBARA ELLIOTT Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas Chemistry Club: Pan-American Stu- dent Forum. IEAN EARL ELLIOTT Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Delphian Vice-President: Iockey Club President, Treasurer: Art Club Presi- dent, Vice-President: Aurora Borealis: Valentine Princess: Pan-American Student Forum: Iunior Red Cross: Honor Roll: Student Council: As- semblies: Senior Pub Staff: Viking Staff: Senior Social Committee: Art Award. BETTY IANE ELLIS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Delphian Treasurer: Iockey Club Secretary: High Honor Roll: Student Council: Linz Pins: Chemistry Club: Homeroom Vice-President: Camera Club: National Honor Society: Li- brary Assistant: Compass Staff: Essay Contests: Pan-American Stu- dent Forum: Iunior Red Cross: Sen- ior Pub Staff: Everts Award: Honor Graduate. MARGARET ANNE ENOCHS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society: Four Year Linz Pin: Everts Award: Viking Staff: Compass Staff Editor: A Ca- pella Choir: Chemistry Club: Allied Youth: Pan-American Student Forum: Dallas Youth Symphony Organiza- tion: Honor Graduate: High Honor Roll: Greater Dallas Music Festival: Music Award: Assemblies. SHIRLEY IEANE EUBANKS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Student Council: Delphian: Assem- blies: Chorus: Honor Roll. MARGUERITE LEE EZZELL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Allied Youth: History Club: Honor Boll: A Capella: Assemblies: Com- pass Staff: Dallas Youth Sym- phony Club: Festival of Praise: Li- brary Assistant: Solo and Ensemble Contest: Student Council: Greater Dallas Music Festival. CARLO FARINA Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R. O. T. C. Band: Letterme-n's Club: Baseball Letterman: Armistice Day Parade: Navy Day Parade: Assem- blies. PATSY FAYE FAUCHER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Compass Staff: Pan-American Stu- dent Forum: Student Council: High Honor Roll: Assemblies: Chorus. ROBERTA FIELD Birthplace: St. Joseph, Missouri Compass Staff: Girls' Sport Club: Tennis Team: Allied Youth: Home- room Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer: Assemblies: Parades: Girls' Military. IIMMIE FITZGERALD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Hi-Y: Chemistry Club: Co-Chairman oi the Senior Day Assembly Commit- tee: Homeroom Vice-President, Presi- dent: A Capella Choir: Greater Dal- las Music Festival: Baseball: Foot- ball: Track: Senior Pub Ioke Editor. Puge Tweniy-lbree BARBARA IANE PLEMING Birthplace: Chicago, lllinois Dads' Club Sweetheart, Delphian Second Vice-President, Secretary, Iockey Club Vice-President, Chemis- try Club, I-lomeroom President, Secre- tary, San Souci, High Honor Roll, Four Year Linz Pin, Honor Gradu- ate, Everts Award, Essay Contests, Pan-American Student Forum, A Capella Choir, Music Award, Great- er Dallas Music Festival, Dallas Youth Symphony Organization, lnter- scholastic League Essay Contest, Viking Staff, Student Council Repre- sentative, Junior Life Saving, As- semblies, Office Assictant, Chorus, Iunior Red Cross, Aurora Borealis. RAMON FORD Birthplace: McKinney, Texas National Honor Society, Homeroom President, Pan-American Student Forum President, Allied Youth, Vik- ing Staff, Assemblies, Honor Gradu- ate. FREDERICK EWING FORNEY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club, Pan-American Stu- dent Forum President, R. O. T. C. Captain, Assemblies, Recognition Service, Rifle team, Student Council, Color Guard. ANN FOSTER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Pan-American Student Forum Treas- urer, Homeroom Vice-President, Sec- retary, Assemblies, Debate Club Vice-President, Declamation Con- tests, Compass Staff. DAN FUGITT Birthplace: Texarkana, Texas Page Twenty-four WANDA FURR Birthplace: Lubbock, Texas Homeroom President, Vice-President, Secretary, History Club Archivist, Hi-Lite Treasurer, Student Council, Compass Staff, Honor Roll, Thrift Secretary. FLORINE GANZE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society, Chemistry Club Secretary, Viking Staff, High Honor Roll, Four Year Linz Pin, Everts Award, Compass Staff Editor, High Honor Graduate, Girls' Volley Ball Team, Office Assistant, Home- room Secretary, Thrift Assistant, Essay Contests, Iunior Red Cross Activities, Assemblies. HENRY GARDNER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas HUGH GARDNER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Football, R. O. T. C. Sergeant, Crack Company, Efficiency Com- pany, Parades, R. O. T. C. Regi- mental Staff. FRANCES GIFF ORD Birthplace: Waco, Texas ANN GILLILAND Birthplace: Dallas, Texas San Souci Secretary: Homeroorn Secretary: A Capella Choir: Viking Business Manager: Compass Staff: Symphony Club: History Club: Of- fice Assistant: Music Award: Sen- ior Pub Committee: High Honor Roll: Greater Dallas Music Festival: Assemblies. MARY PAULINE GOMER Birthplace: Artesia, New Mexico Chemistry Club: Honor Roll. IOHNNY GOODWIN Blrthplace: Ferris, Texas Football: Hi-Y: Viking Staff: Chem- istry Club: Pan-American Student Forum: Assemblies. BETTY IANE GOODRICH Birthplace: Port Lavaca, Texas DOROTHY GOSS Birthplace: Houston, Texas Delphians: San Souci: Student Coun- cil Representative: Viking Staff Club Committee: Compass Staff: Senior Social Committee: High Honor Roll: Four Year Linz Pin: Everts Award: Pan-American Student Forum: Iockey Club: interscholastic League Essay Contest. MARY VIRGINIA GRANT Birthplace: Denison, Texas Student Council: Honor Roll: Allied Youth Vice-President: Pan-American Student Forum: A Capella: Dallas Youth Symphony Club: Compass Staff: Assemblies: Festival of Praise. LOUANNA GRAUE Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois San Souci: Chemistry Club: Home- room Secretary. PATTY RENE GRAVES Birthlplace: Dallas, Texas Hi-Lites: Compass Staff: Honor Roll. IACOUELINE GREEN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas San Souci Vice-President: Chemistry Club: Student Council: Viking Busi- ness Staif: Homeroom Secretary, Vice-President: Office Assistant: De- bate ludge: Junior Red Cross: Com- pass Staff: Honor Roll: Assembly. CLYDE GRIMES Birth-place: Paris, Texas Birthplace: Little Rock, Arkansas Student Council: Compass Staff: R. O. T. C., First Lieutenant: Armis- tice Day Parades: Crack Company: Efficiency Company. Page Twenty-fi ve MILDRED GROEZINGER Birthplace: Wichita Falls, Texas Assemblies, Chorus. MARIAN HADAWAY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Thalian President: Homeroom Vice- President, Secretary: Honor Roll: Assemblies, Compass Staff. DOROTHY HAMILTON Birthplace: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma PATRICIA ANN HANSARD Birthplace: Little Rock, Arkansas Hi-Lite-sg Camera Club: Pep Squad, Assemblies: Chorus: Parade. ROSE IEANNEAN HARDEMAN Birthplace: Wichita Falls, Texas Page Tbiriy-six MAXINE HARRISON Birthplace: Mt. Vernon, Texas CHRISTINE HATAWAY Birthlplacez Iacksonville, Texas I-Iomeroom Vice-President: Compass Staff. FRANCIS L. HEALD Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas Chemistry Club: R. O. T. C. Cap- tain: Armistice Day Parade. NITA GAYLE HEARD Birthplace: Breckenridge, Texas San Souci President, Second Vice- Presidentp Homeroom President, Sec- retary: Upper Council: Student Coun- cil Publicity Directory, Compass Staff: Senior Day Committee: Linz Ping Honor Roll. ANNA LOU HENDERSON Birthplace: Wills Point, Texas Pan-American Student Forum: I-lomeroorn Thrift Director: Compass Staiig Girls' Volley Ball Team. NORMA HENDERSON Birthplace: Amarillo, Texas A Capella Choir: Hi-Lites: Camera Club Secretary: Debate Club: Stu- dent Council: Compass Staff: Nation- al Forensic League Degree of Merit: Girl Reserves: Viking Staff: Debate Tournaments: Honor Roll: Linz Pin: Assemblies: Homeroom Secretary: Greater Dallas Music Festival. BILL HENDRICKS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club: I-Iomeroom Presi- dent, Vice-President: R. O. T. C. Sec- ond Lieutenant: Armistice Day Pa- rades: Library Assistant: Tennis. ROSEMARY HENRY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas I-Ii-Lite Secretary: Compass Staff. BETTY IO HOLT Birthplace: Plano, Texas Compass Staff: Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent: Honor Roll. GEORGIE ANN HOLT Birthplace: Tulsa, Qklahomg Girl Reserve President: Honor Roll. CARRIE HOOPER . Birthplace: Plano, Texas Pep Squad: Parade: Assembly: Art Club: Compass Staff. BILLY HORNE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Hcmeroom Vice-President: Football: Basketball: Young Life Club. CAROL MARIE HOWARD Birthplace: Wichita Falls, Texas Thalians: Homeroom Secretary: Li- brary Assistant: Office Assistant: Assemblies. MARY NAN HUDGINS Birthplace: Forney, Texas National Honor Society: Delphians: Upper Council: Valentine Princess: lockey Club: Compass Staff Editor: Viking Staff: High Honor Roll: Linz Pins: A Capella Choir Accompan- ist: Music Award: Co-Chairman Senior Day Assembly Committee: Greater Dallas Music Festival: First Division Dallas Solo and Ensemble Contest Accompanist: All City Chorus Accompanist: Homeroom President, Vice-President: Pan-American Stu- dent Forum: Rhythm Kniqhts: As- semblies: Aurora Borealis: Student Council Representative. PATRICIA ANN HUDSON Birthplace: Palestine, Texas Allied Youth: Girl Reserves: Pep Squad: Parades: Assembly. Page Twenly-swen DlCK IACKSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club, Homeroom Vice- President, Student Council Vice- President, Military Captain, Foot- ball, Baccalaureate Committee. IEAN IACKSON BETTY IENKINS 'Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Girl Reserve Treasurer, Honor Roll, Bible Linz Pin, Compass Staff. DOROTHY ANN lOl-INSON Birthplace: Leavenworth, Kansas Ouill and Scroll, Comp-ass Staff, Homeroom Reporter, Counsellor As- sistant, Honor Boll, Linz Pin. EUGENE lOHNSON, IR. Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club, Homeroom Vice- President, B. O. T. C. Technical Ser- geant, Armistice Day Parades: Nimitz Day Parade, Honor Roll, Assemblies. Page Twenty-eight IOHN B. IOHNSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Art Club, Staff Sergeant, R. O. T. C. Crack Company, Efficiency Com- pany. IOHN JOHNSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society, Student Council Treasurer, History Club Secretary, Debate Club Vice-Presi- dent, National Forensic League De- gree of Honor, Compass Stott Managing Editor, R. O. T. C. Band First Lieutenant, Orange Band Drum Major, First Division Greater Dallas Band and Orchestra Asssociation, Solo and Ensemble Contest, Iunior Rotarian, Debate Tournaments, Pa- rades, Assemblies, Honor Roll, Linz Pin, Senior Assembly Committee, Greater Dallas Music Festival, Armis- tice Day and Navy Day Parades. CYNTHIA CHARLENE JONES Birthplace: Colorado, Texas Homeroom Secretary, Art Club, Compass Staff, Linz Pin, National Scholastic Art Exhibit, Girls' Volley Ball Team. NANCY CAROLYN IOURDAN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Viking Staff, Art Club Vice-Presi- dent, Chemistry Club, Camera Club, Honor Boll, Honorable Mention in High School Art, Senior Pub: Art Editor, Winner in Regional and Honorable Mention in National Scho- lastic, Gold Key Award in Art. MAURICIA LOU KEATHLEY Birthplace: Brownsville, Texas Allied Youth, Girl Reserves Vice- President, History Club Secretary, San Souci Treasurer, Homeroom Re- porter, Secretary, President, Or- chestra, Assemblies, Greater Dallas Music Festival, Chorus, Student Council, Viking Staff, Compass Staff. Honor Roll, Linz Pin, Thrift Secre- tary. IEANNE KELLY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Pan-American Student Forum Presi- dent, Treasurer, Homeroom Treasur- er, Compass Staff Managing Editor, Assemblies, Office Assistant, Honor Roll, Linz Pin, Chorus. ANNE KINMAN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Homeroom Vice-President, San Souci President, Art Club Secretary, Stu- dent Council, Viking Staff, Library Assistant, Honor Boll, Camera Club, Linz Pin, Baccalaureate Committee, Assemblies, lockey Club: ChOfUS: Second Place Painting in Applied Arts Exhibit. LORALEA KITCHEN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas San Souci Vice-President. BETH KNIGHT Birthplace: Naples, Texas Chemistry Club, Viking Staff, Stu- dent Council, Linz Pin. GERTRUDA ANN LANEY Birthplace: Celina, Texas Little Theater, Compass Staff, As- sembly, Honor Roll. MARY JANE LANGHAM Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club, Homeroom Secre- tary, Pan-American Student Forum Treasurer, Girls' Sport Club Presi- dent, Vice-President, Secretary, Stu- dent Council, Linz Award, Honor Roll. MINTA FAY LAWSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Hcmeroom President, Student Coun- cll, Compass Staff, Assemblies: Honor Roll. EVELYN lEAN LEIMAN Birthrplace: Dallas, Texas ' Compass Staff, brary Assistant. it-,XM PAY LIGHT Bfffhplacez Upshur County, Texas IOYCE LINDSEY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club, Viking Staff, Coun- selor's Assistant, Linz Pin, Senior Committeeman, Honor Roll. Page Twenty-nine' ARTHUR L. LOCKHART Birthplace: Coleman, Texas Homeroom President, Vice-President: R. O. T. C. Major, Regional Execu- tive Officer: Camp Dallas Platoon Leader: Armistice Day Parades: Rifle Team Medals: Efficiency Company Commander: Parades: Wozencraft Drill: Crack Company: Compass Staff Sports Editor: Senior Pub loke Editor: Football: Basketball: Baseball: Student Council: Senior Day Committee Honor Roll: Senior Assembly: Senior Social Comm.ttee Co-Chairman. FRANK LYNCH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club: Print Shop: R. O. T. C. First Lieutenant: Armistice Day Parades. NORMA LYNCH Birthplace: Maud, Oklahoma Horneroorn Secretary: Student Coun- cil: History Club. lANE McADAM Birthtplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club: Allied Youth Secre- tary: North Dallas Little Theater: Tennis Club: Camera Club: Syms phony Club Chairman: D. Y. S. O. Board of Directors: Compass Staff: Essay Contests: Assemblies: Viking Staff: Chorus: Honor Roll: Greater Dallas Music Festival Solo and En- semble Contest. CHARLES ARTHUR MCCLESKEY Birthplace: Houston, Texas Cheerleader: Baseball: Rifle Team: Camp Dallas: Hi-Y: Football: Pa-' rades. Page Thirty GLORIA KATHRYN MCCUTCHEON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club: Allied Youth: Pan- American Student Forum: North Dal- las Little Theater: Tennis Club? Chorus: Honor Roll: Viking Staff: Staff: Student Council: Compass Staff: Orchestra: Assemblies. BUSTER MCGREGOR Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R. O. T. C. Band: Orange Band: R. O. T. C. First Lieutenant: Exe- cutive Officer, Track: First Division Solo and Ensemble Contest: Dallas Symphony Club: Greater Dallas Mu- sic Festival: .Armistice Day Pa- rades: Navy Day Parades: Assem- blies: Chemistry Club. ELOUISE McGREC-'OR Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Hi-Lite: Chemistry Club: History Club: Allied Youth: Homeroom Sec- retary, Treasurer: Honor Roll: Of- fice Assistant: Compass Staff. WANDA MCFEETERS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Linz Pins: Honor Roll: Pep Squad. TED MCKINNEY Birthplace: McKinney, Texas History Club Officer: A Catpella: Solo and Ensemble Contest: Music Award: Football: Dallas Symphony Club Chairman: Student Council: Homeroorn President: Assemblies. DOROTHY MARIE MCLURE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Pan-American Student Forum: All- City Council Representative: Chem- istry Club: Honor Roll: Linz Pin. MARTHA LEE MACY Blrthplace: Dallas, Texas Girls' Sports Club: Girls' Volley Ball Team: Assemblies: Compass Staff: Library Assistant: First Division Solo and Ensemble Contest: Greater Dal- las Music Festival: Orange Band: Parades: Orchestra. MILTON MACLIN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Track: Chemistry Club: I-Iorneroom President: Assemblies: Band: Honor Roll: Greater Dallas Music Festival. BILLY MAPES Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Homeroom Secretary: Rifle Team: Paracles: R. O. T. C. Captain: Hi-Y: Compass Staff: Assemblies. IANE MASSEY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Homeroom President, Secretary: Vik- ing Staff: Compass Staff: Student Council : A Capella: Assemblies. CARROLL MAXWELL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas hemistry Club: Football: Track: Hi-Y: Assemblies: Honor Roll. KATHLEEN MEAGER Birthplace: Nevarra, Texas :mera Club Program Chairman: onstitution and By-Laws Commit- e: Sports Club: Tennis Club: Home focm Secretary, President: Thrift Assistant: Honor Roll: Linz Pin. RUSH MEAZELL Birthplace: Shamrock, Texas Football Letterman: Cheerleader: Homeroom President: Letterme-n's Club: Student Council: Traffic Iudqe Corporation Court: Senior Pub Statt: R. O. T. C. Lieutenant-Colonel: Crack Company: Assemblies: Track: Hi-Y. BETTY METCALF Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society: History Club: Chemistry Club: Student Council: Chorus: Compass Staff: High Honor Roll: Four Year Linz Pin: Everts Award: Library Assistant. WILLIAM MILLER Birthplace: Denison, Texas Chemistry Club: Perigon Club: Vik- ing Staff: Tennis. Page Thirty-one EDWIN MILLIS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Staff-Sergeant R.O.T.C.: Chemistry, Club: Homeroom President: Assem- bly. KATHLEEN MINTER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Camera Club: Chemistry Club: Na- tional Honor Society: Homeroom Treasurer: Essay Contest: Four Year Linz Pin: High Honor Roll: Everts Adard: Assemblies: High Honor Graduate. ' PHILIP WEST Birthplace: Dallas, Texas MARION MOELLENBERG Birthplace: Dallas, Texas A Capella Choir: Greater Dallas Music Festival: Linz Pins: First Divi- sion Solo and Ensemble: Allied Youth: Assembly: Honor Roll. BOBBY IEAN MOON Birthtplacez Plainview, Texas History Club. Page Thirty-Iwo CARLAINE MOORE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas San Souci Treasurer: Pan-American Student Forum: Viking Businesss Staff: Cttice Assistant: Compass Staff: Honor Roll: Assemblies. FRANCHELLE MOORE Birthplace: Ouanah, Texas Chemistry Club: Honor Roll: Linz Pin: Pan-American Student Forum Treasurer: Girls' Sports Club Pres- ident, Vice-President, Treasurer: Ten- nis Club: Tennis Letter, l945: Third Place in City. BOB MUIR Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois Spanish Club: History Club: Foot- ball: l:i.O.T.C. Private. In SHIRLEY MOELLE MULLEN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Homeroom Vice-President, Secretary: Chorus: Homeroom Thrift: Compass Staff: Assembly. MAX MURRELL Birthplace: Coleman, Texas National Honor Society Vice-Presi- dent: Iunior Rotarian: Student Coun- cil Represeritative: Viking Staff Sports Editor: Linz Pins: Football Letterman: Tennis Letterman: High Honor Roll: Assemblies: Lettermen's Club: Chemistry Club: A Capella Chorus: Hi-Y: Baseball: History Club: Senior Pub Assistant Sports Editor. CLARIBEL NICRO Birthijslace: Dallas, Texas Pan-American Student Forum Sec- retary: Homeroom President, Secre- tary: Library Assistant: Assembliesg Student Council, High Honor Rollp Four Year Linz Pin, National Honor Society, Thalian President: Everts Award: Valentine Oueeng Compass Staff. BRUCE OLIVER Birthplace: Abilene, Texas Track Teamp Assemblies. GENNA V O'NEAL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Thallang Camera Club. DOROTHY ELINOR PALM Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Clubg Compass Staifg Of- fice Assistantg High Honor Roll, Linz Pins: Everts Award. MARY RUTH PARKER Birthplace: Winnsboro, Texas Q5 VIRGINIA PARKER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas ' Girls' Sports Club: Chemistry Clubp Pep Squadg Declamation. VERA PAYNE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas SUE PERKINS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club: Girls' Sports Club: Camera Clubg Pan-American Student Forumg Dallas Youth Symphony Or- ganization: Iunior Red Crossp Los Amigos Aleqresg Chorus: Assemblies, Linz Pins: Honor Rollg Homeroom Secretary, Vice-President. NELDA PERRY Eirthtplace: Santa Anna, Texas Captain oi Girls' Militaryy Compass Staff. MOLLY DELL PHILLIPS Birthplace: Farwell, Texas Student Council. Page Tlairty-tlJ1'ee lOSEPH PICCOLA Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Art Club Treasurer, Secretary: Dal- las Youth Symphony Organization: Linz Pins. WANDA IEAN PIPER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas History Club: Delphians: Honor Roll. LILLIAN MARGARET POKLADNIK Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Girl Reserve: Honor Roll. ROBERT IERRY POKLADNIK Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R.O.T.C. Technical Sergeant: Crack Company. MARTHA LOU POLLARD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Hi-Lite Vice-President: Horrieroom Secretary: Compass Staff. Page Thirty-four MARGARET SUE POOL I Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Honor Roll: Linz Pin: Homeroom Sec, retary: Chemistry Club. PAULINE MARY POPI Birthtplace: Dallas, Texas Pan-American Student Forum: Pep Squad: Armistice Parade: Honor Roll: Bible Certificate. LAVONNE PUCKETT Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Allied Youth: Delphians: Homeroom Secretary: Pep Squad: Assemblies: Parades Chorus. NlCK PUSPURICA, IR. Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Football Letterman: Hi-Y: Compass Statt :Basketbalh Senior Pub Staff: Track: First Prize State Fire Preven- tion Poster Contest: Assemblies: Let- termen's Club Vice-President: Vik- ing Staff: All-City Honorable Men- tion Tackle: Homeroom President. RAMON GENE RANDALL Birthplace: Belleville, Kansas Staff Sergeant Military Band: Oranqe Band: Philharmonic Club: - Home- roorn Vice-President, President: Com- pass Staff: Ouill and Scroll Club. DOLORES IEAN RATTERREE Birthplace: Englewood, California I-Ii-Lites: Compass Staff. IAMES REDVVAY Birthplace: Denton, Texas History Club: Allied Youth. GENE REESE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society President: Student Council Secretary: Iunior Rotarian: National Forensic League Degree oi Hoior: Chemistry Club: History Club Vice-President: Debate Club Secretary: First 'Division Greater Dallas Band and Crchestra Associa- tion Solo and Ensemble Contest: Aurora Borealis: Debate Tourna- ments: Linz Pits: New Testament Linz Bible Award: Track: High Hon- or Roll: Assemblies: Parades, Armis- tice and Navy Day: Greater Dallas Music Festival: Senior Pub Feature Editor. MARY FRANCES RICHEY Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas Natonal Honor Society Secretary: Student Council: Chemistry Club: Allied Youth: Homeroom Treasurer, Secretary Pan-American Club Vice- Pre:iclent, Assistant Secretary: All- City Council Representative: High Honor Roll: Four Year Linz Award: Everts Award: lunior Red Cross Representative Assemblies: H ig h Honor Graduate. DDROTHY ROACH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas San Souci President Linz Pin: Everts Award: Viking Staff: Compass Staff: Homeroom Secretary, Vice-President. is new ,R-fx.. hi , .1 BOBBIE ROBINS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Clympiad President: Iockey Club Treasurer: Homeroom President: Vik- ing Staff: Chorus Assemblies Senior Social Committee. ANNA MARIE ROBY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Library and Clinic Assistant: Home- room Secretary: Student Council Representative: Honor Roll: Dallas Youth Symphony Club: Essay Con- test: Assembly. VIRGINIA MARIE ROGERS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society: Student Council: Chemistry Club: Linz Pins: Red Cross Representative: Thrift Es- say Contest. ELIZABETH ANN ROSS Birthplace: Durham, N. C. Homeroom President: Chemistry Club: History Club: Viking Staff: Sym- phony Club: Clinic Assistant, EMMA CAROLINE RUCKER Birthplace: Columbia, S. C. Chemistry Club. Page Thirty-fi ve BETTY LOUISE RUSSELL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Art Club: Sergeant at Arms: Linz Pins: Homeroom Secretary, Vice- President: Compass Staff: Counsel- lor's Assistant: Honor Roll. LOUISE MARIE SALVATO Birthplace: Highban, Texas Chorus. GEORGE 'SANDERSON Birthplace: A Dallas, Texas Allied Youth: History Club: Phil- harmonic Society: R.O.T,C. Corporal: Crack Company: Pan-American Stu- dent Forum: Band: Assemblies: Linz Bible Award: Dallas Youth Sympho- ny Organization: Armistice Day Parades. GEORGE L. SCHNEIDER, IR. Birthplace: Menard, Texas Perigon Club VicePresident: Chem- istry Club: R.O.T.C. Staff Sergeant: Office Assistant. PATRICIA GWENDOLYN SELF Birthplace: Winnsboro, La. Chemistry Club: Girls' Sports Club: Viking Staff: Assemblies: Compass Staff: Linz Pins: Greater Dallas Music Festival: High Honor Roll: Chorus. Page Thirty-six IAMES SELLERS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Basetball: Track: Baseball: Honor Roll: Student Council. IEANE SHELBY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Compass Staff: National Honor So- ciety: Homeroom Secretary: High Honor Roll: Office Assistant: Tennis Team: Assemblies: Young Life: Chemistry Club. GERALDINE SIMPSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Delphians: Iockey Club: San Souci: Student Council Representative: Homeroom President, Vice-President, Secretary: Senior Pub Committee: Compass Staff: Chorus: Assemblies: North Dallas Young Lite Secretary MILDRED LOUISE SIMS Birthplace: Blue Ridge: Texas IAMESAWALLACE SKIDMORE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas E. VANCE SMITH, IR. Birthplace: Dallas, Texas BILL STANLEY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club President: R.O.T.C. Lieutenant-Colonel: Homeroom Pres- ident, Vice-President, Secretary: Hon- or Roll: Camp Dallas Company Com- mander: Orchestra: History Club President. MAUREEN SWEATMON Birthplace: Rochester, Texas Hi-Lites. IACK SWEPSTON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Homeroom President, Vice-President: Pan-American Forum: R.O.T.C. Band: Parades: Assemblies: Orange Band: First Division Solo and Ensemble Contest: Master Sergeant, Orches- tra: Dallas Symphony Club: Honor Roll: Philharmonic Society: Greater Dallas Music Festival: Compass Staff Band Letter. DOROTHY NELL SYPERT Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Girls' Sports Club Reporter: Thrift Assistant: Honor Roll. is HMMY TAGGART Birthplace: Dallas, Texas IOE W. TATE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Perigon Club President: Pan-Amer- ican Student Forum: First Lieutenant R.O.T.C.: Camp Dallas: Armistice Day Parades: Nimitz Day Parade: Wozencraft Competitive Drill: Crack Company: Color Guard: American Iunior Red Cross: Compass Staff: Bible Certificate: Assemblies: Essay Contests: Honor Roll: Efficiency Ca- det Ribbon: Federal Inspections. BILLIE TAYLOR Birthplace: El Reno, Texas IAMESENE TEMPLE Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas National Honor Society: Chemistry Club: Pan-American Club: All-City Council Representative: High Honor Roll: Linz Pins: Assemblies: Regional Scholastlc Art Show: High Honor Graduate, OLIN B. TERRY Birthplace: Mineral Wells, Texas Allied Youth President Pan-American Student Forum President: History Club Sergeant-At-Arms: Homeroom Vice-President: R.O.T.C. and Orange Band: Greater Dallas Solo and En- semble Contest: Parades: .Assem- blies: Honor Roll: R.O.T.C. Band Commander: R.O.T.C. Captain: Phil- harmonic Society: Orchestra Page Thirty-seven NEIL SHELBY THOMAS Birthplace: Florence, South Carolina BETTY IEAN THOMPSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Girls Sports Club: Pan-American Stu- dent Forum. MARY TOLLIVER Birthplace: Hickory, Okla. IAMES L. TUNNELL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R.O.T.C. Second Lieutenant: Orange Band: Military Band: First Division Solo and Ensemble Contest: Orches- tra: Dallas Symphony Club: Armis- tice and Navy Day Parades: Greater Dallas Music Festival: Assemblies. IEANNE TWIST Birthplace: 'Fort Worth, Texas Compass Staff: Chemistry Club: Girl Reserve Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer: Pep Squad: Essays: As- semblies: Parades: Greater Dallas Music Festival: Honor Roll. Page Thirty-eight LOUISE ULOTH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas BILL UNDERHILL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Camera Club: Chemistry Club: R.O.T.C. Sergeant: Armistice Day Parade: Camp Dallas: Honor Roll: Assemblies: Efficiency Cadet. BOB VINSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas ANELLA MERLE WALKER Birthplace: Manning, Texas GUY WALLACE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Lettermen's Club: Horneroom Pres- ident: Student Council: Basketball: Baseball: All-City Letterman, l MARY FRANCES WALSH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Thalian: Pan-American Student For- um: Amigos Alegres: Chorus: As- semblies: Girl Reserves: Student Council: Honor Roll: Homeroom Sec- retary: Allied Youth: History Club. LAWRENCE RAY WARD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas History Club President, Treasurer: Symphony Club: Homeroom Vice- President: Student Council: Library Assistant: Compass Staff: R.O.T.C. Parades: High Honor Roll. DOROTHY WELCH Birthplace: Burlcburnett, Texas IANE WHITE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas IVA Class Secretary: Homeroom Sec- retary, V i c e-President, President: Student Council: Viking Ioke Editor: Compass Staff: Red Cross Represen- tative: A Capella Choir: Delphian: Valentine Princess: Assemblies: Honor Roll: Aurora Borealis. WAYNE WHITE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas IVA Class Vice-President: Home- room Vice-President: Football Letter- man Manager: Baseball Manager: Compass Staif: Assemblies: Hi-Y: Camera Club: Lettermen's- Club: Student Council: Aurora Borealis: Sonior Pub Staff. BILLIE IEAN WHITSON Birthplace: Itasca, Texas Pep Squad: Girl Reserve Secretary: Compass Staff. ELLAN GENEVA WHITWELL Birthiplace: Henrietta, Texas Chemistry Club. FRANKLIN WICKS Birthplace: Petty, Texas Compass Staff Sports Editor: R.O.T.C. First Sergeant: Armistice Day Parades. CHARLES WILHITE Birthplace: Gainesville, Texas Pan-American Student Forum Ser- geant-At-Arms: North Dallas Little Theater: Dallas Symphony Club: Military Crack Company: Parades: Linz Pin. ELEANOR LEE WILLARD Birthplace: Iohnson City, Tennessee Girls' Sports Club Vice-President: Homeroom Vice-President: History Club: Chemistry Club: Allied Youth: Viking Staff: Student Council: Linz Pins: Four Year Linz Pin: Everts Award: Library Assistant: Assem- blies. Page Tbirly-nm: CHARLIE WILLIAMS Birthplace: Allen, Texas Football, Baseball Letterman, Track, Hi-Y, Homeroom President, Letter- m:n's Club, Assemblies. DICK WILLIAMS Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri Football, Basketball, Track, Home- room Vice-President, Senior Pub Committee, Assemblies. MARY ELLEN WILLIAMS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club. IOYCE WILLIAMS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas I. R. WILLIAMS Birthplt ce: Clifton, Texas I-Iomeroom President, Linz Pin, Bas- ketball Letterman, Football Man- agzr, Lettermen's Club, National Honor Society, High Honor Roll, As- semblies, Compass Staff. Page Forty IERRY PRISCILLA WILLOWS Birthplace: Kirksville, Missouri Homeroorn Secretary, Debate Club, Art Club Treasurer, A Capella, Chorus, Viking Staff, Compass Staff, Pan-American Student Forum, Sen- ior Assembly Committee, Honor Roll, Linz Pin, All-City Choir, Vocal Mu- sic Clinic, Speech Tournament, As- semblies PERRY WILLSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Student Council Representative, Hon- or Roll, Football, Assemblies, Chem- istry Club, A Capella Chorus, His- tory Club, R.O.T.C. First Sergeant, Hi-Y, S e n i o r Social Committee, Greater Dallas Music Festival, Home- room Vice-President. CAROLYN WILSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Library Assistant, History Club, Chorus. GERALDINE WISDOM Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Pan-American Student Forum, De- bate Club, Compass Staff, National Forensic League, Honor Roll, Cho- rus: Greater Dallas Music Festival: Declamation Contests, Debate As- sistant, Assemblies, Music Festival of Praise, National Forensic League Degree of Honor. FRANCES WOFFORD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Allied Youth, Chorus, Assemblies, Pan-American Student Forum, Hon- or Roll, Girl Reserves, History Club. I RUSSELL WOMACK Birthplace: Aloilene, Texas Cheerleader: Hi-Y, Student Council: Assemblies: Baseballg A Capella Choir, Greater Dallas Music Fes- tival, Honor Roll: R.O.T.C. Sergeant: Armistice Day Paradesg Crack Com- pany. MARY MARGARET WOODWARD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society: Amiqos Aleqres Secretary, Dallas Youth Symphony Organization: Homeroom Secretaryg Viking Editor-in-Chief: Compass Staff Editorg Linz Ping Es- say Contestsg First Place Texas High School Poetry Contest, Hiqh Honor Roll, Senior Pub Poetry Editor, High Honor Graduate. DOROTHY WORKS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Counsellor's Assistant, C o m p a s s Staff: Honor Roll. MARGARET CHANCELLOR Birthplace: Roxton, Texas BILLIE GRACE DISMORE Birthplace: Roclcwall, Texas Pan-American Student Forum. RICHARD HALL Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas National Honor Society: Pan-Amer ican Student Forum: Assemblies: Homexoom Vice-President, Library Assistant: Senior Rotariang Student Council: Linz Pins: Everts Award, Vtlar Bond Essay Contest Winner, Civics Contest Winner, Football: Golf Team: Basketball Letterman: Lettermen's Club. BERT LITTLEIOHN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Homeroom President: -Football: Hi-Y: Assemblies. BOBBY MORRIS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas DALE POGUE Birthplace: Pine Forest, Texas MARYANE ROBINSON National Honor Society, Homeroom Secretary, Student Council Repre- sentative, Linz Ping Senior P l a y Committee: High Honor Roll, Del- ohian, Chorusg Assemblies. Page Forty-one Page Forty-two PHILIP WEST Birthplace: Dallas, Texas ANNA WOLFENDEN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Compass Staffp Art Club Service Committee Chairman: Chorusy As- semblies. Class of Ianuary, 1947 President . . . . Bobby Davis Vice-President . . . . Rex Thomas Secretary . . . . Frances Gieb P g Forty-tb IUNE ACKER Birthplace: Omaha, Texas Orange and White Band: Homeroom Secretary. ELIZABETH ANN AKERS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Linz Bible Award: High School Or- chestra: All-City Orchestra: Honor Roll: Chorus. lONNIE AKINS Birthplace: Emory, Texas CHARLENE ALDRIDGE Birthplace: Plano, Texas FRANK ANDERSON Birthplace: Abilene, Texas Homeroom President, Vice-President: Footballg Basketball, Track. Puge Forty-four W!! f ay, rthplace: Independence, Kansas lockey Club: Debate Club Secretary, Treasurer: Little Theater: Student Council: Office Assistant: Library Assistant: Chorusg One-Act P l a y Contest: Assemblies. HMMIE BELMARES Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club. MARY BIVENS Birthplace: Waco, Texas Little Theater: Assemblies. BOB BRADLEY Birthplace: El Dorado, Arkansas CHARLES BROWN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas FERRIS BROWN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club: Homeroom Pres- ident, Secretary: Student Council: R.O.T,C. Staff Sergeant: Basketball: Crack Company: Parcrdes. MARIORIE MARIE BROWN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club: Art Club. IOYE MAXINE BYRD Birthplace: Mineola, Texas Delphian: Swimming. BILLIE CHAMPION Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Thalian: Art Club Vice-President, Secretary: Assemblies: Chorus. DOROTHY ANN CODER Birthplace: Waco, Texas Compass Staff: Homeroom Secre- tary: Chorus. ssltiff112112:'egelfsliirfesizt-2s2zi4::'2-iiilsifs'I'r 1 . ,.-Qfaiygiiz'egw1ef7gQ:ig:5ge,sQsQt? Qt' :f sf-:,f,9,.: ., i '1 fg . : iW :-, -, : :, 7 ' , - ..J,: j5-1. t.e.f,::,ff:Q: :2,.:trf::,, .5 1 , 'f , BILLY EUGENE COLE Birthplace: Ennis, Texas A Capella Choir: Assemblies: Art Club: Recognition Service: Allied Youth: Grand Opera Cast. HUGH CONNER Birthplace: Vernon, Texas MARY FAE COOK Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Delphian: Chorus: Assembles. DOYLE CRAIG Birthplace: Russolville, A rkansas Baseball. BOBBY DAVIS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Upper Council: Chemistry Club: Na- tional Honor Society: Allied Youth: Lettermen's Club: Homeroom Pres- iden: IVB Class President: Football: Baseball, Basketball Letterman: Honorable Mention All-City Basket- ball: R.O.T.C. Company Commander: Armistice Day Parade: Linz Pins: High Honor Roll: Viking Staff. Page Forly-five ROGER DAVIS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club: Student Council: Al- lied Youth: Football: Basketball Let- terman: Track: Lettermen's Club: R.O.T.C. Captain: Company Com- mander: Rifle Team: Assemblies: Parades. MARILYN DEDMAN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas BARBARA J DRESSEL Birthplace: Oklahoma City, Okla. RUTH DUSEK Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Art Club: Allied Youth: Festival of Praise: Chorus: Assemblies. HELEN FARR Birthplace: Blossom, Texas Art Club: Allied Youth Vice-Pres- ident: Chorus: Assemblies: Honor Roll. Page Forly-six WILL ANN FEELY Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas DORIS FULTON Birthplace: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Pan-American Student Forum: Vik- ing Staff: Homeroom Vice-President: Allied Youth: Chorus: Linz Pin: Hon- or Roll: Compass Staff. FRANCES GIEB Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Clympiad Vice-President: Iockey Club: Thailian: Chemistry Club: l-Icmeroorn Vice-President: IV B Class Secretary: Valentine Princess: Cheerleader: Assemblies: Compass Staff. BARBARA HAMILTON Birthplace: Oklahoma City, Okla. Pan-American Student Forum: Home- room Secretary: Student Council: Chorus: Library Assistant: Honor Roll: Compass Staff: Delphian. RICHARD HENLEY Birthplace: Ft. Smith, Arkansas Camera Club: History Club: Rifle Team: R.O.T.C. Staff Sergeant: Bas- ketball Manager: Football: Golf: Baseball: Assemblies: Lettermen's Club: Camp Dallas: Honor Roll: Parades. W. T. HENRY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas H o m e r o o m President, Secretary: Crack Company: R.O.T,C. Staff Ser- geant: Parades: Football. DALE HONEA Birthplace: Prescott, Arkansas CARROLL HORNBURG Birthplace: Kinqsville, Texas RICHARD HULICK Birthplace: Minneatpolis, Minnesota ELIZABETH HUNSUCKER Birthplace: Navasota, Texas Chemistry Club: Student Council: Library Assistant. PATSY lENNlNGS Birthplace: Hillsboro, Texas MARY IOHNSON Birthplace: Omaha, Texas Girl Reserves: Chorus. MARY ANN KOKLES Birthplace: Dallas, Texas CONNIE LOVELADY Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma IERRY MASON Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas Page Forty-seven RALPH MASTERS Birthplace: St. Ioseph, Missouri R.O.T.C. Technical Sergeant, Crack Company, Parades, Football, Camp Dallas, l-Iomeroom Vice-President. ROSE MARIE MEASE Birthplace: Hendersonville, N. C. l-lomeroom Secretary, Chorus, Glrls' Military. MA RY ALDEEN MERRILL Bfrthplace: Shreveport, Louisiana Pep Squad, Chorus. GWEN MOORE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Delphian: Thailian, Homeroom Sec- retary, Assemblies. BILLY MOSES Birthplace: Denton, Texas Chemistry Club. Page F07'lj1.:9igh'l ROBERT L. OWENS Birthplace: San Angelo, Texas Football, Track. BILLIE F. PARSLEY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Allied Youth, Girls' Sport Club. ROBERT PATTERSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas IEANNE PETEET Birthplace: Garrett, Texas Art Club, l-lomeroom Vice-President, Greater Dallas Music Festival, As- semblies, Library Assistant, Festival of Praise, Chorus. ROBERT PUTNAM Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R.O.T.C., Parades, Track, Homeroom , President MARGARET RAMBO Birthplace: Dallas, Texas ARTHUR SANTA CRUZ Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Homeroom President, Vice-President: Pan-American Vice-President: A Capella Choir: Assemblies: Compass Staff. MARTIN SCHLESSINGER Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio Perigon Club Vice-President: Camera Club Vice-President: National Honor Society: Homeroom Vice-President: Vikinq Staff: R. O . T . C.: Linz Pins. NADINE SIVLEY Birthplace: Burkburnett, Texas Pan-American Student Forum: Viking Staff: Allied Youth: Thrift Assistant: Honor Roll: Compass Staff. ROBERT SIMMONS Birthplace: Terrell, Texas Football: Track: R. O. T. C. : : KATHERINE SIMPSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Thalian Vice-President, Secretary: Honor Roll: Chemistry Club: Office Assistant: Assemblies: Compass Staff: I-Iomeroom Secretary. BOB SLEDGE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club: Linz Award: Na- tional Honor Society: Homeroom Thrift Director. SUE SPEED Birthplace: Cumby, Texas Little Theater Secretary: Student Council: Homeroom Secretary. PATSY SPURGIN Birthplace: Wylie, Texas Chemistry Club: Girls' Sports Club: Tennis. ELIZABETH STERKER Birthplace: Evanston, Illinois Allied Youth: Library Assistant: Chemistry Club. Page Forty-nine GEORGE SUTTON Birthplace: Fayetteville, Arkansas Letterman Club: Hi-Y Club: Home- rocm President: Football Letterman. NANCY TATE Birthplace: Lubbock, Texas IACK THOMAS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Football: Student Council: R. O. T. C. Staff Sergeant: Crack Company: Parades. IOE THOMAS Birthplace: Houston, Texas Hi-Y Club: Chemistry Club: Foot- ball: Track: Honor Roll: Camp Dal- las: Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C.: Parades: Efficiency Ribbon: Junior Marksman: Boxing Medal: Track Medals. REX THOMAS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Lettermen's Club Secretary: Chem- istry Club: Hi-Y President: Horne- room President, Secretary: R. O. T. C. Sergeant: IV B Class Vice-Presi' dent: Football Letterman: Track: Assemblies, Page Fifty ' ' MARY JOEL VERSCHOYLE Birthplace: Galveston, Texas A Capella Choir: History Club: Peri- gon Club: Dallas Youth Symphony Organization: Library Assistant: Girls' Sports Club: Viking Staff: As- semblies: Linz Pins: Linz Bible Award: Greater Dallas Music Festi' val: Colonial Dames Essay Contest: Honor Roll: Festival of Praise: Camera Club: Compass Statt. ROSE ANN VRLA Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Allied Youth: Honor Roll: Colonial Dames Essay Contest: Greater Dal- las Music Festival: School Band: Assemblies: Chemistry Club: Chorus: lunior Red Cross. PEGGY WALDEN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas History Club: Chorus. MARILYN WALKER Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio National Honor Society: San Souci: Debate Club President: Art Club Vice-President: Viking Staff: Nu. tional Forensic League Degree of Excellence: Student Council: High Honor Roll: Work shown in High School Exhibition at Museum of Fine Arts, l945: Linz Pins: Debate Tourna- ments: Compass Staff: Assemblies. EARLINE WATSON Birthplace: Ridge, Texas CAROLYN WEAVER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Delphiang Student Council: Compass Staffg Homeroom Secretary, Red Crossg Assemblies. EUGENE WILLIS Birthplace: Temple, Texas BOBBIE IEANE WYNN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Delphian: Homeroom Secretary: Stu- dent Council: Assemblies. CHARLES BANNER Birthplace: Lynn County, Texas JOE BARLETT Birthplace: Houston, Texas Chemistry Club: Guard Dutyp Office Assistant. KENNETH ENGLAND Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Drama Class. DALE POOLE Birthplace: Tucson, Arizona IEANETTE RUSSELL Birthplace: Picton, Texas Chemistry Club. Page Fifty-one Chemistry Club: A Capella Choir: CHARLES BROWN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas RUBYE DRUMWRIGHT Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Senior Play. BARBARA ELLIOTT GILBERT MA BRY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas IV B Class Vice-President, Football Letterman, Compass Staff, Hi-Y Let- terrr1en's Club. SUZANNE SLAUGHTER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club: Honor Roll, Girl Reserves. Puge Fiffy-two ADELE THORNTON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Assemblies: Honor Folly Bible Linz Pin. FREDDIE WELLBORN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas DON YEAGER Birthplace: Honey Grove, Texas jxzziw ?reeiden'lS AQ,,.,, W V'g2i'ggi?:F Zig! S QSYXEX jljmfw MM Wi W if kgxjswg ? ?ffQ?ffwa Qwii is Q Mf e Q i Qgivf1 f 23553 f WL Q MQ? 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Martin Schlessinger Assistants- Beth Brogdon, Marilyn Walker, Charles lngram, Norman Schatzman, lack Cleaveland, Norma Henderson ART STAFF Sponsor. . . ..... . . . .Katherine Bradford Editor ....................,.. lean Earl Elliott Assistantsf Nick Puspurica, Anne Kinman, lerry 'Willows Eleanor Willard, Nancy lourdan BUSINESS STAFF Sponsor ..... ......... . . H. C. Maiden Business Manager ................... Ann Gilliland Assistants-- Mauricia Keathley, Beverley Dague, Beth Brogdon, Florene Ganze, lane McAdam, Ianis Clark, Doris Fulton, Nadine Sivley, Bobbie Robins Page P'iff,v-sffzffw Fall Mary Strasburger . lack Cooper . . . Marjorie Knight . . lack Patton . . lohn lohnson . . Nita Heard . . Pearl Whatley . lack Cooper Dick lackson Gene Reese lohn lohnson Bobbie Grace Covey Martha Pokladnik Betty Owings Margaret Sommers Dick Gaddy Peggy Burkhardt Shirley Huston I Norma Barron' Wesley Guebert P ge F fly-right Student Council OFFICERS . . . President . . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer . . . Parliamentarian . . . Publicity Director . . . Sponsor . . UPPER COUNClL Bobby Davis Barbara Hershtield Nita Heard lack McLain Bob Clayton losephine Grace Marilyn Marrs Yvonne Armour LOWER COUNCIL Gloria McCutcheon Barbara Buntin lane Massey Bennett Harbor Betty lean Boyd lean Rabke Henry Mobley Ann Sippola Bill Wilson Peggy Hicks Gary Barron leirenne Abell lack Duncan lames Bradley Adelyn Attebury lohn Bassinger Doris Marie Ford Guy Wallace Sharon Smith Peggy Burks Spring . . lack Cooper . . Dick lackson . . Gene Reese . lohn Iohnson . . Marilyn Marrs . . . Io Grace . . Pearl Whatley Sidney Boyd Mary Nan Hudgins Foster Lee Gray Lynnette lohnson Camille Cole Rush Meazell Anne Kinman Mary lane Langham Beth Brogdon Russell Womack Manly Russell Barbara Fleming Compass Staff SPONSOBW-DON MATTHEWS Managing Editors ......... lohn Iohnson, Ieanne Kelly, I. B. Williams Editorial- ' Mary Nan Hudains, Carol Bitner, Dorothy Dendinqer, Barnee Baril, Margaret Anne Enochs, Bay Ward, Mary Margaret Woodward, lack Cooper, Florine Ganze Sports Editors .......... A. L. Lockhart, Frank Wicks, Iack Cleaveland Society Editorsf Ann Gilliland, Betty Brookinq, Io Bell Chapman, lane White, Rosemary Henry, Mauricia Keathley, lanis Clark, Beverly Daque, Ieane Shelby, Wanda Furr, Anna Henderson Aurora Borealis A Sue Cobb, Pat Self, Ioe Tate, Mary lean Basye, Minta Lawson, lean Leiman Corridors-W Camille Cole, Betty Ellis, Nita Heard, Bobbie Bobtns, Dorothy Palm, Claribel Niaro, Ann Poster, lere Wisdom, Dorothy Works, Bettye Metcalf, Charlene Blythe Addled Ads-- Dorothy Goss, Carolyn Cole, lane Massey, lackie Green, Ierry Willows, Norma Henderson, Gerry Simpson, Wynqie Blair, Ann Laney, Marian Hadaway News of Exes .... Charlene Iones, Doris Brown, Gracie Covey, Marian Hadaway Letterman ................ Wayne White, Nick Puspurica Company Street .................... Clyde Grimes Clubs- Betty lenkins, Patsy Paucher, Martha Macy, lane McAdam, Gloria McCutcheon, Betty Holt, Patty Graves Twenty Years Ago .............. Patsy Coffey, lack Swepston Proof Beaders . . . . lohn Cole, lack Cooper, Iack Swepston Page Fifly Fall Iohn Curtis . . Pat Denham . . lane McAdam . Carol Bitner. . . Lawrence Handley Poster Committee Social Committee Mabel Baldwin . . Iosephine Altizer Sue Barnett Carol Bitner lean Campbell Gene Caradine Bob Clayton Billy Cole lohn Curtis Patricia Denham Dorothy Dendinqer Charles Duqqer Elizabeth Dusek Margaret Anne En l age S1 dy ochs Allied Youth OFFICERS . . President . . Vice-President . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . Sergeant-at-Arms . Sponsor . . MEMBERS' Marguerite Ezzell Helen Farr Edna Fenner Ramon Ford Doris Fulton Mary Grant Barbara Hamilton Lawrence Handley Pat Hudson Lorraine Lake lane McAdam Gloria McCutcheon Cynthia Robertson Spring . . . . . . . Olin Terry . . Mary Grant, Helen Farr . . . . . Sue Barnett . . . . losephine Altizer . . . . . Louis Sturolevant . . Carol Bitner, Edna Fenner Clin Terry, Gloria McCutcheon . . . . . . Mabel Baldwin lanis Robertson lames Redway Nadine Sivley Hazel Stiles Mary lane Stucker Elizabeth Sterker Louis Sturdevant Rose Ann Vrla Mary Frances Richey Olin Terry George Sanderson Eleanor Willard lack Cleaveland Nick Purpurica Rex Thomas . Rufus Hyde . Ray Barker Pete Bennett Sidney Boyd Iames Bradley Charles Clark lack Cleaveland lack Cooper Boloby Davis Roger Davis Lettermen's Club A oFP1cERs MEMBERS Pill Dodson Carlo Farina Richard Hall Richard Henley Roy Hughcs Bill Hunter Rush Meazell Max Murrell Neill Neilson . . President Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer . . . . .Sponsor Cleburne Price Nick Purpurica George Sutton Rex Thomas Guy Wallace Wayne White Charles 'Williams I. R. Williams Page Szxty one Fall Nancy Warlick . Marjorie Knight . lean Elliott . . Anne Kinman . Ioseph Piccola . Betty Russell . . Katherine Bradford . . Ieanne Adair Carolyn Bartholomew Carol Bitner lo Ellen Clanton Billy Cole Ruth Dusek lean Elliott Helen Farr Jeanne Hargrove Sara Humble Page Sixty-two ' ff ,. L f .M ENS ,. ' 4 .git .rest Ji ,,.c f M ' if 'Kring 5' 'cv Q, ,atv Art Club OFFICERS . . President . . . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . . Sergeant-at-Arms . . . Sponsor . . MEMBERS Charlene lones Nancy Iourdan Anna Krale Anne Kinrnan Marjorie Knight Meredith Lawler Ioyce Morris Katherine Newton loseph Piccola Spring . . .lean Elliott . . Marilyn Walker . . Nancy lourdan . Carol Bitner , lerry Willows . . . Ieanne Peteet . . Katherine Bradford Marguerite Sebring Patsy Bitte Betty lane Bowse Betty Russell Ruth Ann Virtarnen Marilyn Walker Nancy Warlick lerry Willows Anna Wolienden Frances Wurz IF? S Fall Ieanne Rabke . Dorothy Hamilton Rosemary Henry Wanda Furr . . Dayle Driver . . Dolores Barnum Wynqie Blair Io Bell Chapman Camille Cole Mary Ann Constantine lackie Dean Ioyce Dean PeQ1QY DeGrattenreid Laura Betty Enloe Hi-Lite Club OFFICERS' . President . Vice-President . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . Spring Dolores Barnum Martha Pollard Rosemary Henry Rosemary Henry . . Sponsor . . . . Dayle Driver MEMBERS Wanda Furr Sarah Gibson Patty Graves Dorothy Hamilton Pat Hansard Norma Henderson Rosemary Henry Mitzi Hoffman Barbara lenninqs Elouise McGregor Patricia Monroe Martha Pollard Ieanne Rabke Dolores Ratterree Dorothy Sullivan Maurine Sweatmon Billie Taylor Page Sixty three FALL Bill Stanley . Doyle Duncan Florine Ganze C. L. Syron . Mildred Alexander Margaret Andrews limmy Apperson Edmund Arnold Leslie Bartlett limmie Belmares Mary Margaret Biggs Carol Bitner Pat Blake Sidney Boyd Ferris Brown Marjorie Brown Sheldon Brown Barbara Burchett David Cason William Chiles Betty Clevinger Doris Clement Mary Ann Constantino Phil Cook Doyle Craig Donald Currin lohn Curtis E. I. Davies Waid Dean Dorothy Dendinger Page Surly-four ,,f. Chemistry Club Maria Dickman Doyle Duncan Sam Dunlap Margaret Anne Enochs lames Elwell Harold Fite Jimmie Fitzgerald Barbara Fleming Frederick Forney Florine Ganze Bill Gieb Lady lane Gray Louanna Graue lame-s Goetschius Iohnny Goodwin Kenneth Hartman Iere Hassell Francis Heald Bill Hendricks Howard Holmes Elizabeth Hunsucker Dick Iackson Shirley Iohnson Lynnette lohnson Nancy Iourdan Gordon Kelly OFFICERS . President . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Sponsor . MEMBERS Phidilue Kenny Elizabeth Klirntzak Beth Knight Mike Landon Mary lane Langham Don Langston Don Lauderdale Bettie Le Sturgeon Murry Le Velle Charles Lewis lohn Liebstrand loyce Lindsey Frank Lynch Milton Maclin lerry Mandel Barbara Mathis Carroll Maxwell Gloria McCutcheon Buster McGregor Elouise McGregor Dorothy McLure Edward Miller Robert Miller Edwin Millis Henry Mobley Franchelle Moore Lionel Morrison Billy Moses Lonnie Moyt Bill Murray Max Murrell Bobby Nicoud Robert Owens Sophocles Pappas Virginia Parker Sue Perkins Virginia Perryman Hal Quinn Cecil Recldick Gene Reese Charles Rhymes Mary Frances Richey lack Riddlehorn Virginia Rogers Gene Ross Caroline Rucker Ieanette Russell lack Ryle C. A. Sanford Pat Self SPRING . Bobby Temple . Sophocles Pappas Dorothy Dendinger . . C. L. Syron Ieanne Shelby Bob Sledge Dolly Slocum Betty Stafford Bill Stanley Elizabeth Sterker La Voin Talley Bobby Temple Edward Thiele loe Thomas Velma Thompson Denny Uloth Bill Underhill Rose Ann Vrla Bob Vinson Elizabeth Wallin lcnie Walton Gerald Werry Geneva Whitewell Eleanor Willard Larry Williams Mary Ellen Williams Billy Winstock , Ioyce Woodlock Margaret Woods me ff' 04' Nfl? The Perigon Club Organized May 3, l922 The Perigon Club is devoted to the consideration ot mathematical diversions and related topics. The game of chess is one ot the major activities ot the club. OFFICERS Fall Spring loe Tate .... . . President . . . . . Henry Mobley George Schneider . . . Vice-President . . Martin Schlessinger Henry Mobley . . . Secretary . . . . lean Rabke Lonnie Moyt .... . Treasurer . . . . Denny Uloth Martin Schlessinger . . Reporter . . . . Billy Hoskins Arthur W. Harris . . . . Sponsor. . . Arthur W. Harris MEMBERS Bob Baxter Dean Johnson Albert McPherson Bob Sledge Martha Coonrod Ronnie Keeler Martin Miranda loe Tate Ronald Cox Donna Forrester Wesley Guebert Graydon Grounds Herbert Hale Richard Hawley Billy Hoskins Louis Kierksey Ianet Koch Don Lauderdale Sally Leavell Bettie Le Sturgeon Ierry Mandel Henry Mobley Lonnie Moyt Bobby Nicoud lean Rabke Carroll Taylor Denny Uloth Mary Ioel Verschoyle Ioel Werther, Martin Schlessinger Anne Williamson George Schneider Fred Willis Page Sixty fi Fall Nancy Warlick . Kate Moore . . Barbara Fleming Shirley lohnson . Barbara Terrell . Clara Bansome . Martha Allison loyce Anderson Ann Avery Onamae Baker Frances Barbaria Dorothy Barta Marilyn Beaver leanne Billingsley loanne Billingsley Shirley Binford Wyngie Blair Gay Boswell Betty Brooking Beth Brogdon loye Maxine Byrd P ge Szxly-six xi? ex..- Delphian literary Society OFFICERS . . President . . . . Vice-President . . Second Vice-President . . . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . . Sponsor . MEMBERS Frances lohnson Bette lo Krause Patricia Long Barbara McClain Gwen Moore Carlene Ollan Patricia Parkinson Wanda Piper LalVonne Puckett Bonnie Claire Reilly' Ianette Reynolds Mary Ann Robinson Norma Carlton lo Bell Chapman Carolyn Cole Mary Faye Cook Martha Coonrod lean Elliott lerry Elliott Betty Ellis loan Erwin Shirley Eubanks PeCJqY Fisher Barbara Fleming Peggy Scates Sleta Mae Gattord Gerry Simpson Dorothy Goss Mary Ann Slaughter Barbara Hamilton Spring . Betty Brooking . . lean Elliott . . Carolyn Cole . Barbara Fleming . . . Betty Ellis . Clara Bansome loyce Hamilton Marjorie Hensley Mary Nan Hudgins Ioanne Smith Gwendolyn Stone Christine Strode Betty Swindell La Voin Talley Carolyn Travis Lavera Veach lanie Walton Carolyn Weaver Lina Ann Weise lane White Bobbie lean Wynn ' 2 I 1 President . . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer . Sponsor . Beih Broqdon Jack Cleaveland Camille Cole lanis Clark Charles Clark Cordell Cuibirih W I Camera Club OFFICERS MEMBERS Norma Henderson Charles lnqrarn Nancy Iourdan Anne Kinman Kathleen Meaqer lane McAdam Gloria McCuicheOn . . Camille Cole Marlin Schlessinqer Norma Henderson . . Beth Broqdon . William Morris Kathleen Minter Cecil Beddick Martin Schlessinqer Norman Schatzman Mary Ioel Verschoyle Wayne White Page S xig seven Fall Frances Gadloerry lohn Iohnson . . Gene Reese . . S. Stanley Knapp Barnee Baril Norma Barron Carolyn Beall Elderleen Belk Beth Brogdon Patsy Cottey Camille Cole Pug Sixty-eigbi Debate Club OFFICERS . President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . . . . .S'ponsor. . MEMBERS Frances Gadberry Norma Henderson Shirley Howard lohn lohnson Carita loy Neill Gene Reese Ioan Russell Spring . Marilyn Walker George Spalding . Norma Barron! S. Stanley Knapp Charles Sanders loan Scallon George Spalding Charles Squibb lohn Stone Marilyn Walker Iere Wisdom Fall Ray Ward ..... Dorothy Dendinger Robert Cotton . . . . Mauricia Keathley . . . Iohn Iohnson . . . . Ted McKinney . . . Wanda Furr . . lohn Curtis . Ruth Curtis . Mildred Alexander Phil Chamberlain Iohn Curtis Dorothy Dendinger Wanda Furr Billy Grosvernor Shirley Howard Iohn Iohnson Mauricia Keathley Robert McPherson History Club OFFICERS . . President . . First Vice-President Second Vice-President Recording Secretary . . Treasurer . . , Sergeant-at-Arms . . . Archivist . . . Parliarnentarian . . .Sponsor. . . MEMBERS Wanda Pipes Gene Reese larnes Redway Fred Stradley Mary lean Stucker Olin Terry Ruth Ann Virtamen Ray Ward loyce Wescott Ted Mclienney lanet Koch Spring Dorothy Dendinger . . Iohn Curtis Phil Chamberlain Mildred Alexander . . .Ray Ward . . .Olin Terry . Shirley Howard . Billy Grosvernor . . Ruth Curtis Helen Prince Lady lane Gray Virginia Perryrnan lanie Walton Sue Barnett lack Ryle Cecil Reddiclc George Sanderson Carolyn Wilson l-larry Anastopolus Page S ty nz e Amigos Alegres PUNCIONABIOS Semestre primero Carolyn Poenaclc . . . Presidenta . Virginia Pierce ..... . Vice-Presidenta . Mary Margaret Woodward . . . Secretaria . Sue Patterson . . Tesorero . Lynette Iohnson . Bob Baxter . . Clatia Crane . . Bob Baxter Iosephine Ferretes Lupe Gonzales Gwendolyn Hall Billy Hoskins Lynnette Iohnson Nelda Lamb Page Seventy . . . Reporter . . . . . Sargento de Arms . . . Consejera . . SOCIOS Charlene Matthews Adele Meador Sue Patterson Sue Perkins Virginia Pierce Carolyn Poenack Betty Swindell Semestre segundo . . . . Virginia Pierce . Martin White . Sue Patterson . . Billy Hoskins . . Lynette lohnson . Bob Baxter . . Olatia Crane Diane Truett Maria Wesar loyce Wescot Clark White Martin White Mary Margaret Woodward Pan-American Student Forum Fall Ieanne Kelly . Arthur Santa Cruz . . . Mary Margaret Biggs . . Charles Wilhite . Olatia Crane . Sue Barnett Mary Margaret Biggs Cherry Brown Dorris Ieanne Browne lohn Curtis Patricia Denham Ramon Ford Ann Foster Mary Grant Barbara Hamilton OFFICERS' . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Sergeant-at-Arms . . Reporter . . . Sponsor . MEMBERS Betty Hamilton Lawrence Handley Ieanne Kelly Mary lane Langham Dorothy McLure Franchelle Moore Claribel Nigro Octavia Padilla Sue Perkins Pauline Popi Mary Frances Richey . Olin Terry . . Iohn Curtis . Claribel Nigro . . Ramon Ford . . Sue Barnett . Olatia Crane Arthur Santa Cruz Nadine Sivley Iamesene Temple Olin Terry lack Thomas Betty Thompson Ie-an Upshaw loyce Westcott Charles Wilhite Vivien Luther Page Sev enty-one Fall Mary lane Langham . Franchelle Moore . . Ioann Cooley . . Carlene Ollar . Dorothy Costin . Ona Mae Baker Betty lane Blaser Cray Boswell Sue Carpenter Mary Lou Castleberry lo Ellen Clanton loann Cooley Frances Daniel lrene Davis lo Ann Farric Thelma Foster Patsy Haley Helen Hamilton Betty lo Holt Ieanette leanes Page Seventy-iwo Cfirls' Sports Club OFFICERS . . . President . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer . . Reporter . . . Sponsor . . MEMBERS Mary lane Langham Minta Lawson Marilyn Lawton Kathleen Meaqer Virginia McDonald lane McKnight Dorothy Miles Franchelle Moore Carlene Ollar Virginia Parker Billie Parsley Loy Faye Patrick Sue Perkins Carolyn Poenack Helen Prince Patsy Riffe Spring . Mary lane Langham . . .Eleanor Willard . . . .Betty Woods . . Marilyn Lawton . Dorothy Sypert . Dorothy Costin Billie Robinson Martha Porse Pat Self Patsy Spurqin Theresa Staton Christine Strode Katherine Sunkel Dorothy Sypert Mary Linda Taylor Billy lean Thompson Daphine Thornton Eleanor Willard Louise Wilson loan Wyman Lovera Veach Fall Anne Taulman . Pat Sherwood . Marjorie Knight . Mary Louise Craft Bess Keller . . Qlymjoiad Club OFFICERS . President . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer . . .Sponsor. . . Aclelynn Attebery Frances Gieb Rosemary Gowen Iosephine Grace Barbara Herschfield Virginia Hoelzel MEMBERS Shirley Huston Patsy Mathis Betty Owings Patsy Patrick Doris Polk Bobbie Robins I Spring . Bobbie Robins . . Frances Gieb losephine Grace . Patsy Mathis . Bess Keller Page Seventy-Ihre? Fall Kate Moore . . lean Mayo . . Nancy Warlick . lean Elliott . . Sponsor , . Frances Barbaria loyce Nell Brians leanne Billingsley loanne Billinqsley Edna Boykin Norma Carlton Sue Carpenter Carla Doss Pat Elenburg Ann Foster losephine Grace Dorothy Goss Page Se mzfy-four itll lockey Club 1 OFFICERS . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer MEMBERS Rosemary Gowen Patsy Hannah loan l-lilley Mary Nan Huclqins Shirley Huston Frances lohnson Anne Kinman Bette lo Grause Anna May Krale Dorothy Le Feux Bettye Metcalf Betty Owing Patricia Parkson Sprinq . . . . lean Elliott . Barbara Fleming . . . . Betty Ellis . Bobbie Robins . . Miriam Grice Billie Parsley Loy Faye Patrick Patsy Patrick Patsy Riffe Billie lean Smith Ioanne Smith Marilyn Smith La Voine Talley Selma Walker lane White Patsy Ruth Wood Frances Elizabeth Wurz iii- L..- Thalian Activity and Service Cluh Fall Marian Hadaway . Katherine Simpson Carolyn Beall . . . Carolyn Beall . Mrs. Slaughter . . Carolyn Beall Peggy Burks Martha Butler Billie Champion Annie Eberenz Frances Gadloerry Ioyce Givens Marian Hadaway OFFICERS . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . . Sponsor . MEMBERS Helen Sue Harvey Peggy Hicks Carol Howard Dixie Latham Marlene McQueen Claribel Nigro Genna V O'Neal Ioan Russell Spring . Clariloel Nigro . . Carolyn Beall . . Katherine Simpson . Margaret Sommers . . Mrs. Slaughter Ioan Scallon Mary Lou Schmiedeke Katherine Simpson Margaret Sommers Martha Steinhott Mary Strasburger Iackie Sutherland Mary Frances Walsh Page Serentj r Fall Anne Kinman . Loralea Kitchen Ann Gilliland . Mauricia Keathley Mary Lois Nesbit Yvonne Armour Gracie Covey Beverly Daque Barbara DeSpain Ann Gilliland Page Sezenly-:ix San Souci Club OFFICERS . President . , . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer . . . Sponsor . . OFFICERS Louanna Graue Lady lane Gray lackie Green Nita Heard Mauricia Keathley Anne Kinrnan Spring . . . Dorothy Roach . . . . Iackie Green . . Barbara DeSpain . Carlaine Moore . Mary Lois Nesbit Loralea Kitchen Carlaine Moore Sue Ann Patterson Dorothy Roach Marilyn Walker The Little Theater The purpose of the Little Theater is to encouraae and provide activities for those in- terested in play production. lts goal is to present three one-act plays during the school year. Fall Ramon Ford . . lane McKnight . Sue Speed . . Marilyn Marrs . Rubia Clement . Mary Bivens Dorris leanne Browne Bonnie Campbell Roberta Fields Ramon Ford Vivian Gatlinq MEMBERS . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . . . . Sponsor . MEMBERS Mildred Lovvorn Marilyn Marrs lane McAdam lane McKnight Buddy Miller Cecil Reddick Spring . Cecil Reddick . lane McKnight Bonnie Campbell . Stella Roderick . Rubia Clement Stella Roderick Frances Scofield Sue Speed Susan Thompson Charles Wilhite Page Seueniy seven Flute: B Martha Macy Flat Clarinets Gene Randall lohn lohnson Graydon Grounds Dana Smith Claude Brewer Dan Askew lamie Coleman S'ara lo Reed Donna Munson Ralph Ellis Iulius Dasch Landon Taliaterro Herbert Hale Bob Lee Iohn Newman Alto Clarinet B Pug bel 111 lohn Cole ass Clarinet Olin Terry 3'-cigbf Band Roster Strength 54 Saxophones Waid Dean Nugent Oliphant lack Swepston Bob Baxter lohn Boyle Cornets Billy Grosvenor Milton Maclin Charles Dabney lack McCoy Byron O'Neal Glenn Turner Bob Galloway Lena Laurea Paul Dague Baritones lames Tunnell C. A. Sanford Murry Le Velle French Horns V Iimmy Patterson Regie Marshall Gloria Hess Trombones Billy Strawn Bob Clayton Don Langston Iames Douglas Ernest Hudel lack Duncan Basses Bob Vinson Buster McGregor Edward Thiele David McPherson Drums lack Bradley Paul Chapman Ray Herndon Iune Acker Mitzi Hoffman String Basses Stella Roderick Violins: Elizabeth Ann Akers Cherry Brown Larae Conner Gwen Hawley Katherine Houpy Patricia McKniqht Clifford Montgomery Cello: Barton Cantrell Mauricia Lou Keathley Violas: Betty Booth Iosephine Murray Flute: Martha Macy Crchestra String Bass Helen Briar Gloria McCutcheon Carita Neill Stella Roderick Bass Clarinet: Olin Terry French Horn: Gloria Hess Beqie Marshall limmie Paterson Clarinets: Iames Copeland Graydon Grounds lack McLain Saxophones lohn Boyle Cornet: Charles Dabney Darrell Keathley lack McCoy Byron O'Neal Bill Stanley Trombone: Billy Strawn Drum: Paul Chapman Bay Herndon Piano: Mary Moore Bass: David McFerson Page SCL'E'17fj'-17f11E Virginia Alexander Patty lane Anderson Ioyce Anderson Ioan Baker Sue Barnett Rosemary Barrett Dorothy Barta Betty Baxter Mary Lillian Blacketer Iuliet Blevins Virginia Brackeen Doris Brown Margo Brown Marjorie Brown Bette Io Burns Bonnie Campbell Congetta Carbone Shirley Carpenter Carolyn Ann Chace Betty lean Cooper Irene Davis Catherine Disch Betty Ruth Dougherty Loretta Downing Page Eighty Mixed Chorus SECOND AND FIFTH PERIODS Ioan Edwards lerry Elliott Marguerite Ezzell Betty Fields Norma lean Fowler Ann Gilliland loyce Givens Mary Grant Betty Lou Hannah Betty lane Harrison Norma Henderson Rosemary Henry Esther Hernandez Iuandine Herndon Dorothy Holder Kay lohnson Mary Iohnson Elizabeth Klimtzak Marie Kramer Sally Leavell Kathryne Macy lane McAdam Mary Merrill Mary Morrison Shirley Ann Passmore Sue Patterson Carolyn Poenack Willodeen Quick Yvonne Roberts Louise Salvato Mary Lou Schrniedeke luanita Segers Louanne Simpson Ann Marie Sippola Ioanne Smith Diane Southwell Margaret Sorrels Ioanne Spurgin Shirley Starling Myrtis Stokes Florence Storey Katherine Sunkel Betty Swindell Ioyce Thorn Colleen Trout Nancy Upshaw Ruth Ann Virtarnen Peggy Walden Barbara Walsh Sandra Weatherly Ieanene Williams Ann Williamson Mona Lee Wisseman Dorothy Wynn L. B. Bynum Iarnie Coleman Dick Dabney Dickie Gaddy Frank Haile Andy Hargrove Carroll Hornburg Edward Miller Bobby Morris Richard Owens Dale Ralston Cecil Reddick Arthur Santa Cruz P. D. Snider I. R. Williams Carmen Aguirre Peggy Anderson Donna Applewhite Connie Aten Gay Boswell loyce Nell Brians loAnn Brown Betty Brunson Faye Burns Normal Carlton Pat Elenburg loan Erwin lo Anne Farris Irene Ferretes Wilma Greene Helen Hale Betty Harrison Peggy Hicks Ieannette Ieanes Frances B. lohnson ludy Kinney Bette Krause Anna May Kcale Doris Marie Lane Norma Io Lindsey Grace Loftus lune McCalib loan McDonald Mixed Chorus Tl-HRD AND SEVENTH PERIODS Ruth McWhorter Betty loe Perry Violet Io Price Ann Ray Vivian Renfrow Sue Ann Roberts Dorothy Schafer Frances Scofield Helen Shephard Betsy Shann Martha Steinhoff lacqueline Sutherland Virginia Ann Tanner Susan Thompson Maria Wesar Sammie Williams Patsy Ruth Wood Richard Iohnson Charles Lewis Larry Phillips Charles Wilhite Gaston Wood Ruth Lee Bailey Carolyn Beall Marilyn Beaver Barbara Burchett Sue Cardwell Martha Coonrod Peggy Coursey Gaynor Dorrien Margaret Anne Enochs Sarah Gibson Mary Nan I-Iudgins Jane Massey Barbara Mathis Marion Moellenberg Margaret Nuckols Virginia Pierce Ioanne Slocum Margaret Somrners Mary Ioel Verschoyle Prudie Lee Watson Ierry Willows lack Bradley Billy Cole Billy Ioe Davenport Iames Douglas Kenneth England Iimmie Fitzgerald Dan Foster Ted Mclienney Max Murrell Raymond Rockholt Edward Thiele Raymond Vanderpool Perry Willson Russell Womack Page Ezghly one Ruth Lee Bailey Carolyn Beall Marilyn Beaver Barbara Burchett Sue Caldwell Martha Coonrod Peggy' Coursey Gaynor Dorrien Margaret Anne Enochs Marguerite Ezzell Sarah Gibson Ann Gilliland Mary Grant Page Eighty-two A Capella Choir Norma Henderson Mary Nan l-ludgins lane Massey Barbara Mathis Marion Moellenberg Margaret Nuckols Virginia Pierce loanne Slocum Margaret Sornmers Mary Ioel Verschoyle Prudie Lee Watson le-rry Willows lack Bradley Billy Cole Billy Ioe Davenport Iarnes Douglas Kenneth England Iirnmie Fitzgerald Dan Foster Ted Mclienney Max Murrell Raymond Rockholt Arthur Santa Cruz Edward Thiele Raymond Vanderpool Perry Willson Russell Womack Parent-Teacher Association the North Dallas Parent-Teacher Association extmds greetings to the Ianuary and Iune graduating First Vice-President Mrs. C. P. Marshall Second Vice-President Mrs. C. VJ. Barron Third Vice-President Mrs. Claude Davenport Fourth Vice-President Mrs. O. E. Hawley Filth Vice-President - Mrs. P. T. Vlfhitloclc Sixth Vice-President Mrs. R. Ferris Brown clasccs. THE EXECUTIVE BOARD President MRS. E. D. ALEXANDER Delegates to The Dallas City Council of Parent-Teacher Associations. MRS. LEO H. BAXTER MRS. R. F. RABKE Seventh Vice-President Mrs. Roger Davis Recording Secretary Mrs. Iames Fulton Corresponding Secretary Mrs. E. C. Bowman Treasurer Mrs. I. H, Slocum Hiztorian Mrs. E. R. Walker Parliamentarian Mrs. I. R. Coursey Ianuary Graduating Class Sponsor Iune Graduating Class Sponsor AWARDS 35150 Scholarship National Honor Society Pins Audtor MISS ELIZABETH DICE Q, 56-is vii' 2. ADULT EDUCATION T B Film Addresses by Prominent Speakers SOCIAL tl '?9f?'ff437'? Reception honoring Mr. E. B. Corn- stock and Mr. W. O. Pipes Morning Coffee honoring Faculty and Freshman Mothers Sponsored Senior Luncheon " . . -- Program by Teachers and Stu- dents on Family Night Study Groups Paid Assembly Book Reviews DON MATTI--IEINS RUFUS HYDE f', , 'sl I, ,T au' V -,. I' ,.ff,,,'..' ,4 ,... - V pl, .1 .gh ., , A ' . ,, ., if ' af' ' I. ' p is 4 Q,-r , . ' 0- r Q , 1:3 f' ,ll ' I I 0' qv' ' '- ' " IH' ,Wg 47 ' SJFND' V1.1 'U g-dw vu "4 t- ' ,v .F 11, Q Jug'1'3rS "1 f"'1 n VM, 161' ' I 9' ui f 63, x 'w..7 7,5 ' zfzamsfifg' 5. 1 - ""!:'?fayllAi'w-...H f' FINANCE School Grounds beautiiied. Sunshine and Student Aid work in the organization. Supplied workers for War Bond and Red Cross Drives. Page Eighty-three Awards SPEECH AWARDS DEBATE Second place in Baylor Tournament ..... DECLAMATION First place at Sunset ....... City Representative ........ City Representative, American Legion Contest . . . EXTEMPORANEOUS First place in CityvBoys' Division . . . . . Eourth place in City-Girls' Division ..... ONE ACT PLAY "PINK AND PATCHES" . Marilyn Walker and Barnee Baril . Ann Foster Carolyn Beall Edward Thiele . George Spawlding Ramon Ford Susan Thompson Marilyn Marrs MOST VALUABLE FOOTBALL PLAYER Iack Carpenter MUSIC AWARDS Perry Willson Dan Foster Ted Mclienney Edward Thiele Billy Cole Kenneth England Iack Bradley Carolyn Beall Mary Nan Hudgins Ioan Russell Margaret Anne Enochs lane Massey Mary Ioel Verschoyle Barbara Fleming Ann Gilliland AWARDS IN THE REGIONAL SCHOLASTIC ART EXHIBIT GOLD KEYS Carol Bitner CTwo keysl Anne Kinman Ioseph Piccola tTwo keysl Marguerite Sebring BLUE RIBBONS Norma Iean Taylor Marilyn Vifalker Ieanne Pete-et Carol Bitner Charlene Iones Betty Iane Rowze Ierita Ingle RED RIBBONS Marilyn W'alker Betty 'Woods Ierry 'Willows tTwo Awardsj Beverly Conover Leia Faye Hughes Anne Kinrnan, Marilyn Walker, Iamesene Temptle INTERSCIIOLASTIC SPELLING CONTEST Carol Bitner Iimrny Apperson INTERSCI-IOLASTIC ESSAY CONTEST Second place in City ........ ' ..... Marilyn Walker LITERARY LETTERS Mary Margaret Woodward Ann Gilliland Ioseph Piccola Sidney Boyd SOUTHWESTERN INTERCOLLEGIATE POETRY MEET Sponsored by Trinity University Third place ........,,.. Mary Margaret Woodward Honorablt mention ..........,.. Donna Jones TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL POETRY CONTEST Sponsored by Mary I-Iardin-Baylor College FIRST PLACE IN STATE FOR BEST COLLECTION OF POEMS Mary Margaret Woodward Barton Cantrell Mary Ioel Vercchoyle Donna Iones Elizabeth Ross FIRST DIVISION WINNERS IN SOLO AND ENSEMBLE CONTESTS Iohn Iohnson Graydon Grounds Gene Randall Olin Terry RIFLE TEAM FIRST PLACE IN CITY Frederick Forney P. D. Snider Bill Mapes Page Eighty-four Marilyn Marrs Herbert I-Iale lohn Cole Edward Thiele Bill Stewart Carroll Taylor ,,,,wf'T' 1 , AW, 'Hnw""""' ,W - New .M- : 4 Page Eiglnly-six Page Eighiy-seven Page Eiglwiy-eight Page Eigbly-nim' x -QW , . Page Nimfly V. "M Q Am. wr ff .K , , M ww ,xwwwf ,,, 4, 3, mm W ,460 ,W rw M .wwf N. 51 5255 ' - - '-,mea f .y , W U , . , wx W 9'f'N'442422 ,Wm , MSW? vrvyaf f 4, JW Q W WM 6 422 W q44,zxWQ'9f6wv 7 4345: 6 'CNW ' ' Iwi M4 fi' , 3 2 M 4 , affix- .. W' ' '55, x 1.-:df 0 'E:E::v-I-6:I:1:2i.1:m'I:1:2. 'I . . Q-I V' M , W' wvaww- 'mx ' f' vw. v. ::-::-:-:sv , ..,:f,::.. mf,:::::4:-:e,-:Q-:::f:ff .:- .:.-::.. .,.: . ff f -V . .gf f A M , , ,, H - 22515526 ..:.:5::212251511-1-Ifwiiiis:- E.: ..: -:- .-: "-1+ 4 If " 1-11 W? - M 'M .2 242 .. :.gi5."Z:f2fZfQ5 'I' 12:51:91IE:-:11:EEigf'f" ' "" , -If,,::.'- -:-Z'f:::: me -' 'Lfik-"2 . S' 1'-'::f1:":1:z,',,:-iam 1S':s::zi2::" :I fx "If ': G'f49.:- 529 ,. , . .. .. v rv-.-iv.4p:4-..z--:.-J,4-'1-.- ...... S.. .4..,..- .. .... V ,113 v ,. .. , f ""' " W , 55'Zfi.WM Q ww Nw? 'gmgwgggtwv Page Ninely-one Page Ninely-z'wo Page Nilzcty-fhrcc i 5 Page Nineiy-four Page Nizzciy-10 vc zgw .X nlcfy-xix Pagc Nirlufj'-xvz fu Y 1 KB? W x 'K 51 N' ,ww Y www wy,wwwwwQwMvwwN g Ri A . Q? ,.,. Q 1 x 6? fi. 312 A, b 'j?f'3W' ? Q +52 - y M f 'A 6 ww V x: 1525.9 1 , .' "-'- x --" ff fvfu +5 : . ' - ,sf sf 4 A Q 5 KW ,Q ' .2 R1 ' , ' 12: .' Q M ,S .f f wg? 'F 5 ' f ..,. -- 1 x f WW Swv X Q 11 15 H L N X, ggi V .x xv as fykgff'-Sli'-T' Q Page Ninety-eiglvf we wilisww' EAVCDRITES IACK CLEAVELAND FRANCES GIEB MAX MURRELL BARBARA FLEMING IOHN IOHNSON SIDNEY BOYD MARY MARGARET WOODWARD JEAN EARL ELLIOT Page Ninety-nine Semor Most Popular Gul ane Off de Selected by the Students Senior Most Popular Boy J ft 'T Jo Qy 1 1111715 UN L! J A Selected by the Students Senior Best All-Around Boy Emi Gpooper Seiected by cr Committee of Students and Teachers Senior Best All-Around Girl W'M Qafry vqan gat gins Selected by Q Committee of Students and Teachers mmm ............., MAIOR HARRY E. MENEZES Commandment of Cadets: National Guardg United States Armyg Vtforld War lg Army of Occupation in Franceg Of- ficers' Reserve Corps. STAFF' SERGEANT FRED WIESS United States Army nineteen years: Service in the Philippines, China, and Panama. STAFF SERGEANT THOMAS C. BLACK United States Army for twelve years with two years overseas' service: Re- ceived the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star Award. Reserve Cfficers' Training Corps The object and aims of the R. O. T. C. in general are: l. To provide systematic military training at civil educational institutions for the pur- pose of qualifying selected students of such institutions for appointment as reserve officers and non-commissioned officers in the military forces of the United States. 2. To add to the educational resources of schools and colleges and give students a training which will be as valuable to them in their industrial or professional careers as it would be should the nation call upon them to act as leaders in the defensive forces. ln interpreting the policy and message of the national government in establishing R. O. T. C. in- struction in public high schools and other educational institutions of the country, we maintain that it is not the purpose of the government to make soldiers of students who participate, but to develop in them those qualities of manliness, discipline, and leadership which will make these young men good citizens and natural leaders of men in whatever calling they may follow in the years to come. lt natur- ally follows that good citizenship and leadership will give to the nation in time of national emergency the leadership necessary for its armies. The ultimate purpose then of the R. O. T. C. in the Dallas high schools is to develop in the student a high sense oi patriotic citizenship and an interest in the individe ual responsibility of citizenship toward the preservation and protection of American institutions and ideals. Pave One Hzxmlrml Four STAFF FALL IACK PATTON BILL ROGER STANLEY DAVIS LAWRENCE PAUL HANDLEY DAVIS V .ass 5 SPRING I I I I ,. BILL STANLEY A. L, HENRY SOPHOCLES ANTHONY LOCKHART MOBLEY PAPPAS CARRILLO Page One Humlred Fire Commissioned Qiticers Lieutenant Colonel Bill Stanley Major A. L. Lockhart Major CBes.D Bush Meazell Captain Roger Davis Captain Bobby Davis Captain Dick Iackson First Lieutenant Henry Mobley First Lieutenant Sophochles Pappas First Lieutenant Anthony Carrillo First Lieutenant Billy Mapes First Lieutenant iBes.J Frederick Forney First Lieutenant Francis Heald First Lieutenant Charles Clark First Lieutenant Olin Terry First Lieutenant Marvin Cruse First Lieutenant Martin Miranda First Lieutenant Frank Lynch Page One Hundred Six First Lieutenant Clyde Grimes First Lieutenant Buster McGregor First Lieutenant Charles Chatiield Second Lieutenant Manly Russell Second Lieutenant Carroll Taylor Second Lieutenant Hal Quinn Second Lieutenant loe Thomas Second Lieutenant Cfeorqe Spalding Second Lieutenant Doyle Duncan Second Lieutenant Bill Hendricks Second Lieutenant Bob Balston Second Lieutenant Earl Norris Second Lieutenant lohn lohnson Second Lieutenant lohn Cole Second Lieutenant Bob Vinson Second Lieutenant Iames Tunnell .I Bitle Team Statt Sergeant Fred Wiess Staff Sergeant Thomas C. Black First Lieutenant CBes.l Frederick Forney First Lieutenant Henry Mobley Second Lieutenant Billy Mapes Second Lieutenant Bob Balston Second Lieutenant Earl Norris Second Lieutenant Carroll Taylor Second Lieutenant Gerald Whitlock Master Sergeant Bert Iohnson Technical Sergeant Charles Bunn Technical Sergeant Charles lohnson Technical Sergeant Bill Davenport Statt Sergeant Bill Stewart Sergeant P. D. Snider Corporal Clinton Davis Private Melvin Haiaway V 1' Om' Hmzdrml Sew ooMPANY "Af NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS FIRST PLATOON Technical Sergeant Balph Masters Platoon Leader---Second Lieutenant Carroll Taylor Technical Sergeant Bill Davenport Platoon Sergeant--Staff Sergeant lames Cumley Staff Sergeant Iames Cumley Guide--Sergeant lack Byle Staff Sergeant Asa Hunt First Squad Staff Sergeant Bill Stewart Sergeant Charles lohnson Staff Sergeant Charles Wilhite Private First Class Henry Baer Sergeant Charles Iohnson Private First Class lack Leonard Sergeant Bay Lyon Private Winston Morris Sergeant lack Byle Private First Class Wendell Partain Sergeant Karl Young Private First Class Arthur Walden Corporal Sarn Angelo Private First Class Charles Maples Corporal Phil Chamberlain Corporal Bill Howard Corporal Clinton Davis Second Squad Corporal Bill Howard Sergeant Bay Lyon Corporal Albert McPherson Private Gene Patrick Corporal Cecil Redclick Private First Class George Swete Corporal Tommy Simmons Private Carroll Culver Corporal Dan Surnners Private Mike Landon Corporal Martin White Private First Class Lavalle lohnson Corporal Willard Wyman Private Corpora Third Squad Corpora Private Private Private First Class lames Greer l Dan Sumners l Tommy Simmons First Class Charles McCandless Calvin Brooks Gordon Smith Private First Class Doyle Parks Corporal Albert McPherson Page Our Hzlrzrfrml Eiglwf t CGMPANY "A" SECOND PLATOON COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Platoon Leader -Second Lieutenant Manly Russell Company Commander--'First Lieutenant Francis Heald Platoon Sergeant--V-Technical Sergeant Bill Davenport Executive Officer- ---' First Lieutenant Marvin Cruse Guide Staff Sergeant Asa Hunt First Sergeant--First Sergeant Ralph Masters Thir First Squad Sergeant Karl Young Private Private Private Private Iames Lernrnons First Class Marshall Tunncll First Class Vtfilliarn Kenton Robert Brown Corporal Martin White Second Squad Corporal Clinton Davis Private Private Private First Class Edmond Basye First Class Don Angus First Class Clarence Cadenhcad Corporal Phil Chamberlain d Squad Corporal Cecil Reddiclc Corporal Sam Angelo Private Private Private Private Private First Class Howard Gee Thomas Norris Harvey Hicks limrny O'Shea First Class Tommy Anderson Company Clerk-Stafi Sergeant Charles Wilhite Guidon-Corporal Williard Wyman OFFICERS First Lieutenant Francis Heald First Lieutenant Marvin Cruse Second Lieutenant Manly Russell Second Lieutenant Carroll Taylor Page One Hzmrlrm' Nine , ' P' Page One Hundr CCMPANY "B" NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS FIRST PLATOON First Sergeant Dan Neal Technical Sergeant Lonnie Moyt Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal ea' Ten Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Bennett Harber Richard Hawley Richard Henley Iohn Iohnson Robert Maxtield George Schneider Walter Seiler Louis Sturdivant Charles Squibb Carter Taylor Bill Warren Edward Miller Bill Murry Bobby Nicoud Bobby Temple Billy Worthington Iimrny Berthold Ronald Cox E. I. Davies Bill Gieb Donald Grubb Gene Ross Brooks Neal George Sanderson Henry Shiels P. D. Snider Denny Uloth Platoon Leader---'Second Lieutenant Hal Quinn Platoon Sergeant---Staff Sergeant Richard Henley Guide-Staff Sergeant Louis Sturdivant First Squad Staff Sergeant Walter Seiler Private Donald Buchanan Corporal Brooks Neal Corporal Iirnrny Berthold Private Bruce Oliver Private Kenneth Hartman Sergeant Bobby Temple Second Squad Staff Sergeant George Schneider loel Slaughter Carl Hilland Bill Lane lack Knight Private Private Private Private Third Squad Staff Sergeant Bill Warren Private Wesley Guebert Corporal Ronald Cox Corporal Gene Ross Corporal George Sanderson Sergeant Bill Murry Staff Sergeant Robert Maxiield i COMPANY "B" SECOND PLATOON Platoon LeaderfSecond Lieutenant toe Thomas Platoon Sergeant- -Technical Sergeant Lonnie Moyt Guide f-Staff Sergeant Carter Taylor First Squad Staff Sergeant Charles Squibb Private Melvin Hataway Private Bobby Dilleshaw Private Thomas Cate Private Harry Deans Corporal Donald Grubb Private Robert Dumas Sergeant Bobby Nicoud Second Squad Staff Sergeant Bennett Harber Private First Class Hugh Lamar Private First Class Ray Speckt Private First Class Laurence Walton Corporal Bill Gieb Corporal Henry Shiels Staff Sergeant Richard Hawley Third Squad Sergeant Edward Miller Private Leslie Bartlet Private Jack Ridlehoover Private First Class Billy Nobles Corporal Denny Uloth Staff Sergeant Iohn Johnson COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Company Commander- Captain Roger Davis Executive Officer--V First Lieutenant Martin Miranda First Seargeant First Sergeant Dan Neal Company Clerk-Sergeant Billy Worthington Guidon-Corporal E. I, Davis OFFICERS Captain Roger Davis First Lieutenant Martin Miranda Second Lieutenant Hal Quinn Second Lieutenant toe Thomas Page One Hundred' Eleven CGMPANY NON-COMMISSIONED..OFFICERS FIRST PLATOON T9ChHiCC1l SSTQSUYU ChGfl9S BUHY1 Platoon Leader--Second Lieutenant Georqe Spalding Stuff SGYQSUHT G0TdOf1 Cullum Platoon Sergeant-V Staff Sergeant Gordon Cullum Staff Seraefmt Gene Riches' Guide---Private Robert Wynne Sergeant Robert lohnsori Sergeant larnes Copeland First Squad Sergeant Edward Cardwell Corporal Edgar Curry Corporol Low-ls Wilson Private Charles Mendoza Corroorol Edqor Curry Private Louis Manriquez Corroorol Lorry phllrros Private larnes Daniels Corporal Charles Sanders Pfivcle GQTVY Barron Corporol Dorr Rrohoy Private First Class Luke Steinburq Corporal Charles Duqqer Second Squad Corporal Clark White Staff Sergeant Gene Richey Private First Class Robert Miller Private Larry Williams Private Billy Iameson Private First Class Howard Holmes Private First Class Glenn Montgomery Page Om' Hzmdrfd Twclze Third Squad Corporal Larry Philips Private Private Private Private Private First Class Bill Price Ralph Kendall Richard Barr Billy l-lolmes First Class loe Bartlett CCMPANY "C" SECOND PLATOON COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Platoon Leader-Second Lieutenant Doyle Duncan Company Commander-Captain Bobby Davis Platoon Sergeant-Sergeant Robert ,lohnson Executive Officer- First Lieutenant Charles Chattield Guide---Sergeant Iames Copeland First Squad Sergeant Edward Cardwell Private First Class Roger Horn Private lohn Bassinqer Private Phil Randal Private Gilbert Kelly Private lirnmy Parker Corporal Charles Sanders Second Squad Corporal Dan Richey Private Richard lohnson Private First Class Charles Powell Private First Class Ronnie Kasper Private First Class Richard Holcomb Private Luke Miranda Private Lionel Morrison Third Squad Corporal Charles Duqqer Private First Class Paul Caballero Private Minford Winn Private lohn Gibbs Private First Class Gaston Wood Private First Class Earl Ray Corporal Clark White First Sergeant--Technical Sergeant Charles Bunn Company Clerk-Sergeant Maurice Schnorr Guidon-Corporal Lewis Wilson OFFICERS Captain Bobby Davis First Lieutenant Charles Chatlield Second Lieutenant George Spalding Second Lieutenant Doyle Duncan Page One Hu1m'1'ed Tlyirteen NON-COMMISSIONE First Sergeant Franklin Wicks Sergeant Edgar Miller Sergeant Lenox Ienkins Corporal Henry Gardner Corporal larnes Moore Corporal Duayne Wilcox Corporal David Mills Corporal Owen Neff Corporal Lawrence Ashburn Corporal Boss Ramsey Corporal Bill McCord Corporal Walter Nusbaum Corporal Bill Hoskins Page One Hundred Fourteen CCMPANY "D" D OFFICERS FIRST PLATOON Platoon Leader-Second Lieutenant Bill Hendricks Platoon Sergeant-Corporal Henry Gardner Guide-Sergeant Edgar Miller First Squad Corporal James Moore Private Ronnie Keeler Private First Class Freeman Stallings Corporal Duayne Wilcox Corporal David Mills Second Squad Corporal Owen Neff Private Robert Chenault Private Douglas McDonald Private Harry Anastopulos Private Bobby Hudson Private First Class Leo Danforth Third Squad Corporal Lawrence Ashburn Private First Class Don Lauderdale Private Dale Ralston Private First Class Tommy Moore Private First Class Dan Foster COMPANY "D" SECOND PLATOON COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Platoon Leader-Second Lieutenant Bob Ralston Company Commander-First Lieutenant Charles Clark Platoon Sergeant-Sergeant Lenox Ienkins Executive Officer-First Lieutenant Frank Lynch Guide-Private First Class Gene Thomas First Sergeant-First Sergeant Franklin Wicks Thir First Squad Corporal Ross Ramsey Private Private Private Private Private Private Royce Ford Norman Revelrnan First Class Iames Bond Douglas Clark Rupert Tresp First Class Bill Bowlinq Corporal Bill McCord Private Clifford Fitzvvilliarn Second Squad Corporal Walter Nusbaum Private Private Private Private Private Private Private d Squad Robert Drake Octavio Padilla Frank Elarn Bill Wilson Don Ratteree Billy Wilkerson Oakley Bryan Corporal Bill Hoskins Private Private Private Private Private First Class C. R. Anderson John Pederson Foster Gray Holmes Kaiser First Class Iack Griffin Company Clerk-Private Peter Bennett Guidon-Private First Class Charles McGregor OFFICERS First Lieutenant Charles Clark First Lieutenant Frank Lynch Second Lieutenant Bill Hendricks Second Lieutenant Bob Ralston Pugc One Hundrml Fiflrmz CGMPANY "E" NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS FIRST PLATOON First Sergeant Gene Caradine Platoon Leader-Second Lieutenant Earl Norris Statt Sergeant Don Merrill Platoon Sergeant---Staff Sergeant Don Merrill Staff Sergeant Martin Schlessinger Guicle4Stati Sergeant Martin Schlessinger Staff Sergeant Iohn Thompson I Sergeant Eugene Ballheirn FHS' Sergeant Sam Parish Sergeant Delbert Dawson Sergeant Dick West Corporal Henry Tobolka Corporal Hugh Gardner Corporal Gordon Smith Page One Hundred Sixleen Squad Sergeant Sarn Parish Private limrnie Hyde Private Iirnrny Nahors Private Iirnrny Mcliamey Private Thomas Luna Private First Class Allan Marshall Second Squad Thi: Private First Class Charles Hesson Private First Class Vtfiley Berry Private First Class Raymond Vanderpool Private Iames Ramsey Private Ray Hawkins d Squad Sergeant Delbert Dawson Private Hunter Wise Private Roy Pullan Private Eugene Walker Private Iarnes Elwell CGMPANY "E" SECOND PLATOON Platoon Leader----Second Lieutenant Gerald Whitlock Platoon Sergeant'-Staff Sergeant Iohn Thompson Guide f Corporal Henry Tobolka First Squad Sergeant Dick West Corporal Hugh Gardner Private L, O. Humphreys Private Orvill Lonvick Private Francis Bennett Second Squad Corporal Gordon Smith Private Vernon Holland Private Iimmie Aronson Private lack Barnes Third Squad Private Valjean Freeman Private First Class Fred Willis Private Eugene Sizemore Private First Class Terry Eakin COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Company Commander--Captain Dick Iackson Executive Officer--First Lieutenant Clyde Grimes First Sergeant---First Sergeant Gene Caradine Company Clerk-Sergeant Eugene Ballheim Guidon----Private First Class Iohn Watts OFFICERS Captain Dick Jackson First Lieutenant Clyde Grimes Second Lieutenant Earl Norris Second Lieutenant Gerald Whitlock Page One Hundrffzl Seiferzleerz B. G. T. C. Band BAND HEADQUARTERS Band CommanderfFirst Lieutenant Olin Terry Executive Officer--First Lieutenant Buster McGregor Drum Major-Second Lieutenant lohn lohnson LibrarianfSecond Lieutenant Iohn Cole First Sergeant-First Sergeant Claude Brewer Attached SoloistfStait Sergeant Gene Randall FIRST PLATOON Platoon Leader--Second Lieutenant Iarnes Tunnell Platoon Sergeant--Master Sergeant lack Swepston First Squad Staff Sergeant Charles Dabney Corporal Iaclc Bradley Corporal Iohn Newman Private First Class Dana Smith Private Dan Askew Private Bob Baxter Private larnie Coleman Private Iulius Dasch Sergeant Bob Clayton Second Squad Sergeant Murry LeVelle Corporal John Boyle Corporal Billy Strawn Private First Class larnes Douglas Private Bobby Galloway Private Graydon Grounds Private Herbert Hale Corporal Nugent Oliphant Page Om' Hrcmbvzd Eightsmr SECOND PLATOON Platoon Leader Second Lieutenant Bob Vinson Platoon Sergeant-Technical Sergeant Waid Dean First Squad Sergeant Edward Thiele Corporal Ralph Ellis Corporal Landon Taliaterro Private First Class Ernest Hudel Private Bob Lee Private Reggie Marshall Private lack McCoy Corporal Paul Chapman Second Squad Sergeant Billy Grosvenor Corporal Paul Dague Corporal Bay Herndon Private David McPherson Private Byron O'Neal Private C. A. Sanford Private Glenn Turner Corporal Don Langston X w u 9 fa v A Tl-IE FIGHTING BULLDOGS OF '45 Opening the l945 football season with a stunning l9-U victory over favored Sunset, the Bulldogs, with the united assistance of the student body, continued to show Dallasites that it would require more than the opinions ot some sports writers to keep them in a lower-bracket spot in the district race. Under the veteran coaching of Rufus Hyde and Earl Adkins, the Bulldogs, exhibiting that fighting spirit which has become symbolic of the Bulldog team, went on to win seven out of their ten games and share second place in the final district standing. After losing a thrill-packed contest to Woodrow Wilson by one point and then coming out on the little end of a mud battle with Crozier Tech, the Bulldogs chalked up victories over Adamson and then Forest, ending a good Page One Hundred Tweuly-two first half, as far as statisticians were concerned, but not so good in the minds of the boys themselves. Tech proved to be the better ball team in their next grid battle. But not until the siren sounded ending forty-eight long, hard-fought minutes did the fighting Bulldogs concede that fact. With determination and a will to win, the Bull- dogs marched over their four succeeding opponents in rapid fashion, including the cocky Woodrow eleven that couldn't be beaten by any North Dallas football team. The winning of this last game climaxed an over-all great season, with the Bulldogs displaying all the way, the clean, sportsman-like brand of football the people like to see. Most important, it is leaving behind a group of veteran ball players around which a championship Bulldog team of 1946 can be built. With the type of support which the students gave this team, nothing can keep the Bulldogs of '46 from attaining a championship season. J ,,,,,, iv Cheerleaders lean Mayo, Charles McCleskey, Barbara Hershlield, Bobby Morris, Frances Gieb, Lionel Morrison, Sharon Smith, Russell Womack. Manaqerewayne White Coaches-Rufus Hyde, Earl Adkins Page One Hundred Twenty-three Page Om' Hundred Twcnfy-four IACK CARPENTER, Tailbczck-lack was Co-Cap- tain all-city back and winner of the "Season's Most Valuable Player" award. These honors tell their own story of this great little ball-toter. IAMES BRADLEY, Fullback-Iames' hard drive was always good for three or four yards when the going got tough. His short but valuable services this past season Will add experience and knowledge to the Bulldogs of '46. BILLY LEMMON, EndfBill was a great defensive as well as offensive ball player. His ability to pull in passes mid scores ot opponents made him an outstanding and essential cog in the team. RUSH MEAZELL. Tackle-From sand lot to varsity football. Rush proved to be one of the best N. D. ever had. His great defensive almost merited an all-city berth. BILLY HUNTER, GuardfHis position as co-captain tells what kind of fellow he was and his selece tion as guard on the all-city team tells how he played football. His experience will be put to good advantage on next season's team. IACK CLEVELAND, Center'As co-captain and defensive quarterback, lack consistently con- fused the team's opponents with his signals. His excellent defensive work was his outstand- ing feature. CHARLIE WILLIAMS, Tackle-As the going got tough, Charlie got tougher. His "never say die" spirit was symbolic of the entire Bulldog squad. GILBERT MABRY, Tuilback-Credit for all our points and beautiful kickoffs must be given to Gilbert. He could also give a good account for himself when asked to carry the ball. ERNEST THOMPSON, EndYErnest's size coupled with his stamina and determination made him a player that could always be counted on to carry out his assignments. REGGIE DAVIS, Blockingback-Besides helping our backfield weight average, Reggie's hard running and l85 pounds added considerable yardage to our running attack. LETTERMEN 1945 . 1 4 4 JACK TALLEY. Guard-lack, o two-year letter- man, was a hard blocker and hard charger on defense. He had honorable mention for all city. NICK PUSPERICA. Tackle--Nick, a two-year let- terman, switched from guard to tackle. Honor- able mention tor all city tells how good he is. He returns next year. REX THOMAS, End--Rex is one ot the lightest ends in the city but one of the best. He returns next year. D. C. CHANCEY, Fullbcxck-Besides calling sig- nals, Chancey ran, kicked and passed for the Bulldogs. He received honorable mention for all-city. RAY BARKEH, Winqback---Outstanding on pass defense, Ray ran the ends for many a large gain. CDF TI-IE BULLDCDGS LEE HIGH, Winqbacke-Lee, a two-year letterman was a good pass receiver because of his speed and height. He gained considerable yardage on end runs. GEORGE SUTTON, End-George was a hard charger on defense and a good pass receiver. "Red" will make things tough tor opponents next year. GENE DUBEY. Tackle-Gene used his weight tc plunge through opposing lines and stop the ball carrier. ' BILL DODSON, Guard-Bill, speedy and powerful has excellent form in blocking. He returns next year. MAX MURRELL, Center--Max was an outstanding downiield blocker as Well as pivot man. Injury kept him out of many games. ,Y f 21: 1 C, .... 3 sf ,V gi, It F ., ,.,.4,,,. ,, A . ,fum , rf-5' 43 Q. .M ff - . . .ff ,f wetfjw , Q .. Q . ,E m ga' ' ltr ' ff M , v Page One Hundred Tweniy-ive I l946 BASKETBALL SEASON The Bulldogs had a bad season in basketball because oi the lack of experienced men. Although only one out oi ten games Was Won, most of the games Were close and the Bulldogs fought hard all the Way and showeda high quality oi sportsmanship. All the other teams had the advantage of height, but the Bulldogs made up for this through their speed. Coach Williams loses only two of his boys from the squad next year. They are Bichard l-lall and Sidney Boyd. With the same fighting spirit combined with experienced boys, the Bulldogs will be playing for the top berth next season. Outstanding performances were turned in by Bobby Davis and Boy Hughes Who received "All City Honorable Mention." The letter- men are Donald Bennet, Sidney Boyd, Bobby Davis, Boger Davis, Bichard l-lall, Boy l-lughes, Cleburne Price, and I. B. Williams, and D. C. Chancey, who graduated in lanuary. The lettermen who return next year are Bennet, Davis, Davis, l-lughes, Price, Williams, and Bichard l-lenley, the manager. Qne H und red Tweniy-szx -- Q V 3 Q 4 Q . if 4 - A l nn.. A lin - x TRACK TEAM This year's team boasts two returning lettermen, Cleburne Price, the team's leading point maker, and Charles Clark. Price placed in both the high and low hurdles, the high jump, and in the city meet last year. Clark placed third in the tour-forty yard run besides runnin.g a lap on the winning mile relay team. Returning sguadmen t r o m last year's team include Sidney Boyd, Bill Richardson, Kenneth Bailey, Dick Williams, Timmy Fitzgerald, Bruce Qliver, Elbert Spence. Toe Thomas transferred from Woodrow Wilson as did Robert Owens from Sunset. Milton Maclin is a transfer from Tucson High, Arizona. Other members ot the team are Gene Reese, Charles Dugger, l-lal Quinn, Prank Anderson, George Spalding, Sammy Angelo, Anthony Carrillio, Buster McGregor, Billy Tones, Robert Putnam, Billy Prewitt. Page One Hundred Tw y TENNlS TEAM The nineteen forty-tive tennis team, coached by Mr. Anderson, is composed of Sara lo Beeol and Mary Margaret Biggs in girls' singlesp Lena Laurea anol Kathleen Meager in girls' cloublesg lack Cooper and Ben Willis in boys' singlesp Charles Thomas and Max Murrell, Claude Brewer and Charles Bund, Bonalol Cos, and Billy Southerland in boys' doubles. lack Cooper ancl Sara lo Beeol are the only returning letter- men. Hundred Tweniy-eight GOLF TEAM The nineteen forty-six goli team, coached by Mr. Whitmeyer, is composed of Dee Ogdon, Charles Chattield, George Spalding, Sam Parish, and Timmy Sale. The only experienced members are Dee Og- don and Charles Chatfield. The team has had three encounters. ln their tirst, they were defeated by Woodrow Wilson in their second, they defeated Forest and in their third they defeated Tech. T Page One Hundrezl Twenly sw rr - -2- N 1 ,,,...... f ' I 5 l946 BASEBALL SEASCN The Bulldogs had a bad season in baseball because of the lack ot experienced men. Although they Won only one out oi ten games, most ot the games were close and the Bulldogs fought hard all the Way and showed a high guality of sportsmanship. All the other teams had the advantage of height, but the Bulldogs made up tor this through their speed. Coach Williams loses only two ot his boys from the squad next year. They are Sidney Boyd and Bichard Hall. With the same fighting spirit combined with experienced men, the Bulldogs will be playing for the top berth next season. Outstanding performances were turned in by Bobby Davis and Boy Hughes, who received "All City Honorable Mention." The letter- men are Donald Bennet, Sidney Boyd, Bobby Davis, Boger Davis, Bichard Hall, Boy Hughes, Cleburne Price and I. B. Williams, and D. C. Chancey, who graduated in lanuary. The lettermen who return next year are Donald Bennett, Bobby Davis, Boger Davis, Boy Hughes, Cle- burne Price and I. B. Williams, and Bichard Henley, the Manager. One Huna'red Thirty Polly: "l've been cooking for four years." "Molly: "You ought to be well done by now!" JF Buyer: "Gee, it's tough when you pay 50 cents a pound for meat! Butcher: "lt's tougher when you pay twenty-five cents a pound." JI' "l think your son is spoiled." 'Tm inclined to disagree with you, old man." "Well, come out and see what a steam roller just did to him." DF Mrs. Olson: "Did your school play have a happy ending?" Herbert: "You said it. Everybody was glad it was over." 14- "What is the Mason-Dixon line?" "lt's the division between 'you all' and 'youse guys.' " . X' Corp.: "That new recruit used to be a clerk." Sgt.: "How can you tell?" Corp.: "Every time he stands at ease he tries to put his rifle behind his ear." X- Mrs. Dowig: "Did you hear that my daughter married an Irishman?" Mrs. Fizzell: "Oh, really?" Mrs. Dowig: "No, O'Reilly." JF "What makes you think you'll get out of jail before you end your sentence?" "Because my wife's never let me fin- ish one yet." DF "This all-day sucker looks bigger," gloated a boy looking at his purchase. "Of course," explained the storekeep- er, 'the days are getting longer now." JF "I just heard that your background has been associated with royal burial places and Egyptian tombs. How did you find out about it?" "My mummy don' tole me." Page One Hundred Tbirly-lwo "Why doesn't the Sing-Sing football team wont to play the Army team?" "They don't want to prove that the pen is mightier than the sword." X- Radio announcer: "Tune in again next week-same station, same time, same jokes!" . wr Awakened by a slight noise one night, my grandmother sat up in bed and saw a man bending over the dress- er, obviously intent on robbery. Grand- ma, not one to lose her head in an emergency, didn't start screaming for the police. She just tapped Grandpa on the shoulder and said: "Sam, there's a gentleman here to see you." JG- "Was your daughter ever an act- ress?" "No. However, she once had her leg in a cast." JF "How is the lad who swallowed the half dollar piece?" "No change in him yet." X' Trick in Mathematics: Multiply your age by 2 and add 5 to the result. . Multiply by 50. Add the change in your pocket, if less than a dollar. Subtract the number of days in this year, 365. Add ll5 for good measure. The two left hand figures will show your age. The two right hand figures the change in your pocket. Try it. 1+ Pat, a truck driver, stopped suddenly on the highway. The car behind crash- ed into the truck and the owner sued the lrishman. "Why didn't you hold out your hand?" the judge asked Pat. "Well," he said indignantly, "if he couldn't see the truck, how in hivin's name could he see my hand?" DF "What you a-doin', chile?" "Nuthin', man'1rny." "My, but you's gettin' more like your daddy ev'ry day." l DADS' CLUB SALUTEB BABBABA FLEMING Otfioial Clulo Sweetheart Conaratulations to Graduates North Dallas Dads' Clulo GORDON F. CULLUM, Pres. II. C. ATTERBURY, Sec.-Treas. MELVIN W. MOORE, V-Pres. ROGER DAVIS, V-Pres. HUGHES KNIGHT, V-Pres. O. THOMPSON, V-Pres. C. D. BILLINGSLEY, V-Pres. MALCOLM KINNEY, V-Pres. IgO H tlr all Tbirf 3th "Gee, he always is fortunate in bum- ming rides." "He ought to be. His face would stop a train." if Perry Willson: "l intend to work on a paper when l graduate." Mr. Matthews: "Whate route do you want?" DF "What do you mean by telling Mary l'm a fool?" "l'm sorryfl didn't know it was a secret." DF "Do strawberries have legs?" UNO ,, "Then l must have swallowed a cater- pillar." JF Your eyes are Hazel, Your lips are as red as a Bose, Your skin is Olive, Your laugh is Mary, Your are all Grace- Now why did they name you Betty? DF "Sonny," a woman called to a boy passing her house, "would you mind putting this parcel on a streetcar? lt's my husbands lunch." "What streetcar?" the boy asked. "Any streetcar," the woman said. "He works in the company's lost-objects of- fice." A+ "So you are joining the army," cooed the sweet young thing. "Will you get a commission?" "No, just straight pay." 4 "What animal can jump higher than the Empire State Building?" "l'm sure l don't know." "All of them, silly. Who ever heard of a building jumping?" X- The Lesson in English l was a writ- ten essay on "Our Dog." Little jimmy finished first with this essay-"Our Dog. We ain't got none." Paqr' Om Hmnlrml Thirfy-fmlr "Why are you going to quit, Bill? Are your wages too low?" "The wages are all right, but l'm keeping a horse out of a job." JF A history teacher had lectured her class long and well. "And now, Pat, if the President of the United States should die, who would get the job?" Pat thought for a moment and an- swered, "A Democratic undertakerf' JP Filling out an application for a de- pendency allotment a soldier answered no to the question as to whether he had any dependents. "You'Ve got a wife, haven't you?" asked the sergeant. "Yes," replied the soldier, "but she ain't dependable." JF Two men were brought before the judge for fighting in the street. "Couldn't this case be settled out of court?" asked the judge. "That's what we were doing," an- swered one of the combatants, "when the cop pinched us." 4 "l don't want any callers this after- noon," said the employer to the office boy. "lf they say their business is im- portant just tell them that's what they all say." That afternoon a lady called and in- sisted on seeing the boss. "But l am his wife," she exclaimed. "That's what they all say," came the office boy's reply. if The sailor playing right field missed three easy flies. Returning to the dug- out between innings he explained to the athletic officer, "l guess l'll have to get some glasses." "Glasses!" roared the officer, "you're too far gone for glasses! What you need is radar!" 14- A well-dressed woman walked into a bank and looked about her with such a commanding air that the president of the bank came out to wait on her. "ls there anything l can do for you, madarn?" he asked. "Yes," she said, taking out an en- velope and a slip of paper from an al- ligator bag, "Sign here, please, Western Union." 12 SPECIALISTS TO SERVE YOU-NO WAITING f2-0Wl0P20'1f01'01l?C-01'-01'-0W402'74-710'1-0?"?10'101C0' 552017 Qi - E f flop o fesfzzfzscfzong J N EEDA 6 au y alan yew Cjcleas in ggeaufy! Open Evenings. Appointments Until 8:30 P.M. wowaaa20-taxaofawfmwflabwomaoaaeaowagmfazmfmonaamow As i As A Matter of Fact Smart Women Use the Service of .... UNEEDA BEAUTY SALQN A Matter of Course S-o-o-o-o if You-Need-A Beauty Solon Call Jay-Ate-Thirty-One Sixty-Seven 3110 Knox Street J-8-3167 Page Om' Hundrezl Tb The preacher came along and wrote upon the signboard: "l pray for all."' The lawyer wrote underneath: "l plead for all." The doctor added: "l prescribe for all." The plain citizen wrote: "l pay for all!" 1+ "My brother swallowed a frog today." "Did it make him sick?" "Yeah, he's apt to croak any minute." 4- First thief: "Where have you been all afternoon?" Second thief: "Oh, just out on the streetcar for a little change." X- Engineer: "Is the dance formal or can l wear my own clothes?" DF "Does your husband talk in his sleep?" "No, and it's terribly exasperating. He just grins1" if Senior: "You out to take chloroform." Freshman: "Yeah? Who teaches it?" if The lady asked her bookseller for something suitable for a friend in the hospital. "Oh, yes, madam," the good man re- plied, "you'll find the religious books over there." "Oh, but I don't want a religious book," objected the lady. "My friend is convalescent." 1+ Oourtship4Man chasing after a wom- an until she catches him. if Said the Florida man, picking up a watermelon: "ls this the largest grape- fruit you grow in these parts?" "Stop1" said the Californian, "you're crushing that raisinf' 1+ "toe: "l say, old man, I'm in a terrible fix. l need some money badly, and haven't the slightest idea where on earth l'm going to get it." lack: "l'm relieved to hear that. l was afraid that you might have an idea you could borrow it from me." Page One Hundred Thirty-six Nate: "Aren't you coming in swim- ming?" Kate: "I can't. A moth has been eat- ing my bathing suit." Nate: "The little rascal! He must have been on a diet." 1+ "Sorry, old man, that my hen got loose and scratched up your garden." "Thats all right, my dog ate your hen." "Fine! l just ran over your dog and killed him." V JF Ray Barker: "Let's take a streetcar home." Bill Richardson: "it's no use: where'd we put it?" 1+ Mr. Norton: "l say, your tubular air container has lost its rotundity." Motorist: "l don't quite-" Mr. Norton: "The cylinderical appara- tus which supports your vehicle is no longer inflated." Motorist: "But-" Mr. Norton: "The elastic fabric sur- rounding the circular frame whose suc- cessive revolutions bear you onward in space has not retained its pristine round- ness." Bill Lemmon: "Hey, mister, you got a flat." 1+ Our idea of a nightmare is being lost in a desert, dying of thirst, and sur- rounded by mountains of peanut but- ter sandwiches. 1+ Mary had a little lamb- You've heard it oft before- And then she passed her plate again And had a little more. PF Three deaf ladies were traveling on top of an open bus. "Windy, isn't it?" said one. "No, it isn't Wednesday, it's Thurs- day," said the second. 'fYes, l'm thirsty too. Let's all get off and have something to drink," said the third. JF Bastus: "Lou says here in this letter that he's O.K., but he can't tell whar he is. Mandy: "l knew that no account would get himself lost." Dallas Finest N eiglaborloooal Store P. C. Browrfs Clover Farm Store Groeeries, Refrigerated and Frozen Vegetables anal Meats J-8-6801 01' L-0295 3119 N. Haskell 9 T Q D D L E l-l Q U S E "Good As Tlae Best" 3 CONVENIENT STORES 3115 Oak Lawn Avenue 4007 Ross Avenue 3405 Gaston Street 9 WESTON HARDWARE COMPANY I HARDWARE AND PAINTS 1021 Elm Street and 1020 Pacific Avenue Telephone C-5126 and C-5127 29 Margaret Carroll Beauty Salon Serving HIGHLAND PARK AND OAK LAWN Air Gonrlitioneal Lemmon and Loma Alto 4115 LOma Alto L-4916 Page One Hundred Th tg A woman driver had just run down a pedestrian and she stopped and hol- lowed, "Look out." The man raised himself off the street and said, "Egad, are you coming back?" 1+ A New Yorker was showing his na- tive city to one of his friends from out of town. New Yorker: "Now this building was built in six months." Friend: "Oh, that's where l come from we built one twice that big in five months." New Yorker: "This building was built in half." Friend: "What about it. We built a sixty-eight story building in just a year." Friend: tComing to Empire State Build- ingl "Whats that building?" New Yorker: "Well, l'm sure l don't know. lt wasn't here fifteen minutes ago!" nothing. Back fifty-two story a year and a JF "Are you looking for work, young man?" "Not exactly, but l'd like a job." ff- Tommy: "l'Ve eaten beef all my life and l'm as strong as an ox." limmy: "That's funny, l've eaten fish all my life and I can't swim a stroke." X- Horse Sense-That which keeps a horse from betting on a man. X' Billy Lemmon: "l'm indebted to you for everything l know." Mr. Norton: "Oh, don't mention such a mere trifle." 14- Visitors always make us happy: some when they come and others when they go. Dt- Absent minded professor Centering a telephone boothjz "Fourth floor, please." X' Viking Ioke Editor: "There's some- thing l've always wanted, and never been able to get." Miss Bertrand: "That's a laugh!" Pug? Om' Hundred Thirty-High! And there was the Freshman who tried to get a passage to Europe on the S. S. Knapp. JF Cop: "Hey, you can't do that!" Carolyn Weaver: "Why not? A right turn is wrong-the left turn is right. lt isn't right to turn right, because the right turn is wrong. lf you wanna turn right, turn left, and-" Cop: "Aw, go ahead!" 4- North Dallas Student Ccoming into a storel: "Say, how about trying that suit on in the window?" Salesman: "Sorry, but you'll have to use the dressing room." 14' "What is a genius, Pop?" "A genius, son, is a man who can re- write a traveling salesman's jokes and get them accepted by the Ladies Home Iournall" M- "What did you get for your birth- day?" "You know that new Chrysler sport roadster we saw in the window last week?" "Yeh?" "Well, l got 55.00" 4 Mrs. Ransome: "What would happen if a colored waiter were to drop a plat- ter of turkey?" Smart One: "The humiliation of Afri- ca, the destruction of China, the over- flow of Greece, and the fall of Turkey." DF A pedestrian had fallen into a man- hole and called for help. "Dear men," said a gentleman who happened along, "have you fallen into that manhole?" "Not at all," was the reply. "As you seem interested l will say that l just happened to be down here and they built the pavement over me." DF Helen: "l wonder what men talk about when they're off by themselves." Nellie: "Probably the same things we do." Helen: "Oh, aren't they awful!" FILBIN PHARMACY 2847 Henderson at Willis Prescriptions Prompt Delivery Service At All Times Phone T-23 01 6 In sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire stu- dent body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past twenty-four years. American Beauty Cover Co. 2002-8 North Field Street The Cover on This Book Was Produced in This Plant 6 Herald Dry Clecxninq Co. HOME OF Goon CLEANING Phone T3-2191 Dallas, Texas 4233 Ross Avenue Established 1908 9 Compliments of W. L. I-IARTMAN Drapery-Upholstery Shop 3015 Knox L-3929 Page One Hundred T A woman is judged by her company, but not until they have left. Dt- A man was speeding along the road in his car. A state trooper caught up with him and made him pull over to the side of the road. "Why were you going so fast?" "My brakes are bad and I was hurry- ing home before I had an accident," re- plied the driver. Q4- First Ioe: "Your car has no horn, has it?" A 'Second Ioe: "No, it doesn't need one." First Ioe: "Why?" Second Ioe: "Because it says 'Dodge Brothers' on the front of the car." 24- Mr. Syron: "What is the chemical formula for water?" Chem. I Student: "I-I I I K L M N O." Mr. Syron: "What are you talking about? Stop babbling." Student: "Well, sir, yesterday you told us it was H to O." X, , A famous pianist was hired to play for an ambitious amateur singer. T lady continually sang off key. At last the accompanist turned to her in despair: "Madam," he shouted, "I play the black keys, I play the white keys: but still you sing in the cracks." X- The teacher left the classroom for a few minutes. On her return, she found the class noisy and disorderly. "How does it happen," she asked angrily, "that I never find you study- ing when I come back to the room?" A piping voice answered, "Please, ma'am," it said, "you wear rubber heels." if Two thieves were looting a hotel roorn when they were interrupted by a knock at the door. "Open up!" shouted a voice. "What'll we do?" whispered the first thief. "Let's jump out the window," his fel- low burglar replied. "Silt we're on the thirteenth floor," said the first thief. Page One H1ma'1'ea' Forty 1 V xv . "Listen pal," said the other, as he thrust one leg over the sill, "this is no time to be superstitutious." X- Passenger: "You'll bring me back safely, won't you?" Aviator: "Have no fear, madam. I never left anybody up there yet." X' "You musn't laugh out loud in the classroom," the teacher told Iohnnie. "I didn't mean to do it," apologized Iohnnie. "I was smiling and it broke." X' He: "Are you sure that you've never been out with a sailor before?" She: "Certainly, I'm sure." He: "Swell Where shall I meet you?" She: "At 2100, on the starboard side of Pier 2." "Iohn," she called, as he drove out of the garage, "when you're in town, stop at the grocery store and buy a jar of that traffic jam I keep reading about." JF Father came home one night and asked his little dears, "What have you children been doing to help mother?" "I washed the dishes," boasted Mary Ann. "I dried them," answered Iunior. The youngest smiled sweetly and said, "I picked up all the pieces." JF "I is-',' began a schoolchild. "I am," corrected his teacher. So he proceeded, "I am the ninth let- ter in the alphabet. x- I-Ie fin restaurantl: "A scientist says that what we eat we become." She: "G-ood, let's order something rich." X' Lecturer Cafter his speech? "Give my check to some charity." Chairman: "Would you mind if we add it to our special fund?" Lecturer: "Not at all. What is the fund for?" Chairman: "To enable us to get bet- ter lecturers next year." Avalawn Raolio ci Appliances Featuring Adiniral - Stewart-Warrier Sentinel Radios Adiniral Refrigerators 3109-11 Knox Phone L-5874 "Dependable Radio Service on All Makes" KING ICE CREAM CO. 3508 Oak Lawn Ave. Headquarters for Those Delicious Malts and Sundaes Wearing Apparel Fora MEN AND WOMEN .,i. W A L E S 1914 Elm St. Compliments of A A Cole's Haioltery Quality Chicks for 15 Years Greenville at Lovers Lane Z T-5 216 LATEST RECORDS Brooks Mays ci Company "Horne of Fine Pianos Since 1901" 1005 Elm Street C-6214 Morris ' Food Store 1 4012 Ross Avenue Telephone T3-5116 A Dallasgfrfexas Fresh Fruits - Meats - Vegetables Established 1921 L. l. Sharp Hardware 4244 Oak Lawn Ave. Telephone L-2181 6915 Preston Road V Telephone L-2182 "DaIlas' Most Complete Hardware Stare" WILLIE'S SERVICE STATION Indexed Lubrication - Wasl1ing T A Battery Recharging - Tires Cv Accessories 2901 N. HENDERSON T3-0465 Q T3-oLi65 Page One Hundred Forty Teacher: "What did Paul Revere say at the end of his famous ride?" Practical Student: "Whoa!" 4- Sailor: "Where'd you all git that Southern accent?" Girl: "Honey chile, I've been drinking out of Dixie cups." X1 Iunior and his mother were looking through the old family album. "And there," said his mother, "is your Aunt Susie, there's Uncle Bert, and there's Grandma." Presently they came to a picture of a handsome young man with a mous- tache. "Who's that?" asked Iunior. "Why, that's your father," said his mother proudly. "Yeah?" said Iu n io r skeptically. "Then who's that old bald-headed guy who's been living with us?" JO- One housewife to another: "I can't wait for televisione-I'm anxious to get a look at Iohn's other wife." JF A woman buying a thermometer: "These seem to be all different-if you have one that registers 700 that's about the temperature we like our house." X' One burglar to another as the family of the house walk in the front door: "Now, for heaven's sake, try not to look guilty." PF "How do you know Chaucer dictated to a stenographer?" "lust look at the speIling." if Our Own Dictionary- A. Banana Peel-Food article that brings the weight down. B. Diplomat-Man who remembers a woman's birthday, but forgets her age. C. Etc.-Sign used to make others believe you know more than you do. D. Horrible Example-Any problem in mathematics. if Question: What do most boys like in girls' clothing? Answer: Girls. If A romantic moment in a recent mo- tion picture brought this comment from an enraptured looby-soxer: "And when Page One Hundred Forly-iwo the sailor kissed her, she kissed him right back and seconded the emotion." J4- Explorer: "And there, as I entered the house, I came face to face with a feroc- ious ape. What do you think I did?" Bored Listener: "Removed the mirror." JF Iames: "So your sister now drives a car? How long did it take her to learn?" Phillip: "Oh, about two cars and a half." DF A chip on the shoulder indicates there's wood higher up. 4 Ruth rode in my new cycle car, On the seat back of me. I took a bump at fifty-five, And rode on Ruthlessly. JF "Men of my type are not running Ioose." "Of course not, you fool, that is what the police department is for." 1+ "Did you get a hair cut?" "No, I had my ears moved down a half an inch." JF "I purchased some sausage yester- day and was wondering what vitamin was in it. Can you tell me?" "It sounds like vitamin ICQ." if Waiter to provoked customer: "What do you mean, 'moldy bread'? Don't you know penicillin when you see it?" 14- "Why were you so mad last night?" "I was over in the phone booth talk- ing to my girl when some fellow came along and wanted to use the phone. So -we had to get out." JI- "What did Adam say as his wife fell out of a tree?" "Evesdropping again!" JP A man went to the judge and said he wanted to change his name. "What is your name?" asked the judge. "Frank Stein." "Why do you want to change it?" "Because my middle initial is N." The Activity and Service Club Congratulates its Graduating Members JUU9, 1947 KATherine Simpson Billie CI-Ilmpion june, 1946 CArol Howard CL:1ribel Nigro Marlm Hedaway CArolyn Beall GeNna V. O'Neal Mary FranceS Walsh Give Flowefff LANG,S Flowers are home grown. Arrisrically arranged by artists, they The sweetest and most acceptable gift for all occasions. look better, last longer, cost no more. Sozztlzzveftu Larger! Gzfowem 3 Storrs to Serve You ' c ' , Flowers Delivered by Wire Anywhere on A, , 'f Q' giaiils Short Notice the Guaranteed Wfay If You me not az LANG Cmtomer than we Botlv Lore Page One Hundred For! 14fan'4 1926 Greenville Avenue T-1866 "Fe11ii1ii11e Apparel for Tbose Wbo Care" DRESSES - SPORTSWEAR - HOSIERY - ACCESSORIES One Block South of Arcadia Theatre PREMIER FOOD STORE Groceries - Fruits - Vegetables ' 2813 N. Henderson Phones 8-5186, 8-S187 KNOX ST. CLEANERS 3211 Knox St. L-7321 Dallas, Texas Expert Alterations Lubrication Wasbiiig Polisbiiig GIDDENS TEXACO SERVICE TO BRING OUT YOUR Us Lfffilf S tree,s I GIOHOUF Phones LHH,-3 S' Texas A ccessor ies Adorable Clotbes and Accessories from the Clark Loyd 'Sc to 51.00 Store, Inc. Glamour Shop 3926 Cedar Springs L-9244 3104 Oak Lawns Ave. L-7811 Corlqrcxtulcltions To IOCKEY CLUB GRADUATES BETTY ELLIS BETTY BROOKING CAROLYN COLE BOBBIE ROBINS MARY NAN HUDGINS DOROTHY GOSS JEAN EARL ELLIOTT ANNE KINMAN BARBARA FLEMING BETTYE METCALFE JANE WHITE GERRY SIMPSON One Iiuizdred Forty-four "THE BEST IN FLOWERS" "Boy, O, Boy, What A Corsagev Opposite Baylor Hospital 3307 Gaston, Dallas, Texas HOME OE Hart Schcrffner ci Marx Clothes ana' other famous brands Dallas, Best and Most Cozzrteous Record and Radio Store JABLF 1 75ffuRN5- ' -f i 7 ..,-.-,' : -:-J-15:2 -... snr SELECTION RECORD STORE S ,.,...,.,...,. -JE Oak Lawn near Wfycliff L-3 636 Compliments of AVALAWN Cleaners and Dyers 3923 Cedar Springs Lakeside 5148 nocmn 55.1 , CRFIWFORD ggi'-F l G l.. l.. Y S , f7r -is e aisaasfifav eiliagsie- l GL-ff'-W' Cleaning - Dyeing SIX STAR DRUG Specializing in Banana Split COME AND SEE Us 2025 Greenville T3-0596 "folly Good Cleaners" 3524 McKinney A Phone L 7137 Page One Hundred Forty fi lust give me a man With a million or two Or one who is handsome Would happily do. A dashing young fellow Is swell any day. Or one who is famous Would suit me okay. But if the man shortage Should get any worse Go back to the very First line of this verse. 24' Mr. Knapp: "lack Carpenter, go to the front of the room and make a speech on football." lack: "lVIr. Chairman, and friends, football is - was - well - ugh - ugh. Gee, Mr. Knapp, why not give me a subject I know something aboutl" JF Did you hear about the little moron who: Had all his teeth pulled so he could have more gum to chew? Thought that Western Union was the underwear cowboys wore? X' Professor: "Are there any dumbells in the room?" A long pause followed and then a freshman rose. Professor: "Why do you consider yourself a dumbell?" Freshman: "Well, not exactly that, but I hate to see you standing alone." X- It has often been said that God made man after the monkey. I think God made monkey because he was dis- gusted with man. x- Two Negro soldiers were sitting in a foxhole out in no man's land during an enemy shelling and this is what they said: Bastus: "What you scared about black boy? Look at me, I ain't scared. l know none of them shells is got my name wrote on it." Blackout: "Listen man, I know none of them shells got my name on 'em." Bastus: "Well, what you worried 'bout then?" Blackout: "It's de ones marked 'to whom it may concern' thats botherin' me. Page One Hundred Forty-fix Proverb: A modest girl never chases a man, nor does a mousetrap chase a mouse. 14- Bathing Beauty-Msomething worth wading for. me "Here lies the body of Samuel A. Bean, Proposed to Louise and called her Irene." 1+ "Oh, Chester, dear, why did you have to turn out the light?" "I wanted to see if my pipe was still lit" JF Elevator man: "Here is your floor my boy." Young boy: "What do you mean? I'm not your boy and you're not my father." Elevator man: "Don't get angry. I brought you up didn't I?" x- What would a man be doing if he got up at two o'clock in the morninq to write poetry?" "Going from bed to verse." JF The ballplayers in a western city were delighted by the news that the army had classified their most promin- ent umpire 4F. Reason: Faulty vision. JF At a military funeral the aged mother of the deceased fainted as the volley was fired. "My gosh, they've shot Grandma," shouted the little boy. X- A man ordered steak and was asked by the waiter, "And how did you find your steak?" He answered, "Oh, I just happened to lift up one of the potatoes and there it was." 2+ A group of English soldiers and a Negro soldier were indulging in a friendly game of poker. First soldier: "I say, l'll bet a pound." Second soldier: "Well, old top, l'll bet five pounds. Negro: "I don't know how you gentle- men bet your money, but I raises you three tons." Congratulation Hi-Lite Graduates Wyngie Blair Jo Bell Chapman Camille Cole Dolores Ratterree Patty Graves Norma Henderson Rosemary Henry Martha Pollard Wanda Furr Billie Taylor 1: BAKER'S PHARMACY COMPLETE SERVICE DRUG STORE JENKINS SERVICE STATION 2721 2nd 3519 McKinney Ave. I-1-0155 Phone L-9995 C. T. BOXLEY JOHN T. EUBANKS Phone L-4103 EUBANKS HARDWARE Co. Bf0Wd9f Drug Store Philco Radios PHILCO Glidden Paints McKinney Ave' Refrigeraizilrtshorized Radio Siilxiidie Freeze 8012 Denton Drive Dallas Ph. D4-2348 o "Flowers Crt their finest, in Artistic Arrangements." I FLQWER-A-DAY SHQP Knox at Travis St. L-2103 Page One Humlrrzl Forty- ri 2 2 2 e eioeih V E R 18 C , l L AZ, :l, : : . 0F enema ieE N6 - gpg Hg DIAMONDS - --WATCH E5 - - -JEWELRY ..:. , A . . .-:,i: 4 -e me ELM smear AT I-mnwooo if if 49 BELMONT PHARMACY MANGEUS 7712 D Drive D4 1494 Fast Delivery 3 42 6 Greenville Ave. Phone T3 - 5 5 47 Dallas, Texas Chic Clothes 1804 Elm St. Dallas C-2875 Compliments of Airlcrwn Cle-cmers T0Q,Ql9rlv9 Where You Get Quality Cleaning W. G. Sparks, Prop. Eugene Sparks, Mg 3321 Oak Lawn Ave. 7712 Demon Drive Lakeside 2495 D4-1494 Compliments of O. S. CASTLEN Cole and Haskell Drug Store 0 l BAKER'S PHARMACY PORTER T. BENNETT DRUG STORE lgmior R I O 2721 2nd H-0155 4106 Oak Lawn Ave. Phone L-2135 e One Hundred Forty-eight Seto E. LBURKS scto Sw Sw KINGDON GOULD Fine Poriraitnre 1921 M Greenville Next to Sears-Roebuck T7-6511 ADAMS AVALAWN PHARMACY Cedar Springs at Reagan L-4114 s. W. DAVIS PERFECTO CLEANERS For Cleaning of Distinction Phone T7-6821 2917-19 Greenville B-Y SPORT SHOP Oina York Originals BLOUSES A SPECIALTY 2003 Greenville T5-7122 BILGER FLORIST F. T. D. A. Stores and Greenhouses, 3515 Greenville Avenue Phone T-8585 Dallas, Texas LITTLE FLOWER HOUSE 3522 Oak Lawn L-0634 MOBILUBRICATION WASHING M. L. KLINE SEIEVICE STATION PHARMACY, INC, 3501 reenvi e at McComas MTZZYSHC Ethical Prescription Druggisis Fine Vulcanizing - I Call For and Deliver Knox at Travis Lakeside 2126 A. I.. HARPER, SR. Phone Central-1948 GREENVILLE AVENUE CLINE MUSIC CO., INC. "E1ferylbing for Band and Orcbeslrau Phones T3-6121, T3-6122 Guaranteed Repair Work. 2901 Greenville Ave Dallas, Texas DURWARD J' CLINE, Prwdem 1405 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas ANNA PINKERTON BAKER TAYLORS at Whittle Music CO' 2821 N. Henderson Phone T3-0317 Voice and Piano Teacher Tha ks Studio B and in Sheet Music Dept. n Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS MR. AND MRS. W. L. CLARK SENIORS Page One Hundred Forty THE RUSH COMPANY HEADQUARTERS FoR ART AND MECHANICAL DRAWING SUPPLIES V 1401 Elm Phone R-4403 GEO. MOOIRE'S SERVICE 4207 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas, Texas Tel. L-4604 Open Till 12 Midnight We Make Road Calls Mechanic on Duty All Time HARRISON 86 VAUGHN SERVICE STATION 4115 Oak Lawn, Dallas L-4525 ROAD SERVICE, WASHING AND LUBRICATION C. G. QAndyj AnderSon's HUMBLE SERVICE STATION 3927 Oak Lawn at Avondale Phone Lakeside-1766 Dall Compliments of BERNIE A. CAHN 3410 Oak Lawn Dallas, Texas Millinery VICKERY PARK GROCERY AND MARKET 3012 N. Henderson join the Crowds for Good Fountain Service CABELL'S NO. 4 Mgr. Lola Cline 3301 Oak Lawn Phone L-3139 TENISON FLORAL CO. 3113 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas Bob: "Why is it that you fat fellows are always good nc1tured?" lim: "You see, We cc1n't either Iiqht or run." MOORE'S GROCERY 43 10 Lemmon ANDY CARTER,S FURNITURE Co. 2819 N. Henderson T7-2281 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! I MORRIS FEDERATED STORE 8120 Denton Drive D4-1353 Om' Hundrefl Fifly ongrazfulationsf to the 1946 Graduates of North Dallas High School CA IJ ID L ENGIQAVINQ STEEL. AND EEIPPER PLATE ENGRAVER5 CUMDANY Manufacturers of WEDDING INVITATIONS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS FINE BUSINESS STATIONERY AND GREETING CARDS We sincerely thank you for the privilege of supplying the commence- ment invitations and cards for both Ianuary and May Classes of 1946. Visit Us in Our New Ojice and Factory 2107 hJcKinney.Avenue DALLAS Gb This Annual Printed by 5 lmnmmzhghmmgan A nmvumm A. 1717 WOOD STREET ' ll-IB22 4 'I Page One Hundred Fifty-one P O ,.g.g.g.g.g.:.g.:.g.-.- . g.g.:.g.' O gf Each year finds an even greater effort on the part of both the Viking Staff and our organization to keep up the high standard of the VIKING Masterpieces. We appreciate the journey through the years with your publication personnel and School officials. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVIN6 CO OF DALLAS 2100 Iackson Street Phone Riverside 2158 H und re DALLAS. TEXAS ty-two

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