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V W 1 Wwf Wfi g ff XWMW QHQWV X 'QU ggi BETTY WELLENKAMP Ediiof BILLY STEELE Business Mcmczqer CATHERINE ADAMS Advertising Manager lbs Pilging f Ww k ,' A Q X f if K' s gf 'XX 1, f f? QT i f wi X fl X S+ .1 Z XX X lg. X l 9 3 7 VOLUME XVI Published by the Senior Class of the North Dallas High School g VIKING EXECUTIVE STAFF Top Row: Jimmy Dougherty, Betty Wellenkamp, Martin Glass. Bottom Row: Catherine Adams, Phyllis Cass, Louise Rodell, Billy Steele ontmts I. ADMINISTRATION II. CLASSES HI. ACTIVITIES IV. MILITARY 1. I V. ATHLETICS ,.-I I we 41 bfi 'I 'Q' 'Ig I rv: x"r ,, - jig.-six it 34555 I ggi- ' Q3-wif 1 7 yl I J X -s 's 5 If 131 ! J Y Y 5 1 Q mv ' vDsQ: 1 N I VI. IOKES AND D Y ff J"?v IL . ' -A ,p ' 1 ,I fi I 1 Ji' f,f2'r if I I I I I I I I . I x id 'iA5x'a,gv A s 472327 eng, :Q 7 .. .Q wif? Inf? "f 2-,IS naffxf 'WSQV5 aggf gg ,MIR . 4 - n' Imax V11 N I tx ,', U v . ' I I I I I II I V N A I XY If I N5 f ' I III II f 5 n I , ' f -if I 'I 1-i'1g,lfTf' I X I W 1- M If ,, ff' . ,fri I 'ff ' x 'I v r, " , f ,E cf B Q S ,,,. as Q '1- S 9 9 f 1' U' URI- -lo honor their determination, earnest endeavor, and final success, we, of the lune Class of '37 and the lanuary Class ot '38, proudly dedicate this VIKING to Mr. Anderson and his championship football team. MR. CHARLES ANDERSON Avg , ,, QM . ..,,, , . X i XX sign my ,.: ,Af X Q Zfc 3,51 I E'4gt3mllL 'ffg f ggiinligi H 5 E: XS , , JV' ,v X ' f X 9 77x ' .vw ww fl' 1 II I "f'i,34jf ' J 411' ff I Z, ,vfxx fgsfx I 'Q . I 6 QQ ' If 94, fi 0- ' ' 1'- ., ' ' ig! ,I V Sk' Q N5 H I If I' fvggf '-" ,fyy 1. V 5,5413 . L, ,Z-f . 1 4,-fif 4 4 f A 54' . ,,f XSX- 5 -fxm' WMM ,y5QQ I' T I V Q 1"LA FTEKQQ 5? l w f - ..-H' I ' QL if " 'I ' J li 3 QMHWM? iii ivwfw X! " W MII f QW flfh it fn fi f f 1 XAXXXQ 7 W 4 X ff:-j!f:flXxXXx Sim X N ml n ' X X A X5 'T ' f ' ff, ,Z igxxvx Q R, Q' YW Q W 1-' Fd W X f' 'ffflf S X ,ff N rl "f Fa' Ch L A I Z, SQ 'Q YQ 6 W 'A 'JM ha' mf tj fb!!! X X w K I ' X f' , ff L ' I if ff ,II 13? NW A W 1 QA, WMM 2,41 ,, I IK u IA fum I4 www Q 52 1 X l , M , ,QI 4 I , ' wh ,H ' I I 9 318 Mm .Jw , l sf 2 N X lwgf 711' ky A 0 W W 4:4 W WA LW + U' fi-f ' ' IW' W N n ff' fi llihwl' If Wm W 1 Q ww If, ' IW ulw . X i 0 57 E ' V1 Nu Il 1' I M Mmm 4 I fr I' X X1 , "mul Z ffi I M ff I A Tnyfl 01 '11 W . f'l01 N, ,f J 1 ,n fl F21 If Ip VI 1- If 4 ? f" WL zz! 'W - , f w' 4: 1 " Ll ff, -v. L ul w f, If Q My ' A N -,is 2 if 5 My X MkWx4lwW . J, In u,..v -,QIIMWV I- f www If f' . Qjgi ' fl ' . W ww ?, gif' " 4 ff-f' -X ,- ' , wi' ' a' :L gg- ' 1, ' Q f I K- :I W' -N. ., " x R ' ' ' W gi N1 X Z XI 1, JU-. M. if QNX xx Q ' 0 ' IQ X Y W ' ' LIUQXA XXX fwf A H X I Y f X hf4kQW Xxx 1 A fn' 45- , gfij. W '11 QHH 6Q2Q,W, NWN xxx: l f f l 1' xy f !0h1ffff,'W .ffz-' Sipfpn , ,I ff, I W XX It I Y Y Y Y M lf I y .ml I W f f 4 , , " ' "'4"'i"3f MMM ' I uiggfaf I f' W I ' I gg "W ' A -V W mwnllqflwluwmm -1?,,H,.,,w"'fXp.ff f M :UI c - ' f f I , IL, l '5" 4 vt Qg,IIf4ef 4 ' I 3- fy I. 'L I ,.., - A- I 41243 'TWV W " I wwf W :Ji Q b-' " 1 f 'lil '1 iff! Mm! Hp if Q "' H" 7' , " 1 5 ij' 'l 'f X-fl' fl' 'ju' -f'f"fi u ,, ""' i 5 """'-. I 3 I inf ,jig WN X , Q .V Q -: V, Q - f .I ' 3 In JIU' l g 1 1 Qfw j I4 3 1. ' ' 3,,,,Q?2-ieigwi 5 I . , Wfflqgii IN Y I , 4, If 1' XX - I Z . rg . I fLI1f,,Ii,1+ paw I. 1 ,A XMXMQNI f Q- I-N I U sw it 3. fizjggz ' X ' ' ' W' q .,,, X - ' 1, s Q - V3 I ' 4 .Q , II , Eff? - I I L I ' 1 .1 X XXX .Zyy56Q'VmqI:,a 71 ,sky I- fl! 4 Q ,Y r I 1fMwwE2IfbW v5y2VaMwwfwsf,V?wIfIwfxw W ? If , 51lIu1" wI,A1-W. li My 3 J I r I 345' I Ig If L, 55 xv. -j,,5,- yur Hug, 'gif MI! 4 ,vwnfwf 2 I 'V jx QW ,'fl WL J 1 Z' fu 'U1,44 ' lu. A 1I 'II Eg PM U Q LJ 'I' ' ' I 1 Gf ff ' 'V'wuinumuf'w-u' '1+E Yi HWS V W '4 HW MI "'2'I'l I 9 5 ' V2 iff-'IImfIi11+wnwwWI1I1f -2' 'i ff +I , If -M 1 1 I I +R W H " 'l Vzff: I-J 1 v - Y I 1' ' 'lids' ,, ,H-,m.nuxnx".'1L K pf V 5251 V WLM, Aff Wpkil ' if ll- mn , f- IAQ A 65? wifi? Q, 5 P mf QI-A' V ., 1 . fz5fs ,B 2 rffffx' I .51 F-f Wi f I V' 1 f mi 4:2 ? H-4 f iff M " 1 MI wi all w+fff14f1isIw" L 1? gLE2- m1-':STj'fI fi - I r- P 'L""" ' mmm- ,,36IQ fi Will KW' " I ' Vi -' W1 ' l fy V' , I a" 23325 J 1 -Q I' 7 ' I 1 -' 1 ' ,Mx 5s 5 15' 14-'l' .II, -ii" ' 45 ff J' -W' If fy " 1 WAT ' ai M-IQ Wi! U1 QW f . i f 1 W Li yl,..f' I ' IVQLM C EI W 5- 5 5 ggi iff? A ' Q Wlf QF if ,yr 1 .JK ' V- , f, nil ' Z ' " ,f' -2 1 " , ' N x' ' X" 9'l2. jhf 'U' "V"QA' 1 lmll, v. X X514 Wwlimhgr 1 V4 T-A I- m x Mft K fx 4115, mq gl i hl, ,Q .gulqi 1 N ,fwgj Q it I I I A I I ,I I www ,mm Illl 1- 'mu I umm ,K A j 9 ,Q I Why! X ,ff fi IX, wg um 'uw-I+m,f www Ing. .I Q ww nn f ,ff f s ,M I X 'Ht -gs, IM' ff! - W "Wu" "'M,,','F4l3iW3 WFF,1f?-5-W4f?fLQ 'Q mm 3 NIU mmf 1 X If" I WW, " T' W A W11nmWm!fnWuru wvixlu W WI", MW 'f' If " '1, ' FM1fI'Wr: 'j UQ I WW I. 'Wu "annum wdfllvkl ff fy ,,, X ICU im" f ' 'Q N, gy ' Im ' ' '- fm .ww -M-II.,, I, 'p I Y I ' - wg' f , wyVIIMUmaf f f,fwQWv4M H-wwiM wWkMf6v,54?mW'f' wwwwv Z qw My ' -fx ' I ll QKQW 5, f if I E gy W1Igw34.g,4g4 .4 4wwW!ff I V2Q4Q?,WiWwwII'I+, wwawmfiw fum I I, fr AM My f f H M 'l'A 1II2I- NIff ff Yi .ffl MQXQ4 Z , ,fiy g kiln 11 X 451 igfIQ1jXFig?Iff, L I SQQXWW Wim WMQQZZQMQQQQKQNWWI QQQI mwvwwfy1Q ' I 1 'xi?5V If I X Q W I X Ji-'QWII if " , I , AJ ,I .,c, Uwwx, ,X X WI f ,,,,,x.I,, .J - 1- '- Q 'Aww K lfffff i f -Y 2I NUM , ,iii Qu .2 3-is A Jf ' ' "", M, it -...wk-vizk -,,,, i,b,TelpQ,,,P' an X , , Q -1 wg 1 I 4 f XZ i I N. R. CROZIER E. B. CAUTHORN L. V. STOCRARD Siiperiniendcrit of Schools Assistant Superintemlent of Schools District Superirztenrlcnt of High Schools DAVID W. CARTER, JR., M.D. . President MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT . . Vice-Presidcrif COMMITTEES Finance Supply MR. GABE P. ALLEN, Chairman MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT, Chairm MR. L. O. DONALD MR FRED D. DANFORD MR. D. D. ROGERS Rules MR. D. D. ROGERS, Chairman MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT MRS. W. A. LEEPER Lunchrooms MRS. W. A. LEEPER, Chairman MR. D. D. ROGERS MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT MR Building MR MR. MR Welfar'c L. O. DONALD and Sites L. O. DONALD, Chairman GABE P. ALLEN FRED D. DANFORD dll MR. FRED D. DANEORD, Chairman MRS. W. A. LEEPER MR. GABE P. ALLEN MR. E. B. COMSTOCK 'bn ...:-.r .x-q,'-,M '-15422535 f- 'flggagasr 1 .fig ' ' iw Qgv figs ". . 1 'ff yas.. if p 1. ' . First Row Acro Second Row: Ma 1 - """f"'f'1f' '- , ag E T A Q 6... ,Q h . .Q .H my if L. . . A at 131 B? I J n E .2 4, E , 3 'W R . v A .f 'W - .. 4 la if Qf 4 T V, . Hg fm L, ,, W q if gg? vm: Q 4 45111 ff, 5 S U Mr . . 4 . 'iff242 ?ii1i 'f - 'ki-QQ51 if i . P A , - l l . . V ,L if .QQK N 15' I ..,.f , X ,Q ::':. -. 1 11. KZ: -file, , ..5 5S'f C 7 if . :,... JW- . ..'5"'A1:E .sg fytli .2 f.w.1k:k Q. R. Q .Y 'T-ISS? K :e gg , , '.?f1,-jf :.. gg, Q A L-3 "" Q-'15 ' - E1 isifiilq wfs. ff -f ss: Floy Agnew, Guy Allen, Charles Anderson, Landon Baker, Mabel Baldwin. ry Bertrand, Ella G. Bigbee, Lila Blake, Myrtle Byrd, Katherine Bradford. Tbiru' Row: Myrtle Clopton, R. L. Coleman, Mary Colline, Olatia Crane, Ruth Crawford. Fourlb Row: Ruth Curtis, Mabel Davies, F. M. Del.nny, Pearl Tunnelle, Elizabeth Dice. Fiflb Row: Adele Epperson, Leora Guinn, C. L. Ford, Myrtle Foster, E. M. Fulton. - M1 yi Cl, Firxf Row " Jf"5EiQqi33154fll57'?. 7 ' if , . A :,. fi .. .. A, ,M ' X.. H I is ' , .,.. ' V .- ',,. :mf 'X e 7 If-M M V ..,,.y.yy . mf' Q 1 3... K Q gram s 9 . ,z? .. ,, , . . A i, gi wi, k karl i L ' , fwx, ,rug . A7Lk 1 5 ,, 1 ii A eww . S . . .. H I . V, ,-A.- e . 4 1. . e . , - fa fp., , 1, ., , .,..',, . V V,:,,,. ,,., . LIV, f sr 3 Rehn Zi gi Q -' f . . -. :ff .,: '-' I Hifi? .. eg ,.,. A fi I - ,sg ' ' ,, fri - f . lv, ' fgfikgx. . X 5 Acroxx: E. R. Greenman, Ann Hilt, Edna Hinde, Daylc Driver Stanley Kn2PP, Nell Lawler, Helen Wilson. Seroml Row: Clio Irish, Rufus Hyde, Bessie Third Row: Ellen Meador, Sarah Meriwether, C. M. Morphis, Marion Murray, M. M. Myers, Ruth Pierce Fourth Row: Minnie Roberts, Helen Sandel, F. A. Smith, C. L. Syron, W. T. Tardy, H. G. Witmeyer Fifth Row: Eugenie Terry, Florence Taylor, J. F. Turner, Maybell Waggoner, Myrtle Whitely. 3 1 1 i H 1 l I 2 5 5 E 2 5 5 E 5 5 5 E I 5 2 5 Q E E 5 Qhiorfjf W' In fir - IV-H Class Officers President . . . GEORGE MERIWETHER Vice-President . . . . HARRY LEAK Secretary . . BARBARA CULLUM Treasurer . . MARIAN OIBEIRNE Sponsor . . . MR. ANDERSON Prologue HAN that Septemlore peynted al the mede And frosted al the leves gold and rede Power year agoon there cam a strange arraye Ot youth, both boys and maydes, fresshe and gaye On pilgrimage to wide renowned shrine, The See lmperial of Wisdorn tul benigne The Lord ot this demeyne, the Duk sovran Of lerninge's lands so broad, a courtly man He is, and .semely and ful tit to han Swich high estate, and wys and wel y-taught And of manhood lackede right naught Wel coude he rede a lessoun, and eek thereto He is right a merye man and deemes it vertu To maken japes and jollitee anon Whan al sober matter is wel y-don. The younge pilgrims thru wide halles space He skilfully doth parcel to finde, o'grace, Each his lytel part to playe and prys To win by his own labour, tool or wys. The Duk, y-skilled in governance, devyned That beste to maken his lieges mind Was eel: to share the taske and hence decreed That each grave master write a secret screed To name as ruling Council the moste stoute Of al to helpe him brydel the motley route. .Tift .QW 1 CATHERINE ADAMS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Art Club: Pan-American Forum Treasurer: Linz Pins: Biology Club: Girl Reserves: Home Room Treasurer: Viking Advertising Manager. Bright as the sun her eyes the gazers strike, Ami, like the sun, they shine on all alike. BETH AKERS Birthplace: Lipscomb, Texas Linz Pin: Home Room Secretary: Chemistry Club: Commercial Club. Anil she above the rest, by nature good, Was the pattern formed of perfect womanhood. JOHN HARRY ALLEN Birthplace: Macon, Georgia Track: Model Airplane Club: Armistice Day Parades: R. O. T. C. Corporal. A quiet boy, modest aim' reserved, Every honor heslowea' is well deserved. EDDIE ARCHER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Football. He always fghts his way to win the game Aml never thinks to win himself the fame. DORO1'HY BIARD Birthplace: Midland, Texas Quill and Scroll: National Forensic League: Music Festival: N. D. H. S. Accompanist: All-City Orchestra: All-City Chorus: Student Council: Operetta: Cantata: Home Room Vice-President: Perigon Club: Compass Feature Editor: Debate Club: State Bank Contest: Girl Scouts: Essay Contest: Boys' Glee Club Accompanist: Girl Reserves. Anil eertainly she hail a merry note: Well eoulrl she sing and play on a rote. JOE BARNETT Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club: Kodak Club: Armistice Day Parade: Stamp Club. Well formed he was and' of goodly height, Active and strong and valorous in jight. MARY BECKER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Home Room Program Chairman. In courtesye was set ful muehe hir heste, Of tenilre herte hern was the beste. nl BERNICE BELL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Arts and Crafts Club Vice-President: Linz Pins: Library Assistant: Girl Reserves: Commercial Club: Na- tional Honor Society. Eyes so brown and with expression too They reveal her fun and friendship true. BILL BERRY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Golf: R. O. T. C. Captain: Red Cross: Crack Com- pany Drill: Assembly Programs: Armistice Day Parades. With clzilrbes he zloth stroke the balle aright, And also doth please the ladyls eyes so bright. BETTY JANE BLAKE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Assembly Programs: Cantata: All-City Chorus, A Capella Choir: Commercial Club Treasurer: Music Festi- val: Girls' Chorus. Always a smile with every spoken word And wil to answer everything she heard. FELICE BLAKEY Birthplace: Ennis, Texas Volley Ball Captain: Baseball Captain. Her gaiety bf's111'a1zs laer' low' of fun As witmfssrrl by tba 711111131 friwzrls slw's 10011. BILL BLESSING Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Senior Hi-Y President: Football Letterman: Basketball Letterman: Track: Eagle Scout: R. O. T. C. Master Sergeant: Home Room President: Crack Company: As- sembly Programs. The monarch oak, tlJ1f jiatriarcla of llJ1' trees, Shoots rising up, 111111 sprea11s by slow 11egre1's. MARGARET BRACREEN Birthplace: Jamestown, North Dakota Assembly Program: Cantatas: Pep Squad: Centennial Chorus: Commercial Club: Jockey Club: Kodak Club: Baseball. To see this flower, so young anal fnfslae of lane, Her lozifflinvss all s11n-bright, S1b'l'l'1 111111 new. MARY BRICK Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Hi-Press: Girl Reserves: Campfire Girls: Kodak Club: Commercial Club: Jockey Club: Golf Team: Operettas: Allied Youth: Assemblies: Home Room President: Cross. Red Slim elf'g11r11'1', quirk wit, .vw1'1't llIt'lUtlj1 High fonrugc'-11 girl of gold 111111 ivory. BEN BUREORD Birthplace: Idaho Falls, Idaho National Honor Society: Senior Hi-Y: Comlruss Staff: Football: Hi-Press Club: Latin Tournament. Ready in s1r1'1'1'b, in l'0'1lYfCSj! not slarlz., Nothing that makes for manhood 1li1l 111' lack. MARGARET BURNS Birthplace: Terrell, Texas Hi-Press Club: Commercial Club. Soma' Spflilklfd freckles 011 lJvr fare were seen Wfbose tIlIlSk set ojf the wlaitwiess of the skin. KATHRYN CAMPBELL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Latin Club: Hi-Press: Girl Reserves: Comjnassg Chem- istry Club: Pep Squad: Bible Linz Award: Gym Demon- strationg Commercial Club: Operettas: Cantatas: Speaking Plays. Slat- was so fair 111111 frcsb and free, So full of failly 111111 generosity. CHARLES CARNEAL Birthplace: Vickery, Texas Compass Reporter: Hi-Press: Viking Staff: Senior Hi- Yg R. O. T. C. First Sergeant: Crack Company Drills: Home Rcom Secretary: Biology Club: Rifle Team: Armistice Day Parades. Coizlcvzt in wealth, the ricloes of the mind: A1111 happy 119, who can surly riches find. BILL CARTER Birthplace: Plano, Texas Comjiass Business Manager: Hi-Press Vice-President: Senior Hi-Y Secretary: Home Room President: Football: Eagle Scout: Crack Company Drill: Student Council: Senior P11l1li1'atio11 Business Manager: Sea Scouts. 111' Xftllltlffh bigla in alla flu- ladyas grace, V Yr! filletla full ami wall a whole man's place. ETHEL RUTH CHERRY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Jockey Club: Hi-Press, Biology Club: Student Council: Quill and Scroll: Commercial Club: Volley Ball Emblems: Baseball Emblems: Olympic Team: Viking Staff: Home Room Secretary: Comliass Reporter: Honor Roll: Guard: Stunt Emblem: Senior Pulalication. Smiling sbt' src'111a11 111111 fall of noble thought, Wfiila beauty 111111 with lmuor czfcr fraught. Public Q at ., 'Six K V l M , Wy fl' pq-A :wi ieiwu-R ROBERT CLARK Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Viking Staff: Kodak Club: Hi-Press Club: Library Assistant: Chemistry Club: Journalism Librarian. So well uml cruftily in sundry wise His brain can work for many an enterprise. MARY ALICE COOK Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Orchestra: Assembly Programs: Honor Roll: Latin Club. ' But of her song?-It was as lourl and clear As any redbirrl whistling, "Good cheer, goorl cheer." MARGARET COOPER Birthplace: Birmingham, Alabama French Club: Red Cross. More fresh than May herself in blossoms new, For with the rosy color strove her hue. JOSEPI-IINE Cox Birthplace: Shreveport, Louisiana City Champion Girls Debate: Debate Club Treasurer: National Forensic League: Girl Scout President: Golden Eaglet: Delphians: Olympiads: Pan-American: Kodak Club: Orchestra: Chorus: Home Room Secretary: Linz Pin: Physics' Class Vice-President. To be rich in virtues and i1e'er unfairness favour, Of such is the salt of the earth and the suuo-ur. WILLIAM CROWLEY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Student Council: Chemistry Club: Pan-American: Student Forum: Latin Club: Home Room Officer. A sportsmen whose devotion was the ehase: A robust lad who never yields a race. P MABEL CRUMP Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Viking Art Editor: National Honor Society: Pins: Art Club Vice4President. Linz 'Tis Beauty she limns with her enfortunezl brush- But when she's praised, the beauty flies to her blush. BARBARA CULLUM Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Olympiad ,Club President: Delphian Vice-President: Red Cross President: Pan American President: Jockey Club: Biology Club: Home Room President: Viking Staff: Assembly Programs. No roll but that Ilesireal her name, No group complete until she came. MARY DAVIS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Quill and Scroll: Hi-Press Club: Delphian: Jockey Club: Home Room President: Allied Youth: Compass Staff: Reporter: Floor Manager. She seemed like a jiortraiture, Cut and etched, :leur and pure. MARGARET DECATUR Birthplace: Denara, Pennsylvania Biology Club: Kodak Club: Chemistry Club: mercial Club: Pep Squad. Why lykerl me thy youth aml thy fairnesse And thy longue's infinite graeioiusnesse? JERRINELLE DE CLERQ Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas Kodak Club: Physics Class Vice-President. Small, slim, and young, of merry mein With a certain squire is she often seen. Corn- 'Y npwi Q JOHN DENHOLLEN Birthplace: Ann Arbor, Michigan Basketball, Track: Camp Dallas, R. O. T. C. Sergeant: Home Room Seeretaryg Armistice Day Parade. A marvel is this youthg him to beholde Full busily there wait both young and olde. PAT DILLION Birthplace: Dallas, Texas He's one to be' trusted, this unassuming lad. His friendship's the equal of any to be had. DELMAR DOLTON Birthplace: Enid, Oklahoma Arts and Crafts Clubg Kodak Club: Latin Club: R. O. T. C. Captain Bandg Teen-Age Theater. His music resembles poetryg in each Are nameless graces which no praise can reach. JIMMIE DOUGHERTY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Societyg Linz Pinsg Viking Associate Editorg Compass Associate Editorg Basketball Letterg Tennisg Chemistry Club, Hi-Press Clubg Home Room Vice-President: Senior Publication Staffg OfFlce Managerg Senior Day Committeeg Winner City Essay Contest. Now we confess his writings to be such As neither man, nor Muse can praise too -much. MARILYNN DOWNING Birthplace: Greenville, Texas Girl Reserves Social Chairman, Commercial Club, Hi- Press Club, Home Room Secretary. A charm attends her everywhere, And all :lo love her unaware. THOMAS DRASCHIL Birhplace: Houston, Texas Chemistry Clubg Kodak Club, R. O. T. C. Band Oificerg Orchestra, Honor Roll. Princes of good friendship could never be Any WIOYE loyal than could thee! JACK DUNKIN Birthplace: Greenville, Texas Honor Rollg Home Room Vice-President. Strength, and understanding, will to do ina spite of Failureg depth of honor, spice of wit' to write of. MELVIN ECHOLS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Track: R. O. T. C. Corporalg Football, Home Room Treasurerg Kodak Club. A little learning is a dangerous thingg Drink deep or taste not the Pierian spring. TOM EVANS Birthplace: St. Charles, Illinois Senior Hi-Yg Football Lettermang Chemistry Club Vice-Presidentg Home Room President, R. O. T. C. Sergeant, Camp Dallasg junior Hi-Y Secretaryg Student Council, Crack Company. With voice sterne and mighty limbs so square Hardy, strong, and brave, I do declare. N CHARLES FARWELL Birthplace: Dalhart, Texas Assembly Programsg Viking Stage Band. He was a wel good wight and not for' pelf, But dealt with' his neighbour right as himself. Zeit? Kxi tb MARTHA FERGUSON Birthplace: El Paso, Texas Latin Club: Honor Roll: Linz Pins: Chemistry Club: Student Council: Commercial Club: Girl Scouts: Allied Youth. Wys, pleasant, and steadfast with alle Gentle, and all her faults are smalle. BILLY FERRELL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Pan-Americans: Honor Roll. Honor honoreth him for his courage And truth doth stand his bond without rlemurrage. VIRGINIA FLECK Birthplace: Toledo, Ohio Kodak Club: Biology Club: Commercial Club: Latin Club: Honor Roll. To those who know her not no words can paint! And those who know' her know all words are faint. MARY FLETCHER Birthplace: Pittsburg, Kansas Art Club President: Girl Reserves Council Repre- sentative: Kodak Club: Perigon Club: Linz Pin: Volley Ball: Baseball: Girl Reserves: Pep Squad: Assemblies. Her modest looks her talent doth adorn, Sweet as the prirnrose, yet keen and live as morn. DAVID FRIDGE Birthplace: Elizabeth, Louisiana R. O. T. C.: Perigon Club: Kodak Club. He zlizl not covet pomp, he Jill not spin' A simple conscience with rlistinetions mire. all Q5 JOHN FRIEDEL Birthplace: Seaford, Delaware Viking Staff: Chemistry Club: Biology Club: French Class President: Linz Pin: Kodak Club President: Na- tional Honor Society. Of studie took he most care and most hede: Not one word spake he more than was nede. LOUISE GARDNER Birthplace: Sulphur Springs, Texas Art Club: Commercial Club: Pan-American: Home Room Vice-President: Volley Ball Captain: Baseball Captain: Dallas Olympics: Senior Publication Staff. Tis not a lip, or eye, we beauty call But the joint force and full result of all. SHIRLEY FRAN GILLIS Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas Girl Reserve Songleader: Hi-Press Club: jockey Club: Junior Red Cross: Compass Staff. Transferred from Albuquerque, New Mexico. A roguish light bespeaks a spark o' fun In joy she's lived and will till life is done. EDNA ERLE GILSTRAI1 Birthplace: Arp, Texas Commercial Club. A perfect woman nobly planned, To warn, to comfort, and to l'0lll1tlt171L11. MARTIN GLASS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society President: Physics Class Presi- dent: Viking Associate Editor: Crack Company: Crack Platoon: Kodak Club: R. O. T. C. Sergeant: Linz Pin: Armistice Day Parade: Assembly Programs: Senior Hi-Y: Senior Publication Staff: Senior Day Program Committee. His noble heart that harbors virtuous thought Can never rest until it fame has brought. I wh 9- lkfmlm A SYBIL GOODMAN LLOYD GRIFFITH Birthplace: Da11aS,TeXas Birthplace: Sherman, Texas . R. O. T. C. Captain: Rifle Team: Crack Company: l Camp Dallas Scholarship: Crack Platoon: Pan-Americans. ' High in the army: smart in his classes, Hana'some is he, as know all the lassies. National Hcnor Society: Perigon Club President Chemistry Club Secretary-Treasurer: Operettas: Can tatas: Assembly Programs: Linz Pins: All-City Chorus. She bore away the balm for minstrelsy Her neck was white as is the fleur-Je-lis. G. W. GROSS Birthplace: Mesquite, Texas BERNICE GORDON R. O. T. C. Captain: Track: Crack Company: Camp Dallas: Senior Hi-Y: Home Room President: Compass Agent: Crack Platoon. Go where he will this man is at home, His hearth the earth, his hall the azure dome. Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri Kodak Club: Honor Roll. Of seemlihood divyne and full faire heighl She's loved by many folk, to all a zlelyle. DOROTHY MARIE HARRIS Birthplace: Mt. Pleasant, Texas WENDELLA GREEN Chemistry Club Secretary: Olympiads: Delphians: BifthPl3Cef Dallas, Texas V Red Cross: French Club: Home Room President: jockey French Club: Pep Squad, Club: Viking Business Staff: Assembly Program: Coun- Oh playful imps :lance round her everywhere sel0r's Assistant. She is so happy anal so free from care. A fair person she was, and forlunate- And always adorned so well a girl's estaie. VALAREE GRAVES MARY LILLIAN HARRIS Birthplace: Winnsbcro, Texas Birthplace: Sherman,TeXa5 Art Club: Kodak Club: jockey Club: Home Room Commercial Club: Chemistry Club: Perigon Club: President: Home Room Secretary: Compass Room Agent: Linz Pins: Home Room Secretary: Cantata. Girl Reserve. A ronzrafle hlithe and full of glee, Cheerful of morn she wakes from short repose Who dares to laugh out loud anal free. Breafhes the keen air and onward then she goes. CORINNE HARTMAN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas A ZELLAIGREEN Arts and Crafts Club: Cantata: All-City Chorus: Birthplace: Dixon, TCHIIESSEB A Capella Choir: Baseball Emblem: Kodak Club: Biology Commercial Club: Office Work. Club. She is all harmony, calm, anzl quiet, Always jolly and making fun Ivflai-,,L If ..-A l,,Ll'.. . ' ' 7 '- ""' ' ' ' ' J n li: IU l X 3- HERBERT HARLAN Birthplace: Mart, Texas How happy is be born aml taught, Wflaose armor is his laonesl llaouglyt. ELIZABETH HEAD Birthplace: Ennis, Texas National Honor Society: Commercial Club President: Viking Staff: Arts and Crafts Club Secretary: Junior Red Cross: Home Room Secretary: Library Assistant: Linz Pins: Assembly Programs: Home Room President. All coal blaek silk ber laair, brown eyes rlark-browezl, With quiet worlb, yet able, slJe's endowed. CHESTER HENDERSON Birthplace: Greenville, Mississippi R. O. T. C. First Sergeant: Crack Company Drill: Student Council: Armistice Day Parade. S0 bronzezl, so tall, so strong be sl He fights lJis way to sumlry lands. anrls, BILLY HILL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Football: R. O. T. C. Corporal: Camp Dallas Relay Team: Senior Hi-Y: Armistice Parades: Crack Company: Home Room, Officer: Junior Hi-Y Sergeant-at-Arms. Full rleep in grain be dyed his pleasing' powers Yea, as llye serpent birletb unzler flowers. BOBBIE HOLTZ 'A :iii " :' ra..:2g : . Ji .4 if T :L iv, , If . we 155 HV . FRANCIS HOWELL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas '- Commercial Club: Home Room President: Kodak Club: Baseball Emblem: Art Club. A pansye fave and a form of liglatsome grace May life deal gently with ber in every time and place. JANE HUNTER Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri Physics Class Officer: Home Room Secretary-T'reas- urer: Art Club: Kodak Club: Volley Ball Emblem: Viking Staff: Counselor's Assistant. So that the more sbe gave away The more, y-wis, she barlde alway. ROLLAND HUTCHESON Birthplace: St. Joseph, Missouri Not yet mature, yet manly, altlao' unsung Speaking in deeds and aleedless in his tongue. TERESA JANE HUTCHINS Birthplace: Austin, Texas Home Room Secretary: Chemistry Club: Debate Club: Latin Club: Counsel0r's Assistant: Volley Ball Emblem: Latin Tournament Alternate: Viking Staff: National Forensic League: Library Assistant: National Honor So- city: Debate Team: Linz Pins: Assembly Programs: Ex- temporaneous Speech Contest: Everts Award: Four Year Linz Pin. For none could appraise or guesse Of ber tbe value or ricbesse. Birthplace: Little Student Council: Linz Ping Class Fairest and best IS slJe Wl9o's elotbezl - s s 5 FRANK HARDY Birthplace: Marshall, Texas At slaorte worrls you wel may give me prys I can no more wlaat e'er you may rleryse. I 3 . If . ,fl ,f' ee BUFORD INGRAM Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R. O.'-T. C. Captaing Compass Managing Editor: Viking Military Editor, Quill and Scroll, Hi-Press President: Model Airplane Club Vice-President: Sharp- shooterg Camp Dallasg Wozencraft Drill, Second Place, Community Night Drill Winner, Senior Hi-Y. He stands here like the goal of arms, Mars, His mind on fame, his head among the stars AILEEN IRWIN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Cheerleaderg Kodak Club Secretary-Treasurerg Volley Ball Emblems: Physics Class Secretary-Treasurer, Home Room Secretary: Jockey Club Business Manager, Home Room Presidentg Girl Reservesg Assembly Programs. mirth I lived that life 0f.1nine3 Ana' so in For me to dance, to laugh, to cheer was fine. FRANCES ISAACS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Linz Ping Student Council, Chemistry Club: Arts and Crafts Club, Kodak Club, Compass Agentg Volley Ball Emblemsg Home Room Secretary. For God has granted her muah grace And everyone sees beanty in her face. HARRY JEFFRESS Birthplace: Corsicana, Texas. Withozzt offense to friends or foes 1 sketch the world exactly as it goes. ELIZABETH JOHNSON Birthplace: McAllister, Oklahoma Viking Staffg Assembly Program. She is ful loiflier, blissful to' one's sight Than is the early dusk's soft starry light. JAMES JOHNSON Birthplace: Soper, Oklahoma A friend whose heart has eyes to see The stars shine o'er the rlarkening lea! VIRGINIA JOHNSON Birthplace: Innes, Texas Home Room Secretaryg Assembly Programg Compass Agentg Jockey Club: Baseball Emblem. Her eyes would twinkle in her heazl as bright As do the stars on a frosty night. CARMEN JONES Birthplace: Waco, Texas Commercial Clubg Linz Pin. Her moste joye was, y-wis Whan that she gave anal saiil "Have thisf' MAR JORIE JONES Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Art Club: Red Cross, Home Room Presidentg Allied Youth: Home Room Vice-President. A friend who knows, and flares to say, The brave, sweet words that cheer the way. WILLIE KARR Birthplace: Farmersville, Texas National Honor Society, Linz Ping Student Council: Commercial Club, Hi-Press Treasurer: Quill and Scrollg Compass Reporterg Home Room Vice-President. Quiet, depenrlable, when there is need, Content to follow well rather than lead. RANSOM KENNY Birthplace: Ranger, Texas Hi-Y Clubs: Kodak Club: Perigon Club: French Club: French Class Vice-President: Physics Class Presi- dent: National Honor Society. His desire all curious arts and secrets to discern, All deep abstruse sciences to learn. JOYCE KIDD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Hi-Press: -Compass Staff: Girl Reserves: Chemistry Club: Pep Squad Drum Major: Civilian Band: State Band Contest: Jockey Club: Operettas: Cantatas: Con- certs. Pleasant she was and loved a jest as well, And in demeanor she was amiable. RUTH KIDWELL Birthplace: Sulphur Springs, Texas Biology Club: Commercial Club: Assembly Program. In the world is none so fair a wight, For yonge she is and hewed bright. DOROTHY KINARD Birthplace: El Paso, Texas Home Room Secretary: Cantata: Girl Reserves: Art Club: Commercial Club: Assembly Program: Linz Pins: Everts Award. With face so innocent, disposition sweet She smiles at whomever she doth meet. NINA KIRK Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chemistry Club. Let lovely thought and true soulls grave Glow in thy heart and smile upon thy face ,wx IRENE KIRKLAND Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Viking Staff: Commercial Club: Chemistry Club Pan American, Girl Reserves: Library Assistant Woman Crusade: Essay Contest: Kodak Club. Down the page her pen does sprint Then her mind some gold does mint. WILL KLINE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Anil none so'bnsy: yet, for all his lauz Methought he seemed busier than he was JEANNE KNOOHUIZEN Birthplace: Plainview, Texas Art Club: Home Room Secretary: Biolo gy Club A City Chorus: Declamation Representative. A fomcly nose: a forehead there alot On high: a little mouth so red and sot BETH ELAINE LACY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Transferred from Adamson Beth is er darling: Beth is so sweet Dancing through our' lives on gaily twi INA MAYE LEACH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Pan-American Club: Chemistry Club: Pin: Library Assistant. nkling eel Volley Ball And so disereeet had grown with eloquence So sweet and worthy of all reverence. was X ' 1 D C HARRY LEAK Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society: IV-A Class Vice-President: Chemistry Club President: Perigon Club President: De- bate Club Vice-President: Degree of Distinction, National Forensic League: Linz Pins: Senior Hi-Y: Home Room Vice-President: Assembly Programs: Viking Club Re- porter. . Inspiring unto virtue was his speech, And gladly would he learn and gladly' teach. JEANNETTE LEO Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Assembly Programs: Home Room Vice-President: Cantatas: jockey Club: Kodak Club: Hi-Press Club: Baseball Pin: Compass Floor Manager: Physics Class Officer: Senior Publication Staff. This young maiden, fairer to be seen Than the fair lily on the flowery green. BETTY LYNCH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Assembly Programs: Home Room Secretary: Cantatas: Commercial Club Secretary: Jockey Club. Fate has shaped her fair of hue Gracious, sober, wise and true. JESSIE LYONS Birthplace: Vicksburg, Mississippi French Club: Kodak Club: Debate Club: Hi-Press Club: Operetta Club: A Capella Choir: Linz Pin: Na- tional Honor Society. When she says "I willf, on her you may depend When she says "I w0n't,', then that's an end. JANE MAREK Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Compass Art Editor: Kodak Club: Chemistry Girl Reserves Secretary: Assembly Programs: ican: Hi-Press. Lo, trewely, they written that her had seen That Paradys stood formed in her rnien. ffv DONALD MARTIN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Quoth this fanny man, "I am no blah! No, though I do say it, I do not like to gala." RAYMOND MASON Birthplace: Greenville, Texas Student Council: Quill and Scroll: Kodak Club Vice- President: Chemistry Club: R. O. T. C. Band Staff Sergeant: Viking Staff: Compass Art Editor. He playeth wel with borne and rakette And al the whyl himselfs in jolitee besette. X CHRISTIE MATTHEWS Birthplace: Durant, Oklahoma Commercial Club: Library Assistant: Linz Pins: As- sembly Programs! Cantatas: Operettas. Nor she was dark nor brown, but bright And clear as is the moonlight. HELEN ROSE MAY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Al fressher she is more joyous of array I vow to you, than is the month of May. BETTY JO MCCARLEY Birthplace: Bailey, Texas Hi-Press: Biology Club: Assembly Programs: Operetta: Commercial Club. And she was gentil as a dove on tree, Yet dehonair of heart was she. uni Q LX i UL: Qi.-.arse I . ei? RUSSELL MCGOVERN Birthplace: Broxton, Georgia Kodak Club, Chemistry Club For he lives twice who can at once employ The present well, and e'en the past enjoy. BILLY MCKEMIE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R. O. T. C. Lieutenant-Colonel, Crack Company, Camp Dallas, Biology Club, Perigon Club, Senior Hi-Y, Student Council, Viking Staff, Basketball, Baseball. Chief Prize he holds in skill of arms, yet doth deign With high grace fair ladies oft to entertain. GUY WALKER MGNATT Birthplace: Commerce, Texas Linz Pin, Biology Club President, County-Wide Red Cross President, Senior Hi-Y, Chemistry Club, Or- chestra, School Band, Viking Stage Band, Baseball, Viking Joke Editor, National Honor Society. He puts to his lips his tuneful silvern horne, And melodies ersytaline swete and p-ure are borne. JANE MCQUADE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Assembly Programs, Cantata, Operetta, All-City Chorus, A Capella Choir, Linz Pin, Biology Club, Art Club President, Kodak Club, Girl Scout, Home Room Secretary. In eloquence, God give thee happy chance And in thy virtues fair continuance. VIRGINIA MCWILLIAMS Birthplace: Lufkin, Texas National Honor Society, Linz Pin, Commercial Club Vice-President, Chemistry Club, Volley Ball, Viking Staff, Assembly Programs, Home Room Officer. A tall and slender girl, full strong of build In all she does she shows herself well skilled. GEORGE MERIWETI-IER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R. O. T. C. Major, Camp Dallas, Crack Company, Wozencraft Drill, Football Letterman, Home Room President, Vice-President City Wide Hi-Y, Senior Hi- Y Vice-President, National Honor Society Vice-President, Allied Youth President, National Forensic League, junior Hi-Y Vice-President, IV-A President, Eagle Scout, Crack Platoon. Eyes that confessed him born for kingly sway So keen they fiashed intolerable day. LA VAR MONDT Birthplace: Greely, Colorado Arts and Craft Club Treasurer and Vice-President, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club. For of conduct good and friendly manere She hath y-nongh, and also gentleness and cheer. MARGARET MONTEITH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Pan-American, Biology Club, Linz Pins, Linz Bible Award, Kodak Club, Assembly Programs, Home Room Vice-President, All-City Chorus, Girl Reserves, Cantata, National Honor Society. On all she knew she east a beam And was held high in our esteeme. DORIS MOODY Birthplace: Houston, Texas Glee Club Pianist, All-City Chorus, Operetta, Can- tata, French Class Treasurer, Kodak Club, Chemistry Club, French Club, Library Assistant. She takes her schooling seriously Combining labor and consistency. H. G. MORGAN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R. O. T. C. Captain, Eflicieney Medals, Expert Medals, Rifle Teams, Crack Companies, Chemistry Club, Camp Dallas, Hi-Press Club. Tho they may come, and they may go A finer friend we'll never know. ,X J r JULIA LEE Moss Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Hi-Press Club: Commercial Clubg Biology Clubg Compass Staffg Honor Roll: Quill and Scroll. Consistent as the rzeifer teasing roar Of the rlistant cataract, smoothing its rocky floor. BERNIE MURRAY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Home Room Presidentg National Honor Society: R. O. T. C. Sergeantg Crack Company: Camp Dallasg Student Councilg Kodak Club: Linz Pin. Now a youth of worth anzl eminence Soon a man of power and pro-minenee. THOMAS NANCE Football: Baseballg Basketball: R. O. T. C. Band Sergeant: Assembly Programs: Home Room Vice-Presi- dent. Of his success I haw' no doubt But the girls will get him if he Hll0I1,t watch outf, JOI-IN NORRIS Birthplace: Mobile, Alabama R. O. T. C.: Camp Dallas. Like most men Vtil by losing 1'611tlI'Yt'fl sagerj W'ill back his own opinion with a wager. MARIAN O,BEIRNE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas IV-A Class Treasurerg Student Council President and Vice-President: French Club President: Biology Club Secretary: Jockey Club Vice-President: Dclphian Vice- President: Library Assistantg Home Room Vice-President: Viking Staff: Cantata, Assembly Programs. So wel with gifts hath shy wroughtf' Folk wys anzl unwise their love to her have brought. ELIZABETH O,CONNOR Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Home Room Secretary In her eyes there was a quiet look Wfhieh to our hearts we Very quickly took. MARGARET 0,CONNOR Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Her shining hair well combed and loosely spread A frown of glorious hair adorned her head. HADDY ONDRUSHEK Birthplace: Petrolia, Texas Operettasg Centennial Chorus: Biology Club: As- sembly' Programs: Cantatas. A kinder inner nature ran ne'er be found Tho one may look the rolling country round. FLOY OWEN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Chorus: Assembly Programs: Kodak Club. Graceful she was in all her ways None had for her a thing but praise. Girl's VIoI.A PENNY Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Linz Ping Pan-American Student Fcrumg Biology Club: Hi-Prcss Club: Volley Ball Emblem. With Celtic features set on pleasant face Co-nrtesies and plvasantrics and grace. 4' A S 0 X2 S my si Q Qi iw if ,J ,KVM . fx.- al Alf? AIN B013 PERKINS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Football Letterman, Home Room Vice-President: Track, Chemistry Club: Hi-Yg Linz Pin. Iuxt at the nge' 'lwixi boy and youth WZ7l'1Z llaoughi is x111'r'rlJ and speech is lr11!lJ. BERNICE PICKENS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Forensic League, Debate Club, Chemistry Club, Kodak Club, Perigon Clubg Valley Ball Emblem. To lacr was dm' mos! Y!"L"f'?'!'1'If respect, As for lam' ro11xri1'11c'1', ,twat no lem xvlrrl. BETTY LEE PITTMAN Birthplace: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Chemistry Club, Kodak Club, Operettasg Assembly Programs. C0lIl'fF01lX slat' wax, f1'i1'111lly, willing, 111111' kind: N0 ofbers like lJ1'r roulrl one ever' final. NANCY POLLINZI Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Hi-Press Club: Opercttasg Cantatas: Volley Ball Em- blem, Baseball Emblem, Stunt Emblem. Wfrll could' slut' rliinfv 1111lil lbv harp wm1l1l fail, ml sing, bc surf, as any 11igbti11gulc'. EARL PRATT Birthplace San Benito Texas Home Room President Kodak Club Chemistry Club R O T C Sergeant Crack Company O we 1L011lv 111111' frm! nl 110111 114111 C0111 tis thu io llllll of Il 11c111ll3 lJ11f1 PEGGY PURCILLER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Cantatas, Pep Squad, Biology Clubg Commercial Club: Volley Ball Emblemg Baseball Emblem, Assembly Pro- grams. A truz' frimm' is The 111111 a xmilz' xo sweet, I111ler'1l xl11',x always I1 j1l1'as111'1' fo 111601. TED RALL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Home Room Vice-President, Pan-American Vice- Presidentg Senior Hi-Yg R. O. T. C. Sergeant, Biology Club: Crack Company, Golf Team. In all this worlfl, to taken 1111 and down, Tlaerrls noi nnollarr lilac' him i11 miofber town. HELEN RAMSAY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Latin Club: Perigon Club, Commercial Club: Kodak Club, Linz Pin. A Illtlltll' of graceful form lllltl fare so faire A 11df1H'L' frurfly golden 115 bor baire. NENVA RANDALL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Cantatas, Assembly Programs, Commercial Club. ll lilzvlh all, bm' young, tll'lIIIll'!' fairzzcxse, A1111 11ll Ibm' lmlr lbcy like lJ1'r graciozzsrzrssc. V1 ' IA LIZABETH ROBINSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas y Club Commercial Club Arts and Crafts t Council Allied Youth Home Room Secretary eservts Kodak Club F111 ztlnu IX IIIIJ book btllltlffl flu tkj 11al1u l1 1111111 ax lui lawns L c' dm if, gf' :sam lwl 195 Qu. LOUISE VIRGINIA RODELL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: Viking IV-A Class Editor: Compass Exchange Editor: Linz Pins: Library Assistant: junior Red Cross Vice-President: Perigon Club Secretary: Home Room Program Chair- man: Biology Club Program Chairman: Kodak Cub: Hi-Press Club: Allied Youth: Assembly Programs: Stunt Emblem: Cantatas: Operettas: All-City Chorus: N. D. Carnivals: Music Festival: Girl's Glee Club: Evcrts Award. Pansy eyes arlzl bright gold hair Wh0evc'r marle an imp so fair? JOE ROPER Birthplace: Sturgis, Texas Transferred from Lufkin, Texas. A lad of manner without zlefvetg His bearing upright, his speech direct. ELIZABETH RUMFELT Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Commercial Club: Chemistry Club: Linz Pin: French Club. Beautiful, graceful, Irue to her word: Of a more lovable persorl yozfm' iierfer heard. JOE SAGNIBENE Birthplace: Bayou Current, Louisiana Home Room President: Chemistry Club: Centennial Chorus: All-City Chorus. Lei not each gay lIII'l1 thy rajiliire VIZOVL' For fools arl111i1'f' but men of sense rzjzjrruve. DUGALD SATTERFIELD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas This illze man let olrle things pare Arm' held after lhz' newe worlal the space. '91 ALLISON SCOTLAND Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Kodak Club: Orchestra: Girl Reserves. There is a jloiweris unajffeeleal grace That shows itself in her fair face. PEGGY SCOTT Birthplace: Marietta, Oklahoma Girl Scouts: A Capella Choir: Linz Pins: Bible Award: Pan-Americans: Debate Club: Chemistry Club: Kodak Club: Allied Youth. Strong souls live like fire-hearted suns, To spena' their strength in further striving actions. MARGIE SHARP Birthplace: Dallas, Texas A friwzrl to all: she likes whome'er sin' looks on, ami her looks go everywhere KRISTINE SHAW Birthplace: Knowles, New Mexico Home Room President: Chorus: Assembly Programs: Compass Staff: Senior P11bliratiof1: Hi-Press Club: Biology Club. A little poet laiirraie is she To write our greatest deeds for all to see. ROSE FRANCES SKILES Birthplace: Austin, Texas National Honor Society: Viking Staff: Linz Pins: Bible Linz Award: Student Council: Assembly Programs: All- City Chorus: Operetta: Cantatas: Home Room Officer: Latin Club: Girl Scouts Secretary: Perigon Club: Girl Reserves. Her quiet sweefliess for frienrlshijr all doth sue Aml peace, IIIl'Xl'!'I7lX, her being to l'lHlllf'. I X DOROTHY SMITH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Biology Club: Hi-Press Club: Compass Floor Man- ager: Assembly Programs. She possesses smiling eyes and friendly greetings W'hich makes one look forward to daily meetings. HARRIET LEE SMITH 1 Birthplace: Akron, Ohio Art Club: Girl Reserves: Pep Squad. But though of teniler age was this fair maid Enclosed was a spirit ripe and staid. JOHN SMITH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Kodak Club: Hi-Press Club: Quill and Scroll: Linz Pins: Compass Association Editor: Viking Staff: Golf: National Honor Society. Gay was his air and joyously he spoke Never to be foziml without his quip or joke. MARGARET F. SMITH Birthplace: Greenville, Texas X, A Capella Choir: All-City Chorus: Cantatas: Assefn Programs: Operettas: Perigon, Club: Allied Youth: Li Pins: National Honor Society: Viking Staff: Red C S Representative: Commercial Club: Jockey Club. And she is fair, as is the morning bright Her smile like simshine is l'L'6Ty07lL',S deli t. MARGARET R. SMITH Birthplace: Jackson, Tennessee 15X inz Pin: All-City Chorus: Latin Club: I Club: RICHARD RUSSELL SMITH, III Birthplace: Wellington, Texas R. O. T. C. Band: Viking Staff: Kodak Club: School Orchestra: Assembly Programs: Viking Stage Band: Honor Roll. Bold tronbadour, with music for his sworde He felleth pleasauntly all who him hearde. WALLIS SMITH Birthplace: Vickery, Texas Football Letterman: All-Star Team: Basketball Man- ager: Kodak Club: Hi-Press Vice-President: Compass Staff: Hi-Y: Student Council: Home Room President: Honor Roll: Home Room Vice-President. In game of football not the lesse, A 'man of corage, feyth and stedfastnesse. INEZ SNIDER Birthplace: Slaton, Texas Assembly Programs: Volley Ball Emblem: Baseball Emblem: Volley Ball Captain: Baseball Captain. From vain coquettish arts she was free, Content to charzn with simple modesty. RUTH SNIDER Birthplace: Bogata, Texas National Honor Society: Linz Pins: Spanish Award: Chemistry Club: Assembly Programs: Home Room Secretary: Volley Ball Emblem: Everts Award. Elysian beauty, melancholy grace Brought from m pensive though a happy place. FRANCES SNODGRASS Club: Girl Scout Treasurer: Co s taff Editor: Assembly Programs: ' a ssist t: Kodak Club. : She of her smiling was fnll simp lil L'0y Her greatest oath was but by Seyn oy. Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Pep Squad: Cantatas: Operettas: Centennial Chorus: All-City Chorus: Assembly Programs. Soft smiling, and rlemurely looking zlowne, Bnt hiding rlancing feetv bezwath her gowne. gb .QT 'Q Yrs GRACE STARBIRD Birthplace: Van Buren, Arkansas Jockey Club. From Eden where, full merrie and at ease, She lived har life beneath the garden trees. BILLY STEELE Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas National Honor Society, Home Room President, City- Wide Hi-Y President, Senior Hi-Y Secretary, Chemistry Club, Viking Business Manager, Latin Tournament Alternate, Linz Pins. Hr- hud u noble visage for the noizes, And' farmed well of braines wus and of bones. ELIZABETH SUMMERS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Home Room President, Arts and Crafts Club, Bible Award, Glidden Prize Award, Pan-Americans, Biology Club, Allied Youth, Kodak Club, Girl Reserves. In gvntleness and kindness she excels And everywhere shi' gors they east their spells. ARNOLD TANNER Birthplace: Elk City, Oklahoma Viking Stage Band. Softly the wood winds blow for the music maker there, Merry of humor, he is, and loved' for his -manhood' fair. CHARLES FRANCES TAYLOR Birthplace: Houston, Texas Girl Reserves: Cantata, Operetta, Kodak Club, As- CLYDE ELLIS TAYLOR Birthplace: Brownsville, Tennessee Armistice Day Parades, R. O. T. C. Corporal, Foot- ball, Honor Roll, Home Room President. No man so humorozis, so different as he, Yet none could equal in wrsatility. LELIA THOMAS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Biology Club, Library Assistant, Kodak Club, Can- tata, Allied Youth. Thcrz' was a soft and pcfnsiw grurr, A rust of thought upon. hm' face. HELEN THOMPSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas French Club Secretary, Delphians, Allied Youth. Cupid sought his bow from fast to west and north to south, But a jwlrtiy lass had frirklfd him and used it for a mouth. THOMAS UHL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Kodak Club, Viking Snapshot Stall, Office Messenger, Golf, 'Honor Roll. Wnry, but bold on course once taken, Nvz-rr hurl: he I1 friend forsaken. EDDIE ULRICR sembly Program, Volley Ball Captain, Home Room Secretary, Physics Class Secretary, Hi-Press Club, Compass Features Editor, jockey Club, Art Club. All girlish giggles she, and yr! lhrrf' lies A happy sparkle in her twinkling eyes. e: San Antonio, Texas Club, National Guard, Viking Art Not half so l11'loi'z'd tl mari as he 11:1 was Ill thi' lzlurrr of his Ilf'gn'v. Ve ylwllf! xx X i 0 I I FRANK VINSON Birthplace: Coelidge, Texas Kodak Club, Perigon Club, Hi-Press Club. Tall, thin, and young, of sober' courtesy To bill! iniiznown the palia of fallacy. WILLIS VIRGIL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Perigon Club, Kodak Club, Chemistry Club, Senior Hi-Y, Crack Company, R. O. T. C. First Lieutenant, Camp Dallas, High Point Rifleman, Rifle Team. Tho, manifold his charms may be Not one onfranks his nioiirxly. SHERRELL WALDEN Birthplace: Dublin, Texas R. O. T. C., Baseball, Glee Club, Red Cross Repre- scntative. An faonast man I'1oxr'-b1ilf0n'il lo Ihr Ubin, Broad fiofb ufilboiii ami a warm bvarf within. MARSHALL WALKER Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia Home Rfom Vice-President, Perigon Club Vice-Presi- dent, Kodak Club, Chemistry Club, Debate Club, Na- tional Forensic League, Linz Pins, National Honor Society, R. O. T. C. Second Lieutenant, Crack Com- pany, Camp Dallas, Marksman, Speaker Assembly Pro- grams. Hou' xball we rank, line upon Gloryis page, Thou. more llmn soiiiier and jnxl less lfsan rage JANE WALTERS Birthplace: Wichita Falls, Texas A good sporf, Ivifb many a fi'il'll1lQ To fam' fiou' of baflpirzrss fl7I'Vl' ix no emi. MARY ELSIE WARD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Linz Pins, Bible Award, Cantata, Kodak Club, All- City Chorus, Allied Youth, Chemistry Club, Operettas. A friendly lass, giffed in music, A manner 50 genflc, a smile .to quick. MARY KATHERYN WATSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Girl Scouts Vice-President, Kodak Club, Linz Pin, Linz Bible Award, Allied Youth, Volley Ball Emblem, Baseball Emblem, All-City Chorus, Cantata. So ylillllg, so fair, ou! i11 the world fo go, May she be good and fair without a foe. JACK WATSON Birthplace: Longview, Texas National Honor Society, Chemistry Club President, Home Room President, Hi-Y Treasurer, Viking Sports Editor, Debate Club, Kodak Club, Football, Track, Linz Pins, Assembly Programs, Library Assistant, R. O. T. C. Corporal. N0 man fuer was xo' wys nor of will xo sage, No man of :nab great weight al' such an age. ELIZABETH WATTERWORTH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Red Cross President, Delphians President, Allied Youth Vice President, Quill and Scroll President, Com- pass Managing Editor and Literary Editor, Home Room President, Olympiads, Biology Club, Assembly Programs. O11 wars, ifiplonzacy, on !JfIIifil'S and play On Ibis and ibaf ana' Volker Miss Libby has ber say. JoE WEBB Birthplace: Hillsboro, Texas Pan-American, Home Room President, Physics Class President. A i1I'a1'r', fr'z'c'-fJ1'ur'fr'ii, careless boy Wifli iiiirbrrkeil and Ililbillllfil joy. l x, Q35 BETTY MARIE WELLENKAMP Birthplace: Trinidad, Colorado Latin Club, Debate Club, French Club Secretary, Perigon Club, Olympiads, Red Cross, Student Council, Library Assistant, Guard, Pep Squad, Home Room Program Chairman, Counselor's Assistant, Linz Pins, Four Year Linz Pin, Everts Award, National Honor Society, Latin Tournaments, Latin Essay Contest, First Place, English Essay Contest, French Award, La Bise Literary Editor, Viking Editor-in-Chief, Tennis Letters, Assembly Programs, Eta Sigma Phi Award. Good friends, I pray ye hold me wys as good- Anzl, good as wys, may I he understooel. MARJORIE WELLER Birthplace: Chillicothe, Texas Allied Youth, Girl Reserves. It is a woma11's way to fare for what Is hard to get and what she hath not got. WILLIAM WERNLY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Armistice Day Parade, Kodak Club, Chemistry Club. Epicures demand a flash of pepper, spice, and hay-leaf So give me a boy well f'lar'ore1l with sparkle and mischief. MARY ELIZABETH WEsT Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Girl Reserves President, Allied Youth, Debate Club, Home Room President, Viking Club Editor, Assembly Programs, Home Room Secretary, National Honor So- ciety, Home Room Vice-President, Linz Pins, City Champion Debate. And surely she would put us at our ease VC7ith gracious words and little pleasantries EILEEN WHISENANT Birthplace: Collin County, Texas ' irl Reserve, Kodak Club, Red Cross. e lzuuws enough of jollity and 'merrimvnt Enough, sir, any party Io eontenl. JOHN WILKINS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Kodak Club, R. O. T. C., Armistice Day Parades, Golf Squad. Grave was his air and cautiously he spoke, Well esteemed was he by all good folk. MARILYN WILLIAMS Birthplace: Shreveport, Louisiana Girl Reserves, Operetta, Cantata, Spanish Club, Com- mercial Club, Honor Roll, The tale is that men hold dearest a lady faire, The truth is the lady's the reason, not the shade of her hairr. DORIS WILSON Birthplace: Sherman, Texas Kodak Club, Baseball Captain. A merry maid as fair as morning? dew, Who never thinks to stop ,til she is through. HENRY WINANS Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas Biology Club, Kodak Club, Track Team. Or if men ask of him what should' hefalle Of everything, he could answere them alle. GILLIE YEARGAN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Student Council Program Chairman, Home Room Program Chairman, Biology Club, Red Cross. Transferred from Highland Park. Her nose is filled, her eyes are blur, Ruddy her lips, and fresh ana' fair her hue , .J ROLE GILBOE Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota Now adventure beckons some men like a polar star But adventurers should think twice ere they 'wander too far. SAMMIE ROGERS Birthplace: Sparta, Tennessee Girl Reserves. December 1, 1919-February 26, 1937 And' may there be no moaning of the har When I put out fo rea. MARY D. STEPHENS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Her no false distant lights, by fortune set, Could ever into foolish wamlering get. RUTH STRONG ' M31 GERTRUDE YOUNG Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Student Council: Perigon Clubg Jockey Clubg Com mereial Club. It must have been a lovely thought That such a gracious sweetiiess wrought. O df NOT IN PICTURES - gr! .W l Mike Curry David Greenburg Geor 1 . rt err s Lee obcrt Martin Howard Munroe Forrest Moore Wil ' gi erce Birthplace: Henderson, Texas J , I iF WL' may live without frieirrlx, we may live llfffllfllll hooks But civilizerl man L'0IlIIOf life without cooks. HARRY TRIECE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Latin Clubg Compass Staff: Viking Staifg Model Air- plane Clubg Kodak Clubg Quill and Scrollg Linz Pinsg National Honor Society. The quiet nzinrl is richer than a crown, Anil the lipright IIIHII XCOVIIS f0l'fII7IC,X angry frozviz QZ?5iZ'li5':lTf5fEI??2E'?K.5'i?53f 1 5i'fWQTi!51f3E"" Fffli ' ' 3 Za s- K eg 'Z faith t is,E..qQVg I 'Q' :Ii i agle-'F :ff,gff.zE. ' risen:-QF: A V. WK, ag gay- jig sat f,f,w -zwfh,-its gif- ff g f: " A-f-ite 511 . ' AQ? , ' ., .asf zsitii ' Lane Ryan Carl Sanders Jay Sarbry john Spence Metz Taylor 1 33 .el Don TeVault gp Frank Tinsley Louis Walker IN Conlee Wyatt Norflcet Austin Dorothea Beeson Catherine Cummins Eunice Dean Myrtis Dean Gene Hanst Dorothy March Margaret Mellen Velma Mitchell Nita Reed Eleanore Sebastian NOT IN PICTURES John Clower Valton Hicks Clarence Hastedt John Hiescher Regal Leftwich Honaree Loper Albert Morris Ross Musso Robert Nichols john Norris Robert Parker Jack Pulliam Billy Reidy jack Richardson 4B's .Ivhn Spence Willigiin Stopple David Stewart Harry Thofern Battle Turner Ross Westmoreland Caroline Carmofly Mary Elizabeth Dennis Ethelyn Peters Mary Ola Redlinger Marjorie Robinson Arlene Shaw Ella Starnes Margaret Willis IV-B Class Officers President .......... ALLEN CRAIG Vice-President . . ..... PETER GARVER Secretary-Treasurer . . MARY ELIZABETH ROBERTS Sponsor . . MR. WITMEYER w l l J, r .f if HARRY AIRIN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Boy Scout, R. O. T. C. Youth, with ambitious feet, secure and prourl Ascencls the ladder leaning on the clourls. EVELYN ANDERSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Biology Club, Girl Reserves, Red Cross, Home Room Secretary, Assembly Programs. I should delight to have my curls half drownerl In Tyrian dews, and head with roses crowned. PAUL AUTRY Birthplace: Dustin, Oklahoma Baseball, Track, Football. To nonsense time anal time again the wise Revert that they might even out their nlies. VALOIS BATES Birthplace: Petrolia, Texas Kodak Club, Chemistry Club. Honor, faith, and generosity She hail, and userl them prudently. BARBARA BECKER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Debate Club, Delphians, Pan-American, Yell Leader, Orchestra, Assembly Programs, Home Room Secretary, Essay Contest, All'City Chorus, Operetta, One Act Play, All-City Orchestra, National Honor Society. And certainly she had a merry note, Her firlclle matchezl the music of her throat. sg.. ,c ESTELLE BENSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Linz Pin, Home Room Officer. Benign and wondrous diligent was she, Ana' very patient in adversity. NEWTON BLACRMORE Birthplace: Austin, Texas Track, Basketball, Allied Youth, Home Room Presi- dent, Assembly Programs. Oh how much higher iloth youth live In brightness that his heart doth give. HELEN BRATCHER Birthplace: Heath, Texas Grave was her air aml graciously she spake, Her worrls were wise as anyone could make. JEWEL BRETT Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Art Club, Kodak Club, Chemistry Club, All-City Chorus, Operetta, Cantata, Pep Squad, School Band. She was a girl as sturdy, wise, and free As most of ns could ever wish to be. GEORGE BRYAN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Perigon Club, Kodak Club, Boy Scout, Track, Foot- ball, R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas. Steadfast in action he'll 11e'er to- dishonor benzl He breaks no promise, serves no private end. flll GRADY BROGOITTI Birthplace: Sulphur Springs, Texas National Honor Society, French Club Vice-President, Assembly Programs, Glee Club, Operctta, Pan-American Forum, Library Assistant, Home Room Secretary. He could make song and many tales recite Anal he would sing, anzl dance, anal ilraw, and write. RUTH CARROLL Birthplace: Paris, Texas Red Cross Secretary, Delphian Society Secretary, Olympiad Club, Operetta, Home Room President, All- City Chorus, Cantata, Gym Demonstration, Social Chait- man Student Councilg Compass Cub, Hi-Press Club, Quill and Scroll. Endowed with silv'ry voyee and golden hairc' Prayse be to Him who made this mayde so faire. PHYLLIS CASS Birthplace: Houston, Texas National Honor Society, Olympiad Club, Delphian Literary Society, Viking IV-B Class Editor, Kodak Club, Linz Pin, Student Council, Tennis Team, Red Cross, Hi-Press Club, Compass Reporter, Delphian Scrapbook Editor-in-Chief, Quill and Scroll. Such dancing, devilish, merrye smile and eyes Have won a blonde-head lad, as I surmise. PRINCESS CHANCEY Birthplace: Dublin, Texas Biology Club, Kodak Club, Operettag All-City Chorus. Fair tresses mvn's imperial rare ensnare, And beauty draws us with a single hair. J. T. CHAPMAN Birthplace: Merkel, Texas BUSTER CLENIENT Birthplace: Lafayette, Louisiana Boy Scouts, Football. He hath a way to chase clvspair, To heal all grief ana' cure all care. MARGARET CLEMENTS Birthplace: Corsicana, Texas French Club, Assembly Programs. A goocl woman is worth, if she were solzl, The fairest crown lhalls mafle of purest golzl. WALTER CLEMENTS Birthplace: Waco, Texas Hi-Y, Biology Club, Football, Track, Basketball. I must laugh and Janet' aml sing Youth is such a lovely thing. EMMETT COLLINS Birthplace: Canton, Texas Eagle Scout, Biology Club, Kodak Club, Boy's Glee Club. Sport he loved and laughter angh to flare.. A song, wide spares, and the air. Birthplace Kodak Club, Life Scout, Football, Track, Student Council, R. O. T. C. Sergeant. Let me be deft and ilehonair, I ani content, I do not raw' W Chemistr Track, City unrloiulefl ray as toilay. blessed with in aka lf' ALLEN CRAIG Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R. O. T. C. Corporal: Hi-Y: IV-B Class President, Swimming Team, Track. If thou art young, may youth Anil thought enllue thee with all truth. ALINE CRAWFORD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Red Cross, Biology Clubg Home Room Secretaryg Assembly Programs. A gnarzlian angel oler her life presiding Doubling her jzleasiire, and her cares dividing. BILL CRAWFORD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Biology Club, Perigon Club, Kodak Club, Rifle Team R. O. T. C. Lieutenant. Sneh power there is in clear-eyed self-restraint, Ana' purpose clean as light from every seljish taint. JAMES CROW Birthplace: Belton, Texas Biology Clubg Kodak Club: Boy Scout, Swimming Rifle Teamg R. O. T. C. Lieutenant, Home Room Presi- dent. I only wish to live my life, anal find My heart in unison with all mankinrl. NEVA CULPEPPER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Home-Room Vice President, Biology Club, Volley Ball Captain. Sweet Highland girl a wry shower Of beauty is thy earthly ilower. CQ I I W. R. DALTON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R. O. T. C. Sergeantg Band Second Lieutenant. Anil I agreed with him that he was wise- Why should he work and weary out his eyes! TRIS DAVIS Birthplace: Hollis, Oklahoma Through joy in gilded chariots ever shown Ana' love of man her carefree heart was known. WALTER DAVIS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Operetta: Glee Clubg Assembly Programsg R. O. T Sergeant. If one spake wall of him, more dial the same, And Walter was this youthful fellow's name. HAROLD DAWSON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas R. O. T. C. "As, when ri thing is shapen it shall he" But this lail declares he wills it shall not be he. ALBERT LEE DEL CAMBRE Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas Football. Constant in nothing but inconstancy Who wants sanieness in such as he? fj wb... .ww vnilria -answ- 'Gund' MARY FRANCES DURHAM Birthplace: Electra, Texas Chemistry Club, Kodak Clubg Student Council, Hi- Press Club, Compass Cub, Choral Club. Clever ana' lovely all the while, Winning us all with her cheery smile. ALINE EAGAN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Linz Pinsg French Clubg Viking Staff. Sweet silent rhetorir of persuading eyes, Better words than wisdom of the wise. LOUISE ELLINGTON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas To us so kinilly giuen was the grace To look upon the beauty of your fare. CHARLES EDWIN ELLIS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Life Scout: Chemistry Clubg Model Airplane Club. To him 110 high, no low, no great, no small, He fills, he bounds, connects, and equals all. P TE GARVER Birth ace: Dallas, Texas Biology Club: B Scoutg R. O. T. C. Captain, IV-B Cla s Vi -Pre ' t. , arm attends him everywhere, Q Care srniles to see hirn full of care. EILEEN GORRISON Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Linz Ping Assembly Programs. Round her eyes her lresses fell, Which were hlaekest none could tell. BILLIE JO HALE Birthplace: Farmersville, Texas Kodak Club, Girl Reserves: Jockey Club. Maiden with soft clark eyes Like the :lust in the evening skies. ALLISON HAMMOND Birthplace: Dallas, Texas French Club. With hair so Izloml and always perfectly set, She appears to be quite the ilaintiest lass we'11e met PHILIP HARDY Birthplace: Clifton, Arizona Chemistry Clubg Band Staff Sergeant, Band Contest The wisest man coulcl ask no more of Fate Than inwardly in Manhood to be great. IVAN HARRISON Birthplace: Naples, Texas Boy Scoutg Radio Club. The joy of youth his laughing eyes displayed, And ease of heart his every look conveyed. --' -1-r--W 4231- ELDON HILL Birthplace: Commerce, Texas Kodak Club: Art Clubg Perigon Club: Compass Car toonistg Operettasg Glee Club: Cantatas: Baseball: Track Tennis Team. He'lI meet the changes time and chance present W'ith modest dignity and calm content. WILBUR HOFFMAN Birthplace: Wilmoron, North Carolina Airplane Clubg Boy Scoutg Football. But you with pleasure own your errors passed And each day sees you greater than the last, WILL ARCH HOOD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Allied Youth: Senior Hi-Yg Student Council Vice- Presidentg Assembly Programs: Boy Scoutg Tennis. A mind to think and a large discontent Both things in a man are most excellent. ROBERT IRWIN Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts Model Airplane Club: Football Team. To dare great things and dare again Is birth of manhood in young men. RUTH JAMES Birthplace: Lavon, Texas VC7hen her delicate feet in the dance twin und She only par complaisance touches ll ' nd. 49 K .op-QQ.. K, CI-IARLEs JOHNSON Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas National Honor Society: Linz Pins: Kodak Club: Perigon Club: Chemistry Club: Life Scout: Home Room Secretary: Latin Tournaments: Assembly Programs: Golf Team: Hi-Press Club: Viking Staff. He's quick to' learn and frst to know, And keenly spreads a friendly glow. GEORGE EDWARD JONES Birthplace: Gilmer, Texas Linz Ping Chemistry Club: Kodak Club: Perigon Club: Glee Clubg Operetta: Assembly Programs. According to Pope, he's truly polite this young man, For he "makes every one about him as easy as he can." LILA MAUDE JONES Birthplace: Gilmer, Texas She 7lI'lfl'l' oluposed anyone on any occasion Bllf Iml them to her end by soft persuasion. VIRGINIA JONES Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Art Club: Pan-American Student Forum: Red Cross: Biology Club: Camp Fire Girl. Hrreis "an eye where feeling plays In ten thousand dewy rays." BEN CARRELL JORDAN Birthplace: Farmersville, Texas Linz Bible Award: Boy Scout: R. O. T. C. Lieutenant. His magic was not far to seek-its end Where'vr he met a stranger to leave a friend. L EDDIE JUNGE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Hi-Y, Kodak Clubg Home Room Vice-President. Well formed was he and of a goodly height, Active and strong and valorous in fight. ELBERT KENNEMER Birthplace: Dallas, Texas French Club, Chemistry Clubg R. O. T. C. Sergcantg Football, Basketball. Nature, his tutorg habit, his law Wit, spirit, friendliness without a flaw. HELEN KNIGHT Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Assembly Programsg Cantatasg Operettas. A face with gladness o-verspreadg Soft smiles hy human kindness bred. VIRGINIA KURTH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Linz Pins, Kodak Club: Home Room Vice-President. Fine gentlemen and well-dressed youths around her shone, And every eye was fixed on her alone. EDITH LAKE Birthplace: Jefferson, Texas Her grareful ease, and sweetness 'Void of pride Might hide her faults had she those faults to hide. . ,sk 'Dv af MARY HELEN LEAVELL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas With winning smile and carefree ways May she be happy all her days. MIKE MARTINEZ Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Pan-American Student Forum. Quiet he is and pleasant all the day Being modest and retiring in his way. RACHEL MATHIS Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas Kodak Clubg Chemistry Clubg Tennis Teamg Counsel lor's Assistant. Cheerful at morn she wakes from short repose Completes assignments and earols as she goes. DOROTHY MAYFIELD Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Linz Pins: Chemistry Club: Biology Club: Kodak Club She was a goodly girl, quick of eye and ear And! ready always all others to hear. ELLEN MCGRATH Birthplace: Houston, Texas French Club. Happy who in her verse can steer From grave to light, from pleasant to severe. 'NIAG- -,ig . R. E. MCKINNEY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas V Kodak Club, Football, Track, Basketball W. C. REDDICK Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Linz Pin, Boy Scout, National Honor Society. Live while you live this fellow'al say Studious, willing, ahle, and kind, Anil seize the pleasures of the present rlay. JACK O,BEIRNE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Hi-Y, R. O. T. C. Oflicer, Home Room Treasurer, Camp Dallas Eiiieiency Award, Football Letterman, Golf Team. In spite of favor, in erring reason's light One truth is clear, whatever is, is right. MARIE LOUISE OGATA Birthplace: Dallas, Texas O flattering painter who marie it her care To paint men as they should he, not as they are. T. K. PIERCE Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Senior Hi-Y: Kodak Club, Latin Club, Eagle Scout, R. O. T. C. Band Lieutenant, Football, Basketball. The monk's humility, the hero's priile, Both alike with reason his actions guide. ANGELINE POWELL Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Transferred from Fort Worth. A girl well lovefl--so fall of life and fun The friendship of ns all she surely won. 5.0. .-dy., AW? eymfv A thrifty scholar, the best youlil find. MARY ELIZABETH ROBERTS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Delphian Secretary, Olympiad Vice-President, Home Room President, Gym Demonstration, 1936 Best All- Around Girl, Viking Staff, IV-B Class Secretary, Hi-Press Club Secretary, Assembly Programs: North Dallas Carni- vals, Quill and Scroll. Her smiles of days in goodness spent- So soft-so calm-so eloquent. G. C. RORIE Birthplace: Durant, Oklahoma Kodak Club, French Club, Senior Hi-Y, Home Room President, Viking Staff, Compass Staif. Not hy daring or by forwaralness Are great things done, but by his frienrlliness. LAWRENCE ROUGH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas National Honor Society, Cheer Leader, Home Room President, Linz Pin, Red Cross, Viking Staff, Assembly Programs. He seketh one desire, al-onlie one, For sooth he sholale it attayne, har none. CHARLES ROWE Birthplace: Red Springs, North Carolina Kodak Club, Chemistry Club. What tho' no Credit ilouhting wits -may give The fair and trusting ones will still believe. elf ,, ,A 4 I- . A Anil IW MARY SKINNER Birthplace: Rock Island, Illinois Home Room Presidentg National Honor Society Secre- tary: Linz Pins, Kodak Club: Student Council: Latin Tournament: Assembly Programs. To me 'inore clear engendered in my heart Her native eharm than all her gross of art. ELBERT SLAUGHTER Birthplace: Edgewood, Texas Senior Hi-Y: Pan-American: Allied Youth: Home Room President: Perigon Club: Track. A happy hleml of joyous circumstances Evoluerl this youth of smiles and likely dances. MAX SMITH Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Biology Club: R. O. T. C.: Camp Dallas. There is a uiee youngster of excellent pith Fate triezl to conceal him hy mmzing him Smith. WILLIE PEARL VAUGHN Birthplace: San Antonio,iTeXas Linz Bible Award: Biology Club: Pep Squad. Men lost their chivalry long years past, But women are knight errnuts to the last. NITA DON VICK Birthplace: Stonewall, Mississippi French Club. Give me, kinzl Heaven, a private Station A mimi serene for eonteuiplalion. JOHN F. WALLACE Birthplace: Stamford, Texas Debate Club: Red Cross, He flies from regal pomp, that treacherous snare, Wlaere truth unmarked may wither in zlespair. EDWARD WHITE Birthplace: McAlester, Oklahoma Chemistry Club: Boy Scout, R. O. T. C. Sergeant: Track. Gracious to all-to none subservient- Withozit offense he spoke the word he meant. JAMES WILBANKS Birthplace: Athens, Texas Football. I eallezl him Crichton, for he doth seem All-perfect, and of perfection the cream. DOROTHY WILLIAMS Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Pep Squad: Cantata: Operetta: All-City Chorus. The flew that on the violet lies Moeks the clark lustre of thine eyes, IDA BELLE WILSON Birthplace: Point, Texas Intelligence auil eourtesy not always are eombiuerlg So all the more it pleases us when both in one we jinfl. Y -I+ 4 l , 4.1. X arf' JOSEPHINE WORTHINGTON Birthplace: Greenville, Mississippi Biology Clubg Junior Red Cross. She haa' no thirst for pomp or eloquence She bore so sensitive a conscience. ROSINE WORTHINGTON Birthplace: Greenville, Mississippi French Club. An excellent woman forever was she, Prudent imleeil and great of dignity. EMMA WORTHY Birthplace: Scullin, Oklahoma Girl Reserves. She speakelh uolg and yet there lies A conversation in her eyes. JERRY AHERN Birthplace: San Benito, Texas Football Squad, Track: Home-Room Vice-President. To him a froliz' was high deliglatg A frolic he would hunt for day and night. DOROTHY JANE BUSBY Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas Art Club, Home-Room Secretary. DOUGLAS IVEY Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Home-Room Presidentg Basketball Letterman: ball Lettermang Baseball Letterman. But sure the eye of time beholrls no name So blest as thine in all the rolls of fame. Foot ZELDA KREISSIG Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Delphiansg Olympiadsg Red Crossg Student Council Operettag Chorus. The beauty which ola' Greece or Rome Sang, painted, wrought this close at home. HELEN LEDERMAN Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Girl Reservesg Kodak Clubg Student Council. A eounteiianee in which rliil meet Sweet records, promises as sweet. VIRGINIA MARRIAT Birthplace: Denton, Texas O, how mirth more zlolh beauty heauteous live By that sweet orizaineizt whifh truth doth give. ELBERT VON HOTHAN SANDERS Birthplace: Amarillo, Texas French Clubg French Class President, Senior Hi-Y Pan-American Student Forum, Chemistry Club, Boy Scoutg Track: De Molay. Heart on her lips amz' soul within her eyes, Soft as her clinic aml Xllllllj' as its skies. New-ni A llriiileiil chief not His must display and fair array. Epilogue OW han the Lord of Wisdom's halles broughte With aid of Council grave, o'er journey fraughte With snares so depe, his lieges younge and gaye. The pitfalls caught a few, and some awaye Did go of their own liste, but many wys And brave souls toiled on to win the prys. And honors won, fame for themselves and ful Renown and glory, too, for their great school ln tourneys classic, journalistic, and Forensic shone their learning while the band And eek the chorus hath displayn their skill ln realm of art. With no less zealous will Han these bold pilgrims stryven in feats of strength On many a field the heroes marked their length On cold hard ground to vaunt a golden ball As trophy of their nimble feet, or withal Did toil to reach a basket's parlous height Nor spared themselves in any strenuous fight: While on the sidelines the ones of skill more slight Han lent their voices' loud encouragement To cheer with trained throats their comrades bent On victory. And great rewards have been Their portion: and greater yet may be, we ween, The conquests waiting that greater pilgrimage They have to go from youth to hoary age. ,.,.- E I r 5 z 1 5 anal, I I s.-,' 'NV-ir. "X -'f L V . Yflx , X x, g If -5 5 7: W Mil, ' rr, ,1,. fn ,. 1:-Vi i L ,iii A Q31 r . -L ' ,,- .. Ev aug, ei TW n 1- ,' EQJZYI 1 M A .4 ug, ii! 181' 1 f X .rf V' Q ? a li- ,ff i.- Qi-QE. LM in -of . - " 7 1 Xi? !x -N-- "' -fl .. , I I 1 - ,gs-" f 4 J-f .-nf' 7' ff - rx M . f 5' ' ff U Y I f-H '-'I cg.. 'li.1m ---.-7, , " ,, - 5..........-- K - 1 J t si," . glinllzrclasiimfll BOYS Allison, Bobbie Ball, Pete Baroff. Walter Baxter, Jimmy Beddoe, Thomas Behrens, Walter Benavidez, David Berry, Raymond Black, Maurice Blakely, Lloyd Bowlden, Hubert Braden, David Brady, Hudson Brown, Mack Broyles, Franklin Buckalew, William Callaway, Bernard Cann, Harry Carr, Clyde Oliver Cason, Charlie Carter, Leon Clark, Bobby Lee Compton, Alfred Cory, Edward Cowsert, Morris Dean, Herold Dean, Robert Dollison, Billy DuPriest, Dennis Ealand, Frederick Elliott, Willard Everett, James Fenter, Chauncey Floyd, James Fredericksen, John Garey, David Garrison, J. L. Gentry, Roy Giese, Robert Greenman, Gilbert Happel, Carl Hampton, Wayne Hamilton, Jimmie Harber, Harry Hatt, George Hewett, Bernard Hill, John Jordan Holden, Charles Hopkins, Frank Howell, John Huddleston, Harper Humason, Buster Hyde. Bill Irwin, Ray Jenkins, Charles Johnson. Orland Jones, Billy Jones, Earl LaCoke, Frank Larson, Pat Leverton, George Lindsay, A. J . Lynch, Thomas McCammon, Bruce I-B CLASS Timm, Fred Tomlinson, Ross Tompkins, Edwin Lee Trigo, Manolo Trizza, Sam Wallis, Richard Wellbaum. Sam White, Joe Glen Wilson, J. B. Wilson, Frank Wilson, Jimmy Walter WoH'0rd. Clinton Wolf, Charles Young, Berry Ziegler, Fred York, Earl GIRLS Adamike, Louise Neva Allen, Mayry Anita McConnell, Allan Richard Aloi, Rosalie McDonald, B. E. McElyea, Grover McLeland, Orris Martin, C. L. Mauldin, Howard Meador, Raymond Miller, James Mille1', John Odell, Charles Oxford, Dick Pollard, Elbert Pravel, Bill Relyea, Kirk Richardson, Wallace Salerno, Lalwrence Seaman, Lawrence Sowers, Guy Vernon Smith, Alfred Sorensen, Walter Starnes, Harlan Steele, Eugene Sullivan, Jack Sivley, Bert Taylor, David Altgens, Mary Andrews, Jean Ayers, Dorothy Babin, Jane Bates, Maurine Beale, Agnes Beedman, Evelyn Bennett, Mary Catherine Benton, Dorothy Juanita Beutel, Betty Jean Bianchi, Frances Blancett, Betty Jean Bledsoe, Mary Frances Brennan, Marie Bretherton. Betty Jane Brickey, Donia Bristow, Billie Brown, Dorothy Bruton, Leatha Burer, Betty Campbell, Corinne Carpenter, Charlene Carroll, Juanita Carter, Mary Frances Cass. Joan Clark, Gloria Clark. Marion Cole, Jane Cramer, Barbara Cramer, Mary Lou Dague. Patty Ann Danna, Catherine Davis, Mina DeVaux, Ellen Dickerson. Mildred Downs, Mary Jane Dunkin, Murl Dean Eagen, Carolyn Elmore, Mary Fall, J eane Gandy, Rose Laverne Gentry, Norma Jean Gibbs, Doris Gibson, Hazel Goode, Carroll Greene, Charlene Greenwell, Merthel Griffin, Alma Hall, Josephine Hampton, Hope Hart, Doris Hartman, Olivia Helton, Billie Mae Henry, Doris Herndon, Betty Jane Holland. Dorothy Jane Humphrey, Florinda Johnson, Jane Magnolia, Nancy Ann Marriott, Fern Marr, Othello Mathis, Marjorie May, Leona Meade, Mary Melton, Marie Mentesana, Lucille Miller, Dorothea Minter, Jamie Morgan, Jane Mowat, Bobby Nash, Margaret Nicoud, Marian Parker, Betty Parkerson, Helen Patton, Vada Pedigo, Florence Piercy, Betty Jean Pool. Isabelle Porter, Dorothy Rayner, Marjorie Redmond, Mary Louise Scott, Corinne Sidor, Anna Elizabeth Skiles, Marjorie Ruth Smith, Gloria Smith. Joyce Smith, Martha Belle Steveson, Mary Ann Strait, Dorothy Swindell, Dorothy Jeane Tompson, Jane Thompson, J eanetbe Johnston, Margaret Jane Townsend, Mary Olive Keddie, Chrissie King, Dorothy Kreissig, Marguerite Lomeland, Ammagete McCarver, Rosemary McDowell, Carolyn McFarland, Nance Marie McGuire, Robalou McKnight, Virginia McQuade, Marjorie Walker, Dorothy Wellman, Ruby Mae West, Lila Lee White, Kay Wilson, Edna Wofford, Letha Woodson, Glada Worthy, Helen Young, Juanita Zuber, Thelma BOYS Allday, Frank Allen, Charles Anderson, Marshall Becker, F1'ed Behen, Bill Benton, William Bevacqua, Louis Blake, David Bostick, Vernon Bowman, Gordon Bragg, James Bragg, Jarrell Brisber, Samuel Browne, Nolan Bruton, Jeff Cargill, Lonnie Carson, Dan Chandler, John Cheatham, James Clark, Bryan Clark, James Coleman, Ray Cullum, Peyton Darr, Lyle Davis, Fred Dennis, John Dobbs, Eugene Dodson, Vance Dominguez, Joe Draschil, Leonard Evans, Oatis Fair, Jack Field, Dean Field, John Fisher, Jack Fitzpatrick, Jimmie Flanery, Jerry Garey, Abel Geary, Joseph Gilbert, Jack Gable, Merritt Good, George Hagan, John I-A CLASS Hardie, Richard Hardy, Billy Joe Harrington, Carter Harris, Rex Harris, Robert Henry, John Hunsucker, Jack Irish, Kenneth Johnson, John Johnson, Robert S. Jolly, Billy Jones, John Bartley Kelly, Emmitt Kennemer, David Klein, Chester Kokles, Nicholas Krutilek, Bob Lia Barba, Tony Lambourne, Charles Langham, Bill Lee, Curtis Lee, Presnell Leftwich, Bill Love, Sydney Lynch, John McAllister, Jack McGee, Rex McIve1', Bob McKinley, Edward Martinez, Henry Mathews, Leslie Matthews, C. J. May, Edwin May, Jack M6l'Ce1', Albert Metcalf, Mike Millson, Richard Moellenberg, Lawrence Moore, James Morris, Robert Mullarkey, Bob Mullarkey. Pati-idk Neff, Merlin Nichols, Jack O'Connor, Roderick Owen, Ralph Owens, Tom Peabody, Douglass Perkins, A. R. Pope, Manning Reagan, Charles W. Reddick, Edwin Redmond, William Guy Robison, Bob Rucker, Wallace Sage, Kinney Schmiedeke, Herbert Schreiner, Neal Shoenfelt, Henry Shoupe, Hal Showalter, Royce Sibley, Edgar Simons, Edwin Skaggs, Martin Smith, Ned Smith, Robert M. Sutherland, George Taylor, Bill Thomas, James Thompson, John Thompson, Hugh Tilory, Arthur Townsley, Elwood Tresp, Joe Turner, Rowe Vernon, Lonnie White, Bryant Wilkins, Edwin Williams, Jasper Wilson, Leon Wilson, Robert Wood, Jack Wood, Maurice Wunderlick, George Muleady, Francis ,Patrick Wyatt, Jim 'n CCOntinued on Page GIRLS Delvida, Ruth Aiken, Gloria Dougherty, Hettie An Angus, Peggy Eileen Dotson, Vera Armstrong, Dorothy RuthElliott, Ruth Arnos, Fifi Autry, Bonnie Jo Baker, Valentine Ball, Ruth Ann Banister, Marion Bai-field, Mary Ann Bettell, Louise Black, Wynona Blakeney, Dorothy Blessing, Dorothy Ann Bond, Frances Booker, Hazel Bowlden, Norma Brandon, Elizabeth Brewer, Margaret Bruton, Bettye Bryant, Naomi Buhl, Hilda Burke, Virginia Burkholder, Julia Burney, Jean Burns, Evelyn Butler, Dorothy Byrne, Treon Carroll, Dorothy Carroll, Faye Carruthers, Mary Carson, Nelle Carter, Gloria Chamberlain, Muriel Clark, Virginia Clarke, Elizabeth Counts, Jean Cox, Louise Crowell, Mary Ellen Crowley, Kathleen Cross, Norma Crum, Jean Cullum, Nancy Jean Damron, Jamie 561 .. Ellis, Mary Jo Ferguson, Katheryn Fletcher, Wilma Fox-FH, Billie Frank, Esther Lou Fulson, Anne Gall, Frances Garrett, DeVere Ann Gibson, Norma Green, Ardeena Bell Griffin, Lillian Gross, Bettye Jeanne Haneke, Eloisi Hargrove, Jane Harman, De Leon Harper, June Hart, Athena Hilscher, Margie Hobrecht, Dorothy Hodge, Lois Holland, Vivian Holton, Mary Joyce Hudel, Marcella Huffhines, Doris Hummel, Marjorie Hunter, Laura Mae James, Freda Johnson, Kathryn Jones, Evelyn Kading, Doris Kirby, Verna Adele Knowles, Mildred Lawler, Alice Marie Lillard, Anna Jane Lillard, Zanaida Loftice, Oleta Lott, Betty Jean McCord, Irene McKay, Dollie Mae Mackey, Nettie Rose H8 6512 BOYS Ahern, Vincent Bard, Allen Barton, Richard Baugh, Harry Becker, Edward Berley, Frank Bollman, William Boyd, Clyde Brewer, Elliott Budd. Truett Caldwell, Bill Campbell, Leonard Carmody, Thomas Joseph Clark. George Clemons, Delbert Cole, Tom Collins, Lester Cramer, Richard Crawford, James Crossen, Burton Crossen, Frank Crossen, Harold Crowdus, George , Crowley, Jack Crowley, Tol Edwin Currie, Joe Curry, Ben Daniels, Charles Daniel, Thomas Dantzler, Robert Downing. James Roy Drown, Paul Duncan, Everett Duncan, Lewis Farris, Frank Genarlsky, Walter Gentry, John Goforth, Ben Goodrich, Robert Green, Charles Griffin, George Griggs, Fielding Heitman, Jimmie Hogan, Larry II-B CLASS Hood, Robert Hooker, Harold Hoss, James Hoyle, Julian Johnson, Robert Kennedy, William Kinard. Arthur Kitts, John Lee, Charles Lindblom, Edwin Lolakas, Gus McBride, J. L. McCrary, Max McElroy, Tom Marth, Fred Massey, Bobby Moss, John Edward Newcomb, Harold Nickeson. Bill Norton, Richard 0'Brian. Cecil O'Connor, James Orgain, Robert Overall, Jasper Patrick, Hal Perry, Joe Poole, William Richey, Bert Robinson, Wayne Sale, Sidney Saunders, Marshall Schlaepfer, Frank Schumacher, Ray Smith. Jay Steadman. William Stemple, Ralph Storey. Jack Swindler, Howard Tanner, Bill Thomas, Anesworth Tomlinson, Mack Be Vaden, Leonard Wetsel, Leslie White, Zelma Whitehurst, Harry rry Wiggins, Bobby Wilbanks, Roy Willis, Dee Wright, John GIRLS Allen, Carol Back, Mildred Bard. Verna Mae Biard, Margaret Bisett, Mary Virginia Byrn, Pemry Cauthen, Arjoree Chamberlain, Ann Chamness, Mary Elizabeth Clabaugrh. Ruth Margaret Clayton, Muriel Comllton, Jennie Cooper, Mildred Crump, Thelma Davison, Manzanita Derr. Rosie Elmore, Sue Ermiche. Dreabon Farmer, Norma Farrow, Avis Floyd, Ruth Evelyn Ford, Wanda Frast. Modene Gardner, Mary Ellen Gendusa, Josephine Gibson, Betty Goldstrick, Norma Graves, Elwana Grube, Jeanette Hahn, Marie Hamilton. Dorothy Heiser, Martha Hill, Dorothy Hopson, Jo Beth Ivy, Dorothy Johnson, Mary Jean Jones, Frances Jones, Ilean Kaplan, Bette Kigrht, Anna Lou Lanprdean, Alma Jeanne Lewis, Maxine Linxwiller, Gloria Livingston, Constance Lott, No1'ma McCauley, Margery McGuire, Margaret Joe McLeland, Delta McQuade, Ruth Marks, Martha Mathis, Louise Meadows, Anna Marie Merritt, Elizabeth Miller, Mary Anne Morris, Lillian Mowat, Charlotte Mundy, Johneece Nelms, Lucy Ann 0'Brian, Flora Oliver, Margie Passmore, Mary Anne Pierce, Wanda Price, Dorothy Mae Raymond, Ruth Robinson, Georgie Robinson, Maebelle Sherbet, Mary Frances Shields, Betty Wayne Smith, Helen Spears, Margaret Stanfill, Kathryn Steadman, Vivian Turley. Jean Turner, Kathleen Wall, Evelyn Walling. Tommie Grace White, Genova Williams, Anita Williamson, Jane Wilson, Janeva Young, Dorothy Young, Doris BOYS Barker, Bill Baumgardner, Carl Baumgardner, Richard Beale. Albert Bennett, Russell Barkley, Robert Bibby, Joe Richard Blackburn, Mark Blake. John Blasingame, Howard Bounds, James Bowling, James Brigance, Billy Brown, Billy Buchanan, Robert Buckalew, Seaborn Bullock, Ebb Burns, Jack Byrum, Winston Caldwell, John Canty, Thomas Cardwell, Robert Carlton. Harold Caudle, Ben Hall Chamberlain, Dan Clark, Erwin Cook, Charles Cook, Herbert Courson, William Dalton, George Davis, Jimmie deGraffenried, Tess Dillion, Donnie K, Dishman, Elsby Dorman, George Ellis, Bobby Ellis, William Erwin, James Everett, Aylett Lee Feeser, John Russell Fite, William Foster, Bobby Gannon, Fred Garison, Foy Gay, Joe Arthur Gentry, Virge Gordon, Edward Green, Herbert Grube, Edward Hampton, Milton Happel, Henry Hewett, Gene Hogue, Carlton Hollman, Edward Irwin, Landon Johnson. B. W. Jordan. Harold Keller, Bill Keeling, Robert Kern, J ack Kirk, Walter Ledbetter, Gene Lewis, Samuel Long. Richard Love, John Lowe, William Lowry, Taylor Lucas, F. P. Luton, J . P. Lutz, Lon McBride, Richard McCormick, Thad McNiel, James Malone, Graham Mangum, John Wesley Marshall, S. J. E. Martyn, Kenny James Massey, James Masters, Warner Mims, Robert Mouser, Clyde Norris, Bobby 0'Brien, Eugene Ohlson, Peyton Oliver, Bob Parker. Robert Patrick. W. L. IIRA CLASS Peabody, George Pearce. James Phelps, Ralph Pollard, Henry Powell, Willis Quillian, Walter Reddick. Robert Reed. Bill Reed, Vestle Rembert, David George Revis, Max Rochester, Millman Royall, Weldon Sandoloski, Sandy Sansom, Theodore Saville, John Scarbrough, Vester W. Schreiner, Robert Todd Scott, Glen Seay, Robert Simmons, Le Roy Smith, Lucian Smith, William Snyder, Bryan Stacks, James Steiner, Frank Stephens. Roy Vernon Sutherland, James Swift, Frank Swift, Roy Taylor, Eugene Thomas, Charles Thompson, Jimmie Todd, Robert Turner, Dick R. Turner, Richard Vandivort, David Vardaman, Calvin Warren, Frank Waskom. Walter Watson, Felix Wilson, Lewis R. Wilson, Walton Winn, Harlan Young, George GIRLS Abbott, Imogene Adams, Dell Alcorn, Marlyn Alexander, Imogene Allen, Blanche Amrhein, Louise Atkins, Evelyn Bailey, Gloria Baird, Jean Beaumont, Frances Bell, Mary Anne Bianchi, Gladys M. Booker, Mary Kathryn Bowen, Lillian Brackeen, Betty Bragg, Marilyn Brick, Joanna Brosch, Rita Brunson, Elizabeth Bryant, Faynell Burden, Virginia Busby, Martha Butera, Mary Ann Callaway, Co1'inne Cameron, Mary Jean Campbell, Mary Anne Cargill, Tessie Caven, Dorothy Clark, Frances Clark, Mary Julia Cochran, Charleene Collins, Edna Earle Collins, Mary Evelyn Connor, Margaret Cook, Billie Margaret Cooley, Miriam Crouch, Gertrude Cruse, Margaret Danna, Tena Dean, Hilda Dees, Evelyn QCfondnued on Page 565 Dieterich, Evelyn Douglas, Kitty Beth Drago, Frances Dunkin, Blanche Elms, Margaret Everett, Mary Betty Fenne, Grace Franklin, Mary Frances Garrison, Dorothy Nell Gibson, Martha. Gibson, Martha Jane Giesen, Frances Green, Dorothy Greene, Margaret Grizzard, Lanair Guynes. Kathaleen Haley, Betty Rose Hancock, La Verne Harlan, Anna Ruth Harvey, Voncile Hastedt, Carrie Mae Hayiwood, Clara Sue Haywood, Renita Herrick. Mary Herkimer, Lenna Hill, Mescal Hirscher, Gene Hixon, Dorothy Jane Hopkins, Ina Gene Horn, Jacquline E. Howard, Doris Jean Howard, Hazel Helen Hughes, Mary Ann 1-Iuse, Jo Fa Jernigan, Ione Jones, Euella Marie Jones, Marilynne Jones, Mary Jones, Wanda Sue Kenny, Marjorie Kraege, Hope Leavell, Rhea Berta Loftice, Elizabeth Love, Bette Jean C533 BOYS Armstrong. Jack Austin, Earl Baldwin, Willett Ballard. Robert Barnett, Carl Barrett, Frank Blackwell, Wilson Bowie, Billy Campbell, Jack Cauthen, Jack C. Cherry Tommy Clarke, Fred, Jr. Conrad, Clell Cory, James Creswell. Edwin Crouch, Hulon Dauterive, Oswald Davis, James Fleet, Bob Geary, Bernard Gibson, James Goldman, Pete Groezinger, Raymond Hall, M. W. Hamilton, Arthur Hamilton, Harry Hardy. Billy Hardy, Lee Hargorve, Perry Hawkins. James Hawley, Ralph Henry, John Henry, James Horton, Richard Hunter, W. R. Irwin, Leslie Johnston, C. R. Laperruque, Edward III-B CLASS Larson, David Lawler, James Leach, Allen Ludewick, Webb McKnight, Rufus Martin, Austin Meyers, Rodney Monteith, Ed Moody, Howard Moore, Bill Moore. Donald Morrison, Harlin Nesbit. Sam Nichols, William Norvell, James Oquin, Billy Phillips, Jerome Presley, Jack Pyland, Jack Ragland, Joe Richey, David Sampley, Troy Sanders, Fred Shelby, Joe Swenson, John Ray Taylo1', Billy Taylor, W. S. Unger, David Watterworth, Ezirle West, Robert Wilson, Earl Yeargan, Tom Young, Frank GIRLS Adair, Merle Adams, Opal Beard, Selma Brewer, Catherine Burford, Lucile Burns. Mary Ruth Chamness, Duron Crawford, Jo Crenshaw, Evelyn Crotty, Milla Crump, Grace Currie, Maurine Davis, Dorothy Deans, Alyce Dunham, Ruth Elliott, Peggy Elmendorf, Joanne Emrick, Jerry Finch, Betty Fushey, Elizabeth Jay Gibbs, Earnest Gilmore, Oma Lavenia Greene, Norma Jo Grube, Helen Hamilton, Emogene Harris, Jayne Hateld, Ruby Hawksworth, Susie Heiser, Martha Heyen, Juanita Hiegert, Dorothy Hill, Jean Hill, Lillie Hilton, Marie Humason, Christina Hummel, Carolyn Hunsucker, Frances Jackson, Mavis Langford, Marguerite Lucas, Billie Marie McLeod, Marie McMurry, Theda Mackay, Effie Lou MacLus0, Annie May Mansell, Mildred Marsh, Dorothy Jane Martin, Gloria Martin, Mary Martin, Mary Louise Martinez, Hortencia Mathews, Markaleeta Miller, Helene Moore, Ola Lometa Morris, Lillian Mueller, Dorothy Nusbaum, Glenn Ava Oiwen, Alyene Payne, Elizabeth Rankin, Estelle Ray, Clara Frances Raymond, Venus Rinaman, Peggie Rowland, Betty Ruth Sailer, Virginia Scott, Doris Mae Scotland, Helen Seiler, Mary Sessions, Alma Lee Smith, Mary Elizabeth Steen, Karen Sykes, Jane Elizabeth Timm, Doris Traubel, Janis Walker, Ruby Warrick, Bennie Alice Wheeler, Barbara White, Charlcie White, Mary Ruth Williams, Frances Wood, Ollie Jo Yates, Ellen Q . . Y sl Q Q BOYS Allen, John Harold Allen, John Rivers Austin, Claud .,,,,..-, e ug III-A CLAS Hogan, Edward Holland, Edwin Hopkins. David Horne, William Oliver Bailey, James Harvey Houghton, Jerry Barnes, William Baxter, Phil Beaupre, Cecil Black, Allen Bolton, Jack Bond, Dick Bond, Robert Brennan, Albert Brooks, John A. Brosch, Edward Budd, Keith Budd, Kyle Burden, Billy Burnard, Norvin Cameron, Cecil Campbell, D. Wiley Chamberlain, Joe Cochran, Gerald Craft, John Cullum, Thomas Davis, John Grover Dennis, Bill Donohue, Leonard Downs, Fred Echols, Daryle England, Garland Franklin, George Forest, Clay Gannon. Clair Gayle, De Witt Genarlsky, Marshall Glover, George Goodwin, E. T. Hagan, Vincent Harper, Sidney Harris, Truett Harrison, Ivan Hathaway, John Hays. Russell Hill, Harry Hunter, Howard Isaminger, Jack J olly. Jack Kittrell, David Lake, George Lee, Deverl Littlepage, Thomas Lucas, Curtis McAdams, Alfred McCutcheon, Claude McDui'Eie, Willard McElroy, Howard McKee, Jack McKee, James McKinney, Bill McMenamy, Edward Mackey, Charles Magner, John Massey, Blanton Miller, William B. Minton, Milford Moore, Kenneth Nance, Bill Neal, William Nichols, Wallace Overheck, Eddie Park, Robert Patillo, Jack Pearce, Rufus Petty, Carl Porth, Roland Ramey, Ben Neal Reichenstein, Jake Riddler, Dick Rivenbark, James Roark, Robert Roffman, Harold Sagnibene. Charles Sanders, Elbert Sandifer, Joe Shehane, Ray Shipman, John Shropshire, Bob Sidor, Andre-w Simpson, Rudy Singleton, Robert Smith, Frederick Smith, Roger Snure, Charles Staley, S. Skeen Stewart, David Strait, Elmer Swain, Billy Swindler, Homer Telkamp, Edwa.rd Thompson, ey Tiney, Dick N Turley, Jack Q Uhl, Robert Wakefield. Clark Walker, Joe Eddie Walvoord, James West, Bill Wilbanks, Jester Wilson, Charles GIRLS Alexander, Catherine Alexander, Dorothy Alexander, Darcus Allen, Jeanne Anderson, Gladys Marie Bailey, Eva Barry, Mary Bartlett, Mary Ruth Beckett, Peggy Bennett, Genevieve Bennett, Marion Bergen, Mary Lucile Berthelsen, Kathryn Blair, Dorothy Ruth Bowman, Lorraine Bower, Emily Brooks, Margaret Brown, Shirley Browne, Dorothy Brunson, Lorraine Burnett, Eugenia Carrington, Leone Chambless, Helen Clark, Barbara Cole, Virginia ollins, Corinne mpton, Louise x, Sara Helen Cram, Betty leeman, Martha Jo Freeman, Dixie ruge, Helen Gage, Fayetta Gordan, Frances Greene. Eleanor Guynes, Doris Hall, Geneva Harrison, Jeanette Houghton, Mary Ellen Hebert, Jeannette Helwig, Phyllis Hill, Norma Ruth Holland, Mildred Holt, Juanita Hopper, Verna Houston, Dorothy Gena Huffhines, Frances Hutton, Claudine Johnson, Maggie Lee Johnson, Martha Jones, Fannie Elizabeth Julian, Frances Key, Peggy Marie Kirby, Shirley Kraege, Joyce Langfeld, Virginia Lattner, Billie Laughlin, Billie Lillard, Dorothy Lindsley, Margaret Llewellyn, Elizabeth Lott, Doris Jane Lynch, Irene McArthur, Helen McGee. Eloise McKamy, Loma Anne McKnight, Adaline Miller, Darlene Miller, Winifred Mills, Nadine Mitchell, Dorothy Morris, Lillie Newman, Martha Norton, Virginia 0'Beirne, Kathleen 0'Bierne, Marjorie O'Brien, Patricia Poe, Peggy Ruth Pope, Billie Rogers, Janet Rubin, Betty Rose Sanders, Ulric Sansbury. Bobbie Saville, Esther Saville, Joan Schafer, Sara Jane Sewell, Mildred Louise Shaw, Julia Smith, Dorothy Smith, Jeanne Smith, Kate Chester Smith, Mary Storey, Clyde Frances Stults, Amy Nell I 5 ' Sturm, Jennie Swindell, Myra Belle Taft, Evelyn Tannehill, Shirley Thomas, Clotilde Thomas, Margaret Thomas, Martha Kathryn Troth, Rosemary Walke1', Josephine Ware, Vesta Weaver, Martha Weaver, Virginia Wehrli, Louise West, Walterine Wheatley, Mary Louise White, Norma Whiteley, Frances Louise Wilson, Laura Wolff, Marianne Young, Virginia . Maner, Evelyn Jo Manner, Helen Marable, Betty Jean Martin, Faye Mathis, Geraldine Menefee, Billie Frances Miller, Flora Marie Moore, Mary Catherine Morrell. Jane Morrison, Martha Lee Morrison, Virginia Ruth Moss, Dorothy Eunice Nixon, Peggy Paine, Margaret Lynch, Norma Lyons, Emily McBride, Dorothy McCamey, Margaret McGinnis, Lady Perry McGrath, Margaret McKinney, Margaret Marr, Katherine Martin, Lillie Martin, Mary Catherine Mathews, Betty Mayo, Louise Mentesana, Virginia Moore, Mary E. Newsome, Mary Alyce Newton, Anne Nolen. Reba I-A CLASS CContinued from Parker, Hazel Passons, Christine Pearson, Louise Porras, Esperanza Quackenbush, Betty Joe Roden, Billie Roberts, Mary Kathryn Roose. Faye Rudine, Betty Saunders, Billie Murl Sears. Mary Secrest, Betty Jo Shannon, Bettye Page 51 D Shaw, Glenda Shores. Billie Ann Smith. Ivey Jean Snyder, Pat Stanley, Katie Marge Stell, Betye Jo Stokes, Ethylene Strasburger, Jeanne Tabb. Annie Jim Talley, Nina Dan Telkamp, Irene Test, Laurene Thomas, June H-A CLASS fContinued from Page 535 O'Connor, Helen Odell, Eura Orr, La Verne Owens, Loretta Palmer, Marian Jane Pearson. Helen Ruth Pedigo, Marilyn Perkins, Winifred Phelps, Allene Price, Faye Quillen, Bobbie Reaves, Florence Ann Riat, Henrietta Rice, Alma Jeanne Rice. Mildred Rowland, Mary Beth Rust, Sue Russell, Dorothy Saal. Gloria. Sanders, Sudie Schmidtt, Marjorie Sears, Annie Laurie Shaw, Martha Shumate, Nancy Jane Sisk, Floe Skidmore. Caroline Smith, Polly Smith, Vivian Sommers, Charlotte Sorensen, Dolly Stealey, Marguerite Stipv, Betty Strader, Evelyn Stuart, Anna Faye Tompson, Doeline Thrasher, Marvine Tipton, Rosemary Toan, Frances Traylor, Lucile Turner, Harry Joe Waldschmidt. Mary Whitaker, Olivette White, Edmontine Whitehurst Rebecca Wideman, Iva Mae Williams, Jane Wood, Grace Yarbrough, Helen Taliafer1'o, Cornelia Thurman, Lenabel Titley, Bonnie Jeanne Tuggle, Nanearle Upton, Alpha Marie Vaughan, Rita Viser, George Ann Wallis, Madge Helen Walsh, Katherine Ware, Minnette Weichsel, Frances West, Betty Lou White. 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CACTUS Cl'lAP'I'ER'-Buforrl Ingrani, President, john Smith, Vice-President, Mary Davis, Secretary-'l'reasurer, Charles Bates, Clary Bates, Ruth Carroll, Ethel Cherry, Mary Davis, jiInnIie Dougherty, Mary Frances Durham, Frances Franklin, Elsie Fritz, Shirley Fran Gillis, Peggy Griftin, G. VV, Gross, Eldon Hill, Elaine Hillyer, Charles johnson, jane Marek, Raymond Mason, AIHIe Moore, Ben Ramey, Mary Elizabeth Roberts, Louise Rotlell, Margaret Smith, Charles Frances Taylor, XYatterworth, and Bobby Zschach. Bill Carter, Vice-President, Mary Davis, Secretaryg VVillie Karr, 'l'I'z-asurer, j. VV. Altgens, Dorothy Antlerson, Paul Autry, Charles Bates, Clary Bates, jane Brawley, Mary Brick, Dorothy Biard, Margaret Burns, Dean Burford, Dorothy jane Busby, Kathryn CaIIIpbell, joe Caperton, Charles Carneal, Robert Charvoz, Ruth Carroll, Phyllis Cass, Ethel Cherry, Robert Clarke, Mary Davis, jinnnie Dougherty, La Verne Florance, Elsie Fritz, Shirley Fran Gillis, Peggy Griffin, G. W. Gross, Dont Hamilton, Gene Hanst, Vernon Harris, Eldon Hill, Veronica jenniges, Charles johnson, Virginia johnson, Wil- bur Keith, Dorothy Kennedy, Irene Kirkland, Bud Leavell, jeanette Leo, jessie Lyons, jane Marek, Raymond Mason, Betty jo McCarley, George Myer, Forrest Moore, ll. G. Morgan, Anne Moore, julia Lee Moss, Viola Penny, Nancy Pollinzi, Ben Ramey, Louise Rodell, G, C. Rorie, Kristine Shaw, Dorothy Smith, john Smith, Margaret Smith, tYally Smith, Mary Dean Stephens, Charles Frances Taylor, Evelyn Tnrnlinson, Harry Triece, Nancy Lou VYare, Elizabeth VVatterworth, and Bobby Zschach. Spuzzfor . ............ Miss IVIYRTLE FOSTER Fall Term LIBBY WATTERWORTH MARTHA NEWMAN RUTH CARROLL . Miss MYRTLE W1-IITELEY Jeanne Allen Barbara Becker Lucille Burford Ruth Carroll Phyllis Cass Josephine Cox Barbara Cullum Gertrude Crouch Dorothy Dorman I X Delphians OFFICERS . Presid 6111 . Vice-Prz'si1le11t . Sccretury . . Spa nw r . MEMBERS Jerry Emrick Mary Ellen Haughton Zelda Kriessig Betty Love Martha Newman Helen O'Connor Clara Frances Ray Peggy Rinaman FALL GRADUATES Elaine Hillyer Spring Term MARTHA NEWMAN . . BARBARA CULLUM MARY ELIZABETH ROBERTS Miss MYRTLE XVHITELLY Mary Elizabeth Roberts Esther Saville Joan Saville Jeanne Smith Alice Snyder Helen Thompson Libby Wattei-worth Frances Whiteley Dorothy Kennedy F al I Term HARRY LEAK . MARSIIALL WALKER DOROTliY DAVIS SIBYL GOODMAN CHARLES JOHNSON ARTHUR W. HARRIS Harry Leak Ruby Walker Peggy Beckett Roland Porth Gertrude Young john Shipman Ransom Kenny Mary Seiler Marshall Walker Quo QQ' O45 In P e 1' i q o n C lu b Organized May3, 1922 Dick Titley Irene Lynch George Jones Truett Harris Joe Geary Frank Mulcady Howard McElroy David Kittrcll Helen Ramsay OFFICERS . P1'L'SidE11l . Vice-P1'esidc11t . Sr'creia1'y . . Treasurer . . RFf70TfU1' . Sponsor . MEMBERS Willis Virgil Lloyd Cohn Billy McKemie Julia Shaw Dorothy Davis Frank Vinson Mary Fletcher Troy Sampley Charles Johnson Spring Term . SIBYL GOODMAIS. . HARRY LEAK . LOUISE RODLLL . ROLAND PORTH . DAVID KITTRLLL ARTHUR W. HARRIS Sibyl Goodman Billie Frances Menefec Jake Reichenstein Hortencia Martinez Margaret F. Smith Margaret R. Smith Shirley Tannehill Frances Huffliines Eddie Overbeck JC Fall Term HARRY LIQAK . NIARTIN GLAss . DOROTHY MARIE HARRIS CHARI.I5S L. SYRON . George Akins Peggy Beckett Dick Bond Billy Bowie joe Chamberlain Sara Helen Cox Milla Crotty Bill Crowley Jimmie Dougherty Fred Dow ns Mary Frances Durham Daryle Echols Tom Evans Martha Ferguson Martin Glass Sibyl Goodman Geneva Hall Rita Mae Hansen Philip Hardy Dorothy Marie Harris Mary Lillian Harris Truett Harris Chemistry OFFICERS . Pruxidevzt . Vicc'-Prc'xi11'c11l . SI'L'l'K'f!1l'y . . SIPOIISOI' MEMBERS Clarence Hnstcalr Edward Hogan David Hopkins Teresa Hutchins Charles Johnson George Jones Nina Kirk Irene Kirkland Billy Laughlin Ina Mac' Leach Harry Leak Alfred McAdam C. F. Mackey Virginia McWilliams Raymond Mason Billy Miller Nadine Mills Kenneth Moore .lack Patillo Bob Perkins Bernice Pickens Betty Pittman Club Spring Term 4IAcR WATSON . TOM EVANS . SIBYI. GOODMAN . CI-mRI.I:s L. SYRON Earl Pratt Dick Riddler Joe Roper Charles Rowe Elizabeth Rumfelt Elbert Sanders Ulric Sanders Peggy Scott Robert Singleton Ruth Snyder Billy Steele John Stephens Wfilliam Stopplc Shirley Tannehill Clarke Wakeneld Marshall Vfalker Jack Watscmii Earl Wfattcrworth XVilliam Wcrnley Margaret Willis Tom Yeargan ELIZABILTH Hints , VIRGINIA BlCWII,I.IrXMS BETTY LYNCII . BETTY JANE BLAKE Miss LILA BLAKE Beth Akers Mary Ruth Bartlett Velois Bates Bernice Bell Estells Bin:on Betty -lane Blake Margaret Brackeen Mary Brick Margaret Burns Ethyl Cherry Margaret Decatur Marilyn Downing Paula Eichblatt Martha Ferguson Virginia Fleck Louise Gardner Commercial Club OFFICERS MEMBERS Zella Green Mary Lillian Harris Elizabeth Head Frances Howell Corinne Hartman Carmen jones Willie Karr Ruth Kidwcll Dorothy Kinard Shirley Kirby Irene Kirkland Helen Knight Estelle Laughlin Helen Lederman Betty Lynch . . Prcsidrrzl . Viet'-President . Srrrctary . Treasurer . Sponsor Cristie Matthews Virginia McWilliams La Var Mondt .lulia Lee Moss Peggy Perciller Neva Randall Virginia Robinson Elizabeth Rumfelt julia Shaw Margaret Smith Mary Dean Stevens Ruth Strong Myra Belle Swindell Nita Vink Gertrude Young BIARY BRICK . . MARIAN O,BEIRNE . CATHERINE ALEXANDLR MARGARET CLEMENTS MIRIALI GRICL . Ethyl Cherry Grace Starbird Jean Hill Milla Crotty Norvclle Webb Jane Schafer Mary Davis Joyce Kidd Martha Marks Mary Ruth Bartlett Irene Lynch Barbara Cullum all Io c ke y C 1 u b OFFICERS MEMBERS Billie .lo Hale Eliecn Gorrisson Valarce Graves Betty Lynch Winifred Perkins Dorothy Marie Harris Myra Belle Swindell Martha Newman Jerry Emrick Elizabeth Watterwortli Helen Rose May Virginia Johnson . . Prexident . Vice-Prexidrni . . Secretary . Trvzmzrrr .' Sponsor Shirley Fran Gillis Aileen Irwin Virginia Norton Margaret F. Smith Charles Frances Taylor Margaret Brackeen Gertrude Young Mary Brick Marian O'Beirne Catherine Alexander Margaret Clements MARY ELIZABKTH XVI ST Boixmn QUILLLN . QIANL MARFK . Miss RUTH CRAWITOIKIJ Bernice Bell Mary Anne- Bell Marilyn Bragg Mary Ann Campbell Mary Fletcher Marilynn Downing jo Fa Huse Joyce Kidd Helen Ledermau Helen Manner Girl Reserves OFFICERS MEMBERS jane Marek Faye Martin Ilvelyn Strader Bobbie Quillen Margaret McKinney La Var Mondt Annie Laurie Sears Shirley Fran Gillis Mary Elizabeth West Rebecca Whitelltlrst . P7'f'Si1!C71f . Vice-Prexia'e11l . Secretary . Sponsor Mary Dean Stephens Frances Weichel Fdmontine White Betty Quackenbush Mary Waldschmidt Billie Laughin Ethylene Stokes Betty Shannon Opal Adams ROBERT PARK . KLNNLTH IRISII . CHARLO'F1'E SOMMERS MRS. MYli'I'LE CLOPTON Aubrey Brister Virgina Burke Willianu Buekalew Frances Bianchi joan Cass Eugene Dobbs Catherine Danna Grace Fenne Joe Geary Clair Gannon Jack Hagen Marcella Hudel Tructt Harris Latin Club OFFICERS MEMBERS Olivia Hartman Betty jane Herndon Kenneth Irish David Kc-nnemer Billie Lattner Rufus McKnight Anne Newton Robert Park Ralph Phelps Ben Rainey jane Palmer .lane Skiles Sudie Sanders , 1'r'c'siilf11l . Vin'-Prfsidwzl Scf'rcl1z1'y-Twasu rar . SIIDIIXOY Thelma Zuber Dorothy -Iean Swindell Mary joe Turner Christine Zarafonetis Iaek McAllister Howard McElroy Virginia McKnight Isabelle Pool Bob Robinson Charlotte Sommers Helen Yarbrough George Wunderlick GI-,onoia R'll'RlXVl1'l ink ELIZABITI H XVATT1,RwoRTH MARTHA NLWMAN . RALPH PHI-ws . Miss BALDWIN, Mit. TURNER Catherine Adams Newt Blackmore- Ruth Bachman Margaret Biard W'illiam il. Benton Winston Byrum Jane Clark Milla Crotty George Crowdus Lester Collins .lean Counts Mary Davis Frances Drago Jerry Emrick Frank Farris Martha Ferguson Martha Gibson Frances Gordon Allied Youth Elaine Hillyer Robert Hood Will Arch Hood Teresa Hutchins Geneva Hall Kenneth Irish Marjorie Jones Tom McElroy -lzunes McNeil George Meriwether Martha Newman Ralph Phelps Jack Richardson Loui'e Rodell Weldon Royall -lane Schafer Elbert Slaughter Margaret F. Smith OIfIfICliRS MEMBERS Skeen Staley john Stephenson Iilizabcth Summers Helen Thompfon Mary Kathcryn Watson lflizabeth Watterworth Iiarl WHIECfNX'0ffl1 Clark Wfakefield Mary lflsie Ward Marjorie Weller Mary Elizabeth West Charline Wingfield Mary Ruth White Dee Willis Mary Brick Billy Courson Truett Harris Dorothy Hamilton . Pl'f'XltlL'Ilf . Vice-l'rc'xizl1'11l . Serrelary . Trraxurer . Spomors Lady Perry McGinnis Virginia Norton Virginia Robinson Peggy Scott Jimmy Thompson Charlotte Sommcrs john Feeser Barbara Clarke Bobby Ellis Marjorie- Hummel Carolyn Hummel Elizabeth Brunson Verna Kirby Margaret Elms Robert Schreiner Harlan Winn Sudie Sanders BARBARA CULLUINI LOUISE RoD1aLL RUTH CARROLL GUY MCNATT . Gus McNatt Edwin Reddick Billy McKemic Eldon Hill Ralph Phelps Bill Berry Lawrence Rough Barbara Cullum Ruth Carroll Marcello Hudcll Elle-n Yates Margarete Stealy Julia Shaw Evelyn Struder Frances Weiclisel Patricia O,Brien Iunior Red Cross OFFICERS MEMBERS Zelda Kreissig Mary Brick Louise Rodell Dorothy Harris Phyllis Cass Nlary Townsend Margaret F. Smith Virginia Jones Shirley Fran Gillis Marylyn Pedigo Louise Amrhein Hettie Ann Daugherty Margaret Cooper Billie Pope Tenn Danna Jane Marek . President . V.'r1'-Prcxideni . Sl'l'l'f'flI1'3' . T l'l'l1Xll rm' Kathleen O'Bcirne Elizabeth Head ,lean Hill Josephine XVorthi:igton Kathryn Alexander Peggy Elliott Billy Marie Lucas Winifred Perkins Elwana Graves Ann Chamberlain Elenor Greene Louise Compton Kathryn Alexandcr Anna Jean Willard Corinne Callaway ,CX Pan-American Student Forum Pan-American Student Forum is a national organization that is entertaining a thousand delegates at its third annual convention to be held in Dallas, June 12-15, 1957. Programs in Spanish are presented during the year at dinner meetings at a down-town hotel by the all-city club. For scholarship, industry, physical and mental capacity and service to the school, The Pan-American Student Forum has the very highest standards, and it has the most representative students of any club in high school. MEMBERS FOR 1956-1937 Catherine Adams Phil Baxter Genevieve Bennett Marion Bennett Mary Bergen Charles Bifano Grady Brogoitti Mary Anne Campbell Virginia Cole Josephine Cox William Crowley Barbara Cullum john Davis Josephine Walker Joe XVebb Mary Frances Franklin Lloyd Griffith Frances Hunsucker Martha Johnson Virginia jones Irene Kirkland David Kittrell James McKee Hortencia Martinez Mike Martinez Margaret Monteith Bill Moore Patricia O'Brien Virginia Weaver Frances Weichsel Gene Patrick Ted Rall Elbert Saunders Robert Schreiner Mildred Sewell Martha Shaw Robert Singleton Elbert Slaughter Alice Snyder Skeen Staley Elizabeth Summers Clotilde Thomas Rosemary Troth Walterine West Bill West MARIAN HARDY MARY KNTHERYN WATSON ROSE FRANCES SKILES MARGARET SNIXTH . Miss MERIWETHER . Dorothy Biard Ann Chamberlain Betty Lou Chick Josephine Cox Marian Hardy Mary K. Watson Rose Frances Skiles Margaret Smith ,l 1 if lo Girl Sco ts 11 OFFICERS SCOUTS Martha Ferguson Katherine Ferguson Grayce Fox Fredericka Giles Lula Mae Hardy Doris Hart Callenn Karcher Louise Mathes Troop Leaders: RUTH PIINES, BETTY ANN Row Presizlen! . Vice-Prexideni . Secretary . Treasurer . School Sponsor Anita Williams jane McQuade Marjorie McQuade Dorothy Nance Florence Pedigs Marjorie Skiles Kate Chester Smith Pall Tvrm JANE MCQUADE BERNICE BELL MARY FL12TcH1aR LA VAR MONDT MRS. BRADFORD Valois Bates Bernice Bell Jack Cauthcn Delmar Dolton Charles Farwell Mary Fletcher La Var Monclt Art Club OFFICERS . Prcsirlwzt . Viff'-Prz'sirlc'11l . Secreiary . . Trcamrm' . . Sjromor MEMBERS Corinne Hartman Elizabeth Head Eldon Hill Bill Horn Kenneth Irish Virginia Jones Jane McQuade Spring Term BERNICE BELL LA VAR MONDT KRISTINE SHAW . WALTER QUxLL1AN . MRS. BRADFORD Walter Quillian Virginia Robinson Kristine Shaw Harriet Lee Smith Estelle Benson Margaret Jo McGuire GUY McNArr JOE CAI-ERTON JIMMY CROW MARIAN O'BEIRNE TOMMY CHERRY JOHN STIQPHENSON MR. L. H. BAKER Merle Adair Jayne Harris Ethel Cherry Louise Rodell Emily Bower James Cory Ted Rall Viola Penny Ruth Kidwcll Jane McQuade Max Smith Kristine Shaw Barbara Cullum Henry Wiiians Martha Marks Dorothy Smith Biology Club OFFICERS MEMBERS Mary Ruth Burns Margaret Decatur Betty Jo McCarley Princess Chancey Gillie Yeargan Eileen Gorrison Margaret Moriteith Lucile Burford Rosemary Troth Julia Lee Moss Virginia Fleck Virginia Jones C. P. Mackay Dorthea Beeson Elizabeth Payne Catherine Adams Prc'si41c'11t . Vice-Pffxiilefit . Vice-Prcsidmt . Secretary Sergeant at Arms Sergeant af Arms . . Sponsor XVillie Pearl Vaughan Josephine Worthington jean Knoohuizen Corinne Hartman Elizabeth Watterworth Lelia Thomas Dorothy Mayfield Ida Belle Wilson Billy McKemie Bill Crawford Laura Mae Hunter Emmett Collins Bill McKinney Virginia Johnson Elizabeth Summers Virginia Mariott Fall Term GEORGE PIERCE JOHN FRIEDEL . AILEEN IRWIN MR. F. A. SMITH Phyllis Cass Albert Morris Lotta Nichols Betty Pittman Jack Patillo Louise Rodell Charles Rowe G. C. Rorie Peggy Scott Mary Skinner Richard Smith Harry Triece- John Wallace W'illiam Wernley John Wilkins Emmit Collins Peggy Beckett Kodak Club OFFICERS . President . Vice-Presizlmt . . Scrrclary-Tn'uwrrr . . . Sponsor MEMBERS Elizabeth Summers Mary Elsie Ward Mary Katheryn Watson Nancy Lou Ware De Verle Lee Eddie Overbeck Rodney Meyers Frank Vinson Arline Cowdrey Eddie Ulrick Margaret Brackccn Billy Swain Clara Frances Ray Dorothy Hiegert Russell McGovern Christina Humason Bernie Murray W. K. Dolton Selma Beard Marie McLead Geneva White- Glada Woodson Verna Hopper Doris Guynes Robert Ballard Valois Bates Jewel Brett John Brooks James Bowling Milla Crotty Norma Ruth Hill Jimmie Dougherty Kenneth Moore Jimmie Crow Spring Term JOHN FRIEDEL RAYMOND MASON AILEEN IRWIN MR. F. A. SMITH Bill Crawford Mary Fletcher DeWitt Gayle Martin Glass Corinne Hartman Kenneth Irish Eddie Junge Ransom Kenny Virginia Kurth Jane Marek C. J. Matthews Jane McQuade Doris Moody Margaret Monteith Dorothy Mayfield Owen Moore 6' Full Trrm PHYLLIS CASS . . MARY ELlZABl:TH ROBERTS MARTHA NEWMAN . BARBARA CULLUM . . Miss BEss C. KELLER Mary Elizabeth Roberts Mary Ellen Haughton Libby Watterworth Dorothy Marie Harris Clara Frances Ray Gertrude Crouch Zelda Kreissig Olympiads OFFICERS . Presidelzl . Vice-Presirlwl . Secretary . . Treasurer . . Sponsor MEMBERS Alice Snyder Ruth Carroll Phyllis Cass Helen O'Connur Martha Newman Jerry Emrick Peggy Rinziman No! pictured: Betty Love Spring Term BARBARA CULLUM MAIKY ELLEN I'IAUGI-ITON JEANNE SMITH PHYLLIS CASS Miss BESS C. KELLER Jeanne Smith Barbara Cullum Bess C. Keller Frances Whitclcy Josephine Cox Joan Saville Full Term MARIAN O,BEIRNE . WILBUR KEITH . WALTER QUILLIAN WALTER QUILLIAN Miss FLOY AGNEW . Louise Adamike Phil Baxter Dorothy Biard Ruth Carroll Clell Conrad Nancy Jean Cullum George Dalton Peggy Elliott Bettie Everett Nancy Marie Farland jimmy Fitzpatrick Joe Geary Dorothy Green Jack Hagan Mary Ellen Haughtori Student Council OFFICERS . Prrxitlczft . Vicz'-Prz'siu'r'm' . S!'C?'l'fIll'y . . Trcax111'c'r . . Sponsor . MEMBERS Bobbie Holtz Will Arch Hood Harper Huddleston Zelda Kreissig Bettie Sue Koplan Svdncy Love Billy McKemie Lady Perry McGinnis james McNeil Raymond Mason Ed Monteith Marian O'Beirne Billy Oquinn Ralph Phelps T, K. Pierce Spring Term . MARIAN O,BEIRNlI WILL ARCH Hoon RALPH PHELPS . RUTH CARROLL . Miss FLOY AGNEW Walter Quillian Virginia Robinson Myra Belle Swindells Lonnie Vernon Clark Wake-Held Norma White Robert Johnson ' Earl Jones Willie Karr Jack Kern XValter Kirk Frances Wliiteley Gillie Yeargan Gertrude Young BILL BLESSING . GEOIKGE MIiRIWETHER BILL CARTIZR . . JACK WATSON . EUGENE NICHOLS . John Stephenson Ted Rall Alfred McAdams Dick Riddler G. C. Roric G. W. Gross Billy Steele George Meriwether Martin Glass Sonny Clements Billy Hill Phil Baxter ,... X Hi-Y OFFICERS MEMBERS Jimmy Walvoorcl Tom Evans Bill Carter Ben Burforcl Elbert Slaughter RKIXISOH Kenny Elbert Sanders Eugene Nichols Allen Craig Earl Wattcrwortli Bill Blessing . Presia'e11f . Vice-Presideni . S1'rrr'fury . Treasurer Sr'rgI'm1t af Arms Jack Watson Morgan Nesbitt Anderw Sidor W'illias Virgil Charles Carneal Eddie 'lunge Guy McNatt T. K. Pierce Robert Irwin Jack O'Bcirne Bill McKemie' Debate Club Achievement is the measure by which we determine worth. The North Dallas Debate Club started the season in September with seven members from the previous year's club and a total of seventeen member- degrees in the National Forensic League, national speech honor society. At the present time the club boasts twenty-Eve members and a total of SS member-degrees. Six members have been awarded the degree of dis- tinction this year, the highest honor offered by this society. During the past season members have participated in speech tournaments held at Joinerville, Houston, Baylor, Wicliita Falls, Abilene, Denton, North Dallas, and the N. F. L. tournament at S. M. U. Debating teams have participated in over one hundred and fifty debates and have won more than ninety of these. In the City of Dallas division of the State University Interseholastie League, North Dallas placed Hrst in girls' and second in boys' debate, Hrst in boys' and second in girls' extemporaneous speaking, and third and fourth, respectively, in boys' and girls' declamation. North Dallas has the leading N.F.L. chapter in the district composed of Texas, Louisiana, and Arkan sas. Mr. Knapp has for the past three years held chairmanship of this district. Ofhcers of the Club are BEN N. RAMEY ...... JACK KIERN . MAli'I'HA GIBSON . TOM MCELROY . MR. KNAPP . IN THE PICTURE Top Row Middle Row Robert Clark Fufus McKnight George Meriwether Truett Harris Rose Laverne Candy Ruth Ball .lack Watson 5 Martha Gibson -Ianeva Wfilson Marshall Walker Tom Mclilroy Grace Penne Barbara Becker James McNiel Mr. Knapp Dorothy Biard . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor Lower Row Ben N. Ramey Harry Leak Mary Elizabeth West Josephine Cox Ralph Phelps Jack Kern Teresa jane Hutchins Laura Wfilson The French Club The French Club of North Dallas High School is composed of four lesser clubs, each of which represents one of the French classes. The membership cf the French Club includes all the students in North Dallas High School who take French. Each French class is organized as a club and these clubs in turn are a part of the central club. Although each club has its own set of officers, the central club meets monthly at which time one of the class clubs has charge of the program. The programs usually includes a play dealing with some phase of French history and music. The club also sponsors contests of various sorts. This year Il medal will be presented to the student who has the widest general knowledge concerning France, her history and her literature. For the social event of this term the club plans to have a picnic at the O'Beirne home. OFFICERS MARIAN OTBEIRNE . President JOAN SAVILLE Vice-President SUE RUST . Serrdary RANSOM KENNY Trc'ax1zrf'r Miss HELEN SANDEL Sponsor ,-9-q feilinn. fzsireffff i' ' f-Vi T f""': 2 """f- 5' . . , ,1"f'f 12 -1. '--. 1 -e " f' 5 ta .t- , .,. ,os .. ,.Z'J,. , . C W 5 , , , , C 1 Girls Chorus Adams, Alexander, Antlerson, Beckett, Beard, Bennett, Berthelscn, Biard, Crtmplvell, Carroll, Collins, Compton, Ctotty, lhanna, Davis, Durham, Eikner, Garrison, Goonlman, Greene, Gruhe, Guyntfs, Harrison, j. llill, N. R, Hill, XY. M. Hill, Ilolt, Hopper, julian, Knight, McKnight, Martin, Moore, Pittman, Price, Randall, Rotlrll, Matthews, Nolen, Nusbaum, CVConnor, Unit-ll, Onrlrushek, Palmer, Payne, Rcrllinger, Schmitt, L. Smith, K. C. Smith, Stanlill, Shealur, Tliurnian, Tuggle, XYhite, Wilson, Colt-, Counts, Hagen, Golrlstrich, Halt-v, Henry, johnson, McDowell, McFarlan, McGuire McQt1ar'lr, Magnolia, Marr, Sidor, M. B, Smith, Suinnlell, Turner, XYalker, NV:-st, Vl'hite, Vl'ils0n, Schafer, A. Shan, K. Shan, NI. E. Smith, Starhircl, Vl':1ltt'ts, l'l'ccd, NYe1ler, VVesl, lYitt, Alcorn, Cjihson, Bzichman, Hall, Beau- mont, Bledsoe, Blessing, Hooker, Cook, Dees, Ellis, Griffin, Grohe. Hartman, Hobrecht, Hollzintl, Horn, jones, McCord, Mackey, Mc- Quade, Martin, aletiettc, Parker, Pattan Pearce, Reaves, Skilvs, Stokes, Strrtcler, Telkainp, 'Il-st, 'Iihrasher, '1'ou'nsend, X'Vellxnan, Xlhite, l'l'hitehurst, XYorthy', Morrison, .-Xhhott, Akers, Alexandt-r, Atkins, lim-son, Blake, Brick, Chainness, E. I-T. Collins, M. E. Collins, Davison, Dean, Everett, Fleeznan, Franklin, Gordon, Green, Harvey, C, jones, Kteissig, Lynch, .-Xrlalns, j. Brick, M. McCan1ey, Mackay, McQt1atle, K, Marr, Mathis. ORCIIESTRA Berlcv, Blake, Brister, llornian, Draschil, Young, llannnontl, llxniison, Henry, Hoyle, Irwin, Iszoningtr, Kirk, jones, Leach, Lewis, McKinney, McNatt, Michrll, Saniplcy, Schreiner, Schot-nlult, Sullivan, Tanner, Xlilson, Young, York, Becker, Burkholtler, Bvrlie, Del- vicln, Green, Grizzaltl, Killty, Mctiuirc, Manrr, Nt-u'so1nt', Smith, Ii. Vlilson, L. Vl'ilson, Fridge, Cullum, Pierce, Mason, 'I'o1npkins, Hunter, Biartl, Priest, llarzis, Mathis, Thompson, Horn. Boys Glee Club Altgens, Barker, Blackwell, Collins, Compton, Dnuizli-r, Davis, Donohue, Gilhoe, johnson, Kennemer, McKinney, Priest, Reddick, Rob- inson, Sagnilvcuc, Sale, Sfirhry, Sznilnlcrs, Smith, Spcucr, Stewart, Tilony, Vurlcn, VVillb:unks, Leon VVilson, Lewis VVilson. Concen Band , Anderson, llzilrlwin, Herlcy, licnuctt, Black, Braden, Brown, Calloway, Cnnti, Clower, P. Cullui Cullum, Dinlion, Dollon, Druschil, Evans, Evercti, Fisher, Fridge, C:u'rison, Good, Cree-u, Hfunmond, Hardy, Hawkins, Henry H. l ' , 1, Hill, Ilogue, Hopkins, Hoyle, Iszlmingcr, jenkins, L. Johusnn,, R, johnson, jolly, Kirk, Lzunbourne, Lewis, McDuflie, McN:m, iney, Malone, Mnrth, Mason, Mznll- Llin, Neff, Peck, Pearce, Perry, '1', K. Pierce, VV. Pierce, Poole, Priest, Pulliam, Rexis, Rive '1ck, Snmplcy, Shelley, Smith, Snure, Tanner, TeV:nzlt, Timm, VValkur, X'V11tsou, VVhile, J. li. NYilson, Leon Uilson, Lewis VVilson, N offnrd, VVnll', Ziegler, Alexander, liizird, Bren, Rurpholzlcr, Cullum, Elliott, Kidd, Manner, XVilson. Parent-Teacher Association The North Dallas Parent-Teacher Association extends greetings to the January and June graduating classes. EXECUTIVE BOARD S Prcsifirfzts .... MRS. T. K. PIERCE, MRS. W. K. ZSCHACH 4 i A- Lg A M I . and MRS. E. R. SLAUGHTER E 'lx X up liirsf Vice-President . . . . . MRS. R. A. NORTON , si- 5, IJ. Strand Vice-President . . . MRS. GEORGE GRIFFIN .. ff, V, S S I Third Viff'-P1'eside111' . . . . MRS. L. B. RUST I ,. li: Rcmrding Secretary .' . . . MRS. E. E. MONTEITH S, Corrvspondzng Secretary . . MRS. ROBY JONES ,ip Q.: , ' A, , Treasurer ..... . MRS. D. R. GAYLE ,YQ ,hp ff , Parliamcntarian . . MRS. N. G. HARDY R i ' A i "i ' -' I Hisiorian . . . . MRS. FELIX HARRIS ,D t I A 'ml' 'L Publicity .... . MRS. S. L. DENHOLLEN .'I' Delegates to Counril . . MRS. KITTY KENNEMER I MRS. W. H. ELMORE A ' 'i Azuiiior . . . MRS. ELLA BIGBEE ACTIVITIES AWHVJS Aeiulf Education S15 0.00 SCl1Ol3I'Sl1ip Bogk Reviews Life Membership Addresses by Outstanding Speakers National Honor Society Pins Night Community Meeting Scholastic Awards Finance Paid Assembly Sofia! Carnival Book Reviews Game Tournament Dinner and Entertainment for Music Department ' Tournament for Band Cleburne Football Excursion. Teachers' Luncheon Senior Classes Entertained Banquet and Dance for Football Squad Dances Chaperoned The girls' clinic was furnished by the Association. Books were rebound, school publications assisted, and School grounds beautified. V K QQ 4: -Q ,V Maki X vw A X Y J' ,il li 7593! 5f3?.,5'W if Ifxyggflf 3 ff?-5 I 1- we . ..-4 it 2 L Representatives in National Forensic League District Contest DEBATE 1. Marshall Walker 2. Harry Leak 3. Truett Harris 4. Tom McElroy EXTENIPORAFIEOUS SPEAKING Y 6. Ralph Phelps 7. Teresa Jane Hutchins ORATORICAL DECLAMATION 5. Robert Park 8. Barbara Becker Representatives in Texas Interscholastic League Contests Mary Elizabeth W'est Josephine Cox . .Girls' Debate, City Champions Harry Leak Ben N. Ramey . Boys' Debate, Second Place Jack Kern . . . Boys' Declamation, Third Laura Wilson . . . . . Girls' Declamarion, Fourth Ralph Phelps . . , . Boys' Extemporaneous Speaking, First Teresa Jane Hutchins ....... Girls' Extemporaneous Speaking, Second in City in City in City in City in City Senior c7Vlo!Z Spopular girl Qarbara Cullum CNW? :Senior f9Vlo5'Z Qopular .Way willy Garter Senior fest CWI!-.Wound way fglflartin glass N :Senior 9362 CWI!-Round girl Splzyllis Gays School f9Vlos'Z Spopular 3091 george cglfferiwetfrer School c7Vl0st Qoopular girl grene fynclv :School .fest CWI!-mound girl cglffarian Gjffieirne School west CZ!!-giound .Toy gack Clwatson H W H R D S CITY CHAMPIONS IN DEBATE Girls MARY ELIZABETH WEST JOSEPHINE COX SECOND PLACE IN CITY DEBATE Boys HARRY LEAK BEN RAMEY NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Third Place TOM MCELROY TRUETT HARRIS HARRY LEAK MARSHALL WALKER DECLAMATION . . . T. I. L. LAURA WILSON JACK KERN -Fourth Place --Third Plnre N. F. L. D. T. BARBARA BECKER ROBERT PARK -Third Plate -Fourth Plare EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING . . . T. I. L. and N. F. L. RALPH PHELPS I TERESA JANE HUTCHINS -City, First Plan' T. I. L. and N. F. L. -City, FUHTFIJ Plate N. F. L. and Sefomf Plate Distriet T. I. L. Swami Pface T. I. L. ENGLISH ESSAY CONTEST JIMMIE DOUGHERTY -City, First Plare SPELLING CONTEST-SECOND PLACE SHIRLEY TANNEHILL BONNIE JEAN TITLEX' --First Plan' LATIN TOURNAMENT January Beginners Tloird Term Tbfrd Year -S IT Pl I DORIS HUEEINES J. ,MAZSISIJMPI BEN KZZJIEQMH 'M -Sefond Place - acorn zum ace -Third Place ORLAND JOHNSON CLELL CONRAD RUFUS PIERCE ,-Fin, plum, -Fourth Place U Fourth Year FH'-Vt Year Sncond Ypar -First Team Plun- AUBREY BRISTER ' BETTY WELI.ENKAMP -F0nrtlvP1uce LANAIR GRIZZARD -First Place in Contest and Essay BEN BUREORD FRANCES TOAN CHRISTINE ZARAFONETIS -p0,,ff1, pm, P.-T. A. AWARDS S panislo F rench RUTH SNIDER BETTY WELLENKAMP fMay, 1936J ADMIRAL BYRD ESSAY CONTEST IRENE KIRKLAND ETA SIGMA PHI AWARD' fGiven by S. M. U.j BETTY WELLENKAMP - X lg! X , Z1 If if . Z' 3 fl, LXCL ,lf ...S- iKL!.,-A i fr 7032, I I,-I I ...- Staff Commandant . . . . . LIEUTENANT-COLONEL R. L. COLEMAN Regimental Commander . LIEUTENANT-COLONEL BILLY MCKEMIE Regimental Executive . . . . . . . . MAJOR GEORGE MERIWETHER REGIMENTAL STAFF CAPTAINS S-1 WILLIAM BERRY S-3 G. W. GROSS S-2 REGAL LEETWIGH S-4 GEORGE BRYAN MASTER SERGEANTS CARL SANDERS WILLIAM BLESSING STAFF SERGEANTS EARL XVATTERWORTH CURTIS LUCAS AIDES CAPTAIN JOHN STEPHENSON FIRST LIEUTENANT WILLIS VIRGIL 1 Coznjmny Commander Exvrutive Oyffircr . First Platoon Com mazuler Srcoml Platoon Co1nma11dc1' C07l1f7d7ljlC0ll1llldIlllE7' . Exrcutive Ojflifer . First Platoon COIIIIIIHIIIIIF7' Srfona' Platoon C0111 manrlcr Ulmxsignea' . Company A Company BUFORD INGRAM RAY SHEHANE FREDERICK SMITH J. T. CHAPMAN JOHN ALLEN EUGENE NICIiOLS TIYIOMAS LI'I"I'LllI'AGE . BEN JORDAN HOW.1XliD I'IUN'l'ER Company Com manzlrr Executive Ojj'iccr . First Plutoou C0l7II1IHI1llf1' Svcoml Platoon Couzmamlcr' Comjmrzy C0111 lIIlIlIlI'l'l' ExI'ruliz'c Ojfrur Fi1'xtP1uioon CUIIIIIIKIIICICI' Scmud Pluloorz Com wander Company Company LLOYD GRIIII-'ITH . JACK O,BElRNE WILLIAM CRAXVFORD JERRY HOUGI-ITON PEILR GAIWLR RICHARD RIDDLILR MAX SLHTH JAMES CROW B . Comjmny Couzuzulzder . Exrrzzlive Ojfficvr . First Plaf0o11C0r11n1ar1flc'v' Second Platoon Couzmu1m'cr Comlmvzy Colnmnlzzler Ewfzzfizfe Ojffirvr . Firxt Platoon Corrzzrmurlcr Sr'L'r1mlPl:1f00l1 C0111 zmmzlcr Company E Band H. G. MORGAN ANDREW SIDOR . RUSSELL HAYS MARSHALL VVALKER DELMAR DOLTON JACK HAMMOND . T. K. PIERCE THOMAS DRASCHII. X Wk wx ll!,ff,f3fij , X X f ff" V H XX -V JWVVJ X f f A ,M . f f Z I I Z r l 1 , ' ,l!,, fv'. 'WDI 111 if 3 K X f if ,Lg A ll LJ: Q Q3 Lv M E V! an E as 'T 'U ci ex af Cl .311 cu EQ O ,M U as "3 .5 43 30 5 44 'Cl eu I-I-I -T T: s-4 sq an -Cf VU C1 O cu r--I .15 fl' ru M s-4 5 2 M 3 g, Tom Evans, Walter Leavell, S111 Bles ' Bill vi 0 v l-4 Ch 2 bb :s Q 3 'ki Q we -N D4 O 'WA -A Rs my HI her, and Bob Perkins KC eA bitt, Vfallis Smith, Eclcli CS N 3.11 ether, Morg riw ach, George Me by Zsch ob Frank Peck, Bob Fleet, B Burford, 63.11 -D bt Rig to Left FOOT BI-ILL LETTERMEN WILBUR KEITH . . . Co-captain . . . played wingback, called signals, and kicked . . . prob- ably the greatest all-around athlete ever to wear the orange and white . . . noted for his ability to catch passes . . . three letters and All-City selection. ROBERT ZSCHACH . . . Co-captain . . . played fullback . . . blocked, called signals, and plunged the line . . . considered the best defensive back in the city . . . did more than his part in winning the championship . . . three letters and All-City. DEAN BUREORD . . . All-State tackle . . . was largely the reason why opponents could not gain yardage . . . scored two touchdowns during sea- son-blocked a punt in the Adamson game and sprinted 60 yards for a touchdown . . . two-year letterman. MORGAN NESBITT . . . unanimously selected as All-City end . . . was excellent on defense . . . one of the best athletes ever in North Dallas . . . caught the pass for the last touchdown in the Tech game . . . two letters. WALLIS SMITH . . . All-City halfback . . . was on the throwing end of North Dallas' famed aerial attack . . . made brilliant pass interception in the Tech game and ran 55 yards for a touch- down . . . two letters. WALTER LEAVELL . . . right tackle . . . a ter- ror to the opponent's offense . . . made those long kick-offs . . . played tackle, backer-up, and defensive guard in the course of the season . . . two letters. DOUGLAS IVEY . . . left half . . . ran 26 yards in the mud for a touchdown against Gainesville . . . threw touchdown pass in Tech game . . . kept Coach in doubt whether to start him or Wally . . . two-year letterman. LEON SHERRILL . . . quarterback . . . liked to tackle and block hard . . . often cut down two men with his perfectly-executed blocks . . . always took his football seriously . . . played in the All-City game. FRANK PECK . . . one of the best ends in the city . . . carried a blocked punt over for a touch- down in Breckenridge game . . . given the name "Frisky" by a local sports writer . . . out with injured knee at end of the season. TOM EVANS . . . center . . . was an excellent blocker-even after his shoulder was knocked down in the Forest game . . . did his part in winning the championship . . . always wore orange socks. EDDIE ARCHER . . . left guard . . . was the fifth man in opponents' backfields . . . unusually fast on blocking for end runs . . . played in the All-City game . . . hurt his ankle but that didn't bother him. GEORGE MERIWETHER . . . alternated with Perkins at right guard . . . played heads-up foot- ball throughout the season . . . got sick on peaches and cream in Breckenridge game . . . was unusually good on offense. BOB PERKINS . . . right guard . . . although he and George played the same position, they were the best of friends . . . known as. "Li'l Abner" . . . was a sterling defensive player . . . fought hard in every game. BILL BLESSING . . . end . . . was Hrst-string the latter half of the season . . . played exceptionally well in the Adamson and Tech games . . . was his first and last year on varsity. JACK O,BEIRNE . . . center' . . . was changed from tackle' at mid-season . . . proved his play- ing ability by a fine performance in the Wood- row game . . . also played good game against Tech. JAMES MCKEE . . . tackle . . . aggressive, fast, and rough . . . galloped 60 yards for a touch- down in Breckenridge game-but the play was called back . . . has another year. EARL AUSTIN . . . halfback . . . probably the best kicker in the city . . . made 60-yard return of a kick-off against North Side . . . has two more years. BOB FLEET . . . fullback . . . backed-up line well . . . passes left-handed . . . made a nice run in Woodrow game . . . has two more years to play. 'U U 5 U' U2 l"1 4 U .-Q O 0 stin, Earl Au Wallis Smith, McKee, CS n'1 ja hach, SC Bobby z 'Bierene, Vfilbur Keith, O Douglas Ivey, jack eriwether, Bob Fleet, M rge Geo ht to Rig Lzffl Frou! Roz Burford. C211 D and Jack Watson, Jim vell, C21 esbitr, Walter L N organ kins, M Cl' Peck, Bill Carter, Bob P rank F 5, Evan l Blessing, Tom Bil 1, Hil Billy erson, ncl Coach C. F. A Second Row: Walvoord, and Coach Rufus Hyde. Smith, Tommy Nance, Goodwin, Lucian E. T. cron, ZITI Singleton, Cecl C obert key, R McCutcheon, Bert Ric aude in, Allen Black, Cl W Ir andon Third Row: L y Barker. Bill and in, Irw Robert FOOTBALL SCHEDULE North Dallas 18 Breckenridge 0 North Dallas 26 Gainesville 0 North Dallas 13 Sunset 8 North Dallas 12 Adamson 0 North Dallas 2 5 Cleburne 8 North Dallas 6 Forest 7 North Dallas 13 Woodrow Wilson 0 North Dallas 26 Technical 6 North Dallas 0 North Side 7 MR. HYDE MR. ANDERSON 1936 Football Review The North Dallas Football Team of 1936 was undoubtedly the greatest team in the fifteen years of its history. For the first time the team won the coveted City Champion- ship, and the dream of Bulldog gridiron prestige became a reality. The season is especially notable for one reason. This was Coach Anderson,s Hrst year as head coach, and Mr. Hyde's first year as assistant coach. The Bulldogs won seven games of their eight-game schedule, piled up thirty-two touchdowns against five for their nine opponents, and amassed a total of 139 points to their opponents' 36. Such a record had never been even approximated at North Dallas. Where the credit for winning the Championship is due, of course, is undetermined, but certainly much of it was because of the fine coaching done by Coach Anderson and Coach Hyde. The players highly respected both coaches and would fight until the Hnal whistle for them. This year North Dallas opened up a dazzling passing attack which clicked all season long. Wally Smith, who also led the running attack, did the passing, and Keith and Nesbitt, the receiving. This year,s team was an offensive team, with its plays de- signed for long yardage. Even in view of this fact, the team had an air-tight pass defense, and a good line defense. Playing before 20,000 people, the Bulldogs turned in their best performance of the year to win 26 to 6 over Tech, who had dominated the City Series for the past three years. Tech, who had worked ceaselessly' for a pass defense against the Bulldogs, could not stop their aerial circus, and the Bulldogs romped all over the Held. This win gave North Dallas the Championship. Basketball North Dallas basketball team was not so successful this year as last. Lack of a few experienced men and Frank Peck's injury ruined the Bulldog's chances. In the first half, the team, led by Captain Wilbur Keith won three and lost two games by close scores. They lost to Woodrow Wilson and Tech. Morgan Nesbitt, Wilbur Keith, George Pierce, and Walter Leavell graduated at midterm. Lettermen for the season are Douglas Ivey, Jimmie Dougherty, Billy Learn, Onnie Loper, Bill Blessing, Morgan Nesbitt, George Pierce, Walter Leavell, and Wilbur Keith. Golf Front Row-Left to Right: Billy Berry, John Hilscher, Robert Mims, and jack Isaminger. Buck Row-Left to Right: Bill Crowley, Ted Rall, Charles Johnson, Thomas Uhl, and CoachWitmeyer. So far this season the Bulldogs have lost three matches with Forest, Sunset and Woodrow Wilson. The boys are practicing on their short game and are improving. a I T 'Til I Track . " Prospects for a fairly good track team are seen at North Dallas. Only one letterman, E. T. Goodman, is returning, but several good prospects have shown up. Among these are Earl Austin, flashy quarter miler, Jay Sarbry, fast half-miler, and Foy Garrison, rniler. Billy Learn, high jumper, has shown some real ability also. The Bulldogs have done quite well in practice meets, and although they may not capture the title, they are expected to Hnish high. Tennis Lefl fo Right: Eldon Hill, Phyllis Cass, Homer Swindler, Betty Wellenkamp, Ted Grinnan, Rachel Mathis, and Coach F. M. DeLaney. Again the North Dallas tennis team has made a good showing. Bulldog players won-matches over Forest, Adamson, Tech, and Sunset, losing to Woodrow only. The entire team lettered as they won three city-series matches. The boys' doubles team consisted of Eldon Hill and Ted Grinnan, Homer Swindler played the boyis singles. The girls' were represented by Rachel Mathis and Phyllis Cass in the doubles and Betty Wellen- kamp in the singles. . f ' .K K J Baseball The baseball team this year is suffering keenly from a lack of experienced pitchers. There are :Five lettermen returning, but only two are pitchers. The lettermen are Oswald Dauterive, James McKee, Douglas Ivey, Milton Hampton, and John Davis. Onnie Loper and Tommy Nance, new catcher and outfielder, showed much promise in fielding and in batting. Cheer Leaders Front Row-Left to Right: Barbara Becker, Norvelle Webb, and Aileen Irwin. Bark Row: Phil Baxter, Lawrence Rough. 'lt ALLAS 0 , A N696 K fs c 'Q 2 It 1 0 X... In recognition of our own Wit ond Wisdom, We, the Viking Stdff of 1937, do hereby dedicdte this section to ourselves. Ed. Lop.: "I can't decide whether to go to a palmist or a mind reader." Grady B.: "Go to the palmist. Itis obvious that you have a palm." 0 Elbert S.: "Didn't I tell you to notice when the glue boiled over?" Bernie M.: "I did. It was half past nine." a Tom E.: "What do you do when you are kissed?" Margy S.: "I yell." Tom E.: "Would you yell if I kissed you?" Margy S.: 'Tm still hoarse from last night." o CRY OF A P. G. Those jokes you told us, oh what pain But that we,Il ne'er endure again Cause four long years for this we've waited We'll not laugh: we've graduated! o Miss Meriwetber: "What is the contribution of the Middle Ages to modern high school life?" Billy Steele: "Chaperones." o Libby W.: "Some moon, isnit it?" Egbert: "Yeah, some dew, too." Libby: "Well, I don't.,' o "Mr. Chairmanf, quoth the flea on Robinson Crusoe's back, "I move we adjourn to Friday? o "I draw the line at kissing," Said the bashful maid intent, But he was a football hero And over the line he went. 0 Marsbal W.: "You have a nice collection of books, but you should have more shelves." Harry T.: "I know, but nobody seems to lend me shelves." o Iobn C.: "What did you do last summer?" Tal C.: "I worked in Des Moines." Iobn: "Coal or iron?" o Hc'rsbir's Cook: "Did they say anything about the cooking?" New Maid: "No, but I noticed them praying before they started eating." 0 Mrs. Pierce: "What are you doing in the pan- try, T. K.?" T. K.: "Only fighting against temptation, Mom." Miss Agnew: "John, did you ever have an accident?" jobn: "No, ma'am, I never did.', Miss Agnew: ujohnny, a scout is truthful. Wasn't that an accident when your father's mule kicked you last summer?', Iobn: "No, that mule did it on purpose." o Ben R.: "Say, I found somebody who laughs at all my jokes." Harry L.: "You don't mean it." Ben: "Yes, she's got a gold tooth and likes to show it off." o Miss Epperson: "What is a millennium, Tom?,' Tom McElroy: "An insect with many more legs than a centennial." o Minister: "In looking over the collection plate, I have discovered three Canadian nickels, a Chinese copper piece, and a Mexican dime. How nice it is to know that folks come from such great distances to attend servicesf, o The students of N. D. plea before exams: "Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet, Lest we forget, lest we forget." After exams they bemoan the outcome thus: "Lord God of Hosts was with us not, for we forgot, for we forgot." 0 Prof: "Prexy, the astronomy students are cheating on their exams, something must be done about itf' Prexy: "What are they doing?" Prof: "Hitting each other over the head with malletsf, o Mr. Roberts: "Son, 1,11 teach you to make love to my daughter." jack W.: "Fine, I don't seem to be making much progress." o Then there was the absent-minded professor who thought that he had left his watch at home so he took it out to see if he had time to go back after it. o Billy S.: "Joe certainly was lucky." Tom E.: "How's that?,' Billy: "He swallowed an oyster that had a pearl in it and the pearl paid the cost of the operation and the funeral." cempzimenis of ASTON'S ENGLISH BAKERY North 4306 Lemmon Avenue Dallas Uses .... Porter T. Bennett Superior Il Service 4112 Oak Lawn Avenue Dallas, Texas "A Discrimiuatiug Service for Particular Customers" Phone S-2135 Compliments of AVONDALE BARBER SHOP 4105 M Oak Lawn Avenue THE DALLAS PL UMBIN G CO. -So HANDYI -So QUICK! -So GOOD! -So CHEAP! As Reliable As Your Family Doctor Phone 7.-4103 Mr. Smitla Qmaking physics assignmentj: "Begin tomorrow with lightning and go to thunder." He: "Yes, madam, I'd like to see all these ultra modern women on an island in mid- oceanf' Sloe: "Oh, sensible young man! Are you in the church?" He: "No, madam, in the navy!" "George Meriwether said it would be a fowl proceeding for a chicken to cross the road." Buford Ingram: "The dentist told me that I had a large cavity that needed filling." Mary Davis: "Did he recommend any special course of study?" 0 Miss Agnew: "Give me an example of a col- lective nounf' Iolm Smith: "Garbage" MELROSE FRUIT 81 VEGETABLE STORE Home of Pure Foods 4010 Cedar Springs Meet Me al . . WILLIAMS AVALAWN PHARMACY ED WILLIAMS, Proprietor phone 5-3055 Cedar Springs and Reagan Phone 5-4114 GP A V A L A W N CLEANERS HATTERS DYERS We Make Covered Buttons of All Sizes HEMSTITCHING . . PICOTING . . PLEATING Cedar Springs and Throckmorton Phone S-3800 Compliments of IAS. K. WILSON MAIN AT FIELD HART, SCHAFFNER AND MARX CLOTHES sTETsoN HATS ARROW SHIRTS Q fudge: "Now, are you sure you understand "This paper has a most remarkable picture of the nature of an oath?', a Woman swimmerf, Tea' R.: "Sure, ain,t I your caddy down at "What's so remarkable about it?" the links?" "It actually shows her in the water." ' 0 Barbara Becker: I'May I go home? I don't feel He: "Only fools are sure of anything." She: "Are you sure?" He: "Positive." And then he wondered Why she laughed. well." Mrs. Bigbee: "Where do you feel worst?" Barbara: "AT SCHOOLl,' , 0 . Princess Cloancey: 'KI smell something burn- Miss Meriwether: "Women always contradict ingf' one another." Elbert Kennemer: "That's Mr. Tardy roast- Miss Crawford: "They do not." ing his second period class." W FRIENDLY SERVICE PROMPT DELIVERY Quality Is a Tradition 2111 . GORE' GROCERY PHONE FOR FOOD . . . "IT,S THE BETTER WAY" 4310 Lemmon Avenue Phone S-4171 I r -L. , il ' ' F l omplefe Food Protection Newest Achievement of Science See Our 1937 Model Refrigerators FOR FREE TRIAL . . . EASY TERMS Call at Our Display Room CITY ICE DELIVERY CO. 2828 North Haskell Usher: "How far down do you want to sit, miss?" Dorothy Harris: "All the Way, of course o Mr. Syron: "I forgot my umbrella this morn- ing. Willis Virgil: "How did you remember you forgot it?,' Mr. S.: "Well, I missed it when I raised my hand to close it after it had stopped raining? F. A. Smith was instructing his Physics 2 class, and after a while he asked, "Would any- one like to ask any question on the subject I have just spoken of?" Margy Sharp put up her hand and asked, "What makes light travel 186,000,000 miles a minute?,' Mr. Smith thought deeply for a minute and then said, "Now would anyone like to answer Margie's question?" Congratulations to You, QCZW bazmpZom.' JJ ' TEELE-FO A CQ. I y All Forms of Imzzmme y W. B. STEELE A. H. FONDA PHONE 2-1671 412-14 Gulf States Life Building 0ngmfu!z1fz'0m to You Graduates from ' 7 an inkles May success, happiness, and health attend your chosen Way and reward your every effort in the future before you. We thank you for the favors shown us in the past and hope we will merit and receive your future patronage and good will for anything in BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES OFFICE SUPPLIES SOCIAL STATIONERY GREETING CARDS ARTIST,S MATERIAL PICTURES and FRAMING GIFTS OF ALL KINDS AN WI KLE' The Soulhlv Bef! Book Store 1515 Elm Street Q IN THE LATER YEARS if you chance to look through this book . . this will remind you . . many stores THIS STORE WILL BE HERE will have Come and gone, but Kahn's will still he here . . because Kahnis fair and friendly way of doing business has kept Kahn's since 1872, will Il,'M'KAHN carry Kahn's far into the --gr.n1lznm:lr. m:.m:1-- fllillfe TWENTY-FIVE YEARS IN DALLAS PRQMPLI' STERVICE 3620 North Fltzhugh NORTH DALLAS PHARMACY PARIS CLEANERS 86 DYERS, INC. Ph 5 4103 Phone 5-2712 one ' If Ifs Cleanable We Are Dependable MCKIHDCY at Hall Dallas, Texas I Q NICHOLS BEAUTY SHOPPE Comlflimmts of Specializing in Permanent Waving and All Forms of Beauty Culture SUPERIOR BAKERY 4239 Bowser Phone 5-7596 3506 Oak Lawn Avenue 0 R. O. T. C. HEADQUARTERS RIDING 7 OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT H r fn 0 ,Y CLOTHING DALLAS' ONLY MILITARY STORE 1603 ELM I Q? Father: "I am not at all pleased with your An American in England was giving some report card." illustrations of the size of his country: Bob Perkins: UI told the teacher you wouldn't "You can board a train in the state of Texas like it, but she sent it anyway. just like a at dawn," he said impressively, "and twenty- woman, isn,t it?" four hours later you'll still be in Texas." ' "Yes,', said one of his English friends with Here lies a very learned professor feeling, "we have trains like that here too." Named Ben Burford Freeze Commonly called Thermometerg . He had so mini' degrees' Mr. Turner: "Do you know, George, a fool k ' h ' Guy M: .This lin? is dedicaied to Phillipp, jggwgwmore questions t an a wise man can Betty EV: T9Ph1H1P Who? ,, George Hart: "Well, that explains why I Guy: To phil up spice, of course. failed in my exam, Sinn Father: "Troubled with dyspepsia in school A ' Eodiy? Why' thatis 3 Strange thing for a boy Boxer: "Have I done him any damage?" CREW' M. UI d.d ,t h . U I h d ll Disgusted Second: "No, but keep swinging. it ,, ymon ' 1 n ave lt' a to Spe The draft might give him a cold." ' e "lt Pays to Look Well" J O L I., Y , S OAK LAWN BARBER SHOP CLEANING - - DYEING B. C. GERSCH, Pro p. "jolly Good Cleaners" 3916 Cedar Sprin s Phone 5-7926 Phone 5-7187 3 524 McKinney 8 L L - L- Y- W1 L - -L L L Fine Shoe Rebuilding Shoe Findings Shoe Hospz'tal H. R. WALLACE Personal Service Foot Troubles Eliminated 3919 Cedar Springs Phone 5-0177 :bow 0 , A 0 "' 'P M B Q- flea! COMPLIMENTS OF A Friend "What caused the explosion at your house last night?,' "Powder on my coat sleeve!', o Along a country road came a 57,000 limou- sine. As it caught up with a small car, the owner of the big car could not resist the temptation to slow down and jolly the other driver a bit. "Heaven's man," he said, "what is it about your car that makes such a dreadful rattling sound?" "That? O, that is the 56,500 jingling around in my pocket," said the small car driver. Complimenls of MILAM PHARMACY "YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD DRUGGIST' McKinney and Fitzhugh 5 -3 191 5-0062 CORNELL FRUIT SHOPS "Dullas' Fines! Fruiis and Vegetables" 3418 Oak Lawn Phone 5-2957 fOpposite Melrose Theatrej Reobie Steger Dress Shop "Smart Cloitbes for Less" Where School Girls, as Well as the Mothers, Find Such Lovely Clothes AT MODERATE PRICES ALWAYS When Down Town Stop in at STEGER-CARPENTERS Always Something N ew to Show You Both Shops Welcome You 3416 Oak Lawn Ave. Phone 5-4918 REMEMBER Brown Barber Shop For Good Service H. C. BROWN, Pro p. Phone 5-3620 39085 Cedar Springs Little Newton B., sitting next to his mother in church complained that he felt unwell. His mother told him to slip out. This he did, but returned. "Why didn't you go home?" asked his mother. "I was going," answered the brave little lad, "but on my way out I saw a box labeled: 'F0r the Siek'." 0 Algy saw the bear The bear saw Algy The bear was bulgy The bulge was Algy. I NWN 7 . . Wt' Q 'zf J' 9' ,,.1..f',2,, E- . I"'-'ZIYIQ' h . In n We give the Earth with Every Plant! Ennerid Ozjterintgs gf Every Description Pdrrv dnd Wedding Flowers One of Lang's Outstanding Shops Is the Ross Avenue Locat MRS. OTTO LANG, Proprietor 3 517 Ross Avenue FLOWERS for All Occdsions NOVELTY POTTERY of id! kinds BIRDS SEEDS Phone 3-8144 DAY or NIGHT Lf Cale aaa Haskell Drag O. S. CASTLEN Bulldog Headquarters SCHOOL SUPPLIES D SANDWICHES COSMETICS CANDIES SODA ru PIPES Across From North Dallas High School Phone 5-5431 Phone 5-5431 ESTABLISHED 1921 L. J. Sharp Hardware Pain t, Glass Hoare and Lawn Farnzlvlzings Genera! Repairs 4105 Oak Lawn Avenue Phone S-2181 "Dallas' Most Complete Hardware Storel' ,1 Let's all meet at . . V Y T ll E G R 0 V E after the dance FOR W Good F0011 and Excellent Service 2823 Oak Lawn Phone 5-5661 9 w MRS. BARTLEY,S - - GO TO DeVON BEAUTY SHOP All Kinds of Beauty Work Q N 4618 McKinney Ave. Phone 5-0371 b b O t t S Q5 5 T. K. PIERCE B b , Ojieial Food Store 3 I. C 1 GROCERIES AND MARKET O 5-4155 4447 McKinney Avenue 5-4156 P 9 ACROSS FROM y Margaret Burns: "The horn on your car must be b k f' , N1ac:1CiI1lP.: "No, it's just indifferentf, DALLAS HIGH Margaret: "What do you mean?" Nancy: l'It just doesn,t give a ho0t.', C9 4 tw THIS ANNUAL PRINTED BY PRINTING COMPANY 1717 ClQ7ood Street, Qallas, Texas 1 ll Compliments of COMPLIMENTS DICK and DON l SERVICE STATION 4814 McKinney Phone 58-4531 . Cmnpliments of A Ffggnd CLARK 84101-INSON y BETTER FOODS 3424 Oak Lawn Phone 5-3141 I In sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire student body and faculty of the Dallas High S'chools for the past fourteen years American Beaut over Co. l 2000-08 Orange Street THE COVER ON THIS BOOK WAS PRODUCED IN THIS PLANT Billy Hill: "Pop, what's Economics about?" LAUGHING LATIN Pop Myers: "Oh, about four and a half Q l I I months? goyilbus llsllssinbus sweeta galorium 4, ai us 1 a us wanta someorum Surgeon Qto attendantj: "Go and get the D?d'l3u5 Comxbus Wlfha Spankorum name of that accident victim so that we can Klcklbus borlbus outa backdofum' , inform his mother." , 0 J Attendant Qthree minutes laterj: "He says Mary had a little lamb- his mother knows his namcf, You've heard it oft before- , And then she passed her plate again Mrs. Neigbbors: "They tell me your son is And had 3 little more' on the high school football eleven?" g MVS- Hill! "Yes, indeed-U I Tom: "Miss Agnew, may I use your red ink?" IMS. Neigbbors: "What position does he Miss A.. uY0u,1l get that laterlv 1 p ay. ' , o K of Ajl'g'dI3iiimgkT,,nOt Sure' but I thmk he S one Billly B.:h1'Wha3 did thedcannibalk daughter ' say w en s e sat own to inner." Cf A H Mary B.: "Give this little girl a great big Peggy S.: "I got cold in the show last night. handy Peggy P.: "How come?" Q P. S.: "I sat on the Z row.', Keats-Ode, w O Mr. Syron: "What is the formula sign for water?" jobn Spence: "H-I-J-K-L-M-N-Of' Mr. Syron: "What do you mean?', jobn: "Why, you said it was H to O." Shelley-Lyric. Wordsworth-Sonnet. North Dallas-Ella G. o First Cannibal: "Too late for dinner?" Next Cannibal: "Yeah, everybody's eaten." gain... It has been a great pleasure to the Studio to have had the pleasure of associating With the students and faculty of the North Dallas High all- entry 1fua'z'0 k E125 'ZQUUZHQ 511 Ajouffiufaazfazlz E129 fzczuing UO. Dbaffai

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