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 - Class of 1936

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Text from Pages 1 - 110 of the 1936 volume:

L 44" ff-",.. Q ,x awp QUKLU .v-,, ' Y J L 1 S'-ELQL',,.,531-.:g:Q.QL-1.2-:gaf", '.iff53w15-'lkf ,-57:5 w .5 'ff'- :.L1:lL-' - J 'I' 163 X 2. ,gn " 'AX , . FF A -JW: ', 1 , ,, , , 1 , , f .-- F5 I-ry r .h ff ,4- J" f I' ,s Q 1' L 2 E E 2 5 1 1 s K f 1 I x 1 5 w r 1 5 3 3 1 ,, 5 i 3 2, aw A 1 za 4 5 JIMMY FOSTER EMILY HEREFORD Editors JACK BIARD Business Manager GEORGE MYERS Aclverzfising Manager x 1 W., 1 A -Wi, .4 1 , 1 k 'A , w VCI LU M E XV PUBLISHED BY THE SENIDR CLASS DF THE NORTH DALLAS HIGH SCHDDL MW Q Q fl' WZMWS I Administration II. CIass Activities IV. IVII I :tary V Athletics . Jokes and ACIS 'A' 'A' 'k 'A' 'lr ir ir ir i' 'k i' In sincere appreciation of the many happy memories of our school and the deeper under- standing of Hne music which We have gained through her tireless enthusiasm, patient loyalty, and sympathetic leadership, we, the Senior Class of 1936 gratefully dedicate this volume of the V iking to Miss Ruth Johnstone Curtis. i' i' if if 'k if if 'A' ir 'A' 'k ir uk 'A' 'A' i' i' 'A' uk i' 'A' 'A' Mlss RUTH Joi-INSTONE CURTIS ir 'A' 'lr uk 'A' ir 'lr 1' i' 'A' ir yf f mi 'I ll' la hw gf? M my WL L Tf1rQ.n,..,a.- K l 3 l I V Y w Y W N 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'Ir 'A' ir ir 'A' 'Ir 'A' N. R. CROZIER E. B. CAUTHORN L. V. STOCKARD Szilzcrinlcnfleizl of Schools Assixiant Superintendent District Superinienilenf of Schools of High Schools Board ol Education DAVID W. CARTER, JR., M.D., Prcxident MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT, Vice-President COMMITTEES Finance Gabe P. Allen, Choirnzan L. O. Donald D. D. Rogers Supplies Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt, Chairman L. O. Donald Fred D. Danford Rules D. D. Rogers, Chairnzan Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Mrs. W. A. Leeper Buildings and Sites L. O. Donald, Chairman Gabe P. Allen Fred D. Danford Lunch Mrs. W. A. Leeper, Chairman D. D. Rogers Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Welfare Fred D. Danford, Chairman Mrs. W. A. Leeper Gabe P. Allen i' ul' ir ir 'lr i' 'lr 'A' ir 'A' 'Ir al' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' ak 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' E. B. COMSTOCK i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' ir 'A' ir i' 'A' i' x xg' Ly' xr' if K3 H' X .lr 1 First Row Across: Floy Agnew, Guy Allen, SFVUIIKI Row: Mary Bertrand, Ella G. Bigbcc, Tbirrl Row: Myrtle Clupton, R. L. Coleman, Fourfb Row: Ruth J. Curtis, Mabel Davies, F. Fiflla Row: Adele Epperson, L. XV. Farrar, C. L. Ford x Landon Baker, Mable Baldwin Katherine Bradford, Myrtle Byrd. Olatiu Crane, Ruth Crawford. Denny, lilizabctlm Dice. E. M. Fulton. 1- X . s 4' cl X YQQJ! uf ,,A,,, iff!! clad! Firsl Row Across: li. R. Greenman, Miriam Grice, Arthur W. Harris, Annie Hilc, Edna Hinde Virginia Hurst. A Secoml Row: Clio Irish, Rufus Hyde, Bessie Keller, Stanlev Knapp, Nell Lawler. Tbinl Row: Ellen Meador, Sarah Meriwether, C. M. Morphis, Marion Murray, Ruth Pierce M. M. Myers. F01ll'fl7R0lL'J Minnie Roberts, Helen Sandel, F. A. Smith, Charles L. Syron, XV. T. Tarcly. Fiflb Row: Eugenie Terry, Florence Taylor, Frank Turner, Maybell Waggener, Myrtle Whiteley' H. Y. Wliitmeyer. -ff ,J Y, s oJ li Ann 'ul 'ln nl-Yll' 'unwra- V'v W' ...W Q..-. -or ,,-, ag --1 ,4.. L-ll I-.v:.rL,.-,',:.l, . I 5,-,-15' , 1 ' 'nu , ,.."-' '-,-.-1f,q.Tj,'y3 ',-- ' , -- -V-'-'ff 1 '-'.-1-,:"f'2- waz.-H-.ukfi .- - . ., . . ' -- -- .m.,...Vx.,-1,,f.-.,,g,.p:,M 5 1 , ' .1 -"" ' " ""' Ltr '-:N-f.J,f'f-.'-'5 5" '.-'L',',1-Wie, 1 '."V5f:lffQ:i!13'w'.i: ll ,.v,.,,4,,1ug,. .. I , I , fi -N" f- ' .ufkqx qt , ' '- uit ' i'-S 1 'J.-.- Q-,f ' my g - fp..-." ' v 'if' ' Ill' . 1, '4 ' P f .,ff1'4 '- ':2r.g.- K ' .. 1? ' ' 35165 - . xx' -fQ1i'v' , - , "' ..i' ' . ,wx J' V, I I ,, , .. 4 .gr I .., , 1 L, 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'Ir 'A' if 'A' 'Ir 'A' 'A' GRADUATING CLASS OF JUNE, 193 6 BILL MALONE . . . . Presidemf BILL COBB . . . . .Vice-President MARY MAcQU1sToN . . . Secretary 'k i' i' 'A' 'A' i' i' i' 'k 'A' 'k ir 'A' ul' ir ir 'A' ak ak ak ir i' TED ADAIR BILLY AULL Track Team? Chemistry Club' Stamp Clubg Correspondence Clubg Kodak Club. "Why was it Ibn! his charm reifealml somehow fbv snr- ffyou, gods, will gin, 1,5 mme flmjfx to ,,mjH. Us mmgl face of iz sl9iela'?,' y BILLY BEN AKIN IRENE ALTERMAN R. O. T. C. Sergeantg Chemistry Clubg Boy Scoutg Home Room Secretary. "To know bow to hide omfs ability ix ii great skill." Girls' Chorusg Cantntag A Capella Choir. "A thing of bemity is a joy fovcwrg Ilx lowlinesx i11r'1'1'axrrx." LEONORA ALEXANDER L Olympiaclsg Dclphiansg Secretary of Biology Club 9 CLARA ARD Chemistry Clubg Latin Clubg Opercttag All-City Chorus' CIN Viking Staff: Linz Pin: Library Assistant3 Studenit nsbelx fffffffmf as 'my' 'md blymc as Xhcij b0""3"U Council. "OD fall if by some bcllw' name, For fl'il'l1t1Sl7if7 S0lllZdX foo fold." FRANCES AUSTIN Biology Club Vice-Prcsidentg Linz Pinsg National BU-LIE ALLEN Honor Socictyg Viking Stajfg Four Year Linz Ping Everts Girl Reservcg Honor Roll. Awarclg Vollcy Ball Emblem. "Slay as SlUl'l'f as you ann" "Vuricty's fbi- wry spice of life That giws it ull its flavor." Roy ALLEN Chemistry Clubg R. O. T. C. Sergcantg Model Air- plane Clubg Crack Compqnyg Viking staff. Student -IEANE AYCOCK Council. "The light ibut lim "Hix words uri' fvuf and Ufffll f11r111y." Ili ll!0IIIdll,X c'yvx." l 'lr ir i' A' 'A' 'Ir 'A' 'lr 'A' ak ul' 'lr 'A' ak it 'k 'A' 'A' i' i' 'A' uk CAROLYN BANISTER JACK BEUTEL Delphiansg All-City Chorusg Operettag Cantatag Adel- "The victory of endurance born." phi Forensic League. "Deep brown eyes T1lI1Hll1g over with glee, JACK BIARD Blue eyes are pale, and gray eyes are sober, Bonnie brown eyes are the eyes for me." ALBERT BARTEL National Honor Society, N. F. L. Degree of Distinc- tiong Linz Pins, Perigon Club President, Debate Club Vice-President, Chemistry Club Vice-President, Kodak Clubg Glee Club, R. O. T. C. Captaing Camp Dallasg Student Council, Crack Companies, Linz Bible Award, G1 Cl b- B' l I ' ' - , , . . . H- Pee u ' lo ogy Cub' Ccmpass Exchange Edltor' Vzkmg Business Managerg Latin Tournament Alternateg 1- ress Club. C "The task he umlerlakes amataS',,A f .II . if ,, Is numbering sands, and rlrinleiug oceans dry." mm 0 MS Om 'S it man 0 Wars' V F BETTY BLACK EDDIE WILL BARTLEY Girl Reserves, Latin Club. Latin Clubg Linz Pinsg Student Council, National "Nor cheaply bought for lhrice her weight in gold." Honor Society. "Happiness seems made to be shared." LOIQ,-XINE BLESSING Home Room Program Chairman, Hfme Room Presi- CHARLOTTE BARTOSH dentg Spanish Club Secretaryg Biology Club. Latin Club, French Clubg Pcrigon Clubg Girl Reserve-sg "E4"fl9 19415 'Wi f1'1J'fl9i'18 10 519010 WOW' fdlfev Linz Pins. "Elegant as simplicity, and warm as ecstusyf, NIIQKEY BOND Hi-Press Club. EUGENE BEHR "Grave was in all her steps, heaven in her eye, in every "Labor is good for tl mm" gesture zligniiy mul love." l 'k 'Ir 'A' 'Ir 'A' if 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k it CHARLES BoUNDs Glec Clubg A Capella Choir. "The boylaoozl of ilae year." FRANCES B'OWIiING Spanish Clubg Chemistry Club. f te "Sweet are llac fhougbls that savor of ron DORRIS BREWER Biology Clubg North Hi-Press Club. "Hence, loatbezl melu11elJoIy!" nt." ENARD BXURT Kodak Clubg Hi-Press Club. "Your words bring daylight wilh them when you SUE CANTER "Of surly a merry, nimble, stirring spirit." MYRTLE CORINNE CARTER Pep Squadg Opcrettasg Cantatas. nWhFl1 did Il10I'fIi11g ever break, And find meh beaming eyes awake?" MARY ANN CHADICK xpeulc ALTON BROACH National Honor Societyg Girl Reservesg President Art Clubg Viking Slzzffg Student Council. Football? Track? Glee Clubi Semor HPY9 Track Team "He bex! can paint ibem who xlaall feel tlaem -most." Captaing Baseball. "Young fellows will be young fellows." FRANK CHARLES ' '- ' ketball' Tennis' Pan-American Club CEREATHA BROWNING Junm' H' Y' B35 ' ' Trackg Glee Clubg R. O. T. C. Sergeant. "Her reasoning is full of tricks "How much il was of him we met, Arid butterfly Slfgg!'Sfl0l15.U We cannot erer know." 'Ir 'A' ir 'A' it 'Ir i' it 'A' it 'A' I l ff if if f if af af i f if if nlffff MARGARET CLEGG Girl Reservesg Pep Squadg Pan-American. "LiitIc' said is sooner! llIi'71dCK1.7, POLLY CLEMMONS Arr Club. "Noi much fHlk1gTll'L'l', sweat Si1t'lIt.'I'.,, CAROLYN CLINKINBEARD Camp Fire Girls Presidentg Linz Pinsg Chemistry Club. "Agn fulmot wilbrr ber, nor L'1lSfO77l xlals' Her infinilv 1'd7'fl'fj'.n MILDRED CLONTS Spanish Clubg Chemistry Club. Pretty is as prclfy docs." BILL COBB Football Teamg Track Teamg Baseball Tcamg Senior Class Vice-Prcsidentg Student Councilg Home Room Pres- identg Hi-YQ Linz Pins. "Nerf-r fluted wbvu one murfx 0pprrsxHI Nvrm' :lcfealed while t1710fbl'1',S b1c'sxr'zf.U GENPl COLLINS Art Clubg Linz Ping Girl Scout. "Do you know K1 young and beautiful woman who is no! rvudy to flirl-just u lill1e?', N. R. COLLINS Boy Scoutg Chemistry Clubg Crack Companyg R. O. T. C. Rifle Teamg Master Sergeantg Physics Class Presi- clentg Assembliesg National Guard Camp. "He was rI'a'ryffJix1g To make ns wish that we fwvrv in lrix plucrf' MARJORIE CON WAX' Vollcy Ball Tcamg Home Room Vice-Prcsidcntg Or- chcstra. "C0n11n1ssior1, Har fizirvsl rzsxcvinli' of flu' Muff." BARBARA CORRERN National Forensic Leagucg First Debate Tcamg Dcbatc Clubg Girl Rescrvcsg Latin Clubg National Honor Socictyg Studcntis Councilg Kodak Clubg Linz Pins. "IIN wif wax more llmrl fnun, bm' fIIl10L'L'71L'L' a ::fJild." LUCILE COWDREX' "Few IZUIIKQX are izlzjmxxilflz' fo :l'iligL'ucc :mil xkillf' 'lr 'lr 'A' if 1? 'A' ir ir i' 'A' 'A' i' ir uk uk ir 'A' at ak 'lr 'A' 'lr 'fl O FLOYD CRAW'FORD Spanish Clubg Crack Companyg Track Teamg Glec Clubg A Capella Chorusg Assembliesg Christmas Cantatag All-City Chorusg R. O. T. C. First Sergeant. "In vzrry rank, or grmf or small, 'Tix i11:111sI1'y 5lll7l70I'fX us fill." NEWT CREEKMOORE Senior Hi-Yg Trackg Footballg Crack Companyg First Lieutenant in R. O. T. C.g Glee Clubg Camp Dallas. "He that rifspects himself is safe from otberxf' JOHN CROTTY Footballg Chemistry Clubg Biology Clubg Journalism Staffg Eagle Scout. "Daly is flu' rlzfnzaml of flat' fJn111'." RACHEL CULBERHOUSE Linz Pinsg Home Room Vice-President. "Wl1al joy lo bear flwr, and 10 Ire." WILLIAM CURRIE "A Illdll of 111111'k.U MARION CUTHERTSON Biology Club. 'rKi11!1l16SS is wisdom." GENE DABNEY Corporal in R. O. T. C.g R. O. T. C. Parades. "TMS box L'0!1fUil1S a man of wil." MARGARET DAVIS Biology Club. "GiI'1' me my scallop-shell of quielf' DEWEY DEAN National Honor Society Presidentg Chemistry Club Presidcntg Biology Clubg President Home Roomg Perigon Clubg Viking Staffg Hi-Yg Crack Companyg Linz Pinsg Captain R. O. T. C. "A youth lo whom was given so much of earth, so I71Ill'lI of l9r'uue11.', CHARLES DOLLISON Golf Team Lettersg Tennisg Model Airplane Clubg Chemistry Clubg Kodak Clubg R. O. T. C. Corporalg Glce Clubg Home Room Secretary. "Is not true leisure' One wilb frm' foil." 'A' ir 'A' 'A' ir Ik 'A' ai' if 'A' 'lr N N N N N N N N N N N .x. tilt ELEANOR DREISBACH Perigon Clubg Pan-American Student Forumg Linz Pinsg Spanish Clubg Biology Clubg Swimming Club. "In her langue is lbe law of leimlnessf' GRACE DUNN French Clubg Debate Clubg Chemistry Club. "MurlJ have I travelml in the realms of gold." PAULA EICHBLATT Student Councilg Centennial Chorus. "I love iranquil soliludv, and surb society as is quiet, wise, .md good." RANDALL ESTES Kodak Clubg Football. "Hr ibut is of a merry heart bulls iz voniinuul fend." HOWARD FATHEREE Yell Leaderg Viking Staifg Stamp Clubg Chemistry Clubg Red-Cross Presidentg Biology Clubg Perigon Club Presidentg Crack Companyg Assembly Programsg "Tune In"g "Chonita"g Glee Clubg Senior Hi-Yg Cantatasg Centennial Chorus. "Give me Ike young man who has sense enough io make a fool of himself. SAM FENTER Won ticket selling contest. "Siudious io please, ye! not asbumerl lo fail." FAY FIELDS "O, to have a little lJonse."' JAMES FOSTER R. O. T. C. Lieutenantg Camp Dallasg Crack Com- panyg Linz Pinsg National Honor Societyg Everts Awardg Quill and Scrollg Latin Tournamentg Latin Club Presi- dentg Kodak Clubg Perigon Clubg Adelphi Forensic Clubg Editor of Vikingg Expert Riflemang Expert Pistolmang Home Room Vice-Presidentg Assembly Programsg High Honor Rollg Chemistry Club. "He thinks too muelog such men are lllII1g6'YOIlS.n J. D. FRUGE Chemistry Clubg R. O. T. C. Captain. "Of u good 11l'glI1lll11g cometh a gooil wifi." FRANCES GEEN Home Room Officer "How beauliful is y0n!l9!" !A 1 N N N N N N N N N N N 'lr if 'A' 'A' i' ir 11' ak ir 'Ir ak ALLEN GEORGE DORIS HARRELL "If is really Ihr errors of man that make him Iikeabld' "True art is found in fine danciugf' ETI-IELINE GUILLION FRANCES HARRIS ff . . ,I , , , She IX u wmxome, small lass. Pan-American Club. Linz Pms. J G "Shz' that hath lzuowlrzlge slmrelh her wo-rdsf' ACK ISSLER Camp Dallasg Second Lieutenant R. O. T. C.g First- Class Scoutg Viking Staffg Crack Companyg Sharpshooter at Campg Home Room President. FRANCIS HARRIS R. O. T. C.g Secretary of Hi-Y, "Belic'1fe mc, zz ihousana' frivnds sujice th-ce noi." "But boys will bf- hgyg, for Pwr and WW!" MARGRET GLENN GREEN JAMES HARRIS Secretary Art Club- Girl Reserves' Linz Pin- Art - . . . . ' ' ' , ' h l bg -P l b' Editor Vzluugg Second Place Art Contest at Denton. in CMTFEZT Staff' Spams C u H1 ress C u ' Ser "Il is through ar! and through' art only lhut wc' ran Y' "'f'f1lif-'U UW' lW'ff'ffi0'7-U "Hr lrirzl the luxury of doing goozlf' HUGH HAMILTON WIMBERLY HAYS "What shall I :lo fo be f0rf'L'r'r known And make the uge lo comr' my ow11.', "Thr pvrmnificution of true fric'mlship.', geant i' 'A' uk 'A' i' ir i' 'A' ir ir 'k H 'A' uk 'lr if i' 'A' 'A' FRED HEITMEYER Football Lettermang Basketball Lettermang Baseball. "Six fool Oglllllll, und every inch u king." EMILY HEREFORD Latin Tournamentg Linz Pinsg Latin Clubg Delphiansg Olympiadsg National Honcr Societyg Home Room Secre- taryg Kodak Clubg French Clubg Volley Ball Ping Tennis Emblemg High Honor Rollg Junior Red Crossg Viking Assistant Editorq Quill and Scrollg Linz Bible Awardg Everts Ping Assembly Programsg Senior Invitations Com- mittee. "Of: foyll' EDNA HILL "Syn1pall1y ix ilu' golden key that unlocks tba' lamrls of others." ELBERT HODGE Chemistry Clubg Assemblies. rr A gz'11tlf'mai1 and u scfoolarf, GLADYS NATALIE HORN Girl Reservesg Delphiansg Operettasg Student Councilg Home Room Presidentg Linz Pinsg Assembliesg Viking Humor Section Editor. "Hung sorrow! Corelli kill tl rat And fbcreforc' leis ln' merry." .fi-ff If CECIL HOUSTON R. O. T. C. Lieutenant. "Ami what br' greatly thought for nobly flared." RUTH HUDNALL Pan-Americang Tech Student Councilg Tech Spanish Clubg Pep Squadg North Hi-Press Clubg Centennial Chorusg Bible Linz Pin Awardg Home Room Secretaryg Junior Red Cross. "A dog-rose blnxbin' lo u brook nirft irzoilrsim' nor swf'clr'r'." FOSTER JACOBY Football Manager. "Wf2af ll .sfrozigrr brrrzxt plafz' Haan a bear! 11ufai11l1'd." LEWIS JOHNSON Model Airplane Clubg R. O. T. C. Sergcantg Chess Tournamentg Chemistry Clubg Rifle Team. "Hr wax II 'c'n!lc'man YOHI soul fo f'l'0lt'i1, S Clvall-f1lI'm'z'fl will inzprriully .Ili111.', LARRY KELLER Camp Dallasg Senicr Hi-Yg Cheer Leaderg Glee Club. "All mankind lorvx ll lover." l 'A' i' i' 'A' 'A' ai' ir ir 'A' i' 'A' is if if if af + if -if CORNELIA KENNAN Spanish Club. "Har stature fall-I bale a ilumpy woman." HORACE KENNEMER "A town that boasts intmbitaritx like mr' ran burr' 710 A litilz' lark. of goozl sooiatyf' GEORGIA LENA KENT nmixmm' now ami then, is ralislwerl by the wixrsl ii1r'n." FRANKIE KEYES "Riva and xbiiialu FRANCES KIRKPATRICK "A lander heart, a loyal mimi." PEARL Koos "Stir ix pretty to walk with, A1111 witty to talk with, Anil jwleasaizt, too, to lbinlz ou." LELA JOE LAGLER Spanish Clubg Pan-American Studentg Hi-Press Clubg Library Assistantg Banking Assistantg Linz Pinsg Base- ball and Tennis Emblemsg Compaxx Staff. "Tlx Ion' of learning, the seqzwxtarail nooks, Ami all tba sweat serenity of books." MARCYLE LANGE Chemistry Clubg French Clubg Pep Squad and Pep Squad Clubg Linz Pinsg Red Cross Representative. "Patience is a plant That grows not 111 all ga1'da11s.', BILLY LAWRENCE Compass Staff. "A slay fart' is better than a forward hearty tba 171Hl7Ill'Y'X with the larawst l71i17ll.n MARY HELEN LEAKE Girl Reservesg Chemistry Clubg Cantatas. "A witty woman is a treasure A witty brvinty ix a powcrf, milzlast 'A' 'A' i' ir 'k 'A' i' ik uk i' i' 4A 'A' i' i' i' 'Ir 'A' 'k . N - I VIRGINIA LEAKE Home Room Oflicerg Debate Clubg Biology Club. "If to laer share some female errors full, Look on ber face, and you'll forgive fbem all." DOROTHY LEFTWICH "We would be woo'zl and were 1101 marle to woo." HAIKRY LINDSAY Chemistry Clubg Pan-Americang Second Lieutenant. "Ho-nor is an olrl world tlaingg bu! it smells sweet lo Noose in whose baud it is slrongf' VIDA LEE LITTLE Biology Clubg Girl Reservesg Library Assistant. "But your eyes! Your soul looking oui, Harough dark eyes? MILDRED LIVINGSTON National Honor Societyg French Club Presidentg Biel- ogy Clubg Assembly Programg City Declamation Con- testg Linz Pin. "Stern Ilaughler of lhe Voife of Gofl! O19 Dufyr, FLORENCE LOVE Pan-Americang Linz Pin. "Calm and nnrzzjierl as a summer sea? AURELIA MCDONALD Compass Staffg Hi-Press Clubg Girl Reservesg Spanish Club. "I will be the glarldvxf Ibing 111111117 ilae snnf' HELEN MCGANN National Forensic Teamg Debate Clubg Qalternatej De- bate Teamg Secretary Girl Reservesg Girl Scoutsg Secre- tary Perigon Clubg Kodak Clubg Home Room Vice- Presidentg Library Assistant. "viral spark of Heavenly fl:In1r'." BETTY JIM McKAY r'C0l1Sitlc"l' ber ufayx uml be wire." CHARLES MAC KAY Crack Companyg Home Room Officerg Senior Scoutg Kodak Club: Corporalg Biology Club. "Wilh thy clear clean joyanev Luugonr ranrzol' be." i' ak ir 'lr 'A' 'Ir al' ir ir i' ir ' n o ,fi +29 U af af af 'Ir af as fp ak as L' ll -..A K-,mVf!ba,.n ,AJ LUCIENNE MCNIEL JACK MEADOWS Compass Staffg Viking Staffg Senior Publication Staff Spanish Clubg Kodak Clubg North Hi-Press Club. "Beautiful as sweet." 5 Basketball Lettcrmang Tennisg Kodak Clubg Compass Staffg Hi-Press Club. "Do well anzl riglot and let the woirlzl sink." MARY MAC QUISTON 1 l Olympiadsg Tennis Teamg Room Agent for Compass President of Home Roomg National Honor Societyg Secre tary of IV-A Classg Counsellor's Assistantg Viking Staff. "Nothing so truly beeofmes feminine beauty as f JAMES MEADOWS , Corporal R. O. T. C. "A happy youth!" simplicity." BILL MALONE SARA BETH MEASON Glee Clubg Christmas Cantatag Footballg Hi-Yg Class President. Linz Pinsg Chemistry Clubg Operettasg All-City "To set the cause above renown, Chorusg A Capella Chorus Presidentg Latin Club. Tv low' ffff' game above tht' l7"izf"D ",Tis woman that seduces all manleindg FRANCES MANSELL By ber we frst were taught the wbeeclling arts." Pep Squad. 'fswfff ,md lowlv KITTY ANN MET'ZGER MARIAN MARTIN "She walks in beauty." Editor of Coimpassg Assemblyg President of Home Roomg National Honor Societyg Three Linz Pinsg North CLARICE MQELLENKAMP High Press Clubg Quill and Scrollg Latin Club '32, "I am not only witty in myself, "Woman, tby falcbion is a glittering eyeg But the cause of wit in other men." If rleatb lurks in it, ob bow sweet to die." 'k 'A' ir 'A' i' if ir it ak 'k ir 'Ir ir 'A' ak ir i' i' ir 'A' 'A' ul' MILTON MOORE R. O T C Corporal- Crack Companyg Kodak Club' WATSON QDAM Intm-M'um1 Flmtbau Tgam. ' Home Room Presidcntg Vice-President Physics Classg "A merry heart doeth good likz' a 1nc'f1icine." NANCY MOWAT "Her eycs were fair, and very fairg Hcr beauty marie me glad." DOROTHY MUMFORD "Then on, ihen on! Where duly lriuls My course be onward siiI1." ADELE NEELY Secretary Delphiansg Student Council Secretaryg Kodak Club Secretaryg National Honor Society Secretaryg Olympiadsg Pan-American Student Forumg Latin Tourna- mentg IV-A Class Editor of Viking. "Her air, hrr manners, all who :uw azlnzirmlg Courteoux, though coyg and gerzlle, though relirmlf' EVELYN NOVEY Linz Pinsg Spanish Clubg National Honor Societyg Stu- dent Councilg Chemistry Clubg Viking Club Editor: Junior Red Crossg Assembly Programsg Four-year Linz National Honor Society. "BarehearlnI, jvojmlarly he bowlri, A1111 paid the sulutulions of lhe crowd." CLAUDE ORMSBY Footballg Basketballg Opcrertag All-City Chorus. "Amiahi1ily shines by its 014111 Iighlf' SHEILA 0,SHEA Spanish Clubg Kodak Club. "Apt allifrrations arlful aid." HANNAH PANDERS "Who m'z'r'r waulmi a good word from lhoxr' who :polar hm' praixz'." RICHARD PARKER Latin Clubg Boy Scoutg R. O. T. C. Sergeantg Radio Pin: Everrs Awafd' Clubg Crack Companyg Chemistry Club. "Gc'nlle of Speech, bl'!1f'fTL'6'l7f of mi11d.,' "Whilst we liw, let IIX Iiwf' 'A' ir 'lr 'lr 'Ir ir 'lr 'Ir 'Ir 'A' 'lr N N N N N N N N N N N JAMES PARR ESTHER PETERSON National Honor Societyg Kodak Clubg Hi-Press Club. Home Room Secretaryg Latin Tournamentg Linz Pins "All his fanltx are with that one lows him still the Delphians' brttcn' for them." MARTHA PATRICK Girl Reservesg Spanish Clubg Glee Clubg Operettag Cantata. "I did not care one xtrauff' MARCILE PATTERSON Linz Pinsg Viking Stall. "Lillla, but rlonlt lat that fool yonf' WILLIAM THOMAS PAYNE III Biology Club Presidentg Chemistry Clubg Perigon Clubg Hi-YQ Crack Companyg Rifle Team Captaing Home Room Presidentg R. O. T. C. Captaing Viking Military Editor. "Tvach me half tha glailneis that thy brain must know." XIANDELIA PERRY Delphiansg Chemistry Clubg Hi-Press Club. 4 Q "My heart is like a singing biwlf' "What a strange thing is man, and what a stranger thing is woman." BILLYE RAY PINYAN "W'0man's at best a Contratlictioiz still." ANN PULLMAN Debate Teamsg Compass Statfg Operettag Cheer Leader Home Room Secretaryg Assembly Programsg Press Club Departmental Play. "With words I rule nzmzf, NANCY RECTOR Delphiansg Olympiadsg Kodak Clubg Girl Reserves Pan-Americansg Home Room Vice-President. "It's thi' words you say, and the smiles you wear That make yon ufell-l0w'r1e1fe1'ywhare." MARGARET RICHARDSON Cornlbass Staffg National Forensic Lcagueg Debate Club Viking Staffg Linz Ping Hi-Press Clubg Essay Contest Quill and Scrollg Assembly Program. "--Anil hail a fan' like a blvisingf' N N N N N N N N N N N UQJW IN N N N N N N N N N N MARGARET ROGERS French Clubg Latin Clubg Home Room Vice-President. "The quiet mind is richer than a crown," PAULINE VICTORIA ROSENFIELD French Clubg Home Room Program Committee. "The joy of youth and health her eyes displayed GWEN SHARP Secretary of Home Roomg Pep Squad. "Ainial9ility shines by its own light." SHANNON SIGLER Trackg Baseballg Home Room President. L And ww of hwrt hm. eww look Conwyed-U "Man in sooth is a marvelous, vain, fickle and unstable subjeetf' EMMA JEAN RUCKER Delphiansg Olympiadsg Linz Pinsg Assembly Programs ED SIMMONS Operettasg Cantata. "His smile is sweetenecl by his gravity." "To those who know thee not, no worcls can paint! And those who know thee know all words are faint!" DAWSON SMITH ELQUISE RUST Second Lieutenant Rl. OA T. ig LCraclfiyCom,-Iiaanyg National Honor Society Vice-Presidentg French Club yIVbZ2l?CIi?iingJE!LmQ:?iCeiiqresiigi.'cacgg 6325. 31:2 Presidentg Delphiang Latin Clubg Chemistry Club Vice- ' U . - , . .k. S H.- President' Assembly Programs' Four Year Linz Pins' Act Play, Comlmss Business m3H2gCl', V1 Ing ta , 1 ' ' ' Press Club. Everts Awardg Viking Staff. "She turnect her heart and srnileal As might have smiled the Spriugf' MARGARET SCOTLAND "Patieuc'e is a plant That grows not in all garzlmsf' "Life is a jest and all things show itg I thought so onfe, but now I know itf' FRANCENE SM1TH "As pure in thought as angels areg To love her." ,JN fN I N N N N N N N N N N N 'Ir i' 'A' ak' -A' 11' ir 'lr nk 'A' 'k l OLENE SMITH "She was good as she was fair None-none on earth above her." JAMES SNYDER Crack Company. "His gentle manners won my heart? FRANCES SPRINGER Chemistry Club. "I was never less aio-ne than when by myself."' NORMA STEELE Viking Staffg Home Room Vice-Presidentg Library As- sistantg Biology Club. "Shalt show ns how divine a thing A woman may be made." WALTER STEPHENS Stamp Clubg R. O. T. C. Z "It mailers not how a man dies, but how h es." L A7 EDNA EARLE STRICKLAND "O, lovely Iarly."' DOROTHY THOMAS "O world! O life! O time!" CLARENCE ULRICK Footballg Baseballg Basketballg Track. "And unextinguished laughter shakes the sky ELOISE VICKERS "A violet by a moxxy stone Half hidden from the eye." MARYON VIVION Linz Pin. "Earlh's noblest thing-a woman 1u'rfeete1l.' 'A' i' al' i' . i' uk uk uk 'A' 'k i' , N N N N N N N N N N N A X BETH WALKER Opcrettag Assembly Programs "A dancing shape, an image gay To haunt, lo startlc, and waylayf' EVELYN WALKER Viking Staff, High Honor Roll, Linz P "Fm sitting high on a hilltop." MARIE WALKER Linz Pins. "For there is a garzlrn in her fuer." NELL WALLACE in. VERNON WARD Music. "Take care and say this wilh presencv of mind." BETTY WEED Operettasg Cantatas, Junior Red Cross. "A daughter of the gods, divinely tall and most divimfly fair." LAVERNE ELOISE WALKER National Honor Societyg Linz Ping Bible Awardg Stu- dent Councilg Viking Staff. "Let leaiowlwlgc grow from mon' lo azzorvf' ERNEST WEST Crack Companyg Rifle Team, Second Lieutenant R. T. C. Girl Reservesg Athletic Activitiesg Biology Club. "For his heart is like' the xva, "Look not to u 'womarfx hvarl for her brains but rather EVN gpm' bmw and frm' lo her hvartf' GBRALDINE WARD KAY WEST French Club. "No lung I',YII!'Y'it'llL'l' alloys "The swuvtesl garland fo the szwctesf nzaidf, Trim' friemlxhip's xwmft aurl supple joysf, O N N lk N N N N N N N N Il ff, 'J x X, l I LEGROS WHITE Footballg Basketballg Baseball. "Like two single gentleznerz rolled into onef, FRANCES WI-IITEHURST Linz pinsg Delphiansg National Honor Societyg Home Room Vice-Presidentg French Clubg High Honor Rollg Viking Staffg Staff "La Biseug Everts' Awardg Assemblies. "A little bit indepe1za'e1it." ' JOHN WHITTINGTON Debate Clubg Perigon Clubg Camp Dallasg R. O, T. C. Captaing Crack Company. "He is 'lUil,S peclfllerf' MARY ELEANOR WILIE Chemistry Club. "Bright are her eyes with the sparkle That glows from a heart loving and true." CHARLOTTE WILLARD Latin Club Secretaryg Linz Pinsg French Clubg Girl Scoutsg Volley Ball Emblemg Assembly Programsg Chem- istry Clubg Viking Staff. "Happy I amg from care I am free Why arerft you all content like me?', N N N N LLOYD WILLIAMS Lieutenant Colonel R. O. T. C.g Camp Dallasg Crack Company Efficiency Medalg Senior and Junior Hi-Y Pres- identg All-City President of Hi-Yg Chemistry Clubg Kodak Clubg Home Room President. "There's something about a soldier." ELIZABETH WILLIS Linz Pinsg Home Room Vice-Presidentg Pan-American Secretary. "DelicaCy in woman is strength." MILDRED WILSON "Silence is as Jeep as eternityg Speech is as shallow as timef, PAULINE WILSON Pan-American "Charm doth beeome a woman! MAR JORIE WOOD Chemistry Club. "The joy of youth aml health her eyes display'd Am! ease of heart her every look eorzveyezlf' N N N N N N N N N N N i' 'A' al' ir i' 'A' i' 'Ir 'A' i' 'Ir WYNNE WILLIAMS Latin Clubg Staff Sergcantg R. O. T. C.g Linz Ping Kodak Clubg Camp Dallasg Viking Staffg Crack Com- pany. "Singing fac was or floyling all tba day." CHARLES WRIGHT Basketballg Footballg Trackg Hi-Press Club. "So much is a man worlb as bv csternzx fyimxclff' HARRIETT YARBROUGH Chemistry Clubg Red Cross Representativeg Cantatazg Operetta "Tune Inng Linz Pins. "Ab you flavor z'L'c'r'3'tlaf11gg Yon are lfac vanilla of xofictyf' ROY YINGLING Rifle Teamg Crack Companyg Chemistry Clubg Camp Dallasg Expert Medalg Kodak Club. "It lakes a great man to main' a good' 1isicnr'r" EUNICE ZETTERVALL French Clubg Biology Club. "PearL' rules lbe clay, wharf reason rules the world." DOROTHY ZIMMERMAN Debate Clubg Assembly Programsg One-Act Playg Pan- Amcricang El Circulo Espanplg Home Room Presidentg Vice-Presidentg and Secretaryg Journalism Clubg Library Assistantg Compasx Staff. "Musif rcIemblc'I' pocfryg in vach Are nameless graces which no method tcarla And which ibc master hand alone can ranch." CATHERINE BALL Cheer Leaderg Olympiadsg Debate Clubg Biology Clubg Spanish Club. 'rViL'IIl'ifj' is tbc gif! of woman." ROSA LOUISE CHILDRE Transferred from Highland Park. "FUI plvaxaunt ana' amiable of Dorff' BILL GARRETSON Trackg Baseballg Compass Sports Editorg Quill and Scrollg Hi-Press Club. "'Tis goodwill nzakrx intelligence." DONALD HART Football Lettcrg Track Lettcrg Glee Clubg All-City Chorus. "If would' lalfz, Lord! How it falkael'!', t 'A' 'Ir ak 'A' i' ak 'A' i' i' 'lr 'A' 'lr nl' 'A' ak -A' 'A' 'A' if i' al' MARJORIE KELLY LAVERNE NANCE "For beauty iiifvs with kindness." "Drink to me only with thine eyes." GRACE LAKE Latin Clubg Girl Reservesg Kodak Clubg French Clubg Perigon Clubg Three Linz Pinsg Cantata. "Blushing is thc' color of virtue." REYNOLDS LEXVIS TOM HARRIS Operettasg All-City Chorus. "Today, wlmtmfw- may annoy, The word for me is Ioy, just simple Icy." GUY MCCOLLUM "A :nun hr seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident "Wit and wisdom are born with a man." t0nzor'roiws." MC LEOD STINNETT MARY AGNES MCGRATH Chemistry Club. Bandg Crack Companyg Commission in R. O. T. C. "Toi innovent for coquctry. T00 fond for iillc' sC01'ning." 'A' i' i' 'Ir nk 'A' 'Ir 'A' ir "His 'very foot has music in it As ht' romes up the stairs." IV A'S NOT IN PICTURES Manuel Allen Jean Hall Dorothy Behr joe Hudson Edward Bianchi Carl La Barba Marvin Clinic , Walter Lumpkin . I X D. C. McEver Allcn rake li James Maples Jim Gayley Patsy McDonell P. A. Goodall Robert Norrhcurr 55 0,0 J, Martin Steffy 'A' 'A' nl' ir ir ir 'A' 'A' 'Ir 'A' uk ir GRADUATING CLASS OF JANUARY, 1937 WILBUR KEITH . . . . President MORGAN NESBITT . . . Vice-President VIRGINIA AUSTIN . . . Secretary BOBBY ZSCHACH . . Treasurer if -A' -k -If if I I I I I fr N N N N N N N N N N N STAMMATIOS ALEXANDER Lieutenant in R. O. T. C.g Camp Dallasg Boy Scout' Workmanship Medalg Crack Companyg Crack Platoon. s "Truly a gloom cbaser, yet hardly a glazliolaf' DOROTHY ANDERSON Red Crossg Girl Reservesg Volley Ball Emblemg Com- pass Staffg Biology Clubg Spanish Clubg Assembly Pro- grams. "Honor is llae reward of virtnef, VIRGINIA AUSTIN Home Room Presidentg Delphiansg Latin Clubg Na- tional Forensic Leagueg Linz Pinsg Olympiadsg Compass Staffg Viking Staffg IV-B Class Secretaryg Debate Club. "One sloade the more, one flae ray ibe less, Had lnalf impaired the namesless grace." NORELEET AUSTIN "Her loneliness I never lenew, Until she smiled on me." UCILE BARD Spanish C 'Ioy is lbe bes CHARLES BATES Senior Hi-Yg Chemistry Clubg Kodak Clubg North-Hi Pressg Pan-American Forumg Latin Tournament: Foot- ballg Baseballg Tennisg Physics Class Presidentg Compass Staff. "All who joy would win musl share il." CLARY BATES Chemistry Clubg Kodak Clubg Vice-President of Physics Classg Pan-American Forumg North-Hi Pressg Senior Hi-Yg Footballg Baseballg Tennisg Compass Staff. "Happiness was born a twin." DORTI-IEA BEESON Arts and Crafts Clubg North-Hi Press Clubg Compass Staff. "Angels listen when slse speaks." LEE HENRY BIERG School Entertainmentg Hi-Yg Sergeant in R. O. T. C.g Football. "Play no! for gain, but sport. Who plays for more Tlaan be ran lose wills pleasure, stakes his laearif' HELEN BERRY Girl Reservesg Banking Assistant. "Thou sees! bow diligent I am." N N N N N N N N N N N if +1 A if if A A f I EARL BUCHANAN All-City Chorusg Spelling Contestg Assembliesg Soloist of Cantatasg Military Radio Programs. "Labor, the gianl Cloafex in his laoldf' DEAN BURFORD Footballg Senior Hi-Yg Linz Ping Press Clubg Compass Staifg National Honor Societyg Trackg Quill and Scroll. "A clear ronscirzice is a surf carzlf' BILL BURROUGHS R. O. T. C. Corporal. nB!'g011L"i 111111 cart' Thou and I m'I'f'r sfmll agrI'I'." JOE CAPERTON Press Clubg Pan-Americang Viking Staffg Compass Staffg Platoon Sergeantg Senior Hi-Yg Home Room Secre- tary. , "Charms slrilzv the xiglai, But mcrils win tbr soul." HORACE CARDWELL R. O. T. C. First Lieutenantg Senior Hi-Yg Viking Staffg Home Room Presidentg Camp Dallasg Crack Com- pany. "So :wed the blush of basbf11lm'ss.', LEWIS CHANDLER Latin Clubg Junior Hi-Yg First Class Scout. "Honor Iirs in bonmt foil." EMILY CHOWNING Transfer from Woodrow Wilson. "Moria Iovvlinexs is round Ibm' spread." DOROTHY CLARK .u "Lowlirsl of lovely lbings. JAMES CROUCH Student Council: Crack Companyg R. Lieurenantg Camp Dallas. "For be is oft ibn' wiser! man Who ix not wixv at all." CATHERINE CUMMINS Biology Clubg Art Club. "The milder! manners and the gwztlesl fJearl." O. T. C. l First 'lr 'A' 'A' 'A' i' ir 'A' ir 'Ir i' ir .-,, N N N N N N N N N N N MIKE CURRY Kodak Club, Baseball. "His years are young, but his A"XI?l'l'll?11L'6 old." MARY ANN DAVIS Home Room Presidentg Kodak Clubg Assembly Pro- gramg Volley Ball Captain. "I was not born for eovrls or great ajairsg I pay my debts, believe, and say my prayers." EUNICE DEAN Home Room Secretary. "It is not wise to be wiser than is necessary." MYRTIS DEAN "Good sense, which only is the gif! of heaven Anil though no sfience, fairly worth the seven." HELEN DIGIACINTO Home Room OfHcerg Red Cross Representativeg Chem- istry Club. "She smilecl and the sharfows dellartetlf' DOROTHY DORMAN Latin Clubg Girl Scout, Art Clubg Kodak Clubg Olympiad Clubg Viking Staff, Delphian Clubg Library Assistantg Honor Rollg Home Room President. "There is no pleasure like the pain of being loved, and loving." MARILYNN DOWNING Girl Reservesg Hi-Press Club. "She with all the eharnz of woman, She with all the breailth of man." XV. J. ELLISTON Boy Scout. JACK DICKMAN "All things some 'round to hiin who will but waitf, Pan-American Forum. "He ileserves praise who does not what he may, but what HELEN FEESER he ought." "The stars of nziriiiight shall be :leur to her." N N N N N N N N N N N if uk ir 'A' 'A' 'A' 'Ir 'Ir ir ir C BILLY FISHER Band. "Left be gay, Wlailf' we may." LAVERNE FLORENCE Hi-Press Clubg Compasx Staifg Girl Rescrvesg Biology Clubg Spanish Clubg journalism Clubg Captain Baseball Teamg Volley Ball Team. "Gathcr ye rosrbufls whilr' ye may." ELSIE FRITZ Vice-President Girl Rescrvesg President Girl Reservesg Compass sfaffg Stamp Clubg Hi-Press Clubg Spanish Clubg Assembly Programsg Girl Reserve Convention. "I know everything exccfzt 111yx1'1f." DELMA GARRISON Kodak Club. "Her wry frofwnx are fairer far than smiles of other muirlx areal, "All women seem by mzfurc' to be HAROLD GODDE "A man of lucky a man of luxlef' HARRIET GORDON Girl Scoutg Cantata. "Kind arc her answers." VIRGINIA GRANBERY roquettes PEGGY GRIFFIN Latin Clubg Stamp Clubg Girl Reservesg Hi-Press Club junior Red Cross Representativeg Compass Staff. "Her vycs were fair, and 'very fuirg Her beauty 'lnuzlc me glad." DONALD HAMILTON Comjmxx StafIg Viking Staffg President Model Airplane EVELYN GATES Clubg Secretary Home Roomg Crack Companyg Hi Press "It is gmzlle 1lIl11I77l'TX which prow' so irrcsistiblr' in Club. womcnf' "I am the master of my fafcf' Xl if 'lr if 'A' if 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k if 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'lr 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' al' MARTHA HARDIN ERNEST HERNDON "Silence Ilya! Spvka ann' L'l0qlll'11F!' of 63165, O.R,i,fleCmcaglalmgrghlaiompanyl First Lieutenant in R' "Dis1im'tio11 ufiibouf a riiyff'1'm1cr'." LULA MAE HARDY ELAINE HILLYER Delphiansg Kodak Clubg North-Hi Pressg Compass Managing Editorg Home Room Secretaryg Assembly Pro- "Th0u lilfjug1'g3r0-fiiilglleflylal fire," gramg Arts and Crafts Clubg Pan-Americang Spanish Club. "Swami are flat' thoughts lhal savor of L'011fL'11f.,, Latin Clubg Girl Scoutg National Honor Societyg Bible Linz Ping Linz Pinsg Latin Tournament. MARIAN HARDY Latin Clubg Kodak Clubg Student Councilg Orchestrag ALFRED HOBRECHT A1l,City Orchestra. Girl Scout. Swimming Club. Camp Dallasg R. O. T. C. First Lieutenantg Crack Company. "The learnml is a happy 17!1fll1'I' fo explo1'z'." "May the happiest days of your pas! Ba the sazlclast days of your f11f1u'e." MARY HELEN HARTNETT BETTY JAMESON Spanish Club. Moved to San Antonio. H U h 4 A 4 U "Some plare flat' bliss in aclion, soma in ease, A fa" fffffwf 'S " Slim! "N0"""f'ml"l'0"' Those call it pleasure anal co1ztenImf'11t lbrsef' V RGINIA HELLMAN ROSEMARY HUNT I Vice-President of Girl Reservesg Operettas and Can- "And har face so fair tatasg Centennial Chorus. Stirred with ber dreams as rose leavrs in her hair." "Tlocnfs Rosrfmary, lloufs for remembrance." 'k ir 'A' 'A' Ak 'Ir 'A' ik 'A' 'A' 'A' ,.,,.WWl,. . VERONICA JENNIGES Kodak Clubg French Clubg Honor Rollg Viking Staff. "May you live all the titljli' of your life." ELIZABETH JOHNSON "The lustre in your eye, heaven in your vlaeek, pleads your fair usage. WILBUR KEITH Footballg Basketballg Bascballg Pop u l a r i t y C0 n t e s tg Track, Home Room Presidentg Viking Staff. "The obxerveil of all observers." DOROTHY KENNEDY Delphiang Olympiad. "Questions unswerless, and ye! i11rexxa11f." WALTER LEAVELL Footballg Basketballg Baseballg Home Room Treasurer "Self confidence is the jirsl requisife Io great umler- takiugsf' BLANCHE LEDERMAN Girl Reserve. All tlmfx best of dark and briglnl Meet in her aspect and her eyes." MAXINE MANSFIELD "In lm' eyes ilavre wax moouliglvlf' HAROLD MCDANIEL Chcmistry Club. 1, "Hr1il! ilIIlI'lJl'!1!lFlIfs", bail! MARY LOU MINTER "Therv'x ii wovmm like II flew drop. HOWARD MONROE Class Oflicerg Glec Club. "He was u good mem, and u just." 'A' ir i' i' i' ir 'Ir wk t 'k ir ny N N N N N N N N N N N ANNE MOORE Girl Reservesg Pep Squadg Chemistry Club. rr Zealoius, yr! mozlc-sff' FORREST MOORE Home Room Officer. "Rej0iee, O young man, in fhy yozifhf' GEORGE MYERS R. O. T. C. Second Lieutenantg Library Assistantg Senior Hi-Yg North-Hi Press Clubg Provost Marshalg Viking Staffg Compass Staffg Student Councilg Camp Dal- lasg Latin Clubg Assembly Programsg Crack Companyg Junior Hi-Y. "lVho knows nothing base, Fears nothing luzozwzf' DOROTHY NANCE Delpliiang Girl Scoutg Latin Tournamentg Latin Clubg Home Room Program Cliairmang Home Room Presidentg Perigon Clubg National Honor Societyg Texas Pageant. "Youth goes a-questing in the forest of lifef' MORGAN NESBITT Football Letterg Basketball Letterg IV-B Class Vice- Presidentg National Honor Secietyg Viking Staff Sports Editorg Senior Hi-Yg Linz Pinsg Student Council. "The larlies cull him sweelf' MARGARET OWENS Latin Clubg Latin Tournamentg Home Room Program Committeeg Volley Ballg Camp Fire Girls Presidentg Red Cross Representativeg Pep Squad. "'Twas glory once fo be a Roman, She makes il glory, now, lo be a man." JACK OLIVER Linz Pins. "None laut laimself can be bis parallel." GENE PATRICK Library Assistant. "One lhing is forever goozlg That om' ihing is success." ELOISE PETTY Perigon Club. "She blundefd on some viriues unawaresf' GEORGE PIERCE Chemistry Clubg Kodak Clubg Basketballg Tennisg Golfg Baseballg Linz Ping Model Airplane Clubg Physics Class Presidentg Home Room Secretary. "'Tis good-will makes iulelliganeel' N N N N N N N N N N Ik 'A' ir 'tr i' it if 'tr 'A' ak 'k WILLIAM PIERCE R. O. T. C. "The best hearts are ever the bravest." ELEANOR REDDICK Compass Staifg Hi-Press Club, r BOON RENNO Student Council. "He did not rare a button for it. JACK Bs. RICE Glee Clubg Chemistry Clubg Boy Scoutsg Cantatag Assembliesg Electrician. "They laugh that win." CARL SANDERS R. O. T. C. 'A spirit superior to every weapon." I, I l J. L. SANGER Home Room Criticg Junior and Senior Hi-Yg Latin Clubg Camp Dallasg Second Lieutenant R. O. T. C.g Viking Staff. "The childhood shows the man As morning shows the day." ERN EST SCHAFER National Honor Societyg Linz Awarclg Drum High School Honor Band. "Glory is never where virtue is riotf' Maiorg JANE SEARS "Be wisely worldly, but not worldly wise." LEON SHERRILL Operettag Foorballg Tracltg Linz Pinsg Home Room President. "I have a heart with room for every joy." JIMMIE SMITH R. O. T. C. First Sergcantg Footballg Baseballg Trackg Compass Agent. "Stubborn labor ronquers everythingf, "Thought the moon was made of green eheesef' .X. 'A' 'A' i' if uk 'A' if if 'A' ir 'k 'A' uk 'A' i' i' 'A' i ak ul' i' JOHN SPENCE JOE TYSON R. O. T. C. Scrgeantg Crack Companyg Glee Club. Home Room Secretary' H , , "We come from God wbo is our home." He zs never less at leisure Tban wben at leisuref' WALTER VAN DER VEER GRACE STARBIRD Boy Scoutsg R. O. T. C. "You are my lucky Sfdff, nwbat is 'I many, JOHN STEPHENSON WILLIS VIRGIL R. O. T. C. Sergeantg Rifle Teamg Perigon Club. First Lieutenant R. O. T. C.g Senior Hi-Yg Football H M , . Squadg Biology Clubg Junior Hi-Yg Camp Dallasg Crack He bf' bu 'Wai' Company' A friend to human race." ff - 4 A D Fearless mmds elmzb scones! mto crowns. NANCY LOU WARE Kodak Clubg French Club. ROBERT STOCKMIER N A lovely lady, gurmenled in light "Men of few words are tbe bex! men." From ber own beautyf' EVELYN TOMLINSON NORVEU-E WEBB Spanish Clubg Orchestrag All-City Orchestrag All-City Kodak Clubg Library Assisranrg Hi-Press Club. Chorusg Arts and Crafts? pep Squad, "Anal good luck go wilb tbeef' "Song forbids victorious :leeds to die." 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 11' ak 'A' nl' 'A' al' ' 1 ...W,nN,f.yf.... BETTY Lou WELCH BAYARD P. SUDBERRY, JR. Latin Club National Honor Societyg Linz Pins. Complm Staff. Home Room Secretary. Chg necdl "0 Fulogy' "Doing nothing willy u great deal of skill She speulzx for faz'rxc'1f." BOBBY ZSCHACH Football Treasurer of IV-B Classg Compass Staffg LOUIS VOIGT HI Y Vice Presidentg Pan-Americang Trackg Kodak Clubg UIUOY Red Cross "He I1!'L'l'l' told ns wha! be was? I am part of all that I have mel." CATHERINE GARCIA Vice President Spanish Clubg Cantatag Linz Pin. laugh ffay girlisla lazzglaivrfl LEWIS C. LITTLEPAGE, JR. Kodak Club Master Sergeant R. O. T. C.g Boy Scoutsg Cheer Leader Mesquite Highg Vice-President Honor Guard Guard Medal. Tbire is no wisdom like fraulzucxx. WALTER MEIER Srl trust is liar' first sr'crI'l of .vuffI'ss." IV B'S Dorothy Alexander Dale Armstrong Eugene Dunnan Bill Edwards Emily Fields Dan Grant NOT Mary Hope Henderson Herbert Kindred Edward Koelliker ir al' ir ir if 1k 'A' ir IN PICTURES Russell McGovern Dorothy Mathews A. F. Moellcnkamp Robert Murray Eddie Pickett Sherrill Walden Anna Louise Wainscott Shirley Wolfert Helen Wilkins 'k al' ir 1 I , 1 I Y 4 l l 'A' al' 'Ir 'Ir 'Ir ir ir 1k nk ir 'A' ....s. -.., LA BOYS Ash, Henry Bard, Allen Becker, Edward Barley, Frank Bollman, Bill Boyd, Clyde Burpo, Bob Caldwell, Bill Carmody, Tom J. Clemmons, Delbert, Collins, Lester Cramer, Richard Crossia, Burton Crossen, Frank Crossen, Harold Crowley. Jack Crump, Lee Roy Currie, Joe Curry, Ben Danials. Charles Daniel, Thomas Dean, Harold Downing, James Rly Farris, Frank H. Flannaifln, John H. Genarlsky, Walter Gentry, John Goforth, Ben Grant, Jimmie Griffin, George Hansmon, Billy Heitman, Jimmie Hogan, Larry Hood, Robert Hoss, James M. Kinard, Arthur I-B CLASS Lamb, Alvin Lee, Charles Lindblom, Edwin McBride, J. L. Malone, Charles Marshall, Billy May, Edwin Massey, Bobby Michell, Moreau Moss, John E. Miller, Cecil Norton, Dick Overall, Jasper Orgain, Robert Patrick, Hal Perry, Joe Poole, William S. Potts, Ewell Quisenberry, George Ricky, Bert Robinson, Richard Robinson, Wayne Saunders, Marshall Schumacker. Ray M. Steadman, William Storey, Jack Swmdler, Howard TeVault, DeWayne Thomas, Anesworth Tillman, W. B. Tomlinson, Mack B. Vaden, Leonard Weinberger, Robert Wetsel, Leslie W. Wess, Howard White, Zelma Whitehurst. Harry Wilbanks, Ray Willis, Dee Wood, Jack Wooten, Don Wyatt, James L. GIRLS Austin, Irene Bard, Verna Mae Biard, Margaret Bisett, Mary Virginia Brandon, Elizabeth Byrn, Peggy Carter, Gloria Cauther, Marjorie Chamberlain, Ann Clabough, Ruth M. Clayton, Muriel Cooper, Mildred Cox, Etta Rose Cox, Joy Crump, Thelma Derr, Rosie Elmore, Mary 1-armer, Norma Farrow, Avis Favaro, Rosine Ford, Wanda Alice Frost, Modene Gardner, Mary Ellen Gibson. Betty Goldstrich, Norma Graves, E'lwana Grube, Jeanette Hahn, Marie Hill, Dorothy Hopson, Jo Both Ivy, Dorothy James, Betty Johnson, Mary Jean Jones, Frances Jones, Ilean Kaplan, Betty Lou Kight, Anna Lou Linxwiler, Gloria F Livingston, Constance McGuire, Margaret Jo McLeland, Delta McQuade, Ruth Manning, Marian Merritt, Elizabeth Moueat, Charlotte Mundy. Johneece O'Brion, Flora N. Pasamore, Mary Ann Pickett, Margie Robinson, Georgia Shaw, Glenda Sherbet, Mary E. Shields, Betty Wayre Smith, Virgie Steadman, Vivian Steel, Vivian L. Turner, Kathleen Wagley, Joy Wall, Evelyn Walling, Tommie Weidner, Martha White, Geneva Wiley, Patsy Jo Williams, Anita Williamson, Jane Wilson, Janeva Young, Doris Young, Dorothy ir i' if 'A' 'lr i' i' 'Ir ir 'A' 'A' ir 'lr 'lr -lr ir ir ir 'k 'k 'A' ir , , BOYS Aaron, William Abbey, Billy Allison, Jack Arthofer, Paul Barker, Billie Baugh, Harry Baumgardner, Carl Beale, Albert Berkley, Robert Bibby, Joe R. Blasingame, Howard Bounds, James Bowling, James Brigance, Billy Brown, Billv Buchanan, Robert Budd. Truett Bullock, Ebb Burns, Jack B. Byrum, Winston Caldwell. John Iven Canty, Thomas Cardwell. Robert Carlton, Harold Caudle, Ben Hall Chamberlin, Dan Clark, Erwin Clayton, Lester Cockrell, Billy Cook, Herbert Courson, Billy Coy, Nelson Dalton, Georire Darden, Loyd Davis, Jimmie de Groffenvied, Tess Jr. Dieste, Geraro Dillion, Donald K. Dishman, Elsby Dorman, George I-A CLASS Ellis, Bobby Erwin, Jimmie Feeser, John Russell Ferrell, Charles Foster, Bobby Gannou, Fred Garison, Foy Gay, Joe Gentry, Virgre Goodrich, Robert Gordon, Edward Graham, Gilbert Green, Charles Griggs, Fee Grube, Edward Guinn, Ed Happel, Henry Harper, Sidney Hewett, Gene Hollman, Edward Holman, Jack Hooker, Harold Irwin, Landon Johnson. Robert A. Jr. Jordan. Chester Harold Keller, Bill Kennedy, William Kern, Jack Charles, Jr. Kirk, Walter Kitts, John Byrd Ledbetter, Gene Lewis, Sam Llewellyn, Jimmy Long, Richard Love, John Lowe. William Lowry, Taylor Lucas, F. P.,Jr. Luton, Jesse Perkins Lutz, Lon McBride, Richard McCormick, Thad McCrary, Max McElroy, Tom McNeil, James McWilliams, Delbert Magee, Charles Malone. Graham Mangum, John Marshall, S. J. E. Marth, Fred Massey. James Medcalf, C. M., Jr. Moore, Paul Mouser, Clyde Newcomb, Harold Norris, Bobby O'Brien, Eugene O'Connor, James Ohlson, Peyton Oliver, Bob Peters, Bennie Phelph, Ralph Pollard. Henry Powell, Willis Provine, Bill Quillian, Walter Reddick, Bob Reed, Bill Reed. Vestle Revis, Max Rochester, William M, Royall, John Weldon Sandolaski, Sandy Sansom, Theodore Saville, John William Scarbrough, Vester H. Schreiner, Seary, Robert L, Smith, Jay Snyder, Bryan Spoere, Alvin Stocks, James Steiner, Frank Stephens, Ray Stemple, Ralph Sutherland, James Swan, Charles Swift, Ray Taylor, Eugene Thompson, Jimmie Tinsley. Stanley Todd, Robert Troughton. Robert Turne1', Dick R. Underhill, Bradford B. Vandivort, David Wadworth, T. L. Warren, Frank H. Waskom, Walter Bill Watson, Felix Wiggins, Bobby Williams, Jasper Wilson, Lloyd Wilson, Lewis R. Wilson, Walter Winn, Harlan Wright, John GIRLS Abbott, Imogene Adams, Dell Alcorn. Marlynn Amrhein, Martha Louise Atkins, Evelyn Back, Mildred Bailey, Gloria Baird, Jean Barnhart, Anne Beaumont, Frances Beckett, Betty Anne Bell, Mary Ann Benton, Virginia Bianchi, Gladys Marie Billert, Juanita Booker, Mary Kathlyn Bowen, Leenora Brackeen, Betty Bragg, Marilyn Brick, Joanna Brosch, Rita Brunson, Elizabeth Burden, Virginia Burns, Margaret Busby, Martha Butera, Mary Ann Callaway, Corinne Cameron, Mary Campbell. Mary Anne Caprio, Mary Olie Cargill, Tessie Caven, Dorothy Chamness, Mary Elizabeth Clark, Frances Louise Cockran, Charleene Collins, Edna Earle Collins, Marv Evelvn Cook, Billie Margret Cooley. Miriam Correll, Marjorie Jane Cropp, Celesta Crouch. Gertrude Cruse, Margaret Danna, Tena Continued on Page 54 'k 'A' 'k 'A' r 'A' 'A' -k -Af -k R rt Todd Page Forty-nina y??ff'f,, 'k 'Ir 'A' 'k at 'A' 'lr BOYS Albert, Richard Austin, Earl Baldwin, Willett Ballard, Robert Barnett, Carl Barrett, Frank Blackburn, Mark Blackwell, Wilson Bond, Robert Bowie, Billy Brewer, Hutchie Brosch, Edward Campbell, Jack Cauther, Jack Cherry, Tommy Conrad, Clell Cory, James Crouch, Hulon Dauterive, Oswald Davis, Ed Davis, Willie Deavenport, Holm Donohue, Leonard Easley, Hal Fleet, Bob Franklin, George Gatteys, Charles Geary, Bernard George, Jack Goldman, Pete Green, Bill Green, Herbert Hall, M. W. Hamilton, Arthur Hamilton, Harvey Hampton, Milton Hardy, Billy SS II-B CLASS Hawley, Ralph Holmes, Ross Horton, Richard Hunter, W. R. Larson, David Ludewick, Webb McKnight, Rufus MacNealy, Owen Manning, Guy Martin, Austin Myers, Rodney Mims, Robert Monteith, Ed Moody, Howard Moore, Bill Moore, Donald Morrison, Harlin Neal, William J. Nesbit, Sam Oakley, Douglas Oquin, Billy Patterson. Vernon Peabody, George S. Phillips, Jerome Pyland, Jack Sampley, Troy Shelby, Joe Smith, Lucian Taylor, Billy Tharp, Robert Turner, Richard Uhl, Robert Unger, David Watterworth, Earle West, Billy Yeargan, Tom Young, Frank A. GIRLS Adair, Merle Adams, Opal Anderson, Gladys M. Beard, Selma Berthelsen, Kathryn Brewer, Catherine Burford, Lucile Burns, Mary Ruth Chamness, Duron Connor, Margaret Crenshaw, Evelyn Crotty, Milla Crump, Grace Currie, Maurine Dalton, Doris Jean Davis, Dorothy Deans, Ruth Alyce Dunham, Ruth Elliott, Peggy Elmendorf,Joanne Elmore, Ophelia Sue Emrick, Jerry Finch, Betty Dale Fushey, Elizabeth .Tav Garrison, Dorothy Nell Gibbons, Zuella Gibbs, Ernest Gilmore, Oma L. Greene, Mary Helen Grube, Helen E. Hamilton, Emogene Harden, Phyllis Harris, Jayne Hearn, Fanny Heiser, Martha Helwig, Phyllis Heyden, Juanita Heigert, Dor Hill, Jean ' Hill, Lillie Hill, Willie Mae Hilton, Marie Hummel, Carolyn Lucas, Billie Marie McLeod, Marie McMurry, Theda Martin, Mary Martinez, Hortencia Mathews, Markaleeta Moore, Lomita Morris, Lillian Mueller, Dorothy Nusbaum, Glenn Ava Odell, Eura Payne, Elizabeth Ray, Clara Frances Rinaman, Peggie Robertson, Virginia Scotland, Helen Jean Seiler, Mary Caroline Sessions, Alma Lee Smith, Ma1'y Elizabeth Sykes, Jane Timm, Doris Lucille Traubel, Janis Walker, Ruby Warrick, Bennis A. Weholi, Louise White, Mary Ruth Williams, Frances Wilson, Camille Wingfield, Charline Witt, Eloise Yates, Ellen 'A' 'Ir ai' 'lr 'lr 'A' -A' ir ul' 'A' i' at at i' 'lr 'Ir 'A' 'A' at 'A' ir 'A' BOYS Allen, John Harold Allen, John R. Arthofer, Carl Austin, Claud Bailey, Harvey Barnes, George Baxter, Phil Beaupre, Cecil Becker, Lindsley Bifano, Charles Black, Allen Bolton, Jack Bond, Dick Brennan, Albert Brooks, John Budd, Keith Burden, Billy Burlew, Gene Cameron, Cecil Campbell, D. Wiley Chamberlain, Joe Cochran, Gerald Crowley, Tol Edwin Crumpton, Ralph Cullum, Thomas Dalton, W. R. Davis, James Davis, John Grover Dean, Marcus Dennis, Bill Downs, Fred Drysdale, Clilford Echols, Daryle Ellis, William England, Gavland Fite, Willie Frost, Clay Gannon, Clair Gayle, DeWitt Gibson, James Glover, George Griffin, Cyrus 'A' at sa Hagan, Vincent Hargrove, Perry Harp, Russell Harris, Truett Harrison, Ivan Hawkins, James Henny, James Hill, Harry Hogan, Edward Holland, Edwin Hopkins, David Horne, William Houghton, Je1'ry Hunter, Howard M. Irwin, Leslie Isaminger, Jack Jolly, Jack Kittrell, David L. Knhatschek, William Lake, George Learn, Billy Lee, Deverl Littlepage, Thomas Lucas, Curtis McAdam, Alfred McCutcheon, Claude McElvory, Howard McKee, Jack McKee, James McKinney, Billie II-A CLASS Patillo, Jack Pearce, Rufus Peck, Fred Petty, Carl Presley, Jack Ramey, Ben Neal Reichenstein, Jake Richey, David Riddler, Dick Rivenback, James Roark, Bob Roffman, Harold Sagnibene, Charles Sandifer, Joe Shehane, Ray Shipman, John Shropshire, Bob Sidor, Andrew Singleton, Robert Smith, Frederick Smith, Roger Sparkman, J. Staley, Skeen Sterling, Don Strait, Elmer Guy Swain, Fred Swain, William W. Swindler, Homer M. Telkamp, Edward Thorne, Paul McMeramy, Edward BTitley, Richard Mackey, Charles Magner, John Massy, Blanton Turley, Jack Turner, Bottle Waddell, John Meason, Robert Wakefield, Miller, William B. Maunsell Clark Minton, Milford Walker, Ben Arnold Moore, Kenneth Walvrood, James Nichols, Wallace West, Bill Nichols, William E. Overbeck, Eddie Park, Robert Wilson, Charles Wilson, Earl Yetter, Jack GIRLS Allen, Jeanne Alexander, Katherine Bailey, Eva Barry, Mary Bartlett, Mary Ruth Belt, Jewel Bennett, Geneviere Bennett, Marion Bergen, Mary Lucille Billert, Lucille Blair, Dorothy Ruth Bower, Emily Brewe1', Fern Brown, Shirley Browne, Dorothy Brunson, Lorraine Bryant, Mary Ellen Burnett, Eugenia Carrington, Leone Chambless, Helen Cole, Virginia Collins, Corinne Compton, Louise Cooke, Lee Cram, Betty Fleeman, Martha Jo Frederick, Margaret Freeman, Dixie Fruge, Helen Gage, Fayette Gordon, Frances Green, Norma Jo Greene, Eleanor Guynes, Doris Hall, Geneva Harrison. Jeanette Hatfield, Ruby Herbert, Jeanette Hill, Norma Ruth Holland, Mildred Holt, Juanita Hopper, Verna I l O'Brien, Patricia Houghton, Mary Ellen0dell, Mary Houston, Dorothy Hulfhines, Frances Hunsucker, Frances James, Ruth Johnson, Maggie Lee Johnson, Martha Johnson, Anna Mae Jones, Fannie Jones, Meredith Jones, Mary Love Julian, Frances Key, Peggy Marie Kids, Jeannie Lee Kirby, Shirley R. Langfeld, Virginia Lattner, Billie Lee, Juanita Llewellyn, Elizabeth Lindsley, Margaret Lott, Doris Jane Laughlin, Billie Estella Lynch, Irene McArthur, Helen McDonold, Betty Grace McGee, Eloise McGrew, Dorothy McKnight, Adoline Mackay, Effie Lou Mansell, Mildred Ann May, Helen Rose Miller, Winifred Mills, Nadine Mitchell, Dorothy Newman, Martha Norton, Virginia O'Beirne, Kathleen O'Beirne, Marjorie Owen, Alyene Peck, Ruth Pope, Billie Raymond, Venus Rogers, Janet Sailers, Virginia Sansbury, Bobbie Saville, Esther Saville, Joan Schofer, Jane Scott, Doris Mae Sewell, Mildred Louise Shaw, Julia Smith, Kate Chester Smith, Mary Snider, Billie Storey, Clyde Frances Stults, Amy Nell Sturm, Jenny Summar, Al Lena Swindell, Myra Belle Tannehill, Shirley Thomas, Clotilde Thomas, Margaret Troth, Rosemary Walker, Josephine Ware, Vesta Weaver, Martha Weaver, Virginia West, Walterine West, Virginia Wheatley, Mary Louise Whiteley, Frances Wilkins, Helen Wilson, Marianne Young, Odell Young, Virginia 'A' 'A' i' 'A' ir 'A' 'A' at 'A' l i S 'A' i' ik 'A' 'A' 'A' it 'A' 'A' at ir ,, -..., B., BOYS Ahern, Jerry Akin, Harry Altgens, J. W. Autry, Paul Barnes, William Blackmore, Newton Brogoitti, Grady Broom, Arthur Paul Bryan, George Budd, Kyle Burnard, Norvin Carlisle, George Chancey, Victor Chapman, J. T. Clement, Buster Clements, Walter Collins, Emmett Crabb, Vincent W. Crawford, Billy Crow, James Davis, Walter Dawson, Harold Dolbon, Delmer Ellis, Charles Edwar Garver, Pete Gayley, Tom Genarlsky, Marshall Gibson, Ralph Goodwin, E. T. Hall, Aubrey Hammond, Jack Hart, George Hastedt, Clarence Hill, Eldon d .,:: O. III-B CLASS Hilscher, John Hoffman, Wilber Hood, Will Arch Hayle, Julian Irwin, Robert Ivey, Douglas Johnson, Charles Jones, George Ed Jordan, Ben Carrell Junge, Eddie Kennerner, Elbert Lee Kline, Will Keith Lawler, James Leftwich, Regal McKinney, R. E. Martinez, Mike Nichols, Robert O'Beirne, Jack Parker, Robert Pierce, T. K. Prade, Julian Pulliam, Jack Reddick, W. C. Richardson, Jack Ronie, G. C. Rough, Lawrence Sarbry, Jay Slaughter, Elbert Smith, Max Minter Stopple, William . Wilbanks, James Willbanks, Jester Works, Robert Yokum, James GIRLS Akers, Beth Bates, Va Lois Benson, Estelle Lee Blake, Betty Jane Br ns, Mildred che1', Helen 'ett, Jewel rmody, Betty arrol, Ruth ass, Phyllis Chancey, Princess Christenbery, thleen Clements, Margaret Cook, Dorothy Cowdrey, Arline Crawford, Aline Culpepper, Neva Jean Duke, Agnes Durham, Mary Frances Eagen, Aline Elliott, Mary Gorrissen, Eileen Gribble, Elizabeth Hale, Billie Jo Hammond, Allison Jackson, Rebecca James, Ruth Jones, Virginia Knight, Helen Kreissig, Zelda Anne Kurth, Virginia Lake, Edith Leavell, Mary Helen Lederman, Helen McGovern, Lois McGrath, Ellen MacLuso. Anna May Mathis, Rachel Mayfield, Dorothy Moody, Doris Moon, Miriam Morris, Sarah O'Connor, Elizabeth Ogata, Marie Louise Parker, Virginia Peters, Ethelyn Price, Mary John Quackenbash, Margaret Roberts, Mary E. Scott, Dorothy Sexton, Helen Skinner, Mary Smallwood, Frances Stewart, Katherin Taylor, Nelle Vaughan, Willie Pearl Wilson, Ida Bell Worthington, Josephine Worthington, Rosine Worthy, Emma i' 'lr 'Ir 'A' 'A' ak 'Ir i' ig 'A' 'A' 1 ' 1 I l f if if if af if 4' J, ,af J, V BOYS Abernathy, Richard llen, John Harry Bai1'd, Melvin Barnhart, Joe Berry, Bill Blessing, Bill Burford, Ben Carneal, Charles Carter, B'ill ClarkpRobert Cowan, Thomas Craig, Allen Crawley, William Delcambre, Albert Lee Denhollem, John W. Dillion, Pat Dougherty, Jimmie Draschil, Thomas Dunkin, Jack Echols, Melvin Evans, Tom Ferrell, Billy Foste1', Harley Fridge, David F1'iedel, John Glass, Martin Godde, Harold Green, Gorman Griffith, Loyd Grinnan, Ted Grass, G. W. Hardy, Philip Harlan, Herbert Hart, Barney Harvey, Milburn Hicks, Valton Henderson, Chester , yvf' fi - ,ff A - Q r P ' - S S -2' ' fy, f me DE O Hill, Bill Smith, Richa R. Cook, Mary Alice Jones, M -' - tt P A Hlll- Billy Smith, Wallis Cooper, Margaret Karr, Wiillileolee Zgier, Iiliisgareltle Howell, Ramond Hutcheson, Rolland Ingram, Buford Jeffness, Harvey Jones, Clyde Kerr, James Lattimore, Miller Leak, Harry Loper, Omie McDufEie, Willard McGovern, Russell McKemie, Billy McNatt, Guy Walker Martin, Donald Mason, Raymond Meriwether, George Moellenkamp, A. F. Moore, Curtis Morgan, H. G. Murry, Bernie Mussa, Ross Nance, Bill 1 Nance, Thomas Neece, Dick Norris, John Owen, Charle Perkins, Bob Pope, R. A. Pratt, Earl Rall, Ted Rowe, Charles Sagnibene, Joe Sander, Earl Henry Satterfield, Dugald Schueller, Raymond Smith, Jimmie Smith, John Spillman, Jack Steele, Billy Stewart, David Stringer, Charles Tanner, Arnold Taylor, Clyde E, Taylor, Metz TeVault, Don Tinsley, Frank Uhl, Thomas Ulrick, Eddie Vinson, J. Frank Walker, Marshall Watson, Jack D. Wernly, William White, Edward Wilkins, John Winans, Henry GIRLS Adams, Catherine Anderson, Evelyn Atkins, Audrey Becker, Mary 3 Q iard, Dorothy Brackeen, Margaret Brick, Mary Brown, Sarah Bryant, Margaret Burns, Margaret Busby, Dorothy Jane Campbell, Kathryn Carmody, Caroline Caswell, Mildred Cherry, Ethel Cox, Josephine Crump, Mabel Cullum, Barbara Davidson, Ann Davis, Mary Davis, Iris Fern Decatur, Margaret De Clerq, Jerrinelle Deere, Johnie Mae Dresch, Adrienne Dreisbach, Eleanor Ferguson, Martha Fleck, Virginia Fletcher, Mary Gage, Shirley Gardner, Louise Gilstrap, Edna Erle Goodman, Sibyl Gordon, Bernice Graves, Valaree Green, Wendella Green, Zella Harris, Dorothy Harris, Lillian Hartman, Corinne Head, Elizabeth Hemphill, Lulu D. Hill, Willie Mae Howell, Frances Hunter Jane Kidd, Joyce Kidwell, Vada Ruth Kinard, Dorothy Kirkland, Irene Krutilek, Helen Lacy, Beth Elaine Leach, Ina Maye Leo, Jeannette Lynch, Betty Lyans, Jessie McCarley, Betty Jo McQuade, Jane Kathryn McWilliams, Virginia Marek, Jane Matthews, Christie Mondt, La Var Monteith, Margaret Moss, Julia Lee O'B'eirne, Marian O'Connor, Margaret Ondrushek. Haddy Owen, Floy Pair, Modelle Penny, Viola Pickens, Bernice Pittman, Betty Lee Pollinzi, Nancy Powell, Angeline Purciller P , , , esgy Hutchins, Teresa Jane Ramsay, Helen Irwin, Aileen Isaacs, Frances Jernigan, Margaret Johnson, Virginia Jones, Carman Randall, Neva Rodell, Louise Rogers, Sammie Rumfelt. Elizabeth Scotland, Allison Sharp, Margie haw, Christine Skiles, Rose Frances Sma1't, Harriet Smith, Dorothy Smith, Harriett Lee Smith, Margaret Frances Smith, Margaret R, Snider, Inez Snider, Ruth Snodgrass, Frances Starnes, Ella Storey. Miriam Summers Elizabeth Taft, Evelyn Taylor, Franc Thomas, Lelia Thompson, Helen Marie WVard, Mary Elsie Watson, Mary Katheryn Watterworth, Elizabeth Wellenkamp, Betty Marie Weller, Marjorie WVeSt, Mary Elizabeth Whisenant, Eileen White, Dorothy Jane Willis, Margaret Wilson, Doris Wright, Harriett Yeargan, Gillie Young. Gertrude claw y M, . 'A' 'A' ik 'A' 'A' 'A' at 'k 'A' wifi? X it .WMM 'Ir if 'A' if i' ir at i' 'k 'A' ir Dean, Hilda Deason, Mural Dees, Evelyn Dennis, Willie Mae Douglas, Kitty Beth Drago, Frances Dunkin, Blanche Fogg, Billie Helen Franklin, Mary Frances George, Evelyn Gibbs, Ernest Gibson, Martha Jane Gibson, Martha Giesen, Frances Green, Dorothy Grizzard, Grace L, Guynes, Kathaleen Haley, Betty Rose Hamilton, Dorothy Hancock, LaVerne Harden, Phyllis Jeanne Harlan, Anna Ruth Harvey, Voncile Hastedt, Carrie Mae Hay-wood, Clara Sue Haywood, Renita Hiegert, Dorothy Hendricks, Bobbie Mae Herkimer, Lenna Hill, Mescal Hirscher, Gene Hixon, Jane Hopkins, Ina Gene Horn, Jacqueline E. Howard, Ernestine Howard, Doris Howard, Hazel I-A CLASS Continued from Page 49 Huse, Jo Fay Jernigan, lone Johnson, Celia Dell Jones. Euella Marie Jones, Marilynne Jones, Mary Jones, Wanda Sue Keller, Phyllis Jean Kennedy, Katherine Labenski, Mary Lou Leavell, Rhea Bertha Love, Betty Lynch, Norma McCamey, Margaret McGinnis, Lady Perry McGrath, Margaret McKinney, Margaret Marr, Katherine Martin, Lillie Martin, Mary Matthews, Betty Matlack, Betty Mayo, Louise Meadows, Anna Marie Meadows, Thelma Mentesana, Virginia Millhouse, Doris Mitchell, Mary Ann Moore, Mary E. Newsome, Mary Alyce Newton, Anne Nicholson, Rozell O'Brien, Barbara Oliver, Margie Owens, Loretta Palmer, Jane Pearson, Helen Ruth Pedigo, Marilyn Perkins, Winifred Price, Faye Quillen, Bobbie Reaves, Florence Ann Rowland. Mary Beth Russell, Dorothy Rust, Sue Saal, Gloria Sanders, Sudie Schmitt, Marjorie Bess Sears, Annie Laurie Sevier, Alma Shaw, Martha Shumate, Nancy S'sk, Floe Skidmore, Caroline Smith, Polly Smith, Vivian Sommers, Charlotte Ann Sorensen, Dolly Stealey, Marguerite StiDD. Betty Ruth Strader, Evelyn Stuart, Anna Faye Thurman, Lena Bell Titley, Bonnie Jean Tuggle, Nanearle Turner, Mary Elizabeth Vaughan, Rita Viser, George Ann Wallis, Madge Helen Walsh, Katherine Ware, Minnette Watterson, Maebelle Weichsel, E. Frances West, Betty Lou Whitaker, Olivette Wlood, Ollie Joe Zarafonetis, Christine 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' i' at if ir 'A' i' 'A' Page Fifty-four F . I EQMHJ?fMQ'?MM7?g,7T,ifMv XMWQQM W' Q - ,A , W,,Nf' EMM? fffs EXEMQHQQE M L51 5533 MZ? W7iWf!QJfW fQ A XWSTWWJG gf is E 5 QmwjyQfWf5W gif-Zglm MW S Qigfiiwwg Of, A w ZA X 71 ws?.,Y52f2Q-mga ,www 0Mff'EL'HWWjlk1L Lbgwmwmmf i' 'A' 'A' if 'lr 'A' i' 'lr 'A' i' 'A' N N N N N N N N N N N ft , Gy jf, 1' A f Viking Staff Sponsors . .... MARY BERTRAND AND NELL LAWLER Editor-in-Chief . .... JIMMY FOSTER Assistant Editor ...... .... E MILY HEREFORD Class Editors ........... ADELE NEELY, VIRGINIA AUSTIN Department Editors: EVELYN NOVEY, GLADYS HORN, WYNNE WILLIAMS, WJILLIAM PAYNE, MORGAN NESBITT. 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Keller, Dorothy Dorman, Emily Hereford. Tl7iV'llR01U! Catherine Ball, Mary McQuiston, Betty Wellenkamp, Martha Newman. NolinPic'!n1'ux: Mary Ellen Haughton. al' 1' 'A' 'Ir 'A' i' it 'A' 'A' it I if if af 15+ if ir if if sr if K . , . ELSIE Fnrrz . . ROSEMARY HUNT HELEN MCGANN . . Miss RUTH Crmwron Charlotte Bartosh Betty Ann Beckett Mary Anne Campbell Mary Ann Chadiek Barriman Clayhorn Margaret Clegg Barbara Corkern 5.424-2?. Girl Reserves OFFICERS . . . Presideu! Vice-President . . . . Secretary D, AND ELLEN MEADOR . Sponsors MEMBERS Mary Fletcher LaVerne Florance Elsie Fritz Dorothy Nell Garrison Margaret Glenn Green Martha jane Gibson Rosemary Hunt Irene Kirkland Grace Lake Blanche Lederman Helen Lederman Jane Marek Rachel Mathis Helen McGann 'A' it uk 'k 'A' 'A' Lois McGovern Margaret McKinley Bobbie Quillen Rose Frances Skiles Mary Elizabeth West Harrictte Wright Christine Zarafonetis -A' 'Ir 'lr i' 'A' r li Catherine Adams Barbara Cullum L-l"'A7V 'A' ir 'lr at i' 'Ir if 'A' X? JOHN DAVIS . HORTENSIA MARTINEZ ELIZABETH WILLIS CHARLES BIEANO CATHERINE ADAMS Miss EDNA HINDE . Eva Bailey Genevieve Bennett Charles Bifano Joe Caperton Leone Carrington Frank Charlew Margaret Clegg Virginia Cole pan-American john Davis Louise Gardner Dewitt Gayle Gene Kirkland David Kittrell Harry Lindsley Florence Love OFFICERS MEMBERS Jane Marek Hortensia Martinez Mike Martinez Darline Miller Margaret Monteith Bill Moore Adele Neely Virginia Norton . President Vice-Prexidcnt . Secretary . Treasurer Social Chairman . Sponsor Viola Penny Patricia O'Bien Ted Rall Virginia Robertson Peggy Scott Clatilde Thomas Virginia Weaver Elizabeth Willis 'A' ir 'A' i' 'lr 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'Ir 'k 'lr 'k il' R 'A' i' 'A' i' if if -Jw MARIAN HARDY . BEN RAMEY . . LULA M. HARDY . MRS. MYRTLE CLOPTON Billy Abbey Mary Ann Bell Newton Blackmore 4 Marilyn Bragg Seaborn Buckalew Charlene Cochran Tom Carmody Clile Conrad Evelyn Dees Dorothy Green La Fee Griggs Lulu Mae Hardy Marian Hardy joe Beth Hopson Theresa J. Hutchins jack Kern David Larson Rufus McKnight Mary Ann Mitchell tin Club OFFICERS Pftkiitlflfl Vice-President . Secretary . Sponsor MEMBERS Dorothy Nance Anne Newton Robert Park Ralph Phelps Bcn Ramey Marshall Saunders Charlotte Somers Nancy Shumate Harry Triece BEN RAMEY . . MARIAN HARDY CHRisTxNE ZARAFOMETIS MRS. MYRTLE CLOPTON Rita Vaughn Betty Lou Welch Betty Marie Wellenkamp Harry Whitehurst Dee Willis Don Wooten Charlotte Willard Frank Young Christine Zarafonetis 'A' 'lr 'lr ir ir 'lr ir ir 'lr 'A' 'A' l l, I 'V I Q.-. 7527! 'A' ak al' i' 'A' i' f 'A' 'k X firjlif X MORGAN NESBI'YT BOBBY ZSCHACH BILLY STEELE EDDIE BlANcl-ll MR. ANDERSON Richard Abernathy Charles Bates Clary Bates Lee H. Berg Eddie Bianchi Ben Burford Dean Burford Joe Capertori North Dallas Senior l-li-V Lewis Chandler Sorley Clements Bill Cobb Newt Creekmore Dewey Dean Tom Evans Howard Fatheree Dan Grant X XX X OFFICERS MEMBERS Francis Harris Billy Hill Alfred Hobrecht Wilbur Keith Walter Leavell Bill Malone jack Meadows George Meriwether Horace Cardwell George Myer Dick Neece Morgan Nesbitt Bobby Nichols C. B. O'Beirne Billy Payne Garth Riddler J. L. Sanger . President . Vice-Prrsident Servelary-Trrasureif Sergeant-al-Arms . . Sponsor Jay Sarbry Robert Smith Billy Steele John Stephenson Don Te Vault Lloyd Williams Willis Virgil Bobby Zschaeh sf' -if if is if if is if if if ir if 'lr 'A' 1? 'Ir 'A' ak 'A' 'A' ir 'A' 'A' ELOUISE RUST GRADY BRAGOITTI . MILDREU LIVINGSTON . Miss SANDEL . . Charlotte Bartosh Joyce Baker Emily Hereford Grace Lake Frances Whitehurst Betty Marie Wellenkamp Jerry Houghton Marian O'Beirne French Club OFFICERS MEMBERS Marjorie O'Beirne Kathleen O' Beirne Sue Rust Shirley Wolfert Billie Allen Margaret Rogers Grace Dunn Veronica Jenniges Nancy Lou Ware Helen Thompson Clell Conrad Jessie Lyons Dorothy Harris Doris Moody Marcyle Lange lift, X1 .J Et ',- . . P fCSi!if'11f Vice-Prcsidrni . Secretary . Sponsor Jayne Harris Constance Livingston Ann Chamberlain Martha Jane Gibson Florence Ann Reaves G orgia Robinson hambless 'A' it i' 'Ir 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' i' 'A' i' al' 'lr 'A' i' ir i' i' 'A' i' i' ul' Qrchestra Violins: Norvelle Webb, Dorothy Biard, Georgia Lena Kent, Marian Hardy, Moreau Michell, Dorothy Green, De Wayne Te Vault, Mar- garet jce McGuire. Drum: Lester Clayton, joe Shelby, Mark Black- man. Clrzrinri: Sam Lewis, Arnold Tanner, Guy Mc- Natt, William McDuHie, Josephine Cox. I1zxl1'ucf0r: Miss Piano: Alice Lorraine Smith, Mary Alyce New some. Banjo: Jimmie Thompson. Truznpmf: Julian Hoyle. Trombone: Charles Green, Suxajzfaorzcw Guy McNatt. Bass Viol: Truett Harris. Ruth J. Curtis. jack lsaminger it 'lr 'A' if 'A' ir nk' i' 'A' i' 'lr of , :fu .Z N N N N? !N N N?MN N I Editor . . Managing Eiiimr Arrociatr Editor Fmmrfr Editor Performlr Editor: Acrivirm Efiimf Sporty Edirnr FALL TERM JCANITA 'I'o:xII.INsoN, Com CARIJLINE SBIITH VV!-1I.l.INt-'l'0N ABBEY FRANCI-is FRANKLIN INI.-'NDI-1I.YN INGRANI Doixoruv SANSBURY FRANCES INIITCHELL BILI. GARRETSON BUSINESS Burincrx Manager . IVIARIAN IWARTIN Arr Editor . RosAI.IE POLLINZI Exclmngf: . . . . JOHN CRUTTY Clipping: and File: . . BRANIHIN CANTXN ELL pass Etiimr . . Mimtzgivzg Editor A.mIt-1.1tr lidizm Fmrw-fr Editor Pm-mnalr Editor ,4 erwirifi Edirnr Sptmr Etiizar STAFF Bztrinfrr Nlnnagm' Art Exlilnrr . . Excllmigwr . . Clipping: ,md Filer Spouror, Miss IVIYRTLE FOSTER SPRING TERM . . . . INIARIAN NIARTIN . . ELAINE HILLYI-IR . . J.-tex MEAIiows , , LI'eII-iNxE MCNIEI, , XIARGARET RICHARDSON . AURELIA lNiCDONAI.D . BILL GARRETSON . DAVVSON SNIITH . JAMES PARR, BILLY LAWRENCE . . . . ALBERT BARTEI. Ros.-xI.IE POLLINZI REPORTORIAL STAFF Dorothy Anderson, Billie Barnum, Albert Bartel, Charles Bates, Clary Bates, Dorothea Beeson, Dorothy Biurd, Mickey Bond, Dorris Brewer, Dean Burford, Enard Burt, Brandon Cantwell, Joe Cztperton, Robert Chrrrvuz, Lavinia Coker, John Crotty, Catherine Cunnnins, Mike Curry, Marilynn Downing, Henry Elwell, Phoebe Ann Farwell, La Verne Florance, Elsie Fritz, Peggy Griffin, Jnnies Harris, Vernon Harris, Tom Hollandsworth, Ruth Hudnall, VVilhur Keith, Dorothy Kennedy, FI'ankie Keyes, Lela Joe Lagler, Billy Lawrence, Bud Lcztvell, George Lotritlge, Bill Malone, Anite Moore, Forrest Moore, Paul Morey, Nancy Mowat, George Myer, C. B. OlBeirIIe, Vandelia Perry, Anne Pullman, Eleanor Redrlick, James Snyder, Gene Snenrinan, Ann Stipp, Edna Earle Strickland, Bayard Sudberry, Evelyn Tomlinson, Anna Louise Wktinscott, Charles XVright, Elizabeth Watterworth, Dorothy Zinnnerman, Robert Zschach, NORTH HI PRESS OFFICERS Prefidmt . ....,,... . VVILBUR KEITH Vice-Pfefidern . . . , .... . IVIARIAN MARTIN Seerem-fy-Trerzrumr ...... HOBBY ZSCHACH QUILL AND SCROLL International Hoiiorztry Society for High School Journalists CACTUS CHAPTER Sponsor, Miss Myrtle Foster Billie Barnum, Charles Bates, Clary Bates, Dorothy Biarrl, Dean Burford, Joe Caperton, Florene Cantwell, Frances Franklin, Elsie Fritz, Bill Garretson, Peggy Griffin, Elaine Hillyer, Dorothy Kennedy, Wilbur Keith, Lela Joe Lagler, Marian Martin, Aurelia McDonald, Lucienne McNiel, Jack Meadows, Anne Moore, Esther Peterson, James Parr, Anne Pullniztn, Dawson Smith, Jirnmie Smith, Caroline Smith, Juanita Tomlinson, Evelyn Tomlinson, Elizabeth Wzttterworth, Dorothy Ziinxnerinzm, Bobby Zschach. N N N N N N N N N N N 'A' if ak if i' 'A' ir 'lr 'A' 'A i' MARY FLETCHER . JANE McQUAoE . MARY ANN CHADICK MARGARET GREEN MRS. BRADFORD . Mary Ann Chadick Mable Crump Margaret Glenn Green Margaret joe McGuire Marie Hohn Muriel Clayton LaVar Mondt Elizabeth Head Art Club MEMBERS Virginia Jones Kathleen Christenberg Catherine Cummings jane McQuade Mary Fletcher Christene Shaw Vnlois Bates Jerry Emrick Dorothy Kennedy Betty Gibson Charlotte Mowat Ruth Raymond james Davis Larry Hogan Martha Busby Martha Newman 50 C 1 . President Viz'r-Pwrizfenl . Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor Betty Ann Beckett Mildred Back Dorothy Russell Gertrude Crouch Katherine Kennedy Mary Kathlyn Booker Grady Bragoitti A if if if if at if R if if if l if if ir if if if af ir if if if K ln ,M --, JAMES PARR . RAYMOND MASON AILEEN Iiwcfm . ENARD BURT MR. SMITH . Charles Bates Clary Bates Dorothy jane Busby l' I 1 x wi E, I D ZW Kodak Club OFFICERS MEMBERS Sam Fenter Delma Garrison Valaree Graves Enard Burt Billie jo Hale Kathleen Christenberg Aileen Irwin john Friedel Veronica Jenniges Wilbur Keith Raymond Mason James Parr Mary John Price Louise Rodell Wally Smith Charles Stringer Frances Taylor Evelyn Tomlinson Thomas Uhl . . Prrsideizl . Vice-Prrsizlczzt Sffrretary-Trrasfuvr . . Reporlvr . . Sponsor Willie Pearl Vaughn Vernon Ward Nancy Lou Ware Marshall Walker Bobby Zschach 'A' ir uk 'A' 'k 'A' ir 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' ir i' 'A' ir 'A' if QQ 'GW l Q N will perlgon CI u lb OFFICERS HOWARD FATHEREE . . . SIBYL GOODMAN . HELEN MCGANN JACK BIARD . . MARSHALL WALKER A. W. HARRIS . . . MEMBERS Charlotte Bartosh Dewey Dean Grace Lake Dorothy Nance jack Biard Dorothy Browne Billy Guy Cage Billy Crawford Dorothy Davis Howard Fatheree jimmy Foster J. D. Fruge Sibyl Goodman Charles Johnson Harry Leak Irene Lynch Helen McGann Hortensia Martinez Markaluta Mathews Billy Payne Bernice Pickens Margaret Smith Rose Frances Skiles . President Vice-President . Secreiury Treasunw' . Reporlrr Sponsor Bob Seay Frank Vinson Marshall Walker Ruby Walker Alvin Wlood 'A' 'A' 'A' ir 'A' ir 'Ir 'A' 'k 'A' 'k it 'A' ir it it it it 'A' 'lr 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' i' al' North Dallas Debate Club Frw1iRaw: Dorothy Zimmerman, Barbara Corkern, Anne Pullman, Margaret Richardson, Dorothy Biard, Grace Dunn. Serum! Row: Mr. Knapp, Coach, Helen McGann, jack Biard, Richard Abernathy, Josephine Cox, Lavinia Kilgore, jack Kern. Bark Row: Bernice Pickens, Harry Leak, Virginia Austin, George Meriwether, Ben Ramey. For the fifth consecutive year, the boys, and girls' debate teams of North Dallas won the City Inter- scholastic League contest and represented Dallas in the district contest at Southern Methodist University, which they also won. The girls' team was composed of Barbara Corkern and Anne Pullman, and the winning boy debaters were jack Biard and Richard Abernathy. ir 'A' 'A' it 'A' 'A' 'A' ak 'A' il' 'lr il' i' 'A' ir ir 'A' HOWARD FATHEREE G. C. Roms . EVELYN NOVEY . Mlss CRANE . Billie Allen Frances Austin Betty Ann Beckett Lorraine Blessing Mary Ellen Bryant Lucile Burford Corinne Calloway Cecil Cameron f Junior Red :CES jack Crowley Barbara Cullum Dorothy Davis Howard Fatheree Margaret Frederick Fee Griggs Peggy Griffin Emogene Hamilton Elizabeth Head 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' OFFICERS MEMBERS Louise Heding Frances Hunsaker Marjorie Jones Meredith Jones Joyce Kidd Hortensia Martinez Dorothy Mitchell Evelyn Novey Mary O'Dell . P1'c'sidc'111 Vice-President . Se'C1'elm'y . Sponsor Louise Rozlell G. C. Rorie Sandy Sandolsky julia Shaw Ruby Walker Libby Watterworth Josephine Wortliington Harriet Yarbrough 'lr 'lr i' 'A' 'A' 'A' ir 'A' i' 'Ir 'A' 'A' ai' 'k 'A' ir 'lr I Glee Club Sponsor, Miss RUTH CURTIS Fmn1Row: Richard Albert, Jack Richardson, Donald Hart, Wilson Blackwell, Bill Barker, Frank Charles, Emma Jean Rucker, Eldon Hill, Clarence Ulrick, James Avann, Eugene O'Beirne. Sc'z'omI Row: Howard Monroe, Carl LaBarba, Bobby Massey, Onnic Loper, Eddie Bianchi, William Barnes, Billy Guy Cage, Phil Baxter, Dugald Satterfield, Joe Sagnibcne, Robert Thorp, Jack Rice. Third R0-w: Bill Lawrence, Sherrill Walden, Robert Murray, Howard Fatheree, Jester Wilbank, Marvin Cline, Walter Davis, George E. jones, Floyd Crawford, Leonard Donahue, Bill Malone Albert Barrel. NofinPirf1zre: Charles Bounds, Earl Buchanan, Gene Dabney, Claude Ormsby. ir 'A' 'A' i' 'A' ak 'lr t 'A' 'A' ir ir i' 'A' 'Ir 'Ir 'A' ir ul' ak ir i' Parent-Teacher Association The North Dallas Parent-Teacher Association extends greetings to the January and june graduating classes. EXECUTIVE BOARD . President .......... MRS. E. R. SLAUGHTER . 4 x A Fi,-gf Vive-Pnfsizlwzt . . MRS. FELIX I'IARRIS V . Second Vice'-Prf'sidc'11f . . MRS. T. K. PIERCE ' - ii- 'xii Tbird Vive-Prc'sidr'nf . MRS. H. J. LANDRUM . RFF0l't1l77xQ Sc'c'1'c'fz11'y . . . MRS. R. A. NORTON L Corresponding Scfcrvfary MRS. H. M. MACQUISTON ' T,-msm-e1 .,.... . . MRS. W. K. ZSCHACH T' v -V P!ll'll!l711l'17f!I1'll1l1 . . . MRS. W. F. CUMMINS fins. fi., . E V Historian . . . MRS. EARL AUSTIN , Publicity ...... . MRS. D. C. WHITLEY qi-51: 4-f- 3 :ff "':.." if Delegates to Dallas Council . . MRS. E. L. OWENS I MRS. E. E. MONTEITH Audiior . Awards 15150.00 Scholarship Life Membership National Honor Society High Honor and Latin . . MRS. ELLA BIGBEE ACTIVITIES Adult Education Physiology Classes Book Reviews Addresses by Outstanding Speakers Civic nights were introduced this year with comparative success. We Won third place in the Present Traffic Accidents campaign sponsored by the Ioumal. Social Teachers' Luncheon Senior Classes Entertained Fi11a11cc Game Tournament Paid Assembly Banquet for Football Squad Carnival Dances Chaperoned Book Reviews Books were rebound, school publications assisted, and school grounds beautified. i' 'A' 'A' uk' i' al' 'A' 'A' if -k if N if ,Q g x X 1, my 5 . S 2, Y .,,, , H2 f M P x M3564 ug fn M XM QW ,N f ,M , ki ,fi as wr nf iw if IO ,My 35 7 . . ,s :wgtg Aff' H . diasiliiiii , V i ' , A fill ' - 11 ' - ,, ,sw . '-ju-3,.,g'51g:e-za 7: . f fgfw. 4 '1'-:" :? 7W" . ff K K ...,, " , 7 M., ' - ' .. '.I-4 r-' f V f A LL' H K M ..4f, mins, 12, , 4 1 W I M 4? ,f-ww 'A' 'A' if 'A' 'lr 'A' 'Ir uk 'A' i' 'Ir Most Popular Girl Mos! Popular Boy DOROTHY KENNEDY E IE BIANCHI Best All-Around Girl ' Best All-Around Boy MARY ELIZABETH ROBERTS HOWARD FATHEREE 'A' 'A' 'lr ir 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' al' 'A' ir 'Ar ir 'A' ul' 'A' i' i' 'lr 'A' 'A' BARBARA CORKERN ANNE PULLMAN City and District Champions in Debate JACK BIARD RICHARD ABERNATHY City, District, and Regional Champions in Debate -A' if 'lr ir uk 'k 'A' t ul' if 'A' .ggi A 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' i' i' if ir uk t Stall Commandant . . . . Lieutenant Colonel R. L. Coleman Regimental Commader . . Lieutenant-Colonel Lloyd Williams Regimental Executive . . . . Captain John Whittington REGIMENTAL STAFF S-1 . . Alfred Hobrecht S-3 . . . Horace Cardwell S-2 . . William Berry S-4 . . . James Crouch STAFF SERGEANTS Lloyd Cohn Peter Garver William Akin Robert Murray Lewis Littlepage AIDES Garth Riddler Walter Crump 'A' 'A' 'A' 'Ir 'A' ul' al' 'A' ir 'A' 'A' ir if i' i' i' i' A ir 'A' 'A' 'A i' Company C!llllllldlIl1l1Y Exvczzliw' Ofircr . Firsl Plafoou C0111 IlIlllIl,l'Y Sefmm' Platoon Com mamirr Comjmny Commamlvr . Excfzctivz' Ojivfr . . Firsi Platoon COIIlIlltlllllt'V' Sccoml Plafoon Com llldllflfl' Ul1dSSigI7L'tl , . COMPANY A COMPANY B . JACK BIARD WILLIAM BERRY . AI. L. SANGER GEORGE MYERS . DEWEY DEAN HORACE CARDWELL ALFRED HOBRECHT . JAMES CROUCH STAMATIOS ALEXANDER ml' 'A' ak -A' 'lr ir 'Ir 'k 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' ai' t i' if i' 'A' i' 'k 'A' Company Commander Executive Officer . , First Platoon Com maurlrr Second Platoon Commandrr Unassigned . . Company Commandrr Executive Ojiccr . First Platoon Commander COM PAN Y C COMPANY D . J. D. FRUGE ERNEST HERNDON JOHN STEVENSON DAWSON SMITH JAMES FOSTER WILLIAM PAYNE CECIL PIOUSTON JACK GISSLER i' 'A' 'k ir 'k 'lr ul' al' 'lr 'A' at 'A' 'k 'Ir ul' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' nk 'A i' COMPANY E Company Com1nander . . . JOHN WHITTINGTON Exerntive Ojfcer . . . G. W. GROSS First Platoon Commander ERNEST WEST BAND Commander . , MCLEOD STINNETT Execufive ERNEST SCHAFER Ojfcer . DELMAR DOLTON i' 'A' ' 1' 'A' 'A' at uk ic 'Ir i' 'A' 1 .A W", .. , 1. . V mm-, 1 , H., V ,., J 1 J J z .wiw ., X E Nm B Y V KT LJ f , Q ? r V f 'V ' , 1 ' V ' . Q Zu' Af., 2' L- ' D LEE H. BERG Lee was small, but he really had that old football spirit. He ran hard and tackled hard, Heill not be back. BOBBY Bixccos "Blind Tomi' was a speedy, hard tackling player, Whose end was seldom circled or gained over. This was his second and last year on the team. BILLY MAI.oNE This three-year veteran, shifted from guard to full- back, was a powerhouse on both offense and defense. His hard plunging scored many Bulldog touchdowns, and his all-round ability and leadership will certainly be missed next year. BOBBY ZSCHACH Bobby was handicapped by injuries this season, but he managed to turn in many brilliant games. He'll be one of the powers in our new backfield. WILBUR KEITH Wilbur shifted from end to the backneld at the start of the season. He became a running, blocking, punting, all-round star. He has great possibilities for next season when he will be back to continue his brilliant work. 5 NORRIS MACCRARY Captain MacCrary, playing at tackle 'and center, was one of the best linemen in the cItY-fhls Year' He was named at tackle on the official all-city team, GH honor his excellent playing well d95CfVCf-l' ISDDIE BIANQHI This scrapping guard never quit Flghtingi and received recognition on various all-city teams for his line PlaYm3' His place will be hard to Fill next fall. RICHARD AIIERNATI-IY Richard worked at end and in the backfield. His speed and shiftiness were 11 big l1ClP 10 the Bulldogs' CLARENCE UI.RICK This speedy little triple-threat man has COmPlef9d his second and last year for the Bulldogs. H15 perform21'lCES were brilliant and outstanding. C. B. OYISEIRNE ' C. B. Started out as our regular flWffe4f'b3ck, bit was injured at tlIe Erst of the season, His skillful bloc - ing and sure tackling will be missed next fall. .1 .iw . pf ff' .! if af if at af in if fp' if M if "' i' i ly" If tv! N 'A' i' if it 11' - uk 'A' 'A' ir ir i' I FRED HEITMEX'ER This long, lanky end was one of the best pass re- ceivers in the city. "Oosties's" defensive work was also excellent and weill certainly miss him. DOUGLASS IVLY Doug was a passing, running backfield man who usually gave a good account of himself. He'll be counted on for next year. R. E. McK1NNEY 'iFreshman,,' our big rough and tough tackle, was a terror to the opponents offense, and much is expected of him next season. MORGRXN NESBITT Morgan's play at end was featured by hard fighting defensive work. He'll be back again next fall. WALTER LEAVELL This big, powerful end could always be counted on to turn in a good game. Bud will be one of the veterans for next year's team. NEWT CREEKMORE Newt was light but fast. He played a smooth, depend- able game, and we're sorry to lose him. DEAN BURFORD This was Dean's first year on the Bulldog varsity, but his consistently fine work on both offense and defense won him a regular berth on the team. He'll be in there "holding that linen again next fall. WlAI.LY SMITH Wally was North Dallas' ball-carrying threat. His hard, fast running earned him mention on several all-city teams. XWatch him go next fall. RAYFORD HEAD Rayford played hard with good, clean spirit. Few yards were gained over his position this year, which was his last. BILL COBB Bill played guard on the offense and backed up the line on the defense. His smashing tackles and vicious blocks featured his sterling play this year, which un- fortunately was his last for the Bulldogs. fi as 'Q we if if is is if if if T . . rig-as FOOTBALL SCHEDULE North Dallas 0-Gladewater . . . 6 North Dallas 21-Forest . . . 7 North Dallas 0-Waco . . . . . 6 North Dallas 0-Adamson . . . . 14 North Dallas 0-Sunset . . . . 20 North Dallas 6-Woodrow Wilson . . 0 North Dallas 12-Sam Houston . . 7 North Dallas 14--Dallas Tech . , . 27 North Dallas 14-St, Joseph . . . 0 North Dallas 13-Denison . . , . 18 TRACK Although North Dallas hasn't had a championship track team recently, they have usually finished high in the city standings and are expected to do the same this year. The services of one of the two returning letter-men, Captain Alton Broach, will be unfortunately lost to the school, leaving Shannon Sigler the only veteran. However, Coach Hyde has developed some promising material that should make the Bulldogs dangerous in the future. if 'A' i' 'A' i' if 'A' ir ir it V X Basketball FIRST HALF North Dallas 12-Sunset .,..... 31 North Dallas 27-Forest . . 17 North Dallas 8-Dallas Tech ..... 18 North Dallas 31-Adamson . 8 North Dallas 14-Woodrow Wilson . . . 15 SECOND HALF North Dallas 23-Woodrow Wilson . . 12 North Dallas 30-Adamson . . 16 North Dallas 25-Forest ....... 19 North Dallas 15-Dallas Tech . . 26 North Dallas 30-Sunset ...,... 22 Total-North Dallas 215 Opponents 184 Coach E. M. Fultonls North Dallas basketball team enjoyed one of their most successful seasons in recent years. After getting off to a slow start, the quintet developed rapidly, winning he second-half championship and earning the right to meet the strong Dallas Tech team for the full season title. Led by Captain Wilbur Keith, leading scorer of the city, the Bulldogs managed only a tie for third place in the Hrst half. In the second half the team clicked, and ended in a tie with Adamson and Tech for first place. The Bulldogs won this play-off, making them second-half champions, but they lost the full season title to Tech. Letter men were Wilbur Keith, Fred Heitmeyer, Walter Leavell, Eddie Bianchi, Morgan Nesbitt, and Jack Meadows. Other first string men, who played part of the time on the second string, were Eugene Spearman, Clarence Ulrick, Frank Peck, and Charles Wright. Our second team was easily the best in the city, winning the championship in that division. Second team players were Frank Charles, Billy Learn, Douglas Ivey, Don Te Vault, John Denhollern, and James Dougherty. Team manager was Honnie Loper. 'A' if 'A' al' i' 'A' uk sk i' 'Ir 3--W a... .swat ak ?""?" L. Dalit BASEBALL Hopes for 11 winning baseball team are high this year with five returning letter-men from last year's near-championship team. They are Captain Eddie Bianchi and Wilbur Keith, all-city men, Fred Heitmeyer, Clarence Ulrick, and Douglas Ivey. Coach Fulton expects the Bulldogs to be a real threat. GOLF Lz'fli0Rigl1l: john Smith, Jack O'Beirne, George Pierce, Charles Dollison, Ed Hilsher, Billy Berry, Mary Brick. The North Dallas golfers started off the season by losing to Tech, 3k to ZH, and to Sunset, 4M to IM. Tech's first team was defeated by the Bulldog's No. 1 players, Ed Hilscher and Charles Dollison, 25 to IH, but the Bulldog seconds, jack O'Beirne and George Pierce were downed 3 to 0. The team finished third in the first half. H. TENNIS Left lo Riglvf: Homer Swindler, Jack Meadows, Wilbur Keith, Rachel Mathis, Betty Wellencamp, Katherine Adams, Mary MacQuiston, Eldon Hill, Dawson Smith. The North Dallas tennis team took the city series championship this year for the sixth consecutive time. The boys' doubles team, consisting of Wilbur Keith and Jack Meadows won all their city matches as did Mary MacQuiston, the only veteran from last year. These were entered in the district meet held April 18. Mary MacQuiston won the district meet. YELL LEADERS from-Lefl lo Riglll: Florence Boll, Ann Pullman, Catherine Ball. Back: Howard Fatheree, Lawrence Rowe, Larry Keller. 'A' 'A' 'A' 'Ir 'A' 'A' Ik 'lr 'A' 'A' ANNE PULLMAN JACK BIARD AWARDS CITY CHAMPIONS IN DEBATE Girls Boys DECLAMATION Boys JACK KERN Girls MILDRED LIVINGSTONE ONE-ACT PLAY BARBARA CORKERN RICHARD ABERNATHY Girls BARBARA BECKER DOROTHY ZIMMERMAN Boys FRANK YOUNG DAWSON SMITH REPRESENTATIVE IN SPELLING CONTEST SHIRLEY TANNEHILL EARL BUCHANAN REPRESENTATIVE IN ESSAY CONTEST LULA MAE HARDY REPRESENTATIVE IN SPANISH ESSAY CONTEST NORTH january Beginners CLELL CONRAD W. J. MANGUM ELEANOR DREISBACH PARENT TEACHERS AWARD RUTH SNIDER DALLAS CONTESTANTS IN LATIN TOURNAMENT Second Year Fourth Year RUFUS PEARCE --Second Indizfidual Place BEN RAMEY ESTHER PETERSON CHARLOTTE WILLARD Flyst Year -Firsl Team Place fcllilj RALPH PHELPS E ssays GEORGE DALTON Third Yew Third Term RICHARD ABERNATHY RAL1'H.PHEU'? I LUCILE BURFQRD --First Individual Place fPinj -Thlfd Plan' W F1fffYff1f -Second Individual Place State Wl'7"CV BILLY O,QUIN LULA MAE HARDY MARY MACQUISTON --Second Team Place -First Team Place 1Cupj -Tlaird Place in Fourlb Year 'k i' i' 'A' 'k 'A' i' i' 'A' ir PREFACE To next year's Viking Stajf: List! O listeners, ere we part Understand this from the start: At our jokes do not laugh high, You will use them by and by. P1'of.Baker: Here you see the skull of a chimpanzee, a very rare specimen. There are only two in the country-one in the Na- tional Museum, and I have the other. Salesgirl: What is it for you? Wyiiize Williams.' Some pajamas. Salesgirl: Broadcloth? IVynne Willia1ns.' Don't try to be funny. o Roy Allen: lim a self-made man, my boy. Intelligent Freshman: Well, it certainly shows the horrors of unskilled labor. UI shall now illustrate what I have on my mind," said the absent-minded professor as he erased the board. An unemployed man gazed into a book store window and this sign caught his eye- "Dickens Works all this week for only four dollarsf, "He would," the unemployed man said in disgust. o All work and no play makes Jack-and lots of it. o Wo11zan Driver: What is the charge for this battery? European GdYdgK71'ldI1S-OHS and one-half volts. IVoman Driver: Well, how much is that in American money? Salt is the stuif that makes potatoes taste bad when you don't put any on. "Why, your dog is just like one of the family," said Aunt Hannah. "Which one?" asked the hostess. "What possible excuse did you have for acquitting that murderer?" asked the Judge. "Insanity," replied the Foreman of the Jury. "What, all twelve of you?" To what was Anthony Adverse? 0 We didnit know Marian Martin was nautical-minded, yet a popular hit of the season convinces us: "Red sails in the Sunset." 0 First Prisoner: What did you get for Christmas? Second Prisoner: A new pen. o Emily Hereford: Come on, Jimmy Foster, weire going on a picnic. Gladys N. Horn: Sure, we need you- for what's a picnic without a ham? jimmy Smitty: If I should die, what would become of you? MHYy'MHCQ1liSf0I7.' I'd stay right here. The question is: What would become of you? o Dallas Safety Camjzaigners: We want a new name to describe the careless pedestrian. Native Dallasite: What's the matter with the old-fashioned way of calling him "the deceased." o THUMB-NAIL DESCRIPTIONS jimmy Foster - a hard-boiled egg -- cracked. Dan Grant-nonchalance. Emily Hereford-Tootsy. Billy Payne-the object of many a girl,s affection. Howard Fatheree-Eggbeater. Dawson Smith-Pudgy. Wynne Williams-A little bit of heaven. Wimberley Hayes--A heavy date. Charlotte Willard-The Dallas Dispatch. Lloyd Williams-Colonel Colemanis Pro- tege. Harriet Yarbrough-Colonel Coleman's Protege's honey. Mary MacQuiston--Her game is a racket. F. H. WHITE CLEANING CO. 2127 CEDAR SPRINGS PHONE 7-1103 DALLAS,qTEXAS Calvin Cleaners 2920 Maple Avenue 7-0127 X' I VICKERY PARK GROCERY AND MARKET 2 813 North Henderson Phone 8 - 8 169 "Are you really a mind-reader? "Yes." t'Then I hope you aren't offended. I didn't mean what I thought about you." "Now, pupils, tell the names and signs of the Zodiacf' The answers were as follows: Cancer, the Crab. Tauras, the Bull. Mickey, the Mouse. Mississippi Steamboat Pilori: I've been on this river so long, I know where every stump is. Just then the boat struck a stump, which shook it from stern to stern. "There," continued the pilot, "that's one of them now." 0 English Diner: What kind of dish is that? Waiier.- It's bean soup. English Dinevf: I don,t care what it's beeng I want to know what it is now. In sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire student body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past thirteen years American Beaut Cover Co. 1900-8 Orange Street THE COVER ON THIS BOOK WAS PRODUCED IN THIS' PLANT Om' 15156 Anni1fe1fsmfy L. J. Sharp Hardware 4105 Oak Lawn Avenue Phone S-2181 "Dallas' Most Complete Hardware Store" JA 4? 1 yfPiqSandu1ichj2 QUALITY FOOD coURTEoUs SERVICE Pig Stands, Inc. ul" " C011 gmfulfz ions 0 You mdzmfes from an Winkles May success, happiness, and health attend your chosen Way and reward your every effort in the future before you. We thank you for the favors shown us in the past and hope we will merit and receive your future patronage and good will for anything in BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES OFFICE SUPPLIES SOCIAL STATIONERY GREETING CARDS ARTISTS MATERIAL PICTURES and FRAMING GIFTS OF ALL KINDS VA CWI KLES The Soutlfs Best Book Store 1515 Elm Street 4!l..JL Y Phone 5-3800 Cedar Springs and Throckmorton AVA L A W N We Are Not Satisfied Until You Are W. L. Smith, Proprietor CLEANERS. DYERS, HATTE RS Dallas Hemsritching, 5 Cents Per Yard Uses The Rebbie Steger Dress Shop 3416 Oak Lawn A POPULAR DRESS SHOP Because We Feature What School Girls Love Individual Clothes at Inexpensive Prices Come See Our New Things at 55.95 and Up Across the Street from the Melrose THE DALLAS PLUMBING CO -SO HANDY! -SO QUICK! -SO GOOD! -SO CHEAP! Al' "As Reliable As Your Family Doctor Watson .. -f Plumbers Bros. Phone 2.-4103 3918 Cedar Springs S-2166 Sign on Arkansas Farm Gate: Peddlers be- ware! We shoot every tenth peddler. The ninth one just left. 0 "And how are you, Mrs. Smith?" 'Tm having a great time of it between me husband and the fire-if I keep me eye on the one, the other is sure to go out.', Mr. Myers: Wlien were you born? Todd Slofipp: On April 2. Mr. Myers: Being a little late must be a habit with you. 0 Moifbert Kitty Ann, what time did you get in last night? Was it very late? Kitfy Ann: Nooooo, about a quarter of eight. fP.S. Are you good in math?j The not-so-dumb pupil looked long and hard at an examination question which read: "State the number of tons of steel shipped out of the United States in any given year." With a sigh of satisfaction he wrote: H1492 -nonef' Thejfre all in our Faeulfy: V Queen of the hive . . . . Bigbee Month of May . . Meriwether Summer slipper . . . Sandel Siesta ...... . Knapp Model T ........ Ford Dr. Jekyll's worse half . . Mr. Hyde Akin to the butcher and the candle- stick maker ...... Baker The way some fellows catch fish is by the tale. o A Jewelry Company presents the "Amer- ican Girlnz "Small, round, and set with diamonds." 0 A Junior's contemplation: "To be or not to be-a Senior next year."-Bill Twiddles- word. o The Daily Blala wishes to correct the mis- take that was printed in their paper of Friday 13, which said, "Mr, John Doe is a defective in the police force." This is a typo- graphical error. Mr. Doe is really a detective in the police farce. for men and boys. T. IQPIERCE R.O.T.C. Official Food Store Groceries and Market RIDING OUTDOOR 5-4155 4447 MCKinney Ave. 5-4156 EQUIPMENT CLOTHING 'X' 7 Phone 5-0168 Call for Appointments 5' Hair Cuts by Mr. Gay-All Work Guaranteed MARY'S BEAUTY SHOPPE MARY ZASTOUPIL, Proprietor Hair Dressing, Manicuring and Facials 3304 KNOX STREET DALLAS, TEXAS MILITARY EQUIPMENT 1603 Elm Street Elmer Jones accidentally shot himself while hunting. One of the Wounds is fatal, but his friends are glad to hear that the other one is not serious. The dinner party was over. All had eaten heartily and expensively. In one corner a lone Scotchman strove to make himself as inconspicuous as possible when the check ar- rived. Suddenly to everyone's complete sur- prise, he spoke up: "Just leave that check to me. I'11 take care of it." 0 Item in next morning's paper: Scotch- man Murders Ventriloquist. 0 Amateur contest judges' song: "Without a Gongf' o Quick luncheon theme song: "Dancing Greek to Greekf' He fyou supply the namej: I'm groping for words. Sbe fyou supply the namej: Well, you don't expect to find them around my neck, did you? o David Green: What's the difference be- tween a pair and a royal flush. jim-myFoster: A good deal. o Housewife: I don't believe you've Washed yourself in a year. Hobo: Just about that-I only washes before I eats. o She was a good secretary--but clock-eyed. 0 Pedestrizm: My boy, you mustnit run into me like that. What's the matter? Little Kid: I'm trying to keep a couple of kids from getting into a fight. Pedestrian: Who are the boys? One of America's 'really great stores . . , Since 1872 ED Ml. KAHN 52 CCL Main and Elm at Lamar . . . i T I-I IS ANNUAL PRINT at 1717 Wood Street, Dallas, Texas I cannot tell the old gags, Which used to stop the show, Because you hear them nightly Upon your radio. o judge: Will you waive your right for ap- peal? Husband: Don't let her wave any more rights: that's how I got this black eye. o 'Tis better to have loved a small man Than never to have loved a tall. judge: So they caught you with the bundle of silverware. Whom did you plunder? Thief: Two frat houses. judge fto sergeantj: Call up the down- town hotels and distribute this stuff. o Advertisement: "Fine apples. Buy now. Re- member the early bird gets the worm." 0 George Meriwether: I suppose you think I am a perfect idiot. Virginia Austin: Ch, nobody's perfect. The boy stood on the burning deck: Relief boats blew their horns, Alas, he could not move because The heat had popped his corns. o Lawyer for Defense: You're a low-down cheat. Lawyer for Prosecution: You're an unmiti-- gated liar. judge: Now that the attorneys have identi- fied each other, we shall proceed with the case. o Sunday Selaool Teacher: Can you tell me something about Good Friday? Little Boy: Yes, he was the man who did the housework for Robinson Crusoe. O Old and haggard, pale and worn Wrinkled, shriveled, tattered, torn Bedraggled and creased like a mummer- Your white linen suit at the end of summer. o Dad: Do you know what has happened to my shaving brush? Mother: Well, I think Junior's wooden horse has a new tail. 4 - Y ED BY I gd in It has been a great pleasure to the Studio to have had the pleasure of associating with the students and faculty of the North Dallas High School ull- Gentry Studio Applicant: Am I bright? Why, Iive won several magazine puzzle contests. Employer: Yes, but I need a boy who is smart during business hours. Applicant: Well, this was during business hours. First Hunter: Hey Bill. Second Hunter: Yeah. First Hunter: All right? Second Hunter: Yeah. First Hunter: Well, then, I guess I shot a bear. 0 Lawyer's proverb: Where there's a will there's a way. o Do they put political jam on relief-rolls? o Projfessorr I contend that any one who can- not make himself understood is an idiot. Do I make myself clear? Student: No. Mr. Allen: I hear you studied your lessons yesterday. Bill Cobb: Yes, sir. Mr. Allen: Well, I'll let it pass this time, but it looks as if you're neglecting your foot- ball. Mistress: Beckey, be careful when you dust these pictures, they are Old Masters. Beckey: My, who would ever think you'd been married all these times? Teacher: If your father could save one dollar a week for four weeks, what would he have? Pupil: A radio, a new suit, and a set of furniture. Mother: What did your father say when you smashed the new car? Son: Shall I leave out the swear words? Mother: Yes, of course. Son: Well, he didn't say a word. f 5 - Porter T. Bennett 5periorIR A D Il QSMVQ: 4112 Oak Lawn Avenue Dallas, Texas "A Discriiuinatiug Service for Particular Customers" Phone 58-2201 Phone 4-7113 2412 Coombs Street Wholesale Iobbers and Distributors Southwest Sales Company,Inc. LINSEED OIL - TURPENTINE STEEL AND TIN CONTAINERS W. M. Roberts J. B. Shortridge LLY'S ' JEWELRY WATCH REPAIRING OPTICAL SERVICE MAJESTIC CLEANERS Personal Service 5 -021 6 "These shirts are so strong that they just laugh at the laundry." "Yes, I knowg I had some which came back with their sides splitf' 'iOne of these daysf' mused the riding master, watching a backward pupil, "that horse will kick him on the head and I'l1 have a lame horse on my hands." ' A young naval officer rescued a superior oflicer from drowning. "How can I reward you?" asked the su- perior officer. "Just don't mention it to the sailors- they would chuck me in if they knew I'd pulled you out." 0 A little Negro boy went to a doctor and complained of ear trouble. Said the Doctor: How did you get all this water in your ear--been in swimming? Said the Darley: Naw, suh-been eating watermelon. o The naked hills lie wanton to the breeze The fields are nude, the groves unfrocked, Bare are the shivering limbs of shameless trees, What wonder is it that the corn is shocked! Some writers go from bad to verse. o "Who is that?" asked the little boy upon seeing a nun. "She is a sister of charityf' his mother replied. "Which one-Faith or Hope?', o "The spine is a long limber boneg your head sits on one end of it and you sit on the other." o Pessiuiist: It is only to me that mis- fortunes happen. A Friend: What's the matter now? Pessimist: Well, don't you see that it is raining? 0 Papa: Why did you permit Henry to kiss you in the parlor last night? Daughter: Because it was too cold in the hall. If there is anything in a man, travel will bring it out-especially ocean travel. 5129 'zacfingi 55 Qgouffiwszfazn fbaffm 51397006129 UO.

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