North Dallas High School - Viking Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1933

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North Dallas High School - Viking Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 134 of the 1933 volume:

I I 14. ff ,J J w 1- I 5 'A MM: u-fag -J 7441 ! JE ' 1? ,E X Q 2 Q X -.-1InPv+lrac,fR KQKXY " ill' Cdl n- 4. lb I' ull In :gill 9' stu R W lllll an Illll lllllllll lllllllllllllllllIIIIllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllll QA llllll lllllll IIN 'VIITIII Illllllllllllllllllll ,. , ,. . VV X -V ' . - L' K V, 11? ff K , A ' 2 X V , V ,, . -1' Q --f, . V 1 . N V: W , . . -N.. . V .KI fa- I3, . A V , . .gn ' ' r X154 V -X .,h. is . H A ..: Vw - f . sgfi' - .YV ,V 1' f j , A' A , Mrfy. . QP 1: ' wg V' VV, ff -- :- - .,V43V V K 1 A. wx f V A . .. , , . R ,V A V, W -gig . ,-.., L , V, V .Y ,QQ x ' NYM f V 5 ' . - 0 - V , - .- 'vs' V. L.. ,xx ,Q . 4 ' . A .Sf AA ' X ' ' '. H. -. as 'sv-Fi -3:- F s 1 f .. 'Q 1. . . . .e, a,.+gc . ..... ., ., . .V , t- .L , z,,wfV 5,-1 ,:,1 V V. -. ,emi 1' . ,, K .-1,1 - fV:..VAe-in-fa' 'wx 5.4...- Q M , ,Qmgl M ,S ig V. 3 k 1 V -V . . IQ '51 z w w 3 .- , .g f -m g A I -. iv- 5 5, M c. 5' 3 . ii., V3 i 'fl V5 I . -. E- 'Vfgk w g Q M ,1- THE VIKING 1933 Y Q f.. QTLQ4 Zpwfafvflff 1 I 1 f xy V 9 5 5 , X .1 J I J xx br! ,f 4' I W Mu, I Cf I Ev gf T i'Ml7A ' Wir'-rf VSW- .fi C-N2 ,g :. aff' 59 -.3 gy., A , 7 I X 3 " i 'B '. "ir K is Er, jg' i z? 5- ,537 Q. I if?-, ' ' J 5- 1 1,3 V B J n 5 , Q' '- 'Q' ' fi 3 1 f. L Vg- 4 , il lx, S - .z' fc -3. V . - 1" A M gg:-3!.f'Z fin, . V - Q M.-1-'? . ,,1-3-5 ,-. Us .,.. - . ' -'Cf' "2 ,rf , , . , . .. uw. gn A 'sr 125-fe z 1- P ,Y 12 , I ytftgghgt If ' J 5 i f ' gfif' if A 'P rf" . -15455 . gf 2 V .. f, 1.21. if ,g 3.1 F. r f ' .",i' ' ' ,', ' .-172 -. high' .TQ figs!" si W 25, 215 of I -1 - fs 1' in fy ! 31 4' - if 1 Hi' . ' . .: .' :S .sf .ff 5- s1" .,? ,Z 'J fi 'ls-f --HB in ., V ,, ,, A, . . , , ,f s , 4 . . 1, -s . ., , ' iff, 'Lj fgf 1 '-2,11 J' is 1, 2 X21 'gag ff if 5" ' ,,,,, 3 ff- Hi" f fi g an .2 -' V1 ' -2 " -S 9 if WEA il iii -r.-1 A .f s of M2343 Gesifs' - ' " ig 552 ,Q g Q sf- f Q . ,JL ' ff" J-,gj-V3 "' 'J afgz--J-1145 A 4 V figs: ' ',', L rw: '- 'I .:r' " ' "-"-M? ,:',"' V " -4'4" Q 5 H vzj. ,, . ,:4. .. 55? U 1 1 Jffg s 'il - ' rf xv sf ,..,:-1, -fr ,. . - . 41 ..sf-fzf-s'ff- - e 2 , -1 sf .- 3g::,,..ri:, .ff--VY-g,q . s' g , rg:-2-fl L-1 -, 1.-sa--' ,,., , 3+-uv S V .2. ff'-2.1 'Z - L fr--" 15 f 2 X i '-'lv ' 55 'sag A-' .-rv 41.5, ' i 2 ' ' 1 ' ' . '-t',.2r,, 1" x-gf, f.f,1...f1x-' f ' 2 f E.--113 ' -gan, , -Ln... . A-P .-', v av- 1 1' '5. .HL , L.:--1' ,.+j',,: f -' 2' 55 fr Q . f nf? 4,2 ' -'-,x , fesfffz- . 1 Q ' , .Qs if MW' ,ffgg ,,,, Tl-IE VIKING published by the Senior Class North Defies High School Dalles, Texas I 4 fx ,jfn1...,. ' . . ' J' 1 P h .. 132 V1 ,f f 4' L it . .L ' 1 .L 1 fi 4 V 1' 1' 4 4 we 1, '- - s :gay V :fl ' , ' , 1 i 1 H,,ffv?,Z.,f'i, 4, A f - 1 Q, ' 55' .4 J-,,,f '.1 . - 9 of , .f ' :ff ,1 - 'f!"j'Q'.,Eg4 4 - 'Q M , . 4, ' .:. 1 ' .-Q.. '19 ,vj,f.'1g '.5 . . b -..... V... ., I , as v " Nw iff- ' - ' Q 1 4' fn :.1,fgTTff5'f "N -55-s 4,4 T- Gif' 2 . f fig if 353, ' V 21 Q1 ' .1 'J-JH . 'v7 ., I' I.. 4 ' xl N .. -Ay 3 'J ig-jx, - if, I- ' jfagwm A, ' mei . -.4 1 ::f4Imfff'N- KSVJ A F --LY E. g s' ,-E14 i1"if'A H-sf ' V .' ' ' aqrrfgfmiz . , - ' 5 ,5:"fff.if5'1.-'Q -- 1.1 -- T '11 I rffiifif' " .YWIQ3 'fm ' 112 , 1. 1 A 1- L ,aI".', v ' -, M51-ygag-:..:", .??"f'P"X59lQ f-:Exif ' sf X.--nfl' . .,-,-,.f 1 -vjwg., v ,., ,Auf I. lg , .IW I. ,Q V ,xg-:gg-ff., f . x ::'c'. ' . -id' 4'13:r1'L-5 T" .-1...,.f,1'w' .V . ' '- . . .,.qia5 :tAff5.J5r1 ,A-J: , . . HQ ' A iffy? COPYRIGHT, 1933 TEMPLE HOHER . . Editor TViYRA SM1'rH Business Manage-r yr Q4 ,..I V f 1 cr" -ry 3 .,,, , I 55 rigs L fnfi f -we , I afti ' Q, if ' Y e .QM . Vx: 4 I ie, gp ' , ,Sf 27 ' ' .L ,f fl f ,iff fi , ' - i .ff ' fy? 352 p A 3 L: 9-1. .Y 'i-fi, 2 1 V 'pf fs .. ,IL ' '?3"" , L NJ? 7 'Q- f Sim 2 L H, ., - .M ' . . 1 . if 3' K ,fif- S sw f'- A wff ,.-fjff. LI' jxizj, aa If -,J ,fy "e ,, , f F ",e7iv-1,1 gs , Kr fx I, 7 LQ' of K .599 " 3 1 51 5 K -is , 4, .Ar gigs' pwf 3 Gffgg igaf,-'f - 2 4 ,l,A . ,, Q ,,-A . . 515 1,-I 'I , -I, -' - a X - , , ,. ,,., , , 1 I rf? . ' ' 3 'zgfgfiiy ,. f- mi 2 ' . sp, Y , zffx I-2534 V 1 ' lfmfw gnu, i I' IQMGWY , H., . Ig ,X . as I f A . 1 I ' ,, S J Y f ' VV 2 J A VN , ' ,nv ,. ijrm. I . ,- we x, i f2.',IgQ -Eg. I MN. ,vi 5.. ' W, f':Q."fL f, 323.-..l4 Aj 4 f fir 9 gyrwrf X' 4135, IZ! v .Pa f r 4 Mfg? 125 ,,.11N, - z 1 LU 4 up 5. , , , , sux, 1 0 ,f......f.f...1...f-..4r.,..,a.i. MJ,-. ' M M.1, FCDREWOIQD Sincerely believing that the purpose of THE VIKING needs no explanation, and assuming that it needs no introduc- tion, the editor wishes here to acknow- ledge gratefully the splendid work and co-operation of the VIKING sponsors and staff in helping to make this annual ll true representation of the Senior year ofthe class of 1933. DEDICATICDN In our respect and admiration for our leader, our sponsor, and our teacher, we, the Senior Class of 193 3, gratefully dedicate this eleventh volume of THE VIKING to Mr. E. D. Walker. gizfigli 2252 5 fi 2 1 if r 2 Y as f 2--1 if 5 if HL 3 5 5 ! ri Q is 1 ' ,ig 3 V il 3 s . f 2 i 1 ' 'i 2- D- t . i 3' 1 A 1, "4 yn 4-f-. me at :i -4 fm-we i 5 iz Lf ' gg ,r gs f X N gif 352 - 6 Z.. Q2 4 is - , 'f-25 ,5 'sw Mil . fs ' 5 is Q ,, it ff: 2 Q i t W gf: We gf F2 Q- T v A r it' Jxyg gg! . 1 , Q, ' A 1.5 . , iA s Q . - ' , 4 8-vs. L Esgiiilg -as i , ti . 5 iisxg ,, i' . 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A ORGANIZATIONS . uw 1 .,' l'5',x',, MUSIC, DRAMATICS Sig AND PUBLICATIONS yy fair 5,154 fa if 53: ATHLI411'ICS -ing hz X .,. a, , ITL, V I fig? 5? SNAPSHOTS df: ' f Rik, . . ,J ,. VL , v,, 1 15 55 65 83 91 107 J if I In I C K . K """"'.... .Q E 5 . 1. . f : iv . Y fgififfsift I 522 gg' ISQSYI I vg,gj5?1T',q 5 14' 455:2- 'ff' -??z?t"l I 35 1 5 .mf , 3 I 1 , .. 2 , I 5. g 4 - I I I s , . -.T ' ' Y I Tom . - 117 I ,I 5, K 5 I I, , I9 ,ix . if , 3 gem , I . ,Yaf ,X . I 1. I 3 Fifi Y, WI""e?'li'P"6hYQ0MW,' swerve-ra-vmgvwcilkflv' ,, ,- i z ef: 31' f T' I I ' AVI Yiwu I . I 4. 'V I- N.. N Y 1 v-i,fi -," ,,5,13Jf. "Z-pn,,,4vf I : px - my Ia, . , W .2 q I .gif Sri, sg.. 4 Sag ,V I I :kg . If -I vga,-3 m 1 2-Q ki sw ' . I I ffmf . F3594 Z:ff'n'i'Lx. ' . f 'ug gf. , 3 5,121 I. I I f' 4131-I.-vfiig..-.r.-4,..w-than--Q ,mmnuw.m.4swv-.wil i 5 . . ' Ji 1 SQL 3. QI 1 ' i 5 1' .N f . 5 .,.i, .- 1 , z , A 3 5 ,i,,silg: 55+ E . 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NVOGEL Ol' figfll or rfurlz, or .xlmrl 01' lull, Sfn' .wh 11 ,xjrrirlg fo Allzlll' fl7l'HI aff. -IACK WA1.x1iR lurk ix lfu' uflvluh' of nm' rrnufl, tUlUfl?l'V' Sfllffll' of u IYUHI 114' am' jlrrunf xl. B. WASKOBfI Of lm AIIVVFXA lfJr'r1'ix xnmll flnubl, A1111 ilu' girfx uiff gm' him if fn'1lm'.H1'f null CLCIL WAl.1,lS ljlllv, 17111 xlmrfefirlg, fllfl of Iifu Sfn' u'iH niufw .xnu11'0m' 11 lrwlfy Illfl' Il :fx Mu mann XVAINSQOTT Tafkiug fu an imfrmr xjmrl, Smwlx In fu' lfvix fc1ffy'x f01'I'r'. f Au-1'1'HA LH XVLISB I Sin' flux IIl'1IIlf'Y, um! lzrnim. uml K2l'KIt'l"LHI1l KTIMIVHI umf jlrmnmlfiftx l'nHul1l1I0 our. SUSIP. LEE W,l.Ll.S Du 71011 kll01l' ffm! 41 girl ix IWV1' Wfufx .Kzuwl umf fwwlfy nuff wry LIHIVP VIRGINIA XWIIIITE. llvrr ix nm' :will Ihr nlfl-fu.xX1io1ml lnrw: wfml.-xr, .v1u'4'l, tlllll !JI'l'ffilY 4f1'l111l1'1'. f 3 nm 'fy Ullf. k 1111, 'J 5 -,..f-Y K Q Q 1 ff- W ., . 1 3 wk 1-3' gk Y xi " I' 9 ef 'V Qensgw ""0qzi,--Jlifk ? I I 0 :Wh -1 X. fi 52 1 Zi, N x J .J K. I 33 ,pf ...1 V ,,1 fi sg: ., x.. an wr' v.,.' 'N'-. "I'1 NIzI.l. VVHITLOXY' Quivl, loo. lviil hm' unihiliou Will lvail hm' lu a high position. Gxouau VVILKINS A humlxovii' llIt'I7Il7t'I' of fzll' R. O. T. C. A11 I1-g'ifl'7' for ull lu snr. MARY Lolumlm-. XVILLI5 A Ilzlfllft' guy, .vhi"v qiiili' izlurvzivig, Anil zchrn .Qhu .xinzlizx ..h.".v 1141115 rhizi ming. ELSON VUILLIAIMS A Img' uhfi m'z vi' srurzzx io fghl, uWf7t'7It"l'A' .1 iizim' is for Ihr' rzghl. C110 Wll.l.IAhISON Pup, piim-lm, izml Ill'VX!lll1Ilif-X, Thi' :wry .xjmrk of gwiiilfifj. G1-,omni WORKS I viiiy ln' ii lung fullizic, lui! l'IIl fmt u jmvi! IX4ARkI 01111-. XVRIGHT .X giri uifh iiri i1H1'ili'Ii1 i' Aniifv, Who kflflllk if 1.x iiluuyx uorlh Ihr ii hzlr. 1xx1.Vl-.RA YOUNGQUIST lu .Nm-th Dizllm ilu-'ll iziuajx hizzi' iz plum' lin' uho wiihl furgqrl limi iihariiiirig fam? ANNABlil.l,l', Kms Hi riifhvr qiiivf, iiml szwvi, um! Ii'rrif1ly ring x wimiigh io zwmilz Ji'.wli'1ii'li0i1 on any hiinmi RICHARD SHEHANL Hr is :Wy i1i'i'r1mmoilaling, In our ryrx u high ruling. CCOTIIUIILUZ on Page 39D 1 lm 34 'ff Z V Class jon FITZSIMJWONS EUGENE LOCKE . BETTY MCGAFFEY ALLEN JOHNSTON C. M. NEwsoM . of January, 1933 OFFICERS . . Pl'l'SfIlClIf . Vin'-I'1'1'sidw1f . Sl'l'l'L'fdI'j' . . Trf'as1n'cr Swgvalzf-at-Arlfzs E351 -M0 if Nw p 1: A 'X 1. . xx yi 1,-X X ' X Y -J N,- .4 ar' 1,90-1 1 N ELLA NoR Alilx LL, l'111 1111- T11111'.x 11111111 1'111111g11, 711111 x1'1'. JACK BRADY A 1'111111'1111111, K1 1'111111'11111' 111111 11 111'111'fy f A 1111111 111 11111 111'111'11 1113 .x111'1' 10 1l'11I. BLANCHARD BUYER H11'x 11111511111 111111 11111, Six 1111? T111111x 11111 11111111 1111. TI-IONIAS BROXYNING A zrry 35111111 f1'11'111l 11 Tom, A1111 tl 1111111 j111'11x11111 111111111111111111. ANDERSON Qi.-XRTI-.R N411 11f1'11111 of 111111112 B111 1101 111 1111111111113 lL11lJ ,l'l'. HARR Y CRU M P ll111'11 111111151 11111521 11 XQ111111 g11111r, 111111 XYAIX LIIVKYUKIJ 11011 Xll1'1'l'.NX 11111, '111111 LAR R1,Nc311 IDAYIS A j1'11'1111 ll 111'11 j1111'1'1' 111 111'1'11 I1 11 ,Q0011 f1'11'1111 111111111, MARLI 0R11-L Dow NS 11111 f11111111'A1 11111, 1111111211 111 1'1', IIA 1111 I 111111 U17 ZPUZL .KH l'l'1 111111 XTOIL' l'11'l1'V1 EVA li1.1.1s T11 11 l'l'l'ffl11I 111111 111111 x111' 1111.1 1111'1 A 1111111 111111 11 Llllibiflx 1'11q111'1f1'. EVELYN FARN1ER Of 1111 11111' f1'11'1111x 111 Vy1'111'.x 111 1'u1111', Sl1l'l'1AY li1'1'13'11 111111 111' 11 11111'r1x111'11 0111 36 SAM FRliIiDXX1AN A fi1'11l1'1111111' flig 111111 f11111f W'l111 11 11f11113'1 llifh 11 1'1'1111 J. ATHQI. FREXY' 1Uf10f,s grill 111111 gnml f111111111' if l'L'7'ftljIIliY 11 f1f1'X.v111g, If11'1'1' 111'1' so 1111111-1 long j111'1'x 111 N11' f11'1'11'11t 1l1-j11'1'w11111. BOBB Y CQOTTSCH A L I. 111' 11111-3 11111 fn' 111 big 11v l7I.X 111111113 H111 f111'.x 1111 if11'1'1' 11111 H111 x111111'. GOIKIJLJN HLBERT II1' 1'1'11ffy ix 11 g1'1'11f f1i11'g N 1'1'1' 1111'1' 111 f1-11' f11' ll 111'11'1' sknf. . O. H, Hoon, JR. A boy 11ilf1 11 g1'111'1' 11111lf11'11111l11'11f funk WY111 1'r111l1l f1111f IX11' 1'i1'1'11111f1'1'1'111'1' uf 11111' nook. CLYDI-. HYDEN CH11111' f1111'k ill fmlf 1111 f111111' 111' 111, A1111 f11'111' 111111lf11'1' 11111' I k111111'. SIM T. LAKE, JR. A 11 11jj'11'1'1' 11'f111 f1'1'f1 ffn' zligllily Of U111'f1' S11111'x K. O. T. Cf. IRENL M,xR'1'1NEz l31'ill11111l, 1i1'111'io11x, f'l'iA'!I1HAY 11111, .v11'1'1'l: A 1'11111f111111li1111 SIll'l'I,j' H1111 1111111111 fn' l11'11f. ITIUQIQMAN MlTTEN'1'H1x1. E111'l1 1l1'j1 fn' 11111k1'.v 1.1 1111111111 f111111'g WU' Allllll Ifvix lzj fur g11111l 1'l11'x.x g111111'. BILL Moom' l31ll'x xv lik1'11f2l1' 111111 full 111' f1111 To 111' 11'ilf1 111111 1111 I111111' 1.1 jllif tl 111i1111l1' l11'g1111. . ,.. up -J' 1 -.Qui ,now a I? ,wwf ...X -'wi --1 i2,'ff.f 137 ws.: 40 wf f. - 5 lf MAX MORRISON S0llIl'llllll'S ln' xluyml in lJl'ft'Jlfl0lI Hull, Iiuf rn'1z'Vfln'lr.u ln' A likufl by all. EDXVARD MUELLER A jolly goml fvlluzz is Ellg Nmul urn' morn' ln' will? TURN 1-:R NIQSBITT Ifulkx llfl' lvim you llurfl oflvu jlml, Aml umm' 3 on lermu him, lw'x fmwzlmt in miml. Loulsla PIRTLE Slnakmpvaru' OIIUA' ujrlly will A quid loin' In Il UINLHI iv imlrml ll rll-lm' I'IOW'ARD RIIYNER A xlwri XUIHIX fvllou uml jolly, Wlm ix Lain uw fuml uf fnll-x. Mfxkjoullz ROBINSON Suvlw winning uujxx uml mvllou lUll'A', Xvffllllll nmlen' you ullyl1mly,m 1'lmi1'm'. JOHN RQUNTREE Hr ralflm nu at .xnrlz u jmw, ll IPILIIQV3 Iifv lux! 11 HIl'Tl'j' rare. 1 ., , ., V V I rw J f, I ff' ki,S4fH-ULHQA ff l ' rx llkzwlblt VlMlp ix PUlU, Oflwl lIl4'AlXAlllf In nzwl. MA1uoN SPAKE W"ill1 all lm' pwxruzulily, uml all lwr x!3'li.wl1 uw Il'll ln' luzml in rrplm'v lm' ulwrn from IIN Jw x H. H. SPIQNQER llrrr' is u frllou' mlm xfwmlx lzix alarm, In lmppy-'uw-l1n'lcVx' Norflw llullm IUIYA. yx, J. lrujw 5 :as J LoUIsIa STERNER ' x nf " Tull and xlruifrr, ll girl ffmfx gruml, To lm' flu- fmrmm yozfll lm: r lo lmml. JOH N TIPTON Hx If you rlorfl know lbix boy, ifs juxl loo lmzl, I-'ur fvrix our of flu' llrxl North Dullux lmx had EUGENE TOBEY III' luis an alzlr aml ll xfmztlfmvi mimi, Ami I'I'I'11 lo ilu' froxlm lnfx kind. FRED WILKINS vu WU' likr' lrim nmrr amz' morn' rarlw Jury, WH' 110117 kuon' u by-il's ini! bix zz ay. R. G. PHILLIPS N, we I'o1mluI', xuznrl, uilly, nwzfg Max! of flu' girlx llviuk his prrlluy xzawl. GORDON RUMPELT fl qnirl vlmjv, IlI'.Iw'z4'l1ly I4'l'lIAlikI'lI. Arr-hibald, Raymond Bell, Herman L. Berkley, Arthur Bonner, Dick Bramblett, George Burgess, Stewart Chamness, Leland Dixon. Robert French, John Garner, Leslie Goodson, Kenneth Hroipzette, Winston Brown, Ed Brown, Joe Crabb, Wharton Dean, Norman Ellington, Joe Fisher, N. T. Fitzsimmons, Joe Gibbs, Robert Graham, Fred Hall, Jack NOT IN PICTURES Goodwin, VVinston Hauskins, Kenneth Jones, L. M. Laliarba, Sherman Morris, Ben Mellowell, William Osborne, John Paine, Roswell Parker, Maurice Pitts, Arthur Pitts, Arthur Porter, Julian Hereford, Jimmie Herndon, Knox Jafzers. Claude Joh nson, Calvin Johnson, Robert Johnston, Allen Mansfield, S. J. Moore, Ted Nichols, Gordon Parker, Maurice Phillips, Wilson Pullman, Billie Russell, Billy Wood, J, R. liartoli, Angelina Bonner, Helen Bridewell, Pauline Cameron, Betty Carter, Dorothy Curtis, Inez Dodson, Catherine Ilunnavan, Maritaret Farr, Geraldine Ferrell, Dorothy Fortune, IdaMae Galle, Jerrine Griffin, Evelyn Harper, Helen Harris, Mary Jones, Julia King, Lorene Mitchell, Viruinm Moodie, Iline Moore, Mary McGaffey, Betty June Class, 1933 Nor IN PICTURES Puff, James Regis, Paul Ric-e, Galen Robinson, Stewart Sherman, Winthrop Smith, Merrill Storey, Lewis Tassie, Glen Turner, Charles Turner, George Ulrick, Mead Washam. Edwin White, Willard Wilson, R, A. Anderson, Lucille Barton, Thelma Carter, Margaret Corwin, Lorita Hamilton, Marie Hellman, Doris Nash, lmoprvne Patterson, Patsy Pinto, Lucille Pope, Frances Rea, Jennie Louise Robbins, Jarltiv Shelby, llorothy Smith. Sue Sfrifliler, Evelyn Tinsley, Mary Warren, Rudi-ll Jackson. MIIIII1-tra Kirkland, Gem- LeBlanC, Czxtlierinv Passman, Sara Randall, Anna Rayburn, Mildrt-Il Snider, Dorothy Taliaferro, Anne Thompson. Virginia Year-gan, Iilizalveth 5393 r '71 1 Id f' Y' 'ji ay' 45215 fm 4 iq, -ai s 1- v tw x it I i ' li D 7-'ri'- , . x'::.,,,, ,.,fq"l" 'fljq 4 gf? Wmwwhw 'md .,,. 'ix Uivfvf . lyy 'w,.W " f I ' ',ki'.", Y 4 In , ' , N" K - '.- nz: sw f , ful, . ' fr 44: , ns, V . AL. 5 Jil f x N212 : yy? ' ,, 3 f'.Q, 1'-at-is , ' ff' wwf f 'F " 2,3 lggsq' -A " -.t 3, -f- ' , 3 - l ia -H if .uf " 3 H .iw 12. ff. f, ag .x ., ,Q ,gli ix it 'A M' g ., ff , K V A' V. 'X ,V Q X. f 5 ' . . 'if' 4 Jig- AM. - ' A gpg Sf 5, t u g,,A.'.l m .Eff . 7 , f J: ' -5: vw .L 5:1 in 'J , ,1f,ff A ji' 5 YW ., ' .' A -'Q 1' - 'iv ,w N x.: . , Q Q B .E ,, ,. .yt K .' - Af 4 .a ADDENDA The following students are graduates of thc cl.1ss of january, 1933: Charlotte Brewer Htnr B ll , ' y 0 , jmck Ciambill, W'illic Mavis Holcomb and Buy Robinson. H.1rold Hall and Ruth Minor are transfers to other high schools. The following students are not now .it- tcnding school: Alma Farmer, Billie Alcannc jones, Dell Kelty, Cecil Nvalllis and Alvcru Youngquist. The fol- lowing students lack credits to bl l cna e t icm to graduate with the class of 1933: Marguerite Dosicr, Billy Gen- scke, Charles Hill, Marjorie Robinson, Richard She- I, , V,. . . une, Lleo W illmmson and lzldon Wlilliams. Senior l-lonors and Activities CLASS OF JANUARY, 1933 HENRY ABBOTT Captain in R.O.T.C., Senior Hi-Y, '31, '32, Junior Hi-Y, '29, '30, Perigon Club, '31: Kodak Club, '31, National Honor Society, Norflirr Staff: Linz Pins, '29, '30, '31, Camp Dallas, '31, 32. ADoLPI-I BENERE Captain in R.O.T.C., Junior and Senior Hi-Y: Adelphi-Forensic Club, Contestant in Palace Stage and NX'ozencraft Drills, first in 100-yard and second in 50-yard dash, in Sophomore vs. Junior track. GRANVILLE BERRY Football, '30, '31, Captain '32, Treasurer of Senior Class, President of Home Room, Viking Sports Editor, '32, '33, Track, '29-'32. CLIIfIfoRIJ BIGELOW' Captain in Band, Orchestra, Glee Dallas, Kodak Club. Club: Camp HENRY BoLL Football, Baseball, Senior Play. MARTHA ANN BRENT Cantata, Delphian, Girl Reserves, Home Room Program Committee. DUDLEY BRUTSCHE Crack Company, '30, Rifle Team, '31, '32: Min- strel, '32, Spanish Play, '32, Pan-American, '31, '32, Spanish Club, '30, '32, Library Assistant, '31, '32, Sergeant, R.O.T.C., Treasurer Senior Hi-Y, '32, Vice-President, Spanish Club, '31, '32, Presi- dent of Class IHA-IVA, Business Manager Norflaer, '32, Yell Leader, '32, National Honor Society, Linz Pin, '32. ALEX BURR Junior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Captain, R.O.T.C., Norflwr' Staff, Senior Play, '32, Dramatics Class, Camp Dallas, '29-'32. DOROTHY JANE BURTON Delphian, '30-'32, Girl Reserves, '32, Girls' Chorus, '30-'32. BETTY CovINoToN Girls' Chorus, a Capella Choir, Spanish Club, President Girl Reserves, '32, Pianist for Assembly, Pianist for Glee Club, Cantata, '32, Operetta, '32, FRANK COXX'ART Senior play, "Cloudburst". CECIL DARR Spanish Club, '28, '29, Pan-American, '29. NORMAN DEAN First Sergeant, R.O.T.C. EDNA DOSFIER President Home Room, '32. JACK DRAKE Minstrel, '27, First Sergeant, R.O.T.C.: Member District All-Star One Act Play Cast, "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry", Crack Company, '30. HELEN DRAKE National Honor Society. WALTON ECTOR Captain, R.O.T.C., Band, All-City Band, '30- '32, Junior Hi-Y, '29, '30, Camp Dallas, '30-'32. BETTY EDMONSTON National Honor Society, Delphian. DALE ELLIOTT Chemistry Club, Kodak Club, Rifle Team, '30- '33, Second Lieutenant, R.O.T.C., Crack Com- pany, '30-'32. ANGELA FRANKLIN Girl Reserves, Delphian, Senior Play. HARRIET GOLDBERG Art Editor Nrzrllwr, '32, '33, Conzpizxr Artist, '32. XVERBA LEE HICKEY Pageant, '30. WILLIE MAVIS HoLcoMB Spanish Club, '31, Operettas, '31, '52, Cantatas, wo 'aa EVELYN JONES Latin Club, '31, '32, Delphian, '30-'32, Girl Re- serves, '32, Operetta, '32, Cantata, '31, '32, Presi- dent Homc Room. BILL KELEH ER Transferred from Boone High School, lowa, Comjmxi Staff, '32, '33. JACK LALLIER Crack Company, '30, Senior Play, Spanish Club, Sergeant, R. O. T. C., Sergeant-at-Arms, Senior Class, Library Assistant, Norfllur Staff, Hi-Y Of- ficers' Training Camp. LINDEN LAUVE Crack Company, '30, Class Treasurer, '31. JoE LEAK Comlmss Staff, Kodak Club, Chemistry Club, Glee Club. E411 -.l..i.. . DURENE LEE Chemistry Club: National Honor Society: Girl Reserves: Delphian: Compass Editor: Vice-Presi- dent Home Room, '32: Quill and Scroll, President, '32, 'f53. HECTOR MACRAY Quill and Scroll: Senior Hi-Y: Norlbrr Staifg Reporter for Compass: National Honor Society: Kodak Club: Perigon Club: Sergeant, R.O.T.C.: Minstrel, '32. MARIHELEN MCDUFE Opcretta: Cantata: Compass Agent: Viking Agent: Delphian: President Home Room, '3l. TOM MARTIN Basketball: Compass Reporter, PATRICIA MATTHEWS Gym Demonstration. EULINE MITCHELL Girl Reserves. LOUISE NESBITT Latin Club: Chemistry Club: Delpliian: Olym- piads: Senior Play: Linz Pin: Norfbrr Staff. MARTHA FRANCES NUNGAZER Chemistry Club: Girl Reserves. JOHN W. OSBORNE Vice-President Kodak Club: Norilwr Staff: junior Hi-Y, '3O: Football, '50-'32: Track: Stu- dents' Council, '29. MARIAN PARR Norflirr Statf: National Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: Delphian, Secretary, '30-'32: Latin Club, Vice-President, '30-'52: Chemistry Club, '31- '33: Linz Pins, '30-'32, VINCENT POLLINZI Track: Football: Latin Tournament. FRANCES POWE Compass Staff. NATHAN PROCTOR Basketball. BILLIE RUSSELL Vice-President, Senior Class: Lead Play: Chemistry Club. in Senior DOWARD SANDERFORD Senior Play: Chemistry Club. KENNETH SCHROCK Band. ALLEN D. SCHRODT Dads' Club: Staff Sergeant, R.O.T.C,: Orchestra. JAMES SIMPSON All-City Orchestra: Spanish Club: Pan-Amer- ican: Kodak Club: Senior Play. IRA STITT Philosophians: Kodak Club: Sergeant, R.O.T.C. RAYMOND STOCKMEIR 'Transferred from Hamilton, january, '3 I: Chem- istry Club: Boy Scout. RAY STOUP Pan-American: Crack Company. MARGARET THOMSON Olympiads: Delphian, '29, '30: "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry": Gym Demonstration, '29, '30: "Poetry and Plaster." DAVID THOMPSON President, Senior Hi-Y: Senior Play: R.O.T.C. Oflicer: Kodak Club: Viking Staff. WILLIAM TIMM R.O.T.C. Ofbcer: Band. CHARLES VAN WINKLE President. Stamp Club. ANN VITEK Chemistry Club. DORIS WALKER Treasurer, Spanish Club: Pan-American,'3l-'33: National Honor Society: Secretary, Home Room: Spanish Club Play, '32: Linz Pins. I-IOMER WARLICK Reporter, IVA Class: R.O.T.C. OfHeer: Club: Chemistry Club: Spanish Club. Stamp ELIZABETH WEBB Compass Staff. ANNA MARGARET WILLOUGHBY Editor, Norllovrg National Honor Society, Presi- dent, '32, '53: Pan-American: Delphian, President, '32, '33: Latin Club, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, '31-'35: Latin Tournament, '3l: Chem- istry Club: Girl Reserves: Quill and Scroll, '32, '55: Senior Play, '33: Linz Pins, '30-'35: Bible, Linz Award. RUSSELL WOINOWSK Lieutenant Colonel, R.O.T.C.: Camp Dallas, three years: Rifle Team, three years: Crack Com- pany, three years: Majestic Drill Contest. LILLIAN YOUNG National Honor Society, Secretary: IVA Class Secretary! Quill and Scroll, Secretary: Delphian, Vice-President: Student Council, '29: Latin Tour- nament, '30, '32: Kodak Club: Girl Reserves: Norllwr Staff, '31, '33: Linz Pins, '30-'52, 42 CLASS OF JUNE, 1933 CHARLOTTE ABBEY Played with Orchestra for Commencement, III, IV, Christmas Cantata, I. JIMMIE BARBER First Sergeant, R.O.T.C., Vice-President, IVB Class, Football, III, IV, Lettered, IV, Baseball, III, Lettered, III, Basketball, III, IV, Track, I, IV, Vice-President, Senior Hi-Y, junior Hi-Y, Conif pass Staff, III, Sports Editor, Viking, IV, Eagle Scout, Glee Club, IV. MIRIAM BEAIRD National Honor Society, Linz Pin, II, Pan-Amen ican, II-IV, Secretary, IV, Spanish Club, II-IV, Re- porter, III, Vice-President, IV, Northvr Staff, jokes Editor, Viking, IV, "Mi Novio Espanol", Library Assistant, II-IV, South-West Foreign Trade Conference, III, Editor Norlbrr, IV, Pan-American Medical Congress, IV, Chemistry Club, Pan-Amer- ican League Convention, IV. Ross BEDELL First Sergeant, R.O.T.C., Football, IV, Camp Dallas, I, II. VIRGINIA BRADLEY National Honor Society, French Play, "IfEte de la Saint-Martin", IV. E. W. BRAKE Vice-President, National Honor Society, Foot- ball, III, IV, Lettered IV, Track, III, IV, Viking Staff, IV, Linz Pins, I-III. EDWIN BURTON Comlwss Reporter, Room Agent. RUTH CAMPBELL Delphian, I-IV, Girl Reserves, IV. JIM CASPER Chemistry Club. GARLAND CLAWSON Delphian, I, II, Olympiads, II, Treasurer, III, Girl Scouts, First Class, I, Eagle, II, Lieutenant, III, Gym Demonstration, I. BETTY COCHRAN Delphian, II, Olympiads, III, Gym Demonstra- tion, II, III. MARGARET COOK Delphians, Chemistry Club, Compass Staff. W. L. CROWDUS, JR. Staff Sergeant, R.O.T.C., Norlbrfr Staff, Viking Staff, Chemistry Club. ELIZABETH CULLUM Olympiads, three years, Secretary, one year. NELLIE CUMMINGS Gym Demonstration, I-III, Adelphi-Forensic Club Secretary, IV. SANDAL DAILEY National Honor Society, III-IV, Delphians, Re- porter, II-IV, Quill and Scroll, Kodak Club, Latin Club, I-IV, Girl Reserves, Vice-President, Linz Pins, Latin Tournament, I, Library Assistant, II- IV, French Play. AL DEALEY Latin Tournament, II, Advertising Manager, Viking, IV, Commander, Company D, R.O.T.C., jr. Asst. Scoutmaster and Life Scout, National Honor Society, IV, Linz Pin, IV. GEORGE DEES Honor Band. HARRY ENGLISH Lettered Football, IV, Pan-American, IV, Senior Hi-Y, Track, III-IV. VALORA ERISMAN Delphians, II, Gym Demonstration, I, II. MARGARET EVANS Girl Scouts, Secretary, III, Vice-President, IV, National Honor Society, Linz Pins, I-III, "L'Ete de la Saint-Martin". ROBERT PINNEY Latin Club, Kodak Club. N. J. FISHER Second Lieutenant, R.O.T.C., Chemistry Club. JULIA GERMANY Norflirr Staff, Features Editor, Comjraxxg Manag- ing Editor, Comfmxx, Viking Slaff, National Honor Society, Vice-President, Quill and Scroll, Dela phians, Linz Pins, I-III. VAN GLOVER GIBSON Delphians, I, II, Girl Reserves, II, Chemistry Club, IV, Latin Club, I. 43 GEORGE GORMAN Second Lieutenant, R.O.T.C.: Rifle Team. BOBBY GOTTSCHALL Captain, R.O.T.C., Spanish Club, Track, I, II, IV, Senior Hi-Y, Crack Company, II, III. EXA GREENE . Pan-American, II-IV, Compass, III, IV, Norffaer, III, IV, Delphians, III, Treasurer, IV, Tennis, III, Spanish Club: Gym Demonstration. ROGER GREENXVELL Orchestra, AIlfCity Orchestra. ELIZABETH HALE Gym Demonstration NANEDA HAMMOND Gym Demonstration, I, II, Delphians, II. MINNIE HEMPHILL Latin Club, Latin Tournament, Delphians, Girl Scouts, Girl Reserves, Viking Staff, Gym Demon- stration, II, Rhythm Band, IV. TEMPLE HOFFER Lieutenant Colonel, R.O.T.C., Editor-in-Chief, Viking, Camp Dallas, II, III, Most Efficient Com- pany Commander, IV, Corporal Efficiency Medal, Pan-American League Convention, Pan-American Medical Congress, Quill and Scroll, Member, Board of Directors, Pan-American, Senior Hi-Y, Crack Company, II, III, Norilzrr Staff. ROBERT JOHNSON Track, I, Chemistry Club, III. LISBETH LANIJRUM Delphians, Chemistry Club, Nortfver Staff. PETE LUCAS Major, R.O.T.C., Boy Scout, Crack Company, II-IV, Officers' Club QGun and Sabrej, Sea Scout. HOUSTON LYNCH Radio Club, I, Track, II, Chemistry Club, IV, Band, I-IV, All-City Band, I-IV, Dads' Club, Camp Dallas, II, Junior Hi-Y, II, Orchestra, IV, Star Scout, Second Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. AGNES MALONEY Spanish Club, II, III, Gym Demonstration, II, Girl Reserves. ELIZABETH MANNER Chemistry Club: Girl Reserves, Norllzer Stag. MARGARET MASON Latin Club. RUTH MINOR Latin Club, Delphians, Girl Reserves, Chemistry Club, Operettas, "Oh, Doctor!", "Flying High", Cantata. ROBERT MORRISS Lieutenant in R.O.T.C., Band, Honor Band. C. M. NEWSOM Baseball, III, Football, II, III, Sergeant, R.O. T.C. LOIS NOVEY Norlfwr Staff, III, IV, Compaxx Staff, IV, Chem- istry Club, Delphians. RUTH ORR Good Scholarship Club, I, II, Girl Reserves, III, IV. KATHLEEN OISI-IEA National Honor Society, Linz Pins, Latin Pins. WILSON PHILLIPS Chemistry Club, Basketball, Chemistry Labora- tory Assistant. JOSEPHINE PIGRETT Gym Demonstration, I, III, President Home Room, III. JENNIE LOUISE REA Representative, Student Council, I-III, Latin Club, I, II, Delphians, II, Operetta, III, Freshman Class Representative, I, Colrlpasx Agent, III. JOHN C. READ junior Hi-Y, I, II, Vice-President, Senior Hi-Y, Crack Company, I-IV, Camp Dallas, I-IV, Cap- tain, R.O.T.C. MARAI ORIE REIJDIGR Girl Reserves. PAUL REVIS Iintered from Springfield, Missouri, High School: Band. III, Honor Band, IV. GALEN RICE Baseball, Football, Track, Basketball, Chemistry Club, Captain, R.O.T.C. 44 MATTIE KATE ROGERS Girl Reserves, IV, Conzpaxx Reporter, IV, Cum- paxs Agent, IV. JOE RUCKER Captain, R.O.T.C., Band, I-III, Honor Band, III- IV, Crack Company, I, Eagle Scout, Glee Club, Norlhrr' Staff, III. BILL SAILERS Kodak Club, III, IV, Chemistry Club, III, Eagle Scout, Senior Hi-Y, III, IV, Football, III-IV, Track, III, IV, Oflcer R.O.T.C. ELSA SANGER Latin Club, Notifier Staff, Delphians, Chemistry Club, Kodak Club, National Honor Society. MARVIN SIMPSON Junior Hi-Y, I, President, II, Senior Hi-Y, III, IV, Pan-American, III, Camp Dallas, I-IV, Crack Company, II-IV, XY'inner lithciency Medal, IIS Marksman Sharpshooter Fxpert, I-III, Vfinning Rifle Team, Camp Dallas, III, Winner of one of three best drillers in Manual of Arms, IV, Treas- urer, Adelphi Forensic, Major, R.O.T.C. MARY FAE SIMRELL Program Commitee, Girl Reserves. HOUSTON SMITH Officer, R.O.T.C., Spanish Club, "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry", "Room 83", Glee Club, Music Class. JACK SMITH Study Hall President, I, II, Spanish Club, III, Manager, Football, I, II, Manager Basketball, I, II, Second Team, Basketball, III, Personals Iiditor, Conrjmxs, IV, Assistant Sports Iiditor, Comliusx, IV. J. P. SMITH Track, I-IV, Football, I, Iiagle Scout, Senior Hi- Y, Secretary, Kodak Club, Chemistry Club, Vice- President, Home Room. NIARGARET SMITH Chemistry Club. MYRA SMITH Play Day at S.M.U., I, II, Gym Demonstration, I, II, Yell Leader, III, Head Yell Leader, IV, Nm'llIr'r Staff, III, Assistant Business Manager, Norlfwr, III, IV, Business Manager, Viking, IV, Delphians, Vice-President, III, Olympiads, Presi- dent, III, IV. JIM SOUTER Spanish Club, Pan-American, Football, I-IV, Crack Company, II, III, Treasurer, Officers' Club, Kodak Club, Second Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. JOHN STEPHENS Chemistry Club, I-IV. ELIZABETH TEAGARDIEN Three Linz Pins, National Honor Society. CHARLES THOMPSON Major, R.O.T.C., Lettered Football, IV, Sharp- shooter, II, III, Camp Dallas, II, III, Dads' Club, I-IV, Sergeant-at-Arms, Junior Hi-Y, II, Sergeant- at-Arms, Senior Hi-Y, III, IV, Crack Company, I-IV, President Gun and Sabre Club, Track, III- IV, Eagle Scout, President Home Room. III, IV, Military Editor, Compass, MEAD ULRICK Chemistry Club, Football. ETHEL VALLIN Entered from Lake View High School, Chicago. CATHERINE VOGEL Girl Scouts, I-IV, Girl Reserves, III, IV, Chem- istry Club, III, IV, Kodak Club, III, IV, Viking Agent, III, IV, Assistant Business Manager Viking, III, IV, Christmas Cantata, III, Public Speaking Club, III, IV, Latin Club, III, IIV, Delphians, I, II, S.M.U, Play Day, III, Viking Room Agent, III, IV. RUDELI. WARREN Gym Demonstration, I, II, Volley Ball Team, II, Baseball Team, II. EDWIN WASHAM Track, III. ALETI-IA WEBB Delphians. IV, Girl Reserves, IV, Class Secre- tary, IV. SUSIE LEE WELLS Gym Demonstration, II, Girl Reserves, II. ELDON WILLIAMS Baseball, I-IV, Basketball, I-IV, President Home Room, III, Treasurer, IV, Golf, II, III. 45 MARY LORAINE WILLIS Perigon Club, Chemistry Club: Girl Reserves. VIRGINIA WHITE Delphians, II-IV, Girl Reserves, IV. GROVER WILKINS Second Lieutenant, R.O.T.C., Chemistry Club. R. A. WILSON Chemistry Club, III, IV, Minstrel, III, Sergeant, R.O.T.C. GEORGE WORKS Manager Basketball and Track, Assistant Busi- ness Manager, Nortber, Track, Dads' Club, Ser- geant in R.O.T.C. CLASS OF JANUARY, 1934 ARTHUR BERKLEY Sergeant, R.O.T.C., Crack Company, '30, '31, Chemistry Club, Winner Efficiency Medal. JACK BRADY Chemistry Club, Camp Dallas, '30, '31, Sergeant, R.O.T.C., Compass Staff, Library Assistant, '31, '32 GEORGE BRAMBLETT Chemistry Club, First Sergeant, R.O.T.C. MARGUERITE CLARK Delphians, I, Secretary, Pcrigon Club, II, III. VIVIAN COWIJREY Gym Demonstration, II, Cantatas, II, III, Span- ish Club, II, III. MARJORIE DOWNS Girl Reserves. SAM FREEIJMAN Second Lieutenant, R.O.T.C., Treasurer, Kodak Club, Perigon Club, Philosophians, Adelphi-FOren- sic, Camp Dallas, '30, '31, Dads' Club, French Play, '32, Viking Staff. ROBERT GIBBS Chemistry Club, Dads' Club, Sergeant, R.O. T.C., Business Manager, Comlwaxx. KENNETH HAUSKINS Lettered Football, Track, Corporal, R.O.T.C. O. H. HOOD Ninety average for three years, Philnsophians, Chemistry Club, Reporter, Chemistry Club, III, Orchestra, Band, Minstrel, Stamp Club, I, II, Perigon Club, I, II. JULIA JONES Delphians. BILL MCDOWELL Philosophians, Chemistry Club. ILINE MARY MOODIE Perigon Club, Reporter, '30, Treasurer, '51, Vice-President, '31, Secretary, '32, Latin Club, '30 '31, Gym Demonstration, Linz Pins, National Honor Society, Latin Tournament, '30, '31. MARY MOORE Delphians, '31, Girl Reserves, '3I. MAX MORRISON Kodak Club. ARTHUR PITTS Baseball, Basketball, Golf. LOUISE PIRTLE Pan-American, '32, '33, Spanish Club. BILLIE PULLMAN Sergeant, R.O.T.C., Football, Track, Dads' Club. HOWARD RHYNER Senior Hi-Y, Adelphi-Forensic, junior Hi-Y, I, II, Vice-President, II, Sergeant, R.O.T.C. MAR,1ORIE ROBINSON Delphians, I, II, Girls' Chorus, II, III, Spanish Club, III, Girl Reserves, II, III, Pan-American, III, Operetta, II, III. DOROTHY SHELBY Delphians, '30, '31, Debating Club, '3l. SUE SMITH Chemistry Club, III. EDNA VINSON Perigon Club, I, Delphians, I, II, Chemistry Club, III, Pan-American, III. 46 ! xr-QM av . X, mp V ! J 'J' gy . 2-2 5- 1-4 Nlw 'L' if 'ww 4 ,WM X-f Ha J Yj xf f H1 lxfi E 5 I-1 -. X-1. X M ' ' ' I 35. if a' 'JBTQ ri! -X 3 sf ,+ vw .X -1 ,-W X wg 1 X + X K, X X,- - 23, QQ NVX- XX Ms ,J X, I -fe. ,X LJXSHXXX If ,YQ - ,X -1 Q 1 ffm 4, we 4 ' X , . X XXI!! 91-X is Xt 5 ,,hz' 1 , 'S t 'e v,, ' , G x. L X -3 'Wh XX -n-,,X. ' NV ,, c - " - -as Qs vm 1 . 14,43 V 1 ', ff, I 5-Q if ' 1 x gi Nj' arm -ig-.Z ,-r ,Xu X N. 51' fl' X Q ,, , 1 X' fl- in A- 1 n A 1 :iff Y" ---W-L ' ,CW 3? ' ggi ' we s 'M' - .-" X 4 , X ' X V N XX - ' -frm .. f air M Ti X 1 5. , V1 V ?5XgX Vg WV E.-X X V X, ,XV VV X, , 4- , 5- 51- ,f 3 If ' A- fd: 'V-4 X 1- X .JL V 1-X , f 37 :V . Views' - . by x 253.- EX 1 13,2 X Q KX! T, X' I JXBX ,V X A if Q A +A XXX , AX . -Y rf-l XI- ,gg V , 1 1 X X fx A 5. 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Smith, VVilliam Southern, Johnie Stnrey, Charles Storey, Lanier Stovall, Harrold Strait. Brooks 'l'e.iada, Julius Thompson. Jark Townsend. Charles Trallue, Billy Walker, Javk Ward, Fred Watson. James Wilborn, Jark VVilson. Carl fiirlx Adams. litlith Akin, Ruth Allen, Dorys Louise Alt, Gertrude Anderson, Helen Arrigzhi. Andrea Arrighi. lflleanore Austin, Mildred Baniwter. Corinna Bene-ke. Pilixaheth Hlaek, Nt-ll Block, Clara Bradley, Alyt-e Brett, Dorothy liurlcw, l'at Calhoun, Neva Camp, Mal Cameron. lit-tty Lot Cann. Laura Margaret Carter. Mary Catherine Center, Lucille Chandler, Sibyl I Christopher. livelyn Clark, Marslaret Coker. Frances Combs, Jewel Cowdrey. Vivian Crouch. Cart-n Crowley. Ma rmlaret fCRnnnuwdrn1Page54l ..-A x r Curtis. Inez Dodson. Catherine llooley, Helen lluekworth. Marxruerite Uunvan, Howardine Elliston, Mary lflmriek, Janice limison. Mabel Evans. Mary l"armet', Alma Farr. Geraldine Fletvher. Leona Gayle, Jerrine Garrett. Minnie Gay, Emma Dove Gilbert. Winifred Gladden, Hernadinl' Graves. Valeria Green. Dorothy Green, Ruth Guy. Anita GUY. Annette Hancock, Mary Nell Hardy, Elizabeth Harper. Bernie-e Hawkins, Marie Hemphill, Janita Hess, Dorothy Hill, Janice Hill, Margaret Nell Hodkin, Frances Hmrtr. Mtn-tha Horn. Enid l48l ' Wag at ,J Y' ax l Boys! Ahern, John :J Armstrong, ill Rt-rkley, Le ard Blat'kburn,, an limwn, litu-hananiqfl T. liucltl. Norniun liumbas, Norris Clayhrook, Billie Cline, Marvin Fltn-kman. Lean Coleman, B. H. Vnleman, VValt4-r Cnllins, Tommy Ftmoke. Vernie Ilanit-l, Alva Hay, John Dean. Mike llc- VVies, Russell Ilillion, Clinton lmrst-tt, Hiltnn Naestwuotl. Earliest litlwarrls, Hill litlwards, Howartl Erwin, Hugh Class ol January, l"ol'tl. 'l'rt1nian Gibson. William J. Goebel, Rivhartl tlratzl. Alvin Greenwuutl. Robert tluynes, C. l". Hamiltnn. l.awrent'e HZiIY1U14Jll4l.fllIllY14JT Hanna. N4-wt. Harris, laryes Hentlrix. Ernest Hickey. Charles Huffinirtnn. Huy Imperial, liayninntl Jacobs, H4-nry Jones, Ellis Jones. 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Bertha Gurdon, Harriet Hall, Marirart-t Hanks. llrurnthy ll'rtllmai1,tir:ut't- llcrring, l"rant't-s Hewitt. Anita Hillyer, Junc- Jervey. Anna Belle Law renee, Katherine Mackey, Doris Murriss. Mary Lee Murray, Marjorie Neal, lris O'Nt-al, llurotlib' Ormslmy. Marjorie Pattersnn. Lorena Quillen, Virzlinia Rantlall, Adele Rogers, Minnie Kumi, Katherine Samnnvns, Mildrvtl Santlt-rs. lhttxvthy St-hawe. June Shi-tfic-lal, Irene Slater, Russ- Mary Smith. livelyn Vaughn. Katie Sue VValtnn, Minnie Pear Watkins. Sylvia W1-avi-r, Maranellt' Vtlhitent-r, Juhnlta W'illiaIns. Mary Katherine Wunten, l"rant-es D191 ll 1 Bojx Addington, Glenn Adoue, Bertrand Avann. John Barnett. Joe, Jr. Barr, Jim Billings, Billy llroyzoetti, Edmond Brown, Louis Burroughs, Prim-o Cammarata, Sam Vamphell. VVellhorn Uarneal, Virgil I ole. Malcolm Collins. Alfred arothers. Delmar rowell. VVill Crump, Lawrence Crump. Walter t ullum, Felder Daugherty, Guy Dautrine. Gerald Davis, Billy Deavenport. Gerald lfetor. Bob lidvrards, Jay Ford. Buster Givens, Harry Gladden, Wilson Golden. Frank Griffiths, William Gunn, Harold Hapran, Edward l. 1. X Q4 H Class ol June, 1935 ' Haley. Lawrence Harnsberger. Tom Hartimz, Albert Harwell. Jim Hodkin, Forest Hiowell, J. S. Humphrey, George Hundley, Jack Hunter, Charles Hunter, William Johnson, Jack Jones, Billy Jordan, Bordeaux Krutilek. George Landrum, George Lanier, Fred l.4-flbetter, Billy Lee, Haskell Lowrey, Joseph Luna, Donald Lyon, Andrew Mc-Lemore, Kenneth McRoberts, Noel Mazner, Harold Mason. Wallace Meade. Curtis Merven, Loenard Minton. Paul Moore, Ray Moore, Sidney Nance, Lee Nolen, Wilford Northeutt. Robert 0'Brien, Pat O t onnor, Bill Oliver. Jack Osborne. Louis Owens, Robert Parr, James Payne. Walter Pearson, J. C. Phillips, Bob Pillet, John l'ot,ts, John Prinz. Harold Romel, LeMa Remliert. Russell lliefler, Bill Rielller. Louis Boilers, Louis Rohde. Vernon Sailers. Lon C. San ford, Clifton Selman. Harry Shaekelford, George Shelton, James Sherrill. Burke Shiela, Charles Smith, Harold Smith, Herbert Smith, William Steffy. M. J, Taft. Earl Taylor, Clyde Thompson, John Tillery, Earl Tripp, Murrell Van de Veer, Walter 4? Walker, Pat x Wilson, Russell' , VS'olfe, Joe Zschaeh, Karl fiirlx Aaron, Dorothy Abrams, Genevieve Adams, Fay Adams. Geraldine Adkins, Juanita Armstrong. Myrtle A very, Virginia Lee Basuue. Maxine Black, Sybil Blakey. Corynne Bower, Mary Katherine Bragg, Mary Jane Brewer, Edna Earl Brin, Doris Burden. Esther Cantwell. Florenee Cantevill, Ruth Casper, Ruby Clifton, Hildeuarde Decatur, Dorothy Denton. Carol Downs, Marjorie Dumas. Beatrice Dunham, Duluie Dunn, Dorothy CContinued on Page 545 Y an V- 104 Y 1-' 1 ,fx fad- 5, l-Idwar:ls.SVlartha ,J-Ilkins, Maru-la Evans. .Ioan Field, Mary Jane Fletcher, June Frenrh, Marianne Garrison, Marjorie Garrison, Mildred Gunby, lfldith Hadra, Phyllis Haley, Julia Fern Hamilton. Betty Harper. Jewell Hart. Ole-ta Hawkins. Geraldine Hayes, Dorothy Herring. Gertrude Hill. Fannie Lee Hoffman, Thelma Hudson, Pearlee Hunt, Dorothy Jaeobs, Loris Johnson, Anna Katherine Johnson, Velma Pauline Jones, Marie Junxze, Lois Kemp, Jean Keyes. lfaye Kinman. Dorothy Kerley. Lenore Kixer, Ruth Lahonski, Louise E501 Bojpw :Xlt'Xan1let',Stamatios Allen, Manuel Beutel, Jack Billinusby, Alfreil Hirllsonyz, Everett Blaylock, Tom liollman, George Braaek, Alton Burrow, Sherwnml Ca1:e,liillyGuy Cammarata, Joe Camplnell, James Cansler, Henry Carter, William Cason, Jess Henry Clarke, Kiehartl Crotty, John Currie. VVilliani Dabney. Gene Davis. Leon Deleanilwe. Allmert Drake. John liilwarils, l'l::scl1ert Estes, Randall Fenter, Sam Class oi January, Flootl. lid tlayley. Jim tleorsre, Allen Goetzman, Roliert flomlhall, P. A. Harris, Tom Heail, Rayforrl Heaal, Warren Herrell, Ben Hinfls, Luther Holt. Curtis Hunt, Thomas JQ nnegcs, Law ren Johnson, Van Jones. VVootiroxv Juerilens, Hal Kinclrerl, Herbert Klvnser, Charles Laliarlia, Ernest Lambert, Joe H. Lampo, John Lt wis, Reynoltl Linmlsley. Harry Littlenapze. Louis I.otri1lLr6?. Georile Lott, Joe Lucas, Georlre CQ Mt-Crary, Norris Mellrath, John Mt-Lemore, llnlu Mears, L. G. Meier, Walter Mitchell, Jaek Moore, Riehartl Moore, W. C. Newcomb, William 0'l!ierne, Clarence Pascoe, Charles Payne, Oscar Vrrretta, Frank Peters. Arthur l'it-ree, Maurire lieirly, Billy Henna, Bron IC. Rhode, Vernon Rirliller, Garth Roberta, VVilliam Rush, Jack Schaller, Frank Schluneszar, Robert. Schnabel, Albert Shipn, Toflil Siyzler, Shannon Smlen, James 1935 Stephens, Walter Sterner, Clarence Trantham, Rnhert Troth, Robert Vandivort. Albert Voight, Lewis White, Letiros Wilson, Jack Wilson, Sherrod Yates, Frank Girfx Ailamike. Nona Mae Amlams, Mary Frances Ahern, Patricia Alderman. Ilene Anderson, Ruth Anperson. Mary Elizabeth Harker, Katherine liarrett, Charlene liaseue. Elaine lirnnett. Frances liirrl, Leah Ball, Flurenre Bowles, Mary Virginia lirent, Mary Alice liuffingrton, Marietta Burden. Beatrice Burton. Beatrice Chaney, Frances Cherry, Marie Coffee. Thelma Compton, Virginia Cook, Florence Ilay, Danna Sue Drago, Bessie libey, Julia Echels, Louise Elliott, Mary Fisher. Mary Ann Fortl, Marxzuerite Franklin. Frances Fuller, Lois Gerarcly. Herma June tiieseke. Armour Hopper, Jeanette Hale, Mary Lenore Hanks, Mary Hill, Meirle Hill, Dorothy Holland, Yvonne Howe, Ilornthy i51l lloyx Avnet. Leon Billinus. lioln Dauilherty. Jack Davis. t'lar1-nee Dean. Dewey Dollinson, Charles Donnell, Watson Drake, Allen DuHon. J, W. Dunnan. VV. C. Dutton, Sam Fatheree, Howard Floriyzon, John L. Flynn, Charles VV. Fotius, Clifford Fortune, Hob Foster, Jimmie Fosler, L. L. 1:l'L1llU.J. D, Furr, Andrew Lee Gaf'l'ield, Charles Garrvtson. Bill George. James. George, William Gissler. Jaek Goebel, George Goldman. Lindsey Grant, Daniel Hamilton. Hugh Harris. James Harris. lfranris Hays, Wimherly Class ol June, l Heitman, Fred Hilsvher, lid Iloustfln, Cecil Jaeohs. Jimmii- Jacoby. Foster Johnson, Lewis Keller. Larry liennemer, Hoi-are Keppler, J. Il. La Barba. Carl Lawrence, Billy Le Barre. Jael: Lt ftwich, Edward Le wis. Ralph McCallum. Guy Meflhee, Coleman Malone, Billy Massemzale, Billy Mauzey. M1-rri't Maxfield,Ral1vh Metcalf, Monroe Millican, Lawrenee Mistrat. Norris Moellankamp. A. ll Moore, James Moore. Milton Morville, James Murphy, Sam Murrin. Allseri Mussina. Oliver flrrell. Doyle Palmer, Hill l'almer0 Johnnie Parker, J. H. Parker, liit-hard Payne, Billy Phelps. ltirhard Pierre. VVilliam Pollark, Leland Ramsey. Miles Rouse, H. li. Rowland. Hill Ryan. Lane Sadler, J. Il, Satterfielfl. Dugald Shelton, VV. H. Slar-k. Jofl Smith, Dawson Smith. Herbert Smith, Jimmie Smith. Otis Snyder, James Stanfill, Howard Storey, Bill Stoi-kmier. Rob:-ri Strong. James Su:-ony. James Tabor, Donald Thompson, Charles Ulriek. Clarence Underwood. Hamilton Virgil. Willis Viekery, Oliver VValrlen. Sherrell Wallaee. William liolmrt VVard, Vernon Watterson. Cha ries 936 VV4-aver, Dwayne Wt-wt F nest ton, Holi Williams. Dirk Williams, lildon VYilliams. Lloyd VYilliams. VVynne VVilson. Lynn Wolford. Harlie Wright, Charles Yimzling. Roy Yolcnm, James K' , ol' Whittingz CIIIAZX Alexander. Dorothy Alexander, Lenore Alterman. Irene Ashley, lrene Austin. Franees Bailey, Jane Davis liullard. Franee- liall. Catherine llanister, Carolyn liartosh, Charlotte Beale, Mary liills, Christine Black, Betty Blessing, Loraine Howling, Franres lirewer. lloris lirooks, La Verle lirowninp, t'e-reatha Hurt. Enard CCOntinued on Page 54D l'amnln-ll. lfrancvs Carter. Myrtle Corinne Clemr, Margaret Clonts. Mildred Conway. Grace Cook. lClizabeth Corl-tern, Barbara Cowdrey, Luc-ile Cullwrhouse, Rachel Curran. Virginia Cuthhertson. Marian Dalton. Gladys Danna. Mary Franre Davis, Gladys Davis, Margaret DeI.any, Adele llrieshaeh, Eleanor Eason, Evelyn Elkins. Hazel Fischer. lflorenee Ford. Evelyn Gein, lfrant-es Gerhardt. lilizabeth Granlwerry. Virginia Green, Margaret Goetzman. Fannie IA n Hall. .lean Harrell, Doris Harris. lfranccs Hereforal, lfmily Hit-ks. Lille Hello Hill. Alive Hollll. Dixie l52l Bo-rx Alt, William Armstrong, Dale Bremlow, Bob Brown, Robert Buchanan, Earl Bush, Homer Cardwell, Horam- Chandler, Lewis Charvox. Robert Clarke, Thomas Clements, Walter Cohn. Lloyd Crouch. James Curry, Mike Davis, John Grover Davis, Owen Davis, Robert Dick, Bobby Dickman. Jack Dunham, Eugene Iflugen, George E'lliston. W. J., Jr. Elwell, Henry Fisher, Billy Gabbert, Gordon Glenn. Vernon Green, Gorman Hamilton, Donald Harris. Vernon Hawkins, John Herndon. lflrnest Class of January, Hobreeht, Alfred Hubbell. James Keith, Wilbur Kilmer, Bruce Knox, Merton Leanell, Walter Long, Billy Loper, Honoree Mahoney, Harry May, Lester Monroe, Howard Moore, Forrest, Jr. Myer, George McDaniel, Harold Nance, Billy Nelms, Harry Nesbitt.. Morflan Oliver, Jark Parker, Robert Patrick. Gene Patterson, Ersie Pearce. W. D. Richardson, Fred Richardson. Hershel Sanders, Carl Sanger, J. L. Sc-arhorough. Mervin Schafer, Ernest Sherrill, Leon Smith, Wallis Spent-e, John Steele. Billy Stephenson. John Teagarden, Frank Vaughn, Gordon Westmoreland, Ross Zsvhaeh, Robert Cflrlx Ablowieh, Margaret Anderson, Dorothy Aulsbrook, Dorothy Austin, Virginia Brawner, lma'Lee Baker, Dorothy Bartley. Eddie Will Beeson. Dorothea Bentley, Margaret Berry, Helen Blackman, Winifred Burkholder, Jean Burton, Dorothy Carmody, Caroline Carter, Evelyn Chase, Dorothy Clayton, ldvanizeline Clinkinbeard, Carolyn Cummins. Catherine Dahlgren. Doris Daniel, Dorothy Dean, Eunice DeElmo, Betty Digiacinto, Helen Dilday. Beulah Dorman, Dorothy 1937 lislwarrls, Peggy Farrow, Ellabette Faulkner, Letha Fieser, Helen Ferrell, Alma Alice Fields, Fay Florance, La Verne Fritz, Elsie Gamble, Ruth Garcia. Catherine Garrison. Delma Gates, Evelyn lloldstrich, Mildred Griffin, PEFUIY Hardy, Lula Mae Hardy, Marian Hartnett, Mary Helen Hellman, Virginia Hillyer, Elaine Huff, Mary Hunt, Rosemary lnabrit, Ceeile Jenniges, Veronica Kennedy, Dorothy Kimble, Katie Lee La Barba, Jeanet Lamb, Margaret Mansfield, Maxine McDonald, Beatrice Moore, Anne Morris, Sarah Meliinney. Edith Nanee. Dorothy Newsom, Mae Owens, Margaret Perry, Vandelia Plowman, Jane Randall, Stella Reddick, Eleanor Reeves, Mary Rogers, Pauline Roy, Katie Salmon, Dorothy Scogrizin, Imogene Seiter, Louise Snodgrass. Frances Speigle, Mary Katherine Starbird, Grave Sweatman. Elaine Tomlinson, Evelyne Wallllle, Geraldine Wainseott, Anna Louise Walters, Billie Jane Ware, Madlyn Ware, Nancy Lou Welih, Norvelle Welch, Betty Lou VVenzel, Pauline White, Sarah Wilkins, Helen Willis, Margaret Woinowsk, June Ros Young, 'l'heda O mai Howells, Bettie Jacobs, Othella Jarrard, Charlene Jernigan, Bertha Mae Johnson, Margaret Kenton, Ouida Kleuser, Yvonne LeBlanc, Mattye Sue Lucas, Virginia McCrary, Frances McFarland, Marguerite Mclver, Marie McKinney, Cornelia McNutt, Mary Elizabeth Mitchell, Virginia Lancaster, Dollie Ruth Lee, Mary Levan, Mary Alice Lowrey, Elizabeth Lucas, Jeanette Lucky, Clara Lynch, Beatrice McGibb0ney, Louise McWilliams. Elizabeth Magee, Ruth Malone, Gail Horn, Bunny Jackson, Rebecca Johnson, Velma Jones, Evelyn Jones, Lila Kelly, Marjorie Kennan, Cornelia Kent, Georgia Keyes, Frankie Kimball, Jane King, Mary Emma Krutilek, Helen Koos, Pearl Laird. Ruth Laglen, Lela Lake, Grace Llmbright, Eunice Leake, Virginia Leak, Mary Helen Lederman, Blanche Leslie, Ellen Lee Little, Vida Lee Lockhart, Sara Class ol June, 1934 CContinued from Page 485 Moore, Jane Neighbors, Rose Nesmith, Edna Newton, Jane Nolen, Emma Catherine Noell, Ruby Gene Nungezer, Grace Nunnullee, Beverly O'Brien. Mary Ellen Oliver, Elva Mae O'Shea. Irene Ownsby, Charlsey Palmer. Elise Pinyan, Mabel Doris Pope, Frances Pratley, Elizabeth Rechenberg, Margaret Redding, Elizabeth Reeves, Lorine Richards, Dorothy Rogers, Virginia Rose, Eura Ross, Jessie Maye Routh, Marizaret Rust, Edna Ryals, Beatrice Scallon, Theda Selby, Lucille Seltzer, Katie Sexton, Frances Shepperd, Bess Shipp, Genevieve Class ol June, 1935 Qffontinued from Page 505 Mercer. Mary Alice Mohler, LaVerne Mooreman, Helen Fae Moralli, Sarah Morgan. Venola Mote, Eloise Nelms, Mimi Nichols, Elaine Oldham. Babette Oliver, Mildred Patrick, Martha Pilant. Marie Pirtle, Maureen Pool, Evangeline Preston, Gracie Lee Rader, Ann Riea, Dixie Doris Roach, Edith Roberts, Mildred Rogers, Ernestinc Rorie, Lavonia Rosser, Bessie Schieffer, Isabelle Scott, Jewell Shaffer, Elizabeth Shanks, Jean Class of June, 1936 CContinued from Page 52D McDonald, Aunlia McGrath, Mary Agnes McNeil, Lucienne MacQuiston, Mary Mansell, Frances Mansfield, Jasqueline Martin, Marian Matthews, Dorothy Maxfield, Betty Meason, Sarabeth Mellen, Margaret Millican. Lawrence Metzger, Kitty Ann Minter, Mary Lou Mollencamp. Clarice Morris, Edith Morris, Doris Mowat, Nancy Mumford, Dorothy Murray. Vivian Nancy, La Verne Neely. Adele Neill, Virginia Nesbitt,lNina Noble, Emma Lee Pandress, Hannah Riffe, Pontie Rogers, Margaret Scotland, Margaret Seagle, Betty She-rman, Dorothy Smith, Dorothy Ruth Smith, Francene Smith, Helen Smith, Olene Smitherman, Emma Starnes, Ella Steele, Norma Steiner, Annie Stephens, Eugenia Stevens, Alice Strickland,lEdna Stark. Mary Lou Stephens, Melha Stevens, Virginia Lee Swindell, Mary Alice Taber, Juanita Taliaferro, Minnie Taylor, Evelyn Thompson, LeNore Travers, Jane Tresp, Margaret Tyler, Ruth Valentine, Theo Waler, Mary Frances Weed, Edith West, Mary Whedbee. Sarah Williams, Vera Pearl Shepherd, Virginia Sibley, Frances Stockmeir, Mildred Swenson, Eleanor Tate, Patty Vise, Mildred Waggle, Valerie Walton, Edna Whitaker, Louise White, Eloise Williamson. Kathleen Wilson, LaVerne Wriufht, Elizabeth Taft, Evelyn Taylor, Lucile Thomas, Dorothy Vaughn, Marcella Walker, Beth Walker, Marie Wallace, Otha Nell Ward, Jeraldine Webster, Sunshine Weed, Betty Welker, Laverne Whitehurst, Frances Wilie, Mary Eleanor Willand, Charlotte Williams, Loraine Willis, Elizabeth Wilson, Mildred Wilson, Pauline Yahrans, Irene Zimmerman, Blanche Zimmerman, Dorothy Zetterval, Eunice L54 X, if W- -1- Nl The Scrapbsok BULLDOGS PULL UPSET, BEATING MCKINNEY 13-0 DINNER HONORS 1 '32 LETTERMENl The Dads' Club and military depart- ment of North Dallas High School honored the lettermen of the first team with a din- ner and program last Thursday evening in the school cafeteria and auditorium. During the banquet the following North Dallas lettermen were presented by Coach . Guy Allen: Allen Johnson, Maurice Hanks, Mar- ion Mosley, Jimmie Barber, Charles Thompson, Jesse Davis, manager, C. M. Newsom, L. A. McShan, Harry English, Bill Heitman, Joe Fitzsimmons, Jack Hall, Kenneth Hauskins, Henry Boll, Granville Berry, E. W. Brake, Fred Graham, and Jack Wtilker. In the auditorium, the Glee Club pre- sented four songs, and Mr. Georgel Matthews of Wtiles talked on "Worldl Peacef, l Mr. Louis Lacy of the Travelers Assur- I ance Company gave two humorous read- ings. Prizes were given to ticket salesmen as follows: Marvin Simpson, first prize, S35 Edward Sammons, second prize, 52. Prizes of S1 were presented to Harry English, Roswell Paine, Mr. Louis Lacy, Lanier Storey, and Mr. Marvin Simpson, father of the hrstl prlzc Yvlnncr. Walker and Graham Lead the Bulldogs to Victory. TECH GO TONIGHT Bulldogs Polish Blocking and Tack- ling in Hard Practice Session. Fresh from a 13 to 0 victory over the McKinney Lions last Friday, the North Dallas Bulldogs await the whistle which will send them against the strong Dallas Tech XVolves tonight at Fair Park Stad- ium, the Hrst game in the city series for both teams. Comparing early season scores, the Wolxfes will go into the game tonight heavy favorites to whip the Canines soundly. Tech has played two games, beat- ing Palestine, Z to O and then trouncing Paul Tyson,s highly touted Waco Tigers, 6 to 0, in one of the biggest upsets this season. On the other hand, North Dallas took it on the nose from Greenville, 24 to 0, then turned around and showed a com- plete reversal of form to whip McKinney, 13 to 0. Last year the Bulldogs went into the game against Tech doped to lose by two touchdowns, but with that fight so char- acteristic of Coach Guy Allen's teams, they battled the Wfolves off their feet to tie them, in the last seven seconds of play, 13 to 13. That slogan of "A Bulldog Never Quitsw is carried on the field ir-. the heart of every man that wears the Orange and Wliite of North Dallas, and they all bear it out, says their Coach. maj Seniors Begin Algebra With Throes of Agony Ulf x equals three, then three x-Say, what is the number above the x? Expot- ent? Never heard of it. What did he say about three cubed, mother? Well, if I don't ask you questions about what George said when I didn't hear it, how am I to know what he said? If I d0n't know what he said, how can I work my algebra prob- lems? If I can't work algebra problems, how can I pass algebra? If I donit pass al- gebra, how can I graduate? If I don't graduate . . . "Aw right, I'll shut up. I never can say anything around this house, anyway. "Mo-th-er, make George come in here and help me. Why? Because it's just been one term since he had Algebra 3 and itis been ages since I had it. Well, what if he is studying? You always make me stop what I'm doing to help him. Yeah, jes 'cause he's the baby. His ole Spanish could wait, I'd say. O.K. I'll flunk algebra, then youill be sorry you petted George. "George! Mother says for you to come help me this minute. Now that you're in here you can stop screaming. I have these twenty-five problems for tomorow and you jes work 'em while I . . . What! Mother, George won't work my algebra problems. But you said . . . Daddy, I wasn't hollerin'. Bet you never had to work algebra. "Well, I didn't mean to talk back. "What's the use? I can't study with the whole family hollerin' at me. Iim going to bedf' Thus ended one senioris renewed strug- gle with the greatest terror to the candi- dates for graduation-Algebra 4. I ,Cast Repeats Play i By Special Request At North Dallas Hi "That Ferguson Family," by Chenery, january '33 class play repeated by special request Tuesday, January 17, in the audi- torium, was received by an enthusiastic and approving audience composed almost entirely of students. Louise Nesbitt played a dual role, that of Mary Fleming, ingenue, and Mrs. Sarah Thorne, village gossip, in a most convinc- ing manner, displaying versatility. This was an innovation in North Dallas, the Hrst time one person has played two roles. Mertie and Fred Ferguson are the par- , ents of three children, Lavie, Laura, and joe, who have arrived at the age when they want to assert their independence and lbe treated as self-respecting, grown chil- l . dren should be. Mertie, the mother, cross, ,cynical, satirical, tries to do as she sees 1 right, but only interferes with her chil- dren's plans and love affairs in such a man- ner as to arouse complications. She at times leaves the impression of being just "plain horridv, but she is only displaying the courage of her own convictions and doing was she sees best, breaking slowly as the play proceeds. Angela Franklin was superb W in this role. i David Thompson, who was ill with the "Hun during the first presentation, came . back to play the part of Bert Connelly. I The other characters were portrayed in a smooth, easy style, with the enthusiastic audience reacting to comedy more than to the few serious moments. As a whole, "That Ferguson Family" was a good, entertaining play presented by i l r i i r ' 21 COITIPCICDI CZISK. I 571 Leonard Gay Plays For North Dallas Leonard Gay, North Dallas graduate, january, '29, played in the school assem- bly last Thursday four numbers from the concert he gave with the A. Cappella Singers under the direction of Miss Ruth Johnstone Curtis at the Highland Park Town Hall on Monday, January 2. The numbers wers: 'QGolliwog's Cake Walk," Debussy, "Improvisation,'l Mac- Dowellg "Humoreske,,' Rachmaninoffg "Diversion 4," Carpenter. The program offered by Leonard Gay and the A Cappella Singers on January 2 was the following: As Torrents in Summer ,. ,,,, ,,,, . . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Elgar Beautiful Savior ....YY,Y,,Y,,,, . ,,Y,,, Arr. Christiansen Czeehoslovakian Dance Song ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Arr. Manney A Cappella Singers Andante with Variations ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,Y,., . Haydn Bouree . .. ,Y,,.Y,,,,Y,,,,, ,,,,,,,YY Bach-Saint-Saens Prelude in E Minor, ,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,,, . . Chopin Bereeuse ,,,,,,,,YY.,, . ,,,,,, . Chopin Seherzo in C Sharp Minur ,,,, Chopin Mr. Gay Were You There? ,Y,.,,,,,,, . ,,,, .,,.,,, B urleigh Ezekiel Saw De Wheel .. . ., Burleigh Listen to the Lambs ,,,,, ,,,,, Dett A Cappella Singers Go11iwoi:'s Cake Walk ,Y,, VVV,,,,,Y, ,,,,,, D e bussy Humoresque ,,,,,,,Y,,,,YY,,Y,,, . ,Y,,,,,YY, Rachmaninov The Little White Donkey ,Y,,,,, .. Ibert Diversion No. IV .l.., Y,,,,, . . Y,,Y,,,. .. Carpenter Improvisation ,,,,,,,,,, . VV,,,, MacDowell Rakoczy March ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, . . . . ,,,, Liszt Mr. Gay Carol of the Russian Children Y,YV, ,,,,, G aul .. Dickinson The Shepherds Story . . A Capela Singers Leonard is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Gay, 3219 Bowser, and is a fellowship pupil at the Chicago Conservatory of Music. While he was a student in Dallas, he won in contest the piano now on the Woodrow Wilson stage. Students from North Dallas in the A Cappella Singers are Betty Covington and Willie Mavis Holcomb. Vance Newell Makes Staff of Yale News Additional honors have recently come to Charles Vance Newell, North Dallas, june, '31, now a sophomore at Yale Uni- versity, New Haven, Conn. Vance has just been added to the staff of the Yale News, and according to word received here, has been awarded a second scholarship in the university. He received the first scholarship when he took the entrance examinations as a freshman in 193 l. To become a member of the Yale News staff in such a short time is c.onsidered an unusual accomplishment, since admittance is highly competitive. While attending North Dallas, Vance distinguished himself in many fields. He was a major in R.O.T.C., editor of the Viking, and member of the Norther staff. He was elected to membership in the Na- tional Honor Society and in the Quill and Scroll, International Honorary Society for High School journalists. He was also .1 member of the 1931 debate team. . .O-.-? Yuletide Spirit Will Prevail Today When Cantata Presented Teachers, Pupils and Ex-Students, Directed by Curtis, Will Sing in Special Assembly. Bringing in the Yuletide with Christmas hymns, carolers will sing throughout the halls of North Dallas High this morning as soon as classes meet, and at assembly time a candle-lighted procession of chor- isters will go singing down the aisles, gather on the stage, and sing "The Manger Kingf' Miss Ruth Johnstone Curtis, of the North Dallas music department, will di- rect the cantata, her fifth annual presenta- tion in the school. E581 Public Speaking Club 'SCHOOL BOARD Adopts Constitution The Adelphi Forensic Club, sponsored by S. Stanley Knapp, teacher of speech arts in North Dallas High School, organized last Thursday with thirty new members, adopted a constitution, and elected officers. Oiiicers are as follows: Jack Chase, president, Dorothy Holloway, vice-presi- dent, Nellie Cummings, secretary, and Marvin Simpson, treasurer. The club is a chapter of the National Forensic League, an honorary society for public speakers. The Adelphi chapter ap- plied for its charter in the League last spring. The committee on a constitution met at the sponsorls home last Wednesday and drew up a constitution which was sub- mitted to the club Thursday at their regu- lar meeting in room 105 after school. Thirty new members-ten seniors, five juniors, seven sophomores, and eight fresh- men-signed the constitution. The members are as follows: Jack Chase, Hazel Elkins, Carolyn Banister, jean Hall, Billy Billings, John Ahern, Marvin Simp- son, William Gibson Jr., Anne Pullman, Sam Freedman, Sim Lake, Mary Alice Levan, Dorothy Holloway, Ruby Casper, Nellie Cummings, Catherine Vogel, Bob Whittington, Adolph Beneke, Dudley Brutsche, Fred Graham, Catherine Ball, Constance Sherman, Frances Bennett, Wil- son Phillips, Elizabeth Beneke, Howard Rhyner, Eugene Locke, Katherine Backer, Elizabeth Yeargen. Mr. Knapp has started the club at work on the lnterscholastic League debate ques- tion and has planned to start practice de- bates immediately after Christmas. The question is: "Resolved, That at least one- half of all state and local revenues in Texas should be derived from sources other than taxes on tangible property." The seven original charter members graduated last June, but Mr. Knapp be- lieves the club will grow in great numbers, students already showing enthusiasm in this work, he says. 1 l 1 i l l 1 1 STARTS JUNIOR HIGH SYSTEM Boude Storey Junior High in Trinity Heights to Open Jan. 30, With Faculty Already Selected. Bringing a new educational advance- ment to the city of Dallas, the Boude Storey Junior High School in Trinity Heights will be ready for acceptance by the Board of Education December 1. The school will be opened january 30 with an expected enrollment of 530 pupils. The Boude Storey school has been planned under the direction of Dr. N. R. Crozier, superintendent of schoolsg E. B. Cauthorn, assistant Superintendent, L. V. Stockard, Supervisor of high schools, and the Board of Education, composed of Alex- ander W. Spence, W. J. Powell, Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt, L. O. Donald, Dr. David W. Carter, jr., Mrs. W. A. Leeper, and Zeese Starr Armstrong. As a tribute to the efficiency with which the new school is being assimilated, and especially of the personnel management of assistant superintendent E. B. Cauthorn, was Dr. N. R. Crozier's announcement that the opening of the new school will require no additions to the teaching per- sonnel of the system. The Board of Education controls the schools, its members are elected at large by public vote for a period of six years, with overlapping terms. There are six white high schools in Dal- las with a total enrollment of 10,000g one colored high school, with 1,265g forty- eight white elementary schools, with 28,- 2953 twelve colored elementary schools, with 5,038g and the Boude Storey junior High in Trinity Heights to open at mid- term. The Federal Office of Education report- ed Sunday, November 13, that Texas leads all other states in the number of high schools, having 1,400 high schools from among 23,930 in the nation. i591 SIXTEEN EN TER HONOR SOCIETY l Sixteen North Dallas students outstand- ing in scholarship, leadership, service, and character were initiated into the Viking Chapter of National Honor Society lastl Thursday in the school auditorium. l Members of the 4A class who were initi- 2 ated are Doris Walker, Helen Drake, Betty ' Edmondson, Hector Mackay, and John Osborne. , From the 4B class are Elsa Sanger, 5 Kathleen O'Shea, Virginia Bradley, Bob: Riddle, james Brake, and Eugene Locke. l The 3A,s are Iline Moodie, Edna Vinson, Irene Martinez, and Freeman Mittenthal. 3 Edwin Cage was the only 3B initiated. ' The faculty committee who investi-l gated the records and recommendations, and supervised the selection of the newl members is composed of Miss Adele Epper- son, Mrs. Myrtle Clopton, Miss Ruth Crawford, Miss Floy Agnew, Miss Eliza- beth Dice, Mr. Charles L. Syron, Miss Sarah Meriwether, and Mr. Frank Turner. , Anna Margaret Willoughby, president ofthe organization, and E. W. Brake, vice- president, took part in the initiation. Lillian Young, secretary, told the audience of the purpose of the society. Dudley! Brutsche talked on the cornerstone and' the symbols of the pin. Joe E. Ward gave . the qualities necessary for eligibility. The National Honor Society is an organ- ization which serves somewhat the same purpose in the secondary schools as the Phi Beta Kappa in the colleges. It was originated by the National Association of Secondary-School Principals at the At- lantic City meeting in February, 1921. Philosophians Planning Memorial for C. W. Hill Planning a memorial plaque in honor of the late Clyde Walton Hill, its founder, the Philosophian Literary Society has ap- pointed james Hopkins and Robert Knight to arrange for the design, purchase, and placement of the memorial in the North Dallas corridors. Mr. Hill, teacher and poet, was the originator of the Philosophians and spon- sored it from 1924 until his death in February, 1931. Marion M. Myers, teacher of social sciences, was elected by the club last year to succeed Mr. Hill. The club meets weekly in room 110 for the purpose of studying parliamentary law, debate, and oratory, but allows every fourth program to be one of special inter- est and amusement to the members. The club consists of nineteen boys, with ofhcers as follows: Edwin Cage, president, James Hopkins, vice-president, Roswell Paine, secretary, Leonard Berkley, treas- urer, Tom Harris, sergeant-at-arms. .HGH C. E. Atkinson Elected To Honors in Chicago That C. E. Atkinson, June '32, Buddy to most people, has just been elected to membership in the Freshman Student Council of the University of Chicago has been reported by his young brother, David. Buddy has been w o r k i n g his way through the university, where he is study- ing architectural engineering. Leo J North Dallas Wins Thrift Deposit Award Adding to the already imposing array of trophies in the front corridor, North Dallas carried off the cup for thrift de- posits, and S. Stanley Knappxs first period class in public speaking took the room cup for thrift deposits awarded by the Re- public National Bank. These trophies are awarded to the high school having the greatest number of con- sistent depositors, and to the room having l the largest total deposit of all the rooms in the Dallas high schools for the spring and fall semesters. North Dallas had 149 consistent deposi- tors for the fall semester, as against 101 consistent depositors for the spring term. The total amount deposited is S1,176.51. The biggest account in North Dallas amounts to almost 5650. The students of the Dallas schools have amassed a total deposit of over S160,000 and deposited in round numbers S12,000 more than in the term just closed. "My home room was not particularly trying for this trophyf, Mr. Knapp re- marked. "It is in the regular business of the class to be 100 per cent in thrift." Pan-American League Opens With Banquet A banquet in the junior ballroom of Stoneleigh Court, Thursday night, No- vember 10, marked the first meeting of the Dallas Pan-American League for the year 1932-1933. The invocation was of- fered by W. H. Butler of Forest Avenue High School. The entertainment was furnished by adult members. The program included "El jarabe Tapatio' by Miss Peggy Claire Cobb, two selections by the male quartet of Masonic Temple, a violin duet by Misses Minnie Mae Fisher and Katharine Graves. Henry Widdecke, Senor Antonio Cam- pdera, David Weinstein, L. V. Stockard were speakers for the evening. The League will have as their guests March 23-25, 1933, four thousand mem- bers of the Pan-American Medical Asso- ciation which will convene in Dallas at that time. School membership has been raised from twenty to thirty members. Miriam Bcaird and Temple Hoffer, North Dallas stu- dents, are secretary and a member of the Board of Directors, respectively. The next meeting will be held December 8. T611 French Departments Presents Two Plays Miss Helen Sandel, teacher of French in North Dallas High School, presented her French classes in a program of French plays last Friday afternoon in the North Dallas High School auditorium to an audi- ence composed of teachers and pupils of French from the various high schools of the city. A musical comedy, "Vous Venez A Propos, Madame," was first presented by the French 2 class. The characters were rather afraid of their lines, however, Phyllis Hadra and Joan Evans knew their lines and spoke them with conviction. The characters: M a d a m e Aulard, Phyllis Hadrag Madame Dupre, joan Evans, sales- lady, Lorraine Smith, and Mr. Dupre, Edwin Cage. Waiter: Leonard Berkley. Waitresses: Dixie Ruth Hoyle, Martha Hogg, Doris Taylor. Singers: jewel Scott, La Verne Mohler. Diners: Paul Jones, Elsa Sanger, Bess Sheppard, Martha Murray, Helen Fae Moorman, William Hunter. Orchestra: Virginia Avery, Billy Pull- man, Clifford Biglowe, and James Simpson. During the intermission between the two plays, two songs were sung by the members of the French classes. As 'iSur Le Pont di Avignon" was sung, it was pan- tomimed by costumed soldiers, ladies, priests, and children. For the second play, "L'Ete De La Saint- Martin" was portrayed by the French 5 class. u The characters were: Mr. Briquerville, Virginia Bradley, Noel, Sandal Dailey, Adrienne, Lillian Young, Madame Lebre- ton, Margaret Evans, and Maid, Kathleen Lake. 1 77 Students Average High to Get on Honor Roll Second Division Number on List Shows Increase Over , First Six Weeks-High Honor Pupils Doubled. The list of honor students for the sec- ond six weeks shows an increase of twenty- five over the number who made the honor roll last division. This time there were 177 whose grades averaged 90 or more, where- as the first six weeks report showed 152. Among the 177 students on the entire honor roll, 36 made an average of 95 or above. This is more than twice as many as made the high honor roll last division. -Miss Murray Selects Staff of 1932 Viking Tentative positions on the staff of the Viking, the year book of North Dallas High School have been announced by Miss Marion Murray, faculty sponsor. Temple Hoffer, however, has been selected definitely as editor-in-chief. Tem- ple, a senior, has attained the rank of major in the R. O. T. C. The personals staff includes Miriam Beaird, Minnie Hemphill, Julia Germany, Julya Thompson, and Sandal Dailey. Jimmie Barber and Granville Berry will handle athletic.s. David Thompson will re- port R. O. T. C. activities. Jokes editor will probably be Miriam Beaird. The business staff is not ready, accord- ing to C. L. Ford, sponsor. Although it is necessary to cut expenses, Miss Murray states that the staff is plan- ning improvements on last year's Viking. a I 621 NORTH DALLAS 1 GRADUATES sz BOYS AND GIRLS! Forty-three Boys and Forty-nine Girls Make Their Last Appearance as January Graduating Class. GIRLS TAKE HONORS Lillian Young Leads Seven Honor Girls with 96.36 Average-John Osborne High Boy with 93.08. ln realization of one of the important events in their lives, forty-three boys and thirty-nine girls were graduated from North Dallas High School Friday evening, january 27, in the school auditorium. The oihcers of this, the twentieth class to leave North Dallas, are Dudley Brutsche, president, Billie Russell, vice- president, Lillian Young, secretary, Gran- ville Berry, treasurer, Miss Helen Sandel, sponsor. The graduation exercises were begun with Clifford Bigelow directing the North Dallas orchestra in "The Bridal Rose Over- turef' Allen Schrodt played a cornet solo. Reverend William Polhamus, pastor of the First Methodist Church, gave the in- vocation. Durene Lee, second high honor gradu- ate, spoke on "Overproduction." The Paris Peace Pact was the subject of Dud- ley Brutsche's speech. Henry G. Abbott gave his opinion of the Five Year Plan. A senior chorus composed of Anna Margaret Willoughby, Willie Mavis Hol- comb, Patricia Mathews, Louise Nesbitt, Marian Parr, Evelyn jones, Jack Lallier, Dudley Brutsche, Alex Burr, with Betty Covington, accompanist, sang "Song of Farewell," by Kountz. Q1 Principal Announces Marriage of Daughter E. B. Comstock, principal of North Dallas, and Mrs. Comstock, 6218 Bryan Parkway, announce the marriage of their daughter Helen to Gerald Huff, of Ur- bana, Illinois, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Huif of Oklahoma City, Sunday morning at the home of the bride's parents on Christmas day. Mrs. Huff was graduated from North Dallas in january, 1928. She was a charter member of the North Dallas chapter of the National Honor Society. Both Mr. and Mrs. Huff are graduates of Southern Methodist University. Mrs. Huff is a member of Sigma Kappa sorority. Since her graduation last June she lent her services as assistant in the North Dal- las High School ofhce. Mr. Huff is now an instructor of mathe- matics in the University of Illinois, where he is studying for his doctor of philosophy degree. 0 Delphians Entertain With Juvenile Party A "kid party" was given by the Del- phian Literary Club of North Dallas High School at the home of Exa Greene, 5638 Morningside Drive, M o n d a y evening, October 10, at eight o'clock. Guests were entertained by dancing and games. Decorations were of orange and White. Punch and animal crackers were served. Members and guests present numbered about forty. Officers ofthe club are: President, Anna Margaret Willoughby, vice-president, Lil- lian Young, secretary, Marian Parr, treas- urer, Exa Greeneg faculty sponsor, Mrs. Myrtle Whiteley. L63 J 3 Miss Epperson s World War Exhibit Interests A gruesome exhibit of shells, guns, gas- masks, pictures, and various other relics of the World War located just outside the North Dallas library draws the wonder- ing attention of North Dallas boys and l l 1 girls each time they pass through thel corridors to and from classes. The collection is lent to the North Dal- las military department by Miss Adele Apperson, member of the English faculty? and former Red Cross and Y. M. C. A. worker in Europe. Miss Epperson started the collection abroad. Several additional articles have been added by Harry Crump and Temple 1-loffer, students in North Dallas. Miss Epperson was in Europe in 1918 and 1919 as a relief worker for the Y. M. C. A. camps "over there." She collected most of the relics right from the battle- fields of France and Belgium, but some of them were given to her by Yankee dough- boys. The German machine-gun in the lower section has proved to be the point of great- est interest. It was given to Miss Epper- son by an American soldier and shipped to the United States after the war. A German prisoner showed Miss Epper- son how to assemble the gun, and she dis- sembled it, packed it, and then re-assem- bled the parts after it had arrived in America. To look at the intricate and complicated 4 Students and Teachers mechanism of this deadly weapon, one may see that Miss Epperson performed a feat which would make any "soldier boy" proud of himself. Many interesting snap-shots taken by Miss Epperson or given to her by the soldiers, may also be seen on display. She has pictures of such famous battlefields as Verdun and the Argonne, and many other interesting and educational features of the war. "These picturesf, she said, "although small, best describe the battlefields of France." The American helmet in the case was worn by Miss Epperson herself in France, and was camouflagecl by an American soldier. One inquisitive freshman asked whether the two chevrons on the front of the helmet indicated that she was a corporal. , 1 Miss Epperson says these stripes do not indicate rank but do indicate two sx- months of service. "The inferiority of French equipment of the Germans may well be noted structure of that country's gas- declared Miss Epperson. "How- should hate to have any of those shells burst near me." to that in the masksf, ever, I French Students are invited to view the ex- hibit. Anyone possessing anything of simi- lar interest may notify Miss Epperson and she will be glad to place it on display. I 641 HRV! , ' ' - . ffl , Q: -b na f ,-:' Q' ' f 'ww if :gs -Q' 1:44 J' .ngyzr-' K "' 4'f'ifBr'f 'f' :I -5 1. 9. V r V .-13' ,- 'Y . ' ' ff? ,I ef- i .A - f- .K 3 if - 5--sf ,Af Q. , - ,,,,,-. , '. 5- -' ' . 'f'-:.f- 7, ' 'Ll gli'-ii' ' Ex F- - , f if ,ff -fl: ff- -av' f 1+-"'-W. Q: Q- f fi I E if h .- ...- -, ,. I. -"' 1 -1,1 "G . 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Rhyner, Howard Sailers, Bill Simpwn, Marvin Sm:1rtt,jOc Thompson, Charles Whlkcr, jack XY'atSOn,jan1eS H581 F3 .- r--- ,i......,....,.L 'N J u rw i O r Hi -V OFFICERS Fall Tvrm XTAN JOHNSON . . Prvxiflrnf . TOM HARRIS . . Vim'-l'I'z'xiIlr'11f GEORGE KERSHAXX' SITJ'-T'l'l'dS1lI'f'l' VVILLIAM GIBSON Sergeant-af-Arnzs M. M. MX'liRS . . . Sjmusm' . MEMBERS Erwin, Hugh Nance, Lee Piller, john hluhnsnn, Van Payne, XVLIIII-r Rcedy, Billy Spring Trrm RUSSELL RIAZMBERT . . BILLY RLIDY LLOYD WII,I.IAMS . TOM HARRIS . M. M. MYERS Rcmbcrt, Russell Willinnus, Lloyd f69j Q ff f E i ! i ,.,.....x,..., Q , L W M Delphian Literary Society Full Turn: ANNA M. WII.l,OUGHBY LILLIAN YOUNG . . . lVlARIAN PARK . SANDAL DMU Y . . . Mus.MYR'r1.11XVHlTE1.EY Alulnwitch. Margaret Dorman, Dorothy Austin, Virginia Baristur, Corrina Brin, Doris Butcra. Angeline Byrd, Leah Campbell, Ruth Crourh, Caren Dailey, Sandal Elkins, Hazel Lee llmriuk, .Ianice Evans, Margaret Louise Franklin, Frances Greene, Iixa Grithn, Evelyn Guy, Annette QFFICERS . Prvxiclwizt . xliff'-P1'PSi!1I'I1f Savvy-T1'0nx111'r1' . Rc'jrol'fi'r . Sponsor MEMBERS Guy, Anita Hemphill, Janita Hemphill, Minnie Hill, Janice Hill, Margaret Null Ilillycr, Elaine Hillyer, june Horn, Bunny Horn, Enid Hogg, Martha fy ,f 1 9 V I r' .A Spring Term . . ELSA SANGER JANITA HEMPHILL . MINNIIE HEMPHIL1. . SANDAL DAILI-.Y . MRS. MY1tT1.1i VVHITELEY Howells, Betty tlacobs, Orhcllii johnson, Mildred Lyons, Mildred N1cQuade, Anna Beth Mitchell, Virginia Nance, Dorothy RC21Cling,EliZabctl1 Rucker, Emma ,lane Sanger, Elsa Scanland, Adclaidu Sheppard, Bess "i Strickland, Edn.1Ea1'l Vaughn, Amy jo Whllton, Minnie Pea rl W'ebb, Aletha Lee White, virginia Willnrughby, Anna M ,L A E701 J J Q .J 'Q Qlympiacl Club omcxlixzs Mmm SMITH . . . ANCLl'1l,INA BUTERA ELIZABETH CULLUM . G,uu.,xND Cl.1XXY'SON . MEMBERS Hugg. Nlnrrlu M:1cQuiswn, Mary Hlnkcy, Cory nm Bull, Horencc lhmwlua, Mary Virginia linwur, XI,1ryK.ul1crinc Green, lim Nlorrixs, Nlary Irv Nesbitt. Luuisc Xlclluwcll, xidllki Slat NL1l.ll1,l'ZI1!I11.1 C.1llxu1'im Palmer, Iflisc Rogers. Virginia Rucker. l mm.1,lc.m Pl'K'Sitll'llf in'-l'1'0xiJc11f Sl'l'?'!'fLl!'-1 'IwI't'cIX1! rw' Sulmwc, Klum' Vnhcr, Nita I'hmmun. NI.lI'g.ll'L'I l1hUlNxUI!,klllli.'l 'w L li' Fall Term BETTI' COVINGTON . SANIIAI. DAILIZX' . XVIIIIIIQ Mavis HoI.c:oMB MII.IlliI41IJ LYON . RUTH CURTIS. Buss SI-IILPPARIJ . Avery, Virginia Lee Beaird, Miriam Bird, Leah Black, Nell Burden, Esther Burton, Dorothy Campbell, Ruth Coker, Florence Covington, Betty Craig, Frances Dailey, Sandal Downs, Marjorie Epperson, Ruth Franklin, Frances Gilbert, Winifred Hale, Marv Lenore Hall, Ruby Hellman, Grace Hemphill, Minnie Hemphill, klanita Herring, Gertrude Girl Reserves OFFICERS Sjrriug Term . Pl'l'SiLI4'l1f . . . 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Mary Alice Lucas, Virginia Lyon, Mildred Malone, Gail Hill, Margaret Nell M.Inner, Elimbetli Hodkin, Frances Horn, Enid Hunt, Dorothy Jacobs, Othella MeCrary, France, Mitchell, Frances Mitchell, Virginia Morgan, Venola johnsirn, Mildred Nunnullee, Beverly johnson, Velma Ormsby, Mariorie jones, Evelyn Orr, Ruth Kerley, Lenore Palmer, Elise Patrick, Martha Patterson,Mareile Parr, Marian Rader, Ann Reddiek, Marjorie Riddle, Blanche Robertson, W'inifred Robinson, Marjorie Rogers, Mattie Kate Rogers, Minnie Rczsser, Bessie Scott, -Iewel Sheppard, Bess Simrell, Mary Fae Smith, Evelyn Sparks, Nettie Taylor, Lucile Travers, ,lane Tucker, Elizabeth Valentine, Theo Vaughn, Amy ,Io Vaughn, Katy Sue Vogel, Catherine NX'ehb, Aletha Lee XX'hite, Virginia Willis, Mary Loraine Willrmtighby, Anna M Wriglit, Elizabeth Youngquist. Alvera U21 Fall Term O. E. ST. Cl.AIR . JOHN OSBQRNE . lVllLDRIiD LYON . SAM FREICDNIAN . ,lofi SMART1' . SANDAL, IDAILFY . Beneke, lilizabetlw Brake. li. XY. Collins, 'linmmy Dailey, Sandal English, Harry Fail, livelyn Finnev, Rubert lireedman, Sana Green, Durnrliy Hall, jack Hanks, Maurice Hebert, Gurdon Hopkins, klamem -l0l'lHSIUI1,lll"l1l1li Kodak Club OFFICERS . Presiflmzf Vim'-P1'1'sizf4'11f . Sl'l'l'l'fL1l',Y . Treax 11 rw' Sergmln!-af-flrnlx . . . Rej7m'fz'r MEMBERS Lneke, Eugene Lynn, Mildred Mnrrisun, Max Nanec, Lee Paine, Roswell Piller, john Rieliey, Wlilliani S pring Term . .Mfxuklcli Hfxxks . . HAR1xYENcg1.1s1i . MILIJRED LYON . . SAM FREIEDMAN . ,Ion SMARTI' . ROSXYIZLL PAINI Sailori, Bill Sanger, Iilea Scanland, Adelaide Seorn, Fred Scott, Alulm Smarrr, glue Smith, Harold St. Clair, 0.11. Spencer, H. H. Tipton, 'lulxn Vaughn, Amy ,lov Vogel, Cfallxerine W'ilsnn, Ia Verne U31 QIGO Q64' IV' M 8 Paragon Club OFFICEPQ Fa1lTvrm S 711170 'I tl 1 FREEMAN MITTI-1N'rr IAI. . . Ilnfxizlzflzf MAURIQ 1 H xx Rs JOAN EVANS .... Vim'-P1'z'xir4 I I 1 -XIXII lNICIIO1 ELAINE NICHOLS . . . Svvrvfary B I IX ABI RX x 1 HX FR1-.11 XVILRINS . . 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T. FISHI-.R . Slhonsor . C. L. Svnox MEMBERS Nl1!I1l1Ul'S.lill7Zll'JCll1 Nlel7owcll, Bill McKee, Xvilliam McMnnn, Buck Minor, Ruth Louise Morrison, Max Morton, Ruth Newton, jane Palmer, Iilise Phillips, Xvilson Kevis, Paul Rogers. Virginia Ronntree, john Snnderford, Dowar Sanger, Elsa Seanland, Adt-liidc Sehurba, Pete Smith, P. Smith, Margaret Smith, Sue Smith, XYYllll11l11 Stevens, john Sterner, Louise Stovall, Harold Thomas. Doris Thompson. Cllinles .l Vinson. lfalna Vitelx, Ann Vogel, Catherine XX"11i'Ll, Aloe Weakley. Robert Weed, liditli Xvilkins, Fred XY'ilkins, Grover XVhitlow, Nell W'illin, MnryLorr.1int Xwilson, R. A. XX'oinowxlx, Russell Youngquist. Alveitl l75l -'-1----1 me 9 is 'Wm Fall Turin Senatus populusque Romanus OFFICERS LILLIAN YOUNG ..... Pwxirlerzf . . SIPVYIIKQ Term . JANIES Homxms MARIAN PARR .... Vin'-l'1'1'xir1'e11f . . . . JOAN EVA NS ANNA M. WIl.l.LDUGHBY . Seey-Treasurer . . BETTY ABE1aNA'rHx' JAMES PARK .... . Reporfer . . . . SANDAL lDAll.l'Y MRS. MX'li'l'I.l4Q QJLOPTON . Sjmmm' . Mus. lNlYRTLI5 C1 oPToN Abernathy, Betty Adams, Mary Frances Apperson, Mary Virginia Austin, Virginia linrtley, 1-Zddie Nvill Billings, Bobby lilennnn, Kntlierine Brent, Mary Alice Clinndler, Lewis Clarke, T. J. Curkern, Barbara Dailey, Sandal Davis, Lawrence Dean, Dewey Durinan, Dorntliy libey. Julia livans, Juan liields, Eay Ifislier, Mary Ann Flynn, Charles Foster, Jimmie Franklin. Frances Gritlin, Peggy Gunn, Harold l'lardy,Elizal3etl1 Hardy, Marian Hill, Meirle Holland, Yvonne Hopkins, James MEMBERS Hurlines, NlLlI'JUl'lC ' l Hufhngton, Gera James, Madeline Keyes, lfrnnkie Meason, Snraluetli NlifCl1Cll,l:l'All1CCN Myer, George Neeley, Adele Nichols, Elaine Owens, Margaret Parker, Rieliard Parr. James Payne, Oscar Reeves, Elizabeth Richards, Riddle,lilanel1e Rust, lilnuise dine Sanger, J. l.. Seanland. Ailelnide Smith, Smith, Tresp, l.euntine Dawson Caroline Tresp, Margaret XVatSoii, Robert XY'illard,Cl1nrloxte VVilli:1ms, W'ynne 3555 as . Willriugliluy, Annu M. Young, Lillian U51 rv ,...,i.,., 4 'spy' -4 Q Adelphi Forensic Club Alixeix Ci-iixsi . . lJOROTlfl Y Ho1.1,ow'ix Y ' Q Cuxixiixus Mxiavix Sixlvsox . S. STANL1-ix' KNAPP . OFFICERS Vil'l'- I'i'i'xiiIc'11f I'i'r'sirfr'11I' St'4'lil'flIIiAj 'I 1'r':1x1zr'f'i' 511101150 r The ,Xtlelphi l'urensie Club w.1x formed under the spunmrsliip of Mr. Knapp for the purpose of stimu- lating interest in and brimdening the debating .ietivities at North Dallas. In the past only twn boys .ind iwn girls h.lXe received experience in tlebuing during any sehnnl year. With the Adelphi Club .ls 41 stilrting poinl. six girlw and eight hnys h.1x'c received sutheient debating experience this year in debates with Selwnls froin various parts of the Slklll' that they have beemne eligible to membership in the National lforensie LCJXLIC, a n.1tinn.xl lumnrury society among high seheuls, North Dullnv will have at least eight buys and girls to start debating next year who have had experience in inter-school debates. l77l lieaird, Miriam Heitman, Bill ljd x15 EI Circle Espanol IQIU Ti'I'111 IRENIL MAR'I'INI.x MIRIARI BIQAIRD . . EBIMA Dovl-1 GAY LDORIS WIxI,RI41Iz . IJUDLILY BRUISCHIYL . XTIRGINIA Lucpfxs . MR.WB1. .SI T.TfXlilJX' . l:I'iI7,BCl'Il1Ll Gay, Emma Dove IXlIeI'mann, lrenc .'Xddington, Glen Axcry, Virginia Lee Garrison, Marjorie OFFICERS PI'vxiIfe11f . Viw- PI'f'xizI'f'11I St't'l'I'f6ll'J' . 7il'l'lIXIl rm' . 'l'lQt'c1IIf-tif-A7'l7IS . Rt'fJ01'ILf'1' . . Sf7U11X0l' MEMBERS Lucas, Virginia Long, jane Lagler, Leliu Alo Martinc7. Irene Blessing, Lorraine Bowling, Frances Boyer, Blanchard Browii. Louis Clarke, Richard c.l'lll11D, Vfaltcr Crawford, Floyd Cullum, George Chaney, Frances lfnglish, Harry Edwards. Peggy Hillycr, June Hall, Margaret Haley. Lawrence Hinds, Luther llillyer, Elaine Ingram, MI1dclyII Alohnston, Clarke LeBlanc, Mattye Sue Lightfoot, Evelyn Luna, Donald NICCSYEIYY, Norris McElvaney, Billie McNicl, Lucille Norrhcurr, Rolnern Ormsby, Mariorie Phillips, Bobby Plumlee, Housion Pirtlc, Louise Rector, Nancy Riddle, Bob Spring Tvrm . NIIRIAM BI-LAIRD . BILL HIaI'I'MAN . HARRY ENGLISH JOHNNY THOMPSON . . jor. SMARTT . VIRGINIA Luc3AS MISS OLATIA CIRANI Roark,lilivalaetl1 Robinson, Marjorie Rucker. ,loc Rosscr, Clarence Runyan, Mary ,lane Smarrr, glue Smith, Sue Smirh, Evelyn Thompson, -lohnny Tresp, Leontine Tresp, Margaret Tankard, lfvelyn Waskoiii, KI. B. Zimmerman, Dorothy 781 QA, ml. I ,-.--. 'Q' g ' 4 -v. : . 2. , ' A-. pangfbxmerlcan League 'r ,j -N 'J JN I 1 X OFFICERS lli Nm Wiiriii 4 an , l'1'i'xiili'11i , Woodrow Wilson N1A1u'M.umA1u-'I Ljll:l..Klll mir, T1'm1s11r'i'i' . I orexi Nllsa lu R. Wu Muni, V.-P. . Forest Ross BUSH, Sc'r'gm'i111l-ul'-flrun .... Sumet Mntixm lil Amo, Si':'1'4flarvi' . . . North Dallas XV.H.BL"1'Li11t, Clmllluin . . . lioremt FLLIX H. G1XliL'l.'X, Ili'Ilmrfi'r Tx MP1 P Hoi 1 1 lt, .llrrrzlim Bmml of lJiri'r!m'.x . . North Dallas 'lihe ll.1l1-.XI'llCl'lCtll'lLCAIXLIC wis orginiled November Ill, 1927. by 11 group of Spanixh .ind history teaeherx :intl .itlxxiiieed Ntudents of Simnisli. 'lihe l.C.lgLlC75 aim is to promote .1 closer rehtionwhip, sympathy, .md under- stantling Among the peoples of America. llilltit is the original chapter of the League and has granted charters to eleven other high schools in this hemisphere. 'liihe l3iinfAmericnn League hm received the ollieinl sanction of the l711ll'Al1lCl'lC2ll1 Union at Whisli- ington :intl of the Mexican government. l,.'lSl year the League held sessions with the Southwest Foreign Trade Conference .ind this year there will he meetingx with the PnnvAmerie.1n Medical Congress. There will be the firwt n.uionnl eonvention of ihe Lmgue heltl here xllfklll 23-Zi. North llillit has two ollieers in the League .lt present, Nlirixlni Beaird, Seereury, and Temple Holler. .1 niemher ot' the hoard of directors. Nliss lfdna. Hinde, our loe.1l sponsor, h.1S devoted her efforts untiringly to lHRll'iC Ullli Llllll Ll SUCCCSS. Ml-1M lilfliS ALlklll1gllll1,cliCll lienirtl, Miriam lirutsehe. Dudley Burlew, l,.lIl'lCl.l lflniore. Louise English, l larry Gay, lfmmii llox e Gratzl. Ali in Hillyer, klune Holler. Temple Hunt, Dorothy Kennemer. Frank Martinez, lrene NleGafTc-y, Betty McMahon. William Phillips. Bobby Pirtle, Louise Rader, Anne Riefler, Paul Rohimon. Mnriorie Slater, Rose Smith, livelyn Sterner, Louise Stroup,R.1y Thompson, klohnny Tucker, Elizabeth Vinson. Edna Yfalker, Doris Willoughby, An 11.1 Nl. l79j parent Teachers Association The North Dallas Parent-Teacher Association extends greetings to the January and June Classes of 1933. Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs H. M. MacQuiston 1. B. Stitt . . . . Joe Bedell . W. E. Bonner . Henry J. Landrum W. H. Thomson . W. L. Edwards N. G. Hardy . . J. Howard Payne . Lorry Jacobs . . A. Hemphill . Henry Boll . . S. C. Hogg . . Scott Bower . . J. M. Hadra and Mrs. Ella G. Bigbee . Awam's 55200.00 Scholarship Life Membership High Honor and Latin T. S. Bruc.e OFFICERS . .... Presidenzf . . Firsf Vice-President . Second Vice-President . Third Vice-Prc'sidc11t . . Recording Secretary . C01'1'L'Sl7017di7ZgSC'C1"6'ftl1'y . . . . . T1'easzu'c'r . Pa1'liumef1taria11 . . Hisforian . . . Press Rc'p01'tc1' . Telvplaom' Chlli1"l71lll1 . . Pencil Machine . Life Mem bcfrsbip . . . . Courtesy . Delegates to Council . . . . Azzdiior ACTIVITIES Adult Erluvafion Physiology Classes Book Reviews Addresses by Outstanding Educators Social Liferary Tcachcfs' Luncheon Rebound Library Books Spcnsol-cd Dcmcc given by Olynqpiad Assisted School Publications Club Entertained Senior Classes WFIf01'f' Dads and Mothers Sponsored Red Cross Work R.O.T.C. Officers' Dance School Lunches Joint Party for Dads, Mothers, and Community Chest Teachers Dallas Council of Parents and Teachers Won High School Section Attendance Cup L80 I The Dads' Club OFFICERS SIM LAK1-. . . ..... . Pl't'Xitl'l'llf B. Faux HARRIS . . View-l'i'vsif1'cz1f W. A. Sci-INABEL . , Trmgzm-r MEETINGS The Dads, Club of North Dallas High School meets on the first Thursday night of each month. Dinner is followed by Ll program. PURPOSE To create an increasing interest in the welfare of North Dallas High School and espec- ially to aid and cooperate with the principal, teachers, and commandant of cadets in the organization known as the Reserve Officers Training Corps. E811 1 2.358 - 4 . - ' .iv , FLA V ja? K . 5' 5 'v 7 :,-1 5, , Y. -... - -, VA- -,..,x ' ,,., vp -' R ' v If '," pr. 9 .A Lf, 4.,-41 ,, W.- 4 -.i'f-- W'-I. ff vm- ' , g fu2:,:.,. ak, 'ff ' ., 5-Nr . . ly ,-v. i' . 95121 ' 5 5 ' "wif -1,1-7 sip., .. ..: I 9 WL,-.Q we-1, ' - - 1 .+' Q A ' 'S Sf' ', --55? "' '-1142 .,-K -. w. ff 'LX K.-H - E ., ' i ' 1" , 1- 'L .,.. 51, 2'H..,.-:- ff.. 3- -3 .. wx:-. ,,-igve. . X- I . ' ',.1.Q,',,i-sr , ny, .' , ' 4. '34 , '-Lft -'. ,".,' 4 L -. -.3-1 x - 1.1, ,- 'pfivf' 3, if JDP- W-it ,- E, - lf., :S A 72. .1V..1 ' ', ,- ly- ' 'A 'fc' ,v 'QI , ,- qv , M, 1 .1. ,- 1 1 453 - . 4 '-1--A , itslh ,fl v-QM. ' gr' fr, J' :' , b .V 5, V' . H -J' 3 -Wd' .. - "Q- .S V ' , 'HW ' ' : x ""f' 1- ::L- ' fain Y " 3-:A ' 1 1 "-' "F 'Y lg' v 14-i5?x.:f A . ' 3 -'uf-TE"---v.'-41. 'g Th. ' EQ,-,71?l1Jf" A :X ' 1.'.'2J'-J - F--9? Y 5 'Q?f.g3iS2b:.-f' I f:, fjif IA .V .V:A..4. ,.Q,:1g. M., .V ,.,L L ., . - 'Q f?Fge" f"'YI" fx., 5 1 1- 1 '. I, ' 13-:lv 'J ,."- nm- ,-i:--.'?e1,gyn45' - ' 1 V, ' f C"'."'g' 4'1 -L ', -, 7 .v. 'l.ff4v'!'?'l- -If-."i.' Z 'T f' gs, Xe '.1'fg.35-'Arif-Q 'f ,,, - V ,wg , sf' n ..f - ' vff af.-'az'-wb-'f"' .f-" Fil- p. F ' , ' ' 'K . ' "2 ', "3 " 5 ff- " ' ,F 4 ': "F A W. 1 .Y ". ,ik-3:-Qi? .xiff "N x - 1 i 1:-Q 11 , .,5vi.ij.:Ig1Q',:," -rug ,. 3,3 f -I Q.. - -'- H Y ' ' ,,-,,, 'W 1-.Q 53' 1 N . , 'BTH 1 , ., 1 at-gzv' s Q- 1 ,35 6-fix QU. ' .. r V . " -pm ig' ,gf L .-.1 .,. . , . -,.+.v.. -Z' 13:4 '-'Q . ' ' .. gr, '1. ..'-a V' 1 - 1'-13 fs . , fl I X 2, 53: -3 3- Kira f""""" K , ,Z ,, b I, , 9 J? 1 2: "gk",-1' F R. ' '5- 1,5 ri" bg, iii 31? at N, Af .. Q, . SY ,,,.-.-,E g- 433 5:5 1:5 ' F, A ,Q if , V A X, LF' 'W 1' ' ff' 1 P fl' -L' -2'3"-H Q2f.g. i? g, 4 4 '1",f.-,.f 3-:-A g 2 ca w fn . 'awipa5Q:2'3' ,vw 1' vZ.j1gff"N iQ' ::ff1'f' "2 : 74 -V , ., . ,A ' 4' A" " W I if L-mifivi 'Yr-Fil -fhfw ,. K b. , .Q , ., ,- , jg : vig N Aga -gf fy, W Q-M, f qa,f,1,4.- sa w - X ' , :gm ff:-f WM' wt.. ' , Y ff..-1!f!"f"""k""p", . . Q ww-5 - ,,,.- fm ....',,4-' .?"1g, ' J lf, Q ' ,a .- V V Q ,- ., .piwzu -9- -I ' ., H Yr lx- f- 14.-f'4,: f 31: '+ ... f xv? , +.-,yn Q .., , Wag' - -- , ny.: .',,-ff.. , R -Q 1 ' V. ,15,fc,,2QQQ,,wvQt"',f3fws.- ,t,?,3Zi,,,g, A 4 :mr J? Q23-: gy :': ..,,. M gi ' ' :M fi., .wg ,gg-J we ' ff V 'ww w' ,. f 4, xC-1-N545 'wr fm 3 m Q ' ' A .1:.ef f.f,Q9nf "ff:-. L 525543 ,-Qi+::vQimwT,:v ., ki -f 'Txyw 4, b .f .. A , -'uf.v'..:,?2a "-REM . ff m ,'g,:N-gff,Zfg:f .zsf ,,ffg..f - J' 5 r-:MV f ,mg xg , ,N ,,,,1i.g'.W.-,lun ,f , :N ,2?i5Ag?, Sf.. , .iyuv -fx . ?l+k5STEl2J1f?? 1, ' Afi i- . K, L, K i i,1.,f-,,:.zv . fm 1546541 f,,. V .ff , . ,xv f' ' 'W4"4'Q?" 1' My Y' I-QU fxigxy ',.' 1 'rfiy ?tQw , .fW.,1fy3ggf,,gf.,.,,15'q.5 I.: ,,, ,,,.,,,.,-V -..vk-y3a,. ,ik I ' 5 2'f,:'fYC-i+x?'21W,,,xL-ff,ff33"F"i'Iuif?gy, ,. M' hw ' "Y "'?f X. ' v ii g,y..F,,.,,:hL.w3.5',Qk I-F.-514:31 LsQ?i,,.,,gg:,?f:, ,K -431' ff.1,c3.:E w 'V V ' Ff"X "y"1L -2 if "' '?Afi!..6fi'i'1ifffifilffz-5"5?'?r'ifQl-B5 vii?" , M .3 Wil K-.xiii is :fi5,l,zS,,w4 , Yifafsze-5g:E,u,q',W,F:p.,,4A.' 7,7 'N .2 , 1'fij3:,Q.',,,'n?:3,i ...W ......Ai,.,....-.L.:QfZz::fg"4., ',v',.," 53-W ,V-tg., -if ble.-ygj21,iL:j,q.J,y-,3,Qr51:1g,8 ' -4-"l'lf'i'1'-Q-mana-a2,,p.' ,-:-' Xvn- nr.:-wp: f 'fQ,5.3g-' V MUSiC Dremetics dfld publications MARION MURRAX' TLMIILI-1 HOFPIR PKTXIIIIHIX Miriam Beaird Sandal Dailey Minnie Hemphill julia Thomson julia Germany W. Brake W. I.. Crowdus Iline Moodie C. I.. FORD MYRA SMITH . CIIAli1.l-18 HILL CA'I'1'IIiRINL VooI4,L . . EDWIN CAGE -llwe Vildng A1'lIl1'liI'x jimmy Barber Granville Berry Iokrs E. W. Brake Miriam Beaird BUSINESS STAFF JAIv11:S HOI'KINS . Sponsor . liilifor Orgafiiznfions Miriam Beaird Sandal Dailey Temple Hoffer R.O.T.C. Temple Hoffer Marvin Simpson . . . . . Sjmilsm . Slmlwzf Busizzvxx lvlazzagvi . . AIfz'CI'fisi11g Mamzgvi . Axxixtaul Busincxs Mazinger THEO VALIiNTlNE E841 I-i-I :- an ,- as Q - QQ-.. ,....,..... .- ,xx.. . if? . .--LM The Norther STAFF OF JANUARY, 1933 STAFF OF -IUNIQ, 1933 EDITOR-Anna Margaret Willoughby. BUSINESS MANAGERfDumIley Brutsrhe. SPONSOR- 'Miss Floy Agnew. ART DI'RECTORf'Miss Margaret Mills-r. LITERARY DEPARTMENT Lillian Young, Elsa S a. n ge r, Sexton Webb, Martha Armstrong, Elizabeth Manner, Marian Parr, Lois Novey, Exa Greene, Miriam Beaird, Julia Hodgson. FEATURE-ARTICLE DEPARTMENT-Lois Novey, John Osborne, Lisbeth Landrum. PERSONALS IJEPARTMENT-Alex Burr, Flora Imboden, Louise Nesbitt. ART DEPARTMENT-Harriet Goldberg, Editor: Roger Greenwell, Lewis Storey. NEWS IJEPAR.'I'MEN'I' Sandal Dailey, Exa Greene, Joe Rucker, Freml Graham. BUSINESS STAFF Georire Works, Myra Smith, Winthrop Sherman. HUMOR DEPARTMENT ---Jack Lallier, W. L. Crowdus, Alex Burr, Her-tor Mackay, Maurice Hanks, Henry Abbott. TYPIST----Mary Connell. FIllITORfMiriam lieaird. ASSOCIATE EDITORS-Exa Greene, E. W. Brake W. L. Crowdus, Sandal Dailey. PERSONALSfW. L. Crowllus, Jimmie Barber Temple Hoffer, Maurice Hanks, Winifreml Rob: ertson, Buck McMahan. MILITARY- -James Hopkins, Joe Rucker. PUBIIICITY-Marion Mosley, Ilurelle Alexander, Joe Fitzsimmons. Sandal llailey. EXCHANGES Minnie Hemphill, A. J, Hemphill. AR'I'f Margaret Evans, lleta Clements, Ida May Fortune, Enu-line Talbot, Julya Thomson. 'I'YPIS'I'SfElizaI1eth Manner, Margaret Mason, Virginia White, Aletha Webb. JOKES AND PERSONALS-N, T. Fisher, Paul Jamison. STORIES, POEMS-Elizabeth Manner,Lois Novey, Elsa Sanger, Houston Lynch, Lisbeth Landrum. BUSINESS STAFF fleorge Works, J. P. Smith, Paul Minton, Anna M. Willoughby, Dudley Brutsche. 85 l ,X .- 1, N3 5 NL, 5 IRIX iii ..- lfllll Trrm Uurene . . , , ,Iulia Germany . ,Inlia Thonixon . ,lack Whllker . , Charles Thompson I -Incques Phelps 5 A lnel Watson . . Vfinlhrop Shernian Mary ilnckeon . . Sexton W'ebb . . . M.irjorie Keneipp l A lflimlwerli Xlfebb 5 l'lor,1 lniboden - lfxn Greene l , Rurli Green sf Sexlon XVebb lhe Compass Nliw Myrl . , . lfiflfor .lllzzlugiflg Ififiiui' .li.xm'il1!rIfllilnr - SIYUVIX Iflfifur MiliI'rl!'j' lflfiluiis .lrfiz iiirx lflfllur l'Y4'LIfIll'L'l lillzfor . SUl'il'f-1 lflflfor Rez iru v lillilnr l'fu'f1l1r1gqr Iflfifmw . fllllll Ill rliifx Robert Gibbs . li11.i111r,w,i will flllfllltlflllll ,xlnlI1ll4QL'l' liIl1H1.lC1lfllCflllC Nolen Milburn Mcffrediu Douglas McCain ,lininiic lhrber AlUCl:lllSlI'l'lIllUl1S lflrmr Nllrlzlrgrn limngig Pnwe . . . flfrrzlrrllilrzf REPORT Helen Anderson, Corinna liunistor, Ross lim-dell. Burgess, Margaret Cook, Caron Uroiivh, Robert Da Maurice Fleetwood, Rohert Gibbs. Fred Graham. Nolan Harvey, Dorothy Holloway. Flora lmboflen, her Noris Hellman, Marjorie lieneipp, .lou Leak. le Foster, SIHIHXOI' Sflflllg 'IVFVIH -luli.l Germany .lulin Thomson .lacquer Phelpx -lulia HoclgSon ,loe Fitisiminoni V l,ois Novey . lfdwin Burton .lulia Hodgxxiii llirothy Holloxxxiv lQX.i Greene Doris Hellman l1x.i Greene Allen Johnston Xlnry jacks. n .lack Neill . Ross lieilell . ,I lfxm'r1l!i1rlfllilor . . Iilfilor llllmlgiflg Iiflfor li.ir1rnllrI1lfilor Sfmrfs lfililoi l-'mllzlrrx lillifm' -lr!iz'ilir.x Iiflilm . Prrmlmlilfllllur Snrirli Ellifm . lnrfnrflgrlnlilmi . flflllllllllfifi . CflH'irmr11,if . ,lrl lfllifor Robert Gibbs . HIlXl:lIl',lX will flii'tklIlLlflIHI Mumigrr , Y. , lfmmu Catherii .limniie Barber Ilongliis Klclliln C. Nl. New Soni lid Mueller Nolan lfrnnk Lee johnson I-lfmr ,llumzgrm lfdnuird Brown . . Pllfilirifj l7ir'rr!or xlllflfm 5P11lW . I3lf1llrn,q1'lljifu'i'i Caron Crouch ORIAI, STAFF Herman Bell, Edward Brown, Edwin Burton, Stewart nsby, Philip Dudney, lin-tty Edmondson, Joe Fitzsimmons. Ruth fire-en, Exa Crue-ne, Mario Hamilton, Jack Hall. Mary Jackson, Loris Jacobs, Allen Johnston. Bill Kele- ' Tom Martin, Douglas McCain, limlwina McDaniel, Helen Mistrot, Marion Mosley, lid Mueller, C. M. Newsom, Lois Novey, Jzuiques"rane1i Ifowu, Mattie Kauf Rogers, Francis Rumlinv, Winthrop Sherman, Jauk Smith, Marion Spake. law-lyn hlrinprer, David Thompson, Elizabeth Webb, SA-xion Wehlw, lnvz VVatson, L ms l Violins Bill O'Connell Evangeline Poole Billy Pullman Eleanor Swenson Doris Taylor Georgia Lena Kent Fay Fields Vandelia Perry Norvelle Webb CIa1'i11c'fx Roger Greenwell Wilson Phillips Flufe Vaughn Self A is Qrchestra ' C!ll'IIl'f.N' Gerald Bennett Robert Morriss is Oscar Ray David Crowley John Stephenson Bill Moody Szlxzz phone Kenneth Goodson T ro III firm 6' Pat Walker George Shaelcelford Dan Blackburn Buss V lol Sam Foster Banjo John Thompson wiamlfilm Dorothy Aaron Piano Charlotte Abbey Alice Lorraine Smith Drums Houston Lynch Milburn McCredie joe Rucker The orchestra, under the direction of Miss Ruth Johnstone Curtis, has played for Commencement, the Book Week program at Sam Houston School, the music assembly, the cantata, and for the veterans, program over Station WRR. l37l ii . V-Ll., g Yv - r n ,.W' -yi., : , : gf V , 42f - m, mm ,,,. ,, , A , ., .v,. . , m , V Vb ,,,,,,,, .k,. . ,A V A K . t - i i The January Senior Flay "THAT maeusow FAMILY" CAST Fm! 1"t'I'gllSOII . . . , Frank Cowan Merlin' 1lt'I'gllXOI1 . . Angela Franklin Turin' 1"t'I'g1lX0ll , Billie Russell Im' 1'vt'l'gIlXOlI . , , , Alex Bury Rzrpwrl Sfrilzvr . ...... Jack Lallier I,r111rr1Co11m'll-y . Anna Margaret Willoughby' Mary 1Jlt'l!1ilIg ..., Flora lmboden Bill I'llt'IIIjl1g . Doward Sanderford Bvrf Cfofzlzvlly . . . Henry Boll Mrs. Stiff!!! VIWIJUVIIV . . Louise Nesbitt In spite of the icy weather of the night of Uecember 17, and the comparatively small attendance, the group who saw the presentation of "That Ferguson Family," presented by the January Senior Class, under the direetion of Stanley Knapp, made the affair a success. "That Ferguson Family," like so many senior plays, was hailed as one of the best ever given, and the crowd made up in enthusiasm what it lacked in numbers. Frank Cowart and Angela Franklin stole the acting honors for the evening, although the whole cast did excellent work. The stage sets were adequately handled by Henry Boll. ii, i881 , 'W - or-rxfzxfmv 5"-re1 The June Senior play "THE RED-HEADED STEPCHILDU CAST Mrs. Richard Russell . . Inez Edge Richard Russell . . . Jack Chase Mrs. Oliver Woodrug Margaret Courtney Elizabeih fBessj Russell Dorothy Holloway Mrs. Emmy Scott . Margie Ruth EcholsGe0frge Garrison . 2 Jimmie Hereford Briggs, the Butler . . Jacques Phelps Efbel Ashley . . Ethel Vallin ein Russell . . Nellie Cummins Lucille Christy . . Julya Thomson Dudley Russell . W. L. Crowdus Flora Farnum . . . Julia Germany Under the direction of S. Stanley Knapp, the class of June, 1933, is preparing to pre- sent a three-act comedy, "The Red-Headed Stepchildf' by Charles George. The story concerns Bess Russell, who has lived all her life on a large western ranch with her uncle. After his death, she comes to Chicago to live with her father and his family. Mrs. Russell and Lucia are cold and haughty, and contrive, in every possible way, to make Bess feel like an outsider. Dudley, Mr. Russell and George understand, and sym- pathize with the charming hoyden, and try to make her life as happy as possible. Bess finally decides to go back where people are human beings. She learns that her father is in financial difiiculties, and aids him with the dividends of some of the stock she has inherited from her uncle. Mrs. Russell and Lucia wake up to the fact that Bess is a lovable girl in spite of her ignorance as to which knife or fork to use. Lucia. when she discovers that Bess and George are in love, gives them her blessingg and Bess takes George out west to make a real cowboy of him. E891 Q. fx - lf, J . ,ig ,rf .g I 'lf Athi I' A if . .,.. ,- 2 6-r. 554 'j1A'f55.E,f,i 2 ,-', f V 'FM' n 55'9:f2. , , , V, , sm 'R r ,vi V 'Cf' QQ ,r v ,Y S. C ,xx ' HK' R1 xf. 'Nh '21 .-Qfxqw fx, , - X.. r""": Qi?-n'iU gig .NM 2. If g' 3. sph-6 wsu, EQ, ,Ji ffl? oi ,off ff 44 J Q 1' wmv wgm-1 W5 35" x - Nfl 4- A-.,.. as . 1 'ESQ ., we ,, ,Z .MAP ' 'ies W 4.,.5,,,pf"fL .wife X. , .f AL- i . .Rf-ff' " 'hm ,,:,. U ' L' ., . if? S-fa. 1. : ,ff ,ng-.,g"1f .- J ? 1 A .H f ,1 , .,,Y,??-,.zw.f-Qf-I-,g,xg. rm-fit. 11,-V, " . is:-L .. MM-1 fam- -fx W WMM Hmm ,,,,,:,..,.,,m-W.-ww-M..n ,. E.,,,...W.4x2w, ,fxzqg .,.,.1,.'5 4-vawsm fri...lM1.iam: wdL'f...AwM, ' w 1' Tv' X1 f "Mia, ' '51, , af:-W -'fl' -wfmfei IJ. Mm-wmwu-wh-2-vwfif-1fM'f1-2wsN x ,, l w,Nw..4.,. M .M wk, - . ,.wgvLm,j,,3f43gX11g-ffffgsz A , Q1 ,, A .. f,5.,f':g:--2 : 2 bf v L., it , ,, , ,, ,, ,.. My ?k,,, VX ,A 7. , ,. , uf" vw 45.34125 w,,.,,,S::.,, , , .N in " ix N Eg , w ,wma ., , ll fn' W if, r 'Q' h , ,Q wj fw-a . X . L Q Lili? .,,.f A - , , 255 xg' : M A - .4,,Vg,-,L4,,. , . .Mi....w...-.,W.e,....,Wu,,.W.p.,.f,1,A,,. Y A, Q ,I,.,,N.M fa, J.: mimi 5 -.ew ,-pg 1, , V NS-ff .A 'W' N, .. ,. Q A ,,..,, W . ' f f M Q.,W: :,':ef A f W A ,fm ,,., . , , ,.-N , f V , ,1,1w,Nw,t,6. Q ,M W,w..., Y Mita' Q:-Ag:-gxfe-..t,:?. -1,-2315.Ligvr3'igfwmQg+yrf2ffrv::.5?:,imf yv:mim,,Q?:gy, Qbydxw 6 aight, x -.y sg ws, , Sgqilg I 8' fggffggixgggaqwfgif ng'v .1fJ:4?,Lfqf,.wRm,f,.w,4' QE-.:"., Q21-,:--r . -f f-:,,f," 1- 1 NJ' W' ffx www - Q ph f A wg-fm ., A.,s.':-L MH - ,- -,Q N , MM A , A Fm My A QWWN: Zh: ff A' Q H 'aa M 4, yi: i", pa .I Q w,,-www'-..fv lun il 555 5? N, if Y fi' Z. -, , LA as r 5' fx 5 ' .1 in 4 ' 'A' 7 1 X My .5 ., "flue 1 .1 s, A , , 1 .A , ,. 2 wg Wjgyff y jx: f ,X 9? nf! ,iz -sw, W 551 Er y""'f'Q'1fKN'0.::1!A9 ' 1 K D Aww V I4 M gtk-fn' ft 1-7 ww X ' 4m,-,KM .. nf.- , . ff f 'E z 5 a ' ff' l'?e4': 31 x,, Si 5 , 14 , M . 5 SQ avi LA , 5 , I nf I 'Q 3 u e 'g ar Lf 4153 5 I 3 if 5 3 , I , Ag an L its ixglghg ,,,Q,.wW.f,, -,fm f,,,,,myW.-,f,5 i 7 M 1 K 1 ix I Kg.,,A.,7+-uf-iw..-9-1-1.wg:g ,, ,gi M + gsff, P '-14,-M mis' f 5 55,f'iZz 1 12 1, " x tX"P3,'. TL 2 :My 3. ig ggi ,. ' 1,431 , . 1 g 4 If ,S1:f,.,.,, 5' ', in ,.4. 1 i .Ng uf fl 3: 5 I 1 Q' f as , i I Q 2 ,gf 2 . 1' 2 M-1 Ng A ,, , -. Q A ,Q mg C, gy: v-Y fy ' .5 gg A imp L fg' We t -Nga Q z 4 ipacq ' V., ' ' 8 qi," : f Hi ' f Q, ,- fb.: ,M . Au, 33,5 M , is 3' L',f3"" f p. w , .A-, S" fb iii xv 1 1' f" 71 -ff ggxf . 1,3352 1 iii f -' W mf fz gffw ,ga '5 ' 4.-' A Qfff' ,sf .4,,4,', 'yi T' , ,Mil 0 f ' f 1- ,.,,w K f V' ' a, 'r s VJ., ,l ,h V. . ." 'l1.f"Vh Kfffgfvff ..a...1.: , ' ef N J' 1- , f-Zz' 4 ' .- -.ff My Q r' . 1 F ,- ' W ff 'B ff' 2 ,s,f"'i".:fX X E ' .QA '1,Q!?Q:"' , 1 Z f -1 - 4" '1:'?f',lNwfQ ' f ' azfzxsw. ' 'I' 2 0 1? N774 yfwg? - - ,-was? A wwf' v f' 1 -. 'nv WI ,A-S H- f,- .- -'Jw ' , 5 A , XAXIEHZ ICS mm 9 1 L-iLl.... ,, S1 XII St.T. kloux l3U1.oc is C1111 l'AlN H. li. M1 Nl ll s l.'1. Co1..T11M1f1.11llo111R ,fl.1,1i.1l1111f to ctfllllllltllllitlllf Co111111u111l1111l R. O. T. C. The term 1932-33 has been the most successful year for the military department since North Dallas High School began. The corps has shown marked improvement in every Clepartment over that of last year. Lieutenant Colonel Russell Wfoinowsk was the regi- mental commander for the fall term, and during the term, the regiment was commended for its efficiency by Colonel Wade. The regiment should be able to improve greatly with Lieutenant Colonel Temple Hoffer in command for the spring term. The North Dallas regiment ranked third on the ofhcers' inspectiong on general efficiency of the regiment North Dallas also ranked third. Crack company competition for this year will be held May 13. The ofhcers have not yet been selected, but the hopes of North Dallas of winning this competition are great. The rifle team, under the supervision of Sergeant Bulloch came out second in the city, with Second Lieutenant Dale Elliott in a tie with Lieutenant Dickason of Technical High School for individual first place. The re iment as a whole has increased each fear vreatl over the recedin ear in s U 1 s Y ' s efhciency, under the able supervision of the commandant, Captain Harry E. Menezes. The corps wishes to congratulate you, sir, on fine Work. E941 Q, X Er Regimental Stall Rc gim 0111411 Co nz IIIlll1t1L'l' Firsf Lfl'Ilf6"l1lll7fS Lt. Col. Temple Hoffer Majors Marvin Simson Charles Thompson Sz' Pete Lucas Cajlfuin Maurice Hanks John C. Read Bobby Gottschall Charles Hill Grover Wilkins voml Lit'1lfl'lIL1lIfS Allen Johnson Robert Hill Dick Bonner James Hopkins John Harrison Q51 ......,.,M.eL,. .A,,A , , Wye V ompany A Captain George Gorman, cTUIlIlIIlllIlIl'l'Q Second Lieutenant Clyde Hyden, Second Lieutenant Fred Wfilkins, Second Lieutenant Sam lfreedman. Company B Captain Harry Crump, C!l1IIIl1cl!1tlt'l'j First Lieutenant Paul Jamieson, Second Lieutenant ames Ho wkins, Second Lieutenant Sim Lake. . P E961 J. K tm, Q ai if W 5 fl gf' Company C Captain Lewis Storey, Co111111umfz'1'g Second Lieutenant Billy Trabue, Second Lieutenant Edward Sammons. Company D Captain Al Deuley, Cf1lIIIlIHIIlll'l'j Second Lieutenant Milburn McCredic, Second Lieu- tenant Billy Sailors, Second Lieutenant A. AI. Hemphill. E971 Company E F' ig- -Q ll irst itutenlnt l.1u Rietler, fiUllIllllllItfK'l'j First Lieutenant Dick Bonner, First Lieu- tenant, First Lieutenant O. E. St. Clair, Second Lieutenant Roswell Paine. Company F First Lieutenant jim Souter, ClllIlIIIdlIt1l'l'Q First Lieutenant N. T. Fisher, Second Lieu- tenant Frank Lee johnson. I i WSJ ,--,-..,-F-.- Q? Q. Band Captain james Puff, Commander, Captain xloe Rucker, retired: Ilirst Lieutenant W'illiam Moody, Second Lieutenants Robert Morris, Houston Lynch, Henry Spencer, Louis Kramer, First Sergeant Oscar Ray, Staff Sergeants VV. L. Crowdus, Kenneth Goodsong Sergeants Blanchard Boyer, Donald Dawson, Robert Ifetor, Nolan Harvey, Lawrence Haley, Billy Marsehall, Paul Revis, Harold Smith. Vaughn Self, Corporals Billy Billings, Roland Cobb, Tommy Collins, Clarence Cook, Robert Cook, XV. D. Downs, W'ilford Nolen, Nvilliam Mayes, ,lack Morris, Phillip Shaekelford, Privates George Cullum, George Dees, Charles Gatfield, Edward Hashert, O. H. Hood, Buck MacMahon, Wilsoix Phillips, Charles Shi ds, Charles Townsend, Pat NValker, George W'hipple. Captain George Gorman, Second Lieutenant james Hopkins, First Lieuten' Il Paul Inlmisong Sergeams George Turner, -lohn Ahern, john Neal, Al. B. Whxslmkomg Privates Noel Iames Wlatson, lidward Grube. l9Ul fa ict-7. -7.- X f N XL W XE 0 x kr' If . . - ue H... ' L ff 1 , , q f" 5 f s,-, 3 . ii, v- , 'rhu . , ' 1 nr Qt ,- J tg 'Z-ay: ' 42- ' ' 'gf Q 1' E A ' gf ii," Q 'fmj :' 2 .. .. ,- .,r,,A' f 1 I-mn- v- da.-H N. L-. A H I H514 'fl rifflf ff?" :Aw auf :ii ' SU 5 1 1 iss m1h,7i":5,W nl wi W1 I'2.g'i,: K S- - ' 3 f"-E .32-' 'if ---' 'g1..,,2"'f?1f'i .fiv e f W. ...J "W "" 951, -Y. s P ' ,, 'vii'---Ei-'22-::-4 , 1- , A ' Y ,--. - mf i a ? ' Q ' f :' Eg' - 5 gf 'Qin ' 5 L,, 4 ' -,,' Vi, F4 ,,:f' nf mfg Q2 if L' Q1 , ww E, 525 f 1H.'i15"f T ' M ' 'Y 'A 'F pg , 431' 1 iW?Z1L.1 V? l .J 1 AAA- A - 2.11 . fs. . 1 1 , . P' if ' f 1 9,5621 Q ' , w wf. r ,F g' ft ,I ...V ' "VV .,,,,Nh .fgffgy ' ' .- -9 j A 2,554 , ,N - f' ff, igeiw ,f -, f . - 5 Qliff U .214 w ff' 'I cf-f' 5 1 HS ' ' 3 . f '4 , 1 ,-K 2-ff . w. W3 ' sa gmt NN J 'Eh 475- an Sports I' H , .XP Y, ,N If V "wg -. f' A if lhrbcr, slimmic llxvix. ,Icxw Olgr 3 Hurry, Gram illc gui l'l1glixl1,H.1rry Bull, Henry l"illNiINl11UIlC, Lluc lirnkc, lt. XY. LQFLIILIIN. Fred 'K ,. , g . Letter Men ll.1ll.kl.xuk ll.mks,Nl.1uricc H.1Ll4kins, Kunncllx Hcitm1m.lSill Q fra'-Q 1 ,yr klnlumun. .MICH XlcSh.1n,l,gX. nlcy, Nlari z Ncwwnw, C. H. -Iqhmnpxuxl.C'l1.1rlL-N XY.1llwr, sI.1ck '2 wi , x N K 1. 4 xx -,Q .3 " x N 1+ my f i .,i..l- - I 11121 '1 W Q -A QNX' 62939 A hm Q A' eos hgh S .N l X .XR 1 ', X. is iii X . l The l93Q Football Season This year North Dallas opened the season witl1 .1 green and inexperienced team. With only four letter men, Coaches Allen and Fulton had a ditlieult task to build up a team which could meet the opposition of teams of other Dallas high schools. Having lost their only veteran linesman, Boll, through injuries, the Bulldogs were defeated by the Greenville Lions, Z4-lb, and the defeat was doubled when in the last few minutes of play Captain Berry ree ceived Ll broken arm which kept him out for the rest of the season. Undaunted by the loss to Greenville, North Dallas defeated Nlcliinney I3-0, at McKinney. In this game every man did his best, and each deserves much credit. Outstanding men were Vfalker, Graham, Barber, Thompson, and Krutilek. The following week the Bulldogs lost their first district game to Dallas Tech, I4-73 and again each man on the team fought gamely to the very end. Especially fine work was done by Mosley, W'alker, Barber, and Brake. Following this defeat came another by the highly touted Oak Cliff Leopards, 37-tv. The next week the Bulldogs, without Wbtlker, who was injured in the Oak Clit? game, were beaten by the powerful Sherman team, at Sherman, -H-0. In the game with the Forest Lions, played in a Lll"iZ7llHg rain, North Uallas lost again, 32-12. Wralker, Goodson, Barber and Graham played outstanding games, and again each boy on the team fought to the very end of the game. The next gllfhf was with Sunset, and although the Bulldogs showed a lighting spirit, the Bisons Won, I3-7. Fine work was done by Boll, Brake, Krutilek, Heitman, Wfalker and Barber. The season ended with a victory by the city champions, Vfoodrow NY'ilson, 32-ll. Walker, Boll, Moore, Brake, Fitlsintmons. Barber. linglish and llohnston, playing their last game for North Dallas, put everything they had into the game, but were unable to stop the powerful XY'ildeat team. The North Dallas team, although it cinched the cellar position, fought hard in every game, played with a fine spirit of loyalty to the school. and developed some good players. .lack XX'alke1', an outstanding man on the team was wicked to lar on thewkll City team this vear. . I P . t 103 1 t l ilxilhe Basketball Season 71? 15Asm'1'P,,xL1. '1'1iAx1s ., . . X , . .. . . . . . . Ifirsf: jack XX alker, Jimmie Pmarber, Arxlxtir Pitts, Joe T'l1lS1INlU-21115, Cialun Rice, Nathan Proctor, I-red bra- X ham, il. P. Stewart, liltlon XY'illiams. -N Swofzzf: Muriel Tripp, Kenneth Gootlson, Clarence Ulrick, W'illiam Marshall, Marion Mosley, Karl Zschach, Robert Zschach, Herbert Smith, Delmar Y ruthers, NVilhur Keith, lid Bianchi. Bzzsizzwx Marmger . . L. . . L. A. MCSHAN Cuaflr .... . . . . E. M. FU1.ToN GANTES lfirxf Huff North Dallas . . 24 Oak Cliff . . 22 North Dallas . . 27 Sunset . . . 26 North Dallas . . 19 Tech . . . . 45 North Dallas . . 18 Forest .... . 33 North Dallas . . 14 Woodroxx' Wilsonw . . 15 SKTUIILX Half North Dallas . . 29 Oak Cliff . . 22 North Dallas . . 27 Sunset . . 26 North Dallas . . S Tech . . . 41 North Dallas . . 17 liorest .... . 31 North Dallas . . . 24 Woodroxv Wilsoii . . . 26 'I'fm1I1'oia1fs: North Dallas, 207g opponents, 284. H041 4 -lil12 BdSCbdll Season Coach E. M. Fulton's prospects for a champion nine again this year are very bright. There are eight veterans returning this year: Wgllker, the captain, Barber, Fitzsimmons, Pitts, Williams, Newsom, Mosley, and Stewart, who was a letter man two years at Sunset. With an infield composed of Fitzsimmons, catcher, Newsom, first baseg Barber, sec- ond base, Vfalker, third base, and Stewart, shortstop, Coach Fulton has the strongest infield in the city, both offensively and defensively. Eldon Williaxiis, considered the best hurler in the Dallas high schools, is expected to repeat his winnings of last year. In Hereford and Lott, Coach Fulton has two good reserve pitchers. The outfield, composed of Pitts, Mosley and Thompson or Goodson, has plenty of strength, and the team should prove one of the best in the city. Thus far in the season, outstanding helding and hitting has been done by Barber, Fitzsimmons, Pitts, Wgilker and Stewart, the pitching of Willianas, Lott and Hereford has been exceptional. Newsom, Mosley, Thompson, Goodson, Krutilek, Ulriek and Gar- retson have also been outstanding in their work. 51051 ,4- 9.1 .'f' 70,1 za 4 ' 'E"?,j.,L'5g' -3 . - - g7Q.,' :,-W f .F :a .,, , g 1555 fl Q, 'M M ' J?-,ex nrt V Q w v i , ,, ,--hi J.. .. . gf- If p f- .., -M f1,g-a ' 14 ' Q, -sas' va., . ,,,'jgl.AL3g-:ah ,- , .. . V ani Q r -1 gf NLT" f-Q-f ,f : , --Q: 4 .. ji- ' T7 4' "' 15 ' -. ::. 7"'J41-1 ' A' 'Kb J 1 ' - : : , wp . ' f, rf -' .',13' " fx. g.,.1 "-' V557 - -357: I ' QF' '13 , , F-4 ' . ?m'5ff" iwfc J- L Q1-z,,.1f - , pw V,-:ga ' P 1 . ' -. fffffg, -"' ' - '-gf' - ' z '-1 f. ' "': f -:ASE-r'f5 1'r,.QP-, 1 ' . 28:11, f. i- .-!-N . Q, . I rjqm. . .- QLL5. it wiki., ,wx Al., U5 ,ff . L, ' A' ' ' . 'YK '-. f ,-. 'Mg' , - -- 1 +V -r-1 ,431 , . j r , - ', t. 1-,it.,,Z I 4. 1 , A ', ., Sw I .. 4 -::.-. ,4,1'g"'l , N: if fy. " .. 1 if '- ' - ' ,Q-ff ' , rf-5321! . V ,pl- ' 4 gn 1 .. uw ff X'-,f ' if' ' ,-i. up 1 lf 5: . 1 f'Nx,?!,iE L :L 4 1 - ,..,. , - 4,--1. .-,551 .Nl-N L, -.-.-,,X ,Tp .P .rx -.. ' -1 50 vb- 4 .6 :W f'f'7" n- x,"' -sa J, f -". -hiv' :ht ,g7'l ,rag-.3 li? uv- '-. GEF' . ,nz J Ylfs "5 '1. .. V, s A - Y1ff'5fl, ' .2,Q V- KT. . -1. -A x M 31 :H , . ,J W jd .K f , , 1 . 11 ,W . ' H ' ' i H Y' ' -' S kj -, , . ,rs A .v . 9. u 1 , 5 3 . Q 5 , .4 ', 91 N U f X71 J - ,V 1. ' F ,N N Q iv- 'Y 4 f v. A , 1 .4 , f S-ug, . f ,PJ C - , , f - , ' xi' . 1, + -,.' . .z.4fQZ' -- , , H,"-H, ,. K wi ' -f7'1f--.- 1. . f f ' ,iv , fag, -:..' fe:-' , -gf 3 . : '- , "fl ,.'-'N , ,' -' ','u.II':,.5 ,LQ ..'.f , A . ,j2i.- .- -. '9"-why ,V 4. H 2 ,YT - .. , A , P. I v. V 1 fi 3' .- ,TFK - ,,".:,QL'E!" .j -..ff',,Z1-.L Q J V, .,,-, . ,- if-.W , . -f' f--fm-:rv , , --- 5' .3 K. e-":'s ,f ff' fi: fx:---E Q15 gg' :-:Qi-13' Q. 1: 7 mg 1. .,' V. . Q1 - f ,, ,, . - x., . wl .., .-,, 'rx ",-1:5 , N ,lv-5' ' -5 .. ' ' F. A ,W , V, - Q.,-5. ,Q 'ef , --V JJ .' . if -" Nl 4 F ' :-.- ' : 2 .41 -K'-nm' '- ' .fn " H-na ff ,ffl f 0- - 4- gf. .. ,rl T-:. ' ' -2.4 :f :J ,,.Yf'f- .,,w,,,c' ,N si, '55-15 ,-5-'gd-Zig 1 ?a.g-2w7+-epfii-2, VW an E? ,I f fi wif gif M,,5,N -Q. -1 4 154, A 4-if -N. --. gk .2 s IQ K ' Z9 ,V - ,fe 'Ei'-443 ' ,522 1 5567" 9955 ,wg KM A M, ...R N ,hiv A S X. nv N! i Ax 1 k Ne J 2 5 H rd . :xii . Y ,gr "1 ww, P W r 1 H-I-'kiln' ,Ky J is 'W uw AXA! Y kfA-1-,. , 1 Ag, v 5 fu-,E fwwi FJ 9'-L .- z-.!' A-1 'L ,, . I -mm. ,'1 QQ iw kd ,iz X awk 1 i TRACK TEAM Walker, Javk: Graham, Frm-il: Barber, Jimmiv: Rim-, Galen: Gumlsmi. Kenneth: Hauskins, Kenneth: Sm:-lrtt. Jae: Lillie-lla, Kola, 14-J: Plnglish, Harry: Turnor. Ge-arm-3 Brake, IC. VV.: Smith. Merrit: Smith. J. P.: liroavh, Altung Zsrhavh. Rolwrl: Zschavh, Carl: VVats0n. James: Pullman, Billy: Trabue. liilly: Washam, liclmunmlg Ulrick, Mn-ad: White, Willarzlg Hunmllc-y, Jack: Heitman, Bill: Hanna, Newt: Fenter, Sam: Weakley, Robert: Guitschall, Hubby: lie-nldell, Russ: lmrlrandt. Sunny: Cullum, Fvlder: Lupe-r, Frank: Harrison, John: Pills, Arfhurg Billings, Billy: Allen, Guy, Cnavh. g-,ull-:gl 1'5lfff1Q.,i.,if?""' ff M' WM' -W -1 M -M :i3'v'i"1,i.: fm? 'gf ,Il -1- ii l ""' ::1f:fi ., ' -Y 1 ZQYQ W se its 1 I 3 5 C! in QI 'Qu - if-if - aw.. ,MQ Wynn" mnw-v N xbdhb Ji :xii QW 1 ev' uns A v M1 K uwwlwznnumgnuunni .yn 1 A'7?'Wwm' 'i HM .J . A , , ' ' W 1.1 'fr W1-f lJlLlSA'II Il',AM: fvgllw lunzrxxlnux. llmwnllny lhulluxxzmy, ICum-lu' 1,411-ke-. Mnrvin Sinxywxvm. lwx Ihr' -vm-maui rrnyxsevlxliu- yn-ur. Nurlh Imllus hux nf-pwwwlulm-ni thx- ciiy in the difiris-I Inez-I :xl lil-:mm Thr 14-:mx has pzwlil-iluzxu-nl in rmwe' than xixty delmu-4 xxilh mln-r 'llixas fn-h-mls. 111111:-1' thu- wlirex-lim' ui' S. Staxmlvy lim-mp. zlmi the-sp m-lrfxh-rs hun, Iwvu uxxzmrmh-:I the emblem nt' thu Nzetimml l"m'vxwiv I.n':ml14' fur exw,-llvm-1 in 114-lull:-. 'ITNNIS Pity l'h:unpiu1w. 182139. S. J. fVI:uwt1v1r1. Jimmie Hvlw-i'm'nI, Maury Mn viluiw ,mv ...K tuna. l'Im'm11'v Hull. Yanleric- NV:x1111le. 'vi , 4. v"g,,g, ,,,',,, PW""""' dw nnsu-annum :wsuwoffw My-mms: in 9-mmluwmlnxgak-ssauuuudn' ww we-m-swat' was sr mwneenne 4 s. fizkig GMS llllil r g..-:Ag -X i., , I 3,23 '.. ".'-'.F,- ., 1 4 glvxg- A :stir Q , ,-, . V, .,... '-1 .. - 'N ' .g.,5Q ,5 I -.g,,,...'g , 4 a -3' T. ti VJ 9 , :KJV 'A f, "'x:!p.+-x..1-v ,A , V N.. f Q! aww . Q B :Q 'MQ if Www Mi. 1... 'L ' jirfi , ' 1 K ,rw vw " 3' gm' s' ,J if 5, ' J. ' 'L ' y-V B- -H .--2'2" 1 f 4 ,, 'EAI - 'jjw-I vw' 1.51, - Qkmw J- M' 'Www Ui":::l'Z,M.w X .4 5-ynwf"" X.. w"A4i5?a"' www 'mf' 1 yt, :aw JN fi- W 'A 'iid' . 'S 7 v . '."f.'-'xfif 4 N 'N I :'f'7.w. . 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S :S Aa 1-.1 r 1 ' vw 1 3 17 A A L' f WEL-XJ v Q Mizz: who 4K5 p 1-""' " K " . If' ' 4? Q, N M 4 .L PQQQSWQQ -fir V T3 gg H31 0 . at 5.2 6? ia is - 1 fu ,D W1-QSM M: gf - 1215 Q U ,luh - :la '- egg QQNTVFEA1 .4 iz , In ,, xl I 5553 ..1..- , A 0 f y 'ggi fx E255 w-U1 L3figE!.cQ2P -A-B-g ,,, WJ 1 ' L9 'p9g6'65BU I Qx ' 'pf A LZPREYTRRED 9663 Qiwvlvn Lung kd , fx A 'Y W, E W ...: I fry: .1 u -1-. me fuoLu T1oN DFA PRES gregavenxrr -1 HMHN "Do you know why there are more automobile wrecks than train wrecks?" "No, why?" "Because the fireman isn't always hugging thc engineer." D1111: "lim going to marry a girl who can take a joke." Kay: "Don't worryg that's the only kind of a girl you'll get." A woman driver ran into another vehicle and bent a mud-guard. It worried her. So she went to a garage and asked the mechanic: "Can you repair this mud-guard so that my husband won't know it has been bent?', The mechanic looked at the bent mud-guard and then at the woman and replied: "No, ma'am, I can't. But I can fix it u so that in a few da s ou can ask our hus- P Y Y Y band how he bent it.', "l've got a railroad radio." "A railroad radio?" "Yeah, it whistles at every station." MAN Man is of few days and full of trouble. He laboreth all the days of his youth to pay for a gasoline chariot, and when at last the task is finished, lo, the thing is junk, and he needeth another. He planteth corn in the earth and tilleth it diligently, he and his servants and his asses, and when the harvest is gathered into the barns, he oweth the landlord eight dollars and forty cents more than the crop is worth. He borroweth money of the lenders to buy pork and molasses and gasoline, and the interest eateth up all he hath. He begets sons and daughters and educateth them to smoke cigarettes and wear a white collar, and lo, they have soft hands and neither labor in the fields nor anywhere under the sun. One of his children becometh a lawyer, and another sticketh up a Hlling station and maketh whoopee with the substance thereof. He goeth forth in the morning on the road that leadeth to the city and a jitney smiteth him so that his ribs project through his epidermis. All the days of his life he findeth no parking place, and is tormented by traffic cops from his going forth until he cometh back. An enemy stealerh his carg physicians remove his appendix, his teeth, and his bank rollg his arteries hardeneth in the evening of his life, and his heart bursteth trying to keep the furious pace. Sorrow and bill collectors followeth him all the days of his life, and when he is gathered to his fathers, the neighbors sayeth, "How much did he leave?" Lo, he hath left it all. And his widow rejoiceth in a new coupe and maketh eyes at a young sheik that slieketh his hair and playeth a nifty game of golluf. Woe is man! And from the day of his birth to the time when the earth knoweth him no more, he laboreth for bread and catcheth naught but grief. Dust he was in the begin- ning, and now his name is mud. -Rotary Pzmrb. A Dallas I ncinsfry Brown Cracker 81 Candy Company Exclusive Bakers of Brown 's Milk am! Brown 's Salfifze Flakes Honey Grakdnyj "The Perfect Soda Cracker" More than 100 other varieties M041 Compiete Line of ' Suitable for any occasion. 5 WHAT TEXAS MAKES, MAKES TEXAS TEXAS AS WILL ROGERS SEES IT I been flying, train riding, automobile and horseback and buggy riding over Texas for thirty-three years and I've never seen a tenth of it. If it had been in Europe, eighty wars would have been fought over it. There is single ranches here bigger than France. Counties bigger than England. Saddle horse pastures big as Alsace Lorraine. The lakes of Switzer- land would be buffalo wallows in Texas. It's located between Mexico and the U. S. to keep Mexico from annexing the United States. It's so far to town that the cowboys who started in to vote for "Teddy" arrived in time to vote for "Franklin" Its "Vatican', is the town of Uvalde, its pope is john Nance Garner. Its sole industry is international politics. It's so big no governor can handle it. They have to have a man and his wife. It's the only state where a Republican has to have a passport to enter. P.S.: They would use California for a telephone booth down here. X' A preacher, fond of making very high-sounding eulogies, was preaching a funeral service. At the beginning of his address. he said. "XVe have before us here only the shell of our beloved dead. The nut is gone." 'Z' IN sincere appreciation ofthe patronage and friendship of the entire stud- ent body and faculty ofthe Dallas I-Iigh Schools for the past ten years... American Beaut Cover Co. 1900-O8 ORANGE STREET THE COVER ON TI-IIS BOOK WAS PRODUCED IN THIS PLANT QAF l -1-1-11' Y ,AYA iyfwfplwyfbliff Wfffw y l i524 - 26 MAIN ST. I i DALLAS' owN CLOTHING srou l Arrou' Slzfrtf Farlziwz P11135 Cfother Finclzfei' Half Qs -LA Q 1 -V gli-H H fm 19 "The jig is upf' said the doctor, as his St. Vitus patient died. She: "You think you're good looking, don't you?" lurk Hall: "No, but what is my opinion against hundreds of womenis? The following sign is posted by the roadside as you enter a certain western town: 4,076 people died last year of gas 39 inhaled it 37 put alight to it 4.000 stepped on it. Heefor Muvfwy Qrending his story in classj: "It was the witching hour of midnight. A white hand appeared out of the darkness. Two white-robed figures stole along the corri- dor, and the clock solemnly struck one." 101111 Oxbornr' fvery boredjz "Which one?,' Az- R. O. T. C. GOLD SEAL HEADQUARTERS Dallas' Finest Pasteurized RIDING OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT CLOTHING ILK I I Q TENNESSEE DAIRIES, INC. . 5 MILITARY EQUIPMENT PHONE 7-6526 zos NORTH AKARD STREET "Do you really like conceited boys better than the other kind?" "What other kind?,' College stua'en! to Dad: Dear Dad: I am asking for cash sooner than I had hoped would be necessary, but certain unforeseen expenses have come up-books, dues, lab fees, etc. Please send me eighty dollars. Dad fo Son: Dear Son: I received your special today, and am enclosing the amount you asked for. I was in college once myself, you know. With love, DAD. P. S.: Is she pretty? PP 2? X- Dick Kinnun: "Pop, what's a monologue?" Pop: "A monologue is a conversation between husband and wife." 2? 7? rl- If you don't like our jokes, and their dryness makes you groan, just drop around occasionally with a good one of your own. P? 2? DE There's a tearing and a swearing and a falling down of stairs, There's a fussing, and a fuming, and a pulling out of hairs, There's a mangle, and a tangle, and the swell of blackened eyeg There's a pushing and a pulling-we will get there if we die. There's a moaning and a groaning, and a crying out in pain, There's a ruI'Ile and a scuffle, as we struggle there in vain, y There s a clanging and a banging, and a broken-glassy crunch, There's a gasping and a sighing-ah, at last we have our lunch! Customer: "I'd like some jokes for a boy about ten years old." Clerk: "We haven't any that old, ma'am. Have you tried the Nortber office?,' "What do we eat, mister?" W 'S. O. S., sirf' "S, O. S.?', l'Yes, sir, same old soupf' 25 ff- if' The poem was written by a young man who died several years ago for his own JITIUSCITICDI. Affezzfion Sfudcnfs! MILAM BARBER SHOP Ladies' and Children's Work a Specialty North All Hair Cuts ZS: Sha-aes 20C 4157 McKinney Avenue Under New Management Uses... 'I' Phone S-3800 Cedar Springs and Throckmorton h I I We are not satisned until you are I WU L. SMITH, Pr'opI'ir-lm' b g C Cleaners, Dyers, Haifers u m In 0 Hemstitching, 5 Cents Per Yard Y . -So l-land l H. R. Wallace Shoe Hospital -S0 Quick? Monriax EQUIPMENT EXPI-wr WORKN1ANSHIP .-SO Good' l QUALITY MATERIAl.S 'I l PERSONAL SI-.Ixvlclz RI fxsoximrr PILIQ I-.S C-SO Cheap' We Cglllllillllffl' Iiivry lolz lo Satisfy 3919 Cedar Springs Phone 5-0177 - + WAS Rellable As ' 99 Your Family Doctor OAK LAWN CLEANERS Phone 2-4103 2918 Oak Lawn Avenue 5-2119 X' Mr. Allen Qin General Science classj "When do the leaves begin to turn?l' Clarence Ulrivb: "The day before examinations." Miss Hindffa "Look here, Julius, in the last week you've been to school just once. What explanation do you have to offer?" Iulius Tejada: "I don't know: maybe I was sick that dayf, Billy Genwkv fdashing madly into a doctor's office, holding tightly to his heady: "My head! My head! Doctor, give me something for it." Doctor fdecisivelyj: "I wouldnlt have it as a gift." Mr. Knapp: "Your recitation is somewhat like Quebec." Aflolplac' Beneke: "Why?" Mr. Knapp: "It's built on a blufff' Edward Horxley: "Why does Captain Dealey wear spurs?" I. C. Pearson: "Dumb-to keep his feet from sliding off the tablef, Co mjzlimenfs of Van Winkleis "The Sozzflfs Best Book Sforev 1609-11 Elm 1620-22 Pacific Tt'l1l'!Jf,1'I "Next to home, where is the best place to eat?" SfZltlt'l1lLS in clvorns: Q'The Highland Park Cafeteria at 3212 Knok Streetf, METROPOLITAN BUSINESS COLLEGE Foremost in Dallas Since 1887 Phone 2-3534 for Information The World Book Encyclopedia Orgoniqed Knowledge FIRST IN SERVICE . . . FIRST IN PRESTIGE . . . FIRST IN SCHOOLS . . . FIRST IN TEXAS . . In Story and Picture ROACH-FOWLER CO. JOHN M. Loc Hiuncr., ju., Stuff Mamrgvr SUS Allen Bldg. Phone 2-6652 And just as We are about to graduate, after all these years, the lunch room plans to buy a new stove. new tables, and maybe a new ham or roast. Miss Agnew: "Tell me something about John Miltonf' Bobby Goffscbull: "Well, he got married and wrote 'Paradise Lost.' Then when his wife died he wrote, 'Paradise Regainedf 'I Old Laffy Qin a curiosity shopj : "And I suppose this is another of those horrible futur- istic paintings which you call artf, Urban Sbol11lz,eef1z'r: "Excuse me, madam, you are looking at a mirror." Valerie: Graves: "It is good of you, doctor, to have come so far to see mef, Doctor: "Not at all, rnadam, not at all. I have a patient near by, and I thought I would kill two birds with one stonef, Mr. Morpbis: "Wh:1t did Juliet say when she met Romeo in the balcony?" Alex Bzirrz "Couldn't you get seats in the orchestra?" Prlafery of flze Dallas 1933 High School Tear 1300125 0 Q J una.. l Q 4 , ' ,. n 1 l Wilkinson PRINTING COMPANY 1717 Wood Street Dallas Some of Miss Crawfords pupils are so lazy that they wish they were rivers so they could follow their courses without leaving their beds. Major Tl'IlI1J1l'HfIfFl' Qscverelyj: "You're not far from .1 fool, are you?" Maurice Hanks: "No, just about three feetf, Ijlizalietb Rrvres Qtranslating Virgilj: "Three times I strove to get my arms around his neck and-that's as far as I got, Mrs. Cloptonf' Mrs. Clapton: "Ahem! That's quite far enough, young ladyf' Sbc: "Do you believe in betting?', He: "Petting?" She: "No, bettingf, He: "Oh, yes, I bet.', She: "You pet?', He: "You bet." Dudley BVIIISIIIJFI "WhoIs the father of radio?" lack Lallicr: "Dunno." Dudley: "Adam.', fuck: "How do you get that way?,' Dudley: "Well, didn't he give a rib to make the hrst loud speaker? . . . Is it or ain't it S0?,' "The other night a man hooked up his radio to the bed springs and tuned in." "Well, whatld he get?" "I-Iot Springs, sillyf, Whatexier else a boy will admit about the girl with whom he goes, he'll always admit that she is a good Chooser. If ignorance is bliss, why aren't North Dallas students happy? "I want a quarterls worth of rat poisoning." "Do you want to take it with ou?,' . Y UNO, Illl send the rats after itf' lt has been a great pleasure to the Studio to have had the privilege of associating with the students of the North Dallas High School HALL-GENTRY ST DIO Lost: A wagon by a young man with a hickory tongue. Lost: A fountain pen by a young lady half full of purple ink. Wanted: Gentleman wishes room and board with garage space for wife in refined private home. BRIGHT SAYINGS "They must be all right," replied Willie, "because I tried them all a minute ago." Wfillie was requested by his mother to bring her some watches. Upon trying them, she inquired, "What seems to be the matter? They won't burn." "False doctrine is when a doctor gives Wrong stuff to a manf' "A grass widow is the wife of a vege- tarianf' "I-lon. Sec. and Hon. Treas. means that they are supposed to be honestf' "A cuckoo is the only British bird which does not lay its own eggs." "The Normans introduced the Frugal Sys- tem.' "The Russians were not allowed to keep .1 standing army on the Black Seaf' "Who was the Merry Monarch? "Old King Colef, "A curve is a straight line which has been bentfl "l-lerrings go about the sea in shawlsf' "People go about Venice in Gorgonzolasf' "A brunette is a young bearf, "A hgure of speech is a way of talking or writing by which you say what you don't mean, and yet mean what you sayfl "ln 1620 the Pilgrims crossed the ocean, and this was known as 'The Pilgrim's Prog- , ,, ress . V V

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