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Text from Pages 1 - 134 of the 1932 volume:

EX MEIRUS " "-" -' ',.,,. .w4q.,. . TIME VMQHNQ 1932 f H--...1""' 1 I If A ,... A ,, 'TTT fuxzv,-f Ai THE VHKENQ VOLUME X PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS NORTH DALLAS HIGH SCHOOL DALLAS, TEXAS COPYRIGHTED 193 2 7 BEssIE RYALS JOHN HARRIS SARA ROSE PETERSON JOI-IN LANG Editors GWENDOLYN MITCHELL Business Manager g f PQREWORD In View of the fact that it is impossible to enumerate all the happenings that are crowded into one year of school life, the Senior Class of 1932 wishes here to present to the Student Body of North Dallas High School the most im- portant bits of school activity which will always remain dear to the memory of every ' XJ gh X X ,fr Tv- -YA Y, nf-Y-X , ., 5 student. aff lDlilDlQfRlllQN In our respect and admira- tion for him and all that he has done to help and direct our various activities, we, the Senior Class of June, 1932, dedicate this tenth volume of The Viking to our Principal, Mr. E. B. Comstock. ll XKQQS s ' K fx, , , l-L LXR K iv R ,ll U -,QXKY RWM'-r X-T - 7 MR. E. B. COMSTOCK QIRIDER OIF BQQKS I. IN COMMAND II. OFFICERS AND CREW III. ON DECK IV. EN VOYAGE MM 2 ' - MIX NN ,hw l . .. 1 N. R. CROZIER E. B. CAUTHORN L. V. STOCKARD Superintendent Assistant Superintendent District Superintendent of Schools' of Schools of High Schools BOARD OF EDUCATION BOUDE STOREY - Committee of Finance: Mr. L. O. Donald, Chairman Mr. E. N. Noyes Mrs. W. A. Leeper Committee of Supplies: Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt, Chairman Mr. L. O. Donald Dr. David W. Carter, Jr. Committee on Rules: Mr. Alex W. Spence, Chairman Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Dr. David W. Carter, Jr. - - President Lunch Room Committee: Mrs. W. A. Leeper, Chairman Dr. David W. Carter, Jr. Mrs, W. P. Zumwalt Committee on Welfare: Dr. David W. Carter, Chairman Mrs. W. A. Leeper Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt S peeial Committee: Mr. Alex Spence, Chairman Mr. L. O. Donald Mr. E. N. Noyes Committee on New Building and Sites: Mr. E. N. Noyes, Chairman Mr. L. O. Donald Mr. Alex W. Spence AGNEW, FLOY . ALLEN, GUY . BAKER, L. H. . BALDWIN, MABEL . BALI., EMMA , . BIGBEE, MRS. ELLA G. BLAKE, LILA . . BYRD. MYRTLE . BYRUM, MARIE . CANNON, SADIE . . CLOPTON, MRS. MYRTLE CRANE, OLATIA . CRAWEORDQRUTI-I . CURTIS, RUTH J. . DAVIES, MRS. MABEL S. DELANY, F. M. . . DENNY, MRS. MILDRED DICE, ELIZABETH . EPI-ERsoN, ADELE . FORD. C. L. . . fX 'I .X Faculty C9fwLa'cv wwf. uf -fwfflf + . . English . Mathematics . Biology . History Study Hall . . Dean . Stcnogvaphy . . English . Clerk . English . . . Latin Spanish and History . . . History . . Music' Home Economics . . History . Secretary . Mathematics . . English . Mathematics FOSTER, MYRTLE . FULTON, E. M. . GRAY, MATTIE . GREENMAN, E. R. . GREENWELL, CORINE GRICE, MRS. MIRIAM HARRIS, ARTHUR W. . HILL, CLYDE W. . HILT, MRS. ANNE J. HINDE, EDNA . . IRISH, MRS. CLIO R. KELLER, BESS C. . KENNINGTON, J. T. . KNAPI1, S. STANLEY . LAWLER, NELL . LOWREY, FLORA . MEADOR, ELLEN . MENEZES, HARRY . MERIWETHER, SARAH MILLER, MARGARET C. MORPHIS, C. M. . MURRAY, MARION REID MYERS, M. M. . . PIERCE, RUTH . PILKEY, RITA . ROBERTS, MINNIE . . . . . . journalism . Physical Education, Mathematics . General Science Mechanical Drawing . . Steno gra ph y . . Pianist . Mathematics . English . Study Hall . Spanish . . Librarian Physical Education . Mathematics Puhlic Speaking . Mathematics . . English . Home Economics . C071171Zdl'ltltl71f . History . Art English . . Latin . Social Science . . . . . English . Physical Education, English Latin and English SANDEL, HELEN . . . French SMITH, F. A. . . . Physics SYRON, CHARLES L. . Chemistry TARDY, WILLIAM T. . . Spanish TAYLOR, FLORENCE . . Mathematics TERRY, EUGENIE . . . History TURNER,. J. FRANK . . Mathematics WAGGONER, MAYBELL . . . Clerk WALKER, E. D .... History WHITELEY, MRS MYRTLE . .... History WITMEYER, H. Y. . . . Commercial Arithmetic 4 1 W J ' I Y -.. 1, ...,-1 I, 1 I' 'Nl .ll lx it IM 1 ? 2 w EW ,fm W Js.T.nvQmP, In QIFHQERS AND QIREW 3 IJ G? as HM J my fa ,J 1 M "' Ff?":YR3'1' ,UQ MJ .I 'K Tj, ff B , Q .0 . i 'Vi .- D 1. 1 2 xi' 91 9 M ,f-Q? fi ,P L inf 'Q nvMf'i 2 ,Q Fl f 1 " 1. Z F IW - Z C 3' , 'V I V7 'H ' ', ,-1. Wi y Q 4 YQ 'l..1l'.1UV" -Q K AQ4 " ' r H " M , . gf l 1, ' :J 'x 'kc N X' -X5 . 1' 'xwm 'LG 9 -if A 'ju -QT ' L Q YH ' A ' + Y ' " - ff- f- ' NX 1, -nw , ' Qqgmuxa QIFIFEQEIR5 Class 0 June, 1932 BUDDY ATKINSON . ASHFORD LINK . . CHARLOTTE MCQUISTON BEN DECHERD . . BASIL SHROPULOS . MRS. MYRTLE WHITLEY BUDDY ATKINSON . BEN DECHERD . . SARA ROSE PETERSON JOHN HARRIS . . BASIL SHROPULOS . M. M. MYERS . OFFICERS F all Term Spring Term. . President Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer Sc1'geu11t-uf-Ar1ns . . S jronsor . . President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Sergeant ui Arms . . Sponsor MAR JORIE ACHILLES To know her is to love her. BILLIE ALLEN A friend may well be reekoned a masterpiece of naiure. MORTENA ANDERSON Is she not passing fair? HERMAN BALLARD We mark not fhut you won or losf, but how you jzlayea' ihv game. JIMMIE BARKER Popular, friendly, congenial. CHRISTINE BARTELL I am sure r:are's an enemy to life. KARL LEE BERRY An aihlefe, and a genuine sportsnzan, too. BILLIE BIBB In her tongue is ihe law of kindness. BILLIE BONNER 'Tis well to know when lo be silent. FRANCES BRUCE Her air, her rnanners, all who saw, azlrnirezlg Courteous, though coy, and genlle, tho ugh retired. fra K' Ld?L-r , ee, , 'ffQ:,f KMC A V2- , s y. Q VARGE BURCH Good zmfurml null 717I1Il'l'f!'!1fl07IS'-lllI!Ilifif'X of a gentleman. ALEX BURR A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. ELOISE BURROUGHS Her slature tall-I hate a rlnmpy woman. NANCY CARLTON The joy of youth anzl health displayed. ELMO CHANCY Persuasion tips his tongue whene'er he talks. FRANCES CLARK There is only one proof of ability-action. BARON COLE Virtue alone is the unerring sign of a noble soul. BROWNIBEL COLE How wise one must be to be always kind! JANA CONRAD She whom we love is hard io eafrh and conquer. DOROTHY COTTEN The sight of you is good. QQ: I- M v an ' EVELYN COWAN RUBY ELLIOTT Look out upon the stars, my love, Wlaal was work for some, for ber was pluyg A7111 shame lbem with thine eyes. Easily slae won bonors :lay by rluy. MARY CATHERINE CROWLEY VIVA SUE PINNEY And her fan' 50 fair Sffffffl with lm dymmf as Ifs the wonls you say, and the smiles you wear 'Off' If"W"5 in the 'if' Tim! make you well-loved everywhere. BEN DECHERD BEN FISHER b la tb tl . WM now We WE a war y gm Hmm Rearly of speech, in Courtesy not slack. TOLBERT DALTON BILLY GILKER Benign be was, and wondrous diligent. Full big of muscle and of bone was be. MART DOWELL KATHERINE GREEN Almost ezferylhirzg that is greal bas been done by youth, In yazztb and brauiy, wisdom is buf rare! RUTH GREEN Who mixed reason with pleasure, And wisdom with mirth. IRMA NELL GRIFFIN Truth is within ourselves. LOIS ANN HAGEDORN Solitude is as needful to the imagination as so- fiety is wholesoine for the ehararlrr, J. C. HALE, JR. Aspiration sees only one side of every question possession, many. JOHN HARRIS in I 1 I 'AIQNK HAWKINS Wit and wisdom are horn with a man. LUCILLE HAWKINS With prudes for proctors, dowagers for deans, And sweet girl graduates in their golden hair. MARY JANE HAZEL Dux fernina faeti: a woman was the leader in the deed. ROLAND HOWELL You are a devil at everything, and there is no kind of thing in the 'versal world but what you can turn your hand to. FLORA IMBODEN To know how to hide one's ability is a great Her very frowns are fairer far, skill. ' Than smiles of other maidens are. - 'Y Xl? I R3 , S, .KJ -XJ 5 31 1 . J I . L, l J ELIZABETH KEELER Wherz duly whispers low, "Thou must," Youth replies, "I ran." MAR JORIE KENEIPP Prove all lhingsg hold fast ibut whie LIEBERT KINDRED Charm doth become u woman. MILDRED KNOX h is good. For my parl, give me common sense. LOLITA KOWALSKI Grace was in all her steps. JOHN LANG He reads mufhg he is a greal observer, and he looks quife through the rlcerls of men. RICHARD LONG His own character is the arbiter of every man,s fortune. RALPH LAWRENCE Think noi that thy work ana' thine a be right. PAUL LEDBETTER I shall be like thai free-fy 1 shall die at me mp. 1-xy' . BRYSON MARTIN Few things are impossible to diligence lone must 5 f U and skill. CHARLOTTE MCQUISTON She is pretty to walk with, And witty to talk with, Anil pleasant, too, to think on. GWENDOLYN MITCHELL A smiling face gives many grace. MARY JANE MONTGOMERY Those about her, from her shall learn the perfect ways of honor. HELEN MOORE The great enrl of life is not lznowlezlge but aetion. JUANITA MOORE For all that faire is, is by nature goodg that is a sign to know the gentle blood. , X!" safe MARGARET MOORE When nature has work to be zlone, she rreates a genius to do it. MARTHA MOORE Soft peace she brings, wherever she arrivesg She builrls our quiet as she forms our lives. MAXINE NAEUS What a strange thing is man ana' what a stranger thing is woman! ALICE NESBITT Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt. SARA ROSE PETERSON ' Occupation is the necessary basis of all enjoy- ment. I f 1 r" . L- ,I j 1 ' N s X JEANNETTE PHILLIPPE Fullness is always quietg agitation will answer for empty vessels only. ELEANOR POWELL A lovely lmly, garrnenterl in light from her own beauty. VIOLA RAMSEY Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins the sane. CLOE REDDICK Let thy worrls be few. MARGARET ROBERTS I am a part of all that I have met. X.. ' A KATHLEEN ROWLAND Nothing is so wholesome, nothing does so much for peoplels looks, as a little exchange of the small coin of benevolence. BESSIE RYALS Thou art thy motherls glassg and she in thee calls back the lovely April of hm' prime. SUE SALTER Her every tone is musiels own. MARGUERITE SANDLIN Thy modestyls a eanzlle to thy merit. HELEN SEELIGSON Fine manners are like personal beauty-a letter of fredii anywhere. js fit ' 4 0, + F fw y ll-1 s, U, I I, If kk I 1 'f ELIZABETH SMITH Have you not beam' it said full oft, A womanls Nay dolly stand for naught? VELA MAE SMITH There is no wisdom like frankness. CHARLES STORER Art is nzan's nalureg nature is Goal's art. MAYELNA STRAIT Hang sorrow! Care will kill a fat. MABEL STRANGE The soul secured in ber existance, smiles at the dagger, and ilejies ils point. ELSIE UNGER She that was ever fair ana' never proudg Hail tongue at' will, and yet was never louil. GRAHAM VAUGHN Tradition wears a snowy beard, ronmmrr- iv always young. SEXTON WEBB Ali things come 'round to loim who will lull work. MAR JORIE WEILAND Age rarmot wither ber, nor custom stale lm infinite variety. LOIS WHITE If thou faint in the :lay of imlversity, My strength is small. HORACE ACKLIN CLAYTON BILLINGS As merry as the rlay is long. Everyone excels in something in whieh another MARTHA ADAMS Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou exeellest them all. BUDDY ATKINSON He fills his lifetime with rleerls, not with in- active years. DOROTHY BARRER They're only truly great who are truly good. CLIFFORD BIGELOW Men of few words are the best. fails. HELEN BREG The larger heart, the kinrllier hand. MICKEY BUTERA Silence is sweeter than speech. J. L. CAMPBELL What should a man do but be merry RAYMOND CAMPBELL, JR. The well of true wit is truth itself. 'il 1 BERNARD CHRISTIAN Studions of ease and fond of humble things. ELISE CHRISTIANSEN Something more than melody dwells ever in her words. LON COLLINS Behold, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed. KATHRYN Coox To hear her speak, and sweetly smile, You were in Paradise the while. MARTHA CULLUM An ounee of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow MARY NELL CULLUM Mary kept the belt of love, and oh! guy! She danced a jig, she sang a song, That took my heart away. CLOYE CURRAN but she was It's nice to be natural-when you're naturally nice. KATHERINE CoUNTs Shalt show us how divine a thing, a be made. DOROTHY DELSHAW Style is the dress of thought. LENORE DICRERSON The only way to have a friend is t woman can o be one. BILL DYER In little he could find abundant store. MARGARET ECHOLS If the heart of a man is depressed with cares, The mist is dispelled when a woman appears. ELIZABETH EDWARDS Music resembles poetry: in each Are nameless graces which no method teach, And 'which a master hand alone can reach. MARY JOHN GRAHAM Nothing is do difficult but that it may be found by seeking. WINSTON GRANBERY I judge people by what they might be-not are, nor will be. CLARENCE HEINEN True wit is nature to advantage dressed, What oft was thought, but ne'er so well expressed. DORIS HELLMAN Sing away sorrow, cast away care. RUTH HENNEBERGER Nobilitas sola est atque unica virtus- Virtue is the only true nobility. ILA MARIE HINDS Her beauty makes this vault a feasting place full of light. MARCELL HUVELLE Modesty is to vnerit, what shade is to the figures in a picture: it gives strength and makes it stand out. PEYTON JOHNSON I am master of all I survey. PHYLLIS KICKERELLO 'What is your sex's earliest, latest Cliff, 310147 heart's su1n'e1lie ambition? To be fair. WILLIAM KNIGHT Though ambition itself is a vice, ye the parent of virtues. . EDGAR LANKFORD Push on-keep moving. MARY LAW t it is often Resolves to be thyself, and know that he who finds hi1nself loses his misery. ASHFORD LINK That is as well saiil as if I had said it myself. LUCILLE LITFTLEJOHN A true friend is forever a fricuri. ANN MCCLURE The sefret of sueeess is constancy to purpose, BILL MCLEMORE Saying is oue thing, zloing another. MARGARET MOORE True womanliness, charm, tact, and intelligence l. fs! 'blijj 0 ALJ CAROLINE MORRIS Veni, vidi, viei. GERALDINE ROBERTS Silence, the priile of reason. LEON ROBINSON A little folly is desirable in him that will not be guilty of stupidity. LILLIAN ROBY Sweet mercy is nobility's true badge. ALFRED RUDINE Quiet minils eannot be perplexed or frightened, hut go on, in fortune or rnisfortune, like a clock in a thumlerstorrn. ELIZABETH SALE I have always loved musie. Wfhoso has skill in this art is of a good temperament, fitted for all things. GWENDOLYN SANDERS The truest politeness comes of sincerity. MARY: LOUISE SHIPP How poor are they that have not patienee! BASIL SHROPULOS Men are but children of a larger growth. GLADYS SCHUELLER Sueeess lies always with the aliligent. AUDREY DALE SMITH Her voire was ever soft, gentle, aml low-an excellent thing in woman. GEORGE TURNER D0 well and right, and let the worlzl sink. CHARLES VAN WINKLE I love f0ol's experimcifts: I um alwuys making tlyeni. EVELYN WALKER How forcible are right words! ELEANOR WALLACE Defend me from my friemlsg I can defend my- self from my enemies. f. Give me II look, give me fl ftil.'f', Tlmt makes simplicity gruee. JAMES'WHITEHURST 'Tis goozl to be merry and wise. NASH WILLIAMS I profess not to tell any: Only this-let eaeb man 110 his best. ANNA MARGARET WILLOUGHBY I lmfe tranquil solilmle, and such society as is quiet, wise, and good. LILLIAN YOUNG The gentle mimle by gentle deeds is knowne. ,J :wg 1-Lttus-gi lj VL!4. , .' . ROSE BERG She's heautiful, and therefore to he wooedg She is a woman, therefore to he won. PAULINE CRAWFORD The well of true wit is trnth itself. GUY FISHER He has done the work of a true man. JEWELL I-IURST He makes no friend who never made a foe. OMER GENE JACKSON Thou little thinkest what a little foolefy gov- erns the world . LUCILLE JOHNSON A wise scepticism is the first attribute of a good rritie. NADINE KEY Yet they, believe me, who await No gifts from chance have conquered Fate. J. C. MCNAMARA The real ebaraeter of a man is found out by his amusements. FRANK MALONE Nothing is so jirmly believed as what we least know. MARION PARR Ne te quaesiveris extra ISeek naught outside thyselfj. :si- X X R X, rs 1 Q? fx 4x' F' I - X l P-Y A M X TX I M 5 is X3 I C x CHARLES CULLUM Who firsl flll'!'lIfUd work, and hound lhc free Ami holiday rvjoicing spirit clown To that dry zlrzulgcry at the Ileskk mlcull wood? MARIE HAMILTON It is a had plan that aflmiis of no modification. HELEN ORR Better be ignorant of a matter than half know it. LYNDAL PENNINGTON She is a wimome small lass. JAMES SIMPSON Slighl not whafs naar, though aiming at whafs far. FRANK TOWNSEND As many men, so many miudsg every own way. JOE WARD, JR. Of a good beginrzizzg cometh a good end, LA VERNE WILSON The woman that delibcrates is lost. om' his Class 0 January, 1933 DUDLEY BRUTSCHE WINTHROP SHERMAN MILDIKED LYONS . LINDEN LAUVE . DAVID THOMPSON Miss HELEN SANDEL DUDLEY BRUTSCHE ADOLPH BENEKE . MILDRED LYONS . FRED SCOTT . . WINTHROP SHERMAN Miss HELEN SANDEL OFFICERS Fall Term Spring Term . . President . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer Sergeant at Arms . . Sponsor . President . Vice-Presid ent Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant at Arms . . Reporter . Sponsor U MARY JANE ADAMS FRANK COWART TlJf'7'f',5 11f'S'SH"J' in flff low ffwf W" bf ff'fk0"f"l- This worlil is iIIfI'Yl'Xfil1g only fo ilu' a1lvc11t111'oz1s. DORIS BARR 1 would brlp ofloers out of a friendly feeling. DUDLEY BRUTSCHE But if if br' a sin fo row! honor, I am lhc fviiiliiig mul alive. LOLITA CORWIN A winning way, aiiil a pleasant smile, A rbarm which oiliers :lo brguile. BETTY COVINGTON Hvr wil was mort' than man, Hrr iiuioceucc a rbilrl. moxt HELEN DRAKE As good be ou! of the world As out of fashion. HELEN BEss GILLUM The low of praisr, l1owe'er coiiccalail by arf, RFigHS more or lass and grows in every heart. LOUISE GORDON I loam' fouizzl the srcrvl of happimfss- coiilvnhiiviit. MAURICE HANKS It is really the errors of a man flnat make him likeable. VERBA LEE HICKEY The 11001111011 of 11116131 1111111 111111 11101111111 is to sfrve olbrfr people. JUANITA HINTCHEY A1111 111111 ll fam' like ll blrssing. WILLIE HOLCOMB Obxfrw' flue oj1o1'1f11111ly. NEI,L HOOD A 11111131 14101111111 is 11 l1'l'tJS1lTE. EVELYN JONES Tell 1111' 11131 0011111111131 111711 I will tell 1'1J1'1' what 117011 111'l. JACK LALLIER From ilu: crown of his 1101111 to flu' soln nf his foof, be ix 11ll mirth. MILDRED LYON S111' 1u11s---1111! 700172 forbids to tell thaw 1u1J11t. S11111 11ll p1'rf1'cti011 1117 111111 sbc 1u11s-111111. EULINE MITCHELL Love fT1lf1J, but 1111111011 vrror. LOUISE NESBITT Wbaiczfcr you 110, 110 wiwly, 111111 I m11x1'11111'111'1-x. MARTHA NUINLGEZER 1111111 of the G1'1'11t fl1n11,g'bts l'0'1lIc'? from 11011 111-arf. FRANCIS POWE Lvl fby xjwcrlv bf' llrllrr lban xilvnl. JOE RUCKER silarzrv, or bv Not by yrars, bu! by n'ixjmsifiou, ix WiSl,!IIl1 ac- qn i rzrrf. HELEN SANDERS D0 1101 luru bark 'zvlzcu you arc' j MARIE SCALLON Never f7l'0I17i5f? 11Z01'l' Ifaau you can FRED SCOTT If is fbi' mimi' Ifjal makes ibn' vigor is in our immorlal mul. us! af Ibn' goal. jwrform. mind, ana' our ALLEN SCHRODT Don!! lmf loo ffm' a poinl lo your wif for frm .S'l70IIll, gm' 17I1l1If!'l,. WINTHROP SHERMAN Powrrfnl imlrrfzl is flu' empirv of loabil. RODMAN SMITH No man is happy who Jars not think bimn-If xo. IRA STITT He gris Ibrougla loo late who govs 100 fast. XVILLIAM STRINGER Prosperity makrs friends, fzflwrxity Irivs them. JUNE TATE Nothing rem be done at onee hastily und pru- rfenliy. DAVID THOMPSON It is cirrzimstanec and proper meuszzre that give an nrtion its ehararler, ami make il either good or bad. GEORGE TURNER Aye, ewry ineh a king. ERA NELL VADEN Those true eyes, Too pure und too honest in aught to disguise The sweet soul shining through them. RUSSELL WAINOWSK Do not think what is harzi for thee to muster is impossible for mang but if a thing is possible and proper to man, rtecnz it attainable by thee. DORIS WALKER To :to two things at 01100 is to 110 neither. INEZ WATSON It is more easy to get ri favor from fortune than to keep il. ELIZABETH WEBB A merry heart nmketh a rheerfiii countenance. HENRY ABBOTT The forte of his own ll1s"Tif vnalzes his way. MARTHA BRENT High-erected thoughts sealed in the heart of rourlesy. f I 'r' +' O' ' , X, R 1 . N1 W X, LINDEN LAUVE NATHAN PROCTOR No man can produce great things who is not Good wits jumpg iz worcl to the wise is enough thoroughly sincere with himself. PATRICIA MATHEWS DORIS THOMAS Wenri11g all that weight of learning lightly like Second g1,0,,g1,f5 gn- wg wiser, like u flower. GORDON NICHOLS MARGARET THOMSON 'Tis illllli0IlS in a good man to he sail. Amiability shines by its own light. ,L 00 ,L X Jiri N f ' ,, ,Fa-Q ' 1 I V f J 5, M Z' IP1f"'7'- f 5 ' - V 'WI -12 1' tsl- , frat qu- , a N QQ 4 ' av N A - 5 V Q Ri Nw QREXX! 'Vw N , ' 4 Boyr Barber, James Bennett, Gerald Bloloch, Harold Brake, E. W. Bridges, Henry Brown, Joe Bewtim, Edwin Campbell, Raymond Casper, Jim Chapman, Clovis Crabb, Wharton Crowdus, W. L. Dansby, Robert Dealey, Al DeLoach, Grady Dixon, Wiley Dorsett, Hilton English, Harry Ferrell, Clarence Finney, Robert Fisher, N. T. Fleetwood, Maurice French, John Garretson, Robert Genseke, Billy Gibbs, Robert Gillespie, William Gleaves, Dorman Gottschall, Bobby Graham, Fred Greenwell, Roger Greenwood, Hardy Hall, Harold Hall, Jack Haverstraw, Claire Heitman, Bill Class 0 June, 1933 Hemphill, A. J. Henneberger, Jack He1'nd0n, Knox Hill, Charles Hill, Robert Hoffer, Temple Hoffman, Leroy Holt. Curtis Jacobsen, Arthur Jamison, Paul Jenniger, Jerome Johnson, Robert Lucas, Pete Loper, Frank Lynch, Houston McCain, Douglas McMahon, Buck McShan, L. A. Melton, B'radford Mills, Charles Minton, Truett Mistrat, Byrnes Morriss, Robert Neighbors, Tom Newsom, C. M. Perker. Maurice Phelps, Jacques Plumlie, Houston Pollard, Joe Read. John C. Reed, 'Clifford Roberts, Nick Robinson, Stewart Rosser, George Rumfelt, Gordon Russell, Billy Sailors, Bill Schrodt. Allen Schumacker, Vernon Sheehan. Richard Simpson, Marvin Smartt, Joe Smith, Houston Smith, J. P. Smith, Merrill Sauter, James Stallings, Bill Stephens, John Tanner, Franklin Thompson, Charles Tobey, Eugene Truett, Charles Ulrick, Mead Vaughn, Houston Washam, Edwin White, Willard Williams, Eldon Williams, Custer Wilson. Bennie Wilson, R. A. Girls Center, Lucille Clemens, Ileta Cochran, Betty Cook, Margaret Corwin, Lorita Cotton, Mona Cowdrey, Vivian Crowley, Genevieve Crump, Elva Laura Cullum, Elizabeth Cummings, Nellie Dickason, Ruth Adele Dashe1', Edna Douglah, Jessie Lynell Dunnovan, Margaret Echols, Margie Ruth Edge, Inez Edwards, Anne Ellis, Eva Erisman, Valora Evans, Margaret Louise Fortune, Ida Mae Germany, Julia Abbey, Charlotte Jean Gibson, Van Glover Acton, Margaret Armstrong, Martha B'artoli, Angelina Barton, Thelma Beaird, Miriam Bowman, Ruth Bradley, Virginia Brandt, Rosetta B'rawley, Verda Brewer. Charlotte Butera, Angelina Carter, Dorothy Green, Exa Green, Virginia Gregory, Edna Earle Hale, Elizabeth Hammond, Naneda Harper, Helen Hickey, Verba Lee Hill, Edith Hood, Nell Howell, Dorothy Jackson. Mauretta Johnson, Mildred CContinuecl on Page 505 King, Anna Belle Kinney, Dorothy Knight, Virginia LaBlanc, Catherine Lake, Kathleen Landrum, Elizabeth Ludwig, Virginia Lee Lutrell, Ruby McDaniel, Edwina McQuade, Anna Beth Maloney, Agnes Manner, Elizabeth Mason, Anna Dee Mason, Margaret Massey, Dorothy Maxfield, Imogene Metcalf, Dolores Morton, Ruth Neill, WVilhelmina Novey, Lois Orr, Ruth O'Shea, Kathleen Pierce, Lois Rayburn, Mildred Reeves, Mary Elizabeth Robertson, Winifred Rodgers, Mattie Kate Rowland, Mary Salmon, Dorothy Sanger, Elsa Soanland, Adelaide Schoonmaker. Phyllis Shadix, Jaunita Smith, Lelia J. Smith,Margaret Smith, Myra . YW Boys Archibald, Raymond Binford, Charles Bond, Wilson Boyer, Blanchard Brady, Jack Brake, James Bridewell, J. W. Browning, Thomas Carter, Anderson Combs, James Crump, Harry C., J1'. Dalton, Elmer Davis, Lawrence Dixon. Robert Edwards, Bill, Jr. Friedman, Sam Gaffield, Sam Goodlett, C. R. Guynes. C. F. Hauskins, Kenneth Heath, Jarrell Herbert, Gordon Hood, Harold Hood, O. H., Jr. Hyden, Clyde Jagers. Claude Johnston, Robert Knox, William Lake, Sim T. Locke, Eugene vvqvuvv- v Class 0 January, 1934 McDowell, Bill McGrath, Frank Marschall, Charles Melton, Thornton Metzger, John Mitttenthall, Freeman Monts, Rufus Morrell, Lawrence Morrisdn. Max Mueller, Ed Neeley, Stanley Nesbit, Turner Parker, R. J. Porter, Julian Puett, Marvin James Redding, H. D. Reddle, Bob Reiiier, Paul Schwend, Fred Scott, Richard Spencer, H. H. St. Clai1', O. E., Jr. Tanner, W. C. Tejada, Julius Tipton, John Tune, Claude Wascom, J. B. Weakley, Robert Weyl, George Welborn, Jack Wilkins, Fred Wilkins, Grover Wood, J. R. Works, George Gzrls Adams, Edith Allen, Marie Arkle, Eleanor Bonner, Helen Bridewell, Pauline Broach, Mary Helen Campbell, Ruth Carter. Mary Catherine Clark, Marguerite Clawson, Garland Dixon, Frances Dosier, Marguerite Dow, Willie Dean Downs, Marjorie Ferrell, Dorothy Forst, Alys Gladden. Bernardine Griffin, Evelyn Hopson, Mary Sue Jackson, Mary Jones, B'illie Jeanne Jones, Julia LeBlance, Mattye Sue MoCrary, Frances Martinez, Irene Mentesana, Frances Minor, Ruth Louise Moodie, Iline Mary Moore, Mary Nash, Imogene Patterson, Patsy Perry, Alice Jane Perry, Parry Lee Pinto, Lucille Pinyon, Marbel Doris Rea, Jennie Louise Rutherford, George Ann Ryan, Mary Elma Shebby, Dorothy Simrell, Mary Fae Spake, Marion Sterner, Louise Stringer, Evelyn Thompson, Marie Thompson. Virginia Tucker, Elizabeth Vinson, Edna Walker, Mary Frances Whitlow, Nell Wildman, Shirley Wilson, Mary, Virginia Boys Adams, Frank Alcorn, Munrex Anderson, Arlis Atkinson, David Baldwin, Benjamin Balis, Robert Berry, John B'onner, Dick Bowling, Charles Boyer, Charles Bridges, Randall Brown, Edward Brown, William Bruce, Billy Cage, Edwin Cammarata, Sam Campion, Jimmy Canty, Pat Chamness, Leland Clackman, Leon Clark, Richard Cobb, Roland Conant, Roger Cook, Harold Crowley, David Crump, Edmond Cunningham, Roy Curry, Dean Davis, Albert Davis, Jesse Davis, Jim Derrenhardt, Robert Dodge, John Dorbandt. Winton Fletcher, Harry Fortune, Glen Class 0 June, Foster, Clifford French, Stanley Frew, Athol Gendusa, Dominic Gillespie, Bill Gluth, William Golden, Frank Goldman, James Goodson, Kenneth Greenwood, Robert Grube, Edward Hall, Pat Harris, Loyes Harrison, John Harvey, Nolan Hopkins, James Horsley. Edward Imperial, Raymond Ingham, Jack Johnson, Frank Lee Jones, Earl Jones, Ellis Kennedy, Murry Kenman, Dick Knight, Bob Knox, Marsine Kramer, Louis Langley, Harry Lo Bello, Kola Luna, James Lyon, Andrew Lyons, Gordon McClellan, Jack McCredie, Milburn McDonald. Glen McElroy, Milton McGee, Henry Martin, Charlie Martin, Robert Meason, George Mitchell, Jackson Moon, Troy Morris, Jack Morvelle, John Moseley, Marion Mumford. Lee Murphey, Oscar Nelson, Otis O'Connell, Bill Owen, John 'Paine, Roswell Patterson, Ted Pickens, Arthur Pierce, Maurice Phipps, Thelbert Pitts, Truitt Phillips, Norman Poe, Elmer Pullman, Billie Ragossino, Amos Ray, Oscar Rhyhes, Howard Richardson, Billy Rike, Maurice Roberts, Charles Romine, Coleman Rosser, Clarence Rood, Holt Rountree, John Rudine, Francis Sammons, Edward Scheibe, Billy Schurba, Pete Scott, Henry Scott, Robert Self, Vaughn Shaddix, Lawrence Shepherd, Al 1934- Smith, J. B. Smith, William B. Smith, William Southern, John Sparkman, Forest Storey, Charles Stovall, Harold Taliaferro, Woodrow Taylor, Jack Termin, Ralph Townsend, Charlie Trabue, R. C., Jr. Walker, Jack J. Ward, Fred Watson, James Williams, Cecil Wilson, Charles Wilson, Maurice Zinck, Donald Girls Akin, Ruth Alcorn, Minnie Lee Allen, Dorys Louise Arrighi, Andrea Arrighi, Eleanore Austin, Mildred Bannister, Corinna Beneke. Elizabeth Block, Clara Bradley, Alice Brinson, Orelle Burlew, Patricia Calhoun, La Velle Calhoun, Neva Calloway. Edna Lois Cameron, Betty Lou Chandler, Sybil Clark, Margaret Christopher, Evelyn Coates, Ruby Lee Combs, Jewel Conner, La Homa Corp, Cleo Cornwall, Margaret Crouch, Caren Davis, Dorothy Dobart, Lenore Dodson, Catharine Dooley, Helen Duckworth, Marguerite Duncan, Howardine Dunn, Dorothy Eggebrecht, Evelyn Elleston, Mary Emrick, Janice Evans, Mary Farr, Geraldine Fletcher, Leona Garrett, Minnie Lee Gay, Emma Dove Gordon, Harriett Graves, Valeria Guy, Annette Guy, Anita Haden, Lily Hancock, Mary Nell Hardy, Elizabeth Harlow, Judy Harris, Mary Irene Hawkins, Marie Hemphill, Janita Hemphill, Minnie Hess, Dorothy Cann, Laura Margaret Hill, Janice fffontinuecl on Page 50D Boys Ahem, John Berkley, Leonard Blackburn, Dan Brown, Ed Buchanan, J. T. Budd, Kenneth Bumpus, Morris Clark, Victor Cline, Marvin Coleman, Walter Collins, Tommy Cummins, Marshall Daniel, Alva Dawson, Donald Day. John Dillion, Clinton Downs, W. D., Jr. Duke, Roy Eastwood, Ernest Edwards, Cullen Edwards, Howard Erwin, Hugh Evans, Charles Feinberg, John Fenter, Sam Ford, Truman Foster, Billy Freilds, Rupert Gibson, William Gourzh, Jamie Gratzl, Alvin Griffiths, William Hammond, Conner Hanna, Newt Herrell, Ben Hickey, Charles Huber, Joe Class 0 January, 1935 Huffington, Roy Jannesch, Harry Johns, Edward Jones, L. M. Kelty, Albert Kershaw, George Landrum, Bert Lederman, Edgar Lewis, Robert McKinney, Raymond Mackay, Donald Marschall, Billy Marshall, William Medders, Travis Murrin, Hugh Neal, John Thomas Neeley, Gordon Ramsay, Bert Roach, Norman Rickey, William Ross, Leland Rough, Charles Shipp, Ed Smith, Meritt Smith, Sherwin Spellman, Jack Storey, Lanier Strait, Brooks Taylor, Benny Teagarden, J. W. Ward, John Watson, Robert Westdyke. Paul Wiggs, William Wilkinson, Beverly Wilson, Carl Wilson, Russell Wolf, Otha Yates, Frank Yeager, Everett Girls Adams, Geraldine Alexander, Durelle Banta, Edith Bell, Cleo Black, Sybil Burns, Frances Camp, May Childers, Pauline Chapman, Willie Cotton, Ada Craig, Frances De Lee, Jewell Denbollem, Dora Dunham, Kathryn Dyer, Martha Ellis, Katherine Elmore, Louise Epperson, Ruth Ferrell, Juanita Forbs, Mildred Fritz, Bertha Hall, Margaret Hanks, Dorothy Hellman, Grace Herrings, Frances Hewitt, Anita Hillyer, June Jacobs, Mary Elizabeth Jerney, Anna Belle Jones, Gladys Kendrick, Katherine Lawrence, Katherine Locherer, Eunice McFarland, Marguerite Mackey, Doris Mitchell, Louise Denman Moore, Nancy Ann Maralli, Sarah Morriss, Mary Lee Murray, Marjorie Neal, Iris Neal, Natalie Nelms, Mimi Oliver, Mildred O'Neal, Dorothy Ormsby, Marjorie Patterson, Lorene Randall, Adele Reed, Maxine Rogers, Minnie Rood, Kathleen Rust, Edna Russell, Margaret Saddler, Percita Sanders, Dorothy Jane Schawe, June Sexton, Frances Sheffield, Irene Slater, Rosemary Smith, Evelyn Stern, Kathryn Stockmeir, Mildred Thomas, Janet Travers, Jane Vaughn, Katy Sue Walton, Minnie Pearl Watkins, Martha Whitaker, Louise Whitener, Johnita Williams, Mary Katherine Wilson, Floreine Yarbrough, Jeanette Boys Adoue, Bertrand Armstrong, Bill Avann, James Baines, Huffman Barr, Jim Barnett, Joseph T., Jr. Barston, Edgar Beutel, Jack Blaylock, Thomas . Brown, Louis Buckner, Zeak Burgess, Charles Burns, Billy Burrows, J. C. Burrows, Sherwood Cammarata. Joe Campbell. Wellborn Carneal, Virgil Carothers, Delmar Cason, J. H. Cobb, Bill Cole, Malcolm Collins, Alfred Cooke, Vernice Crowell, Will Crump, Lawrence Crump, Walter Cullum, Felder Currie, William Dean, Mike De Loach, M. B. Denton, Carol Dobie, Richard Dougherty, Guy Ector, Bob Edmonds, V. Eugene Class 0 June, Edwards, Jay Felkins, William, Jr. Ford, Buster Gayley, John Gevins, Harry Gladden, Wilson Gray, Charlie Gunn, Harold Hagan, Edward Haley, Lawrence Hamilton, Lawrence Harnsburger, Tom Harting, Albert Hinds, Luther Hodkin, Forest Holcombe, Currell Howell, J. S. Humphrey, George Hundley, Jack Hunter, Charles Jameson, Robert Johnson , Jack Johnson, Wayne Johnston, Clarke Jones, Billy Jordon, Bordaux Kelly, Ralph Kindred, Herbert Knight, Raymond La Barba, Ernest Lambert, J. H. Landrum, George Lanier, Fred Ledbetter, Billy Lee, Haskell Leonard, R. A., Jr. Leonard, William Lindsley, Harry Latridge, George Lott, Joe Lowrey, Joseph Luna, Ronald McGrath, John J. McLemore, Bob Magner, Harold Mason, Wallace Mayes, William Meade, Curtis Mears, L. G. Minton, Paul Moore, Elvis Moore, Ray Moore, Sidney Nance, Lee Neal, Mac Nolen, Wilford O'Brien, Pat O'C0nnor, Bill Oliver, Jack Osborne, Louis Parks, Jack Parr, James Patton, Jimmy Payne, Walter Pearson, J. C. Petty, Hobart Phillips, Bob Pillet, John Potts, John Pratt, John Preston. Dick Prince, Burroughs Prinz, Harold Ramel, Le Mar Ramsey, George Rankin, Gene or " ,Coar se . .t ,o 1935 Reidenbach, James Rembert, Russell Reddle, Bill Riebler, Louis Roberge, Phillip Roddy, Ralph Rogers, Louis Hayes Rohde, Vernon Rush, Jack Sailors, Lon C., Jr. Sanford, Clifton Schumacher. Alexander Selman, Harry Shackelfnrd, George Shelton, James Sherrill, Burke Shields. Charles Smith, Harold Stark, Thomas Stuify, M. J. Taft, Earl Taylor, Clyde Taylor, Fletcher Taylor, Floyd Thompson, John Troth, Robert Vander Veir, Walter Vaughn, Chester Vinson, Howard Voiizht, Lewis Walker, Patrick Walton, Hilary Wilson, Sherrad Wilson. Thomas Witt, John D. Wolfe, Joe, Jr. Zschach, Karl CContinued on Page 50D L ,,.,..' F Clirls Abernathy, Betty Abrams, Genevieve Adams, Fay Adkins, Junita Armstrong, Myrtle Bennett, Frances Blake, Jessie Blakey, Corynne Boggess. Alice Geraldine Bascue, Elaine Bascue, Maxine Bower, Mary Katherine Boykin, Mary Frances Bragg, Mary Jane Brin, Doris Brown, Blanche Burden, Esther Campise, Katharine Cantwell, Ruth Carr, Muriel Casper, Ruby Chapman. Willie Cherry, Marie Clifton, Hildegarde Cobb, Marjorie Cook, Florence Covington. Elizabeth Crawford, Anna Lee Crowe, Patricia Daniels, Lorraine Denton, Carol Downs, Marjorie Dumas, Beatrice Dunham, Dulcie .o f A yy hrs' .1 +V --if Alexander, Stamatios Allen, Manuel Birdsong, Everett Bollman, George Broach, Alton Budd, Norman Cage, Billy Guy Campbell, James Cantwell, Brandon Clarke, Richard Cobb, Ed Crotty, John Custer, Judson Davney, Albert Gene Davis, Leon Delcambre, Albert Eason, William B. George, William Hopson, Howard Drake, John Dunnam, W. C. Dutton, Samuel Ellis, Marshall Estes, Bill Flood, Ed Goebel, George Goodhall, P. A. Harris, Tom Head, Rayford Head, Warren Hunt, Thomas Jenneges, Lawrence Johnson, Van Jones. Woodrow Juergens, Hal Kleuser, Charles Class of Januar , 1936 LaBarba, Carl Lampo, John A. Leftwich, Edward Lewis, Reynold Lucas, George McCrary, Norris Meier, Walter Mitchell, Jack Moore, Richard Moore, W. C. 0'Beirne, Clarence Pascoe, Charles Payne, Oscar Perretta, Frank Peters, Arthur Reidy, Billy Renno, Boon E. Riddler, Garth Seaton, Walter Schluneger, Robert Schnabel, Albert Scholler, Frank Shipp, Tod Sigler, Shannon Stark, Thomas Stephens, Walter Sterner, Clarence Vittrup, Otto S. White, LeGros, Jr. Wood, Thomas Adamike, Nona Ma Adams, Mary Francis Ahern, Patricia Alderman, Ilene Anderson, Ruth E Barrett, Charleene Beaupre, Mildred Bird, Leah Boll, Florence Bowles, Mary Virginia Bratcher, Margaret Brent, Mary Alice Buffington, Marietta Chapman, Nancy Chaney. Frances Colfee, Thelma Compton, Virginia Cornwall, Mary Frances Crain, Blanche Drago, Bessie Ebey, Julia Edwards, Peggy Elliott, Mary Fisher, Mary Ann Ford, Marguerite Franklin, Frances Fuller, Lois Gerardy, Herma J one Giesecke, Armour Granger, Betty Green, Margaret Hale, Mary Hanks, Mary Hill, Dorothy Hill, Meirle Hopper, Jeanette Howe, Dorothy Hoyle, Dixie Ruth Huffington, Geraldine Huffines, Majorie Johnson, Helen Johnson, Velma Jones, Mary Ann Lagler, Lela Joe Lambright, Eunice Lankford, Evelyn Lindblom, Alma McCune, Eldora McElvaney, Billie B. Mitchell, Frances Nicholson, Dorothy Patterson, Linnie Pollinzie, Rosalie Pulley, Geral Dean Richardson, Doris Riddle, Blanche Robertson, Mary Lee Roby, Juanita Roden, Polly Runyan, Jennie Marie Sansbury, Dorothy Slagle, Marigene Smith, Alice Lorraine Smith, Caroline Storey, Lucille Syms, Dorothy Taylor, Doris Tillper, Selma Tinnun. Katherine Tresp. Leontine Van Hoorsbeke. Mary Wofford, Lula Mae J f- Smith, Reba Snider. Dorothy Soelter, Gerard Sparks, Nettie Stroup, Alba Sweatman, Mary Jane Tankel. Catherine Tate, Frances Teagarden, Elizabeth Hill, Margaret Nell Hodkin. Frances Hogg, Martha ,- Class 0 Jane, 1933 CContinued from Page 44D Testa, Frances Ann Thomson, Julia Tinsley, Mary Tolbert, Emelene Turner, Loraine Vaden, Era Nell Van Sickle, Cathleen Vaughn, Amy Jo Vogel, Catherine Wainscott, Mildred Wallace, Cecil Ward, Frances Warren. Novis Warren, Rudell Webb, Aletha Class of Jane, 1934+ QContinued from page 465 Mitchell, Virginia Monk, Angie Monschk , Juanita Horn, Enid AQZJJP7., ff ys se Jacobs, Othella Jarrard, Charlene Jasper, Winnie Ray Jernigan, Bertha Mae Johnson, Margaret Kenton, Onida Claire Kerley, Lenore Keyes, Faye Kleuser, Yvonne Limke, Helen Lucas, Virginia Mclver. Marie McKinney, Cornelis McNutt, Mary Elizabeth Echols, Louise Edmiston, Florence Edwards, Martha Elkin, Marcella Ellis, Catherine Evans, Joan Field, Mary Jane French, Mary Ann Fletcher, June Garrison, Marjorie Garrison, Mildred Genby, Edith Marie Gillean, Dorothy Goodlett, Josephine Hadra, Phyllis Hamilton, Betty Hart, Oleta Hawkins, Geraldine Hayes, Dorothy Hayes, Eunice Herring, Gertrude Hill, Fannie Lee Hoffman, Thelma Housley, Lois Huffhines, Jane Neig bor g Nesmith, Edna Newton, Jane Noell, Ruby Jean Nolan, Emma Catherine Nungezer, Grace Oliver, Elva Mae O' Shea, Irene Palmer, Elise Phillippe, Christina Pinka, Agnes Pope, Frances Pratley, Elizabeth Rechenberg, Margaret Reddick, Marjorie Redding, Elizabeth Reeder, Clara ' Reeves, Lorine Reichert, Lucille Reynolds, Dorothy Richards, Dorothy Robbins, Jackie Robinson, Marjorie Rogers, Virginia Ross, Jessie Marge Ryals, Beatrice Sammons, Mlidred Schmitz, Betsy Selby, Lucille Seltzer, Katie Sherman, Eleanor Sheppard, Bess Shipp, Genevieve Smith, Sue Stephens, Melba Class 0 Jane, I935 fContinued from Page 48D Margaret Hulick, Helen Hunt, Dorothy Hurst, Juanita Johnson, Velma Jacobs. Loris James, Madeline Johnson, Anna K. Johnston, Ernestine Jones, Dorothy Rae Jones, Marie Junge, Lois Kemp, Jean Kinman, Dorothy Kizer, Ruth Labenski, Louise Lea, Mazie Levine, Mae Marne Leventhal, Grace Jean Lucas, Jeanette Luckey, Clara Lynch, Beatrice McBride, Audrey McGibbaney, Louise McWilliams, Elizabeth Magee, Ruth Malone, Gail Mercer, Mary Alice Moore, Frances Mooreman, Helen Fae Morgan, Venola Morris, Martha Alice Mote, Eloise Monnulford, Magna Mullins, Katharine Nichols, Elaine Northcutt, Patsye Oldham, Babette Owen, Agnes Mae Patrick, Martha Patton, Betty Peacock, Lois Penick, Blanche Pool, Evangeline Preston, Gracie Lee Preuss, Viola Quillen, Virginia Rader, Anne Rea, Dixie Doris Rielly, Mary Margaret Webb, Elizabeth Wells, Susie Lee White, Virginia Williamson, Clio Willis, Mary Lorraine Wright, Marjorie Yeargan, Elizabeth Storey, Mary Bruce Stults, Elsie Jane Swartz, Irene Swindell, Mary Alice Taber, Juanita Taliaferro, Minnie Taylor, Evelynk yi Thompson, Le re Treep, Margaret Tyler, Ruth Gordon Valetine, Theo Weaver, Mary Nell Weed, Edith West, Geraldine West, Mary Whedbee, Sarah Whisenant, Lota Withrow, Louise Williams. Vera Young, Theda Roach, Edith Roberts, Mildred Alice Rogers. Beatryce Rogers, Ernestine Rorie, Lavonia Rosser, Bessie Samuels, Nellie Fay Schaffer, Elizabeth Scheiffer, Isabelle Scott, Jewell Shanks, Jean Shepherd, Virginia Dare Sherman, Constance Smith, Mildred Tate, Patty Webb, Barbara White, Eloise Williams, Pauline Williamson, Kathleen Wilson. Margaret Withers, Margaret Wittcoff, Bernice Wittcoif, Virginia Wright, Elizabeth Yeargan, Ardeth IN MEMORIAM CLYDE WALTON HILL Q1884-19325 Resolutions at the Death of Clyde Waltorz Hill hy Students and Faculty of North Dallas High School: WHEREAS, An untimely return to his Maker has taken from us our devoted fellow-worker and our friend, Clyde Walton Hill, teacher and poet, therefore, he it RESOLVED, That we, the faculty of North Dal- las High School, do acknowledge and bemoan our loss of a kind and genial man, a good and unsel- Hsh friend, a devoted worker for the spreading of knowledge, light, righteousness and love of beauty, a man devoted to the youth of our com- munity and confident of its future, a creator of loveliness of word and of thought in verse, he it further RESOLVED, That a copy of our expression of our sense of irreparable loss to ourselves, our school, and our community, be forwarded to the newspapers of Dallas and to the family of our colleague, Clyde Walton Hill. February S, 1932. i X x Qx N IDEQIK Of' W HWOALQCQZ Q0 wg Wfwfbffnw 'DSE V,-'JL Jpmw' fo Lwwafmf- 'tb f iswwmmwil W iii? X Q E N ww Qeaiwxw W 2? J, WQXVUM 03 ,gy Q X if S www if ,P QVMQQJAQQMQQ S Sifwmf fag J4?5fW Q53 QE Senior Hi-Y OFFICERS Fall Term Spring Term BEN DECHERD . . . President . . . . BEN DECHERD FRANK JARRETT . . Vice-President . . PEYTON JOHNSON JIMMIE BARKER . . Secretary . . . BILLIE KNIGHT ASHFORD LINK . . . . Treasurer . ..... JOHN LANG PEYTON JOHNSON . . Sargeant at Arms . . RAYMOND CAMPBELL C. M. MORPHIS . . . Sponsor ..... C. M. MORPH1s MEMBERS Abbott, Henry Barber, James Barker, Jimmie Burr, Alex Campbell, Raymond Decherd, Ben Fisher, Ben Gottschall, Leslie Grice, Vinson Heinen, Clarence Hogg, Stanley Jamison, Paul Jarrett, Frank Johnson, Peyton Read, John C. Sailors, Bill Knight, Billie Lang, John Link, Ashford Phelps, Jacques Simpson, Marvin Sherman, Winthrop Smith, Pere Thompson, Charles Thompson, David Williams, Nash E Junior Hi-Y OFFICERS Fall Term Spring Term ROSWELL PAINE . . President . . A'i'HOL FREW HOWARD RI-IYNER . . Vice-President LEON CLOCKMAN EUGENE LOCKE . . Sec',y-Treasurer . BEN BALDWIN FRED SCHWEND . . . Critic . . BOB KNIGHT ATI-IOL FREW . . Sergeant-at-Arms . DICK BONNER M. M. MYERS . Sponsor . . M. M. MYERS MEMBERS Baldwin, Benjamin Downs, W. D., Jr. Locke, Eugene Knight, Bob Bonner, Dick Frew, Athol McCredie, Milburn Rhyner Howard Clockman, Leon Gibson, William Paine, Roswell Schwend Fred Davis, Rue Gough, Jamie ,.l w., kg fi' J 5 GEORGE TURNER FRANK MALONI2 JOHN HARRIS Kodak Club OFFICERS . President Vice-President . . . Secretary F. R. SMITH . . Sponsor MEMBERS Baldwin, Ben Crump, Harry Billings, Clayton DeHaro, Eberhardt Brans, Neil Greene, Katherine Christian, Bernard Houston, Sam Cole, Baron Jones, Norwood Collins, Tommy Knight, Bill Conrad, Jana Martin, Bryson Cotton, Mona Nance, Lee Petty, john Pollinzi, Vincent Peters, Arthur Read, john C. Rudine, Alfred Shields, Jack Spring Term . . . ERA NELL VADEN VARGE BUNCH J. P. SMITH . F. R. SMITH Shields, T. I.. St. Clair, O. E. Stephens, W. R. Stitt, Ira Wallace, Eleanor Watson, Inez Ward, Joe sr: - JUNE TATE . LOUISE QUINN Girl Rese rves OFFICERS MARY FAH SIMRELL ERA NELL VADEN . RUTH CURTIS . Abbey, Charlotte Adams, Martha Adams, Jane Alcorn, Minnie Lee Burton, Dorothy Jane Cantwell, Florine Clark, Frances Clark, Margaret Dailey, Sandel Denhollen, Dora Drake, Helen MEMBERS Graves, Valeria Hemphill, Janita Hemphill, Minnie Holcomb, Willie Mavis Hintchey, Juanita Hodkin, Frances Johnston, Mildred Kerlcy, Lenore Maloney, Ruth Mitchell, Euline Minor, Ruth Norris, Mary Lee Pinka, Agnes Quinn, Louise Rayburn, Mildred Robinson, Marjorie Rogers, Minnie Rowland, Kathleen Salter, Sue Simrell, Mary Fae Slater, Rosa Mae Vic President cf-President Secretary Treasurer . Sponsor Smith, Audrey Dale Smith, Evelyn Sterner, Louise Tolbert, Emeline Tate, June Tucker, Elizabeth Vaden, Era Nell Watson Inez Wells, Susie Lee West, Geraldine ,R- , J I Delphian Literary Society Fall Term SARA ROSE PETERSON . . VIVA SUE FINNEY . . . BROWNIBEL COLE . MARTHA CULLUM . MARTINA ANDERSON . . . RUBY ELLIOTT . . . MRS. MYRTLE WHITELEY . Anderson, Martina Counts, Kathrine Bliss, Lottie Cullum, Martha Burton, Dorothy Jane Cullum, Mary Nell Curran, Cloye Dailey, Sandal Dixon, Nancy Elliott, Ruby Finney, Viva Sue Greene, Exa Butera, Mickey Cann, Laura Margaret Clawson, Garland Cole, Brownibel Conrad, Jana Cotton, Mona OFFICERS . Presid 011 t . Vice-President . ..... . Secretary . . . Treasurer . Scfrgeant-at-Arms . . . Reporter . . Sponsor . MEMBERS , MRS. Knox. Mildred Kowalski, Lolita Moore, Helen Moore, Juanita Montgomery, Mary Jane Parr, Marion Peterson, Sarah Rose Quinn, Louise Ramsey, Viola Griffin, Evelyn Griffin, Irma Nell Hemphill, Janita Hemphill, Minnie Henneberger, Ruth Hill, Margaret Nell Jones, Billie Jeanne Johnson, Lucille Johnson, Mildred Spring Term . ANNA MARGARET WILLOUGHBY' . MYRA SMITH . MARTINA ANDERSON LILLIAN YOUNG MONA COTTON SANDAL DAILEY MYRTLE WHITELEY Smith, Myra Soelter, Gerard Thompson, Virginia Vaughn, Amy Jo Watson, Mary Adeline Willoughby, Anna Margaret Young, Lillian Reddick, Cloe A . 'DHS I fl l l Chemistry Club , l OFFICERS Fall Term Spring Term WILLIAM HORSLEY . . Pvfesiclent . . NASH WILLIAMS NASH WILLIAMS . . . Vice-President . . FRANK HAWKINS LOUISE QUINN . . Secretary . . . . SEXTON WEBB ROLAND HOWELL . . Reporier . . GWENDOLYN MITCHEL C. L. SYRON . . . Sponsor . .... C. L. SYRON MEMBERS Adams, Jane Bibb, Billie Bonner, Billie Butera, Mickey Carruth, Walter Cullum, Mary Nell Crawford, Pauline Edwards, Elizabeth Echols, Margaret Graham, Mary john Grice, Vinson Hawkins, Frank Heinen, Clarence Holt, Curtis Horsley, William Howell, Roland Jackson, Kathlyn Kowalski, Lolita Kindred, Liebert Lankford, Edgar Mitchell, Gwendolyn Moore, Helen Nesbitt, Louise Parr, Marion Petty, John Quinn, Louise Reddick, Cloe Roberts, Margaret Sailors, Bill Smith, Jackson Tuflly, Ed Webb, Sexton Williams, Nash Willoughby, Anna Margaret Winn, Bob Fall Term Olympiad Club MARGARET DAVIS . MICKEY BUTERA. . SARA ROSE PETERSON . . VIOLA RAMSEY . . . MISS BESS KELLER . . Anderson, Martina Butera, Mickey Carlton, Nancy Christensen, Elise Cullum, Elizabeth Cullum, Martha ,lj Q OFFICERS Spring Term President . . . NANCY CARLTON . . Vice-President . . MICKEY BUTERA Secretary . . SARA ROSE PETERSON Treasurer . . . VIOLA RAMSEY Sponsor . . MISS BEss KELLER MEMBERS Curran, Cloye Davis, Margaret Finney, Viva Sue Kindred, Liebert Knox, Mildred LeBlanc, Catharine McQuiston, Charlotte Morriss, Carolyn Peterson, Sara Rose Powell, Eleanor Ramsey, Viola Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Myra Walker, Evelyn Weiland, Marjorie Watson, Mary Adeline Abernathy, Ruth Berg, Rose Louise Cotton, Mona Crowley, Mary Catherine Cullum, Mary Nell Dailey, Sandel Elliott, Ruby Evans, Joan ,. Senatus Populusque Romanus OFFICERS Fall Term PAUL LEDBETTER .... President .... ANNA MARGARET WILLOUGHBY . V.-P. . ANN MONA COTTON . . Secy-Treasurer . . . J. C. MONAMARA Sergeant-at-Arrns . RUBY ELLIOTT . . . Reporter . . . MRS. MYRTLE CLOPTON . . Sponsor . . MRS. MEMBERS Feineman, Betty Ann Finney, Robert Hopkins, James Imboden, Flora Jones, Evelyn Ledbetter, Billy Ben Ledbetter, Paul Locke, Eugene McCredie, Milburn McNamara, J. C. Moodie, Iline Mary Mountford, Magna Moore, Margaret Nesbitt, Alice Nicholas, Elaine Parr, James Spring Term PAUL LEDBETTER A MARGARET WILLOUGHBY . MONA COTTON J. C. MCNAMARA . RUBY ELLIOTT MYRTLE CLOPTON Parr, Marion Rea, Doris Rorie, Lavinia Rutherford, George Ann Strange, Mabel Watson, Robert Willoughby, Anna Margaret Young, Lillian Fall Term fir' BRYSON MARTIN PAUL LEDBETTER MARGUERITE CLARK . . . KATHARINE GREEN ILINE Moonua A. W. HARRIS Abbott, Henry G. Clark, Marguerite Cole, Baron Crump, Harry, Jr. Freedman, Sam Gaiiield, Sam P., Jr. Gay, Emma Dove Green, Katherine Hagan, Edward Hanks, Maurice Huvelle, Marcel Knight, Billy QACO4, A . Pe rigon Club OFFICERS S prin g Term President . . . MAURICE HANKS . . Vice-President . . . . ILINE MOODIE Secretary . . . MARGUERITE CLARK Treasurer . . PAUL LEDBETTER Reporter . . BRYSON MARTIN Sponsor . . A. W. HARRIS MEMBERS Lake, Sim T., Jr. Ledbetter, Billy Ledbetter, Paul Martin, Bryson Martinez, Irene Mittenthal, Freeman Moodie, Iline Mary Powell, Richard Self, Vaughn Wilkins, Fred El Circle Espanol OFFICERS Fall Term S pring Term NANCY DIXON . . . . President . . IRENE MARTINES DUDLEY BRUTSCHE . . Vice-President . . DUDLEY BRUTSCHE BESSIE RYALS . . . . Secretary . . ILA MARIE HINDS ILA MARIE I-IINDS . . Treasurer . . . BESSIE RYALS IRENE MARTINES . . Reporter . . . BETTY COVINGTON FRED SCOTT . Sergeant-at-Arms . . . FRED SCOTT W. T. TARDY . . . Sponsor . . Miss OLATIA CRANE MEMBERS Achilles, Marjorie Acton, Margaret Alcorn, Munrex Beaird, Miriam Brown, Louis Brutsche, Dudley Bunch, Varge Chandler, Sybil Cook, Florence Cowdrey, Vivian Crump, Lawrence Crump, Walter Currie, William Dixon, Nancy Dunham, Kathryn Dunn, Elisabeth Dyer, Martha DeHaro, Eberhardt Elkin, Marcela Gay, Emma Dove Granbery, Winston Gratzl, Alvin Griffin, Evelyn Griffin, Irma Nell Hanks, Dorothy Hawkins, Frank Hayden, Lily Hill, Charles Hill, Fannie Lee Hinds, Ila Marie Hoffman, Thelma Horsley, Edward Lucas, Jeanette Lucky, Clara Martin, Robert Martines, Irene McBride, Audrey McGibboney, Louise Moore, Nancy Ann Nafus, Maxine Null, Ruby Jean Ormsby, Marjorie Owen, Agnes Petty, John Phillips, Robert Plumleaf, Houston Pool, Evangeline Redding, H. D. Roberts, Margaret Robinson, Marjorie Rosser, Clarence Russell, Margaret Ryals, Beatrice Ryals, Bessie Scott, Fred Sterner, Louise Stringer, Evelyn Tejado, Julius Thompson, Johnny Pan-Ame rican League The Pan-American League was organized November 11, 1927, with the sanction of the Pan-American Union at Washington, and the Mexican Government at Mexico City. The membership is limited to twenty out- standing students of Spanish in each of the high schools of Dallas. The membership also includes prominent civic and professional leaders of the city who are interested in better relationships among the countries of the Western Hemisphere. Miss Edna Hinde is sponsor of the group in North Dallas High School, which includes the following students: Adams, jane Beaird, Miriam Bibb, Billie Brutschrr, Dudley Cullum, Mary Nell Dixon, Nancy Green, Exa Hanks, Dorothy Hanks, Maurice Hinds, Ila Marie Martines, Irene Nafus, Maxine Plumlce, Houston Simpson, james Simpson, Marvin Souter, james Tejada, Julius Timm, William Turner, George Walker, Doris Girl Scouts The troop of North Dallas, sponsored by Miss Rita Pilkey, has been organized two years, and includes about fifteen registered Scouts. A signal honor has been shown the group this year. Miss Garland Clawson, a junior student of North Dallas High School, has been awarded the golden eaglet. This is the highest award granted to any Girl Scout. The qualifications are stringent: the award represents four years' work, civic service, and the en- dorsement of the local director, the local council, and the national council. EEN VQWMSE , , - UJ .L i + , Q 25 Mgjff -if f mm 5 Yu - ft V ' 0 ! M l'W'W F 4 is 5 1" yf fA T ' ff" . 7 ' . W Y , lp. K I1A?3 ,:A - S-:fo 'K ml l Q 1 . Q wx ',,,f iv J-hi G I 5 X4 Y My 5' 'YBYBM 1 ' ww mmfgg 5 5 1 K E l PAUL LEDBETTER ELIZABETH SMITH C. E. ATKINSON SARA ROSE PETERSON , For the first time, The Viking is presenting the Winners of an award made by vote of the faculty. This vote took into consideration char- acter, ability, leadership, and scholarship, and expresses the opinion of the faculty that these senior students are worthy of the traditions and ideals of North Dallas High School. The second group presents the Winners in the customary Vote by the student body, of the out- standing boy and girl in the graduating class of 1932. oF ,zz-2' RDUP ol' 1 S F1115 muh ve in mi. now,h5o,Z, or g The fuse of we 'i 11 LTHY mu. 1-.4 nn E MORE cDi55k5,X.X -nfii29'2f.,5:f-'ff 9 g12'Llzg1z4rlm r71'gg1q:f1nIIYgo4r F-'ITE NE LDBALLASQ 4"'U'V0 Q Q STUD 0Ys,1i,-H-f""? 171e No Dulu bqby n .var IGM' cm' THD X ENTSHUA M"' 1411. uhhh 1?"'a KING C EN N' 1- NUR . "fwfr IIN swam S Bfvokskffhu' 0 u.b1"d'f bsdmzfq lei: Z' ufn! QUE RE A ymng Qhbllblr Hi If Body nk to when rl Cod :qgverafrywi "We abonzlte bein ref sflgn In In fe""e"l' bel'-,E6n1li"'1 4:25, iq the Dlllu 2.-rpmr. ga.- .Y cl-1"f...n-H' we' 'rf fo H "W 5:5 TN' am: HI wulgck V. if gda of conduct fofeozzfyfs WE4 TER3 Pkmglgggb TEAM 11. Iieijhvzgzndelftetiegfis - le' y"' G 4 d"'1'-bvffrin 1: 1' fo V 11 eb . ny 'nizrulk 'D 1,59 5 'ff ffmlwfbi fu-ffefqffl on magna mm MA: ffgibltgbge wages: man Q9 arm gs: and Fagan ,Mm tbemliefvetisze V Tae img, rece,,,,,,, ,Mg fazglifgfvazzdazifiegiggg gigs: 95 V min bjeefs B L 95 g be "a'?d"4 '5 fa I 111-ulty Qfogervice Tuesday' M55 aio, Thf ived his educqtion Mrouzll 599 1 Ceara 'U 4 0? YACX' V' 3 who uv" """P' '58 'lui mired and 'Hd H gfdffo Qi, . shui' unment. Abnhq' ' ' wwf" X930 egsgiqrfq Kem 5 10 wha nerrom. - h ,Mprge D W7 .... , , , ' -- ov ,LS QM, ,P X611 gf? pegs ga 'um -1 72: 1011-mug enpfc. L., Ljffffsfns "l1' ,weqgem de- P v if Mis 'M 'ww' aifws me xi my ogqpxtowtisgnzds, 05 hush? Hugo Mug, Wife 0e,,sn'mq'-- . wwe someufgzing bag 0, buena.,- Ca V5 do P-" 5 'o' 96:-A vain? ou vi W " msbed A D en on the "' 5 ef' 1 0 wg? Q- .J ,S ,Q if ,. hw- mar'-1 far 'he "' . Y 'L X 0 s :fl -visa' Y - we C' ew:-4 HH 'W 9-tl .vw,,p'Q,ny Ke ,Q 1,0 Y. - ualwf, 1 md IPC 1. L 11 , Iso. qv, acucavrpesgxni, x Wen 2,19 Q' -:hir 599.331 qnxSeQX':PfW:.0 qivvitx KAQQKGEG fivefek.-Y-ff.' H me .1"w'iv'W'f,w W .wha ' x-Kava m, ,Q Q. 1 xx was., 9, z my Y, we m9a'x5'o 29,95 19, ah, 'did e vtvr 00, v.'0W"e5xo9,W 6 J, 5 o.- CM, Q yea o an A v1x,6.9a.,e ny' vim, gay, 91 ,-,151 hxwvth of 'he'-e V so 900 fc' J U Wx. .' 1 e 1 X10 games' x-SA" Asvwpnaav ze 693 Ke . .cow . -aww 1 -ff' vm QQ- aff, .0 K 5.-,of , 5 va vs Q -1 GQ vfy-,Q vw' SQ. av, xg ,ov xigxxo ,109 41 merino? xc maesgf 1 1' A . ,Q fm, irififizw' X ,xx ,vp mx s P, 16 ' 6 'P age' Hg HQNS 1 Sponsor Marion Murray Editors Bessie Ryals Sara Rose Peterson John Harris John Lang Sponsor C. L. Ford Business Manager Viking Staff Photos John Lang John Harris Athletics Granville Berry Peavy McWilliams Iolzes Charles Cullum Jack Gambill BUSINESS STAFF Asst. Business Manager Elizabeth Edwards Advertising Gwendolyn Mitchell James Barker Personals Mildred Knox Ruth Henneberger Martha Cullum Flora Imboden Mickey Butera Sara Rose Peterson R. O. T. C. John Harris Asst. Advertising Edgar White Salesman James Brazzell SPRING, 19 3 2 Business M anager S ponsor Floy Agnew ,Editor Vinson Grice Business Manager Richard Powell Art Director Margaret Miller Editor Tolbert Dalton Billy Gilker Business Staff Dudley Brutsche Charles Cullum Myra Smith Exa Greene N , si, P Ki? ag 1 No rther Staff FALL, 1931 Business Siuf S ports Literary Charles Cullum Exa Greene Myra Smith Personals Louise Watson Kathlyn Jackson Virginia Bragclon Liierury Betty Ann Frank Jarrett R. O. T. C. Ben Fisher Organizations Marjorie Weiland Mary Jane Hazel Elizabeth Edwards Flora Imboden Betty Feineman Julia German julia Thompson Lois Novey Sandal Dailey Viva Sue Finney Lucille Hawkins Feineman Exa Greene Lois Novey Julia Germany Julia Thompson Elsa Sanger Gerard Soelter Organizations Viva Sue Finney I okes Jimmie Chambers Publiciiy Marjorie Weiland Ben Fisher Myra Smith Charles Cullum Music Elizabeth Edwards Personals Marjorie Weiland Charles Cullum Billie Knight Ben Fisher lakes William Horsley Typisls Rita Newsom Margaret Allen Ari Sfnjf Elizabeth Keeler Edith Sherman Marguerite Sandlin Ari Sfdf Edith Sherman Marguerite Sandlin Elizabeth Keeler Proof Readers and Contributors Flora lmboden Sandal Dailey Alice Nesbitt Dorothy Barker Dudley Brutsche Editor . . Managing Editor . Sports Editor . Features . Personals . . Busimfss Manager . Circulation Manager Exchanges . . 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REPORTORIAL STAFF Marjorie Keneipp Jack Kline Sarah Lamberth Lucille Littlejohn Robert Martin Tom Martin Otto Morris Francis Powe Galen Rice Margaret Roberts Roy Robinson Kathleen Rowland Winthrop Sherman Jodie Shows ROOM AGENT-REPORTERS Albert Lee Delcambre Horace Hunter Grady DeLoache Nancy Dixon Martha Edwards Viva Sue Finney Harry Givens Martha Hogg Edward Horsley Francys Hall Julia Hodgson Stanley Hogg Frank Jarrett Clyde Hyden Mary A. Jones J. C. McNamara Virginia Mitchell Helen F. Moorman Venola Morgan Louise Nesbitt Agnes Mae Owen Alice Jane Perry Roswell Paine ViolaRamsay Jenny Louise Rae Philip Roberge Miss MYRTLE Fosren, Sponsor QUILL AND SCROLL International Honorary Society for High School Journalists CACTUS CHAPTER Lolita Kowalski Durene Lee Lucille Littlejohn J. C. McNamara Gwendolyn Mitchell Alice Nesbitt Richard Powell Miss MYRTLE Fosren, Sponsor . . Francys Hall . Alice Nesbitt . Elmo Chancey Julia Germany ' Julia Thomson I Joanne Rumans ' l Lucille Hawkins gr. . . Lolita Kowalski J Julia Hodgson ' 1. Durene Lee . Phyllis Kickirillo J. C. McNamara Vela Mae Smith Mary Virginia Spence John Taylor Jack Walker Inez Watson Elizabeth Webb Winifred Robertson Kathleen Rood Fred Scott Joe Smartt ' Robert Watson Paul Westdyke Elizabeth Yeargan Bessie Ryals Julia Thomson Lillian Young l"'lf F1 U H L fi A -if ---+5 it M. X I b gf If ji!! N hi!! IDIRAMAUQS AND MUSM1 JANUARY SENIOR PLAY 4fThe Importance 0 Being Earnest" By OSCAR WILDE C A S T Iolm W01'fhi11g, I. P. . . . . . Richard Poe Algernon Moueriejf .... . Stanley Hogg Rev. Canon Chasuble, D.D. . . . , john Willoughby Merriman QB1zller to Mr. Wortlaivigj . . Mike Cone Lane CMr. Moncriefs Manservantj . . . Frank Jarret Lady Bracknell ...... . Aileene Goldman gffon. Gwendolynfuirfax T' . f . . Louise Watson Cecily Canlein Uolm Worthing'x Wardj . . Dorothy Whitaker Mist Prism ....... . Virginia Bragdon This is the story of a young man who thinks his name is John 'Worthing, but Who, under the name of Earnest, in the city meets and falls in love with Gwendolyn Fairfax. As John Worthing, he is afraid that Gwendolyn will discover that his name is not Earnest, and confides in her cousin, Algernon. Algernon learns that Worthing's ward, Cecily, thinks that Earnest is John Worthing's worldly brother. Algernon, forgetting Johrfs worries, assumes the name Earnest, and falls in love with Cecily, who believes that he is the brother of her guardian. When the two young women meet, they discover that they are both engaged to Earnest. Matters, however, are cleared when Gwendolyn's aunt, with the help of Cecily's companion and teacher, Miss Prism, reveals that john Worthing is the son of a distinguished man, that he is the brother of Algernon, and that his name is Earnest. Gwendolyn,s aunt then consents to the marriage of her niece and Earnest. Earnest, in return, consents to the marriage of Cecily and Algernon. The Donovan A air john Killian . Coney . . . jean Rankin . David Cornish . Lydia Rankin . Peter Rankin . Ben Holt . Anna H olf . Ruth Linsey . Neil Linsey . Nelson . . Mary . . . Professor Donovan Horace Carter . Mrs. Dowd . CAST . John Harris . Charles Cullum Viva Sue Finney . Sexton Webb Dorothy Barker . Ben Deckerd Buddy Atkinson . Era Nell Vaden Lyndal Pennington . Tolbert Dalton Ralph Lawrence Phyllis Kickerillo . Peyton johnson . Charles Storer Elsie Unger As the Viking goes to press, the Senior Class of June, 1932, is preparing to present, on May 14, The Donovan A jfair, a mystery play by Owen Davis, under the direction of S. Stanley Knapp. This is the second mystery play to be presented in the North Dallas audi- torium by senior classes in recent years, and this type of play is always received enthusias- tically by the student body. The Donovan Afair will no doubt maintain the high stand- ard of excellence set by previous senior classes. . The North Dallas Follies Mr. Walker's "Follies" were presented in grand fashion April 2, 193 2. Featured were four frolicsome acts which were received by a large and appreciative audience. The first act was a blackface circle, composed of twenty-six boys, with bonny blonde Henry Bollman as interlocutor. The end men were Allen Johnston, Eugene Telcamp, Charles Rough, and Buddy Atkinson. As a musical background for the circle, an eight- piece orchestra performed nobly. Especial mention should be given to Elizabeth Edwards, pianist. The second act was a presentation of the Hilton Hotel Quartet. This quartet, well known in local music circles, was received very well by the audience. The ability of the four to harmonize was ably demonstrated. Act three was a novelty act by three tumblers from the Dallas Athletic Club, Dick Hulen, Vinson Bova, and Harold Mulcey. Their gymnastic feats were little short of spec- tacular. This act was, in short, a beautiful exhibition of physical prowess. The fourth and final act was a scene in a cotton field, with Mr. Walker and members of the chorus taking part. Cotton, however, was not the only thing that was picked, banjo strings were also picked, especially by Johnnie Thompson. From the standpoint of both the audience and the performers, the Follies of 1932 was one of the most successful given in North Dallas in recent years. 0 rches t ra PERSONNEL VZOIWS Saxaphones CLAYTON BILLINGS DAN BLACKWELL TOM HARNSBERGER BILL O,DONNEL MAURICE PIERCE BILLY PULLMAN CHARLOTTE ABBEY GENEVIEVE ABRAMS EDITH HILL EVANGELINE POOL Banjo JOHNNY THOMPSON Tnrmbones FRANK MALONE GEORGE SHACKELFORD WILEY DIXON KENNETH GOODSON O. H. HOOD, JR. MARVIN SIMPSON Clarinefs CLIFFORD BIGELOW' BLANCHARD BOYER Trumpe is GERALD BENNETT WILLIAM TIMM Drums HOUSTON LYNCH The orchestra has proved a most eflicient member of the music department this year Much of 1tS success is due to the able supervision of its director, Miss Ruth Curtis The orchestra has played on various occasions, including the Senior play, and the Dallas Open Forum A small orchestra played for a reception at the Sam Houston School. 1 -we Y I ffifff Girls' Chorus and Boys, Glee Club Members of the Girls' Chorus and Boys' Glee Club gave a cantata Christmas week, "The Birthday of the King," by Dale. Those who had special parts were: Charles Rough, Robert Shultz, Mr. E. D. Walker, Otha Wolf, Jane Adams, Marjorie Achilles, Eloise Burroughs, Betty Covington, Marguerite Frederickson, Martha Hunter, Willie Mavis Holcomb, Lucille Littlejohn, Frances McCrary, Edith Sherman, Sue Salter, Eleanor Wallace and Kathryn Winn. The ex-students of North Dallas who assisted were: Arnold Gratzel, Roger Harris, Fred Thompson and Minnie Belle Norwood. Probably the most impressive sight was the entrance of the vested choir, singing "O Come, All Ye Faithfulf' North Dallas has a new organization this year, the 'lTreble Clef Quartetf, This is composed of Eugene Edmonds, Clark Johnson, Wilford Nolan and R. J. Parker. They have entertained at the Oak Lawn Theatre, the Mothers' P. T. A., Dads' Club, at assembly, and at the Haskell Avenue Methodist Church. 'ss The Glee Club and Chorus will present an operetta, "Oh, Doctor this spring. They will be accompanied by the North Dallas orchestra. The Girls, Chorus plan to enter the Baylor-Belton contest in the spring. Their entries will be soloist, girls' trio, and chorus. gf? wx ,,.f ,ff x I --- --- - -Y ww -Y ' -- Y L r F F i P 4 Senior Honors and Activities ACKLIN, HORACE HALE, J. C. JR. Chemistry Club, III-IV, Captain, R.O.T.C.: Crack Company, IV, OHicers' Club, Dads' Club. BLAIR, SHLETON K Jr. Hi-Y, I-II, Vice-Pres., Reporter, III, Senior Hi-Y, III, Spanish Club, III. BOLL, HENRY Football, III-IV, lettered, IV, Track, III-IV. BOLLMAN, HENRY Basketball, II-IV, lettered, III, IV, Captain, IV, Football, III-IV, lettered, V, All-City Football Team, V, Band, Compass Staff. BERRY, GRANVILLE Football, II'-IV, lettered, III-IV, Captain, IV, All-City Football Team, IV, Track, II-IV, Vik- ing Staff. BUNCH, VARGE Sergeant, R.O.T.C., Kodak Club Vice-President. BONNER, BILLIE Chemistry Club, Football, I-II, Golf Team, II- IV, 2nd Lt., R.O.T.C., Camp Dallas, II-III. CAMPBELL, J. L. Second Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. CHANCY, ELMO First Lt., R.O.T.C., Sports Editor, Compass, IV, Drama Class, Spanish Club, II. CHRISTIAN, BERNARD Minstrel, III-IV, Crack Company, III-IV, Camp Dallas, III. CONE, MIKE Senior Play. CULLUM, CHARLES Viking Staff, Norther Staff, 'lGammer Garton's Needle." DAILEY, LAWSON National Honor Society, III-IV DOWELL, MART I Junior Hi-Y, Kodak Club, Perigon Club. FISHER, BEN Captain, R.O.T.C. IV, President, 3A Class, Head Yell Leader, III, IV, Spanish Club, President, III, Crack Company II-IV, Track III, Hi-Y, Dads' Club, Chemistry, Kodak, Spanish Clubs, III, IV, Pan-American, Eagle Scout, Norther Staff. FISHER, GUY Sergeant, R.O.T.C., Basketball, III-IV. GILKER, BILLY . Football, III, Sergeant, R.O.T.C., Baseball, IV, Eagle Scout, B.S.A. Football, III, Track, IV, Baseball, IV, Operetta, Minstrel, Senior Play, IV. HARRIS, JOHN Kodak Club, Vice-President, II, Camp Dallas, I-III, Major R.O.T.C., Most Eificient Com- mander's Medal, IV, National Honor Society, Crack Company, II-IV, Viking Staff, IV, Senior Hi-Y, IV, Treasurer Class, IV. HARRISON, LAWRENCE Camp Dallas, II-IV, Football, III, IV, Dads' Club, Crack Company, II-IV. HAWKINS, FRANK Chemistry Club, Vice-President, Spanish Club. HEINEN, CLARENCE Junior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Philosophians, Chem- istry Club, Captain, R.O.T.C., Camp Dallas, I-IV, Dads' Club, Crack Company, II-IV. HUVELLE, MARCEL Perigon Club, Camp Dallas, Dadls Club, Rifle Team, Crack Company, II. KNIGHT, BILLIE Hi-Y, III-IV, Secretary, IV, Philosophians, II- III, Reporter, III, Perigon Club, Spanish Club, Captain, R.O.T.C., Camp Dallas, II-IV, Rifle Team, III-IV, Crack Company, II-IV, Dads' Club. LANG, JOHN 'Captain, R.O.T.C., Treasurer, Senior Hi-Y, Dads' Club, Crack Company, IV, Company Commander, Company D, III, Company B, IV, Hi-Y Conference, IV. LANKEORD, EDGAR Kodak Club, Chemistry Club. LEDBETTER, PAUL National Honor Society, Latin Club, IV, Presi- dent, IV, Perigon Club, III-IV, Vice-President, III, Treasurer, IV, Linz Bible Award. LINK, ASHFORD Vice-President, 4B Class, Treasurer, Senior Hi- Y, III, Cheer Leader, III, Rifle Team, III, Hi-Y Conference, IV, Extemporaneous Speaker, IV. JOHNSON, PEYTON Major, R.O.T.C., Camp Dallas, II-IV, Junior I-Ii-Y, I-II, Senior I-Ii-Y, III-IV, Vice-President, 3A Class, Football, I. IVIALONE, FRANK Kodak Club, IV, Vice-President, III, Lt. R.O.T.C., Band, III-IV, Crack Company, IV, Eagle Scout, B.S.A., Dads' Club. MARTIN, BRYSON Spanish Club, II, Philosophians, II-III, Perigon Club, II-III, President, III, Kodak Club, III, National Honor Society, III-IV. MCLEMORE, BILL Chemistry Club, Golf Team. MONAMARA, J. C. Captain, R.O.T'.C., National Honor Society, Quill and Scholl, Perigon Club, Philosophians, Latin Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Compass Staff. MCWILLIAMS, PEAVY Football, I-IV, Captain, III, Baseball, II-IV, Compass Staff, Viking Staff, Business Manager of Baseball Team. PECR, GEORGE Lt. R.O.T.C., Camp Dallas, II, Sharpshooter, II, Rifle Team, III. PROCTOR, NATHAN Basketball. ROBINSON, LEON Dads' Club, Crack Company, III. RUDINE, ALFRED Kodak Club. SHIELDS, T. L. Sergeant, R.O.T.C., Track, Kodak Club. SMITH, JACKSON Golf Team, I-IV, Captain, III-IV, Chemistry Club. STORER, CHARLES Dads' Club, I-III, Stage Manager, Operetta, II- III, Norther Staff, II-IV, Viking Staff, III, Camp Dallas, I. STRINGER, WILLIAM Sergeant, R.O.T.C., Football, I-III, Track, I-IV. TURNER, GEORGE P. President, Kodak Club, Perigon Club, Philosoph- ians, Pan-American, National Honor Society. VAUGHN, GRAHAM Football, III, Sergeant, R.O.T.C., Dads' Club. WEBB, SEXTON Chemistry Club, Glee Club. WHITEHURST, JIM Junior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Kodak Club, Foot- ball, III, Lettered. WILLIAMS, NASH Chemistry Club, III-IV, Vice-President, III, President, IV, Radio Club, III-IV, Vice-Presi- dent, III, President, IV, Junior Hi-Y, II-III, Senior Hi-Y, IV, Eagle Scout, B.S.A., Dads Club, Captain, R.O.T.C., Camp Dallas, II-IV, Crack Company, II-IV. ACHILLES, MARJORIE Spanish Club, Chemistry Club, Girls' Chorus, Operetta. ANDERSON, MARTINA Olympiads, Delphian. BARKER, DOROTHY Norther Staff, IV. BARTELL, CHRISTINA Latin Club, II. BERG, ROSE Latin Club. BIBB, BILLIE Chemistry Club, IV, Girl Reserves, III, Span- ish Club, III, Pan-American, IV. BURROUGHS, ELOISE Girls' Chorus. BUTERA, MICKEY Delphian Club, Latin Club, Vice-President, Olympiads, Chemistry Club, Viking Staff, Na- tional Honor Society. CHRISTENSEN, ELISE Delphians, Olympiads, Spanish Club. CLARK, FRANCES Latin Club, II-III, Delphians, II-IV, Girl Re- serves, I-IV. COLE, BROWNIBEL National Honor Society, III-IV, Delphians, I-IV, Secretary, Delphians, IV, Latin Club, II-IV, Kodak Club, III, COOK, KATHRYN Olympiads, III, Cheer Leader, IV. CONRAD, JANA Delphian Club, Kodak Club. CRAWFORD, PAULINE Chemistry Club, Delphians, Volley Ball Team. CULLUM, MARTHA Delphians, Treasurer, IV, Olympiads, Viking Staff. CULLUM, MARY NELL National Honor Society, Pan-American, Del- phians, Latin Club. CURRAN, CLOYE Delphians, II-IV, Olympiads, III-IV. ECHOLS, MARGARET Chemistry Club, II-IV, Volley Ball Team, I. ELLIOTT, RUBY Latin Tournament, I-III, Delphians, I-IV, Sec- retary, II, Vice-President, III, Reporter, III, Latin Club, I-IV, Secretary, III, Reporter, IV, National Honor Society, III-IV, Perigon Club, Kodak Club. FINNEY, VIVA SUE Delphians, I-IV, Vice-President, IV, Olympiads, III-IV, National Honor Society, III-IV, Span- ish Club, II-III, Girl Reserves, II, Norther Stalf. GILLUM, MARY FRANCES Girls' Chorus, Captain Baseball Team, I. GRAHAM, MARY JOHN Chemistry Club, IV. GRANBERY, WINSTON Spanish Club GRIFFIN, IRMA NELL Delphians, II-IV, Spanish Club, II-IV, Girl Re- serves, I-IV. HENNEBERGER, RUTH Chemistry Club, Viking Staff. JOHNSON, LUCILLE Delphians, Girl Reserves. KEELER, ELIZABETH Art Editor, Norther, IV. KEY, NADINE Chemistry Club. KINDRED, LEIBERT Latin Club, III, Olympiads, I-IV, Treasurer, III. KNOX, MILDRED Latin Club, I-IV, Olympiads, II-IV, Delphians, I-IV, Kodak Club, III, Chemistry Club, IV, Viking Staff, III-IV. KOWALSRI, LOLITA Business and Circulation Manager, Compass, Secretary, Quill and Scroll, Chemistry Club, IV, Delphian Club, II-IV, Girls' Debating Team, IV, Spanish Club, II. LITTLE JOHN, LUCILLE Quill and Scroll, Compass Staff, Girls' Chorus, A Capella Choir. MACQUISTON, CHARLOTTE National Honor Society, Secretary, IV, Olym- piads, Secretary, IV, Latin Club, Vice-Presi- dent, III, Kodak Club, III, Norther Staff, III, Tennis Team, Secretary, 4B Class. MOORE, MARGARET Latin Club, I-IV, National Honor Society, Bible Linz Pins, Delphians, I-III, Eta Sigma Phi Latin Medal. MOORE, MARTHA National Honor Society. MONTGOMERY, MARY JANE Delphians, Spanish Club. NAFUS, MAXINE Spanish Club, III-IV, Pan-American, III-IV. NESBITT, ALICE Delphians, Latin Club, Managing Editor, Com- pass, Quill and Scroll, President, Norther Staff. ORR, HELEN Delphians, I-III, Volley Ball Team. PENNINGTON, LYNDAL Girl Reserves, III, Chemistry Club. PETERSON, SARA ROsE Latin Club, I-II, Olympiads, II-IV, Secretary, II, Delphian Secretary, III, IV President, Norther StaE, IV, Viking Staff, IV, National Honor Society, III-IV, Vice-President, IV, Girl Reserves, II. PHILLIPPE, JEANETTE Spelling Contest, III. PIERCE, LETIE MAE Assistant Thrift Director. POWELL, ELEANOR National Honor Society, IV, Olympiads, Del- phians. RAMSEY, VIOLA Delphians, Treasurer, Olympiads. REDDICK, CLOE Spanish Club, III, Chemistry Club. RYALS, BESSIE National Honor Society, III-IV, Spanish Club, II-IV, Quill and Scroll, IV, Secretary-Treas- urer, Spanish Club, IV, Volley Ball Team, Vik- ing Staff. SALTER, SUE Representative, National High School Chorus, III, Girl Reserves, IV, Chemistry Club, IV, Girls' Chorus, II-IV. SANDLIN, MARGARET Norther Staff. SHERMAN, EDITH Delphians, Viking Staff, III, Norther Stalf. SHIPP, MARY LOUISE Delphians. SMITH, AUDREY DALE Junior Life Saver, II, Chemistry Club, Girl Reserves, Girl Scouts. SMITH, ELIZABETH National Honor Society, Olympiads, President, II-III, Latin Club, Kodak Club, Secretary, III, Norther Staff. SMITH, VELA MAE Compass Staff. STRANGE, MABEL National Honor Society, Latin Club. TACKETT, ELLEN Assistant Thrift Director. UNGER, ELSIE Girl Reserves, One-Act Plays. WATSON, MARY ADELINE Delphians, I-IV, Olympiads, II-IV. WHITE, Lois Delphians, II-IV, Latin Club. Grice, Vinson Ledbetter, Paul Watson, Robert Ballowe, Gregg Abbott, Henry Gee Atkinson, Buddy Billings, Clayton Boots, Jimmie Brutshe, Dudley Cage, Edwin Conrad, Jana Elliott, Ruby Bradley, Virginia Cole, Brownibel Moore, Margaret Evans, Joan Lee, Durene Mountford, Magna Sanger, Elsa Young, Lillian Ramsey, Viola Finney, Viva Sue Smith, Elizabeth Butera, Mickey Crowley, Mary C. Hill, Margaret Nell Brown, Eleanor Hamilton, Betty Putman, Margaret Hill, Janice Abernathy,Betty Bonner, Helen Beard, Miriam Breg, Helen Brin, Doris Honor Roll, Fall, I931 FIRST SIX WEEKs 95 PER CENT Campbell, L. Campbell, Welborn Coleman, Walter Dalton, Tolbert Dealey, Al Decherd, Ben Gibson, William Daughtery, Guy Gibbs, R. K. Gaugh, Jamie GIRLS, Cameron, Betty Counts, Katherine Cowan, Evelyn Crawford, Pauline Cullum, Martha Cullum, Mary Nell Dailey, Sandel Drake, Helen Edmondson, Betty Evans, Margaret L. Feineman, Betty Ann Fields, Beth Forbes, Mildred French, Imogene French, Mary Ann Fritz, Bertha Germany, Julia Guy, Annette Hadra, Phyllis Hands, Dorothy Hardy, Elizabeth Harris, Bonnie Hillyer, June Holcomb, Willie M. Jackson, Kathlyn 95 Gratzl, Alvin Hood, O. H., Jr. Horsley, William Hufdngton, Ray Hunter, Charles Long, John McNamara, J. C. Magnet, Harold' Martin, Bryson Mosley, Marion PER CENT Jacobs, Doris Johnson, Margaret Knudsen, Helen Law, Mary Tweed MacQuiston, Charlotte McNutt, Mary Elizabeth Maines, Virginia Martinez, Irene Mason, Margaret Metcalfe, Louise Montgomery, Mary Jane Moodie, lline Mary Moore, Martha Morriss, Mary Lee Mote, Eloise Neighbors, Rose Nesbitt, Alice Newsom, Rita Nichols, Elaine Novey, Lois Orr, Ruth Parr, Marian Peterson, Sara Rose Pool, Evangeline Powell, Eleanor Rea Neely, Stanley Nolen, Wilford Parr, James Pillett, John Riddle, Bob Smith, J. P. Taylor, Berry Watson, James Ward, Joe E., Jr. Rea, Doris Reynolds, Dorothy Rogers, Earnestine Rogers, Minnie Rorie, Lavonia Rudine, Francis Ryals, Bessie Schowe, June Smith, Evelyn Stephens, Melba Strange, Mable Tackett, Ellen Teagarden, Elizabeth Todie, Louise Unger, Elsie Vaden, Era Nell Vinson, Edna Walker, Evelyn Watson, Louise West, Geraldine White, Lois White, Virginia Willoughby, Margaret Wynn, Kathryn Yeargan, Ardeth Grice, Vinson Ledbetter, Paul Watson, Robert Dealey, Al Powell, Dick Long, John Atkinson, Buddy Cage, Edwin Neely, Stanley Campbell, J. L. Campbell, J. L. Adoue, Bertrand Conrad, Jana Evans, Joan Moore, Margaret Brown, Eleanor Martinez, Irene Strange, Mabel Crowley, Mary C. Bradley, Virginia Cole, Brownibel Hill, Mary Nell Young, Lillian Finney, Viva Sue Butera, Mickey Lee, Durene Sanger, Elsa Moodie, Iline M. Hillyer, June Cowan, Evelyn Cullum., Mary Nell Willoughby, Anna M. Hinds, Ila Marie Hill Janice Peterson, Sara Rose Smith, Elizabeth Unger, Elsie Mountford, Magna Abernathy, Betty Adams, Jane SECOND SIX WEEKS Ballowe, Gregg Billings, Clayton Brade,E. W. Brade, James Brutshe, Dudley Campbell, Welborn Clawson, Garland Coleman, Walter Dalton, Tolbert Dougherty, Guy Decherd, Ben Gibbs, R. K. GIRLS Breg, Helen Beaird, Miriam Bell, Cleo Beneke, Elizabeth Bonner, Helen Brin, Doris Cameron, Betty Clark, Marguerite Calvin, Merle Counts, Katherine Crawford, Pauline Cullum, Martha Dailey, Sandal Dixon, Nancy Drake, Helen Echols, Margaret Emrick, Janice Edmondson, Betty Evans, Margaret L. Farr, Geraldine Ferrell, Juanita Fields, Beth Forbes, Mildred French, Imogene Germany, Julia Guy, Annette Guy, Anita Hadra, Phyllis Gilker, Billy Gibson, William Gratzl, Alvin Gough, Jamie Harris, John Hawkins, Frank Hood, O. H. Horsley, Edward Huiington, Ray Hunter, Charles Kershaw, George Link, Ashford , 95 PER CENT Hall, Margaret Hamilton, Betty Hanks, Dorothy Hardy, Elizabeth Holcomb, Willie M. Jackson, Kathleen Jennings, Jerome Johnson, Margaret Kindred, Leibert Kowalski, Lolita Lucas, Virginia Maines, Virginia Moore, Margaret Maxfield, Imogene McNutt, Mary Elizabeth MacQuiston, Charlotte Mercer, Mary S. Metcalfe, Louise Mitchell, Virginia Montgomery, Mary Jane Moore, Martha Morgan, Venola Morriss, Mary Lee Nesbitt, Alice Neighbors, Rose Nesmith, Edna Newsom, Rita Novey, Lois Lock, Eugene McNamara, C. Martin, Bryson Neely, Stanley Phillips, Bob Pillett, John Riddle, Bob Rudine, Francis Taylor, Berry Turner, George Watson, James Ward, Joe E., Jr. Orr, Ruth Palmer, Elsie Parr, Marian Powell, Eleanor Putnam, Margaret Ryals, Bessie K. Ramsey, Viola Rea, Doris Reynolds, Dorothy Rogers, Ernestine Rogers, Virginia Ross, Jessie Maye Schowe, June Tackett, Ellen Teagarden, Elizabeth Thomson, Julia Tresp, Margaret Todie, Louise Vaden, Era Nell Vinson, Edna Walker, Evelyn Watkins, Martha Watson, Louise West, Geraldine White, Virginia White, Lois Wynn, Kathyn Yeargan, Ardeth ATHLEHQS r I W K .uumaplim ' Wf 3 ' :U Av R QQ T N. '-eiwv-ei,,gLpt5g f 1 - s CAPTAIN H. E. MENEZES STAFF SGT. JOHN BULOCK Commandant Assistant lo Commandant The terms of 1931-32 have been highly successful years for the R.O.T.C. of North Dallas High School. With the coming of Captain Menezes, North Dallas entered upon a new era of interest in military matters. Delinquents were dismissed, oflicers were picked for their ability, points gained in activities other than mlitary and academic rating, and the general efficiency of the entire corps has been raised. Colonel Gotschall commanded the corpsfirrtlrefall-of 1931, and while North Dallas did not come out first in the standing of all the high-schools of Dallas, it received a higher rating than ever beforeg and now that all the companies are organized and the officers functioning efficiently, the corps under Colonel Decherd should go far toward winning the annual efficiency cup. The Crack Company contest, the most colorful military event of the year, will be held on May 9g and though no prediction can be made at this time, the cadet corps feels confiident of a place far above that achieved by the companies North Dallas has pre- viously put on the field. The Crack Company will be commanded by the regimental com- mander, with the battalion commanders for platoon leaders. The Rifle Team, under Sergeant Boluch, is keeping up to its high standing set during the last few years, as a continual threat to win the corps area match. On the whole, Captain Menezes is to be congratulated on the Way he has taken charge of the situationg he has produced an excellent regiment. LIEUTENANT COLONEL H. BEN Dlzcmzun Regimenial Commarnlcr REGIMENT Lieutenant-Colonel H. Ben Decherd, REgil1ZFHfd1 Commamfrrg Major Raymond Campbell, Captain Billie Knight, Captain James Barker, Second Lieutenant Henry Abbott, Captain Russell Wainowsk, Major Peyton Johnson, Captain Nash Williams, Second Lieutenant Bobby Gottschall, Second Lieutenant John C. Read, Sec- ond Lieutenant Ted MCC. Moore, Major John Harris, Captain Clarence Heinen, Second Lieutenant Maurice Hanks, Second Lieutenant David Thompson, Second Lieutenant Lawrence Harrison, Second Lieutenant Joe E. Ward. I L ti. .wif nw I , A ?i, 'LRIYJ SNK, QT! . Company A Captain Gregg Ballowe, Commanderg First Lieutenant Charles Thomp- son, Second Lieutenant Alex Burr, Second Lieutenant Pete Lucas. Company B Captain John E. Lang, Commanderg First Lieutenant Horace Acklin, Second Lieutenant Lewis B. Storey, Second Lieutenant Harry Crump. an - of l C, ,. if f- ' 'V A' 'fr a i s 1 4 U 5 Y , 'N i 'T '-1-,Q 4' - i 'swf i ' -i ..,: 1' -'gi " - ' 5 V' Q' 'S ' L . srsr -Q ,. 'l ' ' 3 1 f .fe ire ae if if' ff rf 'f wi is . f I " K' 'H +V' S" -3- FU W 9 ' W " If a f' a ", V.. V ' - f 1 k giw ' ' ,k V , 4 f- f X Je . ,M Company C Captain Ben Fisher, Commander, First Lieutenant Marvin Simpson, First Lieutenant Bernard Christian, Second Lieutenant Truett Minton, Second Lieutenant Adolph Beneke. Company D Captain Roland Howell, Commander, Second Lieutenant Walter L. Dealey, Second Lieutenant L. Campbell. Cbmpanylf First Lieutenant Temple Hoffer, First Lieutenant Tolbert Dalton, Second Lieutenant George Peck, Second Lieutenant Maryon Hudgins, First Lieu- tenant Tyree Leonard, Second Lieutenant Merrill Smith, Second Lieuten- ant Norwood Jones. Band Captain J. C. McNamara, First Lieutenant Clifford Biglowg First Lieu- tenant Morris Howellg Second Lieutenant Frank Malone, Second Lieuten- ant Waltoii Ector, Second Lieutenant James Puff. Rifle Team Captain Billie Knight, Captain Russel Woinowsk, Captain Clarence Heinen, First Lieutenant Tyree Leonard, Second Lieutenant Merrill Smith, Master Sergeant Dale Elliott, First Sergeant Marcel Huvelle, Sergeants Roy Bowman, James Watson, George Gorman, James Hopkins, Dudley Brutsshe, Paul Jamison, Ashford Link, George Turner, Glynn Morris. 12 ? JE f 4 23 17? Y MM ' Q s I ' SIPQIRTS 1 . Q. - i - Coach, GUY ALLEN ADAIR, HOWELL ' MARTIN, RUSSELL BARKER, JIMMIE MOODY, HORACE BERRY, GRANVILLE MOORE, THEODORE BOLL, HENRY MOSELEY, MARION BOLLMAN, HENRY ECHOLS, WOODROW OSBURN, JOHN GILKER, BILLY PALERMO, SAM GRAHAM, FRED RICE, GALEN HALE, J. C. ROBY, WILLIAM HARRISON, LAWRENCE LOBELLO, KOLA SCOTT, FRED MCSHAN, L. A. SCOTT, CHARLES MCWILLIAMS, PEAVY STEWART, JACK MARSHALL, LOUIS WIILKER, JACK GILKER, BILLY ROBY, WILLIAM RICE, GALEN ADAIR, HOWELL WHITEHURST, JIM Letter Men in Football, 1931 MCWILLIAMS, PEAVY WHITEHURST, JIM HALE, J. C. BOLLMAN, HENRY ECHOLS, WOODROW WALKER, JACK BOLL, HENRY SCOTT, CHARLES JARRETT, FRANK, Business Manager GRAHAM, FRED STEWART, JACK PALERMO, SAM BERRY, GRANVI LLE '...........a.A'-1 Courtery Dalia: Time: The Football Season This year North Dallas opened the season with a supposedly weak team. The North Dallas eleven was rated by the local newspapers to finish last in the district race. With only six letter men, Coaches Allen and Fulton turned out a fighting Bulldog team which upset the dope and finished with an average of .500. The first two games of the season were against two out-of-town teams. The Bulldogs defeated Grandview in our own backyard, 27 to 7. The team then journeyed to Palestine to defeat the Palestine Lions 26 to 0. The next week the North Dallas eleven was defeated in their first dis- trict game by Highland Park, 21 to O. Following this defeat came another by the powerful Corsicana team, 67 to 0. :Nothing shows better the spirit of the team than the immediate refusal of the Bulldogs to give up, for the Sunset Bisons, in the following game, were defeated by a score of 13 to 0. In this game every man fought hard, and each deserves much credit. Outstanding were Berry, McWilliams, Whitehurst and Hale. Oak Cliff beat the Bulldogs 19 to 0, but North Dallas outplayed the Leopards by making more first downs. In the game with the Forest Lions, North Dallas scored against them in the Hrst period, and by strong and spectacular defensive playing held the powerful Lions for three quarters. With the last whistle, the score remained 6 to 0. North Dallas had won a hard-fought victory by the Herald "1 4 l 1 l 1 1 l i l 1-J excellent playing and fine teamwork of the entire squad. Notable work was done by Echols, Gilker, Berry, Roby, Adair and Walker. The next game was with Woodrow Wilson. Although the Bulldogs showed the same fighting spirit, the Wildcats won the game, 28 to 0, by excellent passing and defensive play. Boll, at guard, and Bollman, at center, were the outstanding players of the game. The season ended with a thrilling game with Technical. The first half of the game showed hard fighting on both sides. The score at the half was 0 to 0. In the third quarter, the Wolves went wild and scored 13 points. With only seven minutes to play, North Dallas opened a series of passes which ended with a beautiful catch and run by Scott. This run netted a touchdown. Score, North Dallas 7, Technical 13. After the kick-off by North Dallas, Tech was forced to kick, and another series of passes resulted. A perfect pass from Stuart to Moody was good for another six points, the extra point after touchdown was missed. Final score, 13 to 13. The Bulldogs showed throughout the season a consistently fighting squad, and they played some excellent games and turned out some fine players. Four men of the team, Walker, Bollman, Echols and Berry, were picked on the "All City Team" to play in Houston on New Year's Day. The North Dallas eleven gained the name of the "surprise team" of Dallas for the 1931 season. TEAM First: Henry Bollman, all city, Lewis Marshall, William Roby Guy Fisher Tyree Leonard, Jack Walker, all city, Buddy Atkinson Nathan Proctor, Jack Calhoun. Second: Eldon Williams, Arthur Pitts, Fred Graham, Karl Zschach Jimmy Barbei, Woodrow McClure, William Marshall, Garland Rice Leon Darr. Buszness Manager: Peavy McWilliams. GAMES North Dallas 26 Woodrow Wilson North Dallas 33 Oak Cliff . . North Dallas 7 Tech . North Dallas 26 Sunset . North Dallas 21 Forest . . . North Dallas 36 Woodrow Wilson North Dallas 26 Oak Cliff . . North Dallas 27 Tech . . North Dallas 23 Forest . North Dallas 23 Sunset . . Total Points: North Dallas . . . 335 Opponents . . 287 2 "Es TRACK Pollinzi, Cobb, Heitman, Waskam, Stringer, Berry, Graham, Zschock, Scott, McShan, Moore, Long Barber, Lo Bello, Rice, Atkinson, Captain, French, Hauskins, Billings. GOLF x7L'fC'1'd1ZS2 Billie Bonner, James Goldman, Jackson Smith. Others: "Lefty" Williams, Harvey Fletcher, Oscar Murph, Ellis Jones. +- -wh - -Y -Af - r-- . ---:mn-x-F qw -1- - gk as t, A ' ' H - i ff ? N b x H 1,91 ' ' ' . TENNIS Charlotte MacQuiston, Ruth Bowman, Florence Boll, Valevia Waggle, Nancy Carlton, S. J. Mansfield, Howard Hobson, Jimmie Hereford, Jack Walkerg Substitutes: Robert Garretson, Bertrand Adoue, Williani Gibson, Jack Hale, Jimmie Barber, Russell DeLany, Russell Rembert, Martha Hogg, Margaret Rechenberg, Exn Greene, Elizabeth Smith. V' my - uf! JQNCE ,W f RQXXWS N ST Preamble For what is now to follow We hope will bring you cheer, For we and us have tried right hard And tried is all, We fear. So for our part We dedicate These jokes to chase your gloom, To the jokes that teach our classes And the soup in the lunchroom. QEdil0r's Note: We hope you amble and scramble this preamble till it drives you nuts-or nuttienj Ted Lay: "Why do you call me 'Pilgrim'?" Mary West: "Because every time you come to see me, you make a little progress." Iudy Harlowe: "Give me a glass of plain water, pleasef' Soda Ierleer: "Without what flavor?" Indy: "I'll take it without chocolate." Soda Ierker: "Well, you'll have to take it without vanilla, because we're out of chocolate." Little Johnny struggled out to the policeman who was busily directing trafhc, and tugging on his arm to gain his attention, said, "Mister Policeman, please, when you have puppies give me one, as my mother is very anxious for a police dog." "Have you a match?" "No, but I have a cigarette lighterf' "I can't pick my teeth with thatf' And then there is the one about the absent-minded professor who drank a can of gasoline, and filled his car with buttermilk. "What gives you indigestion?' "Worry," "What d'ya worry about?" "Indigestion." Kind Gentleman Qto little boy eating an applej: "Look out for the worms, sonnyf' Little boy: "Mister, when I eat an apple, the worms have to look out for themselvesf' Usher fat football gamej: "Can you see the game from your seat, sir?" Ben Deeberd: "Gosh no! Where do you think my eyes are?U -L' R. Q. T. C. HEADQUARTERS RIDING OU-1-DOOR Dallas' Finest Pasteurized EQUIPMENT CLOTHING c 11' ILK at I O S TENNESSEE DAIRIES, INC. MILITARY EQUIPMENT 208 N. Akard Street PHONE 7-6526 "I want a mousetrapf' he said rather sharply, "A good one-and please'hurry, because I want to catch the next street car." The storekeeper eyed him coldly. "I regret, sir, that my mousetraps are not guaran- teed to catch streetcarsf' :I- 21- :I- gn First prisoner: "What did you get for Christmas Second Inmate: "A new penf' X' 2? Claude: "I found a wrecked car on the highway last night." loe: "Did you get that extra set of coils you needed?" Claude: "No, some dirty thief stole them before I got there." Miss Curtis: "And what voice do you sing, young man? Tenor?', Fish: "Shortst0p." Miss Curtis: "What do you mean-lshortstop'?" Fish: "Yes, between second and third base." "Hurrah! An ancient prejudice has been removedf, shouted the butcher as his aged mother-in-law fell into the sausage machine. -Z- institution for young men where an honest effort is put forward to properly care for the apparel needs of school and college students ..... Gfashion Qark Qlothes Jfanhattan Cjhirts Winchley Qfats Reynnlldls D Pcenilnncifl Cn.. 1524-1526 Main Street Dallas' Own Clflthing Store In the years to come.... In the years to come this book will become a priceless heritage of your school days. Thoughtfully, you have selected an AMERICAN BEAUTY cover ..... for its durability and beauty- Let us solve your cover problems. D Q N N EL L91 filU"MAlfv?DeLzzxc'j 'Ex"'L'l-'x.. I C If C IQ EAM "The Arisfocraf of lee Creams" American Beauty Cover Company I " 1900-8 Orange Street 727 West Davis 6-8197 sophomore: "Say, Fish, don't you hate to havesomeone sort of-" Fish: "Take the words right out of your mouth." First Sap: "Have you heard Kipling's 'Song of the Guillotine'?" Second Sap: "No, how does it go?', First Sap: "It starts like this: 'If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs. ' " Doctor: "Dee breathin , ou understand, destro s microbesf' P S Y Y Pafienf: "But, doctor, how can I force them to breathe deeply?" Advertisement in a drug store window: "Take home a brick: it's good when com- pany comes." "You sew-and-seW,,' said the needle to the thread. Tom: "How do sailors know there's a man in the moon?,, Dick: "Because they've been to seaf, IN SINCERE APPRECIATION OF YOUR PATRONAGE AND YOUR FRIENDSHIP Dallas Railway 84 Terminal Company PARTNERS IN THE GROWTH OE DALLAS w 1 f ,f ,f .I . ,- f Q91 A 2 jj, . Q My 1 - I f x N fff' N If V f' f Q - fu Q25 x e k ,Az J QU 'C J!! U R if I Aj! Dafl ,VMI LN E ff! Xt - if A , ,.s fflfzff ,.f' f, ,J rf - 72 dPlD1"6CZ6Zf207fZ of the co-operation of the boys and girls of the high schools of Dallasg their sponsors and teachers for the past three years. WILKINSQN r PRINTING Twenty Years of Reliable and Q Dependable 1 f Service . Cv Kg 5 he uf V, W pix Q 2 iff fff W ' vis It 9 Se fx yi, 4 M ff, JWMG ggi QSLEEJK t eff fd sf G05 X 5? fr J '-'E 7 BRINKER GROCERY, NO. 2 six DELIVERIES DAILY Location: saos PRESTON ROAD PHONE 5-2184 BLUE RIBBON LAUNDRY Cleaning and Pressing Curtains, Blankets and Family Washing a Specialty 3824 Cedar Springs Road PHONE 5-3107 tl' Goodmanis Oak Lawn Cafeteria . SEREATHA'S BEAUTY SHOP 3833 Cedar Springs Road Breakfast, Lnnrh, Dinner and Delifatexsen 4505 Oak Lawn Avenue CARL GOODMAN HENRY GOODMAN DIAL 5-4194 PHONE 5-6457 'I' Husband: "Trouble with the modern woman, she's trying to copy the habits of the k erfect fool of herselff, man. And when she does that, she ma es a p Wife: "Of course." A model marriage is one in which the Most great men come because of ambition or gossip. from small towns, perhaps, but you h b Cl a treasury. wife is a treasure and the us an can't tell whether itis he didn't know what the word Once a Scotchman didn't go to a banquet because d he was found dead before an open dictionary. 8 rutis on the invitation meant. The next ay l . Doesn't yours?" A "M husband talks in his s eep Mrs. .: y ' " ' ' erating. He only smiles." Mrs. B.. No, and it s so exasp METROPOLITAN Cleaning and Dyeing Co., Inc 3920 Cedar Springs Road PHONE 5-0066 CLEANING, PRESSING AND ALTERATIONS Comfort and Convenience RICHARD APARTMENTS 2505 Maple Ave. 2-7021 'X' Complimenfs of FLOYD WEST 86 CO. GENERAL AGENTS 925 Santa Fe Bldg. Dallas, Texas ECONOMY DRUG STORE Fastest Delivery Servife in Oak Lawn Oak Lawn and Lemon 5-317 7 CONSUMERS, POULTRY STATION Home of Milk-Fed Poultry Dressed While You Wait Fresh Yard Eggs . . Fancy Squabbs Sanitary Rating 97 Per Cent PAUL H. LEVERETT, Proprietor Compliments of M. W. LEVY Gregory's Barber and Beauty Shop "Oldest on Knox Street" Special Attention to All 3307 Knox Street Phone 5-4300 3308 Knox S-0125 V Meet Your Frlends Dial 2-6391 2407 McKinney Avenue at T at Maple aml Wolf Streets S PI-IONE 2-8107 MAYME MILLER ELLEN HAYNES rl' The young man led for aheart, The maid played for a diamond, is of prime importance to every high school graduate. The Qld man Came through with 3' club, Whether you plan to go to college or to seek employ- ment, a Business, Stenographic, or Secretarial Course in And the Sexton used 3 spade- the METROPOLITAN this summer will be surprisingly beneficial and profitable to you. Our courses are in- tensive, thorough, and practical. An enviable experience h U of 45 years in training young men and women for sue- ' " cessful business careers warrants our assurance of the most satisfactory results. I met her in the garden, Come to see us or phone 2-3534 for new rate sheet. The night was Still as death, Metropohtan Business College Bur I knew she knew her onions, DALLAS, TEXAS I could smell them on her breath. ,XA "For the last time,-I ask you for that Sl2.50." "Thank goodness, that's over with." Wife: "That boy of yours gets more like you every day.' Hubby: "What has he done now?" :S :i- :F Teacher: "Now, let,s see your pink slipsf' Soplao1norc': "Sir!', ,iw w Y. A 5 wan ED SPAKE'S ' Whie-Wa ri an LAUNDRY - CLEANING 1 PRESSING t Y V DZ Make Our Telephone Line Your Clothes Line S-2155 4535 Cole Avenue Question: Next to "Home,' where is the best place to Knox Street and McKinney Avenue eat? Answer .... Complete Automotive Service THE HIGHLAND PARK CAFETERIA A 3212 KNOX STREET I Breakfast . . Lunch . . Dinner . . Delicatessen PHONE 5-5233 l YW, W 7 , L, ,W , 4. CHARLES R. TUCKER ABE I. BRILLING JOEL S. LANDER This Ojire Has Been in Continuous and Snceessfnl Operation for 40 Years I. REI HARDT 84 SON Second Floor First National Bank Building : Phone 2-1291 DALLAS, TEXAS 'I' Business Man fafter interviewing his daughter's suitorj: "I regret that I cannot see my Way to allow you to marry my daughter at present, but give me your name and address, and if nothing better turns up in the near future, you may hear from us again." 25 Sf- 4 Business Man: "What do you do with all the pictures you paint?" Modernist Artist: "I sell them, sir." Business Man: "Name your price, I've been looking for years for such a salesmanf, Mr. Ford: "Jimmie, what is one-fifth of three-seventeenths?" I. Brassell: "I don't know exactly, but it isn't enough to worry aboutf' PP 3' Ff- Ben Declaerd: "I heard Captain Menezes call you a blockhead. Is that correct?" Harry Crump: "No, sir, he didn't make it that strong. He just said 'Pull down your capg here comes a wood-pecker., " Cop: "Say, do you realize that you were going over sixty-five miles an hour?,' Nancy Carlton: "Sixty-five! Don't be silly! I couldn't have been going over thirty at the most. In fact, I don't believe I was going more than twenty-five." Cop: "Well, maybe you're right. I'l1 just tear this ticket up and give you one for parkingf' 'I- It has been a great pleasure to this Studio to have had the privilege of associating with the students of North Dallas High School. I-I LL-GE TRY STUDIO AIR SPRAY PAINTING CO., Inc. 2016 EAGLE FORD ROAD A A Dallas I rzstituliofz PAINTING SANDBLASTING ALL TYPES OF BUILDINGS CLEANED v P Sunday School Teacher: "And when it rained forty days and forty nights, what happened?" Bright Boy: "The natives said it was very unusual." I Congragulafions The 5 PRUGRESS LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS . . DYERS The Progress Way Pleases 3508 Live Oak ' ,Phone 8-8181 -1: "I work in a shirt factoryf' "Why aren't you Working today?', "We are making night shirts this Week." -L7 T- Sangers' First Floor Shoe Department SENORITA SHOES AND HOSE IL PRICED AT 55.00, 56.00, 57.50, 58.50 ,. For Daytime, Spar! and Evening Wear ,J We will continue to offer the newest style ,. innovations in our Senorita Shoes at the above prices. ' ' I.,-...J" COMPLIMENTS OF THE DADS' CLUB Of North Dallas High School Which Supports All Aotioirief of North Dollm H Z cgh School QP TP " 1 ,X if ' ,H df' 4 7 A , M, all ,XZ X, jf? ' I I I ,ifrhnf I I .ixwx "A"M'-Q- vga I Q ,ig 5 v ' 3 ' - W 1 , M f ' 1' aff 14? in It 2, 7. A qr Favv :I .f 7 I M Y , 3 C , :, I I PS-kg. I If 0 I X' ,gi -A-may 6 ,f I M 6 65, iff 'N WI! X ff G ,f Ir QEEIQRN H F76 If wwmm 619 " X! 'C v E 5 if x K s ' f X IEEE an I U- 50 ,ff I . R 6 I 5 NX A Rl if ,ff if gh: xv- Humax ,X ii nf! If I Q W . 8 I U I f myyf I W 1 I nf W 1 W X33 ' rf mga ff I I X, A SYMBOL OF QUALITY E QPU O AC A1925 BUILDERS CDF DISTIINICTIVE QUALITY SCDUTI-IWESTEIQIXI ENGRAVIIXIG CCD. of Dallas JAMES H. WEBB, PRESIDENT 21022 Jackson St. -2 Telephone 7-2158 L Li gm YY L L L North Dallas High Parent-Teachers Association President First Vice-President . Second Vice-President . Third Vice-President . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer Parliamentarian . Historian Press Reporter . Telephone Chairman . Pencil Chairman . Auditor Acklin, Mrs. H. E. Alcorn, Mrs. E. M. Baldwin, Mrs. B. B. Banister, Mrs. P. C. Banta, Mrs. E. H. Barber, Mrs. P. E. Barnett, Mrs. T. Breg, Mrs. W. C. Boll, Mrs. Henry B. Bonner, Mrs. W. E. Bower, Mrs. Scott Bedell, Mrs. Joe Blair, Mrs. R. W. Bruce. Mrs. T. S. Butler, Mrs. H. E. Buford, Mrs. Ben R. Campbell, Mrs. Raymond Champion, Mrs. W. P. Carlton, Mrs. F. R. Carter, Mrs. J. F. Clark, Mrs. J. G. Clockman, Mrs. L. J. Combs, Mrs. J. T. Cotton, Mrs. F. J. Crawford, Mrs. John Cullum, Mrs. W. G. Cullum, Mrs. Earl Cunningham, Mrs. R. D. Cullum, Mrs. A. W. Dansby, Mrs. C. M. Davis, Mrs. L. D. Dawson, Mrs. J. D. Dealey, Mrs. W. A. Decherd, Mrs. H. B. Dougherty, Mrs. G. H. Dudney, Mrs. R. L. Duckworth, Mrs. L. E. Eastwood, Mrs. Ed Ector, Mrs. W. H. Edwards, Mrs. Lamar Ellis, Mrs. Tom P. English, Mrs. H. W. Erisman, Mrs. Nellie Fisher, Mrs. G. V. Foster, Mrs. G. L. Fretz, Mrs. E. G. Gamhill, Mrs. Geo. W. Gilbert, Mrs. L. B. Gilker, Mrs. W. M. Greenwood Mrs Hard s ' Y Gough, Mrs. James P. Gottschall, Mrs. L. B. Gresham, Mrs. W. V. Grice, Mrs. Harwood Hadra, Mrs. J. M. OFFICERS MEMBERS Lynch, Mrs. F. H. MacQuiston, Mrs. H. H. McCain, Mrs. D. D. McClure, Mrs. J. G. McClure, Mrs. S. H. McIver, Mrs. Julius McLemore, Mrs. W. S. McNamara, Mrs. C. Mangrum, Mrs. O. A. Hagedorn, Mrs. H. JuniorMarsh, Mrs. Susie Hammond, Mrs. T. Hardy, Mrs. N. G. Harnsberger, Mrs. T. C. Harting, Mrs. J. S. Hartman, Mrs. C. H. Hawkins, Mrs. Nettie F. Heath, Mrs. E. J. Heitman, Mrs. Edgar M. Hemphill, Mrs. A. Hill, Mrs. Charles H. Hill, Mrs. Robert Hobrecht, Mrs. Dan Hoff, Mrs. I. A. Hogg, Mrs. S. C. Hooter, Mrs. J. H. Huddleston, Mrs. J. C. Jarrett, Mrs. Jerry Johnson, Mrs. I. Johnson, Mrs. Shem Johnson, Mrs. Van Johnson, Mrs. W. C. Johnston, Mrs. T. A. Jones, Mrs. W. M. Jones, Mrs. Roby Kindred, Mrs. H. L. Kinney, Mrs. M. D. Kizer, Mrs. C. C. Knight, Mrs. R. E. Knox, Mrs. T. K. Landrum, Mrs. Henry Lake, Mrs. S. T. Link, Mrs. Mable Lederman, Mrs. Augusta Locke, Mrs. Eugene Lowrey, Mrs. Joseph J. Luna, Mrs. J. H. Martin, Mrs. Tom Mistrot, Mrs. B. W. Mitchell, Mrs. F. B. Morrison, Mrs. Ward Mosley, Mrs. G. E. Mueller, Mrs. E. A. Neeley, Mrs. E. G. Nesbitt, Mrs. Ray Nelms, Mrs.. M. R. Nesmith, Mrs. Olin Newton, Mrs. R. L. Nichols, Mrs. A. W. Owens, Mrs. E. L. Paine, Mrs. Randolph Parr, Mrs. M. Patterson, Mrs. Maud C. Payne, Mrs. J. Howard Pearson, Mrs. J. C. Phillips, Mrs. J. F. Phillips, Mrs. L. N. Piercy, Mrs. H. J. Pillet, Mrs. A. F. Pope, Mrs. Alex Powell, Mrs. Edmund M. Powell, Mrs. W. J. Puff, Mrs. L. R. Pulley, Mrs. Grace Ramsey, Mrs. M. Rea, Mrs. G. W. Read, Mrs. J. C. Reeves, Mrs. Ben Richardson, Mrs. J. L. Riddle, Mrs. E. R. Robinson, Mrs. Stone J. Roberts, Mrs. John J. Rogers, Mrs. Fred T. MRS. J. HOWARD PAYNE . MRS. XRAY NESBITT MRS. H. M. MCQUISTON . . MRS. S. C. HOGG MRS. W. H. THOMSON MRS. G. V. FISHER . MRS. FRED T. ROGERS . MRS. RANDOLPH PAINE . . MRS. LOYD SMITH MRS. EARL W. CULLUM . MRS. J. F. PHILLIPS . MRS. R. E. KNIGHT MRS. ELLA G. BIGBEE Spake, Mrs. Edwin Schrodt, Mrs. Emma M Rorie, Mrs. George C. Rucker, Mrs. J. B. Sale, Mrs. S. E. Self, Mrs. Stella Selby, Mrs. C. M. Sleeper, Mrs. D. W. Shelton Mrs. A. B. Smith Smith Mrs. Eli E. Schaller Mrs. F. H. Smith, Mrs. J. L. Thompson, Mrs. J. H. Adams, Mrs. F. C. Adoue, Mrs. J. B. Bartel, Mrs. A. A. Crowley, Mrs. D. M. Cameron, Mrs. L. H. Cochran, Mrs. J. R. Chandler, Mrs. H. C. Collins, Mrs. T. C. Cook, Mrs. Ruth Dixon, Mrs. Wiley L. Dunnam, Mrs. E. R. Elliott, Mrs. S. Frew, Mrs. A. L. Finney, Mrs. J. F. Freedman, Mrs. S. M. Gibson, Mrs. W. Mrs. F. A. Tinnon Mrs. M. A. Vaughan, Mrs. J. G. Whitaker, Mrs. T. J. Waskom, Mrs. J. B. White, Mrs. R. W. Smith, Mrs. Loyd Smith, Mrs. V. E. Stallings, Mrs. J. O. Stark, Stitt, Mrs. I. B. Sweatman, Mrs. R. H- Swinde l Mrs R W. Swor, Tabor Mrs Juanita l , . . Mrs. G. W. , . M rs. H. K. Tabor Mrs Orville Tankel Mrs Mark Gerardy, Mrs. H. H. Tate, Mrs Guy Heitman, Mrs. Edgar M. Taylor Mrs Jack Hanks, Mrs. G. W. Teagarden Mrs J. W. Howell, Mrs. Roland Hagan, Mrs. M. Edward Thompson Mrs G. N. Thompson, Mrs. J. E. Thompson Mrs Charles Harris, Mrs. John N. Johnson, Mrs. B. H. Thompson, Mrs. W. H. Jacobs, Mrs. Lorry Kawalski, Mrs. M. B. Lyons, Mrs. P. F. Leonard, Mrs. Lily V. Meador Mrs. F. P. McCredie, Mrs. C. C. Moodie, Mrs. R. H. Mackey, Mrs. W. L. Moore, Mrs. E. M. Nesbitt, Mrs. Irene T. Patterson, Mrs. Maud C. Poe, Mrs. S. A. Russell, Mrs. Lester A. Reynolds, Mrs. W. F. Randell, Mrs. Andrew Rea, Mrs. H. K. Timms, Mrs. Fred Tipton, Mrs. R. Truett, Mrs. Charles Vaguhn, Mrs. Clyde F. Walker, Mrs. W. A. Webb, rs. Graham Weller, Mrs. E. P. Wells, M White, Mrs. H. R. Wilkins, Mrs. Fred Willoughby, Mrs. H. W. Wilson, Mrs. Charles Wilson, Mrs. S. M. Works, Mrs. George Young, Mrs. Mendez rs. Roy C.

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