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The f7l40the1's' Club OFFICERS Mrs L. gl. WHfhCl1 ,,,, v,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,xA,,,.-,,,,A,,,, T' 1 ' eridczzt Mrs George Belleville . ....,,,, Fiz-,ft Vife-Tfaridezzt Mrs C. C. Kizer ....... .. Sammi Vice-Treiidezzt Mrs W. G. Evans ........ ....., T bin! Vife-fPre:ifz'e11z' Mrs Howard Payne . ..,,..... ...kefordizzg Serrefary Mrs Rowena Wright Phares Corretpozzrfizzg Sefretary Mrs R. Allison ,.............. . ....., ................... T i'5c1.flH'El' Mrs W. S. Howard ..... - ..... ?arlia17ze1zir1ria1z Mrs Ray Nesbitt .... ........ ..... P 1 'eff Reporter Mrs O. A. Mangrum ..... ....... ....... ........... H i J 1'01'ir111 lil.. HE MOTHERS' CLUB of North Dallas High has had, during the year 1927- '28, over zoo members and one of the busiest and most successful seasons in its history. Among the things which the Mothers' Club has done at North Dallas are the donating of football sweaters for our team. the sending of the quartette to Houston, and the beauti- fication of the school grounds. They also furnished the medicines and linens needed by the school for emergencies. The club has also enabled several girls to keep up their school work by furnishing them with their lunches each week. The January class was entertained with a theater party, and the club gave a George Wash- ington dinner for the parents and teachers. There were two KRLD programs given, which were very successful. Every month the club brings a noted lecturer who talks to the parents on adolescence and its problems. Plans have been laid. for a tea honoring Elizabeth Gerard. Bark race, It-fr ta riglzl: Mrs. C. C. Kizer, Mrs. W. G. Evans, Mrs. Ray Nesbitt, Mrs. W. S. Howard, Mrs. Rowena W. Phares, Mrs. O. A. Mangrum. Frau! rose, It-fr lo righl: Mrs L. 1. Wathen, Mrs. George Belleville, Mrs. J. Howard Payne, Mrs. R- Allison. The 'Dads' Club HE Lansing Dads' Club of North Dallas High School during the year 1917-,QS has had one of the most successful seasons since its organization, under the inspira- tion of Major Lansing, R. O. T. C. Commandant. Oflicered by lVlajor VV. T. Powell as president, Howard Payne, vice-president, and Charles H. Newell, secretary-treasurer, the club got away to a good start at its first meeting in October. Cordial co-operation by former presidents, E. Gordon Perry and Homer Fisher, and former secretary-treasurer, L. blames VVathen, con- tributed materially to the series of winter meetings. ln addition to interesting regular meetings, the banquet, given for the Crack Company in December at the Baker Hotel, and the special meeting at which the wives of members of the Dads, Club were present were especially noteworthy. Colonel Alvin Owsley, former head of the American Legion, upon invitation of the Dads, Club, became sponsor for the North Dallas Battalion and contributed his usual fine inspiration to the organization. Because of the fine attendance throughout the year a substantial sum was accumulated for use in helping to increase the atten- dance at Camp Dallas. The Dads' Club is particularly obligated to Congressman Hatton VV. Sumners, Colonel Ronayne, YV. T. Henderson, Earl Cullum, Allen Merriam, VVill Martin, and District Attorney Yvilliam lVlcCraw for the splendid speeches they made at various meetings. It is also obligated to Principal Comstock and Major Lansing for their always cordial co-operation. Mrs. A. L. Harper will always hold a large place in the hearts of the Dads, Club for the many delicious suppers she served during the year. The same goes for the charming members of the Girls' Council, who so graciously waited table at all Dads' Club Sllpp6I'S. Emi ' ri """Se .. 1 -A., .Ibm nn.. w-jvr 1,i Plunge ibolelly into the thick ofhlife! Each Q lifuex iz, not to lniany ifit ,Endwng 'end seize it where yon will, it is interesting. A' ..lgA, in fm vii SE' if I 71,152 AP , ,. .,.. Y . ,, -ni A. U ' 'ylfiwzfii V N kk 'N V s., ' 21' 1 v ,-A 4' , 1'! 51 IIEIIIIIIZ Z5nnk H vw ',m4-1 vs, H 'v.:3m.1up Y f 1 . ff- 1,'g'1s1-,'2HfE7:-wp:g-,',f.5:'vxq' "gf,-Q -' - " ww ,f.,. my X ' "' . AH-A'.x' 9. 4 ..-493, gi-,'Rg,Uw,'g--'fmf,.MT-p'i'f!gLZ,W, . .. ,, w 1' " ' 1 '11 ,'-.,','.-"N, p,1:'.,,NK , ,' ywri-lg. Y ' ' K, 'W' ' 'Md' ' -A ' 4 11 ' - . -n N' 1 'S f . , 14, , l 1. -.-iii-fgfsywffs-f :5,4 , . , fwiweu ,fy -Q- ' vu I wi ,. I 1 . ., 1 'Y F , . ,I ..-4--. N I f X In A , 1 I 1.,. ., .4-. my . , "c-' .-5. 'Q nv V43 J '1 fr ws' f I 'l 'ff Jwv a N4 ' ,ml , , . - Y , Q Y ' . , ' '4 ,p W! mf" Q ' w ", " ' l - 1 .V M' L ' ' . V 1 3-qw - .1 'Q .t. , -1. '..f'fl is , s 1A:H'.H-.,- . 'fi' '- 3' 'Tff ' 1 '-'1 . 1-2 1 5 . T V' ' iw 1 J --,' ., L1H,, V X 4' '-,X V ,, I.. A iigrl fl-ul.. '.yWHgv 3: v u Q , ,N L uyf -' - xf, my . 4 -wx 1 , ' -' 'f ."'- ,. , 3. 0' "f ' . , ,- -1- n,- . , - fg.'.f -V V' ,Wh ju! l':'f 1, fly- -1.11 :5g.f,.LR.--:gf '-41, Aryan- 'U I , .R . .ss --1 ' 1 ' " ' '1 4 1 f'1.-IM' " 'Q ' W' ' , . .. , uf!-fL'1Li1':2lp3Bi.L.E'Qif1if5:'fix4.i::.. . 1 - ' 9151 .6 ff FJ al l Srrihm 11. .. .1 l X X .. ,. ,gg A 3 :r:'gg.5I1 NEFF X sv-a'.'E:Z:':-:Zz XB x x z xx xx we . Kew.-:.a:s::....,. . .,.. NK X xx xx . if-fm ,, xy Q- -iii F" AEE: 3T':'f.E11:IEE -i'5':iZ " -1 .: ' 15. .. Qi -T., :gy .2 , z 7" LIT.. 'N "2 . . . . W- ff-.1,.il ' Q lf 5 REA" ll .E 1 -.5 K " "" A?lw K-Y' FRN 'lx-1, - ' xg 'V .. -12' , tx L .. A Elifi. Llewellyn Powell Howell XYatson Erl Mislwu Sam French Marianne Millet , i w ' ' .QW X .1 ' ,., ,Ep A . Q Q-up , - NT: xg X Ylfglnizl Steele Fl-ly Agnew Bernhznwl 'lllkanlp Leul1:n'1l H nllhines Murine Mel'-nnrne VIKING STAFF Hull Emlwarcls Marjorie Connefl .lack Knttner jnhn Sturtevant Huulm McClnng Arabella Nesmith C. L. Ford France: Draschil Helen Stallings i QR- - '. 11. Q , ai-21.6-f 3 ,x - .V -- Y: I l Mattie Elkin Bairzl M nriel Sackstemler Carmen Hamill Billy Tlmmpson Ollie Jane XYilsnn The Viking THE STAFF BOB EDWARDRW--mm --,---'----,YYYY U HVAY- A -,-,--,w YY,, E rfflor' in Cflfz'-f ARABULA NUM,-1-HW, ---- W YYYYY L-Ixxfsrmll Eifilfff' FLM. AGYEW-bmw YYYY ,,,,,, I ,flumry Spullflir C. L. FORDW-mm YYYIA- Blzxillcfx Sltiffrlwf Vmcixm STEELE lVlL'RlEL SAcxsTEDEu OLLIE -T.-KNE W1L:oN HELEN STALLINGS mH4Z:t,H,,,,,,1j LLENVELLYN PJNYELL FR.-ixcias Diuscuri. lvl.-ARIANNE lVlIl.LET ,lox-is STi'RTEv.axT SAM FRENCH Nlaajome CONNELL YYfY.... ------------ ' Yffffff HOXX'ELL H. W.-rrsox ,URI 0- T. C- JACK RUTNER CARMEN H.A1III.L BERNH.-XRD TELKAM1' .--....-----ffV. iff! NIORINE lh'lELBOL'RNE LEONARD HL'FFHINE5 ,,,, U ..,... ..f0fcr Elffnr BILLY THORIPSON ,,,,,,.,.,,, ,..,.,,, J Ulllllzllfifll Rup1':'Jt'1IfnlfI'i' NIURIEL SACKSTEDER l ..,,,,,, O1'g.111i:.i1l,in115 mm' S11i1pMr1l.r llll,-XTTIE ELKIN Bunni- HUGH lVlCCLL'NG,,,,. ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,, 'B11,tim'.v5 g'lIi11mgt'r ED Mis:-:OU ....., ,,....,,,,..,, , ..., E Jrxirlmzz 'Bzrrillvft :"lI.1r1i1gvr lh'I.-RRIORIA P.-mcsrrr FRANCES TODEE L, . ,,,,,,,, ,.,,,,. ypfrfx N planning the 1928 Viking, We have tried to make every detail expressive of the North Dallas Vikings. The staff feels that it has succeeded in making the hook consistent in structure, as well as in portraying an accurate and complete pfcture of North Dallas school life. Both the editorial and business staffs have been successful. VVe are proud of our advertising section. Much of the success of the book is due to the work put out by the art department, because everyone knows that good pictures add greatly to the appearance of the hook, and we think We have some excellent ones. We have made a special effort to give the students better photographic work than has been seen in any preceding lfikiwg. We should like for our readers to check by actual comparison with other puh- lications, and see if we have not presented the many-sidedness of our school life by giving representation to more diferent activities, organizations, and interests than can be found represented in almost any other high-school yearbook in the country. The editor has found the staff willing to work outside of school as well as during school hours, and the entire staff has found the sponsors glad to help by actual work as well as by guiding counsel. If this volume of the lfikivzg is a success in the eyes of the North Dallas students, we have truly succeeded, for we have published this book for them. X-v' F N X 4 3, a - vqzgngxv A 3 , Q f , H ,. Xa ,N e X Y x X - - V W it is 2-I ' 'f-11215 2 Q 1: . we xxx . X X 5. XX X -1:1aa.,: S' - 5 XX + IM Xb X ' A , 'Ax Y5?f"'I"' .f"E'.:2'Q.f'5 -I 5 Ea , 'fi , . , v:"'Ei?:gi 'hi-12" ,. . af " . " " 4'x,,x A 5 X -5. 'XX K N gxfkilg ' -"' ' . 'Q x ft zigzgfifgh Q X E .Z igi , .- . ' xv . X 1' , ' 46 S if 75. in i ' 5 . 55,1 ' , -.. I5 Q 3 x , I v ,, . :flag ' . X 1 R f- '--- . -fi. . E 3 X, X 3 1, , fxlVgx::"sN' ' K- 'Ss "' NSN is X5 if' si, . iq, . . , . . .. ,... A .5 . , . ,ix ..,,., ,,.,, Q. ,, .M ,M fi , an ,nH '.iW fir if ,5vm A 'V 5,113-S - - 1, I f 'B 1.--:Q ...., V M, .X x 'S N' 1, - 5.'L51i5::-5-" ' i 3 x '-- -1 X , .:::::h::-3-s. . - '- -, . -' ,. ..5:f.-:Q , 5? - -Sf!-2E:"iE' ,.,L: "4 ln' 3 I G F' Q fm..-an .1 1 f f X QM... Q 'rv J. i . Q 1- ' -' -, ,-e. :- Q X- Xi Q- x F ,v ' 1-Q ' 5' ' N x X i t 'gi -f' ua .gl Q ' ,gg Ijj-'if W K v-,fm uf X ,- rg- qv- -3 . , qxg -X. X 2 ,Q ,. ii? 1 H t . ml-.. AAA Pringle Franklin XYinston Burfurfl Young Scurry Arnlstrong NOR TIHER STAFF Jones Cannnack Elliston Mofgwe Toomey O'Xeil Jackson Longwurth Speight Mcmschke Lee Rea MCGi1mi5 Netterville Long Hamill Fisher XYiIcox RL-Ivy Harris Hamm Talley - X X W . A 'V . x 5 n "? ,s J' zf- , 15. wy- V. .. L 1. 3 x u ' .. .,,. . ' 1 Q ' QENSQ N aw- .- -.fig H ' 3 . .Ni, X 5 A I 4 X . Q , Q1 ? V nw 1' , , I Li ,ex I i Lancaster Simpson Thomas McCrary Courtney Romine The orther THE STAFF JEFFIE D. PRINGL1-1 .,....g, ,.,,...,,, ,,................,.. - .,,.,,, ,.,....,......... . S p Umor HQMER JACK Frsmzn, ..,,.. ... .......YYY, Edilor in Cfricf Tom ARMSTRONG ........ - .,.... ....... ' 7?u.vf11es: Jllarzager eNBZL'.f Deparmzfm Reporiarx-Charles Long, Loyd Smith, Mary Virginia Harris. Junior Rsprescfzlalicws-Courtney Jackson, Eliza- beth Franklin. Orgarzieaiions-Mai'ion Speight. eflrhlulifs-Paul Young, Sam Burford. Jlluxir-Elisabeth Rea, Courtney Jackson. 'Pkyxical Training-Frances Cammack, Dorothy Whitehurst. Jlliliialy-Charles Moore, Francis McGinnis. Literary Departmezzi Slaj' .,4u1l1ors-Marjorie Hamm, Dorothy Guth- rie, Mary Netterville, Edith Longworth, Valre Talley, Margaret Romine, Margerie Skeen, Helen Comstock, Virginia Shook, 'Io Doris Hooper. Exffmzzge TDepm-fmevzt Humor Departvnent 'Personals-May McCrary, Charles Lancaster, Helen Hunter, Francis Cammack, Alex Court- ney, Mildred Munnerlyn, Nellie Harris. Joker-Roy Lee, Justin Kimball, Mozelle Wilcox, Helen Roby, Leon Elliston slr! 'Deparlmezzi Honorary Editor-Camel Hamill. Slnf alrtirts-janmes Toomey, Jack Ficklen, Jim- mie McMains, Beryl Tilson, Virginia Simp- son' Bzzfifzerx Staj' ulrxislanl 'Busirzexr Jllarzagerr-Rhea Thomas, Mike Scurry. ufdziertising Jllarzagers-Rhea Thomas, Robert C-engnagel. 'Burinesx Slay?-Hugh O'Neil, Betty I-Ionnet, joseph Winston, Inge Grant, Baptiste Adoue, William Denton. Stenngraphers-Lois Jones, Blanche Turley, Julia Exchange Editor-Elisabeth Rea. Mae Monscke. PUBLICATION speaks, as does a character, for itself, either in terms of success or failure. The Nortfzer has upheld a high standard of style and plot in the contents of its literary department. From an abundance of material produced, not only by the staff but by other members of the student body, only the best has been chosen. Various English teachers have co-operated splendidly in stimulating interest in outside contributions. Fre- quently the members of the staff literally made many of their stories to order, thus main- taining a balanced variety of types of stores. A Feature Section consisting not only of worth-while stories, articles, and interviews, but also of news stories of important events, has added much in interest to this year's periodi- cal. Though not confining itself within the limitations of similar departments in other magazines, it has acquired many readers, and has furnished a plan for proper recognition of newly discovered authors. The aim of the news department has been to record accurately but attractively school events, and to take the place of a high-school newspaper. We have worked on the theory that departments of the school which excel in special activities and in advertisement of the school should have special recognition. The editorials have tried to ccnline themselves to school problems, things to be im- proved in the administration and operation of the school, but finding this field too small, have branched out to inspirational and idealistic subjects. Perhaps because we find in this world what we seek, we haven't been able to pick a single fight with the faculty or principal, but have had perfect assistance from both. -H. F., Editor in Chief. TI-IE FACULTY E. B. COMSTOCK, Q91-incipnl FLOY IXGNEWV LANDON H. BAKER MARY BAKER NIABEL BALDWIN MRS. ELLA G. BIGBEE MRS. W. S. BLAIR LILA BLAKE LUCILLE BROWVN SERGEANT JOHN BULLOCH MYRTLE BYRD EVELYN CARRINGTON MYRTLE CLOPTON OLATIA CRANE RUTH CRAWFORD RUTH CURTIS VVILLIE DAvIs F. M. DELANY ELIZABETH DICE CHARITY DUTTON ADELE EPPERSON C. L. FORD MATTIE GRAY E. R. GREENMAN CORINE GREENWELL ARTHUR W. HARRIS CLYDE W. HILL ANNE HILT' EDNA HINDE CLIO IRISH BESS KELLER S. STANLEY KNAPP MAJOR D. K. LANSING NELL A. LAWLER ELLEN MEADOR SARAH MERIXVETHER NELL MILES MARGARET C. MILLER C. M. MORPHIS MARION M. MY'ERS J. C. OEHLER MRS. JANE D. PARKER RUTH PIERCE JEFFIE D. PRINGLE LAVINIA RAWLINS IVIILDRED SHERMAN F. A. SMITH C. L. SYRON VVILLIAM T. TARDY FLORENCE TAYLOR EUGENIE TERRY J. FRANK TURNER E. D. VVALKER RKIYRTLE. WHITELEY' GERMAINE YVILLIAMSON H. Y. WITMEYER l fi Bark Row: Wallis, Fudge, Pederson, Lamberth, Moore, Gunn, Johnson, Smith. Frou! rose: Swain, Clark, Hicks, Honnet, Longvvorth, Matney, Monschke, Budd, Rea, West, Walker.Wilke, Clark. 4- 'P 2 urth -I 2111515 gjnurnal VOL. l. No. 1 NORTH DALLAS HIGH SCHOOL Price: 3 Periods FORTY STUDENTS IN LOAFER CLASS MISS JEFFIE PRIN- GLE IS PROMOTER Hoping to evade the exertive and laborious study of fourth year work in linglish Literature, nearly forty brave students en- listed in the Journalism Depart- ment under the direction of lNfIiss Llerlie D. Pringle. There are now two classes in xlournal- ism-studving the editorial, me- chanical, and business phases in the development of the modern newspaper. Following are the names of the students, who, upon hearing that Miss Pringle gave her pu- pils high grades on their report cards, decided to make the hon- or roll, from the fb class: Ul- mon Clements, blames Duff, Bob Gunn, VVayne klohnston, Iflbert Lamberth, W'illiam Moore, -lack Pederson, Horace Smith, Lee Spence, lris Brown, Lorna Clark, Anna lv. Nlatney, Polly' McCarroll, Dorothy McFarland, Greta Morris, lVlartha Oneal, Loys Swain, Nell Walker, Julia Wilkeg from the Sb class: Alvin Baldwin, -lames Duff, VVinst0n Fudge, Roy Lee, Williaili Moore, Leonard Ohlson, Mar- shal Wallace, Cecille Budd, .lo- sephine Clark, Margaret Gard- ner, Muriel Hicks, Betty Hon- net, Helen Hunter, Ifdith Long- worth, Julia Mae Nlonschke, Elisabeth Rea, Helen Stokes, Lovs Swain, and Mildred VVest. Iournalism Glasses Exhibit W o r lc The Journalism classes of the North Dallas High School were represented in the Dallas Public School Exhibit held in the Ag- riculture Building at Fair Park, lhlarch 15th to ljth by feature stories, written and illustrated with photographs by the Sb stu- dents. CLASSES INDEBTED TO NEWSPAPER ENCOURAGES PUPILS TO WRITE BETTER STORIES The students of slournalisrn wish to express their apprecia- tion to the Dallas Tfzzzaf-Hamfrl for the space alloted them every Sunday on the High School Page. Students write far better news stories when they have a chance to see them published than they do when they know their work will be merely graded and thrown away. This space in the newspaper also is a good adver- tisement for the North Dallas High School and all of its clubs and departments, as the school activities are written up in a form, which, if the students con- tinue to improve as they are clo- ing now, will excel the work of any other reporters in less than a hundred years. ., . S N1 Y f 3 t I v. 'x f 9 3,3 . ':. L 54 A -8 Ml: X Y M . , WI. Nt. I f., Aff- X. 1 m l. Ng,- f-fk, .,... K K g . 5? ,Lf 859 I ' KX I 'i 9 wx 2 J V, Ex i f '48 'S -X ix X P' 6 , 5 A .W U S WOMEN gli! X r V M : : 'I Q 1 , ggi? r -it my h H M 3,2 T ' 1 - fl? si " w -U 1 A RQ X - - y i -5 " 2. 5' N , ll ' .-i.,b HKZJQW in I 5 7' ' ,' f??2? , E f ' V.A Mi g gg f Q .i:Q?H J -1 I -.i ' i 'Q xl Y.. ,'-J ff-.1 4 IEE' E1 nw nw... ,. . P rmygg-:: ' :rm ,- inf.. M. 1.1 .,, 55155, ' 'f :J .:,.er '- . V. --.....' :Ei '- - 4--4...-. .,..,.T.,1i:'p! hm" ,.,,..,.. ., . .dr . gg ,S .9 V, - I. .' vii:- , 1. .41 .-LJ. . .gn - nl rrqrq ' T I I I . ,55,5-322'F':'-i?31gi5',1ff' , li. xE32Q,gfL:??yy,gy- g. l fgxsffif?-'g 1,-z"1y'f. J' ' W nllifl ' '!+g?5?2zEm.f. T?'w9.3Qggg1,,,-:Q-, H Ill' all II '.,"'- ,,f ' . ' ' '-try, 31,-'Zi-.5 "'+1':lE iig'p':,,v-, I I ""f-W1 ' 'Z ' 'A-'ff' 1" lf? I' ' Z 'Life-T"'f-fif,-1" ' , ,W Q-1. I. -. I ' V .,,. -A Inv' xi ' ' 'x VU mx: . ,- .. LQ ...,. .-. 'fb . .. ....,. ' . Sign.-,f. - .71i2": 'rU1:1.. : : l W 5 I1 mf , I MI 5 HF ' I I " bw., MPN, Il - In JA, - ., 4 , "7 in I, - Z if 1 15231: I Uni v .. ,... . I M, Ir .2 551- 55:51:11-A 2-rr:-2:--f I.-'I' '5'f'IQI' L2, '." f .. III Nuff ' - 2211.9 ffg' I I 4'-fa-II. I' I 'ff ' , ' " ' I"65""IIIin E "II 'IIIIII 'I PD 5?i'f3:1fL'f I 'I ll? ., "I"'I'PIIgWf- 1 H If ,f "N ,1 J J q v' . am Q HIS W I' I1 1 ' , .z wa M., .-.' I . A Igjgw .ggi gm, J ' E 3'mf'f:f..,-' A 'se-ei " ,. .sign-jj mln "IH" '-1'-' "ga'I"II 41-55 Z Q x, pl! A y 2 V 44bN,:.,:L ,vry ' , : HT . d isk A -- 1-Q - X ... -. 5 'Q'-Z: ..-. 5 -:Fi 'Q' fix .. - '+ '-T-it ' Q E .- ri agwnirg :mil in trelfa v M1716 Whole Tofwffs Talking" The Cart Hattie Simmons ...... ............. .......... - ..............,. . . . ..Y,Y., Betty Lou Zimmerman Henry Simmons ....... .........,......,.i,i., - - ..,,i. .. ...., - .....,,.,..,..,,...., ,.,.............. E dward Bristow Chester Binney, ,,...... - ..... .. ,...,, E .....A - ..., , ...,., , ..,, - .... , .,.,,.. ,...,,, , ,., Richard Heinen Ethel Simmons ,,...... ...... ............ .......,........ H e l en Comstock Roger Shields...,. ...... .. .....,...,.. - .,....,,...... Charles Edward Long Letty Lythe ,...... - ,.,....,. ....... M ildred Munnerlyn Donald Swift ,,...,, t.......,. - ...,....... ..,............. .......,........,.t,....,.. - ..., R . J . Mays Sadie Bloom ,..... .t,,, - ...,.............. .....,.. E , A ,.,............. - ..,. H ,... Vera Pearl Melton Sally ......,..,,,,. - .,.,. - ......,.. - ...,.t,.. -....-.-- ..,...., -,,Dorothy Guthrie Lila ,,....,,.... - .....,,,..,. - .....,,....................,.....,.. Frangces Bramblett Maid ..,. ..,,,.......,. ....... .....,......... - ..... - ..,,,. - ..,..... - - . .- .,.,.., Dorothy Webster Mrs. jackson ........ ............................... ..,......,................ - .... - ...... . A nnie Wallace Girls ,..,....,,.,..,,............. ...... E loise Raef, Louise Knox, Maurine Witt, and Leo O'Neal Taxi Driver ,.., ...- ........ ......,,,,.t,vt,,,....,,.......... ..,v,.................... ......l..... G e o rge Hoffman N "The Whole Town,s Talking," the January ,28 senior play, Chester Binney, the hero, is in love with the daughter of his boss, Ethel Simmons. She has just returned from Chicago in company with Roger Shields, who is the type of man she admires, a man of the world. Chester decides to make Ethel think he is a man of the world, so with the help of his boss, Mr. Simmons, he contrives a scheme to make Ethel think he has had a love affair with a famous movie-star, Letty Lythe. The whole town is talking about the affair, when Meiss Lythe and her fiance, Donald Swift, arrive-at Sandusky, much to Mr. Binney's discomfifture. Mr. Swift hears of the aifair and demands explanations of Mr. Binney. All the difficulties are finally settled aind Ethel realizes that Chester is the one after all. . Th-e play was a great success and all the parts were well playedsl, Betty Zim- mermaniras Mrs. Sfmmons and Richard Heinen as Chester Binney, are especially to he commended on their work. K 1 Lu-fr to righl: Dorothy Guthrie, Helen Comstock, Leo O'Neal, Vera Pearl Melton, Dorothy Web- ster, Louise Knox, Edward Bristow, George Hoffman, Charles Long, Richard Heinen, R. J. Mays, Mil- dred lVlLll1I'lC'l'lyll, Eloise Raef, Annie Wallace, Frances Bramhlett, Betty Lou Zimmerman. Mrs. Lucy Barrington ,,,,,,,, ,.,,,, ul-Ionor Brightn The Cast Mary Virginia Harris Richard Barrington, her son ,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,..,,,, Lloyd Bellamy The Rt. Rev. William Carton ..,...,,,.,,,,...,..,, Leon Elliston Tot Marvel ..,.....,...,.YY,, Watts, the butlern, ,,,...,. Annie, the maid .....,.. Marjorie Connell t.,,,,,,Hugh O'Nei1 ....Evelina Watson Peggy Carton, his wife ,,,,,.,,,,,.., ,,,,,,,,,,,,v, M ildred West Maggie, the cook ,,,.,A,,,,,, ,,,,,,, E lizabeth Rea Honor Bright, a book agent A,,,,,i, ,,A,,r,,, M ary Nettcrvillc Michael, the chauffeur ,,,,,,, .,.,,,,,, P aul Turner Rev. James Schooley ..,,,,,..,,,,,,,,, ,,,. ,,...,,,,,.,, A 1 ex Courtney Simpson, deputy sheriff ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, R obert Everett Bill Drum-.- .,............................................. Fred Thompson Jones, deputy sheriff ......e......r,,,, ee,e....., C liarles Alexander Business and Advertising Manager ....,, - .....,,..,,......,..,..t,,,....,. Leonard Huffhines Stage and Property Manager ...,,.,.,,.., ...... C harlcs Alexander S the Viking goes to press before the senior play, "Honor Brightf, is to be given, a complete report cannot be given. The play is a comedy, and is to be presented April 28, 1928. Richard Barrington, the son of lVlrs. Lucy Barrington, and the young master of a home of wealth and culture, falls in love for thinks he does, via a wink, with Tot Nlarvel, an actress. Dick's rich uncle and aunt, Rev. and Mrs. Carton, take a day off from their trip to Europe to see their nephew's fiancee. Tot is delayed by the police as the result of a drunken brawl, and Dick,'becgming frantic and not wishing his family to know of it, and desiring to present someibna-3 in Tot's place, induces a young and attractive book agent, Honor Bright, to pose as 'Tngta Honor and Dick live under a nervous strain to keep the family from learning the truth. Finally the aunt discovers the deception, and, to cap the climax, Tot arrives on the scene. Everything is confusion for a while, but fortun- ately Tot returns to her old. true love, Bill Drum, a press agent, and Dick finds himself in love with Honor, who rEtBrns his affection. Back row: Hugh O'Neil, Mary Virginia Harris, Leon Elliston, Mildred West, Llewellyn Powell, Betty Honnet, Paul Turner, 4 Fran! row: Evelena Watson, Fred Thompson, Marjorie Connell, Lloyd Bellamy, Mary Nelterville, Charles Alexander, Elisabeth Rea, Alex Courtney, Leonard Huffhines. ccI'101"ZLy 342165 an H auf' Radley, an anxious rather ..,............. , .,.,,,,,,.., ,... ..Y., Mrs. Radley, his usually submissive wife ,,,, ....... Peggy, their young and pretty daughter Parker Doune, il young man in loved.. judge Penhotly, fl friend of Rfidley's ,,,,,, ,M ,,,,,. ,W Grandma, who takes life as she finds it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 ,....., W. Arthur .Virginia Shook Sara Gibson William Moore .,Alex Courtney ........Virginin Cummisky Patrick Noorzin, nn Irish policeman ,,,,,,,,,,, 2 ,,,,,.. ......... L lewelyn Powell HE North Dallas presentation in the One-Act Play Contest of the State Inter scholastic League was "Forty Miles An Hour," a modern comedy with a spice of philosophy. The contest was held at the Temple Emanu-el, February 25, IQ28 The play was directed by C. W. Hill. The play was given again preceding the Sherman-North Dallas Debate in the North Dallas auditorium, March 9, IQ28. L fl to right: Llcwcllyn Powell, Virginia Shook, J. W. Arthur, Sara Gibson, William Moore, Vuiinm Cummiskey, Alex Courtney. The orth Pallas Minstrel "Hare rome: Ms .thorn lmtztg Herz fomef the thou' boar, Pz1ff-pzf-7f-p14j-l111zjf- pzzjfng along." HE show boat had come, and with the entire personnel of thc seventh annual,North Dallas minstrel on board it proved to be one of the most interesting visits the show boat had ever paid us. The performance was a success from the rolling back of the curtain in the first act to reveal the chorus of black-faced singers to the dying down of the last echo of applause at the ending of the fifth act. The first act, "Ye Olde Tyme Minstrelsf' was one continuous laugh from start to finish. With Bud Young, George McClure, Harvie Pool, and C. Smith as end men it could be nothing else. The audience lost all its dignity and gave itself up to enjoy the jokes and stories that the four comedians, led on by Charles Long as interlocutor, "pulled off." Music was furnished by Mat Allender, Roger Harris, George Jacobie, Ross Lindsay, and Robert Stafford as soloists, and a chorus of about thirty boys. Marie Braselton was accompanist. Mr. E. D. Walker was again director, and it is our opinion that he should go into the business of producing stage shows if all would be as successful as this one was. The first act had set the standard for good entertainment and the other four acts lived up to this standard. The second act, unusual in nature, was a performance by a group of acrobats headed by Edwin Nesbitt. The third act by the Varsity Gang Orchestra showed ust what an A-I orchestra should be. The fourth act was put on by a group of banjo pickers. The musicians showed that they could also pick up a little humor along with their music. The fifth act pictured a Broadway cabaret scene with ladies and gentlemen in evening dresses and tuxedos, dances by beautiful young ladies, and music by an orchestra. The dancers were Misses Mary McClellan and Betty Cooke. At the end of the fifth act the results of the beauty and popularity contests were an- nounced. This brought to an end the best minstrel North Dallas has ever put on. Debate HE boys' debating team this year was composed of Leon Elliston and Paul Turner. Two practice debates were held with Sherman, and the results of both of these contests were 3-O in favor of Sherman. Cn March 24, the city elimination contest Was held at Bryan Street High School. Our debaters drew Bryan for the iirst debate and Oak Cliff for the second. The results were 3-O in favor of North Dallas and 3-O in favor of Oak Cliff. Nlildred West and Hazel Taylor made up this year's girls' debating team. A practice debate Was held on March 2 with Sherman in which our girls Were defeated 3-O. In the elimination contest North Dallas drew Bryan and Sunset. The North Dallas debaters won the first debate 3-O, but lost the second 2-I. The North Dallas debaters had more judges' decisions to their credit than any other high school, but according to the rules of the contests, We were eliminated by the results in the race for city championship. West T Ellistou Taylor Turner Declamation and Extemporcmeous S peaking ORTH DALLAS has had unusually good luck in the declamation and extemporaneous speaking contests this year. Our first great public speaking victory was gained when, toward the end of the first semester, at the annual meet, the huge loving cup olfered for the best Spanish declamation in the city high schools was won for North Dallas by Bernard Telkamp. This is the second year the cup has been held by our school. On February 9, after school, the first elimination contest for the girls' declamation was held. Four girls were chosen from the candidates who entered, and a few days later the second elimination contest was held in the auditorium during the assembly hour. The four contestants recited "Unknown", and the judges chose Marjorie Connell as the girl to repre- sent North Dallas in the city contest. John Turner was chosen as the North Dallas boy representative. In the city contest he was ranked second. In the city contest held on March 17, Nlarjorie Connell won first place, and will represent Dallas in the district contest. On March IO, at Forest Avenue High School, Homer jack Fisher won first place in the city in the extemporaneous speaking contest. Other contests to be held are the Greenwood Declamation for boys and the District Extemporaneous Speaking Contest. X 'Q Fisher Telkamp Turner Connell EXAS .mu cnoon 192 3 Q eqe'X ESS SSUCIATHU JEL Ji Las! rote, Hymie Laufer, Sammi' rn Martha Taylor. Stephens. Firrl rnzc, Kilgore, Mary llles. .Yol in pil 'IL' , O rclzcstnz It-fr to righf: Armin Henneberger, Brown Walker, Juanita Thorpe, William Hamilton, Sarafrank Russell, james Simpson, Alan Ferguson. IMI ra right: Frank Houston, Barney Wallace, Charlotte Perpetuo, YValter Haight, Mary Charles Taylor, Fred Martin, Hugh McClung, Clinton Davis, Gilbert Clay, W. R. lafz lo right: Maurice Garrett, J. C. Smith, Mabel Taylor, Damie Robertson, Marjie Mae l'VlCKinley, Edith Mae Blake, Thelma Budd, Maude Clemmons 'infix' George Belleville, Francis Palmer, Memory Turner, Lesli , Ada Beth Groom, George e Thompson. ,-.-W-,F-.-, '-"T"-qtiiii GYM AND MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT Qirlf' Cfzorm' Las! ww, Ie-fl Ia rigfrl: Kathryn Taliaferro, Ruth Scheibe, Florence Turner, Eva Lemoine, Esther Fisher, Thelma Corder, Nell Walker. Serum! race, Iffz In righi: Velmalouise Richardson, Claire Morris, Minnie Belle Norwood, Margaret Gardner, Frances McCleverty, Virginia Simpson, Harvetta VVhisenant, Marietta VVinsett, Lois Swain, Dor- othy Mouser, Minerva Gillespie, Etta Herr. Firsl mu, lair In righf: Hazel Trawick, Mary Evelyn Holcombe, Myrtle Lemoine, Catherine Cooper, Muriel Sacksteder, Virginia Steele, Lynn Bettes, Ixy Hicks, Arabella Nesmitli, Elisabeth Rea, Exelyn Den- dinger, Courtney jackson, Sally Ann Hazel. .Tar nz pirlurr: Pauline Ruble. , , 'BOyJ, Qlec Club Lax! race, lefl Io right: Fred Thompson, F. A. Xvuod, Eugene Phillips, -lack Robinson, Lloyd Bellamy, Charles Long, William Shaw, Alex Courtney, -I. T. Bartield, Ross Hall. Serum! fore, Icfl to right: Fred Pomeroy, Ormal YVingate, Roy' Lee, Bill Kemp, Bill Lowery, Lau r- ence Hanlon, Roger Harris, George jacobie. First mfr, left In riglzl: Herbert Carter, Gerald Minchew, Edwin Nesbitt, Granville Sehoonmaker, Mossena Thompson, Charles Lancas- .vol In pielurr: Roy -lacobie, George ter, blames jackson, Robert Stafford, Doster, Herbert Hampton, jimmy Arnold Gratzl. Mcblains, Francis McGinnis. J!!-City 'Pzzblicatiom 'Dance N the night of December 2, more than one hundred members of the staffs of the annual and monthly publications of all the high schools of Dallas and Highland Park met at their second annual dinner-dance, at Melrose Court. Homer -lack Fisher of North Dallas ofliciated as toastmaster. The editors and business managers of the publications of each school were introduced preceding the presentation of the various school numbers on the program. The following program was presented by rep- resentatives of the schools. Sunset offered "VVhen Day ls Done". sung by Velma Porter, accompanied by Dorothy Bufordg Bryan, a reading by Charlotte Bell VValkerg North Dallas, "Charmaine," sung by Mildred Munnerlyn, accompanied by Flisabeth Reag Highland Park, a one-act play, "The Beau of Bath'l, given by Madeline Roachg Oak Cliif, a dance by Virginia Lee Boulding. Representatives from Forest were unable to be present. After the dinner the "Sunset Starnpeclersn played for the dance. Tables were also arranged for bridge. The NORTHER 'Dimzer-Dmzce RIDAY night, February IO, the members of the Norfhw' Staif were guests of the editor, Homer slack Fisher, at an informal reception and buffet dinner at the home of his par- ents, 3620 Armstrong Avenue. Dinner was followed by a dance at "Ravinia,,' the estate of Claude D. Cain, in western Oak Cliff. The dance was held on the roof-garden of the mansion, overlooking all Oak Cliff and the Dallas sky-line. Bridge was played in the living-room and sun-room by those members of the party not dancing. The Indian War Dance given by Rhea Thomas as a special num- ber was well received. Chaperones were Mr. and Mrs. Claude Cain and Mr. and Mrs. Homer Fisher. More than twenty-live members of the staff attended. The courtesy was extended the staff in recognition of the Valentine issue of the Nortber, which, when released four days later, broke all sales records for the last two years. The more intimate co-operation of staff members was most gratifying. As the Vifrifzg goes to press the Norfhaz' is looking forward to a similar treat following publ'cation of the final issue. office in arnival-Land C4 ELLO, Alice, would you like to go to the carnival up at North Dallas to- nightil' "Oh, Billy, I'd love itl I have always wanted to go to a real carnival. live heard they are so excitingl " And so somewhat later, Alice and her friend were hurrying up the steps of a great building where glorious surprises and happy thrills awaited them. AS Soon as they reached the main corridor, they were besieged by numerous pirates selling confetti. Alice scattered the brightly colored paper down the hall to a gypsy camp over-run by brilliantly clothed, fascinating, dusky gypsies and containing a fortune-teller's booth. Here she waited her turn with hated breath. At last her turn came, and with wildly heating heart, she pushed aside the many- colored curtain and entered. She was in the fortune-teller's stall for quite awhile. VVhen finally she emerged, Billy asked her how she liked her fortune. "lVIarvelousl" she answered with shining eyes. And that was all the answer Billy got. Next she went to the booth Where a magic man was performing miraculous feats before a spell-bound audience. From here she proceeded down the hall to the lish- pond and then to the "hot-dogn stand. After this she watched Billy at the shooting gallery. And now in the gymnasium the orchestra was calling, and the two strolled in to dance. The music was fine, but after five straight dances our Wanderers were slightly tired and warm, so they went to rest in an adorable Japanese Tea-room. Later, holding ice-cream sandwiches in one hand and candy in the other, Alice was lured into the i'House of a Thousand Wondersn. It was indeed wonderful, as could be seen by the smiles of all who came out. 5 Alice and Billy were no exceptions, as they enjoyed it greatly. Billy, glancing at his watch, found it to be twelve o'clock, and Alice with a sigh, told him they must go, as she had promised to be home at that time. "Billy, l surely thank you for taking me to that North Dallas carnival. I have had the most wonderful evening everl' she said as he took her to her door. 'KGood- night." If a girl like Alice who has been to Wtiiitlerlalid and through the looking-glass could appreciate the carnival, it must have been some carnivall And I'll bet Billy made a much more charming escort than a white rabbit, too. i THE SENIOR DANCE As the Viking goes to press we find the seniors all looking forward to their Senior Prom to be given the night of April 20 at Glen-Haven Country Club. An excellent orchestra has been chosen and the plans are those of a wonderfully success- ful dance. It is our belief that this prom will be the l'11OSt enjoyable affair ever put on by a senior class of North Dallas. Ami H' lk had gafhered than Hex' Beauty and her Chiwzlry, and hrighl The 1517121275 Jholze 0'er fair women ami hrafue meh . L M X X V ' N . a 1,7 +'!9wc9FfwL-X 1 . .' :J Nfm'f1'f- 'X X 'X f- ' Q fig' 11 fxi 5' ' ---- ' -', 7, : - -' .. 1 X74 !xl21-L ' u if .wg L . . X 5 0. A 'Tsai 1 " K' f fl ff 1 -1, 1 3 4? . .. .,v 1 L . ,- u - ' tg: B ' ei- -,N I A N 1f::XxQ4 fx, ' . u X 4' .' ---f NRQN ' " 'L ' 4,7-' '-lf' APWA SH Wa - E M - HW w i WL T '- QA -, , 3' ' 'fp fp A 1 1' X W ..-y lv 4 'WQQF' C-.---'L-:L ' - -2. 1 , X I fi. 5. Vsrli - Y ,-N ' " ' . - -"- , ,J ' as 4 ' - f v . -3, ':if:'J?f'-'-- ':' -:Tl '-1'S3i'f.7-5-:FQ---5 'L I1 , 1 N- f X, 1 , :Emu .bf '- ,Y-' 1 . Q" 5 - 10. 11531--1545-V.-'V - QQ' tl, 5.- :B V 1 'Pf , 1 ' 'iv1':E1-2,:a r-. V X- '1 " A, ' 5 , 11,-j1f'I7' " 5 1 2- f ' '4f',,.l1.jif 35" 'IEW --" "iii: .2 1 f K .ff-. - v fgfjk j "" S31 5 iw? 1 135.5 Ng 3,.,' f , 'Si q ,Q5'I., -' R 3 1- '52 Q. , fyff. X Y ,. . , .-1 1.- nj .- , ' V: gf - 1 f gf :I ,- .g,.-f A, J -V-1 , , 1 , 2 '1' .4 1 f 'Zi f-Q, 5 ei , 27 fi 'f"..- 7 - kv -fff w QE - ,. -2 ', - ' - 4371-. IS-ij R: -, ,,,, ,4 ig, 3 M he Qbuevn' nuff QQ. dc SB SX. S35 Fx S x X gy Q MARJORIE COLQNELL MOST POPULAR was f v 3 r N N 1 , A H V i Yi 11 A W 1 1 w 'w w ix 1: ,I x , r N N A P K i Q K 1 s J a PT Lf I , my I rglfgr emit W mmm czruhu Bunk II X ik and :mort The trumpets hlewg and then did either side, They that tzsstiil'd, and they that held the lists, Set ltmee irt rest, strike spur, suddenly mofve, Aleet iri the rrtidst, and there so furiously Shoah that tz men ftzr-of might well perceive, If tzriy mari that day were left afield, The hard etzrth shake, mid ti low thunder of arms. 'YT Z I' W Q , gm-J.a..w..-V--,--,wr .V . . . , ,- v,.v 3 bmi li 1 1 -f f elim nf Efnnrmtg 'Bunk H 4, Q.-I ' 1. . 4 "V .Q w 5.1, ' , 1 f 1. ,m-'N f " , , .ml L' f ,, -fn ' ww-"' ,,,, ,Mg ffg, ,1 UL " ..- 3'1"-A 'I .y ag- . 'f 'UV I fl, fx' f .1 J , -- .,. '.:.M. ' "v , ill! .X ,Q - ,7 LJ:-.,,, .H S" 1- mi,-.V 7 .-1 I4- .mi , 1 ,V gg, '-H'f: I 'NH' -, ff .' 1 ' A4 , Q. . . 1-J. . . ' Lb ..,. .Ar fi ... , .,.M4!..!. ,,, A I 4 I . sf ' .x,1,xf,, ,P X. A . w .,. ,H , , I f Iv, I i X , g-'NT , , ' z Ja? 53 Jjnuzba MAJOR D. K. LANSING lVIajor Lansing has seen service in many parts of the United States and in the VVorld War. Before the war he was com- mandant of the Garden Military Academy, and was later the assistant commandant at the VVest Texas Military Academy. He also organized the Hrst battalion of the second Texas in- fantry, national guards, receiving a commission as captain. At the outbreak of the Mexican revolutions, he was Sent to the border where he took an active part in the border warfare. When the United States entered the World War, Major Lan- sing was on duty at the border. He was transferred to the 36th division at Camp Bowie, later going across and serving throughout the remainder of the war with the 16th Field Artillery. Major Lansing has been the commandant of North Dallas High School since its opening, and has formed many friend- ships among both the cadets and their parents. He organized the Dads, Club in the fall of 1922 and has been instrumental in its success. The cadets, from the highest ranking officer to the lowest ranking private, ask for no better commander. SERGEANT JOHN BULLOCH Sergeant Bulloch was born in Austria, where he lived until he was eighteen years old. He came to the United States in 1907 and joined the army in 1912, serving as a sergeant in the World War. He came to Dallas as sergeant instructor at Forest Avenue High School in IQIQ. When North Dallas High School was opened he came over as a sergeant instructor and has been at North Dallas ever since. One of the main things that Sergeant Bulloch does is to organize and coach the rifle teams. This is quite a job but he has fulhlled it quite admirably. Another thing he does is to work with the Crack Company. Every morning when the crack company is drilling, Sergeant assists the oHicers. Ev- ery drill period he is out with the cadet officers, helping them with the maneuvers. It is an acknowledged fact that Sergeant Bulloch knows infantry practice, for whenever there is a mis- understanding about a movement, the question is taken to him for solution. ,H vv- ,W ,I ---- 'uv' .55 its gm- Llewellyn Powell Charles Moore Charles Clark Homer tl. Fisher Rube-rt Everett Rhea Thomas Back row, Batey, Fra nl row, Rough, Iefz to right: Ferguson, Usury, Lzlufer, Martin, McKinney, Helm, Clinkcnbenrd, Schultz, left to right: Harrison, Schreiber, Timm, Henncberger, Harris, Noyes, Scoggins, Holbrook, Tfz-e Rifle Team Back rnfc: J. R. jones, Howell Watson, George Wahlstron, John Alterman, Forrest Biard, Billy Runyan, Robert Gunn, B. Heinen. From race: Francis McGinls, Jack Kuttner, Llewellyn Powell, Leslie Noel, Gordon Perry, Charles Moore. . A T W V -Jigs I ' , -. The Crack Compzmy t i 1 S f, 3 P F l I 4 r 1 i l 1 r l l l i i I I X I i l le Captain Jack Kuttner Fizzff LfEl1fEllL17lf.f Leonard Huffhines Milton Noell Semin! Liezzlezmzzlx jack Pederson Carl Steen Reese Abright Henry Austin Sam Brown William Brown Edward Carmichael Brewer Chappel Howard Clark Thomas Cones Nolan Crane Richard Crump Robert Crump Jack Edwards VVilliam Edwards jack Fain Sam Floyd Charles Grant Max Greer COMPANY OFFICERS Sefgerzzzfr Houston Musgrove Malcolm Cogswell Robert Foster Mike Genaro Leslie Phares Claude Walker Vernon Welsh Fred Thompson Forrest Biard Billie Runyon PRIVATES Herbert Hahnl Raymond Hand Dan Harbour Hershel Hash Andrew Hengy Forrest Hohrecht Marvin Hoffman jack Kelly C. D. McGlathery John Mangrum Robert Marshal Charles Mayer Boyd Melbourne Bobbie McKinley Charles Nlerrit Wilford Metcalf Jack Mutter Billy Moser C0l'f01'dfI Marvin Brooks Fred Griffin Albert Hobson Leon Hardy William Hoiiyfaeid Milton Horton James Kelly Thomas Elms James Dooly Harris Muller Byron Nichols Fred Roberts Roy Robinson Armed Sarver Thomas Sorrc-lls Jack Stewart Royal Teague Howard Thacker Samuel Thornhill Philip Trammel Carl Wahlstrom Edgar NVhite Clarence Williams John Wilson Mackie Yates Harold Zschache fozzzjwzy Commrzzzzler George Briggs Finer Liezzlelmzzf John Alterman Sammi Liezrlezzazzfr Perry Keith Charles Newton E. Gordon Perry Robert Allen Thomas Allender Billie Bevans Sam Bifano Harry Brutsche Wort Campbell Billy Carwile Brazil Chancey Porter Cochran Richard Coupland J. W. Crawford Frank Crow Reginald Curry Joseph Daniel Carson Davis Llyn Davis 'NVoodrow Echols Walker Edwards David Farr COMPANY B OFFICERS Sergemzfr Matt Allender Howard Barker Anthony Bifano Harvey Bowles Linwood Griffin Bobbie johnson Bill Rotlibaum Walter Schultz PRIVATES Haynes Freeman Charles Glover Ralph Hamm Norman Harys J, A. Hieatt Sam Houston Morris Howell Jack Hubbell Melvin Jackson Alburt Kimball Billie Knight Bruce La Roche Tyree Leonard Robert Loughlin H. H. Manner Jack Maxwell Jack McCoy john McGibboney Thomas Moore Guy Nabors Corporrzfr Lawrence Cox Reagan Dixon Carroll Gallagher Billie Hamilton Roger Harris Bill Hobson Tillman Jones Myron Kinney Dorris Nelle jack Nesbit Charles Palmer Jack Stubbs Ralph Nicholson Henry C. Paine Samuel Palmera Bill Peel Galen Rice Jack Selcraig Orville Stafford Robert Stallings Bill Stanford John Taylor A. C. Valentine Brodie Walden R. T. Walden Virgil Wicker William Wilson Ormal Wingate Jack Willson Roy Williams Robert Willis Captain Howell H. Watson Firxf Liezzfezzazzt Billie Bramlette Sefozzd Liezzfezzazzff Billie Decker J. R. Jones Loyd Smith Kyle Avery Thomas Ball Robert Banks Clifford Bigelow Neil Brans Lloyd Breedlove Harold Coffee Odric Combs Mike Cone Lewis Craig james Cullum Joseph Davis Jack Ficklin Pearson French Edwin Gage Lloyd George Burton Gilleland Leonard Gleaves Lester Gottschall Frank Hamra COMPANY OFFICERS Szrgeanis -I. W. Arthur james Bowles Sam Burfurd Cecil Caruth Cvuy Kirkpatrick Wycliffe Nisbet Walton Porter Lee Spence Lym Stiu Ross Vick john Winder PRIVATES Claude Hartman Charles Hash Lewis Holland Joseph Horn J. B. johnson Marvin jones Perry Jones Nash Keel C. L. Kelly Charles La Dur Joseph Langran jack McConnathy William McCutcheon Langston Majors Robert Martin Frank Mason Bowie Meredith Sam Monsche George Morrison C0rji0r'11f.r Burnett Cox Owen Cullum William Merritt Leslie Noell Hunter Obenchain J. Howard Payne George Rhine C. H. Rutledge joseph Tomlin john Murphy Fred Neuman Beverly Peel Henry Pollock Stone Robinson Banham Rogers -I. C. Skinner joseph Smith Merrill Smith Joe Sterling Charles Storer Earl Stultz Bruce Tankel Berwin Tilson William Whitehurst Dick Widdicombe Milo Winsett Fred Worrell Orion Yagla Borden Zimmerman -,..,,,,. ,,,,L,A. .,.. -...l....... 1-n. f--:V-. P . A 1 1 -"'777'X?'Tl-f'T'f'f'""Jf7g'W'5'fP"FX ,W MQ'iW'4""'H' . - F . ' W'U55,'f3.'f ' A - f 'Q PF as ffizfmim-gffvfiwffqf. fb? 5 I-, V . ,,,1:,.v!f7 :,1,Y,L'.4,', Exwveaghv?..'.fIv5-ggxl,,.l.,- ,. . . J , .JK . X., , ' .j- 14: gf? .QT-'+,,'f,'4'1' ff , , ' '. -U Z' '.' "QL" , ,-,Auf . ,'. 1 4 f , ' ' ' , 'I X, if 5 ' I ' , ', ' D 'H - ' .I , .-. . A 1 .. ,' f I . 1 ,,,- 5? I - , 4 1 f ..- Jfj J IJ V J , ,,,E, f' .,: 4s,,:' Q J a . 4 ' U lx ' - , . . , ' ' . A-,f'.',-., , .Q 14+ J ' ' .- V,' '-,,',7. 2" :f' 'cy ,"'5x' . ', 4 J ,' -, f' 4.5. 1' 'f- " , ."4 1-. 9 d",'.4 V xx ",t.'l!'24 f NL. ,.p.'k . . " :.,f,,,1.' -."' -' - 'Q '., , n ,f I - . .-..'fe:ff'f-gs - , U. .ML , ,m',, - . .ml I f'xq7f QU , ' 4. ,,.- . fm "4-" n ,-"nTX'1f!"'f4, 1 f' ' ' '-',lf.f.m':i..-1.1.1. f...'..5fT' Y -' X v ' ' - 4' ,.. ,Z 14 ,, . ,. V .. f .Y J ' ' ' .1.,,., ..f CzZ1DfL7f7Z William Moore F iff! Lieufemmf Justin Kimball Szfozzd Liezafwzantr George Wnhlstrom Hiram Knox Jack Armstrong Herman Ballard Arthur Beale Fred Beattie Gregg Ballowe Leroy Bates Voyd Bennett John Benton Harold Berkley Jimmie Boots Billy Browne Grady Burleu Henry Butler Stewart Carmachal Palmer Clark Charles Cox Melvin Cox Jack Crump Herbert DeShong Joe Dickerson Joe Ellington Spencer Elliot John Fisher COMPANY D OFFICERS Sargzmzfx Frank Wathan Oscar Reitlen James Rust Robert Stafford Robert Simpson Charles William Roy Fain Walt Fasting Hal Freeman C 01' fortify Joe Kelly Buster Lee Harry Levine John Allen Curtis Mayes George Belleville Eugene Owens PRIVATES Howard C-arretson J. C. Lancton Herman George Vincent Grice Clifton Gleaves Leslie Gleaves Frank Griffin Thomas Hagan James Hanna Barry Hill VVinston Howard Mike Huber Albert Hunter Whitely' Huvelle Hiram Ingram Arthur Jackson Frank Jarratt Ben Jenkins Edwin Johnson Beverly Jones Norwood Jones Richard Kizer Sherman La Brirba J. L. Lyne H. Lee McBride Elliot McClung Hunter McKay Peavy McWilliams Mark Martin Russell Martin Bill Matlock Edward Mills- Roger Metcalf Jack Musgrove Vance Newell Donald Noorgord Max Park Jack Pierre Arthur Pitts Richard Powell Robert Redding VVilliam Rehkemper William Roby Fred Rogers Pretiss Pasho Fred Pomeroy Truett Randall Bob Brent J. B. Freeman Page Funke George Hayes J. B. Heinen Horace Smith J. W. Sealc Joe Shaws Charles Sinex Phelps Smith O. B. Stanley Herman Steindman Jack Stewart Billie Strong Gerald Tate George Thomas L. G. Tomlinson Morris Towles Reed Townsend VVilliam Vandwort Forrest Vaughn Graham Vaughn Henry Watkins Roberts Watts Brooks Wetsel Walter Wilson John Wilcox John YVorley Ross Young 1 lv: v. r JW' 4 V 1. , X' 2 x, 1 I 5 gf 3. 1 ffii EIGHTH PERIOD CLASS .1 x f 2 THIRD PERIOD CLASS fphysical 'Training IVE hundred years B. C. the Greek idea of physical education was to develop a beautiful body. Two hundred years later when Greece was absorbed by the Romans, this beautiful idea was turned into degeneracy, by having the slaves to furnish the exhibitions of physical skill, and later the Roman gladiators developed. Thus was the beginning of commercial- ized athletics. During the dark ages the body was degraded by starving, whipping, and great neglect. Our next step in physical training was with knighthood, and the brilliant tournaments of the 13th and the 14th centuries. With the beginning of the 15th century came the Renaissance fthe re-birth of arts and lettersj, marking the transition from the middle ages to the modern world. The German people were the first, then, to develop a system of gym- nastics, next came the Swedish, the Danes, the English, and the Americans. In our present-day physical education we select our corrective exercise from the Danish, our marching is German, our light apparatus is Swedish, our football is English,-so one realizes we have selected the best from each system. Dances of all nations are taught, from the very simple folk dance to the more complicated clogging. Best of all are our stunts, our swimming, and our baseball-requiring great motor skill and carrying with them an abundance of happy exercise. ...Yx vwgq- ,.lr ,-.-V I., - - Y , f 9.5 , - - -1- . ., 'WQ ,. V H Vu, I , ,. , J, -1 Vs. 7-,U .1 Mug.: -,g 44, . ' -, -v',a . -sf ' ' f ,. -' - --f.. ,--K 1 V V r 1 -: :. :1 1 ra",-n1.+-Q-sg Q- ff ff' . . ' T my--Q-' V' ,r .l'J'sl' V Strength of heart And might of limb, but imainly use and skill, 'Are winners in this pastime. - ' 4. .5 X 1 I ff ,--,I 195. 'Q' 5115 x v- -is b A 14 4' x,-515 Q fffgflwgp g Q '- 3, . f61?mg'Q.Q 41 WW lk K v.. 455 il 51411 5A JU? V04 ,Qyf"le ' 'Q dw .H 1 I 1 4,' e , CN , , IFUMYNQ 1,-wtf ,f W ' 'f g , sq sh 1 1 3 Y A Egsf225!??G? '1'2" N ix , 'X ffv W f H 3 Vf ' -M R fi No qayfrfv5:,n ' ' ' 1 A, H f N K , 1 H ' ,L - , I . ,I ,. qw ' 5 , I, ' N X , ' . .1 X 4 0, cv! 'Lw lp. IIXN! as hay ff ' M ' NM M 635' 'f l 1,3 ' l bl W 1 165 I 1 5 'I K I 1 1 -xl' 1' 1 S E '1 4-N1 ,J E W ,' rf' fijfsfa " -- Q '34 w fm " .x w WF v.lK 'll X 1 - ' - , X I X X I ' ff , V I .L xy. I 5 3 ,PPV N ' , Y X fx! Ef1,1,,vgf . :V , ,Nmi ' H " ' I gk ,,., Q- 1- ,,,,. - ' 6 -1 8- ' ' X ' W . '53, f ' R x .1 --1-,,f-'rf-.. ,s . ' ' :-' -j ' - ,.,-'x I ,H-I 1 ? K j 9 '. 'Y N7 79 f , T IJ! 1' W"' ' s 'f ' ' , ' ly my ,J A N- - ,, .:Q. - j -.. F Q . 'M ' ' .LGT - ' - , 1 , . 7 wY.J.'x5L . M A , we ,,m., .,,3 1,,i ff ji mmy, m ,.,,.,, 'll I . wt.-1-1 I, I-' f j - -,N R I ! Um.-1 . 1 if H452 Jr! "" pk , if fu - ' E x"'J'.: """ 1 ' '1 --F5-.'Qh -ulm . .u.v.,f nun-ul ' ' '.,.-, 'ah n UI fr 1 ,V ewen N, 1 , , H.. fl w..,x.,1-Mm LJ- 1 U M ,1 3 E SL. ,..2.,..,,,... W' , I X"7A"Wf1'.!!' 1 fl ,x,,..T., .1 '- ' ,1,-'bv '-F wwf" 4- rv' -.-.n ,pu ', 1.-.E XMIM :VIE-,-N ,LSQS 11 133"" N U1 2'- 2 'I vu xu11u,w fm. X' ,.- 1 "- I I - - 4 xQ.n',:a--"f, .: ww W... -A 'Y 'ffiiffw ""::' J,1x:a....,,Q W. H, ' w 9: .f., f . " -A-4 ..., .A-.' , I ' 1- ' ' 23851-"' 'JN fnrifll 'fm mr. xrrmm Hn" N-ff .LP iiifgql I lm-9 'H' -- 1 - . J '. -F 4 "'f5'.'SX7cq'm'f7:' W" v...:'A -421 .1 X""" "SW: X ml 5.3" l4ilwf.1.,,,hl5xm.f. Wm 'Y X "' T ,,,,. lu- ' ' X jggpsf Z, num. 4-R un--Wf':..,.... - . '- V ' Q ,,7 ,uf W,-5 .331-, , ,f-V 433' WI' qgvunmlyv 4 -. ' - . "f,1'v'.v, : rv-T' ' 'fr "' K Kilim-fn IMIZIMFH 4 V! ,xxx -- , ,W yylrglgrsfm n null: ':S:',,,-3:17. u v'ul I' ' ' r - ' - . ,, .5 -1 fx I mm ',,,7ff?,r'Hs:11 "fff11- 95 5 f 'OZ 1 ,A M Z .J ,I N . Q 5 lmlfufv, - ' wnm'"""'ffrf2f'f:f'1vb:::ff..x H, ""'l'm '-14 xfnuuruwf:-D I rialz nf Skill Football, I92 7 O the outsider North Dallas had a hectic season for 1927, but to one who observed things from the "inside" the condition is very different. VVe never alibi and never expect to. However, there are reasons for everything. For the first' time since thelfirst of our history we faced the season with practically no letter men around whom to build a team. In fact, we had only four, and of the four, three were substitutes the year before. This meant that Coach Oehler had to build an entirely new team and that with poor, green material. The second team has always contributed a supply of material, but even this was slim last fall. However, even with this outlay it must be remem- bered that only one team was able to penetrate the bulldog front line de- fense, and that was the crowd from North Fort VVorth. In all other games our line was ai stone wall, and each time an attack was launched there were snarling, fighting bulldogs ready to throw the opponents for a loss or no gain. , The games which we lost were all lost because of the fact that our backfield, made up of inexperienced men, was helpless against the volley of passes thrown by our enemies' backs. VVe cannot forget, however, that We turned back the formidable team from Central High of Fort VVorth and stood Bryan High on her ears for a large part of the game only to emerge with a tie game. Coach Oehler developed several all-city men of whom North Dallas is proud. Such men as Delcambre at center, Robinson at tackle, Clements at end, Caswell at tackle are not excelled anywhere. A failure in I927l No, remember that the bulldog achieved the greatest ambition of his six short years. He humbled, clawed, and scrapped the Oak Cliff leopard till all North Dallas cried, "Stop, leave enough to lick next year." For 1928 we are hopeful. VVe are optimistic. XVith men such as Burford, Hanlon, Armstrong, Clements, Robinson, Stults, Keitt, Lan- caster, Bates, Hubert, Boll, Cullum, Toomey, and others, we are going somewhere soon. VVe want support next year. Give Jack Oehler and his bulldog family your support and interest and we will write football history for North Dallas. 1 5 i Q Gunter Highland Park Polytechnic Central North Side Forest Sunset Bryan Oak Cliff Football Schedule 6 - North Dallas 26 I3 - North Dallas O 6 - North Dallas O 18 - North Dallas I9 I2 - North Dallas O 25 - North Dallas O I2 - North Dallas O 7 - - North Dallas 7 O - - - North Dallas 6 Z ix ' Back row, left Io right: Coach Oehlcr, Armstrong, George -Iacobie, Cnrtcr, Nesbitt, .lack Robinson Rountree, Kethley, Burford, Brown, Griifin, Clements, Hardy, Farrier, Scurry, Bates, Clark, E. D. Walker Second row, left to riglzl: McCoy, Thomas, Abernathy, Joe Kelly, Jack Kelly, Roy Robinson Pres ton, Horne, James Kelly, Palmer, Wetscl, Lindsay, Walker, Newton. Front raw, lefl Io riglzl: Berry, Cox, Reed, Hanlon, Caswell, Delcambre, Smith, Roy Jacobie, Am brose Delcambre. ALFRED DELCAMBRE fcenter--Cnplzzinj "Del," North Dallas' fighting captain and all-city guard, did not make all-city center, but he was so good that he could not possibly be left off the all-city team. "Del,' is a quick thinker and knows football. His decisions are always good and always the best for the team. He kept up the morale of the team even though they were losing and We're sure every one will miss him next year. JACK ROBINSON ftacklej Jack is large, strong, and fast. He has a spirit that can not be daunted. He fights to win, from the first whistle to the last, and he played every game the entire season, thus proving his consistency. His work in every game was impressive. Jack will be back next year and we certainly expect him again to be an all-city man. ROY JACOBIE fguarterj Roy is a natural ball carrier. He is fast as a streak and elusive. He has high knee action which worries tacklers consistently. Not only at half does Roy play a good game but also at quarter. He played quarter in a great num- ber of games proving himself courageous but not taking unnecessary chances. We expect to see Roy on the all-city team next year. RHEA THGMAS fguardj Rhea's consistency in practice won him a place on the eleven. He just looks like a fat, easy-going boy. Who would think him a good football player? But he isg he is a sure tack- ler and a hard hitter. DUDLEY CASWELL fgzmrrlj When Dud returned to school last fall, he had a record of two years as being a regular on the football team. ln competition with boys who had no record, one might think that Dud could rest on his oars. This he did not do. He worked harder than the rookies, and played harder in the early games. Dud was in on every play Whether on his side of the line or not. Dud will not be back next year on account of graduation. hlllklllfllfl ARlNlSTRONG Umlf flllfkj .limmie weighs only 132 pounds, but is one ' of the best half backs in the city. He is a half back of the "rabbit" type who gains . many yards on quick-opening line plays. I if Neither was he content with short gains. He is not only fast and shifty but will tackle the biggest man as well as the smallest one. -lim will be back next year and we expect to hear much from him. it HERBERT CARTER fmidj An end should be strong, fast, a pass catch- er, and a sure tackler. Carter is no streak of lightning, nor is he a wonder at catching I passes, but he is strong, active, and aggressive. He plays a consistent game, always giving the best thatls in him and is always willing to i take advice. He has an unconquerable spirit and a determination to win. Carter will be E , ,Q . V back again next year. ' i ALBERT SMITH ftacfelej ' This was Albertls second year to support the f ' ' fl orange and white with the best of his ability, ' which is a great amount. Injuries kept 'fAlbo" - ' '- f V. out of a few games, but he was always lighting ' for North Dallas whether in the line-up or ' -f not. He is without a doubt one of the stead- if iest players that has ever played on the North . . V .f Dallas line. He will not be back next year. JOE FARRIER flzalf fmckj t -loe came out for football before school started and was not noticed very much by teammates or the coaches. But very soon he began to be noticed as a man who had a pow- erful drive, fast and sure feet, a cool head, and could tackle a man so he would stay down. These are certainly the outstanding qualitie of a good halfback, and that's what joe is. We shall miss yelling, "Joe will get 'em," for Joe wonlt be back next year. SAlVl BURFORD fiendj Sam is one of the best defensive and olfen sive ends North Dallas has ever had. This i his first year and his possibilities are unlimit ed. He has another year to develop these. He is not afraid to dive at the foot of the on-coming formation or to reach up for a tackle from the ground. A great deal is ex- pected of Sam next fall and we are sure that he won't disappoint us. W B 061701 of Edzzcatiofz Buumi S'm1:1ix', 'Pn'.viJff1r ALEX WV. SPENC1-I, l'in'-'Prmifffzzf VV. C. Fu-QRL3T'1', NIR4. H. L. PEfw1.1-Qs, F. N. Non-is, DR. Dwm XY. CART1-R, xlk., N. R. Ckozllck F. B. C.-Xl"l'Ii0RNJ L. Y. S'1'oCKAuD LEON.-xkn V. PUWER -IL'I.IL'S IDURSICY SUE ST..l:mw C. NI. Nlcunlili XV. H. L. josuw IW. F. I"ou'r1f - Mm. YV, P. ZL'xm',xl.'1', fff!111if1fm'.1ri:'a fJj1'Ifs1u - S11ff1'i11fe11.1'f'11r of Sfhonfx .-I,ffiff.111r Snff'1'fz1fsf1.ff'11r of Sr'!IUU.l.f S1zff1'f'ifQr nf High S'fbw..'.f lf1.ff1'1frfif.11 .xml 'Difrf'iff S11fferi11ff11.ff11f of High Sfbffmff fs1'f'i.w,1' fff lz1lf'1'11ff'.!f.1lr Gf'.1.fef .WJ ffffiff S11ffH1'f11fN1.ff'11f of L'ff'1m'f1f.1l'-V .S'ffff.f.f1 - Szzpr1'f' of l11ff1'111n!f.1.ff' Gfxzffftf ,WJ 'llifffifl Snfr1'i11rrf1.ff11f of E!t'1lZL'lIf.I1':f SrKwf.f.f - Sc'f1'f'l.11'x' to flff S11fffrf11f511f1'."11l 111' S'f'f?ooff BUSINESS Sifl'Hl.11'Yx', 'ffmrfwf wif lfff.'n11lif.1! - -'lI.zmrf'f1..'11f'." Jxgfzzf cxz'll.VI!.V 'llfffffwf' P1n'f0.1.ff11g 1 'lgfzzi Bi' BONNER CLARK fguarterj This was "Booger Red's" second year to add glory to the orange and white. He had strong competition, but won his "D" by hard play- ing and quick thinking. Though small in build, he is strong and he is a sure passer. JAMES ROUNDTREE fmkzfy A husky tackle with a smash like a Texas steer and a natural love for man-sized foot- ball, this big blonde brute is no sylph on his feet but plays with his head up all the time, and leads the charges down field after the kick-off or punt. Jimmie will not be back next year. ULMON CLEMENTS fendj Ulmon Clements made all-city end, a po- sition he certainly deserved. Fast, rangy, and a sure tackler was "Clemo" in every game. Snatching passes seemingly out of reach was his favorite pastime in almost every game. When "Clemo" tackles a man, he is down. He has been rightly named as one of North Dallas' greatest wingmen. We shall miss him next year. RALPH BATES fifullj Bates, the natural battering ram of the North Dallas back field, is one of the few football players that really progressed the first season they were out. His low drive through the line is good for three or four yards at any time. His tackles are sure and stunning and he is developing into a good punter. Bates will be back next year. EDWIN NESBITT fgzuzrdj Ed is a product of last ycar's second string, but this year he certainly came into his own. Fighting hard with good, clean spirit, he proved himself an able linesman. Few yards were made through him this season. His place on the line will be hard to fill next year. Tell Lerzderr BUD YOUNG fllflld yell leaderj This was Bud's second successful year in leading the North Dallas aggregation in rous- ing cheers. Bud's pep and enthusiasm can always be relied on to inspire the spectators to tear their coats and hats with excitement. Many a girl has gone home with a sore throat from yelling because of Bud. PAULINE MAGNOLIA Due to Pauline's amiable disposition and her true support of North Dallas in every- thing, she was elected as one of the girl yell leaders. She was present at every game played in Dallas and was always ready to give her best. She has an ability to handle a crowdg therefore her efforts always received the best results. Pauline will continue the good work next year. GEORGE MCCLURE "Mac" has been Bud's successful assistant for two years. Always he gives his best and is willing to co-operate in every matter. "George may be fat, but he certainly can lead yells,', has been said many times by students. "Mac" will take Bud's place next year and we are sure the spirit will be the same-the very best. ANNA MEX CORLEY To look at Anna you think her a pretty blonde without much "Wim, wigor, or wital- ity," but there you are mistaken. She has just as much iight for North Dallas as any one, and maybe more than some. We shall miss Anna next year. MARJORIE CONNELL Marjorie should have and does have red hair, and along with it she has all those charm- ing characteristics belonging to the "red headu: pep, vim, vitality, determination, and a "red hot" spirit. She never misses a game-there is never a day so cold or so rainy that Marjorie's spirit is chilled or dampened-and she never misses a chance to do just whatever is to be done for North Dallas. We shall miss her next year. span-1 Basket Ball Schedule Oak Clilf 25 - - - North Dallas 21 Forest 53 North Dallas 16 Bryan 36 North Dallas 35 Sunset 23 North Dallas I4 Oak Cliff 28 North Dallas 4. Forest 37 North Dallas 29 Bryan 22 North Dallas ZI Sunset 59 - North Dallas 9 The S enrozz ORTH DALLAS was stripped of her Faulks, Crowleys, and Reehenbergs, by graduation, but she started out in '28 to build up again the outstanding quintet of Dallas. In the person of Ulman Clements, she found another Jimmie Faulk, but unfortunate circumstances drowned this hope in mid-season. Nevertheless "Coach', developed a team with little experience but lots of fight and eagerness to learn. This season has been valuable experfence to every man on the squad and team. Without a shadow of a doubt next yearls scores will be entirely dilferent, for the material is building, and the spirit is herel Left lo riglzl: Denton, jones, Hanlon, Kiett, Hardy, Nesbitt, Allen, Cox, Horne, Musgrove. lr t . RICHARD JONES Combining a marvelous ability to shoot from the hardest positions, with brilliant passing and drib- bling, Richard fought his way to honors on the '28 Bulldog quintet. Richard came from obscurity into the limelight of the school by his action in basket ball games. He is a good floor man. Though slight of build he is strong and aggressive. We hope he will be back next year. LAWRENCE HANLON Lawrence won his "D" by dint of hard work. He is a good tloor man and an accurate shot. His slight build and clever pivot make him a hard man to guard. This also helps him in guarding, as he is small and fast. Lawrence seems to be everywhere at the same time, always playing a good, hard, clean game. He will be back next year. ROY -IACOBIE Roy started the season at forward but soon devel- oped into an outstanding center. Roy is not a flashy player, but hard, consistent, and dependable. At center he is a good jumper, he guards well, and can always be depended on for a tield goal or two. Roy will be back next year to serve the orange and white again loyally. BENNETT HARDY fgapfmj Bennett, though small for basket ball, was certainly a flash in the games of the last season. He is .1 forward of the small, fast type who scores through sheer brilliance. Bennett also played good defense, being a capable guard and always keeping his head, a trait which is important in basket ball. This was Bennett's second and last year on the North Dallas quintet. WILLIAM DENTON William is the smallest man that lettered, but through his bulldog diving methods he rightfully won his place. His accurate eye and speed more than served to offset his lack of weight. His forces are felt as much in a defensive game as in an offensive game and hc is always present with a clean fighting spirit. This was his first and last year on the quin- IEC. EDWIN NESBITT "Nesbo" was not content to be a mere football star, he came out for basket ball and won a regular place as guard, and he was a good one, too. Built to stand any punishment and unusually fast for his size, this fine lad eliminated any possibility for "crip" shots under the basket. "Nesbo'l fights with undying spirit till the last. We shall miss him next year. PERRY JONES I Perry jones is a synonym for action. When he enters the game, the speed picks up, and the going gets rough for the opposition. He is a good drib- bler and succeeds in his passing with uncanny ac- curacy. He can be depended on in a pinch to go in and light with real Bulldog spirit. He plays a good game at guard, but is best at forward. Perry will fight for the orange and white again next year. Track OR the first time in the history of Dallas schools, track has been given an important place in athletics. North Dallas is fortunate enough to have a new cinder track in her own "back yard". It is now under con- struction. The boys answered the call for trackmen with great enthusiasm and from the squad that came out not a few champions were found. We discover that Sam French is a very fast man, winning the mile from Bryan and showing good prospects for more victories. Chick Lancaster has won a place for himself in pole vaulting while Roy Jacobie gives French great competition. Ralph Bates and Paul Tramwell show great form in hurling the javelins and discuses. There are other boys on the squad whom we expect to make names for themselves. f . ty Back row: Moore, Kemp, Jacobie, Woods, French, Watts, Wallis, Elizonxdo, Armstrong. Front row: Rogers, Porter, Edwards, Reed, Carter, Lancaster, Dooley, Stitg. ,X X kkx. Tennis ITH only one tennis veteran back this year North Dallas made a brilliant showing. May McCrary and Nellie Harris, playing doubles, beat Bryan by a large score. They were also successful in defeat- ing Forest and Sunset. The boys' doubles were also successful. .Charles Newton and John Sturtevant gained victories over Sunset, Forest, and Bryan. The singles were won by Muriel Hicks for the girls and Rhodes Baker for the boys. Muriel beat the Sunset and Forest delegates and Rhodes won the Forest singles game. Thus North Dallas beat every school in Dallas in more than one of the four features of tennis, Oak Clit? being the only school a representative of North Dallas did not down. This is a good showing, but we hope for an even better one next year. ' T 1- J ri N sf F L 'f- !Y L7 pk Elm A-. ,, "F Left right: Nellie Harris, john Sturtexm , Coach De Lnny, Rhodes Baker, Muriel Hicks, Mae McCrary. i..- chip The Q01 f Team FIELD of about twenty candidates reported for the tryouts for the golf team. Of this number, four players and two substitutes Were to be Chosen3 the four players Were Perry Keith and B. Heinen, making up the first team, and Dorris Nelle and Jesse Wfetsel, making up the sec- ond team. The team has so far played four matches. The results are: North Dallas ............... O Sunset .......................... 6 North Dallas ..,..., ., I Bryan ,,.. -- 4 North Dallas ....... 4 Forest t...,... - I North Dallas ............... 3 Oak Cliff ...... 2 girls' games NDER the capable supervision of Miss Keller and Mrs. Blair the girls, gym classes have been having inter-class games. Baseball has been the favorite game. And what games! The girls have shown themselves quite capable of playing scientiiic and interesting games with very close scores. Volley ball has also proved itself a favorite with the girls of North Dallas. It can be made a very exciting game and was made so by these girls. Other original games were played, but these prevailed as favorites. The advanced class and the HB's were the Winners and runners-up of the contest. ...l p X- r 1 SPORTIVE KNIGHTS n AND M 3 1 3 ' J LADIES " ' i , 1 . , 'Q ' A :l, ff 1 " ' if W N , A. .., A, . 1 P. 1. . . .Lug x. 1:5 ..... l 1, ., , 1 P t , . ,L 3. , e' yi 'F .... ,JF5 2 5 E 3 r-M. '.. , - ' ' X hi 2 JG? ,tg il '. T !"'2' ,. A L E A , PPE! QQEF' ,gag --gsfgrj q - f -Q S' t l 5?-"Q A I 2 I". 5 il 4 .Y Q I A " W1 8 fm' Q 2 . -4, + . -, - ' l k- 'fa -S sr : , :fi Iv lxqig K i -K RQ . i My ! h' : I - "'1 1 ff" A 1 1 . ? U 5v'ZLei9 ' Y' ' I J ,,.g....4L.gQg:2g.....Li4.L-L...,QQ.,,,-,,, , ,, , , , . , , , -.- .. , ,,,, , .. ., ,,.,,.,.,,, K . 'F Az- V. 4 'v . 1 5, 9, W, ,e ' o Z4FF?""'T""-"iT , 1 N fr 4 .'r 55 niqfjff fi' lf' -. , 'P ,,, -l '11- 4. ff If ' If . If .I . 'I v I f- . b , I nl Care 150 our cojin adds a mul, no dbubtg V ' Ami every grin, so mer1fy ,' afrdwg one out. . Q., U 1-. D Q. I V 5 I Ii ,-'- ' ' ,x , V 4 I I V' IX' K,,.M4 5 gl . ' . .4 l if Q Z3 f - 9 'l 1 L. Q 4' 1' if I " N . my 'fi' V I , v Q 'P ,' - ti V - - .f Lv mb ' in wi V N 1 nf" Efifxfeffrm-xff Wm wx gg' K' WDIWY ' fill! 1 X ' 'Vw U h ' 5' - V' .' , P Q 'fl h . , , . . . .J , , A A M ,L er W Z5nnk3H E. B. CAUTHORN hir. F. B. Cnuthcrn, Assfstant Superintendent of the Dallas Public Schools, is known to us all for his calm dignity and for his geninlity. N. R. CROZIER Mr. N. R. Crozier is Superintend- ent of the Dallas Public Schools. Nlr. Crozier has rendered years of tw-ict to the 15311.15 111111116 Schools, HC has given his hwfr' C0-Opvflifion .intl has been at all times ll wise, will- Mid earnest SUPPCH to H11 things ing, .intl iiiitlerstnntling councilor. Whlfh UC for thc gcod of our Pub' lic school system. L. V. STOCKARD Mr. L. V. Stockzird, District Superintendent of High Schools, has shown at :ill times rt deep interest in the hetterment of conditions :ind opportunities tliroughmit the high schools of this district. As Z1 frequent visitor to our school, he is known to all of us for his conscientious work ancj for his earnest desfre for our development. f ,K X ,f I 7 r D V 'L I a Lo-7-Cl .l ..1, 'il .l i l 1 I N 1 ' 5 " f ' ' -- La"',fii,?2?6i."l1i5'15?-G65 3?'i'3?5i55E553f55KYWW ' A ffifwi-1friW5Ti'f , 1-. , I fpigiffg, f5gip,4-'g-1'-,114-ix' ,E-1 .-L-.L.,,f.-:q4.3xS,,.1555'-4-.igw yy .at Qd5,.fA,v, QI! -' M ui? Eli. nl' - I' f ,,. V- -- .- ,gxv'.,.-r fy., N.. 1 r f ., V ,jf I ff aff? JK ', - A xfv' 'ff-'i 'Z '-'fQf,lii','0:-?i.'i,.' HN 5 ' xl 2' ' J 1 ' ' L 4 1 -- ' 1 '. H- Hr, 4 lv . I 'nm' 1.44 Lwwly ' v 1 5 1 4 I I , . . 4 A m 1 I 1 4 , .2 , '. ., 1 ' 1 'y . .f -, 1.11,-' 'lb-1-. . .15-1 - -'S gig. x f I - -. t LP'-'af-fm., sw 1- ff T '-A ' ' ,, 'I2',,1fj5'f,-7i.':,'-:affix1!i5,.j'f'!f1 , fi E .f-':. fv , L I '1+':!4f,',-kg 1 lm JV- ,' '13 .AI 1 1 , , ,- 'f-. x DEDICA TION -or Whatever Tau Call It E assure you, gentle readers, that it is only after hours upon hours of gruelling and extremely painful thought that we dedicate this lighter section of our noble publication. There are so many to whom we might ascribe "The Jester" that our task was an arduous one. There are the "red-bloodedv boys, whose favorite pastime during lunch periods is attempting to knock the last vestige of plaster from the Viking office walls by banging tirelessly on the outside doors of the office. Then there are those logical ones who poke their dear heads in at the oflice doors on September 28 and ask, "How soon is the Viking coming out?" Merciful heavens! There is one boy who called the entire staff "a bunch- of conceited horse- flies" because its members don't receive him with open arms whenever he bursts into the oihce. He's the one who tore the picture of Roy Jacobie in two, and caused it, when We pasted it together again, closely to resemble a camel. We thought of honoring those freshmen, whom of course we love whole-heartedly, who eat forty cents' worth of lunch daily, buy a Norflzer at every issue, but haven't had the money to pay the Viking those dimes for their group picture to this good day. Though we love these imbeciles, and really wish them lots and lots of good luck and happiness, we hardly deem them worthy of the dedication of "The Jester," on which we have spent hours and hours of deep thought. Of course, we have considered the N01-ther 5 somehow we always think of the Norzfher whenever we think of jokes! The hour when our Viking is to go to press draws near. ln despera- tion we decide to be broad-minded-we always are, we can't help it, no, don't mention it-and so we disrespectfully and disgustedly dedicate and ascribe "The Jester" to-no one at all. Homer Jtzflx' '4That song makes me homesick." Com'rney: "Shall I sing it again?" at 3 Q Firft Cazzfzibul: "Too late for dinncrf, Second Ctzzzzzilmf: "Yeh. Everybody's eaten." 1 9 Q 9 Ctzrmezz: "This is my latest picture- 'Norther Staff at Work.' It's very real- isticf' .Wm Mi!fcz'.' "But they aren't at work." Carmen' '9Yes, that's the real'sm." Q 3 2 "I cannot tell a lie," said George Wash- ington.. But he never had to tell Mrs. Bigbee why he wasn't in a certain class. Q Q 3 Laccrezzfe H.: "Why do they call a sail boat 'shelfn En' Nf.f6i1'f: "Because they make a bet- ter showing in the wind." Q Q 9 "So you're a salesman, are you? 'VVhat do you sell?" "Salt." "l'm a salt seller, too." "Shake," 3 Q Q B06 C: "My, you look beautiful to- nightf' MclI'j' Mr: "Yes, I took a beauty nap this afternoon and oversleptf' Q Q 2 Arabella drove up to a filling station. ul Want two quarts of oil," she said. "What kind-heavynf asked the at- tendant. 'fSay, young man, clon't get fresh with me," was the indignant response. 9 3 Q C0-eff: "I want something to wear around the dormitory." Safefgirf: "How large is your dormi- toryfi' 3 9 Q I used to love my girl because of the clothing she wore, but it's all off now. Jo!z1z'D..' are kissed? " Ma1'ga1'et : John D.: you?" McII'gH7'Ef.' night." f'What do you do when you "I yell." "Would you yell if I kissed "I'm still hoarse from last 3 3 9 Irena faboard sea scout boatj: "Captain, do these boats Duff: KNO. Ikliff B't:!l'er.' sentence? " Rifhard VV. : restaurant and some ham and sink very often?" Only once." -9. 3 Q 'fCan you use 'Xmas' in a "Sure. I went into a said to the waitress, LI want eggs, Miss'." 2 -2 Q Harvey Poole, walking down the street with a suit over his arm was asked where he was going. He answered that he was looking for the Daily Free Press. 92-2 Tom Rube! fto fruit venderji "How do you sell oranges by the box?" Vzmlez' feagerlyj: "Five dollars a box, - va 511'- Tom Rube! of bananas, pl : "Give me ten cents worth ease." -Q 3 st!! Mr. U'tzMer: L'Who was the iirst union man? " Tom .drmff mug: "Dan Cupid." 2 2 -Q Cbfrk.' "The girls are all kicking be- cause the boys fmzft shave." Inge: "What's the matter? Object to such appearance?" Chiflz' "Yes, they say they feel it keenly." 3 at Q ul wish I knew what to get father for Christmas. He likes to go after small game. but I can't afford to buy him a gun." "Get him a fly swatterf' 9.9.3 "lVIr. Chairman," quoth the Hea on Rob- inson Crusoe's to Friday." back, "I move we adjourn They were listening to a band concert in Pittsburgh. 5'That's something from Wagner, I think." 'INo, I think it's a Nocturne of Chopin." "I'II go over and look on the announce- ment eardn. . . . Returning, he explains: "We're both Wrong. It's a 'Refrain from Spitting'." -Q 3 Q HI see Rosenblatt had a terrible tire last night." "Yell, he's a nice fellerg he deserves it." S at 2 Charles Uk!! fapplying for a jobj: "Er -my name-is Watt." Bury 7714111 flookingji "I haven't the fog- giest idea, sir." Q 9 3 Cferk: "My salary is not what it should be." Employer: "But do you think you could live on it if it were?" -Q 2 -Q He: "No, my father wasn't exactly a policeman, but he went with them a great deal." -Q 2 -9 M1'. Smilh fin Physics Classy: "A col- ision is when two things come together un- expectedly. Now, Rhodes, what are two things coming together unexpectedly?" Rfmdef B. Qjust waking upj: "Twins" -Q at Q "Here is where I pull a good one," said the dentist as he fixed the forceps on a sound tooth. -2 -2 2 Fish's pledge on an examination paper: "If there are any mistakes in this, they are unintentional." 3 -Q -9. DON'T KEEP A ZOO Helen: 'LBuy a seal for the benefit of the Red Cross? Bilfy D.: "Very worthy organization, but I cannot afford a seal." "Buy just one seal, please!" "If I bought it, I couldn't feed it." as Q Fritz: "IVIein mutter vas Dutch, undt mein vater vas Dutch, und I vas a Dutch- man too." Q 9 -Q "just one more glass, boys, and we'll all go home," said the dish-washer as he laid down the soap. -Q -3 -Q Mr. Iftzlker: "It was disgusting the way Bonner snored during Mr. Comstock's talk in assembly." Nerffo: "It was! He woke us all uplw 9 2 9 HUNGRY Cizlllllfbdfj' Pfead for Mi.f.fi011a1'j' -Headline in Atlanta Paper. 2 -Q -9 Tom A. is the laziest bum I know, he wants the girls to push the revolving door around for him. Q Q Q Mz'. Baker Qin lab.j: "I shall now take some hydrochloric acid and--" Voice izz bclfli' "Hot Dog!" 2 2 2 Once a colonel was riding on the out- skirts of camp when he was halted by a sentry. He was told to advance and be recognized, and he did so. He was getting back on his horse, a very hard thing to do, as he was fat, when he asked the sentry: 'fWho put you on guardnf At this the sentry replied, "Nobody, sirg I was just practicing." Q -Q 2 Hocceff: "You're a poet and don't know it, but your feet show it: they're Long- fellows. Lfecceflyzz: "Oh, yes, and you are get- ting Whittier and Whittier." -2 2 2 Maftie Ellizz: "Tom talks all the time. He just rattles on like a second-hand car." Exfher Lozzixe: "Yes, but his clutch is so different." -9 2 2 With some of them like this K J and some of 'em looking like this j Q, they still wear short skirts. ombastic Bdbblinqs from Bashful Bards FROM THE' HEIGHTS I stood upon 21 mountain And looked upon 9. plain, I saw a mass of green stuif That looked like waving grain. I took another look at it And thought it must be grass, But horrors, to my surprise It was the Junior Class. 232 Nlarooned upon the steps, they sat, He held her hand, but none saw that, For none, except the moon, was squinting. He plead, "VVill you?" She said, "Ooh-hon." -The sequel's not Worth printing. -Q-QQ A TCSS-UP There was a young fellow named Dan, VVho into a Ferris XVheel ran, At the eighty-first round, Dan looked down at the ground, And dropped an eighty-cent meal on a man. 432 Mary had a little pair Of stockings silky line, She used to put her money there, A very thrifty sign. One day a stitch the stockings dropped, A very naughty prank, That caused before it could be stopped, A run on Ma1'y's bank. DID YOU EVER SEE HIS LIKE? Once there was a cussed Albino VVho thought he could play the piano, And he played on it till Everyone had his iill, But just what he played, damyino. 233 THE NORTHERH9 OPINION OF THE VIKING The world is full of stupid folks VVho seem to think it true, That just because a man makes jokes That's all that he can do. a se .Q HOT DOG! I never sausage eyes as thine, And if you'll butcher hand in mine, And liver round me every day, We'll meat life's frown with life's caress And cleaver road to happiness. 338 She sat on the steps at eventide, Enjoying the balmy air. He came and asked, "May I Sit at your sidefl' And she gave him a vacant stair. 334: Bill thought his gas was getting low, He struck a match, and the tank let go! Bill sailed three miles right in the air -Three miles on a pint is pretty fair! VVouI1in't you like 10 know .... -Why We can always make 'fbon motsw about Mr. Ford's absent top knot? -VVhy someone once remarked that Chick looked like a Gargoyle Motor Oil advertisement? -Why Marie Horn wears green hose? -VVhat Homer Jack's method of "working" the teachers is -and everybody else's, too? -Why Hugh began his dancing lessons just before the Senior Prom? -Why Mary Sue and Martha are so often seen together? tVVe once heard something about complimentsj -Why the back table in the library is so popular? -just what Betty Honnet's incentive for entertaining the cast of f'Forty Miles an Hour" might have been? -If the school board really wants pupils to be absent or if they think home room programs are enjoyable? -if f fa -1 Justin s s umber party was a success? -Why geometry, chemistry, Latin, and civics teachers as- sign so many current events las they surely must as evidenced by all the people in the libraryl? -If Arabella really will be a resident of Louisiana soon? -Why so many boys wear blue shirts? l'Of course We all know that they have no vanity, so it couldn't be because of their azure orbs.j VVC are surprised and not a little disappointed to bear that our own Roy -lacobie would make an innocent girl walk home and actually chunk rocks at her until she was out of sight. VVe admire the young lady's bravery, however. It is reported that she fought valiantly until her rock supply was exhausted. As to further particulars, we are unable to find out much, except for the fact that the little girl was picked up by some kind farmers and carried home safely to her parents. VVe can't publish all the scandal we have on Mary McClellan, so we,re just gonna stick her name in. Bob Cullum tells us that dates with Mary lVIcClellan are a joy-She helps so in the driving. WEE ,, ,, '9 , I I Chuvbizy , M U A1 f .V V - A ' Pifunescmd Prisms 5 f . .DG FISHIE When ice cream grows on macaroni trees, And Sahara sands are muddy, When dogs and cats wear overshoes, Thatls when I begin to study. 3 3 3 Miss Byrd: "I have went-that is wrong, isn't itil' Homer f. Fisher: "Yes, ma'am.,' Miss Byrd: "Why is it wrong? " Outfit: "'Cause you ain't went yet." at Q1 Q THERE ARE NOE BYRDES CHAUCER A LA MoDE QShould be appreciated by 4B's and 4A's. Use correct Chaucerian pronunciation, please There arre noe byrdes In laste yeares nestesg Butte there arre spottes On laste yeares vestesl In last yeare's belfries Arre noe battes, Butte there arre heades In laste yeare's hattesl Q 9. 2 Mary had a little cat That warbled like Caruso, A neighbor swung a baseball bat- Now Thomas doesn't do so. Q Q Q EQUUS LATINUS fDedicated to Mrs. ciopq I had a little pony, And I made him hard and fast, For I thought that on his back My Latin could be passed. My pony, though I fed him, In the evenings looked forlorn, As if of every hope, He'd ruthlessly been shorn. So when I asked him what was up, He looked at me and sighed, "Every day, when you,re away, Your Prof. comes in to ride." ADVERTISERS he Viking is deeply in- debted to its advertisers for their help this year. Stu- dents, show them that you appreciate their support hy patronizing them. it li V 'MI il' I UI Az- L. ' , l,i ' i "1 U' I " li ,TU 2. Ili m y Mlm J-ld , 1 ' if gym it H i ,i 4,4 - r iii iw i. i li ' ' r .-"vm X.. V - 5 ' Vw lil illif ll 'I 'il ' l li itil l i W IW. it ilW'l"l ff'0'lll'l' lllNY'Yfi"iU' i il HW W ' Wk Q-willll Niillit Nbr X it it li m writ, +.iil'ill!'U1C.l'l"' if 1 . i t' H tl1:li!'l'i.f, .i i l li llfllll 'Kiwi , ' ilxi Li , iw gi -l lill y ,x " i- .ywt intra 5 i-.sinf,Wl,ii.'M y iii i l ' " ' qfTist W I t i i - illi ff , i its Mir y ll. ,ll .,. 7j5,, L1,4,gQ,i.-'g,i:: 4 gi, i Q my . in it his f a ll 1' i M i ' it 'i l- . - . i i li will i t i ' 'l :N QV, girl! X, fx O, 4 W 7 Huw Wd-iq' N ,Vx 1, ' 'li ili L l lls'i i,4.y?yf X fi! V ' i . - fi 5, in '-lKU"lI'J'lt 1 .15 '. " ' , f' Z ,V To Ilze Siznielzis of ' 4 A, fhforlh Dallas Hitgfzi Srlmol: , L " - iff- 1 1 , This has been an excellent year for North Dallas High School. Wie have had a congenial faculty and a line-spirited student body. Teachers and pupils alike have Worked together with very satisfactory results. Edu- cation means more than a preparation for lifels Work. Education is a vital part of life. YVe trust that the students of North Dallas will realize this ' 1 N ' hl s f lb si- and put into their school as much enthusiasm as a hig y success u u ness man puts into his tasks. VVith best Wishes to students and teachers alike, I am Very sincerely, E. B. COMSTOCK, 'P1'ifzt'ip.2Z. -just a Word to raduates: UCCESS sometimes seems to be a matter of chance and good luck. But it is near- ly always the result of years of labor and patient effort. This point was the cause of the famous mis- understanding between Wliistler, the artist, and John Ruskin. The latter had belittled the Value of a painting which VVhistler had sold for a thousand pounds. "How long did it take you to paint it?" asked Ruskin. "About an hour," Wfhistler replied. "XVhatl You asked a thousand pounds for one hour's work!" "Yes," said VVhistler, "but it took a lifetime of study to learn how." Om' r'o11g1'i1!1zfi1fio11.f lo the Gri1d1mfa.f of 1928! :flluy yum' f1zf1n'c'.f Lf happy am! ,fm'ferfflrfiizflfl may you izftnzyr get thx fn!! frnifl of your faborx WZ W? f y yfyfq X 04 17, wma f 19 'Wig yfyfzlfy away 17 , Ima ,W fffqyff, I 0 I ' , f f ' X , I ,Ap-We ,,,,,,,, , fa, ,Q , fi, H ,ff Sfreef Cars Build Cities .... DALLAS RAILWAY TERMINAL COMPANY Pnrtrzerr in Ilia' GI'0'ZL'flI of Dzzlfnr 'CBCU IVriSl16S to orth 'Dallas H igh, Faculty and Student Body" CITY ICE DELIVERY COMPANY Phone 3-8181 Tlzif If What Lmvly Sf1'if'E Diff for Them: Gave Frances D. hur uit." Kept Marion from growing KMari0n S. or Marion NIJ? Gave Tom his dignity. Made M. M. M. serious-minded. Endowed Sluc with tiny fcct. Gave Ed Nlishou a black cya fSOI'llC kind of strike didl. Made Marianna hashful. lNIadc lkflary Virginia uncouth. Straightcncd "Skcct's" hair. Bfll7l7ll07Z,5 CLEANERS, DYERS, HATTERS nm! RLYG RENOVATORS CHAS. oTT GU NVQ just recently found out that Bill Stine likes Southern girls-notice thc plural. Q 2 If Anita Loos had sucn Hugh IXIcClung sho would have said that "Ladics prcfur TPIIIIIS R!?L'kEf5 Bifyufes lflondff-I, 2 2 Jimlzzic T.: "Did you uvur kiss .1 girl whcn she wasn't uxpccting it?" 2-6097 IOO7 Elm Sr. Loyd --1 anim it." yfmzlczfvfz NVE ARE NOT SATISFIED UNTIL YOLI ARE VV. L. SMITH, Prop. E.rr1n,ti:'t' Clrizzzrrx .mil 'Dyurs VV k D Ix Fx wrt Operators Special Equipment for Ladius 'or' one Q' .ft HATS CLF.-XNIZD AND BLOCKED PHONE 5-3800 CEDAR SPR1xn.s .md THRK1CKKllJR'fUN DODGE BROTHERS New Six "THE SPIRIT OF YoUTHff PERRY MOTOR CO. 2121 PACIFIC AVENUE Smog NOTHER new word - - rmog. A weather man in a smoky city dug it up. It means a heavy blend of smoke-soot-and-fog in the early morning. Ill This is one word Dal- las people can not use, amusing though it is. They have no smog. Ul Dallas has natural gas. THE DALLAS GAS COMPANY ust real good clothes at a real low price -for the young man who knows and wants the newest and hest VICTORY WILSON, Inc. stairs at 1613 Main Street JAS. K. WILSON, President :ND FLOOR MARVIN BLDG. MAIN s AKARD iiCD21ll3S,, Porto- Cl-Dlumb Shops "High" quality plumbing repair service for the homes of North Dallas "High" studentsl The handy "Dallas" trucks come at your call and Hnish any job in ONE trip. "Dallas" is also standard for plumbing iixtures. 2-4103 DALLAS PIJUMBING CG. 2.4.25 McKinney T014 1' H 01216- lf you own a good lot, we will furnish the money and material to build your Home complete. E M. WILCOX 593 CO. Cole and Knox 5-.4.IOI ,Q .'1 HE NEWS is Dallas' oldest, largest and most influ- ential newspaper. It is read in practically all of the substantial, progressive homes of Dallas and tae territory that is tributary to the city. No other paper approaches it in coverage of the homes of its Held. In Dallas Zllumiug 21115 We thought Robert Gengnagel was in- terested in botany, but he and Delores Coffee are evidently interested in astron- omy judging by their actions at the Hi-Y picnic. 9 Q Billy B.: "Did ye ever speak before a large audience, Halsey?" Hfzlrey: 'LFairly large. I did." B. B.: "And what did you say? When YOU are the Editor or Business Mariager of your School's Annual The AMERICAN BEAUTY COVER Co with its many years of experience, will be glad to help you plan a cover that will be both striking and economical in cost. You have only to ask for this service-it is free and places you under no obligation. AMERICAN BEAUTY COVER CO 1902 Orange Street "Not guilty, llflrs. Bigbeef' DALLAS gl.......... ........E1 5-3 2 39 if ,mum E49 lumnuum ' 'gill'--I " zrffyce .1 ' X Mlm ' if "' I fa ,.Zs-- - Q11 d inning El MEX ll Z E 032 t il l A C" -A ,SS WHAT LUCKY STRIKES Ii DID F p re.. 0259.5-31 ls Bob Cullum "cute"? Can Clyde VV. Hill write poetry? Does Ollie plane have wicked eyes, ls Homer .lack an oratorf ls Rhea Thomas dumb? -Q Q Mii'.r Terry Qgetting ll whit? of incense on entering a Chinese store while abroadj: "Do I smell punk?" .-lzzzarffwzized Chilli: "No, you smell all right." Emlf the Qzzeff for the Bar.- The Carnival. The Norfher. Thr' Vifizzg. Hi-Y. National Honor Society. Senior Prom, June 'zS. Lunchroom. Girls' Council. North Dallag Pharlllacy Ulzlrrr H. Qto hr-mQte+s as they walk to the tnhlej: "And nmy I sit on your right H1111 and Nlcliinncy Avenue hmdf Either If.: "No, l'll have to e.1t with 5,5148 5-+822 that. You'd better take ll ch.1ir." 9 AQ The difference between modern dancing uve' SB1"'t'B and 'DB!f1'Bl' HO! Kfllg and wrestling is that in wreQtling some B102 amz' Toasted Sf111a'za'it'lze5 hvldi HPC bdfffd- RdLZ,i0lHJ' 'Bl'l!llJ'7LViFk-Rl7a11fO!zIJ' S !IlZl7Il'OL'k.f S-9989 MQLENDON RADIO SHGP Sales, Service and .-Xccessories Tersomzf Ser1'ire 204 N. Collctt St. FULTONWMARKET GEQ. E. HAMM, Prop. F1-wlz amz' Sal! Jllmfx Sfzzmzge, 'Dreyyed 'P011Iry, Game in Svarozz DELICATESSEN Phone 2-3127-7-22.39 Q04 Main St. O. T. C. H endqzzurfari' JusTm:"vou KNOMTHE fiw NGETHEE NEVER HHS A QOTTEN HNYTEDN? 0:4 V N? Vg,- - - - m fmotwo E HE Rrdmg Eqtupment DEN-1 oven nw O - BRYAN THEY USEDT ' -1 Qutdoor Clothing 15952 me aeour , , lg! mv sow LEGS see- 1 ,K ygu QpN'T TELL I" , Tnevfsee Tum wav It CARROLLS MMWWW PBNTQHHFUVE oN X I 208 N. AKARD STREET i i g W Fairmount Tlttzrnttzcy VAN WINKLES W. T. GRANT, Orwzei 'The Sozttlfs Best Z-2211 BOOK STORE lVlcKinnev and Fairmount Phones ' 2-0500 1609-11 Elm Street HC0z1r'tr5y and Personal SF7'7JiCH,, I6-2O'I622 Pacific Avenue DALLAS Q1 Cginnnis s ot, Jllerfs Store -features Collegiate Haberdashery for the young men of Dallas who insist upon value as well as on style. . . zz direct entrance on Elin A SALE X The ancient car chuggcd up to the gates BUSINESS COLLEGE DALLAS, TEXAS cc Has hlnde Good 40 Years Absolutely Tllorougli and Reliable Phone 2-4569 or Call for Catalog The Sfnoo! IVXM tz Rsfzzmliozf' of the ferry. The gatekeeper, demanding the usual fee, called out, "Two dollars for the Car." Ross L. looked up with a joyful smile. "Sold," he said, and got out. Q 3 Personally we d0n't mind sleeping in an upper herrhg it is thc staying awake we hate. Texas Troducts . . Mqde uncler strict hygienic super- X WO". from 'he highest Sliadf 'Bl'0'ZU7I,.f LIBERTY BELL Crackers Cakes materials obtainable. T 11 1 1 ay 7 7 - 5 i d 'td t tie ' , ' X ZfjQ50f52f,1j1?Xfg riloaft Ofonak. and Candies are quality products produced ' f d C lj M'king has en- - iilieclmus agmprocliice goods of In Texas- I Superior Quality. sALT1NE FL.-ikes-far Rm gif-.flew pffff-M" BROWN CRACKER SL CANDY CO. exif Tfxtzr lzldzzrfry DALLAS Q ii A45 t Q27 ? On orth Dallas Higlz Campus -and that of every other School and College in America-Society Brand dressed men add proof that "it's the cut of your clothes that counts." In Kahnls comprehen- sive showing of Society Brand Clothes there's every variation of the new and the good. E. M. KAHN gl CQ. Mrzizz and Elm at Lumrzr ,, 'Thrift .... a most important lesson for school boys and girls. Few of us are extravagant. Yet lots of us find it hard to have any money to save. Wie do not take advantage of existing organized efiici- ency-perhaps because we do not know of it. This is a store you should know more about. You can- not help saving when you buy here. Sears, Roebuck SL Co Rami! Dejnzrrnzezzt Sfore 'Its the la ste fha! tells' "Bob's looking bad isn't he?" "Yeh, he's working himself to death. Getting short-sighted you know." "Short-sighted? What's that got to do with his working so hard?" "Why, when he's 201, he ean't tell when Mrs. Hilt is looking at him and when she isn'tg so he has to keep on studying all the time." QUICKEST AND SUREST "VVhieh is the quickest way to St. Jos- eph's Hospitalfl' shouted our diminutive Fisher, standing in the middle of the street as motorists tried to avoid hitting him. '4Stay right where you are!" yelled back the traHic policeman. Bnuunn unsung Sl-fo' WAS ADHDWIND THHT DLEH You T0 NORTH Dauas " . ml . K s is ---g 1. 'Xu ,lar tafsaaisatsa. if ' :iiimiifszsaati - -. Wifi . :::::i..g1N H -7' 4 A llllllu . - ess za2:'E - i2i,i'iN- 'E i E 'fi 23, Loomue enter case. ,fzzaif-.-rises., it FfrIlIfBB.' "Robert, mother asked me to object to the use of the word obey in the eeremonyf' He: "And what did you tell her?" Fifmfee: "I said l'd let it stand. l told her you could take a joke as well as any manf' "You have made your hero too intiam- inable, l'm afraid," said liflr. Hill to Mary' Netterville. "To begin with, he has a lantern jaw. ln chapter 2 his whole face lit upg in chapter 5 his cheeks flamed. He gave a burning glance in chapter IO, and after blazing with wrath and boiling with rage he administered a scorching rebuke in the last tive pagesf, For four CWUHFSVI' II'VIlI'If7'0!7t' PIAUGER CLOTHES Sheeun-Steele Insurance Co. SILK LINED 'l'l'XffDOlfS ilhio Nlarvin Building 1 7 H A U G E R S 1111 Main St. Sanitary Barber Shops . No. 111928 G1'cc11vi1lc Ava-11111'-3-01:7 . No. :+:Xo.1, Grccxxvillc :XNCIILIUT3-OOI7 No. 3-3305 Knox St1'1-cl-qqqzq S1'1'ifffy Smlllffilfy aznf Up-to-'Dare STERILIZED COMES ANI? BRUSHES Artistic Hair Cutting EXPERT B.-XRBERS La11'irx' 11111 l,'0if1If'm1'.1 I'Vnrk 11 .N'p1'1'i11lly HART, SCHAFFNER '-W12 KNOW HOW" 86 CIOIIICS BEAU'1'Y SHOPPFS 4 - ,' ..1, 1,1525 " -1 NU, 1-mlx L1I'k'L'l1XillL' ,111 , . . . . '. A Tr ' 2-0127 . . . . IZNJTUUI 5"UUly Jfyld IUQIIH U- .3553 r - , . "' .Q Nu. 2-2304-G1'ccnx'1llv .-XY nioizlf . . . . nm! cfoary price ro- I 1-0017 ' . 'Z PERTH.-XNENT YV,-KVES gun e7778Ht' f GIVEN BY NIR. NIILLER Ifrfrz .N'l.".1u1n.7f, Fr1'1f1'rf1', V.7l.1-Torlll' That is the reason for the mmf Ellgrm' "'7l1'N1n.fx young mmys preferente MARCELLING-1w1AN1cL'R1NG SC.-XLP TRE.-YI'NIEN'I'S If it'5 Jam' in 11 Ivrmzry parlor, fc: Jo il lwflur "WE KNOW HOW" AAAIN IS 'Z FIIID STYS. . , fnoMLnfn4n1smArm1n AND Mfxnx cLo1H1s"j Our beautiful Senior Rings and Linz Honor 'Pins came noni . . Lmn Bnnnnnns if M .L N va .If ' si 1 N . 5 A ff 41" lg... ' 4 . . . F 7 ' 4. 2' ' ev I L.. .. . , ,L ..:., -.-. ,,,, . ,,.,. .. :.-.,......,. . The Faculty In FLOY IXGNEVV - Engiixlz EVELYN CARRINGTON - Latin LANDON H. BAKER Biology MYRTLE CLOPTON - - Latin IVIARY BAKER - Erzgiiflz E. B. COMSTOCK - ?7'ilIt'ip!IZ MABEL BALDWIN Hi5f02"1' OLATIrX CRANE - - Spzmislz .ELLA G. BIGBEE Registrar RUTH CRAWFORD History IVIRS. VV. S. BLAIR RUTH CURTIS - Jllusii- Efxsiiffzizz' in Pf'IyIifni Effzzmtion VVILLIE DAVIS - History LILA BLAKE F. M. DELANEY - - - History 7JY1'PF'ZL'l'ifi7lg and SfF7L0g'7'l7Z3lZ-U ELIZABETH DICE fiffzltfzfzzzntiff LUCILLE BROWN - - English JXDELE EPPERSON - Englixli I YRTLE YRD - - :iff im . . ORD - - - at zemntics N1 B E ol I C L F 'll I - . ..,. ,E N.. ...-.,,.-.,,..,.. I ..,, . - -' - L I A- Aw'-I - A f A 1 - Q... . ,, ' sg .R . A A - ' V.:-'.', ti V' Q: ,N .-.-. Y - . dn- I J' RR? ' . . 5 4 4 A A 1 A R' I N.. Q- S V . Ak K - -xlksb--:Lax ' - ., V., . .. Qu' V 2 ER A . . Q ' ' . ' , mf ,,.' 'R Q C ' ,. 1 I i - X ' Yami! 4 K' ' f 1 .. , . V ar' , :iffy I ' gs '. :sf I II ., Q. I Qzmlizfy S erfuice MOORI-YS GRGCERY Phone for Food-"It's the better way" 4302 Lemmon Ave. Phone 5-4.171 Alterations - Cleaning - Pressing - Dyeing PHONE 5-5452 wn1r 'rAR Laundry-Cleaning-P ressing Tarklcznd Cleaners "Mr-XKE OUR TELEPHONE LINE "INDIVIDUAL SERVICEU YOLTR CLQTHES LINEN 5'2155-54156-5'0694 W. E. ELDER, Trop. 3729 Maple Ave. Cor. Oak Lawn 8: Maple KNOX DALLAS Elemficizjf is Your Tireless Me- chanical Slave LERT to your every bid- ing, this Huid-like energy is YOUR slave, in school, church, home, in commerce and industry. VVith 21 flick of the switch, limit- less power flows to the outlet at your very hand, ready to light your way, ready to do your laun- dry, or to clean your home, ready to operate your radio. You may use electricity in more than twenty thousand Ways. Tale fzzff izflfuzzzrilgz of Mir Jilwzt, fcfffifzg .rerfulzltf This is IXIE great electric gensrafirzg .vlalion DAALLAS 8 whirh supplier' lbs elecirif 1166115 Dallas. PANXY Inxct before, 15 ills .vvmll plant of Izcmzly- A . G pi-, ymff ago, Lzghf-Hfuzf-Pofcel'-Refrlgemtzozz The Interstfztf? F orwzrfling Company Entirely Fireproof PRIVATE LOCKED AND SEALED ROOMS EOR HOUSEHOLD GOODS STORAGE 301 North Nlarket St., IJALLAS, Trix.-xs The Times Herald bdfvilzvrhzwc MUSICALE , , O nm c-:LM ST - DRLLHS. TEXT F11-yt nz 'Dallfzy Zldlflkjf 23' zz Tmdzfzble at . . . The South's Greatest Department Store S4 NG cf R B RGS. ffmvnrd uulh run mm -my DALLAS' WACO ' FORT WORTH ' WlCl'U'D5 1QllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllg OTH1 Qu 'Qollw H 2171245 aff 2468 Jfyfe 246026 young men QJZZZJMLI Q , E RATIHIGWIIR ofoauszmwnfy E il-llllllllllllllllmlllllIIIlllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllIllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllli '. , W, i Daily 2 In Il Arczldm offers you 1+1rst Llass Enter- Fm. 1, kin tninment at Most Popular Prices! ff Il H1 1' rf .llk if .. ... , PICTURE, fDRGAN 599 STAGE PRESENTATIONS 'z' . ,. ' Only bulrurluzm lhca- trn' in S:-l1tl1wc'St , , equxppul with Xlmlcrn lust '1 mtv L1I'lXL' yyashml Ai,- Cuuling 1'l:mt. 4'o o 'Bring ffm' girl Fricmf. o frmn Nnrtlu 13.11145 High 2009 Greenville Ave. Diveflinn Den: Thmfm, lm. Hiffffiubotlmm-Bartlett CO. bb Bllffzffll U' Q9VIzI1'a'1'f1If Q 2514, Commcrcc St., Pllonc 7-6506 ll'hrr's Tfrflfl' Q1'm'erif, .111 .lffcxzyr fUIl.'l41',1 XVC Spccinlizr in Quality CASH GROCE RY and MARKET 31112 N. Haskell 'DUn'r 1lm.'f.1lr In flxlc Vx fu 'Dfll-avr N- , f . . Cure Ls Q1 1I'l4l1 Bnnnnl uuuna? ARHBELLH: " x WISH'lWHS sooo LOOKING: I uumi: r1m.LE1 up oN He! W' 'ffl . 5 Q 1 M X.: I i f 1' BN, 4 5 r -I B .. ess he an T eg! 2 T'1 . " 'W- Gootl To lhe Ltuf Drop: THE FLLYNKRRS TFN Anybody-S gum. COMMANDMFNTS Arabella's compact. All Chalk. I Thou shalt bring the wrong book to l"il'i11g glue. C1355- Red mk' 1 Thou shalt talk continually to thy Q 2 neighbor. WEN, jtjdvgg- 3 Thou shalt pay no attention to thy Is Chick popular? Hsslgnmcm' If Margaret 1101111116 muff? 4 Remember thy school days and bum Can Alex Courtney dance! regulnrlv. ls Robert Gcngnagel in ll hurry? I Can Pauline Ruble play the piano? 5 Thou Shah lclwc thi' locker hcl' at ls Bob crazy about Elizabeth? hom- ,Q g 6 Thou shalt kill plenty of time. N Onscme 7 Thou shalt chew gum incessantly. O fffll' S Thou shalt attend to everybody! R ldlfulous' business but thine own. T errlble. H orrible. 9 Thou shalt covet thy neighbor! E from pencils. R . 'CL - - . - mm IO Thou shalt invent an alibi for every Revenge is swectl failure- ll --1683 FRANK- L' IJEMPSEY Compliments of CJLIN ELLIS NESMITH ' 9 A z iz EARL R. PARKER SHI I 5 LAWYERS ICE CREAM USZIADTEIIYE X Fd 'I U B 'L' Q DALLAS, TEXAS DALLAS, TEXAS I Headqufu'te1's ,gg--R 54 ,5-N I Orthnphonic and Automatic Victrolns and NEMA! Rndioln Combinations "ms "1itilE5'?,Y0'ff" V7 BUSH SC GERTS PIANO If 07' gofffjfffyfjl COMPANY RECCRCD5 "Home of Ihr Sfsi11:c'.zv" Sat BOEDEKER ICE CREAM ccfust ll Little Better" A. W. CULLUM Sz CO. TVfz0le5alc Q racers -- ........4 --pg-:Ja DAD ' AD W. J. PGVVELL CO1lIll!fiIlg Engineer SIS-I6 Republic Bank Bldg. fLLEWELLYN'S DADJ Snappy young men's clothing at popular prices, with two pants. 2525.00-530.00-1535.00 ROBINSON and FARMER QSTONE'S D,-XDI ll09 Niain Street J. M. BURFORD ATTORNEY AT LAYV 725 Interurban Building qsmws DADJ Geo. R. Crump Richard Crump Crump S wfuica Strzfiozz DUCOING A SPECIALTY Z7l6 McKinney 7-4520 KRICHARINS DAD? B. J. JONES CMARVINS DADD 'INear's I can iigger it'll cost about six dollars for a block and tackle to git your Hank Outen the well-what say?" M1'.f. Htmlz' "I dunno. l'll see how I git along with the milkin'." "How is it that you're not going to mar- ry Vera after all?" "Oh, I boasted a lot about my rich uncle in Order to impress her, and now she's go- ing to be my aunt." Q 2 Tom Keffy fin barber shopj: "How long will I have to wait to get a shave?" Barber Cal-ter looking him overj: "About three years, I'd say." Mz'x. Smith: "ls your husband trying anything to cure his deafness?" M1'.f. Ril'hr1i'lf.f0Il.' "Nog he has post- poned it until Charles has finished his oboe lessons." 3 Q B011 E.: "For weeks I've been lighting a terrible desire to kill myself, doctor." M61fiz'0.' "Tut, tutln Bob: "But I've decided that suicide is a sing so I've come to you." Said he, "If things dOn't go better with us, darling, I suppose your father wOn't see us starve." "No, poor dear," replied the young wife, "his eyesight gets worse each day." S Q Tefzfb-er: "How many wars can you re- member? " Young Tiling: "Ma told me that I musn't talk about family affairs." Fzzgitiw: "Quick! W'here can I hide? The police are after me?" ' Nortfwz' Stezzogrizpher: "In the filing cabinet. Nobody can ever tind anything theref' Q Q Bfinlx' "May all your children be acro- bats!" Bfuzlk: "And may all yours be com- pelled to sit through the performancelw ,'Q 1 fu 'Z' f , f at "3-7 fi ' 1 ,Q ' 'E . I ,,. 5 J 'y but fig, A I , Plea Q :tang 1 Y B- 'I-w'?:,A J V 0 en Sesa s We Pass-word to at Yllyzfazbczl 77'ea.vure Cave Q - x- -1: El A . 1 2 N .M r. ' 'lffluunrsm llllflill .NH When you have a spare half hour in the after' noon, stop in and let the Chief Operator -w show you about. fw More valuable, more magical things you pass by without notice every day. You need no password to enter a much more wonderful and interesting place-the operating room of your own Telephone Oflice. Ancient Romancers never conceived of anything half so marvelous as the telephone. They would have traveled leagues to see what is withm a few blocks of your home. It is worth seeing. SOUTHWESTERN BEl.L TELEPHONE COMPANY 111' 9 harmacy 'Xxf' RAETORIAN livfljf, Free 'DBli1'8l'j' , Q Ilifk fzzrb Sezwife fonzpfelc Slorky 7J!?07lB5 5- 2 1 55' 5' 3 I 59 VVhatever you could expect to find in a good drug store, you'll find here at Burks Praetorian Pharmacy. Our hig stock of drugs, toilet ar- ticles, candies and sundries has been carefully selected for quality and value. Then we add the kind of service that we know you want-Whether you're or- dering a drink at our foun- tain, or having a prescription filled by one of our registered pharmacists. Keep 'Burlex ill your mimi for aff Drug Slore .weerlx 4104 Cak Lawn Avenue Ullaiestic mos? complete czrczqe in Dallas -at Cedar Springs and Throckmorton- a big, completely equipped garage with the most modern equipment to be foundi giving you the highest type of service on -fzzzfomobile reprzirfflg -brake service -waflz ing -grcarizzg -fire .s'w"uicc -oily and gm' The Majestic Garage has for your service the only Four VVheel Brake Test- ing Machine in Dallas5 assuring absolute equalization of all four brakes-eliminat- ing all unnecessary tire Wear and skidding. AJEsT1c QARAQE a getzuice ,STATION . . . at Cedar Springs and Throckmorton Phone 5-5727 Sli!! Qffnoflzer Tear . . T has been a pleasure to make all the Photo- graphs appearing in this issue of the Viking. Our association with the faculty, students, and Viking Stall, has been most pleasant. Gig? HAlLLeGlENTRY STlUlDJllUS 1619K ELM sTREET .N 'K ' ' n 1 ' , -., . wmv, . . G Q , , 4. 'Ti' N J" 6 . 1 1 , , , 4' U MM" 'H fl W A W . , I Q5 1 , N 45 1 I 'ggaqf .a ,,? ,f4g,, LL-,,--- -I The Faculty E. R. GREENMAN NELL A. LAVVLER - i1I!IfllE7IIHfiL'5 Q-lfeclznfzical 'Dl'n'zUi7zb ELLEN MEADOR - - - Clgfhjng CORINE GRE1?NWEI-'L' SARAH MERIWETHER - - Hi5ior'y T.1'P67U7'Zf17lg and Shortfzafzd NELL MILES - - - English ARTHUR VV. HARRIS - -,qlfatlzfnznizcs IWARGARET C IUILLER - - yn' CLYDE VV. HILL - - - English C IW A M I Q E l.,, d H 'Z ANNE HILT - - - Study HHH! . . I ORP!-II. - ug 151 an , gfvrrz EDNA HINDE - - - Spanish NIARIAN NI' Nh I d E . CLIC IRISH ---- Libmrv zinc: an corzomzcs BESS KELLER - ?3lZY1'5iL'l1l Edzzcniion C- OEHI-ER ' ' f7Hf'fhf"1f11'if5 STANLEY S, KNAPP - Publif Spmkjyzg NIRS. JANE D. PARKER - -f1Ir1t1'zcn1111ifs D. K. LANSING - - flfilifzzry RUTH PIERCE - - - English 3 - X3 'Y X -Y . - U' in -, -I . 15, , F I ' . .,.. :T I J r-5 - a" 5 QM ,, fi' . M7231 A 5 , - 5 55.235 ' " T 6 X .L ...g A -'U I I ' A 1 A Ng, X, Q A ii X- U ' M 1. ,Ask , I E . V A' V- Q ,J sltffufxj nik.. A A 5'-1 -.3 X, l Id S.. 4 .- V. - - . " fiiz. 2 v N' ' N '1 , ' ' ex - ' H K' " V 4, A .xL--.A.5vJ . x xv." "K ' vi j X n Y Pj - I R ENGRAVING llll 7 af X-' skill and handiwork, Nthe embodiment demands a care, a faith and a hope that can only be acquired through inherent ability, a desire-to-do and a time-proven experience. All of these requirements of craftsmanship give vivid proof of their existence in the craftsmen of the Cgfouse of Zeese by the superiority and individuf ality of the finished product. fx rx fx fx 99 ESE ff' 'iff f A.ZEE SE ENGRAVING Co. School ufnrzzzafvlrizlffy-C511 razfefs f Dallas , Texas 4, f if 1 QEV' U"' 114 ' "P5Et?g71 CV-13" '!,'B'fj75f -"'f4Qf?'f1'5'f4:r,g'p'Z:51-I . fjL1lf",Sl'j-1 ':1! 'iii' 1"""3",' 2-1 ' f W"f.1l"l7fa""4g2l::,: "i:,13iQ53!Zx'.1-1lxxYgr1'. Le ji". 1: "E -, '2:. 7,-- 'f .- , ,I .-.E , QE-fs: 1 ' .-w'H:' f5!"k4, '.,-iv: :--11713 y 3 x X: :MW ,r--.,:.'-rf 51- 1,11 , -T. -,-- 2-k--11 -- . . Y , 1 X ' , ' 1"-5 - fi'-H -1f5'Pfi!f-f?Nf'f"f? Q--Q'-e"f1J55'.--112, 'V !"'1i-"'f'-T 5' '11'f'ff5fff fl!! -M!-b'iI HF- '11-e"v'f:zE-Q ".'2f-"1:'1"?'. 5 '61 fi-'I -.1 1 1 93,5 ' ff fgg' 95 ifvfff' X'k1fg',2.+' 1-1IQ1KFffi--wALmGfgwf-1-QL ffnlffzfumw- - 'f---1-3-L1 lva745w'XH-1 iw .1:w'-'ga-11+ "':3f'5-'-'fHaI?3'I-'95 wwf.---: V- -,e-.-M1 . . bk' fggfil fi- 1--1 "S EW V? -Eh 1' -f15'554f'2f5'l in .1,4g2iEQ1Q5?FfF,Ef ffjL64PSi'1,f1-1'f'F3Mf?M'XVifM'5',2Wifi -1-'FFJZ-if 31:1 '91'-5-'-'5f'?fsY"f:-14'-1, Q '7F.5?Zir-.f'A f f 3, , L-QU gig-,X E my , -11 wg 1511, ' 'Mb -1,1 '4--1q,,'.31----A 12-Nfzlxif,-13p--1-'-1 ---, 11,1 14 4 ?'1-N11 ,,,- Qi, 11-31 '-3,-,if--',':1gwwv.' vw J.:-14-X1--. ,,,4,,, 3 -,--,, i" gain-'r '35, . I ,gs 4, 1 'f W1--li 5'153 Y. '10 .F if 7 ,"-'V KP- ?1"35'5'?'1 Will!! 5. FM . 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It all depends upon the number of pupils attending North Dallas High School at the time the question is asked. For we feel that you students are just that, younger sisters and brothers, to us, the teachers of your school. VVe share a common home-our beautiful school building-we work together about the place, we eat together, and sometimes we play together, too. But we sometimes wonder if we all think and plan together, as carefully as we should, about certain other relatives of ours, who Cannot be Called our brothers or our sisters, although thefr very befng is utterly dependent upon us and what we do here as we live and work and play. VVe refer to the young men and women of a few years hence, the men and women that you and we, your teachers, hope and intend you may be when high school days are over and you are living in a community, the citizens who are making its destiny. These future men and women are, after all, the most important mem- bers of our great family. If it were not for them, We should hardly care to live, it is for them that we are living now. Some day you will return to North Dallas, visiting the old school as its alumni. Come then to see all your former teachers. But do not come alone, bring with you, then, that other member of our family, the splendid man, the noble woman, that your teachers and your own better nature always wanted you to become. Sfncerely, THE FAcL'i:rv. QC. XV. Hill, scribed .Y I . x X vb m I Sf -. F Q Q2 f 'AP if fg if I , A 1 an X 4 ' k. X HX X xx? Q . A .q..- .- xii' D I S 'X 'rx Y Q N fx fr , Za Elias?-is im. if 'if 4 :NR - I Sw A I ' V-f:.l.- ,iv-:I 1 S ' 'vujffseif ' ' 4. uf' . xr ' S' g 'E '-f W' KP' r S- , ff? ,-.' A W . XX K 11" M 5' Q W -Q 3' gi fy ,, L XXX Then Ihe King in low deep tonef, And simple words of great zmthorily, Bound thenz hy 50 :trail 'vows fo hif own Jelf, Thai when they fose, hnighted, from kneeling, some VVere pale as mf the passing of ll ghosl, Some finshed, and oihers dazed, as one who wakes Half-blinded az the coming of zz light. ' Q sl 1 f Q ' hi f fly mgqlgsglv B Bunk IH! nr' ' V111 .I T , . M, 3, . ,Jw 3931. . ,- M ' '1' I 4.,' ,, X' ',. ., . , V' .,j'.v.Q ,1 -'I Wg Y. ep w ,4 , 'v J' 1 " 1' was--1 " 1 ,-F ..' ,Q , Y, -,mi 4- 'Q X. V I , ,, A , , ' A. my ' A 'L ' H 1 ' b ,, , . U.-7 ' .r 1 I ,Y :K .-,g ng 1, .l.5'."xx ." , ,-X . , - 'V , s, 41" .. -1 , Q 1 4 'M .I ' I w' '- 1'-ji'-Q51-, ' V f x.-'fi' f-7532 . 1, 5 u '-. J, .,',wJV.j- . ' HA' v , .faqfg-1" ,- .R-49" 4, ' . 2 is .J ' i.,y. ' KN ' ., Qi: , ' ' MMR: 'ffl' ij '-29" , , K: ik fig, .' y, w 'Q l ,,. ' . I ,fl-,fs . Piggy., . , flaxq' 3.1- . L1-1 . L. L L f I ' 31' 'Ai .,nzQ ,- A , . V ' ' A .1'.jq,f, 'A vi.. 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W , I X gh- mn? ,mf-SE., :'. . - Emi., ' - : fx r-I ...P f 4.,. ,-.5-s:LQ.,.-1:14, 'f-':1A4x,.L:?.p:f.,, 5.!fyug5,g,,,. 1:11 ' -,:,ff.a is. 1: will mm., 25 'slain-25154.21-.., -'wf..m.-Ag '-rf-fr:-.--or-2 , f X lirag , 3 -, IMI S 'g ' Wm, 'u2-:x:c::':p:1??fi::n:,.. - 151 -:Hf'f-f':vf'-- ' 1 A . Qf-'V ' .. . ms S E. .fn -- Q.. . 7 f -J ,F h e.. 2 f. .- , , ifjggvum ff' .1553 If QQ ' -:ij .5 2 zgiyjvzff-:.g-1, f2!::: 2H5e .1e2 :3.:,-., vg a -4- ,- .,.'-aff.:-5.-:f xwX?E.+ gg .QU 11. f f- -1-T .-as - 1 ---N ...4:s IM-Z4 :-.1-:Lb semis:Mg...-.afk,,..:s5 f ,W'2f.'-fs? ff x r.-. , -51iJ35.12.52-Iva:af.'-5-.'-1:55 2::E.fsf:e:Ji?:.-1--.-:Jmf-1-:nm.-. -A ..,1..-..+:-x.1:- . . . . ., ., .... 4 N"::v3.,1gp-gm.: 'q1.y5a-:'194-.5-Gy.:fevgw sza'-3-s:.q1m.n :m!b,z.-1422115-2:'2?i::nm Zip-seg!Q'::2iay.' x'?2mtrp1.-. :.f1"zf'-mxkiuf .--e1.f.-,.1.y.-5:-T41:Tv-we.f:aw.L,9:.vaqa-,A --.,:.Xf.:--1:11-Jf..q.4---.-,h .1---1.--..-...Q --.--- ...... - -1-.nn-:14,',.,......,:.-...::v-1-.5.v--.vim -...W 1- 1' Knightz Tom ARIMISTRONG ELISABETH REA HODIER JACK FISHER MARIAN M MXER Senior Class ommittees Ring Tom Armstrong John D. Reed Mnurine Melbourne Tiny Billy Thompson Alex Courtney Frances Cnmmack Sofia! lVInrion Speight Margaret Romine Arabella Nesmith Rhea Thomas Filldllfidf Baptiste Adoue Paul Turner Leon Flliston lfzzfiiafimzf Hugh O'Neil Helen Stallings Mary V. Harris Senior Day Robert Gengnagel Homer Fisher Marjorie Connell Bob Fdwards Elizabeth Rea Mary Netterville Delores Coffee Hugh McClung Carmen Hamill MURRELL ADAMS Entered from Bryan High School. First Sergeant, R. O. T. C. He prefers Io be good rather lharz fo seem so JEAN BAPTISTE ADOUE III Entered from Houston School. Linz pinsg Thrift Tellerg Business Staf of Norlher. We suppose it is a trail of all Frenchmen to he polite. CHARLES H. ALEXANDER Entered from Houston School. Second Lieuten- ant, R. O. T. C. Charles is such a fine lieulenan-t he can even keep fhe lunrhroom in order fourth period. JIMMIE ANDERSON Entered from Rusk School. Chemistry Club. "Hill find a way." W' ' TOM E. ARMSTRONG Entered from Morgan School. Linz pins, Hi Y Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C.5 Camp Dallas, Har vard Award, IIIg Business Manager Narlhsrg Presi dent Senior Class. "Thou art Ia us a delirious iormenlf' J. W. ARTHUR Entered from Houston School. J. W.'s a 11-ire man, but :oe like 'ern cool for a change. ROSALIE BARBER Entered from Reagan School, Houston, Texas. Rosalie is fonlinually crushed :cilh crashes. MARY N. BARNES Entered from De Witt, Arkansas, High School Delphian, IV. "The wildest manners, the gentlesl hearlf' ' l f ' , . -la. 1 ' 1 9 I I ' J . 1 ' . KATHERINE BECKER Entered from Rusk School. "A merry hear! makrfh a cheerful coz111tena11fe.', MATTIE ELKIN BIARD Entered from Travis School. Officers of Del- phianq Girl Reserves, II5 Chemistry Club, III, IV5 rvkmg sms, Iv. She may nn! be Franca, lvut .vhs surely knoces lrvr Frrnclz. SUE BRADFORD Entered from Fannin School. Snell a lovely Quaker 114111165 speak for yDl1fJEl'L'F,', boys. WILLIAM ALLEN BRAMLETTE Entered from Houston School. Greek Club, Phil- osophian. "Billi-ur" JELVJIX Ia have luwrz barn Io be a mili- tary man. ELFBERT BROVVN Entered from Houston School. Linz pins, Thrift Teller, III. It ix zz :rise head that make: a .vlill I071gZli. MARY RUTH BROWN Entered from Travis School. "xi lm-ing heart is the truss! suirdomf' SIDNEY CECILLE BUDD Entered from Crockett School. Spanish Club. To be allracfive is lzcr jirsl law of life. FRANCES CAMMACK Entered from Travis School. Member and officer Delphian, II, III, Chemistry Club, III, Palette and Pen, IV5 lxrllflflfl' Staff, IV5 What Next, IV. "rl lady richly clad is the, Beaufiful axcscdinglyf' ' . 'Q' yi 15 LYNN CARMICAL Entered from Travis School. Staff Sergeant, R. O. T. C., Crack Companies, II, III. Lynn safely has been flying lzigll this year. llflur! be going out for afviation. ROBERT CHOWNING, JR. Entered from Vickery Place School. Sergeant, R. O. T. C. He I-J rich in the mort .rublime thing on earth, plain truth. JOSEPHINE CLARK Entered from Oak Cliff High School. Terpsi- chorean, IVg Palette and Pen, IV. "C'anrentration alone conquers." FLORENCE CLARKSON Entered from Milam School. Girl Reserves, Per- igon Club, III. "Nature made her what the is And newer made another." NEWELL COCI-IRAN Entered from Fannin School. Palette and Pen IV, What Next, IV. "Little and rule with a flajzper stars, But dan't vou ccorrv shalt aluwzvs thanx' . . 1 . DELORES COFFEE Entered from Texarkana, Texas High School Delphian, II, III, IV, Ofhcer Latin Club, II, III IV, Girl Reserves, Girls' Council, III, IV. "She may not be ideal, But fvhafx far better, .rack real." EDITH M. COLLIER Entered from Alamo School. Linz pins, Girl Re- serves, Ig Commercial Clubg Chemistry Club, IV, Work in Typing OHice. If knocvledge ix golden, the lr 1'JC'e'?l1j"fUl1l' carat MAR-IORIE CONNELL Entered from Phillips High School, Birmingham Alabama. Chemistry Club, III, "Magic Mistletoevg "Captain Bimbonq Yell Leader, IV, Viking Staif. xl popular edition of pep plat personality. ,Q ,L LA RUE CONNER Entered from Houston School. Camp Fire Girls, IIIQ YVorlc in Typing Oflice, IV. "G'l'11Ilrv1gr1 prvfur Mozilla"-Liz Rus alcwlys 20115 Ihr .'.vl-gprinrz lu any mir. ETHEL INEZ COOK . Entered from Addison High School. I-1 parrun :tho k7IOCL'S haze Io do tlzirzgs ami who Jmr lhfuz. CATHERINE COURSEY Entered from Oklahoma City. nlfgmlizzllzzzrc ccilh har brings friumfsfzfp. ALEX COURTNEY Entered from Houston School. Philosophian, II, III, IVg N111-rhar Staff, IVQ Sergeant, R. O. T. C.g One Act Play, IVg Senior Play. Ezwrynrzu likes tr .wrznronr -Unites. :lmf have you zzuficud IM' mlzrzrlsf Iflnl goes :Luilh this our? WILLIE MAE CRENSHAW Entered from Milam School. I'ViHis fllas surely has il dozen pal when it :own Io .rcL'ecI11c.r.f amz' i1IIrarlii'er1f.r.r. ELOISE DOW DECKER Entered from Vickery Place School. Palette and Pen, I, II, III, IVQ Commercial Club, III. ".-Ulf the lzllzzrirlg charm Mal Jlzmzberr in fha lfrocvfy fffpfhs of your eyes!" ETHEL DEMPSEY Entered from Wylie, Texas. Avl71b.:!Ig if more dvlighffzzl fhzlll arzthzzxiawz WILLIAM DENTON Entered from Houston School. Basket Ball, III5 Linz pinsg Chemistry Club, IIIg Norihcr Staff, IV. l'Vil1it1r21 is our EIKIXI 111a5c0l411ot lvfilltiog, fm! pup milf plrufy of it. HERBERT A. DESHONG Entered from Paris High School. Hrrberl IEKEVIIZPIES Me type ll1aI'.v fed on 1'lIellir1': Baby Food. VVILLIANI DIETRICK Entered from Rusk School. Our great big, bdjllflll barelmll player. FRANCES DRASCHIL Entered from Houston School. Member and Ollicers of Latin Club, I, II, III, IVQ Member and Otlicers of Delphian, II, III, IV, Viking Staif, IV. :I borznie Irixh luxr :chow zu' rilrzrm help lm! loam. ROBERT A. E DW.-XRDS Entered from Oak Clitf High School. Philosoph- ian, III, IV, Chemistry Club, III, IV, Linz pins, II, III, Parliamentarian of Philosophinn, IV, Edi- tor of Viking, IV, Thrift Teller, III, Hi-Y, IV, Secretary of National Honor Society, IV, Boosterls Bureau. "Dz'5ffll7E him :coo ran, :lu t1bfldgc'NIL'11f of all tha! if plemmzl in vlan." LEON ELLISTON Entered from Travis School. Philosophian, I, IV, First Sergeant, R. O. T. C. "P11r.m1'l nf k7l0'lL'lL'Lfgt' miller t1'f'Hit'nl1ier.U ROBERT DIXON EVERETT Entered from Milam School. Spanish Clulu Chem- istry Clulv, Camp Dallas, '25, ,275 First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. .'1llfl0lIglT heir rnrhvd and an Mr go, he m'i'er fails :cliff J guna' "Hrllu". HOMER JACK FISHER Entered from Travis School. President National Honor Society, Philosophinn, I-IV, President, IV5 Class Vice-President, Member and Oilicer Hi-Y, III, IV, Captain R. O. T. C.g Camp Dallas and Efficiency Medal, Crack Companies, Linz pins, District Ex- temporaneous Speaking Contest, Boosters' Cluhg Xorlller Staff, II, Editor in Chief, IV. Scholar, palriof, ladies' vmu-an ideal Nouri-:FR edilur. WINSTON FUDGE Entered from Rusk School. Track Team. .Yizrmxt surely .fur1't t'hari1t'It'r.i-me people, for cc' rzaiwr .vruzz llvflljfllll fmlge. GRACE I-'ULGHAM Entered from Crockett School. Girls' Chorus, I. II. .1 fair axlsrfor ix 11 solid rur0111v1L'r1ifalior1. VIVIAN GANT Entered from Plano High School. Jun' our ilfgnfjfrrl' senior. MARGARET ELEANOR GARDNER Entered from Houston School. Chemistry Club, III, IV5 Terpsichorean, IV5 Palette and Pen, IVg Girls' Chorus, III, IV. Friarm'.r, seniors, ani! football heroes gi-rw In-r Ihufr Jzzlflui. ROBERT MELVIN GENGNAGEL Entered from Central High, Omaha. Hi-Y, I, II, IIIg First place Botany State Scholarship Contestsq Officer and Member Natural Science, II, IIIQ Cadet Camp, I, Ilg Boosters' Association, Nurrhvrg Peris gon, Hi-Y Reporterg President of Philosophizin, IV. T!1:'fE i.v1z'I tv llirfiarnzry any uznrvg Rvlwrl scml- lofwil fl. CARMEN HAMILL Entered from Ponca City. Nurfber Staff, III3 Vi- king Staff, IVg Sea Scouts. If Coe L'0lllLI' all ifrnfc' as Carmen does-:L'L'll, r1rerl't 4I'l't'l1I7I.f cvazzilerful? SUMAYA HAMRA Entered from Travis School. Delphiam Girl Re- serves. N0 grace nor rharm it cuzrzlifzg in her persomilily. MAUREEN HARDY Entered from Rusk School. Girl Reserves, I, II5 Basket Ball, II, Volley Ball, II. :I good' repzmzlforz ix !JElI:'f Ilmrz money. HAROLD L. H. HARPER Entered from Travis School. If: buffer I0 learn late M4111 mill. Yrs MARGARET ANN HARPER Entered from Fair Park School. Linz pin, II, Girl Reserves, II, Re-entered from Bryan High School, III. fllailfxl and lfcvzzfrr, ye! guy .wif cheerful. RO BE RTA HARR Entered from Maple Lawn School. C0.'lffc'0ll.YJ rhough roy, grrzflu, Ifmngh rrfirnl. MARY VIRGINIA HARRIS Entered from Houston School. Secretary Camp Fire Girls, Library Assistant, I, II, III, IV, Norrlfrf Staif, IV5 Palette and Pen, IV. Her nfr, har muzrzrzurx, all who 514' aiizzzizwii. DOROTHY ANN HERRELL Entered from Travis School. Girls, Council, IV, Delphian, I, III. flrzyafzc zvould Ion' bar, for I1 rnzfIe'x Me rim ' in IIALSEY HES-TER Entered from Houston School. First Sergeant, R. O. T. C., Spanish Club. Hs M15 IM' H fha! xlizmfx for Hester in llix 111111 and Ifze H fha! ,vlamfx for Honor in hir firarl, MLTRIEL M. HICKS Entered from West High School, lvlinnfsota. Del- phinn Treasurer, IV5 Linz pin, IV, Everts' Award, Tennis Team. Znzfons, yur so mrldrsl. BETTY VIRGINIA HONNET Entered from Houston School. Delphian, I, II, III, Palette and Pen, IV5 Assistant in Lihraryg Girls' Chorus, II, III. .fi fllllf I1 rup of u'01111'u1'f11I, iz rivfrfiitfwazl of -:c',7.u'g There you ba-zu' nur Erllv, right bl'-fun' your eyfx. JEWEL MARIE HORNE Entered from Travis School. Home Room Presi- dent, III, IV, Captain Baseball, II, Commercial Club,.III. V fl .vpfzrklizzg ject-I-I if Zlltzrft-, every Iarzgzmgs. ' kr 1 S0 rifle, 50 full of pup :md glee. MELBA HUDSON Entered from Mcliinncy, Texas. Yell lender at Mcliinney, III. Seri'f1.'c wilh a broad grin. LEONARD A. HUFFHINES Entered from Travis School. Philosophian, I, IV, Spanish Club, IV, Dads' Club, III, IVQ First Lieu- tenant, R. O. T. C., Crack Companies, I, II, III, IV. "From the rrucwz of hiv Muni to tile 50111 of his funl, he it nil Nliffhfl PEARL EDNA HUGHES Entered from Highland Park High School. Dra- matic Club, II4, '25, '26, Dramatic Club Play, ,25- ".'1 friend of hers is a friend farcf.'4'r." HELEN HUNTER Entered from Houston School. 'Hi rust' Ccitiz szwrz x:c't't'It'r irtzzwr yr! f0iticJ." JAMES JACKSON Entered from Milam School. Philosophiang Ra- dio Club. Yo, ho! Our sailvr xolois! will irztiucd make zz name for hizzzwif. LEON BEVERLY JONES Entered from Lubbock, Texas. Spanish Club, IV. Through this 1-ale of rears Beverly gov: cwupirzg -from inugizing so mush. LOIS EZELL JONES Entered from Travis School. Girls' Council, III5 Secretary Girl Rescrves, II, III, Norihcr Staff, II5 Work in Typist Office. Judging ,tram Lois' activities, ,vhs Lviifmlliy Hlwzaccs lzsf !Ill.f7.U RICHARD I"I. JONES Entered from Pilot Point, Texas. Baseball, III. Iliuii, mlycray, he mn piny imsvfmii. 9 ' Q ,-A J a x i PERRY KEITH Entered from Milam School. Gulf Clubg XVinncr Golf Tournnmentg Crnck Compnniesg Second Lieu- tenant, R. O. T. C. :I rovzfrlg Cooper, Jonny, of Ilizgng, NVILDA KELLEY Entered frmn Sunset High Schmil. .1 kuvxizrr rmrglzat fur "r1:.11z"-fcimf. THOMAS E. KELLY Entered from Terrill Schonl. Dads' Cluhg Philo- snphizxn, III, IV. Sergeant R. O. T. C., III3 NVork in nfhce, IIIg Crack Company, III, IV. ll is Iwllcr Io be :riff 111.111 trarffffy :wif BILLIE KETH LEY Entered frnm Oak Cliff High Schnol. Fnotbnll, III, IVg Sergeant, R. O. T. C.g Linz pin, II. Li- brary Assistant. "Far MJ lnnzrl is riwr like the Jen Eiwr open, lwraru .md frrv,"' JUSTIN KIM BALL Entered from Bryan High Schuul. Philnsophiung Hi-YQ Camp DIIIIIISQ .Vw-rm-f Stntfg First Lieuten' ant, R. O. T. C. :Irs 1'rrupn'f.viHL' fhrzlref box. Some of ffl: Ifzfug fri' .myx do rzuzzlxr uf, Iflllllgfl. JACK KIQTTNER Entered frum Bryan High. Viking SLUT, IV. VV: Krups Jack um WORK our 1115 m.Fli1.1ry .11-par! wsu! of Ihr VIKING as :sell af he frm Loox uzifimry YVINNIE DEANE LABENSKI Entered from Texline High Sfhmul. Linz pins "Xilinx :UM my Muir! in 'l." Tfzix if fhi1nn'Ii'r.5.vliL of 1111 nf Daa11c',r work. RUTH LA NIBERT Entered from Travis Schunl. L.1lin Cluh, IV All-City Orchestrng Linz pins. Rilfjlif hair is lwr'rl'vri11g an rrif, fm! fur firm' iff.fp0.ffI.7rf!1 and gnfzl tfrlzpfr rlfvsplslrly n'.15.f:11 nm' v Q ROY C. LEE MARY MADLENE LONIBARD Entered from Travis Schuul. .Yurzhsr Stnlf, IVQ phggmri? ffifilm Iigciusggetiihoqiiia Philosophiang Glee Club. '. ' ' l i 1 I ' Y "flli11'ifef1.v call if loin'-izz-iillcrz ELIZABETH LEO Entered from Rusk School. Yer, fllr. ami fllrr. Lao hmm' mm lraftf-Us Jilzlgflfur, ALMA SALLY LISTON Entered from Highland Park High Reserves, Ig Choral Club. Her friends are lucky hlllllxlll Irving JESSE LITTLE Entered frum Walnut Hill Schoul. :Ind Jerri' ix "liIf1e". F Council, III, IV. cbvrth, fVIa1'y is iz regular forimzv. EDITH LONGWORTH MF' 'zwiy 'U' Entered from Highland Park High School. .Yurilzer Staff, IV. You Ive! sl1u'.r popular-:zo rvorrlfcr, look al her permflnlily. Sfhflol' Girl LE NITA MACUNE Entered from Smithville High Schotil. A' fllan, shy juxl mls up cvork. ,fl 71 EDNA MAE MANSFIELD : It 'F Entered from San Jacinto School. Girl Reserves, I vii' Sflc can fizirfy giggle crflh bor I-yur. ,. i , be ig 4-vi rv , . If Me IIll71Ibt'7' of frlclzds om' flax pomtx In o11e',v ANNA VIVIAN MATNEY HARRIET METCALFE Entered from Travis School. Delphian, I, II, III, Q , Entered from Iamestown, New York. Girls' Coun Chemistry Club, III. ' "Pe'rfn'I Jfvzplicily ir mzfozzrriously audar'i0z1s." MARY FRANCES MCCLEVERTY Entered from Roosevelt High School, St, Louis. Operetta, III3 Terpsichorean, IV. cil, Chemistry Club. 'day people. Do you kuoec' hffg No? Tflfn you are lo be FAYE MILLS pilied. HUGH MCC!-UNC Entered from Forest High School. Spanish Club Entered from Terrell School. Vice-President Phil- IIIQ Slldliflg Contest, I- osophian, III, IV, Captain Band, Vice-President Hi- HH 54-an are :L-gy: gf p1Mm,,f,,65,-, Y, Business Manager Viking, Camp Dallas, Effi- ciency Medal, Linz pins, All-City Band, All-City Orchestra, Vice-President of National Honor Soci- JOSEPH MITCHELL, JR. ety. Hugh is a born leader. Rsfersnrfr: nole his auf- Entered from Travis School. Linz pin. .ride aflizfities. Anofber af 111052 patent-Ifather-haired gentlemen MAY MCCRARY Entered from Calvert, Texas. Spanish Club, II, III, IV, Pep Squad, II, III, Chemistry C.ub, III, JULIA MAE MONSCHKE IV, Tennis Club, I, Ilg Tennis Team, IIIg Norllrsr St3ff,1V, Entered from Milam School. Girls' Chorus, I If you like lo :ein zz gauze of tunnis once in fl Hi Naffhf' Smffv IV- 'wf1iIe,dn1z'I play rcillz Xllay. IV: all like her, and :L-kat more nfeii be said? lVe're' a Ht ,rurpiffvus of Mfrs abrt'1z!-t'i'rry-oIbvf- . l CHARLES MATHIS MOORE Entered from Houston School. Philosophian, IV, Perigon, IV, Hi-Y, IV, Major, R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, I, II, III, IV, Norlber Staff. "Rank is a grsar bsazzlifisrf' lllaybe tba! arroznzfs for Charles, popularfly. WILLIAM A. MOORE Entered from Oak Cliff High School. Hi-Y, IV, Crack Companies, Library Assistant, Minstrel, III. First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. "Baa", bas been called 11 Hperfsfl dearl' by many of lbs fair sex. Olherrciss, heir knoccn around Ms school as a mighly good sport. CLAIRE MORRIS Entered from C. E. Byrd High School, Shreveport, Louisiana. Girls' Chorus, Chemistry Club. rl flassvzale of only a year buf, ob, bore tvs lo-zu' ber! J. C. MOUTH Entered from Oak Cliff High School. Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, II, Chem- istry Club, IV, Crack Company, II. "Born to cxrrl and fo rommmzdf' MARGARET MOZELLE MURPHY Entered from Travis School. Spanish Club. HI71df-f6f67IL'E is bliss", 'why worry or hurry? MARY MARGARET MYERS Entered from Cumberland School. Girl Reserves, I, II, III, Treasurer of Girl Reserves, II, Honor Roll, Work in Typing Office, IV. lfVe u'ona'er if il's possible for Mary to gel any sfceclur. BESSIE NATHAN Entered from Colonial Hill School. Girl Scouts. "Gay but not gaudy." EDWIN ALLEN NESBITT Entered from Houston School. Football, II, III, IV, Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C., Chemistry Club, III, IV, Basketball. N. D. is noted for her shsikisb ,foolball playvrs. Etfs a good example. I .fill ARABELLA NESMITH Entered from Milam School. Delphian, IV, As- sistant Editor Viking, IV, National Honor Society, IV, Boosters' Club, IV, Terpsichorean, IV. If you are aching for amnrevzerzt, but are "broke", don? fcarry, just rall on "Gi1dir". MARY NETTERVILLE Entered from Morgan School. Member and of- ficers of Delphinn, II, III, IV, Chemistry Club, III, IV, .Nortlzer Staff, IV, Linz pins. Jolly and fun loving, llflafy ha: rzeiwr brawl 11 "Maid" rsniar, bu! -when if comer lo clnsscr-u'ell, jus! ask her another. LEONARD OHLSON Entered from Houston School. First Sergeant, R. O. T. C. Leo11ard'.r quiet, lm! fallen he ir heard from, cvnlch the girls xi! up and Inks nolicu. HUGH O'NEIL Entered from Morgan School. Noriher Staff, IV, S. P. Q- R., III. If Me' ladder of fame craft' upside dozen, be would be an lap. MARJORIA MARIE PADGITT Entered from Milam School. Girl Reserves, I, II, Commercial Club, III, Commercial Club Courier Staff, III, Chemistry Club, IV, Linz pin, III, Viking I' f. , . . ,pls Obllgmg in many a way, Shfll make good rome' day. FRANCIS PALMER Entered from Houston School. Orchestra, I, II, III, IV, Band, I, II, III, Member and officer Philo- sophian, I, II, III, Assistant Director Bank, III, Chairman First Period Class, IV. Every iurh a good fella-:L-, and oh! xo many inrllsr. JACK PEDERSON Entered from Travis School. Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, l:6, ,175 Four Crack Companies, Honor Guard Camp Dallas, Secretary Senior Class. .ind cohen 112 gon' a-wooing, you can hear Romeo zum oizwr in his grave. ELWOOD C. PATRICK Entered from Rusk School. Brain and a friendly l1'ispo:ilion-41 splendid rom lvintzliorz. We HARVIE POOL Entered from Littlefield High School. Philosoph- ian, Minstrel, IV. North Dallas' foremost d11fh0fify 071 cure cracks. LLEWELLYN POWELL Entered from Milam School. Linz pins, I, II, III, IV, S. P. Q. R., Radio Club, II, III, Philosophian, III, IV, Chemistry Club, III, IV, Spanish Club, IVQ Sea Scouts, III, IV, Major, R. O. T. C., Marksmrm, '26, '27, Rifle Team, III, Camp Dallas, '25, '26, '27, Crack Company, S and F, '26, S and F, '27, Vice-President Radio Club, Secretary Radio Club, Vice-President Chemistry Club- Treasurer Philosoph- 7 ian, Minstrel, I, Viking Staff, IV. There? nalhing 12111511 lefl Io by raid alwul Llfct- :'llfI'I1Thr.'l5 mill it all himself. ANNA POWERS Entered from Sacred Heart Parochial School. Cap- tain Baseball Team, I, II, Volley Ball, II. Perl, peppy, ami carxfrre. ELISABETH REA Entered from Houston School. Linz pins, I, II, IV, Treasurer and Presidcnt Tcrpsichorcan, III, IV, Girls' Council, IV, Latin Club, II, III, IV, Secre- tary Senior Class, Norllzer Staff, IV, Boosters' Bur- eau, IV, National Honor Society, IV. Sha hat rxrrllczzf 1.1515 in "b,'ol1.r. JOHN D. REED Entered from Travis School. President Freshman Class, I, Sergeant, R. O. T- C., Track, III, Base- ball, III, Football, IV. Foallvall player, guna'-looking, popular-well, i.rn'l Mal enough? CHARLES RICHARDSON Entered from Houston School. Second Lieutenant Band, II, III, Orchestra, III, IV, Camp Dallas, '25. Ho "rays fl milk lbs raxapl'om'." LYDIA OPHELIA RIGGINS Entered from Milam School. .fl face Mn! maker you turn arourzfi for ll recorzil' look. DOROTHY ROBERTS Entered from Milam School. Spanish Club, III, IV, Linz pin, III. S116 inf! every big, buf fhampfour, LTU!! kno-:z', tlon'l have to be big. HELEN RUTH ROBY Entered from Travis School. Hire ir om' who ir going fo 501011. Slit' Ibn! hath pulierlfv may mvomplirll anyllling. HELEN LOUISE ROCK Entered from Travis School. Spanish Club. Jnrf one of More you t'an'1 do zcilhvul. MARGARET RUTH ROMINE Entered from Houston School. Declamation, '15, Delphian, II, III, IV, Girl Reserves, I, Norlhsr Staff, IV, Girls' Council, IV, President Delphian, IV, Boosters' Bureau, IV, Norlhcr Agent. fllargarsl may be small, but .vhe gel: over big. LILLIAN PAULINE RUBLE Entered from Milam School, Girls' Council, IV, Delphian, IV. Plmmnl al first 1llc'r.'fI?Ig, and il7Zpf0i'EX crrfb lima. M URIEL SACKSTE DER Entered from Houston School. Linz pin, II, Dsl- phian, Il, III, IV, Viking Staff, Girls' Chorus, III, IV, Boosters' Bureaui Terpsichorenn, IVQ National Examination Contest. "fl .vcccfr prfrumzlfiy, Full of rir.rr.1li1y." CATHERINE SADLER Entered from Houston School. Linz pins, I, II, III, IV. Hur ilcrdr name fzvr from afar. MARY ELLEN SCHULTZ Entered from Hutchins High School. Dclphinn. "OrzIo hw fL'll:X'.V, into liar haul." JACK HARDING SELBY Entered from Houston School. Football, III5 Camp Dallas, '14, lzgg Public Speaking Play, Ser- geant-:1t'Arms of Senior Class, Captain, R. O. T. C., Crack Companies. flllbrmgh his Ifmnghlr are znzrpakun, .Gr ir rizpizbfs nf nmrzy filings znzlczzocwz. ERNEST SIGLER Entered from Fannin School. Chemistry Club, III, IV, Golf Club, IV5 Band, Sergeant, R. O. T. C., III. "You may fhirzk I am afcfully simple, but I am .vimply afvfzzlf' EUNIE JOHN SLACK Entered from Milam School. Full of :nap and lofi of ppp, The kind lhal likes to get our and I-rep. OSSIAN G. SMITH Entered from Rusk School. Chemistry Club, Phil- osophian Club. 112 krzozcs a good xfhuol :chan he secs ir. MARIAN DARDEN SPEIGHT Entered from Travis School. Linz pin, Delphian, II, III, What Next, III, IV, Girls' Council, III, IV, Chemistry Club, III, Norfhsr Staff, IV, Palette and Pen, III, IV. Alcvayf zip on Ihs laterz yryle, Alml helping Noffh Dallax all the cchilf. HELEN STALLINGS Entered from Oak Cliff High School. Girl Re- serves, II3 Delphian, II, III, IV, Linz pin, III, Invitation Committee, Ring Committee, Viking Staff, IV. Vlfhy a young 17lLZ71,S farzfy lighlly Iarnx to lhozighls of lo-vs. VIRGINIA STEELE Entered from Houston School. Linz pin, III, Delphian, II, III, IV, Girls' Council, IVQ Girls' Chorus, III, IV, Viking Staff, IV. National Honor Society, Boosters' Bureau. Gypxy-like zcilh a rharuzing air. ELSIE STEIN Entered from Milam School. "Noi shy, not bold, vw! shorf, nor fall, rl happy 771B11ilU7l of lhem all." HELEN STOKES Entered from Bartlesville, Okla. Chemistry Club, Ill, Commercial Club, III, Girl Reserves, I, II, III, Officer Latin Club, I, II, Scholarship Letter, Hg First Place in Oklahoma State Shorthand Con- test, III. Look beneath the surface, let not fha .vezwral qual- iliex of a thing nor ily ccorlh escape Ihee. -. ' -:r LOYS SVVAIN Entered from Houston School, Girls' Chorus, II, IVg Operetta, III, Delphinn, III, Palette and Pen, IV. lfVire mmf xwflirzg-rl1i1f'.v Lays, Suscrl, bright and happy-.vlill Loyx. ROBERT E. TANNER Entered from Travis School. Corporal in R. O, T. C. "By the :cork :rs fezmu' Ill: CL'0fk!!IL17I HAZEL L. TAYLOR Entered from Rusk School. Spanish Club, Public Speaking Club, Interscholnstic Debater. If mallerx nal :chat I am lbunghl rv fu, Im! :char I rmffy am. LOUISE TAYLOR Entered from Travis School. Girl Reserves, II, III, Crimp Fire Girls, IV. Same are ':cf,ra ami sums are Ufh:'f'7L'ISt'. '71, M.-XBEL TAYLOR Entered from Houston School. Terpsichorenn Cluh, President Spanish Clubg All-City Orchestrxx. Cod Inivs zu t11lL'll'fl'3' 1'dI1'f I Ion' I1 rfnzrnf BERNHARD TELKAMP Entered from Milam School, Radio Cluh, III Philosophian, IV, Linz pins. fllaxter of his uzatrriafs, ami afraid of walking. Entered Chemistry ant, R. O. They m Entered IV. :I lzvnrl RHEA THOMAS from Houston School. Philosophinn Club, Football, III, IV, Second Licuten T. C., 7 Crack Companies, .Torlfzvr Stall 3' olif Cc'nrm'r1 xlarf gofsip, buf- ' NELLIE THOMPSON from Travis School. Delphinn, II, Io pilyg a hmm' Io Hers III 1 VVILLIAM ROBERT THOMPSON Entered from Houston School. Philosophinn, III, IV, Philosophian Reporter, IV, Printing Club, III, Honor Roll, ,27, 128, Viking Staff, Journalism As- sistant. Luck In yaul For j'0l1 are iicrerc'i2zg of ec'SryI!li1zg noble and cvorlhy. IRENE THORNELL Entered from Whittier School, Kansas City, Miss- ouri. Chemistry Club, III, IV, Work in Typing Of- iice, IV, Camp Fire Girls, III, IV. fl real girl ccillz lowly manners. DUANE TILSON Entered from Ore City. Chemistry Club, IV. "rl grrzllezmnz who loves In hear hivzrelf lallen -lm! do j'0lL blame him? ANNA FRANCES TODEE Entered from 'Travis School. Linz- pins, I, II, III, IV, Girls' Council, III, Camp Fire Girls, Chem- istry Club, III, IV, VVork in Typing Office, IV, National Honor Society. Kimi 1111! rcvsef- 11 lnzuzlvla fli1x5rm1tt'. ALBERT TROTTER Entered from San Jacinto School. Terpsichoreang First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C., Bank, Orchestra. "I am young, lm! I have had UIUC!! experiezzrsfl BLANCHE TURLEY Entered from Travis School. Delphian, II, III, IV, Thrift Teller, IV3 Norther Stall, IV, Captain Baseball, II. Imzacent looking, but More dm-ilirh 'ZL'dj'5. - PAUL TURNER Entered from Arlington Heights High School. Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, '25, Two Crack Companies, Chemistry Club, Philosoph- ian3 Greek Club. fl :rise rlzident 617116711 no! Io Lafin clan. TI-IELMA TURNER Entered from Fair Park School. Spanish Club, Camp Fire Girls. ll ir belief I0 :afar out Mau Io Iliff our. FANNIE LOUISE VANNOY Entered from Winnshara High School. 'LCub Commercial Club", Treasurer H. E. C. Club, IIIg President O. K. Club, III, Class President, II, First prize Clothing Contest, II, Art Club, IV. Essen our energy-ds-vouring N. D. life Karma! dim her lfrelexs 'vflaI1'Zy. MARSHALL WALLIS Entered from Bowie School. Dfjiuulties are Ilzirzgs tha! Jbncc cabal msn arf. EVELENA VVATSON Entered from Houston School. Member and of- ficer Girl Reserves, I, II, III, IV, Delphian, IV, Terpsichorean, II, III, IV, Thrift Teller, III. Vigor, iiilality, vim and wal-1101. HOWELL H. WATSON Entered from Houston School. Viking Staifq Sec- retary Philosophians, IV, Captain, R. O. T. CJ Crack Companies, I, II, III, IVQ Rifle Team, '275 Mnrksmnn, '16, Camp Dallas, '25, '26, ,275 Chem- istry Club, IV, Philosophian, III, IV. flflelfiiarfzw, vzighfy, arm' vzarzly. CHARLES WATTS Entered from Travis School. flfs only fault if Mat he ha: no frmflr. ESTHER LOUIS WATTS Entered from Oak Cliff High School. Delphian, II, III, IV, Vice-President First Period Class. Beware, boys, Meir a hearllers coqusllv. EMIT WELCH Entered from Walnut Hill School. First Ser- geant, R. O. T. C. He'.v one of these silent boyx, 'whore mrrfir are llfisro-Fermi' 'zcftfvozzl his ailf. SAM VERNON WELCH Entered from Walnut Hill. :ill great man are limlf, mm' I 11111 feaffrzg iff. MILDRED VVEST Entered from Oak Cliff High School. X7lCE'P1'ESl' dent Spanish Club, IV, Spanish Club I, II, III, IV, Girl Reserves, I, II, III, Camp Fire Girls, II5 Delphian, II. lfVi5s spcvfh is aquiifaifrzt lo diamorzifs and einer aia',r. MOZELLE WILCOX Entered from Rusk School. Linz pins, I, II, III, Terpsichorean, Delphian, Spelling Contest, 226, '27, Northw Staff. "Fair ar a star cc-hen only one ir shining in Ihe sky." OLLIE JANE WILSON Entered from St. Mary's Academy. Delphian, III, IV, Latin Club, IV, Viking Staff. She if an i7ILf07lgfU0llJ hut deiighlfzii mixlure of lhe frivolous and fha .various 77lf71l1'Eri. JOSEPH WINSTON Entered from Houston School. Norlher Staff. Hc'5 so :mari Ihat the girls are afraid of him, and .vo good looking that they haze zhcnzscliws for bring afraiiI'. ALLIE T. WVITCHER Entered from Houston School. Linz pins, I, II, III, IV5 Evcrts' pin, Philosophian, II, III, IV. The god: look tuilh favor an superior courage. MARVIN WHITTENBURG Entered from Lipscomb School. "Why so pals and caan, fond lover?" DOROTHY WHITEHURST Entered from Houston School. Palette and Pen, IV, Delphian, II, III, Library Assistant, Girls' Chorus, IV. "The joy of youth in every ca-ay." HARRY YOUNG Entered from Sam Houston School. T-Square Club, 124. The cuomier of the xeizior class-the wander is that he ever heuarnc a senior. sr Q -I a 'S 1 f -W 4 -J Tw AJ Y w , 1 . K 3 : 4.5 1 Y :Liz :mf-fe 23: f Q 'SX W., Q 7 ru. .1 + a A ax . ' A .. . mm v 0 5 X . 5. - 9 if I w X k in . -.,, 'IJIQ ' ' 'A ' ,.f ' K f V"E :N 4 15" mu x', i xx I Q x w Lil 1 S v 0 " , ' -'gr' 5 if If W- " W A 1. Q., fs: sl ? . iii 1 D 2 '95 " Y-ii' F :"' 5 Ei H rl N M ' . ' S0 E ORE Aw . Q . , ' .P, , P' . v 'I V- 3985 , K, 1 I -X f, 3 J X - . U, V 5 . . , ,..-,y,,.2. . A I 1 'fx fy g ,Z I 9 v Vu, - 1 W. - g , ga' , 1 N f' f 1 I 5 Y s f 'f i-e25f1 ,S v g YJ X 2' . Y Xfiptx- - 2 . Y ,,:fg.:55:zE.5 , 1 1, :iffy 14. Z: V V . , ' ..g':g',fg+.11: 1 ' ' L'-'55 ' f f .g. ' 1 X U ifiwikiullh qTQ.'wN TYW42gS?mmg:.iV'x:w., Q ,..., .,,- 1 .. X ' RT, J,.qsmg,9g:f53QK'2fhE' ' "'+:Q:4,'- 1-Ur' 3 x'1vfb"1K .5151 H xg 9' F . ,, .W : Y . W - .-4.-my Q-., 5fm,-w-1.+Q.,-,,.,- . 2+ . 4 ' -' 1-ybfvg.-iftzggwyffx ,, X V: fx -QZGVC 'f' 1X my as-:zgxzx Xi- f , ,L , bk. .W 9 3 1 -:uf .L..: ., ,,... N'- Q ,, ,qkqgl -5,335--U' J 'NH' ' Q1 W . . Q Iii ll i 'T L I www Qs , 'T W' . S 1- 3.5 ' - -11 f 5 7 4 x ' ,H ,452 ' V ar" , 3 ' X V55 f l Q. ft X- W Q . h x 0 'mv 'D- JK SAM FRENCH CYNTHIA C.-KRIPBELL JACK PEDERSON VVILLIE D.u'1 Ojice rs SAM FRENCH - - - - ?re5idem' CYNTHIA CAMPBELL - - - Vic?-?Dl'B5iuJE7Il JACK PEDERSON ----- Serrefary XRIILLIE DAv1s ------ Sponsor COMMITTEES Rilzgf am! Tim Senior Ylzy ' Cynthia Campbell lWari:inne Millet George Briggs John Srurtevnnt Lora Mae Blaisdcll hlyrtle Lemoine lilC'ifrIff0Il5 C01'1'z.fp011de'11fe Howard Clark Cynthia Campbell Sheila Bovd Velmnlouise Richardson Nlnrinnne Millet Sllfdffililllllfllf Vivienne Dnvoust Lorna Clark Angeline Alrieri I 'M' A l, ' 1 ANGELINE ALFIERI LYNN BETTES Entered from Houston School' Mfmbff and Of' Entered from Houston School. Girls' Chorusg Hcer Palette and Peng Girl Reserves, I. Girl Reserves, I. Angeline ,mf Tnnyyf and Jf'Wif',5 'HPI 10 Uphaldr Well, Lynn, Lynn surely fx 41 fm' boy, i:r1'I hc? and is she doing it? No! much! HOLLIS ALLEN LORA MAE BLAISDELL Entered from Houston School. Dads' Club, II3 Staff Sergeant, R. O. T. C.g Basket Ball, lVg Crack Entered from Sam Houston. Terpsichorcfm II, III, IV5 Girls' Chorus, III. Companyg Footballg Track, IVQ E1 Circulo Espanol, When prettier rlotlzes art' torn, Lum lilac will IV. 'wear lhem. Our big he-man. SHEILA BOYD CARY ANDERSON Entered from Rusk School. Insumcient Credits fo gmduam' Look Dill, Sheila, Flo Ziegfislil :fill ln' rzflur ynu before long. ARTHUR BEALE Entered from Cedar Lawn School. Band. MARIE BR-4551-TON Dependable and .1 frorllzy friend. Insuhicient credits to graduate. :asf lm . . Q flung x.x.. ...l,.l-.,.,...,.,. .... In V i A S T, . ..1Ag't.-?M5w .:,j.. j Q wr: , lr' l' QSM gf f E Fw :flume 11:1 Elm heing the mwal nf the genius Qllemea of the Barth gBerllsw gtliglxifzvlrnnl fur flu: gem' MUMXXBDZEI P KELLIE RIDGE Insutlliciuit credits In graduate. CARL BUTT Insuflicicnt credits tn graduate. CYNTHIA CAMP Entered from Rusk Schuul. ietnry-Trv:z1stu'er Spanish Clubg Clnss. C3'71fL'ftl may nu! bu rally, but Iunfxh. S BELL Girl Rcservesg Sec- Vice-President IIIA :bu it l'L'l'IiIf7Ilj' kil- HERBERT CARTER Entered from Abilene, Texas, Glee Club, I, II, IVQ Track, IV. TM'1'e'x rmtfzirzg like Irving izrz who rings, plays fonllmll-is Ihr Football, II, IV5 all-rolmif box'-nm' rc, Hurbrrr? I CECIL CARUTH Entered from Bryan High School. Chemistry Cluhg First Sergeant, R. O. T. C. UQ' lik: Cat-II almost at :cell at Bryan daft, .wif 4-I' .mraly are glad Ia get Io kuvp kim. CHARLES CLARK Entered from Houston School. Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C., IIIQ Crack Compnniesg Camp Dallas, III. Every flax: fm: its lumfcrf, ami :L'sr:'r1I sbsikx C071 sfifsrnf lsadcrx? HOWARD CLARK Insufficient credits to graduate. LORNA CLARK Entered from Rusk School. Girl Reservesg Span- ish Clubg Girls' Councilg Linz pins. "La-rf srlifom haznllx iz breaxr :chars Ifdfllfllg lim." '.u l w xll " Ml I ,A ' 0 .I 'I PWIIYI fl F ,Y I I 1 A ffm' IJ!! ' ji In VIRGINIA CUMMISKEY sufficient credits In graduate. LORA FAY CUSHENBERRY Entered from Trnris School, May Festival. Lnm Fay rezlsfmfs ns of a flower. VVL' t'm1'r lfiirzk of itx mime, 5111 it :could have I0 be iz prefly, lovely Iflfllg. MILDRED DAFFRON Entered from Rusk School. fllilifreii ix thoroughly fizpablu. Entered from Travis School. Girl Reserves, VIVIENNE DAVOUST Is Girls' Council, IIIQ Delphirm, III5 Typist for Of- lice. H ing P occ' can Ihsse girls be Jo boyish, ye! so r.'Hlf41llt" NELLIE jo DAY Entered from Milam School. Girl Rest-rxes, II. Jlftrr .Nellie In Zum .rvzffeii al ur, lsfi' 5 1115 lu run fm! .1 lrfjft' xmuulher. EVELYN DENDINGER Insufficient credits to graduate. JAMES DUFF Entered from Milam School. Sergeant, R. O. T C., III, James ix an ideal boy. Plsnly of fun, fmt of IM riglll wrt. ROY FAIR Entered from Fannin School. First Sergeant R O. T. C. Irreplwxxibls, irrexfxrible, and zn1.fg11e1t'hal1lt'. MABELLE FLOYD Entered from Travis. Girl Reserves, III, IV. If really seems iwzpossibie lim! IM' Girl Reserves can exist zvilhoul lllalselle. SAM FRENCH Entered from Bryan High School. President IIIA Class, Latin Tournament, I, Crack Companies, Linz pins, I, II, IV, Sergeant, R. O. T. C., Viking Staifg Perigon. .Sanz is clever enough lo suit liilliiflvf ami al ills same time lo amuse Iln' res! of ns. LEONARD GLEAVES Insufficient credits to graduate. ELVA GOLDMAN Entered from Milam Sthcml. Girl Reserves, I, II, III, Spanish Club, Captain Baseball Team, II5 Captain Volley Ball Team, II. E11-fi is the lypv fha! rvwirids one of ofii Cus- Iilimz beanly. ROBERT GUNN Entered from Milam School. Cadet First Ser- geant, III, Crack Company, I, II, III, IV. Roberfs a fins boy and we congratulate Me II'B's on having him in Meir class. LAWRENCE HANLON Entered from Houston School. Football, II, III, Basket Ball, II, Baseball, III, Glee Club, I, II, III3 Operetta, III. VV: hope Laccrence is as successful za-irh his sheep- skin as his been cvilh his pigskin. MARTHA HEYNE Entered from Milam School. Member and officer Girl Reserves, II, III. Zllarlfia is like Gfouiufry-mi sxarl srirrzre. LAURA MAY HOLCOMB Entered from Houston School. Commercial Club, III. Is Laura fllay living up In SIri'f's rap? Yes, and a Iirllc more, Icn. ll I i I i , 1 1 ' I I A ,N ,J if . -Y r' 'x ESTELLE I-IUFFMAN MYRTLE LEMOINE - - Entered from Hi hland Park Hi h School. Asso- 1 rn 1 Ad god -. if fl , mu Cum CW its to '11 mtg ciate Editor Hm11,il1u11it111, Oakland, California, I, Associate Editor Srroll, Oakland, California, I5 VVAYNE JOHNSON Dramatics, I, II, Oaklandg Honor Roll, I, II, III. lllyrlls if gzzalnl and pruliy, yff SO vzoilfrrl. Entered from Travis School. Perigon Club, IIIQ Linz pin, II. ADA NELL LOE lfllayrzs and Elbert are Me "Gold Duff T:L'in.v" Entered from Travis School, Palette and Pun, III. llfillylln' mm! be "Gold", juilglrzg from his kan. Alfa Ayajj, qui! Nmkmg L.3.H,y0H lljfrady jmi., enough lwyx falloccing you. VVILLIE PAYE LACY ELLA MAE LUNA - . Entercd from Houston School. Del hian, Palette Entered from San Jacinto School. P and Peng Girls' Chorusg Vice-President WVhat Ncxtg The IVE flax: ls 7l0fL'li fur rule' girls-yes, Vl"ill.if Operetm H IH Fl1j't'!I an exzzmpls. l'VL' ccrnzdvf if Ella lilac u'di1r.r guvstion markr fur czlriaxily ur f0r Hlrllhnr 1Yt'xl". ELBERT LAMBERTH J. L. LYNE Entered from Rusk School. Perigon Cluhg Linz Entered from Houston School. Band, III5 Spell- pins, I, II. ing Contest, IV5 Chemistry Cluh, IV. xl rhlclemz Ibn! hlliilif ,vt'n1rr6'L'd yul. Our goml-mrlzzrui gimzl. f . 4 . . 1" we MADEE Mc ANALLY -.. I . Entered from Milam School. Latin Clubq HIT! Latin Tournament, I. :1 rzzri, a xwiie, I7 Iirzkiing lZIllglITfkdlJI flflaiisc. GEORGE Mc CLURE Entered from Houston School. Dads' Club5 Crack Companies, I, II, III, Yell Leader, III5 Minstrel, I, II, III, Football, IIIg Tennis, IIg Camp Dallas, I, Lieutenant, R. O. T. C., Junior Hi-Y. Oh, gifir, dan? you just I0-Fe a fat man ':L'i1l1 17 grml big chest? DE RYL Mc ELREATH Entered from Milam School. Thrift Director, I, II, Sergeant R. O. T. C. Daryl har Ihe 11116111 of being af home fcizefher heir in 103 or 1101. JIMMY Mc KINNEY Entered from Classen High School, Oklahoma City. Philosophian, III, IV. Jimmy is surely relfing 11 fm' example for Benny fa follow. n. Q , I KM " DOROTHY NICE.-XRLAND Entered from Houston School. Dorothy ix heading .rfraighl for 1172 sings by fha road of ':L'hz'.v1ii1zg, danfing-ar -:viral lm-:'e you? ANNEELY MCMAINS Entered from Houston School. Palette and Peng Chemistry Club, Terpsichorean. "En1hz1.rias1n is the brealh Ulf genius." MORINE MELBOURNE Entered from Central Oak Clit? School. Delphirm II, III, IV, Viking Staff, IV. We nigger! Mi: fype ax a ture for :ore eyes. DELPHIS AURELIA MERRITT Entered from Bryan High School. Linz pin, I. "ilIeril" pen-011i-Heli. MARIANNE MILLET Entered from Corsicann High School. President Girl Reserves, III5 Perigon, III5 Viking Staff, III9 Library Assistant. Yours shall he na! only successes but lriumphs. DOROTHY GERALDINE MOSS Entered from Forest Avenue High School. Presi- dent First Period Classg Good Scholarship Clubg Prin- cipal's General Staffg Literary Dramatic Clubg Sec- retary IIA Classg Most Popular IIA4 Reporter for IIB Class. There buds the promise of celeslial ccarrh. FIDELIS MOWAT Entered from Armstrong School. Camp Fire Girls, IIg Girl Scouts, III5 Spanish Club, III. Her very hoyishness makes her more fumirzirzt CHARLES NEWTON Entered from Houston School. Perigon Clubg Sec- ond Lieutenant R. O. T. C4 Four Crack Companies' Footballg Tennis. Can North Dallas produce femzis players? Soim' body challenge Charles la a game. MARTHA ONEAL Entered from Rusk School. Girl Reserves, I. llIarfha's another flappfr who vzakrs Ihings lively ou! al North Dallas. RAYMOND PORTH Entered from Rusk School. Raymond is fha kind of boy Dallas r-.fpt-ns North Dallas ro produce. VELMALOUISE RICHARDSON Entered from Travis School. Girl Reserves, I, II, IIIQ President of Bible Creditg Girls' Chorus, III, IV. "She is prally Io walk crith, :Ind willy lo talk ccilh :Ind plsasanl, loo, lo think on." TOM RUBEL Insufficient credits to graduate. HORACE SMITH Entered from Rusk School. Gulf Club, II, Crack Company, II. "True ar the mwdle 10 the pole, Or as fha dial Io IM' run." LEE SPENCE Entered from Rusk School. Golf Club, Basket Bull: First Sergeant R. O. T. C., Crack Squad R. O. T. C., Two Crack Companies, Football, Radio Club. l'Vf1L1t jr more Ibrilling Ilmn a gomf-looking rzlfllcle? JOHN STURTEVANT Entered from Houston School. Perigun, III, Phil- osophinn, lIIa Linz pins, I, II, III, Crack Companies, I, II, III, Viking Staff, Sergeant R. O. T. C., Tennis. folznlr a grval worker, and :spatially on "Annual" rfaffr. VIVIAN TYSON Entered from Milam School. Member and officer in Girl Reserves, Perigon, III. If smiles fren' influx, "Viz-" would be len mile: long. UDA VESEY Entered from Travis School. Camp Fire Girls, II5 Girl Scouts, III. "If ladies be but yaung and fair They bam' the gif! lv knou' iff' NELL WALKER Insufficient credits to graduate. Jvtm WILKE Entered from Milam School. Camp Fire Girls, I IIa Girl Scouts, Girl Reserves, III. In her, fha joy of youih and love of vzisclzief rule Jzaprrule. LOUISE WOOD Insufficient credits to graduate. lin flliemnrmm BERT HARNED CJLQSIE MAI: FRENCH hLIL XBETH LIVELX ISRANCES Box D HELEIN SADLER 4 N 1 Ygp 4 t 1 , f 4 1 1 1 T A W . i . . ,,' l , ,uffr iw ij gz-ZF. L' Y . 9! . " ' 'W 4 11 v 'fu W H Y ry bi , x L it l all fm' -' 'il W ? 1 1 -. g I ' 1 -A . ll i . f .BA . , s "Man ern I grown, nz nmnls work rnnsz I do. ' r 1 Follow the deer? ollow the Christ the King, Lzve pure, speak true, rzglzt wrong, allow the lang Else where ore born?" 1 . ' 'ff . Q f I L F if : w n . 5- ' A 1 -4 4 I S . I I . x ' . ' V ' . X ,. ., vt I X Y ,hz 1 " 'N " 'Q I xi i - E X r usq - .I H X. -I , I ,A R , L 4. me g., .- -x.s,fmm, 1 1 ,,, -X U 'vira- l 9, .A N- .- qznsg -' .h X . ,. , v . lin.--1:1 ' .......,.- :I I In umm- ' . 1 fa E Eg mm. ul. i..'.Ti , ' ' !'I"' :nf ,:2:35l'iE z EN .'.42,-g.v,z- Q 4..."..'.:..v1 A 1-nur: - ,N ':.' K ,. xi A .1 ui' x 1 . ".a2iggkjj,-22" Squirez Yen Coxmw Pubvc Exbraq Sheet FG 960 Nebitex P0 W- 2270 F06 NEHG. KN A5301-7.7.10 f 11115531 , ff- M Q N f W if' 4 S, U BOB gnmggx b Q Ciruogl f-,+,1,,, . 8, ga 1 ' E Ignasg .J Jlw """"'-5 . 5: Allen, Mary Bailey, Martha Bartlette, Christine Benggeli, Mary Bowen, Ollie .lo Brady, De Lois Brown, Margaret Carroll, Ruth Chamhless, Janie Cooper, Katharene Crockett, Elizabeth Crockett, Marjorie Cumbie, Corine Dendinger, Evelyn De Spain, Tommie Allen, John Armstrong, janies Aull, Herman Baker, Rhodes Brent, Bob Burford, Sam Carmical, Ejward Cullum, Robert Decker, Billy Dixon, Reagan Emerson, Charles A. Finnegan, Thomas Foster, Robsrt Freeman, Harold Freeman, j. B. Gage, Edwin Gihbons, George Clays of fzme leg Draschil, Ruth Earle, Anne Edge, Marian Ellis, Lillian Farr, Frances Fildes, johnnye Franklin, Betsy Gibson, Sara Harris, Nellie Harvin, Juliet Hooper, Jo Doris Huffman, Thelma jackson, Courtney jackson, Rosalie jones, Imo Gilliland, Burton Hagan, Thomas Hahnl, Herbert Haight, Walter Hampton, Herbert Hamra, Frank Horn, Earl jenkins, Ben Kelly, Joe Kemp, Bill Lancaster, Charles Logan, Willard Lowery, Bill Markham, Billy GIRLS Large, Mary Isabelle Lee, Alice Lee, Dorothy Luitweiler, Doss McDaniel, Helen McWilliams, Marguerite Malone, Lois Vaughan Mathews, Evelyn Mills, Bonnie Jean Mixon, Beatrice Owens, Evelyn Renfro, Alta Richardson, Martinette Robertson, Damie Rodgers, Bernice Merritt, William lVIiller, Rollo Mishou, Ed Musgrove, Houston Noell, Milton Osborne, William Porter, Walton Rhine, George Richardson, Vernon Robertson, Jack Robins, VVilliam Rogers, Bonham Rough, Maurice Runyon, Billy Sattertield, Geneva Sears, Jean Keith Shaw, Mary joe Shook, Virginia Simpson, Virginia Skeen, Margery Spillman, Katherine Stults, Verna Taliaferro, Kathryn Tate, Mary Katherin Tune, Lois Vaden, Mozelle Vaughan, Dorothy Willis, Anna Wilroy, Dulcie Schultz, Walter Smith, J. C. Smith, joe Smith, Loyd Steen, Carl Stitt, Lynn Strong, Billy Stulz, Emory Toomey, james Turner, Fred Turner, john Turner, Memory VVahlstrom. George Watts, Rohert VVilliams, Charles Winder, john VVingate, Ormal ls ' 3. 4 Allen, Ednah Grace Armstrong, VVill Elsie Brooks, Velma Brown, Carrie Ruth Clemmons, Maude Corder, Thelma L. Dindore, Helen Douglas, Dorothy East, Lou Edith Gay, Keturah Good, Alice Harben, Margaret Hardie, Margaret Alterman, John Ball, Tom Bates, Lee Roy McCutcheon, Ethel Biard, Forrest Bifano, Anthony Bowles, James Bowles, Harvey Cox, Burnett Curry, Reginald Davis, Lynn Davis, Carson Delcambre, Ambrose Dietrick, Harold Dixon, Reagan Edwards, William Elliot, Spencer Elms, Thomas Evans, Grayson Ferguson, Allen Ficklen, Jack Fortune, C. . X , -., ....., , l Clrzrr of fzzfzzzfzry '3 0 Homes, Ruth Hudnaee, Dovie jackson, Rosalie Johnson, Evelyn jones, Willie Claud Keith, Florence Kimbrough, Christabel Kindred, Doris Kindred, Dorothy Knight, Maggie Large, Mary Isabelle Ledbetter, Margaret Lemonds, Edith Mae Freeman, B. Funke, Page Gallagher, Carroll Genaro, Mike Gleaves, Leonard Golden, Bob Hall, Ross Hardy, Leon Hash, Charley Hash, Herschel Hill, Emory Hobson, Bill Holefield, William Horton, Milton Huber, Mike Hunter, Elbert Huffines, J. C. Jackson, Jimmie jacobie, Roy GIRLS Levey, Bertha Lively, Edith McCutcheon, Ethel Mason, Mildred Mathews, Eleanor Meyer, Nora Lee Mills, Bonnie J. Moody, Frances Moss, Polly Mowat, Roberta Orr, Mildred Owen, Mary Frances Peterson, Ruth BOYS jacobie, George Johnson, Bobby Kinney, Myron Knight, Billy Laufer, Hymie Lee, Buster Lee, Jack Leonard, Earnest Lindsey, Ross Macry, James McCoy, jack McGlatheny, C. D. Martin, Hugh Fred Mason, Frank Mayfield, Virgil Merrill, Charles Miller, Lorin Muskgrove, Jack Obenchain, Hunter Pollard, Louise Rohde, Doris Sadler, Helen Sandlin, Georgia Scheibe, Ruth Seydel, Delores Shaw, Juanita Smith, Elizabeth Sparks, Tilliam Swartz, Elsie Tuflley, Marie Wilson, Ada Lee Wilson, Manita Riley, Francis Rust, james Sarver, Armel Sanone, Philip Schumacker, William A Staiford, Robert Steen, Carl Stultz, Emory Townshend, C. N. Valentine, A. C. Vandervort, Willia Vick, Ross Walker, Claude FD Wallace, Barney E. Wallace, Byron Wathen, Frank Watts, Robert Webb, Clyde Wingate, Ormal Witte, Terry Fred Young, Raymond Abbot. Margaret Adams, Lois Allison. Selma Archibald, Annie M. Ballowe, Mary Sue Barineau. Elizabeth Bastien, Philonese Bauingardner, Dorothy Blake. Edith Mae Bond. Helen Bond, Yan Boyer, Elizabeth Brnmmer, Doris Burks. Nellie Butts, Mildred Cantrell. Vivian Cason, ltlary V. Chilton. Novell:-l Clark. Maxine Coates, Wlillie Mae Coleman, Laura Cowan. Annie Ruth Cox, Evelyn Crain. Mattie Cramer, Anna Belle Allander, Matt Allison, Stewart Anderson, Hoyt Angell. Brantley Aull, Luemas Ball, Tom Banks. Robert Benton, John Ralph Breedlove, Loyd Brooks, lilarvin Brown, Sam Brutsche, Harry Carter, ,lack Cash, john Cathey. ,lohn Cone, Thomas Conpland. Richard Coursey, john Crawford, John H. Crow. Frank Day, Robert Elwarls. Jael: Crow, Elizabeth Crow, Lena Mae Cullum, Dorothy Cunningham. Mary Daniel, Elizabeth Dannernian, Rose Davenport, Dorothy Dawdy, Vera Downs, YYinona Drennen, Halcyone East, Katherine Echols. Juanita Edinonson, J. Edwards. ,lean Fisher. Esther Florence, Helen Ford, Evelyn Ford, Pauline Garrett, Maurine Gay, Roger Lee Gore, Tera Gunn, Marian Hamilton, M. Harris, Dorothy Hathorn, Betty Fain. ,lack French. Pearson Funke, Page Garrett. Maurice Gleaves, Clifton Goodman. Jason Vrittin. Fred Haiuht. XYalter Hall. Ross Hamilton. Billy Hamm, Ralph Harris, Roger Hays. George Heinan, J. B. Hengry, Andrew Henniberger. Armen Hnatt, J. A. Hobson, Albert Hoffman, Marvin Hollifield, XVilliam Clary of fzme '30 GIRLS Hays, Ida Mae Hazel, Sally Ann Heath, Myrtle Held, Inez Herzog, Ethel Heyes, Muriel Hickcox, Jessie Holland, Martha Holt, Ann Hooser, Lois Hudnal. Catherine Huttman, Glay Jacobson, Edna Koeneman, Evelyn Krebs, Mary Leigh, Mary E. Lister. Lorena Lott, Clemminie Lowery, Juanita McCallom, Beth McClellan, Mary McFarland, Adine MeGrew. Eva Mae Melnnis, Roberta McKinley, Mary C. BOYS Holloman. Clyde Hubbell, Jack Hnffines. ,l. C. jackson. Arthur ,lt'l'l"ISOll, Roy Jones. M'ilbur Kelly, C. L. Levine. Harry McCoy. ,lack McDani'3l. Claude Melbourne. Boyd Moore. ,lohn Moore, Tom Muller, Harris Nesbit, ,lack 'Nicholson. R:-loh Nisbet, VYyclitT Noell, Leslie Nooe, lke Obencbain, Hunter McManus, Catherine Mackay. Mary M. Miller, Ruth Mills. Sammie Lou Moore, Mary Jane Morgan, Bessie Morphis, Jackie Mote, Virginia Megarity. Sarah Y. Mouser, Dorothy Newton. Doris Owens. Lou Allen Parson, Ruby Pearce, Dorothea Peevey, Mary B. Powell. Marv Helen Pressly. Lizzetta Prunkard. Pauline Reese. Helen Reider, Susie Robbins, Toye Robinson, Onida Romine. Mary Sue Rutledge, Mary E. Seltzer. Rose Parker, Maurice Payne. ,l. Howard Phares. Leslie Pomeroy, Fred Porter. XYalton Redding, Robert Reynolds. Horace Rice, Galen Roberts. Fred Ro'-inson, Roy Ro'inson, Stone Ryan, Thomas Schoonmaker. Granville Simpson, Robert Smith, Louis Stallord. Robert Steen. Carl Stegtlixison, Harry Sterling. Joe .t.. J Sharp, .lLl3l'llt3 Simmons, Mary Sue Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Marjorie Smith, Mozelle Steed, Rose Stephens. Nettie Stoaeham. Elizabeth Strait, Frances Tarvin. Lillian Thompson, Glenn Tilson, Beryl Tinsley, Grace Troth. Elizabeth XVeber, Hannah Xvelch, Opal Vl'eIsh, Mary XVhatley, Margaret Wihatley, Pansy XYiggius, Beryl YYilliams, Ellen XYilliams, Mary Lucy Wiilson, Frances XYilson, Lilburne Young. Lois Stewart. -lack Stubbs. Jack Stults. Fmory Tilson. Berwin Tomlin. joe Tomlinson. L. G. Trammell, Paul Trammell. Philip Trotter, George Usry, Charles XVablstrom, Carl XValrlen. R. T. XValker. Brown XYebb, Phillip XYhitehurst. Billy YViddiCombe, Richard XYilliatns, Cecil Vt'illson. lack XYilson, Howard XYilson. XVilliam NYinset, Milo , 7. 'N Armstrong, Elizabeth Arthur. Pauline Bramblett, Dorothy Breckenridge, Helen Brogran, Dorothy Bunch, Ruth Byrum, Marie Cannon, Lurlene Carithers, Fay Chaney, Ruth Chilcoat, Doris Clark, Marcelle Coffelt, Juanita Cook, Frances Avery, Kyle Barker, Howard Beckett, Charles Berry, James Bevans, Billy Brown, William Campbell, Wort Chancey, Brazil Chappel, Brewer Cochran, Porter Coleman, Lacy Cooke, Maurice Cox, Lawrence Crawford, Louis Crumbaugh, James Cullum, Earl Owen Curran, Wiburn Daniel, Joe Davis, Clinton ,Clary of fzzfzuzzry Coston, Ruth Cowan, Annie Mae Dalton, Edith Darrow, Velisha Daton, Sybil Dedmon, Jackie Dillingham, Jeanne Elzey, Beatrice Evans, Louise Gladden, Avanell Grissom, Evelyn Hagedorn, Esther Hancock, Katherine Hemphill, Rebecca Davis, Joe Edwards, George Edwards, Walker Freeman, Hayne George, Lloyd Glazer, Nolan Gratzel, Arnold Hanks, Joseph Harbour, Dan Harrison, Frank Hartman, Claude Hatfield, Joseph Hill, Barry Hood, Muncy Howard, Winston GIRLS Hilton, Opal Lee Hinson, Leta Maud Hogg, Lucille Howell, Frances Irwin, Priscilla Johnston, Joyce Jones, Bobbie Lee Kilgore, Marjorie King, Mozelle Kirkland, Jane Koeneman, Celeste Lewis, Lilian Magnolia, Pauline Martin, Gene BOYS Howell, Morris Hudson, Gilbert Jackson, Melvin Johnson, J. B. Jones, Tillman Kleber, Jack La Roche, Bruce Linsley, Lester Long, Harold McConathy, Jack McCutcheon, William NIC Gibboney, John llfli Klnnley, Bobble Marshal, Louis D31 Merrell, Louise llflolfet, Ruth Moss, Frances Neal, Twilight Noguira, Juanita Norwood, Minnie Bsll Padon, Alma Palmer, Evelyn Peterman, Margaret Proctor, Jewell Rankin, Nlarian Rice, Minnie Nlae Saunders, Marjorie Scheibe, Agnes Marshal, Robert Mayes, Curtis Metcalf, XVilfred Minshew, Gerald Mood, Norman llflorrison, George Murphrey, Truman Norguard, Donald Owens, Eugene Palmer, Phil Pasho, Prentiss Peel, Beverly Pierre, Jack Poe, Richard Portis, Calumet Schmidt, Josephine Scott, Velma Stewart, Opal Taylor, Allabell Thompson, Billie Tompkins, Ann Treadwell, Margaret Turner, Mary True, Trula Fay Weakly, Kathryn NVinn, Mary Catherine Wheat, Rose Yamakawa, Kiyo Randall, Truett Scoggins, Carroll Seale, J. W. Smith, Phelps Sorrels, Thomas Stafford, Orville Stiendon, Herman Stewart, Jack Stringer, Clayton Teague, Royal Vaughn, Forest WValden, Brodie VVilliams, Clarence WVillis, Robert Wilson, John Wood, F. A. Yagla, Orion Yates, Mackey V - Achilles, Elizabeth Allen, Lorraine Allen, Pearrie Aull. Caroline Bailey, Estelle Bates, Careda Becker, Maude Belk, Florence Blessing, Beatrice Boyce, Mary Louise Bradford, Ella Belle Brady, Dorothy Briggs, O'Deen Brooks, Marion Brown, Dorcas Brown. Lillian Browning, Christine Bruce, Layla Burns. Daisy Marie Byrum, Edna Earl Carman. Maurine Carter, Lucille Clark, Faye Cobb, Virginia Cole, Louise Colvin, Dale Colvin, Merle Abright, Reese Alcorn, Milton Allen, Robert Allender, Thomas Armstrong, Jack Ballowe, Gregg Barnard, Sam Bennett, Voyd Berry, Karl Lee Bifano, Sam Bohmert, Charles Browne, Billy Burlew, Grady Butler, Henry G. Bowen, Rankin Beck. Glen Calhoun, Jack Carwile. VVm. Lee Caswell. Jas. Edward Coffee, Harold Combs, Odric Cone. Michael Cox, Milton Craig, Louis Crump, Bob Crump, Jack Connell, Mary Clan of fzme '31 Crawford, Martha Lee Crisp, Pauline Crozier. Mary Frances Cullum, Lillian Crowston, Jewel Davis. Gertrude Dawson, Catherine Day, Ruby Dorbrantlt. Shirley Duncan, Mary M. Duvall, Margaret Echols, June Farley, Maxine Fields, Virginia Finney. Addie Lee Fite, Rose Marie Fitzgerald, Grace Ford, Dorothy Fredricksen, Marguerite Friend, Elise Garrett, Evelyn Gay. Evelyn Gillespie, Minerva Gillum, Mary Frances Ginffre, Rosemary Cullum, James Curry, George Dawkins, Jack Dickerson, Joe Dodson, Forest Dooley, lylike Echoes, W'oodrow Edwards, Jack Ekberg, Robert Elizando, Alfred Ellington, Joe Farr, D. D., Jr. John V. Melvin Fisher. Garton, Glover, Chas. Gottschall. Lester Grant. Charles Griffin, Franklin Hand, Raymond Hanna, James W. Carman Harris. Hays, Norman Held, Herbert Hicks, R. C. Hintchey, J. C. Hodges, Robert Glenn, Mildred Godwin, VVilma Goldman, Aileene Goldstrich, Ruth Goodale. Florence Goodman, Babette Green, Jennette Griffin, La Verne Groseclose, Frances Gustavus. Alice Guyett, Jeannette Gluth, Alma L. Hahn, Gladys Hale, Mattie Belle Hammock, Mildred Harp. Bonnie He-mzal. Lydia Herr, Elta Burnice Hickey, Marie Hicks, Ivy Hicks, Peggy Holcomb, Mary E. Holland, Jean Holmes, Charlotte Holmes, Mildred Hooks. Dorothy Horton, Frances House, Reta Mae Hudnall, Anna M. Hudson, Virginia Hudson, Zulema Hutthines, Juanita Hughes, Margie Hirsh, Alice Jones, Evelyn Jones, Esther Jones, Sarah Killian, Frances Lapsley, Jane Leach, Hariet Lucas, Mary Lundberg. Elsie McClure, Aim McCormick. Kathryn BOYS Holland. Lewis Horn, Joseph Huffhines, Elmo Huvelle, W'hitley Hundley, Allen Illes, Robert Jackson, Fred Johnson. Edwin Johnson, Harold Jones, Drew Jones, Hugh T. Jones, Marvin Jones, Perry J. Keel, Nash Kimball, Albert Kizer. Richard La Due, Charles Lamb, Theo Leonard, Tyree Little, Curtis Laughlin, Robert Lynn. Ervin McBride, H. Lee McClung, Elliott McHenry, Shannon McKay, Hunter McKinney, Benncy McManus, Cornelius McVVilliams, Peary Mack, Milton Majors. Langton Mangrum, John Manner, H. H. Martin, Mark Martin, Robt. Martin, Russell Matlock. Bill Maxwell, Jack Meredith, Bowie Mills. Edward Monschke. Samuel Morris, Otto McDermott, Dorothy McKnight, Vera Maas, Anne NVallis Mann, Meredith Martin, Lucille Mitchell. Marion Mowat. Catherine Nesmith, Aileen Nichols, Helen Patrick, Lucille Patton. Billie Payne, Charlotte Pearce, Pauline Perkins, Irma Lea Pillct, Rosalie Pittman, Oleta A. Porter. Jane Radcliffe, Delphia Reddick, Mildred Reynolds. Jemmie M. Robinson, May Roby, Lillian Runyon. Vivian Schmalzried. Margaret Schwend. Mary Jane Selby, Leota Mae Moser, Billy Jim Mutter. Jack Mullendore. Melvin Murphy, John Myers. WVillia1n Nabors, Guy Newman, Fred Newell. Vance Chas. Paine. Henry Palermo, Samuel Peel, Bill Pilant, J. L. Pope, Alex Redden, Charlton Reed, Clifford Rehkemper, NVilbur Roby, VS'illiam Rogers, Fred Schreiber, Gus Schwartinsky, Louis Selcraig, Jack Shahan, Clyde Sharp, Owal Shaw. Vtiilliam Shows, Joe Simpson, James Simpson, Mary Ed Smith, Mildred Steindam. Lydia Stephens, Margaret Stokes, Marguerite Stults, Agnes Taylor, Pauline Teague, Dorothy A. Thomas. Doris M. Tompkins, Ann A. Trawick, Hazel Tucker. Nelva Turner, Elizabeth Tyson, Harriett Underwood, G. Urbish, Regina Valentine, Gertrude NVadsworth, Marguerite Vtfalton, Elizabeth XVard, Edith Vt'arlick. Sue Margaret XVhatley, Ruby XYhitaker, Dorothy XVl1itehead, Mabel Yockey. Lisbeth A. Sinex, Charles Smith, Jack Smith, Merrill Snodgrass, Edward Stallings. Bob Storer. Charles Stringer. J. B, Stutts. Earl Skinner, J. C. Tate, Gerald Taylor, John Timm. Harold Turner, J. NY. Tyree. Andrew Tyree, Billy Tucker, Oney Yau-divort, Albert NVatkins, Henry Wiemzel, Frank Vt'icker, Virgil VVilliams. Roger Vllilliams. Roy lVork. Leslie H. Vtlorrell, Fred Young, Ross Zimmerman, B. Abraham, Jane Allen, Margaret Altizer, Avis Andress, Eulyne Baker, Katherine R. Bliss, Lottie Bragdon, Virginia Bramlett, Thetis Bratcher, Jeanette Bray, Juanita Brown, Eleanor Budd, Thelma Burks, Ruby Beeson, Helen Beeson, Josephine Carothers, Thelma Clements, Vivian Cook, Betty Crosier, Ora Currie, Irene Austin, Henry Ballard, Herman Ballou, Archie Roy Bauerle, Jack Beattie, Fred Berkley, Harold Bigelow, Clifford Blaylock, A. C. Boll, Henry Boots, Jimmie Brans, Neil Bridges, Al Gene Buckingham, Morris Carmichael, Stewart Clark, Palmer Cox, Charles Dilker, Jack The Lowly Serfs Claw of Jfzzzzmry '32 Davis, Nlargaret Davis, Melha Derr, Elizabeth Dunnavan, Mildred Enloe, Mildred Evans, Constance Fields, Beth Galloway, Elsie Gober, Evelyn Gordon, Mamie Greene, Janice Greenwood, Anne Groom, Ada Beth Harper, Matsy Harrison, Birdie Hurst, Elizabeth Jackson, Cordelia Jacobs, Thelma Drake, Jack Floyd, Sam Garretson, Howard George, Frank George, Herman Greer, Max Grice, Winson Hohrecht, Forrest Hollon, Maurice Horsley, William Houston, Sam Hogg, Stanley Ingram, Hiram Jarrett, Frank Ed. GlRLS Johnson, Kathleen Johnson, Lillian Jones, Gertrude Kirkpatrick, Frances Lamherth, Sarah McDaniel, Mildred McNeill, Neva lVletcalfe, Louise Moon, Minnie Raye lVloore, Dorothy Moore, Jane Moore, Mildred Newsom, Reta Noble, Mozelle Norwood, Leora Palm, Elloise Pollock, Hortense BOYS Jones, Norwood Jones, Stanley Kennemer, Hubert Kline, Jack La Barha, Sherman Lancton, F. C. Lynn, Sol Lewis, Ernest Mayer, Charlie Metcalf, Roger Mahan, Jack Park, Max Pitts, Arthur Powell, Richard .-7-.N Putty, Vera Ramsay, Hazel Rhodes, Dolores Richardson, Virginia Rowland, Kathleen Salee, Dorothy Sanders, Virginia Schueller, Gladys Siebert, Margaret Spears, Lorene Spence, Mary Va. Spencer, Yvilla Mae Taylor, Martha Thomas, Doris Thomas, Sue Warren, Elizabeth YVeiland, Marjorie Williams, Rachel XVinston, Lucille XVynn, Katherine Schrock, Kenneth Schumacker, Paul Stanford, Bill Stanley, O. B., Jr. Stephens, W. R. Swartz, Martin Telkamp, Eugene Thomas. George Thornhill, S. T. Towles, Morris Townsend, Reed Tuiily, Edward Vaughan, Graham Wetsel, Brooks White, Edgar James Wilcox, James ...Q 9"1 .N-QA ,.. .' 3 A s 1. mf 1 - F f Wograplzj of Clas5m gzg5 Al v .,lv ' ,f' ' ' 4"' ""!'f1 +ffbf.'L'1f'v,,f . 'A b ' ' v I ,, ,ff , f 1- s I W? , 7 5, , ' 1 Y 7 , 5 rx V1.5 5 -N I 1, ,.. .1 'X s ' a x 6 bl- 'lf . .- '- " ,F A f J7 '-7-'F 1 ,f ' , , ' fl . 1 5,311 -919.-ff? ' 'cd' JL' ' I H. 'fr . l 1' 'fu 2' V' N-4 0 . ., ,N , X x ,. , v , x L Q V xx ' ' . ' J I fs? f ,N A. X -4 Q3 .Rx H , xl . X P X I . X R, 'ws ' J n W n . . 1,1 N , I ,Vf , I ,Q V, f L, I' A V ',f'f, AL , , t -i . X f' .',' f ' A A . , " I I an ' A Y xiwx, 2 U 255' ' xx 'x I ' l I I A 'rr' 4: " +1 58 32+ Q- 7 . Q A fl, . 'V 7 kpJ.Qf'.Z'.Z1f1,,, C5 ply! H N ,iff ' mjll -' K Q 0?t f ,117 - fix, ff! 'v"' I ' , T f F407 Q 54 Z . Qfggj' ' Qflzztographs QM QWVQMW YJMWVLZQLEUX QM M , Q1 , j f. '4,, n h n'il.. I JW en, my brothers, men Zlze workers, efuer reaping something new. 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V I - .. 11 , ,II 1 I V . , . . ' I I . I.1--.1 I..--Vs ' 'Q 1- ,V I . . I .. ' . . 1 1. ' I' . V 71 'V V . I ' . . V I I ,V .I . .I , 1 I V I . V 1 I- . 1 l ' - "1 . .- '-" 1 KI.- .III .1 1.1. . . V ,IH II . 1 .1" , I . ' -1' . . 5. . . I " ' 1. 'JN' '-1 ai. " I. I -' .-J. ' I' 1----' ,I I.. - ' '1.-'.1 , 1' It ' 8 1 .. 1 . .111 " ' .I . 11 . 1 . ,. I .I.I I.I. 1, VI... I . . . x. .II,- I.I I I' ' ' 11 '1.m1.QI . ' . .? 11 - I ..1I . I, .. . I I-IV 5 -IV-, 1'. " 1. ' ' -..'- ' . A 1 ' .I - . .',1.fI 1.I1 ---V, '. I. .'.,.f1 f-g 9--...LW 1... 'I I. 1I. . . .,. 'V . "'-0.1311 'I" -INN lgff' ' .,. . I I.. . vw I11 .I. 1.1, 1 .. .1,1 V .I I1 .,-. I I +I Ip I. .I a I .IIIOI II I I I II.II,I,IiI.. IIIII' I I I1,I I I III I.. II I. Q. I, I , II I ' ' ' V' '. , sa. - . ' .. .-Z:..I ' .TV- 1.-. I .1 ,..-- 'f 1 . 1 1 .-', 1 . .111 V , " 1"' . V .. .s. I , 1, ,,-,',' 1 -1 -1.111 . 112 ,Vu I' 11 5,1 , .n14. 1 -I I, .-. . . 1 ' . . '41 0.13 . , ' ' 1 r ' 1 J' V ff' , .1. V.1I ' , ,11- I ...1.1..a.-11 V F11 ---I -ff 1 1 ' ' ' 1"'x . f ...I, 1 V iw' ,.Q:V.-115: II,1r.11'II :Vs 5: uf va Bark rose, lc-fl la riglzlf Charles E. Lung, Mildred Munnerlyn, Eloise Reaf, Tom Armstrong, Bap- tiste Adoue, Bernard Telkamp, William Denton. Second face, Inf! Io riglzl: Bob Edwards, Louise Knox, Mary Netteriille, Elisabeth Rea, Arabella Nesmith, Virginia Steele, Frances Tudee, Catherine Sadler. Third rox, Isfi to righl: Hugh McClung, Valre Talley, Alma Lamar, Frances Bramblette, Helen Comstock, Delores Coffee, Homer 'lack Fisher, Kathleen Malone, Leslie Thompson, Muzelle VVilcux, Llewellyn Powell. The atiomzl H onor Society HE VIKING Chapter of the National Honor Society was established in our school December 27, IQ27. All chapters in the country are subject to a national council. The purposes of this society are suggested by its emblem. The emblem of this society, a keystone and flaming torch, bears the letters S, L, C, and S, representing Scholarship, Lead- ership, Character, and Service. Members of this society are elected by a committee composed of the principal of the school and four or more other members of the faculty. Nlembership is based on scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Freshmen are excluded from the organization. Those members selected from the January, IQZS class are Frances Bramblett, Helen Comstock, Martial Honnel, Louise Knox, Alma Lamar, Charles Long, Kathleen Malone, Mildred Munnerlyn, Eloise Raef, Valre Talley, Bernard Telkamp, and Leslie Thompson. From the June, 1928, class are Bob Edwards, Hugh lVlcClung, Tom Armstrong, Homer Jack Fisher, Elisabeth Rea, Arabella Nesmith, Virginia Steele, Catherine Sadler, Llewellyn Powell, Frances Todee, Baptiste .-Xdoue, William Denton, Delores Coffee, Mary Netterville, Mozelle Wilcox, Margaret Harper, Marjeria Padgitt, Dorothy Roberts, Marion Speight, and Edith Collier. From the class of January, IQZQ, Sam French, Wayne johnson, Elbert Lamberth, john Sturtevant, Lorna Clark, lvlartha Heyne, and Mariaiine Millet have been elected. Sam Burford, Loyd Smith, James Toomey, .lohnnye Fildes, Nellie Harris, and Virginia Shook, of the june class of 1929, have been elected. xy, ' . gt, an A S S Eiifiil' '-' .. li , X i 'S Rutli Curtis Helen Cnxiistnck Muzclle XYilcf,ux Aileen Nesniitll Virginia Slmok ,Eg Z, la. if mf- ' Q., ..,, . v ,:,1 X . ' -. 6 g QU' 56' ! 5. F- IEI .kE"'f'1': , Y . 51 ,Q 1 . fs X A 3.-4: - b fr. 1 - S' ff? 1 3? -my ' Q f, -ifyf. if - , x. ' F 'N X I fx' l 1 Q ,gz .. V I " -1 ,Q M . fn,- lx .I .Xnnc lfrirlc lflizrllui-Ili Franklin 1.1-nise Knux 5:n'zi Gibson Virginian Sinipsmi E' - . ' ' V. .151 , ,, . . '-rg x Q: 55" 4. fl XX ' Lx A alias: , 5 "" f 1341. ,. b P. F455 '95 . X xx' 1 Nix i OX Q I fr lf JK TERPSICHO Mary Frances McClcx'ci'ty l'leLui5 Braily llarjorie Hamm Ketnrah Guy Q wb A -v gl L Z . 1 xl' JY !' fl .2 5.-6 i Y ' . . lim-,jg ,l X . . :P . Y Saks B Q .. ..-,:--re: - e :-' -.3 -:EL Qx REAN CLUB Maurice Gzniett Xlzillcl 'l'ziyl.vr NL-lliu llzirris lim-lin Rlzitlicws 'iff- W X Eliinluutli Rea Lillian Ellis NlwvSSeim 'I'l1.n111m. i Evalenn XYntsmi Philnnese Bastien ,G 5 fl V D Y 1 gm.:-4 H'- x 3 , :iff - . X we rf i ,.,... R Xl Lavinia Rawlins Frances llrlxlnlulg-tt Klzirgnret Garllnsi' El-mise Raef Valve Talley Spring Term Elisabeth Rena.- ..,.,. Virginia Simpson ....... Evelyn Gay ..,........ Sara Gibson ,,,AA...... Evelyn Dendinger YY.. Elizabeth Franklin.. Exelina Watson ,... . Spa n,vors......., Evelyn Dendinger Nellie Harris Eloise Raef Elisabeth Rea Ruth Scheibe Evelyn Mathews Mosscna Thompson Exelina YVatson Moselle Wilcox Virginia Shook Sara Gibson Virginia Simpson Mary Beth Peexv Evelyn Gay The Terpsichorean lub OFFICERS Fall 'Term 'I,I't'.ffll'1.'?If,W,..a, .,,l,,a...Elis:lbetl1 Rea .,....lT'in-'1're:idv11t,,,,,,, ..,.,,,.Virg'inia Simpson Se'rre'h1ry........ .,a.,,,l,L11L1ise Knox .,,.,...,,,TifL'lIXIlI't'l'.... ,,,,,,,,Nell Ford nw, Sergrmll 111 ailrvzs H ..,,Lois Ford ..,.,..,'P.lrlimm'r1laria11............ , Eloise Raef ,w.,m.. Reporh'r..,.................. ,,,,,,,,,,,Valre Talley Ruth Curtis, L MEMBERS Keturah Gay Virginia Steele Lois V. llflalone Billy Markham Mabel Taylor Louise Knox Kathleen Malone Elizabeth Franklin llrlargaret Gardner Frances McClex ertv Charlotte Holmes Aileen Nesmilh Philonese Bastien Nlaurice Garrett Anne Earle avinia Rawlins, and Evelyn Carrington Helen Comstock Nlinnie Belle Norxvootl Dorothy Guthrie Arabella Nesniith Muriel Sacksteder Alice Goad Pauline Ruble Frances Bramblett Elizabeth Carson Rhena Merle Cox Lois Fortl Nell Ford Valre Talley Leslie Thompson HE Terpsichorean Club was organized September 17, 1925. The The purpose of this club is to further the study of music in every Way. meetings are held every other 'XVeclnesclay afternoon, and those attend- ing enjoy a very interesting musical program. A kid party was given at the home of Dorothy Guthrie and was declared a great success by all Who attended. Also a tea given March 17, 1928, at the home of Miss Rawlins was an equally great success. The club credits its successful year to the close co-operation of the mem- bers, together With the able sponsorship of Miss Ruth Curtis, Miss Lavinia Rawlins, and Miss Evelyn Carrington. I E f, .... , ,,....-.., ...ww , .,,,,:,,N.,Z-w,... , , .. W.1..,, - ,-, T -, . ...f 1 ' " l I "' if .AA' " " "" E Y e , 1 gk 511 f Q 52 . X - 4 2 P1 , X i i l r ' ' Eflwaril Mishou X i Mike ' E X Scurry l i Paul f X Young Q l Hugh 'ii l McClung xi Erlwin 1' i Mueller l ,V l' W I' u ll i lr i N i i i i i H oiner I. Fisher Richard Heincn Frank H arris Llnyd Bcllarny 'fifiarf p: :::gL 1 V ' rx, ' w. K ::-f-wx-i HI-Y CLUB Bwwli Ezlwarils Rnluerr Edwin Gengnagel Nesbitt Leon Lfuyil Ellistun Smith Charles E. Long Charles Moore Francis McGinnis Inge Grant D, y. -Q. H: X ..- X Q xx ' 5, A xy Q xw 15- ,W iw. r-'TAN I 1 X f 'S' X 5- u 'Th . A BX S wr p-Q fx . ij., V N rw., wr- -' M 'N if ' L N V250 . , Aw. XYalker james Rnuntree YYillian1 Moore Richard Kirkpatrick Reagan Dixon Fjl',f1 Tenn Mike Scurry ......,YY.,. Paul Youngm. ,, Hugh McClung ,.Y.,. The Hi-T' Club OFFICERS .,.'. I nxlili ul , Vin'-'Pr1.viiit'r1l ,,,,.. ., , .,,,,,. Sc't're'Inry, .,..... . Inge Grant. ...,..,,..,.. ..,, ..,,,, T r msurrr YY,, . Chas. Lancaster ,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,, . Wurgmrzr af elrmf , Homer jack Fisherq, ,, ,,,,,,,, Tarlfamrrzlmfmz E. D. YValker ,,,,.. ,-. ,.,.., ,.,,... . . Sponsor Semin! Term .............Char1cs Long ...........,Hugh McClung ,Hmm-r jack Fisher , ,,,, Charles Nloun' , ,,,, Edwin Moeller ,...,,...,Bob Edwards D. NValkcr HE HI-Y represents an influence, a concentrated influence, for gen- - eral good in North Dallas. Striving as they do to "create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Chris- tian citizenship", they have a broad field to cover and only a limited crew of Workers. The ideals toward which a Hi-Y member strives are four-fold: to be pure in mind, clean in body, humble in spirit, and exemplary in service. This is not a group of boys Who isolate themselves as perfect, but is a group Who must use the above attributes and the things they learn from each other, to glorify God and to be of service to their fellowmen. Each Nlonday night the boys from all the Dallas clubs meet at the LYS' in a joint session for a light dinner. Each club alternately presents a pro- gram of entertainment at this hour, and hir. H. G. Spruce, the Boys' 'Work ecre ar ma es announcemen s an ans cam aigns. n e incivic ua S t y, k t d pl p C I th fi l l club meetings inspirational talks are presented, and problems discussed. Often a meeting is given over to constructive comments on each other. The Hi-Y year is marked by a football banquet, mothers, and sons, banquet, alumni banquet, and best girl banquet, all of which were genuine successes this year. During the second term of this year, these clubs were made a unihed city organization, with Charles Long of North Dallas as president. rvww, -- v - -- Y ,Q , f. V ,sv-,., .. , -: X., A. ..,. , . -,- H ",QElP'f'.'f4,: ' dmggzr.. . sa, 'Emi f' ' ' V ' 'X 2 ia, -fa. "V-Q i 1' i A' Yagi , I Xi f , " ggi ' Y ' M , ' V is aan. .. . if-'fr US .. 'A - .- ., .1 ,' - e ' 1 .iii 'Z X K ' if fm - is eg. W - ., va Q' SI2'ff'-'zgig 2 ' " Fu V ' ' 5 ' . . as A 1 'f?i i -. . .. if ' -:'iw :i,:f:1.,, ----- - . 1: 1, - ' WW' 3 -'W' fi' .zfi Il. 4---:xi ' , ,.. . 5 ...:., D , J 3 :g:15:rf' S' .. ':- gig, .. 1' .,y. 3 '-: a ' , yy S- 1 Q 1 1.1 U' 'N 53" Q' '3 . if - -af ' ' :..s.EA'13,::5:,-9' Z' ,I h I -i ..,. ., si, , 1 . 5:':.v.U ,A ,ax ., - ii f'. ' ,, '----' : xg 5 gkf . 'A 'if ' ,. "fx etc, ' -::E::'- V- h Q- My , l isa , 46-7 'X ' m i . ,lizv .A 55 X. . . .X Qs 'K X' , 'ii -1 fi -' L,.., , Lucille Brown Selma Allison Mozelle VVilc0x Vivienne Davoust Helen Comstock Nellie Thompson Frances Draschil Mattie Elkin Biarfl Delores Coffee Mary Barnes Mary McKinley x,. DELPHIAN SOCIETY Majorie Hannn Margaret Romine Ann VV. Maas Eloise Raef Virginia. Simpson Evelena XVatson Louise Knox Virginia Cummisky Valre Talley Frances Bramblett 'wa - 4 fs' my efiq ai M ary Sue Ronnne Pauline Ruble Helen Stallings Morine Melbourne Muriel Hicks ' - fir' :gf I If x . 'SQ X . ' 'S 1' X , , 5 - 9 , .,,, + H N it 2 ' Virginia Steele Arabella Nesmith Ollie jane XVilson Muriel Sacksteder lllary Netterville Mary Helen Powell T, 4 i f l l l The F all Term Marjorie Hamm... Margaret Rominc, Dorothy Guthrie.. Frances Draschil ...... Mary Netterville .,.... Mary Sue Romine ,,.... Lucille B. Broun .,.....l 1 Selma Allison Mattie Elkin Biard Ollie Jo Bowen Dorothy Bramlette Marie Byrum Cynthia Campbell Lorna Clark Delores Coffee Helen Comstock Frances Cotton Virginia Cunimisky Vivienne Davoust Evelyn Dendinger Frances Draschil Halcyon Drennen Alice Goad Sally Ann Hazel Muriel Hicks Delpfzian Literary Society OFFICERS ,mm P1't'rftli'1z1,,,,..,, ,. ,, . ,,,,,,, .5m'rt'I.1ry...,..,,, ...- ..... Truizfrtrer, ,,.,...,'Pt11'linl11rulizrfmz ..,....SL'l'gt'l1IIf .ll wlrurri. ,,.,,,,, Spa mor... MEMBERS Ann Holt Margie May Kilgore Mozelle King Ann VVallis Maas Mary Mcliinley llllUI'lIlC Nlelhnurnt Virginia Mote Claire Morris Mildred lN'Iunnerlyn Arabella Nesmith Mary Netterville Alma Paden Mary Beth Peevey llflary Helen Powell Eloise Raef Marion Rankin Velmalnuise Richardson re- I I':'XltfL'7Zf, ..., ,. Spring Tfrzn ,,.,...lVIarga ret Romine ,,....Helen Comstock .....f--,..PllLlliIlL' Ruble Muriel M. Hicks Mildred Munncrlyn Nlary Sue Roniine Lucille B. Brown Ollie -lane XVilson May YVontl Robinson Margaret Romine lVlary Sue Romine Muriel Sacksteder Pauline Ruhle Juanita shim Mary Ellen Shultz Virginia Simpson Helen Stallings Virginia Steele Mosse-na 'l'hnmpson Nellie Thompson Florence Turner llflildred Xxyllfd Evelina XVatsnn Esther Louise WVatts Lilburn Wilson HE Delphian Literary Society, which was organized in October, '19, has passed through its most difiicult year. This difficulty was due to the graduation of the last of the charter members. The club has maintained a high standard, many of its members being on the Girls' Council, the honor roll, the class play cast, and the staffs of the Norllzer and of the Vikizzg. The programs, Worked out by a committee advised by Miss Lucille Brown, sponsor, have shown splendid talent and preparation. The club was entertained at one of its meetings by blyron Everts' lecture on jewels. The Delphian-Philosophian Debate, held in room 202, Vllednesday, Jan- uary 4, was Won by Margaret Romine and Mildi-ed lVIunnerlyn of the Delphian Society, the Philosophians, during a joint meeting, having chal- lenged the Delphians to a debate on the question: Resolved: That Texas Women should be required to do jury service. The affirmative was upheld by the Delphians. v 4 i.. .1 ef- ! X 5232- L NQQQj15JQH f -J 1g::ff:a ' . i F X fWfEMQ ya X . ms W Y 2 35 WPS:-rl l Q QA Sir' if -. gi 15 Vg .. 5 A j ,J .iSPg:iPmi- K - g iii: M -S : CR :QgF. .M 1 Charles Ellwanl Lung Elhert Lznnhertli llamie RUl1ei'ts-Jil Marjorie Crockett Loyd Smith Sn. Q1 . :5-.,- ..: . X Cf K 'X 'Nz -4 .- xxx 1:1151-f . -r 1. 5-fsfri I-5'-KISS.: , ' ' 1'fF':'I if ::'::ifE wmv? Q me ..Y , . W, wmvM'!V S 1551: I -' ' Qipwf BQ -a:ig3:g':- 5' Q 53: , . ' -,1:sz::::- -11 -2. , . ..- H -Q. :::::-Qxqgxi. ' S 533 .S:.Slz:Sfi.2-Q? Lloyd Bellamy XYilliam Merritt Ruth llraschil Vivillarul Logan Charles Moore Q . ,gf - . ll "M xwkff .Xt I , E Q l 1. fEfE:l2f2'1f X S ' .H iWVMF5'f' 5fi?i:r:w f -wg Six Ii f W'- 5 A5 V' . , g- N ESG: ' 1' 4 . use-if 5 5 nr - . ' NV- ,-. ::' ' 'ai.. in 3 - as " 252,252-If ':-V .jjf xx Q R dw . .', .21 ' . .fllili .w a + . ,vw ' X . 1. "AO ll' . .lub -gr ,315 1195. ' 3 . , X M . , R. 5 .xg -. kk XA X PERIGON CLUB Charles Newton George Bcllville hlolin Stnrtevnnt Rose Steeml Mary K. Tate Burton Gilliland Joyce Calrlwell Richarnl Heinen ., . . z., .15 1.1. ,Q -' :P -.15 2fa:t..-..-.. 52. r' :-, 1? ' E.f'::'XS.s1 K as f z+mm' x xx ri 7 . 5 . w " : , b X K Qi u SEQ A 1 'N Q: - SSEEKW QMa:i wwmxf iSmQf- Q ,, '-2:55-:r:,1r. lEf::,. ' R. WY i,n V I W s w -: I-as ' ' Nb 9 1 X . 1? ' l 5 X +3 fx X sg - ' Kggfqwgs' RN iii :C 1. . jf Q ' , X,xQ. 4 i A Y rflikkw LA ... Evslyii Matthews NYayn:- Johnson Charles XYilliams :lean Sears Vivian Ty Sun wi , :f,.i1b in 'Q if X R ,X NX X N x X AS Arthur XY Harris Lillian Ellis Frank Harris Juhnnye Filcles Thomas Hagan Fa!! Term Frank Harris ...,..... Richard Heincn Charles Moore . Evelyn Mathews Charles Long ,..,,, A. W. Harris , john Allen George Belleville Marjorie Crockett Ruth Draschil Lillian Ellis johnnye Fildes Burton Gilliland Thomas Hagan Wayne Johnston The Terigon C! OFl"llC FRS 'Prl'.fidt'r1l,,,,,,. Vrh'-'P1't'xfifi'11f ,,,,,,,. . .,,.. St'rrt'lt1ry ,,,,,,,,. , Tr-mr1n'rr Rt'jmrIt'r.... Spuzzror, MEMBERS Vivian Tyson Elbert Lambert Charles Long Willard Logan Evelyn Mathews William Merritt Milton Noell Billy Runyon Damie Robertson Howard Payne ab Sfllllg Term Mary Katherine Tate ,,,,,,,,i,..,,Cliai'les Long .,c,,.,Eyelyn Mathews ,,,,.,,johnnye Fildes ... .,,, Billy Runyon WV. Harris Jean Sears Loyd Smith john Sturtevant Mary Katherine Tate Charles Williams Rose Steed Gordon Perry Robert Gengnagel Marianne Millet HE Perigon Club, the oldest club in North Dallas High School, has - now hnished its sixth year. It Was organized for the purpose of study- ing mathematical topics not included in classroom Work, such as puzzles, chess, and applications of mathematics in science and business. Several business men have given entertaining talks on the value of mathematics in the business World as in the case of the adding machine, the operation of which has been explained to the club. The club engages in pastimes other than mathematical studies. During the year the members of the club have enjoyed picnics, parties, and sunrise breakfasts. 31111145 I A rihur H115 Hip? ik unmi Efalrle IE Uinighigp nf Qtargayile Lrcnigxyfg Squirzg HL Qbrhergf of Linxghilynuff H QI agile Qfngtumg fscrihepf qmgentrg andmingtrelgg Queen? Clown I Field nf Gloumeg 21011515 Urialg' nf 2311 ill Yi Zlwfiknnm Powell XVBYSOII Harris Tilson Mouth Scurry Long Stokes Edwards Metcalf Smith Heinen McCrary Netterville XVatson Syron Blard Tum er M lshou Padgett Franklin Harris Fan. Anderson Thomas Logan Draschil Moore Anderson Everett Bellamy F all Term Charles Long ..,........,. Llewellyn Powell ,...,,,.. Betty Lou Zimmerman Mary Netterville .,.,,.. C. L. Syron ,,,.,,,. Cary Anderson Lloyd Bellamy Arthur Beale Mary Barnes Corine Cumbic Ulman Clements Cecil Caruth Ambrose Delcambre Vivienne Davoust Bob lidwartls Martha Heyne Dorothy Lee Ross Lindsay J. L. Lyne Harriet Metcalfe Ed Mishou The Chemistry Club CFFICERS ...WWTfeslderzlm,Wm Viet'-'freriderzl ........ .Svrref11ry,,,.. ,.,,,,,. Rl'po1'!t'r,,,.l,, ..... Spa r1.v0r.... MEMBERS Fidelis Mowat Robert Mowat Dovyl Mclilreath Marianne Millet Charles Nloorc Martha Oneal Marjorie Padgett Harvie Pool Bonham Rogers Billy Strong john Sturtevant Ossian T. Smith Vivian Tyson Duane Tilson Paul Turner Spring Term ,,,,,,,,.Howell Watson ..,,,,,,,,,Charles Moore ,.,,,..Marianne Millet ,,,....Cecil Caruth L. Syron Mary Nattievien Tate Dorothy Earle Watson Howell H. Watson Harold Holbrook Llewellyn Powell Mike Scurry Frank Harris Charles Emerson Joe Mitchell Ernest Sigler Charles Long R. J. Mays Alvin Baldwin Elizabeth Franklin Nellie llarris Frances Farr HE Chemistry Club during the past school term has enjoyed one of V the most successful years in the history of the organization. The membership of the club has been made up of all those students who have been interested in scientific matters and in chemical research. Nlany fine programs have been presented before the organization, and several very interesting experiments have been performed. The Chemistry students in the club have been benetited, due to the fact that much of the Work carried on in the club was not available in the regular school curriculum. The organization at the iirst of the school year bought a small mimeograph for use in advertising, and since then a regular bulletin has been put out, telling of the Work of the club and of the pro- gram for the next meeting. Under the guidance of Mr. Syron the club has grown quite rapidly and is now one of the leading organizations of the school. - " A 'f f .-4, 551 ' ' , ,' ,Q N, fy! by ' W .,., 'J .1 x , 'Thx in ,I i v Zig. if sw. . , , . ' aw , - 55, K f -f4,," "V--' Q ,K 4 Q . X , 6 SP' N N 'mm "x gs .Q ,A x , ,W ,.,, ,.,., ,. .. 3- A X , Q K , K i S '35 Q if-A h -A Q 'f 'N' X - - f wr A W Q 3' 'X' 1: .,-P'11"fil:, Xa, 313'-IQfg.i1,2 ,Q ' ' f' gg X Q . X-,Q x. V, , j' ., Q. . M: 'Q . ,4,, Q . ix b 2 -, ,T gx , 2- 1 X ,: .5 ' e X 2 155- ' I X ff.. Q 4 -Xi, , . . y z vw-. '-1:,e:' r , , M R' ' -:N 1 , I K- . ,, Sq' - mi 5 -, , ,A ' ' isa, ' ' . X " Q , , A , K - , ,... , -. . v ll - i - 1 1?5f" ' 3 'I 457 .- W - 5" 354 . , P we rv . X my . . , x f"' ' 'I 'YN , ' f " 'Qs' ' :QEPNN . x 4A 5 7 , xA- 'Q , Q .-Gisli - . Q , j 'I 'Q E' 13: Q1 6 V, - .9- Q J 1 A- 1- I, 'L V gg.. L U any o- Q ' W E ' 'SA' V ' X N , " ' R f 553'-' 1 ' 'kj I .X 'Ax 3351 '51 ' avi X b' 'R' X X C'5Q?1,W' PHILOSOP KN SOCIETY Puwull XN'itche1' Fi. lex' McClung XYatsun Ewlwzmls Poole Emlwnrsls Gilliland Lung McKinney Tholupsml Kelly Gilllmns Huffhim-Q 'Tnonmey Smith jackson Lee Burfonl Smith Knox Poe Robert Gengnagel Home Telkmnp Ellismn Merritt Thomas Turner XYilliams s W Q The Fu!! Term Homer jack Fisher 4,,,,, Hugh McClung .,...... Howell Watson ,,,.,,,, Llewellyn Powell ,,.,, ,. james jackson ,,,,,,, Billie Thompson . Bob Edwards ..,.,,,,, Howard Barker Billie Hamilton Ed Mishou Carmen Hamill Beverly Peel Billie Runyon George Illes Alex Courtney George Edwards J. B. Heinen Milton Noel Ed Preston Stone Robinson Bruce Tankel John Turner Billy Bevins 1 'Philosophirm Lit OFFICERS ........'Prt'x.iilw11,,,,,,,, ,mm be't'n'lar'y,,,,,,,,, , .,,, . ,,,,, Trt'n.mri'r' ,,,,, Sergvarzf al L'I!'7l1I Rt'po1'ti'r..,,,, 'Pizrliizim'rllafiarz MEM BFRS Kyle Avery Homer Jack Fisher Hugh lVltClung Howell Watson Llewellyn Powell james Jackson Billie Thompson Leon Elliston Charles Clark james Toomey Robert Gengnagel Allie T. Witchcr Charles Moore i Bob Edwards Harvie Pool jack Edwards Bernhard Telkamp emry Society Spring Term Robert Gungnagcl'r1l ,,,.... , ,Y..,, Homer jack Fisher ,,,,.,,Llewelly11 Powell ,,....,.,.Leon Elliston ,,,,,,Jainus Jackson ,,,,,,jann-s Tourney ,,,,,.,Hugh McClung Leonard Hutliliines Burton Gilliland Loyd Smith William Merritt Charles Long jimmie Mcliinney Thomas Kelley George Gibbons Rhea Thomas Roy Lee Sam Burford Charles YVilliams Paul Turner Richard Poe Hiram Knox Ossian Smith cl to HE Philosophian Literary Society, a club for boys, Was organize give its members training in public speaking, parliamentary law, in the development of those traits which make for civic leadership. One of the first occasions of note was the peripatetic meeting. All the members engaged in a hike, and various numbers were given along the Way. Later on, the Philosophians and Delphians engaged in a dual debate. Interest and enthusiasm were evidenced, even though the Delphians did win. Prac- tically every holiday or anniversary of state or national importance has been celebrated by appropriate numbers on the weekly programs. and lvlembership is by application, voted upon by the members. The club has furnished a notably large percentage of the Winners in all public speak- ing contests held in the school and in the city. Helen GIRL s' COUNCIL Comstock ' Caldwell Margaret Mary Harriet Frances Lorna Romine Lombard Metcalfe Bramblett Clark Pauline Vivienne Lois Mary Marian Ruhle Davoust Malone Netterville Speight Mrs. Jane D. Elisabeth Virginia Dorothy Delores Parker Rea Steele Herrell Coffee girls, ouncil Fic!! Term OFFICERS Sprifzg Term Mildred Munnerlyn .,.A , ,,,.,, L .,,,,....,... 'Pnxvidcut ........ ,......,.,. N larinn Spcight Lois 'Trnmmill .......... .,,....,.,.. I 'fue-'Prrsiiimzr ....,.. .,,,,., l lelen Comstock Helen Comstock ,...., Marian Speight ........ Dori -thy Earle.. ,,.,,,,,r,,,,,l.,,,Sergrmzl at 1,-l'1'v:.r..., Secretary and Tren.: Ill' Hf.vIofia11 ..A..., Mrs. jane Parker ,..., -...- ......,,., W... Joyce Caldwell Frances Cammack Cynthia Campbell Lorna Clark Delores Coffee Vivienne Daroust Elizabeth Franklin Dorothy Hcrrell Nellie Harris MEMBERS Sponsor ,.,,..... ..Mildred Munnerlyn .,.......Mriry Netterville ...........Virginia Steele .......NIrs. Jane Parker Juliet Hnrvin Courtney jackson Mary Lannhard Lois Malone Harriet Metcalfe Elisabeth Rea Margaret Romint Pauline Ruble Virginia Shook Virginia Steele Q HE GIRLS' COUNCIL feels that it has been successful in the ac- ' complishment of its purpose this year, which, as embodied in its constitution, is to maintain high ideals and standards of conduct among the girls. In membership the Girls' Council represents the highest ideals of the school in character, scholarship, leadership, and influence. The Council is proud of its unique and thorough method of selecting members. The first period teachers are requested to submit the names of those in their class whom they think would meet the requirements, and these names are presented to the Council and voted on. The Girls' Council acts as "general helper" around school, serving at the banquets of the Dads, Club, Nlothers' Club, and Parent-Teachers' As- sociation, all of which aiTairs are enjoyed immensely by the helpers. Mem- bers have also ushered at Little Theatre performances and performed various other odd jobs. Besides these, the Council has enjoyed enter- tainments of its own, such as the sunrise breakfast. Recently pins Were ordered for several members. The emblem of the society is the torch, signifying purity. I v a if ' , . I "wg :F ' -QQ:-9 3 . .Lg Q, I XQ .. ...H- -.Mfy s- l . ny., SP , Q Sky 'ze 19' . . Q 1 .. ..., ,.,, . L Q-K-Q:-,.'.:::..:x.: - . -:g..,N:...: W-'Q X -12' v fr, ,.V. . .. -Mr. ., 4- Q 5 3 Ss ? :A Q Q' R . l,lL-wcllyu Powell M ilvlresl XVL-st Halsey Hester NYillie C. jones ix A,-,fu El l2lACgUl O Espanol K xi 'P 39 M , r 3 W 3 , E5 i'Q . X Qmwww 'mr + w. if ' . J Q' -.J f ,. 'P Q ! -' pwrfa- I 4 . -x , ' N- '- f 'K X -C .. PN 5, ,, X X ., .,v',A. 1 w ' N - E Hazel Tuyll n' Lemxzml Hutlhines Fillulis Mownt r-Xfs 'Q ' nj' 'S X .,, Y' is . . 's"'9, wg, w 13, 1 ,gt 1 3 Q will 51 Mx r 6 it "f':" ""Xa 11 2f'2 'QNX W ks xy., e . Ns R, XJXCQ X x - N x A xi. , me ' " iv' XSTN RV.-'f .,,.,.' :ke I! 15' W! 'F 4' Si' fy WL raiser 34222: S 7 I5.. fx S x A , ,C e.. X is H Ye N 3' X ..,.-xl.. L CIRCULO ESPANOL Olatia Crime Rulvert Everett Erlnah Grace Allen Mabel Taylor May McCr:1ry Mattie Crane Thelma Turner e S ., W . , g ' Lorna Clark Beverly Jones Mary Charles Taylor Faye Mills fsf El Circulo Espanol F uf! Term OFFICERS Leonard Huflhinesn.- ..YYYY,YY ... YYYYYYAA P 1'1'f11iff1lfYWYm Lorna Clark Y,YY.....,,.... - YYYYV...Y., I'ft'H-'Pfc'fi1if'71I....rm Cynthia Campbell ,,,,.,,,, St'crfh1ry11111fTrvllfzl Mabel Taylor ......,... - .........,,..v Rfparlcr ...... . Robert Everett ,,,,,,,, ..,,,,, . Scrgcmlf nl t-,flr11z.t.., Edna Grace Allen Cynthia Campbell Janice Chambless Lorna Clark Mattie Crain MEMBERS Leslie Noe-ll Bill Rothbaum Mary Charles Taylor Hollis Allen Robert Banl-is Thomas Elms Spring Term .....,...Mary Charles Taylor ,,,,,,,,..,,.,Bill Rothbaum ,,,,,,,lVlary Joe Shaw ,,,.,.,Hollis Allen ,,,,,,,,Leslie Noell Roy Holt Minnie Bell Norwood glean Keith Sears Mary Joe Shaw YVilIie Claud Jones sr L CIRCULO ESPANOL has had a Very successful year under the guidance of Miss Olatia Crane, the sponsor. VVe have had many interesting programs, consisting of speakers and singers. VVe had some Very interesting talks about Nlexico and some of the countries of Spain. Mrs. Reed gave us a very interesting talk on f'Life in Mexico," followed by a Very interesting talk by Nlr. Cotton on "Life in Cuba." The Nlexican consul, Mr. Cantu Lara, gave us a Very interesting talk on Mexico and some of the large cities in Mexico. The Spanish Club had another interesting subject for our meetings, "The Pan-American League." This league met in our city and We heard some very interesting speeches on the Pan-American countries. Some of the officials of Dallas Were here and complimented the schools of Dallas for joining this league. VVe hope to have our club again next year, and We think this has been a very successful year for our club. By HOLLIS ALLEN, Reporler. 0 on Q' 5 iv, R x S3 " 1, if . , Q 'Q' X .QE X , v ' X152 X - ' x f x NX X '- flier - - I x 6' Q Nx- X la X fx N X S x X +3 N N... X Q - Q T QR ' Qxtlvsig SN "" 'ig wmv Xxx? - ' ' ' X' Tl 1 2-in xg r 5 xx X 3319-fi M' ' ' '- Xl -' fffffyt PALETTE AND PEN CLUB QPQHQIQ Mary Imo Betty Mary Sue Newell Lomlmrd H jones Hunnet Ballowe Cochran Helen Pauline Acla Nell Frances Comstock Magnolia LOS Brmnlwlett Angeline Margaret Frances Martha Ella Mae Allieri Gardner Cammack Holland Luna k l The F uf I Term Mildred Munnerlyn .,..... Marian Speight. ......... ., Angeline Altieri .... Margaret Miller ,,,,,, Angeline Altieri Mary Sue Ballowe Frances Canimnck Newell Cochran Helen Comstock Margaret Gardner Nlzirthn Holland Betty Honnet Rosalie Jackson lmo Jones 'Palette and 'Pen Club OFFICERS 'Prusidmzi ........ ,. l, . ....,.,..,,.I 155-I r4'.v1ifi'11I.,. Sfcrefivry milf Trrnrn ....... Sponsor.. MEMBERS Ada Ncll Loe Ella Mae Luna Mary Lombard Pauline Magnolia Anneely McM:iins Mildred Munnerlyn Marian Speight Dorothy 'Whitehurst Virginia Cummisky r Spring Term M ildred Nl u nnerlyn Marian Spuight .,...,Angelinn Altieri ,,,,,,,,,lVI:irg:11'et Miller joan Edwards jenn Holland Courtney jackson Juliet Hzirxin Marjorie Connell Joyce Caldwell Mary McClellan Bonnie Mills Mary Virginia Harris Elizabeth Franklin HE PALETTE AND PEN CLUB has had a very successful as well as an enjoyable year. The members meet every two Weeks in the art room to enjoy interesting programs. This year the club has studied a great number of the painters of the modern and of the old times. On January 14, We held our iirst initiation at VVhite Rock. This was 2 day never to be forgotten by the pledges. This year has developed a better organized club with an increased mem- bership. The club credits its successful year to the close co-operation of the members and to the able sponsorship of Miss Margaret Miller. , 1 1 " 1... 11 ja' A .1 1, L-Q ff ff 1.-11' L,Q , "Q" if 'WWII ,gp ,f Tifiijllf 1f,,i!'5? J" , .Quw y 1 gl? 1 MWVL ?1V,9i,i 1 1111" . my 1915 If 1 f 111 W ff .42 M 1.1 ' ':'A 111-W? 11 11-F111 'f33?fff'f5'1nf. .'f' ' W .xsfsiaf QV 5' f ,frgff-figi1wf'Rf-Qaf-1 ,.x :- -1 -M 1 '11 1' .-1 11 W 1 mi 5'-?1'21vf:L 1 X Lafiflff' 1 :1 - 1 1 - 2 11' ' 1-' 11 I-Off l I 1, 3524 ,- : Y 1 XL- . U ,K ,131 JJ fl mil F1-1'1+1WW 12' 1 1 1 115 '1 ' ' 1 zlf- fl 1 1 , 271' ,' f,1,,,ff' , ' , ,, X ! im H' Wm Q M 'lf1f' .1?'fff .1-f"' ,F l ,1 1: 1 11 if, 1 W , ,fri , ",-1ffzpf' 171211 1 1l 4.??f4f 11Jl1f' 11 ' ' 1 a'1f1ff1 9 1 ' 1 - .,-11" f ' Q11 VU l 11. 1 1, 1 W1 :f2??ifli?Zf?3Z' If 11 llkyjfluv 5.,f"f"' 1 5? 1 '. 1 f"" Q Hg ml' J 11r1'17f11f 'f 1 h1111u1'W5'l2""' f 7' 11 lg," .. ,f ,, f 1' . 1 r . ,X . , K , , ,1 5 -' , X mix M 1 1Fb nl? Liff' 1 f Q rf: I Z. 1 " W A i 1 1 'MF 1.1- 1' X 1 'l ,-f"' ' "N f 1 2 ' 7 pg ' ,1 2 1 1 fx 511111 1 - 1. 1 JK --PA 11 32? . 1 111 sf i f' ' X 11 1 1 H 1 1 -- 111, 1 1921: lf 1 , 5 -11519 1111.1.I--.1- mllmmk-1 f 1. wx se -1-:-2'-. , 1 1 1,f-4, 1 4 ,fx V, 1,111 I, 7- ,LS uw. -1 L-.-4" .,, 1 5.25 - ' .M 5415 Win 1 " f' ' Q51 1 l-' N' H'-9' --'EL ' 11 '.. 1 J V111 g,'1'2 U 11 1 1 5 '1 111' 111 1 1 41: 111111111 ' 4-V 1 . 1 1 1 ' I 1 1 ' isml f"15-QQ 'ff l-5? 1 M W'12'Eili1 1' 11 1 1-12 TW111-1 if 1 My L -1 1111111111 1 1 sf 15.1325 , ..1!f" . L A W: "' 'Wg 1 'f 1 W f 1 1111 11 1 ,1i1111S111f1 -451,1- 1 i ji 1 f-.,. .-n M1 1 1, 11 1 M41 1:11 1' ,1 f!1 'ff111u WUI? sfibdx 1 5 M1 2' llf AW' f ', ii--- , .Cv-1 ,. 11 , fflfff, . 1, -, 1,11 W, 11 1 1 ,1::f,1 g,E1sQ111171 T11 1 1-qw gfiqwlllf 1911- '1::fQ.f5:w" , , 11 11 1111421111-1 11 '11 1 ':1"1H-ripf A W1 01 11-1 1 1'f.. 21? 11- 1' 1111ffW' 'q Zffmwl W1 . 113 1 Q- f 121 W NH 1111111111151 .fy 47 f 1 11 IW 1 A -,W 1 .f61.1-111'-M 1 . U 1,1 111' X11 fNJl141lll 1 , .1 ,aff L77---g,4gf.g.4,-,g. i Ll , If 11 1 M ,L My I Y, , , 111 1111. 111 11y555,,.f' f 5 Nil 1111 , 1-11-1-1 1.f1-51.11111 51111 6111111 1 1 711 111 X1 J 1 1 1"1!llE3?Xix1Yf 111111 'kX,1'v1! ! J 1 1733? ft- fi K 11111111 1 Q?fH'Q"", "' WYW111 11 .1 ,14:'11f'F 11 f'1 ' 7Q-,1, 1 11 1 W1 Ak JYWMS1 117 0-fn -------1 ---- - 3 1-M-wi uk 1' 1 'eff WV ' f s - ' 1 1 ' 5211 1 1 1 , 1- iL1 A' I -:V T 'R '- --.f'TnY:Jm L-if JBTQN1-.f,,,111 +?- -- ""'-1 ,l 1 Anus ' J juliut Ea,-It MGMA AL11-IA NU HM, Yirgluln Xcllic Elizalwclh Shook Harris Franklin Klfxmury IM-mtl1y Yzulghzlu Sum Gibson Jo Dori NWN' Cf,vurtney Jackson Frances Farr Hooper Ruth DeLnis Crzuvfurxl Brady Sigma Jlpha u Fafl Term OFFICERS Spring Term Nellie Harris .......... - ........ .. ,.,.YYYYY, 'Prrffdwit ....Y..Y.Y ,,,.,,,,,,. . Nellie Harris Virginia Shook. ....... , ,,,,,,,... T'fri'-'Prc.viiIe11L ,,,,,..., ...,. E liznbetb Franklin Anne Earle ,,,,..,,... 9:rn'lnryi1mf Tnuzrzzr r ,,,,,,,,,,,., Sara Gibson Jo Doris Hooper Ruth Craiwford ,....... De Lois Brady Anne Earle Sl.'l'gL't7!lf at L-Irm.rr,.. ....,..... SPor1r0r..,,..... MEMBERS Nellie Harris Juliet Harvin .,..,,,.Cuurtney jackson Ruth Crawford Doss Lnitwicler Dean McFarland Marian Edge Jesse Hicknx Virginia Shryryk Frances Farr jo Doris Hooper Margery Skeen Elisabeth Franklin Courtney jackson Dm-nrlqy Vgug-lmn SHPE GilJSOl1 Lilburn Wilson IGMA ALPHA NU has indeed lived up to its purpose last year. The club was organized with the intention during this of studying modern literature and drama, and, of course, to have a good time. Nlany interesting book reviews have been given and a great number of present- day plays have been discussed. Collectively and individually the club has enjoyed reading the most prominent books and plays of the season. lVlany social affairs have been given with greatest success. Among these were a Halloween party, a New Year's party, a progressive dinner, and a mother- daughter tea. Eight pledges have been taken in during the year. Doss Luitwieler, Courtney Jackson, Margaret lN4oore, and Juliet Harvin served their pledgeship the first term. Jesse Hickox, Dean lVlcFarland, Marion Edge, and Lilburn VVilson were pledges during the first four weeks of the spring term. Sigma Alpha Nu has had a worth while, enjoyable year and expects even greater success next year. 1 V l I 1 l 3 l l l l J l l l l 1 l l M ll ll ll l l n l l l L .M ,,, gf: :Q ,Q " 'lil ,..' 1 1 I ,,: - . ::,, 5 X 5 F6-l ix N . 44 .. ,QS Enlna Himlc' Yivirm Tyson llnrifnmc Millet llaelwlle Flmwl ' ' Ell - GIRL REbERl E CLUB Mmfllll. Elva Ruth X., . . Golnlmau llraschil Evelena Julia s ll XYats-'mn XYilke yi,-ginia E-lna Grace Sarah Cummislq Allen Jones Martlm H .fyzze girl Rvscrfvc Club f OFFICERS Marianne Millet 'l'rrsiilrnl Martha Hwynu - Vin1'-'1'f'w.ii:'r1l Vivian Tyson - Nu'ri'lJ'3' Mnzulle King - - - T1'f'dNlIfN' Lou Edith EIISI - - Cuznlffl Ri'l1'f'i',ri'11fi1l:'i'i' Edna Hindu' and Ellen hlendor ' - Spurzwr. MEMBERS Edna Grace Allen Dorothy Anderson Elizabeth Boyer Virginia Cummisky Ruth Draschil Lou Edith East Mabt-llc Floyd Elva Goldman Marion Gunn Martha Ht-ynt Snrali jones Mon-llc King Noreen Lcuis Mzniinne Nlillct Vixian Tyson Julia YVilke Elizabeth XVilson Dorotliy Mouser Bertha Lcvey Beth Fields lh'llll'fI.ll"3f llardit' ixlLll'Qlll'CI P':tL'rin.1n jnfmirgi Nogiwvre Frxiiiccs hi rw4r dy Elinor Meadur Jimmie Mac Ruynrilds XVCFHRI Stults Nl.ll'gJll'Cf Siebul't Margaret Davis Birdie Harrison CC HE Wide World over, the Whole year round, girls are searching for the truth, seeking for the light, trying to follow the gleamf' That is why We have Girl Reserve clubs, and that is Why Girl Reserve clubs are loved by all girls who want to hnd something in life that is beyond mere physical things. Because the Girl Reserve club is a character-building club, it is prob- ably the most democratic organization in North Dallas High School. To become a member of our club a girl has only to indicate that she Wishes to join. 'Ai dx. Q' gi, ' -M' ' 'I 9:51. FND '- ., 2 - . " --59' . 1 V1 N'--':z"e:s ' ii ., ' N.. ' L Rama ,, .l L .-,gssgggg - :- vs A QQ: -- - ,, ' 54 Q ' 9 5 . 2 X f R ask A. Q2 X Z 5 M, N xg , X -': v' K '5,Q'3'.,'1g.EE:E13",,. 1 - L gtg. EN X ,W , ,, 1-1, 5. J f " 1255 is x 4 9 xx: x Xian W X 'QNX N N Q Nz? x 1 F' l .. Q ' lffffii 1 aj - Af " ' ' -N 'I T: if ' W- ., S Q1- 'Ax Ciffillifik WHAT NEXT CLUTJ 3221511 Awlinc- Cnuxtnex XITTX McF:u'lansl xc won Hiker Elizal lcjlm Franklin Pauline Rlagnulia Joyce Xwncx Elnmlweth ,lohnsh-n Tex 1 ell Pqvple Ella Mae Lum lmo Luna 'l 1 lllllllel loner, F all Term Elizabeth Pepplc' .,,... Ella Mae Luna ..,. Nancy Terrell ,,,,,, Mary Baker ,....,, The Vlfhczt ext? Club OFFICERS .........elPI'c'5fdE71f,,.,... .,.... SL t rc T :rr-Praxfdsnl ....,. ,,..,.,,. ,Y...,,,,. ..,,,, - .........,..... lary ami Trsnszzr ,. .,.. Sponsor MEMBERS Spring Tefzzz Ella Mae Luna Marian Speight r, ,,..,. Courtney jackson, Elizabeth Franklin Mary Baker Elizabeth Pepple Nancy Terrell Lois Trarnmel Dorothy Earl Ella Mae Luna Martha Holland Joyce Johnston Marian Speight Frances Cammack Bonnie Jeanne Mills Rosalie jackson Jean Edwards Imo Jones Josephine Clark Ada Nell Loe Dorothy Herrell Courtney jackson Elizabeth Franklin Angeline Alfieri Ann Holt Newell Cockran Pauline Nlagnolia Adine lNlcFarland jean Holland HE WHAT NEXT? Club has had many interesting programs this year. They have studied many diferent authors, plays, and poems. The most successful social given by the club was a luncheon at the Baker Hotel given on March IO. The luncheon was indeed a delightful affair, and was thoroughly enjoyed by the members of the club and their guests. Another social event enjoyed by all the girls was a bridge luncheon given at the home of Nancy Terrell during the Christmas holidays. 1 l i I l if 5 . a. 6 F 1' rf X "'. .L+ N ' 'w fi .f i ff' ff SV' r 1' s.P..Q.R. f - M Q 3' lah- L .. , -TT R ' F- 1 , A ik x 1 Jir- . 1 .,qA a w, .x1--f- , 0. E Frances Draschil Twilight Neal Dorotliy Hanks Robert Gengnagel sl-A Ruth Lamhert Ruth Draschil Pl-lilonese Bastien wx .,x w 5. P. Q. R. Delores Colffee Monteil Hooper Mary Helen Powell will . f r if : Myrtle Clopton Ollie Jane NVilson Elisabeth Rea Johmiye Fildes Senatus Topulusgue Fall Term OFFICERS Frances Draschil ,,,,,,,,.. ,,.,..., ' Prcsidruz .,,,..... Mary Helen Powell ....Y.,............. ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, T ' ice-'Prsriduril ,,,,,,.. Delores Coffee .,.,.,,,,.l,..,,.,.. - .....,.. ,,,.,, Fred Rodgers ,..,,,.,, LLL. Mrs. M. Clopton ,,.. Philanese Bastein Vivian Cantrell Delores Coffee Louise Cole Frances Draschil Ruth Draschil Johnnye Fildes George Gibbons Robert Gengnagel Evelyn Kaeneman Srcrvlfzry and Trmfzzrzr .. ......., Sergeanl al .,4rm.v.. . ,,.,........ Sponsor ..,,.,. MEMBERS Dorothy Hooks Ruth Lambert Twilight Neil Charlotte Payne J. Howard Payne Dick Powell Mary Helen Powell jewel Proctor Fred T. Rodgers Romrmus A' prizzg Term Frances Draschil ........Iohnnye Fildes ....,,..Delores Coffee ....,.....Fred Rodgers Mrs. M. Clopton Bt-rwin Tilson Mary Turner Florence Turner Rose Wheat Kiyo Yamakama Louis Young jack Selcraig Louis Schwartinsky Ollie Jane Wilson Elisabeth Rea HE S. P. Q. R., one of the oldest clubs of North Dallas High, was hrst organized in 1923 under the sponsorship of Mrs. Clopton. The purpose of the club is to create an interest in Latin and Latin civilization, to a greater extent than class time allows. Pupils of various ages and classifications are brought together and thus a spirit of good fellowship among Latin students in general is fostered. The membership is elective. This year the meetings have been held in room 114, each VVednesday afternoon. Each Spring the club honors the contestants sent from North Dallas to the state Latin tournament. VVe feel that this has been our most successful year. i 1 ti... The Latin Tournament S the Viking goes to press, North Dallas Latin students are bending every effort to prepare themselves for the Latin Tournament to be held at Commerce, April 13. Even our January beginners are expected to win honor for North Dallas. The two representatives from that class are Eleanor Brown and Louise VVatson, with Ada Beth Groom as alternate. First vear contestants are Donald Norgaard and Mozelle Vaden, with Evelyn Gay, alternate. From the second year students, Mary Helen Powell and Florence Turner, and Bertha Levey, alternate, are entering. George Belleville, George Illes, and Nellie Harris, alternate, are the third year con- testants, from the senior class are Hugh McClung, Llewellyn Powell, and Bob Edwards, alternate. Students who have written essays for the tournament are: George Edwards and Edward Snodgrass, first year, Florence Turner and Anna YVillis, second year, Frances Farr and Sarafrank Russell, third year, and Baptiste Adoue and Elisabeth Rea, fourth year. Note: Since the above was written results of the tournament have been reported. George Belleville won the individual prize for third year Latin, and Llewellyn Powell, for fourth year. Sarafrank Russell was essay winner for third year. Eleanor Brown and Louise Watson won the prize for the .lanuary beginners. George Belleville and George Illes won the third year prize. Hugh lVIcClung and Llewellyn Powell won in fourth year Latin. Frou! 1-rice: Norgaard, Illes, Farr, Vaiden, Rea, XVatson. Edwards, Bellexille. lc Bark VUTZL' Adoue, Powell, XVilIis, Powell, Turner, Broun, N Clung, Snodgrass, WX

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