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Vg - 'Hmmm 2552252 J . gm, 44, I - ' - 21 we ., ,,.,.,,A ,. ' Q. A mam' - wg , 'Q i f W u "--f-S-f- M .1 M x.--1. 4, -1 x ' ngxf V, ,ka ,gmx A ' i rf-nn i . N. 3 ,gy ,V ,,, . - . W, fm- . Q1 ' ' ,wwf-29 " 'vis 1 . --. 5592 v , M A . x:flft ,1,wfAw,g! ,,, vs, . . .iw ,LkQ.A,,. ,.EV,,,w1,,5 M ,, ' f 2 - P , 5 AW' X :- fm-' ye ,M i - X4, 5 4, , . , 5 T' B I? .1 1 It Q!!! 1 mifiiw -...qua an ? Q"w f P15 I' 4.-.4-..... .M.v,A..,.1.',A-M-.,..,..l-m.,.,..,M,.,,V ,, A . , , M. A v , 1 , f + W W., f my U ' - 52 Xu X ,iiylw 5" X ,Aw 1 W .M x ,.., ' " W - x XR A' I P E X M 1 Q k 32- , , fx A . is L. T . 1 ua- 11. . f V W , Q ' y "f , 'M xg-1 M1 . "'. , ,Q . 'Q . A' . 1 ' - ,.. ,. M mf.-.-kfm .fwg X BI 0 1965 Published by the students of North Dakota State University of Agriculture and Applied Science Fargo, North Dakota - D i. s Q f - riwfejy, 'Q ' or W s l K W. A 1. , - 'GMA f ,ww f ,. V . V he FORE ORD Many changes have taken place in the seventy- five years since North Dakota State University was founded. Although the buildings, educational pro- gram, and campus have grown with the times, the student today still needs the same basic components lor individual development. We have attempted to show the studentis growth through his interest . . . inquiry . . . guidance . . . study , . . learning. . . pa- tience . . . creativity . . . performance . . . pleasure . . . living. All of these combined have, do, and will con- tinue to build the total character ol' the North Da- kota State University student. 2 3r"1 CDNTENTS Administration Academics Underclassmen 1 14 Activities 162 Sports 2 10 Student Life 242 Organizations 290 'ii fe D U zs mtefest The student's interest is his key to having a rewarding college experience. He may show interest in his own field of study as well as in other professional projects and accomplishments, in campus-wide activi- ties by recruiting new students, in subjects of special interest by doing extra reading or research, in campus organizations by participation in their functions, in over-all campus news by reading the school publi- cations. 4 HKUTH HIIYERSUY D65 HUB J inquipf l Inquiry is essential to all learning. The student learns by using many of the methods of communication- reading the daily newspapers, cal- ling a friend on the telephone, re- questing explanation and additional information from instructors in the classroom and asking questions in group discussions. E ' We, .123 .Q'Q'.5,. , B 7 AN' 1 ,' Nl tug, X.: Q . H1549 QP -,bf ' 1 Q35 ' 'xg' Mrk' N73 ..............., ........... . , W D U is. . .guidance Learning takes place by many means. In addition to reading and learning from books, the student uses lab equipment to find information, he practices speaking and interpreting foreign languages in the labo- ratory, he learns by means of visual aids such as microfilm projectors and movies, and he does research in his chosen field. 9 Et, 5 :Q '??'E'Yi!. f 1 a 1 1 i 3 A . :K 'K Each student develops his own study ha- bits. Some prefer studying alone in the se- cluded stacks of the library, some in the sci- ence laboratories, some with a friend under a tree, or in a group gathered around a table. The student encounters various areas of study. . .research, observation, deep reading, and even concentration on an involved table game. 10 NDSU is. .. study 'if NDSU is. . . leaming The student is guided, but also learns to guide others. The instruc- tor guides the group through a dif- ferent process during each mass lec- ture, the coach helps to get the team through critical points of the game, the counsellor assists the student in finding a suited field or profession or in finding the reasons for the student's difficulties, the instructor makes the lesson more clear by us- ing demonstrations, and the student himself learns to guide the young as he had been guided. NDSU is. .. patzknce uf,--"" 2001007 SPEECH A student's patience usually de- velops through college life. Patience grows by learning to work with youth, taking the planning responsi- bilities of campus activities, careful measurement and concentration on assignments, working with delicate materials and equipment, waiting and watching a project being com- pleted after much detailed planning. The student has the opportunity to express his beliefs and feelings in some campus activities and in many regular classes. The student's choice of activity may be that of molding from a piece of clay, play- ing a musical instrument, doing a modern dance, painting a scene, designing a building, or originating a garment. D is... " 11 . ', wg? Timm ' HN- Y H- - jif?,gff'f' '.,, cgi 'W Wk , -,,. ,..f-In ,. -.M "3"'. ',,f.,:,Z9,NfQ'. ,A fn 1 ,, ,A , 4 4 .Rv 1 4 ., AK! 4 'S f " 4115? ol' kt? f ,af 4 V ,gully f ,FSH F A ":-. -- 1 N " , ...Q .Q ffm f S is. . .pewrmance The student usually belongs to a group that per- forms or is interested in the performances of fellow students. He may choose musical performance with vocal or instrumental groups, he may choose theater acting, athletic competition or leading the fans in support of the home team. 18 'lx '9 A I9 Wf1..."' Q ' . .W-.N ' f an N' Q "" I N y xi 94 ' , it STS Q59 A' 4 X. , , . I JWA ,4f'1-Y' Q .ya ft' qi fy 4 W crss. 'gan-sun: ,.....- zs. . . pleasure An important part of the studentls development is finding time for plea- sure. Exciting contests and races, a coffee hour for the student's friends and parents, a weekend date, uni- versity parties and dances. . .make up an enjoyable portion ofthe studentls university life. DSU is. . .living Life takes place in many different settings on the campus. The student lives in the dormitory where he can study and ask friends for help with assignments, he plays the role of family man and student simultane- ously, he enjoys a game with close friends, he eats to stay alive through a typical college day, and he lives with the student body for the bet- terment of the University. 'gl -i ' 'lv-NK Sf. 7 ai N?"'s. X -2 ?f it 'Q k Q ' L """x'w-. .x, .34 'Weir dw ,X 3,4 , ea, 53: e . 4 fe - 93"9!'h M ' kf Wit ,. Qi A if - ., 'i4? 3 , MW. 1 5,454 3564 5 ,M an ibm If If 24 Ellicient and capable leadership ofthe ad- ministration of North Dakota State Univer- sity is best exemplified by the growing num- ber of student applications. The tasks of an administrator are diflicult and many times the criticism is greater than the praise. When choices and decisions have to be made, these people make them in the interests of the col- lege, the student, and the state. Their deci- sions have made NDSU more than a single unit of study for it now offers a well-round- ed program of higher education for all. ADMI I TRATIO GO ER OR Governor William Guy frequently visits the campus, speaking at various luncheons and crowning our queens. He is a graduate and a former agriculture teacher at NDSU. Governor Guy is still vitally interested in education. BOARD OF HIGHER EDUO TIO The Board of Higher Education meets each year with the presidents of the state supported institutions of higher learning. The board is responsible for the distribu- tion of funds to the institutions. SEATED: A, Haas, Mrs. Ejestrah, Mrs. M. johnson, M. Kruse, Commissioner Raschke, L. Nygaard. xl. Conrad. STANDING: H. Sullivan, F. Orth PRE IDE T The life of a University President is a busy one, but Dr. Albrecht thoroughly en- joys working with young people. As chief administrator of the University, he heads all academic and administrative business from his office in Old Main. Dr. Albrecht obtained his education at the University of Wisconsin. He received an honorary doctor degree in agriculture at Purdue University in 1962. Dr. and Mrs. H. R. Albrecht are in their fourth year at NDSU and have proven to be great assets to the Campus and the Fargo area. 5 ? V 'Ewa .35-5- A S., .. ,K ,, 5 Dr. and Mrs. Albrecht spend one of their few quiet Dr. Albrecht enjoys playing the organ for relaxation. moments by the fireplace. 27 Vice President Dr. james F. Nickerson is the newly appointed vice-presi- dent of North Dakota State University. Dr. Nickerson came to NDSU from Montana State lastjuly Where he was Dean of the Division of Education. He received his Bachelor of Sci- ence Degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University, Master of Arts Degree from Columbia University, and his Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Nickerson received a special citation for the 1960 Interior Study of Ed- ucation from Governor Rosellini of Washington and the Washington State Legislature. Dr. Nickerson has assumed a major role in stalling, curriculum planning and research direction here at North Dakota State University. Dean Of Graduate School Dr. Glenn S. Smith, Dean ofthe Graduate School, has been a member ofthe NDSU agronomy faculty for ten years. Dr. Smith received his Bachelors Degree from NDSU, Mas- ters Degree from the University of Kansas, and his Doctors Degree from the University of Minnesota. As Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Smith reviews applicants of grad stu- dents and handles the general business of the Graduate school. 28 'Q may will T' l Dean Of Students Gfnce Dr. Daniel R. Leasure, Dean of Students,has completed Mr. james L. Thomas is the Co-ordinator of Student his second year at North Dakota State University. Dr. Affairs and the Director of the Memorial Union at North Leasure came here from Pennsylvania State University Dakota State University. Mr. Thomas received his Master where he received his Doctor of Education Degree and of Arts Degree in Recreation at the University of Illinois was Dean of Men. Dr. Leasure's many duties include stu- where he was the assistant program director of the Illinois dent affairs program, co-ordinator of student affairs, Union. Mr. Thomas has played a major role in our addi- housing and counseling. tion to the Union. Mr. Thomas co-ordinates the co-educa- Mrs. Betty jean Salters, Assistant Dean of Students for tional activities and is Secretary of the Activities Board. Women, began her duties at North Dakota State Univer- Mr. D. Dean Scott, Assistant Dean of Students, gradu- sity in 1963. Mrs. Salters served as a residence hall direc- ated from the University of North Dakota and is presently tor at the University of Kansas and a counselor at Indiana working on his Doctorate Degree there. Mr. Scott worked University where she studied for her Master of Arts De- with Counseling and Testing for one year before assum- gree in guidance and counseling. Mrs. Salters acts as ad- ing his present position. Dean Scott acts as Interfraternity viser to the Associated Women Students, Panhellenic Council advisor and counselor to men students. Council, Women's residence halls and the Who's Who Committee. 29 CUMMUNICATIGNS Communications specializes in publicity, publications, and sending information off-campus. Mr. Bob Crom, Director of Com- munications, received his master's degree at NDSU. He received the Blue Key Doctor of Service Award in 1963. Miss Beth Rochefort, Assistant in Communications, is in charge of publications and special events. Miss Rochefort received her master's de- gree at Iowa State University. Mr. Dave Stugart, Communica- tions Assistant, came to NDSU in 1964 from Southern Illinois Univer- sity, where he completed his mas- ter's degree. He handles the sports information. Mr. jerry Richardson, News Bureau Editor, graduated from South Dakota State University. Mr. Richardson is in charge of sending all information of the students off- campus. DEVELGPMENT Mr. Marvin Moll, Director of Development, came to NDSU in 1963. He works with NDSU staff and faculty members in obtaining Federal and foundation grants, and acts as an advisor to campus and alumni groups on fund-raising projects. l 1 2... . . 4. ,sl Lej to right: Miss B. Rochefort, J. Richardson, B. Crom, D. Stugart. ALUMNI Mr. jerry Lingen, Alumni Director, gradu- ated from NDSU in 1961. He started working here in 1964. He coordinates all alumni ac- tivities. AND GROUNDS A-in BUILDINGS COUNSELING AND TESTING Dr. Quentin Stodola, Director of Counseling and Testing, and Dr. La- Verne Nelson, Assistant Director of Counseling and Testing received their doctorate degrees from the University of Wyoming. Dr. Stodola has recently had a book published FREQUENT CLASSROOM TESTING AS A LEARNING AID USING DATA PROCESSING. Dr. Nelson has written a pamphlet "Success Through Study." articles for state publications, and recently wrote a script and made a film on counseling. .RX I PLACEMENT Superintendent of Buildings and Director, has been assigned to Grounds, Mr. Erling Thorson, graduated from NDSU in 1932. He began working on the campus as a student and became Super- intendent of Buildings and Grounds in 1942. Mr. Thorson is in charge of the ground planning. 31 NDSU in cooperation with the North Dakota State Employ- ment Service to service and co- ordinate the employment needs of the University and student body. Office Of Admissions And Records Mr. Burton B. Brandrud, Director ofAdmissions and Records has been at North Dakota State University since 1954. His present posi- tion combines responsibility for admittance, academic records, and permanent records. Mr. Llyal Hanson, Assistant Registrar, came to North Dakota State University in 1959. Mr. Hanson's duties include admission of stu- dents, graduation, qualifications, and Honors Day program. Assistant Admission Officer, Mr. Ed Munch, began his duties at North Dakota State University june 1, 1964. His position combines responsibility of approving admission and co-ordinating the admis- sion program. Much of the secretaries' work involves NDSU students' individual records. 32 11141. Mr. Ron Corliss, Assistant Business Manager, graduated from Ellendale State College and has done graduate work at the Uni- versity of North Dakota. He has been here at North Dakota State University for two years. His responsibilities include student loans, scholarships, and insurance. BUSINESS OFFICE Miss Edythe Toring, Business Manager, has been at North Dakota State University since 1938. She graduated from Valley City State College. Miss Toring is in charge of the busi- ness office, annual budgets, legislative budgets, and is treasurer of NDSU. Mr. Norman Seim, Director of Housing, has been here at North Dakota State University for two years. He received his college education at Moorhead State College and at NDSU. Mr. Seim's duties include dormitory assignments and contracts. Sv 4? Y fu f in ,qu ' L' T fs - 1. - - v- . .- ,Mak v . f ' ,. , 'T , .. 1 'Wm' 'f ,I l ' ,' f "- . . QPF ' ' "W' . ff , g i fm ' "1 A ' fin Av i"f"' ' Mf""'-' K " X: "V ' x ' L 11 fis- ' 4 M-H-win J' sw ff wif gi ,,Qg,f,. " - WWW wwf , nm-' ,H ,A A M . kh,..,,M,. ?i W J ' All mau- ,p -sk 8 ACADEMIC LIFE W' .., .Q 4. 3 5 '2 2 my f:-iw. - X , wx-ff 3. 1 fJ?ieg51aim:Pfygse1 W- f,... A f.-M,,. A W 'sz 44 2 f College of Agriculture . . . Faculty . . . Graduates College of Arts and Sciences . . . Faculty . . . Graduates College of Chemistry and Physics . . .Faculty . . . Graduates College of Engineering . . . Faculty . . . Graduates College of Home Economics . . . Faculty . . . Graduates College of Pharmacy . . . Faculty . . . Graduates Underclassmen . . .juniors . . . Sophorrmres . . .Freshmen Interest in advancing knowledge is the impetus that brings students to a Uni- versity. To satisfy the students' desire to learn, the professors offer a broad and advanced curriculum. The instructors and students must fulfill obligations to each other in order to accomplish satisfying teaching and learning processes. The professors must secure current information and facts concerning their fields and the students must be receptive to learning. X 4? 33 CGLLEGE GF AGRICULTURE The College of Agriculture received the 1964 Sharivar Award in College competition. The enrollment increased 119 compared to winter quarter of last year. The college of Agriculture started with the beginning of NDSU. Enrollment-wise it is ranked 23rd in the nation. There will be approximately 100 in the graduating class this spring. Dean oi Agriculture Arlon C Hazen 35 59-rf lj 5 13 v Dean Hazen examines flour grinding machine. Q1 3 Associate Dean and Director of Agriculture, Dr. j. Callenbach. ? si? F w,.fL,,. , wwe , ws. M5'3 Assistant Dean and Director Of Agri culture, P. Nystuen. Director of Cooperative Extension Service, A. Schulz. 35 DEPARTMENT OF AGRICUL- TURAL ECONOMICS: SEATED: Dr. F. Taylor. STANDING, left to right: D. Anderson, Dr. R. Cox, L. Schaffner. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICUL- TURAL ECONOMICS: Left to right: Dr. D. Anderson, Dr. j. Mc- Donald, Dr. L. Loftsgard, D. Nelson. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS: SEATED: T. I-Iertsgaard. LM to right: P. Hemphill, T. Ostenson, H. Delud. filffxnffiffi Ifdffffdifff lg in 52 I DEPARTMENT OF AGRONOMY: SEATED: Dr. K. Lar- son. LM to right: C. Swallers, L. Mitich. 1, mamma . 5 DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION: Lap to right: W. Dolve, S. Owen, D. Altone. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL C. Moilanen, R. Witz, H. Kucera. ENGINEERING: LM to right: D. I-Iinkle, E DEPARTMENT OF AGRICUL- TURAL ENGINEERING: Lejl to right: Dr. A. Butchbaker, H. Holmen, W. Promersberger. GRIC LTURE FACULTY DEPARTMENT OF AGRONOMY: SEATED: M. Wiidakas. STANDING, lqfl to right: Dr. Carter, L. Fabricius, Dr. N. Williams, Dr. G. Peterson. Q-Q I Iii DEPARTMENT OF AGRONOMY: S, Moon, L. Jensen. DEPARTMENT OF AGRONOMY: Leji to right Lucken, K. Lebsock, A. Foster. DEPARTMENT OF AGRONOMY: SEATED: Dr. A. Schooler. LW to right: Dr. sl. Nolewaja, R. C. Frohberg, Dr. G. Smith, D. C. Ebeltoft. RIGHT: DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY: Lql to right: B. P. Sleeperhl. A. Doubly. 'ni . v"' A T I ...D . . DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY: Leg? to right B. R. Funke,j. L. Parsons, R. S. Fulghun. RIGHT: DEPARTMENT OF ANIMAL I-IUSBANDRY: SEATED: M. L. Buchanan. STANDING: R. Bryanlkl.-johnson. ZS .gf-1 . 4,1 'C-f"" LEFT: DEPARTMENT OF ANIMAL HUSBANDRY: SEATED: Donald Bolin. STANDING: M. Light, R. Knutson, D. Erickson. 39 GRICULT RE FAC LTY ff if ,......y- DEPARTMENT OF CEREAL TECHNOLOGY: Lg? to right: Dr. K. Gilles, A. Pinckney, W. Shuey, C. McDonald. Ezlzxlz' DEPARTMENT OF CEREAL TECHNOLOGY: Lg? to right: Dr. D. Medcalf, L. Sibbitl, O. Banasik. DEPARTMENT OF DAIRY HUSBANDRY: Leffl to right: C. Edgerly, Dr. C. Jensen, L. Beck, H. McCleud. ana-WY ABOVE: DEPARTMENT OF AGRICUL TURE ENTOMOLOGY: Lej? to right: W Colberg, Dr. J. Callenbach, Dr. R. Post, Dr Dogger. Q W V . 'A f f is SEATED: R. Frye. Lejh to right: D. Noetzel Dr. G. Mulkern, Dr.j. Schulz. DEPARTMENT OF HORTICULTURE: STANDING, lej? to right: N. Holland. Dr. D. Nelson, H. Graves, R. johansen, D. Hoag. FRONT: Dr. E. Scholz, Dr. E. Lana. A' DEPARTMENT OF ENTOMOLOGY: AGRICULTURE FACULTY DEPARTMENT OF PLANT PATHOLOGY: Lej7 to right: Dr. H. Flor, Dr. F. Gough, Dr. H. Bissormetle. SEATED: Dr. R. Timian. .Ll DEPARTMENT OF SOILS: Dr. A. Bauer, Dr. E. Vasey. x I 5 K x f ABOVE: DEPARTMENT OF POULTRY HUSBANDRY: Dr. R. Bryant. ABOVE: DEPARTMENT OF PLANT PATHOLOGY: LM to right: Dr E. Pepper, Dr. A. Benson. SEATED: Dr. R. Kiesling. 42 DEPARTMENT OF SOILS: LM to right: Dr. G. johnsgard, H. Omodt. DEPARTMENT OF VETERINARY SCIENCE Lej? to right: Dr. M. Bolin, Dr. I. Schipper, R Barnes. SEATED: Dr. M. Andrews. DEPARTMENT OF SOILS: Len to right Dr. E. Norum, Dr. J. Zubriski, Dr. AI Moraghan, Dr. G. Wilkinson. Lester Anderson LESTER ANDERSON, Gardner, ASAE, IFCQ RICHARD ANDER- SON, Necheg WILLIAM AUSTIN, Baker, Minn., Alpha Gamma Rho, SUAB, Saddle 8c Sirloin Club, Homecoming, Sharivar, Commis- sioner of SUAB, DENNIS BAES- LER, New Leipzig, AUSA, DMS in ROTC, ROBERT BECKNER, Washtucna, Washington, Co-opg R. KEITH BERG, Grand Forks, Agronomy Club, FH Peavey Schol- arship, Seed Trade Association Scholarship, RONALD BERGAN, Dunn Centerg Farmhouse, Ag. Econ. Club, Alpha Zeta, ROGER BERGLUND, Sheyenneg Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, Kappa Delta Pi, FFA, Sharivarg ROBERT BERNARDY, Fargog Sigma Nu, Saddle 8c Sirloin Club, AIA, Shari- varg BYRON BOLLINGBERG, Bremen, Alpha Gamma Rho, Rah- jah Club, LARRY BORLAND, La- kotag FFA, Married Students Asso- ciationg FRED BROWNING, Ana- mooseg WILLIAM BURNETT, Cummings, Theta Chi, Blue Key, IFC, SUAB, Ag. Econ. Club, Stu- dent Affairs Comm., Student Coun- seling Sub-Committee. .qw--'Q Richard Anderson William Austin Dennis Baesler Robert Beckner Keith Berg R0flHld Befgan vgfui' Roger Berglund Robert Bernardy Byron Bollingberg Larry Borland Fred Browning William Burnett 44 , 113 I pg. R james Burroughs Lyndon Drewlow Stanley Erickson Dave Gilbertson Ronald Carlson Ken Casavant ff. Dennis Dullum Darryl L. Eastvold Denzil Farbo Stanley Foss Elroy Haadem Lorace Hakanson 45 Quentin Christman JAMES BURROUGHS, Fullerton, Alpha Gamma Rho, Saddle 84: Sir- loin, 1963 Meatjudging Team, Lit- tle International, RONALD CARL- SON, Stephen, Minn., Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Student Senate, IFC, Honor Case Commission, Campus Affairs Commission, KEN CASA- VANT, Thorne, Ag. Econ. Club, Rahjah Club, Newman Club, Saddle 8a Sirloin, Co-op House, Farmers Union Local, 4-H Club, FFA, Pa- jama Game, Flower Drum Song, QVUENTIN CHRISTMAN, Lem- mon, S. Dak., FFA, Young Demo- crats, Ag. Econ. Club, LYNDON DREWLOW, Breckenridge, Minn., DENNIS DULLUM, Williston, DARRYL EASTVOLD, Mayville, Alpha Gamma Rho, FFA, Saddle 84 Sirloin Club, Student Senate, Homecoming, Sears Scholarship, STANLEY ERICKSON, Crosby, DENZIL FARBO, Cando, STAN- LEY FOSS, Thorne, DAVE GIL- BERTSON, Ada, Minn., Alpha Gamma Rho, Saddle Sc Sirloin, Alpha Zeta, ELROY HAADEM, Tappen, Saddle Sc Sirloin, Farm- house, AUSA, Little International, LORACE HAKANSON, Fessen- den, Ag. Econ. Club. Neil Hamilton NEIL HAMILTON, Courtenay, Al- pha Gamma Rho, Saddle 8a Sirloin Club, Rodeo Club, Little Interna- tional, RONALD HANSEN, Haw- ley, Minn., GARY HANSON, Klo- ten, JOHN HANZAL, Parshall, ORLIN HARTMAN, Ellendale, Co-op, MEARL HODGSON, Cava- lier, DAVID HOFF, Fargo, Co-op, PALMER HOLDEN, Oriska, Co-op, AUSA, Saddle 8a Sirloin Club, Jr. Livestock Judging Team, Ralston-Purina, Danforth, Sears Roebuck Scholarships, RONALD HOLTZ, New Rockford, Co-op, HARLEY JENNINGS, Washburn, Farm House, IFC, Rahjah Club, Saddle 84 Sirloin Club, Blue Key, Little International, DUANE JOHNSON, Almontg MYRON JUST, Berlin, Co-op, Gamma Delta, Spectrum, RICHARD KNOKE, Devils Lake, Alpha Tau Omega, Ag. Econ. Club. Ronald Hansen Gary Hanson John Hanzal Orlin Hartman Mearl Hodgson David Hoff f W Palmer Holden Ronald Holtz Harley Jennings Duane Johnson Myron Just Richard Knoke 46 .- l ,A Nff-gm, Robert Knorr Gary Knutson Russell Lalurrl K, jerry Liddle Dale Lincoln Charles Lindtweed Y :fm V " A Tiff w.. Frank Manderfeld Gordon Meyer Stanley Miles 2, . 'Mm Robert Miller Gary Nelson William Nelson 47 Lowell Larson ROBERT KNORR, Sawyer, Alpha Gamma Rho, GARY KNUTSON, Oakesg Alpha Gamma Rho, Saddle 84 Sirloin Club, Rahjah Club, Little International, Homecoming, Who's Who, RUSSELL LALUM, Brins- made, LOWELL LARSON, Bre- meng Co-op, Ag. Econ. Club' JERRY LIDDLE, Carringtoni Farmhouse, DALE LINCOLN, Ar- thurg CHARLES LINTWEED, Mil- tong Alpha Gamma Rho, FFA Agronomy Club, Ag. Econ. Club, AUSA, Sears Scholarship, FRANK MANDERFELD, Fargo, FFA, Mar- ried Students Associationg GOR- DON MEYER, Pillsbury, Alpha Gamma Rho, STANLEY MILES, Fargo, Ag. Econ. Clubg ROBERT MILLER, Fordvilleg Saddle 8c Sir- loin Club, GARY NELSON, Brad- dock, Alpha Gamma Rho, WIL- LIAM NELSON, Hawley, Minn., Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, Ag. Econ. Club, Minneapolis Grain Exchange Scholarship. 9 l Boyd Nerdahl BOYD NERDAHL, Sharon, ROGER NETLAND, Sharon, GER- ALD NITZ, Anamooseg Tau Kappa Epsilon, Ag. Econ. Club, Newman Club, Sharivarg LEONARD OLOF- SON, Aliceg Ag. Econ. Club, Vets Club, RALPH POLASKY, Tappeng GERALD QUAM, Wyndmereg Al- pha Gamma Rho, Ag. Econ. Club, Newman Club, Saddle 8a Sirloin Club, WILLIAM RASMUSSON, Warwick, Alpha Tau Omega, Air Society, Sharivar, Damn Yankees, Homecoming, ALLAN RED- MANN, Crystal, Sigma Nu, Kappa Kappa Psi, Who's Who, IFC, Shari- var, Gold Star Band, Agronomy Club, Commissioner of Campus Affairsg DAVID RINKE, Wheaton, Minn., Alpha Gamma Rho, Saddle 81: Sirloin Club, Ag. Econ. Club, ROBERT SANDERSON, Malta, Mont., ROBERT SATROM, Gales- burgg Co-op, Ag. Econ. Club, Sad- dle 8c Sirloin, LORNE SCHARN- BERG, Fargo, JOHN SCHEFTER, Langdon, Dorm Counselor. l Roger Netland Gerald Nitl Leonard Olofson I. ., iw 55 ,5 . f ,- ' fir" , , :.. f'.. ' a21' . igvwiisx Ralph Polasky Gerald Qvuam William Rasmusson Allen Redfflalln David Rinke Robert Sanderson Robert Salrom Lorne Scharnberg john Schefter 48 'H-we Gerald Schlichlmann Allison Scholes Clark Sheldon ..,..-f-:sv Robert Sperle Keith Struble Laffy TUTUCY Rodney Wentz Ronald Willardson William Zimmerman Hllillfffe'1115375'ygyggggmgfmp,.-.. Hard lest. :smsmmnnmmm 49 Dennis Sobtzak GERALD SCHLICHTMANN, Hillsborog Saddle 8: Sirloin Clubg ALLISON SCHOLES, Carsong CLARK SHELDON, Mapeltong ICVF, Flower Drum Songg DENNIS SOBTZAK, Greenbush, Minn.g AUSA, Newman Club, Rodeo Clubg ROBERT SPERLE, Napoleong KEITH STRUBLE, Jamestowng LARRY TURNER, Fargog ROD- NEY WENTZ, Napoleong Alpha Gamma Rho, Rahjah Club, Ag. Econ. Clubg RONALD WILLARD- SEN, LaMoureg WILLIAM ZIM- MERMAN, Arthurg HARLEYJEN- NINGS, Washburn. COLLEGE CF ARTS AND SCIENCES Dr. Carl Zimmerman is the first distinguished visiting professor in the College of Arts and Sciences. john Ward- well was awarded the Fullbright Scholarship. Dr. Walsh and Mr. Lyons have had books published this past year. For an institution of our size, the Arts and Sciences depart- ment is of good rating. It is the largest college at NDSU. Approximately 300 AAS students will graduate this year. Dean of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Seth Russell. Dean Russell relaxes from his busy schedule. Assistant no Dean of Arts and Sciences, Madeleine Skogen raw uf" CP' -' ::Q'.'iIi?fi1 ' 50 A DEPAR'I'MFN'I' UF ZOOLOGYZ 1.4112 lo right: Dr. S. Pickwurth, Dr. O. Sokol, Dr. F. Cassel, Dr. G. Comila. DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY: Dr. j. Brophy, F. Waldron, Dr. W. Kress. 'EN-'Q' Jen 'l lla. DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY:Ldt to right: Dr R. Burgess, Dr. D. Moir. DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY: Lfjl lo right: Dr. W. Whitman, O. Stevens, Dr. M. Hayat, D. R. Delvin. ART AN SCIE CE F CULTY DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE: Lfjl to right: Dr. Bond, Dr. C. Amlund. DEP.-IRTMENT 01" SOCI.-ll. SCIENCE: Lfjfk to right. Dr. R. Snyder, Dr. E. Pence. D. Vinji. ABOVE: DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCES: Lejl to righl: Dr. S. Murray, R. Otterson, Dr. C. Roach, Dr. H. Boyle. BELOW: DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCE: Lgfl to right: Dr. KI. Whittaker W. Cook, L. Nies, A. Ray. 52 DEPARTMENT OF MENS PHYSICAL EDLCATION D Isrow E Kaiser R Erhardt DEPARTMENT OF MENS PHYSICAL EDUCA TION: Lep to right: D, Mudra, D. johnson, C Bentson, D. Palmer. Ar' ' LW-1,5 DEPARTMENT OF MENS PHYSI Kee, W. Weaver, C. Nystrom. In WN CAL EDUCATION: LM to right: B Gregoire, V. Wensel, D. Dahm, M. Nass E. Raer. CAL EDUCATION: SEATED: V. Mc- DEPARTMENT OF WOMENS PHYSI- v Arts and Sciences Faculty DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE: Colonel E. Clapp. I E I ,Q .I-" , .1 .SE v , A L 'f If i . Y! DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE: Len to right: Lt. Col. Kline, M. Montgomery, G. Reed. DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE: Lej? to Captain G. Hall, SFC L. Penton, Captain D. Rumpel. 5 DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE: Lej? to right: A. Kan- kelfritz, S.Sgt. T. Mize, Major C. Dean. 725 ,X DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE: Lep to right: S.Sgt. G. Gromaski, S.Sgt. Wiehe, Major E. Perry. 55 I DEPARTMENT OF AIR SCIENCE: Len to right: Major W. Heiser, Major R. Hansen, DEPARTMENT OF AIR SCIENCE: Col. M. W. Faulk Captain E. Hegland, Captain R. Wackerfuss. 12' ' 5 DEPARTMENT OF AIR SCIENCE: SEATED: Nancy Lambrecht. STANDING, lej? to right: S.Sgt. D. Bittner, S.Sgt. D. Pratt, T.Sgt. W. Masourick, T.Sgt. L. Haydel. 56 Arts and Sciences Faculty lb. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH: SEATED, left to right: R. Schlipf, M. Lyons, R. Engeltl. Hove, R. Lyons. 'HQ DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH: SEATED, lej? to rightsj. Weible, P. Weir. STANDING L. Marget, B. Walters, C. Bina. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: SEATED: R. Mease. STANDING, lay? to right: C. Eland, M. Flynn, H. Aarnes. 57 Arts and Sciences Faculty DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY SCIENCE: Lql to right: R. C. Toivonen, M. A. Anderson. DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY SCIENCE: Left to right: D. Salama, B. Wetterstrom, H. D. Stal- lings. Ons! W., .awe DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH: SEATED, lep to right: j. Phillips, M. Webster. STANDING: L. Sack- CII, T. McGrath, C. Cater. .Q-"""' I I 1- 'L ,pf DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS: LM to right: M. Thompson, M. Skogen, R. Sher- moen, G. Schilling. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS: Lep to right: A. Riveland, G. Wal- DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS: SEATED: K. L. Daniels. Lej? rath, L. Olson. to right: Lundquist, D. Fisher, A. Hill, C. Friese. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS: SEATED: D. Palmer. LM to right: D. Eus- tice, F. Arena, F. Haring. Arts and Sciences Faculty DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH AND DRAMA: LW to right: G. Richmond, E. Walker, C. West. .fl DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH AND DRAMA: Lej? to right: R. Mrnak, M. Wakstein DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES: LM to right: Dr. L. Hertel, K. Schindler. DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES: SEATED: H. Stallings. STAND- ING, lm to right: R. Muller, S. A. Popel. L. Bonnema, F. Walsh. wi-M-an--gmwf wf:f1F,s..q.Wwf -Mswsuffawrsfhqwww-wsu-nur.-mu ll. , df.. DEPARTMENT OF RELIGION: SEATED: Dr. C. C. Roach. STAND ING, lo right: Rev. R. Elliott, Rev. W. Durkin. DEPARTMENT OF RELIGION: STANDING: Rev. R. Hovda SEATED, lqfi to right: Rabbi S., Diamem, Rev. S. Kvinge. DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC: SEATED: CZ, Croal. STANDING, lgft to right: E. Van Vlis- singen, R. johnson, R. Godwin, A. Koenig, W. Euren. Jerome Ahlberg JEROME AHLBERG, Leeds, A. THOMAS ALM, Fargo, AUSA, Newman Club, Sharivar, ARLAN ANDERSON, Lake Park, Minn., BRUCE ANDERSON, Fargo, DEN- NIS ANDERSON, Hawley, Minn., JOANN ANDERSON, Kindred, Phy Ed Club, AWS, WRA, Gamma Phi Beta, SUAB, Sharivar, CAROL ANSTETT, Fargo, Gamma Phi Beta, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Who's Who, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Young Republicans, Sp. 8c Hearing Assoc., Angel Flight, EAE, Little Sister of Minerva, Damn Yankees, Pajama Game, Sharivar, Commissions of Publications 8a Inter-Campus Affairs, JUDY BACKER, Fargo, RAY BARN- HARDT, Center, Vet's Club, Blue Key, Who's Who, Newman Club, Inter-Fraternity Council, Student Senate, Commissioneriof Student Publications, Spectrum Advertis- ing Manager, JEROME BASA- RABA, Beliield, CATHI BARTA, Steele, BRUCE BARTCH, Fargo, Vet's Club, LIZ BARTLEY, Het- tinger. A. Thomas Alm Arlan Anderson Bruce Anderson Dennis Anderson JoAnn Anderson Carol Anstett Judy Backer Ray Barnhardt Jerome Basaraba Cathi Barta Bruce Bartch Liz Bartley 62 Paulette Becker Graydon Bell jane Belzer Carl Bergman Mary Beth Billing Edward Biren .li Paul B0dlTlCT Ronald Boll Kathy Brademeyer I Charles Brickner Curtis Bring Robert Brustuen 63 Gerald Berg PAULETTE BECKER, Bismarck, Newman Club, Dorm Counseler, GRAYDON BELL, Fargo, JANE BELZER, Cando, Newman Club, Spectrum, Gold Star Band, GER- ALD BERG, Egeland, TKE, AUSA, CARL BERGMAN, Kenmare, MARY BETH BILLING, Enderlin, Bison Annual-Editor, Concert Choir, Oratorio Society, Comm. of Student Publications, Who's Who, Kappa Delta Pi, Phy. Ed. Club, WRA, AWS, EDWARD BIREN, Fargo, Phi Kappa Phi, PAUL BOD- MER, Kenmare, Alpha Tau Omega, Kappa Kappa Psi, Blue Key, IFC, Gold Star Band, States- man, Pajama Game, Flower Drum Song, Athletic Commission, RON- ALD BOLL, West Fargo, KATHY BRADEMEYER, Oakes, Phy Ed Club, AWS, WRA, Concert Choir, Flower Drum Song, Arlene Kalk Memorial Scholarship, CHARLES BRICKNER, Carrington, CURTIS BRING, Galesburg, Math Club, Young Democrats, ROBERT BRU- STUEN, Buffalo, Theta Chi. Lyle Buerkle LYLE BUERKLE, Kulm, Theta Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, JOSEPH BU- SEK, Fargo, FRANK T. CABRAL, Fargo, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, DUANE CLINE, Minnewaukan, GERALD CLYNE, Fargo, GOR- DON K. COLEMAN, Bismarck, Math Club, Chess Club, BOB CRAM, Bismarck, Varsity Golf, Let- terman's Club, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, PETER CUPRAK, Watford City, ROBERT DAHM, Fargo, Let- terman's Club, BARB DANIEL- SON, Fargo, KATHY DEGEN, Bis- marck, WRA, Edwin Booth Drama Club, AWS, Phy Ed Club, Orchesis, Kappa Delta Pi, Who's Who, Math Club, Sharivar, PATRICIA DODGE, Fargo, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Kappa Alpha Theta, Libra, Guidon, Panhellenic, Student Senate, Concert Choir, YWCA, Comm. of Student Publica- tions, 75th Anniversary Steering Comm. Student Rep., Who's Who, Pi Omega Award, STEVE EDISON, Milnor. ,l 0561311 Busek Frank Cabral Duane Cline l Gerald Clyne Gordon Coleman Bob Cram Peter Cuprak Robert Dahm Barb Danielson i 1 Y Q Kathy Dfrgen Patty Dodge Steve Edison 64 Jane Eggert Sharon Eidem Nancy Erickson ,en-4 ess l 1. 4 Mary Jane Faust Robert Franek cindy Ffiedrichs is Jim Fllehftr Sara Gallagher Karen Galvin I l0hn Cfbhafdl Cheryl Geisler Kathleen Gorder 65 -16 wr Elna Eshom JANE EGGERT, Mapleton, Kappa Kappa Gamma, SHARON EIDEM, Huntington Beach, California, Gamma Phi Beta, WRA, Phy Ed Club, Orchesis, NANCY ERICK- SON, Minneapolis, Minn., Kappa Delta Pi, ELNA ESHOM, Fargo, Wesley Foundation, Young Demo- crats, Econ. Club, LCT, FM Zonta Club Scholarship, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, MARY JANE FAUST, Fargo, Kappa Delta Pi, ROBERT FRANEK, Mylo, CINDY FRIEDRICHS, Minot, Kappa Kappa Gamma, JIM FUEHRER, Jamestown, SARA GALLAGHER, Fargo, KAREN GALVIN, Fargo, Gamma Phi Beta, Radio Staff, Bi- son Annual Staff, Young Republi- cans, Sigma Alpha Eta, Pajama Game, JOHN GEBHARDT, Ellen- dale, Theta Chi, Arnold Air So- ciety, CHERYL GEISLER, Fessen- den,. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Delta Pi, KATHLEEN GORDER, Bismarck. Roger Gorg ROGER GORG, St. Paul, Minn, JONI GREEN, Fargo, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Kappa Phi, Guidon, Alpha Lambda Delta, JERRI HALL, Bismarck, RAETTA HANKEL, Ludden, Kappa Alpha Theta, Phi Kappa Phi, Libra, Pi Omega, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, YWCA, Who's Who, Gamma Delta, Edwin Booth Drama Society, LCT, North Dakota State Scholarship, CATHY HANSON, Crookston, Minn., MIKE HARPER, Lisbon, YMCA, Lettermans Club, GAYLON HAWKINS, Fargo, DAVID HEDRICK, Fargo, KEITH HEIDECKER, Brainerd, Minn., DON HERTZ, Mandan, JIM HIGGS, Mohall: HERBERT HOF- FART, Rugby, Vet's Club, Bus. Econ. Club, THOMAS HOLM- GREN, New Rockford, Alpha Tau Omega, Blue Key, Lettermans Club, Who's Who, Varsity Football Co- Captain, Varsity Track. YRS joni Green ,Ierri Hall Raetta Hankel Cathy Hanson Mike Harper Gaylon Hawkins David Hedrick Keith Heidecker Don Hertz awk wwf' jim Higgs Herbert Hoffart Thomas Holmgren 66 'fa X35 - Hilmer Huber Donna Johnson Neila Johnson 121116 K21SSOn 4 Ez' L Diane Kauffman Carroldine Kautz William Keller Sara Ketterling Robert Kieffer Bruce Klein James Klusman Ene Koivastik Sharon Kropp 67 ,,a-A HILMER HUBER, Dodge, DONNA JOHNSON, Horace, AWS, LSA, Dorm Council, Inter- Dorm Council, NEILAJOHNSON, Fargo, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Sharivar, JANE KASSON, Fargo, Libra, Gui- don, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta Pi, Tau Beta Sigma, YWCA, Orchesis, Pajama Game, Gold Star Band, DIANE KAUFFMAN, Zee- land, WRA, Spectrum, CARROL- DINE KAUTZ, Wishek, UCCF, 4-H Club, Kappa Delta Pi, IRC, WRA, WILLIAM KELLER, Fargo, Business Economics Club, SARA KETTERLING, LaMoure, Phy Ed Club, AWS, WRA, Comm. of Music and Public Programs, Bison An- nual, ROBERT KIEFFER, Cayuga, BRUCE KLEIN, Mandan, JAMES KLUSMAN, Beach, UCCF, Ama- teur Radio Society, Arnold Air So- ciety, Phi Eta Sigma, Student Sen- ate, Publications Comm., Dorm Counselor, Who's Who, Legion of Valor Award, Inter-Religion Coun- cil, ENE KOIVASTIK, Fargo, Gamma Phi Beta, Who's Who, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Libra, Angel Flight, SUAB, Homecoming, Sharivar, Comm. of Campus Affairs, Mortar Board, Pres., Assoc. of College Unions, Region 10, Zonta Memorial Scholarship, SHARON KROPP, Jamestown. Jerome Lake JEROME LAKE, Park Rapids, Minn., JUDY LARSEN, Bismarck, TI-IOMAS LEE, Townerg DALE LERVICK, Crosby, Alpha Tau Omega, Blue Key, IFC, Bison An- nual, Pajama Game, Damn Yankees, LESLIE LORENTZEN, Washburn, JANE LOWITZ, Fargo, NANCY MADSEN, Fargo, Mortar Board, SUAB, Sigma Alpha Iota, Kappa Delta Pi, Phy Ed Club, LSA, Con- cert Choir, Pajama Game, Who's Who, WILLIAM MASSEY, Lark, Kappa Delta Pig WILLIAM MAZE- NAC, Fargo: DIANE MILDE, Mad- dockg FRANCIS MORRIS, Wah- petong DAVE MOTT, Fargo, Sigma Chi, Student Senate, Comm. of Athletics, Rahjahs, Inter-fraternity Council, Comm. of Finance, Var- sity Bowling Teamg VIRGINIA NELSON, Fargo. J 'ESV Judy Larsen Thomas Lee Dale Lervick Leslie Lorentzen Jane Lowitz Nancy Madsen f. William Massey Wayne Mazanec Diane Milde Francis Morris David Mott Virginia Nelson 68 R David Nesset Dean Nordquist Ralph Oberlander Martin Omafray Kay Ovesen George Page Bonnie Peltonen Ray Pladson Bette Pring john Rachow Mark Rasmuson Leonard Reid 69 Orin Olsgaard DAVID NESSET, Fargo, DEAN NORDQUIST, Fargo, YMCA, In- ternational Relations Club, Who's Who, Arnold Air Society, Inter- Religious Council, Circle-K, Blue Key Freshman Scholarship, RALPH OBERLANDER, Ashley, Blue Key, Gold Star Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, LCT, Nels Vogel Music Scholarship, ORIN OLSGAARD, Binford, MARTIN OMAFRAY, Wilton, KAY OVESEN, Fargo, Who's Who,'Kappa Delta, Guidon, SUAB, Libra, Mortar Board, Shari- var Central Committee, Kappa Kappa Gamma Memorial Alumnae Scholarship, GEORGE PAGE, Bis- marck, BONNIE PELTONEN, Eveleth, Minn., RAY PLADSON, Hatton, BETTE PRING, Fargo, Kappa Delta, WRA, LSA, JOHN RACHOW, Hillsboro, MARK RAS- MUSON, Minot, Theta Chi, LEON- ARD REID, Port Arthur, Ontario, Kappa Delta Pi. Brian Reynolds BRIAN REYNOLDS, Enderlin, Varsity Bowling, MARVIN RIE- DESEL, Cathay, Kappa Delta Pi, RODERICK RIME, Ellendale, Theta Chi, Concert Choir, Damn Yankees, Pajama Game, CARY ROSETH, Moorhead, Minn., Tau Kappa Epsilon, STEVE SAVOLD, Fargo, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, LARRY SCHLECHT, Fargo, DEERAE SCHMIDT, Hutchinson, Minn., Kappa Delta, SUAB, Guidon, Dorm Counselor, ART SCHMITZ, Fargo, THEDA SEAWORTH, Calvin, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Whols. Who, Concert Choir, Sharivar, WRA, AWS, Bison Annual, Commissioner of Music Sc Public Programs, Sigma Alpha Iota Foundation Board Award, SUSAN SHERWOOD, Lis- bon, Kappa Alpha Theta, YWCA, Sharivar, DOROTHY SHOLTS, Bismarck, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sigma Alpha Iota, Kappa Delta Pi, Tau Beta Sigma, Gold Star Band, Homecoming, Phi Kappa Phi, LLOYD SMITH, Adrian, JUDY SNUFF, Fargo, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Delta Pi, AWS, Who's Who. Marvin Riedesel Roderick Rime Gary Roseth Steve Savold Larry Schlecht Dee Rae Schmidt Art Schmitz Theda Seaworth Susan Sherwood 41" Dorothy Sholts Lloyd Smith Judy Snuff 70 F' K . 1 R David Sommerfeld Marjorie Sorenson Kathy Spitzer John Strand Gaylon Swanson Thomas Swanson Elizabeth Taylor Daniel Thesing Verna Vossler john Thomas Linda Trautmann Ronald Vraa Margery Watt 71 DAVID SOMMERFELD, Fargo, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Rahjahsg MARJORIE SOR- ENSON, Kathryn, JOHN STRAND, Fargo, GAYLON SWANSON, jamestowng THOMAS SWANSON, Fairmount, Young Re- publicans, Econ Club, ELIZABETH TAYLOR, Williston, DANIEL THESING, Lewiston, Minn., JOHN THOMAS, Bismarck, LINDA TRAUTMANN, Fargog Kappa Delta, SUAB, Edwin Booth Drama Society, VERNA VOSSLER, Ashley, Campus Chest Drive, Physi- cal Education Club, RONALD VRAA, F argog Rahjahs, Arnold Air Society, Phi Kappa Phig Eastgate Lodge Scholarship, MARGERY WATT, Leonard, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Physical Education Club. ov' L A L Nancy Watt NANCY WATT, Leonard, Alpha Gamma Delta, BLUETTE WIL- LIAMS, Wimbledon, Phy Ed Club, WRA, AWS, LAURA WILNER, Fargog DORIS WOLF, Fredoniag MADELINE WOLSETH, Fargo, Sigma Alpha Iota, Gold Star Bandg STEVE WROE, Fargog CAROLYN ZELLER, Mandang Newman, jOAN AXTMAN, Rugby, Kappa Delta Pi, Mortar Board, Dorm Counselor, MARCELLA BURESH, Cleveland, Newman, Spectrum. pw...,w "'f""1v Bluette Williams Laura Wilner Doris Wolf l Madeline Wolseth Steve Wroe Carolyn Zeller l joan Axtman Marcella Buresh Students studying between classes at Minard Hall. . . ,U f lztffyffiifi QT? Y' Wmmtl. V, if 1 ., .M e N Dave Lee participates in Frontier History class. Cramming for a test? Dr. Zimmerman, well known for his work in Sociology served as a visiting professor this past year. 73 CCLLEGE CF CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS The College of Chemistry and Physics' out- standing event for 1964-65 was the completion of Dunbar Laboratories and its dedication. The college has been on this campus since the Uni- versity first began. Dunbar Laboratories has been in operation since September 1, 1964. The college is ranked in the top QW in the nation with respect to the number of bachelor gradu- ates accredited by the American Chemical So- ciety. There will be 36 graduates this springg 24 seniors, 9 receiving Masters degrees and 3 receiving their Ph.Ds. Thirty students received scholarships in 1964-65. 5 Dean of Chemistry and Physics, Dr. james Sugihara 'ull Student administers bio-chem lab tests. 74 iff ff T - . ...... .. ' lf' w.4,f ' P ' ,, 'W ,-wg! . DEPARTMENT OF PHYS- A ICS: SEATED, Dr. Yoon Suk P E --V' Koh. LM to right. P. Hetland, Q l t F. Haring. I ... Make sure you use the correct technique. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS: LM to right: N. johnson, E. Horvik, Dr. W. Hnojewyj. 75 DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY: SEATED: Dr. F. Minnear. STANDING, lejl to right: Dr. Sugihara, Dr. R. Fitch, Dr. R. MacDonald. DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY: Lgh to right: H. Heggeness, Dr. F. Sands, Dr. S. Shulman, Dr. J. Broberg, Dr. A. Rheineck. DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY: SEATED: Dr. D. Schwartz. STANDING, lej? to right: v any '71 tu af Dr. C. Slater, Dr. R. Peterson. 76 Chemistry and Physics Faculty Are you sure you used the correct formula? DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL BIOCHEMISTRY: Ley to right: Dr. H. Klosterman, Dr. C. Zimmerman, E. Blasl, Dr. R. Meint- zer, Dr. F. Salama. George Bakken GEORGE BAKKEN, Fargo, YMCA, American Institute of Phys- ics, Amateur Radio Society, ACTCOM Delta Research Commit- tee, International Relations Club, Circle K, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi NDSU Scholarship, Shiloh Lodge Scholarship, Phi Kappa Phi Sophomore Award, Who's Who, GARY BJELLA, Crosby, LINDA CHRISTENSON, Westbrook, Maine, JIM ERICKSON, Fargog Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Circle K, Stu- dent News Bureau, YMCA, Spec- trum Staff, Who's Who, Chemistry Club, Homecoming, National Sci- ence Foundation Grantg JULIAN FOSSEN, Heimdal, PAT HERMES, Wahpetong ROBERT HESKIN, Portland, JOSEPH INDIHAR, Eve- leth, Minn., KATHY KELLEY, Fargo, Newman Club, WRA, DEN- NIS KNUDSEN, Warren, Minn., Sigma Chi, Chemistry Club, Shari- var, KERMIT KNUTSON, Fargo, Alpha Tau Omega, Lettermenls Club, Inter-Campus Affairs Comm., Homecoming, Sharivar, Campus Radio, Grant-in aid by Federation of Societies for Paint Technology, CLINTON KOPP, Duluth, Minn., JUDY KRAFT, Mapleton. Gary Bjella Linda Christenson Jim Erickson L 53 -as . Fifi' .Y I . 51' 'N Julian Fossen Pat Hermes Robert Heskin Joseph Indihar Kathy Kelley Dennis Knudsen Kermit Knutson Clinton Kopp Judy Kraft 78 Park Lawrence Kathryn Loseth Stephen Nelson Donald Rusness Rodney Stockstad Paul Swardstrom Bruce Tannehill Orrin Tutt john Wood 79 Dennis Norten PARK LAWRENCE, Minneapolis, Minn.g KATHRYN LOSETH, Fargo, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, APA, Chemistry Club, STEPHEN NELSON, Fargo, DENNIS NORTEN, Fargo, Arnold Air Society, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Spectrum, Homecoming, Student News Bureau, DONALD RUS- NESS, Moorhead, Minn.g Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sharivar, IFC, Rah- jah Club, RODNEY STOCKSTAD, Milnorg Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Shari- var, PAUL SWARDSTROM, Hurdsfieldg BRUCE TANNEHILL, Fargo, Wesley Foundation, Who's Who, Varnish Industry Scholarship, ORRIN TUTT, Garrison, Minn., JOHN WOOD, Minneapolis, Minn. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE The most interesting thing in the college of Engineering and Architecture has been the con- struction of the Engineering Complex. The Col- lege began in 1917 as the Department of Mechan- ical Art and received its present name in 19603 208 students will be graduating this spring. Several scholarships have been awarded in the college, one of which was the Western Electric Fund awarded to A. Hoveskeland. Three Minnesota Mining Scholarships were awarded to W. Schnei- der, R. Cardosh,j. Anhorn. Dean of Engineering and Architecture: Frank Mirgain. 1 ,MB Nw ' "'?EM.,. Dean Mirgain overlooking the construction of the new Engineering complex. 80 i 2 5, l an ww 1' DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: SEATED: E. Keller. Left to right: D. Krause, L. Slyck, E. Anderson. -Hd? DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: STANDING, lm to right C. Castleman, R. Roth, Hsi Chow Huang. SEATED: E. Rasmusson, S. Yuan. DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: LejW to right Van Slyck, C. Collins. O9 DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING: Lej to right: T. Serrin, F. Raley, B. Kasson, B. Kerling, C. Dahlgren. E. Hoaby, L Engineering 81 Architecture Faculty DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING: SEATED: Dr. Brama. LM to right: R. Schuster, R. Butler, M. Skodje. DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE: LM to right: K. Henning, H. jcnkinson, A. Banerji, D. Foster. DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING: SEATED: j. Oakey. Lej? to right: Dr. D. Majumdar, R. Wolf, d'Errico. ,Q Q, . L ' s W M, Q M, 9 Y S www T? i xg N B 1 f, W . NA? 2? 15? '! 5 'K 'W L - .Q : y V in - -, W1 ' "' 55 V Qaiffk x J. 4 W 'ew lk James Amann JAMES AMANN, Dazeyg Theta Chi, ASCE, IFC, DONALD BARS- NESS, Minot, DUANE BARTSCH, Rugby, .Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Sharivarg WALTER BAUER, McCluskyg ASME, Alpha Tau Omega, WAL- TER BAUMANN, Wahpetong JERRY BERG, Minotg Theta Chi, IEEE, ROBERT BERGMAN, Cayuga, Intervarsity Inter-Religious Council, ASME, YMCA, Inter- Dorm Council, WILLIAM BERG- QJUIST, Washburn, PAUL BINEK, Dickinson, Theta Chi, AIAA, Phi Tau Sigma, KENNETH BIRST, Mercer, AUSAQ JOHN BJORN- HOLT, Emmet, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, Phi Kappa Phi, LSA, E Council, KDSU, Sophomore Physics Award, Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship, Who's Whog JEROME BOSCH, Linton, ASCE, JIM BRAUCHER, Minot. , e -1' Donald Barsness Duane Bartsch Wallgr Bauer Walter Baumann Jerry Berg Robert Bergman William Bergquist Paul Binek Kenneth Birst John Bjornholt Jerome Bosch Jim Braucher 84 Kenneth Breene joseph Chihos Richard Christianson James Cogper David Core Ottis Dahle Verlyn Dalbak l l Donald Dawkins Denby Deegan David Delzer B jim Doerksen Lawrence Doth Robert Drorak 85 KENNETH BREENE, Bismarck, Alpha Tau Omega, Rahjah Club, ASME, IFC, JOSEPH CHIHOS, Browerville, Minn., IEEE, Newman Club, RICHARD CHRISTIAN- SON, Fargo, ASME, jAMES COO- PER, Brampton, ASCE, DAVID COTE, Fargo, OTTIS DAHLE, Fargo, AIIE, Alpha Phi Omega, VERLYN DALBAK, Fergus Falls, Minn., Sigma Nu, IEEE, YMCA, YMCA Service Award, DONALD DAWKINS, Valley City, KDSU, Hamfest, DENBY DEEGAN, Gar- rison, DAVID DELZER, Douglas, Valley Foundation, 4-H Club, ASME, JIM DOERKSEN, St. Vital, Can., LAWRENCE DOTH, Fargo, ASME, Vets Club, ROBERT DRORAK, Manning, ASCE, North Dakota State Highway Department Scholarship. X....,o' William Dunlop WILLIAM DUNLOP, Rolla, LARRY DUSTRUD, Fargo, SID- NEY EDELBROCK, Center, ASME, DALE EICHHORST, Me- dorag ASCE, EUGENE ELLING- SON, Benson, Minn., Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, AIIE, Engineer's Council, GENE ENGLISH, Fargo, WILLIS ENLOE, Bowman, ASCE, TERRY FENSTAD, Fingalg Sigma Alpha Epsilon, AIA, Gold Star Band, LOUIS FERNBOUGH, Fargo, ASME, BILL FINDLEY, Fargo, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Con- cert Choir, Blue Key, E Council, AIIE, Sharivar, Student Senate, Spectrum, IFC, Student Body Presi- dent, Pi Tau Sigma, Who's Who, Commissioner of Inter-Campus Af- fairs 8c Campus Affairs, Pajama Game, Flower Drum Song, Vice-Com- mandants Award, N. Dak. Founda- tion Scholarship, NDSU Delegate to White House Leaders Confer- ence, Faculty Senate, Distinguished Military Graduate, JEROME FISCHER, Fargo, CHARLES FRANKLIN, Vergas, Minn., AL- VIN FRANSON, Kloteng Sigma Phi Delta, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, Phi Kappa Phi, E Council, Who's Who. -ff' Larry Dustrud Sidney Edelbrock Dale Eichhorst Eugene Ellingson Gene English Willis Enloe 1 I N Terry Fenstad Louis Fernbough Bill Findley I Jerome Fischer Charles Franklin Alvin Franson 86 Edward Garvin Terry Geisler Don GfCCfll1CCk Edward Griffin Eugene Hakanson Ronald Hall jim Halvorson Arnold Hanson William Gilbert Marlo Groezinger Don Halvorson Bill Haug George Gratz EDWARD 'GARVIN, Bismarck, TERRY GEISLER, Hamberg, WIL- LIAM GILBERT, Warren, Minn., GEORGE GRATZ, Valley City: DON GREENHECK, Fargo, ED- WARD GRIFFIN, Fargo, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, MARLO GROE- ZINGER, Elizabeth, Ill., ASME, E Council, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, EUGENE HAKANSON, Fargo, ASCE, RONALD HALL, Edgeleyl Sigma Alpha Epsilon, AIEE, Spec- trum, Bernard S. Benison Award, DON HALVORSON, Clearbrook, Minn., JAMES HALVORSON, Delaware, Sigma Chi, AIAA, ASME, E Council, Arnold Air So- ciety, Saddle 8c Sirloin Club, AR- NOLD HANSON, Kenmare, WIL- LIAM HAUG, Grafton, Sigma Al- pha Epsilon, ASAE, Alpha Epsilon, E Council, SUAB, ASAE Student Honor Award, N. Dak. Rural Elec- tric Scholarship. Charles Heil CHARLES HEIL, Hancock, Minn.g AIAA, LLOYD HEIL, Hancock, Minn., ASCEQ EUGENE HOF- MANN, Medina, VERN HOGAN, Moorhead, Minn., ARDELL HOVESKELAND, New Rockford, Co-op, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, E Coun- cil, Arnold Air Society, THOMAS HOWE, Rolette, ELDON JEM- TRUD, Devils Lakeg ASCE, Vets Club, JAMES JENKINS, Fargo, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SUAB, Ath- letic Commission, Sharivar, Spec- trumg KEITH JOHNSON, Garri- song LEE JOHNSON, Fargo, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Amateur Radio Society, ROBERT JOHNSON, Fargo, AIA, RONALDJOHNSON, Underwood, ASMEQ TERRY KING, Fargo, ASME. Lloyd Heil Eugene Hofmann Vern Hogan Ardell Hoveskeland Thomas Howe Eldon Jemtrud James Jenkins Keith Johnson Lee Johnson Robert Johnson Ronald Johnson Terry King 88 D0nald Kj0S Roger Klask Stephen Knox Robert Kuefler Harry Kuhn Eugene Larson Larry Larson Phillip Larsen Alton Leedahl 'Uri FT' Leonard Leikas David Lien Harlan Logos 89 james Kochmann DONALD KJOS, Sherwood, ASME, Pi Tau Sigmag ROGER KLASK, Ada, Minn.g ASME, E Council, Circle K, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, YMCA, JAMES KOCHMANN, Dilworth, Minn., ASME, Pi Tau Sigma, ROBERT KUEFLER, Wadena, Minn., Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, AUSA, HARRY KUHN, Alfredg EUGENE LAR- SON, Lisbong LARRY LARSON, Hazen, ASCE, PHILLIP LARSEN, Kenmareg ASME, ALTON LEE- DAHL, Leonard, ASAE, LEON- ARD LEIKAS, Michigan, Alpha Gamma Rho, ASAE, DAVID LIEN, Fargog HARLAN LOGOS, Fargo, ASME. Kenneth Loveland KENNETH LOVELAND, Wilton Tau Kappa Epsilon, IES, E Coun cil, LYLE LUTTRELL, Washburn Pi Tau Sigma, E Council, Sigma Ph Delta, ASME, DANIEL MAR, Win nipeg, Manitoba, ASCE, YMCA WILLIAM MIRGAIN, Fargo GERALD MITCHELL, Hankinson IEEE, Arnold Air Society, Amateur Radio Society, MARLAN MODA ROW, Rugby, Amateur Radio So- ciety, MSA, DONALD MOE, Fargo, DENNIS MUTH, Dickinson, ASCE, PATRICK MC CORMICK, Valley City, GARY NELSON, Oslo, Minn., Tau Kappa Epsilon, ASCE, ROBERT NELSON, Kennedy, Minn., ASME, DAVID NESTOSS, Bismarck, AIAA, ASME, E Coun- cil, Pi Tau Sigma, GARY NEU- MAN, Fergus Falls, Minn. ' i Lyle Luttrell Daniel Mar William Mirgain Gerald Mitchell Marlan Modrow Donald Moe Dennis Muth Patrick McCormick Gary Nelson Robert Nelson David Nestoss Gary Neuman 90 5 Lyle Norrie Richard Offerdahl Kent Olsen McDonald Overby William Palmer Gary Parkinson john Paulson David Peach john Pluth I 'mais ya-A 'air Philip Poitras Edward Prinkkila Lynn Ranum 91 Gary Olstad LYLE NORRIE, Winnipeg, Can., RICHARD OFFERDAHL, Fargo, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, KENT OLSEN, Fargo, ASME, GARY OLSTAD, Fargo, MC- DONALD OVERBY, Wahpetong WILLIAM PALMER, Brecken- ridge, Minn., AIIE, Tau Beta Pi, LSA, GARY PARKINSON, Ken- mareg JOHN PAULSON, Rugbyg Sigma Alpha Epsilon, AIIE, Spec- trum, DAVID PEACH, New York Mills, Minn., Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, JOHN PLUTH, Moorhead, Minn., ASCE, Arnold Air Society, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, PHILIP POITRAS, Fargo, ED- WARD PRINKKILA, Eveleth, Minn., IEEEQ LYNN RANUM, New Town. Roger Rugland ROGER RUGLAND, Palermo, ASME, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pig RALPH RUSSELL, Fargog ASME, Pi Tau Sigmag DENNIS SATHE, Battle Viewg Go-op, IEEE, AL- BERT SCHAROSCH, Fargog LES- LIE SCHJELDERUP, Plummer, Minn.g ASME, IVCFg HAROLD SCHLENKER, Ellendaleg PHILLIP SCHLOSS, Esmond, IEEE, New- man, ISA, YMCA, LARRY SGHLUPP, Morris, Minn.g WIL- LIAM SCHNEIDER, Glen Ulling Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, The Minnesota Mining 8c Manufac- turing Scholarshipg PAUL SCHROEDL, Bismarck, SIEROME SCHUELKE, Boyd, Minn.g ROB- ERT SCHULTZ, Moorhead, Minn.g AIA, Gamma Delta, MARVIN SHIPMAN, Granville. Ralph Russell Dennis Salhe Albert Scharosch l Leslie Schjelderup Harold Schlenker Phillip Schloss Larry Schlupp William Schneider Paul Schroedl Jerome Schuelke Robert Schulz Marvin Shipman 92 Richard Smith Roy Stern Delwyn Thomas Delton Torno john Van Dyke Ken Watson Robert Weber Raymond Wenrich Clark Wilson john Wright 93 Gary Titus RICHARD SMITH, Jamestown, ROY STERN, Dodge, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Arnold Air Society, ASME, LSA, DELWYN THOMAS, Medora, ASCE, GARY TITUS, En- derlin, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, MSA, DELTON TORNO, Max, jOHN VAN DYKE, Under- wood, Minn., KEN WATSON, Fargo, ROBERT WEBER, Hazel- ton, RAYMOND WENRICH, Ma- son city, Iowa, ASME, ISA, CLARK WILSON, Minot,jOHN WRIGHT, Flasher, Co-op, ASCE. ,,,,..,a.-nov-v-W Testing machines with an electric charge. Students working with a soil testing device. Ai This one should do it! Sharpening tools in the wflding lab. I will --Qi.. Student examples are important, too. w, x Xt, X. N X xx' An engineering course takes community effort. um 1 rw? -IX if Qfffff in Construction work began last spring on the engineering complex 95 COLLEGE CF HOME ECONCMICS The College of Home Economics has been a part of the University since 1890. Chemical facilities in the nutrition research lab were initiated this year as were six new gradu- ate courses. The first distinguished visiting professor, Dr. Gladys Groves, is teaching in the department of Child Development and Family Relations. 88 students will be graduating this spring. The Elsie Stark Martin fund was received for scholar- ship purposes. Dean of Home Economics, Dr. Caroline Budewig. Dean Budewig confers with a student. 96 X -uv 'Thanh DEPARTMENT OF FOOD AND NUTRITION-Leffi to right: M. Challey, E. Flalen, L. Sheldon, Dr. M. Nymon. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION-L41 to right S. Kolberg, M. Lovering, Dr. Bartow, M. Benson. I M .mar f"'5. , xy , X 3, . . gi , 1 ff N ' 2. 3 F'-, Q ,,,.f 'Msn' A, 4 1. ,.... ff P Q L, 4 ,affa ir y5JJ..Qi'wfg,. ,':.,f.j-.vv':3N::, ' 'v:'F'2.1gfg'? V 133 "Z f-1 ' 1523" Y' .K Looks good! How does il taste? HOME ECO OMIO FACULTY DEPARTMENT OF TEXTILES AND CLOTHING: Len to right: A. Rising, M. Hawkins, M. jordheim, E. Reynolds, I ' - S I YT.. I gn-"""' DEPARTMENT OF RELATED ART: LM to right: A. Hawn, R Peotter. DEPARTMENT OF CHILD DE- VELOPMENT AND FAMILY RELATIONS: Leif! lo right: M. Walker, G. Smith, D. King, E. jagim, Dr. G. Groves. ww Carol Ames Carolyn Ballantyne jean Boychuk -Ianice Bryant ., 1. Gail Anderson Diane Benson Elaine Brendamuhl ,1 ff' wf'Mg Donna Cann WU-1' Sandra Anderson Ellen Bigelow Sharon Brusven Colleen Arzdorf CAROL AMES, Clyde, LSA, Tryota, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, Danforth Scholarship, GAIL ANDERSON, New Town, Bison Annual, Tryota, WRA Bowling, SANDRA ANDERSON, Fargo, COLLEEN ARZDORF, Fargo, Newman, WRA, CAROLYN BAL- LANTYNE, Westhope, Kappa Al- pha Theta, UCCF, Tryota, DIANE BENSON, Maddock, Tryota, Phi Upsilon Omicron, LSA, State Schol- arship, Mary Laycock Scholarship, ELLEN BIGELOW, Center, JEAN BOYCHUK, Hallock, Minn., 4-H Club, Tryota, Canterbury Club, ELAINE BRENDAMUHL, Glyn- don, Minn., Tryota, LSA, SHARON BRUSVEN, Fargo, Kappa Delta, Orchesis, Newman, Kappa Delta Pi, SUAB, JANICE BRYANT, Powers Lake, DONNA CANN, Hibbing, Minn., Kappa Kappa Gamma. Nludi Coleman LIUDI COLEMAN, Bismarck Gamma Phi Beta, Newman, Angel Flight, SUABQ FLORIE CULP, Campbell, Minn.g MARILYN DEAN, La Moureg WRA Bowling, Bison Annual, Tryotag DIANE DODGE, Alamestowng LSA, Tryotag MARSHA DURICK, Columbus: JEAN ERESMAN, Devils Lake: Newman, Tryotag MAUREEN FROELIGH, Seliridge: LANE GUNNER, Fargo, SUAB, Guidon, Military Ball Queen, Homecoming Queen, TKE Sweetheart, Phi Upsi- lon Omicron, YWCA, Who's Who, SHARON HAUGE, Colgan, ESTHER HAUGEN, McLeod: Kappa Delta Pi, Tryota, Phi Upsi- lon Omicron, LSA, IVCFQ RUBY HAUGEN, Grenorag Sigma Alpha Iota, Tryotag YVONNE HEL- LAND, Egeland: UCCF, Tryota, Who's Who, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, Betty Lamp Award, North Dakota College Home Eco- nomics Association Pres., Dorm Counselor, LORNA HERR, Wishekg Sigma Alpha Iota. Diane Dodge , A i Florie Culp Marilyn Dean 2,11 1 " ' 1 Ak" fi K A W -f.', ' - N, vi- fi, '-i'i'i K it , Z' f' it 2 vt Marsha Durick jean Eresman Maureen Froelich Lane Gunner Sharon Hauge Esther Haugen Ruby Haugen Yvonne Helland Lorna Herr 100 Marilyn Hoffman Wilma Johnson Q lf udy Klefstad .1 Marcia Lee Joyce Hudson Leo Johnson Maxine Jordheim Nancy Kinn Karen Krank Carol Larson Karen Lundstrom Ginger Mease 101 Shirley Johnson MARILYN HOFFMAN, Hallock, Minn., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Try- ota, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, JOYCE HUDSON, Fargo, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Tryota, Kappa Delta Pi, LSA, IVCF, 4-H Occident Milling Company Schol- arship, LEOJOHNSON, Bismarck, Kappa Delta, SUAB, AIA, UCCF, SHIRLEY JOHNSON, Fargo: Try- ota, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, WILMA JOHNSON, Breckenridge, Minn., MAXINE JORDHEIM, Walcott, Angel Flight, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Who's Who, Greek Week Qiueen, Student Senate, NANCY KINN, Hankinson, Tryota, Newman, Alpha Gamma Delta, JUDY KLEF- STAD, Pekin, Kappa Delta, LSA, Tryota, KAREN KRANK, Dickin- son, Newman, Tryota, CAROL LARSON, Mandan, Tryota, Rodeo Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Alba Bales Scholarship, Danforth Fellowship Award, MAR- CIA LEE, Aneta, KAREN LUND- STROM, Finley, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Alpha Gamma Delta, GINGER MEASE, Fargo, Mortar Board, Sigma Alpha Iota, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Angel Flight, Who's Who, Student Senate, Miss NDSU. Carol Mehlhoff CAROL MEI-ILI-IOFF, Tuttle, Try- ota, Phi Upsilon Omicron, UCCF, IVCF, Junior Year Aborad, Dan- forth Scholarship, Betty Lamp Award, JUDY MERTES, Bowbellsg Kappa Delta, ANDREA MOON, Fairmount, Rodeo Club, Tryotag ROGENE MOSS, Fargo, JULI- ANNE MC DOUGALL, Oakes, Tryota, Young Republicans, LINDA NAAS, Kloteng LSA, YWCA, Tryota, WRA, Rifle Team, Phi Upsilon Omicrong SUSAN NELSON, Fargo, IVCF, AIA, JANET NIEL, Larimoreg MAR- JORIE NISHEK, Buxtong LSA, Tryota, Spectrum, FU Local, JO- ANN OAK, Mclntosh, Minn., Kappa Delta Pi, Tryota, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sigma Alpha Iota, LSA, PAT O'I-IARA, Bismarck, Gamma Phi Beta, Bison Annual, Tryotag JUDY OLSON, New Rockford, Tryota, Kappa Delta Pi, LSA, SHARON OLSON, Clearwater, Floridag Kappa Delta, Tryota, Bi- son Annual. h.. L. A Judy Mertes Andrea Moon Rogene Moss Julianne McDougall Linda Naas Susan Nelson Janet Niel Marjorie Nishek JoAnn Oak fd WX. Pat O'I-Iara Judy Olson Sharon Olson 102 Elaine Peters Betsy Reid Dorothy Ridgway Carol Sanders Charlotte Schollmeyer Elaine Skurdal R' 'N Y- Karen Sanderson Sharon Schlafmann Alice Seidler Carol Skalicky 'E' l jean Teskfry Carol Trieglaff 103 Maureen Salo ELAINE PETERS, Rugby, Tryotag BETSY REID, Windermere, Flor- ida, DOROTHY RIDGWAY, West Fargo, MAUREEN SALO, Stanley, CAROL SANDERS, Oakes, Sigma Alpha Iota, Tryota, Kappa Alpha Theta, Spectrumg KAREN SAN- DERSON, Cooperstown, Gamma Phi Beta, Tryota, Orchesis, LSA, SHARON SCHLAFMANN, Turtle Lake, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, IVCF, Tryotag CHAR- LOTTE SCHOLLMEYER, Dunn Center, LSA, Tryota, de Lendrecies Scholarship, ALICE SEIDLER, Garrison, Sigma Alpha Iota, LSA, Tryota, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pig CAROL SKA- LICKY, Powers Lake, Phi Mu, Try- ota, Newman KDSUQ ELAINE SKURDAL, Fargo, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, Betty Lamp Award, IVCFQ JEAN TESKEY, Bismarck, Try- ota, Alpha Gamma Delta, UCCF, WRA Rifle Team, CAROL TRIEG- LAFF, Frazee, Minn., Tryota, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, International Relations Club, Who's Who, Inter Religious Council. Kathryn Vinji Nancy Von Bank Rua Wllhamson ane Zumbrunnen KATHRYN VIN-II, Granding Tryota, Gamma Deltag NANCY VON BANK, Fargog Tryotag RITA WILLIAMSONQ Graf- tong JANE ZUMBRUNNEN, Dickinsong Tryota, Kappa Delta Pi, LSA. 'V -f-fffffiifszsg gsfl A' -A -1: ir ,Q E XF, V"i QLZA Y1f1-i1-2 2 ACA-RCN! pfiodutia A 'A 5 Students studying North Dakota Durum Products Mrs. Walker enjoys a foreign dinner Creativity is demonstrated in the ceramics lab by Dave Som- merfeld. 105 CCLLECE CF PHARMACY The College of Pharmacy set an all time enrollment record of women students in Pharmacy for a total of 70 coeds. Mary K. Groth, ajunior in Pharmacy, was the highest ranking member of her class campus-wide. The College has been a part of the university since 1902. The College of Pharmacy is accredited by the American Council on Phar- maceutical Education and is a member of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. This spring there will be 51 students graduating in Pharmacy. Dean of Pharmacy, Dr. Clifton Miller Dean Miller observes window display in Sudro. 106 DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY: Len lo right: S. Wong, R. Reopelle. ,J DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY: Len to right: D. Staiff, W. Shelver, J. Vacik. EW I 1 DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOGNASY: Lew to right: W. H. Bharti, L. KI. Schermeister. 107 PHARMACY FAC LTY DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACY ADMINISTRATION: P. Haakenson. p DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACY: Lfgft to right: S. Sleight, Dr. M. Vincent, Ozbun. STATE TOXICOLOGIST: R. Prouty. an. In Michael Berg Bill Billman Jerome Boelke Jeff Colehour Pat Dela Pointe Lana Dykstra Gerald Gamrath Michael Growette Daniel Gulseth Ruby Haas Hugh Hallam Byron Helgason 109 James Burtness MICHAEL BERG, Minot, Kappa Psi, APHA, BILL BILLMAN, Sioux Falls, South Dakotag JEROME BOELKE, Hankinsong APHA, Newman, JAMES BURTNESS, Fargo, JEFF COLEHOUR, Fargog PAT DELA POINTE, Mott: APHA, Kappa Epsilon, APHA, Gamma Delta, Kappa Epsilon Scholarship Award, North Dakota Drug Travel- ers Scholarshipg GERALD GAM- RATH, Valley City, MICHAEL GROWETTE, International Falls, Minn.g DANIEL GULSETH, Devils Lake, RUBY HAAS, Ashley, HUGH HALLAM, Canonsburg, Penn., BRYON HELGASON, Fargo. Harlen Hendrickson HARLEN HENDRICKSON, East Grand Forks, Minn., MICHAEL HORNER, Mohall, Rahjahs, Alpha Gamma Rho, SUAB, APhA, Young Democrats, DAVID HUGHES, Fargo, DENNIS KALDOR, Fargo, Kappa Psi, Blue Key, Gold Star Band,APhA, Commission of Cam- pus Affairs, Who's Who, Spectrum Sports Editor, Board of Publications Scholarship, DALE KUZEL, Pine City, Minn., Kappa Psi, APhA, Newman, FRANK LANTZ, Man- dan, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Blue Key, Rho Chi, Rahjahs, SUAB, Who's Who, Student Union Com- mission, RONALD LEE, Park River, RICHARD LINDSETH, Oakes, Kappa Psi, APhA, ROGER MICKELSON, New Rockford, NED MUNGER, Warren, Minn., JEANNE MYRON, Mankato, Minn., Kappa Epsilon, APhA, GERALD PEARSON, Fargo, GER- ALD RAYMOND, Fargo. Michael Horner David Hughes Dennis Kaldor Dale Kuzel Frank Lantz Ronald Lee Richard Lindseth Roger Mickelson Ned Munger Jeanne Myron Gerald Pearson Gerald Raymond l 10 jim Rystedt David Swanson Wayne Scott Delroy Shane William Sllhman JIM RYSTEDT, Powers Lakeg CO-OP, Rahjahsg WAYNE SCOTT, Minotg DELROY SHANE, Fargog WILLIAM SILLIMAN, Yorkg DAVID SWANSON, Lidgerwoodg Sigma Alpha Epsilon, APhA, Blue Key, Sharivar, Rho Chi, IFC, Phi Kappa Phi. ii Dr. Vacik demonstrates equipment in Pharmacy 1 1 1 ,M D auf Q af my ., QV:-f .4-ff? , ' rua- Q WT 'N' ara, dw 4 ..--Q-f P DVI xx ffk' M: J-film! f. 9. ul mu wk, Mm vmxx Aww x MW . , -.ww NX 'viii Nwmw w,......f X f? nf. A A . X A ff -f'f -I' xx!! A common bond exists from that first uncertain gathering of Orientation to the inimitable last days of graduation, wherein underclassrnen who have studied together, argued together and played together, depart together with an accumulation of new interests and ideas and a more pro- found respect for society. Study and intellectual pursuit lead the goal-determined students of NDSU towards the realization that he will look through window after window, travel through book after book and graduate. UNDERCLASSME 9 ,QQ ?- JU 1011 'Nts 'Wt-5. Richie Aanderud james Aanrude Adolph Allan Roger Adrian Thomas Agnew Loren Alveshere ...-5 A 5 Carol Anderson Dennis Anderson Dennis Anderson Marsha Anderson Verlin Anderson Alvin Arneson Roger Asper Nancy Avery I 14 Robert Abbott Orland Amundson Ronald Anderson Sara Avery David Bakken Marlow Bakken Eugene Bardal Michael Barner Michael Beaton Earl Beckman Donald Beeks Arden Bell Patricia Belling Clifford Berg Marcus Berg Roger G. Berg Trudy Berge Dave Bergeson Jerald Bergman Gary Bergstrom Florence Bernard David Bernauer Frank Bernhoft Gary Berreth 1 15 JU ICR Richard Betlach Kenneth Biccum George Birkmaier Tom Bohnel Leroy Brend kludith Black Terry Blees Donna Blumhardt 'is S' Henrietta Brake! -lo Carol Brandi Mona Brandhagen av-sq ind' Cherre Brendan Owen Brenna Robert Breyer 116 i N Kurt Bigelow udy Bockwoldl '2- Aludy Brauchmuller Francis Brommenschenkel 'Q-A YS.. Richard Brubakken Linda Brunnemeyer Connie Buhr Kenneth Burger Alvin Buss nr- Norma Bymers james Campbell Curtis Carlson Doug Carlson Paulsl. Carlson www ,M 'WE CT? Mava Ciavarella Mike Cichy Robert Christman Cathy Christopherson Rita Clark 'sr' A 'sl jonathan Colebank Steve Conaway Lowell Cook Timothy Cook Tom Cook 1 17 R Susan Cozort Gerry Crawford Mary Lou Darkenwald james Diflihf Norman Davidson judy Decker Patricia De La Pointe Mary Ann Dentz Linda Deplazes Michael Delvin Karen Dietrich Roger Disrud Ronald Disrud joseph Dobson Dean Dormanen john Drege Richard Eagelson William Eaton 1 18 Richard Edinger .4 Ann Englert Stanford Erickson Willa Fliedcr I Douglas Eidsvig Thomas Ellick jerry Engstrom Dwight Enockoan Rod Femrite Oernon Finck -N n""7 l Sandy Fossum jack Fowler 119 Ray Elliflgflld Cathy Enderle -677' Carmon Erickson Leland Erickson 4 WX Floyd Fischer Kay Fletcher Kenneth Franson janice Gangness JU 1oR N Paul Gast Thomas Gales Karen Gausemel WT '-'YS' ,Ffa-f' L4 , l 6 A Sara ilildcrsleevc Toni Gilmore Cengiz Gokeen Sharon Green Kay Grieve , if I Na 'lf 6? H151 J ' 1 4g-v up . ,ity , L, Mary K. Grolh Michael Growelte joel Grove Kenneth Guslin jeannine Hagen '63-Q L Drincla Halverson Bonnie Halvorson Murill Halvorson Sheldon Halvorson William Hanna 120 l 5 R Don Hanson Buddy Hanson joani Hanson Ronald Hanson Thomas Hanson .QW f Edward Hanyzewski Mildred Harbeke Don Harden Russell Harkness james Harms Leslie Hart Tom Haskimoto Dennis Haugen Dave Haukness Curtiss Hautala Nina Heath Phyllis Heaton Shaenina Hehr Gary Heise Robert Hendrickson 121 JU IOR Tracy Henningsgard Roger Herauf Carol Hermes '34..... T Glenn Helzel Donald Higkle Gary Hilber Gordon Hoff Amelia Hoffman '-raw! Larry Hoffman Donald Hofstrand Clarence Holm Keith Holman Wayne Hove Gloria Huber Ingrid Huchler George lmmel Gene lngebrilson Steve Irgens 122 Clifford Issendorf Michael jacoby Lynn Jensen Robert jensen Margaret john Dennis johnson Gail johnson Stephen johnson David johnston Georgia jonasson E Harley jones Gary Justus Kenneth Kadrmas Richard Kappedal joe Kellogg N5 "f , Marcia Kelly Robert Kelly Timothy Kelly Dean Kelsch Gayle Kemp 123 -lean Kinlund Larry Kirkeby Carlyss Kitzman Norma Klever Don Klimpel Barbara Klose Eugene Klosterman Kenneth Kloubec Donna Knutson Gary Krapu Dace Krastins Kenneth Krein Marlene Krenz K x ff, Elaine Krick Richard Krogh Vern Krueger Marvin Kubowsek Cheryl Lahren 124 ohn Lama Sue LaMarre Duane Landa Linda Landis ud Landstrom Y 'E' fe-en! 1""""Q ,. David Lee Wayne Lee Melvin Leland Gary Lesmeister .lule A1111 lloll 4 Fred Luessen Dianne Lund William Lundquist Rick Lutovsky Bob Luyben Clary Lynne Orville Lynner Paul Mudson Millard Magelssen klucly Malslrom 125 L, Wanda Marlin Thad Mendenhall III Terry Meyers Trudi Miler Donald Miller Duane Miller Erwin Miller David Miska jan Moore Bryan Moos Geraldine Morgen Dee Rae Morkassel Daphne Morman l l David Mortenson Garry Mowery Robert Muehlhausen Corrine Myhra john Myhre 126 AQ ,t Janna McCoy Curtis McDougall Mary McIntyre Iohn Narveson Connie Nelson Douglas Nenow Ron Nichols Carole Niewoehner Dickey Nill 'x jan Nygarcl Marvin Odegaard Walter Odegaard 127 Brian MacLaren Linda Nancarrow james Neuman john Neuman is ii i Allan Nipstad Karen Nordstrom Allen Odenbach Leland Olson UNIOR -2- -N l t 3 K .A Richard Olson Rikka Olson Virginia Olson A Oltnnnyiwa Osinatne lane Ostrem David Overboe Marlene Oyloe Linda Parsons Dale Paulson Gary Paulson Daryl Pederson Herman Pederson Lynne Peltier x 1 Dellztn Pepple Don Perry Allan Peterson Dennis Peterson linda Peterson 128 Gary Pfeifer Carl Pfiffner Wendy Pile Gary Powell Charles Primozick Wayne Puppe DuWayne Radke Pauline Rasmusson Thomas Reinarls Lynn Ring Gary Ritter james Rogne 129 Ronald Plath Frank Powell Sheryl Qvualey Richard Quick Judy Rice Grover Reibe Earl Roland Don Rosnvold JU IDR Ronald St. Croix Gary Satterthwaite Jerome Schagunn Marlo Schalz joseph Schmit Robert Schmitz Gilman Rud Thomas Savageau Frank j. Schander Gerald Schneider 130 Darlene Rude Donald Russell Robert Schaar Jarvis Schafmann DeVerne Schatz Karen Schmidt Duane Schoeppach Calvin Scholl Lois Schommer Kay Schultz Michael Scott Tom Seaburg Myron Senechal BEM: -dui 'K A- .,..tfggg:3:e -ss A 'H Robert Senger Donald Setness David Severson Dennis Sexhus Joyce Sharpe Charles Simonson Roger Sinness Gene Skaare Paul M. Sletten Phillip Smolz l ns. Ad Donna Sorenson Gary Sorlien Curtis Sorteberg Phyllis Spitzer Siri Sponge 131 JU Cheryl Stock Charolett Struble Gaylen Taylor .lohn Steinberger Alton Smeinmelz judith Stellmach ,www jake Stokke Carol Stone Vicki Strand Don Strickler Thomas Suby Eileen Swenson Garnet Symington Ernest Taus f-WW, inf? Pat Taylor Sandy Tessier Harlan Thiel janice Thompson 132 ttt i i i, V . 'A e Q I M Robert G. Thompson Tom Thoraldson Linda Thorclal Michael Thyberg Garber Trambley A. 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Young Trent Young 134 Rodger Wetzel Dennis White Diane Wilhelmi Larry Williams Sharon Witty David Wolter Allan Zimmerman Eugene Zimmerman Gary Abbott Carol Adam Bernard Anderson Robert Anderson Linda Armstrong Mary Askew Michelle Baker David Bakken OPHOMGRE Virginia Anderson Margaret Andreason joseph Appert Turkay Aydinalp Dick Backhaus David Baesler james Bassingthwaite jack Beaver joDell Becker 135 OPHOMBORE fv- l Larry Becker Ronald Berg Bill Bertram Marcia Beyer Robert Bird Eugene Blumhardt Howard Blegen Myles Borstad Annette Boyer Llewellyn Boyko Dave Brandenberger jean Brogger Robert Broten David Brown Mary Brunner Alfred Buchholz Randolph Buresh Alan Butts 136 David Bye Kris Callenbach Steven Cann Con Casavant Robert Challey john Christopherson Jayne Clark William Collins Charles C0mSt0Ck DOH21ld COI1dil Arlene Conklin William Corwin, jr. john Craft Diane Cressey Thomas Cross john Crossen Manuel Cuadrado David Dahle Tom Davenport Gary Davis 137 Cheryl DeLauriers john Dilland Kristine Dinusson Connie Doeling Viriginia Donahue Roberta Drake Donald Eggl Robert Ekblad Dennis Eliason Dawn Emery Kathy Engberg Mary Engstrom Roger Erickson Robert Erlendson Lionel Estenson Phil Estrem Charles Evert jim Ferris 138 Wesley Fiedler Renee Gall i Alel N , . E? fe:giSife5195Q5frz1sf-Qs5?as?4524isg525sSg2i5mesfgWS'Z?'eg 5 Y Q ' f ww vfiszaiiifssiwl .,, , ,,,:, 4 ,f gas. 1-:'ff:1' f:5Q.:' ,fu mu ...,. .V We We la Patrick Glynn Larry Griffen Michael Fink Tim Geek Glenn Goetz Sandra Groom Charles Fleming Sally Freise jim F remstad Max Gerling Linda Gienger jeanne Glasoe julie Grandlund Cheryl Grangaard Fredrick Grewe l Lyle Grueneich Linda Haas Sharon Haberstroh 139 David Hagen Margaret Halland Connie Halvorson is Qi D A . ,, , ' ,-1 fi 'A 'ffl iii-2: if james Halvorson Barbara Hanson Diane Hargrave Gene Haring Linda Hayes Martin Hellickson Larry Henderson Bonnie Heskin Diane Hewitt Tim Hill Phyllis Hoefs Barbara Holes judith Horton Nancy Idso I. 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Nelson Thomas Nikolaisen 143 SOPHOMORES is l 1 Pat Oberholtzer Paula Opland Gary Paulsrud Thomas Norum joseph Novak Bruce Noyes Robert Ohman Fred Olafson Randi Olsen jim Omlid David Otis Ruth Owens Westly Parker Gerald Paulsen l l Galen Pederson William Pich Katherine Platt james Poppe 144 9 5. i ...K in, A Ronald Pr21SCk joan Quick jan Rambough David Raney Peter Rassmusen Gene Redlin janet Reed Tim Renschler Dianne Ridgeway Matt Robinson 3 i jennifer Roden judith Rodger Sarabeth Rogers Carol Rudolph Sharon Rutledge To Glenda Rysgaard Laura Sanderson Bryan Sandsbak Barbara Sather Mike Sather 145 GPHQMURES 5- w joseph Satrom Jeanette Schatz Lois Schlicting Marvin Schlichtmann Kay Scholl Fred Schroeder Diane Schulz David Score Orin Score Steve Semling Dave Shelver judy Slayton Myron Sliper fm M Sherry Slocum Gary Smith Karen Smith Gary Soderberg Gary Solberg 146 i i w X Glenn Solberg Sharon Solberg Fred Sorenson Mary Elin Spier Gerald Sreffens Bob Sterton Elaine Stokka Edgar Stolar Michael Stone john Stoutland Lee Strandberg Sandra Sulerud john Swanson Karen Swedberg Bob Swindler Sharon Swindler William Symington Dennis Tahran Dwight Tahran Maurgen Taylor 147 ii GPHOMORE J J T7 ,Q e f l Mary Thomas Patrick Thomas Anita Thompson Mark Thompson Sharon Thompson Paul Thorp Carlton Thygesen Lloyd Tofte is-r-'C' Brian Tool Norman Treibwasser jeanne Tuchscherer jerald Ulmer Michael Vance L4 Helen Viker Darlene Vinje Claire Wagner james Wagner Robert Wales 148 L .sa L Henry Walkin Eileen Wallace Daniel Wanner Linda Warner J. Mark Weed li jeffrey Whalen jackie Wilcox jack Witz Lawrence Wollmuth jerry Wright Mary Beth Young Duane Ziegler LeRoy Zinsli Gary Zwiegle Merlin job It's true ----- college students do studylll! 149 FRESHM Larry Amann We 9 Michael Anderson Shirley Anderson Richard Anderson john Andvik Myrna Arthur Shirley Bahma juel Bautz Glenda Berg Nancy Bfifg 150 jean Abbott Norma Lee Alm Lloyd Anderson Luella Anderson 1 Wayne Anderson Ronald Annen jane Bale David Bateman Robert Berg Peter Bilden David Billing Mike Birrer "-lacquelyn Blilie Ronald BOCk Linda Borud Sharon Braaten Nancy Braxmeier Linda Bredwick DeeAnne Breker Anita Brickner William Brooks Bruce Bushey Arthur Carlson Miriam Carlson Paul Carlson Susan Carter Allan Cecil Janice Clemenson Shirley Cline Sharon Davis Carl Danielson janet Delaney FRE HME Patricia Dresher Ginger Eichhorst janet Ellenson Rachel Ellingson Doris Felt Kathryn Ferguson Jeannette Ferris Carol Disrud Richard Ebel Dennis Erickson Gary Fjeld 4 f Sandra Doerr Garnett Eddington jon Fehr joan Flath jannet Franz Betty Frigen Connie Fritz Cheryl Gamble Michael Gates 152 Kathy Gerth Zelda Gilberlson jean Gillham , 'bw Kathy Glinz Bob Goetz Bernie Goodman Miles Grandin Steve Griffin Michael Grinney jim Gulseth William Guy Norman Haagenstad Roger Haga Galen Hall Reg Hall Marene Hankel jerilyn Hanson 3 X G joeldine Haug Paula Haun Susan Heaton Merle Hedland Judith Hedrick 153 FRESHME john Heller George Hennessy Kyle Heriindal George Hiner Roger Hintz Sharold Hipfner Susan Hjelle Randy Hoffman Curt Hofstad Dorothy Holden Gary Holmes Richard Holt Clar johnson Sherman johnson Beverly Holweger Carolyn Jacobson Arla johnson Margaret Johnston Vance jury Larry Kallod 154 Thomas Karvonen Gwen Kelm Cleo Kienzle Kathleen Knoph Jghn Knutson Wayne Kromarek jeannine Kuch Lyle Lamoureux Linda Larson Carol Lawrence Wesley Lawrence 1011 Lerlthe 4: ,i it A ' ' NM 4 'Q 'WL Q -if Fred Lewis Constance Lien Nancy Leik Newton Lindseth Peggy Lohse Santiago Lopez Thomas Lovejoy james Luttrell Philip Luttrell Jeanne Madson 155 FRE HME Gayle Melby joyce Miller Eileen Moen Pam Moos David Mower Beth McLaughlin Bonnie McMahon Thgmas McMahon Carol Marek William Miller Mary McArton joyce Nelson Janice Martin jeAnne Mittelstedt Lois McKennett Larry Nelson Marlow Nelson Peggy Nordstrom Edward Noreen Robert Nysueen Judith Nundahl 156 age K Y Donna O'Connell Rita Opp 157' Sue Peterson Nancy Reed W1 Sue Rygg Karen Odegard Dan O'Hara ii jerry Palczewski Susan Palmer Marcia Parker 2. A Nav Marie Pfau David Quandt Dean Radniecki Ronald Reames ,Xi William Riebe Mary Ann Robson Roger Narveson Kathleen Rohrer 'N QQ.. vi! 9 Ross Salveson Carol Sanderson Gail Saugstad Roger Salhre 157 mf W FRE HME Devona Sawyer john Schmit john Schou Robert Schulz Sandra Shipley john Skadberg Z. bh' ' i 9 'l jeff Siemers Carl Skarie Kenneth Slingsby Loanne Smaaladen Sheryl Smith Donna Sperle Richard Steidl Angela Steinwand Nancy Stoddart joanne Stover 'writ M r ll? David Sunderland Wallace Swenson Richard Sys Gerald Tasa KHYCH Thompson 158 Stanley Thurlow Penny Toman Eileen Torgeson unav--.. v.. Renee Toring Donald Uglem Jeanette Ulfers jerrold Ulven S: it auf' x 2 , Lee Wahlund Marilyn Walkinshaw Donald Walstad Mary Walstad 141111116611 Walll E" Patricia Walz Sharon Watson Ronald Weight GC0l'g'ia Wigdahl Gretchen Wilson jane Wills jane Wilson Mary Wilson Fred Witz Kathy Zuther 159 Studies mixed with relaxation in the sun. Underclassman checking on the home team. 160 in Taking a break before the next class. Below: Concentration on cards instea books. w'nmfi'! III d of Freshmen looking for letters from home. i ----5, M. f,..,iV,?ii X xx. i ' 1 ' i. ' , A , . " X W- Girls are outnumbered among underclassmen, too. 5, 5 it fi' 'mx X mn un ,W .Quik , k' W ,G, nw, , 1 M Q M- N54 W My. ,, ' .gf if .ni 1 ,. Eg 2 ' 1 if va ,K Q, W iff we , ,:' if - 2 :QM 5 W 5 ,g 4 ww ' S -,M ' 1'I ,'-5 X"'e?' f ' -T1 'N - , Q1 'F M W 2 J! we . p' 'M Y ij 5' v 5 Wx? f H 'Xa J ,..Vv rf? 1 has 1, K V t ' ' 'V f , ' V , , - wg-11 . Q n " ,N -r ,wx A 5 ' . if 'M' -'- V - " " V ,J 1, V K- 1 K A . f- Y K f ,M . . . A- 1 ,,. - ,, .wg .- I f. if , . . ,G , W I ,V . . f- 5 ' , 7 .. K 1 w f N Qwgxffi' 'f . f-" -' iff" WG 27' "' i gn! 'VL 'fx -u , M, , ,, ' -' A uf '.,g.' . , ' eg , . , EVENTS 1-N. ,snxk XX xr' x, x X, 1 tim, in 'A,, X Homecoming 2145 L.,fv-. Balls Student Union Little International Sharivar Honors Day Commencement Football Basketball Baseball When hours of concentration on studies have been long and tedious, a change needs to take place. Events serve as means to balance the students' academic and social lives. No matter what the students' interests are, there are activities and sports to satisfy everyone. If they prefer activity, they can work on committees or participate in athleticsg but less active people can find relaxation in attending spectator events, whether they be sports or culture. 161 ORIE TATIO Freshmen spend their first week as a college student learning about college life and meeting new friends. Through lectures, discus- sions, and conversations with up- perclassmen and faculty members the new students begin to get ac- quainted with the University. One of the main features of the week was a discussion led by the upperclass- men on f'Lord of the Flies," a pro- vocative novel. The week was wound up by the freshmen's regis- tering for their first classes at NDSU. Overcrowded dormitories cause this hall to be our home .... temporarily. Freshmen discover the new Student Union Game Room. Making a big decision, these boys Cast their ballots for class officers. 162 FX M -Q Freshman boys enjoy a game of pool for relaxation during Orientation. Finally . . . . registration is over! ri i ' . fRii,e, 1 i fr' E J 4 f 5 we-A ..., ,, Mary Arm Robson, freshman class secretary, is congratulated by Nancy Madsen while Dave Bateman, Vice-President and Bob Anderson, President look on. 163 Q 'Wa an '51 A .ez s ' .kj Q QUEEN CANDIDATES'-Lgfl to right: Lane Gunner, ueen Lane is escorted through the saber arch. Maxine Alordheim, Ene Koivastik, Ginger Mease, Kay Ovesen, Nancy Madsen, Patty Dodge. All right, I won't look! 1 .1- i ll Q-ueen Lane, smiling and radiant, adorned the Freshman Class float during Saturdays parade. 'AA World of Difference" was the theme for NDSU,s 1964 Homecoming. Thursday morn- ing's convocation began the activities for the ueen Lane Gu following three days. After the crowning of Q ' H end activities qui ner, the week- ckly swung into force. The pep rally led by the Rahsjahs, Chee rleaders, and Pom Pon Girls was followed by last minute pr eparations for hopeful float winners. How- ever, strong winds damaged many of these fl decorations befo oats and house rejudging took place. Hopes soared high as hundreds of balloons were released durin g the opening kick off. Heightened spirits became reality defeated August as the Bison ana. Highlight- ing the dance that evening were the Four Lads in ended another coming activities N . Capturing honors in the Most Beautiful Division was the float made by the Campus Affairs Commission-SEATED, lzffl to right: K. Fletcher, Kappa Psils and Gamma Phl Bemis- 1 Bergman, K. Dietrich. STAVDIN J' ' 1 C. D. Vkaldera, A. Redmann, Com- missioner: D. Olson, C. Fleming. concert, which year's Home- ca ivy, ,L 1.1 Come on, you're not playing fair. ABOVE: The Pom Pon girls perform for the Pep Rally. RIGHT: Greeting the crowd at half time has become a tradition for the governor 166 entertainment for the Pep Rally. The Four Ladds use an unsuspecting coed for their act. President Albrecht proudly crowns Queen Lane Gunner. l l Student Senate President, Bill Findly, congratulates john McCormick, recipient of the Outstanding Alumni Award. UGLY MA G0 TE T A D C MPU CHE T DRIVE Lynn Ferrin, sponsored by Kappa Kappa Gamma. Olumuyiwa Osiname, sponsored by Ceres Hall. Bob Challey, sponsored by Kappa Delta. Lynn Ferrin, Kappa Psi, sponsored by Kappa Kappa Gamma, displays his trophy The campus Chest Drive has come to be an annual fall event on the NDSU campus. The campaign is an all-out week long attempt to contact each student-those off and on campus. The money from the solicitations is divided among children's homes and orphan- ages. The amount collected each year is somewhat over 31,000 The final event of the drive is the Ugly Man Dance and Contest sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity. Dormi- tories, and sororities sponsor candidates and make them up. The Ugliest Man on Campus is chosen by a talley of votes taken at the dance. This year's Ugly Man was Lynn Ferrin, sponsored by Kappa Kappa Gamma. Leo Stoller, sponsored by Weible Hall. joe Schneider, sponsored by Kappa Alpha Theta. 168 The Ugly Man dance ended the week's activities. Bill Findley donates a dollar to Sandy Fossum for Campus Chest .A Rodney Wentz, sponsored by Phi Mu. jacques LaMarre, sponsored by Dinan Hall. Drive. Mike Hohl, sponsored by Gamma Phi Beta. Fred Browning, sponsored by Gamma Delta, 169 Alpha ww Commissioner Wetzel adds body weight to the drive LITTLE COU TRY THEATRE The Little Country Theater, located on the second floor of Old Main, is among the oldest college dramatic societies in the country. Here you can see dramatic productions from Three Penny Opera to The Trial 0fl.auis Riel, written by NDSU's own Dr. F. G. VValsh. Activities cover a wide areag making scenery, costuming, putting on make-up, selling tickets, writing publicity notices. Big produc- tions of the Little Country Theater this year were King Lear, and Three Penny Opera. A scene from Young, B111 Daily Growing jalm Where Are Yun? another production hy the LCT. The moh scene from the play The Trial QfLouis Riel, written hy Dr. Walsh. LEFT: jim Manning sings "Mack the Knife" from Three Penny Opera. BELOW: Steve Ward learns the begging technique from Ron Mrnak in Three Penny Opera. Cast in Three Penny Opera carry on the show. E GI EER' BALL Another of the well known events on campus each year is the Engineers Ball. This is the night, slide-rules and T-squares forgotten, the engineers have a great time. Candidates are sponsored by the various sororities, fraternities, and dormitories, and votes are cast at the dance. Dean Mirgain presents awards to Saint Patricia, Kay Schultz, and Saint Pat, Charles Burk Qi? SAINT PA'I' CANDIDATES: Ifff In righl: xl. Iiffertz, M. Thyberg, A. Nelson, C. Burk. Who are we voting for? SAINT PATRICIA CANDIDATES: FRONT, lfffl to rig-hz: K. Schultz, I.. Bartley. BACK lcjl to righl: L. johnson, M. Watt,xl. Riedesel, Gildersleeve. V-tr,-sf?" V I, ,. f.:f.f --lr S BEAUX-ART -BALL Craters, volcanoes, and objects flying through space were but a few of the decorations that created the "Outer Limitsw theme of last year's Beaux Arts Ball. Sponsored by the American Institute of Archi- tects this colorful tradition has proven to be one of the most awaited events of the year. The name Beaux Arts is derived from the famous Beaux Arts school in Europe and living up to this standard the AIA puts forth its best in selecting a theme, making tickets, and decorating for the dance. Being the only costume ball open to every- one, it is a gala event well attended. Well, the way I see il. Winners m the costume division This looks like fun. People, people everywhert t mm iff M 173 MILITARY BALL Military Ball . . . the first strictly formal event of the year, saw local military dignitaries and students dancing to the music of the Air- men of Note. Climax of the evening was the crowning of Alpha Gamma Rho candidate, Helen Leland, as Military Ball Q'ueen.The annual affair is sponsored by AUSA, the Arnold Air Society, Angel Flight and Guidon. Queen Helen is escorted under the crossed sabers. Queen Helen Leland is congratulated by Dr. Albrect. The Airmen of Note provide entertainment as well as music for the Military Ball 174 1'-A Q ' The Military Ball Candidates: Kandace Bergan, Shirley Lawonn, Georgia jonasson, Queen Couples enjoy the music provided by the Airrnen of Note. Helen Leland, Arlene Ness, Sara Gildersleeve, and Jeannine Hagen. Admiring the decorations at the Military Ball 175 Couples dance to the music provided by the Strangers. CHARITY BALL Lots of yea-yea dresses, silhouettes of girls and boys on the walls, and couples doing the frug, monkey, or whatever set the scene for this year's Charity Ball. The theme for the event, sponsored annually by the Panhellic Council, was Discotheque. Tickets for the semi-formal affair are available from any member of the six sororities on campus. The decorating for the dance is a project undertaken- ever so graciously-by the pledges of each of the sororities. Alien-Chivalry!! My cup runneth overllll rf-QQ! i 1 5 v K' 2 'x 5 3 Couples pause for a much needed rest-and shy away from the camera!! WINTER EEKE D Winter Weekend, sponsored by SUAB, brought much excitement and fun to the campus this year. Many of the groups constructed beautiful snow sculptures, which were judged and for which awards were given. The Mauler Bowl involved many students who took part in races and contests on the mall. After the week- endls festivities, Betty Coed and joe College were an- nounced at the dance Saturday night. Betty Coed, Hagen and joe College, D. Lervick. Students enjoying every minute of the Mauler Bowl. FINALISTS FOR JOE COLLEGE AND BETTY COED: Lzjl to right: Shipley, T. Norum, McCoy, B. Challey, Hagen, D. The GPB's and SAE's worked together to win first place sculptures. Lervick, K, Loberg, A. Redmann, in the snow Nil? 4- STUDE T UNIO Looking for the most popular building on campus? The hub of all Campus activity is the Student Union of course, and ours is especially popular since the opening of our new addition last fall. Although termed "Student Union" the job of running it smoothly is handled by james Thomas, Union Director, and Andrew Bushko, Assistant, who are aided in turn by the Commission ofStudent Union and by SUAB. SUAB executive Council: SEATEDWL. Gunner, D. Krastins, N. Madsen STANIJINC- K. Nordstrom, A. Bushko, R. Gillund, M. Barner. Ki.. Commission of Student lfnion: N. Madsen, li. Koivastik, B, Austin, Com- Assistant Union Director, Andrew Bushko. niissionerg R, Clillund. Union Director, jim Thomas and secretary. l , A Mm. Lost? Try the information desk. ,........-. Fig 1, JEL, R+ if: Tired of standing in line in the Bison Room? How about trying the new Dacotah Inn. lt's open to students, faculty and guests for evening and noon meals. i i A 5 K 9 X S ABOVE: Equipment ready for music lovers. LEFT: Newly redecorated Alumni Lounge affords Comfortable surroundings for relaxation. lllllll ,L ZZ. l l 2 3 1 i 2 A gains romn, Il1llSlCllSlCIllIlgl0lIIlgC,l72iI'l7CI' sliop, Cyclops IJL-n l'l'.X'. rmnnj, and import shop fltlfllllxfl in ilu' cnlzirgc-cl book SIUYCD :incl smnc ol nbc l'CilllllsL'S in Ilic new addition Inn, lliv IIUWCSI :lining zu'c1i on Czunpus, pro- viclcs slurlvms zincl lzifuliy willi luxurious suinmunclings lor ilu- "special" meal. Oilicr l'C2illlI'L'5 incluclc lounges illlfl nu-cling mrnns zlvzlilzilxlc In sluclvnls :incl guests. 2 2, 3 fi Q Q 2 3 E E 1 I l l -L wif.-gs! q:.i,a"f, li luis bccn mid llizn the uwliilccls are always so busy, but to disprove Iliis l'2lL'I--- ncc'csszn'y pam ol' cvcry rollcgc sluclenI's career is the time spent "unionizing." -.Q Bowling- lm' Crcclil cn' incrcly i'c'laxz1li0l1??? Studying in llic L'nim1??? llicsc girls mukc use ol' llic facilities offcrcrl in lbc music' listening lounge ol' ilic Nlcinorizil Sllllltllll lllllllll.Ylll1C1,llCUlllll l What do you find in a bookstore? Books and books, and more books!!! ir Hmm, this ought to Ht! 1234 Friday night date-the barber shop is open until 5:00!! Hultz Lounge, named in honor of past president of our university, Dr. Fred S. Hultz, is the scene of visiting art shows and ceramic displays as well as intimate conversations between students and guests. -fpgpesw -ummm-e in RIGHT: Ofcourse refreshments are an important part of any social function. BELOW: Sylvia Sex starred in the Gamma Phi Betzfs james Blond thriller. E ABOVE: The ATO's quickly caught the attention of the audience with the "Hairy Whistlersf' LEFT: Three members ol' Orchesis entertained at the Christmas party with their depiction ofa "winter Wonderland." mf? 'S-'X Kathy Brademeyer and accompanist, Gene Redlin, enthrall the audience with their Christmas selections. Kandy Bergan portrays the happy brides- maid at the SUAB Bridal Show. BELOW: The skit presented by Reed- -Inhnson dorms depicts life during the Middle Ages? M fi 1511- Cluiiiiiiissiuii ui' Nlusic zmcl Publix' Pm gl'ilIllS. 1.4211 In riglilf S, Spring, I", BCYII- lioit, xlllllllillg, 'lf SCliNYOI'Iil, lxcllcrliiig, NI, XVAIISOII, 5111 CAS H-or e r-fsrfsv Q U U I I ' ' lx X P irc mi British lilk' is prusciilccl by the I oi Iizfwiizl ilu' lfrirzgw. lfolk-singci' Leon Bibb Cil2llS with Dr. Walsh before Perforlnzmcc. Buss SQIQCTXICTUIHC Hines igfw , F EAT RED ARTISTS Each year a well-rounded program of featured artists is selected for our lyceum series. Under the auspices of the Commission of Music and Public Programs and Dr. Walsh, the faculty advisor to this group, selections and arrangements are made with these groups to perform on our campus. Tickets for these events are available to students upon the presentation of activity tickets and thus students are exposed to cultural programs they other- wise might not be able to afford. Featured Artists for the 1964-1965 season were: Leon Bibb, Beyond the Ifringe, Emlyn Williams, Fine Arts Qua1'tet, Claudio Arrau, Royal Welsh Choir and jan Peerce. The Royal Welsh Male Choir present their concert March l, Emlyn Williams presents readings of Charles The Fine Arts Quartet perform during winter quarter. Dlckens' 19 Pe 64-1965 Lyceum Series concludes with tenor Alan erce. in ,. Student Body President Findley and Student Senate Secretary Carol Sanders. Senate: ROW 1, lgfl lo right: D. Lee, T. Miller, K. Fletcher, B. Findley, C. Saunders, P. Dodge, M. Hodgson. ROW 2: Dr. Cater,j. Stihlafrnann, O. Osinaine, D. Haugen, T. Norum, C. Pfeifer, Mr. Walkerg Senate .L ii? fi ix-jitf' gm Commissioners: SEATED, left to right: R. Barnhardt, T. Canning, F. Lantz, M Hodgson, Custodian. STANDINKL' R. Wetzel, D. Mott, B. Challey, Chaplain B. Austin. No!j1i6l11red.' T. Seaworth, A. Redinann,Al. Berkey. Advisor. BACK ROW: D. Mott, B. Challey. R. Wetzel, R. Barnhardt, R. Carlson,j . Klusman di? Q1 Outstanding Senator C ary Pfelfer and C ommissionei Frank Lantz. ELECTIO S 8: S ATE l1St before the close of winter quarter each year, we witness the lerver and excitement that sweeps our campus as individuals vie for positions in our student government. The ofhces of student. body president and one or two year senate are open to any student provided he files papers according to the Senate regulations. Buttons, banners, campaign promises and debates are the hopeful's various means of attracting the votes oi' fellow students. Tension mounts as the voting day arrives but the close ol' this day is awaited by many other than the candidates themselves- for it brings all ol' us a new student government. LEFT: Outgoing Findley swears in new SBP Schindler, Below: Legislative Research Commissioner' -lack lierkey and assistant Tom Norum. COMMISSION UI' FINANCE, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Hodgson, M. E. Watson, D. Olson, Dr McDowell Advisor R Moe, T. Norum, F. Lantz, Commissioner, G, Pfeifer. ?.?E ,,,, fi 5' 3 if .f ji -uv' 41:5 t W' . 2 ' fgkfif. ' ix, l' . 'ff 5" ,, f 9 , wi H I my FRONT ROW, ltffl to right: G. Knutson, M. jordheim, I-Q. Koivastik, N. Madsen, P. Dodge. RACK ROW, lzfft In righl: G. Mease, Nl. B. Billing, T. Seaworth,Ll. Klusman. WHO'S WHO Students are chosen lor Who's Who on the basis of high scholarship, leadership, and participation in extra cur- ricular activities, citizenship, and service to the university as well signs ol' future promise. To be eligible lor this award a student must be registered at NDSU at the time FRONT ROW, left fo righl: C. lrieglolf, I.. Gunner, K. Ovesen, lf. l,antz, R. Femrite. MIDDLE ROW: -I. Axtman, K. Nordstrom, K. Degen, ini' of nomination, and must receive his degree between September 1964 andjune 1965. Thirty-hve students on our campus were chosen for the 1964-65 edition ofiWlio's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Snuff, K. Fletcher, R. Hankel. BACK ROW: Schuelke, lijornlialt Berdlial, 'II Holmgren, I.. Grim, B. Tannehill,kI. Erickson. .-v W7 LEADER HIP TRAININ GRKSHOP Leadership training workshops are held at various times throughout the year to acquaint students with the present campus leaders and to help these inter- ested students acquire leadership qualities for the future campus responsibilities. Under the supervision of the Commission of Inter-campus Affairs, these workshops consist of opening addresses by various campus leaders, followed by "buzz,' sessions and question periods. RIGHT: Dr. Albrecht addresses the potential campus leaders and faculty. BELOW: Commission of Intercampus Affairs. Lfjl to right: S. Fossum, R. Wetzel, Commissioner G. Powell,j. Moir,-I. Schmitt. 'Y'v safes Qi fl' 7Jv Vlfdpfv X... Us azwffiiss X Organized discussion groups-the backbone of the workshops. Students, lacultv and administrators enjoy the noon luncheon. Paul Llripe, Szicltllt' and SlI'l0lll.5 Mun ul tlie Year. Om Max " IF PAUL PR iiawaii MAN UF 'X , x Little lnternati0nal's Hall of Fame Banquet. E , li I ,N X, f , - 6 ' . , Qrueen -lanna and attendants Helen and Bonita. Trophies, medals, and placques-awaiting showmansliip winners. LITTLEI TER ATIG AL Sponsored by the Saddle and Sirloin Club, Little International is is a livestock show which is not only a worthwhile experience for participants but a colorful event to spectators as well. In addition to livestock and cattle competition, queens, clowns, banquets, andjudging contests make this an entertaining week-end. Each year the Man ofthe Year award is presented to an outstanding man in North Dakota agriculture. Receiving the honor this year was Paul Cripe. Named Grand Champion Showman was john Olson. Presiding over the week-end's festivities was Qvueen Janna McCoy. Something for the girls- greased pig contest. BELOW: Janna officially becomes Queen. Showmanship participants circle the ring. l BELOW: C'mon you guys-let me up. 191 Grand Champion Showman, john Olson. Fraternity Brothers give Olson a ride. Fraternity Calf Tying Contest Pandemonium! Participants and sheep await judging. AA, WN af' iw-aol' vlfftlaf im ii' f Yards and yards of atoms! s. 5 H RIVA Sharivar is the annual all-campus open house held each spring. Everyone on campus, faculty and students alike, plan special exhibits and demonstrations to present to friends, parents, alumni and any other special guests. All agree that it is much Work, but it proves very rewarding. Sharivar was May 1-3. Friday was designated Parents Dayg Saturday, High School Day, and Sunday was open to alumni visitors. Last spring during Sharivar, Blue Key, the honorary men's service fraternity, sponsored an all-university musical pro- duction, Flower Drum Song which met with tremendous success. Mrs. Albrecht and guests enjoy afternoon tea. The lighting ofthe torch begins Sharivar, LOWER I.IiI"T: "D0n'l Marry Me" from Flower Drum Song. RIGHT: High school guests and parents eqjoy a free lunch. LOWER RIGHT:Well, it was supposed Lo go around there. .. N ni! '15 R ,.-u I L M ,. N34 ,X A. ,W . , 33- ,gk ,wi .X ,S 'SVN vw mrfr f je ,A ,. . Q . 2 A ff' hir' ' , as Putting up the Sharivar symbol. Ov his 7' Q 1 The pharmacists provide transportation to their College for visitors during Sharivar A member of Libra gives information about Shari- var to visitors. 196 NDSU had all ages working for Sharivar. M955 THE 95516525 "" if! . fi 1430555 TR YOUT F5523 mg., , I-'Eaa4,em45 A Rm: vm, ,U- 1,-. -. -N ,4- .,,. w. X -H YH 4 N ss E M. H M N Q, 7 M -1, nk .V M, 'M . vf - W it ., fa H '- fa ni ,,, S. vi l 1 1. Q as as vii.. ' M, X W M, jf., M, ww vm, iw X, at MEI 1 fx: N.. 'uw M, rw -Q. 'Q-.1 M 5,4 If. sv 1 u ' Q . ' ' - N '. '- k - Q w,- Q ,,' . .' IV 1 v ' Ci it s xi 'fa ' I-Qs as ' li H 9 55. 5' 1 'fn t , , .V-' Ju -H' S. 1' ' 1 nf K an M, M: 'Hu M 'Ha Mt M. .1 1, -H n lx v. va s 555 2 :C-.1 2 H: . 5' 59:3 Q.. Ar .3 'W M, -Miz: -19335 lgjtnm , .W is Lrimj f l nwqwm ,-zffwsm. fu., 'rv it M. r:v'ftngL VKINKSIQ, N ,'s, ty fp., jj. ML., , 1-.-gf. st., S., -, ix.4'x:,,,X,-wg-., in X - Flin' V .L l"f."'f'-' -. in .. W X wt, W,-.:.,--. '24 xxw 7"l"nn Y, f .,',,, N '.,,,,fV,n',-. -.,, .1,,,i3.ih. m,'s1,,' ' ,' "w"w' vu' luv, W. ,- fuvf' W: ,xklll KHQNI 'luv' 'Q ,-K , ...--f.. xgqzf ,Mp -1-. ,,-1.5 A.,- vpflr uf 4 H " ,Jug 'va ,w'w' --we . "w'fw Q ' 1, riff! ,','x' .-:u,,- .4--.w SM' xi , lg :Z :s -5. ...- .--Q :fri-1: X z- ,, "fl :lv H :- '5' gi ' nn- ".' ...H - ...- :J ...S ' at-V - ,,.: nn: I -uf' '-' I1 N N. 1 if 3 " :"' ' :: hr .. g fn .. "-5 : - :gl -vu 1: .. lg 2 53 2 I . f fm 2 :I .1 : U , --1. in 2 :S l , ,, M gm: ra :i -..' fm " :i 'M ' ut' Nw C' M. ' f -11. im -1 X. f .W ..,, no :-.W up -In me : N A Wm' 541 "N Ut "-Q ' ww' :tu H my at M. ' ww' M, fr, :vu ' -My -Q.. I U, 5'--... -.12 . "fn fn . "Hr Z'I '33 5 fill ' Sl' 3, 'K-N g Q M. ' W- 'H H . "ff msgstr... ,V , Wx. ws Y sv. ' Q A ,"l fm 'fm A .2 . ,M 'M I M- ' ,, . vs, iw. -.M A wi N: , If.,,4 mx, I Q' 1 'ni ' "H, 'W '-u ' ,N , Kun M, I .,, i vu, 1 Qin. M. , eh, ' -,' .., l ..,, - fu. --.. ,. 1 N ,H Q V . ": -"1-,E fl , ' . 'f sf Q V?Q.a..- . 9, g - Visitors view displays of modern architecture. A guest of Sharivar receives a hearing test from a speech therapy student. GREEK EEK A reigning Greek god and god- dess, picnics, relays and lots of fun are in store for Greek members when they embark on their annual Greek Week. Gary Knutson and Georgia Alonasson won top honors as this year's Greek god and goddess. The Kappa Delta's won first place in Spring Sing with the harmonic blend of their voices. It was a successful week which served its ultimate purpose-unified bonds among Greek groups. 9 eg ef' l'I'I'l'fR RIGHT: The Kappa Deltas display a winning smile after receiving top honors in the annual Spring Sing. ABOVE: The winning couple-Greek god, Gary Knutson and Greek goddess, Georgia jonasson. RIl,ll'l': lt was a tight squeeze, 'l'wo in a sleeping bag, exchanging sweatshirts, but it was so much fun. Miss NDSU, Ginger Mease Candidates MI. Frey K. Gagstetter C. Geving R. Hankel MISS N For the first time North Dakota State University had an entrant in the Miss North Dakota Pageant. Miss NDSU was selected from representatives of the campus sororities and women's residence halls. Ginger Mease, a junior in home economies, winner ofthe Miss NDSU title, was also chosen Miss Congeniality by the other candidates. Not only did she take top honors on our campus, but she was also runner-up in the Miss Dakota Pageant. Ginger receives the trophy, roses, and congratulations from student body president, Bill Findley. WM fun. C. Lee K. Spitzer ai... nf C. Wagner Q K. Wigton . .. 1' 44 HO OR DAY Every spring, outstanding NDSU students and faculty are recognized at the Honors Day convocation. Mortar Board, Blue Key, and other honorary groups present their new members. Recipients of the many scholarships and awards are announced. The members ol' Mortar Board devote their attention to the speaker. ABOVE: Dean Arlon Hazen, College ol' Agrtcul presents the Outstanding 'l'eatiher's Award to Sl Owen. RIGHT: Outstanding university students HSLCIVIII various honors. ABOVE: Miss Thompson attentively listens as she is presented the award. DR. QF ERVICE AWARD The Doctor of Service Award is selected on the basis of contributions to the University through participation in campus and civic activities. This outstanding award is sponsored by Blue Key National Honorary Fraternity. The recipient ofthe award this year was Miss Matilda B. Thompson, Professor of Mathematics and former Dean of Women at North Dakota State University. Miss Thompson has had extended graduate work at various outstanding universities after obtaining her B.S. degree here at NDSU. Also, she is active in many societies and pro- fessional organizations. Miss Thompson was instrumental in acheiving the recent installation of Mortar Board on this campus. All of these and many other activities play a very important role in Miss Thompson's life. ABOVE: Blue Key es- corts Miss Thompson to her seat as she receives a standing ova- tion from the crowd. LEFT: Blue Key pre- sents the Doctor of Service Award to Miss Matilda B. Thompson. 1 AWARD D Y Awards Day is a day familiar to NDSU students, It is at this time that the men of Army and Air Force ROTC, along with their auxiliaries, Guidon and Angel Flight, per- form their drills which the students have seen and heard them practicing all year. Festivities include a program where the awards are given and a tea for the ROTC men and their friends and parents who attend the ceremony. T K X J ff . f Sf -V .1 4 , ft YE 2 4' Finger Mease Commander of Angel Flight Father and son gaze at the military demonstrations. The men in uniform pay respects to receives a gift from Murtha Bateman the American flag COMMENCEMEN T The day of graduation arrives, but with it comes feelings ofmixed emotions -pride, joy, sorrow, and fear arejust a few of the many. The nights spent bent over books, the endless hours of classes, and the nervousness felt during exams are finally paid off when a graduate receives that hard earned diploma. President Albrecht converses with the president of the The lines form and the graduates are ready for their final walk across the stage. Board of Higher Education before commencement, LEFT: Graduates remi- nisce of the past as they wait to receive their degrees. Graduation begins for another year, led by Doctor Chris Jensen, Commencement Marshal. Z t ttti .,,1 W E gwgrq 5 The crowd listens intently to graduation ceremonies li I .. . , , if Dr. I'1scihct'. Pl'CSlfiClll of Ajztmeslown Ciollege, Q gives the ztdtlrcss at Bat'calzt11reaIe. I 204 if Af--M, X ' v Sf,'s, ,r ,, ,E Having received their commissions Armed Forces. these men begin their careers in the 206 Earl Bute receives an honorary alumni award from President Albrecht. LEFT: Dr. Walsh congratulates Patricia Lenihan upon receiving her degree. Kathy congratulates her father, Frank Ross, in her own very special way. ABOVE: Mrs. Evans, Dinan Hall Head Resident, extends congratulations to two of her girls. LEFT: The whole family is happy on graduation day. Eg! n 1195 PQRT Through teamwork, loyalty, and a high degree of competition, sports add to the personality of the school. Sports, for the participant, require much extra time and present a challenge to win. For the average student sports are means by which to relax from regular studies and to support the school. The athletic program plays a big part in the total development of the Uni- versity student. ROW I, IM to right: L. Linderman, R. Wallentine, M. Hasbargen, G. Lansing, B. Heck, J. Carlson, M. Sather, R. Baranko, A. Quinn, j Schaefer, G. Showers. ROW 2: Robert Sciacca, F. Hentges, B. Sturde- vant, B. Airheart, H. Freeman, D. Thesing, T. Sturdevant, J. Schlict, T. Holmgren, S. Neis, E. Pilipsen, P. DuCharme, V. Conners, M Bruce Airheart ffar righlj and Tom Holmgren frightj were selected for the all- conference second team. N Vukelich. ROW 3: R. Evenson, Richard Sciacca, R. Mische, M. Cichy A. Wiegandt, G. Gebhards, G. Benson, R. Clement, W. Odegaardul Neuman, -I. Schlinder, R. Hansen, B. Birner, O. Olson. ROW 4: D Isrow, D. johnson, W. Weaver, S. Irgens, -I. Weatherly, A. French, F Olson, rlfjacob, D. Mudra, R. Erhardt, B. Nystrom. if mai.-.agm FOGTBALL NDSU Opponent 20 ..... Moorhead State .... 13 46 ..... Morningside . , 12 14 ..... State College of Iowa . . . 7 20 ..... S. Dakota State . . 13 42 ..... Augustana . 7 13 ..... UND . . 20 7 ..... Montana State College . . 0 28 ..... Idaho State U. ..... 21 34 ..... U. Wisconsin - Milwaukee ..... 6 14 ..... W. State of Gunnison Col ..... 13 In two short years the NDSU Bison football team has come from a dismal 0-10 last place club to a 9-1 finisher to win a share of the North Central Con- ference Championship. History was made when the team accepted the invitation to and won the Mineral Water Bowl, post-season game at Excelsior Springs, Missouri. LEFT Bill Sturdevant, selected for the all-conference Hrst team, was termed, "the finest all around athlete I have ever coached" by Coach Darrel Mudra. 211 SENIORS The Bison are losing outstand- ing players due to the senior gradu- ation. The senior backs accounted for well over three-quarters of the scoring and for 2463 of the 3252 yards of total offense. Frank Hentges ,W-J w'W'mm,s-wsfv Bill Sturdevant Ed Pflipsen 212 i,mu-uwmunuwrw ffdnhn-vw-W mm r ,g 2 e .,,. e :4' r g ' " f:' - rere , ying! -A.f ." - A 5 SV' I Bruce Airheart I Tgm Holmgren 'RK " W 1 '- ,a75fQ,wi1-, fmms ii s .. K -V 4-q,,v:g::x,,r g 5 , f Q M.-.....a............. me-.-Q.. .-.....,.......,.. W...-.....,.p. ,.-fa..-..4.. ma... 9-...Q - Wm T A vp- -1 , 'bbw' I ua.-Y, """"""'. w--up-7 .1-...-..4. ,...-way . anuwwnsen W .pq-n.mQ..m.v T, - ....4..i.,...,.. an-p-awww gunman-sri!!! , YS?" -G "' jerry Schlict Pierre DuCharme Harold Neis Dan Tl'lCSil1g Hal Freeman Terry Sturdevant 213 MI ERAL ATER B0 ,J ,-"' rw A, ,Y t f Fans race to catch the train to the Mineral Bowl. f 5 ' , e ff J H ,,Q.r"' 'QE A fa' The Gold Star Band marches through the streets of Excelsior Springs. 214 3-4. 5 'aww he 3 T X! t Q North Dakota State University was the first institu- tion of higher learning in the state to be asked to play in a post-season bowl game. The game was played at Excelsior Springs, Missouri against Western State of Gunnison, Colorado. The Bison won the game, 14-13, with Bruce Airheart ac- counting for both touchdowns. Fans from the NDSU campus, from the city of Fargo, Fans on the bleachers back up the coaches and team, who seem a bit wor- ried at this moment. Roger Maris poses with Rich Mische and Mike Cichy before the Bowl game Bruce Airheart topples to the ground with the ball in possession. and from the surrounding area travelled to Missouri over the Thanksgiving weekend in order to see the Bison win the Mineral Water Bowl. The coaches are carried from the field by the proud and happy Bison. 1-lui? ll Hard charging Ed Pflipsen sees daylight. Coach Darrel E. Mudra said of this year's team: "We are thrilled at the success the team has achieved. We figured we were a year away from a championship, but through a fine team effort we made it a year earlier. I have an excellent staff which have been instrumental in the development of this team." Bruce Airheart, fighting off tacklers. 216 .N ,nu-ii I could have danced all night. Speed merchant, Bruce Airheart, goes for the big gain. 'Nm ef ffl' 4 I Now what do I do?ll! Billy Sturdevant, showing the line form he displayed throughout the year. 217 K ' X N A ii Gel out of the way, I'm coming through! qsgkillx Coach Mudra appears to he pleased as he watches the workout. fee , X v..V. , 2 Q p Big things are expected of speedy Ron Evenson next year. 218 if If ' k , Coach Erhardt yells some advice to the Bison. Pflipsen stiff arms a pursuing tackler. 1 ,yi FRE HMA FQOTBALL For the second year in succession, under the capable leadership of Coach Vern McKee, the NDSU Baby Bison have gone undefeated for the season. The varsity ranks will receive tal- ented depth in their ranks from this year's freshman team. ZZZ DDU UJUJCID CCC' .iii age UD D cffg "1 Cl- 5. INC Sr-an-4 L??5 GCC gk E I fl .L 3 ROW 1: W. Bohess, KI. Colehour, P. Erickson, D. Robertson, A. Lavoi, P. Hansen,j. LaMarre, M. Ahneman, U. Lamond, D. Helgason, R. Salveson, F. Schroeder, G. Long, R. Yagge, Line Coach. ROW 2: G. Hennessey, C. C-laseo, M. Samson, B. Wells, K. Mongeon,j. Martin gl. Heller, M. Lodoen,j. Hanson, D. Loose, G. Kallenbach, R. Ash, P y l . all fi . aa.,-I Revier. ROW 3: D. Isrow, Trainer, E. Kjelbertson, Defensive Line Coach, j. Clark, Student Manager, M. Ahbronovik, A. Wilke, R. Wol- lenburg, D. Balod, M. Belmont, R. Ercolani, P. Boland, B. Hunter, L. Anderson, D. Olson, T. Reardon, D. Monack, C. Hanson, Novo- cek, Backlield Coach, V. McKee, Head Coach, CROSS COU TRY ,GRIN Q BMI 'Watt An early snowfall doesn't stop harriers from keeping in shape. F 'Q suis use mb All conference champ, Roger Grooters. We can expect big things from our cross country team next year because we have good, up-and- coming freshmen and will lose no one through graduation. ROW 1: R. Grooters, B. MacLaren, j. Suobodny. ROW 2: A. Hefner, j. Heil, P. Pollock, Coach Pat Novacek. ROW 3:j. Burckhard, B. Haugen, J. Jacobs. 220 Q ROW I: L. Otteson, B. Reynolds, C. Hennebry, M. Fink, ROW 2: L. Kaufman, B. Frissell, R. Vraa, Coach R. Wehile. Not pictured, D. Mott. Another strike for BGWLIN G INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES Ron Vraa . . . Robert Frissell . Lyle Otteson . Larry Kaufman . . Brian Reynolds Mike Fink . . . Clif Hennebry Dave Mott . . . Brian Reynolds. 221 'sr ROW I: D. O'l-Iara, J. Sem, D. Miller, C. Nelson, L. Mullins, D. Hum- manen, T. Gilmore, S. McCormick, J. McCormick, D. O'Connor, P phrey, C, Johnson. ROW 2: D. Spongler, L. Hagel, C. Sheldon, R. Hal- Eastman, M. Grinney, Coach Arthur fBuckyJ Maughan. lam, J. Colebank, I.. Perkas. ROW 3: S. Whiplash, R. Rieger, D. Dor- K3 "Let go of my ear!" Coach "Bucky" cheering one of his wrestlers on to a pin. -1.- Wrestling requires agility, strength, and superb conditioning. WRE TLI G The wrestling coach Arthur CBuckyj Maughan two year NAIA and one NCCA wrestling champion said: "This year we are concentrating on teaching fundamentals so we can carry on to advanced wres- tling next year. We canlt lose anyone because of graduation and next year we can use freshmen on our varsity, which will really help us." Given time and support, with the talented Maughan at the helm, we can look forward to the Bison being prominent in the ranks of the wres- tling competition. ' M WFP Mm! . V. The Tau's in a "friendly" game of touch football. I TRAMURAL No program of collegiate sports is complete without an organized mean of competition in athletics that is limited to the campus. At NDSU, the intramural sports program contains competition in football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, softball, bowling, ten- nis, broom hockey, and track and field events. Participation is campus-wide and the competi- tion for the intramural traveling trophy is fierce. Please, I'cl lmller do it mysell'!"- Mark Weed doing Rl flancy sideslep. Them CIl1i's involved in ex strenuous form ol' volleyball 'Tlome on, Sam, lcI's go 'l'l1e 'llxuk move up Ulllll 1 4 W ' ' 'ik ' 3 Q -:--A-. , . ,W -.... f W ' -, xg 13 rf A ,Q 45 A f 3 X ,Q Q N 4 W xx 2 i 'fun-ff ,"'f"!s s ? Suman goes up for ajump shot. BA KETB LL The Bison had a l l-I4 record, but they pro- vided the fans with many exciting moments ol' good basketball. Although troubled by eratic play during the early part of the season, the team jelled and became a potential threat to the NCC championship. Bench strength and a balanced scoring attack were the teamls main assets. Though handi- capped by lack of height, the team's high spirit and speed helped offset the difference. There's a mad scramble for the ball as the Bison are pitted against Concordia. VARSITY RICCI DRI? NDSL' OPP. 50 SI. I.ouis If ,....,..... ... 114 50 80111116111 I11i11ois. .. ... 82 72 Co11co1'c1iz1 ........ . . . 66 72 0141111211121 ....... ... 87 74 1110111211121 Slzuc ..., . . . 80 Loyola Chicago .... . . . 84 80 Vzxlpaiiiiso ........ . . . 96 66 St. 'INIIUIIIQIS ..... . . . 48 77 Co11co1'cIiz1 ..,..... . . . 80 66 N1oo1'11cz1c1 812116. . . ... 72 72 SDSL '........ .. ... 56 81 I-XL1gL1Sl2l1l2l ...... 65 66 South 1321163121 .... . . . 81 89 N1o1'11i11g'sif1c .... 81 69 SCI ........... 82 89 Co11co11cIiz1 ...... 71 66 SCI ..........,... . . . 60 69 5100171162111 811111 -.., . . . 73 85 KW-NIi1wz111kcc. .. ... 78 80 Nloruiiigsiclc .... 66 75 5011111 13111411121 .... ... 5'-I 61 A11g11s1z111z1 ..... 63 75 SDSL' .... . . 81 80 I'ND .... 87 63 UND .....................,...,. 77 I'l'l'liR RIliIl'l': 154111 '1i1lt'IlSl'1IQ'l'L'1', Ll 11711141 11.111 1111 zwoicls ll fillllUJ1'K112l C1C1iL'11C1Cl'. 1 ILL c1111Ls 1111110 minus 1171 1111 11 x11iUl'l'f.'IJz11'- 72 ' 1 ' ll' I ' Bisou. RIIJIITJA'W11cf1'c-R1111-I1.111. 'x 5123! I 3 345071 I t t I'll do anything you say, but please don't shin! Lee has the ball as the Bison compete against South Dakota. Who shot that one? Does anyone know? 230 Sometimes the going gels ffvughf Bob Maier attempts to block an opponents shot. P 1 Reserve fbrward Gary Paulsrud discovers the full court press. 231 Iv lfft In riglll: Coach D. Palmer, lf, Anderson, D. Streiniikcs, l-1. I L IONC X -Xndeison FRONT lulscth Nltddoclt B Fx it 1 cuson, D. Salvi. .lII1II2l.l'I.' ul. Nammar, Nl. Donavon, R. Schleiman, letsons B Fiicltson B C oet7 FRE HMA BASKETBALL I he Baby Bison basketball team have had a successful year. There IS me tt potential on this team which will be an asset to varsity team next NDSU SEASON RECORD NDSL OPP. NDSU OPP Concordia . . . 75 Valley City. . . . , Valley City '.... . . 96 Kallod Carpet . . . . C. F. Airbase ,... . . 94 Fargo Police Ass'n Mayville State. . . . . 96 Nloorehead State . C, F. Airbase .... . . 70 Nloorehead State . Mayville State 68 UND ............ Concordia . . . 87 UND . . . When you have to yann vo hue yawn' 232 BACK, left fo righl: WV. New, D. Gust, G. Holmes, S. Grosskl. Clark, D. Micldafield, A. French. 3 FRONT: D. Koening, S. Graff, C. lutrick,Ll. Discher, D. Saunders, R. In riglzl: 'lf Vick, S. Gross, Couch If. Kaiser,-I. Discher, D, Dillion. 233 Vick. GYMNA TIC The N.D.S.U. gymnasts, coached by Erv Kaiser, completed their third season with the consolation that next year is going to be better. This year was used as a building year as could be seen from the gymnists record of no wins and numerable losses. With a year oiiexperi- ence, next year's team should be a team of which we can be proud. N Q21 TR CK NDSU's l964 track and held team did RIGHT: Lanny Oxton strains for that extra inch in the broadjump. BELOW: Lanny Oxton, Roger Crooters, Bruce Airlieart, and coach Nueberger pose lor the picture. LUWER RIGHT: "Up and over!" MEET CORE NDSU, Concordia, Jamestown, lst. Iamestown Relays, NDSU, 2nd. NSU, Valley City State, Jamestown College, lst. Bisonilaycee Relays, NDSU, lst. Bemidji Invitational, NDSU, 4th, NDSU, Bemidji State, lst. NDSU, Mayville State, lst. NDSU, Concordia, Moorhead State, lst. North Central Conference Meet, 4th, considerably well this year as they ran off with lst place honors in six out ol' nine meets, thanks to the able coaching ol' Tom Neuberger, who left NDSU last spring. The track team shows great promise for the 1965 season, since very few cindermen were lost through graduation. m X. ii ,,,, 2 STANDING: M. Harper, B. j. Bertram, G. Ness, S. Urgens, LI. Jacobs, j. Svogodny, L. Oxton, C. Offerdahl, R. Grooters, B. Airheart, R. Severson. KNEELING: G. Smith, D. Wanner, G. Ralftery, L. Linderman, D. McDowell,j. McAndrews, H. Anderson. SEATEDHI. Burckhardt, T. Mikkelson, J. Heit, B. Haugen, R. Olson. ABOVE: Coach Tom Neuberger. LEFT: Two runners demonstrate the skill of passing the baton. 235 R11 I NN H1bcrlz1cl1,D l,CYly C Olmned I Ahlbelq Hicks R loxelew Fqulpmem MIIIAQCI I' HlIlWlLllSlxl IX Bleuel VN Scott Btllxllll RUM 2:0.0Ison l1qu1pmemNI1n1qu D lu l Dui I1 umm Rmmus C Bunce K PClld6l R l'lllIlQ'SIllil M. Mcl'hul I- Hentqee N 'Nldxee Condi ROW3 C IL sz' ,FMU 2 A... . .......... vm. . ,.-W... .g,.. .... ...J ,-.m f , 1 4 M K X P. Duflharme makes a good target lor the pitcher. 1 X X l if 'Xt . t l 1 x Y" fi- BA EBALL The 1964 Bison placed third in the northern half of the NCC, under Vern McKee, their new pilot. Hitting seemed to be the team's major downfall with a team average of.l90. The top notch battery of Haberlach and DuCharme left many hitters frustrated. Hentges took the individual batting laurels. Because of the number of returning letter- men, Outlooks for 1965 are optimistic. Again, a strong freshman team is expected to be of aid in the 1965 campaign. 237 Bison eyes follow a team n1ate's line drive into lelt field ,r F eb ' 1, , W Q if ffm, Q t if G' f sf i NOX!! SS NU! 1 BACK, lgfl to right: Coach B. Nystrom, R. Femaite, P. McDonald. FRONT: S. Knutson, M Ydhlli D. Nammnr. TENN The Bison netmen had at most successful season culminating with the North Central Conference Championship. Mike Yuhnu and Rocl Femrite were first in the doubles division and David NZIFHITIZII' was 21 semi- finalist in the singles. With freshman eligibility next spring, the prospects look outstanding for the 1965 season. The loss of Yahna and Knutson leave vacancies which can be amply filled hy qualified underclassmen. Congratulations Practicing his hard and fast serve is Dave Nammar, Coach Nystrom gives Rod Femrite a few helpful tips on how to use his racket Ready to leave on a trip are Mike Yahna, Dave Nammar, and Kermit Knutson. 239 TENNIS RECORD NDSU 7, Moorhead State 0. NDSU 7, Concordia 0. NDSU 5, UND 2. NDSU 6, UND l. NDSU 13 points, lst, Bison Invitational NDSU 0, University of Wyoming 7. NDSU llfz, Colorado State University 51!2 NDSU 0, University of Colorado 7. NDSU 0, Denver University 7. lst, North Central Conference Meet. 1 --f F,-v - 'f.?'fi?" D f' If STANIJINKI, lzfff In right: Nlark Nlatliiason, licl I" Bob Crain, 1-Qcl .-Xnclcrson. GULF Erv Kaiser's 1964 golf tearn captured second place in the North Central Conference. The team was composed of-juniors who will be returning next season. Coach Kaiser is very optimis- tic about the corning season. SEASONS RECORD Cobher-Dragon Invitational . . . . . . lst Bison Invitational . . . ......... . .. 2nd .. ...lst UMM Courgar Invitational .... NDSU l51!2, U ol' Wyoming 51!2. U of Colorado l71!2, NDSU 3112. NDSU l l, U ol' South Dakota 4. NDSU 5, Colorado College 3. NCC Meet. 240 as , V itzgeralcl, Bob Dahtn, Coach Err Kaiser. KNEEl.I.Vli, Bob Dalnn lines up his approach shot to the green. .ij L 3. i Y i l UPPER LEFT: Mark Mathiason shows us proper form on the fairway LOWER LEFT: Concentrating on his drive, Bob Cram tees off. UPPER RIGHT: Coach Iirv Kaiser gives a few pointers to Bob Dahm. i S Q 4 'www tix: :www gQ i 4 5. WNW '- ww 4 awww ' V IWW' ,mmmuuq iv? Z S Sfii' . x an Y sm ' fx is w qw.. W. ,X 'RR ' J A , -.N 1 y , 'x 'X YA V N M ,- ' WZ: W . ,. +R ,,,Q:L' ., ,, , V v ,fi 'wimmf - f ,Ns 'R H3 '- Aw - fr . R fa x 71? 'S 4.62.1 -wa-sw f 4245 STUDENT LIFE Q W Dum, 3' i f Q W A Q 1 8 jf' 7-', , L ,Q x Q WMM' vp-M ,ww - 9? Q if I Q :VV i . as ' Q It Q 4, f-,wfw 55 ' V, , ? f.mjfh, it 5553 . it f w,. L Residence Halls Sororities Fraternities Married Student: Health Center Library Dorm life provides lor many students their first encounter with independ- ence. They must learn to adapt themselves to living by rules and regulations of the dorm and how to budget their time to allow for study and social functions. Many of them xjoin a Greek organization and spend much time with sorority sisters or fraternity brothers after the usual rushing, pledging, and initiation. Married students usually establish residence in the apartments and trailer courts on campus. .,,- 62 241 BURGUM H The girls of Burgum Hall have a right to be proud of their home, for this year the architects who designed this beautiful dorm received an award for their design of Bur- gum. This year the girls of Burgum have held dances after basketball games, a special hall party, and their traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas parties. A thank offering was received at one of the parties and given to the Harbor School for mentally retarded children. The highlight of the year for the Burgurn girls was the honor of winning second place in NDSU's first College Bowl. Homework isn't all books. E Wahl treasurer R Drake vice president D johnson president Mrs johnson housemother are Signing out for an evening ol' fun. Cirls congregate for a little gah session. CERE HALL Ceres Hall, oldest women's residence on campus, has been home to a great many NDSU coeds over the years. This year, however, marks Ceres, last year as a women,s hall, lor next year the male population will he taking over this homey landmark ol' NDSU. Because of this, the girls have made a special effort to go all out in planning this last year's dorm activities. The open house at Homecoming was in particular a very special event for the Ceres girls. P. Kieffer, presidentg N. Alm, secretary: Mrs. Burrill, housemotherg L. Bredwick. 1, L R-4 ... . . si is 1 X , FAME 'WL - iw . ' L iiiii Coffee break time in Ceres Ilall. 243 CHURCHILL HALL Churchill Hall is a dormitory filled with healthy, fun-loving, American men. They derive MS pleasure from extra-curricular activities such as water fighting, FN filling rooins completely with paper, and even occasional f studying. f f Churchill Hall is the oldest, IHCILS residence hall. The boys like its location especially well since it is close to class buildings, the Union and the fieldhouse. 1 of . mm WAR Y BALL Www Ugg Guess l'll have to take it home to Mom. 'l'he bulletin hoard is a good source of infor- mation. Lvfl to right: C, likstrand, treasurerg V. Aardahl, vice presidentg C. Olmstead, president: A. Peterson, floor chairinang Nl. Harper, secretary: R. Kiefer, floor chairman. Brawn over brain. DINAN HALL Dinan Hall girls were active this year in a wide range ol' irganizations, clubs, honoraries, Student Senate and Concert ilhoir. The girls are particularily proud ol' their queens and weethearts this year. Sweetheart of SAE, Theta Chi Dream lirl, and Little International and Military Ball queens make heir homes at Dinan. president: H. Leland, treasurer: K. Bennett, secretary, "Iii Q ' 'Haw Left to right: Mrs. Evans, housemotherg A. Hollman, vice president: K, Kerrigan, 9, -1 993' f it it we '3'4"5'e'e2Laif , 'L f if ll .. 1 Rf-P' 2,1 W S Nw: L Go to the counselors room lor a cup olk-oliliee. Next week on Dr. Kildare . . . 245 l REED-JGH The students in Reed-johnson are in the process of uniting under one dormitory government, which involves the writing of a new constitution. Aside from this serious note, the boys enjoy their new living quarters in spite ol' the fact that it's a long walk to the central campus area. An example ol' intense concentra- tion. The students enjoying the lood served in the Food Center. FUOD CE TER Although there have been students living in the complex for at least one year, this is the first year the Food Center Service has been in operation. The Food Center provides employment for many students, a socializing and dancing area, and plenty of good food for hard- working students. 246 Mr. Bancroft. the director of the University Food Service. Lgjl to right: B. Markusen, secretary of Reedg T. Miller, president of L. Stoller, floor chairmang K. Schwols, floor ehairmang M. Guertel, johnsong B. Harris, floor chairman: M. Devlin, floor chairman, vice president ofjohnsong B. Guy,seCretary ofklohnson. Hmm, I wonder ifl should . .. Boys take advantage of the Reed-Johnson lounge. 247 TOCKBRIDGE HALL vt , ,fy Dormitory life in Stockbridge Hall is filled with variety. The men in this dorm participate in all the intermurals, including basketball, football, and bowl- ing. Residents also are active in Senate, varsity basketball and football, and SUAB. For recreation the men have co-sponsored one all campus dance at the Food Center and 41,3413 4 another dance they invited the g girls lrom Dinan and Burguni. Nluc-h concentration required here. Keep your eye on the ball. l 2 2 3 st i 2 s E . J, f ei? XfTN,j'-il 'Q Rv 5 lv if N il i Next time I'm going to send these to the laundry. Left to right: W. Olson, secretary: G. Satterthwaite, vice president: Dunlap, treasurer: G. Rit ter, president. 248 H .. .W we 1gi, ii-wisfrfwi SEATED: Mrs. Pmraflce, ll0l1SClNOIl1CI'..I. Myron, counselor, STA.N'DI.Vli.'1l. Slellle, president, C. XVl6SI1Cl',SCLTCIEIFY, I.. l'l2iyCS,lI'6?1SL1!'Cl', EIBLE H LL From the halls ol' Weible come girls from California, Texas, New York, Virginia, Utah, Minnesota and the Dzikotzis. Most of the girls are l'reshmeu and enjoy the friendly atmosphere here. All day long, there is music, laughter, fun, some studying, and fellows to help the girls keep busy. Girls gzlllier in ai c:ouuselor's room. 'uw lN'eihle lounge is 21 goocl place lor zi Kaul game, A x.f BELOW, left In right: I.. Peterson, Spong. STANDING: ,I. Glasoe, H. Viker. rj! ABOVE, Igfl to right: C. Stock, K. Bergan, M. Oyloe, C. Sanders C. Adam. 61112 14, wt' , PA HELLE IC COU CIL Panhellenic Council's main purpose is to act as the coordin- ating body for all sororities on campus. In this capacity, the council performs various jobs such as reviewing any questions concerning the sororities. One of the activities sponsored by Panhellenic is the Charity Ball. 250 Left Io right: Ii. Swenson, Fossomxl. Roden. SEATED, lgjl to right: A. Franson, H. Ajennings, B. Burnett, l.. Schlupp. STANDING: W. Gilbert V. Dalbak, D. Lervick, D. Miska, C. Lindtwed. I' l ..f SEATED, left lo right: Schneider, presidentg R. Bar D. Ber nhardt, vice president. STANDING nauer, treasurerg P. Bodrner, secre taryg D. Scott, advisor. RIGHT: SEATED, Igjt I0 right: R. Hendrick son, M. Hohl, Liddle, Pierce. STAND' ING: W. Boeshans, O. Brenna. I TERFRATER ITY COU CIL The Interfraternity Council is the governing body of the NDSU fraternity system. By striving to advance the best interests of the fraternities and the University, the council promotes greater harmony and cooperation among the fraternities. Through the unity afforded by the IFC, the fraternities can do what would be impossible for individual chapters. The prime example of this co- ordination is Rush Week, which is smoothly handled through the Rush Rules and their enforcement by the IFC. 251 ALPHA GAMMA DEL l A We President Housemolher Eleven happy and excited seniors moved into the new Alpha Gamma Delta house this year and began enjoying many new experiences, such as keeping their rooms open so sisters could inspect them. Even with all the excitement the Alpha Gam's still have time to participate in SUAB, Libra, Concert Choir, Angel Flight, Sharivar, Mortar Board, Who's Who, Guidon, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Kappa Epsilon. For their local altrustic project the Alpha Gam's gave parties for Childrenls Village. 'LINIake him 6'2", blond hair K .K 1 ROW 1, left lo right: S. RCSICIIIZIYCT, K. Mach, B. McMahon, P, Moos, -I. Berlaer. l,. Nustud. 'lf Gilje. NI. Slgllll en ls XLSICI B lc-nnm s D. Ramsey. ROW 2: Swenson, K. Piunka, Ferris, Clairmonl, CL. Nlelby. C. Brenden, l,. Knoll, G. Saugstad. ROW 3: l,. Sanderson, S. Glarum, mi.- SWEQ lf? 1: 553.2 f 1517 9 ' ' ' iss, - .ff .. if. 2-'iw .44 "fi-:: ' ziiwiifii ..4p5fl: 'Ms' as ., ::.:w..1 1- -. 25 ' 3 : . Xf. 5 gm-1. Pr- . My Q .4 fy Mgt. .fa z wifi A : '.. 35 ' A 1' -.. .f f I L H i ..,.V ,ni 2-deaf ' fiiiii- "" "ESF" .. ':E'? ':V::, .Z if " 55' 4 I ,- ie, 1 mf. -.m1,1m.fa1 -1 ffflQsY.ss2.s . P Q.zsf5v.,Q f 14" . ki .l S 4, K A A - '.r5gfj,ag, ' E525 3 ::S:'f.: mf f1.a1-1 131 :gn 3 V ?iL12iiP?2,T uf 8 J 'R 1. 1-- 1 .. A ftlai. .. f..L "Boy wait'll they Iaste this...' 253 ' A ' 5 if 41 3 2 64, ., isxiss' 'g.:'s::f"..., , C, N sig 4 t. . .1 .3 if 41 M. Anderson C. Barta I. Brand I. Brauchmuller R. Drake S. Fossum S. Groom M. Hallancl C. Hanson D. Hewitt N. Kinn I. Larsen I. Moore K. Muncy V. Olson S. Qilaley B. Reid C. Schollmeyer K. Spitzer C. Stock C. Taylor I.. Thordahl I. Tesky M. Watt N. Watt ROW I, lwfl In riglrl: l.. Swenson. .xIlClL'l'MlI1, D. l.t-0, D. Lulovsky, S. Dan,Ci, SU1lCl'5ll'Ulll. KOH' 3: Y.kllII'N,,l. B2lSSlllglllXK2lllC. R. Frlendson W. Dales, N, Dalstad, R. Roloitl, B. Uooclnian. ROW 2: D. Walstad, M. Gates, R. .-Xnderson, W. libcrl, Nl. Robinson, R. Nysveen. Nl, Senechal, Xarnni. R, Sys. R. llalxorson. D, Sunderland, Cl. l'ender. LPH GAMMA RHO This year the ACRE won one of five national awards for chapter efficiency. Part ol' this could be due to the fact that for at least the past ten years a nietnber ol' this fraternity has been the Homecoming parade Qing. inarshal. Members also take an active part in Alpha Zeta, Blue Key, Who's Who, Saddle and Sirloin, Rajahs, Ag. Econ. Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Student Senate, Rodeo Club, and intermurals. Charles lincllwecl Mrs. Geving l'rexi1lf1lf H rmwfrrzotlzer Before finals .-Xfle1'i'i11z1ls 254 we ii sffg FST. i6??ii.z' .im .. .. ,Q 5 5?li?f6?i5?E5iE V mm. -ff-' 1 , . 3. fs. :W f "xref fit .. wi .f i -as 'f V DJ Q1 'QQ iv1n'l,. ii. fm S.. fm 5 if , 57aA? V A V I 5 Q gi f ra ,fs 5..,.ia..... L M. . x 5 ig sg if L I 'Ra' 2 W Q ' .lv 1-.. . Y Ui. N f 1 w wf ' . fx -in 3 if 6 K J --km, ' .5 'fy ll. .. ?" ' 'S Ti' Ai , 'kg N iw 1 , . Q.. - .. :E J . L .. " :F Q . . mfr -2 ,s f 4 f -5,75 4 --Q ... ji 4 A :ElI':f: :' SSZ?Zig2iLlQ V I V' . L Q Q I. I .J ,F -f' ' ' A. .. ' W .fm K. Q Q., v rw A .nm m Q - 1 - ' ' 7 3 FZ g if wi 1:3 . .,. .,E J ,ZW . H," 4.31" J 1' ?li5'iI55EfHffl V gig I ' Elf' 'L I 3? R .' 7 . .Q 25.3 A 5' W D' 1. . fe. 1-5 1 ,y .Y - X... g var gfaifrf mffiln W' w a 5 ww . .,L,, 3 Q WJ' w S .. ' wigs- ff. A 4 if W D -:- . rsser A ln h 255 3. wr ,. F 4 ' Ji ij' 22.221, X 1 . y i " 'MW egg. . .., A f ff' ws. ff i . . ."':,-3' g.,,. .f weW:W.lmszzesfzififm sEM21.f1..f..Q...A WSL -mi... siefgw' I Q...-.-.. .. .. . 'ZKXTIF ,' 1.2 iw S ., if-,ga s - 2 J . J, , .3. ff" . 5 rw' 2,-A . W . bv:-A L. "W :iv 3' A 5 1-,l M M .5555 2 . Y ' Z. ' I I Q Q' Hi' .15 Y . , ' 1 2 -...Sl-2 5 f""J Z 1 it 2 Y fir? A I l 'iii - Q 4 .ii ,fm ...H is - is-f?,,Hj . A .zlv . 3, .W,, ..... . izfl . ' 0 E Q . . is ' .N I- if refs .- ,K ....m sys is 'K . A ji k',k 5 Q L y MN A A: J. Aanrude R. Anderson W. Austin D. Bakken A. Bell C. Berg G. Bergman B. Bollingberg O. Brenna R. Brubakken Burroughs L. Cook .l W. Dunlop D. Eastvold C. Erickson R. Erickson D. Gilbertson P. Glynn N. Hamilton T. Henningsgard M. Horner W. Hove D. Johnson K, Kadrmas R. Knorr G. Knutson D. Lee L. Leikas M. Leland R. Lutovsky G. Meyer G. Nelson A. Nipstad A. Odenbach W. Puppe G. Quuam L. Ring D. Rinke G. Rud A. Scholes M. Seneehal J. Stokke R. Sperle D. Strickler K. Struble J. Ulmer D. Wahus R. Wentz ROW 1, left to right: Tulenson, C. Overlander, D. Widdifield, S. Brekkc, Sellrcdt, D. Sciacva, B. Sinrdevant, C. blolinson. KOH' 3: C. Christie, D. Anderson, C. Clasoe, D. Christian, -I. Kline, M. Weed. ROW 2: Cnlseth, C. Holstad, 5. johnson, Cy. Holmes,j. Kimball, C. Halvor- B. Sciacca, R. Fxcnson, P. Harness, D. Treat, B. Collins, R. West, D. son, M. Donavan, R. Gelleml. LaMarre. ALPH AU OMEGA This year the Alpha Tau Omegas have all become foster fatheris to a ten year old boy in the Philippines. Besides contributing to his general welfare, they send him letters. For another special project, the Tau's had a Foreign Student Dinner Exchange attended by men, women, and children from school. ATO's are also active in Blue Key, SUAB, I,ettermen's Club, Kappa Kappa Psi, Rajahs, Saddle and Sirloin, and especially in athletics. Dale Lervick Mrs. Swenson Looks like fun! I're.tirImzl Hrzwernother 256 w-F1 552. 'f .- l. wr' 4.34, sg .A e C. Nelson C. Pl'il'l'ncr I. Rochow W. RLISIHQISSOII 'If Renschler 'l'. Sully H. 'llnel D. Wanner R. Anderson W. Bauer C. Bergman C. Bergstrom P. Bodmer R. Boll M. Borslad K. Breene R. Broten D. Brown T. Cook D. Dahle Halvorson M. Halvorson R. Hanson T. Holmgren l. Jacobson K. Knutson R, Kruger V. Krueger AI. Lama Landblom P. Madson R, Mickelson W. Mirgain ROW I, leffk to right: M. Smyle, T. Hanson, M. Nelson, B. Solberg, C. Nelson, Dilland, xl. Drege, B. Beggs, Beaver, Miski ROW 3 Foss, D. Brandenburger, L. Kappel, D. Andersonkl. Schmit, C. Kramer. R. Hoffman, S. Blom, H. Heinrich, sl. Olson, Cambell, P lorenL ROW 2: L. Hartman, C. Hall, C. Sorteberg, D. Billing, R. Sathre, R. K. Mongeon, A. Elliot,C. Sodcrberg, D. Lomsdal. C0-OP The Coop's on the SU Campus are unique in that they are the only Farmers Affiliated House in the U.S. They function similarly to Creek organizations, but they are not Greek affiliated. This does not mean, however, that the Coopas are not active in campus activities. The Coop House participates in intermural sports, social events and campus politics. Coops have members in Alpha Zeta, Kappa Tau Delta, Tau Beta Pi, and Kappa Delta Phi. In the past 10 years, 14 Coops have spent 10 months in England participating in British-United States exchange of Young Agriculturist program conducted by Farmers Union. Myron just Mrs. Alina Litchfield President Hou.wmatlzer 258 Time for a record change Y L ., - S T159 44 S ,- .- 'Zu ,Y ll . Mi K wifi. t ,lox H 21.3 ? 3 . WISH! if n is is , -fag . qi . .J 5 15,2 , Q .r fiibiv' :Q ' R of .z- E I , as . x , , ww Q w is 1 55 3524 f .. - - ti. '51 ' - i:7.5Qj K I lil ., . iff? g R :il . Q .. A P 1 - Ni W f .. , Wright ' R. Vetter . R. R. R. D S. L S. G K R D. R. K. D. D. M. L. P. A Barsness Beckner Burger Christman Disrud Disrud Dullum Eidsvig Eliason Erickson Estenson Halvorson Hellickson Hofl' Hoffman Holden Holman Holtz . Hoveskeland . johnson . johnson " Y'ti 2 D.xIohnston L. Larson D. Lilleberg D- Miller 'Y' .bu L. Mcoimmy " V zzu L. Olson T R. Olson A. Peterson V J. Rystedt AI. Sutrorn v,:.. Aga... R. Satrom -. Schafmann ' AI. Schmit G. Solberg MI. Whalen R. Willardson 259 ROW I. left to righl: I.. .-Xltringer. 'II Nikolaiscn, A. Anclerson,Ll. Bergan, C. Wentlelkl. Sailer. ROW 2: I.. Sorum, G. Paulson, B. Sunclslmlt. IJ. llergeson, I.. Wollmuth,kl. Olson, I.. Grillen, G. l.zn'son. FARM HOU E Farm House won hall' of the trophies at the 1964 I,ittle International and the 1965 l,ittle International was managed by a Farm House member. What more could they ask? The Farm House men received the Scholar- ship Trophy lor fall term. Alpha Zeta is well represented with the president, secre- tary, and treasurer as Farm House men. During the summer Farm House members are looking forward to a new addition to their house. ,fm llurleyklennings Nlrs. Mary Iverson l,7'l'.Xillf'IIf HllIl.8P77Z0ffIPI' .uw ' "Happy hirthclay to you ny-'gigs ts... l .3 ...W " f wiiiiku 11: 'snap A .,::fg.: A S7 'lv v m mgiii. sv if swan s -. . , img.: .. Sf . ' L ,fagsswm new -ffzzwsiefi . 1 , fizsgsezfezziiy 5, b A 1- , iififimgggg . .,. .K .mg .Ps 1 k , l., Q 5. 33 Q W.. Y 1535 L. ' Q 1 W L 111.17-w 4' ii.: Willy? .ffl-li' f- -z-xzfpssvss ....... 5-Y' 994, 4 -cr V-wi.. G. Larson Al. Lcddle D. Lincoln G. Paulson G. Running C. Smilh B. Sundsbak L. Wollrnuth W. Weishaar I. Berdah AR. Bergan D. Bergeson R. Danielson D. Enockoan L. Griffcn E. Haadem D. Hanson I. Harms Cl. Hetzel R. johnson G. Larson G MMA PHI BETA Last summer the members of Gamma Phi Beta were the proud recipients of the McCormick Medallion Award, which is given to only one chapter in the United States that has shown outstanding partici- pation in activities. The Gamma Phi's have girls in Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Angel Flight, Guidon, SUAB, Sigma Alpha Iota, Tau Beta Sigma, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Concert Choir, Libra, Student Senate, and Cheerleaders. As part of their national service project, the girls sent gifts to the National Gamma Phi Beta Children's Camps in Canada and Colorado, which are held during the summer for underprivileged children. Local- ly, the Gamma Phi's and the AGR's sponsored a children's party with a Valentine's Day theme. To start the year off right, the ATO and Gamma Phi pledges held their annual Bromo Bowl football game. Naturally the girl won. Ene Koivastik Mrs. George President H ousemolher H er hair-do is a typical co-ed problem. ROW 1, Ieffl to right: M. Walstad, S. Shipley, C. W'itteborg, P. Bakkum, M. Anderson, D. Halverson. ROW 3: C. Anderson, Anderson S. Storms, M. Robson. ROW2: I-Iegge,j. Madson,j. Bale,gI.johnston, D. Shelton, B. Ronnigen, M. Fox, P. Dresher. 262 A We ' fa... L A you we -G? 15 . ..... ...g 4 P. Taylor M. Young M A W. Pile J. Rice K. Sanderson J. Snufl' S. Sponge S. Tessier 263 .1 L. Landis S. Lawonn P. O'Hara J. Ostrem C. Adam Anderson C. Ansrerr M. Brandhagen J. Coleman S. Eidem K. Fletcher K. Galvin S. Gildersleeve M. Groth J. Hall C. Halvorson I.. Jensen M. Jordheim Kinlund Raetta Hankel I rfszderzl KAPPA ALPHA THETA At the national Kappa Alpha Theta convention in Banff, Canada this summer, the Gamma Nu 'I'heta's received the first place award for outstanding fraternity trends programs. This award is given to the chapter that has done the most in the edu- cation of their fraternity. During the year tlie Theta's had girls elected to Who's Who, Sigma Alpha Iota, Tau Beta Sigma, Libra, Guidon, Suab, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, and Student Senate. Special activities include hi-weekly Fire- sides, when guest speakers come in and show slides or hold discussions: the Annual Orphans Party: an Apple Polishing Dinner with members of the faculty, and the local philanthropy which is the NDSU speech clinic. r X ROW 1,lef1!n right: B. Nesting, Ii. lorgeson, D. Kielfer. ROW 2: Nl. Hankel. H. Leland D. Koemmpel, C. Peterson. ROW 3:Al. Nelson, I.. Nlcliennett, N. Reed. Girls prttc'tice lltitltfulli' before Orchesis Show. Oli, tltosc pinningsl 264 l .si . ,4d C. Ballemyne K. Callcnbzlch B. Danielson K. Dinusson P. Dodge A. Englert B. Heskin Kasson Landslrom K. Loherg l.. Parsons K. Platt Reed Roden C. Sanders S. Sherwood P. Spitzer K. Swedberg B. Sather I.. Wilner ROVV UNE, lfffl fo right: Mi Tayler, Fllenson, I.. Stine, C. Lawrence, Matzkc, D. Sfhimke, B. flflillllli, Nl. judge, S. Rensvold. P. Vxiese C KL. liisenhardt, C. Gamble, P. Thompson. ROW TWO: I.. Gruenherg, S. Morgan, li. Wahl, A. Tomlinson, P. Horner, Cl. Mylira. 'K The annual KD work day was held with the Theta Chis at. Childrens 'Zigi ' lf. Village, where they raked the lawn, painted the fence, and did a general . V' i clean upjob. il Other activities for Kappa Delta members include Libra, Kappa Delta Vkpg .p..T Pi, Whols Who, and Mortar Board. 2 ..'. rzfzi ' ,. if i H Kay Uvesen I'rexi1lenl C2111 Sl1C make five HO? The KD's entertain their guest. 266 Mrs. Zentgral llomemollzer i as 'HA g .4 . .ivgwfh . Q: M . 1 .Q ik 'Hr :Qs ix wi Q iw QQ? -' W. .,,,- . ..f,,- . . w:fai.w,'e.aa' f MM.. Q M...,W..W 'X 2. fwwwi - .2 ,V ...M .4 . Qiiiwlf . . 1 www.-..z MM. 1 :mfQ.?. .MIM ,,,. . A .1 7.,+1.,.1.. .1 '31 if M ,141 H as L 'ff Q .- 1 he li LL: i . 1-WK? nn. m M. Askew S. Brusven T51 C. Buhr iw Dawn Cressey Diane Cressey Q .: :ya x ...nd R. Gall J. Glasoe B. Holes G. Huber L. johnson f ' 2 :AQ 25, P ie G. jonasson U ,..,. . .. -N . .. L. Klug .f t Q .1 I 5' L C. KIIZIHHH iw. -' .. - . . A 8 Klelstad 3 L Mertes -. - '. V. Nelson ff' A S. Olson 2 P- Opland . 9 . M- Oyloe 22 " " J. Quick I.. Schlichting ' w D. Schmidt K. Sjue I.. Traulmann G Wagner D. Wilhclmi The night before finals??? 267 w- , a Q... . y- . if If, , X Q K ww E . Q in i Ill 'A gy ft x - W7 f . 4 . ,x,,,. ROW 1, lefl In riglll: B. Nlzlilllgllllll, P. Koester. P. Burda, B. Torok. ROW 3: P. loman, P. Berrelh, S. Heaton ROW 2: S. Peterson, Cl. Cicliy, CI. Larson, M. Henderson, E. Bergemann. S.klorclheim. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA This has been quite a successful year for the members of Kappa Kappa Gam- ma sorority, with girls in Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, Rho Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Libra, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Tau Beta Sigma. For one ol' their yearly projects, the pledges went Christmas caroling to various old i'olk's homes around the town. Z . ,. ka 1, N. Newman, K. Gausmel Sara Avery President What a thrill to get a gift! Time out for an liltle relaxation. 268 Y1-x .f . i , , . . Ll., 'WM .19 1-v."'1l Q, 'R 2 i if 95' 1 l L. L4 if -1 sm Y 1 .Q M , as 5 , L. Warner J. Wilcox J. Niel L. Pemerson J. Sharp D. Sholrs K. Smith D. Vinje 269 v. -MLS. We , ri .. S. Kropp D. Lund j. McCoy T. Miler l S. Anderson N. Avery E. Bigelow D. Cann K. Dietrich J- Eggw C. Friedericks S. Gallagher G. Mease Green K. Grieve 1. Hagen P. Heaten M. Hoffman C. jones The Kappzfs surprise their housernollier mlh in honorary pin. KPP PI The Kappa Psi's started out the year well, taking first prize in the house decorations and also first prize for the most beautiful float during Homecoming. Lynn Ferrin was the recipient of the Ugly Man Trophy, receiving the most votes at the dance and from the Crippled Children's School at Jamestown. Phil Wattles reigned as Greek Week King. This fall many happy Kappa Psi's picked up their belongings and moved next door to their new house. It's 21 treat to play cards with Sweetheart Kandy Bergan. . W W' His A j,."W,, M.. is T""" 7' ...wif iiiii K 11 -1 21 . -gf-33, l'i A . ew. . .i., .. . . .. .W ' 'Irving Phil Wattles Mrs. Skjelseth I'wsi1lent H ousemnther ROW 1: Wing, R. Schooley, R. Anderson, P. Klien, P. T. Carlson. ROW 2: E. Bender, L. Whalen, F. Loeffler, M. Melhouse. ROW 3: G. Smith, G. Aho, I.. Brend, S. Hoag. ' .1 3 if M W .. ,W ,, 2 Ya! s 1 ew 4 5 Qy lim ,g :l- .. Q 'L . Q,Q 5?Zs3 Z' R -2 6, i 'R r '3?..'ff ...Huggy .. . R 5 5 v,..v .. Q . ..... . 5 S xx .sl 2 73 . lm was W ' , 3 S, 2 S1 W 'ma A S . 2 .2 . K., E. ..,.,.:g,. If 46 if I .2 ,E up .A Qi: zzu ' .m, . .,:., . f . ' " hk ' Ti.. . gf . L If .1 - A' R '- eww. .eye T. Thoraldson C. Thygesen L. Walz -I. Young iw C Primozick G Raymond M. Sather D. Schoeppach T. Seaburg D. Shane D. Shelver G. Smith P. Smolz J. Swanson R. Abbott O Amundson D. Anderson D. Bakken M. Berg R. Berg D Bernauer B. Billman G Birkmaier L. Brend R. Breyer P. Carlson J. Colehour T. Cook R. Femrite J. Ferris G. Gamrath P. Gast T Gates D Gulseth L. Hart C. Hautala H Hendrickso D Hughes M. Jacoby R. johnson D. Kaldor J. Kellogg D Kuzel L. Lamoureux R R T T N I. Lee Lindseth Meyers Mikkelson Munger Neuman fl ROW I, Inj! to right: K. Zuther, Haug, A. Steinwand, C. Morrison, W. Martin, M. Krenz. ROW 2: sl. Rambough, M. Beyer, M. Turner, M. McAllister, L. Askegaard,j. Martin, D. Felt. PHI MU This year the Phi Mus have many members active in Kappa Delta Pi, Libra, Guidon, Tau Beta Sigma and Phi Epsilon Omicron. For their annual Christmas Toy Cart Party, each member of the sorority and locale alumnae brought a toy to place in the Children's wards of the various hospitals in town. The girls have also adopted Project Hope, a floating hospital that gives free medical care to people everywhere, as their special social service project. Marcia Lee President This scrapbook surely brings back fond memories, Waiting patiently lor that late date 272 FW K. Schultz C. Struble E. Swenson j. Thompson H. Viker E. Wallace C. Enderle S. Gwynn G. Haberlach S. Kinnischlzke D. Krastins S. LaMarre J. Lowitz S. Midgarden C. Miller B. Miller J. Nelson P. Rasmausson IGMA ALPHA EPSILG 4'And in the years to come we'll tell our sons about the very best fra- ternity . . . " The SAE's are doing quite ajob in living up to their claim, with members active in Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Rho Chi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Student Senate, Student Commissions, Concert Choir, Alpha Zeta, Kappa Tau Delta, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, the Spec- trum Staff, and Lettermen's Club. This year the SAE's provided foster fathers for fatherless boys as a service project-Operation Pa Pa. In activities and service the SAE's certainly rank among the best. Karen Loberg Ray Barnhardt Mrs. Bird SAE's move president's headquarters to the rool S weethearl l're.vident H ousemolher ROW 1, kj! to right: C. Paulsrud, T. Lindberg, B. Guy, B. jenkins, D. berg, Hove, Imdieke. ROW 3: D. Anderson, R. Berg, T. Torger Knutson, N. Triebwasser, C. Bankers, B. Tapper. ROW 2: D. lingstrom, son, I.. Kruger, W. New, Thurlow, I.. Kihle, M. Cochran, D. Ferrell Swanson, CL. Skaare, D. Bateman, C. Hiner, T. Lundeen, D. l.illef 274 V ev s.. . lg v s -gg. :Q NX .. ' 1, 'fi X Q if -,. for fi f Q. 2a Q Ei? 2 . i -- ',., 4' E i 1 Qi hx I .3 -W of . ,,,A, ., J ...wil ' if 2 -01' -ff' i N . .... i, --N - X W ' . ,. 'Q' i 01" M. Vukelich A. Wiegandt R. Wilhelm Williams D. Swanson A. Arneson M. Barrier D. Bartsch W. Bergquisl F. Bernhoft R. Buresh R. Challey S. Conaway J. Craft B. Cram J. Engstrom J. Erickson T. Fenslad W. Findly T. Gilmore G. Goetz R. Hall B. Haug D. Hertz G. Hilber J. Jenkins E. Joersz D. Johnson S. Johnson S. Johnson F. Lantz B. Larson W. Lee J. Myhre McAndrew D. Nessel J. Neuman D. Norton T. Norum B. Noyes D. Otis J. Paulson J. Pluth D. Rusness M. Scon D. Severson D. Sexhus G. Solberg R. Slockslad B. Slerton J. Thomas R. Thompson N. Treibwasser IGMA NU Sigma Nu, although the youngest fraternity on campus, is no less active than any other fraternity. Sigma Nu's are members of Student Senate, Alpha Zeta, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Kappa Phi, Who's Who, Varsity Athletics, Gold Star Band, ROTC Drill Team, and YMCA. The men of Sigma Nu were the proud recipients of a trophy given during Sharivar for the most outstanding exhibit. During Creek Week, the Sigma Nu's relay race was one of the more exciting events. At the first college bowl the Sigma Nus Won third place. Mrs. Stoffel The Sigma Nu's enjoy one of their springtime picnics. Homemother X it a w r v -at l Allen Redmann Judy C. Anderson President Pledge Princess ROW I, Left to right: T. Hodgsonul. Gross, W. Spiese, D. Mower, B. Markeson. ROW 2:j. Robinson, R. Strand, O. Poliilca, D. 0'Sullivan, B. Brooks. 276 . Bernardy . Bye . Dalbak Edison C. Fleming M. Kihne Lorentzen D. Mortenson W. Zimmerman F. Olafson .l- PUPPC L. Raunum D. Waldera Let's all Sing! 277 IGMA PHI DELTA This fraternity is the only one on campus that has a female member. Yes, Female. Kay Schultz is an honorary member being the only girl enrolled in Engineering. Their other activities are Eta Kappa Nu, Pi T Tau Sigma, E Council, A.S.M.E., A.S.A.E., Tau Beta Pi, and Who's Who. , Alvin Franson Mrs. Hepty Presidenl H ousemother Hey, he's cheating! Two heads are better than one How about another cookie, 278 D. Anderson G. Davis R. Heskins D. Hickle E. Klosterman C. Koppi Luttrell L. Luurell P. Luttrell O. Lynner G. Neuman L. Norris 1- ward D. Radke H. Schlenkei' P. Schroedl Schuclke D. Score U. Score Sleinberger I. Sloutland VanDykc D. While D. Ziegler IGMA CHI This year marked the completion of a new house for the Sigma Chi's. The Sig's were also happy to receive t.he distinction of winning the top place in NDSU,s first College Bowl. Among the activities Sigma Chi's partici- pate in are Student Senate, Phi Eta Sigma, Concert Choir, SUAB, Sharivar commit- tees, Cold Star Band, Spectrum Staff, Let- terman's Club, Varsity Athletics and the Rahjah's. wvlllldffl cilllJCI'l N1r5, I-Iofyngistel' Pt'f'.tidPV1I H owemvtlzzfr ROW I, Igfl Io right: A. Meline, B. Howick, B. Silvers, I. kI2iC0l7SOI1, K. Curtis, R. Weight, R. Isackson, S. Caplan, K. Parkhouse. ROW 3. Lemz, W. Runestrand. '11 Muffin, A. Anderson. J. Cl:-memsfm. D. M. xifxtullt-11. u. Kaptttm, T, Little, T. cf-tk, R. xifmson, ti. cpm-vin, Selvig. ROW 2: P. Beaten, B. Reichert, C. Maasjo, P. Doherwich, D. R, puke,-w K' qgooclyem-, M.JOm.5'CA A,-,,t.SSc,,,, it Derby Days-the trademark ol' Sigma Chi. The Sig's entertain their sweetheart 280 L a 2 We lb .42 1 ,I 2532 Q. , , . 3,9 3 2 R 1? ' ... ,R . ,., . , . W F . ,Q f 55514919.5525 X 1 v l Rasa if ..., 2 m,,D,LL, VELE,E 2 N KKK , .W . . . , x .gal Q 9 .Q F W Q. Q. R G. Swanson M. Vance -I. Weatherly 281 Mott Mowery . Ohman Paulsen Plath Sanderson Savageau Strandberg A. Anderson V. Anderson M. Beaton T. Bohnet S. Cann M. Ciehy VV. Corwin VV. Fiedler sl. Fowler J. Fremstad E. Garvin K. Gustin J. Halverson D. Haukness S. Irgens D, Knudson R. Krogh R. Lacina G. Lesmaister D. Miska ,,, ,l -S-DFP 4 1 M, I, H It 3 Ulm D Hopi, md R hmmm l -Xinann, N. Qvualle. ROW 3: K. Bucholu, M. Slipper, R. xVClYBl K I nnlow. Cl. Sumnicrs, G. Gallagher, F. Gross. T UK PP EP ILO The NDSU chapter ol' Tau Kappa Epsilon was chosen the top TKE chapter for medium size campuses in which the fraternity is repre- sented. Mary Beth Young, chapter sweetheart, was chosen as a runnerup for the Inter-National TKE Sweetheart. Larry Schlupp was chosen Honor Historian, one of three awarded every year by the Inter-National Fraternity. Continuing a winning year the Tekes took first place for their homecoming float and sec- ond place for house decorations. In the intra- mural sports scene Teke won first place in foot- ball and second place in softball. Taking part in active participation of campus life, the presi- dents of the Young Republicans, FFA, and In- dustrial Engineering Society are Tekes. Other Tekes are members of Blue Key, Alpha Zeta, Student Senate, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, and Senate Commissions. Studying at the house? ' V- " W I .A H 51-'P is . -. ,tw . Cixi. . . . Q. :,:, .. " Y . ,- fa. ' -"' b .S .V i, , V. I ... ,,. ' K ., . J' . ' :F -fer '- b "1 1Ei'FIi'n'1fi:'s9' R ,... - - ref. '34, fav, Wi - 1'-fa : - r ,M .. G . . Q' 1' I 'f . .. if- - .1 ,. ? ' f f' 'Q .. ,g.:.1. gi - ., . .. Q f in Q, ...QQ .. . .1 ff . ,. .. .,.. . ., .N -i s ' - .gg . ri' 'A B . .i i A H .. 1 S i 1 WB" .. fag. 1. . 7... xi 3 . ., l 31 R. 'liuchscherer is s. vinja -' l K. Watson 283 3. .tw ew . . J? . J f Mx W. Sillimen M. Sliper R. Smith G. Trambley .,,. 5' I G. Powell P. Rasmussen G. Riebe G. Roseth M. Schlichtmann 'I'. Agnew Ahlberg E. Barclal C. Berg G. Berg R. Berglund R. Bird T. Blees F. Browning A. Butts R. Carlson R. Ellingrud S. Erickson F. Fischer S. Foss -I. Grove D. Holstrand R. Lalum P. Lawrence G. l.illimon K. Loveland W. Lundquist G. Lynne C. McDougall E. Miller G. Nelson W. Nelson G. Nilz D. Overboe D. Peterson ROW I, Iefl lo right: R. Schliernan, B. Goetz, VV, Erickson, T. Ellich, poudre, T. Nelson. ROW3: R. Nichols,-I. Stoddart,B. Goetz, R.Tor1ng R. Schmitz, Sheldon, R. Feland, F. Sorenson. ROW2: Strangeland, P. Wisness, G. Steinweg, L. Fuglesten. B. Blans, D. Kautzmann, I.. Wurdeman, M. Faulk, T. Roble, A. Le- THETA CHI The Theta Chi's are celebrating their sixtieth anniversary this year. And they've made it a good year with members in Blue Key, Shari- var, Suab, Concert Choir, Band, Arnold Air Society, A.U.S.A., intermurals, Kappa Delta Pi, Rajahs, Varsity Athletics, A.I.A.A., A.S.C.E., A.S.M.E., and I.E.E.E. A typical entertainment. Arlene Ness Bill Burnett Mrs. Piers Sweetheart President Housemolher Theta Chi's at it again! 284 W ...W 4 Q': I I . Q ' 1 SUE rm " H w 5. V. QE M. .K . Q.. Q 5 : 15 :L Q are . in , Ev aw. - ,K ,i ff ga V22-' . -- " L il le. li H wg. mm., A 5 miss X A 1 1 S 1 I ,.. J: .1 Q gssm mf sifg 5 45.93 y . , , ga, .. .ee s 4 xx l l ...... , i , 4 . . . lf fx. q: fi 1 .Z , Qi A T . ss 1 14 J A C. Simonson 4-jg. .,-y L' 2 A . gf L G. Sorlien . A A. Steinmetz K 211s.1Qm..s..mgggW5gg 1 Y 4? xvgzgf 2,1 'tw 'A 91. is .. ...QQ - as s A I . KSQFF X A. Adolph J. Amann R. Anderson J. Berg G. Berreth K. Bigelow P. Binek G. Bjella R. Brusluen L. Buerkle J. Gebhardt G. Hawkins G. Heise R. Hendrickson J. Higgs C. Holm H. Huber G. Ingebritson D. Kantrud D. Kelsch W. Kranzler R. Kriewald J. Lake F. Leussen K. Morgen R. Nichols F. Powell M. Rasmuson T. Reinarts R. Schmitz X ,M s . . .4 Sw 4 ., . . ... D. Wolters T. Young R. Swindler M. Thompson T. Wilner "We are the Joy Boys!" Lefl to right: K. Sprick, M. Delvo, Doth MARRIED TUDE T The ever-increasing number of married students enrolled at North Dakota State University is becoming a factor to be reckoned with in student affairs and government. Prior to the l950's, married students at NDSU were few, but now they are an integral part of the NDSU community. A married student's life isn't one of luxury, but rather one of budget problems, baby tending, and hitting the books. Free time isn't a commodity in Bison Court, North Court, West Court, and Stadium Trailer Court. Lanny Oxton, his wife Judy, and their daughter Sara are a typical example of an NDSU family. 286 Lqf! to riglzlf D. Ritchey, P. Miller, Braucher, L. Borland, L. Hendrichson. A Q25 Lfffl lu righl: D. lrenbeath, Mayor, M. Delvo, secretary-treasurer F. Manclerfelcl. associate mayorg L. Turner, editor. Love that Swanee River. An apple a day , . . " so the saying goes, The whole family is studying tonight HEALTH CE TER Good health is necessary for effective study at NDSU. The Student Health Center promotes good health prac- tices and provides treatment for those in ill health. The capable stafil' ol' nurses and a consulting physician is always available. The Health Center also examines the pre-entrance physical examination reports of students, and keeps accu- rate records of the student's medical history during his stay at NDSU. Dr. H. Weyers consults with a patient. Fifth year pharmacy students lill prescriptions. If Onc oi thc nurses theclts 1 p itient s pulse ROTC boys receive their smallpox vaccination 288 Students file daily from class past the library. The paperwork and business of the library is handled by Dean Stallings, his secretary, and staff. LIBRARY Academic life centers around the facili- ties at the library. The reading rooms and stacks offer the necessary quiet that is dif- ficult to find elsewhere, while the lounge and Y-room offer relaxation and social breaks from classes. H. Dean Stallings, a graduate of Illinois, has been head librarian at NDSU since 1948. Management of the Library,s staff and administration is handled by the office of the head librarian. ABOVE: In nooks and crannies down in the stacks, students find a quiet, secluded place to study. The Iibrary's lounge offers students an opportunity to relax, converse, and grab a bite to eat. M fp. :v ' .rw 23f1f?'f'fxf:'i J' X, , Ai'?,5'iCf145A.'xfm 'f' 1' ' f' ' W 'M-, .fa , 'E 4.57, ri 'ifggagw ,1Jq,w9f1P,M?'SMT , -'l 5 Q- V, , ff?'iVS1 'w f.::g-- v-gy V A ffvEg3g.'.M 21,2 A - ,I "fr Lf 'Rss' ' -,,155':W' ei ,S , 'Jw Tk 'W' "ffHA.:'fg-:Wi - ,yiizffffb Q 1, Q n z' 4' L5-ms'--1 'win ..,. ., .,., N, , ,, W4 ip., 'A M, . we. ,mf km,-'ifw f f7,,.'plf 5 - , . , , ,. 1 1 r If if f 1 J ,fx I -1-ny p-'QS J 4 ,f'X V,. ff' h ,,.f K- lf"1 ' 4 1 1 ff J ffrl ,,?9, , 'r f f , 1 iv CDRGAN IZATI GN S 5 . if wwxqwvv-M Q, Q fi f A if J: S ll-T1 i Xl -Pj Ill! Honoraries Service Groups Professional Groups Music Groups Special Interest Groups Religious Centers Military and Auxiliaries Publications Campus organizations play a significant part in the lives ofthe college student who seeks a balanced education. The student who takes an active part in the group or groups to which he belongs meets new friends, learns individual responsibility and works with others for the benefit of himself, his organization, and his university. 289 PHI KAPPA PHI Members for the National Honorary Society of Phi Kappa Phi are selected for scholarship and character. They come from the top twelve percent ol' the senior class and one-tenth of that number from the top ofthe junior class. A 55100 scholarship is given annually to an outstanding junior. Each spring a recognition ban- quet is held to initiate the new members. SEAYED, left to rzghl I Slturdal F larson D Sholts Creen ROW 2 D. Severson,-I. Budilil R lfernrite F Biren N01 fIIffUTPI1 l Dodge + iff Q X u ,W SEATED, W? Iv Tighf-' Axlmen, C4 AHSICIK- ROW 2-' R- Hankel, R. ROW 1, Ieffl In right I C ullbext K Loseth Coeman l- Fshom ROW2 C21flS0l1.E- K0iV2lSIik. R. Rueller, A. Franson F Schmitt Bjornholt lf C bril I' Crlln A Hoveskeland. ROW 1, lffjl to right: N. johnson, M. jordbeim, C. Regelstacl. ROW 2: K. Lundstrom, M. Schel- slad, D. Schindler, R. Soltis, S. Savold, G. Bakkan, M. Bateman. 290 Blue Key members at Honors Day Convocation. RIGHT. SEATED, lql to right: P. Bodmer, Alumni Secretaryg D. Swanson, Corresponding Secretaryg STANDING: D. Kaldor, Secretaryg P. Wattles, Presidentg G. Camrath, Equipment Manager. SEATED, lm to right: B. Findley, T. Holmgren, D. Bernauer, E. Rasmussen, R. Oberlander. STANDING: T. Canning, R. Barnhardt, F. Lantz, D. Lervick, L. Schlupp, I-Ljennings, B.Bur- IICII. 4 FM! ! il - x .. f- - - 'F 3, si xt 'V ?'l1'r" " t -4 .wf-Self" ' '- . ' i..-is sn - ' , U s. ,,, . af - Agia If ui t S LW to right: R. Wetzel, C. Pfiffner. BLUE KEY Members of this national honorary service fraternity are selected from junior and senior men who have shown leadership in scholarship and extra-curricular activities. The All-Campus Musical Production is just one of the campus services sponsored by Blue Key. Blue Key presents the Doctor of Service Award to an individual having made an outstanding personal con- tribution to NDSU. This service organization also spon- sors the New Student Induction Convocation, Student Orientation Leaders Program, and the Religious Lead- ers Award. SEATED, lfjf! lo righl: Axtman, Vice President: C. Anstett, Editor Historian. STANDING: G. Mease, Trea- surerg E. Koivastik, Presidentg N. Madsen, Secretary. ORTAR B0 RD Each year the outstanding women in the junior class are chosen by Mortar Board to join its ranks. This national honorary organization helps sponsor such activities as the Spinster Skip, the Homecoming Queens Banquet, Doctor of Service Banquet, Scholarship Coffee Hour, Foreign Student's Tea, Sharivar Presiclent's Lunch- eon, and the Honors Day Convocation. ff Q yop t ' it letto right J Axtman K Nordstrom C Mease E Kolvastik K Oveson C Anstett LW to right: N. Madsen, K. Nordstrom, K. Oveson, C. Anstett at the Mortar Board Annual Art Show. Mortar Board at Honors Day Convocation. 292 Lay? to right: C. Adam, B. Holes, Roden, R. Drake. New Libra Members were introduced at Honors Day Convocation. 293 Members listen attentively to their president during their meetings. LIBR The organization that works to build univer- sity morale through co-operation with student and faculty groups is Libra. This sophomore women's service honorary sponsors various service and social projects. Libra assists with freshman orientation and aids Mortar Board with Homecoming plans and activities. Each spring Libra hosts a tea for prospective members from the freshman class. W'iidakas. SEATED, lfjfl to right: Buckey, Christopherson G. Bakken, D. Widdifield, W. Ayotade, R. Harkness STANDING: McAndrew, D. Severson, B. Dodge, SEATED, lgft to right: M. Klinghahammer, G. Hicks, D. Barthel, Bergman. STANDING: P. W'attles,j. VVitz, D. Swant, I..-Iohnson,-I. Reddig, PHI ETA IGMA Eligibility for membership in The National Freshmen Men's Honorary is based solely on scholarship. Freshman men who earn a scholastic average of 3.50 or better are eligible for mem- bership. F. Berhoft, S. Schooler, W. Haugen, D. Cornelius J. Klusman, B. Macdonald. SEATED, lefl to right: R. Wetzel, Vice President nl. Schmit, Historian: W. Dinusson, Advisor STANDING: D. Nelson, Secretary: G. Trambley K junior Advisory B. McLain, Treasurerg C. Pfiff- ner, President. 294 ABOVE. SEATED, lgfl to right: D. B'lumhardt, K. Sprick son, R. Hankel, M. Thompson, Advisor, M.Jordheim wat s bach, Glasoe. ROW 2: A. Kapaun, C. Crangaard, C.Johnson, S. Hall, K. Swedberg. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta is the National Freshman Wo- men's Honorary. Membership is open to those fresh- men women maintaining a 3.5 cumulative average for the first two quarters of the freshman year. Their purpose is to recognize high scholastic achievement and promote higher standards of living and scholarship among freshman women. SEATED, lejl to right: Axtman, Senior Advisorg B. Haack, Secre- tary, ROW 2: G. Kemp,-Junior Advisorg K. Smith, President, C.J0hn- son, Treasurerg J. Reed, Vice-President. Not pictured: S. Allenson, Historian. J. Romstad, K. Loseth, C. Anstett, J. Green, I.. Peter- son. ROW 2: B. Salters, Advisorg E. Koivastik, J. Os- trem, K. Dietrich, M. Nymon, J. Gangness, N. John- LEFT. SEATED, Inj! to right: T. VVestrick, K. Cullen' ETA K PPA N Electrical engineering majors may be elected to this society if they were in the upper one-third of theirjunior class and are in the upper one-lourth of their senior class. Eta Kappa Nu, National Electrical Engineering Honor Society, works to improve the curriculum and laboratories for students in this department. 'P'-u, SEATED, Ifffl to right: R, Offerdahl, Treasurerg A. Franson, President. STANDING: Ljohnson, Vice Presientg Bjornholt, Corresponding Secretaryg T. Canning, Bridge Secretaryg D. Peach, Recording Secretary. Eta Kappa Nu members relax in the new Hultz Lounge. Lqft to right: A. Hoveskeland, R. Olferdahl, L, johnson, E. Griffin, Mrs. D. Peach, D. Peach. LW to right: D. Barthel, E. Griffin, A. Hoveskeland SEATED, IQQ to right: M. Groezinger, President. STANDING: D. Kjus, Vice Presidentg L. Luttrell, Treasurerg R. Keufler, Corresponding Secretaryg V. Peterson, Advisor. PI TAU SIGMA Members of Pi Tau Sigma, Mechani- cal Engineering Honorary Society, are elected from the upper percentage of thejunior and senior class. Recognition is given to the top-ranking sophomore in mechanical engineering and to its members making noteworthy scholastic achievements. Banquets are held in the fall and spring for new members. ii? 'If T Lgh to right: E. Ellingsong B. Findleyg W. Schneider. 297 Ly? to right: A. Lopez, R. Stern, R. Klask. S T U BETA PI Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Hon- orary, recognizes distinguished scholar- ship and exemplary character among en- gineering students and seeks to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges. TBP sponsors an initiation ban- quet in the fall and in the spring. It also sponsors 4'Engineering in Training", review sessions lor engineering seniors who are taking the EIT examination. SEATED, left tu right: D. Barthel, E. Griffin, Lxlohnson. A. Lopez. ST.-1NDlNIi: li. Horvik, Advisor: A. Fran- son. K. 1'1heling,A. Starkey. SEATED, Igfl to right: R. Harkness, M. Schulz, AI. Wiidakas, D. Bartsch. STANDING: R. Klask, D. Kjos, P. Schroedl, D. Swant, M. Schock. 'rr SEATED, left Io righl: W. Schneider. Vice President, R. Ollerdahl, Treasurer: D. Peach Recording Secretary. STANIJINIQ: D. Cote, Engineering Council Representative: A. Ho- veskland, Corresponding Secretary: R. Stern, Catalogerzsl. Bjornholt, President: L. Doerr Advisor. SEATEIJ, left to righl: M. Uriezuhger, W. Palmer, G. Titus, CL. Olstad. STAND- ING: P. Poitras, G. White, D. Reshegke, li. lillingson, R. Rugland. 298 Lqfl to right: A. Hanson and T. Selland in a discussion on arrangement. Lgfl to right: G. Parkinson, K. VVatson, F. Drenkow. KAPPA TAU DELTA Kappa Tau Delta is an honorary professional architecture fraternity which sponsors student- faculty seminars to promote professional in- terest. The fraternity is open to any architecture student who has completed his junior year with a high scholastic average. L42 to right: D. Lien, Presidentg D. Cote, Vice-Presidentg M. Shelstad, Sec- retary-Treasurer. 299 RHO CHI Rho Chi is a National Honorary Pharmacy Society. Its membership in- cludes the expert pillpushers from the top twenty percent of the fourth and fifth year pharmacy students. The annual All-Pharmacy Mixer is co- sponsored by Rho Chi. Each spring they host an Initiation Banquet and they also present an award to the two highest pharmacy sophomores. LM to right: D. Swanson, S. Avery, F. Lantz. SEATED: S. Avery, Secretary-Treasurer. STANDING, lejif to right: D. Swanson, Historian, M. lverson, President, M. Sulvester, Vice President. LM to right: nl. Gamrath, J. Tellinghuisen, F. Lantz, N. G. S. Rao. 300 LM to right: E. Haugen, Recording Secretary, C. Advisor, Mrs. Bruegger, discusses Larson, Vice President, P. Weyrauch, President. plans with C. Trieglaff. 133' i 2 SEATED. left to right: K. Haarsager, E. Skurdahl. STANDING: Y. Helland, G. Kemp, L. Naas, E. Carlson, D. Blumhardt, M. Darkenwald, F. Larson, G. Mease, S. Schlafmann,j. Garaas,j. Hudson, S. johnson, G. juber. PHI UP ILO OMICRO Seniors, juniors, and third quarter sophomore women in the highest two-fifths of their class who show a professional attitude toward a home economics are eligible for member- ship in the National Professional Home Economic Honorary. Phi Upsilon Omicron helps with the Sharivar Tea, the National Scholar- ship Fund, and a shower for the University of Columbia Home Economics department. FRONT, lejl to right: Oak, A. Seidler, L. Herr, F. Bernard, M. Hoffman. BACK: C. Mehlhoff, K. Lundstrom, C. Ames, l.. Peterson, P. Taylor, C. Anderson. SEATED: KI. Converse, Secretary-Treasurer, STANDING, IQ? to right: D. Lundstrom, Vice- Presidentg G. Kranzler, President. ALPHA EPSILO Active members in this National Agricultural Engin- eering Honorary are chosen from students enrolled in agricultural engineering. Membership is based on engineering ability, scholarship, character and leader- ship. Honorary members are chosen on a basis of successful engineering. SEATED: B. Haug. STANDING, lqft to right: Dr. A. Butchbaker, K.johnson R Mau J Schuelke Lg! to right: G. Kranzler, Dr. Butchbaker, R. Mau 302 Alpha Zeta co-sponsors the annual banquet with Phi Upsilon Omicron. s x K Lgft lo right: I. Schipper, M. Light, K. Larson, ROW I, lqfl to righl: P. Holden, Bergman, M. Bredahl. ROW 2: R. Berglund, W. Nelson C Mc advisors. Dougall, E. Dunn, L. Drewlow, B. Thompson. 'ff ALPHA ZETA Students majoring in agriculture who are in the upper two-fifths of their class are eligible for mem- bership in this National Agricultural Honorary. It sponsors the Honor System in agriculture and the Alpha Zeta Student Award. This group also selects the outstanding teacher in agriculture for the Agriculture Teacher Award. SEATED, lgfl to right: Berdahl, D. Enockson. STANDING: D. Lincoln, C. Smith, W. Zimmerman. 303 SEATED, lgfi to right: G. Powell,j. Ingle, A. Krueger, A. Redmann. STANDING: Mr. Euren, D, lfnockson, P. Onstad, R. Thompson, P. Bodmer, D. Anderson, R. Oberlander. Lffjl to right: P. Bodmer, Vice President, B, Thompson, Secretary: R. Oberlander, Presidentg D. Anderson, Treasurer. K PP K PPA PSI Spring means fun through work for these musicians. Members of Kappa Kappa Psi, National Soloing, KI. Ingle. Lgfl to right: A. Redmaiin, P. Onstad, G. Powell P. Kruger, D. Enockson. 1-'M sa:-'-.,-gg Men's Honorary Music Fraternity, help provide orchestrations for the all-university musical pro- duction held each spring. The swing group known as the Statesmen is also a product of this organ- ization. Upperclassmen in the Gold Star Band who are interested in service for music on our campus are invited to tune up with Kappa Kappa Psi. 304 Lefl to right: C. Callenbach, D. Sholts, J. Rice, K. Fletcher. LQ? to right: W. Pile, Secretary, j. Landstrom, Presidentg G. Huber, Vice-Presi- dent, C. Myhra, Treasurer. 305 SEATED: C. Lindemann. STANDING, left to right: J. Thompson, W. Martin, K. Froemming. TAU BET IGMA Interest in our NDSU Band is promoted by the members of Tau Beta Sigma. They assist with Homecoming activities, the annual tour, Fall Band Party, Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma reci- tal for lyceums. Women who have played in the Gold Star Band at least one quarter and maintained a high average may be elected to membership by the active members. IGMA ALPHA IGTA Sigma Alpha Iota, International Women's Music Honorary, is open to college women who show excellence in scholarship and music ability and who are either majoring or minoring in music. Through musicals and recitals this group strives to pro- mote professional competency and to improve the quality of musical work among college women. Sigma Alpha Iota spon- sors an annual Silver Tea, Incorporation Tea, and the May Breakfast. Members enjoy a few minutes of music. SEATED: M. Watson. STANDING: Oak, P. Dodge, N. Madsen,j. Dunkirk, F. Larson, K. Spitzer, N. Wolseth, T. Seaworth, T. Restemayer, K. Platt, M. Groth, K. Callenbach, G. Mease, C. Sanders, D. Sholts, K. Dietrich. W Y 4 an .iv .wail Mary Ellen Watson, a recipient of the Blue Key Music Scholarship, and president of Sigma Alpha Iota, plays a piano solo. KAPP DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi recognizes outstanding con- tributions to education and emphasizes recent educational concepts that will be of professional value for members. This National Honorary Society in education selects its junior and senior members on the basis of scholarship and pro- fessional attitudes. During the year Kappa Delta Pi sends delegates to the state North Dakota Education Association convention. SEATED leftto rzght M Faust C Kautz N johnson STANDING: D. Hoff, V. Dock- ter M Bredahl W Massey M Darkenwald M E Watson, V. Strand,j. Berdahl, SEATED lep to right K Degen S Fossum R Hankel, P. Dodge. STANDING: S. SEATED: j, Garaas, President. STANDING: S. Owen, Ad- johnson L Buerkle J Larson N Klever M Riedesal, L. Reid, KI. ZumBrunnen. visorg J. Axtman, Vice President, j. Hudson, Historiang R. Berglund, Treasurer. ROW I, lep to right: T. Seaworth,j. Snuff, N. Avery,j. Oak. ROW 2: Y. Helland, C. Lindemann, C. Larson, S. Schlafmann, E. Haugen, E. Koivastik, K. Dietrich. ROW 3: C. Trieglaff, M. B. Billing, S. Spong, j. McCoy, G. Taylor. . .., Mft.- ALPHA PHI OMEG The Ugly Man Contest, Snow Sculpture Contest, and Spring Sing are a few of the annual events Alpha Phi Omega brings to the NDSU campus. Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity, also assists individuals and groups through their book exchange and ushering services. Each quarter four-point students are honored by the Alpha Phi Omega Board displayed in the li- brary. Membership in the organization is open to men with satisfactory scholastic standing who are or have been affiliated with the Boy Scouts. Q Leh to right: G. Rafftery, F. Witz, B. Wales, j. Gulseth. 1 ills! LQ? to right: T. Sakshaug, Advisorg j. Houtkooper, j. Svobodny. ROW I, lep to right: S. Savold, secretaryg L. Oxton, President. ROW 2:j Witz, Book Exchange Managerg O. Dahle, First Vice Presidentg B. Haugen Second Vice Presidentg L. Olson, Treasurer. 308 CIRCLE K Circle K is a service organization for men, closely corresponding to the Kiwanis Club. Members parti- cipate in the Campus Chest Drive and usher for various campus events. Proposed members are nominated by those already in the club, then voted on by the board be- fore they are accepted as members. Circle K was host of the District Convention and competed with the Moorhead State College Club in the Spring Athletic Competition. FRONT: J. Erickson, Treasurer. ROW 2, lep to right: J. Busek, F. Bernhoft, Vice President: D. Nordquist, Dr. P. Sandal. Lej to right: C. McDougall, R. Klask, B. Thompson. Lep to right: S. Bjorklund, District governor of Circle Kg T. Canning, President of local Circle K. 309 l SEATED, lef to right: V. Olson, K. Monico, Treasurer, D. Rude. STANDING.'j. Goeman, Historiang S. Avery, W. Flieder, S. Hehr, j. Swenson, YI. Myron, P. De La Pointe. KAPPA EPSILO Kappa Epsilon is a professional organiza- tion for women enrolled in pharmacy. Among the activities of this group is a Fall Tea held for freshman girls in pharmacy, a Christmas Party, the Founder's Day Breakfast, and an Awards Banquet. Kappa Epsilon is a co-sponsor of the annual all- Pharmacy Mixer. 440' SEATED, lej? to right: M. Iverson, Presidentg K. Nordstrom, Chaplaing R. Haas, Reporter L. Dykstra, Vice President. STANDING: L. Peltier, C. Regelstad, Secretary, P. Belling 310 ROW I, left to right: R. Johnson, D. Severson, M. john, R. Femrite, B. O. Amundson, P. Gast, Rystedt, C. johnson. ROW 3: D. Kuzel, R. Irwin, M. Iverson, Swenson, Dr. M. Vincent, D. Carlson. ROW 2: Gleason, R. Lindseth, Swanson, D. Bernauer, Niebert, B. Huber, J. Anderson, R. Clark, P. Smolz, R. Young, G. Schumacher, T. Gates, C. Regelstad. 625.19653 1 ERICA PHAR ACEUTICAL SSOCIATIO The NDSU student branch of this national association l strives to give future pharmacists a better understand- ing of their profession. Monthly meetings often include visiting speakers and professional movies. All pharmacy students are welcome to join. Lyfl lo righix Swenson, secrelaryg M. Iverson, trea- surerg R. lrwin, presidentg Dr. Vincent, advisor: R. l"iCIH1'il6, vice president. 311 Y 3 129' Left to right: C. -lohnson, Treasurer: F. Bernard, Secretary, C. Ander- son, President, A. Wesinthal, Publicity, E. Carlson, Publicity, Mrs. Walker, Advisor. .0 W4 1,0 , Lej? to right: M. Brunner, Z. Gilbertson, Loll, L. Bredwick, K. Eia, L. Deplazes, Hoffman Wilson, M. Harbeke, E. Tastad, M. Abrahamson. TRYOT Tryota, national professional home eco- nomics organization, is open to any student enrolled in Home Economics. Monthly meetings feature programs designed to stimulate and strengthen interests in various fields of Home Economics. The Wassail Tea, ajoint Saddle and Sirloin Picnic, and various other projects make up Tryota's busy schedule. 312 ROW 1, kj? to right: L. McKennett, Wills, D. Dahl, Flath,AI. Nelson, A. Kapaun. ROW 2: C. Hermes, L. Nass, I. Schatz, S. Hjelle, D. Sawyer. ROW 3: B. Holes, Hedrich, L. Biss, G. Straebel. SEATED, left to right: S. Tingum, M. Ander son. STANDING: K. Ferguson, AI. Gillham P. Larson, Ulfers, M. Fox, Haug, D O'Connell, ZumBrunnen, K. Gerth, M Beyer, D. Felt, S. Storms, S. Krein, xl. Blilie S. Doerr, M. Wilson. ROW I, len to right: S. Solberg, C. Christopheison, M. Skoriek, E. Brendemuhl, G. Kemp,-J. Boychuk, J. Oak, A. Matteson. ROW 2: K. Herflndal, D. Shelton, B. Eisenbeis, M. McArton, J. Jansen, V. Erickson, S. Haberstroh. ROW 3: E. Krick, Bale, S. Braaten, J. Hanson, K. Schmidt, J. Kraft. ROW I, lep to right: G. Anderson, R. Bergsgaard, J. Johnson, C. Jacobson, S. Palmer, K. Thompson, M. Dean. ROW 2: M. Edwards, K. Froemming, S. Lamarre, G. Berg, M. Anderson, C. Karas, S. Cline, A. Johnson. ROW 3: S. Clemenson, K. Lucy, J. Steffel, J. Lieb, C. Gamble, P. Kiefer. ROW I, lep to right: C. Morrison, D. Nelson, Kummer, D. Steinhouse, K. Wilson, Lindig, C. Enderle, M. Arthur. ROW 2: S. Thompson, E. Wolff, I. Nelson, H. Brakel, G. Johnson, L. Schommer, S. Binek. ROW 3: G. Ault, P. Hellesvig, M. Gratton, M. Engstrom, S. Rutledge, C. Lien. A nf -rfb is Grand right and left! These 4-H club members are enjoying one of their many enter- SEATED: M. Harbeke, Vice-President. STANDING tainments. lay? to right: R. Wetzel, Presidentg D. Palmer, Advisor The University 4-H Club is open to any former high school 4-H club mem- ber. The group sponsors the Freshman Get-acquainted Party, a Christmas Party, Spring Picnic, Polka Party, Hard- Times Party, and a Little International Booth which won first place. President Rodger Wetzel was selected as one of four outstanding 4-H members in North Dakota and won a trip to Wash- ington, D. C. ROW I, lm to right: L. Bredwick, G. Markegare, J. Anderson, C. Jacobson. ROW 2: T. Valentine, J. Wills, B. Johnson. J. Wright, Treasurer. mW ROW I, lm to right: G. Person, K. Rohrer, C. Schatz, C. Lindemann, S. Solberg. ROW 2: M. Abrahamson, Johnson, W. Weber, K. Wills, C. Smith, L. Dahl, D. Boardman, C. Kautz J. Romstad. i SEATED: R. Satroni, President. STANIJING, lfffl lo riglzlf L. Olofson, Tren- SEATED, IW to right: D. Eidsvig, D. Lee. STANDING: R. Sperle, D. surerg G. Nelson, Reporterg W. Puppc, Vice President, R. Holtz, Secretary. Evenson,j. Schmit, L. Larson, F. Luessen. ROW I, IM to right: D. Wetzel, L. Hakanson, R. Krogh, S. Miles, J. Mangin. ROW 2: R. Deachamp, R. Olson, D. Wolden, M.just, K. Salzsieder. ROW 3: R. Bratlandkl. Gul- seth, C. Evert, L. Turner. AGRIC LT RAL ECG GMICS CLUB The NDSU Agricultural Economics Club is a local professional organization open to students enrolled in the college of agriculture. Members are interested in major problems and advancements in Agricultural Economics and send repre- sentatives to the annual meetings of the ACAE. LM to right: G. Faris, K. Silha. DAIRY SCIENCE CL B Students interested in dairying are invited to join the Dairy Club. The aim of this organization is promoting the dairy industry. Some of the projects of the Dairy Club are the sale of milk at the Little International and an annual picnic for its members. L42 lo right: Mr. Edgerly, Advisor C' Smith Vice President Lynn Secretary Treasurer T. Revier, President. A toast to good health with milk. North Da- kota Dairy Princess, Dorothy Heintz. SEATED, left to right: L. Sorum. STAND- ING: D. Fjeld, P. Revier,j. Sailar. Left to right: C. Edgerly, T. Revier, N Morkassed J Lynn A Anderson SEATED: M. Turner, T. Agnew. ST.f-1NDlNl1.' P. Pollock, D. Weinlaeder, R. Hall. PRE- VETERINARY CL B Students majoring in veterinary medicine can join the Pre-Veterinary Club. Guest speakers keep the club in- formed of the entrance requirements to the veterinary schools. Members take field trips during the year to the Uni- versity of Minnesota Veterinary School. Annually, the Pre-Veterinary members set up an exhibit for Sharivar. Treatment by means of medicated feeding. Lg! to rzght: R. Gunderson, Vice Presl .. 5 31 dentg M. Trapp, Secretary-Treasurerg T. Cross, President. SEATED, lql to right: P. Williams, M. Glemming, G. Person. STANDING: C. Wendel, R. Hanson, S. Tschaekofske A. Peterson, M. Berg, E. Munson. 2 AGRO OMY CL B The Agronomy Club is open to stu- dents interested in agronorny. julie Dunkirk represented the club at the Miss Durum Contest where she was crowned "Miss Durum." This group sponsors a crop show and a cropjudg- ing contest at the Little International Show, It also takes part in Sharivar ac- tivities. Left to right: F. Hilfer, D. Schafer,j. Drege, R. Tuhy, F. Sobolik, D. Wolsky Lg! to right: ul. Kramer, J. Roth, B. Schou. Lgjl to right: A. Loyland, C. Lindtwed. 318 SEATED, lm to right: R. Ford, G. Running, M. Bredahl, President. STANDING: R. Berglund, Treasurer, J. Jacobs, Vice Presidentg W. Senyinel, Q: Christmann, Reporter, F. Manderfeld, Secretary, L. Borland, S. Owen, Advisor. ROW I, Ifffl to riglzt: A. Anderson, T. Zidon, D. Lutorsky, E. Rostberg, R. -johnson. ROW 2: D. Bak- ken, G. Huebner, P. Thorp, D. Conditxl. Sailer, T. Hanson. ROW 3: Nl. Knell, T. Kemmer, R. Bock, Bautz, W. Feidler, Feidler, K. Erickson. ROW 4: L, Sorum, G. Rosevold, R. Sonn, Berdalil, R, Willarclsen, R. Lalum, R. Steiger, D. Klein. A FUTURE FARMER CF AMERICA The NDSU Collegiate Future Farm- ers of America is open to all students enrolled in agricultural education and former members of FFA in high school. The meetings give training for the prospective teachers of vocational agri- culture as advisors and to improve the local programs. The Collegiate FFA sponsors an annual Friends Night Banquet, initiations at nearby high schools, and the Tryota-FFA picnic. F F A'ers take notes! 319 ROW I, lqfl to right: R. Rich, D. Hoff, N. Morkassel, W. Pietsch, M. Anderson J. Sem. ROW 2:j. Nowatzki, R. Sys, R. Tuhy, R. Klein, K. Silha, , Szudera, R. G. Rudolph. ROW 3: B. Schou, B. Mc- Pepple, R. Anderson, F. William, D. Schander, K. Werk, L. Welsh, E. Roland. SIfA'I'l'.'D. leffl to riglzl: D. Sorenson, Luoma. ST.f1ND1gYG: Mlhalen, A. john- SEATED: K. Haarsager, Secretary. STANDING, lqft to right: son,W.Bjorlie,RiAanderud,SocialCommittee Chairman. Satrom, Treasurerg Schmit, Presidentg G. Solberg, Vice FARMERS U IG LOC L The Farmers Union Local is an or- ganization for students interested in the National Farmers Union. It pro- vides an opportunity for discussion of their role in the local and national scene. The Farmers Union Local's ac- tivities include a Christmas Party and an Annual Banquet. SEATED le I to ri fht: . Kramer D. Evenson, M , I s J i - Haarsager, L. Larson. STANDING: K. Odegard, M. Nelson, R. Sathre, R. Nelson, D. Anderson, j. Schmit, B. Solberg. President. 'W SEATED, IM to right: M. Anderson, L. Anderson, L. Haarsager. STANDING: S. Blom, L McGinnity, C. Sorteberg, QI. Dilland,j. Drege, D. Barsness, A. Binde. Lfyft to right: M. Leland, Presidentg G. johnson, Secretaryg J McDowell, Advisorg j. Aanrud, Vice-Presidentg J. Stokke, Treas- urerg Dunlop, Publicity Chairman. RODEO CLUB The Rodeo Club is open to all students in- Row 1, mp to bottom: H. Heinrich, A. Bell, K, odegard. R0w2.- D. johnson, D. tefesfefl ,in fodeos and intercollegiate F0560 Nenow, D. Dunlop, R. Halverson, G. Person. COIIIPCUUOII. - SEATED, left to right: H. Leland, D, Lee D. Daniels, B. johnson. STANDING: N Hamilton, C. Schatz, M. McArton, 1 Andreson, G. Neuens, G. Bedker. C r"'Q: wr, .1 ,W . .i s- .fi -f . W ,,,L L. 'L Q., , wa, f 9: fqEr:,e.ff,k M , f5?i:?fevfH 514 155215 . ,ji 4 lb Wuvwgf Fc . m,gd,S,g,4,ve 'H X aw fx, we ,WV mnunns iff mann-:Qi Left lu I'l'g'lll.' B. Austin, N8l'LlITl, D. Gilbertson. ADDLE A IRLGI Agricultural students interested in livestock are invited to join the Saddle Sc Sirloin Club. This group sponsors Little International Show each year. It also sponsors the NDSU livestock judging teams and the Hall of Fame Banquet honoring outstand- ing agricultural men. 1 SEATED, ltjl to right: D, Condit, T. Cook, P. Hol- den. STANDING: D. johnson, H. Jennings, D. Lee, E. Haadem, D. Rinke, L. Griffin. GI EERI G COU CIL Through the Engineering Council the efforts of all engineering organizations, both professional and honorary, are coor- dinated in sponsoring the Engineerls Ball, E Day Picnic and an annual banquet. An event of special interest is a "Put Hubby Through" degree which is awarded to the wives of graduating seniors. The Engineer- ing Council is composed of the president and an elected delegate from each engineer- ing group. SEATED, lfjt to right: R. Klask, Presidentg j. Halvorson Secretary STANDINK T Sak shaug, Faculty Advisor, L. Luttrell, Vice-Presidentg R. Harrington Treasurer if. SEATED, lqfl to right: L. Anderson, L. Heil. STANDING: M. Groezinger, G. Gratz. FRONT, lap to right: B. Haug, K. Loveland. BACK: G. Parkinson, M. Selig, J. Bjornholt, D. Nestoss. Ld! to right: A. Hoveskeland, A. Franson, L. johnson LW to right: E. Hanyzewski, B. Anderson, C. Leines. A ERICAN STIT TE GF AERO AUTIC A TRU AUTIC Students interested in the aerospace field will want to become members of The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The organization sponsors Held trips to the Grand Forks Air Force Base and aircraft plants. They also parti- cipate in Sharivar. LM to right: C. toss, Presidentg rifle - Heilg J. Halvorson, E-Council Representativeg L. Vogel, Faculty Sponsorg D. Nes- in-1-1...7,h, D. Nestoss, President, catching up on professional literature. Lql to right: A. Hulteen, P. Binek, C. Crawford, D. Landa Secretaryg C. Breiland, A. Steinmetz, C. Holm, A. Goetz, C. Bornsen. C3 .-.. P... ABOVE: D. Mar, I.. Hell, E. Hakanson, Bracchner, W. Emloe, M. Shipman, T. d'Erric0 j. Wright: "'?I FRONT: M. Selig, President. STANDING, lgn 10 BELOWS ROW 1, lzffl to righttii. Immel, T. Kelly, D. Wolf. ROW 2: B. Dunn, D. Gilbertson, right: Amarm, Treasurer, K. Birsl, SCCYCLHTYQ B, Iwen, G. Berrelh. I. Bosch, Vice4President. 3 Q. if 'LP SEATED, Ieffl to right: C. Lenlhe, E. jemlrud, S. Knox. STANDING: R. Dvorak, AI. Pluth, I.. Larson, D. Macheel, E. Bardal,j. Doerksen, R. Anderson. AMERICAN OCIETY OF CIVIL E GI EER This professional society is open to sophomore, junior and senior civil en- gineering students. The aim of ASCE is to promote professional interest in the students. Bi-monthly meetings in- clude speakers on civil engineering topics. SEATED, lqft to right: L. Alfson, Cooper. STANDING: T. Ellich, D. Chesak, M. Nelson, D. Halvorson, J. Forbes. M. Selig, President, discusses ASCE business with T. d'Errico, Advisor. ROW I, lfjl to right: E. Carson, G. Nelson, D. Muth. ROW 2: D. Thomas, R. Weber, T. Howe, P. McCormick. 327 ,To to bottom: R. Witz, Advisorg W. Promersberger P , Chm. of Agricultural Engineering Dept.g L. An- derson, President. AMERICA OCIETY OF AGRIC LT RAL E GI EER The American Society of Agricul- tural Engineers is a national organiza- tion open to students in agricultural engineering or mechanized agriculture. Their bi-monthly meetings acquaint members with practical phases of engi- neering and help them develop a pro- fessional viewpoint, ASAE members help sponsor the Agricultural Engineer- ing Show. Row I, lg? to right: Wright, Wanner, A. Dalmanhl. Thwaite, M. Schock. ROW 2.' C. Lin derman, M. Kubousek, Valer, L. Leikas, B. Dunlop, D. Rieger. 328 Lefl to right: B. Haug, E-Council Repre- sentativeg J. Nygard, Scribeg A. Leedahl, Secretaryg M. Thyberg, Vice-Presidentg C. Berg, Treasurerg A. Wald, Show Manager. 'Fi E .Q Ldt to right: K. johnson, R. Disrud. 1 329 ! ROW I: C. Sheldon, L. Anderson, R. Witz, Ad- visorg M. Thyberg, A. Wald. ROW 2: R. jorstad, R. Harknesshl. Nygard, G. Justus, E. Taus. Ld! to right: N. Skarstad, N. Sletteland, R. Disrud K. Wills. ROW 1, lzffl lo riglzt: R. We-nrich, S. Edelhrock, H. Schlenker. ROW 2: D. Hickle, R, Gada, G. Lind, A. Shah, Van Dyke. ROW 3: l.. Schjelderup, l.. Haugen, C. Van Horn, M. Gunderson, R. john- son, R. Clirislianson. -wo 1: H ..., 4. , ., X X J R. McDougal, Advisor, G. Gratz, President, R. Klasu, Engineering Council Representa tive, J. Brackin, Secretaryg A. Anderson, Department Head. SEATED: L. Haugen. STANDING, lgh to righl: W. Schneider, R. Kuefler, R. Bergman. 330 SEATED, law to right: R. Muehlhausen, Treasurer, R. Russell, Vice President. STANDING. ROW 1, lm to right: L. Williams, H. Logas, L. Wieser. ROW 2: L. Luttrell, M. Groezinger, R. Rug- land, G. Vander Vorst, J. Dathe, L. Doth. ROW 3: L. Fernbaugh, R. Peterson, P. Larsen,j. Bahma, R. Littke. SEATED, iq? to right: Hohorson, E. Blain, T. Reinarts. STANDING: F. Skubitz, R. Nelson, L. Norrie, D. Kjos, R. Stern, H. Kilsdonk. SEATED, leji to right: T. King, K. Breene. STAND- ING: W. Bauer, B. Mirgain, V. Kochmann. MERICA GCIETY OF MECHA ICAL E GI EER The Faculty-Society Smoker spon- sored by the student branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers is just one of the many ways this society promotes social, as well as pro- fessional contacts while in school. ASME meets bi-monthly and is open to stu- dents in mechanical engineering. iwiiiiii fi? iii 31 ' ii? I N,-.M SEATED: B. Findley. STANDING, lql to right: M. Glaesemann, E. Ellingson, N. Shah. AMERICA TITUTE OF I DU TRIAL E GI EER The American Institute of Industrial Engineers is open to all students in industrial engineering. Bimonthly meet- ings feature speakers and movies from industry. The AIIE sent representatives to the midwest convention, members help with service projects and cooperate with the Engineer- ing Council in developing displays for Sharivar. LM to right: R. Hall, D, Harrington, E-Council Representativeg P. Qiuarve. 332 -mw- nw..- .QQM ' flaw? i f 2.1. i- ' .15 21 . ff ,pw sm s, -27561. -61.- " i1'5'fgf - zgigqj EJ., ...W SEATED: D. Perry. STANDING, lfjl to right: T. Colquhoun, A Kurlekar, O. Dahle,j. Schlafmann. SEATED: B. Palmer, Secretary. STANDING, left to right: K. Loveland, Presidemg K. Biccum, Vice-Presidenrg D. Perry, Treasurer. SEATED, lm to right: K. Biccum, L. Schlupp STANDING: R. Bartle, S. Dharia, K. Mota 333 SEATED, le Z to right: . Chihos, O. Score, D. Sathre. STANDING: A. Scha- f . J rosch, D. Dawkins, M. Bakken, D. Swant. TITUTE GF ELECTRICALA ELECTRO IC E GI EERS Throughout the year the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers may be found sponsoring various field trips, participating in Sharivar, and co-sponsoring Engi- neer's Day and the Engineer's Ball. Programs presented at the IEEE's monthly meetings are designed to relate new technological advancements in electrical and electronic industries. The organization is open to electrical engineer- ing students with good scholastic standing. SEATED, ld! to right: R. Nobis, Wiidakas, F. Felber, D. Peach. STANDING: C. Markert, B. Bergquist, D. Peterson, P. Poitras. 334 Lgft to right: K. Schultz, Vice Presidentg A. Herr, Secretary, T. Breider President, D. Barthel, Treasurer: SEATED, lqp to right: R. Kelly, Berg STANDING: T. Breider R. Leidall A Z1mmerman E Prmkklla SEATED, lm to right: K. Barger, A. Hoveskeland, A. Franson, H. jones. STANDING: A. Herr, G. Mitchell, J. Bjornholt, L. johnson. Lqt to right: K. Watson, Vice Presidentg T. Selland, Presi- dentg G. Pate, Treasurerg D. Oneill, Secretary. ww AMERICA TIT TE ARCHITECT The Beaux Arts Costume Ball sponsored by the American Institute of Architects is an an- nual affair on NDSU campus. AIA also has a more serious side which includes speakers and informal discussions on architectural engineer- ing and related subjects. This society is open to students with at least a sophomore standing en- rolled in Architectural Engineering. SEATED, ZW to right: D. Barsness, D. Moe. STANDING: D. Deegan, D. Torno, R johnson, D. Cote. -Q SEATED, lep to right: A. Englert, A. Fitterer, D. Swanson. STANDING: P. Kienholz G. Grooters, M. Michalenko, R. Van Beek, M. johnson, G. Parkinson, R. Smith, D Hagemeister, M. Shelstad. 336 SEATED, lep to right: S. Kinnischtzke, Secretaryg J. McCoy, President. STANDING: H. Ormiston,treasurerg E. Walker, Advisorg B. Tapper, Publicity. 337 LEFT: T. Miller giving special emphasis to a very important point. ROW I, kj? to right: S. Kinnischtzke, T. Miller, J. McCoy. ROW 2: L. Fuglesten, B. Tapper, D. Long, W. Miller, J. Swanson. ROW 3: C. Sorteberg, D. Strum, P. Du- Charme, J. Norgard, H. Ormiston. LI COL DEBATE SOCIETY The Lincoln Debate Society is open to stu- dents interested in developing a proficiency in the techniques of discussion and debate by re- viewing the vital issues of the day. This group co-sponsors a Debate Clinic for high school students in coordination with Concordia Col- lege. Members of the debate team have an op- portunity to meet fellow debaters throughout the country on their Debate Trips. SEATEIJ: K. Loseth, President. STANDING, Iqfl to righi: Rogne, Treasurer: Romstad, Secretaryg D. Knudsen, Vice-President. 'Gib- CHEMI TRY CLUB Chemistry majors meet monthly to learn more about their profession through scien- tilic lectures and discussions at the Chem- istry Club. This organization not only promotes the profession but also sponsors social functions for its members. Among its activities are two picnics held each year. This year's Chemistry Club Book Award was presented to Kathryn Loseth. ROW 1, left Io riglzlfj. Erickson, V. Donahue, M. Klinkhammer, P. Hermes, l.. Christen son. ROW 2: l'. lluell, R. Annen, R. Welzcl, K. Scliwolskl, Wood. l.. Weinmann, l.. Thiel mann. 338 john McCormick jr. receives the Outstanding Alumni Award at Homecoming from Student Body President, Bill Findley and Bob Crom, assistant to President Albrecht. 121 aiiiiltt Alumni celebrate Homecoming with a 25 year reunion ofthe Class ol' ISIBQ, The Alumni ll1L'IIllDCI'S relax during the Colilee Hour. 339 Former students enjoy the Alumni Homecoming Luncheon. U ALUM I SSOCIATIO The Alumni and Former Students Asso- ciation Board of Directors works constantly to promote the welfare ol' the college by uniting Alumni and the Former Students to aid in mutual welfare ofthe association members and sustain their interest in NDSU. The Association maintains records and contacts with graduates and former students and schedules alumni reunions throughout the nation. The Association also assists in obtaining scholarships and provides money for student loans. , . SEATED lettori ht C Freita S Freise C ohnson STANDINC S Burle D. Wolf K5' gf- v'J - 55- Y, , Dathe,j. Lundgren, P. Johnston. INDEPENDENT STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Non-Greeks are invited to join the Independent Student Association. Meetings are held every Monday evening and social functions such as parties and bowling are held on the weekends. ISA sponsors the Sweethearts Ball and the Hal- loween Costume Dance annually. 340 LW to fight: S. Burley, j. Dathe .-1... I I International Music Night Len to right: D. Sorenson, L. Schloss, T. Westrick 9 e 5 H . . -. . M 1 K zz. ' Q , ,Q ,....,. . 2 5 Q. i SEATED, lej? to right: K. Knoff, L. Schloss, G. Yellow Bird. STANDING: M. Goertel, K. Krueger, P. Schloer, L. Peltier, D. Sorenson, S. Wilson. '95 QQSXYIIQII I Ill! xv U4 0 'flfwlviw BAND MEMBERS1 D. Sholts. D. Milde, G. Huber, W. Pile. I". Nester, D. Schulz, R. Fletcher, I.. Tliordzil. K. Clzillciiliacli, S. Baal:-s, P. l.ivcly, R. Olmvsrlzindcr, Ii. lltorson. P. 'I'ruc'y. I.. SlI'Ql'lCl'. K. Nlocli. Ii. Ronnin- gen. S. Swindlcr. Iliornpson. B. 'I'x'cito. II. Millcr. C. l.in1lcinunn. I. Rice, D. H2ll'gl'2lX'C. I.. Peltier. IL. ISL-rg. 'lf Pcttcrson. I.. Mclicnnctt. NI. .AI-lllLll'. I.. lIz1z1i'sz1gci',lI. l.icn, R. I'n'ost'liz1t, NI. I'Illkll'S2lgCI',kl. Wiiglit. D. Sperlc, R. Olson. P. Onstacl, C. Ritzinzin, I., Holinluncl, I.. llcrr. R. Pcwc, Horton, M. Nlyllra, D. Iitiorlusoiihl. Ilwytlicr, R.'ii1zi,'I'. Irgens, R. Dodge, D. Anderson, B. Brzisli, xl. Crosscn, 'lf lfewstzul, wma ip- FAR RIGHT: Now where arc we? All together now l, 2. 3 . . R. Prasck, P. Opland, Novak, A, Redmann, R. Emblad, M. Hellick son. CI. -Iohnson. NI. Birrer. T. Rolmle, D. Engstrom, R. Wedberg, ltiiiclstioiii, Ci. Suinincrs, I.. Iillingsherg, V. Hothohn. D. Sreker, R I.1n'son, XY. Nlzirlin, P. Qitizitwc. D. llunscn. Il. Powell, R. Krein. D. Lfg lem. N. Olson, NI, Clrziyclon. D. Conclil. .-X. Krueger, W. Spicse, G. Sol ln-rg. R. Tliompson, P. Boclnier, W. Dittmcr. R. Challcy. Dxloncs, V Atirclzilil. I.. Uullcson. W. Miller. D. Iivanson. CL, Larson, F. Olafson D, Ririnis. D. Mt' Mahon, G, Iiddington, I.. Haugcn,LI. Inglc, M. Uullc son. S. .-Xnclcrson. M. Dahlc, M. Foy, M. Glemining, R. DuBord. 5 NDSU GULD STAR BAND Three bands make up the North Dakota State University Gold Star Band. The Marching Band provides the colorful half-time ceremonies at the football games and performs in various parades with Homecoming as the biggest event. The Con- cert Band presents the annual Christmas Concert and their spring tour concerts. The Pep Band per- forms for the basketball games. The social high- light of the Gold Star Band is the annual Spring Picnic. Director, Bill Euren C old Star Band practices for their spring tour to Canada and North Dakota. 343 ROW I, left to right: K. Brademeyer, M. Brandhagen, S. Peterson, j. D. Nelson, B. Anderson, R. Forsgren, j. Pierce, M. Handy, LI. Anhorn Dallmann, K. jordan, S. Hehr, K. Platt, C. Caugler, M. Watson, M. M. Swanson, F. Bernhoft, C. McDougall. ROW 4: D. Bateman, D. Lille Karlstad, B. McLaughlin, P. Dodge. ROW 2: Dunkirk, Lieb, K. berg, C. Comstock, T. Norum, B. Findley, M.xIohnson, M. Barner, R Spitzer, M. B. Billing, lf. VanBeek,j.johnson, M. Croth, E. Torgeson, Rime,j. Manning, A. Nipstad, D. Miller. N. Madsen, S. Fossum, K. Kerrigan, T. Seaworth. ROW 3: C. Redlin, CONCERT CHOIR The Concert Choir, under the direction of Robert Godwin, consists of students from every college on campus. During spring quarter break each year the choir goes on tour. This last year they toured the midwest and also took two shorter trips through North Dakota. The choir is planning and working toward a European trip in 1966. N' ' H 5 e ff The Concert Choir performing in the rotunda during the choir tour to Washington, D.C 344 The Concert Choir sings the Alma Mater for Senator Burdick and Choir president, Bill Findley, points out the route the choir will travel on Director, Robert Godwin. their spring tour. UNIVERSITY CHORALE. ROW I, lej? to right: M. Brandhagen, M. johnson, K. jordan, S. Hehr, M. Handy. ROW 2: S. Peterson, B. Anderson, K. Platt,j. Pierce, B. McLaughlin, G. Redlin. ROW 3: K. Brademeyer, B. Findley, M. Groth, F. Bernhoft, M. Watson, C. McDougall. ROW 4: D. Bateman, T. Seaworth, T. Norum, K. Kerrigan, R. Rime, E. Torgeson, J. Manning. 345 Mr. Fitzgerald visits with members of P F Club PHYSICAL EDUCATIO CLUB Anyone majoring or minoring in Physical Edu cation may belong to the Physical Education Club PE Club sponsors various projects to raise money for the Arlene Kalk Memorial Scholarship They also sponsor a "get-acquainted mixer for physical education club members and the faculty in the fall E, Kaiser and B. Gregoire, advisors to PE Llub display thc new PE Club Charter. Ld! to right: E. johnson, B. Williams, President. jump higher... Kathy Deger works on the horse in WRA activities. WGME ' RECREATIO ASSOCIATIO NDSU women students can take part in basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, bowling, etc., through participation in WRA. The or- ganization also takes part in state play days and sends delegates to national convention. It's a strike... Bowling is a popular WRA sport for campus girls. 347 ' CHEERLEADERS Each year the NDSU cheerleaders are chosen jointly by the Rahjah Club and the Commission of Athletics. These girls are rated for their enthusiasm, talent, and looks. The job of organizing the student body into an effective cheer- ing unit falls upon the shoulders of these six girls. Whether at a pep rally or a game, their desire and enthusiasm promote the spirit of the team. PCM PON GIRLS The PomPon Girls are selected by the Rahjah Club and the Commission of Athletics. Their job is to aid the cheerleaders at football and basketball games. Their routines add the extra sparkle of life to the color and excite- ment of the games. LM to right: P. Berreth, O. Olson, B. Ronningen, R. Scheiber, C. Larson, M. Henderson. aww.. W .. its me ROW I, lg? to right: j. Hicks, xl. Olson, T. Noyes, B. Tuchscher, C. Olmsted. ROW 2: V. Ander- son, L. Cook, R. Olson, W. Scott. ROW 3: R. Cram, Jacobs, C. Offerdahl, M. Harper, A. Breuer, R. Ellingrud, R. Hanson, B. Frissell. 11" Lettermen contemplate some of their athletic action snapshots. LM to right: H. Neis, Officer at Armsg Schlicht, President. j. Neuman, Vice-President, Ml. Svo- bodny, Secretary. LETTERME 7 OL B Membership in the Lettermen's Club is open to any student who has been awarded a varsity letter for athletic com- petition. The club promotes athletics on the campus and sells traditional Freshman beanies to sponsor Letter- man's Day for outstanding high school athletes. ROW I, lejl to right: Discher, R. Sever- son, R. Grooters, P. DuCharme, B. Stur- devant. ROW 2: D. Dormanen, E. Fitz- gerald, B. Bertram, T. Sturdevant, A, Wiegandt, G. Gebhards, K. Knutson. ROW 3:41. McCormich, D. Saunders, R. Hansen. FRONT: Hall. BACK, lejl to right: R, Anderson, Rystedt, R. Olson, K, Breene. E RAHJAH The Rahjahs promote school spirit, enthusiasm and fire-up pep rallies. This male organization se- lects the NDSU cheerleaders and assists with their leadership of pep cheers at football and basketball games. The Rahjahs sponsor the Rahjah Ball and the outstanding athlete award. Lffjl tu righl: ul. l.alu', Vive President: G. Clyne, Secrelmy: R. Wentz, 'lireasurerp CL. Knutson, President: ll. Bollingberg, Social Clllllflllllll. Members settle down for one of their bi-monthly meetings 350 ROW 1, lgfl to right: D. Rusness, R. johnson. ROW 2: Hlennings,-I. Stokke, D. Fordenl. Hicks. ROW 3: R. Kruger, C. Thygesen, L. Ferrin. ROW 1, lgfl to right: R. Vraa, K. Casavant, D. Milli. ROW 2: Fowler, A. Peterson, F. Lamz with the paddle. 351 FRONT, lrft to I'flQ'lll.' Cl. Hcisc I. Schuelkc, l.. lislcnson, W Puppe, D. Huukness. BACK C. l'lDii'lknc1'. FRONT, kj? to righz: K. Loberg, J. Wilcox. BACK: D. Johnston, G. Unger, A. Ness, D. Saunders. Left to right: Hegge, K. Bergen, S. Spong, L. Parsons, M. Kolzalka, P. Augspurger,J. Johnston. ORCHESIS Orchesis is a performing dance organiza- tion open to all students through tryouts. The organization gives men and women interested in creative dance an opportunity to express themselves in a full-length dance show and appearances for clubs, television, and other community affairs. Many mem- bers participate actively in the annual Blue Key musical production. ROW I, lgfl to right: M. Henderson, K. Sjue. ROW 2 J. Kasson, C. Wagner. ROW 3: C. Brenden, K. Degan ROW 4: D. Stephens, D. Lamphier. ROW 5: P. Berreth M. Taylor. l Left to right: K. Grieve, Presidentg Hagen, Treasurerg M. Nass, Faculty Advisor, S. Spong, Vice Presidentg K. Degan, Historian. 352 SEATED, left to right: E. Torgeson, C. Anstett, G. Saugstad, C. Barta, P. Hoefs. STANDING: boe, S. Vinje, P. Bakkum, E. Nicholas, K. Platt, M. Beaton, B. Macdonald, W. Belter. Young Republicans attend a meeting. D. Over- lli ffff FDB PRESEEQW Plowville, U.S.A. YGU G REPUBLICANS Through the local Young Republicans, NDSU students with common Republican ideas and beliefs may learn of and discuss the current party stands on vital political issues. Members were kept busy during the 1964 Presidential election, campaigning for their candidates. SEATED: N. Reed, First Vice Chairman. STANDING lqft to right: B. Macdonald, Treasurerg G. Saugstad Secretaryg A. Butts, Chairman. LUTHERA TUDE T SSOCIATIO Lutheran students find Christian fellowship and fun at the LSA center as members of the Lutheran Student Association. Faith sharing experiences through worship and service proj- ects are accompanied by good times, retreats and recreation. Here is the modern building that houses the NDSU Lu- theran Student Association. Students worship in the chapel of the University Lu- theran Center. The lounge at LSA is a quiet area for relaxation or study. wrt' improv' wr Trudy Westrick relaxes to the charm of Orin Score's guitar. SEATED, lep to right: K. Scholl, L. Gulleson, j. Olson, K. Brogger. STANDING: O. Score J. Wright, S. Hovey, D. Anderson, B. Vick, Pastor Kvinge, Pastor Elliot. Members of LSA listen to Dr. Kedo speaking about the culture and people of Iraq. 355 Saturday night at Newman Center. "I Could have danced all night SEATED le Z to ri ht: T. Alm, Public Relationsg M. Harbeke, Secretar g B. Klose, Social Chairmang 1 I g V K. Anderson, Presidentg N.jones, Education Chairman. 356 Father Durkin celebrates Mass in the St. Paul's Student Center. The Saint Paul's Student Center. Hd!! Pill? MQW!! KW!!! Students find many good books in the Newman library. EWMAN The aim of the Newman Club is to deepen the spiritual life through a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and social activities. Newmanites program of events in- clude dances, picnics, card games and a more serious side with non- credit courses and lectures on var- ious aspects of religion. ROW I, leji to right: R. Wales, R. Ruff, B. Dodge, H. Omiston. ROW 2: M. Kihne, M. Harper, T. Canning, S. Brekke, R. Klask. Dave Nammar, area YMCA Chairman. fri' .,,.,,r SEATED, lep to right: G. Bakken, Vice President: D. Nordguist, President. STANDING: Bohnenblust, Treasurerg T. Feigum, Area Student Council Memberg R. Myers, Executive Secretary. 358 SEATED, lay? to right: B. Nesting, P. Triggs, President, P. J. Johnston, M. Stern, B. Jennings, D. Blumhardt, C. Chris- Dodge, J. Roden, Vice President, S. Hall, TreasurergJ. Rodger, topherson, Secretary, A. Steinwand, K. Platt, J. Anderson, B. M. Skjoiten, C. Marek, E. Torgeson. STANDING: M. Liebig, Crahan, B.Jennings. Freshman Commission. SEATED, lej? to right: C. Marek, B. Nesting, J. Anderson, M. Wu. STANDING: K. Platt, B. Crahan, A. Steinwand, B. Jennings, M. Liebig. 359 YMCA-YWCA The YMCA-YWCA provides a mean- ingful program for the affiliated NDSU man and woman. Through the "Y',, students and staff alike have an oppor- tunity to work together with those of other races and creeds. The YMCA- YWCA sponsor the Thanksgiving Even- song with the International Students as guests, the Annual Banquet, Greek Chaplain program, weekly campus cof- fee hours, and student-faculty luncheon series. The YWCA sponsors the Big Sister Coffee Party and sells Christmas wreaths made by financially depressed families. Women of the YWCA participate in the weekly coffee hour. Lgfl to right: G. Powell, Treasurer: Nzlones, President. I TER- RELIGIOU COU CIL This council is composed of repre- sentatives from the various student religious organizations. It promotes understanding among the religious groups and provides unified support for projects. Human Rights Day was just one of the projects this group has undertaken. The aim of this project was to provide financial aid to COFO for Mississippi summer projects. The Council also plans such religious activi- ties as Religious Emphasis Week. 'QS' min. SEATED: G. Wilson. STANDING, Ghristopherson. 2- --gr' 142 to right: R. Wales, D. Nordquist SEATED, Iliff lo right: G. Ault. O. Score. STANDING: Father Hovda, N. jones, G. Powell R. Shaw. 360 Members plan the discussion topics. Relaxation after the meeting. SEATED, lgfl to right: P. Lenz, Publicity Chairman, B. Anderson, Program Chairmang E. Haugen, Secretary. STANDING: D. Enockson, Presidentg D. Nelson, Vice-Presidentg D. Raney, Prayer Chairman, A. Skurdahl, Treasurerg G. Satterthwaite, Missions Chairmang W. Miller, Contact I TERVARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOW HIP The purpose of Inter-varsity Chris- tian Fellowship are: To Witness to the Lord jesus Christ as God Incarnate and to seek to lead oth- ers to a personal faith in Him as Saviour and Lord. To deepen and strengthen the spiritual life of others by the study of the Bible and by prayer. To present the call of God to the for- eign mission field and so to help all students to discover God's role for them, at home or abroad, in world evangeli- zation. "Hurr u ,let's et some coffee." Y P E ilohnson, D. Condit, I.. Redington, A. Hoffman. ROW I: B. Redington, WV. Pile, A. Newton, P. Schaar. ROW 2: C. Rowenbaum, E. Elhard, K. U ITED CAMP CHRI TIA FELLOW HIP The United Campus Christian Fellowship pro- vides Christian fellowship for its members through Bible discussions, evening suppers, and programs. In addition to its religious contribution, UCCF of- fers an enriched program of social and educational activities. Rev. Siberrv discusses Christian fellowship with some members of LTCCF. ROW 1: VV. Miller: M. Schwartzwalter, Assistant Treasurer: C. Kautz, Vice President: B. Kime: S. Preise. ROW 2: Rev. R. Siberry, Director: R. Shaw, President: C. Nelson: N. Beaton: ,Iehrg D. Patrick. SEATED: K. Platt, Vice President. STANDING, left to right: H. Anderson, Treasurer: P. Oberholtzer, Secretaryg O. Osiname, President. SEATED, IM to right: Sheppard, Wilson, S. Wilson, G. Ault. STANDING: D. Delzer, M. Caine, O. Osiname, D. Mink, L. Thuner. WE LEY FUUNDATIO "A laboratory in action" is one way to describe the Wesley Foun- dation. This group of Methodist students strive to put theories of the church into practice. Methodist students find Christian Fellow- ship and fun at Wesley Foundation through worship and social activities. A Senior Recognition Dinner is held annually as well as a Christmas Party Night. One of their many projects is a Toboggan- ing Party of the children at Children's Village. SEATED, lejl to right: K. Platt, L. Murray, P. Oberholtzer. STANDING:j. Dobson, T Kemmer, D. Rowe, H. Anderson, Rev. D. Farnham. 363 BIO To present a history of the school year using pic- tures and words-this is the purpose ofthe BISON as outlined in the Constitution of the Board of Pub- lication. By the end of the year thousands of hours of work by many different individuals culminates in another edition of the BISON. Before publica- tion, the talents of several people are utilized to the utmost in order that this year's BISON will be better than any preceding it. The ever present photog- rapher, the copy-writer, and the typist-all make a significant contribution to the book, although their talents may receive little recognition. However, there is still the personal satisfaction of accomplish- ing something. Editor Mary Beth Billing, discusses a layout with advisor, Beth Rochefort. Rm SEATED, leffl to right: B. Wood, Section Editorg K. Engberg, Section Editor, STANDING: pgs io Bale, P. O'Hara, Section Editorg D. Shelton: Anderson. 364 SEATED, lffl to right: W. Flieder, P. Belling STANDING: C. Stone, B. Nelson, Section Editor S535 im SEATED, legfl to right: A. Ketterling, Section Editorg G. Anderson, T. Lqf! to right: S. Sherwood, Section Editorg S, Groom, B. Heskin. Seaworth, Section Editorg J. Anderson. STANDING: M. Dean, C. Buhr. Commission of Student Publications: SEATED, lfgfl lo right: B. Rochefort, C. Anstett, R. Barnhardt, Commissionerg l.. Leavens, R. Hall, K.Dinusson. STANDING: Schneider, S. Groom, M.B. Billing, V. Nies, B. Challeyxl. Klusman, D. Stugart. Leffl to right: D. Cressey, L. Schlichtingkl. Glzisoe. Lgfl to right: D. Treat, Al. l.2lIH2i, Section Editorg R Kruger, S. Storms. 2 PECTRUM The campus newspaper is publis c every Wednesday. The paper covers sp class activities and Student Senate meeti The paper gives students a chance to sc as writers, typists, proofreaders, pho raphers, and writers. Managing Editor, Dick Grage plans the layou Editor, Lynn Leavens. Lqft to right: M. Buresh, M. Hodgson, D. Holden, M. Ciavarella Admiring M. Ciavarella's hairdog A. Peterson, B. Howell, J. Satrom. Laurie johnson talks with business manager, Ron Hall. 3 Lejl to right: V. Tareski, Lynn, A. Herr, S. Krein, Dr. Shulman, T. Canning, E. Anderson, repre sent the Commission of Radio. Legft to right: -I. Lynn, S. Krein, S. jenkin, BI. Mc- Allen, R. Senger, A. Herr. SEATED, Inj! lo right: R. Rich, D. Swant, A. Carlson,j. Grumke. STANDING: B. Lynn, D. Blomberg, sl. Schneider, C. Lewis, K. Slirigsbyul. Bjorholt. Wwwwi... Operating the equipment, jerry Schneider. KDU This year the KDSU moved into its new and larger studio. Here they house their three thousand re- cords. The purposes ofthe KDSU radio is to pro- vide a radio for the campus by which the campus can be heard. It also trains those interested in the field of radio operation. TUDE T EWS BUREAU The Student News Bureau is in charge of gathering information concerning the activities, acknowledge- ments, and honors which the NDSU students receive and send to their hometown newspapers. The head of the Student News Bureau, Bud Ormiston, and his staff work closely with the Communications Office to make sure the people back home read of the NDSU student's achievements. Gary Parkinson contemplates pictures on display in Hultz Lounge. 5' Editor, Bud Ormiston, admires the seal of NDSU Ken Watson wonders, "What is it?" SEATED, left lo right: R. Franek, Treasurer, D. Haugen, Commander, l.. Doth, Secretary. STANDING: R. Reis, Pub. Chrmn.g H. Hoffart, Prog. Chrmng D. Gallegher, Sports Chrmn.g T. Soine, Special Chrmn. VETERA ' CLUB NDSU students who have been in active service with a branch ol' the United States Military Service are in- vited to join the Veterans Club. Besides a get-acquainted party, members participate in sports competition and spring picnic. Qi? SEATED, lefl to right: A. Neumiller, F. Yocum, A. Whitehead. STANDING: B. Bartch, R. Har- Liz Bartley, Vets Club Sweetheart. mel, T. Mendenhall, R. Gjovig, K. Ganyo, T. Young. SEATED, hgh to right: K. Losee, D. Damer, D. Schatz, T. Lipp. STAND- ING: R. Kelly, W. Linzbach, R. Mclntyre, Knutson, NI. Carmody, D. l-lorvath. 371 SE.'lTIfD, left to riglzt: B. Wetzstein, Gulland, M. Stone. STANDING: D. Mink, B. l.onski, I.. Ledum, D. Schaar, G. Lambrecht, R. Steidl. SEATED, lg! to right: Schagunn, G. Hoff, D, Tunheim. STANDING: K. Burger, D. Neubauer, C. Carlson, C. Lenthe. SEATED, lgfl to right: A. Faulk, D. Kirke, R. Tollerud. STANDING: R. Wetzel, T. Godman, Dahl, D. Dunlop. SEATED, lzjl to right: W. Burnett, A. Hoveskeland. STANDING: Busek, Major Hegland, R. Vraa. AR QLD AIR OCIETY Members of the advanced ROTC program are better acquainted with the operation of the United States Air Force through the Arnold Air Society. Their project for this year is work- ing with Lutheran Homes to help those child- ren that come from broken homes. Each mem- ber donates one hour per week. Co-sponsor- ship of the Military Ball is the major social actlvity. SEATED, lgfl to right: P. Taylor, Execu- tive Officer, G. Mease, Commander, S. Gildersleeve, Administrative Officer. STANDING: W. Pile, Drill Team Cum- manderg S. Spong, Social Chairman, nl. McCoy, Pledge Trainer, G. Huber, Comptrollerg Moir, Information Officer. .47 ., to eie 4. 1- ,K , , .. awww. ,..,t O Y Q. An HJ Q -V 1 W Tk i ' ' ,F tg as. C6 22 fe ,fx QFD. 5' ,th Tgy-ES QV Miss Nass and Major Hegland page through the Arnold Air Letter. SEATED, lqft to righhj. Rice, L. Peterson, L. Hayes, C. Adam. STANDING: S. Lawonn, G. Taylor, D. Vinje, C. Buhr, B. Holes, S. Fossum. A GEL FLIGHT Angel Flight is a society of women students selected on leadership and scholarship. Sponsored by the Arnold Air Society, they are easily recognized in their Air Force blue uniforms. The Lutheran Welfare Home was their service project for the year. Other activi- ties included helping with Homecoming, Commissioning, Military Ball, Sharviar tours, and the Officer's Tea. 373 .VY K N 9 t We s . H' 1 N STANDING, Ifffk Io riglzl: M. Schwinder, D. Wzilclerzi. B. Moos, Clark. .Q N R L 9 0 ' K vs . at 3 5 Fig fe if '-.yn ,s, ' .Q X XXL.: Q b A L1 Left In right: L. Ranum, Treasurer: K. Birsk, Vice President: R. Branvold, President: R. Kueller, Secretary. SSGCIATIO OF U ITED TATE RMY The Association of United States Army is composed of Army ROTC Cadets. Drill teams perform at various university functions. Mem- bers also take part in rifle and pistol Competi- tions. AUSA sponsors the women's auxiliary, Guidon. 1.1111 In right: B. Moos, R. Branvold, Major Perry, Advisor. Vx. J. VX 'SW 374 ROW I, lgfi to right: T. Bergeml. Reedul. Roden, M. Borstad, C. Anderson, D. Lund, M. Ander- son,LI. Clasroe. ROW2: M. Holland, K. Dietrich, E. Wahl, T. Miler. SEATED, Izffl lo righl: C. Kemp, K. Dinusson, K. Causemil. STANDING: K. Platt, D. Krastins, Hagen, K. Callenbach, K. l.oberg. 'ts' 375 Lane Cunner, President ol' Guidon. GUIDO D The NDSU Company of Cuidon is a member of The National Society of Cuidon. This group co-sponsors the Military Ball. Commissioning and Wel- coming Teas are a few of their activi- ties. Membership is based on above- average scholarship and leadership. SIi.'1'l'IiD. lwft lo riglzlx Hall Captain D. Rumpel, Advisor: NI. Watson. S71-1.X'IJl.XY.,' S. Nlidgarclen, A. Ness, H, l.elancl,xI, Ostrem, D. Rude. A Aanderud, Richie L. CAS 25Jamestown 114, 320 Aanrud,Jim O. CAG 35 Balfour 114, 225, 321 Aardahl,VernonJ.CEN 15 Lisbon 244,342. Aarnes, Hale, Ea'. D. Fargo 57 Abbott, Gary D. CPH 25 Kimball, Minn. 135 Abbott,Jean O. CAS 15 Dawson 150 Abbott, Robert M. CPH 45 Kimball, Minn. 1 14, 271 Abrahamson, Mary A. CHE 15 Bowman 311, 314 Abramovic, Michael R. CAS 25 Chicago, Ill. 219 Adam, Carol J. CAS 25 Fargo 135, 250, 263, 293,373 Adolph, Allan J. CEN 35 Goodlands, Can. 114,285 Agnew, Thomas CAG 25 Menoken 114, 283,317 AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS CLUB 315 AGRONOMY CLUB 318 Ahlberg, Jerome K. CAS 35 Leeds 62, 236, 283 Ahneman, Michael CAS 15 Eau Claire, Wisc. 219 Aho, G1ennJ.CPH 25 Stanely 270 Airheart, Bruce E. CAS 35 Fargo 210, 213, 215, 216, 217, 234, 235 Albrecht, Herbert R. Ph D. Fargo 27, 167, 189, 203,206 Alfson, Loren B. CEN 45 Binford 327 Alm, Norma L. CAS 15 Page 150, 243 Alm, Thomas A. CAS 45 Fargo 62, 356 ALPHA EPSILON 302 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 252 ALPHA GAMMA RHO 254 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA 295 ALPHA PHI OMEGA 308 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 256 ALPHA ZETA 303 Altringer, Louis M. CAG 15 Fargo 260 Alveshere, Loren C. CAG 35 Harvey 114 Amann, James B. CEN 45 Dazey 84, 285,326 Amann, Larry R. CAG 15 Egeland 150, 282 Ames, Caro1J. CHE 45 Clyde 99, 301 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF AERO- NAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTICS 325 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHI- TECTS 366 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICUL- TURAL ENGINEERS 328 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL EN- GINEERS 327 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRI- AL ENGINEERS 332 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 331 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSO- CIATION 311 Amundson, Orland O. CPH 35 Temvik 114, 271, 311 Arnlund, Curtis A., Ph. D. Fargo 52 Anderson, Albert W., M. S, Fargo 83 Anderson, Allan J. CAG 25 Sebeka, Minn. 260, 316, 319, 280 Anderson, Anson G. CEN 25 Fargo 330 Anderson, ArlanJ. CAS 4562, 281 Anderson, Bernard H. CEN 25 Moorhead, Minn. 135, 325 Anderson, Clyford O., M. S. Fargo 83 Anderson, Bruce CAS 35 62, 344, 345 Anderson, Carol CHE 35 Oakes 114, 301, 375 Anderson, Clfford O., M.S. Fargo 83 Anderson, Dale O. Ph. D. Fargo 36 Anderson, Dan CCH 15 Glenburn 258 Anderson, Daryl CAS 15 Fargo 274 Anderson, Dennis CAS 45 Hawley, Minn. 62, 114, 242, 304 Dennis CEN 35 Marion Anderson, Anderson, Dennis CEN 25 Wilton Anderson, Donald, M. S . Fargo 5' 6 Anderson, Donald CEN 15 Fargo 256 279 274 Anderson, Edward A. CAS 25 Barnesville, Minn. 240 Anderson, Ernest, B. Fargo 82 Anderson, Gail CHE 45 New Town 99, 365 Anderson, R. Harry CAG 35 Minnewaukan 235 Anderson, Howa.rdCPH 25 Turtle Lake 363 Anderson,James CAS 15 Fargo 321 Anderson, Jane CCH15 Fargo 262, Anderson, A. Jeanette CPH 35 Turtle 311 Anderson,JoAnn CAS 45 Walcott 62, 263 323, 365 Lake Anderson,Judith CAS 15 Fargo 262, 276, 364 Anderson, Judith M. CAS 15 Fargo 262 Anderson, Kenneth CAG 35 Midwest, Wyom- ing 356 Anderson, Lawrence CEN 45 Oakes 324, 329 Anderson, Lester CAG 45 Gardner 44, 320 Anderson, Lloyd CEN 15 Arnegard 150, 219, 328 Anderson, Luella CAS 15 Ray 150 Anderson, Marc CAG 15 Rosemount, Minn. 320 Anderson, Marcia G. CAS 35 Fargo 253 Anderson, Marcia J. CAS 25 Fargo 375 Anderson, Maxine Fargo 58 Anderson, Richard CAG 35 Neche 44, 255, 323 Anderson, Richard CAG 15 Minot 254 Anderson, Robert CPH 15 Fargo 163, 270 Anderson, Robert CEN 25 Fargo 135, 257, 326 Anderson, Ronald CEN 5 Verona 114, 285, 350 Anderson, Sandra CHE 35 Fargo 49, 264 Anderson, Shirley CHE 15 Moorhead, Minn. 150 Anderson, Susan CAS 15 Hitterdal, Minn. 230, 342 Anderson, Verlin CEN 35 Mound, Minn. 114, 226, 229, 230, 281, 349 Anderson, Virginia CHE 25 Northwood 135 Anderson, Wayne CAG 15 Gladstone 150 Andreson, James CAG 15 Norwich 254 Andrews, Myron, D. V. M. 43 ANGEL FLIGHT 373 Anhorn, John CEN 25 Fessenden 80, 344 Annen, Ronald CCH 15 Brainerd, Minn. 282, 150, 338 Anstett, Carol CAS 45 Fargo 62, 263, 290, 292, 295, 356 Appert,Joseph CAS 15 Bismarck 135 Arena, Frank, Ph. D. 59 Arsmtrong, Linda CHE 25 Hallock, Minn. 135 Arneson, Alvin CPH 35 Williston 114, 275 Arneson, Charles CEN 25 Bismarck 280 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 372 Arthur, Myrna CHE 15 Rugby 150, 313, 342 Arzdorf, Colleen CHE 45 Fargo 99 Askegaard, Lorisann CHE 15 Mh'd., Minn. 272 Askew, Mary CPH 25 Bismarck 135, 267 Asper, Roger CPH 15 Austin, Minn. 114 ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY 374 Augspurger, Pamela CCH 75 Jamestown 352 Autl, Geraldine CHE 25 Cavalier 313, 360, 363 Austin, William CAG 45 Baker, Minn. 44, 178, 186, 255,307,323 377 Avery, Nancy CAS 35 Fargo 114, 264 Avery, Sara CPH 45 Fargo 114, 268, 300, 310 Axtman,Joan CAS 45 Balta 72, 188, 290, 292, 295, 307 Aydinalp, Turkay CEN 25 Istanbul, Turkey 135 Ayotade, Kolawole CAG 35 Ibadan, Nigeria 294 B Backer,Judy A. CAS 45 Fargo 62 Backhaus, Richard G. CAS 25 Linton 135 Baesler, David M. CAS 25 New Leipzig 135 Baesler, Dennis H. CAG 45 New Leipzig 44 Bahma, Shirley A. CAS 15 Cathay 150 Baker, Michelle R. CAS 25 Cooperstown 135 Baker, RonaldJ. CAS 15 Fargo 280 Bakken, David R. CAG 25 Minot 135, 255, 319 322 Bakken, George S. CCH 45 Fargo 78, 290, 294, 358 Bakken, Marlow A. CEN 35 Velva 155 Bakken, Stewart E., M. S. Fargo 83 Bakken, Winnifred G. CAS 15 Northwood 334 Bakkum, Pamela K. CAS 15 Hillsboro 262, 353 Bale,Jane L. CHE 15 Fargo 150, 262, 313,364 Ballantyne, Carolyn K. CHE 45 Westhope 99, 265 Banasik, Oruillejames, M. S. Fargo 40 Bancrofe, Franklin H., B. A. Fargo 246 Banerji, Anupam, B, Arch. Fargo 82 Baranko, Rudolph CAS 25 Belfield 210 Bardal, Eugene A. CEN 45 Starbuck, Minn. 1 15, 283, 326 Barner, Michael W. CEN 35 Fargo 115, 178, 275,344 Barnhardt, Raymond CAS 45 Center 62, 184, 251, 274, 291, 294 Barsness, Donald R. CEN 55 Minot 84, 320, 336 Barsness, Clefford O. CCT 65 Fergus Falls, Minn, 259 Barta, Kathleen A. CAS 45 Steele 62, 253,353 Bartch, Bruce L. CAS 45 Rock Lake 62, 370 Barthel, Daniel L. CEN 45 Hazen 294, 296, 298, 334 Bartley, Elizabeth A. CAS 45 Hettinger 62, 172, 370 Bartow, Mrs. josephine, Ed. D. Fargo 97 Bartsch, Duane R. CEN 45 Rugby 84, 275, 298 Basaraba, Jerome A. CAS 35 Belfield 62 Bassingthwaite, James A. CEN 25 Sarles, 135, 254 Bateman, Simeon D. CAS 15 150, 163, 274, 344, 345, Fargo Bauer, Armand, Ph.D. Fargo 42 Bauer, Walter E. CEN 45 McC1usky 84, 257, 331 Baumann, Walter E. CEN 45 Wahpeton 84, 325 Bautz,Juel M. CAG 15 New England 150,319 Beaton, Michael F. CAS 25 Fargo 115, 281 Beaton, Perry T. CEN 15 West Fargo 280 BEAUX-ARTS BALL 173 Beaver, Jack L. CEN 25 Stirum 135, 258 Beck, Lyle D., M. S. Fargo 40 Becker, Jo Dell CHE 25 Napoleon 135, 252 Becker, Larry I.. CEN 25 Haynes 136 Becker, Paulette M. CAS 45 Bismarck 63 Beckman, Earl L. CPH 35 Ypsilanti 115 Beckner, Robert L. CAG 35 Washtucna, Wash. 44, 259, 236, 322 Italics: Faculty, Administration and Staff Beeks, Donald R. CEN 25 Washburn 115 Beggs, Bryan E. CEN 15 janestown 258 Bell, Arden W. CAG 35 Fordville 115, 255, 321,322 Bell, Graydon W. CAS 45 Fargo 63 Belling, Patricia CPH 35 Fargo 115, 310, 364 Belmont, Michael W. 3AS 15 White Plains, N. Y. 219 Belter, Wesley R. CAG 25 Leonard 353 Belzer,jane C. CAS 45 Cando 63 Bennett, Kiln E. CHE 15 Towner 245 Benson, Albert Peter, Ph. D. Fargo 42 Benson, Diane R. CHE 45 Maddock 99 Benson, Gary CAS 35 St. joseph, Michigan 210 Benson, Marion C., M. S. Fargo 97 Bentson, Ben C., M. S. Fargo 53, 226 Berdahl, john D. CAG 45 Grafton 188, 261, 290, 303, 307, 319 Berg, Clark S. CEN 25 Van Nuys, Calif. 283, 328 Berg, Clifford W. CEN 35 Hoople 115, 255 Berg, Gerlad O. CAS 45 Egeland 63, 283 Berg,,Glenda M. CHE 15 Edinburg 150, 313, 342 Berg, jerry D. CEN 45 Minot 285, Berg, R. Keith CAG 45 Grand Forks 27, 44, Bina, Clarence A., B. S. Fargo 57 Binde, .Arvid E. CAG 45 Corinth 320 Binek, Paul S. CEN 45 Dickinson 84, 285, 325 Binek, Sandra L. CHE 25 Dickinson 313 Bird, Robert A. CEN 25 Halstad, Minn. 136, 283 Biren, Edward CAS 45 Fargo 63, 290 Birkmaier, George A. CPH 35 Minot 116, 271 Birrer, Michael F. CEN 15 Billings, Mont, 151, 342 Birst, Kenneth E. CEN 45 Mercer 84,326,374 BISON ANNUAL 364 Bissonnette, Howard L., Ph. D. Fargo 42 318 Berg, Marcus R. CAG 35 Cyrus, Minn. 115, 317 Berg, Mikej. CPH 55 Minot 109, 271 Berg, Nancy A. CAS 15 McClusky 150 Berg, Robert P. CAS 15 Rugby 151, 274 Berg, Roger G. CPH 35 Walhalla 115, 271 Berg, Ronald M. CEN 25 Rugby 44, 136 Bergan, john E. CEN 15 Dunn Center 260 Bergan, Kandace K. CAS 25 New Town 175, 183, 250, 348 l Bittner, Don E., SlSgt., U. S. A. F. Fargo 56 Bjella, Gary N. CAS 45 Crosby 78, 285 Bjorklund, Stephen E. CAS 35 Bismarck, 309 Bjorlie, Wayne E. CAS 25 Fargo 328 Bjornhoft, john E. CEN 45 84, 188, 290, 296, 298, 324, 335, 369 Black, judith E. CAG 35 Grace City 116 Blain, Edward S. CEN 35 Minot 331 Blasl, Ester Rornona, B.S. Fargo 77 Blees, Terry L. CEN 35 Bowman 116, 283 Blegan, Howard O. CAS 15 Churches Ferry 136 B1i1ie,jacque1yn L. CHE 15 Wlalcott 151, 312 Blom, Stanley CAG 15 Kathryn 258, 320 Blomberg, Douglas R. CPH 25 St. Paul, Minn. 369 BLUE KEY 291 Blumhardt, Donna L. CHE 35 Kulm 116, 301, 303, 359 Blumhardt, Eugene H. CPH 25 Elgin 136 Boardman, Donald L. CAG 45 Dunseith 314 Bock, Ronald C. CAG 15 Amidon 151, 319 Bockwoldt, judith E. CAS 35 Lamoure 116 Bodmer, Paul H. CAS 45 Kenmare 63, 251, 257, 291,304,342 Boekle, jerome C. CPH 55 Hankinson 109 Bergan, Ronald O. CAG 45 Dunn Center 261 Berge, Gretrude CHE 35 Hatton 115, 375 Bergemann, Eileen K, CHE 15 Lisbon 268 Bergeson, David CAG 35 Twin Valley, Minn. 260, 261 Berglund, Roger Norris CAG 45 Sheyenne 44, 283, 303, 307, 319 Bergman, Carl E. CAS 45 Kenmare 63, 257 Bergman, jerald VV. CAG 35 Langdon 115, I165, 255. 294, 303 Bergman, Robert W. CEN 45 Cayuga 84, 330 Bergquist, William E. CEN 65 Washburn 84, 275,334 Bergsgaard, Rachel A. CHE 15 Maddock 313 Bergstrom, Gary M. CAG 35 Trenton 115, 257 Berkey, john Wolf CAS 35 Fargo 184, 187 Bernard, Florence B. CHE 35 Trolley 115, 301,312 Bernardy, Robert L. CAG 45 Fargo 44, 277 Bernauer, David W. CPH 35 Wadena, Minn. 115,251,271,291,311 Bernhoft, Franklin O. CAS 35 Fargo 115, 184, 275, 309, 344, 345 Berreth, Gary L. CEN 35 Burt 115, 285, 326 Berreth, Peggyj. CAS 15 Fargo 268, 348, 352 Bertram, Bernard CAS 35 Barnesville, Minn. 235, 349 Bertram, William E. CAG 25 Valley City 136 Betlach, Richard B. CAS 35 Bismarck 116 Beyer, Marcia M. CHE 25 Makoti 136, 312 Beyer, Merle G. CPH 35 Fargo 272 Bhatti, Waqar Hamid, Ph. D. Fargo 107 Biccum, Ken A. CEN 45 Winnipeg, Can 116, 333 Bigelow, Ellen A. CHE 45 Center 99, 264 Bigelow, Kurt L. CAS 25 Center 116, 285 Bilden, Peter CPH 15 Northwood 151 Billing, David CAG l5'Ender1in 151, 258 Billing, Mary Beth,.CAS 45 Enderlin 63, 188, 307,344,364 Billman, William D. CPH 35 Sioux Falls, S.D. 109, 271 Boeshans, Wayne VV. CAG 15 Beulah Bohnenblust, erald R. CAS 35 358 251 .1 Bohnet, Thomas CAS 35 Fargo 116, 281 Boland, Patrick P. CAS 15 Winona, Minn. 219 Bolin,FonsoeiV1., D.V.M. Fargo 39 Bolin, 1WargarelK.,iW. S. Fargo 43 Boll, Ronald CAS 45 West Fargo 63, 257 Bollingberg, Byron, CAS 35 Bremen, 44, 255, 330 Bondulohn A., Ph.D., Fargo 52 Bonnema, Lois C., M. A., Fargo 60 Borland, Larry CAG 45 Lakota, 44, 286, 319 Bornsen, Clarence CEN 25 lnkster, 325 Borstad, Marie, CHE 35, Fort Totten, 375 Borstad, Myles, CAS 15 Burlington, 136, 257 Borud, Linda, CHE 15 Galesburg, 151 Bosch, jerome, CEN 45, Linton, 84, 326 Boychuk, jean, CHE 45, Hallock, Minn, 99 Boyer, Annette, CAS 25, Barney, 136 Bouko, Llewellyn, CAG 15, Ruso, 136, 323 Boyle, Hugh C., Ph. D., Fargo, 52 Braaten, Sharon, CHE 15, Kindred, 151, 313 Brackin, john, CEN 35, Lidgerwood, 330 Brademeyer, Kathleen, CAS 45, Oakes, 63, 183,344,345 Brahma, Suresh P., Fargo, 82 Brakel, Henrietta, CHE 35, Hrudsfield, 116, 313 Brand, jo Carol, CHE 25, Taylor, 116, 253 Brandenburger, Dave, CEN 25, Kulm, 136, 258 Brandhagen, Mona CAS 35, Fargo, 116, 263, 344,345 Brandrud, Burton B, B.S.C., Fargo, 22 Brandvold, Rodger, CPH 45, Fargo, 374 Brach, Boyd, CEN 35, Cogswell, 342 Bratland, Robert, CAG 35, Bismarck, 315 Braucher, jim, CEN 35, Minot, 84, 286, 326 Brauckmul1er,judith, CHE 35, Gardner, 116, 253 Braxmier, Nancy, CHE 15, Mandan, 151 Bredahl, Maury, CAG 35, Minot, 303, 307, '319 378 Bredwick, Linda, CHE 15, Arnegard, 151, 248, 312, 314 Breene, Kenneth CEN 45, Bismarck, 85, 257, 350 Breider, Tim CEN 45 Fessenden 334, 335 Breiland, Gene CEN 25 Halstad, Minn. 325 Breker, Deeanne CAS 15 Havana 151 Brekke, Samuel CAS 25 Fargo 358 Brekke, Steven CAS 15 Devils Lake 256 Brend, Leroy CPH 25 Mohall 116, 270 Brendamuhl, Elaine CHE 35 Glyndon, Minn. 99, 313 Brenden, Cherre CAS 35 Fargo 116, 252, 352 Brenna, Owen CAG 35 Keene 116, 251, 255 Breuer, Alvin CAS 35 Wyndmere 226, 236, 349 Breyer, Robert CPH 45 Fessenden 1 16 Brickner, Anita CAS 15 Carrington 151 Brickner, Charles CAS 45 Carrington 63 Bring, Curtis CAS 45 Galesburg 63 Broberg,joel, Ph. D. Fargo 76 Brogger,jean CAS 25 Williston 136 Brogger, Kaye CHE 45 Williston 355 Brommenschenkel, CAG 35 Hendrum, Minn. 116 Brooks, William CAS 15 Langdon 151, 276 Brophy,john Ph. D. Fargo 51 Broschat, Kay CPH 15 Minot 342 Broten, Robert CPH 25 Hannaford 136, 257 Brown, David CAS 15 Winnipeg, Canada 257 Brown, David L. CEN 25 Goodridge, Minn. 136 Browning, Fred CAG 45 Anamoose 44, 169, 283 Brubakken, Richard CAG 15 Hoople 116, 255,322 B ruegger, Ruth B . S . Fargo 301 Brunnemeyer, Linda CAS 35 Rock Lake 117 Brunner, Mary CHE 25 Streeter 136, 312 Brustuen, Robert CAS 45 Buffalo 63 285 Brusven, Sharon CHE 45 Fargo 99, 267 Bryant, janice CHE 45 Powers Lake 99 Bryant, Reece, Ph. D. Fargo 39, 42 Buehanan, Marion, M. S. Glyndon, Minn. 39 Bucliholz, Alfred CAS 25 Casselton 136 Buchholz, Kenneth CAG 25 Fingal 282 Buckey,james CAS 25 Adrian 294 Budewig, F. Caroline, Ed. D. Fargo 96 Buerkle, Lyle CAS 45 Kulm 64, 285, 307 Buhr, Connie CAS 35 Buffalo 117, 267, 365, 373 Bunce, Gary CAS 35 Harvey 236 Burckhard, james CEN 25 Devils Lake 220, 235 Burda, Patricia CAS 15 Fargo 268 Buresh, Marcella CAS 45 Cleveland 64, 72, 336 Buresh, Randolph CAS 25 Dickinson 136, 275 Burger, Kenneth CEN 35 Glen Ullin 117, 259, 372 Burgess, Robert, Ph D. Fargo 51 Burley, Sandra CHE 35 Fargo 340 Burnett, Wm. CAG 45 Cummings 44, 251, 284,291,372 Burroughs, james CAG 45 Fullerton 44, 255, 322 4 Burtness,james CPH 55 Fargo 109 Busek, joseph CAS 45 Fargo 64, 309, 372 Bushey, Bruce CEN 15 Fargo 151 Bushko, Andrew, M. A. Fargo I 78 Buss, Alvin CPH 35 Aitkin, Minn. 117, 226 Butehbaker, Allen, Ph. D. Fargo 37 Butler, Robert M. S. Fargo 82 Butts, Alan CAG 25 Carrington 136, 283, 353 Bye, David CAG 25 Barton 136, 277 Bymers, Norma CHE 35 Southam 117 C Cabral, Frank CAS 45 Fargo 64, 290, 307 Italics: Faculty, Administration and Staff Caine, Marvin CCH 33 New Rockford 363 Callenbaeh,john Ph, D. Fargo 35, 41 Callenbach, Kristine CAS 23 Fargo 137, 265, 293, 295, 305, 306, 342,375 Campbel1,james CAS 23 Stirum 117 Cann, Donna CHE 33 Hibbing, Minn. 264 Cann, Steven CAS 13 Fargo 137, 281 Canning, Tim CEN 43 Fargo 186, 29l,296, 186 309, 365 Caplan, Sheldon CAS 13 Fargo 280 Carlson, Arthur CEN 13 Mandan 151, 369 Carlson, Curtis CAS 33 Parshall 117, 372 Carlson, Douglas CPH 33 Cohasset, Minn. 117,311 Carlson, Eleanor CHE 33 Crosby 301, 312 Carlson, james CAS 23 Minneapolis, Minn. 210 Carlson, Miriam CHE 13 Moorhead, Minn. 151 Carlson, Paul CPH 33 Oakes 117, 271 Carlson, Ronald CAG 43 Stephen, Minn. 45, 186, 283, 290 Carmody, Michael CEN 13 Carrington 370 Carter,jack Ph. D. Fargo 38 Carter, Susan CAS 13 Minot 151 Casavant, Conrad CAS 23 Thorne 137 Casavant, Ken CAG 43 Thorne 45, 351 Cassel,j. Frank, Ph. D. Fargo 51 Castlernan, Cordell, B. S. Fargo 81 Cater, A. Catherine, Ph. D. Moorhead, Minn. 58, CIRCLE K. CLUB 309 Cecil, Alan CAG 13 Reisterstown, Maryland 151 Challey, Myrtle, B. S. Fargo 97 Challey, Robert CCH 23 Fargo 137, 168, 186, 275, 338, 342 CHEMISTRY CLUB 338 Chesak, Douglas CEN 33 Bismarck 327 Cheziek, Fred, B. Arch. Nloorhead, Minn. 82 Chihos,joseph CEN 43 Browerville, Minn. 85, 334 Christianson, Douglas CCH 13 Crosby 256 Christensen, LindaCCH 43 Westbrook, Maine 78,338 Christianson, Richard CEN 43 Fargo 85, 330 Christie, Charles CAS 13 Devils Lake 256 Christman, Quentin CAG 43 Lemmon, S. Dak. 45, 319 Christman, Robert CAG 23 Lemmon, S. Dak. 1 17, 259 Christopherson, C. M. CHE 33 Wildrose 117, 359, 363 Christopherson, john CEN 23 Edinburg 137, 294,360 Ciavarella, Mava CAS 33 Mandan 117, 366, 367 Cichy, Catherine CAS 13 Fargo 268 Cichy, Michael CAS 23 Fargo 117, 210, 215, 281 C1airmont,joan CHE 13 Fargo 252 Clapp, Edwin, M. S. Fargo 54 Clarey Bro.,-james CAS 63 Fargo 374 Clark,jayne CAS 23 Lakota 137 Clark, john CAS 33 St. Paul, Minn. 219, 233 Clark, Rita CPH 33 117, 311 Claussen, Kenneth CAG 63 Watertown, Wis- consin 313 Clemenson, janice CHE 13 Hoople 151 Clement, Patrick CAS 23 Erskine, Minn. 280 Clementson, jon CAG 23 Erskine, Minn. 280 Cline, Shirley CHE 13 Minnewaukan 151, 313 Clyne, Gerald CAS 33 Fargo 64, 347, 350 Cochran, Michael CPH 13 Grand Rapids, Minn. 274 Colberg, Wayr1e,lVI. S. Fargo 41 Colebank, jonathan CAS 33 Litchville 117, 219 Colehour,james CAS 13 Fargo 271 Colehour, jeff CPH 53 Fargo 109, 219 Coleman, David CAS 13 Fargo 64 Coleman, judi CHE 43Bismarck 100, 263 Collins, Charles NI. S. Fargo 81 Collins, David CCH 13 Fargo 338 Collins, William CAS 13 Fargo 137, 256 Colquhoun, Thomas CEN 33 Warford City 333 Cornita, Gabriel, Ph. D. Cargo 51 Comstock, Charles CCH 23 Ellendale 137,344 Conaway, Steven CEN 33 Minot 117, 275 CONCERT CHOIR 344, 345 Condit, Donald CAG 23 Souris 137, 323, 342 Conklin, Arlene CHE 23 Garrison 137 Conner, Vance CAS 13 Minot 210 Converse, james CEN 63 Merrifield, Minn. 302 Cook, Lowell CAG 33 Glyndon, Minn. 117, 226, 230, 254, 349 Cook, Robert CAG 23 Hazen 323 Cook, Thomas CAG 23 Hazen 113, 257, 323 Cook, Timothy CPH 43 Mohall 117, 271 Cook, W. Roy, M. S. Fargo 52 CO-OP 258 Cooper, james CEN 43 Brampton 85, 327 Corliss, Ronald, B. S. West Fargo 32A Cornelius, Dennis CCH 23 Fargo 294, 338 Corwin, William CAS 13 Fargo 137, 281 Cote, David CEN 43 Fargo 85, 298, 299, 336 Cox, Rex, Ph. D, Fargo 36 Cozort, Susan CAS 33 Fargo 1 18 Craft, john CEN 23 Spiritwood 137, 275 Crahan, Barbara CPH 13 Fargo 266, 359 Cram, Robert CAS 43 Bismarck 64, 240, 240A 275, 349 Crawford, Gerry CEN 33 Mohall 118, 325 Cressey, Dawn CHE 23 Hankinson 267 Cressey, Diane CAS 23 Hankinson 137, 267 Croal, Mrs. Clara M. M. Fargo 61 Crom, Robert, M,S. Fargo 30, 339 Cross, Thomas CAG 23 Staples, Minn. 137, 317 Crossen, john CEN 23 Madison, Minn. 137, 342 Cuadrado, Manuel CEN 13 San Haven 137 Culp, Florie CHE 33 Campbell, Minn. 100 Cuprak, Peter CAS 43 Watford City 64 Curtis David CAS 13 Fargo 280 D Davenport, Thomas R. CAS 13 Bismarck 137 Davidson, Norman W. CAS 33 Fargo 118 Davis, Gary L. CEM 23 Lake Park, Minn. 137, 279 Davis, Sharon M. CAS 13 151 Dawkins, Donald L. CEN 43 Valley City 85, 334 Dean, Marilyn L. CHE 43 LaMoure 100, 313, 365 Dean, George B., B. S. Fargo 55 Decker, judith M. CHE 33 Bellield 118 Deegan, Denby M. CEN 53 Garrison 85, 336 Degen, Kathy L. CAS 43 Bismarck 64, 188, 397, 347, 352 Delaney, janet K. CAS 13 Larimore 151 Delapointe, Pat B. CPH 53 Fargo 109, 118, 310 Delzer, David C. CEN 43 Douglas 363 Dentz, Mary A. CAS 33 Mahnomen, Minn. 1 18 Deplazes, Linda M. CHE 33 York 118, 312 d'Errieo, Thomas R., M.S. Fargo 82,326,327 Dharia, Sudhir R. CEN 63 Bombay, India 333 Dietrich, Karen K. CAS 33 Cavalier 118, 165, 264, 295, 306, 307, 375 Dil1and,john O. CAG 23 Tioga 138, 258, 320, 322 Dinusson, Kristine F. CAS 23 Fargo 138, 265, 375 Dinusson, William E. Ph D. Fargo 294 Discher, jack H. CAS 23 Fargo 233, 349 Disrud, Carol A. CHE 13 Rolla 152 Disrud, Roger G. CEN 33 Rolla 1 18, 259, Disrud, Ronald O. CEN 33 118, 259, Dobervich, Paul D. CEN 13 Fargo 280 Dobson, joseph C. CEN 33 Williston 1 18, 329 329 3 6 3 Dockter, Vernon CAS 43 Streeter 307 Dodge, Diane L. CHE 43jamestown Dodge, Patrica K. CAS 43 Fargo 64, 164, 186, 188, 264, 265, 306, 314,359 Dodge, Robert V. CAS 23 Fargo 294, 358 Doeling, Connie L. CHE 23 Enderlin 138 Doerksen, jim K. CEN 33 St. Vital, Can 85, 3 26 Doerr, Lawrenre O., M. S . Fargo 298 . t Doerr, Sandra A. CHE 13 Tappen 152, 312 Dogger,james R., Ph D. Fargo 41 Dolve, Winston, B. S. Fargo 37 Donahue, Virginia A. CCH 23 Fargo 138 Donovan, Michael CAS 13 Hazen 232, 156 Dormanen, Dean L. CAS 23 Fargo 118, 222, Dahl, Delores A. CHE 23 Arnegard 312 Dahl, Dennis A. CEN 33 Cooperstown 372 Dahl, Larry A. CAS 33 Cogswell 314 Dahl, Raymond T. CEN 63 Wlest Fargo 372 Dahle, David CAG 23 Montpelier 137 Dahle, Ottis N. CEN 43 Fargo 85, 333, 308 Dahle, Richard E. CEN 23 Fargo 257 Dahlgren, Charles, B. S. Fargo 81 349 Doth, Lawrence R., CEN 43 Fargo 85, 286, 331,371 Doubly,Hohn A.,M.S.Fargo39 Drake, Roberta CHE 23 Larimore 138, 242, 253, 293 Drege, john S. CAG 33 3ugby 118, 258, 318, 320 Dresher, Particia A. CAS 13 Bloomington 139 969 .-, Dahm, Dolores A. Fargo 53 Dahm, Robert F. CAS 43 Fargo 64, 240, 240A Dalbak, Verlvn M. CEN 43 jamestown 85, 231 277 -. ,- Daley, William, A. CAG 13 Grafton 154 Dallmann, janice E. CPH 13 Edgeley 344 Dalman, Austin L. CN 23 Fargo 328 Dalsted, Norman L. CAG 13 Osnabrock 154 Damer, David L. CAS 13 Fargo 371 Daniels, Douglas M. CAG 33 Tintah, Minn. 321 Daniels, Kenneth L., M. S. Fargo 59 Danielson, Barbara CAS 33 Fargo 64, 265 Danielson, Carl W. CEN 13 Wildrose 151 Danielson, Russell B. CAG 43 Valley City 261, 323 Darkenwald, Mary L. CHE 33 Wimbledon 118,301,307 Dathe, james H. CEN 33 LaMoure 118, 331, 340 Dau, Scott R. CAG 13 Orr 254, 322 379 Drewlow, Lyndon W. CAG 43 Breckenridge, lV1inn.45 DuCharme, Pierre L. CAS 33 Barnesville, Minn. 210, 213, 231, 236, 237, 337, 349 Dullum, Dennis L, CAG 43 Williston 45, 259 Dunkirk, jane M. CHE 13 Fargo 306, 344 Dunlop, james B. CAG 23 Rolla 248, 321 Dunlop, Robert G. CAS 23 Rolla 321, 325 Dunn, Bruce M. CEN 33 Deering 326 Durick, Marsha F. CHE 43 Columbus 100 Durkin, Williamj., B. A. Fargo 35, 61 Dustrud, Larry L. CEN 53 Fargo 86 Dvorak, Robert C. CEN 43 Manning 326 Dykstra, Lana E. CPH 53 Minong, Wisc. 109, 31 1 E Eagleson, Richard A. CAG 23 Buchanan Fargo 118 Italics: Faculty, Administration and Staff Eastman, Patrick W. CEN 11 Bismarck 222 Eastvold, Darryl W. CAG 41 Mayville 45, 255 Eaton, William O. CAS 31 Sykeston 1 18 Ebel, Richard CEN 11Jamestown 152 Ebeling, Kenneth A. CEN41 Bemidji, Minn. 298 Ebeltoft, David Cf., M.S. Fargo 38 Eddington, Garnett M. CAS 11 Cavalier 152 Edelbrock, Sidney G. CEN 41 Center 86, 330 Edinger, Richard L. CAS 31 Cathay 119 Edison, Steven VV. CAS 41 Milnor 64 Edwards, Meryl D. CHE 11 Adrian 313 EDWIN BOOTH DRAMATIC CLUB Eggort, Jane, M. CAS 41 Mapleton 65, 268 Eggl, DonaldJ. CEN 21 138 Eichhorst, Dale VV. CEN 41 Medora 86 Eichhorst, Virginia L. CHE 11 Medora 152 Eidem, Sharon K. CAS 41 Huntington, GH, Calif. 65, 263 Eidsvig, Douglas H. CAG 21 Kathryn 119, 259 313, 315 Eisenbeis, Betty Lou CHE 21 Beulah 313 Eisenhardt, Gale K. CAS 11 Kelso 266 Ekblad, Robert L. CCH 21 Riverdale 138 Ekstrand, Karl O. CEN 21 Toledo, Ohio 244 Fland, Calvin C., Erl.D. iwoorhearl, Minn. 57 Elhard, Eugene A. CAS 11 Alfred 362 Eliason, Dennis O. CEN 21 Coulee 138, 259 Ellenson, Janet, F. CHE 11 Gardner 152, 266 Ellich, ThomasJ. CEN 31 Hibbing, Minn. 119, 284 Ellingrud, Raymond E. CPH 31 Rugby 119, 236, 283, 332 Ellingson, Eugene A. CEN 41 DeGraff, Minn. 297, 298, 332 Ellingson, Rachel A. CAS 11 Heimdal 152 Elliott, Albert L. CAG 21 Galesburg 323 Elliott, Rir' hard Lee, BD. Fargo 61, 354 Emery, Dawn G. CAS 21 Valley City 138 Enderle, Cathleen CHE 31 Jamestown 1 19, 273, 31 Engberg, 3 Kathy A. CAS 21 Crosby 138, 364 ngel, Ralph, M .A . Fargo 5 7 ENGINEERING COUNCIL Englert. Ann L. CEN 31 Valley City 119, 265, 336 English, Gene R. CEN 41 Fargo 86 Engstrom, Dennis L. CAS 11 Fargo 274 Engstrom, Jerome A. CAS 21 Fargo 119, 275 Engstrom, Larry l.. CAS 11 Carrington 282 Engstrom, Mary CHE 21 Portal 138, 313 Enloe, Willis S. CEN 41 Bowman 86 Enockson, Dwight O. CAG 31 Washburn 119, 261, 304, 361 EPISGOPAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Ercolani, Robert R. CAS 11 Hartsdale, N. Y. 219 Eresan, Jean A. CHE 31 Devils Lake 100 Erharzlt, Ronald P., M.S. Fargo 53, 218 Erickson, Carmen R. CAG 21 Michigan 119, 255 Erickson, Dennis K. CEN 11 Kindred 152 Erickson, Duane 0. M.S. Nloorhead Minn. 39 Erickson, James B. CCH 41 Fargo 78, 188, 275 Erickson, John R. CAG 61 Ellensburg, Wash. 309 Erickson, Kermit A. CAG 21 Kindred 319 Erickson, Leland E. CPH 31 Lake Bronson, Minn. 119 Erickson, Nancy F. CAS 41 Fargo 65 Erickson, Parl R. CAS 11 Moorhead, Minn. 219 Erickson, Roger W. CAG 21 Portland 138, 255 Erickson, Stanford G. CAG 31 Buzton 119, 259 Erickson, Stanley A. CAG 31 Crosby 45, 283 Erickson, Virginia J. CAG 11 Hensel 138, 254 Erickson, Wayne A. CEN 21 Stanley 284 Erlendson, Robert CAG 11 Hensel 138, 254 Eshom, Elna E. CAS 41 Fargo 65, 290 Estenson, Lionel K. CEN 21 Climax, Minn. 138,259,351 Estrem, Philip N. CPH 21 Battle Lake, Minn. 138 ETA KAPPA NU Euren, William A., M.M. Fargo 61, 304, .343 Eustire, David 1'h.D. Fargo 59 Evenson, Duane O. CAG 31 Climax, Minn. 315, 320 Evenson, Ronald N. CAS 21 Valley City 2F0, 218, 256 Evert, Charles A. CAG 21 Hickson 138, 232, 315 F Fabricius, Lee J., Fargo 38 Fandrieh, Adolph, Fargo, 363 Farbo, Denzil H., CAG 41, Cando, 45 Faris, Gary CAG 11 Bowman 315 FARMERS UNION LOCAL 320 FARMHOUSE FRATERNITY 260, 261 Faulk, Albert W. CEN 31 Fargo 372 Faalk, Melvin W., Col., U.S.A.F., Fa Faust Marv CAS 41 Fargo 65, 307 Fehr, Jon E. CEN 11 Manfred 152 Feigum, Thomas CAS 21 Fargo Feland, Ronald D. CEN 11 Antler 284 Felt, Doris CHE 11 Grafton 152, 272, 312 Femrite, Rodney L. CPH 41 Jamestown 119, 188, 238, 239, 271, 290, 310 Fenstad, Terry M. CEN 41 Fingal, 86, 275 Ferguson, Kathryn J. CHE 11 Carrington, 312 Fernbaugh, Louis G. CEN 41 Fargo 86, 331 Ferrell, Richard J., CPH 11 Grand Rapids, rgo 56 Minn. 274 Ferrin, Lynn P. CPH 31 Detroit Lakes, Minn. 168, 381 Ferris, Jeannette M. CAS 11 Lampman, Can. 152 Ferris,Jimee1 R. CPH 21 Lampman, Can. 138, 251, 271 Fiedler, Wesley H. CAG 21 Butte 139,281 Finck, Vernon E. CEN 31 Carson 119 Findley, Wilfred CEN 41 Fargo 86, 167, 169, 186,187, 199, 275, 291, 297, 332, 344, 345 Fink, Michael F., CEN 21 Minot 139, 221 Fischer, Floyd G. CAG 21 Berlin 119, 283 Fischer, Jerome D. CEN 41 Fargo 86 F isher, George R., M.S. Fargo Fitch, Robert M., Ph.D. Fargo 76 Fitterer, A. E. CEN 31 Mandan 336 Fitzgerald, Edward L. CAS 31 Fargo 240, 349 Fjeld, Duane A. CAG 11 Lake Park, Minn. 316 Field, Gary J. CEN 11 Lake Park, Minn. 316 Flaten, Ethel C., M.A. Fargo 97 Flath, Joan K. CHE 11 Garrison, 152, 312 Fleming, Charles F. CAG 21 Hamilton 139, 165, 226, 277 Fletcher, Kay E. CPH 41 Park Rapids, Minn. 119, 165, 186, 188, 263, 305 Flieder, Willa K. CPH 31 Canby, Minn. 119, 310, 364 Flor, Harold H., Ph.D., Fargo 42 Flynn, Merritt Nelson, A.M. Fargo 57 Forbes, Joseph P. CEN 41 Fargo 327 Ford, Rodney D. CAG 31 Hazen 319 Forde, Dale F. CAS 31 Minot 381 Forsgren, Richard G. CAS 31 Mayville 344 Forthun, Nleloin L., M.S. Moorhead, Minn. 83 Foss, Gary C., CAG 11 Rolette, 258 Foss, Stanley E., CAG 41 Thorne 45, 283 Fossen,Julian H. CCH 41 Heimdal 78 Fossen, William M. CPH 41 Wadena, Minn. 169 Fossum, Sandra H. CAS 31 Bismarck 119, 189, 250, 252, 307, 344, 373 Foster, A. Earl, PhD. Fargo 38 380 Foster, Douglas W., M.Areh., Moorhead, Minn. 82 4-H CLUB 314 Fowler. Jonathan P. CEN 31 Arthur 119, 281, 381 Fox, Marcia K. CHE 11 Minot 262, 312 Francis, Albert D., NLS. Fargo 83 Franek, Robert A. CAS 31 Mylo 65, 371 Franklin, Charles E. CEN 51 Vergas, Minn. 86 Franson, Alvin D. CEN 41 Kloten 86, 251, 278 290, 296, 298, 324,278 Franson, Kenneth D. CAS 31 Kloten 119 Franz,Jannet E. CAS 11Jamestown 152 Freeman, Harold B. CAS 31 Fargo 210 Freise, Sally CAS 21 New Salem 139, 340, 362 Fremstad,James R. CAS 11 Fargo French, Allan D. CPH 21 Fargo 210, 233 Frey,Janet F. CHE 21 Wheatland 199 Friedrichs, Cynthia CAS 41 Minot. 65, 264 Friese, Charles, NLS. Fargo 59 Frigen, Betty CAS 11 Milnor 152 Frissell, Robert CAS 31 Fargo 221, 349 Fritz, Connie CHE 81 Belfield 152 Froelich, Maureen CHE 41 Selfridge 100 Froemming, Kathleen CHE 21 Minot 305, 313 F rohberg, Rirhard, I'h.D. Fargo 3 8 Frye, Richard, CAG 61 Fargo 41 Fuehrer, Jim CAS 31 Jamestown 65 Fuglesten, Larry CAS 11 Fargo 284, 337 Fulghum, Robert, I'h.D. Fargo 39 Fanke, Berrlell, Ph.D. Fargo 39 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA 319 G Gada, Ramji CEN 61 Bombay, India 330 Gall, Renne CHE 21 Fargo 139, 267 Gallagher, David CEN 21 Jamestown 371 Gallagher, Sarah CAS 41 Fargo 65, 264 Galvin, Karen CAS 41 Fargo 65, 263 Gamble, Cheryl CHE LO Edgeley 153, 266, 313 GAMMA PHI BETA 262 Gamrath, Gerald CPH 41 Valley City 109, 271, 291, 300 Gangness, Janice CPH 31 Harwood 120, 295 Ganyo, Kenneth CEN 31 Grafton 371 Garaas, Judith CHE 41 Grenora 301, 307 Garvin, Edward CEN 41 Bismarck 87, 280 281 Gast, Ellsworth CPH 41 Breckenr' lge, Minn. 120 Gast, Richard CAS 21 Fargo 233 Gates, Michael CEN 11 Loraine 153, 254 Gates, Thomas CPH 31 Erie 271, 311 Gaugler, Gloria CHE 11 Fargo 344 Gausemel, Karen CHE 31 Drake 120, 268, 344,375 Gebhards, Eugene CAS 21 Peoria, Ill. 210, 285,349 Gebhart, John CAS 41 Ellendale 65 Geck, Tim CEN 11 Bismarck 139, 280 Geisler, Cheryl CAS 41 Fessenden 65 Geisler, Terry CEN 51 Hamberg 87 Gerling, Max CAS 21 Ellendale 139 Gerth, Kathleen CHE 11 Fargo 153, 312 Gette, Rodney CEN 11 Starkweather 256 Gienger, Linda CAS 21 Goodrich 139 Gilbert, William CEN 41 Warren, Minn. 87, 257, 280 Gilbertson, David CEN 31Gar1ield, Minn. 326 Gilbertson, Zelda CHE 11 Kindred 153, 312 Gildersleeve, Sara CAS 31 Fargo 20, 172, 175, 263, 373 Gilje, Twila CHE 21 Rolette 252 Gilles, Kenneth, Ph.D. Fargo 40 Gi1ham,Jean CHE 11 Forest River 153, 312 Gillund, Ronald CPH 31 Fargo 178 Italics: Faculty, Administration and Staff Gilmore, Tom KEN 35 Fargo 120, 222, 275 Gjovig, Russell KEN 25 Crosby 371 Glaisemann, Mark KEN 45 Bemidji, Minn. 332 Glarum, Susan KPH 15 Frederick 252 Glasoe, Curtis KCH 15 Wildrose 219, 256 Glasoe, Jeanne KAS 25 Wildrose 139, 250, 267, 293, 295, 375 Gleason, Merrill KPH 35 Linton 31 1 Glemming, Marvin KAG 15 Tower City 317 Glinz, Kathryn KAS 15 Eldridge 153 Glynn, Patrick KAS 25 Fullerton 139, 255, 322 Godman, Thomas KEN 35 Dickinson 372 Godwin, Robert, Maw. Fargo 61, 345 Goeman, Judith KPH 45 Fargo 290, 310 C-oertel, Michael KAS 25 Mandan 341 Goetz, Alla KEN 35 Halliday 325 Goetz, Bobby KPH 15 153, 232, 284 Goetz, Glenn KAS 25 Hazen 139, 275 Gokcen, Cengiz KEN 25 Ankara, Trky. 120 GOLD STAR BAND 342 Goodman, Bernard KAG 15 Milton 254, 322 Goodyear, Kenneth KEN 115 Fargo 280 Gorder, Kathleen KAS 45 Bismarck 65 Gorg, Roger KAS 35 St. Paul, Minn. 66 Gough, Franeis, I'h.D. Fargo 42 Grage, Richard KAG 35 Gardner 356 Grandlund, Julie KAS 25 Fargo 139 Grangaard, Cheryl KHE 25 Kindred 139, 295 Gratton, Margaret KHE 15 Kempton 313 Gratz, George KEN 45 Valley City 87, 324, 330 Graves, Harry, B .S. Fargo 41 Green, Joan KAS 45 Fargo 66, 264, 290, 295 Green Sharon KHE 35 Bantry 120 Greenheck, Don KEN 45 Fargo 87 Kfregoire, Beulah, M.Ed. Fargo 53, 346 Grewe, Fredrick KAG 25 Gibbon, Minn. 139 Gieve, Kay KAS 35 Buffalo 120,264,348,352, Griffin, Edward KEN 45 Fargo 87,290,296, 298 Griffin, Larry KAG 25 Mandan 139,153,260, 261,323 Grim, Leland KAS 35 Fargo 188,226,229 Grinney, Michael KAS 15 Fargo 153,222 Ggmfzinger, Marlo KEN 45 Fargo 87,297,324, ' 1 Gromashi, Goerge, SlSgt.,L".S.A. Fargo 55 Groom, Sandra KEN 25 Grand Forks 139, 253, 365 Grooters, Gary KEN 35 Bismarck 336 Grooters, Roger KAS 25 Bismarck 220,234, 235,349 Gross, Steven KAS 35 Fargo 233 Groth, Mary Kay KPH 35Jamestown 263, 344, 345 Grove, Joel KAS 35 Egeland 120, 232, 283 Groifex, Glar1y.s, B.S.1.1..H.D. Fargo 196 Growette, Michael KPH 55 Intl Falls, Minn. 109, 120 Gruenberg, Linda KHE 35 Wolverton, Minn. 266 Grueneich, Lyle KAS 25 VVashburn 139 Grumke, James KEN 25 St. Paul, Minn 369 c:tf1DoN'375 Guilbert, Curtis KCh 65 Rolla 290 Gulland,James KAG 15 Leonard 371 Gulleson, Loretta KHE 15 Rutland 355 Gulseth, Daniel KPH 45 Devils Lake 109, 271 Gulseth, James KAG 15 Devils Lake 153, 232. 256, 308, 315 Gunderson, Michael KEN 45 Turtle Lake 330 Gunderson, Robert KAG 25 Hillsboro 317 Gunner, Lane KHE 45 Fargo 100, 164, 165, 167, 178, 188, 375 Gustin, Kenneth KAS 35 Casselton 120, 281 Guy, William KAS 15 Bismarck 153, 247, 274 Gwynn, Sandi KAS 35 Fargo 273 H Haack, Barbara KAS 25 Fargo 295 Haadem, Elroy KAG 45 Tappen 45, 261, 323 Haagenstad, Norman KAG 15 Maddock 153 Haalfenson, Philip, HS. Fargo 108 Haarsager, Karen KHE 35 Mohall 301, 320 Haarsager, Mavis KAS 25 Mohall 320, 342 Haas, Linda KAS 25 Fargo 139 Haas, Ruby KPH55 Ashley 109, 310 Haberlach, Geraldine KAG 25 Fargo 273 Haberstroh, Sharon KHE 25 Rolla 139, 313 Haga, Roger KAS 15 Northwood 153 Hagel, Larry KEN 35 Rugby 222 Hagemeister, Diane KHE 35 Argusville 336 Hagen, David KAS 25 Palermo 140 Hagen, Jeannine KAS 35 Edina, Minn. 120, 175, 264, 348, 352, 375 Hakanson, Eugene KEN 45 Fargo 87, 326 Hakanson, Lorace KAG 45 Fessenden 45, 315 Hall, Galen KAS 15 Glenburn 153, 258 Hall, George, B.S. Moorhead, Nlinn. 55 Hall, Jerri KAS 35 Bismarck 66, 263 Hall, Jerome KEN 25 St. Cloud, Minn 350 Hall, Reginald KAG 15 Fort William Can. 153, 317 Hall, Ronald KEN 45 Edgeley 87, 275, 332, 367 Hall, Susan KAS 25 Fargo 293, 295, 359, 375 Hallam, Hugh G, KPH 45 Canonsburg, Pa. Hanson, Terry KAS 15 Sabin, Minn. 219 Hanson, Thomas KAG 25 Litchville 121, 258 Hanyzewski, Edward KEN 35 Fargo 121, 236 325 Hanzal, John KAG 35 Plaza 46 Harbeke, Mildred KHE 35 Page 121, 312, 314, 356 Harden, Don KEN 35 Dickinson 121 Hardmeyer, Kent KAS 45 Mott 321 Hargrave, Diane KHE 25 Makoti 140, 342 Haring, Ferdinand M.S. Fargo 59, 75 Haring, Gene KEN 25 Wahpeton 140 Harkness, Russell KEN 35 Sherwood 121, 294, 298, 329 Harmel, Richard KEN 35 Rugby 371 Harms, James KAG 35 Bowbells 121, 261 Harness, Phillip KEN 25 Fargo 256 Harper, Michael KAS 45 Lisbon 66, 235, 244, 349,358 Harrington, Richard KEN 35 Mayville 324, 332 Harris, Robert KEN 15 Winnipeg, Canada 247 Hart, Leslie KPH 25 Fargo 121, 271 Hartman, Larry KAS 15 Kulm 258 Hartman, Orlin KEN 45 Ellendale 46 Hasbargen, Michael KAG 15 Breckenridge 210 Hashiminto, Tom KEN 35 Okayama, Japan 121 Haug,Joeldine KHE 15 Grafton 153,373,312 Haug, William KEN 45 Grafton 87, 275, 324 Hauge, Sharon KHE 35 Colgan 100 Haugen, Dennis KAG 35 Mayville 121, 186, 322, 371 Haugen, Esther KHE 45 McLeod 100, 301, 307, 330, 361 109 Hallam, Ronald KPH 15 Canonsburg, Pa. 222 Halland, Margaret E. KAS 25 Tower City 140, 253, 293, 375 Halvorson, BonnieJ. KHE 35 Palermo 120 Halvorson, Connie N. KAS 25 Devils Lake 140, 263 Halvorson, Curtis KAG 15 Churchs Ferry 256 Halvorson, Don KEN 45 Clearbrook, Minn. 87, 327 Halverson, Drinda KHE 35 Red Wing, Minn, 120, 262 Halvorson, James KEN 45 De Lamere 87, 331 Ha1vorson,James D. KAS 25 Sidney, Nebraska 140, 257, 281, 324, 325 Halvorson , Halverson, Murill KEN 35 Pekin 120, 257 Roger KAG 25 White Earth 254 Halvorson, Sheldon KEN 25 Tolna 120, 259, 321 Hamilton, Neil, KAG 45 Courtenay 46, 255 Handy, Michael KAS 25 Bismarck 344, 345 Hankel, Marene KAS 15 Ludden 153, 264 Hankel, Raetta, KAS 45 Ludden, 66, 188, 199, 264, 295, 307 Hanna, William KAG 35 Lisbon 120 Hansen, Roberl A., B.S. Fargo 56 Hanson, Arnold KEN 55 Kenmare 87, 299 Hanson, Barbara KHE 25 Warwick 140 Hanson, Buddy KAS 35 Halstad, Minn. 121 Hanson, Calvin KAG 15 Hallock, Minn. 219 Hanson, Carl KAS 15 Chaska, Minn. 219 Hansen, Charles KEN 45 Minnewaukan 219 Hansen, Constance KAS 65 Fargo 219 Hansen, Don KAG 35 Bowbells 127, 261, 342 Hanson, Gary KAG 35 Kloten 46 Hanson, James KAS 15 Baker, Minn. 219 Hanson, Jerilyn KHE 15 Beach 153, 313 Hanson, J oani KHE 35 Turtle Lake 121 Hanson, Llyal B.S. Fargo 32 Hanson, Mary KAS 35 Crookston, Minn. 5. Hansen, Patric KEN 15 Moorhead, Minn. 219 Hansen, Richard L. KEN 15 Wildrose 210 Hanson, Richard KAG 35 Williston 317 2'3 Haugen, Larry KEN 25 Fessenden 100, 342 Haugen Larry R. KEN 35 Portland 100, 330 Haugen Roger KAG 15 Fertile, Minn. 319 Haugen, Ruby KHE 45 Grenora 100 Haugen, William KAS 25 Fargo 235, 294 Haukness, David KAS 35 Hankinson 12l,28l, 1 .. 351 Hautala, Curtiss KPH 35 Eveleth 121, 271 Hawkins, Gaylon KAS 45 Fargo 66, 285 Hazulfrzs, Mildred M.S. Fargo, 97 Hawn, Arthur M.S. Fargo 98 Hayat, M. Arifllh. D. Fargo 51 Haydel, Lloyd, Fargo 56 Hayes, Linda KAS 25 Jamestown 140, 249, 373 Hazen, Arlon G., l'h.D. Fargo 34, 2011 Heath, Nina KAS 35 Fargo 121 Heaton, Phyllis KAS 35 Fargo 121 Heaton, Susan KAS 15 Fargo 153, 268 Heck, Robert KAS 25 Mobridge, S. Dak. 210 Hedland, Merle KAS 15 Kindred 153 Hedrich,Judith KHE 15 Gary, Minn. 153,312 Hedrick, David KAS 45 Fargo 66 Hegge, Jaqueline KPH 15 Fargo 268, 352 Heggenexs, Harold M.S. Fargo 75 Hegland, Eugene M.S. Moorhead, Minn. 56, 372, 373 Hehr, Shaenina KPH 45 Fargo 121, 310, 344, 345 Heidecker, Keith KAS 35 Brainerd, Minn. 66 Heil, Charles KEN 45 Hancock, Minn. 88, 325 Heil, Lloyd KEN 45 Hancock, Minn. 88, 324 Heinrich, Harlan KAS 15 Adrian 258, 321 Heintz, Dorothy KHE 15 Chaseley 316 Heise, Gary KAG 35 Ryder 121, 285, 351 Heixer, VVilliam B.S. Fargo 56 Heit,James KCH 25 Minot 220, 235 Helgason, Byron KPH 45 Winnipeg, Canada Hanson, Robert KAS 15 Ypsilanti 317 Hanson, Ronald KEN 35 McCanna 121, 257, 317, 349 Hanson, Ronald H. KEN 45 Hawley, Minn. 46,317 381 109 Helgason, Dale KEN 15 Winnipeg, Canada 219 Helland, Yvonne KHE 45 Egeland 100, 301, 307 He1ler,John KAS 15 St. Paul, Minn. 154, 219 Italics: Faculty, Administration and Staff Heller,-Jon KAG 15 Williston 323 Hellesvig, Patricia KHE 35 Maddock 313 Hellickson, Martin KEN 25 Medora 140, 259, 342 Henderson, Larry KAG 15 Calvin 140 Henderson, Marilyn KAS 15 Fargo 268, 348, 352 Hendrickson, Harlen KPH 55 East Grand Forks, Minn. 110, 271 Hendrickson, Lyle KAS 35 Fargo 280 Hendrickson, Robert KAS 35 Fargo 121, 251, 285 Hennebry, Clifford KEN 45 Fargo 221 Hennessy, George KAS 15 Des Lacs 154, 219 ffe"7Il!lll11l, Perny M .S. Fargo 36 llmning, Knale M. offlrrli. Fargo 82 Henningsgard, Tracy KAG 35 Tolna 122, 255 Hentges, Frank KAS 35 Eden Valley, Minn. 210, 212, 236, 346 Herauf, Roger KEN 35 Dickinson 122 Herfindal, Kyle KHE 15 Lake Park, Minn. 4 154, 313 Herges, Larry KEN 25 Aberdeen, S. Dak. 122, 312 Hermes, Pat KCH 45 Wahpeton 78, 338 Herr. Alan KEN 35 Bismarck 334, 345, 365 Herr, Lorna KHE 45 Wishek 100, 301, 342 llerlel, Leo PH.D. Fargo 60 Hfrtsgaard, Thor M .S. Fargo 36 Hertz, Dal KAS 35 Fargo 275 Hertz, Donald KAS 45 Mandan 66 Heskin, Bonita KHE 25 Kempton 140, 190, 265, 365 Heskin, Robert KCH 45 Portland 78, 279 Hfftland, Phil .1f1.S. .WoorlLf'ad, illinn. 75 Hetzel, Glenn KAG 35 122, 261, 322 Hewitt, Diane KAS 25 Fargo 253 Hickle, Donald KEN 35 Mandan 122,279,330 Hicks, Gerald KAS 35 Williston 236, 294, 349, 351 Higgs, James KAS 35 Mohall 66, 285 Hilber, Gary KPH 35 Fargo 122, 275 Hilfer, Frank KAG' 35 Harvey 318 Hill, Artliur Glenn M.S. Fargo 59 Hill, Robert KAS 45 Portal 326 Hiner, George KCH 15 Valley City 154, 274 1IlI1klf', Dale B.S. illorrlzfad, Minn. 37 Hintz, Roger KEN 15 Minneapolis, Minn. 154 Hipfner, Sharold KEN 15 Beulah 154 Hjelle, Carter KAS 15 Stephen, Minn. 282 Hjelle, Susan KHE 15 Argyle, Minn. 154, 312 H nojeupj, Wasyl Ph.D. Fargo 75 Hoaby, Ernest M.S. Fargo 81 Hoag, Donald B.S. Harwood 41 Hoag, Stephen KPH 35 Duluth, Minn. 270 Hodgson, Mearl KAG 35 Cavalier 46, 186, 187, 366 Hodgson, Thomas KAG 15 Cavalier 276 Hoefs, Phyllis KHE 25 Cayuga 140, 353 Hoff, David KAG 45 Fargo 46, 317, 319 Hoff, Gordon KAS 25 Perley, Minn. 122, 259, 372 Hoffart, Herbert KAS 45 Rugby 66, 371 Hoffman, Amelia KCH 35 Minot 122, 245, 338,362 Hoffmann, Larry KAG 35 Wheatland 122, 259 Hoffmann, Marilyn KHE 45 Hallock, Minn. 101,264,301 Hoffmann, Randy KEN 15 Wheatland 258 Hofmann, Eugene KEN 45 Medina 88 Hofstad, Curtis I.. KEN 15 Starkweather 154, 256 Hofstrand, Donald KAG 35 Brinsmade 122, 282,283 Hogan, Vern KEN 45 Moorhead, Minn. 88 llohl, Michael KEN 25 Mayville 169, 251 Holden, Dorothy KAS 15 Oriska 154, 366 Holden, Palmer KAG 45 Oriska 46, 259, 303, 323 Holes, Barbara KHE 25 Hunter 140, 267, 293, 312,373 Holm, Clarence KEN 35 South Heart 122, 285,325 Holman, Keith KAS 35 Wolseth 122, 256 Holman., Harold M.S. Fargo 37 Holmes, Gary KEN 15 Guelph 154, 233, 256 Holmgren, Thomas KAS 45 New Rockford 66, 188, 210, 212, 257, 291 Holmlund, Lavern KPH 15 Argyle, Minn. Holt, Richard KEN 15 154 Holtz, Ronald KAG 45 New Rockford 46 Holweger, Beverly KHE 15 Emerado 342 259 154 Horner, Michael KPH 55 Mohall 110, 255 Horner, Patricia KAS 15 Mohall 266 Horton, Judith KHE 25 Wahpeton 140, 342 Hovath, David KEN 15 Fargo 371 I 1 oroirk , Eivind M.S. Fargo 75, 298 Hoxled, Edward M .S. Fargo 83 Honda, Rolufrl STL Fargo 61 Hove, John Jr. KAS 15 Fargo 274 Jacobson, I.. KPH 25 Crosby 140, 256, 280 Jacoby, Michael A. KPH 45 Hancock, Minn. 123,271 jag1m,Edilh H., R.N, Fargo 98 Jans, William KAS 15 Kulm 284 Jansen,Joan K. KHE 25 Adrian 141, 313 Jemtrud, Eldon M. KEN 45 Devils Lake 88, 326 Jenkin, Sharon G. KAS 15 Pettibone 368 Jenkins,James B. KEN 45 Fargo 88, 274, 275 jzfnklnxmz, Harold L., B. Arch. Fargo 82 Jennings, Elizabeth KAS 15 Fargo 252, 359 Jennings, Harley O. KAG 45 Washburn 46, 260, 291, 323, 351 jmxe, Clirzvlm, Ph.D. Fargo 40, 203 jf'rz.wn, Lam A., B.S. Fargo 38 KHE 351252263 Jensen, Robert A. KAG 35 Fargo 123 Jensen, RolfA. KAG 25 Kenmare 141 Jensen, Terry I.. KAS 15 Fargo 256 Job, Merlin A. KEN 25 Hazen 275 Hove, Wayne KAG 25 Grafton 122, 255 Hoveskeland, Ardell KEN 45 88, 259, 290, 293, 298, 324, 335, 372 Hovey, Susan KHE 15 Parshall 355 Howe, Thomas KEN 45 Rolette 88, 327 Howell, William KAG 25 Lisbon 367 Howick, Bruce KEN 15 Thief River Falls, Minn. 280 Huang, Hsi Chow KEN 65 Shihlin, China 81 Huber, Gloria KHE 35 122, 267, 301, 373 Huber, Hilmer KAS 35 Dodge 67, 285 Huchler, Ingrid KAS 25 Bismarck 122 Hudson, Joyce KHE 45 Fargo 101, 301, 307 Huebner, Gerald KAG 25 Sydney 319 Hughes, David KPH 55 110, 271 Hulteen, Stanley KEN 35 Clearbrook, Minn. 325 Humphrey, David KAS 25 Fargo 222 Hunter, Robert KEN 15 Antigo, Wisc. 219 Hawlly, Carol Fargo 82 ldso, Nancy L. KCH 25 Fargo 140, 295 Imdieke,Jack H. KAS 15 Fingal 274 Imrnel, George P. KEN 35 Steele 122, 326 INDEPENDENT STUDENTS ASSOCIA- TION 340 Indihar, Joseph F. KCH 45 Eveleth, Minn. 78 Ingrebritson, Gene M. KPH 35 Stanely 122 lngle, James A. KAS 45 Jamestown 304 INSTITUTE OF ELECTRIC AND ELEC- TRONIC ENGINEERS 334 INTERFRATERNITY INTER RELIGIOUS COUNCIL 360 INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOW- SHIPS 361 Irgens, Steven C. KAS 25 Cooperstown 122, 210,235,281 Irwin, Robert B. KAS 25 Fargo 280 I.XTIlZll,IJI'?I1X F. BA. Fargo 53, 210, 219 Issendorf, Clifford KAS 35 Newburg 123 Iverson, Mildred H. KPH 55 Fargo 300 Iwen, Bruce A. KEN 35 Amenia 326 J Jacob, Ted S. KAS 25 Northbrook, Ill. 210 Jacobs,Jan1es KAG 35 Fergus Falls, Minn. 159, 210, 220, 235, 319, 349 Jacobson, Carolyn K. KHE 15 Hitterdal, Minn. 313 Jacobson, Cheryl A. KHE 15 Rugby 314 382 Joersz, Eldon W. KAS 25 Hazen 275 John, Margaret D. KPH 45 Elgin, Ill. 122, 311 john.tgard, Gordon A. Ph.D. Fargo -13 Johnson, Allan R. KAG 15 Carson 259, 320 Johnson, Arla M. KHE 15 Northwood 154, 313 Johnson, Arlen H. KAS 15 Fargo 144 Johnson, Bruce A. KAS 35 Devils Lake 314, 321, 323 Johnson, Camille K. KPH 25 Underwood 144, 295,242,311 Johnson, Carmen S. KHE 25 Underwood 144, 295 Johnson, 340 Carol M. KAS 15 Pel Rapids, Minn. Johnson, Clar R. KAS 15 Grenora 154 Johnson, Dennis E. KAG 25s.Watford City 255, 321,323 Johnson, Dennis K. KPH 25 Battle Lake, Minn. 141,275 Johnson, Dennis P. KPH 35 Minot 123 jolznxon, Donald E., M.S. Fargo 53, 210 Johnson, Donna M. KAS 45 Horace 67, 242 Johnson, Duane G. KAG 45 Almont 46 Johnson, Ellen C. KAS 15 Plaza 141, 347 Johnson, 312 Gail M. KHE 35 Sentinel Butte 123, Johnson, Gary KAS 25 Fargo 321 johnson, jrrome M.S. Fargo 39 Johnson, Judith KHE 15 Cando 313, 314,344 Johnson, Johnson, Keith KEN 45 Garrison 88, 259, 329 Keith, W. KEN 15 Crosby 362 Johnson, Larissa KAS 25 Berkeley, California Joliiizon, Lee KEN 45 Fargo 88, 172, 296, 324, Joiizen, Leo KHE 45 Bismarck 101, 267 Johnson, Marshall KAS 25 Fargo 141, 344, Joliiliion, Marvin KEN 35 Harwood 336 jolmxon, Neil, B.S. Fargo 75 Johnson, Neila KAS 45 Fargo 290, 295, 307 Johnson, Paul KCH 65 Fargo 67 Johnson, Robert KPH 15 Wadena, Minn. 271, 312 Johnson, Robert, E. KEN 45 Fargo 88, Johnson, Robert L. KAG 25 Steele 141 Johnson, Rodger KAG 45 Carpio 201, 319, 351 Johnson, Ronald KEN 45 Underwood 88 johnson, Roy M. 1V1av. Nloorhead, Nlinn. 61 Johnson, Sherman KEN 15 Larimore 154, 256 Johnson, Shirley KHE 45 Fargo 101,301,307 Johnson, Johnson, Stanley KAS 25 Valley City 141,275 Stephen KCH 35 Moorhead, Minn. 123,275 Johnson, Wilma KHE 45 Breckenridge, Minn. 101 Italics: Faculty, Administrition and Staff Johnston, David CAS 23 Rugby 123, 259, 340, 341, 352 Johnston, Jill CHE 13 Fargo 154, 262, 352, 359 175, Jonasson, Georgia CHE 33 Milton 123, 198 267 Kimball,John CEN 13 Fargo 256 King, Terry CEN 43 Fargo 88, 331 Kinlund, Jean CHE 23 Perham, Minn. 124, 263 Kinn, Nancy CHE 43 Handinson 101, 253 Kinnischtzke, Sharon CAS 33 Glen Ullin 273, Larsen, Jones, Constance CHE 23 Webster 141, 264 Jones, Harley CEN 33 Ryder 123, 335 Jones, Nicholas CAS 33 Fargo 356, 360 Jordan, Kathryn CAS 13 Fargo 344, 345 Jordheim, Maxine CHE 43 Walcott 98, 101, 164,188, 263, 290,295 Jorgensen. David CPH 13 Luverne 268 Jorstad, Richard CEN 13 Zahl 330 Judge, Mary CPH 23 Minneapolis, Minn. 266 Jury, Vance CAG 23 Fullerton 155, 254, 322 Just, Myron CAG 33 Berlin 46, 258, 315 Justus, Gary CEN 33 Manfred 123, 329 K Kadrmas, Kenneth CAG 23 Dickinson 48, 255 Kaiser,Ervin,M.S.Fargo 233,240,240A,346 Kaldor, Dennis CPH 53 Fargo 110, 271, 291 Kallenbach, George CAS 13 Esmond 219 Kallod, Larry CAS 13 Fargo 155 Kantrud, David CEN 23 Dickinson 141, 285 Kapaun, Ann CHE 23 Fargo 295, 311 Kapaun, Gregory CAS 13 Fargo 280 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 264 KAPPA DELTA 266 KAPPA DELTA PI 307 KAPPA EPSILON 310 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 268 KAPPA PSI 270 KAPPA KAPPA PS1 304 KAPPA TAU DELTA 299 Kappedal, Richard CAG 23 Northwood 123 Kappel, Larry CEN 13 Oriska 258 Karas, Carol CHE 13 Lankin 313 Karlstad, Marlene CAS 23 Mayville 344 Karsky, Richard CAG 23 Langdon 141 Karvonen, Thomas CEN 13 New York Mills, Minn. 155 Kasson, Brent CPH 43 Wahpeton 81 Kasson,Jane CAS 33 Fargo 67, 266, 352 Kauffman, Diane CAS 43 Zeeland 67 Kaufman, Lawrence CAS 33 Hebron 221 Kautz, Carroldine CAS 43 Wishek 67, 307, 314, 362 Kautzmann, Dwight CAS 13 Mandan 284 Keller, Wm. J. CAS 43 Fargo 61 Kelley, Kathleen CCH 43 Fargo 78 Kelley, Thomas CAS 23 Fargo 123 Ke1logg,Joseph CPH 23 Dickinson 123, 271 Kelly,Jack CPH 13 Bowbells 123 Kelly, Robert CEN 33 Fargo 123, 335, 371 Kelly, Timothy CEN 33 Dickinson 326 Kelm, Gwendolyn CAS 13 Fargo 155 Kelsch, Dean CAG 33 Mott 123, 285 Kemmer, Terry CAG 13 Alice 319, 363 KCIQIP, Gayle CHE 33 Hamilton 295, 301, 313, 3 5 Kemper, James CPH 33 Perham, Minn. 123 Kerrigan, Karen CHE 33 Halstad, Minn. 245,344,345 Ketterling, Sara CAS 43 LaMoure 67, 184, 365 Kiefer, Patrice CHE 13 Cayuga 243, 313 Kiefer, Robert CAS 43 Cayuga 67, 244 Kieffer, Donna CAS 13 Wheatland 264 Kienholz, Philip CEN 33 Dilworth, Minn. 336 Kienzle, Cleo CAS 13 Jamestown 155 Kiesling, Richard Ph.D. Fargo 42 Kihne, Michael CPH 23 Cavalier 141, 277, 358 Kilsdonk, Harry CEN 33 Moorhead, Minn. 331 337 Kirkeby, Larry CAS 33 Mclntosh, Minn. 124 Kirmis, Donald CEN 13 Milnor 282 Kitzman, Carlyss CHE 33 Minot 124 Kjelbertson, Everett CAS 63 LaMoure 219 Kjos, Donald CEN 43 Fargo 297, 298, 331 Klask, Roger CEN 43 Ada, Minn. 89, 297, 298, 309, 324, 358 Klefstad,Judy CHE 43 Pekin 101, 267 Klein, Bruce CAS 43 Mandan 67 Klein, DennisJCAG 13 LaMoure 322 Klein, Gerald CAS 13 Starkweather 256 Klein, Klein, Patrick CPH 23 Fargo 270 Roman CAS 43 Starkweather 319 Klein, Ronald CAG 23 LaMoure 319 Klever, Norma CAS 33 Grand Rapids 124, 307, 346 Klimpel, Donovan CPH 43 Fargo 124 Kline, Morrison, BA. Moorhead, Minn. 54 Klose, Barbara CAS 33 Jamestown 124, 356 Klosterman, Eugene CEN 33 Jamestown 124, 279 K losterman, Harold Ph.D. Fargo 77 Kloubec, Kenneth CAG 33 LaMoure 124 Klug, Linda CAS 23 Bowman 141, 267 Klusman, James CAS 43 Beach 67, 186, 188, 294 Knell, Marvin CAG 13 Hazen 141, 319 Knoll, Lynette CHE 13 Mandan 252 Knopf, Kathleen CAS 13 Fargo 155, 341 Knorr, Robert CAG 33 Sawyer 255 Knox, Stephen CEN 33 Fargo 89 Knudsen, Dennis CCH 43 Warren, Minn. 78 Knudson, David CAS 23 Fargo 141 Knutson, Donna CHE 33 Appam 124 Knutson, Gary CAG 43 Oakes 47, 188, 198, 255, 322, 350 Knutson,James CEN 23 Fargo 371 Knutson,John CAS 13 Foreman 155 Knutson, Kermit CCH 43 Fargo 78, 237, 239, 256, 349 Knutson, Richard CAS 23 Fargo 39 Kochmann,James CEN 43 Dilworth, Minn. 89 Koemmpel, Donna CHE 13 Massapequa, New York 264 Koester, Phyllis CAS 13 Fargo 268 Kofoid, RonaldCEN 23 Bottineau 141 Koivastik, Ene CAS 43 Fargo 67, 164, 178, 188, 262, 290, 292,295,307 Kolstad, Marilyn CAS 23 Devils Lake 141 Kopp, Clinton CCH 43 Duluth, Minn. 78 Koszalka, M. Michele CAS 33 Fargo 352 Kraft, Joan CHE 23 Ryder 141, 313 Kraft, Judith CCH 43 Mapleton 78 Kramer, James CAG 23 Mott 142, 318, 320 Kramer, Jerry CAG 13 Pleasant Lake 258 Krank, Karen CHE 43 Dickinson 101 Krapu, Gary CAS 33 LaMoure 124 Krastins, Dace CPH 33 Miles City, Montana 124, 178, 273, 375 Krein, Kenneth CAS 23 Hebron 124 Krein, Sylviz CHE 33 Wahpeton 312, 365 Krenz, Marlene CAS 33 Upham 124, 272 Kress, Warren Ph.D. Fargo 51 Krick, Elaine CHE 33 Bisbee 124, 313 Kriewald, Robert CPH 13 Carrington 142, 285 Krogh, Richard CAG 23 Mayville 124, 281, 315 Kromarek, Wayne CAS 13 Scranton 155 Kropp, Sharon CAS 33 Jamestown 67, 264 Krueger, Karen CAS 13 Fredonia 341 Kruger, Russel CPH 23 Mandan 142, 257, 351,365 383 Krueger, Vernon CPH 43 McClusky 124,257 Kubousek, Marvin CEN 33 Forest River 124, 328 Kuch,Jeannine CAS 13 LaMoure 155 Kuefler, Robert CEN 43 Wadena, Minn. 89, 297, 330, 374 Kuhn, Harry CEN 43 Alfred 89 Kummer, James CCH 23 Colfax 142, 313 Kuppich, Paul CAS 23 Fargo 142 Kurlekar, Arvind CEN 63 Bombay, India 333 Kuzel, Dale CPH 53 Pine City, Minn. 110, 271, 311 Kvinge, Stanley B. Th. Fargo 354 Kyser, Gerald CEN 13 Minot 142 L Lacina, Raymond CAS 23 Fullerton 142, 281, 342 Lahren, Cheryl CPH 33 Fargo 124 Lake,Jerome CAS 33 Park Rapids, Minn. 68, 285,350 Lalum, Russell CAG 43 Brinsmade 47, 283, 319 Lama, John CAS 23 Winnipeg, Canada 125, 257,365 LaMarre, Jacques CAS 13 McLean, Virginia 169,219,256 LaMarre, Susan CHE 23 McLean, Virginia 125, 273, 313 Lambrecht, Gordon CAS 33 Fargo 371 Lambrecht, Nancy Fargo 56 Lamond, Uan CAS 13 Winnipeg, Canada 219 Lamoureux, Lyle CPH 23 Dunseith 155, 271 Lamphier, Georglyn CAS 23 Fargo 352 Lana, Edward Ph.D. Fargo 41 Landa, Duane CEN 33 Scranton 125, 325 Landblom, John CEN 23 Fargo 142, 257 1.andis, Linda CHE 33 Mott 125, 263 Landstrom,Judy CHE 43 Hope 125, 265, 305, 342 4 Lansing, George CAS 13 Minneapolis, Minn. 210 Lantz, Frank CPH 53 Mandan 110, 186, 187, 188, 275, 300, 351 Larson, Bruce CEN 23 Montevideo, Minn. 142, 275 Larson, Carol CHE 43 Mandan 101, 301 Larson, Eugene CEN 43 Lisbon 89 Larson, Larson , Larson , Larson Frances CHE 33 Fargo 290, 306, 309 Gary, D. CAG 23 Bisbee 261 Gary, M. CEN 23 Minot 342 Gene CEN 23 Lansford 142, 260, 261 iarsenf Judith CAs 43 Bismarck 68, 253, 307 Karen CHE 13 Grand Rapids, Minn. 342 Larson, Kenneth Ph.D. 37, 303, 318 Larson, Larry CEN 43 Hazen 89, 326 Larson, Linda CHE 13 Valley City 155 Larson, Lowell CAG 43 Bremen 47, 259, 315, 321 Larson, Patricia CHE 33 Oakes 89, 331 Larsen, Robert CEN 23 Sitka, Alaska 142 Larvick, Ellen CHE 23 Hopkins, Minn. 142 Lavoi, Andrew CPH 13 Eau Claire, Wisconsin 219 Lawonn, Shirley CAS 23 Hensel 142, 175, 263, 348, 373 Lawrence, Carol CAS 13 Jamestown 155, 266 Lawrence, Park CCH 43 Minneapolis, Minn. 79, 283 Lawrence, Wesley CAS 13 Powers Lake 1? Leasure, Daniel Ed.D. Fargo 29, 240 Leavens, Lynn CAS 33 Winnipeg, Canada Lebsock, Kenneth, Ph.D. Fargo 38 Lee, David CAG 33 Grafton 125, 255, 322 Italics: Faculty, Administration and Staff Lee, Dave CAS 35 St. Paul, Minn. 186, 226, 228, 230, 236 Lee, Dennis CAG 15 Minot 254 Lee, Marcia CHE 35 Aneta 101, 272 Lee, Ronald CPH 55 Park River 110, 271 Lee, Lee, Thomas CAS 45 Towner 68 Wayne CEN 35 Max 125, 275 Leedahl, Alton CEN 45 Leonard 328 Leidall, Ronald CEN 45 Enderlin 335 Leik, Nancy CAS 15 Cathay 155 Leikas, Leonard CEN 45 Michigan 89, 255 Leines, Conrad CEN 25 Bejou, Minn. 325 Leland, Helen CHE 35 Sidney, Montana 174, 175,190, 245, 264, 321,375 Leland, Melvin CAG 35 Sidney, Montana 125, 255, 321, 322 Lenihan, Patricia CAS 65 Baldwin 206 Lenthe, Charles CEN 35 Moorhead, Minn. 326, 372 Lenthe,Jon CAS 15 Moorhead, Minn. 155 Lentz, Keith CCH 25 Moorhead, Minn. 280 Lenz, Patricia CAS 25 Fessenden 361 Lepoudre, Allan CAS 15 Deloraine, Canada Lervick, Dale CAS 35 Crosby 68, 251, 256, 291 Lesmeister, Gary CEN 35 Fargo 125, 281 I.ETTERMAN'S CLUB 349 Lewis, Fred CEN 15 Lambertville, New Jersey 135, 369 Liddle,Jerry CAG 45 Carrington 47, 251, 261 Lieb, Janelle CHE 25 New Salem 313, 344 Liebig, Margaret CAS 15 Goodrich 359 Lien, Constance CHE 15 Milnor 155, 313,342 Lien, David CEN 55 Fargo 89, 299 Light, Merle M.S. Fargo 39, 303 Lilleberg, Darrell CAG 25 Cummings 142, 259 I.illeberg, Dennis CEN 15 Fargo 274, 344 1.illemon, George CEN 25 Velva 143, 283 Lincoln, Dale CAG 45 Arthur 261, 303, 322 LINCOLN DEBATE SOCIETY 337 Lind, Gary CEN 35 Verona 330 Lindberg, Thomas CEN 25 Thief River Falls, Minn. 143, 274 Linemann, Carolyn CAS 35 Enderlin 314,342 Linderman, Charles CEN 25 Carrington 307, 328 1.inderman, Lowell CAS 25 New Rockford 210,235 I.indig, Joyce CHE 35 Wheaton, Minn. 313 Lindseth, Newton CAG 15 Munich 155 Lindseth, Richard CPH 55 Oakes 110, 271, 311 Lindtwed, Charles CAG 45 Milton 47, 251, 254, 31 1 I.inzbach, William CAS 25 Pingree 371 Lipp, Tyrone CEN 25 Bismarck 371 Littke, Russel CEN 35 Wahpeton 331 Lively, Phyllis CAS 25 New Rockford 342 Loberg, Karen CPH 35 Valva 265, 274, 352, 375 I.odoen, Mylon CPH 15 Westhope 219 l.oef11er, Forrest CPH 25 Carson 270 Loflsgarfl, Laurel Ph.D. Fargo 36 Logas, Harlan CEN 45 Fargo 89, 331 Lohse, Peggy CAS 15 Alamo 155 Loll,Jule CHE 25 Wahpeton 125 Long, Donna CAS 15 Fargo 337 Long, George CAS 15 Clinton, Iowa 219 Loose, Daniel CAS 15 New Ulm, Minn. 219 Lopez, Angel CEN 45 San Haven 297, 298 Lopez, Santiago CEN 15 San Haven 155 Lorentzen, Leslie CAS 65 Washburn 68, 277 Losee, Kenneth CCH 15 Fargo 371 Loseth, Kathryn CCH 45 Fargo 79, 290, 295, 338 Lovejoy, Thomas CPH 15 Fargo 155 Loveland, Kenneth CEN 45 Wilton 90, 283, 324, Lowering, Majore, M.A. Fargo 97 Lowitz,Jane CAS 35 Fargo 68 I.oyland, Arthur CAG 25 Thompson 316 Lufken, Karl, Ph.D. Fargo 38 Lucy, Kathryn CHE 35 Powers Lake 313 Luessen, Fredrick CAG 35 Valley City 125, 285, 315 Lund, E. Dianne CPH 35 Fargo 125, 264, 375 Lund, Marilyn CHE 25 Breckenridge, Minn. 143 Lundeen, Thomas CAG 15 Fargo 274 Lundgren,Jean CAS 35 Wales 340 Lundquist, Quentin, M .S. Fargo 59 Lundquist, William CAS 25 Adams 125, 283 Lundstrom, Darnell CEN 65 Finley 302 Lundstrom, Karen CHE 45 Finley 101, 290, 301 Luoma,Joyce CAS 35 Oakes 320 LUTHERAN STUDENT CONGREGA- TION 354 Lutovsky, Darryl CAG 15 Grafton 254, 319, 322 Lutovsky, Richard CAG 35 Grafton 125, 255, 323 Luttre1l,James CEN 15 Watford City 155, 279 Luttrell, Lyle CEN 45 Washburn 90, 279, 297, 324, 331 Luttrell, Philip CEN 15 Washburn 125, 279 Luyben, Robert CAS 25 Bismarck 125 Lynn, Jerry CAG 35 Ashley 316, 368, 369 Lynne, Gary CAG 25 Heimdal 125, 283 Lynner, Orville CCH 45 Watford City 125, 279 Lyons, Marjorie BA. Fargo 57 Lyons, Richard, MA. Fargo 50, 57 M Maasjo, Calvin CAS 15 Fargo 280 Mach, Kathryn CAS 15 Fargo 252 Macheel, David CEN 35 Lidgerwood 326 Maddock,John CAS 15 Fargo 232 Madsen, Nancy CAS 45 Fargo 68, 163, 164, 178,188,292 301,306,344 Madson,Jean CAS 15 Fargo 155 Madson, Paul CEN 35 Fargo 125, 257 Magelssen, Millard CPH 35 Park Rapids, Minn. 125 Maier, Robert CPH 25 Carrington 226, 229, 231 Majumdar, Dalim Ph.D. Fargo 82 Malstrom, Judith CHE 35 Fargo 125 Manderfeld, Frank CAG 45 Fargo 47, 286, 319 Mangin, Gerald CAG 25 LaMoure 315 Manning, Raymond CPH 25 Fargo 143, 171, 184, 344, 345 Mar, Daniel CEN 45 Winnipeg, Canada 326 Marek, Carol CHE 15 Linton 156,359 Marget, Louis, B.S. Fargo 57 Markusen, Bruce CAG 15 Watford City 247 MARRIED STUDENTS 286 Martin, Janice CAS 15 Trenton 156, 272 Martin, John CAS 15 Chicago, Illinois 219 Martin, Wanda CHE 35 Trenton 126, 272, 305 Martinson, John CEN 45 Westhope 143 Masourick, William TlSgt. Fargo 56 Massey, William CAS 35 Lark 68, 307 Mathiason, Mark CAS 35 Fargo 240, 240A Matzke, Sherry CHE 15 Williston 266 Maughan, Arthur CAS 65 Moorhead, Minn. 222 Mazanec, Wayne CAS 45 Fargo 68 Mease, Ginger CHE 45 Fargo 164, 188, 194, 202, 265, 292, 301,306,373 Mease, Richard Ed.D. Fargo 57 Medeay, Darrell Ph.D. Fargo 40 Mehlhoff, Carol CHE 35 Tuttle 102, 305 Mehlhouse, Marvin CPH 15 Fessenden 270 Meintzer, Roger Ph.d. Fargo 77 384 Melby, Gayle CAS 15 Fargo 156, 252 Meline, Arlen CAS 25 Hendrum, Minn. 280 Mendenhall, Thad CAS 35 Williston 126,371 Mertes, Judith CHE 35 Bowbells 102, 267 Meyer, George CPH 45 Rugby 255 Meyers, David CCH 25 Fargo 143 Meyers, Terrance CPH 45 Hibbing, Minn. 126, 271 Michalenko, Michael CEN 45 Bismarck 336 Mickels,Joy CAS 75 McVil1e 257 Mickelson, Roger CPH 55 New Rockford 1 10 Midgarden, Sue CHE 25 Grafton 143, 235, 375 Mikkelson, Thomas CPH 25 Devils Lake 143, 235,271 Milde, Adelle CAS 25 Maddock 143 Milde, Diane CAS 35 Maddock 68 Miler, Trudi CPH 35 Rothschild, Wisconsin 126, 186,264,375 Miles, Stanley CAG 45 Fargo 47, 315 Miller, Beverly CHE 25 Fergus Falls, Minn. 143, 273 Miller, Carol CHE 25 Williston 143, 273 Miller, Miller Miller Miller Clyfton, Ph. D. Fargo I 06 ,Donald CAS 35 Fargo 126 ,Duane CCH 35 Kulm 126, 259, 344 ,Ervin CAG 35 Fargo 126, 283 Miller,Joyce CAS 15 Steele 156 Miller, Paul CAS 35 Bismarck 286 Miller, Robert CAG 45 Fordville 47 Miller 337 Miller Miller 362 v Tanfield CAS 15 Maricopa, Arizona 347 i William CAS 15 Forest River 156 William S., CAG 35 Aneta 337, 361, Mink, Donald CCH 15 Minot 363, 371 Minnear, Festus, Ph. D. Fargo 76 Mirgain, Frank, M. S. Fargo 80,172 Mirgain, William CEN 45 Fargo 257, 331 Mische, Richard CEN 35 Fargo 210, 215 Miska, David CAS 35 Angus, Minn. 126, 251, 281 Miskakyohn CAG 35 Michigan 258 Mitchell, Gerald CEN 45 Hankinson 90, 335 Nlitirh, Lawrence, Ph. D. Fargo 37 Mittelstedt, Jeanne CHE 15 Ashley 156 Mize, Tommy SlSgt. Fargo 55 Modrow, Marlan CEN 45 Rugby 90 Moe, Donald CEN 55 Fargo 90, 336 Moe, Moen, Robert CPH 35 Dassel, Minn. 187 Eileen CHE 15 Portland 156 Mofiitt, Thomas CAS 15 Fargo 280 Mogen, Kenneth CAG 35 Keene 285 Moilanen, Charles, M. S. Fargo 37 Moir,Judith CAS 25 Fargo 189, 373 zlfloll, Marvin, B. S. Fargo 30 Monack, Dennis CAS 15 South Saint Paul 219 Mongeon, Kenton CAG 15 Rolette 219 Monico, Kathleen CPH 55 Fargo 310 Monson, Roger CEN 15 Cooperstown 280 Nlonlgomery, Marlyx Moorhead, llflinn. 54 Moon, Andrea, CHE 45 Fairmount 102 Moore,James CAS 15 Fargo 253 Moore,Janice CHE 35 Finley 126 Moorhead, Tracey B. S. Fargo 205 Moos, Byron CAS 35 Casselton 126,374 Moos, Pamela CHE 15 Moorhead, Minn. 156, 252 Moraghan,john Ph. D. Fargo 43 Morgan, Geraldine CAS 35 Page 126,266 Morkassel, Neil CAG 35 Fargo 126,316 Morman, Daphne CHE 35 Fargo 126 Morris, Francis CAS 45 Wahpeton 68 Morrison, Clare CHE 25 Bathgate 272, 313 Mortenson, David CEN 35 Kennedy, Minn. 126, 277 Moss, Rogene CHE 45 Fargo 102 Mota, Kalyanji CEN 65 Bombay, India 333 Mott, David CAS 45 Jamestown 68, 186, 221, 281, 350 Mower, David CAS 15 Fargo 156,276 Italics: Faculty, Administration and Staff Netland, Roger CAG 31 Sharon 48 Mowery, Garry CAS 21 Fargo 126, 281 Mrnak, Ronad, M. A. Fargo 60,171 Mudra, Darrell, M. S. Fargo 53, 210, 211, 218 Muehlhausen, Robert CEN 31 Fargo 126, 330 M uehlhausen, William, M. S. Fargo 83 Mulkern, Gergorg, Ph. D. Fargo 41 Muller, Robert CAS 21 St. Boniface, Canada 60 Muncy, Kathrin CAS 21 Fargo 143,252 Munger, Ned CPH 51 Warren, Minn. 110, 271 Munson, Eric CAG 11 Glenfield 317 Murray, Loretta CHE 11 Wheatland 363 M array, S tanley, Ph. D. Fargo 52 Muth, Dennis CEN 41 Dickinson 90, 327 Myer, Gordon CAG 31 Pillsbury 318 Myhra, Corrine CHE 31 Stanley 126,266,305 Myhre, John CPH 41 Detroit Lakes, Minn. 126, 275 Myron, Jeanne CPH 51 Mankato, Minn. 110, 249, 310 McA11en,James CPH 41 Linton 365 McAllister, Mary CAS 11 Hazelton 272 McAndrew, James CEN 21 Grandin 143, 235, 275, 294 McArton, Mary CHE 11Johnstown 156, 313, 321 McCormick,Joseph CEN 21 Fargo 222,349 McCormick, Patrick CEN 41 Valley City 90, 327 McCormick, Steve CAS 11 Fargo 222 McCoy, Janna CAS 31 Fargo 11, 127, 190, 191, 264, 337, 373 MacDonald, Bruce CAS 21 Davenport 253, 294, 353 M cDonald, C larence, Ph. D. Fargo 40 M cDougal, Robert, M . S. Fargo 330 McDougall, Curtis CAG 31 Wahpeton 127. 283, 309, 344, 345 McDougall,Julianne CHE 41 Oakes 102 McDowel1,James, Ph. D. Fargo 187, 321 McDowell, David CAS 21 Lisbon 143, 235 McGinnity, Leonard CPH 21 McGregor 143, 259, 320 McGrath, Thomas, M. A. Fargo 58 Mclntyre, Mary CHE 21 Harwood 127 McIntyre, Phil CEN 11 Harwood 371 McKee, Vern, B. A. Fargo 53, 219, 236 McKennett, Lois CHE 11 Bowman 156, 264 McKinnie, Richard B. A. Fargo 83 McLain, Robert CEN 31 Miles City, Montana 294 McLaughlin, Elizabeth CAS 11 Halstad, Minn. 156, 268, 344, 345 McMahon, Bonita CAS 11 Niagara 156, 252 McMahon, Thomas CEN 11 Niagara 156 McMullen, Michael CAS 11 Fargo 280 McWilliam, Bruce CAG 11 Winger, Minn. 143, 319 N Nags, Linda Kay CHE 41 rumen 102, 301 Nass, Marilyn, M. S. Fargo 53, 342, 373 Nammar, David CAS 31 Jerusalem, Israel 238, 239, 358 Nancarrow, Linda CAS 31 Fargo 127 Narum, Jerome CAG 11 Michigan 254, 323 Naveson,John CAS 21 Bowbells 127 Narveson, Roger CAG 11 Scranton 157 Neis, Harold CAS 31 Lyons, Nebraska 210, 213, 225, 349 Nelson, Barbara CPH 31 Fargo 364 Nelson, Charles CAG 21 Fargo 143, 222, 257 Nelson, Connie CHE 31 Egeland 127 Nelson, David CAS 31 Fargo 294, 344, 361 Nelson, David, Ph. D. West Fargo 36 Nelson, Donald, Ph. D. Fargo 41 Nelson, Doris Fargo 36 Nelson, Gary CAG 41 Braddock 47, 254, 315 Nelson, Gary CEN 61 Fargo 90 Nelson, Gary, B. S. Fargo 83 Nelson, Joyce CHE 11 Velva 156, 264, 313 Nelson, Lagry CAS 21 McVille 156 Nelson, LaVerne, Ph. D. Fargo 31 Nelson, Marlow CAG 11 Battleview 156, 258, 321, 322 Nelson, Robert CEN 41 Kennedy, Minn. 90 Nelson, Roelynn CAG 21 Battleview 143, 258, 321, 322 Nelson, Stephen CCH 41 Fargo 79 Nelson, Susan CHE 41 Fargo 102 Nelson, Virginia CAS 41 Fargo 68, Nelson, William CAG 41 Fargo 68, 266 266 Nelson, William CAG 41 Hawley, Minn. 47, 283 Nenow, Douglas CAG 21 Streeter 127, Nerdahl, Boyd CAG 41 Sharon 48 321 Ness, Arlene CAS 31 Fargo 175, 284, 352, 375 Ness, Gerld CAG 61 Perham, Minn. Nesset, David CAS 41 Fargo 69, 275 Nester, Francine CAS 11 Rhame 252 Nesting, Bette CAS 11 Westhope 264, Nestoss, David CEN 41 Bismarck 90, 324, 235 359 325 O Oak, Joann CHE 41 McIntosh, Minn. 102, 301, 306, 313 0akey,john M. S. Fargo 82 Oberholtzer, Patricia CHE 21 Lans ford 144, 363 Oberlander, Craig CPH 11 St. Paul, Minn. 256 Oberlander, Ralph CAS 41 Ashley 69, 291. 304 O'Connell, Donna CHE 11 Fargo 157, 222, 312 Odegaard, Marvin CAG 31 Hickson 127, 322 Odegaard, Walter CAS 21 Devils Lake 127, 210 Odegard, Karen CHE 11 Buxton 157, 321 Odenbach, Allen CAG 31 Woodworth 127, 254,323 Offerdahl, Charles CAG 41 Mahnomen, Minn. 235, 349 Offerdahl, Richard CEN 41 Fargo 91, 296, 298 O'Hara, Daniel CEN 11 Bismarck 157, 222 O'Hara, Patricia CHE 31 Bismarck 102, 263, 364 Neubauer, David CAS 31 Fargo 372 Nauman, Gary CEN 31 Fergus Falls, Minn. 90, 279 Neuman, John CEN 31 St. Paul, Minn. 127, 275, 349 Neuman, Nancy CHE 11 St. Paul, Minn. 268 Ohman, Robert CAS 21 Cooperstown 144, 277 Olafson, Fredric CPH 21 Akra 144,277 Olin, Larry CEN 11 Park Rapids, Minn. Olmsted, Charles CAS 31 Bismarck 236, Olofson. Ieonard CAG 41 Alice 48, Olsgaard, Oria CAS 41 Binford 69 282 349 315 Neumiller, Arlo CAS 41 Sykeston 375 New, Wesley CEN 21 Fargo 233, 274 NEWMAN FOUNDATION 357 Newman, James CPH 31 Detroit Lakes, Minn. 210, 271 Newton, Arliss CHE 11 Belfield 362 Nichols, Ronald CEN 31 Palermo 127, 285 Nies, LaVerne, M . A. Fargo 52 Noetzel, David, M. S. Fargo 41 Niewoehner, Carole CHE 31 Deering Nikolaisen, Thomas CAG 21 Egeland 260, 322 Nill, Dickey CAS 21 Kulm 127 Nipstad, Allan CAG 21 Hickson 127, 323, 344 Nishek, Marjorie CHE 41 Ellendale 284, 127 143, 354, 102 Nitz, Gerald CAG 31 Anamoose 48, 283 Norum, Enoch, Ph. D. Fargo 43 Nordquist, Dean CAS 41 Fargo 69, 309, 358, 360 Nordstrom, Karen CPH 41 Fargo 127, 178, 1881 252, 292, 310 Nordstrom, Peggy CAS 11 Minot 156 Noreen, Edward CEN 11 Herman, Minn. Norgard, James CAS 31 Arnegard Norrie, Lyle CEN 41 Winnipeg, Can. 91, 331 Norten, Dennis CCH 41 Fargo 79, Norum, Enoch, Ph. D. Fargo 43 Norum, Thomas CCH 21 Fargo 144, 186, 344, 345 N ovocek, j . Patrick Fargo 220 Novacek, Jerry CAS 61 Martin, S. Dak. Novak,Joseph CAS 21 Fargo 144 156 334 279, 275 187, 219 Olson, Frank CEN 41 Williston 210 Olson, Gerald, CAS 21 Harvey 226, 349 Olson Olson, ,Jonathan CAG 11 Buxton 260 John CAG 21 Argusville 192, 323 Olson,Judith CHE 41 New Rockford 102, 355 Olsen, Kent CEN 41 Fargo 91 Olson, Leland CAG 31 Buxton 127, 254, 259 Olson, Lloyd M. Ed. Fargo 59, 308 Olson Onalee CHE 11 Fargo 210, 348 Olson, Orville Fargo 236 Olsen, Randi CAS 21 Fargo 128, 144 Olson, Richard CAS 31 Larimore 128, 165, 187, 235, 259, 349, 350 Olson Robert CAG 41 Northwood 315 Olson, Sharon CHE 31 Clearwater, Florida 102 267 Olson, Virginia CPH 31 Willmar, Minn. 128, 253, 310 Olson, Wayne CAG 11 Rugby 248 Olstad, Gary CEN 41 Fargo 91, 298 Omafray, Martin CAS 31 Wilton 69 Omlid, James CCH 11 Gary, Minn. 44 Omodl, Hollis M. S. Fargo 43 Oneill, Dennis CEN 31 Parlin, NewJersey 336 Onstad, Paul CAS 41 Fargo 304 Opland, Paula, CHE 21 Granville 144, 267 Opp, Rita CHE 11 Hunter 157 ORCHESIS 352 Ormlrreck, Harlan M. S. Fargo, 82 Ormiston, H. R. CAS 21 Edgeley 337, 358, 370 Osiname, Olumuyiwa CAG 31 Ogere, Nigeria 127,168,186, 363 Ostenson, Thomas M . S. Fargo 36 Nowatzki, John CAG 11 Langdon 319 Noyes, Bruce CPH 21 Barnesville, Minn. 144 Noyes, Thomas CEN 31 Barnesville, Minn. 226, 349 Nundahl, Judith CHE 11 Rutland 157 Nustad, Elizabeth CPH 11 Larimore 252 Nygard,James CEN 31 Leonard 279, 328, 329 Nygard, Jan CEN 21 Ogema, Minn. 127 Nyrnon, Mavis, Ph. D. Fargo 295 Nystrom, Carl, B. S. Fargo 53, 210, 238, 239 N ystuen, Peder, M . S. Fargo 35 Nysveen, Robert CAG 11 Hillsboro 157, 254, 322 385 Ostrem, Jane CPH 31 Fargo 128, 263, 295, 375 Otis, David CAS 21 Fargo 144, 275, 276 Otterson, RodoUM. A. Fargo 52 Overboe, David CAS 31 Kindred 128, 283, 353 Overson, Kay CAS 41 Fargo 69, 164, 188, 266, 292 Owen, Shubel M. S. Fargo 37, 200, 307 Ownes, Ruth CAS 21 Valley City 144 Oxton, Lanier CEN 31 Fargo 234, 235, 308 Oyloe, Marlene CHE 31 Williston 128, 250, 267 Ozbun,judith M. S. Fargo 108 Italics: Faculty, Administration and Staff Qiuam. Gerlad KAG 41 Mfyndmere 48, Raney, David KEN 21 Drayton 145. 361 210,212,219 P Page, George KAS 41 Bismarck, 69 Palczewski,i1erry KAS 11 157 Palmer, Douglas KCT 61 314 Palmer, Doaglai M. Fargo 89, 232 Palmer, Susan KHE 11 Carrington, 157, 313 Palmer, William, KEN 41 Breckenridge. Minn, 91, 298 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL KSENIOR1 Parker, Marcia KAS 11 Fargo 151 Parker, Westly KAS 21 Nekoma 144 Parkhouse, Kendall KAG 21 Arthur 250 280 Parkinson, Gary, Renmare, 91 , 299, 324, 336 370 Parsons,-Iesse I.. Ph. D. Fargo. 39 Parsons, 1.inda KAS 31 Fargo 128, 265, Pate, George, KEN 31 Fargo, 336 352 Patrick, Clifford. KAG 11 Alexandria. Minn. 233 Patrick, Dale KCH 21 Wilton, 362 Paulson, Dale. KPH 41, Fargo, 128 Paulson, Gary KAG 31 Halliday, 128, 261, 322 Paulson. Gerald KEN 21 Luverne, 144, 281, 264 Paulson. Alohn KEN 41 Rugby, 91, 275 Paulsrud. Gary KAS 21 Hendrum, Minn. 226, 231 . 274 Peach, David KEN 41 Fargo, 91, 296, Pearson, Gerald, KPH 41 Fargo, 1 10 144, 336 Peltier, Lynne, KPH 31, 128, 310, 341. 342, Fargo Peltonen, Bonnie KAS 41 Eveleth, Minn. 69 Pender. Gary KAG 31 Barnesville, 236, 254 322 lIl'I110I1,l.j'll' T. SFC., U.S.A. Fargo 55 l,I'!ll1Pl', Ralph M. S., Fargo, 98 lIP!IlII'I',E1'l1I1 H. l,l1.D.,F!I7'QIl.42 Pepple. Dellan KAG 31 Cathay 128, 319 Perry. David. KEN 31 Bismarck 236, 333 Perry. Donald KEN 31 Bismarck, 128, 333 l'er1j', Earl D.. B. S.. .11ajor, l'.S.A. Fargo, 55, 374 Person. Ginger. KAS 11 Litchville. 314, 317. 321 Persons. 1.orna KAS 11Yalley City. 232 l'1'.ttex, ,111flIl1!'l N., .1I. S.. Fargo, 83 Peters. Elaine. KHE 41 Rugby. 103 Peterson. Alan. KPH 21244 Peterson, Allan. KAS 31 Buxton, 128, 259. 347. 367 Peterson. Andrew, Hunter. KAG 21 317 Peterson. Claudia KAS 11 Fargo, 264 Pederson, Daryl. KEN 31 Fargo 128 Peterson. Dennis KCH 31. 128, 283 Peterson. Donald KEN 31. 334 171'11'f.YUI1, Donald, M.S.. Fargo, 82 Peterson, Durwood. KAS 41 Mandan. 6 144 Pederson, Galen KAS 21 Roseglen, Pederson. Gary KCH 11 Grandin, 338 Peterson. Glenn A.. Ph. D., Fargo 38 Pederson, Herman, KAG 21 Enderlin, 128 Peterson. Robert H.. PH. D., Fargo, 76 Peterson, I.inda, KHE 31 Cavalier, 128. 250, 264. 295,373 Peterson, 1.yle, KCT 61 Nome, 301 Peterson, Robert KEN 31 Fargo. 331 Peterson, Susan. KAS 11 Harwood, 157. 344, 345 268. l,c"fl'li.V0lI. Vern Deateine, B. S., Fargo. 279 I'elIee,E1lgene W., Ph. D., Fargo, 52 Pewe, Karen KPH 21 McHenry, 342 Pfeifer, Gary KAS 31 Oakes, 129, 151, 186, 187 Pl'if1'ner, Carl, KCH 31 Fargo. 128. 257, 294, 350, 359. 363 291. Pflipsen, Ed. H. KAS 31 Sauk. Centre, Minn PHI KAPPA PHI 234 Phillijnyjessie D., M.A., Fargo, 58 PHI MU 272 Pianka, Kathleen KAS 11 252 Pich, William, KAS 21 Fargo, 144 Pickworth, Stella, Ph. D., Fargo 51 Pierce, john KAG 21 251, 344, 345, Page Pietsch, William KAG 21 Hankinson, 319 Pile, Wendy KHE 31 Santa Rosa, Calif., 128, 263, 305, 342, 363, 373 Pinekney, Alvin j ., M .S. Fargo 40 Pladson, Ray KAS 41 Hatton 69 Plath, Ronald, Davenport, KAG 21 128, 281. 322 Platt, Katerine KAS 21 Fargo, 144, 265, 306, 344. 345, 359, 363, 375 Pluth,john KEN 41 Moorhead, Minn. 91, 275. 326 Poitras, Phillip KEN 41 Fargo 91. 298, 334 Polasky, Ralph KAG 41 Tappen, 48 Polifka, Owen KPH 11 Campbell, Minn. 276 Pollock, Perry, KEN 11 Alice, 220 Popel,Stephar1 A., M. A., Fargo, 60 Poppe, james, KPH 21 Mandan, 144, 277 Posely, Clare, B. S., Fargo 236 Post, Richard, Lewis, Ph. D., Fargo 41 Powell, Frank, KEN 31 Amidon, 128, 285 PRE-VETERINARY CLUB, 317 Powell, Gary, KAS 31 Great Falls, Mont., Prasek, Ronald KEN 21 Lidgerwood, 145, 342 Pratt, Delbert R., SlSgt., U.S.A.F., Fargo, 56 Primozich, Charles KPH 31 Eveleth, Minn., 128 Pring, Bette KAS 41 Fargo, 69 Prinkkila, Edward KEN 41 Eveleth, Minn., 91, 335 Promersberger, William M. S.. Fargo, 37, 328 Prouty,Rirlzar11 W., B.S., Fargo, 108 Puppe. Wayne KAG 31 Hensel, 128, 255, 315, 381 Q Qiualey. Sheryl KHE 31 Cooperstown 129, 253 254 Qiuandt, David KEN 11 Fargo 157 Qylarve. Patil KEN 21 Fessenden 322, 348 Quick, joan KHE 21 Starkweather 145, 267 Quick, Richard KCH 21 Starkweather 129 Quinn, Andrew KAG 11 Litchfield. Minn. 210 R Rachowxlohn KAS 41 Hillsboro 257 Radke, Duwayne KEN 31 Twin Valley 129, 279 Radniecki. Dean KEN l1Oklee. Minn. 157 Rafftery, Gerald KAS 21 Fargo 235, 308 RA-IAH CLUB 350 Rambough,,1aniceKHE 11 Braddock 145, 272 Ramsey, Doreen KAS 11 Twin Valley. Minn. 252 Raer. Elsie,M.S. f1l1'I1C107I,1VI1II11. 53 Raley, Fra nk, NLS. Fargo 81 Ranum, Lynn KEN 31 New Town 91. 277, 374 Raxmizxserz, Erling, B.S. Fargo 81, 291 Rasmuson, Mark KAS 31 Minot 69, 285 Rasmusson, Pauline KAS 31 Devils Lake 129. 273 Rasmussen. Peter KEN 11 Stephen. Minn. 145,283 Rasmusson, William KAG 41 Warwick 48. 257 PHI ETA SIGMA 294 Rau, A. joseph. Pl1. D. Moorlleaal, Minn. 52 386 Raymond, Gerald KPH 41 Fargo 110, 271 Reames, Ronald KAS 11 Fargo 157 Reardon, Thomas KAS 11 Intl., Falls, Minn. 219, 294 Redlin, Ralph KAG 21 Ellendale 145, 183, 344, 345 Redmann, Allen KAG 41 Crystal 48, 165, 186, 276. 304 Reed, Gary, SP5, U.S.A. Fargo 54 Reed, Alanet KAS 21 Fargo 145, 265, 295, 375 Reed, Nancy KAS 11 Fargo 157, 264, 353 Regelstad. Carol KPH 41 Casselton 290, 310, 31 1 Reichart, William KEN 21 Dickinson 280 Reid, Harriett KHE 41 252 Reid, 1.eonard KAS 41 Port Arthur, Can. 69. 103,307 Reinarts. Thomas KEN 31 Minot 129, 275, 331 Reis. Robert KEN 11 Bismarck 371 Renschler, Timothy KAS 21 Mandan 145. 257 Rensvold, Sandra KAS I1 Moorhead, Minn. 266 Reojzelle, Richard, B.S. Fargo 107 Restemayer, Lois, B.S. Fargo 306 Revier, Peter KAS 21 Waubun, Minn. 219,316 Revier, Thomas KAG 31 Waubun, Minn. 316 Reynolds, Brian KAS 41 Enderlin 221 Reynolds, Emily, M.S. Fargo 98 Rheineelc,A1fred, Ph. D. 76,77 Rice, kludith KHE 31 Williston 129, 263, 305, 373 Rich, Ralph KEN 31 Minot 369 Richmond, Glenda, B.S. Fargo 60 Ridgeway, Dianne KHE 11 Larimore 145 Ridgway, Dorothy KHE 41 West Fargo 103 Riebe, Grover, KEN 31 Pingree 129, 283 Riebe, William KAG 11 Pingree 157, 282 Riedsesl, Marvin KAS 31 Cathay 70, 307 Rieger, Dennis KAG 31 Walcott 222, 328 Rime, Roderick KAS 41 Ellendale 70, 345 Ring, I.lewellyn KAG 31 Dresden 129, 255, 322 Rinke, David KCH 61 Wheaton, Minn. 48, 255,323 Rising,Alire,1W.S. Fargo 98 Ritchey, David KPH 41 Carrington 286 Riveland, Allan M. A. Fargo 59 Rivinius,-1erryKPH 41E1gin 236 Roarlz, Corwin, Ph. D., S.T.D. Fargo 52, 61 Robertson, David KAS 11 Eau Claire, VVisc. 219 Robinson, Matthew KAG 21 Coleharbor 145, 254,323 Robson, Maryann KCH 11 West Fargo 157, 163.262 Rochefort, Beth, M. A. 30, 364 Roden.A1ennil'er KAS 21 Fargo 145, 250, 265, 293, 359, 375 Rodger,.1udith KAS 11 Fargo 145 Rogers, Sarabeth KAS 21 Wahpeton 145 Rogne, Blames KCH 31 West Fargo 129 Rohrer, Kathleen KHE 11 Churchs Ferry 157. 314 Roland, Earl KAG 31 Bottineau 129, 319 Ronstad, Alanice KCH 31 Oakes 295, 314 Ronningen, Barbara KPH 11 Fargo 262, 348 Rosenvold, Don KAS 31 Ray 129 Ross, Frank KAS 61 Fargo 207 Rll1lI,RIlgl'1',B.S. Fargo 81 Rud, Gilman KAG 31 Portland 130, 255 Rude. Darlene KPH 21 Ada, Minn. 31, 130, 375 Rudolph. Carol KAS 21 Barney 145 Rudolp. Gordon KAG 11 Barney e19 Rugland. Roger KEN 41 Palermo 92. 298, 331 Rzmzpel, Donald, B.S., Capt., USA. Fargo 55. 375 Rttnestrand. VVarren KAS 11 Fargo 280 Running, Gerald KAG 41 Bonetraill 261, 319 Rusness, Donald KCH 41 Moorhead, Minn. 79 275 350 Italics: Faculty, Administration and Staff Russell, Don CAS 43 Mandan 130 Russell, Ralph CEN 43 Fargo 92,330 Russell, Seth, Ph. D. Fargo 50 Rutledge, Sharon CHE 13 Langdon 145, 313 Rygg, Susan CHE 13 Portland 157 Rysgaard, Glenda CAS 23 Noonan 145 Rystedt, James CPH 53 Powers Lake 11 l, 259,311,350 S Sackett, Leonard A., NIA., Fargo, 58 SADDLE AND SIRLOIN 323 Sailer,James, CAG 13 Beulah, 260, 316, 319, 323 Sakshang, Thomas M. M.S. Fargo 83, 308, 324 St. Croix, Ronald, CEN 23 Norma, 130 Salama, Dorothea, Fargo, 58 Salama, Fathi, M., Ph. D., Fargo, 77 Salo, Maureen, CHE 43 Stanley, 103 Salters, Bettyjean, M.S., Fargo, 29, 295 Salveson, Ross, CAG 13 Wildrose 157, 219 Salvi, Richard CCH 13 Valley City, 232 Salzieder, Kenrad, CAG 23 La Moure, 315 Samson, Marlowe, CAS 13 Sisseton, S. Dak., 219 Samdal, Paul Conrad, Ph. D., Fargo, 309 Sanders, Carol, CHE 43 Oakes, 103, 250, 253, 265, 306, 186 Sanderson, Carol CAS 13 Willow City, 157 Sanderson, Karen CHE 43 Cooperstown, 103, 263 Sanderson, Laura CHE 23 Malta, Mont., 145 Sanderson, Robert CAG 43 48, 281, Malta, Mont. Sands, F. H., Ed. D., Fargo, 76 Sather, Barbara, CHE 23 Brainerd, Minn.,145 265, 337 Sather, Mike, CPH 23 Wadena Minn. 210, 270 145 Sathre, Dennis CEN 43 Battleview, 92, 334 Sathre, Roger CEN 13 Battleview, 157, 258, 321 Satrom, Joseph, CAS 13 Galesburg, 146, 259, 320 Satrom, Robert CAG 43 Galesburg, 48, 259, 315 Satterwaite, Gary CAG 23 New Town, 130, 248, 361 Saugstad, Gail CAS 13 Minot, 157, 252, 353 Saunders, David CAS 43 Minot 233, 349, 352 Savageau, Thomas CAS 23 Fargo, 130, 281 Savold, Steven CAS 43 Fargo, 70, 290, 308 Sawyer, Devona, CHE 13 Lignite, 158, 312 Schaar, Patricia CHE 13 Scranton, 362 Schaar, Robert, Scranton, 130 Schafer, David CAG 33, Hillsboro, 318 Schafer,Joseph CAS 23 Minot, 226 Schagner, LeRoy, W., M.S. Fargo 36 Schagunn, Jerome CAS 33 Cathay 372, 130 Schander, Frank CAG 33 Cathay 139, 319 Scharnberg, Lorne CAG 43 Fargo 48 Scharosch, Albert CEN 43 Fargo 92, 334 Schatz, Colleen CHE 13 Bergen 32 Schatz, Deverne CAS 23 Bismarck 130, 371 Schatz,Jeanett CHE 23 Elgin 146 Schefter,John CAG 43 Langdon 48 Scheiber, Renee CHE 13 Rugby 348 Schermeister, Leo james, Ph. D. Fargo 107 Schilling, Clarence, Ph. D. Fargo 59 Schindler, James CAS 33 Barnesville, Minn. 187, 210 Schindler, David, B .S . Fargo 290 Schindler, Kathe, A.M. Fargo 60 Schjelderup, Leslie CEN 43 Plummer, Minn. 92, 330 Schalfmann, Jarvis CEN 33 Turtle Lake 130, 259, 333 Schalfmann, Sharon CHE 43 Turtle Lake 103, 186, 301, 307 Schlecht, Larry CAS 33 Fargo 70 Schlenker, Harold CEN 33 Ellendale 92, 378, 330 Schlicht,Jerome CAS 33 Melrose, Minn. 210, 213, 349 Schlicting, Lois CAS 23 Garrison 146, 267, 365 Schlictmann, Gerald CAG 43 Hillsboro 49 Schlichtmann, Marvin CEN 23 Hillsboro 146, 283 Schlieman, Ronald CAS 13 Makoti 232, 284 Schipper, 1the1D.V.M. Fargo 43 Schloss, Loretta CHE 13 Esmond 141 Schloss, Phillip CEN 43 Esmond 92 Schlupp, Larry CEN 43 Morris, Minn. 92, 251, 291, 333 Schmidt, Dee Rae CAS 43 Hutchinson, Minn. 70, 267 Schmidt, Karen CHE 23 Goodrich 130, 313 Schmit,John CAG 13 Lisbon 189 Schmit,Joseph CCH 33 Lisbon 130, 258, 294, 315, 320 Schmitz, Art CAS 43 Fargo 70 Schmitz, Robert CAS 23 Bismarck 130, 284, 285 Schnaidt, Jacob CAS 13 Dickinson 158, 259 Schneider, Gerald CAS 23 Bln Ullin 130, 369 Schneider, E.Joseph CAS 33 Fargo 168, 251 Schneider, William CEN 43 Glen Ullin 80, 92, 297, 298, 330 Schock, Martin CEN 33 Turtle Lake 298, 328 Schoeppach, Duane CPH 43 Hope 130, 270 Scholes, Allison CAG 33 Carson 154 Scholl, Calvin CAS 33 Grandin 130 Scholl, Kar CAS 23 Grandin 130 Schollmeyer, C. R. CHE 43 Dunn Center 103, 253 Schommer, Lois CHE 33 Munich 131, 313, 336 Schooler, Sheldon CCH 23 Fargo 294 Schooley, Robert CPh 23 Covina, Calif. 270 Schou,John CAG 13 Kenmare 151, 318, 319 Schlipf Ruth, B.S. Fargo 57 Scholz, Earl, Ph D. Fargo 41 Schroeder, Fred CAG 23 Valley City 146, 219 Schroedl, Paul CEN 43 Bismarck 92, 278, 298 Schuelke, Jerome CEN 43 Boyd, Minn. 92, 188, 298, 302, 350 Schultz, Kay CEN 33 Detroit Lakes, Minn. 131, 169, 334 Schulz, Schulz, Schulz, j ohn, Ph. D. Fargo 41 Schulz, Robert CEN 43 Moorhead, Minn. 158 Schulz, Robert CCH 13 Fargo 92, 338 Schuster, Reinhold, B. S . Fargo 82 S chwartz, Donald, Ph. D. Fargo 76 Schwartzwalter, Myra CHE 13 Steele 362 Schwinden, Morris CAS 33 Fargo 374 Schwols, Kenneth CCH 33 Devils Lake 338 Sciacca, Richard CAS 23 Nekoosa, Wisc. 210 Sciacca, Robert CAS 23 Nekoosa, Wisc. 210, 356 Score, David CEN 23 Colfax 146,278 Score, Orin CEN 23 Colfax 146, 278, 334, 355, 360 Scott, D. Dean, M. S. Fargo 29, 3214, 251 Scott, Michael CAS 33 Fargo 131, 275 Scott, Wayne CPH 53 Minot 111, 236, 349 Seaburg, Tom CPH 33 Fargo 131, 270 Seaworth, Theda CAS 43 Calvin 70, 184, 186, 188, 301, 307, 344, 345, 365 Seidler, Alice CHE 43 Garrison 103 Selig, Malcolm CEN 43 Jamestown 323, 326, 327 Selland, Thomas CEN 53 Fargo 299, 336 Seltvedt, Donovan CPH 13 Harvey 256 Selvig, David CAS 13 Fargo 280 Sem, John CAG 13 Battle Lake, Minn. 222, 319 387 Semling, Stephen CPH 23 St. Helens, Ore. 146 Senechal, Myron CAG 33 Overly 131, 254, 255 Senger, Robert CAS 23 Orrin 131, 368 Setness, Ronald CAS 33 Adams 131 Severson, David CPH 43 Battle Lake, Minn. 131, 275, 290, 294, 311 Severson, Ray CCH 23 Baker, Minn. 235, 349 Sexhus, Dennis CAG 33 Leeds 131, 275 Shan, Nalin CEN 63 Bombay 330, 332 Shane, Delroy CPH 53 Fargo 111, 270 Sharpe,Joyce CAS 33 Fargo 131, 264 Shaw, Ronald CEN 13 Bismarck 360, 362 Sheldon, Clark CAG 43 Mapelton 49, 222,329 Sheldon,Jeffrey CAS 13 Fargo 284 Shelstad, Merlin CEN 43 Moorhead, Minn. 290, 299, 336 Sheldon, Lorissa, M. S. Fargo 97 Shelton, Denise CHE 13 Bottineau 262, 313, 364 Shelver, David CPH 23 Dunseith 146, 270 Shelver, William, Ph. D. Fargo 107 Sheppard,Judith CHE 23 Lisbon 363 Shermoen, Richard, M . A. 59 Sherwood, Susan CAS 33 Lisbon 70, 265, 365 Shipley, Sandra CAS 13 Steele 158, 262 Shipman, Marvin CEN 63 Granville 92, 326 Sholts, Dorothy CAS 43 Bismarck 70, 264, 270, 290, 305, 306, 342 Showers, Gary CAS 23 Barrington, Ill 210 Shuey, Willaim CAG 63 Fargo 40 Shulman, Sol, Ph. D. Fargo 76, 365 S ibbitt, Leonard Fargo 40 S iberry, Robert, B . D. Fargo 3 62 Siemers,JeffCAS 13 Bowbells 158 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 274 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA 306 SIGMA CHI 280 SIGMA NU 276 SIGMA PHI DELTA 278 Silha, Kenneth CAG 13 Bowman 315,319 Sillman, William CPH 43 York 111, 283 Silver, William CAS 23 Gardner 280 Simonson, Charles CEN 33 Argusville 131, 285 Sinness, Roger CAS 23 Minnewaukan 131 Sjue, Karen CAS 23 West Fargo 267, 348, 352 Skaare, Gene CAS 33 Williston 131, 274 Skadberg, John CAS 13 Carrington 158 Skalicky, Carol CHE 43 Powers Lake 103 Skari,Judith CAS 13 Balfour 158 Skarstad, Norman CAG 33 Voltaire 329 Skjoiten, Mae CAS 33 Hatton 252, 359 Skooye, Marvin, M. S. Fargo 82 Skagen, Madeleine, M. S. Fargo 50, 59 Skorick, Marlys CHE 23 Butte 313 Skubitz, Frank CEN 43 St. Paul, Minn. 331 Skurdal, Arlie CAS 23 Fargo 361 Skurdal, Elaine CHE 43 Fargo 103, 290, 301 Slater, Carl, Ph. D. Fargo 76 Slayton,Judy CPH 23 Fargo 146 S leeper, Bayard, Ph. D. Fargo 39 S leightm Stephen M . S . Fargo 1 08 Sletteland, Norman CEN 33 Devils Lake 329 Sletten, Paul CAS 33 Kindred 131 Slingsby, Kenneth CEN 13 Argusville 158, 369 Sliper, Myron CAS 23 Rugby 146, 283 Slocum, Sharon CAS 13 Chaffee 146 Smaaladen, Loanne CPH 13 Aneta Smith, Charles CAG 43 Sheyenne 261, 303, 314,315 Smith, Gary CPH 13 New York, N. Y.98, 144, 270 Smith, Gale, M. S. Fargo 31 Smith, Glenn, Ph. D. Fargo 28, 38 Smith, Karen CPH 23 Fargo 295 Smith, Lloyd CAS 33 Adrain 70, 285 Smith, Richard B. A. Fargo 93 Smith, Sheryl CPH 13 Beach 158 Smolz, Phillip CPH 43 Hibbing, Minn. 131, 270, 31 1 Smylie, Michael CEN 13 Wheatland 258 Italics: Faculty, Administration and Smff Starkey, Alden KEN 45 Fargo 298 Snuff, ud KAS 45 Fargo 101, 188,263,307 1 Y Snyder, Russell, M. A. Fargo 52 Sobolik, Francis KAG 25 Pisek 318 Soderberg, Gary KEN 15 Buxton 146 Soderstrom, Charles KAG 15 Langdon 254 Soine, Terry KAS 25 Wildrose 371 Sokol, Otto, Ph. D. West Fargo 51 Soldberg, Alice KCH 15 Alsen 338 Solberg, Bruce KEN 15 Cando 258, 320 Solberg, Gary KAS 25 Cando 146, 259, 320 Soldberg, Glenn KPH 25 Cooperstown 147, 275,342 Solberg, Sharon KHE 25 Mylo 147, 313, 314 Sommerfield, David KAS 45 Fargo 71 Sonn, Roger KAG 15 Lemmon, S. Dak. 319 141, Sorenson, Donna KHE 35 Kathryn 131, 320 Sorenson, Frederick KAG 25 Ross 147, 284 Sorenson, Marjorie KAS 45 Kathryn 71 Sorlien, Gary KAS 35 Hatton 131, 285 Sorteberg, Curtis KCH 25 Bowdon 131, 258, 320, 337 Sorum, Lyle KAG 25 Pelican Rapids, Minn. 260, 316, 319 SPECTRUM 366 Sperle, Donna KAS 15 Napoleon 158, 342 Sperle, Robert KAG 35 Napoleon 49, 255, 315 Spier, Mary KHE 25 Fargo 147 Spiese, Walter KPH 25 Bowbells 275, 342 Spitzer, Kathy KAS 45 Bismarck 71, 199, 253, 306, 344 Spitzer, Phyllis KAS 35 Bismarck 131, 265 Spong, Siri KAS 35 Fargo 131, 250, 263, 307, 348, 352, 373 Sprick, Karen KCH 35 Fargo 286, 295, 338 Stow Donald, Ph. D. Fargo 1 07 S tallings, Harris, M . A . Fargo 58 Stallings, Harriett, M. A. Fargo 60, 288a Steffel,Janice KHE 25 Bird Island, Minn. 249, 313 Steffens, Gerald KEN 25 Jamestown 147 Steidl, Richard KEN 15 Fargo 158, 371 Steifer, Raymond KAG 45 Cavalier 319 Steinberger, A. John KEN 35 Minot 132, 278 Steinhouse, Dorothy KHE 15 Pettibone 313 Steinmetz, Alton KEN 35 New England 132, 285, 325 Steinwand, Angela KAS 15 Merricourt 158, 285,325 Steinweg, Gordon KCH 15 Fargo 284 Stellmach, Judith KAS 35 Barnsville, Minn. 132 Stephens, Dianne KAS 15 Fargo 352 Stern, Mary KAS 25 Garrison 359 Stern, Roy KEN 45 Dodge 93, 297, 398, 331 Sterton, Robert KPH 25 Hendrum, Minn. 147 Stevens, Orin, D. S. Fargo 51 Stine, Lynne KHE 25 Valley City 266 Stock, Cheryl KHE 35 Moorhead, Minn. 132, 250 Stockstad, Rodney KCH 45 Milnor 79, 275 Stoddart, Jerry KAS 15 Jamestown 284 Stoddart, Nancy KHE 15 Jamestown 158 Stokka, Elaine KHE 25 Cooperstown 147 Stokke, Ekof KAG 35 Williston 132, 255, 321, 350 Stolar, Edgar KAS 25 Winnipeg, Can. 147 Stoller, Leo KAS 15 Chicago, Ill. 168, 247 Stone, Carol KPH 35 Barney 132, 147, 364 Stone, Michael KEN 15 371 Storms, Susan KHE 25 Hibbing, Minn. 262, 31 1, 365 Stoutland, John KEN 25 Fargo 147, 278 Stover,Joanne KHE 15 Larimore 158 Strand,John KAS 45 Fargo 71 Strand, Ronald KAG 15 Barton 276 Strand, Vicki KAS 35 Portland 132, 307 Strandberg, Lee KPH 25 Valley City 147, 281 Streimikes, Dale KEN 15 Minnetonka, Minn. 232 Strickler, Donald KAG 25 Euclid, Minn. 255, 322 Stroebel, Georgia KHE 25 Deering 312 Struble, Charlotte KAS 35Jamestown 132, 273 Struble, Keith KAG 35 Jamestown 49, 255, 322 Strum, Daniel KAS 15 Fargo 337 STUDENT NEWS BUREAU 370 STUDENT SENATE 186 Stugart, David B. S . Fargo 30 Sturdevant, Terry KAS 35 Wahpeton 213, 256, 349 Sturdevant, Virgil KAS 35 Wahpeton 210, 212 217, 349 Suby, Thomas KAS 35 Fargo 132,257 Sugiharajames, Ph. D. Fargo 74, 76 Sulerud, Sandra KAS 25 Lisbon 147 Suman, Gerald KEN 25 Bemidji, Minn. 226, 227 Summers, Grant KEN 25 Bowbells 282, 342 Sunderland, David KEN 15 Milton 158, 254, 322 Sundsbak, Bryan KAG 25 Des Lacs 260, 261, 322 Svobodny, Jim KAS 25 Fargo 220, 235, 308, 349 Swallers, C lrence, M . S . Fargo 3 7 Swanson, David KEN 25 Fargo 336 Swanson, David KPH 55 Lidgerwood 11, 275, 291, 300 Swanson, Gaylon KAS 45 Jamestown 71, 281 Swanson,Joan KAS 15 Fargo 337 Swanson, John KPH 35 Cummings 270, 274, 31 1 Swanson,John KAS 15 Lidgerwood 147 Swanson, Mark KAS 15 Fargo 344 Swanson, Tom KAS 45 Fairmount 71 Swant, David KEN 35 Bainville, Mont. 294, 334, 369 Swardstrom, Paul KCH 45 Hurdsfield 79 Swedberg, Karen KAS 25 Fargo 147, 265, 295 Swenson, Eileen KHE 25 Kindred 132, 250, 273 Swenson, Janelle KPH 35 Sanborn 252, 310, 311 Swenson, Larry KAG 25 Moorhead, Minn. 254 Swenson, Wallace KAS 15 Walcott 158 Swindler, Robert KAG 15 Mott 147, 285 Swindler, KHE 25'Mott 147, 342, Symington, Garnet KAG 35 Neche 132 Symington, William KAG 25 Meche 147 Sys, Richard KAG 15 Minot 158, 254, 319,322 Szudera, Roger KAG 15 Beach 319 T Tahran, Dennis KAS 25 Cleveland 147 Tahran, Dwight KAS 25 Clevland 147 Tannehill, Bruce KCH 45 Fargo 79, 188 Tapper, William KEN 35 Alexandria, Minn. 274 Tareski, Val B. S. Fargo 82, 368 Tasa, Gerald KEN 15 Trail, Minn. 159 Tastad, Elizabeth KHE 15 Mayville 312 TAU BETA P1298 TAU BETA SIGMA 305 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 282 Taus, Ernest KEN 35 Angus, Minn. 132,329 Taylor, Elizabeth KAS 45 Williston 71 Taylor, Frederick Ph. D. Fargo 36 Taylor, Gaylen KAS 35 Fargo 132, 253, 307, 373 Taylor, Maureen KHE 25 San Diego, Californ- ia 147, 266, 352 Taylor, Patricia KHE 35 Fargo 132, 263, 301, 373 388 Tellinghuisen, Jack KPH 55 Fargo 300 Tesky, D. Jean KHE 45 Bismarck 103, 253 Tessier, Sandra KHE 35 Fargo 132, 263 Tharaldson, Thomas KPH 35 Moorhead, Minn. 133, 271 Thesing, Daniel KAS 45 Lewiston, Minn. 71, 210,213 THETA CHI 284 Thiel, Harlan KAS 25 Mandan 132, 257 Thomas, Delwyn, KEN 45 Medora 93 Thomas, james M . S . Fargo 29, 1 78 Thomas,John KAS 35 Bismarck 71 Thomas, Mary KHE 25 Egeland 148 Thomas, Patricia KAS 15 Linton 148 Thompson, Anita KAS 25 Fargo 148 Thompson, Janice KHE 35 Buxton 132, 275, 305, 373 Thompson, Karen KHE 15 Bismarck 159, 313 Thompson, Mark KAS 25 Charlson 148, 285 Thompson, Matilda M. A. Fargo 59, 201, 295 Thompson, Pamela KAS 15 Fargo 266 Thompson, Polly KAS 15 Kindred 304 Thompson, Robert KCH 15 Mandan 133 Thompson, Robert G. KAG 35 Page 275 Thompson, Sharon KHE 15 Casselton 148, 313 Thordal, Linda KHE 35 Gary, Minn. 133, 253 Thortinnson, Karen KAS 35 Fort Ranson 346 Thorp, Paul, KAG 25 Churchs Ferry 319, 148 Thorson, Erling B. S . Fargo 31 Thuner, Larry KAG 35 Hansboro 363 Thurlow, Stanley KAS 15 Fargo 159, 274 Thyberg, Michael KEN 45 Washburn 133, 168, 328, 329 Thygesen, Carlton KPH 25 Fessenden 148, 271, 350 Tibert, Bill KAG 15254, 322 Timian, Roland Ph. D. Fargo 42 Tingum, Sharon KHE 15 Wyndmere 312 Titus, Gary KEN 45 Enderlin 93, 298 Tofte, Lloyd KAS 75 Grand Forks 148 Toivonen, Rita B. A. Moorhead, Minn. 58 Tollerud, Roger KAS 25 Fargo 372 Toman, Helen KAS 15 Mandan 268 Tomlinson, Ann KAS 25 Fargo 266 Tool, Brian KAS 25 Fargo 148 Torgerson, Terry KAG 15 Rugby 274 Torgeson, Eileen KAS 15 159, 264, 345, 344, 353, 359 Toring, Edythe Fargo 32a Toring, Renee KHE 15 Valley City 159 Toring, Robert KEN 25 Valley City 284 Torno, Delton KEN 55 Max 93, 336 Torok, Barbara KAS 15 Fargo 268 Trambley, Garber KEN 35 Bottineau 133, 283 Trapp, Melanie KAG 25 Fargo 317 Trautmann, Linda KAS 45 Fargo 71, 266 Treat, Daniel KAG 25 Fargo 256, 365 Trenbeath, Allan KAG 35 Neche 133, 286 Triebwasser, Norman KEN 25 Altamont 148, 224,275 Trieglaff, Carol KHE 45 Frazee, Minn. 103, 188, 301, 307 Triggs, Pamela KAS 35 Fargo 359 Truckowski, Richard KCH 35 Bottineau 282 TRYOTA312 Tschaekofske, Sidney KAG 15 Dodge 317 Tuchscherer, David KPH 35 Rugby 133 Tuchscherer, Robert KPH 45 l33,266,228, 229 Tuhy, Richard KAG 15 Killdeer 317, 319 Turner, Larry KAG 35 Fargo 49, 286, 315 Turner, Maureen KAG 15 Fargo 272, 317 Tutt, Orrin KCH 35 Garrison, Minn. 79 Twichell, Seth B. Arch Fargo 82 U Uglem, Donald KAG 15 Northwood 159 Italics: Faculty, Administration and Staff Ulfers, Jeanette CHE 15 Beach 159, 311 Ulmer, Gerald CPH 25 Fullerton 148, 254 Ulrich, Ruth CHE 35 Callaway, Minn. 133 Ulven,jerrold CEN 15 Walcott 159 V Vacik,james, Ph. D., Fargo 107 Valentine, Thomas CAG 15 Langdon 314 Va1er,james CEN 35 New Rockford 328 Van Beek, Margaret CHE 25 Westfield 344 Van Beek, Roger CEN 35 Ellendale 133, 336, 341 Van Dyke, john CEN 45 Underwood, Minn. 93, 279, 330 Van Hollebeke,jules CAG 35 Kahlotus 323 Van Horn, Carl CEN 35 Turtle Lake 330 Van Slyck, Louis, M. S., Fargo 81 Van Vlissingen, Ernst, M. M. Fargo 61 Vance, Michael CEN 25 Princeton, Minn. 148, 281 Vander Vorst, Gerald CEN 45 Westfield 135, 331, 341 Vasey, Edfred, Ph. D., Fargo 42 Vetter, Richard CEN 25 Esmond 259 Vetter, Roy CAS 35 Linton 259 Vick, Brady CCH 15 Minot 355 Vick, Thomas CPH 45 Fargo 233 Viker, Helen CHE 25 Halstad, Minn. 148, 250, 273 Vincent, Muriel, Ph. D., Moorhead, Minn. 108, 310 Vinje, Darlene CHE 25 Mayville 148, 264, 373 Vinje, David, M. S., Fargo 52 Vinje, Surges CAS 35 Finley 133, 283 Vogel, Lambert, M. S. Fargo 83, 325 Vossler, Verna CAS 45 Ashley 71 Vraa, Ronald CAS 45 Fargo 71, 221, 350, 372 Vukelich, Matthew CEN 35 White Bear Lake, Minn. 133, 210, 275 W Waekerfuss, Richard W., B . S. Fargo Capt. U.s.A.F. 56 Wagner, Claire CAS 25 Fargo 148, 199, 267 Wagnermlames CEN 25 Ada, Minn. 148 Wahl, Eva CAS 25 Monango 242, 267, 375 Wahus, David CAG 25 Cahrlson 133, 255, 322 Wakstein, Mason Phillip, D. Ed Fargo 60 Wald, Allan CEN 45 Edgeley 328, 329 Wald, Donald CAS 15 Venturia 133 Waldera, David CAS 35 165, 277, 374 Waldron, FredR.,B. S. 51 Walker, Eldon Edward, M. A. Fargo 60, 186, 33 7 Walker, Mrs. Marion S., M. S. Fargo 98, 312 Wales, Robert CAS 25 Fargo 148, 308, 358, 360 Walkin, Henry CAS 25 Fargo 148 Walkinshaw, Marilyn CAS 15 Argusville 159 Wallace, Eileen CHF 25 West Fargo 149, 273 Wallentine, Roger CAS 35 Svea, Minn. 210 Walrath, Glenn Arthur, M. S . Fargo 59 Walsh, Frederick G. Ph. D. Fargo 50, 60, 184, 206 Waltad, Mary CHE 15 Minot 159,262 Walters, Billie G., B. D. Fargo 57 Waltz, Kathleen CAS 15 Fargo 159 Walz, Donald CEN 25 Campbell, Minn. 326 Walz, Lawrence CPH 45jamestown 133, 271 Walz, Patricia CPH 15 Ashley 159 Wanner, Daniel CCH 25 Fargo 149, 235, 257 Wanner,john CEN 25 Hebron 328 Ward, Steve CAS 65 Fargo 171 Warner, Linda CHE 25 Devils Lake 149, 264 Watson, Ken CEN 45 Fargo 93, 299, 336, 370 Watson, Mary CAS 35 Fargo 159, 184, 187, 306, 307, 344, 345, 370 Watson, Sharon 159 Watt, Margery CAS 45 Leanord 71, 172, 253 Watt, Nancy CAS 45 Leanord 72, 153 Wattles, Phillip CPH 45 Bemidji, Minn. 270, 291, 133 Weatherly, john CAS 35jamestown 133, 210, 281 Weaver, Leroy W., M. A. Fargo 53 Weber, Robert CEN 45 Hazelton 93, 327 Weber, Roy CAS 35 Cleveland 133 Weber, Wayne CEN 15 Crookston, Minn. 314 Webster, Mabel T., B. S . 58 Wedberg, William CAS 15 Hunter 282 Weed,john CAS 15 Devils Lake 149, 225, 256 Wehrle, Roger E., B. S . Fargo 221 Weible,janette, B. A. Moorhead, Minn. 5 7 Weight, Ronald CEN 15 Fullerton 159, 280 Weinlaeder, David CAG 15 Drayton 317 Weir, Paulj., B. A. Fargo 57 Weishaar, Wayne CAG 45 Lemmon, S. Dak. 261, 322 Wells, Brian CEN 15 Luverne, Minn. 219 Welsh, Lloyd CAG 15 Langdon 319 Wendel, Carlton CAG 25 Crosby 260, 317 Wenrich, Raymond CEN 45 Mason City, Ia. 93, 330 Wensel, Vivian L., B. S. Moorhead, Minn. 53 Wentz, Rodney CAG 45 Napoleon 49, 169, 255, 350 Werk, Kenneth CAG 15 Herman, Minn. 319 West, Constance, M. S . Fargo 60 WESLEY FOUNDATION 363 West, Terry CAS 15 Mandan 256 Westrick, Trudy CAS 25 Fargo 295, 341, 355 Wetterstrom, Betty, B. A., West Fargo 58 Wetterstrom, Ediwn, Ph. D. West Fargo 83 Wetzel, Darrell CAG 25 Robinson 315 Wetzel, Rodger CCH 35 Oberon 134, 186, 189, 282, 291, 294, 314, 372 Wetzstein, Francis CAG 25 Mandan 371 Weyrauch, Phyllis CHE 45 Ray 301 259, Whalen, jeffrey CPH 25 LaMoure 149, 270 White, Dennis CEN 25 Fargo 134, 279 White, Gary CEN 45 Fargo 298 Whitehead, Anton CEN 15 Luverne 371 Whitman, Warren, Ph. D. Fargo 51 Whittaker, j ames, Ph. D. Fargo 52 Widdifield, David CEN 25 Fargo 233, 256, 294 Wiegandt, Ardell CAS 35 Niagara 134, 275, 349 Wiese, Pamela CAS 25jamestown 266 Wieser, Lloyd CEN 35 Fairmount 331 Wiesner, Constance CPH 25 Superior, 249 Wigdahl, Georgia CAS 15 Fargo 159 210, Wis. Wiidakas, john CEN 35 Fargo 134, 294 334 Wiidakas, William M . S ., Fargo 38 Wilcox, Jacqueline CAS 25 Buffalo 149, 264, 352 Wilhelm, Robert CPH 25 Fargo 134, 275 Wilhelmi, Diane CHE 35 Cando 134, 267 Wilke, Alan CAS 15 Battle Lake, Minn. 219 Wilkins, Gerald CAS 35 Fargo 353 Wilkinson, Guy, Ph. D. Fargo 43 Willardsen, Ronald CAG 35 LaMoure 49 259, 319 Williams, Bluette CAS 45 Wimbledon 72, 346, 347 Williams, Lary CEN 35 Barnesville, Minn. 134, 331 Williams, Larry CAS 25 Park Rapids, Minn. 275 Williams, Norman Ph. D. Fargo 38 389 Williamson, Rita CHE 35 Grafton 317 Wills, jane CHE 15 Leonard 159, 312, 314 Wills, Keith CAG 25 Leonard 134, 314, 329 Wilner, Laura CAS 45 Fargo 72, 265 Wilner, Terrence CPH 35 Tower City 134, 284 Wilson, Barbara CAS 35 Hurdsfield 134 Wilson, Clark CEN 45 Minot 93 Wilson, Gretchen CAS 15 Grand Forks 159, 360 Wilson, jane CHE 15 Bowbells 159, 312, 363 Wilson, Kathryn CHE 15 Grafton 313 Wilson, Mary CHE 15 Oklee, Minn. 159, 312 Wilson, Susan CAS 25 Bismarck 341, 363 Wing,james CPH 25 Worthington, Minn. 270 Wisness, Paul CAG 15 Keene 284 Witteborg, Catherine CAS 15 Green Bay, Wis., 262 Witty, Sharon CAS 35 Larson 134 Witz, Fred CEN 15 Fargo 159, 328, 399 Witz, john CEN 35 Fargo 149, 294, 308 Witz, Richard, M . S . Fargo 3 7 Wolden, Douglas CAS 25 Saum, Minn. 315 Wolf, Doris CAS 35 Fredonia 72, 340 Wal Robert, M. S. Fargo 60, 82 Wolff, Elaine CHE 15 Wimbledon 315 Wollenberg, Richard CPH 15 Chicago, Ill. 219 Wollmuth, Lawrence CAG 25 Douglas 149, 260, 261, 322 Wolseth, Madeline CAS 45 Fargo 72, 306 Wolsky, Dennis CAG 25 Bordulac 318 WOMEN'S RECREATION ASSOCIATION 347 Wong, Stewart, Ph. D. Fargo 107 Wood, john CCH 45 Minneapolis, Minn. 79 Wood, Roberta CAS 25 Minot 364 Woodbury, Roland CAG 15 Barney 134 Wright, jerry CEN 25 Stanley 149, 326 Wright, john CEN 45 Flasher 93, 259, 328, 355 Wroe, Steve CAS 35 Fargo 72 Wu, Mei CHE 15 Changhua, China 359 Wurdeman, Larry CCH 15 Mandan 284 Y Yellow Bird, Gloria CHE 15 Minot 341 Yocum,VFgred CAG 35 Fargo 371 Young, Mary Beth CPH 25 Berlin l49,263, 282 YMCA 359 YOUNG REPUBLICANS 353 Young, Trenton CEN 35 Goodlands, Canada 134, 271, 285 YWCA 359 Yuan, Li Shin CEN 65 Tainan, China 81 Z Zeller, Carolyn CAS 45 Mandan 72 Zidon, Thomas CAG 15 Pisek 319 Ziegler, Duane CEN 25 Dickinson 149, 279 Zimmerman, Allan CEN 35 Emrick 134, 334 Zimmerman, Carle, Ph. D., Fargo 73 Zimmerman, Dallas CCH 65 Fargo 134 Zimmerman, Don Ph. D., Fargo 77 Zimmerman, William CAG 45 Arthur 49, 277 Zinsli, Leroy CAS 25 Beach 149 Zoon, Seek Koh, Ph. D., Fargo 75 Zubriski,joseph, Ph. D., Fargo 43, 31 7 Zumburnnen, jane CHE 45 Dickinson 309, 312 Zuther, Kathleen CAS 15 Martin 159 Zweigle, Gary CAG 25 Carrington 149 Italics: Faculty, Administration and Staff -r, .Y-. - - r . , P 1 8 x ww W1 1 g T 1 QM' sv-is Q . wh .F an 4 "! E-. ' . X- . :gp-,,g' A ' A ' view A . f M, --- ,M ww -m,w1-- 'v-f . 'S 'JA , ff . KW Y . Kay , if A ,M an XE '43 ' xg V ,E gl, 3 W 'wr f A Vx, W A . .,4+"'yY Y i f, - eh! , 1 f' I ' L , ,, y- gfff' f ' 4' ' " . -fiaffffgxf " if 'j ' W. f , vi fx 2' , ,af X 1 fy f 1 , "5Jg,H WTA ' Maw ,,., W, . .... HMA , , , H 4 . ' ' ' UF" . ' """' ' ' "wb wwf X A f f 10 I4 ilurmif 45? if Lf . W 14' A P vw , ,. f?+7 Mr I ' C X ' V 5 it - I , Q ' .MJ X . J- 4 1 I- 'I M ' L .f 3 ik 7 ,4 I i I, H gm, 5, 5 X ,R , 'K 1 ' " -ew J nga Ar I, I I I .K , 'f C fn' 1 ' Q' I J ' - -nn-u-r-l- arms-- Q 1' L Qvf' 2 1' ha.. , 8 1 Q" '11..1'z ' fgvwmiw 3 if -uf " Mfr: ., K . M f' .W X, W g M1 5 f if an , Q 44.111 V' 2 2 X 4 A ' I f V f K ' M 1. , wb. , 1 if f Q 4444 1 ii' 4? L -fi , 2 fe' w 3 I 5,5 ff P - A ' S , 2-as , f ' 6 , '- li. w Ep i 5, M .- aff ,X S Q F. 9 'l , ,, 'vs N Y., , A 1 :- "' f f.4 f 7 ' W - .nu gf 4 'qw I , ,Q 0 V -. 1, ,W . ' 4' fW"'fk'S"' 'M -I1-'-"i 'Y . f. F V1 1 A 5 2 ' - '- M 1 ' 5' ' Q L ' " - b, -- X 5 A., 5' " 1 " .' 21:3 ' 5 ' ' " 5 .P il 5 i H-42, I ' "4:' 'uf-'Lf' 4 ' Y ' . ' . I' 'gave 3 'di 17? ' k 1 31 . . ,lr H ff' ' "' I5 :FH -'Z - 1 W, .s -5 1 1 . li

Suggestions in the North Dakota State University - Bison Yearbook (Fargo, ND) collection:

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