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x 0 1 ' 1958 I , l11f QiQ , at 1 1.. If 'no 11 W:-'.25C? " , of N1 'N ,L 33' 1958 BISON l W l ,4,, JUDITH HAMMER, Editor mo.xo,,6 W 4. . SHARON SHEPARD, Busmess Manager,5..,. hw V. Published by the Sloclenlullocly of the North Dollolo Stole College of Fargo, No. Doll. ',.. 1 2 V1-:-- f l ooox 2"2 1'1' , I ,yy .wi H mn.. Whig.. -s:'- - . -HW ,, wnmwmm..-.WM Mg., -. ,'g:5.g.,-, W J ' , A I-c l-r,:,,:,. ' W Q MW 'Q S N ww In one hour, all the might of a furious Nature brought home to NDSC the dreadful power of a plains-state tornado. Un Thursday after- noon, tune 20, 1957, summer session classes had been dismissed, and professors and students had gone home. The campus, never more beau- tiful than at this season, lay quiet under a heavy, oppressive atmosphere. That evening, at 7:30 p.m. the worst tornado in the history of Fargo struck the north side of the city. The mental and physical damages that lay in its wake brutally shocked those who struggled through debris, military cordoas, and crowds of sight-scers to see the ruin inflicted on their college. Damage to the physical plant exceeded a heartbreaking f300,000. The old trees that had shaded the walks were uprooted, and thc formal flower beds were ruined. The roof of the modern library building was torn off, and the rains immediately following the high winds caused interior damagesg mop-up crews of the library summer staff worked late shifts to prevent more serious losses of valuable books and docu- ments. Dinan Hall, where the girls attending summer session were living, also suffered extensive roof damage, and many of the windows in every building on campus had to be replaced. The fierce suction of the tornado caused internal injury to the older buildings, especially the Administration Building, and Ceres Hall. The twisted flagpole on the south end ofthe campus seemed to symbolize the fury of the storm. Buildings associated with the campus in the immediately surround- ing blocks received the worst of the tornado. The college YMCA, long a city landmark, emerged as a pile of loose bricks and rubbleg St. Paul's chapel, the home of the NDSC Newman Club, was also a total loss. Sorority and fraternity members were forced to make large repairs on their houses, and one group had to vacate their site completely. Some college professors in the vicinity found their homes in shambles, while others, less lucky, faced the task of complete rebuilding Classes were dismissed for three days, while inventory was taken of property and dazed personnel and students oriented themselves to their personal ornado thoughts paramount U 'Mu W' ww W W H ' mx ,w1,,1,., 1 , w' , ,, 1 ,v 'Z L mv' M U A W U ..w UM U1 ,M W1 WN N W my ,MMWmW H - WV W W W M my V Vw A 5, M, , 11, W ,N w:w-N-1 ,A uw N , V, ,M M N uwy11".,m!1:" , ,L 32' W , WQQW .. .wwf 1 'kffm 'W' ' ' 'w i ,n N U V I ' S , . HN 2 U W ' ' 1 'f,Qv,'s . ' :Q Y 4 wg: L hum, 1 'AN ' ' , , , A 3,1 "', , "" i L.,.-1' if M1 3, ' ,lx m.'.:.wmgimgw ,Q ,,.,,. 5 Quays, A 1 xp, uf .KL Q5 f Q 1 Q X y sr 1 5 s ,.,,....,...-l.l, I E ! E l E f Y , -- --- -Q-1.3-K., 1.7. .P Q L ' wgfx Q, 1-an ima-4 . Y af 'f.1f'? f' ,sf is- K. 1 V, ,-., 33-,. 'Q mel Nf- A' K 'N 1, -4-4 23" ,....,z 1, -4, Q ' 5 553:55 bs? ,nf W, f - we Q.. 3 Pic, w vm. 3 K 1 La , W Q 1.4 M.,-f' " ' "M as -NX 1.49 .4 ,- ...Q Qf Gui ,Q -gi' ,fi Agfa .KL ,jew 1 'F QW, .Ziggy ,Q vvsaier if R? 'Q' --L. .. li, ?"' we in-gg gg ..,,,az LT- , W . W Wt ,pw--f 'Quiz 1 EYE M4 - sf: , Q.. Q - , --P+ I , Am A Jew ,541 'K , ,S i '- - - -5.551 nl sr I rx- pf. em-.B 919' wi. - g e..,..f+f-32 w 'SEQ 41, Sk :L ,21 A f' .ff s , M 3... , .42gfg.i,'5ffQW'Mf1'-' if--!""L' ' .,-. -......-.fps , 'A - 2,.- , - ,..f.V. I , N - - , .-, ,.,v:.-wav fri I -,W f.. ,, W mar- f . .X- mgg 'N ' , 'A his X 'gp E' 'Qi ,v 1 , H N S . rf' .sz 'fzf gg :gn- 1 losses. President Fred S. Hultz dropped his proposed trip to Alaska to return and direct the restoration operations, and soon crews ol workers and giant tractors made it possible lor students to return to their classes. When classes were resumed, prolessors were hampered hy losses of precious lecture notes and materials, and stu- dents lound it hard to concentrate on academic suhjects while worrying ahout their personal prohlems. Extra class sessions had to he scheduled in order to cover required course material in the weeks remaining in the summer ses- sion, anrl it was often hard to find a classroom unoccupied hy carpenters and other workmen. Alter the close ol summer school, there was still more activity necessary to restore the campus and its buildings for the coming school year. The trees and the llowers will grow again, and what Nature destroyed last june has heen restored, or eventually will he replaced. llut the cost in personal sullering can neither he measured or cotnpcnsated ,and the Iune 20 destruction remains the most soliering thought in recollec- tions ol the college year. in recollections ol the college year Bison Staff ASSOCIATE EDITOR Pat Larson COPY EDITOR Mitzi AIaIIarian LAIYOUT EDITOR Carol Alrralrarmsan PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Dan Efvasrrncrzkor Ass1s'1'AN'1'-A llyn H an DIVISION EDITORS SPOR'1'S-Ran Melrrer RESIDENCES-Dill Dantz AC'I'IVl'I'IES"DTCU'1Y Meclrsrrozlr Lorraine Hanson ORGANIZATIONS'-DCL'U6 Bragg SEN101iS-.Mary McDonald Marjr Eine INDEX-Larraine Dasch Dorothy Gibson STAFF Carolyn Callerrlrach, loc Kacbcnslcy Jenny Kanell, Jane IWnnra, Nancy Alyrclal, Gene Price, Roberta Solnlrnrn Brian I'r'arrrI1lay, Nancy W illiarns, D CONTENTS Z-administration N' bd cholaslic N wPDI'l5 4 Blesidences ww hehibl' PEl'5Ol1aliliES Qeparlmenls and Services 70 BB 128 158 246 290 F, A I11 in 4 li O Il CifQf5fEff,LiW, ,, W' WWWWWW," . W WW WWWWWWWWWW' W,WWWWW'f! . ., W , WWWWWJWWW WW,WW,W. ' W ...V . , .W , ,W W. 4 .NW . . , ...Q WW.. . ........ .....,,,1,v, xy... ,, . ,. ..,fm,,' .. 5 4, .... , W . ,.- .......... I . ,, A, . W-x---Q-W 4 ,. ..y..f4..X,,v ' . , ...... " ,WWE .',WW mv gmt. -: ., ..,. ,,,W,,WWW,, WWW ,!WWFWWW,W,WWW,WWW-fs-' .. W J, -Q-QWWWWWWWW-WWW, ' We W ,WW.WW,:W'3W1',ax. -' W W W ' WWWWWWWWWWW W ,,,-W,W,,WW, ,, "WW.,,,, ' W M-W W W W' 1 , W ,W ,H ,,,WW, W YNMQA W , 5- -.,W,f. .M ' Wy, I W, , ,W-, MWWWWWWWWWW- W 'WW W, WW, W W W WWW WWW WW W W WWW W W W W W WWW W WWW ,QW P., ,W W Wr WW WWW WWW W' WWW WWW W-., ,WWW W W 'IW..,' .W. , am ,.. W ......... W ......... W- we - -M.. fm... QW... ..,W.,. .ww .... .. ,,... mf ,,,.,,,... .,,.,.-.. .M .. ., .,. Wa-- W.. ,, mx . .,,,., mmf.. -X-mu cc . '+:i5g,. .. 'ffl .:.:.:..l : :.,:. I :.:.:.:.1 .. cuW53'3' aww- wwf-- Ke-- ,W-.. lm.. 4 a ww- WQW Ww- :W -- , .. Mx, , A ........ - ,W W., W... A .W 3-4 w. W: --.. '. - A 2 ,l.... ., ,nl .X , - e ,. ,., ,. of , ' . WW! J A W W .WW KW' 552' ZWWJ W W M ' WWW:-. 'W,W -W iw? WWW W W W ""' W WW WW' W , W W W WW, W W W W WWW WW W W... I WW W W W W WW WW WWW W W WWWWW W W WW W W W ,:'41ge".I' .I'.., W W W W W 'W 'W 'W 'W .-W W ix.. 5 '-""41'1'1'- 111111-.N 1:-1 1111131-1.'u: 111.-,.1-.-1--11, N 1, L1 ,1lfjgl-W1j',1111Ei,Zg-11, 1 1 1 " 1' iw 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 o 1 Fred S. Hultz To the President ol our College... A college cannot be a college without a presidentg a good college cannot be good without a good president. The thousands of tiny administrative details that entangle every official, and the big decisions that produce equally large benlits for our school must be made with proportionate care. Not only is the regulation and supervision of campus affairs demanded, but also an active participation in community and state-wide projects is required of the college president. I-Ie must display as much dignity and tact when dismissing classes alter the raucous Homecoming Rally as when representing our school at the Council of Campus Presi- dents. He must greet each of the three thousand-odd students of NDSC with a smile, and remember countless names and tacesg and break oft a long-planned trip to Alaska to assume the huge responsibility of directing the restoration of the campus after the Iune 20th tornado. He must symbolize the guidance of our alma mater during our four years ot college study, and its influence during our years as alumni. For these things, and so much more, thank you, Dr. Fred S. Hultz. l :ms 4.1 'Z " Guidance io advance puhlic education nit suit naar oiHigl1er ntitiauan arrat gan ance for the eight state-supported institutions of higher learning in North Dakota. The seven tnernliers are selected by the governor and approved by the Legis- lature, and serve a term ol seven years. These public spirited citizens serve without 1'6lIiL1liCfZlil0I1, and clo- nate rnuclr valuable time, effort, and personal sacrifices to advance our system oi public education. We owe them a clelit ol gratituile lor their niany services to our college. WITH o Bison booster button on his lapel, Governor John E. Davis visited the NDSC campus during homecoming iestivities. C W BAKER Albert Hcios Mrs Mildred Johnson Martin Kruse M S Byrne, Mrs. Elvira Jestrcib and Fred Orth. Not pictured is Dr. A. E. Mead, who - it N., ....ime.wir.u College Arlrrrirristratiorr Guide student body and college allairs C. A. SEVRINSON, dean of students cmd assistant to the president, finds one of his greatest pleasures to be observing young men and women as they carry out their activities as part at a miniature societ WORKING with girls as Dean at Women, is a new experience for Miss Matilda B. Thompson, She was formerly an associate professor oi mathematics, where her main contacts were boys who took math courses for engineering and chemistry. Miss Thompson's activities range from such scholastic societies and associations as Phi Kappa Phi, the American Mathematical Association, the American Statistical Asso- ciation, N.D.E.A., and the vice presidency of the American Association ot University Womens to music, where she has been the treasurer at the Fargo-Moorhead Sym- phony and a patroness ol Sigma Alpha lotas to enioylng cr good game of golf or bridge, and spending week ends at the lake. She has been closely connected with women's groups on the campus and has been advisor for Senior Staff. It is sincerely hoped that Miss Thompson's first year as dean has been a pleasant one and that the years to come will bring her a feeling of success in this position. s Y on the campus. When these students graduate, they are usually well prepared to participate in civic or other organizations. Mr. Sevrlnson joined the history department in l928, and was promoted to his present position in 1937. He is also the director of the student health service, and this has given him cr "layman's interest" in medicines and ailments. The dean's literary tastes take the form of short biogra- phies oi persons in all walks ol lite. He also enioys travel, cr trip to the Canadian Rockies being one ol his latest excursions. AMONG her other duties Miss Thema c t ' ri- MISS Eciythe Toring is the business manager oi NDSC, and in the capacity she feels that variety is the spice of her loh. She is of North Dakota origin, and worked up to business manager after operating a flower shop and teaching primary school. She serves on the Athletic Board, the Housing and Traffic boards, and the Health and Union boards. i Vie-,fy R- Y l 'rr si. :jig ' 1 all 'lsisssssil at A NEW olepartment, Communications and Publicity, was organized from two departments last summer, with Robert Crom as its-director. He is kept busy with NDSC news releases, TV shows, and teaching agricultural communications, He also takes part in the college YMCA program, NDEA, ND Inter church councils he is an advisor to Alpha Zeta and Blue Key. His main interests, however, lie at homo, with his three children ancl a workshop. His work at SC involves cr great deal of traveling, and is of a varied nature that never becomes monotonous. l -wuz- cholasaic Q9 .-W . H N r T'-:sf A gk We . ,J 'W x ....,, , ,,, p 5: 0 jg...-'- ,I , 5 "' ,J . ,"'f-f'fLy --'-f!:Ea5a5QEa55aiegeE,:.15:55 Z. . 1 '- 1- 3 . um. ' 1 w ' ..... 3 . .. ff I 342' 'QW 'Y - .g?.T'.EH" f 5 .... A 4 . .:sra:' .V.. f - - -' ' : III """ 1 Y'l"". iff' M.. , wy. . ------ 4 -5:2 H -: 3 11' 3 ,. ..... 1 .-zfiii,-13.21-K. W , 15.1, 5:-1..:',, M . A :iii Q liiM2Ellill1li,i1., his in -s..:1.i 'il' alll i H -"f"'iiulJ.i.llfliline "il'ilu,.f' r s in 5 r -,"' i 'Jslni1,,. """'iii3iiiir' S Agriculture ARLON Hazen, dean ol Agriculture, was guest for the oluy when he went to Hazen for their celebration. M. I.. "BUCK" Buchanan, of Animal Husbandry, is ulways pleased as he talks about his new grandson. It loss of Fuiiy-Eight Students in the School oi Agriculture choose their future czueers ironi the iields oi education, sigronoiny, ziniinul industry, and hsicteriologyg they also may de- cide on pre-professional training in veterinary science. The experiinentnl station eonneetetl with this school has produced reinurleuhle results oi research in the sirens oi agronoiny .intel animal hushznnlry, and is ns- tionully known ns ci lender in the tlevelopinent oi the fanning industry. DON Eveleth, veterinarian, loves his hulldogs and studies about their history when he's not with them. ,--hill A' :'l'rir,,if'11-. ,u i it - , -eglng' he 'W' wmiiqw. is , , ,fi 'r CHAIRMAN of Soils, Enoch Norum, seems to be en' ' h' f , h h d cl THE chairman of the department of Bacteriology, Paul Adams, ioined his fellow flying is 'mm W ere e spen S 0 goo Shure 1 y y o is spare time. workers to help finish their new church. FRED Taylor, agricultural econ- omist, has his car packed and he heads up north for another camping trip. REECE Bryant, chairman ol the department of Poultry Hus- bandry, told the Bison photog- rapher that he likes to display his valuable stamp collection. A HISTORY of horticulture with emphasis on customs is what Ed lana, chairman of Horticul- TED Stocr, seen at many basketball lfootballl games, chairman of Agronomy, is a number one sports enthusiast. it '2- ' s,.i,. ,f l :iff N rr Q ru 'u Hd' Ji -J ll ,J Anderson, Clarence Anderson, lynn Anderson, Ronald A. Barnes, Virgil J. Biornson, Neal R. Bloliner, lewis O. Block, Robert E. Bohnsoclr, Walter G. Brandvilr, William Brenieson, Allen J. Brusseou, Judeen Burke, James E. Cariveau, Howard T. Cook, Robert J. Cunningham, Virgil D Dahl, Roberi H. Deibler, Frank J., Jr. Dowswell, Waller J. Flanders, Fred J. Gerlh, Frederick A., Jr Seniors in Agriculture SOIL experiments are one of the many and varied classes offered in the curriculum of agriculture students. 0 Anderson, Clarence, Marion, Alpha Gamma Rho, PPA, Kappa Delta Pi, V, Pres., Alpha Zeta, Saddle and Sir- loin, Little international, Spectrum, Sports Editor, Freshman Sears Roehuclc Scholarship. 0 Anderson, Lynn, Page. n Anderson, Ronald A., Clarltlield, Minn., ASAE, Vets Club, Trans. California State Polytechnic College. 0 Barnes, Virgil I.5 Page, PPA. 0 Bjornson, Neal R., Arvilla, Alpha Gamma Rho, V. Pres., Saddle and Sirloin, Agronomy Club, Trcas., Ag. Econ. Club, Alpha Zeta, Assn, oi U. S. Army, V. Pres., Spectrum, Editor, Little International, Puls licity Director, lilue Key, Sears Roebuck Scholarship, Who's Who, Phi Kappa Phi. 0 Blattner, Lewis O., Bismarlc, Wesley Foundation, Trcas., V. Pres., YMCA, Trans. Ristnarclc Iunior College. a Block, Robert E., Fargo, PPA, Lcttcrmcns Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Gamma Delta, Football Scholarships, Trans. McCook Iunior College. 0 Bohnsaclc, Walter G., Hiilshoro, Theta Chi, Letterrnens Club, Edwin liooth Club, Vets Club, Choir, Football, Ag, Econ. Club. 0 Ilrandvik, William I., Killdecr, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Iilousemanager, PFA, Vets Club, Trans. Dickinson Teachers College. 0 Brcnteson, Allen I., Plentywood, Mont., Alpha Tau Omega, Lettcrtncns Club, liaslcetball. Q Brusseau, Iudecn5 Osnaltroclc. I Burke, Iatncs E., Bowman, Alpha Gamma Rho, Crescent liditor, Newrnan Club, Saddle and Sirloin, Alpha Zeta, ASAE, Alpha Zeta Freshman Selrofarslrip Recognition, Trans. St. Iohnis U. 0 Cariveau, Howard T., East Grand Forks, Minn., Alpha Gamma Rho, ilousemanagcr, Agronomy Club, V. Pres., Ag. Econ. Club, V. Pres., Alpha Zeta, Pres., Saddle and Sirloin, SUAR, Little International, Rison lircvitics. 0 Cook, Robert I., Glyndon, Minn., Saddle and Sirloin, See., Gamma Delta, V. Pres., Pres., Regional Catnp Chairman, Ir. Iudging Team, Sr. Iudg- ing T earn. 0 Cunningham, Virgil D., Clinton, Minn., Vets Club, Saddle and Sirloin, Trans. U. of Minn. 0 Dahl, Robert H., Park River, Alpha Zeta. e Dcibler, Frank I., Ir., Granville, Vets Club, Saddle and Sirloin, ASAE, Chemistry Club, LCT. 0 Dowswell, Walter I., Fargo. 0 Flanders, Fred I., Minto, Alpha Gamma Rho, lilue Key, V. Pres., Student Senate, Commissioner of Ath- letics, Arnold Air Society, Sec., Ag. Econ. Club, V, Pres., Bitte Key Iunior Scholarship, Who's Who. 0 Gcrth, Fredericlt A., Ir., Hustislord, Wis., Vets Club, FPA, Alpha Zeta, Pres., Kappa Delta Pi, Treas,, Phi Kappa Phi. Seniors in Agriculture THE FARMS ot the NDSC have oworcl-winning cattle, swlne and poultry. 0 Gross, Denis R., Enderlin, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treas., LSA, FFA. o Gruebele, Iames W., Wishelt, Alpha Zeta, Kappa Delta Pi, YMCA, EFA, Honor Case Comm., Pres., S-ears Roebuck Foundation Scholarship, Farm Eire Pte- vention Scholarship, Danlorth Fellowship lor luniors. 0 Hanson, Duane, Minot. 0 Hassett, Thomas I., Casselton, Sad- dle and Sirloin, FFA, Treas. 4 I-Iaugeberg, Arnold, Max. o Haugen, Paul, Elbow Lake, Minn. 0 I-Ieidt, Dallas, Arena. I Huckle, Iohn D., Lidgerwood, Co-op House, Board ol Directors, College F U Local, Pres., Treat., Saddle and Sirloin, Sec., Agronomy Cluh, Gold Star Band, ROTC Rille Team. 0l0l1l1S0,l1,DC2ll1CHQFLITQOQFFA.0l0l1l1S0ll,RlCl12ll'ClD.j Lahloure, Alpha Gamma Rho, Assn. ol United States Army, EPA. o Ker1waed,Ian1es R., Page, EFA, Trans. U.N.D. o Kittie, Iames R., Grand Forlts, Agronomy Club, Ag. Econ. Club, AUSA, Trans N.D.U. 0 Knutlson, Robert I., Petersburg, Alpha Gamma Rho, V. Pres., Saddle and Sirloin, Pres., Ag. Econ. Club, AUSA, ROTC Rifle Team, College Meats judging Team, LSA 4-H Club, Grand Charnpion Hairy Showman, Reserve Chatnpion Sheep Showman, Little International Stail, Bison Erevities, Who's Who. 0 Lahlurn, Howard K., Valley City, el-H Club, Pres., FFA, V. Pres., Saddle and Sirloin, Alpha Zeta, Little International, Asst. Mgr., Mgr., YMCA, LSA, Sears Eresltman Scholarship, Alpha Zeta Creshman Scroll, Ralston Purina Senior Scholarship, Honor Case Cotnmissiotr, lr. and Sr. Livestoclr judging Teams. a Lahlum, Simen L., Valley City, LSA, Alpha Zeta, SUAB, Vets Clttb, See., ASAE, Engineering Council, Who's Who. 0 Mehrer, Ronald E., Molfit, Alpha Cantina Rho, Housemanager, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Zeta, EFA, Pres., Bison Annual, Sports Edi- tor, Sears Roebuclt Foundation, Freshman Scholarship. Gross, Denis R. Gruebele, James W. Hanson, Duane Hassett, Thomas J. Haugeherg, Arnold Haugen, Paul Heiclt, Dallas Huckle, John D. Johnson, Deane H. Johnson, Richard D. Kenward, James R. Kittle, James R. Knudson, Robert J. lahlum, Howard K. Lahlvm, Simen L Mehrer, Ronald E. Melroe, Sylvan Moclln, Nell l. Moe, Lyle E. Mountain, Robert Thompson, Kenneth W. Wright, Robert M. Nelson, Curtis H. Odegaord, LeRoy W Oium, Orlin R. Olson, Roland W. Onsoger, Jerome A. Opdahl, Donald Overbo, lowell Peterson, Don H. Peterson, Eorl B. Pomeroy, James Rodenburg, Melvin D. Rolfsrud, Harold A. Schenkenberger, Clark E Schmid, Howard G. Schwartz, George Thiele, James H. NOT PICTUREDJ: Philip Eclman Vernard Frederick Arvid Frislrop lynn Howe Jerome Johnlc Valgarcl Jonsson Russell Kiker Gary Kolsrud Allyn Marifieren James Martin Sylvester Phillippi Jomes Unkenholz Seniors in Agriculture . .-.W-M ..-.W -,-r-'- f m. .W .nu RONOMY lab has these agriculture students identifying and comparing various crop samples. o Nelson, Curtis H., Christine, Alpha Gamma Rho, Sec., Alpha Zeta, Rappa Delta Pi, FFA, Saddle and Sirloin, Little International, o Odegaard, LeRoy W., Bowdon, LSA, Council, Saddle and Sirloin, Little international, Business Man- ager, Alpha Zeta, Meats ludging Team, Livestock ludging Team, Trans. Concordia College. e Oium, Orlin R., Towner, Alpha Zeta, ASAE, Trans. State School oi Forestry. 0 Olson, Roland W., Buxton, Co-op I-louse, V. Pres., Sec., Board of Trustees, Ag. Econ. Club, Sec., Treas., Saddle and Sirloin Club. 0 Onsagcr, Ierome A., Northwood' Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Zeta, Sec., Agronomy Club, V. Pres., Sears Roebuck Freshman Scholarship, Alpha Zeta Certificate of Scholarship for Freshmen. 0 Opdahl, Donald, Fargo. 0 Overbo, Lowell, Crosby. o Peterson, Don H., Ryder, Alpha Gamma Rho, Saddle and Sirloin, Trans. Montana State College. I Peterson, Earl B., Beach, Tau Kap- pa Epsilon, Pres., Pledge Trainer, FFA, Sec., Rahjah Club, Gold Star Band, Trans, Dickinson State Teachers Col- lege. 0 Pomeroy, Iames, Fargo. o Rodenhurg, Melvin D., Strasburg, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Zeta, FFA, Vets Club, Trans. lamestown College. 0 Rolfsrud, Harold A., Watford City. o Schenkenberger, Clark E., Temvik, Alpha Gamma Rho, Blue Key, Vets Club, Wesley Foundation, Spectrum, Copy Editor, News Editor, Managing Editor. I Schmid, Howard G., Oberon, Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Treas.: Saddle and Sirloin, Treas, FFA, Ag. Econ. Club, Livestock ludging Teams, Little International Staff, Bison Brevi- ties, Trans. Colorado School of Mines. 0 Schwartz, George, Mott, Alpha Gamma Rho, Social Chm., IFC, Pres., Intramural Athletic Board, Pres., Student Senate, Commissioner oi Campus Atlairs, Saddle and Sirloin, Little litter- national Staff, Blue Key, Rahjah Club, FFA, SUAB, Homecoming Parade Marshal, KDSC, Social Forum, Bison Brev- ities, Publicity Mgr., Sears Roebuck Freshman Scholarship. 0 Thicle, Iames H, New Salem, Alpha Tau Omega, Agronomy Club. 0 Thompson, Kenneth W., Walhalla, Alpha Gamma Rho, FFA, Agronomy Club, Pres., Arnold Air Society, SUAB, Little international Stafl. 0 Wright, Robert M., Flasher, Co-op Hottse, Sec., Agronomy Club, Treas., NDAC F. U. Local, V. Pres., NDAC F. U. Credit Union, Treas., Saddle and Sirloin. -.---n-4-nn-gr-1 -1- 49' , 1 ss W W Len W W up l ,, ,N so ,l,,,,! W-1, it 1- re! ,ini ,s..-,, ,,,4g-up 5. 14-nn-Q-.ur-q-anuuunuuu-n-r School ot Applied Arts and Sciences ONE of Doon Seth Russell's interesting pursuits is remodeling on old lake cottage. He has even cleared out the woods and underbrush with u baby tractor. gloss o Fufty-Eight The School of Applied Arts and Sciences offers its students the liheruliziug discipline of u hroud explora- tion ol individual talents. The undecided college fresh- man, alter two years spent in Minsrd Halls English, modern languages, moth, social science, and education classrooms, us well us :rn exposure to the hotuny and Zoology lshs, develops into at well-rounded junior iuujor in one of these fields. liven students from the tive teclruicul schools on campus heeoine fascinated in the iuuuy aspects of AAS, from plrry-production in the speech clepurtineut and music lessons in Putnzun Hull, to elective courses in higher iuotliemutics. DR. HALE Aornes is interested in education and communications. His most important activity this past year hos been rebuilding a house that was completely destroyed by last summar's tornado. MR. IRV Kaiser is, of course, fond of all sports cmd especially likes to efficiate football. His interests also run toward cr more domestic hahhy of woodworking. W ATHLETICS are a favorite pastime for Mr. A. Glenn Hill, but he also keeps quite busy as the chairman of the department of mathematics. last fall he attended a meeting ofthe national Council of Teach- ers of Mathematics. THF chairman of the English department, Mr. Kenneth Kuhn, claims he does nothing, hut he still manages to keep busy. He spends his spore time reading and in the summer goes to the lake. PERHAPS one of the most important activities of Dr. F. G. Walsh was the role he played in "Inherit the Wind," the first production of LCT's season this year. This play gave him a double duty, he also directed it. VAN claims that his main interest is his work as chairman of the Music department. That is highly credible, but there is also evidence that Ernst Van Vlissingen enieys having fun, mostly with golf. 'lift .1 ll . if , .,,, l I I .'.. fig P' QAM,-1 Q .ls ,s--, A-.rzerx ,vi Aafecli, LeRoy A. Abrahamson, Carol Anderson, .lean E. Arman, Warren Baklwn, lanice M. Beck, Joseph W. Blackwelder, Gene W. Breyer, James A. Buck, William G. Burnett, Elizabeth Shipley Campbell, Bruce W. Campbell, Dennis Camrurl, James A. Carpenter, David W. Cobb, Morlorie G. Seniors in Applied Arts and Sciences g X, . tg .'s. Af',.,sa,.r:i1?il'Lii"if" 'iii .,,,. ,Wg T.. PRACTICE teaching in one of Fargo's secondary schools is a requirement of all Education maiors at the NDSC 0 Aafedt, LeRoy A., Fargo, Sigma Chi, Arnold Air Society. o Abrahamson, Carol, Leal, Bison Annual, Layout Editor, Bison Brevities, Make-up Director. 0 Anderson, lean E., Fargo, Gamma Phi Beta, Pres., V. Pres, Student Senate, Board oi Publications, Sec., Spectrum, Social Editor, Bison Annual, Staff, Activities Editor, KDSC, LCT, Lincoln Debate Society, Bison Brevities, LSA, Whois Who. 0 Arman, Warren, Bismarck, liaslretball, Lettermens Club, Theta Chi. 0 Bakkett, lanice M., Wahpeton, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Choir, LCT, Edwin Booth Club. 0 Beck, Ioseph W., Montevideo, lvlinn., Tau Kappa Epsilon. o Blackwelder, Gene W., Chokio, Minn., Trans. U. oi Minn. o Breyer, james A., Fargo, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bison Brevities. o Buck, William G., Fargo, Alpha Tau Omega, Editor of Tau Talk, AUSA, Spectrum, News Editor, Managing Editor, Advertising Editor, KDSC, Vets Club, For- ward, Editor. 0 Burnett, Elizabeth Shipley, Fargo, Sigma Alpha Iota, Pres., Orchestra, Agnes Iardine Music Scholar- ship, SAI Foundation Board Award, Senior Staff Ir. Award. 0 Campbell, Bruce W., Fargo, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Trans. South Dakota University. I Campbell, Dennis, Stirum. 0 Camrud, Iames A., Moorhead, Minn., LSA, Trans. Concordia. o Carpenter, David W., Hope, Gold Star Band, Karina ldnnna Pei. a Crabb. Marinrie G.: Seniors in Applied Arls and Sciences WHO, what, when, whore and how-the basic principle of ioumolism. One of the most popular labs on campus, the communications department offers o variety of classes applicable to the maiors in the various schools at the NDSC. o Delardine, Rolsertg Fargo, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. o Dittus, Francis H.5 Pargog Trans. Los Angeles City College. 0 Dodd, Iamas W.g Fargo. 0 Eide, Mary M.g Pargog Kappa Delta, Treas., lidirorg Bison Annual, Senior Editor, Kappa Delta Pi, Sees Nevvrnan Club: Bison llreviries. o Eiler, Adelle M.g Paris Rapids, Minn.g Kappa Deltag Newman Club, SUAllg Trans. College ol St. Carlierirre. 0 Ellingson, Arnoldg Moorhearl, Minn., Alpha Tau Omegag Gold Star liandg Seahharrl and lilarleg Assn. U. S. Army, Pres., Slri Clulrg LSAg ASAE. 0 Eresman, Mari M.g Devils Lalreg Kappa Kappa Gammag Newman Clahg W.A.A.g Bison lirevitiesg LCTg Trans. Minor State 'I C. 0 Ferguson, Richard Wa Fargo. o Fisclrer, Charles W.g I-lebrong Trans. Dickenson Stare Teachers College. o Flanigan, George G.g Winnipeg, Manirobag Theta Chi alliliateg Trans. University ol Manitoba. c Gunnar- son, Bennie D.g Lake lironson, llflinn.g Sigma Chig Vers Cluhg Trans. U. ol lllinnesora. a Hammer, Iudith A.g Moor- hearl, lVlinn.g Garnnra Phi lieta, '1'reas.g Senior Stall, Pres., Panhellenie Council, Press llison Annual, lirlirorg Guirlong Choirs S-rurleat Senate, Seeg Whois Who. "- - ' '- l if ' lujina.: Sauna Alnhn liinsilon, House Delardine, Robert Ditius, Francis H. Dodd, James W. Eide, Mary M. Eiler, Adelle M. Ellingson, Arnold Eresman, Mari M. Ferguson, Richard W. Fischer, Charles W. Flanigan, George G. Gunnarson, Bennie D. Hammer, Judith A. Heigeson, Delmer l. Helmeke, Kerry D. Hillstrom, Jerry E. '51 19? Krieg, Gene W. Larsen, Jack I. larson, Dale R. Laske, Wayne G. leshovslry, Howard G lolaerg, John M. McDonald, Mary C. Mellum, Douglas E. Miller, Marvin D. Montgomery, Donna Morrissey, Alan D. Mortenson, Ruth Nelson, Jean Ann Nelson, Richard A. Noble, Gisela Seniors in Applied Arts and Sciences ZOOLOGY lab finds these Home Economics moiors pondering the various aspects of physiology Now where did they soy the liver belonged? o Krieg, Gene W., Fargo, YMCA. o Larsen, lack I., Moorltead, Minn. a Larson, Dale R., Fargo, Ski Club, Pres. o Laslse, Wayne G., Leonard, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Social Chin., Bison Brevities, Gold Star Band, Trans. Moravian College. e Leshovsky, Howard G., Fargo. o Loberg, Iohn M., Fargo, Trans. Carthage, Ill. 0 McDonald, Mary C., Fargo, Kappa Delta, Membership Chin., Panbellenic Council, Newman Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Bison Annual, Senior Editor, Bison Brevities, Trans. College ol St. Teresa. e Mellum, Douglas E., Ypsilanti, Vets Club. e Miller, Marvin D., Wheaton, Minn., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football, Basketball, Athletic Scholarship, Trans. U. of Minnesota. I Montgomery, Donna, Ayr, Alpha Gamma Delta. 0 Morrissey, Alan D., Fargo, Newman Club, Lettermens Club, Vets Club, Trans. St. Thomas College. 0 Mortenson, Ruth, Barnesville, Minn., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Panhellenic Council, Senior Staii, Bison Brevities, Wbo's Who. o Nelson, lean Ann, Milnor, Gamma Phi Beta, Rush Chin., I-Iorneeorning Queen, Newman Club, Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, NSA Commission, Student Senate, Air-Debs, Commander, Wh'o's Who, Trans. College ol St. Benedict. 0 Nelson, Richard A., Fargo. I Noble, Gisela, Fargo. a Quill, David G., Fargo, Vets Club, Lcttermen's Club: Yountr Memorial Award: 'Dans tisisremro r'alt...... et..........a.. fr. ..o..E.s ra r-U we Seniors in Applied Arts and Sciences ' "hr, p I ' , ,,AI, 2 , l A .. Sl Pi' i MMSSP llll 'H A A ' I " PK t it A i e. - , , -as l s rWt,,lts. . GE0l0GY lab finds Pat Larson testing a sample to determine whether lime is present. One of the many labs ln Minard Hall, students at the NDSC no longer can obtain a malor in this science. 0 Salmonson, Donald 0.5 New Roclrlordg Alpha Tau Ornegag Gold Star Bandg Bison Brevities Pit Bandg Kappa Kappa Psi. e Sparks, Clinton L.3 Fargog Vets Cluh, Exec. Oliicer, V. Connnanderg YMCAg NSA Commissioners SUABQ Student Senate, Board oi Music and Special Programs, Chin. of Senate Awards Contnr.g YMCA State Chrn.g Campus Buyers' Serviceg Representative to NSA Student Congressg Senate Keyg SUAB Award to Outstanding Conun. Chnl., Who's Who. o Steen, Donaldg Fargo. 0 Stordahl, Norman C.g I-lopeg Vets Club, Exec. Officer. 0 Tangen, Richard Ca Fargo, Vets Cluh. e Taverna, Neil D.5 New Rockford. e Teichmann, Richard R.5 Fargog YMCA, Worship Chrn.g Wesley Foundation, Ptesg Choirg Knigltt's Ternplet' Scholarship. 0 Thayer, Donaldg Fargo, Basehallg Lettermens Cluhg Cold Star Band. e Thomasson, Garyg Fargo. 0 Thurm, Charles 1.5 Fargog Foothallg Letterrnens Club. 0 Trislro, Gordon 1.3 Fargog ISA, Pres.g Kappa Delta Pig Newman Cluhg Vets Cluhg KDSCg Bison Brevities. e Turner, Patricia A.5 Egelandg Phi Mu, Pledge Trainerg Pan- hellenic Councilg Gold Star Bandg Tau Beta Sigtnag Kappa Delta Pig Orchesisg AWS, Pres.g B.Y.F., Pres.g Who's Who. 0 Tweten, Davidg Brocketg Baskcthallg Basehallg Trans. Concordia College. o Vos, Richard D.5 Vets Club. I Wheeler, f ' f f 7 if-' ' -a res. 'Press' lidwin Booth Cluh: Wornen's Senate: Student Salmonson, Donald C. Sparks, Clinton L. Stoen, Donald Stordahl, Norman C. Tangen, Richard C. Taverna, Neil D. Teichmann, Richard R. Thayer, Donald Thomasson, Gary Thurm, Charles J. Trisko, Gordon J. Turner, Patricia A. Tweten, David Vos, Richard D. Wheeler, Susan l. NOT PICTURED: Catherine Aamodt John Driscoll John Pullrrabek Peter Aamodt Karen Edrnger Lowell Smith ' 'ry ,m tl l'l"r' :eil l tl ,lg Ntlll 5 - -.rl "ll O t -up -q--,.,mm,,Nm,.....,, new mln--.p------Q-f--gp-1 - r :Pl ,Jw-,r l1p'l'y,'"l'H',,!,,L"r'l':l'p:l yn'-, rr r M r ' ws- ll ,rs nip ,, School ot Chemistry THE Deon of the School of Chemistry, Dr. Ralph Dunbar, hos recently completed an Important study in nrlcrochemlstry. Il loss of Fplty-Eight The School of Clrernieal Teclrnology boasts one ol the best Paints and Varnishes Departments in the natiorr, as well as the consistently lriglrest scholastic average on campus. Each year, one or more ol tlre clretn- ists are seleetetl as Fulbright Scholars, and complete their training with a year ol atl- vancetl study in Europe. The chem majors are prepared for careers in erlueation, inclnsf t1'y,researcl1, or laboratory consultation, and often work far into the night in extra lalr sessions to complete assigned or personal projects. l ' 1i - l DR. WOUTER Bosch, professor oi Point Chemistry, enioys singing in cs Fcrrgo music group known as the Warblers. w .Jr 0 .vii t . 'a I . M," s , ,ll DR. MINNEAR, professor of Inorganic Chemistry, spends his free time designing and engineering tho building of his home. DR. CHARLES Fleetwood, professor of Anulyticcrl Chemistry, is serving this year cus Associcrto Pdtron of the Order of Eastern Star in Fcrrqog needless V s s s Buer, Lawrence 0. Dockter, Kenneth Dybing, LeRoy .J- WN Thompson, Betty C. Wollan, Jacqueline K. .1 Ebel, Sylvia A. Flao, Raymond Gustafson, John H. Hegrenes, Robert l. Holten, Darold D. Monson, Norman J Monson, Richard R. Nelson, Dennis R. Nilles, James J. Pals, Lowell D. Paulsen, Duane E. Swenson, Janice I. NOT PICTURED: Rolan Klosin Don Manilcowslri Richard Savageau Roger Schmidt Beckley, Donald A. Seniors in Chemistry RENOWNED throughout the region for tho quality of its grcrducrtes, the school of chemlstry's laboratories ore active ot oll times, be it Iota ot night or during the holidays. 0 Backlcy, Donald A.5 Chicago, lll.g Theta Chig Foothallg ltaskcthallg l.,rrttcrmcn's Clnhg AUSA. 0 Boer, Lawrence 0.5 Erlgclcyg Chemistry Clohg YMCA, Trcasg Glidden Freshman Scholarship, o Doclrtcr, Kcnncthg lirtrgo. o Dyhing, Lclioyg llarvryg Tltota Chi, Ser., lilcdgc 'lraincrg Rahjah Chrh. 4 Ehel, Sylvia A.g 'lowncrg Trans. Minot State 'l,'eaulicr's Collcgc. 0 Flaa, liaymondg Wahpcton. 0 Gustafson, Iohn H..3 Minneapolis, Minn.g Theta Chi, Trcasg lllor licyg liahjah Clnh, Prcsg l,liCg Chrzmistry Clnhg Fellowship from the irnost T. Trigg Formdationg Whos Who. 0 I-lcgrcnes, Robert L.5 Fargog SUAB. 0 Holton, Darold D.3 New Roch- 'ordg YMCAQ Chemistry Clohg LSA. 0 Monson, Norman I.: Fargog Chcmistry Clohg Paint Chemistry Ssholarshipg NTIIIIS. ND State School ol Sricnrc. 0 Monson, Richard R.5 Mrsorhoarl, Minn.5 Sigma Alpha lipsilong Student Senate, ilornrnissioncr ol NSA, Commissioner ol Music, lioard ol Campos Allairsg LSA, Chemistry Clnhg liahiah Chrhg Kappa Kappa Psig lilac Key, Gold Star lland, Sec., F.llr's Soholarshipg Chemistry Cluh lr, Award, Whois Who. 0 Nelson, Dennis R.3 Shryrrnncg Gamma Dcltag YMCA, Chrzmistry illuh, N, lialr. District YMCA, Ser., llratrs. Concordia, St. Paul, Minn. 0 Nillcs, Iames 1.5 Dorhing Sigma Chig Chemistry Cluhg Newman Clrthg ltcniamin Moore Paint Fellowship, Trans. St. lohn's U. 0 Pals, Lowell D.g Valley Cityg Sigma Chig Chemistry lilnh, Pres., V. Prcs.g Kappa Kappa Psig Gold Star urls,-'1.:.n 1'Jh:'iaI.QQ -..tx,,,, 5 , . , 2112-Z? -131952 s , 2:55-2-2-2-E15rift-fitiil:3:!1i5tt:2:, i - vt 1-:niazisqfri i'iti'iig,5.5. ilvzii 'su' g ut IQ tt, -. Y-sie: 15,5 " 'e , s G'-Q-,I-.1 -, ,, 7 'r5rQr:r:jii"',Q','j af, Q' 'ill' -V will l,ii3i:5:iit, 'iii 5:59 if ,i3ri3vg,,, -M-fit: 'L 'IZ t ' thing, ...xml . School i ot Engineering DEAN FRANK MIRGAIN is the administrator of the school oi engineering, is olso very busy os chairmen at the American Society oi Civil Engineers, ond besides this, holds on oiiice in the local Ellis Club. Wkfg My JA loss of Fhiry-Eiglit The eleven liuntlreci engineers oi the largest school on campus are overcrowding the facilities ol the cngiricering huilclingsg they are also responsilile for such activities as the Engineers Ball, the publication of the North Dakota State Engineer, the almost legendary ii-Day, and making minute sur. veys ol the entire campus. A five-year cur- riculum is oilereti to prospective architects, while tour-year courses in Civil Engineer-A ing, Architectural lirigineeriiig, Agricultural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Inclus- trialli11girieering,anti Meclumical Engineer, ing prove that a slide rule is the engineer's best iriend. MARION RICHARDSON, the chairman of the department of Industrial Engi- neering and Management, is proud oi the fluke he caught while deep-sen fishing oil the coast of New Jersey. WILLIAM PROMERSBERGER, the chairman of the department of Agricultural Engineering, logically enjoys repairing motors in his osement worlrship. THE CHAIRMAN of the mechanical engineering department, A. W. Anderson, built his own home, proving that he is also o good carpenter. -E-'gmt' E r yi "N-. 'Q .fy ,. , 'E Miers Vg' Jw 'Wi JPJ J -aw? 1 N-lb ,ab U0 ffhl Xt' ff Q Anderson, Gerald G Anderson, Gran! H. Anderson, John E. Boclrman, David Boker, Williorn C. Barrows, Robert L. Bauer, Frederick C. Beclr, Roger u--1 Bednor, Sicrnley J. Berg, Milton Bopp, Charles E. Borcheri, Ted Boucher, John l.. Brolilcrnd, Rolaerl Brendon, Owen J. Brooks, Jerry W. Caley, Louis P. Conroy, Kennelh S. Corneliussen, Philip J. Cory, Terry Seniors in Engineering - A BASIC course for all divisions of engineers is mechanical drawing. 0 Anderson, Gerald G., Fargo, iRE, Aiiiiig Vers Club, Eta Lamhda Nu, Tau lirta Pi. 0 Anderson, Grant H., liai- stad, Minn., Theta Chi. 0 Anderson, Iohn E., Moorliead, Minn., rllliF,, lllli, Chin., Engineering Council, V. Pres., Vets Cluh, 'l'rans. Concordia College. o Baclcman, David, Fargo, Vets Chili, lRF., rlmateur Radio Society. l Baker, Wil- liam C., llecdcrg rlSlVllii, rlllli. Sec., lamcsrown College. 0 Barrows, Rohcrt L., Fargo, Sigrrra Phi Delta, ASME, V. Pres., AUSA. 0 Bauer, Frederick C., New Salem, Allili, Fta Laruhda Nu, V. Pres., Vets Cluh, o Beck, Roger, Wheaton, Minn. 0 licdnar, Stanley Liilgerwood, Mil, Kappa Tau Delta, Vets Ciuh. o Berg, Milton, Fargo. 0 Bopp, Charles E., Srrium, 'lheta Chi, l-louse Manager, rlrnold rlir Society, lrlfi, Illlllllillll llillc 'licarn, llison lircvitics, 0 Borehert, Ted, Valley City. 0 Boucher, Iohn L., Deslacs. I Brattland, Rohcrt, Fargo. I Brendon, Owen I., Landa, Trans. N. Dale. School ol Forestry. 0 Brooks, Ierry W., Minot, Pi 'lan Sigma, IAS, Trans. Minot State Teachers College. 0 Calcy, Louis P., Minot. I Conroy, Kenneth S., Detroit Laltcs, Minn., Theta Chi. 0 Corncliussen, Philip I., Fargo, ilSllrili, iii. Soc. 0 Cory, Terry, Minot. 0 Cuff, Iames D., Winrloru, Minn. 0 Dahlin, Earl C., Fargo, Vets Chili, lin- giueering Council, lli Soc., Pres., Pi Tan Sigma, V. Pres. 0 Devitt, Basil, Milnor, ASMF., Vets Ciuh. o Ditch, Duane M., Oaltcs, Alpha 'l'au Drucga, Vets Cluh, MDF. Seniors in Engineering DOLVE HALL and South Engineering ore well-equipped buildings which offer superior opportunities to the students in the biggest school on campus, These ME's are examining o hardness tester. 0 Dixon, Donald G4 Uphamg Theta Chi. 0 Duerre, Kenneth Hg Mohallg Pi Tau Sigma, Seca Trans. Minot State Teachers College. I Duin, David I-l.5 Wahpetong Vets Cluhg ASCE, Seng Tau Beta Pig Engineering Councilg N. Dah. S-tate Engineer, Adv. Mgrng Shiloh Lodge Seholarshipg Trans. N. Dah State School of Science. 0 Dunham, Dale C.5 West P-argog ASAlig lllli. 0 Eggan,RoertA.g Fargog Sigma Phi Delta, V. Press Alpha Phi Omega, See., Pres., V. Pres.: N. Dah. State Engineer, Bd., Assoc. Eels ASlViBg AUSAg lFCg Pi Tan Sigma. o Elton, Ole La Fargo: Tau Beta Pi, Treasg Eta Larnhtla Nu, Pres.g No. Dah. State Engineer, Bus. lVlgr.g Allilig llili, V. Chin.: Vets Cluhg Tan Beta Pi ltrnior Scholarship Award. I Eng, Leonard, Devils lgahe. 0 Enhhaus, Roland Ra Staples, lVlinn.g ASME. o Erichson, Gerald D.g Nortonvilleg Sigma Alpha Epsilong ASME, o Feeney, Iames Ka liargog Alpha Tan tlrnegag Student Senateg S-peetrtnn, Bus. Mgr.: N. Dah. State lirrrgirteer, Bus. Mgr.: Bison Brevities, Producer: lB Soe.g Arnold Air Soeietyg ltloe Key, Presg Whos Who. 0 Fiala, Harvey Ea Fortnang Tau Beta Pig llta Larnhtla Nut Nevvrnan Club, Treasg Choirs Amateur llatlio Soeietyg AIBBQ lllllg Elhs Seholarshipg Trans. St. Iohn's U. 0 Fox,Gaylo1'd5 Minotg Alpha Tau tlntegag ASlVllig IB Snag Trans. Minot State Teachers College. 0 Frishy, Iohn Ea Havanag Tau Beta Pig Pi Tan Sigma, Treasg ASlVilig N. Dah. State lingine-er: Vets Chrh, o Fuchs, Leslie Ea New Salentg Sigma Alpha ljpsilong IAS, V. Pres.g Engineering Council. 0 Gamache, Larry Da Watlfortl Cityg Allilig lllli. o Gess, David La liargog Kappa Tan Deltag AlAg Vets Cluh. 0 Goldader, Bernard T., Ira Bisrnarehg Vets Clahg ASME. o Granlund, Roger Fa Nelson, lViinnesotag S-igrna Alpha Dixon, Donald G Duerre, Kenneth H Duin, David H Dunham, Dale C Eggan, Robert A Elfon, Ole l. Eng, Leonard Enkhaus, Roland R. Erickson, Gerald D. Feeney, James K. Fiala, Harvey E. Fox, Gaylord Frishy, John E. Fuchs, Leslie E. Gamoche, larry C. Gess, David l.. Goldader, Bernard T. Granlund, Roger F. Grocll, Keith Gronselh, Eugene Hortmcm, Gene D. Holgov, Dennis Hoofs, Kenneth W, Hoffman, Anthony C Hoffmon, Merritt Hogoboom, Ralph Horner, Anton Hughes, Howard Hunter, Chnrles L Hutter, Horry A. lrick, Woyne Johnson, Eorl C. Johnson, lorry R. Johnson, lelloy G, Johnson, Richard Johnson, Robert F. Johnson, Winton Joyce, Fronlt Kohl, Charles M. Kirschenmon, Duane- Seniors in Engineering ,Q....:..,......., PHYSICS lob hos on ossentiol position in the curriculum ol ,students in chemistry, op lied arts ond ' cl p science on engineering. 0 Hartman, Gene D.g Valley Ciryg Sigma Cliig ASCE Bison lirevitiesg Gnlrl Star lianrlg rllilli,l'l.'C, o Helgoe, Dennisg llalstarl, Minn. 0 Heels, Kenneth W.g I-lanlcinsong Tan Beta Pi, Seng Pi Tan Sigrnag Phi Kappa Plrig Trans. N. Dale. State School ol Science. 0 Hellman, Anthony C.g Mellenryg rllillig Illhg Newman Clnh, So. Citing lllil, Trcas.g lingineering Conncilg Tan lleta Pi, Pres.g Eta Larnhrla Nu. 0 Hoffman, Merrittg Minotg Alpha Tan Omepag Trans-. N. llak. State School ol Science. 0 Hogoltootn, Ralphg Sentinel llutteg Co-up Honseg Trans. Concortlia College. 0 Horner, Antong Napoleong Tan Kappa Epsilon, V. Pres.g AStZP,g lFC. 0 Hughes, Howardg Neehe. o Hunter, Charles L.g Lancaster, Minn.g Sturlent Senateg lli Soc., Treas.g Vets Clnhg lfitlg Tan lieta Pig Pi Tan Sigma. 0 Hatter, Harry AJ Fargo. 0 lrielr, Wayneg Walipeton. o Iohnsnn, Earl C.g Cliristineg Vets Clnlig rlSAF,g Little intern national, 0 In-hnson, Larry R.g Menomonie, Wis.g AlPEg iliiig Vets Clnltg Trans. Stout lnstitnte. 0 Iohnson, LeRoy G.g Fergus Falls, Minn.g Tan Beta Pig Pi Tan Signing Vets Cluhg ASME. 0 Iohnson, Richards Moorlreatl, Minn. 0 Ioltnson, Robert Ii.g Pargog AlPPg Trans. N. Dale. State School olFo1'estry. o loltnson,Winton5 lVloorlr'earl, Minn. 0 Ioyee,Franltg M:rpletongSisgrriaPlri Delta. I Kahl, Charles M.g Carr'iiigtorig 0 Kirschcnman, Dnaneg lliclceyg AS-MEQ Trans. lillenclale State Normal anrl lnrlustrial College. o Klee, Harvey T.g llisniarelcg Sigma Citi, So. Clnnn.g llllig Trans. liisrnarelc lr. tifollege. 0 Krahn, Morris M.5 Pargog Alpha Phi tlrncgag ASMlig Wesley Ponnrlation. 0 Krueger, Gerald R.g liargog Alpha Phi Omega Alumni See., Pres., V. Pres.g lli Soc. 0 Knlrisclita, Peter 13.5 laniestowng Vets Clnig rlllilig lllli. Seniors in Engineering are -fe ELECTRICAL engineering is one oi the seven divisions offered in the school ei engineering at the NDSC. 0 Kvern, Clifford R., Fergus Falls, Minn., AIEE, Eta Lambda Nu, Trans. Duluth Branch, U. oi M, e Lamhourn, Lawrence E., Reeder, Vets Club, ASME, N. Dak. State School oi Science. 0 LaPleur, Harold A., Mayville, Sigma Phi Delta, N. Dale. State Engineer, YMCA, Kappa Tau Delta, Pres., Tau Beta Pi., Phi Kappa Phi, Arnold Air Society. 0 Lammer, Lynn, Edgely. 1 Larson, Dwight I., Fargo, AIEE, Vets Club. 0 Larson, Orlyn C., Landa, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Trans. V. C. State Teachers College. o Larson, Leon N., Bisbee, Tau Kappa Epsilon, ASCE, LSA, Trans. N. Dak. State School oi Forestry. 1 Larson, Ronald E., Botrineau, ASCE, Trans. N. Dak. State School of Forestry. o Leiseth, Bruce M., Ulen, Minn., AIEE, IRE, Vets Club, Trans. Florida Southern, o Leshovslry,Araoid D., Milnor, ASAE, Sec., Vets Club. 0 Lemmon, Norman F., Detroit Lakes, Minn., Farmhouse, Pres., Sec., Engineering Council, IFC, Sec., Tau Beta Pi, ASAE, Intramural Board, Pres., Tau Beta Pi Freshman Engineers Award, Who's Who. 0 Lcverson, Richard A., Fargo, AIA, Sec.aTreas. o Lindenrann, Dennis E., Endcrlin, Tau Kappa Epsilon, V. Pres., Rush Chm., So. Chm., LSA, Bahjah Club, ASAE, o Loll, Marvin B., Wahpeton, Sigma Phi Deira, ASME, N. Dak. State School oi Science. o Linhart, Eugene M., Sykeston, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, IAS, Pres., Engineering Coun- eil, Sec., Newman Club, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Trans. N. Dale. State School oi Science. 0 Lorenzcn, Terrance, Mohall, Alpha Gamma Rho. 4 Madler, Robert T., New England, Farmhouse, Treas.,I-louse Mgr., Newman Club, ASAE. o McLain, Eldon, Mo- - ea- H fs as 1 raw- tlamctuls AQivlF.f Meanies Councir: Who's Who. 0 Kvern, Clifford R. lcrmbourn, Lawrence E. lc1Fleur, Harold A. Lcrmmer, Lynn Lcrrsen, Dwighi J. Larson, Orlyn C. Larson, leon N. Larson, Ronald F. leiseih, Bruce M. Leshnvslry, Arnold D. Lemmon, Norman F. Leverson, Richard A. Lindemcmn, Dennis E. Loll, Marvin B. Linhcrri, Eugene Lerenzen, Terrance Mcrdler, Robert T. Mclcrin, Eldon McDaniel, Brian Mclean, William 'FF' ll' 0 'Nw oi! 03" ft , K. 'Nm 'P Norcle, loseplt Ncrrum, Goilen O. Nelson, Dayton D. Nelson, Dewey D. Nelson, Gary Nermyr, Glenn A. Nelzer, James Noess, Keith A. Norclln, Harvey Nystuen, Arne Olson, Edmund Olson, Hubert C. Otway, Harry Peterson, l. K. Peterson, Leo E. Peterson, Lyle H. Peterson, Richard C Romoy, David F. Redlin, George A Reierson, Rlcltorcl F Seniors in Engineering WELDING, one of the many courses offered hy the school of engineering, is also available to adults in night classes. 0 Narde, Ioseph D., Fargo, 0 Narnm, Gailen O., Douglas, ATA, YMCA, LSA, ISA. I Nelson, Dayton D., Hazen, Tan Kappa lipsilon, ASCli, LSA, Trans. Dickinson State Teachers College. 0 Nelson, Dewey D., Mandan, Alpha 'fan Oinega, V, Pres., lilne Key, Bison lirevities Director, Choir, Arnold Air Society. 0 Nelson, Gary, ilowhells, 'ian Kappa iipsilon, Rahiah Clnh, See., ASCE. 0 Nermyr, Glenn A., Westhope, ASME., Pi Tau Sigma, Trans. N. Jah. State School ol liorestry. 0 Netzer, Ianres, Fargo, o Noess, Keith A., Pllendale, Co-op House, Board oi Directors, U, Local, P. U. Credit Union, Pres., IAS, See.-Treas., ASME, Phi Tan Sigma, Trans. N. Dah. State Normal and ndnstrial College. 0 Nordin, I-larvey, New Town. 0 Nystnen, Arne, Croshy, Aliili, TRP. 0 Olson, Edmund, Fargo. 0 Olson, Hubert C., Fargo, ASCE. 0 Otway, Harry, Fargo, ASME. o Peterson, I. K., Fargo, ASME, Pi Tau Sigma, Pres., Tan Beta Pi, V. Pres., Trans. Brainerd Ir. College. 0 Peterson, Leo E., Detroit Lakes, Minn. 0 Peterson, Lyle H., Minnewan- hen, ASME, See., LSA, lSA, Vets Clnh, N. Dale. State Engineer, Circulation Mgr., Pi Tau Sigma. 0 Peterson, Richard C., Fargo, ASCE, V. Pres. 0 Ramey, David F., Williston, Sigma Phi Delta, ASME. 0 Redlin, George A., New Town, Tan Kappa Epsilon, Pres., ASCP., IFC. 0 Reierson, Richard F., Fosston. Seniors in Engineering LEARNING by doing is the philosophy of the School of Engineering in their seven departments These future electrical engineers experiment in one of the many well-equipped labs in Dolve Hnll. 0 Ritzke, Theodore H.5 Parshallg ASCE, lSAg Newman Club, Trzrris. N. Dah. State School ol Forestry. 0 Roclcr, Nonmurg Prrr'go. o Rotcliulr, Luchy P.g Sawyer, Co-op I-louseg IAS, Pres., V . Pres., Erigirreeririg Councilg M. Pall Ternr Tuition. o Roteribergu, Theodore H., Lisbon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Seca Allilig llllig LSA, Vets Club. a Ruff, W. Dale, West lixrrgrig Tau Beta Pig Kappa Tau Deltag AlA, Dakota Company, Ser., Cuirlon Granlg Superior ROTC Cadet. o Sauher, l2lttllCS G.g Palerrnog Tau Kappa Epsilong ASClig AUSAQ Nevvrnan Club, Tent Beta Pi, Sears and Roebuclr Award. 0 Sayler, Robert R., Wnshburng ASMEQ Vets Club. 0 Schirmer, Frank A., Ir., Union, N. I., 'l'rans. Newark College oi Rrrgirreering. o Schmidt, Davids Maxg Coop House, ASCE, 'l'rans. Concordia College n Schniit, Darrell D.3 Minot, ISA, Trarrs. Minor Stare Teaclrers College. o Sethcr, Richard L.5 St. Paul, Minn., llilig N. Dark. State lingineerg Vets Club, Tau lleta Pig Pita Larnbda Nu, Trans. U. ol M, o Sheldrup, Marlyn 13.5 Pelican Rapids, Minn., ASCE. o Sims, Edward A.g Crosby, YMCA, Pres., ISA, LSA, Vets Club, N. Dali. State School ol lioresrry, o Slrerik, Richard K.g Hines, Mining ASCE, Pres.g Tau lleta Pig Trans. lternidji State College. o Slrjervcrn, Kerrnetlr D.g Porclvillcg AIEE, IRE, Vers Club, o Sogard, Robert 0.5 Alamo, Sigma Phi Delray ASME. ' HALAJ' IJ. 1-I lx Ritzlre, Theodore H. Roder, Norman Roleliuk, luchy P. Rolenberger, Theodore H. Ruff, W. Dale Sauber, James G. Sayler, Robert R. Schirmer, Frank A. Schmidt, David Schmif, Darrell D. Selher, Richard l. Sheldrup, Mcrrlyn E. Sims, Edward A. Slrerik, Richard K. Slriervem, Kenneth D. Sogard, Roberi 0. Sprenger, Lester D. Siodflander, Gary l. Stoclrman, Gene W. Stoll, Floyd M. 'S he he 5 .ii J. T. Addicoit Bernard Boyliss Paul Blogen David Brackman Roger Bronning Neil Careioot Terence Dell Richard Dahlquist Donald Dunham Donald Flesland Arthur Hahn Allred Hanson Gary Holthusen Delano Jespersen Thomas Johnson Albert Kaszynslri LeRoy Vick Edward Liehe. George H. Lyon Dennis Maas Michael Marczulr NOT PICTURED: David McFerran Robert Metz Guy Midtbo Lyle Nelson William Neumann Clarence Niskanen Robert Noihelfer Maurice Nygaard Harold Oberlcrnder Aulden Olson Robert Olson Struchynslri, George L Syverson, Melroy A. Thihideau, Forest D. Twichell, Seth V, Ulberg, Carlyle P. Verm-eland, Donald Voracelr, Donald F. Walter, Jerry Weaver, John R. Welch, David G. Werth, Melvin G. Whalen, Michael J. Williams, Earl R. Wilson, Richard R. Wisted, Harmon R. Zimmerman, Arlen J. John Pancratz Curtis Rangen Edmund Rotenlaerger Ronald Rude Robert Schmidt John Schumacher William Seeha John Seelhommer Ross. Sim John Sleight Fred Stover I ---u Qhnpm Seniors in Engineering 'il l r l MODELS of o young executive's home and or church were the architecture deportment's contribution to the School of Engineering's display ut the Red River Volley Fair. Architecture, cr five-year course, requires long hours in the labs ot South Engineering planning ond building their problems. o Struchynski, George L.5 Beliieldg ASCE, Trearag Tan Beta Pi, V. Pres, o Syverson, Melroy A., Turtle Laker AIEEQ Vets Club. 0 Thibideau, Forest D.g Fargo: AIEEQ Vers Cluh. e Twichell, Seth V.5 Mapletong Sigma Phi Deltag U.S. Christian Fellowship, Pres., V. Pres.g AlAg Westminster Fellowshipg AUSAQ Kappa Tau Delta, V. Pres., St. Patg Lavern Noyes Scholarship. e Ulberg, Carlyle P.5 Northwoorlg Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alllllg Vets Clnh. o Vermreland, Donaldg Clearwater, Pla., Sigma Phi lleltag AlAg Kappa Tau Delta Prize. 0 Voracelc, Donald Fa Fargog Alpha Phi Omegag lE Soc., ASME, Newman Clnhg Arnold Air Society. 0 Walter, Ierryg Fargo. o Weaver, Iohn R.g Lowry, Minn., ASMEg Vets Ciuag N. Dale. State School ol Science, o Welch, David G.g liismarcltg Tau Beta Pig Trans. Montana State U. 0 Werth, Melvin G.5 hlarslrtieltl, Wis.g Alllig ISA, Dakota Companyg AUSA, rfqfmn- . U,msl...ll. l'Ao-s........a.... I'l..l. . lUL..l.... HLLJ.--LI - lf'--V - 'T' Ll.D-A A "' ' ' 'i' ' .----n-qpruqlnunn -1. Q-su.-may--1. ann-.-----9--.------as - School oi Home conomics li loss of Fairy-Eight THE dean of the school of Home Economics, Caroline Budewig, especially onioys cooking delicious Southern dishes and entertaining guests. l The School of Home Economics prof vides a liberal education for girls inter- ested in applying arts and sciences to the home, as well as preparing them for lrornemahing and earning a living. Gen- eral cultural benefits and professional career iniorniatiorr are derived from the anrrual Horne Economics field trip to Minneapolis, which also gives the girls welcome free time from classes in the tlepartments of textiles and clothing, home ec. CLll.lCZ1iiO11, ,foods and nutrition, and related art. Senior Home Ee majors have a chance at practical living experi- ence i11 the Alba Bales House, and also may be elected to Phi Upsilon Omicron, honorary scholastic home economies so- rority. EMILY Reynolds, who is a graduate of North Dakota State College, is chair- man of the Clothing and Textiles department at her alma mater. READING and travel have a special attraction for Kathryn Wees ner, chairman of the Related Art department. I bmw- Z.. IL., , ..... ...., , ,Q -N Anderson, Virginia R Barstacl, Danna Bauman, Maxine B. Beck, Patricia L. Brosz, Margaret J. Cantwell, Joan Clark, Marilyn K. Davis, Anna Mae Eriksmoen, Joyce E. Fehr, Mary Ellen Feickert, Clara M. Folstrom, Ruth K. Fredrick, Nancy R. Hedahl, Arlene J. tlomrne, Shirley 5. Jacques, Joyce M. Johnson, Roberta A. Kirk, Doris A. Kieffer, Bonnie M. Kirmis, Esther Seniors in Home Economics TAILORING cmd other advanced ond basic clothing courses are offered in the modern and fully equipped Icihorolories. 0 Anderson, Virginia R., Moorhead, Minn., Kappa Alpha Theta, liison Brcviries. I Barsrad, Donna, Ray, Kappa Delta, Social Chm., SUAll, Pres., Newman Cluli. o Bauman, Maxine B. Ashley, Kappa Delta Pi, Historian, YWCA, Pres., Treas., Cnidon, Treas., WAA, Choir, Danlorrh Summer Fellowship. 0 Beck, Patricia L., Munich, Kappa Delta Pi, WAA, Newman Clnli, l.CT, Bison lirevities, Trans. College ol Sr. Scholasrica. 0 Brosz, Margaret I., Washlmrn, YWCA, LSA, Sec., Trans. Iamestown College. 0 Cantwell, Ioan, Mandan, Alpha Gamma liclra, Social Chin., SUAS, Trcas., liison lirevities, Majorctte lor Cold Star liand, Panhcllcnic Council, Trcas., Womens Senate, cor, Cuidon, Newman Cluh, Tan Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart, little international Princess. 0 Clark, Marilyn K., lilmriclcg YWCA, Trans. Concordia College. o Davis, Anna Mae, Monango, Alpha Gamma liclra, V. Pres., WAA, YWCA, SUAli, liison llrcvitics. o Eriksrnocn, Ioyce E., Leeds, Kappa Delta, Pres.. Sec., 'lan lieta Sigma, Pres., Sec., Cnidon, V. Pres., AWS, V. Pres., Student: Senate, Commission ol Campus Allairs, Cold Star liand, LSA, llrchesis, Bison lirevities, l-lomeconiing Queen Attendant, Wlio's Who, Sears Roe liuclc .Freshman Home lic, Scholarship. 0 Fehr, Mary Ellen, Wimbledon, Newman Cluh, Women's Senate, WAA, Pres. 0 Peielrert, Clara M., Denhnli, LSA, Puhliciry Chin., Choir, Trans. Concordia College. 0 Folstrom, Ruth K., West Pargo, Newman Cluh, Sec., WAA, Pres., AWS, Trcas., Phi Upsilon Umicron, lid., Kappa Delta Pi, PHA Schol- arship, College Panhellenic Scliolarship, Phi Upsilon Ornicron Scholarship. o Fredrick, Nancy R., Pargo, Alpha Gamma llclta, Pres, V. Pres., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Cuidon, Senior Stall, AWS, liscc. Council, WAA, Kappa Delta Pi, YWCA, llison llrevities, Whos Who. 0 Hcdahl, Arlene I., Ada, Minn., Kappa Alpha Theta, Pres., WAA, YWCA, llison lirevities. 0 Homme, Shirley S., Par,,o, Phi Upsilon Onricron, Trans. U. oi N. Dale, 0 Iacques, Ioyce M., liorrineau, Phi Mn, Social Chm., House Mgr. 0 Iolinson,Roher1a A., Per- ham, Minn., Alpha Gamma Delia Aliiliatc, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Pres., Senior Stall, V. Pres., Slci Cluli, AWS Counf Seniors in Home Economics RELATED Art courses offer training in iuwelry making, ceramics oncl weaving, which are interesting sup- plementary courses to both homo economics motors ond other students on campus. 0 Kramer, Carol I., Pargo, Kappa Alpha Theta, Newman Club, Bison Iirevities. 0 Letnes, C. 'DarI'enc, Climax, Minn. 0 Leupp, Rosemary K., Stanton, Alpha Gannna Delta, Social Chin., Cuiclon, V, Pres., YWCA, WAA, Panhellenic Council, Bison Brevities, State Ilornetnalsefs Scholarship. 0 Lindbo, Ioan M., Rolla, Phi Mu, Pres., Treas., Cuiclon, Sec., AWS, Council, YWCA, Bison Brevities. 0 Mattson, Patsy A., Rolla, LSA, ISA, YWCA, IRC. 0 McCarty, Eileen Stoner, Outlook, Mont., Kappa Delta Pi, Traits. Concordia College. o Meier, Dorothy Carlson, Napoleon, Trans. Ellenclale State Normal and lntlustrial. o Mickelson, lattice Hansen, Absaralca, WAA, V. Pres., Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Upsilon Omieron, N. Dale, Ilotnernalseris Club Scholarship, NDAC Wornen's Club Scholarship. o Mogen, Shirley A., Watlortl City, Kappa Delta, House Mgr., Cuirlon, Sec., Dinan I'Iall Council, Treas., LSA, Bison Brevities. o Neeh, Vel Rae, Pargo, YWCA, ISA, WAA, Sec., 'I'reas., Phi Upsilon Ornicron, V. Pres. 0 Olsen, Marcella M., Minot, lslappa Kappa Gamma, LSA, Trans. St. Olal College. I Ostren1,lanice M., Pelton, Minn., Phi Mn, V. Pres., LSA, Trans. Concordia College. 0 Peterson, Shirley Y., Parshall, Alpha Cannna Delta, WAA, YWCA, Bison Brevities, N. Dali. llOlllClliLlliCI',S Scholarship. o Posey, Cartnen A., Garrison, LS-A. 0 Robinson, Marilynn I., Bartlett, YWCA, Treas., john Robinson Club, V. Pres., 3-D, Treas., Gznnrna Phi Ileta Irene I.eimzaclter Memorial Scholarship. I Selnnitz, Phyllis R., Herreicl, S. Dali., Slci Club, V. Pres., 'lan Beta Sigma, V. Pres., LSA, V. Pres., ISA, iioltl Star liantl. o Schroeder, Sally, Pargo, Cantina Phi Beta. o Scott, Sonja K., Fargo, Gamma Phi Beta. Rush Chrn., Bison Brevities, Air Debs, Bison Annual, YWCA, Little International Queen, AWS. o Sjorhotten, Floreen II., Horace, LSA, Bison Kramer, Carol J. letnes, C. Darlene Leupp, Rosemary K. linclbo, loan M. Mattson, Patsy A. McCarty, Eileen Stoner Meier, Dorothy Carlson Mickelson, Janice Hansen Mogen, Shirley A. Neeb, Vel Rae Olsen, Marcella M. Ostrem, Janice M. Peterson, Shirley Y. Posey, Carmen A. Robinson, Marilynn J. Schmitz, Phyllis R. Schroeder, Sally Scott, Sonia Siorhotten, Floreen E. Slinde, Caroline N. 'Mr- NOT PICTURED Annette Bopp Elaine Jordan -n-u-gran-ui-u-up uw -npqnu-ann:--.-ni no lnm-u--nm-s-.-a.n-----nu-nu- ill 1 , i,. ,, , -i iii l ' lm., ,, ' 'tri W. School of Pharmacy LEADER of the mortar and peslle clam of Francis Hcrll is Dr. C. E. Miller, clean of the School of Pharmacy. - Qfloss ofltihit -Eight The Class-A ztceretlitetl School ol Pltzirinztey, the largest in the iive-state urea, is also expztnrl- ing beyond its facilities. Grutltuttes of this school emerge from Francis Hall well equipped to holtl positions in plutrmzieetitieal firms, hos- pital plittrmueies, government inspection argen- eies, and retail drug stores. An optional five- yezrr currieuhmt has been atltletl recently, :mtl plrurmies iriterestetl in grzrtltiute study may work in plturmaeetttical chemistry, general pliurmuey, pliuririseogrtosy, :mtl pliztrmzieology, past their huehelor's degree. THE chairman oi the department of Pharmacology, Chief Sur- geon, and keeper of the animal lab is Dr. Fred Galysh. it I A 'fi-. 1 A DUTCH pipe and acid-eaten lab coat characterize the chairman of the depart- ment of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Dr. Martin Blake, well-known and liked by all the pharmics. 'Qi Aipperspaclr, loreiia Kuhn Anderson, Caroll Anderson, Rodney A. Baillie, William D. Baranick, Daniel P. Barrett, James' W. Bergeson, Harold E. Beuiler, Robert l.. Brand, James Carlson, James L. Crum, Clark Dilgor, Richard Duiault, Larry Elmore, Roger L. Finseih, Oliver C. Folden, Donovan B. Folkesiad, Harvey E Fox, John Frisch, Charles Fuglesiad, Jon Seniors in Pharmacy FRANCIS HMI. is the center of most classes and labs For pharmacy maiors. Although the building has been inadequate for years the quality of the graduates has not been impaired. o Aipperspach, Loretta Ktthng laincstowng Kappa lipsilon, V. Pros., l-'rcag Ir. Branch A. Ph.rl.g Seca Rho Chi, Sac. o Anderson, Carrollg Fargo, 0 Anderson, Rodney Aa New 'Vowng Kappa Psi. 0 Baillie, William Da Raghyg Kappa l'S'lg LSAQ Gold Star lianrlg Rahjah' Clnhg Kappa Kappa Psi, Trcas.g Spctxtrnrn, l-lVl llrlr. Board, Prcs.g Bison Rrcviticsg Whoa Who. 0 Baranick, Daniel P.g Wilrong Vets Cluhg Rho Cliig lr. Branrlr rl. Phat. 0 Barrett, Iarncs Wa lircy liaglc, Minn.g Rho Chig lr. Branch A. Pli.rl. 0 Bcrgeson, Harold B.3 lalac Park, Minn.g Plrarrnacy Clnh, Prcag Rho Chi. 0 Beutler, Robert L.3 llralrcg lr. Branch A. Ph.rl.g Trans. Concordia lifollcgc. 0 Brand, Iamcsg lvlanrlan. 0 Carlson, Iames La Fargog Kappa Psi, V. Pres., Seca lFCg Pharmary Clahg Papyrus lilrcrs, rlclv. Mgr. 0 Crum, Clarkg Minot. 0 Dilger, Riclrardg Manilan. o Dulaulr, Larryg Olilcc, lVlinn.g Kappa lisi, Social Chin.: Rahiah Clultg Newman Cltthg lliC, Scot Choirg Plrarrnacy Clair. 0 lilmore, Roger L.g l-layt lakes, lVlinn.g Kappa Psia 'lirans. llrainvrrl lr, College. 0 liinseth, Oliver Ca Fargog Ir. Rranclr tl. Ph.A. 0 Folrlcn, Donovan Ba Holt, Minng lr. Branch A. Ph.A. 0 Bollrestatl, Harvey Ea Oalrcsg rllphaTai1 Omega. 0 Fox, Ioling liargn. I Frisch, Cliarlcsg rlsltlrfy. 0 Fttglestad, long liargo. Seniors in Pharmacy SIMULATING actual conditions are thee senior pharmacy students as they receive and type up a prescription. S o Gentile, Richard, Keewatin, Minn, o Gibson, Donald P., Duluth, Minn., Rho Chi, V. Pres., Pharmacy Club, Ir. Branch A. Ph.A., Osco Drug Scholarship, N. Dali. Board oi Pharmacy Award, Trans. Duluth Branch, U. oi Minn. o Haas, Mila, Ashley, Kappa Psi, SUAB. 0 Hanson, Daniel, Fargo. 0 Harjes, Howard H., Moorhead, Minn., Rho Chi, Ir. Branch A. Ph.A., Pharmacy Club, Trans. Duluth Branch, U. oiMinn. o Heupel, Helmuth W., Elgin, Vets Club. 0 Hovde, Iohn M., Devils Lake, Kappa Psi, Pharmacy Club, Gold Star Band, Kappa Kappa Psi. 0 Iacobsen, Iohn L., Bismarclr, Sigma Chi, Sec., House Mgr., Pharmacy Club, Treas., LaVern Noyes Scholarship. o Iohnson, Iarnes W., Fargo, Ir. Branch A. Ph.A, o Iordan, Michael R., Duluth, Minn., Kappa Psi, Bison Brevities, Newman Club, SUAB, Student Senate, Board oi Radio, Board of Music and Public Programs, NSA Commission, Pharmacy Club, LCT, losephine L. Merriman Science Scholarship, Whois Who, Trans. Duluth Branch, U. oi Minn. e Kennedy, Iames B., Elbow Lake, Minn., Kappa Psi, Rahjah Club, Treas., Newman Club, Papyrus Ebers, KDSC, Trans. St. lohn's U. o Koebensky, Ioe, Virginia, Minn., Kappa Psi, Blue Key, KDSC, Technical Director, Station Mgr., Bison Brevities, Rahjah Club, ROTC Riilc Team, Newman Club, Who's Who, Trans. Virginia Ir. College. 0 Larke, Phillip, Wahpeton. 0 LaSalle, lack R., Thiei River Falls, Minn. 0 Lcmbergs, Ingrid, Zap, Kappa Epsilon, Trcas., Pharmacy Club, Rho Chi, Kappa Epsilon Scholarship, N. Dak. State Scholarship, Trans. Bismarck lr. College. o Lent, Charles, Fargo. o Link, Raymond I., Leiior, Kappa Psi, Newman Club, V. Pres., Kappa Kappa Psi, Pres., 7 ' l 79 ' l '7 ' Bra A.Pl .AJIFCZ Wh0'sWhn.lMcBlevev.lnl1n Gentile, Richard Gibson, Donald P. Haas, Milo Hanson, Daniel Haries, Howard H. Heupel, Helmulh W. Hovde, John M. Jacobsen, John l.. Johnson, James W. Jordan, Michael R. Kennedy, James B. Koebenslry, Joe larlre, Phillip LaSalle, Jaclc R. Lembergs, Ingrid Lent, Charles Link, Raymond J. McElevey, John E. McElmury, Richard E. Mensing, Thomas W. r , l M if W - N Michael, Roland Moore, LeRoy E. Moore, Putrlcla M. Nelson, Delbert R, Ohnstctd, Paul D. Olness, Richard S. Olson, Kent F. Purlrel, lynn Parlrtns, James W. Peterson, Don S. Pfeiffer, Mary A. Raycruft, Terrence Reuther, Ervln Ryan, Ken Scryler, Jerome K, Schieter, Dun Southcrm, Roberta Enger Thersell, Darrell Vacl, Dnrrol l.. Verulrucl, Elton NOT PICTURED Jack Bernolrdy Donald Hallowell Gary Humes duiaiafllulm Seniors in Pharmacy ACTUAL experience in preparing prescriptions is cr vital port in training at the NDSC. 0 Michael, Roland: Fargo. 0 Moore, LeRoy E.: Fargo: Vets Club: lr. liranch A. Ph.A. 0 Moore, Patricia M.: Bismarck: Kappa Kappa Gamma, V. Pres.: Stutlent Senate, Sec.: Senior Stall, Sec.: Orchesis: Air Debs: Rho Chi: Pharmacy Club: Kappa Epsilon, AWS: Sweetheart ol Kappa Psi: Who's Who: Trans. College oi St. Catherine. 0 Nelson, Delbert R.: Ellenclale: Alpha Phi Omega: Rho Chi: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Pres.: IRC, V. Pres. Atlvancerl AFROTC: USCF, Minuteman Awartl: Seabbartl and lilatle Metlal: Dist. RDTC Catlet, Shiloh Lodge Scholarship: Rho Chi Scholarship. 0 Ohnstad, Paul D.: Warren, Minn.: Ir. Branch A. Ph.A. 0 Olness, Richard S.: Minot: Kappa Psi, Rush Chm.: Gold Star Rand: Kappa Kappa Psi: Pharmacy Club: LSA: Trans. Concordia College. o Olson, Kent F.: Rattle Lake, Minn.: Kappa Psi: Pharmacy Club: Papyrus Ehers: Trans, U. ol M. 0 Parkel, Lynn: LaCrescent, Minn. o Parkins, Iames W.: Claremont, S. Dak.: Sigma Chi, Pres.: Pharmacy Club: Rho Chi: IFC. 0 Peterson, Don S.: Hettinger: Sigma Chi, Pres., Social Chm.: IPC, V. Pres.: Arnoltl Air Society, Execu- tive Commander: Pharmacy Club. 0 Pfeiffer, Mary A.: Pequot Lakes, Minn.: Phi Mu: Kappa Epsilon, Sec.: WAA, V. Pres.: Pharmacy Club: YWCA. 0 Raycralt, Terrence: Two Harbors, Minn.: Pharmacy Club: Trans. Duluth liranch, U. ol Minn. 0 Reuther, Ervin: Ashley: Kappa Psi, Pres.: Rho Chi: Pharmacy Club: IPC: lilue Key: Freshman Rho Chi Award: Fregluuuh N, Dah, Ph.A. Award, o Ryan, Ken: Bowman. o Sayler, Ierome K.: Ashley: Kappa Kappa Psi, Sec.: Rho Chi. I Schleter, Don: Kenmare: Kappa Psi, Trcas.: House Mgr.: Rahjah Club: Dakota Company. 0 Southam, Roberta Enger: l-lalstatl, Minn.: Kappa Alpha Theta, V. Pres.: Senior Stall: Cold Star liantl: Rho Chi: Kappa Epsilon: Pharmacy Club: YWCA, Pres., V. Pres.: AWS, Treas: Bison Rrevitics: Bison Annual: Spectrum: Who's Who. l yrttnllnhn nndlnlll 'nnufnu Rlvrtn uxrx Dnhn Rlnh- r ' I I r S A Ul:::'ez'a'::::s u n zz lm ..m -www: -1' .my---f: A - W. 3 w"'.V1"yW.A.n"l"l. X' uw. W- .. .... .. .. .... w... y, My m...y..lN'..... mu. x w ...WW " " "' ..'uWuuvHll..1.... .. .1 .. .. ..-4... . . ..... ...MI ........kH..H.... .. ...... . . 1,......, :.....M."'. ... .... I .45 wg. v ' " u .vu U .1 ..... ...'. ..................'..... ...ww W .......'. ,lf .. .. un....u".'.'.'.:....:.u .. .m,.l" .UW'ly....'..'.l'l'.1q.ll"" 'N 15 u. u"'." .gy.....N.." - .. ... ... . ..'.U'.u' ....... 'J' .Jul .WM .. .1'1u"' N H H' .V .w H .WM .1 N .w . W HM.. ,.,. W... .... q."'mn.. W... W... JM.. WHEN" ....y.Q.......... ......':..."- '.:'!3':: 'm.N....' ""H"' 'W Aww '!.N.l.... "".'."""" . ...ww ...........w pw.. ...M M. ... ...N ...umm .. uw... ..... W" .,.' WHL' M....lW' . . Mau' ' M.. """ ,.qq.'.qq""' full' ..... . ...L .. . ... .....'.. ...NU ..'1."" . . . ...' . ..'...".'." .ww 'ww .. N Wm. "HH .. YNMNN. .... . Am . . . . w .. ....'."' , ... w H .W , .. . , -,iw A -- ..... - . . U H H.. v M! . MMU ,, . x .. ...'.... .X L .HN w. w ...H , Wg' .. . . ... ' ... 1.1 l' ' ' . .WH-. . .Ml '. .VH JJ..." 4 !'um"'W . . w ' 'W ' . -. . . .. ... 5 .. . .uw M.....!.W"' ....... ......"' ..'q'q .y"'Wll' '-M.. 'u w" ...H .. ...' "Q . 'H o it rr W rr ARMY ROTC stuff: Mfsgr. Louis J. Schur, Plc. Weldon E. Herman, Capt, lomes M. Hanson, Ccrpl. Robert W. Sennewold, SFC Pool E. Simpson. Artrry Restore Ol'l'ittor'sl Trairrirrg Corps Leaders ol Tomorrow MXSGT. Harley Rice ond Mrs. Hollstrom manage the many office duties connected with the locol ROTC brunch. Trained Today 'Tlrc Army ROTC otlcrs a two-year curricu- lurrr lor' all lrcslrrrrcrr arrrl soplrorrroros, r'cqtrir'crl urrrler' Nortlr Dakota law, arrtl also gives arr trtlvarrcctl course lor juniors arrrl scrriors. Arl- vzrrrcctl ROTC sturlcrrts attcrrrl a six-wcclc surn- rrrer course lretwccar their Tirral two years ot tollcgc as well as live hours ol work a wcclt, arrtl young ollitcrs are rrzrirrcrl irr tlris ruarrrrrct' lor luturc service in orrc ol the Titttcrr lrrarrrlrcs of tlrc,Rcgtrlar'Ar'r1ry, Nrrtiorral Guzrrtl, arrrl tlrrf Cuir'garrrfzcr.l Reserve. Lt. Col. Harry Srrzrvoly rlfrctts tlrc NDSC Arrrry ROTC prograrrr as- sisterl lry two rrorrcorrrurissiorrcrl olliitcrs arrrl orrc rorrrrrrrssiorrctl olticcr. Arrrry ROTC also sponsors Cuitlorr arrrl tlrc Association ol tlrc Urrrtcrl States Arrrry, lrorrorrrry rrrgzrrrizzrtirrrrs lor' stuclcrrts irrtorcstcrl irr rrrilitary activities ou tarrrptrs. .3 -i , imp, , .... RIFLE loom: Robert Spitzer, Norbert Frank, H. Curtis Boltmo, Sgt Churlor PISTOL Team' LoRoy Vick Stanley luncline Gor Olson Nik H'll . . , , y , C I r Hurst, Gerald Artlr, Roger Brooten, Robert Picton. Tom Aclclicott, SFC Melvin Rasmussen, coach. 4 'MY-U ,. ,r . ------ ,, t,..,...f...,........... E ""' , ' - ARMY Aviation Flight Training Group. Dick Nelson, Arnold Ellington, Gary Thomosson, Dale Ruff. -" l'YISf?w"-MII' W-1 V -:' wr' ' V ' A + D l , , OUTSTANDING military cadets: Waller D. Rull, Russell D. Kilmer, Lynn A. Parkol Byron D. Webb. Air itioivzn lionnrvo Offinnru' Tl'iiiftliIIg Criiyis Air Force huifds future officers The Air Forcc Rcscrvc Officers Training Corps cicvciupcti icaticrsiiip qualities csscii- tiai to comtnissioncrl officers in the Unitcti States Air Force. Thcy havc a two ycar hasic course for ftcsluncn anti sophomores and a tivo ycar ativanccif course for juniors and seniors. Quaiificii Scnioif ROTC rncmhcrs vvcre coininissioiicri in thc Air Force Rcscrvc upon thcir graiiuat'fun. Tho AFROTC on thc NDSC campus was supcrviscri hy Cui. iainiys il. iiauicy, Pt'oh:ssoi' of Air Science. 'Sw COL James E, Bouley, as professor of air science, supervises all AFROTC activity on the NDSC campus. AFROTC stuff and secretory. Row 1: Sgt. Huydel, Miller. Mason iic. Willi ' ' I N-L.i.i..iu AAQ- I uv ' " 'A " ' WING officers: Ccmrpbeli, Nor um, Meier, Feeney, Neison Reber, Stodtloncier, Schwartz. FLYING Instruction Program: Albert Kundert, Jensen, Cairveou, Bopp, Haugen, Boecloleker, Scrlmonson. rAMrLrArrrzArroN flights, Copt. William Chrlstionson, Ie- rome D. Weller, Einer Bredr-non, ond Robert E. Krause. A i i Mimi - ' r 'f :p -' i f ,F i ,sc a READ H 1 s t- ' tg ii t l. V AL., u , 1 , ,sm MISS Beulah Gregoire directs all womens physical education aetrv MEN'5 Physical education director is Mr. Irv Kaiser. Bl ci l cl i is l oo , s a The Department of Physical Education trains both the bodies and the minds of SC students. The women's division, headed by Miss Beulah Gregoire, offers courses in many sports, dance and recreational games, and trains capable instructors in the field. Mr. lrvin Kaiser, director ol the men's program, ad- ministers the intramural athletic program aswell as the intercollegiate athletic program, which includes tennis, track, loothall, golf, and haslrethall. Both men and women are prepared hy the department for careers in education and general leadership, and kept in line physical condition at the same time. 3 x 2 W 1 1 fx 5 if X 4:05 a ' X I! x 3 ff I em Sw: THE home of the NDSC religion courses ollers pleasant surroundings lor lree discussion of religious problems Religious Education Various laitlis well represented at NDSC The School of Religious litluration sup- plements NDSC humanities courses by ollering elective courses ol work in reli- gious education that serve to strengtlren the personal religious loyalties ol the stu- dents. As advisors, a group representing the various faiths serves as the lloartl oi Trustees oi the school, ensuring lreetlorn ol tliseussion and equality ol representa- tion. The school is entirely supported hy rlouations from the ehurelres ol the Fargo Moorhearl eonnnunity, another reason that religion courses are a vvorth-vvhile contriliution to the etlueational oppor- tunities olleretl to the state college stu- FATHER Durlrin's lectures lincl cm interested audience ol SC stuclents. THE curriculum committee: Father Durlrin, Rev. R. E. Holden, Rev. Charles Markham, Dr. Seth Russell, Rev. Fred Davis, Rev. leo Johnson. Not pictured Rev. Arne Kvcrulen, Rev. Robart Ourcrdnilr. . r 1 t lrlealth Center Constant hattles waged in war on germs The Health Center survived an onslaught ol Asian llu this year, as well as the tune 20 tornatlo. The center also tnatle available pref ventative shots against polio and Asian lln. The three full-time nurses and the Dakota Clinic physician who attends the Health Center each morning are familiar person- ages to NDSC coltlfsntfercrs, excuse-searclr ers, and even those who spend sick tlays in the relative comfort ol the tnen's or WOI't1tfIt,S wards. Wa PROFESSIONAI. concern is expressed cis n stu- - - - if i. .r THE doctor is showing off one at the fine pieces of equipment in then Health Center, cis walt ns checking the young lctdy's lungs. THIS is the lite! Pillow-plumping, a mirror to beautify one's self by, and an excuse for staying away from class. What more could a student want? 'isps - ' fs s L1 t-,if , t ,L wjwmwz .... T .,. , l WITH a comfortable ward like this onn, there appear to he many henufits in get- ting sisla but Asian flu-sufferers maintain that the 1957 epidemic certainly wasn't worth it. MORE luxury servicel This time it's the latest maga- zines. Anyone for appenclicitis? Lilnary Library provides Intellectual Atmosphere PROFESSOR Stalling's iob as head of the NDSC lllarary stall lreeps htm abreast of all thot's new in literature, as well as techniques ln library scienceg The library is the center ol campus intel' leetual activity, ounloing the Bisou Room by several thousanrl volumes. Relaxation, as well as work, is possible in pleasant hi-ti supple- mented srtrroutnlings, anrl the lounges are well-populated alter a study session. The facili- ties ol the library lasterl through the tornado rlaiinage, thanks to rapid action by Professor Stallings and his summer stall, and notre ofthe n1agazines,rnaps,films, records or books were rlarnagerl. From the large engineer-only rezul- ing room to the small conference rooms, the library can supply every sturly neerl. .I i..- ,gigrgg I .r H , Y J V I --'K , .X in it .. I .o ,Veg Mm? 'MW"WEliQ M 'Egfr Mais, r wus. USE of the card catalog is only one of the many things to learn in the freshman library sclence course. tt-tt IF you clitterenttctte with respect to y instead of x Z -YY' t- tt t-- .i,fW5.-tj-it ,..,: , Y ,ti THERE I5 much use in memorizing the Dewey Decimal system! NDSC students are exposed to culturef is il contagious? is -tis-3, M , 'ts t Y ..J , V ,, W s xt. - . tl I In - '1t..I-.:-:Q-..:. ,, X 1 t lVle1norial Union llUnionizing" popular SC indoor sport DALE Broslrom, Diroclor oi ihe Memorial Union, doily finds his desk iloocied with dozens ol odministrcrilve deloils. The Mernorial Union is the social center ol NDSC. The Bison Room supplies eoliee as a iuel lor new anrl better, hut generally absorbing, discus- sions, and the eight-lane howling alley, liilliarel room, the "Boys Only" lounge, hallroorn :uid con- lerenee rooms, all reeeiveel their share ol harrl use during the year. The Speenurn, Bison, and KDSC staffs inliahir the upper floor, and the bookstore is easily the place where most money elianges lianels during the school year. Coilee, anyone? ----:wi A., , ,. 4' M Q C0-ORDINATING the programs of the Memorial Union is Mrs. Esther Torholl's iob, oncl she cerloinly seems io be onioying it. l THE pinch in the Pocketbook is most oilon felt in the y post-registration laookbuying rush in the Union book- i store. i . 1' 1. .91 bt "JUST u little off the top, please . . ." One of the handl- est services provided by the Union is the barbershop lo- cated in its basement. M. .Q-:2:2:p::.p , ,...4N.,, H I I All-ftliviities ,. X " ' " .. .5 r ' 4 aa M 'fs 5 Wx 5- 332: 1 , A ms M. HM w, u www ,L , 1 Q A J QB 4 VU' lk MW.,- 'if .,., H5 v,,v.-. ..., V ,,,.N.-X-, Q mg qv W. ,ic 1 ww ,www N w Vi- ,,,., V I ' v Frosltinori Week Highlites Orientation and Pre-testing FRESHMAN girls are clued in an the latest college fashions at the style show portion of the annual Panhollenic lriclrolt. At this 'Function the girls interested in rushing have an opportunity to meet the representatives from each sorority. CAREFUL therel She's taking a horne economics test and you're ln engineering. There's no correlation in answers ot all. Freshman students spend their first day on campus taking a rigorous program ol tests including intelligence, interest, and aptitude tests. AMIDST oh's and oh's Panhellenic members displayed fashions for all cccaslonss We tlnd that Maureen's dress is the proper attire for those 'lextra special" formal events here on campus. it was the freslimen who ztrrivetl on contpus :intl officially ittzttrgtrrttterl the i957-58se.l1oolye:1r. With ti rnzixirnuni tunount oi confusion they in- rutletl the dormitories, the Bison Room nnrl other college lorztngotrts. The ireslttnztrt girls zrtrivetl early lor the Pzrnltellenic lricls-olf nnrl utter at weelr oi vigorous party going were joinetl hy the lru'gest class of lreslinten fellows in the history of oltl State. hnrnetlizttely the pretesting ontl orienttrtion lJl'0g1'tl1I1S were ontlertnlren. Assisted hy trpperelzissrttert, the tttltninistrotion threw rigorous tests to ttrltl to the general state ot confusion. Tests were quielsly lorgotten as fresh- rnen scnrrierl to the first till-lreslnnen tnixer held in the htrllroont ol the Student Union. 'TQ' -,T "lNFERl0R" freshmen students vowed to wecrr their distinctive yellow cmd green hermies every day until homecoming. The Lettermcrn's Club keeps cr watchful eye on them to he sure that they keep their word. v., ni TALENT ciplenty was displayed at the Freshman Talent Show. Dancing, skits, hoton twirling, singing, end other tnlents provided u gain evening for the new students. DO YOU sslemnfy premise to wecrr this hecmie constantly until homecoming? The next cluy with the promise fresh in her mind, this coed can he seen running frcrnticcilly to the wornen's dorm to elude several burly nthletes with their persurider -cr tube of hright red lipstick. il SIZZUNG out oi the barbecue pit. Ag students prepare pounds and more pounds of Cl'l0W dQW'1l Keel fU'tf1l"9 ffm ll0Wft to flU5li, these SlUCl0ttl5 beef for the 'freshmen barbecue, one of the features ot the extensive orientation 9f0lJ G l-Tile to 907 of The l90fb0CU9- Almert C15 90045 G5 mUm5 program. cooking! llegistrzttiotr Upperclassmen return to NDSC campus The rnpitlly uppronelring' tiny ol registtntion lountl hus nntl trnin tlepots lilletl with stutlents returning once signin to their heloveti eznnynrs. A steznly strezun ol ents pouretl into Atlministrntiotr Avenue carrying students with their 1nultiln1'ioussuitcases, trunks nntl boxes. Dorrnitory rooms were quickly lilletl with personal possessions tunl rent tleretl livable tot the nine rnonths to follow. For some stutlents the school yenr will pnss quickly while lor others the pangs oi hornesieltness will slow it to at snnil's pace. During' the lirst week oi elssses not only the lreslnnen students were puzzled over the classroom setup, upper- elnssrnen were iountl eonlusetl when their sehetlules renrl "Enu'lisl1 336-South E1iginee1'ir1g. Room Zio." With QQQM .,, G W f 1.. by . X 1 1 v , . in 7 F. ' . 'IE A ... ., I 1 vu Q47 l ,f. C gi... N . Q 1:11. - 'N . ., .,.,, .1 Pdf' 1' . 5' . ......, ,... ......,.. ..:.:,:, I '1 -I-I-2::.1p-assign W . 1 ,W v'-"'1f-1-Mspgf 1111vi11f-W 4 - ..1.,.1..1--Q11 4 S 1 I '11 N F1 .m3,,,.."1. .1 1111 1 1- 1 1 1A " 1 11 1111121w 1111 wa. . ..-. 1 1'1 w .ww 111 L5-5' ' L'Wz2:2:2E2E2E2E2E2?55?2i2"'f.f':'1 1 .1 1111 +111 .1 1. J W 1 1 ' N l! W1 -QW-N 1 . ' N N X ' ' g . l 1 ww... . a..W1.,,, 1 ,x """ .- 'M -ki-I:-L. VW"-fs, L., ' ,g1k,:..5...., . '2 VI' I' W 1 1" J Vw "-' W "W 1-1 13 ,rs . 11' , .11 11 1.... 11 u . 8 ' Nh 1 1 . 1'111 .1 .,,5g3:.. .- 11 1.1 1 1 X, 251.111 " Y ' i 11....111111f - . , 11:11 I In '1 1 .1 ff A,. .1 1, 'Q' 1. ,f W . 11.1 11. .,..,. 11" ' 1'1.'1 1 1 11 1 1111 11111 15 H1 " ,W 1111! ..1.1,W111 , 97' ,.4 ..1:ss ., 121.19 A 1 -1 'Y .4 .1w 115- ' 1 111 11. 1117 MEI. W ' 15.1 151 1 Q Wg S 1. '11 e l A 1I ' 1 1 I I 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I 11111, .1. 'H W . ,N , ,MI -.11 111'1 11: 1111 1 1 1 1 1 'f 1 ' 1 1 1 1 -! 1 1 . 1 1 111 www' 1 11111 1 1 1 .. 1 I 1 11 . 1 . 1111 1,1 9, 1, 1 ', :",, 1 ,111 11, . '1111 111 111' 1 1 ' "1' "111 1111 ,111111 ' 1 1 1 1 1 .11 1 11 1 1 111.11 1 . 1 11, 11 1111! - 1 1111 111 M 11 1 11 1111111111 11 1 1111! X 11 . I .W 1111 1' 1 , 1'1'1'1. Y31!'1'1i11L Wi 1 1 1 1 1,1 11111 , 11, 11j1 1111111 1111- 1,1 111 . 11 1 1 1 ft 11111111111 , 1 11-1QL311'11ib!',1i1111,111 Y 111 1 11111111-3 111111111111111 H111 "'11' 1- VW 1 t -A 531 HOMECOMING '57 was officially inaugurated with the banquet honoring Queen Jean. In attendance to wish her ct happy reign were members of Senior Staff, student government, candidates, and college officials. Homecoming lean Ann Nelson, NDSC's queen supreme With vivid memories of just arriving at NDSC, students were greeted with homecoming. As if home- coming was not enough for one week, .midterm week was added to the scramble. Along with boolcs and cramrning came campaigning for homecoming queen, float preparation, construction of house decorations, convo, and the running of the torch marathon. Homecoming 1957 was inaugurated with the an- nouncement of candidates for queen. A special com- mittee of Student Senate nominated eight senior girls to vie for the honor. Ruth Mortenson Sonia Scott Immediately their campaign managers began hang- ing banners over the main thoroughfares of the cam- pus. Posters with glamorous shots of their favorite candidate adorned the bulletin boards and every stra- tegic spot in buildings all over campus. With students well informed of the candidates, ballot boxes were set up and studentspresented their activity cards and cast their ballots. Campus news facilities announced the winner to be lean Ann Nelson, and her court was comprised of Ioyce lirfcksmoen and Caroline Slinde. Patricia Moore Sally Schroeder EVENINGS prior to homecoming are spent lranticaily working on floats and house decorations with a sleepless Friday night in the ailing. Coed talents were concentrated on stuiiing tissues into chicken wire, the general structure oi most oi the floats in the parade. FLOAT preparation is interrupted only by study. Unfortunately, miciterrn week fell during the same week as homecoming and students were forced to carry on their activities at a rapid pace. CONVOCATION, featuring Queen lean, was held to rally the students behind the Bison and spur them on to victory over their arch rival, the Sioux from NDU. r X, ,, , vpyeneefwg, 1 b yr .,.,.,, . " l' 55: ift?i"'ti lm A my!! l FIRE-UPI is the cry oi the Rahiahs as they can be heard over the songs and cheers of the student body. V' Vw . , EW ,, f " ,L 'jx t I ,EFUM . x 5 V f ww. W 'WM . :f'1v3vu,..,-,v jW'M11x::1:'-gg.-Q-:5Qr.r.j,:,1!.,- Y , 6 84900 v X y., Q X-nffffnrdhf . ' N " 'M ww, N W3 lfiglfxi wk: 'xlxw V 1'k 'wg331N X W , ' ' af' V1 y is is 9 M Y N w mw W mf V 4 V1 Q A Q.-,Q K 'ff W" fmt' gif f I c li ev- ' 'i ' 'Wt M... , ,,,, gn Y , ' A .MW 4"qA f 7f "' - A '57 :g:2:'..',, f' """' 5 V,..j .Q ' M Q Q QL- ' F ' 'J' f' li . vV. fi-5 E aff if 14' Y: , .JC W u 'Q , Q, , W 1 -. ,M x , , ni 'TW' E TEEETII SETTING the tempo for the parade was the Gold Star Band, followed by hands from neigh- boring high schools and the university. fp, ,ww ,QF v, RIGHT on schedule, the torch marothon arrived in l Forgo, just in time to lead the mile-long homecom- 5 ing parade, H HAIL the Quoonl Queen Jean and her court wore the next on the scene, ccirriecl to the reviewing stand hy this beautiful float built by Alpha Phi Omega. THE BISON, who have not had possession ot the nickel trophy ior several years, had high hopes at winning it back this year. -4.--.4.rw4M-.mnmem .ru tuner HHWW in V FIRST ploce wus won by this cruthentic looking steom engine built by me Siouxln the Co-op lellows. It ccrrried the message to the spectotors to "Fire is ,QQ .v Qi my N... SPUTNIK seemed to he the nroin topic ot conversation this lcrll, ond lloot themes were no different, TKE's copped second plcrce with "Bison Solei- up," the keyword oi homecoming week. rg s .vt ,V A GIANT piggy bunk tor soving Nickel Trophies brought second ploce in the women's division for Gommo Phi Beto. in I y SHIP 'Em Home soy the Phi Mu's with their lirst ploce entry. It's oil Iooded ond reocly to be Iounched. THE U. Vet's Club undertook cr reol live covered wctgon trek to Forge for the festivities. "Forge or Bust" --ond they olmost did. .4 . .s ...-...manual 3 s. n, ,ggi ,V -S ..,.. .,, M ' :- " ,nn 1111 i -fm---rn--I M' Ax 'Mr WML 54,49 'W mm .... - X , 053 A, ,Q .,, W 4 .. u , ...Y,5, 4,1 if , , 434 , . wh 1 5 ,. ',w--Q: , ', ,- J 1 N: ,. ,yu ,va ,1- Q," .Qs-1:,-1-..,r.,.. M, W " " ' ui ,5- -Y I at ,"W"'f113f'1' X iw?" 'J 121131515 w 1 ! N V W , Q' f ,2Y2?24, 'HW' ,ni gh , H m,i H ff NY, SM N .. 2 M!! X A, . ,.sgA1wq5I M' A b W ggi J, 'Q ' iw-'Q , ,w , - . 2 -'J.' i ...A. , , W Sum M ,:x,- :N , +H wg M ' l I ' li Q an ' Q1' '- Q .."- V Q -V' ' Q. - .. -.. 4:, ,:, 1 if . .,...... 1 S E I? .:.:. , I lullllvv , W 1 .L Kuqu , H a, f- my , 1 . .LAM , X In X if , , : sw- ,, as Q ' ,WN K I7 ' x E 1, R' , ai' ' K v . ,, .-.wif V.: .. , - , ,. .V Q ',-,, ..... . .. , . ....-..,., . ,wg W H W 1. , I, TM ' , fp A .W , . A 1 " ' , A ,I .a,?Q' IP gh, 1 my ..A.. QA, Vw .f A. f . ' 9 qs ix? 5 . , ,,, X! if W' W -KM V ,X X - I V: I . ...... 1 , Q ,Q,,,,,,.,W,,, .... f .... 1, .Mg ,M mlm W ,,... , n., W, , , X ' f ' 1 ' -.., . 9 'F ' ,W , 'Y ' .'."1'l ' Q.. ig ". .'35'ziNP. Y? 9 j -1 ' 4-V," 'SN 7 fy if cj? W V .y. ...... ,.1,m,, ., W :, ,L ....-.-. , , .A,,,,., 1g - me ,KM V "3 Q, 1 Q' .-.:: .-,1,?r ,. W .,Al.,.G,. W .. 52 J ' mir- " 353' ,J " ,' ' WQ A . 2, W ? I - , W s ., A M wma. J. .. 79 Aa i I 1 7 1 M' ,K , , 4 ru , wg . ,1.,fgiQ.,, 1 4- , . , A O0PSl Governor Davis, that's a little low. In halitime ceremonies Jean ALUMNAE Queen is Mrs. John E. Davis, the N. D. Governor's wife. Mrs. was oiiicially crowned NDSC Homecoming Queen. She walked oil the Davis says a few words oi encouragement to her subjects after receiving ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' l ' 'cl t. field to the strains oi "Jeanie With the Light-brown Hair. And she ts. her crown from E. Marne Shafer, a umm pres: en SURE thing that this homecoming will be a clean one. Theta Chis capped first place in house decorations with this entry. iliff+g ev We ., tie r X' Q ill -J , ,. V, A V f 1 I V W, wh R, 'iff Wf 1 L I "H NM! 'N hx N , ..-N, I 9 ' W , H cyl- Ye , .,1::, .-..:.,,,. , . 'J".. Q ' VA .I I. X-A N A VI. ,": ,... K '32-1 Q ' :W M 'K M fimgfw WP In ' -f-fda l I V 1 VL M Y fp f f w v .,.b'.. Q aww' , , ,fl i W A , K fff iq ,Q, ".- 2 ""- f - , f Sgt x -"4 ' ' .1 , V 4 + I5 A .. V f,., 5 W'-S ' Y nyfg W 1 A N ' W M M M Q if NV w , 1 3 , H Hu K' WU" W M A 7 I 2 i I 'tg .-:--:fvf " 1'- 2132557 fijjjgjf'-, wiv' M g U I m gg 4 , ,, W N J 2 F ' ' Q A lv 4 nm A f y,.., ,Li w X. 25? I 1 W1 ,www X W + f V R. 'w I., . ..... - :-' .: ii. .+. .. . 1 ll QMK-QQM 15' 'M W Nr, wg, W , ,,,, A , ,L Nw "lNHERlT the Wind" was the first play ol the year presented by the Little Country Theater. . , G ifsllr ' i 1, .. -g itarppfe gg.. .V 5 l J"' r x sr. . . .fwi.v.rr, , , FLU hit the campus with cr mighty hand affecting the attendance of all classes when 400 students were afflicted. ln the dorms home remedies were cheaper than last quarter's lihrcrry science notes. The patients felt miserable us their roommates experi- mented proving or disproving the validity ol each theory. ,, ' 1 it ' it 'iii rr!! W, 1 's - ff r ' - 1. .... ......... -.. ..... ix- GUS XXIII was presented to Margaret Shoesmith and her date, Dave Moore, at the Spinster Skip, the giri-ask-boy dance sponsored by Senior Staff. This is "the" night oi the year that the male is treated to dinner, the dance, have doors opened, coats rornovoci and wear corsages to 'tit their personcrlit ties concocted by their dates. SITTING out a dance, the favorite yoke of the krhrtzers was the one about the fraternity boy, who during tho previous week, rushed to the phone and answered it with "l'II got" Spinster Skip JUST about anything goes at the Spinster Skip but rsnt there rr cozror arrangement than tour people dancing together? END of the quarter nears and you have your appointment with your advisor to determine next qucrrter's scheduIoz"can't I get that waived? Remember, I cIon't want any 8 o'cIocks or afternoon classes." Final Exrtrns l i l FINAL enum time iinds the Stote students intently ignoring the situation by concentrating on ony other activity possible, ranging from cleaning out drawers ond closets to playing whist in the lounge nt the Union. An nrt exhibit, pledge presentations, the Cztrrrhnrlge De- bate, the :thsence oi pledge skips ond Vets' Day eonvo were some ol the lriglrligltts of the end ol the quarter. Bison Court addition, grounclbrerlrirrg lor the new LSA house and the neur completion of the Ceres Hull pzrrleiug lot modi- fied the nppeuruuee ol the curnprus. A new enrollment record was set this quarter when the NlJSC's enrnllrnenr ol 3,063 wus up 13.121, almost double the average iner'euse ol all the other colleges und junior colleges in the state. Under the revised quarter schedule students had at hriel holiday at Tltztrtlesgivirrg aurtieipzrting the dreaded return on Mondzry for final exzuns. IF you're not cr cord player you con spend the time constructively in the gonna room improving your pet shots or by contemploting to yourself, "l've iust got to get started studying for those finals." " ' f ' ' -r:.. t . ri: Wiintgor QUEl'If'Itf,lf Studies and social lite crowd quarter MILITARY Ball, the tirst formal attctit' of the winter quarter sow LaVonne Biol crowned queen. A high light ot the school year, the hall is sponsored by AUSA and Arnold Air Society, honorary military organizations, stir I vis.. With tinnls tinisltcrl, it not turgottcn, r'r:gistsr':ttion stztrt1crl itntncrliziticly tor IllItICl'CI2iSSII'Il?tt. The interval ho twain was a scrics ot cuttcc lttfaitrs, cnrrl gentes, hull scs- siuns nnrl n sntltlrxn rcliut trotn pressure which was cor- tninly cnioycrl, hut lctt the student' with at tooling ot utnfrisincss, ns it thcrc were sontctlting to ilu that wasnt Irving rlonc. Ittstrrnrl ut packing lor ltotnc, tht: sturlonts t'ctn:tinf:r,l on cztrttpus tor thc tirst ltaskcrltzrrll gnntc ot thc season against Conconlin. Rcgistjrntinn :intl its trustrntions lrcpt thc sturlcnts husy tilting out tortns :intl standing in lintz. ltup on the prsccrlittg Monday, classes resume as winter quztrtcr hcgins. COMPARING experiences of being queen, Scrnclra Benedict Feeney is obvi- ously amusing LaVonne with her comments. GIRLS somewhat self-conscious in formal gowns and boys obviously uncotntortohle in tuxs and unitorms, seem to amuse Queen laVonne and her escort Corky Schen- Irenberger. PRE-CHRISTMAS presentation oi the Circle T Theater was "Tho Three Sisters" by Anton Chekhov. All is not social in the life of a collage student as sometimes unfortunately displayed. Luncheon lectures till an important function in the underclossnien's curriculumg it gives them an opportunity to exchange ideas with their instructors-But all work and no play leads to an A average so week-end basketball games find the student body in enthusiastic attendance. Without snow, their scctncil to lic it lnclt ol Clnisttnns spirit on cznnpus until the trznlitionnl bznni nnil choir conccrt just hctorc vncntion. Thi' twotwcclc vzicntioti typically tounil the sttnlcnts go' ing hotnc, going on trips cithct for plcnsnrc or jolt intcrvicws, gctting pinncil, cngigctl nrnl ntnrriccl, :intl looking .lorvvztrtl to coming hticlc to school. Un- iortnnntcly thcrc was at trngic cvcnt during vncntion this ycnrg Q1 iirc nt thc ATO house :intl thc iicnth oi onc ol tlrcir tncmlicrs. School t'cst'rinccl with till its nicctings nnil connnittccs, thc tnost nctivc of vvhich was thc Nznnc Cliniigc Coinmittcc whose cinlcnvor it is to clinngc the collcgcis nznnc to North Dztlcotn Stntc Uttivcrsity. 'A Q f W . N 11 H MJ F 9' iz . n F Ji an-Q N 1 'V ' ' ,A - ,y ,. 1: ,.: v Ax, : - ,H , .. .ff Wm A, . . I X Q X L ' 2 .1 15 'W umm .1 wi QW 519' L . M hw'-' V 4 Y A, A 1 K 5 me Q K a W if Q 'fl 9 " f ' in X1 xx xl ci ,, , f.,.+ qw Q'x'f:?:q1j. X '.g.g,: U QI , , s 1 mglglx , , ,Ml 23' f 67 ' 2'4- v - 1 ., A-f Wx Y .K 2 7 i . I , llTTlE International Queen Ruth Olson ond her crttendcrnts, Koran Zielsdorl ond Jcrnet Christopher, Lillie llll'l6I,'i1Zllitftllitl SPEAKER ot the Holi oi Forne Banquet, sponsored by Saddle ond Sirloin os is the entire Little International was Dr. D. O. Christians, u veterincrrion. HEAD Personnel oi the little lnternotionol Show: Gerry Gerntlrolz, crssistcrnt :nun cigar, Bob Knudson, ring rnnnoger ond Hownrd Lnlrlum, nroncrger. l M "wr lflmvf lr POULTRY division winners were lerry Onscsger, Marla Ashton oncl Bob MECHANIZED crgrisulture winners were Bob Mcrdler, Ron Anderson, Blll Bielcert, Stellar, ond Glenn Johnson who were presented their trophies by Queen Ruth Olson. GRAND Champion showmon of the 32nd little lnterncrtionel livestock Exposition was Bolt lewis. THRQWING the bull, typical occupation of fraternity officers: these Co-opers seem to have things well in hcrncl although the contest was won hy the Takes. 1 - 7 fu K-,.3'5y, V , 5. if X .r , '--an ..... .. nl mg- DOORWAYS, walls, cmd windows oi campus buildings were covered with the campaign posters ol the three presidential candidates and the 'forty-tltree cenclidetes for student senate. ingenuity and cleverness were prevalent in the elaborate posters. Faculty li,i6tltl.t31'Sl1',iIt lqeotquro t DEAN of Chemistry, Dr. Rctlph E. Dunbar was honored at the second onnual tcrculty leadership lecture where he spoke on "Research or 't" to on enthusi- ostic audience in the Memorial Union Bollroom. Perlurps the most unusual uspeet of this winter term wats the mild weather we experienced-with :ui unusual high oi 66 degrees on Fehrunry 25 which brought at siege ol premziture spring fever to campus und inspired some lrremty souls to have the first pienie ofthe yezrr. A hit of excitement awoke the cumpus Fehruarry 26 when it haul heen discovered that at prowler haul uttemptetl hut htiletl to open the vzrult in the liusiness oiiiee. But school con- tinued in :tn ueeelerztterl pure ns term report urul project tleudlines loomed in the near future. r s r ,Q . Q M if dis 1 AZ, 'ith' My M li' H rrreee- i r -. 4:,ett:,.m,'? xlwr - Q gr, M l ill r - ' l -1 y lr ry , r A SOCIAL hour followed the lecture which was established in order to give recognition to distinguishecl academic ochievernents of faculty rnernbers ond to bring er wider ottention to these contributions. MEANWHILE, school continued with the some dolly routine, pin up your hoir at night, brush your teeth and wosh up and then rn the morning, unpin your hair, brush your teeth cmd wash up. What monotony to attract the other sex, which outnumlners the iemoies on this campus Sri. SPIRIT and noise are prevalent at the annual U Series convo at Festi- val Hall. Banners are hung by the various Greek organizations and the Telces odd to the hcdlom with their school hell. One lentnre oi the U Series was eliminated this yezrr hy teelmieztl tliiiicttlties-tltere wats no snow for the snow sculp- ture contest. The two games played in Gmini Forks were Well ztttencleti hy liison inns ns the team Won one and lost the other. Friday morning hrought the inevitxthle hnntl ol fellows hrenlcing up elnsses, much to the delight oi the stu- dents and perhaps the prols too. Since classes Weren't' dis- hzmtletl sotne went on as usual with restless students eagerly looking iorwnrtl to the evening contest. ll Series H'-,,, ,y,, I V Q N it .N s-f""""" N 4 UNDER the auspices of the Rahiahs, the convo setirizes our rivals from upstate subnormal. This convo and the homecoming convo ore attended hy ci larger percentage oi the student be-dy than any other octivity during the year. WITH the symbol ef NDSC school spirit, the Rohiahs slang their cowbells to odd to the complete bedlam. At the games helcl in Concordia Fieldhouse they assist the cheerleaders with various placards. THE most faithful Bison fans, the pep band attended not only the U Series but every home basketball and football game also. With a rousing "Ho a cheer for green and yellow," the Bison trod a successful if not record breaking year. SATURDAY night halftime Warren Annan was prof ,Q , r r DURING Friday night halftime Dick Tschider was presented the Dennis Drews Memorial award for being the outstanding football player of the i957 season by President Hultz. End oi the U Scrics Iilfillii the ani oi rlrr winter quzrrtcr znnl the imrnincnt linul cxnrnirrzrtions incurring long hours ol ruvicvv. snnlying :uni CfLlll1I11llig.A tar clay vucutiorr oiicrrrl thc sunlcnis at clruncc to rest up irr1'zi1'igir1'rrL1s spring qiinrm' with marc rncctings, more sturlics, marc wurlc :incl rnorc pzrrtics to canclurlc the i958 school year. Ron Bartz Clark Crum Francis Satovich Sharon Shepard Bill Baillie, AGD Fred Flanders, GPB Carl Haas, KD Bee rd llorrolssost and llhllllii BEFORE the home U Series game the beard contest sponsored by the Rah- iahs was lodged by representatives of the Moler Barber College, The winners were announced during the halftime in the various categories: shaggiest, best trimmed, most unusual and the best attempt. WINNER of the Ugly Man contest John Syverson was presented a "loving cup" at the dance alter the Saturday night game. Don Moorhead of Alpha Phi O'mega presented Marlys Oberg of Kappa Alpha Theta, who sponsored John, a trophy. Votes For this contest are bought For o penny a piece and the proceeds are donated to a worthy charity by this service Fraternity. I H ,Q r v X fi . si r rrr- . . si- , .,.,,,,,,,, , o 'v 1 N ' . ,,-. ,..r.,r : -:-it 1 - , Vw "--' f 1' ,yn 3 3-.f -, . .s-::5:-:-" ""' ,I .. .y r ' 51 '- sees- I r ' rip til ff it' tg- .f 5 "tt , it F A-lo." 41 ',!, ,!,3 N Q t s 3 i, -F 3 it 2, If ei, if f Wy,,i.2 lk ,, V, H '4'3"- .' w CROWNED St. Patricia at the Engineers Ball was Sara Riley and Virgil Miller was awarded the traditional T-square as St. Pat. This annual semi-formal italic was sponsored by the Engineers Council and held at the Crystal Ballroom. i r n t I ni l 5 QUEEN of the letterman's Ball, Karen Knuclson was presented a mammoth trophy by Warren Armen. OTHER activities on campus included the annual Strikes and Spares tournament sponsored by the Union and LCT produce tion of "She Staops to Conquer," a preflilizahetlrian drama which also went on tour to various towns in the state. it . 1 . ' rn M it ' . .-1s rytiiyi ltt f" Benux Arts Ball i i UNSEASONALLY worm weather brought a giant exodus of the student body to the great outdoors for golf, tennis, hikes cmd lounging on the gross. BEAUX Arts Ball, on annual costume affair, is sponsored by the iunior class ol the Architecture Department. The theme of the ball this year was "A Night on the Nile," thus explaining the abundance oi shielss and dancing girls present amongst the pseudo palm trees. FARGO-Moorhead Symphony orchestra presented or concert at the next-to-last convo oi the school year. l ir U 'lilllrir i tt Qt ' rl' 1, tariff H h pit J I xr' 4 L Q. : ri g 5 ,, X t if -r ' . X' r I Q2 -2 Qt -J to r i tc or ' " , , ".'1tF" fiQ:I-in if 'nfl it t .c,c . ip r f, r 1 - ' I A, ' " ' .-si, . -- YV. , A'2:s3a::,:.:,,51,: .,,.'!i51It5.t?.lsl51', ,ce e -'ill .,- ,.,. ,,,,, . . . - it-' 'tt1.r:2.,-.-',-:'g2t.-:a-2. , . - - , one r t A 1 i OMINOUS note on campus was the black flag at halt mast in the mall--in mourn- ing for the defeat oi the name change hy the Board of Higher Education, 6-i. BLUE Key named Theodore E. Stoo, chief of the Plant lndustry Division and Agronomist, the Doctor of Service Award at honors day convo for contributing the greatest amount to the school beyond the work that his posi- tion entails. LONG-awaited excavation lor the Student Union addition dis' rupted the campus. iiisnn Brevitics PERHAPS the most thankless and least recognized staff of the entire production is the makeup crew under chief applicator, Jane Higgins. With a multitude oi assignments from Persians to old hags to Germans to little girls, the staff contributes their share to the success of the entire production. High-litc ni thc spr'ingcp1ar'tcr' is rhc allecarnpns varicty show spnnsnral hy lilnc Kcy h'arcrniry, iiisnn lircvitics. harly in lannary tryouts arc hclil in ilctcrrninc thc iivc hcst curtain anil prnilnctinn acts nn campus. Highly coinpcritivc, thc show is iinlgal hy thra: ilillcrcm sets ni inilgcs and trnphics arc prcscntcil at thc final pcihninanci: Satunlay night. The cntirc nrnilncrinn was unilcr thc riircc- tinn ni Director Dalc Nclson and Producer lim licifncy. Thc Winncrs ni this shiny hrigln trnphics wcrc: Alpha Tan Oincga, iirsr placc prniluctinn actg Kappa Alpha 'lihcta anil Sigma Alpha l-Epsilon, sccnncl placc prnilnctinn actig Kappa Gamma, lirst piacc curtain actg Theta Chi, sccnnil placc curtain act, and tickct sales vvcrc wan hy Kappa Kappa Gamma and Alpha Tau Onicga. "STREET of Dreams," the Kappa Kappa Gamma-Theta Chi act in which various individuals pass along a street and have a dream of something he would like to have, do er he and consequently the "5KUllDUGGEiiY in the lighthouse" or Who killed the keeper? was the curtain act of Sigma Chi. dream comes to life. ly "',5 sr - , V r I , i I Z " ' ms i ,Z . :vi ' r Qt' vi X ' r St ,. ,A . ,-tjiwa 3- 5,- t ..,,,,:,. .,... M . i I I ,, "PAPER Dolls," a curtain act oi Gamma Phi Beta, concentrates on the advantages and disadvantages of dolls that aren't real. "IN a Persian Market," the production act ol i "DIE Feiertagf' the production act ol Kappa Alpha Theta-Sigma Alpha Epsilon, is concerned with a festival day in the Bavarian Alps. "SPO0FNlK," curtain act ol Theta Chi, is a documentary of the scientific ad- vances in the Glorious Democracy. an 3 t tif t L f- 1 ' A cr t iii- in I :want iii , , ., ,, P- Zfw :wi f 1,17 . . A . , f. V -, Y u ifill la' 3' 5 -N fi uni Q fait h ff ' . 'i I 4, ,Qfi , ' , Sli -'--1-A ifrrfi-r1,15tj,'frL21. 'iii-N vlilt!'i..,'- -1 c ,t,.t, r :ga - , wx: 'H E'iZ'l"'4 -. . ,..-,-:-"Sh'l'lltiiitll'ii Y i wi ' i'5Iii5'5fi'5fi?''ii'5-5E35E3:5lft--:'E5E-2-il 'lid-'?:'iAJf-iiiif . ' :F 'f.':E:1r' gl- V1 ltlwiy tr H ai , 5 't ".fliM ': , 'g '- -i f-as sy -- , , T 1 E 4- ' i-lfxq' .Ei .. , w"'t"' "H" 1.2.1 Z I ' 'iii 1. ' rsf , ' 4 " " -- , ,. ..: ' wif i: , 5 t ' ..... I Z .. si 5' 1 snr.-. ' -. H i ''-'-1'-I-'-',E,i.'22,E2.2:Z.f:2.5f2E.2:!:!:!2ff ff it 15 - ' ' iii 'f f 3, Q.. ' -- ,. ., ,, ,..,. . ...vv ,I ....... 1 ws- 1 , ,Q 3 ' ri -+I-i ..,, , - , 1" ' ' va., t ' in A .t r . 3.33 .. Q :r if ' ri" QW.. I dv2e" xfs'K35i 1i1 ' f':- Lrlii-fi-L-' . i " 5 iff r- rrgy, ,:,g, I-,E :gf sc x- cs- is y V' rf- ' ' ,gg 5 " A y " , 1 ' 'W' yy, 'N this qi,.,g -. -gljgtl .gg H yiii -.rr ' W 'i I it Mig QQ' sa iiyii: -' rnixri ,.., ' M ' s...sf"frr1:2:1:2:ri:-' f'fi11-I",if."1?iIr 2.i i ff- 'ii - xr 1- 'ffi f . ' ' i ..I:2:'g!:!:2EiEaEaEaEsii'. ' r :' myE5E1 ,j ar '-M V , ,,,,.,.1. s .:.:f.,..-....... . ,M ,. .... , gy, fi.. " , T ' i mg-153 .,., up .... , .. y K . w s:-f s- s 5 -- i i ' -',' i' Tiff" - , . W A ....... , : ..,:a:a: .. H , . ' t i -W-www--t .-at ........ s . -K , T 'iii-Q'i.,. . .-dh,iiliissfi ifii 'i ii' ri, 5 55: ""'i A i f f' , T' sz- if iiiiiiiiiirp . , r -iiir iyi'i'ii- 11' ' I iii 1 1 'EgQ,g..-,EL ,Q ' Qs- air'-I-I--I--li: r it ...,., s:- T, - ---r gr- 's -I ' ti ' .. , s ' I ' '- , ' fflgl .ia ' T t ir 1 - . to ri be T - T ,, X T it . ' , . J -tt 1 ,, i .--- t g"c""M" iw lg W Q, W' """ I ii? T, . - ' f- fiiisrr " it 'M-Q' WH.. ..A f Nga-4,,, it 5 K . , L L - I I, ' .-.', - f , -. .4 J N Jo, il 'Tx , ,s-' L it A , " ne ' -st! is '2j'f535a.a5 --in -. ,.I .. T T , I H .. 2. , "BOWERY Grenaciiers," the production act of Aipha Tau Omega, takes place in Firehouse No. 9 on the Bowery. This rowdy crew is dedicated to many causes, among which is fire fighting. "STEIN Time," curtain act of Kappa Psi, is a typical scene of a German "SHADOW Fantasy," curtain act of Kappa Kappa 500f90fd9U. Gamma, is concerned with two capricious shadows who arrange a midnight rendezvous. ,r 4.3.3, ,. , .sm i 4 r rf , .,.rs,.,i, 'nr Zu r st ,cs rf . r 1 1 .l rs, ..... - yy ,T -. 4 .... . Anotlrer year ratpiclly heczinie history ns the short spring cpntrter wus shrielcingly hrouglit to at hnlt hy lizrccct- lnurecite :incl gnicltnitioii. An active yertr wars concluded with on ztctive cprzirterg it incluclerl the zinnuztl Honors Daly convocation which presentecl 'lied Stott, the Doctor oi Service ovvztrcl, Greelc Wcelc :incl its reltitetl zictivities, lirevities, lizills, picnics :incl more picnics. lint college lilc nt North Dzrlcotzi Store isnt just ri round of parties, lizills, and picnics hut is rt period ol intensive stucly, worls, corn- pnnionship, depression :incl elution experiencecl hy all in the rnutuztl experience ol ohtzrining the benefits ol at higher ecluczition. COFFEE brecrirs continued during the spring quarter but consumed 0 greater portion of the students time-but one con rotionolize ond mention the mony facts learned over the iuice of the mighty been. se, r r- rl ' t I ' - t3T.Lf': "' 3 E..rtf:eq:gfrrgagt:, e.. " A it iii 9331-QVQ:ELii2lI:Lf:IfifI:1:ffEd- I W t X1 is ir E, ' mr lr X vi 1. ya -,513 nilttii ' ,sc -r-- i AH spring und the young nion's fcincy turns to-whot the coed hos contemplated oil winter. Picnic weather cciusecl on epidemic of spring fever on ccnnpus with its vorious symptoms which includes endless phone conversotions cmd prolonged goudnights. SQUARE-DANCING found new favor on campus os vorious organizations such os LSA ond 4-H included it in their social oictivities. LAST maior group activity of the quarter was Spring Sing, an annual contest of Greek voeal ability sponsored hy Alpha Phi Omega, national service fra- ternity. .,. FAMILIAR but esthetically not recognized sights on campus-the Minard parking lot perpetually filled with row upon row of cars and the Minard stair well often viewed but never really s-een by hurried noisy students rushing from class to class, building to building, year to year. A THIS is not the favorite sport at most picnics-games of skill referred to ns "chug-arlug" and "Indian" seem to have precedence and preference over this activity. THE lust man in the last final of the school year as another summer looms ahead requiring cr big adlustmont tor the graduates and a short interlude oi travel, summer camp or employment for the undergraduates who shall return in the fall in their quest for knowledge, companionship and belonging. N Epo:-is , 11111 1 11,1 1111.1 1111 11 '1111 11N 1111" ' 1 .if11Y 1 111 11 111 1111 K '11111111 ,1111 1111 1"' " .M .111 .1 1111 1 11111111 1 11 11h 1 1 11 U1 1 1 1 . ' 11' ' 1-1111111 1111.1 '1 111! 11 11 1 ' 111111' 11 1 1 ' .'.,1'fQf-131:-Q13-11 V 1-: 1g15Y,1w1g11,,-11.1 .1M-1-1-11s1- ? . .,......... ,1Q::1.,.,1..3w1 Q "" - :-:-:-.. .... '1'P?1'-:'1?-,Diwali155151'""'f-WSW' Q I ..-:-:-:-:1:-:f.. 1 ..... I ......,. - .-.., I 1.31 A :':':b:-::::::..Q,g -f'111.-1.11, Q ' 1 " ' """' f -:-:1:'3:5:-:1::' '1:F!FW1i1E:"'1l1,wI-321-5. .1 1 E21111.1..1114:11:11.1l1:1:z11 1.1:11.g:g.11- .113 .1 1 11 . fi 1111311 ' 111 1 11111 "111111 -f.".I'.'1.'WZf91'-111-1'-1111..1,'?93wSifii?I3fL'i2-51':'1:'1"1f'1-'111'i213ii?'.'.'.'Q."' "111 ' 1' 11.-.Ui-5-33299'i11152111w1 11 .aw-1-1'-135fQ?i5?5Y31111'1511111'31l 1 1' " '119111'-1"'111'11'1.'11'1 i'f11-1111-11'1111111-115 .., .... 1- ,... 11111' 1-1 1 1 132.1 .... 1111111Q111fi1:+gez11111111111 1 ' 1 21112-1:11111 .. '----- 1:1 , 11-111 1 .1 ':. 1 1 - .' 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Q -,X .... www?5-1:1,1.,1.,.,5,,X.1.,.1,111,,11.,..?.1,,.... ,WM-,-1, .,.,..,.. ,,.,,1.. .1 .14 mx ..,M.,.,,. .,,1., ..... 111.,-.1 . 1 :,..1.. m.1.,1. ,,, .--.W3.,M,1,,w1:.1.f11,11-.1., ,1,,,.,....,...,1,...,M , 11,-11111,fnm,-..W,,,.., 1 1 1,1 .11 , - 1. . ....... -,f.,.,.,3,,,,.1,1.5.1M..-.,...W,.,.1.1.,,.g.,111-1 h. - ........ 1 1 1 - 1 .. 111611. .... .11 1. .1 . 1 . ----------- - 1 1 -'-' 1 'QQ'-g"12'111-1-11. X1g',V11111-.11e.- 1 .-.-.-.1.--1.1:E:E:E:5:E:E:ZE1.1.-.. , L. ' .1.g,.Z1.-11 ,1 - --1-15.11, - -1,1g1- V... . .11 ...... . . . 1 .1151,111.11:1:f1-11- 1 1 1' .. ----': 1 1 111W111k1---...1: ..... 11 x.111' 11 . .. - R L ' .. 'f1"5'1'W""i.-Vln ..... - 1 " V" 11.:' 5.55 11111 1..'1:..,11 Y 111W1ff51f""f'Ef-'5'? 1311f'1'N ' 111111' A 1f. . . ' ' ' "Wi 1. 114-w1'1'11111-1 4??iT'f:'??'f?7f313f'?f""'4"3'1111'LW35:?!S.'5:171111W" ' 1 -A11 111.1120 J 1 " ' " 1'y 1W1111'..EYf.':'1':'1mZ'??5:i'1'-112'II1"':511?V55f?g'?f?1'1'S-"QiI-113.11 .. -- .'..,. 1 1 ..... 1 .. 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' 11111 1 1 11 1111 ' 11 1 11 1 1 . , J 111113 - 111111111 11 11111' 111111 11111- 111 11 WWA I inhwhlwt . "" ' ..... 11 1:.QLfL'E,:i f 1 . , P oolbnll Despite dreams, Bison have bad season L... r 1' A, . W L Q les Luymes, Athleiic Director Bob Danielson, Head Couch Varsity Heoortl North Corltral Nose oppnnnn Conference Stautliings 0 - - Conrortlia ----- 47 iWO11L0StTiC 0 - - South Dakotall .--- 6 South Dakota State - - - - 5 0 Q 0 - - Iowa State Teachers - - lS Morningsitle ------- 4 l Q 6 - - Morningside ---- l3 Iowa State Teaeliers College - 4 2 ul 7 - - Montana State ---- 26 South Dakota University - - 3 2 Q 0 - - NorthDakotaU. - - - 9 North Dakota University - - 2 5 ,D l4 - - South Dakota State - - 32 North Dakota State - - -- - 0 5 0 6 - - Dayton University - - 40 Augustana - - - - - 0 5 0 State 0 - Coneoiralia 47 On Sept. 14 the Bison eneounteretl the third worst home loss in the history ol NDSC foot- ball. They lost tour fumbles as 4,500 fans sat through intermittent rain. Altliouglt the line played a gootl game with stantlouts Walther, Gehhart antl Tsehitler, the team just coultlult get going. Roger Gehhort, Bison guard lloyd Larson, Bison buck Jerry Wqlgherl Bison buck A COBBER, from the Minnesota side of the Red River, makes cr voin attempt to snatch the bull from Wayne Wall. k I ' B Wo ne Wall, Bison Bock Curt Quenneiio, Bison Back John Krniewski, Bison Bac Lynn Par e, Bison occ y Don Jensen, Bison Bock Lincoln Reinhiller, Bison Bock Sputnik? State 0-SDU 6 At Dakota Field on Sept. 21, the Bison fought hard defensively in a losing hattle. They lead the statistics in almost every department, hut a state fumble on the 13- yard line set up the only score of the game. The best kick of the game was an out of hounds punt on the three inch line hy Quennette. Watcher, Tsehider, Gehhart and Basche also starred for the Bison. . B .... if A ' i, . .... . t 1 .V y ..... t... , s B y s.y. k s .. .. , 1 Q, 1 I . .T ' Y y-1 5. .... '4 V I , y.,. tiny A M V U i EVERYBODY gets in the ploy as the herd and the opponent ei the day converge. ALTHOUGH the Bison had cr disappointing yeor there were moments during the games when the team displayed winning ability, .Wt-ll . -'-.pill ' Ig ggtittlirttrllllldtttiiylrl ::-i2 i g .. .... .... . p nttpttpttittppttt iii ppl ' - nfllllyeltlig' Wttlltl.l.iiiiiiit q-21 -.-.-.p.'-' B .. H it B ' .ttlli .. t.iiiidlliFtp.W Willll ..... - itii illllll W M I .t pt f p will pplililll ittl lll l tttitllildlll give M I Dole Lundby, Bison center Wayne Worner, Bison back Stare 0 ISTC 18 In Fargo on Sept. 28 the Bison's pass defense amazingly lielrl ISTC to six yards in the air. Fumbles again butt the Bison and protection of the passer was a glaring weakness. Altbougb the defensive line did a creditable job, the game ended as tbe first ISTC win in 9 games. The real bright spot oi the game was Kingeryb play, but a dark spot also appeared as Friede re- injured bis left knee. Charles Hyde, Bison hack till is Vip Ross Fortier, Bison beck I Gordon Frieda, Bison back Dick Johnson, Bison guard Dick Gentile, Bison buck Dick Tschider, Bison center State 6-M01'11l1i,gSltlC 13 State scorecl its first touchdown of the season on Oct. 5 nt Sioux City, :ts Larson tossecl to Cntnpngtnt. All wats in vttin however, ns lvlorningsicle scoretl the winning touclnlown ns n result ol at Bison ltnnltle on the l-yard line. The gtnne was evenly played statistically however, with tieltlntrt ztntl Tscltitler tts the outstztntling tlelensenten nntl Cztntpngttzt nntl Quennette as stnnclouts offensively. ALTHOUGH the Bison didn't come through with o win this your, the ions olwoys hoped thot this might be the one. "H0lD everything" seems to be the byword os the Bison down their mon in this Saturday afternoon feoturo. i s St. A ----- - V ,.., .... .-...,,,. ,.,, .. ,., .,...,..,..,.....,......t WliH homecoming enthusiasm ns incentive, Curt Quennette goins voluoltlo yards trorn the victorious Sioux. State 0-NDU 9 This clisheartening loss tlainpencil Hotne- coming spitits. The Bison were liandicappetl hy injuries to Hyde, Larson, liasclie, Nagel anrl Geltliatt. The offensive stantlouts for the Bison in the annual Nickel Trophy contest were Catnpagna anil Kingery. State failed to score at home lor the lontth and final time this 1957 season. The band anal floats ptoviclecl colorful halftime ente1'taintnent. Bill lrvin, Dick Dougherty, Bison guard Bison guord 1 tl N . .ati H ' 5 A f 'Kami 4 i is tc I ,,., l- , a, 1 v ' t-LIP!-Str'-ef, 55l5E5E5E'5fE':?ffilfZ ft ' ' .tat-:1.IiI'?""i'E:t:f:Q ""' - - s t2z,si,L n',,, ll-Mill!!!if-'ftiiaiii -- -V ' 1 'Z -iii? e e ' , t. .tts,:.::t12t:,2-1:arf V Q 'Tm' c.:.5.a5:tc.1...t. . Q , f 'its-s,i Q a i'il.c"75 'QtiptQi.1,t V Wilt " -. if':'?gE"?'-if' " Phillip Kosowski, Bison tackle Dole Hinkle, Bison tackle Keith Schucier, Bison guard 'Clarence Vinle, Bison tackle Kenneth Silliernogel Bison iockle THE BISON smother their opponent in an unsuccessful attempt to break into the winning column. State 7--iVlOl1'l,2lI1Z1 State 26 in li0ZCl112l1l,M0lliill12l on Oct. 12, the Bison were outclassed by tough opponents as the Boh- cnts extcntlctl their winning streak to 16. The Bison clslcnss leit much to he desired with the lust half of the ganna the poorest Bison showing oi the year. Selby Mendro, Bison tackle .lerry Kingrey, Bison back Marv Miller Bison end Btll Bartels Bison end State lil- SDS 32 The Bison lost their filth conference game as the Iacltrabhits won the conference crown at Brookings, Oct. 26. Fortier scored both State touchdowns with Campagna missing the game because of illness. Quennettc booted two extra points while the Bison completed only one pass in 13 attempts. N0 HELP wanted os or 10 yard pass is completed to the Bison John Camrpagno, Bison end PLUNGING forward from the 30 yard ltne this player ts finally stopped by two ot the herd Don Basshs, Bison end Dick Fought, Bison ond BISON defense drops a Sioux and sitting on your opponent is o moans to this end. IN THE clear as valuable yards are gained bythe Bison. Gary Bolclenew, Bison end State 6-Dayton 40 The State squad flew to Dayton, Ohio for the Dayton lromecoming. A last half surge spilled the Bison as the Flyers were hard pressed to lead 13 to 6 at the end of the first half. Hyde, Gehhart and Quennette were outstand- ing for the herd in the last game ol the season as the Bison finished the season winless. tp Y Freshman Football Yearlings gain valuable experience The ireslunan squad, coached by Les Luyrnes and assistants Dave Hummel and lerry Konetshny, played two games. The first, played in a steady drizzle, resulted in a 13-6 loss to the papooses of NDU. Later they were defeated at the hands oi the Concordia freshmen in 40-degree Weather, 12-0. The purpose of the Baby Bison is to provide experience for the varsity squad. COACH Les luymes pilots the froth in their apprentice year to the varsity. i THE BABY Bison, with the field clear ahead, overestimate a pass anal fall to score against Concordia. Basketball Cagers' season lair, lose only one senior CHUCK Benlson, Head Couch cn NDSC CLIFF Hendrickson, Frosh Coach. for nine years. Row lr lohn Foss, Jerry Kingery, Al Brenteson, Warren Armon, Slim Wllliums, Hib Hill, Dick Fuughl. Row 2: Ross Forller, Ron Schiff, Lyle Huizengo, Dole Lunclby Gary Bololenow, Marlin Hookenson, Bob Brown. SEASON RECORD NDSC Opponent 48 Coneortlia 56 60 Southern Illinois 58 70 Iowa State Teachers 51 57 St. Cloutl State 77 69 Montana State 70 69 Montana State 79 47 Gustavus Atlolphus 56 55 South Dakota State 84 54 Augustana 61 41 South Dakota 56 64 Morningside 62 60 South Dakota State 80 52 Augustana 71 65 Iowa State Teachers 58 70 South Dakota 84 62 Morgringsitle 64 65 Moor .ieatl State 52 69 Concordia 55 53 Creighton 55 58 Nortfi Dakota 66 73 Nort .1 Dakota 56 64 Norti Dakota 37 55 Norti Dakota 51 TOTALS State 1380 Opponents 1439 AVERAGE SCORE State 60 Opponents 62.56 NCC FINAL STANDINGS Team W LPet. TP OP South Dakota 12 01.000 891 635 South Dakota State9 3 .750 852 798 Augustana 6 6 .500 758 790 North Dakota State5 7 .417 715 774 North Dakota 5 7 .417 684 743 Iowa State Teaehers3 9 .250 773 804 Morningside 210 .167 797 926 NAMED Colle iot to the N th D k t e leom, Bob B 9 g cl is a fourth y h tecture student. SON of C1 056 ls k tb ll h Ross Fortier put in I f performances as re 9 d WARREN Armen, Bison center and captain HIB Hill, Bison forward ARMAN has ci "head" for basketball. The North Dakota State College Bison ernharlrerl on their twenty-three game 1957-58 selieilnle with high hopes, but were ontlasteil by the Concordia Cohhers in the opener hy 56-48. Both teams had rlillieulty lintling the range from the lloor as well as the lree throw line. The score was eleaelloelretl four times, inelnrling a 23 tie at halftime. Arman antl Brown eaeh garnered ll. points. The Bison entertained Southern illinois in the home opener. State lans were not rlisappoiritetl as the Heril erlgerl into the victory column by a 60-58 score. Arman letl all scoring with 25 points. The North Central Conference eampaigrr was openerl at Cetlar Falls as the Bison won their first game there in ten tries, ileleating Iowa State Teaehf er's College 70-51. The Starters had a 32-20 halltime leatl antl pulled away gratlnally in the seeontl half. Once again Annan grahherl scoring honors with his 24-point total. HIGH-FLYING Bobby Brown, a fourth year student in architecture, fires one for the trailing Bison. The St. Cloud State College Huskies pulled away late in the first half and went on to down the Bison 77-57 in a noneonference game. Annan was the only Bison to reach clouhle figures. He tallied 16 points, getting 11 in the first half. Montana State College edged the invading Bison in a thrilling opener of a two-game series 70-69. The game was a torrid struggle in which neither team was able to gain an advantage of more than four points. Annan again had a good first half, rallying 22 of his 30-point total in the first 20 minutes. In the second game of the series, the Bohcats wiped out a halftime deficit to win going away 79-69 and sweep the two-game series. The Bison led at the half 36-33, but cooled off against a zone defense in the second half. lohn Foss paced the Bison with 21 points. qi: . 7 2 6 .. ...,., I ...ji . Y Tj ii ' s JERRY Kingrey, Bison forward ARMAN, the only senior on the team, jumps for another two points. JOHN Foss, Bison guard RON Schiff Bison guard DALE lundby, Bison forward Tlit: Bison displaycd thcit poorest shooting form in ycats in sullcring I1 5647 dolcat at thc hands ol Gustavus tldolnlnis on an cxttcmcly slippoty lloot at tht: State licltlhonsc. The Gostitrs had a 26-IB advantage at ltalltitnc, hut lcd hy only loot points with live minutes tcntaining. Wattcn Annan topntztl Bison scoring with 12 counters. South Daltota Stato displayed thtzit powct hy handing tho lflotd an B4-55 loss as thc Bison tctotncd to cotilet'citct: play. The Bison shot only 25 not cont ltotn the liold and gave away an ll-point tnzttgiii ltom thc lice throw lino. Annan again was high scotct with I3 points. The llugnstana Vikings handed NDSC its second cotilcttticc loss hy a scotc ol 61-54. Although thc: Bison outscotctl Augustana ltotn thc liold, 2422, NDSU got low oppoi'tnnitiics at thc ltcc throw line. Tho Hctd made 6 ol ll gilt tossos while thc Vikings dnnltcd I7 ol 32. Atntan llipnctl in 22 points lot scoring honors. Foss o luntor in mechanical engineering takes o jump shot with his renowned deadly eye. Nortlt Dakota State sulleretl its loutth straight tleleat' at the hantls ol South llaltota Univet'sit'y, Shall. 'lhe Coyotes gained a quielt 2-li Ieatl. illhe ltison tietl it at 2-2, hut the Coyotes t'et'aliatetl with sis straiglui points. The ltison never eatne closer than lout' pofnts the test ol the way. Annan eolleetetl QIS points. The ltison tnanagetl to salvage a 64962 win against the Motningsitle Maroons in a game that was over in the nielt ol titne. With less than a niinutc to go, State hlew a live-noitit lczul hut tnanagetl to holtl on to the victory. ltoh llrown hatl the hest night ol his college eateetg netting 27 points. South llaltota State outlastetl NDSU lor an S0-60 victory at the llison lieltlhouse, as the l-lenl lailetl to score in the final S tninutes ol the contest. The ltison, who anpeatetl to have regainetl some ol their nreaholitlay lortu, ntatehetl the laelttaliliits in everything hut height antl shooting. Watften Annan antl ltoh lttown tallietl I6 apiece lot' the ltison. DICK Fought, o scrappy junior in agriculture, goes up for the rebound ctgcunst South Dctltotu Untveistty -s-ntt it Sl in DICK Fought, Bison lorwctrd A iunior in agriculture, Al Bronteson iound ctction as Arrnon's stand-in at center. lYlE Huizengo, on industrial engineering major, was u reserve Qucrrd. AGILE Bob Brown takes the lump from Concordia, winner oi the mythical crll- city title because they plciyed und won more gentes than NDSC. ALlgLlS1Ll1i2l2lg2l1l1t1Ci6Ll1CLl the Bisou 71-52 us tour Vikings hit 1or elouhle figures. Except lor ezirly Bison ieuils, the Vikings led tlirougliout the gznne. Hzilttirrie score stoorl ot 41-28. Warren Armzin led the Bison with 16. The NDSC sqoznl picked up their third conference win oi the season here :is they tlownerl Iowa Stz1teTeztel1ers College 65-58. iixcept for ties early inthe gllll1C,111C Bison ietl all the wary, rolling to tl 40-31 inurgin att lizilitiriie. Arinztii led the Bison scoring with 19 points. The Coyotes oi South Dzilrotzi University ehiitnecl L111Ll1SliU1Ct1 possession 1.,',..L i.. . 4.1 l r ,J 'IL UAJ'!ri , It 'lt' A .ill-ioot iieltl goal which swishetl through the net with the final whistle sounding enahletl the Morningsitie Maroons to tleleat the Bison 64162 at Sioux City. The nnpretlietahle Bison, who hail a 39-34 halftime leatl, swelletl their aclvantage, then went into a lapse in the late stages enahling the Maroons to pull in lilf0Iil eventually on the tlesneration shot. Warren Annan paeetl the Herrl's scoring attack with Qill counters. The Bison seoreel a 6552 intercity trinmpli over the Moorlieatl State Col- lege Dragons in a raggetl contest on the MSC C0lll'i. Coltl shooting from hoth the floor antl the free throw line marked the games as hoth sitles lackecl smooth, play irom the opening whistle. Warren Annan anrl Dick Fanght letl Slate with I5 points each. THE Bison displayed excellent form in the basketball hollei ogctinsl South Dakota Stole. UP in the oir over it oil, Jerry Krngery o rumor transfer lights for the rebound against South Dcrltoio Universri The Bison rolled to n 69-55 intercity victory over Concordia nt Stntels field- house ns they squared their two gnnie series with the Cohhers. Bob Brown, Warren Arnrnn, john Foss und lerry Kingery coinhined to plny one of the outstninling gntnes oi the yenr. Arrnnn und Kingery linished with 15 count- ers ench. Breighton's Blue lnys cnnie hncle in the second hnll to edge the Bison 55-53 in n close gzune nt Omnlrn. The lnys were never more thnn six points nhend ol the Bison. john Foss notched l6 points on 8 hnsleets to pnce the Herd. The Bison opened the 4-gnnre series with NDU on n losing note dropping n 66-58 decision to the Sioux. The Bison displnyed poor form in spite ol the score. WZIl'1'CI1A1'I11Zll1 garnered Z6 points. Stnte cngers evened the series nt Grand Forles hy henting the Nodnlss 75- 56. The Bisons showed n complete reversnl ol lorni lrom the previous night. Arrnnn ngnin pnced the Herd with Z4 counters. The third gnrne went to the Bison ns they trnmpletl the lucltless Sioux 64-57 nt the Concordia Fieldhouse. Stnte nmnssetl n whopping 27 point lnill- tinie ndvnntnge, Arrrtnn ngniir led ull scorers with lB. lu the linnl nppenrtince ol the yenr, the Bison outlnsted n lost-ditcli Sioux ellort to win 55-51. The gnnre was n litting' climax to the series ns good hnsket- hnll was displayed and it wus close most of the wny. Wnrren Arninn signin cnrricd the scoring loud ns he netted 23. He wns nwnrded the Bnhjnh trophy ns outstanding plnyer ol the series. MARKED mon Bob Brown is charged with ci foul in the lop-sided Sioux tussle. " W '- ll ' 1 Qt" '5 Freshman Basketball Bison have good year, prospects good The Baby Bison rolled to a 12-3 season record, losing only to Mayville, Concordia, and UND. During the course of the season they compiled a 9 game winning streak. The frosh cagers windetl up the season by taking three out of four from the UND Papooses. Head coach Chuck lientson rated the team somewhat above average. He felt that several men on the squad are varsity prospects for the future. Ken Stone, at 6'8W is the tallest basketball player in North Dakota. Marv Bachmeier, Dale Williamson, and Randy Patet were especially effective during the season. Row I: Albert Westbrook, Donn Iverson, Marvin Baohmeior, Barry McBride, Harold Anderson, David Tail, manager. Row 2s Albert Iverson, Arr Niska, Fred Williamson, Kon Stone, Miaheei Van Cleave, Randy Potet, Cliff Hendrickson, coach. Baseball 2-6 record in '57, prospects good lor '58 Coach Chuck Bentson had eight lettermen hack lroni a squad which finished with a 2-6 record in 1957. This year the Bison withdrew from the Steve Gorman League to compete in the Northern Half ol the North Central. Conference. Other meni- hers of the league are North Dakota University and South Da- kota State. Lettermen returning are lohn Burtness, Phil Ruud, Eugene Gronseth, Curtis Iohnson, Norman Leraas, Cy Puetz, Don Thayer, and Don Warner. Because ol our printing deadline in March it is irnpossihle lor us to include the season record. The schedule is listed helow. Aari 26 At Bemidji Agri. 26 At liernftlji Ani Z8 Concordia Here A iris 28 Concordia Here May 2 Mankato Here May 2 Mankato Here gygay rt Nou Here May 6 NDU Here May 9 at South Dakota State May 9 at South Dakota State May Q0 at South Dakota State ltay - St. Cloud Here "6 May at at Nou May Q7 at NDU Bowling Prolicient NDSC Keglers cop State Title fX"jtStC - Valley City T. C. 5 ,, tSrU 2, ., ,J '5'fltSC - lllSlll2lI'll I. C. ...,,l . fNifItSC - Valley City T. C. 6 'N'flSC Q Wnltpcton Scicncc 7f'ItSC:lltQarilrz1l3o S. C. .,.. . 'NifltStIZ S- Si. Marys College X USC E4 lil Crosse College 'WSC Q lVQinncsoln University 'NCDSC - ' 'YffItSC - fltfinncsotn Uniwwsity Y' DSC - Walipcton Science ,.,i 'Ni'lSC '- NDU ...,,iii.., .li.l,ll.,..i 2551+812 -ee 5lDU ,,i. 4 : Daniel Bcrroniclr, Loren Stongelcrncl, John Sawyer, Robot or . ow lalncstown College .i,ii..,.l... ii,,.i,i,iili.. Anrncstown Collcgc ,.,l., iii.i ,l,.,ilii...,.. 2433 2418 2603 2559 2526 2657 2466 264ll 2638 2544 2574 2620 2539 2832 t N th R 2: Gerald Gernlholz, Lowell B R b tl g Cll'l'lUlTl ...... 2 lW1'CSlrlll1g lvlatmen win ND Collegiate Crown Tire NDSC wrestling team compiled a 2-8 record in duel meets and won the North Dakota lrrtercollcgizite crown in their first year ol competition. They also participated in the Moorhead State College invitational tourna- rnent and were represented hy lioh Holmes and Larry Van Sickle at a national match in Mankato, Minnesota, hut lailed to place in either event. Dale Dunham was elected hy the team as the most yaluahle wrestler, Larry Van Sickle as the most improved, and lioh Holmes as the most deserving. Coach Tom Neuherger selected Ralph Kennedy as the most coachahle wrest- ler. Dick Dougherty captained the squad. Letters were awarded to Dunham, Dottglierty and l-lolmes. Dunham was the only senior. Ashton, Van Sickle, Nelson, Opie, and Lerol received lresh- man awards. Coach Neuhergcr was generally pleased with the squads performance for the year, hut ernphasizecl the fact that the foundations have been laid lor the next campaign. lARRY Von Sickle, cr freshman in electrical engineering was named os the most improved wrestler. ,,, , ,V,. .L4Y,,f,T------w'f-f'-'-:v-.,f-:-:vf-,Q1wssus,-s sw-.Lm.M.yq,'-e srv., 'Wynn K'-1. ... '- fr '-,.,- -7, ,r . , , V , ,s li ,!. .455 9 "W, 5 ' n s- . 9. vw.. a 1 ' J . 'l'l,":'5. . 2 N 5 gh if f Y W9 Lawn V, W .,,. X x x . rf' my -: gm-,. 25 533 if . 1 me W Track Thinclacls lack manpower, have lair year The Bison track team for 1957 was luunperetl hy luck ol mun- power, although those who purtieipatetl tliil a eretlitzihe joh for NDSC. Couch Erv Kaiser :incl his crew finished fourth in the State meetz1tGruntl Forks. Outlook lor the 1958 team is u little more encouraging with more men out lor the team. Row lx Gerry Thomosson, Robert Boerth, Harold Hielle. Row 2: Chuck McDoncrI Intramural Sports Expanded program marlcs active year This year intramural sports were participated in by more teams and organ- izations than in any previous year. Basketball alone had 42 teams in compe- tition. During the past year there were seven sports in the intramural program. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity won the first annual track meet from a field of nine. The Coop House finished second. Theta Chi fraternity swept the tennis competition with Kappa Psi as runner-up. ln softball, the Student Union went through the season undefeated finishing with a championship win over Theta Chi, who finished second. Sigma Alpha Epsilon endured football com- petition unscathed. The coveted basketball championship team title went to Alpha Tau Omega fraternity with Student Union Team l finishing second. Probably the most active sports group on campus, the intramural depart- ment enjoyed a very successful year. IM bowling champs representing the Student Union cue Daniel Boromtck, Duane Kuslre, Loren Stctngelond ond Robert North, E 2 dig ,Q ALPHA Tou Omega baskeibull champions, Roger Gebhdri, David Anderson, Gene Hdrrinniom Dirk Nolwn Und DGGH Kivvefh INTRAMURAL action bafwcen Kappa Psi cmd Student Union, two oi Lhe forty-two 'Rooms portici poiing in this sport. FOOTBALL champions SAE: Row I: Nelson, Huber, John Sawyer, Don Hcilvorson, David Monge. Row 2: Milt Rindohl, Sylvan Melron, Erickson, Gene Gronseih Curt Johnson. THEIR oii ot ihe iniromurol truck meet which was participated in by nine organizations. if F v A J M ' 'N 1 'uw 'X Z -f W , ,Q- W -'hu +1 'r 1 4 r Wxl- X---V , QQ . ww. M IPR " momma W, Anteriontt Society of Agt'icttl'ttt1'nl Engineers Ag Engineers lteep well up-lo-date Row I- Chorles Woldero, Gerry Spongelo, Byron Johnson. Row 2: Prof. Promersberger, Lester Zinlr, Al Hurt, Bill Blehert, Dole Anderson, Simon lohlum, Bob E I 51 G e Bossin wcrlle, Mudleri Harold Holman. Row 3: Normon Lemmon, Guy Mldlbo, Stephen Johnson, Miko Wlekslrom, Gordon Sornson, or egmon, eorg 9 Robert Bishop, Warren Jamison, Richord Hughes, Ardell Moe, Werner Knudsom Roy Zent. The American Society of Agricttltnrul Engineers is a professional society for all those students ntztjor- ing in agricultural engineering. lt ncqttaints them with the latest developments in the field and fur- nishes them with literature on engineering proh- lerns. The group held at Farm Eqniptnent Show, at spring picnic, at licltl trip, and on annual banquet. They were l1estelet.l by Guy Midtho, presidentg Glenn johnson, vice-presitlentg Arnold Leshovslty, secre- taryg Robert Mtttller, treasurer, and Roy Maas, scribe. ASCE members produced cu llom, properly propelled, for the Homecoming Parade. Row lt G0l'Cl0fl AI1tl8rS0l1. ROI1 AHderS0rI. Klennes Anclerson. Glenn .lolamm-1. Furl lnlmmn Gam-rm Du-rm fldlhimlnf... UA... um... v.. ..u. . n-... n-u, 1 Aniorfieaii Society of liii'VillEI1gll1CC1'S Civil Engineers promote stuclent leadership Row I: Guest Speaker Eugene Stumvolcl, Clayton Hanson, Dick Enger, Riclicird Gunderson, Gene Hanson, Jctclc little. Row 2: Jim Hagenreister, Nicholas Hill, Joel Busch, Ecirl Williorns, Deon Dixon, Virgil Miklcelson, David Sclunidt, Wayne Anclerson. 'lilic American Society ol Civil Eiiginccrs ac- quaints iiitcrcstctl stuclcnts in tlicii' proicssion. Tlicy strive lor goals ul stuclcnt lcaclcrsliip, scrvicc, ancl scholastic attaininciit. They liulcl an annual spring picnic, aiicl cclcbratc tluriiig' wintcr quarter with a social evening. Tlic only rcquircincnt for itictnlicrf ship in tlic local chapter oi this sucicty is that the stutlcnt must he cnrullccl in thc civil cngiticcring cuursc. Oiiiccrs arc: Ricliarcl Slscrilc, prcsiilcutg Ricliaril Pctcison, vicc-uicsirlciitg Daviil Duin, scc- Row ls Richard Peterson, Ronnlcl Larson, John Morris, .lc1mes.5uul5er, Ron Sfnhlbergr Dwvlrl Welsh, lellvr Sprenger. Row 2: Ted Relllw, Grcml Gvlselhr Hvlwfl Olson, leon lcrrson, Dcryton Nelson, Henry Morningstar, Dcrve Duin, Bob Campbell, Bob Wolf. American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME advances standards in engineering Row 1: Willis Bronning, Burton Krognos, Williom Zimmerle, Don Hegel, Phil Kro- iock, Ed Gilherison. Row 2: Mork Hughes, Gerald Erickson, Morrvin l.oll, Roloncl Enk- hous, Terry Herlher, Jim Longselh, Bob Borrows, Jerry Smith, Gerold Beck, Jim Fleck. Row 3: Kirk Cowon, Bill Gully, Le- Roy Johnson, Fronk Joyce, James Vonclor- hoido, Dovicl Roniey, lnwrence lormlaoorn, Owen Brendon. Row I: Slewcrrl E. Bokken, advisory Jock Holrornes, lrecrsurer, I. K, Peterson, vico- presidenlg Loverne McCoy, presidenry Lyle Peterson, secretory: E.don Mcloin, Engi- neering Council rop. Row 2: Joseph Nome, Curl Slrornslocl, John Hunlley, Marvin Tehven, Bcrsil Deviil. Row 3: Gor- don lrwin, Dennis Proihero, Wcrlloce Spin- orrski, Ed Duin, Orville Kensok, John Weover. Roynrond Myers, John Hamilton. Row l: Jock E. Johnson, Fronk Schrrmer Robert Selkirk, Dick Johnson, Elwood Gil herlson. Row 2: Jerry Weller, Don Bohm Glenn Nerrnyr, Williom Sweol, Clor nce Niskonen, Dunne Kirschenmrcrn. Row 3 Jock Howley, John Frisby, George Hoyon Antoriacan Institute of Arclmtrects Professional arclritects are rlesigning artists Row Ir Charles Huntley, presidents Hcrrry Holvorson, Lowell Hanson, Leonorcl Horisl, George Grenz, James Beck. Row 2: Jerome Show, Jodie Dcrhlon, Rodney Anderson, Stern Skcrrpol, Vern Hunter, vice presirlentr Tom Ulness, Ken Heil, Jerry Allenspoch, AH161'JCZlIl. Instituto ol'Eleel1'ieal JJ-JI'lgi11COI'S Sparlcs lly al local hapler activities The American Institute of Electrical Engineers had an ex- change meeting with the North Dakota University branch ol A.l.E.E., planned a r.linner-dance, had a picnic in the spring, and participated actively in the Engineers' Open House. Officers are: john E. Anderson, presidentg Ole Elton, vice-prcsidentg Virgil Miller, secretaryft1'easurerg and Tlioinas Tarnavshy, Engineering Council Representative. l Row I: R. Selher, l.. Johnson, T. Cory, l. Peterson, Don Dunhom, Dole Dunham, L. Gomoche, H. Fiolo. Row 2: R. Hanson, H. Klee, A. Zimnrarmorn L. Bauer, E. Olson, C. Uhlberg, W. Mclean, J. Anderson, Row 3: L, Eng, T. Tornovsky, G. Slodllonder, B. Bcryliss, R. Belin, A. Koszynski, T. Rolin berger. Row 4: M. Syverson, A. Hoffman, D, Ditch, F. Thibideou, H, Wisled, A. Nystuen, R. Johnson. Row 5: W. Noymonn, R. Miller, G. Anderson D. lorson, C. Klaus, V. Miller, O. Ellon. -- - lr: mano mi' "Wg: JI 1" !3,5YlZl11B,2a.55.'f. q ,sy , ' Rl!!- l1lS'lllll'l6 of the JhC1'0'llZlllfllC2ll Sciences Aero Engineers malce good use ol tunnel l l ' i ,J-w-l ""' ss, t l r. u Row I: Bob Hummer, Martin Olson, Bob Thomos, Row 2: Les Fuchs, Luchy Roteliulc, Gene linhort, Keith Noess, Jim Netzer, Fred Arnclt, Mar- vin Hoge. Row 3: James Boker, George Arnolcl, Jim Hanson, Jerry Brooks, Darrell Schmidt, Kenneth Hoels, Joe Elfertz, Spencer Anneor, Tom Dunne. The Institute ol the Aeronautical Sciences local chapter pro- motes the advancement ol interest in aeronautical engineering, which is an option ol the NDSC curriculum in the tlepartment ol Mechanical Engineering. IAS rnemhers also have a lull-sizerl Wintl tunnel north ol Dolve Hall, with a iet plane ancl various propeller- clriven craft lor aeronautical engineering experimental work. Olli- cers of the group are: Eugene Linhart, presitlentg Luchy Roteliulc, vice-presiclentg Keith Noess, seereta1'y-t1'easurerg antl lames McKin- nie, faculty aclviser. institute of Industrial Engineers Society advocates high standards IIE Oliieers Mike Merck, Bob Bruttlcrnd, Bob Zinsll, Bill Boker. The Institute of industrial Engineers holds :ts its purpose the simulation oi industrial environ- ments vicariously through the media ol movies und guest speakers. Their sociul activities include at quarterly dinner dunce for members and dates, und at spring picnic. Officers oi the group ure: Robert lirattlunci, president 5 Robert Zinsly, vice- presideutg W illiaun Baker, seereturyg and Law- rence Merck, treasurer. Row I: Phil Ruud, Burton Skate, Torn Seobolci, Wayne Irick, Gaylord Fox, Arthur Ewerl, Robert Bielteldt. Row 2: Adviser, Motion B. Richardson, Ken Duerre, Ken Pcrgel, Jim Mcnselen, Row it Deon Klevin, Al Simms, Loren Sock, Jerry Kineger, Len Frotnson, Conrod Peterson. Row 2: Lowell Over- vold, Albert Vogel, August Fischer, Terry Lorenzen, Eorl Dcrhiin, John Ncrucler, John Seelhomrner. Row 3: Eu- gene Score, Jim Solness, Jitn Horrnun, George Mumm, Fred Stover, Herman Nagel, Lyle Huizengcr, Jim Feeney, Mel Werth, Don Vcrrncek. l " ' ' "ii ' 't '34 'W"M"l"-754151-hws IMNWXB. 0HW Engineering Council Council solidilies engineering societies i 1 Row l: Charles Huntley, Eugene linhart, Tom Tarnavslry, John E. Anderson, Guy Midtbo. Row 2: loverne McCoy, Earl Dahlin, David Duin, l. K. Peterson, Eldon Mcloin, Gerald G. Anderson, Tony Hoffman, George Platt. The Engineering Council unifies the many varied groups ot engineering societies at NDSC and represents the students ot the School ot Engineering to the rest ot thc campus. They sponsored the annual Engineers' Ball, where St. Pat and St. Patricia are crowned, and participated actively in Engineers' Week. They also promote good relations hetween students and faculty. Each of rhe two inemhers from each professional and honorary engineering society teels it an honor to helong to this council. The otticers ot the group are: Thomas Tarnavslcy, presidentg lohn Anderson, vice-presidentg Eugene Linhart, secretaryg and Guy Midtho, treasurer. North Dakota State Engineer Publication ol, by, and lor the engineers NDS Engineer staff Row I: Harvey Fiolo, Prof. E. A. Anderson, cidvisorf Ole Elton, Bob Eggon, Lyle Peterson, Harold Lo Fleur. Row 2 Orville Kensok Ed Dunn Harold Leonard David Rud, Philip Krojeck, Richard Sother, Floyd Stoll, Ed Funfor, Jock Heltemes. Most ol the niuteriul published by the NDS Engineer is technical in nn- ture, or rnnlres at satire on engineering topics. This nniteriul is obtained from student research projects, both on the SC eunious ond ut other schools, onli from the publication of other college engineering iiiugziziiies. Circulation ol the inogozine reaches inony other colleges, os well us all the engineers ot NDSC. The puhliezition of at technical journal ot this sort requires coopera- tion lroin all the branches ol engineering on the czinnnis. Officers of the publi- eotion ore: Robert Eggon nntl TOI11TLl1'DllVSliy, eo-etlftorsg Ole Elton, Business Mono er: Georue Munun, Assistant Business Mziiizigeig Dnvirl Duin, Adver- Pharmacy Club Mortar and Pestle users stress achievement STAFF of Papyrus Ebers: Row I: Kathy Pfeiffer, Judy Ozbun, Karen Solcrba, Loretto Aipper- spoch. Row 2: John Fleck, John Jacobson, louis Muhlich, Vernon Schcrnllor. H lllt 3-3 "" llllltllllltlllllllllllllllltrit iitlllllllllltltlllllllhtll i For students who are also members of the SC Pharmacy Club, there is no lack of common interest. The group sponsors the publication ol Papyrus Ebers, a professional pharmaceutical journal, and also stresses the highest goals of scholarship for its members. Officers are: Elton Veralrutl, president 3 Martin Bergeson, vice-presirlentg Indy Ozbun, secretaryg John Jacobson, treas- urerg and R. E. O'Neill serves as taculty atlvisor. , 'Ptjf' Lf. , we-.tu F. ,.,.,....s 5 . ......,. ........ I 5 lub it r Nutt 2 s .. .. .......s........ Agricultural Economies Cluh Promotes laculty-student relationships Row I: Dunne Johnson, Bruce Skionsby, Morris Olson, Howorol Corivecru, lYl6 MOG, Bruce Hellend. Row 2: Bob Kip- pen, Bob Dahl, Loren Stcrngeland, George Coulter, Tom King, John Oakes, Hervey Held. Agiouotuy liluh The Agricultural Econotu-f ics Cluh stutlierl agricultural hnsiness :intl problems rlur- ing the year. They regis'tereil the Funn Mzrggizrgers at their annual convention nntl went to South Dnltotn State tor un lixclurtrge meeting. Olliieers ol the group ure: lluwnrtl Czrtivenu, presitlentg lireel Flnntlers, vicefpresitlentg znul llolnntl Olson, secretary,- treusurer. Activities in agronomy stimulated at NDSC The Agrotiotny Cluh stint- ulutetl interest in ngronomic work among college stu- dents. They sponsoretl at erop jtulging contest in the Little international, took it lieltl trip, and hurl clinrge ol zr tlis- pluy hooth in Morrill Hull. Their officers ure: Kenneth Thompson, presiilentg lerry Otisztger, vice-presitlentg Ger- nltl Ollieele, secretzrryg Roh- , l ert Wriglit, trcusurerg unrl i "H 1' -""+!1i- ---- - r"'r!4Lr-se"1M:r'rP'A'w -'owslrrowtvufzrmsrimnwr-:9xoll Farniers Union Local Recreation activity provides lor leadership Row l: William Rudolph, Carl Amb, George Goeser, Jim Hanson, Dennis Just. Row 2: Carol Olson, June Peterson, Diane Aslalrson, Mavis Balt- leen, Marilyn Sten, Alma Litchfield, Evelyn Amb. Row 3: Mrs. Robert Wright, Vern Anderson, luther Berntson, Noel Estenson, Jim Ozbun, John Crohn. Row 4: Robert Wright, Jerry Savia, Nick Rice, Vernard Frederick, Keith Noess, Edward Valli, Bill Wigclahl. U The Farmers Union Local provitles college stuclcnts intcrestctl in their activities with additional information about their national organization while they are attending college, and also provides leatlcrsliip opportunities tor them through recreational activity. This year they helil a Christmas party, and a spring formal hanquct. Their officers lor the year were: George Goescr, prcsi- tlentg Noel Estenson, vice-prcsiilentg Evelyn Amh, sccretaryg and Dennis lust, treasurer. Dr. Christian Icnscn serves as faculty ailvfser tothe group. 4 E: 'LT sk - , F d H J c Well, Kelth Schlueter, Dennis Wold, Ron Peterson, Qeorge Senechal, rw 't ltr: s2tt'stS:'sr.t'::aIs:tsits!"ter. utr' ta vyyyy WW' W' ' ' ' ' - ' ' Thomas. Row 3: u e . wen, . ' , d F d li, Ch k Treun srud, Fred Gerth, Arlen Dcthlen, Jim glans Bd!um2U'g2,,Hg2,:orEvclCi,r::t:0l titeayidiird Ivdlrzon, Paul Brocklesberg, Richard Johnson, Clarence Anderson, Corl Hoes, George Schwartz. Future Farmers of America FFA well-represented in local chapter The organization of the Future Farmers of Amer- ica acquaints the future agriculture teacher with the function of the F.F.A. and its purposesg it also serves as a service organization to the high schools of the area. The cluh held a Friends Night Banquet, an invi- tational meeting for all local high school chapters of the region, and a spring picnic. F.F.A. also provides an opportunity for its members to display and develop qualities of leadership that will he extremely useful in their later careers. Officers of the group are: Ron Mehrer, president 5 Bucky Haas, vice-president, Arnold Haugeherg, secretaryg and Tom Hassett, treasurer. Row l Alito Dardis, Jim Hansen, Darlene luiclahl, Jerry Gerntholz, Myrth Weiser, John Topp, Shirley Carlson, Row 2: Marian Huether, George Senechal Audrey Holte Wayne Hanltle, Beva Fegley, Bolo Worth, Barbara Hyland. Four-H Club Four-H'ers mix husiness with pleasure The local 4-H chapter on the NDSC campus upheld its active reputation as a national organization hy many activities throughout the year. They sponsored radio and television programs, with many ol their members appearing in these events, they gave a party for all the Agricultural Short Course students in the 1957-58 school year, they enjoyed themselves at Christ- mas and Halloween parties, and found time to hold several picnics. Their oilicers are: Gerald Gerntholtz president, Darlene Liedahl, vice-president, Myrth Weiser, secretary 3 and Dennis Wold, treasmer. D. E. Palmer and C. C. Olson are the faculty advisors ofthe group. 9 Saddle and Sirloin Boosts Little International Stoclr slrow Tlrc NDSC Saddle and Sirloin Club was pro sided ovrr by Bolt Knadson, prrsidrntg Dallas Heidt, vicefprrsirlcntg Robert Coolr,sccrrta1yg and Howard Sclirnid, trrasurr1'. This yrar tlrr groan sponsored the Hall ol Faint: llanquct, honoring outstanding rncrrrltrra, the Little lntrrnarional Livestock Show, rlrr F.F.A. and the Collrgiarr llltlglllgC0l'1lCSlS, and tlrc lmltrqrro lor now sta- drnts during Frrslrnran Orientation Work. Sad' rllr and Sirloin ollcrs rnrrnltrrsliip to 1lgl'lCLlllll1'ltl Students and lurtltrrs intrrcst in professional agi- riculrarc as a carrot. Row I: Gerry Gerntholz, Howard Lohlum. Row 2: Don Brusregdrd, Curt Johnson, Bob Knudson, Row I: Vernurd Frederick, Don Peterson, Gary Smith, Row 2: Roger Mortin, Jim Kimball, Ron Borrks, lim Sontord. Row i: Wayne Hankel, Frank Doiblar, Frank Grentzkow, Howard lahlum. Row 2: Paul Bracklesburg, Gilbert El- kin, Gerald Eissinger, Jack Harrington. Row 3: Merle tight, Don Oden- hack, Ed Hins, Wayne Readon, Row 4: Bob Knudson, Clayton Haug- se, James Carr, Don Johnson, Lynn Hielmstad. Row l: .lim Pisek, Bah Cook, Jerry Hagameis- ter, Fred Booshans, Har- old Hoameyer, Carl Amh. Raw 2: David Volt kording, Vernon Boe- shans, Floyd Aune, Maynard Iverson, Gor- don Brottin, Jim Ozbun. Row 3: Bob Mountain, Floyd Askim, Wilfrid Rosencrans, Gerry Gern- holtz, Roger Martin, Ralph Peterson. Row fl: lynn Howe, Howard Schmid, Ronald Jacoh- son, Lloyd Knight, John Crane, Floyd Albers. Row 5: Don Peterson, Vernard Frederick, Jim Kimball, Ronald Berks. Row l: Barry Smith, Paul Haugen, Henry Singer, onty Benson, Harvey old, Dennis Just. Row : Neal Biornson, lyle oe, Charles Bateman, Mark Ashton, Vern Daly, rioith Bierko, Sherwood Ueterson. Row 3: Terry Qolwell, Henry Horner, linr Austin, Dale Ander- an, John Graham, Alyon lart, James Burke, John ngelhart. Row 4: Jerry Smith, .Jack Brown, Gor- rlcl Puppet, Jim Gorder, lab Stellas, Tod Dclirey, int Well. Tryetn Home Ec'ers set sights high Row I: Marjean Hendrickson, Margaret Amundson, Frances Ricketts, Carol Finstad, Diane Berg, Karen Ritchie, Doris Folstrom, Karen Zlelsclort, Jane Tomlinson Row 2: Nancy Swayne, Janell Leetun, Jacqueline Roth, Norma Carlson, Kay Ormiston, Lou Bierken, Dorene Fix, Donna Barstad, Margaret Shoesnntb Darlenr Olson, Janet Freeberg, Vergene Anderson, Pat Roberts, Cleone Metz. Row 3: Nancy Williams, Rachelle Hoover, Mary Etta Graham, Denice Mock lav rne Holbach, Meredith Moordale, Barbara Seng, Janice Uncllin, Kay Shank. Row 4: Karen lynnes, Helen Wales, Ardell Clemens, Patricia Meyer, Shirley Mogerr Car oline Slinde, Janice Olson, Marilyn Marschlre, Dorothy Scott, Catherine Hartl, Marilyn Ellis, Charlene Anderson. Row l: Charlotte letcher, Barbara Wolier, Diana Jait, Carol Follrers, Julie Staber, Betty Davidson, Kay lavold, Doris Kirlr, Dorothy Gibson, JoAnn Garaas Mar ian Huether. Row 2: Diana Herman, Janice Melby, Judy Jennings, Mary Louise Gludt, Pearl Uischalr, Margaret Smith, Ilene Friend, Arliss Sirnonson, Bonnie West pbal, Darlene Knudsen, Jeannine Knote, Joan Watt, Maxine Baumann, Mary Jo Coats. Row 3: Joyce Jacques, Janet Christopher, Patsy Mattson, Beverly Belknap Joanne DeGier, Muriel Blume, Mary Bednar, Darlene liudahl, Alicia Nelson, Bonnie Fialo, Grace Tvete, Yvonne Wittnrer, Darlene Nordlund, Kathy Barrett Mavis Bell, Beverly Lloyd. T ryotzr Club, zr netiortul society for girls in ironic economics, lounrl strong and entlrusizrstic support an the NDSC czrrnpus. They rlivirlc into irttaest r I Q s 1' -1111 rr sir 4 -rr groups lor rlrsrussrorn .rt regular nraftlngs, .incl in f.f.-L...A .... sf... ,... sl. ,... ,...L ,.,. c,.f.- . .... .f. .... . ,,.. Sigma Alpha lotta Music maiors extend campus culture Sigma Alpha lota, a national music soror- ity, this year elected two pledge classes to membership, antl ohservetl their Founders Day with a musicale. The groutfs musical activities also inclutletl a recital each month, and a pledge recital given alter initiation. Their ollicers are: llonnie Short, president, Margaret Platt, vice-president, Harriet Gohdes, secretary, Lois llursaclr, treasurer, and the NDSC adviser is Mrs. Clara Croal. OFFICERS and advisors: Row I: Lois Bursack, Mrs. Mildred Holstad, Mrs. Clara Croal, Margaret Flatt. Row 2: Dorothy Elofson, Mary Louise Gludt, Harriet Gohdes, Bonnie Short. Row l Bonnie Short, Margaret Platt, Marcia Martin. Row 2: Lucinda Ochs, Julie Staher, Grace Tvete, Carolyn Nelson, Harriet Gohdes, lois Bursaclt, Dorothy ll P l . R 2: D ne Paulson, Norman Monson, Janice Swenson, Bill King, Dr. Peterson Row l: Kay Wollan, Dr, Dunbar, John Gustafson, Dan McKenna, Lowe as ow ua Row 3: Bill Nelson. Cliemislry Cluli Chemists become pop-machine magnales A HEARTY game of volleyball is most relaxing alter cr hard clay at the lab. The NDSC Chemistry Club promoted ,ocal interest in clieiiiistry tlirough lectures sy men of science, helcl spring and fall pic- iics, aucl each year hung two pictures of im- iortaot scientific leaclcrs in the halls of their auiltlin . The also make much inoiie g l' rhrougli their pop iriacliine sales. Last yearls jqresitlent, jerry lsensee received aFulhrigl1t Scholarsliip. This years officers are Lowell Pals, prcsiclentg Kay Wollau, vice-presitlentg David Bras ', treasurcrg aocl Mar Antler- to ll son, secretary. 'W m l. ,Y fav, "W uw- ,E x .v. ,jx ---- V N... , ,.,k 5 X .- . . ff' ,-4 ' . ... .1- A, H ..w.Y , , 2 , , 4 'R W N. .mf , A 2, .z'.v',g H ,Q ,,' ,gh -I ,, ,,. .ii , :JW fx, J F, I v,:,1 ,f , + A gg-if .gf g.-1422 , I T w ' 55 npiSSJi4 A H'-We?'z U3 EM ig A, . V, I Woo! 5 .MM : . ...M Q dm mm, 1 ,-W-.1--M---Q, . 2. k.,.W,,M..,,,,,f Q N ,. WM. ,. I 91 www , ,www wt E,-.Sf ,Vx . . I f J L yy ..., vi 4W,3:1,' -In-.wlnz ,Ag , . A-,--, A ,z , .,,?iQg.'I, 1 ix? wi' - 5 ,,,f'm?s'Cf'T.1?J aw W 'QHI 5525: 3, ,fy mi Q PK I ' iw. ye?-35f5 HJ". 4 2 y 1 WI! . Z is Utnired Stuclonts Cliristian Fellowship National group unites denominations USCF is at group of Presbyterian, Con- gregational, Baptist, and Evangelical United Brethren stuclents who meet every Sunilay evening for supper anti discuss sion. They enjoy a vveeltly coffee hour as one ol their social functions, and pro- vicle hoth spiritual and social activities for rhe group as a whole. They also partici- pate strongly in luncheons :incl programs rluring Religious Emphasis Week, hesitates their own regularly prograinineil meet- ings. Ollicers ol the organization are: Dorothy Elolson, presiiientg Mary Ann Wilner, vice-presitlentg Pat Meyer, secre- tary-treasurerg lerry Vick, seconcl vice, presiclentg Teil ltorchert, social chairniang Nancy Williams, loocl chairman, :incl hflarilyn ltarlrs, worship chairinan. Rev. Charles Marltinati ailvfses the group. as gat ' t .i tis' at M ti JERRY Vick, Pot Meyer, Merry Ann Wilner, Dorothy Elotson, Ted Borchert i--Em... 1. ........2..........,... .r :r HERE USCF members ioin in some old-fashioned group singing, part of lheir regular meefing's entertainment T K , ,,.f.1,...W.1,N A--tyfgmx ' lautlioran Students Association local Lutheran group constructs huilcling 1' MEM I LSA Council. Kneeling in front row: Carol Tuntlcrnd, Noel Estenson, Jim Oster, Harold Brotlond. Sealed: lylo Peterson, Cunnan Posey, Roger lcrgeson, Howard Lohlum, Ruth lund, Joan Tongen, Arlene Christian- son, Diane Aslerlrson. Standing: John Horwley, Mike Wiclrslrom, Arden Dorhlen, Pol Webb. The Lutheran Students Association strives to tleepen the spirit ol Christianity in the lives ol NDSC SlLltlCl1lS.A111Ol1g' their other activities ofthe year, they took a caravan to the Concordia concert, and attentled plays with evaluation sessions alter- wartls. They lreltl their annual fall retreats as well as the spring and winter observances, antl are now constructing a new lronie for the association. Offi- cers are: Pat Webb, presidentg loan Tangen, vice- prcsitlentg Diane Aslalsson, seeretaryg and Harold Brattlantl, treasurer. THE old LSA building was moved to molto room for the new struc- ture. ,4:.,,. , E' 'll 'f 61,3 ti www ,, , ,, , --1 ,, .4 ig? 'Q ' H I T.. ' c ,. 5 3 Q e J, f 1, - V Ylreffgk fa ,Y ., , .4 5 5' Y K 1, I 4 fbi 5 if W I 4? fx ,. . lf , .L -5 Q45 gQf,gQ57K?N'2if+fw V 4 o yi . R . Y ,. QR M 3 ' M., Yi f ' 53, Q 1 ,f'df:'vgi v iX'Q..aWK? Q2- ,V 1 fa ,Q ,, gmw, M9157 'Sy Z? , 9 M Newman Clulgi Active Catholic youth group huilcls center NEWMAN Club Advisor ond officers. Raymond link, James Harmon, Feather Durlcin, Raymond Zink, Julie Stcrher, Elaine Willy. Newman Cluh is the Romain Catho- lic religious group un ciunpus. Tlieir niuin purpose is to supplcrncioit the col, lcgc training given the Catholic stu- clcnts art NDSC with the religious ticzicliings tlicir iaith liulcls to lic ncccs- sury. Buch your this group liulcls Hait- invvccu parties, Christmas parties, :intl .lic-Lcittcii socints. Officers arc: lint glzirrnun, prcsiilcutg Ray Link, vice- pircsiilciitg Elaine Willy, scci'ctui'yg :incl Katy Zink, ti'c:isui'ci'. The large prnjeel lar Newman Cluh rhis year is the enrnpletion nl their new hnileling, which will he ereeieel on the snnllieasl earner of i'liirleenllr street anll twelllih avenue. This hnihling ir to replace the pre: vinm hnrne nl the Newman Clnh whieh was ruineel in the lime 20 tnr- naeln. lr is lrnneil hy the memhers nl rhe eluh that the new huileling will he rearly hy lall, 1958. HARVEY Ficilo, Mary Mercllonerlcl, Carol Finslnel, Louis Muhlch Row li Bob Doheny, Vernon Meyer, Don Krall, Bill Lcrnlz, lnnin Manny, Roberl Karla, John Fleck. Rrw 2: Dennis Mock Mnrnrrel Shoesnrrlh Alrw Derrdls, Bonnie Fiuler, Barbara Hell, Merry Bedmerr, Aclelle Eller, Frances Rieleells, Dove Moore. Row 3: Don Voreatelr Clemence lies Waller lrisko Harvey Flcrln, Mallhew Kelulzmcrn, Perl Stein, Bernard Biren, Albert Veller, Tony Holfnirln, Lesler Zink, Merlyn Meyer Wesley Forrrrrlntiorr Methodists promote Christian lellowship WESLEY members relax with small lcrlk crfter one of their business meetings. The Wesley Fourrrlrrtiorr, Mcthorlist rc- ligiorrs orgurrizzrtiorr, hats us our ot their projects, tr wcelrly worship seryicc ut the Sulvzrtiorr Army Morris Hotel. They zrlso serrrl rlcpututiorr tczrrrrs to zrrczr churches rmrl youth groups, and contrihutc towzrrrl the support ot rr rrrirristcriul sturlcrrt in lnrliu. All this, plus nn zrrrnuzrl hzryrirlc rrrrrl rr spring rctrcut, comhino to torrn rr very uctivr: group, lrrl hy Dirk Tciclr- rrrnrrrr :rs prcsirlerrtg Bette Hrrrrson rrrrrl lzrrrrcs Pomeroy :rs vice-prcsirlerrts, zurrl Marry lo Cours :rs secr'ctrrr'yftrrfusrrrrr. Gariima Delia GDS help repair lornaclo-damaged church Row l Len Mueller Ervin Simonson George Senechol, Robert Cook, Eden Engluncl, Gerry Gomer, Dick Klimpel. Row 3: Arclis Nelson, Joann Rhinehorl, Hulclcr Anderson Lorrelo Carlson Rev Schroder Marge Jordon, Leah Tasch, Corol Senechcrl. Row 3: Arlene Nelson, Bev Wagner, Marion Huelher, Bev Miller, JoAnn De Grer Dennis Olin Corde Brelnn Row 4 Don Anderson, Marge Huber, Dennis Nelson, Arclell Clemens, Don Iverson, Ralph Fielchner, Dunne Koenig, Wayne Hankel Keith Wrlkerung Dick Tonn Dalton Senechcrl, Lowell Senechol, Roland Senechal, lim Uedlwfl- The co-crlucational society lor Lutheran stuilcnts on thc NDSC campus, Gamma Delta, has a clual purposog they foster Chris- tian service among their meinlici's and try to sprcacl rlic influence ol Christianity throughout the campus. Social nights arc oltcn hold to give mcinlicrs a cliancr: ro rclax from classworlr anrl sturlics and to enjoy Clirislian lcllowsliip. Olliccrs ol thc group arc: Robert Cook, prcsiclcntg Keith Willrcrif ing, vice-picsirlcntg Elaine Miller, scciiclQar'y, uv 1-1-I YWCA Christian fellowship promoted on campus ti M M if gm my wwf' so Row I: Mary Ann Wilner, Joan Watt. Raw 2: Patsy Mattson, Flareen Siorbottom, Janice Wegge, Meredith Moorcialea Row 3: Doris Kirk, Mrs. John Bennison, Marilyn Eilts, Bonnie Westphai, Nancy Swayne, Mary Woods, Eileen Henning. The Young Womens Christian Aer soeizrtion elected Ioan Wntt ns its press identg Mzn'gnret Phttt as vice presitientg F ioreen Sjorhotton, secr'etnry 3 zrndMzn1 iiyn Robinson, treasurer. These girls keep husy with rr Freshnmn Mixer, at cnrnpns uhig sister" program, Ti1Ltl'1iiS-- giving evensong, and at spring tornmi. Their community service project this year was Christmas ezrroling :rt the county hrrm north ot Fargo. 5yI.IMEIt :nn rv I ACTIVITIES I 'INT EREST PICTURI ii We t It in OFFICERS: Meredith Moordale, Joan Watt, Fioreen Siorbottom. r?.!nu1-..--1m -earlier -1-einlvm. mgwuum- MCA Varied activities sponsored hy group l """""-Nu -,.,P r Row i: Jim Unlrenholz, Leo Johnson, Deon Stallings, Glenn Fisher. Row 2: Keith Fcrrlow, Milton Mutzelr, Wally Moen, Jerry Shermoen, Pcrul Scmclol, Seth Russell, Bob Crom. Thr: NDAC YMCA is cclchrating, along with other cols lugs Y MCA's, the llllltlr anniversary ol thc sturlrfnt YMCA. The college YMCA is a non-tlrsnotninational, lay Christian fellowship. The YMCA has as its main aitn the rliscoruy anrl meeting ol unmet nccrls in anti through an organiza- tion which crosses tlcnontinational, anrl llttlCltCllt.lCltlellf21lCl"r nity lines. All students are invitcrl to par'tir:ipatc in thc Y's activiticsywlticlr inclurlc: faculty litcsirlcs, lrcslrtnan llllXC1'S, irttcrrollcgiatc conlcrcnccs, hohhy cluhs, sturly groups antl lcarlcrship training. it .MB -'t Stfrrclent Senate Student Government provides good service ELDON Mcloln completed cr successtu. year of hard, but satisfying, works The student governing body of NDSC, Student Senate, lias a diflicult job to per- lorntg it must satisfy tlie desires ol all tlie campus groups, carry out many varied and clillieult duties, and discuss future projects for the betterment ol tlre scliool. Senate members are often called upon to rnalre trips to represent NDSC at national conventions and to serve as a liason body between tlie administration and the students. Seine ol Senate's activities tliis year were a successful Homecoming celebration, a leadership training clinic, a freslunan orientation pro- gram, tbe World University Drive, and the group led the drive to eliange tlre name ol tlie college to Nortli Dalrota State Univer- sity. i i l l l t THE WH-58 Commissioners: Row l: Dick Monson, Gerry Schnell, George Schwartz, 8lll Lcrnlz. Row 2: Noel Eslenson, Fred Flanders, Milt Berg. SENATE discussions are ellen long and involved, but crlwcrys inleresling. l MNH nrm rlnwmndr-M nn fmlllnnllu mmm! mlll1 llm mm-lvnurnl mf Uvnel.-lnnl BOARD of Rcrdio. E. A. Anderson, advisors Mlckey Jordonr Sue McConep Don Grimm, commissionery Sue Wheeler. BOARD of Music ond Public Speaking. Seated: Ernst Von Vlissingen, Dr. F. G. Wolsh, crdvisors. Standing: liol: Thompson, Sue Wheeler, Pot Churchill, Dick Monson, commissioner. BOARD ol Publicutlons. Seated: Neal Blornson, Judy Hammers Gene Price, commissionerp Sharon Shep- hard: Jim Hormonp Jeon Anderson. Standing: Bill Lonrzp Bucky Haus: Jim Feeneyp Bob Cram, LoVerne Nies, Don Winkler, oclvis- ers. The boards oi Radio, Music ond Public Pros grznns, und Publications, ure responsible lor ull public relutious work pertinent to the college that is sponsored by Student Senate, os well os serving the students through their respective duties. The iiourd oi Radio must approve all business trous- 2lCilO1'1SiO1'lkDSC,LlDtl ruulse plans lor its expon- sion. The lioord ui Music ond Public Speaking selects ond handles fyeeurns and ull Senate-spun, sured dzurees. The Board of Publications selects new publication heads, and this yenr sponsored rr new service to the student body, the Student News Bureau. THE Memorial Union Board is the main governing body for the Union and maintains it lor the use ol the student body. Row l: Mrs. Duane Wester- holm, R. F. Gunldoman, Jr., Gerry Sclrnell, Sue McCone, Milt Borg, commissioner. Row 2: Robert Crom, President Fred S. Hultz, Dale Brostrum, lohn Carlson, Jr., Dean Sevrinson, Glenn Smith, Bucky Haas. A V V rc. . r-ziliiilriritszti it 4 , ,.... ss V , THE Board of National Students Association held a WUS drive, cr leadership training clinic, and many other campus activities this year. Row I: Clint Sparlcsr Emily Reynolds, aclviserr Jim Pom- eroy, Row 2: Dr. Leo Hertel, advisers Milt Bergr Gerald Gernholzr Noel Estenson, commissionerg Rudolph Qtterson, adviser. THE Board of Campus Affairs regulates all campus activities, and this year has sponsored plans for an all-school festival. Beva Fegleyp George Schwartz, commissioners Bill lantz, Bob Thompson members. The Senate Board ol Athletics is responsible for all policy deci- sions concerning college athletics. The financial obligations cons cerning Senate proposals are ably decided by the Board ol Finance and future plans tor financial matters are also decided. The Honor Case Commission is set up to punish ollenders of the Honor System oi the School ol Agricul- ture and is composed ol two members from each class and one graduate student. The members are chosen to this Commission with the approval of the Dean of the School ol Agriculture and the Student Senate. SENATE Board of Athletics: Row l: Les Luymes, Darryl Reber, H. Dean Stallings, A. Glenn Hill. Row 2: Fred Flanders, Commissioner: Edythe Toring. SENATE Board of Finance: .larry Schnell, cam- rnissionerg Judy Hammer, Fred Flanders. HONOR Case Commission: James Gruebele, Chairman, Wayne Sabbe, Hilbert Pfieier, Richard Knutson, Adam Koble, Dennis Wold, Dale Herman, Dale Anderson, Kenneth Wahlin Associated Women Students AWS lurlhers women sinleresls on campus AWS president Pol Turner pours of one of the many informal social hours the grouo sponsors, open to ull NDSC coecls. livery coctl on thc NDSC cinn- pus is uutoinnticztlly it mcmhcr ol AWS. Tlircc mass incctings atc licltl cztch year, with rcgulnr incct' ings ul zi i'cprcscntntivc of each womcn's organization in Wom- cnls Scnatc. Dclcgutcs :nc sent to District and National conven- tions, and thc group sclls schctl, ulc cnlcinlais :intl holtls a Pcnny-:t- Minutc Night to misc funtls for this activity. Olliccrs ol thc your arc: Patricia Turner, prcsiilcntg Eilccn Scini, vicc-pifcsidcntg Yvonne llocclckltcr, scci'ctni'yg nncl D1-l-f-an Cfu.LL...4.- i-- U Gold Stat' Band Band acts as goodwill ambassadors BAND director Bill Euren, and Ernst Van Vlissingen, head ot the Music Department, enjoy the clroir's half of the anual winter Band-Choir Concert. The NDSC Golcl Star Band, unclcr thc clircc- tion ol Bill Eurcn, is clcscrvctlly famous for its line work through thc ycars. This ycar thc hand travclccl through western North Dakota, and helrl their annual home concert with the choir. They also pcrlormcrl during half time at thc SC football games, provided music at all thc home haslccthall games, and hacl a spring picnic. They were hcaclctl by Dale lack- son, prcsiclcntg Ray Link, vice-prcsitlcntg and loycc LaFlcur, secretary-treasurer. Row l: Kay Lavold, Mary Moffett, Marilyn Bctrlts, Dee Ann Nelson, Pearl Ulschalr, Cleone Metz, Nancy Euren, Nylo Wittemon, loretta Bughee, Joyce Lalileur Row 2: Jim Parke, Mary Anderson, Marlon Berg, Carolyn Roberts, Jerry Stoclrman, John Hovde, William Bailley, Howard Nichols, Donald Salmonson, Darlene Olson, Grant Mickleson, Pat Larson, Ed Vollr, Bill Miller, Gene Price. Row 3: Dave Hendrickson, Don Bischoff, Paul Rupert, Dick Sharp, Carl Melln, Wayne Wiseman, Scott Montgomery, Gary Wollon, Jane Ann Munro, Joanne DeGler, Lowell Pals, Bruce Anderson, Wayne Anderson, Don Peterson, Vernon Steinman Don Thayer, Roy link, Jerry Saylor, Ron Jacobson, Dave Carpenter, Mary Jane Fuhllarugge. Raw 4: Marla Reeve, Diane Berg, Harold Shattuck, Eileen Serm Art Martinson, Bill Euren, directory Charles MacDonald, Jim Oster, Jerome Shaw, Don Evoshenlro, Wendell Iverson, Vern Marschke, Neil Sands, Ron Barlrs BAND members show unfctltering devotion to the Cause by attending every home game of the Bison and lending orcti sup- ,port to the cheerleaders and inns. iff" ed "Where do we put the sousophotnes?" But perseverance tincriiy won out, and the bond completed the four-dey tour with only the loss of one Tau Beta Sigma suitcase. ri NDSC Chorus Choir tour spreads culture through N D THE NDSC chorus made Festival Hall the home of many outstanding performances during Religious Emphasis Woelt and for their yearly fall and winter C0l'lC6l'lS. The NDSC chorus, under their iirst year of direction by Robert C. Godwin, undertook an ambitious program ol musi- cal cotnpositions for their annual tour through North Dakota towns. The largest composition produced was the Purcell D major Te Deum, a 17th century pre-liach religious piece, sung with organ and piano accompaniment. Other works sung this year included Negro spirituals and the Chtistianson arrangement of Lost in the Night, anti several a cappella compo- sitions by Palestrina and Praetorious. Mr. Godwin, a graduate oi the Eastman School oi Music and presently in charge oi the NDSC vocal music program, is a specialist in the latter form of music. ,,,,A.,.. E f A Row I: Joon Pierce, Dorothy Elolson, Dorothy Scott, Vergene Anderson, Margaret Larson, Janice Melby, Jackie Nielson, Lavonne Biel, Bonnie Westphol, Kay Ormiston, Sue Eggert, Clorcr Filrert, Diono Harmon, JoAnn Dunnum, Row 2: Yvonne Boedelrker, Carol Senechol, Diane Aslalrson, Betty Johnson, llene Friend, Carol Finsted, Carolyn Callenboch, Robert Godwin, director, Amy Lorson, Yvonne Wittmer, Carmen Owen, Jean Lowe, Lois Herman, Bonnie Gerrells, Corrine Anderson. Row 3: Jim Pomeroy, Neil Nelson, Lerry Dufault, Lyle Baker, Kathy Barrett, Janis Olson, Ihlys Hulbert, Judy Ozbun, Walter Bohnsaclr, Janis Olson, Georgia Soar, Ruth Sanford, Lois Bursaclr, Margaret Plett, Orien Fiestad, Clinton Sparks. Row 3: Loren Larson, Larry Swenson, Louis Muhlich, Art Cervinlra, Doug Balrlren, Diclr Teichmonn, Allyn E. Harth, Allyn Bell, Frank Hollancls, John Rude, Curt Flea, Lester Johnson, Dave Larson, Gordon Sorenson, Jim Gruebele, Dewey Nelson. KDSC The Voice ol the State College Student i t t ni l l i 4 , t it it is t I i ,' Ji , 1- i t 1 ti t' 9 F t Y it 'i it t ti Q1 . i ,A it STATION tnoncrgor Joe Koebensliy doubles os ci Soturduy-night disc iockey tor the pleasure of his student audience. The campus rarlio station, KDSC, oiiers students a wide rztnge ol interesting prog1'a1ns, from the Saturtiay night Sltywatelt Serenade and the hroatieasts of all Bison home games to the complete coverage ot Student Senate and Student Body presidential elections. The raiiio station is hoping to move into larger quarters sotnetinte next year, but until then KDSC and toe K. are at the same time, saute station, top floor of the Union. 3 ,t t Q I I MAN responsible for those programs is Dove Bragg, program director. He is most sympathetic with eomplotnts. ,,,,.-M FACUlTY adviser Don Winkler inspects the product of the radio stotion's latest acquisition, a United Press teletype. ONE of the busy KDSC announcers is shown hard at an evening's work. LANCE Johnson and larry Hunter pick records ond qualify as glorified disc jockeys. 3 r U Bison Yearbook Stall worlrs harcl, earns little, enyoys much PAT Larson, associate editor, and Judy Hummer, editor, are the guiding lights of the yearbook stuff. A yettrgtook stttff is trzttli- tionttlly ovcrwurltctl nnrl ltnuntctl by at cotntinttttl rush to t11tettlctttlQ.i11cs, but they love it. All the ligtle ztnnoyanccs of at your of toi. ztntl, :tt times, blood anti tt'ttrs,:r1'esotncl1ow forgot- ten in at great feeling of ttccotn- plislttntnt when "Thr Book" finally comes out. This fooling, :intl the sense of ltelot'rging, ntztkc all the into hours worth- while. SHARON Shepard seems to be meditating over the many details cr business manager must constder tn producing on UMUC! THE photography editors, Allyn Hart and Don Evashenko, co-ordinate all pictures with layout, ma .- , I ,, ..... .. te 2- j,. .. l .. I tt t t t tt t t .-...... THE copy staff combines literary talent with the necessary ingenuity to make the yearbook interesting to all readers. Left to Right: Mitzi Mallarian, Mary Ann Wilner, Jenny Kovell, Gene Price, Nancy Williams, Nancy Myrdal, and lone Ann Munro, l i l 4 Speettrntn Highly organized confusion exists in office NEAL Biornson ctnel Clorlt Schenkenberger, better known os Corky, run the Spectrum staff as editor-in-chief ond managing eclitor, respectively. The top floor, south wing, ol the Student Union is a scene of organ- ized mass confusion each Tuesday and Wednesday evening, when the Spectrum staff hattles approaching deadlines, advertising space, letters to the editor, and local activities and controversies, in order to get the paper out each week. ln spite ol all the work, worry, and nail-hiting, however, SC students are greeted each Friday morning by an eight- page Spectrum, and the stall is al- lowed to relax until Saturday, when all advertising must he ready lor the next issue. But somehow, everyone- stall ineltuletl-agrees it's worth itl r JEAN Anderson presides over all sociol news eoch week in her Spectrum column. ec W 'Walk Q L A M . . 5, I we Q3 g if ive if ' 'I W, 0 K ff "' M fr x,L " , , 1 A m WH fggifikzfzfif'.1:i': :I:I:515:E:!:E:EgIg5jjIjIj'Q,j 4 , 1 1-Q.-gr, . -::-4-2:-:N-:L ww I1:2Ei1If--' 'if' '- K- - Q., 14 sv x THE director oi News Bureau, Jim Harmon, deerls efficiently with the problems connected with running cr new publication, Struclent News Bureau 1 ,. i of Communications. Newest publication renders service The Sturlent News Bureau is an experiniental agency supervised hy the NDSC Student Senate lioarcl oi Publi- cations. The purpose of the hureau is to collect news con- cerning NDSC stuclents ancl to distribute it throughout their hotnetown newspapers, thus handling a large part oi college puhlic relations. In its first year on the catnpus, the News Bureau has worked closely with the Depart- ment oi Curnniunications, ancl looks forward to inure years of profitable activity anrl service to the stuclent hotly. THE uncomploining stoff, Grunt Brown, Penny Legrid, and Myrth Weiser, spend mcrny on hour on the iob. ADVICE from the faculty is supplied by H. Doncrld Winkler, Assistant Director Row l: Jerome Shaw, Matt Kautzman, Don Moorhead, Phil Running. Row 2: Jerome Eide, Milton Matzek, Bob Eggan, Orland Johnson, Scout Executive: Don Voracelr, Harris Hoganson, Gerald Fisher. Alpha Phi lhnega National organization sponsors events Alpha Phi Omega strives to he ol service to the stu- it t dents, school, coininunity ancl nation, and requires that its members have previous experience in the Boy Scouts of America. They sponsor the local annual Ugly Man Contest, the Snow Sculpture Contest, and Spring Sing, and this year celebrated Founders' Day with an appro- priate banquet. Their officers are Ierome Shaw, presi- rlentg Matt Kautzman, vice-presidentg Philip Running, secretary, and Don Moorheacl, treasurer. LAVONNE Biel proudly accepts the A Phi O Spring Sing trophy for Kappa Kappa Gamma. is L - f- f " 4 'e'mt""fimL' Cll6GI'l62lflGI'S Snappy cheerleaders spur reams onward MARGARET Benedict, Lindo Nelson, Jon Kippen, Karen Edinger, Sharon Mischa. NDSC cl1ce1'lc111lcrs 1J1'UVll1lC i11spi1'z1tion llllll l1c111'1e11i11gs11p- port for .local 21ll1lClCS. Linrln, M11rgy,Iz111,K11ro11 and Sl1z11'o11 all enjoy their worlr in lrcslre Illllll ori1:11t:11io11 insr us I11llCl1 IIS their CllCCflCll1.llll1g 1l111ies. rx X'-X Bll.l'S looking lhe wrong way . . . RE:lh.iZlllS NDSC pepsters tire up stuclent rallies Row l: John Koeoourelr, Noel Estanson, Sharon Shepard, John Slmoniog, Buclry Haus. Row 2: Bruce Ness, Bill Suclrermun, Gene Schultz, Jerry Houle, Bob Thompson. Row I: Jock Heltemas, Ed Gtlbertson, George Schwartz, Byron Webb. Row 2: Elton Ginger, Joe Koobonslry, John Gustafson, Gary Nelson, Gone Slockman. Letterrnenls Clult Lettermen upholcl campus athletic spirit The Letterrnen ol NDSC solrl green beanies, perish the thought, to incoming freshmen, and proceeded to rnalse trings lrartl lor them il caught 'lvvitlroutf' They sponsored the Letterrnens Ball une pro- moted varsity athletics tlnouglmut the entire year in various ways. Their oflieers are: Herman Nagel, presitlentg Curtis lolrnson, vice-presitlentg Harry Halvor- son, secretaryg and Gene Gronsetlr, treas- urer. The group was advised hy Tom Neuberger. W FRESHMEN girls should remember that a clay of reckoning for beanie-less exposure always comes. Row 1: Dick Tschider, Curt Johnson, Harry Halvorson, Don Warner, Cy Puetz, Gary Thomasson, lloyd Larson, Selby Menclro. Row 2: Don Remllcmd, ROQGY Gebhardt, Don Basche, Herman Nagel, Warren Arman, Fred Stover, Lyle Hulzenga, Gene Gronseth, Tom Neuherger, Orehesis Dance develops the bodies heautilul 55 4 - X 3 , A- - ' ..-..r .. s I t. 1 -, 'y . . 1 .,.. OFFICERS: Sharon Mische, Janice Anderson, Linda Nelson. EXERCISE disciplines both body and spirit, as Orchesis members know. Orehesis is the creative dance group on the NDSC campus. It pre- sents programs for television, wom- en's organizations, and for the Fu- ture I-Iomemakers ol America. They work out original dance routines from Iundamentzds of choreography as demonstrated hy their advisor, Mrs. Neva M. Anderson. Their offi- cers are: Ianice Anderson, presidentg Sharon Mische, secretaryg and Linda Nelson, treasurer. Row I: Iona Tomlinson, Grace Tvedte, Row 2: Mrs. Anderson, Sharon Mische, Janice Anderson, Linda Nelson. Row 3: Karen Knudson, Maureen Steigman, Margaret Benedict, Pat Turner. i i Row iz Arnold Amundson, Ken Norrnond, Anrlreys Jurinns. Row 2: Nick Hill, Mike Weiss, Bill Henry, Tom Wright, Bob Walker, Ron Lawrence. Row 3: Gary Sprecher, Bill Booth, Terry Herlher, Mike Hill, Byron Studsvold, Justin Murroy, Bob Willlslmii Bill livdtl- Ski Club Skiers rake to water in spring! The NDSC Ski Club groups together ull stutlents on the enmpus who ure interesterl in skiing, unrl pro- motes skiing us ri student-supportetl sport. The club is not tliseourugerl by the absence of snow, they hokl unnuul Waterskiing trips in the spring of the year. During the regular ski season, they took runny week- enrl trips to nearby ski resorts, und the biggest event ol the whole year-ski-wise, that is-was the trip to Porky lvlountzrin in Michigan. The ollieers ol the group are: Bob Walker, presirlentg lerinnine Knote, vice-president, unrl Bill Henry, seeretury-treusurer. Row 1: D. Hagel, Wm. Lorenz, Morlr Ashton, lay Anderson, Einar Bredesen, Vernon Mathern. Row 2: Dovo Graben, Gordon Kovell, Wm. Longbolla, Leslie Hammond, Gary Melquist, Charles Anderson. Row 3: C. Anderson, John Altenburg, John Berger, Robert Treat, J. Peterson, William Haedt, Ronald Jacobson, Capt. Kash, advisor. Sabre Air lionrntariscl Air Force Drill Team shows snappy spirit Szrhrc Air Cornmanrl is thc oilicinl rlrill tcznn ol the local Air Force ROTC rlctnchmcnr. Thcy assist in thc planning :incl producing ol thc Military Ball, and march in thc Homccotning anrl Armcrl Forccs Day par:nlcs.Tl1c group Wislrcs to talcc an active part in their communitics hy prrzpming :tml rlcvclnping csscnliial qualitics ol good mcn anrl ciiicicnt olliccrs. Tlrcy src hcadccl hy lay An- rlcrson, cornrnarnlcrg Harvey Walcrzlco, cxccutiyc ollif crfrg l-lcnry Lurnllmg, operations oiliccrg Iamcs Ham- monrl, cornptrollcrg :incl Rolnnrl lacnbson, lnlormntion Scrviccs olliccr. Angel Flight Coeris supply glamour to the Air Force OFFICERS: Joyce Tucker, leon Ann Nelson, Janice Anderson, Jon Christopher, Angel Flight is the NDSC honorary womens organization that serves as a hostess group for the Air Force ROTC. They were formerly known on this earn- pus as "Air Delis," but heearne a part ot the larger organization of the present name during the' year. They help prepare decorations and arrangements lor the Military Ball, and their trim blue uni- forms are an easy means- of identilieation. Otlieers are: lean Ann Nelson, presirlentg Susan Wheeler, vice-presitlentg Iuyce Tucker, secretary, and Lois Williams, treasurer. W. C. Cliristianson and Kath- ryn Weesner advise the group. Arnold Air Society Memhers uphold high standards ny, . Mmm it t Us fluflf-':-. -"s 'N' v.-bt xt ,N t7ilt'lwf:.f ,'.t.fJ-s 'Q--I , t.-if 1, 53, . Elway, 5' . , , -. isa, i list --, i - IN A A .. A Row I: Jacobson, Feeney, Flanders, Harmon, Reber, Meier, Haugen, Paulsen, Campbell, Row 2: Bopp, Overvold, Strommen, Lctfleur, Thompson, Huizengn Haugelaerg, McCoy, Rinrlahl, Heglla, Faught. Raw 3: Dewey Nelson, Montgomery, Fischer, Scheltens, Lundhy, Arten, Kraieck, Stctska, Ruud, Shattuck, Lt. Ward The Arnold Air Society promotes enthusiasm among Air Force ROTC cadets, assists with prepa- rations lor the Military llall, sponsors the AFROTC Talent Show, and ltolils a hanquet lor inspecting ollicers as well as the Arnolil Air Society llanquet. Ollicers ol this group lor the year are: Darrell D. Reher, presirlentg Dennis Camphell, vice-pi'esit.letttg Roger l-leglie, treasurer, and Freil Flanders, re- porter. Cuicloii Coeds complement Army ROTC uniis GUIDON members work closely with advanced ROTC groups on many affairs. Guiclon is the NDSC auxiliary organ- ization to the Army ROTC, anti helps to proinofie anti advance ROTC activities. They holti an annual tea for the candi- dates ior the title of Military Ball Queen, anti also holti a reception for nevviy coni- inissionetl oiiiccrs anti new nienibers. An annual grant is given hy this oigaiiizzitioii tu the outstanding junior Advanced ROTC cadet. Oiiicers arc: Caroline Slintle, presitlentg Rosemary Lcupp, vice- presitlentg Maxine Rauniann, treasurer, and Shirley Mogan, secretary. Row i: Eileen Seimr Well l00iun, Amy Larson, Claire Walker, Jctrr Kearny, Nancy Frederick, Rosemary ieupp, Pat Roberts. Row 2: Bev lloyd, Diane Asialrson, KWH Zielsderi, Kvilry Burrell, Judy Hammer, Ccrpi. Senewahl, Maxine Baumann, Joan Lindbo, Doris Foisrrum, Saralou Bierken, Jane Tomlinson. Association of the United States Arniy Army strives lor improved ollicer training The Association ol the U. S. Army is an or- ganization lor advanced Army ROTC students which improves the essential qualities ol good ollieers and citizens. The ollieers ol this group are: Arnolil Ellingson, presidentg Neal Bjorn- son, vice-presirlentg Melvin Worth, treasurer, and Dale Roll, secretary. Some ol the activities they help sponsor are the Military llall, the Co-eil auxiliary, Guirlon, and the annual A.U.S.A. banquet. They also present an avvaril to a junior ROTC student and assist in Armed Forces Day. r ,l rr 'rr 'ltt 1 J fu.-ww AUSA officers. Seated: Dale Ruff, Arnold Ellingson, Mel Werth. Standing: Curt Stromstad. Ms - Row 1: Terry Canning, Bruce Kasson, Harold Eberhordt, Bill Suclierman, Don Hanson, Ronald Ulven, John Robinson. Row 2: Duane Kuske, Joy Joloslry, Darrell Willison, Matt Kautzman, Torn Offerdahl, Charles Nelson, Tom Weyman, Vernon Nichols, Ed Price. Row 3: Darryl Wonson, Phil Frcrsee, Stan Lundine, Win Williams, Fred Stover, Jerome Vick, Jim Metzel, Wayne Wall. Row I: Burton Kragnes, Bill Buck, Byron Webb, Jerry Walter, Gary Thomasson, Dale Ruff, Wor- ren Gulliclrson, John Huntley. Row 2: Jim Oster, Gerald Geezer, Jim Talley, Neal R. Biornson, .. yfsyidv I A Q . ..,..y,..s..1 , .. -ui v A 11 1- .n1 r..1 u Vets Club NDSC Vets Stage Drama--with goat The NDSC Vcts Club provides a social life on cam- pus for vctcrans by sponsor- ing an annual LCT play, term partics, and picnics ga- lorc, and vvas drivcn to place ing a guard in one ol tbcir colfcc lincs to prevent inter- cstcd friends lrorn cntcring illegally. Tbcir big theatrical success, 'ilcaliousc ol tlic August Moon," was bcld in Fcstival Hall to accommo- datc an actual jiccp plus pas scngcrs, and included such odditics as a livc goat, a washlfnc full ol iionmrula- tion undcrwcar, and a 100W Scandinavian gcisba girl. Ofticcrs arc Clint Sparks, cornrnandcrg Gilbert Elkcn, sccrctaryg Robcrt Sclnnaidt, vicc conimandcr, and Ed Fisbcr, treasurer. EXECUTIVE Council. Row I: Robert Schmidt, Harold Sundquist, Clint Sparks, Ed Fisher, John Johnson. Row 2 Norm Stuolohl, Jock Johnson, Dick Herman, Simon Luhlum. Row 1: John R. Seelhommer, Conrad S. Pederson, John T. Noucler, John Opie, Lynn V. Hiolmstod, Ted Blickensderfer. Row 2: Ronald Barge Roy Mcrsdcrl, Jim Odden, Allyn E. Hcrrfh, Dennis Morquordf, Arthur H. Gosr, Kenneth Szymnnski, Richard Treichel, John E, Anderson. ,, ., ,.,. ....... . . . . .,,. -.....h.,-..u Row I: Peter Lazorenko, Gernld Hcrgemeisier, Norm Kmcrch, Curt Juve, Del Helugeson, Frank Schirmer. Row 25 Duane Kirschenmun, Leroy John son, Arvid Friskop, Juanes P. Helsing, Donovan R. Peiorsen, John R. Weaver, Gordon Stennes, Howard G. Leshovsky. NDSC veterans make definite contributions at registration. THIS is the more modern transportation displayed by tho SC Vets Club in the Homecoming Parade. "ANYTHING for the Cause" included getting an actual Army ieep on the Festival Hall stage forTenl1ouse ofthe August Moonp luckily, plenty of manpower was availablel lndoponclont Stuclonts Association ISA provides non-Greelc and social Iile ISA membership drive ottrctcts mcmy customers ot registration. The purpose of the NDSC independent Stu- dents Association is to provide a social life based on fellowship for those students on the campus who do not belong to a G-reels organ- ization. This mixed group sponsors iall, winter and spring terrn parties, a Christrnas carol fest, holds fall and spring picnics which are gaily enjoyed by ali, and also sponsors an annual all-college dance. They produce an act for Itrevities tryouts each year, and build a Home- coming float. This year the members bought distinctive ISA pins, crowned Audrey Holte and Howard Lahiurn as Valentine Sweethearts, and took candy to Cl1llt,lI'CI1lS Village at Christ' rnas. Oflicers are: Donna Holcomb, presidentg Arlene Clrristianson, secretaryg and lim Heist ing. Mr. Sands is the advisor oi the group. FELLOWSHIP and good fun ore morlts of oil ISA meetings and their quarterly term parties. ! 'E ' 3 " -I 'A'-51.5 li lllllllllll Row I: Connie Jacobson, Rochelle Hoover, Mory Bodner, Shirley Carlson, Alicio Nelson, Row 2: Janice Swenson, Darlene liudolrl, Mcrrylynn Sten, Borborcr Hell, Audrey Holla, Alito Dordis, Joon Tongom, Sharon Oxenrider. Row 3: Lyle Peterson, MGYHGVCJ ADCJHTSUIL Mr- SUHCJS, Bruce Bfdlslie, Howard Nelson, lance Johnson, Sion Skorplrol, Duane Tongen, Allen Frcrzor, Morris Johnson, Merle Rivinius. Row i: lone Johnson, Bevo Fegley, Marie Funslon, Nancy Corvor, Arlene Clrrislionson. Row 2: lhlys Hulbert, Borbcrro Hillcrncl, Beatrice Hcrborslroh, Phyllis Lunserrer, Ccnhy Kiefer, Elonore Benson, Dorleno Gordon, Myrrh Weiser. Row 3: Glenn Johnson, Wayne Honlrel, Wayne Lunserrer, Miko Wicksirom, Ronald Peterson, Jim Helsing, Don Greonhorlr, Duwoyne Bonrz, Dole While, Ron Ulovn, l. Jim Hammond. ,l s lllliigigd Row I: Milt Berg, Donna Borstod, Sue McCone, Curl Slromstod. Row 2: Noncy Swoyne, Simen Lolrlum, Jim Flecli, Gordon Kepner, Jon Kearney. Student Union Ao'ti'vitios Board SUAB sponsors all manner ol activities The Student Union Activities Board provitletl recreational, social and cultural activities for the stu- tlents on the NDSC eairiptis. They sponsored anti prontotetl one tlanee a month, Union week, the Strikes and Spares Bowling Tourney, movie prograins, :intl several art exhibits. They were presitletl over this year hy Donna Barstail, presitlentg Gor- tlon Kenner, vice-presitlentg Nancy Swayne, secretary, :intl Elaine 'IX' , ONE of SUAB's art exhibits gives Mary Anderson, SUAB member, a chance io acl as guido Row l: Bob Mann, Bob Monioin, Lyle Baker, .lim Helsing. Row 2: Georgia Ann Saar, Mary Maloney, Mary Anderson, Marlys Oberg, Yvcnnn Boecleklcer, Delores lenclro, Belle Davidson, Connie Mills. Row l: Jerry Schnell, John Fleck, George Schwarlz, Bolo Hegrenes, Row 2: Carol Honn son, Peggy McBride, Kay Wollan, ,Carol Abrahamson, Shirley Wee, Penny legrid, Sharon Mische, Belle linolner, Aclra Severson. Row 1: Vel Roe Neela, Mary Pfeiffer, Lois Nelson, Bev Lloyd, Carmen Owen, Churlotte Tomlinson, Kuy Olson, loom Pierce. Row 2: Frances Ricketts, Meriecrn Hendricksoly, Selly Meier, Bev Rockwood, Rachelle Hoover, Joyce Larson, Morguret Owens, Darlene Norcllund, ludy Lees, Charlotte Tolton, Morgcrret McBride, Shirley Gorum. Wonreriis Atlrletie r-lssneiutinn Sports boost health ancl relaxation we , S i OFFICERS: Mory Pfeiffer, Merry Ellen Fehr, Vel Rue Neela. The Wornenis Athletic Associution of NDSC offers intrurnural sporrs such :rs hus- lsethull, vulleyhnll, softball, bzrclininrnn, :incl tennis ut their regularly litflLl111CCfi1lgS. They sponsor the Womenis Bowling League und present uwzrrrls for ourstarncling achieve- ments in the various sports. They hohl Play Days with MSC rind Corrcorclizr, :incl have at full picnic for freshincn. Avvurcls to their own niernhers inclucle lll2lZCl'S,SWt'LllC1'S,Llltfl hlcrnlsers. Officers of this group ure: Marry Ellen Fehr, presiclentg Mary Pfeiffer, vice- presirlentg Vel Rue Nceh, secretary-trezrsurer. FIRST Place Basketball Team. IIowI:Joan Pierce, Peggy SECOND Place Basketball Team. Row I: McBride, Charlotte Tolton. Row 2: Shirley Gorum, Rachelle Hoover, Charlotte Tomlinson. Row TRAMPOUNE Work is my popular Umm Norma Carlson, Lois Nelson, Mary Pfeiffer. 3: 'Sally tsaiegr, Carmen Owen, Joyce Larson, WAA activities. G Rae ee ' FIRST Place Volleyball Tocrm, Row Ig Bev Rockwood, Kathy SECOND Place Volleyball Team. Row T: Joan Pierce, Charlotte Tolton Shepard, Norma Carlson, Row 2: Joyce Larson, Margaret Nancy Williams. Row 2: Shirley Gorum, Peggy Mcllricle, Lois Nelson Owens, Judy Lees, Charlotte Tomlinson. I s RIFIERY Team. Row I: Dorothy Cornoll, Charlotte Tolton, Kay Olson, Carman Owen, Fern Letnos. Row 2: Moriean Hendrickson, Fran- ces Ricketts, Rachelle Hoover, Vel Rae Neeh, Sally Maier, Darlene Norcllund. . A, I ' y r 'iv awww ir 5 gr , go v l l Blue Key Blue Key select outstanding campus leaders Members of Blue Key, at national hon- orary serviee fraternity, are selected for their qualities oi outstanding leurlersltip, good elurraeter, and scholarship. They sponsor and rlireet itison ltrevities, Hon- ors Day Convo, represent the college at various high school career days, and give an awurti to the ireslunan with the high- est average. Their oiiieers are: itunes Feeney, presfrlentg Frerl Flanders, vice- president, and Gene Stoeltnirrn, secretary, AMONG their other activities, Blue Key members assisted Student Senate at the annual Leerclership Clinic. Row l, seated: Keith Sheltons, Jim Austin, Joe Koebensky, Jim Unkenholz, Dale Jackson, Dick Monson, Gene Stcckrnan. Row 2: A. Glenn Hill, Dale Nelson, Dan Carlson, Bruce Kasson, Jim Feeney, Curt Johnson, Jim Meier, Bob Crom. Row 3, seated: Lloyd Larsen, Les Breltbach, Jim Harmon, Fred Flanders, Bob Myhre. Row 4: Bill Euren, George Schwartz, Clark Schenkenberger, John Gustafson, Lyle Moe, trv Reuther, Neal Biornson. ff Kem Seated: Judy Hammer, Patricia Churchiil, Roberta Enger Southom, Nancy Frederick. Standing: Ruth Mortensen, Roberto Johnson. Senior Staff Co-ed staii encourages high scholarship The honorary womens service sorority at NDSC hehii after-gatne dances, usherecl at Commencementi and iiocczrlznrrente services, con- rlucterl campus tours, nnri Workeri on the SC iair exhibit. They also give :rn zrnnuzti scholarship and spon- sor Spinster Skips. Officers ztre: Iuriy Hammer, presiclentg Roberto Iohnf son, vice-presicientg ipzrtricin Moore, secretary, anti Ruth Mortenson, Whois Who Outstanding seniors represent NDSC Jean Anderson 'Bill Baillie Dennet Borsfcrel Neal 'Blornson Karen Edingor Joyce Ericlcsmoen Jim Feeney Fred Flonders G Noncy Frederick John Gustetison Judy Hummer Memhersliip in Who's Who in Ameri- can Colleges und Universities was clecicleti hy rr nominating committee composed oi stuiilents nnil laiculty members, :intl they select only seniors who are outsturnling in their college scholastic work, their serv- ice, activities in college groups, tnitl their ztttitucle tovvnrtl university life. Jim Hermon Mickey Jordon Joe Koelsensky Bob Knuclson Simon lcihlum Normctn Lemmon Roy Link Eldon Mcloin Sylvan Melrose Lyle Moe Dick Monson Pot Moore Ruth Mortenson Dewey Nelson Jeon Ann Nelson George Schwartz Coroline Slincle Roberto Southom Clint Sparks Gene Stockrncin Pot Turner Susan Wheeler -YJ WH' 'Q H " n!'1 . -uns il7Jl1 s"II"l1 FIT! Hl- Phi Kappa Phi Highest scholastic honor on campus Raw 1 Duane Erickson Howard Hanes Terrance Raycroft, Richard McElmury, Norman Lemmon, Harvey Fiala, Neal Biornson, Terry Cory, Norman Storalahl, Freel- errck Bauer Row 2 Richard Terchmann, Duane Paulson, Delbert Nelson, Donald Gibson, Maxine Baumann, Ingrid Lemberg, Loretta Aipperspach, Betty Thomp- son .terry Brooks Charles Hunter Anthony Hoffman. Row 3: David Baranlclc, Kenneth Duerte. Fred Getlhr Jim Parkin. Howard ldhlumr James Grvbeiltr Jirvms Sayler James Barrett Dale Ruff Kenneth Hoefs, Harold Bergeson, Gene Stockman, Richard Monson. Phi Kappa Phi represents the highest in scholastic recog- nition of achievement that can be earned on the NDSC cam- pus. The metnhcrs of the group are sclcctetl solely on the basis ot scholastic average, from honor students from all thc schools on campus. The spring recognition banquet cli- maxed the years activities. Officers of the organization are I. A. Callcnhach, prcsitlentg S. D. Owen, vice-presidents H.. Holman, secretary-treasurcrg and O. A. Stevens, correspond- ing secretary. Eta La111hdaNu Pro EE's promote departmental interest Eta Larnhcla Nu is a protessiorial electrical engineering honor society. its officers are: Ole Elton, presidentg Lconarcl Eng, treasurerg William Ncumarur, recording secretaryg Richarrl Sether, corresponding secretaryg and Gerald An- clcrson, Engineering Council 1'epr'esentative. This year the group hopes to he received into Eta Kappa Nu, a national EE honor society. Some of the projects are to huilcl up a library aucl ollice space tor EE, to establish hi-li in the union, ancl to provicle a tutoring service for stuclents in ncecl of such an establishment. Gerald Anderson Fred Bauer Terry Cory Ole Elton leottord Eng Harvey Ficrlu James Friederichs Donald Grimm Tony Hoffman Albert Kcrszynslri Virgil Miller William Neumann Richard Sether Harold Shattuck Kappa Tau llelta Architects encourage designing activities Bob Brown, Bob Metz, LoFIeur, Twichell, David Goss, Huntly, Ruff. Kappa Tau Delta is a professional honorary at'cliit'ectural fraternity. lt encourages high goals in scholarship anrl promotes a prokssioiial inter- est in architecture. The officers ol the group for this year are: lrlarolcl La Fleur, presitlentg Seth Twieltell, vicefpresiclcntg anrl Rohcrt Meta, sec- retary-treasurer. li. li. Stewart is the faculty arl- visor. Two oi the lr'atcrnity's annual activities are the winter Initiation Banquet anrl a spring picnic. This year Kappa Tau Delta sponsorerl a sketch rlesign prohlern as a special year's project for group work, tlcveloprnent, anrl tliscussion. 't "' ' ' Leon Hagerott it 'JM' J Charles Huntley Harold lo Fleur nf 5 -.-.i Pi Tau Sigma lvlE's adv cate harrl worlr - high averages Jcrmes Bauer Milt Berg l P 6 4 Pi Tau Sigma is a national honorary nreclranieal engureering fraternity. lt holds as its purpose the selection ol outstanding juniors and seniors as its members, and rnalres several annual awards lor lriglr sclrolarslrip. Officers are: l. K. Peterson, presitlentg Earl Dahlia, vice-presitlentg Ken Duerre, recortling seeretaryg Richard Wilson, corresponding secretary, and lolrn Frisby, treasurer. .l'm Brooks Dennis Coley Earl C. Dcrhlin Ken Duerre Robert Eggcrn John Frisby Charles Huntley rss Le Roy Johnson Eugene Linhcrrl Raymond T, Myers Glenn Narmyr Tau Beta Pi Engineers display character-scholarship Tau Beta Pi is a national honorary engineering fraternity whose purpose is to honor those enrolled in the school of engi- neering who have shown distinguished scholarship and exem- plary character as undergraduates in engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in their school. Officers are: Tony Hoff- man, presidentg George Struchynski, vice-presidentg Kenneth I-loefs, recording secretaryg l. K. Peterson, corresponding secre- tary, and Ole Elton, treasurer. Initiation banquets are held in the fall and winter quarters. Terry Cory Earl Dahlin David Duin Ed Duin Robert Eggen Ole Elton Leonard Eng Harvey Fiola James Friederlclrs John Frisby Richard Gunderson Kenneth Hoefs Tony Hoffman Charles Huntley Leroy Johnson Albert Kaszynslri Duane Kuslre Clifford Kvern ef' ll f In Harold la Fleur Norman Lemmon Eugene Linhart i fit il F Jvlarvin l.oll y ,lt ye t' . t Patrick Murphy 1 ' V ' A Glenn Nermyr , ' ,- r 1 f 4 I ,, R , .. 'll QQ '- ay px ' ' J Y l ., , r ,Q I A v-. .. John Neumann ' f l. K. Peterson Dale Ruff ' A ' James Sauber Richard Sether Richard Slterilr A ' - i ' ' it J l y I 1 i . J ly .. t .A+ so .Tix n Edward Ashley Gerald Anderson Fred Bauer Bruce Bralrlre F' l li rr r, I lr' I r 9 r r .L -J i Phi Upsilon Oniierori Honorary sociely prai es homemalrers Row l: Vel Roe Neeb, Roberto Johnson, Virginia Anderson. Row 2: Jonico Milrkelson, Shirley Homme, lluili Folslrom, Corollno Slinde, lois Williams, Clora Ann Walker. NDSC is proud to have on its campus it elrtrpter oi Phi Upsilon Omicron, the national professional soror- ity for students in the field of home eeonomies.Me1n- bers are selected on the basis of interest in home economics, high seholnrsliip, good qualities of elinrzre- ter and lezrderslrip, and cnnipus z1etivities.hfle1nhers are outstantling in their zrhility to zret as hostesses lor teas :intl other functions Connected with the Alba Bzdes Home Miinzrgement House. Oilicers of the group are: Roberts johnson, presitlentg Vel Rue Neeh, vicopresi- dentg Inniee Miklrelson, recording' secretziryg Nancy Frederick, corresponding secreturyg Doris Kirk, trens- PHI U members demonstrate their capabilities as hostesses at many functions, as Roberta Johnson is doing here. Kappa Delta Pi High standards goal ol education maiors Row l: Doris Kirk, Nancy Thompson, .lone Higgins, Nancy Frederick, For Turner, .lan Kearney. Row 2: Dick Tschicler, Gordon Slennes, Fred Garth, Milford Slelten, Sornmy lovoos, Jeanine Knole, Miss Pearl Eiolson, Erlo Moy Reomes. ' Kappa Delta Pi is a profes- sional and honorary society in education. They sponsor the annual Iverson lecture series, honoring' the late Dr. P. 1. lver- son. They also harl an exchange meeting with MSTC called the 'iCherry Pie Social," The uiii- cers ol this group are: Caroline Slintle, presirlentg Clarence Au- tlerson, vicefpresirlentg Mary Eirle, secretaryg Fred Gerth, treasurerg and they were ails visecl hy S. D. Owen. Rollo Chi National lraternity honors host pill-pushers Row t: Jerome Soylor, Morttn Bergoson, Loretto Aipperspcrch, Ingrid Lemherg, Donald Gibson, Ervin Reuther. Row 2: James Barrett, Don Borctniclr, Jim Parkin, Howard Hories, Delbert Nolson, Put Churchill, Roberto Southom, Lolo Hopkins, Dr. Fred Goylish. You have to hr: :tn expert pill-pitslrer' to he elected to Rho Chi, nntionnl honorriry t1'ntcrnity. Their nternherslrip inehtdes only the top twenty per cent ot the senior class. They sponsor setninrrrs on drug nihliction and Food and Drug Arlrninisnntion control ol drug rlistrihution. They also pref sented nwnrrls to the lirst and sceonrl ltiglt-ranking sopltotnore nnotlrecrnists. The lnhel-Iiclre1's closed their year nl reign over Francis Hull with rr spring initiation ilnnquct, Harold Bergeron is preshlertt of the gronpg Don Gihson, vice-p1'esirlentg Loretta hippet'spz1clt, seeretnr'yatrensttr'er, and historian, Ingrid Lernhergs. Kappa Epsiloir Pharmics- professionalism -lraternalism Row l: Roberta Southam, lngrid Lemberg, Mary Pieilier, Loretta Aipperspach, Lorraine Hanson, Kathy Pfeiffer. Row 2: Judy Freeman, Marian Berg, Mary Sheets, Lyla Moe Piper, Janice Dietrich, Judy Ozbun, Beverly Neilson, Pat Churchill, Karen Salabo, Peggy Comstock, Dee Ann Nelson, Mariory Bosserman, Lola Hopkins. , . ,- Alplra Leia The girls in rlrc white lair roars now have possession oi their national scliolarslrip cup. as wrll as lacing acrivr socially during the year. One oi their nirrnbrrs, lngrirl Lrnilicrgs, was awarrlod rlie first National Zada M. Cooper Srlrolarsliip, an honor lor NDSC. lnrirlcnral to luring college snirlcnts, also, ralijrf, ol rho senior pliarrnacy coals inariagcil ro keen their fnrslianrls liapny. Kappa lipsi- .onis oiiircrs arr: Loretta Ain- Iiierspacli, prcsirlrnrg Lorraine Hanson, vice prcsidcnrg Mary Jiriiirr, secrctaryg and lngrirl grriilirrg, trrasmrr. Scholarship in agriculture honored highly Row I: Fred R. Taylor, Jerry Onsager, Fred Gerth, Vernard Frederick, Howard Schmidt, Paul Sandal, Robert Crom, adviser, Row 2: Jim Oster, Gary Smith, Clare ence Anderson, Howard Lohlum, Sam Bigger, Arlen Dahlin, Tom Ostenson, James Nelson, Bill Archer, Jim Pomeroy. Row 3: Simon lahlum, Gerald O'Keefe, Ron Mehrer, Jim Kimball, Diclr Fought, Ron Jacobson, Jim Unlrenholz, Jim Burke, Ken Arthur, Wayne Sablae, Howard Cariveau. Alpha Zara, honorary zigricirltiirzrl fraternity, honors the highest ranlrina Edwin Booth Dramatic Club Local dramatists lorm nucleus ol theatre MEMBERS and adviser of the Edwin Booth Dramatic Club: Susan Wheeler, Jane Higgins, Carol Olson, Dr. F. G. Walsh, Martha Connolly, Don Schreder. The Edwin Booth Dramatic Cluh is organized to stimulate interest in dramatic activities on campus and to assist in Little Country Theatre presentations. Officers are: lane Higgins, presi- dentg Carol Olson, vice-presitlentg and Ianice Baklcen, secretary. Activities include an open house lor all interested students and "Strike" parties alter all productions. The group assisted at the Tau Beta Sigrna Musical misses provide much loancl spirit Tau Beta Sigma is a na- tional hand sorority. This year the officers are: Pat Larson, presitlentg Mary An- tlerson, vice-presitlentg Kay Lavolrl, seeretaryg anrl Ioyee ltller, treasurer. The sorority has rlinner meetings with Kappa Kappa Psi, and plans eollee hours for the hantl. Other projects are serving lunch to the visiting hands alter the Homecoming Game, having a party for new hand girls rluring fall quarter, and helping the tli- rector with hand trip prepa- rations, such as tag making antl music labeling Row I: Marilyn Marshlre, Pot Larson, Koiy lavold. Row 2: Eileen Seim, Kay Wollen, Gloricrn Hieb. Row 3: Joanne De Gier, Mory Anderson, Joyce LoFleur, Bill Euren. l Kappa Kappa Psi lvlusic, music, music. . . and iam sessions Row l: David Carpenter, Jerome Soylor, Wayne Hendrikson, Dick Monson. Row 2: John Hovde, Dick Ulness, Jerome Shaw, Bill Boiliey Row 3: Bill Euren, Dove Hendrickson, Lowell Pals, Dole Jackson, Roy link. Kappa Kappa Psi is a national honorary professional hanrl iraterniry which promotes the existence and Welfare 'ol a college hand and honors outstanding hanilsmen. The nllicers ol the group are: Ray- moncl Link, presiclenrg Tom Farley, vice-presirlentg lemme Shaw, rreasurerg lerome Saylor, secreraryg Don Salmonson, reporrerg and lohn Hovrle, chaplain. Kappa Kappa Psi sponsors the pir hand for llison llreviries, ancl has also purchased a complete ser ol hand lolios, and a snare clrum set lor the Gold Star llancl. They help in every way to make the rlirecror's joh easier. e..w imuwm- is o v U f ES UEHCES wx new D , X MN ,H X , ,, ww.. , NM , 1 H... V y y , w nw u w f U u V! mu W N C U " ...Nw Um 1. ,W Y .,.... Nh. Row iz Lois Bursaclr, Judy Hummer, Arliss Simonson, Nancy Swaynog Row 2: Lorraine Dosch, Jon Kippon, Joyce Tucker, Grace Tvedte, Paiilrellonio Council Greelc coeds Punhcllcnic Council is composccl ol two rcprcscntutivcs from cztcli so- rority on campus. They lisncllc proh- lcms such :ts rushing and plcdgc skips. Olliccrs orc: Judy Humnicr, prcsidcntg Lois liursuclc, sccrcturyg and Arliss Sirnonson, trcztsurcr. Sonic uctiviiics sponsored hy thc group ztrc ultcr-grime dunccs und thc Charity Bull. This yc:-tr thc Council uctcd upon at ncw systcni ol winter rushing und outlawed plcclgc skips, us wcll as giving on unnunl scholar- ship to at worthy NDSC girl. settle intersorority prohlems MISS Matilda Thompson addressed the Panhellenic Fall THE King and Queen of Hearts were Rush Kick-oil. crowned at the i953 Charity Ball by George Schwartz, current Model Man. Row I: Paul Boehm, Sharon Shepard, George Schwartz, lyle Moe, Art Cervinlra. Row 2: Fred Arndt, les Breitbach, Anton Horner. Row 1: Curt Johnson, Gene Stocltman, Irv Reuther, Virgil Miller, Brion McDaniel. Row 2: Charles Huntley, Wallace Spinor- ski, Ken Cornell, Bob Myhre, Jim Porkins, Harold Eberhardt, Norman Lemmon. Ilirtorfraterriity Council Council controls campus-lraternity relations The lnterlrztteriiity Council is mzttle up of representatives from each fraternity on cornptrs. This your their officers are: George Schwartz, presirlentg Don S. Peterson, vice- presitleirtg Larry Dultrult, secretory, :intl G. L. Pratt :rtlvises the group. Their regular business meetings tleztl with irziternity riilztirs. Some ol their activities are the lnteriraternity Ball, :intl :ill the iestivity ol Greek Week. Joan Ccmlwell Judy Hunslod Slephcmie Sailor l .fh N , Y-3' l l L l I 1 Alprlra Gznnma Delta Alpha Gems survive ill wincl and applesauce PLIEDGES: Margaret Amundson, Muriel Blume, Gloria Glassner, Ardith Hagen, Marieon Hendrickson, Janet Mtllalstodt, Darlene Nordlunci, Beverly lloyd, Francis Ricketts, Sara Riley, Carolyn Roberts, Betty Ronning, Stephanie Sailor, Correen Vannote, Yvonne Wittmer, Avonne Zelleno, Janet Christopher Laurene Dahlke Anna Mae Davis Rosemary leupp Yvonne Johnston Joyce Idler Eileen Soim Nancy Thompson Karen Zielsdorf afrffrQr-. The totnatla svvoopctl clown only lightly an thc Alpha Gains, hut the honsc lull ol painters an the clay hciott: their rushing hail than vvatriotl. Prahahly conncctcrl with the ill winti was thc tliscovttry of a coakiastcal- ing mcmhcr who apcnctl thc clam' In a llaotlctl lmscrnent anti some ruincrl wall paper. But tic picture in thc hastmtznt avtrr the ,lmnsctnatlrcrh lranrlivvorlr rcally isnt ncccmny. har wcrc thc cries in thc active mcctings al, "Bring hack thc toastcrll' vvhcn along shtftl loft it in the tlnmh- shc know al vvaittrr. lint thcrc are many new anti tliiicr- cnt sights this year in the AGU house. Cleo- .iatm cami: through with tvvn new shoots, though shc still nctrtls patching, tht: callapsif iilc chair is scan no mm't', anti thcy'vc linally 'carncri how to use thc fireplace. The lcaning tfihristmas tree matltctl thu time lor thc Op, .mrtunity School patty anti cataling splints, iraintuts anti shavcs vvcrc hail hy all lar a tall prajcct, anti cvcryonc tlicl gd cnnuglr ztpplcszttrcc. Alpha Catania lflho Expeditions keep AGR men out ol trouble PLEDGES: Arnold Nestegard, Douglas Holstrand, James Miclgarten, Vernon Dooley, Gary Sprecher, Corelle Brettin, Leonard lesmeister, Arnold Amundsan, Ricky Palmer, Donald Waldera, Keith Bierko, Dale Ven Ruden, Gerald Horner. Allyn Hart, Willis Hargrove, James Gorder, Grant Brown, Bill Brown, Ardell Moe, Dick Berquist, Sherwood Peterson, Mark Ashton, Kenny Garcler, Maynard Iverson, Harley Schlichting, John Iglehart, Charles Bateman and John Larsen. The house with the biggest fireplace on carnpus-eonstruet- ecl ol stones from every North Dakota county, all the states, and tnany countries, by the way, missecl the tornado by three cloors, hut the hrotlrers' lirccl-up activities tnarle up lor that. Expeditions kept the AGR tnen busy, too. They came back lrom Detroit with skinned noses, ancl alter war stories ol Alaska, clecicletl on a Clrristntas expetlition to Mexico. Anil the ATO picnie was brigtttenecl hy a lew clips in the llecl ancl a lew shatnpoos. "Nocturnal" helpecl set the social pace ancl everyone helps out in the Noble Ruler vs. the Worthy Master bouts. The AGR's were naturals lor the Clown tletail at the Little lnternational, ancl they put on a Yankees ancl lnclians light to top even Wagon Train. An orphans' party ancl an eve- ning honoring an outstanding alum were atnong the more restrained events, though, ol course, evening quiet hours are strictly enlorcecl at all tirnes. The AGR's also sport Big M, the clean ol all the housernothers on eatnpus, ancl a dinner tahle line box to linance the annual spring tertn party. Anil they report no moves to purchase the plot lor one rnernhcrls parking. T. lorenzen D, Reber A C. Anderson J. Brown F. Flanders M. Malo C. Schenlrenberger D. Anderson J. Brusseau J. Graham D. Mcleod H. Schmid .1 J, 4. . I t -' .r rr ,, A UNITY, fraternity, and cards, ro believe the Alpha Gamma Rhos, as they bask in front of their renowned tireless lireplcrce. W. Archer F, Aslrim J. Austin G. Buelow J. Burke H, Cariveau C. Haas F. Haas D. Halverson R. Mehrer l. Moe, Pres. P. Mountain G. Schwartz G. Smith G. Spangelo G. Bassingwaite T. Colwell P. Haugen C. Nelson K. Thompson W. Biclrert B, Dahl F ,Hughes J. O'Keefe D. Trautman R. Bishop D. Evashenko R. Johnson S, Olson J. Wells N. Biornson l. Brierbach R. Fought O. Fiestucl R. Kippen R. Knudson D. Peterson G, Puppe M. Werner D, Wold Alpha Tau Omega lYou boys done real good" PlEDGE5: Dick Byngelson, Tom McDonald, Bruce Duvall, Harry Anderson, Loren Hill, Ron Greenland, Charles Lamb, Jack Halverson, Don Klostriclr Keith Boairighi, and Jack Hawley. Terry Boldingh, Wayne Reardon, Paul Koziey, Barry McBride, Larry Van Sickle, Jim Coffey, Bob Hammer, Darrel Hubbard Terry Heriher, Don Braun, and Gary Patrick. Tl1eAlpl1nTnu's had their trouble with the tornado, too, but everything, ns nsnnl, t.liiln't turn out hznlly. The tlisnppoiirting loss ol their fine g1'li11tllllll1Cl',S eloelt did provide them with at new hi-li system. Anil in spite oi their tliflieulties, the Tnus tlitl lenrl the nrrnrnnent race. Were sure some ol those gall halls bent CTTYTHNK hy nrtmy months. Anil things are :ilwnys lntpperiiiig :tt the house. Pnsqnnles pizzas und hair tonies are ohl favorites, as are Big Dogis linnnting relrnins from the dormitory. ATO athletics ientnre the Pygmy elnh's hnslrethnll team, among other winners. Anil at sincere, "Yon hoys clone real good," rewztrtled one good effort. lintertnininents, like it rope-swing with the Knppns, round out house activities. Venturing forth lrom home, the Tnns regularly attend the Late Show, nntl even closed the corner one night. A solemn pact with the G2lIT1lI1L1lJllllS lerl to their Thursday Chih, the last date nt summer camp was the best ever, and they :ill sary, "Well meet yn at Fnrgds famous . . f' Bernard Allenburg John Alienburg Duane Ditch Harold Eberhard Merritt Hoffman lylo Huizenga James Maeizolcl Brion McDaniel Don Salmonson Keiih Schellon Duane Arlen Arnold Ellingson Bernard Hunlre .lim Meier Gerald Schnell r r . r , . A A nw" ., l . T - A '? idly- . 4 '2f't.lffil1f,'.'1' .ir.sfft W 1 ' VA m,f n?itg tt, 5 we i 4,,:1 H -: nr , no lf t , X " 1' 1 Ham ,lf X THE ATO's spent many on hour cleaning up the debris oi their disagreement with the tornado. Lyle Baker Jim Foeney Wayne lrlck Scott Montgomery Harold Shattuck John Bergstrom George Boclmor Allen Brenteson Bill Buck Harvey Folkestad Gaylord Fox Gene Foster Dave Grohen Dole Jackson Bruce Kasson Dean Kleven Garry Kolsrucl Chuck McDonald Dewey Nelson Dick Nelson Jerome Unsager Jerry Smith Gordon Sornson Jerome Stosko Jim Thiele Ken Cornell, Pres Gene Harrington Jim linsky Don Saba Tom Ulness it A "WE'l.L never forget the day our steam engine took first in the Homecoming festivities to bring home the shiny trophy to the montel oi the house." Carl Amb Dorold Axtmom Vern Anderson Robert Bauer Arden Bergen John Crohn Ralph Hogoboonr Dovid Huckle Dennis Just Robert Korb Warner Knudson Robert Kummeth Roland Olson Willicnn Peterson William Rudolph Wesley Sobbe Dale Saunders Wallace Spinarslu r It X I , I I ho W a t. 5. 4. W , l is I li 'A Ilfir WWW My -he it I I A -t , -- ,, xi 1 A 'i iv fftttl'-I A 1 ' t U lv ir' -lllliii . lim- . r - y ,, V' it lt nl I lar" l 'it 'yt ' 1 r ' ' I -,ryrtljt I If rl l l'Ia-I I 'i' ' t fini ' " l 1 lx fly! , ny -X y 1 Y QQ i,1Q,l,' ' A lit. 1 , X fl . lk fy' 6 l PLEDGES: Vernon Anderson, Darold Axman, Harlan lllessum, Maurice Goeser, Bill Haidt, Boniface Hornstein, Harley lundt, Lyle lnuton- srhlager, Ray Mikkelson, Harold Neameyer, Ralph Peterson, Bill Rudolph, Wesley Sabine, Bill Sounders, Jerry Savaloia, Ray Thune, Edward Volk, Albert Vetter. Farmers' Union Cooperative Assoeiatieon Both Tornado and Co-op enjoyed new house... hut Co-ops won. George Goeser Maurice Goeser William Haedt Harvey Hold Roger Martin Kenneth Mclean Clillord Nelson Kermit Nedrebo James Strom luehy Roteliuk Roy Thune Albert Better J ' r Center of interest for the Cofops tl tis year was their new ltouse. The tornado that tlemolished the "Y" made a one- story flat ol it, hut with help from alumni and real work hy the members, they movecl in helore Christmas. The former house was also hit, with the Ugly Man trophy the only survivor. trouhle or two is still preclietetl lor tl A ,'lC new house, lor confusion ol the laundry and incinerator chutes is inevitahl C. The winning Co-op Homecoming float kept them jumping, mostly when t smoke came out everywltere hut ti lC IC smoleestack. Also, noltorly hlames tie t l ' R' " good house meals for the two appenrlie eitis attaclrs ol the year. Keith Noess Roland Okerstrom Vern Wogge Don Zahoroe t'- ' 'llef"It'l ll V ' E e r F31'111h0'UStt Farmhouse leatures genuine guitar player l FLEDGES: James Albers, Vernon Boeshans, John Dawson, Ken Fuhrmon, Dale Hinlrle, Luther Jacobson, lloyd Knight, Lynn Lnngseth, Robert Pletan, Douglosr Richmond, Ray Zent. Ronald Barlcs Kenneth Fuhrman Gerolcl Gernholz Dallas Heidt Dale Herman Norman Lemmon, Pres. Rohert Madler Alan Ormiston Henry Singer Jerold Smith Stephen Johnson Hurley Swenson rttftts 'IHE fellows ot the Farmhouse leisurely spend o typical Saturday afternoon playing gin rummy. Lyle Ziemun The hells ol old Farmhouse rang with activities and much expansion this year. They were luckier than other campus groups in having no tornado clean-up problems, hut they did have to recruit a mapping party to wipe up the water that hacked up into their hasement alter the storm. The Farm- house men came out well with their house decorations even though the piece ol art work did catch fire from the smoker and apparently took too sharp a curve on the night ol Home- coming. Their entertainments olten featured a Hawaiian guitar player who's a real rock and roll crooner. Auntie Olga's candy tor Fuzz was always Welcome at the house, and decorating for the alumni Christmas party and the Farmlrousds annual "really big" ailair, were major events ol the year. Besides their many social activities, the hoys from Farmhouse maintained their consistently high scho- lastic average, and many ol the members are active particl- pants in NDSC judging events. Cantina Phi Beta Every night he calls her up H PLEDGES Sandro Ahlbum, Dorothea Doub, Jean Erickson, Nancy Euren, Laura Moe Hendrickson, Joyce lorson Judy Lees, Yvonne Mousseou, Carol Mund, Jackie Nielsen, Carol Noah, Kcry Ormiston, Sheila Person Suellen Ringsok, Donna Rumpco, ond Darlene Sowitcli. The house where phone callers are serenaded hy the girls in the liaclcground with, "Every night he calls her op . . ." held lots of cleaning parties after the tornado, and now the Gamma Phis have even added ri new addition to the rear of their house for the housemother, and completed their new enlarged din- ing room. The linshoys' gossip source has been Cut down sharply, hot now they do have excellent dining facilities to enjoy their Friday night fish sticlts, and as long as the girls wash dishes for the boys, they can still mooch the forbidden fruit. The GPBs stayed up all night working on their second-place float for Homecoming, and the SPDs still prize their pinlt pig. The girls' Swecpdown Trophy finally showed up when the SAEs returned it with a new engraving. Filled Christmas stockings were the favors for their whiter term party, and with mistletoe prominently displayed, they held their Christmas orplians' party with the ATOS amid cries of, "Daddyl" Sharon Mische Janice Anderson Suson Fredeen .leon Ann Nelson r .rr ' - l ,,..l,'.r J -, " F Q, 1 ri , 2 ,nl- J '14 1. ., THE pledges and the actives at the Gamma Phi house busily maize Christmas wreaths for their annual bazaar to help pay the national cleht Jean Anderson, Pres. Margaret Benedict Carolyn Callenbach Mariorie Cobb Janice Dietrich Judy Hammer Carol Hilling Mary Hulehalr Mary Meckstroth Mary Sue McCone linda Nelson Beverly Nielsen Jodeen Paris Sally Schroeder Sonia Scott PLEDGES: Joann Dunnum, Kay Foss, Diana Harman, Penny Legrid, Mary Ann Long, Nancy Myrdahl, Jane Ann Munro, Adra Severson, Shirley Wee, Nancy Williams, and Mary Ann Wilner. Margaret Allen Mary Anderson Virginia Anderson Beverly Belnap Annette Bopp Marilyn Ellis Arlene Heclahl, Pres. Glorianne Hiel: Carol Kramer Jeannine Knote Janet Lang Mitzi Mallarian Margaret Martin Marlys Oberg Carol Olson Caroline Slinde Margaret Smith Roberta Souilram Nancy Swayne Claire Ann Walker Kappa Alpha Theta Theias enioy year of refined activities PRETTY girls and a lovely house are characteristic of the Kappa Alpha Thetas. Sonia Christensen Joann Dunnum Jctnell leetun Bets linclner Janis Olson Margaret Platt Jaan Watt Bonnie Westphal Girls sporting new and uniform white hlazers this year are to he found at the Kappa Alpha Theta house, noted far and wide for their new chandelier. Other familiar items around the house are Marcia. and, of course, the Boo-hoo Trophy, won each week for such stunts as wiping feet on a package of flat-pattern tua- terial, and walking half a hloek through wet cement. But their occasional guest, a red squirrel with his own private entrance, finally deserted the house. ln the hasement were to he found the hoys and girls working on ltome furnishing hornework, and the town girls, room was always a popular place for the gah fests and the 11:00 coffee with the ltousetnother. A hose in their front door ushered in a new siege of water fights for the Thetas, and their house initiation and shower- x 1 t I 4 ' ings kept the gals from feeling too tnuth of the school ,l..- A- TTT... .L . --.,..,. -T- ,. .l- .. ...L --..- ., ,..L.,..t..I.-.-- -,.-.- THE burdens and cores oi upperclcrssmen ure exemplified in this picture oi the KD octives engrossed with their weighty problems whereas the pledges entertain themselves with or game ol solitaire. The rock-collecting hobbyists and the Blah- herniouths' Club set the pace at the busy Kappa Delta house, and their Christrnas bulletin hoard and the canrpusis only worry chart keep them informed ol who's what. The Three Musketeers keep up the battle with the Kappa Psi's who never did give them a taste ol Gus XXII. ltut at least there's always liver and chili. The tor- nado prescntetl them with their share ol prob- lems, and there was practically no furniture lor lall rushing, liven their co-iraternity projf ects oller tlillicultics-AGRs drop windows on their heads 3 when reluctant, they quip, "Let's pull an SAB," and the SPD iloat got more stalling than their own tthough no one no- ticed its head was on hackwardsl. The big so- cial event was their reception lor the governor's wile at Honiecorning, but their filled stockings at the annual Clrristrnas term party also went well. And we'll never tell who their substitute lrousernotlrer wasl Kay Lcrvold Donner Betrstud Kathy Barrett lou Bierlren Joyce Eriltsmoen, Pres. Dorene Fix Doris Folstrom Merry McDonald Shirley Mogen Pcit Roberts Kappa Delia KDS organized Blahhermouihs and Worriers i PLEDGES: Charlene Anderson, Vergene Anderson, Kathleen Barrett, learn Bierkness, Verna Busch, Dorene Fix, Doris Folslram, Phyllis Garaas, Ruth Garlich, Mary Ellen Kalainoli, Cleone Metz, Joyce Miller, Darlene Olson, Elaine Pierce, Margaret Shoosmilh, and Charlolie Tomlinson. Verna Busch Marlha Connolly JoAnn Garass Marian Hualher Georgia Saar Alica Summers il' F-cg T r mu? ' 1+ . Lorraine Dosch Mary Eicla Adelle Eiler Karen Holden lan Kearney Pai Larson Jane Tomlinson Susan Wheeler Elaine Willy . . , M ,gm U- ., ,A .. A...........hl ,,,. ,JFK , w ' H 'I 'T Kappa Kappa Cantina Kappas sponsor high-level discussions PLEDGES: Nancy Atkinson, Beth Bohnet, Sharon Cantpbell, Darlene Dietrich, Karen Knuclson, Foggy Melchoir, Marcia Pfelfer, Kathleen Shepard, Lesleyloe Taylor, and Barbara Ackerman. Susan Eggert Mary Eresman Pot Moore Rath Mortensen, Pres. Marcia Selland Sharon Stevenson Luncheon at the Kappa Kappa Gamma ,rouse hecame quite an institution this year, with the initiation of various specialized topics ,for high-level discussions and conversations. Cultural conversation was followed on the nest clay hy a clehate on international affairs, or the latest campus lowsclown, or even just a plain goocl-time session. Hanclspringing through their living room, the Kappas promotecl their pleclgcs' shoe-shining project for the fraterni- ties. The KKGs can also claim the very first sorority Detroit Lalces spring term party, anrl their many entertainments, hayriclirrg excur- sions, ancl Television parties rnacle this an im: portant social year. Their house hoasts a Snow Sculpture trophy among many others in that bright anrl shining trophy ease, hut the use to which they put that particular trophy is some- what questionahle. Anti the neighboring Sigs - agree that the Kappasl new haekyarcl fence is lmrrlltr twnnr-rt' rrrofrrrrrirr fm' tlm lmfmr-rlmre mls Lois Wllllctms James Carlson John Hovde Louis Muhich Pcxlrick Siein W ff' 4, . 1, I- 1 , Y --. I " . ' ,L A, v,T'5W"'i1. ,U R RM" if If 'fm 'A 1 Kappa Psi Pharmics survive ell walcing difficulties A FAMILIAR scene on campus is when u fraternity serenades a pinned couple or their sweetheart. After the formalities the frat is invited in tor idle chatter, but fun is had by all, especially the men ot Kappa Psi. Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray. Larry Dufault Roger Elmore John Fleck Charles Frisch Matthew Kautzman Tom Keaveney James Kennedy Joseph Kobenslry Vernon Nichols James Nilles Richard Olness Kent Olson Thomas Thompson Darrel Thorsell Darral Vaci Leo Werlinger Campus real estate authorities, the Kappa Psis, have juggled hooks, shov- els, and tornarlos into a new house lor tltemselves, the litst of the '57358 sea- son. Their ltouse-huying hee led to rnurl-stinging contests as they prepared the new home lor occupation. Cries ol an evening, "Whip down lor a couple cltattlrsf' yielrletl to preparations lor their stirring services at the wake. llltarnties even on the go, a representa- tion was sent to test the pltartnaceutical qualities at the ll. llusch tirtn. One ol their pledges illieitly securerl-tetnpo- rarilyha tnore ptitnitive conveyance when it visited here, anrl the gentleman on the rear ot their float, a near tniss in Homecoming competition was not us- ing a water solvent. Their cook and her everwpopulat' hotrlish and "Ma," whose crying shoulder has surviverl 14 years of pltartnies, help Cahn the shud- elcrs when the hoys learn, "My hanrls are tierl . . f' Charles Wilharm l - A-A s -- g -l' t Phi Mu Mushroom spurs Phi Mu's onwarcl i l The Phi Mu house, with its hruntl new Mushroom, untlerwent at few ehnnges elur- ing untl alter the tornntlo. The girls ure working townrtl u new house, hut in the meantime, their hobo purties untl moving the furniture 'lout the wintloww were neces- snry. Mother C. hats leurneel not to leuve nipples in the eur, hut she prohuhly still tloesnlt upprove ol the projeetetl "tunnel,l' u remineler their the l'neiglrhors'l are profess sional men. Phi Mu has line representation from S.C. :it their vurious convention, in spite ol lost suiteuses unel wrong rouels. Worlt on their winning Horneeoining llout kept the girls husy, us elirl the pizzu pnrties untl the :tnnuul nutionnl Christmas toy ezrrt proj- ect lor hospital chilrlren. They have worltetl out on interesting rewurtl system, too. From grutluuting seniors who tlon't uehieve ll eer- tnin sturitlunl, itls lemon tlrops, :mel u eool PLEDGES: Diunu Joff, Joy Fliginger, Carol Herzog Janice Melby Lyla Piper, and Margaret Wood. Shirley Brcmsied Eileen Friend Joyce Jueques Joun Oslond Jonice Osirem Mory Pfeifer TRIUMVIRATE of Phi Mu or shall we use the colloquial tarm of "wheels"? When three great minds iespocially women'sl start scheming, beware sisters and unwary irot menaremember the call, "He's tall . . , clark, and , . . ahh . . . hantlsomeln Darlene Knutson Genevieve Kovell Jaan lindbo, Pres. Lois Nelson Pat Seiuart Arliss Simonson Julie Staber Grace Tweie QE LLL Patricia Turner WORK progresses rapidly as The new, hcnlly needed, SAE house nears completion. D. A, Anderson D. Enger F. Hollcrncls D. Menge C. Suncl M. Berg T, Borcherl J. Erickson P. Erickson J. Huber C. Johnson D. Monson P. Murphy F. Theodorson B. Thompson Breyer B. Campbell M. Cramer Fuchs R. Grcrnlund G. Gronserh Johnson l.. Kremars ll. Lonlz Meyers Bob Myhre G. Nolrlren Thompson C. Trcmgsrucl T. Uehllng ,,,.a-J' B. DeJurdine D. Holvorson l, Larsen D. Pederson E. Wagner F if ,Q HM- ll l rnerva sent me Shania Alpha Epsilon sends SAE S PLEDGES: Charles Anderson, Harold Anderson, Juel Anderson, Robert Anderson, Byron Berntson, Dick Cassidy, Donald Dommer, Daviol Ferguson, Charles Hernett, Larry Hunter, Gordon Jonson, John Koeourelr, Robert Kovieh and Wayne Lolrlren. Roger Lutz, Ronald McClelland, James McKinnon, Ken Nicola, William Paul, David Peterson, Bill Powers, W. Paul Rupert, Robert Sigurclson, James Stoclrman, Jerald Stoclrman, Gordon Strommen, Myron Thooriarson, and Mike Von Cleave. Harvey Waletslro, Charles Wehage, James Werre, Dale Williams, Gary Wilson, and Richard Klimple. R. Heglie D. Helgoe K. Helmelre J. Hendrickson B. Henry l. larson B. leverett G. linhort S. lunclino B. Mann M. Rinelahl T. Rotenberger J. liucle l. Sack J. Sawyer B. Walker J. Walter A. Wedul D. Willison D. Wilson 4' rl ws-s The "gang from the upper l0th St. house llioosevclt Branclri,'i managed to miss the tornatlo, hut still liverl in a conclemnerl house until this spring. Here the Sigma Alpha Epsilons packed in on Monriay nights for meetings, "Draw, Podnerl That's mah seat!" rang out on Wyatt Earp nights, and the more hale anrl hearty members con- rlucterl periotlic rairls on "upper Si- heriaf' hraving the hreezes. They expe- rimentecl with a new location lor their Spring Sweetheart liall, anrl "What a partyli' hrought their Ship-Wt'eclt hlast to a successful finish. They held Z1 swinging jam session with the Kappa Psiis, ltcpt in shape lor SAE social life with noon-time touch loothall games, anrl even iountl time to earn national commenrlation lor scholarship im- provement. A mad, Roaring'-Twetttics Party with the Thetas was heltl, too. Anti Homecoming found one member ltreaklasting with the l-lillshoro States Attorney . . . G. Sioclrmorn, Pros. F. Stover W. Wiseman G. Wollan PLEDGES: Morris Evans, Dove Kearney, Joseph Haggard, Parker Waechter, Harley Johnson, Kenneth Swanson, Richard Crooks, William Lorenz, Don McCIosky, Charles Huss, Frank Vzralek, Brenton- Sorlien, Richard Jacobson, Gerald Zent, Jim Peterson, Robert Haugloncl, Paul Nilles, Dwayne King, Richard Schulze, Ed Duin, ond Errol Bong. The tornado brought temporary cold show- ers and a permanent new White Cross to the Sigma Chis, but they can't blame it for the quantity of trails in their ceiling. Their shining fireplace hood testifies for the efforts of the hard-worlcing Sig pledges, and another famil- iar sight is the Lanz Memorial Boo-boo Trophy, whose name-covered bottom will need replacement soon. Important projects for the year were the annual heart- and cross-deelced Sweetheart's Ball in February, interior decora- tion of their housemother's apartment, plan- ning sessions for the first Derby Day, and of course, continued thinking about work on the baclc-yard barbecue pit. Waterfights and vari- ous other deeds perpetrated upon the neighbor- ing Thetas, and formal protests at the fence erected by the Kappas, rounded out a busy year for the Sigs. Ronald Nelson Harold Nllles l l mini George Comstock Robert Cosh Dr. Fleetwood John Huntley John' Jacobson Orville Kensock James Nllles James Parldns, Pres. Don Peterson Sigrna Chi Slgs immortalize hrothers' exploits 4- J ' r THE BROTHERS at the Sig hauso casually admire thoir 'llooo-hoo" trophy renowned in the chaptor's tradition. n Jaromo Foshiem Keith Groalt Paul Haglund Gena Hartman Charles Huntley Harvey Klee Roy Metzgar Bruce Morgan Marlow Mulcloon Jus-tin Murray A James Powers Errol Quick Charlas Spota Pat Webb Dale Webster V l . THE MEN of the SPD house casually enioying e Soturdoy afternoon in the approved custom of the college. After the organization ofthe Volun- teer Chinese Fire Department at the Sigma Phi Delta house, the redjaeicet- ed men wished the tornado had swung a little closer to finish the joh. But they still managed to grit their teeth and haggle over the new house anyway. National Efficiency Award winners, the engineers put up a Sputnik that wouldnt orlrit, and set the Gamma Phi's float on the road for the Home- coming Parade Their hig engineering project on the Mali lasted only until arrival of the local fire department, and the Penguin squealsetl for more Epsi- fire material. lndividualists to the end, they sent no invitations to their fall pledge presentation, hut made up for this by being model hosts at their fall Hard Times Party. And lakes Birth- day Party wrapped up a fired SPD year. Thonios Addicot Richord D. Johnson James Netzer t-Mr, Robert Barrows Frank Joyce Eugene Price i - ii . ri. iQ ti Pll ' X i -Q '. t ' t at 1' i , 'i X tn? F ,r I lx A- I .. . :I yt t 1 M3 .5 it it il Robert Eggon James Engbrecht Colvin Klaus Phillip Krcrjeck Rixon Reiter David Rormey pf, li if it t I i Engineers merit National Elliciency Award PLEDGE5 Gerald Baranlclr, Thomas Beatty, Marvin Brnelc Gary Gerss Allen Groven William Gully Wendall Iverson William Nelson, Joe Neuenschwander Kenneth Nornand John Opre Harry Sherlock Vernon Steinman Richard Thompson, Brian Trcrmhley Kenneth Tuslnnd Jerome Vrclr Robert Williams Edward Gilbertson John Little David Rude nl --' -... ll ' f rilh .int -r ' W? f r ' vt ', . ,-hy ' F r Fr 31 '. T0 SING is to enloy oneself," soy the men of TKE. Ornell Asleson John Boucher William Brondvilc Lanny Bronlner Dennis Gross Allan Gunderson Anton Horner Robert Hutchinson leon Larson Orlyn lurson Wcnyne Lnslre Dennis Llndemunn Bruce Ness Harvey Nordin Hnrlcrn Ornbrecls Earl Pelerson George Redlin, Pres. James Scruber 'Q Qmlh. 6 Tau Kappa Epsilon Wires hinder hoth lloal and Fanny PLEDGES: Charles Peterson, Raymond Cary, Robert Larson, Curt Bronlren, Rodger Tlnium, will ldfffei Helm- Richard Gunderson Marvin Hoge Edward Hamernik Clayton Hanson George Lyon Herb Mltrlostedr Gary Nelson DOYTOH NHlS0f1 Barry Shelver John Syverson Carlyle llllleffl lanes Wam The nameless Bison overlooking Tau Kappa Epsilon's chapter meetings has lost its rider, the world's only smoking Teddy Bear. This Bison head, the largest on campus, stood Firm through the tornado which did furnish the Tekes with a new sunken living room. Their chapter, a member oi the second largest national itat, helped in expan- sion at a new Canadian chapters instal- lation. Their winning Sputnik float, run hy very-stnalI-pledge-power, just couldn't make it under the wire, not could "Short Fat Fanny." But tlrere's always the dining room window for everyone else alter 11:00. The Tckes hoast a line LP collection oi dance music, and with events such as "tricks or treating" with the Kappas, and architectural modifications of Military Ball posters, they kept up with a roll- ing year. Oyen Woyak Theta Chi Observations lrom A Lily Pad Enloyed THE FINE ort of chess is demonstrated by President Zeke Gleeson ond Chorley Hyde to the boys ot the Theta Chi house. Lynn Anderson, Pres. Robert Anderson Warren Armon Don Buckley Don Dixon Leroy Dybing George Flonigon Conrod Geisler Charles Bopp John Gustafson 'H- if PLEDGES: Art Martinson, Arthur Platt, Wayne Otterness, Ken Hanson, Frank Smith, Miles Freitag, Jim lehr, Kent Kirlrenold, Donald Morgan, Dale Van Berkom, John Kroiewslri, Lowell Goodman, Paul Schmidt, Wayne Dybing, Gordon Halford, and Jerry Peterson. Stephen Moser, Eldon Mohsland, Jon Engfer, Ron Rydell, Tom Schmollen, Arlen Prager, Herman Wicke, John Cleary, Tom Egan, Howard Young, John Simonieg, Bob Thomas, Randy Patet, Karl Bloomquist, Al Dodds, and Oldey Ulsrud. The Theta Chi's Buckingham Palace, with its exterior hrieking telling the story of college youth's development, suffered its tornado dam- DefvllSCemPl1ell lle'1C0l1f0v Conrad Dell age three weeks late. Their uuniquel' German hand held its first and only rehearsal in the Homecoming Parade, or at least, it sounded that vvay to disinterested ohservers. The hroth- ers maintained an imposing menagerie, includ- ing a pet skunk, the immaculate Bird, and the Toad, patron saint of Scum, whose observations I X from a Lily Pad provided the pertinent facts and figures of the Week with the thought that, "I wouldn't he happy unless I could gripe." A redouhtahle bridge team, chess, and Wyatt Earp and Bilko filled the Theta Chils time hetween social events like their "yard and a half, party and spring sojourns to their house- mother's lake cottage. And "Joy" kept their telenhoneeonvers "o " s ' ' - t" 1' Duane Paulson Gerry Radehaugh Sharon Shepard Ceres Hall Freshmen girls live in constant huhhuh nr.. .run coancn. Row It Vergana Anclerson, Kay Alm Janet Long Janice Wegge Arlene Christiansen Row2 Laverne Holbach, Patty Meyer, Marlene Olson, Judy Jennings Kathy Kiefer Marianne Owens Pauline Morris Beva Fegley, Mrs. Mildred Kirst, lots Herman, Darlene Gordon Diane Aslakson Ceres I-lall, the Fargo horne ol NDSClresl1nren girls, provides a well- designed program of activities to offset the strain of all those iniportant social functions. The dorm is governed hy Mrs. Mildred Kll'Sl,l10llSC1110ll1tfI', with the ahle assistance ol the Ceres Hall Council. Ollieers of this group are: Beva Fegley, presidentg Vergene An- derson, vice-presidentg Marianne Owens, secretary, and lady Jennings, treasurer. Besides the general huhhuh of dorrnitory lile, and all the rninor crises that accompany the co-existence ol 107 girls, there are the many gath- lests, midnight dorrn parties, icy excur- sions into the night lor the salre ol lite drills, and duels over washing privi- leges, that all rnalce the year spent in Row l: Sharon Olson, Carol Munrl, Janet long, Kay Aim, Becky Fislr. Row 2: Rachelle Carlen, Irene Woit- zel, Mary Ellen Kalainofl, Carol Jean Anderson, Judy Freeman, Janet Mittelstaeclt. Raw 3: Harriet Schroeder, Terry Axforcl, Nyla Wiltentan, Jackie Nielson, Laverne Holbach, Evanne Grommosh, Jean Erickson, Judy Jennings, Mary Jane Fuhlbrugge, Row I: Lottie May Brooks, Sandra Ahl- bum, Marianne Owens. Row 2: Diana Herman, Janice Johnson, Janet Owen, Valerie Vinie, Rachelle Hoover, Sally Maier, Diana Jaff. Row 3: Evelyn Bring, .lanice Uncllin, Cleone Metz, Ruth Gerlicli, Marlene Olson, Pauline Morris, Kathryn Clententson, Janice Melby, Elaine Jacob- son, Phyllis Garaas. Row l: Jackie Roth, Alice Sorenson, Fran- ces Ricketts, Sonia Seaburg, Diane Aslak- son. Row 2: Cheryl Larson, Denise Mock, Darlene Dietrich, Mariean Hendrickson, Margaret Anturtrlson, Avonne Vellema, Mary Ann Leng. Row 3: linda Erickson, Dee Ann Nelson, Ardell Clements, Lyla Dinan Hall Upperclassmen girls provided dorm comlort DINAN Hull Council. Row I: Diane Berg, Lorraine Hcrnson, Jodeon Poris, Carol Tuntlond, Donno Hitterdol, Row 2: Pot Roberts, Kathy Barrett, Sue McCone, to Ann Gcrrrros, Claudette Grommesh, Jon Christopher, Mrs. Florence Piers, Eileen Seim. Dinan Hull housed uppcirlnssrnrn girls in modern living comfort this your, after the summer clean-up of tornado rlnnirrgc. Dorm sgoings-on included the popular indoor sport oi inside-out wirulow-prehirig, struggles with refractory washing nrucliines, und numerous leur:-lroirr dorm parries, und Dinan Hall residents were even treutrfrl to the company of several strange und beustly visitors dur- ing the yCZll'.Tl1C Council ol Dinan Hull has ns president, Eileen Sriimg vice-president, Lorraine Hzrnsong secretary, Iodeen Purisg und treasurer, Donna fizirstsd. THE evening isn't complete vrillrout cr peek into the deep subject oi mid- night sncrcks, os these four Dinon Holi researchers ore demonstrating, xr' 'N 1 1V1en's Residences NDSC men enioy home away irom home IT seems the evening news is more enlightening than differential calculus-or perhaps the young mon is consulting Ann Landers The three campus residences for men, the hallowed halls of Churchill, Dakota, and Stockbridge, are scenes oi sprints after those phone calls, after-one card games, and some occasional hours of study time. The newest residence building, Stockbridge Hall, is named for the distinguished 1890-1893 president of the college, and holds such attractions for NDSC men as ultra-modern washrooms, shui- fleboard courts in the basement, and eye-catching interior decoration throughout. Churchill Hall is named for an outstanding authority on crops anti genetics, who headed that NDSC department from 1911 to 1944, it also provides students with comfortable living quarters, and outdoes its newer neighbor in one respect: Churchill boasts running water in every room. ABSORPTION of knowledge through the feet is recommended highly by Stockbridge Holi residents. A ,.... ,o.riri.,ir,. 11- WHAT sholl I wear to the donce tonimht? IT'5 not every doy you find ci free condy bor. Will, it was this Way A MIDNIGHT gab session is the spice oi every stuclent's life. Q-P SHE'Ll appreciate all the roomn1atn's attention for the big evening ahead. Married Sittrlotrlis, Housing Two live as cheaply as oney and happier MISS Phillips' course in Advanced Comp seems to be losing ground to the lure ot ci basketball, or ot least with the youngest NDSC generation! iviurricrl students on thc NDSC cznnpns hzrvc economical, plcusunt living quztrtcrs. This yczir, at ncw ucldition to thc mztrricd SlLltlCl1iSil10llS- ing units was crcctccl, :incl in spitc oi thc relu- tivc luck of privacy :incl thc long trrk in to clztsscs, the units have long waiting lists for occupancy. in zultlition to the regular housing units, thrrc is also the lurgc nortli-siclc trailer court, wlicrc studcniis temporarily place their rolluhlc horncs for their student clatys. i A .rat1r1if:1,', 5. , - , ,i.,, A,r.,.- ,i,v uv ,s 4 e r r,.r:4. .1 ' ' it Mvifs itil no ' Q ' .tri 'ies A fit.: S:-it 7: . ,WWI Shim: se r if r t ' Q k 1 2 Wh gm li 5 tl it ti i .ri s 5- - FROM breakfast until bedtime, ct married student finds his life lull of family compcrnionship GS well cis schoolwork 'N Q ni? W . Magi "MAMA's little helper." ,, p Y . J an 5 f 'N JM MM 4 W H mm ww., ,, , V- 'L an f . we 5 3 A I V ww , K. in ' f'i9"'f-'-K-' QQ 'W - 9 W, .... 1 .. W T1-uw, u-, ""?'V... . Wu- .. , 1, 1' Ls.. - v ww. , -!l!-!l. eqpsnangmw- -'VERY-., , 'ma' ' 'MFG 41. ,N EE, .J .6 as , M Viv 3 , 1 , Wag "A',',.. f . n'-' ' ,.1. 1 WHO ever said that wax jus! wiped on and off? 1, yy Yu' . ...... W -wx, , THE ever-faithful coffee pot serves as fuel for midnight study sessions. sm, , iiffw' Qu- Qa- rf'-, , ., y-.Mg V w V M-. 'F 2 wg ,Maw 3 K L, wg .L 34 Y. r': eff:g- l.: " -lU N 4 4-lf' ,..,,Ml,,.l'l1'm N 5' ' Q, i if' -qu aug, w W , M YWWWM' vm -,,m,,,,,,,i,: I, X7 b. e"i"' . . " I J Tjrronalllles 4 V 7 'kv .22 fy , W . M-"maw-H A. v wifi??,:N"fr- W'1"'2 "'-'- ' - " ' ' - . . A.,.,1.waW " WW" - -f'-v , ,, f L 9' 1 A x .J 1 iv- ,.,...- l 41' 5 ii :R ii, ' 15:51 ,...-M-M ,,,,...m..-.- ' 1 , f W Neal Biornson edited the SPECTRUM HV r 'vu W A A 1 . . Jag, F. V Richard Monson active in campus affairs Vg 1-' 1 4 - ""' .mlfiih , Mft ,, Judith Hammer 5? Ref- 'N-L n 1' X t in up Mant tv'-.. nd - , -1 ,-E V. , in 4 t tt tt t X ! V . L' . A .t fn " J Eldon Mclain grnr' presided cut Student Government PitwmHFt:U H ' t-'. H 'tt X I t tttt v Pr' 'gy ,. --Q-'-WEIVN 'kk , 'Iv m-'fri ,, vig, -4 . i In '-H, , . v Q ix-v .gy ,,..--f UA Jw A 1 S I Ird ef av., F , .9 v -A 'lf M V, .. lf' wx! U 56 sz K m . mx MW U'1!'!M1WK" w fm v mlb +4 w M MM w I W if wx 'ml V ' WW Wx - , X. V! im X Ilf W M ww ' 1 ' .,.Qg...',, cl . ,H I Vw -1 " X XZ -- -1.9. -.f,..-.- E::.-,:i-.:- V , W, Il. L 1 'Wifi .. g EagEa ?: ggZ3gs -EMA 55551. A ' H uw wi::EYiw:-:-.':'q:f'fx: "" 'HMV H 35:55:52: 'V N, Vu 1' ,I WM H . ' v 'wil'Inf'1:f'.'.'zff.....E:QEj1x H ii:':": "" ' H . ............. Z .....,,,A . .Ti .... .,.. I M ff- 4 W wm w - , Q X uw .W Wu .Aw A www- ..f',.1Ju 1 ,W3'f U,v."MM , A5W y ,'-.'.: W u M JM W v ----- N JM W 37: M. 11 MMT? WEE ,1,! H. w,-N M H wwxw ':1W1:.. nik ww- H fn1"12,gg.3ggw.-X NNME... aw ml . W' www.. .WF-' "" " W uw ww 'Wa-V..,1:1!x1,N wg.. V., MEM? Zim WH NV 'N " 'M ww." 1, W' W. W q 5 H my W dl! yww J!! W3 mv :W ' "WW "5 I W 1 ' ""'WI:-xc-35 ,M 3 li xi ,MLS-fx wvwav-Q ME I " .. T132 lil' . gig. .. .... '-459, M P125 Q l 5 5 Y f A M N M ASE? 1.-. M .EQ 'WG , f ..... y 'Vf,k I W M ww w ' --1 'Q' ,, ,, '. ,- -4' . D .., i 555.1 W.-V,.,.,.w" , I .- ,,, .... ,,, A ,, W., ---- ---,- V M--w w 44 ,. WM f,,.,,., , ' 'z:,2,,,.g,F...QsVf . NJ. ' .. , 1 'QW--... . ,Q W1 V. t,Q.V.-.- ...... M.-, K ' .'.'.'.'.::2ZzaM:qw. , A - W -V-'A 'f'mf"1'mw1' , f..'.f...,Q ' .x,. M. ..., ,,,, . .. Q My ,,x-f-,Bugs A -5.5 : ,,.A,-,.-M., 0-,f....F.,Uk'Y?1 :W A ,Q 2 -NNN -2 Wcmuw ,. ,Wm .W 1 N H .LM,u11hM'2"i.'lJ W, ' naw -- W.- QVEGIJT 1' " WWE w M .,HM..J,1N, --1 'JU ., T.LU'4L:1Wif JI ' 51275 1 ijw' ...5 .... . Student Index Aaiedt, LeRoy tAAS-Sr.l Fargo 28 Aaland, Marlys tHE-Fr.t Moorhead, Minn. Aamodt, Catherine tAAS-S121 Fargo 35 Aamodt, James CAAS-So.t Fargo Aamodt, Peter tAAS-Sr.l Fargo 35 Abbott, William tPh-Fr.l Kimball, Minn. Abrahamson, Carol tAAS-Sr.1 Leal 28, 227, 204 Acker, James tEE-Jr.l Fargo Ackerman, Barbara tl-IE-Jr.l Minot 266 Adams, George tAAS-Fr.l Oakes- Adams, Ruth Wilson tHE-So.l Fargo Addicott, J , Thomas tArchE-Sr.l Moorhead, Minn. 73, 276, 54 Ahlbum, Sandra 1 1-IE-Fr.l Englewood, N. J . 288, 280 Aipperspach, Loretta tPh-Sr.l Devils Lake 64, 242, 241, 171,233 Albers. Floyd tAg-So.l Hazen 258, 176 Alberts, Sharon tHE-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. 188 Albertson, Dennis IME-Fr.t Mahnomen, Minn. Albright, Charles t1V1E-Fr.l Durbin Albright, Sandra tAAS-Fr.l Pelican Rapids, Minn. Alexander, Dennis tAg-So.t Martin Alice, Duane tAg-So,l Tower City 222 Aljoe, Joe tAg-Fr.l Tower City Allen,1Vlargaret tHE-So.l Goodrich 262 Allen, Richard tPh-Jr.l Fargo Allen, Roland tEE-Jr.l Fairmount Allen, Wayne tAASfSo.t Fargo Allenspach, Jerry tArch21-So.l Campbe1l,Minn. 165 Alm, Catherine tHE-Sol Ayr 283, 186 Aim, Michael tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Alme, Dennis lEE-So.l Drake Alme, Marilyn tHE-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. Alme, Norman tEE-So.l Drake Alstad, Armand tlE-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. Altenbernd, Mary tCh-Jr.l Sabin, Minn. Altenburg, Bernard 11881-Jr,l Fargo 254 Altenburg, J olm tCh-So.l Fargo 215. 263. 254 Amb, Carl tAg-Jr.t Portland 173, 176, 256 Amundson. Arnold tME-Fr.l East Grand Forks, Minn. 214, 252 Amundson, Margaret tHE-Fri Inkster 251, 283, 178 Anders, Robert tAg-So.l Fargo Anderson, Avella tAAS-Sp.l Hawley, Minn. Anderson, Bruce tCh-Fr.1 Fargo 198 Anderson, Caroll tPh-Srl Fargo 64 Anderson, Carol Jean tPh-Fr.l Fairmount 283 Anderson, Charlene tHE-Fr.l Fargo 264, 178 Anderson, Charles E. tArch-Fr,J Fargo 215, 272 Anderson, Charles R. tPh'So.l Lisbon Anderson, Clarence tAg-Jr.l Marion 20, 174, 242, 282, 246 Anderson, Clifton tCE-Jr.l Crosby 168, 162 Anderson, Corrine tI'IEfSo.l Hitterdal, Minn. 185, 201 Anderson, Dale H. tAAS--Fr.l Ponstord. Minn. Anderson, Dale Odin tAg-S121 Gladstone 195.252, 160, 176 Anderson, Dale O. tPh-So.t Williston Anderson, Daniel tAAS-Fri Underwood 189 Anderson, David A. tPh-Jr.t Fargo Anderson, David W. tCh-Jr.l Fargo 272 Anderson, Donald E. tAg-Gradl Fullerton Anderson, Erwin J . tEE-Sol Wahpeton Anderson, Garry 1118-Jr.l Wolverton, Minn. Anderson, Gerald 11118-Sr.l Fargo 42, 237, 234, 169, 166 Anderson, Glen 1081-Jr.l Sheyenne Anderson, Gordon 1Agl6-Jr.t Harwood 161 Anderson, Grant tME-Sr.t 1-lalstad, Minn. 42 Anderson, Harold G. 1CE-Fr.l lV1oorhead,1Vlinn. 149, 272. 156 Anderson, I-larry C. tCE-Jr.l New Rockford 254 Anderson, llulcla KAAS-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. 189 Anderson, Janice tHE-Jr.l New Rockford 260, 21.6 Anderson, Jay tEE-So.l Fargo 215 Anderson. Jean tAAS-Srl Fargo 26, 261, 192, 194, 232, 206 Anderson. Jerri tEE-Jr.l Halstad, Minn. Anderson, J olm Edmund tEE-Srl Fargo 42, 169, 166,222 Anderson, John Edw. tAAS-Fri Rolla Anderson, John tAg-Grad.l Fargo Anderson, Juel tPh-Fr.1 Hendrum, Minn, 272 Anderson, Kenneth tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Anderson, Kent tArchfJr.t Crookston, Minn. 165 Anderson, Klennes tAgE-Jr.t Fargo 161 Anderson, Leroy tAAS-Jr.l Fargo Anderson, Leslie tME-Jr.t Fargo Anderson, Lowell tAg--Fr.t Michigan Anrtnrenn Lmimll tDl4..Tol Qtmllms Anderson, Robert L. tME-So.l Bowman 280 Anderson, Robert M, tPh-Fr.1 Wheaton. Minn. 272 Anderson, Rodney A. tPh-Sr.t New Town 64, 165 Anderson, Rodney E. tArehE-So.l Harvey Anderson, Romaine tEE-Jr.1 Fargo Anderson, Ronald A. tAg-Srl Clarklield. Minn, 20, 161 Anderson, Ronald R. 1111-Jr.l Fargo Anderson, Sherwood lME-Fr.1 Hawley, Minn. Anderson, Vergene tHE-Fr.l Wilton 264, 282, 201, 178 Anderson, Vern tAg-Fr.l Regan 257, 178, 256 Anderson, Virgil tAg-Fr.l Fargo Anderson, Virginia tl-IE-Sr.l Moorhead. Minn, 58, 262, 238, 240 Annear, Ralph tME-So.l Dick1nson187 Archer, Judith IAAS-Fr.l Finley Archer, Mary tHE-Jr.l Jamestown Archer, William tAg-Jr.l Finley 242, 252, 172 Arithson, Rodger tAg'Jr.l Bowman Arman, Miles tE1i-So.1 Bismarck 222 Arman, Warren 1AAS'SI'.1 B1Sll181'Ck28, 118, 140, 212, 142, 280, 121 Armburst, Edward tAAS-Fr.l Dickinson Arndt, Frederick QME-Jr.l Fullerton 249, 219, 187 Arndts, Russell tCh-Gradl Bemidji, Minn. Arnegard. Cameron tArch-Fr.t Arnegard Arten, Duane tEE-Jr.l Bismarck 217, 106, 77,254 Arth, Gerald tPh-So.l Lldgerwood 73 Ashley, Edward tEE-S-r.l Antler 237 Ashton, Mark tAG-Fr.1 Grand Forks 215. 252, 153, 176 Askegaard, Charles tPh-Jr.l Moorhead, Minn. Askew, John tPh-S00 Fargo Askim, Floyd tAg-Jr.l Hunter 252, 176 Atkinson, Melvin 1112-So.l Willow City Atkinson, Nancy 11111-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. 266 Atkinson, Richard tAAS-Fr.t Hunter Aslakson, Diane tHEfSo.l Sheyenne 218, 185. 184, 201, 282, 17 Asleaon, Ordell tCE-Jr.l Ulen, Minn. 278 Ault, James tCE-Jr.l Fargo Aune, Floyd tAg-Fr.l Fairdale 185, 176 Aus, Stephen tPh-So.l Fargo Austin, James tAg-Jr.t Mott 236, 253, 176 Axford, Terry tHE-Fr.l Mott 283 Axtman, Darold 1Ag-Fr.l Rugby 257, 256 Axvig, Robert tAg-So.l Edinburg Azure, Morris tlVlE-Fri Thorne Bachman, Vernell tME-So.l Fergus Falls, Minn. Bachmeier, Donald tAg-Fr.l Raleigh Bachmeler, Marvin tAAS-Fr.l Devils Lake 149 Baeken, Roger tAAS-Gradl Fargo Backley, Donald tCh-Sr.l Chicago, Ill. 38, 280 Beckman, David tEE-Sr.l Fargo 42 Bahma, Curtis tAg-So.t Cathay 73 Baillie, William tPh-Sr.l Rugby 64, 245, 198. 119, 211, 266, 232 Baker, Lyle tAAS-So.t Fargo 227, 201, 182, 255, 208 Baker, William 1181-Sr.1 Reeder 42, 168, 185 Bakewell, Bruce t1VlE-Fr.l Colgan Bakken, Douglas tAAS-Fr.l Wahpeton 201 Bakken, Gordon tME-Fr.l Hatton Bakken, James tEE-Fr.l Berthold Bakken, Janice tAAS-Srl Wahpeton 28, 266 Bakken, Mavis tl-IE-So.l Minot 185, 173 Bakken, Stewart tME-Grad.l Fargo Bale, Stanley tAg-Grad.l Fargo Bellweg, Darrell tME-Fr.l Langdon Balmer, Walter tAAS-Jr.l Fargo Bandvik, Joan tAAS-So.l Fargo Baragry, Wayne tAg-So.l Stanley Baranick, Daniel 1Ph-Sr.l Wilton 64, 241, 171, 151, 155, 233 Raranick, Gerald tME-So.1 Wilton 277 Baranyk, DuWayne tPh-Fr.1 Wilton Barclay, James CAAS-Fri Riverdale 221 Berks, Marilyn tCh-Fr.t Egeland 181.283, 198, 182 Berks, Ronald tAg-Jr.l Egeland 188, 258, 176, 198, 161. Barnes, Virgil tAg-Sr.1 Page 20 Barnes, Wesley tAAS-Fr.1 Fargo Barnum, Lowell tPh-Jr.l Glencoe, Minn. 151 Barrett, James tPh-Sr.l Fargo 84, 241, 171, 283 Barrett, Kathleen tHE-So.l Linton 264, 218, 201, 186, 264, 178 Barrows, Robert tME-Sr.l Fargo 42, 219, 276, 164 Barstad, Donna tHE-Sr.l Ray 58, 226, 284.232, 178 Bartels, William lME-So.l Brownton, Minn. 30, 137 Bartels, Arlen tME-Fr.l Rllendale 3 BACK to the dorms, fraternity or sorority houses, classes or coffee at Ceres stream the nunorny of' he student body who attend the excellent convoccrtions featuring or lecturer, singer, pepiest or pianist Bauer, Frederick iEE-Sr.l New Salem 42, 237, 234, 166, 233 Bauer, James iME-Srl Fargo 236 Bauer, Norman iAAS-Jr.l Fargo Bauer, Robert iAg-Jr.l Zeeland 256 Bauman, Maxine tHE-Sr.l Ashley 58, 239, 218. 240, 178, 233 Bayliss, Bernard iEE-Sr.l Buffalo 168, 54, 222 Beal, James iPh-So.l Glenwood, Minn. Beatty, Thomas iCh-So.l Fargo 277 Beck, Gerald iME-Jr.l Sabin, Minn. 164 Beck, James lArchE-Sol Menahga, Minn. 165 Beck, Joseph lAAS-Srl Linton 23 Beck, Patricia il-IE-Sr.l Munich 58 Beck, Roger iCEfSr.l Wheaton, Minn. 42 Beck, William tPh-Fr.l Fargo Becker, John lAgF-Fr.l Monango Bednar, Mary CHE-So.l ,Lidgerwood 225, 187, 178 Bednar, -Stanley iArchlil-Sr.J Lidgerwood 42 Beechie, Gary iAAS-Fr.l Lltchville Behlmer, Harold lEE-Fr.l Fargo Belgnm. Joel iAAS-Gradl Moorhead, Minn. Belknap, Beverly tHE-Jr.l Stanley 262, 178 Bell, Allyn iAg-So.l Fargo 201 Bell, Mavis il-lEeSo.l Fordville 178 Bellin, Reinhard tEE-Srl Mantador 166 Belzer, Wesley iEE-Jr.l Fargo Bender, Frank iCE-Jr.l Ashley 198 Benedict, Margaret tAASfSo.l Moorhead. Minn. 281 Benson, Carl iAAS-Fr.l Nome Benson, John tAAS-Grad.l Fargo Benson, Monty tAg-Fr.J Donnybrook 176 Bentson, B. Charles lAAS-Gradl Fargo Bentson, Elnore lCh-Fr.l Crosby 225, 282 Bentz, Duane lAgE-Sr.l Hazen 225 Benzmiller, Lawrence iAAS-Fr.l Galesburg Berend, Dennis iCE-Sol Fargo Berg, Diane il-IE-Sol MoClusky 216, 244. 198,250,178 Berg, Marian tPh-Fr.l Minot 282, 198,242 Berg, Merlin CAAS-Fr.l Bloomington, Minn. Berg, Milton iME-Sr.l Fargo 42, 236, 226, 272, 192, 193, 195 Berg, Paul iAg-Sol W. Fargo Berg, Richard D. iAAS-Jr,l Fargo Berg, Richard E. tME-Sol Devils Lake Berg, Robert iEE-Fr.l Fargo Barge, Mavis tHE-Fr.l Finley Barge, Ronald iMFl-Jr.l Cooperstown 222 Bergen, Peter iAg-Grad.l Fargo Bergene, Gerald iAASsSo.l Fargo Bergene, John tMEeSo.l Fargo Berger, Earl iCE-Fr.l Park River Berger, John IAAS-Fr.l West Fargo 215 Bergerson, Martin iPh-Jr.l Virginia, Minn. 241, 266, 171 Bergeson, Harold lPh-Sr.J Fargo 64, 233 Bergman, George tPh-Jr.l Balfour Bergqulst, Ralph tAAS-Sr.l Minneapolis, Minn. Bergquist, Richard iAg-Fr.l Washburn 185, 252 Bergstrom, John iAAS-Jr.l Devils Lake 255 Bergstrom, Neale iEE-Jr.l Devils Lake Bernardy, Jack tPh-Sr.l Moorhead, Minn. 68 Bernd, Lowell iArchE-Fr.l Moorhead. Minn. 78 Beutler, Robert lPh-Sr.l Drake 64 Bickert, William tAgEi-Jr.l Washburn 253, 180 Biel, LaVonne tHE-Jr.l Lafor 216, 201, 107 Blelfeldt, Robert iIE-Sol Fargo 168 Bigger, Samuel tAg-So.l Fargo 174, 242 Biggs, Lenore iAAS-Snr Fargo 35 Blhrle,Daro1cl iPheSo.l Wheaton, Minn. Bllstad, Barbara iAAS-Fr.l Fargo Blnek, Marvin iME-Jr.l Dickinson Biren, Bernard iAAS-Sol Fargo 187 Blschof, Donald iEE-Fr.J Bismarck 198 Bleek, Darlene tHE-Fr.l Mahnomen, Minn. 282 Bishop, Robert tAgE-So.l Mapleton 253, 160 Biwer, Donald iAgE-Fr.l Tioga Biwer, Leonard iAgfSo.l Tioga Bierko, Keith lAg-Fr.l Northwood 252. 176 Bierko, Oscar iEEiJr.l Fargo Bjerken, Sarlou tHE-Sol Grafton 218, 264. 178 Bjerkness, Leora tHE-50.1 Twin Valley, Minn. 264 206 Bjorson, Neal tAg-Sr.l Arvilla 20, 230, 219, 253, 176 194 232 233 176 292, 206 Black, Jane tHE-Fr.l Fargo Blaekwelder, Gene tAAS-Sr.l Fargo 28 Blair, Bruce lAAS-Sr.l Fargo 35 Blankendaal, Marlin tAg-Fr.l Fargo Blattner, Lewis tAg-Sr.J Bismarck 20 Blazek, Eugene 166 Blegen, Paul ilE-Jr.l Moorhead, Minn. 54. 168 Blessum, Harlan tChfFr.l Rugby 257 Bliclcensderfer, Ted iAg-Sol Fargo 222 Blille, Ronald IME-So.l Fargo Bllxt, Karen iAASiFr,l Argusvllle Block, Robert iAgfSr,l Fargo 20 Bloom, Don iAAS-Fr.l Alkabo Bloom, LaVern iAg-Fr.l Alkabo Bloomquist, Karl iME-Fr.l Detroit Lakes, Minn. 2 Blouln, Garnet lAg-Fr.l Delamere Blue, Terry 1MB-Fr.l Fargo Blume, Muriel tHE-Son Cando 251, 203, 250, 178 Boatrlght, Keith ilE-Jimi Bismarck 254 Bodmer. George iAg-Sol Kenmare 255 Bodvig, Thomas ilVlE-Sol Tappan Boe, Maureen KAAS-Fr,l Fargo Boeddeker, Dallas 1MB-Jr.l Hillsboro 76, 77 Boeddeker, Yvonne tAAS-Jr.l Hillsboro 201, 227 Boehm, Paul lPh-Jr.l Mandan 249, 186, 208, 77 Boelke, William tEE-Sr.l Fargo Boerth, Robert iCh-Jr.l Bismarck 181,154 Boeshans, Fred lAg-Sol Beulah 176 Boeshans, Vernon tAg-Fr.l Beulah 258, 176 Boettcher, Bonnie iAAS-Sr.l Souris 35 Boettcher, Willis ilVlE-Fr.l Arthur Bohn. Donovan tME-Sr.l llankinson 164 Bohn, Phyllis iAAS-Fri Wahpeton Bohnet, Beth iCh-Fr.l Fargo 181,266 Bohnsaok, Walter tAg-Sr.l Fargo 20, 201,221 Bohrer. Thomas tAAS-Grad.l Rapid City, S. Dak. Boisjolie, Clifford iAAS-Fr,l Fargo Bokn, Maurice tCE-Fr.l Tioga MOM llllrvour HOME 51,60 MUREVALUABLE o0f"e?"f- 6 Paddy? J YOUR ELECTRICAL SERVANT NORTHERN STATES POWER COMPANY BONE. Erroll UE-So.l Valley City 274 Bontjes, Joseph tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Boone, Roger tAg-Jr.l Melienzie Boop, Anette CHE-Srl Fargo 262, 61 Bopp, Charles tME-Sr.J Slirum 42, 76, 77, 280 Bopp, Delwin tAAS-Sr.l Fargo 217, 35 Borehert, Theodore tEE-So.l Valley City 42, 183, 203, 272, 182 Bergen, Arden QME-Sol Ruso 256 Borgeson, Marvin tlVlE-So.l Barneaville, Minn. Borman. Shirley tHE-F121 Carnio Borud, Shirley tAAS-Jr.l Fosston, Minn, 282 Bosch, James tAAS-Fr.l Dickinson Bosserman, lvlarjory lPh-So.J Beach 242, 171 Botton, Robert tAl'CTl-F121 Rolette Boucher, Jolm iArchE-Sr.t Deslaes 42, 278 Bouahton, Gerald tArehE-Sol Sanborn Boardeau, Kenneth tEE-So.l Columbus Bowker, Donald tllli-Fr.l Fargo 35 Bowles, Larry 1AAS'S1'.J Sarles Braaten, Jerome tAAS-Fr.l Arnegard Braaten, Marvin tPh-So.l Nanson Braaten, Roger CME-Fr.l Arnegard 73 Braelrelsberg, Paul 1Ag-Fr.l Mohall 188, 174, 176 Braekin. John tAAS-Jr.l Wahpeton Braokman, David 54 Bragg, David tCli-So.l Mandan 181, 204, 202 Brake, Robert KAAS-Sol Jamestown 245, 198 Braltke, Bradford tCh-Jr.l Hillsboro 38 Brakke, Bruce tCE-Jr.l Forman 225, 287 Brakke, Georgia tHE-Fry Hillsboro Brakke, Jon tAreh-Sol Hillsboro Brand, James tPh-Sr,l Mandan 64, 268 Brandenberger, Vernard 1ME-Fr.l Forbes Brandsted, Shirley THE-Jr.J Amenia 188. 270 Brandvik, William tAg-Srl Killdeer 20, 278 Brandvold, Warren tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Branning, Roger tIE-Jr.l Woodworth 54 Branninn. Willis llVlE-Ji-,l Woodworth 77. 164 Braun, Donald l1E-So.l lvlandan 254 Brayton, Donald CEE-Jr.l Hunter Bredesen, Einar lAg-Fr.l Hawley, Minn. 215, 76 Breitbaclr, Leslie tAg-Jr.l Luverne 249, 230, 253 Brekke, Lillian QAAS-Gracl.l Fargo Brenden. Owen tME-Sr.9 Lando 42, 164 Brenner, Donald tCh-Fl-.l Fargo 78 Brenteson, Allen tAg-Jr.l Sheridan, Mont. 20, 14 Brettin, Gordie tAg-Fr.l Beach 188, 252, 176 Breum, James lAg-Sol Taylor Breyer, James TAAS-Srl Fargo 28, 212 Brezden, Carl tlV1E-Gradl Wilton Bring, Duane tlV1E-Fr.l Galesburg Bring, Evelyn tAAS-Fr.l Galesburg 288 Brinkman, James lAg-So.l Wishelc Broderick, Walter tAAS-So.l Fargo Brodehaug, Orten tAg+Fr.l Davenport Brokke. Bruce IME-Fri Cummings Bronken, Curtis QME-So.l Fargo 278 Brooks, Jerry lME-Sr.l Minot 42, 286, 167, 288 Brooks, Lottie tHE-Fr.i Hope 288 Brosz, Margaret tHE-Sr.l Washburn 58 Brown, Darlne tAAS-Grad.l Brown, Edwin tAg-Sol Hansel 174 Brown, Floyd tAAS-Grad.l Fargo Brown, Grant tAg-Fr.l Dunn Center 252, 176 Brown. Ray lArchE-So.l Enderlin Brown, Robert tArch-Sr.l Fargo 140, 141 Brown, Thomas tCh-Jr.l Fargo 0, 146, 255 Brown, William C. tEE-Fr.l Detroit Lakes, Minn. Brown, William S. lAg-Fri Batiigate 252 Brudvlk, Janet 1Ch-Jl'.l Mayville 216, 181, 266 Brun, Lynn lAg-Fr.l Enderlin Brunelle, Richard tAAS-Jr.l Fargo Brusegaard, Don lAg-Sol Gilby 176, 172 Brusaeau, Judeen tAg-Sr.l Osnabroek 252 Brusven, Merlyn tAAS-Jr.l Columbus Compliments of INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT 700-708 Ist Ave. No. Fargo, N. Duk. Phone AD 5-6436 , Courtesy oft BRIGG'S FLORAL SHOTWELL'S FLORAL TOWN 8 COUNTRY FARGO FLORAL FREDRICK'S FLOWERS Compliments of B. P. 0. ELKS No. 260 e260 of s FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA Congratulations to the T958 CLASS FARGO - MOORHEAD AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Bugbee, Loretta lAAS-Sol Fargo, 198, 250 Buresh, Laudie lAg-Fr.l Dickinson Burgeson, Donald lAAS-Fr.l Douglas Burgess, Ross lEE-Soi McC1uskey Burke, Jack lAg-Grad.l Fargo Burke. James tAgiSr.i Bowman 20, 186, 242, 252, 161, 176 Burke, Robert lCh-Grad.l Fargo Burkholcler, Keith lArchE-Sr.l Langdon 165 Burnett, Betty Shipley lAAS-Sr.l Fargo 28 Burnett, John lCh-Gradi Fargo Burris, Robert lCE-Sol Fergus Falls, Minn. Bursack, Lois tAAS-Jr.l Fargo 201, 250 Bursack, William IEE-Sol Fargo Burt, Georgia lAAS-Spent Fargo Burt, Marilynn tHE-Sol Fargo Burtness, John IAAS-Jr.l Fargo Busch, Joel lCE-Jr.l Donnelly, Minn. 162 Busch, Verna tHE-Sol Towner 264, 186, 265 Bushaw, M. Joan lAAS-Srl Fargo Bossier, Donald lAAS-Sol Fargo Byngelson, Dick 254 Caley, Louis IIE-Si-,J Minot 42 Callenbach, Carolyn TAAS-Jr.i Fargo 261, 201 Camp, John lAASeSr.l Fargo 35 Camp, Mrs. John QAAS-Spool Fargo Campagna, John iAAS-S1'.I Bismarck 130, 137 Campbell, Bruce tAAS-Sr.i Fargo 28, 76, 77, 272 Campbell, Dennis lAAS-Sri Stirum 28, 217, 281 Campbell, Robert tCE-Jr.i Buchanan 162 Campbell, Robert A. LAAS-Gradl Fargo Campbell, Sharon lAAS-Fr.l Fargo 266 Camrud, James CAAS-Sr.l Moorhead, Minn, 28 Canning, Terry lMEr-Jr.l Fargo 219 Cantwell, Joan I I-IE-Sr.l Mandan 58, 250 Carefoot,Nei1 ICE-Sri MooseJaw, Sask. 54 Carlvem Howard lAE-Sr.l Farao 20, 76. 77. 242. 253. 172 Carlson, Loretta iAAS-Fr.i Napoleon 189 Carlson, Norma tHE-Fr.l Bismarck 282, 229, 178 Carlson, Ona lAAS-Fr.l Minot 282 Carlson, Shirley ll-IE-So.l Rolla 225, 185, 175 Carpenter, David lAAS-S121 Hope 28, 245, 198 Carroll, Loel tAAS-Sol LaMoure Carver, Nancy tHE-Soi Wyndntere 225, 185 Cary, Raymond L. tCE-Fr,i Ulen, Minn, 278 Cassidy, Richard lIE-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. 272 Cervinka, Arthur IAAS-Jr.l Chicago, 111,249,201 Chalmers, C. Ronald TAAS-Fri Lakota Chase, Jerald tPh-Sol Hazen 268 Clielgren, Walter lME-Soi Fargo Chen, Lu Lin lChem-Grad.l Taipei, China Chen, Ping-Chou QEE Gradl Taipei, China Chishohn, Dennis lAAS-Flat Fargo Christians, Charles tAg-Grad.i Fargo Christiansen, Arlene tHE-Sol Goodridge, Minn, 225, Christianson, Conrad lAgE-Jr.i Glenlourn Christlanson, Conrad M. lEE-Fr.l Bismarck Christensen, Joe LAAS-S121 Fargo 85 Christensen, Larry CCE-Fr.l Detroit Lakes, Minn. Christensen, Melvin lAAS-Fr,l Washburn Christensen, Sonja tHE-So.l Watford City 263 Christiansen, William lAAS-Gradl Moorhead, Minn Christmann, Thomas lCE-Fr.i Napoleon Chrlstoff, Charles llVIE-Soi Hillsboro Christopher, Janet IHE-Jr.i Medina 216, 112, 250, 178 Christoiferson, Hazel lEd-Grad.l Fargo Clairmont, T. A, lAAS-Grad.i Fargo Clark, Bruce lAg-Jr.t Emrick Clark, Donald tCE-Fr.l Woodworth Clark, John lAAS'Grad.l Fargo Clark, Marilyn tHE-Srl Emriok 58 Cleary, John tAAS-Fr.l New York, New York 280 Clemens, Arclell tHE-F121 Jamestown 288, 189, 178 Clemens, Grace lAAS-Grad.i Fargo Clementson, Kathryn tHE-Fr.l Erskine, Minn, 283 282, 184 Colley, James TAAS-Fr.l Fargo 254 Collison, John tAg-Fr.l Staples, Minn. Colwell, Dell lAAS-Grad.l Fargo Colwell, Edison T. tAg-So.l Gardner 174, 258, 176 Comstock, George tAAS-So.l lvlinol. 274, 154 Comstock, Margaret 1Ph-So.l Minot 111, 242, 171 Conklin, Robert tAg-Fr.l Douglas Connolly, James tAAS-Jr.l Fargo Connolly, Martha lAAS-Jr.l Fargo 265 Conrad, Keith tlV1E-Fr.l Reeder Conroy, Kenneth QEE-Sr.l Beach 42, 281 Contos, Richard tPh-Sol Duluth, Minn, 180. 268 Cook, David tlVlE-Fr.l Gardner Cook, Robert lAg-Srl Glyndon, Minn, 20, 189, 176 Corcoran, Francis lAg-Fr.l Ulen, Minn. Cordes, Myron 1Ag-Fr.l Henning, Minn. Corneliussen, Phillip 1113-Srl Fargo 42 Cornell. Darrell tME-Grad.l Fargo Cornell, Kenneth tEE-Jr.l Sauk Centre, Minn, 249, 77, 255 Cortesi, Richard tAg-Grad.l Fargo Cortesi, Torn 1AAS-Fr.l I-Iinsdale, ill. Cory, Terry tEE-Srjl Minot -12. 237, 168, 288 Cosh, Robert tAg-Jr.l I-lerrnan, Minn. 274 Coulter, George H. lAg-Gradl Fargo Coulter, Gerald lAAS-S127 Fargo 28 Counce, Loren IME-Jr.l Fargo Cowan, Kirk lAAS-Fri Leeds 164 Cramer. Max lAAS-Srl Elgin, Ill, 28, 272 Crary, Paul 1AAS-Grad.l Fargo Crolm, John tA8-Jr.1 Dagmar, Mont. 173, 176, 250 Crooks, Richard 1Ag-Fr.l Ilanklnson 274 Crowder, Harry lEE'S0.l Moorhead, Minn. Crull, Russell lME-Jr.l Sanborn Cl'um, Clark tPh-Sr.l Minot 64, 111, 119, 268 Cuff, James lME-Sr.l Fargo 42 Culver, Jon tArohE-So.l Sanborn Cummings, Charles 1MF.-.Tr.l Fargo Cunningham, Virgil lAg-Jr.l Fargo 20 Daeley, Vernon tAg-Fr.l Sherwood 252, 176 Dahl, Conrad tAg-Jr.l Fargo 281 Dahl, Dean lAAS+Fr.l Barrett, Minn. Dahl, Kay tHE-Fr.l McVille 282 Dahl, Norman tAg-Grad.l Cooperstown Dahl, Raymond lME-Fr.l West Fargo Dahl, Robert tAs-Sr.l Park River 20, 77, 253, 172 Dahlen, Arlan tAg-Jr.l Petersburg 185, 184. 174, 242 Dahlen, Jadie 1ArchE-Jr.l Milner 185 Dahlen, Earl tIE-Sr.l Fargo 42, 287, 286, 169, 168 Dalilke, Laurene tHE-So.l Corinth 251 Dahlquist, Richard lIE-Jr.l Moorhead, Minn. 54, 168 Dahlquist, Bob tArchE-Fr,l Ulen, Minn. Dahm, Donald tChern-Jr.l Fargo Daly, Robert CME-So.l Fargo Darnmen, Julia KAAS-Gradl Hendrum, Minn. Dancer, Robert tAAS-Jr.l Grafton Daniels, Kenneth IEE-Jr.l Breckenridge, Minn, Daniels, Ralph tEE-Sol Alexandria, Minn. Dardls, Alita tHE-Sol Nortonville 225, 175, 187 Daub, Dorothea tHE-Fr.l Fargo 260 Davidson, Betty ll-IE-Jr.l Minot 227, 178 Davidson, James 1AAS-Sol Tioga Davis, Anna Mae tHE-Sr.l Monango 58, 251 Davis, James rAg-Sol Oakes Davis, Louis lAg-So.l Page Davis, Sally lAAS-Soi Wadena, Minn. 166 Dawson, John 1Ag'Fr.l St, Anthony 258 Dawson, Lyle tAg-Grad.i St. Anthony Decoteau, Al KAAS-S121 West Fargo 28 DeFehr, Dennis lAAS-Jr,l Enderlin DeGier, Joanne THE-Sol Hancock, Minn. 244, 189, 198, 178 Deibler, Frank lAg-Sr.l Granville 20, 176 DeJardine, Robert lAAS-Sr.l Fargo 81, 272 DeKrey. Theodore tAg-So.l Tappan 183, 176 DelaBarre, Chuck QME-So.l Valley City 188 Dell, Terence TEE-Srl Breckenridge, Minn. 54 DeLong, Harvey tAAS-Fr.l Alkabo Delvo, Jack IME-Gradl Fargo Delvo, Jim 1IE-Jr.l Langdon Dennis, Larry tCE-Fr.l Bismarck Dennis, Terrence 1CE-Fr.l Fargo Dantz, Albert tME-Sol lvlahnornen, Minn. DePover, Larry iEE-Fr-.l Davenport, Iowa Devine, Donald 1Ag-Fr.l Breckenridge, Minn. Devitt, Basil 1ME-Sr.l Fargo 42, 164 Diehl, Roger tAG-Jr.l I-lillsboro Diemert, Jon tHE-Sol Moorhead, Minn. Dietrich, Darlene 1Cil6ll1'Fl'.i Cavalier 181, 283, 206 Dietrich, Janice 1Pl1-Sol Fargo 261, 242 Dietz, Ted tAg-Jr.l Climax, Minn. Dilger, Richard tPh-Sr.l Mandan 84 Dlsher, Don rAAS-Fr.l Churches Ferry Disse, Charles tPh-Fr.l Detroit Lakes, Minn. Ditch, Duane 1EE-Sr,1 Oakes 42, 168, 254 Dittmer, Darrel tCE-F121 Leonard Dittmer, David 1CE-Fr.l Leonard Dittus, Charles TME-Jr.l Fargo Dittus, Francis lAAS-Srl Fargo 81 Dittus, Myrna tAAS-Jr.l Fargo Dixon, Donald 1ArclTE-Sr.l Upham 45, 280 Dockter, Kenneth 1ClTenTiSr,1 Fargo 86 Dodd, James lAAS-Srl Fargo 31 Dodds. G. Allred tAAS-So.l Fargo 280 Dodge, Lawrence 1ArchE-Fr.1 Fargo Dodge, Merton tEE-So.l Edmore Doheny, Robert rPh-So.l Eveleth. Minn. 187,268 Domek, Donald tEE-Fr.l Ypsilanti Dommer, Donald tME-Fr.l lvloorhead, Minn. 272 Donaldson, Buell IAAS-Gradl Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Donegan, Victor 1AAS-Fr.l Jamestown Donelenko, Gerald tAg-Sol Kiel Dosch, Lorraine lAAS-Jr.l Towner 186, 265, 240, 204 Dougherty, Richard tAAS-So.l Hibbing, Minn, 130, 135, 153 Dowswell, Walter tAg-Sr.l Fargo 20 Drablos, Carroll tAgE-Grad.l Fargo Driscoll, John lAAS-Sr.l Fargo 35 Driver, James 1CE-So.l Bowman Dronen, Arthur lAAS-Grad.i Moorhead, Minn. Duerre, Kenneth 1IE-Srl Mohall 45, 236, 168, 233 Dulault, Larry tPh-Sr.l Oklee, Minn. 84, 201, 211, 269 Duin, David lCE-Sr.l Wahpelon 45, 237, 169, 162 Duin, Edward llVlE-So.l Wahpeton 287, 170, 274, 164 Duin, Spencer rME-Fr.l Johnson, Minn. Dumpis, Talivaldis tME-Jr.l Beulah Dunbar, Michael tPh-Jr.l Wheaton, Minn. Duncan, Barbara lAg-Gradl Moorhead, Minn. Dunham, nate lan-sri wear rar-go 45, 188, isa Dunham, Donald tEE-Sr.l Fargo 166, 54 Dunkirk, Richard tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Dunnum, Joann tAAS-So.l Page 262,201 Dura, Arthur 1ArcliE-Jr.l Argusville Durkop. William lME-Fr.l Gardner Durow, Forest lCE-So.l Max Make The Merchonis Your Follow Your Friends io: , Sovlngs Heodquoriers GUARANTEED INTEREST THUNE STUDIO ONTIMESAVINGS CERTIFICATES iriiiii TL 11072 Broadway I it -ii' lifblmdnuh Anime! WML Dusek, Lester TAAS-Jr.l Fargo Dustrud, Roger YAAS-So.l Fargo DuVall, Bruce iAAS-Sol New Rockford 254 Dworak, Gerald iCE-Jr.l Moorhead. Minn. Dybing, LeRoy lChem-Sr.l Harvey 38, 280 Dyblng, Wayne iME-Fr.l Harvey 280 Earl, Donald iME-So.l Fessenden Ebel, Sylvia iChem-Sr.l Towner 38 Eberhard, Harold iAASfJr.l Fargo 249. 219, 254 Ebling, Charles tME-Fr.l Barnesvtlle. Minn. Eckelberg, LaVonne iAAS-Fr.l Dunn Center Edinger, Doran iEE-So.l Cathay Edinger, Eldien iAg-Spec.l Fargo Edlnger, Karen iAAS-Srl Fargo 266, 35, 192, 232 Edlund, Lynn iAAS-Fr.l Wolverton, Minn. Edman, Philip iAg-Sr.l Alvarado, Minn. 24 Edwards, Norman lPh-Jr.l Fargo Effertz, Joseph iCE'-So.l Minot 167 Efraimson, George lArchE-Jr.l Bryant, S. Dak. Egan, Thomas iAAS-Fr.l Minneapolis, Minn. 280 Eggen, Dennis tME-Fr.l Lignlte Eggan. Richard iArchE-Jr.l Fargo 219 Eggan, Robert iME-Sr.l Fargo 45, 209, 237, 236, 219, 170. 276 Eggert, Susan tHE-So.l Mapleton 201, 267 Eid, Elmer iAAS-Grad.l Fargo Elde, Jerome iEE-Sal Fargo 209 Elde, Mary lAAS-Sr.l Fargo 31, 186. 265, 240, 204 Eiler, Adelle lAAS-Sr.l Park Rapids, Minn. 31, 187, 265 Elschens, Bernard iME-Fr.l Park Rapids, Minn. Eisert, Gaylan iAg-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. Eisinger, Lenard iAg-Spec.l Fargo Elssinger, Gerald iAg-Jr.l Medina 176 Elken. Gilbert ing-Sal Mayville 176 Elllngson, Arnold iAAS-Sr.l Moorhead, Minn. 31, 219, 74, 254 Ellis, Marilyn tHE-Jr.l Fargo 262, 178 Ellison. Eugene iCE-So.l Elbow Lake, Minn. Elmore, Roger iPh-Sr.l Hoyt Lakes, Minn. 04, 269 Elofson, Dorothy lAAS-Jr.J Fargo 183.291, 182 Elston, Donald lAg-Fr.l Hope Elton, Ole lEE-Sr.l Fargo 45, 237. 170. 166 Elverud, Lyle lAAS-Jr.l Leeds 222 Enabnit, Don iAAS-Fr.l Fargo Eng, Duane lArchEfSo.l Devlls Lake Eng, Leonard iEE-Sr.l Devils Lake 45, 237, 284, 166 Engbrecht, James iIE-Jr.l Fessenden 276 Engehretson, Orland tCE-Jr.l Fargo Engel, Bryan iCE-So.l Moorhead, Minn. Engelstad, Larry TAAS-Fr.l Ashby, Minn. Enger, Merlin D. iChemfJr.l Williston 272 Enger, Richard iCE-Jr.l Fargo 162 Engfer, Jon iAAS-Fr.l Minneapolis, Minn. 280 Engh, Thomas lME-Jr.l Fargo Engle, Glen iEE-Fr.l Forman England, Elden lAg-Fr.l Fargo 189 Enkhaus, Roland iME-Sr.l Staples, Minn. 45, 164 Enno, Donald iAAS-F1'.l Thorne Erck, Jerome iME-Fr.l Fargo Erdahl, Bruce iEE-Fr.l Fargo Eresman, Mary lAAS-Jr.l Devils Lake 31, 267 Erickson, Alfie tEE-Sr.l Fargo Erickson, Don TCE-Fr.l Fargo 165, 221 Erickson, Duane lAg-Grad.l Moorhead, Minn. 233 Erickson, Earl iAg-Jr.l Park River Erickson, Earl V. iME-Fr.l Fargo Erickson, Elton iAAS-Fr.l Kensal Complete Banking and Trust Services First National Bank and Trust Company of Fargo THE OLDEST BANK IN NORTH DAKOTA T5 Broadway Member F.D.I.C. Fargo, N. D. Congratulations 1958 BISON GRADUATES we wish You success IN YGUR NEW CAREERS When Planning Your Home Choose Furnishings With a Future WE SHALL BE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU LUGER FURNITURE CO. The Fargo National Bank A Home Owned Independent Bank tt Member F.D.l.C. Fargo, N. D. GILLESPIE STUDIO NORTHWEST'S LARGEST Your Bison Photographer DRY CLEANERS Portraits - Commercial - Weddings Compliments ol FARGO MEN'S CLOTHIERS Ted Evanson Clothing Fargo Toggery Shark's Clothing Siegel Clothing Straus Clothing Weingarten's Clothing Erickson, Gerold tME-Sr.l Nortonville 45, 272, 164, 157 Erickson, Jeanette tHE-Fri Moorhead, Minn. 283, 260 Erickson, Keith tArchE-Son Badger, Minn. Erickson, Linda tHE-Fr.l Finley 283 Erickson, Lloyd lAg-So.l Fertile, Minn. Erickson, Parker J . tEE-Jr.l Moorhead, Minn. 272 Erickson, Raymond tAAS-So.l Delamere Erickson, Robert lME-So.l Cavalier Erickson, Rodney tAAS-Specl Fargo Erickson, Roy tME-Jr.l Hawley, Minn. Erickson, Warren tME-So.l Wadena, Minn. Erickstacl, Sam lAAS-Jr.l Garske Eriksmoen, Joyce ll7lE'S1'.l Leeds 58, 264, 232 Erstad, Charles tEE-Fr.J Kindred Ervin, William tAAS-So.l Utica, Mich. 130, 135 Estenson, Noel tAg-So.l Climax, Minn. 185,184,211, 192.193, 195, 173 Euren, Nancy tl-1E-Fr.l Fargo 198, 260 Evanson, Ernest lAg-Sol Northwood 222 Evanson, Sherman lAg-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. Evashenko, Donavon tAg-So.l Voltaire 245, 174, 253, 198, 204 Evans, Morris tCE-Fr.l Grafton 274 Ewert, Arthur UE-Jr.l Fargo 168 Eyster, Janice tAAS-Fr.l Wheaton, Minn. 282 Fahl, Harold lArchE-Jr.l Fargo Farley, Thomas tCh-Jr.l Jamestown 198 Faught. Richard tAg-Jr.l Absaraka 217, 130, 140, 242. 253, 138, 145, 77 Faust. David tAg-Fr.l Valley City Feeney, James t1EfSr.l Fargo 45. 217, 230, 76, 77, 194, 188, 232, 254, 297, 206 Fegley, Beva tHE-Jr.l Berthold 225, 185.283, 175.282, 192, 195 Fehr, Mary Ellen tHE-Sr.l Wimbledon 58, 228 Fetch. Wesley tEE-Jr.l Noche Fcickert, Clara ll-IE-Sr.l Denhoff 58, 239, 185, 201 Feigel, Earl tEE-Jr.l Halliday Feist, James tAAS-Fr.l Strasburg Un--neenhm 110m-1 U-.-Mel.. JA AD Geek Fia1a,Ha1'vGy lEE-Srl Forman 45. 237, 234, 187, 170, 166, 233 Fibranz, Lyle lPh-Jr.l Beardsley, Minn. 136 Fiebeger, Francis tCE-Jr.l Moorhead, Minn. Field, Vernon tME-Fr.l Fargo Finck, Charles tEE-Fr.l Elgin Finke, Gary tAAS-Fr.l Kramer Finseth, Oliver tPh-Sr.l Fargo 64 Finstad, Carol tl-IEeSo.i Berwick 187, 201, 250, 178 Fischer, August tIE-Jr.l Fargo 168, 77 Fischer, Charles- tAAS-Sr.l Hebron 31, 217 Fischer, Delbert tEE-Fr.t Bismarck Fischer, Douglas tEE-So.l Edneley Fisher, Edward t1E-Sr,l Fargo 221 Fisk, Rebecca ll-IE-Fr.l Bottineau 283 Fitzgerald, Edward KAAS-Fri Fargo Fitzgerald. John QAAS-So.l Detroit Lakes. Minn. Fix, Dorene tHE-Jr.l Mandan 264, 186, 264, 178, 206 Fjeld. Gerald tArch-So.l Aneta Fjelstad. Jerome tEE-Jr.l Kindred Fiestad, Orian lAg-Jr.J Dahlen 201, 253 Flaa, Raymond tCh.-Srl Wahpeton 38 Flamer, George QEE-So.l Fargo Flanders, Beverly t11EeSo.l Minto Flaltde1's, Fred lAE-S1'.l Mlhto 20, 217, 230, 119, 196, 77, 252, 232 Flannigan, George tAAS-Sr.l Winnipeg, Can. 31, 280 Flaskerud, Gloria lAAS-Fr.l Fosston, Minn. Fleck. James lME-Fr.l Virginia, Minn. 226, 203, 164 Fleck, John lPh-Jr.l Virginia, M1nn.227, 203, 187, 171, 260 Flemmer, Arthur tAg-So.l Jud Flesland, Donald tME-Sr.l Fargo 54 Flicklnger, David KAAS-Fri Hope Fllginger, Joy lAAS-Fri Douglas 270 Fliginger, Linda tHE-So.l Douglas Flink, Florence tAAS-Gradl Fargo Fog. Asger tAg-Grad.l Fargo 'I'i1A.f-1 IlY-1.I-....-.. IRI. IH.. X Al-.......i..l.. 192. 193 Forkner, R. Earl ICh-Sol Langdon Furness, Lloyd tAg-Grad.l Fargo Forness, Maynard IAAS-Fr.1 Fargo Forsberg, Harold lPh-Jr.i St. Paul, Minn. Forseth, Dean IAgE-Fri Perley, Minn. Forsyth, Michael lAAS-So.i Fargo Fortier, Ross tAAS-So.l Bemidji, Minn. 130, 140, 141, 133 Fosheiin, Jerome tME-So.I Oriska 275 Foss, Edwin IME-So.l Devils Lake Foss, Kay I AAS-Fri Fargo 262 Foss, John IME-Jr.i Moorhead, Minn. 140, 143 Fossum, Lowell tEE-Jr,l Fargo 106, 220 Fossuin, Verlin I CE-J r.1 Williston 277 Foster, Charles lCh-Sp.l Fargo Foster, Gene R, IAg-Jr.l Grandin 255 Fox, Gaylord IIE-Sri Minot 45, 108, 255 Fox, James lPh-Fr.l Melrose, Minn. Fox, John IPh-Sr.i Fargo 84 Fox, Myrna IAAS-Fr.1 Wahpeton Fox, Robert IEE-Sol Fargo Fraase, Ronald IAereE-Fri Freda Fraase, William IAgiSo.l Buffalo Frank, Nancy tHE-Soi Fargo Frank, Norbert QEE-Fri Fargo 73 Franke, Gordon ICh-So.i Williston 181 Frantsvog, Eldred tEEfJr,l Butte, Mont. Fraser, Allan IIE-Sol Onleinee 225 Fredeen, Susan IHE-Soi Fargo 260 Fredrick, Nancy tHE-Sri Fargo 58, 218, 240, 250 Frederick, Sharon ll'lE-F121 Enderlin 282 Frederick, Vernard lAg-Sri Flasher 242, 174, 24, 176, 240, 232, 173 Frederickson, Wallace tlVlE-Fri Fargo Fredlund, Lee ICE-Srl Bottineau 54 Freeberg, Janet tHE-Fri Lisbon 282, 186, 179 Freedland. Wayne lAg-Soi Harwood Freeman, Carl IEE-So.l Botlineau Freeman, Judith IPh-Fri Jamestown 283, 242 Freglen, Elmer lPh-Soi Jamestown Freitag, Miles IME-Sol Bowman 280 Fridlund, Rita tAAS-Fr.l Jamestown 262 Friede, Gordon IAASfSr.i Fargo 130, 35 Friederichs, James IEE-Jr.i Fargo 237, 234 Friend, Ilene tHE-Jr.l Gardner 201, 270, 178 Friese, Charles lAAS-Grad.i Fargo Frisch, Bruce IAAS-F121 Ashley Friesen, Bernard tAg-So.l Morden, Canada Frlsby, John tMEfSr,l Havana 45, 237, 236, 164 Frisch, Charles IPh-S121 Ashley 64, 269 Friskop, Arvid IAg-Sri Wyndmere 24, 221 Frissell, Charles QAAS-Grad.i Fargo Frltchie, Norman lEE-Fr.i Hurdsfield 203, 73 Froemke, Karen ICh-F121 Lisbon 283 Fromson, Leonard lIE-Jr.l Winnipeg, Canada 168 Fuchs, Leslie IAeroE-Srl New Salem 45, 77, 272, 187 Fuglestad, Jon tPh-Srl Fargo 64 Fulilbrugge, Mary Jane IHE-Fr.i Bismarck 233, 198 Fuhrman, Donald IEE-Jr.l Robinson 166 Fuhrman, Kenneth I Ag-Jr.i Bowden 258 Funfar, Edward IEE-Jr.1 Lidgerwood 176 Funston, Marie lAAS-Fr.l Sterling 225, 282 Gaarder, Gene tEE-Jr.l Park River Gafkjen, Arviol lMEiSo.l Alamo Gahley, John IPh-Fr.I Bismarck 268 Gallagher, Kenneth IAg-Jr.1 Jamestown Gamache, Larry IEE-Sr.i Fargo 45, 166 , RUBBER STAMPS Compliments of o SEALS U , BUTTONS EVERYTHING COMPANY for MARKING Two Locations: FARGO Broadway and N. P. Ave., .----- M.. - und Across from Post Office Gamble, Richard lAAS-Fr.1 Cloquet, Minn. 220 Gange, Anthony TIE-Jr.i Fargo Garaas, JoAnn IHEaJr.l Grenora 216, 265, 178 Garaas, Phyllis tAAS-Fri Grenora 264, 283 Gardner, Frank tPh-Jr.l Fargo Gardner, George IPh-Jr.l Grand Rapids, Minn. 211, 266 Garlie, Robert IAAS-Fri Hannaford Gasper, Dick lPh-Jr.l Paynesville, Minn. Gast, Arthur IEE-Fri Fargo 222 Gast, David QAAS-Fri Fargo Gathinan, Francis IArchE-Jr.i Berthold Gebhart, Roger lAASfS7.l Wahpeton 130, 212, 131, 156 Geiger. Wilfred tEE-Jr.l Fargo 166 Geiss, Gary tME-Fr.l Mandan 277 Gellner, Gerald lME-Fr.i Langdon Gemar, Jerold lAg-F121 Fullerton 189 Gentile, Richard tPh-Sri Keewatin, Minn. 67, 130. 268 Gentzkow, Frank IAg-Jr.i Fargo 176 Gergen, Constance lAAS-Fr.l Fargo Gerlich, Ruth tHE-Fri Dickinson 264,283 Gerntnolz, Gerald lAg-Jr.1 Sanborn 175, 112, 258, 176, 195, 151 Gerrells, LaVon IAAS-Jr.i Fargo 201 Gerth, Frederick tAg-Sr.l Fargo 20, 240, 188, 242, 174, 233 Gess, David tArchE-Sr.l Fargo 45 Gibbons, Joan IHE-Fri Frazee, Minn. Gibson, Donald IPh-Sr.l Fargo 67, 241, 171. 233 Gibson, Dorothy tHE-Jr.l Leonard 240, 178, 204 Glddings, Alfred IEE-So.l Davenport Gienger, Alton IPh-Jr.i Jamestown 211 Giesler, Conrad tAAS-So.l Crystal Springs 260 Gilbert, James IAAS-Fr.l Dickinson Gllbertson, Edward lME-Jr.1 Fargo 211, 277, 164 Gilbertson, Elwood IME+Jr.i Fargo Gilbertson, Gary lAg-So.1 Heimdal Gilbertson, Glenn lAgfFr.l Crosby Gilbertson, Judith IAAS-Fr.i Fargo Glllund, Wendell ICh-G1'ad.l Fargo Giesvold, Alonzo IAg-So.1 Fargo Glandt, Gary lAAS1Fr.i Fargo Glassner, Gloria IRE-Fr.l Parshall 251, 282 Gleeson, Eugene IEE-Jr.l Chicago. Ill. 130, 136 Gludt, Mary IHE-Jr.l Fargo 239, 178 Goeser, George IAg-Jr.1 Calio 173, 257 Goeser, Maurice IAgE-Fri Calio 257 Goggin, Robert IPh-So.l Harvey Goldader, Bernard, Jr, IME-Srl Fargo 45 Goodman, Lowell tPh-So.i Powers Lake 280 Gorder. James tAg-Sol Galchutt 252, 176 Gorder, Kenneth IAg-Fr.I Bottineau 252 Gordon, Darlene tHE-Soi Buxton 225, 282 Gordon, Karen IAAS-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. Gonlm, Shirley tAAS-Fr.l Blanchard 228, 229 Goth, Gaynor lAAS-Sol Dunn Center Gotschall, Janice tHE-Jr.i Lisbon Graben, David IEE-SO.l Bismarck 215, 255, 206 Graham, Edward tAgfFr.I Petersburg Graham, John tAg-Jr.i Oberon 252, 176 Graham, Mary IHE-Fri Frazee, Minn. 282, 170 Granlund, Roger lME-Srl Nelson, Minn. 45, 272 Graven, Edward ICE-Sol Jamestown Greek, Gerald tEE-So.i Mohall Green. John tAAS-Grad.i International Falls, Minn. Greenheck, Donald tME-Sol Fargo 225 Greenland, Ronald QAAS-Fri Jamestown 254 Gregory, Joseph lAAS+Jr.l Fargo Grenz, George IAAS-Fr.I Hazelton 165 Grewatz, Burdette tArchE-Jr.l Edgeley Fcirgo's Famous NORTH DAKOTA Fashion Store AUTOMOBILE CLUB STATE HEADQUARTERS T8 So. 8th St. THE STORE WITHOUT A NAME Grieger, Gerold IME-Fri Arthur 219 Griffith, Gary lAg-So.l Argusville Grimm, Donald lEE-Jr.l Hurdslield 234, 166, 277, 194 Grlna, Lawrence lME-Jr.l Fargo Grlnde, Wayne lAg-Jr.l Portland Grlndeland, Gene 1AAS-Jr.l Fargo Grodt, Keith lArcllfJr.l Battieview 45, 275 Grommesh, Claudette tHE-Jr.l Casselton Grommesh, Evanne lAAS-Fr.l Casselton 283 Gronseth, Eugene lME-Sr.l Britton, S. D. 45. 219, 212. 273, 157 Groom, Robert lAg-Grad.l Fargo Gross, Denis lAg'Sr.l Enclcrlin 23, 278 Grosshans, Roland 73 Grosz, Orville 11313-So.l 1-lazen Grotberg, Richard lAg-Fr.J Wimbledon Groven, Allen lMl1'-Fr.l Graiton 277 Gruebele, James lAg-Sr.l Wishek 23, 201, 196, 240, 236 Grmnan, Robert 1AAS-Sol Hannaford Grunden, Zelpha lAAS-F121 Hannah Grunefelder, William lAg-Fr,l Hazellon Gudding. Robert lEE-So.l Fergus Falls, Minn. Guenthner, Jack IAAS-Sol Stanton Guest, Richard lAgE-Grad.l Mencken Gulbranson, James HIE-Jr.l Fargo Gulland, Bernard llV1E-Fr.l Ayr Gulland. Clarence lAg-Fr.l Ayr Gullikson, Lois lAAS-Fr.l Gllby Gulllekson, Warren QAAS-Jr.l Fargo 210 Gully, Willialn lME-Sol Lidgerwood 277, 164 Gulseth, Grant lCE-Sr.l Duluth, Milm. 45, 162 Gunderson, Allan lME-So.l Twin Valley. Minn. 278 Gunderson, Julian lPh-fSr.l Fergus Falls, Minn. Gunderson, Richard A. lAg-Fr.l E11derlil1279 Gunderson, Richard I-I. lCE-Jr.l Twin Valley, Minn. 237, 162 Gunnarson, Bennie LAAS-Sr.l Fargo 31 Gustafson. Andrew lAg-Fr.l Langdon Grnialson, John P. lPh-Soi Fergus Falls, Mllm. 280, 232 Gustafson, John H. lCh-Sr.l Minneapolis, Minn. 38. 169,230,211 Gustln, David lCh-Fr.l Mandan Gutsche, Arlene lAAS-Fr.l Fargo Gutzmer, Marvin lAAS-Gradi Wyndmere Haakenson, Marian lAAS-Jr.l Bismarck 146 Haakenson, Vernon tAAS-Fr.l Fargo I-laarstad, Oscar LIE-Sol Fargo Haas, Carl lAg-So.l Mott 119, 211, 174, 252, 192, 195, 194 Haas,,Duane lEE-Jr.l Fargo 166 Haas, Fred lAg-Sc.l Lidgerwood 174, 252 Haas, Milo lPh-Sr.l Ashley 67, 266 Haase, Robert lEE-Fr.l Morris, Minn. 73 Hants, George lPh.-Fri Fargo Haberstroh, Beatrix CHE-Sol Hansboro 225 Haberstroh, H. Jean lPh-Fr.l Hansboro 282 I-laedt, William lAAS-Fr.l Cathay 215, 257 Haefiner, Charles lPh-Jr.l Fargo I-Iage, Marvin lME-Sr.l lvloorhead, Minn. 45, 279, 167 Hagel, Donovan CME-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. 215, 164 Hagel, Paul lArchE-Jr.i Ellendale 1-lagemeister, Gerald lAg-So.i Fessenden 221 Hagemeister, James lCE-Sol Preechevllle, Canada 162, 179 Hagen. Ardith ll-IE-So.l Crosby 251, 250 I-Iagen, Darrell 1ME-So.l Watford City Hagen, George lME-Jr.l Fargo 164, 77 Hagen, John lAg-Gradl Reeder Hagen. Monroe lAg-Sol Fertile. Minn. Hagen, Robert lAAS-So,l Fargo Hagen, Sandra lAAS-Fr.l Kathryn Hagerott, Leon tArch-Sr.l Mandan 235, 54 Haggard, Joseph lEE-Fr.l Fargo 274 Haglund, E. Paul lCE-Jr.l Jamestown 275 Haglund, Robert lCE-Fr.l Jamestown Hagness, Marilyn tHE-Spec.l Grand Forks Hahn, Arthur lCE-Sr.l Dresden 54 1-Ialder, William Ag-Fr.l Shields 257 1-Ialbmaier, Donald lEE-So,i Wadena,1Vlinn. Hale, Clarence lME-Jr.l Fargo Halgrimson, Darrell lEE-Jr.l McGregor Hall, Edward lAgE-So.l Parshall Hallen, Gander lCE-Jr.l Fargo Hallowell, Donald lPh-Sr.l Fargo 68, 171 Halatensgard, Harvey 1ME-Jr.l Gary, Minn. Halverson, Delayne Rae lAg-Sol Barnesvllle, Minn, 263 Halverson, Donald tAg-Jr.l Wendell, Minn, 273, 157 Halverson, Harold tArchE-Jr.l Fargo 165, 212 Halverson, Jack lCE-Jr.l Minot 254 ' mMAuf. Hamm, James lArchE-So.l Jamestown Hammer, Judith lAAS-Sr.l Moorhead, Minn. 31, 261, 2, 218, 196, 192. 194,232,294 I-Iammer, Robert lME-Fr.l Moorhead. Minn. 254, 153, 167 Hammond, Mrs. Helen IAAS-Gradl Moorhead, Minn. HHllll601lCl, Leslie lAAS-Fr.i Barney 215, 225 I-Iammond, B. Lloyd lAAS-Gradi Moorhead, Minn. Hampton, Charles lAAS-So.l Fargo Han, Aloysius tArchE-So.l Chan Chun, China Haner. Arden lAg-Sol Douglas 73 Hankel, Wayne lAg-Jr.l Oakes 225, 169, 175, 174, 176 Hanna, Carroll tAg-Fr.l Lisbon Hanna, Daniel lAg-Fr.l Fargo Hanna, Willis lAg-So.i Lisbon 174 Hannon, James HE-So.l Fargo Hansen, Eugene lCE'Jr.l Detroit Lakes, Minn. 277 Hansen, James tAg-Fr.i Donnybrook' Hansen. Kirk lEE-Fr.l Forman Hansen, Robert lEE-Sr.l Wilton 45, 166 Hanson, Adelbert QAG-Grad.l Fargo Hanson, Alfred lCE-Jr.l Jamestown 54. 77 Hanson, Clayton lCE-Jr.l Belfleld 162. 279 Hanson, Dale lAAS-Fr.l Absaraka Hanson, Daniel lPh-Sr.l Fargo 67, 268 Hanson, Donald HE-So.l Fargo 168 Hanson. Douglas lME-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. Hanson, Duane lAg-Sr.l Moorhead, Minn. 23 Hanson, Eugene lArch-Jr.i Portland 162 Hanson. Gene lAg-So.l Reeder Hanson, Gordon tAg-Grad.l Fargo Hanson, Harvey 1,43-Fri Snaron Hanson, James lAG-Jr.l Fertile, Minn. 185. 175, 174, 173 Hanson, Jeanette tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Hanson, Kenneth lAAS-Fr.l Fargo 280 Hanson, Leonard CAAS-Gradl Fargo Hanson, Lloyd lAAS-Grad.l Fergus Falls, Minn. Hanson. Lorraine lFh-Jr.l Herman, Minn. 242, 267 Hanson, Lowell lArchE-Jr.l Portland 165, 165 Hanson, Mrs. Mildred IAAS-C-rad.l FergnsFalls,1VIlnn. Hargrove. Willis lAg-Fri Ypsilanti 252 liarjes, Howard tPh-Srl Moorhead, Minn, 67, 241, 177, 233 Harklns, William lEE-Jr.l Fargo 166 Harlow, Walter lCE-Sol Drayton Harmon, James lIE-Srl Fargo 45, 217, 230, 186. 77. 168, 194.232, 268 Harrington, Gene lAg-Jr.l Minot 156, 255 Harrington, Jack lAg-Fr.l Grandin 176 Harrington, William lAg-Jr.l Grandin Harris, Robert tAg-Jr.l Fargo Hart, Allyn lAg-F1'.l Wales 252, 160, 176, 204 Harth, Allyn E. 1161-50.1 Fargo 201.277, 222 Harth, Ida lAAS-Fr.l Rothsay, Minn, Hartl, Catherine tHE-So.l Fessenden 178 Hartman, Gene lCE-Sr.l Valley City 46, 275 Harvala, Harvey tCE-Fr.l Osage, Minn. 1-Iassa, Ralph lArehE-Jr.l Bismarck Hassett, Thomas lAg-Sr.l Casselton 23 Haufl, Floyd tAg-Jr.l Fargo Haugeberg. Arnold lAgfSr.l Max 23, 217, 77 Haugen, Donald lChem-Sol Elbow Lake. Minn. Haugen, EuGene IAAS-Sol Hawley, Minn, Haugen, Gene lEE-Fr.l Maddock Haugen, James lAgE-F121 Elbow Lake, Minn. Haugen, Joel llVlE-Fr.l Berthold Haugen, Kenneth lCE-So.l Fargo Haugen, Orvis lAg-So.l Gilby Haugen, Paul tAg-Sr.l Elbow Lake, Minn. 23.217, 76, 77, 174.253, 176 Haugland, H. Keith lCE-So.i Crosby Haugland. Robert 274 Haugse, Clayton lAg-Gradl Fargo 176 Hawley, Jolm IME-Jr.l Underwood 165, 164, 254, 220, 164 Haynes, Ruth tAAS-Grad.l Fargo Hayward, Harold ICF-Fri Walhalla Hedahl. Arlene lHE'Sr.l Ada, Minn. 56, 262 Hedge, Sam lAg-F1',l Jackson, Minn. Hedlund, Allda lAAS-Sr.l Edinburg Hefta, Barbara lAAS-Fr.l Mayville Hegg, Denis lME-Fr.l Detroit Lakes, Minn. Heglle, Roger lEE-Jr.l Hlckson 217, 166, 273, 77 Hegreberg, Marshall lAAS-Fr.i Borupg Minn, Hegrenes, Robert lChem-Srl Fargo 38, 227 Heldmann, Frederick lAAS-Fr.l Walhalla Heidi, Dallas lAg-S111 Arena 23, 256 Heil, Ken lArchE-So,l Hancock, Minn. 165 Heine, Donald lEE-Sol Barney Helsing. James IEE-So.l Fargo 225, 227, 221 Heitzmann, Paul lME-Jr.i Ashley T-Tnlrl Umvunv fAn-Tv1l 'Davila 100 WR GHFI ,I 'yrs-,A W ,. , l.. w l 1. PORTRAITS of former presidents of North Dakota State hang in the hallway of the Administration Building. They seem to watch every action of the hurried students who respectfully scurry by on the endless errands that dominate an individuals time. Huber, Marjorie tHE-Jr.l Carson 189 Huck1e,J. David tAg-Sr.l Lidgerwood 23, 256 Huether, Marian tHE-J1'.t Elliott 239, 189, 175.265, 178 Hugelen, Lowell tPh-Fr.l Maddock 268 Hughes, Howard tAgE-Sr.l Neche 46, 253 Hughes, Mark tME-So.t Bismarck 73, 164 Hultner, John iCE-Flat Fargo Huisman, Maynard lAAS-Gradl Arthur Hulzenga, Harry lME-Jr.l Minot Huizenga, Lyle lIE-Jr.l Minot 217, 140, 212, 146, 77, 168,254 Hulbert, Ihlys tHE-Sol Fargo 225. 185. 201 Hulebak, Mary tHe-So.l Fargo 261 Hulterstrum. Philip lEE-So.l Clifford Humes, Gary tPh-Jr.t Thief River Falls, Minn. 68 Hummel, Duane tAAS-Jr.l Bismarck Hunke, Bernard lAg-Sol Richardton 254 Hunstad, Judy tAAS-Srl Carrington 250, 35 Hunter, Charles HE-Sr.l Lancaster, Minn. 46, 192, 168, 233 Hunter, Larry tPh-Fr.l Fargo 203, 272 Hunter, Lawrence tIE-Sol Lancaster, Minn. 168 Hunter, Vernon tArohE-Jr.J Minot 165 Huntley, Charles iArClt-Sr.l Fargo 165, 249, 237, 235, 236, 169, 275 Huntley, John lME-Jr.l Fargo 219, 274, 164 Hurlbut, Larry lArch-Fr.l Watertown, S. Dak. Hurley, J. Michael tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Huss. Charles iEE-Fr.1 Bismarck 274 Hutchinson, Loring lEE-Fr.l Fargo Hutchinson, Robert lME-So.l Ayr 278 Hutter, Harry HE-Srl Fargo 46 Hval, Jolm tAg-Fr.l Fargo Hyde, Charles iAAS-Sr.l Wahpeton 130, 35, 133 1-lylland, Barbara iChem-So.l Grygla, Minn. 225, 1 Idler, Joyce tHE-Jr.l Rbarne 251 Iglehart, John tAg-Fr.t Emmet 136, 252, 176 Irlck, Wayne tIE-Sr.l Wahpeton 46. 168,255 Irwin, Gordon lME-Jr.t Minot 164 Isaak, Orland QAAS-Fr.l Anamoose Isaacson, Richard tP'h-So.l Superior, Wis. 268 Isaacson, Vern tAAS-Fr.l Pelican Rapids, Minn. Iszler, Byron tPh-So.t Steele Iverson, Albert iArchE-Fr.l Olivia, Minn. 149 Iverson, Donn lAAS-Fr.l Underwood 189. 140 Iverson, Maynard lAg-F1'.l Mohall 174, 252, 176 Iverson, Wendell tME-Fr.l Alamo 277, 198 Jackson, Dale iAAS-Jr.l Breckenridge, Minn. 245, 255 Jacobsen, John lPh-Sr.l Bismarck 67, 274, 171 Jacobson, Connie CHE-Fr.l Wheaton, Minn, 225, 202 Jacobson, Elaine tHE-Fr.l Shelly, Minn. 283 Jacobson, James lAgE-Fr.l Perley, Minn. Jacobson, Luther tAASfFr.l Shelly, Minn. 258 Jacobson, Paul tA1'ch-So.t Menahga, Minn. 5, 175 230, 196, 211, 240, James, Ronald iAg-Fr.l St. John Jamison, Warren lAgE-Sol Hannalord 160 Jangula, James IAAS-Fr.J Edgeley Janke, James lEE-So.l LaMoure Jeffers, Jendro, Arthur tAAS-Fr.t Moorhead. Minn. Delores lAAS-Sol Casselton 227 Jenklnson, William lAeroE-Jr.l Fargo Jennings, Judith tHE-Fr.l Minot 283, 282, 178 Jensen, Clifford lCE-So.l Elbow Lake, Minn. Jensen, Donald tAAS-Srl Mason City, Ia. 130, 35, 132 Jensen. Eugene lAg-Jr.l Williston 76, 77 Jenson, Gordon E. lAAS-Fr.l Fergus Falls, Minn. 272 Jensen, Gordon L. tAg-Sp.l Moorhead, Minn. Jensen, Lavonne lAAS-Fr.l Mahnomen, Minn. Jensen, Leonard tEE-Jr.l Nashwauk, Minn. Jensen, Ray lAAS-Fr.l Fargo Jerrnstad. Clarence IME-Fr.l Kindred Jespersen, Delano tCE-Srl Fargo 54 Jobe, M iohael tAAS-So.l Cavalier Johansen, Dorald tAASfGrad.l Wadena, Minn. John, Shirley tHE-Jr.l Mandan Johnk, Jerome iAg-Srl Page 24 Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson .Allan H. lCE-Jr.l Morristown, S. Dak. , Allen P. iCE-So.l Moorhead. Minn. , Barbara lAAS-Fr.l Medina . Byron tAg-So.l McLeod . Cecil IAAS-Grad.J Moorhead, Minn. . Charles tAAS-So.l Cooperstown . Curtis tCh-Jr.l Halstad, Minn. 249, 230, 176, 212 272 57 Johnson Johnson, Deane tAg-Sr.l Fargo 23, 174, 172 Johnson, Dexter tME-Sol Osakls, Minn. Johnson , Donald iAg-Sol Sykeston 176 Johnson, Earl lAgEfSr.l Christine 161 Johnson, Edmund IAAS-Frat Fargo Johnson, Edward iEE-Sr.l Fargo Johnson Johnson Johnson . Elizabeth tAAS-Fr,l Mayville , Gerald lEE+Jr.l Underwood ,Glen A. lAgE-Jr.l Fargo Johnson, Glenn E. tAgsSo.l St. Hilaire. Minn. 105, 225, 161 Johnson ,Glen N. IEE-Fr.l Fargo Johnson, Herbert iME-Grad.l Fargo Johnson. Harley lPh-So.l Bismarck 274 Johnson , Ione tHE-Sol Gardner 225, 185 Johnson, Jack CME-Jr.l Fargo 164, 221 Johnson Johnson , James L. tPh-Fr.l Detro1tLakes, Minn. , James W. tPh-Srl Fargo 07 Johnson, Janice tHE-Fri Grandln 203 Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson J ohnson Johnson Johnson , Jerry tAAS-Fr.l Fargo .John iAg-Grad.l Hawley, Minn. , Keith iEE-Jr.l Moorhead, Minn. 273 .Kenneth iEE-Fr.l Fargo ,Lance iEEfSo.l Fergus Falls, Minn. 225, 203 ,Larry lEE-Srl Fargo 46, 166 . LeRoy iME-Sr.l Fargo 46, 237, 236, 164,221 .Lyleen tHE-Fr.l Fargo 203 . , Marshall iAg-So.l Nome185 , Mayonne lAAS-So.l Roseau, Minn. 185 ,Morris tCh-Jr.l Ranier, Minn. 225, 181 Johnson, Peter tMe-Jr.l Brocket 77 J ohnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson , Ray lAAS-Grad.l Moorhead, Minn. ,Richard A. lEE-Fr.J Granite Falls, Minn. . Richard F. tME-Sr.l Moorhead, Minn. 46 . Richard David CCE-Sol Fargo 130 , Richard Duane HE-Jr.l Fargo 270 , Richard Duane tAg-Srl LaMoure 23, 174,253 . Richard E. lAAS-Fr.l Edmore . Rita Kay iAAS-Fr.l Wahpeton , Rita Pearl IAAS-Fr.l Nash , Robert KEE-Sr.l Fullerton 46, 166 Roberta tHE-Slut Perham, Minn, 58, 238 Johnson, Roger lPh-So.l Fargo Johnson ,Ronald l1E-Sol Alexandria, Minn. Johnson, Sheldon lEE-Jr.t Twin Valley, Minn. Johnson, Shirley iAAS-Fr.l Mentor, Minn. Johnson, Stephan tAgE-So.l Cavalier 259, 160 Johnson, Warner tAgE-Jr.l Rugby Johnson, Warren tAAS-Fr.l Wheatland Johnson, Winton lME-Jr.J Moorhead, Minn. 46 Jolmston, Yvonne tHE-Jr.l Hillsboro 251 Jolosky, Jay lAAS-So.t Fargo 219 Jones, Daniel lAAS-Fr.l Hankinson Jonsson, Valgard iAg-Sr.t Saudarkrokur, Iceland 24 Jordan, Jordan, Elaine CHE-Sr.l Cyrus. Minn. 61 Michael lPh-S1'.l Duluth, Minn. 67, 171, 266, 194 232 Jordre, Lorren tAg-80.1 Sheyenne 185 Jordre, Ronald iAg-Fr.l Sheyenne 185 Jorgensen, Jens lCh-Grad.l Luverne Jorgenson, Norman tAAS-Fr.l Cando Joval. T homes lAAS-Sol Farm Helmeke, Kerry lAAS-Sr.l Georgetown, Minn. 31, 272 Halt, Barbara tHE-Se.l Lankln 225, 187 I-le1temes,Jack tME-Jr.l Fargo 219, 211, 170, 277, 164 Hemstad, Curtis tAg-So.l Stanley Henderson, Allen tME-Jr.l Tower City 245 Hendrickson, Clifford tEE-Grad.l Fargo Hendrickson, Dale lAg-Jr.l Denbigh 198 Hendrickson, David 1ME-Jr.l Carrington 245 Hendrickson, Jerome lEE-Jr.l Christine 272 Hendrickson, Laura tHE-Fr.l Fargo 260 Hendrickson, Marjean tHE-Fr.l Sheyenne 251. 283, 228, Hendrickson, Westly lArchE-Fr.l Detroit Lakes, Minn, Henning, Eileen lAAS-So.l Hillsboro Henning, Frances tAAS-Fr,l Hillsboro Henning, Lyle tME-Se.l Fargo Henry, William lAAS-Jr.l Fargo 214, 272 Herbel, Elrey tPh-Sol Alsen Herbst, Richard lAAS-Specs Fargo Herigstad. Maynard tME-Fr.l Mohall Herman, Dale tAg-So.l Brlnsmade 106, 258 Herman, Dlana tHE-Fr.l Beulah 283, 201, 186, 282, 178 Herman, Lois lAAS-Sol Lldgerweed 201, 262 Herman, Richard lEE-Fr.l Fargo Hermanson, Leis tHE-Se.l Webster 185 Hernett, Charles tlV1E-Fr.l Ashley 272 Herther, Terry rlVlE-Se.l Minot 214.254, 164 Hertsgaard, Thor lAg-Grad.l Fargo Herzog, Carol lAAS-Fr,l Fargo 270 Hess. Dennis lAg-Se.l Sanborn Hetland, Thomas IEE-Fr.l Fargo Heupel, Emanuel lME-Fr.l Elgin Heupel, Helmuth tPh-Srl Elgin 67 Hicke1,Hareld lAg-Sol McGregor Hlckle, William lME-So.l Mandan Hickman, Wallace lAAS-Jr.l Columbus Hicks, Beverly IAAS-Gradl M1oorhead,Minn. Hicks, Marliss tAAS-Se.l Williston Hleb, Glortan tHE-So.l McClusky 262, 244 H1gg1ns.Jane tAAS-Jr.l Fargo 240 Higgins, Judy tAAS-Se.l Fargo Hllber. Joseph lEE-Fry Fargo Hilde, Gary tAg-Fr.l Lisbon Hill, Hlbbert QAAS-Jr.l Valley City 140, 142 Hill, Loren lChem-Fr.l Ellendale 181, 254 Hl1l,M1ehae1 tEE-F121 Fargo 214 Hill, Nicholas tCE-Fr.l Valley City 214, 73 Hllllng, Carol tHE-Se.l Wllllston 261 Hillstrom, Carlyle lAg-Fr-J Price Hlllstrom, Jerry QAAS-Srl Fargo 31 Hlnkle, Dale tAg-Se.l Cavalier 130, 258, 135 Hins, Edalor tAg-So.l Medina 176 Hitterdal. Donna tl-IE-Jr.l Hitterdal185 I-ljelle, Harold lME-Se.l Thie1R1verFalls, Minn. 154 Hjelmstad, Lynn tAg-Jr.l Lawton 222. 176 Hjelmstad, Ronald QAAS-F121 Fargo Hlavlnka, Duane tME-Fr.l Lark 182 Heaby, Ernest QEE-Grady Fargo Hoag, Ben tAg-Jr.l Arthur Hedge, Brian lAg-So.l Winnipeg, Canada 185 Heels, Kenneth tlV1E-Srl Hankinson 46, 237, 167, 233 Heel, 0. Bernell tME-Se.l Fargo Heel, Donald lA1'chE-So.l Clnlsrtinc Holfard, Gordon tME-Fr.l Harvey 280 229, 178 Hoffman, Anthony lEE-Srl Mcllenry 46, 237, 234, 169, 187, 166, 233 Hofstrand, Douglas lAg-Fr.l Leeds 202 Hoganson, Harris lArchE-Se.l Fargo 209, 185 I-logansen, H. Jerry CEE-Fr.l Cooperstown Hogenson, Curtis tEE-So.l Devils Lake Hogobeom. Ralph KCE-Sr.l Sentinel Butte 46, 256 Hojem, David tPh-Se.l Pequot Lakes, Mlnn. Holbach, Laverne tHE-Fr.l Minot 283, 282, 178 Holcomb, Donna lHE'Se.l Mlnot185 Holden, Karen tHE-So.l Bismarck 285 Holden, Richard tAAS-Grad.l Fargo Holkesvig, Ernest lAAS-Fr.l Mayville Holland, Neal lAg-Grad.l Fargo He1land,Vernon L. lAg-Fr.l Halstad. Minn. 1-lollands, Franklin lME-Jr,l Moorhead. Minn. 201, 272 Holmes, Robert lArehE-So.l lvloorhead, Minn. 153 Holmqulst, Arlene 1Ph-Jr.l Elgin, Ill. Holtan, Arlin lAg-Fr.l Raub Holte. Audrey tHE-Se.l Voltaire 225, 185, 175 Holte, Glenn tAg-Fr.l Hawley, Minn H01tGn. Darold lChern-Srl New Rockford 38 Holthusen, Gary HE-Jr.l Fargo 54 Homme, Shirley tHE-Sr.l Fargo 58, 238 Homstad, Gerald lPh'Jr.l Fargo Hoover, Rachelle tl-TE-Fr.l Heil 225, 283, 228, 178 Hopkins, Lola tPh-Grad.l Fargo 241 Herejsl, Leonard tArchE-Jr.l Klmball.M1nn. Horner, Anton lCE-Sr.l Napoleon 46, 249, 278 Horner, Gerald lAg-Fr.1 Mohall 252, 176 Hornstein. Boniface tAg-F121 Rugby 257 Horsager, Bryan lCE-Fr.l Berlin Horsager, Jerome tEE-Se.l Berlin Horton, James tAAS-Gradl Wahpeten Hough, Delos lAAS-Jr.l Barnesv1lle.Minn. Houle, Gerald lPh-Jr.l Williston 119, 211 Hevde. Jolm tPh-Srl Devils Lake 67, 245, 108, 288 I-Ieverman, Phillip lAAS-Sol Breckenridge, Minn, Hovey, Roy tAg-Grad.l Parshall Howard, Jolm lAAS-Grad.l Fargo Howe, Lynn tAg-Sr.l Hettlnger 24, 176 Howitson, Carol tHE-Jr-1 Bismarck 250 Hubbard, Darrel tlVlE-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn, 254 Huber, Dennis tCE-So.l Garrison Huber, Eugene tAg-Se,l Fargo Huber, James tIE-S111 Ashley 272, 157 Congratulations to the Closs of 1958 FARGO'S FAMOUS ------- FIVE SPOT Dakota National Bank nn 51 Brooolwoy Fargo, North Dokolo couplers aaarwe Facilities FnnnninnnnNisnf1r Jurjans, Astrida tHE-Sol Fargo Just, Clarence lAg-So.l Berlin 176. 256 Just, Marvin 1Ag-So.i Berlin 173 Juve, Curtis IAAS-Sr.l 31,221 Kahl, Charles tCE-Srl Carrington 46 Kalalnoif, Mary Ellen 1AAS-Fri Tuttle 283, 264 Kallenbacl'1,Letitia 11-IE-Fri Esmond 282 Kamprud. James tAAS-Grad.l Fargo Karst, James tPh-Jr.i Fergus Falls, Minn, Kary, Edward tAg-Jr.l Mandan Kasowskl, Phillip lAAS-Jr.l Casselton 130, 135 Kasson, Bruce lAAS-Jr.i Fargo 245, 230, 198, 219, 255, 202 Kasson, Paul iAg-Grad.1 Fargo Kaszynskl, Albert 1EEeS1'.i Fargo 237, 234, 166, 54 Katz, Ronald tAASaSp.i Fargo Kautzman. Matthew tPh-Jr.i Mandan 208, 187, 219 Kearney, David tArch-Fr.l Grafton 274 Kearney, Janice tlPIEfJr.i Grafton 218, 240, 226, 265 Keating, Alfred tAg-Grad.i Fargo Keaveny, Thomas tPh-Jr.i Fargo 186, 269 Keller, James tAAS-Fr.l Fargo 221 Keller, Jerome 1Ph-Fr.i Harvey Keller, Vernon tPh-So.l Harvey Kelly, Lawrence 1ME-So.l Fargo Kelly, Orville lCe-Sol Fargo Kemmet, Early QAAS-Fr.1 Dawson Kennedy, Gary tAAS-Fr.i Crete Kennedy, James tPh-Sr.l Elbow Lake, Minn. 67, 211, 269 Kennedy, Ralph iAg-Fr.i Glen Ellyn, 111. 153 Kensok, Orville lME-Jr.i Casselton 170, 274, 164,77 Kenward, James lAg-Sr.i Fargo 23 Kepner. Gordon iAAS-Sr.l Fargo 31, 226 Ketelle, Thomas lAAS-Fri Edmore Ketter, Rex iCe-F111 Frazee, Minn. Ketterllng, Archie iPh-Jimi Fargo Keyes, Kay tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Kiefer. Catherine iCh-Fr.i Parham, Minn. 225, 181, 283, 282, 186 K1efert,Elroy tME-Fr.l Fargo Kieffer, Bonnie tHE-Sr.l Casselton 58, 187, 178 Kiker, Russell 1Ag-S127 Fargo 73, 24 Kile, Dennis lME-Fr.i Detroit Lakes, Minn. Kilfoyl, Gerald iPh-Fr.i Fargo Kimball, James lAg-Jr.i Noonan 242, 176 Kimbrough, Constance lAAS-Soi Fargo King, Dwayne tCEfSr.l Casselton 274 King, William lCh-Grad.i Cando 180 Kingrey, Jerry 1AAS-Jr.i Worthington, Minn, 130, 140, 137, 143 Klnstler, Claire lAAS-So.l Williston Kippen, Janet tAAS-Sol Cavalier 216, 267 Kippen, Robert tAg-Jr.l Cavalier 253, 172 Kirk, Doris tHE-Srl Devils Lake 58, 240, 183, 178 Kirkevold, Kent 7AAS-Fr.i Fargo 230 Klrmis, Father tHE-Simi Lisbon 58, 239 Klrschenman, Duane 1lVIEfSr.l Dickey 46, 164,221 Kisser, Martin tAAS-Fri Fargo Kittie, James tAg-Sr.i Grand Forks 23 Kjelland, Richard lAAS-So.i Fargo Kjenstad, Donald 1Ag-Sal Fargo Kiosen, Rolan tCh-Sri White Earth 38 Klassen, Raymond iAAS-Fr.i Fargo Klaus, Calvin lEE-Srl Zap 276,166 Klebe, Wilmer rArch-Soi Crosby Klee, Harvey tEE-Sr.l Bismarck 46, 166, 275 Kleppe, Ray tAg-Fri Dawson Kleveland, Keith lAAS-Soi Mayville Kleven, Dean, IE-Jr.i Jamestown 168, 156, 255 Klicker, Dean QCE-So.i Park Rapids, Minn. Kllmpel, Richard 1ME'Fr.l Fargo 189. 272 Kline, Thomas tME-So.l Fargo Kllpfel, Kenneth 1Ph-Fr.l Ashley Klomstad, Dale tEE-Soi Detroit Lakes, Minn. Klostriech, Donald iAAS-Fr.i Jamestown 264 Klobstad, Wallace iEE-Jr.i Vergas, Minn. Kinoch, Norman IEE-Jr.l Fargo 221 Knapp, DeLons, lie-J'r.i Linton Knapton, Winton lIE-Jr.l Bemidji, Minn. 166 Knatterud, Neil lPh-So.l Maddock Knight, Kenneth 1Ag-Fr.l Flaxton Knight, Lawrence lPhfFr.i Hannah Knight, Lloyd 1Ag-Jr.l Amenla 258, 176 Knorr, Marlene tAAS-Fr.i Fargo Knote, Jeannine tHE-Jr.l Baker 262, 239, 240, 178 Knott, John tFE-Srl Fargo Knudsen, Darlene tHE-So.l Lidgerwood 271, 178 Ifnnhmn Pail-mv lU1a.Tv'l Atnmiuuilln Knudson, Warner iAg-Jr.1 Berwick 160. 77,256 Koble, Adam 1Ag-Grad.i Rugby 196, 256 Kocourek, John lCh-Fr.l Fargo 211, 272 Kodelka, John lAg-Fri Fargo Koebenaky, Joe iPh-Sr.l Virginia, Minn. 67, 230, 211, 269, 232, 202 Koenig, Duane iPhfSr.l Jamestown 189 Kolding, David tAg-Fr,i Grand Forks Kolsrud, Gary iAgfJr.i Helmdal 77, 24, 255 Konetshney, Gerald iAAS-Grad.i LaSalle, Ill. Kopp, Clinton 1AgaGrad.i Lisbon Koppang, Robert tAAS-Sr.1 Fargo 31 Koppl, Rldgway lCE-Jr.l Valley City Koppinger, Matthew tAAS-Fr.l New England Korb, Robert 1ME-Sol Calio 187 Koskela, Kenneth lAeroE-Jr.l Fargo 77 Koski, Duane iEE-Jr.i Rolla Koszalke, Helen tHE-So.l Fargo Kovell, Genevieve tHE-Jimi West Fargo 271, 204 Kovell, Gordon lArch-Fri West Fargo 215 Kovich, Robert tCEfFr.l M1nneapolis,Mlnn,272 Koziey, Paul lAAS-Fr.i Winnipeg. Canada 254 Krabbenhoft, Ardell lEE-Fr.l Detroit Lakes, Minn. Krabhenhoft, Cordell tEE-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. Krabbenhoft, Ernest tAg-Fri Sabin, Minn, Kraft, Arlyn lAgE-So.l Mapleton Kraft, Donald 1Ch-Soy Fargo 167 Kraft, Dorothy iAAS-Spa Fargo Kragnes, Burton lME-Jr.1 Georgetown, Minn, 219, 164 Kragness, Gerald tPh-Fri Fargo Krahn, Morris 1ME-Jr.l Fargo 46 Krajeck, Philip iAeroEfJr.l Holllngiord, Minn. 217, 170, 276, 164, 77 Krajeck, Roger lPl1-So.l Hollingford, Minn. Krajewski, John tChsJr.i Holllngford, Minn. 280, 132 Kramer, Carol tHE-Sr.l Fargo 61, 262 Kramer, Delmar iAg-Fr.l Hell Krantz, David iPh-Sol Virginia, Minn. 268 Kraus, Raymond tCE-Fri Moorhead, Minn. Krause, Robert tAg-Sol Hawley, Minn. 76 Kremers, Lawrence 1AAS-Fr.l Minneapolis, Minn. 273 Krenzel, Herman CAAS-Jr.i Harvey Krieg, Gene iAAS-Sr.l Fargo 32 Kristofitz, Donald 1ME-Sri Fargo Krueger, Gerald tIE-Sri Fargo 46, 168 Kryl, ,Robert QEE-Sol Fargo Kublschta, Peter tEE-Sr.i Jamestown 46 Kucera, Henry lAgE-Gradl Fargo 161 Kuch, Carroll LEE-So.i Mott Kuehnel, Edward tEE-So.l Fergus Falls, Minn. 221 Kuhn, Donald lAg-Fr.l Jud Kukowskl, Margaret tHE-Sr.l Beach Kulseth, James lPh-Sol Watertown. S. Dak. Kulstad, Jolm 1AAS-Sol Halstad. Minn. Kummeth, Robert iAAS-Jr,1 Cogswell 256 Kupplch, Joseph lAeroE-Fri Fargo Kurtz, Arnold lPh-Sol Fargo Kurtz, Clinton iAg-Sol Barney Kuske, Donald A. iCh-Grad.l Fargo Kuske, Donald R. tEE-Jr.l Emrlck Kuske, Duane 1AeroE-Jr.l Fargo 237, 219, 155 Kutter, Lloyd 1EE-So.l Hanklnson Kutz, Mrs. William lAAS5Grad.l Hillsboro Kuyper, Harold CEE-Sol Odessa, Minn. Kvern, Clilford IEE-Sr.l Fergus Falls, Minn. 49, 237 Kylllnsdtad, David 1EEaFr.l Linton Lacher, William iEE-Fr.l Lisbon LaFleur, Harold tArch-Sr.i Mayville 49, 217, 165, 237, 235, 198, 170,77 277 LaFleur, Joyce tHE-Jimi Mayville 244, 240 LaFleur, Robert CAAS-Soi Mayville Lageson, Roger lAg-Sol Helmdal 185, 184 Lahlum, Howard iAg-Jr.i Valley City 23, 185, 184, 112, 242, 176, 233, Lahlum. Slmen tAg-Srl Valley City 23, 185, 226, 242, 160, 221, 232 Lamb, Charles tIE-Fr.i Wahpeton 254 , Lambourn, Lawrence lME-Sr.l Reeder 49, 184 . Lammer, Lynn 1AgE-Sri Edgeley 40 Langer, Rodney lEE-Srl Fargo 73 Langseth, James 1Me-Sol Argusville 184 Langseth, Lynn 1Ag-Fr.l Carrington 258 Lantz, William tCh-S0.l Moorhead, Minn. 181, 187, 273, 192, 193, 195 194, 204 Largis, Yvonne tAAS-So.l Tower City Larke, Philip iPh-Sr.l Wahpeton 67, 268 Larsen, Dwight tEEi-Sr.i Fargo 49, 166 Larsen. Jack lAAS-Sri Moorhead, Minn. 32 Tmianvi .Tninvi F iAd.Ti'rl Minnt Larson , Cheryl rrnr-rr.i Bisbee.266 Larson, Da1e1AAS-S121 Fargo 32 Larson , Dalmon 1Ag'Fr.l Twin Valley, Minn. Larson. David 1EE-Fra Fargo 201 Larson, Elling 1CE-Jr.l Grand Forks Larson, Gaylord 1Ag-Fr.l Michigan Larson, Jerry 1AAS-Sol Breckenridge, Minn. Larson , John J. 1AAS-Sr.l Fargo 252 Larson, Joyce 1AAS-Fr.l Fargo 228, 260, 226 Larson Larson Larson Larson ,Leon 1CE-Sr.l Rlsbae 49, 162, 276 , Loren 1AAS-So.l Ambrose 261, 211, 272 ,Margaret 1AAS-Fr.1 Fargo 181, 185, 201 , Omar 1lVlE-Sol Walcott Larson, Drlyn 1EE-So.l Lando 46, 276 Larson, Patricia 1AAS-Jr.l Fargo 244, 166, 205, 204 Larson Larson Larson Larson , Raymond 1AAS-Grad.l Moorhead, Minn. , Robert 1CE-Jr.l Blsbee 276 ,Ronald 1CE-Sr.l Bottlneau 49, 162 ,Stuart 1Ag-Jr.l Rlsbee LaS111le,Jaek 1Ph-Sr.l Fargo 67 Leske, Wayne 1AAS-Srl Leonard 32, 276 Lashkowskt, Donald 1EllI-So.l Fargo Lass, Gerald 1CE-Fr.l Casaelton Lass, James 1ME-Sol Casselton Laulenberg. J. Duane 1Arch-Fr.J Fargo Lautenschlager, Lyle 1Arch-Fr.l Berthold 257 Lavold, Kay tHE-So.l Moorhead, Minn. 244, 188, 264, 176 Lavold. James tAreh-Fr.l Moorhead, Mlnn. 165 Lawrence, Ronald 1ME-Sol Thief River Falls, Minn. 214 Layton, Donald 245. 166 Lazorenko, Peter 1AgE-Jr.l Grassy Butte 161,221 LeClerc. Gerald 1lVlE-So.l Devils Lake Lee, Abner 1Ag-Jr.l Mayville Lee, Kenneth 1AAS-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. 35 Lee,Dav1d 1AgF-Sol Hone Lee, Lots 1AAS-Jr.l Minot Lee, Richard 1AAS-Fr.l Towner Lee, Robert 1AAS-Gradl Fargo Lee, Russell 1CE-Jr.l Towner Leegard, Lyle 1Clll-Fr.l Detroit Lakes, Minn. Lees, Douglas 1AAS-So.l Fargo Leetun, Janell 1ldE-So.l llettinger 265, 218, 178 Lees, J udlth 1AAS-Fr.l Fargo 226, 266, 226 Legrld. Bernard 1AAS-Grad.l Fargo Legrid. 118 IAAS-F121 Fargo 227, 262, 206 Lehr, James 1AAS-Sol Fargo 280 Leldal. Marcin 1Ch-So.l Hunter Lelseth, Bruce 1651-So.l Fargo 48, 222 Lemberg, Ingrid 1Fh-Sr.l Zap 67, 242, 241, 171,233 Lemmon, Norman 1AgE-Srl Detroit Lakes, Minn. 46, 160, 232, -233 Lenaburg, Karen 11-111-Jr.l Portland 267 Leno, Raymond 11516-Fr.l Jud Lent, ,Charles 1Ph-Sr.l Fargo 67 Leoboldt, George 1617-Fr.J Jamestown Leonard, Edmond 1ArchE-Sr.l Dunselth L6D1'lEl1' d, I-Iarold 1ME-Jr.l Fargo 170 Leplrd, Larry 1Ag-Sol Harwood LBFBSS, Norman 1Ml5-Jr.l Hillsboro Lerol, Ronald 1Ag-So.l Hatton 153 Leltud. Leon 1011-Fr.l Fargo Leshovsky, Arnold 1AgE-Sr.l Milner 46 Leshovsky, Howard 1AAS-Sr.l Fargo 32, 221 Lesmeister, Leonard 1Ag-Fr.l Harvey 252 Letcher, Charlotte 1HFiFr.l Jamestown 282. 176 Letnes, Darlene tl-IE-Sr.l Climax. Minn. 61, 236, 165,240 Letnes, Fern 11-1111-Sol Climax, Minn. Laura. Franklin 1AAS-Fr.l Fargo Leulllh Rosemary 1166-Sr.l Stanton 61, 216, 261 Leverett, William 1EE-So.l Moorhead, Minn. 272 Leverson, Bruce 1AAS-Fr.l Fargo Leverson, Richard 1Arcll-Srl Fargo 46, 165 Lewin, Donald 1AAS-Jr.l Dent, Minn. Lewis, Grant 1lV1E-So.l Williston Lewis, Marjorie tHE-Jr.l Fargo Lewis, Merrill D. 1ME-So.l Fargo Lewis, Merrill F. 1Ag-Fr.l Jamestown Lewis, Robert 1Ag-Fr.l Park River 113 Liebe, Edward 1CE-Sr.l Jamestown 54 Lien, DeWayne 1AAS-Sol Veblen, S. Dak. Lies, Clemence tAAS'-Fr.l Cathay 167, 222 Llmke. Pat 1Ag-Fr.1 Lansiord Lindberg, Dennis 1AAS-Fr.l Fert1le,M1nn. Lindberg, Noble 1Pli-So.l Park Rapids, Minn. Lindbo, Joan tHE-Srl Ro1la61,216. 271 Llndemann, Dennis 1AgE-Sr.l Fnderlln 46, 276 248, 267, 256, Link, Raymond 1Ph-Srl Lefor 67, 245, 167, 196, 171, 266, 232 Llnke, Murl 1Ag-Sol Fargo 174 Linskey, James 1lV1EeSo.l Williston 255 Little, John 1CE-Jr.l I-lazelton 152, 277 Liu, Hoang-Zung 1Ag-Gradl Taipei, Taiwan, China Liudahl, Darlene tHE-So.l Maddock 225, 165, 175, 178 Lloyd, Beverly tHE-Sol Fessenden 251, 216, 226, 250, 178 Lloyd, Herbert 1CE-Fr.l Jamestown Loberg, Jolm 1AAS-Srl Fargo 32 Lobsinger. Jerome 1Ag-So.l Fargo Lobstnger,Wlllla1n 1AAS-Sol Fargo Lockhart, James 1AAs-F121 Fargo Lotqulst, Myron 18116-So.l Fargo Lolquist, Rodney 1AAS-Fr.l Kensington, Minn. Lohman, Edward 1ME-So-l Moorlread, Minn. Lohse, Harry 1ArcheJr.l Fargo Lokken, Manley 1AAS-So.l Walcott Lokken, Wayne 1CF-Fr.l Crosby 272 Loll, Marvin 1Mll1-Sr.l Waltpeton 49, 237, 277, 164 Lomsdal, LaVaye 11-181-Sol Hltterclal, Minn. 165 Long, Janet 1Ch-Sol Rhame 262, 161, 262, 166 Long, Mary Ann tAAS-Fr.l Rl1ame283,,262 Longballa, Gary 1Ag-Fr.l Minneapolis, Minn. Longballa, Morris 1AAS-Sol Minneapolis, Minn. 215, 162 Lorenz, Lorne 18181-Sr,l Fargo Lorenz, William 1AeroEfFr.l Valley City 215, 274 Lorenzen, Terry 116-Srl Mohall 46, 252, 168 Lovaas, Sammy 1Ag-Sr.l Oklee, Minn, 185, 240, 174 Ludwig, Ann tHE-Jr.l Fargo Ludwig. Merlin 1AAS-Grad.l Fargo Luebke, Sharron 11116-Jr.l Sherwood Luik.l1mar 1EE-Sul Fargo Lund, Glenn 1116-Jr.l Minot Lund, James CAAS-Jr.1 Fargo 203 Lund, Narlynn 1011-Jr.l Fargo Lund, Richard 1Ph-Fr,l Fargo 268 Lund, Roald 1Ag-Glrad.l Nome Lundeberg, Henry 1Ag-Fr.l llitterdal. Minn. Lundby, Dale 1AAS-Jr.l Williston 217, 140, 133, 144, 77 Lundnagen, David 1P1l'Fl'.1 Ashby, Minn. Lundine, Stanley 1Pn-Jrl Elgin, Ill. 78, 272, 216 Lundqulst, Quentin 1AAS-Grad.l Fargo Lundquist, Sylvia 1AAS-Jr.l Fargo Lundstrom, James 1171.11-Jr,l Fargo Lunsetter, Phyllis 1Ch-Fr.l Gatzlce, Minn. 225, 181, 185. 282 Lunsetter, Wayne 1Ch-Fr.l Clatzke, Minn. 181, 225, 73 Lutz, Robert 1lE-So.l New England Lutz, Roger 1EE-Fr.l Fargo 203, 272, 206 Lyng, Orlin 1Ag-Jr.l Mayville Lynnes, Karen tHE-Sol Leonard 176 Lyon. George 1ArohE-Sr.l Oakes 279, 64 Maas, Dennis 16116-Sr.l Hazen 54 Maas, Duane 1AAS-Fr.l Buchanan 165 Maas, Raymond 1AgE-Jr.l Sydney 185, 161 lV1aattala,Le0 1AASeGrad.l Moorhead, Minn. Maeek, Robert 1CheSo.l Fargo Madler, Robert 1Agl6fSr.l New 1lngland48', 253, 150 Maetzold, James 1Ag-Jr.l Devils Lake 254 Magill, John 1Ch-Grad,l Fargo Mdgill, T. Robert 1Ag-Grad.l Fargo Magill, Mrs. T. R. 1Ag-Grad.l Fargo Magnuson, August IAAS-Gradl Fargo Magnuson, Clifford 1Ag-Sol Sherwood Magnuson, Harlan 1Ag-Fr.l Sherwood Magnuson, Rodger 1Ph-Jr.l Du1uth,iV1inn.268 Mahanna, George 1Ag-So.l Surrey Mahler, Thomas 1681-Sol Lldgerwood 1V18h0Wald,Jol1n E. 1Clr1-Sol Garrison Ma1,Wilbert 1AAS-Jr.l Watford City Maier, Sally 11115-Fr.l Elgin 263, 228, 226 Mallar1an,Mltzi 1AAS-Sol Fargo 262, 204 Ma1lberg,Roger 1F16-Fr.l Cogswell Malmberg, Marvin 1Ph-Grad.l Fargo Malme. Dean 1EEfFr.l Shelly,lVl1nn. Malmquist, John tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Malo, Michael. 1Ag-Jr.l Caballer 252, 77 Maloney, Mary 11661-So.l Webster 227. 166 Malpert. Jolm, Jr. 1Ag-Jr.l Straubvllle Malta, Rudolls 1AAS-Gradl Fargo Mandery, Robert 1lVlE-Jr.l Redore, Minn. Manlkowski, Donald 1Ch-Sr.l Forman 36 Mann, Robert 1Ch-Sol Underwood 227, 272 Marczuk, Michael 1Arch-5thl Gorham 54 Marltjeren, Allyn lag-Srl Park River 24 Mark, James 1AAS-Grad.l West Fargo 1 ., 1 .-,,3'3.q3:::1,3,: ,xi 111113, ' 'I ' pf, THEJF' rt 4 it tr.. it 3-, .3 44-as 1 , 3, , '-3 ,Q 1. .' .Qi ""' ' 1:1333 4:43555-ff ' 3'1" t11t:i:5:I"1'':',1:2gl:I111'g:-- f :3:3:i:31l:l,"-: " E52 111,11-11i.,. . . . .. .. L.,-1. 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Martin, James tArt-Srl Fargo 24 Martin, Kenneth tIE-Fr.i Walcott Martin, Mrs. Margaret tHE-Sol Fargo 262 Martin, Roger tAg-Jr.l Chaffee 176, 257 Martinson, Art tArcl1-Fr.i Fargo 198, 280 Mastel, F, Charles tME-Fr.i Edgeley Masdal, Raynarcl tAAS-Jr.l Fargo 220,222 Mathern, Bernon CAAS-Fri Edgeley 215 Matheson, Warren tAg-Fr.l Fargo Mathison, Luther tFIE-80.1 Toronto, S. Dak. Matson, Mrs. Mary tAAS-Soi Fargo Mattson, Patsy tHE-Srl Rolla 01, 185, 178 Matzek, Milton 1EE'Jl'.2 Spirltwood 209, 188, 190 Maudal, Phyllis tAAS-Fr.i White Rock, S. Dak. Maxson, Dennis tAAS-Sol Fargo Maxwell, Kathryn tPhfFr.i Fessenden 282 Maxwell, Robert tAg-Soi Webster Meckstroth, Mary tPhfJr.l Fargo 261 Mehloff, Wllbert CCE-Fri New Rockford Mehrer, Ronald tAg-S121 Moftit 23, 242, 174,252,204 Meier, Dorothy tHE-Sr.i Nampleon 61 Meier, James tEE-.Tri-New Salem 217, 230, 70, 77, 254 Melnharclt, Donald tAAS-Frat Gwinner Melnhardt, Raymond tSE-Jr.l Fargo Melby, Darol tAg'Jr.l Greenbush, Minn. Melby, Janice tHE-Fr.t Greenbush, Minn. 283, 201, 270, 178 Melchior, Margaret tHEsFr.i Moorhead, Minn. 266 Melhus, Lynn tAAS-Jr.i Fargo Melheiin, Frank tAAS-Grad.i Moorhead, Minn. Melin, Carl tCh-Fr.l Steele 198 Melin, John tPh-Sol Virginia 268 Mellum, Douglas tAAS-Stal Ypsilanti 32 Agar gracduafiort- Opportunities Awoit You in North Dakota! You are needed in agriculture, in industry, in science, in engineering, in medicine, in business, in newspaper work. These and hundreds ot other great opportunities are yours for the asking. North Dakota, a big and great state, is fast becoming o leader among the 48. Our congratulations to the class oi '58. THE F RGO FORUM MOORHEAD DAILY EWS Menze, Verlin tME-Jr.l Ottertail, Minn. Merck, Lawrence UE-Sr-.i Argyle, Minn. 49, 168 Merrymon, William tFEiSo.i Williston Mertes, James CAAS-Fr.i Mantador Metz, Cleone tHE-Fr.J Garrison 264, 283, 198, 178 Metz, Robert tArch-5thi Devils Lake 165, 54 Metzger, Roy tME-So.l Fargo 275 Meyer, Darlene tHE-Sol Carrington Meyer, Leroy tEE-Grad.l Moorhead, Minn. Meyer, Merlyn tAeroE-Fri Bloomfield, Ncb, 187. 222 Meyer, Patricia tHE-Fr.l Tower City 282, 182. 176 Meyer, Vernon KME-So.i Hartington, Neb. 187,222 Mich, Eugene tPh-Jr.l Fargo Michael, Roland tPh-Srl Fargo 68 Mickelson, Gloria tHE-Soi Jamestown 267 Michelson, Grant tPh-Fr.i New Rockford 198,268 Mickelson, Janice tHE-Sr.l Absarake 61, 238, 240 Mickelson, Raymond tAAS-Fr.i Perth Mtdgarden, James tAg-Fri Hoople 252 Mldgley, Melvin tEE-Jr.i McHenry 166 Micltbo, Guy tAgF-Srl Hatton 169, 54, 160 Micltlyng, Homer tAg'-Jr,l Adams Mikkelsen, Cameron tAg-So.i Devils Lake 257 lV11kkelsen,Virgll CCE-Jr.i Fargo Miller, Barbara Anne tAAs-Fr.i Mapleton 189 Miller, Clifton, Jr. tPh-Fri Fargo 268 Miller, Donald, Jr. tAg-Fri Haugthon, S. Dak, Miller. Eugene tAAS-Grad.i Buffalo Miller, Glenmore tAAS-Fr.l Frazee, Minn. Miller, Joyce 1AAS'F1'.1 Fargo 264 Miller, Marvin tAAS-Sr.i Wheaton. Minn. 32, 130, 137 lVIlller,Mlc11ael tCE-Fr.i Aneta Miller, Ralph R. tPh-So.J Mandan Miller, Ralph W. tEE-Sri Fargo 166 Miller, Richard tASS-Grad.i Moorhead, Minn. M1ller,Ritcl1le tME-Fr.l Steele Miller, Virgil D. IEE-Sni Bindord 49, 249, 284, 277, 166, 121 Miller. Vlreil E. IAAS-So.i Farao 165 Congratulations and Best Wishes For Success in Your Chosen Careers Insured Savings and Loan Associations of Fargo-Moorhead FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN GATE CITY SAVINGS AND LOAN METROPOLITAN SAVINGS AND LOAN MOORHEAD FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN NORTHWESTERN SAVINGS AND LOAN Mittelatadt, Janet I1-1E-Fr.I Kllldeer 251, 283 Mjolaness, Freeman lPh-Jr.I 1-lannatord Moberg, Lance lEE-So.l Fargo Mock, Dermlee THE-Fri Braddock 283. 186, 178 Mock, Dennis lAeroE-Fr.I Braddock 187 Modln, Neil lAg-Sr.I Fargo 23 Moe, T. Ardell lAg-Fr.I Fisher, Minn. 252, 160 Moe, Donal lPh-Jr.I Fargo Moe, Joy IAAS-Snecl Fargo Moe, Lyle lAg-Srl Corinth 23, 249, 230, 252, 176, 232, 172 Moen, Wallace lAg!So.l Michigan 190 Moen. Wayne tAg-So.l Mioltiaall Mollit, Mary Lee tHE-Fr.I Janestown 283, 108 Mogen, Shirley tHE-S127 Keene 61, 264, 178 Mohbei-gi Noel tCh-Fr.I Milnor Mohrland, Eldon TAAS-Fr.I St. Paul, Minn, 280 Mollison, David IAAS-Gracl.t Fargo Monger, Vernon lCe-Jr.I Alamo Monson, Gerald lArch-Jr.I Fargo Monaon, Norman IChem-Sr.I Fargo 38, 180 Monson, Richard lChem-Sr.I Moorhead, Minn, 38, 245, 230, 198, 192, 273, 193, 232, 233, 203, 194 Montogomery, Donna TAAS-Sr.I Ayr 32 Montgomery, Scott lAAS-J1'.I Fargo 217, 245, 108, 77, 255 Montgomery. Roscoe lCe-Sol Oakes Moordale, Meredith THE-Jr.l Fargo 239, 178 Moore, David lPh-Frat Bismarck 105, 187, 268 Moore. LeRoy lPh-Sr.l Fargo Moore, Patricia lPh-Sr.I Bismarck 03, 242, 241, 267, 192, 1 Moorhead, Donald IEE-So.I Fargo 209, 110 Moorhead. Russell IAAS-Fr.I Inkster Morgan, Bruce lCh-Sol Fargo 275 Morgan, Donald IAAS-Sol Page 230 Morgan, Larry ICE-So.l Oakes Morningstar, Henry TCE-Sr.l Goodland, Manitoba 49, 162 Morris, Pauline THE-So.I Cando 283, 282 1Vlo1'r'issey, Alan IAAS-Srl Fargo 32 94. 232 Mountain, Robert lAg'-Sr.I Calvin 23, 227, 253, 176 Mousaeau, Yvonne ll-IE-Sol Minot 218, 200 Movick, Wayne lAg-Jr.I Holt, Minn. Mowbray, Richard lAg-So.I Wales Moxness, Sherman IAAS-Fri Fargo Marchek, Raymond lAg-Fr.I Alexander 1Vluhich,Louis tPh-Jr.I Eveletlr,Minn. 186,201,187 17 268 Muldoon, Marlow IEE-So.I Caseellon 275 Mullen, Willie lPh-Fr.I Moorhead. 1V1lnn. Mullin, Doyle IME-So.J Fargo Mumm, George IIE-Jr.I Lidgerwood 168 Muncl, Carol IAAS-Fr.l Milnor 288, 260 Munig, George lAASeFr.I Devils Lake Munro, Jane IAAS-Fr.I Fargo 244, 198. 262. 204 Murphy, Kerry TAAS-Grad.I Harvey Murphy, Patrick ICE-Jr,l Kenmare 237, 219, 273 Murray, Justin IAQ-J1'.I Flngal 214, 219, 137, 275 Muscha, Gerald IEE-Soi Harvey Mussetter, Harold IPH-Sol Fargo Myers, Donna IHE-Jr.I Moorhead, Minn. lviyers, Harvey IEE-Jr.I Cavalier 273 Myers. Raymond IME-Srl Cavalier 49, 286, 164 Myers, Warren IME-Jr.I Fargo Mylrre, Robert IAAS-Jr.I Kindred 249,230,273 1V1yrdal,NanCl' TAAS-Fr.l Fargo 262 Muster, Stuart IEE-Fr.i Bismarck McAllen, William lPh-Sod Minot 222 1VIcAllister, Roderick lPh-Fri Hazelton McBride. Barry TAAS-Fri Winnipeg, Canada 149, 254 McBride, Margaret IHE-Jr.l Williston 227, 228, 229 McCabe, Myron IEE-Fr.I Fargo McCardle, Roger tArchE-Sol Cooperstown McCarty, Eileen IHE-Sr.l Outlook, Mont. 61, 239 McCarty, Richard lAg-Fr.t Scobey, Moat. McClelland, Ronald IME-Jr.I Bowbells 272 McClintock, Alice TAAS-Fri Wahpeton McCloskey, Donald I ArchE-Fr.I Fargo 274 McDaniel, Brian tME-Stal Minot 49,249,254 McDaniel, Duane tCE-Fr.l Forman McDonald. Charles tEE-Jr.l Bismarck 198, 77, 154, 255 McDonald, James tME-Srl Deering McDonald, John QAAS-So.l Fargo McDonald. Mary lAAS'Sr.1 Fargo 32, 186, 187, 264.240, 204 McDonald, Thomas lIE-Fr.l Fargo 254 McElevey, John tPh-Srl Fargo 67, 171 MeElmury, Richard tPh-Srl Minneapolis, Minn. 07, 233 MacFarlane, Roland tAg-So.l Grandln iVlcFerran, David lEE-Srl Mandan 54 McGeary, C. V. QAAS-Spec.l Detroit Lakes, Minn. 35 McGinnlty, Leon tAg-Fr.l McGregor McIlwain, Patric tCh-Son Hankinson 181 McKeever, Jack lPh-Sol Forsyth, Mont. McKenna, E. Daniel tCli-Grad.l Valley City 180, 220 McKinnie, Mary tAAS-Grad.l Fargo McKinnon, Barbara tHE-So.l Mapleton McKinnon, James tArchEfFr.l Fargo 272 McLain, Eldon tME-Sr.l Mohal149, 169, 277, 103, 164, 232, 120, 296 McLain, Shirley tAAS-Jr.l Mohall McLain, John IIE-Fr.l Miles City, Mont. McLarnan, John lME-Grad.l Fargo McLean, Kenneth lAg-Jr.l Wheatland 257 McLean, William tEEfS1'.l Fargo 49, 166 McLeod, Dennis lAg-So.l Barney 252 McLeod, Howard lAg-Grad.l Fargo McNeese, George tEE-Jr.l Fargo 166 MeNutt. Wesley QAAS-Fr.l Fargo McVay, .Monte tAg-Fr.l Fargo Naaden, Bjorne lAg-Grady Fargo Nadramla, James lAAS-Fr.l New York City, N. Y. Nagel, Henry lAAS-Fr.l Regan Nagel, Herman IIE-Jr.l Linton 130, 186, 212, 186, 168 Narde, Joseph tME+Sr.l Fargo 50, 164 Narum, Gailen tArchE-Sr.l Douglas 50, 76, 77 Naucler, John lIE-Jr.l Fargo 168, 222 Naylor, Daryle tPh-So.l Berthold Neal. Gene lPh-So.l Larlmore 268 Neameyer, Harold tAgE-Sol Rolla 257, 176 Nedrebo, Kermit tAAS-Jr.l Gardner 119, 257 Neeb, VelRae tl-1E-Sr.l Fargo 61, 228,238,229 Neima, Jack IAAS-Sol Fargo Nelson, Alicia tHE-Sol Grygla, Minn. 225, 185 178 Nelson, Ardis tAAS-Fr.l New Rockford 189 Nelson, Arlene R. lAAS-Fr.l New Rockford 189 Nelson, Arnold tAg-Jr.l Fargo Nelson, Beverly ll-IE-Sr.l Grand Rapids, Minn. Nelson, Charles tAg-So.l Hawley, Minn. 203, 219 Nelson, Clifford tAg-Fr.l Cavalier 257 Nelson, Curtis Herb tAg-Sr.l Christine 24, 253 Nelson, Curtis H. tCh-Jr.l Fargo 180, 240 Nelson, Dallas lAAS-Fr.l Winger, Minn. Nelson. Darrel tCh-Sol Fargo Nelson, Dayton tCE-Srl Hazen 50, 162, 279 Nelson, Dee Ann lPh-Fr.l Williston 283, 198, 242, 171 Nelson, Delbert lPh-Sr.l Ellendale 68, 77. 241, 233 Nelson, Dennis tCh-Sr.l Sheyenne 38. 189 Nelson, Dewey tME-Sr.l Mandan 50, 217, 230, 201, 77,232,255 Nelson, Donald C. tEE+So.l Hillsboro Nelson, Donald R. tAAS-Fr.l Eliendale Nelson, Donovan tAASeGrad.l Fargo Nelson, Elvina lAAS-Fr.l Lakota Nelson, Erwin tME-So.l Bismarck Nelson, Gary tCE-Sr.l Bowbells 50, 211, 279 Congratulations The to the CLASS OF 1958 BROADWAY PHARMACY ond C. and K. PHARMACY PRINTING OF All KINDS R111 Mnln Aug - :mum L G, PRATT CQ. THE PIZZA SHOP OFHCF SUPPUFS 301 Bdwy. - Forge, N. Dok. Nelson, Gilbert tAASfGrad.l Blsbee Nelson, Howard tME-Grad.l Perley, Minn. 225, 185 Nelson, Jack tAAS-Jr.l Moorhead, Minn. Nelson, Jean Ann tAAS-Sr.l Mllnor 32, 261, 216, 192, 103, 232 Nelson, Jerold lAg-Fr.l Sabin, Minn. Nelson, Joan tHE-Sol Fullerton Nelson, John lAeroE-Son Devils Lake Nelson, Linda tAAS-Fr.J Fargo 261 Nelson, Lois lAAS-Sol Fargo 228, 229 Nelson, Lyle tArchE-Sr.l Cando 54 Nelson, Marvin tME-Jr.l Perley, Minn. Nelson, Neal lME-Jr.l Perley. Minn. 201 Nelson, Richard lAAS-Sr.l Fargo 32, 74, 76, 156, 255 Nelson, Robert E. lEE-Jr.l Proctor. Minn. 153 Nelson, Robert D. tAg-Fr.l Heimdal Nelson, Ronald J. tAeroE-So.l Valley City 274 Nelson, Ronald R. tAAS-Jr.l Fargo Nelson, Willis Jr. tAAS-Fr.l Crookston, Minn. Nenow, James tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Nerdahl. Sidney tAgE-Jr.l Aneta Nerhus, William tEE-Fri Fargo Nermyr, Glenn tME-Srl Weslhope 50, 236, 237, 164 Neset, Norman lEE-Fri Mayville Ness, Barbara tHEfSo.l Fargo Ness, Bruce lAAS-Sol Fargo 211. 278 Nf2Sl0sard, Arnold tAsE-Fr.l Leeds 252 Nestaval, Hal lCE-Fr.l Nes Town Nester, Richard lArohE-Sol Reeder 165 Netzer, James tME-Sr.l Fargo 50, 276, 167 Neubauer, Leonard lAg-So.l Bottineau 172 Neuensehwahder, Joe tCE-Jr.l Fessonden 277, 77 Newhart, Delbert lAg-Sol Fargo Neuman, Robert tME-So.l Fargo Neumann, William tEE-Sr.l Ada, Minn. 234, 160, 54, 220 Newell, Wllllam tAg-Fr.l Neche Newton, Harry lPh'Fr.l Lisbon Nichol, Howard tEE-Jr.l Bottineau 198 Nichol, Kenneth tEE-Srl Bottineau Nichols, Vernon tPh-Jr.l Crosby 269, 219 Nlokisch.W1llard tAg-Fr.l Wlshek Nicola. Kenneth lAAS-Jr.l Bismarck 272 Nielsen. Beverly lPh-Jr.l Fargo 261, 242 Nielsen, Gall lAAS-Fr.J Fargo Nielsen, Jacquelyn tHE-Fr.l New Rock1ord283,201, 260 Nielsen, Paul lCE4Sr.l Crosby 221 Nilles, James lCh-S1'.l Durbin 38, 274, 269 Nilles, Paul tCh-Sol Durbin 274 Niska, Arthur lAgfFr.l Sebeka, Minn. 149 Niskanen, Clarence lME-Sr.l Gackle 54, 164 Noah, Carole 11113-Fr.l Crookston, Minn. 260 Nobel, Gisele lAAS-Sp.l Fargo 32, 240 Nobel, Rollin tPh-Jr.l Fargo Nocklehy. James lME-Fr.l Forman Noess, Keith tME-Sr.l Ellendaie 50, 173, 167, 257 Nokken, Glenn lC1i-Srl Moorhead. Minn. 272 Nomeland, Ruth tAAS-Fr.l Aanborn Nordhougen, Paul IEE-Sol Fargo Nordin, Harvey tCEfSr.l New Town 50, 278 Nordlnnd, Darlene tHE-Sol Mapleion 251, 228, 250, 229, 178 Nordmark. Paul lAAS-S0.l Plaza Nordstrom, Melvin IEE-Fri Perley, Minn. Norman, Robert lAg-Sol Hawley, Minn. Normand, Kenneth tEE-Sol Drayton 214, 277 North, Robert tPl1iJl'.l Fargo 151, 155 Notheller, Robert tCE-Srl Appleton, Minn. 54 Nudell, Larry lME-Sr.l Fargo George C. Nosslf Nossif Rug Company 410 Broodwoy Fargo, North Dokoto "Take Out Orders" largest Selection of Rugs ond Corners in Northwest Nudell,Mar1yn tAAS-So.l Buffalo Nygaard, Earl QAAS-Grad.l Fargo Nygaard, James tAAS-Sp.l Moorhead, Minn, Nygaard, Maurice lME-Srl Fargo 54 Nystuen, Arne tEE-Srl Crosby 50, 166 Oak, Wayne tAg-Jr.l Mclntosh, Minn. Oakey, Lawrence lAAS-Srl Fargo 35 Oberg, Marlys 11118-So.l Hoople 262, 227, 119, 206 Oberlander tAAS-Fr.l Kuhn Ober1ander,I-Iarold tCE-Srl Bismarck 54 Oliermlller, P. Earl tME-Jr.l Fargo Odden, James tAAS-Grad.l Fargo 222 Odegaard, LeRoy tAg-Srl Bowden 24 Odenback, Donald lAg-Jr.1 Woodworth 176 Oech, Darrel lAaE-F121 Beeoll Oen, Janet tHE-Fr.l Park River 283 Oen. Myron tAAS-Jr.l Minot Oestreich, James tPh-Sol Duluth, Minn. Offerdahl, Jerome tPl1-S0.l Fargo Olferdahl, Tom lAAS-F121 Fargo 219 Ofsthun, I-lannah tAAS-Grad.l Moorhead. Minn. Ohnstad, John tEE-So.l Moorhead. M1811- Ohnetad. Milton tPli-Sod FOPSJUL M081- Ohnstad. Paul tPh-Sol Fargo 63 Olmsted, William tME-Jr.l Fargo 220 Oimoen, Sonja tAAS'Jr.l lV1inot 267 Oium. Orlin tAg-S121 Towner 24 O'Kee1fe, Gerald tAg-Jr.l Walhalla 242 O'Keet1e, James tEE-Sod Walhalla 253, 172 O'Kee1fe, Lawrence tAs-Gractl Far20 O'Kee1ie, Robert tPh-Jr.l Fargo 77 Okerstrorn, Roland tAg-Jr.l Cloquet. Minn. 174. 267 Olgeirson, Elanine tAAS-Grad.l Far80 Olin, Dennis lArch-Fr.l Crystal 73 Olmstead, Richard tAAS-Jr-1 St.Tho1nas Olness, Richard tPh-Sr.l Minot 68, 245, 269 Oren, Oscar tEE-Jr.l Fargo 166 Ormhreck, Harlan lArchE-S1'.l Fargo 165,235,278 Ormiston, Alan tAg-Jr.l Fairdale 258 Ormiston, Kay tHE-F111 Edgeley 282, 201, 260, 178 Orr, Paul tAAS-Fr.J Ypsilanti Orvedal, Arne tAg-So.l Fargo O'rvedal, Earl tEE-So.1 Fargo Orvik, Mavis tAAS-Fr.l Aneta Oscarson, Walter tAg-Fr.l Wheaton, Minn. Oshanyk, James tAAS-Fr.l Wilton Osland, Joan tCh-So.l Mayville 181, 270 Ostby, Alan tME-Jr.l Fargo Ostenson, Thomas tAg-Jr.l Fargo 242 Oster, James tAg-Jr.l Hazen 245, 185, 184, 219, 198,242 Ostlield, Meyer lAAS-Srl Fargo Ostrem. J aniee tHE-Sr.l Felton, Minn. 61, 239, 270 Otterness, Wayne tCh-Jr.l Page 280 Otteson, Charles tAAS-Jr.l Enderlin 185 Otway, Harr lME-Srl Fargo 50 Ouradnik. Robert tAAS-Spd Fargo Overbo, Lowell tAg-Srl Crosby 24 Overby, Gilbert tCh-Fr.l Fargo Overvold, Lowell tllll-Jr.l Fargo 217, 168, 77 Oversen, Jerry IEE-Fr.l Fargo Owen. Carmen lAAS-Sol Menoken 201, 228, 229 Owens, Margaret IAAS-Fr.l Fargo 228, 229 Owens, Marianne tHE-Fr.l New Rockford 282, 283 Oxenrider, Sharron tHE-So.l Ellendale 225 Ozbun, Jim tAg-Jr.l Fargo 173, 176 Ozbun, Judy tPh-50.1 Grand Rapids, Minn. 201 186, 242, 267, 171 Paezkowskl, Loran tPh-Jr.l Glentleld Pagel, Kenneth tIE-So.l Fargo 168 Pagel, Ralph tAreh-Sol Fargo Pagel, Thomas tAg-F121 Lisbon Palloch,Fredr1eh tAAS-Sol West Fargo Palmer, Dwight tAAS-Gradl Fargo Olsen, Alan tME-Grad.l Far80 54 Olsen, James tlV1E-Jr.l Fargo Olsen. Jan tHE-Fr.l Fargo 201 Olsen, Marcella tHE-Srl Minot 61, 185, 267 Olson. Arvid tME'Sh.l Far80 01son,Aulden lME-Sr.l Glyndon, Minn. Olson, Carl tAg-Sol McHenry 173 Olson, Carol tAAS-Sol Fargo 262 Olson, Clarence tAg-Gradl Fargo Olson, K. Conrad tCE-Sod West Fargo Olson, Darlene tHE-Fr.l Wilton 264, 244, 202, 198, 178 Olson, David tPh-Grad.l Fargo Olson, Dennis tEE-Fri Grafton Olson, Dewey tEE-Son Fargo Olson, Donald tArchE-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. Olson, Edmund tEE-Srl Fargo 50, 106 Olson, Franklin lAg-Sol Moorhead, Minn. Olson. Gall lAA8-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. Olson, Gary tAg-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. 73 Olson. George tAg-Sol Fargo Olson, I-lenry tPh-Jr.l Fargo Olson, Hubert tCE-Sr.l Fargo 50, 182 Olson, Janice M. tHE-So.l Argusville 186 Olson ,Janis Faye l1'lE-So.l Halstad, Minn. 263, 178 Olson, Jerry tEE-Sol Fargo Olson , John tAg,So.l Wildrose 185 Olson, Joseph tME-So.l Moorhead, Minn. Olson, Kent tPh-Sr.l Battle Lake, Minn, 68, 269 Olson, Leslie QME-Jr.l Fargo Olson Olson Olson Olson Olson. Olson. Olson, Olson. Lynda KAAS-Fr.l Fargo Olson, , Marlene CHE-Sol McGregor 282. 283 ,Marlene IAAS-Fr.l Hawley, Minn. ,Martin tlVl18eSo.l Fargo 167 , Maurice tAg-Grad.l Cooperstown 172 Richard Arlen tME-Jr.l Perley, Minn. Richard August lArchE-So.l Dent, Minn. Richard D, tCe-Jr.l Fergus Falls, Minn. Robert C. tlvlE-Sr.l Moorhead, Minn. 54 Olston, Robert T. tAg--Jr.l Hawley, lvlinn. Olson Olson , Roger tAAS-Grad.l Fargo ,Roland tAg-Sr.l Buxton 24, 256 Olson, Ronald tAreh-Fri Tioga Olson, Ruth tm-Sol Argusvllle 112 Olson, Sharon lArch-Fr.1 Detroit Lakes, Minn. 283 Olson, Sidney lAg-Fr.l Moliall 174. 253 Olson, William D. tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Olson, William L. tArchEe-Jr.l Christine Oindalen, Carl tEF-Fri Grafton O'Neill, Richard Jr. IAAS-Gradl Fargo Palmer, Richard tAg-F121 Casselton 252 Palmer, Denny tAg-Fr.l Casselton Pals, Lowell tCl1-Sr.l Valley City 38, 180, 181, 245, 198 Pancratz, John lEE-Sr.l Fargo 64 Pamkow, Herbert lME-Sol Hanklnson Parente, Frank tCE-Jr.l Brooklyn, N. Y. Paris, Jodeen tHE-So.l Mandan 201, 216 Park, David CAAS-Fr.l Bathgate Parkel, Lynn tPh-Sr.l LaCrescent, Minn, 68, 180,73 268 132 Parker. Richard lAAS-Fr.l Cando Parker, William tAg-Srl Cavalier 174 Parkhouse, Ralph CME-So,l Arthur Parkin, James tPh-Sr.l Claremont, S. Dak. 68, 249, 241 274 233 Patet, Randy lAl'Cll'S1'.2 So. St. Paul, Minn. 149, 280 Paul, Audrey tAAS-Fr.l Neenah. Wise, Paul, William tAAS-Fri Neenah, Wise. 272 Paulsen, Duane tCh-Srl West Fargo 38, 180, 217, 77 281 233 Paulson, Anna Marie tHE-Jr.1 Fort Ransom 185 Paulson, Dale lPh-Fr.l Fosston, lvlinn. Paulson, Larry lME'F1'.l West Fargo Paulson, Wayne ICE-Sol Flaxton Paulus, Leonard tAg-So.1 Drake 174 Peake, Audrey tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Pearson, Paul tPh-Fr.l I-Iunter Pease, Elwood tCh-Grad.l Janesville, Wise. 188 Peclhovsky, Ronald tME-Sol Bowman Pedersen, Daryl lAg-Fr.J Valley City Pedersen, Harvey lEE-Fr.l Grenora Peclerson, Conrad IME-Jr.l Alexander 168, 222 Pederson, Clinton tEE-So.l Berthold Pederson, Donald M. tEE-So.l lvloorhead, Minn. 245 198 272 Pederson, Harold tAg-F121 Webster Pepper, Ronald tEE-Jr.l Moorhead, Minn. Perkins, Andrew tEE-Jr.l Fargo 166, 220 Person, Sheila tHE-F121 Fargo 260 Perunovich, Eli tPh-Sol Eveleth, Minn. 268 Pesek, James tAg-Fr.l Alexander 176 Pester, Edward lAg-Fr.1 Crookston, Minn. Pestes, Michael tME-Grad.l Regina, Canada Petersen, Donovan lAg-Jr.1 Kenmare 221 Petersen, I. K. tME-Srl Fargo 50, 236, 237, 169, 164 Peterson, Axel tPh-Jr.l Valley City Peterson, Betty tHE-Jr.l Minot Peterson, Charles tAg-Fri Beach 278 Peterson, Darold tME-Sol Fargo Peterson, David tAAS-Fr,J Fargo 272 Peterson, Dennis CME-Fr.l Steele Peterson, Donald Earl lEE-Gradl Minot Peterson. Don I-l. tAg-Sr.l Ryder 24, 253, 176 I Says fwfr , - SUDIIMI f oumw ,L r It CRESCENTJEWELERS ESTABLISHED 1914 0 FAIIGO. 11.0. rt' DUANE PAULSON There is nothing finer than ct I -l.. Iwi In itiriiirl I -P-s, ID FAM U N' D Peterson, Jerry tAAS-Fr.i Minneapolis, Minn. 185, 220 Peterson, Lawrence IME-Soil Devils Lake Peterson, Leo IEE-Sr.i Detroit Lakes, Minn. 50, 163 Petersoit. LeRoy IAAS-Fr.i Fargo Peterson, Lyle IME-Srl Minnewaukan 50,225 185, 236, 184, 170, 164 Peterson, Milo iPlt-Jr.l Detroit Lakes, Minn. Peterson, Palmer iAg-So.i Lake Park, Minn. Peterson, Philip iAg-Fr.l Hallock, Minn. Peterson, Ralph iAg-Fr.l Buxton 257, 176, 256 Peterson, Richard ICE-Sr.l Fargo 50, 162 Peterson, Ronald C. iAg-So.i Fisher, Minn. 174 Peterson, Ronald E. iPh-Jr.t Fargo 225 Peterson, Sherwood tAg-Fr.t Baker, Minn. 252, 176 Peterson, Shirley tHE-Srl Parshall 61, 250 Peterson, Wayne iPl1-Soi Moose Lake, Minn, Petrek, Gary IAAS-Fr.t Jamestown 254 Pewe, Roger QCE-S121 Bottineau Pfau, Kenneth IEE-Sol Upham Pfeifer, Hilbert iAg-Fr.i Bowbells 196 Pfeifer, Irvin QME-So.i Frazee, Minn. Pfeifer, Marcia IRE-Fri Moorhead, Minn. 186, 286 Pfeifer, Thomas IAAS-Fr,l Oakes Pfeiffer, Kathleen iPh-So.l Pequot Lakes, Minn. 228, 242, 171 Pfeiffer, Mary Ann IPI1'SI'.I Pequot Lakes, Minn. 66.226, 242 229, 171, 270 Phelan, William iEEeFr.l Fargo Phillippi, Sylvester 1Ag-Slit New Town 24, 240 Phipps, Ross IAAS-Jr.t Fargo Pickett, Carl tArch-Jr.l Kemnare Pierce, Elaine IAAS-Fr.i Fargo 264 Pierce, .loan IAAS-Sol Moorhead, Minn. 201, 228, 229 Pierce, Thomas IAAS-Soi Fargo Pierskalla, Ray tPh-So.l Fargo Plkey, Phillis IAAS-Fr.1 Banborn Piper, JoAnn IAAS-Fry Durbin Piper, Lyla Mae tPh-Fr.l Durbin 203, 270, 242. 171 Pladson, Magnus iEEfSo.t Fargo hl,n A,.n,,,,. ,A an fl., 1 nm., rum Pogorzeiaki, Wladyslaw IEE-Fr.l Moorhead. Minn. Polack, Leo IIE-Sr.i Waubun, Minn. Pomereneke, Robert IEE-Sol Clinton, Minn. Pomeroy, James IAQ-Sr.i Fargo 24, 201, 188.242, 195 Pomish, Hubert IAAS-Fri Iron River, Wise. 268 Porter, Herbert tAAS-Fiat Rolla Posey, Carmen tHE-Srl Garrison 61, 105, 184 Potter, Donald iME'So.t Bottineau Powers, James iAeroE-Soi Durbin 275 Powers, Lawrence tAA'S4Sp.l Fargo Powers, William IME-Fr.i Oakes 272 Prager, Arlen IAAS-Fr.l Columbia Heights, Minn. 2 Pratt, Paul tAg-Sp.l Gardner Preston. Randall iAg-So.i Fargo 222 Price, Edward IME-Grad,l Finga1219 Price, Eugene iAAS-Jr.i Fargo 198, 276, 194, 204 Price, Thomas ICE-Sol Price Prichard, Janice IAAS-Fr,l Georgetown. Minn. Prothero, Dennis tME-So.i Fargo 164 Przbilla, Norman IAAS-Grad.i Fargo Puckering, Douglas tAg-Jr.l Fargo Puetz, Cyril IAAS-Jimi Mantador 212.220, 120 Pulkrabek, John tAAS-Srl Fargo 35 Pulien, William iAeroE-Fr.l San Juan, Puerto Rico Puppe, Gerald iAg-So.i Hansel 253, 176 Quam, James IEE-Fri Lisbon Quennette, Curtis IArchE-50.1 West Fargo 130. 132 Quick, Errol tCh-So.l Fargo 275 Quill, David IAAS-Sr.l Fargo 82, 222 Raaen. Owen iAAS-Fr.l Pekin Radebaugh, Gerry IME-Jr.l Grandin 281 Rafter, Rixon tAgE-So.i Manvel 276 Rakneruct, Byron tAg-Sol Fargo we um se ,..- -. . . -. .... Rasmussen, Joan IAAS-Fr.l C1ark,S. Dak. Rauer, William tlVlE-Fri International Falls, Minn. Raumin, Harley IEE-Sol Grafton Raycraft, Terrence lPh-Srl Fargo 68, 233 Reardon. Wayne lAg-Fr.l Medina 254. 176 Reber, Darrell tAAS-S121 Ulen, Minn. 32, 217, 76, 196, 77, 252 Redlin, George ICE-Sr.l Newtown 50, 278 Reeve, Mark lPh-Jr.l Rochester, Minn. 198 Reff, James CME-Fr.l Fargo Rehovsky, Charles lME-Fr.l Fargo Reid, Cecil lAAS-Grad.l Fargo Reierson, Richard lIE-Sr.l Fosston. Minn. 50, 277 Reimer, Herbert lCE-Jr.l Fargo Reinhiller, Lincoln tAg-Soi Elgin 130, 132 Reinhiller, Merril lAg-Fri Elgin Reinhiller, Thomas lAg-Sol Elgin 130 Reinke, Howard lAAS-Sol Hankinson Relstcr, Duane lPh-So.J Medina Remillong, Donald lAAS-Sol Bismarck 130, 212, 136 Remmich, Lorran tAAS-Sri Steele 32, 221 Remsing, Darrell lAgE-Sol Dunn Center Renschler, Charles tME--Fr.l Mandan Rensvold, David tAAS-So.l Gardner Reopelle, Richard iPh-Gradl Cavalier Restad, Everett lME-Jr.l Fargo Reuther. Ervin tPh-Sr.i Ashley 68, 249, 230, 241. 268 Revell, Eugene IAAS-So.J Fargo Rice, Ann tHE-Fr.i Detroit Lakes, Minn. Rice, Laverne tME-Jr.l Sisseton, S. Dak. Rich, Donald lME-Fr.l Hannaford Richards, Donald lim-Sol Fargo Richman, Dennis tIE-Sol Tower City Richman, Douglas lAg-So.l Tower City 258 R1ekettS, Frances tHE-F121 Casselton 251, 263, 228, 187, 229, 178 Ridgeway. Mary Ellen tHE-Fr.l Grand Forks Ridgeway. Wayne iAg-So.l Larhnorc Riedman, James tEE-Jr.l Fargo Rieger, Leslie tAg-Fr.l Walcott Rieke, Ralph lAAS-Fr.l Erie Riklmaru, Masa lPh-Grad.l San Mateo, Calif. Riley, Sara tHE-So.l Brewster, Minn. 281, 121 Rlndahl, Milton iCE-Jr.l Oakes 217, 272, 77, 157 Rindahl. Patricia J. lAAS-Fr.l Oakes Ringer, Richard tAAS-Sol Cicero. Ill. Ringsak, Suellen tAAS-Fr.l Grafton 282, 260 Risan, Donna lAAS-Jr.l Parshall 250 Ritchie, Karen tHE-Jr.l Bismarck 185, 170 Ritchie, Lloyd lME-Fr.l Bismarck Ritzke, Theodore lCE-Sr.l Parshall 53, 162 Rivinlus, Merril CCE-Soi Gackle 225 Rivlnius, Rodney tArchE-Fr.i Elgin Roberts, Carolyn lAAS-Fr.i Bismarck 251, 244, 282, 10 Roberts. Patricia tHE-Sol Bismarck 183, 264, 178 Robertson. John lAg-Fr.l Langdon Robinson, John lAAS-Jr.i Garrison 219 Robinson, Marilynn tHE-Sr.l Bartlett 51, 183 Rockstad, Nola Jean tHE-Sol Fargo Rockwood, Beverly tAAS-Fr.i Fargo 228, 229 Rodenburg, Melvin tAg4Sr.i Strasburg 24, 240 Roder, Norman QEE-Srl Fargo 83 Reeder, Orville lPh-Sol Fargo Rogers, Riley lPh-Grad.l Fargo Rolfsrud, Harold lAg-Srl Watford City 24 Rollins, Robert tAAS-Sol Billings. Mont. Rolshoven, Raymond tCE-Sri Mandan Romsland, Richard lME-Fr.l Fargo Rondestvedt, Gilbert iAAS-Grad.l Fargo Ronlngen, Glen lAAS-Sol Nielsvi1le.Minn. Roningen. Stanley 1Ag-So.l Nielsville, Minn. Ronning, Betty iAAS-Fr.l Kindred 251, 282 Roff, William lAg-Fr.l Fertile, Minn. 174 Rorvlg, Carole tHE-Soi Denver, Colorado Rose, Ronald tAg-Soi Wimbledon 161, 220 Rose, Sonja, tAAS-Fr.l Minot Rosencrans, Wilfred tAg-Jr.l White Earth 176 Rosenau, Jack tAg-Fr.l Carrington Ross, Ellen LAAS-Jr.l Fargo Ross, Kenneth lCE-So.l Fargo Rotelluk, Luchy tME-Srl Sawyer 53, 167, 257 Rotenberger, Edmund lArchE-Sr.l Lisbon Rotenberger, Theodore lEE-Srl Casselton 53, 166, 272 Roth, Jacqueline tHE-Fri Elgin 283. 178 Roth, Richard tAgfSo.l Wheatland Roth, Wayne tAg-Sol Wheatland Rothiusz, Homer lCh-Sol Ashley Roy, Arda tCEeS0.l St. John nas. 1 s -lean:-4..4lv-u. 8 Rue, Theodore tEEfSo.i Fargo Raed. Daryll lPh-Jr.i Fargo Ruff, W. Dale lArchE-Srl West Fargo 53, 238. 237. 219. 74, 73, 233 Rumpca, Donna tHE-Fr.l Lidgerwood 260 Running, Philip tAl'Cl1E-Jltl Fargo 209 Rupert, Paul tEE-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. 272, 198 g Russell. Kay IAAS-Fr.l Fargo Rustad, Gordon tAAS-Gradl Moorhead, Minn. Rutherford, Henry tME-So.l Fargo Ruud, Philip lEE-Jr,J Fargo 217, 168, 77 Ryan, Kenneth lPh-Sr.l Bowman 68, 77 Rydell, Ronald tCl11-Fr.l Fargo 280 Rye. Kenneth lAg-Fr.l Pembina Soar, Georgia tHE-Sol Durbin 201, 227, 265 Saba, Donald lAAS-Sol Bismarck 73.255 Sabha. Jon lAg-Fr.l Silva 257 Sabbe, Wayne tAg-Fr.l Silva 257, 196,242,256 Sack. Larry lME-Jr.l Reeder 272 Sack, Loren lCh-Fr.l Reeder 108 Sailer, Allen tAAS-Fi'.l Hazen 185 Sailer, Robert lAAS-Sol Moorhead, Nlinn. Seller, Stephanie iAAS-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn, 251, 250 Salaba, Karen lPh-So.l Cavalier 242, 281, 171 Sail, Darrell lCE-Fr.l Hlckson Salmonson, Donald tAAS-Sr.l New Rockford 35, 76, 77, Salness, James lIE-Sr.l Fergus Falls, Minn. 168 Salvhus, Andrew tEE-Fr.l McIntosh, Minn. -Salzleder, Kenrad tAg-Fr.i LaMoure Salzieder, William tAg-Fr.i LaMoure Samson, Richard tAAS-Jr.i Moorhead, Minn. Samuelson, John lPh-Fr.i Bismarck 268 Samuelson, W. J. lPh-Jr.l Fargo Sanda, Gaylord tAgfSo.l Hatton 242 Sandahl, Leroy lCE-Fr.l Vining, Minn. Sandness, Carolyn tAAS-Fr.l LaMoure Sands, Nell tCh-Jr.l Fargo 245, 198 Sanford, Roberta tHE-Fr.i Watford City Sanford, Ruth E. tHE-So.i Elbow Lake, Minn. 201 Satermo, Dwight IEE-Jr.l New Town Satermo, Keith lCE-Sol New Town Sathcr, James lAAS-Fr.l Davenport Satovich, Francis tPh-Sol Hlbblng, Minn. Sanber, James lCE-Sr.l Palermo 83, 237, 219, 162, 270 Saunders, Milton tCH-Jr.l Cogswell 181, 256 Saunders, Neil lAgE-Jr.l Fargo 77 Saunders, William lEE-Fri Cogswell 257 Savageau, Richard tCh-Jr.l Fargo 38 Savaloja, Jerry lAASfFr.l Rolla 257. 173 Savard, Douglas lPh-Sol Moorhead. Minn. Savre, Shirley lAAS-ll'r.l Cooperstown Sawyer, John tIE-Sol Fessenden273,181, 157 Saxerud, Morris QEE-Fr.J Cooperstown Sayler, Jerome lPh-Sr.l Ashley 66, 245, 241, 198, 233 Sayler, Robert lME-Sr.i Washburn 83 Schaeffer, Gaylen iCE-Fr.l Medina Schaeffer, Jerome lME-Jr.l Medina Sohalker, William lPh-Grad.l Fargo Schanilee. Vernon tPh-So.l Forest River 268, 171 Schatz, Harold l1VlE-Fri Hebron Schatz, Herman lAg-Fr.l Temvik Schaubert, Darwin IAEE-Gradi Bowden 161 Scheffler, Janice tHE-Soi Barnesvllle, Minn. Scheltens, Keith 18111-Jr.i Minot 77. 254 Schenkenberger, Clark lAg-Sr.l Temvik 24, 230, 252, 208 Scherr, Joseph lArchE-Jr.i Napeleon Schlefer, Don tPh-Sr.l Kenmore 88. 268 Schiefer, Harry lPh-Sr.l Kenmare 68 Schiff, Ronald tPh-Sol Sherwood 140, 144 Schipper, I. A. tAg-Grad.i Fargo Schirmer, Frank lME-Srl Fargo 53, 184, 221 Schlager. Jerald tPh-Fri Fargo Schlichting, Harvey tAg-Fri Garrison 252 Schuchter, Keith tAg-So.l Cavalier 130, 174, 135 Schmallen, Thomas lAAS-Fr.l Fargo 280 Schmid, Gary lAAS-Fr.l Barlow Schmid, Howard 1AAS'S1'.7 Oberon 24, 242, 252, 176 Schmidt. David lCE-Sri Max 53, 182 Schmidt, Paul tlVlE-Fr.l I-lurds1icld280 Schmidt, Robert lME-Sr.J Fargo 54, 221 Schmidt, Roger tCh-Sr.i Fargo 38 Schmit, Darrell tME-Srl Minot 58. 167 Schmitz, John F. llV1E-Sol Fargo Schmitz, John tAAS-Sp.l Mantador Schmitz, Phyllis tl-IE-Srl Herreid, S. Dak, 61, 185 Schnaidt, Lloyd tPh-Sol Beulah 268 H-1,..--...-.. 11.1 l11II'TI1 Cl- X T'N.4..i-.vine-In 198, 254 Schrader, Larry tAg-Fri Dickey Schreder, Donald tAASfSo,l Harvey Schrimpi, Dennis tAAS-Jr.l Fargo 77 Schroeder, Frank t1VlE-Jr.1 Dickinson Schroeder, Harriet tHE-Fr.1 Hecla, S. Dak. 283 Schroeder, Jerrold 1Chem-Fri Fargo Schroeder, Sally tHE-Sr.i Fargo 61, 260 Schroeder, Stan tEE-Jr.1 Fargo Schuehle, William tPh-Sri Faribault. Minn. 171, 68 Schultenover, Donald tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Schultz, Bruce tEE-Srl Tolna Schulz, Edgar tME-Jr.t Beulah 211 Schulz, Eugene LAAS-Soi Beulah 222 Schulz, Grace tHE-So.1 Bismarck Schultz, D. Lance tAAS-Fr.l Hitterdal, Minn. Schu1tz,Myril 1Ce-J1'.J Flaxton 185 Schulz, Paul tAAS-Fr.1 Fargo Schulze, Richard tAAS-Fri Durbin 274 Schumacher, John tEE-Slut Bismarck 54 Schatz, Gerald tArch-Fr.t Fargo Schwartz, Donald tAAS-Grad.1 Jamestown Schwartz, George tAg-Sr.l Mott 24, 249, 230, 227, 203, 109, 76. 211, 77. 174, 252, 192, 193, 195, 232, 295 Schwartz. LaVonne tAAS-So.l Jamestown 216, 267 Scliwenk, Fred tAg-So.1 Minnewau'kan Score, Eugene tIE-Jr.l Wahpeton 168 Scott, Clifford tCE-Jr.1 Merrlcourt Scott, Dorothy tHE-Soi Spiritwood 201, 178 Scott, Sonja tHE-Srl Fargo 61, 281, 216 Seaberg, Sonia tl-IE-Fr.l Detroit Lakes, Minn, 283 Seabold, Thomas lIE-So.1 Fargo 168 Seaborn, Paul tAAS-Jr.l Jamestown Sebek, Edward 1ME-Jr.l Claire C1ty,S. Dak. Seeba, William lIE-S121 Fargo 54 Seelhainmer, John t1EiSr.l Cogswell 54, 168, 222 Seim, Eileen tHE-Jr.1 Finley 244, 218, 251, 198 Seltz, Donald tCh-Grad.i Fargo Seltz, Myron tlE-Jr.l Hazen 77 Seivert, Patricia tHE-So.l Durbin 271 Selkirk, Robert tME-Jr.t Fargo 164 Selland, Benjamin tPh-So.l Fargo Selland, Dennis lEE-Jr.t Rugby Selland, Larry tAg-80.1 Rugby Selland, Marcia tAAS-Fr.l Fargo 267 Selvig, Elaine tAAS-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. Senechal, Carol tHE-Jr.l Anamoose 189, 201 Senechal, George tAg-Jr.1 Drake 189, 175, 174 Senechal, Roland 1Ag-Soy Drake 189 Seng, Barbara tHE-Jr.i Karlstad, Minn. 178 Serrin, Edward tAASfSo.1 Fargo Serrin, Thomas 1IE-Grad.l Fargo Sether, Richard IEE-Sr.l Fargo 53, 234, 237, 170, 166 Setnes, James tAAS-Grad.l Wahpeton Severson, Adra tAAS-Fr.l Fargo 227, 282 Severson, Barton tAg-Fr.t Adams Shafer, Gordon tAg-So.l Shank, Kay tHE-Sol Devils Lake 178 Shannon, Richard tPh-Sol Bismarck Sharpe, Richard lPh-So.1 Fargo 245, 198 Shattuck, Harold IEE-Jr.l Bismarck 217, 234, 110, 198, 77, 255 Shaw, Jerome tArchE-Jr.t Fargo 209, 165, 245, 190 Shea, Edward tCE-Jr.1 Fargo Sheen, Shuh-Ji tAg-Grad.1 China Sheets, Mary tPh-Fr.1 Herman, Minn. 282, 242 Sheldrup, Marlyn tCE-Sr.l Fargo 53 Shelquist, Gordon tCE-Jr.t Fargo Shelton, Lowell tEE-Jr,l Fargo Shelver, Barry tCE-Jr.l Dunselth 279 Shepard, Harold 1Pll'S0 1 St, Paul, Minn. 68 Shepard, Sharon 1AAS-J1'.1 Burnstad 2, 249, 119,211 194 281 Shepard, Kathleen tAAS-Fr.l Burnstad 282, 266, 229 Sherlock, Harry tCEfSo.l Konsa1277 Shermoen, Richard tAAS-Grad.1 Fargo Shipman, Marvin tAgE-So.1 Granville Shockman, Kenneth 1Ph-So.l LaMoure Shoesmith, Margaret tHE-Fr.1 Bismarck 264, 282 105 187 178 Shortridge, Duane tAg-Fri Hannah Sleiken, Mark tCh-Fr.l Fargo Slemers, Jerry tME-Fr,i Bowbells Sigurdson, Robert tAgE-Fr.1 Coleharbor 272 Slgvaldsen, Kenneth tAg-Fr.l Crosby Silbernagel, Kenneth 1 Ag-Sol Napoleon 130, 135 Sim, Ross 1ME-Jr.t Fargo 54 Simonieg, John l1VlE-So.l Dickinson 211, 280 Slmonson, Arliss tHE-Jizl Hone 271, 178 Slmonson, Ervin tAg-Fr.i Beach 189 Slmenson, Kenneth ICE-Fri Underwood Sims, E. Allen 11E-Sr.t Crosby 53, 185, 168 Singer, Henry tAg-Sol Beulah 258, 176 Sinner, Geraldine tPhiJr.l Fargo Sinner, Janet tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Sjoberg, Donald tEE-Fr.t Fargo Sjobert, Earl Dwalne tEE-Sol Hillsboro Sjorbotten, Floreen tHE-S121 Horace 61 Skadberg, Marvin tAg-Grad.1 Fargo Skallsky, James tAAS-So.l Averill, Minn. Skara, James tArch-J 1:1 Fargo Skarphol, Stanley tArch-So,1 Souris 225, 165 Skaulel, Richard tEE-Jr,l Fargo Skerik, Richard 1CE-Sri Hines, Minn, 53, 237 Skjervem, Kenneth lEE-Sr.l Fordville 53, 222 Skjonsby, Bruce tAAS-So.1 Fargo 172 Skjonsby, Lynn tAAS-F121 Christine Sklenicka, Frances lAAS-Fri Moorhead. Minn. Skroch, Edward 1ME-Jr.l Fargo Sle1g11t,Jol1n tArch-Sr.1 Beach 54 Slelght, Stephen tPh-Grad.1 Beach Sietten, Milford tAAS-Jr.l Churchs Ferry 240 Slettlng, Julianne iAAS-Fr.i Fairmount Slinde, Caroline 1HE'Sr.1 Velva 61, 262, 238, 240, 232 178 Slocum, Douglas lEE-Fr.1 Moorhead, Minn. Smeby, Jerome tArchE-Fr.1 Grand Forks Smelly, Loren 1Ag-Fr,1 Stanley Smith, Bruce tPh-Jr.t Crosby 77 Smith, Edward 1AAS-F121 Carrington Smith, Frank tAg-F121 Steele 73, 280 Smith, Gary tAg-Jr.1 Fargo 242, 252, 176, 240 Smith, Gerald 1Ag-S0.l Sherwood 176, 255 Smith, Jarold iME'Sl'-1 Williston 164 Smith, Jerold tAg-So.l Sutton 258 Smith, Lowell tAAS-Sr.1 Fargo 85 Smith, Margaret tHE-Jr.l Park River 262, 178 Smith, Robert tME-Sol Fargo Smith, Ronald 1l1tIE-So.l Flaxton Smith, Soden tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Smith, Warren tAAS-Fr.l Carrington Snustad, Erwin lPh-Jr.t Duluth, Minn. Snyder, Charles tEE-Fri Buffalo RECENTLY dedicated Dinan Hall in honor of former Deon of Women Pearl Dinan, the women's dormitory forms o pleas ing pattern against the sparse snow of the 1958 school year. -ulhl.-.alhl I- Hr iliflslljllillli I Q ENORAVERS ot Dakota Photo Engraving spend o lot of their time working on engravings for the Bison. Soderberg. Olof tCh-Grad.l Naantale, Finland Sogard, Robert tlVlE-Sr.l Alamo 53, 277 Solberg, Wayne tME-Gradl Aneta Solee, Marvin QEE-Fr.l Fargo Solum, Lloyd tPh-Fr,l Thiel River Falls, Minn. Sorby, Dennis tME-So.l Fargo Sorenson, Alice tHE-Fr.l Hallock, Minn. 263 Sorenson, Curtis iAI-Fr.l Davenport Sorenson, Dwain tCE-Sol Max Sorenson, Gordon tAg-Jr,l Buchanan 201. 160, 255 Sorllen, Brenton tCh-So.l Fargo 274 Sorlien, Mrs. Dianne tAAS-Sol Fargo Soukup, Alvin tAAS-Gradl Fargo Southam, Roberta tPh-Sr.l Fargo 66, 262, 242, 241, 171. 232 Sowitch. Darlene tAAS-Fr.l Williston 260 Spande, John IME-So.l Mayville Spangelo, Gary tAgsSo.l Concrete 263, 160 Sparkman, Joe tPh-So.l Pillsbury Sparks, Clinton tAAS-Srl Fargo 35, 201, 195. 221, 232 Sparrow, 'Gene tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Sparrow, Ronald tEE-Jr.l Fargo Spangler, George tAgE-Fr.l lnkster Speta, Charles iAg-So.l Fargo 275 Splchke, Gene tAg-So.l Kief Spinarskl, Wallace 1MEfJr.l Jamestown 249, 164, 266 Spitzer, Fred lAAS-Sol Fargo Spitzer, Quentin tAg-Sol Baldwin Spitzer, Robert tEE-Fr.l Oakes 73 Spooner. Neale tAgE-Jr.l Noonan Sprecher, Gary tAg-Fr.l Mott 214, 174, 252 Sprenger, Lester QCE-Sr.l Moorhead, Minn. 53, 162 Sprenger, Sharon tAAS-Fr,l Moorhead, Minn. Spriggs, Donna tHE-Srl Maddock 262 Staber, Julie CHE-Sol Wyndmere 166, 271, 178 Stadsvold, Byron tArch-Sp.l Fergus Falls, Minn. 214, 165, 277,255 Stadtlander, Gary KEE-Sr,l Fargo 53, 76, 77, 166 Stady, Robert QAAS-Fr.l Grenora Stahlberg, Ronald lCl1l-Sr.l Kenmore 162 Stangeland, Gustav tEE-Grad.l Fargo Stangeland, Lloyd tAg-So.l Fargo Stangeland, Loren tAg-Jr.l Fargo 172, 151, 155 Stanley. Robert tAg-So.l Grand Forks Stark, Gary QME-Fr.l Columbus Staska, Jerome tPh-Jr.l Fargo 217, 77 Staufler, Clyde tCh-Grad.l Cando 163 Stearns, George tAAS-Jr.l Moorhead, Minn. Steffen, Harley New Town Steffen, Pearl tAAS-Grad.l Fargo Stegman, Earl tAgE-Jr.l Neche 160 Steidl, Paul C. tArchE-Jr.l Fingal 219 Steigman, Maureen tHE-Jr.l Mandan 216 Stein, J . Patrick tPh-Jr.l Jamestown 167, 266 Steinman, Vernon tEE-Fr.l Carrington 277, 196 Stellmach, David IAAS-So.l Barnesville, Minn. Sten, Marilynn tHE-Sol Devils Lake 225, 165, 173 Stenberg, Duane tEE-Jr.l Kindred 166 Stenberg, Richard tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Stenberg. Maurice tArch-Fr.l Fargo Stenerson, Roger tAAS-Grad.l Moorhead, Minn. Stenaer, John tEE-Fr.l Dent, Minn. Stennes, Gordon tAAS-Sol Page 240, 221 Stevens, Leonard tME-So.l Absaraka Stevenson, Sharon tAAS-Jr.l Mohall 267 Stover, Sally tHE-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. Stewart, William tPh-Sr.l Richardton 66 Stockman, Gene tME+-Sr.l Williston 53, 249, 236, 237, 230, 211, 273, 232 233 Stockman, James tME-Fr.l Williston 272 Stockman, Jerald tME-Fr.l Williston 272, 196 Stoen, Donald tAAS-Sr.l Fargo 35 Stoffel, Alexander tAAS-Gradl Enderlin Stokes, Marlin tAg-Fr.l Carrington Stokes, Paul tEE-So.l Cathay Stokkeland, Vernon IME-Fr.l Cooperstown Stolt, Floyd tEE-Srl Fargo 53, 234, 237, 170 Stone, Kenneth tAAS-Fr.l Fargo 149 Stone, Richard tME-Fr.l llannalord Stordahl, Norman tAAS-Sr.l Hope 35. 233 Engravers for the 1958 Bison DAKOTA PHOTO ENGRAVINO CO. FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA Stover, Frederick tIE-Jr.l Fargo 273, 54, 212, 219, 168 Strand, Robert tAgE-Fr.l Williston Strege, Loren tME-J r. l Fargo 54 Strege. Stanley tAAS-Gradl Wahpeton Striebel, William tCE-Sol Marmarth Strobel, Marilyn tHE-Jr.l Golden Valley 61 Strom, Dan tAAS-Fr.l Detroit Lakes, Minn. Strom, Ronald tPh-So.l Erskine, Minn, 222 Strommen, Gordon tME-Fr.l Fargo 272 Strommen, Paul IME-Jr.l Fargo 217, 77 Stromstad, Curtis tME-Srl Alkabo 226, 219, 211, 164 Struble, Lawrence tAAS-Srl Marion Struble, Loretta tHE-Jr.l Marion 35, 206 Struchynski, George tCE-Srl Beltield 54, 237, 162,77 Strum, James tAg-So.l Rugby 257 Stueve, Walter tME-So.l Fargo Stuewlg, Robert tAASfSo.l Fargo 168 Stumvoll, Eugene tCE-Jr.l Coleharbor 162, 77 Suckerman, William tPh-Jr.l Dickinson 211, 219 Sullivan, Gerald tCh-Fr.l Fargo 181 Sullivan, John tEE-Jr.l Fargo Sullivan, John lCh-Grad.l Fargo Summers, Alice tHE-Srl Bowbells 61, 186, 265, 240 Sund, Clifford tAgE-Jr.l Shcyenne 273, 161 Sundquist, Joel tAAS-Sol Kindred Sundquist, Kathryn IAAS-Sr.l Fargo Svedberg, Laverne tArch-Fr.l Grand Forks Svedjan, Dennis tPhfSo.l Fargo Swanson, David tAAS-Jr.l Bowman Swanson, Harley tAg-So.l Fairmount 259 Swanson, Kenneth C. tAg-Fr.l Tower City 274 Swanson, Kenneth M, tPllfFr.l Rugby 268 Swanson, Rya tPh-Fri Dazey Swanson, Robert tArc-Sol Moorhead, Minn. Swayne, Nancy tHEfSo.l Fargo 262, 226, 176 Sweet. George tME-Jr.l Brainerd, Minn. 164 Swenson, Duane tAAS-Grad.l Fargo Swenson, Janice tCh-Sr.l Fargo 36, 180, 225 Swenson, Lawrence tAAS-Fr.l Fargo 201 -Swenson, Loren lCE-Sol Kindred Sykora, Wallace tArch-Fr.l Watertown, S. Dak, Syverson, Colin tEE-Jr.l Havanna Syverson, John tAAS-Fr.l Ulen, Minn. 119. 279 Syveron. Melroy tEE-Srl Turtle Lake 54, 166 Szymanski, Kenneth tEE-Fr.l Fargo 222 Talley, Rolland tME-Fr.l Bottlneau Tangen, Duane tCh-Jr.l Frazee, Minn. 225, 161 Tangen, Richard tAAS-Sr.l Fargo 35, 165 Tarnavsky, Thomas IEE-Srl Watford City 169 Taverna, Gale tAAS-Jr.l Fargo Taverna, Neil tAAS-Sr.l New Rockford 35 Taylor, Harvey tPh-Jr.l Minnewaukan Taylor, Leslylee tAAS-Fr.l Detroit Lakes, Minn. 283, 266 Taylor, Phillip tCh-Fr.l Fargo Tehven, Lowell CCE-Fr.l Arthur Tehven, Marvin tME-Jr.l Arthur 164 Teichmann, Richard tAAS-Sr.l Fargo 35, 201, 186, 233 Tele, Cynthia tAAS-Fr.l Hatton Teigen, Curtis tAg-Fr.l Rugby Teigen, Edna tAg-Gradl Rugby Teigen, Gordon tAAS-Spool Fargo Teigen, H, Melroy tCE-Fr.l Fargo Tcigen, Robert tlVlEfSo.l Moorhead, Minn. 151 Tengesdal, Myron tME-Sol Maxbass Terres, Waynard tME-So.l Manning Teach. Lea tAAS-Fr.l Lidgerwood 262, 169, 198 Teschendorf, Andrew tCh-Jr.l Fargo Teschendorf, Robert tAg4Grad.l Fargo Tesmer, Wayne lAAS-Jr.l Walhalla Tetrault, Alvah tAgsGrad.l Walhalla Thayer, Donald tAAS-Srl Fargo 35, 245, 198 Thelen, James tAg-Sol Park Rapids, Minn. Theodorson, Floyd tPh-Sod Tioga 173 Theodorson, Myron tArchE-Fr.l Tioga 272 Thlbideau, Forest lEE-Sr.l Fargo 54, 166 Thiel, Glenn tPh-Sol Judson Thiel, Philip tPh-Jr.l Elgin, 111.268 Thiel, Ronald tAAS-Jr.l Mandan Thlele, James tAgfSr.l New Salem 24, 255 Thies, Gerald tME-Sol Fargo Thoen, Arlen tAAS-Fr.l Georgetown, Minn. Thomas, James lEE-Fr.l DeLamere Thomas, Richard tME-Srl Fargo Thomas, Robert tArchE-Sol Dickinson 165, 260 Thomas, Wayne tPh-So.l Fordville Thomasson, Gary tAAS-Sal Fargo 35, 219, 74, 212, 154 Thompson, Betty tCh-Sr.l Voltaire 36. 233 Thompson, Ralph tAg-So.l Page 245 Thompson, Richard tAg-So.l Grafton 277 Thompson, J. Robert tAAS-So.l Sioux City, Iowa 211, 272, 195, 194 Thompson, Thomas lPh-So.l Bowbells 211, 269 Thompson, Victor tEE-Jr.l Kindred 272 Thomsen, Viggo Jr. tCE-Jr.l Fargo Thone, Jerald tCF-Fr.l Forman Thorsell, Darrell tPh-Sr.J Fargo 68, 269 Thorstad, Mary tAAS-Jr.l Fargo Thane, Ray tAAS-Fr.l Climax, Minn. 257 'l'hurm, Charles tAASfSr.l Fargo 35 Tibert, James tAg-So.l Fargo Tomlinson, Jane tHE-So.l Fargo 216, 265, 178 Tonnnerdahl, Dorothy tAAS-Srl Hendrum, Minn. 35 Thnms, Don tEF,-Jr.l Cando Tinjum, Rodger tAgiFr.l Ulen, Minn. 278 Totten, Charlotte tAAS-Fr.l Fargo 228, 229 Tomlinson, Charlotte tPh-Fr.l Fargo 264,228,229 Tommerdahl, Robert tME-So.l Glyndon, Minn. Tonn, Richard tME-Jr.l Hancock, Minn. 189,77 Tool, Everett tAg-Grad.l Fargo Topp, John tME-Fr.l Grace City 175 Torkelson, Noel tCE-Jr.l Fargo Tottlngham, Roy tEEfJr.l Sheldon Trambley, Brian CEE-Fr.l Bottineau 277, 73 Tranby, Erling QME-So.l Hope Tranby, Orville tME-Sol Blabon Trangsrud, Charles tAg-Jr.l Kindred 174, 272, 77 Trautman, Darrell tME-Fr.l Woodworth 153 Trautman, Kenneth tAg-Jr.l Cleveland 253 Traynor, Duane tCEfJr.i Rolette Treat, Edward tME-Jr.l Fargo Treat, Robert lAAS-Fr.l Fargo 215 Treichel, Richard tME-Fr.l Bentley 222 Trisko, Gordon tAAS-Sr.l Carlos, Minn. 35,240 Trisko, Walter tPh-Jr.l Carlos, Minn, 187, 77 Trom, Jolm tPh-Srl Lisbon 66 Tronset, Joseph tME-So.l Fargo Tschider, Richard tAAS-Shi Bismarck 240, 118, 130, 35, 212 Tubbs, William lAg-Fr.l Fargo Tucker, Donald tPh-Jr.l Detroit Lakes, Minn. Tucker, Joyce tHE-Jr.l Fargo 216, 239 Tuil, David tAg.-Fr,l Eagle Bend, Minn. 149 Tuntland, Carol tHE-So.l Sheyenne 185, 164 Tuntland, Richard tME-So.l Coleharbor . , L .Q rv' av t H52 , 44 4 tr . x at , - -L.e,,' .N - , 1 4'-flat . 'ye 1 lf ... - ,tr v,RXXgi" rl- Mr the .8 ,ti 'lt' - gl., -Eva- . ,,,,. . ,. ,I , i f ' .ia-' 1 rx ' P' ar' 1 .5 ' lwifl' ,. wr- 17 .' , . 'ical BJ '-1 - , ' ' .,,,pn',. V " 'iff -2-3 -.v - ..e -ferr' 'Q ' ' ll, llh, ---A rlh,u.r, ,ll llll, l 1 lull, 0 ' W --.. ,.... e , ,,,, f ,ee 1 on lille' 1 ' 1 .. 'l-131, "" ,l ' V ly, .1,,l, - 1 U F INEVlTABlE snow llurries and the endless waiting for o bus are symbolislic of college life ot NDSC along with classes, parties, dorm lite and the chimes from Old Main's tower. Turgeon. Francis tAg-Fr.l Oklee, Minn. Turner, Patricia tAAS-Sr.l Egeland 35, 240, 271. 232 Turner, Austin lAAS-Fri Fargo Tusklnd, Kenneth tEE-Jr.l Davenport 277 Tvete, Grace 11-IE-So.l La1V1oul'e271, 178 Tweeton, Michael tl1lE-So.l Moorhead, Minn. Tweiten, Roger tAAS4Fr.l Fargo Tweten, David tAAS-Sr.l Brocket 35 Twlehell, Seth tArch-Sr.J Mapleton 54, 235, 277, 182 Uehling, Thad lEE-So.i Fargo 272 Ulberg, Carlyle tEE-Sr.l Northwood 54, 106, 279 Ulberg, Thore 15181-So.l Northwood Ulness, Tom lAl'cl1E-S0.i Fargo 165, 255 Ulschak, Pearl tl-IF-Jr.i Dickinson 188. 198, 178 Ulschmlcl, Robert lCE4Fr.l Frazee, Minn. Ulsrud, B. Oakley lAAS-Fr.l Columbus 280 Ulven, Ronald tAg-Jr.l Hawley, Minn. 225, 174,219 Undlin, Janice tHE-Fr.l Lansford 283, 178 Unger, Bruce lCh-Gracl.l Lead, S. Dak. Unger. Durran iAAS-Jr.l Page Unkenholz, James tAg-Srl Mandan 280, 188, 242, 24, 190 Unrun, Darven lPh-Fr.i Fargo Ur1aub,Edwln IAAS-Fri Walhalla Urneas, Luther lCE'Jr.l Alexander Vad, Darrol tPh-Srl Fargo 69, 209 Valent, Richard tAAS-Jr.l Fessenden Valor, Lynwood 1111-Sol Minot Van Berkom, Dale lAg-Fr.l Powers Lake 280 Van Berkom, Roger iAAS-Soi Powers Lake VanCleave, Michael lAAS-Fri Fremont, Nebraska 149,272 VanDyke, Merline tAgE-So.i Watford City 161 Vannote. Correen tAAS-Fr.l Fargo 251 VanSickle, Lawrence lEE-Fri Fargo 254, 153 Vardsveen Gary tPh-Fr.l Minot 208 Vasquez, Gregorio tAgfGrad.l Mexico Veen, Jerome iAAS-Fri Cathay Vellelna, Avonne lAAS-Fr.l Bottlneau 251, 283 Vellenga, Audrey lAAS-Fr.l Slsseton. S, Dak. Vellonga, R. K. lPh-J'r.l Fairmont Vennerstrom, Norman lQCl1-So.l Fargo Veralrud. Elton lPh-S121 Park River 68. 171 Vick, David lIE-So.l Watford City Vick, Jerome tMilI-Jr.l Ellenda1e277, 182 Vlok, Kenneth lAAS-Fr.l Watford City Vick, LeRoy tEE-Jr.l I-lankinson 73, 100, 54, 219 Vlgesaa, Lawrence lArol1E-Jr,l Cooperstown Vlker, Harris tME-So.l Fargo Vincent. Orlo tPh-So.l Glenwood, Minn. Vinje, Arne tPh-Jr.l Fargo 171 Vinje, Clarence lAAS-Sol Brainerd, Minn. 135 V1nJe,Valerle 11111-Fr.l Arsusville 283 Vogel, Albert 1111-Soy Orange City, Iowa 108 Vogel, William tME-Fr.l Lark Volden, Ronald lCE-So.l Audubon, Minnesota Volk, Edward iAg-Fr.l Rugby 257, 198, 173 Volkerdlng, David tAg-Fri Ada, Mlnn, 176 Vonderheide, James lME-Soi Underwood 164 Von Ruben. Dale lAa-Soi lVlayv1l1e252 Voracek, Donald lIE-Sr.l Fargo 54, 209, 187, 168 Vos, Richard iAAS-Sr,i Fargo 35 Voth, Mrs. Mary KAAS-Grad.l Fargo Voth, Richard lAAS-Grad.l Fargo Vrem, Peter lAAS-Fr.l Thorne Vyzralek. Frank tAeroE-So.l Valley City 274 Wade, Lanny tArch-Fr.l Mohall Waechter, Parker tIEeFr,l Glen Ullln 274 Wagner, Elroy iPh-Jr.l Fargo 212 Wagner. Myron iAAS-Fr.l Fargo Wagner, Neil lCE-Jr.l Monango Wahl, Eugene lArchE-Fr.l Ashley Wahl Leland lArchE-Fr.l Jamestown Wahlln, Kenneth 1 Ag-F121 Fargo 190, 220 Walcher, Jerry tME-So.l Bismarck 139, 131 Waldera, Donald tAgE-Sod Fargo 252, 100 Wales Helen tHE-Jr.l Fargo 178 Waletzko Harvey tArch-So.i Straubvi1le272 Walker, Claire tHE-Jr.l Garrison 262, 218, 238 Walker, Robert lCE-Jr.l Moorhead, Minn. 214, 212, 154 Walkup, John lCE-Jr.l Campbell, Minn. Wall. Wayne lAAS-Jr.i Bottlneau 130, 132, 219 Wallender. Arnold iAAS-Gradi Beulah Waller, Bruce tPh-Fr.l Moorhead, Minn. Wallin, Louis ll1lE-So.l Harvey Wallum, Mary lAAS-Fri Glenfleld 282 Walter, Dirk lArch-Fr.l Fargo Walter, Jerry QME-S121 Fargo 54, 219, 273, 104 Walz.Berne11 tME-Sol New Rockford Wandler. Donald i1V1E-Soi New England Wangrud, Mary ll-IE-Fr.i Fargo Ward, David lAgeFr.l Bismarck 182 Wardwell, Rosalyn tAAS-Fr.l Fargo Warner, Arthur lAAS-Jr.l Fargo Warner, Carol tHE-Fri Georgetown, Minn. 282 Waterman, Charles tAerol1-Jr.l Minot Watkins, William tAAS'+Jr.i Fargo 220 Watson.Ceo1l tAgE-Sol Cavalier Watt, Dale tAAS-Jr.l Lakota Watt, Joan tHE-Jr.l Embden 268, 178 Watts, James tCh-Jr.l L1sbon279, 77 Weaver, John iME-S121 Fargo 54, 164. 221 Webb, Byron tPh-Sr,l Montevideo, Minn, 08, 185, 184 219 73 211 275 171, 192 Weber, Melvin tCh-Sol Ashley Webster, Dale 1181-So.i Valley City 275 Wedul. Arvld lCF-Jr.l ThlefR1verFalls, Minn. 273 Wee, Shirley 11-1E-Fr.l Fargo 227, 262 Weeks, Lyle ICE-Soi Des Lacs Wagga, Janice tHE-So.i Cummings 282 Wegge, Vern lAg-Fr.l Buxton 257 Wegner, Elizabeth IAAS-Fri Moorhead, Minn. Wehage, Charles iEE-So.i Fargo 272 Wehage, Robert tAAS-Fri Fargo Weigel, William IAAS-F121 Napoleon Weihemuller, Don tCE-Fri Fessenden Weiser, Myrth 11413-Jr.l Hazelton 225. 175 Welch. David tCE-Sr.l Bismarck 54, 237, 163 Welke, Joseph lPli-Simi Minot 08 Well James lAg-So.i Cavalier 174, 253, 1711 Weller, Jerome llV1E-F121 Edgeley 75 Weller, Donald 1F19-Fri Grafton Werkhoven, iltobert iCE-Jr.l Enderlln Werlinger, Leo iPh-Sol Napoleon 269 Werner, Marvin lAE'Jll.l Carson Werner, Paul tAAS-Srl Hammond, Ind. 253, 35 Werre. James iAAS4Fr,i Fargo 272 Worth. Melvin lULSr.i M argltllgd Winn 54-LQ. 188 Whalen, Michael tMEfSr.l Knox 54 Wheeler, Susan IAAS-Srl Mandan 35. 192, 194, 265, 232 Whelan, Richard tAg-Fr.l Crystal Whetzel, Donald iEE-So.l Fargo Whidby, Lawrence 1Ag-Fr.l llazelton White, Dale iAASeJr.I Hitterdal, Minn. 225. 206 Whiting, Kenneth IAAS-Gradl Fargo Whitledge, Dennis IAg-F121 Glen Ullin Wibe, Orris IAAS-Grad.l Moorhead, Minn. Wicke. Herman IAAS-Fr.l St. Paul, Minn, 280 Wicklund, Kenneth tPh-So.J Pencer, Minn. Wickmann, Mariann THE-Sal Durbin Wlckstrom. Mike iAg-Jr.l Moorhead, Minn. 225, 184, 160 Wicgandt. Bernice IAAS-Grad.l Fargo Wieland, Alon iAAS-Sr.l Fargo 35 Wilharm, Charles iPI1-Sr.l Minneapolis, Minn. 68, 269 Wilkening. Keith iAAS-Jr.i Moorhead, Minn. 189 Wilkie, Gerry IAg-F1'.l Rolla Williams. Donald 1Ag-Fr.l Ada, Minn. 272 Williams Williams Williams Earl I CEfSI'.l DesLacs 54, 162 Williams, , Kathleen IHE-F1'.l Fargo , Lester IME-So.l Fargo Williams, Williams, Lois IHE-J1'.l Fargo 238, 267 Nancy 11-IE-Fr.l Bismarck 283, 262, 229, 182, 178, 204 , Robert tCE-Fr.l Fergus Falls, Minn. 214, 277 Williams, Winifred iAAS-So.l Williston 140. 219, 147 Williamson, Frederick tCh-So.l Williston 149 Willison, Darryl iAAS-Jr.l Blanchard 273, 219 Willman, Clyde IAAS-Grad.l Fargo Willy, Elaine IHE-Jr.l Esmond 186, 265, 206 Wilner, Mary IAAS-F121 Fargo 183, 262, 182 Wilson, Gary lArchE-Fr.l Oakes 272 Willson, Jack IAAS-Fri Leal Wilson, Merle IEE-F121 Fargo Wilson. Myra IAAS-Fr.i Fargo Wilson. Richard IME-S111 Fargo 54, 236, 237, 77, 273 Wilson, Shannon iAgfS0.l Fargo Winge, Royce lCh-Jr.l Litchville Wiper, John IAAS-Sol Bowbells Wiseman, Wayne tAg-Jr.l Williston 245, 198, 273 Wisted, Harmon IEE-Srl Pillsbury 54, 166 Witteman, Gary IEE-Sol Westhope Witteman, Nyla tHE-Fri Mohall 244, 283 Wlthner, Yvonne tHE-50.1 Elgin 216, 251, 201, Witty, LaVern tArchE-Fr.l Columbus Woitzel, Irene IAAS-Fri Gardner 283 Wold, Bernard tME-Jr.l Fargo Wold, Dennis iAg-So.l Maddock 196, 174, 253 Wold, Eloise IHE-Fr.l Roseau. Minn. Wold, James QAAS-S121 Fargo 35 Wolf, Rodney ICE-F121 Hazen 185, 162 Wolla, Maurice iEE'Grad.i Fargo 1 Wollan, Gary KAAS-Sol Plentywood, Mont. 245 198 273 Wolter, Barbara tHE-Fr.l Jamestown 282, 178 Wollan, Jacqueline lCh-Sr.l Plentywood, Mont,3t1 180 244 227 Wollmann, Ralph IPh-Jr.l Fargo Wolter, Rollin iAg-Fr.l Coglan Wong, Hans lCh-Jr.l Albert Lea, Minn, 181 Wood, Kay Margaret IAAS-Fri Fargo 270 Woods, Jerome IMEfSo.l Bottineau Worner, Donald iAeroE-Jr.l Hankinson 212 Worner, Wayne tCh-Jr.l Wahpeton 130, 133 Woyak, Owen IEE-Jr.J Medina 279 Wright. Alice lChem-Grad.l Mlnnewaukan Wright, Robert lAg-Sr.l Flasher 24, 172, 173 Wright. Thomas iAAS-So.l Fargo 214 Wynm, Sylvia IAAS-Fr.l Milnor Young, Howard IEE-Fr.l Devils Lake 280 Young, James IChem-So.l Langdon Young, Robert lCI16I11-Jlhl Langdon Young, Walter IAAS-Fitl Tower City Ysteboe. James IEE-So.J Fargo Zacha, James IAAS-Srl Michigan 35 Zacrep. Jolm IAAS-Fr.l Williston Zaharee, Donn IAeroE-Jr.J Max 257 Zastrow, Gerald CAAS-Fr.l Cathay Zaylskie, Richard tCh-Speed Fargo Zeller, Orviller IME-Jr.l Leith Zenner, Kenneth IAAS-Gradl Arthur Zent, Gerald iPh-Fr.l Bentley 274 THE NDAC ALUMNI AND FORMER STUDENT ASSOCIATION As o graduate or former student of North Dakota Agricultural College, you auto matically become a member of our association. We welcome you and hope that you will be an active member. This association is the only agency which solely seeks to keep you in touch with your former classmates and with your alma mater. It works constantly for the purpose of promoting the college. The ALUMNI REVIEW is the main instrument of contact between all alums. It is your paper and will be delivered to you monthly from August to May if you will keep the Alumni Office informed of all changes in your address. Each issue contains news from our alumni about their activities since leaving school. Please plan to keep the office informed of your address and of your progress socially and professionally. Zent, Raymond tAg-Fr.i Bentley 258, 160 Ziegenltagel, James 1Ag-Fr.l Fargo Zielsdorf, Karen tHE-Sol Rlrame 185, 218, Zieman, Lyle tAAS-S131 Makoti 35, 259, 220 Zimmerle, Wm. V. 164 Zimmerrnan, Arlen tEE-S121 Fargo 54, 166 ZlllilllG1'l'llElI1, Dallas fcil-F1'.i Lehr 181 ' Q is F23 - 5 if ' l l it io 2 2 Denison Yearbook Company 5 3 to Q 'U 2. 17" 5 3 an CD 9.. H1121-111111-I-I-HH Q NNN ..,..... 3325 ' sur' Im-fb oecm U33 fig' 2233 A.. Egg -LV mr ov? ?-'md egg- gn? ce:-0 E55 fl 9-7: 'SEE 2 112. 251, 178 Zorn, Robert tPl1-Jr.i Alexnmlria. Minn. Zurn, Harlan tEE-So.i Callaway, Minn. Zurn, Marcus tME-Soi Callaway, Minn. Zurn,Mer1en tEE-Soi Callaway, Minn. FARGO SEED HOUSE 1Since 18871 HYBRID SEED CORN FIELD and GARDEN SEED Phone AD 2-7i ii Fargo, N. Dak. Camera Headquarters of the Northwest Epko Film Service, Inc. 631 N. P. Ave. - Fargo, N. Dak. Epco Audio-Visual Center 612 ist Ave. N. - Fargo, N. Dak. Ness Epko, Inc. 431 Demers Ave. - Grand Forks, N. Dak. Each year you hear the olten repeatetl clichef-the Bison is going to he "higger antl hetter'l than the year heloregvvell, l guess this is mainly a matter ol opin- ion, hut it also was one ol the goals ol this hook. We realize our hook isnit perlect anrl as we look hack there are variotts pages that We perhaps Woulcl rlo another way. 'lhere are the inevitahle antl unintentional miss spelling ol names anrl misnlacement ol inclivirluals such as W. Spinarski who shoulrl appear on page 269 lhut rloesnity. Our goal in this hook vvas to present a realistic anrl representative piscrttre of the college year anrl We feel that We have ohtainerl this goal. First ol all my appreciation to the stall-al really tlitln't mean all those things I sairl ahout you when we misserl some rlearllines. Thanks to: . . . . Pat, Mitzi anrl Carol who just ahout livccl in the ollice on Saturrlays and arouncl rlearllines, l hope you like your hook. . . . Don livasehenko, photography eclitor anrl to the various photographers inclurling Ham Gillespie, who tlicl the majority ol the vvork and the Senior illersonaltics, Lowell I. Anderson anrl Allyn Sims, who tlitl some ol the inlormals ol school lile lim 7 Helsing, who tlirl two ol the tlivision pietttres ancl lklomo ilrom the Ecligtoir All Olsen lor the tornaclo picture which appearerl in LIFE. . . . llll the other inrlivirluals on the various stalls vvho vvorkerl vvithout recognition or gloryavvithout you there would have heen no hook. .. . Ken Sorenson ol Brings Press antl Frerl Miller ol lltakota lingraving antl my appreciation lor assists ing us at those critical times. . , . ferry White lor rlesigning the cover. . . . Miss lileanor Vergain anrl her committee who so afily seleetetl the Senior Pcrsonalties. . . . 'ioh Cmnt, ottr aclvisor, for not questioning my icleas ancl projects . . , the Boarrl ol Puhlications anrl its Treasurer lor halancing our accounts ancl assisting ns in matters ol policy. . . . the many sturlents aurl organizations who co- operaterl vvith this puhlication antl were patient when we lost a picture or misserl an appointtnent. We sincerely hope your enjoyment ol this hook shall increase with the years antl enahle you to remerns her that wontlerlul school year ol i957-58. aa Index A F P Activities ...................1..,.., Administration ,. ......,,....,,....A.A...A,..,.A.. Advertising ...........4.............. ........-,-..,.- Agricultural Economics Club ..i.,.,.,. Agriculture, School ol .........,....r......... Agronomy Club .r.r,......r......r. .r....-.. Air Force ROTC ............ AQA .,.....r,..............r.... 'Ell Ar ....r,,...r..r..r,...,....rr..r,..rr.. ..ri... 1 Alpha Cantina Delta ..... . A pha Canuna Rho .r..,... A pha Flu Ornega ................ .,.,.... A plra 'fan Omega ..,.,,,rr,....., ........ A pha Zeta ......,....,.r....r... Anger Plight .,.r.,.,.r.,.. Army QlOTC .......,...,..............,......r.... Arnold Air Society ....................,....,.... Applied Arts and Sciences, School ol ASAE ASCE .......,,,..,. .r.....,.... ASME ..,.....,.,....,...,,,........,....r.,.,,......... Associated Women Students ,........... AUSA r,.........,..,........,.......r.........,.......... Qlaseball ...,...,.. r..... iiaslcetball .,.....,.,...,,... Tieard Contest ,,.....,.... alison Annual .l,.,....... frlison llrevities ...,.l,,,, .llue Key .....r....r......r loarc oi Athletics ..r............. ....r..., iloarc o 6' Campus Alluirs .loarc of Finance .....,......,..............,.... S iloarc of the Memorial Union .......... ,loarc ol Music and Public Programs .loarc of NSA ...t. ..............,.,,.....,....r, , loan of Publications .,.,...,.,...........,., 1 .loarc 01 Radio .............,., 'Bowling .r....r...,...,....... C-D V Ceres Hall .,...r....,,....,.,..... Clarity llall ..r...,..,.r.. C ieerleaders .,.r....,..... C iernistry Club r,..t......r...r 1' ' li' S ioir r.......rt.r...r.,.,...,...r.r.... Co-op House .,.,..rr...... ilinan llall ........., lidwin Booth Club ..r........r.,., ...,,... ..,.i.....,...i.......,,.....sii........s----1----H ., iemistry, School ol .,,..,.r..., ......., 88 14 298 172 18 172 75 165 166 2511 252 2119 254 242 1 o 72 26 60 62 64 97 H9 511 411 19 04 22 311 92 92 93 96 95 94 95 94 51 282 111 210 1811 S6 21111 256 284 243 Farmhouse .r..... ...... PF A Freslinuin Orientation .......... '1 liootball .................,....... 4-1-1 Club .r.....,... G-H Cantina Delta ..,.................. Cannna Phi Beta ......,....... Cold Star llancl ..,,....... Covernor ,....,r..r. Cuiclon ,..,.........., Hornecorning ..,..,............,.....,, 1-lonie Economics, School ol I-J IAS .......,,....,..r....,.........., lnterlraternity llall .......,..,.. lnterlraternity Council ..,..... lntrarnural Sports ...,..,.r....r. ISA l,.,...,.,................. K ian ia Alpha Theta ........... I xaq ia .Delta ........., . , , iatint Selta Pi ...,....... V 1 - 1 sas ia ,ipsilon ..........r......r. 'ir ixztint ,iappa Catniua ....... . .ia J .ia Cappa Psi ........,..... , ty, , , ixitrizt 49st ,......t...,........ . ia ll ,ia 'Suu Della ..t............ .ilItSC r,1..t..1r.r.r.......,....... L lsettertnens Club ,,....,.... Library .lr....r.,................. liittle international ........... 1,SA 1..r.. ,,t,........,,..,. M-N Married Students' Residence Men's llesidence ..,.........,....... Memorial Union ,..,......,.... Military llall r.......... Newman Club .........,..,,. Qlanhellcnic Council ...r...,. J Qharrnacy, School ol ,,.,... Phi Kappa Phi .r..,.....,,,.. ?hi Mu .,..,.....,...,.........,,.r. Phi Upsilon Uniicron .,... Physical liclucation .......r. Yi 'lint Sigtntt .......,... President ,..,.....,,.,.,,,....r,., R Rajahs .,,,.r,,i.,..,,.,..,..,,,,r,,,, Religious liducution ,....r. Rho Chi ,,.......i..r,..,,,,.,..,,. S Sabre Air Command ....... Saddle and Sirloin .r......... Scholastic ,.,.........,...,.....,.. Senior Personalties ...r...,,,. Senior Stall .i,,.,,,....,,...,,,i.i Sigma Alpha Epsilon ..... Sigma Alpha .lota .i..,...,.... Sigma Chr .....,.,i.,,....,. Sigma Phi Delta ........... Shi Club ......,...i... Spectrum .............. Spinster Skip ........... Spring Sing ,,....., .,..i, State Engineer ..,,,i,.,,,,i,,,, Student 1-leulth Center .. Student Senate ,,i,..ii,i,i... SUA14 S.i.,,,ii,.,iii,,,,,.,,,y,,,, T-U-V 'fan lleta Pi .,,.i,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,i Tau lleta Sigma .........,,,, 'fait Kappa Epsilon ..,.i... , Theta Chi ,............,..,,,,,,, 'fruclt ,..,....i, 'fryota ......ii.i.. 'f,'ornatlo ..,.,....,,i,,,,,,,.,,,,i Ugly Man Contest ....,...,., United Students Christian Fellowship .,,,.,...ii,,,.,,,..i W-Y Wesley Foundation ......i,. tttlimu Wim I 1 .. ... . Wm-, : V A- .- --gk. 1-,-y mu-w 1-1 V -v 1 -- , gg gm- -v--'1-v-"Hg-1-'g-,',',',L5'.', ' ' 1.5 .vnu o pu 5 ul

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