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z ww...,,.,m his .-'-A, A - H, .,.. W' " ' 'A 'f ,.,,.. . . .,., - .,,. 1 --.-. , - ,, "" ' 5:52 .1 ....A X ------ X Q52 X - sf ,.,.,. ,..,,. . "'-L4 so gm,-L A M MP7 ff' 1 ...... ff" ..... "mrs ,ff -N., ,...., , X i -'-' ,jf XXX N x NI E L! 43: 1 ,, , MEL OSTBY, Editor J ON DEWEY, Business Manager Published by the Student Body of North Dakota State College of F argo, North Dakota and dedicated to the Future of the School and its Students. STAFF Melvin Ostby Editor in cfzicf Ion Dewey Bu51'ne,v.f M mmger Reggie Gorder ,4s.voc1'aze Editor z455l'.Vl'll71f Erlftors Ron Nelson, photography . . . Iudy Hammer, copy . . . Beverly Pfeifer, layout . . . Robert Guyer, art Section Editors Ioan Stammen, organizations . . . Celeste Svihovee and Marlene Quallev, reriziefzcckr Ph otograph er Ham Gillespie Editorial Staff Gloria Reseland, Anita Nellermoe, Phyllis Diede, Milton Matzek, Audrey Brekke, Ioanne Anderson, Wilma Husband, Beverly Lind, Ieanne Sinner, Ianice Kearney, Patricia Larson, Kathleen Marquart, lean Grindahl, Iean Bergan, Iane Higgins, Marilyn Richardson, Nancy F redericks, Neil Bjornson, Ron Nelson, Sigrid Halldorson, Terryl Ann Frank, Sandra Haas, Marlene Pfeifle, Howard Cariveau, Sally Schroeder, Maynard Helgaas, Sally Anderson, Ioline Well, Gloria Lloyd, Beverly Tyson, Maureen Steigman, Ann Whiting, Donna Barstad, Sonja Scott, Gary Smith. SIXTY-FIVE YEARS OF PROGRESS Time is a relative thing! To most of us, sixty-five years is a long time-about the equivalent of man's average life span. But to a historian, sixty-five years is about a split second since the dawn of mankind. To give in detail the growth and development of North Dakota State College from the beginning to the present, is not the purpose of this book. Rather, here are the happenings, in both picture and written form, that have taken place in the school and among its students in the course of a school year. This then . . . is the BISON ANNUAL or 1956 . . . which portrays the dynamic contributions made by the students toward school's educational ideals and the contributions made by the faculty and buildings in upholding these ideals. And so . . . with the presentation of FUTURANIA . . . all must look toward the future. In considering the more accommodating and better equipped new buildings, the larger and better skilled faculty, the new pavement and spacious campus area, all affiliates of the college are able to look toward the future with a sense of past accomplishments and the promise of future gains in preparing students for usefulness in society. On The edge of The Great Plains in 'rhe abund 6 ecl River Valley, the North Dakota State College was founded QQ CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION ........A..,.,,.W,..............,....... 'IO The faculty who plan our college years ACTIVITIES .I.,.,.......,...,,.........I.................. .. .... I6 The memorable events that we will cherish in the future SCHOLASTIC .....,.....c,,..,.......c,,,..I,..cH,.,.c,........ The purpose of our college years ORGANIZATIONS ...I,c...............,....,,.....,,.,,,, The extra curricular activities which added seasoning to our education RESIDENCES ..............,.....,.,........,,o t , Our home away from home SENIORS ...... .............., S,......................,...c...... The young adults prepared to go out into the world and face the future ADVERTISING AND INDEX ..,.............,......... The section where the index and ads 92 126 214 258 274 can be found in an orderly conglomeration may ENTRANCE The gate to the future stands beckoning you, The path that will guide you on earth, Do you wonder if it leads to failure or fame? By following it, you will see its true worth. Along the path our college days can be seen, With their studies and tests and parties, too But the way becomes dim as we travel on For the destination depends on God and you. Soufheczsf entrance to campus This college is guided by efficient hands, By God, this administration and state. Expansion and improvementg always striving ahead, This we pray, is our State Colleges fate. 10 ills I N gutlvlw' .,-.'-will n , ., , ADMINISTRATION , . Ms.-X miiilit- N i i A iw ,fin 5. lg The administration is the department of the NDSC Whose function is to manage the col.lege's business affairs. The administration is responsible for the well being of this school and its students. Administration assistants counsel the students, handle publicity and public relations for the college and offer job placements. The business office directs the financial affairs, accepts our tuition and state funds and then allocates them to the various departments. It also plans for the long range expansion of this college. When there is a question of policy concerning the school the decision is up to the administration who decides according to the college's standards. The administrations main goal is to see that the college is offering its students every opportunity for a complete and valuable education. l . -- . . li. 5 . . , iw ruff: fe Vg 'fiiirsfnlgtzll' gggi fyfaihl ff 'iflffeff-5 ....Y.............,,,-.... f2ifffilfrfillfvlfffvrfffs 1f"i4"r:r5ll:rff' -it 9 11 suv: or Non-ru canon OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR ,Qi eesmmcx ' , 6 ...eng s. GREETINGS: The Bisou Annual, just as the annual publication oi any educational institution, reminds us of the value and importance of time spent on our educntion. To the student it marks a milestone in his life and that of the insti- tution he attends. li he hrs been diligent in his scholastic labors of the peat yeer, his sum total of knowledge hrs been increased, knowledge that will assist him if he continues his education further, or vill be of nssietmee to him in unmeasurcd degree in everyday life if 1956 terminates his formal educntion. Completion of e college course at the Agricultural College is most valuable to the graduate in later life. It may mean e professional career for him. It me-y be an lifetime engaged in farming or business. But in addition thereto it should materially assist the individuel to success. It should lend. to a life of service to his community. state rnri nation. Lastly, it should bring happiness to his family rnd his fellovnen. If it cluesn't do all this in noticeeble degree. his educa- tion lacks something for which he me-y be responsible, North Dnkote is proud of its educational institutions and their graduates It is proud of the Agricultural College end its graduates. Originally these institutions were established to satisfy the needs of the state end its people: to provide the technical end. trained. personnel for its econ- omic and educetiond. development. All things being equal I hope graduetes of the Agricultural College will remain in our state to promote its progress in all worthwhile fields of endeavor. Congratulations to the graduates. Bent whhen to faculty and students at the Agricultural College. Sincerely yours . X, vernor suv "muses an e" recon Norman Brunsdale Governor 0fN01th Dakota Fred Hultz Pre.f1'dent of N01-zh Dakota Stare College NORYH DAKQYA AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE ranoomokrn onion ences v ef- worm The Land-Grant institutions, one in each state, are indeed unique in the field of higher education. They serve as a cogent example of the ingenuity and resourcefulncss of our democracy, from whose roots they sprang and under whose sponsorship they have flourished and developed. The Land-Grant colleges are truly a product of the United States of America. It is a source of continuing pride that they stem from the grass-roots. draw their nurture from the soil, and return to their sponsors the citizens, a thousand-fold in benefit and services. As North Dakota's only Land-Grant institution our College came into being with the inception of North Dakota's statehood. For sixty-six productive years it's services have kept pace with the constant demand for increased scientific and technical information to be made available for the use of students and adults alike. The record is impressive and shows clearly that these services have been not only fruitful, but actually indispensable to those whom we ICIVB. The future ot' the College rec-ts largely in the hands of our stale government, to which we must look for the support essential to the on-going of all public institutions. On us, as students and staff and administration of the College, rests the undeniable responsibility of keeping the public informed regarding the objectives, aspirationsrand the myriad of activities which constitute the College program in education and research. The publication of this Bison Annual represents a valuable student contribution toward the fulfillment of this responsibility. Fred sun-lex Hultz President Mr. Forrest Skinner Szzpfrzfixor of Sf'1'Z!liC'l'.Y Mr. Charles Sevrinson Dean of Students . Carl Schmidt Director of Pc'r5ormcI Miss Pearl Dinan Mr. Oscar Gjernes D,-an gf Ifffgmgn Placement DliI'6'CZOI' 5 w I Mr. Alfred Parrott Mr. Burton Brandrud Executive Secretary of Acting Director of fldmis- Alumni and Former Student sions and Records Association Miss Edythe Toring Business Manager Mr. Merle Nott Public Relations Director Mr. Robert Crom Director of C0771f71ZlHl-CUZIDOIZA' The exciting homecoming, the wonderful ball, Those cherished moments, that were had by all, These happy memories of college shall be I Shining moments in our reverie. , X 3 Z v P C 3 I ! N: 7 ' T leaf 1:1 f ffl 1? ifllll -i e if L:fiM an ff QL xl l X ff l 4 ,lnli QfNlM ""i ff i f W gc-ef We , ,W " a X X X A 009 . Nl ,K .q, ,fs s '- i: . : ., ' -' , l ' - , tli , 'W' ,,,' 2, f . 'Q N L Mlli. .H Xu! i i . ' i I it so 2 All work and no play makes the college student a dull person but he does pass his courses. Many activities such as Homecoming are traditional at the NDSC and help broaden the individual's horizons. Co-operation and rivalry are seen in the Bison Brevities, the campus variety show, where the students all become actors, costume designers, stage hands or critics. Snow sculpture sees the student out in sub zero weather creating impressive snow statues and displays. Various other functions raise money for charitable causes such as Charity Ball, WUS Carnival, Ugly Man contest and the Bromo Bowl. All of these activities are assets to our education, for we may not always have to know the square root of 4687 or the nerve structure of an amoeba, but to be able to co-operate and enjoy life with other people is important to our well-being. In the future let there be an even balance between our studies and activities to make us well rounded citizens when we graduate from the North Dakota State College. And the quarter begins once again . . . papers, pens, lines, forms, sched- ules, teachers, money, wait . . . and wait . . . and wait. Registration . . . a puzzle for frosh as well as upperclassmen . . . you may sign your life away, for all the forms you sign . . . held in the Field House with things supposedly efficient . . . and yet the wait inevitable . . . and they, too, take your money . . . for the advancement of mind in edu- cation. "Now this course meets at ten and one . . . it you took this instead of that , . ." Schedules and prof's okays and tough classes and snap classes and classes . . . and classes . . . Hold that pose . . . number 6174345 in Police files. No smiles on these ID's, please. Do you think you could put 1934 for my birth date? I'm really almost 21 . . . my, I didn't think you were 6'2". -Is that really fun? Those 'Foot- ball players seem to think this fitting punishment for freshman minus beanies . . . that'll teach you, girls . . . although the lipstick is usually on the fellas. "Keep your hands off me!!! If you so much as dare put that rope around me l'll . . ." Well, it's not printable . . . but Elaine got tied up anyway . . . that'Il teach you to wear your beanies. Do you realize what this means? Are you sure you want to pledge? . . . And the boys sign their lives away for the 'Fraternity of their choice. Registration school begins again for frosh and the former students . . . now bwoc's. 'I9 Pgv J A -' Q-EA M , ,W 4. , V EXW ww - 1 "if V ' f , M ,f V 1 2? an A 'S fy QM fX :'w'I2 7x,f'4'-23.5.7 2,9153 iw ' Q if ' - ,C Wm 1 ,A 'fi Qzlwlwiii f' 'f " A 'iiiim'-H' ff , ,ggi W H 9 1..w1: fm, f'Hi.,,5'fL Q ...sis22s2::::- fig 3.1 , wp, My Q A-F 2 .:. ." Vs f:'H WZ? M x' ,tA ,,i..if:T?.i,g T' S 'ek,sf g,:.:,gWaWggy ga, af f i: iff L e..m.Y-lm , Y M?,,,,wg 1 E 1 Q ,kg fi Y: f 2 af' :fd uf V :,..:,: Ei' ff q zi' 'rm ., ig,-f,,,.3 mn, gif? J, 1:9 mf .x ' - 'qi' i":I:..5? ik ,V ff 5357? kg , Si 93 5 a, Iii? V' 3 M, fa 5, X S gy, S 5 , if 2 Q if fr: , xx I m . ,sf if 2 I Q " 1' K .,..,.. .HG f i , ' ,,,,?1, ,Z ww Q , , . 2 egg, i j: . 'EE 1 Q A Y KH .N -1 . .E This foolheorty University fan, Jane Kanellas, shall rest in peace due to the steady aim of Jesse "deadeye" Vail. Local TV sports commentator, Bill Weaver accepts the class memorial cf the class of 1932, a lemon meringue pie. as each group outcheered the next Visiting beauty queens were pres- ent at the Homecoming pepfest. The lovely and charming Miss East- ern North Dakota of 1925, Tip Mill- er, wished the team luck in the Saturday afternoon game. Both the main floor and the bal- cony of Festival Hall were filled to the brim with students anticipat- ing an exciting and memorable weekend. 21 the queen, her royal attendants and admiring court The 1955 Homecoming Queen, Carol John- son, the only woman enrolled in the school of architecture. A photographer's dream, the queen's charming attendants, Terryl Ann Frank and Gloria Lloyd, 'Found Homecoming an exciting time with each moment filled with some event or activity. Now Jack, you dicln't need that rifle to make fellow queen c-mmittee member, Bob Gion pose with John- nie and her attendants. ln fact, Bob probably bribed the photographer to have this picture taken. chilled festivities amidst the awed crowds With a strong wind blowing across the field, President of the Student Body Merlin Ludwig presents Queen Carol her trophy during the half-time ceremonies at the Saturday afternoon game. Chivalry lives on at NDSC as President Hultz kisses Carol Johnson's hand. The head table at the Queen's banquet with its guest of honor Carol Johnson, 1955 Homecoming queen. With a rousing "Ho to the green and yellow," half- time ceremonies are never complete without the per- formance of the Gold Star Band. 23 i 5 The mile-long parade included the beautiful Queen's float. the beautiful floats, the flashing batons Bison Delight at Sioux Flight was the theme of the Gamma Phi's second place float, which had a bright but short career due to the high winds. Bison Bomb Wigwam was the theme of the ATO's second place float in the men's division. the booming clrums, the shivering girls Here's a band that iakes if easy and rides. There musf be a bass player in there somewhere! The SAE 'float with ifs beauiiful flowing lines, a fruly impressive floaf in the parade. The Gold Star Band on its long iaunf down Broadway in downtown Fargo. Aching feel, cold hands, lost music, siuck keys are all minor caiastrophes in The life of band members. The Kappa Delta's had The mosi unusual float in ihe parade giant green worm with multi legs The grand Chompeen float of the Theta Chi's which took first place honors in the men's division. Anyone for postoffice? the result of hard work, imagination and luck .- , 1,-.-. -W- Are them honest to goodness, Iniuns? Bison Reign as Sioux Complain on the Alpha Gam's first place float in the wom- en's division. The engineers of SPD do it again to win first place in house decorations. The Sigma Chi's gave on eleven gun salute for second place in house decorations. A real fired up frat. ' Visiting cxlum, Ruth Gabe ossures sorority sisters that when she wus in school they won their homecoming games. "But it's so nice to talk to you -oh, yes we won. Hove you heard about Jane-" A guest from the University runs up the Kappa phone bill. But next yeor we'll be sure to win. Things oilwoys look better over u cup of coffee. "The first quarter looked pretty good but things storied to weoken after the half. ln my opin' ion-" Merlin Ludwig sociolizes with Emil Zueger, co-coptoin of the Bison, ond guests ot on open house after the big game. coffee, chatter cmd condolences 27 cu dignified ending to cz hectic weekend "lt gives us great honor to present Queen Carol" -two pages introduce Carol Johnson at the Homecoming dance. An impressive worm's eye view of Queen Johnnie and attendants framed by the ROTC honor guard. A well rounded selection of music was played by the Verne Beyers Orchestra including bop, much to the pleasure of these two cool cuts from NDSC. The college choir participated in the intermis- sion ceremonies, their first public appearance of the school year. Homecoming is the time when alumni come back to visit their old alma mater and insure the students that things were much better in the old days. Here Abner Selvig regis- ters two graduates of NDSC. Have you heard Harry moved to Cali- fornia-Jim is a senator-Mabel, our homecoming queen, has six kids-Alum Harvey Schrag, Archie Solberg and L. J. Everitt talk over old times during a lull during homecoming festivities. enjoyed by students, alum, and guests 29 Ray Anthony band of the year comes to nclsc Ray Anthony . . . young man with a horn .... ap- peared at the Field House . . . as a money making proj- ect for Senior Staff and the Student Union Activities Board . . . played to a large and well pleased crowd . . . and brought a bit of the big city to ndsc . .. . gave an authentic touch to "When the Saints Go Marching ln" . . . many of his big record sellers were heard First hand . . . by the band voted 'Band of the Year'. Swing your partner . . . Sandy and Mel dancing to A word for The crowd . . . Ray Anthony says a how-de-do to the multitudes . . . that fabulous Man With A Horn. Man With A Horn . . . Ray Anthony and band members lei loose on some real music. the very danceable music of Ray Anthony. 30 .Iam session . . . Ray Anthony and combo live if up at the Field House. , Military Ball . . . annual formal sponsored by Ar- nold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, Guidon, and Air Debs . . . Iohin Larum general chairman from AFROTC, Norman Hansen from Army ROTC . . . Loren Bjornson headed committee for most unusual and effective decorations in many years . . . held in the Field House . . . Paul Hanson provided the music. . . lanet Monson, sponsored by Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, crowned queen . . . by President Fred Hultz . . . impressive corona- tion ceremonies with Queen Ianet escorted by Army Batallion Commander Cadet Russ Slotten and Air Force Wing Commander Cadet Bill Chamberlain 'through an arch of sabres held by ROTC men . . . each fraternity sponsors a candi- date for queen . . . vote decided by ticket count . . and 21 good time was had by all. queen of the 1956 Military Boll 1954 Queen of the Military Ball, Sally Anderson pre senfing the scepfer to Janet Monson, newly crowned queen l - Kms:- 4 Zngi -Q sy 4' Y fi-ak .-+ 5, 6. , ,55?Ef2?f.Nf ,5 H R, F2 W , .W as We-V, -J' Qgffagi ' g E . 55 5 3 65 , nw X-QR 1 Q Q , xiii f-Zz ilzwva, f f! ff z ' z ,fm ri X , S 2 , 2 , 5 K 4 1 f 3, 1 X ' W qs S7 Qi , -Q ,W 1 2 , is :Q . . ff W i 1:1 3 . A, .,,. E H 3 4 sis ":' 2 1- 235 2 iw ii 5, . new-A, p q-f ' - --"' I f::.f"- .,..- i Af 5 'S Wa ' :.fs5sg::., M , 2' En T91 " .Pj fi 4 ' f lx .f . 1', ,w. I AW, Spinster Skip . . . annual girl-ask-boy affair . . . imag- inative eorsages worn by the fellows and created by the gals . . . held at the Union Ballroom . . . music furnished by Paul Hanson . . . Gus XXI won by Betty Shipley and Clyde Stauffer . . . all decorated and ready to eat . . . sponsored by Senior Staff . . . extra special this year . . . Leap year provided an opportunity for dinners, open doors, and all the niceties of everyday life that fellows usually QFD take care of . . . spinsters galore on this eve of glory for the stag and not so stag males on campus . . . and a good time was had by all and next year's dance awaited . . . and tl will too ask him' . . . Spinster Skip king for a day WWW Unusual to say the least. Peg Buchanan, originator of this required merriment at the Charity Bail peeks over her date's shoulder, A lovely young spinster, Betty Shipley and her date, Clyde Stout- fer, with Gus XXI . . . of age for this yec1r's Spinster Skip. Chef Chuck Phillips looks proudly upon his handiwork. Jack Larson, Sandy Klein, Alan Schuhmacher, Veronica Peters and Guy Enabnit take time out at the Spinster Skip, bottom right. Oh, those corsages! Jerry Moyer, Joan Deal, Mike Fogel and JoAnn Willert take time out to discuss those controversial corsages . . . sorry, fellas . . . they really do fit you to a T, bottom left. 34x Crowned King ond Queen of Heurfs at the Churiiy Ball were Ken McLean and Ilene Friend, cufe a couple os could be . . . Band leader Poul Hanson draws the winning Ticket from master of ceremonies Dewey Swenson. Lee Johnson and Sig Holldorson fell all about how much fun fhe dance is. "And, oh, that was ca funny one! !" Barb Rockwood, Loren Sfanglcmd, and Vivian McAuley look on QS Bruce Skionsby thinks about 1ho1 lost one. Charity Ball fun for charity Charity Ball . . . held in the student union ballroom . . . annual girl-ask-boy affair sponsored by Panhellenic Coun- cil . . . Duane Swenson was master of ceremonies . . . crowned Ken McLean and Ilene Friend the King and Queen of Hearts . . . fitting indeed for a Valentines Day party . . . closed by a ticket drawing . . . Paul Hanson and his band furnished the music for the semi-formal affair . . . proceeds went to charity . . . another Leap Year party when the fellas were king for a day . . . and Wishing dances like the Charity came more often. Q 'ummm W Q N Y . A EE a5::. . N 'E 3 ,,v fifffffff M Beard contest general chairman Arv Vasenden awards the trophy to Ken Chase for the shaggiest beard entered in the contest. Sylvester Klasson and Ray Axtman, left, contemplate the number of minutes before they can run home and shave . . . Dick Johnson on the right. Mr. A. K. Sfrommey of Moler Barber College carefully explains to Jim Ozbun why he was runner-up on the best try for a beard instead of u first place winner . . . Eddie Gall is faking notes on the whole thing . . . are the results secret, Ed? ? Beard Contest clncl boys will grow beards Beard Contest . . . annual endurance contest sponsored by the Rahjah Club during the "U" series . . . for weeks and weeks the gals all get Whisker rash . . . wonder what it's like to kiss a fella with a mustache . . . trophies were awarded to Ken Chase, shaggiestg Ray Axtman, trim- mestg Francis Bosworth. most unusual . . . Marv Wright received "Best Try" honors . . . only a few of the hardiest survived the weeks and weeks of rigorous training re- quired to grow a beard . . . and most fell by the wayside . . . but "wait ,till next yearf' Ugliest Man On Campus Contest aaagh Ugliest Man on Campus Contest , . . sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity . . . candidates are put up by the sororities on campus . . . and well decorated by the same . . . pictures are posted in voting places around campus . . . proceeds collected on Hone vote per cent" basis go to the North Dakota Chilclrerfs Hospital at Iamestown . . . winner announced at the UMOC ball held at the Field House with Paul Hanson and his or- chestra . . . Maynard Helgaas was declared the Ugliest Man on Campus . . . sponsored by Kappa Alpha Theta sorority . . . and they call this man ugly????? And this is how he looked as the Ugliest Man on Campus . . . if's the gleam in his eye that makes him look so mean . or is it ugly? ? ? ? Alan Wieland, Alpha Phi Omega, pre- sents Maynard Helgaas with the UMOC award . . . and now they give tro- phies iusf for being ugly . . . but Maynard! ! Ugly? ? ? ? 37 L, . 3 1 ,, . ,mf K, Q HH. I vw. ,ig fv"'n 5 ,Q ,if s 1 ,R ., Wg X FY vw ,fg bs Shu' .wwflxyi VIN-3 a s....' Q. , , .A-, N" 4:97-V" f 4... sg Q .:A2'f 24' f .f 1 XV ff, 41 , 1- 5 - sf :wir 3Wf..1g,4 v A Y hes X S " if ,. 44:-5 U we in E , gii efix 9. w- N 5 51 ' A 1 Q . Z , 1 '-W.. 2 f J' ' , I - fe. ,pf . f uu- Y W ,ps fs Snow Sculpture slush and ice The snow sculpture contest . . . sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega . . . theme for '56 was comic strip characters , . . Sigma Phi Deltais "Hum- phrey" copped Hrst place in the fraternity divi- sion . . . the third year in a row for the SPD's, so the trophy remains permanently in the frater- nity house . . . a family of schmoos took Hrst place for Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority . . . second places went to Theta Chi and Gamma Phi Beta . . . snow sculptures this year were bigger and better than ever before . . . and were well worth the cold noses and frozen fingers. . will Ki , ,, f A , N pf: its-iign' f 51' . 'A . SIL Schmoos, schmoos, schmoos. First place in the women's division went to Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority for their family of cuddly white creatures. we nw , , ,. V, S1 Humphrey . . . from Joe Paloolca . . . won for Sigma Phi Delta first place in the men's division . . . third consecutive year . . . the engineers are indeed talented . . . bet Humphrey can even cook in his little trailer. 'e H" 1 ,. ws'-J.f.f " ' 'V 1 mWHA,..: ,,,,. ts" ,.....w,- "Wl1at's Up, Doc?" Bugs Bunny and the ever present carrot won second place in the women's division for Gamma Phi Beta sorority. Kickapoo Joy Juice . . . stir it up good, boys . . . right out of Little Abner. This colorful masterpiece won second place for Theta Chi in the men's division. 39 What a figure! . . . but, then, to these "Pen Pals" even Chuck Stetfan looks good as a gal, for "there's nothing like a dame," as the song goes. The ATO's managed quite a song and dance routine tor an all- male production number. Q Bison Brevltles "Come to the Mardi Gras" . . . for the lights are bright and the costumes gay, as here demonstrated by Maynard Helgaas and Carol Soeby in the Alpha Gamma Rho-Kappa Alpha Theta production act. Inmates galore in this pen . . . Bob Johnston A holds a mighty hot piece of metal and the sledge 9 hammer is about to . . . well, it looks realistic. Alpha Tau Omega fraternity is well versed in the ways of prison life after this production act Bison Brevities . . . the affair of show of the almost Broadway Fraternity . . . five production from many more presented at and tears go into the making the year for all concerned . . . variety type sponsored by Blue Key Honor acts and five curtain acts are chosen tryouts in january . . . sweat, blood of these acts and Bison Brevities are truly bigger and better every year . . . the money taken in is used for the betterment of the school and Blue Key returns it in the form of scholarships, television sets and publicity for high school students . . . a small fortune is spent for the gold and glitter of trophies . . . money Well spent and Well earned by the acts . . . this year Gamma Phi Beta Won ticket sales in the women's division and Alpha Tau Omega in the men's . . . first place in the production act went to Kappa Kappa Gamma-Sigma Alpha Epsilon and second to Kappa Delta- Sigma Chi . . . curtain act trophies were received by Gamma Phi Beta for first place and Kappa Kappa Gamma second. mf ww right: Mike Fogel, "Down Yonder" . . . they have dancers and creoles and all sorts of 'Folks . . . this the Kappa Kappa Gamma-Sigma Alpha Epsilon production number. "Basketball Ballet" . . . one of the strapping young AGR's shows Geri Sinner how to do that cr--azy iitterbug in the Theta-AGR five minute. 42 mardi gras, moon, and tenth avenue . . . ::c:::: i2iEQE3E5E5EiElEQEi52E :51211-153liW:':ii3?- 4 1 - 1 rerrr 1 -2i525i122 i5555225' 223252521212:12a225si2f?gZE:55i5izf .... 2255siziz2:23Es f 223352525 '5E5E E?E5?IQifE5E?E:s .-231:-1 1-::i15iE1Eli , , 5315125522551,5?5?iZ5:25E535gE5:f, F' "" "'-215525552 1551515E5ErE3E2E 'f1':g ,: "5z: "' -1:r1:s,., 352352125 'EESEEEQESQEEEQ :s2e1zgz, .,25s3s5" ''5151g1g1g1g111gz5z3s5s5sQ55 '1 Ir . - 2 1, E,E'E'15E':gf'.5f'f2." f5f'Z:ErE12:E:':5:1:2, 1 5:3:2:35j.fi1E1E: : ErEri1E1i1E2E1E2111r1:1: -- .A 11-r: 1'1" ri:'1fg1.11-.,.fZE'1i5 ,, 1 351g513131g11111115121r12r . . f:f.-11: 1 ,5s2::zgag:,,::g-ng,-111 1,-g1,'1sg:11gzg51" 1s1z5sisgsizgsisiaizizim, W7 ' t " s Y' "I Ig"-112' "g':I1I11gZ-' 55. :Q:2: 32:21, :Etg:5 V4 " -- -,"' .,.5:Q:2:Q:2:1:2Z2:22f ::QQQ11:f:Q:f:Q:2:Q:2:Ef:fS: ..1 Wi' .i2iEiEEEE' 5ii"'7ff1:' rl-3.1 ' r i1E5i?E?iiiiEE52E"" 323Eiiiiififiiifififififf- 5 ' ,152 1fs2:i'fgs1 12:1 Qzimeifzfzifi-Z1 M z2521211512iiiiiiiiiiieieiiiiizieis 25 1 .... .s:e:2-,rf 1- 1:1: :1.:1:: 11:1. 21: 1:1:qs1:1,-:-,.'- ' .-e:1:1:1:1:2f1-1-1-1 11 1za:e1a:z:s:s:z:s:z:z:f:s:a:s:a:e: ...E5???iiEIE2ii5 -33325352531 Iliis liiiiiii' iii: -'EEE?55?552555255555.1-1.1.i2i5ii?2E:ei25222ESEEE252EEEQQSEEESEEQZQEEE 31515-I:3:5j525QE5E51525E11 2Ej,E52:5g:i,,1g., 2 -::-'-.,'-.,'5- 1511" 55:15gEf'E1a'151?,E3: E52 'A """' 1 'i'rErEf1"' "" 'Z,I"""'QQEQEQEQEEEQEQE' 5:2:E:E:3:3E5 ? 11:22:e:1:zgz:s:E:s:z:e:1.'1. ,51f1',,-..,.,1-2-is1,5:,-511 :ff , , -2 " A"" " -aa:zgz:z:z: 551'iifiiiiiiiiiii..-N 3E?5.r.2?51?i?.'1E12 ii51i:ii"'QTT:ti-?115'Q'2:Q?"':"1'5 '?1ifQ.15?' f 21:1:s-' 515231, '22232 53231515252 ' 3122255 12:11 ff' if W "" 'iiiiff '.-15'f4ls.-1l1-1515555151if '151Q1g1gf f15111115:51 1:1i1iQ121i1: Q , ' , :12:111:1. ,-v11:f:f:':-.4,-.1..-5:1:1:1:2 :1f:i:E:1 1-141-1-321225-.,1r111r11:f111 '112.'12s4111321141511123:51315-1-"f' 112 2-.111:,:1:1:1f1.1r1r141-1112.31:111:1.1-1-2121111121315131gq1511z313f1,1,151,. 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The hard-working Blue Key production staff-Back, left to producer, Del Schaephoersfer, sound and programs: Marv Rullifson, iudges. Front: Mel Osiby, publicity, Les Amundson, director, and Arlo Howe, business manager. Bender, art, Joe tickets, Bob Gion, 5 to is I The corner drugstore where the coke crowd hangs out . . . in the Inde- pendent's curtain act "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue." Kay Link is assuring Jo Lobb and her friend that she iust isn't thirsty today. This all-college variety show even gives students an opportunity to put their brown to good use. Jack Southom, Pete Lundwall and 'the phantom stranger will be so skilled by the last performance 'that they'll probably become honorary members of the stogehond's union. Comin' my way, stranger? . . . Janet Monson gives Orlo Hielseth an inviting look in the Kappa Kappa Gamma-Sigma Alpha Epsilon production number "Down Yonder." men behind the scenes . . These are the men who push the buttons that make things run smoothly during the performance. lEd. note: they do o few other things once in awhilej 43 -ff: .Aff greasepaint, audiences and continuous card games . . "La Artist" or the artist, in English . . . Teddy Jo Paulson is the sleepy artist and her trick playing models are Jayne Lee, Ann Whiting and Karen Edinger . . . this is the Kappa Kappa Gamma curtain act. fs O 2. The "Moon Honeymooners" are Janet Saba and Don Peterson and the various and sundry types of bugs and iitterbugs are KD's and Sigma Chi's. 44 Backstage at the Mardi Gras and a big discussion between soloist Kathy Marquart and circus-type clowns . . . all kinds of costumes and people . . . 'tl 'l and the curtain closed on another successful year 1 Snow White seems to be having a little trouble with one of her seven dwarfs . . . Dopey can't understand that Maggie Lille- stal is dreaming . . . and all the Storybook characters come to life in the Gamma Phi Beta curtain act . . . Snow White is Gail Fitzloff and Dopey Jean Ann Nelson. Mrsessms.f. rf-Mm--As' -A-W 1 we , .. Bong bong, whiz bang, zowie, schreech and the impressive strains of "glory, glory halleluiah," symbolize the distinctive Alpha Gam-Kappa Psi act, in which choral reading was a refreshing change from the usual song and dance style. Theta Chi's curtain act features a lot of mighty realistic looking trees . . . but the honeys in the foreground are foxes, so let your imagination run wild . . . Tom Pfen- ning is the hunter, and Art Landau, Aud- rey Brekke and Margie Cobb the foxes. Little International the show of shows at State "Welcome to the greatest little show on earth" might well be the words for the 30th Little International Livestock Exposition spon- sored by Saddle and Sirloin, of which Ken DeKrey is president . . . held in conjunction were the agronomy show, with Marv Wer- ner sweepstakes winnerg the farm equipment show, with Dick Iohnson Winner, and crops judging contest with Arden Herman Winner . . . held at Shepard Arena with a full house . . . gives unlimited experience to those in agriculture . . . Don Moore won the coveted Grand Champion Showmanship award, two trophies, a scholarship, and the sheep showmanship besides . . . Hall of Fame Banquet honored Dr. Iohn Robinson . . . Ioan Stammen of Donnybrooli was queen . . . nominated by Tryota and chosen by Saddle and S-irloin . . . Iohn Iohnson was able manager assisted by Reggie Gorder. The grand entrance into Shepard Arena . . . a real horse-drawn buggy pulling Queen Joan Stammen, Manager John Johnson and Assistant Manager Reggie Gorcler. 46 M. l.. Buchanan, adviser to Saddle and Sirloin, presents the Scherfenberg tro- phy to Don Moore, Grand Champion r Showmcn of the 1956 Little Inter- ! national. l Dr. John Robinson, Garrison veterinarian, was chosen for ihe Saddle and Sirloin's Hall of Fame award. At the recognition banquef Dr. T. O. Brandenburg was guest speaker and Don Schwartz kept ihe ball rolling as foasfmasfer. the recognition of notables N . l l Master of ceremonies Arlo Howe looks like a true wesferner. Saddle and Sirloin Presideni Ken DeDrey presents ihe Queen's trophy to Joan Sfammen, who ocfed as foasfmisfress. 47 featuring the center of the ring Oink, oink, oink. . . the swine showing contest with number 3, Robert Lewis, declared the winner. Ancl it takes three grown men to hold one sheep? The men are iudging the animal and it looks as if they are having a good time deciding his admirable characteristics. Contestants in the sheep showing division, one of the many aspects of the Little lnternational in which students participate. Grand Champion Showman Don Moore accepting the Kiwanis Traveling Trophy and other awards from Dick States, chairman of awards. An irrigation display at the Agricultural Engineering show-they're really grand champions, queens and another 'wfU"We""CU9'1- SU CCGSS attenditnts Sally Schroeder and Barbara Peterson what a big trophy for such a little girl! l.aVern Zink, number 21, is explaining his proiecffto .lohn Vogel and Merrill Johnson. The project undoubtedly needed clarification, since it is concerned with the use of transistors in TV. This is a typical project in the Agricultural Engineer- ing Show. . Queen of the 1956 Little International, .loan Stammen, and m 49 Beaux Arts Ball artists and models Beaux Arts Ball . . . gala masquerade dance . . . sponsored annually by Atelier Chat Noir . . . theme was black and white . . . held in the Tree Top Room of the Frederick Martin Hotel . . . decorated with huge black and white abstract designs . . . everyone wore costumes of black and white . . . prizes to the most originally costumed couples . . . highlight of the Archi- tect's social year . . . talked about and remembered by all for months. . . 5 MK Q Mr. and Mrs. Hank DuBe, cz couple of squareheods . . . all the better to see you with, my deQ:r . . . winners ut the Beaux Arts Boll. I Block ond white ond read all over . . . Cards . . . of the playing kind . . . ore Mr. ond mostly black cmd white ore Marlene Pfeitle cis Mrs. Harold Jenkinson . . . winners al the Beaux o puppy . . . Maureen Von Slyck os o clown . . . Arts Ball. ond Judy Sherwood right from the 'l920's. Chefs and maids cmd waiters ond block ond white and black and white ond black . . . looks like everybody is having ca good time of the FM hotel. Spring Sing . . . sponsored each spring quarter by Alpha Phi Omega . . . was held in Festival Hall . . . theme was "Rain" . . .a group representing each fraternity and sorority participated . .4 . each group sang one of their own fraternity or sorority songs and one connected with the theme . . . all looked so starched and proud of the respective Greek organizations . . . the rafters rang with harmonious voices . . . or was that bass a little off key? . . . Alpha Gamma Delta Won first place in the sorority competition , . . Alpha Gamma Rho took First place in men's division. Joe Rullifson plays a mighty piano and the AGR's get in practice for Spring Sing. Paid off with a first place trophy . . . third year in ci row. Spring Sing sharps, flats and altos Sing, girls, sing . . . The Alpha Gams winners again . . . therein lies the talent, and practice, and practice, and practice . . . i r l l The lrish folk drama ".luno and the Poy- cock" by Sean O'Casey, Left to right: Fred Emery, Keith Amundson with cz very im- portant looking letter, Ruth Mortenson, Monico Savogeou, and Harry Swonke, 3 "The Doctor in Spite of Himself," a Circle T production of the very humorous variety . . . Left to right: Priscilla Hosted, Orlo Hielseth, Harry Swonke, Keith Amundson lull the better to ect you with, my dearl . . . 52 Little Country Theatre greasepciint . . . glamour . . . and hard work Little Country Theatre . . . stimulates student interest in drama . . . founded in 1914 by Alfred G. Arvold . . . under direction of Dr. Frederick Walsh . . . offers training and experience to student interested in a theatrical career as well as those interested in drama for extracurricular only . . . LCT had a busy season this year and presented "The Doctor in Spite of Him- self" in the Circle T Theatre under the direction of Mr. Ed Bigelowg "Sleeping Beautyy' in the Childrenis Theatre under the direction of Mrs. Ioyce Doolittleg 'iStalag 17" in the'LCT with an all-veteran cast di- rected by veteran Charles Abrahlamson . . . a Well done play with a full house every night to prove itg "Simple Simon" again in the Children's Theatre directed by Mrs. Ioyce Doolittleg "Iuno and th-e Paycockf' an Irish drama directed by Dr. F. G. Walshg "The House of Bernarda Alban directed by Mr. Ed Bigelowg "The Empcrofs New Clothes," a children's play done in full production style and directed by Mrs. Doolittleg and a spring-time bill of one-act plays done in the Circle T Theatre. "Well, I didn'f know ihaf you were . . ." say 'the boys gathered around Dennis Gullings- rud, who is cozily hanging out of a washfub for his Safurday nighi bath. Left io righiz Tom Brown, John Kitileson, Ed Martin, Jerry Lague, and Ed Pefersan are underwear clad cast members of the Vet's Club produciion "S1aIag 'l7." l Another 'typical scene from "S1aIag 17" with one of those nasty German guards beating our nice American soldiers . . . what realism. All in black . . . "The House of Bernarda Alba," a Spanish drama with an all-female casf. Left 10 righi Marilyn Ellis, Lisa Ducksfad, Jayne Lee, Sigrid Halldor son, Janice Bakken Con floorl, .lane Higgens and Hilde gard Diffus. Little Country Theatre . . . brings to the campus the Finest talent and attractions available . . . William Warfield, a Hmatchless artist" . . . Virtusoi di Roma, and ensemble of thirteen selected soloists from Italy ". . . things such' as dreams are made ofn . . . Gian Carlo Menotti's "The Medium" and the "Telephone, . . . thrilling opera in the English language . . . Marie Powers starred . . . a unique artist in Paul Draper, world renowned ballet clan- cer . . . Macbeth and St. Ioan performed by the Cana- dian players. William Warfield . . . a most outstanding Lyceum attraction . . . gave a sparkling performance to many . . . long to be remembered. Virtuosi Di Roma . . . thirteen of lfaly's most talented soloists in one exciting ensemble. Macbeth by William Shakespeare starring the Canadian Players . . . also gave Sf. Joan by George Bernard Shaw . . . high standard drama. Lyceum the cultural aspects of college life . . . Paul Draper . . . world renown dancer . . . gave a vibrant performance . . . an indeed unique arfisi, Marie Powers in "The Medium", an English language opera by Gian Carlo Menoffi. Miss Powers was heard as Madame Flora and headed a cast of brilliant singers. A. Glenn Hill, acting athletic head. The North Dakota State athletic fortunes fared well during the past year under the able guidance of acting athletic director, A. Glenn Hill. Under the superb co-ordination of Mr. Hill, everyone at North Dakota State gained enjoyment from the activities of the Physical Education Department, either as a participant or a spectator .... A great variety of events are available to the students at N.D.S.C. to provide a pleasant change from class- room drudgery. Students may participate in a number of intramural sports, such as: basketball, football, softball, tennis, golf, volleyball, and many others. Every individual has the opportunity to play varsity sports if he is qualified . . . Each student at North Dakota State should be grateful for the benefits he receives from 'the interest and hard work of the entire Athletic Department. North Dakota State Field House C. C. "Casey" Finnegan, Athletic Head. CASEY FINNEGAN In 1929, when C. C. QCaseyj Finnegan became head football coach at North Dakota State, it marked the entrance of an era and a new influence in this school. Casey's inspirational leadership meant so much to the men he worked with, that the Finnegan era was twenty- five years in length. In this age of short terms in athletic offices, Twenty-five years is a long, long time. In those years of helping hundreds of young men bridge that Wide gap between adoles- cence and maturity, Casey built such a friendship with his men that correspondence is still exchanged between the men and their former coach. Twelve very successful years as football coach shows Finnegan teams winning 51 games while dropping 44 and deadlocking 10. Remember, Casey was working in a much smaller school against such competition as the Universities of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Wichita, Omaha and the team from West Point, Army. ln one season Casey's squad dropped two games to Minnesota and Wisconsin of the Big Ten by 13 to 6 and ll' to 7 scores, respectively. But, more important than all the wins and all the losses is the type of men leaving this school, Finnegan inspired, to do well in whatever they attempted. They never forgot the lessons in good character and good living they learned from a football coach' who taught more than football. These men are the real tribute to Casey Finnegan. 4 Jessy Vail-assistant varsity coach . . . Head football Coach Del Anderson and Assistant Coach lessy Vail, operating under numerous handicaps, failed to enter the win column during the season. In his second year at the Bison helm, Coach Anderson's inex- perienced squad was riddled with injuries throughout Del Anderson-head football couch the season . . . Although a good share of the preceding freshman team failed to return, the Bison football build- ing program continued to grow with Z1 very outstanding frosh team which promises to carry on the fine Bison gridiron tradition. victory in spirit . . . if not in scores Row 'l: Brewer, Kalnins, D. Hill, KOPP, Vickers, Zueger, Nippolt, G. Hill, Wallentine. Row 2: Couch Del Anderson, Gebhard, Oseland, Byram, Kingsley, Bridge, Stover, Werth, Day, Kasawski, Rauker, assistant coach Jessy Vail. Row 3: freshman coach Cliff Rothrock, Cortese, Konnerelly, Schieder, Bob Sturdevant, Wagner, Haseley, Lock, K. Anderson, Dick Sturdevant, Stromm, Freide, and assistants Farrer and King. 4 58 Varsity Record NDSC Opponent 7 Concordia - - 20 0 ISTC - - - 32 7 SDS - - 33 28 SDU - - 45 0 NDU - - - 21 7 Morningside - - 26 6 Drake ---- - 28 0 Miss. Southern - - - 58 0 Augustana - - 13 Inspiring coach, Del Anderson, watches action Gold Star Band receives thundering herd North Central Conference Standing Won Lost Tied South Dakota State - - 5 O 1 Iowa State TC - - 5 1 O Nlorningside ----- - 3 2 1 South Dakota University - - - 3 3 O North Dakota University - - 3 3 0 Augustana ------ - 1 5 O North Dakota State - - 0 6 0 herd in competitive Bright sun hampers Bison receiver 1 ff nw. ii ta, - in gg fy -Milli' -.-k 211 ii Qi v r f . i . Sli' il: -.k- il J, vigfiif , f "In ,f,f ,E ,xg ,E LHIE. i,:'.. ,.,, i M' f,' .i , Glenn Hill-all conference end Sfafe 0-N DU 21 Fargo . . . The North. Dakota University Sioux handed the Bison a 21-0 defeat in a disappointing homecoming feature, which marks the 37th victory for the Sioux in the 60-year- old rivalry . . . A capacity crowd witnessed the fracas in miserable festivity weather as the faltering Bison failed to hit pay dirt for the second time during the season ..., A disorganized Bison offense was restricted to a skimpy 80 yards by the impressive Sioux forward wall, led by N.D.U.'s Little All-American, Steve Myhra. The massive tackle had a field day as he smothered everything within reach . . . A recovered fumble by the Bison on the second play from scrimmage offered NDSC its only chance for victory. But a Bison fumble on the one-yard line ended the threat, and the S-ioux went on to grind out the win over a disheartened Bison eleven. Dale Wulleniine-hclfbock Heads yours, hails mine Emil Zueger-guard, corccpfcin Come you Sioux-as Bison try to even score Scompering Coyole about to be dropped by poised Bison l Pct Vickers-fuIlbcuck-co-captain Klennes Anderson-fullback State 7-Concordia 20 Fargo . . . Concordia's Cobbers continued their reign of superiority over the NDSC Bison as they dropped the herd to the tune of 20-7 in this 23rd annual intercollegiate football rivalry. . . . The Bison and Cobhers played to at scoreless dead- lock during the first half as thc sophomore-studded Bison held down the powerful Concordia running at- tack, but fumbled and lost possession at some fine scoring opportunities. . . . The dazzling, three pronged running attack of the Cobhers was outstanding. Gahriclson, Gilhertson, and Porkkonen gave the Concordia crew all the power they needed as they reeled off 306 yards. The Bison were lirn- ited to 93 yards rushing and 117 yards in the air. . . . The turning tide in the scoreless battle came midway in the third quarter when the Cobbers drove 59 yards for a touchdown. Concordia then went on to score two quick tallies early in the fourth quarter to clinch the game. . . . Some brilliant running by Bill Byran gave NDSC its only score. The Bison fullback broke loose late in the fourth quarter to save the Bison from a shut out. Gordon Friede-halfback Foofboll bullet . X T., 4 , 41' f ' . ,fir ' . i ' l s :Wi , i . 'L is 1, , ,w,.. - -it ,M ,f , Wcallentine sights his prey Dick Tschider-quarterback Tom Strong-guard State 0-Mississippi 58 Hattiesburg . . . powerful Mississippi Southern racked up its seventh victory in eight starts by topping the NDSC Bison 58-0. . . . The combined running and passing attack of the Southerners swept the mismatched Bison off their feet as they built up quarter leads of 13-0, 39-0, and 58-0. . . . Mississippi Southern rolled up two first quarter touchdowns, and from that point on the reserves carried the load for the power laden Southern eleven. . . . NDSC was held in check all the way by the South- erns, moving the ball only to the 27 and having a total of minus 12 yards in the first half. . . . The Mississippi team completed their scoring in the third quarter, tallying three more times. . . . The herd's best showing came in the fourth quarter. The Bison picked up four of their five first downs in marching to the 22 before an intercepted pass halted the drive. . . . Mississippi dominated all phases of the statistics as they accumulated 21 first downs and 502 yards to five first downs and 37 total yards for the herd. Bison team up to halt charging opponent Melvin Werfh-end Bob Block-tackle The grim omlook State 7-Morningside 26 Sioux City . . . An inexperienced Bison team stopped Morningside cold in the first half while gaining a 7-0 lead. But the Maroons stormed out in the second half to outplay the Bison and scored two touchdowns in each of the final periods to topple the herd 26-7. . . . NDSC scored early in the second period after re- covering a Morningside fumble. Dana Hill pitched to Tom Day in the end zone for the touchdown. The Bison threatened again in the first half as they drove to the Maroon ten before being halted. . . . A staunch Bison defense kept Morningside from within the NDSC 30 during the first half. . . . The Maroons rammed across two quick touch- downs in the third quarter after a blocked punt gave Morningside possession. NDSC made a desperate at- tempt to get hack into contention after the Maroons took a 13-7 lead, but a 50-yard drive was halted on the Morningside 11. . . . Each team compiled ll first downs. The Bison played an exceptional first half while the Maroons saved the fireworks for the final two periods. Tom Day-hcxlfbock Roger Gebhcrf-guard Wide open field r T I it ,fi Clint Kopp-end State 7-SDS 33 Brookings . . . The South Dakota State Iackrabbits raced to a 26-0 halftime lead and went onto defeat NDSC 33-7 in a North Central Conference game. The victory gave the Iackrahhits four straight conference wins, while the shorthanded Bison went down to their sixth defeat and fourth in conference play. . . . South Dakota State's early lead and numerous crip- pling penalties proved too much for the Bison as they played the Iackrabbits on even terms in the last half. . . . South Dakota State notched single touchdowns in the first and third periods and ground out two rallies in the second quarter, while the Bison were being halted by penalties totaling 107 yards. Most of the penalties came after the herd racked up good gains. . . . The Bison's only score came early in the fourth quarter when Tschider passed to Glenn Hill, who was downed on the S. D. State five yard line. Three plays later a Tschider to Glenn Hill pass clicked for a touch- down. . . . A very spasmodic Bison attack resulted in 379 total yards for S. D. State and 155 for NDSC. Tom Roukcir-center Hill takes one in end zone for State Ron Oslcmd-guard Driving fullback trapped by charging Bison c . QW g EE S? ' 5? p I Bison stopped for no gain Larson to Hill in lhe clear Fred Stover-tackle Martin Kulnins-tackle State 6-Drake University 28 Des Moines . . . A stroii Drake University eleven upset the Bison 28-6 in a game dominated by defensive line play and a sparkling Drake aerial attack. The Bison, while absorbing the defeat, showed great improvement over the season opener in which they were surprised by Concordia. The NDSC line was like a brick wall as they allowed the Bulldogs only 103 yards by rushing. The Drake air attack was the deciding factor as the Bulldogs completed twelve of twenty-one passes good for 284 yards. Drake scored twice on passes and set up two other tallies via the airways, coming from behind as NDSC took an early 6-0 lead. The Bison also used a pass- ing game to set up their score when a Dana Hill to Glenn Hill pass carried to the two-yard line and Bob Sturde- vant pushed over the score on the next play. Another Bi- son tally, an 80-yard aerial, was nullified by a penalty. . . . Offensively, the Bison ground out 164 yards and eight first downs to Drakeis 387 yards and 16 first downs. Bill Byram-fullback l l R. Sturdevanf shakes loose on end run Fefe Breuer-tackle Vt. in Q- V Jr.. ir' E55 N 1-M.. 5. 551: , Bob Nippolf-center State 28-SDU 45 Fargo . . . A swift and determined South Dakota Uni- versity eleven rebounded frorn an early 21-0 deficit and went on to defeat the NDSC Bison 45-28 in the annual Dad's Day game. . . . The spirited Bison launched an early offensive, with the help of opportune fumble recoveries, and appeared heading for victory after scoring three touchdowns by the time the first quarter was half over. Dale Wallentine, Glenn Hill, and Bob Sturdevant scored touchdowns for the Bison before the South Dakota offensive could move for more than two successive plays. Gordon Friede end- ed the Bison scoring in the second period as he snared a pass and went over for the touchdown. . . . The fleet Coyotes could not be held by the leaky Bison defense once they began to roll. Not once were the invaders forced to punt and only once were they held for downs. Four successful conversions by Marty Kalnins kept the Bison in front until 1:40 elapsed in the final quarter, when the Coyotes took their first advantage at 32-28, one which they never relinquished. Phil Kusowski-guard Herd charges to stop action r x l l Truman Kingsley-tackle State 0-Iowa State Teachers 32 Fargo . . . Victory eluded the NDSC football team again as the Iowa State Teachers College Panthers raced to a 32-0 victory before a large crowd at Decotah Field in the Bison North Central Conference home debut. . . . The Bison weren't up to their second conference test and came off with a 2-0 loop record while being blanked for the first time in four starts. . . . The versatile Panthers had too much speed for the herd, reeling off 19 first downs and picking up a total of 362 yards. The Bison managed 11 first downs and 129 yards. . . . ISTC employed its passing attack only five times, two good for touchdowns in the first half. The Bison held the Panthers off in the third period, but ISTC switched their attack in the fourth quarter as they pushed across three touchdowns to put the game on ice. . . . The herd's spotly play resulted in only one scoring threat. Trailing by 32-0 in the final period, the Bison drove to the ten before losing the ball on downs. Gene Cortese-halfback Attempted interference fails producing bad results Bob Strong-guard Tschicler hovers over Sioux receiver Dana Hill-quarterback Day sweeping wide for the tackle Jerry Konefshny-guard Jerry Walter-guard Cliff Roihrock-freshman football coach l-Ol-'le KlI19'USSlSTGnf cwch Freshman Record NDSC Opponent Freshman 14 North Dakota University - - 0 21 North Dakota University - - 6 6 Concordia - - 0 Row 1: Joyce, Svedahl, Arnold Haugeberg, Warner, Sevde, Pellizzaro, Holmes, Lien, Fromson, Row 2: Keefer, Perkins, Graham, Wall, Arvid Haugeberg, Dolianin, Cossefte, Hyde, MacDonald, Pronozuk, Fab- ian, Coach Cliff Rothrock. Row 3: Louie King, Ass't Coach, Roclke, Lobsinger, Gleeson, Sharp, Hughes, Kielland, Miller, Nagel, Rongen, Tharaldson. 69 Chuck Benfson-Varsify Coach Basketball bison power gains . . . Bison Cage coach Chuck Bentson guided the NDSC basketball team to another successful season. It was the type of season in which a couple of wins in crucial games would have found the Bison in the midst of the conference cham- pionship race. While compiling a 7-5 record, the herd Wound up in third place in the tough North Central Conference. The Bison also added another inter-city title after an up and down battle with Concordia and MS-TC . . . Coach Bentson is hinging his future hopes on the past years reserve personnel, who gained considerable experience, and a good line of talent from the freshman team. Row 1: Darrell Reber, Ken Flynn, Merlin Ludwig, Jim Akason, Roger Gebhart, Doug Walstad. Row 2: Howard Hiel, Al Brenteson, John Haas, Harold Anderson, Gene Gamache, Marvin Bender, Sylvan Melroe, student manager Thuring. Pointers of wisdom city conference title North Central Conference Stanclings South Dakota South Dakota North Dakota North Dakota Iowa Teachers Augustana - Morningside Won Lost State - - - 10 University - - 9 State ---- 7 University - - 6 College - - - 5 - - - - 3 - - - 2 Season Record NDSC Opponents 65 Drake ---- - - 85 60 Iowa State - - - - 86 66 Mankato Teachers - - 62 67 Concordia ---- - 57 61 Augustana - - - 54 86 Iowa Teachers - - - 81 73 Morningside - - 68 76 Morningside - - - 67 71 Iowa Teachers - - - 76 88 SDSC ---- - 79 62 SDU - - 77 77 Concordia - 85 97 MSTC - - - 81 72 SDU - - 86 63 SDSC ---- - 96 66 Augustana - - - - 56 83 Gustavus Adolphius - 88 57 NDU ----- - 63 48 NDU - - 50 84 NDU - - 73 73 NDU - - 72 Restful chalk talk 71 Akcxson tied in by S. D. S., Haas wcnifs for pass. Sylvan Melroe-forward 72 . . . The North Dakota State Bison opened the basketball season December 2 against Drake University at Des Moines, Iowa . . . The Drake Bulldogs shook off three determined bids by the Herd to score an 85-65 victory . . . Drake held a 45-33 halftime lead, but the Bison came within eight points of overhauling the Bulldogs three times in the second half. With three minutes remaining Drake had a 64-56 edge, but NDS-C gave way to the tall, hard driving Drake five in the final minutes and the Bulldogs won going away . . . Guard Doug Walstad was the I-Ierd's top scorer with 18 points. . . . Iowa State's Cyclones defeated the NDSC Bison in the basketball opener for the Iowans by a score of 86-60. The early season road trip was just too much for the Herd as they tired badly in the second half, after a fine first half, al- though Iowa Statels height advantage was a telling factor in the 43-29 score at the intermission . . . The Bison were still in the game at the halfway point, but couldn't keep pace with the balanced Cyclone quint in the final 20 minutes . . . Gene Gamache and lim Akason led NDSC scoring with 18 and 15 points, respectively. Ludwig fighis for rebound. A " X ,V'Ws7S' '1' 2. ffgf' ' x 1 Ra M 'X '. Q 6 'x " ' 952 I 'fraia M5 f Y W 54 fn A ' v " . ' 311333, SW: , 5:a:a:a:a,:, T Zgiayf' 'E .Iii N iz:-ff 1 .' 0 .:.:.:.f af x .. A ,Zi X. .Q Q f -N-.-1 ..,...., . .. ,Y 3 1 1 i Af A336 uw . Q , M Q f Q E 52 , 2 4 , , 2, 14 . as , b QW. ,I fb' Sie!! e l N :RW x ,ef .Bk N Af. J ' 1 ff -fm!-5 4,5 2, ,I X565 W un. ff' 5 wi' , f: ,...,,,,, ,cx w 455.2 ,,.,..1 x . .,,4:,.... . 5 5 V 3g,5.E.5::: :. ' X Q Q A Q 5 K W. ., , K ,sw Nw Q, -- 52 2 A W x v Q W 3 ' W lv ga E 215333 4 1 f was sms.. 'zwgi-A ff'-H " ' 53.1-.v ,f :,. ' ,' 'Lf-ff . 5 L31 :ig new M N' SM ff' W' 'f- gffi - g 2:5 . ,, FY . gvfiii-Q. W ...ggi1?,, ik V, RQQQQ :zi v 5 'iff' '3lRrHz fNQ , ,q.z'gv:e?3 551 5, 6 H 0 35 ., .... 3 , Q , X l I 3 '5 4 5 b Qi -fs ,gk as 3? """ M E: 5 , I W ' SE AN f A f E A i,,"""::"3':'A""+ 3 ..,.,,.,.. G it I-rx k X in ,.-N, X ' X 25 A M wt fwfr? M, 2 QW V3-ww 'M--.-.wx , X v-gfiki fz,e3if' ,N SQZMQE 9:92 Q H? Q 5 nv 3, 3, Q ,fi . X -Z' :'z'?"A wig., I -QU ff: 'X W Q!! "'k if if 1, Q' an pw 22559, if A J'1' gs Wiwm wwf 5' ,gas .... L 1 Z J :-.' f fx 2.-.AH ,-- r Ji ' 4 , fy! gsm K Sm. Vg 'mf -wmv fx Q Z. 6 - -Ms: .-.- 1 iQ V, 2 .if : K M 'A 5 5 2:E,sa::--'- Q5 55 ,.,:1 F :,,.L,2A E 7 5: W 5 s ,gig E 3 . Z If , .....,. 1 , 2' 2 X 1 ,gunna-., f f' hmmm ' 3 2 a' Q ' Wi, 255 Hakim wwymw Q f S wx-gy in Am, 737' ' K QQ 5. I . x:,.-f:..--.5.:::.::...:...:.:.:.. ' ' are-1: ::.:.::-:Feiss 9 ,gg M4431 xg ix ' K 15:33 ig .-.- W L ...... i Wil 5 me ,E .,.V ::g":a:a::, a:a:a5,C2sH'. -'i - X vw " - K ' ww: .2 A .,.. A . iz 1.1-fl kr QQ -: Q K he U - 35' vw Q 4' '69 N 1' 4 " I Sf 'S R ,G .,.: ,.,.:. 4 ....:..:. V 4 :R i , 2 .X , W N . his X . 1 tis 1' up ff X 'fy 44 1 K 1 , ,I ' ' S .4 a Ping gg., Iam, i ww: 'M' Darrell Reber-guard . . . The NDU Sioux led the Bison for the fi- nal 27 minutes to cop the opener of the four- game series 63-57 . . . The Sioux came from be- hind an early eight-point deficit, tied the score at 24-all with 13 minutes elapsed in the first half and were never down the rest of the Way. The Bison were not impressive as they missed many easy shots which would have put them out of range of the Sioux. lt was a decisive vic- tory for the Sioux, who held a 10 point lead most of the last half. . . . Coach Chuck Bentson's crew hit the season low hy failing to reach the 50 mark for the first time as the Sioux downed the Bison 50-48, mak- ing it two in a row in North Dakotais No. 1 rivalry . . . The ragged melee was never in doubt, except when the Bison managed to make it close at the end of each half, as the Sioux took an early lead and held it all the way. - Marvin Bender-fcrwa rd Ludwig drives hard with underhand lay-up. . . . The NDSC Bison completely reversed their brand of basketball in the third game of the series as they tumbled the NDU Sioux 84-73. The entire Bison squad turned in an outstand- ing performance in the series . . . The Bison broke a 30-30 tie late in the first half and the Sioux never caught up . . . Gene Gamache had one of his greatest nights in Bison toggery as he racked up 28 points. Walsrad and Akason looked like the conferences best guard pair at 18 and 17 points, respectively. . . . Amid all kinds of confusion, the NDSC Bison eked out a 73-72 victory over the Sioux to gain a split in the series . . . Led by Doug Walstad, the Bison rolled up a 36-31 halftime lead and Went on to squeeze out a close victory. . . . Four other Bison hit double figures. Gene Gamache had 16, lim Akason 13, and Heil and Flynn 11 apiece. Howard Hiel-forward Gumcuche for fwo. S State 60 57 69 57 65 75 60 78 92 69 78 68 62 85 Q 64 N 53 Cliff Rothrock-freshman coach Freshman Basketball Baby Bison Strong . . . Prospects Good Freshman Season Record Blakely's - Concordia - Russ Buick - S. A. E. - Theta Chi - Valley City "B" - Concordia - - M. S. T. C. - Valley City "B" - Y. M. C. A. - - Mayville HBH - - Mayville "BH - - - U. N. D. Freshmen U. N. D. Freshmen U. N. D. Freshmen U. N. D. Freshmen Row 'lr Huizengci, Lepird, Brunelle, Bauman, Schnell, Ruud, student manager Thuring. Row 2. Coach Rofhrock, Lunclby, Hill, Zcxhuree, Eicle, Williams, Foss, Fought, Sharp. Opponent --46 --36 --64 --so M62 --54 --so --60 -78 - - 51 - - 62 - - 53 - - - - 64 - - - 82 - - - 58 - - - 50 81 Track bison tracksters enter five meets State College NDU ---- Iamestown Colleg C Bison ---- Minot TC - - Dickinson - - - Valley City' TC - Ellendale Normal Meet It's keen competition from start till finish at North C n Conference m Coach Erv Kaiser Bison Invitational Meet NDU ------- 62 Northern TC - - 49 Bison ---- - 43.5 Iamestown College - - - 37 Bemidji TC - - - - 11 Mayville TC - - - 3 Valley City TC - - - 0 Row I: Gene Gomoche, Bob Conzemius, Dole Wollentine, Sylvan Melroe, Bill Shelver. Row 2: Coach Erv Kaiser, Ken Jordohl, Tom Doy, Fred Stover, Darrell Henry, Gory Thomosson, Ron Pepper. outlook good for sprinting hercl . . . North Dakota State College thin clads opened the 1955 track season at their own invitational meet held at Dakota Field. The Bison succeeded in holding down third place honors. North Dakota University and Northern Teachers Col- lege finished ahead of the herd . . . Bismarck was the site of the Bison cindermen third place finish. The Sioux from NDU and Iamestown College finished ahead of the Bison . . . The NDU Indoor Relay was won by the Sioux, after being com- pletely walloped by the Bison in 1954 . . . South Dakota State dominated the North Central Conference Meet for the fourth straight year. The team from old State finished fifth in the meet. Dale Wallentine stole honors from SDS as he collected 10 of State's total, 13 . . . Coach Erv Kaiser molded his track team into twelve versatile men. Bob Conzemeus-100, 220 and relayg Bill Shelver- 880 and relayg Gary Thompson-broad jump, relays and javeling Ron Pepper- broad jumpg Dale Wallentine-broad jump, high and low hurdlesg Guy Enab- nit-high and low hurdlesg Darrel Henry-high jump and pole vaultg Gene Gamache-high jumpg Kenny Iordahl-pole vaultg Marty Kalnins-shot putg Sylvan Melroe-broad jump, 220, and relays: and Fred Stover-shot put. North Central Conference Meet SDS - - - ISTC- - NDU - SDU Bison- - - Morningside Augustana - 95.5 46 37 24.5 13 6.5 2.7 lts up ond over for hurdlers at Bison track. Sailing Sal-on the brood jump Cliff Roih rock-couch B a s e ba I I . . . The Bison diamond men completed a successful 1955 season under the expert guidance of mentor Cliff "Bony', Rothrock. The 1955 season was Coach Rothrockls second season with the Bison nine. "Bony" appeared to be building for a great future club With- out making any great sacrifices during the 1955 cam- paign. The Bison competed in the Steve Gorman League and succeeded in gaining a split season of six wins and six losses. Jamestown College had an iden- tical record and tied the Bison nine for fourth place in the final standings. . . . 1956 looks like a big year for the Bison ball club. With a large component of returning lettermen, the Bison have a lot of experience which should make them a rough team to beat. The addition of a pre- season southern training trip should give the Bison an added advantage over the competing teams of the league. bison end season with 6-5 record . . . prospects good. Row 'lr Bruce Smith, Norman Leraas, Clarence Niskanen, Ed Aiuzus, Bob Burke, Dick Elsfon., Row 2: Jorry Pecksccxmp, .lim Akuson, Dick Joos, Warren Gullickson, Ken Leverson, Jim Lowa, Morris Holm. Row 3: Doug Walsfod, Ron Volk, Couch Roth- rock, Bob McKay, Frank Gundermon, Ron Zoitnick. 4 V ' if' l'i,1 14 iii i " ::..::- - - Norman Leraas .fa Q ' W' , 4 , .LJ neg? . : 1. Q 5 A' h : eli f -- V '34 I C.. ' ""' Bob Burke Steve Gorman Mayville TC - Concordia - - Moorhead TC - Bison - - - Iamestown TC - Valley City - Wahpeton Science - v. ,. uv ,- 3 45555 -. A tiff' 331, 4, JE if 5 in X , K 559,223 r is , gli , , 3, , Q wc, , n ,, Ron Zoffni 'FFL :ar fir :- , .-.f ,,w,.,,-.',::' ff' - League Won - 9 - 9 - 7 - 6 - 6 5 - 0 ' .f iw, Q i - f f A 1 V -, i We M l J. Umm 1 W ifi A r?3?i? YT 1 if B Q' 1 ' N , A5 5 '2 f ,. i K ,ix Ck Ed Aluzcxs g y I N iffy: fy" we-v 2: ' if 2 .1,,,, Z X Q rfj . , ' C Bruce Smifh Frank Gundermun Lost 3 3 5 6 6 7 12 Q ,, e . S J If- : z z?" W .. Morris Holm Bob McKay i nu . fic . 155 g ll 1 ' -, Way--, wg -- 4 Jarry Pecksccamp .mira-3 fi fx wg: Q fs, sk i - s fggz . if i f fig .,, ps is ii fi Q ' X as 3,5 fl L i 5 M -:fi-Q , Dick Joos Doug Wclsfcxd if A Z Q i fix f , - - 4. Ya .. if ' - Jim . fi 1 Q5 af f ' ,:5.,.,.,M.,ysET we , - -:- 'Q :ae Akoson N . K1 4 Q W 3, 1 M agi' Q as N 1 so 'S 'ag err? axe Ron Volk 236 Dick Elston 85 Gordy Tiegen-manager Bowl ing Bison Bowling Team Dove Hilling-Team member Jim McGuire-team member The Bison howling team, under the tutoring of Coach Gordy Tiegen, compiled a season record of 4 wins and 5 losses While competing with other col- leges in this area. The season's record included wins over North Dakota University, Valley City Teachers College, and Dickinson Teachers College, and the University of Minnesota. The Bison pin men com- peted in the 1955 State Intercollegiate Tourney and Won third place honors. Plans have been made to compete in the 1956 State Tourney where it is hoped that the team will continue in their Winning ways. Row 'lr Ken Ryan, Ted Mognon, Dove Hilling. Row 2: Jim McGuire, Dick Suncle, Frank Bosworth, Lowell Barnum. r 1 , I , l Anderson and Gerteis rolling Two hundred or bust W. A. A. Bowling The women's athletic associa- tion bowling league gave the women of North Dakota State College a great opportunity to participate in intramural sports. Students at Old State showed a great deal of interest in bowl- ing as they kept the Union alleys The league consisted of eight filled on league nights. The en- teams with four girls on each tire bowling season was high- team. Actually the number of lighted by keen competition. Al- girls participating was larger than most every organization on cam- it appears because every team had pus had at least one team entered several alternates. Gordy Tiegen, in a league . . . The men from bowling lane manager, estimated the Newman Club swept through that over fifty girls bowled dur- the classic league while the Stu- ing the season . . . The girls dent All Star League. These two calling themselves the "4-ln-The powerful teams met in the play- Darkn became the W. A. A. off with the Student Union Alley N men coming out victorious. X Balls" in the playoff. Men's Intramural Bowling Kappa Psi's and S. P. D.'s in lhe baffle of the pins. Boastful bowlers capacitate Union Alleys 87 champions by defeating the "Hi- Row 1: Gene Johnson, Tom Serrin, Diclt Monson. Row 2: Curt Kristofitz, Alan Morrissey, Coach Erv Kaiser, Wylie Briggs, Don Kristofitz. Go Bison golfers cop State Collegiate title in near perfect season . . . Coach Erv Kaiser turned out a golf team that had a very successful season. The Bison club men compiled an outstanding record of seven wins and one loss . . . The team competed in a quadrangular meet at Grand Forks with North Dakota Univer- sity, Moorhead State Teachers College and Concordia College. . . . The Swanston-Kostelecky Trophy was won by the Bison golfers on the Fargo Country Club greens. The Bison won the intercity trophy by defeating Concordia College . . . The State Golf Meet was held in Bismarck and again the Bison were vic- torious. It was a great honor to have our golfers bring home the State Collegiate Golfing Title . . . The conference tourney was held on the Fargo Country Club links. The Bison continued their winning ways as they racked up another championship for NDSC. . . . Bison golfers also finished first in the Bison Invitational Tournament. This tourney was also held on the Fargo Country Club course . . . 1956 should be another successful season as re- turning lettermen guarantee the team plenty of talent. The entire student body is looking forward to seeing the Bison pick up many more golf awards. Left to right: Dick Strommen, Pete Rex, Keith Schick. Tennis Bison trio wins state tennis championship . . . The Bison tennis team completed a season which all State students are very proud of. The SC racket men won singles and doubles in four matches including the State Tennis Champion- ships . . . The Bison came out victorious over Bemidji State Teach- ers College and Concordia College in a triangular meet held at Bemidji, Minnesota. The Bison won both singles and doubles . . . Two intercity triangular meets were held on the Island Park courts with the Bison acting as hosts. The Bison won over Moor- head State Teachers College and Concordia College in both sin- gles and doubles . . . The conference Tourney gave the Bison their only taste of defeat. The SC singles entry was eliminated in the quarter-finals and the doubles entry was defeated in the championship match . . . The State Tennis tournament was held in Bismarck and again the SC net men defeated all competition. As was their usual pattern the team won both singles and dou- bles . . . The outlook for the 1956 season is very bright. Coach' Kaiser is very fortunate in having his entire 1955 team back. Certainly, with all of the returning men, Bison supporters can look forward to a very successful season. The charging seven of Alpha Tau Omega. . . . The NDSC intramural program, under the direction of Erv Kaiser, was very successful. Over four hundred men participated in intramural sports during the 1955-56 season. A very wide range of sports was offered such as softball, tennis, ping pong, football, basketball and volleyball. The intramural program gives the average student at State a chance to compete in sports that he would not have otherwise. Coach Kaiser, and all of the students who helped manage the program deserve credit for making available a good ath- letic program for SC students. Men s Intramural opening tip mm intramural basketball union. . . . Basketball season opened with a full schedule of games and a very large num- ber of competing teams. This year the number of teams made it necessary to operate three leagues. Some organizations had as many as three or four teams en- tered, and as a result there was a larger number of men competing in the intra- mural basketball program than ever be- fore . . . For the first year a system of double elimination was used in the bas- ketball play-offs. Eight teams entered the play-offs, but were gradually narrowed down to two. The SAE's and the ATO's gained the finals for the second year in succession. The ATOls were overpowered by a driving, skillful SAE five, and fell in defeat in the championship round. . . . A large turnout of talented in- tramural teams was the keystone to a very successful and inspiring in- tramural football season. The Theta Chi's were back in the play-offs af- ter losing out last year for the first time in five years. However, they weren't a match' for the ATO's in the finals, and the Tauis added a championship to their collections. Dick Anderson spikes one for A G R . . . As spring eventually comes, our intramural sports change to the outdoors. Softball is the main sport, and a very keen sport at that. This year the hard hitting engineers of Sigma Phi Delta were too powerful for the slugging men of Alpha Tau Omega, who were competing for the championship in the final round of the play-offs . . . Ping pong competition was again dominated by a powerful YMCA team. They carried on their continuation of defeating all opposition as they advanced to the title . . . An intramural tennis program was set up, but interest wasn't too great. The Theta Chi's won the tennis championship against rather thin competition. Kappa Psi, A. T. O. softball action. 'Q i51':ffif1' ' N . 's r N r We bli' . A,,.A,,..,.,..,... 1 '- .A .....A ..,. Q. .H : nj: uuuz E .N vz., . b H llln - ff 5 I Q SCHOLASTIC We came to college, puzzled and unsure, To be molded as if made of clay, By master craftsmen, who pride in the result They send forth to travel on lifels way. The goal of our schools-to develop good citizens for the America of tomorrow through a broad liberal education. Schools at NDSC work for the development of the individual by training them for several fields. Students are instructed not only in the fundamentals but they also impart specialized and technical knowledge. These students are provided with practical education by five specialized schools-agriculture, chemistry, engineering, home economics, and pharmacy-and receive their liberal education from the school of applied arts and sciences. Our schools were organized to develop individuals who are well equipped to go into their chosen fields. This hope is carried out by a staff which is ever pressing for more opportunities for its students. For full realization of these hopes and dreams we must look to the future as each of us fulfills his role as 11 citizen of this great country of ours. School of Agriculture Glenn C. Holm, Dean of the School of Agriculture School of Agriculture . . . prepares men for management and operation of farms . . . the school where the honor system was initiated on campus . . . graduates may qualify as research Workers, extension agents, teachers, grain graders, and market specialists . . . coop- erates closely With the Experiment Station in extensive research projects . . . composed of various departments: animal, dairy and poultry husbandry, veterinary science, general agriculture, agricultural economics, education, engineering and entomologyg agronomy, bacteriology, horticulture, and forestry. Ernest L. DeAlton, Chairman of the Depart ment of Agricultural Education Christian Jensen, Chairman of the Depart , ment of Dairy Husbandry l Arza P. Adams, Chairman of the Department of Bacteriology Frederick R. Taylor, Chairman of the Department of Agricultural Economics initiated the honor system on campus Glenn S. Smith, Dean of the Graduate School Marion L. Buchanan, Chairman of the De- partment of Animal Husbandry Donald F. Eveleth, Chairman of the Department of Veterinary Science Joseph H. Schultz, Chairman of the Department of Horticulture and Forestry Reece L. Bryant, Chairman of the Depart- Theodore Stoa, Chairman of the Depart- John A. Callenbach, Chairman of the ment of Poultry Husbandry ment of Agronomy Department of Entomology , V-f E the buildings we call home Morrill Hall, the cenfer of agriculture uctiviiy. One of the more urpleasani us- pecis of hom and eggs, bacon and iomato and lettuce sandwiches and pork roasts. 96 Veferinary Science Hull Sheppard Livestock Arena, home of the Little lniernczfioncxl. and the labs where we applied our book learning "l'm not foo sure whether this is alfalfa or poison ivy." The guys com-pare samples in crops lab. We've always heard too many cooks spoil the broth, is it true too many mechanics ruin the engine? But most likely three heads are better than one. Madame Curie Fortney is intently slav- ing over a hot test tube in Bact. lab. , . . And here is where we get bristles for our tooth- brushes. 97 Amundson Bieri Brooten Carlson Dawson Eriksmoen Evenson Flakoll Gates Gunderson Holm Howe Jacobson Johnson, J. Johnson, L. Johnson, R. Kirk Knutson Class of Fifty-Six 0 AMUNDSON, LESTER WALLACE, Agr., East Grand Forks, Minn., Alpha Gamma Rho: chaplain, LSA Stewardship sec., Study sec., Blue Key sec., ASAE sec., Gold Star Band vice-pres., sec., Kappa Kappa Psi sec., Saddle and Sirloin, Amateur Radio Society, Spring Sing, Bison Brevities, soloist Cclarinetj with Gold Star Band. 0 BIERI, RUSSEL ORAL, Agr., Oberon, Alpha Gamma Rho athletic director and alumni sec., Saddle and Sirloin, 4-H, intramural sports, senior judging team-Little International Reserve Champion sheep showman, Spring Sing. 0 BRAATEN, MELVIN OLE, Agr., Greenbush, Minn., FarmI-Iouse, Alpha Zeta, Treas., intramural sports. 0 CARLSON, DON MARVIN, Agr., Concrete, Vetis Club, chaplain, Executive Committee, Alpha Zeta. 0 DAWSON, LYLE LUTHER, IR., Agr., Mandan, Farml-louse, Alpha Zeta, YMCA, Wesley Foundation, pres., IRC treas., Saddle and Sirloin, Little International. 0 ERIKSMOEN, DUANE ALAN, Agr., Leeds, Theta Chi pledge trainer, Arnold Air Society, FFA, officer at large, Bison Brevities. o EVENSON, MILTON R., Agr., Hatton, Vets Club. 0 FLAKOLL, ALDEN IAMES, Agr., Forbes, LS-A. 0 GATES, THOMAS, Agr., Miles City, Montana, Alpha Gamma Rho: sec,y., Little International: Special Events Chmn., Gold Star Band, Arnold Air Society, Wesley Foundation, Varsity Football, Intramural Sports, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 GUNDERSON, ANTON I., Agr., Hillsboro, Theta Chi treas., librarian, Saddle and Sirloin, FFA reporter, Bison Brevi- ties, Spring Swing, Spectrum circulation mgr. 0 HOLM, MORRIS DELANO, Agr., Halstad, Minn., FFA pres., Varsity Baseball, Basketball. 0 HOWE, ARLO, Agr., Hettinger. 0 IACOBSON, ORDEAN CARROL, Agr., Shelly, Minn., FarmHouse pledge trainer, FFA sentinel and treas., Alpha Zeta sec., Kappa Delta Pi, LSA, Saddle and Sirloin, intramural sports. 0 IOI-INS-ON, IOHN N., Agr., Hawley, Minn., Saddle and Sirloin treas., FFA, Vets Club, Little International, Iudging teams. 0 IOI-INSON, LaDON IEROME, Agr., Grandin, Farml-Iouse business manager and pres., Alpha Zeta, pres., Saddle and Sirloin sec., YMCA, Interfraternity Council, Little International, Judging Teams, Intramural sports. 0 IOHNSON, ROGER GARY, Agr., Kindred, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, herald, Alpha Zeta, pres., FFA sentinel, Saddle and Sirloin Club, LSA, Spring Sing, Little International, intramural sports. 0 KIRK, GLEN DAVID, Agr., Devils Lake, YMCA vice-pres., Iohn Robin- son Club treas., Varsity track team and Intramural basketball. I KNUTSON, ROBERT ORLANDO, Agr., Argusville. 0 LUDWIG, MERLIN ALBERT, Agr., Hillsboro, Theta Chi: Pres., Student Body President, Interfraternity Council: vice pres., Lettermanis Club: sec'y., FFA, Blue Key, Kappa Delta Pi, NDSC Model Man, Varsity Basketball, Freshman Basket- ball, Danforth Fellowship, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, Who's Who. 0 LUND, DAVID ARLOW, Agr., Nome, Farm- I-Iouse sec., 4-I-I Club, pres., and sec., Wesley Foundation, YMCA, ASAE, Scabbard and Blade, Little International, Intramural sports. 0 LUNDWALL, PETER A., Agr., Argusville, Alpha Gamma Rho asst. pledge trainer and chaplain, Saddle and Sirloin, Scabbard and Blade, social chmn., LSA, Little International, Intramural sports. 0 MAGILL, ROBERT T., Agr., Verona, Saddle and Sirloin, Little International, Iudging Teams. 0 MOORE, DONALD BRUCE, Agr., Forbes, FarmI-Iouse sec. and bus. mgr., Westminster Foundation, vice-pres., YMCA, Saddle and Sirloin, 4-H Club, Letterman's Club, Alpha Zeta, Varsity Track, Little International, Intramural sports, Iudging Teams. 0 NESS, VERNELLE IAMES, Agr., Bottineau, Vets Club, exec. council, ASAE. 0 ODEGARD, HARLAND DENNIS, Agr., Moorhead. Minn., Theta Chi librarian, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, Intramural sports. 0 O'KEEFE, LAWRENCE E. Agr., Walhalla,iAlpha Gamma Rho pledge trainer, Agronomy Club pres., Saddle and Sirloin, Newman Club, Bison Brevitiesg Spring Sing, Little International, Intramural sports. 0 OS-TB Y, MELVIN PAUL, Agr., Fargo, Theta Chi: pres., vice pres., rushing chmn., Annual: Editor-in-chief, sports ed., activities ed., Spectrum: sports ed., Board of Publications, Interfraternity Council: reporter, Blue Key, Whois Who, FFA, Agronomy Club, Student Gvmnt. investigation committee, Bison Brevities: exec. publicity director, Spring Sing, Intramural sports. 0 PRATT, PAUL D. F., Agr., Gardner, Alpha Tau Omega, usher, Ski Club, Alpha Zeta, AS-AE, Bison Brevities, Intramural sports. I o PRIEBE, DONALD WALTER, Agr., Larson, Alpha Zeta, FFA, vice-pres. o RULIFFSON, IOSEPI-I STEPHAN, Agr., Mapleton, Alpha Gamma Rho, pres., alumni sec. Saddle and Sirloin Club, Blue Key, Kappa Kappa Psi, Student Senate, Board of Music, Interfraternity Council, Alpha Flying Club, Westminster Fellowship, YMCA, Bison Brevitiesg Spring S-mg, Little International, Intramural sports, Gold Star Band, Bison Annual, Spectrum. 0 STATES, RICHARD, Agr., Fargo. o TESCHENDORF, ROBERT EUGENE, Agr., Fargo, Theta Chi. o VOGEL, IOI-IN S., Agr., Fargo, ASAE, ASME, vice-pres., Newman Club, vice-pres., Vets Club, Little International, Bison Brevities. Class of Fifty-Six Ludwig Lund Lundwall Magill Moore Ness Odegarcl O'Kee'Fe Osfby Prcitf Priebe Ruliffson States 41' Teschendorf Vogel School of pplied Arts and Sciences liberal arts and general knowledge Seth Russell, Dean of the School of Arts and Science Hale Aarnes, Chairman of the De- partment of Education and Psy- chology l The School of Applied Arts and Sciences . . . provides a liberal education . . . cultivates and teaches the liberalizing disciplines in relationships to the daily affairs of the individual and the nation . . . offers courses which will contribute to the individuals total development . . . areas of exploration are offered to students who have not determined their field of study ...- 0 rgan- ized into several departments: botany, education, English, languages, mathe- matics, music, philosophy, psychology, social sciences, speech and Zoology. 'IOO Frederick Walsh, Chairman of the Department of Speech J. Frank Cassel, Chairman of N the Department of Zoology Rudolf Otferson, Chairman of the Department of Social Science Leo Herfel, Chairman of the De- partment of Modern Languages Erns! Van Vlissingen, Chair- man of the Department of Music Earl Helgeson, Chairman of the Department of Botany Kenneth Kuhn, Chairman of the Department of English A. Glenn Hill, Chairman of the Department of Mathe- matics 2 101 "Well, l'II be darned, it is down Yhere! arts and afternoon labs . . . And ihis where genuine chlorophyll is manufactured, guaranteed for sweet breath. Star physicisfs Jane Kanellas and Chuck Abrahamson apply iheir book larnin' in physics lab. Akoson Abrohomson Amundson In Anderson Andersen Biornson Bonhus Brown Compton Eliiuh Ellison Elofson Enubnif Forfin Foriney Gcickle Gerardy Grosz Class of Fifty-Six 0 AKASON, IAMES M., AAS-, Halstad, Minn., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Letterman's Club, Basketball, Baseball. 0 ABRA- I-IAMSON, CHARLES E., AAS, Fargo, Edwin Booth Dramatic Club, pres., Choir, Spectrum staff, KDSC staff, Little Country theatre, Shilo Lodge Scholarship. 0 AMUNDSON, KEITH, AAS, Fargo, Alpha Tau Omega, reporter, Edwin Booth Dramatic Club, Scabbard and Blade, Ski Club, KDSC Music Director, Annual staff, Spectrum, Feature writer, Little Coun- try Theatre, Transfer from Valley City State Teacher's College. 0 ANDERSON, HAROLD ELLIOT, AAS, Walhalla, Letterman's Club, Basketball. 0 ANDERSEN, R. DOUGLAS, AAS, Fargo, Vets Club, Geology Club, Transfer from Iames- town College and University of Wyoming. 0 BIORNSON, LOREN FRED, AAS, Aberdeen, So. Dak., Alpha Tau Omega, sec'y., Glee Club, Choir, Ir. Interfraternity Council, Student Union Activities Board, Rahjah Club, Spectrum, circulation mgr., Arnold Air Society, Social chmn., Young Republicans, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, Military Ball Committee. 0 BONHUS, WILLIAM DUANE, AAS, Valley City, Theta Chi, Staff and Note Club, pres., Kappa Kappa Psi, Gold Star Band, ROTC Band. 0 BROWN, FLOYD' WILLIAM, AAS, Leonard, Kappa Delta Pi, Vets Club. 0 COMPTON, H. ORVILLE, AAS, Oberon, Alpha Gamma Rho, Intramural sports, Spring Sing. 0 ELIIAH, CARROL LEWIS, AAS, Lisbon, Vets Club, YMCA, Young Memorial Award Winner. 0 ELLISON, OTTO CORNELIUS, AAS, Coral Gables, Fla., Theta Chi, Vets Club, "Mr, Roberts" cast, Little Country Theatre, Transfer from University of North Dakota and Minot State Teacher's College. 0 ELOFSON, STANLEY, AAS, YMCA, pres., vice-pres., District chmn., Alpha Phi Omega, Three-D Council, Roger Williams Fellowship, Young Memorial Scholarship, Spectrum staff. 0 ENABNIT, GUY, AAS, Park Rapids, Minn., Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Social chmn., pledge trainer, vice-pres., Football, Track, Letterman's Club, Student Union Activities board, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 FOR- TIN, EDWARD IOHN, AAS, Fargo, Track, Transfer from Devils Lake lr. College. 0 FORTNEY, ELIZABETH ANN, AAS, Fargo, Kappa Alpha Theta, Courtesy chmn., Newman Club, Spring Sing, Bison Brevities, Transfer from College of St. Catherine. 0 GACKLE, BRYAN ERNEST, AAS, Kulm, Theta Chi, Rahjah Club, sec'y, Scabbard and Blade, KDSC, Continuity, Publicity and Special Events, Program Director, Gold Star Band, Bison Brevities, Little Country Theatre. o GERARDY, ROBERT E., AAS, Fargo. 0 GROSZ, THEODORE A., AAS, Moorhead, Minn. 4 D GULLINGSRUD, DENNIS O., AAS, Climax, Minn., Vets Club, photographer, Intramural sports, Cast "Stalag 17", Little Country Theatre. 0 I-IANSEN, NORMAN BERNARD, AAS, Fargo, Sigma Chi, vice-pres., Rushing chmn., Na- tional Convention Delegate, Interfraternity Council, pres., Director Greek Week, Soabbard and Blade, pres., KDSC staff, Military Ball Committee. I HENDRICKSON, PI-IYLLIS IEAN, AAS, Fargo, Kappa Kappa Gamma, song leader, regis- trar, Orchesis, pres., Womenls Senate, WAA, Air Debs, uniforms officer, Cheerleader, Intramural sports, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 HOLT, AUDREY L., AAS, Casselton, Alpha Gamma Delta, editor, YWCA, Spectrum staff, Annual staff, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 I-IOSTED, PRISCILLA, AAS, Fargo, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Edwin Booth Dramatic Club, KDSC staff, Spectrum staff, Student Union Activities Board, Little Country Theatre, Bison Brevities, director. 0 I-IOVLAND, DONALD GALE, AAS, Stanley, Scabb-ard and Blade, Gold Star Band, ROTC Rifle Team capt., I. S. Burgum Scholarship, Spring Sing. 0 HUISMAN, MAYNARD A., AAS, Mott, Lett-erman's Club, Football. I IOI-INSON, LEON MILES, AAS, Fargo, Alpha Tau Omega, Student Senate, "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universitiesv, Spectrum, editor, business mgr., reporter, Annual staff, Board of Radio, Board of Publications, KDSC: publicity director, Staff, Little Country Theatre, YMCA. 0 IOOS, RICHARD DALE, AAS, Fargo, Letterman's Club, Baseball. 0 KALI- NOV, SAM CHARLES, AAS, Steele, Alpha Tau Omega, Scabbard and Blade: sec'y., Vets Club, Assn. of Reserve Officers Award, Bison Brevities, Cast: "Stalag l7.R 0 KIRKI-IUS, IOCELYN, AAS, Wyndmere, Phi Mu: Social chmn., Rushing chmn., Scholarship chmn., vice-pres., reporter, Standards Board, Sigma Alpha Iota: sec'y, sgt. at arms, Guidon, Choir, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, Cast: "Amahl and the Night Visitors." 0 LEE, M, IAYNE, AAS, Rugby, Kappa Kappa Gamma: Pledge trainer, Social chmn., Activities chmn., Women's Senate, Kappa Delta Pi: vice-pres., Senior Counselor, Air Debs: Commander, Orchcsis, Gold Star Band, Intra- mural Bowling, Bison Brevities: Director, Spring Sing 0 MALTA, AINA LIA, AAS, Fargo, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Orchesis: sec'y., treas., LSA, YWCA, Choir, Intramural Sports, Bison Brevities. 0 MENSING, WAYNE WARREN, AAS, Fargo, Sigma Chi: vice-pres., Gold Star Band, Choir, Intramural Bowling, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, Transfer from University of Minnesota, o MEYERS, FRANKLIN D., AAS, Minot, Alpha Tau Omega: pres., Interfraternity Council: treas., Scabbard and Blade: vice-pres., Intramural sports, Bison Brevities. 0 MITHUN, DELORES R., AAS, Fargo, Sigma Alpha Iota: pres., Gold Star Band, Women's Senate, Sigma Alpha Iota Foundation Award, Spring Sing. s MOE, HAROLD O., AAS, Fargo, Vets Club, LS-A, Inter-religious Council, vice-pres., Intramural sports, Transfer from University of North Dakota- U MONTGOMERY, ROBERT C-, AAS! Fargo: Alpha Tau Omega: Social chmn., Kappa Kappa Psi: sec'y., pres., Blue Key, Gold Star B-and, Intramural sports, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. o MORRISON, STANLEY I-I., AAS, Akra, Vets Club: Commander, Ex. Comm., Agi. Econ. Club, Student Senate. Class of Fifty-Six Gullingsrud Hansen Hendrickson Holt Hosted Hovlund Huisman Johnson Joos Kolinov Kirkhus Lee Malta Mensing Meyers Mithun Moe Monfgorriery Morrison 'TT: T" ' Moyer is t Nelson Nolan ' Oguchi ? -lf, Olmsieod .gi ' A Patterson ' "' Peet I Poyzer Pratt , . 1 W 'T Radcliffe J R Scrff Schatz , qvz: ,gg Sheldon fffliiii. . N ay, I K. 5 Sherwood Turner Von Slyck Weatherford ZCIYISRIE Zukfic Class of Fifty-Six 0 MOYER, GERALD BOWMAN, AAS, Fargo, Alpha Tau Omega, Ir. Interfraternity Council, "Mr. Robertsf' Prod. staff. 0 NELSON, HELEN D., AAS, Harvey, Alpha Gamma Delta: Librarian, Chaplain, second vice-pres., Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. I NOLAN, ROBERT C., AAS, Silvis, Ill. Varsity football, baseball, Letterman's club, Scabbard and Blade. 0 OGUCHI, KEIKO, AAS, Tokyo, Iapan, Kappa Delta Pi, YWCA: Cabinet, co-chmn. international affairs. Wesley Foun- dation: worship chmn., Wesley Foundation Scholarship, Transfer from Aoyama Gakuin Ir. College. 0 OLMSTEAD, DON- ALD, GEORGE, AAS, Moorhead, Minn., Sigma Chi: pledge pres., Vets club, LSA, Intramural football, basketball, Varsity baseball, Glee club, Transfer from Concordia College. 0 PATTERSON, DONALD CURTIS, AAS, Washburn, Sigma Chi: athletic chairman, Varsity football, Intramural sports, Letterman's Club, LCT. 0 PEIET, DAVID SPENCER, AAS, Fargo, Alpha Tau Omega, Interfraternity Council, AFROTC drill team, Bison Brevities, Spring Sting. 0 POYZER, HARLEY I., AAS, Fargo, Alpha Tau Omega, Vets club I PRATT, RICHARD S., AAS, Fargo, Sigma Chi: treas. 0 RADCLIFFE, THOMAS, AAS, Fargo, Sigma Alpha Epsilon: pres, rush chmn., treas., Lettermen's Club: treas., Golf Team, Comm. of Campus Affairs, Edwin Booth Dramatic Club, '4Who,s Who", Little Country Theatre. 0 SARFF, DALE IEROME, AAS, Hibbing, Minn., Gold Star Band: pres., Kappa Kappa Psi: delegate to Nat'l. convention, KDSC sports ed., Intramural basketball, Transfer from Hibbing lunior College. 0 SCHATZ, DONALD WILLIAM, AAS, McClusky, Sigma Chi: house mgr., Vets Club, Intramural sports, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 SHELDON, DON PAUL, AAS, Wheatland, Kappa Kappa Psi, Gold Star Band, ROTC Band, Pershing Rifles, Vets Club, Freshman basket- ball. 0 SHERWOOD, IUDITI-I E., AAS, Fargo, Kappa Kappa Gamma: pres., membership chmn., Key correspondent, Panhellenic Council: treas., Senior Staff: pres., Women's Senate, NSA co-ordinator, Student Senate, Board of Campus Affairs, Board of Athletics, Board of Radio: se:'y., Annual staff, Spectrum staff, Cheerleader, Air Debs Outstanding Service Award, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. I TURNER, BETH, AAS, Wilton, Phi Mu: treas., ritualistic chmn., pres., Panhellenic Council, Tau Beta Sigma, Gold Star Band, Women's Senate: vice-pres., Inter-religious Council, 3-D Council, Baptist Young People: pres., Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 VAN SLYCK, MAUREEN FRANZ, AAS, Fargo, Kappa Alpha Theta, Annual staff, Spectrum staff, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 WEATHERFORD, WAYNE BRYAN, AAS, Moorhead, Minn., Young Democrats Club: pres., executive council, AFROTC drill team, Spectrum staff. 0 ZAYLSKIE, BARBARA ADELLE, AAS, Fargo, Westminster Fellowship: moderator, YWCA. 0 ZUKLIC, ROBERT F., AAS, Chicago, Ill., Sigma Alpha Epsilon: social chmn., warden, Letter- man's Club: social chmn., Rahjah Club, Varsity football, Bison Brevities, Spring S-ing. 5 The School of Chemistry test tubes, bunsen burners and explosions The School of Chemistry . . . workshop of chem majors . . . provides its facilities to various other schools on campus . . . highly trained staff, com- plete departmental library, and well equipped labs are features of this school . . . organized into seven departments: agricultural, biological, analytical, industrial, inorganic, and physical chemistry. Ralph E. Dunbar, Dean of The School of Chemistry Wouter Bausch, Professor of Points, Varnishes and Lacquers Norman C Peterson Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry Franz H. Rafhmann, Professor of Organic Chemistry r O Clogeif Professor of IO hemlsfry 2 ' 2 to ix: Fesfus L. Minnear, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry 106 Charles W. Fleetwood, Professor of Analytical Chemisiry Beatty Bieber Burnett Conzemius Cummins Fischer Fogel Guyer Hanson Hcarak Huriu Harvey Henning Kreiselmoier Kuske Landau Olson Sfouffer Wright Class of Fifty-Six 0 BEATTY, IAMES WAYNE, Chem., Fargo, Sigma Phi Delta: vice-pres., Social chmn., Interfraternity Council: vice-pres., Rahjah Club: vice pres., Chemistry Club: vice-pres., Student Union Activities Board: chm. of fine arts, Spectrum: sports ed. 0 BIEBER, ALLAN LeROY, Chem, Mott, LSA, YMCA: treas., Chemistry Club, Intramural sports, Transfer from Con- cordia College. 0 BURNETT, IOHN LAMBE, Chem., Fargo, Chemistry Club: treas., AFROTC Rifle Team, Arnold Air Society, Chemical Rubber Co. Achievement Award, Chem. Club Ir. Book Award, Eastgate Lodge Scholarship, Armed Forces Chemical Assn. Award, Outstanding 2nd year basic AFROTC, Among top five scholastically '54 and '55. 0 CONZEMIUS, ROBERT IOSEPH, Chem., Breckenridge, Minn., Chemistry Club, Varsity Baseball, Track. 0 CUMMINS, IOHN THOMAS, Chem, Portal, Newman Club, Chemistry Club, Transfer from Minot State Teacher's College. 0 FISCHER, IOSEPH W., Chem., Schenectady, N. Y., Chemistry Club, Newman Club, Transfer from Catholic University of America, Siena College. 0 FOGEL, MICHAEL GREGORY, Chem., Fargo, Alpha Tau Omega: vice-pres., usher, Stu- dent Senate, Commissioner of Athletics, Board of Publications, Board of Finance, Arnold Air Society, Blue Key: pres., Chemistry Club, Choir, Cheerleader, Varsity basketball, Ernest Trigg Foundation Scholarship, Chemistry Senior Book Award, Blue Key Ir. Scholarship, Distinguished AFROTC Cadet, Homecoming Committee, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, "Mr, Robertsn: cast. 0 GUYER, VERNON L., Chem., Fargo, Transfer from Montana State University. 0 HANSON, RICHARD CLARENCE, Chem., Fargo, Archer-Daniels-Midland Senior Award, S-enior Book Award. 0 HARAK, ARNOLD EDWARD, Chem., Venturia, Chemistry Club, Noyal Kellog SCl'10l2lrSl'1ip, Transfer from St. Th011lHS- 0 HARIU, PHILIP HERMAN, Chem., Bismarck, Chemistry Club: pres., Knights Templar Scholarship, Spencer-Kellog Scholarship, Am. Chemical Club membership, Intramural sports. 0 HARVEY, IAMES RICHARD, Chem., Moorhead, Minn., Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Chaplain, Recorder, Chemistry Club, Newman Club, Republic Aviation Award, Trigg Foun- dation Fellowship. 0 HENNING, GORDON, Ph., Fargo, 0 KREISELMAIER, KURT W., Chem., Fargo, Chemistry Club, Blue Key Master Freshman Award, Foreman, Ford and Company Award for three years. 0 KUSKE, DOINALD ARTHUR, Chem., Fargo. 0 LANDAU, ARTHUR, Chem., Woodmere, N. Y., Theta Chi, E. T. Trigg Foundation Scholarship, Freshman Basketball, Intramural sports, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, Transfer from Cornell University. 0 OLSON, ROBERT ERIC, Chem., Fargo, Theta Chi: rushing chmn., social chmn., Brevities Director, Interfraternity Council, Student Union Activities Board: pres., Intramural sports. 0 STAUFFER, CLYDE EUGENE, Chem., Cando, Alpha Tau Omega, Choir, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, Transfer from Wahpeton State School of Science. 0 WRIGHT, ALICE ADELE, Chem., Oberon, Chemistry Club, YWCA, Westminster Foundation: sec'y. 10 The School of Engineering l Frank Mirgoin, Deon of the School of Engineering of Williom Promersberger, Chciirmon the Department of Agricultural Engi- neering Y 108 The School of Engineering . . . the largest school on campus . . . instructs its students thoroughly in the fundamentals of the various fields and imparts required special and technical knowledge . . . stresses theory as well as experimentation . . . enables stu- dents to work on projects and problems similar to those that will confront them in their future vocations . . . opportunities for advanced and graduate study in some major fields . . . basically a four year course, a degree in architecture requires five years of training . . . the seven major departments are: agricultural, architectural, civil, electrical, industrial, aeronautical, and mechanical engineering. Knute Henning, Chairman of the De pcnrtmenf of Architecture and Archi 3 tecturol Engineering John Oalcey, Chairman of the De- partment of Civil Engineering builders of the future Parker Green, Chairman of the De- partment of Industrial Engineering and Management Edwin Anderson, Chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineer- ing 'Albert Anderson, Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engi- neering 9 education through experience I Wind velocity? - Altitude? - Friction? - Square root of 394? The wind tunnel in aeronautical engineering lab being put to good use. We're sure the engine will work if you 'Fanagle the thingamaiig with a whatchamacallit and then give it a good swift kick- sage advice to What is it-a new tangled chicken coop? The ag engi- neers ponder this problem in lab. 110 the students in ME lab. Just like the model airplanes we made in high school-two aeronautical engineers prepare a test model for the wind funnel. That's not a TV set but an oscillascope that's the center of interest in the electrical engineering lab. Here's a "big wheel" at old State - being inspected by some mechanical engineers. '1WelI, if's like this . . ." C. O. Anderson explains the principle of steam power to the students in ME lab. 111 Dolve Hall otherwise known as the North Engineering Building is located on the frosty limits of 'he NDSC campus South Engineering Building, one of the main landmarks on campus. 112 Main enfrcxnce of Dolve Hull, the pride and ioy of 'Ihe engineers. from the frosty limits To the campus hub engineers call the NDSC home l l Abbott Agrey Berkelond Bonewell Borge Bowles Brown, B. Brown, C. Brumwell Carlson Cedurstrom Chamberlain Christensen Connor Dculager Davidson Diemert Eide Class of Fifty-Six o ABBOTT, ROGER, Eng., Minot, Alpha Tau Omega, Arnold Air Society, AIEE, Distinguished Military Cadet AFROTC, Intramural sports. 0 AGREY, IOI-IN M., Eng., Fargo, AIEE, Intramural basketball. 0 BERKELAND, B. A., Eng., Lancaster, Minn., Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, o BONEWELL, DARYL R., Eng., Pelic-an Rapids, Minn., AIEE. 0 BORGE, DONALD GENE, Eng., Flasher, Vets Club: exec. committee, Transfer from Concordia College. 0 BOWLES, NEIL H., Eng., Sarles, Alpha Gamma Rho: assnt. treas., AIEE, Arnold Air Society: vice commander, Var- sity Bowling, Intramural sports, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 BROWN, BERNARD, Eng., Stanley, Alpha Tau Omega, ASCE, Intramural sports, Bison Brevities, Spring S-ing. 0 BROWN, CHARLES LEE, Eng., Fargo, AIEE, Intramural Basketball. 0 BRUMWELL, ROBERT KEITH, Eng., Erskine, Minn., Co-op House, Tau Beta Pi, ASME, IAS, Transfer from Bemidji State Teacher's College. 0 CARLSON, GENE. I CEDARSTROM, ROY A., Eng., Minot, Alpha Tau Omega: house mgr., AIEE. 0 CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM I., Eng., Minot, ASME, Arnold Air Society, Newman Club: vice-pres., AFROTC drill team, color guard, Transfer from Minot State Teacher's College. 0 CI-IRISTENSEN, CURTIS ALLEN, Eng., Fargo, Vets Club: commander, AIEE, IRE. 0 CONNOR, DONALD H., Eng., Devils Lake, Sigma Phi Delta, ASME, Transfer from Wahpeton State School of Science. 0 DALAGER, KENNETH B., Eng., Glenwood, Minn., IRE, Transfer from Wahpeton State School of Science. 0 DAVIDSON, DONALD R., Eng., Devils Lake, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vets Club, Gold Star Band, ASCE, Men's Chorus, Intramural sports, Bison Brevities, Transfer from Devils Lake Ir. College. 0 DIEMERT, LARRY, Eng., Valley City, Sigma Chi, AIA, Distinguished AFROTC Cadet, Bison Brevities, Beaux Arts Ball committee. 0 EIDE, RODNEY GIL- MAN, Eng., Moorhead, Minn., ASME, Pi Tau Sigma: vice-pres., Intramural sports, Engineers Day committee. 0 EGLI, IOHN, Eng., New Salem. 0 ELSTON, RICHARD ARTHUR, Eng., Hope, AIEE. 0 EMERSON, TERRY IOI-IN, Eng., Fargo, Pi Tau Sigma: sec'y., ASME: treas., Tau Beta Pi: cataloger. 0 ENGEBRETS-EON, ROGER, Eng., Litchville. 0 ENGLE, DAN, Eng., Moorhead, Minn. 0 ERICKSTAD, ROGER, Eng., Garske, Alpha Tau Omega, Arnold Air Society: sec'y., Wing Commander AFROTC, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 GAMACI-IE, ORRIN EUGENE, Eng., Lisbon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Varsity Basketball, Track, Letterman's Club, Outstanding NDSC freshman athlete award, R. L. Christianson award. 0 GIESE, IAMES WILLIAM, Eng., Aberdeen, S. D., IAS: pres., sec'y.-treas., Engineering Council, ASME, Wesley Foundation, YMCA, Student Union Activities Board, Transfer from Northern State Teacher's College, Aberdeen. 0 GRAU, ROGER BRUCE, Eng., Walhalla, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi, Gold Star Band. o GRIFFIN, IAMES, Eng., Fargo, Kappa Tau Delta, Atelier Chat Noir, Vets Club. 0 GUYER, ROBERT CHARLES, Eng., Fargo, Pi Tau Sigma: pres., ASME: sec'y., regional conference chmn., Engineer- ing Council, Tau Beta Pi, IAS, Spectrum staff, N. D. State Engineer: assoc. ed., Annual staff, Engineer's Open House, Engineer's Day committee. 0 HALLQUIST, GEORGE, Eng., Lisbon, IRE, AIEE, Vets Club, Amateur Radio Club, Trans- fer from San Mateo Ir. College. 0 HANSEN, MELOY R., Eng., Ligerwood, Vets Club, AIEE. 0 HEIDLEBAUGH, GARY I., Eng., Rugby, Co-op House: personnel mgr., board of directors, IAS, Engineering Council: vice-pres., pres., ASME, Bison Brevities, Intramural sports. 0 HURLEY, PATRICK, Eng., Fargo, ASCE, Newman Club: pres., Tau Beta Pi, Inter-religious Council, Intramural sports, Engineering Council, AFROTC, Scabbard and Blade Award. 0 IACOBS, EDWIN I., Eng., Bismarck, Vets Club: vice commander, ASCE. 0 IACOBSON, HARLAND CLAIRE, Eng., Fargo, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ASCE: pres., Engineering Council: vice-pres., Ski Club, LSA, Vets Club, YMCA, Intramural Sports, Spring Sing. - Class of Fifty-Six Egli Elsfon Emerson Engebrefson Engle Ericksiad Gcumache Giese Grau Griffin Guyer Hallquisf Hansen Heidlebuugh Hoekstrc Hurley Jacobs Jacobson Johnson, E. Johnson, G. Johnson, M. Kneeling Keech Keller Korb Lommer Lovold Link Lodgord Madsen Marcus Molrczuk Martin Meyer, E. Meyer, L. ' Nelson Class of Fifty-Six o JOHNSON, ERLE B., Eng., Fargo, ASME. 0 IOHNSON, GEORGE ALLAN, Eng., Halstad, Minn., AIEE. 0 IOHNSON, MERRIL ALLYN, Eng., Osnabrock, Alpha Gamma Rho: vice-pres., ASAE: vice-pres., Scabbard and Blade: treas., Engineering Council, LSA, Homecoming Parade Marshal, Mgr. of Little International Machine Show, Ag. Engr. Yearbook Ed., Osnabrock Student Scholarship, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 KAEDING, DUANE A., Eng., Penn, Sigma Phi Delta: chaplain, Gamma Delta: pres., AIEE, IRE, LSA, Amateur Radio Club. 0 KEECI-I, DELOS, Eng., Wahpeton, ASME, YMCA, VFW, Editor for yearbook, Agawasie-1954, Transfer from State S-chool of Science. 0 KELLER, WENDELL RICHARD, Eng., Fargo, Arnold Air Society, first treas., AFROTC. 0 KORB, EUGENE VICTOR, Eng., Calio, Newman Club. 0 LAMMER, LYNN LEO, Eng., Edgeley, Alpha Tau Omega: pledge trainer, Intramural sports, Bison Brevities. 0 LAVOLD, IACK A., Eng., Moorhead, Minn., Sigma Phi Delta: historian, Alpha Phi Omega: vice-pres., Rahjahs, AIEE, Intramural football and volleyball. 0 LINK, ARTHUR GENE, Eng., Bismarck, AIEE: vice-chmn., Tau Beta Pi: vice-pr-es., engineering council representative, Max Hughes Memorial Scholarship, Tau Beta Pi Essay Award, ROTC Minute Man Award, ROTC Rifle Team, Campus Radio. Transfer from Bismarck Iunior College. 0 LODGARD, CHARLES, Eng., Fargo. 0 MADSON, GORDON A., Eng., Argusville, Sigma Phi Delta: guide, ASCE. Tfgmgfer from Concordia College, o MARAS, RUDOLPH M., Eng., Fargo, Tau Beta Pi, Baseball. Transfer from Uni- versity of Santa Clara, University of Minnesota. 0 MARCZUK, MICHAEL, Eng., Gorham. 0 MARTIN, CHARLES F., IR., Eng., Moorhead, Minn., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Edwin Booth, Vets Club, ASCE, LCT, Debate. I MEYER, EDWARD WILLIAM, Eng., Edgeley, Atelier Chat Noir: pres., Engineers Council, Pella Scholarship. Transfer from St. Olaf College. 0 MEYER, LAWRENCE LESTER, Eng., Edgeley, Sigma Phi Delta, Tau Beta Pi: sec., Ham Club: pres., AIEE, IRE, Arnold Air Society, Blue Key, Intramural sports. 0 NELSON, HARRY A., Eng., Grand Forks, AS-ME: conference committee, program committee. Transfer from Minot State Teachers College and University of North Dakota. Nelson Nyquist Olson, D. Olson, G. Palmerson Paul Pedersen Peterson, D. Peterson, W. Rex Rieder Rulund Schoephoerster Schultz Schwinkenclorf Slotfen Smith Sfelfer Class of Fifty-Six 0 NELSON, WILLIAM HOWARD, Eng., Perley, Minn., Pi Tau Sigma: treas., LSA: pres., Tau Beta Pi: corres. sec'y., ASME, Pi Tau Sigma Sophomore Award, Bowling. 0 NYQUIST, DEAN A., Eng., Hoffman, Minn., Sigma Phi Delta, AIEE, IVCF, Tau Beta Pi, Intramural sports. Transfer from State School of Science. 0 OLSON, DUANE GENE, Eng., Milnor, Sigma Phi Delta: house mgr., ASME, Tau Beta Pi. Transfer from State School of Science. 0 OLSON, GEORGE EVERETT, Eng., Rolctte, Vets Club, ASME. Transfer from North Dakota School of Forestry. o PALMERSON, PETER IOHN, Eng., Springbrook, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Institute of Radio Engineers, Engineers Council, Intramural sports. 0 PAUL, HOWARD A., Eng., Minot, ASCE, Transfer from Minot State Teachers College. 0 PEDERSEN, STANLEY D., Eng., Iuanita, ASCE, Vets Club: commander. 0 PETERSON, DONALD EARL, Eng., Minot, Tau Beta Pi, LSA, Institute of Radio Engineers, Transfer from Minot S-tate Teachers College. 0 PETERSON, WAYNE, Eng., Fargo. 0 REX, PETER SCOTT, Eng., Fargo, ASME, IAS, Tennis team, Lettermanis Club, Bison annual staff, Ski Club, Intramural sports. 0 RIEDER, WILLIAM GARY, Eng., Williston, LSA, ASME: vice-pres., Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi: pres., YMCA, Phi Kappa Phi, Mechanical Engineer's Alumni Award, General Electric Scholarship, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, North Dakota State Engineer: editor. 0 RULAND, IOHN MARION, Eng., New Town, Sigma Phi Delta, Transfer from State School of Science. 0 SCHOE- PI-IOERSTER, DELBERT I., Eng., Lisbon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon: pres., sec'y., warden, AIEE, IRE, Blue Key: corres. sec'y., Vets Club: treas., Bison Brevities Executive Committee, Spring Sing. 0 SCHULTZ, IOHN ENOCH, Eng., Bismarck, AS-ME, Transfer from Bismarck Ir. College. 0 SCI-IVVINKENDORF, RONALD EDWIN, Eng., Mandan, Sigma Alpha Epsilon: historian, AIEE, Letterman's Club, Varsity Football, Track, Intramural sports, Spring Sing. 0 SLOTTEN, RUS- SELL HAROLD, Eng., Wahpeton, Alpha Tau Omega: rushing chmn., pledge trainer, ASAE, Sicabbard and Blade: s-ec'y., Rahjah Club, Distinguished AROTC Military Student, Intramural sports, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 SMITH, LAWRENCE RONALD, Eng., Cummings, Sigma Phi Delta, ASME, Transfer from University of North Dakota. 0 STELTER, WILLIS LEE, Arch., Doran, Minn., Sigma Phi Delta: corres. sec'y., Gamma Delta, Kappa Tau Delta, AIA: sec'y., First Place Tile Competition, Honorable mention N. D. AIA competition, Transfer from Wahpetoii State School of Science. 0 STRAND, WILLIAM, Eng., Detroit Lakes, Minn., ASCE, Vets Club: Sec'y., Intramural sports. 0 STROMMEN, RICHARD DALE, Eng., Fargo, AIEE, Arnold Air Society, Varsity Tennis, Letterman's Club, Annual staff. 0 SUCKUT, VERGIL W., Eng., Bowdon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ASME, YMCA. 0 TANGEN, TENNER M., Eng., Kensington, Minn., ASCE, Vetis Club, Intramural sports. 0 THOMPSON, HARLYN E., Arch., Fargo, Kappa Tau Delta: sec'y.-treas., Atelier Chat Noir, 1954 Honorable Mention AIA Design Cosnpetition, 1955 third place AIA Design Competition, Varsity Tennis. I THOMPSON, WILLIAM SAMUEL, Eng., Bismarck, ASCE, IRC, Transfer from Bismarck Ir. College. 0 TIMM, DWIGHT, Eng., Fargo. 0 TURNQUIST, RODNEY DELANO, Eng., Farwell, Minn., IRE, Transfer from Wahpeton State School of Science. 0 TUTHILL, GEORGE ALVA, Eng., Cogsw-ell. 0 TUTHILL, WILLIAM EDGAR, Eng., Cogs- well, ASME: pres., Engintering Council: treas., Scabbard and Blade. 0 VONDERHEIDE, IEROME LEE, Eng., Underwood, AIEE, KDSC: technical director, Amateur Society. 0 WEBSTER, WALLACE, Eng., Valley City, Vets Club: treas., exec. committee, ASME, Cast "Mr, Robertsf, 0 WHIDDEN, LA ROY BRUCE, Eng., Minot, Alpha Tau Omega, AIEE: pres., Engineering Council sec'y., Edwin Booth Dramatic Club: sec'y., Little Country Theatre, Intramural sports, KDSC staff, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 WILSON, DENNIS, Eng., Fergus Falls, Minn, o WOLLA, MAURICE LeROY, Eng., Minot, AIEE: IRE: sec'y-treas., N. D. State Engineer: ed., Tau Beta Pi, Shiloh Lodge Scholarship, Student Delegate to Congress of American Industry of Nat'l. Assn. of Manufacturers, Transfer from Minot State Teachers College. 0 YESTEBOE, HOWARD T., Eng., ASME, Vets Club. 0 ZIEGLER, VICTOR E., Eng., Hebron, Sigma Phi Delta: pres., pledge trainer, Tau Beta Pi: treas., Student Senate, Vets Club: exec. committee, Commissioner of Student Union, Blue Key, Student Union Activities Board, Bison Brevities Execu- tive Art Director, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 ZINK, LAVERNE L., Eng., Bordulac, Tau Kappa Epsilon: athletic chmn., Brevities director, Newman Club: pres., vice-pres., program chmn., ASAE, Editor Newsletter of ASAE, National Iohn Henry Award, Newman Honor Society, IFYE Scholarship, Intramural sports, Men's Glee Club, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, 4-H State Treas., Grand Champion Sheep Division, Little International, Radio Club, Toastmasteris Club, Inter-reli- gious Council: chmn., International Farm Youth Exchange to Costa Rica. Class of Fifty-Six Strand Sirommen Suckut Tangen Thompson, H. Thompson, W. Timm Turnquist Tuthill, G. Tuthill, W. Vonderheide Webster Whidden Wilson Wollo Yesfeboe Ziegler Zink The School of Home Economics sewing, baking and Betty Crocker The School of Home Economics . . . trains future homemakers . . . provides professional training in teaching, commercial food work, dietetics, extension work, research, radio and advertising . . . an ever expanding field . . . well trained staff and excellent facilities in its new building . . . the school also offers a liberal education . . . five major departments are: general home economicsg clothing and textilesg foods and nutritiong home economics edu- cationg and pre-occupational therapy. Caroline Buclewig, Dean of the School of Home Economics. Lucile Horton, Chairman of the De- partment of Home Economics Edu- cation. Elvira Smith, Chairman of the De- partment of Foods and Nutrition. h ' t th , g:ll:L:1:rffTfniZhie3Ir:,t:n 0 e Emily Reynolds, Chairman of the P ' Department of Textiles and Cloth- ing. 118 Abrahcmson Akason Anderson, E. Anderson, J. Briggs Cullen Dawson Deal Furlow Fernow H , ' as 5' 8' , i Fifzloff ' . .. 1 ' i Gieszler Gerfeis Geving Grcxupmcm Hagen Hanson Henning Class of Fifty-Six 0 ABRAHAMSON, IANET LEE, HE: Leal: Gamma Phi Beta: Activities chmn.: Kappa Delta Pi: pres.: Student Union Activities Board: sec'y.-treas.: publicity chmn.: Orchesis: vice-pres.: Dakota Hall Club: sec'y.: Art Club: KDSC news ed.: Spectrum staff: choir: Tryota: Wesley Foundation: Intramural sports: Cast: "Even the Gods": Little Country Theatre: Bison Brevities Director: Spring Sing: "Who's Who." 0 AKASON, BEVERLY, HE: Ada, Minn.: Kappa Delta Pi: Phi Upsilon Omicron: YWCA: treas., vice-pres., Sophomore Commission pres.: Iohn Robinson Club: sec'y. 0 ANDERSON, EUNICE, HE: Moorhead, Minn.: Kappa Alpha Theta: vice-pres., pledge trainer, courtesy chmn., corres. sec'y.: Kappa Delta Pi: Phi Upsilon Omicron: ed.: Student Union Activities Board: Tryota: Gold Star Band: Panhellenic Scholarship. 0 AN- DERSON, JUNE LAVONNE, HE: Crookston, Minn.: Gamma Phi Beta: Gamma Delta: pres.: Gold Star Band: Guidon: Tryota: Spectrum staff: Annual staff: Student Union Activities Board: Snow Sculpture: Intramural Bowling: Bison Brevi- ties: Spring Sing: Transfer from University of North Dakota. 0 BRIGGS, EVELYN IOYCE, HE: Fargo: YWCA: Tryota. 0 CULLEN, LOIS MARIE, HE: Sheldon: Kappa Delta Pi: historian-reporter: Phi Upsilon Omicron: treas.: Tryota: Wesley Foundation: 4-H: FHA Scholarship: Elks Scholarship: Kappa Kappa Gamma Iardine Thompson Nichols Scholarship: Phi Upsilon Omicron Scholarship. 0 DAWSON, NANCY KAISER, HE: Fargo: Gamma Phi Beta: historian, scholarship chmn.: Sigma Alpha Iota: treas., program chmn.: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Orchesis: Swim Club: sec'y.-treas.: Wesley Foun- dation: council: Tryota: Choir: YWCA: Intramural sports: Spectrum staff: Highest Freshman Woman's Average: Bison Brevities: Spring Sing. 0 DEAL, IOAN RITA, HE: Doran, Minn.: Gamma Phi Beta: vice-pres.: Newman Club: Tryota: Bison Brevities: Spring Sing: Transfer from College of St. Catherine and University of Minnesota. 0 FARLOW, IANET IOAN, HE: Wahpeton: Phi Mu: pledge pres., social chmn., registrar: Tryota: Iohn Robinson Club: YWCA: Transfer from Stephens College. I FERNOW, ERLYS JEAN, HE: Enderlin: Alpha Gamma Delta: treas.: Phi Upsilon Omicron: historian: Tau Beta Sigma: treas., pres.: Senior staff: Kappa Delta Pi: Tryota: pres., council: LSA: 4-H: sec'y.: Womenis Senate: Gold Star Band: Danforth Fellowship. 0 FITZLOFF, GAIL LAMARR, HE: Fargo: Gamma Phi Beta: house pres.: Kappa Delta Pi: Guidon: Tryota: Choir: Wom- en's Senate: Panhellenic Council: Homecoming Queen Attendant: Senior Staff junior award: Spectrum staff: Annual staff: Bison Brevities: Spring Sing. 0 GIESZLER, ELAINE, HE: Minot: Alpha Gamma Delta: corres. sec'y.: vice-pres., pres.: YWCA: pres.: Tryota: council: Panhellenic Council: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Kappa Delta Pi: Bison staff: Annual staff: Wom- en's Res. Hall: vice-pres.: Student Senate: Senior staff: Women's Senate: treas.: Homecoming committee chmn.: Leadership Clinic, chmn.: Bison Brevities: Spring Sing: "Who's Whof, 0 GERTEIS: KATHERINE, HE: Syracuse, N. Y.: Gamma Phi Beta: Bison Brevities: Student Union Activities Board: Intramural sports: Tryota: Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. o GEVING, DARLENE MAYVIS, HE: Parshall: Phi Mu: Tryota: YWCA: 4-H: LSA: WAA. 0 GRAUPMAN, FRANCES ELAINE, HE: Bowdon: LSA: YWCA: Sophomore Commission Cabinet: Art Club: Tryota: Kappa Delta Pi. 0 HAGEN, MARY IEAN, I-IE: Enderlin: Kappa Alpha Theta: historian, rushing chmn., pres.: Air Debs: treas.: Tau Beta Sigma: Panhellenic Council: pres.: Gold Star Band: Tryota: YWCA: Spectrum staff: Bison Brevities: Spring Sing. 0 HAN- SON, CAROL, HE: Portland: Phi Upsilon Omicron: corres. secly.: Kappa Delta Pi: Women's Senate: LSA: publicity chmn.: Tryota: publicity chmn.: Sears Roebuck Home Ec. Scholarship: Gamma Phi Beta Irene Leimbacher Memorial Scholarship: Ceres Hall counselor: Women's Res., hall counselor. 0 HENNING, MARGARET, HE: Hillsboro: Tau Beta Sigma: pres.: Kappa Delta Pi: Iohn Robinson Club: sec'y.: Tryota: council, vice-pres.: YWCA: pres.: Senior staff: Phi Upsilon Omicron: sec'y.: Gold Star Band: Annual staff. Hulfstrcncl Hunke Jackson Johnson Keller Kisser Koeberl Kovell Longsefh Larson Lirfle M' liizinger Melby Mische Moe Monson . Mueller McGreary Nelson Class of Fifty-Six 0 HULTSTRAND, LOIS, HE, Fairdale, Kappa Kappa Gamma: seciy., marshal, activities chmn., Tryota, Guidon, LSA, YWCA. 0 HUNKE, MARIANNE, HE, Taylor, Phi Mu: pledge director, historian, Newman Club: sec'y,, 4-H: treas., vice-pres., Choir, Guidon, Sigma Alpha Iota, Tryota, Watkins Scholarship, Intramural sports, Bison Brevitics, Spring Sing. 0 IACKSON, E. GRACE, HE, Fort Yates, Phi Mu: corres. sec'y., recording sec'y., Tryota, Wesley Foundation, YWCA: sec'y. sophomore commission and cabinet, 1954 Nat'l. Wool Growers Ass'n. Essay Contest Winner, Spring Sing. o IOHN- SON, MARILYN LOUISE, HE, Perham, Minn., Gamma Delta: sec'y., Gold Star Band, Tau Beta Sigma, Transfer from University of Minnesota and Moorhead S-tate Teacher's College. 0 KELLER, ELSIE MARILYN, HE, Beulah, Phi Mu, LSA: social service seciy., YWCA, Tryota, Spring Sing. 0 KISSER, EDNA LEE, ANN, HEI, Fargo, Tryota, YWCA: cabinet, LSA. 0 KOEBERL, DONA IEAN, HE, Grace- ville, Transfer from Augsburg College and Pasadena Nazarene College. 0 KOVELL, MARIORIE ANN, HE, West Fargo, Phi Mu, Tryota, LSA, Spectrum staff, Bison Brevitics, Transfer from Moorhead State Tcacher's College. 0 LANGSETH, ILA MAE, HE, Wahpeton, Kappa Alpha Theta: corres. sec'y., Phi Upsilon Omicron: ed., Kappa Delta Pi, Choir, Bison Brevitics, Spring Sing, Transfer from S-tate School of Science, and Valley City State Teacher's College. 0 LARSON, HELEN MARIA, HE, Fullerton, Kappa Kappa Gamma: scholarship chmn., marshal, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Orchesis, Tryota, Rahjah auxiliary, Jardine Thompson Nichols Avvard, Spring Sing, Bison Brevities Director. 0 LITTLE, AUDREY, HE, Mayville, Kappa Kappa Gamma: treas., Tau Beta Sigma: vice-pres., Kappa Delta Pi, Tryota, Iohn Robinson Club, YWCA, Gold Star Band, Little Country Theatre, Bison Brevitics, Spring S-ing. 0 LITZINGER, BONNIE, HE, Leeds, Gamma Phi Beta: scholarship ehmn., pledge trainer, Kappa Delta Pi: secyy., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Guidon, Senior staff, Women's Senate, Little Country Theatre, Annual staff, Bison Brevitics, Spring Sing. 0 MELBY, MURIEL IRENE, HE, Greenbush, Minn., YWCA, LSA, WAA, Tryota. 0 MISCI-IE, ERLYS, HE, Fargo, Gamma Phi Beta: activities chmn., assist. treas., treas., Air Debs: sec'y., Newman Club, Tryota, Annual: photography ed., Bison Brevitics, Spring Sing, n MOE, CAROL, HE, Antler, Kappa Kappa Gamma: registrar, Kappa Delta Pi, YWCA, 4-H, LSA, Tryota. 0 MONSON, PAT, HE, Portland, Kappa Kappa Gamma: social chmn., Kappa Delta Pi, Guidon: commander, Women's Senate, Panhellenic Council: sec'y., Bison Brevitics, Spring Sing, Transfer from Gustavus Adolphus. 0 MUELLER, IOYCE MARILYN, HE, Fargo, Choir, Tryota, 0 MCGEARY, KATHRYN M., HE, Backus, Minn., Gamma Phi Beta: corres. sec'y., Student Union Activities Board: pres., Spectrum staff, Tryota, Intramural sports, Bison Brevitics, Spring Sing. 0 NELSON, JOAN, HE, Milnor, Gamma Phi Beta: sec'y., Sigma Alpha Iota: secly., chaplain, Newman Club, Air Debs, Choir, Tryota, Commissioner of Music and Public Programs, 1954 Homecoming Queen, Campus Cover Girl, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Bison Brevitics, Spring Sing, Transfer from College of St. Benedict. 0 NORDLUND, IOAN BARBARA, HE, Strathcona, Minn., LSA: local service, YWCA, WAA: sec-treas., Tryota. 0 OL- SON, DELORES ELAINE, HE, Brocket, LSA: vice-pres., WAA: pres., YWCA: Freshman Commission pres., Kappa Delta Pi, Women's Senate, Tryota, Sears Roebuck Home Ec Scholarship. 0 OLWIN, RUTH PATRICIA, HE, Fargo, Gamma Phi Beta: treas., sec'y., song chmn., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Guidon, Orchesis, Choir, Tryota, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 PAUTZ, MARLYS LOIS, I-IE, Mayville, Alpha Gamma Delta: historian, songleader, Orchesis: vice-pres., Guidon: vice-pres., Tryota, YWCA, Inter-religious council, 3-D: pres., Iohn Robinson Club: vice-pres., Choir, W0men's Senate, Intramural sports, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 PEDERSON, BARBARA ELAINE, I-IE, Grand Forks, Kappa Alpha Theta: sec'y., activities chmn., song leader, Sigma Alpha Iota: ed., vice-pres., Tryota, LSA, Guidon, YWCA, 4-H, Choir, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, Transfer from University of North Dakota. 0 PETERSON, MARY HELEN, HE, Fargo, Kappa Alpha Theta: social chmn., Panhellenic delegate, rushing chmn., New- man Club: treas., Tryota, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, Transfer from College of St. Scholastica. 0 PLATZ, MARY, HE, Langdon, Kappa Delta, Sgt. at Arms, vice-pres., Women's Res. Hall: treas., Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, Tryota, Newman Club, Dakota Hall Council, Transfer from the College of St. Catherine. 0 QUALLEY, MARLENE PHYLLIS, HE, Hen- drum, Minn., Gamma Phi Beta: publicity chmn., Standards and Literary, flowers and gifts, Student Union Activities Board: publicity and hospitality, Tryota, LSA, Annual staff, Spectrum staff, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 REMMICH, EVELYN, HE, Steele, Senior Staff: treas., Phi Upsilon Omicron: chaplain, Tryota: council member, Senior Staff Scholarship, Mont- gomery Ward Scholarship, Phi Upsilon Omicron Scholarship, Knights Templar Award: Religious Emphasis Week. 0 RICH- ARDSON, MARILYN, HE, Rhame, Kappa Delta. 0 SIMONS, BEVERLY, HE, Grand Forks, Alpha Gamma Delta. 0 SKAAR, NORMA RUTH, HE, Hampden, WAA: seciy.-treas., YWCA, LSA, Tryota, Kappa Delta Pi. 0 SOLBERG, IOAN MAUREEN, HE, Erskine, Minn., Tryota, YWCA, LSA: sec'y., Kappa Delta Pi, Majorette, Freshman Counselor, Transfer from Bemidji State Teacher's College. 0 THOMPSON, IANET OLIVE, HE, Hillsboro, Alpha Gamma Delta: first vice-pres., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Tau Beta Sigma: treas., Tryota, treas., council, LSA: group leader, YMCA Freshman pres., Women's Senate: vice-pres., pres., Air Debs, 1954 Make It Yourself With Wool: State winner, Gold Star Band, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 TROTTIER, DAR- LENE, HE, Fargo, Kappa Alpha Theta: courtesy chmn. and social chmn., Tryota, Newman Club, Bison Brevities: director, Transfer from College of St. Scholastica. 0 VASEY, IOYCE, HE, Langdon, Kappa Alpha Theta: treas., scholarship chmn., Kappa Delta Pi, Tryota, Art Club, Little International Queen Attendant, Spring Sing, Bison Brevities. 0 WILLERT, IOANN MARILYN, I-IE, Hankinson, Gam- ma Phi Beta: song chmn., treas., pres., Phi Upsilon Omicron: vice-pres., sec'y., Air Debs, Public Relations Officer, Tryota, Women's Senate, Senior staff, DeLendrecies' Outstanding Retailing Student Scholarship, Choir, "Amahl and the Night Visitorsv, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, Annual: copy ed., Spectrum staff, Intramural sports. 0 WISNESS, MARGARET LORRAINE, HE, Maddock, Phi Mu: reporter, Tryota, Kappa Delta Pi, LSA, 4-H Club: vice-pres., Tau Beta Sigma, Gold Star Band, Art Club, YWCA, Mary E. Laycock Memorial Scholarship Spring Sing. 0 ZIELSDORF, IOAN KATHLEEN, HE, Rahme, Alpha Gamma Delta: recording sec'y., corres. sec'y., Sigma Alpha Iota: social chmn., treas., Tryota, Tau Beta Sigma: publicity chmn., Phi Upsilon Omicron: pres., Senior staff: vice-pres., Danforth Freshman Award, Tryota Award, Gold Star Band, Women's Senate, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. Class of Fifty-Six Nordlund Olson Olwin Poufz Pederson Peterson Pl f - az S! QuulIeY , ,., I I: il Remmlch I 'vs -. ri' 'if- Richordson il iff Simons V Skaar Solberg Thompson Troffier Vasey Willerf Wisness Zielsdorf The School of Pharmacy a new building is their goal The School of Pharmacy . . . educates future pharmacists to the highest degree . . . offers two divisions of pharmacy courses, commercial and pro- fessional pharmacy . . . graduates include those eligible for hospital adminis- tration, hospital pharmacy, narcotic inspection, retail drug store practice, wholesale pharmacy, food and drug analysis and teaching . . . requires students to practice one year in a commercial drug store before graduation . . . are striving for a new building and more complete facilities. Clifton E. Miller, Dean of the School of Pharmacy John P. Street, Chairman of the Department of Pharmacy .lust add a "tish bit" more and it should balance' Leo Schermeister, Chairman of the Department of Pharmacognosy Ralph Banziger, Chairman of the De- partment af Pharmacology 122 l l Borg Buchholz Casey Daly Dunnum Evenstad Fitz Frost Gates Geek Gian Hommurgren Hill Holland lrsfeld Jaffe Jungers Class of Fifty-Six 0 BORG, KENNETH, Ph., Fargo, Kappa Psi, Pharmacy Club: pres., Vets Club, Papyrus Ebers: assoc. ed., Intramural sports, Transfer from University of Minnesota. 0 BUCHHOLZ, DENNIS, Ph., Ashley, Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Omega, Am. Pharm. Ass'n., Intramural Basketball. o CASEY, ROGER, Ph., Fargo, Pharmacy Club, Transfer from Hibbing Ir. College, Hibbing, Minn, o DALY, EUGENE EDWARD, Ph., Duluth, Minn., Kappa Psi, Pharmacy Club, Transfer from University of Minnesota, Duluth Branch. 0 DUNNUM, DeVERNE GORDON, Ph., Page, Pharmacy Club, Transfer from University of North' Dakota. 0 EVENSTAD, IOAN RAE, Ph., Fargo, Kappa Delta Parliamentarian: ed., Pharmacy Club, sec.-treas., Papyrus Ebers: ed., Kappa Epsilon Scholarship Trophy, Pharmacy Club Award, Spectrum staff, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, Kappa Epsi- lon: historian, ed., Transfer from Moorhead State Teachers College. 0 FITZ, LYNN TURNER, Ph., Miles City, Montana, Kappa Psi, Phi Kappa Phi, Rho Chi, Pharmacy Club, YMCA, North Dakota Pharmaceutical Association Freshman and Sophomore Awards, Rho Chi Award, Spring Sing. 0 FROST, HARVEY LANE, Ph., Fargo, Rho Chi, Phi Kappa Phi, North Dakota Pharmacy Board Award. 0 GATES, GORDON DUANE, Ph., Erie, Sigma Chi, house mgr. 0 GECK, WALLACE E., Ph., Dickinson, Kappa Psi, Pharmacy Club, Newman Club, Spring Sing, Bison Brevities, Intramural sports. 0 GION, ROBERT MICHAEL, Ph., Regent, Kappa Psi, social chmn., rushing chmn., Newman Club, pres., Blue Key, vice-pres., Exec. Director, Bison Brevities, W.U.S-., Inter-religious Council, Interfraternity Council, Student Senate, Commissioner of Campus Affairs, Student Union Board, Board of Music and Public Programs, Pharmacy Club, Student Union Activities Board, Board of Publications, Spring Sing, Bison Brevities, Homecoming Queen Committee, Transfer from Creighton University, Omaha, Nebr. 0 HAM- MARGREN, DUANE, Ph., Fargo. 0 HILL, DON, Ph., Towner, Transfer from University of Montana. O HOLLAND, MICHAEL L., Ph., Browns Valley, Minn. 0 IRSFELD, PAUL L., Ph., Breckenridge, Minn., Kappa Psi, Gold Star Band, Kappa Kappa Psi: vice-pres., Newman Club, Pharmacy Club, Spring Sing, Bison Brevities. 0 IAFFE, LAWRENCE P., Ph., Duluth, Minn., Pharmacy Club, Vets Club, Transfer from University of Minnesota, Duluth and Cfogebic Ir. College, Ironwood, Mich. 0 IUNGERS, IACQUELINE, Ph., Richardton, Kappa Delta, scholarship chmn., Newman Club, sec'y., Kappa Epsilon, vicc-pres., treas., Pharmacy Club, treas., Papyrus Ebers, business mgr., Dakota Hall, sec'y., Rho Chi, Spring Sing. 24 Kcsurzmonn Kilzer Kluclc Kraft Larum I ll 3 , Lester Lillestol Lommel Magnon Malmberg Maves McAfee Noden O'Neill Osflund Pekas Class of Fifty-Six 0 KAUTZMANN, ARTHUR IOI-IN, Ph., Mandan, Kappa Psi: rushing chmn., athletic director, Newman Club, Rahjah Club, Pharmacy Club, Intramural Athletic Council, Homecoming Float chmn., Spring Sing, Bison Brevities Director. 0 KILZER, D. IAMES, Ph., Richardton, Kappa Psi, Newman Club, Spring S-ing, Bison Brevities. o KLUCK, VERNON LEO, Ph., Denhoff, Kappa Psi, Am. Pharmaceutical Ass'n. 0 KRAFT, KENNETH W., Ph., Oakes, Pharmacy Club, Vets Club. 0 LARUM, IOHN G., Ph., Crookston, Minn., Alpha Tau Omega, Arnold Air Society: pres., Bison Brevities, Military Ball Committee, Intramural Football, Basketball, Phillips Air Science Award. 0 LESTER, IERRY T., Ph., S-an Marino, Calif., Kappa Psi, Pharmacy Club, Newman Club, Football, Baseball, Transfer from University ol? Southern California. 0 LILLESTOL, HARVEY IAMES, Ph., Breckenridge, Minn., Kappa Psi, Phar- macy Club, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, Intramural sports. 0 LOMMEL, IOI-IN EDWARD, Ph., Ligerwood, Kappa Psi, Newman Club, Pharmacy Club, Spring Sing, Intramural Sports, Choir. 0 MAGNAN, TED PAUL, Ph., Fort Ripley, Minn., Kappa Psi, Intramural Bowling, Transfer from Brainerd Ir. College. 0 MALMBERG, MARVIN M., Ph., Oakes, Pharmacy Club. i 0 MAVES, RICHARD PAUL, Ph., E. Grand Forks, Minn., Kappa Psi, Pharmacy Club, Transfer from University of North Dakota. 0 MCATEE, MONTE, Ph., Rolla. I NODEN, PATRICIA ANN, Ph., Ada, Minn., Phi Mu: vice-pres., rushing chmn., historian, house mgr., Panhellenic delegate, Kappa Epsilon, sec'y., Pharmacy Club, Rho Chi, YWCA Cabinet, Iohn Robinson Club, treas., Gold Star Band, W0men's Senate, Senior staff: secly., WAA, Kappa Epsilon Alumni Award, Kappa Epsilon Award, College Panhellenic Award, Spring Sing. 0 O'NEILL, RICHARD E., Ph., Fargo, Transfer from Uni- versity of Minnesota, o OSTLUND, MARY DOROTHEA, Ph., Birchdale, Minn., Pharmacy Club, Kappa Epsilon, Papy- rus Ebers, Senior Staff Scholarship, Sudro Fund Scholarship, Transfer from Bemidji State Teacher's College. 0 PEKAS, LLOYD C., Ph., Mott, Kappa Psi, Newman Club, Pharmacy Club, Student Union Activities Board, Bison Brevities. n PETTINGER, THOMAS GERALD, Ph., Fargo, Kappa Psi, Pharmacy Club, o RIEPL, IAMES ROBERT, Ph., Elgin, Ill., Kappa Psi, pledge trainer, Rahjah Club, Pharmacy Club, Newman Club, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, Intramural Football. o RONI-IOLM, ROY JEROME, Ph,, McHenry, o RUMPCA, IAMES L., Ph., Hankinson, Kappa Psi: pres., vice-pres., Blue Key, Rahjah Club: treas., Pharmacy Club: vice-pres., Newman Club, Student Union Activities Board, Inter- fraternity Council, Bison Brevi-ties, Spring Sing, Intramural sports. 0 SAYLER, MILO CURTIS, Ph., Ashley, Rho Chi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Gold Star Band. 0 SCHICK, KEITH LEE, Ph., Austin, Minn., Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Omega, Phar- macy Club, YMCA, Wesley Foundation, Tennis, Bowling, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Spring Sing, North Dakota Intercollegiate Singles Tennis Champion, Transfer from Austin Iunior College. 0 SCHUHMACHER, ALAN IOI-IN, Ph., Austin, Minn., Kappa Psi: social chmn., Student Senate, Interfraternity Council, Student Union Board, Student Union Activities Board: pres., Blue Key, Athletic Board, Winner, UMOC trophy, Bison Brevi- ties, Intramural sports, Greek Week, Transfer from Austin Iunior College. 0 SHELVER, WILLIAM HENRY, Ph., Staples, Minn., Kappa Psi, Rho Chi, Pharmacy Club, LSA, Track, Intramural Football, Bowling. 0 SOUTHAM, IOHN E., Ph., Mohall, Kappa Psi: corres. sec'y., pledge trainer, Pharmacy Club: pres., Rahjah Club: pres., Papyrus Ebers, KDSC staff, Homecoming Committee, Intramural Football, Softball, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 STILWELL, DONALD H., Ph., Bemidji, Minn., Rho Chi: sec'y.-treas., Pharmacy Club: vice-pres., Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship: pres., Student Inter- religious Council: pres., YMCA, Papyrus Ebers: staff, KDSC: staff, Transfer from Bemidji State Teachers College. 0 STUNTEBECK, IAMES WALLACE, Ph., Wadena, Minn., Rho Chi, pres., Newman Club, Pharmacy Club, North Dakota Pharmaceutical Ass'n. Award to Outstanding Freshman, Rho Chi Scholarship, Kappa Psi Scholarship Key, Intra- mural sports, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 SVIHOVEC, BURNELL HENRY, Ph., Mott, Theta Chi, Rho Chi, Transfer from University of North Dakota. 0 SWENSON, ELISABETH IIRGENSON, Ph., Gstaad, Switzerland, Kappa Epsilon: pres., Pharmacy Club, PEO' Schol- arship, Transfer from University of Bern, Switzerland. 0 VAD, DUANE FRANKLIN, Ph., Thief River Falls, Minn., Kappa Psi: chaplain, Newman Club, Pharmacy Club, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. 0 WARREN, TED E., Ph., Harvey, Kappa Kappa Psi, Gold Star Band, Pharmacy Club. 0 WEDUL, KENNETH ORLANDO, Ph., Thief River Falls, Minn., Kappa Psi: house mgr., trCaS., Pharmacy Club, Intramural sports, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing. Class of Fifty-Six Peftinger Riepl Ronholm Rumpcu Scyler Schick Schuhmacher Shelver Souihcim Stilwell Siunlebeck Svihovec Swenson Vad Warren Wedul To gain an education is our goal in school, And to develop friendships that bind, Both are necessary for our future lives: One for the soul and one for the mind. A ...ff 'A zi. , -" Mill : LM! X ,fn if I x W5 L .,. Q Z' W i"' A . ,Q l ii i in gtjrjfmrwjj 9 " ,fffmilx X7 WX i ff Qu ily fy if fyrxr x XXX X Q:-liliiirilxj x' --- f7 i ""-X ffn I lliu r'331455iT2giiZ1, fi t -W r f 29 fgffi its " --'- D N -Mau 'A . .332 ES fi c f' X N-H" X-Mx,.f u rn u 2 if lf - A. A . .,.l1 Q? 26 The NDSC has three types of organizations eligible for student membershipg they are social, honorary and religious. The social organizations include groups where individuals of common interests share their experience and learn new facts. Gur education from text books alone would be incomplete without an opportunity to exchange ideas. The honorary organizations are selective in their membership with scholarship and leadership as prerequisites. These organizations are honors to its members and assets for their future. The religious organizations provide brotherhood to students of the same faith. These groups have student services and social meetings. These organizations, from Ski Club to Phi Beta Kappa, are necessary and advantageous for a full education. Blue Key . . . national honorary service fraternity . . . originate and promote services and activities of value to the students, faculty, and community . . . sponsor Brevi- ties, Senior Day, Grientation Week and the Honors Day convo . . . members must have high scholarship, good character, creativeness, and be leaders on campus . . . Mike Fogcl, Bob Gion, Les Amundson and Del Schoe- phoerster are officers. Row 1: John Miller, Hal Miller, Merlin Lud- wig, Allan Schuhmacher, Michael Fogel, Robert Gion, Lester Amunclson. Row 2: Joe Ruliffson, James Rumpca, Duane Swenson, Delbert Schoephoerster, Arlo Howe, Lau- rence Meyer, Robert Montgomery, Howard Stockman, Victor Ziegler. Blue Key publicity agents of NDSC Row 'l: Art Lies, Kerry Murphy, Jock Southcxm, Mel Ostby, Moynarcl Helgolas, Kent Sack. Row 2: Bill Euren, John Larson, Marvin Bender, Merle Johnson, John Haas, Sylvan Melroe, Reggie Gorder, Jerome Herman, Gaylord Olson, Ernst Von Vlis- sengen. 128 Alpha Zeta . . . the national honorary agriculture fraternity . . . membership eligible to outstanding students in the school of agriculture . . . holds an initiation banquet in the fall and in the spring . . . gave full Support to th-e honor system . . . had a booth in the Little International . . . had a joint picnic with Phi Upsilon Omicron in the spring . . . honors the high ranking freshmen . . . officers are: Roger Iohnson, president . . . Donald Moore, vice president . . . Ordean Iacobson, secretary . . . Melvin Braaten, treasurer. Alpha Zeta aces in agriculture Row 1: Donald Moore, Melvin Braaten, Ordean Jo- cobsen, Roger Johnson. Row 2: Ardon Herman, Dar- rell Johnson, Donald Carlson, Elmo Skare. Row 3: Vernon Ness, Donald Schwartz, Marvin Duncan, Merle Larson. Row 4: Donald Phillips, Gary Hart, Earl Skogley, Lyle Dawson, Donald Priebe. Row 5: LaDon Johnson, Conrad Weiser, Allan Olson, Howard Gunther, James Phillips. Row 1: Jo Anne Sinner, Jane Sands, Kathleen Marquarf, Mary Oslund, Elizabeth Swenson, Mary Pfiefer. Row 2: Joan Evanstacl, Roberta Enger, Jackie Jungers, Pat Noden, Loretta Aipperspach. Kappa Epsilon the feminine pharmacists Kappa Epsilon . . . the national pharmacy soror- ity . . . organized for women in pharmacy and upholds scholastic standing . . . offers member- ship to any woman in pharmacy who maintains a 2.00 average . . . promoting a new chapter at SDSC . . . annually holds a dinner party for graduating seniors and a Founders Day banquet . . . confers the Kappa Epsilon Award and the Allison-Hartz Award . . . officers are: Elizabeth Swenson, president . . . Loretta Aipperspach, vice president . . . Mary Pfeiffer, secretary . . . Iackie Iungers. treasurer. 129 I Ruth Ollwin, Ann Whiting, Poi Larsen, Jean Ann Nelson, Phyllis Hendrickson. Cheerleaders linimenl and luryngitis Cheerleaders . . . promote good school spirit among North Dakota State Students . . . chosen each spring and fall by a select committee . . . leads the Bison through football and basketball seasons . . . honored guests at Athletic Banquet . . . preside over pep convocations . . . members include Ann Whiting . . . Iean Ann Nelson . . . Ruth Olwin . . . Phyllis Hendrickson . . . Patricia Larsen . . . Arlene Nesset. Okay gong, let's go-another rousing cheer for the Bison. 130 Rahiahs pepsters, promoters and pronksters Row 'l: Bryon Gockle, Bob Zuklic, Jim Rumpca, Jock Soufhom, Bill Baille, Eugene Gross. Row 2: James Becmy, Donald Shiefer, Kerry Murphy, Arthur Kcutzmen, Martin Burley, Jack Lavold, Arvid Vusenden. Rahjah Club . . .promotes school spirit at athletic events . . . holds two scheduled pep rallies and many impromptu ones each year . . . awards the Most Valuable Player Award to the out- standing player of the Nickel Series . . .officers are: lack Southam, president . . . lim Beatty, vice president . . . Bryan Gaclcle, secre- tary . . . lim Rumpca, treasurer. Row 1: Bob Johnston, Tip Miller, Duane Swenson, Gene Siockmcn, Dennis Linde- monn Barr Johnson. Row 2' Lero Dyb- f Y - Y ing, John Gustafson, Joe Munn, Dick Mon- son, Tom- Addicotf, Maynard Helgaas, Lowell Van Berkum. LW .,... ,,, 'l3'l Victor Ziegler Joan Zielsdorf Who's Who national recognition for seniors 132 -av Janet Abrahamson Les Amundson James Beatty John Burnett Nancy Dawson Joan Evenstad gi E . in N-.V , 'Wes Michael Fogel Elaine Geiszler Robert Gion Norman Hansen Jr. Margaret Henning Glen Hill Arlo Howe LaDon Johnson Lee Johnson Merlin Ludwig Robert Montgomery Joan Nelson Mel Ostby Torn Radcliffe William Rieder Joe Ruliffson Delbert Schoephoerster Alan Schuhmacher Judy Sherwood Jack Southam Janet Thompson JoAnn Willert Whois Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges . . . honors outstanding seniors . . . brains, ability, achievement required . . . Dean Pearl Dinan, NDSC nom- inating committee chairwoman . . . students, faculty, ad- ministration officials nominate . . . basis for selection . . . scholarship . . . participation . . . leadership . . . citizenship . . . service to campus . . . future promise. Phi Kappa Phi cherished key to the future Row 'la Don Corlson, Roger Johnson, Duane Olson, John Burnett, Clyde Slouffer, Bruce Berkelund, Milo Soylor. Row 2: Dean Nyquist, Victor Ziegler, Beverly Akason, Erlys Fernow, JoAnn Willert, Gail Fifzloff, Judy Sherwood, Pot Noden, Eugene Daly, Charles Jcsbe. Row 3: Kurt Kreiselmoier, Phillip Hariu, Melvin Bratten, Terry Emerson, Rodney Turnquist, Allon Bieber, Jomes-Sfuntebeck, Robert E. Olson, Lynn Fitz, Arthur Link, Willard Peterson, Howard Nelson, Charles Abrohamson, Jomes Beofly, Phi Kappa Phi . . . recognizes scholarship in all fields . . . was es- tablished on NDSC campus in 1913 . . . held an initiation banquet . .. bestows a Sparks Memorial Fellowship . . . sends a delegate to the biennial convention . . . meets twice quarterly . . . elected W. E. Dinusson, president . . . H. Dean Stallings, vice president . . . W. W. Sisler, secretary-treasurer. 3 Kappa Delta Pi molders of our future generations Kappa Delta Pi . . . national honorary educational fraternity . . . furthers the interests and ideals of education . . . holds an annual spring banquet . . . membership is eligible to juniors who have nine quarter hours and to seniors with eighteen quarter hours of education who are in the upper quarter of their respective classes . . . officers are: Ianet Alnrahamson, president . . . Iayne Lee, vice president . . . Bonnie Litzinger, secretary . . . Arlo Howe, treasurer. Christensen. Row 'l: Margaret Henning, Janet Abra- hamson, Schubel Owen, advisor, Aina Malta, Elaine Geisz- ler. Row 2: Ordean Jacobson, Gerald Haugen, Arlo Howe, Elaine Graupman, Delores Olson, Joyce Vasey, Merle Ludwig, Mylo Bryn, Margaret Wisness, Joan Sol- laerg. Row 1: Duane Erickson, Don Priebe, Arlo Howe, Anton Gunderson, Roger Johnson. Row 2: lla Langseth, Carol Hanson, Lois Cullen, Grace Price, Evelyn Remmich, Keiko Oguchi. Row 3: John Jess, Hale Aarnes, advisor, Janet Fagerland, Pat Monson, Beverly Olson, Bev- erly Akason, Audrey Gordhammer, Janet Monson, Arlene Nesset, Doroles Hollands, Joe Row 'l: Jerry Sayler, Wayne Swenson, Paul lrsfelcl, Joe Ruliffson, Gale Toverno. Row 2: Bill Baillie, Milo Sayler, Les Amundson, Arf Lies, Bob Monigomery. Row 3: Ray Link, Arvid Vasenden, Ted Worren, Don Sulmonson, John Hovde, Dick Monson. Row 4: Bill Euren, Neil Leum, Lowell Puls, Dole Sorff, Reggie Gorder, Jerry lsensee, Gene Sele. Kappa Kappa Psi backbone of bond Kappa Kappa Psi . . . the national honorary band fraternity . . . fosters the existence of the Gold Star Band . . . sponsors the Pit band for Brevities . . . instigates an impromptu jazz band which' puts forth some cool and crazy music . . . lightens the load of Bill Euren during concert tours and parades . . . buys new band equipment with the money earned in Brevities . . . officers are: Bob Montgomery, president . . . Paul Irsfeld, vice president . . . Lester Amundson, secretary . . . Art Lies, treasurer. 5 Bruce Berkeluncl Robert Brumwell ' Fred Detke Terry Emerson Roger Grou Robert Guyer Patrick Hurley Arthur Link Rudy Muras Lawrence Meyer W . 6 Kappa Tau Delta ambitious architects Kappa Tau Delta . . . national honorary architectural fraternity or- ganized to promote a closer relationship among architects and arch- itectural engineers . . . encourages scholarship, professional interest . . . holds annually a design competition between classes . . . member- ship extended to juniors, seniors, and fifth year students of scholastic attainment . . . elected Iim Griffin, president . . . Robert Anderson, vice-president . . . Harlen Thompson, secretary-treasurer . . . the faculty sponsor, E. E. Stewart. Not pictured: Herbert Aslesen Wayne Solberg Robert Anderson Darrell Cornell Lawrence Diemert Douglas Goedert James Griffin Richard Hanson Vincent Hatlen Michael Marezek Willis Stelter Harlyn Thompson Lyle Nelson Howard Nelson Dean Nyquist Duane Olson Don Peterson William Riecler Maurice Wolla Victor Ziegler Tau Beta Pi enthusiastic engineers Tau Beta Pi . . . national engineering honor society . . . honors students with distinguished scholarship and exemplary character . . . fosters spirit of liberal culture in engineering colleges . . . initiation banquet in fall and winter quarter . . . operates engi- neer's book exchange . . . presents scholarship award to a senior . . . award is given to high ranking freshman . . . juniors and seniors with distinguished scholarship, exemplary character and out- standing achievements eligible to join . . . W. G. Rieder, president . . . Arthur Link, vice-president . . . William Nelson, correspond- ing secretary . . . Laurence Meyer, recording secretary . . . Victor Ziegler, treasurer. Phi Upsilon Omicron Phi Upsilon Omicron . . . the national honorary home economics fraternity . . . promotes moral and intellectual development of its members . . . holds an annual "smarty party" for high ranking upperclassmen . . . awards the Alba Bales scholarship to an outstanding junior girl in home economics . . . makes a film and scrapbook to be s-ent to the high schools for recruitment purposes . . . officers are: Ioan Zielsdorf, president . . . IoAnn Willert, vice president . . . Margaret Henning, secretary . . . Lois Cullen, treasurer. l Chief cook and bottle washer of Phi Upsi- lon Omicron is Joan Zielsdorf, an out- standing siudenf in home economics. Row 'Is Sandra Haas, Janet Abrahamson, Ada Hartman, Beverly Akason, Eunice Anderson. Rgw 2: Nancy Dawson, Wilma Husband, Elaine Geizler, Gail Fiizlaff, Margaret Henning, Erlys Fernow. 138 homemcnkers deluxe Row 'l: Helen Larson, Mary Vulenfine, JoAnn Willeri, Ruth Olwin, Bonnie Liizinger, Mary Helen Peierson. Row 2: Karen Sluku, Janet Thompson, Beverly Simons, Delores Olson, Joyce Vusey, Joan Zeilsclorf. 'I3 Rho Chi . . . the national scholastic pharmacy fraternity . . . encourages scholarship and achievement in the phar- maceutical sciences . . . organized in 1928 . . . holds an . - . . . . - . . initiation banquet in the spring . . . ofters membership to pharmacy students in the highest twenty per cent of their class with at least a B average . . . awards a scholar- . . . . . .. expert pull pushers ship to an outstanding freshman in pharmacy . . . officers are: Iames Stuntebeck, president . . . Duane Hammar- gren, vice president . . . Donald Stilwell, secretary-treas- urer . . . Burnell S-vihovec, historian. Row 'l: Burnell Svihovec, Lynn Fitz, James Sfunfebeck, Donald Sfilwellf Duane Hammargren. Row 2: Ralph Bcnziger, Harvey Frost, Jackie Jungers, Pct Noden, ' Milo Suyler, Charles Jcieb. Sigma Alpha Iota . . . national music sorority . . . raises standard of musical work among women students . . . sends a delegate to the national SAI Convention every three years . . . members must major or minor in music . . . studied contemporary music at several programs and one jazz program . . . officers are: Delores Mithun, presi- dent . . . Barbara Pederson, vice president . . . Ioyce Kirk- hus, secretary . . . Ioan Zielsdorf, treasurer. Kaiser Dawson. Sigma Alpha lo'ra musical misses Row 'l: Vivian McAuley, Delores Miihun. Row 2: Nancy Eagle, Aina Malia, .loan Nelson, Beverly Pfeifer, Barbara Pederson, Marianne Hunke, Joan Zielsclarf, Nancy Row 1: Elizabeth Shipley, Ellen Wallace, Bonnie Short, Carol Senechcll, Ruth Tal- lackson, Merl Paunch, Gaye Olson. 'IA1 Engineering Council mechanical, civil and railroad l l Seated: Bruce Whidden, Gary Heidlebaugh, Prof. Oakey. Standing: Dick Johnson, Edward Meyer, James Giese, William Riecler, Robert Guyer, William Tull-nill, Melvin Sarvella, Harland Jacobson, Arthur Link, Peier Palmerson. Engineering Council . . . coordinates and promotes rela- tions between student and faculty and between various schools of engineering and engineering activities e. . . sponsor Engineers Ball . . . open house in the spring for high school seniors . . . members placed on council by each honorary and professional engineering society at NDSC . . . officers are: Gary Heidlebaugh, president . . . Harland Iacobson, vice-president . . . Bruce Whiclclen, secretary . . . William Tuthill, treasurer. Standing: Kay Wollan, Joyce Eriksmoen, Alice Summers, Audrey Brekke, Marilyn Johnson. Seated: Erlys Fernow. Tau Beta Sigma . . . national honorary band sorority . . . established on campus Iune 4, 1951 . . . entertains ' visiting bands at homecoming . . . sends delegates to national convention . . . membership extended to Women students in Gold Star Band . . . has monthly meetings in l'l'I6 belles of bdhd Putnam Hall . . . Erlys Fernow, president . . . Phyllis Schmitz, vice-president . . . loyce Eriksmoen, secretary . . . Kay Wollan, treasurer. E Tau Beta Sigma Pledges 14 Row 'l: Bonnie Lifzinger, Judy Sherwood, Jo Ann Willerf, Pa! Noden. Row 2: Evelyn Remmich, Erlys Fernow, Joan Zielsdorf, Elaine Geiszler, Margaret Henning. Senior Staff scholarship, service and smiles Senior Staff . . . national honorary service sorority . . . proudly wear distinctive cardigan sweaters . . . sponsor homecoming dinner . . . entertain Mortar Board members of Fargo . . . sponsor Spinster Skip with Gus the renowned turkey as a door prize . . . holds a banquet with Blue Key annually . . . presents awards to fresh- man and senior girls having highest scholastic average . . . recruits high school students . . . sponsors a new student induction program and Honor's Day convo . . . officers are: Iudy Sher- wood, president . . . Ioan Zielsdorf, vice presi- dent . . . Pat Noden, secretary . . . Evelyn Rem- mich, treasurer. 44 Look Mom, we won-comparing their diamonds under the admiring eyes of fellow members, Evelyn, JoAnn, and Bonnie have achieved the goal of most college women. Row 1: Joan Zielsclorf, Elaine Geiszler, Dean Dinan, Janet Thompson, JoAnn Johnson. Row 2: Delores Mithun, Pat Noden, Erlys Fernow, Judy Hugo, Roberto Enger, Kay Wollan. Women's Senate prexies ponder problems VVomen's Senate . . . associated women students of ndsc governing body . . . pri- mary purpose is to unite all women's or- ganizations . . . sponsored dances in the Student Union . . . plans the annual Dad's 3 Day Dance . . . carries out the freshmen counseling in the Women's dorms . . . is composed of the presidents of each Women's organization on campus . . . officers are: Ianet Thompson, president . . . Beth' Turner, vice president . . , IoAnn Iohnson, secretary . . . Elaine Geiszler, treasurer. Row 'l: Sandro Haas, Susan Wheeler, Jayne Lee, Peggy Buchanan, Janet Fagerland. Row 2: Judy Sherwood, Phyllis Hendrickson, JoAnn Willert, Mary Hagen, Pai Monson, Bev Olson. 1 All I 145 46 Row 'l: Jim McGuire, Judy Sherwood. Row 2: Dick Monson, Al Schuhmacher, Joan Nelson, Elaine Geisler. Row 3: Dale Bostrum, Tip Miller, Gaylord Olson, Lee Johnson, Joe Ruliffson, Don Schwartz. Row 4: Vic Ziegler, Clint Sparks, Stun Morrison, Duane Swenson, Hal Miller, Bob Gion. Row 5: Jack Larson, Merlin Ludwig. Student Government voice of the NDSC students Row 'l: Dick Monson, Joan Nelson, Hal Miller, Joe Ruliffson. Row 2: Vic Ziegler, Tip Miller, Merlin A Ludwig, Bob Gion, Duane Swenson, Student Government . . . excels ingpreparation for homecoming, the junior-senior prom, dances, convoca- tions, and freshman orientation . . . sends delegates to regional and national NSA conventions . . . promotes projects such as the honor system in the School of Agriculture . . . membership open to those elected by the student body . . . banquet held for installation of officers . . . consists of 18 senators, 12 for two year terms and 6 for one year terms . . . presided over by Merlin Ludwig. President Ludwig ond his newly elected senators relax cmd discuss politics after the inauguration banquet. Joe Ruliffson, Tip Miller, Bob Gion, Duane Swenson, Hoi Miller, Victor Ziegler, mem- bers of the student commis- sion. The big three - Merlin Ludwig, 1955-56 president of the student government, ex-president Duane Anderson cmd president of the college, Fred S. Hultz. ' sr W, W, 147 STuden'r Governmeni' Boards commissioners correlate campus 'I48 Board of Radio Don Schwarfz, Judy Sherwood, Lee Johnson, Jack Larson, Hal Miller, commissioner, Prof. Edwin Ander- son Board of NSA Seated on floor: Dick Monson, Kar- en Edinger, Duane Swenson. Seat- ed on couch: Dr. Hertel, Joan Nel- son, Beverly Pfeiffer Board of Campus Affairs Judy Sherwood, Bob Gion, John "Tip" Miller Memorial Union Board of Directors Seated: Vic Ziegler, Dean Sevrinson, Edythe Toring, Merle Notf, Dr. Glenn S. Smith, John E. Carlson, Duane Swenson. Standing: Dale Bostrum, Alon Schuhmacher, Glenn Hill, Bob Crom Board of Finance Seated: Duane Swenson, Elaine Geisz- ler. Standing: Vic Ziegler, Dr. Eugene Pettee, Prof. Hemphill Board of Athletics Seated: Dean Stallings, Edythe Toring, Al Schuhmacher, Joan Nelson. Stand- ing: A. Glenn Hill, John "Tip" Miller 'I49 Prof. Ernst Van Vlissingen, Joan Nelson, commissioner, Dr. Fred Walsh. Standing: Joe Ruliffson, Clinton Sparks Board of Music and Public Programs programs, publications and parliamentary procedure Board of Publications Seated: Lee Johnson, .lack Larson, Peter Mark, Bob Gion, Joe Rulitfson, commissioner, Hal Miller, Jon Dewey, Mel Ostby. Standing: Robert Crom, J. J. Burnham, Merle Not? tf,vw,a...,- 1.3.wx-W --- Wesley Foundation fellowship with a common goal Row 'lz Bruce Burnham, Valgard Jonsson, Nwankwo Harbor,iRichard Mowbray, Wayne Hoseltan. Row 2: Rev. Walter Pilgrim, Keiko Oguchi, Joyce Milhollan, Nancy Dawson, Carol Vennerstrom, Margaret Platt, Dale Saunders. Row 3: Ben Burnham, Kenneth Topp, Roger Boone, Lyle Dawson, Keith Burkholder, Lewis Blattner, Roald Lund, Jim Unken- holz, David Lund, Herbert Aslesen Wesley Foundation . . . provides Il Christian fellowship for Methodist students on campus . . . furthers student's Chris- tian education . . . membership is extended to all college age young people . . . meets twice weekly . . . works with other religious groups in Religious Emphasis Week . . . provided scholarship to Keiko Oguchi, student from Iapan . . , delegate attended leadership training conference at Lake Poinsett, South' Dakota and SMU Conference in Athens, Ohio . . . elected Iames Unkenholz, president . . . Herb Asleson, vice president . . . Carol Vennerstrom, secretary. Row 'I: Lester Amundson, James Oster, Lyle Peterson, Virginia Adams, Fioreen Siorbotten, Muriel Melby, Judy Flaten, Joan Delzer, Coleen Kandt, Jo Ann Brosz, Grace Heidelberger, Sharon Kandt, Pat Christianson, Pastor Arne Kvaalen, Advisor. Row 2: Henry Trangsrud, Jacqueline Erickson, Lester Anderson, Ingrid Lemberg, Maureen Restad, Marilyn Jensen, Joan Nordlund, Elsie Keller, Patsy Mattson, Joan Solberg, Darrell Thorsall, Shirley Anderson. Row 3: Gerald Haugen, Grace Webb, Joyce Idler, Carmen Posey, Leona Polsfut, Marlene Pfiefle, Neal Nelson, Ronald Larson, Guy Midtbo, Annette Haugrud. Row 4: Ina Hendry, Karen Ritchie, Kay Wollan, Janet Christopher, Phyllis Schmitz, James Amundson, Don Holen, Dennis Maas, Gary Nelson. Row 5: James Watts, Raymond Maas, Kenneth Moxness, Ronald Jacobson, Rodger Ness, Ralph Hogobaom, Allan Bieber, Wifbur Lippert, Dale Anderson, Paul Hcekstra, LeRoy Odegard, Eugene Hanson, Howard Nelson. Lutheran Student Association Lutheran Student Association . . . endeavors to present Christianity to the college student and to challenge him to uphold Christian principles . . . membership eligible to any Lutheran or student interested . . . established Sunday Church services at Festival Hall for all Lutheran students . . . serves noonday meals Monday through Friday . . . started the new school year with a new Pastor- advisor, Rev. Arne Kvaalen. Officers who plan the programs for the Lutheran Student Association are Marvin Duncan, Howard Nelson and Leona Polsfut working hard to make LSA an important organization on campus. LS-A . . . gave the LSA house a new coat of green paint . . . decorated the house for homecoming . . . offers recreational oppor- tunities to students including Friday night social hours after games, rollerskating, sleigh rides and howling . . . have organized a choir . . . honor seniors at the annual Honor Ban- quet in May . . . officers are: Howard Nelson, president . . . Marvin Duncan, first vice presi- dent . . , Leona Polsfut, second vice president . . . Dennis Maas, treasurer. Council of the Lutheran Student Association, which include: Howard Nelson Marvin Duncan, Leona Polsfut, Carl Sandager, Kay Wollan, Henry Trangsrud Coleen Kandt, Allan Bieber, Gerald Haugen, Floreen Siorbotten, Ronald Larson Joan Nordlund, Mary Valentine, Dennis Maas, Virginia Adams, Phyllis Schmitz Roger Ness, Lorraine Dahl. Bible study, chapel ancl social hours l Row 1: Joan Nordlund, Marilyn Jensen, Patsy Mattson, JoAnn Brosz. Row 2: Karen Ritchie, Joyce Idler, Mureen Restod, Elsie Keller, Coleen Kandi. Row 3: Lyle Peterson, Howard Nelson, Neal Nelson. Row 4: James Oster, Rodger Ness, l.eRoy Odegard, Paul Hoeksfra. 1 3-D Center coffee clutches and comrocleship 3-D Center . . . religious organization composed of three denominations, Baptist, Congregational and Presbyterian . . . promote fellowship through spiritual and social activities . . . meetings held the first Sunday of the month . . . weekly coffee hours . . . co-modulators were Del Hlavinka, Del Nelson, and Marlys Puutz. THE BAPTISTS: Row 1: Cy Fossum, Delbert Nelson, John Egli, John F. Anderson. Row 2: Dorolhy Elofson, Don Lorenlzen, Stanley Elofson, John S. Bone. THE CONGREGATIONALISTS: Row l: Richard Wilson, Donald Grimm, Glen Kirk, Lois Plotts, Allen Henderson. Row 2: Yvonne John- sfon, Kent Sack, Chuck Morkmcn, Curl Clogetf, Rev. G. Bosemun, John Huntley, Clare Ann Walker, Mari- lyn Robinson, Doris Kirk. THE PRESBYTERIZQNS: Row 'I: Dr. W. Sfrahl, Lisa Ducksiad, Delores Mellun, Nancy Thompson, Barbara Zaylslcie, Rev. R. Wigfielcl. Row 2: Barbara MacFarlene, Margref McLean, Mary Anderson, Rae Gebur. Row 3: Robert Kramer, Dale Ruff, Ken Mountain, Fred Arndf, Seih Twichell, Ron- ald Bariz, Bruce Kasson, Duane Paulson. Row I: Mcxry Plotz, Mary McDonald, Gayle Joos, Mary Efde, Put Moore, Kathleen Rowan, Evelyn Horum, Jackie Jungers. Row 2: George Goeser, Eugene Blozek, Joe Fisher, Loren Pechowsky, Tony Hoffman, Bill Lee, John Boucher, Adorn Kobfe, Bob Lee, Pot Murphy, Tom Schwanke, Roy Axfmen, Eugene Korb, Harvey Ficilci. Newman Club fellowship and fun 156 Coffee before settling down to serious busi- ness. Dennis Wright und Mary Ellen Fel-nr seem to be first in line for it. Every organization its less serious moments, and Newman Club is no exception. Here the members are seen "spin- ning" a few records. A little cfFicer's conference, or ore they discussing important business? Put Hurley, Jane Brush, Terryl Ann Frank and Bob Barrett seem engrossed in the convcrsoiion. Newman Club . . . furnishes a close bond between the Catholic Church and its mem- bers attending NDSC . . . was established by Bishop Leo F. Duorschak in l925 . . . takes part in Religious Emphasis Week . . . pro- motes Inter-religious Council activities . . . has a bowling team in the Classic League . . . provides a choir to sing at Sunday Mass . . . has a daily Rosary at the Newman Chapel and communion breakfast on the last Sunday of each month , . . sends delegates to the national convention and regional meets . . . officers are: Patrick Hurley, Robert Barrett, lane Brush, and Terryl Ann Frank. ls this a "hen party" or is anyone welcome to ioin in the conversation? Members of Newman club catch up on the latest news. Row 'iz Rita Sloboian, Mary Ellen Fehr, Mary Rieder, Ruth Folstrom, Donna Keifer, Dorothy Gibson, Lorraine Dosch, Elaine Willy, Pot Maloney. Row 2: Danny Boyle, Ken Normand, Phil Miller, Art Lies, Ray Link, Frank Bosworth, Charles Metzinger, Robert Madler, Art Christen- son, Dennis Wright, Ryan Harrington. Father Pofter gives words of advice as Newman club members discuss their problems. - Row 'l: Larry Buer, Nwankwo Harbor, Stan Elofson, Ted DeKrey, Harold LeFIeur. Row 2: Clint Sparks, Glen Kirk, Kent Sock, Loran Bieber, Del Hlavinka, Seth Twichell. Row 3: John Anderson, Don Moore, Bruce Farnum, Curt Kristofifz, Frank Joyce, Duane Paulson, Jim Unkenholz, Dave McFerrain, Charles Markham. Young Men's Christian Association christian ideals YMCA . . . originated to unite men in Chris- tian fellowship . . . helps to develop Christian personalities . , . participates in Religious Emphasis Week . . . holds Brotherhood Week services . . . active in the World Day of Prayer services . . . played an active part in the North Dakota district "YH conference . . . sponsored jointly with YWCA ballroom dancing lessons . . . officers are: Delbert Hlavinka, president . . . Glen Kirk, vice presi- dent . . . Kent Suck, secretary . . . Loran Bieber, treasurer. Young Women's Christian Association Cl C0l11lT'l0l"l PUYPOSG YVVCA . . . unites women students to develop and promote Christian ideals . . . sponsors Big-Little Sister party for new students . . . co-sponsors the Thanksgiving Evensong and ballroom dancing lessons with the YMCA . . . holds :in annual retreat at Turtle River State Park . . , officers are: Margaret Henning, president . . . Beverly Akuson, vice president . . . Gloria Olson, secretary . . . Enid Bowman, treasurer. Row 'l: Mrs. John Bennison. Row 2: Doris Kirk, Arlene Hedahl, Roberta Enger, Carolyn Slinde, Marilyn Robinson, Maxine Baumann, Marlene Bassinglhwaife. Row I: Margaret Platt, Kay Stoll, Joan Walf Row 2: Judy Flafen, Ilene Friend, Arliss Si- monson, Janice Anderson, Marilyn Jenson, Janice Kearny, Margaret Smith, Mary Gludf, Nancy Johnson, Yvonne Boeddeker. Row 'l: Elaine Geiszler, Beverly Akason, Gloria Olson, Enid Bowman. Row 2: Doris Kirk, Carolyn Pierce, Sally Fossay, Ann Ebling, Roberta Enger, Leona Polsfuf, Pai Noden, Marilyn Robinson, Darlene Geving. Row 1: Clint Sparks-Vice Commander, Curt Christensen-Commander, Don Borge -Executive Commander, Wallace Webster -Executive Commander. Row 2: Stan Mor- rison-Executive Commander, Don Zook- Chaplain, Eldon Mclain-Secretary, Jer- ome Anderson-Treasurer, lrv Middle- brook. Vets Club partisan, politics cmd parties A C Vets Club . . . organized to give assistance to veterans at NDSC . . . accepts for membership any veteran student who has served 90 days or more in the Armed Forces and has been honorably discharged or is in reserve status . . . Curtis Chris- tianson, commander . . . Clint Sparks, vice commander . . Donald Zook, chaplain ,... Kenneth McClean, secretary . Ierome Anderson, treasurer. Row 'l: Clarence Sauer, Darrell Thorsell, Bruce Hoel, Bob Selkirk, Francis Gathman, Floyd Brown. Row 2: Daniel Boyle, Lorran Remmich, Richard Praskey, Del Helgeson, Tom Askland, Dick Clarens, Bob O'Blen ess, Dennis Gullingsrud, David Quill. Rcw 1: Meloy Hanson, Ken Kraft, Vic Sorley, .Ioe Mann, Fred Garih. Row 2: Eugene Heinz, Eugene Blazek, Ernie Nelson, William Schvenle, Roland Michael, Bill Gores. Row 3: Leonard Erickson, Harold Moe, Gerald Bender, Clark Shenkenberger, Ronald Talstod, Glen Martin, Fred Martin, Henry Smitherson, Sion- ley Samuelson, David Mork, Leslie Anderson, Archie Kifterling. Row 'lz Loren Doclder, LeRoy Siebszhlag, Carrol Slorbeck, Donald Sfoen, Frank Diebler, Simen Lclhlum. Rcw 2: Harland Jacobson, Rodney Schwartz, Leslie bach, Fefe Kubischfa, Sicnley Pederson, Duane Bjelland, Bill Strand. Brcii- Seated: Larry O'Keefe, Laverne Linnell, Jack Carter, advisor, Marvin Duncan, Neal Biornson. Standing: Allyn Marifieren, Don Brusegaard, James Fowler. Howard Cariveau, Donald Ber- quist, Ronald Barks, Ronald Nelson, Adam Koble, Kenneth Thompson, Jerry O'Keefe. Agronomy Club crops, comments and coffee labs Agronomy Club . . . promotes interest in crops and soils . . . meets first Thursday of each month in Morrill Hall . . . members hear special speakers, see movies, have business meetings, and have group discussions . . . extends membership to undergraduates interested in Agronomy . . . sends delegates to the national convention of the American Society of Agronomy . . . sponsors an annual crop judging contest for high school FFA and 41-I Clubs in North Dakota and Minnesota . . . officers are: Larry O'Keefe, president . . . Laverne Linnell, vice president . . . Neal Bjornson, treas- urer . . . Marvin Duncan, secretary. Agricultural Ec Club parity, prices and politics Agricultural Economics Club. . . meets third Thursday of every month . . . discuss topics of interest in Agricultural Economics . . . engage outside speakers to help discuss such topics . . . chapter project for 1956 was an exchange meeting with Agricultural Economics Club of South Dakota State College . . . no membership dues . . . Marvin T. Nordbo, was elected president . . . Gaylord Olson, vice president . . . Orland Ni-emeier, secretary-treasurer . . . Sig Stangeland, advisor. Economists, both professional and students, enioy the oppor- tunity to meet and discuss the latest 'Farm issue, parity price or crisis on the farm scene. 162 Row 1: Norman Lemmon, Clifford Suncl, Jerome Schaak, Dale Hegreberg, Darwin Schaubert, Laverne Zink. Row 2: Robert Moeller, Guy Midtbo, Milton Berg, Robert Dahl, David Quick. Row 3: John Egli, Arden Flakoll, James Gilberg, Merle Huhner, John Vogel. Row 4: Mlton Evenson, Vernell Ness, Glen Johnson, John Rude, Vernon Anderson, Ernest French. ASAE John Deere, Massey Harris and Caterpiller ASAE . . . American Society of Agricultural Engineers . . prepares agricultural engineers for their future vocations . . . farm equipment show for the Little International . . . take an annual field trip . . . assists with Engineers Ball . . . hold an annual banquet and picnic . . . officers are: Merrill Iohnson, president . . . Leo Astrup, vice president . . . Lester Amundson, secretary . . Ronald Brandvold, treasurer. Row 'lz Robert Hunke, Richard Johnson, Dcnald Berge, Merrill Johnson, Lester Amundson, Ronald Brandvold, Leo Ast- rur, Henry Rwcera. Row 2: Gene Mat- tern, Harley Lynch, Floyd Larson, Paul Pratt, Roger Boon, Dennis Lindemann. Row 3: Howard Stockman, James Amundson, Gerald Buelow, James Stewart, Arnold Ellingson, Herbert French, Russell Slotten. 163 J ASCE builders of the future Row 1: Joseph Arquette, Henry Trangsrud, Willard Peterson, John Ruland, William Strand. Row 2: Nwankwo Harbor, Dan Holm, Hubert Olson, George Redlin, Clif- ton Anderson, Pat Murphy, Richard Enger. Row 3: Donald Davidson, Daniel Engel, Earl Williams, Andrew Rieder, Tenner Tangen, William Thompson, Richard Skerik, Donald Borge, Stanley Pedersen, Darvin Johnson, Carroll Lilly. 164 American Society of Civil Engineers . . . pro- motes an understanding between students and faculty in civil engineering . . . extends membership to all civil engineers . . . spon- sors lectures and movies to provide an addi- tion to class work. Row 'l: Bruce Baldwin, Dana Hill, Dennis Gehring. Row 2: Glen Martin, Gordon Renschler, Harland Jacobson, Charles Mar- tin, LeRoy Ornberg, Jim Bentley. Row 3: Wilfred Wolf, Lyle Dagner, Edwin Jacobs, James Horn, Howard Paul, LeRoy Phillips, Arthur Hahn. Row 'Is George Sfruchynski, Thomas McCormick, James Gebhard, Harold Oberlander, Delana Jesperson, Verlin Possum-. Row 2: Sylvester Klassen, David Welch, Henry Moh, John A. Oakey, Robert J. Roberts, advisor, John Adams, Glen Meyer, Duane Heley. Row 3: Lloyd Hutchinson, Gordon Madson, David Duin, Richard Peterson, Emery Larson, Melvin Sarvela, Rodney Schwartz, William Peterson, Clifford Christionson, Ronald Klennert, Donald Zook, Pafrick Hurley, Francis Bosworth. ASCE . . . assisted in presenting the Engi- neer's Ball . . . entered I1 float in the home- coming parade . . . were host to the 1955 Midwest ASCE conference convention . . . Ray Ehly, was elected president of Midwest Conference . . . officers are: Harland Iacob- son, president . . . Howard Paul, vice presi- dent . . . Iames Horn, secretary , . . Glen Martin, treasurer. 165 AIEE amps, volts and ohms AIEE . . . American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers and Institute of Radio Engineers . . . promotes the theory and practice of electrical engineering . . . meets once a month in the engineering building . . . membership open to any student in electrical engineer- ing . . . sponsors AIEE student paper contest . . . provides an opportunity for fairly independent techni- cal, social, and literary activity and initiative on the part of the students . . . officers are: Bruce Whidden, president . . . Arthur Link, vice president . . . Iames Nielson, secretary-treasurer. Row I: Dick Johnson, Gene Krueche, Gene Glazek, Bob Johnston. Row 2: Pete Horvath, Roger Ness, Ralph Rothfusz, Bob Myller. Row 3: Norval Johannesohn, Barrett Johnson, Melvin Krctz, Calvin Klaus. Row 'ls Dean Nyquist, Roger Abbott, Peter Palmerson, Bruce Whidden, George Johnson, Richard Elston, James Nielson, Ernest Anderson, advisor. Row 2: Wendell Keller, Ken Dola- ger, Art Link, Ron Schwinkendorf, Ken Zastera, Rodney Turnquist, Jerry Vonderheide. Row 3: John Agrey, Darrell Bonewell, Meloy Hanson, Del Schoephoerster, Curt Christensen, Richard Strommen, Jack Lcuvold, Dennis Wilson, Roy Cedarstrom. 6 ASME slip sticks, steam heat and strengths ASME ...t dx merican Society of Mechanical Engineers . . .acquaints the students with the activities, faculty and fellow students in mechani- cal engineering . . . co-sponsor the Engineers Ball with the other engineering societies . . . annual Engineers picnic . . . were hosts to the Region Four Northern Tier conference . . . officers are: William Tutliill, president . . . William Rieder, vice president . . . Robert Guyer, secretary . . . Terry Emerson, treasurer. Row 1: George Olson, John Schultz, Harry Nelson, A. W. Anders son, advisor, William Tuthill, Bob Guyer, William Rieder, Harold Blomseth. Row 2: Duane Olson, Jim Larson, Gil Miller, Peter Rex, Eugene Johnson, Delos Keech, Robert Brumwell, Donald Connors, Wallace Webster. Row 'l: Lyle Peterson, James Lundstrom, Eugene Gross, Beu- nard Goldader, Kent Janssen, Laverne McCoy, Lyle Madson, Maurice Nygaard. Row 2: Charles Frank, Richard Engh, Lowell Rohs, Donald Voracek, Allen Urban, Frank Joyce, Milo Mcltzek, Ronald Lindlauf, Mor- ris Krahn, David Ramey, Arthur Middlebraok. 167 Atelier Chai' Noir blueprints, Becxux Arts and Black Cuts 6 Row 1: Guilen Narum, Brian Beechie, Harold Lo Fleur, Leon Hagerotf, Robert Metz, Harlan Ormbreck. Row 2: Edward Meyer, Douglas Goedert, Duane Devries, Wayne Lee, Don Hanson, Gary Jensen, Dick Leverson, Lynn Lcmmer, Herbert Aslesen. Atelier Chat Noir . . . black cuts of NDSC . . . future designers of America . . . promote and advance archi- tectural interest . . . sponsor competition in designs . . . annually award five prizes . . . hold Beaux Arts ball . . . sophomores, juniors, seniors make up membership . . . hold monthly meetings . . . heading the organization are: Edward Meyer, president . . . Douglas Goedert, vice pres- ident . . . Lyle Nelson, secretary . . . Robert Brown, treasurer. Row I: Richard Annderud, Kent Janssen, Rocl Eide, William Rieder, Duane Olson, Gailon Sundseth. Row 2: Lawrence Doerr, C. O. Anderson, advisor, Bob Guyer, A. W. Anderson, Dean Mirgain, Thomas Sak- shaug, Lambert Vogel. Row 3: Fred Detke, Robert Brumwell, Charles Myhre, Don Gronbeck, William Jensen, Ronald Llndlauf, Edward Price, Alan Olsen, Charles Meckstroth, Richard Engh, Donald Conner, Terry Emerson, James Peterson, William Bissel, Roger Engebretson, Howard Nelson, Roger Wagner, Har- old Blomseth. Not pictured: Marvin Bender, Bruce Berkeland, Gerald Duerre, Roger Grau, Earl Davis. Pi Tau Sigma mechanical mastermincls Pi Tau Sigma . . . recognizes scholarship and service in the field of mechanical engineering . . . was es- tablished on NDSC campus in 1948 . . . offers mem- bership to mechanical engineers who are at least first term juniors in the upper part of their classes . . . elected Robert Guyer, president . . . Rodney Eide, vice president . . . Terry Emerson, recording secretary . . . William Rieder, corresponding secretary . . . William H. Nelson, treasurer. 'I69 170 OFFICERS: Gloria Lloyd, Terryl Ann Frank, Jane? Saba. Row 2: Erlys Mische, Jayne Lee, Shirlene Schnell, Jane! Monson. Air Debs Society march, militia and marriage Air Debs Society . . . Iayne Lee, command- ing officer . . . Shirlene Schnell, executive officer . . . Erlys Mische, secretary . . . Janet Monson, treasurer . . . Ianet Saba, social chair- man . . . Sandra Benedict, uniform director . . . Terryl Frank, publicity . . . tea for military staff officers' wives ...- 2 ntertain Arnold Air Society . . . a talk on local ROTC Unit here by one of Air Force officers . . . giving serious attention to a smart drill team . . . came out in new uniforms winter quarter. Row I: JoAnn Willert, Erlys Mische, Ann Whiiing, Teddy Jo Paulson, Judy Sherwood, Jayne Lee. Row 2: Mary Hagen, Pai' Larsen, Peggy Buchanan, Janet Monson, Phyllis Hendrickson, Shirlene Schnell. Row 3: Sally Schroeder, Sally Anderson, Janet Saba, LaRae Gendreau, Joan Nelson, Terryl Ann Frank, Jane Brush, Sonia Scott, Gloria Lloyd. Arnold Air Society united, uniforms and Uncle Sam Arnold Air Society . . . together with Air Debs, Guidon, and Scabbard and Blade sponsors the military Ball . . . conducts edu- cational tours of members to various Air Installations via military aircraft . . . holds initiation and installation banquets and ban- quet for inspecting officers . . . Mike Fogel named outstanding Summer Camp Cadet . . . Roger Erickstad, AFROTC Cadet Wing Commander . . . Iohn G. Larum, commander . . . Neil H. Bowles, vice commander . . . Wendell R. Keller, comptroller . . . Roger Erickstad, reporter . . . Loren F. Bjornson, WW7 V Operatlons olililcer ' ' ' Captain A' Halvof' Wendell Keller-Comptroller, Loren Biornson-Operations Officer, John Larum-Squadron Commander, Roger Erickstad-Reporter, Neil Bowles -Vice-Commander. Not in picture-John Burnett-information Service Oficer. sen, faculty advisor. Row 'l: Ralph Rofhfusz, Henry Solberg, James Gebhard, Lawerence Meyer, Roger Abbott, Loren Biornson. Row 2: Gene Gross, Wally Hegg, William Chamberlain, John Lorum, William Hutton, Mike Fogel, Jerry Schaock. Row 3: Jerry lsensee, Neil Bowles, Roger Ericlcsrad, Wendell Keller, Tom Gates, Charles Bartholo- mew, Del Bopp, Alvin Olson, Don Vorachek, LeRoy Acxfedf, Dick Strommen. Gurdon parties, parades and patriotism Guidon . . . auxiliary to Army ROTC . . . we see the fairer sex capably participating in parades With' the men . . . members selected from the sopho- more class-two from each sorority and two inde- pendents . . . have a banquet following Armed Forces Day parade . . . new initiates honored at banquet . . . some march with drill team . . . assis- ted With plans for Military Ball . . . officers are: Pat Monson, president . . . Marlys Pautz, vice president . . . Marlene Pfeifile, secretary . . . Ioline VVells, treasurer. OFFICERS: Row 1: Pat Monson, Bonnie Litzinger. Row 2: Marlys Paufz, JolineRow 1: Maxine Baumann, Sondra Haus, Joyce Kirkhus. Joan linbo, Litzinger, Barbara Pederson, Joyce Eriksmoen, Karen Edinger. Row 2: Branstad, Ruth Folstrum, Joann Johnson, Joline Wells, Carol Soeby, Wells, Marlene Pfeifle. Fredrick, Marianne Hunke, Judy Rothfusz, Pat Monson, Joan Cantwell, Pautz, Janet Fagerland. Row 3: June Anderson, Gail Fitzloff, Marlene Ruth Mortenson, JoAnne Anderson, Karen Slulca, Shirley Mogen. Bonnie Shirley Nancy Marlys Pfeifle, 172 Row 1: Norman Hansen, Frank Meyers, Harry Barrlett, Merrill Johnson, Russell Sloften. Row 2: Don Hovluncl, Dave Lund, Keith Amundson, Ron Rogers, Peie Lunclwall. Row 3: Lclrry Lanz, Richcurd Johnson, Gerald Stock, Dick Engh, Mariy Kalons, Jack Larson, Robert Tucker, Borreff Johnson, Bryan Gcckle, Jim Young, Leroy Hielmstad, Russell Kiker, Ronald Nelsen, Bruce Farnum, Ronald Waxler, John Anderson, Jim Killle. Scabbard and Blade colonels, captains cmd collegicms Scabbard and Blade . . . national military frater- nity . . . raises the standard of military education in American Colleges . . . hold a spring banquet with Guidon . . . co-sponsors Military Ball . . . ex- tends membership to selected juniors or seniors in military or air science who have maintained a C average . . . officers are: Norman Hansen, Ir., president . . . Franklin Meyers, vice president . . . Russell Slotten, secretary . . . Merrill Iohnson, treasurer. The "brains" of this organization who make the momentous decisions whether to have the cover cin- namon or sequoria brown and the print a sunflower yellow or golden sunshine. Oh, the problems of "exec" Reggie Gorder, associate editor and Mel Bison Annual deadlines, deadlines, and delayed deadlines . . Bison . . . what, you missed another deadline . . . who is this guy on the Vet's Club picture . . . what's happened to page 203 . . . did Ham get the new pictures in today . . . typical comments in the Bison office . . . yearbook for students at North Dakota State . . . publishes an informal report of the year in pictures and words . . . man at the helm is Mel Ostby . . . one more ship is safely anchored. Ostby, most exalted editor in chief. lf there are any mistakes in this book, and we can assure you there are, please don't blame these students. . , they've been taking the blame all year. The martyrs are Ronnie Nelson, photography editor, Beverly Pfeifer, layout editor, and Judy Hammer, copy editor. 174 If we used the picture of you with your eyes closed or that idiotic expression on your face, this is the group to blame- Terryl Ann Frank, Sigrid Halldorson, Jane Higgins and Gloria Lloyd are innocent victims of circumstance. lf your name is misspelled or the caption identifies you as Fairhair Garter- snapper don't be perturbed just blame this group of budding young iournalists . . . seated are Beverly Lind, Mary Meckstroth, Anita Neller- moe, JoAnn Anderson, Arlene Nesset, June Anderson, Audrey Brekke, Jean Anderson . . . standing are P'at Larson, Shirlene Schnell, Milton Matzek, Mary Anderson, and Bonnie Westphal. 1 6354? LJ, - js' 'fi "'ff.. '1 ef as These are the gentlemen on the annual staff well worth meeting-they With the assistance of Maynard Helgaas, sports editor and Gary Smith, control the money or the lack of it. The annual financiers are Kerry chief helper, the Bison football team were undefeated this year and the Murphy, advertising manager and .lon Dewey, business manager. basketball team' won all four games of the Sioux series-Oh, you dreamers! 175 Top man on the totem pole in The Spec- V trum office is Lee Johnson, editor-in-chief. N 'I76 Spectrum columns, comments and campus cuties Spectrum . . . weekly publication at North Dakota State . . . clever columns including: advice to the lovelorn, roving reporter, general comments and opinions and side- lights of sports . . . featured campus cuties . . . location of hectic activity on Tuesday and Vfednesday night . . . has the largest collection of Union glassware on campus . . . always looking for some filler . . . center of campus ac- tivity . . . has three or four crises each week . . . a capable staff with openings for students interested in journalism . . . finished a successful year under the parental eye of Lee Iohnson. Lick af the browbeafen looks on Lee's staff: Karen Sluka, Neal Biornson, Audrey Brekke, JoAnne Anderson are worse for wear after a year on the Spectrum Staff. O.K., guys, control yourselvesp I'm sorry I said the Spectrum was the best paper in North Da- kota. Gerry Bender, sports editor, and Don Schwartz, managing editor, are having a big laugh over this. The trustworthy, competent, and efficient Spectrum staff: lEd. note--We will not be held responsible for this statement and it is not necessarily the opinion of the Bison stoff.J Bill Buck, seated, Bob Guyer, Neal Biornson, Jim Feeney, Dick Teichmann and Jean Anderson. l Chief Qnot cheap! checkwriter, ad solicitor and Union cup col- lector is business manager, Peter Mark. Lee does his best work and writes his cleverest columns when inspired -at the moment Audrey is his in- spiration. Future Walter Winchells, Cedric Adams, and Fairhair Gartersnappers are Gerry Bender, seated, Don Schwartz, Chuck Phillips and Dave Mork. 77 A Marty Kalnins puts his experience in chemistry to goocl use by seiiing up a "still" in organic lab. Chemistry Club Chemistry Club . . . promotes an interest in chemistry . . . furthers knowledge of op- portunities in the field of chemistry through discussions and lectures . . . holds spring and fall picnics . . . maintains a loan fund for ad- vanced chemistry students . . . awards junior memberships in the American Chemical So- ciety to six outstanding senior and graduate students . . . makes contributions to the li- brary of the School of Chemistry . . .officers are: Phillip I-Iarju, president . . . Ierry lsensee, vice president . . . Kay Vlfollan, secretary . . Wayne Swenson, treasurer. Row 'l: Jim' Mclrqucirf, Jim Young, Bob Burke. Row 2: Wayne Swenson, Lowell Puls, Bob Boerfh. Row 3: Arthur Leadbeifer, Alice Wright, Lawrence Grossman, 178 Row 4: John Frunze, Jerold lsensee, Joseph Fischer, Curl' Nelson. l 1 Row 1: Kay Wollcm, Mrs, Wouier Bosch, Mary Anderson, Nehoray Nosraf. Row 2: Professor Sands, Dr. F. L. Minear, Kenley Burkhart, Row 3: Duane Tangen, George Saunders, Herman Weylond, Dr. F, Rothman, Dr. Wouter Bosch. Row 4: Philip Huriu, Robert Woodruff, Dr. N. Peterson, Lawrence Grossman. bottles, beakers and bunsen burners Be careful there Swen, or ihe whole doggone confrap- tion will blow up-we're not worried about you, buf we need that Chem building next year. Row I: Lyle Miller, Morris Holm, Don Priebe, Shubel Owen, advisor. Row 2: An- ton Gunderson, Roger Johnson, Ordean Jacobson, James Gruebele. Row 3: Curtis Norenberg, Ron Nelsen, Ken Thompson, Duane Eriksmoen, Fred Fredrickson, Robert Block, Arvid Hougelnerg, Arnold Hauge- berg, Mel Ostby. Row 4: Sylvan Melroe, George Schwartz, John Haas, Jerry Timm, Gerald Haugen, Denis Gross, Curtis Nel- son, Richard D. Johnson, Richard States, Duane Erickson, LaVerne Kreft, Clinton Future Farmers of America chapter advisers of the future Guest speaker at the fall banquet, Douglas C. Fisk warned the mem- bers ot failure and the limitless boundaries of success. Kopp, Reggie Gorder, Gary Johnson, Hol- ger Fog. Future Farmers of America . . . provides training for prospective teachers of vocational agriculture in their duties as local advisers of FFA chapters . . . has a Friend's Night banquet . . . assists in the Little International . . . all agriculture education majors and all former members of FFA are eligible for membership . . . the officers are: Morris Holm, president . . . Donald Priebe, vice president . . . Lyle Miller, secretary . . . Ordean Iacobson, treasurer . . . S. D. Owen, adviser. The Friend's Night Banquet gives the mem- bers experience in handling FFA banquets when they are chapter advisors in FFA work. Row 'lr Elgi Tomcin, Winton Fuglie, Jim Noyes, Noel Loftus. Row 2: Wayne Henkel, Carl Sandager, John- son, Don Schwartz. Row 3: Edward Kaseman, Ron Ulven, Ron Jacobson, Merlin Ludwig, Fred Gerth, Stan Samuelson, Mel Rodenberg, Don McKenzie. Row 4: Howard Schmid, Sylister Phillips, Paul Hau- gen, Arlen Niemier, John Malpert, Willis Johnson, Fred Flanders, Dave Mark, Merle Larson, Jim Ken- ward, Ray Hedblad, Gerald Hegerberg, Don Holen. Four-H Club head, heart, hands and health Four-H Club provides 4-H members opportunity to continue their Work during college . . . membership l is open to students interested in the 4-H program . . . organized in 1938 on NDSC campus . . . held leader- ship meetings . . . various social functions . . . partici- pated in thc Little International . . . objective of the organization is to be of service to the college and state 4-H program . . . officers include: Howard L:-lhlum, president . . . Marian Hunke, vice president . . . David Lund, secretary . . . Gloria Olson, treasurer . . . K. S. Olson, adviser. Row 1: Beva Fegley, Howard Lahlum, Gloria Olson, Maynard Fulton. Row 2: George Senechal, Nancy Johnson, Rae Gebur, Audrey Mann, Winifred Knud' son, Sharon Stensland, Myrth Weiser. Row 3: Stanley Schneider, David Kromer, Donald Odenloach, Walter Keidel, Lloyd Knight, Clayton Hanson, Kenneth Olson, advisor. Circle to the left, circle to the right, dance and you dance all night . . . Promenade your partner around the circle, Promenade . . . one of the many activities of the 4-H club is square-dancing along with the more serious pastimes. Gold Star Band practice, perfection and performance Gold Star Band . . . organized by Dr. C. S. Putnam in 1904 . . . directed by William Euren . . . furnishes music for athletic events, parades, honor days and convocations . . . annually participates in a concert tour to various cities and towns in North Dakota . . . pro- vided a home COl'lCC1't with the College Choir . . . participates in the Spring Sing Concert . . . the social highlight in the lives of band members is the annual picnic . . . officers are: Dale Sarff, president . . . . lack Larson, vice-president . . . Lester Amundson, secretary- treasurer. Row I: Bob Peterson, Lisa Duckstad, Carole Mandigo, Jerry Stock, JoAnne Anderson, Wayne Swenson, Marilyn Johnson, Judy Hunstad, Elaine Pflugrath, Donna Kilzer. Row 2: Jayne Lee, Joyce Eriksmoen, Joan Delzer, Gaye Olson, Joyce Berg, Wilma Husband, Bruce Farnum, Bill Baillie, Les Amundson, John Hovde, Don Salmonson, Roberta Enger, Erlys Fernow, Mary Ander- son, Fat Larson, Claire Ann Walker. Row 3: Robert Montgomery, Tom Farley, Richard Monson, Don Hovland, Dale Jackson, Vernon Johnson, George Gard, Bruce Kasson, Frank Bender, Martin Geizler, Pat Noden, Virginia Anderson, Wayne Anderson, Lowell Pals, Allan Henderson, Jerry lsensee, Jack Larson, Audrey Brekke, Jerome Sayler, Ray Link. Row 4: Mylo Sayler, Charles McDonald, James Oster, Blaine Myhre, Harold Shadduck, Gail Taverna, Eileen Seim, Grace Webb, Director-Bill Euren, Art Wheeler, Jerome Shaw, Howard Stockman, Bruce Ferguson, Reggie Gorder, Gene Sele, Delores Mithun, Paul Irsfeld, Dale Sarff, David Hendrickson, Art Lies 182 1 i Row 1: Kay Stoll, Dorothy Elofson, Barbara Seng, Aina Malta, Janice Bakken, LaVonne Biel, Dianne Crandall, Judy Hammer, Claudette Grommesh, Ilene Friend, JoAnn Willert, Joyce Kirkhus, lone Vossetig, Vivian McAuley, Sandra Maier. Row 2: Sandra Klein, Judy Rothfusz, Janet Abrahamson, Barbara Pederson, Joan Stammen, Yvonne Boeddeker, Carol Senechal, Ruth Tallakson, Gail Fitzloff, lla Langseth, Patricia Larsen, Lynell Buchanan, Glorene Denich, Bonnie Westpl-nal, Coleen Kanclt, Row 3: Dale Nelson, Leonard Brown, Cecil Malme, Dewey Swenson, Elizabeth Shipley, Estelle voelker, Marianne Hunke, John Kit- tleson, Clint Sparks, Allan Olson, Harvey Fiala, Fred Bayshuns, John Lommel, Michael Fogel. Row 4: William Head, Ralph Rothfusz, Orion Fiestad, Richard Teichmann, Ward Dunkirk, Warren Ehricks, Robert Gion, John Kuppich, David McFerran, James Grueble, Clyde Stauffer, James Pomeroy. Chorus Bach, Beethoven, and bebop Chorus . . . the mixed chorus at NDSC . Q . directed hy Ernst Van Vlissingen . . . participates in many campus affairs . . . annually tours North Dakota towns with a concert program . . . 1956's tour included Ash- ley, Hcttinger, Linton . . . for music minded students . . . membership is offered by tryouts . . . it is a worthwhile extracurricular activity. 3 LeTrerman's Club letters, laurels and laughs Row 'l: Ernel Thuring, Tom Serrin, Bob Nippolf, Norm Lerass, Bill Scl1elver. Row 2: Bob Zuklic, Dale Walleniine, lvon Lung, Roger Gebhcxri, Ken Flynn, Glenn Hill, Tom Wold. Lettermanis Club . . . promote varsity athletics . . . sell beanies to freshmen . . . makes life miserable for freshmen . . . sponsor the annual Bison Day . . . have an annual picnic . . . sponsor the Letterman's Ball, strictly a bib overhall and flannel shirt affair . . . chose Karen Edinger as queen . . . officers are: Glenn Hill, president . . . Dale Wallentine, vice president . . Merlin Ludwig, secretary . . . Tom Radcliffe, treasurer. Row 'I: Gordon Friede, Harold Anderson, Doug Wolsiad, Merlin Ludwig. Row 2: Syl- van Melroe, Emil Zueger, Pete Brewer, Howard Heil, Floyd Wagner. 184 Row 'l: Dennis Buchholz, Don Vorachek, Warren Shiebold, Joe Arquette, Kenny Maxson, Bolo Eggen. Row 2: Dr. Martin Blake, John Anderson, Keith Schick, Robert Tucker, Bruce Farnum, Tom Sakshaug, Lloyd Ogren, Lyle Nelson. Row 3: Keith Hayford, Dr, Frank Cassel, Dr. Christian Jenson, A. Glenn Hill, Myron Kios, Milton Mafzek, Alan Wieland, William Rudd, Phillip Running, Rolly Quam, E. Charles Markmon, Vernon Johnson, Don Hanson, Jack Lavold. Alpha Phi Omega proiects, proiecfs and more proiecfs Alpha Phi Omega . . . composed of college men who are or have been previously affiliated with the Boy Scouts . . . develops friendship and promotes service to humanity . . . helps with registration and proctors en- trance cxaminations . . . sponsors Spring Sing and snow sculpture contest . . . conducts a book exchange . . . sponsors the Ugly Man contest and dance . . . aids local Boy Scouts . . . ushers at all convos . . . puts up and dec- orates the campus Christmas tree . . . officers are: Robert Tucker, president . . . Bruce Farnum, vice president . . . Keith Schick, secretary . . . Iohn Anderson, historian. Seated: Jane Kanellos, Kathy Ger- teis, Alan Schuhmacher, Kay Mc- Geary, Marlene Qualley. Standing: Esther Tarbell, Ray Berger, Gay- lord Olson, Duane Swenson, Clint Sparks, Jim Rumpcc Memorial Union promotion, programs, and parties Row 'l: Arvid Vasenden, George Schwartz, Ron Nelsen, Jim Stewart, Gordon Renschler, Don Hanson. Row 2: Terryl Ann Frank, Margaret McBride, Nancy Johnson, Gloria Olson, Joan Stammen, Margaret Platt, Barbara Rockwood, Priscilla Hostad, Pat Trom, Bev Lind. Row 3: Pat Hagen, Howard Cariveau, Gerald Buelow, Dave Mork, Gordon Kepner, Laleah Lobb, Ray Link, Russ Hariu, Milo Haas, Jim Giese, Mary Anderson 'l 86 Memorial Union Activities Board . . . organized to supply needs of a rounded college social program . . . attempts to reach those students who have limited social life . . . features lessons in chess, bridge, etiquette and dancing . . . has un- nuul Union Birthday Party . . . elected Alan Schuhmncher, president . . . Vic Zeigler. vice-president . . . Monica Sav- ageau, secretary-treasurer. Now let's see-Newton's third low of motion plus the friction error plus good luck ond you might hit the eight ball. One of the mony popular activities corried on in the Student Union. "The" most important activity in the Student Union. Coffee Lab. T02 is now in session- mony hours are spent in this no credit course where the most popular saying is "I don't know, I wcnsn't there yesterday either." 'I8 l The college siudenf's Arthur God- frey, Dove Gorroway and Bob and Ray ore Ari Lies, Jock Soufham and Arvid Vasenden. The main purpose cf fhese recordbreokers is io louse up campus radio. ln this respect, the fellows have been doing cz fine iob ihis year. Mary Plafz, chief engineer and record breaker Pot Cornwell and Sandy Meier are faced wifh decisions, decisions, all the lime decisions-should we ploy Beetho- ven's Fifth or Homer and Jefhro's Second. The executives of this organiza- tion, Jack Larson, station manager and Jerry Vonderheide, chief en- gineer have a serious problem- shall we broadcast this week or not? Campus Radio . . . established in 1952 . . . locat,d in the Memorial . Union . . . broadcasts from 4:00 to 10:30 each evening from Monday Ca m to Friday and 11:00 to 11:00 each Saturday . . . provides disc jockeys, drama, news and sports to listening audience . . . holds annual rowin rowin rowin Christmas party . . . plans to expand in the future . . . station man- g 9' g 9' 9 9 ager, lack Larson . . . program director, Bryan Gackle . . . music director, Chuck Phillips , . . technical director, Terry Vonderheide. The efficient, capable, talented, hard working, long suffering staff of Campus radio: seated: Nancy Thompson and Lois Bursack. Standing: Anita Neller- moe, Bill Hahn, Gailon Sundseth. l 18 9 Row 'l: Curtis Nelson, Gary Smith, LoDon Johnson, James Magill, Robert Mountian, Joe Ruliffson. Row 2: Peter Lundwall, Don Peter- son, Howard Schmid, Jim Austin, Paul Hau- gen, Ronald Tolstad, Richard Helland, Maurice Moen. Saddle and Sirloin Club The Saddle and Sirloin Club . , . promotes inter- est in animal husbandry . . . sponsors the Little International Livestock Exposition and a live- stock judging contest . . . supports the college livestock and meats judging teams . . . member- ship is open to any student in agriculture . . . officers are: Ken DeKrey, president . . . Dick States, vice president . . . Dave Huckel, secretary . . . lolin johnson, treasurer. Row I: Hal Wade, Ronnie Brandvold, Ver non Fredrick, Gerald Gerntholz, .Iimmy Oz bun, Wayne Hoselton, Dave Huckle. Row I: Dallas Hiedt, Curl Amb, Gaylord Ol- son, Russell Stuber, Holger Fog, Fred Boe- shanes. Row 2: Allen Ormesfod, Bob Madler, Ronald Nelson, Lyle Hart, Orlo Howe, Don Schwartz, Merlyn Austin, Wayne Henkle. l Row 1: John Johnson, Russell Bieri, Darrell Johnson, Ken DeKrey, M. L. Buchanan, advisor, Clayton Hougse. Row 2: Lynn Howe, Roger Anderson, Reggie Gorder, Eugene Jensen, Laleah Lobb. Hall of fame Row 'l: Dick States, Duane Erickson, Rob- err Sieffes, Frank Gentzkow, Maynard Helgaas, Willis Johnson. Row 2: Robert Oberg, Paul Hanson, Don Phillips, Anton Gunderson, David Johnson, Harold De- Haven. l l Row 1: Jim Fowler, Neal Biornson, George Schwartz, Howard Cariveau, George Bassingthwoite, Donald Moore. Row 2: Mike Brandvik, Neal Spooner, James Kimball, Ronald Borkes, Ken Gallagher, Gerald Bender, David Mork. 191 Row 'l: Janice Hansen, Margaret Kukowski, Mary Ellen Fehr, Patsy Mattson, Virginia Anclerson, Carol Kramer, Lyla Asmundson, Dianne Aafeclt, Gwen Dove. Row 2: Nancy Fredrick, Joann Johnson, Ann Ebling, Terryl Ann Frank, Donna Barstad, Barbara Hanson, Joyce Berg, Judith Flaten, Joan Lia, Helen Knight, Joyce Eriksmoen, Alvina Kossenborg, Joan Cantwell, Elsie Keller, Marlene Bassingthwaite, Maxine Baumann. Row 3: Joyce Idler, Janet Christopher, Janet Thompson, Rosemary Leupp, Arlene Hedahl, Nancy Johnson, Mary Louise Gludt, Janice Appeman, Margaret Brosz, Darlene Letnes, Muriel Melby, Eleanor Brendemuhl, Harriet Fark. Row 4: Anno Mae Davis, Shirley Peterson, Beverly Lind, Dorothy Gibson, Shirley Mogen, Carole Mancligc, Sandra Haas, Beverly Askling, Marilyn Johnson, Janet Fagerluncl, Roberta Johnson, Janice Anderson, Ellen Maltrud, Ruth Folstrom. Tryota home ec. honeys Tryota . . . furthers the students' interest in home economics . . . promotes development of leadership qualities in its members . . . any girl enrolled in the School of Home Economics is eligible for membership . . . is a student branch of the American Home Economics Associations . . . held various supper meetings including the annual fall meeting for new students . . . held a box social with Saddle and Sirloin, the correspond- ing group in the School of Agriculture . . . the Little International queen is selected from Tryota members . . . the elected officers are: Wilma Husband, president . . . Ioann Iohnson, vice president . . . Beverly Lind, secretary . . . Ioan Cantwell, treasurer . . . Lorissa Sheldon, adviser. Row 'l: Karen Ritchie, Joan Stammen, Janet Saba, Jane Brush, Kaye Stoll, Gaye Olson, Bonnie Herigstad, Bonnie Westphal, lone Vosseteig, Marian Sand. Row 2: Margaret Henning, Marilyn Ellis, Caroline Slinde, Lorraine Dahl, Barbara Seng, Joan Solberg, Ann Marie Johanson, Doris Kirk, Yvonne Johnston, Marilyn Strobel, Floreen Siorbotten, Adele Ziegler, Rae Gebur, Eileen Seim, Margaret Smith, Sharon Stensland, Norma Skaor, Morilynn Robinson, JoAnn Peterson, Meredith Moordale. Row 3: Alice Summers, Ina Hendry, Mary Peterson, Ilene Friend, Carolyn Pierce, Elaine Pflugrath, Darlene Geving, Joyce Jacques, Evelyn Briggs, Jeannine Knote, Marilyn Jenson, Ruth Berg, Arlene Gifford, Diane Crandall, Mary Platz, Marilyn Richardson, Marlene Pfeifle, Darlene Ohlhauser. Row 4: Joan Watt, Kathleen Rowan, Elaine Willy, Maureen Restad, Claire Ann Walker, Wilma Husband, Carol Soeby, Grace Webb, Sally Richards, Jeanne Sinner, Beva Fegley, Phyllis Diede, Janice Kearney, Carol Roesch, Beverly Belknap, Sharon Hansen, Mildred Crum, Vel Rae Neeb, Margaret McBride. R 'I93 OFFICERS: Leona Polsfut, Judy Hagel, Mavis Nash. i 'uma -Q, 78,2- l sill! iflw, he Q,ewwa:.l, 9 Q by an ,WC- e 9, T S s Q. 0 S rate so , ,salsa ,X Q 5 wie' Q's9"f55 an WAA badminton, basketball, ancl bowling WAA . . . VVOmen's Athletic Association . . . promotes in- terest in physical education among women . . . sponsors intra- mural sports program . . . sponsors a dance . . . fosters physical efficiency, scholarship and sportsmanship . . . offers opportuni- ties to participate in group athletics . . . officers are: Iucly Haga, president . . . Leona Polsfut, vice president . . . Mavis Nash, secretary-treasurer. Barbara Rockwood shows her winning 'Form while playing badminion. 194 Row 1: Ruth Folsirom, Nancy Frederick, Lorraine Daf-.l, Leona Polsfuf, Judy Haga, Mavis Nash, Arlene Hedahl. Row 2: Pat Maloney, Maxine Baumann, Vel Ray Neeb, Mary Pfeifer, Darlene Geving, Gail Miller, Anna Mae Davis, Barbara Rockwood, Clare Flint, Enid Bowman. VOLLEY BALL CHAMPS, Row I: Judy Hagci, Aina Malta, Bar- bara Rockwood. Row 2: Harriet Fark, Shirlene Schnell, Janice Hanson, Ruth Folstrum. Here goes another 300 game for "dead eye" Kay McGec:ry. A vigorous game of basketball, under the watchful eye of "ref" Hoga, BADMINTON STARS, Row 'l: Judy Haga, Gail Miller, Barbara Rockwood. Row 2: Arlene Hedahl, Lorraine A Dahl, Darlene Geving, Claire Flint, Mavis Nash. . 19 5 ' Crchesis self expression through creaiive dance Orchesis . . . provides opportunity for ndsc students to express themselves in the field of creative dance . . . dances at various ac- tivities on campus, as well as in the community , . . performed on a local television program . . . selects new members by 21 vote of the active Orchesis members . . . meets once a week . . . officers are: Phyllis Hendrickson, president . . . Marlys Pautz, vice president . . . Aina Malta, secretary . . . Ann Whiting, treasurer. Row 'ls Pct Larsen, Aincu Malta, Karen Edinger, .luyne Lee. Row 2: Murlys Poufz, Bcurburc Rockwood, Mrs. Anderson, Phyllis Hendrickson, Shirlene Schnell. Row 3: Ann Whiting, Pot Hagen, Kay Links, Beverly SUTIOHSI Smldfu Benedicf. Row 1: Jon Holcombe, Dave Anderson, Dale R. Larson lP'residen1J, Dennis Wilscn fSsc.-Trecsl, Bill Rudd. Row 2: Helen Larson, Jeannine Knofe, Gaye Olson, Phyllis Schmitz lVice Presidentl, Marilyn Jenson, Karen Lenoburg. Row 3: Chuck Nelson, Bill Wotkins, Arden Herman, Paul Swedlund, .lusiin Murray, Herman Grensel, Red Sunsefh CPublicily Direcforl. Ski Club pray for snow Ski Club . . . is organized to promote more interest in ski- ing . . . holds ski trips every weekend during winter to ski areas around Fargo . . . Offers membership to anyone interested in skiing . . . meets every Wednesday night . . . is planning a week trip during Spring vacation . . . officers are: Dale Larson, president . . . Phyllis Schmitz, vice president . . . Dennis VVilson, secretary-treasurer. 19 Row 1: Prof, E. G. Anderson, Robert Myller, Harold Blomseth, James Nielsen. Row 2: William Rieder, Melvin Scirvello, Robert Guyer, Lyle Nelson. N D State Engineer methods, mechanics and motives North Dakota State Engineer . . . informs students of new developments in engineering . . . published quarterly . . . includes social news, faculty information and alums . . . public rela- tions medium , . . any engineering student in- terested in journalism is eligible to become :1 member of the staff . . . William Rieder is edi- tor . . . Robert Guyer, associate editor. l Big ones, small ones, fat ones, thin ones, but mostly iust right ones-take your choice from Pharmacy Club members. Pharmacy Club . . . promotes intellectual advancement and liurthers sociability among its members established in 1902 . . . holds an annual fall picnic . . . has speakers and meetings . . . monthly . . . is member of American Pharmaceutical Association prachcel Prescrlpllonsl and . . . presents an award to an outstanding pharmacy student . . . pqgf mqrfemg officers are: lack Southam, president. . . Don Stillwell, vice presi- dent . . . Kent Stack, secretary . . . Iacquehne Iungers, treasurer. Raw 'l: Gary Heidlebaugh, Dwight Timm, Professor Fred- erick W. Sluve, James Giese, Robert Brumwell. Row 2: Luchy Rofeliuk, Leslie Fuchs, Paul Hoekstra, Robert Guyer, Peter Rex, Eugene Linhart. IAS iefs, jeeps and ialopys IAS . . . Institute of Aeronautical Science . . . acquaints mechanical engineers in aeronautics and their future professions . . . monthly meetings . . . pres-ent an award to a deserving aero- nautical engineer annually . . . officers are: Iames Giese, president . . . Gary Heidlebaugh, vice president . . . Dwight Timm, secre- tary-treasurer. 99 i ll F? uf it M Detachment Officers: 200 Air orce ROTC cadets today-leaders tomorrow Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps . . . es- tablished at North Dakota Agricultural college in 1946 . . . develops leadership qualities essential to com- missioned officers in the United States Air Force . . . two year basic course for freshmen and sophomores . . . two year advanced course for juniors and seniors . . . four week summer training camp for all juniors . . , qualified male students offered ri career in the United States Air Force upon graduation . . . depart- ment supervised by . . . Professor of Air Science, Lieu- tenant Colonel Norris Brill . . . Sponsors Arnold Air Society, Air Debs and the Rifle Team. Ccxpf. William C. Christicmson, Capt. A. J. Halver- son, Mcior Williclm G. Broome, Copf. Lydell D. Howland. Li. Colonel Norris Brill Wing Officers: Row I: Larry Diemerf, William Chemi- berluin, Michael Fogel. Row 2: Loren Bjornson, John Burnett, Lawrence Mey- er, Roger Abbott. i l Group ll Officers: Row 'l: Jerry Schuock, Henry Solberg, Charles Brown. Row 2: Guy Encbnit, John Larum, Pairick Hurley, Terry Emerson, James Harvey, Gary Heidlebclugh, Roger Ericksfad, George Johnson. Color Guard: Gary Holthusen, Robert Hermunson, Kenneth Har- mon, Eugene Gross. Rifle Team Row 1: Rcbert Burrows, Robert Olson, Wallace Jacobson. Row 2: Charles BOPP, Delwin BoPP, Paul Haugen, James Wcxiis. f,2':i?fg' "VT "-V11 L.: V45 ' -- , "'-'-'-"' ?'E1-yfggsybfrfymie , fi1?"' -'wzzise'iW"'2:"g.:f2f-F2 1 'wllllflilf' so f 'few ,wk v. ., , ' , 'fn 3,9 Qtwggr' z1myui,fg,,sfQ, yr ,wpqgff PY 'ffm sv f-- - xy megs 5 ,-ef A K r , . - 4 K.,-A J ' G Q,-we me , V f '-'gain .- V - . ,gM,,,e+ ,s 1 .Mwvfx ,r , ,, . A r' .H X, - fi ' i"f,.,3m,, 1, he ff. . n .1520 f g V yy,-Vf Hwsj, rilwfflzs M' ,z ' i' 'E . '15 'ef' a - JM vwyzzgb, Q 2 f fi? - l - - 201 Group I Officers: Row 1: James Larson, Thomas Gates, Wayne Olson. Row 2: Neil Bowles, Roger Enge- brefson, Richard Strommen, Gene Hariman, Darvin Johnson, Wendell Keller, Dale Wal- lenfine, LeRoy Aafedt. Row 'l: Neil Bowles, LeRoy Aaf- edt, Wendell Keller, Dale Wal- lenfine, Roger Ericlcstad, Patrick Hurley, Gary Heidlebaugh, James Harvey. Row 2: Darvin Johnson, Richard Sfrommen, Terry Emerson, George Johnson. Row 3: Roger Engebreison, Gene Hartman, John Larum, Guy Enabnit. Row 4: Wayne Olson, James Larson, Charles Brown, Jerry Schaack. Row 5: Thomas Gates, Henry Solberg. Row 6: Loren Biornson, John Burnelf, Michael Fogel, Law- rence Meyer, Roger Abbott, Larry Diemerf. Row 7: William Chamberlain. Army RCTC bear ca proud tradition Army Reserve Officer's Training Corps . . . two year basic course for physically qualified freshmen and sophomores without previous military service . . . three hours of work per week . . . juniors and all seniors offered advanced course . . . consists of five hours work each week . . . six week summer camp between junior and senior years . . . successful candidates in General Military Science qualified for reserve commission in any of 15 branches of the Army , . . directed by Lt. Colonel Harry Snavely . . . assisted by two officers . . . five non commissioned officers. SFC Melvin E. Snodgrass Colonel Harry Sncxvely Mfsgf. Jock H. Agnew Cadet Stuff: Row I: Don Hovlcznd. Row 2: Russell Slotten, James Rumpco, Ron Rogers, Jerome Vonder- heide, Merrill Johnson, Bruce Fornum. 203 l Color Guard: What so proudly we hail , . . James Gronhcvd, Donald Krisfofifz, Robert McCloskey, and Eugene Gronsefh. Drill Team: Dick Engh, drill team- commander. Row I: Harry Huffer, William Fraase, George Goeser, Richard Lukes, Jerry Maxwe'.'. Row 2: Lynn Parke! Leon LeRud, Phillip Miller, Dan Holm. Row 3: Edward Shea, Jack Ber- nardy, Joe Koebensky, Gordon Coleman. 204 Rifle Team: Row 1: Dan Holm, Terry Cory. Row 2: Richard Lukes, Harry Huifer, Sgt. Paul Simpson, Cupf. Harry Burllett, Gordon Coleman, Martin Kalnins. Row 3: Ron Rogers, .lack Larson, Dick Engh, Don Schiefer. Hup, iwo-three-four, column left-march . . . Dick Engh puts the drill ieam Yhrough iheir paces. 205 206 Ervin Kaiser, Director of Physical Education Miss Beatrice Wartchow, Chairman of Physical Education for Women Physical Education training our bodies and our minds Physical Education . . , offers athletics and physical edu- cation to men and women at the NDSC . . . the women's division offers a wide variety of courses, games and activities . . . team and individual sports, modern dance, first aid, public health, physical fitness . . . meets the needs and interests of college women . , . trains capable instructors for the state's schools and communities . . . the men's division offers courses in physical and health education . . . administers the intramural athletic pro- gram . . . directs the intercollegiate athletic program which includes football, basketball, golf, tennis and track . . . curriculum includes first aid, leadership and coach- ing . . . keeps the students in tip top physical condition. A fast and furious game of volleyball is one of the many sports carried on under the athletic program. 0 Religious Education . . . strengthens a studentis loyalty to his church . . . offers courses in the history, literature, phi- losophy and psychology of religion Without sectarian bias . . . the Board of Trustees is composed of representative men of various faiths . . . supported by donations from friends from many churches . . . emphasizes the fact that freedom of thought and the consistent practice of religious convic- tions are the necessary foundation of democracy . . . a wel- come addition to a state college student's curriculum. Rev. Stafford Siuder, Director of the School of Religion Rellglou s Education lorooclens our spiritual life A fcmilior building on the ecxst boundaries of 1 School of Religion. ' he campus in The midst of Silver Ciiy is ihe Fargo 8 An informal leciure and discussion on the concepts of Chrisfiunify is one of The various methods of class insfruciion in ihe school of religion. An enlightening discussion on sucrclmenfs and sacrifice is being supervised by Fcziher Corey. 209 ealth Center an apple a clay I l Miss Larson is applying an electrical thing-a-maiig on wutcha-ma- callifs back and praying it dcesn't electrocute the unsuspecting fellow. Even the nurses, Miss Myrtle Johnson and Miss Irene Larson, take time out for a coffee break between taking temperatures, applying bandages and dispensing pills. Health Center . . . "Good health to all from-3' the Student Health Center . . . cures the student's every ache and pain . . , employs two full-time nurses . . . one relief nurse . . . part time pharmacist . . . doctor . . . laboratory technician . . . four bed menls ward . . . four bed women's ward . . . common cold most frequently treated . . . keeps all drastic diseases off campus. The Health Center, pain and groan center on campus. Like a clean's office, we never relish the thought of visiting this building. 210 ,ww "l'm sorry, Scully, you're os sound os cz college athlete, no heolfh excuse for you."-foiled again, Godzooks! Just checking-if's gefiing so Thu? you cc1n'f even cul classes without cz good excuse-cl broken leg is fhe only one accepted This week. X ml "l know not the course of oihers but as for me-forget obo thai needle." ui 211 Library heart of campus learning The open stacks, accessible to any student, contain the thousands of books obtainable for term papers, research, general knowledge and entertainment. l 1 Professor Dean Stallings, Librarian, Keeper of the Annals, Library . . . site of information on any subject . . . books, periodi- cals, magazines, maps, film, records increase knowledge . . . technical and specialized material for faculty . . . contains sev- eral study rooms, student lounge, meeting rooms, two large read- ing rooms . . . offers typewriter rental service . . . students relax to radio-phonograph music . . . helps make education broader and more lasting . . . Well stacked Qvvith booksj. E5 its The library-the "melting pot" of NDSC 212 students with representatives from every school an campus studying here to ad- vance their education. l l And may he resf in peace-ihe lounge of fhe library is ihe cenfer of bull sessions, sfudyingf?J, lounging ond occasional cot naps. Some last minuie outside reading and Viv McAuley wiil have that test wiped out. The reserve desk is perpeiually in C1 slate of confusion and hurried frenzy for it seems io be The policy of mos! sfudenls To do io- morrow what you could have done iodoy. 1 The reference in the Iibrory, room, an index to the numerous periodicals contained isa grecaf service To fhe sfuclenfs of NDSC. 21 3 Our homes away from home have a changing face, But their effect on the resiclents, time canlt erase. The inhabitants may change from year to year, But the heart of the student shall always stay here. a J fa W ' ' ' 95- g ' Jn: X ,,5f"XC'. t fb j4W,, Milf" fi ,,, 'LN ' ' WA 1 W ,- It fffl 1 . ,, .m7,., X T- .... 2 .x .... V- 4 E f' 'I 'frwfmwgg he ffl ' "'4' , in 1 1 l MQ Z I l lil l 45,5-L l- -'f'i',M 5 , 1. 1.4. W' I ffwm 'MMM ' M ,,.. L jggilf' ifm We W,eWff'f 'M' R N MM 'ff "" l x,mwMFWW,...- , 214 ..,f""n fn! ,f-f"x ,-ff' !v,,fj,,g'ff Nine months of the year home to the students of the NDSC are the dormitories, fraternity and sorority houses, veteran housing or private homes. In this new environment they are exposed to a new way of living. To co-operate and share with their fellow students, to study under the roar of continual activity, to stand in line for the shower and the telephone, and to have parties and gab fests at any time of the day or night. In his proposed occupation an individual will not be able to work with people until he knows people as a whole and their peculiarities, and realizes it takes all kinds to make this world. College housing gives you this experience and also establishes lasting friendships through constant association which you will cherish all your life. If you are in a mental slump or have failed your lab final there's always someone to console you and assure you it could be worse, or if you get an A in the mid-term or a date with that certain someone on campus there's always someone to rejoice with you also. Being independent of home and out in the world is a valuable experience for the development of character and necessary for our future well being. 215 ig:-Weil.-i 216 lnrerfrarerniry Council the laison group of the Greeks Row 1: Victor Ziegler, Frank Mey- ers, Norman Hanson, Jerry Herman, James Beatty, Lorne Lorenz. Row 2: LaDo'n Johnson, Don Peterson, David Peer, Barry Johnson, Gene Evenson, Norman Lemmon. Interfraternity Council . . . Norman Hansen, Ir., president . . . Iim Beatty, vice president . . . Frank Meyers, treasurer . . . Ierome Herman, secretary . . . Dean Stallings, advisor . . . membership of three men from each fraternity chapter . . . sponsors the Interfraternity Ball each year . . . Works with Panhellenic to make Greek week a success . . . governs rushing . . . bet'ers relations among fraternities . . , stresses scholarship and fellowship. Row 1: Ronnie Brandvold, Don Howitz, Merrill Johnson, Alan Schuhmacher, Joe Ruliffson, James Rumpca. Row 2: Dean Stallings, Harold Oberlander, Dennis Linde- man, Kerry Murphy, Tom Radcliffe, Wayne Lee. Row 'l: Pat Noclen, Beverly Lind, Terryl Ann Frank, Mary Peterson, Sandra Haas. Row 2: Ruth Morfenson, Shirlene Schnell, Monica Scvugeau, Elaine Geizler, Pat Trom, Mariorie Cobb, Pat Turner. Panhellenic Council sorority pecicemcikers Panhellenic Council . . . Sandra Haas, president . . . Pat Monson, secretary . . . Shirlene Schnell, treasurer . . . Dean Dinan, advisor . . . two members are selected from each sorority . . . governs rushing for the sororities and sets up regulations . . . sponsors rush- ing kick-off party, several dances after games and the annual Charity Ball during the Winter quarter . . . cooperates with the Interliraternity council in making Greek week a success . . . presentiia plaque to the sorority with the highest scholastic record . . . presents the girl witliiiithe highest average in each sorority with a scholarship bracelet . . . the peaceniakers on campus. 7 KE 1 N' Wall' M37 X-'Q-35? Y i' 'I r-6-3 Wffeeww' MQW Alpha Gamma Delta fired-up coecls on campus Jean Bergen Joan Cantwell Anna Moe Davis Ann Ebling Elaine Ehlers .lanel Fczgerlund Erlys Fernow Salfy Fosscuy Nancy Fredrick Elaine Geiszler Jean Grindahl Audrey Holt 218 Like all veteran college siudents Presndenf Elcnne Gelszler apparently is enioying her second cup of coffee Stampede! There is either cs fire drill or else at s dinner hme at ihe Alpha Gum house. Why so happy pledges? Lock your pledge trainer in a closet or did they fell you ihat you're going active? The pledges are: Row 1: Joyce Tucker, Alvina Kassenborg, Laura Jean Kist, Yvonne Johnston, Lynnal Buchanan. Row 2: Judy Hunsfad, Nancy Thompson, Lois Bursack, and Ethel Wal- voine. Alpha Gamma Delta . . . "All these girls are telling you, to Alpha Gamma Delta they'll be true" . . . Elaine Geizsler, president . . . Ianet Thompson, vice president . . . Ioan Zielsdorf, secretary . . . Erlys Fernow, treasurer . . . Christmas orphan party with SAE's . . . Mother-Daughter Christmas party . . . Feast of Roses Banquet . . . Panhellenic Scholar- ship Plaque for third consecutive year . . . term parties . . . Senior breakfast . . . Founders day . . . first place in Spring Sing . . . Notables include, Ioan Zielsdorf, president of Phi Upsilon Omicron, Senior Staff . . . Erlys Fernow, Senior Staff . . . Elaine Geizler, Senior A Staff . . . Ianet Thompson, president of Women's Senate . . . most fired-up sorority on campus. ,Q Helen Nelson Beverly Olson Morlys Paufz Shirley Peterson Beverly Simons Celeste Svihovec Ruth Tallackson Janet Thompson Joan Zielsdorf Gayle Joos .lone Konellas Rosemary Leupp 219 The pledges ore either enioying an extremely ridiculous 'fashion or are planning a trick on the actives. They ore row 1 Jean Ann Nelson, Harriet Fark, Bonnie Gerrells, Mary Meek- strothp row 2 Gwen Dove, Arlene Olson, Sharon Zuelke and Maggie Lillestol. Gamma Phi Beta . . . "G-A-double M-A, P-H-l-spells Gamma Phi" . . . IoAnn Willert, president . . . Bonnie Litzinger, vice president . . . Ioan Nelson, secretary . . . Erlys Mischa, treasurer . . . Christmas orphan party with the ATOS . . . hostesses for regional conference . . . Bromo Bowl . . . term parties . . . Senior Breakfast . . . Founder's Day banquet . . . slumber parties . . . put to shame by Sigma Chis in Sweepathon downtown Fargo . . . first place Brevities production act and Ugly Man con'est . . . second place Homecoming float . . . outstanding members: IoAnn Willert, Senior Staff . . . Ioan Nelson, Northwest campus cover girl and Sweet- heart of Sigma Chi . . . four cheerleaders , . . Erlys Mische, state Winner of the Make it With Wool contest . . . Karen Sluka, social editor of the Spectrum . . . the Gamma Phis are the only sorority on campus that tackle fraternity men. KJV," Q' 1 1 its wt-Q Charlotte Aamoclt " Qglgi-'Alt' Janet Abrohamson Jean Anderson JoAnne Anderson June Anderson Sandro Benedict Joyce Berg Audrey Brelclce Jane Brush Mariorie Cobb Nancy Dawson Joan Deal Harriet Fark Gail Fitzloff LaRue Gendreau Katherine Gerties Judy Hammer 5 220 Barbara Hanson Doroles Hollands Sc-ndra Klein Patricia Larsen Bonnie Litzinger Kay McGeary Erlys Mische Jean Ann Nelson Joan Nelson Arlene Nesset Rufh Olwin Marlene Qualley Marian Sand Shirlene Schnell Sally Schroeder Gamma Phi Beta cn smile for all Y' Sonia Scott Karen Sluka JoAnn Willerf Presidenf JoAnn Willeri, like all home ec maiors, keeps fab on Yhe latest Trends in The confusing world of women's fashions. The Gamma P'hi's are proud to have the dis- iincfion of leaving fhe only blushing pink house on campus. 221 Beverly Lind Kappa Alpha Theta achieved their goal ,- , ., .lg Xl21.,, ,i D, ,mlb 'Q'- fgl' 2 , Eunice Anderson Virginia Anderson Marilyn Brunsvold Roberta Enger Betty Fortney Terryl Ann Frank Mary Hagen Arlene Hedahl Wilma Husband Joann Johnson Carol Kramer lla Langseth 222 lt has been said, presidents of sororities should be versatile. Mary Hagen displays versatility and mechanical inclinage by operating the phonograph. "People in glass houses never throw stones or take baths during the day- time," shall be the motto of the Thetas. Their beautiful new house gives an ultra modern touch to Sorority circle. Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what Theta pledges are made of. They are row 'l Beverly Belno-p, Marilyn Ellis, Grace Webb, Phyllis Diede and Sharon Hanson, row 2 Dianne Lynn, Bonnie Westphal, Jerry Sinner, Bonnie Hericksfad, Sally Rich- ards, Mary Platt, Joan Watt, and Mary E. Anderson. Kappa Alpha Theta . . . "live got the Hay Ray, Rah De Do Da. l've got the Theta House Bluesi' . . . Mary Hagen, president . . . Wilma Husband, vice president . . . Barbara Pederson, secretary . . . Christmas orphan party with the Sigma Chis . . . second place Bison Brevities producion act . . . term parties . . . Spring pie party . . . enjoyed entertaining Fred Waring and especially Fred Waring Iunior . . . Noted members include: Wilma Husband, Tryota president . . . IoAnn Iohnson, secretary of Women's Senate and vice president of Tryota . . . the Theta's dream of a new house is now Z1 reality. 1 af' .ik 1 Mavis Nash Barbara Pederson Mary Peterson Cleo Roster JoAnn Sinner Jeanne Sinner Caroline Slinde Joan Srammen Carol Soeby Carolyn Pierce Darlene Trorfier Maureen Van Slyck Joyce Vasey Joline Well "And then she fold me that he said-." The KD pledges row I Darlene Reich, Judy Flafen, Arlene Gifford, row 2 Corinne Johnson, Marty Connelly, Mary McDonald, Lorraine Dosch, Ruth Berge, row 3 Pat Larson, Kathleen Rowan, catch up on the lates? gossip. Kappa Delta . . . "Ya-da, ya-da, ya-da be a Kappa Delt" . . . Sandra Haas, presi- dent . . . Mary Platz, vice president . . . Pat Hagen, secretary . . . Carole Mandigo, treasurer . , . Founderis day . . . Christmas party for orphans with AGRs . . . Mother-Daughter Christmas party . . . reknown slumber parties . . . term parties fof coursej . . . Senior Breakfast . . . most interesting float at Homecoming, a Worm With 36 legs . . . Outstanding members include: Iackie Iungers, Rho Chi and Kappa Epsilon fraternities . . . Susan Wheeler, president of Women's Resi- dence Hall . . . Sandra Haas, president of Panhellenic council . . . an active group of girls who enjoyed each other and were enjoyed by their classmates. 224 l ' l f ff ' ' Donna Barsiacl Maureen Bear Lisa Ducksfad N Mary Eide :Q iv .. . Joyce Ericksmoen lli Joan Evensfad Sandro Haas ' - For Hagen L I H , , :ff , Jacqueline Jungers Sondra Maier Corole Mandigo . E Mary McDonald , ,Q 1 iff. ,Q . - ,M W W ' ,fi .. iw ,Q , Shirley Mogen Avis Palmer Marlene Pfeifle Mary Plafz Marilyn Richardson Kaihleen Rowan Janet Saba Betty Shipley Alice Summers JoAnn Tomlinson Pal Trom Susan Wheeler 9 Kappa Delta never a dull moment The spic and span house of the KDs sports a new coat of green and white paint, the sorority's colors no less. President Sandy Haas reminisces over the sorority scrap- book filled with accounfs of the group's many activities. 225 lan... Lela Larson Jayne Lee Audrey Little Kappa Kappa Gamma hold the key to success E F J - Sally Anderson Janice Appeman Tamara Baker Janice Balcken Karen Edinger Phyllis Hendrickson Priscilla Hostad Lois Hulstrand Helen Larson ."'51" f , , 1: ii mf 1,'i12f2S:2-121 fl .V 11-1 Vey- my gg. 1 226 President Judy Sherwood has many things to be happy about this year, what with the new house and all. The beautiful new Kappa house with its bevy of date bait. The Kappa pledges make their first formal appearance at pledge presentation. The pledges include, row 1 Tama- ra Baker, Beverly Tyson, Karen Lenaberg, Lela Larson, Lois Williams, Veronica Peters and Darby Driscoll, row 2 Vivian McAuley, Lavonne Biel, Pat Moore, Jane Higgins, Maureen Steigman, Bonnie Adams, Jan- ice Bakken, and Janice Appe- ITTUFI- Pat Rhyne Monica Savageou Judy Sherwood Helen Snyder Ann whmng Kappa Kappa Gamma . . , "Kap-pa, Kap-pa, Kap-pa Gam-ma, I am so happy that I am a" . . . Iudy Sherwood, president . . . Gloria Lloyd, vice president . . . Lois Hulstrand, secretary . . . Beverly Pfeifer, treasurer . . . Founder's day . .I . Valentine party for orphans . . . term parties . . . Gamma Tau picnic with the Sigma Chis . . . Senior Breakfast . . . highest sorority scholarship . . . first place curtain act for Brevities . . . Iudy Sherwood, president of Senior Staff . . . Iayne Lee, commander of Air Debs . . . Sweethearts, Sally Anderson, Ann Whiting, and Gloria Lloyd . . . beautiful new house, just right for parties. Gloria Lloyd i Carol Moe Janet Monson P'at Monson Pat Moore Ruth Mortenson Teddy Jo Paulson Beverly Pfeifer 227 The eighi charming pledges of Phi Mu. They are row I Lyla Asmundson, Shirley Brandsfed, row 2 Arliss Simonson, Elea- nor Sandbeck, Teresa Draeger, row 3 Sharon Levine, Joyce Jacques, Genevieve Kovell. Shirley Brandsfed Phi Mu . . . i'Are you a Phi Mu? Yes, Pm a Phi Mun . . . Beth Turner, president . . . Ioyce Kirkhus, vice president . . . Grace Iackson, secretary . . . Ioan Lindbo, treasurer . . . orphan's Halloween party with SPDs . . . Founder's Day Banquet . . . term parties . . . received district scrapbook award . . . Outstanding members are: Pat Noden, Senior Staff and Rho Chi . . . Beth Turner, vice president of Women's Senate . . . Ioyce Kirk- hus, vocalist for Paul Hanson's orchestra, secretary of Sigma Alpha Iota . . . happy group of gals who had fun together and enjoyed life. Janet Farlow Marianne Hunke Grace Jackson Joyce Jacques Elsie Keller Joyce Kirkl-:us Mariorie Kovell Joan Lindbo Patricia Noclen j . 'il' 'Y' e,"1-ff -- 'Z G '41, X' ji? Beth Turner Pat Turner Margaret Wisness Phi Mu sisters through thick and thin 1. 1 l i V 1 1 Official business or pleasure, Beth? Beth Turner, president of the Phi Mus, in a typical campus pastime. The campus domain of the Phi Mu chapter. 229 rw at-" Alpha Gamma Rho keep the home fires burning 230 Lesfer Amundson Clarence Anderson Roger Anderson Merlyn Austin Gerry Bender Russell Bieri Neal Biornson Nell Bowles Mike Brandvik Ronald Branvold Judeen Brusseau Howard Cariveau Orville Compton .lack Delvo Fred Flanders James Fowler Tom Gaies Reggie Gorder .lnhn Haas Maynard Helgaas Arlo Howe Lynn Howe Arnold Hunt Merrill Johnson The las? rose of summer. The rose in Joe's lapel, that is, not Joe. Joe Rul- iffson, presidenf of AGR and ihe renowned fireplace. The Alpha Gamma Rho house looms in the background as the center of octiviiy of its 1 members. 3 Princes 2 James Amundson, Richard Anderson, James Austin, Leslie Breitbach, Don Bruse- gaard, Gerald Buelow, James Costello, Rubine Day, Harold DeHaven, James Del- vo, Lyle Erickson, John Graham, Lyle Hart, Don Haugen, Paul Haugen, Robert Herzog, Don Holen, Frank Hughes, Willis Johnson, Bob Kippen, Mike Malo, Bob Mountain, Don McKenzie, Gerald O'Keefe, Sidney Olson, Howard Schmidt, Gary Smith, Bob Steffes, Dwayne Trautman, Hal Wade, Marvin Werner. ,K 414 -J ' 33,-6' Alpha Gamma Rho . . . "Oh, the Devil below had a big convo" . . . Ioe Ruliffson, president . . . Merrill Iohnson, vice president . . . Tom Gates, secretary . . . Christ- mas Orphan party with the KD's . . . three term parties including the Pink Rose Winter formal . . . has the only flying club on campus . . . took honors in the 1955 Brevities and Spring Sing . . . noted members on campus: Ioe Ruliffson, Blue Key, Commissioner of Publications . . . Don Schwartz, Student Senate and Blue Key . . . Merrill Iohnson, parade marshal . . . the aristocrats of agriculture a close group united around a beautiful fireplace. Richard Johnson Richard Johnson Robert Knutson Floyd Larson Merle Larson Lavern Linnel Terry lorenzen Pete Lundwall Allyn Marifieren Ron Melner Maurice Moen David Mork Ron Nelson Larry O'Keefe Larry Peterson Morris Ronningen Eugene Rott Joe Ruliffson Don Schwartz George Schwartz Henry Solberg James Stewart James Talstad Ken Thompson James Welsh The AGR p edges on their best behavior at pledge presentation The maestro himself, Turk, entertains fellow hairy chested members of ATO. Alpha Tau Omega . . . "We are the great big hairy chested menu . . . Frank Meyers, president . . . Mike Fogel, vice president . . . Loren Bjornson, secretary . . . Roy Cederstrom, treasurer . . . Bromo Bowl with the Gamma Phis . . . only frat that tackles coeds . . . first place ticket sales for Brevities . . . second place Homecoming float . . . first place intramural football . . . orphan's Christmas party . . . outstanding members: Mike Fogel, president of Blue Key . . . lack Larson, station manager of campus radio . . . Lee Iohnson, editor of the Spectrum . . . Iohn Larum, president of Arnold Air Society . . . one of the most united fraternities on campus. PLEDGES Gary Abrahamson, Bernard Altenburg, Charles Amundson, Duane Arten, Jay Bergquist, Hilary Bertsch, William Buck, Ronald Burt, Harold Eberhard, Gene Fos- ter, James Graham, Jack Halbert, Harlan Harrington, Lyle Huizenga, Daniel John- son, Martin Kalnins, Richard Kielland, Dale Larsen, Jerry Lien, James Linskey, Harold Lynch, James Maetzold, Bryan McDaniel, Ralph Miller, Gerald Monson, Scott Mont- gomery, William More, George Platt, Ron- ald Scheltens, Wayne Schnell, Robert Sevde, Harold Shattuck, Dole Sorenson, Gordon Sorenson, Jerome Staska, Richard Sturlaugson, Gale Taverna, James Theile, Thomas Ulness, Winifred Williams. 232 Keith Amundson Marvin Bender Loren Biornson in?-jf rp! Y ' 2, Q ' Charles Bohnet Bernard Brown Bob Brown Bob Burke Ken Cornell Duane Ditch Arnold Ellingson Roger Erickstad Faye Fisher Michael Fogel James Green Art Hahn Richard Horst William Hutton Jerry Isensee Barrett Johnson Lee Johnson Robert Johnston Sam Kalainov Jack Larson John Larum Peter Mark James Marquart Keith McComb Jim Meier Frank Meyers Roberi Monigomery Gerald Moyer Dale Nelson Jerome Onsager David Pee! Harley Poyzer Paul Pratt Don Salmonson Russell Sloiien Charles Sfeffan Alpha Tau Omega all for one, one for all Bruce Whidden James Young Afhletes, scholars and leaders, all are at home in fhe impressive Alpha Tau Omega house. "OK, guys le1"s foe the line and win the Bromo Bowl ihis year," warns Prexy Frank Meyers. 233 12565 ' Wu '35 4 ,. '+-3. R3 35 ' 'rar ' YY- f A .V 1, .Y f ,lv,,.ff, N tg W I U ii- Farmers Union Cooperative Association if you want to cooperate George Goeser Gerald Hagen Duane Hanson Gary Heidlebaugh Wayne Hoselfon Adam Koble Charles Liffrig Ken Mclean Dennis Alexander Carl Amb Ray Axtman Wayne Bauer Dove Huckle 234 The wcrd you're looking For is c-o-w, Gaylord. Besides being an expert Scrabble player, Gaylord Olson is President of The Co-op House. Co-op House, the campus retreat and home of future leaders in Agriculture. Wayne Sabbe John Seelhammer Harold Solberg Elgi Toman Bob Wright Apprentices, Row I: George Gaeser, Carl Amb, Robert Kummeih, Jack Liffrig. Row 2: Wayne Sabbe, Dale Saunders, Nick Rice, Dennis Alexander, David Schmidt, Wayne Hozelfon, Colin Syverson. Row 3: Don Zahuree, Keith Noess, Bob Ozburn, Ecl Hengemuehler, ,lim Ozben. Farmers Union Cooperative Association . . . better known as the Co-op House . . . mem- bership is offered to all male students interested in cooperative movements . . . provides room and board for its members while giving them a practical application of cooperative principles . . . this year organized a student credit union for its members . . . participated primarily in agricultural activities . . . held several term parties . . . Farmers Union Loc-al Banquet is an annual affair . . . plan to build a new chapter house in the near future . . . outstanding members include Gaylord Olson and Mike Sund . . . officers include: Gaylord Olson, president . . . Holger Fog, vice president . . . Harold Solberg, secretary . . . Raymond Axtman, treasurer. Kermit Neclrebo Keith Noess Allen Olson Gaylord Olson Roland Olson Bob Osborne 'girl 'S-5.5 Jim Ozbun Nick Rice Q,-:gl ,vt . ' A fa Q93 , I 'l 's' 1 .i ,. 2 it ll? , :' ' . .,, I A - 1' A, b l 'A .A " f N li .L . N ' if, 'fl .. K li i -, f . V ,. f mil'--1. 1 . ,, Vs Mil' .i It i ti V U s i 1 --' ll w. 1 V' :c i 'Ts' f li u . 'Lt -,U L. ' 235 , 1: PLEDGES The men of Farmhouse dis- ploy one of their many fal- ents as they gather around The piano. Lyle Dawson Farmhouse Fraternit . . . "Let,s five a cheer for Farmhouse scholarshi , Y 5 P let's ive a cheer for Farmhouse read -wit" . . . LaDon ohnson resident g Y : P . . . Ierome Pekas, vice president . . . David Lund, secretary . . . Ardon Herman treasurer . . , one of the newest national fraternities on cam us 1 F . . . bou ht a new house . . . Founder's Da . . . term arties . . . have g Y P received Inter-fraternity Council Scholarship Trophy for three successive quarters . . . outstanding members include: Ken Dekrey, president of Saddle St Sirloin . . .David Lund, president of 4-I-I . . . LaDon Iohnson, president of Alpha Zeta . . . and numerous scholarship winners . . . A friendly group of guys who use their infelligence to advantage. 236 I Kenneth DeKrey Arlys Hanson Ardon Herman Ordean Jacobson LoDon Johnson N N LaVerne Kreff Norman Lemmon David Lund Robert Mcdler Don Moore Allen Ormiston Don Phillip Farmhouse brains In agriculture The pride and 'oy of the Farmhouse Fraternity-iheir recently acquired chapier S 3: 's ff lnflll K , in lx W 1 ,ff Dick Alistair Bill Baillie Carl Benson Ken Borg James Carlson Jim Churchill Eugene Daly Larry Dufaulf Lynn Fitz Jack Frazer Wallace Geek Robert Gion Keith Hayford Jerry Herman Jon Holcomb John Hovde Paul Irsfeld Arthur Kauizman Jim Kilzer Vernon Kluck Arfhur Lies Harvey Lillestol John Mammel Ted Magnon Kappa Psi parries, picnics and balls Man of disfinciion -James Rumpca, prexy of Kappa Psi Cenfral environment of the pill pushing pharmacists, the Kappa Psis. PLEDGES Rodney Anderson, Cal Asendorf, Daniel Baranick, James Brand, Lowell Barnum, Ronald Bartz, Ray Berger, Paul Boehm, Clark Crum, Roger Elmore, Charles Frisch, Darrell Goldfine, Saul Golclfine, Gary Hur- nes, Jim Karsi, Mathew Kaufzman, .lim Kennedy, Phillip Larke, Don Moe, Michael Myrdal, Blaine Myhre, Tom Offerdahl, Richard Olness, Ervin Reufher, Masa Riki- maru, Kenneth Ryan, Darrell Thorsell. AA I V ' ,man ,sq . ' ,kv 'B-YI Lloyd Pekas Tom Peftinger James Rieple James Rumpca Ken Sack Keiih Schick Don Schiefer Alan Schuhmacher Eugene Sele William Shelver Torn Stoll Laurel Sioxen John Soufham James Slunfeback Duane Vad Arvid Vasenden Cliff Wallace Ken Wedul Kappa Psi . . . "We are poor pharmacists who have failed our course, Pills, Pills, Pills" . . james Rumpca, president . . . Ierome Hermann, vice president . . . Ken Sack, secretary . . . were hosts to a regional convention . . . two term parties . . . a Sweetheart Ball where Gloria Lloyd was selected first sweetheart . . . many picnics and impromptu affairs . . . one of the most fired up fraternities on campus . . . outstanding members: Bob Gion, vice president of Blue Key . . . Alan Schumacher, president of StudentiUnion Activities Board . . . lack Southam, president of Rahjahs . . . plan to visit national convention in Chicago for educational reasons only, of course . . . most social fraternity on campus, they have a table perpetually reserved in the Union. Richard Maves James McGuire Gordon Meland Tom Mensing James Parltins x , Every Kappa Psi pledge should have a fraternity mug-they can always be used as a bookend. 239 night before? ls this that infamous day after the l Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . "Hail to Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and to Minerva, who will lead us oni' . . . Tom Radcliffe, president . . . Guy Enabnit, vice president . . . Gerry Stock, secretary . . . Ronald Gjertson, treasurer . . . Christmas party for orphans . . . term parties including the "suppressed desire' fall party and Sweet- heart ball in the spring . . . Ann Whiting was selected Dreamline girl . . . centen- nial Foundefs day celebration . . . won first place Intramural Basketball trophy . . . isolationists off campus whose inlluence can be felt anyway . . . B.M.O.C. include: Delbert Schoephoerster, Blue Key . . . Tip Miller, Blue Key and Student Senate . . . Dick Monson, Student Senate . . . the SAES are still dreaming of their new house in the future. PLEDGES David A. Anderson, Milton Berg, William Bissel, Clifford Christianson, Robert De- Jardine, Gerald Erickson, Parker Erickson, Gerald Everson, Gordon Friede, Roger Granlund, Donald Halvorson, Dennis Hel- goe, Dale Hegreberg, Allen Henderson, Frank Hollands, Keith Johnson, Winton Johnson, Michael Jones, Lawrence Krem- ers, Donald Lervold, Stan Lundine, James McDonald, David Menge, Marvin Miller, Robert Myhre, Ronald Pepper, Theodore Rotenberger, John Rude, Daryll Rued, Fred Stover, Clifford Sund, Phillip Thiel, Gary Thomasson, Charles Trangsrud, Elroy Wag- ner, Robert Walker, Darryl Willison, Rich- ard Woodward, William Hohn, Leon Le- Rud, Wayne Braaten, Edwin Forsythe. 'ti 40 James Akason Leo Astrup Martin Burley John Driscoll Leslie Fuchs Eugene Gamache Douglas Goedert Eugene Gronseth Ryan Harrington James Harvey Harlan Jacobson Roger Johnson Lloyd Larson Ronald Lindlauf John Miller Richard Monson David Mousseau LeRoy Odenbreh Tom Radcliffe Delberi Schoephoersier Gene Stockman Howard Stockman Vergil W. Suckuf Paul Swedlund Allen Tschida Henry A. Trangsrud Allan Urban Jerry Waller Richard Wilson Robert Zucklic Sigma Alpha Epsilon suppressed desires The 5AE's chapier house, being several blocks off campus, provides its members wifh much needed exercise fha? keeps them in iip-Top shape. Perhaps some sorority houses should move off campus also. R, Prexy Tom Radcliffe always keeps Fuibrite floor polish close at hand - it has so many uses! 4 S? Sigmiigisfhi home and habitat of Steve Canyon X Roger Gurley Norman Hanson Gene Hartman Charles Hunfly Eugene Carlson Bob Cosh Gary Davis Duane DeVries Larry Diemert Philip Hurd V '- -fy John Jacobson , ,,i Larry Lanz :ii ' s The country mansion of the Sigma Chi's used 'For a lodge on overnight hikes. 4 The Lord of ihe Manor, Prexy Lorne Lorenz relaxes by iheir mammoth 'Fi replace. PLEDGES Paul Anderson, Walter Balmer, Dallas Boeddeker, Pete Brunelle, Donovan Carl- son, Ward Dunkirk, August Fischer, Joe Grim, Ron Hiemlstad, John Huntley, Or' ville Kensok, Wayne Kerr, Kenneth Kos- kela, Harvey Klee, John Kuppich, John Lohman, Chuck Meckstroth, Jerry Melville, Justin Murray, Bob O'Kee'Fe, Morris Ostmo, Lowell Pals, James Pettinger, Loren Stangelond, .lim Gronhord, John Schmitz, Bob McCloskey. There's nothing like a man-to-man talk over the rear of the TV set. Sigma Chi . . . "Mammy's little baby loves Sigma, Sigma" . . . Lorne Lorenz, president . . . Norman Han- son, vice president . . . Byron Webb, secretary . . . Don Schatz, treasurer . . . patio party-was a bit chilly this year . . . annual homecoming smorgasbord . . . Selected Ioan Nelson as sweetheart . . . orphan's party at Christmas with Kappa Alpha Theta . . . Gamma Tau picnic with Kappas . . . second place Brevities pro- duction act . . . second place Homecoming house decorations . . . outstanding members are Norm Hanson, president of lnterfraternity Council . . . Glen Hill, co-captain of football team . . . Don Peterson, publicity of campus radio . . . surrounded by sororities, the Sigs are the happiest frat on campus. James Larson Wilbur Lippert Lorne Lorenz Lowell McManus Charles Meldahl Wayne Mensing Harold Nilles Don Patterson Don Peterson Gordon Peterson Don Schaatz Clay Sorenson Byron Webb 243 PLEDGES Bob Barrows, Bill Lylle, Lyle Madson, Melvin Midgley, Maynard Miller, Arne Ny- gard, Bob Sogard, Dennis Wilson. Whai's The mailer fellows? Dial the photographer inter- rupt your conversation? Sigma Phi Delta . . . "lfVe are all Sigma Phi Delta's, the coming leaders of the engineerng world" . . . Victor Ziegler, president . . . Vernon Iohnson, vice president . . . Eugene Gross, secretary . . . Duane Olson, treas- urer . . . Orphan's Halloween party with Phi Mus . . . Founders Day banquet . . . two formal term parties . . . hard times art . . . first lace intramural softball . . . first lace homecomin house decoration . . . first P Y P P 2 place snow sculpture . . . Noted members on campus are . . . Victor Ziegler, Blue Key, student senate, Union Board commissioner . . . lim Beatty, Spectrum sports editor, vice president of lnherfraternity Coun- cil . . . Lawerence Meyer, Blue Key . . . an active group of engineers with great ambitions. ,S Tom' Addicoft , James Becaity Neil Berg Frank Borch : rcll K 'L 244 Donald Connor Bruce Farnum James Gebhard Eugene Gross Donald Hanson Duane Heley Vernon Johnson Frank Joyce Harold LeFleur .lack Lavold Gordon Madsen ' Joe Mann Laurene Meyer Robert Myller Lyle Nelson Dean Nyquist Duane Olson David Ramey 1 " Melvin Sarvela :ia 5 iii? .,' Miz .,,- ,, , 1' u,w9,,i9 1,1 rw- ,nn ,i P + ,ll'-ml Sigma Phi Delta the social engineers ei' Ronald Schwinkendorf Larry Smith Seth Twichell Berton Wilcox Victor Ziegler The home of the SPD's may appear to be a peaceful domain but don't let appearances fool you. Danger, engineers at work! Supposedly engrossed with the game of crib- bage is President Vic Ziegler. Actually he's trying to decide whether to continue playing or to hit the books for that engineering exam. 45 Tau Kappa Epsilon old timers but yet so new Donald Berge David Davis Don Davidson Marvin Fischer Bill Gores I Dennis Gross Frank Gunderman Jerome Haugen Don Howitz Lloyd Hutchinson Orlyn Larson NN 246 Prexy Don Howitz believes that every fraternity should have a Bison head -you never know when it might come in handy. The home of the newest notional fraternity on campus- Tau Kappa Epsilon. PLEDGES Bob Barretie, John Boacher, John Brockmier, Leroy Brekke, Tom Farley, Marvin Hage, Ed Hamernik, Al Han- son, Lewis Hanson, Tony Horner, Harry Hufter, Al Larson, Gary Nelson. Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . "We'll sing a toast to TKE, her honor we'll uphold" . . . Don Howitz, president . . . Dennis Lindemann, vice president . . . Dennis Maas, secretary . . . Dave Davis, treasurer . . . newest na- tional fraternity on campus, joined national in May 1955 . . . Has a term party each quarter . . . Founderls day banqixet . . . a valentines party for orphan's . . . Alumni banquet in the spring . . . will elect first sweet- heart this spring . . . outstanding members include: Lyle Miller, FFA secretary . . . Frank Gunderman, president of intramural sports . . . a closely united brotherhood, whose future looks bright. Otis Larson Ronald Larson Wayne Lee 'Xl .,!"' .qi ., Dennis Lindemann Richard Lukes Dennis Maas Lyle Miller Charles Myhre Harlan Ornbreck I Peter Palmerson Duane Reger Don't look so glum fel- lows, finals are three weeks off. 247 Q., 248 PLEDGES Lynn Anderson, Brad Brekke, James Breum, Charles Bopp, Dennis Campbell, Art Cervinka, Conrad Dahl, Louis Davis, Roger Diehl, Roger Dusferud, Bruce Fergusson, Dennis Ferrin, Con- rad Giesler, Eugene Gleeson, Rollie Hicks, Neal Leum, Rol- land Lielke, Arnold Nelson, Duane Paulson, Owen Perkins, Don Remillong, Gerry Rode- bauch, Dean Sharp, Sharon Shepard, Lavern Talley, Don Tucker, Don Wenaas, Wayne Werner, Jim Winter, The fun-loving men on campus in a very rare distinguished moment. Theta Chi . . . "We are the Ioyboys of Theta Chi" . . . Mel Ostby, commander and chief . . . Gerry Stock, vice president . . . Tom Pfenning, secretary . . . Kerry Murphy, treasurer . . . orphan's party at Easter time . . . Pig banquet . . . selected Dream girl, Sally Anderson . . . regional conclave . . . first place in homecoming float . . . term parties . . . like to have a good time . . . outstanding members: Merlin Ludwig, president of Student Government . . . Emil Zueger, co-captain of the football team . . . Hal Miller, Blue Key . . . Mel Ostby, illustrious editor of this publication . . . Byran Gackle, program director of campus radio . . . :1 group of fellows who excel in leadership. Gran? Anderson Bill Bonhus MV D Delwin Bopp Daniel Carlson .lon Dewey Leroy Dybing Duane Ericksmoen Bryan Gackle N Bob Hunke Arthur Landau Norman Leraas Charles Lodgard Merlin Ludwig Kerry Murphy Harold Oberland Dennis Odegard Mel Ostby Tom Pfenning Team- Schwankl Gailon Sundseth Bernell Svihovec Manual Talley Robert Teschendorf Ed Tyson f'ig,:.j": Lowell Van Berlcam Earl Weiss Emil Zueger , at Theta Chi united we stand This is one of the many ways windows get broken in the impressive Theta Chi house. l 1 I ls that a little black book we see in your pocket, Mel or are you calling on fraternity business? Mel Ostby, President of Theta Chi is engaged in one of his favorite occupations. 249 250 The officers and housemoll-ner of Women's Residence hall, Mrs. Piers, Sue Wheeler, Pat Trom, Mory Platz and Grace Webb, enioy the conveniences of the main lounge. Any girl would gladly give up her daily rofion of bubblegum to have a vanity such as this. Even Grace Webb would. "Well girls, it seems to me- but then you never con be too sure." Wox11en's Residence Hall . . . home of upper class Women at NDSC . . . the council includes: Susan Wheeler, president . . . Pat Trom, vice president . . . Grace Webb, secretary . . . Mary Platz, treasurer . . . sponsored Homecoming queen . . . recipi- ent of many strange signs . . . music, chatter and laughter, there's never 21 dull moment . . . card parties . . . all night birth- day parties . . . all the conveniences of home, washing machines, driers and kitchenettes . . . Christmas party . . . no man's land on CHITIPUS. Could it be an incident in the lub or the plight of cz fellow coed that has Pot and Dick engrossed in Teddy Jo's story? Women's Residence Hall all the conveniences of home Believe it or not coeds study in Wom- en's Residence-or do they? To the library: to the sorority housep To the movies or maybe even going crazy can be 'found in the check out book. ll Ceres Hall Dorm Council of Ceres Hall: Joan Lia, Mary Altenbernd, Beva Fegley, Sharon Hartl, Janet Christopher, Dorothy Tom- merdahl, Peggy Buchanan, and Elaine Willy. O.K. gals, one more rousing chorus of the "Green and Yellow" and then you must hit the books. LaVonne takes advantage of the most popular spot in the dorm. The reason for no chair is that they don'f wont you to be too comfortable, there's a three minute limit you know. Don't let the girls fool you, they're actually waiting for a telephone call from their favor- ite beau. 252 With the sinister machine that lures poor defenseless coeds away from their studies in the background, the gals in Ceres Hall gather around f:r a group shot. They are Elaine Willy, Nancy Johnson, Dorothy Tommerdahl, Karen Ritchie, Ellen Maltrud, Mary Altenbernd, Peggy Buchanan, Maureen Steigman, LaVonne Biel, Carol Roeseh, Joan Lia, and lone Vosseteig. Why Mary, what are those pictures on your bulletin board? . . . perfume bottles? . . . milk bottles? . . . Coke? . . . It s pretty late to be signing out so LaVonne must be checking in under the motherly eye of Mrs. Klrst, houscmolher. constant hub bub Ceres Hull . . . the girls, dorm which Freshmen call home between their social functions . . . always Z1 hub-buh of excite- ment . . . dorm parties . . . gab fests . . . general horse play is the rule . . . received improved dorm hours . . . minor crises are prevalent at all times . . . problems are discussed and solved by the dorm council under the direction of social director, Mrs. Mildred Kirst . . . officers include, Peggy Buchanan, president . . . Dorothy Tommerdahl, vice president . . . Karen Ritchie, secretary . . . Beva Fegley, treasurer. 253 Men's Dormitories there's no place like home Men's Dorms . . . noisy corridors . . . tele- phones ringing . . . after One, bull sessions . . . Water fights . . . pictures of queen candi- dates and pinups . . . card games . . . buzzing electric shavers . . . general horseplny . . . occa- sional hours of study and echoing silence . . . constitute life in the menis dorms . . . Dakota Hall, West Ceres Hall, Men's Residence Hall and the Fieldhouse Barracks. Women certainly are expensive luxuries when you have to pay a dime to call them One of the most popular places at Men's Residence is at the pay phone. There Comes q time in a man's life when he must shave- Hot Diggety my new issue of "Playboy" or could it be "Time"? whether he needs it or not. Gordy Peterson is going through Arne is set for the evening with his letter from home and the the weekly ritual. magazine, Who knows, he may even find time to study. A 254 Study, siudy, study Gathered around the "wireless sei" in breoihless anticipation are residents of Wes? Ceres . . . will the Lone Ranger cafch the bodmen? Thaf's quife a rogue's gal- lery you have fellows. Does it lend moral support or do you find fhey hinder your sfudying? 255 crazy, mixed up dorm life A lull-a very brief one I assure you-during the evening at Dakota Hall. College would be ideal if it weren'f for that pesky studying. "l'll race you to The little boy's room-my hair is quite straight tonight, l wonder if I should pin it up?-l had a shower last week, do you suppose l'Il need one tonight?" The guys at Dakota Hall study in various garb, robes, street clothes, paiamas-Bob Steffes wears ca smile. 256 Oh, yes, all the luxuries of home, ihey're lust one big happy Family discussing ihe events Cor womenl of the day. Sfuelying, studying, sfudying, thut's all ihey do in the Field House Barracks-rigluf now The quesfion they're pondering is whether cz bluff will beef an inside sircxighf. 257 Our college days last but it fleeting four years, While we prepare for our various careers. Our future can be insured in just one way: We must use to advantage every hour, each d HY Every student at the NDSC has some talent, no matter how insignificant or valuable, to contribute to this school, some are leaders, some are followers but all are necessary for the growth and progress of the school. The achievements of many students havezbeen outstanding and have brought recognition to themselves and this school. The achievements of other students, although just as valuable, have not gained this recognition or are just in the process of being developed. It is a difficult task to select an individual from the senior class, whose accomplishments have been more outstanding than his roommate's or his friends'. It is quite possible that an outstanding student is not being recognized for we are not qualified to judge the value of each contribution. Perhaps this list should contain all five hundred members .of the Senior class for each individual in his own way has contributed to the well being of this school and his classmates. As in the past, this problem was up to an impartial committee composed of four faculty members and six students of the Iunior class, who chose the following twenty students for their outstanding achievements during their college years. THESE MADE THINGS GO This year, contrary to the practice of years past, two groups of seniors were chosen for honor due to their contributions to the college. The first group was named OUTSTANDING SENIORS because of their activities on a major level of many campus activities. They were the group who were active in many fields and spearheaded at least one major activity on campus. A second group of students, REPRESENTATIVE SENIORS, was also chosen this year. This group of seniors consists of people who cer- tainly deserve special recognition but their activities were usually limited to one or two special activities. All of these seniors were considered scholars, leaders, followers, and actively engaged in campus life. OUTSTANDING REPRESENTATIVE Mike Fogel Charles Alorohomson Elaine Geiszler Robert Gion Merlin Ludwig Mel Ostby Judy Sherwood Joon Zielsdort James Beatty Leon Johnson Joan Nelson Joe Rulittson Jonet Thompson JoAnn Willert Victor Ziegler MIKE FOGEL prefiaied in Blue Key GTZ-UZZD-lm-ICO ,, . . r- . ,. 1,1 , su: -' 1 -, N QWQQE a W aw i ' f 'la ELAINE GEISZLER prefiafeaf in Alpha Gamma Delta 5 ROBERT GIO directed Bifon Brevifzef ,mai ,.. fwM,,,,,, X, sJg2?Qif?5jgg ,iw A 264 gg Egg: me ua x' ',, F i :x,, 5 A K3 fQ."::Q'1f1g' 'tm f 532 ' efsssw- ,fr if ,QQ E 55? xv MERLIN LUDWIG prefeeleei in Stneient Government MEL OSTBY edited the Bimn Annual 26 266 ,ur-1 w if gg eg 1 E H, N930 ,N X ru w w 55 53? ' W H m JUDY HERWOOD presided in Senior Staff f.- in as , MXH' "' r we is JUAN ZIELSDCRF pfefiaied in Phi Ujnilon Omicmn 67 268 JAMES BEATTY Rdnjdb Vice President Student Union Aetivitief Bodrd Speetrurn Sports Editor CHARLES ABRAHAMSON Little Country Thedter Edwin Beetle Club Phi Kdppu Plai LEON JOHNSON Speottnfn Editor Student Sennte Boetzftl of Retelto JOAN NELSON Hotneeonoincg Qneen Mtnnenpolef Tteonne Cettnpnf Cover Gtr! Cotnnztoftonet qt Mnfio 69 27 JANET THOMPSON W0men'J Senate Preyielemg Alpha Gamma Delia Vice Prefielem P192 Upfilon Omiemn JOE RULIFF SON Alpina Gamma R190 Peeyealemg Commineener gf Pablieafiom Blae Key J OANN WILLERT Gamma Phe Beta Prefeaemg P192 Upfelon Omeemn Vice Pffefeaem' S emer Staff VICTOR ZIEGLERN S ecgma Phe Delia Prefeaem S Zaeiem' S eaafe Blae KW dream dreams dreams A PRAYER FOR THE FUTURE The future of our college is planned by God's hand, We want, we want, is our every command. We want new buildings to replace the old, But buildings without students are forebearing and cold, We Want a learned faculty with many degrees, With Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta keys, We want to be recognized throughout the nation, A school of high standards as our recommendation, But "God may we have," should be our will, For without His assistance our plans are nil, God may this state college grow in fame, With many new buildings, fine faculty and name, A finer college in the future unfurled, Means finer graduates to go forth in the world, The NDSC can be the best it is said. "We Want" is forgotten, "may We have" is our cry, The future is ours, hold its honor high. X ,4"f . 0 lf' as 490,09 ,O , Dlx 3 P DQLA . . 7 Xi? cub X1 t ll, A ll 2 27 274 "All good things must come to an end"-we're not certain this includes the 1956 Bison as a "good thingw but it must end also. We may be disappointed that the flattering picture Qthat elidnit look a bit like usj wasn't printed in the annual or our written masterpiece was filed in the circular file, but as a whole weire quite satisfied with this record of that hectic 1955-56 school year. Perhaps we did complain throughout the year that there wasn't time to do everything, that the assignments were too long, the winter too cold, the spring too wet, the books too expensive and the finals too difficult, but as We look back through the annual We remember only the good times, the fun, and the many resolutions and good intentions we never quite accomplished. Every year this book will become more valuable to us. Imagine the delight in showing our grandchildren these pictures of our college days when we were young whippersnappers. Yes, 1955-56 was a wonderful school year for the NDSC and us, wasn,t it? o bk f hd thgfrhpt mokrrhfd dgt O F stdt gl rdrd ythg Ad thft hllpyth dbr E2 CHO? SUE? MV' IU! Ei 3 TE I 085 0105 Jwupgf Qui? PIPE' roam 55534105 KE l F S orfmvg 0 F gg mxe f QSRS iff, f 5' if q.A f Mxgj i 'f-S' 5JD5O C fam W X cz j 2 fff .1,, 'A V ifgiigy' J QQZZZQ 2 75 COOK SIGN CO. MEET YOUR FRIENDS Manufacturers of At NEON SIGNS COLD CATHODE LIGHTING I 'Y" DUG-OUT 1418 Front Street Fargo NO, Dckl Open 7 c1.m. - 7:30 p.m. Phone 5323 o RUBBER STAMPS The o SEALS EVERYTHING for OFFICE SUPPLIES MARKWG PRINTING or Au. Kmns FARGO 516 Mcln Ave. - Fargo Phone: 5-6646 Student Index Aafedt, Diane CHE-Jr! Munich 192 Aafedt, LeRoy CAAS-JrJ Fargo 171, 202 Aamodt, Charlotte KHE-Sol Fargo 220 Aanderud, Richard CME-Jr! Beulah Aanestad, Robert fAg-Sri Fargo Aarstad, Carl CAAS-Fri Dazey Abbott, Roger CEE-Sr! Minot 113, 166, 171, 202, 200 Abrahamson, Carol CAAS-Soy Leal Abrahamson, Charles CAAS-Srl Fargo 102, 103, 133, 268 Abrahamson, Gary CEE-S07 Minot Abrahamson, Janet CHE-Srb Leal 220, 138, 119, 134, 13 38, 187, 87 Adams, Bonnie CHE-Frj Fargo 227 Adam, Carlyle CEE-Frb Fargo Adams, Edward CArch-Srl Bismarck Adams, John CCE-Jrj Dilworth. Minn. 165 Adams, Virginia CHE-Sol Colgan 153, 152 Addicott, Thomas CArchE-Jrb Moorhead, Minn. 244, 131 Agrey, John CEE-Srl Fargo 113, 166 Agrey, Karen CAAS-Frb Bismarck Aipperspach, Loretta CPh-Sol Jamestown 129 Aithan, Isaac KCE-Sol Jerusalem, Israel Akason, Beverly CHE-Sri Ada, Minn. 138, 119, 134, 133, 159 Akason, James CAAS-Srl Fargo 240, 103, 79, 72, 70, 84, 85 Albin, Merna CAAS-Fry Spiritwood U Alexander, Darlys CAAS-Fri Perley, Minn. Alexander, Dennis CAg-Fry Martin 234, 235 Allen, Richard CPh-Fri Fargo Allen, Roger CAAS-Fri Minto Alme, Norman fAg-Fry Drake Altenbern, Mary KHE-Fr! Sabin, Minn. 252, 253 Altenburg, Bernard CEE-Frb Fargo. Altenburg, George CEE-Frj Litchville Altenburg, James CAg-Frb Fargo Alstatt, Richard CPh-Jrb Breckenridge, Minn. 238 Amb, Carl 1Ag-Fri Portland 234, 235, 190 Amundson, Keith CAAS-Srl Fargo 232, 103, 173, 52 Amundson Charles CCh-Fri Fargo Amundson, James CAg-Fry E. Grand Forks, Minn. 152, 163 Amundsen, Kenneth CEE-Jrl Wahpeton 276 2, 183, Amundson, Lester CAg-Srl E. Grand Forks, Minn. 230, 128 98, 135, Anderson, Anderson ! Anderson, Anderson, Anderson Anderson Anderson 7 Anderson, Anderson ! Anderson, Anderson ! Anderson, Anderson 7 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson ! Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson 182, 172, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, 187, 87 Anderson Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, v 152, 132, 182, 163, 42 Caroll CPh-Sol Fargo Clarence CAg-Soy Marion 230 Clifton CCE-Fr? Crosby 164 Dale O. CME-Sol Gladstone 152 Dale Oliver CPH-Sol Williston 152 David Arthur CAAS-Fry Fargo 197 David W. CAAS-Frj Fargo Donald E. CAg-Grady Fullerton Donald J. CAgeJrJ Dagmar, Mont. 236 Douglas CAAS-Srb Fargo 103 Eunice CHE-Srl Moorhead, Minn. 222, 138, 119 Everett CEE-Fri DeLamere Gerald CEE-S05 Fargo Glen CME-Fr? Sheyenne Gordon CAgE-Fry Harwood Grant CME-S07 Halstad, Minn. 248 Harold CAAS-Srl Walhalla 103, 184, 79, 70 Janice CHE-Fri New Rockford 192, 183, 19 Jean CAAS-S07 Fargo 220, 4, 175, 177 Jerome CAAS-Srh Lake Park, Minn. 160 JoAnne CHE-S05 Crookston, Minn. 220, 176, 175, 4 59 John E. CEE-Fri Fargo 158 John F. CAAS-Jrb Aberdeen, S. Dak. 154, 173, 185 June CHE-Srb Crookston, Minn. 220, 119, 4, 175, 172 Kent CArchE-Frb Crookston, Minn. Klennes CME-S05 Hawley, Minn. 58, 61 Leonard CEE-Jrj New Town Leslie CME-Frb Glenburn 152, 161 Anderson, Lynn G. CAg-S03 Page Anderson, Mary CCh-Fry Lisbon 223, 155, 175, 182, 186, 179 Anderson, Mervyl CAAS-Soi Stirum Anderson, Paul CAAS-Frb West Fargo Anderson, Richard CArchE-Fr? Hannaford Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Robert N. CAAS-Spb Fargo Robert W. CArchE-Sr? Minot 136 Rodney CPh-Soy New Town Anderson, Roger CAgr-Sol Reeder 230, 191 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Roy CAAS-Grad! Fergus Falls, Minn. Sally CHE-Jrj Fargo 226, 4, 170, 31 Vernon CAg-Sri Minot 163 Virginia CHE-SOD Moorhead, Minn. 222, 192, 182 Andress, Shelby CAAS-Sri Fargo "Now men, forward to battle and beat those tecrmmukersf' Dole Nelson cheers on the gong for the tug-of-war. 1 9 Appeman, Janice CHE-Jrj Bartlett 226, 227, 192, 143, 42 Archer, William CAg-Fry Finley Afendt, Je1'Ol'1"1e tph-JF, Fargo Cgngrqtulqfigng Arithson, Rodger CZ-'4CAS3FrJ Bpwman Armstrong, Glenn E- rj Ro ette - Arndt, Frederick CAAS-Fry Fullerton 155 1956 BBQ" Graduates Arquette, Joseph CCE-Fri Minneapolis, Minn. 164, 185 Artamenko, Jack CEE-Fry Fargo Arten, Duane CEE-Frj Bismarck WE WISH YOU SUCCESS IN YOUR NEW CAREERS Arth, William CME-Fri Fargo Asendorf, Calvin CPh-S05 Minot Ashland, Kermit CArchE-Soj Hannaford Ashley, Edward CEE-Fry Antler Askland, Thomas CAAS-S03 Fargo 160 Askling, Beverly CHE-Soy Reeder 192 Aslesen, Herbert CArchE-Srj Vlfatertown, S. D Asmundson, Lyla CHE-Sol Upham 228, 192 Asp, Barbara CAAS-Grady Moorhead, Minn. Asp, Robert CAAS-Gradb Moorhead, Minn. Astrup, Leo CAgE-Jrj Grenora 240, 163 Ault, James CCE-Frb Detroit Lakes, Minn. Aure, Marcella CAAS-Fry Shelly, Minn. Austin, James CA,gi-Fri Mott 190 Austin, Merlyn CAg-Jrb Mott 230, 190 Axtman, Raymond CAg-SOD Rugby 156, 234, Backen, Levard CAAS-Grady Fargo Backen, Roger CAAS-Gradb Harvey Backman, David CEE-S07 Fargo Backstrom, Donald CEE-Jrb Moorhead, Minn. Bagg, Fred CAAS-Jrj Mooreton Bagus, Helen CAAS-Spb Fargo Bahma, Henry CAg-Frb Cathay Baillie, William CPh-SOD Rugby 238, 135, 131, ak. 168, 151 36 182 Baker, Tamara CHE-S05 Detroit Lakes, Minn. 226, 227, 251 Bakke, Jerome CCh-Gradb Fargo Bakken, Janice CAAS-Sol Wahpeton 226, 227, 251, 183, 153 Bakken, John CME-S03 Hannaford Baldwin, Bruce CCE-Jrj Valley Baldwin, George CPh-Sol Fargo Balmer, Walter CAAS-Fri Fargo Balow, Rolfe CME-Fri Enderlin Banziger, Ralph CPhJ 140 Baranick, Daniel 4Ph-Sol Wilton Barks, Ronald CAg-Fri Egeland 191, 162 Barnes, Curtis CAAS-Fr! Fargo Barnes, Robert CCE-Fri Marmarth Barnes, Virgil CAg-So? Page Barnum, Lowell CPh-Fri Glencoe, Minn. Barrett, James CPh-Sol Fargo Barrett, Robert CAg-Sol Linton 156 Barrows, Robert CME-Sob Fargo 244, 201 Barstad, Donna CHE-Sol Ray 224, 192, 4 Bartholomew, Charles CCh-Jr? Fargo 171 Bartle, Dean CAAS-Grad! Edgeley Bartle, Glen CAAS-Grad? Fango Bartle, Leland CAAS-Gradj Fargo Bartlett, Harry CAAS-Spb Fargo 173 Barton, John CAAS-Jrb Powers Lake Bartz, Ronald CPh-Fr? Norcross, Minn. 155 Bassingthwaite, George CAg-Fr? Sarles 191 City 164, 35 Bassingthwaite, Marlene CHE-Soy Sarles 192, Bauer, Frederick CEE-Soy Fargo Bauer, Norman CEE-Frb Fargo Bauer, Robert CAg-Fry Zeeland Bauer, Wayne CAg-Frj Max 234 Baumann, Albert CCE-Frj Westhope 81 159 Baumann, Maxine CHE-S05 Ashley 192, 159, 172, 194 Bear, Maureen CPh-Sol Langdon 224 Beatty, James CCh-Srl Fargo 244, 107, 132, 133, 131, 268 Beck, Joseph CAeroE-Jr? Linton Becklund, Thornton CEE-Grady Almont Bednar, Stanley CArchE-Soy Lidgerwood Beechie, Brian CArch-Jr! Litchville 168 Belknap, Beverly CHE-Fr? Stanley 223, 193 Bender, Frank CME-Frj Ashley 182 Bender, Gerald CA1g-Jrl Cooperstown 230, 191, 176, 177, 161 Bender, Marvin CAeroE-Jrb Harvey 232, 128, 169, 70, 80, 42 Benedict, Sandra CAAS-SOD Moorhead, Minn. Bennett, Warren CPh-Fri Crookston. Minn. 220, 196, 30 Benson, Carl 4Ph-JrJ Larimore 238 Bentley, Jim CCE-Jrj Fargo 164 Bentz, Duane CIE 85 M-Fry Hazen Berg, Earl CArchE-Jrj Fargo Berg, John CAg-S03 Wyndmere Berg Joyce CHE-Jrj Bottineau 220, 192, 182 Berg Milton CAgE-Sol Fargo 163 Berg Berg Neil CEE-S03 Moorhead, Minn. 244 Ruth CHE-Fr? Hoople 224, 193 Bergan, Jean CHE-Jr! Hawley, Minn. 218, 4 Berge, Donald CAgE-Jrb Hatton 246, 163 When Planning Your Home Choose Furnishings With a Future WE SHALL BE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU Luger Furniture Co. North Dakota's Complete Camera Headquarters -Q- EPKO FILM SERVICE NESS EPKO, INC. 431 Demers Ave. Grand Forks Dakota National Bank 5'l Broadway Fargo, North Dakota COMPLETE BANKING FACILITIES FOR EVERYONE Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS Ceres Hall Cafeteria 277 QV , M0'i,,., MAKE voun HOME 31,60 1.5 MOREVALUABLE OUTLE A A,.1:1: ai: -::1::: N- 63,5 ' YOUR ELECTRICAL SERVANT NORTHERN STATES POWER COMPANY Berger, Carol CAAS-Fri Wahpeton Berger, Raymond CPh-Jrj Richarclton 186 Bergeson, Harold CPh-Soi Lake Park, Minn. Bergquist, Donald CAg-Frb Adams 162 Bergquist, Jay CArchE-Frj Fargo Bergren, Dennis CCh-Jrh Fargo Berk, Bruce CAAS-Spj Fargo Belrslgeland, Bruce CIE 8zM-Sri Lancaster, Minn. 113, 133, 169, Berland, Elaine CAAS-Fry Lake Park, Minn. Berlin, John CCh-Frj West Fargo Bernardy, Jack CPh-Soj Moorhead, Minn. 204 Bernhoft, Otto CAAS-Gradh Fango Bertsch, Hilary CEE-Frb Harvey Beutler, Robert CPh-Sol Balfour Beyer, Robert CME-Fri Moorhead, Minn. Bickert, William CEE-Fr! Washburn Bickler, William CIE8:M-Frb Linton Bieber, Allan CCh-Srl Mott 107, 153, 152, 133 Bieber, Loran CCh-Grad? Mott 158 Biel, LaVonne KHE-Frj Lefor 227, 252, 253, 183, 42 Bieri, Russel CAg-Srl Oberon 230, 98, 191 Biggs, Mrs. Lenore CAAS-Jrj Fargo Biggs, Walter CAAS-Grady Fargo Bilden, Paul CPh-Jrb Northwood Birkeland, Myron CAg-Srl Sheyenne Bishop, Bruce CCE-Sol Fargo Bissel, William CME-Jrj Portal 169 Bjelland, Duane CAg-Sob Erskine, Minn. 161 Bjerke, Oscar CEE-Frb Finley Bjornson, Loren CAAS-Srl Aberdeen, S. Dak. 232, 103, 171, 202, 200 Bjornson, Neal CAg-Sol Arvilla 230, 191, 4, 176, 177, 162 Black, Charles CPh-Frb Glenwood, Minn. Blackburn, Harvey CPh-Srb Williston Bladow, Kenneth CAAS-Gradj Hankinson Blair, Bruce CCh-Soi Fargo Blankendaal, Martin CAg-Spb Fargo Blattner, Lewis CAg-Sob Bismarck 151 Blazek, Eugene CEE-S03 Lidgerwood 156, 161 Block, Robert CAg-Sol Lyons, Nebr. 180, 63 Blomseth, Harold CME-Jrl Fargo 167, 169, 198 Boe, Eldon CPh-Jrb Minot Boe, Virginia CAAS-Frb Pelican Rapids, Minn. Boeddeker, Dallas CME-Soy Hillsboro 278 Boeddeker, Yvonne CAAS-Fri Hillsboro 183, 159 Boehm, Paul CPh-Fri Mandan Boelke, William CEE-Soi Jamestown Boerth, Robert CCh-Frj Bismarck 178 Boeshams, Fred CAg-Fri Beulah 190 Bohnet, Charles CAAS-Sol Fargo 232 Boinan, David CAg-Frj Arvilla Boname, Peter CAAS-Frj Fargo Bone, John S. 154 Bonewell, Daryl CEE-Srl Fargo 113, 166 Bonhus, William KAAS-Srl Valley City 248, 103 Boone, Roger CA1gf-Jr! McKenzie 163, 151 Bopp, Charles CME-Sol Stirum 201 Bopp, Delwin CAAS-Jrb Stirum 248, 171, 201 Borah, Alfred CAAS-Fry Sheyenne Borchardt, Franklin CCE-Sol New Salem 244 Bordsen, David CAAS-Soy Little Rock, Ark. Bordsen, Donald CAAS-Gradb Moorhead, Minn. Bordsen, Richard CAg-Fry Little Rock, Ark. Borg, Kenneth CPh-Sr? Fargo 238, 123 Borge, Donald CCE-Srl Flasher 164, 113, 160 Bornum, Lowell 86 Bosworth, Francis CCE-Jrj Raleigh 165, 157, 86 Boucher, John CArchE-SOD DesLacs 156 Boundreau, Robert CPh-Jrb Keewatin, Minn. Bowers, Geraldine CAAS-Frb Pelican Rapids, Minn Bowles, Larry CAAS-SOD Sarles Bowles, Neal CEE-Srl Sarles 230, 113, 171, 202 Bowman, Enid CAAS-Jrj Valley City 159, 194, 87 Boyer, Tom CAg-Fry Climax, Minn. Boyle, Daniel CAAS-Fri Fargo 157, 160 Braaten, Melvin CAg-Srl Greenbush, Minn. 129, 98 Braaten, Wayne CAAS-Fry Fargo Brainerd, Gerald CCE-Frb Finley Brakke, Bruce CCE-Fri Forman Bakke, Bradford fCl'1-FTD Hillsboro Brand, James CPh-Soy Mandan Brandsted, Shirley CHE-S07 Amenia 228, 172 Brandvik, Michael CAg-Frb Killdeer 230, 191 Brandvold, Ronnie CAg-Jrb Bottineau 230, 190, 163 Branning, Roger CAAS-Sol Woodworth Branning, Willis CME-Frb Woodworth Brantner, Lanny CCh-Fri Georgetown, Minn. Bratland, Arthur CEE-Fry Englevale Bratten, Melvin CSU 133 Bucholz, Gerald CEE-Jrb Ashley Buck, William CAg-Sol Fargo 177 Buelow, Gerald CAgE-Fri Drake 163, 186 Buer, Lawrence CCh-Sol Edgeley 158 Burchell, Floyd CAAS-Fry Fargo Burchill, Laurence CME-Frl Hunter Burke, Jack CAg-Gradb Fargo Burke, James CAg-Sol Bowman Burke, Robert CCh-Jrl Fargo 232, 178, 90, 84, 85 Burkhart, Kenley CCh-Jrj Fangb 179 Burkholder, Keith CArchE-Sol Langdon 151 Burley, Martin CArchE-Jrb Fargo 240, 131 Burnett, John CCh-Srl Fargo 107, 132, 133, 202, 200 Burnham, Benjamin CAg-Frb Wheatland 151 Burnham, Bruce CME-FrJ Wheatland 151 Bursack, Lois CAAS-Frj Fargo 219, 189 Burt, Ronald CArchE-Frb Cavalier Burtness, John CME-Fry Fargo Byram, William CAAS-Sol Casselton 65, 58 Caley, Louis CME-Frj Minot Campbell, Denis CAAS-SOD Stirum Campbell, Donald CArchE-Jrj Fargo Canning, Terry CME-Frl Fargo Cantwell, Joan CHE-S07 Mandan 218, 192, 172, 212, Cantwell, Pat CAAS-Jrj Mandan 188 45 Cariveau, Howard CAg-Sol E. Grand Forks, Minn. 230, 191, 4, 162, 186 Carlson, Danny KAAS-Sol Moorhead, Minn. 248 Carlson, Don M. CAg-Srl Fargo 129, 98, 133 Carlson, Donovan CME-Jr! Fargo Carlson Eugene CIE8zM-Srl Fargo 242, 113 Carlson James CPh-S05 Fargo 238 Carlson Lauren CAg-Jrj ChoKio, Minn. Carlson, Robert CIE 8: M-Jr? St. John Carpenter, David CAAS-So? Hope . Carpenter, Roland CAAS-S05 Moorhead, Minn. Casey, Roger CPh-Sri Fargo 123 Casler, Wallace CAAS-Fri Fargo 'f r Cavett, Alfred CCh-Gradj Lisbon .lack Southam loves to play Scmty Claus-here he gives Warner Brand of C6dB.1'StI'OI'1'1, Roy CEE-Srl MIUOL 113, 166 the NDU the outstanding player award for the Sioux Series. Cefvlnkay Arthur CAAS-Fr? Ch1C3g0, IH- Brattensborg, Marie CHE-Fri Fargo Brattland, Gary KIE 8: M-Frb Fargo Brattland, Harold CEE-Fri Hendrum, Minn. Brattland, Robert CIE Sz M-Sol Fargo , Breitbach, Aibert CAg-Frj Bismarck Compliments Breitbach, Leslie CAg-Frb Luverne 161, 42 Brekke, Audrey CHE-S07 Minnewaukan 220, 4, 175, 176, 177. 182, 143, 45 Brekke, Eugene CAAS-Frj Minnewaukan Brenteson, Allen CAg-Sol Dagmar, Mont. 78, 70 Brendemuhl, Eleanor QHE-Frl Moorhead, Minn. 192 Breuer, Peter CA'gE-Jrl Fargo 184, 66, 58 Breum, James CAg-Frj Taylor Breyer, James CAAS-Sol Fargo Bridge, Ronaid CAeroE-Jrb La Grange, Ill. 58 E L R In C Brierley, Lewis CHE-Spb Fargo , - Briggs, Evelyn CHE-SrJ Fargo 119, 193 Briggs, Wylie CAAS-Soy Fargo 88 Brockmeier, John CAAS-Fri Jamestown Brodal, Gayland CAAS-Frl Lakota West Fargo N. Dqk. Brooks, Jerry CME-Soy Minot Brostrom, Paul KAAS-Grady Bismarck Brosz, JoAnn 153, 152 Brosz, Margaret CHE-Sol Washburn 192 Brown, Bernard CCE-Sri Stanley 232, 113 Brown, Charles CEE-Srl Fargo 113, 202, 201 Brown, Elizabethgglg-Fri Fargo Brown, Floyd CA - rj Fargo 103, 160 U Brown Leonard CME-Jr! Fargo 183 Courtesy of' Brown Robert Daniel CArchE-Jrh Fargo Brown, Robert K. CArchE-Sol Fargo 232 Brown, Thomas CCh-Fri Fargo 53 Browning, Richard CAAS-Gradl Dover, Ohio Brumwell, Robert CAeroE-Srl Erskine, 137, 199 Brunelle, Richard CAAS-Frb Fargo 81 Bruner, Gilbert fCh-Grady Fargo Bruns, Douglas CME-Fri Valley City Brunsvold, Marilyn CHE-Sol Fargo 222 Brusegaard, Don CAg-Frb Gilby 162 Brush, Jane CHE-Fri Fargo 220, 156. 193. 170 Brusseau, Judeen Cihg'-S07 Osnabrock 230 Bryant, Otis CIE 81: M-Sol Bismarck Bryn, Milo CAAS-Grady Rugby 134 Buchanan, Lynnel CHE-Frb Fargo 219, 183 Buchanan, Peggy CAAS-Sol Jamestown 252, 253, 145, 170, 33 Buchholz, Denis CPh-Srl Ashley 123, 185 Minn. 113, 167, 169, SHOTWELL'S FLORAL TOWN 81 COUNTRY FARGO FLORAL FREDRICK'S FLOWERS 279 "The autumn leaves ..........,......... ...A..,.....,. - .... ' ' one of the many songs that Joyce has sung for the enioyment of the student body. Chamberlain, William CIE 8a M-Srl Fargo 113, 171, 31, 202, 200 Chelgren, Gladys CAAS-Frj Minot Christensen, Arthur CME-Fry Lucan, Minn. 157 Christian, Phalen CEE-Sol Fargo Christensen, Curtis CEE-Srl Fargo 113, 166, 160 Christensen, Joe CAAS-Jrb Fargo 134 Christinson, Carol CAAS-Fri LaMoure Christianson, Clifford CCE-Jrb Plaza 165 Christianson, Donald CCh-Gradb Fertile, Minn. Christianson, Patricia CAAS-Fry Rolette 152 Christiansen, Roger CME-Frj Fertile, Minn. Christopher, Janet CHE-Frl Medina 152, 192, 252 Churchill, James CPh-Jrl Herman, Minn. 238, 21, 45 Claffy, Lendobeja Dianne CHE-.Trl Fargo Clairmont, Theodore CAAS-Gradl Fargo Clarens, Richard CAAS-Jrj Alice 160 Clark, Bruce CAg-Sol Emrick Clark, Marilyn CHE-Frl Emrick Clemens, Grace CAAS-Gradj Fargo Cliffgard, Arnie CEE-Srl Oakes Coates, Lyle CCE-Frj Fargo Cobb, Marjorie CAAS-Sol Fargo 220, 45 Cole, James CAAS-Sol Brainerd, Minn. Coleman, Gordon CEE-Jrb Bismarck 205, 204 Compton. Orville CAAS-Srl Oberon 230, 103 Conner, Donald CME-Srl Devils Lake 244, 113, 167, 169 Connolly, Martha CAAS-Fri Fargo 224, 41 Conroy, Kenneth CEE-Sol Detroit Lakes, Minn. Conzemius, Roby CCh-Srl Breckenridge, Minn. 107, 83 Cook, Robert CAg-Soy Glyndon, Minn. Corneliussen, Philip CIEEZLM-Sol Fargo Cornell, Darrell CArchE-Srl Fargo 136 Cornell, Kenneth QAAS-Soj Sauk Centre, Minn. 232 Cortese, Gene CPh-Srl Fargo 67, 58 Cortesi, Richard fAg-Srl Hinsdale, Ill. Cory, Terry CEE-Sol Minot 205 Cosh, Robert CAg-Fri Herman, Minn. 242 Cossette, Clarence CAAS-Frl Fargo Costello, James CAg-Frb Minto Cox, David CEE-Jrj Fargo Cramer, Lee CAeroE-Frl Sanborn Cramer, Max CAAS-Sol Elgin, Ill. Crandall, Diane CHE-Frl Forman 193, 183 Crary, Paul CAg-Jrh Fargo 280 Compliments of WHITE DRUG COMPANY Corner of Broadway and N. P. Ave. Dial 6679 FARGO, N. D. M. ORBAN SHOE SERVICING CASH and CARRY DRY CLEANING SHOE ACCESSORIES 611 N. P. Ave. FARGO More and More Men Are Shopping At THE GLOBE 102 Broadway FARGO, N. DAK. Fargo's Famous Fashion Store THE STORE WITHOUT A NAME FARGO, N. DAK. Crom, Robert CAAS-Gradb Fargo Crum, Clark CPh-Sol Dunseith Crum, Mildred CHE-Frj Dunseith 193 Cuff, James CME-Sol Windom, Minn. Cullen, Lois CHE-Srl Sheldon 119, 134 Cummings, Charles CME-Fri Fargo Cummins, John CCh-Srl Crosby 107 Cunningham, Downey CCh-Jrj Waukegan, Ill. Current, Dale CArchE-Fry Fargo Currie, Donald CEE-Frj Fargo Dagner, Lyle CCE-Jrl Bottineau 164 Dahl, Conrad CAgE-Sol Wheaton, Ill. Dahl, Ellen CAAS-Frl Rosholt, S. Dak. Dahl, Francis CAAS-Gradl Casselton Dahl, Lorraine CHE-Sol Badger, Minn. 153, 193, 194, 195 Dahl, Raymond CAg-Fry Borup, Minn. Dahl, Richard CAAS-Frl Moorhead, Minn. Dahl, Robert CAg-Sol Park River 163 Dahlen, Arlan CAg-Frh Petersburg Dahlen, Karen CAAS-Sol Fargo Dahlin, Earl CIE8zM-Sol Fargo Dahlstrom, Darrell CEE-Jrb Fargo Dahm, Donald CCh-FrDFargo Dalager, Ken CEE-Srl Glenwood, Minn. 113, 166 Daly, Eugene CPh-Srl Duluth, Minn. 238, 123, 133 Davenport, Roland CAAS-Fry Fargo Davidson, Donald CCE-Srl Devils Lake 246, 164, 113 Davidson, Richard CAAS-Grady Minneapolis, Minn. Davis, Anna Mae CHE-Sol Monango 218, 192, 194 Davis, David CCh-Jrj Dickinson 246 Davis, Earl CME-Jrj Fargo 169 Davis, Earl Louis CEE-Frj Page Davis, Gary KAAS-Sol Wadena, Minn. 242 Dawson, Lyle CAg-Srl St. Anthony 236, 129, 98, 151 Dawson, Nancy KHE-Srl Fargo 220, 138, 119, 141, 132, 151 Day, Rubine CAg-Fri Moffit Day, Tom CAAS-Sol Detroit Lakes, Minn. 83, 63, 68, 58 Deal, Joan CHE-Srl Doran, Minn. 220, 119, 33 Decoteau, Alfred CAg-Sol West Fargo DeHaven, Harold CAg-Frj Garrison 191 Deibert, Richard CME-Fr? Fargo Deibler, Frank CAg-SOD Granville DeJardine, Robert CArchE-Sol Fargo DeKrey, Kenneth CAg-Srl Pettibone 236, 191, 47 DeKrey, Theodore CAg-Frj Tappen 158 Delvo, Jack CME-Jrj Langdon 230 Delvo, James CIE Sz M-Fri Langdon Delzer, Joan CAAS-Fri Napoleon 152, 182, 143 Denich, Darell CAgE-Jrb Kief Denich, Glorine CHE-Jrb Kief 183 Detke, Fred CME-Srl Alamo 169, 137 Devine, James CEE-S05 Lakota Devitt, Basill CME-Frb Fargo Devries, Duane CArchE-S09 Valley City 242, 168 Dewey, Jon CAAS-Srl Forman 248, 4, 274, 175, 150 Dieber, Frank 161 'Diede, Phyllis CHE-Fry Richardton 223, 193, 4 Diehl, Roger CAgE-S07 Hillsboro Digmert, Laurence CArchE-Srl Valley City 242, 113, 136, 202, 00 Digerness, Harris CEE-Jrj Fargo Dilger, Richard CPh-Jrj Mandan Ditch, Duane CEE-S05 Oakes 232 Dittus, Charles CME-Fri Fargo Dittus, Francis CPhysics-Frj Fargo Dittus, Hildegarde CAAS-Frb Fargo 53 Dittus, Myrna CAAS-Fry Fargo Dockter, Loren CME-Frj Fangio 161 Dockter, Raymond CAeroE-Frj Linton Dodds, Jackson CPh-Jr? New Rockford Doeling, Kent CEE-S09 Fargo Dolezal, Allan CME-Fry Killdeer Doljanin, James CCE-Fry Chicago, Ill. Dolter, Thomas CME-Frj West Duluth, Minn. Dombeck, Raymond CEE-Fry Detroit Lakes, Minn. Dosch, Lorraine CAAS-Frb Towner 224, 157 Dostert, Joseph CIE 8z M-Jr? Lonetree Douville, Dennis CAg-Fri Neche Dove, Gwen CHE-Fry Columbus 220, 192 Doyle, Irvin CAAS-S07 Fargo Draeger, Teresa CAAS-Frj Hazelton 228 Driscoll, Darby CHE-Fri Moorhead, Minn. 227 Driscoll, John CAAS-Sol Moorhead, Minn. 240 Duckstad, Lisa CHE-Sol Ironwood, Mich. 224, 155, 182, 53 Duerre, Gerald CIE 8z M-Srl Mohall 169 Duerre, Kenneth CIE 8: M-Sol Mohall Dufault, Larry CPH-S05 Oklee, Minn. 238 "Now this is strictly on the sly . . , l've put myself through college pushing dope and I need that money." l I Complimenfs of B. P. O. ELKS No. 260 no 260 ,geo Long '- iii ' I B D 115:2 2 :.'f. O E 'A' FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA Duin, David CCE-Sol Fargo 165 Duin, Edward CME-Fry Wahpeton Dullea, Margaret CHE-Sri Fargo Dunbar, Michael CPh-Frb Wheaton, Minn. Duncan, Marvin CAg-Jrl Calvin 129, 153, 162 Dunham, Dale CEE-S09 Fargo Dunham, Donald CEE-S07 Fargo Dunkirk, Ward CAAS-Frb Fargo 183 Dunnum, DeVerne CPh-Srj Pagle 123 Dura, Arthur CArchE-Soi Fargo Dusek, Lester CAAS-Fri Fargo Dustrud, Roger CME-Fri Fargo Dybing, LeRoy CCh-Jrb Harvey 248, 131 Ebeltoft, David CAg-Grad! Fargo Eberhard, Harold ClE 8x M-Frj Fargo Ebling, Ann CHE-Jrj Barnesville, Minn. 218, 192, 159 Ebrahim-Nehorya, Nosratollah-Teheran, Iran Edinger, Eldien CAg-Spb Comstock, Minn. Edinger, Karen CAAS-Sol Fargo 226, 148, 172, 196 187 31 44, 41 Edman, Philip Cfhgi-Fri Alvarado, Minn. 236 Edwards, Grace CAAS-Frl Wolverton, Minn. Edwardson, James CAgE-Fri Carrington Efaimson, George CArchE-Fry Bryant, S. Dak. Eggan, Richard CArchE-Fri Fargo Eggan, Robert CME-Sob Fargo 185 Egli, John CAgE-Srl New Salem 154, 114, 163 Ehlers, Elaine CAAS-Jrb Devils Lake 218 Ehrichs, Warren CME-Jrb Halstad, Minn. 183 Eidbo, Esther CAAS-Frj Fargo Eidbo, Ethel CAAS-Fry Fargo Eide, Mary CAAS-Sol Fango 224, 156 Eide, Rodney CME-Srl Fargo 113, 169, 81 Eissinger, Gerald CAg-Frb Medina Elijah, Carroll CAAS-Sri Lisbon 103 Ellingson, Arnold CAgE-Soy Moorhead, Minn. 232, 163 Ellis, Marilyn CHE-Fri Fargo 223, 193, 53 Ellison, Otto CAAS-Srl Coral Gables, Fla. 103 Elmore, Roger CPh-Soy Brainerd, Minn. Elofson, Dorothy CAAS-Frj Fargo 154, 183 Elofson, Stanley CAAS-Srl Fargo 154, 103, 158 Elston, Richard CEE-Srl Hope 114, 166, 84, 85 Elton, Ole CEE-Sol Fargo Emerson, Terry CME-Srl Fango 114, 133, 169, 137, 202, 2 Emery, Frederick CAAS-Frl Fargo 52 Enabnit, Guy CAAS-Srl Fargo 103, 32, 202, 201 Enfield, Joan CAAS-Fri Osage, Minn. Eng, Leonard CEE-Fri Fargo Engebretson, Jerome CCE-Frl Frazee, Minn. Engebretson, John CAAS-Jrl Devils Lake Engebretson, Orland CCE-Fry Pelican Rapids, Minn. Engebretson, Roger CME-Srl Litchville 114, 169, 202 Engel, Engen, Errgen, Enger, Enger, Enger, Enger, Daniel CCE-Srl Moorhead, Minn. 164, 114 Alice CAAS-Fri Fargo Clayton CAAS-Fri Fargo Gayleen CAAS-Frl Dickinson Merlin CCh-Frj Williston Richard CCE-Fri Fargo 164 Roberta CPh-Sol Halstad, Minn. 222, 129, 145, 182, 159 Engh, Richard CME-Jrj Fargo 167, 169, 173, 205, 204 Engh, Thomas CME-Sol Fargo Englund, Robert CEE-Jrl Twin Valley, Minn. Enkhaus, Roland CME-Sol Staples, Minn. Erickson, Alfie CEE-Sol Wade-na, Minn. Erickson, Bernadine CAAS-Gradj Fargo Erickson, Curtis CArchE-Jrl Fargo Erickson, Duane O. QAg-Jrb Fargo 191, 134, 180 Erickson, Dwayne CAAS-Fri Kensal Erickson, Gerald CME-Sol Nortonville Eirikson, Howard CAg-Sol Edinburg Erickson, John CEE-Frl Moorhead, Minn. Erickson, Leonard CEE-Jrb Fargo 161 Erickson, Lyle CAg-Sol Fargo Erickstad, Roger CME-Srl Garske 232, 114, 171, 202, 201 Eriksmoen, Duane CAg-Jrh Leeds 248, 98, 180 Eriksmoen, Joyce CHE-Sol Leeds 224, 192, 182, 172, 143 Espe, Brian CAg-Fri Fargo Evans, Jerry CAg-Frb West Fargo Evanson, Ernest CAg-Fri Northwood Evenson, Gene CCE-Srl Edgeley Evenson, Milton CAg-Srl Fargo 98, 163 Evenstad, Joan CPh-Sri Fargo 224, 129, 123, 132 Everson, Gerald CME-Sol Granville Evje, Ronald CAAS-Frl Fargo "It gives me great pleasure, and I do mean a pleasure to .... - ...... -.. " Jack Southam has the reputation as the most "givinges1" man on campus. Here he is presenting Dale Wallentine, the outstand- ing athlete of the year, awarded at the Athletic Banquet. COMPUMENT5 Congratulations of to the CLASS OF 1955 VlC'S BROADWAY SUPER PHARMACY VALUE 74 Broadway Phone: 7371 Compliments SHERWOOD of LUMBER s. FUEL co 1301 5th Ave. No. NATIONAL FGYQO, N- Dek- BANK Iron Fireman 81 Automatic Heating TRUST Equipment for CO. Coal, Oil or Gas 282 Fabian, Richard CCE-Sol Willowick, Ohio Fadness, Quinten CME-Frl Baudette, Minn. Fagerland, Janet CHE-Jrl Rolla 218, 27, 134, 192, 145, Fark, Harriet CHE-Jr? Detroit Lakes, Minn. 220, 192, Farley, Thomas CCh-Frj Jamestown 182 Farlow, Janet CHE-Srl Wahpeton 228, 119 Farnurn, Bruce CCh-Jrb Fargo 244, 182, 158, 173, 185, 203 Faught, Richard CAg-Fri Absaraka 81 Feeney, James CIE 8zM-Sol Fargo 177, 90 Fegley, Beva CHE-Fri Berthold 181, 193, 252 Fehr, Mary CHE-S07 Wimbledon 157, 192 Feick, Wesley CAgE-Fri Neche Ferguson, Jay CCE-Frj Forest River Ferguson, Richard CAAS-Jrl La Grange, Ill. Ferguson, Robert CPh-Fri Sydney 182 172 195 Fernow, Erlys CHE-Srl Enderlin 218, 138, 119, 133, 144, 145 182, 143 Ferrin, John CPh-Frj Detroit Lakes, Minn. Fiala, Harvey CEE-Jrj Forman 156, 183 Fiedler, Robert CAg-Fri Fergus Falls, Minn. Finifrock, Leon CAg-Frl Barnum, Minn. Finseth, Oliver CPh-Sol Fargo Fischer, August CArchE-Frj Leonard Fisher, David CAAS-Fry Minneapolis, Minn. Fisher, Ed QCE-Fri Fargo Fisher, Franklin CAAS-Sol Fargo 232 Fischer, Joseph CCh-Srl Schenectady, N. Y. 156, 107, 178 Fisher, Mrs. Marvel CAAS-Spb Fargo Fischer, Marvin CEE-Sol Thompson 246 Fisher, Neil CAAS-Srl Fargo Fitz, Lynn CPh-Srl Miles City, Mont. 238, 123, 140, 133 Fitzloff, Gail CHE-Srl Fargo 220, 138, 119, 133, '183, 172 Fjelstad, Jerome CEE-Fry Kindred Fjestad, Orian CAg-Fri Dahlen 183 Flakoll, Alden Ckg-Srl Forbes 98, 163 Flanders, Fred CAg-Sol Minot 230, 180, 41 Flaten, Judith CHE-Frb Park River 224, 152, 192, 159 Flatt, Marvin CAgE-Fry Fargo Flemmer, Arthus CAAS-Frl Jud Flesberg, Harvey CAg-Jrb Argusville Flick, Burton CAg-Srl Fargo Flint, Clare CHE-Sol Fargo 194, 195 Flynn, Kenneth CEE-Jrj Minot 184, 78, 77, 75, 73, 70 Banquets, banquets, banquets - this certainly looks like a festive affair. The Athletic Recognition Banquet was founded this year and WGS CI gfedf SUCCESS. Fog, Gunnar CME-Jrb Lisbon Fosg, Holger CAg-Jrl Lisbon 180, 190 Fogel, Michael CCh-Srl Fargo 232, 128, 107, 132, 183, 171, 33, 202, 200, 42, 261 Folden, Donovan CPh-Sol Fargo Folstrom, Raymond CAAS-Jrl Fargo Folstrom, Ruth CHE-Sol West Fargo 157, 192, 172, 194, Fontaine, Wayne CAAS-Frb Grand Forks Ford, Kenneth CAg-Frj Valley City Ford, Robert CAg-Srl Fargo Fordahl, Harold CAg-Srl Hettinger Forsyth, Edwin CCh-Sol Fargo Forsyth, Michael CAAS-Fri Fargo Fortin, Edward CAAS-Sr? Devils Lake 103 Fortney, Elizabeth CAAS-Srl Fargo 103, 97 Foss, John CME-Frl Moorhead, Minn. 81 Fossay, Sally CHE-Jrh Moorhead, Minn. 218, 159 Fossum, Lowell CEE-Fry Moorhead, Minn. Fossum, Verlin CCE-Fry Williston 165 Foster, Gene CA'g-S07 Brandin Fowler, James CAg-SOD Arthur 230, 191, 162 Fox, Gaylord CIE8zM-Soy Minot Fox, John CPh-Sol Fargo Fraase, Mark CME-Srl Buffalo Fraase, William CAg-Fry Buffalo 204 Francis, Albert CME-Gradj Fargo Frank, Charles CME-Jrl Belfield 167 Frank, Terryl CHE-Jrj Fargo 222, 156, 28, 24, 23, 22, 19 170, 186 Franze, John CChJ 178 Frazer, Jack CPh-Jrb Marshall, Minn. 238 Frederick, Nancy CHE-Soy Fargo 218, 192, 4, 172, 194 Frederick, Vernard CAg-Sol Flasher 190 Frederickson, Fred CAg-Jrj Moorhead, Minn. 180 Freedland, Wayne CAg-Fr? Harwood Fregien, Elmer CPh-Sol Jamestown Freidig, Raynard CAgE-Fri Center French, Ernest CAgEJ 163 Friede, Gordon CAAS-Sol Chinook, Mont. 184, 58, 61 French, Herbert CAgEJ 163 Friederichs, James CEE-Fri Foxhome, Minn. Friend, Ilene CHE-Fr? Gardner 193, 183, 159, 34 Friese, Charles KAAS-Grad? Fargo Frisby, John CIE 8: M-Frj Fargo Frisch, Charles fPh-S07 Fargo Friskop, Arvid CAg-Soj Wyndmere Fromson, Leonard CIE8.: M-Fry Winnipeg, Canada 2, 4, 174, 195 KNIGHT Printing Company PRINTERS -:- BINDERS Blank Book Man ufacturers Dance Programs and Novelties Dial 7359 619 N. P. Avenue 2 8 COMPLIMENTS OF MORNING FARG FORUM EVENING SUNDAY Frost, Harvey CPh-Sri Fargo 123, 140 Fuchs, Leslie CME-Soy New Salem 240, 199 Fuglestad, Jon CPh-Soi Moorhead, Minn. Fuglie, Winton CAg-Jrb Fargo 180 Fulton, Maynard CAg-Frj Golden Valley 181 Funfar, Edward CEE-Fri Lidgerwood Gaarder, Gene CEE-Fri Park River Gackle, Bryan CAAS-Srl Kulm 248, 103, 131, 193 Gagstetter, Mrs. Noel CAAS-Spb Fango Galbreath, Jeannine CAAS-Jrj Enderlin Gallagher, Kenneth CAg-Frb Jamestown 191 Gamache, Eugene 240, 76, 77, 70, 80, 83 Gamache, Larry CEE-Sol Fargo Gamache, Orrin CCE-Srl Lisbon 114 Gange, Anthony CME-Fri Balfour Gannarelli, Darrell CAAS-Jrj Keewatin, Minn. Gard, George CAAS-Jrj Fargo 182 Gardner, Frank iPh-Fri Backus, Minn. Gates, Gordon CPh-Sr? Erie Gates, Thomas CAg-Srb Fargo 230, 98, 171, 202 Gathman, Francis CArchE-S03 Berthold 160 Gebhard, James CCE-Jrb Moorhead, Minn. 244, 165, 171 Gebhart, Roger CAAS-S03 Wahpeton 184, 78, 63, 70, 58 Gebur, Rae CHE-Fri Calvin 155, 181, 193 Geek, Wallace CPh-Srj Dickinson 238, 123 Gehring, Dennis CCE-Jrb Bottineau 164 Geiszler, Elaine CHE-Srj Minot 218, 138, 119, 146, 134, 132, 144, 145, 149, 159, 262 Geiszler, Martin CChem-Frj Ashley 182 Gendreau, LaRae CHE-Sol Walhalla 220, 170 Gentile, Richard CPh-Sol Keewatin, Minn. Gentzkow, Frank CAg-SOD Fango 191 Gerardy, Robert CAAS-Srl Fargo 103 Gerling, LaVerne CEE-Jrj Ellendale Gerntholz, Gerald CAg-Fri Sanborn 236, 190 Gerrells, LaVon CAAS-Fry Fargo 220 Gerteis, Katherine CHE-Srj Syracuse, N. Y. 220, 119, 187, 186, 87 Gerth, Fred CAg-Sol Fargo 180, 161 Gess, David CArchE-Sol Fargo Geston, Magnus CArchE-Gradb Edinburg Geston, Robert CAAS-Gradj Fargo 284 Geving, Darlene CHE-Srb Parshall 119, 193, 159, 194, 195 Gibson, Donald CPh-Sol Duluth, Minn. Gibson, Dorothy CHE-Frj Leonard 157, 192 Gienger, Alton CPh-Frj Jamestown Giese, James CAeroE-Srl Fargo 114, 199,'186, 142 Giesler, Conrad CAgE-Fri Crystal Springs Gifford, Arlene CHE-Fr? Gardner 224, 193 Gilbertson, Edward CME-Frj Fargo Gilbertson, Elwood CME-Fry Fargo Gilbertson, Tom CAAS-Sol Hickson Gilbery, James CAgE-Jrb Moorhead, Minn. 163 Gion, Robert CPh-Srl Regent 238, 128, 123, 22, 23, 146, 147, 132 148, 183, 150, 42, 263 Gjertson, Ronald CEE-JrJ Lisbon Gleeson, Eugene CEE-Fry Chicago, Ill. Gludt, Mary CHE-Frj Fargo 192, 159 Goedert, Douglas CArchE-Srl Fargo 240, 114, 168, 136 Goellen, Richard CME-Fry Cogswell Goeser, George CA4g'-Fri Calio 156, 234, 235, 204 Goldader, Bernard CME-Sol Fargo 167 Godfine, Darrell CPh-Jrj Fargo Goldfine, Solomon CPh-Jrb Fargo Gompf, James CAAS-Srl Fargo Gorder, Reggie CAg-Jrj Bottineau 230, 128, 135, 174, 182, 46 Gordhammer, Audrey 134 Gores, William CME-Sol Bisbee 246, 161 Grabarkowitz, Paul CAAS-Gradh Fargo Graham, James CEE-Fry Rugby Graham, John CAg-Frb Oberon Granlund, Roger CEE-Sol Nelson, Minn. Grau, Roger CAeroE-Sr? Walhalla 114, 169, 137 Graupman, Elaine CHE-Srl Bowdon 119, 134 Green, James CAAS-Sol Towner 232 Green, Joanne CAAS-S03 Fargo Gregory, Joseph CAAS-Sol Fargo Gretter, Gary CEE-Frb Fargo Grewatz, Burdette CArchE-Sol Edgeley Grewatz, Wanda CCh-Sol Edgeley Griffin, James CArchE-Srl Fargo 136 Grim, Joseph CCh-Frj Fargo Grimm, Donald CEE-Frj Hurdsfield 154 Grindahl, Jean CHE-Jrj Fargo 218, 4, 45 Grindeland, Wayne CAAS-Fry Fargo Grodahl, Walter CAAS-Spb Walcott 191, 180, 4 Grodt, Keith CArchE-Fri Williston Grommesh, Claudette CAAS-Frj Casselton 183 Gronbeck, Don CME-Jrj Fargo 169 Gronhovd, James CME-Frl Northwood 204 Gronseth, Eugene KME-Frj Britton, S. Dak. 240, 204 Gross, Denis CAg-Sol Enderlin 246, 180 Gross, Eugene CIE 8:M-Jrl LaMoure 244, 131, 167, 171, 201 Grossman, Lawrence CCh-Grady Spokane, Wash. 178, Grosz, Theodore CAAS-Srj Moorhead, Minn. 103 Grotberg., Richard CAg-Fri Wimbledon Grovom, James CAAS-Srl Froid, Mont. Gruebele, James CAg-S05 Wishek 180, 183 Gudding, Robert CEE-Fri Fergus Falls, Minn. Guenthner, Jack CAAS-Frb Stanton Gullickson, Warren CPh-Sol Fargo 84 Gullingsrud, Dennis CAAS-Srb Fargo 104, 160, 53 Gully, William CME-Fry Lidgerwood Gulseth, Grant QCE-Sol Thief River Falls, Minn. Gunderman, Frank CPh-Jrj Ulen, Minn. 246, 84, 85 Gunderson, Anton CAg-Srl Fargo 98, 191, 134, 180 Gunderson, Julian CPh-Fry Fergus Falls, Minn. Gunnarson, Bennie CAg-S07 Fargo Gunther, Howard 129 Gunufson, Kathleen CAAS-Frb Fertile, Minn. Gurley, Roger CCh-Jrl Fargo 242 Gustafson, John CCh-Sol Minneapolis, Minn. 131 Gutknecht, Gerald CAAS-Jrj Hazen Gutzmer, Marvin CAAS-Jrb Wyndmere Guyer, Robert CME-Srl Fargo 114, 4, 177,A167, 169, 199, 142, 35 Guyer, Vernon CCh-Srb Fargo 107 Gwyther, John CAAS-Grady Fargo Haas, John CAg-Srl Mott 230, 128, 180, 78, 77, Haas, Mylo CPh-S05 Ashley 186 Haas, Sandra CHE-Jr! Lidgerwood 224, 225, 1 172, 41 Haberlach, Anthony CAAS-Jrj Fargo Haga, Judy CAAS-Jrj Enderlin 145, 194, 195 Hage, Marvin CME-S07 Moorhead, Minn. Hagen, Hagen, Hagen, Hagen, Hagen, George CME-Fr? Fargo Gerald CEE-JrJ Berthold 234 Mary CHE-Srl Enderlin 222, 119, 145, 170 179 137, 198, 74, 75, 73, 72, 70 38, 192, 4, 145, Patricia CHE-Sol Erskine, Minn. 224, 196, 186 William CAg-Fry Williston Hagerott, Leon CArchE-Sri Mandan 168 Haglund, Paul CCE-SOD Jamestown Hahn, Arthur CCE-Jr! Fargo 232, 164 Hahn, Bill 189 Halbert, Jack CPh-Fri Drake Hale, Clarence KME-Sol Fargo Hall, Charles CArchE-Gradh Fargo Hallan, Gunder CCE-Fr? Clearbrook, Minn. Halldorson, Sigrid CHE-Sol Huron, S. Dak. 4, 174, 34, 53 Halling, Rodney CAg-Jrj Bisbee Halling, Stanley CAg-Soy Bisbee Hallowell, Donald CPh-S07 Fargo Hallquist, George CEE-Srb Lisbon 114 Halstensgard, Harvey CME-Frb Gary, Minn. Halvorson, Donald CAg-Sol Wendell, Minn. Halvorson, Harold cArchE-F1-1 Fargo Hamarneh, Sami CPh-Gradj Madabo, Jordan Hamer, Roy fC'hem-Fry Harvey Hamernik, Edward CME-Fri Ulen, Minn. Hamilton, John CEE-Fr! Fargo Hammargren, Duane CPh-Srb Fargo 123, 140 Hammer, Judith CAAS-S07 Moorhead, Minn. 2 Hankel Hansel, Wayne CAg-Fr? Oakes 236, 180, 190 , Cecil CME-Fry Arvilla Hanson, Alfred CEE-Fry Fessenden Hanson Arlys CAg-Sol Belfield 236 Hansonj Barbara CHE-Jrb Litchville 221, 192 Hanson, Carol CHE-Srj Portland 119, 134 Hanson 7 Clayton CCE-Frj Belfield 181 Hanson, Daniel CPh-Jrb Hancock, Minn. 20, 21 Hanson, Delores CAAS-Fri Fertile, Minn. Hanson, Donald CArchE-Jrj Fargo 244, 168, 185, 186 Hanson Hanson Hanson anson H , Hansen, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hansen, 1 1 1 Duane CAg-Jrj Minot 234 Ethel CAAS-Sri Fargo Eugene Ancil tArch-Fry Portland 152 Eul ene Art CCE-Frb Lost Wood 152 E Eugene Arlen CCE-Frb Detroit Lakes, Minn. Gene S. CAg-Fry Reeder CAg-Jrb Fargo HE Sol Absaraka 192, 194 Gordon Janice C - Louis CME-Frj Fessenden Meloy CEE-Srl Fargo 114, 166, 161 Norman CAAS-Srj Fargo 242, 104, 132, 173 Paul CAg-Srl Wildrose 191 Richard Chas. CArchE-Sri Fargo 136 Richard Clarence CCh-Srl Fargo 107 Robert CEE-Sol Wilton 20, 4, 174, 183 152 Due to circumstances beyond our control fwe have a strict censorj, there is no com- ment for this picture. Compliments of IIRUSSII RICHTMAN Fa rgo's Fastest Growing TENTH ST. PURE OIL Be Sure With Pure OFFICE SUPPLY TOWING and GREASING and WASHING PRINTING CO. -:- LITHOGRAPHY -:- URELUBE Phone: 2-7171 P MOTOR OIL 617 N. P. Ave. Fargo C0mP'ime'1'S NORTH DAKOTA of AUTOMOBILE CLUB MOODYS BROADWAY STATE HEADQUARTERS 18 So. 8th St. and MAIN AVE. FARGO, N. DAK. TeIePI10l1e2 Sweeney Brothers Tractor Company INDUSTRIAL - MINING CONSTRUCTION and PUBLIC WORKS MACHINERY 1622 Main Ave. Fargo, N. Dak. THE PIERCE CO. PRINTERS -:- LITHOGRAPHERS -:- STATIONERS -:- -Distributors of A B Dick Mimeographs and Supplies FARGO, N. DAK. 285 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '56 A. C. BOOK STORE INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Everything for College Students INDUSTRIAL POWER Loco-I-ed in Memorial Union 700-708 'lst Ave. No. Fargo, N. Dak. Phone: 6436 ' NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL SAVINGS 3 LOAN ASSN. ZMW PAID ON SAVINGS -:- Loans Made On Homes -:- ll Broadway Fargo, N. Dak. NORTHWEST'S LARGEST DRY CLEANERS C 5542 A NEA: X Across Campus from N.D.A.C. Hanson, Sharon CHE-Frl Poplar, Mont. 223, 193 Hanson, Wesley CAAS-Jrl Carrington Harak, Arnold CCh-Srl Venturia 107 Hegreberg, Gerald CAg-Fry Burlington 180 Hegrenes, Robert CCh-Sol Fargo Harbor, Nwankwo CCE-Jrj Nigeria, West Africa 164, 158, 151 Harjes, Howard CPh-Sol Brainerd, Minn. Harju, Arvid CCE-Jrb McKenzie Harju, Phillip CCh-Srl Bismarck 107, 133, 179 Harju, Russ 186 Harm, Evelyn CAAS-Fri Fargo 156 Harmon, James CIE 8a M-Sol Fargo Harmon, Kenneth CAAS-Jrb Foxholm 201 Harmsen, Arnold CAg.-Sol LaMoure Harrington, Gene CAg-Fry Minot Harrington, Ryan CAAS-Jrj Fargo 240, 157 Harrington, William CAg-Fri Grandin Hgrjcglebaugh, Gary CME-Srl Rugby 114, 234, 199, 142, 35, 202 Heidt, Dallas CAg-Sol Arena 236. 190 Heil, Howard CArchE-Jrj Hancock, Minn. 184, 70 80 Heinz, Eugene CAAS-Frb Center 161 Heise, Patricia CAAS-Frj Ryder Heley, Duane CCE-Jrb Wyndmere 244, 165 Helgaas, Maynard CAg-Jrl Beltrami, Minn. 230, 128, 191, 4 175, 131, 41, 37 Helgeson, Delmer CAAS-Sol Fargo 160 Helgoe, Dennis CEE-Sol Halstad, Minn. Helland, Richard CAgJ 190 Harris, Robert CAg-Fri Fargo Harrison, Esther CAAS-Gradl Breckenridge, Minn. Hart, Clayton CAg-Srl Chaseley Hart, Gary CAg-Gradl Wales 129 Hart, Lyle CAg-Frj Wales 190 Hartl, Sharon CHE-Fry Riverdale 252 Hartmann, Ada CHE-Gradl Washburn 138 Hartman, Gene CCE-Jrj Valley City 242, 202 Henderson, Allen CME-Frl Fargo 154, 182 Hendrickson Dale CAg-Frl Denbigh Hendricksoni David CME-Fry Carrington 182 Hendrickson, Jerome CEE-Fri Christine HiI?g1'lCkSOD, Phyllis CAAS-Srl Fargo 226, 104, 145, 130, 196 Hendry, Ina CHE-Fry Stanton 152, 193 Heng, Lloyd CAg-Fry Barnesville, Minn. Herrgemuehler, Edward CAg-Frl Duluth, Minn. 235, 38 Harvey, James CCh-Srl Moorhead, Minn. 240, 107, 202, 201 Hasley, Don CArchE-Srl Chicago, Ill. 58 Hassett, Thomas CAvg-Sol Fargo Hatlen, Vincen CArchE-Srl Fargo Hauff, Floyd CAg-Sol Fargo Haugeberg, Arnold CAg-Fry Max Haugeberg, Arvid CAg-Fry Max 180 Haugen, Donald CAg-Fri Churchs Ferry Haugen, Garfield CIE 8: M-Jrl Benson, Minn. Haugen, Jerome CA1g-Jrj Larimore 246, 134, 180, 153, 152 Haugen, Herman CAg-Fry Cooperstown Haugen, Paul CAg-Sol Elbow Lake, Minn. 180, 190, 201 Haugen Roger CAg-Fr? Harwood ! Haugse, Clayton CAg-Grady Dickinson 191 Hayford, Keith CPh-Jrb Lamont, Iowa 238, 185 Head, William CAAS-Fry Williston 183 Hedahl, Arlene CHE-Sol Ada, Minn. 222, 192, 159, 194, 195 Hedblad, Raymond CAg-Fri Hazelton 180 Hedlund, Alida CAAS-Jry Fairdale Hegg, Wallace CIE 8zM-.Trl Kempton 171 Heiglie, Roger CEE-Frj Hickson Hegreberg, Dale CAgE-Frb Burlington 163 286 Henning, Gordon CCh-Srl Fargo 107 Hanging, Margaret CHE-Srl Hillsboro 138, 119, 134, 193, 132 Henry, Darrell CAg-Sol Westhope 83 Henry, William CME-Frb Fargo Herigstad, Bonita CHE-Fri Mohall 223, 193 Herigstad, Maynard CME-Frj Mohall Herman, Ardon CAg-Jrj Brinsmade 236, 129, 197 Herman, Jerome CPh-Jr! Beulah 238, 128 Hermanson, Robert CAAS-Jrl Fargo 201 Hermanson, Ronald CAAS-Sol Fargo Hertsgaard, Thor CArg.-Spb Hillsboro Herum, Evelyn CAAS-Spb Moorhead, Minn. Herzog, Robert CAg-Frl Concrete 255 Hess, Mary Ann CAAS-Frl Fargo Hetland, James R. CEE-Frl Fargo Heupel, Helmuth CPh-S07 Elgin Hickel, Harold CAg-Frl McGregor Hicks, Roland CPh-Frj Brainerd, Minn. Higgins, Jane CAAS-Fri Fargo 227, 4, 174, 53 Hildahl, Charles CArchE-Sol W. Fargo Hildreth, John CAAS-Gradl Fargo 1 We have celebs no less in our index-Elroy "Crazy legs" Hirsch, the renowned football player. .leon Ann looks tickled pink over the whole deal. Hill, Dana CCE-Jrb Farfgo 164, 64, 68, 58 Hill, Donald lPh-Srl Towner 123 Hill, Glenn CArchE-Srl Fargo 184, 58, 60 Hill, Hibbert CCE-Sol Valley City 81 Hill, Margie CHE-Sol Fargo Hilling, Dave 86 Hinsch, Luella CAAS-Frl Valley City Hjelmstad, Leroy CME-Jrl Thompson 173 Hjelmstad, Lynn CAg-Fri Lawton Hjelmstad, Ronald CCE-Fri Hankinson Hjelseth, Orlo CAAS-Jrj Carrington 52, 43, 41 Hlavinka, Delbert CAg-Jrj Lark 97, 158 Hoefs, Kenneth CME-Fry Hankinson Hoekstra, Paul CME-Srl Valley City 153, 152, 199 Hoel, Bruce CPh-Jrl Cooperstown 160 Hoff, Herman CAg-S07 Richardton Hoffman, Anthony CEE-Sol McHenry 156 Hoffman, Verne CCh-Frl Hannaford Hoggarth, Thomas CAg-Fry Courtenay Hoghaug, George CAAS-Frl Detroit Lakes, Minn. Hogoboom, Ralph CCE-Soy Sentinel Butte 152 Holm, William CEE-Frl Warroad, Minn. Holcombe, Jon CPh-Srl Brainerd, Minn. 238. 197 Holen, Donald CAg-Jrl Grand Rapids 180, 152 Holen, Judeen CME-Sol Backoo Holland, Michael CPH-Srl Fargo 123 Hollands, Doroles CHE-Jrl Moorhead, Minn. 221, 134 Hollands, Franklin CME-Frl Moorhead, Minn. Holm, Dan QCE-Frl Cuba 164, 205, 204 Holm, Morris CAg-Srl Halstad,'Minn. 98, 180, 84, 85 Holmes, George CCE-Srl Moorhead, Minn. Holmes, Robert CAAS-Fri Aberdeen, S. Dak. Holt, Audrey CAAS-Srl Casselton 218, 104, 27 Holten, Darold CCh-Sol New Rockford Holten, Donald CPh-Frl New Rockford Holthusen, Gary CEE-Sol Fargo 201 Holtman, John CAAS-Frl Fargo Hook, Tom CArchE-Fr? Fargo Horn, James CCE-Jrl Riverdale 164 Horner, Anton KCE-Sol Napoleon Horst, Richard CAAS-Sol Moorhead, Minn. 232 Horvath, Peter CEE-Jr! Fargo 166 Horvik, Eivind CEE-Gradj Moorhead, Minn. Hoselton, Wayne fAg-Frl Bowesmont 234, 235, 190, 151 Hosted, Priscilla CAAS-Srl Fargo 226, 104, 186, 52 Holten, Vincent CArchJ 136 Houle, Gerald CPh-Fry Williston Hovde, John CPh-Sol Devils Lake 238, 135, 182 Hovland, Donald CAAS-Srl Stanley 104, 182, 173, 203 Hovland, Larry CAJg-Srl Regent Howe, Arlo CAg-Srl Hettinger 230, 128, 98, 134, 190, 132, 42 Howe, Lynn CAg-Sol Hettinger 230, 191, 46 Howitz, Donald KAAS-Jrl Rock Lake 246 Howland, Lyndel CAAS-Grady Fargo Huber, Eugene CAg-Frl Ashley Huber, James CIE :Sz M-Sol Ashley Huber, Marjorie CHE-Fr! Carson Huck, Grace CAAS-Grad! Fargo Huckle, David CAg-Sol Lidgerwood 234, 190 Huebner, William CME-Jrj Moorhead, Minn, Hughes, Edward CAAS-Frj Williston Hughes, Frank CAg-Sol Neche Huhner, Merle CAg-Srl Davenport 163 Huisman, Maynard CAAS-Srl Mott 104 Huizenga, Lyle CIE 8cM-Frl Minot 81 Hulet, Charles CAAS-Fr? Enderlin Hulterstrum, Philip CEE-Sol Clifford Hultstrand, Lois CHE-Srl Fairdale 226, 120 Humes, Gary CPh-Sol Thief River Falls, Minn. Hunke, Marianne CHE-Srl Taylor 228, 120, 141, 181, 183, 172 Hunke, Robert CAg-Srl Taylor 248, 163 Hunstad, Judy CAAS-Sol Carrington 219, 182 Hunt, Arnold CAg-Sol Port Arthur, Ontario 230 Hunter, Charles t1E8zM-Sol Lancaster, Minn. Hunter, Vernon CArchE-Frl Minot Huntley, Charles CArchE-Sol Fargo 242 Huntley, John CME-Frb Fargo 154 Hurd, Philip CAAS-Sol Devils Lake 242 Hurley, Patrick CCE-Srl Fargo 165, 156, 114, 137, 202, 201 Husband, Wilma CHE-Jrl Hensel 222, 138, 193, 4, 182 Hutchinson, Lloyd CCE-Jrb Ayr 246, 165 Hutter, Harry CEE-Sol Fargo 205, 204 Hutton, William CAAS-Jrl Towner 232, 171 Hyde, Charles CAAS-Jrl Wahpeton We Specialize in Livestock Looms First Nat onal Bank and Trust Company of Fargo 15 Broadway Member F.D.l.C. Fargo, N. D. Stop for lunch At . . The A. C. Hasty Tasty Next Door to the College "Y" Eat At . . . WARREN'S CAFE Your Seafood Cate DIAL 30'l'I FOR BANQUET and PARTY RESERVATION Open 6 a.m. 'till Midnight 15 N. 4th Street Moorhead 287 Johnson Johnson, Alan tAg-Frl Plaza Ring the bell and tell the people, that this campus is fired up. Idler, Joyce CHE-Fri Rhame 153, 152, 192 Ingerson, Barry CCE-Jrj Flaxton Irsfeld, Paul CPh-Srl Fargo 238, 123, 135, 182 Isaak, Gordon CAgE-Fri Hazen lsensee, Jerold CCh-Jrj Fargo 232, 135, 182, 171, 178 Jackson, Grace CHE-Srb Fort Yates 228, 120 Jabe, Charles CSrJ 133 Jacobs, Edwin CCE-Srl Bismarck 164, 114 Jackson, Dale 182 Jacobsen Jacobson Y Jacobson, Jacobson, Jacobson John CPh-S07 Bismarck 242 Harland CCE-Srl Fargo 240, 164. 114, 161, 142 Ordean fAlg-Sf, Shelly, Minn. 236, 129, 98, 134, Ronald fAg-F10 Crosby 180, 152 Wallace CME-Frj Stirum 201 Jacques, Joyce CHE-Sol Bottineau 228, 193 Jaeb, Charles CPh-Srl Fargo 140 Jaffe, Lawrence CPh-Srl Duluth, Minn. 123 James, Jack fPh-Fry Fargo Janssen, Kent CME-Jrj Stanton 167, 169 Jarvela, Don CPh-Jrj Crosby, Minn. Jenkinson, William CAeroE-Fry Fargo J enkinson, Harold 50 Jenson, Eugene CAg-Fri Williston 191 Jenson, Gary CArchE-Jrj Devils Lake 168 Jenson, Marilyn CHE-Jrb Williston 153, 152, 193, 159, 197 Jenson, William CIE 8x M-Jrb Staten, N. Y. 169 Jesperson, Delano CCE-Sol Fargo 165 Jess, John CAAS-Jrj Fargo 134 Jobe, Michael CAg-Fri Cavalier Johannessohn, Norval CEE-Jrj Ada, Minn. 166 Johanneson, John CAAS-Sol Moorhead, Minn. Johanson, Ann CHE-Srl Sheyenne 193 Johansen, Robert CAg-Grady Fargo Johnk, Jerome CAg-Sol Page Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson 2 Johnson, Johnson, 288 Barrett KEE-Jrb Fargo 232, 131, 166, 173' Corrinne CCh-Fry Brinsmade 224 Daniel KCE-Frl Moorhead, Minn. Darrell CAg-Srl Arnegard 129, 191 Darvin CCE-Srl Fargo 164, 202 Deane CAg-S07 Fargo Duane CAeroE-Fry Fargo Earl CAgE-Sol Christine Erle CIE 8zM-Srl Fargo 115 Edward CEE-Fri Ryder Herbert Eugene CAAS-Jrl Fargo Eugene Lyle CME-Srl Fargo 167, 88 Carol CArchE-Jrb Bismarck 28, 24, 23, 22 Floyd CME-Jrl Fargo Frank CArchE-Sol Jamestown Gary CAg-Jrj Felton, Minn. 180 George CEE-Srl Halstad, Minn. 115, 166, 202, 201 Gerald CEE-Fry Underwood 1 Love entirely with this comment. Johnson, Glen CAgE-Fri Ortonville, Minn. 163 Johnson, Harley CAAS-Frb Crookston, Minn. Johnson, Harold CAg-Spb Fargo Johnson, Herbert CME-Soy Fargo Johnson, Jackie CME-Frj Oakes Johnson, James CPh-Sol Fargo Johnson, Joann CHE-Sol Fargo 222, 192, 145, 172 Johnson, John CAg-Sri Fargo 98, 191, 46 Johnson, Keith CEE-Fry Moorhead, Minn. Johnson, Kermit CAg-Spb Fargo Johnson, LaDon fAg-Gradh Grandin 236, 237, 129, 98, 190, 132 Johnson, Larry CEE-Frl Menornonie, Wis. Johnson, Leon CAAS-Srl Fargo 232, '104, 146, 147, 176, 177, 132 148, 150, 34, 269 Johnson, Leroy CME-Fri Fergus Falls, Minn. Johnson, Lester CArchE-Srl Tamarack, Minn. Johnson, Lloyd CCh-Fry Fargo Johnson, Marilyn CHE-Srl Perham, Minn. 120, 192, 182, 143 Jogigisson, Merrill CAgE-Srl Osnabrock 230, 128, 115, 173, 163 , 49 Johnson, Morris CCh-Frl Ranier, Minn. Johnson, Nancy CHE-Frl Benson, Minn. 181, 192, 253, 159, 186 Johnson, Peter CME-Fr? Brocket Johnson, Richard CEE-Jrl Moorhead, Minn. Johnson, Richard Duane CIE8zM-Frl Fargo Johnson, Richard Duane CAg-Sol LaMoure 231, 180, 173 Johnson, Richard F. CME-Jrj Moorhead, Minn. 166 Johnson, Richard J. CAg-Jrl Hoople 231, 163, 142, 36 Johnson, Robert CAg-Frb Fillmore Johnson, Roberta CHE-Sol Perham, Minn. 192 Johnson, Roger G. CAg-Srl Kindred 240, 129, 98, 134, 180, 133 Johnson, Roger W. CCh-Gradl Pelican Rapids, Minn. Johnson, Ronald CME-Fry Bandon. Oregon Johnson, Sheldon CCE-Fry Twin Valley, Minn. Johnson Thomas CArchE-Jr! Bismarck Johnsoni Vernon cME-Jrp Fargo 244, 182, 185 David CAg-Fri Bartlett 191, 180 is great, so they say. It seem-s that Bryon and Arlene agree Johnson, Winton CME-Frj Moorhead, Minn. Johnston, Barry CAAS-Srl Mayville Johnston, Robert CEE-Jrl Fargo 232, 131, 166, 90, 40 Johnston, Wendell CAAS-Grad! Moorhead, Minn. Johnston, Yvonne KHE-Fri Hillsboro 219, 154, 193 Jolosky, Jay CAg-Fry Fargo Jones, Michael CIE8zM-Sol Shelbyville, Ind. Jonsson, Valgard KAg-Sol Saudarkrokur, Iceland 151 Joos, Gayle CAAS-Sol Fargo 219, 157 Joos, Richard CAAS-Srl Fargo 104, 84, 85 J ordahl, Kenneth CAAS-Sol Fargo 83 Jordan, Michael CPh-Sol Duluth, Minn. Jorgenson, Arnold CAAS-Jrl Cando 254 Jorgensen, Reed CAg-Frl Antler Joyal, Thomas CArchE-Frj Fargo Joyce, Frank CME-Sol Mapleton 244, 158, 167 Joyce, John KIE 8zM-Fri Chicago, Ill. Judd, Marcia CAAS-Frl Fargo Jungers, Jacqueline CPh-Sr? Richardton 224, 129, 157, 123, 140 It . swam: N oumfv lx . CRESCENTJEWELERS ESTABLISHED 1914 - FARGU. N.D if JEROME PEKAS Says There is nothing finer than A 'WW im iitwttl Kaeding, Duane CEE-Sri Penn 115 Kahl, Charles CCE-Sol Carrington Kalainov, Sam CAAS-Srl Steele 233, 104 Kalbfleisch, Grant CAAS-Fry Fargo Kalnins, Martin CCh-Jrj Chicago, Ill. 173, 178, 65, 205, 58 Kaluza, Dale CEE-Frb Fargo Kandt, Coleen CAAS-Jr! McClusky 153, 152, 183 Kanellas, Jane CAAS-S07 Chicago, Ill. 219, 250, 102, 21, 27, 186 Karakitsoo, Antonion CAg-Grady Fargo Karlgaard, Wayne CME-Grady McGregor Karmarkovic, Alex QAAS-Spb Moorhead, Minn. Karst, James CPh-Fri Fergus Falls, Minn. Kaseman, Edward fAg-Fri Wishek 180 Kasowski, Phillip CAAS-SOD Casselton 66, 58 Kasson, Bruce CEE-Fri 155, 182 Kassenbong, Alvina CHE-Fry Glyndon, Minn. 219, 192 Kautzmann, Arthur CPh-Sr? Mandan 238, 124, 131 Kautzman, Matthew CPh-Frj Mandan Kearny, Janice CHE-Fri Grafton 193, 4, 159 Keech, Delos CME-Srl Fargo 115, 167 Keefer, Robert CME-S07 Ontonagon, Mich. Keifer, Donna 157 Keller, Elsie CHE-Srl Beulah 228, 120, 153, 152, 192 Keller, Wendell CEE-Srl Fargo 115, 166, 171, 202 Kennedy, James fph-SO, Elbow Lake, Minn. Kensok, Orville CME-Fry Casselton Kenward, James CAg-Fri Page 180 Kenward, Joe CAg-Fry Page Kepner, Gordon CPhysics-Soi Fargo 186 Kerr, Wayne CCE-Fry Fargo Kessler, Wayne CPh-Grad! Fargo Ketterling, Archie CPh-Frj Lehr Ketterling, Edgar Msg-Jrh Carson Kiker, Russell CAg-JrJ Fargo 173 Kilzer, James CPh-Srl Richardton 238, 124 Kilzer, Donna CAAS-S07 Richardton 182 Kimball, James CAg-Frj Noonan 191 King, Louis CAAS-Gradh Grand Forks King, William CCh-Jrh Fargo Kingsley, Truman CAAS-Sol Wheatland 67, 58 Kippen, Robert CAg-S05 Hamilton Kirchoff, Richard CPh-Jrb Fargo Kirk, Doris CHE-Sol Devils Lake 154, 193, 159 Kirk, Glen CAg-Srl Devils Lake 154, 98, 158 Kirkhus, Jocelyn CAAS-Sri Wyndmere 228, 104, 183, 172, 35 Kisser, Lee Ann CHE-Srl Fargo 120 Kist, Laura CHE-Fry Mandan 219 Kitterlinfg, Archie 161 Kittle, James CAg-S05 Grand Forks 173 Kittleson, John CIE 8: M-So? Fargo 183, 53 Kitzman, Darrell CAg-Frj Upham Kjelland, Richard CAAS-Frj Fargo Kjos, Donald CAeroE-Jrb Sherwood Kjos, Myron CArchE-Jrj Fargo 185 Kjosen, Roland CCh-SOD White Earth Klassen, Sylvester CCE-Jrj Fargo 165, 36 Klaus, Calvin CEE-Sol Zap 166 Klee, Harvey CEE-Sol Bismarck Klein, Sandra CAAS-.Tri Richardton 221, 183, 33 Klennert, Ronald CCE-Fri Larimore 165 Klepetka, Victor CAAS-Sol Lidgerwood Klovstad, Wallace CEE-Frb Vergas, Minn. Kluck, Vernon CPh-Sri Denhoff 238. 124 Kmoch, Norman CEE-Frj Dent, Minn. Knapp, De-Longs CIE 8z M-Fr! Linton Knatterud, Donlev CAAS-Fri Maddock Knight, Helen CHE-Sol Casselton 192 Knight, Lloyd CAg-Fri Amenia 181 Knoll, Marlyn CEE-Fry Fergus Falls, Minn. Knopke. William CAAS-Gradl Barnesville, Minn. Knote, Jeanine CHE-Frj Baker 193, 197 Knott, John CEE-Fri Bismarck Knutson, Esther CPh-Fri Arfgusville Knutson, Melvin lAg-Spb Wyndmere Knutson, Robert CAg-Jrj Petersburg Knutson, Robert O. fAg-Srb Argusville 231, 98 Knudson, Warner CAg-Fry Berwick Knudson, Winifred 181 Koble, Adam CAg-Jrj Rugby 156, 234, 162 Kobensky. Joe CPh-Soy Virginia. Minn. 204 Koeberl, Dona CHE-Srl Gracevile, Minn. 120 Koll, Ronald CME-Soi Fargo Kolsrud, Gary CAAS-Fri Heimdal Komrosky, Gerald CEE-Jr! Moorhead, Minn. Konetshny, Gerald CAAS-Jr? LaSalle, Ill. 68 Kopp, Clinton CAg-.Trb Lisbon 180, 58 Koppang, Robert CPhy-S07 Fargo Koppelman, Clifford CPh-Fri Breckenridge, Minn. Korb, Eugene CME-Srl Calio 156, 115 Koskela, Kenneth CAeroE-Fr? Fargo Kovell, Genevieve CHE-Frj West Fargo 228 Kovell, Marjorie CHE-Srl West Fargo 229, 120 289 The residents of Bohnsak township express their appreciation to senior Merlin Ludwig for his participation in college basketball. Krabbenhoft, Kenneth CAg-Gradj Northwood Kraft, Kenneth CPh-Srl Fargo 124, 161 Kragnes, Burton CME-Frl Georgetown, Minn. Krahn, Morris CME-S05 Fargo 167 Kramer, Carol CHE-S03 Fargo 222, 192 Kramer, Robert CCE-Grady Fargo 155 Kreft, LaVerne CAg-Jr? Wabek 236, 180 Kreiselmaier, Kurt CCh-Srb Fargo 107, 133 Kremers, Lawrence CArchE-S07 Minneapolis, Minn. Krenzel, Herman CAAS-Fri Harvey Kretchmer, Dennis CAAS-Fri Valley City Kriezg, Gene CAAS-Sol Fargo Kristofitz, Curtis CCE-S05 Fargo 158, 88 Kristofitz, Donald CME-Sol Fargo 88, 204 Kramer, David 181 Krueger, Gerald CIE8zM-Sol Fargo Krueger, Roland CME-Jrj West Fargo Kruschke, Eugene CEE-Jrj Ortonville, Minn. 166 Kubischta, Peter CEE-Soy Jamestown 161 Kucera, Henry CAgE-Grady Fargo Kudelka, Roger CAg-Fri Forman Kuhn, Cathryn CAAS-Grady Fargo Kuklenski, Thomas CAAS-Sol Ironwood, Mich. Kukowski, Margaret CHE-Sol Beach 192 Kukowski, Richard CAg-Srl Beach Kulstad, John CEE-Frj Halstad, Minn. Kummeth, Robert CAAS-Fry Cogswell 235 Kupitz, Jolene CAAS-Fry Oakes Kuppich, John CAAS-Fry Fargo 183 Kuske, Donald CCh-Srl Fargo 107 Kuske, Duane CArchE-Frb Fargo Kyuper, Alan CEE-Fry Odessa, Minn. Kvern, Clifford CEE-Sol Fergus Falls, Minn. Kyllo, Dennis CAgE-Sol Larimore Kyllo, Richard CAAS-Frb Fargo LaFleur, Harold CArchE-Jr! Mayville 244, 168 LaFleur, Robert CAg-Fri Mayville . Laque, Jerome CIE 84: M-Sol Moorhead, Minn. 53 Lahey, Leo CAAS-Fry Fargo Lahlum, Howard CAg-Sol Valley City 181 290 Lahlum, Simen CAg-Sol Valley City 161 Lammer, Lynn CArchE-Jrj Ed-geley 115, 168 Landau, Arthur CCh-Srb Woodmere, N. Y. 248, 107, 45 Landstrom, Lester CEE-Jrb Sheyenne Lang, Ivan 184 Langseth, Ila CHE-Sri Wahpeton 222, 120, 134, 183 Lanz, Larry- CCE-Jr? Devils Lake 242, 173 Larke, Ph1ll1p CPh-SOD Breckenridge, Minn. Larson, Larson, Larson Albert CME-Sol Gardner Curt1s CEE-Sol Cavalier Dale H. CEE-S05 Fargo Larson: Dale R. CAAS-Sol Fargo 197 Larson Dennis B. CCE-Srl Minot Larsoni Dennis W. CAg-Srl Heimdal Larsen, Donald CAg-Jrj Fargo Larsen, Larson, Dwight CEE-Sol Fargo Elling CCE-Fry Woodworth Larson, Emery 165 Larson, Evelyn CEd-Gradl Moorhead, Minn. La1'S0r1,F1oyd CAgE-J1-9 Bottineau 231, 163 Larson, Helen CHE-Srl Fullerton 226, 250, 120, 139, 197, 35 Larsen, Larson, Larson, Larson, 173, 1 Larson, Larson, Larsen, Larson, Larson, Larson, Jack CAAS-Soj Moorhead James CPh-Jrb Fargo James P. CME-Srj Fargo 243, 167, 202 Jack CAAS-Jrb Fargo 233, 128, 22, 23, 146, 147, 148, 182 89, 33, 150, 205 Lela CAAS-Sol Fullerton 226, 227, 27 Leland iIE8z M-Fri Manfred Lloyd KIE 8z M-Sol Chicago, Ill. 240 Melvin CAg-Fri Hatton Merle CAg-Jrj Bottineau 231, 129, 180 Orlyn CEE-Jrj Landa 246 Larson, Otis CME-Jrl Lisbon 247 Larsen, Patricia A. CHE-Sol Moorhead, Minn. 221, 130, 183 196, 170, 143 Larson, Patricia M. CAAS-Frl Fargo 224, 175, 4, 182 Larson, A. Robert CAg-Sol Leeds Larson, Ronald CAg-Jrb Flaxton 247, 153, 152 Larson, Thomas KCE-Srl Hazen Larson Verne 4AAS-F1-9 Fargo Larum, John CPh-Srl Fargo 233, 124, 171, 202, 201 Lasane, Jack CPh-Sol Fargo Laske, Wayne CAAS-S07 Leonard Lavine, Sharon CAAS-Frb Fargo Congratulations to the 1956 CLASS FARGO - MOORHEAD AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION From address to Graduating Class University of Chicago, 1935 "Believe me, you are closer to the truth now than you will ever be again. Do not let "practical" men tell you that you should surrender your ideals because they are impractical." -Robert Maynard Hutchins SCHEEL'S HARDWARE FARGO WALLY COLLEGE PURE OIL "For the Kind of Service You Like" MOTOR TUNE-UP - BRAKE SERVICE TIRES and BATTERIES WHEEL BALANCING KAPAUN, Manager Across from Campus Lavold, Jack CEE-Srl Moorhead, Minn. 244, 115, 131, 166, 185 Lazorenko, Peter CAgE-Fry Grassy Butte Leadbetter, Arthur CCh-Grady Luverne 178 , Lee, Abner CAg-Fry Hatton Lee, Elvin CCh-Gradb Fargo Lee, Gerald CArchE-Fri Fargo Lee, Jayne CAAS-Srl Rugby 226, 104, 134, 145, 182, 196, 170, 53, 44 Lee, Robert CAAS-Fry Larimore 156 Lee, Russell CCE-Fry Towner Lee, Wayne CArchE-Jrb Northwood 247, 168 Lee, William CAg-Fri Larimore 156 Legrid, Bernard CAAS-Gradj Fargo Lehr, James CCh-Frb Fargo Lein, Clinton CAAS-Fry Concrete Leiseth, Bruce CEE-Sol Casselton Lemberg, Ingrid CPh-Sol Zap 152 Lemke, Justin CAAS-Grady Fargo Lemmon, Norman CAgE-Sol Detroit Lakes, Minn. 237, 163 Lenaburg, Karen CHE-Frb Portland 227, 197 Lent, Charles CPh-Sol Fargo Leonard, Harold CIE8zM-Frl Fargo Lepird, Larry CAg-Frj Fargo 81 Leraas, Norman CME-Jrj Hillsboro 248, 184, 84, 85 LeRud, Leon GCE-Fri Fargo 204 Lervold, Donald CEE-S05 Halstad, Minn. Leshovsky, Arnold CAgE-Sol Milnor Leshovsky, Howard CAAS-Sol Fargo Lester, Jerry CPh-Srl Fargo 124 Letnes, Darlene CHE-S05 Climax, Minn. 192 Leum, Neil CCh-Srl Mayville 135 Leupp, Franklin CAAS-Sol Fargo Leupp, Rosemary CHE-Sol Stanton 219, 192, 45 Leverson, Kenny CCE-Jrh Mapleton 84 Leverson, Richard CArchE-Jrj Fargo 168 Levine, Sharon 228 Lewis, Grant CME-Sol Williston Lewis, Merrill CAAS-Fr? Fargo Lewis, Robert CAg-S09 Park River Lia, Joan CHE-Frb Detroit Lakes, Minn. 192, 252, 253 Liebe, Edward KCE-Sol Jamestown Liebe, James CAAS-Fry Jamestown Leilke, Rolland CME-Frb Lansford FARGO SEED HOUSE Apparel csance 18871 and Accessories HYBRID SEED CORN THAT ARE SURE TO PLEASE FIELD and GARDEN SEED INSECTICIDES - FERTILIZERS 5 Ph 2-7lll A one ode 5 oyo Fargo, N. Dak. CONGRATULATIONS Good Luck to THE BISON GRADUATES NORTHWESTERN OF 1956 4' E9ll,l.lf'l5ElTf.R,,ll"" , O. J. cle Lendrecle Co. Fargo, North Dakota Phone 7583 Phone 6453 N. D. Construction 620 Main Ave. Fargo Equipment Headquarters Lien, Gerald CIE8cM-Fry Fargo Lies, Arthur CAAS-Jrj Carrington 238, 128, 157, 135, 182, 188 Liffrigi, Jack CAg-Frj Makoti 234, 235 Lillestol, Harvey CPh-Srl Fargo 238, 124 Lillestol, Margaret QAAS-Fr? Fargo 220, 45 Lilly, Carroll CCE-Srl Fargo 164 Lind, Beverly CHE-Jrj Cavalier 222, 192, 4, 175, 186 Lindbo, Joan CHE-Sol Rolla 229, 172 Lindemann, Dennis CME-Sol Enderlin 247, 131, 163 Lindlauf, Ronald CME-Jrj Minot 240, 167, 169 Lindquist, Donald CAAS-Fri Oriska Linhart, Eugene CME-SOD Sykeston 199 Link, Arthur CEE-Srl Bismarck 115, 133, 166, 137 Link, Kay 196, 43 Link, Raymond CPh-So? Lefor 157, 135, 182, 186, 142 Linnell, Lavern CAg-Jrh Petersburg 231, 162 Linskey, James CAAS-Frh Williston Lipp, Lois CAAS-Frb Cando Lippert, Wilbur CAAS-Jrj Eldridge 243, 152 Little, Audrey CHE-Srl Mayville 226, 120 Little, John CCE-Fry Hazelton Litzinger, Bonnie CHE-Srl Leeds 221, 120, 139, 134, 144, 172 Ljungren, Donald fPh-Sr? Sebeka, Minn. Lloyd, Gloria CHE-Jrj Bismarck 227, 28, 24, 23, 22, 174, 4, 170, 42 Lobb, Laleah CAg-Sol Bismarck 191, 186, 43 Loberg, John CCE-Soj Fargo Lobsiniger, Jerome CAg-Frj Fargo Lodgard, Charles CEE-Srl Fargo 248, 115 Lofthus, Noel CAg-Jrj McVille 180 Lohman, John QME-Sol Fargo Lohn, Kenneth CAAS-Fry Fargo Lohse, Carlton CAg-S07 Fargo Lommel, John fPh-Srl Lidgerwood 124, 183 Loos, Linda CAAS-Fri Grafton Lorestsen, Donald CAAS-Jrb Powers Lake 154 Lorenz, Joseph CIE 8: M-Fri Oriska Lorenz, Lorne CEE-Jrl Oriska 242, 243 Lorenzen, Terrence CAgE-Sol Mohall 231 Lovitt, Edgar CAg-Srl New England Lowe, James CAAS-Jrb Jamestown 84 Ludwig, Merlin CAg-Srl Hillsboro 248, 128, 28, 99, 23, 20, 146, 147, 27,,134, 180, 132, 184, 32, 79, 74, 75, 72, 70, 80, 264 Official handshaker and hearty greeter is Mel Ostby at the Theta Chi pledge presentation. Official congratulator and fancy cookies with weak coffee imbiber is Jack Southam followed by his associate socializers. 291 Another tossup token by Geno Gamuche. The final two games of the Sioux Series brought icy to the hearts of disillusioned Bison fans. Luebke, Sharron CHE-Frb Sherwood Luik, Ilmar CEE-Fri Fargo Lukes, Richard CAg-S05 Lisbon 247, 205, 204 Lund, David CAg-Srl Nome 237, 99, 181, 173, 151 Lund, Roald 151 Lundby, Dale CAAS-Frj Williston 81 Lundine, Stan CPh-Sol Elgin, Ill. Lundstrom, James CME-Frb Fargo 167 Lundwall, Peter CAg-Srl Argusville 231, 99, 190, 173, 43 Lynch, Harold CAg-Frl Crary 163 Lyng, Orlin fAg-Fry Mayville Lynn, Diane CAAS-FTD Fargo 223 Lytle, William CEE-Jrj Jamestown 244 Maas, Dennis CEE-Jrj Hazen 247, 153, 152 Maas, Raymond CAgE-Fri Sydney 152 Mack, Thomas CEE-Sol Osage, Minn. Madler, Robert CAgE-S03 New England 237, 157, 190, 163 Madson, Gordon CCE-Srl Argusville 245, 165, 115 Madsen, Lyle CME-Jrh Richardton 244, 167 Maetzold, James CAg-Fr? Devils Lake Magill, James CAg-Fri Verona 190 Magill, John CCh-Jrj Verona Magill, Robert CAg-Srl Verona 99 Magnan, Ted CPh-Srl Fort Ripley, Minn. 238, 124, 86 Magnuson, Clifford CAg-Frb Sherwood Maier, Sandra CHE-Jrj Grand Forks 224, 183, 188 Malley, Eugene CPh-Soj Nashwauk, Minn. Malmbeng, Marvin CPh-Srl Fargo 124 Malme, Cecil CAg-Sol Nielsville, Minn. 236, 183 Malo, Michael CAg-Fri Cavalier Maloney, Patricia CAg-Frb Webster 157, 194 Malpert, John CAg-Soy Straubville 180 Malta, Aina CAAS-Srl Fargo 104, 141, 134, 183, 196, 195 Maltrud, Ellen CHE-Fri Ada, Minn. 192, 253 Mammel, Gerald CAAS-Frj Fargo Mammel, John 238 . Mandigo, Carole CHE-Jrb Bismarck 224, 192, 182 Manikowski, Donald CCh-SOD Forman Mann, Audrey 181 Mann, Joseph CME-Jr! Belfield 245, 131, 161 Maras, Rudolph CME-Sr? Fargo 115, 137 Marczuk, Michael CArchE-Srl Gorham 115, 136 292 Marifjeren, Allyn CAg-S05 Hoople 231, 162 Mark, P eter CAAS-Jrb Fargo 233, 177, 150 Markovic, Roger CAE,-Frb Larimore Marotzk e, Emil CAAS-Fr? Detroit Lakes, Minn. Marquart, James CCh-Jrb Mapleton 233, 178 Marquart, Kathleen CPh-Jrj Fargo 250, 129, 4, 44 Marsden, Howard CAfgE-Jrj Fargo Marshall, George CAAS-Gradj Fargo Marshall, Richard CCE-Srl Forbes Martin, Martin Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin 1 Charles CCE-Srl Moorhead, Minn. 164, 115 Donald CArchE-JrJ Fargo Edward CIESLM-Jrb Moorhead, Minn. 53 Fred CAg-S07 Hackensack, Minn. 161 Glen CCE-Jrb Cando 164, 161 James CAg-Jrj Fargo Wesley CAg-Srl Chaffee Mamnson, Lorena QAAS-Fry Robinson Matson, Mattern CMrsD M. P. CAAS-F'rJ Fargo , Gene CAgE-Jrj Fargo 163 Matthys, Duane CAg-Fry Argusville Mattson, Lloyd CEE-Frh Rolla Mattson Matzek, , Patsy CHE-Sol Rolla 153, 152, 192 Milton CEE-Fry S1-iritwood 4, 175, 185 Matzek, Mylo CME-Sol Fargo 167 Maves, Richard CPh-Srl E. Grand Forks, Minn. , Maxson, Kenneth CEE-Frj Farfgo 185 Maxwell, Jerry CEE-Fri Webster 204 Maxwell, Robert CAg-Fry Webster Mayer, Alvin CPh-Jrj Streeter Meckstroth, Charles CME-Jrl Fargo 169 Meckstr Mees, L 239 1 oth, Mary CPh-Fr? Fargo 220, 4, 175 aDarana CArchE-JrJ Fargo Mehrer, Ronald CAg-Soy Moffit Meier, James CEE-SOD New Salem 233 Meinhardt, Raymond CME-Frb Gwinner Meland, Gordon CPh-Srl Fargo 239 Melanson, Laurence CEE-Grady Fargo Melby, Darol fAg-Sol Greenbush, Minn. Melby, Muriel CHE-Srl Greenbush, Minn. 120, 152, 192, 87 Meldahl, Charles CAAS-Sol Sharon 243 Mellum, Lynn CAAS-Frb Mayville Mellum, Douglas CAAS-S03 Ypsilanti Mellun, Melner, Delores 155 Ron 231 24 Melroe, Sylvan CAg-Jrh Gwinner 128, 180, 184, 70, 72, 83 E I- E. Z 9?- CD -5 3 11m 3 9+- E. 3' 3 CD 5 9, QS 3' S1 o 35 77 Q E5 3 ii E e sa S 5 3 3 cn Q 'U 9. 5. 5 5 3 ro U1 9. Ill- Q Melville, Gerald CAgE-Frl Valley City Menge, David CEE-Fri McVille Mensing, Thomas CPh-Sol Hettiniger 239 Mensing, Wayne CAAS-Sr? Fargo 243, 104 Merck, Lawrence CIE 8a M-Sol Argyle, Minn. Merifield, Virginia CAAG-Grady Fargo Merifield, William CAAS-Grad? Fargo Mertens, Mauris CAAS-Jrj Fargo Metz, Robert CArch-Jrb Devils Lake 168 Metzinger, Charles CCE-Fr? Reeder 157 Meyer, Edward CArchE-Srl Fargo 115, 168, 142 Meyer, Glen CCE-Jrb Fargo 165 Meyer, Lawrence CEE-Srl Edfgieley 245, 128, 115, 171, 200 Meyer, LeRoy CEE-Jrl Moorhead, Minn. Meyers, Franklin CAAS-Srl Rugby 233, 104, 173, 90 Mich, Eugene CPh-S05 Morris, Minn. Michael, R. J. CPh-Sol Albany, Minn. 161 Middlebrook, Arthur CIE 83 M-Jrj Fargo 167 Middlebrook, Irv 160 Midgley, Melvin CEE-Frj McHenry 244 Midtbo, Guy CAgE-Sol Hatton 152, 163 Midtlyng, Homer CAg-Fri Adams Mikkelson, Cameron CAg-Fri Devils Lake Milbrandt, Thomas CAgE-Jrj Fargo Milhollan, Joyce 151 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller Eugene CAAS-Gradl Buffalo Floyd CEE-Jrb Manfred Gail CAAS-Soj Fargo 194, 195 Gilman CME-Srl Fargo 167 137, 202, Miller, Harold CAAS-Srl Harvey 128, 146, 147, 148, 150 Miller, John CME-Jrb Underwood 240, 128, 21, 146, 147, 148, 149, 131, 43 Miller, Joseph CArg,-Frj LaMoure Miller, Lyle CAg-S07 Fargo 247, 180 Miller, Marvin CAg-SOD Wheaton, Minn. Miller, Maynard CME-Frl Wendell, Minn. 244 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Mische, Myron CPh-Sol Beulah Phillip CPhysiCs-Frj LaMoure 157, 204 Ralph R. CPh-Sol Mandan Ralph W. CEE-Soy Fargo Richard CAAS-Gradj Moorhead, Minn. Virgil CEE-Frj Binford Erlys CHE-Srl Fargo 221, 120, 170 Mitchell, Lowell CAAS-Grady Fargo Mithun, Delores CAAS-Srl Fargo 104, 141, 145, 182 Mittelstedt, Herbert CAg-Fri Killdeer Mjolsness, Freeman CPh-Frh Dazey Modell, Marilyn CHE-Frl Fargo Moe, Arvid CIE 85 M-Sol Tioga Moe, Carol CHE-Srl Fargo 227, 120 Moe, Donal CPh-Fry Fargo Moe, Harold CAAS-Jrl Fargo 104, 161 Moe, Harry CAAS-Jrl Fargo Moen, LeRoy CAAS-Grady Sisseton, S. Dak. A serious moment in the life of Bob Zuklic, well known athlete, student and Ccokej drinker on campus. They either must be discuss- ing the coffee bean condition in lower Tibet or the possibility of 3 29 Really up in the air over the basketball game is Jean Ann Nelson, varsity cheerleader. Moen, Maurice CAg-Jrl Michigan 231, 190 Mogen, Mohber Mokler, Shirley CHE-Soi Keene 225, 192, 172 g, Robert CAgE-Fry Milnor Frank CPh-Sol Fargo Mollner, Frank CCE-Srj Moorhead, Minn. Monson Gerald CArchE-Fr? Fargo Monson, Janet CAAS-Jrj Fargo 227, 134, 170, 31, 43 Monson Joyce CAAS-Fri Cuba Monson, Pat CHE-Sri Portland 227, 120, 134, 145, 172 Monson 148, 1 Monteit , Richard CAAS-S05 Moorhead, Minn. 241, 146, 147, 135 31, 182, 88 h, Larry CME-Soj Fargo Montgomery, Donna CAAS-Sol Ayr Mciigggomery, Robert CAAS-Sri Fargo 233, 128, 104, 135, 132, Montigomery, Scott CAAS-Fri Fargo Moorda Moore le, Meredith CHE-FrD Fargo 193 Clifford CCE-Jrj Fargo Moorez Donald CAg-Srl Forbes 237, 129, 99, 191, 158, 49, 46 Moore, Duane CPh-Jrl Devils Lake Moore LeRoy CPh-Soy Fargo Moore, Patricia CPh-Sol Bismarck 227, 251, 157 More, William CAAS-Frb Fargo Morgan, Gerald CAAS-Gradb Fargo Morgan, George CEE-Jrb Lisbon Mork, David tAg-S05 Fargo 231, 191, 180, 177, 186, 161 Mork, I rving CAg-Spb Fargo Morken, Clair CAg-Jr! Pekin Morlock, Terry CAg-Fri Jordan, Minn. Morris, John CCE-Frj Wheatland Morrison, Stanley CAAS-Srl Akra 104, 146, 147, 161 Morrissey, Alan CAAS-S07 Fargo 88 Mortenson, Ruth CAAS-Sol Barnesville, Minn. 277, 172, 52 Mounta Mounta in, Kenneth CAg-Fry Calvin 155 in, Robert CAg-SOD Calvin 190 Mousseau, David CME-Jrb Minot 241 Mowbray, Richard CPh-Fry Wales 151 Mott, Henry 165 Moxness, Kenneth CEE-Gradl Cathay 152 Moyer, Gerald CAAS-Sri Fargo 233, 105, 33 Mueller, Joyce CHE-Srl Fargo 120 Muggli, Mullen, Mumm, Robert tCh-Gradl Richardton Michael tAg-Sol New Rockford George CEE-Jrl Lidgerwood Murphy, Kerry CAAS-Srl Harvey 248, 128, 274, 4, 175, 131 294 Murphy, Patrick CCE-Fr? Kenmare 164, 156 Murray, Justin CAg-Fri Fingal 197 Murray, Nona CAAS-Sol Moorhead, Minn. Murtha, Carolyn CAAS-Soy Fargo Musselman, William fAg-Spb Arthur Mussetter, Harold CPh-Fri Sisseton, S. Dak. Myers, Carl CAg-Fry Moorhead, Minn. Myers, Donna CHE-Frj Moorhead, Minn. Myers, Harvey KEE-Fry Cavalier Myers, Lois CAAS-Frj Colfax Myers, Raymond CME-S03 Cavalier Myhre, Blayne CPh-Sol New Rockford 182 Myhre, Charles CME-Jrj Alamo 247, 169 Myhre, Robert CEE-Fry Kindred Myhre, Wesley CEE-Jr? Walcott Myller, Robert QEE-Jrl Moorhead, Minn. 245, 166, 198 Myrdal, Michael CPh-Jr7 Fargo McAtee, Monte CPh-Srl Rolla 124 MCAuley, Larry CCE-Fri Climax, Minn. MCAuley, Vivian CAAS-Jrj Climax, Minn. 227, 141, 183, 34, 213 McBride, Margaret CHE-Fry Williston 193, 186 McCloskey, Robert CAAS-Fr? Fargo 204 McComb, Keith CME-Jrb Fargo 233 McCormick, Thomas CCE-Jrb Schroeder, Minn. 165 McCoy, Laverne CME-Frb Williston 167 McCullogh, Jeanine CAAS-Fry Fargo McDaniel, Brian CME-Sol Minot 40 McDonald, Charles CEE-Fry Bismarck 182 McDonald, James CME-Sol Deering McDonald, Mary CAAS-Sol Fargo 224, 157 MacDonald, Robert CAAS-Frl Nakina, Ontario McElwain, James CAg-Sol Max Mclillevey, John CPh-Sol Grand Marais, Minn. MacFarlene, Barbara 155 McFerrain, David CEE-Jrj Mandan 183, 158 MCGeary, Kathryn CHE-Srl Fargo 221, 120, 195, 187, 186, 87 McGee, James CEE-Fri Valley City McGhie, Bruce CHE-Gradl Fargo McGhie, Fay CHE-Gradj Fargo McGuire, James CPh-Jrb Fargo 239, 21, 146, 86 McKay, Robert CAAS-Sol Austin, Minn. 84, 85 McKenzie, Don CAg-Frb Pingree 180 McKinnie, Mary CAAS-Grady Fargo McLain, Eldon CME-Sol Mohall 160 McLean, Margaret 155 McLaren, Audrey CAAS-Frb Larimore McLaughlin, Hugh CCE-Fri Bismarck McLaury, John CCE-Srl Fargo McLean, Kenneth CAg-S09 Wheatland 234, 34 McLeod, Gordon CAAS-Spb Moorhead, Minn. McManus, Lowell CAAS-SOD Casselton 243 McNeese, Geonge CEE-Fri McHenry Nagel, Herman QCE-Fry Linton Narde, Joseph D. CAeroE-Jr! Fargo Narurn, Gailen CArchE-Frb Douglas 168 Nash, Mavis CHE-S05 Fordville 223, 194, 195 Nation, Russell CAg-Fri Fargo Naucler, John KIE 81: M-Frj Fargo Nayes, James CAg-Spb Fingal 180 Nedrebo, Kermit CAAS-Sol Gardner 235 Neeb, Vel Ray CHE-S07 Fargo 193, 194 Neiffer, Clifford CEE-Fri Terry, Mont. Nellermoe, Anita CHE-Fr? Fargo 4, 175, 189 Nelson, Arnold CAAS-Frb Williston Nelson Charles Arthur CAeroE-Frb Hawley, Minn. Nelson Charles J. CPhysics-Fri Moorhead, Minn. 197 Nelson Harris Clayton CAg-Fry Pelto Nelson, Curtis Herbert CAg-SOD Christine 190 Nelson, Curtis Hilke CCh-Frb Fargo 180, 178 Nelson Dayton CCE-Soj Hazen Nelson, Delbert CPH-S07 Ellendale 154 Nelson, Dennis CCh-Sol Sheyenne Nelson Dale CME-Soi Mandan 233, 183 Nelson, Gary CCE-S09 Bowbells 152 Nelson, Harry CME-Srl Grand Forks 115, 167 Nelson, Helen CAAS-Sri Harvey 219, 105 Nelson, Jean Ann CAAS-Sol Milnor 220, 130, 45 Nelson, Joan CHE-Srj Milnor 221, 120, 23, 146, 141, 132, 148, 149, 183, 170, 150, 269 Nelson, Lyle D. CArchE-Jrb Cando 185, 137, 198 Nelson Marvin Erlinig QME-Frb Perley, Minn. Nelson, Neal M. CME-Fry Perley, Minn. 153, 152 Nelson, Richard A. CAAS-Sol Fargo Nelson, Robert Ernest CEE-Frj Proctor, Minn. 161 Karen Edinger, Queen of the Lettermen's Ball and her royal, well- dressed court of Iovelies, Pat Hagen, Ruth Olwin and Phyllis Diede. SPORTING GOODS 0 Team Outfitters ot Athletic Equipment Rawlings 81 Spalding Distributors 0 Dodge Trophies 0 Oberhamer, C.C.M. and Hyde Skates 0 Northland Skis and Hockey Sticks 0 Guns - All Makes Johnson Seahorse Motors -:- SALES and SERVICE -:- EMERY JOHNSON SPORTING GOODS 7-9 Broadway Fargo, North Dakota ilfuk ,F 'H PIONEER on. and coAL co. 4 l 15 A -Frat ,H 414 4th St. N. Fargo, N. D. ,P Dial 7516 -:- For Thrifty Buyers -:- DUTCH MAID CASH 'N CARRY DAIRY STORES THICK MALTS-MILK and DAIRY PRODUCTS 519 Broadway I3 South Eighth St. 295 be K 1 There, now doesn't that prove Greeks can work in harmony. What difference does H make if they have an SAE locked in the trunk? It was all clean Cond wet? fun during Greek week at the NDSC. Ncilggn, Ronald L. CAg-Jrj Gilby 231, 180, 190, 4, 174, 173, 162, Nelson, Ronald Roy CAAS-Frj Fargo Nelson, William Howard CMF.-Srl Perley, Minn. 116, 153, 152, 133, 169, 137 Ness, Alan Jerome CME-Frl Fargo - Ness, Rodger H. CEE-Jrb Wolverton, Minn. 153, 152, 166 Ness, Vernelle James fAg-Srl Bottineau 129, 99, 163 Ness, Walter CAg-Spb Hillsboro Nesset, Arlene CAAS-Jrj Fargo 221, 134, 175 Nestaval, Hal J. CCE-Frj Newtown Nesvig, Sam CAAS-Fr? Buxton Netzer, James CAeroE-Jrl Moorhead, Minn. Neuenschwander, Joe CArch-Frl Fessenden Neuhart, Delbert CAg-Frb Shevenne Neumann, William CEE-Fr? Ada, Minn. Nichol, Cleo CAg-Srl Maxbass Nickols, Vernon CPh-Frb Crosby Nielson, James CEE-Srl Valley City 166, 198 Niemeier, Orland CAg-Jrl Buxton 180 Nilles, Harold CPh-Jrj Durbin 243 Nippolt, Bob CIESLM-Jrb Fargo 184, 66, 58 Niskanen, Clarence CME-Sol Gackle 84 Oak, Wayne Ckg-Frj Mclntosh, Minn. Oakey, Lawrence KEE-S05 Fargo Oberg, Robert CAg-Jrb Fargo 191 Oberlander, Harold CCE-Jrb Bismarck 248, 165 Obermiller, Paul CME-Frj Fargo Obleness, Robert CAAS-Jrb Fargo 160 Ockart, Lester CAg-Frj Cathay Odegard, Harland CAg-Srl Moorhead, Minn. 249, 99 Odegaard, LeRoy CAg-Jrb Bowdon 153, 152 Odenbach, Donald fAg-Fr? Woodworth 181 Odenbrett, LeRoy CAAS-.Trl Genesco 241 Offerdahl, Thomas CPh-Sol Fargo Ogzuchi, Keiko IAAS-Srl Nagano-Ken, Japan 105, 134, 151 Ohlhauser, Darlene CHE-Sol Hazelton 193 Ohnstad, Paul CPh-Jrb Fargo Ohnstad, William CME-Frb Fargo Oium, Orlin CAg-Jr! Towner O'Keefe, Gerald CAg-Frl Walhalla 162 O'Keefe, Larry CAg-Jrl Walhalla 231, 99, 162 O'Keeffe, Robert CPh-Frl Fargo Ollinger, Rodney tArchF.-Jrj Fargo Olmstead, Donald CAAS-Srl Moorhead, Minn. 105 Olmstead, Richard CAAS-Frl St. Thomas Nobel, Gisela CAAS-Spb Fulda, Germany Noden, Patricia CPh-Srl Ada, Minn. 229, 129, 124, 140, 133, 144 145, 182, 159 Noess, Keith CME-S05 Ellendale 235 Nolan, Robert CAAS-Srl Fargo 105 Nordbo, Marvin CAg-Grady Fargo Nordin, Harvey CCE-Sol New Town Nordlund, Joan CHE-Srl Stratheona, Minn. 121, 153, 152 Norell, Albert CArchE-Jrb Fargo Norenberg, Curtis CAg-Gradl Fargo 180 Norgon, Robert CEE-Frj Fargo Normand, Ken 157 North, Robert CAAS-Frb Fargo Nothelfer, Robert CCE-Sol Appleton, Minn. Nunn, Richard CAAS-Frb Ponsford, Minn. Nygaard, Arne 244 Nygaard, Maurice CME-Jrl Wahpeton 167 Nyjar, Inderjit CCh-Gradj Kashmir, India N uist Dean EE-Sr Hoffman 245,116, 133, yo , C D Nystuen, Arne CEE-Sol Crosby Nystuen, Peder CAg-Grad? Fargo 296 166, 137 Olness, Richard CPh-S05 Ryder Olsbo, James CAAS-Frl Fargo ' Olson, Alan F. fArchE-Sol Williston Olsen, Alan K. CME-Jrb Fargo 169, 171 Olson, Allan LeRoy CAg-Jrj Buxton 129, 235, 183 Olson, Arlene CAAS-Fry Fargo 220 Olson, Aulden CME-Sol Glvndon. Minn. Olson, Beverly CAAS-Jrl Fargo 219, 27, 134, 145 Olson, David tPh-Grad! Moorhead, Minn. Olson, Delores KHE-Srl Brocket 121, 139, 134 Olson, Donald CME-Fry Bismarck Olson, Duane CME-Srl Milnor 245, 116, 133, 167, 169, 137 Olson, Edmund CEE-Sol Farlgo Olson, Gaye CHE-S07 Finley 141, 193, 182, 197, 143 Olson, Olson, Gaylord CAg-Jrb Buxton 128, 146, 147, 234, 235, 190, 186 George KME-Srl Rolette 116, 167 Olson, Gloria CHE-Jrl Esmond 181, 159, 186 Olson, Henry CPh-S05 Fargo Olson, Hubert CCE-Sol Argusville 164 Olson, James Odell CAAS-Frb Reynolds Olsen, James R. CME-Fry Fargo Olson, Olson Kathryn CAAS-Frh Lake Park, Minn. Kent CPh-S03 Battle Lake, Minn. Olsoni Leslie CME-Frj Ada, Minn. Olson, Richard CME-Fry Perley, Minn. Olson, Robert C. CME-Sol Valley City Olson, Robert Eric CCh-Srj Fargo 107, 133. 201 Olson, Robert T. CAg-Fry Hawley, Minn. Olson, Roland CAg-S05 Buxton 235 Olson, Sidney CAg-Frb Mohall Olson, Olson Olwiri, Wayne CME-Jr! Perley, Minn. 202 William CArchE-Fry Christine Ruth CHE-Srl Fargo 221, 121, 139, 4, 130, 18 O'Neill, Richard CPh-Srb Fargo 124 Onsager, Jerome CAg-Sol Northwood 233 Opdahl, Donald CAg-Soi Fargo Opdahl, Lyle CAAS-Frb Battleview Oren, Oscar CEE-F1-9 Fargo Ormbreck, Harlan CArch-Soy Ulen, Minn. 247, 168 Ormiston, Alan CAg-Sol Fairdale 237, 190 Ornberg, LeRoy CCE-Jrh Fargo 164 Ortiz, Edward CAAS-Spb New York, N. Y, Osborne, Robert CAg-Fri Wimbledon 235 Oseland, Ron CAAS-Sol Brainerd, Minn. 64, 58 Oslie, Loren CCE-Frb Fargo 3, 187 Palmer, Avis CAAS-Jr? Devils Lake 225 Palmerson, Peter CEE-Sri Springbrook 247, 116, 166, Pals, Lowell CCh-Sol Valley City 135, 182, 178 Pancratz, John CEE-S03 Fargo Parkel, Lynn CPh-Sol LaCrescent, Minn. 204 Parkin, Virginia CAAS-Fry Claremont, S. Dak. Parkins, James CPh-Jr? Thief River Falls, Minn. 239 Patterson, Donald CAAS-Srl Washburn 243, 105 Paul, Howard CCE-Srl Minot 164, 116 Paulsen, Duane CCh-S03 West Fargo 155, 158 Paulson, Winifred CAAS-Sol Williston 227, 251, 27, 170, 44 Paulsrud, Marjorie CHE-Grad! Fargo Pautz, Marlys CHE-Sri Mayville 219, 121, 27, 172, 196 Peach, Mary Ellen CHE-Srl Erie Pechowsky, Loren 156 Pecinovsky, Ronald CMTE-Fry Bowman Peckskamp, Jerome CAAS-Sr? Fargo 84, 85 Peet, David CAAS-Srl Fargo 233, 105 Pekas, Jerome CAg-Jrb Regent Pekas, Lloyd CPh-Srl Mott 239, 124 Pellizzard, Eugene CAIg-Frl Caspian, Mich. Pepper, Ronald CEE-Sol Moorhead, Minn. Perkins, Owen CAAS-Fri Claremont, S. Dak. Peters, Veronica CHE-Fri Fargo 227, 33 Oslie, Marvin CEE-Frj Walcott Ostby, Melvin CAg-Srl Fargo 249, 128, 99, 180, 4, 17 30, 42, 265 Ostenson, Thomas CAg-Fry Wahpeton Oster, James CAg-Fri Hazen 153, 152, 182 Ostlund, Mary CPh-Srl Birchdale, Minn. 129, 124 Ostmo, Morris CCE-Fry Northwood Ostrem, James CAg-Fri Felton, Minn. Ostrem, Jamice CHE-Jrb Felton, Minn. Otteson, Helen CAAS-Fri Wolverton, Minn. Otway, Harry CIE 8a M-S07 Fargo Overvold, Lowell CIE 8a M-Fry Moorhead, Minn. Ozbun, Jimmy CA1g-Fr? Flasher 235, 190, 36 Pace, William CAg-S07 Wolseth Paczkowski, Loran CPh-Fry Glenfield Pagel, Ralph CArchE-Frb Fargo Peterson, Axel CPh-Fri Valley City 4, 132, 150, Peiiezrson, Barbara CHE-Srb Grand Forks 223, 7 , 49 Peterson, Charles CIE 8c M-Srb Fargo Peterson, Cyril CPh-Jrb Carrington Peterson, Don Harry CAg-So! Ryder 190 Peterson, Donald E. CEE-Srb Minot 116, 137 Peterson, Don S. CPh-SOD Hettinger 243, 44 Peterson, Donovan CAg-Frb Kenmare Peterson, Ed 53 Peterson, Gordon CIE Sz M-Soj Mandan 243, 254 Peterson, Harry CPh-Frb Minnewaukan Pederson, Inez CHE-Fry Fargo Peterson, James CME-Sri Claremont, S. Dak. 169 Peterson, JoAnn CHE-Fri Fargo 193 Peterson, Larry 231 Peterson, Leo CEE-S07 Detroit Lakes, Minn. Peterson, Lorraine CHE-Srl Rugby Peterson, Lyle CME-Sol Minnewaukan 153, 152, 167 Peterson, Marion CPh-SOD Fargo 121, 141, 183 me CV8i8lMllSl1l0 1 u y, ard: I - . the Copy 'S QUT WGTC W f Fidelity YO guarantee- , Y0ur satisiddlon' our move Let Dakota do it Gnd YOU E toward Pefledion 7 W J , X 97 Tl-ne Teammukers are attempting to prove that you're never too old - to Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, ploy tug of war, that is. Mary CHE-Srl Fargo 223, 121, 139, 193 Richard C. CCE-S09 Fargo 165 Richard M. CPh-Jrj Alexandria, Minn. Roberta KAAS-S03 Fargo Robert 182 Ronald C. CAg-Frj Fisher, Minn. Ronald E. CPh-Fry Fargo Peterson, Shirley CHE-Sol Parshall 219, 192 Pederson, Stanley CCE-Srl Juanita 164, 116, 161 Pederson, Wayne CAAS-Srl Fargo 116 Peterson, Willard CCE-Srb Duluth, Minn. 164, 133 Peterson, Wililam L. CCE-Srl Fargo 165 Pederson, Willis CAg-Jrb Devils Lake Pettinger James CAAS-Fri Farlgo Pettingerl Thomas CPh-Srl Fargo 239, 125 Pewe, Ro ger KCE-Jrj Bottineau Pfeifer, Beverly CAAS-Jrb Moorhead, Minn. 227, 141, 4, 174, 148, 187 Pfeifer, Eugene CAg-S03 Fargo Pfeiffer, Mary CPh-Sol Pequot Lakes, Minn. 129, 194 Pfeifle, Marlene CHE-Jrj Wishek 225, 152, 193, 4, 172, 50 Pfenninig, Thomas CEE-Jrb Mandan 249, 45 Pflugrath, Elaine CHE-Jrj Wahpeton 193, 182, 143 Pfutzenreuter, Orris CCE-Grady Elgin Phillips, Phillips Charles CPh-Jrb Wadena, Minn. 177, 33, 45 Donald fAg-Srl Forbes 237, 129, 191 Phillips, James CAg-Jrb Forbes 129 Phillips, LeRoy CCE-Srb Forbes 164 Phillips, Sylister CAgD 180 Phipps, Ross CAAS-Fri Fargo Pickett, Thomas CAg-Spb Moorhead, Minn. Pierce, Carolyn CHE-Jrl Ellendale 223, 251, 193, 159 Pierce, Willard CAAS-Grady Moorhead, Minn. Pittard, Glenn CArchE-Jrj Fargo Platt, Ge orge CME-Fry Fargo Platt, Margaret CAAS-Fry Fargo 223, 159, 186, 151 Platz, Mary CHE-Srl Langdon 225, 250, 157, 121, 193, 188, 209 Pletan, Merlin CCE-S07 Fargo Polasky, Mary CAAS-Jrb Tappen Polsfut, Leona CHE-Jrb Benedict 153, 152, 159, 194 Pomeroy, James CAg-Sol Fargo 183 Posey, Carmen CHE-S09 Garrison 152 Poyzer, Harley CAAS-Srl Fargo 233, 105 Pratt, Paul CAg-Srb Gardner 233, 99, 163 Pratt, Richard CAAS-Srj Fargo 105 Praskey, Richard ClE8zM-Fry Glenburn 160 Prestegard, Gladys CAAS-Grady Fargo 298 Price, Edward CME-Jrj Fingal 169 Price, Grace CHE-Jrj Price 134 Priebe, Donald iAg-Jr! Larson 129, 99, 134, 180 Pronozuk, Orie CAAS-Frl Winnipeg, Canada Pulkrabek, John CAAS-S09 Fargo Qualley, Marlene CHE-Sri Hendrum, Minn. 221, Quam, Rolly 185 Quanbeck, Sherman CME-Jrb McVille Quatier, Lloyd CIE 8zM-Jrj Fargo Quick, David CAgED 163 Quill, David CAIg-Sol Fargo 160 121, 4, 186 Radcliffe, Thomas CAAS-Srl R 1, Fargo 241, 105, 132 Radebaugh, Gerald CME-Fri Grandin Ramey, David CME-Sol Williston 245, 167 Ransey, David CME-S05 Williston Randle, Earl CEE-S05 York Rangen, Curtis CIE8zM-Sol Fargo Rash, Aaron CCh-Jrb New Salem Rasmussen, Lorin CAg-Sri St. Cloud, Minn. Rasmusson, Gerald CPh-Fry Coulee Raukar, Thomas CEE-Jrj Hibbing, Minn. 64, 58 Raycraft, Terrence CPh-So! Two Harbors, Minn. Reber, Darrell CAg-S07 Rudolph, Wis. 70, 80 Redlin, George CCE-Soy New Town 164 Redmond, Charles CAg-Gradj Fargo Reede, Roger CAAS-S09 Zeeland Reff, Neil CAg-Jrj Bismarck 237 Reger, Duane CAeroE-Jrb Eldriol-ge 247 Rehovsky, Charles CME-Fri Oakes Reich, Darlene CAAS-Frj Fargo 224 Reierson, Richard CIE 8a M-S05 Fosston, Minn. Reinke, Ruben CAAS-Fry Fargo Reimer, Herbert CCE-Fri Fargo Reitbord, Harriet CAAS-Soi Fargo Remboldt, R. Bruce CIE 8a M-Frb Fargo Remillong, Donald CAg-Fri Bismarck Remmich, Evelyn CHE-Srl Steele 121, 134, 144 Remmich, Lorran CAAS-Sol Steele 160 Renschler, Gordon CCE-Jrj Jamestown 164, 186 The greatest honor on athlete at State can receive, the Dennis Drews Award. Glenn Hill receives the trophy from Couch Del Anderson. Rensvold, David CPh-Fr? Gardner Reopelle, Richard CPh-Jrj Cavalier Reseland, Gloria CHE-Frh Moorhead, Minn 4 Resset, Robert CEE-Fri Pelican Rapids, Minn. Restad, Everett CEE-Frj Pelican Rapids, Minn. Restad, Mureen CHE-Frb Pelican Rapids, Minn. 153, Reuther, Ervin CPh-Sol Ashley Rex, Peter CAeroE-Srl Fargo 116, 167, 199, 89. Rhyne, Patricia CAAS-Sol Wheaton, Minn. 227 Rice, Nickolas CAg-Frj Pettibone 235 Richards, Sally CHE-Frl Bemidji, Minn. 223, 193, 211 Richardson, Marilyn CHE-Srl Rhame 225, 121, 193, 4 Rieder, Andrew CCE-Fry Williston 164 Rieder, Mary J. CAAS-Sol Egeland 157 152, 193 Rieder, William CME-Srl Williston 116, 132, 167, 169, 137, 198, 142 Rieple, James CPh-Srl Elgin, Ill. 239, 125 Rikimaru, Masa CPh-Jrj San Matso, Calif. Rindahl, Milton CCE-Frj Oakes Ritchie, Karen QHE-Fr? Dickinson 153, 152, 193, 143 Robinson, John CAAS-Frb Garrison Robinson, Marilynn CHE-Sol Bartlett 154, 193, 159 Rockwood, Barbara CAAS-Jrl Fargo 196, 194, 195, 18 Rockwood, Bruce CAAS-Frj Farlgo Rodenburg, Melvin CAg-Sol Strasburg 180 Roder, Norman CEE-Jrj Fargo Rodke, Kermit CAg-Fry Hawley, Minn. Roesch, Carol CHE-Frj Ada, Minn. 193, 253 Rogers, Riley CPh-Jrl Fargo Rogers, Ronald CPh-Jrj Fargo 173, 203, 205 Rohs, Lowell KIE 8aM-Jrj Fargo 167 Roise, Laurel CME-Frj Ottertail, Minn. Rolfsrud, Harold CAg-Sol Watford, City Rolshoven, Raymond fCE-Jrb Mandan Romani, Mario CEE-Jrb Hibbing, Minn. Rondestvedt, Gilbert CEd-Grad! Fargo Ronlgen, Charles CAg-Frb Fertile, Minn. Ronholm, Roy CPh-Srj McHenry 125 Ronnigen, Morris CAg-So? Nielsville, Minn. 231 Rose, Ronald CCE-Frj Wimbledon Roster, Cleo CHE-Srl Edgeley 223 Roteliuk, Luchy CAeroE-Sol Sawyer 199 Rotenberger, Edmund CArchE-Jrj Lisbon Rotenberger, Theodore CEE-Sol Lisbon Rothfusz, Judith CHE-Jrj Ashley 183, 172 Rothfusz, Ralph CEE-Jr? Ashley 183, 166, 171 Rott, Eugene CAg-Jrb Jamestown 231 Rowan, Kathleen CHE-Sol Mandan 224, 225, 157, 193 Rubbert, Margaret CAAS-Frh Fargo Rudd, Rude, Rude, William CAAS-Frj Moorhead, Minn. 185, 197 LeRoy CAg-Grad? Colgan John CAAS-Frh Grenora 163 Rude, Ronald CEE-S05 Colgan Rued, Daryll CPh-Frh Fargo Ruff, W. Dale CArchE-Sol West Fargo 155 Ruland, John CCE-Jr! New Town 164, 116 Ruliffson, Adele CHE-Gradl Fargo Ruliffson, Joe CAg-Srl Mapleton 230, 231, 128, 99, 146, 147, 135, 190, 132, 150, 51, 42, 270 , Rlgrtngaca, James CPh-Sr? Hankinson 238, 239, 128, 125, 131, 186, Running, Philip CArchE-FrD Fargo 185 Ruud, Phillip QEE-Fry Fargo 81 Rucera, Henry CAgEJ 163 Ryan, Kenneth CPh-Sol Bowman 86, 45 6, 34 Predominanfly stag affairs, the Monday night dances after Greek meetings have been a boon to the campus' social life, and besides they're free! Saba, Janet CHE-Sol Bismarck 225, 193, 170, 44 Sabbe, Wayne CAg-Frj Silva 235 Sack, Kent CPh-Jrb Reeder 239, 128, 154, 158 Sack, Larry CME-Frj Reeder Sakshaug, Tom 185 Salmonson, Donald CAAS-Sol New Rockford 233, 135, 182, 47 Samuelson, Stanley CAg-Jrl Devils Lake 180, 161 Samuelson, Warren CPh-Frj Fargo Sand, Marian CHE-Jr7 Emerado 221, 193 Sandager, Carl CAg-Sol Kindred 180, 153 Sandbeck, Eleanor CHE-Fry Kindred 228 Sanderson, George CAAS-Fr! Fargo Sands, Dunn-Barr CAAS-Sri Fargo Sands, Neil CAAS-Frl Fargo Sarff, Dale CAAS-Srl Fargo 105, 135, 182 Sarvela, Melvin CCE-Srl Kettle River, Minn. 245, 165 Satermo, Dwight CEE-Frb New Town Sauber, James CCE-Soy Palermo Sauer, Clarence CME-Fri Carpio 160 Sauer, Earl CME-Frb Carpio Sauer, Richard CCE-Frj Carpio Sauer, Wilfred CAAS-Fry Carpio Saunders, Dale 235, 151 Saunders, Milton CCh-Fr? Cogswell 179 Saunders, Neil CEE-Fri Fargo Saurdiff, Ronald CPh-Jrl Warroad, Minn. Savageau, Monica CAAS-Jrb Fargo 227, 52 Sayler, Jerome CPh-Sol Ashley 135, 182 Sayler, Milo CPh-Srl Ashley 125, 140, 135, 133, 182 7 198, 142 Congratulations th , 19512 cflss The Fargg COMPELAENTS THE Na1'lOl'Iai Bank E HAM A Home Owned Independent Bank EMPIRE ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY TAVERN 306 BROADWAY Fargo, N. Dak. Bruce M. Johnson Member F.,D.I.C. Fargo, N. D. I FARGO, N. DAK. 299 This picture is the pride and ioy of the annual staff, 'For it depicts the great moment in 1955 when professional college student Bob "Feesh" Fischer finally received a diploma after only eight years of coffee labs, sports columns ond chatter. Sayler, Robert CME-Fr! Washburn Schaak, Jerome CAgEng-Srl Sykeston 171, 163, 202, 201 Schaaf, Donald CAAS-Sol Kindred Schaeffer, Jerome CME-Frb Medina Schalker, William CPh-Jrb Fargo Scharnowske, James CEE-Frj Fargo Schatz, Donald CAAS-Jrb McClusky 243, 105 Schaubert, Darwin CA'g.Eng-Spb Bowdon 163 Schellack, Richard CCh-Grady Glyndon, Minn. Scheltens, Ronald CEE-Frj Minot Schick, Keith CPh-Srl Austin. Minn. 239, 125, 185, 89 Schiebold, Warren CME-Srl Fargo Schiefer, Don CPh-Sol Kenmare 239, 205 Schiefer, Harry CPh-Sol Kenrnare Schields, Hertha CHE-S03 Beulah Schmid, Howard fAg-Sol Oberon 180, 190 Schmidgall, Donald CArch-Soy Garrison Schmidt, David CCE-So? Max 235 Schmidt, Donald CME-Gradl Fargo Schmidt, Robert CME-Fri Fargo Schmidt, Roger CCh-Soy Fargo Schmit, Darrell CArch-Sol Minot Schmit, Thomas CAg-Frb Oakes Schmitz, Fredrick CME-Frb Fargo Schmitz, Phyllis CHE-Sol Artas. S. Dak. Schneider, Lincoln CAg-Fry LeFor Schneider, Stanley CAg-Fri Haynes 181 Schnell, Dick CAAS-Gradb Valley City 153, 152, 197 Schnell, Shirlene CAAS-Jrb Dickinson 221, 4, 175, 195, 170, Schnell, Wayne CArch-Frb Dickinson 81 Schoeneman, Don CIE 8c M-Srj Bismarck Schoephoerster, Delbert CEE-Srl Lisbon 241, 128, 116, 132, 42 Schrirnpf, Dennis CME-Frb Fargo Schroeder, Eugene CAAS-Fry Battle View Schroeder, Sally CHE-Sol Fargo 221, 4, 170, 49 Schroeder, Stanley CEE-Fr? Fargo Schuenle, William CPh-S05 Faribault, Minn. 161 Schuhmacher, Alan C. CPh-Srj Austin, Minn. 233, 123, 146, 147, 132, 149, 33, 186 Schultz, John CME-Srl Bismarck 116, 167 Schumacher, James CAg-Jrb Malta, Mont. Schumacher, John CEE-Sol Bismarck Schumacher, Reinhold CCE-Jrh Fargo Schwankl, Thomas CPh-Jrj Sauk Rapids, Minn. 249, 156 Schwartz, Donald CAg-Jrj Jamestown 231, 129, 146, 147, 300 195 166, 125, 180, 190, 176, 177, 148 Schwartz, George CAg-So! Mott 231, 191, 180, 186 Schwartz, Rodney CCE-Srl Fargo 165, 161 Schwinkendorf, Ron CEE-Srl Mandan 245, 116, 166 Scott, Douglas CME-Fry Fargo Scott, James CME-S09 Fargo Scott, Sonja CHE-Sol Fargo 221, 4, 170 Scrivens, Dale CCE-Frb Ypsilanti Scully, Harriet CPh-Jrl LeSueur, Minn. Seelhammer, John IEE-S03 Cogswell 235 Seim, Norman KIE 85 M-Grady Fargo Seim, Phyllis Eileen CHE-Frb Finley 193, 182, 143 Seitz, Donald CCh-Gradl Barnesville, Minn. Seitz, Myron CME-Frj Hazen Sele, Eurgene CPh-Jrb Hallock, Minn. 239, 135, 182 Selkirk, Robert CME-Sol Fargo 160 Selland, Dennis CAg-Fri Rugby Selland, Larry CAg-Frl Rugby Semmen, Arlan CAg-Jrb Minot Senechal, Calvin CAAS-Sol Sabin. Minn. Senechal, Carol CHE-Fri Anamoose 141, 183 Senechal. Dalton CEE-Frj Sabin, Minn. Senechal, George CEE-Frj Drake 181 Senechal, Roland CAg-Frh Drake Seng, Barbara CHE-Frl Karlstad. Minn. 193, 183 Serrin, Thomas KEE-Jrb Fargo 184, 88 Sether, Richard KEE-Sol Fargo Sevde, Robert CArchE-Fry Williston Severson, Donald CEE-Fry Kindred Sharp, Dean CAAS-Fr? Bismarck 257, 81 Shattuck, Harold CEE-Fry Bismarck 182 Shaw, Lawrance CAgE-Jrj St. Vinsent, Minn. 182 Shea, Edward CME-Frb Fargo 204 Sheldon, Betty CAAS-Frb Wheatland Sheldon, Don CAAS-Sr? Vlfheatland 105 Sheldrup, Marlyn CCE-Sol Pelican Rapids, Minn. Shelton, Lowell CIE 85 M-Fry Fargo 90 Shelver, Barry CCE-Fri Dunseith Shelver, William CPh-Srj Staples, Minn. 239, 125, Shepard, John CAAS-Srl Fargo Shepard, Sharon CAAS-Fr? Burnstad 184, 83 Sherwood, Judith CAAS-Srl Fargo 227, 223, 105, 23, 146 144 145, 132, 133, 148, 170, 50, 266 Shiefer, Donald 131 Shields, William CAg-Fry Moorhead, Minn. Shipley, Betty CAAS-Sol Fargo 225, 141, 183, 33 Shobe, Wesley CAg-Fry McVille Shockman, Marlene CAAS-Fri Wahpeton Siedschlag, LeRoy CAg-Frj Berlin 161 Siefken, John CAAS-Srl Fargo Sim, R oss CME-Sol Moorhead, Minn. Simons, Beverly CHE-Srh Grand Forks 219, 121, 139, 196 Simons, Donald CAAS-Fry Larimore Simons, George CAg-Spb Grand Forks Simonson, Arliss CHE-Fri Hope 228, 159 Simonson, Gladys CAAS-Gradl Audubon, Minn. Sinner, Geraldine CPh-Fri Fargo 223, 42 Sinner, JoAnn CPh-Jrb Fargo 223, 129 Sinner, Jeanne CHE-S09 Fargo 223, 193, 4 Sjorbotten, Floreen CHE-Sol Horace 153, 152, 193 Skaar, Norma CHE-Srl Hampden 121, 193 Skara, James CArchE-Fry Fargo Skare, Elmo CAg-Jrl Bagley, Minn. 129 Skaufe l, Richard CEE-Fri Cooperstown Skerik, Richard CCE-S03 Hines, Minn. 164 Skjervem, Kenneth CEE-S07 Fordville Skj ons by, Bruce CAAS-Fri Mott 34 Skogley, Earl CAg-Gradj Fargo 129 Skognes, Patricia CAAS-Gradl Fargo Sleight, John CArchE-Sol Beach Slinde, Caroline CHE-Sol Velva 223, 193, 159 Slobojan, Rita Ann CHE-Sol Mohall 157 Slotten, Russell CAgE-Srl Wahpeton 233, 116, 173, 163, 31, 203 Sluka, Smith Smith, Smith, 1 Karen QHE-Jrb Aberdeen, S. Dak. 221, 139, 176, 172 Bruce CPh-Fr? Crosby 84, 85 Forrest CEE-Jrj Edgeley Gary CAg-Sol Baker, Minn. 190, 4, 175 Smith, I. CAg-Grady Fargo Smith, Jarold CME-Fri Williston Smith Jerold CAIg-Frb Sutton Smith: Lawrence QME-sry Cummings 245, 116 Smith, Smith, Snuste Snusta Lowell CAAS-S07 Fargo Margaret CHE-Fr? Park River 193, 159 ad, Erwin CPh-Frb Duluth, Minn. d, Grace CAAS-Jrb Hendrum, Minn. Snyder, Helen CAAS-Jrh Fargo 227 Soeby, Carol CHE-Jrb Walhalla 223, 193, 172, 40 Sogard, Robert CME-Sol Alamo 244 Solberg, Harold CAg-Jrj Minot 235 Solberg, Henry CAg-Jrj West Fargo 231, 171, 202, 201 Solberg, Joan CHE-Srl Erskine, Minn. 121, 134, 152 Sommerfeldt, Theron CAAS-Spb Fargo Sorley, Vic 161 Sorensen, Dale CME-Fri Staples, Minn. Sorenson, Gordon CEE-Fri Buchanan Sorens Sornes on, Robert CIE8z M-SOD Minot on, Clay CEE-Jrj Bismarck 243 Sornsin, John CAAS-Fry Fargo Southam, J. E. CPH-Srl Mohall 239, 250, 128, 125, 132, 131, 38, 188, 43 Sparks, Clinton CAAS-Sol Farlgo 146, 147, 183, 158, 186, 150, 160 Sparrow, Ronald CEE-Fri Fargo Spiker, Shirley CHE-Jrl Fargo Spinar ski, Wallace CME-Fri Jamestown Spooner, Glen CAg-Frj Noonan Spooner, Neal CAg-Fry Noonan 191 Sprecher, Gregory KAAS-Fri S. West Fargo Stadtlander, Gary CEE-Soi Fargo Stahl, Curtis CAg-Fri Litchville Stahleberg, Ronald CCE-Fry Fargo Stignmen, Joan CHE-Soj Donnybrook 223, 193, 4, 183, 186, 46, , 49 Stange land, Carol CAAS-Frj Argusville "O.K. one - two - three pull . . . Ahh COITIB Oh fellas, pull! In Fargo, N. Dak. It's the . . . BISON TAVERN 20 Broadway Well, I know i1's up there someplace, you lust don't misplace on basket in the fieldhousep that would iust be like hiding a bass drum in a taxicab. Stangeland, Loren CA'g-Frj Moorhead, Minn 34. Starkey, Alden CAgE-Jrb Fargo Staska, Jerome KAAS-Frj Fargo States, Richard CAg-Sri Sarles 99, 191, 180, 49 Staudt, James CME-Jrj Fargo Stauffer, Clyde CChem-Srl Cando 107, 133, 183, 33 Stavig, Roger CAAS-Grady Rosholt, S. Dak. Steffan, Charles CPh-Jrb Devils Lake 233, 40 Steffen, Harley CAg-S07 New Town Steffes, Robert CAg-Fri Arthur 191, 97, 256 Stegman, Earl CAg-Fri Neche Steidl, Paul CArchE-Sol Fingal Steifgman, Maureen CHE-Fri Mandan 227, 253, 4 Steinke, Elaine fAAS-Frj Bordulac Stelter, Willis CArchE-5th yr.J Doran, Minn. 116, 136 Stenberg, Duane KEE-Fri Kindred Stenerson, Roger CAAS-Gradb Hunter Stensland, Sharon CHE-Fry Mohall 181, 193 Stevens, Gerald QEE-Frj Fargo Stewart, James CAg-Jrj Grand Forks 231, 163, 186, 91 Stewart, William CPh-Jrh Devils Lake Stiening, John CAAS-Sol Moorhead, Minn. Stilwell, Donald CPh-Srb Fargo 125, 140 Stock, Gerald CAAS-Jrj Fargo 182, 173 GILLESPIE STUDIO -:- Your Bison Photographer -:- Portraits - Commercial - Weddings -0- 921 Center Avenue Moorhead, Minnesota Dial: 3-0776 301 Stockman, Howard CAgE-Jrb Williston 241, 128, 97, 182, 163 Stockman, Gene CME-SOD Williston 241, 131 Stockton, James CAg-Fry Neche Stoen, Donald CAAS-Sol Fargo 161 Stoll, Kaye CHE-Fry Killdeer 193, 183, 159 Stoll, Thomas CPh-Jr? Killdeer 239 Stolt Flo d EE-So Far , y C J go I Storbeck, Carrol CAg-Fri Lake Park, Minn. 161 Stordahl, Norman CAAS-S05 Hope Stoutenburg, Jay CA'g-Fr? Hickson Stover, Fred CAAS-S07 Fargo 65, 83, 58 Stoxen, David CPh-Jrl Taylor 239 Strand, William CCE-Srl Detroit Lakes, Min Strege, Loren CME-Sol Fargo Strid, Anton CAg-Fr! McGregor Strobel, Marilyn CHE-Fri Golden Valley 193 Strom, Thomas CME-Sol Ironwood, Mich. 58 Strommen, Paul CAeroE-Frb Fargo Strommen, Richard CEE-Srl Fargo 117, 166, 171, 89, 202 Stromstad, Curtis CME-Frh Alkabo Strong, Robert CAAS-Jrl Peru, Ill. 257, 62, 67 Struble, Loretta CHE-Fry Marion Struchynski, George CCE-Sol Belfield 165 Stuber, Russell CAg-Jrb Bowman 190 Stuntebeck, James CPh-Srl Wadena, Minn. 239, 125, 140, 133 Sturdevant, Robert CAAS-Sol Wahpeton 66, 58 Sturlaugson, Richard CAg-Fry Lanlgdon Stutrud, Melvin CAAS-Grady Moorhead, Minn. Styrvoky, Elizabeth CAAS-Gradj Fargo Suckerman, William CPh-Frj Dickinson Suckut, Vergil CIE8: M-Srl Bowdon 241, 117 Suess, Lejames CAAS-Frl Stanton Sullivan, Margurette CAAS-Grady Fargo Summers, Alice CHE-Sol Bowbells 225, 193, 143 Sund, Clifford CAgE-Fri Sheyenne 163 Sunde, Richard CAAS-Jr? Park Rapids, Minn. 207, 86 Sundseth, Gailon CME-Jrj Halstad, Minn. 249, 169, 197, 189 Surdahl, Delano CCE-Srl Bottineau Svedahl, Ralph CIE Sz M-Fry Crookston, Minn. Svihovec, Burnell CPh-Srj Mott 249, 125, 140 Svihovec, Celeste CAAS-Jrh Mott 219, 4 Swallers, Clair CArchE-Fry Fargo Swanes, Harold CAAS-Fri Kintyre Swanke, Harry CAAS-Srl Lakota 52 Swanson, David CAAS-Fry Bowman Swanson, Harley CAg-Fry Fairmount Swedlund, Paul CAgE-JrD Velva 241, 197 Sweeney, George CChem-Gradl Larimore Swenson, Carl CAAS-Sol Moorhead, Minn. Swenson, Duane CAAS-Jrl Fargo 128, 23, 20, 146, 147, 148, 149, 131, 183, 32, 186, 34 ' Swenson, Elisabeth CPh-Srl Gstaad, Switzerland 129, 125 Swenson, Janice CChem-S05 Fargo Swenson, Richard CAAS-Srl Fargo Swenson, Wayne CChem-Srl Dickinson 135, 182, 178, 179 Syverson, Colin CEE-Fry Havana 235 Syverson, Melroy CEE-Sol Turtle Lake Tallackson, Ruth 'CAAS-Jrb Grafton 219, 141, 183 Talley, Lavern CCE-Fry Lansford Talley, Manual CME-Srl Lansford 249 Talstad, James 231 . Tangen, Duane CChem-Frj Frazee, Minn. 179 Tangen, Richard CAAS-Sol Fargo Tangen, Tenner CCE-Srl Fargo 164, 117 Taverna, Gale CAAS-S05 Fargo 135, 182 Taverna, Neil CAAS-S03 Fargo Tehven, Marvin CME-Frj Fargo Teichmann, Richard CAAS-Sol Fargo 177, 183 Teigen, Dorothy CHE-Grady Moorhead, Minn. Teigen, Edna CHE-Jrl Rugby Teigen, Gordon CAAS-Sol Fargo Temple, Richard CAAS-Sol Fargo Teschendorf, Andrew CChem-Frb Fargo Teschendorf, Robert CAg-Srj Fargo 249, 99 Tesmer, Wayne CAAS-Frj Walhalla Tessier, Duane CEE-Fry Fargo . Tharaldson, Gerald CAAS-Frl Moorhead, Minn. Thayer, Donald CAAS-Frj Fargo Thibideau, Forest CEE-Frj Fargo Thiel, Phillip CPh-Fri Elgin, Ill. Thiele, James CAg-Sol New Salem Thomas, Richard CIE 8a M-Frl Bismarck Thomas, William CEE-Jrl Fargo Thomas, William L. CPh-Fri Fargo Thomasson, Gary CAAS-Sol Fargo 83 Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, 145, 270 Thompson, Thompson Thompson Thompson 302 v y x Gwynethe CAAS-Fri Fargo Nancy 219, 155, 189 ' Harlyn CArchE-Srl Fargo 117, 136 Janet CHE-Srl Hillsboro 219, 121, 139, Kenneth CAg-Sol Walhalla 231, 180, 162 William S. CCE-Srl Bismarck 164, 117 William M. CAg-Frb Devils Lake Willie C. CAg-Fri Hatton n.164,117,161 192, 132, Thomsen, Viggo CCE-Frj Zumbrota, Minn. Thorsell, Darrell CPh-Sob Larimore 152, 160 Thuring, Ernel CAAS-Sol Fargo 184, 70, 81 Thykeson, Orville CAg-Fri Portland Timms, Donald CEE-Frj Cando Timm, Dwight CAeroE-Sri Fargo 117, 19,9 Timm, Gerald CAgJ 180 Tix, Paul CAg-Sol Fango 236 Tofte, Robert CChem-Srl Williston Tollefson, Samuel CME-Fry Hannah Tolness, Arlyss CAAS-Fri Fertile, Minn. Tolstad, Ronald CAg-Sol Dazey 190, 161 Toman, Elgi CAg-Jrb Flasher 235, 180 Tomlinson, JoAnn CHE-Jrl Fargo 225 Tommerdahl, Dorothy CAAS-Sol Hendrum, M Tonn, Richard CME-Frl Hancock, Minn. Tool, Everett CAg-Grad? Fargo Topp, Kenneth CAg-Frb Grace City 151 Torblaa, Lowell CAAS-Srl Grafton Torkelson, Eileen CAAS-Fri Grafton Torkelson, Noel CCE-Frj Fargo Tottingham, Roy CEE-Fri Sheldon Trangsrud, Charles CAg-Fri Kindred Trangsrud, Henry CCE-Jrj Kindred 241, 164, 153, 152 Trautman, Dwayne CAAS-Jrl Woodworth Traynor, Duane CArchE-Fri Moorhead, Minn. Treat, Edward CIE 8: M-Fri Fargo Triggs, LeRoy CIE 8zM-Frb Steele - Trisko, Gordon CAAS-FrJ Carlos, Minn. Trisko, Walter CPh-Frj Carlos, Minn. Trom, John CPh-Sol Lisbon Trom, Patricia CAAS-Jrb Kindred 225, 250, 186 Trottier, Darlene CHE-Srl Fargo 223, 121 Tschida, Allan CAAS-Jrj Enderlin 241 Tschider, Richard CAAS-Sol Bismarck 251, 19, 62, 67 Tucker, Donald CPh-Fri Detroit Lakes, Minn. Tucker, Joyce CChem-Fri Fargo 219 Tucker, Robert CCh-Jrj Fargo 173, 185 Turner, Beth CAAS-Srl Wilton 229, 105 Turner, Patricia CAAS-Sol Wilton 229 Turnquist, Rodney CEE-Srl Farwell, Minn. 117, 133, 166 Tuthill, George CArchE-Srl Cogswell 117 Tuthill, Jill CAAS-Fri Cogswell Tuthill, William CIE8zM-Srl Cogswell 117, 167, 142 Twichell, Seth CArchE-Jrj Mapleton 245, 155, 158 Tyson, Beverly CHE-Fri Bismarck 227, 4 Tyson, Edmund CAAS-Srl Bismarck 249 Ulberg, Carlyle CEE-Fry Northwood Ulness, Arthus CArchE-Fry Fargo Ulsaker, Norman CAg-Gradb Fargo Ulschmid, Darlene CAAS-Frj Frazee, Minn. Ulven, Ronald CAg.-Fry Hawley, Minn. 180 Unkenholz, James CAg-Sol Mandan 158, 151 Urban, Allen CME-Jrj Minot 241, 167 Uthus, Ronald CEE-Frb Fargo inn. 252, 253 Vad, Darrol CPh-SOD Thief River Falls, Minn. Vad, Duane CPh-Srl Thief River Falls, Minn. 239, 125 Vail, Jesse CAAS-Grady Fargo 58 Valent, Stearn CCE-Fri Fessenden Valentine, Mary CHE-Jr? Hope 139, 153 Van Berkom, Lowell CPh-Jrj Powers Lake 249, 131 Van Slyck, Louis CEE-Grad? Fargo Van Slyck, Maureen CAAS-Srl Fargo 223, 105, 50 Vasenden, Arvid CPh-Jrj Fertile, Minn. 239, 135, 131, 188, 1 45, 46 Vasey, Edfred CAg-Grad! Mott Vasey, Joyce CHE-Srj Loma 223, 121, 139, 134 Vedvig, Harvey CPh-S07 Carpio Velure, Janice CAAS-Fri Kathryn Veralrud, Elton CPh-Sol Park River Vermeland, Donald CArchE-Jrj Sandwich, Ill. Vestre, Claremont CPh-Sol Bottineau Vetse, Melvin CAg-Sol Pine City, Minn. Vick, Alan CME-Gradj Banks Vick, LeRoy CEE-Sol Hankinson Vickers, Patrick CAAS-Jrj Claremont, S. Dak. 20, 58, 61 Vogel, John CA1gi-Srl Fargo 99, 163, 49 Vigesaa, Laurence CArchE-Soy Cooperstown Voelker, Estelle CHE-Sol Fargo 183 Voeller, Donald CAg-Frh Rugby Vogel, John CAg-Srl Fargo 99, 163, 49 Volden, Howard CAAS-Grady Hillsboro Vondal, Connie CAAS-Frj Neche Vonderheide, Jerome CEE-Srl Underwood 117, 166, 189, 203 Voracek, Donald CIE 8a M-Jrj Fargo 167, 185, 171 Vos, Richard CAAS-Jrh Fargo 1 Voss, Amy CAAS-Fry Rosholt, S. Dak. Vosseteig, lone CHE-Fri Finley 193, 253, 183 Vrem, Marcoe CAAS-Srl Thorne Wade, Hal CAg-Frj Mohall 190 Wagner, Donald CIE 8z M-Jrj Harvey 169 Wagner, Robert 8 Wahlin, Kenneth CAig,-Fry Wagner, Elroy CPh-Fry Hutchinson, Minn. Wagner, Floyd CPh-Jrj Hutchinson, Minn. 184, 58 Wagner, Neil CCE-Frj Monango Fargo Walker, Claire Ann CHE-Frb Garrison 154, 193, 182, 143 Walker, Robert CME-Fri Moorhead, Minn. Wall, Wayne CAAS-Fri Bottineau 257 Wallace, Clifford fPh-Jrb Milaca, Minn. 239 Wallentine, Dale CAAS-Srl Svea, Minn. 184, 62, 83, 202, 58, 60 Walstad, Douglas CAAS-Srl Moorhead, Minn. 184, 76, 74, 73, 70, 84, 85 Walter, Jerry CME-Sol Fargo 241, 68 Walvatne, Ethel CAAS-Frb Fargo 219 Walz, Rev. Julius KAAS-Gradl Fargo Wardwell, Donovan CAg-Gradj Fargo Warner, Arthur CAAS-Fry Fargo Warren, Ted CPh-Srl Harvey 125, 135 A Washburn, Donald CArchE-Jrl Fergus Falls, Minn. Watkins, Bill 197, 35 ' Watt, Joan CHE-Fry Embden 223, 193, 159 Watts, James CChem-Fri Lisbon 152 Waxler, Ronald CME-Jrb Fargo 173 Weatherford, Wayne CAAS-Srl Moorhead, Minn. 105 Weaver, John CME-Sol Lowry, Minn. Webb, Byron CAAS-Sol Montevideo, Minn. 243 Webb, Grace CHE-Frb Montevideo, Minn. 223, 250, 251, 152, 193, 143 Webster. Wallace CIE 8x M-Srl Valley City 117, 167, 160 Wedul, Kenneth fPh-Srl Thief River Falls, Minn. 239, 125, 31 Weight, Leland CCE-Frj Chino, Calif. Weiser, Conrad CAg-Jrj Fargo 129 Weiser, J. Myrth CHE-Fry Hazelton 181 Weispfenning, Bernice CHE-Frj Moorhead, Minn. Weiss, Earl CCE-Jrl Bismarck 2494 Welch, David 165 V Welken, Ralph KEE-Grad? Valley City Well, Joline CHE-Jrl Cavalier 223, 4, 172 Welsh, James CAIg-Jrj Langdon 231 Wenaas, Donald CAAS-Sol Hunter Wendt, Laurence CAAS-Fry Fargo Werner, Marvin CAg-Frj Brisbane Werth, Mel CAg-S05 Marshfield, Wis. 62, 58 Westrnan, Owen CPhysics-Fri Aneta Westphal, Bonnie CHE-Frl Enderlin 223, 193, 175, 183 Westrick, Ronald CAg-Frb Harwood Wetherbee, Robert CAg-Fri Fairmount 236 Weyland, Herman CChemT-S05 Fargo 179 Wheeler, Arthur CAAS-Sol Carrington 182 Wheeler, Susan CAAS-Sol Mandan 225, 250, 145 Whidden, Bruce CEE-Srl Minot 233. 117, 166, 142 White, Dale CAAS-Frj Hitterdal, Minn. White, James CAAS-Sol Sykeston Whiting, Ann CAAS-Sol Fargo 227, 4, 130, 196, 170, 44 Whitmer, James CCE-Srl Fargo Widdifield, Russell CAg-Grady Fargo Wiederholt, Gerald CAAS-Jrb Fargo Wiegandt, Helen KAAS-Frl Niagara Wieland, Alan CCE-Jrb Fargo 185 Wilcox, Burton CChem-Sol Center 245 Willard, Leonard CPh-Jrl Fargo Willert, JoAnn CHE-Srl Hankinson 221, 121, 139, 132, 133, 144, 145, 183, 170, 33, 271 Williams, Earl CCE-Sol Des Lacs 164, 81 Williams, Karl CChem-Srl Fargo Williams, Lois CHE-Frl Fargo 227 Williams, Winifred CAAS-Fry Olds, Alberta, Canada Willison, Darryl CAAS-Frb Blanchard Willits, Richard CAAS-Frb Fargo Willy, Elaine CHE-Frj Esmond 157, 193, 252, 253, 19 Wilson, Dennis CEE-Srl Fergus Falls, Minn. 244, 117, 162, 197 Wilson, Richard CME-Sol Fargo 241, 154 Wilson, Shannon CAg-Frb Fergus Falls, Minn. Windsor, Richard CIE 8z M-Fry Forman Winge, Royce CChem-Fry Litchville Winter, Frederick CPh-Jrl Park Rapids, Minn. Winter, James CCE-Sol Hallock, Minn. Wiseman, Wayne CAAS-Frb Williston Wisness, Margaret CHE-Sri Maddock 229, 121, 134 Wisted, Harmon CEE-Sol Pillsbury Woitzel, Helen fl-IE-Sol Gardner Wold, Bernard CME-Frb Fargo Wold, James KAAS-Jrl Fargo 184 Wolf, Leonard Ckg-Srl Medora Wolf, Wilfred CCE-Jrj Hague 164 Wolla, Maurice fEE-Srl Minot 117, 137 Wollan, Kay CChern-Sol Plentywood, Mont. 153, 152, 145, 179, 43 Wollmann, Ralph CPh-Frb Chaseley Wong, Hans CChem-Fri Albert Lea, Minn. Woodruff, Robert CChem-Grady Reynoldshore, Ohio 179 Woods, John CAg-Frb Forest River Woods, Mark CCE-Srl Bottineau Woods, Robert CCE-Fry Forest River Woodward, Richard CAAS-Fri Fargo Worner, Donald CME-Fri Hankinson Worner, Wayne KAAS-Frj Wahpeton Woyak, Owen CEE-Fr! Jamestown Wright, Alice CChem-Srl Oberon 107, 178 Wright, Dennis CAAS-Frj Fargo 157 Wright, Joseph CAAS-Grad? Fargo Wright Marvin CAg-Sol Flasher Wright, Robert CCE-Gradb Fargo 235 Wright, Theodore CME-Jrj Fargo Young, James CChern-Jrb Anamoose 233, 173, 178 Ysteboe, Howard CIE8z M-Srl Fargo 117 Zacha, Margaret CAAS-Frl Michigan Zaharee, Donald CME-Fry Max 235, 81 Zastera, Kenneth CEE-Srl Minot 166 Zaun, Mary Ann CHE-Srl Valley City Zavada, Bert CArchE-Jr? Fargo Zaylskie, Barbara CAAS-Srl Fargo 155, 105 Zeman, Earl CArchE-Jrb Fargo Zenker, Edmund KAAS-Frb Gackle Ziegler, Adele CHE-Frb Georgetown, Minn. 193 Zieglleigafictor CCE-Srl Hebron 245, 128, 117, 146, 147, 149, 133, Ziglisydorf, Joan CHE-Srl Rhame 219, 138, 121, 139, 141, 144, 145 Zieman, Lyle CAg-Sol Makoti 237, 236 Zimmer, John CAg-Gradj Fargo Zimmerman, Arthur CEE-Fr! Marion Zimmerman, Beatrice CHE-Grad? Fargo Zink, Laverne CAgE-Srl Fargo 117, 163, 49 1 Zink, Raymond CEE-Sol Bordulac Zook, Donald CCE-Jrj Garrison 165, 160 Zorn, Robert CPh-Fri Alexandria, Minn. Zottnick, Ronald ClE8c M-Jrj Edgeley 84, 85 Zueger, Emil CPh-Jrb Mandan 249, 20, 27, 184, 38, 19, 58, 60 Zuehlke, Sharon CHE-Fr! Fargo 220 Zuklic, Robert CAAS-Sr? Chicago, Ill. 241, 105, 131, 184, 42 is dependent upon the hard work and cooperation of the entire staff supporting the editor. Each year the success of this publication Thanx to: DACOTAI-I PHOTO AND ENGRAVING Wilfred Miller E 71 g1'av1'l1 g DENISON YEARBOOK COMPANY Ken Sorenson Pl'1'7Ifl.71g, A rt, Binding MERLE NOTT AND BOB CROM Helpful Adzfiforr BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS Okaylng money I-IAM GILLESPIE Excellent photos A THUNE STUDIO Fine porzfraits A. I. DAHL COMPANY Coverr KAY BANK RECORDINGS Reeorrl Addition COPY, LAYOUT, AND PHOTOGRAPHY STAFFS W01'k, work, ana' more work IUDY HAMMER Poem: BARB SWERING Bookkeeper BOB GUYER Cartoons 303 A Activities ...,...... ,. ,........,...,.,.... Administration Officials ...... Advertising ...,.,.........,.............,,. ...,,. Aerial View ..,..,...................,....,,..,. Agricultural Economics Club ,,,..,....., Agriculture, School of ....,........,.., Agronomy Club ...,......, ,...,... Air Force ROTC .....,. AIEE ......................,. Air Debs ................,.,,, Alpha Gamma Delta ., .. Alpha Gamma Rho ,,., Alpha Phi Omega .,.... Alpha Tau Omega .... Alpha Zeta .............. Army ROTC ....i..........,......... Arnold Air Society ,....,.....,.,. Applied Arts and Sciences, Sc ASAE ........,,..,....,.4,..........,,.,.,.. ASCE .......,......... ASME A ............,..... Atelier Chat Noir ..,,.... ' B Baseball ........, ........ Basketball, ,.,....,... . Beard Contest .,.... Beaux Arts Ball ...... Bison Annual Bison Brevities ........ Blue Key .,.,.....,............ Board of Athletics .......,. Board of Campus Affairs . Board of Finance ...,.,............, Board of Memorial Union Board of Music and Public Pr hool of Ogl'H1TlS Board of Publications ...,......... Board of Radio ......., ...,.,.....,.. Board of NSA ........ Bowling .....,.....,........,....., C-D Ceres Hall ......,... .1 ............. Charity Ball ..,... Cheerleaders .....,.. Chemistry Club ..4..,.,..... Chemistry, School of . ..,... .. Chorus ..... ...,..........,.... Convocation Series .....,.., Co-op House ,. ..,..... ,. Dakota Hall . ..,.. .. E Engineering Council .....,...... Engineering, School of ......,. Engineer's Ball ............... A 304 16 10 274 6 162 94 162 200 166' 170 218 230 185 232 129 203 171 100 163 164 167 168 84 70 36 50 174 40 128 149 148 149 149 150 150 148 148 86 252 34 130 178 106 183 54 234 256 142 108 35 Index F Farmhouse .,.. , ..,..... .. FFA .............,..................., Field House Barracks .,...... Football .....,........,.,.,......... Four-H Club ............. Freshmen Week .,........,.... G-H Gamma Phi Beta .,...,.,..,.. Gold Star Band ..,..,. Golf ..............,......... Governor ............ Gurdon .....,.....,. .,.....,.....,, . . Homecoming ..........,...,....,.... Home Economics, School of I-J IAS ....,..................,......... Interfraternity Ball .,......,.. Interfraternity Council ...... Intramural Sports ,............ Iohn Robinson Club .....,, K Kappa Alpha Theta ..,.. Kappa Delta .......... Kappa Delta Pi ...,.. Kappa Epsilon ...,,..... Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Psi ....,. Kappa Psi .........,..,, Kappa Tau Delta ,..,..... L Lettermenis Club ..,.i.... Library .........,................. Little Country Theater Little international ,... . LSA ......, .,..,.............. Lyceum Series .....,..,...,,. M-N Men's Residence Hall ........ Memorial Union ...........,.,, Military Ball ........,. Newman Club ., .......... . O Orchesis ..,,....,................ Organizations .....,......... Outstanding Seniors .,.... P Panhellenic Council ........ Pharmacy Club .....,.....,. Pharmacy, School of ...... 236 180 257 56 181 18 220 182 88 12 172 20 118 199 32 216 90 154 222 224 134 129 226 135 238 136 184 212 52 46 152 54 254 186 31 156 196 126 260 217 199 122 Plii Kappa Phi ,.,.... Phi Mu ..,..,...,...,...., Phi Upsilon Omicron .. Physical Education ......,. P1 Tau Sigma ..,..,....,.. Poem ............ President ..,.,. ,...,.. Radio Station ,...,......,. Rahjalis ....,....... Ray Anthony .......,,. Religious ,Education Residences .....,..............,. Rho Chi ...... ,..,..,...,.....,... Rodger Williams Club S Saddle and Sirloin Club Scabbard and Blade .,.... Scholastic .........,.........,. Senior Staff ........,.,.......i.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Iota ...... Sigma Chi ,...,,....., Sigma Phi Delta .,..,...... Ski Club ,..,....,...,................ Snow Sculpture Contest 4 Spectrum ...,,..,........,..... .. Spinster Skip ..,,.. Spring Sing ...,,..,..,.i.... State Engineer ..,.,......... Student Commission .... Student Health Center Student Senate ..,,........,...,,. T-U-V Tau Beta Pi ..,......,.,..,..,.......... Tau Beta Sigma ., .... Tau Kappa Epsilon Tennis ............,...., ...,..,......... Theta Chi .....,..............,.........,. Three-Denominational Center Track ..,,.,....,............ D ................, Tryota ,.,...................... Ugly Man Contest ..,...,.. Vetis Club ,... ....... ,........ . , , W-Y Wesley Foundation ...,.., West Ceres Hall ,. ,..,,,.,... Westminster Foundation VVho's Who .,............................ Women's Athletic Association Women's Residence Hall ....,... 1 Women s Senate .....................,............ WUS Basketball Game and Dance .. YMCA ...,..,,........,.,............,,................. YWCA ....,. 133 228 138 206 169 272 13 188 131 30 208 214 140 154 190 173 92 144 240 141 242 244 197 39 176 33 51 198 147 210 146 137 143 246 89 248 154 82 192 37 160 151 253 152 132 194 250 145 38 158 159

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