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'l L " 1 naw!-vm .,-1 ,:?5.-2.1.5, r."'n,1:,,.s -wx lf: . H.:. ,.4..,.A-f H+--iwffy-P-4Mx,eFfer Gary Hart Editor-in-Chief Nick Roster Business Manager Assistant Editors Erlys Mische, Beverly Kraus, photogra- phy. JoAnn Willert, copy. Renee Baker, layout. Gloriann Erickson, art. Section Editors Mel Ostby, activities. Reggie Gorder, scholastic. Beverly Pfeifer, organizations. Sandra Benedict, Judy Hammer, resi- dences. Judy Sherwood, seniors. Audrey Holt, Beverly Olson, advertising. Business Staff Jon Dewey, advertising manager. Photographers Ham Gillespie, Peter Mark, David Duin, Walt Junkin. Editorial Staff Marlene Qualley, laRae Gendreau, Ray Buelow, Sandy Haas, Marlene Pfeifle, Sally Anderson, Sally Schroeder, Ruth Folstrom, Bonnie Litzinger, Charlotte Aomodt, Annette Siversen, Ruth Olwin, Pete Lund- wall, Joe Ruliffson, June Anderson, Celeste Svihovec, Elaine Geiszler, Mary Dullea, JoAnn Sinner, Kay Marquart, Kay Chapin, Hal Miller, Gail Fiizloff. l955 ison Published by the Student Body of 'il 4 'MV ii . 2 is i' .A ff ,- ,. 2 E 2, 54,1 A. ,, .V V-:qui 5 , V E , it -- :A S Z.: , QU., RDER SC Public Hearings." '54 SC Profs Defy Call To Resign." These are but two of the many newspaper headlines seen throughout the school year which exemplified this very unusual year in the history of North Dakota State College. Never before has the college received so much publicity, most of it unfavor- able, in so short a period of time. The primary purpose of all Yearbooks, and this one is no exception, is to place in printed form a history of the school year. No Year- book, and again the '55 Bison is no exception, ever accomplished this perfectly. ln some cases the reason is a physical one. A lack of available space due to a limited budget or a final deadline for copy in the middle of April or some other similar reasons make it impossible to include all events and activities of the college year in the Yearbook. In some other cases, the reason for the exclusion of a happening from the Yearbook is not merely physical. As this Yearbook goes to press, the end of the faculty-administration controversy is no- where in sight. Perhaps by the end of the school year the entire situation will have been cleared up once and for all. Presently such seem unlikely. Other than what is said here, the faculty- administration conflict receives no mention in this book. To some students this seems improper. Surely, they say, the biggest news item of the school year deserves a prominent place in the school Yearbook. If the matter had reached some sensible conclusion the Editor might be inclined to agree with this point of view. As the situation is now, how- ever, he does not. The controversy will long remain a sorry but prominent chapter in the history of NDSC. Giving it a prominent place in the Yearbook now when everything is very uncertain would serve no worthwhile purpose. The hope of this Editor is that the Editor of the next Bison, will need allot no space whatever to the faculty-administration contro- versy, not because it still has reached no end but because it no longer exists. I6 78 'I 44 230 262 Contents Activities Not a "curriculum" but nevertheless a "maior'f for some Scholastic The source of the almost meaningless 4.00 average Organizations The value of some is many times proven but the worth of others remains noticeably vague Residences Home, and chief environment, for nine months in twelve Seniors Those who Progressed - To a certain Degree Advertising A place for the Index, Ads, Odds, and Encls l 5 E 1 I , I , , A E J , r .........., N , N , K , -- . Q ' "f - , ,, ., h .I N - ' - , ' 'Q 4, ' " ' Y 'f""faE5a5-ifl?IFYEZ-fd I ' -- .14mQ'f.'i - "' ' ,. .vi ., iii, 5' h"""W'fivM-we 'H S-2.5245 " H- .ff - . u' , 5 ' H " si i 1' , ' 1 - ' Acayfkzi Lv "Nw 'ffl -V-' "fr " -':'i,,. s.Qfi'if!Z31fI ' NE 'Q 'Q ax M"+4f5g3gf-5135, :3:I.' K1 . 'fiev f- VMS-l 2'f.sf:i,,?:"'1w- 'igfifif 4 , M' ,- ,,.. ,wg-,W .l4,,,fwii Q3X.,,At, , 5 wi MIN: fggqx "isfw.Qgv ,. my N U Home Economics Ladd Hall 7 Fieldhouse Q.-............-, . Sheppard Arena Women's Dormiiory Ceres Hall IO Francis Hall Old Main U i 1" w. 312 K 3- it Q s X S X ,, ww X F , M ,, ,N , 'UV a iii! 'Z fy 2 .V ' 5 1 9 , f s 's Library 12 1 Memorial Union ,W Morrill Hall Minard Hall 6 Engineering Building 15 Athletic contests changed us from sophisticated adults to wild-eyed fans 5 ,iff ,t,t at-1J,T W 1 ,V l 3 ,, .H , -ktx JV- .-,f 'i,:u-P-2 'A J with staunch loyalty for the Bison 0 activities TRADITICNS Chuck Abrohnmson, Muster of Ceremonies, at the Spring Sing. The new Home Economics building. 18 We have M.C.'s l?I . . . . . . ulframodern buildings l wff . --4' jjiqlw I ' ,S I 'Wf' i . f ffff W ' A 1 5 YEN9, 11- 'i 1 5' '::f5'5:!slf',".i-'I , , ,W . .. , 1, .f W 33, S""f 1l.,...I ii w . . ' . '1 .. M T" i'1w?5f'XH-4324 gaii'f'i-1-Q-, 'bl A if rffw"1,f1P1':ZK"' Q ' X" s7f'W- 2' -, W -Iiizlf:-K 4' ffl , M ,,,, ,W 4 H ,, , ,, - 3,1 A N A - V V ZW.. V MW ' U f gi Y if g MA V 1-H f - gpm' 4, f. . m .. 1- , - Q 2 f A i 52 ' - 21- V 5s5sgs5:5s5e,s,::s5z5 YQ, E 3 fi I Y 5? ' 'W-:rmv4 1:qv!ff4Qy,QQPf .W Y "-' - ,-if-mg Af 'N?'f'v'nr+- f- Wm-,fziz Mig? Q 3, ,qfwfg W,.,fMf.1 aii'flifi Z ?f5fTf413i2 - . ,, , , K L .. V 1 , V --A MW Q f Q .. MBMW ' 3 gi' L 1 ' 1 ' ' - , -:gs5a5a5:5555555555g55- 1- -- , S , Q ' , A ........ ,, 1 'I 2 ' ' " - ..., y,,,,3,5WW, Wqwh gf X, A 0 'R' -f ' - A ,lzflwimawf '- - i 5' N. ,:' -'242f ::EQ- gk 5 fS2g"'?'x" "'jf 2 M :.2:f- 3. ff' , ., we-f "" f- V-W-Ja., - 1 N '::'f::i':i1'L2,LfW Gif!-L ff .:Q:?5:::- Q:-:see -'Q 1 A- Q -- . -' f 4.f..,:: m I x ii. . 3 L , A ' W ' E .,... ., . EMT , K if W 1- r- :W - nm f 2' U ' I ' 41 -:meek-:EE5v: Q l kyw llll- . ...... , R K W :EE:::i-::.-::iE ,mx "" "" """' f . , JM 424 H 1' , ,, Y ' 12, ff' ,'gq,:,:g.,.,, -.-.-.- , f - f""w2f...v:q'-- .... . -'-'-'-' : -'-.-f::.:.1.z5f5.'-.,::s:ef:-:--.-W W - f-gf -:Y 1 4115.4 ' ,- , Qi-L , --'11 . ww-M :W 1- K A-32535 '-sw 2:-:I-1:1 ENWW ' K . " """" : ,.:q:,:,:-.,,.,,,m-f.ggi-:,rw-.-::-:sr -U-if -,f.'-Aaah..-:. was , ---'-' uf. . - N -- -- ' 'Q' t Graduates listening to Dean Dolve at the exercises . . graduaiion ceremonies . . and award winners Alpha Gom's and AGR's receiving their trophies ut Spring Sing. i Sc-me live bail from South Dakota State. Ho, u cheer for green and yellow. The school was . . . . fired up . . . . af fhe homecoming pep rally 20 Queen .loun's only request, "get out there and win!" Ann Whiting "up in the air" about The game. "On Bison, curry the fight." . . . and bonfire i 1 1 I 1 I 4 Queen Ioan and her affendanfs 22 Queen's hand being kissed by Pres. Hultz with u conference by Gion and Anderson in the rear. Queen Joan and her utfendnnis in the parade. Queen Joan Nelson with trophy. Queen Joan uf the banquet held in her honor. had a busy schedule Ahendanis Joann Grimes and Marlys Wentz. ' Gamma Phi's "Keep 'em in a ' Stately Whirl" took first place in the women's division. ll ll Alfhough fhe iheme was Bison Sfop Bunny Hop Kappa Sig's huge Bison capped first place in the men's division. The fired up Rahiuhs. 24 ii 2 2 5E 5 Q l 5AE's float "Alumni the World Over," placed second in the men's division. Even the clowns partici- puied in fhe parade! Blue Key men with the nickel frophy. I p BLUE KW organizafions praduced fheir own fhemes for floafs The KD's float "Lick the Bunnies" placed second in the women's division. ATO'S won house decorations confesf ATO house decoration, "Bison Attack Drives Bunnies Back." The crowd watching with anticipation. The marching band participated in the parade to provide entertainment with their unusual formations. The SAE's house decoration, called "Del's Diary." The SPD's placed second with their house decoration enlifled "Bison Sfop Bunny Hop." Karen Sluka and Peter Mark, winners of Gus XX. Spinster Skip 28 L'Tlze day in the life of the men on the State College campus. When every guy is a cking for a day' fthe only day, tool. A dinner of steak or hamburgers, as the case may be, a corsage of balloons, vegetables, and other paraphernalia that was handy, doors opened, tickets to the dance bought, and a wonderful time had by allfi Gus XX was won by a lovely young spinster, Karen Sluka, and her catch, Peter Mark, and several other prizes were given also. The evening ended with all the spinsters heaving a sigh of relief and the guys wishing Spinster Skip would be 365 days a year. Chef Magnus Geston presenting Gus XX to the iwo winners A view of three of the many ex- travagant corsages presented by the spinsters to their dates. Military Ball S Sally Anderson being escorted by John 3 Lurum and James Marquurt to the stage fo be crowned Queen of ihe Military Bull. '4Under the blue and white streamers which 'trans- formed the Fieldhouse from its everyday appearance, the first formal dance of the school year successfully took place." The Military Ball, a strictly tuxedo, uniform, and formal affair, saw local military dignitaries and stu- dents dancing to the music of Paul Hanson and his orchestra. Climax of the evening was the crowning of ATO candidate Sally Anderson as Military Ball Queen. The annual affair is sponsored by the Arnold Air Society. Air Delns, Scabbard and Blade, and Guidon. President Fred Huliz and Sally An- derson wifh her trophy. Doug Hanson, Commander of AFROTC, crowning Queen Sally af the Bull. 29 Interfraternity Ball ulVIodel Men are few and far between but the Inter- fraternity Ball has an excess of these desirable males." One of the last formal affairs of the winter quarter, the Ball took place this year at the Moorhead Armory. Sponsored by the lnterfraternity Council, the music was provided by the Paul Hanson Orchestra. Highlight of the evening is the naming of the Model Man, selected by Panliellenic Council repre- sentatives whose votes are determined by vote of their respective sororities, from among candidates sponsored by the fraternities. Merlin Ludwig, Theta Chi candidate, was chosen Model Man, and presented with his trophy by previous winner Ray Horne. An informal get-together between three Kappa Sigs, Robert Hughes, Donn Besselievre, and Dennis Linde- mann, and their dates. Model Man candidates. left to right, Floyd Wagner, Bob Gion, Dennis lindemunn, Gordon Child, Doug Hanson, Darel Leetun, Ken- neth DeKrey, and Merlin Ludwig. 1954 Model Man Roy Horne, left, congratulating Merlin Ludwig, the 1955 Model Man, and presenting him with a trophy. 30 Engineers' Ball "The wearing of the green and the selection of St. Pat- rick are the trademarks of the annual Engineers' Ballf' Sponsored by the Engineering Council, the event was held this year at the Knights of Columbus Hall with Paul Hanson furnishing the music. The semi- formal affair saw Dick Ingberg crowned St. Patrick and presented with the "Order of the T-Square." St. Patrick is selected by a vote of the couples pres- ent at the dance from among candidates sponsored by the various student branches of the professional engi- neering societies on campus. Above: Ralph Welken, Engineering Coun- cil president, congratulating Dick lngberg, named "St. Patrick," us Stan Wittemun observes. Below: Deon Mirguin of the School of Engineering congratulating St. Patrick. Gretchen Bohlig, Mike Rosenberg, .lucly Sherwood, Stun Witteman, Cy Stadsvold, and Janet Bosworth during an off-guard moment at the bull. One of the many tables of guests-with cigarettes, matches, drinks, etc.-which was seen at the ball. 31 Beard contest winners: Jerry White, .luck Luvold, Fred Stover, Gene cmese, and Manual rally. Beard Contest UNDSC-where boys will be boys and men will grow beardsf' The Beard Contest, sponsored by the Rahjah Club, is held in collaboration with the annual University-AC basketball series. During January and February of the year, a large proportion of the male population at State start to grow beards. One by one they drop by the way- side by shaving, leaving only the more hearty partici- pating in the contest. Winners included Gene Cortese, "bushiest," Fred Stover, 4'trimmest," and Manual Talley, 'cmost origi- nalf, Two contest iudges examining the beards of Jerry White and Gene Cortese. "Ugliesf Man On Campus," Alan Schumacher, receiving the congratu- lations of Alpha Phi Omega prexy Don Hanson. Ugly Man Contest "The only election of the school year in which you buy your vote." The contest to determine the Ugliest Man on Cam- pus is sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega, a service fra- ternity. Huge jars were placed about campus to receive the student's pennies, each one a vote toward their favorite candidate. All proceeds of the contest were donated to the North Dakota Children's Home at Jamestown. The honor of being the L'Ugliest Man" of 1955 went to Alan Schumacher, a Kappa Psi sponsored by Gamma Phi Beta. A view of the many couples - af The "Ugly Man" dance, held after a U Series game. 1 The "Campus Cop," Ronald Rapp, one of the players, receiving a ticket from referee "Ham" Fisher. Clarence Becker, No. 31, breaking for a pass as Strowman, Potter, ond Krong contemplate their next move. World University Service Basketball Game and Dance Frank Cassel, head of the Zoology De- A shot l?l being attempted by Lyons portment, attempting u shot as lucas instructor in English, os Potter, lucas, ond Becker stand by. ond Strowman attempt to block it. HA basketball game, which ended in a vigorous game of kickball, was the course of the evening at the WUS basketball game and dancef' The basketball game and dance which comprised the evening's activities were sponsored by Blue Key, the Rahjahs, and Senior Staff to raise money for the Worlcl University Service, an organization that is dedi- cated to helping students the world over. The basketball game featured the "Hot Shotsi' versus the L'Pot Shotsi' with no winner decided. The Kappa Psi combo provided music for the dance held later in the evening. Frank Cassel missing the attempted block of a shot during the "soccer" portion of the game. l 4 i Above und left: A view of dancers, and shoes, at the dance which followed the basketball game. 35, , f -Q. W, ,,' . , if 1 A ' Gamma Phi Beasts: Aamodt, front, and left to right, Anderson, Scott, Cobb, lur- son, Abbey, Benedict, Anderson, Schroeder, Chapin, Brekke, and Hammer. Bromo Bowl "Twenty-four degrees below zero, four feet of snow, and eight fans in the standsg it was a perfect day for the annual Bromo Bowlfi The annual contest sees the Beasts of Gamma Phi Beta and the Beauties of Alpha Tau Omega engaged in a very exciting football game. This yearis affair was won by the Beasts who rallied over the defenseless Beauties for the victory, 12-6. A traditional sporting event at State, the Bromo Bowl is played for charity with the proceeds going to the March of Dimes. ATO Beauties and their coach: Row One: Meier, Weltz, Ditch, Horst, coach Schnell, Feeney, Nelson, and Cornell. Row Two: Bohnet, Onsaager, Jensen, Rosenberg, Ellingson, Green, Fischer, Herzog, Gebhart, Salmonson, Hoggarth, and Steffan. iii5l'51..f' 3 6' Snow Sculpture Contest Wfhe golden age of chivalry with dragons, knights, and castles visited the campus of State for one short weekend during the winter quarter." The Snow Sculpture contest, with a Medieval Art theme, heautified the campus, froze toes, and started many good-natured snowball fights. A snowstorm was arranged for that weekend, presumably to assure the fraternities and sororities of sufficient material 'to work with. The event, sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega and held in collaboration with the WUS carnival, saw Gamma Phi Beta's "Green Dragoni' and the Sigma Phi Delta's winged monster, "Guardian of the Spire," win- ning first prize in their respective divisions for the second consecutive year. i Sigma Phi Delta: first place in the fraternity division. Gamma Phi Beta: first place in the sorority division. 1 Kappa Kappa Gamma: second Kappa Psi: second place in the fra- place in the sorority division. ternity division, 37 Bison Brevities MlVlodels priniping, a dancing Scarecrow, hula girls strumming their ukes, a frozen matchgirl, Sin-what characters one doesnlt see in the Brevities!" Months of preparation were necessary to stage this all-college variety show, both by the members of Blue Key who comprised the Production Staff and spon- sored the show, and by the over 200 sorority and "Flight Time," Alpha Gamma Rho-Gamma Phi Beta production act. Theta Chi curtain act, "Run Joe. Production Staff Heads. left to righi, Gary Hart, Business Manager: Ray Horne, Direc- tory and Magnus Geston, Producer. 1 1 Expectant looks from backstage. left I to right, Bev Kraus, John Bollingberg, Dale Sturlaugson, and Peter lundwall. fraternity members who in various ways made it pos- sible for their acts to be presented. Ray Home was the very capable Director of the show with Cary Hart as Business Manager. Other pro- duction staff heads included Magnus Geston, Pro- ducerg Gary Gibbons, Publicityg and Larry North, Ticket Sales. The Alpha Tau Omega-Alpha Gamma Delta production act' as seen at try- outs from the stage wings in Festival scenes Hall. ..,-... ,-...,.... -......, ..-.., ........, ...... ---iff'-'V-Vi Sigman listening as Janet Abrahamson Confusion as the Sigma Chi's and and Bob Curl expound on the AGR- Theta's leave the stage at the comple- GPB act. tion of their act. I 1 I 39 Alpha! Gamma Delta-A!pha Tau Omega production ad, "Olym- pian Dreams." Kappa Kappa Gamma curtain ad, "Reflections," K Q iilfg Phi Mu-Kappa Sigma Chi cur- Lef! and above: Theta Ch Kappa Kappa Gamma produc- tion act, "Illusions," iain acl, "Don'f let the Kifiy Geddinf' bison breviiies Right and below: Kappa Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon production act "Wizard of Oz Alpha Gamma Rho-Gamma Phi Beta production act. Kappa Delta-Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon curtain act, "By the Sea." Kappa Alpha Theta Sigma Chi production act Isle f Dreams." 41 Little International '4Cet those hogmen in here quick. The show is five minutes late now! Circle those animals! Okay, now give the judge a side view!" The Little International is one of many but the most important of the events sponsored annually hy the Saddle and Sirloin Club. It gives students practical experience in the fitting and showing of livestock and poultry and in the showing of agronomic products and farm equipment. The show is held in conjunction with the Hall of Fame Banquet and the Crops Judging Contest. Draw- ing a full house annually at the pavilion, it requires much work of but gives invaluable experience to the many students on the managerial staff. Joe Knight won the coveted Grand Champion Showman honors and with it four trophies and a scholarship, and Marvin Werner won the Agronomy Sweepstakes Award. David Lund took top honors in the Farm Equipment Show. Edgar Lovitt was manager of the show with Dale Bergland master of ceremonies. Queen Joyce Berg, center, with ut- tendunts Dorothy Ryan and Joyce Lorenz. Grand Champion showmun .loe Knight receiving the showmunship trophy from Saddle ond Sirloin Club president Darel Leetun. Roald Lund and George Hildre preparing samples for the Agronomy Club sponsored Crops Judging contest. Darel leetun welcoming the guests ot the Hall of Fume Banquet with, left to right, Hall of Fame selectee Dave Clark, Jr., mas- ter of ceremonies Gary Hart, and presi- dent Fred Hultz listening. or A scene during the cow cutting contest. Assistant manager John Johnson, Queen Joyce Berg, and manager Ed lovitl enter- ing the show ring to begin the show. 43 The top three plocings in the Angus class Hog showmen working feverishly as the division manager and the iudges confer in the rear. Liffle I nfernafional The contestants in the sheep division, led by Darrel Lura, entering the show ring. The top six placings in the dairy division as the iudge continues his selections for still higher honors. 44 Queen Joyce Berg presenting the trophy to the winner of the cow cutting contest, Harry Thomas. Part of the NDSC trampoline act which provided entertainment dur- ing the show. Grand Champion Joe Knight with two of the four trophies he won during the evening. ARTS Little Country Theater "The Little Country Theater stimulates interest in drama." It was iounded in 1914- by Alfred C Arvold, then chairman of the Department of Speech, as the initial part of a national movement to bring culture to remote areas of the country. Mr. Arvold realized that the theater is the Hcrucihle of civilizationv and brought theatrical productions to areas where sparse population had hitherto made 'theater impossible The L C T 15 now under the direction of Dr Fred erick Walsh, chairman of .the department of speech The present aim of the theater is to offer training and experience to students interested in a theatrical caresi either on the stage, in production, or as instructors of drama Presented this year were Three Men on A Horse Gammer Gurtorfs Needle, The Father, and Shadow 0 a Gtmman. THREE MEN ON A HORSE with Norris Olson, Chuck Abrahumson, Ginnie Steffes, Jerry White, and Mike Jones. cliffe in a scene from GAMMER GURTON'S NEEDLE. Chuck Abruhomson and Tom Rud- Peggy Buchanan, Priscilla Hosted and Scott Pederson in THE FATHER. Another scene from THE FATHER with Scott Pederson and Janice Bakken. SHADOW OF A GUNMAN with Ellen Eaton, Chuck Abrahamson, Keith Amundson, Dunbar Sands, and Marge Heger. Arthur Fiedler, conductor of the Boston Pops HAI1 outstanding series with both variety and quality. Such were the comments on both the annual lyceum series and the convocation seriesfl Presented during the lyceum series were such out- standing artists as Lily Pons, worldis greatest colora- tura soprano, Jean Leon Destine and his Haitian Danc- ers, Williani Masselos, pianist, Williaiii Primrose, worldis greatest violist, and the Boston Pops Orchestra with Arthur Fiedler conducting. Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Tour Orchestra Lyceum Series and Convocation Series William Primrose, world's greatest violist Alice Marble, former tennis champ, presented the first convocation during the fall quarter, and was fol- lowed by such other outstanding personalities as the American novelist John Dos Passes and Howard Pierce Davis, the latter a three-time repeater here through popularity who spoke on contemporary problems. Other attractions included an early music ensemble, with instruments and music from the 13th to 17th centuries, a11d Bethany Beardslee and Jaques Monod, a voice and piano team. Bethany Beurdslee and Jaques Monod voice and piano team William Musselos, pianist EQ, L A 9 AZ ?" 535215 iz 5725,-EQWQJ, . , ,rl n A'-Yi 1 :zz 1 Q a 4.1 ','1:22:-W zelggg W, J -1: 15,5 ,. if xf?E? N ' H North Central Conference Standings W I. Morningside - - - 5 'I South Dakota State - - - - 5 'I Iowa State Teachers College - - 3 3 North Dakota University - - - 3 3 South Dakota University - - - 3 3 NORTH DAKOTA STATE - - I 4 Augustana ---- - 0 5 Bison of 1954 Somebody lost their man. Record poor, but prospects good The North Dakota State Bison squad faced a larger team, numerically, in each of its nine games this season and was beset with injuries, bad luck, and lack of re- serves. Yet, in every game, the Bison root- ers had 'reason to be proud of the 1954 varsity as their fighting spirit was un- matched. In every contest it was largely a story Reinforcements on the way. of a fighting team, badly outmanned, suc- cumbing to a larger and stronger squad. It was a year of looking ahead for the Herd. A powerful Freshman squad drew more interest than any yearling group in recent seasons. Hopes were high for the day when these freshmen would represent the Varsity as well as they had the Fresh- man squad. Varsify Season Record NDS OPPONENT 0 - - Sept. 'I 'I-Concordia 6 - - Sept. 18-Augustana o - - - sepf. 25-:src - 41 - - - Oct. 9-Morningside 13 - - - Oct. I6-SDS - - 0 - - - Oct. 23-Wayne - 7 - - - Oct, 30-NDU - - 0---Nov.6- 20---Nov Wichita - 'I3-SDU - - State O - Concordia 12 FARGO, Sept. 11-Under a new coaching staff the North Dakota State Bison opened their 1954 football season against their arch rival, Concordia, and suffered their first defeat 12 to 0. Del Ander- son, new head coach, and Jesse Vail, line coach, were forced to go into this opening game with a squad of only 27 men. Lettermen included Glenn Hill and Paul Werner, co-captains, and Emil Zueger, Pat Vickers, Dale Wallentiiie, Clarence Becker and Don Patterson. Lack of both experience and depth caused State to suffer many bad breaks. The Herd gained well while in their own terri- tory, but in Concordia territory they met a solid Cobber line. Offensive highlight for the Bison was a 36-yard pass from quarterback ,lim Wold to end Glenn Hill. , .3 g1'1:'1f-.51 .a '- iii Q K, an Y f A N. as sw- LW r f ' rf v t , .X-Uajw S . . ., ' fa 2 tiygw . Q .,., :., , , -.:,. .,..., . -3, ,. aaa- ff a Harry Timm guard Two on one. . Q M. ,. PA 1 E , . . . :fig-6 Glenn Hill J co-captain r t All-conference end i Little All-American , ' Emil Zueger All-conference guard Everyone's coming this way. Jim DeRosier fullback Who's got it? F I Y N , fetfffn f 2: sa' 'rg 2 f Q if f 52 'nm f it Esy? f F 5 t r 3 , if' f 4 f K X , x Q Clarence Becker hcnlfback . .: ,::,l-1,7-, Y W . t Jim Wold quarterback if J fy .,.. : . rQ" 4 Pa! Vickers Albconference center Hey! Not everybody at once. State 6-Augustana 6 FARGO, Sept. 18-In the opening conference game for SC the Herd was held to a 6 to 6 tie by the underdog Augustana Vikings. Paced by fine backfield play, NDSC managed to stave off the opening attacks of Augustana and score after the start of the second quarter. However, later Bison drives toward the goal line 'were repeatedly 'thwarted with the result that the unsuccessful extra point attempt caused the game to end with a tie score. Both teams were hampered by lack of strong lines and consequently the backs were forced to shift for themselves. Almost a complete absence of reserves placed a severe strain on the Bison starters. Jim Delftosier, Floyd Wagner, and Dale Wallentine in the back- field and Ivan Lang at end paced the Herd in their unsuccessful effort to start the conference season off with a win. S K .rs .,., .K rmfv ... N., .s 0 .. leRoy Aafecli' fullback ..i.......Mw..i.,, ,Y ,W .. Three way iump ball for messy buIle'l?J. Al Zaeske en ,- State O - ISTC 39 AMES IOWA Sept 25 The Herd suffered thelr flrst conference defeat 39 to O at the hands of the Iowa State Teachers Panthers, g1V1Hg Del Ander son s thln squad a 0 2 1 slate for the season Capltanl, the Panthers d1m1nut1ve fleld general, paced h1s team to seventeen flrsl downs and 441 yards total rushlng A strong comblnatlon of good l1nemen and fleet backs, wrth Capltams mastery kept the Herd on the defenslve for a 1naJor1ty of the contest SCS llne stood flrm agalnst the Panther llne smashes, but aerlal attacks repeatedly cracked the yellow and green defenses Pat Vlckers and Dale Wallentlne paced the Blson defenslvely and con trlbuted together about forty per cent of the State tackles State started several drrves but could not galn when the chrps were down and a touchdown hung 1n the balance Injunes to key players cut the Herds power and second half ISTC replacements d11TlITlCd SC s outlook ww Ed Hudspeth Pet Brewer Cenfef Gene Corfese hulfbcck Coaches Del Anderson and .Iesse Vail. tackle .-. y 7 I , . . , . . . , . . . . . I . . ., ' e , . . . . 6' 1 . N , R . . r a 'sa ,risk Y ? 3- HQ . . . 3 ,we wt ' z ik rl , A F xl' .7 . Y - : ,f www' ' 1 , wi is M w 1 A Q wa N I t 5 6 '54 QM 1 4- if .,... ., . : :s f tr- 1.. " ' -'-' S- -f fl e Sk ..,,. 4 2 'K , fxfz x Q, sf L " rf' 4 Q ta-Z, 4 A 7 1 5 4 'Selig 6 Jk'w'i',"w1Y-' ' 1 Q fps -1 State 41-Morningside 27 FARGO, Oct. 9-Pulling the biggest conference surprise of the year, the Bison thoroughly over- whelmed the eventual NCC co-champion, Morning- side, 4-1-27, giving SC its first win of the year. The game was strictly an aerial affair and the Herd, striking early and setting a fast pace through- out the game, kept the Maroons off balance. Capital- izing on nearly every Maroon mistake the Stateside crew recovered four Morningside fumbles and inter- cepted three passes, showing their best offensive and defensive of the entire year. The passing com- bination of Dana Hill to brother Glenn accounted for three of Stateis tallies, while Dana scored an- other on a quarterback sneak. Tony Haberlach, playing his best, set up one touchdown with a 25- yard run and scored later on an end run. An inter- cepted pass and 25-yard scamper by Bill Skrei racked another Bison tally. The passing of Buck Miller stood out for the Maroons as the Herd held the Morningside ground game to a standstill. -43 ,Q si 1 2 f R me 4 My in 'f Q5 ' J A, f 3 'wg 4:53. 'w as A Q ' . .fs in N e 'FA 4' 35, sm: Grunt Lewis tackle 4. . 5 .t if 5 it Dana Hill quarterback Clear field 'For a TD Tense moment. Ivan lang end C 'iii 2 r, I ' 'H' if 5 tg. ' . . r f b ' ..., fi . 9 ,:'-'.'2.2'5r.-3. V L ,- 3' 5 Bob Zuklic tackle State 13-SDS 50 FARGO, Oct. 16-NDSC Homecoming spirits were dampened when the South Dakota ,lackralahits handed the lison theh'second conference defeau 50-13, on Dakota Field. In the encounten the spunk of the Bison and their rooters was not enough to stop the powerful Jackrabbhs, headed by coach lKahH1 Ginn. The Bison could do virtually nothing against the tre- mendous South Dakota State line. The Herd's best offensive weapon, the long pass, was seriously hampered by the loss of Glenn Hill, who sat out the second half with a leg injury. The Bison tallies were both as a result of passes, one a screen from Dana Hill to Tony Haberlach in the first half and the other in the final minutes on a short pass to Allen Zaeske. Outweighed decisively, the Herd could not stop the Bunnies vicious ground attack which gobbled up yardage almost at will. The Bison's only consola- tion was that they were the first team to score againstthe Jackrabldtsin conference play. f f QA- t Y , 5 I S ' -: K l N 5 ,, 95,5 Q , Y Q 'M is 'S 1 . K Morris Bisted guard Dale Wallentine hcxlfbcck l .21 ....z ' 'I feiifl- . . ..... Bob Nippolt center He's in the lead. Catch him W1 f Q! meh, me 4 Q Q5 sr 1 1 ' f , X B 4 N K at W A . f V ss' I y ...., Tony Huberluch fullback Where are they going? W. F II f gi'gg H 'r ,LT 'QQSEW if 1 fn Z if .5 5 if Floyd Wagner hcllfbcxck -Q. Q a lf f 9- ff Q L .- . 1:42 , L X . f Ib sv, K i nv Bill Skrei end ft ww age f.,--15 -5 Q5 ,gf Cllnt Kopp tackle let s wrestle State O-Wayne 39 DETROIT, MICHIGAN, Oct. 23-After stem- ming the tide during the first half the Bison re- ceived a 39-0 trimming from a strong Wayiie Uni- versity team at Tartar Field. Wayne scored on a 71-yard pass in the first play of the game, but the remainder of the first half was under control of the undernianned Bison crew. The third quarter found the Tartars scoring three quick touchdowns, as the thin Bison defenses began to tire. The game was hard fought all the way, with both lines charging viciously throughout the contest. Clarence Becker, Tony Haberlach, Dale Wallentine, and Gene Cortese contributed heavily to State's efforts. Guard Harry Timm left the game during the first quarter with an injury. State O-Wichita 59 WICHITA, KANSAS, Nov. 6-The North Da- kota State Bison suffered another setback at the hands of powerful Wichita Shockers at Wichita 59-0. The Shockers, who were to defeat Cincinatti, the 16th ranked team in the nation, the next week, gave the Bison their fourth loss of the season. Try as they could, the Bison failed to get within scoring territory although they made several long gains later nullified by penalties. The Bison totaled a minus twenty yards rushing -but picked up yard- age via the air route. The performances of Emil Zueger and Harry Timm, guards, drew praise from the opposition. There's no hurry anymore. State 7 - NDU 40 GRAND- FORKS, Oct. 30-The North Dakota University Sioux enlivened their Homecoming by defeating State 4-0-7 to take legal possession of the Nickle Trophy for this year. A good crowd of 5,000 witnessed the battle. Despite a midway score of 14-0 the Herd dominated the first half in the battle that was hard fought even more than the score indicated. Not until the third quarter after several players were banished from the field, was the outcome assured. The highlight of the game for the Bison oc- curred in the third stanza when Dana Hill intercept- ed a pass and swept 73 yards to the Sioux three yard line. Two plays later Dana plunged over on a quarterback sneak and Gene Cortese booted the point. The Igloo Tech. squad scored their first TD when a bad pass from center sailed into the Bison end zone and was recovered by the Sioux. A beau- tiful double pass play enabled the University to score again in the first half. Don Miller counted three times for the Icelanders and ran 80 yards for the best play of the day. One clown, how many to go? 58 State 20 - SDU 52 VERMILLION, S. D., Nov. 13-The Bison closed their 1954- season bowing before the South Dakota University Coyotes 52-20. Held scoreless in the first quarter, the Stateside crew talked twice in the second. Dana Hill pitched to Bill Skrei for the first counter and, with 25 sec- onds remaining in the first half, Hill rocketed a 22-yard pass to brother Glenn for paydirt. Gene Cortese booted the extra for a half time score of 27-13. Early in the second half the Herd tightened the gap when Skrei recovered a fumble on the Coyotes 19. Gene Cortese bucked over from the one to score and again booted the extra point. The Bison passing game failed to click as the Herd completed only 5 of 241 passes for 89 yards. The Coyotes tore loose in the last period for three touchdowns to rout the tiring Herd as their su- perior numbers began to take its toll. Sophomore Carl Johnson, Coyote halfback, chalked up 5 tal- lies against State to cop individual scoring honors in the conference for this season. The result of the contest gave SDU a conference record of 3-3 and a tie for second, while the Bison finished sixth with a 1-4-1 record. -an ----nmmmuuw' -- -- W 'ummm-af ' Va rsify Row One: Vickers, DeRosier, Wallentine, Zaeske, G. Hill, Becker, Cortese, Nippolt, Bisted. Row Two: Coach Anderson, D. Hill, Kopp, Hudspeth, Wagner, Lang, Zeuger, Zuklic, lewis, Vail. Row Three: Student manager Holcombe, trainer Forrer, Wold, Haberlach, Aafedt, Skrei, Timm, Breuer, student manager lawrence. Freshman Row One: Gregory, Strom, Winter, Walter, Benesh, Meyers I Friede, Noland, Bachmier, Tschider, Larson. Row Two: Tangen, Johnson, Elliot, Paulson, Hirey, Byram, Thomasson, Talcotf, Weight, B. Sturdevant, D, Sturdevant. Row Three: Jordahl, Gentzkow, Gel:- hari, Kopp, Fiebiger, Kasowski, Oseland, Davis, Howe, Kuklenski. Row Four: Morgan, DeVries, Day, Braun, Easter, Stover, Willman Clause, Worth, Braalen, McKay. 1 -59 McDermott, No. 12, pushing one toward the basket. The North Dakota State Bison won their opener for the 1954-55 basketball sea- son, toppling the Valley City Teacher's Col- lege Vikings 74-47. The game was played in connection with a cage clinic at which Bison coach Chuck Bentson was a speaker on defensive basketball. The Bison showed great promise for the future with a good floor performance. The Herd squeezed by Crosstown rivals, Concordia, 68-63 in their second game of the season. Gene Camache led the Bison scoring with 10 field goals for 20 points. The underrated Cobbers, after trailing 52-4.8 going into the final stanza, closed 'the gap to 62-61, but the Bison rallied in the closing minutes to rip the green and inexpe- rienced Cobbers. NDS 74 ea 64 90 72 95 57 as 78 67 '61 91 as 71 70 ss 74 as so 74 74 99 79 72 North Central Conference Standings Won lost North Dakota University - - B 4 NORTH DAKOTA STATE - - 7 5 South Dfikota State - - - 7 5 South Dakota University - - 7 5 Iowa State Teachers College - - 6 6 Morningside ----- - 6 6 Augustana - - I 11 Grut Anderson, No. 9, scoring in the Nickel Series against the Uni- versity of North Dakota. Season Record - Valley City STC - Concordia - - - Mankato STC - - - Loyola of Chicago - - - Moorhead STC - - - Grinnell - - - South Dakota State - Iowa STC - Iowa STC - - South Dakota State - Augustana - Augustana - Morningside - - South Dakota University Iowa STC - - - South Dakota State - South North North North North Concordia - Morningside - Carleton - - Dakota Dakota Dakota Dakota Dakota University University University University University fs Harold Anderson center The highly rated Mankato State Teach- ers had trouble for three quarters but final- ly pulled away in the final stanza to win over the visiting Herd 32-644. The Bison held their own until the taller Mankato squad began to dominate play. The Bison lost to nationally rated Loyola 90 to 75 but they played one of their strongest games of the season. The game played in Chicago was evenly fought into Gnmuche, No. 14, trying for u rebound in Cl game with Carleton. the last ten minutes when the smoother Loyola quint gradually moved away to Win. In one of the most thrilling finishes in recent seasons, the Herd eked out a 72-71 tripping over Moorhead State Teachers. The contest was a ragged one, capped by a field goal with three seconds remaining by Gamache, who was falling down at the time. Gamuche, No. 14, scoring two against the Sioux Merlin Ludwig guard Y John McDermott center State. At Sioux City, Iowa, the invitational Christmas Tourney was staged. Eight 'teams entered into play. SDS, powerful NCC threat, was a heavy favorite. The Bison were victorious first over a smooth Grinnell squad by a 95-37 count. In the semi-finals the SDS Jackrabbits fell to the Herd7s surge Grut Anderson, No. 9, diving for a rebound in a game with Concordia. Gornache, iumping, tries for two against South Dakota 1 25 Mfml it 57-56 in a thriller. The championship game was played between ISTC and the Bison. The dominating Herd led throughout the game in soundly 'trouncing the Panthers 66-49, making the holiday 'tourney very successful for the Bison cagers. Dale Serum guard l Doug Walsiarl l guard l All-conference The Bison opened their conference race by racking up a surprising 73-63 win over favored Iowa State Teachers. The Panthers disintegrated before a powerful and co- ordinated Herd attack. Howie Pigg, former conference star, was held at bay by an alert Bison defense. The Bison were defeated by a powerful South Dakota State squad 82-67 at Brook- ings. The Bison had nipped the Bunnies in The referee signaling an infraction as a South Dakota State player tries for two against the Bison. the North Central conference tournament a week earlier but the southern rivals were consistent on their home court as they handled the Bison with comparative ease. Augustana won its first game in 31 by tripping a floundering Herd squad 63 to 61 at Sioux City. The Vikings were led by big Bob Minick, the leading scorer in the con- ference, to their only win of the year. Akason, No. 7, going high for the rebound. Duane Anderson forward All-conference McDermott, No. 12, tipping the bull for two points against Carleton. The Bison came back for sweet revenge by convincingly dumping Augustana 91-64. Coach Chuck Bentson was delighted in the performance of his charges after the two losses on their road trip five days pre- viously. The win elevated the Bison into third place, giving them a 2-2 record. In playing their best game of the season, against the Morningside Maroons, the Bison barely eked out a win. Anderson luckie, No. 61 of the Sioux, and Grut Anderson of the Bison battling for u rebound. .lim Akason guard and Gamache led the scoring for the win- ners with 24. and 22 points respectively. South Dakota University and Iowa Teachers put the finishing touches on the Herd's last hopes of retaining the North Central crown. The Coyotes played a fast game and after four free throws in the last two minutes squeezed past the Herd with a 74-71 victory. Ken Flynn forward After getting off to a quick start and an early lead, the lowa State Teachers were nearly beaten. The regulation game ended in a 69-69 tie but in the overtime the Bison were overpowered and fell to a 76-70 de- feat. The Bison were now in fourth place with a 3-4 record. Much prestige was gained when the Herd triumphantly defeated the previously un- beaten South Dakota State Jackrahbits by an 85-80 victory. The Bison played a stalling game until the last 10 minutes of Augustin, No. 56, and An- derson af the Sioux battling for the ball during a Nickel Series game. John Haas center play when they suddenly took enough initi- ative and went ahead to win. Concordia fell as the Herd ran over the Cobbers in a 74--59 game. The Bison moved into a 5-41 conference record by rapping Morningside in their ninth North Central Conference game, 88-70. The Bentson men led by only 40-34- at halftime but a second half scoring splurge by Doug Walstad and Zeke Ander- son sent the Bison into a big lead which the Maroons were unable to overcome. Gamache, partly hidden, and an Augustana player fighting for a rebound. Dick Strand guard Gene Gamuche forward Terrific balance in scoring by the Herd toppled a strong Carleton five 80-71 in a non-conference tilt. The Bison grabbed the lead at the half at 39-36. Then the Bison reserves took over and helped to tally a convincing win over the smooth working Carls. Gene Camache was the rebounding star while the pesky Merlin Ludwig led the defense in the second half. The Bison suffered their only defeat in Zeke Anderson, No. 15, firing against the Sioux in the Concordia fleldhouse. Grut Anderson, hidden, fighting for u rebound against South Dakota State. the North Dakota State Fieldhouse when they dropped their final game at home to the South Dakota University Coyotes, 75- 74. Had the Bison won this game they could have tied for the conference crown. The score was 37-26 for the Bison at the half but the Coyotes closed the deficit to finally eke out the vital decision. Doug Walstad scored 17 points in the big first half for the Bison. Morris Holm guard Zeke Anderson, No. 15, ond Don Augustin battling for a rebound. The Bison moved into the Nickel Series a disappointed but determined team. They had two counts against them. They had no title to fight for, and were forced to play all four games off their home court. In the opener, the Bison led from the opening gun and at one time controlled the game at 35 to 22. However, the tough Sioux came back and Rusty Cook sank the deciding basket with two seconds remaining. ln the second game, the Bison racked up a 99 to 83 victory, the highest score in the history of the series. The Herd grabbed an early lead and scored 56 points in the first half. v The first game at Grand Forks became the second win for the determined Herd, as Grut Anderson scored 30 points and Gene Camache pulled down 24 rebounds. The Bison walked off with a '79-75 Win. The fourth and final contest was a battle of tempers as self-control was all important on numerous occasions. The Bison were led by Gene Camache and Grut Anderson once again with 241 and 23 points respec- tively. Dale Serum and Merlin Ludwig were at the guard posts for the final three quar- ters of the skirmish and ably assisted the two forwards. Two for the Bison by Zeke against the Sioux. Row One: Brown, Gulliclcson, Landau, Busch, Thuring. Row Two: Myers, Reber, Braaten, Smith, Kurvers, Crum. Row Three: Easter, Harmon, Brenteson, McKenzie, Henry, McKay, C:ach Gesfon. Freshman Varsity Kneeling: Couch Bentson and student manager Thuring. Standing: Melroe, Strand, Serum, Gamache, McDermott, D. Anderson, H. Anderson, Haas, Akason, Walstad, lud- wig, Flynn. Freshman Season Record Freshman Opponent 80 - - Concordia Freshman - 55 - Moorhead STC Freshman 55 - - - Kossiclc's Lounge - - 92 ---- Mayville "B" - - - 54 - - Concordia Freshman - 69 ---- Russ Buick - - - 56 - - Concordia Freshman - 91 - Valley City STC Freshman Bl ---- Mayville "B" - - - 6.9 - Kindred Independents 87 - Valley City STC Freshman 71 - - - Blakeley's Bottles - - 6'l--- NDU 77--- NDU 74--- NDU 53--- NDU Freshman - - Freshman - - Freshman - - Freshman - Track The track call last spring by coach Erv Kaiser fielded a sparse number of enthused candidates. The resulting squad consisted of nine men. Jim Brogger ran the mile and two lnileg Charles Brown pole vaulteclg Guy Erahit ran the high and the low hurdlesg Gene Gamache, high jumpg Gerry Goetz, 440, 220, and relayg Del Moore, 100, 220, and broad jumpg Don Moore, low hurdles and broad julnpg Bill Shelver, 8805 and Dale Wallexitixie, high and low hurdles. Wcxllenfine of the Bison, second from the right, racing in the high hurdles Sfaie college Meef NDS ---- UND - VCTC - - Minot TC - - Jamestown - Bismarck JC - Dickinson - - - Bottineuu Forrestry Ellendule Normal Wahpeion Science 61 49.5 27 27 23 20.5 7 5 3 2 The Bison won the first meet of the season April 17 at UND, indoors, hy garnering 53.5 points. NDU was second, gaining 29.5 points, and MSTC grabbed 26 points to place third. Bemidji had 5 and Concordia 5 points. May 8, SDS amassed 112.5 points to sweep the Bison Invitational at Fargo. NDU and NDS tied for second with 33 points. Six other teams placed. Valley City TC was host to the State College meet May 15. NDS totaled 61 counters to take first place. UND gained second spot with 49.5 points followed by VCTC, 27, Minot TC, 275 Jamestown, 23g Bismarck JC, 20.55 Dickinson, 7, Bottineau Forestry 5g Ellen- dale Normal, 3 and Wahpeton 2. Del Moore tied the State College record in the 100 yard dash at 9.7, estab- lished in 1935 hy Hanes of VCTC. Bison lnvifafional Meef SDS -------- 112.5 NDS - ' - 33 NDU - - - 33 Concordia - - 13.5 Sf. Cloud TC - - 12 MSTC - - - - 6 Minot TC - - - 6 Wuhpeion Science - 3 Bemidii TC - - - 2 Norfh Cenfral Conference Meef SDS - - - 90 ISTC - 45 SDU - 42.5 NDS - - 15.5 Morningside 12.5 Augustana 9.5 NDU - 9 Moore ran the 220 dash at a 21.15 pace breakm the old record of 21.2 held by Ron Thompson of UND. Dale Walleritilie broke the low hurdle record by run- ning them in 24.8 time. Old record was 25.4. The conference meet was held May 22 in Sioux City. SDS again dominated the field, accumulating 90 points to take top spot. ISTC was second with 45g SDU had 42.5, NDS, 15.55 Morningside, 12.53 Augus- tana, 9.5 and NDU 9. Del Moore tied the 100 dash record at 9.8 and broke the conference 220 record by .6 of a second at 21.1. Wallelitilie won the low hurdles. Moore was sent to the NAIA track meet at Abilene, Texas and 1'an the 100 and 220. He took third in the 100 yard dash. HW 5' it 7 Row One: Wulstud, Akuson, Serum, Holm, John- ston, Stewart. Row Two: Conzemius, Aluzas, Quunbeck, Joos, Elsron, Coach Bentson. Baseball The North Dakota State Bison baseball team under mentor Chuck Bentson completed a winning season in 1954. The diamondmen racked up six wins against four defeats in their ten games. The Bison were beaten by champs Moorhead State Teachers 6 to 1 in their opener, then split with May- ville, winning 4 to 2 and losing 5 to 0. The Herd took a doubleheader at Jamestown, 7 to 5 and 11 to 7, then dropped another contest to Moorhead, 12 to 41. Con- cordia Cobbers shackled the Bison 9 to 3, before the Herd came back to take a doubleheader from Valley City, 9 to 7 and 11 to 3, and wrapped up the season Winning over Concordia 2 to 0. ,lim Akason and Ed Aluzas led the Bison hitters, slugging .345 and 333, respectively. Merrie Holm led the Herd flingers with two wins while Dick Qloos had the only shutout. Couch Chuck Bentson 72 ' :Fin I .33-5555555555 . 'H N- Q ffgiiisr Q45 13 be Conzemius Q ,,: ,,g 'W' ii ""'f!L Q 5 . if i 7' 1 3 l ?q"qw Va W4 a FR .1 5 s JE il , .... Q E Stewart '86 X 4 if Ai Ziyi ,.,.,.,. y t3-1:",' .. SKK v.. 5 '31, ..-. -.-.-.- H- uw! 1 ,-if 'R+ ib, , .. H Holm S? I :s5:eQf.- 3, I W ,, , .tw .Q Q? ?,r"a1? Aluzas A . .,,,... -:E-:'E:1'-QS. w :.:::,:-..,a::::::j5i-V, 4, ' .... . gg, - -'f'- ' 2 :a2:.,,' ,,:,. .sg 'ff ' '3' W: Akaggn Johnston :.-.::::f:f5 :.- will X ritrqi - fiitif i ll A- .... S ,, : ,A 5 Serum The team and coach preparing to leave for a road game at Valley City. , an fs 25 XX 2: k Q, ., ,f :Q r fxf 1312 Elston 'fi I X ' f .1 .. A .t .F .. 4. iw if Q Q, E: PX 15' if 4 X 4 X -. S nk K I Q K 5 -- --,- ff W: Walstad Quanlaeck Sieve Gorman League Record NDS Opponent I - - Moorhead STC - - 6 4 - - - Mayville STC - - - 2 0 - - - Mayville STC - - - 5 7 - - Jamestown STC - - 5 I1 - - Jamestown STC - - 7 4 - - Moorhead STC - - 12 3 - - - Concordia - - 9 9 - - Valley City STC - - 7 I1 - - Valley City STC - - 3 2 - - - Concordia - - 0 73 Union bowling manager Gordy Tiegen P Varsity bowling team: Row One: Engh, Tyson, Kent, Niel- son, McGuire. Row Two: Maxwell, Ashland, Sunde, Hughes Clark, Gullund. Bowling Bowling has rapidly become a prominent sport on the State campus through the efforts of Cordy Teigen, bowling lane manager in the spacious Memorial Union. A bowling team, consisting of the top student bowl- ers, was formed this year by Teigen. Eleven men were on the squad which bowled in eight matches, winning three while losing five. Among the top bowlers with their overall averages are: Dick Sunde, 172.1g Clark Neilson, 169.13 Lee Maxwell, 166.1g Chuck Gulland, 165.6 and Don Kent, 165.1. A possible placement in a national Inter-Collegiate bowling tourney may be established in the future. Intramural women's bowling in the Memorial Union. Women's Intramural Sports The women's intramural program opened up with softball action last spring. W'omen's Residence Hall emerged victorious to capture a crown with a 5-0 rec- ord. Kappa Alpha Theta and Phi lVlu 'tied for second spot with 3-2 records. Bowling participation was quite abundant as four powerful teams entered the quarter finals. In the play- offs, WOH1CH,S Residence Hall beat the Alpha Gains while Kappa Kappa Gamma nipped the Gamma Phis. In the championship rolloffs, WOlUCIt,S Residence Hall defeated the Kappa Kappa Gammas. The Gamma Phi Beta volleyball squad carried. through an unblemished slate to win the crown. The team compiled a 7-0 season's record. Alpha Gamma Delta and WOlDE1l,S Residence Hall tied for the run- ner-up slot by having identical 5-2 records. A strong W'omen's Residence Hall grabbed the intramural basketball title, owning an overall 6-0 rec- ord. Kappa Kappa Gamma cinched second place with a 4--2 record. Alpha Gamma Delta versus Gamma Phi Beta in intra mural basketball. 75 Action in intramural softball as Rosenburg of the ATO's slides against Compton of The AGR's during a pickoff attempt. Men's Intramural Sports Softball began the Intramural Sports activities with keen competition prevailing among the entered teams. Most campus organizations were represented on the field. Weather conditions were particularly good for the game schedule to proceed. Of the four teams entering into 'the quarter finals the SAES and the ATOS successfully emerged to enter 1nto the finals In the championship game the Taus beat the SAE S 12 1 Football season began w1th a flue turnout of fairly talented teams The Theta Chis, previously four year winners were clethroned as the lmals approached In the championsh p game the Kappa Psls mpped the ATO S by a 12 6 count Ken Borg bowling for the Kappa Ps: team In Intramural campetltlon 76 rr 1 1 I , . , , . . -. 'Y Y. I . , . . g . . - 1 9 Jump bull in intramural basketball. Volleyball teams were not very abundant and poor play was very evident. The Theta Chis and the SPD'S gained the finals with the joy boys accumulating 45 counters to 4-3 for the engineers in the two game totals. Twelve teams entered into final play in the intra- mural basketball league. By single elimination, the ATO'S and the SAE'S played in the championship game with the SAE7S defeating the Taus 45-4-2 in a ragged ball game. A powerful YMCA team crushed all opponents to win the ping pong tourney at the YMCA. They defeated the Kappa Sigma Chi entries in the deciding match 3-2, gaining two points via a victory in the doubles and one by victory in one of the three singles matches. Intramural bowling action was very rabid with furious participation evident. Lines were bowled twice a week. In the classic league the Sigma Chis were victori- ous. The Student Union Team won the All-Star League play. In the play-offs, the ASME squad took first place with Kappa Sigma Chi gaining second. Last place championship was won by the Kappa Psis. ATO's versus the Sigma Chi's in intramural volleyball. l ii- We were saved from becoming dull collegians by lively coffee labs O scholastic SCHOOLS "The main aim of the School of Agriculture is to prepare men for the efficient management and opera- tion of farmsf' Graduates may also qualify as research workers, extension agents, teachers, grain graders, and market specialists. Students are encouraged to aid in the exten- sive research program of the Experiment Station, which cooperates closely with the school itself. Men are prepared to understand and deal with all the proh- lems which arise from life in rural areas, whether they he social, political, or economic. This school is composed of a large number of sep- arate clepartrnentsg animal, dairy, and poultry hus- bandry, veterinary science, general agricultureg agri- cultural economics, education, engineering, and ento- mologyg agronomy, bacteriology, horticulture, and forestry. School of Agriculture Dean Holm l Dr. Carter teaching some freshman students cu basic course in crops in the ugronomy lub. DEPARTMENT HEADS General Agriculture Glenn Holm Animal Husbandry Marion Buchanan Dairy Husbandry Christian Jensen Poultry Husbandry Reece Bryant Veterinary Science Donald Eveleth Agronomy Theodore Stoa Horticulture and Forestry Joseph Schultz Agricultural Economics Perry Hemphill Agricultural Education Ernest DeAlton Agricultural Engineering William Promersberger Bacteriology A. Paul Adams Enf0m0l09Y Darel leetun sharpens things up a hit while Dr, Johnson -l0l1l'1 CClllel'1l9CCl'1 shows Ray Buelow how to cut some pork steak. Students le-arning how to judge dairy cattle with the as- sistance of Dr. Williams in Sheppard Arena. Q Row I: Maier, Heinrich, Miller, K Mehrer, lahlum, Jensen. Row 2: Kvamme, Wang, Syverson, John- son, Young, Schwartz, Gibbons. Row 3: Owen, Rott, Gorder, Cvan- cora, Sukut, Saunders, Waclawik, Olson. Row 2: Hughes, Woodward, Lund Future Farmers of Ameri "Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve." The FFA provides training for prospective teachers of vocational agriculture in their duties as local advisors of the FFA chapter. During the year they visit FFA chapters in the Fargo- 'Moorhead area. Joint meetings are held with other high school chapters in the spring. Their future plans include a television program in con- junction with national FFA week and a parliamentary pro- cedure demonstration team. All agriculture education majors and all past high school FFA members are eligible to join the club. The following officers were elected: Melvin Maier, presi- dent: Robert Hughes, vice presidentg Dean Syverson, secre- tary: Don Johnson, treasurer: Wayne Wang, reporter: Or- dean Jacobson, sentinel: and officers-at-large Duane Wood- ward, Verne Spengler, and Roald Lund. Mr. Shubel Owen is the club advisor. ca Agricultural Economics Club Y V YV rg berger, Spengler, Helt, Priebe. "What effect has the price of eggs in Soviet Russia on the standard of living in North Dakota? What social issue is of greatest concern to John Public? Such are questions which might end up as discussion topics at a meeting of the Agricultural Economics Clubf, Sponsoring open discussion of matters of concern to social scientists is the announced purpose of the Ag. Econ. Club, which meets at faculty members, homes monthly. Any- one interested in discussing two sides of social issues of local and national interest is eligible to join. Don Bostwick was president with Bill Slingsby as vice- president and Clayton Hart as secretary-treasurer. Cecil B. Haver was faculty advisor. , Morrison. 82 Row 1: Eriksmoen, Birkeland, Hou- gen, Gruebele, Schwartz, Austin. Jacobson, Haas, Holm. Row 3: Johnson, Ueland, States, Schum- Row 1: Slingsby, Wardwell, Olson, Barr, Sund. Row 2: Karakitsoo, Gaarder, Bostwick, Hart, Johnk, Krenz, Lohsgaad, Schonberger, Row 1: Curiveau, Lundeby, Thomp- son, 0'Keefe, Jorgensen, Herman, Hildre. Row 2: Skogley, Dr. V. F. Carter, Gaarder, linnell, Helland, Marifieren, Nelsen, Lund. K "nail, Agronomy Club "The boys with the green thumb." These are the members of the Agronomy Club, an organ- ization which develops interest in crops and soils. Each year the club takes an active part in the Little Inter- national by sponsoring a crop judging contest for all high school FFA and 4--H chapters and a grain show where awards are given to the best entries. At least two members are sent to the national convention each year. Meetings are held twice a month in the Memorial Union. Any under-graduate student who is interested in agron- omy or is enrolled in a closely allied field is eligible for membership. The officers of the club are Earl Skogley, presi- dentg George Hildre, vice presidentg Ed Vasey, secretaryg Roald Lund, treasurerg and Ronald Krenz, reporter. Dr. ,l. D. Carter is the advisor. Row I: Krenz, Jundt, Johnson, Skogley, Braafen. Row 2: Carlson Gaurder, Hlavinka, DeKrey, Moore, Jacobson, Payne, Slingsby, Speng- ler, Johnson. r Alpha Zeta 'The Brains of Agriculturef, Alpha Zeta honors outstanding men in the school of agri- culture through election to membership in the organization. It extends membership to outstanding upperclassmen after they have completed five quarters of school. Among the group activities are participation in the Little International and the honoring of the freshman who is out- standing scholastically in agriculture. LaDon Johnson was chancellor with Earl Skogley, cen- sorg Ronald Krenz, scribeg and Gary Hart, treasurer. 83 Saddle and Sirloin Club Row 'I: Johnson, Brandvold, Landman, Olson, .lust Bergland Amundson Helgaas Berg Row 2 Storbeck Siedschlag, Heli, DeKrey, Johnson, Mulperf, Cvancara Koble Oberg Hanson Bradley "lim back in the saddle again." The Saddle and Sirloin club promotes interest in animal husbandry, in particular, and agriculture, in general, among agricultural students and others inter- ested in agriculture. The activities of the club are many in number. Each year it sponsors the Little International Livestock Ex- position and, in conjunction with it, the Hall of Fame Banquet honoring the outstanding North Dakota agri- culturist. The major portion of the expenses of all college livestock and meats judging teams, which par- ticipate in shows at Denver, Chicago, and Kansas City, are paid by the club. In addition, each spring the club provides the barbecue for Senior Day and sponsors a livestock judging contest for interested students. Organized in 1917, the club offers membership to any student in agriculture. Meetings are held monthly in Sheppard Arena. Darrel Leetun was club president, Floyd Askim, vice president, LaDon Johnson, secretary, and Bob Curl, treasurer. Row 1: Mountain, Jensen, Austin, Cariveau, Payne, Kreft, Spichke, Lundwall, Brandvik. Row 2: Magill, States, Johnson, Askim, Johnson, Fog. Row 3: Hanson, Anderson, Leetun, Buelow, Gorder, Howe, John- son, Brusseau, Knudson, Warnes, Martin, Henning, lovitt, Merle Light, assistant advisor. Row 1: Hunke, Van Berkom, Johnson, Bollingberg, Biornson, Skogley, Larson, Axtman, Toman. Row 2: Coit, Curl, Moore, Schwartz, Pekas, Vanerstrom, Heidt, Brinkman, Waclawik. g'The School of Applied Arts and Science provides a liberal education for its students. It is the primary task of the School of Applied Arts and Science to culti- vate and teach the liberalizing disciplines in their rich relationships to the daily affairs of the individual and the nation." Areas of exploration are offered to students who are not yet ready to select the exact path they wish to follow. Professional training is offered which will con- tribute to total individual development and an attempt is made to develop the social, political, and economic aspects of humanity. School of Applied Arts and Sciences Joyce Moberg, Del Hlavinka, and Thomas Hassett operating on frogs in the zoology laboratory. Dean Russell DEPARTMENT HEADS Botany and Plant Pathology Earl Helgeson Education and Psychology Hale Aarnes English and Philosophy Kenneth Kuhn Geology and Geography Willard Pye Library Science H. Dean Stallings Mathematics Glenn Hill Modern languages Leo Hertel Music Ernst Van Vlissingen Social Sciences Norman Wengert e 'S Speech Frederick Walsh Zoology and Physiology Frank Cassel 35,16-as ,vc Dr. Stevens inspecting Bruce Jorgenson's close examination of some wild rye in the Botany department. Mr. Aulsebrook briefing the student nurses on the muscles of the human body. 87 Row 'I: Gordon, Ryan, Widdifield, Ebeltoft, lemm, Bosworth, Horton. Row 2: Nelson, Nelson, Hartman, Kvcxmme, Wacluwik, Flynn, Hunsfud, Lohman, Hamilton. Kappa Delta Pi "Kappa Delta Pi is a national honorary educational fraternity which encourages high professional, intel- lectual, and personal standards and recognizes out- standing contributions to education? Established on the NDSC campus in May, 1931, membership is extended to education majors in the upper 2021 of their respective classes. An annual spring initiation banquet is held in April and a joint meeting with MSTC is held in February. Delegates are sent to the NDEA convention annually and to the Kappa Delta Pi national convention every two years. Presiding over the meetings, held monthly in the Memorial Union, was Janet Bosworth. Janice Hamilton served as vice president, Iris Nelson as secretary, Dor- othy Ryan as treasurer and Conrad Kvamme as reporter-historian. Mrs. Shubel D. Owen is advisor. Sigma Alpha Iota L44 The wearer of the Pipes of Pan'-this is not an elfin tribe or a phrase from a fairytale. These words refer to the pin worn by members of Sigma Alpha Iota on our campus. It is the symbol for this musical organiza- tionf, Sigma Alpha Iota raises the standards of musical work among women students on campus. They hold monthly musicales with business meetings twice a month. They award an honor certificate to the S.A.l. having the highest overall average. The chapter tied for first place in the yearbook competition with over one hundred other yearbooks in the United States last year. A delegate is sent to the National Convention every three years. S.A.I. offers membership to women majoring or minoring in music, who have faculty rec- ommendation and who show excellence in scholarship and musicianship. The officers of S.A.I. are Sonja Blegen, presidentg Gretchen Muehlenbein, vice presidentg ,loan Nelson, secretaryg and Nancy Kaiser, treasurer. Blegen, Kaiser, Zielsdorf, Jones, Pederson, Muehlenbein, Nelson, Kirkhus, Mithun. Miller, McAuley, Malta, Hunlie l v i 5 89 Row I: Berg, Fernow, Toepke, Little, Hagen, Birkelond, Thompson, Husband, Henning. Row 2: Euren, Johnson, Brekke, Wollon, Schmitz, Folstrom, Cobb, Zielsdorf, Vehslage, Mortensen, Mandigo, Swodlund, Eriksmoen, Carlson. Tau Beta Sigma "Tau Beta Sigma stimulates interest in band music among women college students." It is an honorary band fraternity for women which was established on the campus on ,lune 4-, 1951. A sup- per meeting is held with Kappa Kappa Psi in the fall and spring. They entertain visiting bands on Horne- coming and send a delegate to their national conven- tion. Plans for the coming year include redecorating the Putnam Hall kitchen. Membership is extended to women students who have participated in two quarters of work in the Gold Star Band and who have maintained an average of 2.5. Meetings are held once a month in Putnam Hall. Officers elected were Margaret Henning, presidentg Audrey Little, vice presidentg Wilma Husband, secre- taryg and Janet Thompson, treasurer. Advisors were Mr. and Mrs. William Euren. Kappa Kappa Psi "See if you can hit a high C now-'7 Kappa Kappa Psi is a national honorary fraternity for college bandsmen. It promotes the existence and welfare of the Gold Star Band, honors outstanding bandsmen, stimulates campus leadership, and promotes the performance of good music. Membership is offered to men who show leadership and ability in the college band. Activities include a pit orchestra for Bison Brevi- ties, entertaining visiting college and high school bands, and assisting director Bill Euren in the Work connected with the Cold Star Band both at home and on their concert tour. The officers elected were Ronald Lundhagen, presi- dent, Don Ellingsberg, vice presidentg Bob Mont- gomery, secretaryg Doug Hanson, treasurerg and Les- ter Amundson, publicity director. Row 'I: Amundson, Vassenden, Swenson, Bonhus, leum, Warren, Say- ler, Stock. Row 2: Weber, Pals, Sarff, Stockman, Heitzmann, Sele, Hunks. Row 3: Hans, Montgomery, lrsfeld, lies, Hanson, lsensee, Berg- strom, Ruliffson. Row 4: Farnum, Layton, Sukut, Betting, Johnston, Ellingsberg, lundhagen, Rase, Larson, Gorder, Grau, Euren. Gold Star Band "The Cold Star Band, under the direction of Williaiii Euren, furnishes music for all college events where such is called for, such as-athletic events, parades, honor days, and convocationsfl The band was organized in 1904- under the late Dr. C. S. Putnam. Each year the band ventures to some part of North Dakota to present concerts which draw ringing phrases of acclaim. It has a large repertoire that includes types of music for every occasion. Last year the band performed at the Williston band festival. Each spring it holds a banquet or a picnic. Membership is extended to anyone with musical ability suitable for band performance. The group elected Doug Hanson as president, Les Amundson as vice president, Barbara Widdifield as secretary-treasurer, and Bob Montgomery as publicity chairman. Chorus "Vie treu sin diene blatter, aspectus ejus. Hacia belin va un borrico. No, this is not a language major speak- ing, but a member of the mixed chorus at NDSC. The chorus is only trying to prove that music is the inter- national language. This year they have sung numbers in German, Latin, Spanish, and Englishfi The chorus annually tours North Dakota with a concert program. They present a Christmas convoca- tion program and a home concert each year. Member- ship is offered through tryouts and is a worthwhile extra-curricular activity for singers. Ernst Van Vlissin- gen is the choir director. Flutes: Little, Johnson, Schmitz, Turner. Oboes: W. Swenson, Soeby, F-arlow. Alta Clarinets: Zielsclorf, Rushfleclt. Bass Clarinets: Mandigo, Voelker, Anderson Bassoons: R. Peterson, Duckstad. Clarlnets: Amundson, Baillie, Ellingsberg, John- ston, Berg, Fernow, Lee, Krause, Henning, Schnell, Nissen, Husband, Farnum Vehslage, Eriksmoen, Salmonson, Hovde, Enger. Saxophones: J. Thompson, Link, Swedlund, Sayler, Brekke, Toepke, Hoganson, Wollan, N. Nelson, Birkeland, Rase, Larson, Stock. French Horns: lsensee, Hamil ton, Hunke, Noden, V, Anderson, Cobb, Pals. Cornets, Trumpets: Hovland, Grau Vassenden, Montgomery, Leum, Weber, Christianson, Monson, Garcl, Layton Ness. Trombones: lrsfeld, Sarff, Heitzmann, Besselievre, Mithun, Warren, Ruliff- son, Lies, Sele, Bonhus, Huckle, Ellingson. Baritones: N. Carlson, M. Sayler, Stock- man, Summers, Johnson, Myhre, Roth, Bakken. Basses: Sukut, Syverson, Lund- hagen, H. Stockman, Gorder, Wheeler. String Bass: Bergstrom. Percussion: D Hanson, Taverna, Folstrom, Mortenson, J. Anderson, Widdifield. Row l: Saba, Nelson, Rothfusz, Stammen, Shipley, Blegen, Voelker, Vollmers, Jones, Peipkorn, Hammer, Kraus, Ebeltoft, Nelson. Row 2: Malta, Asker, Olwin, Denich, Larson, Craven, Tallackson, Willert, DeKrey, Kandt, M:Auley, Kirkhus, Tom- linson, Maier. Row 3: Nelson, Swenson, Brown, Malme, Teich- mann, Pederson, Fitzloff, Simons, Kirk, Olson, Fogel, Baumann, lommel, Pomeroy. Row 4: Sparks, Rothfusz, lunde, Horne, Bertsh, Gion, Martin, Ehricks, Rase, McFerran, Burkhart, Stauf- fer, White. V 93 "The School of Chemistry, under the supervision of Dean R. E. Dunbar, is known for its highly trained teaching staff, its own departmental library, and for well equipped laboratories." This school, which boasts the largest graduate class at State, not only provides its facilities to any Chern- istry majors but to students of all other schools on campus as well. A well-rounded curriculum including agricultural, biological, analytical, industrial, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry is offered which attracts stu- dents throughout the country. School of Chemistry Dean Dunbar Grads Dave Throne and Earl Hutchins checking the vacuum distillation ap- paratus in the organic research lab while Professor Broberg supervises. DEPARTMENT HEADS Agricultural, Biological Chemistry Carl Clagett Analytical Chemistry Charles Fleetwood Inorganic Chemistry Festus Minnear Organic Chemistry Ralph Dunbar Ray Wendland Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers Wouter Bosch Physical Chemistry William Treumann Dr. Fleetwood giving Mike Fogel some tips on the use of special apparatus in the glass fabrication lab. Dr. Wendland and grad student Dan Dustin observing special fractional distillation process involving North Dakota oil. 95 Chemistry Club Row 1: Swenson, Fullerton, Bosch, Wollun, Paulson, Holten, Hutter, Grewafz, Buer. Row 2 Dunbar, Wahlefield, Pals, Isensee, Paulsen, Blair, Weyland, Beatty, Minnear. Row 1: Shultz, Fleetwood, Myhre, Wong, Schoen, Cur- neri, Wright, Bosch, Burnett. Row 2: Robinson, Hurju, Berfsch, Hizrak, Johnson, Conzemius, Cummins, Ander- son, Broberg, Burnett. uDid you ever try to make gold from old Coke caps or attempt to produce an elixir of life from ground-up test papers or make various other world-shaking achievements?" These are some of the aims of the various members of the Chemistry Club. This organization, founded in 1923, is open to any student or faculty member interested in Chemistry. The group has several projects to its credit such as the giving of an annual award to the outstanding jun- ior or senior major in chemistry, donating a picture of a Man of Science to the school each year, and offering a student loan to any Chemistry major. Head test-tube washer is Philip Harju, assisted by James Beatty, vice presidentg Jerold Isensee, secretaryg and John Burnett, treasurer. The faculty advisor is F. L. Minnear. '4Undergrduate programs sponsored by the several departments plus opportunities for advanced and grad- uate study in its maj or fields are offered by the School of Engineering. It consists of six departments and offers curricula in eight fields of engineering and architecture." It is the aim of the School of Engineering to in- struct students thoroughly in the fundamentals of the fields offered and to impart required special and tech- nical knowledge. Throughout the courses the students work problems and proceed by methods similar to those that enter into professional practice. The curriculum in architecture leads to the bache- lor of architecture in five years. All other curricula are completed in a four year period. School of Engineering Dean Mirguin Professor Henning with students in the senior class in architectural design. ,iw .firm V A-al.. Instructor David Meyer working with students in the iunior drawing lab in architecture. DEPARTMENT HEADS Agricultural Engineering William Promersberger Architecture and Architectural Engineering Knute Henning Civil Engineering John Oakey Electrical Engineering Robert Faiman Industrial Engineering and Management Parker Green Mechanical Engineering Albert Anderson Physics Daniel Posen Gordon Madson, Dennis Larson, and Dick Engberg running a hydraulics experiment. Civiling engineering students plane tabling on the NDSC campus. gg 51 , . , ,MM , ' :99 Row I: Welken, Stadsvold, Heidlebuugh, Martin, Hurley, Child. Row 2 Oukey, Giertson, Borchelf, Rofhfusz, Sorlie, Witfemun, Whidden. Engineering Council w uCoordinates and promotes relations between student and faculty and between the various schools of engi- neering and engineering activities." Engineer's Day and the Engineer's Ball were the result of the cooperative and collective action of the members placed on the council by each honorary and professional engineering society at NDSC. Ralph Welken was elected president with Gary Heidlebaugh, vice presidentg Roy Cjertson, secretaryg and Clarence Rothfusz, treasurer. Row 1: Clark, Buckeye, Dunham, Sorlie, Amundson. Row 2: Quick, Dunham, Astrup, Vogel, Freer, Anderson, Ness. Row 3: Mirguin, Hazen Paulsrud, Starkey, lorenzen, Solberg, Witz, luptok, Wulster, Jensen. American Society of Agricultural ngineers uFuture employees of Massey Harris, John Deere, Allis Chalmers, McCormick-Deering, etc." The ASAE provides a professional society which caters to the interest of students pursuing a career in agricultural engineering. During the year they participate in the Little Inter- national by sponsoring a farm equipment show, pub- lish their annual uNewsletter," assist the other engi- neers with the Engineer's Ball, and take an annual field trip to Minneapolis. Any agricultural engineering student and any inter- ested mechanized agriculture student is eligible to membership. The following officers were elected: Mar- tin Borchelt, presidentg Glen DeKre'y, vice presidentg Richard Guest, secretaryg and John Bollingberg, treas- urer. George Pratt is the faculty advisor. Row I: DeKrey, Larson, Hunke, Mickleson, Lemmon, Midtbo. Row 2: Brundvold, Nelson, Henry, Borchelt, Johnson, Bol- Iingberg, Lund. Row 3: Pratt, Berg, lindem, Knoll, Schuuk, Berge, Shaw, Huhner, Johnson, Egli, Stewart, Werner, Promers- berger. 'I01 Row 'l: Hurley, Schwartz, Pedersen, Gebharcl. Row 2: Larson, Child, Winter, Surdahl, Gierfson, Ehly, Peterson, Kaelberer, Ingberg. Row 3: Butler, Ruland, Hahn, Larson, Pfutzenreufer, Hoffman, Hezey, Jacob- son, Slcuzo, Oakey. 102 American Society of Civil Engineers "An organization for students whose future will involve the designing and construction of public works, such as roads, irrigation, and bridgesf' ASCE, among other things, promotes an under- standing between faculty and students in civil engi- neering. Plans for the coming year include a full pro- gram of talks, discussions, and films of interest to all engineers hut with emphasis on material of interest to students in civil engineering. Annual events include a spring picnic and the entering of a float in the Home- coming parade. Roy Gjertson was president with Douglas Hanson, vice presidentg Charles Martin, secretary, and Delano Surdahl, treasurer. Row 'Ia Tufhill, Hellem, Dick, Deike, Fenske, Emerson, Bissell. Row 2: Zimmerman, Urban, Rieder, Gruu, Solien, Guyer, Swanson, lindhauf, Rex, Fox, Mousseuu. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Row I: Rothfusz, Baumann, Wi!-lemon, Anderson, Killmer, Doran, Kocher. Row 2: Giese, Duerre, Suckuf, Koll, Rothfusz, Gross, Heitz- munn, Krebsbach, Blomsefh. '4Boasts of having been honored for having the greater percentage of ME students as members than any other chapter represented at a 1954- conference held in Grand Forksf, The ASME fulfills its purpose of "the advancement and dissemination of the theory and practice of me- chanical engineeringn with the activities and events it plans and carries out throughout the school year. Among the group projects are the awarding of a prize to the local ME student writing the best technical paper, the sponsoring of a delegate to the regional con- ference held during every spring term, and participa- tion each year in the engineers "Open House." Officers include Stanley Wittemail as president and John Hoistad, vice presidentg Ralph Rothfusz, secre- taryg and Dan Doran, treasurer. F I 103 S l Row 1: Welken, Palmerson, Vonderheicle, Turner, Peterson, McBride, Schmidt. Row 2: Advisor Faimwun, Wolla, Bromunder, Wheeler, Koeding, Christensen Bolmgren, Rasmuson, Brown. Row 3: link, Nielson, Anclerson, Schoephoerster, lavold, Schwinkenclorf, Wilson, Carlson, Duluger. Row 4: Maas, Whidden, An derson, Meyer, Bonewell, Agrey. American Institute of Electrical Engineers- lnstitute of Radio Engineers Institute of the Aeronautical Science "Ever hear of electric brains? We have them on this campus." They are the men of AIEE and IRE who meet once a month to advance the theory of electrical engineering and afford opportunities for fairly independent tech- nical, social, and literary activity and initiative on the part of the students. The club was organized in 1928 and any student enrolled in electrical engineering is eligible for mem- bership. Meetings are held once a month in the library. The following members were elected to office: Ralph Welken, presidentg Ralph Vlfheeler, vice presi- dentg Maurice Wolla, secretary-treasurerg and Bruce Whidden, engineering council representative. R. N. Faiman and E. M. Anderson are the faculty advisors. Row 1: Culp, Martin, Stuve, Heiclelbuugh, Giese. Row 2: Netzer, Bradbury, War- kentin, Hoekstru, Brumwell, Rex, Roteliuk. 4'lt's a glider, itls a B-29, it's a super jet!! The IAS serves to recognize aeronautical engineers so that the students may become better acquainted with their future profes- sion. Yearly they present an IAS award to a deserving aeronautical engineer, consisting of a two year membership in the nation- al IAS. Membership is extended to any mechan- ical engineer. Meetings are held once a month in the aeronautical laboratory. Offi- cers include Ronald Martin, presidentg Paul Hoekstra, vice presidentg and James Ciese, secretary-treasurer. Faculty advisor .- Hzstuss , is F. W. Stuve. 'IO4 Pi Tau Sigma Row 1: Martin, Sakshaug, Heitzmunn, Baumann, Dean Mirgain, Anderson, Doerr. Row 2: Somclahl, Doran, Duerre, Slaperud, Rieder, Hoistncl, Grau, Guyer, Culp, Emerson, Nelson, Killmer, Wiheman, Detke. "A closer bond of fellowship in the profession of me- chanical engineering is the purpose of Pi Tau Sigmaf' This organization was established on this campus in 194-8 in order to give recognition to outstanding stu- dents in the field of mechanical engineering. Member- ship is offered to juniors and seniors in the upper part of their classes and initiation is held at banquets 'twice a year. Pi Tau Sigma sends a delegate to its national con- vention and presents a mechanical engineeris handbook to the outstanding sophomore in this field. An honor- ary member, Professor Thomas Sakshaug, was elected last year. Officers are: president, Dwight Baumanng vice president, Duane Heitzmang recording secretary, Ron- ald Marting corresponding secretary, Danial Dorang and treasurer, Gordon Olson. The faculty advisor is C. O. Anderson. 'IO5 06 is as ggi?-5 J ww '28 Magnus Geston Jack Goehl John Hammett i Gene Harrie X? 35 E Kappa Tau Delta a E Fred Herman ts Harold Jenkinson Al Kosir Bob Mutchler Cy Studsvold Willis Stelter ts i Hurlyn Thompson Jerry White 'GKappa Tau Delta is a national honorary architectural fraternity which strives to promote a closer relation- ship among architects." It encourages scholarship, professional interest and upholds in college life the traditions of the institution. A design competition between members is held an- nually. The organization was established on this campus on December 9, 1925. It holds an Annual Founders, Day Banquet and other social functions. Membership is open to juniors, seniors, and fifth year students who have met scholastic requirements. Officers were Robert Mutchler, presidentg Harold Jenkinson, vice-presidentg and Eugene Harrie, secre- tary-treasurer. E. E. Stewart was faculty advisor. Tau Beta Pi "Tau Beta Pi is a national honorary engineering fra- ternity which strives to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America." Tau Beta Pi operates an engineer's book exchange, maintains an address file of NDSC graduates, and holds initiation banquets during the fall and winter quarters. Each year Tau Beta Pi presents a scholarship award to a senior. The freshman with the highest scholastic record is presented with a slide rule and freshman letters are presented to other high scholastic ranking freshmen. Juniors and seniors who display distinguished scholarship, exemplary character, and outstanding achievement are eligible to join Tau Beta Pi. Meetings are held every other Wednesday in the Student Union. The group elected Martin Borchelt as presidentg Gordon Child, vice-presiclentg Stanley Witteman, re- cording secretaryg John Rasmuson, corresponding sec- retaryg and Dwight Baumann, treasurer. The faculty advisors are A. W. Anderson, J. A. Oakey, H. W. Mc- Cauley, and R. N. Faiman. Gordon Child Fred Detke Gerald Duerre Richard Guest Jim Hoffman John Hoistad Harold Jenkinson larry Killmer Orton Larson Ronald Marlin Bob Mutchler Gordon Olson Orris Pfutzenreuter John Rasmuson William Riecler Don Sorlie Stan Witteman Ed Zimmermann Dwight Baumann Lester Bolmgren Martin Borchelt Gayle Brornancler Atelier Chat Noir Row One: Kosir, Griffin, Aslesen, Zeman, Rosenberg, Murczuk, Meyer, Hagerotf, Johnson, Nelson. Row Two: Brown, Johnson, Lee, lommer, Beechie, Jensen, Diemert, Goedert. Row Three: Vermeland, Kloster, Pifturd, Olsguurd, Huusmon, Ollinger, Hon- son, Burky, Metz, Anderson. Row Four: Adclicoit, LuFleur, Ashland, Twftchell, White. mfhe Black Cat Chapter . . . 7, The purpose of Atelier Chat Noir is the promotion and advancement of architectural interest. Projects include sponsoring competition in designs, the Beaux Arts Ball, and small architectural parties. Five prizes are awarded annually in competitions. Delegates are sent to the national and regional AIA conventions. Meetings are held once a month in the architecture department. All sophomore, junior, and senior architecture students are eligible for member- ship. Officers include Cy Stadsvold, presidentg Doug Goedert, vice-presidentg ,lim Griffin, treasurerg and Willis Stelter, secretary. Knute Henning was faculty advisor. ' '-si5e.,,N 7 A 2 i An instructor explaining lo several students the mechanism of the lump seen on Ihe drcwing board. Al Kosir wiih one of the many designs which can be seen in the architecture department. 109 4'The first aim of the School of Home Economics is to train future homemakersf, It also provides professional training for students interested in teaching, commercial food Work, clietetics, extension work, research, radio, and advertising. A de- gree in Home Economics is of ever increasing value to those who have been awarded it. The five curricula offered hy the school are: gen- eral home econoniics, clothing and textiles, foods and nutrition, home economics education, and pre-occupa- tional therapy. Each of these departments graduates students trained for professions in the expanding fields of home economics. , I I ' " 5. ' a "'si.a. 5 " Hi 5- f '- 55555555555 .,., -'---' ' 1 I , A , i fy 57 i 555 55 555 ' ,y "'1':'... r -... 5-5 li A ,uu- Deun Budewig School of Home Economics M? a f s -5 14 w 45- W 5 f a ' 5 5.. Sophomore girls concocfing something spe- cial flocks like some fancy sundwichesl. DEPARTMENT HEADS Food and Nutrition Elvira Smith Home Economics Education Lucile Horton Relatefl Art Kathryn Wees ner Textiles and Clothing Mildred Hawkins Home Management, Child Development Ella Olson Carol Moe working on ci modern shaped bowl in ceramics class. Many interest- ing pieces of jewelry are also made in this class. M Mary Platz weaving some ma- terial on a loom in the weaving laboratory. Many of the girls make belts, purses, place mats, and other interesting articles. 111 rvstww , r . I Row I: Litzinger, Melby, Little, Pierce, Willerf, Thorson Skaar, Wisness, Solberg, Widdifield, Maier. Row 2: Moe, Preuss, Ryan, Pfeifle, Pederson, Mezndigo, Tallackson r I Madson, Thompson, Simmons, lemm. Row 3: Pautz Peach, Mueller, Lind, Zielsdorf, Platz, Olson, Radi Simonson, Erickson, Seeklander. r 1 Tryota Club Row 1: Bilden, Hamilton, Berg, Carlson, Haas, Johan- son, Anderson, Ebling, Baumann. Row 2: DeKrey, Fer- now, Akason, Fagerlund, Enander, Briggs, Dahlen, Cullen, Keller, Bergan. Row 3: Anderson, Henning, Geiszler, Fitzloff, Husband, Kaiser, Bjorklund, Hanson, Hultstra nd, Kisser. Wfhose who plan to make a career of home economics set their sights on joining Tryota, home economics club . . . future teachers, dieticians and homemakers work together to make Tryota a strong and active or- ganizationf' The group is a student branch of the American Home Economics Associations. It holds an annual sup- per meeting for new students each year. Also, a joint meeting with Saddle and Sirloin Club, the correspond- ing group in the school of agriculture, is held every fall quarter. The club offers membership to any girl en- rolled in Home Economics. Officers include Erlys Fernow, presidentg Margaret Henning, vice presidentg Joyce Berg, secretaryg and Janet Fagerlund, publicity. 'I12 Row 1: Knight, Sanford, Schroeder, Siorbotten, Stebleton, Tergen luipp, Nash, Reynolds, Saba, Scott. Row 2: Stammen, Ohlhauser Slinde, Mattson, Robinson, Piepkorn, Kukowski, Schmitz, Montgomery, Sluka, Peterson, Schulz, Larsen. Row 3: Posey, Lee, lindbo, Zaun Polsfut, Woitzel, Mogen, Trom, Soeby, Larsen, Summers, Nelb, Johnson 1 r u Row 'I: Asmunclson, Fossay, Bouvette, Frank, Barstad, Kramer, Eriks- moen, Farlow, Dahl, Cantwell, Adams, Aafedt, Bassingthwaite. Row 2: Bisek, Hoss, Askling, Flint, Hedahl, Davis, Edinger, Jensen, Brelrlce, Baumann, Duckstad, Johnson, Hill. Row 3: Hinman, Fehr, Hagen, Jacques, Duncanson, Aurnodt, Kovell, Brunsvold, Fredrick, Hansen, Anderson, Homuth, Folstrom. l 113 Phi Upsilon Omicron Row 'lz Swanke, Ebeltoft, Hunstucl, Willert, Arneson. Row 2: Widdi- field, Hartman, Lohman, Nelson, Ryan, Bosworth. 'LHomemakers deluxe, thatis the members of Phi Upsi- lon Omicron, national home economics fraternity." The Beta chapter was founded at NDSC in 1914. Majors with high scholastic averages are eligible to wear the Phi U pin. Phi U promotes moral and intellectual development of its members and advances and promotes home eco- nomics in all fields. It holds an annual tea for high ranking upperclassmen, and joins with alumni lor an annual Founder's Day Banquet. lt bestows each year the Alba Bales Scholarship to an outstanding FHA chapter in North Dakota and produces a film and a scrapbook to be sent to high schools for recruitment purposes. Barbara Widdefield was presidentg Pat Ebeltoft, vice presidentg Janet Bosworth, secretaryg and Sharon Kaspari, treasurer. Row 1: Anderson, Vennerstrom, Henning, Just, Miss Reynolds. Row 2: Hamilton, DeKrey, Fernow, Zielsdorf, Hanson, Cullen, Anderson, Bilclen. 5 ' Mrs. Johnson, a member of the Board of Higher Education, praising the new home economics building at the dedication ceremonies. Home Economics Buildings Dedicated Miss Finlayson unveiling the plaque on the Alba Bules House of the Many hopes, dreams, and efforts were realized on dedlcmon Se"'l'e- October 22, when the dedication of the new Home Economics building was completed. This 3iS1L00,000 building occupies 'three spacious floors of modern offices, classrooms, and laboratories. Special features of the building are the up to date experimental equipment, ample laboratory space, indi- vidual staff offices, and the dean's office suite. Many student and faculty committees worked to- gether to make the dedication a success. Miss Christine Finlayson presided at the dedica- tion, while Dr. Seth Russell, dean of the School of Ap- plied Arts and Sciences, gave the invocation. Dr. Glenn Smith, Dean of the Graduate School, presented greet- ings from the faculty, and Mrs. Vernon Johnson of Wahpeton spoke for the Board of Higher Education. Mrs. Roy L. Olson, who served as acting dean of home economics in 1953-54, gave the address 'nlsooking Forward in Home Economicsfy A dinner was served in the Student Union Ballroom for visiting guests and interested persons. The dedication was very successful and many peo- ple toured the building and attended the ceremonies. 116 i . 5 'Q 5 :Fl lx - ei, Miss Schmidt showing some visitors one of the many unusuol kitchen units in the new home economics building during on open house tour. Dr. Wharton lecturing to some sophomore girls on the ways ond means of preserving foods in the new home economics building. 'l'l7 uDuring the fifty-three years of its existence the School of Pharmacy of the North Dakota Agricultural College has had one aim and that is to educate to the highest degree young men and women in the profession of Pharmacy. In order to do this successfully two things are paramount: an adequate and efficient stafig and proper physical facilities." Various types of training are offered in the two general divisions of courses-commercial and profes- sional pharmacy. Specialized preparation is provided in hospital ad- ministration, hospital pharmacy, narcotic inspection, retail drug store practice, professional pharmacy, wholesale pharmacy, food and drug analysis, and teaching. The School of Pharmacy at the North Dakota Agri- culture College stands ready to furnish any young man or woman with a superior education in the field of Pharmacy, one of the branches of general health serv- ice so vitally necessary to the people of the common- Wealth. School of Pharmacy Dean Sundro l l l Mr. Street, CI lab assistant, supervising a iunior quantitative analysis laboratory. DEPARTMENT HEAISS Pharmaceutical Chemistry A Clifton Miller Pharmiacognosy William Sudro Pharmacology Ralph Bcmziger Pharmacy Joh n Street Dr. Banxiger explaining Io several seniors the reaction of a drug on a while ra! in the senior pharmacology lab. Seeing that misiakes are kept at a minimum is Mr. lucas in the senior prescription lab. 9 Rho Chi .1521 Row 1: Wayne Kessler, Don Erickson Dr Banzlger Row 2 Tony Mendish, LuVerne Russell, Dick Berg Bob Peterson .lim S huack uRho Chi is an honorary organization for under- graduate students of the school of pharmacy. It strives to encourage scholarship and achievement in the pharmaceutical sciencesf' This is done by recognition of the two freshmen in pharmacy with the highest scholastic average, and by extending membership to those upperciassmen who are in the top fifth of their class. At the weekly meetings of Rho Chi, a series of seminars on pharmacy and related professions was presented. Officers were: president, Robert Petersong vice president, Laverne Russellg secretary-treasurer, James Schaackg historian, Richard Bergg advisor, Dr. R. F. Banziger. Kappa Epsilon "Kappa Epsilon strives to establish women in the field of pharmacy." It is the national honorary fraternity for wom- en in pharmacy. Iota chapter was established on this campus on May 29, 1930. The purpose of this organization is to unite women pharmacy stu- dents, stimulate high scholarship, and foster pro- fessional consciousness. The chapter has received national honors for the last three years for hav- ing attained the highest scholastic average of all Kappa Epsilon Chapters. The chapter presents the Allison-Harty Hendrickson Award to the mem- ber having the highest average and the Kappa Epsilon Award. Meetings are held twice a month in Francis Hall. Any woman in pharmacy who has main- tained a 2.00 average is eligible to join. Serving as president was Cynara Rembolt, aided by Elizabeth Jirgenson, vice president, Pat Noden, secretaryg and ,lacqueline Jungers, treasurer. lane Sand served as faculty advisor. Pharmacy Club "The Pharmacy Club has the distinction of being the second oldest organization on campus." Although it is old, the Pharmacy Club is up-to-date and growing. Just recently it became affiliated with the ,lunior Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Asso- Row I: Marquarf, Noden, Rumpcu, Borg, Street, Berger, Enger, Rem- boldf, Sinner. Row 2: Daly, Schwankl, Gunderman, Schick, Wasem, Kretchman, Stoxen, Wallace, McGuire, Warren, Miller, Carlson, Havde, Sack, Vnsenden, VanBerkom. Row 'l: Evensfacl, Sand, Remboldt. Row 2: Jirgensan Marquart, Naden, Ostluncl, Junkers. ciation. It is planning to send a delegate to the national convention this year. At meetings they are kept informed on the profes- sional aspects of pharmacy through movies and guest speakers. One of the projects of the club this year is devoting their efforts to publicity in acquiring a new pharmacy building. Membership in the Pharmacy Club is open to stu- dents enrolled in the school of pharmacy. Kenneth Borg served as president, James Rumpca, vice presi- dentg Raymond Berger, secretary, Joan Evenstad, treasurer, and J. P. Street, advisor. 1 D EPARTMENTS The Air Force Reserve Officer's Training Corps was established at North Dakota Agricultural College in 19446, to develop in prospective college graduates those qualities of leadership essential to their duties as com- missioned officers in the United States Air Force. The program consists of a two-'year basic course for freshmen and sophomores, required by North Da- kota state law, and a two-year advanced course for juniors and seniors. A four Week summer 'training unit is held each year for juniors. All physically qualified and desirous male students are offered a career as a pilot in the world's best air force upon graduation. The department is under the supervision of the Professor of Air Science, Lieutenant Colonel Norris Brill and sponsors the Arnold Air Society, Air Delis and the Rifle Team. Air Force ROTC Colonel Brill President Hultz and Colonel Brill enioying themselves with State ROTC Cadets at summer camp in California. Group I Siaff and Squadron Commanders Row 1: Maior Mann, Group Commander Zimmerman. Row 2: Maier, Martin, Cvancara. Row 3: leeiun. Wing Sfaff Wing Sfaff Row 1: Maior Broome, Welken, Wing Commander Hanson, Dick. Row 2: Morgan, Willming, whee!er, Sharky, Pederson, Berger. Group I Sfaff Group II Siaff and Squadron Commanders Row 'l: lf. Howland, Group Commander Buelow. Row 2: Wif- feman, Jundt, Sorlie. Row 3: Besselievre, Mutchler. Group ll Sfaff 123 AFROTC Rifle Team Row 1: Wiffemun, Deurre, Burrow. Row 2: Sgt. Dinniene, D. Bopp, Haugen, C, Bopp. AFROTC Color Guard Left to Right: John larum, Bill Chamberlain, Guy Enabii and Jack LuVold. Child. Row 'l: Buelow, Maier Arnold Air Society uUp in the air, junior birdmenf' The Arnold Air Society promotes leadership and furthers the ideals of aviation. The group co-sponsorecl the annual Military Ball and had a spring formal with the Air Debs. Their annual fall initiation banquet was held in the Memorial Union. Delegates were sent to the National Conclave at Vlfashington, D. C. while the entire club plans a cross country flying trip during the coming year. The club, organized in 1951, selects advanced AFROTC students for membership. The officers are: Ray Buelow, commander, Doug Hanson, executive officerg Darel Leetun, Comptroller, Paul Gorder, operations officer, and Gordon Child, recording officer. I Bowles, Burnett, Ericksmoen, Hildre. Row 2: Erickstad, Hanson, Gorder, Fogel, Lee- iun, Hell. Row 3:.l.t. Hul- Air Deb Society ul-low Blue? mightwell be the theme song of the Air Debs as they are deciding on their new air force uni- forms which will be changed from lavender to blue. The proverbial blue Monday tthe day of air force ROTCJ will then be complete." Air Debs attend Arnold Air Society in parades, ceremonies, and the Military Ball. They award ribbons to an outstanding member and to an air deb with out- standing activities. The organization is open to sopho- mores and juniors who meet a high standard of con- duct, personality, appearance, and interest in campus affairs. Commanding officer is ,lane Heifort. Plans for the coming year include training in drill and Air Force history and customs and a tea for the Military staff officer wives. Row I: Sherwood, Nelson, Anderson, Don- ovan, Lloyd, Widdifield, Bilden. Row 2: Hagen, Gendreau, Bosworth, Monson, Wil- lert, Rutherford, Hendrickson, Heifort. Row 3: Jones, Grimes, Lee, Schnell, Mische, Gordon, Marquarr, Williams. vorson, Gales, Keller, La- vold, Meyer, D-eurre, Hurt, 5 The Army ROTC curriculum consists of a two year basic course, required by state law for all physically qualified freshmen and sophomores without previous military service, consisting of three hours of work per week. An advanced course for juniors and seniors con- sists of five hours of classwork per week and a six weeks summer camp between the junior and senior years. The curriculum is a General Military Science course qualifying the successful candidates for a re- serve commission in any of the 15 branches of the Army. The Army ROTC program is under the direction of Colonel Otto B. Cloudt, Jr. and he is assisted by a staff of two officers and five non-commissioned officers. Army ROTC Colonel Cloud! l Cadet Stuff, Army ROTC Edfred Vusey, Nick Roster, Keith Deyo. Army ROTC Rifle Team Row 'l: Krause, Gates, Larson, Solberg, Horvath, Hov land. Row 2: Rodgers, Sgt. Simpson, Engh, Henning. '4The Army ROTC Rifle Team was established in order to enhance the prestige of the Cadet Corps, and provide an interesting pastime for members, while furthering the American heritage of expert riflemenf, Established shortly after the ROTC program was developed at the college, the group holds an annual banquet each spring. National Rifle Association Marks- manship awards are given out annually to properly qualified individuals. Plans for the coming year include 31 postal matches with other colleges of the Fifth Army area. The team will also fire in competition for the Williain Randolph Hearst Trophy, awarded annually, and com- pete at the intercollegiate match held in the spring at Boulder, Colorado. Those eligible to join include all Military Science 2, 3 and 4- army ROTC cadets. Officers include Cadet Donald Hovland, team captain, and Cadet John Lar- son, secretary, SFC Paul Simpson, coach, and Captain Harry M. Bartlett, advisor. 127 Guiclon left to Right: Hulstrand, J. Haas, Olwin, Arnason, Monson, S. Haas, Deyo, Lohman, Vaughn, Fitzloff, litzinger, Bauman, Simons. Left to Right: Anderson, Fagerland, North, Well, Pautz, Ebeltoft, Pfeifle, Pederson, Hunke, Ryan, Swanke, lund. Wfralnp, tramp, tramp the girls are marchingls' A familiar sight of an afternoon in the Union Ballroom is the column left, right, and uto the rear, ha-a-rch!" of the Guidon corps. Guidon is the auxilia- ry to the Army ROTC and marching is one of their activities, not only on week-day afternoons, but any day there is a parade or a special military event. Membership in the Guidon is extended to two girls from each sorority and two independent girls, in the sophomore class. New initiates are honored at a ban- quet preceding the Armed Forces Day Parade. Officers included Dorothy Ryan, presidentg Bar- bara Arneson, vice-presidentg Pat Ebeltoft, secretaryg and Arlene Simonson, treasurer. 'I28 '4Attention! Forward march! hut, tuep, terup, fourpf' The purpose of Scabbard and Blade is to raise the standard of military education in American Col- leges, to unite in closer relationship their military de- partments and to encourage and foster the essential qualities of good officers. Organized in 1922, past projects included the Military Ball, an annual ban- quet, and a display on Armed Forces Day. Each year the organization gives an award to the outstanding sophomore in Military and Air Science. Plans for the coming year include the Military Ball, a banquet, and providing a color guard at home basketball games. Meetings are held twice a month in the Fireside room of the College Y. Those eligible for member- ship are juniors and seniors in Military Science who have maintained a C average in R.O.T.C. The officers are Edwin Zimmerman, presidentg Larry North, vice- presidentg Ronald Skogstad, secretaryg and Edfred Vasey, treasurer. Scabbard and Blade Row I: Zimmerman, Hellem, Vnsey, Roster, Huarsuger, Capt. Bartlett. Row 2: North, Skogsfad, Deyo, Hoffman, Lund. "Athletics and physical education for men and women is provided by the department of physical education." The division of physical education for men pro- vides instruction in physical and health education and administers the intramural athletic program for men. The division of athletics directs the intercollegiate ath- letic program which includes football, basketball, golf, tennis, and track. Specialized and thorough training is provided in First Aid, individual activity, courses, leadership, coaching, and sports. The women's physical education department offers a wide range of activities. It aims to provide physical activities which will meet the needs and interest of the women in college and the need of the schools and com- munities to have trained personnel who can promote recreational activities. Professional training is offered in first aid dance 23 7 7 public health, physical fitness, and team sports. Department of Physical Education Clarence Becker on the trampoline in a physical education class. Modern Dance, u course offered by the women's division of the physical educa- tion department. An energeiic young man on the parallel bars. Badminton class in the physical education building. 131 Rev. Sfuder leaching u course in "Persist- ent Problems in Religion" Io, left to righf, sfudenfs Gordon Frieda, Robert Berg, and Richard Blair. Religious Education Wllhe purpose of the School of Religious Education is to give courses in the history, literature, philosophy, and psychology of religion without sectarian bias." Recognizing the indispensable need for the organ- ized churches, and the necessity for standards of faith and doctrine around which their members may rally, effort is made to strengthen such ties and preserve the loyalty of the student to the church to which he belongs. The work of this school is based on grounds com- mon to all types of faith represented in the student body and in keeping with a common purpose. The Board of Trustees is composed of representative men of all types of religious belief and the school is sup- ported by friends from many churches. Two types of courses are offered, the subjects which are the basis of all religions and those which are presented best according to the pattern of thought of a particular familiar church. The teaching of the direc- tor is limited to the courses common to all faiths. All the teachings in this school emphasize the fact that freedom of thought and the consistent practice of reli- gious convictions intelligently arrived at are the necessary foundation of democracy. Rev. Studer, Director of the School Father Potter with a class in "The Social Teachings of Christianity." SERVICES ealth 134 Center Miss Johnson taking u doctors orders over the telephone and writing them for the record. Chief nurse Miss Johnson filling u prescription. Junior nurse Miss Harrison welcoming a patient to the health center. "What have you got for an aching head?', This is the oft-repeated question asked of the nurses at the Student Health Center. And, they have something for almost every ache and pain. The Health Center has a menis ward and a women's ward, each with four beds, plus an adequate staff of two full-time nurses, one relief nurse, a part-time pharmacist, and a part-time laboratory technician who comes with the doctor on his week-day morning calls. Proof that the Health Center is doing a good job is the fact that there have been no epidemics or serious outbreaks of disease on campus. The common cold is the most frequent ailment, and this year there have been one or two cases of measles and mumps. Elsie Keller, a student, having her pulse and temperature checked hy Miss Johnson. Miss Harrison examining the ear of NDSC student. 13 dll 5 "You can find it in the library." The NDSC Library is an excellent source of infor- mation on almost any subject. Through its 1,100 peri- odical subscriptions, it offers up-to-date material on matters of interest to the students and faculty of the College. The library provides technical and specialized material to keep the faculty abreast with developments in their fields. New books are continuously being received by the library in an effort to have the very latest literature and information available. Maps, government publications, pamphlets, films, microfilms, slides, records, and the equipment 'to use them are also provided. There are several small study rooms, a student lounge with a radio-phonograph, larger rooms which may be used for meetings, and two large reading rooms. A typewriter rental service is offered at a minimum charge, and tables are provided for typing. The library serves the college and the students in a number of ways, helping to make education better and more lasting. Library Joyce Rutherford, Mary Ellen Birkeldnd, Helen Sny- der, and Bev Gordon studying, and talking, in the library lounge. librarian H. Dean Stallings Barb Arneson, Rose Millette, and Maxine Brown, library emplcyees, at the main desk. Z Betty Fortney studying in the main reading room on the second floor of the library. A scene in the stacks, where students and faculty alike can find books of their choos- ing or simply roam and browse. "I'll meet you at the Unionf, The Memorial Union, now in its second year of operation, is literally the center of campus activity. Dances, club meetings, bowling tournaments, studying, coffee-drinking, haircutting, bridge lessons-all these and more activities take place in the Union. The official controlling body of the Union is the Board of Directors, consisting of four students, four faculty members, four alumni, and two ex-officio mem- bers-the president of the College and the Union Di- rector. Union Activities Board: Row One: Hunsted, McGeory, Abrohomson. Row Two: Enubit, Vaughn, Pfeifle, Beatty. Union Director Dole Brostrom. Memorial Union A typical coffee hour scene in the Bison Room with the "Bearded ln- stitution," Hom Fisher, lending the discussion. 138 A whist game, complete with kibitzers, in the spacious union lounge. Another group which is of importance to the Union is the Activities Board, composed entirely of students and directly responsible to the Board of Directors. The Activities Board plans, supervises, and co'ordinates all social, cultural, recreational, and educational programs in the building. Several committees have been set up and more will be set up as the need for them arises. Board meetings are held weekly to keep up to date and to plan coming events. A great deal has been accomplished in the organiza- tion and carrying out of a social program and a great deal more is being planned. The Union is being used more and more, and it is anticipated that this trend will continue. I 1 "Eight-ball" on one of the four union billiard tables. .lim McGuire bowling for the Kappa Psi team in league competition. 9 4 ----'-- --f"- :mn ', , . 'f- ' Governor of Norfh Dakohf Governor Norman Brunsdale Presidenf of N DSC Mr. Schmidt Direcfor of Personnel Adminisfrafion Officials Miss Toring Business Manager Mr, Parrott Executive Secrefary of Alumni and Former Student Association Mr. Miller Diredor of Admissions and Records 142 Miss Dinan Dean of Women Mr. Sevrinson Dean of Men Mr. Not! Public Relations Director and his ossisfcmf Miss Swering , A ix ,M L ww ' Mr. Giernes Placement Direcfor 143 Uncanny Timing by organizations kepi' us busy attending meetings CJ orgcmlzcltions Anderson Gibbons lund Arneson Baumann Child Haas Hart Heiforf Moxness North Piepkorn Strand Vasey Widdifield Who's Who In American Universifies and Colleges ,R Gesion Just Schaack A Ebeltoft Ellingsberg Hildre Horne Russell Ryan Zfmmerman Zfmmermann '4Brains, initiative, ability, achievement, etc." Whois Who Among Students in American Univer- sities and Colleges is an honor extended to outstanding students from approximately 650 colleges and univer- sities each year. Students are selected on the basis of scholarship, cooperation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, citizenship, and service' to the school, and a promise of future usefulness. The national organization provides a placement service for members. Dean Pearl Dinan is chairman of the NDSC nominating committee, composed of student, faculty, and administration officials, which submits names to the national headquarters for approval. I B Q Row One: Sorlie, Ebeltoft, Haas, Kaspari, lohman, Heifort, Siversen, Zimmer- mann. Row Two: Kessler, Schaack, Russell, Zimmerman, Bolmgren, Martin, Bor- chelt, Hoffman. Phi Kappa Phi Row One: Holmstrom, Bartholomew, Anderson, Witte- man, Child. Raw Two: Mendesh, Peterson, Jolstad, Hart, Strand, Bromander, Baumann, Duerre. 'iThe love of learning rules-this is the belief of the members of Phi Kappa Phi. These are the people which we average students admire and hold in awe." Phi Kappa Phi recognizes scholarship in all fields, and was established in 1913. It meets twice per quarter and sends a delegate to the biennial national conven- tion. lt also holds a spring banquet. Membership is extended to students in the upper ten per cent of the senior class. The organization gives a Sparks Memo- rial Fellowship, which has been won by an NDAC student practically every year. There are only three such fellowships given in the entire United States. Officers are: H. W. McCauley, presidentg W. E. Dinusson, vice presidentg Ennna Dubetz, secretary- treasurerg and O. A. Stevens, journalism corres- pondent. ., . ,. i 1 is .H Q " ti K+. ' sf, X Row One: Haus, Ryan, Kaspari, Ebeltoft. Row Two: Arneson, Lund, Lohman, Widdifield. Senior Staff "The Senior Staff girls are practically popping the buttons off their new cardigan sweaters and they are so proud of them. No wonder they are proud! It is the first time on this campus that the members of Senior Staff have had a distinguishing outfit. Now, among the many other activities of these girls, they are kept busy shining the big gold buttons on their new Cardigans." Senior Staff is an honorary for senior girls having superior scholarship, leadership, service and person- ality. This organization sponsors an all college dance, honors the Homecoming Queen at a banquet, and deco- rates her car for the parade, sponsors the Spinster Skip, and has a banquet with Blue Key annually. It also presents awards to the freshman and senior girls who have the highest scholastic average. lt ex- tends membership to senior women in the spring of their junior year. Officers are, president, Dorothy Lund, vice presi- dent, Dorothy Ryang secretary, Sally Lohmang 'treas- urer, Barbara Widdifieldg and advisors, Miss Pearl Dinan and Miss Matilda Thompson. Row One: Fogel, Miller, Moxness, Schaack, Lud- wlg Gion. Row Two: Anderson, Noir, Euren, Ellmgsberg. Blue Key "Blue Key knows the first verse of "The Yellow and the Green" better than any other campus organization." Demonstrating their fine school spirit, this lively group of young men sings uThe Yellow and the Greeni' at every meeting, and, since their meetings occur on the first and third Thursday of each month, have quite a little practice. Being a service fraternity, Blue Key devotes itself to originating and promoting activities which are bene- ficial to the students and the college. The proceeds from their annual variety production, Bison Brevities, provide scholarships for the outstanding freshman and junior. Blue Key sponsors the Wo1'lcl University Service program to raise funds for work in new schools throughout the world. The Doctor of Service Award is presented by Blue Key to someone other than a student who has given service to the college. Membership included juniors and seniors with an above average scholastic standing, good character, and outstanding leadership ability and participation in campus activities. Row One: Gibbons, Wheeler, Geston, Zimmer- man, Hurt, Child. Row Two: Oakey, Horne, Pettee. 9 Student Senate Row One: Swenson, Sherwood, Lund Swanke Boker Benson Wolfe Row Two: Geston, Ziegler, Askim, Moxness Sloostud Johnson Ellmgsberg Anderson Gion, Hurt, Fogel, Child, Gibbons, H Dean Stallings "Of the students, by the students, for the students- this aptly describes the Student Senate and Commis- sions. These people work to unite, defend, and repre- sent the students in all campus affairsf' Homecoming, Junior-Senior prom, dances, convo- cations, student forums-these are a few of the projects which this organization undertakes. Delegates are sent to both the regional and national N.S.A. conventions. Membership is open to anyone legally elected by the student body and an installation of officers banquet is held every year. The president of the Student Senate is Duane An- derson. 'Commissioners are: Finance, Dorothy Lundg Publications, Renee Bakerg Music and Public Pro- grams, Don Ellingsbergg Radio, Gary Hartg Athletics, Mike Fogelg Campus Affairs, Ken Moxnessg and Stu- dent Union, Vic Ziegler. , ti, , J ,mee 5, Student Commission Row One: Moxness, Ziegler, Lund, Baker, Fogel, Anderson. Row Two: Hurt, H Dean Stallings, Ellingsberg. 151 S'ruden'r Government Boards Board of Radio: Row One: Swunke, Hart, Boker. Row Two: Johnson, Dr. Aornes, Faimun, Zimmerman. Board of Music: Row One: Gion, Ellingsberg. Row Two: Van Vlissingen, Lund, Dr. Walsh. 152 Board of Campus Affairs: Row One: Dr. Pye, Moxness, Gibbons, Swenson, Faiman, Askim, Vergin. Board of Publications: Row One: Crom, Johnson, Baker, NoH, Child, Burnham. Row Two: Mark, Hurt. Memorial Union Board of Directors: Row One: Wolf, Zeigler, Hart, Toring. Row Two: Hill, Curl- son, Non, Brosfrom, Sevrinson, Gion, Miller, Gunkelmun, Smifh. 153 Board of Finance: Fogel, Child, Gesfon, Grimes, Lund, Dr. Pettee, Brnnderud. Sfuclenf Governmenf Boards 154 Board of Aihleticsa Row One: Hill, Henning, Fogel. Row Two: Wolf, Swanke, H-ulbeisen, Sherwood 5--+1 Row One: Dean Dinan, Haas, Ryan, Ebeltoft, Widclifield, Donovan, Heifort, luncl, Blegen, Paulson. Row Two: Lohman, Fernow, Henning, Qlson, Wheeler. f'5'?' Women's Senate 4'Divided ye are conquered-true enough, so the women students of NDSC are organized, not divided." Women's Senate is the governing body of The As- sociated Women's Students of NDSC, an organization composed of all female students enrolled at NDSC. Meeting twice a month, Women's Senate is composed of the presidents of all women's organizations on campus. Working to unite the Women students and further their interests, WOIIICUSS Senate cooperated with the Student Senate on the leadership program, sponsored an election rally, organized and operated a freshman counseling system in the women's dormitories, sold stationery, and sponsored several dances in the Memo- rial Union. ,lane Haas was president with Janet Thompson as vice-president, Sally Lohman as secretary, and Sonia Blegen as treasurer. 155 . ,,,., ,-......-.- --WV -,.- -.,,-f,,,,- -..--,-V,-9-4:-gf 4 me ----- fa- , V ,,,, J N , . , A ff' '7?lfEi'i'f' ' so U - ' v -' ip- -- mini, , A iijg I f I ..--,-If ..a1. . -it? , ' HGive ,lunkin a buzz and tell him to send those pix out I pronto. Joann, who was assigned the copy on the Brevities? No. don't bleed group pictures-yes, put them into the gutter if it suits the layoutf' With Cary Hart completing his second year at the helm, the Bison was once again published for the stu- dents of State. There were changes from previous years -the lack of a theme, new ideas on layout, a combined index and advertising section-but the purpose re- mained the sameg to publish for the students an in- formal history of the year in pictures and words to he kept as a momento of State. B :son ---7-Y --:ff 'F me rilf-Yip. 2 W 'll Y! Editor Gary Hart Copy editor Joann Willert, photography editors 'I56 Bev Kraus and Erlys Mische, and layout editor Renee Baker. Photography staff: Charlotte Aamodt, Bonnie litzinger, and Reggie Gorder. Advertising manager .lon Dewey and business manager Nick Roster. Layout staff: Sandy Benedict, Marlene Pfeifle, Marlene Qualley, Ruth Falsirom, Sandy Haas, and Bev Pfeifer. Copy staff: Sally Anderson, Anneffe Siverson, Celeste Svihovec, Judy Hammer, Ruth Olwin, Gail Fifzloff, Judy Sherwood, June Anderson, and Peter Lundwall. 'I5 Editor lee Johnson 'I5 Spectrum "Who's got the copy on the controversy? Mark, youive got too much advertising again-when are you going to stop thinking about that IOW? Karen, let's hustle up that social column, huh?" Such is the conversation on Wednesday evening in the publications office when the NDSC student news- paper is going to press. Somehow, through much hustle and bustle, the Friday issue always came out. Containing articles largely of campus interest, in- cluding items on athletics, organizations, scholarship, and dozens of other subjects as well, Lee Johnson as editor always managed to publish a creditable news- paper. Feature Editor Renee Baker, Sports Editor "Hom" Fisher, and Editor-in-Chief lee Johnson. X , W Seated, left to right: Monica Savageau, Bob Fisher, Renee Baker, Beverly Simons. Standing: Jim Feeney, Keith Amund- son, Audrey Holt, Joan Evanstacl, Elaine Geiszler, Priscilla Hosted, Karen Sluka, lee Mfaxwell, Loren Biornson, Bill Buck, larry Siaastacl. Business Manager Pete Mark W Members of the staff at work. left to right, Karen Sluka, Keith Amunclson, Bev Simons and Bill Buclc. Assistant Editor Ken Borg and Edi- tor Joan Evanstad. Papyrus Ebers "In 1500 B.C. the namesake for the campus pharmacy newspaper was written, the Papyrus Ebers. This is the oldest known drug manuscript in existencef' Although not being the oldest known paper on campus, it has gained the reputation as being one of the best. Published every quarter, the Papyrus Ebers is written entirely by the students with the Pharmacy Club as its sponsor. The paper contains reports on current happenings, advertisements, and, during the past year, editorials showing the need for a new phar- macy building. With a circulation of over a thousand copies, it is sent to pharmacists and high schools throughout the state. The staff of the Papyrus Ebers includes ,loan Even- sted, editorg Kenneth Borg, assistant editorg Jackie Jungers, business managerg and Jim McQuire, adver- tising manager. Seated: Riepl, Stilwell, Ostlund, Bear, Remboldt, Homer, Nelson, Pe- terson. Standing: Herman, Wallace, Berger, Sack. Pete Mark, Photasp Jackie Jungers, Business Manager, Jim McQuire Advertising Manager. North Dakota State Engineer Editor Maurice Walla and Business Manager John Holstacl "The North Dakota State Engineer informs students of new developments in the field of engineeringf, The magazine was founded in 1925. lt is published four times during the school year and deals with new methods, techniques, and designs in the field. Sections of the publications include social news, articles on new faculty members and articles on the doings of alums. During the year one publication is devoted entirely to information about the school of engineering, its advantages, and the occupational possibilities of its graduates. This issue is circulated to high school sen- iors throughout the state. The editor is sent to the national convention of Engineering College Magazines Associated. Any engi- neering students interested in journalism may become a member of the staff. This year's staff members were: Maurice Wolla, editorg William Reider, associate edi- torg John Hoistad, business manager, Melvin Sarvela, advertising managerg and James Hoffman, circulation manager. Advisors were F. C. Mirgain, J. A. Oakey, and A. W. Anderson. Campus Radio Row One: Schmidt, Anderson, Roth, Bakken, Garrison, Meier, Pfeifer, Berg. Row Two: Siavageau, Miller, Link, Amundson, Gackle, Zimmerman, Larson, Vonderheide, Hosfad. Jack Larson and Hal Miller announcing at a Bison basketball game. 'I62 HOU the Airlw Established in 1952, station KDSC is now very much a part of the students life at NDSC. Located in the Memorial Union build- ing, it broadcasts from 7:30 until 10:00 each evening from Monday through Friday, and four hours on each Saturday afternoon. Providing disc jockeys, drama, news, and sports to the listening audience, it also gives on-the-spot broadcasts of athletic events, cam- pus elections, and other similar affairs. Don Zimmerman served as station man- ager, Jack Larson as program director, and Gary Hart as Commissioner of Radio. Program Director Jack larson, Station Man- ager Don Zimmerman, and Chief Engineer Jerry Vonderheide. A disc iockey show with, left to right, Bev Pfeifer, Bob Schmidt, Sandra Meier, Art link, Neil Berg, Keith Amundson and Bryan Gackle. 163 'sliwllnwwfpunw' Y-rr-wr"v -'-sv-w'vrmr,"f'v1'v21"'Tfrwfv-"-fcarvca,.r:'yn--':.'4'sow'fu' .'a'l'w'v"' ,-,w-ff,w1.,,,w:nv-r-:ww42, -- -f-2 - , , - i ,lla-lllvl,4e,'.rm-A,LJ -th A L 2 ,1:2:,m,',1, U'-llfl,5Qlil1EN'Y3gll'lll2,llllN'lllJwll?H,,'l1"1"LI,jL,,l-il-"l',.1 N ' - , ' ' " fwlwmb:f:.m fi A' .- ww f 'izw -f -- ' 1 . J.s lill Le'r'rerman's Club Row One: Wallenfine, Wulstad, Zeuger, Hill, Patterson, Ennbif. Row Two: Marlin, Coriese, Wagner, Hofcombe, Joos, Gumache, Anderson, Skrei, Werner, Ludwig, Becker, Bistud, Timm. "Athlete,s foot on campus has been on a rampage the past year due to the fine promotion of the Letterrnan's Club." During their more serious moments, the Lettermen promote varsity athletics, sell beanies to freshmen, hold kangaroo court, sponsor the annual 'Bison Day,' and have an annual picnic and initiation banquet. Made up of letter winners in all sports, the club elected Glenn Hill, president, Dale Wallentine, vice president, Merlin Ludwig, secretary, and Tom Rad- cliffe, treasurer. Del Anderson is the club advisor. 'I64 Cheerleaders L'Vi1n, vigor, and vitality describes NDSC's cheer- leadersf, Sporting new outfits, they led the Bison through wind and ice during the football season and through the heat of the basketball season. School spirit in the form of "life" at athletic events is sometimes hard to find in college students, even those cheering for a winning team, but the cheerlead- ers somehow managed to instill in most NDSC students a desire to "get behindn their athletic teams, whether they were winning or losing. left to right: Virginia Pratt, Bev Pfeifer, Patti Jones, Sonia Swanke, Ann Whiting, Pat Hagen, Phyllis Hendrickson. leading a yell for the Bison at the Homecoming game 165 Row One: Myrdal, Kjos, Wielund, Anderson, Farnum, Schiebold. Row Two: Talley, Tucker, Hanson, Hill, Van Vlissingen, 0. Johnson, Forster. Row Three: North, D. NEISOIM Hellzmannf Buchholz, Hunke, I.. Nelson, V. Johnson, luvold, Baumann, Zimmermann. 6 "On my honour-" Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity assembling college men in the fellowship of the scout oath and law. They sponsor the Ugly Man Contest, the Snow Sculpture Contest, Spring Sing, the Book Ex- change, and an 'gall-college get-acquainted" dance. Mernbers usher at convocations and assist with fresh- man orientation. They held their Annual Founderls Day Banquet in January and a picnic in May. 'Meetings are held twice a month in the Fireside Room of the College Y. Membership is open to men who have previously been members of the Boy Scouts ' of America. Officers were: Don Hanson, Jresidentg Manual Talley, vice president, Alon Wielaliicl, treas- urerg and Bob Tucker, secretary. I Rahiahs "Fire up! Go! Go! is a familiar cry promoted by the NDSC Rahj ah Club at all athletic events." Urging stu- dents to back the various teams by a cheering support usually turns out to be a tremendous task. The Rahjahs hold two scheduled pep rallies a year and other impromptu ones, and are co-sponsors of WUS Carnival. They award the Most Valuable Player Award to the outstanding player of the SC-U series. Meetings are held twice a month in the Student Union. New mem- bers are selected by a majority vote of the present members. Nearly all of the fraternities and many inde- pendent groups are represented in the club. They chose Ron Wolf as presidentg Gordon Child, vice presidentg Laverne Russell, secretaryg Bob Hughes, treasurerg and Don Besselievre, publicity director. Row One: Wolf, Child. Row Two: Rumpca, Vusenden, Southum, Hughes, Kuutz- mun. Row Three: Borchurdt, Murphy, Clark, Spichke, Gross. Row Four: Reinke, Burley, Siuostod, Birkeland, Swenson, lavold, Nippolt, Beatty. 167 6 Row One: Montgomery, K. Swedlund, Kunellus. Row Two: Zimmerman, Jones, Johnson, Ollinger, Hook, P. Swedlund, Holcomb. "Membership in the Ski Club decreases each year due to broken arms, legs, and skis. The older members fare better than the younger ones because they have learned to avoid the trees and other skiers which are apt to get in the way." The broken arms and legs are a joke of the Club and not to be taken too seriously. Each member is an enthusiastic skier, in spite of the frosty weather which accompanies the sport. During the winter months, the Club gathers at the College "Yu every Thursday to plan their skiing jaunts and, of all things, to pray for snow. They journey to hills in North Dakota and near-by Minnesota on Sun- days, and to faraway places such as Colorado and Utah during spring vacation. Then, as if they didn't do enough skiing during the winter, shortly before school is out in the spring, the Club has a picnic at the lake where they spend time water-skiing. Officers were: Eddie Cordhammer, president, Rob- ert Schroeder, vice president, and Sally Schroeder, secretary-treasurer. - rv .-: me f Ski Club Row One: Pierce, Hunke, Lund, Olson, Wisness, Luhlum. Row Two: Valentine, Preuss, Siorbohen, Bisek, Price, Ziemun, Heduhl, Duncan. Row Three: Geving, Smith, Summers, Schenfisch, Hein- rich, Olson, advisor, Myrben, Stromstad, Olson, Cunningham, Kulgor d. 4-H Club 6'Pr0vides opportunities for 4--H members to continue their work during college." The College 4-H Club was organized on the NDSC campus in 1938 as a service organization. Membership is open to students currently attending the colleges in Fargo and Moorhead that are interested in the 41-H program. The objective of the club is to be of service to the college and state 4-H program while enabling the mem- bers to continue their 4-H work. Activities of the club include leadership meetings each month, a get- acquainted party for freshmen, a welcome party for the Short Course students, and a spring picnic. Also, they sponsor a booth at the Little International. Regular meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month with special recreation training meetings the third Tuesday of each month. Officers include: David Lund, presidentg Margaret Wisness, vice presidentg Cleo Olson, secretaryg Mari- anne Hunke, treasurerg and Kenneth Olson, advisor. 169 Edwin Booth Club Row One: Lancaster, Heine, Sigman, Whidden. Row Two: Horne, Abraha-mson, Zimmerman, Pederson. ulliomeo, oh Romeo-" It was founded in 1907 by Alfred Arvold for the purpose of stimulating a greater interest in dramatics on the campus. The members assist and promote productions of the Little Country Theater, usher at Lyceums and entertain visiting Lyceum artists. An an- nual Twelfth Night Revels masquerade is held the first Saturday evening following Christmas in the Log Cabin for Edwin Booth members, theater majors, and their guests. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month in the Lincoln Log Cabin. Membership is offered to any sophomore, junior, or senior who has maintained an average of 2.5 and has participated in at least 'three Little Country Theater productions. Officers were Charles Abrahamson, presidentg Don Zimmerman, vice-presiclentg and Bruce Whidden, sec- retary-treasurer. Advisor was ,lack Sigman. . Orchesls Kneeling: Anderson, Rutherford, Olwin Simons, Eaton. Row Two: Malia, Kaiser, Abrahamson. Row Three: Lund, Simons, Puufz, lee, Hendrickson, Marquurf. "Dance at its best-and not jazz eitherf' Orchesis provides an opportunity for the students of NDSC to explore the area of creative dance. Repre- senting the school in dance programs for various or- ganizations in the community, the group plans a dance workshop on campus. Dancing at various occasions on campus, the group sent delegates to a dance symposium in Minneapolis this year. Meeting every Tuesday in the fieldhouse, tryouts are held for prospective members who are selected by vote of the active members of Orchesis. Joan Marquart was presidentg Janet Abrahamson, vice-presidentg Aina Malta, secretary-treasurerg and Neva Anderson, faculty advisor. 7 Mclean Modin Monilows Olson A. Olson G. Olson R. Pace Roteliuk 1221 Tenth Avenue North Sund Tomcn Vettel Wright Seelhommer Schlecht Siuostad Solberg Adams Axtmon Bauer Birkelond Egli Fredrick Fog Gutzmer Hagen Hanson Harmon Heidlebough Henning Huckle Johnson Jundt .lust Koble Korb Krause Krenz "If you want to cooperate, really cooperate-" Male students interested in cooperative efforts are offered membership in the Farmers Union Cooperative Association. The organization provides room and board for its members while giving them a practical application of cooperative principles. Activities throughout the year are varied but em- phasis is on those related to agriculture. Participation is strong in the Little International as evidenced by the presence of two past Grand Champion Showmen among the active members. Term parties and a Farmers Union Local Banquet are among the other activities. Leading figures at the co-op house included Ed Lovitt, manager of the Little International, and How- ard Jundt, member of Blue Key fraternity. Officers included Myron Birkeland, presidentg Presidem Lawrence Heh Ronald Krenz, vice-presidentg Warner Johnson, secre- taryg and Howard Jundt, treasurer. Farmers Union Cooperative Association T7 Row One: Slingsby, Heinz, leupp, Schonberger, loffsgard, Anderson. Row Two: Lundstrom, Morrison, Hart, Oberg, Nielson, Jacobs, Barge, Webster, Horne, Wesbrook, Strand. 4 Vet's Club "The man with a complacent smile on ROTC day. This best describes the members of the Vetls Club, organized in October 19537 The Vet's 'Club provides a medium for discussion of material problems, and a means for social and recre- ational activities. They sponsor projects during the year such as donating gifts to the orphans homes at Christmas, handling veterans problems in regard to insurance and training, and conducting of a panel dis- cussion on veterans affairs. Along with their many projects, they held a fall term party in the Memorial Union Ballroom, a winter party at the Moorhead V.F.W., and a spring club picnic at Oak Grove Park. Those eligible to join the Vet's Club must have served ninety days on active duty in the Armed Forces of the U. S. or its Allies, and have been discharged under honorable conditions or have been placed on active reserve. The officers are: Stan Pederson, commanderg I oe Olson, vice-commanderg Don Carlson, chaplain, Bill Strand, secretaryg and Wallace Webster, treasurer. Row One: Anderson, Johnson, Jorgenson, Seelhammer, Schwankl, Ziegler, Row Two: Munn, Bradley, Stor- beck, Cousins, Siedschlag, Martin, Schwartz, Ormberg, Jacobson, Howifz, King. Row One: Wold, Selkirk, Swarfouf, Axfman, Heinz, Kubischfa. Row Two: Marlin, Miller, Erickson, Gerfh, Gullingsrud, Larson, Sorenson, Moor, Pedersen, Olson, Julian, Hughs. I l 175 'They may not get to the Olympics-but we do have some pretty good athletes of the fairer sex." WAA promotes interest in physical education among the women at NDSC as a means of promoting physical efficiency, scholarship, and sportsmanship. It was established on the campus in 1922. WAA sponsors an intramural sports program for the women on campus and each spring sponsors a dance during the Bison-Sioux basketball series. Sweat- ers aucl letters are awarded to girls earning 10 units andiblankets and letters to girls earning 20 units. A delegate is sent to the Athletic Federation of College Wonien every 2 years. Any girl who has earned one unit of credit in team or individual sports outside of class work is eligible to join this organization. Meetings are held weekly in the Field House under the leadership of Delores Olson. Cleo Olson serves as vice-president, and Joan Nordlund as secretary- treasurer. Miss Elsie Raef is the advisor. Women's Athletic Association Basketball game between Alpha Gamma Della and Gamma Phi Beta sororilies. Row One: Bender, Montgomery, Fredrick, Edinger. Row Two: Craven, Wilson, Joes, Davis, Geving, Dahl. l 176 Bowling classes in the Memorial Union 1' Row One: Nordlund, Slebbton, Melby, Rieder, Fehr. Row Two: Nash, Olson, Bowman, Hugo, Skuur, Pfeif- fer. ' 177 Row One: Hainy, Vollmers. Row Two: Senechul, Johnson, Ohlhuuser, Eia, Ander- son, Eiken, Mondigo, Ehlers, Anderson. Row Three: Heuer, Anderson, Berg, Cook, Rev. Luiz, Senechul. Row Four: Borchelf, Krenz, Senechal, Merke, Kaeding, Junk. Gamma Delta .,::n.,,,.,. .wt ,. ,,,,,, f f . A Q uAn organization of Synodical Conference Lutheran Students, which provides students with a positive pro- gram of Christian fellowship based on Christian knowl- edge and education." The organization, which offers membership to any college student, meets every Sunday in the student room at the lmmanual Lutheran Church. lt was estab- lished on the NDSC campus in 194-1. The annual regional conference was held this year in Fargo. June Anderson was presidentg Calvin Senechal, vice-presidentg Darlene Olhauser, secretaryg and Ron- ald Krenz, treasurer. Rev. John Lutz is the pastoral advisor with Mr. C. O. Anderson serving as faculty advisor. Wesley Foundation 'gwesley Foundation provides Christian fellowship, opportunities for leadership, and religious education for Methodist students on campusf, Methodist students join other religious groups in participating in Religious Emphasis Week and last year presented a scholarship to a Japanese student. Delegates are sent annually to the leadership train- ing conference at Lake Poinsett, South Dakota, and to the national quadrennial conference at Lawrence, Kansas. Membership is extended to all college students of FargoJMoo1'head. The group meets Sunday evenings in the First Methodist church and on Thursday eve- nings in the college "YP Lyle Dawson was elected presidentg Ron Smith, vice-president, and Barbara Vennerstrom, secretary. Reverend Walter Pilgrim is the advisor. Row One: Lund, North, Vennersirom, Vennerstrom, Oguchi, Anderson, Kaiser Gordon, Heiforf. Row Two: Harbor, Aluzus, Erickson, Topp, Trichmann, Dawson Asleson, Rev. Pilgrim, Dr. Brown, Krieg, Lund, Unkenholz, Kaptan, Giese, Rose Pomeroy. 'I79 mfhe Lutheran Students Association endeavors to bring Lutheran students on campus into closer contact with one another." Its purpose is to strengthen and sustain Christian students in their faith through worship, study, and fel- lowship. lt seeks to act as a positive influence on the individual student and on the campus in all walks of college life. The new home of LSA at 1201 Thirteenth Avenue North was dedicated April 25, 1954. The group meets every Sunday morning for break- fast and Bible study and at noon worship chapels lVlon- day through Friday. Regular meetings are held every Sunday evening in the parish house. Friday evening is devoted to recreation followed by fireside vespers. All interested students, regardless of denomination, are encouraged to participate. Officers are Kenneth Moxness, presidentg Carl Sandager, first vice presidentg Delores Olson, second vice presidentg Lorraine Kalgaard, secretaryg and Lloyd Quatier, treasurerg Reverend ,lohn Schultz is the pastor and Mrs. Othella Hauge 15 counselor. Km Memes' Proxy Lutheran Student Association Row One: Nelson, Rotenberger, Berg, Nelson, Peterson, Ruse, Skagen, Berg, Moxness, Bieber, Piepkorn, Moe. Row Two: Carpenter, Hlarth, Kandt, Melby, Dahlen, Kandt, Wollan, Pederson, Heidellaerger, Piepkorn, Nordlund, Valentine, Toepke, Erickson, Rev. Schultz. Row Three: Erickson, Olson, Schmitz, Kalgard, Seeklancler, Larsen, Posey, Keller, Solberg, Johanson, Olson, Wisness, Hoganson. Row Four: Hildebrand, Hartmann, Geving, Paul' son, Hanson, Polsfut, Olson, lee, Anderson, Bourman, Thompson, Fernow, Pfeifle, Sluka. Raw Five: Stockman, Sinsthagen, Peterson, Gunderman, Holen, Baillie, Olson, Larsen, Leiseth, Mattson, Kovell. Row Six: Quatier, Hoekstra, Hirsch, Haugen, Bieber, Astrup, Heinrich, Rushfeldt, Sandager, Ness, Mass, Sorlie. 180 LSA Choir: Row One: Rev. Schultz, Geving, Polsfut, Hanson, Posey, Pederson, Heidelberger, Piepkorn, Nordlund. Row Two: Paulson, Dahlen, Olson, Kandi, Wollen, Keller, Lee, Anderson, Larsen. Row Three: Peterson, Gunderson, Haugen, Holen, Rushfeldt, Baillie, Olson, Leiseth, Row Four: Skogen, Hirsch, Bieber, Piep- lkorn, Rase, Heinrich, Sandager, Ness, Mass. LSA Officers: Seated in front: Les Amundson, Howard Nelson, Lloyd Quafier, Marvin Duncan. Row Two: Kandi, Paulson, Dahlen, Olson, Sandager, Larsen, Stockman, Moxness, Ness, Hneksira, Haugen, Fernow, Sorensen, Madson, Olson, Asfrup. 181 'cNot another new type of vision but rather a strong campus organization -such is the 3-D center." Working together in the organization known as 3-D are three denominations, Congregational, Presby- terian, and Baptist, promoting fellowship and social activities. Organized on the campus in 1953, member- ship is open to anyone with the desire to join. 3-D meets weekly in the center in the college YMCA. Co-moderators during the year were Del Hlavinka, Beth Turner, and lVIarlys Pautz. Rodger Williams Club: Row One: Turner, Elofson, Duckstacl. Row Two: Egli, Anderson Nelson. . U Three Denomlnahonal Center Westminisfer Foundation: Goodwin, Meuhlin, Zaylskie, Rev. Wigfield, Paulson, Kulseth, Hlovinka, MucFarlund. 182 John Robinson Club: Voelker, Henning, Robinson, Pautz. Row Two: Akason, Noden, Rev. Mcluin, Kirl. Row Three Ditlmer, Voelker, Kirk, Flatts, Suck. Informal scene at the 3-D Center: Row One: Sack, Turner, Pautz, Zoylskie. Row Two: Hlavinku, Rev. wigfsela. 183 Father Durkin, Chaplain, Bill Chamberlain, vice-presi- dent, Kay Benson, faculty advisor, Marianne Hunke, secretary: Bernie Simon, president, Tony Mendesh, program chairman. Newman Club 'cThe Newman Club holds group discussions and social hours for Catholic students." The club is designed to promote the spiritual, intel- lectual, and social welfare of students. The aim is to bring its members in touch with their religion, and to provide recreation and entertainment for them. It was established on this campus in 1925 by Bishop Leo F. Duorschak. Row One: Mische, Bouvetie, Jasques, Frank, Foriney, Troilier, Flint. Row Two: Pekas, Harmon, Vettel, Berger Kubisiak, Dufuulx, Hoffman. Row Three: Hurley, Madler, Boucher, Jundt, Moore, Hunke, McGuire. Activities include a formal term party during the winter term, a Valentine's Day dance, picnics with the MSTC Newman Club in the spring, and several record parties. Peg Harding received the John Henry Newman Award for outstanding work locally and nationally. Meetings are held the first and third Thursday of each month in the Newman House. A daily Rosary is held in the Newman Chapel and a communion break- fast the last Sunday of each month. Membership is open to all Catholic students at NDSC. Officers were Bernie Simon, president, Bill Cham- berlain, vice president, Marianne Hunke, secretary, Father Durkin, chaplain, and Kay Benson, advisor. l Row One: Barrett, Souber, Horner, Wright, Hoffman, .lanes Zink, Vandal. Row Two: Sinner, McDonald, Eide, Schultz, Kes- per, Bear, Sinner. Row Three: Offerdahl, Mousseau, Hutler, Moss, Hostod, Summers, Schritx, Nillis, Gallagher. Row Four: Coauefle, link, DeVardine, Harmon, Targ, Heli, Merlens. Row One: Nelson, Schnell, Plclz, Ryan, Barstad, Folstrom, Bisek. Row Two: Rumpcu, Schwanlcl, Wolf, Rosa, Seelhammer, Axtmun, lommel. Row Three: Blazek, Nagel, Koble, Johanne- son, Geclc, lrsfeld, lies, Riepl. 185 Young 186 Row One: Anderson, Ekstrom, Elofson, Sack, Bieber, Work- enfin. Row Two: Hathaway, Hlavinku, DeKrey, Bieber, Kirk, Moore, Markman. Men's Christian Association Wfhe YMCA is a world-wide fellowship of men united by a common loyalty to Christ for the purpose of developing Christian personality and building a Chris- tian society." Many parties and discussion groups are sponsored, including the Freshman Mixer in the fall, faculty fire- sides throughout the year, the Thanksgiving Evensong, faculty student discussion groups, and weekly coffee hours. Six members attended the large national Student YM-YW Assembly at Kansas at Christmas while other members attended the North Central Area Conference held annually at Lake Geneva, Wiscoiisin, in June. Officers were Stanley Elofson, presidentg Loran Bieber, vice presidentg Kent Sack, secretaryg and Arne Ekstrom, treasurer. Dr. Frank Cassel was chairman of the Board of Directors and Charles Markman was executive secretary. - Young Women's Christian Association 4'YWOA, divided into 3 groups, Freshman Commis- sion, Sophomore Commission, and the Cabinet, brings women of all religions together through a common purpose." Each year, according to tradition, a big-little party is held during Orientation Week and, during the Christmas season, the hanging of the green to decorate the NY." Throughout the year joint parties are held with the YMCA. Delegates are sent to the regional camp at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin annually, while this year Marion Sand and Margaret Henning were sent to the quadren- nial conference at Lawrence, Kansas. Membership is extended to any girl of any religion and meetings are held twice monthly at the HY." The group elected Elaine Geiszler as president, JoAnn Just as vice-president, 'Mary Ellen Birkeland as secretaryg and Beverly Akason as treasurer. Mrs. John Benneson is advisor. One: Kisser, Geieszler, Ogushi, Akuson, Henning. Row Two: Birkelond, Fernow, Puutz, Peach, Solberg, DeKrey, Gronhovd. Row One: Fossay, Sand, Paulson, Kandi, Thompson. Row Two: Slinde, Baumann, Plaits, Olson, Posey, Mattson, Robinson Siovbutten. A merry-go-round of social acfivifies -from fall rushing To spring-Term parties made us happy, though often dizzy 'foo O residences Row 'l: Sloften, Radcliffe, Horne, Borchurdf, Hildre. Row 2: Rulon, Wurnes, Ellingsberg, Hart, Beatty, Advisor Stallings. lnterfraternity Council 4'The liaison officers of NDSC" The purpose of the Interfraternity Council is the betterment of relations among fraternities and between fraternities and the college, while helping to solve ira- ternity problems. Projects include Help Week, the lnterfraternity Council Ball, and the Model Man contest. Each year the group gives an outstanding Fresh- man Athlete a scholarship of 31525 per quarter, awarded during the 1nan's sophomore year. One delegate is sent each year to national conven- tion, held during the fall quarter. Meetings are held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, alter- nating between fraternity houses. The group consists of three representatives from each fraternity. Officers include: Laverne Russell, president, Mer- lin Ludwig, vice-president, Eugene Carlson, secretary, Ray Horne, treasurer, Cary Hart, publicityg and H. Dean Stallings, advisor. Row 1: Ericksmoen, Geston, Krebsbuch Row 2: Kvcmme, Hughes, Hanson, Wolf Gion, Ziegler, Carlson, Russell, Davis. HKnows all, sees all, does allw-this is not the proverbial wise old owl, but an organization which is known as Panhellenic. Their job is to develop good inter-sorority relationships and also to de- velop interest in sororities on the campus. There are two delegates who are elected by their own sorority.from each of the six sororities on campus. Some of the social activities which Pan- hellenic sponsors during the 'year are the Charity Ball and school dances. A scholarship bracelet is presented to the independent girl with the highest scholastic average from the Panhellenic Council. Officers are Mary Hagen, president, ,lane Haas, secretaryg and Judy Sherwood, treasurer. Panhellenic Council Row I: Hagen, S. Haas, J. Haas, Turner. Row 2: Siroup, Filzloff, Sherwood, Pierce, Peterson, Widdi- field. Row 3: Monson, Geiszler. SORCJRITIES Quite a switch from the proverbial pastime, bridge. 'I92 Pledges: Darlene Bender, ,loan Cantwell, Anna Mae Davis, La- Verne Duncanson, Ann Ebling, Sally Fossay, Nancy Fredricks, Gayle Joos, Rosemary Leupp, Donna Montgomery, Shirley Peterson, Kay Swedlund, Janet Thompson. Jean Grindahl Celeste Svihevec Margret Hunstad JoAnn Just Elizabeth Lemm Helen Nelson Beverly Olson Morlys Foutz Beverly Simons Annette Siversen Audrey Holt Ruth Tallackson Janet Thompson Maxine Tollefson Barbara Widdifield Gretchen Wilson Helen Wolff .loan Zielsdarf Prexy Pat Ebeltoft plays her favorite platter. Jean Bergen Jean Hoge Bergren Janet Bosworth Sally Burchill Dorothea Christian Barbara Craven Pat Ebeltoft Ann Ebling Elaine Ehlers Janet Fagerlund Erlys Fernow Sally Fossoy Elaine Geiszler Beverly Gordon Joann Grimes Alpha Gamma Delta '4Ordina1'il'y silence may be golden, but with the combined talents of the bus boys and the pledges, si- lence at the Alpha Gamma Delta house meant the vanishing of actives' coats or possibly the silverwaref' Alpha Cams kept up ia busy schedule with the annual Christmas Party for orphans with Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, selling Easter lilies for the Crip- pled Children's fund, an aquatic meet, winter and spring term parties, a senior breakfast, coffee hours, Spring Sing and the Feast of Roses. Last year's honors made them two time winners of the Spring Sing tro- phy, the scholarship plaque and the volley-ball trophy. Campus notables at the AGD house included: Bar- bara Widdifield and Pat Ebeltoft, outstanding in many activities, and JoAnne Grimes, Erlys Fernow and Elaine Geiszler. Presiding at meetings was Pat Ebeltoft. Elaine Ceiszler reigned as vice-president, Janet Bosworth as secretary, and Beverly Olson as treasurer. Beta Beta, 1210 Thirteenth Avenue North 51 N-aqvw 1 'I93 iv i' Kathryn McGeary Erlys Mische .loan Nelson Ruth Olwin Marlene Qualley Joyce Rutherford Marion Sand Shirlene Schnell Francine Simons f- -. sz.. .W . Alpha Omicron, 1259 Thirteenth Street North Margie Shoup JoAnn Willert Gamma Phi Beta N 'Touchdown, left end reverse, and smear 'em' are familiar phrases echoing in the amusement room at the Gamma Phi house. The Beasts practiced faith- fully for their annual classic, the Bromo bowl with the beauties of ATO. There was no indication that the game was fixed but it was the Beasts turn to win this year." The social life of the Gamma Phis this year in- cluded the annual Founders Day Banquet, a potluck supper for fathers, two term parties, a Christmas cozy, and the Orphan party with the ATOs. Last year both their production act with the ATOS and their curtain act in Bison Brevities won first place. This year their float for homecoming placed first. Noted Gamma Phis on campus were Barbara Ar- neson, outstanding in many activities, and Patti Jones, Bev Kraus, Joan Nelson, and Kay McGeary. Officiating at the weekly get-togethers was Bar- bara Arneson. Veep was Gloriann Erickson Heine- meyer, with Ruth Olwin, recording secretary, and JoAnn Willert, treasurer. E ! 2 1 if Gloriann Heinemeyer Doroles Hollands Patricia Jones Nancy Kaiser Sandra Klein Beverly Kraus Bonnie Litzinger Joan Marquart Janet Abrahamson June Anderson Barbara Arneson Joyce Berg Nancy Carlson Gail Fitzlaff Katherine Gerteis Janice Hamilton Barbara Hanson Pledges: Charlotte Aamodt, Marilyn Abbey, Jean Anderson, JoAnne Anderson, Sandra Ben- edict, Audrey Brekke, Kay Cha- pin, Marjorie Cobb, Judy Ham- mer, Pat Larson, Sally Schroe- der, Karen Sluka, Sonja Scott. I Lf A 9. Prexy Barb Arneson conversing with her most preferred male. Notice that diamond. Believe it or not, these gals are taking a sun bath in November. 195 Prexy Sally Lohman is also a maestro. All she needs is the candelabra. 196 The gals often tell their housemothers about their dates. Pledges: Virginia Anderson Audrey Bilden, Marilyn Bruns- volcl, Roberta Enger, Betty Fort- ney, Terryl Ann Frank, Dianne Hoss, JoAnne Homuth, Joann Johnson, Carol Kramer, Roberta Peterson, Carolyn Pierce, Con- nie Roth, JoAnn Sinner, Carol Soeby, Joan Stanimen. Mary Hagen JoAnne Homuth Wilma Husband Beverly Lind Sally Lohman Joyce Lorenz Kathy Marquart Cleo Olson Mary Peterson Barbara Pederson Carolyn Pierce Harriet Preuss Carol Roehrich JoAnn Sinner Carol Soeby Sonia Swanlce Darlene Trottier Joline Well Eunice Anderson Renee Baker Audrey Bilden Barbara Bltters Irene Crosby Betty Fortney Terryl Ann Frank yy- Kappa Alpha Theta '6Ain,t gonna neecl this house no longer," is the theme song.of the KATS this year. A new house com- plete with hoarding facilities will be completed for the Fall term of 1955. Some features of the house are its curved brick wall and ,its two stories. The KATS new house will be a welcome addition to Sorority Circle. KATS kept busy this year by holding their annual orphan party with the Sigma Chis, coffee hours ffor which they are iamousj, a senior breakfast in the spring, Spring Sing, a Christmas term party followed by a slumber party, and a Spring party. The contri- bution to Bison Brevities last year 'was "Winter Fantasy." Kept busy running to one meeting or another were Frances Lohman, member of Senior Staff, and Sonia Swanke, Renee Baker and Mary Hagen. The officers of this group were Frances Lohman, presidentg Eunice Anderson, vice-presidentg Irene Crosby, secretaryg and Joyce Lorenz, treasurer. Gamma Nu, 1223 Eleventh Avenue North 197 Sigma Psi, 1261 Thirteenth Street North Roberta Thorson Murlys Wentz Kappa Delta '40h, what a beautiful morning?" lament the few survivors of the KD's renowned "slumberless" parties held each quarter. Donned in their night gowns and night caps, the KDs roast marshmallows in the fire- place, pop popcorn, and eat, eat, eat, all night long. Perhaps some sleep was lost by its members but that was compensated by the fun and companionship gained. Activities that kept the girls at the bungalow on the corner busy included taking second place with their homecoming float, a Christmas term party and a formal party in the spring, Bison Brevities, Spring Sing, and the famous KD Diner. Active members in the Kappa Delta chapter in- cluded Jane Haas, Womenls Senate president, and Dorothy Ryan, Doris Anderson, Sonja Blegen, and Joan Evenstad. Presiding at meetings was Jane Haas. Dorothy Ryan was vice-presidentg Margaret Olsong secretaryg and Doris Anderson, treasurer. Doris Anderson Sonia Blegen Mary Bulter Karen Garrison Jane Haas Sandra Haas Karen Hinman Sandra Maier Carole Mandigo Margaret Olson Avis Palmer Mary Plaiz Marlene Pfeifle Dorothy Ryan Pledges: Beverly Askling, Joyce Bouvette, Lisa Duckstacl, Mary Eide, Joyce Eriksmoen, Pat Hagen, Karen Hinman, Helen Knight, Colleen Miller, Cheryl Mirgain, Shirley Mogen, Mary Ann Olson, Joann Tomlinson, Pat Trom, Susan Wheeler. Prexy June Haas fakes a breather from her many activities. These fashion-wise gals are discussing Ihe Dior H-line. Wonder what they are saying? 199 Prexy Kay Donovan strikes a pose for our photographers. 20 Ordinarily it takes four for bridge, but not at the KKG house. Priscilla Hosted lois Hulstrand Helen Larson Betty Ann lee Jane Lee Audrey Little Gloria Lloyd Carol Moe Janet Monson Patricia Monson Gretchen Muehlenbein Beverly Pfeifer Virginia Pratt Monica Savageau Judy Sherwood Helen Snyder ' Barbara Vaughn Joan Williams Cathy Aarnes Sally Anderson Gretchen Bohlig Kay Donovan Sharon Evenson Jane Heifort Phyllis Hendrickson ig, fi-1 Kappa Kappa Gamma 4'Dig that crazy house attached to the Kappa Key. Real nervous! It has one entire wall of glass-the better to see the frat house across the Way, my clear? A new custom, 'started hy the pledges, is the presentation of a traveling medallion to a deserving active named 'cKappa of the Monthf' Their pledge captain, Bobby Vaughn, was the first proud wearer. Events that kept the KKGS going included the annual Christmas tree trimming party, spring and fall term parties, a Valentines Day Orphan party, cof- fee hours, a scholarship banquet, Spring Sing and the Gamma Tau spring picnic with the Sigs. Last year they took first place in Bison Brevities ticket sales and second with their production act, 4'Nutcracker Suite," in cooperation with Alpha Gamma Rho. Campus notables in the Kappa chapter include Jane Heifort, Air Debs Commander, and Judy Sher- wood and Kay Donavan. Presiding at sessions are Kay Donavan, president, Betty Ann Lee, vice-president, Virginia Pratt, secre- tary, and Audrey Little, treasurer. Y. f Sf . . 1, X 1 ?f ff? if ,mfr--m,......,, , . " , ""r'-iff-t......,M, ' .s5Hf,,,.,-f+i' ' , I .M 'LW 5 gi 5 Kr , ,,, ,, gl, i f 4 ,t si J .WA W Y - E 'zi Z A . if . , Q .W M , a ,. , ......., L , 1 ,,,,,,,,,..,.,,,,,,,,,.,,.a.,,,i,, ,pi , 5 , ? "' , 0 , Gas,-:aw sl, , ,i W' lj W 1, P' wiv . 1 l w1w,'w vm., . M, M 1' 9 M , E L M v A si igswwmsriww rymxm V r ,,,.M,,...,,.,,.,.w,,--A KMMDM ,,,,,,.. . 'f as Eazwwws "" ., my ,,,..,,,,., Gamma Tau, Thirteenth Avenue North ...iw .z JE. . .. .. ,' ' K'.',l3:.t is -' Q,f:5'f4.'I?3F' ig-.4 ' 'V 1273 Pledges: Karen Edinger, Ruth Mortenson, Teddy Jo Paulson, Pat Rhyne, Norene Sanford, Ann Whitillg. I ii Grace Cohiclc Donna Jean Erickson Darlene Geving Marianne Hunke Gloria Hoganson Jocelyn Kirkus Patricia Noden Donna Pierce Cynara Remboldi Arlene Slmonson Pledges: Majorie Covell, Janet Farlow, Grace Johnson, Elsie Keller, Lorna Larsen, ,loan Lindbo, Patsy Mattson, Arlene Rott, Eleanor Shields, Patricia Turner, Margaret Vfisness. Phi Mu '4Alter only one, short wonderful year ol existence, the imaginary tunnel joining the Phi Mu house and the SPD house will become extinct. The Phi Mu gals are deserting the engineers for a new dwelling in the Sorority Circle on 12th Street and 13th Avenue." Activities that 'kept the girls at 1348 12th Avenue busy included the annual Halloween party for orphans, term parties, a Founders, Day banquet, and the mak- ing of toy carts to he given to hospitals at Christmas time. They were the proud winners of the Ugly Man Trophy whentlieir candidate, Larry Sjaastad, won the contest. 'They also won second place in Spring Sing. Busy Phi Mus were Cynara Remboldt, Kappa Epsilon president, and Joyce Kirkus, vocalist for the Paul Hanson orchestra. Presiding at meetings was Gloria Hoganson. Her assistants were Patricia Noden, vice-presiclentg Cynara Remboldt, secretaryg and Beth Turner, treasurer. Prexy Gloria Hogenson enioys reading. It appears these presidents can be iniellects, foo. Jocelyn Kirkus gives the gals some singing lessons. 203 IQES fl Pledges: Clarence Anderson, Rodger Anderson, Neil Bjorn- son, Mike Brandvik, Al Brenti- son, Judine Brusseau, Ray Brinkman, Howard Cariveau, William Coit, Lyle Erickson, Fred Flanders, James Fowler, Richard Helland, Darrell Hen- ry, Lynn Howe, Eugene Jensen, Richard Johnson, Floyd Larson, Merle Larson, Terry Lorenzen, Curt Lundeby, Darrell Lura, Ronald Mehrer, Maurice Moen, David Mork, Arne Nysteun, Lincoln Schneider, Dale Stur- laugson, Marvin Werner, George Schwartz, Morris Ron- ingen, Darrell Reber. It doesn't look like Prexy George Hildre will get much warmth from that fireplace. Merrill Johnson Richard Johnson Bruce Jorgensen Bob Knudson John Landman larry 0'Keefe Eugene Rott Joe Ruliffson Don Schwartz Earl Skogley lt looks like these guys are engaged In a famous bull session Floyd Askim Les Amundson Merlyn Austin Dale Bergland Dennis Bergren Orville Compton Bob Curl Roger Gaarder Gary Gibbons Reggie Gorder Darel Leetun Al lindem lavern Linnell Pete Lundwall Mel Maier Ron Nelsen Rodger Skyberg Henry Solberg .lim Stewart Dick Strand Ken Thompson Ed Vasey Russell Bieri John Bollingberg Niel Bowles Ronnie Brandvold Ray Buelow .lohn Haas Gary Hart Maynard Helgaas George Hildre Arlo Howe Alpha Gamma Rho wllrying to set the world on fire-with 'the biggest fireplace on campus, the AGR's are a step ahead of us all. For more conservative use, the fireplace is used for fireside entertainments at least once a lnonthf' Alpha Gamma Rho is a national agriculture fra- ternity and one of the largest on the campus. Very active, they have received the following awards: first place in Spring Sing, second in 1954- Brevities, nation- ally awarded second for chapter activities, and first for contributions to their fraternity magazine. Three term parties including the Pink Rose winter formal plus a Christmas party for Fargo orphans with the Kappa Delta's and an annual auxiliary picnic round out their social life. Cited as the outstanding fraternity member na- tionally was Gary Hart. Other ubiga' men were Gary Gibbons, Ray Buelow, George Hildre, Darel Leetun, Ed Vasey and Dick Strand. Five members of "Who's Who" and the presidents of the Saddle and Sirloin club, Agronomy club, FFA, and Arnold Air Society were among its members. Also, a large representation took part in the Little International, an annual event. Officers are: George Hildre, presidentg Gary Hart, vice-presidentg Ray Buelow, secretaryg and Ed Vasey, treasurer. Epsilon, 1303 Thirteenth Street North 205 O6 ,... ,.,, 8 vp Q I 5 X05 Epsilon Delta, 1155 Twelfth Avenue North Alpha Tau Cmega uluocated on the southern tip of the campus is the Alpha Tau Omega house surrounded by a huge terrace. With the southern exposure they often bask in the sun while relaxing on their terrace and occasionally take a dip in their pool-in North Dakota? ? ? ?- dreamer! ! l l" The ATO's won first place in homecoming house decorations and in ticket sales, first place in the 1954 Bison Brevities in cooperation with Gamma Phi Beta first place and first place in intramural softball. Among the chapter sponsored activities were the Bromo Bowl, a Christmas party for Fargo Orphans, three term parties and the sponsoring of Sally Ander- son as Military Ball Queen. Leading members were Don Zimmerman, manager of the Radio Station, Ray Horne, director of the Brevi- ties, and Doug Hanson, Lee Johnson, Mike Fogel, and Ralph Wlieeler. Ray Horne presided as president with Ralph Wheeler as vice-president, Doug Hanson as secretary and Art Rulon as treasurer. r i fi il Russell Slotten William Stewart Duane Swenson Richard Thompson Don Wagner Pledges John Babcock, Du- Waylle Beaver, Charles Bohnet, Robert Brown, Duane Ditch, Arnolcl Ellingson, ,lim Feeney, Faye Fisher, Roger Cebhart, Shelley Gordon, ,lim Green, Warren Cullickson, ,lack Her- zog, Tom Hoggarth, George Hoghaug, Dick Horst, Gary Jensen, Dean Kleven, ,lim Madsen, ,lim Meier, Jerry On- sager, Bill Rosenberg, Don Sal- monson, Chuck Sleffan, Mor- ris Walte1', Clarence Weitz. Roger Abbott Keith Amundson Marvin Bender John Bergstrom Loren Biornson Bernard Brown Michael Fogel Harvey Folkstad Maurice Gagnon Paul Gorder Arthur Hahn Douglas Hanson Barrett Johnson Barry Johnston lee Johnson lynn Lammer Jack Larson John Larum Keith McComb Frank Meyers Robert Montgomery Gerald Moyer Robert Mutchler Gordon Olson Ralph Wheeler Bruce Whidden James Young Don Zimmerman Ronald Zottnick Charles Brown John Brunsdale Robert Burke Roy Cedarstrom Roger Ericksted Wallace Hagg John Heinemeyer Ray Horne William Hutton Jerold Isencee James l.owe Ronald lundhagen Richard Malmo Peter Mark James Marquart David Peet Harley Poyzer Paul Pratt Art Rulon Ray Sharkey lt's hard to figure out if Prexy Ray Horne is displaying the trophies or his Blue Key sweater. Either these fellows are new at bridge or the extra players aren't wanted. Which is it? 207 Y S ! Brotherhood doesn't always mean complete harmony. lt seems that some of the brothers are interrupting an important phone call. Pledges: Melvin Braaten, Ar- don Herman, Ordean Jacobson, Darrel Johnson, LaVern Kreft, Norman Lemmon, Jerome Pe- kas, Donald Phillips, Neil Reff, James Stafslien, Milton Vaner- strom. It looks like Prexy Lawrence Helt is going somewhere, probably after his date. Ordean Jacobson - Darell Johnson , J Vern Spengler Ritchie Spichke James Stafslien Milton Vanerstrom Wayne Wang John Waclawik Dennis Warnes Donald Piepkorn James Schumacher Donald Johnson laDon Johnson laVerne Kreft Roald Lund Donald Moore Wallace Payne Jerome Pekas Q 208 f'W'j'T?f:':52 Melvin Braaten Joe Cvancara Kenneth DeKrey Richard Guest C. A. Hansen Ardon Herman lawrence Helt vt! Farmhouse '4The most envied fraternity on campus was the Farmhouse when they moved into the duplex occupied on one side by the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority." After acquiring a house the Farmhouse petitioned the National Farmhouse Fraternity for the right to become a member of the national organization. Among the activities of Farmhouse were active participation in the Little International, winning the interfraternity scholarship trophy for the seventh con- secutive quarter, a Spring picnic, and three term parties. The leaders in the fraternity were Don Piepkorn, International Farm Youth Exchange Student, and LaDon Johnson, Lawrence Helt, Dennis Warnes, and Kenneth DeKrey. Officers were: Lawrence Helt, president, Ken De- Krey, vice-president, Don Moore, secretary, and Al- fred Hanson, treasurer. local, 1322 Twelfth Avenue North Q Q 210 r aff l is Li l X may .ry ' it . " Befu Sigma, 1249 'ITM Street North Kappa Psi "The only fraternity on campus required to take the course, Doctor's Hen Scratching lOl." Such is the fate of the Kappa Psi's, a professional pharmacy fraternity. Activities throughout the year included first place in intramural football and second place in 1954- Spring Sing. They became one of the stronger fraternities on the campus as they established a scholarship fund, formed a jazz combo to entertain at campus affairs, and had -an outstanding musician, Paul lrsfelcl. Big men on campus were Leverne Russell, Inter- frat council president, and Ron Wolf, Dick Berg, and Bob Gion. Officers are, president, Ron Wolf, vice-president, Jim Rumpcag secretary, Duane McCullough, and treasurer, Hollis Balke. Gerald Arenson Rollis Balke Carl Benson Richard Berg Maynard Berger Robert Gion Daniel Hanson Gerald Hermann Paul lrsfield Arthur Kautzmann Duane McCullough Leonard Nelson Wayne Nelson James Parkins Lloyd Pekas I.aVerne Russell Kent Sack Keith Schick Alan Schumacher Gene Sele William Shelver Bernard Simon Jack Southam Tom Stoll James Stuntebeck Duane Vad Arvid Vasenden Charles Wasen Kenneth Wedul Duane Westermon Ronald Wolf Pledges: Richard Alstatt, Bill Baille, Warren Bennett, Ray Berger, Kenneth Borg, Robert Bouclreau, James Carlson, Gene Cortese, Larry Dufault, De- Verne Dunnum, Glenn Harri- son, Keith Hayford, ,lon Hol- combe, Lanny Holm, Vernon Kluck, John Hovde, Phillip Larke, Dick Maves, Gordon Melland, Tom Mensing, Ray Messner, Roy Moore, Blayne Myhre, Kenneth Ryan, Don Schiefer, Laurel Stoxen, Clif- lorcl Wallace. James Churchill Gerald Claffy Donald Erickson Jack Frazer Wallace Geck James Kilzer David Kretchman Harvey lillestol Donald liungren John Lommel Robert Peterson Tom Pettinger Charles Phillips James Riepl James Rumpca All Prexy Ronald Wolf needs is a suit of armour to help guard that shield. These fellows are notorious. Their iazzband plays for many of the school parties, scheduled or unscheduled. 2'l'l These Kappa Slgs io loosen up their vocal chords once in u while. It's goocl for a guy. Prexy Bob Hughes stands by the proudly possessed schol- arship award which is presented euch year by the Inter- fraternity Council to the frat with the highest scholarship. 2.771 2 Pledges: Don Berge, Dennis Claus, Dennis Gross, Frank Gunderman, Don Howitz, Lc- roy Hjelmstad, Arnold Jorgen- son, Al Larson, Dick Lucas, Dennis Maas, Lyle Miller, Har- lan Ormbreck, Duane Reger. Dave Davis Charles Gullond Ton Howitz Robert Hughes lloyd Hutchinson John Knoll Conrad Kvamme Dennis lindemunn Otis lurson Kenneth Moxness Maurice Olson Jerome Nissen William Powers Laverne Zink Kappa Sigma Chi "We came to college, but did we come for knowl- edge?,' question the fun-loving men of Kappa Sig along with the two thousand other students of State. Kappa Sigma Chi prided themselves on being a local fraternity that is admired for its members abili- ties and interests in campus activities and sports. Some of the fraternities' activities were their three term parties, an Anniversary Banquet, first place in homecoming float decorations and participation in intramural sports. Active members at old S-tate were Ken Moxness, LSA prexy, Bob Hughes and Don Besselievre. The fraternity elected Bob Hughes, presidentg Donn Besselievre, vice-presidentg Tom Howitz, secre- taryg and Chuck Culland, treasurer. Local, 1131 Fourteenth Street North A ' --'-' ' X 'Z , .,1,: s"'35P7'- ,- Donn Besselievre Gordon Buzalsky Don Davidson 3 214 Beta, 1025 Tenth Street North Sigma Alpha Epsilon '4We vant to be alonel need no longer be the cry of the SAE7s when one of their wealthy alums donates S550 thousand dollars toward a new house." Although the SAE's are isolated from the campus of North Dakota State, this does not hinder their par- ticipation in campus activities and sports. Some of their more social moments included their three term parties fat one of which they wore Burmucla shortsl , an annual Christmas party for orphans, the Sprihg Formal, Founder's Day, and the selection of Doroles Hollancls as their Dream Girl. Noted members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were Don Ellingsberg, member of the Student Commission, and Martin Borchelt, and several starters on both 'the foot- ball and basketball varsity teams. The officers of SAE were Don Ellingsberg, presi- dentg Doug Goedert, vice-presidentg Del Schoephoer- ster, secretaryg and Tom Radcliffe, treasurer. Del Schoephoerster Don Sorlie Howard Stockman Don Ulness Floyd Wagner Dale Wallentine Robert Zuklic Pledges: Wayne Braaten, James Breyer, Paul Buegler, Bob De- Jardine, John Driscoll, Edwin Forsyth, Leslie Fuchs, Pete Gjertson, Kerry Helmeke, James Kurvers, Frank Leupp, Stanley Lundine, John Miller, Richard Monson, James No- land, Curtis Rangen, Ruben Reinke, Gene Stockman, Fred Stover, Paul Swedlund, Jerry Walters, Richard Wilson, Dick Woodwarcl, Sylvan Melroe. James Akoson leo Astrup Martin Borchelt Martin Burley Donald Ellingsberg Guy Enabit Roger Engebretson Rolf Fraase Douglas Goedert Curtis Haarsager Ray Harchanko James Harvey Bob Hellem Harland Jacobson Robert Johnson Roger Johnson LeRoy Odenbrett Tom Radcliffe Prexy Don Ellingsburg, book in hand, standing by fire- place, could only mean one of two things-he's going to read it, or burn it. You clon't suppose fhey're watching TV? I 215 Sometimes even frat men have to get down to business. Could this be a pledge meeting? Prexy Eldred Morgan enioys "Life" by the fireplace. 216 Pledges: Cary Davis, Duane Devries, James Cronhovd, Robert Hegrenes, Charles Hunt- ley, Philip Hurd, Dennis Kyllo, Carlton Lohse, Charles Mel- dahl, Kenneth Meske, Larry Monteith, Terrance McDowell, Harold Nilles, Donald Olm- stead, Donald Peterson, Byron Webb. LeRoy Aafedt Paul Baldwin Fred Bolmeier Gene Carlson larry Diemert .lack Goehl Roger Gurley Norman Hansen Gene Hartman Dana Hill Glen Hill Gary Holthusen Percy Jolstad Al Kosir larry Lanz Lorne Lorenz Eldred Morgan Donald Olmstad Richard Pratt Don Patterson Mike Rosenberg Donald Schatz James Schaack Clay Sorenson Jerome Watson Ralph Welken James Willming XV 411. if Sigma Chi 'UNO man's land,' better known as Sorority Circle, where the males are outnumbered five to one, is the location of the happiest fraternity on campus-Sigma Chi." Not only do the Sigs have a modern house with newly remodeled furnishings but modern ideas such as unsuccessfully introducing a pajama party to old State. Activities in which the Sigs participated includes their homecoming smorgasbord, the annual Orphan's Christmas party with the Thetas, the Gamma Tau Pic- nic in the spring with the Kappa's, and three term parties including the Sweetheart Ball a.t which Kathy Gerteis was crowned 'Sweetheart of Sigma Chif Active members on campus were ,lim Schaak, Who's Who, and Eldred Morgan, Glenn Hill, and the famous Steve Canyon of comic book fame. The Sigs were ruled by the "iron hand" of Eldred Morgan, president, who was assisted by James Wilhn- ing, vice-president, James Larsen, secretary, and Dick Pratt, treasurer. A Jeremiah White W. Burton Wilcox ' Stun Wifteman Victor Ziegler Sigma Phi Delta '4Experience is the best teacher," so the engineers of SPD put their book-learning to practical use by build- ing a tunnel to their neighbor, the Phi Mu house. The first tunnel was imaginary but who knows when they might have to build a real one! The social life of the SPDS included two formal term parties, an old fashioned hard times affair, and an orphan party with the Phi Mu sorority. During homecoming celebrations, Sigma Phi Delta won first place for house decorations. They have a unique system of rushing freshmen, advantageous because new members are only pledged during or after the winter quarter. By this time a rusheeis scholastic eligibility is determined. Leaders on campus belonging to Sigma Phi Delta were Gordon Child and Vic Zeigler. Chief engineers at the SPD house were John Hoi- stad, presidentg Jim Beatty, vice-presidentg Jerry White, treasurerg and Melvin Sarvella, secretary. I it Pledges: Kent Doeling, Bruce Farnum, Don Hanson, Emery Larson, Dean Nyquist, Lyle Nelson, Sith Twichell, Alon Wieland, Dennis Wilson, Leon- ard Voelker. Thomas Acldicoh James Beatty Franklin Borchorcl! Gordon Child Keith Deyo Daniel Doran Gene Evenson Eugene Gross John Hoisfad Richard Johnson Duane Kaeding larry Killmer Harold l.aFleur Jock lovold Gordon Madson Joseph Mann Robert Myller James Netzer Clarence Rothfusz Melvin Sarvela Ron Schwinkendorf Cy Stadsvold Willis Stelier John Swanson Dan Turner Louis Van Slyck Don Vermeland Prexy John Hoisfad poses by an important par? of each frat house, the fireplace. Even the sfudious engineers fake time out occasionally. 219 If you need a course in "how to relax" these men are experts. Prexy Merle Ludwig, one of the experts, is also capable of givinq "smile" lessons. - lilfliil' ssss Wgi-fgstiiinia xxxx We- J 53' ....,...,. Q 4 f"!i'5 V ,ssl fi gwlifgga .Lww'Q,,Ej,V 'fiizjmfglgiggiji' ig . flil o 5 ' f 'il' jz f, ., L-Z. .... -.fe ,E A 22 F V73 W tiff' Ww.fw D 220 ,A Pledges: Grant Anderson, Rolfe Balow, Clarence Becker, Morris Bistad, Melvin Braun, William Byram, Daniel Carlson, Ken Conroy, Thomas Day, Conrad Dahl, Dennis Defehr, James DeRosier, Otto Ellison, David Gentzkow, John Gustafson, James Hunt, Phillip Kasowski, Paul Kloster, Robert Larson, Leroy Maxwell, Curtis Myers, Robert Nippolt, Ronald Ose- land, Thomas Pfenning, Rich- ard Preskey, John Stiening, Dennis Sundeth, James Win- ter, Lee Winter, John Williiiaii. Clarence Becker Dave Bartholomew Phil Bradbury Donald Campbell Jon Dewey Gary Dick Leroy Dybing Loren Kionaas Norm Lerass Merlin Ludwig Don Manikowslci Rome Mickelson Kerry Murphy Harold Oberlander Dennis Oclegard Robert Olson Jim Peterson Aaron Rash Nick Roster David Stave Gerry Stock Manual Tally Ed Tyson Larry Van Berkom Lowell Van Berlcom X mx- - Duane Ericksmoen Bryan Gackle Magnus Geston Bob Hausman Darvin Johnson Don Kent Dennis King .lack Krebsbach af' Theta Chi "One for all and all for one, but keep an eye on your tux,', is the motto of the Joyboys from Theta Chi. Une of the more social organizations on campus, the Joyboys extra-curricular activities included three term parties, an Orpharfs Christmas party with repre- sentatives from each sorority assisting, the Pig Ban- quet, electing Kay Donavan their Dream Girl, and various other functions too numerous to mention. The pledge class, composed primarily of future Bison gridders, was the largest on campus. Noted Theta Chis were Magnus Geston, prexy of Blue Key, and Nick Roster, Merlin Ludwig, and Hal Miller. Presiding officers during the past year were presi- dent Merlin Ludwig, vice-president Jack Krebsbach, secretary Hal Miller, and treasurer Magnus Geston. Phi, 1307 Thirteenth Street North 5 'fl 'Tax it 'fy 221 t.: Council: Wheeler, treasurer: Thompson, sec- retary, Geiszler, vice-president, Ryan, presi- dent. Mrs. Piers, housemother. ,.......,.......s..,..-I Women's Residence Hall 4'The center of the campus, the center of attraction, the first place girls sign for, that's the new WOID6HlS Residence Hall, a terrific addition to the NDSC cam- pus. Filled to the brim, the halls rock from morning ,til night with music, chatter and laughterf, Prexy Dot Ryan presides over the hall meetings, aided by Elaine Geiszler, vice-president, Janet Thomp- son, secretaryg and Susan Wheeler, treasurer. Mrs. Piers, the houseinother, advises the council and her 160 girls. Convenient washing machines, driers, and kitchen- ettes make life in the new dorm easy as well as pleasant. Practical jokers keep beds well supplied with crackers, salt, and short-sheetings. The new dorm is a paradise of new rooms, soft furniture, and friendly people for those who live there. Row One: Hulsfrand, Wright, Craven, Richard son, Price, Johanson. Row Two: Birkeland, John son, Goodwin, Seeklonder, Hanson, Shields Sorenson, Gronhovd, Valentine. Row One: Deal, Abrahamson, Ger- teis, Qualley, Anderson, Zielsdorf, Lee, McGeary. Row Two: Fossay, Ebling, Pierce, Pederson, Bergan, Sommers, Soehy, Fernow, Moe, Monson, Willert, McAllister. HALLS Row One: Anderson, Mattson, Kandt, Solberg, Nord- lund, Kulcowslci, Platz, Stebleton, Reider. Row Two: Ehlers, Holt, Fagerlund, Larson, Tallackson, Lindbo, Simons, Evensiad, Olson, Dahlen, Fehr, Pfeiffer, Farlow, Asmundson. Row One: Haas, lendobeio, Cullen, Fenne, Hill. Row , Two: Vaughn, Ebeltoft, Hunstad, Sand. Row One: Posey, Tuthill, Allan, Olson, Wollen, Anderson, Schmitz, Adams, Saba. Row Two: Davis, Peterson, leupp, Brekke, Cantwell, Bau- l mann, Anderson, Stammen. 22 224 Row One: McAuley, Romsland, Haas, Johnson, Ostlund. Row Two: Remlaoldf, Sonderland, Noden, Johnson, Madson, Rofl, Melby, Junlrers. Women's Residence Hall Row One: Nelson, Polsfut, Pfeifle, Hartman, Toepke, Little. Row Two: DeKrey, Slraor, Bowman, Schnell Palmer, Mondigo, Aofedt. Row One: Duncanson, Bouvehe, Pautz, Hanson, Garrison, Henning, Peach, Aka- son, Bender, Row Two: Maier, Nash, Enger, Roehrich, Jacques, Paulson, Olson, Montgomery, Lobb, Svihovec. Ceres Hall '4Ceres Hall serves as a home away from home for many NDSC Coeds.'7 It promotes a spirit ol friendliness and co- operation among women who live in the dor- mitory. The group is governed by the Ceres Hall Council under the guidance of the social director, Mrs. lVlildred Kirst. Meetings are held whenever the need arises. Several tradi- tional affairs are held every yearg a get acquainted party in the fall, the Christmas Party, and a formal Spring Banquet honoring the seniors. Presiding over Ceres Hall this year were Karen Sluka, presidentg Jane Kanellas, vice- presidentg Karen Hinman, secretaryg and Pat Trom, treasurer. Seated: Barsfcd, Bear, Sanford, Sluka, Vollmers. Back Row: Morgan, Vehslage, Sfeffes, Geving, Rudi, Bisek, Chapin. Back Row: Larsen, Grewuiz, Schulz. Seated: Platts, Kirk, Bassingfhwaife, Dahl. On CI1-air Arms: Robinson, Siorbaften. On Chairs: Ohlhauser, Piepkorn, Lee. On Floor: Kasper, Knight. Seated: Rhyne, Morfenson, Bakken, Roth, Hedahl, Askling, Miller, Ericksmoen, Slinde. On Floor: Trom, Swedlund, Hagen. W 225 Dwi?" 31? ii Y Row One: Martin, Johnson, Herr, Peter- son, Ness, Bissell. Row Two: Lemmon, Goodwin, Moen, Herman, Denich, Vaner- sfrom, Cummins, Hormsen. Row One: Truutmon, Anderson, Buer, Gruebele, Lahlum, Hegg. Row Two: Bron- ning, Gaurder, Crohn, Tuihill, Brenteson, Evenson, McDaniel, Nurum. 226 MEN'S RESIDENCE HALL Row One: Gollager, Bihrle, Sfromstad, Heinrich lukes, Fullerton. Row Two: Hellem, While, Holm Bralholi, Haus, Miller, Hillesland, Daly. Row One: Conzemius, Wilson, leum, Ruse, Morlock, Evovolcl. Row Two: Odenbrelt, Rie- der, Stilwell, Asfrup, Twichell, Coaueh, Morse, Heidi. Row One: Hollstensguurd, Jones, Schuacle, Stockmun, Sorlie, Phillips. Row Two: Wolf, laFleur, Davidson, Nelson, Dahl, Cliffgurd, Phillips, Suckui. Row One: Vundine, Bifz, Sack, Ariihson, Wuhlefield, Horner. Row Two: Ryan, Anderson, lillevig, Han- nesson, Boyer, McFerran, Skumfer. 227 Row One: Holcombe, Christianson, Zook, Barrett, Jaffe, Jensen. Row Two: Grenz, Midtlao, Beck, Davidson, Meske, Sairom, DAKOTA HALL Row One: Prielze, Chase, Hanson, Finseih, Gerrh, Nelson. Row Two: Clark, Struchynski, Fuchs, Brinkman, Samuelson, Jacobsen, Berg, Ueland, Grinlund. Row One: Holm, Schwartz, McCann, Kippen, Mountain, Larson. Row Two: Joyce, Kubisch- ta, Sauber, Knight, Flanders, Peterson, Ken- warcl, Gores, Sauer, Hughes. 228 Row One: Christensen, Gelneff, Guiknecht, Vrem. Row Two: Janssen, Thiele, Buckeye, Grewotz, McElwuin. FIELD HOUSE BARRACKS DAKOTA HALL Row One: Sturdevunl, Henry, Strom, Sfurdevonl, Reber, Keeser, Friede. Row Two: Zueger, Braun, long, Miller, Willman, Kasowski, Byrum. A 229 i . ,wx. 1 Happy Seniors, with no exams af Think of graduation, 230 end of final Term, 2 marriage and, oh yes, 'rheir careers O SGTIIOYS 3 The Outstanding Seniors of 1955 ln wholehearted continuation of a policy begun in 1930, the Bison is once again honoring those Seniors who, in the judg- ment of an impartial committee, have shown during their enrollment at NDSC the most outstanding achievement and ability, whether in one or several fields. Though the terminology of recognition has not always been consistent-those hon- ored were for many years designated as Hrepresentativew but more recently and more appropriately as "outstanding"- those selected, this year as in previous years, without exception have displayed a combination of qualities which have made them ol noteworthy service to the school, and marked them with high possibilities for success in their chosen field. The selections were made this year, as for many years, by a committee composed of six Juniors fone from each of the schools on campus? and four faculty and administration officials. After spending much time in thorough and conscientious research and evaluation, the committee selected the nOUiSt3I1Clil'1g Seniors of l955.7' Magnus Geston Presided Over Blue Key Pat Ebeltoft Led Many Campus Activities Ray Horne Directed the Bison Brevities , Gary Hart Cited Nationally as "Outstanding A Don Ellingsberg Commanded the Air Force ROTC Dorothy Ryan Headed Women's Activities Duane Anderson Piloted the Student Government Kenneth Moxness Spirited Campu-s Religious Activity Larry North Guided Alpha Phi Omega Barbara Widdifield Energized Home Ec Activity Don Piepkorn GR" -3-ff? , Traveled as International Exchange Student Ed Zimmermann Prexied Scabbard and Blade 233 W zz- ....... - - . . 4 M54 ' f - N,,ff.ff?' , WW V ' " . ff AJ ' A -'-' .--- ---- V s , -"" :':. - ra.. gg iy- Q W 1.1325 x i : ' f ,- :g., -Q '- vf :,f. f 3-,, 2? - .j29T??A'-g, 3' , , Yj"f ,'9 5 4'XfM"5'. 55 4 y wiv' :" -0'R-,.. :- 'b- ?34'E ,, . ::: -' F ,, f f ' " is . Q ,. 324 , ' V, J 1:1 ' ---- , . , v X 'iw ' f " ' , 1 Li . E, x' , K ww fs W W Q Q v 1 V M 6 1 Ziyi ggiiifyxgi ef ffxii if, 41 v C Q ii 1 Z! X 4 tg' if wi? X ,X F gwgdgxx gf i EE sg? W Ev ? 53 ,fx Qywfs 4 IX? 5? 2 FWS? M Q Y Q W3 f ff M f My 5 4 5 fx 35535 ggegkwwwgw iff M Q 2 M ff 4 5 f 4 1 'A ' 7, W 1 if-ref: Q' 1? 2 ig x Wg M Z , X522 fwasw fs iw M f W M, , Q, ly, -ww Y' V ,W . y-V 'Q A wiv ? , AK --'S ' , 2 -- Sf A 1. f - ? Y .', ?2'2 I V. f-'www 21- v11:? 'f ' 1 1 234 ' w2'z.3?X'Q.fei M pfvggfw Z ZtWaFk,,,-gfig, x ..,. 1 fx b Q Mg, q,,,,w.3s5y Q. ..-, - L5 4 V A Q k SM 0 HK '42-'r -.x.:.-:,.,,,. ..,... . .. . - .4 E.: -..,.,m .,., ..r V... . Y .... .,.,.. . .-.... , - .-.. . . .... ., ,.4....,,-- . H-gf V-- . ff -:afar ,:a,5aiS2ii,, Q5 .:xpx::::fSq.:.:af: -1.:.fm4:-:.-2-::-:hw-:::::Q:-:.::,:-5 -,-., ,,,, . -:.:.:-me-.. 1 . . 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Ts..... ., 1 W ,guy W Aff' xv egg N, wg? S .A YSQSRLV :Q f fx .. an Wwgg . W ,X , W m .. ' 246 3 asm raa . The Graduating Class College yearbooks are published in a variety of styles and forms. And, as they vary in that respect, so also is there a varia- tion in their purposes. As previously stated, this book was published not for one but for a variety of reasons. One of these was to give to each student enrolled at NDSC this year an informal history of the school year. While few underclassmen expect their class to receive special attention, a year- book woulcl not be complete for the college senior, and rightly so, without special at- tention being given to his class, the gradu- ating class. The greater portion of this yearbook gives no special attention to the senior class or to any other class. Pages 230 to 261, in this respect, however, are different. They are devoted entirely to the graduating class. T he previous few pages of the Senior Di- vision honored the most outstanding mem- bers of the class. The following pages honor all members of the "Class of 1955," each of whom, simply because of what his pres- ence therein signifies, is outstanding in his own right. ANDERSON, DORIS, HE, Villard, Minn., Kappa Delta thousemanager, editor, treasurer, Tryota, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Art Club, YWCA sophomore commission president, cabinet, Wesley Foundation, Spring Sing, Kappa Delta scholarship honor, Phi Kappa Phi. ANDERSON, WILHELM, AAS, Cava- lier, Vets club. ARENSON, GERALD E., Ph, Hoffman, Minn., Kappa Psi, intramural sports. ARNESON, BAR- BARA L., HE, Glyndon, Minn., Gam- ma Phi Beta president, activities ch., Class of 1955 BERCREN, LEONARD M., Eng., Audubon, Minn., ASME, .transfer from Concordia. BERTSCH, FLOYD C., Ch, Ashley, Chemistry club, Choir, BESSELIEVRE, DONN R., Eng, Ray, Kappa Sigma Chi vice pres., Rahjah publicity director, Kappa Kappa Psi, Gold Star Band, intramural football, basketball. BIEBER, LORAN L., Ch, ' ANDERSON, DUANE L., AAS, Fargo, Lettermen's club, Vets club, Blue Key, Student Body president, Interfraternity Council scholarship, Varsity basketball, football, Who's Who. ANDERSON, KERMIT B., AAS, Fergus Falls, Minn. pledge recording sec'y, Phi Upsilon Omicron historian, Guidon vice pres., Women's Senate, Tryota, Senior Staff, deLendrecie scholarship, Brevities, Spring Sing, LCT costumes, Bison ASKER, DOROTHY E., HE, Fargo, Orchesis sec'y, treasurer, YWCA, Try- ota, Roger Williams Fellowship pres, corresponding sec'y, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron corresponding sec'y, Kappa Delta Pi, Chorus, Faculty Women's Club scholarship, "Amahl and the Night BAUMANN, DWIGHT M., Eng, Ash- ley, Tau Beta Pi treas., Pi Tau Sigma pres., Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, ASME, Edwin Booth club, General Electric Scholarship, Shiloh Lodge Scholarship, Tau Beta Pi Essay award, Pi Tau Sigma soph. award, "Romeo and Juliet", "Gold in the Hills", '5Androcles and The Lion", "Mister Roberts", Who's Who, intra- intramural sports, transfer from James- town College. BESKE, RAYMOND C., Ph, Fergus Falls, Minn., Pharmacy club, Vets club. Mott, YMCA vice pres., LSA treas., Inter-religious Council vice pres., Chemistry club, Archer Daniels Mid- land Scholarship. BIRK, GEORGE O. JR., Ag, Fargo. Visitors", Brevities, dance programs. BALDWIN, PAUL, Ag, Fargo, Sigma Chi, Saddle 81 Sirloin club. BALKE, ROLLIS D., Ph, Crookston, Minn., Kappa Psi sec'y, Brevities, Spring Sing. mural basketball, Choir, Men's Glee Club. BERG, RICHARD J., Ph, Fargo, Kappa Psi, Rho Chi historian, Staff 8: Notes club, Newman club, YMCA, Pharmacy club, Chorus, "Amahl and the Night Visitors", Brevi- ties, Spring Sing. BERGER, MAY- NARD, Ph, Richardton, Kappa Psi, intramural football, softball. 1 247 BOLMEIER, FRED W. IR., AAS, Fargo, Sigma Chi social chairman, Geology club, intramural sports. BOLMGREN, LESTER N., Eng., Fargo, Tau Beta Pi cataloger, IRE, AIEE, Norman Black Scholarship. BOSWORTH, JANET E., HE, Cassel- tong Alpha Gamma Delta scholarship chairman, recording sec'y, Kappa Delta Pi pres., Phi Upsilon Omicron record- ing sec'y, Tryota, Air Dehs treas., Art club, YWCA, LSA, Ceres Hall Coun- cil treas., Brevities, Spring Sing. BIRKELAND, MARY E., HE, Slicy- enne, Tau Beta Sigma sec'y, pres., Tryota, YWCA seciy: Gold Star Band, Newman cluh. BIRKELAND, MY- RON. Ag, Slzeycnne. BITTERS, BAR- BJORKLUND, ALICE C.. HE, Rich- ville, Minn., Tryola, YWCA, LSA, Inter-religious Council pres., treas., 1953 National Wool Growers Essay Con- test winner. BLEGEN, SONJA M., AAS, Moorhead, Kappa Delta treas., Sigma Alpha Iota treas., pres., Ge- BORCHELT, MARTIN C., Eng, New Salem, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi pres., Nat. Eng. Honor So- ciety, ASAE pres., Engineering Coun- cil, Gamma Delta. BRADBURY, PHILIP A., Eng., Aber- deen, S. D., Theta Chi, IAS, Brevi- ties, intramural football, freshman football, Spring Sing. BRATI-IOLT, MORRIS I., AAS, Hunter, YMCA, LSA. 248 BROMANDER, GAYLE C., Eng, Ulen, Minn., Institute of Radio Eng. vice pres., Tau Beta Pi, Blue Key Master Freshman award, Tau Beta Pi Fresh- man award, Shiloh Lodge Scholarship. BROWN, CHARLES D., Eng, Fargo, BUELOW, RAYMOND A., Ag, Drake, Alpha Gamma Rho sec'y, alumni sec'y, Arnold Air Society commander, Saddle and Sirloin vice pres., Alpha Zeta, AF ROTC Rifle Team, Dist. Mil. Stud., Little International Grand Champion- ship in Dai1'y, Spring Sing, intramural BARA A., AAS, Fargo, Kappa Alpha Theta corresponding sec'y, scholarship chairman, archivist, historian, John Robinson club vice pres., Ski club, Spring Sing, Brevities. ology Club sec'y, treas., Staff and Notes club, Womerfs Senate treas., LaVerne Noyes Scholarship, Brevities, Spring Sing. BOLLINGBERG, .IOI-IN A., Ag, Bremen, Alpha Gamma Rho assistant pledge trainer, ASAE treas., intra- mural sports, transfer from Concordia. Class of 1955 Alpha Tau Omega, ASME, Gym team, track. BRUNSDALE, JOHN E., Ag, Fargo, Alpha Tau Omega, Pershing Rifles, Newman club, Agronomy club, Vets club, Brevities. sports. BURCHILL, SALLY, HE, Harvey, Alpha Gamma Delta social ch., music ch., FHA Scholarship, ha- ton twirler. CARLSON, EUGENE R., Eng., Fargo, Sigma Chi sec'y, vice pres., social chairman, Inter-frat. Coun- cil sec'y, intramural sports. .,-f' CVANCARA, .IOE G. JR., Ag, Ross, Farm House, LSA, FFA, intramural sports, YMCA, Saddle and Sirloin, transfer from University of N. D. DEKREY, GLEN V., Ag, Steele, ASAE vice pres., YMCA, Saddle and Sirloin, Wesley Foundation treas., Little International, AFROTC Drill Team. DEYO, KEITH R., Eng, Y-1 DALQUIST, RICHARD, AAS, Moor- head. DAWSON, LYLE JR., Ag, Sl. Anthony, Farm House. Browns Valley, Minn., Sigma Phi Delta rush ch., ASME, Scahhard and Blade, Eng., Lisbon, ASME, Gold intramural sports. DICK, GARY L., Theta Chi chaplain, . Star Band. CHILD, GORDON B., Eng., Bucyrus, Sigma Phi Della sec'y, house mgr., Blue Key Ir. award, Tau Beta Pi Scholarship, homecoming theme com- mittee, intramural sports, Who's Who, Sigma Phi Delta seciy, house mgr, Blue Key, Student Senate, Tau Beta Pi vice pres., ND State Eng. editor, Rahjahs vice pres., Eng. council, ASCE CONDON, MARVIN, AAS, Falkirk. CROSBY, DONNA I., IIE, Cavalier, Kappa Alpha Theta marshall, record- ing sec'y, Tryota, YWCA, Spring Sing, Brevities. CURL, ROBERT H., treas., Arnold Air Society sec'y, YMCA, Board of Student Publications and Finance. CLAFFY, JERRY A., Ph, Thief River Falls, Minn., Kappa Psi, Choir, Brevitiesg Spring Sing. COLLITON, PATRICK A., AAS, Fargo, Chemistry club, Newman eluh-, AFROTC Drill Team. Ag, Canflo, Alpha Gamma Rho social ch., Saddle and Sirloin club treas., Student Union Activities hoard, Brevi- ties, Little International, Spring Sing, Gold Star Band. Class of 1955 li.. .iii DONOVAN, KATHLEEN, AAS, Far- go, Kappa Kappa Gamma pres., vice pres. Key correspondent, Air Debs sec'y, Women's Senate, Theta Chi 'LDream Girl", Bison staff, Brevities, Spring Sing. DORAN, DANIEL W. Eng, Grand Rapids, Minn., Sigma Phi EBELTOFT, PATRICIA, HE, Frazee, Minn., Alpha Gamma Delta treas., pres., Phi Upsilon Omicron vice pres., Guidon seciyg Women's Senate, Tryota, Kappa Delta Pi, Senior Staff, Chorus, Art club, Spring Sing director, Cam- pus Radio, Bison staff, Who's Who, Little Inter. Queen attendant, Brevi- ties. EI-ILY, RAYMOND E., Eng, Coral Cables, Fla., ASCE pres. of Mid-west conference, Eng. Council Delta, ASME treas., Pi Tau Sigma corresponding sec'y, transfer from Itasca Jr. College. DUERRE, M. GER- ALD, Eng, Molzallg AFROTC Rifle Team, Wesley Foundation, Pi Tau Sigma. sec'y, Varsity baseball, brevities, transfer from Emory Univ. ELLINGS- BERG, DONALD J., Eng, Williston, Sigma Alpha Epsilon pres., Kappa Kappa Psi sec'y, vice pres., Band, Blue Key, Brevities, Senate, Board of Finance, Comm. of Music and Public Programs, Who's Who, Dist. Mil. Stud., ASME, Drill Team commander, Jr. Inter-frat. Council. 249 ENANDER, RUBY, I-IE, Stanley, Try- ota pres, sec'y, Ceres Hall pres., vice pres., YWCA treas., SIRC vice pres., 4l-I club, Baptist Youth Fellowship vice pres., Student Union Activities Board, Farm Underwriters Scholar- ERICKSON, DONNA J., HE, Climax, Minn., Phi Mu housemanager, regis- trar, corresponding sec'y, Tryota, YWCA, LSA, Spring Sing, Brevities. EVENSON, SHARON A., HE, Edge- ley, Kappa Kappa Gamma publicity ch., Wesley Foundation publicity ch., GIBBONS, GARY B., Ag, Lakota, Alpha Gamma Rho social ch., Brevi- ties Director, Student Senate, Boards of Campus Affairs, Music and Public Programs, FFA, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles vice pres., Saddle and Sirloin, Chorus, Blue Key, Publicity GOODWIN, JEAN A., HE, Walhalla, Tryota, YWCA, Ceres Hall Council, Independent Students Assoc., West- minster Fellowship vice moderator. GORDER, PAUL R., Ag, Galchult, Alpha Tau Omega, Saddle and Sirloin, Arnold Air Society, LSA, intramural 250 ship, Chorus. ERICKSON, ANN, HE, Fargo, Kappa Alpha Theta rush ch., Chorus, majorette, YWCA district ch. ERICKSON, DONALD E., Ph, Argyle, Minn., Kappa Psi, Pharmacy Club, Rho Chi. Tryota, Art club, Spring Sing, Brevi- ties. FENSKE, LAWRENCE A., Eng, Hankinson, Danforth Scholarship, Gamma Delta, ASME, Chorus, LSA, transfer from Wahpeton School of Science. Class of 1955 FLEMING, RICHARD J., AAS, Far- go. FREER, VINCENT, Eng., Dick- inson, transfer from Dickinson State GAARDER, RODGER C., Ag, Park River, Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Saddle and Sirloin club, FFA, Agronomy club, LSA, Toastmasters club, Ag. Econ. club, YWCA, Camera club, Little International. GAGNON, MAURICE L., AAS, Walhalla, Alpha Tau Omega asst. Brevities dir., in- tramural sports, freshman basketball. Teacher's College. FRETLAND, DON- ALD J., AAS, Fargo, Vets club, in- tramural sports. GESTON, MAGNUS, Eng, Edinburg, Theta Chi housemanager, treas., Atlier Chat Noir, Blue Key pres, Student Senate, Board of Finance, LaVerne Noyes Scholarship, intramural sports, intramural athletic hoard, Brevities Art Director, transfer from University of Missouri. Director for Brevities, Homecoming parade marshall. GJERTSON, ROY A., Eng, Lisbon, LSA, ASCE pres., Engineer's Council sec'y, intramural sports. GOEHL, JOHN O., Eng, Fargo, Sigma Chi, Kappa Tau Delta, Brevities. sports, Brevities. GORDON, BEVERLY J., HE, Fargo, Alpha Gamma Delta treas., chaplain, Phi Upsilon Omicron chaplain, YWCA campus sister ch., Tryota Council treas., Air Debs., Kap- pa Delta Pi, WAA, Brevities, Spring Sing, intramural sports. GRIMES JOANN M AAS Fargo, Alpha Gamma Delta publicity ch., rush ch Air Debs sec y social ch WAA, YWCA Mllllafy Ball Queen Home- comm Queen Attendant Brevities, Sprlng Sing mtramural sports GRON- HOVD PHYLLIS .I HE Eclmore, GULLAND CIIARLES F Eng., Lis- bon Kappa S1 ma Ch1 treas ASCE, bowling team HAARSAGER CUR- TIS .I AAS Lztchvzlle Sigma Alpha Epsilon treas correspondent Inter- frat Council treas Scahbard and Blade Spring Sing intramural sports. HART CLAYTON C A Chaseleyg A Ec club secy Vets club HART, GARY E Ag Wales Alpha Gamma Rho vice pres Bison ed and co-ed., Student Senate Comm of Radio, bus 111 of Brevlties Blue Key, Phi Kappa Ph Alpha Zeta treas, Sad- dle and Sirloin lnterfrat Council, A ronomy Club FFA Arnold Air Society Boards of Memorial Union, HAYS, WILLIAM, AAS, FargJ HEI- FORT, LORA .l, AAS, Fargo, Kappa Kappa Gamma treas, sehola1sh.p ch., Wesley Foundation, Air Dehs com- manding officer, executive officer, BFCVIIIBS, Spring Slng IIEINE, PA- TRICIA K , AAS, Fargo, Gamma Phi Beta, Panhellenic Council, Phi Up- silon Omleron, Kappa Delta Pi, Ed- A . 7 'S : . ' N 7 ' . ' 9 7 ' 7 3 Z g Z 5 2 - it if ii 2 1 ' 'a 9 sf ' -.: - ' 1 -, 9 1 ig ' . . : 'Q 1 Ji . . Q 9 9 fi .. , 45 35 I 5 ii 72 5 2 is ii E i 3 2. E E l . 3 s -Q g Z ' , n g. . , . ' -s i i . , . 2 . . gr. , Q . . , . , - . g i l i 5 . YWCA, Tryota, Art club, LSA. GUEST, RICHARD, Eng, Jllenoken, Farmhouse, ASAE sec'y, FFA, 4-H club social ch., Tau Beta Pi, YMCA, Arnold Air Society, intramural sports, Little International. HAAS, JANE M., AAS, Lidgerwosd, Kappa Delta see'y, pres., Senior Staff, Panhellenic Council sec'y, Guidon, Kappa Delta Pi, Newman club, Wom- en's Senate pres., Spectrum Staff, Who's Who, Freshman Counselor. Class of 1955 HAMILTON, JANICE M., HE, Fargo, Gamma Phi Bela pledge trainer, Tau Beta Sigma, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Tryota, Band, Kappa Delta Pi vice pres., Sigma Alpha Epsilon "Dream- line Girl", Brevities, Little Interna- IIANSON, DOUGLAS R., Eng., Har- vey, Alpha Tau Omega scc'y, ASCE vice pres., Gold Star Band pres., Ar- nold Air Society vice pres., Kappa Kappa Psi treas., intramural sports, Brevities, Spring Sing. HARCHAN- KO, RAY J., Ph., Sioux Falls, S. D., Radio, Publications, "Even the Gods", Nat. Outstanding AGR Award, Dist. Mil. Stud., Danforth Fr. Award, Alpha Zeta Fr. Award, Sears Roebuck Fr., soph., and advanced scholarships, Dele- gate to Nat. ACP, Alpha Zeta, AGR conventions, Wh0's Who. HART- MANN, ADA, HE, Washburn, WAA, LSA, YWCA, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi. win Booth sec'y, treas., Gnidon, Senior Staff, Board of Public Programs pres., Student Commission, Tryota, Orchesis vice pres., Little Inter. Queen, Spee- trum, "Ah Wilderness," "Antigone," "Around the Dawn," 'gPeer Gynt," "Candida," "Playboy of the Western World" casts and production staffs. tional Queen. HAMMETT, JOHN, Eng., Clyndon, fllinn. HANSEN, C. ALFRED, Ag, Oakes, Farmhouse treas., Saddle and Sirloin, YMCA, Little International. Sigma Alpha Epsilon house manager, intramural football. HARRIE, EU- GENE F., Eng., Jamestown, Kappa Tau Delta sec'y, treas., Atelier' Chat Noir, Bugenhagen Scholarship, Spec- trum staff, transfer from Jamestown College. 251 i A - ' - r a s , W' L .., ,J lo 'sf ' ' 1,11 1 Y S ' . it ' "" ,' I ' -WT' T "I, I K Xi i i x HILLESLAND, ROBERT A., AAS, Aneta. HOFFMAN, JAMES, Eng, McHenry, ASCE, Scabbard and Blade, Tau Beta Pi, Newman club, Elks club scholarship, State Eng. cir. HOISTAD, JOHN, Eng, Rutland, Sigma Phi Delta pres., ASME vice pres., N. D. State Eng. bus. mgr., Pi Tau Sigma, Inter-frat. Council, intra- mural sports. HOLMSTROM, LOREN 252 x I-IEINEMEYER, GLORIANN, HE, Fargo, Gamma Phi Beta sec'y, vice pres., Tryota, Brevities, Bison An- nual, Chorus. HEITZMANN, DUANE A., Eng, Ashley, Pi Tau Sigma vice pres., Kappa Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi I-IELT, LAWRENCE F., Ag, Lankin, Farmhouse pres., Newman Club, Sad- dle and Sirloin, FFA, Menis Glee Club, Arnold Air Society, Inter-frat. Council, intramural sports, Little In- ter. judging team. HILDRE, GEORGE W., Ag, Petersburg, Alpha Gamma mgr. HOGANSON, GLORIA M., HE, Fargo, Phi Mu pres., treas., historian, Gold Star Band, Tau Beta Sigma sec'y, LSA, 4H, WAA, Brevities, Spring Sing. R., Ph, Two Harbors, Minn., Pharm- acy club, transfer from Univ. of Minn. Duluth Branch. HOMER, GENE D., Ph, Wildrose, Pharmacy club seciy, treas., Pharmacy Club- Award. HORNE, RAY D., Ag, Penn, Alpha Tau Omega pres., Blue Key vice pres., Saddle and Sirloin, Agronomy club treas., Band, Menis Glee club, Chorus, Toastmastefs club, Inter-frat. Council treas., Edwin Booth club, YMCA, Ar- nold Air Society, LaVerne Noyes Scholarship, Model Man, Brevities prod. staff and director, Campus Ra- dio co-news ed., Who's Who, LCT HUNSTAD, MARGRET, HE, Carring- ton. INGBERG, RICHARD C., Eng, Arla, Minn., transfer from Concordia. Omega, ASME, YMCA, Gold Star Band, intramural basketball, transfer from Ellendale State Normal and ln- dustrial College. HELLEM, ROBERT S., Eng, Norfhwoorlg Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, ASME, Scalihard and Blade. Rho pres., Agronomy Club vice pres., sec'y, Saddle and Sirloin, Inter-frat. Council, Arnold Air Society, West- minster Foundation, Little Interna- tional, Brevities, intramural sports, Spring Sing. HILL, GLENN, Eng, Fargo, All-conference in football. Class of 1955 E .. productions. HOWITZ, THOMAS A., AAS, Rock Lake, Kappa Sigma Chi sec'y, Pershing Rifles, Rifle Team, Newman Club. HUGHES, ROBERT G., Ag, Steele, Kappa Sigma Chi vice pres., pres., Inter-frat. Council, Rah- jahs treas., FFA treas., vice pres., Brevities, Fr. Sears Roebuck Scholar- ship, intramural sports. JACKSON, JOHN A., AAS, Fargo, Sigma Chi, Vets club, YMCA. 3 9 JOHNSTON, BARRY, AAS, Mayville, Alpha Tau Omega, Gold Star Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, Brevities. JOL- STAD, PERCY E., Ph., Montevideo, Minn., Sigma Chi pledgemaster, pledge pres., Pharmacy club, LSA, Jr. Inter- frat. Council, intramural sports, trans- fer from Univ. of Minn. JONES, PA- JORGENSON, BRUCE MILFORD, Ag., Dickinson, Alpha Gamma Rho, intramural football, basketball, Saddle and Sirloin, Agronomy cluh. JUNDT, HOWARD W., Ag., Rugby, Co-op House sec'y-treas., manager, Alpha Zeta, Blue Key, Newman club, Ag. Econ. club, Saddle and Sirloin, Fresh- JENKINSON, HAROLD L., Eng, De- troit Lakes, Minn., Am. Inst. of Arch. pres., Kappa Tau Delta sec'y-treas., vice pres., Tau Beta Pi, Engineers Council, Tau Beta Pi Freshman Award, Pella Products Scholarship. JESSER, DELTON, Ph., Turtle Lake, ROTC JOHNSON, DONALD, Ag., Kenmare, Farm House, YMCA, FFA treas., Saddle and Sirloin, Sears Roebuck Scholarship. JOHNSON, ROBERT, TRICIA G., AAS, Willmar, Minn., Gamma Phi Beta song ch., correspond- ing sec'y, Sigma Alpha Iota, Air Debs vice pres., 1952 Homecoming Queen, Sigma Alpha Epsilon "Dreamline Girl", Chorus, Cheerleader, Bison Annual, Christmas Opera, Brevities, Spring Sing. man class pres., intramural sports, Brevities. JUST, JOANN M., HE, Fergus Falls, Minn., Alpha Gamma Delta house manager, altruistic ch., Tau Beta Sigma treas., YWCA vice pres., LSA, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Tryota, Alba Bales Award, Ceres Hall Dorm Council, Band, LCT. KAATZ, ARTHUR, Ag, Fargo, Vets club. KAEDING, DUANE A., Eng, Penn, Sigma Phi Delta, Gamma Delta pres., Am. Inst. of Electrical Engineers, Inst. of Radio Engineer, LSA, Ama- KASPARI, SHARON I., HE, Sheldon, 4--H pres., Phi Upsilon -treas, Tryota treas., vice pres., Newman club treas., WAA vice pres., Senior Staff, Fresh- man Danforth Award, Mary Laycock Scholarship, Little International Queen Attendant. KENT, DONALD L., AAS, Bismarck, Theta Chi, Freshman Bas- Minute Man Award, transfer from Bis- marck Jr. College. JOHNK, CHARLES W., Ag., Fargo, Gold Star Band, Kap- pa Kappa Psi, Wesley foundation pres., Bison sports editor, Ag. Ee. club, Saddle and Sirloin. AAS, Fargo, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOHNSON, ROSSFORD O., Ag., Park River. Class of 1955 teur Radio club. KALGARD, LOR- RAINE, HE, Park River, LSA sec'y, Tryota, Gold Star Band, College 4-H club, Sears Roebuck scholarship. ketball, intramural football, basket- ball, softball, bowling, volley ball, Brevities. KESSLER, WAYNE V., Ph, Fargo, YMCA, Rho Chi, Phi Kappa Phi, N. D. Pharmaceutical Association Award, transfer from Itasca Jr. Col- lege. 253 KIHNE, GEORGE, Ph., Cavalier, Pharmacy club, Vets club. KILLMER, LARRY, Eng., Minot, Sigma Phi Del- ta, ASME, intramural football, bas- ketball, softball, transfer from Minot KOCHER, LEO, Eng., Aberdeen, S. D., ASME, transfer from Northern State Teachers College. KOSIR, AL, Arch, Valley City, Sigma Chi social ch., corr. SEC., Atelier Chat Noir, American Inst. of Arch., Kappa Tau Delta, Newman club, Lettermen's club, hon- orable mention Am. Inst. of Arch. d - sign competition, Laverne Noyes Schol- LANCASTER, MARJORIE H., AAS, Fargo, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Edwin Booth club, Senior Staff, LCT, many play casts, Military Ball ueen, 1950. LARSON, DELBERT A., Eng, Bot- Iineau, American Society of Civil En- LAU, WILLIAM, Ph, Honolulu, Ha- waii. LEE, BETTY A., HE, Minot, Kappa Kappa Gamma pledge trainer, vice pres., Tau Beta Sigma vice pres., Tryota, LSA, Gold Star Band, Brevi- ties. LEETUN, DAREL D., Ag., Het- 254 State Teachers College. KING, DEN NIS H., Eng, Enderlin, Theta Chi lst and 2nd Guard, intramural soft hall, football, volleyball, Brevities. arship, Brevities, Golf team, Student Union Activities Board, transfer from Iowa State College. KRAUS, BEV ERLY ANN, HE, Fargo, Gamma Phi Beta historian, Air Debs, Tryota, Con cert Choir, Bison Annual photo. d. YWCA, LSA, Brevities, Little Inter national ueen attendant, intramural sports. Class of 1955 KREBSBACH, .I. C., Eng., Fargo Theta Chi vice pres., Vets club' Ameri can Society of Mech. Env: Inter-frat Council. KRENZ RONALD D A Upham., Co-op House vice pres., Alpha Zeta scribe, Agronomy club treas Saddle and Sirloin, Gamma Delta pres KUEHNEL, REBECCA, AAS, Fargo Ski club, 2nd, Elks Memorial Scholar ship, Choir, "Ladies Not for Burnin transfer from Cottey College. KUEI-I NEL, RENO, Eng., Fargo, Ski Club Ham Radio club' EnUineer's club AIEE, transfer from St. Cloud Teachers gineering, transfer from State School of Forestry. LARSON, ORTON E. E g., Bisbee, Tau Beta Pi treas., Am. Society of Agr. Eng., Fargo Engi- neer's Club Award, Spectrum reporter. ringer, Alpha Gamma Rho, Arnold Air Sociclzy treas., Saddle and Sirloin pres., Little International, Grand Champion Showman in Sheep, Reserve Champion- ship in Fitting Sheep, Ir. and Sr. Live- stock ,lodging team. treas YMCA Sears Roebuck Fresh man Award Interstate Seed and Gram Co Award Gold Star Band lntra mural sports KRETCHMAN DAVID Ph Lzdgerwood Kappa Psi Pharm acy club intramural sports Spring Sing College KVAMME CONRAD Ag Twm Valley Mann Kappa Sigma Chl historian pledge trazner Inter frat Council Staff and Notes club pres LSA Kappa Delta P1 Campus Radlo mu ic dir Bxevltles Spectrum repon er transfer from Concordia College ll fwigi I it LEMM, ELIZABETH J., HE, Hills- boro, Alpha Gamma Delta rushing eh., YWCA, Ski club, Kappa Delta Pi, Tryotag Band, Westminster Founda- LOFTSGARD, LAUREL, Ag, Hoople, Ag. Econ. club, Vets club-. LOHMAN, FRANCES, HE, Fargo, Kappa Alpha Theta pres., treas., Senior Staff sec'y, Women's Senate sec'y, Kappa Delta Pi, Cuidon, Phi Upsilon Omicron, MARTIN, RONALD, Eng, Bowbells, Inst. of Aeronautical Sci. pres., Engi- neering Council, Pi Tau Sigma record- ing sec'y, intramural bowling. MATT- MCCULLOUCH, DUANE Ph, Hope, Kappa Psi house manager, treas., Pharmacy club, intramural sports. NICDERMOTT, JOHN, AAS, Ashlancl, WLS., Varsity basketball. tion vice pres., Spring Sing, transfer from Jamestown College. LILLEVIG, ARTHUR W., AAS, Sheyenne. LIN- DEM, ALFRED, Ag, Fisher, Minn. Tryota, Spring Sing, Brevities. LUND, DOROTHY A., AAS, Fargo, Wesley Foundation pres., Orchesis vice pres., Guidon, Student Senate, Commissioner of Finance, Senior Staff pres, Brevi- ties, Baton Corps. Class of 1955 LUND, ROALD, Ag, Nome, Farm House, Agronomy club vice pres., treas., YMCA, Wesley Foundation 3 Scabhard and Blade, ROTC 3 intra- mural softball. LUNDE, CARY A., AAS, Fargo, Spring Sing, Alpha Phi MAIER, MELVIN G., Ag, Elgin, Al- pha Gamma Rho, LSA, FFA pres., Saddle and Sirloin, YMCA, Arnold Air Society, Spring Sing. MALMO, RICHARD, Ph, Duluth, Minn., Alpha Tau Omega. MARQUART, JOANNE, AAS, Mapleton, Gamma Phi Beta Omega, Freshman Class treas., Choir, LCT "Antigone.', LUNDHAGEN, RON- ALD E., AAS, Fargo, Alpha Tau Omega social ch., Gold Star Band, Kappa Kappa Psi treas., pres. membership ch., song leader, Orchesis seciy-treas., pres., Edwin Booth Dra- matic club vice pres., Air Debs, "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi", "Gold in the Hills," "Blithe Spirit", Brevities, Spring Sing, Bison Annual staff. SON, DONALD, Ph, Greenbush., Minn., Pharmacy club. MCBRIDE, DALE, Eng., lllilnar, transfer from Wahpeton State School of Science. MENDESH, ANTHONY, Ph, Duluth, Minn., Rho Chi, Pharmacy club, Newman club, North Dakota Pharma- ceutical Assn. Award, transfer from Univ. of Minn., Duluth Branch. 255 I i NELSON, IRIS M., AAS, Fargo, Kap- pa Delta Pi sec'y, Inter-religious Council, Wesley Foundation, YWCA, Chorus, transfer from Bismarck Jr. College. NELSON, LEONARD E., Ph, Parshall, Kappa Psi historian, trans- NELSON, WAYNE A., Ph, Bruce, Wis., Kappa Psi pledge trainer, intra- mural sports, transfer from Marquette Univ. NISSEN, JEROME N., AAS? Bnrnesville, Minn., Kappa Sigma Chi sec'y, YMCA cabinet, Army ROTC Band, Little International Reserve MILLER, MILO M., Ph, Leeds, Pharmacy club pres., transfer from Devils Lake Jr. College. MONTEITH, GERALD E., AAS, Fargo, intramural basketball. MORGAN, ELDRED J., MOXNESS, KENNETH L., Eng., Am- brose, Kappa Sigma Chi, LSA pres., action director, regional stewardship director, Student Inter-religious Coun- cil, Alpha Phi Omega treas., Blue Key, YMCA, Student Senate, Com- missioner of Campus Affairs, Student Union Board, AIEE-IRE, Co-editor of AC Jolt, intramural sports, transfer Eng, Valley City, Sigma Chi rush ch., pledge trainer, pres., ASME, transfer from Valley City State Teachers Col- lege. from Concordia. MUEHLENBEIN, GRETCHEN, HE, Fargo, Kappa Kap- pa Gamma corresponding sec'y, mar- shal, Sigma Alpha Iota vice pres., YWCA, Ski club, Tryota, Chorus, Brevities, Spring Sing. MUTCHLER, ROBERT C., ArchE, Northwood, Al- pha Tau Omega, Kappa Tau Delta pres., Tau Beta Pi. Class of 1955 fer from Jamestown College. NEL- SON, PHYLLIS A., HE, Orleans, Minn., Phi Upsilon Omicron librarian, Kappa Delta Pi, LSA, YWCA finance ch., WAA, Ttyota. Sheep Champion, Kappa Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade, Cold Star Band, LSA, intramural sports, AF Drill Team, Brevities, Baud. NOACK, JOHN D., Eng, Fargo, Alpha Phi Omega sec'y, vice pres., ASME. 256 NORTH, LAWRENCE, Eng, Fargo, Alpha Phi Omega pres., Blue Key sec'y, Scabbard and Blade vice pres., ASME, Pi Tau Sigma, Student Sen- ate, Wesley Foundation, Elks Scholar- ship, intramural sports, "Androcles and the Lion" production staff. OL- SON, GORDON H., Eng, Minot, Al- pha Tau Omega treas., house mgr., OLSON, LORRAINE, HE, Rugby, Tryota, LSA, Art club pres., YWCA, WAA. OLSON, MARGARET J., HE, Fargo, Kappa Delta sec'y, Tryota, Art . 4 Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma treas., ASME, Inter-frat. Council, Eng. Coun- cil, intramural sports, Brevities, fresh- man basketball. OLSON, JOCELYN D., AAS, Valley City, Vets club vice commander, LSA, 4H club, Band, Glee Club, J. R. Watkins Scholarship, Outstanding Veteran Plaque, transfer from Valley City Teachers College. club, Wesley Foundation, Bison staff. OLSON, MAURICE, Ag, Coopers- town. PRATT, VIRGINIA M., HE, Fargo, Kappa Kappa Gamma sec'y, Tryota, Guidon, Orchesis, Brevities, Cheer- leader, Band Majorette. PIEPKORN, HERMAN D., Ag, Stan- ley, Farm House sec'y, charter mem- ber, YMCA pres, Agronomy club pres., 4-H club, LSA, Pershing Rifles, Saddle and Sirloin, Men's Glee club, RADI, DOROTHY L., HE, Alberta, Minn., Tryota, Wesley Foundation. RASE, BRIAN E., Ph, Pembina, LSA, Kappa Kappa Psi, Pharmacy club, si? ORMBERG, EUGENE H., Ag, Bot- tineau, Vets club, transfer from N. D. School of Forestry. PAUL, HERBERT A., AAS, Fargo, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles captain. P A Y N E , PEACH, MARY E., HE, Erie, Tryota, YWCA, transfer from Concordia. PE- TERSON, JAMES N., Eng, Clare- mont, S. D., Theta Chi, ASME, trans- fer from State Teachers College, Aher- Choir, Men's Res. Hall Council pres., Inter. Farm Youth Exchange Student to Argentina, Am. Youth Foundation camp, Nat. Sheep Judging Champ 4-H Div. Chicago. RADCLIFFE, THOMAS W., AAS, Fargo, Sigma Alpha Epsilon rush ch., lreas., Lettermen's Club treas., Golf Team, Comm. of Campus Affairs. YMCA, Gold Star Band, Men's Choir, Clee Club, Brevities Orch. RAS- MUSON, .IOHN E., Eng, Minot, Tau Beta Pi corresponding sec'y. REMBOLDT, GYNARA J., Ph, Gackle, Phi Mu sec'y, Kappa Epsilon vice pres., pres., Pharmacy club vice pres., Spring Sing, Brevities. ROBIN- SON, RAY M., Ch, Fargo, Vets club, ROSTER, NICHOLAS J., AAS, Dick- inson, Theta Chi, Scabbard and Blade, adv. mgr. of Annual, bus. mgr. of Annual, Inter-frat. Council, Newman club, Board of Publications, student mgr. of football, Brevities, intramural sports, Spring Sing. ROTHFUSZ, CLARENCE L., Eng, Ashley, Sigma WALLACE D., Ag, Coorlridge, Minn., Farm I-Iouse, Saddle and Sirloin, Al- pha Zeta, intramural sports, transfer from Moorhead State Teachers College. deen, S. D. PETERSON, ROBERT D., Ph, Hettinger, Kappa Psi, Rho Chi pres., Ir. Inter-frat. Council, intra- mural bowling, transfer from Montana State University. Class of 1955 Chemistry club, Spencer-Kellogg Schol- arship. ROEHRICH, CAROL J., HE, Edgeley, Kappa Alpha Theta editor, Art club treas., Bison staff, Spectrum staff. Phi Delta house manager, ASME, Eng. Council treas, Scahbard and Blade, Dist. Mil. Stud. RULON, ARTHUR J., Eng: Jamestown, Alpha Tau Omega treas., house mgr., ASME, Laverne Noyes Scholarship, intramural football, Brevities, Spring Sing, fr. football. 257 RUSSELL, LAVERNE E., Ph, Neche, Kappa Psi, Rahjah club, sec'y, inter- frat. council pres., Rho Chi, vice pres., Pharmacy club, Rho Chi Freshman Award, N. D. State Board of Pharm- acy Freshman Award, intramural sports, Brevities, Army ROTC drill team. RUTHERFORD, JOYCE J., AAS, Fargo, Gamma Phi Beta corres. sec'y, house mgr., Orchesis pres., WAA, Air Dehs social ch., Brevities, SCHAACK, JAMES W., Ph, Valley City, Sigma Chi sec'y, Blue Key, WUS Carnival ch., Rho Chi sec'y- treas, Pharmacy club, Phi Kappa Phi, inlramural basketball, football, softball, Who's Who, transfer from St. Thomas SKAMFER, ROBERT E., Eng, Aber- crombie, Inst. of Radio Eng., LSA. SKOGLEY, EARL O., Ag? Mott, Al- pha Gamma Rho asst. house mgr, in- tramural athletic ch., Agronomy club pres., Alpha Zeta vice pres., Saddle and Sirloin club, Sears Roebuck Fresh. SKREI, RICHARD W., Ag, Glyndon, Minn., Tau Kappa Epsilon pledge trainer, transfer from Iowa State Col- lege. SKUZA, KENNETH M., Eng, 258 Spring Sing, Student Union Games and Recreation committee, slAlD3.l1l and the Night Visitors." RYAN, DOROTHY, HE, Sterling, Kappa Delta vice pres., rushing ch., Senior Staff vice pres, Cuidon pres., Kappa Delta Pi treas., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Newman club pres., vice pres., Award for Outstand- ing Kappa Delta, Brevities, Spring Sing, YVOmen's Senate. College. SCHAMBERGER, CARROLL K., Ag, Moorhead, Minn., Gamma Del- ta, FFA, transfer from Eastern New Mexico Univ. SCHOENEMAN, DON, Eng, Bismarck, transfer from Bis- marck Jr. College. Class of 1955 SCHONBERGER, HAROLD, Ag, Wheatland, Agri. Econ. club, FFA, Vets club. SEEKLANDER, JOYCE A., HE, Hazelton, LSA, Tryota, transfer from Jamestown College. SHARKEY, SIMONS, FRANCINE, AAS, Fargo, Gamma Phi Beta rushing ch., Bison Annual staff, photo co-ed., Orchesis, Guidon, Women's Senate, intramural sports, Brevities, Spring Sing, LCT, '6Amahl and the Night Visitors" cast and production staff. SIMONSON, ARLENE M., HE, Hope, Phi Mu Scholarship, F. H. Peavey-Van Dusen Harrington Scholarship, intramural sports, Brevities. SKOGSTAD, RON- ALD G., Eng, Minot, Scabbard and Blade sec'y, transfer from Minot State Teachers College. St. Cloud, Minn., ASCE, intramural sports, transfer from Univ. of Minn. SLAPERUD, JAMES P., Eng, Fargo, Pi Tau Sigma. RAYMOND, AAS, Towner, Alpha Tau Omega, LSA, Young Memorial Award, transfer from Minot State Teachers College. sec'y, pledge trainer, Tryota, LSA, Guidon treas., Spring Sing, Brevities. SIVERSEN, ANNETTE, AAS, Fargo, Alpha Gamma Delta, 2nd vice pres., Tryota, Ski club, YWCA, LSA, Spring Sing, Brevities, Bison Annual staff, Spectrum staff, intramural sports, Phi Kappa Phi. SOLIEN, ROBERT E., ME, Twin Val- ley, Minn., ASME, transfer from Moor- head State Teachers College. SON- DERLAND, NELLIE M., HE, Peters- burg, Tryota, Girl's Glee Club. SOR- SPENGLER, VERNE, Ag, Inksler, Farm House, FFA, Saddle and Sir- loin, transfer from NDU. SPICI-IKE, RITCHIE P., Ag, Kief, Farm House LIE, DONALD T., Eng, Coteau., Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon, Engineering Coun- cil, Am. Soc. of Ag. Eng., LSA, in- tramural hasketball. publicity ch., Saddle and Sirloin, Rah- jah club, "Androe1es and the Lion", intramural basketball, bowling. STADS- VOLD, CY, Arch, Fergus Falls, Minn. SWANKE, SONIA A., HE, Lakota, Kappa Alpha Theta house manager, Guidon, Choir, LSA vice pres., Try- ota, YWCA, Student Senate, Phi Up- silon Ornicrou, WAA, FHA Freshman Scholarship, Brevities, Cheerleader, Spectrum Staff, Boards of Music and SYVERSON, DEAN H., Ag, Ulen, flflinn., Farm House, LSA treas., Kappa Kappa Psi, Gold Star Band, Glee Club, FFA sec'y. TALLEY, MANAUL E.. Eng, Lunsford, Theta Chi historian, Alpha .Phi Omega vice pres., Brevities, intramural sports. STELTER, WILLIS L., Arch, Doran, Minn., Sigma Phi Delta corres. sec'y, Antlier Chat Noir sec'y, Kappa Tau Delta, Gamma Delta, transfer from N. D. State School of Science. STICK- ELMEYER, JEROME H., Chem, Far- go, Alpha Tau Omega, Ernest T. Trigg Foundation Fellowship, Chemistry club. SUKUT, ARLYN A., Ag, Bismarck, FFA parliamentarian, Sears Roebuck Scholarship, Gold Star Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, YMCA, Calvary Baptist youth group, Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship, Military Band. SULLI- Public Programs, Radio, Athletics. SWANSON, JAMES W., AAS, Fargo, Theta Chi, N. D. Ins. for Regional Studies Scholarship. S W A N S O N , JOHN H., Eng, Willmar, Minn., Sig- ma Phi Delta sentinal, ASME, N. D. State Eng. staff member. THOMPSON, RICHARD W., Eng, Minot, Alpha Tau Omega social ch., rush ch., Rahjah club, ASME, Alpha Phi Omega, Arnold Air Society social chairman, Board of Music treas, Brevi- ties, intramural sports, Military Ball chairman. Class of 1955 STRAND, RICHARD C., Eng, Osnw- brock, Alpha Gamma Rho usher, Gen- eral Electric Senior Award, freshman basketball, intramural sports, Spring Sing, Brevities, Asst. Homecoming Parade Marshall, showman Little In- ternational, Who's Who. VAN, JOHN W., Chem, Fargo, Chem- istry Club, Newman Club, Chemistry Club Book Award. SURDAHL, DEL- ANO F., Eng., Bottineau, ASCE treas., transfer from N. D. School of Forestry. 259 UELAND, ERMAN O., Ag, Halstad, Minrz., FFA, LSA, Pershing Rifles co. commander, Saddle and Sirloin, Jr. Livestock Judging Team. ULNESS, DONALD E., AAS, Kindred, Sigma Alpha Epsilon vice pres., Brevities, VANSLYCK, LOUIS S., Eng, Wal- halla, Sigma Phi Delta, Inter-frat. Council, State Eng., AIENE, Ins. of Radio Eng., Tau Beta Pi freshman letter, intramural sports, Brevities. VASEY, EDFRED H., Ag, Mmm, Al- pha Gamma Rho house manager, Sad- dle and Sirloin, Agronomy club sec'y, Scabbard and Blade treas., F. H. Pea- 260 THORSON, ROBERTA L., HE, Fargo, Kappa Delta social ch., rush ch., LSA, YMCA, Tryota, Student Union Activi- ties Board, WAA, Spectrum staff, Brevities, bowling team. TOEPKE, LAVONNE L., AAS, Judson., Band, TURNER, DANIEL L., Eng., Wilton, Sigma Phi Delta historian, AIEE, Ham club. TUTHILL, GEORGE A., Eng, Cogswell. TYSON, EDMUND R., Spring Sing, intramural sports, Rah- jah club, Inter-frat. Council. VAN- BERKOM, LAWRENCE P., Ag, Pow- ers Lake, Theta Chi, Saddle and Sir- loin. vey-Van Dusen Harrington Scholar- ship, Army Drill Team, grain judging contest, Little International, Who's Who. VAUGHN, BARBARA L., AAS, Lisbon, Kappa Kappa social ch., pledge trainer, Guidon, Senior Counselor, Gold Star Band, Tau Beta Sigma, Brevities act director, Student Union Activities Board. WANG, WAYNE L., Ag, Halszad, Minn., Farm House, F FA, LSA, Pershing Rifles, intramural sports. WARKENTIN, JOHN H., Eng, Han- kinson, John Robinson club treas., pres., Ins. of Aero. Sc. sec'y, YMCA WASEM, CHARLES G., Ph, Halliday, Kappa Psi, American Pharmaceutical Asso., intramural sports, Spring Sing, Brevities. WATSON, JEROME A., Eng, Valley City, Sigma Chi, ASAE, Laverne Noyes Scholarship, intramural Tau Beta Sigma, YWCA, WAA, LSA, Dance Program. TOLLEFSON, MAX- INE Y., HE, Fargo, Alpha Gamma Delta, Tryota, transfer from Concordia College. AAS, Bismarck, Theta Chi social ch., rush oh., Inter-frat. Council, Brevities, intramural sports. Class of 1955 cabinet, intramural softball. WARNES, DENNIS D., Ag, Stephens, Minn., Farm House sec'y, pledge trainer, Agronomy club, Saddle and Sirloin, Inter-frat. Council, intramural sports. , sports, transfer from Valley City State Teachers College. WEBER, DOUG- LAS D., AAS, Ashley, Kappa Kappa Psi, Laverne Noyes Scholarship, Ge- ology club, Gold Star Band, transfer from MacPhail College of Music. WESTERMANN, DUANE C., Ph, 1 4 unub 1- WELKEN, RALPH L., Eng, Valley ef, ' City, Sigma Chi house manager, , Q, " ASEE, lns. of Radio Eng, Engineering Council pres., intramural sports, trans- fer from Valley City State Teachers. WENTZ, MARLYS Y., AAS, Fargo, '11 1 1 it 11 , L, 1 t 11 N . i. 11 4' F 3 U 1 1: E 1- 1 1, 1 i 1 1115 1 ' 33' were-rr-.:." 1 . f 1 v it .1 I 1 u ' ' f l 11 r A 0, ' 1 Y 1 9 r a A 5 1 bfi: WIDDIFIELD, BARBARA, HE, Far- go, Alpha Gamma Delta vice pres., Air Debs, Phi Upsilon Omicron pres., YWCA, Panhellenic Council, Tryota, Kappa Delta Pi, Senior Staff, Wom- c-n's and Student Senate, Tau Beta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Whois Who, B2son, Band, Danforth, Panhellenic, WILSON, GRETCHEN, HE: Harvey, Alpha Gamma Della activities chair- man, Kappa Delta Pi. WITTEMAN, STANLEY A., Eng, Molmll, Sigma Phi Delta, ASME pres., Engineering Council, AFROTC Rifle Team cap- tain, Tau Beta PI, Pi Tau Sigma con- ' t. l New Salem., Kappa Psi, Brevities, ' Spring Sing, intramural sports. WHEELER, RALPH M., Eng, Minot, Alpha Tau Omega vice pres., Blue Key sec'y, AIEE-IRE vice pres., intra- mural sports. WHITE, JEREMIAH P.. Eng, Garrison, Sigma Phi Delta bus. ,,, Kappa Delta rush ch., Tryota, Ski club, YWCA, Panhellenic Council, Choir, Brevities, Homecoming atten- dant, Spring Sing. WESTBERG, LOR- EN, Ag, Hawley, Minn. mgr., Kappa Tau Delta, Atlier Chat Noir, John Robinson Arnold Air Society, Kappa Tau Delta Spring Sing, Choir, alll and the Night Men on a Horse", club sec'y, treas., AF Drill Team, prfze,. Brevities, Glee club, "Am- Visitors", "Three intramural sports. Class of 1955 deLendrecie, PEO Scholarships. WIL- LIAMS, JOAN, HE, Buxton, Kap- pa Kappa Gamma, Air Delis, YWCA, Tryota, Chorus, LSA, Art club, Brevities, Spring Sing. WILLMING, , JAMES R., AAS, Slater, Missouri, Sigma Chi vice pres., transfer from Univ. of Missouri. vention delegate. WOLF, RONALD R., Ph, Dickinson, Kappa Psi pres., cor- responding seclyg Rahjalt club pres. Newman club, Pharmacy club, Stu- dent Senate, Brevities, Spring Sing Student Union Activities Board, Board of Athletics. 4 l WOLFF, HELEN L.. Ch, Harvey, Alpha Gamma Delta activities ch., Chemistry Club Award, Forman, Ford Awards. WOLT, DAROLD, Eng, Janzeswwn, ASME. WOLTER. ROBERT H., AAS, Fargo, Theta Chi, Vets club, intramural sports. WOODWARD, DUANE, Ag, Hawley, Minn. ZAESKE, ALLEN B., AAS, Leonarrl, Vets club, LSA, intramural sports, varsity football. ZIMMER, JOHN M., Ag, St. Cloud, Minn. ZIMMERMAN, DON C., Ch, Fargo, Alpha Tau Omega, Chem. club pres., Edwin Booth club vice pres., Ski club, Phi Kappa Phi, Campus Radio Station mgr, Blue Key, D'st. Mil. Stud., Ernest T. Trigg Found. Fellowship, Forman Ford Scholarship, LCT play casts. ZIMMERMANN, EDWIN C. JR., Eng, Fargo, Alpha Phi Omega pres., Scabbard and Blade pres., Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, Wesley Foundation, Army Rifle Team, Laverne Noyes Scholarship, intramural volleyball. 6 I'll bei, as usual, my name's misspelled- Who's 'rhe cufe boy over on page 253 6 d d I h h 0 advertising Rubber Stamps Seals Buttons EVERYTHING FOR MARKING MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT LUNDQUIST'S "Y" DUG-OUT FARGO Ht' RUBBER STAMP Open 7 A.M. - 7:30 P.M. WORKS COOK SIGN CO. COM PUMENTS Manufacturers of OF NEON SIGNS COLD CATHODE ' LIGHTING SERVICE or 1418 Front Street Ann Whiting leading a very strenuous cheer for the varsity football team. Phone 5323 CHEVROLET, INC. FARGO NO. DAK. Student Directory Aafedt, Dianne tHE-Sol Munich 113, 224- Anderson, Evelyn QAAS-Fr? Minot Aaledt, LeRoy QAAS-Fri Fargo 53, 59, 216 Anderson, Gerald QAAS-Jr? Fargo Aamodt, Charlotte tHE-Frl Fargo 2. 113, 156 Anderson, Grant QME-Fr! Halstad, Minn. 164 Aanderud, Richard CME-Sol Beulah Anderson, Harold tAAS-,lrl Wathaha 62, 67, 68, 69 Aarnes, Catherine YAAS-Sol Fargo 2C0 Anderson, ,lean lAAS-Frt Fargo 36,162 Aasness, Norman KAAS-,lrl Bottineau Anderson, Jerome KAAS-Sol Lake Park, Minn. 174 Ablrey, Marilyn KAAS-Fri Fargo 36 Anderson, JoAnne L. tl-IE-Fr? Crookstozi, Minn. 93. 113. 178. 223 Abbott, Roger CEE-,lrl Minot 207 Anderson, Joanne M. QAAS-Fr? Hunter 36 Abrahamson, Charles tAAS-,lrl Fargo 18, 46, 47, 170 Anderson, John F. 4AAS-Sol Fargo 166, 182, 186 Abrahamson, Janet. KHE-Jr? Leal 39, 138, 171, 195, 222 Anderson, John H. KAAS-SJ? Fargo Ackerman, Robert IAAS-Sol Fargo Anderson, June lllli-Jrl Crookston, Minn. 2, 93, 112, 157, 178, 195, Adams, John CCE-Sol Dilworth, Minn. 223 A4151115, 1111211113 11'1E'F1'l Calgan 113, 223 Anderson. Kenneth YME-Sol Stirum Adams, Wade lAS'Ff1 Beach 172 . Anderson, Kermit lAAS-Srl Fergus Falls, Minn. 247 Addicott, J. Thomas lArch E-Sol Moorhead, Minn. 219 Anderson- Leona,-d QEESOB, Newtown AEYCY, -101111 1EE'-110 F5120 104 Anderson, Lynn lAg-Sol Page AlDDCfSDHC11, 110101111 11311311 Fargo A Anderson, Mervyl IAAS-Fri Stirum 223 Akason, Beverly IHE-Jrl Ada, Minn. -112, 183,'187, 224 Anderson Robert tArch-Srl Minot 98. 108 Akason, James QAAS-.lrl Fargo 64, 65, 69, 72, 73. 215 Anderson, Rodney tPh-Fri Newtown Albin, -1- N?1S lAS'Ff1 SQ1r11W.0011 Anderson, Roger fAg-Fr? Reeder 85, 227 Allen, Muriel QHE-Frl Goodrich I 223 Anderson Roy IAAS-Grad! Fergus Falls, Minn. A11ff1111'1TS, George fEE-rfb Lnchville Amltffsfm Sally LHE-Sol Fargo 2, 29, 125, 128, 157, 200 Altstatt, Richard l,Ph-Sol Breckenridge, Minn. Anderson Vernon 7Ag,jr, Minot 101 AlllZHS, El1W1n lAAS'FI'1 C111Cag0, 111- 72, 73, 179 Anderson Virginia ll-IE-Frl Moorhead, Minn. 93 Amundson, Arlo K. KAAS-,lrl Fargo 47, 159, 162, 163, 207 Anderson. Wilhdm QAASSI-5 Cavalier 247 Antundson, Lester tAg-,lrl East Grand Forks, Minn. 84, 91. 93, A1-emit, jgl-mme fPh.5Oj Fargo 101, 204' Areuson, Gerald lPh-Srl Fargo 211, 247 Anderson. MTS- A, W- lAAS-513601 Fargo Arithson, Rodger 1Ag-Frl Bowman 227 AUC1Cl'S0Fl, CHY011 11,11-1719 FarS0 Armstrong. Marian KAAS-Gfadl Fargo Anderson, Clarence 1-At!'F1'l 1111311011 Arneson, Barbara CHE-Srl Glyndon. Minn. 114. 128. 146, 147, 195 Anderson, garyl lEg:f,iI.lrl I:Vest Fargooq' 104 24.7 Anderson ave IE - rl atton 1 . -Q ,,, Q Anderson, Donald tAg-Sol Dagmar, Mont. 226 ik:,ml1Rk0u1ihi23g Farm Anderson, Doris tHE-Srl Villard, Minn. 112, 115, 147, 179, 199. 222, Agen'd0rf.'Ca1vin ,Ph-FH' Minn, ' D 247 Ashland, Kermit tArchE-Frl Hannafofd 74 AHC1C1'50ll R- 120113135 1AAS'-111 Fargo Asker, Dorothy KHE-Srl Fargo 93, 247 Anderson, Duane B. fCl1em. Gradl Hallock, Minn. 96 Askim, Floyd fAg-,lrl Lank'n 85, 150, 153, 204 Anderson, Duane L. CAAS-Frl Fargo 22, 61, 63, 65, 67, 69, 146, 149, Asktandy '1'h0ma5 fAAS.Frj F31-gg 150, 151, 164. 175, 233, 240, 247, 230, 235 Askling, Beverly CHE-Frl Hettinger 113, 225 Aslesen, Herbert fArchE-,lrl Watertown. S. D. 179 Anderson, Elizabeth KAAS-Frl Clifford 180, 181 Anderson-, Eunice KHE-,lrl Moorhead, Minn. 115, 196 264 Asmundson, Lyla tl-IE-Fr? Upham 113, 223 Asp, Bjarne fAAS-Gradj Moorhead, Minn. Astrup, J. Leo lAgE-Soi Grenora 101, 180, Austin, Merlyn lAg-Sol Mott 82, 85, 204 Awes, Faye QHE-Srl Fargo Awes, Robert KAAS-Sr! Fargo Axlman, Raymond QAg-Fr! Rugby 85, 172, Babcock, .lohn QAAS-FrJ Jamestown Backman, David QEE-Fri Fargo Bacluneier, William KAAS-So! Bismarck 59 Bagg, Fred 1MB-S01 Mooreton Baillie, William lPh-Fri Rugby 93, 180, 181, 215, 227 185 6, 158, 159, 181 Baker, Renee QAAS-Jrl Cavalier 2, 150, 151, 152, 153, 15 196 Bakkon, Janice IAAS-Frj Wahpeton 47, 93, Bakken, John LMB-Soj Hannalord Baldwin, Bruce l,CEfSoJ Valley City Baldwin, Paul fAg-Sr! Fargo 216, 247 Balke, Rollis LPI1-Srl Crookston, Minn. Balow, R. Lyle KME-Frj Endcrlin Barnes, Virgil CAg-Fr! Page Barnick, Bill lAg-So! Fargo Baron, Anton tArchE-Fri Fargo Barr, Burton lAg-Gradj Cooperstown Barrett, James tPh-Fri Grey Eagle. Minn. Barrett, Robert l,Ag-Fri Linton 185, 228 Barrows, Robert lME-Fry Fargo 124 Barstad, Donna 11-112-Fri Ray 113, 185, 225 Bartholomay, Cordon CAAS-Fri Fargo 162, 225 211, 247 of Bartholomew, Charles fCh-Soi Hawley, Minn. 220 Bartholomew, David tAg-Srl Fargo 147 Barton, John fAAS-Sol Powers Lake Bartz, Albert KAAS-Grad? Fargo Bassingthwaite, Marlene tHE-Fri Sarles 113, 225 Bauer, Armand fAg-Grad! Fargo Bauer, Frederick QME-Fri Bluegrass Bauer, Wayne tAg-Frj Max Baumann, Dwight QME-Sr? Ashley 93, 103, 105, 107, 146, 147, 166, 247 Baumann, Judith QHE-Sol Ashley 112, 128 Baumann, Maxine IHE-Fr? Ashley 113, 187, 223 Baumler, Bernard CME-Sol Wheatland Bear, Maureen CPI1-Fri Langdon 160, 225 Beatty, James fCh-Jrl Fargo 96, 138, 167, 190, 219 Beaver, D11Wayne QAASQFU Detroit Lakes, Minn. Beck, Joseph KME-Sol Linton 228 Becker, Clarence IAAS-Srl Chicago, 111. 34, 53, 59, 130, 164, 220 Becklund, Thornton 11212-Grad! Almonl Bednar, Stanley l'Arcl1E-Fr! Lidgerwood Beechie, Brian fArchE-Sol Litchville Bender, Darlene IHE-Fri Harvey 176. 224 Bender, Marvin KME-So? Harvey 64, 207 Benedict, Sandra KAAS-Fri Moorhead, Minn. 2, 35. 157 Benesh. Delmar lAg-Fri Ada, Minn. 59 Benewicz, Urban CAAS-Cradl Detroit Lakes, Minn. Bennett, Warren tPh-Fri Crookston, Minn. Benson, Carl 11311-S01 Larimore 211 Benson, Kay fAAS-Spec.l Fargo 150. 184 Benson, Robert IEE-Sol Nome Bentley, Jim lCE-Sol Fargo Berg, Arnold Jr. CAAS-Sol Finley Berg, Earl fArch1f-Soi Minot Berg, Haldor fAAS-Grad! Moorhead, Minn. Berg, John iAg-Frl Wyndmere 84, 178, 228 Berg, Joyce tHE-Soi Bottineau 42, 43, 45. 90, 93, 112, 195, 284 Berg, Milton tAgE-Frl Fargo 101, 180 Berg, Ne'l IEE-Sol Moorhead, Minn. 162. 163 Berg. Richard lPh-Srl Fargo 120, 121, 211. 247 Berg, Robert tArchE-Grad! Moorhead. Minn. 132, 180 Bergan, Jean ll-IE-Soi Hawley, Minn. 112, 192, 222 Berge, Donald fAgE-Sol llatton 101 Berger, Maynard lPh-Srl Richardton 123, 211. 247 Berger, Raymond fPh-Soi Richardton 121, 160. 184 Bergoson, Harold fiCE-Fri Lake Park. Minn. Bergland, Dale l'Ag-Srl Hettinger 84, 204- Bergren, Dennis tCl1em-.lrl Fargo 204- Bergren, Jeanne CHE-Jrj Fargo 192 Bergren, Leonard IME-Srl Fargo 247 Bergstrom, John IAAS-Sol Devils Lake 91. 93, 207 Berkeland. Bruce t1E8zM-Jr1 Lancaster, Minn. Bertscb, Floyd tCh-Srl Ashley 93. 96, 247 Beske. Raymond tPh-Srl Fergus Falls, Minn. 247 Besselievre. Donn fArchE-Srl Ray 30, 93, 123, 213, 247 Betting, Robert lCE-Jr1 Forman 91 Bicber, Allan fCh-Jrl Mott 180, 181 Bieber, Loran fCh-Sr? Mott 180, 186, 247 Bieri, Russel tAg-Jrl Oberon 204, 267 Bigelow, Edwin fAAS-Grad! Fargo Biggs, Lenore l'Educ-Jrl Fargo Bilden, Audrey fHE-Jr1 Northwood 112, 115, 125, 196 Bilden, Paul fPh-Sol Northwood ' Birk, George fAg-Sri Fargo 247 Birkeland, Mary THE-Srl Sheyenne 90, 93, 136, 187, 222, 248 CONGRATULATIONS to the 1955 Class iff,-.... Th FLAME Entertainment Nightly 306 Broadway, Fargo Bruce M. Johnson -1 COMPLEMENTS WEST FARGO ELEVATOR, Inc. West Fargo N. Dak. COMPLIMENTS Ceres Hall Cafeteria 265 COMPLIMENTS OF THE FARGO FORUM MORNING - EVENING - SUNDAY Birkeland, Myron lAg-Jr? Sheyenne 82, 167, 172, 248 Bratten, Melvin lAg-Jrl Greenbush, Minn. 83, 208 Bisek, Jerine CHE-Frj Mahnomen, Minn. 113, 169, 225 Bratten, Wayne CAAS-Frb Fargo 59, 69 B1Sll0P, Bruce QCE-Sol F3130 Bradbury, Philip CME-Srl Fargo 104, 220, 248 Bissell, Williarn KME-Sol Portal 103, 226 Bradley, Gerald fAg-Frl Lansford 84, 175 Bisted, Morris KAAS-Jrl Brainerd, Minn. 56, 59, 164 Brakke, Darla KAAS-Frj Fergus Falls, Minn. Bitters, Barbara CAAS-Srl Fargo 196, 248 Brakken, Harvey fAg-Fri Horace Bitz. Lawrence KME-Fr? Napoleon 227 Brandt, Fred fAg-Graclb Minot Bjellaud, Duane lAg-Frl Erskine, Minn. Brandvik, Michael fAg-Frl Killdeer 85 Bjorklund, Alice tHE-Srl Richville 112, 248 Brandvold, Ronnie fAg-Sol Bottineau 84. 101, 204 Bjornson, Loren lAAS-Jrj Fargo 159, 207 Branning, Roger KAAS-Frl Woodwortli 226 Bjornson, Neal fAg-Fr? Arvilla 85 Bratholt, Morris CAAS-Srl Hunter 226, 248 Blackburn, Harvey lPh-Jrl Billings, Mont. Braun, Melvin lAg-Frl Hawley, Minn. 59, 229 Blair, Bruce lCh-Fri Fargo 96 Brekke, Audrey tHE-Fri Minnewaukarr 36, 90, 93, 113, 223 Blair, Richard QAAS-Jrl Fargo 132 Brekke, Lillian KAAS-Grad! Fargo Blazek, Eugene KEE-Frl Lidgerwood 185 Brcnteson, Allen KAAS-Frl Dagmar, Mont. 69 Blegen, Sonja KAAS-Srl Moorhead. Minn. 89, 93, 155, 199, 248 Breuer, Peter lAgE-Sol Fargo 54, 59 Blilie, Ronald fME4SoJ Jamestown Breyer, James CAAS-Frl Fargo Blomseth, Harold CME-S01 Wauhun, Minn. 103 Briggs. Evelyn tHE-Jrl Fargo 112 Boe, Eldon fPh-Sol Minot Brinkman, Ray lAg-Fr? Leith 85, 228 Boeddeker. Dallas lME-Fri Hillsboro Broclsllaug. Orton fAg-Frl Davenport Boelke, William KEE-Fri Jamestown Broggcr, John fAg-Sol Emerado Bohlig, Gretchen fl'1E-Sol Fargo 31, 200 Bromander, Gayle YEE-Srl Fargo 104, 107, 147, 248 Bohnet, Charles CAAS-Fri Fargo 36 Brown, Bernard lCE-Jrl Stanley 207 Bohnsack, Waltei' lAg-Spool Hillsboro Brown, Charles D. lME-Srl Fargo 207, 248 Bollingherg, John lAg-Srl Bremen 39, 85, 101, 204. 248 Brown, Charles L. lEE-Jrl Fargo 104 Bolmeier, Fred lAAS-Srl Fargo 21.6, 248 Brown, Floyd lAAS-S01 Fargo Bolmgren, Lester HSE-Srl Fargo 104, 107, 147, 248 Brown, Leonard fEE-Sol Fargo 93 Bouewell, Daryl CEE-Jrl Pelican Rapids, Minn. 104 Brown, Robert D. fArch-Gradl Fargo Bonhus, Willialtl fAAS-Jrl Valley City 91, 93 Brown, Robert K. fArch-Frl Fargo 69 Bopp, Charles lME-Frl Slirum 124 Brumwell, Robert fEE-Jri Erskine, Minn. 104 Bopp. Delwin lAAS-Sol Stirum 124 Bruns, Robert fEduc-Gradl Fargo Borchardt, Franklin lCh-Sol Flasher 167. 190, 219 Bums, Shirley fA,AS-Frl Oriska Borchelt, Marlin fAg-Srl New Salem 10.0, 101, 107, 147, 178, 212, 248 Bordsen, Donald IAAS-Gradl Moorhead, Minn. 174 Borg, Kenneth fPh-Jrl Evansville, Minn. 76, 121 Borge, Donald QCE-Jrl Flasher Bostwick, Don lAg-Grad? Baggs, Wyo. Bosworth, Janet IHE-Srl Casselton 31, 88, 114, 125, 192, 248 Boucher, John CArchE-Fri Des,Lacs 184 Boudreau, Robert lPh-S01 Keewatin, Minn. Bourgois, Roger lAg-Fri Bismarck Bouvette, Joyce tHE-Frl Devils Lake 113, 184, 224 Bowles, Neil KEE-Jrl Sarles 125, 204 Bowman, Enid IAAS-Sol Valley City 177, 180, 224 266 Brunsdale, John fAg-Srl Fargo 207, 248 Brunsvolcl, Marilyn tHE-Frl Fargo Brusseau, Jucleen fAg-Frl Osnabrock 85 Buchanan, Peggy' lAAS'Frl Jamestown 46 Buchholz, Dennis CPh-Jrl Ashley 166 Buchholz, Gerald CEE-S05 Ashley Buck, Vlfilliam lAg-Fri Laurens, N. Y. 159 Buckeye, John fAg-Fri Nortonville 101, 229 Buegler, Paul fEE-S01 Minot A Buelow, Raymond fAg-Sri Drake 2, 81, 85, Buendiger, Lois KAAS-Fri Perham, Minn. Buer, Lawrence tCh-Fri Edgeley 96, 226 Bulter, Mary KAAS-Sol Fargo 199 123, 125, 204, 248 Burchill, Sally tHE-Srl Harvey 248 Burke, Robert fCh-Sol Fargo 207 Burkhart, Kenley fCh-Fri Fargo 93 Burleson, Karen fAAS-FrJ Kensal Burley, Martin tArch-S01 Fargo 108, 167, 215 Burnett, John lCh-Jrl Fargo 96, 125 Buzalsky, Gordon IME-Sri Amidon 213 Byram, William KAAS-FrJ Casselton 59, 229 Callahan, James QME-Fri West Fargo Campbell, Dennis QAAS-Fri Stirum Campbell, Donald CArchE-.lrl Fargo 220 Campbell, Kay KAAS-Fri Fergus Falls, Minn. Candor, Lorene CAAS-Grad? Fargo Canino, William CAAS-Gradl Fargo Cantwell, Joan tHe-Fri New Salem 113, 223' Cariveau, Howard lAg-Fri East Grand Forks, Minn. 83, 85 Carlson, Danny CAAS-Fri Moorhead, Minn. Carlson, Don tAg-Jrj Fargo 83, 153 Carlson, L. Donovan QME-Sol Fargo Carlson, Eugene f1ESzM-Srl Fargo 190, 216, 248 Sweeney Bros. Tractor Co. Industrial, Mining and Construction Machinery 1622 Front St. Fargo, N. Dak. Riverdale, N. Dak. rl-is L. G. PRATT CO. 516 Front - Fargo Office Supplies Printing of All Kinds PHONE 6646 Carlson, James fPh-FIJ Fargo 121 Carlson, Lauren fAg-Sol Chokio, Minn. Carlson, Nancy 11-112-Soi Wheaton, Minn. 90, 93, 112, 195 Carlson, Robert KEE-Jrl St. .lohn 104 Carpenter, David tArchE-Fri Hope APPAREL Cedarstrom, Roy QEE-.lrl Minot 207 Chamberlain, William fIE81M-Jrl Minot 124, 184 Chapin, Karin KAAS-Fri Osnabrock 2, 36, 222 and ggepulis, Veto tAg-Sol Devils Lake ild, Gordon CCE-Sri Bucyrus 30, 100, 102, 107, 125, 146, 147, 149, 153, 154, 167, 219, 24.9 ACCESSOWES Childs, Virginia KAAS-Fr? Fayette , , , Christian, Dorothea tHE-sry Fargo 192 Dwmond SPGCIGNSTS for Christian, Phalery CEE-Fri Fergus Falls, Minn. -Q- C ristianson, Cli ford CCE-Soi Plaza 93, 229 Christensen, Curtis CEE-,Tri Fargo 104, 229 More Than 40 Years Christensen, Joe KAAS-Jr? Fargo Christensen, Keith KAAS-Gradl Fargo Churchill, James fPh-Sol Herman, Minn. 211 ode SAO 4th Sf, and Center Ave, glaffy, Jarfyl 11211-so Thief River Falls, Mina. 211, 248 I0 airmont, Tteodore KAAS-Gradj Fargo Clarens, Richard IAAS-Sol Fargo f MOORHEAD Clark, Bruce CAg-Fri Emrick 101, 228 Thai Are Sure T0 Please Clark, Jack KAAS-Jr? Fargo 74, 167 Claus, Dennis IAAS-Fri Lisbon 59 Cleary, David IAAS-Grad? Fargo Cleland, .losephinc fHF.-Fri Fargo Clemens, Grace fAAS-Gradl Fargo Coauette, Richard QCE-Fri Crookston, Minn. 185, 227 Cousins, Robert KCE-Fr? Fargo 175 Cobb, Marjorie KAAS-Fri Fargo 36, 90, 93 Cowden, Loretta IAAS-Fri Dilworth, Mirin. Cohick, Grace fl-IE-Jrj Fort Yates 202 Cox, David CEE-Sol Fargo , Coit, William 1Ag-Soi Englevale 85 Crary, Paul tAg-S01 Fargo Coleman, Gordon fEE-Sol Bismarck Craven, Barbara CAAS-Sol Carrington 93, 192 Colliton, Patrick MAS-Srl Fargo 249 Craven, Marian KAAS-Fri Bismarck 176, 222 Compton, Orville KAAS-Jr! Oberon 76, 204 Cravens, Leonard QME-Fr? Elbow Lake, Minn. Condon, Marvin YAAS-Sri Falkirk 249 Crosby, Donna QHE-Sri Cavalier 196, 241 Connor, Donald QME-Soi Starkweather Crum, Clark fPh-Fri Dunseitll 69 Conroy. Kenneth KEE-Fri Detroit Lakes, Minn. Cuff, James QME-Fri Winflom, Minn. Conzemius, Robert tCh-,lrl Breckenridge, Minn. 72, 73, 96, 227 Cullen. Lois CHE-,lrl Sheldon 112, 115, 223 Cook, Robert lAg-Fri Glyndon, Minn. 178 Culp, F. Murl KME-Srl New Rockford 104, 105 Corneliussen, Philip KEE-Fri Fargo Cummins, John iCh-,lril Portal 96, 226 Cornell. Kenneth IEE-Fri Sauk Centre, Minn. 36 Cunningham, Downey KAAS-S01 Waukegan, 111. 169 Cortese, Gene iPh-Fr? Keewatin, Minn. 32, 54, 59. 164 Curl, Robert iAg-Srl Cando 39, 85, 204, 249 Cosh, Robert 1Ag-Fri Herman. Minn. Cvancara, .loe lAg-Srl Ross 82, 84. 123, 228, 249 A scene at the little International showing three of the top showmen ln the sheep division, Maynard Helgaas, Russ Bieri, and Alan Ormiston. 1 l l 26 FARGO SEED HOUSE fSince 18871 Hybrid Seed Corn Field and Garden Seed Insecticides Fertilizers e Phone 2-71 ll Fargo, N. D. Courtesy of BRIGG'S FLORAL SHOTWELL'S FLORAL TOWN 8. COUNTRY FARGO FLORAL FRED'RICK'S FLOWERS Dagner, Lyle QCE-,lrl Bottineau Dahl, Conrad fAgE-Fr? Wheaton, Ill. Dahl, Francis CAAS-Gradl Valley City Dahl, Lorraine KHE-Frl Badger, Minn. 113, 176, 225 Dahlin, Earl lAgE-Fri Warren, Minn. Dahlen, Karen KAAS-Fri Fargo Dahlen, Marilyn 11-112-Sol Michigan 112, 180, 181, 223 Dahlquist, Richard lAAS.S:b Moorhead, Minn. 249 Dahlslrom, Darrell IEE-Sol Appleton, Minn. Dalager, Kenneth KEE-Jrl Glenwood, Minn. 104 Daly, Eugene lPl1-Jr? Duluth, Minn. 121, 226 Davidson, Donald KCE-,lrl Devils Lake 213 Davidson, Kenneth lAg-F1'J Beulah 227, 228 Davis, An-na KHE-Fri Monango 113, 176, 224 Davis, David fCh-Sol Dickinson 212 Davis, Gary KAAS-Fri Wadena, M.inn. 59 Dawson, Lyle Jr. CAg-Srl SE. Anthony 179, 249 Day, Thomas KAAS-Frl Detroit Lakes, Minn. 59 deCausmeakcr, Rohet QAAS-Frl Fargo DeFehr, Dennis fAAS-Frl Enderlin Dejardine, Robert IArch-Fr! Fargo 185 DeKrey, Evelyn CHE-.lrl Steele 93, 112, 115, 187, 224 DeKrey, Kenneth iAg-.lrl Pettibon-e 83, 84, 186, 208 Denich, Darell IAAS-Sol Kief 226 Denich, Glorine ll-IE-S91 Kief 93 Denis, Dianne CAAS-Sol Fargo DeRosier, James fAAS-.lrl Brainerd, Minn. 52, 59 Detke, Fred QME-.lrl Alamo 103, 105 Devine, James IEE-Frl Lakota Devitt, Basil QME-Fri Milnor Devries, Duane fArchE-Fri Valley City 59 Dewey, Mildred QAAS-Fri Forman Dewey, ,lon QAAS-.lrl Forman 157, 220 Deyo, Keith CIE8zM-Srl Browns Valley, Minn. 126, 128, 129, 219, 249 Dick, Gary lME-Srl Lisbon 103, 123, 220, 249 Diemert, Laurence lArchE-JIJ Valley City 216 Digerness, Harris CEE-Sol Fargo Dilger, Richard fPh-S31 Mandan Ditch, Duane USE-Frl Oakes 35 Dobler, William CME-Frl Ashley Dodds, Jackson fPh-S01 New Rockford Doeling, Kent IEE-Sol Fargo Doroles Hollunds und Merrill Johnson using the card files to locate books which they desire in the NDSC Library. 268 i Donovan, Kathleen LAAS-Sr? Fargo 125, 155, 200, 249 Doolittle, Dean CAg-Fri Hazelton Doran, Daniel lME-Srl Grand Rapids. Minn. 103, 105. 219, 249 Dostert, Joseph KME-Sol Lonetree Driscoll, John tPh-Fri Moorhead, Minn. DuBe, Henry lArchE-Srl Fargo Duckstad, Lisa KHE-Fr! Ironwood, Mich. 93, 113, 182 Duerre. M. Gerald tlE8zM-Sr? Mohall 103, 124, 147, 249 Duerre, Kenneth tlE8iM-Fr! Mohall 125 Dufault, Larry lPh-Fri Oklee, Minn. 184 Duin, David QCE-Fr! Vifahpeton 2 Duella. Margaret tHE-Jr! Fargo Duella, Mary QAAS-Frj Fargo 2 Duncan, Marvin iAg-S07 Calvin 169, 181 Duncanson, La Verne tl-IE-Fri Mott 113, 224 Dunham, Dale lAgE-Fri Moorhead, Minn. 101 Dunham, Donald lAgE-Fri Moorhead. Minn. 101 Dunnum, De Verne tPh-Jr? Page Durkop, Richard tAg-Fri Gardner Dustin, Daniel lCh-Gradj Fargo 95 Dustrud, Gerald tArchE-Fri Fargo Dybing, Le Roy tCh-Soi Harvey 220 Easter, Holton CME-Frl Whiting, Ind. 59, 69 Eaton, Ellen IAAS-Sol Fargo 171 Ebeltoft, David fAg-Grad! Hillsboro Ebeltoft, Pat IHE-Sr? Frazee, Minn. 88, 93, 114, 128, 1 192, 223, 233, 235, 249 Ebling, Ann KHE-Soi Barnsville, Minn. 112, 192, 222 Edinger, Karen CHE-Fri Fargo 113, 176 Eggan, Robert QME-Fri Fargo Egli, John lAgE-Sri New Salem 101, 172, 182 Ehlers, Elaine KHE-Sol Devils Lake 178, 192, 223 Ehly, Ray CCE-Srl Moorhead, Minn. 102, 249 Ehrichs, Warren QME-S01 Halstad, Minn. 93 Eide, Ben fAg-FrJ Bowdon Eide, Mary KAAS-Fri Fargo 185 Eide, Rodney fME-Jrl Moorhead, Minn. Ekstrom, Arnold KAAS-Jrl Rosholt, S. D. 186 Elijah, Carroll KAAS-Jrl Lisbon Ellingsberg, Don fIE8zM-Srl Williston 91, 93, 14-6, 149, 150, 151, 152, 190, 215, 233, 238, 249 Ellison, Otto C. Jr. QAAS-Jrl Coral Gables, Fla. Ellsworth, Coleman QEE-Frj Rugby Elofson, Stanley QAAS-Jr? Fargo 182, 186 Elston, Richard CEE-Jrj Fargo 72, 73 Elton, Ole KEE-Fri Fargo Elton, G. Robert KAAS-Sri Fargo Emerson, Terry CMEAJIJ Fargo 103, 105 Enabit, Guy QAAS-Jrl Fargo 124, 137, 164, 215 Enander, Ruby tHE-Srl Stanley 112, 250 Engebrelson, Jerome KCE-S01 Frazee, Minn. Engebretson, Roger LME-Sol Litchville 215 Engel, J. Daniel QCE-Jrj Moorhead, Minn. Enger, Roberta tPh-Fr! Halstad, Minn. 93, 121, 224 Engh, Richard LME-Sol Fargo 74, 127 Engh, Thomas KME-Fri Fargo Englund, Robert QEE-S01 Twin Valley, Minn. Enkhaus, Roland QME-Fri Staples, Minn. Eriksmoen, Duane tAg-Jr? .Leeds 82, 125, 190, 220 Eriks moe Erickson, Erickson, Erickson, Erickson, Erickson, Erickson, Erickson, Erickson, Erickson, Erickson, Erickson 148, 155, n, Joyce tHE-Fr! Leeds 90, 93, 113, 225 Alfie KEE-Fri Wadena, Minn. Allan KAAS-Sol Kindred Ann QHE-Srl Fargo 250 Audrey QAAS-Jrl Fargo Donald fPh-Sr? Argyle, Minn. Donna CHE-Srl Climax, Minn. Duane tAg-Soi Fargo Eugene CAg-Gradl Fargo Gloriann QHE-Srl Fargo 2, 195 Howard iAg-Fri Edinburg Leonard KEE-Sol Fargo Erickson: Lyle fAg-Fri Fargo Erickson, Erickstad Noelle QAAS-Fri Harwood , Roger iME-Jrl Garske 125, 207, 282 Evavold, Dale IME-Fri Ashby, Minn. 219, 226 Evenson, Gene ICE-Jri Edgeley Evenson, Milton iAg-Jrl Fargo Evenson, Sharon IHE-Srl Edgeley 200, 250 Evenstad, Everson, Joan fPh-Jrl Fargo 159, 160, 223 Gerald IME-Fri Granville 226 Fagerlund, Janet CHE-Sol Rolla 112, 128, 192, Farlow, Janet tHE-Jrl Wahpetoii 93, 112, 223 120, 121, 211, 248 112, 202, 250 2 Ellingson, Arnold lAgE-Fri Moorhead, Minn. 36, 93 Farnum, Bruce tCh-Sol Fargo 91, 93, 166 Elliott, William iAg-Fri Galesburg 59 Feeney, James CIESIM-Fri Fargo 36, 159 ff 'A AN f f X ..55I15?SE:I.2'Qf'f55i15::l 5 :':: E-fi' A :V f f .,. ... ,.,... f '1-t fff?2f2E1f'zE22ff1'i31:E5f1:fi24iirfff:SE5252EiiiiaieiriiifaifixatElf1if55:223I5If252f?fEff5iffiS222252252222222252325222225252512225S22if2125513323521f5i'5?f?iff215t' ' X if f' . ,. ,, , ,,.,,...,...,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, ., , ,,.,.,,... , ,,.,.,,,.,,,,,. .,,,,,., 5 , ,,.,,,., ,,..,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,., , , Q AQ ' I , 1 PL U G I N F C R ELECTRIC SERVICE 2224 row X , NORTHERN srnss . POWER COMPANY 269 Filzloff, Gail QHE-.lrl Fargo 0 Qp3,,3tTt?lttS1l P d. ' our WOTCPWOY ' E FiclGlllY to the COPY is our guarantee- in Your Sohsidcho I . nd you move fi Dolcoto do ll G E Let Q toward perfection ii 1 A I f A WJ K Fehr, Mary CHE-Fr? Wimbleclon 113, 177, 223 Felix, Elizabeth QAAS-Specj Minot Fell, Freddie QAAS-Sol Fargo Fenno, Gerald tAg-Fr? LaMoure Fenske, Lawrence QME-Srl Hanikinson 103, 248 Ferguson, Richard KAAS-Sol LaGrange, Ill. Femow, Erlys fl-IE-Jrl Enderlin 90, 93, 112, 11.5, 155, 180, 181, 187, 192, 222 Ferris, Leslie'1Ch-Gradl Fargo Fiebiger, Francis CME-Fr? Fargo 59 Fisher, Franklin CAAS-Fri Fargo 36 Fisher, Neil CAAS-Jrj Fargo Fisher, Robert IAAS-Srl Fargo 34-, 138, 158, 159 Fitz, Lynn fPh-Jrl Miles City, Mont. 2, 93, 112, 128, 157, 191, 195 Flakoll, Alden CAg-FrJ Forbes Flanders, Fred CAgfFr1 Minot 228 Fleming, Richard KAAS-Srl Fargo 250 Flesbcrg, Harvey CAg-Sol Argusville Flick, Burton fAg-Sol Fargo Flint, Clare QHE-Frj Fargo 113, 184' Fluegel, Walter CAg-Gradb College, Alaska Flynn, Kenneth QME-Sol Minot 65, 69 Fog, Holger CAg-Sol Lisbon 85, 172 Fogel, Michael QCh-,lrl Fargo 93, 95, 125, 149, 150, 151, 154, 207, 269 Folden, Donovan tPh-Frl Fargo Folkestad, Harvey fPh-Jrl Oakes 207 Folstrom, Raymond CAAS-Sol Fargo Folstrom, Ruth CHE-Fri West Fargo 2, 90, 93, 113, 157, 185 Ford, Robert fAg-.Trl Grand Forks Forsyth, Edwin tCh-Fri Fargo Fortney, Elizabeth QAAS-Jr? Fargo 184, 196 Foss, Elvin KAAS-Grad? Deer River, Minn. Fossay, Sally QHE-S01 Moorhead, Minn. 113, 187, 192. 222 Fossum, Patricia CAAS-Fri Sisseton, S. D. Fowler, James CAg-FrD Arthur Fowler, Robert fAg-Fri Fargo Fox, Gaylord CME-Fr? Minot 103 Fox, John fAg-Frb Rolette Fraase, Rolf CME-,Tri Buffalo 215 Francis, Albert fME-Gradl Pelican Rapids, Minn. Frank, Charles IME-S01 Belfield Frank, Terryl tHe-Sol Fargo 113, 184, 196 Fraser, Jack CPh-S01 Warren. Minn. 211 Frazee, Estelle fAAS-Fri Pelican Rapids, Minn. 270 Frederick, Vernard iAg-Frj Flasher 172 Frederick, Nancy CHE-Fri Fargo 113, 176 Frederickson, Fred tAg-S01 Moorhead, Minn. Frederickson, Marlys fAAS-Fr! Fergus Falls, Minn. Frederickson, Wallace KME-Fri Rothsay, Minn. Freer, Vincent 1AgE-SrJ Dickinson 101-250 Fretland, Donald KAAS-Srl Fargo 250 Fridland, Thomas lCE-Srl Barnesville, Minn. Friede, Gordon fAg-Frl Chinook, Mont. 59, 132, 229 Friedman, Jerry fIE8zM-Srl Fargo Frisch, Charles fPh-Frj Ashley Friskop, Arvid CAg-Frl Wyndmere Frost, Harvey CPh-Jrl Fargo Fuchs, Leslie KME-Frl New Salem Fuglie, Winton QAg-Sol Fargo Fuller, Edward CArchE-Sol Fargo Fullerton, Ronald CCh-Fr? Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 96, 226 Gaarder, Rodger fAg-Srl Park River 83. 204-, 226, 250 Gackle, Bryan KAAS-Jrl Kulm 162, 163, 220 Gagnon, Maurice CAAS-Sr? Walhalla 207, 250 Gagstetter, Marjorie KAAS-Specl Gall, Noyal fAg-Frl Wishek Fargo Gallagher, Patrick CAAS-Fr? St. Thomas 185, 226 Gamache, Larry QEE-Frj Lisbon Gamache, Orrin fCE..lrJ Lisbon 62, 63, 66, 67, 69, 164 Gammalson, Lillian fAAS-Srl Fargo Gard, George fAAS-Sol Fergus Falls, Minn. 93 Garrison, Karen fA'AS-Sol Minot 162, 199, 224- Gates, Gordon fPh-,Trl Casselton 127 Gates, Thomas CAg-Jr? Miles City, Mont. 125 Gathman, Francis fArchE-Fri Bertbold Gebhard, James fCE-Sol Moorhead, Minn. 102 Gebhart, Roger fAAS-Fr? Wahpeton 36, 59 Geek, Wallace fPh-Jrl Dickinson 185, 211 Gehring, Dennis CCE-IIB Bottineau Geizler, Elaine fHE-,lrl Minot 2, 112, 159. 187, 191, 192 Geller, Aaron CAAS-Fri Fargo Gelnett, Robert CArch-Fri Riverdale 229 Gemlich, Ronald CCE-Fri Hawley, Minn. Gendreau, LaRae tHE-Sol Walhalla 125 59 Gentzkow, David fAg-Fri Lamoure Gerhardy, Robert KAAS-.lrl Fargo Gerhardson, Marvin KAAS-Fri Fergus Falls, Minn. Gertcis, Katherine tl-IE-Jr? Syracuse, N. Y. 195, 222 Gerth, Frederick CAg-Fr? Garrison 228 Gess, David tArchE-Frl Fargo Geston, Magnus QArchE-Srb Edinburg 28, 38, 98, 106, 146, 149, 150, 154, 190, 220, 233, 234, 250 Geston, Robert KAAS-Grad? Gardar 60, 69 Geving, Darlene KHE-Jrl Parshall 169, 176, 180, 181, 202, 225 Gibbons, Gary tAg-Srj Lakota 82, 85, 146, 1419, 150, 153, 204, 250 Giese, James CME-Jr! Aberdeen, S. D. 103, 104, 179 Gion, Robert fPh-Jr? Regent 22, 30, 93, 147, 150, 152, 153, 190, 211 Gisvold, Vernon tAg-Fr? Grandin Gjernes, Oscar iEd-Gradj Fargo - Gjertson, Ronald QEE-So? Lisbon Gjertson, Roy QCE-Srj Lisbon 100, 102, 250 Goecke, Charles KAAS-Gradl Fargo Goedert, Douglas fAI'Cl'l-JIJ Fargo 215 Goehl, John tArehE-Sr? Fargo 106, 216, 250 Goldador, Bernard tME-Sol Fargo Goldfine, Darrell fPh-Sol Fargo Goldfine, Solomon tPh-Sol Fargo Goodfellow, Vance fAg-Gradj Fargo Goodwin, Jean LHE-Srl Walhalla 182, 222, 250 Gorder, Paul tAg-Srl Galchutt 125, 207, 250 Gorder, Reggie tAg-Sol Bottineau 2, 82, 85, 91, 93, 156, 204- Gordon, Beverly QHE-Srl Fargo 88, 125, 136, 179, 192, 250 Gordon, Earl LME-Fr? Moorhead, Minn. Cores, William QME-Frl Bisbee 228 Graff, Chris fCh-Jr? Jamestown Granlund, Roger LEE-Fri Nelson, Minn. 228 Grau, Roger LME-Jrl Walhalla 91, 93, 103, 105 Graupman, Elaine fl-IE-Jrj Bowdon Green, James tArchE-Frl Towner 36 Green, JoAnne QAAS-FrJ Fargo Gregory, Joseph KAAS-Frl Ironwood, Mich. 59 Grenz, Herbert fAg-Fri Livona 228 Grewatz, Burdette lArchE-Fri Edgeley 96, 229 Grewatz, Wanda fCh-Fr? Edgeley 225 Griffin, James fArchE-Jrl Larimore 99 Grimes, Joann KAAS-Srl Fargo 22, 23, 125, 192, 251 Grimsrud, LuVerne tAg-FrJ Moorhead ' Grindahl, Jean tHE-S01 Fargo 192 Gronbeck, H. Don QME-Sol Fargo Grodahl, Walter CAAS-Grad? Walcott Gronhovd, James fAg-Fri Northwood Gronhovd, Phyllis IHE-Srl Edmore 187, 251 Gross, Denis fAg-Fri Enderlin Gross, Eugene t1E8rM-S01 LaMoure 103, 167, 219 Grosz, Theodore CAAS-Srl Moorhead, Minn. Gruchalla, Thomas KAAS-Frl Moorhead, Minn. Gruebele, James tAg-Fri Wishek 82, 226 Guest, Richard fAgE-Srl Menoken 107, 208, 251 Gulland, Charles QCE-Srl Lisbon 74, 212, 251 Gullickson, Warren fPh-Fri Fargo 69 Gullingsrud, Dennis CAAS-Jrl Fargo Gulseth, Grant KCE-Frl Thief River Falls, Minn. Gunderman, Frank tPh-S01 Ulen, Minn. 121, 180, 181 Cunkelman, Richard KAAS-Gradl Fargo 153 Gurley, Roger fCh-S01 Tioga 216 Gustafson, Dale CAgE-Grad? Fargo Gustafson, John KCI1-Frl Minneapolis, Minn. Gutknecht, Gerald KAAS-Sol Hazen 229 Gutzmer, Marvin CAAS-Soi Wyndmere 172 Guyer, Robert CME-Jrl Fargo 1.03, 105 Haakenson, Martin fPh-Frl Hatton Haarsager, Curtis CAAS-Jr? Litchville 129, 215, 251 Haas, Duane QEE-Jrl Tolna FIHHEZJHDC CAAS-Srl Lidgcrwood 128, 146, 147, 148, 152 191, 199, 3, 251 Haas, Jolm fAg-Sol Lelor 66, 69, 82, 204 Haas, Milo tPh-Fr? Ashley 226 Haas, Sandra KHE-S01 Lidgerwood 2, 112, 128, 157, 191, 199, 224 Haberlach, Anthony KAAS-Sol Fargo 56, 59 Haga, Judy KAAS-Sol Enderlin 177 Hage, Marvin QME-Frl Moorhead, Minn. Hagen, Gerald fEE-So? Bcrthold 172 Hagen, Mary IHE-Jrl Enderlin 90, 125, 191, 196 Hagen, Patricia tHE-FrJ Erskine, Minn. 113, 165, 225 Hagerott, Leon fArchE-JrJ Mandan Hahn, Arthur QCE-Sol Fargo 102, 207 Hale, Clarence QME-Fri Fargo Halling, Lewis fAg-S01 Bisbee Halling, Stanley fArchE-Fri Bisbee Hallquist, George KEE-Jr? Lisbon Halvorson, Donald KAAS-Fri Wendell, Minn. Halvorson, Shirley fAAS-Fri Fergus Falls, Minn. Hamilton, Janice KHE-Srl Fargo 88, 93, 112, 115, 195. 251 Hamilton, Thomas fAg-Frl Rugby ' Hammargren, Duane CPJ1-Jrj Fargo , HHUIUWF, Judith KAAS-Fr? Moorhead, Minn. 2, 36, 93, 157 Hammett, John fArchE-Srl Glyndon, Minn. 106, 251 Hans, Harvey fCh-Jrl Davenport 91 Hansen, C. Alfred iAg-Sri Oakes 85, 208, 228, 251 Compliments of B. P. O. ELKS No. 260 j 90.260 I - - 6360 LODU N. Q D 15-A 0 E FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA NORTHWEST'S LARGEST DRY CLEANERS Across Campus from N,.D.A.C. Hanson, Arlys fAg-Frj Belfield ' Hanson, Barbara IHE-S01 Litchville 195, 224 Hanson Carol KHE-Jrl Portland 112, 115, 180, 181, 222 Hanson Daniel tPh-S01 Hancock, Minn. 211 Hanson Donald fArchE-Sol Fargo 108, 166 Hanson, Douglas QCE-Srl Harvey . 29, 30,-33, 91, 93, 123, 125 251, 284 Hanson Duane CAg-Sol Minot 84, 172 Hanson Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hanson Hanson, Hanson Hanson s v 9 Gordon fAg-Sol Osnabrock Janice QHE-Frl Absaraka 113 Meloy CEE-Jr? Lidgerwood Norman CAAS-Jrl Fargo 190, 216 Paul CAg-Sol Wildrose Richard Charles fArch-Sr? Fargo 98 Richard Clarence fCh-Jr? Fargo Ronald fAg-Fr? Halstad, Minn. Theodore KAAS-Fri Fargo Hanson, Wesley fAAS-Sol Carrington Harak, Arnold fcll-JIJ Venturia 96 Harbor, Nwanko fCE-Sol Nigeria 179 Harchanko, Ray CPI1-Srl Sioux Falls, S. D. 215, 251 Harju, Arvid QCE-Fri McKenzie Harju, Philip fCh-Jrl Bismarck 96 ' Harmon, James C1ES1M-Fri Fargo 69, 185 Harmon, Kenneth YAAS-S05 Foxholm 172, 184 Harrnsen, Amold iAg-Fr? LaMoure 226 Harrie, Eugene CArchfSrJ Jamestown 106, 251 Harrington, Ryan QAAS-Soi Fargo Harrington, William fAg-FrJ Grandin Harris, Robert fAg-Fr? Fargo Harrison, Glen fPh-Sol Clinton, Minn. Harry, LeRoy CAAS-Fri Marquette, Mich. Hart, Clayton CAg-Srl Chaseley 174, 251 Hart, Gary fAg-Sri Wales 2, 38, 43, 125. 14-6, 147. 149, 150, 1 152, 153, 156, 190, 204, 233, 237, 251 Hartke, Royce fCh-Frl Fargo Hartmann, Ada KHE-Sr? Washburn 88. 114, 180, 224. 251 Hartman. Gene fCE-SOD Valley City 216, 278 Harvey, James fCh-JrJ Moorhead, Minn. 215 Hassett, Thomas fAg-Frl Casselton 86 Hatlen, Vincen fArch-Srl Fargo 98 Hauff, Floyd fAg-Fr? Fargo Haugen, Gerald fAg-Sol Larimore 82, 180, 181 Haugen, Paul KAAS-Frl Elbow Lake, Minn. 124 Hausman, Robert fArchE-Soj Hillsboro 108, 220 Kappa Kappa Gamma added another house to the sorority circle during the year. Pictured above are members of the active chapter and ground-breaking ceremonies. Hayford, Keith iPl1-Sol Lamont, lowa Hays, William KAAS-Srl Fargo 251 Hedahl, Arlene fHE-Fri Ada, Minn. 113, 169, 225 HCES1 Wallace ilE8zM-Sol Kempton 207, 226 Hegrenes, Robert fCh-Fri, Fargo Heidelberger, Grace fAAS-Frj Dumont, Minn. 180-181 Heidlebaugh, Gary lME-Jr? Rugby 100, 104, 172 Heidt, Dallas iAg-Sol Arene 85-226 Heifort, Jane YAAS-Srl Fargo 125, 146, 155, 179, 200, 251 Heil, Howard CCE-Sol Hancock, Minn. Heine, Patricia QAAS-Srl Moorhead, Minn. 170, 251 Heinemeyer, John CAAS-Srl Hebron 207, 252 Heinrich, Vernon CAg-Frl Mott 82, 169, 180, 181, 226 Heinz, Eugene iAAS-Fri Center Heinz, Frank iAgE-Sol Center 174 Heitzmann, Duane YIESIM-Srl Ashley 91, 93, 103, 105, 16 6, 252 Heley, Duane QCE-,lrl Wyndmere 102 Helgaas, Maynard lAg-Sol Beltrami, Minn. 84, 204, 267 Helgeson, Delmar QAAS-Frb Bottineau ' Helgoe, Dennis LEE-Fri Halstad, Minn. Helland, Richard iAg-Fri Casselton 83 Hellem, Robert CIESLM-Srl Northwood 103, 129, 215, 226, 252 Helmeke, Kerry KAAS-Sol Georgetown, Minn. Helt, Lawrence lAg-Srl Lankin 82, 84, 125, 173, 185, 208, 252 Hemphill, Eldon QAAS-Srl Fargo Henderson, Vivian IHE-Sol Fargo Hendrickson, Phyllis LAAS-.lrl Fargo 125, 165, 171, 200 Henning, Andrew fAg-FrJ Ray 85, 127, 172 Henning, Cecil CME-Fri Hawley, Minn. Henning, Margaret CHE-Jrl Hillsboro 90, 93, 112, 115, 155, 183, 187 224 Henning, Victor QCE-Jr? Fargo 154 Henry, Darrell fAg-Fri Westhope 69, 101, 229 Herman, Ardon lAg-Sol Brinsmade 83, 208 Herman, Jerome fPh-Sol Beulah 160, 211 Hermanson, Robert KAAS-Sol Fargo Hermanson, Ronald fAAS-Fri Fargo Herr, Douglas IAAS-Sol Wishek 226 Herrmann, Fred fArch-Srl Minot 106 Herzog, John QAAS-Frl Fargo 36 Hesse, John CAAS-Gradl Fargo Heupel, Helmeth CPI1-Fri Elgin Hildahl, Curtis CArch-Fr? West Fargo Hirrdegrand, W. Lloyd fAg-Fri Kulm Hildre, George fAg-Srl Petersburg 46, 83, 85, 125, 146, 190, 204, 252 I-Iildreth, John IAAS-Gradl Fargo Hill, Dana QCE-Sol Fargo 55, 59, 216 Hill, Don iPh-.lrl Towner Hill, Glen iArchF.-Srl Fargo 52, 59, 164, 166, 216, 252 Hill, .lanice QHE-Fri Stirum 113, 223 Hillesland, Ruben KAAS-Srl Aneta 226, 252 Hilling, Dave QEE-.lrl Williston Hinman, Karen KHE-So? Alexander 113, 199 Hirsch, Roger fAg-Fri Mott 180, 181 Hirsch, Theo fAAS-Fr? Valley City Hjelmstad, LeRoy QME-Sol Thompson Hjelseth, Orlo QAAS-Soi Carrington Hlavinka, Delbert lAg-Sol Lark 83, 86, 182, 183, 186 Hoekstra, Paul KME-,lrl Valley City 104, 180, 181 Hoel, William fPh-Srl Fargo Hoffman, Anthony USE-Fri McHenry 185 KNIGHT Printing Company PRINTERS BINDERS Blank Book Manufacturers Dance Programs and Novelties Dial 7359 619 N. P. Ave. 272 Hoffman, James ICE-Srl McHenry 102, 107, 129, 147, 184, 252 Hoffman, Zella IAAS-Specj Fargo Hoganson, Gloria QHE-Srl Fargo 93, 180, 202, 203, 252 Hoggarlh, M. Thomas fAg-Fri Courtnay 36 Hoghaug, George fAg-Frj Detroit Lakes, Minn. Hoistad, John CIE8rM-Srl Rutland 107, 160, 219, 252 Holcombe, Jon iPh-Jrj Brainerd, Minn. 59, 164, 168, 228 Holen, Donald fAg-Sol Grand Rapids 180, 181 Holland, Michael fPh-Jr? Fargo Hollands, DoRoles QHE-Sol Moorhead, Minn. 195, 268 Holm, Lanny fPh-Fri Wheaton, Minn. 226 Holm, Morris fAg-Jrj Halstad, Minn. 67, 72, 73, 82, 228 Holmes, George ICE-JrJ Fargo Holstrom, Loren fPh-Srl Two Harbors, Minn. 147, 252 Holsen, Dorothy CAAS-Frl Moorhead, Minn. Holt, Audrey KAAS-Jrl Casselton 2, 159, 192, 223 Holten, Donald fCh-Frl New Rockford 96 Holthusen, Gary CEE-S01 Fargo 216 Holzman, Louis CME-Fri Reeder Homer, Gene fPh-Sri Wildrose 160, 252 Homuth, James fCh-Grad? Valley City 113, 196 Homuth, JoAnne QHE-Sol Valley City Hook, Martha CAAS-Jrl Fargo Horn, James CCE-Sol Fargo 168, 174 Horne, Ray lAg-Srl Penn 30, 38, 93, 146, 149, 170, 190, 207, 233, 236, 252 Horner, Anton ICE-Frl Napoleon 185, 227 Horner, Oscar QAAS-Gradl Fargo Horst, Richard fAAS-Fr? Moorhead, Minn. 36 Horvath, Peter IEE-S01 Fargo 127 Hoss, Dianne CHE-Frl Fargo 113 Hostad, Priscilla KAAS-Sol Fargo 162, 185, 200 Hostad, Mrs. Ruth CAAS-Grad? Fargo Hovde, John fPh-Frl Rugby 93, 121 Hovland, Curtis KAAS-Sol Fargo Hovland, Donald CAAS-Jrj Stanley 93, 127 Hovland, Larry tAg-SrJ Regent Howe, Arlo fAg-Jr? Hettinger 85, 204 Howe, Charles QAAS-Fr? Chinook, Mont. 59 Howe, W. Lynn fAg-Fr? Hettinger Howell, Holly KAAS-Sol Sheldon Howell, C. Douglas QAAS-Sol Hunter Howitz, Donald QAAS-Sol Rock Lake 175 Howitz, Thomas CAAS-Sri Rock Lake 212, 251 Huck, Grace CAAS-Grad? Fargo Huckle, J. David fAg-Sol Lidgerwood 93, 172 Hudspeth, Edward QAAS-Soi Hammond, Ind. 54, 59 Huebner, Williams CME-Sol Moorhead, Minn. Hughes, I-loward IAAS-FII Neche Hughes, J. Wesley KAg-FrJ Arago, Minn. Hughes, Max ICE-SpecJ Fargo Hughes, Robert fAg-Sr? Steele 30, 74, 82, 167, 190, 212, 252 Huhner, Merle fAg-Jrl Davenport 101 l-Iuisman, Maynard KAAS-Jr? Mott Hultstrand, Lois QHE-JrJ Fairdale 112, 128, 200, 222 Humes, Gary fpll-FT, Thief River Falls, Minn. Humphrey, Donna QAAS-Fr? Casselton Humphrey, Thomas fME-S01 Sanborn I Hunke, Marianne il-IE-Jrl Taylor 89, 169, 184, 202 Hunke, Robert fAg-Jr1 Taylor 85, 91, 93, 101, 166, 184 Hunstad, Margaret KHE-Srl Carrington 88, 114, 138, 192, 223, 252 Hunt, Jimmy CCE-Fr? Crosby Huntley, Charles fArch-Frl Fargo Hurd, Philip YAAS-Frl Devils Lake Hurley, Patrick CCE-Jrl Fargo 100, 102, 184 Husband, Wilma tHE-Sol Hensel 90, 93, 112, 196 Huson, Paul IEE-Fri Fargo AFROTC was very much a part of the life of many NDSC students. Below, Maior Mann instructs the senior class on the importance of Mexico in the present age. Hutchins, Earl tCh-Gradl Crookston, Minn. 94 Hutchinson, Lloyd KCE-So? Ayr 212 Hutter, Harry fCh-Frl Fargo 96, 185 Hutton, William QAAS-Sol Towner 207 Ingberg, Richard ICE-Srl Ada, Minn. 30, 99, 102, 252 Irsfeld, Paul iPh-Jrl Breckenridge, Minn. 91, 93, 185, 211 Isaak, DeLane CAAS-Frl Bowdon Isensee, Jerold QCh-SOD Fargo 91, 93, 96, 207 Iszler, Byron fPh-Fri Steele Iverson, Ilene CAAS-Frj Knox Jackson, John KAAS-Srl Fargo 252 Jacobs, Edwin ICE-Jr? Bismarck 174 Jacobson, Harland QCE-JrJ Fargo 102, 175, 215 Jacobsen, John iPh'JrJ Bismarck 228 Jacobson, Ordean fAg-JrJ Shelly, Minn. 82, 83, 208 Jacques, Joyce tHE-Fri Bottineau 113, 184, 224 Jaeb, Charles fPh-JrJ Fargo Jaffe, Lawrence fPh-JrD Duluth, Minn. 228 Jahnke, Lois KHE-JrJ Herbert, Canada Jarvela, Don fPh-SoJ Crosby, Minn. Jebb, William ICE-Gradl New Salem Jerkinson, Harold CArch-Srl Moorhead, Minn. Jensen, W. Eugene fAg-FrJ Williston 82, 85, 228 Jensen, Gary tArch-Sol Devils Lake 36 Jensen, Joan KHE-Frl Fargo 113 Jensen, Marvin fAgE-Gradl Fargo 101 Jensen, William fIE8rM-Sol Staten Island, N. Y. Jeppson, Carl CME-Frl Jefferson, Ky. Jess, John QAAS-Sol Fargo Jesser, Delton fPh-Srl Turtle Lake 253 Jirgenson, Elisabeth CPh-Jrl Gstaad, Switzerland Johanneson, John IAAS-Sri Moorhead, Minn. 185 Johanson, Ann CHE-JrJ Sheyenne 112, 180, 222 Johnk, Charles fAg-Srl Fargo 253 Johnson, Barrett QEE-Sol Fargo 207 Johnson, F. Carol fArch-Soi Bismarck 224 Johnson, Darrell CAg-Jr? Arnegard 84, 208 Johnson, Darvin fCE-Jr1 Audubon, Iowa 220 Johnson. Deane fAg-FrJ Nevis, Minn. Johnson, Denis KME-Fri Jamestown 106, 107, 253 In M. ORBAN C I' f ompamens . 'MALCHOW suoe ssnvlcmo Cash and Carry FRETLAND D . E ry Cleaning SHOE ACCESSORIES Beauty and Barber Shop ' O 102 Bdwy. Phone 7589 611 N. P' Ave. Fqrgo CONGRATULATIONS I Fargo s Famous 1955 GRADS Fashion Store A- ---- . NURTHWESTERN equipment, mc. 'VIONIIFIQ Ol IINII lOlllF'XiINI' . mom an - an u. s mmwiv in wm - mea, mmm anon Fargo, North Dakota THE STORE Phone 7583 V WITHOUT A NAME N. D. Construction Equipment Headquarters FWQOI N- Dali- Q 273 HAWKINSON-SOLBERG Clothiers The Favorite Store For Men Fargo North Dakota EAT AT - WARREN'S CAFE Your Seafood Cafe Dial 3011 for Banquet and Party Reservation open 6 A.M. 'Till Midnight 15 N. 4th St. Moorhead Congratulations Class of '55 A. C. BOOK STORE Everything for College Students Located in Memorial Union Johnson, Jolmson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Donald G. fAg-Srl Kenmare 82, 84, 175, 208 Donald K. QAAS-Sol Fargo Eugene CAAS-Jrl Fargo Eugene L. QME-Jrl Fargo Cary fAg-Sol Felton, Minn. 82 George QEE-Jrl Halstad, Minn. Grace QHE-Jrj Plaza 222 Joann- CHE-Frl Fargo 113 John fAg-Jrl Fargo 43, 85 Joyce KAAS-Fri Barnesville, Minn. Johnson, Julius fME-Fri Christine Johnson, LaDon fAg-Jrl Grandin 83, 85, 253 John-son, Larry KAAS-Sol Devils Lake 93 Johnson, Lee KAAS-Fri Negaunee, Mich. 59 Johnson, Leon QAAS-Jrl Fargo 150, 152, 153, 158, 207 Johnson, Lester fArchE-Sol Tamarack, Minn. Johnson, Marilyn CHE-Jrl Perham, Minn. 90, 93, 113, 178, 224 Johnson, Merrill CAgE-Jrl Osnabrock 101, 204, 268 Johnson, Milton IAAS-Srl Pelican Rapids, Minn. Johnson, Richard C. QEE-Sol Moorhead, Minn. 219 Johnson, Richard D. fAg-Frl LaMoure 85 Johnson, Richard F. QME-Sol Moorhead, Minn. Johnson Richard J. iAgE-Sol Hoople 101, 204 Johnson Robert QAAS-Srl Fargo 215, 253 Johnson, Roger fAg-Jrl Kindred 85, 215, 226 Johnson, Roger W. lCh-Srl Pelican Rapids, Minn. 96, 168 Johnson Rossford fAg-Srl Park River 83, 253 Johnson, Thomas fArchE-Jrl Bismarck Johnson, Vernon KME-Sol Fargo 166 Johnson, Warner CAg-Sol Tunbridge 172 Johnston, Barry KAAS-Srl Mayville 91, 93, 207, 253 Johnston, Robert QAAS-Sri Fargo Jolstad, Percy fPh-Srl Montevideo, Minn. 157, 216, 253 Jones, Michael KME-Frl Ballston Lake, N. Y. 46, 168, 185, 227 Jones, Patricia IAAS-Srl Willmar, Minn. 89, 93, 125, 165, 195, 253 Jonsson, Valgard CAg-Frl Saudarkrokur, Iceland Joos, Gayle IAAS-Fri Fargo 176 Joos, Richard KAAS-Jrl Fargo 72, 164 Jordahl, Kenneth KAAS-Frl Fargo 59 Jorgenson, Arnold QAAS-Sol Cando 175 Jorgenson, Bruce fAg-Srl Dickinson 83, 87, 204, 253 Joyce, Frank CME-Frl Mapleton 228 Julian, Frederick fAAS-Jrl Fargo Jundt, Howard CAg-Srl Rugby 83, 123, 172, 184, 253 Jungers, Jacqueline fPh-Jrl Richardton 160, 224 274 Just. Clarence lAg-Sol Berlin 84, 172 Just, JoAnn QHE-Srl Fergus Falls, Minn. 115, 146, 192, 253 Kaatz, Arthur CAg-Srl Fargo 253 Kaeding, Duane QEE-Srl Penn 104, 178, 219, 253 Kaelbercr, Robert QCE-Sol New Salem 102 Kaftan, Robert iAg-Srl Harvey 179 Kahl, Charles CCE-Frl Carrington Kaiser, Nancy IHE-Jrj Fargo 89, 112, 171, 179, 195 Kalgard, Lorraine IHE-Srl Park River 169, 180, 253 Kaluza, Dale QEE-Frl Fargo Kandt, Coleen QAAS-Sol McClusky 93, 180, 181, 187, 223 Kandt, Sharon QAAS-Fri McClnsky 180 Kanellos, Jane QAAS-Jrl Chicago, 111. 168 Kappes, Hugh QAAS-Gradl Fargo Karakitsoo, Antonio fAg-Gradl Fargo Kasowski, Philip QCE-Frj Casselton 59, 229 Kasperi, Sharon QHE-Srl Sheldon 147, 148, 253 Kasper, Lorraine KAAS-Fri Mandan 185, 225 Kautzman, Arthur fPh-Jrl Mandan 167, 211 Keech, Delos CME-Jrj Wahpeton Keller, Elsie CHE-Jrl Beulah 112, 135, 180, 181 Keller, Wendell KEE-Jrj Fargo Kelly, Larry CAAS-Sol Fargo Kelly, Thomas QAAS-Frl Fargo Kelm, James CEE-Jrl Fargo Kennelly, Mary CAAS-Srl Fargo Kent, Donald CAAS-Srl Bismarck 74, 220, 253 Kenward, Joe lAg-Fr? Page 228 Kepner, Gordon fPhys-Frl Fargo Kessler, Wayne fPh-Srl Bovey, Minn. 120, 121, 147, 253 Kihne, George fPh-Srl Cavalier 254 Killmer, Larry QME-Srl Minot 103, 105, 107, 254 Kilzer, D. James fPh-JrJ Richardton 211 Kimball, Donald lEE-Sol Valley City Kindred, Ronald iAg-Frl Wing King, Dennis KME-Srl Enderlin 220, 254 King, William QCh-Sol Cando 175 Kingsley, Truman CAg-Fr? Wheatland Kippen, Robert lAg-Frl Hamilton 228 Kirchoff, Richard KPh-Sol Carrington The Nickel Series with the University of North Dakota again brought much good-matured ribbing of that school. Above, Bob Nippolt "of the Sioux" instructs the SC fans. Kirk, Doris QHE-Fr! Devils Lake 183, 225 Kirk, Glen lAg-JrJ Devils Lake 93, 183, 186 Kirkeide, Melmin fAg-Gradj Fargo Kirkhus, Jocelyn CAAS-Jr! Wyndmere 89, 93, 202, 203 Kisser, Lee Ann KHE-Jrl Fargo 112, 185 Kittelson, Gary iAg-Fri Rolette Kittle, James lAg-Fri Grand Forks Kittie, Robert iAg-Soi East Grand Forks, Minn. Kjolhaug, Tollef iAg-Fr! Max Kjonaas, Loren KAAS-S03 Minot Kjos, Myron lArch-Jrj Fargo 166 Klassen, Sylvester ICE-Sol Fargo Klein, Sandra CAAS-Sol Richardton 195 Klemetson, Janis IAAS-Fr! Detroit Lakes, Minn. Klepetka, Victor KAAS-Fri Lidgerwood Kleven, Dean CEE-Soi Jamestown Kleven, William lCh-Soi Bismarck Kloster, Paul fATCll-SO, Sharon 108 Kluck, Vernon iPh-Jrl Denhaff Knight, Helen KHE-Fri Casselton 113, 225 Knight, Joe fAg-S05 Casselton 42, 45, 284 Knight, Lloyd fAg-Fri Amenia Knoll, John CAgE-Srl Cogswell 101, 212 Knudson, Robert J. iAg-Jr? Petersburg 85, 204 Knutson, Robert 0. CAg-Jr? Argusville Koble, Adam fAg-S01 Rugby 84, 172, 185 Kocher, Leo QME-Srl Fargo 103, 254 Kocourek, Mary CAAS-Fri Fargo Koll, Ronald QME-Sol Melrose, Minn. 103 Kolsrud, Gary QCE-Fri Heimdal Komrosky, Gerald KEE-SOD Moorhead, Minn. Kopp, Clinton CAg-S01 Lisbon 57-59 Kopp, Dallas KAAS-Fri Lisbon 59 Koppang, Robert QCE-Fri Fargo Korb, Eugene QME-Jri Calio 172 Kosir, Al iAreh-Srl Valley City 106, 216, 254 Kovell, Marjorie iHE-Jr, West Fargo 113, 180 Kraft, Kenneth CPh-Jrl Fargo Krahn, Morris IME-Fri Fargo Kramer, Carol CHE-Fri Fargo 113 Kramer, Delmar KME-Fri Fargo Kramer, Don lCh-Sol Fargo Kraus, Beverly CHE-Sri Fargo 2, 39, 93, 151, 195, 254 Krause, Gary CAg-Fri Lidgerwood 93, 127, 172 Krebsbach, John lIE8rM-Srl Fargo 103, 190, 220, 254 Kreft, Laveme iAg-Sol Wabek 85, 208 Kreiselmaier, Kurt fCh-Jrl Fargo Kremers, Lawrence fArch-Fri Minneapolis, Minn. Krenz, Ronald fAg-Srl Upham 83, 172, 178, 254 Kretchman, Dave iPh-Srl Lidgerwood 179 Krieg, Gene CCE-Fri Fargo Kristofitz, Curtis CCE-Fri Fargo Kristofitz, Donald QME-Fri Fargo Krook, Donald fPh-Gradl Fargo Kubischta, Peter KEE-Fri Jamestown 228 Kubisiak, Donald lCh-Gradl Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. 184 Kuehnel, Rebecca CAAS-Srl Fargo 254 Kuehnel, Reno IEE-Srl Fargo 254 Kuklenski, Thomas QAAS-Fri Ironwood, Mich. 59 Kukowski, Margaret KHE-Fri Beach 113 Kulseth, James fPh-Soi Fargo 182 Kupitz, Betty KAAS-Fri Gwinner Kurvers, James ICE-Fri Hopkins, Minn. 69 Kuske, Donald fCh-Jr? Fargo Kvamme, Conrad fAg-Sri Ada, Minn. 82, 88, 190, 212, 254 Kvande, Selmer KEE-SOD Alamo Kyllo, Dennis iAgE-Fri Larimore LaFleur, Harold CArch-Sol Mayville 227 Lague, Jerome KCE-Fri Moorhead, Minn. Lahlum, Howard lAg-Fri Valley City 82, 169, 226 Lambie, Rodger fAAS-Gradl Grand Forks Lammer, Lynn fArchE-S01 Edgeley 207 Lancaster, Marjorie IAAS-Srl Fargo 47, 170, 254 Landau, Arthur iCh-Jr? iWoodmere, N. Y. 69 Landman, John lAg-Sol Larimore 84, 204 Landstrom, Lester KEE-Sol Sheyenne 174 Lang, Ivan KCE-S01 Anamoose 55, 59 Lanz, Larry IME-S01 Devils Lake 216 Larke, Phillip fPh-Fri Breckenridge, Minn. Larson, Albert CME-Sol Gardner Larson, Curtis KEE-Frl Fargo Larsen Dale fEE-Fri Fargo Larson, Delbert fCE-Srl Bottineau 102, 254 Larson, Dennis B. KCE-Jr? Minot 102 Larson, Dennis M. fAg-Srl Heimdal 99 Larsen, Dwight KEE-Fri Fargo Larson, Emery KCE-Sol Lake Park, Minn. Larson, Floyd fAg-Sol Bottineau 85 Larson, Costa lAg-Sri Aferd, Sweden Larson, Helen fHE-Jr? Fullerton 200 Larson, Larson, Jack CAAS-FrJ Moorhead, Minn. 162, 163, 207 James A. fPh-Soi Duluth, Minn. Photos For Every Need .SZ QPAIQ 52.060 For Wedding Engagements 'll3V2 Broadway Call 27293 Compliments of the Grand Recreation Sportsmen's Headquarters For Over 30 Years We Specialize in Livestock Loans o First National Bank and Trust Company of Fargo 'l5 Broadway Member F.D.I.C. Fargo, N. D. HOMER S. THUNE Photographer fFormerly McCracken Studiol 'HOW Broadway - Fargo, N. Dak. Phone 20645 'Ir PORTRAITS FOR EVERY OCCASION 5 Dakota National Bank 5'I Broadway Fargo, North Dakota COMPLETE BANKING SERVICES 'k Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation The Fargo National Bank A Home Owned Independent Bank i Member F.D.l.C. Fargo, N. D. Compliments of More and More Men WHITE DRUG Are Shopping At Cmad THEGLOBE Broadway and N. P. Ave. 102 Broadway Dial 6679 Fargo, N. D. FARGO, N. D. CONGRATULATIONS 'I955 Bison Graduates We Wish You Success In Your New Careers When Planning Your Home - Choose Furnishings With a Future WE SHALL BE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU Luger Furniture Co. 276 Larsen, Larson, Larsen, Larson, Larsen, Larsen, Larsen, Larson, Larson, Larson, Larson, Larson, Larson, Larsen, Larson, Larson James P. IME-Jrl Fargo John QAAS-Sol Fargo 91, 93, 127 Joyce IAAS-Sol Fargo Kenneth fCE-Fri Fargo Lloyd l1E8rM-Fri Chicago, Ill. 59 Lorna CHE-Frl Alexander 113, 225 Lorraine lHE-Sol Alexander 180, 181, Merle fAgfSoJ Bottineau Orton lAgE-Srl Fargo 101, 107, 254 Otis CME-Fri Lisbon 212 Patricia CHE-Fr? Moorhead, Minn. 36, 93, 113 Robert A. fAg-Fri Leeds 228 Robert D. CAAS-Gradl Hawley, Minn. Ronald lAg-Sol Flaxton 180, 181 Thomas QCE-Srl Hazen Victor LCE-Frj Lake Park Minn. 223 Larum: John fPh-.lrl Crookston, Minn. 29, 124, 207 Lau, William LPII-STD Honolulu, T. H. 254 Lavold, .lack KEE-.lrl Moorhead, Minn. 32, 104, 124, 12 219 Lawrence, Duane KAAS-Sol Thief River Falls, Minn. 59 Layton, Donald IEE-Sol Valley City 91-93 Leadbetter, Arthur iCh-Gradl Luverne Lee, Elvin lCh-Grad? Fargo Lee, Be Lee, Lee 7 Lee, tty QHE-Sri Minot 200, 254 Jayne CAAS-.1rJ Rugby 93, 125, 171, 200, 222 LaVon Q1-IE-Fri Max 113, 180, 181, 225 Wayne iArchE-Sol Northwood 5, 166, 167 Leetun, Darel lAg-Sri Hettinger 30, 43, 81, 85, 123, 125, 204, 254- Lembke, Lemm, Eileen QAAS-Frl Pembina Elizabeth CHE-Srl Hillsboro 88, 112, 192, 255 Lemmon, Duane CAg-Gradi Detroit Lakes, Minn. Lemmon, Norman CAgE-Fri Detroit Lakes, Minn. 101, 226 Lendobeja, Dianne CHE-Soi Thief River Falls, Minn. 223 Lent, Charles fPh-Fri Fargo Leraas, Norman KME-Sol Hillsboro 220 Lervold, Donald QME-Fri Halstad, Minn. Leshovsky, Arnold lAgE-Fri Milnor Leshovsky, Howard QAAS-Fri Fargo Lester, Jerry lPh-Jrl Pasadena, Calif. Leum, Neil LCII-JF, Mayville 91, 93, 226 Leupp, Franklin QME-Fri Stanton 174 Leupp, Rosemary CHE-Fri Stanton 113, 223 The 1954 Homecoming was as big as ever and Joan Nelson, shown above with Pres. Hultz, was as pretty a queen as the State campus had ever seen Leverson. Kenny tCE-Soy Fargo Lewis, Grant KME-Sol Williston 55, 59 Lewis, Robert IAg-Frl Park River Liebe, Edward ICE-Fr1 Jamestown Lies. Arthur IAg-Sol Carrington 91, 93, 185 Lillestol, Harvey IPh-Jrl Fargo 211 Lillevig, Arthur IAAS-Srl Sheyenne 227, 255 Lilly, Carol ICE-Jrt Fargo Lind, Beverly tl'lE-Soi Cavalier 112-196 Lind, James IPII-Frl Fargo Lindho, Joan IIIE-Frl Rolla 113, 223 Linclem, Allred IAg-Srl Fisher, Minn. 101, 204, 254 Lindemann, Dennis IME-Frl Enclerlin 30, 212 Lindhauf. Ronald IME-Sol Minot 103 Link, Arthur IEE-Jrl Bismarck 93, 104, 162 Link, Raymond tArchE-Frl Let'-1' 185 Linnell, Lavern IAg-Sol Petersburg 83, 204 Lippert, Wilbur IAAS-Sol Eldridge Little, Audrey Illli-Jrl Mayville 90, 93, 112, 200, 224- Litzinger, Bonnie IIIE-Jrl Leeds 2, 112, 128, 156, 195 Ljungren, Donald tPh-Jrl Sebeka, Minn. 211 Lloyd, Gloria Il-IE-Sol Bismarck 125, 180, 200 Lobb, Laleah IAg-Fri Bismarck 224 LoCoco, Leonard IAAS-Frl Chicago, Ill. Lodgard, Charles CEE-Jr! Fargo Loftsgard. Laurel fAg-Srl Fargo 174, 255 Lohman, Frances tHE-Srl Fargo 88. 114, 128, 14-7, 148, 155, 196, 255 Lohman, John IME-Sol Fargo Lohse. Carleton IAg-Fri Fargo Lokkcn, Roger IEE-Jrl Kindred Lommel, John K1-'li-JrJ Lidgerwood 93, 185, 211 Lord, William IAAS-Fr? Mandan Lorenz, Joyce tl-IE-Jr? Loma 42, 196 Lorenz, Lorne QEE-S01 Oriska 216 Lorenzen, Terance IAgE-Fri Mohall 101 Love. Mrs. Janet iAg-Grad? Fargo Lovitt, Edgar fAg-Srl Regent 85, 4-3 Lowe, James IAAS-So? Jamestown 207 Lozier, Leticia IAAS-Fri Lisbon Ludwig, Merlin fAg-Jr! 'Hillsboro 30, 60, 62, 69. 149, 164-, 220 Lukes, Richard fAg-Fr1 Lisbon 226 Lund, David fAg-Jrl Nome 101, 169 Lund, Dorothy KAAS-Srl Fargo 128, 146, 148, 150, 151, 15 171, 179, 255 Lund, Roald IAg-Srl Nome 43, 82, 83, 129, 208, 255 Lund, Shelby fAg-Sr1 Rolette Lnnde, Gary fAAS-Srl Fargo 93, 255 Lundeby, Curtis CAg-Fr? Osnabrock 83 Lundeen, James QCE-Jrl Minot Lundhagen. Ronald IAAS-Srl Fargo 91, 93, 207, 255 Lundine, Stanley ipll-FTJ Elgin, Ill. 227 Lundstrom. James IME-Fr1 Fargo Lundwall, Peter fAg-JrJ Argusville 2, 39, 85, 157, 204 Lura, Darrel IAg-Fr? Hawley, Minn. 44 Lux, Rev. Oliver IAAS-Grad1 West Fargo Lyon, Gordon fpll-FFJ Fargo Lytle, William LEE-S01 Jamestown Maas, Dennis KEE-Sol Hazen 104 Macekonis, Frank fCh-Gradl Chicago, Ill. Mack, Thomas IEE-Frl Osage, Minn. Madler, Robert fAg-Fri New England 184 Madsen. Gordon QCE-Jrl Argusville 99 Madsen, James IAg-Frl Jamestown Madsen, Delores CHE-Jr? Audubon, Minn. 112, 181, 224 Madson, Lyle IEE-Sol Riehardton Magill, John fCh-Sol Verona Magill, Robert fAg-Jrl Verona 85 Magnan, Ted IPI1-Jr! Fort Ripley, Minn. Maier, Melvin fAg-Srl Elgin 82, 123, 125. 204, 255 2, 154, 155, 99, 224. 277 Maier, Sandra QHE-Sol Grand Forks 93, 112, 162, 163, 1 Maley, Jerome IME-Fri Enderlin Malkani, Indur ICh-Gradl Bombay, India Malmberg, Marvin fPh-Jrl Oakes Malme, Cecil lAg-Fri Nielsville, Minn. 93 Malmo, Richard IPII-STI Duluth, Minn. 207, 255 Malpert, John CAg-Fri Straubville 84- Malta, Aina fAAS-Jrl Fargo 89, 93, 171 Mandigo, Carole CHE-Sol Bismarck 90, 93, 112, 178, 199, Manikowski, Donald fCh-Sol Forman 220 Mann, Joseph IME-Sol Belfield 175, 219 Maras, Rudy fME-Jrl Fargo Marczuk, Michael fArchE-Jr? Gorham Mark, Peter IPI1-So? Aberdeen, S. D. 2, 28, 153, 159. 16 Marquart, James tfCh-Sol Mapleton 29, 207 Marquart, Joan KAAS-Srl Mapleton 125, 171, 195, 255 Marquart, Kathleen tPlt-Sol Fargo 2, 121, 196 Marsden, Howard fAgE-Jrl Hendrum, Minn. Marshall, Richard ICE-Jrl Forbes Martin, Charles ICE-Jr? Moorhead, Minn. Martin, Donald CArch-JrJ Fargo Martin, Edward CIE8zM-Jrl Moorhead, Minn. 164 Martin, Fred fAg-Frl Hackinsack, Minn. 85 224 0, 207 Martin Martin, Glen KCE-Sol Cando 93, 175 Robert QCII-Sol Valley City Martin, Martin, , Roland IEE-Fri Fargo 147 Ronald LME-Sr? Bowbells 100, 104, 105, 107, 12 Mattern, Francis fAgE-Sol Aberdeen, S. D. Mattern, Wendelin IME-Frl Rugby Mattews, Edward IAAS-Fr! Des Plaines. 1II. Matthys, Duane IAg-Frl Argusville Mattson, Donald IPI1-Srl Greenbush, Minn. 219, 255 Mattson, Marguerite IAAS-S01 Mandan Mattson, Patsy CHE-Fri Rolla 113, 180, 187, 223 Matzek, Mylo IME-FrJ Fargo Mauer, Jerome KAAS-Frl Hankinson Maves, Richard IPI1-Jril East Grand Forks, Minn. Maxwell, Leroy GCE-Sol Sheridan, Wyo. 74. 159 Maxwell, Robert tAg-Fri Webster Mayer, Alvin IPI1-Sol Streeter Meath, Allen ICh-Grad? Moorhead, Minn. Meath, Kenneth CCI1-GradD Moorhead, Minn. Meckstroth, Charles IME-S01 Fargo Mehrer, Ronald IAg-Frl Moffit 82 Meier, James IEE-Fr? New Salem 36 Meland, Gordon IPI1-Jrl Fargo Melanson, Laurence QEE-Gradl Fargo Melby, Darol fAg-FrJ Greenbush, Minn. Melhy, Howard IEE-Fri Fargo 3, 226, 255 Melby, Muriel CHE-Soi Greenbush, Minn. 112. 177. 224 Meldahl, Charles IAgE-Frl Sharon Mellum, Douglas IAAS-FrJ Ypsilanti Melroe, Sylvan tAg-S01 Cogswell 69 Mendesh, Anthony IPh-Sril Duluth, Minn. 120, 121, 147, 184, 255 Mensing, Thomas CPI1-Frb Hettinger Mensing, Wayne IAAS-Jr? Fargo Merck, Lawrence fCE-Frl Argyle, Minn. Mertens, Mauris CME-Sol Fargo 185 Meske, Kenneth IAAS-Frl Hazen 178, 228 Messner, Raymond cpl!-FTJ Hancock, Minn. Metcalf, Gail fAg-Fr? Mooreton Metz, Robert lArch-Sol Devils Lake 108 Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, David fArchE-S01 Forbes Edward fArchE-Jrl Fargo Glen CCE-Frl Edgeley Meyer, Lawrence IEE-Jr? Edgeley 104, 125 Meyer, LeRoy IEE-So? Moorhead, Minn. Meyer, Roger 1Ch-S01 Moorhead, Minn. North Dakota's Complete Camera Headquarters O EPKO FILM SERVICE 631 N. P. Ave. - Fargo NESS EPKO, INC. 431 Demers Ave. Grand Forks STOP FOR LUNCH AT The A. C. Hasty Tasty Next Door to the College "Y" LEVITZ Complete Home Furnishers For Over 50 Years 414-416 Front Street - Fargo, N. Dak. 277 Compliments of INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. Farm Equipment Refrigeration Motor Trucks Industrial Power FARGO, N. D. True Economy In A SAFE CONVENIENT TRANSPORTATION SERVICE NORTHERN TRANSIT C0 NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSN. QMW PAID ON SAVINGS Loans Made On Homes Avoid the Fuss Rude the Bus T1 Broadway Fargo Meyers, Franklin QAAS-.Irl Rugby 59, 207 Morrison, Stanley CAg-,lrl Akra 174' Mickelson, Rome fAgE-,Trl Twin Valley, Minn. 101, 220 Morse, Gordon 1Ag-Sol Casselton 227 Middlebrook, Arthur KIESM-Sol Sturgis, S. D. Mortenson, Ruth CHE-Frl Barnesville, Minn. 90, 93, 225 Midtbo, Guy fAgE-Frl Hatton 101, 228 Mountain, Robert fAg-Frl Calvin 85, 228 Miller, Colleen CHE-Frl Underwood 89, 225 Mousseau, David QME-Sol Minot 103, 185 Miller, Floyd CEE-Sol Manfred Moxness, Kenneth IEE-Srl Cathay 146, 14-9, 150, 151, 153, 180, 181, Miller, Gilman QME-Jrl Minot 212, 233, 241, 256 Miller, Harold CAAS-.lrl Harvey 2, 149, 153. 162 Moyer, Gerald QAAS-.lrl Fargo 207 Miller, John QME-Sol Underwood 226 Muehlenbein, Gretchen QHE-Srl Fargo 89. 200, 256 Miller, Lyle CAg-Frl Moorhead, Minn. 82 Mueller, Joyce CHE-Jrl Fargo 112 Miller, Maynard CME-Frl Wendell, Minn. Mullen, Micheal fAg-Frl New Rockford Miller, Milo QPI1-Srl Leeds 121, 256 Murphy, Kerry fAAS-Sol Harvey 167, 220 Miller, Ralph KEE-Frl Jamestown Mutchler, Robert lArchE-Srl Northwood 106, 107. 123, 207, 256 Miller, Robert 1Cli-Sol Fessenden Myers, Raymond KME-Frl Cavalier 69 Mirgain, Cheryl lfAAS-,lrl Fargo Mische, Erlys KIAIE-Jrl Fargo 2, 125, 156, 184. 194 Mithum, Delores IAAS-.lrl Fargo 89, 93 Mitzel, William QCE-Frl Napoleon Modin, Neil CAg-,Irl Kenmare 172 Moe, Arne CAAS-Frl Moorhead, Minn. 180 Moe, Carol KHE-.Irl Antler 110, 112, 200, 222 Moe, Harry fAAS-Sol Fargo Moen, Maurice lAg-Sol Michigan 26 Mogen, Shirley fl-IE-Frl Keene 113, 225 Mohherg, .loyce IAAS-Gradl Milnor 86 Mohr, Helen KAAS-Specl Fargo Mokler, Frank fPh-Sol Fargo Mollner, Frank ICE-Jrl Moorhead, Minn. Monilaws, Keith ICE-Frl Absaraka 172 Monson, .lanet fl'-.AS-Sol Fargo 125, 200 Monson, Pat IHE-,Irl Portland 128, 191. 200, 222 Monson, Richard CME-Frl Moorhead, Minn. 93 Monteith, Gerald IAAS-Srl Fargo 256 Monteith, Larry fME-Frl Fargo Nlonteith, Margaret IHF.-Spool Fargo Montgomery, Donna tl-IE-Frl Ayr 176, 224 Montgomery, Robert YAAS-.lrl Fargo 91. 93, 168, 207 Moore, Donald fAg-,lrl Forhcs 83, 85. 186, 208 Moore, Duane KPI1-Sol Devils Lake Moore, LeRoy fPh-Frl Sauk Centre, Minn. 184 Morgan, Eldrcd f'll28zM-Srl Valley City 123, 216. 256 Morgan, ,lohn l'AAS-Frl Albion, Mich. 59 Mork, David CAg-Frl Barnesville, Minn. Morlock, Terence CAg-Frl Jordan, Minn. 227 Morrison. Myron fAg-Frl Cavalier 278 Myhre, Blayne fPh-Frl New Rockford 93 Myhre, Charles IME-Sol Alamo Myhre, David CCh-Gradl Wahpeton 96 Kappa Alpha Theta-Sigma Chi production act scene from the '55 Brevities with Jerry Watson, Barbara Pederson, and Gus Hartman. F The WUS basketball game was unique in many respects, as can readily be observed by examination of one of the team benches pictured above. Myller, Robert IEE-Sol Moorhead, Minn. 219 Myrben, Elden iAg-Frl Glyndon, Minn. 169 Myrdal, Micheal QPh-Sol Fargo 166 McAllister, PCSLZY IHE-Soi Hazelton 222 McAtee, Monte lPh-Jri Rolla McAuley, Vivian QAAS-Sol Climax, Minn. 89, 93, 224 McBride, Dale LEE-Sri Milnor 104, 255 McCaul, Alice QAAS-Jrl Fargo McComb, Keith KME-Sol Fargo 207 McCormick, Thomas RCE-Sol Hackensack, Minn. McCracken, Donald QAAS-Gradl Fargo McCullough, Duane IPh-Srl Hope 211, 255 McDaniel, Brian IME-Fri Minot 226 McDermott, John KAAS-Srl Ashland, Wis. 60, 61, 63, 65, 69, 255 McDowell, Terrance lArchF.-Fri Fargo McElwain, James iAg-Fri Max 229 McFerran, David KEE-Sol Mandan 93, 227 McGeary, Kathryn QIIE-Jrl Backus, Minn. 138, 194, 222 74, 121, 139, 160, 184 McGuire, James fPh-Soi St. Cloud, Minn. 59, 69 McKay, Robert QAAS-Fri Austin, Minn. McKenzie, John fAg-Fri Granclin 69 McLain, Eldon IME-Frl Mohall McLain, Phyllis IAAS-Fri Mohall McLaughlin, Jerome KCE-Fr? Fargo McLaury, John KCE-Sol Glenwood, Minn. McLean, Kenneth KEE-Fri Wheatland 172 Naaden, Bjorne iAg-Grad! Bismarck Nagel, Carl fEE-Soi Hebron 185 Narde, Joseph KME-Soi Fargo Narum, Gailen KAAS-Fri Douglas 226 Nash, Mavis KHE-Jrl Fordville 113, 177, 224 Nation, Russell CAg-Fri Fargo Nedrebo, Kermlt IAg.Frl Gardner Neeb, Vel Rae QHE-Fri Fargo 113 Nellermoe, Karen IAAS-Specl Fargo Noack, John CME-Srl Fargo 256 Noden, Patricia fPh-Jrl Ada, Minn. 93, 121, 183, 202, 224 Nolan, Robert CAAS-Jri Fargo Noland, James QCE-Fri Hopkins, Minn. 59 Nordin, Harvey fCE-Fri Newtown Nordlund, Joan KHE-Jri Strathcona, Minn. 177, 180, 181, 223 Norell, Albert fArchE-Jrj Bottineau North, Lawrence KME-Sri Fargo 129, 166, 233, 242, 256 North, Maxine fHE-Jr? Fargo 128, 137, 146, 179 Nyjar, Iderjit fCh-Gradl Chicago, 111. Nyquist, Dean KEE-Jrl Hoffman, Minn. Nystuen, Arne CEE-Fri Crosby Nystuen, Peder CAg-Gradl Fargo Nystul, Adolph CAAS-Sol Fargo Oakey, Lawrence LEE-Fri Fargo Oberg, Robert fAg-Sol Hettinger 84, 174 Oberlander, Harold CCE-Sol Bismarck 220 O'Bleness, Robert KAAS-Sol Fargo O'Brien, David CAAS-Sri Fargo Odegard, Harland fAg-Jri Moorhead, Minn. 220 Odegard, Russell CAAS-Grad? Voltaire Odenhrett, LeRoy CAAS-S01 Geneseo 215, 227 Offerdahl, Thomas KPh-Fri Fargo Oguchi, Keiko CAAS-JIJ Fargo 179, 187 Ohlhauser, Darlene fl-IE-Fri Hazelton 113, 178, 225 Ohnstad, Paul fPh-S01 Warren, Minn. O'Keeffe, Larry CAg-Soi Walhalla 83, 204 Oksenholt, Svein flfd-Specl Abercrombie Olmstead, Donald CAAS-Jrl Moorhead, Minn. 216 Olsgaard, James fArch-Sol Comstock, Minn. 108 Olsen, Alan KME-Sol Fargo Olson Olson Olson Olson Olson Olson Olson 1 1 Allan IAg-Sol Buxton 93, 172 Arlene QAAS-Fri Kindred Aulden KME-Fri Glyndon, Minn. Beverly KAAS-Sol Fargo 192 Cleo QHE-Jrl Edgeley 169, 196 , Delores KHE-Jrl Brockett 112, 155, 177, 18 :Duane IME-Jrl Milnor Olson Edmund QEE-Fri Bauclette, Minn. Olson, Gaylord fAg-Soi Buxton 84, 172 Olson George CME-Jrl Rolette Olson Gloria KHE-Soi Esmond 169, 180, 187, 223 Olson, Gordon f1E8zM-Srl Minot 107, 207, 256 0, 181, 224 SPORTING GOODS 9 Team Outfitters of Athletic Equipment 9 Dodge Trophies 9 C. C. M. - Hyde Skates Hockey Equipment 9 Guns-AIIMc1kes Nelson, Delbert iPh-Fri Ellendale 166, 182 Nelson, Dale ICE-Fri Mandan 36, 93, 228 Nelson, Gary KCE-Fri Bowbells Nelson, George IME-Fri Scranton Nelson, Helen CAAS-Jrl Harvey 192 Nelson, lris fAAS-Sri Fargo 88, 93, 256 Nelson, Joan KHE-Jrl Milnor 21, 22, 23, 89, 93, 125, 185, 276, 280 Nelson, John fAaE-Fri Devils Lake 101 Nelson, Keith fCh-Gradi Fargo Nelson, Leonard fPh-Sri Parshall 160, 211, 256 Nelson, Lyle fArchE-Soi Cando 166 Nelson, Phyllis KHE-Srl Orleans, Minn. 88, 114, 256 Nelson, Richard IAAS-Fri Fargo N elsen Ronald fAg-Soi Gilby 83, 204 Nelsoni Wayne CPh-Srl Bruce, Wis. 211, 256 Nelson, William A. fAAS-Grad? Detroit Lakes. Minn. Nelson, William H. KME-Jri Pefley, Minn. 105, 180, 227 Ness, Carol KAAS-Fri Erskine, Minn. Ness, Rodger QEE-S01 Wolverton, Minn. 93, 180, 181, 226 Ness, Vernelle CAg-Jrl Bottineau 101 Netzer, James IME-Sol Moorhead, Minn. 104, 219 Nichol, Cleo fAg-Jr! Maxbass Nielson , Clark KAAS-Jri Valley City 74, 1711- Nielsen, David ICE-Fri New Rockford Nielsen, Douglas IME-Fri Moorhead, Minn. Nielson, James IEE-Jrl Valley City 104 Nilles, Harold fPh-Sol Durbin 185 Nippolt, Robert fAAS-Jri St. John 56, 59, 167, 274 Niskanen, Clarence IME-Fri Cackle Nissen, Jerome fAAS-Srl Bismarck 93, 212, 256 194, 224, Johnson Seahorse Motors EMERY JOHNSON SPORTING GOODS 7-9 BROADWAY FARGO CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1955 CLASS FARGO - MOORHEAD AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION 279 A scene from the Homecoming Queen's banquet with Queen .loan Nelson sented at the head table with her futtendunts and Student Body President Grut Anderson and Pres. Fred S. Hultz. Peterson, Lyle lME-Frl Minnewaukan 180, 181 Peterson, Mary CHE-Jrl Fargo 191, 196 Peterson, Richard C. QCE-Fri Fargo Peterson, Richard M. Lpll-SDJ Alexandria, Minn. Peterson, Robert fPh-Srj Hettinger 120, 121, 147, 160, 257 Peterson, Roberta KHE-Fri Fargo Peterson, Scott KAAS-Srl Fargo 46, 47, 123, 170 Peterson, Shirley QHE-Frl Parshall 223 Pederson, Stanley KCE-Jr? Fargo 102 Peterson, Willard LCE-Jrl Duluth, Minn. 102 Peterson. William KCE-Jrl Fargo 180 Pederson, Willis fAg-Jrl Devils Lake Pettinger, Thomas CPh-Jrl Fargo 211 Pfeifer. Beverly CAAS-Sol Moorhead, Minn. 2, 157, 162, 163 165 200 Pfeifer, Eugene fAg-Fri Fargo Pfeiffer, Mary KPI1-Fri Pequot Lakes, Minn. 177, 223 Pfeifle, Marlene CHE-Sol Wishek 2, 112, 128, 138, 157, 180, 19.9 224 Pfenning, Thomas CEE-Sol Mandan Pfutzenreuter, Orris QCE-Srl Elgin 102, 107 Phelps, Edward KAAS-Fr! Fargo Phillips, Charles fPh-Sol Wadena, Minn. 211 Phillips, Donald fAg-Jrl Forbes Phillips, James iAg-Sol Forbes 227 Phillips, LeRoy QCE-Jrl Forbes 227 Phipps, Ross CAAS-Fri Fargo Piepkorn, Don fAg-Srl Stanley 146, 180, 208, 233, 24 Piepkorn, Lila CHE-Frl Stanley 113, 180, 225 -4, 257 Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Hubert lME-Fri Argusville Jocelyn QAAS-Srl Valley City 256 Lorraine tHE-Srl Rugby 180, 181, 256 Margaret QHE-Srl Fargo 199, 256 Olson, Mary IAAS-Fri Fargo Olson, Maurice iAg-Srl Cooperstown 82, 212, 256 Olson, Norris CEE-Frl Brocket 46, 180, 181, 228 Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olwin, Robert C. KME-Fri Seattle, Wash. Robert E. CCh-Jrl Fargo 220 Roland fAg-Frl Buxton 172 Wayne IME-Sol Perley, Minn. Ruth CHE-Jrl Fargo 2, 93, 128, 157, 171, 194 O'Neil, Orval f1E8zM-Fri Cogswell O'NeilI, Richard fPh-JrJ Fargo Onsager, Jerome fAg-Fri Northwood 36 Opdahl, Donald fAg-Fri Fargo Ormberg, Eugene iAg-Srl Bottineau 175, 257 Ormbreck, Harlan fArchE-Fri Ulen, Minn. Ormiston, Alan fAg-Fri Fairdale 267 Ornberg, Edward QCE-Sol Fargo Oseland, Ronnie IAAS-Frj Brainerd, Minn. 59 Oslie, Loren CCE-Fr? Fargo Ostby, Melvin fAg-Jrl Fargo Ostlund, Mary fPh-Jrl Brichdale, Minn. 160-224 Ostrem, Carol IAAS-Fri Felton, Minn. Owen, Wallace CEE-Fri Kindred Pace, William tAg-Fri Wolseth 172 Page, Mae KAAS-Gradl Fargo Palmer, Avis fl-IE-Sol Devils Lake 199-224 Palmer, Donald KAAS-Fri Fargo Palmerson, Peter fEE'JrJ Springbrook 104 Pals, Lowell fCh-Sol Valley City 91, 93, 96 Parkins, James CPh-Sol Thief River Falls, Minn. 211 Patterson, Donald QAAS-Jrl Havre, Mont. 164, 216 Paul, Herbert CAAS-Srl Fargo 257 Paul, Howard QCE-Jrl Minot Paulsen, Duane iCh-Fri West Fargo 96, 182 Paulson, Richard CAAS-Fri Casselton 59 Paulson, Vivian KHE-Sol Webster 155, 180, 181, 187, 224 Paulson, Winifred fCh-Frl Williston 96 Paulsrud, Arlen fAg-Sol Shelly, Minn. 101 Pautz, Marlys QHE-Jrl Mayville 112, 128, 171, 183, 187, 192, 22 Payant, William iPh-Jrj Faribault, Minn. Payne, Wallace fAg-Srl Goodridge, Minn. 83, 85, 208, 257 Peach, Mary CHE-Srl Erie 112, 187, 224, 257 Peckskamp, Jerome QAAS-Jrl Fargo Peet, David CAAS-Jrl Fargo 207 Pekas, Jerome fAg-Sol Regent 85, 184, 208 Pekas, Lloyd iPh-.lrl Mott 211 Pepper, Ronald KME-Fri Moorhead, Minn. Pederson, Barbara QHE-Jrl Grand Forks 89, 112, 128, 180, 196, 222, 278 Peterson, Charles KME-Jrl Fargo Pederson, Cheryl CAAS-Fri Fargo Peterson, Conrad CME-Fri Alexander Peterson, Cyril fPh-Sol Fargo Peterson, Donald E. IEE-Srl Minot 104 Peterson, Donald S. fPh-Fri Hettinger Pederson, Doris LAAS-Frl Fergus Falls, Minn. Peterson, Elizabeth KAAS-Specl Moorhead, Minn. Peterson, Gordon f1E8zM-Fri Mandan 228 Peterson, James QME-Srl Claremont, S. D. 221. 226, 257 Peterson, Leo CEE-Fri Detroit Lakes, Minn. Peterson, Lloyd fAg-Gradl Spring Coulee, Canada 2-80 '4 Pierce, Carolyn CHE-Sol Ellendale 112, 169, 196, 222 Pierce, Donna CAAS-Sol Fargo 191, 202 Pilgrim, Norman KAAS-Jri Fargo Pittard, Glenn iArchE-Sol Fargo 108 Platts, Lois fl-IE-Frl Devils Lake 183, 187, 225 Platz, Mary CHE-Srl Langdon 111, 112, 184, 199, 223 Pletan, Merlin fCE-Sol Fargo Poslfut, Leona CHE-Sol Benedict 113, 180, 224 Pomeroy, James fAg-Fri Fargo 93, 179 Posey, Carmen KHE-Fri Garrison 113, 180, 181, 187, 223 Power, William CAAS-Jrl Fargo 212 Poyzcr, Harley CAAS-Jrl Fargo 207 Pratt, Paul CAg-Jrl Gardner 207 Pratt, Richard CAAS-Jrl Fargo 216 Pratt, Virginia CHE-Srl Fargo 165, 200, 257 Preskey, Richard C1E8zM-Frl Glenburn Preuss, Harriet CHE-Jr? Esmond 112, 169, 196 Pribula, Eugene QCE-Fri Grafton Compliments of FARGO MEN'S CLOTHIERS TED EVANSON MEN'S WEAR FARGO TOGGERY GLOBE CLOTHING HOWARDS CLOTHES, INC. M. SIEGEL CLOTHING CO. STRAUS CO. WEINGARTEN'S CLOTHING STORE FOR THE KIND OF SERVICE Colleg Pure Oil Price, Edward lME-Soj Fingal Price, Grace QHE-Soi Price 169, 222 Price, Robert tCh-Gradj Fargo Priebe, Donald iAg-Soi Larson 82, 228 Pulkrabek, John l,AAS-Frl Fargo Purfeerst, Roger lQCh-Srl Valley City Qualley, Marlene l1'lE-Jrl Hendrum, Minn. 2, 157, 194, 222 Quatier, Lloyd tAgE-Sol Wishek 181 Quick, David fAgE-Soi Borup, Minn. 101 Quill, David liAg-Frl Moorhead, Minn. Radcliffe, Thomas QAAS-Srl Fargo 46, 190. 215, 257 Radi, Dorothy tHE-Sri Alberta. Minn. 112, 225, 257 Ramey, David CME-Fri Williston Ramsland, La Donna QAAS-Sol Fargo 224 Randle, Earl tEE-Frl York Rangen, Curtis KIESIM-Frj Fargo Ranum, Keith t1E8zM-Fri New Town Rase, Brian lPh-Srl Pembina 91, 93, 180, 227, 257 Rash, Aaron lCh-Sol New Salem 221 Rasmuson, John LEE-Srl Minot 104, 107 Rasmussen, Lorin tAg-Srl St. Cloud, Minn. 257 Reames, Ella KAAS-Gradi Fargo Reber, Darrell tAg-Fri Rudolph, Wis. 69, 229 Redlin, George ICE-Fri New Town Redmond, Charles tAg-Gradl Fargo Refi, Neil tAg-Fri Bismarck Reger, Duane KME-Sol Eldridge Reierson, Richard ll,E81M-Soi Fosston, Minn. Rcinke, Cecil KAAS-.lrl Fargo 167 Reinke, Norman KAAS-Jr1 Fargo Reinke, Ruben fAAS-Fri Cooperstown Remholdt, Cynara tPl1-Sri Gackle 121, 160, 202, 224, 257 Remmich, Lorran KEE-Frl Steele Renscli, Laverne CAg-Fri Makoti Renschler, Gordon lCE-Sol Jamestown Reopelle, Richard fPl1-Sol Cavalier Rcuther, Ervin fPh-Fri Ashley Rex, Peter IME-Jr? Fargo 103, 104 Reynolds, Donna tHE-Frl Fargo 113 Reynolds, Emily fAAS-Gradl Fargo Rhyne, Patricia CHE-Frl Wheaton, Minn. 225 Richards, Stephen IAAS-Grad? Fargo Richardson, Richard f1ESzM-Fri Fargo Rieder, Mary QAAS-Frl Egeland 177 Rieder, William fME-Jrl Williston 103, 105, 227 Riepl, James lPh-Jri Elgin, 1ll. 160, 185, 211 Rikimaru, Masa lPh-Sol San Mateo, Calif. Roberts, Marlene fAAS-Fri Oberon Robertson, Joseph lAAS-Fri Barry, Minn. Robinson, Marilynn QHE-Fri Barlett 113, 183, 187, 225 Robinson, Ray tCh-Srl Fargo 96, 257 Rockswold, Alan fcll-S10 Litchville Roehrich, Carol tHE-Srl Edgeley 196, 224, 257 Rogers, Ronald fPh-Soi Fargo Rogers, Riley tPh-Sol Fargo Rolls, Lowell l1E8tM-Sol Fargo Rolfsrud, Arnold lAAS-Sol Watford City Rolfsrud, Harold fAg-Fri Watford City Rondesvedt, Gelbert fAAS-Gradl Fargo Ronholm, Roy CPI1-Jr? Tolna Roningen, Morris fAg-Fri Nielsville, Minn. Rosa, Prisco tCh-Gradl Boston, Mass. 185 Roscoe, John KCE-Fri Havana Rosenberg, Micheal fArch-.lrl Fargo 31, 216 Rosenberg, William lAAS-Frl New Rockford 36 Roster, Nicholas CLAS-Srl Dickinson 2, 126, 129, 157, 221, 257 Roteliuk, Luchy CME-Fr1 Sawyer 104, 172 Rotenberger, Theodore lEE-Fri Lisbon 180 Roth, Connie tHE-Fri Wahpeton 93, 162, 225 100. 103. 219, 257 Rothfusz, Clarence UESM-Sri Ashley Rothfusz, Ralph KME-Sol Ashley 93, 103 Rothlisberger, Richard CAAS-Jri Fargo Rott, Arlene CAAS-Jri llazclton 224 Rott, Eugene fAg-S01 Jamestown 82, 204 Rueve. Eugene KCI1-Gradl Fargo Ruff, Dale KME-Fri West Fargo Ruland, John KCE-Jrl New Town 102 Ruliffson, Joseph tAg-Jr? Mapleton 2, 91, 93, 204 Rulon, Art CIESLM-Srl Jamestown 190, 207, 257 Rumpca, James fPh-Jri Hankinson 121, 167, 185, 211 Rushfeldt, Glen tAg-Frl Garske 93, 180, 181 Rushford, Regina CHE-Sri Marmarth Russell, Laverne fPh-Srl Neche 120, 121, 146, 147, 190, 211, 258 Rutherford, Joyce CAAS-Sri Fargo 125, 136, 171, 194, 258 Ryan, Dorothy tHE-Srl Sterling 42, 88, 112, 114, 128, 146, 148, 155, 185, 199, 223, 233, 239, 258 Ryan, Kenneth fPh-FIJ Bowman 227 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF TAVERN Bwdy- and Front St. FARGO, N. DAK. phone 7331 COMPLIMENTS COLLEGE OF INN MONSON'S LUGGAGE PEARL TECLAW Owner Selling Luggage In Fargo Hours: Since 1882 606 FRONT ST. PHONE 2-1422 6:45 A.M. - 7 P.M. North Dakota TEN-I-H ST' Automobile Club PURE OH' State Headquarters Be SWG Wifh PWS TOWING 18 SO. 8th Sl. GREASING and FARGO, N. DAK. WASHING PURELUBE Telephone 2-7441 MOTOR OIL BUTLER EQUIPMENT COMPUMENTS COMPANY ,,RuSS,, RICHTMAN Your Caterpillar Dealer FARGO, N. DAK. GRAND FORKS Parts - Sales - Service Fargo's Fastest Growing Office Supply and Printing Co. 2-7171 - Phone 617 N. P. Ave. Fargo, N. Dak. 281 The Bison Brevilies may have contained discouraging moments but Roger Erickstud isn't weeping-l1e's merely removing u spec from his eye as td. Q3 Bunn Simons ex luins the ATO-AGD act to the tr out 'ud es. . Xu , Y P Y ' 9 Dial QQ , ' , Dial Saba, Janet fan-ray Bismarck 93,113,223 .- ,B Sack, Kent fPh-Soi Reeder 121, 160, 183, 186, 211, 227 ' I Salmonson, Donald iAAS-Fri New Rockford 36, 93 , Q sand, Marion CHE-Sol Enierado 187, 194, 223 1 Sandagcr, Carl mg-sam Kindred 180, 181 -f-a Hag- ' -- -A-f - Sands, Dunn'Barr CAAS-Jr? Fargo 47 - Sanford, Norene r1a1E-Frm Watford City 113, 225 414 4111 St' N' Fargo' N' D' Sarff, Dale IAAS-.lri Fargo 91, 93 Sarvela, Melvin KCE-Jri Kettle River, Minn. 219 Sather, ,lon iCE-.lrl Fargo Sather. Sylvia KAAS-Fri Fargo Satrom, Galen iAg-Fr? Page 228 ' 15 E-LS X. Sauber, James lAg-Fri Palermo 228 if " .xfff Y Far o Saunders, Fraud fAg-Gradl Moorhead, Minn. 82 9 Sanrdiff, Ronald fPh-S01 Warroad, Minn. Bl'0CldWdy Savagean. Monica iCh-Soi Fargo 159, 162, 200 Saylor, Milo KPI1-.lrl Ashley 91, 93 Saylor, Jerome iPh-Fri Ashley 93 Saylor, Robert IME-Fri Washburn Schaack, James fPl1-Srl Valley City 120, 121, 14-7, 149, 216, 258 Schaack. Jerome fAgE-Jrl Sykeston 101, 146, 227 Schaaf, Donald lAAS-Fri Glen Ullin Schalker, William fPh-S01 Minneapolis, Minn. Scliamlicrger, Carroll fAg-Sri Moorhead, Minn. 82, 258 Schatz, Donald fAAS-Sol McClusky 216 Scheidegger, Maynard CAAS-Sol Fargo Sclienatzke, Edward iEE-lrl Fargo Schick, Keith lPha.lr1 Austin. Minn. 121, 211 Schiebold. Warreii KME-.lrl Fargo 166 Schiefer, Don iPh-Fri Kcnmare Schiefer, Harry CPh-Fri Keninare Scllields. Eleanor il-IE-.lri Beulah Schleclil, Calvin iAg-Sol Edgeley 172 Schmidt, Robert ililf.-Fri Hope 104, 162, 163 Schmitz. Phyllis fl'lE-Fri Arias. S. D. 90, 93, Schneider. Lincoln iAg-Fri LeF01' Schnell, Shirlene fAAS-S01 Dickinson 36, 93, Schoen, Arda lHE-Fri Amsterdam, Holland Schoen, Ielle CCI1-Cradl Armsterdam, Holland Schoenexnan, Don l1E8zM-Srl Bismarck 258 Schoephoerster. Delbert fEE-,lrl Lisbon 104, Sclionberger, Harold fAg-Sri Wlleatland 174- 282 113, 180, 223 125, 185, 194, 22111 96 215 Good Luck To The Bison Graduates of 1955 + O. J. de Lendrecie Co Phone 6453 620 FRONT ST. FARGO, N. D Schritz, Carolyn C1-IE-Sol Rothsay 185 Schroeder, Sally tl-IE-Fri Fargo 2, 36, 113 Schulz, Irene CHE-Fri Mott 113, 185, 225 Schultz, John QME-Jri Bismarck Schuhmaeher, Alan lPh-Jrj Austin, Minn. Schumacher, James tAg-JrJ Malta, Mont. Schumacher, Reinhold KCE-Soi Fargo 33. 211 208 Schwader, William IME-Srl Fargo Schwankl, Thomas tPh-Soi Sauk Rapids, Minn. 121, 175, 185 Schwartz, Donald tAg-Sol Jamestown 82, 85, 204 Schwartz, George tAg-Fri Mott 82 Schwartz, Rodney CCE-Jr? Fargo 102, 175 Schwinkendorf, Ronald fEE-Jr? Mandan 104, 219 Score, Delos CAAS-Soi Fargo Scott, James CME-Frl Fargo Scott, Sonja KHE-Fri Fargo 36, 113 Seeklander, Joyce CHE-Srl Hazelton 112, 180, 222, 258 Seelhammer, John QEE-Fri Cogswell 172, 175, 185 Sele, Eugene CPh-Soi Hallock, Minn. 91, 93, 211 Selkirk, Robert TEE-Fri Cooperstown Selland, Cynthia KAAS-Grad? Fargo Semmen, Arlan tAg-Soi Minot Senechal, Calvin LEE-Fri Sabin, Minn. 178 Senechal, Hubert tAgE-Gradl Drake 178 Serrano, Angel tME-Soi Rio Piedras, P. R. Serrin, Thomas USE-S01 Fargo Serum, Dale CAAS-Jrl I-Ialstad, Minn. 63, 69, 72, 73 Setnes, P. A. tEd-Gradi Sisseton, S. D. Seydel, Mildred IAAS-Gradl Fargo Shafer, Gordon tAg-Fri Devils Lake Sharkey, Raymond KAAS-Srl Towner 123, 207, 258 Shaw, Lawrence fAgE-Jri St. Vincent, Minn. 101 Sheldon, Donald KAAS-Srl Wheatland Sheldrup, Marlyn fCE'FrJ Pelican Rapids, Minn. Shelver, William tPh-Jr? Staples, Minn. 211 Shepard, John IAAS-Jr? Fargo Sherwood, Judith LAAS-Jri Fargo 2, 31, 125. 150, 154, 157, 181, 200 Shipley, Betty KAAS-Fri Fargo 91 Siedschlag, LeRoy tAg-Fri Berlin 84, 175 Siefken, John KAAS-Jr? Fargo Simon, Bernard fPh-Srl Bismarck 184, 211 Simons, Beverly tHE-Jrl Grand Forks 112, 159, 171, 192, 222, 282 Simons, Francine LAAS-Srl Fargo 93, 128, 171, 194, 258 Simonson, Arlene tHE-Sri Hope 112, 202, 258 Simonson, Gladys LAAS-Gradi Audubon, Minn. Simonson, Sandra LAAS-Fri Hankinson Simonson, Silas CArchE-Fri Ada, Minn. Sinner, JoAnn fPh-Sol Fargo 121, 185, 196 Sinner, Mary CAAS-Fri Fargo 185 Sister, M. Evangelist tEd-Sri New Rockford Sister, M. Kathleen Hogan CAAS-Sri Fargo Siversen, Annette CAAS-Srl Fargo 2, 147, 157, 192, 258 Sjaastad, Larry fEE-Jr? Tagus 150, 159, 167, 172 Sjorbatten, Floreen tHE-Fri Horace 113, 169, 187, 225 Skaar, Norma KHE-Jrl Hampden 112, 177, 224 Skamfer, Robert CEE-Srl Abercrombie 227, 258 Skjervem. Kenneth tEE-Jrl Fordville Skogley, Earl fAg-Srl Mott 83, 85, 204, 258 Skogstad, Ronald fIE8tM-Srl Fargo 129, 258 Skrei, Richard tAg-Srl Glyndon, Minn. 258 Skrei, Williatn TAAS-SOP Moorhead, Minn. 57, 59, 164 Skroch, Edward JME-Jrl Fargo Skrove, James CAAS-Jrl Fargo Skuza, Kenneth KCE-Srl St. Cloud, Minn. 102, 258 Skyberg, Roger tAg-Soi Fisher, Minn. Slapet'ud, James C1E8zM-Srl Fargo 105, 258 Slinde, Caroline KHE-Fri Velva 113, 187, 225 Slingsby, William fAg-.lri Argusville 83, 1.74 Slotten, Russell fAgE-Jrl Vtlahpeton 190, 207 Slottcn, Wayne tAg-Gradl Wahpeton Sluka, Karen CHE-Sol Aberdeen, S. D. 159, 180. 225 Small, Wallace fAAS-Grad? Moorhead, Minn. Smith. Forrest USE-Jri Edgeley Smith, 1. W. fAg-Specl Fargo 1 AAS Fr Beltrami Minn. Smith, Joat f - D . ' Smith, Lawrence tME-Jrl Cummings Smith, Lowel LAAS-Fri Fargo Smith, Richard E. fAg-Fri Makoli 169 Smith, Richard L. KAAS-Fri Hopkins, Minn. 69 Smith, Ronald CAAS-Sol Fargo 153 Smogard, Marilyn fAAS-Frl Binford Smulan, Delores TAAS-Fri Souris Snyder, Helen CAAS-Sol Fargo 136. 200 Soeby, Carol KHE-Soi Walhalla 93, 113, 196. 222 Sogard, Robert fME-Fri Alamo Solberg, Archie fAAS-Sol Harvey Solberg, Harold fAg-Soi Minot 101, 127. 172 Solberg, Henry fAg-.Tri West Fargo 204 Solberg, Joan tHE-Jrl Erskine, Minn. 112, 180, 187, 223 Solien, Robert fME-Srl Twin Valley. Minn. 103 Somdahl, Narvel IME-Srl Fargo 105 Sondcrland, Nellie IHE-Sri Petersburg 224, 259 Sorenson, Robert fMF,-Fri Minot THE PIERCE CO. PRINTERS LITHOGRAPHERS STATIONERS Distributors of A B Dick Mimeographs and Supplies FARGO, N. DAK. RESERVE FOR Q SILVER MOON CAFE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 BROADWAY PHARMACY 74 BROADWAY SHERWOOD Lumber 8. Fuel Co. 1301 5th Ave. No. Fargo, N. Dak. IRON FIREMAN Automatic Heating Equipment for PHONE 737' Coal, Oil or Gas COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF MERCHANTS V105 NATIONAL SUPER VALUE MARKET BANK 81 TRUST CO. Sorenson, Shirley CHE-Jr? Hunter 181, 222 Sorlie, Donald fAgE-Srl Coteau 100, 101, 107, 123, 147. 180, 215 227, 259 Sorlie, Victor fArchE-Sol Fargo Sorlien, Patil tArchE-Fri Champaign, Ill. Soreneson, Clay TEE-Sol Bismarck 216 Southam, Jolm fPh-Jri Mohall 167, 211 Sparks, Clinton CAAS-Fri Fargo 93 Spengler, Verne lAg-Srl Grand Forks 82, 83, 208, 259 Spichke, Ritchie fAg-Srl Kief 85, 167,l208, 259 Spiker, Shirley CHE-Sol Fargo Spitzer, Clarice tAAS-Fri Kensal Stachlowski, Ruby fAAS-Fri Courtney Stadsvold, Cy fArch-Srl Fergus Falls, Minn. 31, 98, 100, 106, 219, 259 Stadtlander, Gary LEE-Frl Fargo Stafslien, James tAg-Soi Makoti 208 Stammen, Joan tHE-Fri Donnybrook 93, 113, 223 Standal, Ruth fEd-Srl Moorhead, Minn. Starkey, Alden fAgE-Sol Fargo 101 States, Richard tAg-Jri Sarles 82, 85 283 Stayffer, Clyde fCh-Jr? Cavalier 93 Stave, David fEE-Sol Leeds 221 Stebleton, Gayl QHE-Frj Egeland 113, 117, 222 Steffan, Sharles tPh-Sol Devils Lake 36 Steffen, Harley fAg-Sol New Town Steffes, Virginia QAAS-Fri Dickinson 46, 225 Steltcr, Willis lArch-Sri Doran, Minn. 98, 106, 219, 259 Stenhjein, John tAg-Fri Kindred Stennes, Joanne tAAS-Frj Harwood Stephens, Daniel lCE-Fri Fargo Stewart, James tAg-Sol Gilb-y 101, 204 Stewart, Richard CAAS-Fri Mylo Stewart, William tPh-S39 Devils Lake 207 Stickelmeyer, Jermoe 4Ch-Srj Fargo 259 Stiening, John tAAS-Fr? Moorhead, Minn. Stilwell, Donald lPh-Jrj Bemidji, Minn. 160, 227 Stoa, Theodore IAAS-Srl Fargo Stock, Gerald QAAS-Sol Harvey 91, 93, 221 Stockman, Gene CME-Frj Williston 93, 180, 227 Stockman, Howard tAgE-Sol Williston 91, 93, 181, Stockton, James tAg-Fri Neche Stoen, Donald tAg-Fr? Gary, Minn. Stoll, Thomas tPh-Sol Killdeer 211 Stolt, Floyd QEE-Fr? New Ulm, Minn. Storbeck, Melvin tAg-Fri Lake Park, Minn. 84, 175 Stover, Frederick f1E8zM-Frj Fargo 32, 59 Stoxen, Laurel fph-SO, Taylor 121 Strand, Richard tPhys-Srl Osnabrock 66, 69, 146, 147, 20 Strand, William tCE-Jrl Detroit Lakes, Minn. 174 Strasser, Marion QAAS-Gradi Fargo Straus, JoAnn CAAS-Fri Fargo Strege, Loren QME-Frl Fargo Strom, Thomas QME-Fri Ironwood, Mich. 59, 229 Strommen, Richard QEE-Jri Fargo Stromstad, Curtis QME-Fri Alkabo 169, 226 Stroup, Margie t1-IE-Sol Fargo 191, 194 Struchynski, George CCE-Frl Belfield 228 Strum, George tAg-Gradl Fargo Stuntebeck, James QPh-Jrl Wadena, Minn. 211 Sturdevant, Richard QAAS-Fri Wahpeton 59, 229 Sturdevant, Robert KAAS-Fri Wahpeton 59, 229 Sturlaugson, Dale CAg-Fri Langdon 39 Suckut, Vergil t1E8zM-Jri Bowdon 103, 227 Sukut, Arlyn fAg'SrJ Bismarck 82, 91, 93, 259 Sullivan, John tCh-Srl Fargo 259 Summers, Alice tHE-Fri Bowbells 93, 113, 169, 185, 222 Sund, Michael fAg-Soi Cleveland 172 Sunde, Lloyd KAAS-Grad? Moorhead, Minn. Sunde, Richard CAAS-Jrl Park Rapids, Minn. 74 Sundlie, Elmer CCE-Soi Forman Sundeth, Dennis CME-Fri I-Ialstad, Minn. Sundseth, Gailon fME-Soi Halstad, Minn. Surdahl, Delano QCE-Sri Bottineau 102, 259 Svihovcc, Burnell tPh-JrJ Mott Svihovec, Celeste KAAS-Jr? Mott 2, 157, 192, 224 Swanke, Harry fAAS-Jr? Lakota Swanke Sonia tHE Sri Lakota 114 128 150 152 154 1 4, 259 59 , ' . . , . -, 65, 196. 2 Swanson James AAS-Sr Far o , Q J g 259 Swanson, John fLE8zM-Sri Willmar, Minn. 103, 219, 259 Swanson, Marley KAAS-Gradi Fargo Swartout, Quinn QEE-Fri Sanborn Swedlund, Kay tHE-Fri Velva 90, 93, 168, 225 Swedlund, Paul fAgE-Soi Velva 168 Swenson, Duane QAAS-Sol Fargo 93, 150, 153, 167, 207 Swenson, Janice fCh-Fri Fargo Swenson, Richard CAAS-Jrl Pelican Rapids, Minn. Swenson, Wayne CCh-Jri Dickinson 91, 93, 96 Syverson, Dean fAg-Sri Ulen, Minn. 82, 93, 259 Syverson, Melroy CEE-Frl Ruso Talcott, Wayne QAAS-Fri Chicago, Ill. 59 Tallackson, Ruth CHE-Sol Grafton 93, 112, 192, 222, 223 Talley, Manaul KME-Srl Lansford 32, 166, 221, 259 Tangen, James QME-Fri Hawley, Minn. 59 Tangen, Richard QCE-Fri Kensington, Minn. Tangen, Tenner fCE-Jr? Kensington, Minn. Taverna, Gale QAAS-Fri Fargo 93 Taverna, Niel CAAS-Fri New Rockford Turnqnist, Rodney CEE-Jrl Farwell, Minn. Tuthill, George tArcl1E-Srl Cogswell 260 Tuthill, Joann fAAS-So? Cogswell 223 Tuthill, William KME-JrJ Cogswell 103, 226 Tweed, Elaine IAAS-Fri Cooperstown Twitchell, Seth tArch-S01 Mapleton 227 Tyson, Edmund CAAS-Srl Bismarck 74, 221, 260 Teichmann, Richard fAg-Fri Fargo 93, 179 Teigen, Edna KHE-Soi Rugby 113 Teschendorf, Robert tAg-Jrl Fargo Tessier, Duane USE-Fri Fargo Thiele, James tAg-Fri New Salem 229 Thies, Gerald t1E8zM-Fri Sabin, Minn. Thomasson, Garry fAg-Fri Fargo 59 Thompson, Auburn CEE-Fri Moorhead, Minn. 284 Joyce Berg, Queen of the Little International, presenting Joe Knight, the Grand Champion Showmun, with the trophy he received in recognition of the honor. Thompson, Earl tAg-Fri Fargo Thompson, Harlyn tArch-Sri Fargo 98, 106, 259 Thompson Janet tHE-Sol Hillsboro 90, 93, 112, 180, 187, 192, 222 Thompson Kenneth tAg-Fri Walhalla 83, 204 Thompson, Richard t1E8zM-Srl Minot 207 Thompson, Warren QAAS-Frj Staten Island, N. Y. Thompson, William ICE-Jrt Bismarck Thorfinson, Jerrol lAg-Sol Wahpeton Thorson, Roberta QHE-Srl Fargo 112, 198, 260 Thuring, Ernel QAAS-Frj Fargo 69 Thurn, Carol QAAS-Fri Ashley ' Timm, Dwight fAeroE-Jrl Jamestown Timm, Harry fAAS-Soi Appleton, Minn. 52, 59 Tix, Paul tAg-Fri Hill City, Minn. Toepke, LaVonne tAAS'SrJ Judson 90, 93, 180, 224, 260 Tollefson, Maxine tHE-Srl Fargo 192, 260 Toman, Elgi tAg-Sol Flasher 85, 172 Tomlinson, JoAnn tHE-Srl Fargo 93 Tommerdahl, Dorothy IAAS-Fri Hendrum, Minn. Toppen, Doris QAAS-Fri Kindred Torblaa, Richard KAAS-Jr? Grafton Trautman, Dwayne QAAS-Soi Woodworth Trautman, Paul lAg-FrJ Cleveland 226 Trom, John tPh-Sol Lisbon Trom, Patricia KHE-Sol Kindred 113, 225 Trottier, Darlene f1'IE-Jri Fargo 184, 196 Trouhridge, R. Fred QAAS-Grad! Fargo Tschida, Allen QAAS-Soi Enderlin Tschider, Richard CAAS-Fri Bismarck 59 Tucker, Robert fPhys-Soi Fargo 166 Tuntland, Richard CAAS-Soi Coleharbor Turner, Beth KAAS-Jrl Wilton 182, 183, 191 Turner, Daniel KEE-Sri Fargo 104, 219, 260 Turner, Patricia CAAS-Fri Wilton 93, 202 Ueland, Erman fAg-Srl Halstad, Minn. 82, 260 Ulness, Donald QAAS-Sri Kindred 215, 260 Unkenholz, James tAg-Fri Mandan 179 Urban, Allan IME-Sol Minot 103 Utke, Bonnie KAAS-Frj Fargo Uyehara, Paul tAg-Sol Paia Mani, Hawaii Vad, Duane tPh-Jri Thief River Falls, Minn. 211 Valentine, Mary KHE-Sol Hope 169, 180, 222 VanBerkom, Lawrence tAg-Sri Powers Lake 85, 221 VanBerkom, Lowell fPh-Soi Powers Lake 121, 221, 260 Vandal, Norman tMEeFrJ Bottineau 185 Vanerstrom, Milton tAg-Soi Carpio 85, 208, 226 VanEyken, Maria CHE-Specl Rio de Janeiro, Brazil vtmisyken, Wolfe teh-sn Rio de Jameroo. Brawl VanSlyck, Louis KEE-Srl Walhalla 219, 260 Vasenden, Arvid 4Ph-Soi Fertile, Minn. 91, 93, 121, 167, 211 Vasey, Edfred tAg-Sri Mott 126, 129, 146, 204, 260 Vaughn, Barbara KAAS-Sri Lisbon 128, 138, 200, 223, 260 Vavrina, T. J. CAAS-Gradl Fargo Vedvig, Harvey tPh-Fri Carpio Vehslage, Joyce KHE-Fri Sherwood 93, 225 Vennerstrom, Barbara fl-IE-.lri Fargo 115, 179 VeraCarneri, Manuel fCH-Grad? Lima, Peru 96 Veralrud, Elton fPh-Fri Park River Vermeland, Donald tArchE-Sol Sandwich, Ill. 219 Vettle, Harold tAg-Grad? Cummings 172, 184 Vickers, Patrick fAAS-Sol Claremont, S. D. 53, 59 Two of the best in the North Central Conference, Don Augustin, No. 56 of the Sioux and Grut Anderson of the Bison. Vigesaa, Laurence fArchE-Frl Cooperstown Voekler, Estelle tHE-Frl Fargo 93 Voelker, Leonard IEE-Frl Fargo 93, 183 Vogel, John tAg-Sol Fargo 101 Volk, Ronald QAAS-Frl Bismarck Vollman, Donald fAg-Srl Duluth, Minn. Vollmers, Joyce tHE-Fri Browns Valley, Minn. 93, 178, 225 Vonderheide, Jerome IEE-Jrl Underwood 104, 162, 163 Voracek, Donald CIEKM-Sol Fargo Vos, Richard QAAS-Sol Fargo Vosgerau, Dorothy QAAS-Frl Page Vrem, Mareoe CAAS-Jri Thorne 229 Waclawik, Jolm fAg-Grad! Page 82, 85, 88, 208 Wagner, Donald tIE8zM-Sol Harvey 130, 207 Wagner, Floyd tPh'Sol Hutchinson, Minn. 57, 59, 164, 215 Wahlefield, William iCh-Fri Yonkers, N. Y. 96, 227 Wallace, Clifford tPh-Sol Milaca, Minn. 121, 160 Wallentine, Dale QAAS-Sol Svea, Minn. 56, 59, 70, 215 Walstad, Douglas fAAS-Jr? Moorhead, Minn. 64, 69, 72, 73 Walter, Jerry CME-Fri Fargo 59 Walter, Maurice QAAS-Frl Edgeley Wang, Wayne tAg-Srl l-lalstad, Minn. 82, 208, 260 Ward, Jean CHE-Gradl Moorhead, Minn. Wardwell, Donovan fAg-Grad? Fargo Warkentin, John KME-SH Hankinson 104, 186, 260 Warnes, Dennis fAg-Srl Stephen, Minn. 85, 190, 208, 260 Warren, Ted tPh-Jrl Harvey 91, 93, 121 Wasem, Charles tPh-Sri l-laliday 121, 211, 260 Washblnrn, Donald fArch-Frl Fergus Falls, Minn. Washburn, Wilbur tPh-FrJ Fergus Falls, Minn. 228 Watson, Jerome fAgE'Srl Valley City 216, 260, 278 Waxler, Ronald fME-Sol Fargo Weatherford, Wayne lAAS-Jrl Moorhead, Minn. Vifelrb, Byron tPh-Frl Montevideo, Minn. Weber, Douglas KAAS-Srl Ashley 91, 93, 260 Webster, Wallace tlESzM-Jrl Valley City 174 Weclul, Kenneth l'Pl'1-Jrl Thief River Falls, Minn. 211 Weight, William iAg-FrJ LaMoure 59 Weiser, Conrad fAg-Sol Fargo Weiss, Earl CCE-Jrl Bismarck Weiss, Shirley tHE-Sol Neche Welkeu, Ralph USE-Srl Valley City 31, 100, 104, 123, 216, 261 Well, Joline CHE-SoJCavalier 128, 196 Welsh, James tAg-JrJ Moorhead, Minn. Weltz, Clarence QCE-Jrl Anamoose 36 Wenaas, Donald QAAS-Sol Hunter Wentz, Marlys KAAS-Srl Fargo 22, 23, 198, 261 Werner, Marvin lAg-Fri Brisbane 101 Werner, Paul QAAS-Srl Hammond, lll. 164 Werth, Melvin tAgE-Fri Ironwood, Mich. Westberg, Loren CAg-SrJ Hawley, Minn. Wolff, Helen fCh-Srl Harvey 192, 260 ' Wolla, Maurice QEE-Jr! Fargo 104, 161 Wollan, Jacqueline iCh-Fri Plentywood, Mont. 90, 93, 96, 180, 181, 174, 261 223 Wolt, Darold fIE8tM-Srl Jamestown 260 Wolter, Robert QAAS-Jrl Fargo 260 Wong, Henry tCh-Grad! Fargo 96 Wood, JoAnn tAAS-Fri Bottineau Woods, John fAg-Fri Forest River Woodward, Duane tAg-Srl Hawley, Minn. 82, 260 Woodward, Richard QAAS-Fri Fargo Wright, Alice fCh-Jr? Oberon 96, 222 Wright, Dennis CAAS-Fr? Fargo 185 Wright, Marvin tAg-Frl Flasher 172 Wright, Theodore Jr. KME-.lrl Fargo Willming, James QAAS-Srl Slater, Mo. 123, 216, 260 Wilson, Dennis QEE-Jr? Fergus Falls, Minn. 104 Wilson, Gretchen tHE-Srl Harvey 192, 260 Wilson, Helen QAAS-Sol Midway, Utah 176 Wilson, Robert KAg-S01 Galesburg, Ill. 227 Wilson, Richard fMEfFrl Fargo Wing, Jerome CPh-Sr? Stanley Winter, Frederick tPh-Sol Park Rapids, Minn. Winter, James fCE-Sol Hallock, Minn. 102 Winter, Lee CEE-FrJ Richwood, Minn. 59 Wisness, Margaret tHE-Jrl Maddock 112, 169, 180 Wisted, Harmon KEE-Fr? Fargo Wittemen, Stanley f1E8rM-Srl Mohall 31, 100, 103, 105, 107, 123, 124, 147, 218, 260 Woitzel, Helen tHE-Frl Gardner 113 Wold, James CAAS-Sol Fargo 53, 59 Wold, Joel IME-Fri Juanita Wolf, Leonard fAg-Jr? Medora 227 Wolf, Ronald tPh-Srl Dickinson 150, 153, 154, 167, 185, 190, 211, 260 Wolf, Wilfred KCE-Sol Hague Westermann, Duane fPh-Srl New Salem 211, 261 Weyers, Henry fAg-Jrl Page Weyland, Herman fCh-Frl Fargo 96 Wheeler, Arthur tAAS-Fri Carrington 93 Wheeler, Ralph KEE-Srl Minot 104, 123, 207, 261 Wheeler, Susan fAAS-Fr? Mandan 149, 155, 222 Whidden, Bruce IEE-Jr? Minot 100, 104, 170, 207 White, James KAAS-Frl Sykeston 226 White, Jeremiah fArch-Srl Garrison 32, 46, 93, 106, 218, 261 White, Robert IAAS-Srl Wahpeton Whiting, Ann tHE-Frl Fargo 21, 165, 264 Widdifield, Barbara CHE-Sri Fargo 88, 93, 112, 114, 125, 147, 148, 155, 191, 192, 233, 243, 261 Widdifield, Russell iAg-Grad! Fargo Wiederholt, Gerald tAgE-Sol Fargo Wieland, Alon ICE-Sol Fargo 166 Wilcox, Burton fCh-FrJ Center 218 Willard, Leonard tPh-Sol Underwood, Minn. Willert, JoAnn tHE-Jr? Hankinson 2, 93, 112, 114, 125, 156, 194, 222 Williams, Joan tHE-Srl Fargo 125, 200, 260 Willman, John YAAS-Fri Ontonagon, Mich. 59, 229 York. Earl fAAS-Grad? Wolverton, Minn. Young, Freeman fCh-Gradl Moorhead, Minn. Young, James iCh-Sol Anamoose 207 Ysteboe, Howard fME-Sol Fargo Zaeske, Allan CAAS-Srl Leonard Zaum, Mary CHE-Jr? Valley City Zavada, Bert lArchE-Sol Fargo Zaylskie, Barbara KAAS-Jrl Fargo Zeman, Earl fArchE-Jrl Fargo Ziegler, Victor CCE-Jri Hebron 150, 151, 153, 175, 190, 218 Zielsdorf, Joan tHE-Jrl Rhame 89, 90, 93, 112, 115, 192, 222 Zieman, Dawn fAAS-Fri Oakes 54, 59, 261 113 182, 183 Zieman, Lyle CAg-Frl Makoti 169 Zimmer, John fAg-Srl St. Cloud, Minn. 260 Zimmerman, Don fCh-Srl Fargo 123, 146, 147, 149, 152, 162, 163, 168, 170, 207, 260 Zimmermann, Edwin Jr. fME-Srl Fargo 103. 107, 129, 146, 147, 166, 245, 260 Zimmerman, Marilyn KHE-Srl Fargo Zink, Laverne fAgE-Srl Bordulae 212 Zink, Raymond fEE-Frl Bordulac 185 Zook, Donald QCE-Fri Garrison 228 Zorich, Robert CAAS-Gradl Fargo Zottnick, Ronald f1ES:M-Sol Edgely 202 Zueger, Emil fPh-Jrl Mandan 52. 59, 164, 229 Zuklic, Robert IAAS-Jrl Chicago, Ill. 55, 59, 215 285 121 A Activities .,..,..,......, , ,......,.., . Administration Officials ....... ,... . .. Advertising ..,....,..,.......... ,.... .,.,......., Agricultural Economics Club Agriculture, School of .......,.,... ...... Agronomy Club ....,..,, Air Force ROTC ...... AIEE ....,............... Air Debs ........ ........... Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Army Gamma Delta ....... Gamma Rho ..... Phi Omega .... Tau Omega ..,, Zeta .......,..,..... ROTC ......,....,...,...... K Arnold Air Society ....,.....,.... Applied Arts and Sciences, School of .....,..................,., ASAE .....,..,. ........ ,...... ASCE .,.....,...... ASME .............,. Atelier Chat Noir . B 191 Baseball ......... ,.,. Basketball ......... Beard Contest .... . Bison Annual ......... Bison Brevities ,....... Blue Key ...,,............,.... Board of Athletics , l.......,. Board of Campus Affairs .. Board of Finance ..........,.... Board of Memorial Union Board of Music and Public Programs .....................,,.,.. Board of Publications ......,. Board of Radio .,....,. Bowling ...,.......,.... Bromo Bowl ...,........ C - D Ceres Hall ......4.......,. Cheerleaders ......,,,....,. Chemistry Club ........,..,... Chemistry, School of ......,, Chorus ...............,,............ Convocation Series ......... Co-op House . ..,.......,. ., Dakota Hall ......,....... E Edwin Booth Club ....... Engineering Council ........,. Engineering, School of ,..... Engineer's Ball ........... 286 .. ,......, 16 142 262 82 80 83 122 104 125 192 204 166 206 83 126 125 86 101 102 103 108 72 60 32 156 38 149 154 153 154 153 152 153 153 74 36 225 165 96 94 93 48 172 228 170 100 98 31 Index F Farmhouse .. .,.,..,..,... FFA ,.......,.,. ,.,..,............,... Field House Barracks ..,.... Football ..,..........,.....,...... Four-H Club .....,..... G - H Gamma Delta .......,.... Gamma Phi Beta ..... Gold Star Band ....... Governor .......,...... Guidon ............. ......,...........,. Homecoming ......,.,......,,...... Home Economics, School of ............ I-I IAS ............................. Interfraternity Ball ..,..... Interfraternity Council ...... Intramural Sports .......... IRE ,........,.....,.......,........ John Robinson Club ...... Kappa Alpha Theta ..,... Kappa Delta ............... Kappa Delta Pi ...,.., Kappa Epsilon .,...........,.. Kappa Kappa Gamma ........ Kappa Kappa Psi ..,,... Kappa Psi ............,.. Kappa Sigma Chi .,..... Kappa Tau Delta ..... L Letterman's Club ....... Library ...,..........,..,,....... Little Country Theater ..,... Little International ........ LSA ......t...........,.......... Lyceum Series ......... M-N Men's Residence Hall .,..,.. Memorial Union ........,... Military Ball ........ Newman Club ..... O Orchesis ............,...... Organizations .,.......... Outstanding Seniors ,....t P Panhellenic Council ,..... Papyrus Ebers ,....,...,.. 208 82 229 50 169 178 194 92 140 128 20 110 104 30 190 75 104 183 196 198 88 121 200 91 210 212 106 164 136 46 42 180 48 226 138 29 184 171 144 232 160 Pharmacy Club ...,..,..,...,,, Pharmacy, School of ..., Phi Kappa Phi ,,.........,.. Phi Mu ....................,..... Phi Upsilon Omicron .,..... ..... Physical Education ,... Pi Tau Sigma ...,, President ..,.,.... ' R Radio Station .,.. Rahj ahs ...,..........,... Religious Education ..... Residences .......,...........,. Rho Chi ........,..............,..,...... Rodger Williams Club ., ..,.., . S Saddle and Sirloin Club Scabbard and Blade , .....,. . Scholastic .......,..,.... Seniors ...................., Senior Sigma Sigma Staff ..,............ 'Alpha Epsilon ..., Alpha Iota ...... Sigma Chi .............., Sigma Phi Delta ............ Ski Club ,.....,..................,... Snow Sculpture Contest ....... Spectrum ............,.......,....., Spinster Skip ....,,.,.,.... .. State Engineer . ..,.... .. Student Commission ...... Student Health Center ..... Student Senate .............. T - U - V Tau Beta Pi ............,. Tau Beta Sigma ...... ,...,...... Theta Chi ,.......,.,,......,.....,........ Three-Denominational Center Track .,..,........i..... ........,....,.... 4...,.... Tryota .........,......,... Ugly Man Contest ...... Vetis Club ........,.,.., W - Y Wesley Foundation ..,........... Westminster Foundation ,.,..... ...,. Who's 'Who ...........,..,..,.........,.......... Women's Athletic Association ........ Women's Residence Hall ................ Womenis Senate ..,.....4.......,... WUS Basketball Game and Dance .....,.............,,.,........... Y-MCA t..... YWCA ...... 118 147 202 1 14 130 105 141 162 167 132 188 120 182 84- 129 78 230 148 214 89 216 218 168 37 158 28 161 151 134 150 107 90 220 182 70 112 33 174 179 182 146 176 222 155 . 34 186 187 A published yearbook represents the product of the combined effort of many people over a consider- able span of time. Often the editor improperly re- ceives most of the credit for the completed work. Rather, the editor owes immeasurable gratitude to many people without whose guidance and assistance a yearbook could never be published. Because of this it seems proper that special acknowledgment be given to the . . . Bison Business Staff and Bison Editorial Staff work, work, and more work Dakota Photo Engraving Co. Wilfred Miller engraving and art work Denison Yearbook Co. Ken Sorenson and George T printing and binding Board of Publications guidance Merle Nott , advice and pictures Thune Studios Homer S. Thune portraits of the outstanding seniors Students of NDSC finances and patience Resch gd7y .Hail 287 ' " V' ' ' pf " f'a"' ,'Y,g"1 'Q' f -, , f I I ., -67,-g',2V.x., .-I.-.---3-1-...y .-.'..-n.- ,. ,, --QQ!!-V?-., .EA ,-J, -r. -. V. 7-C. VA-,5'.n,:-5 - .-- ,. M 1-7 '- ,P-J J.'.,.-iw.-1 . Vi, .3 -. 1,-, .,- ... -M., 7 V -, :-.:V.f: .,f.'-- ,.V- uf 1. .VV-'H' ..- ". -- Vs. 1.1 It x.1--3- 1 KM:-,f V-f-M .1 .. 1 ,,.- 7 .. .. .1 3 V... -' 19 f"a,i5TsffiS?S1-fn 'TfT:"2"'?!'1f V'4L2f.'fZi"??-1if33f--5'5- ''i-V-mx?If-2"J.f'Y'-Eifpf ','-735'-Q 'V xF:V15l'9V12'f '?VfVH'--'-T' -:V fl 175-:7lLV'i:.5lZ'V'VVV ":73-'.iif'-,ff"f5.'-7"2f'f.fV"f"- T'--'fV"? "?.sf""' f'-VF'F"3-54 V: U" f. . NVQ- 4' '--' 52. if fif-'F- "'-' 'iff 7,-PA -' 4+ V 'ff fi w.,g,T-ivx.w'f" ' -, Qin. k?fffV4f' 24'-1.1 F'--135.3 QA . :ff'f5V'- -f-'Q ,fp L ,- - V:-.. -1,.,.."N " I f-,,1:-, g.- f.,-, ,,5, -,-f .-, ,--75.,.y...',J..,,.-,.v n QM -.-L. N. ..,..l.. f' .'24.:V.:-4-V .-1-Jf'5jV'ff',lC3if? 1- fi1VV-.1f:N.-'ff Yrs! 1?1'f4?:.'Vs"1E5ff-' .si K-X, ,,..g-5 -. :.T,,,X, '- - - V V 55,512.9 R.: M - - . -mi V"Vx-- - 57f,"V'- - x . -,f . , Vi ' ,4 Ji-tV",fr . ,,',' 'X' " .k " .-,V "-1.5. fl ., - .. 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Suggestions in the North Dakota State University - Bison Yearbook (Fargo, ND) collection:

North Dakota State University - Bison Yearbook (Fargo, ND) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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North Dakota State University - Bison Yearbook (Fargo, ND) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State University - Bison Yearbook (Fargo, ND) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State University - Bison Yearbook (Fargo, ND) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State University - Bison Yearbook (Fargo, ND) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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