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v"'54BfWw X 'Hr ,, ,, ,451-121' N E ,ak L L ,,,l. ,,1,,. 4 , 9 A ,.f:,gQxj35,ffgf.,. w.W7.5?1h -1 Y- ,, lm, A , , ay yifm-A, , w V - Q Wwfimsiu-N 7 ffm-fm, wwf ,M , , -,,,. xW a W vt f X A, Q ..- in jk T, 5 1 5 1 li g x ,, t . V I 11 . 'L K 'H TQ ' w -w M455 We X L fha-ITZZQSML THE BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS CONTROL KATHERINE KILBOURNE N.,Q,CJ. MAURICE BENIDT . A 1 1 a Y 5 1 i I s 1 Y 1 5 A , , f I . To the students on this campus and to their ambitions and idealsg that they may find their realization in the future on the greater cam' puses that lie without these gates. Through the pages of this book, we are portraying the lile of the student in the classroom and in campus activities. May this record add permanence to our memories of North Dakota State College ADMINISTRATICJN CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS GRGANIZATIONS BISCN LIFE Q-fha CQYHP Lib A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON TIME AN UPWARD GLANCE AT MEN'S DORM BEFORE ENTERING THE HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE - - WHERE SENIOR WOMEN SPECIALIZE FARM CAMPUS - - - OFTEN HEARD AND NOW SEEN ,. F7 , .1.f.g,- . - .Cf fr ggywe ffl , ' L" A A STUDY IN ARCHITECTURE 'boo-lzlome Administration Administrative Agencies Student Government aqdlmlnlatnatlon Arthur E. Thompson Theodore Martell R. M. Rishworth Mrs. Jennie Ulsrud J. D. Harris Board oi Administration The Board of Administration handles all of the business which was formerly divided among the Board of Trustees, Board of Control, and Board of Regents. One important function the board has is to go before the State Budget Board to outline the needs of the North Dakota Agri- cultural College, University of North Dakota and other state institutions. The business handled by the board includes distribution of appropriations and compilations of resources, State appropriations, fees and earnings of the institutions, interest and income from lands and amount paid by counties. Page 16 J. H. SHEPPERD Prexy Taking Advantage of Dime Day, Has His Shoes Shin- ed by Ethel Olson Presidenlfs Message THE BISON, as mascot of the College is the symbol for your yearbook. It is Well to emulate the success attained by this vigorous, aggressive native of the Plains and Prairie. The accomplishments of the Bison in competing with its neighbors and in meet- ing the vicissitudes of a rigorous climate are outstanding, and the student who is stim- ulated by the practices of this denizen of the prairie is assured of success in life. The athlete, the musician, the playright, the public speaker, the artist and the columnist of the student body emulate the example of the Bison by stepping forth as effective, organized groups to meet the institutionls Challengers. Clever, courageous leaders were developed by competition between members of the Bison herd, which corresponds to the intramural meets between representatives of student organizations Within the student body. This College Yearbook which bears the name of our mascot offers an outstand- ing challenge and opportunity to each succeeding group of upper-classmen to excel the accomplishments of their predecessors. The results of the Yearbook are creditable and stimulating and the Bison simile unique. J. H. SHEPPERD, PRESIDENT. Page 17 A. H. PARROTT S. W. HAGAN Registrar Has it ever occurred to you to think of the little yellow class card that your in- structor holds for you in the same way that you think of the little green slips of cur- rency that the government issues? Yet, if the average student spends S350 a year on school expenses and at the end of the year accumulates 50 "credits," each credit to be finally recorded represents S7 and each card represents from 37, 3314, 51521, etc., up to occasionally 25105. Each year in this way more than a half-a-million of academic currency is added to the many millions previously accumulated and stored in the vault of the registraris office during the 48 years of the life of this college. Nor is that the only significance of the registrar's office. In that same vault is a file that contains for each student an envelope in which is stored records of his social and economic origins, his high school record and the recommendations of his high school principal, and any special action taken by Council committees, and all creden- tials and recommendations that have been prepared for him. Registrar Parrott is also chairman of the following significant Council commit- tees: Catalog and Circulars, Curriculum, Eligibility to Public Activities, Freshman Ori- entation, Interfraternity Council, Student Activities, Student Attendance and Student Loan Fund. Secreta ry Having little contact with the Secretary's office, the average student may won- der how it justifies its existence. Students on NYA would be the first to proclaim in its behalf for that is the place they draw their wages. In fact, all money goes through this office. The secretary is the custodian of all college property and the purchasing agent for the school. Funds from the government for the military and agriculture departments -extension, experiment stations, and school proper-fare sent here. He authorizes bills, student loans, and what is most familiar to all collects student fees. Page 18 Dean of Women Being Dean of Women, Dean Dinan has realized an ambition she had in college, that of serving as advisor to girls. A large part of her time is devoted to student coun- seling sought by the students themselves. When a freshman enters college, she comes in contact with results of Dean Dinan's Work in the Campus Sister movement and freshmen orientation. Dean Dinan has charge of living conditions of all girls, a problem which has been difficult because of the limited dormitory space. As Dean of Women, she is advisor to the Women's Senate, Senior Staff, and Pan- hellenic Council, she is a member of the student health, student activities, student loan fund, and social committees. She also has charge of scholarships for students. Dean of Men t'The Dean of Men's work is an integral part of the student's development in his college life." The activities of the Dean center around the general Welfare of the stu- dent. After considering the individual need of the student, guidance and assistance are given in personal advice and counsel. Whether the difficulty be housing, health, fi- nance, scholarship, or social matters, Dean Smith is more than Willing to help solve the problem. ln short, he assists in coordinating all influences and activities of college life. DEAN SMITH DEAN DINAN encleli lnllatn tive Meetinfv of the College Council -- Registrar Parrott, presiding College Council The college council, meeting the third Thursday of each month of the college year, determines questions of educational policy and makes rules and regulations to promote the educational interests of the college. The members of the council are: J. H. Shepperd A. H. Parrott Alba Bales Pearl Dinan R. M. Dolve A. E. Minard I. W. Smith H. L. Walster L. L. Carrick W. F. Sudro P. J. Olson Minnie Anderson A. G. Arvold O. A. Barton F. W. Christensen O. O. Churchill J. R. Dice J. D. Easton M. B. Erickson C. C. Finnegan H. C. Hanson Lucille Horton F. C. Householder W. C. Hunter H. B. Huntoon P. J. Iverson E. H. Jones Kenneth Kuhn H. F. McColly Loon Metzinger C. E. Miller J. A. Munro C. I. Nelson C. S. Putnam L. M. Roderick H. S. Rush Page 20 R. H. Slocum E. T. Smith C. L. Swisher E. J. Thompson E. H. Tyner C. B. Waldron A. D. Whedon A. F. Yeager F. J. Brindley L. H. Hartwell E. A. Helgeson B. V. McCaul Rudolf Ottersen Albert Severson O. A. Stevens C. J. Sunde W. R. Wenger H. E. Wirth The North Dakota Experiment Station "Plot 30 at the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, where Bolley and his associates did their work on disease resis- tance, is perhaps as important in human affairs as any historic bat- tlefield. Its function, however, has been the saving, not the de- struction, of man's resources." "Plot 30" The North Dakota Experiment Station has a notable record of achievement. The following are outstanding cases contributing to that record: l. The discovery of the cause of Flax Wilt and the solution of the problem of its control. This bit of research actually saved the flax crop for the United States. 2. Many varieties of crops whose merit is recognized both nationally and inter- nationally were originated by breeding or selection at this station. Examples are: tal Field crops: NDR 52, NDR 114, Bison, Buda, and Linota flax, Ceres wheat, Da- kota rye, and Rainbow oats. Qbj Fruit and vegetable crops: Bison and Red River tomatoesg Golden Gem and Sunshine sweet corn, Buttercup squashg Pixwell goose- berryg and many others. 3. Pioneer research in the following animal diseases: Cal Avian tuberculosis. A positive dependable diagnostic test now used the world over was developed by this station. The transmissibility of this disease and source of infection and the relation to tuberculosis in other domestic animals was worked out. Cbj Sweet Clover Disease. The nature and cause of this peculiar malady were established. 4. Pure food standards and laws: The late E. F. Ladd, follow- ing exposure of many food frauds, worked out pure food regulations that commanded international at- Stuclying Digestion Through ct Window In a Cow teption 5. Moisture conservation. 6. Important contributions to knowledge of genetics of crops. These typical cases demon- strate that the Experiment Station is not only attacking the tempo- rary and superficial problems of agriculture, but is devoting itself to working out fundamental laws and principles that are basic to the larger problems. Page 21 College Fora T. VV. THORDARSON The 1935 legislature passed a law, and the 1937 session increased the appropriation, providing for free individual instruction, called Super- vised Correspondence Courses, for three classes of students: 1. For boys and girls who live in the country and who cannot attend regular high schools. 2. For invalids who are unable to attend school any place. 3. For pupils who are enrolled in regular high schools but cannot take certain subjects in classes. The intention of this law is to bring high school education closer to the homes of pupils who cannot afford to go to town to make use of the organized high school system. Farm boys and girls are allowed to con- tinue their education by attending their rural schools where they may study high school subjects by correspondence. Another purpose of the law is to provide high school opportunities for disabled children while they are unable to leave their homes or healing institutions. The law also recognizes the fact that there are many small high schools that cannot afford to offer a wide variety of subjects. Through this educational setup it is possible to develop a very large number of high school subjects, including specialized vocational and in- dustrial subjects, because the State Correspondence Study Center located at the North Dakota Agricultural College has the whole state to serve rather than one school. To illustrate: in one school a single student may want to take up Solid Geometry, in another school a single student may want to take Latin, and somewhere else one student may desire to take Art. In another place a boy may want to take a course in Agriculture, Gas Engines, or Typewriter Repairing. Page 22 Correspondence INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION NORTH DAKOTA PEOPLE In every one of these schools it would be too expensive to organize a separate class for one or two students, but through the State Corre- spondence Study project, the cost is the same whether there is one or one hundred students enrolled from the same school. Enrollments from dif- ferent localities in one subject will soon constitute a large number of students in a particular subject. The North Dakotay Agricultural College is the home of this new development in secondary education. A staff of over 25 experts comprise the faculty of the state headquarters. Over 4500 enrollments were re- ceived during this school year. The records reveal this group to be splendid, serious-minded scholars with a number of geniuses in the making. Through this project it is hoped that the whole secondary educa- tional system of North Dakota may be improved, and every boy and girl in the state be given a reasonable and a decent chance to obtain a high school education irrespective 'of whether they live on a farm, in a small town, in a city, or in a hospital. The Division of Correspondence Study and Extension Classes at the Agricultural College also offers college correspondence courses and night classes for college credits. T. W. THoRDARsoN, STATE DIRECTOR Correspondence College Teachers At Work Page 23 MRS. ETHEL IVICVEETY The Library More than 58,000 books on every conceivable subject are available for the students at the North Dakota State College. The library grows at the rate of approximately 1500 volumes annually. More than 7400 volumes of government publications have been deposited in the library by the United States government in addition to the United States Congres- sional Record from 1833 to the present time. A complete file of the United States Department of Agriculture publications as Well as the publications from the various state experiment stations are received regularly at the library. Publications from the Carnegie Institution of Washington and the reports from the Smithsonian Institution and the United States National Museum are received as gifts. The books of the International Relations Club add greatly to the material on current economic and social problems. The present library building was erected in 1905 to serve an enroll- ment of 300 students. Every conceivable foot of space has to be utilized to serve the 1937 enrollment of 1500 students. During the 1935 leave of absence of Miss Harriet Pearson, assistant librarian and instructor in Library Methods, and with her subsequent resignation in 1936, Miss Sarah Olson was advanced to the position of assistant librarian while still retaining her position as cataloger. Miss Angelin Tesdel is now the instructor in the Library Methods course which aims to give the students guidance in the use of library facilities. The library is at the service of the students, not only for required reading, but also as an ideal place to browse for pleasure reading. Page 24 DR. WALTER LEE AIRHEART Fargo School oi Religious Education During the last six years sixty percent of each class graduating from the North Dakota Agricultural College has taken part of their Work accredited toward graduation in the School of Religious Education. This year a new building was completed and religion is now being taught in a modern brick building facing Ceres Hall. Dr. Walter Lee Airheart, the director of the school, has been in charge since its establishment by Wesley College in 1921. Holding the following advanced degrees, M.A. from Wesley College, B.D. from Garret, Ph.D. from the University of North Dakota, and the honorary degree of D.D. from Wesley College, Dr. Airheart is thoroughly trained for this work. The purpose of the school is to interpret the fundamentals of religion in terms readily understood by the college student so as to preserve the religious values which the experiences of our fathers have proved to be true values. The Work is based on grounds common to all types of faith represented in the student body and in keeping with a common purpose. Page 20 Publications Th e Publications Depart- ment is the outlet of the College which conveys to people of the state the bene- fits of educational and eX- perimental research W 0 r k being done by the institu- tion. By maintaining close cooperation with newspapers and radio stations this de- partment has regular and effective means of reaching residents in all parts of the state with news and information. W. C. PALMER Newspaper publicity, radio programs, bulletins and circulars, and visual material prepared and distributed by the Publications Depart- ment multiplies the results of the Work being done by the College, and increases the recognition the institution earns for practical service. The department maintains a regular news service for the dissemi- nation of news and information to all newspapers in North Dakota and to all of the principal newspapers in this region. All activities of the College are covered, even down to furnishing folks back home with news on individual student activities. Radio programs are presented by the College over every radio station in tne state. These include programs daily direct from the de- partment over the two main stations. Direct leased wire is maintained from the campus to permit broadcast of news, information and student activities. An electrical transcribing system enables the department to furnish interesting and effective radio programs to these stations. Bulletins, circulars and other printed materials are prepared and released by the Publications Department. Thousands of such publica- tions are issued annually. Visual material such as films and slides are assem- bled and released to organi- zations and individuals. Many of the most im- portant public relations of the College are conducted by the Publications Department, and it is thru such activities as mentioned, and others, that the College is continu- ing to stand high in point of service to the people of North Dakota. EARL HODGSON Page 26 Student Health DR. WILLIAM STAFNE During the year 1935-1936 only 29 out of 1500 students were ill with contagious diseases. These figures, alone, show the efficiency of the health office on the North Dakota State College Campus. A record of this kind is only possible when there is cooperation between the students and the health authorities. The college doctor and nurse made 308 visits and vaccinated 389 persons during the year 1935-1936. Besides administering to the sick and giving vaccinations the physician and nurse give special blood tests, tuberculin tests, and take throat cultures. In this Work they are aided by the bacteriology de- partment. Organized medical supervision is carried on by a board composed of Dean Dinan, Dean Smith, Professors C. I. Nelson, C. C. Finnegan, A. D. Whedon, Dr. William Stafne, and the school nurse. Miss Esther Wendland, for- mer nurse, a s sis tin g with typhoid inocuiations f 0 1' t li e military department. ESTHER WENDLAND Page 27 Student Residence it WOMEN'S RESIDENCE Ceres Hall, besides hous- ing the Home Economics De- partment, is the dormitory for 82 girls. Miss Geraldine Ewald is the social director and co- operates With Dean Dinan in supervising the girls. T h e self - government GERALDINE EWALD SySt91'T1 is CO1"I1pOSQd of H council of 2 girls from each corridor. lnflicting penalties for broken rules, arranging dormitory dinners and parties are some of the activities of the council. Student proctors maintain order in the halls during quiet hours. Miss Ewald grants permission for overnight and Weekend leaves, inspects rooms weekly, and advises the council. The girls entertain their friends in the parlors Where there are ping-pong tables, or in the kitchenettes for fudge or hot chocolate. There is also a guest room which may be reserved at any time for friends of the girls who live in the Hall. MEN'S RESIDENCE At the present time about 200 students live in the large modern Men's Residence Hall, which was erected to accommodate the increased enrollment at the NDAC. The administration consists of Mr. Rudolf Otterson, supervisor, Gladys VVard, secretary, and a student council of 2 members elected from each of the seven sec- tions. Five proctors, upper- class students, have charge of halls and discipline dur- ing the evening. Two lounges on the main floor are at the stu- dents' disposal, one for social use and one for study. In the basement there are l2 kitchens, Where stu- dents may board themselves, and a commissary. RUDOLF OTTERSEN Page 28 Student Employment STUDENT EMPLOYMENT BUREAU Mrs. Psyche M. Gooden is in charge of the Student Employment Bureau which Was established in 1928. Many positions are offered the stu- dents. These Vary from requests for artists' models to furnace boys. This bureau is one of a few found in this PSYCHE M. GOODEN part of the country. NATIONAL YOUTH ADMINISTRATION The Federal Government has enabled the North Dakota Agricul- tural College to extend financial aid to Worthy and needy students under the National Youth Administration. In extending this coopera- tion to the institution, the government requires that the institution shall create new employment-that is, establish Work that has not hitherto regularly been done on the campus. For this Work the institution must pay at the rate of 30 cents per hour, not to exceed 8 hours any one day nor 50 hours in any one month. Mr. C. A. Sevrinson is director of the N. Y. A. service on the cam- pus, and Dean Pearl Dinan handles the employment for the girls. The jobs range from ordinary manual labor to secretarial positions, green- house and laboratory assistants. C. A. SEVRINSON Page 29 t EYI. YL ETL ent Lv 5 -u-J Bob Saunders, President of the Student Com- mission, umpires faculty-senior soft ball game on all-college day Student Commission Representing the student body of the North Dakota Agricultural College, the Student Commission is the govern- ing and legislative body. The Commissioners serve the in- terests of the students by supervising public speaking activ- ities supported by student funds, Student Court, elections, social affairs, publications, enforcement of laws, athletics, and finances of Commission funds. The Commission sponsors Home Coming and added a dinner to the festivities this year. All-college hops are under its direction, one being given each term. The Com- mission also cooperates in the all-college day festivities, which end with an all-college hop. The Commission enforces traffic ordinances and aids in beautifying the campus. Page 30 Elcer-en Ward Hogoboom Frisk Saunders Plath Brandes Sherwood The Student Commission Robert Saunders .......... Lennea Frisk .....,..., .7oo,.. Vinton Plath ....... Steve Ward ,,ee,,eee Walter Ekeren ....... Kathryn lVIcEnroe .,..,r, Commissioner of Social Affairs ..v., .Cornmissioner of Elections ...,,,,,,Commissioner of Athletics m,..Commissioner of Campus ..,.....Commissioner of Finance .Commissioner of Judiciary Mary Sherwood ........ .,r,r...,.r,r,... Dale Hogoboom ..e, Gordon Brandessl Commissioner of Public Speaking Page 31 .Commissioner of Publications Finnegan Ward Anderson Boulgcr Dolce Churchill Hullenberg Board ot Athletic Control The Board of Athletic Control acts with the Director of Athletics as an advisory body. In this capacity it decides upon athletic policies of the Institution for the school year, handles all bills and expenditures of the departmentg and awards letters to the outstanding athletes. Other duties of the Board include the disbursement of athletic funds, the rec- ommendations sent to President Shepperd, and the ratification of the team schedules. The voices of the student body, the alumni, the faculty, and the Athletic Director are all expressed through the Board of Athletic Con- trol: the personnel of the body consists of three students, two faculty members, one alumnus, and the Director of Athletics. One of the faculty men acts as the president of the Board and the other acts in the capacity of treasurer. Page 32 Dewey Hogoboom Stenehjem Board of Forensic Control With a membership composed of two faculty members and three student members, the Board of Forensic Control is a student-faculty committee in charge of all forensic activities on the campus. All Lyceum numbers, festivals, debates, and declamatory contests are controlled by the board. The unusually fine Lyceum program for the 1936-1937 season included Bohumir Kryl Symphony Orchestra, the Jooss European Ballet presenting the famous '4Green Table," as Well as the "Ballade," "The Big City," and "A Ball in Old Vienna", Cornelia Otis Skinner, Lawrence Tibbett, Whose program included Rachmaninoffs mln the Silent Night," Maussorgsky's "Death the Commanderf' and "Glory Road", and Tony Sarg's marionettes in the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta "The Mikado." Page 33 Pollock Carr Murphy Bjornson Brandes Wood Thompson Palmer Otterson Ward Board of Publications Control During the past year the Board of Publications Control purchased a fast lens camera which was used for the informal pictures of this year's Bison. The constitution and by-laws and the contracts of the staff heads were rewritten in order to simplify and condense the numerous amend- ments Which had been added to the constitution by the action of the Board. The Board sponsored trips of staff heads and board members to the national convention of the American Collegiate Press Association in Louisville, Kentucky and the North Central Press Association Con- ference in Vermillion, South Dakota. The Board of Publications Control consists of six student members elected by the general student body and three faculty members ap- pointed by President Shepperd. The personnel of this year's Board is: Gordon Brandes, Presidentg Donald Ward, William Murphy, seniorsg Charles Pollock and Roy Carr, juniorsg and Margaretta Bjornson, sophomore. Miss Matilda Thompson, Mr. Rudolf Otterson, and Mr. W. C. Palmer are the faculty members. Page 34 Gumzaldsen Dinwoodie Meinecke Dolve Halbeisen Bender Schollancler Cook Alumni Organization Realizing that all former students of this institution have a strong common bond, the North Dakota State College Alumni and Former Student's Association was formed. Through this medium admirers of the Bison spirit are kept in close contact so that the best interests of Alma Mater may be furthered. The Alumni Board, through its secretary, is created to serve each individual, and it is the earnest desire of the parent organization that those who are now students will upon graduation use this board as a clearing house for matters pertaining to college and alumni Welfare. Even more important is that new graduates take an active part in alumni projects. The Alumni board extends a hearty Welcome to the seniors, all of Whom will be inducted into graduate ranks during commence- ment, and Wishes all students and future students the best in life. Page 35 iggmmwmmwwmmwmwwmswwmwmmwbvgbs 8 8 Q Q E IN MEMGRIAM E 8 E . ww 8 8 5, DEAN A. D. WEEKS 55 g Dec. 13, 1871 - Nov. 13, 1936 5 2 A 8 5- ES gif DR. A. E. HUNSAKER 5 gg Aug. 1, 1880 - Jan. 24, 1937 .5 5 ma E -it-A4 -Eb 2 WALLACE LARSON Z 43: Mar. 3, 1915 - Dec. 12, 1936 H Z 3 ? 5 8 8 mEKQm4SKm.wKEm4EXQm4EXQD,mEXEmgxEXQD,f 'ooo-izfliro 953 4-1l'f'T""' son. i. ,gui fx. Q Q 1: mf f ' x W 4' A --"' if X wa g 'ISHN 112 A ,W , 5 fx y .2632 ' , 56 , If gli! f ,g l I. nwgwgs A ,fzgwi x , Aiiikis-Kwu2?5'S?5' Seniors juniors Sophomores Freshmen Sanlona DONALD PUTNAM, President Senior Class The Class of 1937 entered the North Dakota State College as Freshmen in the fall of 1933. Our first year was little more than a period of orientation during which most of our time was spent be- coming accustomed to the ways of college men and women, and ob- taining a secure foundation for the three years to follow. As Sophomores we found ourselves in the midst of activity with a number of our class mem- bers, playing an important part in athletics, music, and dramatics. The two remaining years proved to be even more of a success for members of the class in distinguishing both themselves and their class. It was during these two years that we steered a course towards our ulti- mate goal, graduation. We find now, with the time of graduation at hand, that college has not only given us an education but also experiences and everlasting friendships. will take ulty four It is perhaps with regret that we leave the school behind, but we always remain a part of North Dakota State as alumni. May we this means of expressing our appreciation to the President and Fac- of this college for the assistance and kindness offered us during our years as students. DONALD PUTNAM, President. CLASS OFFICERS Harold Halcrow Alice Larson Harold Spitzer Page sa Division Agriculture DEAN H, L. WALSTER The fall term registration revealed that there were 230 students enrolled in the Di- vision of Agriculture. This shows an increase over the enrollment of last year. Included in the Division of Agriculture are the Experiment Station and the EX- tension Service with H. L. Walster. Dean and Director. P. J. Olson is the Assistant Dean in agriculture and Assistant Director of the Experiment Station. The Division of Agriculture is made up of the departments of agricultural econom- ics. agricultural education, agricultural engineering, agricultural entomology, agronomy, animal husbandry, animal pathology and hygiene, bacteriology, dairy husbandry, horti- culture and forestry, poultry husbandry, and the department of correspondence and college extension courses. SENIORS WOODROW ANDERSON Englevale, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Kappa Sigma Chi: Y.M.- C.A.: Cosmopolitan Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Intramural Hockey: Transfer from the U. of N. D. RICHARD ARMSTRONG Fargo, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Y.M.C.A.: Cosmopolitan Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club. ANDREW BERGLUND Lawton, N. D. AGRICULTURE. RALPH BULLOCK Pleasant Lake, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Saddle and Sirloin: Phi Kappa Phi: Glee Club: Alpha Zeta: Intercollegiate Livestock Judging Team, Forth Worth and Chicago. STERLING BYERLY Mandan, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Sigma Chi: Phytois: Transfer from the U. of N. D. WINSTON DOLVE Hatton, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Cosmopolitan Club: Y.M.- C.A.: Saddle and Sirloin. ADOLPH ENGSTROM Leeds, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Saddle and Sirloin. HARRY GRAVES Cavalier, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Kappa Sigma Chi, Pres- ident: Alpha Zeta: Hortus: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: Interfraternity Council: Blue Key. IRVIN HAGEN Grafton, N. D. AGRICULTURE. HAROLD HALCROW Bowesmont, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Alpha Gamma Rho, Treas- urer: Phi Kappa Phi: Alpha Zeta, Vice President: Glee Club, President: Senior Class, Treasurer: Intramural Baseball, Kittenball: Livestock Judg- ing Team, l936: Y.M.C.A. RICHARD HAMILTON Rugby, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Alpha Gamma Rho: Stu- dent Livestock Judging Team, 1936: Freshman Football and Track: Varsity Boxing: Track: Alpha Zeta: Saddle and Sirloin, Historian: Intramural Baseball and Softball: Lettermen's Club: Hortus. ART HANSON Fargo, N. D. AGRICULTURE: College Golf Instructor: Y.M.C.A. LEON HEUER Sheldon, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Alpha Gamma Rho: Kap- pa Kappa Psi: Gold Star Band: Bison Brevities: Glee Club. LEONARD HOUSE Fargo, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Varsity Football, All- Conference. DONALD KLAUSS Ashley, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Alpha Gamma Rho: Al- pha Zeta. ARNOLD O. NESS Edmore, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Kappa Sigma Chi: House Manager: Alpha Zeta: Pi Gamma Mu: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Y.M.C.A. MAYNARD J. NESVIG Lansford, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Saddle and Sirloin: Y.lVI.- C.A.: R.O.T.C., Captain: Scabbard and Blade. VINTON PLATH Fargo, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Alpha Gamma Rho, Vice President: Alpha Zeta: Alpha Phi Omega: ScOuter's Club, Secretary: Drum and Bugle Corp: Student Com- mission: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Vice President. CLAUDE RIDGWAY Fordville, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Kappa Sigma Chi: Bison Brevities: Y.M.C.A.: A.S.A.E. OLAV ROGNESS Heimdal, N. D. AGRICULTURE. NOBLE SANDERS Ray, N. D. AGRICULTURE: International Livestock Judging Team, 1935: Manager of the May Festival, 1936: Winner Student Judging Contest, 1934: Saddle and Sirloin. SENIGRS EDWARD SEVERSON Minneota, Minn AGRICULTURE. FRANK SORENSON Hastings, N. D. AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING 5 R.O .T .C Major: Rifle Team, Manager: Agri- cultural Engineering Club, Vice Pres- ident. NORTON STANGELAND Fillmore, N. D. AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING: Kappa Sig- ma Chi: Intramural Baseball and Kit- tenball: Y.M.C.A.: Saddle and Sirloin: American Society of Agricultural Engineers. MERLIN TOUSSAINT Leonard, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Alpha Gamma Rho: Judging Team: Manager Student Judging Contest. CLIFFORD VOLKERDING Ada, Minn. AGRICULTURE: Phi Kappa Phi: Alpha Zeta: Saddle and Sirloin: Bugle Corps. WOODROW WIELAND Bertha, Minn. AGRICULTURE: Gold Star Band: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Kappa Kappa Psi, Treasurer: International L iv e S t O c k Judging Team, 1936: Freshman, Y.M.C.A. Basketball: Bison Brevities and Spectrum Radio Announcer. ROBERT WILLIAMS Larimore, N. D. AGRICULTURE: Blue Key: Alpha Gamma Rho: Gamma Tau Sigma: Y.M.C.A.: Saddle and Sirloin, Treasurer: Blue Key Scholarship: Intercollegiate Judg- ing Champion, Kansas City, 1935: Spectrum, Managing Editor: Manager Little International: Radio: Who'S Who. Agriculture -- A Bit ot History The year 1937 is an important anniversary in agricultural education. On July 2nd, seventy-five years will have elapsed since the passage of the Morrill Act providing for the establish- ment of land grant colleges. The North Dakota Agricultural Col- lege has shared in almost two-thirds of that history. lt celebrates its forty-eighth birthday this year. The "Ag" of 1937 will have some difficulty in attempting to visualize the growth and progress of the "department,'l "school" and "division of agriculture" during those 48 years. The faculty up to 1891 consisted of one man. Today the agricultural faculty numbers twenty-nine. One of the pioneers is our president, Dr. John H. Shepperd, who served first as professor of agriculture and later as dean. From an all embracing department of agri- culture there have grown up eleven distinct departments which are now included Within the enlarged Division of Agriculture. They are Agricultural Economics, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Hus- bandry, Poultry Husbandry, Horticulture, Agronomy, Animal Pathology, Agricultural Engineering, Bacteriology, Entomology and Agricultural Education. George Washington said 4'Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of manf, In his day that characterization applied only to farming and farm life. Today it applies in addition to a number of professional pursuits, such as teaching, extension and research through which graduates are rendering notable service to their communities. Division Applied Arts and Sciences DEAN A. E. MINARD The Division of Applied Arts and Sciences has the largest enrollment among the various divisions on the campus. This division is a combination of the former schools of science and literature, education, and pharmacy. A. E. Minard is dean of the divi- sion With E. H. Jones associate dean in charge of education and W. F. Sudro associate dean in charge of pharmacy. In the school are the departments of botany, education, English and philosophy, history, mathematics, modern languages, pharmacy, public discussion and social service, social and economic sciences, commerce, and Zoology. Registration for the fall term showed 328 students enrolled in arts and sciences. 116 in education, and 75 in pharmacy. SENIORS HUGH ANSTETT Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCESQ Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, President, Bison Brevities, Gen- eral Manager, Blue Key, Treasurer, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Phi Ome- ga. "Award For Distinguished Serv- ice." EUNICE ARNASON Fargo, N. D. EDUCATIONQ Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary- Treasurer, Guidon, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Y.W.C.A., Glee Club, Transfer from the University of Saskatchewan. MARJORIE ARNOLD Fargo, N. D. EDUCATIONQ Kappa Kappa Gamma, Y.W.C.A., Cabinet, Freshman Com- mission, Co-ed Prom Leader, Fresh- man Class Play Director, Panhellenic Council, Gamma Tau Sigma, Secre- tary, Bison Brevities, Band Soloist. KENNETH BERGAN Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCES. EARL BOHNSACK Hillsboro, N. D. PHARMACYQ Kappa Psi, Pharmacy Club, Secretary, Papyrus Ebers, Y.M.C.A. LUCILLE BOLSTAD Fargo, N. D. EDUCATION. GORDON BRANDES LaMoure, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCESQ Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Vice President, Blue Key, Al- pha Phi Omega, President, Board of Publications, President, StudentCom- mission, Bison Brevities, Y.M.C.A. DON BUCHANAN Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCESQ Sigma Chi, Ostman Richardson Award, Scabbard and Blade, Vice President, Phi Kappa Phi, Blue Key, Men's Glee Club, Rifle Team, Battalion Adjutant, Spec- trum Sports Writer. ELIZABETH CHRISTENSON Fargo, N. D. EDUCATION, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Marshal, Newman Club, Pi Gamma Mu, Y.VV.C.A., Women's Senate, Bi- son Staff. DELORIS COOK Fargo, N. D. EDUCATIONQ Y.W.C.A., Women's Senate, Phi Omega Pi, Secretary, "Pentagon" Editor. RUTH COOLEY Great Falls, Mont. ARTS AND SCIENCEQ Alpha Gamma Del- ta, President, Panhellenic Council, Y.W.C.A., Ceres Hall Club, W.A.A.g Co-ed Rifle Team. PHYLLIS COYNE LaMOure, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Phi Kappa Phi, Senior Staff, Pi Gamma Mu, Pres- ident, Y.W.C.A., Secretary, Ceres Hall Club. MILLER R. CRAWFORD Calvin, N. D. EDUCATIONQ Y.M.C.A., Intramural Base- ball, Kittenball, Advanced Military, Transfer from University of North Dakota. ELIZABETH DEWEY Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCEQ Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, Registrar, Edwin Booth, Gamma Tau Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu, Bison Staff, Associate Editor, Board of Forensic Control, Senior Staff, W0- men's Senate, Tryota, Freshman Class Play. LUELLA EAGLE Fargo, N. D. PHARMACY: Kappa Epsilon, President, Secretary-Treasurer: N. D. Pharmacy Club: Y.W.C.A.: Cosmopolitan Club. WALTER EKEREN Thief River Falls, Minn. PHARMACY: Kappa Psi, President: Blue Key: Bison Brevities: Commis- sioner of Campus: Student Represen- tative of Y.M.C.A.: Pharmacy Club: Papyrus Ebers Staff: Glee Club: In- tramural Softball and Baseball. ARCHIBALD ERICKSON Kindred, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE: Band. LENNEA FRISK Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE: Kappa Delta, Pres- ident: Commissioner of Social Af- fairs: Homecoming Queen: Women's Senate: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Freshman Commission: Bison Brevities, Secre- tary: Zoology Club: Barn Dance Queen: Spectrum, Columnist, Desk Editor: Bison, Associate Editor: Rifle Team: Sorority Basketball: Co-ed Prom Leader. WILLIAM GALLAGHER Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE: Alpha Tau Omega! Cadet Major: Zoology Club: Inter- collegiate Golf: Intramural Basketball. CARL GEHRING Fargo, N. D. EDUCATION: Transfer from State Nor- mal and Industrial College, Ellendale, N. D. DAISY GESSNER Penn, N. D. EDUCATION: Kappa Delta Pi: Pi Gam- ma Mu: Y.W.C.A.: Botany Club. SENICRS LAVERNE GILBERTSON Finley, N. D. EDUCATION: Transfer from Concordia College: Phi Kappa Phi: Alpha Psi Omega: Kappa Delta Pi, President: Edwin Booth: Dean of Girls in N.D. A.C. High School: Y.W.C.A.: Winner of Declamation Contest, 1936: "Polly of the Circus": Christmas Festival: "Taming of the Shrew." NORMAN GLARUM McClusky, N. D. PHARNIACYQ Band: Kappa Kappa Psi. FRED HAGEN Alamo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE. J OHN HALCROW Bowesmont, N. D. EDUCATION: Transfer from the U. of N. D.: Alpha Gamma Rho. HAZEL HEWITT Hillsboro, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE: Zoology Club: Band: Bison Brevities Orchestra. DONALD HILL Valley City, N. D. EDUCATION: Kappa Sigma Chi: Scab- bard and Blade: Y.M.C.A.: Interfra- ternity Basketball, Baseball, Kitten- ball: Interfraternity Council. ARWIN HOGE Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE: Declamatory Con- test: Interclass Debate Tournament: Community Debates: Lincoln Debate Club, President: Chemists' Club: Cos- mopolitan Club: Sigma Delta: Luth- eran Student Association: Phi Kappa Phi. SENIGRS MARY HORNER Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Freshman Commis- sion, President, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Vice President, Women's Senate, New- man Club. ELAINE HosTLER Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE: Glee Club, Soccer, Baseball. Ping-pong, W.A.A., Y.W.- C.A., Riflery. DoN HOWLAND Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Sigma Chi, Vice President, Spectrum, Assistant Busi- ness Manager, Scabbard and Blade, Cadet Captain, Intrafraternity Coun- Cil. PAULINE HUNTLEY Kindred, N. D. EDUCATION, Kappa Delta, Vice Pres- ident, Gold Star Band, Y.W.C.A., Sorority Basketball, W.A.A. ELEANOR ISAACS LaMoure, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Alpha Gamma Del- ta, President, Art Club, Secretary. EARL JOHNSON Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCEQ Sigma Chi. E. DAYTON JONES Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Edwin Booth, President, Blue Key, Y.M.C.A., Advisory Board, Cab- inet, Alpha Phi Omega. KENNETH KROLL Red Lake Falls, Minn. PHARMACYQ Kappa Sigma Chi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Pharmacy Club, Inter- fraternity Baseball, Kittenball, Hockey. WAYNE LE BIEN Mandan, N. D. PHARMACY, Transfer from University of North Dakota. FERN LOBERG Valley City, N. D. EDUCATION, Transfer from Valley City: Edwin Booth, "Winterset," "Late Christopher Bean." HERBERT H. LUNDIN Watford City, N. D. PHARMACY, B.A., University of North Dakota, 1935. BERNARD J. MAJORS Jamestown, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Alpha Tau Omega, Historian, Rushing Captain, Newman Club, President, Y.M.C.A., Senior Ball Manager, Blue Key, Frame Repre- sentative. KEITH MCVAY Cando, N. D. EDUCATION, Kappa Psi, Vice President and Historian, Gold Star Band, Papyrus Ebers, Business Manager, Intramural Basketball, Kittenball, Pharmacy Club, Y.M.C.A., Interfra- ternity Council. SARAH MINARD Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Freshman Commis- sion, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Rifle Team, Captain, W.A.A., Pi Gamma Mu, Guidon. LESLIE MORGAN Fargo, N. D. EDUCATION, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Y.M.- C.A., Scabbard and Blade, Cadet Lieutenant. WILLIAM MURPHY Fargo, N. D. EDUCATIONQ Sigma Chi, Associate Edi- tor, Gamma Tau Sigma, President: Editor of the Bison, Blue Key, Kappa Delta Pig Newman Club, Pi Gamma Mug Board of Publications. ETHEL OLSON Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Y.W.C.A., President: Delta Psi Kappa, Secretary, Pi Gam- ma Mug Senior Staff, Vice President, Women's Senate, W.A.A., President, Basketball Manager, Tennis, Rifleryg Bison Brevities. DORIS M. OMAN Napoleon, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Alpha Gamma Del- ta, Kappa Delta Pig Glee Club, Y.W.C.A. MILDRED PETERSON Fargo, N. D. EDUCATION, Phi Mu, President, W0- men'S Senate, Panhellenic Council, Junior Prom Committee, Sophomore Commission, Y.W.C.A., Bison Staff. FRANCES PROBST Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, Treasurerg Bison Brevities, Script Girl, Y.W.C.A. Charm School, Bison Staff. WARD REDMOND Devils Lake, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Theta Chi, Glee Club: Bison Brevities, Scabbard and Blade, Cadet Lieutenant, Newman Club. SENIORS JACK RIEDESEL Cathay, N. D. EDUCATION. WILFRED ROMMEL Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCEQ Sigma Chi, Blue Key, Secretary: Phi Kappa Phi, Sig- ma Deltag Edwin Booth, Presidentg Class Plays, Director, Gold Star Band, Bison Staff, Y.M.C.A. MARJORIE ROONEY Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Kappa Delta Pig Edwin Booth, Lutheran Students' AS- Sociation, Vice President, Y.W.C.A., Declamation Contest, Little Country Theater Players. ROBERT RUSS Fargo, N. D. EDUCATION. ROBERT SAUNDERS Mandan, N. D. EDUCATIONQ Alpha Gamma Rho, Vice President, Phi Kappa Phi, Blue Key, Pi Gamma Mug Student Commission, President, Lettermen's Club, Vice Presidentg Basketball, Sophomore CIHSS Vice President. HESSEL SHOTYVELL Edmore, N. D. EDUCATION. RALPH S. SMITH LaMoure, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Gamma Mug Botany Club, Hortusg Bison Staff. SENIGRS VIRGINIA SMITH Fargo, N. D. EDUCATIONQ Art Club: Edwin Booth: Tryota: Y.W.C.A.: Christmas Festival: Bison Brevities, Director: Class Play Cast, Committee, Director. ORVILLE SORVICK Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Transfer from N. D. State School of Science, Wahpe- ton, N. D.: Sigma Chi, Secretary: Blue Key: Edwin Booth: Gold Star Band: Y.M,C.A.: Bison Brevities, Sales Manager. WAYNE SPRINGER Hettinger, N. D. EDUCATION, Alpha Tau Omega: Var- sity Football: All-Conference Guard: President Lettermen's Club: Intra- mural Basketball, Baseball: Freshman Football, Basketball: Y.M.C.A. RUTH STOCKSTAD Milnor, N. D. EDUCATION, Transfer from Ellendale Normal and Industrial School: Y.W.- C.A.: Kappa Delta Pi, Glee Club. WILLIAM H. THOMPSON Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Alpha Tau Omega, Rushing Captain: Kappa Kappa Psi: Alpha Phi Omega: Bison Brevities: Interfraternity Sing: Interfraternity Kittenball, Hockey: Men's Glee Club. STANLEY VEJTASA Fairdale, N. D EDUCATIONQ Kappa Delta Pi: Cosmo- politan Club. Lols WALDRON Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE, Transfer from Wo- men's College, University of Dela- ware: Y.W.C.A. Pharmacy Club: Y.M.C.A. EMERY HARRY WESTERLAND Moorhead, Minn. EDUCATION, Alpha Tau Omega: Y.M.- C.A.: Bison Brevitiesg Chemists' Club' Tennis. SALLY WIESEKE Bertha, Minn. EDUCATIONQ Co-ed Rifle Team: Y.W.- C.A.: Ceres Hall Club: W.A.A. LEIBER WELLS Edgeley, N. D. PHARMACYQ Kappa Psi, Vice President' v Papyrus Ebers: Rho Chi, President' , y mm iwfapsfw QQ!! 4 "' . gg . , QWQ' , - V --Q fv'w'I'w - rf ' -' -I' -it N VE-ft i' J 'F fl ,, -Q h--' 125 A , :li 1- H , , - ..,,. ,. , A 5 'ill ff f K I :I ef V fi K ggi . , J. ' f I 13' IZ L. ' lf r a t a ' -- 'Mn Division Engineering DEAN R. M. DOLVE The Division of Engineering has experienced a. gradual but substantial growth through the nearly fifty years of its existence and has long enjoyed nation-wide rec- ognition as a good School of Engineering. R. M. Dolve is dean of the entire division with associate dean, L. L. Carrick, in charge of chemistry, and professor H. B. Huntoon in charge of architecture. The faculty and facilities are both such as to assure to its students superior in- struction in the departments of architecture, chemistry, physics, and architectural, ad- ministrative, chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering. SENIORS ERIC ARNTSON Lisbon, N. D. CHEMISTRY, Lutheran Students' As- sociationg Chemists' Club, Men's Glee Club. EDWARD BOULGER Fargo, N. D. CHEMISTRY, Delta Tau Epsilon, New- man Club, Chemists' Club. HOWARD BUCKHOLTA St. Thomas, N. D. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING, Sigma Phi Delta, Kappa Tau Delta, Architectural Editor N. D. State Engineer, Y.M.- C.A., Engineers' Club, Atelier Chat Noir. MARSDEN BUSCH Granville, N. D. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Sigma Phi Delta, Y.M.C.A., Engineers' Club, A.I.E.E. JOHN Coox Fargo, N. D. MECHANICAL ENGINEERINGQ Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Engineers' Club, R.O.T.C. Cadet Lieutenant, A.S.M.E.g Y.M.C.A. CHARLES EvERs Fargo, N. D. CHEMISTRY, Kappa Sigma Chi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Vice President, Chemists' Club, President, Gold Star Band, C o 1 1 e g e Orchestra, Interfraternity Hockey, Phi Kappa Phi, Bison Brev- ities Orchestra. RICHARD FOSTER Williston, N. D. CIVIL ENGINEERING. MILTON FRENDBERG Hillsboro, N. D. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Delta Tau Ep- silon, Vice President, President, Y.M.- C.A. Cabinet, Engineers' Club, A.I.- E.E., Intramural Basketball, Baseball. KENNETH FROLUND Lidgerwood, N. D. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Theta Chi, Tau Delta Pi, Vice President, Engineers' Club, A.I.E.E., President. MEARL GIFFORD Kelso, N. D. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Delta Tau Ep- silon, House Manager, Treasurer, His- torian, A.I.E.E., Secretary, Intramural Basketball, Baseball, Y.M.C.A., Engi- neers' Club. ROBERT GREENSHIELDS Fargo, N. D. CIVIL ENGINEERINGQ Sigma Phi Delta, Secretary, Engineers' Club, A.S.C.E., Freshman Hockey, Varsity Hockey, Manager Engineers' Ball. ROBERT GWYT1-IER Fargo, N. D. CHEMISTRY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade, Chemists' Club, President, Cadet Major. DARREL HAMLET Fargo, N. D. ARCHITECTURE, Bison Brevities, Atelier Chat Noir, Vice President, Tennis. CHRIS HANSEN Guelph, N. D. CIVIL ENGINEERINGQ Sigma Phi Delta, Alumni Editor, Y.M.C.A., Tau Delta Pi, Engineers' Club, Treasurer, A.S.- C.E., Associate Editor of North Da- kota State Engineer. HOWARD HEGBAR Kensal, N. D. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGQ Tau Delta Pi. President, Sigma Phi Delta, Vice President, North Dakota State Engi- neer, Editor, Phi Kappa Phi, Blue Key, Engineers' Club, President. FREDERICK HEISEL Park Rapids, Minn. CIVIL ENGINEERINGQ Alpha Tau Omega, President, A.S.C.E., Engineers' Club, Blue Key, Transfer from Antioch Col- lege, Yellow Springs, Ohio. DALE E. HELLICKSON Medora, N. D. CIVIL ENGINEERINGQ Rifle Team, Sigma Phi Delta, A.S.C.E. DANIEL V. KREBSBACH Velva, N. D. MECHANICAL ENGINEERINGQ Transfer from Minot State Teachers College, Delta Tau Epsilon, Tau Delta Pi, Rifle Team, Newman Club, A.S.M.E., Vice President, Glee Club, Engineers' Club. M. ISAACSON Westby, N. D. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. ROBERT E. LARSON Fargo, N. D. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGQ Kappa Sigma Chi, Vice President, Tau Delta Pi, A.I.E.E., Vice President, Engineers' Club, Secretary, Y.M.C.A., Cadet Captain, Scabbard and Blade, Var- sity Hockey. ELDRED LEE Fargo, N. D. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING! Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secretary, Scabbard and Blade, President, Blue Key, Engi- neers' Club, Vice President, Tau Del- ta Pi, A.S.M.E., Assistant Manager of the Junior Prom and of the Mili- tary Ball. SENIORS EARL MARTINSON Leal, N. D. 1VIECHANICAL ENGINEERINGQ Transfer from Valley City Teachers College, A.S.- President, Tau Delta Pi, Secre- tary and Treasurer, Engineers' Club, Phi Kappa Phi. LESLIE NEUMANN Litchville, N. D. CHEMISTRYQ Chemists' Club, Intra- mural Baseball, Basketball, Kitten- ball, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Sigma Chi. CHESTER OLSON Leeds, N. D. CHEMISTRYQ Cosmopolitan Club, Treas- urer, Chemists' Club, Intramural Bas- ketball, R.0.T.C., Captain. JACK PAHL Lidgerwood, N. D. CIVIL ENGINEERINGQ Sigma Phi Delta, Secretary, Newman Club, Engineers' Club, A.S.C.E., Vice President, Secre- tary-Treasurer, Y.M.C.A., Intramural Athletics. OSWALD E. PELTOLA Middle River, Minn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGQ Engineers' Club, A.I.E.E., Y.M.C.A., Cosmopoli- tan Club. DONALD PUTNAM Fargo, N. D. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGQ Sigma Chi, Magister, Band, Glee Club, Kappa Kappa Psi, Senior Class President, Y.M.C.A., A.I.E.E., Bison, Photog- rapher, Bison Brevities Cast, North Dakota State Engineer, Photographer. OLIVER RowE Fargo, N. D. CHEMISTRY, Gold Star Band, College Orchestra, Brevities Orchestra, Kap- pa Kappa Psi, Chemists' Club, Men's Glee Club. SENICDRS ARNOLD RUSTAD Fargo, N. D. ARCHITECTURE: Sigma Phi Delta: Scab- bard and Blade: Atelier Chat Noir, President: Kappa Tau Delta, Secre- tary, Treasurer: Y.M.C.A.: Intra- mural Basketball, Baseball, Softball. ROBERT SCI-IULTZ Crystal, N. D. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Sigma Phi Delta: Business Manager North Da- kota State Engineer. JOHN SEEBA Harvey, N. D. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Sigma Phi Del- ta, President: Blue Key: Scabbard and Blade: Chemists' Club: Newman Club. RUEBEN L. SMITH Hillsboro, N. D. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Corresponding Secretary: Band: Bison Brevities: Engineers' Club: A.I.E.E., Treasurer: Committee Chairman for Junior Prom: Y.M.C.A.: Interfraternity Basketball, Kittenball, Baseball. CYRUS J. SAWBY Velva, N. D. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: A.S.M.E.: Tau Delta Pi: Phi Kappa Phi: Engineers' Club: Y.M.C.A. HAROLD I. SPITZER Ashley, N. D. CHEMISTRY: Phi Kappa Phi:Sigma Phi Delta, Business Manager: Blue Key: North Dakota State Engineer, Adver- tising Manager: Chemists' Club: En- gineers' Club: Sophomore Debate Team: Y.M.C.A. MAX THAL Lakota, N. D. CHEMISTRY, Kappa Kappa Psi, Pres- ident: Chemists' Club, Treasurer: Blue Key: Gold Star Band: Kappa Sigma Chi. . WILLIAM VOGEL Fargo, N. D. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Engineers' Club: A.S.M.E.: Rifle Team: Newman Club. EARL W. VOLLRATH Pembina, N. D. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: A.S.M.E., Sec- retary. Treasurer. MAYNARD WALBERG Fargo, N. D. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Sigma Phi Delta: A.S.M.E.: Engineers' Club: Y.M.C.A. EDWIN M. WALKER Fargo, N. D. CHEMISTRY: Chemists' Club: Newman Club: Rifle Team. DONALD WARD Fargo, N. D. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Delta Tau Epsilon, President: Newman Club: A.S.M.E.: Engineers' Club: Blue Key: Junior Class Treasurer: Junior Prom Manager: Cadet Captain: Y.M.C.A.: Bison Staff Photographer. HARLAN F. WINN Jamestown, N. D. CIVIL ENGINEERING: Sigma Chi: Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Delta Pi: A.S.C.E.: Engineers' Club: Fraternity Basket- ball. WALTER WOLFINGER Fargo, N. D. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING: Atelier Chat Noir: Delta Tau Epsilon: Fraternity Basketball. Division of Home Economics DEAN ALBA BALES The School of Home Economics, which is divided into departments of Foods and Nutrition, Home Economics Education, Clothing and Art, and Home Management, has this year reached its largest enrollment. The curricula have been enlarged from year to year to meet the demands for trained home economics people have been better types of relief programs this college are Working many opportunities open only can enter the field Women, Who now enter many fields of activity. Few college fitted to give help in resettlement, rehabilitation, and other than the graduates of home economics. Many graduates of in the field of social service at the present time. With so to the student Who has majored in home economics she not of her greatest interest during her professional or earning years, but has the satisfaction of knowing she has good training for domestic and fam- ily life, if she enters a home. SENIORS GERALDINE ACKER Fargo, N. D. HoME ECoNoMICs: Cosmopolitan Club: Tryota: Y.W.C.A. CORINNE BALLARD Duluth, Minn. HOME ECONOMICS: Kappa Delta, Vice President: W.A.A.: Women's Senate: Art Club, President: Varsity Soccer, Baseball: Y.W.C.A.: Tryota: Panhel- lenic Council: Little Country Theater Costume Director and Designer. LOTTIE BEHRENS Glyndon, Minn. HOME ECONOMICS, Tryota: W.A.A.: Varsity Basketball: Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, Historian, Librarian. FERN BERC McIntosh, Minn. HoME ECONOMICS, Tryota: Y.W.C.A.: Ceres Hall Club: W.A.A.: Girls' Glee Club. HARRIET BERG Fargo, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS: Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, Corresponding Secretary, Social Chairman: Y.W.C.A.: Campus Sister: Tryota, President: Lutheran Students' Association. HELEN BOETTCHER Arthur, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS: Kappa Delta: Try- ota: Y.VV.C.A.: Senior Basketball: Bi- son Brevities. IVAH BREVIK Twin Valley, Minn. HOLIE ECONOIVIICSQ Transfer from Con- cordia College, Moorhead, Minn.: Ed- win Booth: Art Club: Tryota: Y,W.- C.A. GRACE CoLE Fargo, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS, Alpha Gamma Del- ta, Corresponding Secretary. Treasur- erg Y.W.C,A,, Freshman and Sopho- more Commission: Campus Sister: Golf. JEANNE DADY Fargo, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS: Kappa Kappa Gam- ma. MARJORIE DANIELSON Fargo, N. D. HoME ECONOMICS: Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, Treasurer, Secretary: Phi Upsi- lon Omicron: Y.W.C.A.: Campus Sis- ter: Tryota: W. H. Danforth Summer Fellowship, 1936. GRACE GRUTLE Twin Valley, Minn. HOME ECONOMICS: Delta Psi Kappa, Treasurer: Tryota: W,A.A., Secretary. MARY MAY HALL Fargo, N. D. ARTS AND SCIENCE: Phi Mu, Treasurer: Botany Club: Y,W.C.A.: Campus Sis- ter: Golf. MARY HANNAHER Fargo, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS: Gamma Phi Beta. Corresponding Secretary: Y.W.C,A.: Tryota: Newman Club: Campus Sis- ter. CHARLOTTE HARRIS Moorhead, Minn. HOME ECONOMICSQ Kappa Kappa Gam- ma: Tryota: Y.W.C.A.: Bison Brev- ities. JESSIE HERBISON Grafton, N. D. HONIE ECONOMICS: Ceres Hall Club: Y.W.C.A. EMMA JORDRE Oberon, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS: Phi Kappa Phi: Se- nior Staff. Historian: Phi Upsilon Omicron, President: Delta Psi Kappa, President: W.A.A., President: Soccer Manager. Baseball Manager: Varsity Soccer, Basketball, Baseball: Tryota: Y.W.C.A. KATHERINE KILBOURNE Helena, Mont. HOME ECONOMICS: Gamma Phi Beta, President: Senior Staff, Secretary: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Bison Editor: Art Club: Tryota: Student Commis- Sion: WhO's Who, American Colleges and Universities. LAVONNE LANGBELL Minot, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS: Phi Mu: Y.W.C.A.: Tryota. ALICE LARSON Clyde, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS: Phi Omega Pi, Pres- ident: Panhellenic Council, President: Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Upsilon Omicron, Editor: Senior Staff: Tryota: WOrnen's Senate: Y.W.C.A.: Senior Class, Vice President. CAROL LUNDE Cooperstown, N. D. HOlXfILl ECONOMICS: Kappa Kappa Gam- ma: Tryota: Art Club, Vice President: Lutheran Students' Association: Glee Club: Y.W.C.A. OLIVE MALONEY Fargo, N. D. HOIVIE ECONOMICS: Phi Omega Pi. Treasurer, Secretary: Tryota: Y.W.- C.A.: Campus Sister. SENIORS LOIS DEJETTE MANSFIELD Tuttle, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS: Y.W.C.A.: Tryota: Cosmopolitan. LILA MAXSON Devils Lake, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS: Tryota: Phi Upsi- lon Omicron, Vice President: Y.W.- C.A.: Newman Club: Spectrum: Glee Club. ESTHER MICKELSON Fargo, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS: Tryota: Y.W.C.A. DOROTHY MOLLAND Fargo, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS: Phi Upsilon Omicron, Treasurer: Art Club, Secretary: Try- ota: Y.W.C.A.: WOmen's Senate: Irene Leimbacher Scholarship. OLIVE MURCI-IIE Sarles, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS: Delta Psi Kappa, Secretary: W.A.A.: Tryota: Varsity Baseball: Y.W.C.A. MAXINE MYHRA Fargo, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS: Tryota: Lutheran Students' Association: Y.W.C.A. BEATRICE NESS Fargo, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS: Tryota: Art Club: Y.W.C.A. SENIGRS MARY ELIZABETH RUNICE Fargo, N. D. H01'vl'E ECONOMICS, Phi Mu, Rushing Captain. Vice President, Y.W.C.A.. Freshman Commission, Panhellenic Council, Bison Staff, Glee Club, Try- ctfl, Vice President. JANE SCHULZ Fargo. N. D. HOME ECONOMICS, Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, President, Phi Upsilon Omicrong Senior Staff, Treasurer, Panhellenic Council, Treasurer, Art Club, Vice President, Guidon, President, Honor- ary Lieutenant Colonel, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. EDITH SERUMGARD Devils Lake, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS, Tryota. DOROTHY SHARPE Portland, N. D. l'I01VlE ECONOMICS, Transfer from May- ville State Teachers College, Alpha Gamma Delta, Tryota, Y.W.C.A., WV.A.A., Alpha Psi Omega. MARJORIE SMITH Twin Valley, Minn. HOIXTE ECONOMICSQ Art Club, Tryota, May Festival Committee, Y.W.C.A, MARY FAY VVENGER Fargo, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS, Delta Psi Kappa, Reporter, Cosmopolitan Club, Secre- tary, Social Chairman, W.A.A.,Treas- urer, Basketball Manager, Varsity Soccer, Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Tryota Club, Newman Club, Campus Sister. MARTHA WOLF Jamestown, N. D. HOME ECONOMICS, Phi Omega Pi. NORMA YOUNG Rugby, N. D. HOME ECONOMICSQ Alpha Gamma Del- ta, Y.W.C.A., Tryota. Representative Members CLASS OF 1937 ' HUGH ANSTETT ELIZABETH DEWEY WALTER EKEREN LENNEA FRISK HARRY GRAVES HOWARD HEGBAR KATHERINE KILBOURNE WILFRED ROMMEL ROBERT SAUNDERS JANE SCHULZ ...A S HUGH FXNSTETT Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President .... Blue Key .... Bison Brevities, General Manager .... Scabbard and Blade .... Pomaff by Voss KATHERINE KILBOURNE h' Beta President ..... Phi Upsilon Omicron ..... . Student Commission Gamma P 1 , f Bison, Editor .... Senior Staf ..... . . . . Panhellenic Council . . . . HOWARD HEGBAR Sigma Phi Delta .... Phi Kappa Phi .... Blue Key .... North Dakota State Engineer, Editor ...... Shiloh Lodge Masonic Scholarship Award .... Norman B. Black Award KQf:.2r5z-p4em.2,.f1m.wi. , P JANE sc:HuLz Kappa Kappa Gamma, President .... Phi Upsilon Omicron . . . . Senior Staff . . . . Panhellenic Council . . . . . Guidon, President .... Y.W.C.A. Cabinet .... ,..- WILFRED ROMMEL Sigma Chi .... Blue Key ..... Phi Kappa Phi ..... Edwin Booth, President .... Best Actor .... Gold Star Band ..... portrait by Vos LENNEA FRISK Kappa Delt . . . n ommission . . . Home coming Queen .... Spectrum Staff . . a, President Stude t C . . Panhellenic , . . portrait by V033 ELIZABETH DEWEY Kappa Kappa Gam ma ..... Senior Staff, President .... Edwin Booth .... Pi Gamma Mu .... Gamma Tau Si . . . . Board of Foren ' gma sic Control . . M ww A if z 4 ,Q in 4' P Ea? 'iaaiemzsa " . fm- .f . M , ' iw? 'aww' S1 .sv az' xi .. ' B232 J' 1' Portrait U!! Voss ROBERT SAUNDERS Alpha Gamma Rho, President . . . . Phi Kappa Phi . . . . Blue Key . . . Pi Gamma Mu .... Student Commission, President .... Basketball, Co-Captain . . . All Conference Basketball, 1935, 1937 ..,. ,... ?f WALTER EKEREN Kappa Psi, President .... Blue Key ,... Bison Brevities Y.M.C.A. Cabinet . . . Glee Club . . . Student Commission I HARRY C-RAVES Kappa Sigma Chi, President . . . . . Alpha Zeta Hortus .... Y.M.C.A. Cabinet .... Blue Key . . i In keeping with the precedent established seven years ago in the 1930 Bison the editors have devoted a section to North Dakota State's most representative seniors. Selection of these students has been unbiased in every respect. The deans of the various schools sub- mitted the names of outstanding seniors to a faculty committee which made the final selection on the basis of service to the school, character, personality, and scholarship. We wish to thank the following faculty members for acting as the committee in choosing the represen- tative members of the Class of 1937: Dr. W. C. Hunter, chairman, Dean Alba Bales, Mr. P. J. Olson, Mr. Homer B. Huntoon, and Dean Pearl Dinan. unlona Lorna Bach Wesley Belter James Elwin Dorothy Eoansun Maurice Benidt Ann Bolle!! J LJ I R S Millard Borke Emma Mae Britten Albert Brauer Arden Burbidge Joey Burgum Dayton Bw-am The junior Class nresident, Manny Ludwig. buys ri nickells worth of peanuts Roy Carr Dorothy Cone Kirk Crawford Jean Crowley Virginia Eastman Lorraine Engle Opal Fiske Alphons Forsman Phillip Garberg Orville Goplen Henry Halgren Kent Helland 1 George Hilstad Marguerite Hegland Adeline Hoge Mertice Lee .ag Maurice McCormick Alfred Murfin Vinnie Olson, vice-president. rind Frances Tourtlotte, secretary Lois Myron J U N I 0 R S Madeline Nirns Vinnie Olson Marjorie Patterson .4-Ei-. Marjorie Nims Charlotte Olson 1 Ebelun Vhzttam mv e X U A Gface Stewart Tod Whzluz tnrmuver Toman Walter Ulmer Charles Waechter Joseph Waller Don Wallls Jack Watson 11 71:- S063 LIU YYLUTLEA Edward Alm James Blznn Arthur Job Harlan Josephson Andrew Almos S 0 P I I O M 0 R E S Charles Birkeland , - V1-.M-rf V irgzv ia Brown Marie Carlson Eugene Corcoran R ' Harold Dalby 1. ,V Alice Davis - Donna Jean Davis Connie Taylor-the president. Geraldine Davis John Fisher Robert Fredriclcson Eleanor Halcrow Gaylord Hild Cloyce U Q W Oswalol Jorstad Lucille Knadtson Fred Kwako Gordon Larson Rosemary Lee June Lowe Robert Lynne Arnold Larson Luczlle McCarthy Robert McDougal Floyd Montezth Treasurer June Lowe Lois McMillan BOPI-IOMORES Clarence Nelson John Niles Dorothy Olson Lloyd Olson Lloyd Nordholm Marvin Nurnberger fir Mary Yeager Martin Wolf Jane Wilson Wanda Peterson Alice Piers C'f55325313iif3,i S O P I-I O M 0 R E S 15 Claire Putz Maxine Schollander -,M erelre v Archie Seebart Dorothy Sellner Willa Jeanne Wells Marion Whalen Marian Smith Allan Snyder Charles Starbuclc Donald Thompson Lewis Thompson Oliver Uthus Leslie Voss Julia W c2fTLEAl"l.YYlEYl Robert Ackerman Frank Adamek Anna Jane Black Louise Tweet Norman Akesson F R E S I I M E N Kenneth Albertson Ronald Andersen Gordon Anderson Myrle Anderson Victor Anderson Wzllzam Anderson Marlon Anstett President Elmer Hogoboorn and Secretary Gorman King Wzllzam Avery Sta Lley Bale Hollace Beall Howard Bell n Maurzce Benz Wzl'zam Bob Brandenburg Rosella Brekke Ralph Calkins James Campbell John Casad Charlotte Cole FRESHMAN CLASS Altho the class of 1940 is new to the North Dakota Agricultural Col- ege, it has already taken its place s a factor in student activities. The class has begun to take part debate, public speaking, and dra- t The athletically inclined shown promise of greatness heir activities on the football and the basketball floor. The to which the talented fresh- will rise will be seen during next three years of their col- life. year's freshman class is one the largest in the history of the It is big enough to be a factor in campus life. 1S a class Which will work not so J for its own good but also for he good of their college. C The freshmen have everything to lain in their college work. With uch an opportunity there should be othin to prevent this class with Jean Chase Catherine Cummins Austin Cummings Ray Dahrn IQ: . Y , Paul Dahl ts m a n v talents, from becoming Anon Dam er reat in the annals of North Dakota 9 tate College. President, ELMER HOGOBOOM. F R E S I IM E N William Dick George Dike Robert Elsberry Henry Elvik Lorraine Dunlevy Nelzta Dyer Josephine Erickson Raeburn Fisk Woodrow Hultstrand Claude Hunter Lee Giffey Lawrence Gilbertson FRESI-IMEN . ,M 'QS Harriet Gillette Orville Godman Vernon Gunkel Russell Hanson Gilmore Harper Elder Haugen Lola Herzog Eunice Hjelle Sherman Hoganson Anne Horton Lucille Hostbjor Victor Hultstran Harold Hylden Stanley Jacobsen Florence Kapaun Lucyle Kapaun Joe Koyancek Valdrs Knutson FRESI-IMEN Adolph Lind James Mahoney Sydney Johnson Ross Josephson Vernon Kallander Louis Kittel Marjorie Kraling Art Lahlum Lawrence Larson Luv erne Larson Eugene Lee Orville Larson Russell Manning Walter Mason Kathleen O,Connell Evelyn Olson Elaine Matteson Dwight Maurer FRESI-IMEN Curtis Meland Francis Melary Celesta Meyer Lancelot Montgomery Frank Murphy Adrian McDunn Anna McMerty Norman Nelson Carroll Ness Paul Nickel Lloyd Nygard Dorothy Bentley Glenn Onstad Patricia Oram Martin Ouse Jeanne Paris Ada Peterson Andrew Peterson Thomas Ray Dorothy Reed Helen Restv edt Dave Robinson FRESI-IMEN Sidney Saign Ruben Schlichenmayer Ethel Schulz Roy Sirnbalenko Ronald Peffer Vernon Perry Robert Sanclison Esther Schulz Arne Springen Norman Tazllon Austin Ward Ralph Winters Erwin Small Ferdinand Svore FRESI-IMEN James Taylor Lee Taylor Dean Theodus Ruth Thomte Albert Thorwaldson Samuel Tolchinsky Tomlinson Leonard Trinka Clarence Van Ray Gilbert Wagner Gordon Walhoocl Sarah Eaton 'boo42fU1Jm.o. xp nik ana, Publications Society Occasions The Little Country Theater Music Military Football d3uLwQLeQtL0m,1 KATHERINE KILBOURNE EDITORIAL STAFF Katherine Kilbourne ,Y ,, ,, E ..A.. , , ,Y ,, ...,A ,, ,, Editor Elizabeth Dewey .,, eee. Associate Editor Vinnie Olson ,.,......,. .o,.r,o,.... A ssociate Editor Walter Ulmer o,,o,,,V...,,,ow w,o.rooo,....... A ssociate Editor Maxine Schollander oooo,,o ....,oo, A dministration Editor James Critchfield .r..,t..o,,,,,.. A thletic Editor Emma Mae Brittin oooo,,oo r.ii.,.,o,,oio,, S ecretary Joey Burgum w,,.,.......,i,o ,,o,o,,o P hotographer Kenneth Hanson .,..Yo,oo, .i...... P hotographer Robert McCracken ..... ,.oo .e..eeee P h otographer Don Putnam .ooo....oo,,oooo., Ye...... P hotographer Don Ward ,Y,,,,,,,ot,,,,,,o ,,..,,.. P hotographer The Bison EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Hollace Beall Rosella Brekke Helen Halldorson Joan Hughes Valdis Knutson Joyce Ogilvie Beth Oliver Helen Pederson Ruth Schmierer James Taylor Willa Jeanne Wells Taylor Ulmer Dewey Hanson Halldorson Knutson McCracken Hughes Wells Schmierer Burgum Critchfield Brekke Brittin Verne Pederson Beall Schollander Oliver Olson Ogilvie Kilbourne Page 86 The Bison BUSINESS STAFF Maurice M. Benidt ,.S...,,SSSSSSSSSSSS SSSS S SSSSSSSSSSSA....SSSS B usiness Archie Seebart ..,.SSSS... ,SS,S . ,Assistant Business Jean Crowley ..., eAee.AAe A ssistant Business Myrle Anderson .....,,.. ..,............ A dvertising Arthur Lahlurn ..e.,,e Harold Hylden ....,ii, Melvin Grondahl ....,ev m,e,aCut Sales MAURICE BENIDT Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager .........,...r..,,, . Assistant r,e,.ee....Assis'cant Corrine Anderson arrr.rr.arar..., ai., ,.,a..,..,..,,,.,...........,..... Secretary Seebart Lahlum Benidt Anderson Anderson Hylden Grondahl Crowley Page sv HOWARD HEGBAR EDITORIAL STAFF North Dakota State Engineer Howard Hegbar ,,,o.oo,.ow .,v...o.. .,oo,,..,.,Yoooov.oo,...o.........o,,oooo,,oo,........ E d itor Earl Mannes ooovYoooo,,o ,o..o,,o A ssociate Editor Slg Johnson .....rv.,...,... r,,rooY,,v.,........ A ssistant Howard Buchholtz o,,,roo, v..Y,.rr......... A ssistant Chris Hanson ,..,rr,,.oo ,.Y,rr.r.. A ssistant Hcgbm' Jones Johnson Mannes Page 88 North Dakota State Engineer Robert Schulz .... Alphens Forsrnan Theodore Whalen Melvin Thuring Alton L1en ........... ROBERT SCHULZ BUSINESS STAFF Advertising Manager ..,...,.,Circulation Manager .....So,l.V.lo,o........Assistant e,,T,....Assistant Schulz Lien Whalen Page 89 FOTSVIIIHZ Thur g Orville Goplen .,v,,, Florenz Dinwoodiei, Phyllis Rowe ,......Y.. Lennea Frisk ...,... George Putz e,77ee, Jack Clason e,,e.. Sam Tolchinsky 7,eee ORVILLE GOPLEN REPORTERS: Joan Hughes James Mahoney Garmond Schurr Leslie Gruber Herbert Peltola Phil Garberg Thomas Allen Vinnie Olson Roberta Gregg Rosemary Kniefel PROOF READERS: Barbara Gwyther William Buck Al Murfin ,r,7s,,s,.,...,V,,r, Th Spectrum G EDITORIAL STAFF John Lynch ,o,,..VV,r7,r,,o..r,,,,,,,....,,r,,r Robert Williams .,oo,o., Managing Marjorie Arnold .,,w,s,,.,.. Associate Kent Helland .......,,,....., Associate cc.c,Associate ....t.ii,i..,Desk Bud Thorwaldson ....aa,.....w,aa Desk Fraternity ., i,...Special ,,.,,,,,,,Special c c.iiiSpecial James Baccus ,iiiii,ii,,iii,i, Special .Sports ,Editor ,Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Writer Writer Writer Writer Writer Frisk Hellcmd Buck Garbem Gruber Mahoney Peltolrz Lynch Goplen Schurr Murfin Arnold Kniefel Dinwoodie Gregg Gwylher V. Olson Hughes Williams Rowe The Spectrum Francis Ladvvig , ,, . James Critchfield Richard Cook ,,,,,V,,e Martin Wolf ..,A,a Kenneth Archer June Keefe Gorman King cc... BUSINESS STAFF FRANCIS ......Business ,. Y,,Assistant Business m,Y,Hr.Assistant Business rv.,r,r,,.im....,r,.Circulation Advertising Advertising Advertising LADVVIG Manager Manager Manager Manager Solicitor Solicitor Solicitor Wolf Archer Ludwig King Cook Keefe Critchfzeld Page 91 Benidt, Goplen. and Ladwig bet the last of the Board of Publications money on a losing horse at Churchill Downs while attending the National Scholastic Press Convention at Louis- ville, Kentucky. Press Sidelights Off to Press Convention- The Bison Editor and the Business Manager. 4491- Kilbourne Benidt THURSDAY NIGHT AT ULSAKER'S PRINTING SHOP Lynch, Tolchinsky, Gwyther, Olson, Buck, Garberg, Thorwaldson, Dinwoodie, Schurr. Soczletlg Military Ball Elaborate military decorations were used at the Military Ball which opened the formal dance season on Friday, January 29, in the field house. Indirect lighting was used on draperies hung at various places around the Wall. The orchestra was placed on a rais- ed, modernistic dais. Robert Sundt, architecture graduate, was in charge of decorations, and obtained much of the material from New York. Mr. and Mrs. Breitenbach THE LINE The grand march Was led by William Brei- tenbach, ball manager, and his guest Mrs. Brei- tenbach. Second in line was the assistant ball manager and president of Scabbard and Blade, honorary military fraternity, Eldred Lee with his guest Beth Oliver. Donald Buchanan, vice president of Scabbard and Blade, with Dorothy Olson was third in line. Cadet Colonel Sam Westgate and his guest, Lillian Lohn, were fourth in line. Eldred Lee and Beth Oliver Q i 1 Gwen Stenehjcm, Orville Sorvik, Florence Phillips and Dave Cavett dancing. During the evening, June Keefe received the honorary commission of battalion sponsor and Helen Breiten- bach and Georgia Cook each received the honorary commission of Lieuten- ant Colonel. The presentations were made by Lieutenant Colonel John D. Easton. Jeanne Verne and James Elwin enjoying the dance. Dancing began at 9:30 and con- tinued until 1 a.nf1. with the rnusic of Bert Christenson and his orches- tra. 'Qt' Charity Ball Alice Larson, president of Panhellenic Council and her guest, Charles Waldron, were first in line at the annual Charity Ball held in the field house, April 2. Sec- ond in line Were Lennea Frisk, secretary, and Walter Hinzg and Jane Schulz, treas- urer, and Sarn Dobervich. In the receiving line were President and Mrs. Shepperd, Dean Pearl Dinan, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Parrott and the senior members of the Panhellenic Council with their es- corts. Besides the grand march leaders, Katherine Kilbourne and Joey Burgurn, Mildred Peterson and Merlen Huson and Dorothy Sharpe and Ingolf Thorson stood in the receiving line. Dorothy Sharpe, Ingolf Thorson, Katherine Kilbournc and Joey Buryum dancingi RECEIVING LINE Charity Ball Bobbie Grigg's eight-piece band furnished the music for the 250 couples who attended the ball. Following the grand march at 10:00 formal dancing continued until l a.m. Novel lighting effects and an improvised platform for the orchestra comprised the decorations. Proceeds of the ball are used for the maintenance of scholarships and other chari- ties sponsored by the group. Chaperons were Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Wer- ner, Sgt. and Mrs. L, L. Detroit, Dr. and Mrs. Osmond P. Breland, and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Steig. Lcmzcu Frisk cmd Walter Hin Sam Dobertich, Jane Schulz, Mildred Peterson cmd Merlen Huson during the dance. GRAND MARCH JUNIOR LEADERS Jean MIl1I7All767't Bmuer Junior Class President, Francis Lrulu-ig. and his guest. Joyce Ogilric Junior-Senior Ball Bernard Majors, Senior manager, with his guest. Helen Edmonds, and Albert Brauer, Junior manager. with his guest, Jean May, were first in the lines at the first combined junior-senior ball, held in the Field House April 30. Second in the lines were Donald Put- nam, Senior Class President, and Lois Bartong Francis Ladwig, Junior Class President, and Joyce Ogilvieg and third in the lines were Robert Saunders, Senior Class Athlete, and Dorothy Walz, and Carl Rorvig, Junior Class Athlete and Eleanor Evanson. R JUNIOR LINE Jean Mayfmbert Brauer Joyce Ogilinie-Fmncis Ludwig Eleanor Evmison-Carl Rorvig Helen Edmonds-Bernard Majors Lozs Barton-Donald Putnam Dorothy Walz-Robert Saunders Junior-Senior Ball Jack Russell and his eleven-piece orchestra from Omaha, Nebraska, furnished the music for the most important event in the Spring social season. Following the grand march at 10:00 p.m., formal dancing con- tinued until l:00 a.m. Unusual decorations and lighting effects featured the mural by Ray Whitver which when unveiled fol- lowing the fifth dance proved to portray the ball mana- gers. Features of the entertainment were the classical violin solo by Aristides Louras and the sweetheart Waltz, which was a medley of fraternity songs. Senior Class President Don Putnam and Lois Barton t:ENIOR LEADERS Helen. Edmonds-Bernfrrd Majors SENIOR LINE Junior Class Athlete, Carl Rorvig and his guest, Dorothy Evansori Junior-Senior Ball Honored guests included Governor and Mrs. Langer, Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Shepperd Dean Alba Bales, Dean and Mrs. L. L. Car- rick, Dean Pearl Dinan, Dean and Mrs. R. M. Dolve, Dean and Mrs. A. E. Minard Dean and Mrs. P. J. Olson, Dean and Mrs. W. F. Sudro, Dean and Mrs. H. L. Walster Dr. and Mrs. Trowbridge, Col. and Mrs. J. D. Easton, Dr. and Mrs. C. S. Putnam, Mr and Mrs. A. H. Parrott, and Mr. and Mrs S. W. Hagen. 7 7 7 Chaperones Were: Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf Ottersen and Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Johnson. Senior Class Athlete, Robert Saunders and his guest, Dorothy Walz. Z V Gccaalo na Co-ecl Prom Ruth Cooley and Eleanor Isaacs put an animal act In line for the Grand March- Larson, E.Ols0n, Arnold, Frisk, Kaiser, Rowe, Coyne, Wieseke V. Olson, Crowley. The Leaders- Marjorie Arnold and Lennea Frisk 077. Clowns, Ginny Smith and Dot Bentley "Weak-Minded Saliyj' a musical stunt by Ruth Piper, Gwen. Stenehjem, and Lorraine Dixon. Little International Kent Helland, Al Strong, Robe t W ll1. Al Artz The 15th Annual Little International Livestock Show held Jan- uary 21. was judged the largest on record. One hundred fifty agricul- tural students competed in the fitting and showing event witnessed by over 800 students and townspeople. The show is sponsored annually by the Saddle and Sirloin Club and this year was managed by Robert Williams. John McDonald, assistant manager, will arrange for the 1938 show. Marian Shigley. representing the sorority selling the most tickets, was chosen by Phi Omega Pi sorority as mistress of awards. An out- standing feature of the show was a hog-calling contest won by Dr. High in competition with fifteen other faculty members. Florence Kapaun of Ceres Hall won the co-ed milking contest and Phi Mu soror- ity, represented by Ann Kaiser and Ruth Pinkam, won the co-ed calf show. With these contests and the addition of the POP trio, the Kappa Kappa Psi Band, and Bill Stewart and Woodrow Wieland announcing, the 1937 show took on an all-college atmosphere. On the managerial staff besides Williams and McDonald were A1 Strong, awardsg A1 Artz, prizesg Kent Helland, ticketsg and Edward Schmidt, decorations. Award t Florence Kapaun, . mzlkzng contest, Jim Osborne, prize beef winner. The Pon Tro DEAN A. E. MINARD I936-I937 Convocations The services of the United States G Men, economics, political science, Y. M. C. A. Work and student problems, religious education, the functions of the United States Weather Bureau, and music furnished subjects for the 1936-1937 convocation series arranged by Dean A. E. Minard. During the year there were several convocations sponsored by various organizations on the campus, Blue Key, Senior Staff, and Phi Kappa Phi. .....................Milton Ladd .........Fiske Jubilee Singers October 7 ........ October 16 ........ November 9 ....... ,,,..,. N ora Fauchald, Soprano November 24 .,..... ......, Dr. O. VV. Warmingham December 1 .,....,.. .......... D ixie Melody Masters January 7 ......,. ........,.... D r. W. L. Airheart January 14 ........ i......... D r. Frank B. Slutz January 15 ...................... .... ......V.............. D r . Fink January 28 .Br............................................ ..Major Booth February 23 ...J. B. Kincer, U. S. Weather Bureau February 25 .......................... ....... R obert Zimmerman April 15 ............, .........,.................. G old Star Band April 30. ,..... .. .................. Girls Singing Groups May 5 ..... ., ......... Phi Kappa Phi-C. E. Davies May 10 ........ , .........................,.........Recogn1t1on Page 104 HUGH ANSTETT Bison Brevities The 1937 Bison Brevities, annual all-college production sponsored by Blue Key Fraternity, chose as their production UNO, No, Nanetten, Broadway musical comedy. As an innovation the production was done by students Without remuneration. A student co-ordinator, Hugh Anstett, managed the show and Worked with the faculty members. Virginia Smith directed the entire production. Ruth Piper and Walter Ekeren carried the leads and had a very strong supporting cast including Justin Brainerd, Anna Jane Black, Bob Sanders, Lois Barton, and Beverly Barnes. The dancing choruses directed by Lois Rudrud and the singing choruses directed by Bob Sanders and Ethel Olson, included almost fifty other students. Kinsey Plummer directed the orchestra and did the arranging of the musical numbers for "No, No, Nanette". The stage sets based on the idea of simplicity were designed and produced by Ray Whitver and James Shigley and a staff of assistants. Probst Baccus Archer Sanders Wolf Olson Voss Sorvilc Pollock Lee Rudrud Smith Wolf Anstett Hegbar Verne Cole Bison Brevities Shots Taken During Rehearsal of "No, No, Nanetten The girls' choruses-'resting between numbers. Mary Jane Johnson, James Mahoney. Joyce Ogiivie. and Justin Brainerd - dancing couples at work. Don and Virginiaf- the popular comedy team of Smith and Putnam. Anna Jane Black. Bob Sanders, and Lois Barton. Bob remains indifferent in spite of the giares. Walter Ekeren and Ruth Piper, the singing leads of UNO. No, Nanettefi The maids chorus, with di- rector and soloist, Lois Rud- rud. The maids are Eaton, Ogilvie. J o h n s o n, Calhoun, McCarthy, Kreiser, Beall and Hughes. The finale of "No, No, Nan- ette"-entire cast, including the two choruses. The cast includes Brainerd, Black, Barnes, Ekeren, Piper, Bent- ly, Livedalen, Hocking, Bar- ton, and Sanders. The Married's chorus in the background includes Brown, McCabe, Thorson, Benson, C. Olson, Byram and Oram. The maids and the bache- lors doing a routine. Bache- lors are Nelson, Strand, White, Mahoney, Ells, Brai- nerd, McDunn, and Dahm. Charlotte Cole, accompanist for the show. Extra-curricular activities and functions give spice to college life. They furnish the student with an interest outside of his scholastic Work and round off the edges to fit him for a Well- balanced life as a citizen of his community. The various publications, managed and edit- ed by students start many young journalists in their chosen field. Musical organization, com- posed of would-be music masters, afford an outlet for those inclined in that direction. For the student interested in debate and drama, The Little Country Theater offers an excellent op- portunity to get a foothold in these arts. Soci- eties advance their members socially and cul- turally. No college would be complete Without these activities and no college career should be devoid of contact With them. They add the essential of balance to college life. C-fha ,Clttfla Ccmntnlf, C-fheatan ALFRED G. ARVOLD Founder of The Little Country Theater Page 110 The Lincoln Log Cabin The Harvest Festival has as guests, members of the Bohumir Kryl Symphony Band. Scenes from the Village Fair, program put on for the 4H Club Day, by the Community Programs class . . . A "make up" demonstration by Phyllis Rowe, the result being the three witches from Macbeth . i . Reverend Wissness, the Norwegian wood Carver shows his work . . . A l 4H club member strutting a Chanticleer costume . . . Mrs. King with a few of her dolls . . . Phyllis Rowe and Martha Wolf watch the old fashioned spinning process. Lyceum Series-I937 BOHUMIR KRYL LAWRENCE TIBBETT CORNELIA OTIS SKINNER ax al M "Phe Mikado" Tony Surgfs Marionettcs Kurt Jfxoss Ezzrupcmz Ballet Bnllnclc "A Ball in Old Vienna" Kurt Jooss EIITUDUIITI Bullet "The Big City" MW" -U 53 Hoge Neurnberger Naftalin Erickson Sorlie Birlceland Mackoff Weiser Ray R. Hoag The Lincoln Debate Club The Lincoln Debate Club was organized on February 12, 1922. Only students who have participated in intercollegiate and community debates are eligible to membership in the organization. The major question for debate during the 1936-1937 season was Resolved: that Congress should fix the maximum hours and minimum Wages of industry. Debates were held with teams from the Montana State College and the University of Minnesota. Exchange debates Were held with teams from the University of North Dakota. The Club entered teams in the Pi Kappa Delta debate tournament held at Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota. Miss Vivian Luther was in charge of the debate Work. The College Declamatory Contest Winners 1896-Ida Maude Bottenfieldg 1897-Angie Gibsong 1898-F. G. Benng 1899-Jessie E. Taylorg 1900-Edith Hillg 1901-Thomas Osgoodg 1902- Thomas Osgoodg 1903-Neva Stephensg 1904-Mary Darrowg 1905-Neva Stephensg 1906-Jaradine Thompsong 1907-Peter J. Olsong 1908-Peter J. Olsong 1909-Alan Clarkg 1910-Philip Meigheng 1911-Ella Heidnerg 1912- Clara Larsong 1913-George Wanikowske-Katherine Laddg 1914-Genhild Gilbertsong 1915-Katherine Laddg 1916-No Contestg 1917-Rosilla Laddg 1918 --Ethel Tousleyg 1919-Ethel Tousleyg 1920-Mar- jorie Millerg 1921-Thomas Raeg 1922-Pearl Siegelg 1923-Robert Robertsong 1924-Marjory Gulicksong 1925-Charles Wellsg 1926-Marjory Gulicksong 1927-Marjory Gulicksong 1928-Doris Fisherg 1929 -Glen Hoopleg 1930-Ruth Olafsong 1931-Mary Healyg 1932-Clifford Swansong 1933-Clifford Swansong 1934-Dayton Jonesg 1935-Margaret Hyldeng 1936-LaVerne Gilbertsong 1937-Corinne Ballard. Corinne Ballard Winner of the College Declamatory Contest Ronwnel Jones Rooney Sanders Nelson Smith Stenehjem Sorvik Loberg Gilbertson Edwin Booth Dramatic Club The Edwin Booth dramatic society was founded by Alfred G. Arvold in 1908 for the purpose of promoting the drama on the North Dakota State College campus. Requirements for membership include an 85 average and participation in two Edwin Booth plays. The meetings take the form of monthly luncheons. Each term the club sponsors a play, the proceeds being used for equipment for the Little Country Theater. Cornelia Otis Skinner was made an honorary member of the organization this year. Other honorary members are Alfred Arvold, Granville Barker, Aaron Beede, Alice Bender, Ethel Carey, Edith Cooley, John Drink- Water, W. Fuller, Lady Gregory, Madame Borgny Hammar, Donald Hay, Walter Hampden, DeWolf Hopper, Charles Rann Kennedy, Fred- erick Koch, Marjory Lieberg Pearson, Delia Linwell, Percy Mackaye, Edith Wynne Mathison, Father Ramsbottom, Otis Skinner, Bertha Strand, Walker Whiteside, Katherine York, Clayton Hamilton, Sydney Howard, Tony Sarg, Edith Challey Ostrem, Mary Darrow Weible, R. A. Beard, and Vivian Luther. Dewey Breuik "Elizabeth, the Queeff Wilfred Rommez and Elizabeth Dewey ,W - x J- P sh 5. 1 Vw Y- ,.,f 'F 's"N fn .xl.Xv:' A II 'if , ' . ' iff "ff: f I fi ani 1 3- 5 s , f-".,. . if.. fx., ..3. Q S. ix 31- "9,:::m, . . fit. ' , ' www mn...-calf" Qil 010 f"'Fs 4+ X ww Qi -sfs, 55 2 T53 ,, W Z A 3 4 iii :iv egg 52. 'L cvvlualcz D. Putnam Plummer VanderHo'rck Piper Van Vlissingen Blalceslee Doc. Putnam Beard Tarbell Department of Music Once again the Department of Music greets the Bison under the guidance of the Class of 1937. The Department is "carrying on" with the old Music Hall crowded to overflowing, all the theory classes being held in the north annex of Festival Hall. Each section of the Depart- ment has an increased enrollment-the Music Appreciation Class numbers thirty-fiveg the Harmony Class-twentyg Piano Class-twelveg Voice- sixteeng Girls, Glee Club-sixtyg Men's Glee Club-twentyg the band in three sections-one hundred thirtyg Orchestra-thirtyg Directing Class -teng private instruction in wind instruments-twelve. The Gold Star Band of one hundred thirty pieces presented a full concert in November with a high class program in three parts. The Concert Band of fifty was featured in Part One. Five Groups presented ensemble numbers in Part Two, and the full band performed in Part Three. During the winter the Concert Section of the band broadcast eight half hour programs. During the Spring Term the band presented a Convocation Concert and the other groups presented a recital using the Menls and Girls' Glee Clubs, the string group known as "The Singing Strings," and a piano solo. The orchestra furnished the accompaniment for the Bison Brevities production of the operetta, UNO, No, Nanettef' winning much favorable comment for their work. A feature of the Department's work is the number of pupils sent to schools as Directors of Music. Every music graduate was placed in a school last year and reports indicate that they are all Hmaking goodf' The Department is greatly handicapped in its work by lack of room, teaching force and instruments. It is becoming more and more a voca- tional department, training directors and music teachers. The entire country has gone music minded with the past three years. North Dakota is lagging behind the other states in not supplying the demand for more and better music directors. Our department is bending every effort to the remedying of this condition. The demand is here-the supply is limited by the lack of room and equipment. C. S. PUTNAM. Page 118 Gold Star Band The Gold Star Band, composed of 130 members, plays for all games and rallies. Its male members make up the R. O. T. C. band used for military parades. The band consists of the first or concert section, the second or intermediate section, and the bugle and drum corps. From the second section advanced members are graduated into the concert band by examination. Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Psi, National Band Musician Fraternity, was organ- ized in 1919 and now has twenty-nine chapters of which Alpha Mu is located at North Dakota State College. The officers are Max Thal, presidentg Kenneth Kroll, vice presidentg Oliver Row, secretaryg and Woodrow Wieland, treasurer. McDougal Waller Loomis Thompson Heuer Ccwett Plummer Baccus Walsh Benson Sanders Hollccsvilc Rudrud Purdon J. Watson Trotter Skow Arntson Dahl Watson Itrich D, Putnam Doc Putnam Thcll Evers Rowe Page 119 Fisher Randall Jodock Weltzin Plath Rex Carr Packard Bullock ROS6?lClfllll Olson Ray Carr Jamison Magill Theoclus Van Vlissingen Elceren Anderson Cole Men's Glee Club The Men's Glee Club, which has been rehearsing since last fall, has made appearances at Convocations, before the Kiwanis Club, and at the Fargo and the Moorhead High Schools. It has also appeared on several programs in other towns. Mr. Ernst Van Vlissingen, instructor in voice, is the director, The efforts of the group this year have been concentrated on the following numbers: Cossak ,,,,,,,,,,,,.... ..,ssi ............. ,,..,.. M 0 n iuszko Come Again Sweet Love aaaaaaa Dawland Live Humble ..i,,,,,,,,, ....,,, . .. ,,,,,, M, Irwin Deep River .....,,..,,a,,,.a , aaaa.r. , .,.. .Burleigh A Little Close Harmony aaaa.... aaaaaaaa Drink To Me Only ssss L .ssaa .L Stenka Rayin .aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa. Soldiers' Chorus CFaustJ aaaaa,, a A Musical Trust aaaaaaaaaaaa. ..r. Invictus . ....aa.a . Italian Street Song fNaughty Mariettaj Page 120 L .,ala O'Hara om English N ,.McMillan ..,.,,..Gounod ,,,,,,,.,.,Clokey Bruno Huhn V. Herbert I 7, V. Knutson, Murray, Carlson, Olson, Lee, Livedalen, Sletvolcl, L. Knucltson, Berg, Brekke, Black, Thorson, Tiseth, Weir, Bolley, Calhoun, Brown, Gillette, Bartz, Buhrrnann May, Stockstad, Solberg, Stoltenow, A.Davis, Yeager, E.Anderson, Baxter, Herbison, Blalceslee D. Johnson, Matteson, Larson, W. Peterson, Piper, M. Johnson, Cook, Chase, Arnason, Kniefel D. Davis, Elleraas, Herr. Beall. Orarn B.Peterson, Eaton, H. Pederson, Boettcher, Beattie, Halcrow. Girls' Glee Club Numbered among the activities of the Girls' Glee Club this year have been appearances at convocations, radio broadcasts, and several special programs. Small groups selected from the members of the club have appeared on several other programs. Miss Adda Blakeslee, ina structor in voice, is the director. The following numbers have been emphasized during this yearls Work: Largo ..,...................... ......,.........,... H andel Will O' The Wisp ................... ...... C has. G. Spross Let All My Life Be Music .... ,t..t C has. G. Spross Mammy Song ...,................,. ....... H arriet Ware Boat Song ...... t...... H arriet Ware Trees ...............t...t.........t. ............t.. C arl Hahn Venetian Love Song t..... Ethelbert Nevin Woodpecker .........D.,.........ttt.t,.........t,t, Ethelbert Nevin Come Unto These Yellow Sands .....t. .... H . Purcell Songs My Mother Taught Me t.t............. A. Dvorak When The Roses Bloom ..........,..... Louise Reichardt Page 121 FIRST SI-cow, Hall, Arnold, Thal, Hawlcinson, Brandenburg FOURTH Andersen, Ackerman, McDougal, Huntley, Olson, Trotter SEVENTH Dahm, Crowley, Loomis, Dahl, Evers, Tweet Concert Band THIRD Arntson, Plummer, Smith, Piper, Hewitt, Rowe SECOND VanderHorck, LaMarre, Plummer Hawkinson, Dr. Putnam, Putnam SIXTH Purdon, Hanson, Wagner Benson, Glarum, Walsh, Putz FIFTH Putnam, Heuer, Baccus, Watson Sanders, Smith NINT1-I Sorvilc, Hilstad, Cavett Dunlevy, VanderHorck, Dinwoodqie, Itriclc EIGHTH Wielund Holkesvik Hagen, Rommel, Waller, Guclmundson CVVllQitanm5 Officers Staff Lt. Col. J. D. Easton Major W. H. Halstead Major E. F. Boruski Capt. A. J. Tagliabue The Cadet Staff Col. Sam Westgate .,......., .. ..........,.,............ Battalion Commander Capt Don Buchanan ....... . . ...... Battalion Adjutant Capt Stan Maynard ......... .............. I ntelligence Officer Capt Robert Erickson ......... ........................... S uppiy Officer Capt. Don Howland ................... ............ P lans Sz Training Officer Howland Buchanan Erickson Westgate Keefe Page 124 Company Officers COMPANY A Osborne Riedesel Ward Gallagher Garry COMPANY C Larson Cook Anstett Gwyther Powers COLOR GUARD Aslcegaard Skow Christensen Dilce Page 125 COMPANY B Nesvig Breitenbach Crane Sorenson Mansfield COMPANY D Taylor Rustad Olson Springer Burnson 2nd PLATOON 2341 mick Fraser Reep Bruner Osborne Hmzlcins Fay Morris 4th PLATOON Steaenson Welch Nelson Huson Hodgson B. Breitenbach H. Breitcnbach Sth PLATOON Slzcfzrd Pulmlnl Olson Pflugrflfh Rehmrmn Crane Nfmden Platoon Qfficers lst PLATOON Borke Burns Moore Riebe Rieclesel Slliglegr Peterson Jamison 3rd PLATOON Hill Hin: Pollock Carr Vollrat 11 Ward EI zri n Cha neg 5th PLATOON C7'lSf8riSGTl Toman Nelson Fitjm' Nesrig Murphy Platoon Officers 7th PLATOON Lee Brainerd LaMarre Severance Pollock Farstad Cook McCabe 9th PLATOON C?'0i0fOTd Toman Ruland McLaughlin Larson Frendberg 11th PLATOON Bue D. Nelson Curtis Whitver Benson D. Taylor C. Taylor 8th PLATOON Seeba Biewer Ludwig Ulmer Anstett Tourtlotte 10th PLATOON Reimer Lien Berg Redmond M. Nelson Bronson Olson Knauer Sherwood 12th PLATOON Tonzplcins Thompson Hognboorn Bruschwein Morgan Rustad Olson Huson Schoessow Vogel Askegciard Ness Christenson Detroit Hellickson Ebeltoft Bennett Douglass Hanson Dimunrltion Taylor Bruschivein Wee Sorenson Tagliabue Friese Hild Benson The Rifle Team Proving that the North Dakota State College Rifle Team could continue its domi- nance in intercollegiate matches even after losing most of the old members through graduation, Captain A. J. Tagliabue and team captain John Friese brought the squad through a successful match season. After winning a long string of postal matches with college teams from nearly every section of the country, the marksmen finished among the leaders in the Seventh Corp Area and Hearst matches. This gave them the right to enter the National Intercollegiate matches which were finished early in April, Again the Bison proved themselves the steadier shots in beating the North Dakota University team twice in succession, once decisively and once by a close margin. These shoulder to shoulder matches with the University were fired from four differ- ent positionsffive shots in each position. Beginning the year with only a few veterans besides Captain Friese, Coach Tagliabue had to develop some new talent from among the Utyrosw. In this he was very successful and among the newcomers that developed most rapidly were Schoes- sow, Hild, and Douglass. With these men to bolster the other crack shots that will return next year, Captain Tagliabue should have little difficulty in building another winning team for 1938. Page 128 War Department October 20, 1936. Dr. John Henry Shepperd President, North Dakota Agricultural College Fargo, North Dakota Dear Dr. Shepperd: During the college firing season, Which terminated in April of this year, North Dakota Agricultural College Won for the third time the trophy awarded annually to the highest school among senior R.O.T.C. units. According to the conditions of the award, this Will entitle your school to the permanent possession of this trophy. It is a pleasure to congratulate you on this splendid achievement. The trophy has never before been Won three times by the same school. Let me express also my appreciation of your efforts to perfect your unit in small arms practice, a matter so important for the standpoint of national defense. Sincerely yours, HARRY H. WOODRING, Secretary of War. On the Range Page 129 Breitenbach Nesvig Buchanan Riedesel Lee Howland Cook Hill Seeba Redmond Knauer Rustad. Gwyther Larson Anstett Tagliabue Scabbard and Blade M Co. 3rd regiment of Scabbard and Blade meets every Wednes- day to further the aims of developing qualities of good and efficient officers and distributing military information. Members are elected from students in advanced military who are proficient in military and in good scholastic standing. The biggest social event of the year is the Military Ball, and Cadet Hops are sponsored by the organization. It is customary to have a dinner dance every spring. A rifle team is entered in the national rifle matches every year. Officers for the year are: Eldred Lee, Presidentg Donald Buchanan, vice-presidentg William Breitenbach, secretaryg and Robert Gwyther, treasurer. Page 130 Breitenbach McEnroe Olson Larson Keefc Brittin Piper Cook Tourtlotte Burnson G. Hawkinson Oliver Stenehjcm Arvzason D.Ha1L'ki11SOH 'd G UI o n Guidon is a national honorary auxiliary to Scabbard and Blade. national honorary military fraternity. The local chapter is B company. The fraternity was founded November ll, 1928, at Vermillion, South Dakota, for the purpose of promoting patriotism among its members and to relate itself more directly with the Work of the government. The members helped Scabbard and Blade with decorations for the Military Ball. They served lunches at the Cadet Hops, sponsored by the military fraternity. The annual supper party for Scabbard and Blade members and the officers and their wives was held on February seventeenth. Officers of the local chapter are Georgia Cook, presidentg Sarah Minard. vice presidentg and Genevieve Havvkinson. secretary-treasurer. Page 131 Fort Snelling R. O. T. C. Camp The pistol range. This is fun. Frank Sorenson at bat with the 37 mm. gun. Maynard Nesvig scores a bulls- eye on the pistol range. The boys help Wayne Spring- er greet his sister. The army regulars help the boys fire the machine guns. Walt Olson, Frank Sorenson, and four South Dakotans do K. P. duty so that those who did not break regulations may eat spuds. EX N 1m .-ef A v f ff' if W ,K ., 3? 3-51394 z Q . fs, .kmqdiil-'f, f E ii Sin X ' Al 5 Q' . ,. A i?"!' y 4 'li Q , ,MJ 3 4? Q ' mf Q V 4 Q A + w Q EW A vf 1, f C w w .,. hz, , K 4- 1 if f 1,522 5, it I Basketball Intramural Sports Women's Athletics qcrot BQQQ FINNEGAN Football Coach Page 134 Finnegan, Smith, Rorvig, Stevens, McClure, Ose, Laaviq, Lowe Freclericks, Holt, Hawkins, Phillips, Pollock, Bowers, Jim On, Wellerns, Wheeler B. Olson, L. Olson, Welsh, Springer, Miller, Erickson, Schrank, Gilroy. Olliver, May The IQ36 Football Squad fs 5 f . 7-1 Captain Bob Erickson Page 135 Q. QA Q - Uviiiicrsity of North Dakota attempting to score with an aerial attack Bison 183 Omaha University 13 With memories of the mighty herd which carried the Bison colors to the North Central Conference Championship in 1935 still fresh in their minds North Dakota State College football fans waited with high expectancy to see Casey Fin- negan,s 1936 aggregation which sport scribes were inclined to put in the cellar in their pre-seasonal predictions. How- ever. in their opening game against Oma- ha University the Bison kicked the dope bucket asunder by shattering the heavier opposing line before a barrage of fast blocking linemen and backs who opened the way for the sensational running of Ernie Wheeler and Bronke Bill Olson to chalk up an 18 to 13 Win over the south- erners. Wayne Springer, Watch charm guard, repeatedly broke through on de- fense and it was not until the last period that the visitors broke into the scoring via the air attack. Bison 13g Winnipeg 33 The second game, the Bison had the opportunity of getting some experience outside of the conference at the hands of the Winnipeg Rugby team Which-car- ried off the Canadian Championship in 1935. The Canadians had little difficulty in making yards against the Bison to run the score up to a 33 to 13 advantage. The climax of the game came when Soph- omore Ernie Wheeler intercepted a pass and showed his heels to Fritz Hanson. former Bison gridiron great, to score after a seventy yard gallop. Captain Bob Erickson played his usual steady game at defense and was the most consistent ground gainer for the Bison through the line. Miller Laftrigf VVheele'r Fraser M1111 Schrmik Holt Pollock Bison 155 Concordia 0 The Bison sent the Concordia Cob- bers back across the river the next week without a first down to their credit. Bob Erickson and Bill Olson played the stel- lar roles in the Bison second line in a game studded with sensational runs. It was again the outstanding work of Wayne Springer and big Lyle Sturgeon that stopped the Cobber backs in their tracks to keep them from completing a first down. Bison 7g Northwestern 40 Although the Bison were over- whelmed under a 40-7 defeat the next week at the hands of Northwestern, the game was one of their most creditable performances. For two periods an in- spired Bison team held Dick Hanley's first string which two weeks later were to hand the mighty Golden Gophers from Minnesota the first setback in three years. Coming on the field with a seven point lead after the half the reserve strength of the Wildcats proved too much for the Bison who crumpled under the opposition's offense. Ernie Wheeler gave the fans a thrill in the last period when he sidestepped through the Wildcat team for 60 yards to score the Bison's lone counter. Bison 14g Moorhead Teachers 7 Early season Bison scores were con- spicuous by the failure to convert ex- tra points. The answer to Finneganls problem seemed to be answered in the game with the Dragons when big Lyle Sturgeon assumed the duty of booting the ball between the uprights. Burke, the Dragon's sensational ball toter, fur- Bison block Sioux pass on fine-yard line. nished the Bison defense with consider- able trouble in holding the visitors scor- ing in a single figure. Bison backs finally pushed the ball into the end zone for the second counter to turn the Dra- gons back 14 to 7. Bison Og Morningside 7 North Central Conference hopes went glimmering as the applecart of odds was upset by a surprising Morningside at- tack. After an opening 52-yard drive which ended in a fumble the Bison of- fense functioned very inefficiently dis- playing only momentary flashes of power against a formidable Maroon line. In the last quarter the Maroons took to the air to push their lone score across the goal line. Bison 05 North Dakota University 14 Homecoming fans shook and shiver- ed, but shouted little, as cold fingered fumbles spelled doom to the Bison in their annual battle with the Sioux. The Bison set the University up for the first score in the first minute of play by fumb- ling on the 18-yard line. Most of the game Was an uneventful punting duel with the Sioux having the advantage. Again in the last quarter a Bison fumble paved the Way for a University score. Con- siderably hampered by the loss of sen- sational Ernie Wheeler through injury the Bison offense Was quite ineffective with May and Phillips carrying the pig- skin to the greatest advantage. Specta- tors Were quite surprised to see the col- ored threat Pollard from the University bottled up by the Bison defense. Bison 73 South Dakota State 0 In the next game the Bison hopped on the South Dakota State Jackrabbits Sioux back about t be h DJ fou Hawkins Stevens Rorvig Olson Springer Olliver -umm -- -Mm. - ma- i1-.wx-v--f ---- nnmmmmnun-Q s Wellems Fredertcks to come out of the game with a 7 to 0 win and a .500 average for conference play. After an uneventful first half the Bison came into the third period to stage a long drive which ended in an incom- plete pass. Again in the same period the Bison began a march down the field which culminated in a 38 yard run by Ernie Wheeler to score the lone counter of the game. The Jackrabbits threatened in the last period but a fumble recovered by Bob Millar killed their last hope to score. Bison 125 Idaho University 13 Coming from behind twice, the Uni- versity of Idaho nosed out the Thun- dering Herd, 13 to 12, in the last game of the season. Both the Bison scores were made via the air with Wheeler slinging the pigskin and May and Erick- son each receiving. The Westerners scored once on a pass and again on a Bison punt blocked behind the line of scrimmage after the Bison had held on the four yard line. The last game of the season, the game with Idaho was something in the nature of a farewell to four men wear- ing the Yellow and Green for the last time on the gridiron. Men lost from the Bison football squad this spring are: Bob Millar, Lyle Sturgeon, Wavne Springer, Frank Welch and Captain Bob Erickson. For the first time in the history of the school a Bison gridder was honored by being chosen to play in the East-West Football Classic on New Years Day at San Francisco. Lyle Sturgeon, mammoth Bison tackle, turned in one of the most creditable performances in the game and received the praises of leading sports writers all over the country. Smith Clausen L!lFOUT71CLiSQ Larson Whalen Johnson Hultstrimd Clifrrlsovt Miller Haroldson Morton King Schrmiz Ness Olson Stefonowicz Buuley Southam Grieve Troseth. Bcrmrm Kojrmcilc Green Sapa Peterich Schrrmk Freshmen Football The Baby Bison, under the able guidance of Coach Johnny Smith, catapulted into the limelight of the 1936 football season with a de- cisive 25 to 0 victory over the Wahpeton School of Science, North Dakota Intercollegiate conference champions for 1936. With this win under their skin nothing could stop the young thundering herd, not even the favorite rival, the University Papooses, who were taken for a 26 to 0 loss in the opening event of their homecoming program. The fast sprinter from Lidgerwood, Ed Petrich, made three of the four touch- downs and two conversions with Wes Haroldson of Aneta making the other on a recovered fumble. The last game of the season was played on the eve of the North Dakota State homecoming with the Baby Bison turning in their second conquest of the year over the Papooses. The only touchdown in the game came during the final minutes. Although the team lacked weight, this disadvantage was overcome through the use of those two speedsters, Gorman King and Ed Petrich. Coach Johnny Smith highly recommends the whole freshman squad and turns over a group of well trained and truly efficient players to fill the vacancies left by the graduating members of the varsity squad. Those most likely to find berths on the first team are: Cecil Shrank and Bob Zeller as tackles, Bernie Berman at end, Merrill Green, guardg Joe Kojancik, center and Lloyd Troseth at halfback. The record of the entire squad is most noteworthy for the fact that no games were lost and no player dropped out at any time during the season making the 1936 freshman team the best in years. Page 140 03.1aAketl5aQQ Bob Lowe I936-I937 Basketball BISON BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Bison ....... . S..... 40 Wahpeton Science BBBV.BBBBBB,,S.. 12 Bison ...BBBBB. .,.B.. 3 8 M. S. T. C. .... ........ ......... 1 6 Bison ...... ........, 2 7 Concordia .................. ......... 2 9 Bison .....,.... ,.... 3 3 U. of Minnesota .... ,,....... 2 9 Bison... .. .. . .... 34 Superior College ........ Bison .... . ..... .34 Jamestown College ................ 22 Bison ....r ,.....,,.r 4 8 Valley City Normal ..........,. 23 Bison... ..,. ...... 2 6 Concordia ................... ............ . .13 Bison ........ ..... 4 3 South Dakota State ..........,.,. 41 Bison ........,,...... 31 South Dakota U. .........,... ...... 2 5 Bison ................ 36 South Dakota State .............. 32 Bison ,..............i 42 Omaha University .... ......... 1 8 Bison ................ 28 Iowa Teachers ........ ...ii . .23 Bison ......,.r.r..... 22 Morningside ......................., ,... 3 7 Bison .,.. ......., 3 2 Jamestown College ...... ....... 2 9 Bison ......... ....... 2 9 North Dakota U. ........ rr....... 3 0 Bison ....r.r....,r... 26 North Dakota U. rr.. ......... 2 3 Bison .........r...... 36 North Dakota U. .... .r.....rr 5 0 Bison ................ 19 North Dakota U. .... ......... 3 4 C0-captain Saunders I937 Season Opening the basketball season Coach Bob Lowe, Bison mentor, found himself with three veteran cagers, Bob Saunders, Russ Anderson, both all- conference men, and Wendell Kielty, as a nucleus for his 1937 bid for the North Central Conference cage title. The Herd swung into an eight non-conference game schedule early in December in exceptionally fine style by polishing off the Wahpeton Science cagers 40 to 12. The next week the Bison had little difficulty in topping the lVl.S.T.C. Dragons 38 to 16, but in the following game the Bison were de- cidedly off their stride and dropped the game to Concordia, by a single basket 27 to 29. If Bison basketball stock dropped any when the Herd was nosed out by the Cobbers it took a sky- rocketing rise the next week when the Bison kick- ed the dope bucket asunder by defeating the Uni- versity of Minnesota cagers, 1937 Big Ten cham- pions. Two nights later found the Bison in Super- ior where they picked upi the second victory on their holiday tour by winning of Superior College 34 to 26. Co-captain Anderson Bison Score on Minnesota Returning to their own territory the Bison, in the next two days, defeated Jamestown College 34 to 22 and Valley City Normal 48 to 22. After wiping out their defeat at the hands of the Cobbers in a return game by a 26 to 13 score the Bison cagers began their regular conference schedule. Opening the campaign with a wild, last-minute scoring race, the Bison outpointed the South Da- kota State Jackrabbits to win by a single basket 43 to 41 on the Jack's own hardwood. Local fans caught their first glimpse of the Bison in conference competition as the Herd came from behind the University of South Dakota bas- keteers to win 31 to 25. Co-captain Russ Anderson played the hero role by finding the loop four times from the field in the closing minutes to give the margin of victory. The Bison registered their third victory in the conference race and their second against South Dakota State by defeating the Jackrabbits on their return game on the Herd floor. Staving off a rally in the closing minutes the Herd were leading 36 to 32 as the game ended. Rorvig The next week Lowe took his herd out on the road again and they returned home from their two-game tour into the southern end of the circuit where they added their fifth and sixth successive victories by rubbing out Omaha University 42 to 18 and topping the Iowa Teachers 28 to 23. As the last conference hurdle in the conference race before meeting the North Dakota University the highly touted Morningside Maroons proved too much for the Bison cager. The Herd played even ball with the visitors until Fraser and Saunders left the game with injuries. The Bison defense shattered, the Maroons made the predicted victory a reality 37 to 22. After meeting Jamestown College as a breather the Bison went into the last lap of the conference race, the Bison-Sioux cage series. In the opening game at Grand Forks cage fans saw some of the wildest basketball ever staged between the rivals. The Bison led consistently until 30 seconds of play remained and the Sioux scored to win 29 to 28. In an almost identical kind of a game the Bison, led by Bob Saunders nosed out the Sioux in a last period rally to win 26 to 23 the next night. Phillips Stevens gms El 5 With the conference title still in the balance the Sioux invaded the Bison court the next Week. The Sioux seemed at a decided advantage on the larger floor and had little difficulty in turning back the Herd both nights, 50 to 36 in the first and 34 to 19 in the last. Considering the pre-seasonal ratings the Bison cage aggregation deserves unmeasurable credit. Out of the heavy 19-game schedule the Herd Won 14. Co-captains Anderson and Saunders were berthed on the all Conference team. Anderson also was the high scorer of the conference. As a climax to the cage season the basketball fans got a real thrill in seeing one of the most spectacular quintets ever put on the hardwood in the northwest when the Sioux luminaries, Birk and Finnegan joined Bob Saunders, Russ Anderson and Acey Olson, ex-Bison star. This aggregation of stars topped off their post season schedule by trouncing the famous Harlem Globe Trotters 66 to 30. Kielty 2 May t ND gwm IB Fraser Glad Maxwell Troseth Saign Fisk Stefonowicz Smith Whalen Larson LaFourna'ise Green Ruud Freshman Basketball Football season over, Freshman Coach Johnny Smith chose a frosh basketball squad of thirty players. After the Christmas holidays the squad was cut to fifteen men and practice began in earnest. In the early part of the season the yearlings engaged with a num- ber of local independent teams and took them all in their stride. The Baby Bison herd almost lost their record when they came up against the Concordia Reserves but a strong last quarter rally pulled the Year- lings out of the hole to win 37 to 27. After two months of strenuous practice with the varsity cagers it was a much improved Frosh team that went to Grand Forks to play the University freshmen. The game was a heart-breaker for the Baby Bison. After rolling up a small lead early in the second half the Papooses nosed the Bison out in the last minute of play to win by a single point 30 to 29. Billy Owens, flashy University guard, tied the score up a minute before the gun. Ted Whalen put the Yearlings out in front again with a free throw but Owens scored again for the Uni- versity just as the game ended. The next week the University frosh played a return game and had little difficulty in topping the Baby Bison 34 to 25 in one of the roughest cage fracases ever staged on the AC hardwood. Highlights of the game were the spectacular aggressiveness of Ted Whalen, AC guard, offensive play of Chuck Nelson, University forward, and the defense work of Joe LaFournaise who held the Papoose speedster, Billy Owens to a single point. Although the Freshman cage squad turned in only a fair record for the season and boasted of no outstanding players, they brought out some fast, clever ball handlers who will become excellent varsity per- formers in years to come. Page 146 Hamilton McKee Slcow Boxing Under the tutelage of Albert Zech, formerly one of the north- west's outstanding fisticuffers, boxing is rapidly becoming an important part of the North Dakota State College athletic program. After a month of training an inter-squad tournament was held to pick outstanding mittmen to attend the Northwest Golden Gloves contest in Minneapolis. Although Zech lost several of his outstanding men from his 1936 squad the results of the Northwest Golden Gloves Tournament indicates that Bison mittmen should be ranking at the top Within the next two years. Mike Kanski, Delmar Skow, and Sid Petrie all advanced to the semi-finals, and Vern Iverson reached the quarter finals before he was eliminated. All of the outstanding Bison fighters this year have at least two years left in school and many of them were only freshmen. The Bison mittmen defeated the University squad at Grand Forks by win- ning four out of seven matches. Skow, Kanski, and Iverson won their matches by decisions and Bill McKee knocked out his opponent in the third round. Burns, Carr, and Hamilton dropped decisions to Sioux boxers. - A week later the Bison squad re- peated their victory over the Sioux mitt- men by again taking four out of seven matches. Hamilton and Iverson dropped decisions to the upstaters and Ben Arri- son suffered a knockout at the hands of Martin Gainor, Sioux grid star. McKee and Kanski won decisions and Walt Crayne won on a knockout. The outlook for the 1938 boxing season looks exceptionally bright with most of the outstanding men returning next fall. Carr Page 147 -C5 -1-J 11' 28 11' 5 JZ' -I-J C White Boyle Bowers Reep Gallagher Loomis Cavett Erickson Maddock Springer Basketbau The Alpha Tau Omega basketball team topped the dormitory cagers in the first game of the championship series 19 to 14, and the next night repeated their victory 28 to 19 to Win the title. Intramural basketball began early in January. Cage teams en- tered from every fraternity, the Cosmopolitan Club, the Men's Dormi- tory and the YMCA, and were divided into two brackets. The Alpha Tau Omega cagers advanced to the finals by being undefeated in the first bracket. The Dormitory suffered only a single defeat in the sec- ond bracket and Went into the finals to lose to the Alpha Tau Omega cagers. BasebaH The Kappa Sigma Chi team defeated the Alpha Gamma Rho nine to win the baseball trophy. The Theta Chi, Delta Tau Epsilon, Sigma Phi Delta, Alpha Gamma Rho, and Kappa Sigma Chi fraternities entered teams in the tournament. The tournament is played off in a round robin schedule. Due to the fact that the intramural softball tournament is played at the same time all organizations do not enter teams. C. Resternayer Anderson L. Restemayer Stephan Broton Quinnild Currie Kroll Stangeland Iverson King Joyce Nw Alpha Tau Omega Hockey Team Hockey Intramural hockey Was revived this year under the auspices of Alpha Phi Omega, scouting fraternity. The Theta Chi, Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Chi, Kappa Sigma Chi, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon frater- nities entered teams Which played a round robin schedule, each team meeting every other team twice. In their last two games against the undefeated Kappa Sigma Chi sextet the Alpha Tau Omega team played their best hockey to win both games and the trophy offered by Mr. Rudy Cole, Fargo business- man and sport enthusiast. At the end of the intramural hockey season a varsity hockey squad was formed from the outstanding men on each team in the inter- fraternity league. The Bison icemen were defeated at the University of North Dakota by a single point in two overtime periods, 5 to 6. A week later on the local rink the Bison dropped a second game to the University 5 to 1. They completed the season by splitting a two-game series with Valley City, Winning the first 8 to 5, and dropping the second 4 to 1. With the possibility of an indoor Winter sports building being erected in Fargo, a varsity hockey team should become a regular part of the athletic program. Pollock Freyberg Elsberry Larson Berget Neitzke Shaw Mc-Cormiclc .N-46 CA . i Rau Finsand Minard Bodlak Paris Bockwoldt I , Tiseth Huntley Olson Crowley Stevens Murchie Scatterday Van Vorst Hostler May Behrens Newell Prouan w Tarplec Verne Jorclre Wenger Johnson. Lovilc Hughes Q Rowe Cushman Wells M. .Ion cs Kaiser Moffitt W ' A hl ' A ' ' omen s t etlc ssoclatlon Membership in the Women's Athletic Association is open to any student who has earned one hundred and twenty-five points by par- ticipating in various activities, and upon being initiated one is required Co to make twenty points a term to retain her membership. The Association sponsors a year round sports program consisting of soccer, basketball, riflery, and baseball. It presents letter awards to those who are picked for the varsity teams of each major sport. When one has earned one thousand points, she is awarded a sweater. Three thousand points entitles one to an N. D. Blanket. Those winning sweaters this year are Olive Murchie, Grace Grutle, Corrine Ballard, Verda Van Vorst, Ruth Bockwoldt, and Lottie Behrens. Those winning blankets are Ethel Olson and Emma Jordre. Meetings are held once a month throughout the school year. Officers of the Association are Ethel Olson, presidentg Hjordis Lovik. secretaryg and Mary Fay Wenger, treasurer. Page 150 Peterson, Turplee, Keogh, Jolmsmz. Frisk. Bocllalc, Barnes. Finsaml. Mimlrd. Yeager, Bolley Murray. Restvedt. Smith. May. Rau. Brittin. Newell, Prowni, Byram l2Hdery During the fall term freshmen girls get training in the art of riflery from student coaches once a Week, under the super- vision of Colonel Easton. The 'tColonel,' as he is known has been one of the main influences responsible for the successful maintenance of this sport on this campus. '4Skipper',, the Colonel's dog, is mascot for the team. Matches of this year included the schools: Rippon College, Louisiana State, Coe College, and Connecticut State. Girls shooting the highest scores were: Beverly Barnes, Emma May Britten, Jean May, Sylvia Finsand and Bernice Peterson. BasketbaH The winning basketball team, a non-sorority team, was given a dinner by Delta Psi Kappa, and the winning sorority team, Gamma Phi Beta, was awarded a cup. Every sorority on the campus entered a team in the tournament. Bockuroldt Barnes Vim Vurst Snyder Stewevrs Jrrrclre Ethel Olson Ping Pong Chflmmon Lm-"ra Non-sorority Basketball Team-- Championslrlp Team, of Womens' Intrllmuwzl Toinnamevzt Murchie Olson Bockwoldt Jordve G. Grutle Fivismid M.Jo11cs L, Grutle Rau Wengnr Lmzilf Wells Delta Psi Kappa Delta Psi Kappa, National Honorary Physical Education Sorority, was founded on this campus in 1916. The organization is composed of members who have shown a definite interest in the development of physi- cal education both theoretically and practically. Delta Psi Kappa sponsors annual Ping Pong tournaments, singles and doubles, the Winners being Ethel Olson, Jean Jones and Margaret Jones respectively. Portions of the meetings are devoted to professional talks and studies of archery, badminton, and tennis. In the Spring term a course in spring sports is offered to members of this group. During the May Festival Psi Kapps assist with the athletic contests. Those pledged this year include: Margaret Jones, Ruth Bockwoldt. Sylvia Finsand, Luella Grutle, Dorothy Rau, and Willa Jeanne Wells. Officers this year Were Emma Jordre, presidentg Olive Murchie, sec- retaryg and Grace Grutle, treasurer. Page 152 Ibm ,.,,,.4Nh N s ...www- M--....,,, MM aw-me Fraternities Sororities Honorary Fraternities Clubs and Societies JLWIO ff j gfffrrf I. EV Qfnatannltlea ffVi Ol? JI 1' fi ig g Y J .gf r 5 1. +7 ww 30 ff 5 4 ALPHA GAMMA RI-IO Lohstreter Saunders Kielty J. Plath V. Plath McDonald D. Nelson J. Hulcrow Schmidt Douglass A'rtZ E. Nelson Jensen M. Tousszlint Strom! Birkclaml Brown, Sholts Kluuss Schultz Larson Purdon Bllllulll Hamilton Byrrmz H.Hz1lC1'o'zL' William CLASS OF 1937 Ross Cook Richard Hamilton Harold Halcrow John Halcrow Leon Heuer Peter Jensen Donald Klauss Donald Nelson Vinton Plath Robert Saunders Alvin Strong Robert Williams Epsilon Chapter CLASS OF 1938 Dayton Byram Wendell Kielty Erling Nelson John Plath James Purdon CLASS OF 1939 Aloisius Artz Charles Birkeland Lawrence Douglas Frank Johnson Glenn Lohstreter John McDonald James McGregor Floyd Montieth Peter Nysteun Joseph Schultz Edward Schmidt OFFICERS President .................. Robert Saunders Vice President .............. Vinton Plath Founded at Ohio State University, 1897 Secretary ...................... James Purdon Epsilon Chapter Installed, 1914 Treasurer . ..... ....... . Harold Halcrow Vinton Plath and his beard. Ness in good working order. Soils 'men at work in winter. They were la t e r drawn and quar- tered. PLEDGES John Campbell William Dick Kenneth Erickson Oliver Gorder Harry Johnson Ralph Kvarnme Clarence Nelson Louis Nelson Emil Nelson Carroll Ness James Osborne Bruce Plath Clifford Stefonowicz Waldo Southam Roger Toussaint Lloyd Troseth ALPI-IA TAU OMEGA Kcoizane Reep Moore Thompson Gallagher Bowers Crwett Brainerd, Wylie Erickson Armstrong Carlisle Stevenson Wcslerluml Ludwig Majors Heisel Kirk Gudmunrlson L11lVIrlrrv Form! Cmictt Goosen Donomzn S1n'ir1ger Nulson Nims fItl'l'lSOII, Tlmrcsrm Berg t Critc'l1flclrI CLASS OF 1937 Robert Erickson William Gallagher Fred Heisel Bernard Majors Jerome Reep Wayne Springer William Thompson Emery Westerlund Epsilon Delta Chapter CLASS OF 1938 David Cavett Raymond Goosen Francis Ladwig Francis LaMarre Robert Kirk Bernard Maddock James Moore DeLaurence Nelson Robert Sanders CLASS OF 1939 William Armstrong William Berget Herman Bowers Justin Brainerd John Carlisle Dean Cavett James Critchfield Thomas Donovan Richard Ford Robert Freyberg Paul Hanson Paul Nickel Robert Nimrns Robert Shaw Russell Stevenson Wendell Thoreson Elwood Wylie OFFICERS President ,,.iic.,lliiii,i...lll, Fred Heisel glee tpresldent 'iiei' Fra1EC1S,5JaglIarii Founded at Lexington Military Academy, 1865 ecre ary ""iii" A'i'ii'i'i"" a V1 ave Epsilon Delta Chapter Installed, 1931 Treasurer .,c,c,. ,,,,,,,c R obert Erickson Bombing Bob Erick- son. the A. T. O. President. High Gear Homer, the campus jour- nalist. Alcatraz, the A. T. O. house during quar- antine. Reverend Man-moun- tain Cavett, the chaplain during iso- lation. The mail arrives at Alcatraz. PLEDGES Paul Boyle Kenneth Crahan Hugh Daum John Edell Glenn Fake Duane Johnson Jerome Keohane Bohn Lindemann Richard Longbella Murray Loomis James Maxwell Bernard McCarthy Paul Nickel John O'Day Ray Schreider Martin Stenehjem John Thompson Carl White John Whittlesy DELTA TAU EPSILON Goebel Seclquist Nelson Krebsbfzcli Isley Goodearl Ward Gifford J. Boulyer Fitch Johnson E. Boulger Frendberg Flatuz L L Active Chapter CLASS OF 1937 CLASS OF 1938 CLASS OF 1939 Edward Boulger Walter Isley Arnold Larson Dan Krebsbach James Boulger Gisli Johannson Merle Gifford Robert Seaquist Leyton Nelson George Murphy William Vogel Oscar Flatau Dean Vigen Sidney Johnson Don Ward Milton Frendberg Albert Elliot OFFICERS President .llY.l...l,ll,l, Milton Frendberg Vice President I l,lv.lYlY......., Don Ward Secretary , V Sidney Johnson Founded at North Dakota State, 1930 Treasurer . l.... ,rlYl,e,,l,e W alter Isley Where the Delt's hang their hats. Looks like a lumber yard. Don Ward. Resting. Walt Isley Cdisguise or natm'al?j PLEDGES Walter Gadberry Byron Glad Magnus Isaacson George Hilstad KAPPA PSI Bjornson Johnsmz baugh, Smith, Wells Kinghorn Vincent Kotz Stafford Manning Pflugmtli Springan Bolinsack Voll Lee MCVfi1I Westlake Hanson Ouse Anderson, Km ft Haqen. Ekeren Dinner Landon Dunnuni Johnson Sanders Keith Moon Hoff Beta Sigma Chapter CLASS OF 1937 CLASS OF 1938 Earl Bohnsack Lloyd Johnsonbaugh William Nick John Vincent Phillip Kong Walter Ekeren George Janecky Keith lVlcVay William Pflugrath Leiber Wells CLASS OF 1939 Raymond Anderson John Bjornson James Hanson Kenneth Johnson Roderick Keith Walter Kinghorn Clarence V011 Percy Hagen Fay Sanders OFFICERS President aaa,a,,.,,a,,aaaaa.... Walter Ekeren Vice President aaaaaaa,,,,,, nLeiber Wells Founded at Medical College of Virginia, 1879 Secretary a,,a,a......,,,. Walter Kinghorn Beta Sigma Chapter Installed, 1924 Treasurer ..... a,,,,,,, J ohn Vincent Le Bein, Johnson in a friendly tussel. President Vincent pitches a fast one. Anderson, Pflugrath on steps of Kap- pa Psi House. Himm Stafford engrossed ir Pharmacy. Future Admirals L PLEDGES James Brady Frank Dinyer Rudolph Hoff Harlan Kraft Curtis Laudon Eugene Lee Russell Manning Thomas Moon Martin Ouse Vernon Richter Lowell Smith Arne Springan Howard Stafford William Westlake ,w:?f'X'x Q-x JA al- KAPPA SIGMA CI-II Kimber Currie Shultz R. Anderson Dedrick Ruud W. Anderson Ness Hill Dahl Dalsted Jordre Strum Crane Strinden Ford Laaueg Graves Kroll Burbidge Ellinqson Iverson Stangelaml Lien Larson Hay Friederichs Goplen Strinden Evers Thal Shoeffler Neumann Ridgeway Mach Winthe Hanson CLASS OF 1937 Russel Anderson Woodrow Anderson Walter Crane Anton Dahl Charles Evers Harry Graves Donald Hill Kenneth Kroll Robert Larson Arnold Ness Leslie Neumann Claude Ridgeway Norton Stangeland CLASS OF 1938 James Berdahl Lyle Currie Leonard Dalsted Orville Goplen Larry Iverson Earl Morrison Lawrence Restemayer Alfred Strinden CLASS OF 1939 Arden Burbidge David Ebeltoft Kennefh Ford Gilbert Friederichs Irvin Jordre Oscar Laaveg Floyd Lien Adolph Winther Max Thal OFFICERS: President aeaa,aa.aa,.,a..eee.eea. Harry Graves VICE President , Robert Larson Treasurer alaaa as aaa.... James Berdahl Founded at N. D. A. C., 1928 Secretary .aaala a.......a. D onald Hill Sunday afternoon Tall men-Currie- Morrison "Gop,'-once the editor. Non-Commissioned color guard The Whitecoats What, no spurs? Brawn,-and brain? Phi Kappa Phi Evers PLEDGES Conway Christianson Elmo Ellingson Kenneth Ford Russel Hanson Neal Jensen Roger Kimber Charles Leathart Patrick Mach Wallace Ruud Franklin Shoeffler Arthur Shultz Theron Strinden George Strurn SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Arnold Brandes Garberg Benidt Brauer Thorsrud Uthus Scebart Jenkins B. Toman Beckwith Leslie Jones Nelson Watson Lynne Cook E. Toman Lee Pollock Gwyther McAllen Smith Ulmer Blinn Anstett Bargain Morgan North Dakota Beta Chapter CLASS OF 1937 CLASS OF 1938 CLASS OF 1939 Hugh Anstett Gordon Brandes John Cook Robert Gwyther Dayton Jones Eldred Lee Leslie Morgan Reuben Smith Maurice Benidt Joey Burgum Albert Brauer Phillip Garberg Clark Jenkins Robert Nelson John Pollock Paul McAllen Archie Seebart Bernard Toman Edward Toman Walter Ulmer Jack Watson William Arnold James Blinn Robert Lynne Sverre Thorsrud Oliver Uthus OFFICERS President ooroooooorr L .. ,vlV1aurice Benidt Vlge Pregidgnt V,YVVVVVV,V, Walter Ulmer Founded at University of Alabama, 1856 Secyetary ....sssssssssss ssss,,ssssA, J Ohm Cook North Dakota Beta Chapter Installed 1935 Treasurer ,ooo,oo oooooo.,.. J oey Burgum S.A.E.'s just lollying. The cup they might have won. Seebart, Elsberry and sneak- ing in the picture, Ulmer, Mahoney, Smith, Dalby and Thorsrud. Sleeping Beauty Brfmcles Smith and barefoot boy Toman. S.A.E.'s own eleven. PLEDGES Ronald Andersen Gordon Anderson Myrle Anderson Bernard Bermann Robert Brandenberg Harold Dalby George Dike Robert Ellsberry Milton Erickson Earl Ingberg .Toe Kojancik James Mahoney Gerald Monley Frank Murphy Lloyd Glson Ralph Pyle Thomas Ray James Taylor Donald Thompson Gilbert Wagner Austin Ward Martin Wolf SIGMA CHI Breilenbach Anderson Hunkins Bouloer Buchanan Shigley Byerly Pollock Callinan Putz Johnson Hinz Hcimm Howland Olson Mackley Murphy Curtis Putnam Soruik Ilce Corwin Fitjar Knauer Dobervitch Wim Parrott Cook Nichols CLASS OF 1937 Donald Buchanan Sterling Byerly Donald Howland Earl Johnson Robert Knauer William Murphy Donald Putnam Wilfred Rommel Orville Sorvick Harlan Winn CLASS OF 1938 Jack Boulger William Breitenbach John Callinan Harry Curtis Raymond Fitjar Walter Hinz Dwight Hunkins Leslie Ike Robert Keith Charles Pollock George Putz Carl Reimer James Shigley Mark Wilson CLASS OF 1939 James Anderson Richard Cook William Corwin Mike Dobervitch Harry Kreiser Joe Mackley Robert Nichols Edwin Olson Richard Taylor OFFICERS President o,co,c,o ,co..,. D onald Buchanan Vice President Yo,o.,.... Donald Howland Founded at Miami University, 1858 Secretary .cccco c,cc..,cccccc O rville Sorvick Gamma Tau Chapter Installed 1934 Treasurer .,,co, i,,.,.o,o, F loyd Viel Buchanan, Hines, Ostby and Winn passing the time. We'll bet Jack Benny isn't on the air. Orville Sorvik doing a President Roose- welt. Breitenbach and Breitenbach. He canft lose. Somebody just passed cigars. All Johnson lacks is the joker. PLEDGES Donald Ames Kenneth Archer Warren Bennett Patrick Callinan Paul Conrny Clifford Cortwright James Fahrer Thad Fuller Paul Dahl Richard Hoag Jack Kurke Bertis Lechner Abner Selvig Richard Weltzen SIGMA PHI DELTA Busch Riebe Crust Bachholtz Borke Whalen Doloe W. Olson Putnam Williams Grecnshiclds Swisher Slocum Hegbar Yott Wulbergy Seeba Dahl Pahl Mrmrzcs Schulf' Hcmserz Rusmcl Symilzcr Lipperiz CLASS OF 1937 Howard Buchholtz Marsden Busch Robert Greenshields Chris Hansen Howard Hegbar Walter Olson John Pahl Arnold Rustad John Seeba Harold Spitzer Maynard Walberg Robert Schulz Epsilon Chapter CLASS OF 1938 Millard Borke Robert Crust Ralph Dahl Norman Gehlhar Henry Halgren Merlen Huson Alton Lien Alvin Lippert Earl Mannes Clarence Putnam Jack Riebe Theodore Whalen Sherman Williams CLASS OF 1939 James Christensen Melvin Thuring OFFICERS President ,,,rrri...,..,,.i,rr......V. John Seeba Vice President rrrr,r.. Howard Hegbar F oanded at University of Southern California 1924 Secretary ,..i,,,r.,r,....rrrr,.,,rrrrV. John Pahl Epsilon Chapter Installed, 1928 Treasurer ..... i,..rrr. H arold Spitzer FO7'STVlCl7l,S eight o'clock He who bluffs last- Spring brings baseball Concentration. Spring also brings-! Hegbar, engineer and first Class light Switcher. PLEDGES Robert Ackerman George Allen Rudolph Brunsvold Edward Carlson Dale Hellickson Oswold Jorstad William Kossila Harold Larson Lewie Kittle Joseph Larson Curtis Meland Lancelot Montgomery Mark Olson Allan Snyder Q is g ...IQ i ...., Tl-IETA Cl-Il Curr Fraser Randall Fredrikson Helland Johnson Osborne Phillips DeRose Hughes Dllhl RO7"l7if7 KTC1L15Z Hognhoom Millar Bjornson Neshit CLASS OF 1937 Kenneth Frolund Walter Hughes Phi Chapter CLASS OF 1938 Roy Carr James Elwin Kent Helland Dale Hogoboorn Palmer Kreutz Maurice McCormick Alfred Murfin CLASS OF 1939 Wallace Bjornson Roy DeRose Donald Erickson Robert Fredrikson Gordon Larson Robert Miller Charles Nesbit Francis Osborne Daniel Peterson Wesley Phillips Vincent Randall Carl Rorvig Charles Waechter OFFICERS Sfjiidlffgsia-Q """'i"'i Dig iogslbofg Founded at Norwich University, 1856 Q ssss's""" fe ur 1 Phi chapter Installed, 1917 Secretary ....,rrr, ,.,..... P almer Kreutz Treasurer .....l rrrr,r.. K ent Helland Kelland, Hogoboom, Carr, Elwin. Prexy, Hogoboom. Steve, flash waiter at the dugout. De Rose, Phillips, Carr, Fink. Werner, Hartwell, Carr, Fink, Casarl. 3 sink was sl at 5 M. WH L? 252' wi' Q' as i i 5513853 PLEDGES Andrew Almos Kenneth Albertson Maurice Benz Robert Beck William Borderud Rex Carr Roy Carr John Casad Ervin Dreblovv Elmer Hogoboom Harry Fink Robert Finke Victor Hultstrand Harold Hylden Gorman King Emil Mattson William McKee James Morris Herman Muller Erickson Benidt Buchanan Plath Howland Hill Ness Pflugrath LaMarre Murfin Anderson Anstett Parrott Hogoboom H. Halcrow lnterfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council was organized to control fraternity activities and to adjust all fraternity relationships. In addition it has full charge of rushing, pledging, and initiation, of determining the scholastic requirements for fraternities, of enforcing the rules concern- ing its members, and of formulating new regulations. To have standing permission for one out of town dance a year was the rule sponsored by the lnterfraternity Council this year. This rule was passed by the council and submitted to the Social Commission. The council is composed of two members from each fraternity and a man of the faculty who acts as president of the organization. The presi- dent calls the meeting upon the request of some member of the council, or when necessity demands. Mr. A. H. Parrott is president of the council and Dale Hogoboom is secretary. Page 172 Sononltlea ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Larson Lincoln Brandes Isaacs Aalgaard Grant Brittin Sharpe Frendberg Young Cooley Oman Cole Butterwlck Beta Beta Chapter CLASS OF 1937 CLASS OF 1938 CLASS OF 1939 Grace Cole Emma May Brittin Gladys Aalgaard Ruth Cooley Opal Fiske Cathrine Brandeg Eleanor Isaacs Doris Oman Elaine Schurr Dorothy Sharpe Norma Young OFFICERS President .....,s,,,s....,.r..,,.... Ruth Cooley Vice President ,,ss Emma May Brittin Secretary .,...,,s. ..,.ssv,. E leanor Isaacs Treasurer ,,ss,, ,.s,,iss G race Cole Esther Frendberg Carol Buhrmann Marylyn Butterwick Helen Grant I Evelyn Larson Margery Lincoln Founded at Syracuse University, 1904 Beta Beta Chapter Installed, 1930 Doris Oman, Dorothy Sharpe, Eleanor Isaacs, Emma May Brittin and Grace Cole. the one with the feet showing, are called to order by the president, Ruth Cooley. Eleanor Isaacs, Esther Frendberg and Catherine Brancles talk "turkey.'l Helen Grant cuts out the interference while Catherine Branoles listens and the sisters await a report. Gladys Aalgaard, Doris Oman, Opal Fiske and Norma Young talk over the present Euro- pean situation. The girls gather 'round for the evening sing. Hollace Beall is pensive, Ruth Thomte is gay as usual. PLEDGES June Aasheim Hollace Beall Nelita Dyer Mary Froling Joan Hughes Geraldine Hulett Rosemary Kniefel Valdis Knutson Dorothy Johnson Ruth Barbara Lloyd Elaine Matteson Lillian Pridt Dorothy Reed Helen Resvedt Vivika Thorson GAMMA PHI BETA Osborne Voss Hannaher Lee Crowley Patterson Taylor Sharp Myron Stewart B. Verne Mills J. Verne Nelsen Schnllandcr Olson Morris D. Anderson Wells C. Anderson Kilboarne CLASS OF 1937 Mary Hannaher Katherine Kilbourne OFFICERS Alpha Omicron Chapter CLASS OF 1938 Dorothy Anderson Jean Crowley Dorothy Evanson Mercedes Morris Lois Myron Vinnie Olson Marjorie Patterson Janet Sharp Grace Stewart Jeanne Verne Eloise Voss President .......... Katherine Kilbourne Vice President .....,..,.,... Jeanne Verne Secretary ............. ....... J ean Crowle Treasurer ..... ........ V innie Olson CLASS OF 1939 Corrine Anderson Rosemary Lee Betty Lou Mills Gertrude Nelsen Loretta Osborne Maxine Schollander Connie Taylor Willa Jeanne Wells Betty Verne Founded at Syracuse University, 1874 Y Alpha Omicron Chapter Installed, 1930 Rhythm makers Mer- cedes Morris a n d Rose M a r y Lee swing out a tune with Virginia Nel- son looking on. Peg Calhoun, Connie Taylor, and Mildred Hess. Jeanne Verne with an I e as t r a special smile. At a Monday night potluck-L. Ander- son, D. Anderson, Schollander, Kirk, Verne, Orant, Hor- ton, and Sharp. Jeanne Paris shows D o r oth y Bentley how to pick up lost stitches, while Mary Hannaher and Grace Stewart read the CRESCENT and Lois Myron, presi- dent listens in on the conversation, PLEDGES Dorothy Bentley Charlotte Cole Margaret Calhoun Catherine Cummins Mildred Hess Ann Horton June Keefe Ruth Kirk Virginia Nelson Patricia Oram Jeanne Paris Julian Reynolds Barbara Shafer Betty Jane Wylie LaVaun Anderson KAPPA DELTA Huntley Engle Boettcher Frislc Livedalen M. Powers Yeager Leake Piper Stenehjem Peterson Davis C. Powers Bach Dixon Ballard CLASS OF 1937 Corrine Ballard Helen Boettcher Lorraine Dixon Lennea Frisk Pauline Huntley Sigma Psi Chapter CLASS OF 1938 Lorna Bach Lorraine Engle Ruby Livedalen Ruth Piper Catherine Powers Madeline Powers Gwendolyn Stenehjem CLASS OF 1939 Geraldine Davis Jeanne Leake Wanda Peterson Mary Yeager OFFICERS President ,aL,,aeYea,......aa,aa,, Lennea Frisk Vice President "ii"ii Pauline Huntley Founded at Virginia State Normal 1897 Secretary aaaaa a-aaaaaaa-'a- L Offame D1X0H Sigma Psi Chapter Installed. 1924 Treasurer ,i,,,, Yei.,..., H elen Boettcher A rainy afternoon in the K. D. rooms. Perry, Jensen, Sletuold. Roderick, Bock, Lepird. Friske and Dixon. Secretary to Doc Putnarn, Ruth Piper. Still Life, by Lennea Frislce. If you are still puzzled, turn it upside down. At a Monday night supper we find Bock, Gillette, Roderick, Perry, Sletvold and Engle. PLEDGES Birdie Bartz Harriet Gillette Barbara Gwyther Mavis Jensen Phyllis Johnson Betty Lepird Charlotte Olson Hazel Perry Jane Roderick Muriel Schroeder Helen Sletvold Cherle Tellefson 'S KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA ISOTL Piers Berg Schulz Spaulding Dewey Schmierer Cone Breitenbach Kreiser Weir Johnson Christ-enson Clark Simmons May Dinwoodie Hawkinson McDowell Gregg Cook Johr Hawkinson Danielson Harris Oliver Willson CLASS OF 1937 Marjorie Arnold Harriet Berg Betty Christenson Jeanne Dady Marjorie Danielson Elizabeth Dewey Charlotte Harris Carol Lunde Frances Probst Jane Schulz OFFICERS Gamma Tau Chapter CLASS OF 1938 Ann Bolley Helen Breitenbach Dorothy Cone Georgia Cook Alice Crahan Dorothy Hawkinson Genevieve Hawkinson Doris Johnson Jean May Beth Oliver Mary Rector Ruth Schmiercr Janet Spaulding Evelyn Wattam Lorraine Weir Probst Bolley Putz Arnold Crahan Rector Wattam Lunde Dacly Davis CLASS OF 1939 Lucille Clark VVinifred Clemens Donna Jeanne Davis Florenz Dinwoodie Roberta Gregg Frances Johnson Marjorie Kreiser Lucille McCarthy Harriet McDowell Alice Piers Claire Putz June Sanstead Marjory Simmons Jean Stewart Jane Willson P 'd ,eeee,,..,e..,..... F951 ent Jan? Schulz Founded at Monmouth College, 1870 Secretary cc,... ,e..,ee, G eorgia Cook Treasurer rr,,, ecee..,. F rances Probst Gamma Tau Chapter Installed, 1929 Jane Schulz, president and Mary Jane Johnson setting the tea table. Genevieve and Doro- thy Hawkinson and Jane Schulz look over the scrap book. P r o v i n ce president inspects the chap- ter. Snow bound are Jane Wilson, Alice Piers, and Alice Crahan, Schulz, Probst, Oliver, Spaulding, Harris, and Johnson talk things over. PLEDGES Lois Barton Anna Jane Black Caroline Brown Sarah Eaton Betty Ann Funk Mary Jane Johnson Mary Beth Lewis Jean Kreiser Margaret Schonberg Marian Smith PHI MU McNamara Langbell Carlson Peterson Parries Furcht Pinkham Stinson Erduhl Runice Goebel Crust Hall Rowe CLASS OF 1937 Mary May Hall Winetta Lamont LaVonne Langbell Mary Elizabeth Runice Zeta Iota Chapter CLASS OF 1938 Marie Carlson Virginia Crust Dorothy Goebel Evelyn McNamara Leonette Parries Doris Stinson CLASS OF 1939 LaVerne Furcht Ruth Pinkharn Phyllis Rowe Agnes Erdahl OFFICERS President .ttt.tllall alit M ildred Peterson ViC9-President eeaa-1--eeee -e-Mary Runice Founded at Wesleyan College, 1852 Se-Cre-tary ---- -YYY'---- D Ofis Stinson ZCHI IOl:l1, Chapfel' Installed, Treasurer tttee aeee.i,. M ary May Hall C a r l s o n, McMillan, Rinkle, and Stinson enjoy the lake breezes. The cop, the calf and the nurse. The calf won the prize. P a r r i e S, Pinkham, Peterson, S t i n son and R o w e have tea. Miss Anderson pours. Spring catches np with the Phi Mus. Phi Mus at home. Pastirne of sororities -afternoon tea. PLEDGES Agnes Erdahl Anne Kaiser Kathryn Keogh Rosemary Klindworth Lois McMillan Eleanore Walsh PI-II OMEGA PI M. Ninzs M. Nims Lafrson McEnroe Shigley Olson Tourtlotte Scatterday Baas Trzcinski Lowe Maloney Provan Cook Whalen Thull J. Jones M. Jones McCabe Wetmore Wolf Murphy Sherwood CLASS OF 1937 DeLoris Cook Alice Larson Olive Maloney Martha Wolf OFFICERS Zeta Chapter CLASS OF 1938 Margaret Baas Helen Edmunds Verndetta Jacobs Betty Jamison Ruth McCabe Kathryn McEnroe Gertrude Murphy Dorothy Olson Madeline Nims Marjorie Nims Mary Sherwood Dorothy Thull Francis Tourtlotte President ,.ueeece. .ueueuu....,,,, A l1ce Larson Vice President ,Kathryn McEnroe Secretary uueeuee. eu.,,..... O live Maloney Treasurer ueeee .Y,..,.. M ary Sherwood CLASS OF 1939 Jean Jones Margaret Jones June Lowe Gladys Provan Barbara Scatterday Marion Shigley Julia Wetmore Marion Whalen Founded at University of Nebraska, 1910 Zeta Chapter Installed, 1914 Betty Jarnison, Vern- detta Jacobs, Mar- garet J o n e s and Helen Edmonds - just initiated. Martha Wolfe takes a look o U e r the fence. Mary Sherwood - must be a picnic. Pops on the steps of the Pophouse. Waitresses at Pop Waffle Supper - Mary Mahlman, Joyce Ogiluie, Vir- ginia Bunker, and Louise Tweet. PLEDGES Marion Anstett Carol Benson Virginia Bunker Sarah Burger Jean Chase Elizabeth Covert Eunice Hjelle Lucile Hostbjor Jean Humphreys Betty Lou Johnson Mary Mahlrnan Joyce Ogilvie Doris Solberg Louise Tweet McEn'roe Frisk Peterson Schulz Oliver Voss Larson Brittin Stinson Cooley Stenehjem Kilbourne Panhellenic Council Panhellenic Council is an active organization composed of the presi- dent and a junior class delegate from each of the national Panhellenic sororities on the campus. Meetings are held the first Monday of each month at which the policies of the organization are outlined and prob- lems are discussed. The council aims to promote among the sororities on the campus a feeling of friendly relationship and to foster a spirit of active cooperation, thereby strengthening fraternity life on the campus. The most important function of the organization is the regulation of rushing activities. An innovation this year was the quota system in pledging, for the purpose of limiting and equalizing the membership of the six sorority chapters on this campus. During informal rush week the council entertained at an informal dancing party which was open to all new women students. Each year the council sponsors a formal Charity Ball, the proceeds of which are used for the annual scholarship award. This year the formal was held on April 2. The council has entertained at luncheon for the visiting national fraternity officers of each sorority. Panhellenic awards an annual scholarship to a girl who has a high scholastic standing, gives promise of success in her work, and who is self supporting in part. Emily Reynolds was awarded the scholarship this year. Officers of Panhellenic Council are Alice Larson, president, Lennea Frisk, secretaryg and Jane Schulz, treasurer. Page 186 cmcmanmff qnatannltlaa Brmidcs Fisher Martin Thompson Sliigley Cook Jones Lce Knauer Dice Burgum Sczsse Anstett Smith Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, national honorary service fraternity, and formerly the Scouting Club, was organized Novem- ber 7. 1934. The purpose of the chapter since its organization has been one of service for its members and for the students of the college. Alpha Phi Omega requires that its members shall formerly have been Boy Scouts and that they shall be interested in scouting. Alpha Lambda chapter has been interested in the advancement of interfraternal relationships upon this campus. During the winter months it sponsored an interfraternal hockey tournament. and during the spring it sponsored an interfraternity sing. This group is also active in helping the local Boy Scout Council as Well as helping on the campus during freshman orientation. Officers for the chapter during the year were James Shigley, presi- dentg Joey Burgum, vice president, John Cook, secretary, Robert Knauer, treasurer. Page 188 Erickson Helland Saunders Buchanan Benidt Arneson Bmndes Heisel Ludwig Baccus Seebrt Rommel Jones Ward Gofzlen Hcgbur Williams Sorvik Anstett Lee Ekcren Thal Spitzer Hunter Blue Key Blue Key is a national honorary service fraternity for junior and senior men who have the required qualities of scholarship, leadership, and character. Each year Blue Key presents the Bison Brevities. an all college musical comedy completely produced by students. The production chosen for this year was UNO, No, Nanette". ln the spring term of each year the chapter awards the degree of Master Freshman to the Freshman student with the highest average for the past two terms. It also pays the tuition of one junior who has had outstanding scholarship, the award going last year to Robert Williams, junior in the School of Agriculture. The chapter presents each year a degree of Doctor of Service to the man, on or off the campus, Who has been of outstanding service to the college. Last year Blue Key presented this degree to A. G. Arvold. Aside from aiding the Student Commission in Homecoming activities, the chapter directs the All-college Day events. Officers of the group are: James Baccus, presidentg Orville Goplen, vice-presidentg Wilfred Rommel, secretaryg and Hugh Anstett, treasurer. Page 189 Mr. Brown Murphy Benldt Helland Seebart Lynch Dewey Crowley Williams Arnold Schmierer Cook Ulmer Burgum Rowe Dinwoodie Olson Wattam Laliberte Gamma Tau Sigma To promote a greater interest in journalism as a study and a pro- fession and to stimulate a high scholastic standing among its members, Gamma Tau Sigma, honorary journalistic fraternity, was organized in 1925 on the North Dakota State College campus. Besides talent and interest in the journalistic profession, one must have one year of journalism experience in connection with one of the college official publications, and maintain an eighty-two average in order to gain admission to the fraternity. The activities of the group include bi-monthly luncheon meetings of the members, the honoring of new members twice a year, and the sponsoring of a program that is of service to the school. Gamma Tau Sigma entertained the Bison and Spectrum staff mem- bers at an evening party during the winter term. The publication in the Spectrum of Hthe theme of the week", written by a member of the freshman class, was sponsored by the group. Officers of the fraternity are William Murphy, president, Marjorie Arnold, secretaryg Maurice Benidt, vice president, Walter Ulmer, treas- urerg Mr. T. W. Johnson and Mr. Willard Brown, faculty members. Page 190 Steig Iverson Jones Rooney Riedesel Sevrinson Bach. Gilbertson Lawritson Russ Stockstad Vejtasa Oman Johnson Murplly Arnason Gessner Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi, National Honorary Society of Education, has become an active organization this year having monthly meetings and attending regional conferences. Its purpose is to study present day problems and trends in education, to foster high scholarship, interest and research, and honor achievements in the field of education. Honorary members elected because of special achievements in- clude: P. J. Iverson, L. A. Steig, Charles Sevrinson, and E. H. Jones. The officers for this year are: La Verne Gilbertson, presidentg Eunice Arnason, secretary-treasurerg and Glenn Lawritson, councillor. Page 191 Whitehead Buchholtz Shigley Henning Rustad Berget Walsh Trotter Haugsjaa Kappa Tau Delta Kappa Tau Delta is an honorary architectural fraternity organ- ized to promote interest and study in architecture. Members are elected from students in architecture who have a high scholastic average. A party is given annually. Officers for this year are: Knute Haugsjaa, presidentg James Shigley, vice-presidentg and Arnold Rustad, secretary-treasurer. Page 192 Hoge Martinson Foster Buchanan Saunders Smith Bullock Larson Evers Rommel Heqbar Sawby Coyne Gilbertson Spitzer Thompson Winn Halcrow Neumann Jordre Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi, National Honor Society, has as its prime object the emphasis upon scholarship and character. lt seeks to foster learning and mental achievement in the American college and university student. Phi Kappa Phi makes no distinction among the various branches of learning. Honor students in all departments are equally eligible to membership. A maximum of ten percent of the graduating class may be elected to membership in any one year. Members of Phi Kappa Phi in the class of 1937 include Donald Buchanan, Ralph Bullock, Phyllis Coyne, Charles Evers, Richard Foster, Laverne Gilbertson, Harold Halcrovv, Howard Hegbar, Arwin Hoge, Emma Jordre, Alice Larson, Earl Martinson, Leslie Neumann, Wilfred Rommel, Robert Saunders, Cyrus Sawby, Ralph Smith, Harold Spitzer, Harold Thompson, Clifford Volkerding, Harlan Winn. Page 193 Larson Trzcinski Crowley Schulz Behrens Hoge Myron Maxon Molland Danielson Jordre Reynolds Olson Kilbourne Phi Upsilon Omicron To carry out its program of professional work, Phi Upsilon Omicron, national honorary home economics fraternity composed of fifteen juniors and seniors who have fulfilled the requirements for membership of pro- fessional attitude, scholarship, and character, has concentrated its efforts, time, and money this year at the Fargo Nursery School. Its first plan was the equipping of an unused space in the basement of the house as a Workshop for boys. The girls stenciled the walls with appropriate designs after they had been painted and furnished a work bench and tools. For the girls, Phi Upsilon Omicron furnished a housekeeping room. This Was equipped with tubs, ironing boards, stoves, dishes, and other household furnishings which provided amusement and training experience. ln addition to its professional work, the organization gave luncheons for the outstanding 4 H Club and May Festival girl participants to Whom they presented gifts of pottery for exceptional achievement and spon- sored a meeting of Tryota Club. Each term the group gives a tuition scholarship to an outstanding girl in home economics. Officers this year have been Emma Jordre, president, Lila Maxon, vice president, Katherine Kilbourne, secretary, Dorothy Molland, treasurer. Page 1911 Schulz Dewey Olson Kilbourne Coyne Larson Jordre Senior Staff Senior Staff, honorary service organization for senior women, was established for the purpose of giving aid to the Dean of Women. A scholarship is awarded annually to a worthy girl of high scholastic standing. The recipient of the award this year was Betty Jamison. The publication of the women's honor roll is sponsored by Senior Staff. Among the social activities sponsored by senior staff were a supper for women transfer students, two Spinster Skips, and two all-college dances. An innovation this year was the all-college dinner given in honor of the Homecoming Queen. Proceeds of the Spinster Skips were used in the purchase of six metal floor lamps. These lamps are to be used for parties in Festival Hall and the Field House. The officers for the year were Elizabeth Dewey, president, Phyllis Coyne, vice president, Katherine Kilbourne, secretary, and Jane Schulz, treasurer. Page 195 Rush Krebsbach Martinson Lee Hegbar Dolve Larson Winn Hanson Sawby Frolund Tau Delta Pi Tau Delta Pi is a local honorary engineering fraternity founded by the engineering students May 29, 1930. It serves primarily as a form of recognition for high scholastic attainment of engineering juniors and seniors. This honorary group makes two awards annually. The engineering sophomore who attained the highest scholastic average during his fresh- man year is awarded a log-log duplex slide rule. This year the slide rule was awarded to David Askegaard who is registered in administra- tive engineering. An award is made for the best individual project placed on exhibit at the annual Engineers Open House. The officers for this year include, Howard Hegbar, presidentg Ken- neth Frolund, vice presidentg Earl Martinson, secretary and treasurer. Page 196 Qulffa and Socletlaa Weir Bolley Schulz Koller McEnroe Tourtlotte Hoge May Mollarzcl Widdejield Engle Wattarn Rinkel Myron Hildre Reynolds Lunde Kilbourne Verne Johnson Kaiser Ballard Art Club During the year the Art Club sponsored a series of four exhibits of paintings by living American Artists. Such pictures as "The Kid" by' Isabel Bishop, 'The Village Churchl' by Emil Ganso, t'Apples" by Henry Lee McTee, "Plum Girll' by Maurice Sterne and "The Boat", b P . . . y eter Blume, which are considered some of our best modern pictures, were shown. To replace the annual formal dance, the club has decided to build up a picture library of a number of types of pictures from all the periods, including the modern. These pictures will be rented to students each term or longer for a small nominal fee, in order that students may have pictures for the Walls of their rooms. A display of Japanese pictures and Christmas cards Was shown shortly before Christmas. The proceeds were used to buy dishes for the Art department in order to facilitate potlucks now held by the Art Club Seventeen new members were initiated into the club this year. Officers of the club include Corinne Ballard, presidentg Carol Lunde, vice-presidentg Evelyn Wattam, secretaryg and Francis Tourtlotte treasurer. 1 Page 198 Fitch R, Peterson Borke Riebe Foster Whalen Greenshields Sktarie Putnam Jordre Penman Van Ray Williams Pahl Ulmer Kafer Platt Benson Josephson Melary Rowe Brunsvold Thuring Mannes Hanson McMahon L. Peterson Friese Bruschwein American Society of Civil Engineers Membership in the American Society of Civil Engineers, a national organization, includes both students in civil engineering and graduates in that profession. An educational program, usually in the form of illustrated lectures, is carried out at the regular meetings of the organization. The society plans and is in charge of the annual open house of the School of Engineering during the May Festival. The officers of the year are: Richard Foster, president, Edwin Wheeler, vice-president, and Theodore Whalen, secretary-treasurer. Page 199 Dyson Raymond O'Laughlin Shigley Whitehead Englesmd Walsh Cushman McCutchecm Muclcley Larson Whitver Trotter Allen Meland Hess Cool: Rustad Hopperstarl Henning Jones Huntoon Brude Haugsjaa Atelier Chat Noir All students registered in architecture and architectural engineer- ing are eligible for membership in Atelier Chat Noir. The black cat Which decorates the roof of the engineering building is the symbol of the organization. The purpose is to band together students and faculty members of the architectural department and to stimulate interest in the pursuit of architectural knowledge. An annual party is sponsored by this group and this year promi- nent students on the campus were invited as guests. Officers for the year include: Arnold Rustad, presidentg Darrel Hamlet. vice-presidentg James Shigley. secretary-treasurer. Page 200 Brown Barton V. Knutson L. Knudtson Shigley Lowe Lee Sellrber Smith Murray Theobald Thorson Hocking Ceres Hall Club Something new in activities this year for the Ceres Hall Club was Open House at Ceres, held one Sunday during the winter term. Visitors were shown through the entire dormitory and were afterwards enter- tained in the parlors with a musical program. Dorm pajama parties were popular this year, and among them was a Christmas party to which Santa Claus brought presents for all the girls. A party was given in honor of Miss Esther Wendland, the college nurse, when she left for Wyoming. Dorm dinners were given through- out the year. The Ceres Hall Council, made up of two members from each cor- ridor, was given practically full disciplinary power over the dormitory this year. The Council held weekly meetings, at which problems and activities of the dormitory were discussed and punishments were dealt out to offenders of dormitory rules. The officers for the fall term were Cloyce Hocking, president, Beverly Barnes, vice president, Deane Murray, secretary, Caroline Brown, treasurer, and Mable Theobald, press reporter. The officers during the winter and spring terms were Marian Smith, president, Marian Shigley, vice president, Valdis Knudson, secretary, Lois Barton. treasurer, and Beverly Barnes, press reporter. Page 201 Sulerucl Vallagher Jodock Rasrnusen Fisk Pryor Larson Acker Solberg Lundgren Foster Robinson Holm Wenger Knudson Read Crawford Tandberg Ness Hovi Zbytovsky Elliott Dirnunation Snyder Kraling Kapaun Ecker Armstrong Ordahl Haugsjaa Moen Greenshields Cosmopolitan Club The Cosmopolitan Club was organized in 1929 for the purpose of giving the non-sorority Women and non-fraternity men on the campus the opportunity for social and instructive contacts. During the year term parties and open houses are held, the annual attraction being a taffy pull. Prominent speakers, skits, musical numbers, and impromptu speeches by members form a part of every meeting, followed by a social hour. Meetings are held each Monday night in the College "Y", At present, the Cosmopolitan Club is composed of eighty-two members, all of whom are interested in the functions and achievements of the club. The club takes an active interest in campus affairs, having representatives in nearly every campus organization. The policy is that of an unbiased attitude in all affairs, and of aiding self-expression of the students. Page 202 COSMOPOLITAN CLUB OFFICERS President ,, ....,,, , A, , , K nute Haugsjaa Vice-president ..A .. A......,. A bener Jodock Secretary .......,.,.A ...,......, D orothy Moen Treasurer .........ew....,... ,e,..... H elen Greenshields Program Chairman ...,,. ..,,r,e G eraldine Acker Social Chairman ...C ee,.,..... M arjorie Hansen COSMOPOLITAN CLUB EXECUTIVES PLANNING A PROGRAM FOR A MEETING Haugsjaa Wenger Grcenshields Fisk Page 203 Peffer Switzer Jacobsen Keating Walker Fa'r'r Sunde Blegen Gassvnan Muffin Rehvnann Farstad Solberg Schurr Carlson Seeba Christensen Iverson Kukowski Arntson Beck Mason Gwyther Dahl Hoganson Thompson Evers Thal Spitzer Rowe Chemists' Club The Chemists' Club is composed of students and faculty members of the Department of Chemistry. The meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month. The function of the club is to promote interest in chemistry, to promote social contacts within the department, to give the students previews of the Work and fields which lie ahead of the future chemists. Programs are held which consist of talks and papers presented by faculty and student members. When possible, outside speakers are obtainedg films pertaining to chemistry are frequently shown. The club publication is the 'fRetort'l, which is devoted to Work carried on within the department and is published annually. The officers are: Robert Gvvyther, presidentg Dan Farstad, vice- presidentg Paul Christensen. secretaryg Max Thal. treasurerg Charles Evers, HRetort" editorg Dr. Sunde, advisor. Page 204 H.Schulz, E.ArrLtsorL, K.ArrLtson, A.Schulz, V.Rider, V.Rice, E.Rice, E.Sellerucl, Elrik Piehl, Botmart, Sakshaug, Hallderson, Iuerson, Hoge, Bartz, Anderson, Hoge Weiser, Boebel. Brekke, Ebeltoft, Lang, Heuer, Ordahl, Arntson, Mickelson, M.Weiser Elleraas, Ivers, Hofstrand, Halldorson, Mjovig, Tuff, Stockstad, Thue, Erickson Lutheran Student Association The Lutheran Student Association of America was organized at Toledo, Ohio, in May, 1922. Membership in the organization is open to every Lutheran student on the campus of every institution of higher learning in America. Its purpose is to promote Christian living, to develop strong Christian friendships among its members, and to build up a national and international fellowship of Lutheran students through intercollegiate conferences. 2 Last fall, October 2-4, the North Dakota State College chapter of :he association was host to the Northwest Regional Conference, which included student representatives and faculty advisers from thirty col- leges in the region, which covers North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Western Minnesota, and Manitoba. Last summer, the local chapter was represented at the national summer conference camp held at Acono- mawac, Wisconsin, by its president, Harold Schulz. The chapter meets every Sunday afternoon to hear prominent speakers discuss vital Christian problems. Student talent is also made use of on the programs. An informal supper, followed by a social hour, completes the meeting. An interesting spring feature is exchange pro- grams with L.S.A. chapters of neighboring colleges. Officers for the association are Harold Schulz, president, Marjorie Rooney, vice-president, Ethel Botman, secretary, Phillip Garberg, treas- urerg and Angelin Tesdell, adviser. Page 205 Peffer Ward J. Boulger Seaquist Clemens H. Anstett Majors Hylden Koller Neitzke E. Boulger Murphy Pfeffer Edmonds M. Anstett King Kaiser Powers Newman Club The Newman Club, a Catholic Student Organization, is affiliated with the National Federation of Catholic Clubs. The aims of the club are to instruct members in religious matters and to provide for the social needs of its members. These purposes are accomplished by giving informal dances which are held at least twice a year and by sponsoring a convocation which is held during the spring term. A prominent speaker this year was Bishop A. J. Muench. A weekly bulletin, published by Father Leo Divorshak of St. Mary's Cathedral, is sent to all Catholic students on the campus. Com- munion breakfasts are also sponsored once a term. In September of each school year a reception tea for new and old students opens the activities of this organization. Officers are elected in the spring term. This year the officers are: Bernard Majors, president, James Boulger, vice-president, Winni- fred Clemens, secretary, and Mary Koller, treasurer. There is an active membership of eighty-five students. Page 206 McDonald, Josephson, Vallagher, Benidt, Calkins, Fisk, McIntyre, Ness, Lohstneter, Carr Olson, Gilbertson, Stevens, Mahoney, Robinson, Sulerud, Ydstie, Melsted, Trzcinski Bergren, Brindle, Nygarol, Plath, Bale, Volkcraling, Jensen, Osborne, Fisher, Bullock McGregor, Brown, Folden, Matz, Kvamme, Artz, Paasch, Toussaint, Birkeland Anderson, Holm, Knudson, Erickson, Ford, Benz, Williams, Read Mauer, Ebeltoft, Giffey, Halcrow, Monteith, Armstrong, Clason, Byram, Bellamy Saddle and Sirloin The Saddle and Sirloin Club is the largest organization of students in the school of agriculture. It serves socially by promoting a club dance and picnic for its members. Programs and speakers entertain at meet- ings. The All College Barn Dance, Where overalls and aprons are cor- rect formal attire, is sponsored by this club. Frank Johnson of Cassel- ton Was the manager of the 1937 formal. The club serves the school and especially agriculture by sponsor- ing the Little International Livestock Show, the College Livestock Judg- ing Contestg and organizes the various agricultural activities for the High School May Festival contests. The portrait of an outstanding farmer is placed in the club room Hall of Fame each year. The club also contributed financial aid to the Livestock Judging team which competed in the college contests at the Texas Centennial and International at Chicago. The officers for the past year were Harold Halcrow, presidentg Merlin Toussaint, vice-president, Sigurd Melstad, secretary, and Kent Helland, treasurer. Page 207 Piers, Tiseth, Widdifielol, Boclcwoldt, Koller, Weir, Putz, McEnroe, Carlson Wilson, Stoltenow, Moen, Grutle, Kennedy, Voss, McDowell, Crahan, Engle, Hildre Bork, Baxter, Anderson, Wenger, Hoge, Reynolds, Sandstead, Hawlcinson, Olson Rowe, J. Verne, Wattam, Johnson, Brown, Sherwood, Whalen, Dixon. McCabe, Davis Tryota Tryota Club is an honorary home economics club for girls. The aim of the club is to broaden the viewpoint of college girls toward home economics, and to create an interest in Phi Upsilon Omicron, national honorary home economics sorority. The first meeting of the year acquaints freshmen with the club and its activities. Sophornores and juniors in home economics who have planned the most interesting projects during the summer present them at this time. The fall term meeting consisted of a style show presented by Mrs. Thorson of deLendrecie,s department store. The object of the show was to present to the girls a typical college wardrobe for a reasonable amount of money. Models for the style show were chosen from club members. Election of members is the major interest of the winter term. All freshmen and upper classmen with an average of 80 are eligible for membership. Initiation, a candle light service, is very impressive, and is held in the art studio. Page 208 luers, Botrnan, Aalgard, Gorder, Sakshaug, Bodlak, Lowe, Lee, Paris, Funk Holm, Kraling, Larson, Newell, Stevens, Theobold, Brandt, Leake, Carnahan, Roderick, Johnson Hocking, Juhlke, Berger, Chase, Smith, Huunaohreus, Provan, Swisher, Froling, Johnson Herr, Hofstrand, Anderson, Handy, Haas, Johnson, Schollander, Weiser, Eaton, Reed Tryota Tryota held a joint meeting with Phi Upsilon Omicron at which Mrs. Leon Metzinger presented some very interesting high lights about hobbies. Her talk was an incentive for development of worth while activities during leisure time. A new tradition was started this spring for the benefit of senior girls in high school. Attractive garments from both freshmen and sophomore clothing construction classes were modeled for a large num- ber of spring graduates. Jeanne Verne was in charge of this presenta- tion assisted by Miss Minnie Anderson, faculty adviser. Mary Sher- wood, president, portrayed a queen, for whom the dresses were shown. The wind-up of the year is the annual picnic with the Saddle and Sirloin club. Each year brings a few more activities into the program of Tryota which now holds a prominent place on the campus. The officers for this year are Mary Sherwood, president, Luella Grutle, vice-president, June Sanstead, secretary, and June Lowe, treasurer. Page 209 Graves Fisher Hutchins Helland Elceren Ludwig Frendberg Birkland Jones Sweitzer Goplen Y. M. C. A. Cabinet New impetus to Y.M.C.A. work on the campus was furnished with the employment of Richard Sweitzer, young Iowa State college gradu- ate, as secretary. It was the first time in recent years that the Y has had a full time man in charge of its program and Sweitzer was suc- cessful in projecting Y ideals and purposes into a worth while campus program. The fall term program featured an intensive freshman orientation week, informal parties, open house, stag parties, a Christmas kiddies party for underprivileged children, and classes for beginners in dancing. Highlight of winter quarter activities was the four-day appearance of Dr. F. B. Slutz of Dayton, Ohio, under the financial support of the Y.M.C.A. His lectures, open forums and conferences emphasized relig- ious aspects of life, vocational guidance and personality development. During the spring quarter the Y.M.C.A. held their annual hobo mas- querade ball and sponsored a series of speakers in a panel of discussions. Entries were also made of teams in intra-mural baseball, basketball and softball competition. The Y Dugout, lunchroom and game room, again proved the popular between class hangout for collegians. Officers of the Y.M.C.A. Cabinet were Orville Goplen, presidentg Dayton Jones, vice president, Kent Helland, secretary, Bernard Hutchins, treasurerg Walter Ekeren, student representative. Page 210 Crowley Minard Schulz MCEHTOG Carlson Arnold E. Olson Larson Hoge Rowe May V. Olson Kaiser Y. W. C. A. Cabinet The Cabinet, governing body of the Y.W.C.A., is composed of the officers of the organization and twelve other girls selected by the Cabi- net for their outstanding interest and Work in the Y. The first project sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. each year and admin- istered through the Cabinet under the direction of the vice president is the campus sisters, organization of upper-class Women who aid freshmen through orientation and registration. Charm School, discussion groups for all women students, and Blue Monday teas, informal social functions are Weekly affairs sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. The co-ed prom, a costume party for Women students is held each fall term, and the basket social is an event of the Winter term. Each term the organization holds an all-Y meeting. In conjunction with the Y.M.C.A,, the Y.W.C.A. sponsors the Christmas Kiddies' party for underprivileged children and open houses for all students. Officers of the Cabinet this year are Ethel Olson, president, Vinnie Olson, vice president, Phyllis Coyne, secretary, Phyllis Rowe, treasurer. Page 211 Mollrmd Voss Frisk Brarzdes Crowley Olson B. Verne E. Larson A. Larson Leake J. Verne Stinson Butterwiclc Rowe Cook Dady Hanson Women's Senate The Women's Senate, governing body of all Women students, is composed of representatives from the seventeen Women's organizations on the campus. Undertakings for the benefit of women students are discussed at the monthly meetings of the group. The special interest of this year has been the lobby outside of Dean Dinan's office in Old Main. The girls have purchased furniture and promoted its use as a lobby for Women. In keeping up the Womenls lounge at Science Hall, the Senate pro- vided the room with furnishings. Following the precedent of last year, an all college tea was given February 14. The officers for the year were Jean Crowley, president, Phyllis Rowe, vice president, Marjorie Hanson, secretary, Evelyn Larson, treas- urerg Dean Pearl Dinan, adviser. Page 212 'boo-lfonbi . 92 ff , IWW ' . Winter Campus Bison Life Advertising Directory cmflnten Camp uh DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH WINTER WALK APRIL , s S diuwn ,Cite Registration Big sisters showing the freshmen the ropes. Included are Marjorie Arnold, who is handier with the piano and vocal chords than with the typewriter, Vinne Olson, chair- man of Campus Sisters, and LaVerne Gilbertson. Power House Dayton Jones is going into ecstacies over some petty registration event for the photog's benefit. Always the actor! Marion Smith, who really isn't frightened, is the object of his inflection, while Lennea Frisk, who dabbles into everything collegiate, is in the foreground. Dean Alba Bales, and Marcia La Grave are cooking something up for a home economics course. D e a n Minard philosophically pours over the college curricula for the nth time for the benefit of Andy Peterson, the innocent by- stander. Mary Horner, with the Mona Lisa smile, and stenographer, Ruth Clausen, sit with their teeth in their mouths. Dr. Hunter, history department head, registers Carl White, the one with the puzzled look. As the Old Main Bison looks on and snorts at it all, James Blinn and Don Erickson are getting ready to pay their late registration fees. Faculty Dean Minard boosts for the fac- ulty at the faculty-senior baseball game on all-college day. Jim Ganaway, the "ag" man from Montana. Miss Minnie Anderson, head of the clothing department. Who directs the creation of personality clothes for the college co-eds. Doc Sunde, chemistry professor, who teaches to the Home Ec gals the dreaded organic. Homer Brown Huntoon, famed for the Bronze room, rustic cabin at the lakes, piano playing at fresh- men orientations, Mexican shoes, and lastly the signature with the flourishing H's. Dr. Dedrick working in the chemistry laboratory. Remember the quantity cookery luncheons? Here's the chief hos- tess, Miss Elvira Smith, head of the foods department. The teacher trainer in home eco- nomics, Miss Lucille Horton. Classes Freshmen gathered at their forges in the Engineering Building. The "glass eye gang," a class of civil engineers surveying. Herbert Peltola and Reuben Smith inspect the machinery in the electric laboratory. Charles Evers and Dan Farstad compare results in the chemistry laboratory. Classes Mildred Hess, the lady architect studiously at work on a sketch. Florenz Dinwoodie pauses before calculating results in chemistry lab. The "orchestra leader", Bill Walsh, as a diligent planner of buildings. The t'Hand of Fate", one of the electrical engineers as he studies his blue prints. The senior "electricals" design alternators, the above blue print was from this class. Homecoming Picture of a drug addict looking over the college situation. Glenn Cook, president and front man for the Bison Alumni Association and owner of Fargo's Cook Drug Com- pany. We also see part of the knot-hole gang, wandering about, as usual, in the reserved seat section. LaMoure life guard and campus breeze, Gordon Brandes. They had to tie the mike down with a handkerchief when he started to breath into it. Brandes is reading names of Whisker contest winners. Bearded chief of student commis- sion and most versatile man on campus, Robert Saunders of Man- dan and Alpha Gamma Rho. He looks a little frowsy with home- coming beard, but turn to Junior- Senior prom pictures for his other, Beau Brummel side. He is a triple thicat man: Clark to Keefe to Walz. Late News-to Barton, also, which raises his ante one. All he needs is a bag-pipe, a real highlander - Edward Scott, the whisker champ, whose face looked like the YMCA doormat after a 10-hour day. Scott is taking agri- culture as you might have guessed, but is not a sheep herder. Barber Oscar Olson, who hung out his striped pole over on the Flynn corner way back when crowds used to turn out for de- bates, judges the beards for the homecoming contest. Some young shavers from the SAE house get some pointers on fuzz cultivation from an old hand at it. The adolescents from left to right include Ed Toman, Benidt, Ward, Burgum, Elsberry, Ulmer, Arnold, and Uthus. John Howard, NDU band leader conducts UND-AC bands between halves of homecoming game. How- ard is big enough to conduct three bands, but the Walsh-Sanders band was busy that day. Although the sour notes cannot be seen in the picture it was too cold to tongue a cornet that day. Homecoming It looks like the changing of the guards, the Coronation or some- thing. Queen Lennea Frisk sits on the gas tank while Red Crane, Don Hill, Walt Ulmer, and the other fellows stand about. There's room for two more in the front feat boys. Vaseline peddlers from Grand Forks heading south on broadway during NDAC homecoming parade. They are in their UNDies. Norma Peterson, former NDAC co-ed, is the U. Crowd waits for queen. Crowd gets queen Cwith Jerry Reep sneaking in for a half-profile viewb. The queen gets the crowd with her smile. That is no mis- quito net, as the weather was colder than a refrigerated fish. Banquet for Queen Lennea Frisk, for 50 cents a throw, and spon- sored by Senior Staff. Included are Marj Arnold, Sarah Minard, Phyllis Coyne, Ruth Cooley, Lib Dewey, Don Howland Cwith bland lookb, Harry Graves, getting a candid squint at the candid camera man. You can just see the brains of Dr, and Mrs. W. C. Hunter rising out from the lower right hand corner. Homecoming Sorority floats. "Time will Tcllw entry of Alpha Gamma Delta leads the parade. Running second is Anna Jane Black, on KKG's entry, The Kappa Deltas plow thru for the winning float of the day. Shirley Parizek is at the plow. The ATO's got some more silver- ware out of this deal. Float de- picts parallelism between Lief Ericson and Bob Erickson, who both picked up a lot of yardage. ln the background is the Empor- ium which burned and provided a Roman holiday one night after a Gamma Phi Party. ATO's strut their "Time Marches On" float between halves at Home- coming game. Showing transition from covered wagon to machine age. Notice Chevrolet ad in background. This is the Cosmopolitan Club float. f'U4N1r1n-,M Homecoming Looks like a Communist meeting, but probably is just the fcrmation of a pep rally. A jam session in which Harry Curtis, Bill Arnold, Ruth Piper Cwith tonsils expcsedb, Tloree-Bears Gudmundson, who got the ATO's in a heat rash over Scarlet Fever streptoccocci, and others swing out with some college spirit. This is not ring around the rosy, but college spirit cropping out on Broadway. Before and afterflt took a night of marauding to build and fifteen minutes to burn it down. No Won- der the collegians get distorted viewpoints on life. Oh, the futility of it all! Festival hall, Where they used to play basketball. Building now used as freshman signboard and auditorium for Tibbett and other greats. The Dugout Al Brauer, dugout romeo is not looking for a prom date, Cthe Kap:jxa's live too closeb he can't be ordering fresh rolls either be- cause this picture was not taken on the first day of the month. He is just sitting there. Below, Stevens can hold more than that, but Why should he gorge him- self on coffee. Too many fathers and mothers will read this book. We couldntt take a typical picture so Jerry Reep Cof all people? is pictured in a serious mood. Harlan Winn is just an occasional Visitor. He says "three times a day is enoughf' If you haven't met the first prize Calmost said ping pong play- erb here he is with all the cute- ness that is his. Sig Chi Johnson asked us to snap this one. This game is neither on the level nor will it be paid for. Just a lull during convocation. June Keefe and Lois Olson hold down the first six booths in the hangout for a Gamma Phi coffee hour. Campus Couples Frog LaMarre and Francis John- son are pretty good friends. At least Frog got two votes in every election in the last three years. Kent Helland and Virginia Smith, and are we contented! Why shouldn't we be -- the Brevities were good weren't they? "Greased pig" Majors and Man- ny Ladwigls girls. Typical of Majors, isn't it? Ladwig will like this. De Nelson and Mary Mahlman. They clon't need their love to keep them warm-they wear overcoats. Kenny Hanson lays away that filthy pipe after dark and tells Mavis McCain about the birds and bees. They're a riot. Gertrude Murphy and Maynard Nesvig. Always together! Dorothy Hawkinson a n d Don Putnam playing behind the bars at the LeChateau. College Women Lois Barton and her first sucker. One of those pajama parties held in Ceres Hall on dark winter nights. In the background are Carolyn Brown, Donna Jeanne Davis, Virginia Brown, Marian Smith, Jane Wilson, Jane Lawyer, and Joyce Ogilvie. Stenehjem, Hawkinson and Piper cn the way to the Forks. Why shouldn't Jane Schulz stay home with her books since Sammy is snowbound out there? Lillian Chow of China arrived early last fall to give Majors a 30 cent scoop cd' a feature story. The Nimms, Madaline and Mar- jorie, all dressed up and ready to go. Grace Stewart, Jean Crowley, and Mary Hannaher talk over the possibilities of a 40 bushel wheat crop and the value of corn as a hog feed. Santa Claus explains that if all Ceres girls will stay off the fire escapes, keep hours, and develop themselves, they will find frater- nity pins in their stockings and a smile from Miss Ewald. That isn't a stocking at the left but a Hose. aorcflventifgincg, and? fDlnactonL3 A Scene on Red River An Appreciation The Staff of the 1937 Bison feels that it must express sincere appreciation to the advertisers in the following pages. To the students we say it would be impossible to pub- lish a book of such high quality as the Bison if it were not for the advertisers. We feel that not only We, but also the students are in- debted to the names you will read in this section. Page 230 Faculty Directory A Airheart, Walter Lee, M.A., B.D., Ph.D., D.D., 25 Anderson, George E. Anderson, Minnie A., M.A., 20, 219 Arnold, J. Elwood, M.S. Arvold, Alfred G., B.A., 20, 110 B Bailey, Robert W., M.A. Baker, George J., M.S.A. Bales, Alba, B.S., M.A., 20, 53 Barton, Orla Avery, B.S. Beard, Marguerite L.. A.B., 118 Bell, Florence, M.A. Bender, Alice McConnell, M.S. Berge, T. O., M.S. Blakeslee, Adda M., 118, 121 Bolley, Henry Luke, M.S. Boruski, Ernest F., Major, U.S.A. Breland, Osmund P., Ph.D., 97 Brinley, Floyd J., Ph.D., 20 Brown, Ann M., B.S., M.A. Brown, Willard O., B.S., A.M., 154 Burke, Denise J., B.S. C Carrick, Leo Lehr, Ph.D., 20 Chisholm, Haile, Master Artisan Christensen, F. W., M.S., 20 Churchill, Omar Orlando, Ph.D., 32 Cobb, Thomas Ponton, M.A. Curry, Eunice L., B.S. D DeA1ton, Ernest L., M.S. Dedrick, Dallas S., Ph.D., 162, 219 DeOtte, Ruby, B.S. Detroit, Lancelot L., Sergeant D.E.M,L., 128 Dice, James Renfrew, A.M., 20 Dinan, Alice Pearl, M.A., 19, 20 Doerr, L. O., B.S. Dolve, Robert Martinus, M.S. in M.E., 20, 32, 49, 168 Debetz, Emma, M.A. Dubois, Alice E Easton, John D., Ltf Col., U.S.A., 124 Erickson, Mathias B., B.S., 20 Ewald, Geraldine, M.S., 28 F Fields, Mary Finlayson, Helen Christine, B. A. Finnegan, C. C., B.A., 20, 32, 134 Fitch, Horatio M., M.S. C.E., 199 Flynn, Lamoin Ford, Dorothy C., B.S. Ford, Mary E., B.S. G Gannaway, James D., B.S., 219 Gassman, Albert G., B.S. Geddes, C.A. Gerlach, Marian Goodearl, George P., B.S., 158 Gooden, Psyche M., 29 Grimes, Ruby M., A.M. H Hass, Aurora, B.S. Hagan, S. W., LL.B., 18 Hagemeister, Leona Hall, O. A. Halstead, William H., Major, U.S.A. Hanson, Hans Hanson, Herbert C., Ph.D., 20 Hanson, Minnie Harshfield, G. S., D.V.M., M.S. Hartwell, Leon H., A.M., 20 Hatlen, Daniel O. Heldt, William Oscar Helgeson, Earl A., B.S.. Ph.D. Henning, Knute A., B.S., 192, 200 High, Marathon E., Ph.D. Hill, A. Glenn, M.S. Hoeger, Cecilia Hoffman, Harry Merwin, B.S. Horton, Lucille, M.S.. 20, 219 Householder. Fred Clinton, A.M., 20 Hunter, William Columbus, Ph.D., 20, 189, 218 Huntoon, Homer B., M.Arch., 200, 219 I Iverson, Peter Julius, A.M., Ph.D., 20, 191 J Jensen, Chris, M.S. Jensen, Helen- B.A. Johnson, Eva L., B.S. Johnson, Lawrence Johnson, Tracy Worden, M.S. Johnson, Vyola O. Jones, Edward Huntting, B.S.A., M.A., 20, 191 Jones, Paul W., B.Arch., M.Arch., 200 Jongeward, Mattys, M.S. K Kade, Charles F., B.A. Kaslow, Christian E., M.S. Knudson, George E., B.A. Koel, John Kuhn, Kenneth, A.M., 20 L Larsen, Addie W. Lawritson, Helen B., B.S. Lawritson, Glen, A.M., 191 Leeby, Constance, B.S., M.A. Leslie, Dana D., M.S., 164 Lowe, Robert A., LL.B., 142 Luther, Vivian E., B.S., 114 M McCaul, Benjamin Valentine, M.S. McColly, H. F., M.S., 20 McVeety, Ethel. 24 Maloney, Clifford, B.S. Mayo, Edward L., M.A. Metzinger, Leon, Ph.D., 20 Miller, Cap Earl, M.S., 20 Miller, Mrs. Violet S. Minard, Archibald Ellsworth, A.M., 20, 43, 104 Munro, Jonathan Alexander, M.S. N Nelson, Casper Irving, Ph.D., 20 0 Olson, Peter J., M.S., 20 Olson, Sarah J., B.S. Osburn, Luke, M.A. Ottersen, Rudolf, A.M., 20, 28, 34 P Palmer, William C., B.S.A., M.S., 26, 34 Parrott, Alfred H., M.A., 18, 20, 166 Pettee, Eugene W., Ph.D. Phillips, Jessie D., M.A. Putnam, Clarence Simeon, M.D., 118, 119 R Redman, Kenneth, Ph.C., B.S. Roderick, Lee Miles, D.V.M., Ph.D., 20 Rosa, Delaphine G., M.Ph. Rudd, Velva, M.S. Rush, Harry Speer, B.S. in E.E., E.E., 195 Page 231 FAIRMONT 'S BETTER FOOD PRODUCTS A PART OF EVERY U L S A K E R PRINTING COMPANY Attractive Printing for Schools and Goon MEAL C0llegeS THE WRITE FOR ESTIMATES Fairmont Creamery 315 Broadway Fargo, N. D We Evidence Our Interest. . . o Y ,., 7, F A R G O Brady Motor Co., Oldsmobile A. T. Hansord Co., Ford O. R. Mitchell Chevrolet Co., Chevrolet Red River Motors, Buick-Pontiac Fargo Garage, Packard Kopang, Kelly Co., Dodge-Plymouth Murphy Motor Co., Chrysler-Plymouth Weddel Motor Co., Hudson-Terraplane M O O R H E A D Kiefer Chevrolet Co., Chevrolet W. W. Wallwork, Ford S Sackett, Leonard, M.A. Sander, Victor T., B.S. Scheurich, J. S., M.S. Sevrinson, Charles A., B.A., M.S., 20, 29, 191 Severson, Albert, M.S. Shepperd, John Henry, D.Agr., 17, 20 Slabaugh, Wendell H., B.A. Slocum, Roy Harley, B.S., C.E., 20, 168 Smith, Elvira Thrall, B.S., M.A., 20, 219 Smith, Irvin Webster, A.M., 19, 20 Smith, John, M.S., 146 Smith, Marshall E., Ph.D. Stafne, Dr. William, M.D,, 27 Stevens, Orin Alva, M.S., 20 Stickney, Bertha C. Sudro, William Frederick, M.S., 20 Sunde, Conrad Julius, M.S., 20, 204, 219 Swisher, Charles Lee, Ph.D., 20, 168 A T Tagliabue, Aloysius J., Captain, U.S.A., 128, 130 Tarbell, Olivia Edelbrock, 118 Tebeau, C. W., M.A., Ph.D. Tesdell, Angelin, B.S. Thompson, Elmer John, B.S. Thompson, Matilda Bea, M.A., 34 Thordarson, T.W., M.S., 22 Trowbridge, Perry Fox, Ph.D. Tyner, Edward H., Ph.D., 20 V Van Vlissingen, Ernst, B.M., 118, 120 W Waldron, Clare Bailey, B.S., 20 Ph.D. Waldron, L. R., Walster, Harlow Leslie, Ph.D., 20, 39 Warburton, Threse, B.S. Warner, Richard Wilcox, M.A. Wells, Charles P., Ph.D. Wenger, W. R., A.B., M.S., 20 Werner, Herman Oscar, A.M. Whedon, Arthur Dewitt, Ph.D., 20 White, Richard D., Sergeant, U.S.A. Whitman, Ruth Wirth, Henry E., Ph.D., 20 Wood, Lowell F., B.A. Y Yeager, A. F., Ph.D., 20 Yott, George F., B.S., 168 Z Zerby, Paul E., M.A. Page 233 RESER VED.' for Coeds, Undergrads and Alumni who have already learned about o u r De Luxe Fountain and Service. "EVERYTHING THAT'S GOOD" Compliments of Newday Seeds, Inc. "BETTER SEEDS" Fargo, N. D. Family Finance Company 200 Merchants National Bank Bldg. THE FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA B R O A DWAY P R. F. Nagel, Mgr. Telephone 1731 Dakota Electric Supply Co. GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS, RADIOS, HOME LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT Established 1898 Service Drug Store Ready to serve State Students with DRUGS, MAGAZINES, SODAS STATIONERY and TOILET ARTICLES Corner of Broadway at Sixth Tel. 184 123 Broadway Fargo, N. D. J. G. Halbeisen N. D. S. C. '13 H. L. Sherwood, President Percy V. Sherwood, Sec'y-Treas. SHERWOOD LUMBER 81 FUEL CO. Phone 288 AGENT FOR BUTLER STOKERS 502 Thirteenth Street North Fargo, North Dakota You'll want to throw care to the winds, and parade up and down where everyone can see you, If you buy Your Coats, Suits. Dresses. Formals. and Blouses at 59 Broadway ,S Fargo, N. Dak. Page 234 Student Directory A Aadland, Alfred, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N.D. Aalgaard, Gladys, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 174, 209 Aarestad. Erwin, M.E. Sp., Foster, N.D. Aasen, Tilford, M.E. Fr., Hillsboro, N.D. Aasheim. June, H.E. Soph., Enderlin, N. D. Acker, Geraldine, H.E. Sr., Fargo, N.D., 54, 202 Ackerman, Robert, M.E. Fr., Bismarck, N. D., 78, 122 Adamek, Frank. M.E. Fr., Fargo. N.D., 78 Adams, Frank, H.S. Sr., Lansford, N.D. Ahrlin, Clayton, C.E. Jr., Hattan, N.D. Akesson, Barbara, A.A.S. Soph., Grandin,N.D. Akesson, Norman, Agr. Fr., Grandin, N. D., 78 Albertson. Kenneth, A.A.S. Fr., Crookston, Minn., 78 Allen, George, Arch. Fr., Lead, S.D., 200 Allen, Thomas, A.A.S. Jr.. Fargo, N.D., 90 Alm, Edward, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N.D.. 74 Almos, Andrew, A.A.S. Soph., Ambrose, N.D., 74 Ames, Donald, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N.D. Amidon, Marie, A.A.S. Sr., Wheaton, Minn. Amidon, Robert, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N.D. Amundson, Gordon, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N.D. Andersen, Ronald, Agr. Fr., Lakota. N.D., 78 Anderson, Arnold, Educ. Jr., Milnor, N.D. Anderson, Corrine, Educ. Soph., Fargo, N.D., 87, 176 Anderson, Dorothy, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N.D., 176, 208 Anderson, Ernest, M.E. Fr., Dilworth, Minn., 122 Anderson. Ethel, H.E. Soph., Lockhart, Minn., 121, 205 Anderson, Gordon, A.A.S. Fr., Forman, N.D., 78 Anderson, James, Agr. Soph., Fargo, N.D., 166 Anderson, Jeanette, H.E. Fr., Breckenridge, Minn. Anderson, LaVaun, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N.D., 209 Anderson, Markell, Agr. Fr., Hansboro, N.D. Anderson, Melvin, C.E. Fr.. Welsh, N.D. Anderson, Myrle, A.A.S. Fr., Temvick, N.D., 78, 87 Anderson, Raynard, Pharm. Soph., Hallock, Minn., 160, 172 Anderson, Russell, Educ. Sr., Litchville, N.D., 32, 143, 162 Anderson, Victor, Agr. Fr., Hunter, N. D., 78 Anderson, William, A.A.S. Fr., Verona, N.D., 78 Anderson, Woodrow, Agr. Sr., Englevale, N. D., 40, 162 Anstett, Hugh, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N.D., 44, 58, 105, 125, 127, 130, 164, 172, 188, 189, 206 Anstett, Marion, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N.D., 78, 206 Archer, Kenneth, C.E. Fr., Fargo, N.D., 91, 105 Armstrong, Richard, Agr. Sr., Fargo, N.D., 40, 207 Armstrong, William, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 156, 202 Arnason, Eunice, Educ. Sr., Fargo, N.D., 44, 121, 131, 191 Arneson, R. Gordon, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N.D., 189 Arnold, Earl, C.E. Fr., Grenora, N.D. Arnold, Marjorie, Educ. Sr., Fargo, N.D., 44, 90, 102, 180, 190, 211 Arnold, William, M.E. Soph., Fargo, N.D., 122, 164 Arntson, Eric, Chem. Sr., Lisbon, N. D., 50, 119, 122, 204, 205 Arntson, Kenneth, Educ. Jr., Lisbon, N. D., 205 Arrison, Benjamin, A.A.S. Jr., Manitou, N.D. Artz, Aloisius, Agr. Soph., Antler, N. D., 103, 154, 207 Arves, Ethel, H.S. Soph., Kathryn, N. D. Arves, Olive, H.S. Sr., Kathryn, N. D. Askegaard, Charles, Agr. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Askegaard, David, Adm. Eng. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 125, 128 Avery, William, Agr. Fr., Stephen, Minn., 78 Axtell, Vernil, Ed. Grad., Fargo, N. D. B Baas, Margaret, H.E. Soph., Jamestown, N.D., 184 Baccus, James, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N.D., 90, 105, 119, 122, 189 Bach, Lester, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Bach, Lorna, Educ. Jr., Mayville, N. D., 70, 178, 191 Bachenheimer, Janet, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N.D. Baer, Mary, H.E. Fr., Steele. N. D. Baer, Robert, M.E. Sr., Steele, N. D. Bahe, Gordon, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Hubert, A.A.S. Jr., Flasher, N. D. Bahr, Bakken, England, C.E. Jr., Almont, N. D. Bale, Stanley, Agr. Fr., Lisbon, N. D., 78, 207 Ballard, Corinne, H.E. Sr., Duluth, Minn., 54, 178 Barnes, Beverly, H.E. Fr., Bismarck, N. D., 107, 151 Barnstruble, Thomas, A.A.S., Fr., Harvey, Minn. Barnick, Roland, A.A.S. Jr., Max, N.D., 126 Barrett, Howard, Chem. Fr.. Linton, N. D. Barstad, Allan, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Barton, Jennie, A.A.S. Jr., Valley City, N.D. Barton, Lois, H.E. Fr., Devils Lake, N. D., 106, 107, 201, 228 Bartz, Birdie, H.E. Fr., Lockhart, Minn., 121, 205 Baskin, Leroy, Agr. Jr., Omemee, N. D. Baugatz, Agnes, Educ. Fr., Jordan, Mont. Bauley, James, Chem. Fr., Carrington, N. D. Baxter, Frances, H.E. Fr., Bismarck, N. D., 121, 208 Beall, Hollace, H.E. Fr., Bismarck, N. D., 78, 86, 107, 121 Beattie, Thora, H.E. Fr., Bismarck, N.D., 121 Beck, Robert, Chem. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 204 Becker, Arthur, A.A.S. Sr., Mapleton, N. D. Beckwith, Newell, Chem. Grad., Minneapolis, Minn., 164 Beggs, Robert, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Behrens, Lottie, H.E. Sr., Glyndon, Minn., 54, 150, 194 Behrens, Marvin, M.E. Fr., Glyndon, Minn. Buer, Arthur, M.E. Sr., Beach, N. D. Bellamy, Wayne, Agr. Fr., Drayton, N. D.,207 Belland, Harold, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Bellin, Howard, Chem. Fr., Hankinson, N. D., 78 Belling, Hilliard, C.E. Fr., Tappen, N.D. Belter, Wesley, A.A.S. Jr., Davenport, N.D., 70 Bengson, Evelyn, H.E. Soph., Esmond, N.D. Benidt, Maurice, Agr. Jr., Lidgerwood, N.D., 70, 87, 92, 164, 172, 189, 190, 207 Benjamin, Bill, C.E. Soph., Fort Yates, N. D. Bennett, Abe, Pharm. Sr., Bowman, N. D. Bennett, Roma, H.S., Fargo, N. D. Bennett, Warren, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D.,128 Benshoof, Lynden, M.E. Fr., Napoleon. N. D. Benson, Carol, H.E. Fr., Page, N. D., 107 Benson, Charles, C.E. Soph., Bismarck, N. D., 119, 122, 199 Benson, Donald, Agr. Jr., Berona, N. D. Benson, Lyle, M.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 127, 128 Page 235 M6lI21EXlD'U1F'IENGlRAV fitff """"- Qjolcr clrcum ofa famine! Q?1f11'z1,zalco111es lrue f' 'fff!?i: , . ' We lace at our d1S osal our staff of oo master ' craftsmen ...... men who have given their ixii iui- ' Jr. life to their art ...... men who have made , " " 'ffl ., ,. . ,-1 f' ', "BUREAU CRAFT and f'QuAL1'rY f if, 4? fi 12 ? synonymous inneabolis Page 236 Bentley, Dorothey, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 82, 102, 107 Benze, Maurice, Agr. Fr., Moffit, N. D., 78,207 Berdahl, James, Agr. Jr. Berg, Donald, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Berg, Fern, H.E. Sr., Mclntosh, Minn., 54, 121 Berg, Harriet, H.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 54, 180 Berg, Robert, E.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 127 Bergan, Kenneth, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 44 Berget, Erling, E.E. Jr., Bowbells, N. D. Berget, William, Arch. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 156, 192 Bergren, Agr. Fr., Hampdon, N. D., 207 Berglund, Andrew, Agr. Sr., Lawton, N. D., 40 Bermann, Bernhard, M.E. Fr., Pelican Rapids, Minn. Bernier, Betty, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Bethke, William, Agr. Fr., Harvey, N. D. Bice, Harold, Chem. Soph., Killdeer, N. D. Biewer, Josephine, H.E. Fr., Dresden, N. D. Biewer, Philip, Agr. Jr., Dresden, N. D., 127 Birkeland, Charles, Agr. Soph., Warwick, N. D., 74, 154, 207, 210 Bjerkan, Arthur, M.E. Jr., Lansford, N. D. Bjerke, Theodore, Agr. Jr., Hatton, N. D. Bjornson, John, Pharm. Soph., LaMoure, N. D., 160 Bjornson, Margaretta, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 34 Bjornson, Wallace, M.E. Soph., Devils Lake, N. D., 170 Black, Anna Jane, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 78, 106, 107, 121 Black, Joyce, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Blair, Jack, Agr. Fr., Ladysmith, Wis. Blegen, James, Chem. Jr., Moorhead, Minn., 204 Blinn, James, M.E. Soph., New Smyrna, Fla., 74, 164 Blomquist, Donald, Agr. Fr., Flaxton, N. D. Bockwoldt, Ruth. H.E. Jr., LaMoure, N. D., 150, 151, 152, 208 Bodding, Conrad, M.E. Fr., Ada, Minn. Bodlak, Virginia, H.E. Soph., Devils Lake, N.D., 150, 151, 209 Bodmer, James, M.E. Soph., Kenmare, N. D. Boe, Harvey, M.E. Jr., Fortuna, N. D. Boelke, Delmar, Agr. Fr., Eldridge, N. D. Boemann, Nevin, C.E. Jr., Cando. N. D. Boettcher, Helen, H.E. Sr., Arthur, N. D., 54, 121, 178 Boettcher, Mildred, Educ. Jr., Buchanan, N.D. Bohnsack, Earl, Pharm. Sr., Hillsboro, N. D., 160 Boisjolie, Wayne, Agr. Fr., Sutton, N. D. Bokovoy, Raymond, Pharm. Fr., Kief, N. D. Bolley, Ann, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 70, 121, 151, 198 Bolmever, William, A.A.S. Sr., Erie, N. D. Bolstad, Lucille, Educ. Sr., Fargo. N. D., 44 Borderud, William, A.A.S. Fr., Davenport, N. D., 78 Bork, Irene, H.E. Jr., Edgeley, N. D., 208 Borke, Millard, C.E. Jr., Hillsboro, N. D., 70, 126, 168, 199 Bosch, John, A.A.S. Fr., Stanton, N. D. Botman, Ethel, H.E. Soph., Deer River, Minn., 205, 209 Botsford, Alfred, M.E. Soph., Douglas, N. D. Botsford, Russel, Agr. Soph., Edinburg, N. D. Botten, James, M.E. Fr., Carson, N. D. Boulger, Edward, Chem. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 50, 158, 206 Boulger, Jack, A.A.S. Jr., Dickinson, N. D., 32, 166 Boulger, James, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 158, 206 Bowers, Herman, Educ. Soph., Larimore, N.D., 156 Boyle, Paul, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Braasch, Herman, C.E. Fr., Ryder, N. D. Brady, James, Pharm. Fr., Carrington, N. D. Brakke, Perry, M.E. Jr., McVille, N. D. Brainerd, Justin, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 106, 107, 127, 156 Brandenburg, Robert, A.A.S. Fr., Bismarck, N. D., 79, 122 Brandes, Catherine, Educ. Soph., LaMoure, N. D., 174, 212 Brandes, Gordon, A.A.S. Jr., LaMoure, N. D., 31, 34, 44, 164, 188, 189 Brandt, Loretta, H.E. Fr., Casselton, N. D.,209 Brant, Gordon, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Brauer, Albert, Educ. Jr., Bismarck, N. D., 70, 126, 164 Brawders, Ellen, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Breiland, Howard, Pharm. Soph., Buxton, N.D. Breitenbach, Helen, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 94, 126, 130, 180 Breitenbach, William, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 94, 125, 126, 130, 166 Brekke, Rosella, H.E. Fr., Mclntosh, Minn., 79, 86, 121, 205 Brenckle, Arthur, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Brevik, Ivah, H.E. Sr., Twin Valley, Minn., 54, 115 Brewer, Hazel, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Brierley, Leone, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Brindle, Elmer, Agr. Fr., Hazelton, N. D.,207 Brittin, Emma May, H.E. Jr., Bismarck, N. D., 70, 86, 131, 151, 174, 186 Brown, Caroline, A.A.S. Fr., Hope, N. D., 107, 201, 228 Brown, Virginia, H.E. Soph., Valley City, N.D., 74, 121, 208 Brownson, George, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 127 Brude, Adolph, Arch. Soph., Pekin, N. D., 200 Brueske, Marjorie, H.E. Jr., Ambrose, N. D. Brunsvold, Rudolph, C.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 199 Bruschwein, Harold, C.E. Soph., Driscoll, N.D., 127, 128, 199 Buchanan, Donald, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 44, 94, 120, 124, 166, 172, 189, 193 Buchholtz, Howard, Arch. Eng. Sr., St. Thomas, N. D., 50, 88, 168, 192 Buck, William, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 90,92 Buck, Frank, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Bue, Elenore, Educ. Soph., Leeds, N. D. Bue, Ingolf, Agr. Jr., Leeds, N. D., 127 Buhrmann, Carol, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 121, 174 Bullock, Ralph, Agr. Sr., Pleasant Lake, N.D., 40, 120, 193, 207 Bunker, Virginia, H.E. Fr., Enderlin, N. D. Burbidge, Arden, Agric. Soph., Park River, N. D., 70, 162 Burger, Sarah, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 209 Burgum, Joey, A.A.S. Jr., Arthur, N. D., 70, 86, 96, 164, 188, 190 Burkee, Beryl, H.E. Fr., Moorhead, Minn. Burman, Allan, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Burns, Joe, A.A.S. Soph., Sherwood, N. D., 125 Burnson, Harold, Chem. Jr., Wahpeton, N. D. Burnson, Muriel, H.E. Jr., Hettinger, N. D., 125, 131 Bursack, William, Adm.Eng. Jr., Jamestown, N. D. Busby, Stanley, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Busch, Marsden, EE. Sr., Granville, N. D., 50, 168 Busse, Howard, M.E. Fr., Shelly, Minn. Butterwick, Marylyn, Educ. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 174, 212 Butts, Irene, Educ. Fr., Fargo, N.D. Byerly, Sterling, Agr. Sr., Mandan, N. D., 40, 166 Byram, Dayton, Agr. Jr., Wheatland, N. D., 70, 154, 207 Byram, Norma, H.E. Fr., Casselton, N. D., 107, 151 Page 237 STETSON AND MALLORY HATS FLORSHEIM AND FREEMAN SHOES THE GLOBE The House of KUPPENHEIMER GOOD CLOTHES ARROW SHIRTS INTERWOVEN SOX 102-104 Broadway Fargo, N. Dak. Postal Pharmacy American Cafe Across from P. O. AMERICAN AND CHINESE FOODS OF QUALITY Drugs - Sodas - Toiletries . . Ch S d Ch M ' Luncheonette-Prescriptions Op Hey an OW em Sent Out on Request Phone 438 Free Delivery Phone 392 505 N. P Ave DR. OLAF SAND Diseases of Worne DR. N. TRONNES General Surgery DR. O. J. HAGEN RGO CLI IC ADJOINING ST. LUKE'S HOSPITAL PHONE 4 6 0 0 PHONE DR. JOEL C. SWANSZON n, Diseases of Stomach Bone and Joint Surgery DR, WM. A. STAFNE Diabetes and Internal Medicine DR. GEO. C. FOSTER General and Thyroid Surgery Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat DR. WM. F. BAILLIE ER. G. WILSON HUNTER Genito Urinary Surgery and Skin Diseases Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatrics DR. WM. C. NICHOLS DR. T. P. ROTHNEM Diseases of the Heart and Internal Medicine X-Ray Diagnosis and Treatment 807 Broadway D. M. ASHLAND, B.S. Director of Pathological Laboratory B. J. LONG, Manager Fargo, North Dakota Page 238 C Cadieux, Margaret, Educ. Jr., Jamestown, N. D. Calhoun, Margaret, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 107, 121 Calkins, Ralph, Agr. Fr., Garrison, N. D., 79, 207 Callaghan, William, H.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Callinan, John, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 166 Callinan. Patrick, Chem. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Campbell, James, Educ. Fr., Stirum, N. D., 79 Campbell, John, Agr. Soph., Egeland, N. D. Campbell, Lorne, Agr. Fr., Casselton, N. D. Carlisle, John, A.A.S., Soph., Fargo. N. D., 156 Carlson, Edward, Chem.8zEng. Fr., Barnesville, Minn., 204 Carlson, Marie, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N.D., 74, 121, 182, 208, 211 Carnahan, Virginia, H.E. Fr., Carrington, N.D., 209 Carr, Ray, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D.. 120 Carr. Rex, Agr. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 120, 126, 207 Carr, Roy, Agr. Jr., Fargo, N. D.. 34. 70, 170 Carrol, Robert, A.A.S. Fr.. Fargo, N. D. Carvell, Robert, Pharm. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Casad, John, M.E. Fr., McVille, N. D., 79 Cascaden, Bryce, Educ. Soph., Petersburg, N. D. Cathcart. James. A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Cavett, David, Agr. Jr., Lisbon, N. D., 95, 119, 122, 156 Cavett, Dean, A.A.S. Soph., Lisbon. N. D. Challey, Charles, Agr. Grad., Lisbon, N. D. Chalog, Philip, Agr. Grad., Bontoc, Mt. Pro- vince, P. I. Chandler, Cyril, E.E. Jr., Hope, N. D. Chaney, Jane, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 126 Chase, Jean, H.E. Fr., Wimbledon, N. D., 79, 121. 209 Chow, Lillian, H.E. Soph., Jamestown, N. D., 228 Christenson, Betty, Educ. Sr., Fargo, N. D.. 44, 180 Christianson, Conway, Agr. Soph., Enderlin, N. D., 125, 128 Christensen, James, M.E. Soph., Twin Valley, Minn. Christenson, Lenore, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N.D. Christensen, Lloyd, Agr. Fr., Bowesmont,N.D. Christensen, Paul, Chem. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 126, 204 Claesson, Harold, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Clapp, John B., Adm.Eng. Jr., Enderlin, N. D. Clason, John, Agr. Jr., Richardton, N. D., 90, 207 Clark, Lucille, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Clemens, Alferd, H.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. 180, 206 Clemens, Alfred, H.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Clemenson, Elmer, H.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Clemenson, Evelyn, H.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Cline, Arvad, Agr. Jr., Bertha, Minn. Cloyd, Rayford, Pharm. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Cobb, Jewell, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Cole, Charlotte, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 79, 105, 107, 120 Cole, Grace, H.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 54, 174 Colton, Clifford, Chem. Fr., Driscoll, N. D. Colton, Ray, Chem. Fr., Driscoll, N. D. Comrie, Russel, C.E. Shop., Fargo, N. D. Cone, Dorothy, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 70, 180 Conmy, Paul, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Conner, Albe, H.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Cook, De Loris, Educ. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 44, 184 212 Cook, Fredrick, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Cook, 131, Cook, 127, Georgia, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 121, 180 John, M.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 50, 125, 130, 164, 186 Cook, Richard, Arch. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 91, 166, 190, 200 Cook, Robert, C.E. Fr., Calvin, N. D. Cook, Ross, Agr. Jr., Scranton, N. D. ' Cooley, Ruth, A.A.S. Sr., Great Falls, Mont.. 44, 102, 174, 186 Cogforan, Eugene, Chem. Soph., Cando, N. D., Colgtrilgnht, Clifford, Chem. Eng. Fr., Fargo, Coryvin, William, Adm. Eng. Soph., Bismarck, N. D., 19, 166 Cosgriff, Kay, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Covert, Elizabeth, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Coyne, Phyllis, A.A.S. Sr., LaMoure, N. D., 44, 102, 193, 195 Crahan, Alice, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 180, 208 Crahan, Kenneth, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Crane, Walter, A.A.S. Jr., Leeds, N. D., 125, 126, 162 Criaazvford, Kirk, Agr. Jr., Niagara, N. D., 70, 2 Crflgzgford, Miller, Educ. Jr., Calvin, N. D., 44, Creiman, Lyle, M.E. Soph., Concrete, N. D. Critchfield, James, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 86, 91, 156 Cromb, John, Chem. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Crowley, Jean, H.E. Jr., Hebron, N. D., 19, 70, 87, 102, 156, 176, 190, 194, 211, 212 Crum, Chas., A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Crum, Taylor, Chem. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Crust, Robert, M.E. Jr., Brainerd, Minn., 168 Crfzgsg, Virginia, H.E. Soph., Brainerd, Minn., Cu7r51mings, Austin, Chem. Fr., Bismarck, N.D., Cummins, Catherine, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. C15-Se, Lyle, Agr. Jr., Starkweather, N. D., Curtis, Harry, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 127, 166 Cushman, Edward, Arch. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 200 Cushman, Mollie, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 150 D Dady, Jeanne, H.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 54, 180, 212 Dahl, Anton, Agr. Sr., Rugby, N. D., 119, 122, 162 Dirk Kenneth, A.A.S. Fr., Dilworth, Minn., Dahl, Paul, M.E. Fr., Kenmare, N. D., 79 Dzalgli Ralph, Chem. Fr., Fertile, Minn., 168, Dahm, Raymond, Chem. Eng. Fr., Barnesville, Minn., 79, 107, 122 Dahrling, Bruce, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Dahrling, Jack, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Dalager, Alton, M.E. Fr., Noonan, N. D., 79 Dalby, Harold, C.E. Soph., Minot, N. D., 74 Dzalgged, Leonard, A.A.S. Jr., Cavalier, N. D., Danielson, Marjorie, H.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 54, 180, 194 Darch, Jack, Agr. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Daum, Hugh, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Davenport, Ralph, Educ. Jr., Napoleon, N. D. Davis, Alice, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 74, 121 Davis, Donna Jean, H.E. Soph., Bismarck, N. D., 74, 121, 180, 208 Davis, Geraldine, Pharm. Soph., Lansford, N. D., 74, 178 Dilggse, Roy, Adm.Eng. Soph., Wilton, N. D., Dewey, Elizabeth, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 33, 44, 64, 86, 180, 190, 195 Dick, William, Agr. Fr., Bismarck, N. D., 79 Dickinson, Wesley, M.E. Soph., Dilworth, Minn. Dike, George, A.A.S. Fr., Grafton, N. D., 79, 125 Page 239 VIC'S MARKET Free Delivery 302-13th St. North Fargo, N. Dak. "Where Ma Saves Pa's Dough" A c m e D a i 1' y Properly Pasteurized DeWey's Studio Photographer of the Senior Class MILK CREAM . . Section of the 1937 Bison COTTAGE CHEESE Phone 91 701 Thirteenth st. N. 10416 Broadway Fargo Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS Hotel Graver The N Y A L store and Toilet Goods - - Drug Sundries Luneheonette Service FREE DELIVERY 608 Front Phone 4400 123 Roberts St. Phone 2104 Compliments The Studentis Favorite - mmm is ROYAL J EWELERS 71 Broadway Page 240 I3 Dimunation, John, M.E. Jr., Pembina, N. D., 128, 202 Dinwoodie, Florenz, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 90, 92, 122, 180, 190 Diiitimer, Frank, Pharm. Fr., Glen Ullin, N. D., Dilgtbeligrie, Sylvester, Agr. Soph., Woodworth, Dittiner, Cecelia, H.E. Fr., Leonard, N. D. Dixon, Lorraine, H.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 102, 178 Dobervich, Mike, M.E. Soph., Ironton, Minn., 166 Doering, Walter, A.A.S. Fr., Goodrich, N. D. Doll, John, M.E. Fr., Bismarck, N. D. Dolve, Eunice. Educ. Fr., Hatton, N. D. Nels, E.E. Fr.. Fessenden. N. D. Dolve, Dolve, Robert, E.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Dolve, Winston, Agr. Sr., Hatton, N. D., 40 Donahue, Bernard, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Donovan, Thomas, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 156 Dosen, Charles, A.A.S. Fr.. Fargo. N. D. Douglass, Laurence, M.E. Soph., Eckman, N. D.. 128, 154 Dow, Everett. Agr. Fr., Monango. N. D. Dreblow, Ervin, A.A.S. Fr.. Fertile, Minn. Duemeland, Lorin, Agr. Jr., Bismarck, N. D. Dullea, Maurice. Agr. Fr., Pingree, N. D. Dunlevv, Lorraine, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 79, 122 Dunn, Virginia, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo. N. D. Dunnum, De Verne, Pharm. Fr., Kensal, N. D., 160 Dyer, Nelita, A.A.S. Fr., Shelly, Minn., 79 Dyson, Roger, Arch. Fr., Cooperstown, N. D., 200 Eagle, Luella, Pharm. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 45 Eastland, Philip, Chem. Fr., Moorhead, Minn. Eastman, Virginia, H.E. Jr., Milnor, N. D., 70 Eaton, Sarah, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 84, 121, 209 Ebeltoft, David, Agr. Soph., Dunn Center, N. D., 128, 205, 207 Ecker, Merle, Educ. Jr., Grandin, N. D., 202 Ecklund, Darwin, H.S. Jr., Harwood, N. D. Edell, John F., A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Edmonds, Helen, H.E. Jr., Devils Lake, N. D., 184, 206 Eichmiller, Ellen, Educ. Jr., Alexandria, Minn. Ekeren, Walter, Pharm. Sr.. Thief River Falls, Minn., 31, 45, 66, 106, 107, 120, 160, 189, 210 Elker, Reinhold, Agr. Jr., Surrey, N. D. Elleraas, La Verne, A.A.S. Fr., Ada, Minn., 121, 205 Ellingson, Bruce, Agr. Fr., Mohall, N. D. Ellingson, Elmo, Agr. Fr., Park River, N. D., 162 Elgngsgn, Florence, H.S. Soph., Argusville, Ellings, Vivian, H.S. Jr., Argusville, N. D. Elliot, Albert, Educ. Jr., Grandin, N. D. Elliot, Ethel, H.E. Fr., Grandin, N. D., 202 Ellis, Robert, A.A.S. Fr., Towner, N. D. Ells, Joel, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 107 Elsberry, Robert, M.E. Fr., Cando, N. D., 79 Elvik, Henry, A.A.S. Fr., Lark, N. D., 79, 205 Elwin, James, M.E. Jr., Breckenridge, Minn., 70, 95, 126 Emch, Ceata. H.E. Fr., Bowman, N. D. Endersbee, Ellen, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Engbretson, Gus., A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Engelstad, Earl, Arch. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 200 Enger, Filmore, Agr. Fr., Sharon, N. D. Engle, Lorraine, H.E. Jr., Thief River Falls, Minn., 70, 178, 198, 208 Engstrom, Adolph, Agr. Sr., Leeds, N. D., 40 Erdal, Agnes, H.E. Fr., Frost, Minn., 182 Erfjord, Laverne, H.E. Fr., Buxton, N. D. Erickson, Archie, A.A.S. Sr., Kindred, N. D., 45 Erickson, Donald, Agr. Soph., Watford City, N. D. Erickson Gordon, C.E. Fr., McCanna, N. D. Erickson Jean, H.E. Soph., Velva, N. D., 205 Erickson Josephine, H.E. Fr., Velva, N. D., 80 Erickson Kenneth, Agrl Fr., Pope, N. D. Erickson Robert, Agr. Sr., Larimore, N. D., 124,156, 172, 189 Erickson, Stanley, Agr. Soph., Sheyenne, N. D. Erickson, Milton, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Ericksen, Thelma, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Erlandson, Earl, Chem. Fr., Aneta, N. D. Evanson, Dorothy, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 70 Evers, Charles, Chem. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 50, 119, 122, 162, 193, 204 I? Fahrer. James, Chem. Fr., New Rockford, N. D. Fairchild, Lynn, A.A.S. Fr., Tuttle, N. D. Fake, Glenn, C.E. Soph., Enderlin, N. D. Fallett, Lloyd, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Farrar, Felix, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Farnum, Earnest, Agr. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Farrell, Edward, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Farstad, Dan, Chem. Jr., Harvey, N. D., 127, 204 Faust, Charles, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Fay, William, Chem. Fr., Moorhead, Minn., 126 Feland, Stanley, Agr. Jr., Antler, N. D. Ferguson, Harry, Pharm. Fr., Park River, N.D. Field, Helmer, Pharm. Fr., Grafton, N. D. Fine, Lawrence, Agr. Jr., Shevenne, N. D. Fine, Winfield, A.A.S. Soph., Sheyenne, N. D. Fink, Harry, A.A.S. Fr., Crookston, Minn. Finke, Robert, Agr. Soph., Minot, N. D. Finsand, Sylvia, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 150, 151, 152 Finstad, Helen, Educ. Jr., Bottineau, N. D. Fish, Marion, M.E. Fr., Lawton, N. D. Fisher, John, Agr. Soph., Tappen, N. D., 74, 120, 188, 207, 210 Fisk. Allen, Agr. Fr., Hunter, N. D., 146, 202, 203, 207 Fisk, Raeburn, Educ. Fr., Hunter, N. D., 80 Fisk, Wilbert, Adm.Eng. Jr., Hunter, N. D. Fiske, Opal, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 71, 174 Fitch, John, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 158 Fitjar, Raymond, A.A.S. Jr., Jamestown, N.D., 126, 166 Flatau, Alice, H.E. Jr., Frazee, Minn. Flatau, Oscar, A.A.S. Jr., Frazee, Minn., 158 Fogden, George, Agr. Soph., Norwich, N. D., 0 Follett, Robert, M.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Ford, Kenneth, Agr. Fr., Park River, N. D., 162, 207 Ford, Richard, A.A.S. Soph., Devils Lake, N. D., 156 Fors, Lawrence, Agr. Soph., Esmond, N. D. Forsman, Alphen, M.E. Jr., Jud, N. D., 71, 89 Foster, Ralph, Agr. Fr., Williston, N. D., 202 Foster, Richard, C.E. Sr., Williston, N. D., 50, 193, 199 Frlarnlghauser, Donovan, Agr. Soph., Anamoose, Fraser, Howard, Educ. Jr., Walhalla, N. D., 126, 145, 170 Fredrikson, Robert, A.A.S. Soph., Davenport, N. D., 74, 170 Frendberg, Esther, H.E. Jr., Hillsboro, N. D., 127, 174 Frendberg, Milton, E.E. Sr., Hillsboro, N. D., 50, 158, 210 Freyberg, Robert, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Frlii-ede1gichis,62Gilbert, Educ. Soph., Wahpeton, Frigge, John, C.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 128, 1 Page 241 Four Years of College Work have put a Terrific Strain ON YO UR E YES Now that your college days are over and you start on your life's Work, the chances are ten to one that you will be employed in an occupation that will require much additional reading and one that will keep you indoors and under artificial light. Will your eyes permit you to do this Work or will you soon suffer from headaches, nervousness and finish your day's Work almost too tired to enjoy your leisure hours. Working in too-dim light may cause these symptoms, which are nature's warning that you are straining your eyes and perhaps permanently impairing your Vision. Insufficient light is a hazard to both your health and your efficiency. A hazard that is unnecessary for you to take. YOUR EYES ARE PRICELESS. PROTECT THEM WITH GOOD LIGHT. NORTHERN PIONEHCS 1' ffiffe , .4 W 1 . I S lil me 5 Q 0 lv orthern tates Power ompan 612 N. P. Ave. Fargo, North Dakota Page 242 Frisk, Elsie, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Frisk, Lennea, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 31, 45, 63, 90, 97, 102, 151, 178, 186,212 Fritsvold, Melfor, A.A.S. Fr., Schafer, N. D. Froling, Mary, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 209 Frolund, Kenneth, E.E. Sr., Lidgerwood, N. D., 50, 196 Fuller, Thad, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Funk, Elizabeth, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 209 Furcht, LaVerne, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 182 G Gadberry, Walter, Agr. Fr., Hillsboro, N. D. Gahr, Edmond, Agr. Fr., White Butte, S. D. Gale, Harry, A.A.S. Fr., Hunter, N. D. Gallagher, William, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 45, 125, 156 Gannaway, J. D., Agr. Grad., Fargo, N. D. Garberg, Phillip, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 71, 90, 92, 164 Gardner, Leo, C.E. Jr., New England, N. D. Gary, Norine, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 125 Gassmann, Albert, Chem. Grad., Valley City, N. D., 204 Geiglhgr, Norman, M.E. Soph., Montpelier, Gehring, Carl, Educ. Sr., McClusky, N. D., 45 Grutle, Luella, H.E. Jr., Twin Valley, Minn., 152, 208. Gudmundson, Edward, Pharm. Soph., Moun- tain, N. D., 122, 156 Gunkel, Vernon, M.E. Fr., Hillsboro, N. D., 80 Gvgfgfther, Barbara, Educ. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 90, Gwyther, Robert, Chem. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 50, 125, 130, 164, 204 H Haas, Jessamine, H.E. Fr., Hamar, N. D., 209 Hagen, Fred, A.A.S. Sr., Alamo, N. D., 45 Hagen, Irvin K., Agr. Sr., Grafton, N. D., 40, 122 Hagen, Percy, Pharm. Soph., Norma, N. D., 160 Halcrow, Eleanor, H.E. Soph., Bowesmont, 17. ID, 74, 121 Halcrow, Harold, Agr. Sr., Bowesmont, N. D., 38, 40, 154, 172, 193, 207 Halcrow, John, Educ. Sr., Bowesmont, N. D., 45, 154 Halfpenny, Donald, Agr. Fr., St. Thomas, N. D. Halgren, Forest, Chem. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 71 Halgren, Henry, M.E. Jr., Devils Lake, N. D. Hall, Lawrence, C.E. Grad., Fargo, N. D. Gesellchen, Victor, Agr. Fr., Vallev City. N. D. Gessner, Daisy, Educ. Sr., Penn, N. D., 45, 191 Giffey, Lee, Agr. Fr., Stanton, N. D., 80, 207 158 Gifford, Mearl, E.E. Fr., Kelso, N. D., 50, Gilbertson, La Verne, Educ. Sr., Finley, N. D., 45, 191, 193 Gilbertson, Lawrence, C.E. Fr., Charlson, N. D., 80 Giles, Clara, Educ. Soph., Rugby, N. D. Gillette, 221 Harriet, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 80, Gilroy, Harold, C.E. Soph., Langdon. N. D. Glad, Byron, C.E. Fr., Lancaster, Minn., 146 Glarum, Norman, Pharm. Sr., McClusky, N. D., 45, 122 Godman, ggrvil, Agr. Fr., Churches Ferry, N. D., Gcieggel, Dorothy, Educ. Soph., Fargo, N. D., Goebel, Paul, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 158 Goosen, Ray. Chem. Jr., Selz, N. D., 156 Goplen, Orville, Educ. Jr., Hannaford, N. D., 71, 90, 92, 162, 189, 210 Gorder, Dewin, Chem.Eng. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Gorder, Gorder, Gorman, Lois, H.E. Fr., Grafton, N. D., 209 Oliver, Agr. Fr., Grafton, N. D. Frances, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Graber, John, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Grant, Helen E., H.E. Soph., Cuba, N. D., 174 Grant, Helen L., H.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Graves, Harry, Agr. Sr., Cavalier, N. D., 40, 67, 162, 210 Green, Merrill, Educ. Fr., Enderlin, N. D., 146 Hall, Mary May, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 54, 182 Hall, Robert, M.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Hall, Warren, M.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 122 Halldorson, Helen, H.E. Fr., Sherwood, N. D., 205 Halling, Oscar, Agr. Sr., Golden Valley, N. D. Halvorson, Ludvig, H.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Halvorson, Marie, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Hamilton, Richard, Agr. Sr., Rugby, N. D., 40, 154 X Hamlet, Darrel, Arch. Sr.. Fargo, N. D., 50 Hammond, Robert, Agr. Fr., Clyde, N. D. Handy, Marjorie, H.E. Fr., Washburn, N. D., 209 Haiisigaher, Mary, H.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 54, Hanson, Art, Agr. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 40 Hansen, Cheryl, H.E. Fr., Buffalo, N. D. Hansen, Chris, C.E. Sr., Guelph, N. D., 50, 88, 168, 199 Hansen, Donald, M.E. Fr., Valley City, N. D. Hanson, James, Pharm. Soph., Bowman, N. D., 160 Hansen, Kenneth H., Chem. Sr., Churchs Ferry, N. D., 86, 156 Hanson, Marjorie, H.E. Soph., Englevale, N. D., 212 Hanson, Paul, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 156 Hanson. Russell, A.A.S. Fr., Litchville, N. D., 80, 162 Hanson, Vernon, M.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 196 Haroldson, Everett, A.A.S. Fr., Aneta, N. D. Greenshields, Helen, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 202, 203 Greenshields, Robert, C.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 50, 168, 199 Gregg, Roberta, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 90, 180 Gregory, Lawrence, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Grenier, Theodore, C. E. Jr., Thorne, N. D. Grenier, Ovide, Agr. Jr., Thorne, N. D. Gress, George, Agr. Fr., Dickinson, N. D. Grieson, Richard, H.S. Jr., West Fargo, N. D. Grieve, Floyd, Chem. Fr., Buffalo, N. D. Groethe, Arthur, Chem. Fr., Kindred, N. D. Gronaas, Oscar, Arch. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Grondahl, Melvin, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 87 Gronneberg, Clarence, Agr. Fr., Sutton, N. D. Gruber, Leslie, A.A.S. Soph., Fort Totten, N. D., 90 Grutle, Grace, H.E. Sr., Twin Valley, Minn., 54, 152 Harper, Gilmore, Educ. Fr., Cartwright, N. D., 80 Harris, Beata, H.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Harris. Charlotte, H.E. Sr., Moorhead, Minn., 54, 180 Harris, Hoe, Chem. Fr., Moorhead, Minn. Hatlelid, Elbert, Chem. Grad., Lignite, N. D. Haugen, Elder, A.A.S. Fr., Davenport, N. D., 80 Haugland, Vernon, Comm. Fr., Wheaton, Minn. Haugsjaa, Knute, Arch. Jr., Pekin, N. D., 192, 200, 202, 203 Hawkins, Ray, Agr. Sooh., LaCrosse. Wis. Hawkinson, Dorothy, H.E. Jr., New Rockford, N. D., 131, 180, 208 Hawkinson, Genevieve, A.A.S. Fr., New Rock- ford, N. D., 122, 131, 180 Hay, Clifford, Ag. Fr., Fullerton, N. D., 162 Hegbar, Howard, E.E. Sr.. Kensal, N. D., 51, 60, 88, 105, 168, 189, 193, 196 Hegge, Jeanne, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Page 243 THE REASON WHY That Molloy-Made covers have been used on so many of the nationls leading annuals over a long period of time is testimony to the fact that they really do represent more value. The Bison, like many other leading annuals, started using Molloy-Made covers "away back whenn-and the Molloy trademark on the cover of this 1937 issue is the best evidence of an eminently satisfactory standard of quality and service throughout the years. The David J. Molloy Plant 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois Smith, Follett 81 Crowl WHOLESALE DRY GOODS Sz NOTIONS FARGO, N. D. Fur Coats with Quality, Style, and Distinction Are Sold at Lowest Prices at HOENCK'S FUR STORE 57 Broadway Fargo, N. Dak. FUR COATS CLEANED, RELINED, REPAIRED AND RESTYLED BY EXPERT FURRIERS Freezing-Dry-cold Storage for Furs of All Kinds . MALCHOW'S 0 0 BARBER 8z BEAUTY SHOP . COMPLETE BARBER and BEAUTY Books and Supplies SERVICE Specializing in the Art of Permanent Blankets and Pennants Waving a . 102 Broadway, Downstairs Fargo, N. D. Stationery - Magazines College Jewelry ' ' 7 ' ' m BER Ei coiALqc:o:iin' O O 58 Years in Fargo O DUSTLESS COAL - CLEAN FURNACE OIL DEVOE PAINTS -- WEATHER STRIPPING BUILDERS HARDWARE - INSULATION A- C. 'Satisfaction Guaranteed" Phone 2124 Page 244 Heglund, Marguerite, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 71 Hehr, Arthur, Educ. Jr., Kulm, N. D. Heisel, Fred, C.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 51, 156, 189 Heitke, Jeanette, H. E. Jr., Paynesville, Minn. Helland, Kent, Agr. Jr., Crookston, Minn., 71, 90, 103, 170, 189, 190, 210 Hellebust, Agmar, Agr. Soph., Mohall, N. D. Hellickson, Dale, C.E. Jr., Medora, N. D., 51, 128 Hendrickson, Arthur, Agr. Fr., Christine, N. D. Hennessey, Harry, Educ. Fr., Grand Forks, N. D. Henning, Fred. A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Henrikson, Erling. C.E. Soph., Ransom, N. D. Herbison, Jessie, H.E. Sr., Grafton, N. D., 55, 221 Herr, Phyllis, H.E. Soph., Wishek, N. D., 121, 209 Hertsgaard, Paul, Agr. Fr., Kindred, N. D. Herzog, Lola. A.A.S. Fr., Nome, N. D., 80 Herzi. Rudolph, H.S. Fr., Burlington, N. D. Hess, Mildred, Arch. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 200, 220 Herman, Robert, Educ. Jr., Erie, N. D. Heuer, Donald, Agr. Soph., Leonard, N. D., 205 Heuer, Leon, Agr. Sr., Sheldon, N. D., 40, 119, 122 Heutzenroeder, Gerhard, Agr. Soph., Bertha, N. D. Hewitt, Eva, A.A.S. Grad., Hillsboro, N. D. Hewitt. Hazel, A.A.S. Sr., Hillsboro, N. D., 45, 122 Hild, Gaylord, Agr. Fr., Steele, N. D., 74, 128 Hildre, Wilma, H.E. Jr., Petersburg, N. D., 198. 208 Hill. Donald. Educ. Sr., Valley City, N. D., 45, 126, 130, 162, 172 Hilley, John, A.A.S. Fr., Bismarck, N. D. Hilstad, George, E.E. Jr., Mayville, N. D., 71, 122 Hinkle. Albert, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Hinz, Walter, A.A.S. Jr., Lidgerwood, N. D., 97, 126, 166 Hjelle, Eunice, A.A.S. Fr., Mercer, N. D., 80 Hjelmstad, Myrtle, Educ. Fr., Milton, N. D. Hoag, Richard, A.A.S. Fr., Harwood, N. D. Hocking, Cloyce, H.E. Soph., Absaraka, N.D., 74, 107, 201, 209, 228 Hodgson, Philip, Agr. Jr., Gardner, N. D.. 126 Hoff, Rudolph, Pharm. Fr., Richardton, N. D., 160 Hoffman, Gordon, Chem. Grad., Woodworth, N. D. Hofstrand, Lorraine, H.E. Fr., Churchs Ferry, N. D., 205, 209 Hoganson, Sherman, Chem. Fr., Perley, Minn., 80, 204 Hoge, Adeline, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 71, 194, 198, 205, 208, 211 Hoge, Arwin, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 45, 193, 205 Hogoboom, Dale, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 31, 33, 127, 170, 172 Hogoboom, Elmer, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 78 Holes, Anna Mae, H.E. Fr., Hunter, N. D. Holing, John, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Holje, Earle, A.A.S. Soph., Reserve, N. D. Holkesvik, Eugene, Agr. Jr., Bismarck, N. D., 119, 122 Holm, Arnold, A.A.S. Fr., Pekin, N. D., 202, 207 Holm, Helen, H.E. Fr., Cuba, N. D., 209 Holman, Leo, Agr. Sr., Wolseth, N. D. Holmouist, Harold, H.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Holt, Elmer, Agr. Soph., Grafton, N. D. Holte, Ida, H.E. Fr., Aneta, N. D. Hooper, Floyd, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Hopperstad, Charles, Arch. Jr., Enderlin, N.D., 200 Horgan, Zita, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Horner, Eloise, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Horner, Mary, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 46 Horton, Anne, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 80 Hosmer, William, C.E. Fr., Dunseith, N. D. Hostbjor, Lucile, Educ. Fr., Rugby, N. D., 80 Hcistller, Elaine, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 46, 5 House, Larry, C.E. Soph., Bismarck, N. D. House, Leonard, Agr. Sr., Mandan, N. D., 40 Hovey, Orval. M.E. Fr., Van Hook, N. D. Hovi, Tina, H.E. Fr., Hannaford, N. D., 202 Hcisrvdgn, Tupper, Pharm. Soph., Cooperstown, Howland, Dan, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 46, 124, 130, 166, 172 Huber, George, A.A.S. Fr., Kintyre, N. D. Hughes, Joan, H.E. Fr., Bismarck, N. D., 86, 107, 150 Hughes, Walter, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 170 Hlgett. Geraldine, H.E. Soph., Valley City, . D. Hultstrand, Kenneth, H.S. Sr., Fairdale, N. D. Hultstrand, Victor, Agr. Fr., Park River, N. D., 80, 214 Hultstrand, Woodrow, Pharm, Fr., Fairdale, N.D. Humphreys, Jean, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 209 Hunkins, Dwight, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 126, 166 Hunter, Claude, Agr. Fr., Esmond, N. D. Huntley, Howard, Educ. Soph., Kindred, N. D. Huntley, Pauline, Educ. Sr., Kindred, N. D., 46, 122, 150, 178 Huntley, Sidney, M.E. Soph., Kindred, N. D. Hiigrfdelbrink, Michael, Chem. Soph., Sherwood, . D. . Huseby, Archie, Chem. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Huson, Merlen, M.E. Jr., Dilworth, Minn., 97, 126, 128 Hutchins, E. Bernard, Agr. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 210 Hyland, James, M.E. Fr., Bismarck, N. D. Hylden, Harold, A.A.S. Fr., Park River, N. D., 81, 87, 206 l Ike, Leslie, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 166 Ingberg, Earl, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Irgens. James, Pharm. Soph., Cooperstown, N. D. Isaacs, Eleanor, A.A.S. Sr., LaMoure, N. D., 46, 102, 174 Isaacson, Magnus, E.E. Sr., Westby, Mont., 51 Isaak, Howard, Educ. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Isaak, Oliver, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Isensee, Harold, A.A.S. Jr., Pine River, Minn. Isensee, Ralph, Pharm. Sr., Pine River, Minn. Isley, Walter, M.E. Soph., Verona, N. D., 158 Itrich, Robert, Pharm. Soph., Hebron, N. D., 119, 122 Ivers, Marion, H.E. Fr., Christine, N. D., 205, 209 Iverson, Elmer, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 205 Iverson, Larry, A.A.S. Jr., Fillmore, N. D., 162 Iverson, Vernon, Chem. Sr., Edgeley, N. D., 204 J Jackson, Donald, C.E. Soph., Williston, N. D. Jacobs, Verndetta, A.A.S. Jr., Devils Lake, N. D., 184 Jacobson, Obed, M.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Jacobson, Owen, Pharm. Fr., Grenora, N. D. Jacobsen, Stanley, Chem. Fr., Sharon, N. D., 81, 204 Jamison, Betty, A.A.S. Jr., Arvilla, N. D., 126, 184 Jamison, William, A.A.S. Soph., Arvilla, N. D., 120 Janecky, George, Pharm. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Jenkins, Clark, Agr. Jr., Erie, N. D., 164 Jensen, Blanche, H.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Page 245 "Walk a Flght and Buy Right 1 at Jewelry S te V e n S 0 n 'S WlmIIlEl',S Manufacturing 70 Broadway Jewelry C0mpaIly Diamonds, lWatches Trophies, Medals, Jewe Ty Rings, Pins Fargo 's Fashion Center Ready-to-Wear for the Miss and Junior If it is new-we have it. Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairers 2 V2 Broadway Trophies That Are Winners 25 Broadway HARRINGTON 81 HOUGHTON HARDWARE Phone 54 Fargo HSM HSM HSM HSM HSM F3 HSM HSM SE HSM HSM HSM HSM HSM HSM HSM HSM if voted FIRST by College Men E? HART SCHAFFNER 8z MARX, GRIFFON and , H CLOTHCRAFT CLoTHEs M HSM, HSN!! From Yale to California, university men are strong for clothes with the famous SSE labels. That's Why Weire proud to be Fargo's exclusive headquarters for Hart HSM HSN Schaffner 8z Marx, Griffon and Clothcraft Clothes. HSM HSN 318.50 322.50 527.50 330.00 HSM HSM A ex Stern 81 Co. HSM ' FARGO'S FINEST STORE FOR MEN HSM HSM E5 HSM E3 HSM HSM E3 HSM E3 HSM HSM E3 HSM HSM HSM ii HSM HSM HSM F3 Page 246 7 J etson, Jensen, Marion S., H.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Jensen, Mavis, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Jensen, Neal, Agr. Soph., Hazen, N. D., 207 Jensen Peter, Agr. Sr., Nome, N. D., 154 Harlin, A.A.S. Fr., Grenora, N. D. Jim On, Tin Yan, Agr. Soph., Paia, Maui, T. H. Job, Arthur, A.A.S. Soph., Tanpen, N. D., 74 Jodock, Abener, M.E. Soph., Kempton, N. D., 120, 202 Johannson, Gisle, A.A.S. Soph., Hallson, N. D. Jolhlvnsgard, Harland, Agr. Soph., Christine, J ohnson, Johnson Johnson D Johnson, Johnson , J ohnson, Aldo, H.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D. , Arthur, Pharm. Fr., Halstad, Minn. Arthur, C.E. Soph., Minot, N. D. Betty, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 151 Cecil, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Doris, H.E. Jr., Albert Lea, Minn., 121, 180, 198, 208 Johnson, Dorothy E., A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N.D. Jolla-nscgi, Dorothy H., Pharm. Soph., Fargo, Johnson, Duane, A.A.S. Fr.. Fargo, N. D. Johggson, Earl, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 46, Johnson, Ernest, C.E. Jr., LaMoure, N. D. Johnson, Frances, Educ. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 150, 180, 191 Johnson, Frank, Agr. Soph., Casselton, N. D. Johnson, Gestur, Chem. Grad., Edinburg, N.D. Johnson, Harry, Agr. Fr., Casselton, N. D. Johnson, 1-Telen, H.E. Fr.. Fargo, N. D., 209 Johnson, Henry, A.A.S. Fr., Lisbon, N. D. Johnson, Marv Jane, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 106, 107. 121. Johnson, John, Agr. Soph., Colgan, N. D. Johnson, Kenneth, Pharm, Jr., Davenport, N. D., 160 Johnson, Loila. H.E. Fr., Colgan, N. D., 209 Johnson, Lowell, A.A.S. Fr., Hawley. Minn. Johnson, Nora, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 209 Johnson, Oldo, H.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Johnson, Orlando, A.A.S. Fr.. Pembina, N. D. Johnson, Orvis, Pharm. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Kaiser, Anne, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 102, 150, 198, 206, 211 Kaldor, Donald. Agr. Jr., Hillsboro, N. D. Kale, Francis, H.S. Sr., Verona, N. D. Kallander, Vernon, Agr. Fr.. Ayr, N. D., 81 Karnins, Morton, M.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Kanski, Michael, A.A.S. Fr., Wilton, N. D. Kanaun, Florence, Educ. Fr., Fingal, N. D., 81, 103 Kapaun, Lucyle, A.A.S. Fr., Fingal, N. D., 81, 202 Keating, Bart, Chem. Jr., Fargo, N. D.. 204 Keefe, June, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 91, 124, 131 Keith, Robert, A.A.S. Fr.. Fargo, N. D. Keith, Roderick, Pharm. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 160 Kempf. Elaine, Educ. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Kennedy, Joyce, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Kennedy, Mary, H.E. Fr., Berlin, N. D. 208 Keogh, Kathryn, H.E. Soph., Beulah, N. D., 151 Keohane, Jerry, Agr. Fr., Beach, N. D., 156 Kielty, Wendell, A.A.S. Jr., Thief River Falls, Minn., 145, 154 Kilbourne, Katherine, H.E. Sr., Helena, Mont., 55, 59, 86, 92, 96, 176, 186, 194, 195, 198 Kimber, Roger, Chem. Fr., Wahpeton, N. D., 162 King, Gorman, A.A.S. Fr., Park River, N. D., 78, 91, 206 Kinghorn, Walter, Pharm. Soph., Thief River Falls, Minn., 160 Kinne, Harry, Agr. Fr., Williston, N. D. Kirby, John, Chem. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Kirk, Robert, Educ. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 156 Kirk, Ruth, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Kittel, Louis, M.E. Soph., Casselton, N. D., 81 Klauss, Donald, Agr. Sr., Ashley, N. D., 41, 154 Klindworth, Rosemary, H.E. Fr., Stanton, N. D. Knauer, Robert, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 127, 130, 166, 188 Kniefel, Rosemary, H.E. Fr., LaMoure, N. D., Johnson, Phyllis, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Johnson, Richard, Chem. Eng. Soph., Medora, N. D. Johnson, Sidney A., Agr. Fr., Maddock, N. D., 81, 170 Johnson, Sidney M., Agr. Soph., Hillsboro, N. D., 158 Jognson, Sigurd, M.E. Soph., Jamestown, N. D., 8 Johnsonbough, Lloyd, Pharm. Soph., Turtle Lake, N. D., 160 Johnstone, Kenneth, Agr. Soph., Wahpeton, N. D. Jones, Dayton, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 46, 164, isa, 189, 210 Jones, Jones, Donald. A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Herbert. M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 188 Jones, Jean, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 184 Jones, LaVerne, M.E. Jr.. Wyndmere, N. D. Jones, Margaret, Educ. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 150, 152, 184 Jones, Mary, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Jordre, Emma. H.E. Sr., Oberon, N. D., 55, 150, 151. 152. 193. 195 Jordre, Irvin, C.E. Soph., Oberon, N. D., 162, 199 Jorrstad, Oswald, Adm.Eng. Soph., Zahl, N. D., 5 Josephson. Harland, Agr. Soph., Washburn, N. D., 75, 207 Josephson, Ross, C.E. Fr., Washburn, N. D., 81, 199 Juhlke, Pauline, H.E. Fr., Arvilla, N. D., 209 K Kade, Charles, Chem. Grad., Sheboygan, Wis. Kafer, Gerald, C.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 199 90, 121 Knight, George, Chem. Fr., Enderlin, N. D. Knudson, Darrel, Agr. Fr., Voltaire, N. D., 202, 207 Knudson, George, Chem. Grad., Junction City, Wis. Knudson, Nels, A.A.S. Jr., Douglas, N. D. Knudsvig, Howard, A.A.S. Soph., Buxton, N. D. Knudtson, Lucille, A.A.S. Soph., Aneta, N. D., 75, 121, 201, 238 Knutson, Valdis, A.A.S. Fr., Bismarck, N. D., 81, 86, 121, 201, 228 Kojancik, Joe, A.A.S. Fr., Aurora, Minn., 81 Koller, Mary, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 206, 208 Kornberg, Howard, C.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Kossila, William, E.E. Jr., Glyndon, Minn. Koth, Leona, A.A.S. Fr., Washburn, N. D. Kotts, Phillip, Pharm. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Karft, Harlan, Pharm. Soph., Hoople, N. D., 160 Kraling, Marjorie, H.E. Fr., Stirum, N. D., 81, 202, 209 Krebsbach, Daniel, M.E. Sr., Velva, N. D., 51, 158, 196 Kreiser, Harry, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Kreiser, Kreiser, 180 Kreutz, Krogh, Jeanne, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 107 Marjorie, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., Palmer, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 170 Mildred, H.S. Sr., Harwood, N. D. Kroll, Kenneth, Pharm. Sr., Red Lake Falls, Minn., 46, 162 Kromer, John, C.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Krook, Ruby, Educ. Soph., St. John, N. D. Krueger, Walter, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Page 247 COOK DRUG CO. YOUR DRUGGISTS WE SPECIALIZE IN FILLING YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS 61 Broadway Fargo, N, D, Glenn Cook-N. D. A. C. '22 Seed - Feed - Fuel One Sure Thing A savings account in this bank will serve as a buffer against the lifeflong problem of making a living. First ational Bank Selling For Half a Century MAGILL 81 CO. "FARGO SEED HOUSE" Phone 4700 Fargo, N. D. PHONE 1 3 0 O PHONE For All Sport Returns Billiards-Pocket Billiards Bowling-Meals Grand Recreation STEVE GORMAN, Mgr. Fargo, N. Dak. H. R. Arneson, President Rose Lane Jones, Vice President J. M. Schmierer, Secretary First Mortgage Loans . Jo C00 Officei Lane Building F2lI'g0 City Pl'0p6l'ty 609 N. P. Avenue For Sale and Rent LOANS INSURANCE P. O. Box 84 7 Fargo, North Dakota A. L. MOODY CO. DRY GOODS AND READY-TO-WEAR EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS IN FARGO OF THESE NATIONALLY KNOWN LINES ROTHMOOR COATS 81 SUITS NELLY DON DRESSES SUPERIOR V2-SIZE FROCKS GOSSARD FOUNDATION GARMENTS KICKERNICK UNDERWEAR HELENA RUBINSTEIN COSMETICS CORTICELLI SILKS MATRIX SHOES FOR WOMEN JOHANSEN STYLE SHOES MCCALLUM SILK HOSIERY ARIS IMP ORTED GLOVES PERRIN'S FINE GLOVES CHAS OF THE RITZ COSMETICS MACKSOUD HANDKERCHIEFS WHEN YOU BUY AT MOODY'S YOU BUY THE BEST Page 248 Kuehl, Herman, Chem. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Kukowski, Lawrence, Chem. Soph., Beach, N. D., 204 Kuntz, Arthur, Chem. Fr., Harvey, N. D. Kurke, John, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Kvamme, Ralph, Agr. Soph., Egeland, N. D., 207 Kvant, Edgar, H.S. Soph., Harwood, N. D. Kvgfako, Fred, Pharm. Soph., Glen Ullin, N. D., 5 L Laaveg, Oscar, Agr. Soph., Lankin, N. D., 162 LaCross, Francis, Pharm. Soph., Baker, Mont. Ladwig, Francis, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 69, 71, 91, 92, 127, 156, 189, 210 LaFournaise, Joe, Agr. Fr., Wahpeton, N. D., 146 LaGrave, Marcia, H.E. Fr., Bismarck, N. D. Lashlum, Arthur, M.E. Fr., Colgan, N. D., 81, 7 Lafiberte, Marjorie, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 90 LaMarre, Francis, Agr. Jr., Grafton, N. D., 122, 127, 156, 172 Lamont, Winetta, Educ. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Landbloom, Helen, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Landbloom, Glenn, Agr. Grad., Fargo, N. D. Langbell, LaVonne, H.E. Sr., Minot, N. D., 55, 182 Langseth, Emery, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Lanz, Harry, Agr. Soph., Alexander, N. D. Larson, Alice, H.E. Sr., Clyde, N. D., 38, 55, Lewis, Kenneth, H.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Lewis, Mary, H.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Lewis, Vernal, M.E. Fr., LaMoure, N. D. Lewis Wallace, H.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Lien, ,A1ton, M.E. Fr., Sarles, N. D., 89, 127 Lien, Floyd, Agr. Soph., Park River, N. D., 162 Lileks, Wayne, H.S. Jr., Harwood, N. D. Lincoln, Margery, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 174 Lind, Adolph, M.E. Fr., Hannaford, N. D., 81 102, 184, 186, 193, 194, 195, 212 Larson, Allis, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 221 Larson, Arnold, M.E. Soph., Fargo, N, D., 75, 158 Larson, Douglas, Pharm. Soph., Moorhead, Minn. Larson, Elmo, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Larson, Evelyn, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 131, 174, 209, 211, 212 Larson, Gordon, C.E. Soph., Sydney, N. D., 74 Larson, Harold, C.E. Soph., Jamestown, N. D. Larson. Herman, Agr. Fr., Pleasant Lake, N. D. Larson, Joseph, Arch. Fr., Grenora, N. D.. 200 Larson, Lawrence, A.A.S. Fr., Dickey, N. D., 81 Larson, Luverne, M.E. Fr., Leonard, N. D., 81 Larson, Larson, Larson R. Neil, M.E. Fr., Pingree, N. D.. 125 Oliver, Agr. Fr., Pleasant Lake, N. D. Orville, Agr. Fr., Ray, N. D., 81, 202 Larson, Otis, Pharm. Sr., Fargo, N. D. , Robert, E.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 51, 127, 130, 162, 196 Larson, S. E., Agr. Fr., Sanish, N. D. Larson, Wallace, Agr. Sr., Sheyenne, N. D. Laudlon, Curtis, Pharm. Soph., Kintyre, N. D., 16 Larsen Lawrence, Lester, Agr. Fr., Crosby, N. D. Lawyer, Jane, A.A.S. Fr., Bismarck, N. D. Leake, Jean, H.E. Soph., Emerado, N. D., 178, 209, 212 Leamer, Ross, Agr. Jr., Ellendale, N. D. Leathart, Charles, Pharm. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Le4B3ien, Wayne, Pharm. Sr., McHenry, N. D., Lebus, Glenn, A.A.S. Fr., Casselton, N. D. Lechleiter, Gladys. H.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Lechner, Bertis, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Lee, Annabel, A.A.S. Fr., Fingal, N. D. Lee, Clifford, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Lee, Eldred, M.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 51, 94, 105, 127, 130, 188, 189, 196 Legei latggjene, Pharm. Fr., Fergus Falls, Minn., Leei8Mertice, H.E. Fr., Fingal, N. D., 71, 201, 2 Lee, Rosemary, H.E. Soph., Valley City, N. D., 75, 121, 176, 209 Leonard, Thomas, M.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Lepird, Betty, A.A.S. Fr., West Fargo, N. D. Lindback, Milton, Chem. Soph., Twin Valley, Minn. Lindeman, Marcella, H.E. Soph., Kelso, N. D. Lindemann, Bohn, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Linson, William, Agr. Jr., Rolla, N. D. Lippert, Alvin, M.E. Fr., Ashley, N. D., 168 Livedalen, Ruby, H.E. Jr., Hatton, N. D., 107, 121, 178 Lloyd, Barbara, H.E. Jr., Valley City, N. D. Loberg, Fern, Educ. Sr., Valley City, N. D., 46 Loftheim, Kaare, M.E. Soph., Sheyenne, N. D. Lohstreter, Glenn, Agr. Soph., Mandan, N. D., 154, 207 Longbella, Richard, Pharm. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Loomis, Murray, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 119, 122 Losinski, Lawrence, Forestry Fr.. Beach. N. D. Louras, Aristides, A.A.S. Fr., Jacksonville, Fla. Lovik, Hjordis, H.E. Fr., Finley, N. D., 150, 152 Lowe, June, H.E. Soph., Kenmare, N. D., 75, 184, 201, 209, 228 Lubenow, Norton, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Lunde. Carol. H.E. Sr., Cooperstown, N. D., 55. 180, 198 Lundgren. Mary, H.E. Soph., Wales, N. D., 202 Lundin, Herbert, Pharm. Sr., Watford City, N. D., 46 Lundsten, Carlisle, Agr. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Lunsford, Charles, Chem. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Luther, Dorothy, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Luther, Vivian, A.A.S. Grad., Mandan, N. D. Lybeck, Thores, Agr. Fr., Petersburg, N. D. Lynch, John, A.A.S. Soph., LaMoure, N. D., 92, 190 Lynne, Robert, M.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 75, 164 M Mach, Patrick, Agr. Jr., Minto, N. D., 162 Mackley, Joe, Arch.Eng. Fr., Minot, N. D., 166, 200 Mackoff, Sam, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Maddock, Bernard, Agr. Jr., Bismarck, N. D. Magill, William, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 120 Mahlman, Mary, A.A.S. Soph., Bismarck, N. D. Mahoney, James, Agr. Fr., Tolna, N. D., 81, 90, 107, 207 Majors, Bernard, A.A.S. Fr., Jamestown, N. D., 46, 156, 206 Maloney, Basil, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Maloney, Clifford, A.A.S. Grad., Fargo, N. D. Maloney, Olive, H.E. Sr., Fargo. N. D., 55, 184 Maly, Slava, Educ. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Mannes, Earl, C.E. Jr., Dazey, N. D., 88, 168, 199 Manning, Russell, Pharm. Fr., Leeds, N. D., 82, 160 Mansfield, Lois, H.E. Sr., Tuttle, N. D., 55, 125 Marquisee, Louis, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Martin, J. B., Agr. Fr., Hamilton, N. D. Martin, Milton, M.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 188 Martin, Ray, Agr. Fr., Hamilton, N. D. Martinson, Earl, M.E. Sr., Leal, N. D., 51, 193, 196 Mason, Walter, Chem. Fr., Cartwright, N. D., 82, 204 Matteson, Elaine, A.A.S. Fr., Hillsboro, N. D., 82, 121 Page 249 This Book was Printed and Bound by KNIGHT PRINTING CG. P R I N T E R S Telephone 602 619 N. P. Ave. The Knight Way Is the Right Way Page 250 Mattson, Emil, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Maurer, Maurer, Maxson, 194 Charles, Agr. Fr., Arthur, N. D., 207 Dwight, Agr. Fr., Arthur, N. D., 82 Lila, H.E. Sr., Devils Lake, N. D., 55, Maxwell, James, Educ. Fr., Grafton, N. D., 146 May, Ariel, Pharm. Soph., Mohall, N. D. May, Emil, Educ. Jr., Aberdeen, S. D., 145 May, Je 198, 2 an, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 150, 151, 180, 11 Maynard, Stanley, Educ. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Meland, Curtis, Arch.Eng. Fr., Fessenden, N. D., 82, 200 Melary, Francis, C.E. Fr., Hettinger, N. D., 82, 199 Melsted, Sigurd, Agr. Jr., Edinburg, N. D., 207 Mergenthal, Lloyd, C.E. Fr., Hillsboro, N. D. Meyer, Celesta, Pharm, Fr., Minot, N. D., 82 Mickelson, Esther, H.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 55 Mickelson, Evelyn, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 205 Mickelson, Millard, Educ. Grad., Fargo, N. D. Mickelson, Virginia, Educ. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Midgarden, James, Chem. Fr., Glyndon, Minn. Milde, Roy, Chem. Fr., Maddock, N. D. Miller, Robert E., Chem.Eng. Fr., Coopers- town, N. D., 170 Millar, Robert W., Educ. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Mills, Betty, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 73, 176 Mills, Hazelle, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Minard, Sara, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 46, 150, 151, 211. Miner, Rachel, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Mirras, Peter, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Mittelstadt, Vernon, Agr. Fr., Blairsdale, N. D. Mjovig, June, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 205. Moe, James, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Moen, Dorothy, H.E. Fr., Hanks, N. D., 202, 208 Moffitt, Margaret, Educ. Jr., Lisbon, N. D., 150 Moll, Marvin, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Molland, Dorothy, H.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 55, 194, 198, 212 Monley, Gerald, Chem. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Monteith, Floyd, Agr. Fr., Egeland, N. D., 75, 207 Montgomery, Lancelot, Adm.Eng. Soph., Cas- selton, N. D., 19, 82 Moon, Thomas, Pharm. Fr., Blackduck, Minn., 160 Moore, George, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Moore, James, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 126, 156 Morgan, Leslie, Educ. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 47, 127, 164 Moren, Frank, Agr. Fr., Belcourt, N. D. Morrill, James, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Morris, Geraldine, H.E. Fr., Wahpeton, N. D., 126 Morris, James, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Morris, Marian, Educ. Soph., Mapleton, N. D. Morris, Mercedes, A.A.S. Jr., Wahpeton, N. D., 176 Morrison, Earl, M.E. Jr., Cavalier, N. D. Morrison, Russell, M.E. Fr., Neche, N. D. Morton, Arthur, C.E. Fr., Carrington, N. D. Muller, Herman, C.E. Fr., Crookston, Minn. Mumm, Frank, C.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Murchie, Olive, H.E. Sr., Sarles, N. D., 55, 150, 152 Murfin, Alfred, Chem. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 71, 90, 170, 172, 204 Murphy, Frank, Chem. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 82 Murphy, George, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Murphy, Gertrude, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 126, 184 Murphy, John R., A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Murphy, Laurence, Chem. Soph., Killdeer, N. D. Murphy, Thomas, Agr. Fr., Sarles, N. D. Murphy, William, Educ. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 34, 47, 166, 190, 191, 206 Murray, Deane, A.A.S. Fr., Beulah, N. D., 121, 151, 201, 228 Murray, Jean, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Mutz, William, Agr. Soph., Jamestown, N. D., 207 Myers, C. John, Pharm. Fr., Mount Joy, Penna. Myhra, Maxine, H.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 55 Myron, John, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Myron, Lois, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 71, 176, 194, 198 McAllen, Paul, Pharm. Jr., Minot, N. D., 164 McCabe, Ruth, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 107, 184, 208 McCain, Mavis, A.A.S. Sr., Manfred, N. D. McCarthy, Bernard, A.A.S. Soph., Granville, N. D. McCarthy, Lucile, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 75, 107, 180 McClure, Neal, Agr. Soph., Bowbells, N. D. McCormick, Chester, A.A.S. Soph., New Salem, N. D. McCracken, Robert, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 86 McCormick, Maurice, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 71 McCutcheon, Donald, Arch. Jr., Minot, N. D., 200 McDonald, Eloise, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. McDonald, John, Agr. Soph., Harwood, N. D., 154, 207 McDougall, Robert, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 75, 119, 122 McDowell, Harriet, H. E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 180, 208. McDunn, Adrian, M.E. Fr., Barnesville, Minn., 82, 107. McEnroe, Kathryn, H. E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 131, 184, 186, 198, 208, 211 McGregor, James, Agr. Soph., Page, N. D., 207 McHaney, John, Pharm. Fr., Westhope, N. D. McIntyre, Donald, Agr. Fr., Casselton, N. D., 207 McKee, William, M.E. Fr., Webster, N. D. McKim, Elliott, Chem. Soph., Fargo, N. D. McLarty, Ross, Chem.Eng. Soph., Neche, N. D. McLaughlin, Arthur, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 127 McMahon, James, C.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 199 McMerty, Anna, H.E. Fr., Crystal, N. D., 82 MiIMi1r5hael, Agnes, A.A.S. Fr., Wyndmere, McMillan, Lois, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 74 McNamera, Mary Evelyn, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 182 McVay, Keith, Educ. Sr., Cando, N. D., 46, 160 N Naaden, Mamie, H.E. Soph., Braddock, N. D., 126 Naftalin, Lorraine, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Naughton, Robert, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Neal, Arthur, Chem. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Neal, Edna, Educ. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Neitzke, Cletus, A.A.S. Fr., Detroit Lakes, Minn., 206 Nelson, Clarence, Agr. Soph., Edgeley, N. D., 75 Nelson, DeLaurence, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 107, 127, 156 Nelson, Donald, A.A.S. Sr., Harvey, N. D., 154 Nelson, Emil, Agr. Soph., Edgeley, N. D. Nelson, Erling, Agr. Jr., Dazey, N. D., 154 Nelson, Fay Ann, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Nelson, Frank, M.E. Jr., Jamestown, N. D., 126 Nelson, N elsen Page 251 George, Agr. Fr., Moorhead, Minn. Gertrude, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 176 -0- No Sales Tax at the Store for College Men k I e MooRHEAD Compliments of The Knew Dairy CO. Carlisle and Brlstol Specializing in Fine Quality BUTTER and ICE CREAM Spoffing G00dS "The Knerrishing Kind" 67 Broadway Ph 757 New York Coney Island Red Hots 5C Fried Chicken 20c Hamburgers 5C 320 Broadway Interesting Place Phone 331 SAVE DENIS FURS With an Institution STQRAGE Where Safety is CLEANING Guaranteed by a REPAIRING RESERVE FUND REMODELINGW of 32504100.00 A l Ask for folders describin lways a large seasonab e stock of . coats to h W you. Also garments Three Popular Savings Plans made to . d. idual Order N. W . Mutual Savlngs E IS F U R S and Loan ASSOCIHIIOH D N -Where the Chimes Are- 115 Broadway Fargo, N' D FARGO, N. D. HFargo F S f 40 Yearsi' Olson Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson , Leyton, Agr. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 158 , Louis, Agr. Fr., Edgeley, N. D. , Lowell, H.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. , Norman, A.A.S. Fr., Ayr, N. D., 82 , Morlan, Agr. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 127 , Rueben, Chem. Soph., Dazey, N. D. Robert, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 126 Nelson, Virginia, H.E. Fr., Moorhead, Minn., 177 Nesbit, Charles, Pharm. Soph., Harvey, N. D., 170 Nesemeier, Dale, H.E. Jr., West Fargo, N. D. Ness, Arnold, Agr. Sr., Edmore, N. D., 41, 162, 172 Ness, Barbara, A.A.S. Fr., Washburn, N. D., 202 Ness, Beatrice, H.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 55 Ness, Carroll, Agr. Fr., Mandan, N. D., 82, 128, 207 Olson, Olson, 102, Olson v Ernest, H.S. Soph., Harwood, N. D. Ethel, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 17, 47, 150, 151, 152, 195, 211, 212, 221 Evelyn, Educ. Fr., Edgeley, N. D. Olson, Harold, Agr. Jr., Kloten, N. D. Olson, Ione, H.S. Sr., Wild Rice, N. D. Olson, Kenneth, M.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Olson, Levi, Chem. Soph., Sutton, N. D. Olson, Olson Olson Olson? Olson 7 1 Lloyd, Educ. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 75 Lois, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 226 Mark, M.E. Fr., Harvey, N. D. Norman, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Raymond, M.E. Sr., Lawton, N. D. Vinnie H.E. Fr. Fargo N. D. 71, 86, 90, 02, 102, 122, 127, 176, 190,,194, 21,1 Olson Olson Olson Olsonz Wallace, A.A.S. Fr., Hillsboro, N. D. Walter, E.E. Sr., Edmore, N. D., 168 William, Educ. Jr., Leeds, N. D. Zona Mae, H.E. Soph., Carrington, Nesvig, Leonard, H.S. Fr., Lansford, N. D. Nesvig, Maynard, Agr. Sr., Lansford, N. D., 41, 125, 126, 130 Neuenschwander, Margaret, H.E. Jr., Fessen- den, N. D. Neumann, Leslie, Chem. Sr., Litchville, N. D., 51, 162, 193 Newcomb, Robert, A.A.S. Soph., Bismarck, N. D. Newell, Margaret, H.E. Soph., Sidney, Mont., 150, 151, 209 Newman, Arthur, Agr. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Owens, Doreen, Educ. Fr., Englevale, N. D. Nichols, Robert, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 166 Nickel, Paul, chem. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 82 Niles, John, C.E. Soph., Dawson, N. D., 75 Nims, Madeline, A.A.S. Jr., Lisbon, N. D., 71, 184 Nims, Marjorie, A.A.S. Jr., Lisbon, N. D., 71, 184 Nims, Robert, A.A.S. Soph., Lisbon, N. D., 156 Noecker, Carson, Educ. Sr., Valley City, N. D. Nordholm, Lloyd, M.E. Soph., Mandan, N. D., 75 Norling, Lloyd, Chem. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Nurnberger, Marvin, A.A.S. Soph., Velva, N. D., 75 Nygard, Lloyd, Agr. Fr., Edinburg, N. D., 82, 207 Nystuen, Peter, Agr. Soph., Corinth, N. D. O O'Connell, Kathleen, A.A.S. Fr., Bismarck, N. D. O'Day, John, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Ofstehage, Tedeman, A.A.S. Jr., Hatton, N. D. Ogilvie, Joyce, H.E. Fr., Jamestown, N. D., 86, 106, 107 Olafson, Frederick, C.E. Fr., Park River, N. D. O'Laughlin, John, Arch. Fr., Moorhead, Minn., 200 Oleson, George, Chem. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Oliver, Beth, Educ. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 86, 94, 131, 180, 186 Oliver, Leon, Educ. Soph., Wahpeton, N. D. Olson, Ann, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Olson, Calvin, Agr. Grad., Fargo, N. D. Olson, Charlotte, H.E. Fr., Valley City, N. D., 71, 107 Olson, Charles, Educ. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Olson, Chester, Chem. Sr., Leeds, N. D., 51, 127 125, Olson, Clarence, Agr. Fr., Fortuna, N. D., 207 Olson, Darwin, A.A.S. Sr., Finley, N. D. Olson, Dorothy, H.E. Soph., Jamestown, N. D., 75, 94, 131, 184 Olson, Edwin B., M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 166 Olson, Edwin R., Agr. Jr., Jamestown, N. D., 120 Olson, Elmo, A.A.S. Fr., Finley, N. D. N. D., 208 Oman, Doris, A.A.S. Sr., Napoleon, N. D., 47, 174, 191 Omodt, Hollis, Agr. Fr., Bucyrus, N. D. O'Neil, Daniel, A.A.S. Fr., Edgeley, N. D. Onstad, Glenn, Chem. Eng. Fr., Fargo, N, D., 83 Oram, Patricia, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 83, 107, 121 Ordahl, Sylvia, Educ. Sr., Edinburg, N. D., 202, 205 Osborne, Francis, C.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 125, 126 Osborne, James, Agr. Fr., Devils Lake, N. D., 103, 170 Osborne, Loretta, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 176 Ose, Alfred, Educ. Soph., Brinsmade, N. D. Ostby, Wayne, A.A.S. Soph., Sheyenne, N. D. Ostergard, Kay, A.A.S. Soph., Kenmare, N. D. 011268 Martin, Pharm. Fr., Ambrose, N. D., 82, Oyen, Robert, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. P Paasch, Robert, Agr. Soph., Belfield, N. D., 207 Packard, Clark, M.E. Fr., Edgeley, N. D., 120 Page, Vivian, H.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Pahl, John, C.E. Sr., Lidgerwood, N. D., 51, 168, 199 Paper, Charles, M.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Paris, Jeanne, H.E. Fr., Bismarck, N. D., 83, 150, 209 Parizek, Shirley, Educ. Jr., Lidgerwood, N. D. Parizek, Ward, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo. N. D. Parkins, Rose, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Parries, Leonette, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 182 Parsons, Karl, Grad., Fargo, N. D. Patterson, Marjorie, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 71, 176 Paulson, John, Agr. Soph., Concrete, N. D. Paulson, Marvin, C.E. Jr., Hatton, N. D. Peart, Aldyth, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Pederson, Arthur, Pharm. Fr., Mayville, N. D. Pederson, Helen, H.E. Fr., Bismarck, N. D., 121 Pederson, Marjorie, Pharm. Jr., Moorhead, Minn. Peffer, Roland, Chem. Fr., Enderlin, N. D., 83, 204, 206 Pehrson, Woodrow, Chem. Fr., Alamo, N. D. Peltola, Herbert, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 51, 90 Peltola, Oswald, E.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 221 Penman, Robert, C.E. Fr., Williston, N. D., 199 Perce, Lynn, H.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Percy, Roe, A.A.S. Fr., Mandan, N. D. Perry, Hazel, Educ. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 179 Perry, Vernon, M.E. Fr., Hillsboro, N. D., 83 Peterick, Edward, Agr. Fr., Lidgerwood, N. D. Page 253 Fine Laundering Expert Dry Cleaning Reasonable Charges on Women's Dresses Pound R a t e s 0 Coats a n d Suits- Family W a s h ings Positively 0 d o r less -Uhe. Ultimate in Service ' J?-tif Fiona- 4-- 633-35 N. P. Ave. Fargo, N. D. Where You See This Emblem QETEDQ lg .:':. W , j INSURED 2 1 Q 2 'YAYQCPHQQ YOUR SAVINGS ARE SAFE Gate City Building and Loan Association Value Received .' T WO potential words-the basis upon which this busi- ness has been built! Our con- stant aim for 56 years-a seal of a l I t ' pprova we ve s riven con- stantly to merit! FASHION and RIGHTNESS QUALITY and VALUE always at FARGO 518 N. P. Ave. Fargo, N. D Phone 404 DRY CLEANERS F. RALPH HOLLANDS, Prop. N. D. S. C. '28 MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT The Nestor Cigar Store BILLIARDS - LUNCHI-is 614-1st Ave. N. Fone 1045 254 Petersen, Ada, Educ. Fr., Arnegard, N. D., 83 Petersen, Andrew, A.A.S. Fr., Arnegard, N. D., 83 Peterson, Bernice, H.E. Fr., Bismarck, N. D., 121, 151 Peterson. Dale, Agr. Jr., LaMoure, N. D. Peterson, Dan, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Peterson, Edgar, M.E. Soph., Flasher, N. D. Peterson, Garth, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Peterson, Loyd, C.E. Jr., Tioga, N. D., 199 Peterson Mildred, Educ. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 47, 97, 182, 186 Peterson, Pauline, H.E. Fr., Page, N. D. Peterson, Roald, A.A.S. Jr., Schafer, N. D. Peterson, Robert, C.E. Soph., Moorhead, Minn., 199 Peterson, Roy, M.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Peterson, Vernon, Pharm. Fr., Wahpeton, N. D. Peterson, Wanda, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 76, Pinkham, Ruth, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 72, 182 121, 178 Petrie, Sidney, A.A.S. Fr., Park Rapids, Minn. Pfeffer, Margie, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 206 Pflugrath, William, Pharm. Jr., New Leipzig, N. D., 126, 160, 172 Phillips, George, H.S. Fr., Valley City, N. D. Phillips, Wesley, A.A.S. Jr., Moorhead, Minn., 144, 170 Piehl, Ethel, H.E. Fr., Marion, N. D., 205 Piers, Alice, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 74, 180, 208 Piper Rollo, Agr. Jr., New Rockford, N. D. Piperj Ruth, Educ. Jr., New Rockford, N. D., 102, 106, 107, 118, 121, 122, 131, 178 Plath Bruce A r. Fr. Far o N. D 7 g 7 g 7 ' John, A.A.S. Jr., Davenport, N. D., 120, Plath 154 Plath Loren, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Plath Vinton, Agr. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 31, 41, 154, 172 Platt, William, C.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 199 Ploof Elden Chem Fr Far o N D 7 7 ' 'F g 5 ' ' Plummer, Kinsey, Chem. Soph., Cavalier, N. D., 118, 119, 122 Pollock, Charles, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 34, 166 Pollock, John, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 72, 105, 164 Pollock, Lyle, Chem.Eng. Fr., Bowman, N. D. Pollock, Peter, Educ. Soph., Casselton, N. D. Porter, John, A.A.S. Fr., Montpelier, N. D. Potter, Loren, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Potter, Roy, M.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Powers, Catherine, Educ. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 72, 178, 206 Powers, Charles, Agr. Soph., Durbin, N. D., 76 Powers, Madeline, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 72, 125, 178 Pridt, Lillian, H.E. Jr., Hazen, N. D. Probst, Frances, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 47, 105, 180 Pronovost, Baptist, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Provan, Gladys, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 76, 150, 151, 184, 209 Pryor, Donald, A.A.S. Fr., Pelican Rapids, Minn., 202 Purdon, James, A.A.S. Jr., Lisbon, N. D., 72, 119, 122, 154 Putnam, Clarence, C.E. Jr., Egeland, N. D., 126, 168 Putnam, Donald, E.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 38, 51, 106, 118, 119, 122, 166, 199 Putnam, Florence, H.E. Fr., Jud, N. D. Putnam, Ralph, M.E. Fr., Jud, N. D. Putz, Claire, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 76, 180, 208 Putz, George, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 90, 122, 166 Pyle, Ralph, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Q Quam, Lyle, I-I.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Quickstad, Dale, M.E. Soph., Hettinger, N. D. R Randall, Vincent, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 120, 170 Rasmusen, Reidar, M.E. Soph., Comertown, Mont., 202 Rau, Dorothy, H.E. Soph., Thief River Falls, Minn., 150, 151, 152 Ray, Catherine, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Ray, Thomas, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 83 Raymond, John, C.E. Fr., Stephen, N. D. Raymond, Lauren, Arch. Fr., Stephen, Minn., 200 Read, Raymond, Agr. Soph., Leeds, N. D., 202, 207 Rector, Mary, Educ. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 180 Redmond, Ward, A.A.S. Sr., Devils Lake, N. D., 47, 127, 130 Reed, Dorothy, H.E. Fr., Burnstad, N. D., 83, 209 Reep, Jerome, A.A.S. Jr., Williston, N. D., 126, 156 Rehmann, Orville, Chem. Jr., Leeds, N. D., 204 Reimer, Carl, A.A.S. Jr., Goodrich, N. D., 127, 166 Restmayer, Lawrence, N. D. Restvedt, Helen, H.E. Fr., Ambrose, N. D., 83, 151 Agr.Eng., Cavalier, Reynolds, Alta, Pharm. Fr., Edmore, N. D. Reynolds, Emily, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 194, 198, 208 Reynolds, Julia, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Rhinehart, Max, Agr. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Rhodes, Rebecca, H.E. Fr., Cooperstown, N. D. Rice, Ernest, Agr. Fr., Mohall, N. D., 205 Rice, Verdine, H.S. Soph., Mohall, N. D., 205 Rich, Earl, A.A.S. Fr., Kindred, N. D. Richter, Vernon, Pharm. Fr., Lansford, N. D. Ricketts, Wilbert, Agr. Soph., Douglas, N. D. Rialgvviaiyg, Claude, Agr. Sr., Fordville, N. D., Riebe, Jack, C.E. Jr., Kensal, N. D., 126, 168, 199 Riedesel, Jack, Educ. Sr., Cathay, N. D., 47, 125, 126, 130, 191 Rife, Lawrence, A.A.S. Fr., Sheldon, N. D. Rindahl, Crystal, Pharm. Fr., Erskine, Minn. Ringdahl, John, Agr. Soph., Lisbon, N. D. Rinkel, Blanche, H.E. Fr., Thief River Falls, Minn., 198 Roberts, Kathryn, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Robinson, Dave, Agr. Fr., Coleharbor, N. D., 83, 202, 207 Roderick, Jane, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 209 Rogeness, Olav, Agr. Sr., Heimdal, N. D., 41 Rohan, William, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Rolland, Richard, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Rommel, Wilfred, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 47, 62, 122, 189, 193 Ronning, George, A.A.S. Fr., Binford, N. D. Rooney, Marjorie, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 47, 191 Rovig, Carl, Educ. Jr., Nome, N. D., 144, 170 Rose, Arthur, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Rosenberg, Louis, Pharm. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Rosendahl, Glenn, Wells, N. D., 120 Ross, Faye, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Ross, Fern, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Rotenberg, David, Chem. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Rowe, Oliver, Chem. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 51, 119, 122, 204 Rowe, Paul, C.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 199 Rowe, Phyllis, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 72, 90, 102, 150, 182, 190, 208, 211, 212 Ruland, Joyce, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Page 255 GRADUATION-- An Outstanding Event in the Lives of the Graduates, Their Friends and Relatives. The Fargo Forum brings to its readers the highlights of A the happenings in connection with local college and school graduations with pages of pictures of the graduates themselves. All the news, local, state, national and world - Wide gathered by a large local staff, aided by the Associated Press and the United Press. Features of interest to every member of the family in each issue of The Fargo Forum. THE FARGO FORUM Published Morning - - Evening - - Sunday Page 256 Ruland, Maurice, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 127 Runice, Mary, H.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 56, 182 Russ, Robert, Educ. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 47, 191 Rustad, Arnold, Arch. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 52, 125, 127, 130, 168, 192, 200 Rutledge, Roy, M.E. Fr., Langdon, N. D. Ruud. Wallace, A.A.S. Fr., Hoople, N. D., 146, 162 Rynning, James, A.A.S. Soph., Kennedy, N. D. S Saetre, Gaylord, A.A.S. Fr., Hanning, Minn. Sagen, Lola, H.E. Fr., Edmore, N. D., 83 Saign, Sidney, Educ. Fr., Pillsbury, N. D., 146 Sakshag, Dora, H.E. Fr., Sherwood, N. D., 205, 209 Salmans, Elaine, A.A.S. Soph., Cooperstown, N. D. Samuelson, Theodore, Pharm. Jr., Langdon, N. D. Sandberg, Norman, Educ. Grad., Fargo, N. D. Sanders, Fay, Pharm. Soph., Leeds, N. D., 160 Sanders, Robert, Educ. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 105, 106, 107, 119, 122 Sanders, Noble, Agr. Sr., Ray, N. D., 41 Sanderson, Otto, Agr. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Sandison, Robert, M.E. Fr., Clyde, N. D., 83 Sanstead, June, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 180, 208 - Sapa, Casimir, C.E. Fr., Lidgerwood, N. D. Sasse, Douglas, Educ. Jr., Lidgerwood, N. D., 188 Sasse, Victor, Educ. Fr., Lidgerwood, N. D. Saueressig, Robertta, Educ. Fr., McClusky, N. D. Saugstad, Stanley, A.A.S. Grad., Minot, N. D. Saunders, Robert, Educ. Sr., Mandan, N. D., 30, 31, 47, 65, 142, 154, 189, 193 Sawby, Cyrus, M.E. Sr., Velva, N. D., 52, 193, 195 Sawyer, Robert, Agr. Fr., Berthold, N. D. Scatterday, Barbara, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 150, 184 Schaetzel, Murray, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Schafer, Raymond, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo. N. D. Schlichenmayer, Ruben, C.E. Fr., Turtle Lake, N. D., 83 Schmidt, Edward, Agr. Soph., Mandan, N. D., 154 Schmidt, Marvin, Pharm. Fr., Hebron, N. D. Schmidt, Roberta, Pharm. N. D. Schmierer, Ruth, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 86, 180, 190 Schneider, Helen, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Schoeffler, Franklin, Agr. Jr., Lisbon, N. D., 162 Soph., Carrington, Schoessow, John, M.E. Fr., Embden, N. D, 128 Schollander, Maxine, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 76, 86, 176, 209 Schonberg, Margaret, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N, D. Schrank, Cecil, Educ. Fr., Grafton, N. D. Schrank, Elmer, Agr. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Schranz, Walter, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Schreiter, Raymond, A.A.S. Fr.. Sanborn, N. D. Schroeder, Muriel, H.E. Fr., Glyndon, Minn. Schroeder, Robert, Agr. Fr., Glyndon, Minn. Schroeder, Russell, Agr. Fr., Carrington. N. D. Schulstad, Christian, Educ. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Schulz, Arthur, Agr. Soph., Marion, N. D., 205 Schulz, Esther, H.E. Fr., Crystal, N. D., 83 Schulz, Ethel, Educ. Fr., Crystal, N. D., 83 Schulz, Harold, Agr. Jr., Marion, N. D., 162, 205 Schulz, Jane, H.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 56, 61, 97, 180, 186. 194, 195, 198, 211 Schulz, John, Agr. Fr., Durbin, N. D., 154 SCi15LZlZ, Joseph, Agr. Soph., Mantador, N. D., Schulz, Robert, M.E. Sr., Crystal, N. D., 52, 89, 168 Schurr, Elaine, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 174 Schurr, Garmond, Chem. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 90, 92, 204 Schutt, Clifford, C.E. Fr., Moorhead, Minn. Scott, Conald, Agr. Grad., Fargo, N. D. Scott, Edward, Agr. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Seaquist, Robert, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 158, 206 Sebby, Bernall, Fr., Fingal, N. D. Seeba, John, Chem. Sr., Harvey, N. D., 52, 127, 130, 168, 189, 204 Seebart, Archie, Agr. Soph., Lakota, N. D., 76, 87, 164, 190 Seibel, Glenn, A.A.S. Fr., Harvey, N. D. Selander, Neil, Agr. Fr., Sheyenne, N. D. Sellner, Dorothy, H.E. Soph., Elgin, N. D., 76, 201, 228 Selstedt, Lillian, H.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Selvig, Abner, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Serumgard, Edith, H.E. Sr., Devils Lake, N. D., 56 Setterholm, Earl, C.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Sevenants, John, A.A.S. Grad., Severance, Maurice, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Severson, Edward, Agr. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 41 Shafer, Barbara, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Shalit, Ella, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Shamp, Spencer, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Sharpe, Dorothy, H.E. Sr., Portland, N. D., 56, 96 Sharp, Janet, H.E. Jr., Moorhead, Minn., 176 Shaw, Robert, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Sheard, Alvin, M.E. Jr., Cathay, N. D., 126 Sherwood, Mary, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 31, 127, 184, 208 Shield, Fred, Agr. Fr., Drayton, N. D. Shigley, James, Arch. Jr., Minot, N. D., 126, 166, 188, 192, 200 Shigley, Marian, A.A.S. Soph., Minot, N. D., 184, 201, 228 Shipley, Howard, Agr. Fr., Steele, N. D. Sholts, Maynard, Agr. Sr., Akeley, Minn., 154 Shotwell, Hessel, Educ. Sr., Edmore, N. D., 47 Shouts. Eleanore, Educ. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Shrawder, Gordner, C.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Shuley, Norma, H.E. Soph., Edinburg, N. D. Shure, Charles, A.A.S. Grad., Fargo, N. D. Simbalenko, Roy, M.E. Fr., Kief, N. D., 83 Simensen, Marian, H.E. Jr., Grandin, N. D. Simison, Parker, Pharm. Fr., Hawley, Minn. Simmons, Edward, A.A.S. Fr., New England, N.D Simmons, Marjory, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 180 Simmons, Robert, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Simonson, Clifford, A.A.S. Fr., Agate, N. D. Skarie, Allan, C.E. Fr., Balfor, N. D., 199 Skow, Delmer, Educ. Soph., Devils Lake, it IJ, 119, 122, 125 Skow, Myron, Educ. Jr., Pelican Rapids, Minn. Slabough, Wendell, Chem. Grad., Elkhart, Ind. Sletvold, Helen, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 121 Slingsby, Allan, M.E. Fr., Argusville, N. D. Sloan, Small, Gregory, Educ. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Erwin, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 84 Smith, Art, A.A.S. Fr., Moorhead. Minn., 122 Smith, Ernest, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Smith, Mrs. Hazel, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Smith, Lowell, Pharm. Soph., Jamestown, N. D., 160 Smith Marjorie, H.E. Sr., Twin Valley, Minn., 56 Smith, Marian, H.E. Soph., Amenia, N. D., 76, 122, 151, 201, 209. 228 Smith, Ralph, A.A.S. Sr., LaMoure, N. D., 47, 193 Smith, Reuben, E.E. Sr., Hillsboro, N. D., 52, 164 Page 257 INTERSTATE BRAND SEEDS THE STANDARD OF QUALITY Interstate Seed Sz Grain Co. Fargo, N. D. WHERE QUALITY IS SUPREME S. S. KRESGE 50, 100, 250 Store S. S. KRESGE PIONEER COFFEE CO. MOORHEAD ..,..,..,............... MINN. , O ..,....,..,.,...., N. . 250 to 31.00 Store GRAND F RKS D MINOT ...,................................ N. D. 1310. HONEST VALUES WILLMAR ......,. ............... M INN. The PIERCE Co. 390 .2 627 FIRST AVE.N. FARGO, N.DAK. Printers Stationers Lithographers DISTINCTIVELY INDIVIDUAL APPAREL O Interlor Lumber Co. MODERATELY PRICED Phone 838 for COAL, WOOD and FUEL OIL F30 HMS Lumber and Millwork smarck Dresses andF k Suits8aC0ats John H. Grant, Mgr. Farg Ya d orth Dak t Accessories H. T. Alsop, Pre d t Smith, Virginia, Educ. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 48, 102, 105, 106 Snydal, Gudbrandur, C.E. Fr., Garden, N. D. Snyder, Allen, M.E. Soph., Dawson, N. D., 76, 202 Snyder, Ruth, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 151 Solberg, Doris, H.E. Soph., Cooperstown, N. D., 121 Solberg, Orvin, Chem. Fr., Lakota, N. D., 202, 204 Solem, Bergliot, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Solem, Mason, M.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Solga, William, M.E. Soph., Minot, N. D. Sommars, Lyle, H.E. Soph., Carrington, N. D. Sorenson, Frank, Agr. Sr., Kathryn, N. D., 41, 125, 127 Sorenson, Roy, Agr. Fr., Kathryn, N. D. Sorlie, George, A.A.S. Fr., Buxton, N. D. Sorvik, Orville, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 48, 95, 105, 122, 166, 189 Southam, Waldo, M.E. Fr., Mohall, N. D. Spalding, Carlton, A.A.S. Fr., Dickinson, N. D. Spaulding, Janet, A.A.S. Jr., Jamestown, N. D., 72, 180 Spaulding, John, Agr. Grad., Sherwood, N. D. Specht, Wallace, M.E. Fr., Moorhead, Minn. Spitzer, Harold, Chem. Sr., Ashley, N. D., 38, 52, 168, 189, 193, 204 Spielman, Loren, Pharm. Soph., Flasher, N. D. Springan, Arne, Pharm. Fr., Stanley, N. D., 84, 160 Springer, Wayne, Educ. Sr., Hettinger, N. D., 48, 125, 156 Stafford, Howard, Pharm. Soph., Cavalier, N. D., 160 Stangeland, Norton, Agr. Sr., Fillmore, N. D., 162 Stangler, Anna, Educ. Jr., Fingal, N. D. Starbuck, Charles, Arch. Soph., Bismarck, N. D., 76 Steele, Duane, Agr. Fr., Jud, N. D. Steffen, Marvin, A.A.S. Soph., Parshall, N. D. Stefonowicz, Clifford, Agr. Fr., Jud, N. D., 146 Stein, Leonard, C.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Stenehjem, Gwendolyn, Educ. Jr., Arnegard, N. D., 19, 72, 95, 102, 131, 178, 186 Stenehjem, Leland, A.A.S. Fr., Watford City, N. D., 33 Stenehjem, Martin, Agr. Fr., Arnegard, N. D. Stenerson, Gerhard, Adm.Eng. Fr., Van Hook, N. D. Stevens, Forrest, Educ. Soph., Devils Lake, N. D., 144 Stevens, Jerome, Agr. Jr., Underwood, N. D., 207 Stevens, Muriel, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 150, 151, 209 Stevenson, Russell, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 126 Stewart, David, Agr. Fr., Bowman, N. D. Stewart, Grace, Pharm. Jr., Wahpeton, N. D., 72, 176, 228 Stewart, Jean, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 180 Stewart, William, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Stinson, Doris, Pharm. Soph., Pembina, N. D., 182, 186, 212 Stockstad, Ruth, Educ. Sr., Milnor, N. D., 48, 121, 191, 205 Stoltenow, Eleanor, H.E. Jr., Great Bend, N. D., 121, 208 Strand, DeForrest, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Strand, Duane, H.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Strand, Maurice, Chem. Fr., Enderlin, N. D., 107 Strangeland, Norton, Agr. Sr., Fillmore, N. D., 41 Striker, Dale, Agr. Fr., Bucyrus, N. D. Strinden, Alfred, A.A.S. Jr., Litchville, N. D., 162 Strinden, Theron, Agr. Fr., Litchville, N. D., 162 Strong, Alvin, Agr. Sr., Egeland, N. D., 103, 154 Strum, George, Agr. Fr., Hastings, N. D., 162 Stuart, Russell, Agr. Fr., Bucyrus, N. D. Sturgeon, Lyle, Educ. Sr., Moorhead, Minn. Sulerud, Earl, Agr. Soph., Mandan, N. D., 202, 207 Sundahl, James, C.E. Fr., Moorhead, Minn. Sundfor, Alfred, M.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Sundquist, Helen, H.E. Fr., Aneta, N. D. Svenningsen, John, C.E. Fr., Hope, N. D. Svidal, Clifford, A.A.S. Soph., Devils Lake, N. D. Svore, Ferdinand, M.E. Fr., Alexander, N. D., 84 Swanson, Gordon, Agr. Fr., Sheyenne, N. D. Swanson, Wallace, M.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Swisher, Ruther, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 209 Switzer, Edwin, Chem. Jr., Regent, N. D., 204 T Taillon, Norman, M.E. Fr., Cavalier, N. D., 84 Tandberg, Arnold, Agr. Fr., Pekin, N. D., 202 Tarplee, Maurice, C.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 151 Tarplee, Mildred, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 150 Tavis, James, A.A.S. Soph., Dickinson, N. D. Tavis, Leo, Chem. Fr., Glen Ullin, N. D. Taylor, Constance, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 74, 127, 176 Taylor, David, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 125, 127 Taylor, James, Adm.Eng. Fr., Bismarck, N. D., 84, 86, 128 Taylor, Lee, A.A.S. Fr., Oriska, N. D., 84 Taylor, Richard, Chem. Soph., Minot, N. D. Tellefson, Cherle, H.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Thal, Max, Chem. Sr., Lakota, N. D., 52, 119, 122, 162, 189, 204 Theobold, Mabel, H.E. Fr., Raub, N. D., 201, 209, 228 Theodus, Dean, M.E. Fr., Rugby, N. D., 84, 120 Thompson, Alfred, A.A.S. Fr., Lisbon, N. D. Thompson, Donald G., A.A.S. Soph., Hoople, N. D., 76 Thompson Donald R., M.E. Soph., Dilworth, Minn. Thompson, Edward, H.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Thompson, Harold, Chem. Sr., Leonard, N. D., 193 Thompson, James, Agr. Fr., Selz, N. D. Thompson, John, A. A. S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Thompson Kermit, M.E. Fr., Moorhead, Minn. Thompson Lewis, Chem. Soph., Hatton, N. D., 76 Thompson, Philip, M.E. Jr., Leonard, N. D. Thompson, Robert, A.A.S. Fr., Lisbon, N. D., 188 Thompson Theresa, H.E. Fr., Edmore, N. D. Thompson Walter, H.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Thompson, William, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 48, 119, 156 Thompson, William T., M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Thomte, Ruth, A.A.S. Fr., Colgan, N. D., 84 Thorne, Ward, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Thorsgaard, Enoch, Agr. Fr., Northwood, N. D. Thorsland, Rolo, C.E. Jr., Hope, N. D. Thorson, Ingolf, C.E. Jr., Hatton, N. D., 96 Thorson, Mildred, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 228 Thorson, Vivka, H.E. Fr., Detroit Lakes, Minn., 107, 121, 201 Thoreson, Wendell, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 156 Thorsrud, Sverre, Agr. Soph., Watford City, N. D., 164 Thorwaldson, Albert, A.A.S. Fr., Cavalier, N. D., 84, 90, 92 Thue, Tessie, A.A.S. Fr., Wheelock, N. D., 205 Page 259 A GOOD SCHOOL Interstate Business College FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA Fargo-lVIoorhead's Accredited Business Training School SEND FOR CATALOG Sigis Sanitary Market SIG NELSON, Prop, WE SELL QUALITY MEATS, FISH, POULTRY Fancy and Imported Cheese Phone Your Market 432 422 Broadway FARGO, N. D. Again the Choice of the Campus Big Red Grocery 614 Front St. Ask Our Satisfied Fraternity Friends and Meat Market Phone 175 SPECIAL HOUSECLEANING HELPS This is the time of year when each house- Wife begins to think about getting her house back to normal after a winter's Wear with all its snow, smoke and extra soil. Let our special equipment and skilled help remove some of the extra burden by using our regular Weekly family Wash services or better still send the particular things like curtains, blankets, lace spreads, rugs, etc., for our special cleaning. We also have the latest in rug cleaning equipment, whereby your rugs are satis- factorily cleaned Without moistening the rug all the Way thru, thus not disturbing the finish of the back. LET US HELP YOU THIS SPRING AND ENJOY THE RESULT. Fargo Laundry o. Meet Your Friends at THE COFFEE SHOP NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Home Office- Montpelier, A Mutual Company, founded in 1850, "as solid as the granite hills of Vermont." CHARLES V. WILSON, General Agent NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY FARGO, N. D. - NICK'S PLACE--401 N. P. Ave. "The Best Food In Townv Page 260 Thull, Dorothy, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 184 Thuring, Melvin, C.E. Soph., Aneta, N. D., 89, 199 Thysell, Vernafay, H.E. Fr., Moorhead, Minn. Timms, Walter, Agr. Soph., Lansford, N. D. Timpe, Nicholas, E.E. Sr., Almont, N. D. Tiseth, Gudrun, H.E. Jr., Christine, N. D., 121, 150, 208 Tolchinsky, Sam, A.A.S. Fr., Bismarck, N. D., 84, 90, 92 ' Toman, Bernard, A.A.S. Soph., Mandan, N. D., 72, 127, 164 Toman, Edward, C.E. Jr., Mandan, N. D., 72, 126, 164 Tomlinson, Robert, Agr. Fr., Tokio, N. D., 84 Tompkins, Clarence, M.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 127 Tompkins, Ernie, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Tourtlotte, Frances, H.E. Jr., Regan, N. D., 71, 127, 131, 184, 198 Toussaint, Merlin, Agr. Jr., Leonard, N. D., 41, 154 Toussaint, Roger, Agr. Fr., Leonard, N. D., 207 Towey, Margaret, Educ. Sr., Elkton, S. D. Travis, Helen, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Trawicky, Bernard, Chem. Soph., Minot, N. D. Trinka, Leonard, Agr. Fr., Lidgerwood, N. D., 84 Triplett, Roger, A.A.S. Jr., Delano, Minn. Troseth, Lloyd, Agr. Fr., Hannaford, N. D., 146 Trotter, Gene, Arch. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 119, 122, 192, 200 Trygstad, Bernard, Pharm. Fr., Minot, N. D. Trzcinski, Eleanor, H.E. Sr., Kenmare, N. D., 184, 194 Trzcinski, Sam, Agr. Jr., Kenmare, N. D., 207 Tuff, Catherine, Educ. Soph., Barton, N. D., 205 Twedt, Alvin, C.E. Jr., Kindred, N. D., 122 Tweet, Louise, H.E. Fr., Tunbridge, N. D., 78 U Ulmer, Walter, C.E. Jr., Bismarck, N. D., 72, 86, 127, 164, 190, 199 Uthus, Oliver, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 76, 164 V vaiiager, Emu, Agr. soph., Leeds, N. D., 202, 207 Valley, Lawrence, H.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. VanderHorck, Montel, M.E. Fr., Moorhead, Minn., 118, 122 Van Ray, Clarence, C.E. Fr., Valley City, N. D., 84, 199 Van Vorst, Verda, Educ. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 150, 151 Vejtasa, Stanley, Educ. Sr., Fairdale, N. D., 48, 191 Verne, Betty, A.A.S. Soph., Moorhead, Minn., 73, 150, 176, 212 Verne, Jeanne, H.E. Jr., Moorhead, Minn., 72, 95, 105, 176, 198, 208, 212 Vickers, Milton, Chem. Fr., Hillsboro, N. D. Vigen, Dean, Educ. Sr., Lake Park, N. D. Vincent, John, Pharm. Jr., Fortuna, N. D., 160 Vinz, Saxon, Educ. Fr., Leeds, N. D. Vogel, Henry, H.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Vogel, William, M.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 52, 128 Volkerding, Bernard, Agr. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 207 Volkerding, Clifford, Agr. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 41 Voll, Clarence, Pharm. Soph., Elgin, N. D., 160 Vollrath, Earl, M.E. Sr., Pembina, N. D., 52, 126 Voss, Eloise, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 105, 176, 186, 208, 212 Voss, Leslie, C.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 76 Vowles, Harris, Agr. Jr., Moorhead, Minn. W Waechter, Charles, A.A.S. Jr., Glen Ullin, N. D., 72 Wagner, Edward, Agr. Fr., Sanborn, N. D. Wagner, Gilbert, Chem. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 84, 122 Walberg, Maynard, M.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 52, 168 Waldron, Lois, A.A.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 48 Waldron, Ruth, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Walhood, Gordon, C.E. Fr., Pekin, N. D., 84 Walker, Edwin, Chem. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 52, 204 Waller, Joseph, Educ. Jr., Eau Claire, Wis., 72, 119, 122 Wallis, Donald, Chem. Jr., Wahpeton, N. D., 72 Walsh, Rose, H.E. Fr., Hope, N. D. Walsh, William, Arch. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 119, 122, 192, 200 Walter, Anthony, Pharm. Soph., Bismarck, N. D. Walter, Joseph, Agr. Soph., Bismarck, N. D. Walton, Philip, M.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Walz, Dorothy, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Ward, Austin, A.A.S. Fr., Bismarck, N. D., 84 Ward, Donald, M.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 34, 52, 86, 125, 126, 158, 189, 206 Ward, Steve, A.A.S. Jr., Minnewaukan, N. D., 31, 32 Wardwell, Mary, Educ. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Watson, Jack, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 72, 119, 122, 164 Wattam, Evelyn, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 72, iso, 190, 198, 208 Webster, Earl, A.A.S. Soph., Devils Lake, N. D. Wedge, Lucius, M.E. Fr., Bismarck, N. D. Wee, Raymond, M.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 128 Week, Pedar, M.E. Fr., St. Thomas, N. D. Wenrkamp, LeRoy, C.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Weihemuller, George, A.A.S. Jr., Fessenden, N. D. Weir, Lorraine, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 121, 180, 198, 208 Weiser, George, Agr. Fr., Hazelton, N. D. Weiser, Mildred, H.E. Soph., Hazelton, N. D., 205, 209 Weiser, Richard, Agr. Fr., Hazelton, N. D., 205 Weiser, Robert, H.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Weiser, John, H.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Welch, Frank, Agr. Jr., Bismarck, N. D. Wellems, Edward, C.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Wells, Leiber, Pharm. Sr., Edgeley, N. D., 48, 160 Wells, Willa Jeanne, A.A.S. Soph., Harvey, N. D., 86. 150, 152, 176 Welsh, Elizabeth, H.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Weltzin, Richard, C.E. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 120 Wenger, Mary Fay, H.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 150, 152, 202, 203, 208 Weske, Bruce, H.S. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Westerlund, Emery, Educ. Sr., Moorhead, Minn., 48, 156 Westgate, Sam, C.E. Jr., Grafton, N. D., 94, 124 Westlake, William, Pharm. Fr., Kenmare, N. D., 160 Westland, Albert, Agr. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Wetmore, Julia, H.E. Soph., Bismarck, N. D., 76, 184 Whalen, Francis, Educ. Fr., Grafton, N. D., 146 Whalen, John, Agr. Fr., Ada, Minn. Whalen, Marion, H.E. Soph., Langdon, N. D., 184, 208 Whalen, Theodore, C.E. Jr., Langdon, N. D., 72, 89, 168, 199 Wheeler, Edwin, C.E. Sr., Fargo, N. D. Wheeler, Ernest, Agr. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Whempner, Robert, M.E. Soph., Fargo, N. D. White, Carl, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 107 Page 261 BoWen's Apparel Shop 605-lst Ave. N. DRESSES-MILLINERY-ACCESSORIES George E. Kremer General Agent THE LINCOLN NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. Phone 1414 704 Black Bldg. Fargo, N. D. The Name Indicates Its Character The Fargo National Bank 52 Broadway SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT for Fraternities - Sororities Cafes - Bakeries Fargo, North Dakota ' Fargo Food 8: Equipment NOTHING T0 SELL BUT SERVICE C OHI HH Member Federal Deposit Insurance p y Corporation 501-8th St. No. Fargo, N. D. Ceres Hall afeteria APPRECIATES THE PATRONAGE OF THE STUDENTS We enjoyed serving you this year and We look forward to serving you again in 19371938 White, Ruth, Educ. Jr., Kramer, N. D. Whitehead, Robert, Arch. Jr., Fargo, N. D. 192, 200 Whittlesly, John, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Whitver, Walter, Arch. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 127 200 Wichmann, Wendell, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Widdefield, Mary, H.E. Jr., Leal, N. D., 198 208 Wiedemann, James, Agr. Fr., Moorhead, Minn. Wieland, Woodrow, Agr. Sr., Bertha, Minn. 41, 122 Wieseke, Selma, Educ. Sr., Bertha, Minn., 48 102 Williams, Jasper, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D., 207 Williams, Robert, Agr. Sr., Larimore, N. D. 41, 90, 103, 154, 189, 190 Williams, Sherman, C.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D., 168 199 Willson, Jane, H.E. Soph., Bismarck, N. D., 76 180, 208 Willson, Merrill, E.E. Jr., Buchanan, N. D. Wilson, Mark, A.A.S. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Winn, Harlan, C.E. Sr., Jamestown, N. D., 52 166, 193, 195 Winters, Ralph, Chem.Eng. Fr., Valley City N. D., 84 Winther, Adolph, Agr. Soph., Park River N. D., 162 Wgerrlsan, Jr., J. Scott, M.E. Soph., Fargo Wolf, Martha, H.E. Sr., Jamestown, N. D., 56 105, 184 9 7 5 1 9 1 5 x Wolf, Martin, A.A.S. Soph., Jamestown, N. D., 76, 91, 105 Wolfinger, Walter, Arch.Eng. Sr., Fargo, N. D., 52 Wollan, Rolf, M.E. Fr., Fairdale, N. D. Wolseth, Sylvester, Agr. Jr., Wolseth, N. D. Wolters, Helmuth, Educ. Fr., West Fargo, N. D. Wolvertson, William, Pharm. Jr., Linton, N. D. Wong, Henry, Chem. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Wood, Irene, H.E. Jr., Fargo, N. D. Wood, Lowell, Chem. Grad., New Providence, Ia. Wright, John, A.A.S. Fr., Edmore, N. D. Wright, Joseph, A.A.S. Jr., Bismarck, N. D. Wylie, Betty, A.A.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Wylie, Elwood, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 156 Y Ydstie, Ervin, Agr. Fr., Hillsboro, N. D., 207 Yeager, Mary, A.A.S. Soph., Fargo, N. D., 121, 151, 178 Yeoman, Lorraine, H.S. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Yetter, Desmond, C.E. Fr., Jamestown, N. D. Young, Norma, H.E. Sr., Rugby, N. D., 56, 174 Younger, Karl, Agr. Fr., Fargo, N. D. Yuster, Phil, Chem. Soph., Fargo, N. D. Z Zbytovsky, Arthur, M.E. Jr., Doyon, N. D., 202 Zeller, Robert, C.E. Fr., Mandan, N. D. Zetter, Oscar, Agr. Soph., Sheyenne, N. D. Page 263 Modern Banking for Modern Farmers A big help to any man about to engage in intelligent modern farming is a bank which has demonstrated its ability to keep step with the times. At the Merchants National in Fargo you'll find the kind of modern banking that will be of real help to you as a modern farmer. We'll be glad to work with you while you're in college here and for as long afterward as you like. Merchants National Bank and Trust Company Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA Affiliated with FIRST BANK STOCK CORPORATION For the latest in The Bison insisted on "Quality Eptone Prints" PHOTOGRAPHS for their See Snapshots of Under Classmen If your druggist cannot supply you with 9 ' ff 1'rEt P't" McCracken s Studio Qum' P 'me rm S Mail your Films with 25c to Phfme 775-W EPCO FILM SERVICE 11015 Broadway Fargo, N. D. Box 1230 Fargo, N. Dak Compliments of A Bison Booster Page 264 A A, C. Bookstore ...,.......V...... Acme Dairy ............. Alex Stern 8: Co. ..... . A. L. Moody Co. ,, American Cafe ,.... B Big Red Grocery ..r.......... Bison Booster ..,,,,,,,Y. Bowen's Apparel .........., Broadway Pharmacy Bureau of Engraving ...i,i. C Carlisle Sz Bristol ...V...........- Ceres Hall Cafeteria Chesley Lumber ........... Coffee Shop .............,.. Cook Drug ,... ....... D Dakota Electric Supply Co. David Molloy Plant ..................- deLendrecies ............. Denis Fur ............. Dewey's Studio ...,. Dutch Maid ...... E Epco Film Service .............. F Fairmonts ................. ....... Family Finance ....... Fargo Clinic ............................... Fargo Drug Co. .......v.................. . Fargo Food Sz Equipment Co. Fargo Fargo Fargo-Moorhead Auto Dealers Fargo First National Bank .....,. Forum ............................... Laundry Co. ...,.........v,... . National Bank ..i............ G Gate City Building 8: Loan Globe Clothing Co. ................., . Grand Recreation Parlor ....... Graver Hotel 8: Coffee Shop . H Harrington :Sz Houghton ....... Hoenck's Fur .v...................... Holland's Cleaners ......,.......... Husome's Ready To Wear ....... Index to Advertisers ,214 .,....,.244 .,,.....240 ...,..,.246 ,......,248 ..,,....238 ........260 ........264 ..,.....262 ......,.234 ...i..,.236 ........252 ,.,.....262 .......,244 ..,.....260 ........248 ........234 ..,.....244 ........254 ....,...252 ........240 ...,,...240 ..,.....264 ........232 ........234 ........238 ........240 ........262 .......,256 ........260 ,.......232 ........262 ........248 ........254 .,......238 ........248 ..,.,,..240 ........246 ........244 ........254 ........234 I Interior Lumber ...............,...i., Interstate Business College ,,,,. Interstate Seed 8: Grain ,....i. K Knight Printing Co. ,,,,,,,,,,, . Knerr Dairy ......,...... ,...... L Lincoln National Life ..,.. M Magill Xa Co. ..,,,.,.,,,,......,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 9 Malchow s ..............,....,.......,....................,.. Merchants National Bank Sz Tr ust Co Model Laundry .,.,..............,..i,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, McCracken's Studio .,....... N National Life Insurance Co. ...... . Nestor Cigar Store .,,,...,,...,,...,,,. Newday Seed Co. ..........,...,.. . New York Coney Island ........ Nick s Place ,,,,,,,,,.,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Northern States Power Co. .,.......,. , N. W. Mutual Savings 8a Loan P Palace Clothing ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i,,,,, Pierce Printing Co. ........ . Pioneer Coffee ....... Postal Pharmacy ,,,,,.,,,,,,, R Rose Shop ....,.......... ,.,,,,, Royal Jewelers ,,,,i,. ,,,,,,, S Service Drug ...,....,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Sherwood Lumber Co. Sig's Market ,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Smith, Follett Sz Crowl ..... S. S. Kresge ,,,......,,,,,,..,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,, Stevenson's Ready To Wear ...,,., U Ulsaker's Printing .....,,,,,,,,, V Vic's Market .... ......,... W Wimmer's Jewelry .,,,.,..,..,,,. W. J. Lane Co. ....... . Page 265 A Administration, Division of Agriculture, Division of .....,.,. ....Y. General Index ..-...15-35 .....-39-42 Alpha Gamma Delta .......,... ......... 1 74-175 Alpha Gamma Rho ....... ......... 1 54-155 Alpha Phi Omega .. V......Y,..... 158 Alpha Tau Omega ..........,.,.,.....................,. 156-157 Alumni Association ,..............,.,,......................... 35 American Society of Civil Engineers .,............ 199 Appreciation ,......................,.l..................... ....... 2 30 Art Club ,,,i,i.,,...,........,...........Y.......i...................... 198 Atelier Chat Noir ..,,........,..........,....,.,................. 200 Applied Arts and Sciences, Division of ..., 43-48 B Basketball .......,,.,e...,.....,... ......... 1 41-145 Bison Brevities ..............1 ......... 1 05-107 Bison Business Staff ..... .............. 8 7 Bison Editorial Staff ..... ..v.f.....,1..,,. 8 6 Bison Life .....,vl.Y,.............. ......... 2 17-223 Blue Key .............................. .............. 1 39 Board of Administration ......... .. 16 Board of Athletic Control ........ ....... 3 2 Board of Forensic Control ............. ..,.... 3 3 Board of Publication Control ....... ....... 3 4 Book Production ................,...,......... ....... 2 67 Boxing .........,,.,.,..........,.................. ....... 1 47 C Ceres Hall Club ............,... ........... 2 01 Charity Ball ...,....,.. ..,.,.. ....... 9 6 -97 Chemists Club ,,,,,,, ....... 2 04 Co-ed Prom ........ College Council ..... Company Officers .... Concert Band ..,...... Contents ...................... Convocations .,.,................. Copyright ....,.,.,.,..,,............... Correspondence College .,... Cosmopolitan Club ...,......,, D Declamatory Contest ..... Dedication ......,............... Delta Psi Kappa ..,,.,....... Delta Tau Epsilon ...,........ A E Edwin Booth ,.,...........,....... Engineering, Division of .. Engineering Building ,,,,.... Experiment Station .......... F Faculty Directory ....,......... Freshman Basketball ..... Freshman Class .........,. Freshman Football ....., Football ,.......,.....,...,.,.,.,,,.... Foreword .....,........,..i..,.,....... Fargo School of Religious G Gamma Phi Beta ........... Gamma Tau Sigma ,...... Girls' Glee Club Gold Star Band ....... Guidon ...,,............. ....,....,,.. H Home Economics, Division Home Management House I Edu ....-.102 20 .......125 ....-.122 ........-.104 .............22-23 .......-202-203 .....-114 ....-.152 .....-158 ......-...115 .....-49-52 14 21 ....-...231-233 .......77-84 134-139 25 cation .............. of ,,,.. Intrafraternity Council ...,... Intramural Sports .,.,.......... In Memoriam ................... 176 .....-190 ....-.121 .......119 131 .....-53-56 12 ......-...172 ...148-149 36 J Junior Class ,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,, ...-q.--., 5 9-72 Junior-Senior Prom ,,,,,,,,,, U93-100 K Kappa Delta ..,.,1............... 178-179 Kappa Delta Pi ,.,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.A.,,,,q.-.- 1 91 Kappa Kappa Gamma .... 180-181 Kappa Kappa Psi ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,Ag,.-.-,,...,.' 1 19 Kappa Psi ,.a.aa.....,.......... 160-161 Kappa Sigma Chi ,,,,,,,,,i, 162-163 Kappa Tau Delta ,...,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 92 L Library ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1,,,,,,,,, A..---- 2 4 Lincoln Debate Club ,,,,, ,,,,.., 1 14 Lincoln Log Cabin ,,,,,. ,A 1,,,,,, .-,,,,.,..-,, 1 11 Little International ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,11V1,,,,,,,-,,, 1 03 Lyceum Series ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,--,-Y 112-113 Lutheran. Students' Association ,,,,, ,1,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 05 M Men's Glee Club .........,,... ,,,,,,,,,,. 1 20 Men's Residence Hall .,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,, 1 0-11 Military Ball ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,, 9 4-95 Military Staff ,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,--, 1 24 Music Department ,,,.,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 18 N Newman Club ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, 206 North Dakota State Engineer, Business Staff 89 North Dakota State Engineer, Editorial Staff 88 0 Old Main ................,,,,,,.,i,.,,, 9 P Pan-Hellenic Council ....... Platoon Officers .,.,,,,,,,,,, Phi Kappa Phi .,...,,,,,,, Phi Mu .......,,.,,..,,,,,,.,,,, Phi Omega Pi ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Phi Upsilon Omicron ..... Pub lications ,,,,,,,,..,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,. R Representative Seniors ..... Rifle Team .,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, R. O. T. C. Camp .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Saddle S and Sirloin Club .,....... Scabbard and Blade .,,,,,,,,,,, Season, Senior Senior Sigma Sigma Sigma Sopho s Plays ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,, Class Officers ..... Staff ....,.,.,,,,,,,,,, Alpha Epsilon ..... Chi ......,...,....,.,,,,,.,, Phi Delta ,...,.,,,,,,,.,, ore Class ,..,... m ..,,...,,,,,, Spectrum Business Staff Spectrum Editorial Staff Student Commission ,,,,,,,,,,,, Student Directory ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Student Employment ..... Student Health ,,,,,,i,,,,,,,, Student Residence ............ T Tau Delta Pi .,.,.. ,,,,,,, Theta Chi ,,-....,, ,,,,,,, Title ....,.............. ,.,,,,.,,,,,,, Tryota Club ..,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,, W Winter Campus .,...,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,, Women's Athletic Association Women's Athletics ....,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,., Women's Senate ..............,.,.,.,,, Y Y. M. C. A. Cabinet .......... Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ....... Page 266 186 126-127 193 182-183 184-185 194 26 57-68 128-129 132 207 -.-...130 115-116 38 ......-195 164-165 166-167 168 169 ..-73-76 91 90 235-265 29 27 28 ....,,,.196 170-171 3 208-209 213-216 ........150 .......151 ....-.212 .....-210 .......211 We Carl S. Book Production extend our thanks to - - BUREAU OF Minneapolis Mr. A. A. Segal, For Engravings ENGRAVING Minnesota R. C. Robertson and Art Work KNIGHT PRINTING Co. Herdeg, Millard Knudson, George Al. Kruinpelrnann For Printing and Binding K. SMITH COMPANY and Chicago, Illinois A. A. Lubersky, H. F. Beckett For Cover Manufacturing DEWEY7S STUDIO A. L. Dewey For Senior Pictures Voss STUDIO Mr. C. L. Voss For Division page and photography, Representative senior pictures, and publications pictures Seiler MOLLOY PLANT CARL HERDEG Knight Printing Co. A. A. SEGAL Manager Yearbook Division Bureau of Engraving MCCRACKEN STUDIO E. B. McCracken, Bob McCracken For group pictures and scenes ANDERSON,S STUDIO For Airplane view of campus BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS Gordon Brandes, Pres.g Gladys Woods, S For making the Bison possible BISON BUsINEss STAFF and BISON EDITORIAL STAFF For cooperation and work throughout the year MR. DANA LESLIE For portrait of A. E. Minard STORE WITHOUT A NAME, O. J. DELENDRECIE and STEVENSON,S For clothes used in division pages KATHERINE KILBOURNE, Editor MAURICE BENIDT, Business Manager. GC Co In Closing The 1937 Bison is completed, and we are presenting it to you, the student body, for Whom it was published. The satisfaction of completion is ours-the book is yours. If We have portrayed for you an interesting review of this college year, the satisfaction of success Will also be ours. KATHERINE KILBOURNE, Editor. MAURICE BENIDT, Business Manager. if -L I -new V 4.-. Ii f Nw C 4 ix' vs af A

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