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In appreciation for 20 years of your dev M. irafed, and committed time and knowledges North Dakota State School of Science and tygker VSucanon. We salute you and thank you.SPRINGPARENT’S DAY Parent's Day drew about 1,400 visitors to the campus March 21 during the 15th annual event. Registration began at 9 a.m. Mother's flowers were pinned by the Wildcat Kittens. Tours were conducted throughout the day. Parents got a chance to visit residence halls, classrooms, shops, library. Activities Center, and the nursing department. The parents luncheon at the cafeteria in the Student Center attracted 1,210 parents and students and capacity crowds of 500 packed the Stern Cultural Center for each of the two programs. Two hundred attended Thursday evening's pre-parents' day program at the Cultural Center. Coming from the farthest distance was Mr. and Mrs. John Zumpf of Miles City, Montana, who visited their son Paul, a second-year student in Auto and Auto Diesel Technology at NDSSS. They traveled 520 miles to participate in Friday's activities.1986 Agawasie Day Rocks To "Sound Machine" May 16, which was proclaimed Agawasie Day of 1986, was a big success at NDSSS. Gary Rosendahl and his sound machine provided entertainment and a picnic of barbecued beef and all the trimmings quenched the hunger as students signed yearbook after yearbook. The administration dismissed all classes after 11:35 am to allow students ample opportunity "to check the book out" as well as get as many signatures as possible.Graduation Students from North Dakota State School of Science were honored at commencement exercises on Thursday, May 22, 1986, held at the Activities Center on the campus of the State School of Science. Cliff Thomas, of Belle Foursche, South Dakota delivered the commencement address. Presentation of candidates for Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates was given by the four division deans. Dr. Michael C. Morrison, Robert J. Gette, Sam L. Schimelfenig, and Donald W. Stevenson. Dr. Ronald M. Hutkin, Vice President for Academic Affairs, gave the recommendation of classes to the State Board of Higher Education. NDSSS president Dr. Clair T. Blikre presented the Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates to the SSS graduates. The Rev. Jerald Finnestad of the Newman Student Parish gave the invocation and benediction. The processional and recessional were played by Debra E. Drewlow. Leading the processional were Colleen K. Pesek, Pisek, and Robert M. Kann, Jr., Britton, SD.19 WELCOto. TO HDSSS CLIFF THOMAS - 1948 ALUMNUS COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER MAY 22 10-uu AM ACfc- lor »SSS tracksters pat the National Juni Athletic Associr championship at i, after qualifying s during the seasor I egion 13 meet. 'Vrzesinski, a wirjner in .10 meter hurdle , pole and 10 event decat Hon at I egion 13 meet, co npeted thp pole vault and de athlon essa. Moi ris Rau,' 00 me-curdles region 'inner, I eted in intermediate hur-t Nationals. d Wil Wrze; icipat-Col-tion's )dessa, in 10 and at t re women's team, f r nationals were: f ake in the hept ugh jump: Kathy i the shot put and Bertsch in the e Steinbach in ‘ 00 meter dashes, a jrensberg in the sh. w 1 After finishing second i both SSS men's and team produced char r ship; in the Region held it NDSSS. The m dista iced Waseca, 240 p 217 ] oints, while the had a somewhat easier toppi rg Waseca 302 pc 150 f oints. rfc r rat track per ;inski and Grohnk e namdd the meet's outs perfo mers. ualifi- Hyson thalon Matej-discus; avelin; 200 Car- t re d 1 X) me- 1985, men's pion-meet n out-ints to vomen t me by nts to mers were t nding 10 - TrackMen - Tiaek. front row L Liske, Cl Crawford, R Anderson, A Deal. M Rau. P Plinke, S. Bingham.(middle row): C. Hinton. L Olmsted. D. (Joist. J Duerr, C. Sealoy, J. Wrzc'inski. C Halgrimson, C. Bakke, D. Tobin, (bask row): VV. Schcpp. M. Kowalski, L Simons, J. Gorton. S. Matthew, J Braunagel, D. Croymans, L Kundo, M. Ellefson. Women - Track, front row. A. Crohnkc. K. Fulp. B. Steinbach, S. Oas. K. Bcrtsch, (back row)C. Gtensbetg. V. Haag, J. Voorhees.T. Chase, J. Wold, K Matcjcek. K Winkclv Right A. Crohnkc and J. Wr csinki. Track — 11Tennis at the North Dakota State School of Science is a spring sport. The men and women participate in the North Dakota College Athletic Conference, which includes four-year colleges. The men's team and women's team compete in single and double matches in the conference but also have matches outside the conference. This sport is composed of volunteers. For many it takes away much time from their studies to gain self- recognition. Those Science netters, however, enjoy the game. The tennis season begins in March indoors and finishes in May outdoors. Back row: Michelle Duggan, Jill Droubic, Karla Rcinertson, Leanne Stumpf, Wendy Wetsch, Denecn Schall. Front row: Chad Bacon, Ray Sanders, Vince Plummer, Kevin Grage, Dan Raftevold, Austin Bakke. i 12 — TennisKevin Grage return a serve. Jill Droubie takes careful aim. Wendy Wctsch's backhand is ready and waiting, nowall she needs is the ball. Coach Grage guides her listening players. V. Tennis — 13Spring intramurals are a g ing activity at NDSSS dents seem to catch spri t ver and really get inOo Men'; and women's soft tennis, and bowling gi’ i grow- Stu-i tg fe- olved. oftball, give a a break e; that ilurals chance to relax and take from the tedious studie we know so well. Intrai provide both physical a and fun. Ctivity M — Intramural • JWILDCAT ENTERTAINMENT lo — Drama Play director was Michael Johnson NDSSS theatre director and director of residential life. Celeste Strobel, a second year liberal arts student from Wahpeton was the assistant director. Members of the cast were: Robin Hofer as Joe Benjamin; Troy Dewitz as Ben Benjamin; Kelly Stollenwerk as Sarah Benjamin; Kristie Buschc as Rose Benjamin; Brett Petry as David Benjamin; Julie Storebo as Mady; Jim Meide as Morris, Scott Sorum as Sidney Lipton. 1) Jim Meide as Morris. 2) Bioti I’cliy pours himself a good stiff tii ink. 3) Robin Hofer (Joe Benjamin); Kelly Stollenwerk (Sarah Benjamin); and Troy Dcivitz (Bon Beniamin) aid a collapsed Kiisiie Busche (Rose Benjamin) -1) Robin Hofer holds cast members attention. 5) Robin Hofer (Joe Benjamin) bcckcns to Troy Dewitz (Ben Benjamin) and Kelly Stollenwerk (Sarah Benjamin) from the doot way. Neil Simon's comedy "God's Favorite" was presented May 1 and 2 at the Stem Cultural Center by the College Drama Department.NORTH DAKOTA STATE BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION Lee Christensen .............Kenmare Jack Olin ..............Dickinson Tyrone Langager, M.D...........Minot Marijo Shide ............Larimore Jack Pfister, D.D.S.........Wahpeton Darlene Leinen ........... INiUiston Kenneth Tweten ..........Grand Forks John Richardson, Commissioner, Bismarck ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL KOPPANG HUTKIN TOBIN Alvin C. Eckre, Director Administrative Services; Orlin D. sion; Dr. Michael Morrison, Dean Arts, Science and Pre-Pr Bakkcn, Dean Continuing Education; Dr. Clair T. Blikre, fessional Division; Sam L.Schimelfenig. Dean Technical Div President; Donald Engen, Director Athletic Department; Har- sion; Myron J. Koppang, VP Business Affairs; Dr. Ronald vey Link, President Faculty Senate; Robert J. Gettc, Dean Hutkin, VP Academic Affairs; and Donald J. Tobin, VP St Business Division; Donald W. Stevenson, Dean Trades Divi- dent Services. ECKRE BAKKEN ENGEN LINK CETTE STEVENSON PRESIDENT BLIKRE MORRISON SCH1MELFENIG IS — Atimim-tmionStudent Cabinet The Student Cabinet is the college's student government organization that oversees campus activities and sponsors a wide variety of campus functions during the year. It meets weekly with cabinet advisor, Don Tobin, Vice President of Student Services. Members of the NDSSS Student Cabinet are Row one: Lisa Gcor-geson, Wayne Munson, Kam Malkowski. Row two: Don Tobin, advisor, David Leonard, Tom Helgeson, Arden Olson, Dan Overby. Student Activities Board The Student Activities Board is kept busy throughout the year. The board helps plan dances, movies, and special events held in the Student Center. Members are Scott Knutson, Pam Berndt, Janet Hermes, Monte Bonn, Kim Nelson, Laurie Anseth, and Allan Stenehjem, advisor. Wildcat Kittens Five NDSSS students are members of this year's Wildcat Kittens organization, which act as the college's good will ambassador at special campus activities and public functions. The women assist at football games and basketball games, concerts, parent's day activities, nurse's capping, graduation ceremonies in addition to acting as hostesses at campus banquets. The Wildcat Kittens arc row one: Mary Hermes, Peggy Barone, Brenda Gehler. Row two: Pam Berndt, Carol Reisdorfer. Student Gov’t. — 19Orientation ’86 August 27, 28, and September 2 was the beginning of a new lifestyle for 1,542 new students. They discovered the first day of life at NDSSS involved a great deal of sitting, testing, and standing in the registration line. Orientation was also a time of confusion. Many anxious students paced the sidewalks trying to find a certain office or instructor. The experience of buying books for the first time came, and students found out that those "instructional materials" were a lot more expensive than they thought. Finally, most of the students returned to their dorm rooms, or found other forms of entertainment, and awaited for classes to begin on September 3.22 — Entertainment Dakota Caravan Entertains NDSSS The Dakota Theatre Caravan performed "In the Heart of the Hills" on April 7 at the Stern Cultural Center. This performance was sponsored by the Lyceum Committee. This was the third year that Dakota Caravan had performed at NDSSS. "In the Heart of the Hills" was the newest Caravan play that was researched and written during the summer of 1985. The writers interviewed residents in small towns in the Black Hills region. They came up with a play about two people, Mark and Michelle, who had been sweethearts in college. Ten years later they meet again and realize their lives have taken unexpected turns. The play takes place in a county of the Black Hills that is struggling over whether or not to rezonc a scenic residential area of the hills for strip mining.THAT UNFORGETTABLE Nerds, Hawaiians, excitement, spirit-of course we're talking about Wildcat Week. The Homecoming events of 1986 proved to be bigger and better than ever. Johnny Holm started the week off with a bang by entertaining 1 everyone in the oval Monday afternoon. Monday also involved "baha gear" as SSS students attended class dressed as Hawaiians. Tuesday was Dress Up Day. The three Queen finalists were announced: Stephanie Gedrose, Denise Klein, and Kendra Meester. The visitors of the powder puff battles were the Spasmatics. Wednesday, nerds came into the picture. That evening Queen Stephanie began her reign. Thursday, the tug of war drew the crowd and the victors were Environmental Systems and Welding. Friday was Hat Day and Inside Out Day. Saturday was the big finale with the game between Valley City State College and NDSSS. Homecoming 1986 was fun-filled, exciting, and definately spirit boosting. As every homecoming, 1986 will remain filed away in our memories under the category unforgettable.Homecoming — 25 The "Leg's" Contest participants were part of the homecoming week entertainment. Pete Vetter was awarded a T-shirt for exhibiting fine singing ability by Johnny Holm. Wayne Munson gave his body to Science during Homecoming Week, being repeatedly abused by the dunking machine. Dr. Blikre congratulates Queen Stephanie Cedrose. The Wildcat Stage Band provided entertainment for coronation.1986 NDSSS Homecoming Royalty, Row one: Denise Klein, Queen Stephanie Gedrose, Kendra Meester. Row two: Robert Kann, Bryon Kanewischer, Daryl Bergman, Lin Glimm, Roger Koenig. HomecomingHOMECOMING PARADE As is custom of other NDSSS Homecomings, September 27 began with the Homecoming Parade. The parade was a success again this year with 135 entrants. The winning floats were: Wildcat Division: lst-Welding OTA, 2nd-Auto Mechanics Tech; Red and Black Division: lst-Ar-chitectural Drafting, 2nd-Electronics Tech; Business Commercial Floats: lst-First Bank-Wahpeton, 2nd-Tan-gen Construction. Wahpeton Senior High School received the best Marching Band Award and Lisbon High School captured the Best Instrumental Band Award. 26 — ParadeTHE 'WINNERS' WILDCAT DIVISION RED BLACK DIVISION Homecoming parade winners were: (Wildcat Division) 1st - Welding and OTA and 2nd - Auto Tech: (Red and Black Division) 1st - Architectural Drafting and 2nd - Electronic Tech. All clubs were encouraged to participate in the Homecoming parade. Homecoming Parade — 2930 — HomecomingHomecoming Queen candidates for 1986 were row one: Debbie Kromarek, Stephanie Gcdrosc, Denise Klein, Jodi Bell, Wendy Wctsch, Kendra Meester, Melanie Foley, Stacie Stockert. Row two: Kristie Busche, Karen Ust. Homecoming — J1 With the absence of nearly IS years on the Wildcat football schedule, night football returned this fall to NDSSS on Frank Vertin Field. The first Wildcat game played under the lights was a match that opened the season with Trinity Bible College of Ellen-dale. In addition to new lighting to enhance the Wildcat play, there was an addition of players to the football roster this fall. New head coach, John Richman, was named. The team was hard working and consistent throughout their games, proving to be a better quality team than the record showed. 1986 NDSSS FOOTBALL PLAYERS - Row one: Jeff Duerr, Jeff Merck, Damon Ballantyne, Brett Toyne, Keith Ringdahl, Jim Olson, Kevin Rieger, Tony Ehrens, Kent Ringdahl. Row two: Matt Gilbertson, Gerald Raisl, Rylan Scheid, Barry Anderson, Mark Mehrkens, Doug Waters, Joe Brown, Dave Elton, Tom Senftner. Row three: Wade Lovdokken, Albert Ellis, Jeremy Olson, K.C. Olson, Ron Pink, Kevin Bardin, Dan Bilbruck, Mike Flatt, Chad Sealcy, Leslie Schweitzer. Row four: Dayne Schott, Dennis Marso, Kent Vollmer, Philip Trowbridge, Chad Fredericksen, Keith Jones, Don Lenz, Loren Ler-bakken, Richard Charlton, Stan Whitebird. Row five: Brent Strasser, Sy Hansana, Gregg Smith, Jim Flynn, Brett Anderson, Terry Klein, Jon Jacobson, Eric Leer, Doug Simmers. Row six: Darrin Schmidt, Brett Warkenthien, Mark Kottke, Troy Puetz, Bryan Burney, Brad Wanner, Anthony Colbert, Kipp Stender, Stacey Lawson, Glenn Heizelmann. Row seven: Joel Hinz, Mark Leslie, Gary Nelson, Jon Lasater, Joe Murphy, Brian Raftevold, Mike Schaub, Barry Clemet-son, David Leier, Doug Kramer. 32 — FootballFool lull — 33 Coach Richman keeps a dose eye on his team. Asst. Coaches: Al Crage, Larry McDaniel, Max Reinkc, John Richman, Tom Shorma, Paul Stur-devant. The new lighting allows a view of the Wildcats at night. The team is greeted by the cheerleaders on the way to the field.As usual, the Agawasie gets into a bind with sports and activities because of early deadlines. Volleyball games haven't all been played yet. The season began at home with a Triangular meet with Dakota State and Fergus Falls. Fifteen regularly scheduled matches are to be played before the state tournament in Bottineau. The regionals begin November 15. The NDSSS Volleyball team is under the direction of Coach Mary Ann Grage. Row 1, from left: Barb Wedin, Jackie Williams, Shauna Wendland, Bonnie Hall, Sherri Shatz, Diana Trager. Row 2, from left: Kim Bertsch, Wendy Beebout, Dawn Mead, Kristi Winkels, Janell Voorhces. Ji-j — VolleyballThe Lady Wildcats discuss their game plan during a time out while keeping an eye on the opponent. Maintaining good sportsmanship at the finale. Even on the bench, the Lady Wildcats maintain close tabs on the action of play. Coach Gragc instructs Diana Trager. Volleyball - 35 The 1986 Cross Country teams have been doing some top running in the early season and, with no major health problems, are anticipating a Regional victory Front row, 1-r: T. Longowski, P. Plinkc, M. Kowalski, B. Held, S. Bingham, T. Kallstrom, S. Moser. Back row, 1-r: P. Weller, K. Fulp, B. Steinbach, C. Crawford, T. Pace, K. Bedard, D. Kenyon, T. Hutchinson. — X-CounliyCoach Owen Jensen reads the encouraging news to runners Diane Kenyon, Kari Fulp, Todd Kalstron, and Steve Moser. Tom Pace, Mark Kowalski, Tim Longowski, and Pete Plinke play follow the leader as they run across the field. Shawn Binghan knows that practice is as important as the race itself. X-Counuy — i?The 1986-87 Varsity Golf team faced rough times at the beginning of the sason. This year's team consisted of all new members who started off slowly due to inexperience, but as the season went on the team improved. The par went down and the team morale went up. Even though the team wasn't always at it's best, the enthusiasm of the coach helped the team end with a respectable record. Row 1: Scott Zuzek and John Berg. Row 2: Rick McCormick, Coach Charlie Macosky, Gerry Bollinger, Rick Carney. - CoifJ Many NDSSS students enjoy the fall Intramural sports of softball and flag football. Intramural sports are enjoyed by men and women of all ages, athletes and nonathletes alike. It gives students, a chance to relax and take a break from tedious studies and enjoy the fall weather. Cc ! Inttjnuir.ils — 39THE WAHPETON-BRECKENRIDGE Clearing House FIRST NATIONAL DANK of BP£CK€NRIDG€ lilt-. M i« lomokf hoppy lh V)V happen to- you Member F.D.l.C. Not west Bank Wahpeton. NA 119 North 6th $ueet Wahpeton. North Dakota 5807S tMw yfQtC mamma NOAWtST B.WkS BREMER m First American Bank of Breckenridge 225 NO. Sth st. Breckenridge, MN 218-643-872) F.D.l.C First Bank Wahpeton l.-li S,M»m . Ml Oiki'i IwiM • fcO . M. k„ PjD.IJ ( uMhc MITH MOTORS inc. PHONE: 642-6671 WAHPETON. NO 40 - Ads ' 2 0REAT STORES ' TO SERVE YOU BETTER IN WAHPETON AND BRECKENRIDGE j ★ ★★★★★★★★★ ! • YOUR FAVORITE BRANDS • U.S.D.A. CHOICE MEATS • 1st QUALITY FRUITS VEGETABLES • OUR OWN TOP QUALITY FRESH BAKERY AND DELICATESSEN FOODS WAHPETON OPEN S AM TO MIDNITE MON. THRU SIT. BRECKENRIDGE OPEN 24 NOUNS I OIT 7 PITS I WEEK LOTS OF FREE PARKING EACH STORE.Left to Right: Trittin. Kent Fixen. David Chaput. MaikRo-binson. Kail SnoillanJ. and Jan Sanders THE GAMEROOM A Place Where Students Enjoy Leisure Activities WA HP ETON AUTO PARTS INC. since 1925 Local Distributors Of All Makes Of Automobile And Tractor Replacement Parts Garage And Filling Station Accessories And Equipment - General Wahpeton. ND Welding Supplies EquipmentL TO R- Alice Ellsworth, Julie Lillcstol, Allan Steneh-jem TODAY’S EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO TOMORROW’S TECHNOLOGY C C LIQUORS Wines-Liquors-Beers 306 Minn. Ave. Breckenridge phone: 643-3134 LOLL’S DODGE White Farm Equipment 701 4th Ave. So. Wahpeton, ND 642-5541 Casper§ ,.jJw W-v H ul I,nr Iwrndwrr 42 AdsI t t Y I OLSON JEWELERS 642-4112, 506 Dak. Aye., Wahpeton CORNER DRUG "PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS" D.B. Folden, Prop. 522 Dakota Ave. Wahpeton. N.D. 642-5595 CONGRATULATIONS Anri f°d'0nrtUnne Smile kT y0U 35 ou chart the unknown future. And may your every wish be realized. WAHPETON. NORTH DAKOTA COMPANY Printers-Stationers-Office Outfitters-Bookbinders North Dakota Legal Forms WAHPETON. ND Ads — 43STERN'S CLOTHING AREA'S LEADING YOUNG MEN'S STORE Wahpeton, ND Specializing in Homemade Pies, Soups Salads 6am to 11pm Daily North Highway 75 VILLAGE NORTH 16th Ave. 9th Street, Wahpeton ND 44 - AdsAREA'S LARGEST VIDEO DEALER SPORTING GOODS. AUTO SUPPLIES. HOUSEWARES Free Customer Parking 301 Dakota Avc., Wahpeton «H;rtSi’er cs 1 TVAAPPUANCECCNTER ItG l phone: 642-6331 c n HEABUS1NESS THAT SERVICE BUILT” 315 Dak. Ave. Wahpeton, N.D. lumnmm mmt OAKES, ND ASHLEY. ND M1LBANK, MN MOORHEAD. MN ELBOW LAKE, MN STURDEVANT'S AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Wahpeton. ND LISBON, ND HAWLEY. MN WHEATON. MN CASSELTON, ND HANKINSON, ND Ads — 45 KBMW] 1 10 143.0 COUNTRY vAiIrtTSKsncekCMniaeif 605 Dak. Ave.-Box 1101 P.O. Box 249 Wahpeton. ND 58075 Breckenridge. MN 56520 JCPenney 413 DAKOTA AVENUE W STORE V 642-4131 CATALOG 1-800-222-6161ActionPack... Interest paying checking, with no minimum balance plus entertainment action! Afetropolitan r Federal Bank. SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE "1882" WAHPETON, NORTH DAKOTA 909 4th Ave. South Wahpeton, N.D.WELCOME STUDENTS THE BOOKSTORE NORTH DAKOTA STATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE CENTER PICTURE: Carol Odegaard, TOP ROW 1 to r- Colleen Thoe, Marjorie Berg, Donna Hanson, Douglas Woodruff, Rebecca Klingelhofer, Connie Graham, BOTOM ROW I to r- Bonnie Steene, Susan Willprecht, Charlotte Moen, Cindy Peterson, Luci Johnson, Donna Christenson. 4$ — Ad Ads — 49 The "Two Of The Best Ways To Enjoy A Home-Cooked Meal At College" The Hub row 1.1 to r- Lucille Kruchek. Avclina Helgeson. Van Tran, Hattie Potocki, Ellen Skramstad, Carol Meyer, row 2, I to r- Shirley Schmitt. Jeanette Johnson. Betty Nordick. Dorine Green, Virginia Langcndorfer. Patricia Schmit, Jeanette Hemsing. Martha Berndt. row 3,1 to r- Larry Stillwell. Margaret Marohl, Marlys Gira, Adeline Zentgraf, Marlys Hauschild. Barbara Wacha. row 1, I to r- Dolores Gustafson, Lois Hermes. Kim Nordick. row 2, 1 to r- Gladys Krump. Marlene Walters, Larry Stillwell, Mildred Mahler. Lynn Bruesch. Larry Stillwell and Diane Wenker In I. iwn » nNorthwestern Bell CALL ON US . . . WE’RE HERE TO HELP If you are calling for: Dial: — Long distance or billing inquiries 1 + 241-3130 — Credit department 1 + 241-3130 — New residence service 1 + 241-3145 No charge to call the numbers listed above Business office hours: 8-5 Mon.; 8:30-5 Tues.-Fri. — Local directory assistance 1 + 411 — For numbers within your area 1 + 555-1212 — For numbers outside your area 1 + area code + 555-1212 — AdsPHONE: (701) 642-3470 116 5. 4th St. Wahpeton BECOME PART OF THE NDSSS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION All graduates and those in attendance for two or more terms are automatically SSS Alumnus. To become active contact the NDSSS Alumni office. We need your active support! 643-1559 201 MINNESOTA AVE. BRECKENRIDGE, MINNESOTA STORE HOURS Mon. - Fri. 8am to 8pm Saturday 8am to 5pm SUNDAY 10:00am to 3:00pm SERVICE CENTER HOURS Mon. - Fri. 8am to 5pm Saturday 8am to 4:30pm YOUR COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE HEADQUARTERS WE'VE GOT THE RIGHT PRODUCTS PRICES AND ANSWERS!! AdsSNYDER DRUGS 126 N. 5TH ST. (218) 643-3871 Breckenridge, Minnesota Waterage®© VIDEO TOWN CENTRE SOU RE WO DAKOTA AVENUE • PO BOX STS • wamPFTON. NORTH Dakota SAO’S "YOUR FAMILY VIDEO STORE" Phone: 642-8967 “OUTSTANDING SELECTION OF VCR S VIDEOS" Town Centre m w TOWN centre SOuare 500 DAKOTA AVENUE • P O BOX S}» • wamPE TON. NORTH DAKOTA SKI’5 FRESH SLICED DELI MEATS, BRIDGEMAN ICECREAM “WE HAVE SANDWICHES AND SUBS' Phone: 642-3639 Please place food orders A! the counter Shahey’s PIZZA No lipping pVJW Beverages may he purchased separately at the bar Good Taste Naturally 50 Minnesota Ave., Breckenridge 52 - Ads Ondids — 531986-87 SSSFall CandidsTop left: The music for this year's Halloween dance was supplied by "Nuisance.” The band played many of the students "favorites" which kept the ghosts, goblins, and witches "rockin" all night. In the spirit of Halloween the Redwood Room of the Student Center was filled to capacity with strange looking characters dancing, watching, and listening to the music of "Nuisance." At 11:00 the band stopped playing while the activities committee judged the student's costumes as they paraded in front of the stage. Judging was based on the applause of the crowd. The Hub was open and served cookies and witch's brew. mmm Middle: Students enjoying the festivities taking place on Halloween night. The night was a success, with a good turnout of students throughout the whole night. Bottom Right: There were various costumes on the scene the night of October 30. The costumes ranged from bums to punk rockers to just come as you are. Do you know who any of these people arc? 56 — HalloweenHalloween Costume Contest winners were: 1st place ($50) • Karl Snortland. Grand Forks (nerd); 2nd place ($30) -Curtis Marple, Wendell, MN, and Vicki Pigeon. Norcross. MN (Mickey and Minnie Mouse); 3rd place ($20) -Mark Kowalski, Pillager. MN (motorcycle accident victim). Congratulations! Top left: Some punkers stop to pose for the camera. Top right: Judging of the Students costumes was based on the applause of the audience. These students show their enthusiasm for their favorite costume. Above: Students dancing to their favorite tunes played by "Nuisance." Halloween — 57Health Care Day Health Awareness Day was held Tuesday, October 14 from 11:00 am to 4 00 pm in the corridor of the Student Center. Some of the activities scheduled were: Blood Pressure Screening, Blood Sugar Testing. Hearing Testing. Aerobic Exercise Demonstrations, and a physical therapist from the sports medicine department. St. Francis Medical Center demonstrated the use of cybex systems and the prevention of athletic injuries. Aaikut loin . At«i iMnbrf Aetopk Julie. M.lbank. SD Albet Keilh. Manon Alben»on Kelly. Foxkome. MN Albiecki Kent West Faigo Al - Falak Faked. At - RonJa Amciman Jotepk, Ccgtwell AnJeiton Debe . Rugby Andeiton Jatoo. Tuiile lake Andeiton )mid. Ottytbuig. SD Andcivon Jon. Warren, MN An Jr i von Paula. Wkralon. MN Andeiton Skawn. Rogrit AndfijvK Bluer. Dickinton AimtiK Lauiie. Colekaiboi Arrl Seephen. WiKprwn Aient Sandra. Ceaceville. MN Aintton Triry. Mooekead. MN Ailb Dawn. Milnoi Aividvon Seven. Roll AvfrlJ Chnttme. BeaiJtley. MN AucV Robert. Colrb»iboi Aunwi Mrtrn. Diiili Lake Ax I man Ril . Dr.ill lake Aaure Audiry. New Rockford Bakrc Dann . Fargo Bakri Robyn. Scianton Bakkt CIrnn. Alkabo Bakkrn Kevin. Ciand Foik» Balrk Seeven. Lawson Baltin Seepkanie. Jamettown Bangtund In, Brnxon. MN Baiboi Maigueeite. Rugby Barclay Amy. Ciaftoo Baidin Kevin. Beutak Baiet Ceffrey. Denoil LaKrt. MN Batone Peggy. New Town Baiivch Ronald. Mind Batei Rebecca. Cranite Foils. MN Bauei Robeii. Alevandii . MN StudentsStudents Donate Blood The annual NDSSS Fall Campus Blood Drive was October 22 and 23 in the Student Center. Pre - registration of students was held October 16. According to Student cabinet chairpersons, Wayne Munson and Lisa Ceorgeson, the goal of 400 units of blood from the college and community was met. THANKS to everyone involved with the blood drive. Baugh Jnw. Hilton Biu h Mithwl, Jimmonn Biyliss Chnstopher. Grind Foils Bechet lisa. West fngo Becket Pamela. Nipbleon Beckttitnd Joseph. Finley BeJnd Kimbetly. Hillock. MN Bdbout Wendy, Undciwocd, MN Bell Jodi, Foteun Bendet Sidney, Bismuth Benson Lisa, Aliuisliu, MN Beidihl Pameli. Wahpeton Berdil Dime!. Coopetslown Beienison (Cevm. Westhope Beigeman David. Sliium Beigenheiet Ciyte. Fngo Beiger Todd. Dickinson Betgman Dnyl. Cund Foeks Beig- visi Timothy, Rhime Beindt Pamela. Hinkinson Beselie Beenda. ErvJttlin Bene Peny. Wahpeton Beiell Kjri. Mooihead. MN Biby Teneesce. Wiles 8iralei loien. Wahpelon Binder Brenda. Mmoe Such LeeAnn, Rhime Buchem Kimbetly. Fmmomt Biss June. Milrsoi Bimet Craig. Btsmitck Bieiklie Ktisli. Mekinock Bjornson Mnvin. Villey City Bloedel Donna. SpenFish. SO Boe Bethany. Penh Boeckel Darnell. Beulih Bohntnbetgti Linda. Wahpelon 8ommetsba h DeBia. Hankinvon Boomgiaidcn Andrew. Jimestown Bonn Monte. RoJla Borowski Joel. Fergus Falls. MN Students — 59 | Night Football Once Again Students and local area football fans filled up Alumni Stadium for the college's first night football game since 1968. The Wildcats beat Trinity Bible College 40 - 7. Drawings for several prizes highlighted the NDSSS Athletic Department's Fan Appreciation Night activities. Over 2,000 fans participated in the festivities. The lights were funded through a community fund drive that included a $50,000 gift from the NDSSS alumni Association. 8orowtki Michael. Feigut Fill . MN 8otch Lita. Linton Botch Shan. Bttmaick 8otner Chatlet. Gunnnei Bouftind Dotaglat. Libby. MT Braaten Gregory. Wahpeton Bnliati Anihony. Detroit Lain. MN Brandt Debora. Ltdgerwood Biancon Shane. Wetlhope Braltand Chad. Biyanl. SO Braun Polly. Lake Beonton. MN Bredeton loiie. Edmote Bteuer Jamet. Mooreton Brink Donald. Aberdeen. SO Brydl Daw. Diekinton Brubakken Pamela. Bnlton. SD Btuhtchwein Brian. Marion Bruint Clinton. Minot Brumlry Deborah. Fergus Fall . MN Buckley Janet. Wahpeton Buichil] Shari. Lvvtrne Bvurdick Mike. Minot 8orney Bryan, Catter. MT Butche Stacy, Ilk River. MN Bykonen Darin. Mayvilte Cain Francu. St. John Campbell Kristine. Wahpeton Carlton Brian. Jameilown Carlton Richard. Wahpeton Carlton Sheila. Cilby Carlton Sheldon. Mekinock Carnt Roeuld. Willitton Catad Jill. Breckenridge. MN Chrittl Cheryl. Fargo Chrittopherton David. Regent Citlo Joteph. Helena. MT Clark Amy. Carrington Clark Thomat. Aberdeen. SD Clauton Monte. McVille ©0 — StudemsStudents — 61Tree Donated By Kendra Volk For years to come, a small blue spruce tree on the NDSSS campus will have special meaning to Kendra Volk. The tree was don-ated last spring by Kendra, daughter of Kenneth and Mary Volk. Wahpeton. formerly from Harvey, ND. Above: Shane (brother). Kendra and Maty Volk. Right: Kendra Volk shows her Keep ND Clean Poster Contest Certificate as she presents a blue spruce to NDSSS maintenance and grounds foreman Glen Cooksley. Foley Melanie. Delaircfc foo c Steve. Langford. SD Fordf Chad. Devil Lake Forma Brenda. Litchville fwibnj Rodney. Wahpeton F«t Cuftit. Maddoek Fo»t«r Chad, Bottineau ftankl jiion. Colfax frrdiickton Wendy. Oitritail. MN Fieeberg Tete a. litbon Freije Dr Lon. Fordville Fmtag Cregoiy. ShWA, SD Frlere Lou Ann. Molt Ftieae Suvanne. Molt Ftoemke Ricky, Valley City Fuch To ii. W.lliuon Futty Nancy, Little Fall . MN Cabel Dr Anne. Fargo Caidnet Paula. Luton Citdnet Shane. Litton Cebhail Paul. Brockway. MT Cediote Stephanie. Cathay Celintki Michelle. Delarrwee Ceo ge»«ei Liu. New Rockford Cetnan Neal. Wahpelon Ceiman Pauline. Wahprion Cettner Lee. Penn Cetirvrc Lettie. VVillittort Cilbeitxon Matthew. Mad Jock Ctllet Seacy. Wahpelon Cita Kathleen. Hankinton Clinm fianklln. Zahl Glynn Brian. Bitmetck Coeter Duane. Eden Piaitie. MN Goeu Jeff. Halliday Goett Sutan. Halliday Coeotki Steve. Wahpelon Coutneau Waniia. Wahpeton Craffit Pamela, Moot head. MN Gieen David. Minot »2 — Students |1l «« Scmi. Elbow Lakt. MN Crrrrvough Site. Minneapolis. MN Crticat Deborah, P.vek Cttnvberg Carmen. Willow Lakt. SO CtiFfin Dtannt. North wood Cioss Ktnny. Napoleon Crovrhanv Kristi. Ashley Crote Stott. Battle View Cmliiln Liu. Minot Cundetson Oj»vJ. Karlstad. MN Cundetson Richard. Faiinvounl Gutsdtison Tcoy. M no4 CuriKh Bud It y, Beulah Cuun 11ton. litchsslle Gustafson Rodd. l«i| Pra.iie. MN CylltnJ Knit. CcJfj« 111 Hong, Pelican Raped . MN ll»l Tbomtt. Pipestone. MN Mui Kathryn. Tuitlt Lake Htfluti Aiundt, Minot Kagtl V«ky. DtIkoII Hagtlit Randy. Kobinwn Hagtman Kevin. Gettysburg. SO Hagen Matlhtw. Fosslon, MN Hagen Nancy. Sunlty Hahn Beian, Bottineau Hahn Jacqueline, Thief River. MN HaUorson Angela. Barnesville. MN Hall Bonnit. Bellingham Mn Hall Cathtunt. Walhalla Hall Maynatd. Bottmrau Hamit Sonja. Gland Forks Hanna Wendy. Wahpeton Hansana Sytavanh. Haxen Hansen Cynthia, Lisbon Hansen Itny, Lisbon Hanvon 8tian. Grafton Hanvon Darren. Carpio Hanvon Diannt. Langdon Hanvon Tammy. Milnot Hanvon Ztlla, Bttcktntidgt. MN Hataldvon Craig. North wood Hardy Ryan, Cwinncr Haring Lisa. Cayuga Hanng Matgo. Oaktt Hat'.tv Julit. Lidgrrwood Harptr Htath. Minot Harptr Robttl. Baldwin Mm.von David. Fort Yattv Hart Patrick. Prlitan Rapids. MN Hartman Becky. llltndale llasbaigtn Holly. Wheaton. MN Hasstbrotk Mark. Wahptton Hmack (amts. Schaumburg. IL Hauff Roland, Lthc Haupt Michatl. Avhlry Hauvaucr Michtllt, Wahptton Haydtn Kristrt. Stcllc Hayward Todd. Doyon Htath Catolt. Ltwistown. MT Htgtl Julit. Ttnnty. MN Mthl Barbara. Cackle Ktid Madonna. McLaughlin. SO Htitr Sharon. Hague Htintn Patrick Stlfndgc Heilman Jantlle. Balta Htinlt Darctnt. Wing Utley Joltnt. Lidgtrwood Htlty laurten. Lidgtrwood Htlgtson Paul. Grand Forks Htlgtvon Thomav. Brtcktntidgt. MN Htndttson Myron. Rolla Students — 63i j. A new 15 • fool message center in front of the NDSSS Student center flashes instantaneous temperature, time and up to 32 messages daily of campus activities for passing motorists and pedestrians. Its two - foot letter can be brightened or dimmed and the direction of the message can be controlled for traveling right or left, roll up or down and can be blended or flashed to emphasize on or two special attractions. Even the speed can be varied. Hendtickton Batace. Fargo Hrrvjrulion Thomas. Michigan Ikimjnwn Told. Liib«a Her me Mary. IVahpelon Hntl It Ann. WilllMOn Heste John. IVahpelon Utltich Kathleen. Bixmard Hewiit Rahrd, Grand forlt lliggint Darin. langdon H.IU Randy. Summ.1. SD llimlty Adam. Degraff. MN (linker Mark, foeeuburg. SO Hint; Oatby. Ilannovcr Hoang Thanh, Fargo Hodgin Stephanie. Hannah Hoerauf Retke. fargo Hoto U a. Battle lake. MN Hotrh Cceutance. Cavlier Holla Robert. Zeeland Honeynun earla. Regent Hoogland Steven. Btecktnridge. MN Hopkint Boeinit. Oake» Horner Wade. Stratburg Hotten Darell. Calvin Hovde Todd. Nome Hiaeltman Paul, fox home. MN Hialet Jaxon. Fergus fall . MN Hoto Dovgla . Mayville Hutchinson Tamera, Hob on. MT Inglehail Jtnniftr. Garrison Imtlind Jay. McCtegoe Ithaug leAnn. Barnetville. MN Iverton Mary. Hankinton Ixeison Molly.Ne»» Town Iverson Steve. Tioga Jacob Donald. IVahpelon Jagcdrintki Mona, M.»ielon Jandt Kathleen. Beach Jandt Kevin, Beach Janttcn Dalla . Volborg. MT 64 — Students :Z ill 5 •= £ c s 5 - adilis 11I1III JKCCCCCC £ s-8-S-S-S-S-g . flj }ll|llj} liillaaa 2 z ■3 i fs i-li „ . otffl . 51.2 2 U c z v- il.S ! UiUi 22222222 mmk JlTO 222$22 2 £ f s .. 1«. I 5 Mi |£|l| | - i g s? gi;22Football Fans Enjoy Weather Faithful fans leave Frank Vertin Field after a fun-filled Homecoming game. Even though the Wildcats came up short on the scoreboard, the weather cooperated and let a large crowd cheer them on. Wildcat Willie and Jr. Cheerleader, Elizabeth Drewlow dance together at the sidelines of the Homecoming game. Co get 'em Wildcats! Kuchyntki Sharon. Die ki neon Kuhn Karmen, Fargo Kglj John. Grand Foek Kulrer Debra. Fotmin Kunu Seolt, New Rockford Kuiu Steven, Faitmoont Kutuc Wayne. Cotf« Lampe Dean. Wheaton. MN langowiki Jamei. Grafton Laiton Beyan. Thompton Laiton Janette. Oake La ile Charle . Clendive. MT Lebrun David, Cnnd Foek Lee MclitM. Oake Lefor Jamt . Lefoe levdholt David. Mile City. MT Leith Kri tin. Park River Letm Chad. Venturi Lemke Jeff. Sidney. MT Lena Donald. Royalton. MN Lena Joann. Royalton. MN Leonatd David. Minot Lepp Jaek. Aihtey Lenard David. Crook ton. MN Levin Jayne. Fargo Lewi Robert. Faiimount Lichtiinn Jodie. Moorhead. MN lillc tol Jeanne. Wyndmtee Limevand Anita. LaMoure Lind Kelly, Flaxton Lind Jeffrey. Mayville lindbetg Barbara. Kenmare Lindbetg Sharon. Power Lake Lock Miehael. Forman Locken Shannon. Lancatler. MN Loegering Steven. Catwlton loeht Steven. Starkweather loibl Marietta. Fingal Longnecker Roger, Warwick Lotter Tana. Wahpeton 66 — Studentsl«un beiy Todd. Rcv.Ho. SO tunj Scotl, Ciand Toik Lundr Loti. WikpMi LunJf Mi hdlf. Two Vilify. MN Lyon Gregory. Vilify City Mi i Pairick. Kcnial Mjo Dijw, Fargo Mahler Bfih. Wahptton Mahler Scon, r«i»» Malkowiki Kamla. Bowman Malkowiki Kiiiti. Bowman Mandl Pftft. Northwund Monn Bradley, Coldrfl Valley Manning Jo«pk, Fargo Mul r. Killeen. New Ufingion. SO Marohl Rtndy, Wahperon Marple Ciarlit, WmM, MN Mnw Omni , Logic Bend. MN Matleny Daniel. Jamettown Martian Loom. Beath Marlin Richard, Vilify Cily Mill Eik. Ffigu Fill . MN Mathiaion Jon. MiJJIf Ri««i. MN Matthew David, Campbelltbetg. IN Miu Kevin. Wheaton. MN Miy Scofl. Park Rapid . MN McCall Diane. llankinion Mtid Dawn. Dexter. MN Mtf lf» Kfndii. Moofktid. MN Mcvdingcr Stew. Mandan Mcifi Stephanie. River dale Mmwl Kelly. Harm Mkkfl m Biion, Tioga Miketh Cindy, Moor non Milln Oiani, Breckinridge. MN Millti Onnalre. Pelican Rapid . MN Mi iilrk Sun. Mimo MoK Bifivii. VVikpfion Mollff Caroline. Eagle Bond, MN Mol If l Shown. Power Likt Molifi SRicon. Ffigo Fill . MN Montgoenety Timolhy, Breckinridge, MN Moran Eix. Minot Moiivcc LodivliV. Nfw England Mo hfi Jini. Wihption Mo ff Jo fph, Voluirt Munich Stfphinif. Oikf Mufllfi Pilikk. Dickmtoei MulholLmd Vkki. Bumarck Mumon Wayge. Nfw Rockford Murth Michelle. HilUboeo Murphy Sc in. Volley Cily Mu cha Kandy. Wheatland Myfft Jeremy. Jamfilown Nflvon Clfgg. Uriicoll Nelten Undo. Aaamooif Nelife Stacy. Mi not Nfuurl Dilf. Robinion Ngo Tien. Fiigo Nguyen Trong, Bertha. MN Nichol Todd. B.imarck Nm Brian. Wi h k Nodland 8ciin, B.imarck Nofdly Louiif. Ciiffvillt. MN Nocgifd John. Coopfittown Nofgord Rithiid. Cummingi Notch Jolfph. Hiawatha. lA Novik, Dorr. Pi fk Novotny Laurit. Lidgfrwood Obfig Timothy. Wahpeton O William. Vilify City Olton Arden, Balfour Students — 67Tilford Kroshus,director of NDSS5 Wildcat Singers announced the selection of 28 students for the 1986-87 ambassadors of music at NDSSS. Students, both first and second year, were selected. Seventeen students at NDSSS were selected for the 1986-87 Wildcat Stage Band, announced Laurie Caron, NDSSS music department instrumental director. Both groups will perform several times throughout the year. Olton Bunt. Ur.gfoid. SD Olton EujtM. 'Veil fjijo Olton Jimrt. Smboin Olson Julit. Foil Kimim Olton K C. Colombo , CA Olton Loivfll. UMooif Olton Tim. Alirno Oltvij J nnif«r. Doiin. MN O Nnl Citg. Gittlty, CO Ontbuok rcfgy. Wibptton Opoitn Cliffyl. Bi«kf fiildjt. MN Otonton Jjiki, Red lake Fill . MN Otici Could. LidjtmuoJ Otfiby ClwrMf. Hop Oweby Dm. N w Town Ovtfton Jjton, Ktnmjtf IVf Thomjs. Fluff. MN Pukintiu Clrmffil. Rotfglcn Pjui Pjulcltr, Wjhpfton Pfiiton Kylt. Stmton P«Vj Thtrfti, Jimftiown PfdtiKn Kntitn. Ptmbiu Pfdfittn Sbui. liltKviltf Podfftfn Slrtfn. Valley City Pflc Ludmili. Wahpeton Pfllfll CKid. Mi ivfy Ptmbltion Ciiron. Minor Ptplow RicKiid. Miifn Pftfk Collffn. W«tip«Nn Pttoli Dofftn, New Yoik Mill . MN Pflfften loirn. Riymond. MN PfMfton Allin. Anru Pciciton Giylfn. WiKption Pfltrton MkKjfl. Fiiro Pdftton Tim. WiKption Priiowiti CynlKi . Fingil PFfilff Edwin. Rugby Pftiflt Ktlty, AtMty Pfeiflt Robfit, Bitfktnridgf. MN PflngMM Diiic. Leonard StudentsPhillip Din. IjmforJ PiKhonli Jine, Dotin. MN Pile Clarence, Biirn i k Pijton Vicki, Notcto . MN Plummet Vincent. Wihpeton Plutomki Bart. Ardoch Poach Julie. Pelicin RipiJ . MN Pcdoll Liu. WiKfdon Poet Ron. Abel on PoViiymmli Timmy, Diiylon Ptewler Shi»n. Lemmon. SO Puce Roger. Will.,ton Piimlily Bruce. Soulh lllill Prochnovr Line. Li»bon Prom Robert. Fmvenden Puelt Tioy. Mmiiilu Quatame John. Wihpeton Quinlan Jill. La Moure Ruin Charlotte. Fugo Rillnly BinvJi. Ciiiin(l(m Kaftevold lliiirv. llaineiville. MN Raintbeny Jon. Lakoti Rainbow Randy. Lllchville Raniulr Keith, Hoople Kinmch John. MatuJan Rippini Jane. Ugetey Rnmimen Liu. Milnoi Reidle Doc . Teliview. MT Reinhardt Sieved. Jame town Reinhaft Scott, Croohtton. MN Rennei Pete. Baker. MT RetilafJ Join. Oile Reup.e Bob. FfMcmfen Rkedotf Michelle. LlAMUei. MN Ricker Thomn. Firgo Riddle Seoli. UMouie Rieger Kevin. Cund Fork Riemtri Vieki, Litchville Robctg Denni . Sanborn Robem Mirk. Bitmirck Robin ton bter.Ji. Tappen Rodikomki Arnold. Fairfield Roll John. Minoi Roll Kenneth. Minoi Romereim Rod. Wihpeton Ronin Ciry, Wihpeton RoKoe John. Calvin Rolcring Alton. Amidon Rudolph Julie. Simton. SD Rovig Kendill. belt hold Sim von Jim. Stttelon. SD Sinborn Jcnlyn. Leoli. SD Sinde Todd. We»l Firgo Sender Riy, Wihpeton Sither Mirk, Starkweather Silher Ruth. Seirkivtilher Schaefer Dawn, Lllervdile Schaefer Timothy, Wett Firgo Srhilfer Cud. Wihpeton Schill Deneen. Minot Schin Reger. Circle. MT Schiu Roger. Dr ike Schlermeitter Piuli. Helen Sehlifminn Mitvie. Mindin Schligel Kiten. Wihpeion Schlenk Jacqueline. Grafton Schlittenhird Monte. Lingdon Sehmilu Veronica. Boetmeau Schmidt Purick. Minot Schmidt Sherry. Wihpeton Schneider Cynthii. Nipoleon Schneider Kimberly, Lingdon Students — 69Enrollment Declines A fall quarter enrollment of 2.583 students has been reported at NDSSS. This figure represents a decline of 254 students from last year. Enrollment statistics show decreases in most areas, except for transfer students from other colleges and universities and the Arts and Science Division. Transfer students jumped to 549 students from 517 and Art and Science grew to 472 students. Schneider Myron. Linton Schoenwald Levin. Siwyn Schteiher Karen. Dor in. MN Srliiriwi Hilary. Raleigh Schtaltx John. Wahpeton Schumacher Chrivtophcr. Aberdeen, SO Schwede Tamar . Bccmarck Schweitier Leclse. DoJ r Scott Milo. Willivton Seefeld Thomav. Sell Sem Kelly. Weuhope Severance Kevin, New Town Sharp Paul. Wahpeton Shoulti Jim. Park River Sigdahl Coral. Ciand fork Sine Dean. Revillo. SD Simmonv Nathan. Wahpeton Skedwold Stephen. Willi won Skjomby Daniel. Wahpeton Slabik Timothy. Cayuga Smith Duane. Fargo Smith Gregg. Lttrvond Smith Margaret, Birmatck Smith Paula, Maddock Smith Sheila. Burlington Smith Traci. Jamev.own Snortland Karl. Crand Forks Sogard Chrictopher. Cailhctabutg. MD Sokrvevv RanJa. Wahpeton Solbetg Richard. Webrter. SD Sommer Feld Steve. Wahpeton Soomttland Debra, Crete Sondrot Daniel. Turtle Lake Soeby David. Canby. MN Sortland Karen. Litchville Southern Teoy. lantford Sowk Coeutance. Lidgerwood Spain Michele. Montevideo. MN Sperling David. Ferguv Fall . MN Spicer Dale. Thompvon Studentsimm mim SIHIll] St S •? »J5 0 1 CF 0 » sIHiiil i5 7 iai7 wv a a a riiiiiii Jy • i » 7i O' || s I Cn I StudentsStudent took jdvdntage of the beautiful fall weather, with temperature in the 70's. Right. Jackie Gcrszcwski of Oslo, MN talks with l.oann StadstaJ of Manvel, ND in front of Havcrty Hall. Val Erickson. Secretary of the Business Division in doorway. tViniwr Pamela, Bismarck Ward HrrnJa, Moorcton Walt Jon. Chaffee Weber Kenneth. Center Wehvler William. Minot VVedin Barbara. Alden. MN Wegener Lealie. Lidfeiwoesl Wridnet Micharl. Matliday Weigel Brenda. Edgeley Wripl Marie. Kintyte Weinritl Joseph, hlandan Welter Paiala. Gnmnn Wendlatvl Shauna. Balaton. MN Weiner Loel. Ktntyre Werner Mrrlm. Wyndmere Wei re Uauna. Monango Wert Stephanie. Nashua. MN Weirth Wendy. Martdan VVevtey (tie. Morm, MN Wick Tammy. Jamestown Widen Ctrgory. Ciand forli Wkki Rebecca, Wahpeton Willenbnng Cordon. EnJrtlin Wilvon Debra. Scranton Wilson Tony. Bismarck Williams Jacifueline. Oontatf, MN Winkelt Kristi. Wahpeton Winkler Cynthia. Valley City Wisnewski Denise. Liil rmord Wold Jcsli. Abercrombie Wolf Kevin. Napoleon Wolf Lee. Knot Wotff Errol. CleselanJ Wood Michael. Oakes Wruck Jonathan. Mori Wutiburgci Lori, Wahpeton Yagow Kevin. Cwinner Zahradka Janrl. Lasslon Zander Martin. Mandan Zeien Kathleen. New England Ziegelnian Ann. Wahpeton Zieseh Marslsell. Pettibone Zimmerman Alan. Bismaick 72 — StudentsFACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION Faculty and administration work very hard to provide a high quality of education here at NDSSS. Instructors use the latest in equipment and technology to help students "learn by doing." Even though NDSSS is a two year college, the faculty and administration always find time to get to know the students and help them adjust to college life. Aadland laVonne, Dent. Aux. Aatie James, Dm I Tech. A hies Paula. Handicapped Cooid. Anderson Berruid. Elect. Tech. Andeiseei Erttsn. Comp Sy . Tech Aimkxi Harlan. Auto Diesel Tech Rikken Oilin. Cont. Education Bing 8 ih. Atch. Dultiii(; Blouln Joen. Giaphic Ait» Tech. Boichtil Keith. Oil. Enroll, Services Btiun Sue. tin Aids Assist. Utophy Betniid. Electronics Brocsch Ron. Auto. Collision Rep. Ciioet Liufie. Music Psychology Ci sid Rodney. Dent. Aus Chiistensen Liny, DitJ Process. Coe John, Weld. Tech. Cutlet Gtegocy. Psychology Dell Kithleen. Dili Process. Dieheii William. Elect. Tech. Decnl Joann. Ore. Careers BIA Coord. OerLe Arnold. Diesel Tech. Drny John, Diesel Tech. Dicdetidc Bath. Pik. Nursing Dohmin Gloria. Peiiodscals Lib. Drews Clay. Election. Tech. Eckre Alvin. Admin. Service Dir. Egge Rsshert. Math Scicnce Ellsworth Alice. Student Center Sec. Engen lX n. Phy. Ed. Dir. Engh Kenneth. Election. Tech Erickson Etrol. Eng. Human! ties Essig Darrel. Programmcr Analyst Ereden Jean. Dent Aux. Ecedericksen Marlyn. Placement Dir. Gaarder Brian. SecyMedrcil Rec. Cette Robert. Business Div. Dean Coe os 1.1 Robert. Auto Collision Repair Gnge Al. Phy, Ed Tennis Coach Grige Mary Ann. Phy. Ed Volleyball Coach Faculty Administration — 73Cult-union Mary. Eng Human.tiev Hinmmli tdnarj. Meehan Drafting Haikell Richard, Arch. Dulling tlauch Richard. Ccranvelmg Center Hauge Patiick. then I Tech llaugm Jean. Otc. Tlietapy Amid Heap June . Petto. Tech Heath Maitln, Math Scienve Hegel Chatlr . Inctiucl. Re ouice Tech. l (l(OAn 6l yn», Inf or Stivuc- Du. Hendnckton Baity. Dai Piixm llendnckion R«k. Electronic Henry Char lev. Elect Tech. Herme Clifford. Bv Admin. He ch Joe. Data Prove ' Hilgeman ]t(l. Aicb. Drafting Hina K.xlncy. L'nviion. Syvtem Holm Richard. Adnii» And Record Du. Ilornvtein Vicky. Nunt ll-'M ili Sherman. Marketing anj Mgmt. Hulkin RonalJ. AraJemic Affju VI’ Jacohvon lime-, Upholvleiy Jacotnoei Paul, Weld Tech. Jfi»m IMotci. Sec ,’Tud Coach Itn-tn Omn, 8 i ..'Tr ck.-Cto» Counny Coach Johnton CliffiuJ. Math Tooling Tech. Johnvon lame . Agio Coltivion Rep. Johnvon I owe!I. Social Science (ohnion Michael. Revident Semen Die. Johnvon Neal. Malh Scierwr Kavielle Ruvvell. Civil Engineering Keller |«epK, Mech. Drafting Keromet Luxrne. Dirvel Tech King IX'nelJ, Secittaiial hue Walter. Electrical Knudven Ralph. Election. Tech. Koppany. Myeon. BuiImh Alfam VP Koeth Thonva . Computet Centei Dir. Kiohn Steven. Inittuct. Rt'Oviree Coord. Krovhui Mary. Catalogcr. librarian Krovhu TilEoeJ. Muvic Krump Betty. Ececulive Dir ATE'A hrump Jane. Praci. Nurvrng Laahv Harvey. Elecuon Tech larven John. InJuM. Train Prog. Dr. Laiion Chevler. IVnonnel Service Die. Lemke Robeli. Weld. Tech, terv Nadcne. Nune Lindcman Thomac. Social Science Link Harvey. Agn. Meeh. Tarm Bu» Manag I.Clock ilrniy. Auto anj Auto Dinrl loivncbuiy Michael. Civil Engineering Maat Ivan. Elect. Tech. Manvke Maik. Comp. Operator Sup. Marcoite Eugene. Marketing anj Manag Matohl Judy. financial AU Du. Maiaet Caeoiita. Occ. Thetapy A i t McDaniel JuJith. Secretarial Meehan Jame . Election. Tech. Meihech Laity. Math.Scirnce Millet Derini . Auto anj Auto Dietel Mocllei Irvin. Ref ng anj Air CortJ Mom Monroe. Auto and Auto Dievel 74 — Faculty Administration1 . i pAc i’j : = Jill I llsil . P -•?“ S5 “ 4|d£|v I Sr? 5- imh , lllUJii .SiiJjU . . : v 3| W 3 5i 5 = S ; =-.£ C. ' mill 35566=: 1 Ik e «1 ii13l4 idllil4 I . 2 a v 5 ? ■23r-2 Ml -? sl y“l5 31 tJ111 j2.g£ 3 llliiJi :£« c« -2 7. ' S 5 1 51: iM IP |5! i L H21 IJ j J _ y. y i 7 y,1, £ .3 § 1 111 r Mi ir • 2 - s H ■5 3'i Jr _• -“’’gsh -fe e “ 7 « i - 11=351 5 J3 C -t 2 £ 6 - r, t 2 - HlP l |1 ll!1s w is. • 7 v. 7 3 «e 1 -c f C 2 _ « e 2 Lili fS|i£3 2i ®yjsa si ttSilM ec|fjs| C x c 1 Faculty Administration — 7576 — SecretariesSecurity, Row 1: Harlan Moeller. Row 2: Delbert David, Robert Donahe. Maintenance — 77 Maintenance. Row I: Delbert Steffen', Arlcn Steffens Dale Medcnwaldt, Johnson. Row J: Norman Bohi Arnold Biel. Diana Bladow, Floyd Morken, Pearl Cast, Bernice Davis Ruth Datrel Ralash. Rod Hill, Mark ' Stoltenow. Mavis Buus, Wayne Wolfgram, Gilbert Sloltenow. Row 2: Wayne Vigen Row 4: Daryl Eberhardl. French. Dave TrangsruJ. Duane Marohl, Jetty Marohl. Glenn Cooksley. Hank pang, Mike Johnson, Jim (" Lehman. Vcrnice DeVries, Connie Backer. Grace Lehman, Ruth Claus. Lura 'hey, Milton Bladow. Maintenance Security Heating Plant Maintenance, Row 1: Rich Jaudt, Glen MedenwaJdt, Glen Claus, Dean Allmendinger. Row 2: Jay Tougas, Dave Shasky, James Walters, Rick Koval, Jack Anderson.] Row 1: Jeff Jordahl, Sieve Mocn, Jim Longtin, Pal Dawson, Wade Eric, Mike Jockim, David Weber. Row 2: Brian Nies. Jim Yaggic. Scolt Lund. Kyle Blazek. John Manstrom. Dan Havcrland. Dale Stumvoll. Mike Lemna. Scoll Mahrer. Row 3: Sluari Gullicks, Jeff Lindaas, Daniel Phillips, Jon Taghon, Mark Winter, Rodney Manernik, Jon Nelson. Jim Ballwcber. Row 4: Paul Strand, Curl Swan . John Myers. David Dvorak. Brian Jones. Ron Erlcl, Ty DeWiiz, Ron Pcllman. Agri Business Club Architectural Drafting Club Row I: dim Bruins. Kent Stoa. Kim Birchcm. Caroline Moller. Ron Even, Marly Van Den Eykel, John Muse, Christopher L. Moedc. Dan Overby, Curt Janssen. Scolt Anderson. Row 2: Wendy Welsch, Leah Kossan, Wendy Hanna. Denise Hartshorn. Carole Heath. Laurie Anseth, Bob Kann. Kevcn Wegenast, Eddie Kiphulh, Judy Enoch. Row y. Lin Glimm. Jerry Chamberlain. Wayne Thompson. Ty Short. Mike Bruels, Jon Anderson. Chap Lillebcrg. Dan Clancy Jr.. Kerri Albrecht. Clubs1st Year Auto Collision Repair Clubs Auto Collision Repair, l i year. Row 1: Brian Kounovsky, Mike Haseley, Randy Rambow. Randy Muscha. Byron Kinn. Joe Berthold. Row 2: Kevin Mau. Sheldon Witty, Bill Lien, Chad Bratland. Glenn Bakke. Mike Clark, Keith Grunewald. Bruce Haman, Todd Jorissen. Row Clarence Overby, Lynn Weatherspoon, Steve Reinhardt, Dave Cox, Rick Landren, R. Hart, Owen Petersen, Francis Cain. Row 4: Dean Wyckoff, Chuck Botner. Pat Mueller, Kelly Schafer. Brad Moldenhauer, Gregg Smith, Dale Olson, Randy Beck, Guy Krause. Auto Collision, 2nd year, Row 1: Rob Bakkum, Shawn Freije. Mary Maixner, Ken Kosicnski, Tien Ngo, John G. Caab, Jerry Findley. Doug Swatlowski, Jason Anderson. Row 2: Kevin Kabclla, Dean Aslakson. Bryce Rohrich, Bryan Kcmmer, Kurt Gruchalla. Joe Odell, Josh Sherlock, Strad Benjamin. Mike Lcpp, Brad Modnefield, Randy Hagelie, Eric Marts, Arnie Karsten. Row J: Paul Endcrson, Dan Braun. Marty Berg. Chad Friederichs, Alan Bergstrom, Jerard Anderson Danny Domben, Jerome Melmcr Ronnie Braaten. Row 4: Rodney Hovde, Lyndon Hangcnson. Greg Porter Doug Eggl, Paul Short, Paul Pratz, Jon Hunt, Jeff Seifert. Mitch Reiff. Lance Brockoy. 2nd Year Auto Collision Repair 2nd Year Auto Mechanics Auto Mechanic . 2nd year. Row 1: Kelly Lind. Mark Zvcrn. Larry Valhroder, Scot! Fincher, Treasurer, Albert Ellis, Secretary, Todd Alme. President. Row 2: Craig Dallmann. Chris Markwardt. Jeremy Olson. Christopher Sogard. Dale Leslie, Brent Sundlie. Row y Kenneth Darchuh. Con Vetter. Jerome Deichert. Hilary Schreiner. Arnold Rodakowski, Doug Kramer. 1st Year Auto Mechanics Auto Mechanics. 1st year. Row 1: Steve Hougland, Richard Koziol. John Beaman. Brian Hettich. Kelly Scholl. Robin Jensen. Row 2: Jeff Cope. Brian Moser. Richard Engwicht, Spencer Johnson. Shawn Mollet. Trevor Sanders. Row J: Paul Helgcson, Shawn Bosch, Loren Schoenbeck, Paul Schell. Bruce Steier. ClubsCivil Engineering. 2nd year. Row 1: Neil NeWon. Steve Ncppl. Tom Winkler. Jamey Weinmann, Mike Flatt. Row 2: Gus Manolis, Mollic Leinen. Clyde Williamson. Craig Fluto. Dan Feickert. Mike Broadland. Row J: Scott Swartwout. Scott Daedc. Robert Schrocder, Greg Koldcn. Todd Norton, Kevin Bennett. 2nd Year Civil Tech Club 1st Year Civil Tech Club Civil Engineering. 1st year. Row 1; Terry Johnson, Shane Lucck, Bob Engclmann, Brad Huber. Ken Linster, Doug Ettcr. John Bugbee. Duane Treitline. Row 2: Glenn Heizelman, Todd Marschall, Traci Smith. Shannon Wait, Tom Johnson. Dan Pladson, Judy Albertson, Andy Crook. Row y Mr. Koslcllc, Robert Schmidt, Paul Reiland, Ross Wamie. Kary Voegele. Cary Jandt. John Knutson. ClubsCook And Chef Club Row 1: Raoul J. Taillon, Shaun C. Nowacki, Monte Schlitlenhard. Scon Mau, Kathy Jandt, Lyle Skaw. Row 2: Claarence Frcdciick. Jr.. Lancttc Swenson, Brenda Binder. Lisa Hivcly. Sheri Ellis. Don Schmidt. Mark Mehrkens, Scott May. Neil Rittenour. Mary Uhren. Row 3: Danny Juber, Kenneth L. Metzen, Larry Sperr, James Wagner. Jeff Murck. Row 4: Julie Olson, Lisa Benson. Carleen Bcrtelscn. Michelle Syring. Lisa Bosch, Stephanie Mitcham. Pat Huffman. Brian Neste, Roy Rodahl, Jim Micole. D.E.C.A. Club Row 1: Lisa Hagen. Brenda Johnson, Elizabeth Hanna. Janellc Larson. Robyn Storkson. Rochelle Hamilton. Lorri Piatz. Kevin Rogalla. Helen Axtman, Rhonda Knaust. Cheri Mikcsh. Becky Lingen. Karen Ust. Row 2: DcVonne Doran. Clay Scm. Jim Wetzel. Scott Beil. Mike Smith, Kent Madckc, Randy Nelson. Ross Gailfos, Lillian Wanner, Kelly Pfeifle. Dale Dietz. Advisor. Row 3: S. Hoseth. Sharon Kuchynski, Jodi Bell, Jayne Hanson. Daro Crandall, Pete Woyen, Jonas Nelson. Karl Snortland, Barry Heinen. Todd Velsch, Kim Nelson. Trudy Hansen.Delta Psi Omega Club Gary Vetter. Darrin Dronen. Scott Sorum 2nd Year Dental Hygiene Club Row l: Lisa Becher, Kristi Bjerklie, Michelle Lundc, Kathryn Maas, Ann Keller, Linda Nelson. Row 2: Julie Carlson. Conny Brunskill, Beth Mahler, Kathy Kadlec. Coleen Pcsek. Julie Poach. Karla Anfinson. Row 3: Jodie Lichtsinn, Nicole Ldvall. Joyce Thocnncs, Janine McMorrow, Stacy Neslon. Not Pictured: Molly Inverson, Mary Kappes. 1st Year Dental Hygiene Club Row 1: Patty Verkuelen, Michele Emmel, Cynthia Wincklcr, Danna Baker, Stacie Stockert. Kim Wohl, Ruth Sather. Row 2: Wendy Geiger, Joy Lowe, Celeste Rando, Carol Marlin. Julie Fischer. Rose Nords-kog. Ann Maite, June Biss. Row 3: Linda Elgun, Cynthia Petrowitz, Tami Larson, Janel Zahradka, Nancy Fussy, Sue Zel-tinger, Jodi Calacicco.Diesel Club Row I: Dan Subolik, Lawrence E. Du-vorak, Dan Kuhn, Jim Grunefelder. Phil Szudcra, Douglas Reidle, Brian F. J. Crisslcr, Don Lens, Mike Doll, Mitch Jaeger. Row 2: Phil Kopp, Isidore Vetter, Loren Lerbakken, Allen Schaff. Jeff Rug-glcs, Mark Lura, Greg Lyon, Shawn Anderson, Jason Mulct, John Kraft, Wayne Olson, Ed Straus, Gene Kemmct. Row 3: Derek Muske, Todd Secfcld, Thomas Seefeld, Thurc Schcig. Marty Zander, Randy Smith. Jarame Myers, Jim Sweeney, Kevin Schuster, Clayton Kinn, Craig Bitncr, Jim Connolly, Pat Meyer. Electrical Club Row 1: David Kotaska, Hans Dubois, Dave Novak, Enich Sandstormer, Derek Johnson, Scott Kuntz. Row 2: Pal Rath, Mike Lee, Pat Schmidt. Dale Kartes, Cecil McGuire. Jim Ebel. Brent Olson. Steve Cook, Raymond Rogness, Annette Rcn-ken. Daryl Wanner. Row 3: Darnell Boeckel, Mark Sathcr, Rick Martin, Thomas Hendrickson, Dave Lebrun, Robert Hewitt, David Sorby, Curt Van Vleet. Joel Krause, Kevin Blazek, Kevin Sanders, Jack Lcpp. Electronics Club Row 1: John Osland - Advisor, Clint Krause, LoAnn Stadstad, John Rennich, Neil Goodman. Kendra Mcestcr, David Kerbaugh, Leslie Gessner, Richard Carlson. Row 2: Mike Burdick, Joe Manning, James McElmury, Perry Vetter, Brian Bruhschwcin, Errol Wolff, John Dich-raff, Duane Schmidt. Row 3: Duane Goeser, Todd Hermanson. Monte Bonn, Mike Wood. Robert Prom. Rob Kunz. Robert Strommcn, Mark Jensen.Row 1: John Rassct, Advisor, Steve Arel, Vynccnt Baugh, Al Pikarski, Craig Paulson, Chad Carpenter, Kay Fulp, Advisor. Row 2: Lee Poitra, Bruce Koppang, Kristine Campbell, David Bruschwein, Mark Marek, Dzung Nguyen, Robert Stcussy, Fahed Al-Falah. Row 3: Mark Cruhot, Kevin Tang, Jerry Ellsworth, Todd Kunze, Michael Borowski, Thomas Helgeson, Jamal Abu-Shanab. Engineering Club Row 1: Darin Bykonen. George Codden, David Leonard, Pat Lemieux, Tim Kleppen, Donald Jacobs. Ken Kenitzer, Jeff Cote. Kevin Dahlen. Row 2: Del Hoffman. Daniel Docktcr, Floyd Westall, Mark Sawyer, Colby Sampson. Steve Koenig. Paul King. Paul Schneider, Joey Wadeson, Mr. Miller. Row 3: Mike Meyer. Steve Krush, Ryan Dinga, Danny Ehlers, Ron Chaput, Merlin Werner, Jeff Lcmke, Grant Brockey, Rod Tharaldson, Bob Abbott, Advisor. Environmental Systems ClubRow 1: Kelly Kalzanmeycr, Sharon Krump, Juli Minchow. Deb Brandi. Randa Sokness, Carla Desrosier. Jan Ragle. Row 2: Doug Weatherly, Jeff Harlow. Ron Pink. Milo Scott, Karen Schrcibcr. Brenda Weigel. Rebecca Toy. Row 3: Chris Schumacher. Brad Bisg. Chaiyos Khojitmet, Wade Horner, Jay E. DeVore. Cal Andrist. Row -I: Terry Arntson, Pete Gebhart, Greg Kamtowski, Gary Pierson, Greg Lemer, Dale Buchholz. Row 5: Sharon Molter, Relke Hoerauf, Shaicc Spitzer, Sharon Cofield, Sherry Schmidt. Carla Baker. Tammy Anderson. Not Pictured: Jodi Straabc. 2nd Year Graphic Arts 1st Year Graphic Arts Row 1: Stan Whilobird. Scott Kiemele. Kerry Crowe, Todd Petersen. Eric Carlson. Row 2: Coral Sigdahl. Sandy Wagner, Vicki Rienstra, Valeric Nerdahl, Phan Huynh.Row I: Tim Pull, Greg Klein, Mitch Hegg. James Wagner, Rodney VanBruggen. Row 2: Carol Schaffer, Sharon Moltcr, Gwen Ridenhower. Stephanie Von Bank. Sharee Spitzer. Joyce Aasness. Row 3: Jim Feistner, Milo Scott, Dave Elder . Joe Beckstrand. Boyd Johnson. Kevin Dahlen, Kurt Olson, Curt Janssen. Not Pictured: Nancy Wagner, Wendy Dcnowh. Kathy llettich. Tom Wanek. I.V.C.F. Club Row l: Dan Hoffman, Doug Bourland, Joe Weinzirl. Tony Baier, Barry Anderson, Chris Huffman. Jim Samson Kenn Bailly. Row 2: Carl Olsen, Glen Thulcscn, Jerry Warner. Perry Beure. Chad Crandall. Carl Knutson, lim Larson. Pam Berdahl. Lee Ccssner, Kirk Toepke, Dan Skjonsby. Daren Klingcnstcin. John Hoyer, Jerome I 3: Joe Mosser. Tim Thooft. Todd Lounsbcry. Scott Riddle. Clarence Pifer. Kemp Asbeck. Lowell Winihcr Hier. Bruce Ulmer. Michael Swenson, Arlen Tenold, Michael Engwicht. .ay. Row . Richard Machinist Club 1Mechanical Drafting Club Row 1: Ray Stockerl, Dan Martcny, Diane Smith, Stove Kurt . Todd Fuchs, Eugene Klinger. Dave Yagla. Row 2: Joe Keller, Carson Davis. Rod Pcrala, Jonathan Wruck, Linda Philippi, Jesse Bunn, Wayne Tkach. Row 2: Bill Mcccc, David Otto, Joe Horner, Bryon Kanenwischer, Dave Busching, Brad Marman. Occupational Therapy Assisting Club Row 1: Madonna Heid, Kristie Hayden, Kay Smith, Dorothy Graves. Row 2: Michelle Charlcbois, LeAnn Ishaug. Becky Boser, Nancy dcMattos. Lai Wah Wong. Row 3: Linda Johnson. Brenda Robinson, Lori Lang, Kay Kieselbach, Dawn Hanson. Connie Tschasik. Parts Club Row l: Cody Renner. Tina Klein. Brian Ostcr. Mike Emerson. Row 2: Roger Schatz. Tim Goettle. Marlin Entze. Chris Limmer. Kelly Hubbert. Mike Merkel. Darryl Carman. Row 3: Al Keller. Tim Peterson, Mike Haupt. Johnnie Scheuffcle. Darrin Fallen, Dave Hickel. mmIll Recreational Engines Club Row 1: Terry Marlin. Don Mathias. Tracy Eckcs, LayncSchoon.Tim Theige. Gregg Konze.Todd Nordstrom. Row 2: B. Peterson, Advisor, Alan Berneking, Randy Schaffer, Corey Copeland, Eddie Gleason, Marty Stewert, Dave Just. Dennis Roberg. Row 3: Steve Moses. Greg Frcitag. Terry Hoffarl, jay Imsland. Pete Sand. John Ertel, Erick Johnson. Jeff Schmaltz. Refrigeration Air-Conditioning Club Row 1: Keith Alber, Tim Chamberlain, Jon Mathiason, Mike Kcmpel, John Jenson, Bill Deitz, Doug Lysford, Jim Richards. Mark Kowalski. Darin Higgins. Joseph Cislo. Row 2: Irv Moeller - Advisor. Mike Tracn, Randy Renner. Rick Gunderson, John Roll. Dale Ryba, Brad Fiona, Jason Gusaas. Clay Wurzer, Scott Tcberg. Rod Troftgruben. Row 3: Daryl Wanner, Mike Thielman, Loren Baltrusch, Kevin Krcidclcamp, Jeff Burgess, Bill Sartcl, Ritch Gimbcl, Troy Gilbertson, Boyd J. Johnson, Tom Solem. Row 4: Steve Reeck. Mike Glynn, Tim Scvaag, Dean Kovarik, Buck Zahradka, Todd Sessing. II Ski Club Row 1: Ivan Maas - Advisor, Mark Kowalski, Beth Nyquist, Wayne Bauman. Row 2: Brian F. J. Crisslcr. Myke Vyncent Baugh. Greg O'Neil. Kent Stoa. John Aubol, Rod Troftgruben, Dean Kovarik.SPN Club Row l: Deborah Kostek, Patsy Kramer. Veronica Schmaltz. Lori Lundc. Cari Stewart. Row 2: Jane Krump, advisor. Brenda Busko. Shari Bunchill. Gail Nelson, Laurie Ulland. Row 1: Leon Denault. Marvae Schlafmann. Stephen Ireland. Keith Mowahitz. Loren Miller. Dale Neustel. Daniel Lencrville. Paul Hamers. John Dichraff. Tom Niechay. Kevin Schulz. Row 2: Eric Greenquist. instructor. Aaron Rotering. CJ Valesky, Steve Turner. Kelly Schafer. Dean Wyckoff. Jay E. Devore, Jeff Sickler. Bob Harper, Corey Copeland. Brad Totgcrson. Curt Kellen. Harlan C. Muehler. advisor. Row X Brad Wall. Don Schmidt. Mike Volk, Troy Boschee, Tom Exner, Melissa Pullis, Darcy Hcinle, Kim Schneider, Leslie Gcssner. Audrey Azure, Kevin Mau. Row 4: Todd Hayward, Brian Ctissler. Blaine Yesel. Todd Schreiner. Allen Follmer. Kim Schindler. Dan Schempp. Eddie Gleason. Terry Klein, Brett Anderson. Row 5: Scott Olson. Tim Karel. Arlcn Tcnold. Clarence Pifer, Chad laC K. WOn Do Lelm. Leah Duff. Corey Gulke. Keith Ranisate. Daren Klmgenstein. Row 6: Patrick Vollmuth. Kevin Krcidlkamp. ■'l i Darrin Dronen, Tim Schaefer, Brad Cahill. Bryan Larson. Jim Engel. Mickey Miller. Keith Brandenburger. Rene Samson. Paul Klusman. 1 Row 1: Ceroid Kalenda, Spencer Oas, Sheila Klein, Jerald Roemmich. Thanh Hoang. Row 2: Ray Grotlc, Jeff Sicklcr. Mark Hollaat. Wayne Munson. Troy Gunderson. Jim Jacobson, advisor. Nol pictured: Dianntha Standy. Marlys Wanek. Upholstory Club Row 1: Clarine Packineau. Scott Dudley. Sherry Doe. Row 2: Sheldon Carison. Kenneth Harder. Brad Wanner, Craig Bateman, Kalvin Greucl. Paul Rose. Darri Prestjnger. Bryan Haag. Lugcne B. Moor.Skee Grecnough. Row 3: David Ward. Daniel Berdal, Ron Cams, Doi Van Ho. Loc Nguyen. Lyle Sleekier. Maynard Hall, Ritchie Mairs, Marlon Steinwand, Jon Randall. Jeff Mayer. Shannon Sullivan. Mr. Speed. Mark Vetter. Row 4: Mark Fuhrmann. Leonard Olson. Barry Clemetson. Mitchell Schweigert. Rob Kleinsasser. Kelly Meyer. David Uhren, Jason Jarrett, Brad Grunsch, Paul Klusman. Chad Kalgard. Clark Linder. Welding Club JlWhat's Happening? 92 — Candid During Health Awareness week, students had the chance to ask questions regarding health and safety, and also receive informative pamphlets. Will Rogers was portrayed by Tom Roberts in "Echoes of America", which was presented in the Stern Cultural Center on November 18, 1986. Students present part of their special program for nurses graduation. Club presidents gather together for a candlelight dinner held in their honor.I I Walton Hall Life in a residence hall can be very different for a person away from home for the first time. So many new faces, names, and numbers to remember all at once can be confusing. Slowly it can change to fun and new friends. At Walton Hall, monthly birthday parties and guest speakers not only provide new information but also new chances to meet other residents. At Christmas a decorating contest gives evertone a chance to see how others lived in their room. Key check and linen exchange and guest hours may seem like a bother but the friends made by shared experiences are the most difficult to say goodbye to at Row 1: Lisa Hating and Madonna Held. Row 2: Bonnie Sietnbach and Pat Huffman, RD. en£j yearRiley Hall is the smallest womens residence hall on campus, housing approximately 43 women. Riley has a wide range of ages which shows for a unique combination. Most Riley residents will agree that Riley is a very special dorm. The women get along so well that we consider ourselves more of a family than anything else. The dorm committee, RA's and RD in Riley plan such activities as a Halloween and Christmas party. Speed Reading Seminar, and calligraphy class. After a day of classes is through, life in Riley Hall offers an exciting aspect with something different and new happening all the time. Riley Hall Jan Ragle. Janine McMotrow, Patricia Slinogel, and Kimberly Nelson, RD, 9o — Housing | V ( Molly Iverson. Rclkc Hoerauf, Deb Kromarek, and Carol Marlin. RD. Forkner Hall Forkner Hall is a 3-story building which houses approximately 120 women. Forkner has a wide range of ages from 18 to OTA (Older Than Average). The RA's and RD in Forkner plan a variety of activities such as: softball teams, volleyball teams, parties, talent shows, and movie nights. Monthly educational programs such as a night of football skills, self-defense, Tai Kwon Do and much more. Besides the School education you will get at NDSSS, dorm life adds a new and challenging aspect to college life. Housing — »7Nordgaard Hall Nordgaard Hall has a capacity of 324 residents. Activities such as card tournaments, instructional or educational tapes or programs, table tennis tournaments and other activities are held during the year. We would like to get a few more activities in for the near future. At the present time we have three VCR's that the residents can rent for fifty cents per night and at the end of the year we will draw a name and one resident will take one of the VCR's home with them. We try to make the students stay as comfortable as possible. Row 1: Lane Prochnow. Aaron A. Morman, RD. Bill Ross. Row 2: Gary Wobbcma, Jim Pallansch, Goff Bares. 9S — HousingRobertson Hall Robertson is the second largest residence hall on campus. There are approximately 300 students living here. For past-times, the men watch TV in the lounge, take sauna baths, play cards, play table tennis, and have guests over. There is excitement sometimes but most men spend their evenings in their rooms studying. Many enduring friendships are made during the year just by living in the dorm. The closest friends usually are the roommates but the neighbors across the hall also become friends. Maybe they'll meet each other in the TV room, washing clothes or helping a resident start a car. There is plenty to do to keep from getting homesick, but each person must take the initiative to do something. This is an experience no one will forget. Row 1: Dean Swatlowski, Roger VanHoutan, Jeff Cote. Row 2: Mark Cruhot, RD, Jesse Hickman, Craig Bitncr, Jim Sweeney. .Babcock Hall Babcock Hall has approximately 104 men living there this year. Their ages range from 18 to considerably older. As in the case of all dorms, this is their home away from home. Their favorite activity in the dorm is either watching TV or using the VCR. This fall Babcock Hall also organized two softball teams and had lots of fun. There have also been activities sponsored by the RA's such as a ping pong tournament. All in all, dorm life is what you make of it, and the guys in Babcock seem to enjoy it. Djniel D Braun. Robert D. Hewitt, Monte L. Clavson, RD, and Jay E. DeVorc. 1 I VI 100 — HousingBurch Hall Row 1: Wayne Munson, RD, Aidcn Olsen Row 2: Bill Labor, David Leonard Burch Hall, a three story mens dorm situated in the middle of NDSSS, has the honor of being the second oldest building on the campus. Although its facilities are not the most modern among the dorms, Burch does have a personality all its own. Each of its 44 single rooms is heated by a cast iron radiator which provides a liveliness to each room at all hours of the day. During the heating season, its walls show signs of building settlement which have come with the aging process. It contains bathrooms on each floor and showers on the first two floors. The basement holds a microwave, laundry facilities, and a TV lounge for its residents who may look for some relaxation outside the confinements of their rooms. Burch Hall residents, which average 24 years of age, may be found conversing in the hallways, lounging in the TV room or studying in their rooms. Burch is known for its humble, quiet, and laid back atmosphere. This may be one reason why its residents average a 3.01 GPA. ■■■ Housing — 101McMahon Hall McMahon Hall is the oldest of three identical men's dorms located in the southeast corner of the NDSSS campus. This dorm isn't exactly "home sweet home" but students can add those personal touches to make it their own. There are study rooms, laundry, TV lounges, recreation rooms and a variety of vending machines for those late night snacks. The Resident Director is Gene Drewlow. He calls meetings for rules and activities and provides games and other activities for the students. X 2 n U Gene Drewlow. RD, Brian Carlson, Dave Sperling, Todd Pfingsten. 102 — HousingDoug Bouil.mJ. Rodney Forsbcrg. RD, Bob Demers, Loren Peterson. Satterlee Hall is home to 106 men. So far this year we have had two educational programs, one being very successful. We hope to be having some interesting programs every month. Our most recent improvement to our hall is a special VCR room. Our residents purchased a new TV and the college provided a new VCR, a much appreciated gift. We hope to spark interests in ping pong tournaments and other committee planned activities. We are attempting to give our residents a feeling of warmth and security while they are living here away from their family. Housing — 103 ■ -—_ Apartments The apartments, or college complexes, offer single students an alternative to living on campus in the dorm. The two bedroom apartments usually house 3-4 students. Many of the residents are second year students who lived in a residence hall their first year, and then decided they wanted to live off campus with friends. The complexes, which are located north of the Activities Center, allow students the freedom of having their own place conveniently near the college at lower rates than off-campus housing.Married Housing Married housing, otherwise known as the N.W. College Complex, is located north of the activities center on 16th Avenue. The three story building supplies apartment-type housing for many NDSSS students. The term “married" housing is actually quite misleading, although there are married couples and married couples with families, a large amount of the persons living there are divorced or single parents. Some advantages to living in married housing include reasonable rates, its nearness to the NDSSS campus and also the chance to live next to and make friends with other NDSSS students.I lOo — Mu ic Concert Choir As in other years, this year's concert choir was made up of some very talented and ambitious individuals. Not only did the members attend their regular rehearsals, they also put in extra time getting ready for the concerts that were given. A fall concert was performed on November 19, which featured concert band, concert choir, madrigal and barbershoppers, stage band and wildcat singers. The choir sang six songs, which ranged from religious to patriotic. A Christmas Cantata was also performed on December 18. It was entitled "Of His Kingdom There Shall Be No End" by David T. Clydesdale. The choir also has events scheduled for spring which will include a spring concert.Concert Band The NDSSS concert band has been keeping busy entertaining for various events. The band has many new members this year, but under the direction of Laurie Caron, these people certainly do not sound like amateurs. The band participated in the fall concert, which was on November 19. Their numbers included "Majestia", "A Touch of Country", El Aguila De Oro", "Clarinet Polka", "El Capitan March". Some of the band members also took part in the Christmas Cantata accompanying the choir members. The Concert band has more in store for spring quarter. One event will be performing in the spring concert. Music — 107Tilford Kroshus, director of the NDSSS Wildcat Singers selected 28 students for the 1986-87 ambassadors of music at NDSSS. The students, enrolled in both first and second year programs at the college, were selected after competitive tryouts during the beginning of September. Known for its lively, entertaining performances of audience-listening music, the wildcat singers sing a variety of music from pop, rock to country. This group performs frequently at high school and public activities in addition to a spring tour of high schools. Accompanying the group are five instrumentalists. Also, twelve alternates were selected to fill-in when regular members arc unable to perform. During the spring when second year students often leave for the job market, alternates who practice with the group are called to take over at the microphone on short notice. iOS Mu .Music — 10 ) Seventeen students were chosen by Laurie Caron to be members of the 1986-87 Wildcat Stage Band. Stage band members, also members of the college concert band, perform a repertoire of jazz, dixieland, rock, old time, and soul music. They appear in concert on campus and at local and area high schools during the year. Wildcat Stage Band members are saxophones: Angie Johnson, Mike Jarland, Janet Oscarson, Brad Torgerson, Jon Nelson; Trumpets: Curtis Foss, Jeri Sanborn, Kevin Kern, Dave Chaput; Trombones: Dale Spicer, Jeff Domm, Sue Goetz, Ruth Sather; Piano: Deb Drew-low; Bass: John Schultz; Guitar: Chad Forde; Drums: Shari Bosch; Sound: Ken Frank.c Student Center The Student Center is truly the "Center" of student life here at NDSSS. It's a great place to meet new friends, or just to take a break in between classes and watch the favorite soap operas in the TV room. The main floor contains the mailroom, cafeteria, the Hub, TV room. Information desk. Bookstore, and also several meeting rooms. The bowling alley and game room can be found in the lower level. During the year the Student Center hosts such things as health awareness week, many dances and social gatherings, and also blood drives. The game room has pool and bowling tournaments. With such a variety of activities and conveniences, the student center is a place of recreation, relaxation, and enjoyment. 110 — Student CenterActivity Center The Activity Center is the largest building on the NDSSS campus. It provides a place for students to get involved with both phy ed and intra-mural sports and also meet new friends. The Activity Center houses a basketball court, tennis court, volleyball courts, Olympic size swimming pool, weight room, racquetball courts, dance studio, locker rooms, dance studio, and an indoor track. The Activity Center is a place for excitement, challenges, and friendly competition. 112 — Activity CenterActivities Center — 113 ARTS AND SCIENCE The oldest division of the State School of Science is the Arts, Science and Pre-Professional Division. Students from this division are granted the Associate of Arts or the Associate of Science degree upon successful completion in their curriculum. This division provides the first two years of a college transfer program for students interested in transferring to another institution for more advanced study leading to a higher degree. It also provides education programs for students whose professional education can be completed with the two-year degree. Some of the curriculums which students may choose from are music, pre-education, pre-law, pre-law enforcement, pre-physical education-health and recreation, architecture, pre-engineering, pre-dental, dental hygiene, pre-nursing, pre-pharmacy, prechiropractic, dental assisting, pre-wildlife management and occupational therapy assistant. The Liberal Arts Program is valuable for those students who are undecided about their educational career plans. A distinct change in the Arts and Science Division took place. The practical nursing curriculum became a 2 year program instead of the 10 month program. 11 1 — Divisions The Business Division programs are designed to prepare the student for employment in the business field and for college transfer. Training is directed at preparing the student in many phases of employment that may be encountered in the business world. It is the goal of the Business Division to see that all students find a program that meets their individual needs. Advisors are assigned to assist students in selecting the proper program. Business skills at NDSSS have been geared to new and realistic standards and a well-balanced diversity in collegiate courses designed to develop well-educated business workers who will cope with and be ahead of the occupational and personal needs of the "world of work." 116 — DivisionsThe fastest growing occupational groups in the United States according to the latest statistics are the technicians who work with scientists and engineers. The technicians hold a key spot in industry between the engineer and the craftsman, between theory and production. They use drawing instruments, gauges, applied science, mathematics, diagnosis and analuysis, common sense, initiative and good judgment in turning the ideas and theories of engineering into mass-produced items. They collect data, make computations, perform laboratory tests, and prepare reports. In many instances, they are a part of the management team. Some of the programs offered in the Technical Division are: civil engineering, architectural drafting and estimating, electrical technology, mechanical drafting and design, petroleum technology, and refrigeration and air conditioning technology. Well qualified technicians are required in engineering, production and distribution activities working to support engineers and scientists. Just to maintain and repair some of this highly complex equipment requires a high degree of technical skill, and industrial organizations have been forced to re-assess their technical manpower needs in terms of these new requirements. — DivisionsTRADES The Trades Division occupations taught at NDSSS are designed to provide for proficiency of an individual in a specific occupation. Learning is a continuous process as long as one is associated with the world of work. The skilled occupational programs are conducted in labs similar to those of private industry. The labs contain testing and measuring instruments, tools, and equipment of the same size and type as found in private industry. Quality is our most important product so as a student you will benefit from our programs. The Trades Occupational Programs combine theory, laboratory related courses and general education to prepare the students for the best possible job in today's world of work. Upon completion of a two-year curriculum offered by the Trades Division, the student will receive a diploma or Associate of Applied Science Degree. A certificate is awarded to qualified graduates in programs of less than two years. 120 — Divisionstel — SUtmiAlQFor Extra Learning . . 122 — LibraryLibrary — 123 The SSS Library!! Who's Who "Among American Junior Colleges" '23 NDSSS Students Named For 1986 Row 1: Kristi WinkcW. Daryl Bergman. Helen Aximan, Thomas Hdgeson. Jancll Voorhecs. Stephanie Ccdrosc. Row 2: LcAnn Krueger. Danny Bilbruck. Chad Bacon. Chris Huffman. KC Olson. Damon Ballantyne. Kevin Bardin. Shari Bosch. Row y Kam Malkowski. Cary Hurst. Michelle Charlebois. Sharon Kuchynski. Lisa Ceorgeson. John Kraft. Inserted: Jodi Bell. Karen Ust. Bonnie Steinhach. Twenty-three North Dakota State School of Science students are listed in the 1987 edition of "Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges." The second-year students were nominated by the college's faculty on the basis of outstanding campus leadership, and were selected by the North Dakota State School of Science Awards Committee headed by Mike Johnson, head of campus housing. They were chosen for their academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities and potential for continued success. The twenty-three students will be recognized in the spring at the student awards banquet. They join an elite group of students selected from more than 1,500 institutions from the 50 states, the District of Columbia and several foreign countries for publication in the annual directory. NDSSS has participated in the directory selections since 1969.WINTER12o — Men';. Basketball nd PT° sages beati recru from sota The the 1 men foun ing enjo; amo has .1 The raveling has pai This year's sophomore is the fruits of endless of pHone calls, written home visits, a g other schools ing battles. Theylo North Dakota, all over the co Vildcat fortunes ands of the prev t oned young men| ation for an out rogram which a long-lasting the Region XIII 1 een completed. off. class tours mes-of the 1 s ome nne-ntry. re in ously The tand-lould stay elite The fast- team. high- land oppo Midcats once agair •aced, fast-bre The 'Cats mix th essure defense, ctane offense to keep the pressu ents. are a king best with con- onRow 1: Cory Hurst. Row 2: Maurice Alexander, David Long, John Dunklcy, Kalvin Stewart, Cerry Bollinger, Robert Anthony, Scan Oylcr. Row J: Coach Rick McCormick, Creg Jones, Scott Matthews, Lansc Carter, Louis Rice, Jason Frankl, Assistant Coach Ron Cottrell, Men's Basketball — 127Men's Basketball — 12911 The two time prorr for year ed eight E » eturn of five st jll-time and thre rom last-year bro sing 1986 87 ach Max Reinke talented players i vo All-staters was and best won hone outstanding fresh n rters, part-ght a tlook This dud-i nong an. Retu ning starters expe ted to prov le key lleadershi ) arc Kari Fulp, a 2nd tear ND JUC ) gaurd, and .inda Sattl ;, last year's tea n rc-bour ling leader. Fulj also ?cond in assists la t year was named the cam's defensive player, attler most improved player Othe Lady Wildcats th t saw plent, of playing tim ? last seasc i in addition to part-time starting duties were Nam y Stroh, Kristi Wi kels, and odie Wold. It pro ed to be a i exciting season with Rein e's fast-break or ?ntat-ed e plosive offense to ;cther with in intense, physi il dc-fens This years team is again headed by two fine coaches. They are Max Reinke and Jeanne Rettig Rubey. Max Reinke is in his 10th year of coaching and teaching at NDSSS, after joining the college in 1976. His Lady Wildcat basketball teams have achieved an overall 104-83 record during the past eight years. Jeanne Rettig Rubey assumed assistant women's basketball coaching duties this year. Rubey isn't a newcomer to the program because she played for the Lady Wildcats in 1977-78 and 1978-79, when she established several new scoring records - many of them still on the record books. I 130 — Women - Bj-l.eib.illRow 1: Linda Saltier. Bristol, SD; Jodi Wold, Abercrombie. ND; Kristi WinkcU. Wahpeton, ND; Kari Fulp. Wahpeton. ND; Nancy Stroh, Brandon, MN. Row 2: Laura Miller, Hague, ND. Missi Lee, Oakes, ND; Denise Wisneuski,Lidgerwood, ND; Kari Bexcll, Moorhead, MN; Sherri Schatz. Wahpeton. ND; Shauna Wendland, Balaton. MN; Kim Bedard. Hallock, MN; Kathy Zeren. New England, ND; Lori Stocks, Student Manager, Theif River Falls, MN. Women's Basketball — 131Larr Scion 1973, coac time 1.19- All- DC The StiUtC Lenz, Trua Stanl Hwt, want y McDaniel, who e's wrestling coa anks among the in the country f vins with his rec -4. He has coacl mericans, won C titles and foi : gion titles, finished a as fif h in the Nationa name it and has been Regie i 13 coach of th five t mes. His assistan years has been Dale Gi) This season began wi first- car prospects. M iel Si ys, "In our leag have o win with fresh 3uad has five retJrr s and lettermen Hwt, Royalton 142-150, Bertha Vade Skaar, 16 y; Dan Billbruck Glasgow; Marlon 134-142, Edgeley sz. 134 — WrestlingRow 1: Danny Bilbruck, Lloyd Huyck. Bill Canulh. VVadcSkaaf. Todd Klostetman, Bill Deitz, Marlon Stcinwand. Row 2: Al Pikarski, Adam Mimlcy, Bob Brunner, Robbie Mairs, Chad Stefonowicz, Darrin Schmidt, Martin Straley, Tony Benham. Row 3: Jeff Nelson, Dun VVerre, Tony Aho, Cari Knutson, Loren Lenbakken. Scott Salseg. Ritchie Mairs, Todd Carson. Row A: Jackie Williams, Student Manager, Kipp Slender, Dale Formanck, Don Lenz, Jeff Peterson, Todd Kallstrom, Dave Cox, Steve Osland, Bob Aho, Assistant Coach. Wrestling — 135lJo — WrestlingBasketball Cheerleaders: Judy Anderson. Becky Lingen. Brenda Mohs, Karen Ust, Paula Schicrmcister. Fight . . . u hear fre Win . ou hear from the t the Mens Bask and Wrestling m Tile NDSCS cheerle eir tumbles, split: rreate a very ente utine on the side fans. The c teerleaders had tr outs Decer ber 6th in front of a panel of judges consisti g of Mrs. McDaniel, Mrs. (frage, and N|r. Engen liS —! Cheerleaders: Wildcat Willie, Michelle Stccnc, Paula.Schiermcister, Carma Kodela. Brenda Mohs. Karen Ust. Shit lee Pladson. cyclic Wrestling Cheerleaders: Kristine Campbell. Veronica Schmaltz. Tammy Pokrzywinski, Connie Souka. Chccrleading —Sortland Crowned 1986 Sweetheart Karen Sortland of Litchville was crowned campus sweetheart Friday, Feb. 7 during the sweetheart ball at NDSSS. Crowning Sortland was NDSSS President Clair T. Blikre. She is a first-year student enrolled in Marketing and Management at NDSSS and her candidacy was sponsored by DECA (Distributive Education of America) Club at NDSSS. Pictured with Sweetheart Sortland, center, her court and their escorts. They are (from left) Mitchell Humann, Hazclton, Electrical Technology; Rachel LcNouc, Kent, Minn., Stenography and Secretarial; Douglas Presser, Mercer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; Debbie Kromarek, Scranton, Plumbing and David Toth, Elk River, Minn., Electrical Technology.Sweetheart Candidates '87 Sixteen candidates seek the title of Campus Sweetheart this year. Primary elections are held February 4 to narrow the contest down to three. Final election is February 11. The event is wound up with the Sweetheart Ball in which the Campus Sweetheart is crowned. Candidates are: Row 1: Paulette Paur, Wahpeton, Computer Programmer; Stacy Gilles, Wahpeton, Computer Operator; Laureen Heley, Lidgerwood, Accounting; Paula Schiermeister, Hazcn, Practical Nursing; Julie Harles, Lidgerwood, Legal Secretarial; Sandra Wagner, Strasburg, Graphic Arts. Row 2: Bonnie Lynn Hall, Bellingham, Minn., Dental Assisting; Mellissa Pullis, Chokio, Minn., Liberal Arts; Michelle Gelinske, DeLamere, Liberal Arts; Trudy Hansen, Gwinner, Marketing and Management; Kristi Groszhans, Ashley, Legal Secretarial; Cheryl Ehresman, Belfield, Occupational Therapy Assistant. Row 3: Tammy Pokrzywinski, Drayton, Computer Programmer; Carmen Taszarek, Edgeley, Business Management; Janelle Heilman, Balta, Stenographic and Secretarial; Sheila Klein, Towner, Upholstery. Swcethcirls — 141,i Printer's Ball The Printer's Ball and Banquet was held on January 14 in the Redwood Room at the Student Center. In celebration of International Printing Week, Laurie Anseth was crowned 1987 Miss Perfect Type. She is a second year Architectural Drafting and Estimating student from Garrison. Her attendants were Rachel LeNoue, Kent, MN, Legal Secretarial; Sheila Klein, Towner, Upholstery; and Lisa Haring, Cayuga, Pre-law Enforcement. Master of ceremonies, Rebecca Toy of Fargo, Printer's Club President, introduced guests and faculty members. David Hinklcy, a Graphic Arts instructor from Grand Forks, was the featured speaker. A representative of Great Plains Publishing Co. presented first year student, Valerie Nerdahl of Sharon, the Great Plains Publishing Co. Scholarship for the Outstanding Graphic Arts student at NDSSS. Bruce Gard presented special individual awards. He also presented President Clair T. Blikrc with a plaque for all his years of crowning Miss Perfect Type. Entertainment included the Wildcat Singers with Tilford Krochus, NDSSS Music Director. Providing music for the all-college dance was Crystal Sunshine.I Scapino Tf he Re br W 19 on Es Hi Ki K1 Hi mi M Fa du "Scapino," a oncc-broadway play of inspired comic madness, will be staged Friday, Feb. 6 and Saturday, Feb. 7 at the Stern Cultural Center on the NDSSS campus. The performance, open to the public, is being presented by the NDSSS Theatre Group which is directed by Michael Johnson. Based on the Molicre delight and first staged in London, "Scapino" is set in Naples. It drew rave delights from critics on Broadway including New York Magazine which said, "See this Naples and die -laughing." Student cast members and the role they are portraying are: Scott Anderson of Grafton (Ottavio), Scott Sorum of Breckenridge, Minn. (Sylvestro), John Schultz of Wahpe-ton (Scapino), Roxsann Basehore of Breckenridge, Minn. (Giacinta), Scott Hansen of Abercrombie (Argante), Jay DeVore of Missoula, Mont. (Geronte), Sy Hansana of Ha-zen (Leandro). Marc Hasbargen of Breckenridge (Carlo), Deb Kromarek of Scranton (Zerbinetta), Paula Anderson of Wheaton (Nurse), Darrin Dronen of Wahpeton (Head Waiter), Kevin Rogalla of Grand Forks (Waiter 1), Bob Chief of Wahpeton (Waiter 2), JoAnn Lenz of Royalton, Minn. (Waitress). 1-14 — DramaSummer In January At least the weather here in North Dakota isn't boring. On January 14, the temperature rose to a warm 60 degrees, breaking previous records. Students took advantage of the spring-like weather to stroll around campus in just T-shirts or sweaters. It also gave students a rare chance to play a little football outside in just their shorts! Winter finally caught up with us, however, as a short week later the temperature plunged to 20 degrees below, with wind chills of 40 degrees below! ft fa r n n a u k . „ . . — i b j • c m r w 1 t) f rf T I ia J c It- -a. 7- Ifl 0 ra y- b k V y. Auck Dawn. Tunic Lake Bingham Shewn. Crookcton. MN Biundtill Conny. firyo Chulehc MkMIt. Btkouti Crandall, Due, Cayuga Fatviele. M-nni. Walcott Oijprr Wendy. Kenmete Hipkii Ronde. Litboci l .leRnt JoAnn, Wimbledon Klein Tina. Nepoteen Ko lc Scott. New Yoek Mill . MN Ktyoko Michael, Ceil Grind Foiki, MN Lillettol Janet. Wyndmete Loock Muk. Wikpetw Meleen Ktnnetli. Milnoe Mine Row |uli, WeRpetoo None lleian, Puk Rivet Nati Lotti, Napoleon Pink Ron. Moot held Sckifer Macy. Underwood SeRlaht Tim. Bivmatk Stucma Diana. Cavaliet Thorapcori Dave. Minot Tomac Sandy, Watauga Wald lita. WaSpeioo Wong Lai WaR. Lotong Students — 14S New Students RetakesThere's never a dull moment at NDSSS, with special events going on all the time. A few of the many events include; concerts, Johnny Holm, dances, movies, and programs. Students enjoy being part of the fun. They show off their dancing, laughing, and pride of being an NDSSS student. Special Events 146 — EventsJ I "The Downunder" Alternative Bar came to NDSSS on January 14 and 15. It was sponsored by the Student Center. Staff, faculty, and students sat in a bar atmosphere sampling a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. There was live entertainment on Wednesday by James Hersch, Singer, and on Thursday by Scott Burton, Juggling Comedian. Popcorn was served at each table while people enjoyed their beverages. "The Downunder Bar" was organized by Al Stenehjem, Student Center Director. Special Events — 147 The Downunder  th Unde Kath at Schoe ular. are d en's the direction oi the intramural pr North Dakota of Science is vcr; cams arc organize i 'ided into men's, co-ed teams. ul Intra flag v broor polo, liftin 'oll y Intra oppo ly fit tion. frienc game Lyle gram State pop- and vom- lural programs ii elude f otball, volleyball, water ball, racque ball, ball, basketball, water able tennis and v eight turals give studer s the unity to keep ph; sical-ind engage in cor tpeti-he students mee new and play fri ndly 148 — lnlr.imur.ilsy • Smiles Smile you're in the yearbook. Agawasic photographers played very sneaky detectives snapping pictures of people while they showed off their ear to ear grin's. The winning smile of the smile contest is Vicki Johnson. What cute dimples she has! ISO — Smiles Wednesday. October 29. an NDSSS student, Todd Ehlis, 20, of Mandan was found dead in a school vehicle after he was sent on an errand for a class. Wahpcton police said the Mandan native was on his way to a store around 11 a.m. when he apparently pulled into the parking lot of a gas station and collapsed. He was found dead there two hours later. Wednesday, October 29, Janis Thompson, a NDSU senior pre-medical student died after a 10 foot fall to the floor during a cheerleading accident. Thompson was described as being a superstar track athlete and held records at both NDSU and Minot High. As a result of her death, there were new cheerleading rules instigated to alleviate further incidents. Due to North Dakota's falling economic conditions in 198o as a result of the farm crisis the North Dakota sales tax was raised from A to 5 percent as of Jan. 1,1987 to meet the 28 million dollar budget deficit. With this increase, it allowed the state to meet the deficit and allow for a 5 million dollar cushion to cover unforseen expenditures. As of Sept. 1,1986 the drinking age of Minnesota was raised from 19 to 21. This was in response to Reagan's nationwide push against drugs and drunk driving in the US. Without the change states, such as Minnesota, would have received a cutback in Federal Aid for highways. In 1986 the unemployment rale in North Dakota rose to 6.5 percent. This is the first time it has not been far below the National average in five years. Statistics showed that the Western part of the state seemed the hardest hit and this was assumed to be a result of the falling oil prices. '8 6 And '8 7N e w s amMMBSBBBBBBSI As of Jan. 1, 19$7 the North Dakota Stale School of Science has a new name: The North Dakota State College of Science. The change occured mainly for better appeal to students when listed in collegiate standing. Studies showed that Federal Loans to students have tripled in the past 10 years. This indicates a figure in the 9.$ billion dollar range that is borrowed annually. The figures arc a little too much for Washington to handle however, and students of middle and upper class families are getting the picture of. lower amounts of aid available in the near future. The Voyager landed at the National Aeronautics Association on December 23. 19$$. This was a landmark in history, because it was the first plane to fly around the world without refueling. It traveled 2S,0lt miles at an average speed of 102 miles per hour during the journey In 19$© the major sports associations felt a crunch against the use of steroids among players. Steroids, which are manufactured strength hormones, were banned due to health risks including heart problems and all athletes were susceptible to testing as a result. Brian Bostworlh an all-American linebacker from Oklahoma was one of the many who tested positive and was prevented from playing in the Orange Bowl. AIDS the fatal disease that causes a breakdown of the body's natural immunity system was reason for a great amount of fear in Americans this past year. By November of 19$o there had been a total number of 27.000 reported cases of the disease. With the numbers of both homosexual and heterosexual transmissions rising the U S. awarded $15 million in grants to help with educating us on this issue. ■ ■ News —Agawasie Work And Play When one looks at the meaning of the Indian word Agawasie, you can see the Agawasie staff is correctly named. Agawasie means Science and as any year, the 86-87 Agawasie staff worked dilligently at representing the Science School for its students. The staff put in many hours starting originally with preparation in July at the annual NDSSS yearbook camp that staff members attended. Under the leadership of Del Sanders, advisor, and Karen Ust, editor, staff members were then taught basic yearbook technique. With format layed out, staff writers, typists, layout designers and photographers set out to tackle the task at hand of completing the annual for publication in January. After many deadlines, headaches, recounts, proofing and a little pizza the Grand Finale was Agawasie Day when yearbooks were distributed to students. I- Kim Nelson, Business Manager 1 Stacey Forbes 3. Carmen Taszatek, Judy Anderson 4. Cindy Winkler, Assistant Editor 5. June Biss 6. Vicki Johnson, Photographer 154 — AgawasieAnother year ha:, come and passed. Many times I thought wc' l never reach the end, but our final deadline is here. Nowall we can do is relax and wait while Jostens adds the finishing touches. Not until one has the responsibility of designing and editing a yearbook do they appreciate all the time, and effort spent on each and every single page. My staff and I hope you cherish each page, and the entire book as a whole. We are proud we were given the chance to design this edition of the NDSSS Agawasic. which has now become NDSCS as of January 1, 1987. Before wc leave. I wish to thank my dedicated staff, who. without their help this edition of the Agawasie would not have been a reality. A very special thanks to Cindy Winkler. Assistant Editor, and Vicki Johnson, who were willing and able to help out whenever I needed them. Thank you also Kim Nelson, Business Manager; Arlutul "Mud" Waters, Jostcn's Publishing Company; and Del Sanders, advisor; who helped to make this edition more complete. I would also like to thank tire Student Cabinet for choosing me as your 1987 Agawasic Editor. Thanks NDSCS (which will al-ways be NDSSS to me) for all the memories. Karen J. Ust. Editor '87 . 1 1 I I 

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