North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND)

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North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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,. ■ ■ ' V NORTH DAKOTA STATE SCHOOL. OF SCIENCE 2 BuildingsA New Tradition: The Cultural Center Construction of the Cultural Center began on June 14 and is expected to be completed by Sept, of 1983. Built entirely with private monies, it will officially be named the Harry Stern and Ella Stern Cultural Center. The Center, located at the east end of the oval, replaces a former maintenance-trades building and a student health services • OTA building. The Cultural Center will house an auditorium. a music center and a drama department. Cultural Center 3Table Of Contents Spring Fall ....... Students Winter ... Curriculums Clubs And Organizations8 Agawasie Day WSuT Agawasie Day Agawasie Day, May 14, 1982, highlighted the end of a busy year for the Agawasie Staff. During the day, the Agawasie yearbooks, with the theme "Agawasie Eyewitness,” were distributed to the students and staff. A picnic lunch was planned for outdoors but due to rain the event was held indoors. Entertainment was provided by the Wildcat Singers during the day while a dunking stand was provided for the students enjoyment. It was announced by the Student Cabinet that the editors for the 1982-83 Agawasie were to be Debra Strege. editor, and Gina Dorow, business manager. The 156 page yearbook is paid for with the students’ activities and produced by student volunteers.Mens Track The 1982 NDSSS Men’s Track Team was a very successful year in that the NDSSS Men’s team won two indoor meets and two outdoor meets, one of which was Region 13 meet. The NDSSS Men won nine events in Region 13. There were also five new records set by the team during the 1982 season. •: ', r-J Front Row: Cecil Bartosh. Chuck Randolph, Terry Schmidt. Mark Lisikicwc . Bob Hickey. Greg Herndon. Steve Schiller. Brian Cox. Tony Spancl. and Keith Johnson. Second Row: Jeff Wolf, Kurt Schulte, Tim Smith. Dave Horner. Terry Glaser. Ordean Carlsrud. Brent Charging. Todd Basta. Jerry Gocrgcn. Lagamlcss Floyd. Dwayne Calloway. Greg Horejti. and Earl Jones. Third Row: Ken Remowski. Todd Senescall. Todd Ptmko. Tom Cross. Floyd Hatcher. Mitch Marohl. Kevin Millar. Dave Woytassck. Chad Bladow. Rick Brendel. and Curt Goroski. 10 Men’s Track wmUH i ViHl;ifii jVMM:. If I M) 1 I I 1 a m (f m m gas §| m Front Row (L R) Lisa Beck, Lynette Mauch, Karen Spandl. GayLynne Lands. and Lacey Henne 2nd Row Val Miller, Glorlanne Whitmore, and Sue Smgelmann 3rd Row Melissa Carpenter. Coach Dec Jensen, and Kris Benzie. 4th Row Kim Michelscn. Brenda Pierce, and Nadine Calloway. THE THRILL OF VICTORY! — As the wave of red moved back and forth across the infield of the track cheering, the NDSSS Mile Relay Team was not to be denied. In a record setting time of 4:01.68 they won the final event of the two day Region XIII meet bringing home a one point CHAMPIONSHIP! Individual Region XIII Champions included: Karen Spandl-Milc Relay; Val Miller-100M. 200M. Mile Relay; Lynotte Mauch 800M. Mile Relay; Lisa Beck-Long Jump. 400M. Mile Relay; Kris Benzie-Shot Pul. Advancing to the national championships In San Angelo. TX were Glor-ianne Whitmore Javelin. Melissa Carpenter-High Jump. Kris Benzie-Shot Put. Discus. Javelin, and Lisa Beck-Long Jump. 200M. 400M. and High Jump. Melissa placed Sth in the high jump with Lisa Beck winning the event jumping S'6". Both earned All American honors. Lisa became the first NDSSS athlete to wm both the National indoor and outdoor championship. During the outdoor season NDSSS was unbeaten in North Dakota competition against the two universities, and all the four year and junior colleges. Hard work, desire, and determination were worth the price of GOLD' w o T m r c a n c y k s Lisa Beck NICAA National High Jump Champ-Indoor and Outdoor 1982 1 m KWI 'sm • 12 Women’s Track t Lisa Beck. Lynette Mauch. Val Miller, and Karen Spandl. Happiness Is winning the Mile Relay in record time 4:01.68 and Region XIII title. 4Kris Benzie-Multi--talented in shot put. discus, and javelin. Glorlanne Whitmore-Javelin record holder, 146 6". Brenda Pierce-Shot put ace. CoCaptains: Lisa Beck and Lynette Mauch accepting the coveted gold. Lynette Mauch and Karen Spandl-Photo finish at the tape. Women's Track 13NDSSS Tennis Ellen Thielgcs, Janet Prashck, Sheryl Ross and Jane Noack. Not pictured: Julie Pankow (MVP), Sue Johnson and Lori Nelson. ■ 14 TennisIntramural Softball Intramural Softball at NDSSS is open to all students who are not currently involved in seasonal sport programs. The program is under the supervision of the Athletic Department. SoftballCOAST TO COAST Sporting Goods Auto Supplies Housewares Free Customer Harking 01 Dak. Avc. Wahpeton J. C. PENNEY The Values Are Here Everyday Wahpeton, N.D. 642-4131 16 Adi STERN S CLOTHING COMPANY Area’s Leading Young Men’s Store Wahpeton And Lidgerwood, N.D. Westridge Mall. Fergus Falls, MN. CORNER DRUG “Prescription Specialists’’ D. B. Folden, Prop. 522 Oak Ave. Wahpeton. ND. 642-5595 ■'■jtygfitVr • ': - m lgU f.-• ■' S NDSSS Graduation 1982 Graduation ceremonies of 1982 at NDSSS were held May 27. They honored 1,618 students with degrees, diplomas and certificates. James A. Horton, the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, presented the graduation address. Leading the processional was Jeffrey S. Johnson of Fergus Falls, MN and Rhonda J. Oas of Wahpeton. N.D. The freshmen chosen as ushers were Ann M. Saur-Wahpeton; Lori D. Mil-brandt-Hankinson; Tracy L. Brezicka-Forman; Susan J. Mlnarik-Forman; Steven F. Holzbauer-Breckcnridge; and Gregory A. Blazek-Wahpeton. 18 GraduationfiA( 20 C«ind:d North Dakota State School of Science Wahpeton, North Dakota 58075 OFpICE OF THE PRESIDENT TELEPHONE 642-3704 AREA CODE 701 Greetings: The North Dakota State School of Science has a proud tradition. Its motto "Where Students Learn By Doing" lias stood the test of time! Employers come from far and near to hire our graduates. The traditions of the past are blended with the new to assure quality programs. The Faculty are able and dedicated people who "go the extra mile" to help students succeed. The programs and activities are held in old and new buildings. Old Main, the oldest building on campus, exemplifies the old, and the new! While this building has been remodeled, it reminds us of the past and those established practices and customs that have stood the test of time. You may be assured that the College will continue to utilize the old with the new to continue its proud tradition of excellence. Sincerely, T7S U, Clair T. Blikre President t-dter 23 Aabcrg. Duane, Rothsay, MN Aabcrg. John. Rothsay. MN Aafedl, Randy. Lakota Aanderud. Jayne. Washburn Abdel. Gham Wall. Kha.tan Kuwa. KU Abel. Bruce. Hoffman. MN Abets, Jackie. Osakis, MN Adams. Amy. Reynolds. Adams. Scotl. Wahpcton Ahlberg, Lorraine. Langdon Aippcrspah. Mike. Wishck Alfson, Meri, Wahpelon AlJazaerli. Bassam. Safal. KU Allcrs. Patricia. Minot Allmcndinger. Todd, Berosford, $D AtQeram, Mohammed. Salmiya. KU Altcndorf, Cathy. Drayton Althoff. Anna. Mooreton Althoff, Mary. Mooreton Althoff. Paul. Mantador Amann. Neil. Dazcy Amble. Tod Sarlcs Andcrsh. Davonne. Yankton. SD Anderson. Allen. Wallace. SD Anderson. Brad. Courtenay Anderson. Brian. Fergus Falls. MN Anderson. Chris. Crosby Anderson. Clctus. Wahpcton Anderson. David. New Rockford Anderson. Dean. Grand Forks Anderson. Doug. Watford City Anderson. Gary. Valley City Anderson. James. Turtle Lake Anderson. Joi, Turtle Lake Anderson. Julie. Wahpelon Anderson. Lisa. Alexandria. MN Anderson. Monte. Fingal Anderson. Susie. Larimore Anderson. Trent. Crosby Andre. Debra. Blanchard Andre, William. Pierre. SD Anhorn. Tim. Harvey Anklam. Wendy. Rolette Anspach. Susan. Jamestown Amundson. Jane. Valley City Appert. Randy. Hazelton Armentrout. Brad. Minncwaukon Arnold. Leah, Ashley Arnold. Lyle. Streeter Arvidson. Terry. Rolla Asckome. Ida. St Cloud. MN Ash. Steven. Underwood Ashclm. Greg. Buxton Ault. Tracy. Cavalier Aus. John. Granite Falls. MN Austad. Chris. Bemidjl. MN Austinson. John. Ulcn. MN Azure, Shawn. Rolette Baarstad. Julie. Leonard Backer. Brian. Cayuga Backlund. Pat. Grandln Bader, Cordell. Lehr Bah. Michael. Elbow Lake. MN Baker. Verna. Helena. MT Bakkc. Dana, Grand Forks Bakkcn, Steve. Wahpcton Balfour, Brad, Bismarck Ballard. Steve. Pelican Rapids. MN Ballwebcr. Barb. Wahpcton Ballweber, Bonnie. Wahpelon t.;f j y, itfw 7t yy.y «y,' ’mil Baluski. David. Ruto B rcinko. Jancl. Bclfield Barfield. Rick. Haien Barnick. Penny. Millarton Barstad. Dave, Wahpeton Barth. Susan. Bismarck Bartholome. Donald. Wheaton. MN Barth. Roger. Campbell. MN Bates. Scott, Abercrombie Bartlett, Laura. McHenry Bartosh, Cecil. Lisbon Bartsch. Kevin. Harvey Batsch, Rita, Valley City Bauer. Ctndy. Fort Rice Bauer. Jackie. Gwinner Bauman, Bonnie, Bismarck Baumgarton. Dan. New Salem Baumgartner. Beverly. Wishck Beach. Kyle. Carrington Beaton. Pat. Fargo Beck. Darnell, Elgin Becker. Kate. Wahpclon Beckstrom. Randy. Gwinner Be ling. Shelli. Wahpeton Bell, Brad. Culbertson. MT Bennett. Joyce. Harwood Bennett. Kay. Browns Valley. MN Benson. Darcy. Oakes Benson. Mike, Fergus Falls. MN Benson. Troy. Oakes Bcrdal. Jim. Coopcrstown Berdal. Wayne. Petersburg Berdahl, Scott. Michigan Bcrdahl, Steve. Michigan Berg. Deb. Mllnor Berg. Duane. Harvey Berg. Jolenc, Hanklnson Berg. Marcl. Wahpeton Bergan, Robert, Granville Bergsgaard, Darren. Thompson Bergum. Edward. Grand Forks Berkley, Mike, Aberdeen. SD Berndt, Brad, Hanklnson Bertsch. Kevin. Eureka. SD Berube. Delores. Fargo Best. Bryan. Grand Forks Beth. Ellsc. New Salem Beyer. Cathy. Kent. MN Beyer. Patricia. Brcckcnrtdgc. MN Bice, Jeffrey, Klldeer Blckel. Bill. Trail City. SD Biegler, Alexa, Jamestown Bicgler. Steve. Hanklnson Blsek. Charles. Abercrombie Bishop. Greg. Dickinson B|erkc, Cheryl. Churchs Ferry Bjerke, Karla, Fargo Bjerke. Mike. Clifford Blake. Laurie. Starkweather Bladow. Jacklyn, Hanklnson Blaescr, Larry. Peguot Lakes. MN Blaeser, Steven, Peguot Lakes. MN Blaiek, Greg. Wahpeton Bleecker. Pat, Lisbon Bliss. Jeff. Bowman Blend. Wade. New Salem Blomberg. Deb. Williston Blouln, Jennifer. Wahpeton Boatright. Randy. Wahpeton Bobbe, Della. Forbes • ww. Boe. James. Perth Boc. Marc. Pcrlh Boehm. Jeff. Mandan Bohl. Allan. Mmol Bohm. Joan, Reynolds Bohn. Ricky. Wahpclon Bollinger, Jackie. Monango Bonen. Scott. Bowdlc. SD Boock. Ron. Rothsay. MN Boots. Casey. Riverdale Bopp. Mike. Cogswell Borncmann. Paul. Hannover Borncmann. Todd. Hannover Borowski. Mkheal. Fergus Falls. MN Borud, Vicki. Minot Bosch. Sheila. Bismarck Boschc. Kevin. Medina Bossart, Pam. West Fargo Bossert. Mike. Mandan Bostrom. David. Valley City Bostrom. Lori. New Ellington. SD Bolls. Joyce. Perham. MN Bouret, Annette. Sheyenne Bowman. Jell. Fargo Braaten, Randy. Mayville Braaten. Wayne. Northwood Bradley. Mary. Minto Brager, Ernest. Hope Bragg. Myrna. Wahpeton Bramel. Paul. Wahpeton Bramhall. Kathy. Little Falls. MN Brandell. Dave. Claire City. SD Bratagor. Twyla. Climax. MN Bratland. Connie. Lisbon Braun. Duane. Bismarck Braun. Greg. Rosholt. SD Bredeson, Bradley. Langdon Bredvik, Brent. Sisseton. SD Breitling, Mary. Wishek Broker. Kurt. Cayuga Brenna. Lee. Clifford Breuer. Chuck. Mooreton Breuer. Nancy. Mooreton Breticka, Tracy. Forman Brielmaier. Tom. Mankato. MN Bring. Dave. Grand Forks Brinkman. Lois. Wishek Brinkman, Paul. Fosston, MN Brinkman. Randy. Wishek Brobst. Mark. Sanborn Brockhaus, Jerry. Rosholt. SD Brown. Duane. Fosston. MN Brown. Lon. Montpelier Brown. Paul. Center Browning. Tim. Fargo Bruesch. Lisa. Wahpeton Bruggman, Anita. Fort Yates Bruggman. Francis. Fort Yates Brunk, Ken. Larimore Brusven. Greg. Minot Bubach, Derek. Lidgerwood Buchholz. Jell. Ellcndale Buchholz. Russ. Anamoose Bucholr. Kim. Brcckcnridge. MN Bucklm. Judy. Selby. SD Bukkila. Keith. Evansville. MN Buller. Diane. Gracevillc. MN Buntjc. Bruce. Battle Lake. MN Burgad. Jaford. Napoleon Burkhart. Don. HarveyBurkhordt. Tony. Bismarck Burnt. Trish, Bowman Buro. Judy. Oakes Burl, Connie. Cavalier Butch. Teri, Lakola Busche. Steve. Kcnsal Butko. Jane. Fergus Falls. MN Buus. Todd. Riverside. CA Cadwallader. Tim. Hannaford Cahill. SucAnn, Rock Lake Caldwell. Heather. Minot Campbell, Kevin. Glcnburn Candrian. Dennis. Regent Candrian, Gerald, Regent Candrian. Jolyn, Regent Carlton, Brenda. Lisbon Carlton. John. Maple Lake. MN Carlson. John E.. McLeod Carlton. Karen, Oaket Carlson. Robert. Britton, $D Carr. Jack. Fargo Casavan. Tracey. Red Lake Fallt. MN Casavant. Mark. Rolette Ceroll. Brenda. New Effinglon, SD Chapin. Greg. Pelican Rapids. MN Chapin. Leslie, Jamestown Chapman. Lisa. Minncwaukan Chaput. David. Walhalla Charging. Brent, Roseglen Chase, Kim. Wahpeton Chclin. David. Fargo Cherncy. Philip. Monango Christenten. Brad. Jamestown Christensen, Lee, Breckcnridge. MN Christenson. Steve. Oakes Christianson. Kristine. Oriska Christianson. Linda, Plaza Clarys. Bernard. Courtenay Clcem. Carnalee. Hallock, MN Clemens. Tom. Jamestown Cline. Gordon. Fergus Falls. MN Cline. Lawton. Battle Lake. MN Colbrete. Todd. Glendive. MT Cole. Scott. Valley City Coleman Christine. Mekinock Coleman, Kevin, Gwinner Conrad. Daryl. Reeder Conzemius. Mark. Breckcnridge. MN Conzomiut. Tim. Breckcnridge. MN Cook. Lisa. Wheaton. MN Cook. Nancy. Park River Cooksley. Michelle. Wahpeton Cooksley, Stacy. Wahpeton Cooper. James. Minot Corbet. Ann, Moorhead. MN Cory. Jay. Breckcnridge. MN CouiUard. Joel. Pelican Rapids. MN Cox. Brian. Ortonvillc. MN Coyle. Darrell. Langdon Coyle. Steve. Wahpeton Crawford. Paula. Sisseton. SD Cristler. Darrel. Wahpeton Cunningham. James. Minot Cusick. Terry. Fargo Czywczynski. Jell. Seranton Dagman, Merrl. Valley City Dahl. Mark. Hamar Dahl. Steven. Twin Valley. MN Dahle. Dean. Breckcnridge. MN Dahle, Scott. Ortonville. MN 27Dahring. David, France. MN Dalbol. Gordon. West Fargo Danielson. Jodi. Rolette David, Andrinc. Wahpcton David. Dale. Lidgcrwood David, Julcnc. Wahpcton Davies. Karen, Stanton Davis. Dawn, Bclcourt Davis. Karen. Wahpcton Davis. Nancy. Dunscith Dawas. Mohammad. Damascus. $Y Degcnstcm, Brenda, Barton Deichert, Agnes. Lark Deilc, David, Wishek Deitz, Paul. Grand Forks Delonais, Jackie. Belcourt Dclvo. Gerald. Langdon Delvo. Mike, Langdon Demarais, Jim. Bismarck DeMarce. David. Fort Totten DcMortclacrc. Mark. Fergus Falls, MN Demchuk, Rick. Minot Denbrook. Keith. Fergus Falls. MN Denow. Jim, Mooreton Dcnow. John. Mooreton Deseth, Dana. Crary Descheno. Carmelle. Argyle. MN Deschene. David. Argyle. MN DeTienne, Kevin, Plcntywood, MT Dewald. Darwin. Napoleon Dewald. Perry. Ellendale Diekman, Kara. Wahpcton Dillman. Julie, Raleigh Dobitz. Darlene. New England Dockter. Bryan. Jamestown Dockter. Donna. Fargo Dockter. Jelf. Fargo Dockter, Lisa. Anamoose Docdcns. Deb. Mcquon. Wl Doll. Nadine. New England Domier. Dawn. Fargo Donis, Larry. Willmar, MN Donncr, Steve. Reeder Dooley. Darla, Wheatland Dorow, Gina. Ottcrtail. MN Doseh. Linda. Strasburg Drews, Jon. Fergus Falls. MN DuBois, Brent, Langdon Duckwitz. Russ. Hebron Duckwitz. Sandra. Zap Duhr, Carol, Henslcr Dullum. Brad. Gardner Dullum. Brian, Gardner Dunham. Erie. Rugby Dunham. Lori. Felton, MN Dvorak. Bryan. Manning Dybdahl. Jan. Breckenrtdge. MN Dylla, Beth. Andover. SD Eberle. Doran. Hague Ebert, Jane. Lemmon. SD Ebner. Pat. Moorhead. MN Eekhoff. Kristie, Henning, MN Eggert, Jtm. Valley City Ehreits, Duane. Wahpeton Ellers. Todd. Mina. SD Ekre. Brent. Enderlin Elghadban. Wail, Kuwait Ellefson. Cheri, Milnor EJIefson, Todd. Aneta Ellcnson. Gene. Britton. SD 28Eller. Kevin. Belcourt Ellington. Phil. Fargo Elliott. Julie, Fullerton Ellsworth. Jay. Brcckcnrklgc. MN Ellsworth. Tracy. Newburg Eminclh. Anna. Amenta Engebretson. Laurel. Hozcn Engelhart, Annette. Zeeland Engen. Dick. Wahpcton Engesser. Dan. Baker. MT English. Julie. Harvey Engwis. Tina. Minot Ensrud. Lois. Lakota Ensrudc. Brad. Grafton Enochson. Kyle. Wahpcton Erbele. Darlene, Lehr Erhardt. Sue. Underwood Erickson. Brenda. Milnor Erickson. Dan. DeLamcre Erickstad. Brian, Starkweather Erlnndson. Eric. Fergus Falls, MN Erlandson. Ronald. Wendell. MN Esscr, Greg. Coleharbor Essler. Steven. Kenmarc Evans. Lee. Hemet. CA Even. Bruce. Cogswell Even, Todd. Cogswell Evers. John. Binford Eversvik. Leon. Warwick Falter. Darcy. LaMourc Fandrich. Kathy. Manfred Farvdrlch, Lynn. Rugby Faouri. Ghazt, Buena Park. CA Feickcrl. Curtis. Denhoff Feil. Darcy. Langdon Feist. Julie. Edgeley Fclch, Doug. Kenmare Fellbaum. Warren. New F.ffington. SD Feller. David. Richardton Femling. Jill. Pelican Rapids. MN Fcrgel. Craig. Shields Fetch. Michael. Bismarck Fcttig. LouAnn. Kintyre Fettig. Pam. Linton Fenck. Perry. Elgin Findring. Donna. Grafton Fink. Kurt. Brookings. SD Finley. Randy. Wahpcton Fisher. Doug, Dickinson Fischer. Fred. Rhamc Fischer. Leroy. Edgeley Fischer. Scott. Wadena. MN Fixen. Eugene. Williston Flaten. Perry. Park River Fleming. William, Warwick Flick. Michael. Chasclcy Flynn. Sucannc. Gooding. ID Folskc. Jane. Bowman Folic. Teresa, Rosholt, SD Ford. Renac. Mooreton Formo. Mark. Litchvillc Forster. Kurt. Richardton Foss. James. Fessenden Fosse. Amy. Michigan Fosse. Michelle. Michigan Fossum. Jay. Wahpeton Fraase. Keith. Buffalo Fraedrich. Darwin, Wahpeton Fracdrvch. Kari, Milnor Franchuk. Mike, Dickinson 29.WiJ.'il.WtiLvLV Frclich, Sieve. Crary Fredericksen, Nancy, Wahpeton Freng. Merlan. Fergus Falls. MN Frey. Curiis, Moll Fridgen. Alan. Wheaton. MN Fridgen, Troy. Wheaton. MN FriebohJe. Karen. Hawley. MN Friederichs. William. Foxhome. MN Fried!. Godfrey. Molt Frieze, Lyle. Mott Frieze, Randy. Mott Frigaard. Karl. Cooperstown Fritz. Thomas. New Effington. SD Frojen, Joan. Oakes Fromelt. Julie. Webster. SD Fronning. MaBeth, Fergus Falls. MN Fuder, Susan. Brcckenridge. MN Fuluman. Karmen. New Rockford Fuhrmann. Gary. Onaka, SD Fuller. Mark. Ellendale Gailfus. Danny. Warwick Galde, Pam. Wahpeton Gall. Robin. Wishck Gangelhoff. Duane. Northwood Card. Mary. East Grand Forks. MN Garnaas. Howard. Towner Gault. Freda. Rock Lake Gearou. Linda. Hillsboro Gefroh. Lori. Hague Gehler. Lorrie, Hankinson Gellncr. Scott. Langdon Gendrcau. Tim. Langdon Gochrlng. Kevin. Bismarck Geringer. Paula. LaMourc Gerkin. Vcrmeda. Hudson. CO Germann, Edwin. Rhame Gerszewski. Richard. Marshall. MN Gerszcwski. Roberta. Minto Gerlh. Jeff. Bowman Geston, Nancy. Devils Lake Getzlaff. James. Minol Gholston. Val. Milwaukee. Wl Gibson. Lisa. Wahpeton Gibson. Susannc. Leonard Gidd-.ngs. Nancy. Brcckenridge. MN Gielzen. Gregg. Wahpeton Gilbertson. Paul. Jamestown Gillies. Mary. Park River Gillis. John. Dunseith Gjesdal, Brenda. Wahpeton Gjovrc. Paul. Biwabik. MN G|ov»g. Mike. Hebron Gloich, John. Bismarck Glcich. Roland. Dodge Glidden, Charles. Hallock. MN Goerdt. Scott. Brcckenridge. MN i ■, Goetz, Greg. Dickinson Goetz. Rich. R-.chardton Goetz. Todd. Akaska. SD Goldal. Brent. Crosby Good. Craig. LaMourc Goroski. Carmela. Wahpeton Goroski. Curt. Glendivc. MT Goven, Keith. Turtle Lake Gowin. Chris. Silver Bay. MN Grande, Loric, Fargo Grant. Bill. Fergus Falls. MN Graupe. James. Grenora Grady. Steve. Surrey Gray. Philip. Hankinson Greenwood, Mark. Egtbnd Grctcar, Brian, Pisek Grosser. Charles. Dickinson Grewe. Carla. Bailie Lake. MN Grieve. Diane. Buffalo Grieve. Wendy. Buffalo Grigcl. David. Grand Forks Gripentrog, Renee. Wahpeton Grondahl, Jodi. Riverdalc Gross. Janet. Napoleon Gross. Loretta. Bismarck Gross. Sam. Linton Groven. Tammy. Hatton Gruhot. Mark. Crookston. MN Gruhot. Ron. Crookston. MN Gudmundson. Cathy, Carrington Gulbranson. Matthew. Fatrmount Gunderson. Bcv. LaMoure Gunderson, Randy. York Gunsch. Lyncll, Zap Gunvalson. Nancy. Cyrus. MN Gust. Jeff. East Grand Forks. MN Haakcnson. James. Bismarck Habtger. Gerald. Alice Haerlling, Brenda, Wyndmcrc Hafncr. Mark, Beulah Hagen. Holly. Demis Lake Hagen. Jeff. Reeder Hager. Cheryl. Orrin Hager. Julie. Wyndmere Hager. Sandra. Rugby Hahn. Kevin. Langdon Hahn. Paul. Davenport Hahne. Karen. Trail City. SD Hall. Shelly. Munich Halstead. Tammy. Maxbass Halter, Dan. Hebron Halter. Lucy. Hebron Halverson. Barb. Hawley. MN Halverson. Jill. Abercrombie Haman. Ray. Crary Hamel. Brent, Minot Hamel. Traci. Lakota Hamernik. Roger. Ulen, MN Hammond. Wanda. Tintah. MN Hammrich. Bruce. Ipswich Hanning. Ed. Wahpeton Hansen. Gail. Doran. MN Hansen. Gary, Columbus Hansen. Naomi. Jamestown Hansen. Tim. Guelph Hanson. Cheryl. Carpto Hanson. Jeff. Horace Hanson. Joni, Ancta Hanson. Keith. Harclton Hanson. Kevin. Devils Lake Hanson. Lyle. Minot Hanson. Marc. Groton. SD Hanson. Natalie. Adrian Hanson. Patty. Milnor Hanson. Ross, New England Hanson. Sheila. Barnesville. MN Harder. Tom. Munich Hardie, Paula. Fairmounl Harding, Carol. Kcnsal Harlcs, Teresa, Lldgcrwood Harmon. Holly. Scranton Harrington. Sheila. Carrington Harris. Amy. Nevis. MN Harris. Kelly, Jamestown Harris. Tom. Fllckcrtail. MT Hauck. Lyle. Richardton Haug. Jill. Noonan Haugen. Dan. Courtenay Haugen. Holly. Michigan Haugen. Linda. Kcnsal Haugen, Merlin. McLocd Hausaucr. Kelly. Zap Hayes. Laurie. Luverne Heath, Greg. Valley City Heck, Sister Michelle. Bismarck Heck. Randy. Langdon Hcglc. Penny. Gwinner Hcibel. Rick, Wahpeton Heiden. David. Clark. SD Heidt. Gerard. Reeder Heilman, Randy, Balta Heim. Daron. Bismarck Heit, Dann, Devils Lake Heitkamp. Alan. Wyndmere Heitkamp, Dean, Mooreton Helzelman, Grant. Minot Hejlik. Colleen, Lakota Heklncr. Kara. Wahpeton Held. Mike. Rock Lake Hclgcrson. Brian. Brcckcnridgc. MN Melgeson. Sheila. Brcckenrldge. MN Hellcckson, Brenda. Elbow Lake, MN Hclscth, Jerry, Sawyer Henderson. Eleanor. Selby. SD Hendrickson. Shane. Michigan Hendrickson. Tracy. Rock Lake Henke. Ricky. Hannover Henne, Lacey, Alfred Henry. David. Hanklnson Honseh. JoAnn, Doran. MN Hcnsel. Cathy. Park Rapids. MN Herbcrholz. Harlan. New England Herda. Tracy. Crary Herfindahl, Lauri. Baker, MN Herigstad, Doug. Mohall Herman. Jay. Wahpeton Herman. Wayne. Hermes. Carmen. Mooreton Herr. Jeff. Jamestown Hervey, Mike, Wheaton. MN Hcscr. Gordon. Wolf Point. MT Hesse, Pauleen, Grand Forks Heltervig, Martin. Buxton Hiedoman. Kim, Breckenridge. MN Hicks. Richard. Wahpeton Higdem. Lanac. Northwood Hildrc. Scott. Petersburg Hill. Jay. Vcblen. SD Hill. Mike. Oakes Hiller. Todd. Granville Hlllcson. Jerri, Fayetteville. NC Hilt. Crystal. Mandan Hint . Leslie, Center Hirsch. Dean. Carrington Hochhalter. Barry. Elgin Hochhaltcr. Kevin, Mott Hochhalter. Marlys, New Leipzig Hochhaltcr. Nathan. Cleveland Hodgson. Jolene, Plaza Hockstra. Jennie, Barnosvllle Hocsel. Mike. New Salem Hoff, Cathy. Leith Hoff. Monica. Underwood Hoffcr. Barry. HarveyHof (on, Lynn. Esmond Hoffman, Johnnie. Rolette Hoffman. Tom. Jamestown Hoffmann. Tracy. Jamestown Hoffmeyer. Dan. Kcnmare Holland. Lynn. Ovoklo. MN Holland. Susan. Wahpeton Holler. Robert. Dodge Hollis. Robert. W.ll.son Holm. Brad. Crcsbard. SD Holm. Lisa. West Fargo Holm. Wendy. Mooreton Holmstrom. Dean. Gwinner Holt. Wes. Plentywood. MT Hohbauer. Cheryl. Breckenrldge. MN Hohbauer. Steve. Fergus Falls. MN Hopkins. Janet. Lisbon Hopkins. Jeff. Lisbon Horak. Germaine. Wyndmerc Horejsi. Greg, Redwood Fall. MN Horner. Jaculin. Linton Horner. Peter. Wlshek Hornung. Monica. Karlstad. MN Hoscth. Blair. Wahpeton Hougc. Kathy. McLeod Houle. Doris. Rolla Houle. Wayne, Wadena. MN House. Alan. Grace City Howe. Julie, Fargo Howell. Karla. Plara Huber. Mark. Harvey Huderle. Bruce. Warren. MN Huderle. Chad. East Grand Forks. MN Huebner. Jo. Jamestown Hucttl. John. Columbts. SD Hughes. Karla. McIntosh. SD Humann. Nancy. Hazelton Humann. Paula. Hacclton Hummel. Duane. Garrison Hunter. Bruce. Condo Hurtl. Troy. Hopple Huscby. Paul. Belvicw. MN Muus. Curtis. Minot Huwe, Kelly. Perham. MN Ingebretson. Todd. Carrington IntVeldt. Adrian. Hague Irion. Carolyn. Jamestown Iverson. Joel. Fingal Iwcn, Tim. Hunter Jackson. Doug. Oakes Jacob. Dianna. Linton Jacob. Louise. Linton Jacobson. Darrell. Almont Jacobson. Pam. Stanton Jacobson. Steve. Park River Jacobson. Trace. Gwinner Jacobson. Tracy, Devils Lake Jahnig. Lori. Oakes Janikowski, Myra. Grafton Jankc, Evanda. Fredonia Janke, Owen. Fredonia Janke. Pam. Wahpeton Janssen. Deb. Oklee. MN Jarman. Janet, Jaschke. Tom. Jasken, Chris. Jensen. Elana, Jensen. Larry. Jensen. Larry Jcskc. Nancy. , Larimorc Randall. MN Ogema. MN Grand Forks Fargo L.. Esmond New EnglandJohnson. Lori. Lakota Johnson. Marlene, Park River Johnson. Penny. Forman Johnson. Rob. Grand Forks Johnson. Robbie. Glendive. MT Johnson. Sandra. Jamestown Johnson. Sue. Jamestown Jones. Craig. Perth Jones. Earl. West Fargo Jordan. Mike. Waubay. SD Jorheim. Gary. Wahpeton Jordhoim. Karen. McLoed Jorgenson. Bruce. Minnewaukan Jorgenson. Tim. Fargo Jessen. Greg. Powers Lake Jotte. Patricia. Madison. MN Johnson. Brent. Fergus Falls. MN Johnson. Connie, Circle. MT Johnson. Craig. Milnor Johnson. Dawn. Watford City Johnson. Debbie. Moorhead. MN Johnson. Jeff. Carpio Johnson. Jeffrey. Fergus Falls. MN Johnson. Jeanne. Luvcrnc Johnson. Jessie, Wahpeton Johnson. Joyce. Fisher. MN Johnson. Karla. Lake Park. MN Johnson. Larry. Fargo Kilen. Dwight. Almont Kilenc. Keith. Berthofd Kindschi. Mike. Morris. MN Kirschemann. Paula. Mott Kittelson. Robin. Jamestown Kittelson. Veronica. Bottineau Klamm. Dennis. Thompson Jostad. Mike. Walcott Judisch. Jeff. Wahpeton Jund. Genieve. Forman Jund. Tom. Forman Jutting, Darcy. Milbank. SD Juve. Joe. Plentywood, MT Kobclla. Kathy. Lidgcrwood Kaiser. Harvey. Wahpeton Kaiser. Maty. Wahpeton Kalberer, James. Hazolton Kamlotz. Randy. Edgeley Kamstra. Jeff. Lake Park. MN Kappes. Debra. Ada. MN Kahnon, Curtis. Livingston. MT Korn, Mary. Valley City Kasanke. Ken. Zap Kasankc. Mike. Zap Kastc. Lon. Pisek Kastncr. Lorna, Elbow Lake. MN Kautzman. Charla. Pingree Kay alee, Wail. Salmlyal Kuw. Ku Keller. Cynthia. Linton Keller. Jane, Owfnncr Kemp, Jon. Park River Kennedy. Mike. Breckenridge. MN Kcnward, Glenn. Harvey Kerlin. John. Mayvllle Kerr. David. Hazen Kcrsting. Myron. Cogswell Kertz. Mary. Thief River. MN Ketterling, Gna. Zeeland Kienzle. Dirk. Bismarck Kihne. Mark. Cavalier Kilber. Lon. Mott Kilber. Marlys, WahpetonKlassen. Joe. West hope Klassen. Ken. Westhope Klebc. Tami, Willow City Klein, Tim, Minot Klcvcnber. Steve. Tioga Klinger. Ken. Oriska Knoll. Brenda. Aberdeen. SD Knoll. Cocilia. Strasburg Knoll. Rodney. Hague Knudsen, Cathy. Colfax Knudtson, Mark. Harvey Knutson. Lori. Hillsboro Knutson. Marcia. Kathryn Kober. Cavin. Poplar. MT Koble. Jeff. Towner Koble, Sandra, Balta Koebcrnick. Judy. Valley City Koenig, R Will. Underwood Koeppe. Dave. Claire City. SD Koeppe. Glen. Claire City, SD Kohler. Brad. Dickinson Kohlase. Jeff. Fergus Falls. MN Koizumi. Hldcakl. Oakland. CA Kopp. Harlyn. Bismarck Koppang, Connie. Wahpctoo Koppang. Mike. Wahpeton Kopscng. David. Harvey Koranda. Steve. Burnsville. MN Korczak, Darryl. Grafton Korczak. Delrae. Grafton Koryata. Mitchell. Ardoch Kosir. Brad, Tower City Kosmatka, Kurt. Forman Kostclecky. Ken. Morristown. SD Kostenko. Ron. Max Kotschcvar, Brian. Enderlin Kouba. Kristi. Lankin Kracmer, Steve. Lidgcrwood Kraft. Debra. Minot Kraft. Kasper. New Salem Kraft. Steve. New Salem Kramer. Brad, New Salem Kramer, Bruce. Velva Kramer. Marlys. New Salem Krause. Kari, Hazen Krebs. New England Knlc. Kevin. Fargo Kruckcnberg. Karla. Stanton Krueger. Evan. Faro Krueger, Kim. Fredonia Krueger. Pam. Pcrham. MN Krueger, Quandee. Wolverton. MN Ktump. John. Hankinson Krumwiede. Jerry. Rock Lake Krush. Robert, Belfield Kubisiak, Karen, Bismarck Kubisiak, Kevin. Bismarck Kuchynski. Mark. Dickinson Kuchn. Tracy. Delamere Kuhn. Darcy. Jamestown Kummcr, Jeff, Northgate Kuntz. Pam. Bismarck Kunz. Matthew, Callaway, MN Kurtz. Carol. Hazelton Kurtz. Karen. Devils Lake Kurtz. Sherry, Enderlin Kurtz. Steven. Falrmount Kuruc. Curtis. Colfax Kuschel. David. Browns Valley. MN Kutil. Tcri, Grand ForksVi Wini i UJ L t. iti.'... '., ( _d J i l I.Ci..1 Kutzer, Kyle. Fairmount Kutikr, Ron. Glendive. MT Labor. Kan. Enderlm LaBounty. Stewart. Stirum Lahn. Richard, Pelican Rapid}, MN Lako. Mark. Arthur LampWr, Jeff. Detroit Lakes. MN Lang, Fay. Sterling Lang. Joann. Egeland Lang. M hele. Tower City Langerud, Lisa. Edinburg Lankow, Kelly, Campbell, MN Larson. Clayton. Bisbee Larson. Jane. Elbow Lake. MN Larson, Jodi, Oakes Larson Lowell. Newburg Larson. Steven. Wilton Larson. Susan. Wahpcton Larson, Tim. Fargo Lauinger. John. Strasburg Lauingcr. Leona. Strasburg Lautenschlager. Cindy. Columbus Lawler, Jana. Linton Lawler. Monica. Hansboro Lawrence. Terry. Powers Lake Lawson. Charles. Minot Leas. Derrick. Rock Lake Lee. Kevin. Colfax Lcfor, Carmel. Wahpcton Lcfor, Duane. Wahpcton Lehman. Julie. Breckenridge. MN Leidholm. Mike. Underwood Lclm, Jackie, McClusky Lennox. Schelly. Herman. MN Lenzmeier. Dan. Wahpcton Lorfaid. Gary. St. Louis. MO Lcska. Greg. Round Lake. IL LeTram. Van. Fargo Lewis. Julie. Forman Lewis. Lora. Hawley. MN Llcbersbach. Wayne. Alsen Liedahl. Gary. Moorhead. MN Lien, Marshall. Milnor Lien. Thomas. Warroad. MN Lincoln. Cass. Halliday Lincoln. Kaye. Forsyth. MT Lindbcrg, Roger. Perth Lindblom. Karen. Fargo Lindemann. Mary. Wahpcton Linder. Doug. Rugby Lindquist. Gary. New Rockford Link. Bruce. Goodrich Link, Carmen. Campbell. MN Link. Diane. Wolf Point. MT Linstad. David. Adams Lipp. Cheryl. Breckenridge. MN Liske. Bev. Breckenridge. MN Litchfield, Randall, Columbia Falls. MT Locken. Karen. Berthold Loehc. Brian. Starkweather Loken. Kent. Breckenridge. MN Loken. Paul. Breckenridge. MN Long. Doug. Moorhead. MN Lovdahl. Mike. Minot Lucy. Terri. Fergus Falls. MN Ludwig. Michael. Devils Lake Lund. Kcrwin, Enderlln Lundby. Dean. Underwood. MN Lupkes. Joetta. Wheaton. MN 36 Lybeck. Eric. Esmond mmLykken. Bruce. Kindred Lyng, Lisa. Elizabeth. MN Maack. Deb. Hebron Machart. Greg. Carrington Machenhcimcr. Sally. Minot Magrum, Mark. Braddock Maimer, Joe. Morristown. SD Maier. Cathy. Wahpcton Malaterrc. Kim. Belcourt Maliske, Zane. Bowman Manley, Kathryn. Pingrcc Maragos. Bruce. Minot Marchetti. Laurie. Herman. MN Marciniak. Ken. Wllbaux. MT Marohl. Darcy, l.idgcrwood Marohl. Jon. Hankinson Mar pie. Jean. Wendell. MN Marsaa, Kent. New Rockford Martin. Brent. Hunter Martin. William. Fargo Martinson. Randy. Delamere Masset. Sheila, l.amourc Masterjohn. Marla, Fergus Falls. MN Materi. Ann. Strasburg Materi. Pam. Strasburg Mathiason. Jay. Wahpeton Mattern. Roxanne. Strasburg Mauch. Charles. Mooreton Mauch. Melody. Wyndmcrc Maudal. Vaughn. Tcnne. MN Meyer, John. Lankin Maynard, Jeff, Fargo Maynard. Nick. Fargo McCleary, Marvls. Harwood McCollum. Paul. Kindred McDaniel. Nancy. Englevale McGuire. Kim, Fargo McKittrlck. Lundcll. Billings. MT McLaughlin. Kim. Bowman McRae. Scott. Sidney. MT Mcdcnwald, Julie, Bismarck Medcnwald. Tim. Wahpcton Meduna. Larry. Dickinson Mchl. Terri. Brcckcnridge, MN Mehlhoff. Lisa. Garrison Mehting, Sandy. Carrington Mcis. Dale. Fergus Falls. MN Mcis. Duane. Fergus Falls. MN Mclaas. Diane, Fergus Falls. MN Melby, Jans. Breckenridge, MN Mclland. David, Forbes Merck, Barry, Karlsruhe Messer. Steve. Regent Mctzcn, Kristie. Lisbon Meyer. Jeff, Hankinson Meyer. Kim, Nevis, MN Meyer. Paul. Rosholt, SD Meyer. Shelly. Fairmount Meyers. Keith, Oakes Michlltsch. Cindy. Wahpcton Micke, Thomas, Breckenridge. MN Mielke, Charles. Valley City Mikkelson, Jeff, Langdon Milbrandt, Lori. Hankinson Miller. Alan. Flasher Miller, Jill, Wahpeton Miller. Jodi. Hankinson Miller. Karla. Durbin Miller. Phillip. West Fargo Miller, Rebecca, Minot mflMi Miller. Scott. Moorhead. MN Miller. Valerie. Cando Minar. Donna. Hankinson Mindeman. Trent. Barney Minten. Tom. Porham. MN Mitchell. Jell, Courtenay Mitchell. Keith. Courtenay Mittcrling, Tami. Wahpeton Mocn. Lori. Brcckcnridgc. MN Mohamed. Jad. Saldon. Lebanon Mohn. Deb. Wheaton. MN Momcrak. Doug. Park River Moore, Colleen, Waubun. MN Morgan. Eileen. Breckenrldgc. MN Morin. Paula. Plaza Morken, Penny. Brcckcnridgc, MN Morris. Wade. Fargo Morrison. Kurt. Ellendale Mosher. Jana. Fairmount Moss, Gary, Center Moug. Rock. Buffalo Mrack, John. Brcckcnridgc. MN Muchlbcrg, Kim, Wahpeton Muehlcr. Lori. Wahpeton Muehler, Scott. Wahpeton Munsch. Doug. Bismarck Munson, Kevin. New Rockford Murphey. Terry. Jamestown Murphy. Gerald. Gracevillc. MN Murphy. Mike. Minot Muscha. Malt. Harvey Mustoe. Hugh. Bismarck Nedrebo. Todd. Argusville Nchk, Darin. Fergus Falls. MN Nelson. Cindy. Little Falls. MN Nelson. Clayton. Crookston, MN Nelson. Judy, Grand Forks Nelson. Kevin. Hannaford. Nelson. Linda. Grand Forks Nelson. Mike. Mayvillc Nelson. Mike. Grand Forks Nelson. Nancy. Fargo Nelson. Paul. Little Falls. MN Nelson, Shawn. East Grand Forks. MN Nelson. Stewart. Northvflle, SD Nelson. Susan. Gary. MN Nelson. Theresa. Brcckcnridgc. MN Ness. Connie. Northwood Ness. Mary. Center City. MN Ness. Jeff. Waubay. SD Neulieh. Betty. Brcckcnridgc. MN Neva. Terry. Kensal Newborg. Kevin. Fergus Falls. MN Nguyen. Nhut, Jamestown Nichols. Tom. Sykestown Nicolai. Mcchellc. Mil nor Mielscn. Jayme, Plaza Niemann. James. Minot AFB Nless. Peter. Sawyer Nseuwsma. Elwin. Strasburg Nilson. Mike, Maddock Nipstad. Annette. Kindred Nipstad. Mark. Kindred Noack, Jane, Fergus Falls. MN Norgaard. Betsy. Barnesvillc. MN Nordhausen. Michelle. Detroit Lakes. MN Nordick. Andy. Kent. MN Nordick. Scott. Wahpeton Norman. Travis. Jamestown 38 Novak. Dan. Pisek mww;Nygaard. Dixie. Northwood Nyland. Julie, Stephen. MN O'Connell. Scott. Belfield O'Connor. Steve. Grocevillc. MN O'Toole. Janet. Crystal O'Toole. Maureen. Crystal Oakland. Wayne. Rock Lake Oas. Rhonda. Wahpeton Oltelio. Sherry. Hope Oihus. Scott. Grafton Olnfson, David. Edinburg Otek, Surannc. Wahpeton Oletzkc. Dale. Browns Valley. MN Olheiser. Pat. Dickinson Ollg. Mitchell. Hankinson Olson. Beth. Valley City Olson. Dona. Sheyennc Olson. Greg, Moorhead. MN Olson. Howard. Rolla Olson. Jerry. Northwood Olson. Keith. Brocket Olson. Kevin. Wilton Olson. Lorcen. Britton. SD Olson. Michael. Douglas Olson. Richard. Sisselon Olson. Saralee. Wahpeton Olson, Susan. Wahpeton Olwin. Paula. Fargo Omar. Nldal. Ahntadi, KU Omdahl. Jayme. Fordville Omvig. Alan. Rolette Opoicn. Richard. Wahpeton Opp. Cmdy. Britton, SD Opsal. Tim. Alamo Ormiston, Jeff. Fairdalc Orud. Ronald. Wolvcrton, MN Orvedal. Larry. Cando Orwkk. Bryce. Michigan Orwick. Glynn. Michigan Osier, Melody. Carrington Oster, Perry. Carrington Ostrom. Amy. Wahpeton Otto. Roger. Osanbrock Overby. Lonnie. Colfax Page, William. Cavalier Pankow. Julie. Minot Pankow. Sophie. Wahpeton Parker. Robert. Cando Patnoudc. Wanda. Breckcnridge, MN Paulson. John. Bowman Pawlovich. Lynn. Wahpeton Pearson. Dan. Forman Pecka. Dale. Park River Pedersen. Dennis, Fergus Falls. MN Pedersen. Mike, Wilmot Pchl. Chris. Foxhome, MN Pelton, Jodi, Halliday Pence. Roland. Westport. SD Penncr, John. Wahpeton Perkins. Jeff. Menoken Perkins. Julie, Valley City Perhchek. Kelly. Burlington Perrion. Andy. Ipswich. SD Pctcrmann, Rhonda. Hawley. MN Petersen. Barry. Buxton Petersen. Roberta. Lake Park. MN Peterson. Cindy. Peterson. Dala, Peterson. Jayne. Breckcnridge. MN Peterson. Jill. Northwood IV»aHs V. Hi Peterson, Lcs. Rcvillo. SD Peterson. Mark. Eckclson Peterson. Nancy. Browns Valley. MN Peterson. Paul. Lakota Peterson. Paula. Eau Claire. Wl Peterson. Robert. Hallock, MN Peterson. Todd. Hunter Petrie. Lisa. Blanchard Pfeifer. Karla. Aberdeen. SO Pfeifer. Kevin. Valley City Pfingstcn. Darin, Leonard Pfingsten. Debra. Leonard Pfingstcn. Laurel. Sheldon Phillips. Ardcnc. West Fargo Piatr. Natalie. Napoleon Pierce. Brenda. International Falls. MN Pierce. Robb. Scranton Pierce, William, Shcycnnc Pierson. Cherie. Mooreton Pierson, Julie. Forman Pikarski, Carla. Mooreton Pinkney. Brett. Wahpcton Pistorius. David. Browns Valley. MN Pithey. Randy. Lamourc Pithcy, Tom. Verona Pitkin. Charles. Britton. SD Plante. Dan. Fargo Plmke. Todd. Campbell. MN Plutowski. Wayne. Minto Pollert. Mark, Kathryn Potter. Roger. Fargo Potts. Mike. Stanley Powers. Steve. Wahpcton Prasek. Carol. Wahpcton Prasheck. Mark. Wahpcton Praska. Tim. Grafton Prchal. Betty. Lidgcrwood Pritchard. Cindy. Oakes Prochnow. Lane. Lisbon Ptacek. Steven. Oakes Puente. Janie. West Fargo Pueppke. Gail. Amenia Purcell. Karen. Gwinner Pyle. Laurinda. Fargo Quanrud, Julie. Grand Forks Querncmoen, Renee. Abercrombie Quick. Terry. Moorhead. MN Raab. Norman. Mott Rachow. Karen. Hillsboro Rademachcr. Todd. Foxholm Rafteseth. Deb. Moorhead. MN Raguse. Craig, Tenney. MN Rekow. Stephen. Breckcnridge. MN Rail. Bernhardt. Forbes Rail. Daniel. Forbes Rambow. Susan. Valley City Ramsdell. Colleen. Linton Randolph. Charles. Wolf Point. MT Rask. Julie. Bismarck Rasmussen. Donna. Fargo Rasmussen. Pam. Hunter Rasmussen. Sheila. Hunto-Raun. Davis. Wahpcton Reardon. James. Medina Redmond. Gail. Belfield Redmond. Jess. Endcrlin Reed. Jeff. Minot Rcikow. Karen. Esmond Reinbold. Scott. Hebron Reindel. Doreen. Bismarck wm iV f. Reinhart. Gary. Browns Valley. MN Renner. Rick. Detroit Lakes. MN Pick Me!!! Nowhere Reuter, Mike. Underwood RiUdeaux. Phyllis. Richter. Ed. Rugby Richter. Layne, Minot Richter. Ron. Sykeston Ridl, Joan. Bowman Rieger. James. Esmond Riley. Carol. Stephen. MN Rindy. Rock. Carrington Ritterman. Rodney. York Robb. James. Ellendale Robert. Russ. Roila Rockcy. Char. Bismarck Roehrich. Cleo. Strasburg Rocmmich. Connie. New Salem Rogelstad. Tim. Heindal Rogers. Keri. New Salem Roll. Brent. Mott Rolstad. Bryce. Sisseton. SD Ronnie. Paul. Minot Rorvig. Nathan. Binford Rose. Dale. Rolette Roswick. William. Bismarck Rothmeier. Janet. Wabasso. MN Rott. James. Anomoosc Ru(l. Jackie. Lehr Ruff. Keith. Fredonia Ruppert, Lance. Crosby Rustad. Koven. Roseglen Rustad, Nancy. Clontarl. MN Rustad. Sherrie. Fergus Falls. MN Ryba. James. Lankin Ryba, Paul. Minot Ryckman. Spencer. Rollock. SD Rysavy. Cindy. Whitman Sabc. James. Scranton Sabot. Monte, Baldwin Sager. Kris. Wheaton. MN Sailer. Denise. Hebron Sailer. Larry. Valley City Salvevo'.d. John. Battle Lake. MN Salwei. Robyn. Crystal Sampson. Kari. Turtle Lake Samuclson. Leslie. Sarles Samuelson. Weslle. Sarles Sandcn. Joel. Wyndmcre Sauer. Ann. Wahpcton Sauer. Jolene. Jamestown Sautcr. Daniel. Manfred Savageau. Cheryl. Fargo Sax. Dana. Donnelly. MN Saxton. Darrell. Alexandria. MN Schaack. Jewel, Sykeston Schaefer. Glenn. Minot Schaefer. Kathy. Washburn Schaefer. Paul. Onaka. SD Schaff. Bruce. Bowman Schcclc. Patti. Ipswich. SD Scherr, Lillian. Harclton Scheuffcle, Lars. Aberdeen SD Schiele. Albert. Wahpcton Schiele. Jason. Balfour Schilling. Mike. Akaska. SD Schindler. Jeff. Manfred Schirado. Kyle. Gen Ullin Schlagel. Lynn. Fingal Schlossor. Matt. FairmountSikich. Kevin. Buxton SJbernagel. Jo. Garrison Simbalenko. Jeff. Bismarck Simdorn. Jayne. Fergus Falls. MN Simonson. Rick. Grand Forks Sims. Karla. Wahpcton Sitter. Larry. Onaka. SD Schluchter. Peggy. Cavalier Schmaltz. Linda. Oakes Schmidt. Bill. Montevideo. MN Schmidt. Terence. Beulah Schmidt. Virgil. Niagara Schmitcke. Kevin. Hazclton Schmitz. Cindy. Oakes Schmitz. Tami. Wheaton. MN Schmuhl, Melody. Jamestown Schneider. Betty. Strasburg Schneider. Rod. Wahpcton Schock. Vcl. Carson Schock. Velvet, Carson Schocnwcttor. Lucile, Watertown. SD Schrocder. Carol. Wahpcton Schrocdcr. Dan. Billings. MT Schrocder, Don. Chaffee Schrocdcr, Nancy. Bordulac Schrocdcr. Sharon. Fairmount Schram. Rebecca. Lidgcrwood Schreiner, Elaine. Rock Lake Schrcnk. Pam. Valley City Schuler. Donna, Munich Schuler. Greg. Langdon Schuler. Lorie. Wahpcton Schulte. Susan. Jamestown Schultz. Dawn. Lidgcrwood Schultz. Greg. Brandon. MN Schultz. Jim. Park Rapids. MN Schultz. Julie. Michigan Schultz. Mike. Cordova. AK Schultz. Sandra. Mayvillo Schultz. Yvonne. Lidgcrwood Schulz. Paula. Beulah Schulz. Rick. Harvey Schulz. Shawn. Washburn Schumacher, Annette. Venturis Schumacher. Mark. Medina Schumacher. Mary, Jamestown Schumacher. Scott. Aberdeen. SD Schumaicr, Jeff. Benedict Schwab. Tim. Devils Lake Schwanz. Wendy, Crosby Schwark. Kevin. West Fargo Schwartz. Ann. Hebron Schwarz. Dean. Washburn Schwehr. Larry. Watford City Schweitzer. Terry. Dodge Sears. Dave. Minncwaukan Seidel. Audrey. Riverdale Seidlitz. Doug, Hope Seley. John. Audubon Scngcr, Lance. Linton Senger. Richard. Devils Lake Senn. Patty, Mott Scttingsgaard. Kendall. Sidney. MT Severson. Dawn. Wimbledon Severson. Kelly. Wimbledon Seward. Patty. Rolla Shalbu. Adamu. Jor. Sharbono. Lori. Carrington Shclver. Elise. Lisbon Short. Donna. Holmes City. MNSjokvist. Gary. Wahpeton Sjursen, Michael, Arthur Skalsky. Ricky. Beulah Skaufel. Allen, Jessie Skinnemoen, Kevin, Wendell. MN Skorick, David. Minot Skramstad. Gary. Enderlln Skroch. Vicki. Cogswell Slabik. Tim. Cayuga Slagg. Connie, Washburn Slavens. James. Minot Slotten, Brent. Wahpeton Smedburg. Jack), Fargo Smcdberg. Robert. Fargo Smestad. Cynthia. Mayvillc Smith. Cliff. San Ramon. CA Smith. Darla. Bntton. SD Smith. Larry. Fargo Smith. Richard. Shcycnnc Smith. Thomas. Powers Lake Smith. Tim. Larimore Soggc. Kristine. Wahpeton Soggc. Marc. Northwood Solbcrg. Craig. Lakota Sondrol. Todd. Turtle Lake Sorch. Kelly. Wilton Sorenson. Earl. Wahpeton Sorenson. Ralph. Harvey Sorenson. Todd. Bagley. MN Sorlien. Mona. Grand Forks Sorum. Nathan. Mandan Soule. Hugh. Hamilton Soule, Michelle, Fraree. MN Spencer. Charles. Larimore Splcketmeicr. Dan, Sheldon Spickcrmcicr, John, Casselton Splekcrmeier. Shannon. Sheldon Sprecher. Judy, Mott Stallman. Cheryl. Barney Stallman, Dean, Moorcton Stalvik. Orville. Binford Stanley. Duane. Garrison Stave. Linda, Hankinson Stebbins. Dan. Bowman Steele, lone. Edgeley Stcffan. John. Englcvale Steffen. Arlan, Steffens. Arhnda. Wahpeton Steffens, Marty. Fairmount Steffens. Monty. Fairmount Stehr. Colleen. Minot Stcig. Larry. Butte Stein. Russ. Taylor Steiner. Mike, Reeder Steiner. Susan. Bismarck Steiner. Wayne, ©endive. MT Stensland. James. Adams Sterf. Pamela. Grand Forks Stovahn. Terry, Wishek Stevens. Dale. Watford City Stevens. John. Valley City Stevens. Todd. Gwinner Stevenson. Henry, Cavalier Stibal, Curtis. Lidgcrwood Stibal. Dawn. Lidgerwood Stickel. Terry. Casselton Stieg. Perry. Dickinson Sticncssen, Dean. Willmar. MN Still. David. Breckcnridge. MN Stillwell. Tod. Lisbon luiiH ■1............... !22mm Stocker, Tony, East Grand Fork . MN Stolle. Scott. Hecla. SD Storeim, Marcia, Fergus Falls, MN Strand. Craig. Brocket Strand. Jill, Hlbbing, MN Strandlien. David. Minot Strege, Cliff, Breckcnridgc, MN Strcgc. Deb. Wyndmcrc Strege. Sandra. Lidgerwood Strcmick, Alan. Cavalier Stringer. Sandra. Valley City Stroh, Angela, Englevalc Stroh. Beth. Tappen Stroh, Jay. Englcvale Stroklund, Paul. Arthur Strube. Todd. Minot Strut?, Chris. Oakes Stugelmayer. Todd. Aberdeen. SD Sturdevant, Susan, Wahpcton Suda. Frank. Wahpcton Suda, Joan. Wahpcton Suck. Phillip. Holdingford. MN Suko, Dean. West Fargo Sukut. Kelvin. Wishck Slllivan. Bill, Mandan Sundrc. Kevin. Petersburg Susag. Kerry. Harvey Svedbcrg, Arlo. Wahpcton Svecn. Lois. Ray Swanson. Charles. Wolf Point. MT Swanson. Cyalton. Wahpcton Swanson. Deb. Fargo Swanson. John. Plummer. MN Swanson. Lori. Northwood Stcrur. Jackie. Wahpcton Tangen. Ron. Washburn Tank. Randy. Mandan Tcrncs. Mike. Bismarck Teske. Mike. Scranton Thacker, David. Starkweather Thiel. Dan. East Grand Forks. MN Thiel. James. Breckcnridgc. MN Thlelsen. Kurt. Callaway. MN Thielges, Ellen. Lamourc Thielke. Blair. Wahpcton Thoc, Colleen, Wahpcton Thompson. Kerwtn. Rugby Thompson, Kim. Hawley. MN Thompson. Mark. Thompson. Pam. Lldgerwood Thoms. Judy. Fargo Thoreson. Julie. Nome Thorlakson. Doug. Cavalier Thornberg. Peg. Wahpeton Thorsen, Dean. Fergus Falls, MN Thorson. Tracy. Northwood Tibke. Tracy. Bismarck Timm. Mark. Kensal Tlschmak. Bryan. Shields Tocllc. Karle. Breckcnridgc. MN Tomlinson. Mike. Turtle Lake Tompkins. Mitch. Pingree Tracy. Norlcnc. Fairmount Tracy. Susan. Jamestown Trageton. Jean. Northwood Trajano. Joe. Wahpcton Trangsrud, Collin, Enderlin Trcckcr. William. Carrington Trctter. Doris. Larimore 44 Trottier. Darlene. Rolla._________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tschctter, Kcilh, Ashley Tucker. Deb. Wahpeton Tunby. Todd. Wahptton Tupa. Wade. Larimore Turner. Pam. Aberdeen. SD Tweed. Grant. Hatnar Twete, Liz. Wadena. MN Ulfcrs. Lowell, Beach Umlauf. William. Fergus Falls. MN Unger. Matt. Fargo Unhjem. Lane. Crosby Unruh, Perry, Beulah Urlaub. Kevin. Jamestowri Van Aspcren. Steven. Jamestown Van Houttc. Chris. Arvilla Van Zee, Galesburg Vandcrlinden. James, Dalton. MN Vcnnett. Calvin. Wltllston Vetsch. Dave. Washburn Vetter, Marc, Cando Viall. David. Brcckenridgc. MN Vigen. Linda. Wahpeton Viken. Darin. Wahpeton Viken. Todd. Hope Voellcr. Ben. Rugby Vocllor. Don. Rugby Volcsky. Denys. Dickinson Volk. Beverly. Watlord City Volla. Steve. Clilford Voss. Barbara. Tenney, MN Voss. Michelle. Tlntah. MN Wadcson. Paul. Fingal Waggoner, James. Kalispell, MT Wagner. Gwen. Grand Forks Wahl. Julie. Fergus Falls. MN Wailor, Don. Grand Forks Walker, Gene, Mandan Wall. Jeff. Bismarck Wallace. LHa. Forbes Walter. Bonnie. Campbell. MN Wanck, Tom. Doran, MN Wang. Susan. Devils Lake Wangler. Mark. Wlshek Wanner, Jahnita. Dickinson Wanner. June. Tappcn Wanner. Kelly. Wlshek Wanner. Roy. Tappen Wanner, Susan. Wlshek Wanzek. T m. Windsor Wanzek. Tracy. Cleveland Ward. Gary. Lakota Waslaskl. Langdon Wasvik. Yvonne. Wahpeton Watson. Doug. Carrington Watt. Dona, Chaffee Webber. Joshua. Fargo Weber, Beth. Rutland Weber. Clyde. Wishek Wcigal. Alvin. Napoleon Wcigal. Jeff. Edgelcy Wcigal. Sally. Bismarck Weight, Craig, Miles City. MT Wcinkauf. Brenda. Fergus Falls. MN Weinrich. Jeff. Olivia. MN Wcissingcr, Lonna, Fairmount Welssmger. LuAnn. Fairmount Welder. Valerie. Edgeley Wellnitz, Dorcne. Elbow Lake. MN Wclu. Wayne. Fargo Weninger. Brent. Anamoose . m Wentz, Lori. Napoleon Westmcyer. Todd. Minot Wcttstcin, John. Wahpeton Wetzel. Kurt. Bismarck Wcyrauch. Paul. Ray Whaley. Linda. Moorhead. MN White, Robert. Bismarck Whitclcy. Chris. Minot Whiting. Sheridan. Fargo Wicgman. Lee. Graccvillc. MN Wicker. Kent. Amhcrst.SD Wteser. John. Hankinson Wicser. Paul. Rosholt. SD Wcist, Karen. Wishck Wilcox. Myhra. Morris. MN Wilde. Rcncc. Fergus Falls. MN Wilkowski. Ray. Manahga. MN Williams. Vlann. Mllnor Windhorst. Darlene. Stanton Winters. Debra. Sauk Centre. MN Wirrenga. Wayne. Adrian Wlrtz. Audrey. Underwood Wirtz. Charles. Mandan Witt. Karen. Douglas Wittman. Margaret. Milnor Wohl. Barbara. Linton Wohler, Scott. Milnor Wolf. Bethany. Zeeland Wolf, James. Mandan Wolf. Jeff, Bowman Wolf. Kevin. Napoleon Wolf. Tim. Napoleon Wolfe. Robert. Fergus Falls, MN Wolfgram. Bonnie, Valley City Wolfswinkel, Curt. Brcckcnrldge. MN Wold. John. Starkweather Wolsky, James, Moorhead, MN Woodley. Arthur. Bowman Worrel. Wesley. Kindred Wright. Tom. Fargo Wriglcy. Blake. Fargo Wurzer. Todd. Fingal Yagow. Lori. Milnor Ycado. Jerry. Walhalla Young. Greg. Gralton Young, Jerry. Guelph Young. Joel. Guelph Young. Thomas. Wahpeton Youngbsrd. Charles. Mandarec Youngman. Sharalec. Oakes Yule, Maynard. Brocket Zacher. Billy, Breckenridge. MN Zacher, James. Balia Zachmeier. Sue. Mandan Zahn. Robert. Bismarck Zander. Greg, Dickinson Zastoupil. Dean. Wahpeton Zenker. Terry. Colfax Zent. Joel. Hysam. Mt Zillmcr, Zina. Cleveland Zimmer. Kevin. Carrington Zimmerman. Dave. Emmet Zimmerman. Douglas. Aberdeen. SD 46 Zimmerman. Karla. Emmet Zorn. Joan. Bottineau IliWW New Students, Re-Takes And Nurses Anderson. Anne. West Fargo Anderson. Jane, Lakota Anderson. Judith. Moorhead Anderson. Sheila. Christine Art . Karen. Antler Aus. Jcnac. Dazey Basscn. Dcbby. Lltchville Behrens, Wendy, Wheaton Beyer. Dean. Fargo Biel. Cheryl. Satellite Program Birch. Karla. Rhame Birkholz. Phyllis. Satellite Program Bosch. Linda. Jamestown Bosh. Jennifer. Lankin Bostrom. Lori. New Effington Brandcll. Dave. Claire City Bryant. Julie. Casselton Carr. Carla. Portland Chadwick. Keith. Jamestown Chandler. Marilyn. Breckenridge Church. Kendall. Tenney Cimbura. Shirley. Leonard Conzemius. Mark. Breckenridge Corbert. Ann. Moorhead Dahmus. Faye. Fargo Dcnbrook, Keith. Fergus Falls Dcschene. Carmelle. Argyle Dilly, Mark. Herman Drchcr. Carol, Satellite Program Eller. Kevin. Belcourt Endahl, Jan. Moorhead Engelhart. Annette. Zeeland Entzi. Lynctte, Fredonia Erbele, Vicky. Lehr Feist, Julie, Edgeley Filler, Sherri, Satellite Program Fischer. Cynthia. Underwood Flom, Carolyn, Michigan Foerster. Jon. Pisek Frank, Debra, Starbuck Gadc. Diane. Barnesville Gcfroh. Lori, Hague Gohccn. Sue. Satellite Program Goolsbey, Nancy. Delamere Grabanski, Michelle, Casselton Graufe. James. Grenora Greenwood. Mark. Egeland Grewe. Carla. Battle Lake Hagen. Darla. Satellite Program Hager, Cheryl. Orrin Halmrast. Kim. Delamere Hamel. Brent. Minot Hanson. Natalie. Adrian Hcaglcy, Teresa. Jamestown Helgaas. Christine, Fertile Hinriehs. Claudia. Satellite Program Hohenstern. Debbie. Mantador Iverson. Christi. Arthur Jensen, Daniel. Fergus Falls Jette. Patricia. Madison Johnson. Karen. Arthur Johnson. Lori, Lakota Johnson, Suzanne, Grand Forks Students 47Judd. Carol. Jamestown Kendall. Tammy, Minot King. Heather, Wahpeton Kl.ndt. Wade. Wathalla Kling. Roger. Halliday Kotaska. Kathy. Devils Lake Krupich, Laura. Fargo Kutler. Darla. New Effington Langerud. Lisa. Edinburg Langton. Diane. Fargo Lcingang. Connie. Fargo Linderman. Vkke. Satellite Program Little. Paul. Moorhead Lloyd. Sharon. Fessenden Loll. Cheryl. Richvillo Lothspeich. Ruth. Fargo Maack. Debbie. Eliiabeth McDonald. Dawn, Hannah Manly. Shirley. Satellite Program Martin, Julie. Fargo Martin. LeAnn. Harvey Meidmger. Roberta. Ashley Merritt. Joan. Hoffman Meyer. Kathy. Minto Meyer. Nancy. Rcvillo Monson. Karen. Fargo Montonye. Debbie. Wheaton Neisen. Greg. Faribault Nelson. Julie. Grand Forks Ness. Larry. Tolna Nyre. Toni. Minot Olsen. Brenda. Jamestown Oltholl. Susan. Breckenridge Parson. Lori. Satellite Program Pelletl, Sherri. Minot Peppel. Jan. Fargo Perdew. Jeannle. Bismarck Pfmgsten. Laurel. Sheldon Pucti. Leila. Wyndmere Rebcr. Lisa. West Fargo Rostad. Janelle. Minot Roundy. Pat. Satellite Program Ryan. Rhonda. Wahpeton Ryan. Shanna. Inkster Sauvageau. Susan. Fargo Schander. Donna. Satellite Program Schander. Kathy. Satellite Program Sehanilec. Melissa. Jamestown Sethcr. Marjorie. Horace Severson. Dawn. Wimbeldon Sheeley. Debbie. Wahpeton Stahl. Marcia. Satellite Program Steiner. Wayne. Glendive Stroh. Beth. Tappen Swanson. Lori. Northwood Swenson. Linda. Grand Forks Swiggum. Jamie. West Fargo Taylor. Jennifer. Fargo Taylor. Sandy. Satellite Program Vig. Colette. Geneseo Vorderbruggen. Mary. Wadena Vosberg. Betty. Wyndmere Walker. Gene. Mandan Washburn. Jill. Hope Weeks. Angela. Minot Wegschcid. Sandra. Bluffton Westland. Julie. Ayr Whethan. Vivian. Satellite Program Willemsscn. Karleen. Foxhomc Williams. Ben. Wahpeton Students 48Winters, Debt . Sauk Centre Wolbaum, Michelle. Dickinson Zahn. Juke, Weslhope Zaun. Inez. Manarvgo Zink. LaCinda. Satellite Program Ftott Row. U» Btucich. Katen Uftdblom. Tim Cadwatiadei. Christine Engwls. and Michelle Noidhausen. Second Row Wayne Houle. Jennie Hoekslra. Wendy Anklam. Julie Andction. Teri Butch. Mona Sottan, Sandra Strcgc. and Brian Cox. Third Row. Shawn Schuti. Ronald Orud. Kathl Winkelt. Robert Lemke. and Jerry Young. Fourth Row: Tim Hansen. Susan Stdncr. David Sears. Pam Thompson. Jett Gust, Valerie Miller, Kristine Bonrie. Scott Schumacher (hidden), and Louis Juers. Not pictured: Ken Botnet. Kevin Krug. Sue Singelmann. Dennis Vollhabcr. and Clarence Wyland Thirty-two second-year students at the North Dakota State School ol Science will be included in the 1983 edition of "Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges.” The selections were announced by Mercedes Morris, associate dean of students. Nominated by the college’s faculty and picked by an awards committee headed by Miss Mercedes Morris, the students are chosen on the basis of their academic achievement, leadership in extracurricular activities, community service and future potential. The 32 students will be recognized in the spring during the student awards banquet. They are among more than 1,300 students selected for the directory. NDSSS has participated in the directory selections since 1969.H U f - ■ : • ':'• -w -•-•■ 52 Candid STURDEVANT’S AUTO SUPPLY PERHAM, MN ASHLEY, ND MILBANK, MN MOORHEAD, MN ELBOW LAKE, MN ALEXANDRIA, MN Wholesale Automotive Parts and Accessories WAHPETON, ND OAKES, ND LISBON, ND HAWLEY, MN WHEATON, MN CASSELTON, ND WAHPETON LUMBER COMPANY Home Owned, Millwork, Lumber, Plywood, Cabinets, Insulation, Building Hardware, Roofing 1011 Dak. Ave. Wahpeton, ND 642-3504 M Ad STURDEI HNT’S CUSTOMER PARKING First Bank Wahpeton Member First Bank System Member F.D.I.C. Downtown Bank 501 Dakota Ave. 642-5567 First Bank North 210 By-Pass Dedicated The Heartland and Metropolitan. We look to each other, support each to other and together we build a happier, more secure future for all Serving the of us. Come join your friends and neighbors at Metropolitan. Heartland fetropolitan since 1926 . .. Federalxzzs-(TTpCandid 57% mimmmmgah «WW!l»MW{8:fc'.‘r. - ;i«.m,.. Administrative Council : V'i Sitting: Charles J. Hanson. VP Student Services; Myron J. Koppang, VP Business Affairs; Dr. Clair T. Blikre, President; Dr. Ronald M. Hutkin. VP Academic Affairs; Donald W. Stevenson. Dean Trades. Standing: Dr. Michael C. Morrison. Dean Activity Services; Donald Engen. Director Athletic Department; Lowell F. Johnson. Arts Science; Orlin D. Bakken. Dean Continuing Education; Alvin C. Eckre, Director Administrative Services; Robert J. Cette, Dean Business Division; Sam L. Schimelfenig. Dean Technical. 60 Council Faculty And Administration Aadland. LaVonne (Denial Aux.) Aakre. James (Diesel) Abbott. Robert A (Plbg) Aldrich. James G (A S) Allen. Wesley 0. (Electronics) Anderson. Bernard R (Electrical) Anderson. Christian M. (Bos Law-PT) Anderson. Erwin J. (Electro-Mock) Anderson. Kenneth J. (Electrical) Arneson. Harlan F. (Auto Mech ) Bader. Dennis R. (Electrical) Ballweber. Duane C. (Auto Body) Bang. Barbara A. (Arch. Dra(t.) Baumann. Marlys (LPN) Berg, Julian (Electronics) BJouin. Joen M (Printing) Borchert. Keath (Admissions) Boss. Arthur (A S) Bramcl. Patricia (Business) Bramel. Roger G (A S) Brophy. Bernard M (Electronics) Bruesch. Ronald P (Auto Body) Brungardt. Carol J. (LPN) Bunch. Marvin (Machine Tooling) Byman. Keith (A S) Carlson. John D. (Printing) Caron. Laurie (Music-PT) Casad. Dr R J. (Dental Aux.) Cliasc. Larry (Auto Mech.) Christensen. Ewald K. (Electronics) Christensen. Larry (Data Processing) Cox. John R. (Welding) Deibert. William M. (Elec Tech) Derke. Arnold E. (Diesel) Derry. John F. (D.esel) Diederick. Barb (LPN) Diet . Day'.c (Business) Dohman. Gloria (Library) Drewlow. Debra (LPN) Due. Bruce (Ag Mcch Farm Bus. Mgt.) Dcik. Michael A (A S) Eggc. Robert C (A S) Eklund. Juliannc (Business) Engh. Kenneth R (Electronic Tech.) Erickson. Errol D. (A S) Essig, Darrel (Prog. Analyst) Evcnstad, Jean E. (A S) Freden. Jean (Dental Aux.) Frederlcksen. Marlyn (Dir. Placement) Faculty 61Milm Fulp. Donald E. (A S) Fulp. Kay (A S) Galde. Marl n W (Dir. Phy. Plant) Card. Bruce (Printing) Glenn. John M. (Automotive-Graphics) Goroski. Robert S. (Auto Body) Grage. Allan (Phy. Ed. Tennis Coach) Grage. Mary Ann (VB Coach Phy. Ed.) Graham. Richard (Group Opp. Counselor) Gulbranson, Mary E. (A S) Hackney. Roy G (Refng) Hanyzewskt. Edward M (Mech. Draft) Haskell. Richard A. (Arch. Draft.) Hauck. Richard A. (Dir. Counseling) Hauge. Patrick (Diesel) Haugen. H. Jean (OTA) Heath. Martin L. (A S) Hegel. Charles G. (Instr. Resources) Hektner. Vernon E. (A S) Helgeson. Blayne F. (Dir. Info. Serv.) Hendrickson. Barry (Data Processing) Hendrickson. Rick A. (Electronics) Henry. Charles W. (Electrical) Hermes. Clifford A. (Business) Hcsch. Joseph 0 (Data Processing) Hilgemann, Jeff (Arch. Draft) Hilgers. Bernard T. (Occup. Careers) Hinsvctk. Arne K. (Machine Tooling) Hmsverk. Mario O. (Electrical) Hmz. Rodney (Envir. Systems) Helen. Doris (Dental Aux.-PT) Holm. Richard L. (Dir. Adm. Records) Holtz. Everett M. (Diesel) Hornstem. Vicki (Campus Nurse) Hoseth. Sherman H. (Business) Jacobson. James L. (Upholstery) Jacobson. Jcwitt N. (Auto Mech.) Jacobson. Paul (Welding) Jensen. Delores (Intramurals Busmess) Jensen. Owen (Bus. Track CC) Jensen. Roger (Arch. Draft.) Johnson. James L (Auto Body) Johnson. Lowell F (A S) Johnson. Neal H, (A S) Kaffar. Timothy (Petroleum Tech) Kastcllc. Russell E. (Civil Engr.) Hath. Lyle R (Activities Coord.) Keller. Joseph (Mech. Draft.) Kemmet. Eugene F. (Diesel) Kemper. Jcrrold L. (Diesel) King. Donald S. (Business) Kior. Walter (Electrical Tech.) Klaahsen. Wesley J. (Refrig.) Knudscn. Ralph K. (Electronics) Korth. Thomas (Dir. Computer Center) Krohn. Steven (Coord Instr. Resources) 62 Faculty Kroshus. Miry V (Library) Kroshus. Tilford (Music) Kruckenberg. M. Donald (Electrical) Krump. Jane (LPN) Laabs. Harvey G. (Electronics) Landeis. Jane (LPN) Larsen. John (Coord Mobile Trng.) Larson. Chester L. (Dir Personnel) Larson. Kay (Dental Aux ) Lemkc, Robert L. (Welding) Lcnz, Nadene A (Campus Nurse) Liberda. Herman A (Dir. Res. Serv.) Llmmer. James (Electrical Tech ) Lindeman, Thomas E. (Asst BB. A S) Link. Harvey G. (Ag Mech. Farm Bus) Livingston. Paul (Dir. Security) Loock. Henry A (Auto Mech ) Lownsbury. Michael (Civil Engr.) Lundgren. Vcrlin E. (Electrical) Manske. Mark (Computer Operator) Marcotte. Eugene A, (Business) Matanich. John (Machine Tooling) Mauer. Carohta (OTA) McCurnm. Joseph F. (A S) McDaniel. Larry (Head FB Wrest. Phy.Ed) McLaughlin. Joseph K. (Arch Draft.) Meier. Duncan (Data Processing) Merbach. Larry P. (A S) Miller. Harold I. (Sheet Metal) Miller. Patrick J. (Business Office) Mische. Eugene F (Electronics) Moeller. Irvin M. (Rcfng.) Moen. Monroe J. (Auto Mech) Moen. Rene J. (Coord. LSC) Morben. Ralph (A S) Morris. Mercedes (Assoc. Dean Students) Morrison. Darrell (Business) Mracek. Robert T. IWeldmg) Natvwek. Karen A. (Ad. Counselor) Niccolai. Anne (Dental Aux.) Nisia. Robert E. (Cook Chef Trng) Oas. Neiland E. (Arch. Drafting) Odegaard. Carol (Bookstore Manager) Odegaard. Kay (OTA) O'Donnell Elsie (A S) Oehlke. Paul (Ag Mech Farm Bus. Mat.) Olmstead. Clinton E. (A S) Olson. Arvid J. (Machine Tooling) Olson Raymond (Envir. Systems) Olson, rsooert E. (Printing) Olson. Warren (Manager Student Center) Osland. John A (Electronics) Ostby. Harvey W (Parts Training) Peterson. Alan J. (A S. Asst. BB) Peterson. Bruce A. (Automotive) Peterson. Dale R (Tele. Trng. Prog) Faculty 63Peterson. Robert H. (Related Study) Plistcr. Polly (Dental Aux.) Piechowski. David (Envir. Systems) Pinkney. Gene P. (A S) Plummer. Carmen (Purchasing) Post, Robert (Asst. Dir. Bus. Affairs) Prosser. Layton A. (Library) Reierson, Gene (Auto Mcch.) Rcmbold. John (A S) Rcinke. Max (Women's BB Asst. FB A S) Retilaff. George A (Business) Richter. Ardcith (BusinessPT) Richter. Lawrence H. (Business) Ricke. Bernice (Business) Ritlcnour. Neil (Cook Chef Trng.) Rockstad. Donald (BB Coach Phy. Ed.) Roslcy. Donald N. (Electronics) Rubertus. Delores (Business) Ructer. Gerald (Machine Tooling) Sanders. DclRay (Photo. Admin. Serv.) Schatz, John (Auto Mech.) Scheerz. Pamela (Arch. Drafting) Schiwal. Michael J. (Data Processing) Schmidt. Lynnwood (Bus. Asst. Track) Schuett. Warren E. (Auto Mcch.) Schultz. Paul J. (A S) Schutt. Marcia (Special Needs Coord.) Snilker. Susan (LPN) Sperling. Donald (Civil Engr.) Stallman. Terry (Coord. Sm. Bus. Mgt.) Steen. Arlie C. (A S. Dir Alumni Rel.) Stewart. Jerald K (Head Librarian) Stillwell. Larry E. (Dir. Food Serv.) Stockert. Raymond T. (Mech. Draft.) Straus. Edward (Diesel) Strege. Stanley L (A S) Stutrud. Odin C. (Inservice Voc-Tech.) Styf. Mavourcen (A S) Sundberg. Robert (Asst.Coach FB-Track) Swanson. Clayton (Diesel) Sylvester. David N. (Arch. Draft.) Szczur. Julian F. (Welding) Thcrou. Philip R. (A S. Drama) Thompson. Timothy (Machine Tooling) Tillmann. James (Machine Tooling) Tobin. Donald J. (Dean Stu. Fin. Aids) Torgerson. Keith (Ag Bus. Farm Mgt) Trittin. Lorenz R. (Mgr. Game Room) Unkenholz. H. Grant (Electronics) Viall. Ralph I. (Diesel) Wall. Margaret (Business) Watne. Jeffory (Data Processing) Wawers. Paul L. (Campus Act. Coord.) Wcnkcr. Dean S. lEIcctncal) Westfield. Lowell E. (Welding) 64 FacultyFirst National Bank Of Wahpeton An Affiliate of Northwest Bancorporation Banco Member FDIC Ads 65 HOLMLY’S HARDWARE HANK Housewares, Paints, Tools, Electrical, Plumbing, Automotive, Sporting. 521 DAK AVE. WAHPETON. ND 642-5544 ____ ---- NDSSS Homecoming 1983 Homecoming was held September 20-25. Eight second-year women competed for Homecoming Queen. The three finalists elected were: Carol Kurtz, Hazelton; Deb Swanson. Loveland, CO: and Kathy Fandrich, Manfred. The Queen Coronation and reception was held on Wednesday, September 22. Kathy Fandrich, an accounting student, was crowned the 1982 NDSSS Homecoming Queen by President Clair T. Blikre. Royalty and Escorts: Lane Unhjcm. Tim Cadwallader. Deb Swanson. Trent Anderson. Carol Kurt . Calvin Sukut. Dennis Vollhabcr and Queen Kathy Fandrich. Homecoming Queen Candidates: Kathy Fandrich. Mona Sorlien. Gina Dorow, Joan Bohm. Deb Swanson. Carol Kurt . Patricia Burns, and Jean Marple. Queen Kathy Queen Kathy and her escort Trent AndersonHomccomiivg 69 The Homecoming Parade was held at 10 a.m. on Saturday. September 25. The SSS Clubs Department float winners were: 1st place-Electronics Club; 2nd place-Environmental Systems; and 3rd place-Upholstery. The Busincss Commercial float awards were: 1st place-Loberg Ford; 2nd place-First National Bank of Wahpe-ton; and 3rd place-First Bank of North Dakota. Wahpeton. Hillcrest Academy of Fergus Falls, MN received the Best Marching Band Award and Lisbon High School received the Best Instrumental Band Award. A dance featuring “Daviat” was held on Saturday evening.70 FootballDue to the early deadline of October 1, we are unable to tell you the scores of all the games. The football team is having a good season so far. Their record is 31. The SSS Wildcats defeated the BJC Mystics 26-0 on September 25 for homecoming. The Wildcats also defeated Iowa Lakes and Ellsworth JC. NDSSS lost their first game to Minot State. The SSS Wildcat captains arc: Joe Holmgren, Dwayne Calloway, Mark Liszkiewicz, and Louis Juers. Football 71Tug-O-War contest winners were: 1st place-Welding Department: 2nd placc-Mcchanical Drafting Department; and 3rd place-Agri. Business Department. The Machine Tooling Department won the tricycle race contest. 72 HomecomingHomecoming 73 Front Row: Kari Winkles, Jackie Abers. Carla Arnhalt. Jennie Hoekstra. Meg Derry. Sue Singleman. Back Row: Kathi Winkles. Patti Hamilton. Julie Johnston. Kris Benzie. Lisa Cook. Kris Eckhoff. and Lisa Thompson.m mm Front row: Coach Owen Jensen. Scott Dahle. Lane Prochnow. Dan Baumgartner. Paul Nelson, Marty F.rbes. Back Row: Mark Stahl. Brian Cox. Greg Brusven. Monte Stelfens. and Tom Cross Country There are two returning lettermcn, Brian Cox and Tom Cross, along with seven outstanding freshmen which gives this team the most potential to finish high in NDCAC and Region 13 competition. Cross Cross Country;•■ »' a .-. . - ■.,, .’ji.yv Left to Righi: Cooch Rockstad, Tim Coniemius. Lee Christenson. Jeff Gnnyo. John Jensen. Bruce Tscheltcr. Bill Stromberg li .V! Golf Jeff Ganyo of Grafton became the first NDSSS golfer to qualify for the National Junior College Athletic Association Golf Tournament held June 6-11 at Scottsdale, Arizona. He finished 5th in the Region 13 Tournament held at Monticello. Minnesota.78''(ML. . -■;.»,.ii. • Til ss m CONGRATULATIONS . . . May good fortune smile upon you as you chart the unknown future. And may your every wish be realized. GLOBE-GAZETTE WAHPETON, NORTH DAKOTA COMPANY Printers - Stationers - Office Outfitters - Bookbinders North Dakota Legal Forms AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS OF A B • DICK PRODUCTS DUPLICATING EQUIPMENT, PAPER AND SUPPLIESiissnwiiw c‘}-•}-•] Gifts For The Graduate Breckenridge. MN MITH MOTORS ,NC ALSTATT DRUG82 Drama Nurse’s Graduation Sixty-two practical nursing students graduated Friday, October 15th at 1:30 p.m. from the NDSSS. Vernon Hektner, social science instructor delivered the commencement address. Dr. Ronald Hutkin, vice president of academic affairs, presented pins and emblems to the graduates and Dr. Michael Morrison, dean of arts and science division, presented certificates. Before graduation the student's completed 25 weeks of affiliated training at hospitals. They also had 21 weeks of pre-clinical studies at the NDSSS. I ■ms LPN Graduation ss Men s Basketball First Row: Bill Heitkamp, Kalon Gesellchen, Larry Spence, Robin Luckett, Tim Stiller, and Jerry Krumwicde. Second Row: Gerald Williams. Matthew Gulbranson, Larry Hamilton, Roland Jacobs, Jay Ellsworth, and Kevin Catron. Third Row: Al Peterson(Asst-), Lester Luehring, Fred Dietrich. Jim DeMarais. Jerry Brockhaus, Leigh Bjore, and Don Rockstad (Coach). ± j I UwAniWi iiliviMi) Utmi Front Row: Student Manager-Ann Emineth, Kris Eckhoff, Gina Nelson, Jill Prosser, Deborah Doedens, and Sue Cahill. Second Row: Lizanne Twete, Michele Lang, Sue Singelmann, Lori Kilber, and Valarie Gholston. Third Row: Julie Baarstad, Betsy Nord-gaard, Jackie Abers, Debbie Blomberg, Jackie Abers, Debbie Blomberg, Rosie Heit-kamp, and Linda Christianson. Women's Basketball 90 Women' Baskotb.ill 91 IftiM "-A_______________________________________________I 92 Wr« tllng X(J NDSSS - Wrestling Front Row: Greg Reinart, Todd Aune. Nick Tomac. Richard Albrecht, Dave Appelt, Terry Humphrey, Randy Fischer, Patt Tormey, and Tim Bcrgloff. Second Row: Marc Sippcl, Zanc Maliskc. John Kabanuk, Alan Schmidt, Kevin Leininger. John Carlson, Corey Telehey, Tom Schmidt. Dave Sax, and Dana Sax. Third Row: Student Managers-Don Reddig, Karla Hughes. Sandy Mears, and Mark Ber-cns.WRESTLINGJane Busko. Paula Peterson, and Lisa Chapman. FOOTBALL-First Row: Wildcat Willie, and Tammy Grovcn. Second Row: Kari Winkcls. Jerri Hilleson, Margie Nulph, Jane Busko, and Dawn Domier. 94 Cheerleaders NDSSS Cheerleaders Hurray! BASKETBALL-First Row: Pam Salwey. Second Row: Julie Bader. Jerri Hilleson. and Sue Fuder. Third Row: Kari Winkels. and Kathi Winkels.W VHRRnm • f- Co-ed Intramural Volleyball 98 Intramural volli'yball  TALK LOW ALL WEEKEND Long distance rates are lowest all day Saturday and Sunday until 5 PM. Rough week? School can keep you pretty busy. Tlu weekend will be a good time to relax and enjoy yourself. Weekends are also the best time to sit down and have a talk with someone special far away. Maybe this Saturday or Sunday you could check up on your folks and let 'em know how you're doing. ()p find out what's new with your best friend. Longdistance rates are lowest when you dial direct ail weekend, up to 5 I’M on Sundays. So either day is a perfect time to reach out and keep in touch. Call this weekend. Northwestern Bell Ad» 99WQPMM NDSSS Music Folk Group First Row: Brad Kramer. Randy Schrcnk. Dvr ok Bubuch. Lowell Wyum. and Grog Goordt Second Row: Both Gusaas. Tim Cadwallader. Yvonne Wasvick, Deb Swanson. Don Braaten, Vtcki Boru l, Holly Harmon. Kevin Krug. Jacqueline Szczur. Pam Thompson. Paul Hermes, and Diane Grieve. Third Row: Colleen Goordt, John Denow. Kerry Schmidt, Lisa Dockter, Calvin Vannett, Mary Jo Breitling, Collin Trangsrud. Theresa Nelson. Lori Muehler. Louis Volk, and Tilford Kroshus(Director). Fourth Row: Darlene Windhorst. Tun Slabik. Scott Goordt. Mark Wallis. Nancy Fredoricksen. Sandra Strcgc. Scott Bates, (not pictured) Loni Moon. Dennis Vollhaber. and Steve Kyllo. NDSSS Choir First Row: Tilford Kroshus(Director). Arlene Windhors. Laurel Plmgsten. John Denow. Deb Swanson. Holly Harmon. Bob Carlson. Theresa Nelson. Debbie Plmgsten. Nancy Rustad. Tim Browning. Cindy Pritchard. Craig Raguse. Carmcllc Dcschene. Beth Stroh. Sue Sturdovant. and Timothy Slabik. Second Row: Randy Schrenk. Jon Swanson. Vicki Borud. Jeff Ormiston. Darcy Marohl. Lane Unhjem. Karla Kruckenberg, Maynard Yu!e. Diane Grieve, Paul Hermes. Pam Thompson. Sandra Strege. Scott Bates. Trent Anderson. Carla Wething. Brenda Helleekson. and Jeffrey Gust. Third Row: Tim Cadwallader. Terri Lucy. Connie Roemmich, David Soars. Calvin Vannett. Lori Wentz. Dave Branded, Nortcne Tracy, Dave Pratt. Dan Fuka. Cal Christensen. Yvonne Wasviek. Mary Jo Breitling. Joan Zorn. Lon Muehler. Kevin Krug, and Scott Goerdt. Fourth Row. Wade Blend. Collin Trar.gsrud. Beth Gusaas. Arthur Gunness. Lisa Dockter. Daniel Pearson. Nancy Fredoricksen. Howard Garnaas, Greg Goerdt. Colleen Goerdt. Kerry Schmidt. Don Braatcn. Lowell Wyum. Louis Volk. Lowell Ulfers. James Denow. Derek Bubach. and Mike Bopp. Musk Madrigal First Row: Tllford Kroshus(Dircctor). Jacqueline S «ur. Pam Thompson. Beth Gu sms. Cindy Pritchard. Lori Muehler. and Brenda Helleckson. Second Row: Greg Gocrdt. Mike Bopp. Lowell Utters. Tim Browning. Paul Hermes, and John Denow. Music 101 I--V •' . . -■ V. •• • : 1 - • Dixieland Band 1 First Row: Daniel Pearson. Greg Goerdt. Dave Brandcll, Lowell Ulfers. Maynard Yule. Mike Bopp. and Tittord KroshusIDir-ector). Second Row: Collin Trangsrud. Scott Goerdt. Tim Browning. Howard Garnaas. Jclf Ormiston. Paul Hermes, John Denow. and Bob Carlson I - First Row: Julie Anderson. Sue Stur-devant. Sandra Slrege. and Laurie Caron(Director). Second Row: Lane Woodley. Harlyn Kopp. and Roger Fcathcrstonc. Barber ShopConcert Band First Row: Vicki Borud. Cheryd Schrenk. Julie Anderson. Norlenc Tracy. Sue Slurdevant. Agnes Dcichcrt. Connie Johnson. Lora Lewis. Lisa Brucsch. Sheila Bosch. Valerie Welder. Sue Nelson. Rhonda Petermann. Barb Halverson. Cindy Swanson, and Laurie Caron(Bar d Director). Second Row: Laurel Pfingsten. Jim Hanson. Shelli Belmg. Michael Frank. Gary Moss. Brenda Hacrtlmg. Theresa Nelson. Pam Thompson. Kevin Campbell. Dave Still. Lisa Dockter. Mark Jahncr. Trent Anderson, and Nancy Fredericksen. Third Row: David Sears. Derek Bubach. Brad Kramer. Sandra Strege. Paul Loken. Lane Unhjem. Lowell Ulfers. John Denow. Mark Hafner, John Btada. Doug Seidlitt. Dan Fuka. Barb Voss. Lynn Jacobson. Todd Stugelmaver. Arthur Gunness. Calvin Vannett. Dean Stallman. Gail Redmond, and Roger Feathcrstonc. Fourth Row. Steve Bakkcn. Loni Jensen. Penny Jorgenson. Mark Anderson. Dave Pratt. Diane Grieve. Scott Bates. Michelle Nordhausen. Duane Aaberg. John Evers. Harlyn Kopp. Jell Wall. Lane Woodlcv. Daniel Fitch and Dennis Klamm Stage First Row: Mark Jahncr. Julie Anderson. Lisa Dockter. Btenda Haertling, Trent Anderson, and Laurie Caron(Director) Second Row: _ , Michelle Nordhausen. Calvin Vannett. Todd Stugelmayer. Lynn Jacobson. Gad Redmond. Dave Pratt, and Mark Wallis Third Row. Steve Band Bakkcn. David Sears. Derek Bubach. Sandra Strege. Paul Loken. Brad Kramer, and Lane Unhjem Kneeling: Jim Hanson and Dan Fuka  ) LWA' ilVt i I The Hypnotist Ed Baron Tuesday, December 7, 1982 Ed Baron, a well known expert of hypnotism, performed at NDSSS in Bute Gym. Baron has appeared on the Mike Douglas show eight times and is the Director of Hypnotism Institute of Chicago, the oldest school of its kind. The lyceum was sponsored by the SSS Student Entertainment Committee. 10-1 HypnotistJuice Lyceum 10S Newton Saturday November 20•A -: V 3K't''.' ,:ili1' . -' s?1:41 NDSSS Sweetheart Candidates February 1983 Jane Busko Legal Secretary Chris Coleman Accounting Pat Jctte LPN Loretta Gross Word Processing Specialist NDSSS Sports Recap 1982 - 1983 The Golf team posted Conference Tournament. win in the NDCAC Women’s Basketball ll i typical to have rebuilding year at a two-year institution. This is evident as one looks at the "Lady" Wildcat roster, one sophomore and thirteen freshman To make matter even more difficult the 1982-83 schedule is the toughest ever. A twenty-three game schedule includes fourteen four-year colleges and only nine two year schools Thisgruelmg schedule combined with a young team can only lend Itscll a rough but learning season. The "Lady" Wildcat's leader is the sole sophomore. Sue Singclmann Who as a freshman was the team's leading scorer and was selected to the Notth Dakota Juco and Region 13 second team The key. however, will be the freshman. It is (mpairitivc they make a quick transition from high school to college basketball Those four freshman that are making up the starting five at mid-season are Debbie Docdens. Lori Kllber. Jackie Abcrs. and Rosie Heitkamp Vital to the success of a team is the bench strength and the support we are gelling this year surpasses that of any other year. These players arc: guards-Sue CahHI. Betsy Nordgaatd. Jill Prosser. Gina Nelson, and Kns Eckhoff; forwards and centers Debbie Blomberg. Julie Baarstad. Michelle Lang, and Valerie Gholston. The season's finale is the North Dakota Junior College Tournament, which this year is hosted by NDSSS The tournament Is where the tough season's schedule accounts for itself. Wrestling For the first time this season, the NDSSS Wrestling squad has been rated in the National Junior College Poll. Science team leaders are: Tim Bergloff. John Carlson, and Al Schmidt with most wins. Women’s Volleyball sz© r Jt vS ( C 1 I Season record for the Lady Wildcats Volleyball team was 18-16 overall and 11-7 against four-year colleges and universities and 7-9 against two-year colleges. Men’s Basketball The Wildcat men display a youthful look this year after losing four starters and three backup players from last year. The strong potential of the freshmen have made the cagcrs a strong contender in the North Dakota College athletic conference. The Wildcats as of this writing arc off to their best record ever with a 13 won and 2 loss record. Leading the scoring through 15 games are Larry Hamilton. Kevin Catron, and Roland Jacobs. Men’s Football The NDSSS Wildcats Football team record was 3-5-1 of the year. Season leaders for the Wildcats were: scorlng-Terry Godfrey, 33 points; rushing-Dwayne Calloway. 539 yards; passing-Duane Rilla, 60 completions; receptions-Jerry Jones, 15; punting-Terry Godfrey. 65; tackles-Joe Holmgren. 80 unassisted; pass interceptions-Joc Holmgren, 11. Sports Rccop 107 mmmmmw'As- The oldest of the five divisions of the college is the Arts. Science and Pre-Professional Division. Students from this division are granted the Associate of Arts or the Associate of Science degree upon successful completion of the 96 quarter hours’ credit in any one of the suggested curricu-lums. Graduates successfully transfer to colleges and universities all over the nation. ■ . ________________________idjf ' A r t s S c 1 e n c e 108 Arti-SoenccThe Business Division programs ore designed to prepare the student for employment in the business field and for college transfer. Training is directed at preparing the student in many phases of employment that may be encountered in the business world. The length of time a student should remain in school will depend upon the individual program of instruction and the progress made by the student. It is the goal of the Business Division to see that all students find a program that meets their individual needs. Advisors are assigned to assist students in selecting the proper program. 110 Business'ilUAJ.W The fastest growing occupational groups in the United States according to the latest statistics arc the technicians who work with scientists and engineers. The technicians hold a key spot in industry between the engineer and the craftsman, between theory and production. They use drawing instruments, gauges, applied science, mathematics, diagnosis and analysis, common sense, initiative and good judgment in turning the ideas and theories of engineering into mass-produced items. They collect data, make computations, perform laboratory tests, and prepare reports. In many instances, they are a part of the management team. Qualified graduates increasingly are handling or supervising work that might otherwise be done by engineers in the installation, operation, and maintenance of complex equipment. 112 TechnicalliMS® 'u RMUJ n 1 The skilled trade programs are conducted in shops similar to those of private industry. The shops contain testing and measuring instruments, tools and equipment of the same size and type as found in private firms. The facilities make possible practical instruction through experience in shop jobs in the same manner as used in commercial shops. Skilled craftsmanship in the occupation as well as leadership are the basis for instructor qualifications. Their occupational competency is supplemented by a continual teacher training program conducted by the College. 114 T rvuU'iOutdoor Sports Brave the element and enjoy the cold winter evening . K you are ju t watching or keeping tcore you must dress in warm insulated outer wear. II you are playing invigorating sports such as broomball or hockey, the key to keeping warm is action! These sports as well as just skating (or pleasure take place in Chahinkapa Park, three blocks east of the SSS campus. Wahpeton doesn't have an indoor rink yet. but there are plans lor a new ice arena A warming house next to the three ice rinks, provides a place to put on skates and buy snacks. Music is piped outside to add to the enjoyment of skating 116 Outdoor Sport ■M i iiJ.1 Wctlcrn D.incc 117 Western Dance January 25 Nightrider . . .._________________________________.._____________________________ E5IDENC The “dorm” is the hub around which the wheel of college life turns between classes. Living in college housing can be quite an experience. One of the first things a college student finds out is how to get along with their roommates. Hopefully they can find something in common, even if its just helping each other study. Sharing a room is just a small part of resident living. Sharing the same TV, watching the same programs, sharing bathrooms, and even laundry facilities. Men and women residents unanimously appreciate their homes away from home. The dorms are inexpensive and close to the things that count at NDSSS. Saving money and getting to class on time are popular pluses. Moreover, society and fellowship among students from many states and nations make dorm living an active and memorable experience. 118 Dorm  LIVIN E)o:m» 119 " tttoUW! v? '.w ■MM flMMfln wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtnmm TT TTTiTTvTTirTv Dormt 123 Dorm tWft ii'’. w if ft : I ( ? vfr h BMWWBBWWMPBWi Miss Perfect Type In celebration of International Printer’s Week, the NDSSS Printer’s Club sponsored a Printer’s Ball which was held on Tuesday, January 18, from 8-11 p.m. in the Redwood Room, Student Center. Music was provided by K-105. Candidates were: Arts and Science Division- Joan Bohm, Reynolds, OTA; Technical Division- Leah Arnold, Streeter, Architectural Drafting; Trades Division- Deb Stevahn, Wi-shek. Auto Body Repair, and Business Division- Sue Cahill, Rock Lake, Medical Records Technician. Coronation was held during the dance. Sue Cahill Jean Bohm Deb Stevahn l.eah Arnold 126 Printer'i Ballickstrom. Clubs And Organizations V A «« Agri Business Club __________________■ k Front Row: Paul Baumlcr. Mike Burd. Vaughn Maudal. Kyle Kutzer. Bri Evers, Keith Iszlor, Bradley Morgan, and Matty Francoh. Second Row: Larry Lundberg. Tom Good. Jasoi Medhaug. Brad Hage. James Nelson. Jim Sabo. Kent Casperson, Jeff Meider. and Jim Fleming. Third Row Brad Konr. Brent Kurtz. Roger Hamermk. Randy Carignan. Daryl Monette. Todd J. Even. Jim Hock. Ja; Stroh. Chuck Brcuer, Todd Velure. Kent Wicker. Poul Wadeson. Dave Anderson, and Gary Fuhrmann Fourth Row: Troy Schrader. Phil Schramm. Tim Iwen. Alan Rotenbcrger. John Steflan. Rob Janish. Briai Bollingberg. Kelly Severson, Dale David. Dave Melland, James Wolsky. Ritchie Larson, and John Carlson Filth Row: Michael Thompson. Shawm Crane. Maynard Yule. Steve Gabbcrt. Daniel Nelson. Craig Richards Kurt Broker. Terry Kranzler. Kevin Bleecker, Loren Richards. Nathan Hochhalter. Kevin Colemon. Erii Erlandson. Alan Olafson. and Rod Myhra. American Welding Society Front Row Mark Fuller. Michael Choiniere. H. Aaron Mustoe. Perry Unruh. Don Marchand. Dai Schrocdcr. Danny Peterson. Dave Skorick, Dana Sax. and John Sclcy. Second Row: Lowel Westlield Advisor. Ray Haman. Marty Mosbrucker, Todd Bornemann. Russ Stem. Jell Kum meth. Dave Deschene. Sheldon Svesind. Dennis Klamm. John Blada. Donald Jonasson. Pern Dcwald. Kurt Morrison, and Craig Weight. Third Row: Kelly Sorch. Keith Goven, Orville Stalvik Lynn Schlagel. Stephen Koranda. Keith Kilene, Randy Jacobson. Ron Richter. Eugene Fixcn Todd Tunby. William Umlauf. and Spencer Ryckman. ubs And Organizations ".•yWWA'f Architectural Drafting Club Fi« l Row Offj Nw n. W y I We. Brenda Knoll. Df»)i Voloiky. Kel y Hone. F.vm Kiunjci. Mif IV derwn. and Seecod Bow Barbara Adsnor. Todd SHiHwyw, Bn an EMMA Frank Smyte. Tn Cm dreav. DawJ Viatt. Todl Diet . Mekey r«WK Slow OC™». Batty llod halier. Jm Niemann, Bryan Dorktee. AVl Wayne Steater Auto Mechanics Club MonVn Stevrn linen. Tm SmIkIi. Kiri Pmw. Cr 4 Seotl. JiDiiy SdUffinn, Seotl AAimi. On Aeder ton. Lon Kane. Dale Peek . On Struit. Rxk Demehuk. More Veieer. Dowj Walton. liuw Stadey. Ke m Sikeh. Larry Jwiw.i, Join Glekh. Rxhard CCton. Sinn Pin Mi. Dunne Lefor. Roland Peace. Brwee Lykken Oar wo Frjedtreh. WnW Samuelton. Gee Zander, Mike Stiondi. Bob H©» . Oej WaM. Seotl Gelbiet. 8ru« Evrn. Crnj P-.'.-.-V. Brett Sno, Oi»"e Ourekhard. ae.d Grne Relation Adw or Auto Body Club Front Row Slew [Sooner. Dale Olrlrtr, CUrenee WyUnd. Kno Krvj. Arden Bar. Brad IWrn, Thondt Min ten. John Lmofri. Mirk Pottney. aed Tom Clement Seen..; H v. Adwtor Ron Brueteh. Daryl Eberhardr. Rev Embury. Dean Laaur. Dan Engetter. Mirbael Reuter. Crrftry Schuler. Duane Men. Brian Barker. Daw Ode jard. dm Cooper. Seoll McRae, and Dean Mawknton Third Row- Randy A m lron-j. Todd flare". Troy Frldjen. S «l Terry. Tow feikettad. Merlon Frer-3. Marty Konaltb. Reh Myer . Dtftrt Adam . Lee Lvant, Mike Bryn. Wayne Berdal. Randy (Vruten, CfMj Strand. Jen Foil, and Robert GoeOtM-Adriwr. Fewrth Row Jim Ryha, Todd Vikr". Bryee Orwtck. Davtd SmtSt, Stewart Neltoa. Larry Jeeaen. Brian Jawjm. Maury WrTowt. ■} Waih burn. Jrar Stentitnd. Martew Nath. and Curti Kuruc Fifth Row Stew Vottt. Cory Often. Sonny Read. Glynn Or-w V Jerry Youtta. Kirby Itaept. Mike John ion. Duane Parke. Stuart La Bounty, and Mark Ellenton Clubs And Organizations 129 i,' "-WXj V.vWi lCt5V «»:•' VitViy». iW hW»rn k . JV 130 Clubs And Organizations Data Processing Club Front Row: Keith Tschcttcr. Delrae Korc-zak. Ann Althoff. Karla Pfeifer. Mary Kertz, Jayne Stmdorn. and Darrel Jacobson. Second Row: Amy Ostrom. Russ Buchholz. Matt Muse ha. Kurt Thielen. Todd Doerr, Sophie Pankow. Curl Feickcrt. Jeff Buchholz. Paula Olwin. Mark Moore, and Jim Hanson Third Row; Tami Klebe. Lcs Peterson. Todd Hiller. Derrick Brockel. Greg Wicken. Robert Kjosa. Chad Hudcrle. and Jeff Meyer. Fourth Row: Darren Kimmerly. Cook And Chef Club Front Row. Freda Gault. Vcrmeda Gerkm. Connie Roemmich. Dennis Jensen. Jeanette Sauer, and Roger Potter. Second Row; Gayle Johnson. Geraldine Carlson. L»sa Chapman. Brenda Metz. Eddie Hanning. Cindy Bauer, Tnsh Burns. Lesa Muscha. Brenda Brady, and Neil Rittenour-Advisor Third Row; Cmdy Nelson. Lyle Arnold. Tom Materi. Tom Jund. Duane Ehrens. Karl Fri-gaard. Leo Wtegman. Doris Houle. Al Hcit-kamp. and Robert Nisja-Advisor DECA Front Row: Teresc Beady. Ken Botner. Randy Soli. Grace Greenley. and Angela Koura |tan Second Row: Keith Ferguson. Paula Mumann. Virgil Schmidt. Scot Lucht. Jeff Ness, and Audrey Wirtz, Third Row Bethany Wolf. Kelly Wanner. Robyn Salwci. Connie Burt. Kan Krause. Julie Westland. Lora Lee Rude, and Tina Engwis Fourth Row: Sherman Hoscth Advisor.Front Row: Russell KastellcAdvisor. Robin Hofmann. Scott Larson. Mike Jordan. Sharon Dahlan. Kevin Hanson, Debbie Tucker. Mark Pollen. Ken Skuia. Tim Klein. Harlan Her berho'r. Allen Groseth, and Rich Tholkes, Second Row Bob Zahn. Bruce Zelmer. Dirk Kienzle. Tracy Letzrirvg. Tim Rogelstad, Craig Larson. Kevin Brown. Matt Weeks, Tom Gunderson, and Rock Moug. Dental Asst. Club Front Row: Patti Scheele. JoAnn Hen sc h. Mary Karn. Julie Lehman, and LaVonne Aadland-Advisor. Second Row: Marlene Johnson. Mary Bradley. Charlyne Roekey. Cathy Hoff, and Michelle Nordhauscn Third Row: Becky Miller and Marly Hochhalter. Clubs And Organizations 131 iiT mrn'nfiTrir • me .■ wnwimm.-- iwmm Delta FSI Omega Front Row: Lane Unhjem. Audrey Seidel, and DcIRay Buchholr. Second Row: Lisa Bruesch. Kristi Davis. Lon Muehler. and Kathy Mohs Third Row: Ron Orud. Kate Becker. Tim Cadwallader. Julene David, and Phil Thctou-Advisor. Civil Tech. SocietyDental Hygiene Club Front Row: Colleen Stehr. Kathryn Bramhall. Julie Pierson, Judith Sprecher, and Karen Locken. Second Row: Paula Berg. Darlene Trot-tier. Carol Harding. Debra Rafteseth. Tracey Casavan. Lynn Holland, Kerry Schmidt, and Karen Witt. Third Row: Mary Lindemann, Gwen Wagner. Tammy Hcintz. and Kris Plad-son. Fourth Row: Julie Hager, Joyce Johnson. Deborah Hurnl. Rhonda Petermann. Jill Femling. and Renac Ford. Dental Aux. Club Front Row: Nancy Humann. Lisa Mehlholf. Nancy Brcucr. Marla Masterjohn. Mary Gillies. and Deb Berg. Second Row: Carol Ri ley. Laurie Marehetti, Sally Machenheimcr. Holly Harmon. Dr. R J. Casad. Donna Schuler. Ann Sauer, and Holly Hagen. Third Row: Heather Caldwell. Paula Schulz. Julie Pankow, Cheryl Hanson. Mary Jo Breitling, Cathy Knudsen. and Sandi Schultz Drama Club Front Row: Lisa Brucsch. Kristi Davis. Lori Muehler. Kathy Mohs. Holly Harmon, and Deb Swanson. Second Row: Audrey Seidel. Terri Lucy. Connie Roemmich. Nita Stein. Carla Pikarskl. DolRay Buchholz. and Maureen Pauly. Third Row; Lane Unhjem. Phil Thcrou-Adylsor. Karl Wmkcls. Dave Bran-dell. Tim Cadwallader. Scott Bates, and Mike Bosscrt. Fourth Row: Daniel Jensen. Kathi Wmkcls. Julene David, Ron Orud. and Jeffery Gust. 132 Cubs And Organizations MSHB I7.«m«»«i ami i uau Sacajawea Club From Row: Colleen Moore, Judy Buro, Loro Lewis, and Lori J.ihnig, Second Row: PauIa Hardte. Kelly Huwe, Kari Sampson. Mercedes Morris-Advisor, Loreen Olson. Lori Schmidt. Karen Friebohle. and Chris Coleman. Third Row: Jolenc Berg. Jacki Bollinger. and Elite Sholvcr. Fourlh Row: Brenda Carlson. Twyla Freglcn. Norlene Tracy. Tammy Grovcn. and Barbara Voss. Petroleum Tech. Club Front Row: Lester Erickson. Chris Galde. Brett Vogsland. Randy Aafcdt. Ron Jankc. Waldo Ackerman. Pat Hcckcr. and Lora Lewis. Second Row: Tim Kaffar-Advisor. Gregg Davis. Dennis Skjonsby. Eric Johnson. Joel Sanden. Ward Blumer. Ryan Fox. and Arthur Gunness. Clubs And Organisations 133 Parts Trng: Club Front Row: Keith Ru(f, Wes Enkers. M-.kc Moen. Vicki Skroch. Lucile Schoenwettcr. and Travis Norman Second Row: John Wettstein. Jim Bahm. Merlin Haugen. Dan Blom-berg. Jclf Watts. Gary Lindquist. Les Chapin, and Harvey Ostby-Ad visor.IftWfflV Phi Beta Lambda Barry Petersen. Davonne Andersh. Schelly Lon nox. Kim Thompson, Jean Haugen Advisor. $u ran no Flynn. Tammy Schmitz. Traci Hamel Carnaloo deem. Robin E 1st ad. Susan Nelson Karen Hahne. Tetri Neva. Johnita Wanner Theresa Nelson, and Julie Dill man. Front Row: Kane Toellc. Lisa Mehlolf. Rhona Gas. Connie Slagg. and Michelle Cooksley. Second Row: Lon Milbrandl, Bonnie Ballwcber. Jackie Smedberg, Ten Busch. Amy Ostrom. Linda Peter son. Jacqueline Srczur. and Kathy Schaefer. 134 Clubs And Organisations Front Row: l.ynell Gunsch. Kathy Lawler. Jan Rolhmeior. Jane Busko, Debbie Janssen, and Terry Zenker. Second Row Diane Grieve. Tina Engw-is. Annette Nipstad. Pam Krccgcr. Lon Schmidt. Ardene Phillips. Rhonda Helgager. and Mona Sorlien. Student Activities Board Leslie Whitcomb. Troy Benson. Todd Eilcrs. Warren Olson-Advisor. Christine Engwis. and Paula Smithfnot pictured-Dave Brandell). OTA Club Wildcat Kittens Student Entertainment Committee From Row Gene Relerson. l.yle Kath. Bruce Due. and Dave IVchowskl Second Row Carol Brungardt. Mike Hill. Sue Snitkcr. Del Sander , and Carol Duhr Lutheran Students Missouri Synod Philip Chvrney, Luke Russert, and Ka ren Rachow. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Front Row Shawn Schultz. Barb Halverson. Tom Martin. Carol Duhr. LyHe Hauck. and Randy Kamlelz. Second Row. Rob Peterson. Da vonne Andersh. Carmelle Detchene. Holly Harman. Todd Allmendinger. Jill Femlmg. and Ewald Christensen Advisor Third Row Beth Stroh. Vickie Hollatz. Gwen Liechty. Joyce Aas-ness. Julie Fromelt. Dean Gangolhoff. David Raun. Jon Swanson, and Tim Allhofl. Fourth Row: Student Cabinet Front Row: Jerry Young. Wayne Houle. Tim Hansen, and Lisa Brucsch. Second Row Teri Busch. Wendy Anklam. Mona Sorlien. and Rob Lemkc Clubs And Organizations 135■ BWViUlliiJ.i. . ii.1..I.i. 11...'.I.»I :i-.i.ii 1 ■ Diesel Mechanics Club Members are: Todd Peterson. Ken Brunk. Dwight Hatzenbuhler. Tony Burkhardt. Bran Butte. Rick Armstrong. Jeff Weigel. Nctl Amann. John Hildebranl. Kurt Wetzel. Mark Hafner. Hugh Soule. Bill Page. Bryan Dvorak. Harlan Kopp. Kerwin Lund. Bob Kruth. Mark Schihz. Sieve Van Atperen. Jim Lagein. Keith A Olson. Duane Hummel. Russell Duckwitz. Shannon Spiekcrmeier. Kerwin Thompson. Grant Hetzelman. Mike Gjovig, Dan Sundquist. Bill Bkkel. Harlyn Kopp. James Wolf. Paul Yourk. Joel Couillard. Les Samuclson. Randy Froshaug. Steve Frclich. Kent Marsaa. Lane Unhjem. Jeff Stremick. Jim Anderson. John Wold. Chuck Grosser. Jeff Boehm. Kerry Susag, Jim Bcrdal. Tom Pithey. Mark DeMartelaere. Tim Hansen. Thomas Fettig. Bruce Luick. Jeff Perkins. Steve Reditke. Randy Tank. Charles Pitkin. Dan Tvcito. Bill Trccker. Greg Schultz. Duane Aaberg. David Thacker. Dennis Pedersen. Thomas Nichols. Scott Christ. Brad Bell. Todd Scllic. Alan Sand. Greg Chapin. Mark Remmick. Vernon Haman. Trent Anderson. Al Bohl. Marc Boe. Greg Hocft. ubs And Organizations ■an Printer’s Club Front Row: Dawn Severson, Tracy Jacob son. Sandy Mehring, Lori Muchler, Terri Lucy. Scott Schumacher. Carol Kurt . Nancy Cook. Keith Denbrook. Steve Gibbons, and Wade Morris. Second Row: Daryl Holf-man. Sherry Kuril. Lonl Jensen. Kathy Meyer. Debbie Sourer, Eva Waslaski. Robert Pc-terson. Agnes Deichert. Barb Halverson. Kathy Kotaska. and Bruce Hunter. Third Row: Joen Blouln-Advisor. Cheryl Bjerke. Karen Kurt . Cecilia Knoll. Cathy Honsol, Nancy Jeske, and Rhonda Rokusek Fourth Row: Jonathan Drews. Mitch Olig. Doung Zimmerman. Tom Houle, and Ed Richter. Filth Row: Bob Wolle. and Todd Deibcrt, Sixth Row: Carl Burton. Curt Karinen. Mark Merrill. Lars Scheullele. and Brian Swanson. Refrigeration Club Front Row: Dick Johnson. Paul Nelson. Keith Gadc. Grog Nosal. Daryl Fee. and Larry Seed. Second Row: Phil Mahn. Larry Jensen. Ralph Sorenson. Mark Nipstad. Glenn Dclo-Barrc. Greg Mayer, and Dave Bring. Third Row: Keith Rurup, Irvin Mocller-Advisor. Scott Dahlc. Christopher Austsd. Patrick Olhciser. Jay Radermacher. and Scott Walby. Fourth Row: Brian Mack. Scott Nor-dick. Glenn Gapp. Scott Fischer. Brian Neumiller. and Neil Ivcsdal. Recreational Engines Club Front Row: Kendal Scttingsgard. Myron Stroh. Tom Harris. John Penncr-Prcs.. Brent Homcl-Treas.. Joe Mahcr-Sec.. Lorry Meduna-V.Prcs.. Tom Horsley. Dale Horner. Second Row: Marty Bradley, Jeff Boisjolie. Brad Armcntrout. Randy Yon. Mary Jo Bommcrsbach. Gary Cossette. Dean Klein. Greg Braun. Bob Smcdberg. Bill Klasscn. Carl Rippel. Marlin Gumke. Rocky Seelrled. Bruce Peterson Advisor. Third Row: David Rigglc. Kris Martin. Gary Sjok-vist. Chris Booek. Ron Boock. Mitch Kor-ynta. Steve Messer. Mitch Jobe. Lcs Skaw, Kevin Parisien. Not Pictured: Jerome Schcn-fisch. Tom Schevcck, Brian Campbell. Dan Ross. Clubs And Organisations 137 ■MH —.— Environmental Systems Club Front Row: Bill Snider. Terry Lawrence. Tom Brudwick. Richard Feist. Kerry Helm. Kevin Sundre. Kevin Martin. Jerry Kenik. Michael Hirschey. Tim Reisenauer. and Roland Glcich. Second Row: Paul Brinkman. Forrest Sheets. Keith Hample. Kelly Pergande. Darryl Korczak. Jim Knutson. Marc Sogge. Doug Thorlakson. Scott Wood Strom. Darren Likness. Paul Wemand. and Harold Miller-Advisor. Third Row: Kendall Bauer. Shey Remboldl. Bruce Severson. Bill Bernhardt. Chris Lupkes. Brian Fmnigan. Danny Haugen. Dale Stevens. Dan Krosbakkcn. Michael Frank. Bruce Schafl. Blake Wrigley. Tim Wanzek. Bill Ssser. and Brian Loehr Fourth Row: Chad Harstad. Jeff Ahrens. Mike Ludwig. Charles Spencer. Don Morrison, and Robert Abbott Advisor Members Joe McCurnin-Advisor. Loretta Gross. Kevin Knle. Dana Bakkc. Scott Terry. Hartvig Vigen. Craig Richards. Terry Quick. Pius Wald. Nancy Cook. Steve O'Connor. Keith Denbrook. Todd Filers. Mark Merrill. Jim Hock. Ann Snyder. Paul Ihland. Cheryl Hanson. Jell Bo!me. Julie Howe. Kathy Haire. Annette Schwartz. Quandee Krueger. Lori Dunham. Rod Zeien. Kris Sogge. Lindsay Melby. Jackie Mue Den bach. Paul Huseby. Sue Olek. Randy Sol. Brian Swanson. Greg Schultz. Kan Winkels. Todd Gdje. Mary Lmdemann. Tony Olson. Kara Hektner, Charles N'ordstog. Myrna Bragg. Rick Bosscrt. Joel Wigginton. Paul Fmgarson. Lance Ruppert. Dennis Candrian. Ron Richter. Erie Johnson. Grant Tweed. David Johnson. Brian Gregor. Mike Nelson. Dave Boone. John Diebel. Larry Nelson. Gary Lerfald. Dave Dahring. James Jobs . Brent Cusey. Jay Hill. Dave Bunde Ski Club ibs And OrganizationsiK Vets Club Front Row: Bill Zaeher, Jeff Rensmk. Bruce Tschctler. Jim l.iich. Terry Stickol. Doug Hengstad. and Rod Knoll Second Row: Judy Penner. Mary Boock. Mark Andrews, Doan Benson. Lars Scheulfelc. Carl Rippcl. Cmdy Jacobson, Keith Olson. Jody Hills. Wendy Mahler. Donna Kjorsvik. and Vance Kjorsvik. Third Row John Penner. Chris Boock. Mike Murphy. Jack Carr. Steve Jacobson, and Ralph Sorenson Fourth Row: Tim Iverson. Greg Lantgen. Lyle Hanson. Tim Hart. Dean Jereska. and Wayne Plu-towski. Mechanical Drafting Club Front Row: Dave Henry. Dave Kerr. Perry Bcnorc. Kyle Oberlander. Greg Olson. Rob Sheppard. Ken Kostelccky. Donald Voeller. Terry Schweitzer. Tim Derancy. and Jamie Doda Second Row. Ray Stockert-Advisor. Phillip Miller. Arlan Mathias. Kevin Rovche. Mike Sehornowske. Ken Klinger. M ke Nelson. Kyle Enochson. Shnyne Pollack. Todd Senescall. Mike W. Johnson, and Jed Forster. Third Row: Terry Huus and Larry R. Smith Clubs And Organizations 139 Upholstery Club Front Row: Carmel Lefor. Phyllis Beaudoin. Lcannc Buckley, Leslie Schlecht. and Paul Solberg Second Row: Kurt Espolien. James Riemann, Rod Braaten. Deb Mohn. Curtis Fischer. Roger Otto, and Darrell Coyle Third Row: Linda Christianson. James Jacobson-Advisor. Tim Larson. Donna Minar. Ann Druar. Mike Aipperspach. and Audrey Messner. 7'music pty I 4 415 Dakota Avenue Lowest Prices Video Components, Portable 701-642-6184 Minot, Bismarck, Wahpeton Albums, Tapes 140 AdRecords And Tapes Home Stereos: Fisher, Sony, Sansui Kenwood, Panasonic Car Stereos: Sony. Pioneer, Sanyo Musical Accessories Guitars Sheet Music HOUSEPITALITY 110 5th St. Breckcnridgc, MN CENTER WE FURNISH CONTENTMtNT Wihpdon, North lUkntj 5-SOTS [?E!0 AUTO PARTS i . w. T WAHPETON AUTO PARTS INC. since 1925 Local Distributors Of All Makes Of Automobile And Tractor Replacement, Parts - Garage And Filling Station. Accessories And Equipment - General Welding, Supplies Equipment. 642-6629 Wahpeton, N.D. Adt 141 Vi'l H ;W4 A V i o'.; n 11.» y•. S. MAIL DROP ✓I Left Jo right: Becky Klingelhofer. Carol Odcgaard, Colleen Thoe. Luci Johnson. Connie Graham, Charlotte Hermes. Jell Enkcrs and Cindy Peterson. 142 BookstoreCame Room 143142 PHY5ICA 144 Activities CenterFITNE55! Activities Center 145 ,v....4--... 4ii.•... Nile L.f« 147 Stiwit I'X'i .i'.’vJ.. ;:. ‘i fa:!. 1 vUv.»i.l.'JlflfMirini'. lXi •m'J3 Candids 149 Sheila Bosch, Kelly Wanner, Gina Dorow, Kim Krueger, Debbie Strege, Ann Kelly Wanner. Del Sanders(Advisor), and Debbie Emineth, Cliff Smith, and Wendy Holm. Strege. We hope this yearbook brings back pleasant memories of your years spent at NDSSS. Kim Krueger Sheila Bosch Jeff Hanson Agawaste Staff 151As Editor of the Agawasie in the past six months, I have learned a sense of responsibility and a way of working with others more cooperatively. This year we were able to include more departmental clubs and organizations. The reason for this is because we had extra pages which were to be used as ad pages. Not as many business’s bought ads this year as they have in the past. I would like to thank my staff for devoting much of their time, hard work and creativity. I would also like to extend my thanks to Gina Dorow, Business Manager; Scott Klingelhofer for his artistic ability; Arlo Svedberg; Arland Waters from Josten’s Publishing Company; and Del Sanders, Advisor. A very special thanks goes to Kelly Wanner, Assistant Editor, who went far beyond her duties by devoting many hours of hard work and creativity. I hope this yearbook brings back memories and good times which you spent at NDSSS in 1982-83. Editor, Debbie StregeAGAWASIE Would Also Like To Thank: WAHPETON DRUG CINEMA THEATRE Wahpeton MITZEL RADIATOR UPholstery Wahpeton 154 Ad 2 GREAT STORES TO SERVE YOU BETTER IN WAHPETON AND BRECKENRIDGE ★★★★★★★★★★ YOUR FAVORITE BRANDS U.S.D.A. CHOICE MEATS 1st QUALITY FRUITS VEGETABLES OUR OWN TOP QUALITY FRESH BAKERY AND DELICATESSEN FOODS WAHPETON OPEN 6 A.M. TO MIONITE NON. THRU SAT. BRECKENRIDGE OPEN 24 HOURS A OAT 7 OATS A WEEK LOTS OF FREE PARKING EACH STORE. a- ■' ■ Vi i| ■i WE GOT SPIRIT, YES WE DO!! WE GOT SPIRIT, HOW ABOUT YOU? — ............ ;.................................. — If you feel the North Dakota State School of Science has helped you in any way, such as securing employment, don’t forget us, the college is always here to help you. The Alumni Association would like you to become a member by contributing any amount of money to your favorite fund. Please come back during Homecoming and visit with former classmates, instructors and friends. Send us any news about yourself and your SSS friends to be used in future issues of the Alumni Review. KEEP INFORMED BY READING THE ALUMNI REVIEW. Mail m: ALUMNI ASSOCIATION NORTH DAKOTA STATU SCHOOL OK SCIKNCK WAIII'KTON. NORTH DAKOTA 58075 Here1' my Contribution lo thi- Alumni Asvoriaiion: Riwliwtl is my check for: Cultural Center Fund $ Alumni Scholarship Fund s. Life Mernlvership l$100l $ Athletic 100 Club $ •Can hr spread over a 1 year period or le vi Cm- A Needed $ SSS MOO Club $ Zip Code Sl’MiAI. NOTH! Mumm are ( Niri|tr l to give a pit jinv amount | to the KI NDor CI.CK ol their choice. the I .lie Membership is sum. Ml who contribute will re-reive the Alumni Review. This Ad Compliments Of The Agawasie Yearbookmm 

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