North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND)

 - Class of 1981

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North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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NDSSS AGAWASIE SPORTS ... FINE ARTS ACTIVITIES CLUBS ___ FEATURES ADS ...... DIRECTORY 151 182 . 33 . 67 . 97 111 125 139V » ■ IMPRESSIONS9DO YOUR OWN THING, BE YOURSELF 10STUDENT CENTER The Student Center Is the community center of NDSSS. Here students relax and participate in various social and recreational activities. The facility includes a cafeteria, snack bar. lounge areas, meeting rooms, a game room including bowling lanes and pool tables, a mailbox area, a bookstore, and a vending machine room. A) Ethel Wurl helps with the distribution of student and faculty mail. B) Michelle Chief and Julie Pederson work happily in the student hub. C) Bookstore clerk. Coleen Thoc, helps various customers with their purchases. D) Betty Veland helps with an item list. E) A student checks out upcoming activities. F) Larry Stillwell keeps informed about food service business. m NDSSS LIBRARY MORE THAN BOOKS! When you think of a library you think of books, right? At NDSSS the Mildred Johnson Library has many services available to students other than books. The library has newspapers, all the different and interesting magazines possible, and college catalogs from many areas of North Dakota and other states as well. Also found within the library is the Instructional Resource Center, which is designed to provide the students and faculty with the latest techniques and devices for audio-visual instruction, including vidco-T.V., closed circuit T.V. and listening centers. If you are looking for a certain book or piece of information ask the librarians for help. If NDSSS doesn’t have it. they can use their inter-library loan to find it for you.BABCOCK HALL Sieve Schaurcr 3rd floor RA. Dwayne P»c kc 2nd floor RA, Bruce Due RD. Dan Anagnoi! lit floor RA Joe Bccklcr Living in a dorm with about 150 other guys can get to be pretty interesting. Especially when one of the dorms right next has about the same amount of girls! Only binoculars distance away. Babcock has 3 floors with T.V. lounge on the first floor and vending machines in the lobby. The dorm has a recreation room in the basement and an overflow room which houses some guys until rooms are available. The memories of living in a dorm are a big part of college life and are never forgotten. Mark Pueppke. K«nny Ova. Kevin Ova. Jack Kenjok. Robert DeflattRILEY HALL Riley Hall is one of the oldest dorms on campus. It has three floors and rooms to accomodate 60 girls. The girls participate in many group activities, such as; Pot lucks. Christmas parties, door decorating contests, secret Santas, dorm decorating parties, and attending sports activities as a group. Riley Dorm Committee Sara Scheigert Cindy Collette, Carleen Knoll Kim Mines. Jerl Albrecht. Karen Langenwalter Riley's kitchen provides an excellent place to study. Sue Keeling RA. Bev Bosch Resident Director. Darci Anderson RA. Pat Onufray f 18Kevin Ness lakes a break from school work Resident Director • Brad Bohm, 2nd floor RA [Job Nelson. 3rd floor RA Kevin Berg. 1st floor RA Tim Void Mark Joe Montec SATTERLEE HALL N.D.S.S.S. ANIMAL HOUSE! If you think the Blazer Is wild. Check out Satterlec after the bars close! Satterlcc Hall is located on the southeastern corner of the campus. It has 3 floors and 67 rooms. There is an adjoining T.V. lounge on the first floor. The lounge is also used as an election hall for this precinct. There is a recreation room in the basement where you can play ping pong or other activities. These pictures must have been taken during the daylight hours sometime, because they look pretty mellow, but when the sun goes down the guys get rowdlo!Lori Andcrtoo MCMAHON HALL Who said dorm life wasn’t any fun? Live in McMahon Hall for a taste of what dorm life is realy like! McMahon had 3 floors and 67 rooms, with a big T.V. room which is also used for dances and dorm parties. McMahon Hall had the biggest, wildest Halloween party, inviting Babcock and Satterlee guys over to enjoy the fun! The dorm committee planned lots of exciting activities for the girls, such as pumpkin pals. Secret Santa's, Christmas parties and snow ball fights. McMahon Hall has a big exercise room in the basement for the girls to use and spend some of their free time playing ping pong or other games. Joanl BoSm DORM COMMITTEE: L R Deb Hagel, 1 » floor RA Kim RebenlUch. Linda Dosch. 3rd floor RA l.oi Ciehy. 2nd floor RA Gloria Gubrud. RD Pam Thompson. Candace Miller. With great RA’s and RD to talk to and help you, dorm life can really get to be the only life! ! w- RA: Lois Cichy. Helping Lori. Connie and BrendaKii GonierRA. Scott Brandt RD. Mark Mcldinger RA. Mlk« Murphy RA FOR LINEN ExcHAN g ON TUB. 7- Q fm TnnmwFrnnmi TO THE BURCH HALL Burch Hall is the oldest Resident Hall on the State School of Science campus. It has been both a girls dorm and a mens dorm. At present it is a mens dorm. Some advantages of Burch Hall residents are the convenience to the Student Center and classrooms. It is also one of the most reasonable Halls to live in. In the basement of Burch there is a Hobby and Craft area where one could spend their leisure time.Robertson Hall is located on the north side of Science School property. It is six stories high and rooms 360 men. They plan various activities for the seasons which involve the whole dorm. ROBERTSON Hard at work washing cloitwrs. 22 Clay Venosdel Midnight snackNorgaard Hall has rooms for 324 men. It is one of the dorms on campus and is the tallest building in Wahpeton. The activities and functions of the dorm include ping pong tournaments and card games consisting of pinochle and whist. The dorm committee has a wide variety of entertainment scheduled every year. NORDGAARD Jed Johnson. Clove Johnson. Tronl Johnson • resident directors. Craig Wold. Randy Taylor, Kevin Lee. Joel Lnndrigan, Wayne Foster Keith Jorgenson. Alan Fcastcr. Rex Hubbard. Tom Lasher Gary Schneibol Gary Wobberna UUU PEOPLE HAVE IMMACULATE DORM ROOMS!! WE MUST PE PRETTY EXCITING!!! WALTON- SCHULTZ A. Are your clothes dry yet, Shirley? B. Walton-Schultz resident director and resident as sistants. C. The unknown janitor who is she? D. Lisa Berg practices a few songs. E. LaShcll Bender sorts through her record collec tion.LOT OF 60 HES FOR YOU seemTaking turns at cooking and washing dishes is added in with the facilities. APARTMENT COMPLEXES The new complexes brought freedom of dorm life to some students. The style was more of the life at home with cooking facilities and individual guest hours. But with the so called freedom it also brought the burdens of being in your own apartment, taking care of it and picking up after yourselves or your roommates.FORKNER HALL "Looking at the best, a gltl from Forkner Hall". Thu it the slogan chosen by the girl residing In Forkncr Hail. There arc 96 rooms in the dormitory with 169 girls living in it. Each lloor hat 2 washers and 2 dryers. The TV lounge is on the lower lloor along with a kitchenette. Besides studying and doing the normal student things, girls alio find time to do "extra curricular activities" such as papering doort. have water lights, making noise, and |ust plain being "rowdic". much to the dismay of the Resident Directors who are Mr. and Mrs. West. Another activity the girls have throughout the year is a birthday party on each floor for the birthdays of the month. A Christmat party it alto held where everyone has a fun time. Sherri DeVries Front RowSar.dy Schell. Nola Hoyt-R A.. Rhonda Lee. Cathy Woods Back Row-Denlse Brown. Bcv Wall. Cheryl Mcllem. Theresa Nelson. Denise Hlltncr. Patti Olson-R.A.. Patti Lacina-R.A.. Deb Stcvons-R.A., Mrt. West Jutic Plmkc Kathy Barth and Rodeen Iverson 27STATE BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION Seated Ml to tight - Jc n Guy. Bismarck; Carol Jacobson. Alamo: Geraldine Clapp. Fargo. Standing - Letter Stern. Wahpeton; Milton Hertz. Mott; Bryce Strctbcl. Fessenden; Gene Marten. Grand Fork ; Jim Larton. Student Representative from UND Grand Fork ; Kent Aim. Commissioner. Bismarck Very sincerely, Clair T. Blikre President North Dakota State School of Science Wahpeton. North Dakota 58075 OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT TELEPHONE C4?.)704 AREA CODE 701 Greetings: May this Annual bring back fond memories of your time spent at the College! The College has made a concerted effort to provide programs and activities to help you prepare for the future. As you turn the pages of this Annual, may it provide positive impressions of the time and effort you gave to the College and to yourself. As you go forth from this day, we wish you "good luck," but remember: "Life is what you make it." Jtilflli 111 iliff-pi I - z »«niii •§ -S -! r g-lll s g = 6 fslslsll |||||||i PiSSsj mm : ippr H-33 3 3 N ■§1 S-ei 2 5 -ca . £ 6 ■a « t c fi jc j ji f js Jill §!?§• 2-J  Debra Bayhss Russell Beard Rick Bculcy Jeffrey Beauchamp Call Bower Coteen Beaver Lisa Bock Timothy Beck Bradley Becker Mark Becker Becker Dallas Beckman Gary Behrens Bradley Beilkc Brian Bcilkc Devin Bekkodahl Ronald Bolden Brenda Betgarde Ronald Bclgatde Sharon Bclgatde Richard Bell Lashell Bender Michael Bender Dev Bennett Julie Bennett Donclla Benson Jon Be nr Marianne Benz Joseph Berbos John Bercier Daniel Borens James Borens Paul Borens Deborah Berg Debra Berg Lisa Berg Michael Bergh Dale Bergman Douglas Bergmar Mark Bergguist Gerald Bernard David Berndt Randy Berndt Ronald Bernhardt Marie Berntson Susan Rcrtsch Michael Bessirc Timothy Bethke Timothy Botlach Janet Beyer Richard Beyer Louis Bickler Steve Bicgler Bethany Bigelow John Biggs Mark Gibbs Becky Jo Bihrlc Monte Binstock Heidi Blwer Randall Bjclla Tracy Bjcrkc Mary Jo Bjordahl James Bjorke Stacy BjOrklund John B|ornson Karri Bjornson Andrew Bjornstad Chad Bladow Jerry Blank Darcy Blazck Linda Blazck Lori Blazer Louise Blevms James BMie Rick Bhlic Dant«l Bodcker 3S8 5 5-S ITS i 5«®“ liii j c c || i! .5 «cflta 2 2 v •; « c " C !!a iijjlffi lljlJIil JJ: o'? 1Eaaoa oocadadsaye §ca c5 = v .5 • 2“jj- s5“c5 cal 2 , 8lP22 a a- Sown Byrne Joyce Biyon Le»lle Cameron Charles Campbell Gregory Campbell Robert Campbell Dennis Candrian David Capes Michael Carlsen Francis Carlson Jill Carlson Jodi Carlson Ronda Carney Leighton Catow Melissa Carpenter Mark Casavant Cynthia Casler Danny Caswell Richard Cavett Ron Cedi Marty Cederslrom Mark Chalimoncryk Lucicn Charelte Ken Charvat David Chase Ron Cherry Tim Chole Andy Chrlssis Lynn Christ Wesley Christensen Carol Christenson Connie Christianson John Christianson Randall Christianson Todd Christman Mark Christophcrson Lois Ciehy Carl Clark Christopher Clarke Rodney Clarke Paul Clcmmor Steven Coffin Randolph Coghser Cynthia Collette Vonda Collette Robert Collier Rebecca Compcau John Conati Donovan Conrcmius Ronald Cotuemius Richard Cook William Cookson Sheldon Coombs Tammy Coppin Debra Corrcll Heidi Cosh Donald Craft Robert Crockett Brian Cross Robin Cruff Scott Culp Jill Current Debra Currie Terrence Cusick Steven Dady Dahl David Dahl Douglas Dahl Janis Dahl Margo Dahl Susan Dahl Howard Dale Renee Daley Mark Danielson Mike Dardis Carolyn Davcy J7Pallida Dav-idson Angela Davis Brian Davis Vernon Davis Sandra Deaver Dari Decent Gcry Degreef Kerry Delbert Bruce Dell Michael Delvo Clayton Deicer John Desantis Debra Dethlefscn Kathy Dethlefsen Robert Dctlafl Sherri Devries Conrad Dtckmann Jodrc Diflcrding David Dionne John Dttemore Timothy Docktcr Steve Dodgson Carol Doe Lowell Dohn Clementine Doll Jackie Doll James Doll Mark Doll Lowell Dormer Wesley Domino DavxJ Domm Guy Domm Chad Donovan Donald Dooley Curtis Dornburg Linda Dosch Tana Dosch Patricia Douglas Christopher Dowd Susan Draeger Robin Dube Brent Dubois Scott Dudgeon Kelly Duerr John Duffreld Kelly Durbin Keith Durkce Bryan Dusek Shawn During Alvin Dykema John Dykins Paual Eckhardt James Eckroth Gregory Edwardson Gcnn Ehley Jeanne Ehni Kurt Ehrmantraut Randy Ehrmantrout Blame Eide Daniel Eikom Gary Eiseman Thomas Eissinger Blame Ekre Jerry Ellens Kaye Ellingson Wade Eisner Dean Eman Dane Emme Laura Emmert Larry Endorle Gregory Endrcs Thomas Endres David Encrson Denise Engen Michael Engen Victoria Engcr J8Keith Fraase Dwight Fraedrkh Kevin Fragodt Sheila Frank Susan Frank Kathleen Fregicn Patrick Frcilinger Leroy Fried! Seott Frit Dena Froemke Stephen Frounfelter Lance Fuchs Randy Fugl Daniel Fuhrman Karleen Fuss Kenneth Gage Christopher Galde Daniel Gallagher Steven Galiger Dean Gangelhoff Greg Ganyo Marly Gapp Martin Garcia Jodi Garrett Michael Garrett Joel Gartner Timothy Cast Anita Gauthier Colin Gedrosc Grands Geflrc Jodi Fegroh Lyneltc Gehlcr Lauri Geiger James George Thomas Gerhart Randy Gibbon Shirley Gbson Dennis Gilbertson Kristie Gilbertson Beth Gllhooly Carla Giles Kenneth Giles Mary Giles Mary Giles Linda Garum Arron Gasser Dennis Gleason Charles Goehring Jerry Gocrgcn Ronald Goettle Kit Gonser Alan Good Mitchell Goplen Girard Goroski Gerard Gourde Jerry Gourncau Karla Gragc Nola Grange Lyle Grandalen Kristine Green Eric Greene Gregg Greenquist Rodney Greff Rollin Grcfsrud Leslie Gress Dean Grcucl David Grieger Elmer Grieger Shirley Griffith Teresa Griggs Cory Grimsrud Susan Grinager Stewart Gripentrog Rochelle Grommesh Leon Gros William Gross 40Barry Grotto Jeffrey Grunendike Gloria Gubrud Leland Gunderian Sherry Gudvangen Michael Culbranson Vicky Gullickson Douglas Gunderson Lance Gunsch Ricky Gunther Jeffery Gust Craig Gutsche Barb Gutrmcr Cliff Haakenson Laurie Haas Michael Hady Tom Hacgelc Bonita Haertling Debra Hagel Dean Hagen Karen Hagen Mark Hager Jodi Hague William Hahne Jonathon Hatch Colleen Hakanson Gcneal Hall Shelley Hall William Hall Carol Hallgrlmson Daniel Halter Kathleen Ham Angie Ha man Marc Hamel Kevin Hammer Douglas Hamncs Keith Hanel Darryl Hansen Gregory Hansen Scott Hansen Vicki Hansen Christie Hanson Donald Hanson James Hanson Josh Hanson Irene Hardegger Brian Hardy Barbara Harles Wade Harles Joseph Harlow Jeffrey Harmon Sam Hard Rosemarie Harper David Harrison Robin Hartman Darrell Hartmann Nathan Hartmann Richard Hass Randall Hauck Glen Hauf Cindy Haugen Julie Haugen Keren Haugen Kent Haugen Ronald Haugen Bryce Heugenoe Noel Hausehitd Darcy Haux Jeffrey Hayden Gaylenc Headland Brian Heath Michael Hedstrom Scott Heffta Lori Heidrich Andrew Heidi Carla Heilman 41Edwin Heinert Rots Heinert Debra Hcmrxk Mark Heiser Stacie Heitkamp Lois Hcktncr Richard Helgeson Faye Holland Gregg Hemmcrich Nancy Henderson Scott Hendrickson Shane Hendrickson Mark Hennagir Tim Hennes Daniel Hennessy Diane Hennessy Jeffrey Hcnrlcks Lana Henson David Herber Wayne Hermes Lamont Herness Curtis Hersch Gary Herscb Gaylen Hertel Daniel Heskin Kris Heskin Darcy Hess Laurie Holland Brenda Heltervig G'enn Heuchert Joseph Heupel Jesse Hickman Linda Hickman Lisa Hickman Douglas Hicks Sheila Hdgers Jay Hill Daniel Hillcbrand Becky Hillerud Danny Hdlerud David HiUcrud Kelly Hillman Jodi Hills Clayton Hillstrom Denise Hiltner Kimberly Hines John Hmklcy Lance Hins Mark Hint Laurie Hmtrman Ronald Hochhalter Sandra Hochhalter Karla Hochtprung Kevin Hodny Beth HoiI Jim Hoffart Dennis Hoffman Jeffrey Hoffman John Hoffman Judy Hoffman Kim Hoffman Jerald Hoffmann Tom Hoffmann Clyde Hoffner Jerald Hoffner James Hogoboom Brian Hoiseth Darren Hois tad Craig Holden Eileen Holecek Conrad Holien Rex Hollenbeck Lisa Holm Nancy Holm Lora Holman Heidi Holmstrom 4?iSs-g C- o c £ a3-2- c v « 2 £y.o § III Ijlj 3 — 5 33 1 oo tXzx-Patrick John Barry Johnson Brent Johnson Cynthia Johnson Dawn Johnson Debra L. Johnson Debra M. Johnson Diane Johnson Donn Dwight Gary Glen Jeffrey Keith Kevin Kip Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Lori A. Johnson Lori B. Johnson Mark B Johnson Mark D. Johnson Miehacl S. Johnson Michael W. Johnson Neal Johnson Patti Johnson Paul Johnson Penny Johnson Perry Johnson Robert Johnson Rolf Johnson Ronald Johnson Scott Johnson Tim Johnson Kent Jones Mark Jones Yvonne Jonk Keith Jorgensen Greg Julson Roger Jundt Jon Jury Gregory Kaiser Alice Kalbcrer Paula Kalbcrer Steven Kamleti Tina Kamlctt Tommy Kannegiesser Karen Kapaum Michael Kary Twila Kaseman Susan Keeling Tracy Keigley Angie Keller Bonnie Keller James L. Keller Joe Keller Karla J. Keller Jim Kclsch Ward Kclsch Anita Kempenlch Dean Kenner John Kensok Les Kern Jeffrey Kerr Philip Kerr John Kent Donna Ketterling Wanda Ketterling Akram Khatib Thomas King Keith Kingsley Scott Kippen Diane Kirby Joe Kircher Diane Kjar Mark Kjdlersofl Matthew Kjellerson -44Colleen Klamm Steven Klern Wayne Klein Jay Kleir.gattr.or Jeffery Kleven Lowell Klocke Roger Klosterman Shannon Klundt Seott Knain Lyle Knell Cheryl Knodle Carleen Knoll Peter Knoll Rodney Knoll Debra Knowtes Kathleen Knudsen Brenda Knudson Kenneth Knudson Timothy Knudson Wanda Knudion Rory Knulton Bryan Knutt Susan Kobfe Connie Koebernlck Lyrna Koebernlck Rodney Koenig Douglas Kohler Thercsc Kohl have Craig Kolb Wesley Koll Dennis Koopman Jeff Kopp Tom Koppleman Allan Kordousky Chert Kosel Kimberly Kosel Lucinda Koit Jeffrey Kostelecky Gerard Kotlenbrock Lynn Kouba Curtiss Kovash Daniel Kowalski Connie Korojed Terrance Kraltng Bernard Krebs Gary Kroenlng Michael Kroke Gary Krom Ronntc Kruckenbcrg Loren Krueger Michelle Krump Ervin Kuchynski William Kuehn Rex Kulla Rick Kulla Duane Kuntz Gary Kuntz Jeffrey Kunlz Mary Kuntz Anges Kuster Patricia Lacma Barbara Lacroix Randy Ladbury Terrance Laducer Aud Laduc John Lahaise Randy Lambert Steven Lambott Robin Lancaster Janlnc Land Tracy Landis Lyle Landucdcl Marlon Lange Linda Langewalter Randy Langland Mark Langowski 4SNancy Lanko-w Gay Lands Vicki Larsen Brcnl Larson Carrie Larson Gary Larson Kevin Larson Kimberly Larson Lowell Larson Peter Larson Tammi Larson Thomas Lasher Brenda Lass Richard Lawler Craig Lawson Mark Leddy Camille Lee Charles Lee Keith Lire Kevin Lee Paul Lee Rhonda J. Lee Rhonda M. Lee Susan Lee Jay Lofevre Jeffrey Lclevrc Beth Lcfor Lori Legler Marlin Lehman Sherry Lehmann James Lekfholm Duane Leier Maryloo Leier Shelly Leinen Paul Lekang Mary Lemer Robin Lemieux Linda Lemke Brian Lcmley John Lengow-ski Kimberly Lcnton Dwight Lent Danny Lcn mcicr Juke Lcnimoler Lyle Lesmann Kevin Let tow Kathy Lewis Ronald Lick Steve Liebing Marty Liesener Darren Likness Brian l.illemon Kerry l.mdemann Tammy Lindstrom Karen Linnell Chris Linstad Kovel Lmstad Timothy Lipp Steve Litke James Loegoring Douglas Loll Gregory Loff Phillip Lofthus Clinton Lohman Katherine Loll Dean Loren Rick Loren Ronald Loren Nancy Locaas Randy Luet en Danette Lukach Craig Lundby David Lunncborg Michael Lunskl June Luruman Wesley Lut ■46Bruce Lykker Moily Lynch Kevin Lyng Sandy Lyon Ivon Maas Jeffrey Maclsacck Charlene Madden Ricky Magnuson Bobby Magstadt Jeffrey Maher Linda Maher William Mahle Wayne Majala Belly Malard Klmberlie Malkowski Mark Malm Timolhy Malson Paola Mnlwitz Steve Manley David Manock Kevin Manock David Marchcl! Doug Marchell Roxane Marklc Jonathan Marohl Mitch Marohl Tammy Marquardt Kristi Marquette Marci Mart Virgil Matlenson Kenneth Martin Mark Marlin Jose Martinez Richard Martinez Renee Martinson Timothy Marynik Jean Matcjcek Ross Matojcck Barbara Mathern Gregory Mathern Eudalo Mathiason David Mathson Delrae Mattern Myron Mattern Bradford Matteson James Matthys Kevin Mattson Debra Matuska Lynette Mauch Connie Maychrzak Bradley Mayer Charles Mayer John Mayer Robert McCrossin Landis McDonald Jerome McGovern Thomas McGovern Rulcen McKenzie Anthony McKeown Man McKibben Stuart McLaen Jon McMillan Kelly McNeese Kristie McRoberts Janet Mehring Erika Mode Jamie Mejdmger Jan Mcwdmgcr Mark Meidlr.ger Mary Meidinger Donna Meier Mark Meier Shawn Meier David Meister Timothy Meland Craig Melgard 7Gregory Mcllang Tam Mcrbach Brenda Merchant Jolcnc M »CI Arne Metzger James Metzger William Mauler Mark Meyer Nell Meyer Ross Meyer Tarry Meyhoff Jeffrey Mlchclson Betty Mikesh Richard Mikschc Marvin Mildenbergar Kevin Millar Wayne Millar Candace Miller Darla Miller Dwight Miller Gerald Miller Henri Miller Joyce Miller Julie Miller Karen Miller Keith Miller Kenneth Miller Myron Miller Robert Miller Melody Mills Joel Minchinton Brian Mlndt Laura Miska Beth Mittelstaadt Margaret Mjoness Brenda Moderow Kenneth Moe Michael Moeller Barry Moen Bradd Moen Clayton Moen Greg Moen Loti Moen Richard Moen Timothy Moen Toby Mohtor Steve Molmen Tom Moltzan Carol Momerak Carl Monson Kirk Monson Joseph Montec Paul Morben Michael Morrell Indika Morns Vicki Morris Bryan Morrison Mark Morrison Randall Morseth Norman Mortenson Lois Mosbrucker Daniel Moser Wayne Moser Shelley Muehlbcrg Steven Mundahl Dennis Murack James Mutch Michael Murphy Peggy Murphy Brenda Muscha Brian Muscha Charles Muth Earl Myhrc Jane Myhre Steven Myhrc Terry Naas 48Bradley Nock Dorryl Nagel Dion Nagel Su on N'olKon Bcih Nelson Cynthia Nelson Dove Nelson Eric Nelson Jeffrey David Nelson Lori Nelson Mark Nelson Nancy Nelson Pamela Nelson Robert J. Nelson Robert M. N%-!son Stuart Nelson Tami Nelson Theresa Nelson Drone NcrdaM Brian Ness Kevin Ness Steven Ness Larry Netzer Roger Neumtller Paul Neutgens Jill Newton Todd Newton Michael Niesche Gerald Nicss Lynn Nilsoo Neil Nlskanen Kevin Nissen Diane Nittchkc Kevin Nitsehke Patrick Nord Kelly Nordgaard Andy Nordick Mike Norenberg John Norman Holly N'ostdahl Richard Nowatrki Todd Nygard John Nygord Tim O'Hara Dale Ocsl retch Jell Ocstreich Rcnae Oiliccr Bradley Ogren Doug Ohnstad Steven Oien Brian Olalson Gregg Oland Jell Olck Marcus Oliver Wade Olmstcad Peter Olsgaard Bryan Olson Dale Olson David Olson Denise Olson Douglas Olson Genelle Olson Ladawn Olson Lonny Olson Mark Olson Mary Olson Scott Olson Steffen Olson Terrence Olson Sherry Onchuck Kimberle Opatnl Donald Oporda Da no Ordal Tammy Orth Guadalupe Orti Richard Osman 49Jean Oslrom Duane Otto Vanessa Ouse Bryan Ova Kenny Ova Kevin Ova Lori Ova Jan Over bo Laurie Overby Miles Overby Lesley Oxton Michael Palanuk Keiih Palmer Kevin Palmer Bruce Panlike Sherry Parisian Baron Patnoudc Todd Pairon Arthur Palscheck Mark Paulson Julie Pedersen Janel Pederson Rodney Pederson Troy Pederson David Peery Joel Penberlhy Michael Pcpplc Paulette Perkins Timothy Porsson Darlene Peterson Karen Peterson Lori A Peterson Lon K, Peterson Marvin Peterson Scott Peterson Vicki Peterson Kathleen Petrich Gerald Pfeifer Lynn Pfenning Dalon Plingsten Lisa Plingsten Steven Phelps Paul PhJIips Felix Piati Linda Pickus David Picskc Dwayne Picskc Stephanie Pikarskl Joey Pilgrim Terry Pilon Carmen Pit hey Brenda Platt Gilmore Planner Juke Pfcnkc Craig Plubcll David Plum Dennis Plummer Wayne Plutowski Cindy Poissant Thomas Praska Dave Prcsser Darla Pretier Gary Price Wayne Price Vincent Prkc Michael Prostko Janie Puente Mark Pueppke Cynthia Pulktabek Timothy Pull Eileen Quackenbush Carrie Quality Kerry Quenettc Lawrence Quinlan Kevin Rapp Ranee RaddohlllM I suoZsyz4 v .|-2 Jiff ialJ s = C£ S8e =in|? | I V S| 51215 • vvSJS F « -JO. ?s2 - 3 5 O I33SIJU ??fa 5 trf =5 j I,SP aaa: SEE fS g •£ 3f2 •2-5 Jill ills E 1 I1' J| lll-i 3 r ilii n liSiFII 1 r 2| H QMark Schumacher Bradley Schuster Janet Schwab Sara Schweigert Jerome Scott Leslie Scott Robyn Scott Dave Sebastian Michael Sebek Mitchell Sebens Scott Scdivy David Seher Stanley Seibel Steven Sellc Timothy Scrvger Rodney Scnn Bryan Sethre Kent Severson Howard Sharpe Bruce Shelest Lawrence Shereck Mark Sherven Scott Sherven Mark Shipley Barry Shonblom Donald Shorma Sidney Shuck Marvin Sidney David Sleh Jed Samdorn Lyncltc Simon Mark Sims Michclc Sinclair Shelly Singclman Robert Sinness Stuart Sipma Charles Sitter Kal Skadberg Dclwyn Skaufcl Gordon SkilLngs Peter Slabik Lane Slavkk Randy Slavkk Dallas Sloan Curtis Smestad Carol Smith Dennis Smith Jay Smith Sheryl Smith Steven Smith Bradley Snell Mark Spellings Dale Soeby Paul Solberg Ronald Solberg Vicki Solberg Keith Solem David Sondrol Diane Sondrol Linda Sorenson Nadine Spaulding Roger Sperry Jeffrey Sp ccr Daniel Spickermcicr Todd Srur Alan St. Germaine Mary Stach Wade Stalgle Gregory Stallman Michael Stonge Jerry Stanislowski James Stanley Dean Staska Wallace Stebbins Darla Steele Dcnnovan StelamchDwight Steffen Todd Steffen Marchelc Steffens Marly Steffen Marty Steffen Julie Stcidl Laurie Stcmhau David Steinke Steve Stelton Dawn Slcnberg Kraig Stengrim Robert Stensland Todd Stephen Virginia Stephen Dougla Stern Steven Stern Deborah Steven Spencer Stevenson Reed Stewart Timotliy Stewart Julie Stillwell Wayne Stoa Dougla Stockmger Larry Stoltman Michael Stratton Paul Strege Steven Strege Shelly Sttemick Wayne Stremick Brett Stroh Dougla Stroh Mark Stuberg Bruce Studley Mary Sturdevant Donald Suchyn ky Jeffrey Sues Patrick Suko Kelvin Sukut Patrick Sullivan Dale Sulrle Theresa Sumner Shawn Sundean Robert Sundvor Denni Sunwall Ktm Su ag Shari Sussex Kenneth Svaleson Dougla Svercl Bernie Svihovcl Charles Swanson Debra J. Swanton Diane Swanton Jeff Swanton Michael Swanton Peter Swanson Sandra Swanton Tamara J. Swanton James Sweeney Perry Sweeney Janice Swenson Marty Syrstad Jacqueline Sictur Kelly Tabor Fredrick Tanata Kevin Tandberg Linus Tank Michael Taxdahl Cindy Temple Duane Terne Gary Terne Cynthia Thompson Daniel Thompson David Thompson Donald Thompson Doris Thompson Laura ThomptonLeo Thompson Mark Thompson Merlin Thompson Ronald Thompson Sandro Thompson Thomas Thompson Todd Thompson Sumime Thor son Todd Thronson Harvey Thurn Robert Toben Kirk Toepke Paul Tokach Steven Tolbert Connie Tollelson John Tollelson Patty Torgerson Curdy Toso Kay Totenhagen Melvin To - Todd Toyne Celene Tra y Donald Traiser Owen Trangsrud Duane Trotter Glenn Trosvig Greg Tryon Keith Tschetter Lynettc Tschida Clyde Tucker Jon Tuomala Julie Turner Matland Tweed Scott Turing Keith Tytdal Scott Ulmer Don Underwood Jill Unruh Wayne Unruh Randall Urlaub Rita Ussatis Debra Utton Kelly Vadnais Bob Van Sambeck Joanne Vandcrwal GJcn Vannurden Duane Vanwinkle Joel Vanjce Clay Ven Osdel Ann Vcrkinncs Stacy Vettel Daniel Vetter Paul Vetter David Vlall Janlne Vikcn Jeffrey Violeti Debbie Viseth Robert Vlastos David Vlicm Michael Vl-.em Tom Vlicm Therese Voeller Michael Vogc'.cr Tim Veld Todd Volden Dcbora Volk Kenneth Volk Tina Volk Jeff Vondall Jodi Voss Virgil Waasdorp Keith Wachtel Tom Wachtel Joel Wack Claude Wagner Robert Wagner 55Roger Wagner Dennis Wald Irene Wald Susan Wald Donald WaUord Donald Walior Bari Wall Beverly Wall Gregory Waller Sandra Waller Dav l Walock Audrey Wangen Dwight Wanner Allen Ward Keith Ward Pamela Ward Wanda Waslaski Jancilc Wasness Robert Wasydow Kcnnelh Waters Dirk Weber Timothy Wegenast Neil Wegenke David Wegge Gerald Wcglcitner Steve Wegner John Weiand David Wcidler Jolene Weigel Myron Weigel Sienna Weigel Brian Weight Jean Weigum Joanne Weigum Keith Weiss Karla Weller Mark Wcnel Mark Weninger Michael Weninger Randall West Terry Wctiner Daniel Wettstcin Sheila Whempner Edwin White Timothy White Glorianne Whitmore Ted Whitmore Janet Wickenheiser Rachel Wickoren Janice Wicks Bruce Wlebusch Curtis Wieger Lurhonda Wlest Tim Wikcnhelser Brent Wilkens Larry Wilkins Beth Wilkinson Clark Willard Joel Willey Benjamin Williams Kenneth Williams Mike Williams Charles WiUman Robert Willprccht Russell Wilson Marsha Winckler Wayne Windhorst David Windom Kevin Wmkcls Kelly Winter Scott Wippler James Witkowskl Kathleen Witt Paul Witthauer Gary Wobbema Daniel Wohler S63 43 -23 ? o flllfflj o Q z-4 P =S-v-5 1 4 lilllifl llal£ 3i 22l J “ 3RETAKES Randy Beck Kathy Becker Dean Backhouse Wayne Budkc Debbie Cox Diedra Cox Dean DeVries Barb Diederick Lynn Eastman Teresa Fordc Randall Gums Loren Hanson Cathy Heitkamp Beth Hoff Lora Holman Jacki Holmen Clcve Johnson Donna Johnson Karl Keller Randy Kellogg Matg Kctterlmg Allan Kinslow Jillenc Krattke Tracy Landis Nancy Lewis Terry Link Adnan Mahadin Patti Monson DavSd Nelson Dalanne Podcnski Osma Rash d Debra Reis Keith Rekow Linda Riden Gregg Rocder Tami Schlenker Tim Schmitt Brenda Schuster Bonnie Scidler Cindy Sikorskl Denise Slominski Lori Smith Marehclc Steffens Judy Steinman Dan Strandberg Jane Tangen Randi Taylor Barbara Tedrow Donna Terness Greg Unruh Shari Vcrwest Joy Vliem Kip Voceler Mark Wallace Craig Wamsley Clay W.ttlcscy Mary Wulfekuhle Dotlnda Wurte Leslie Yellowbird Scott Zluticky S8LPNS Sarah Aamold Barb Bachmeier Bev Balhueber Donna Beni Joan Berg Cathy Bergman Paula Blilic Sarah Bol.I Charlene Boll tad Shannon Bondeson Dolores Bratton Kathy Bruenner Barb Buich Eileen Callahan Wendy Coauette Kathy Crotty LoraDuBois Kelly Engcr Carrie Erickson Trudy Erickson Sherry Gohncr Lorna Green Karen Hagen Donenc Hanson Suian Heitkamp Debra Jacobson Mary Jangula Karen Janu Tracy Kelley Deanna Kjar Laurie Kleingartner Susan Koitelccky Becky Kraft Kathryn Lackmann Barb LaCroix Kathy Lillcstol Beth Lunde Gertrude Massine Shirley Moc Lynn Montplaiser Teresa Mooridian Dora Nelson Nadine Nelson Claudia Palm Doncllc Paulson Sandy Quenette Deb Radcliff Cheryl Rull Joan Sauer l.ols Sauvageau Ann Savegeau Carol Schauer Mari Kay Schilling Jodi Sherva Pam Strangeland Sally Summer Tammy Thompson Doreen Troftgruben Lon Jo Wallace Lyle Wells Sandy Wiley Rosemary Wolf Rhonda Young Chert ZimmermanOrlin Bakken Director-Continuing Education Vernon Hektner Dean-Arts Science Division Alvin Eckre Director Special Services Robert Gelte Dean Business Division Otarles Hanson Vice President ol Student Services James Horton Vice President ol Academic Affairs Myron Koppang Vice President of Business Affairs Herman Liberda Director-Auxiliary Services Edward Wcrrc Director-Athletics Donald Stevenson Dean-Trades Division Martin Heath President Faculty Senate Sam Schlmelfenig Dean-Technical Division ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL 60FACULTY AND STAFF LaVonne AadAadland James Aakre Robert Abbott Edward Adam James Aldrich Wesley Alien Bernard Anderson Christian Anderson Erwin Anderson Kenneth Anderson Mark Anderson Harlan Arncson Dennis Bader Duane Ballweber Barbara Bang Marlys Baumann Gloria Berneklng Joen Blouin Heath Borchcrt Arthur Boss Patricia Bramlc Roger Bramel Laurie Brausc Bernard Brophy Ronald Brucsch Caro) Bru.ngardt Harold Bruschwcm John Carlson Dr. R. J. Casad Larry Chase Ewald Christensen Larry Christensen John Cox Robert Davey William Delbert Arnold Dcrke 61John Derry Dayk Diet Gloria Dohman Bruce Due Michael D ik Robert Egge Kenneth Ehley Julianivc Eklurvtl Donald Engen Kenneth Engh Errol Erkksen Darrel Essig Jean Evens! ad Donald Fans Scott Fikher Jean Freden Marlyn Frederkksen Donald Fulp Marhn Galdc John Glenn Robert Goroski Allen Gragc Mary Ann Gragc Richard Graham Maty Gulbranson Roy Hackney Edward Hanyrewskl Richard Haskell Richard Hauck Patrick Haugc H. Jean Haugen Jacquelyn Heath Martin Heath Charles Hegel Blaync Helgcson Barry HendricksonCharles Henry Clifford Hermes Joseph Heseh Jeff Hitgemann Bernard Hllgcrs Arne Hinsverk Mario Hinsverk Rodney Hint Doris Holen Richard Holm Everett HolU Sherman Hoseth James Jacobson Jewitt Jacobson Paul Jacobson Delores Jensen Owen Jensen Roger Jensen James Johnson Lowell Johnson Neal Johnson Russell Kastcllc Lyle Kath Joseph Keller Thoma Korth Steven Krohn Mary Kroshus TIlford Kroshus M. Donald Kurckcnbcrg Jane Krump Eugene Kemmet Jerrold Kemper Donald King Ken Kjar Wesley Klaahsen Ralph KnudsenHarvey Laabs John Larsen Chester Larson Robert Lemkc Kay Larson Nadene Lenj Thomas Lindeman Harvey Link Henry Loock Michael Lownsbury Verlin Lundgren Mark Manske Eiugenc Marcotte Carolita Maucr Joseph McCurnin Larry McDaniel Joseph McLaughlin Donna McNarmara Larry Mcrbach Harold Miller Patrick Millet Eugene Mischc Irv.n Moeller Monroe Moen Rene Moen Ralph Morben Mercedes Morris Darrell Morrison Michael Morrison Robert Mracck Karen Natwick Anne Nlccolal Robert Nisja Neiland Oas Carol Odegaard Kay OdegaardElsie O'Donnell Paul Oehlkc Cknion Olmstead Arvkl Olson Robert Olson Warren Olson John Osland Harvey Oslby Alan Peterson Bruce Peterson Dale Peterson Robert Peterson Ronald Plalf David Piechowski Gene Pir.kney Carmen Plummer Robert Poss Layton Prosser John Reinbold Max Rcinkc George Retrial! Ardeith Richter Lawrence Richter Bernice Ricke Neil Rittenour Donald Rockstad Donald Rosley Delores Rubertus Gerald Ructcr Del Sanders John Schatz Pamela Scheerz Michael Schiwal Lynnwood Schmidt Warren Schuett Paul SchultzMarcia Schult Donald Stfbo Donald Sperling Terry Stallman Arlie Steen Jerald Stewart Larry Stillwell Raymond Stocker! Edward Strati Stanley Stregc Martin Strobe! Odin Stutrud Mavourccn Styf Clayton Swanson David Sylvester Julian Srcxur Philip Therou Timothy Thompson James Tillmann Don Tobin Keith Torgcnsor Larry Tritter H. Grant UnkcnhoU Ralph Vial. Margaret wall Lyle Warner Paul Wawcrs Dean Wcnker Lowell Westfield Penny Wilson "7 • f f dJASPORTSFront row. Jeffrey Jheurer. Ray Tormaschy. Tony Laddusaw. Craig Wamsley. Dave Nelson. Clayton Jacobson. Mike Kroke. Wayde Hanson. John Landgaard. Darrell Hartman Row 2: Kurt Lesser. Tom Stenson. Roger Zacher. Richard $ay!er. Todd Thompson. Ed Boos. Kelly Hady. Steve Knutson. Brett Hestdalen. Tim Birrcnkatt. Cameron Hollenbeck. Keith Birchem. Row 3: John Tollefson. Charlie Kunesh. Randy Farwell. Arnold Charging. Paul Foust. Tim Johansen. Lupc Orlia. Rhalen Merle. Paul Morbcn. Willis Uhlich. Brad Steussy. 69WOMEN'S TRACK GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT Coming off the most successful indoor season ever, including a second place finish in the North Dakota All College Meet at NDSU, and six new Indoor records, the Wildcat Women continue to place in the top three all through the outdoor season against four year colleges and universities. Lori Legler became the all time scoring leader for a season with 196 points. Highlights of the outdoor season included the North Dakota State Junior College Championship. Region XIII Runners-up. and a 12th place finish at the National Track and Field Championships in San Angelos. Texas. Region champions Included Diane Swanson-Shop Put, Julie Legler-100 Meter Hurdles, Dalannc Podenski-Javelin, and the 1600 Meter Relay-Julie Legler. Joanne Weigum. Kath Kvamme, and Lori Legler. Diane Swanson placed second in the shotput at National as was named a first team All-American. Dalanne Podenski placed third in the shot put receiving second team All-American honors and sixth in the javelin receiving honorable mention All-American honors. Others qualifying for Nationals were Deb Evenson-Discus, and Lori Legler-Long Jump and 400 meter dash. Award winners were Kathy Kvamme-Most Improved. Donna Rein-owski-Hardest Worker, and Lori Lcglcr-Most Valuable. So many people gave so much we found THERE’S ROOM AT THE TOP! 70 From raw Diane Swanson, Lon Legler. Jolcnc Weigel. Belly Wold. Marsha Volh, Deb Evenson. Dalanne Podenski, Julie Legler. and Sharon Fredericks Back row: Kim Kosel. Vicky Hogue. Joy Verem. Deb Ulton. Cheryl Aune. Donna Relnowtkl. Jackie Holmen. Shelly Siremick. Joanne Weigum. and Kalhy Kvamme.NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A WOMANMENS TENNIS AT NDSSSGOLF Prong row: Kevin Pauly. Paul Tchic. Luke Reese. and Sieve Fcrrcl Back row: John DeSantis Jr.. Mark Johnson. Mik. Gutbaranson. and Kellh Hagc. 74NDSSS FOOTBALL SEASON Quenette. Darrin Schreiner. Paul Klotterman. Darren Hoittad Row 2: Dennit Eastman, Dave Kuchn. Tracy Bjerke. Bruce Frcdenckton. Todd Patron. Bob Cleveland. Bril Kuchn. Ron Moen. Stewart Gnpentrog. Don Shorma. Kurt Kretehman. Jon Seholand. Jell Brungardt. Row 3; Jell Hull. Roger NcumiUcr. Mark Leddy. Kelly Johanson. Greg Herdon. Lupe Ortize. Brad Gnpentrog, Duke Fritz. Craig Lawton. Jon Duung, J D. Holler. Row 4: Ken Malton. Dan Wettttein. Keith Birchem. Keith Btrchem. Keith Solem. Doug William . Ed Buechler. Scott Bolte. Darv.n Lane. Keith John ton. Keith Anton. Tim Hubbard. Row 5: Dan Suchynsky, Wilat Uhlich. Jerry Ellen . Dave Derhak. Paul Clemmer. Omt Lohman. Ed Boot. Keith Kiucll. Dale Olton. Joel Sanden. Larry Kretehman. Jell Valento 76WOMEN’S CROSS COUNTRY Front row: Dob Utton. Lyncttc Mauch. Back row: Lori Peterson. Donna Reinowski. Gay L. Lantis MVP • Lori Peterson HW - Donna Relnowski Ml • Gay L. Lantis Coach - Owen JensenFront row; Brett Hestdalen, Darrell Hartmann. John Tollefson. Cary Piclskalla. and James Hagen Back row: Coach Jensen. Duane Obcrfocll. Dennis Koopman. Kevin Millar. Jerry Goeycr, and Ordean Carlsrud. CROSS COUNTRY 79Student Manager: LaVounc Dulctsky VOLLEYBALL 1980 NDSSS Women' Volleyball Team (lei110 light) Front row- Janet Beyer. Jackie Hotmen. Glorianne Whitmore. Karen Peter ton. and Peggy Murphy. Back row Carol Momerak. Kim Kotel. Jod Carlton. Dalanne Podenski. Jill Carlton, l.ori Yagrpe. and Sue Abel.WINNING ISN’T EVERYTHING IT’S THE ONLY THING 81MEN S BASKETBALL 82 G?cg Felim.Mi 2 po«t»! S!iVo B:ownDaryl Banks Jason Patnoude shoots for 2 GO WILDCATS! George Swenson grabs a rebound Mike Brown a look of determination Back row. left to right; Asst coach Al Peterson. Chris Hokland. Daryl Banks. Jimmie Hart. Steve Klein. Mike Goodwin. Mike Brown. John Olmseheid. Head eoach Don Roekstad. Pete Gottenborg. Greg Feltman. Joe Edwards. George Swenson. Ross Penner. Wayne Jacobs. Bob Anderson. Dave Augustine, Clayton Jacobson. Jim Larsien. Roger Tobin. Myron Schepp. James Hayes. Bill Meyer. Jay Mesker. Jason Patnoude.Gay Lynne Lantis WOMEN’S BASKETBALL Vicki Peterson Becky Birhlc up lor the jump Front row; Jan Bundy. Vicki Peterson. Becky B-.hrlc. Lisa Beck. Glorianne Whitmore, and Brenda Hubng. Back row; Jill Carlson. Jodi Carlson. Melissa Carpenter. Deb Evenson. Joyce Sauer. Rachcal Wickoren. Gay Lynne Lantis and Lori Legler-studcnt manager. Brenda Hubrig Vicki Peterson Bruce Wilson Tim Lipp NDSSS WRESTLERS Fiont row. Toby Molitcr. Joe Cyr. Joe Pilgrim. Tim Ctughcy. Brute Wilson. Brian Lindberg. Gary Enger. Dan Wettstein. Kerry Quenelle. Dwight Drews. Sieve Bakov Second row; Robbie Bolarel. Mark Hamel. Jim Moulsolf. Ken Waters. Pal Frielingor. Pole Olsgarrd. Todd Patron. Larry QuinSin. Brad Jarman. Brad Bohm. Jelf Denald. Third row. Jim Geinger-Statisticum. Ron Thompson. Mark Senkyr. Cun Smestad. Dallas SJoan. Tim Lipp Dave Domm. Jelf Richtsmeir. Larry Block. Scott Olsen. Ed While. Janine Viken Student manager. Gary EngerTwn Lipp Br« n Lindbcrg Gdty Engcr r w, | DrCu Brian Lindbcrg WILDCAT CHEERLEADERS Basketball Cheerleaders - Maty Wulfekuhlc. Rom Psligcr. Brenda Merchant WILDCAT KITTENS Football ChcerlcadersFront row: Mary Wulfekuhlc. Cand e Miller. Back row: Rote Ptljger. Brenda Merchant. Fern Peltier 0 Front row; Sandy Schell. DelRae Mattern. Janet Pederson. Jean Ostrom. Lori Peterson and Charlene Madden. Back row; Jackie Sieeur. Jcri Baunagel. Carla Giles, and Lucinda KostSPRING SOFTBALL 90 CO-ED SOFTBALL AND FLAG FOOTBALLWOMEN’S BASKETBALL 9iFINE ARTSDRAMA October 22-2C, the NDSSS Art Players presented “The House Of Blue Leaves.” A savage comedy about an ambitious songwriter and his muddled personal life. A mentally disturbed wife and a nagging mistress keep him tense and troubled. When a bright hope turns futile for the songwriter, the play ends ironically as he murders his wife and becomes insane and destitute himself. We congratulate the NDSSS Art Players for an entertaining snf captivating performance. HOUSE OF THE BLUE LEAVES 96ndsss ART PLAYERSNDSSS DRAMA CLUB AND PLAY CAST Corey Forrves. Paola MaJw,ti. Bonnie Sekilvr. Randy Langland. Ervin Kuchynski. Phil Therou. Bill Hum. Jerry Gilsdorf Carolyn Darvey. Mark Walihcr. Lisa Berg. Patti Davidson, Vicki Morris. Dale SuUc. Rod Crulf. Jim Eutt. Owen Trangsrud Lena Henson. Judy Stelnman. Audrey Wirt , Betty Mikesh. Al Breuer. Kent Severson. Loretta Satrom. Tom Hettcrvig Al Grood. Greg Edrcs. and Dan JensonmW4 9«nwv nn The NDSSS Music Department has been busy keeping us entertained with the best both instrumental and singing. Concerts are given each quarter with numerous appearances off campus.MUSIC Row 1: Drew Holt . Corey Fornes. Bob Cleveland. Dennis Lock . Steve KcrpluU. Scott Kastella. Jeff Irwin Row 2: Bob Detlaff. Owen Trangsrud. Darwin Wolf. Ted Engh. Don Braatcn. Marc Roach. Kelvin Sukut. Peter Knoll Choir member ; Mark Allmer. Anthony Arm»troog, Lori Bartron. Ellen Bauer. Kathy Becker, Lisa Berg . Vicki Borud . Don Braatcn . Jan Bundy. Jane Christensen . Joan Christensen. Kelly Creighton". Brian Cross . Ted Engh . Joel Erickson, Steve Fah . Jill Fcmllng. Corey Fornes. Carla Giles. Greg Goerdt . Rod Greff. Irene Hardegger. Lana Henson. Lauri Holland. Colleen Hlldahl . Sheila Hdgcrs. Heidi Holmstrom. Drew Holti . Jeff Irwin . Jayne Jacobson . Mary Jailen. Scott Johannes . Patti Johnson. Diane Emme. Doris Thompson. Steven Kamlctz, Scott Kastella. Carleen Knoll. Peter Knoll. Connie Koebernlck. Lynna Koebernick, Randy Lang-land. Tammi Larson. Rhonda Lee, Karla Luttschwager . Theresa Nelson . Joe Neurauter . Terrence Olson. Vincent Price. Brenda Rochrtch. Cynthia Roosder. Naomi Ruud. Clarence Sayler, Bryan Scthrc. Alan St. Germaine . Darcy Staiglc. Jean Strand. Jackie Stceur . Cynthia Thompson. Beth Wilkinson . Marsha Winckler. Audrey Wirti . Thomas Wolf. Mary Wulfekuhlc. Lowell Wyum . Jerry Gilsdorf . Don Shorma . Kelvin Sukut. Darw-in Wolf. Carol Christenson. Mary Ewalt. Greg Stallman. Scott Aune. Donna Sando. Marc Roach. Jeff Nelson. LaShell Bender. Bob Detlaff. Marie Erickson. Craig Fluto . Rose Harper . Nathan Hartman . Stacie Heltkamp . Kim Hoffman, Lora Halman. Lucy Jangula . Karim Jesperson. Debra Knowles . James Litch. Dennis Locks . Barb Moricnsen. Lois Mos bruckcr. Lisa Pfmgsten . Jeff Rcinbokf, Beth Sandncs . Linda Sorenson. Todd Stonek ng . Owen Trangsrud . and Kevin Ward '•indicates folk group membersTHE BRITTON SISTERS Lyceums provide a change of pace for the average NDSSS student. They enable the typical student to become exposed to hypnotists, singers, speakers, and entertainers of all kinds just by showing a student I.D. It's a great way to have fun-without spending money! - THE HYPNOTIST 109THIS IS LOVE It's quite unusual in the music world (or a group to have a hit single the first time out. but then Oak isn't your usual rock bund. They’re jingles "This Is Love" and "Draw The Line" both made it high on the charts ar.d are just beginning to show what they can really do. The sounds of the Red Willow Band wore enjoyed by many NDSSS students. They played a variety ol different songs and arc-known lor their un-ejue sound of the violin in their music. OAK noS3I1IALL0VPARENTS DAY On Friday, March 28, 1980 over 1400 parents came to visit the NDSSS campus for Parent's Day. The parents were given tours which included the Activities Building, the library, shops, classrooms and the residence halls. Mr. David Tareskl, father of Mike Tareski of Cheney, Washington received the silver tray award. This award is presented to the parent who travels the greatest distance for Parent's Day. It was presented by the Wahpeton Chamber of Commerce.WELCOME PARENTSSPRING FLING ‘80 Spring Fling ‘80 was held in the last week of March. Key hunt dues were posted all week. The winner of the key hunt recieved a 25.00 prize. On March 28 the Aces, a professional frisbee team performed in the oval. On the 29th a dance was held in the Redwood Room. Music was provided by Ivory. The Spring Fling activities ended with a Coffee House. Entertainers at the coffee house were singers Jeff Kahil and Van Mertz.This years homecoming parade was the largest in years. Twenty two student clubs or organizations entered the parade. The first place float winner was a self-motorized float by the Auto Body Club. Second place was won by the Upholstery Club, and Machine Tooling won third place.NDSSS HOMECOMING 1980 Keath Borehert. Faculty Homecoming Advisor and Lori Smith. Homecomlr Chairperson. Left to right: Todd Stoneking. Lori Smith. Yvonne Duleliky. Kerry Delbert. Janinc Vikcn, Homecoming Committee. Left to right: Cindy Baruch. Row Harper. C«ndy Haugen. Brenda Hubrig, Lucy Jangula. Julie Jensen. H6LUCY JANGULA AND ESCORT KELLAN PAULY KIM SUSAG AND ESCORT JIM DOLL CINDY HOUGEN AND ESCORT CARY PIERSKALLA EVERYBODY LOVES A QUEEN Led to right: Traty Keigley. Kim Suwg. Debra Utton. Audrey Wangen. Jotene Weigel and Joann Wcigum.The Wildcat Football Team had a successful Homecoming game, defeating BJC 48 to 6. Wildcat fans filled the stadium making it a record crowd. To keep the crowd spirits up there were the cheerleaders. Wildcat Willie, and the Trash Can Band. hut and everyone LOVES a CAT'| 2 ft. Vr. V • Mij Sweetheart 1980 Audrey Wangen W- Music by "Ryle" dancing from 9-midnight fj SWEETHEART BALL Audrey Wangen of Harvey w-as selected as 1980 Campus Sweetheart at NDSSS. She was crowned by President Clar T. Blikrc at coronation ceremonies during the sweetheart ball on February 8. Audrey was named In an all college election over two other fmahsts. Carol Erlenbusch of Ashley and Julie Jensen of Dorcn. Minn. Eight first year students competed In a preliminary election The sweetheart ball was sponsored by the Student Activities Board and it was planned by the Saca|awca Club, a service Club for women at the college. It marked the kick oil for the winter carnival week at the college for a number of special activities including the traditional campus-wide key hunt. Candidates: Front row; Linda Rlden. Joanne Wclgum. Carol Erlenbusch. and Audrey Wangen Back row; Faye Bracket. Carleen Knoll. Jolene Weigel, and Julie Jensen.AGAWASIE DAY May 16. 1980 was chosen by the student cabinet os Agawasie Day. Classes were dismissed for the afternoon. The 1980 Agawaue yearbooks were distributed while a noon picnic was held m front of the student center. Live music was provided by the NDSSS stage band. The day proved to be a success with nice weather and the best ever turnout of students to pick up their yearbooks. 120Robert E. Murray GRADUATION 1980 NDSSS Graduation was hold on May 22, 1980. 1,537 students graduated. The president of the western division of North America Coal Corporation, Robert E. Murray gave the commencement address. NDSSS President Clair T. Bliker presented the degrees and diplomas on behalf of the State Board of Higher Education. Bethanie J. Baker of Wahpcton and Clinton L. Lohman of Glendivc. Montana, were selected to lead the graduation procession. An open house of the buildings on campus was held before the ceremony.1 LPNS Jeanne Anderson Wilma Anderson Sylvia Bader Kathleen Bakker Manly Benson Michelle Bertsch Nancy Blevet Kathleen Blumcycr Mary Bossert Michelle Boyer Myrtle Burton Sue Bush Bertha Capouch Eustis Cowardln Jeanette Dahl Teresa Day Lori Egstad Joyce Ellcfson Monica Erickson Patricia Ferdoror Carol Ggstad Lorna Green Jodi Haan Roberta Hans Betty Hanson Diane Hanson Lori Harris Betty Henneberg Carrie Hlngst Helen Holf Leeann Holland Joni Houser Michele Jensen Tina Kaiser Elizabeth Kalamaha Scott Kalash Cheryl Kane Vivian Kickingbear Jar.ct Klebe Shirley Krcnr Catherine Lee Crystal Lee Julie Lindseth Patricia Loendorf Ann Lovas Bonnie Manthcy Maty Mathern Jacqueline McRltchle Ann Merrick Dawn Meyer Ladonna Miller Lynn Miller Myrna Muffcnbier Harriet Neittel Mary Oddcn Renee Osowikl Dana Parkman Michelle Pepple Lori Peterson Kim Po.tra Lori Popel Irene Rosenou Pamela Saxlund Raeleen Sc hat? Lorraine Shjerve Penny Smellier Constance Stoa Kathy Stone Ronald Sullivan Sheryl Sundblad Tamra Swanson Diane Tocnics Nadine VerDouw Benji Viriyapanthu Dawn Williams Velvet Winter Lois WurglerCLUBS STUDENT ACTIVITIES BOARD Charlene .Madden Carol Christenson Warren Olton Chariot Buckhoutc (Not pictured) Becky Schaible Andy Hoidt Jan Moidingor Stove Richards WHO’S WHO Back row: Tami Schlonkor. Lois Mosbrucker. Cyndy Raothke. Becky Schaikle. Vicki Morris. Randy Lambert. Jell Reinbold. Kevin Ward. Jan Moidingor. Toby Mo'. tor, Cary Pierskalla, Kim Kotol, Donna Reinowskl. Corey Fornes. Middle row Betty Mtkcsh. Dalanne Podentki. Diane Swanson. Marland Tweed. Alan Good. Rote Harper. Bill Stowman. Harold Jackton. Front row: Dennis Locks. Jim Doll, Laurie Yaggie. Candida in bottom row: Jason Patnoudc. Lori Smith. Alisa Dahl. Carolyn Davey. Steve Richard. 126VETS Row 1: Wade Olmstcad. Tracy Kctgky-Secretary. Monty Grotte. Mark Mei-dingcr-Historian, Rod Knoll- Vice President. Row 2. Rod Cushing. Randy Lam-bert-Treasurer. Wendy Mahler. Myron Mattcrn. Lance Gunsch. Jan Bjorc. Row 3: Dan Hennings. Steven Palmer-Presi-dent. Dean Jereska-Chaplin. Bob Tobin, John Norquist. Tom Sticks}!. Row 4: David Berndt, Larry Halverson. Steve Staska. Gregg Gramberg. Wayne Plu-lowski. PHI BETA LAMBDA Row 1: Vonda Collette. Cindy Collette. Lynotte Eskdton. Sue Draegcr. Carma Herberhot. Sheila Gohner. Dean Semes-bnuch-Parlimcnlnrian. Row 2: Ruleen McKencie-Reporter. Kelly School-Prcsi dent. Alisa Dahl. Susan Frank-Vico Prcsi dent. Colleen Hakanson. Kaye Ellingson. Sheila Hilgers. Row 3: Joan Oslrom-Scc-rotary. Linda Langenwalter-Historian. l.orna Erickson. Ronae Daley. Larry Buttke. Curtiss Kovash-Trcasurer. Shawn Sundean. Don King-Advisor. DECA Row 1: Mike Young. Jan Meidmgcr. Tana Dosch. Mitch Martel. Bill Stowman. Row 2: Tom Mchl. Susie Grommesch. Sue Schott. Nancy Lankow. Dean Scher-bauch. Jonny Kramer. Row 3: Kit Gonser. Mitch Hollart, Frank Klein. Mark Gellhaus. Todd Grigcr. Paul Davenport.SACAJAWEA Row 1: Nancy Holm. Cathy Loll. Cindy Barluska. Susan Becker. Row 2 Gerrt Schaffer. Patti Lacina Pres. Janis Rein-oyrjJd. Deb Defelson. Kim Hoffman. Row 3: Brenda Muskha. Kim Optril. Gaylene Headland. Irene Wald. Sienna Wcrgcl. Janis Dahl. Cathy Woods. Mercedes Morris-Advisor. DRAMA Standing: Phil Thcrou-Director. Corey Forncs. Carolyn Davcy. Dale Sulsle. Gerold Gilsdorf. Sitting: Karla Luttsch-wager. Vtcki Morris. IVCF Row 1: Mrs. Christianson. Mr. Christianson. Margaret Kcttcrling. Steve Kamlctr. Dan Eikotn. Randy Hauck. Leah Hanson. Dean Gangclhoff. Vic Hanson. Pat Douglas Row 2: Deb Knowles. Karen Schanr, Naomi Ruud. Luann Cole. Doris Thompson. Lori Bartron. Daphne Kcttcrling. Kelly Vadnals. Kent Hummel. Wayne Entic. Ken Gage. Row 3: Ken Moc. Kristi Marquette. Deanna Schanr. Mary Beth Jallen. Jill Femfcng. Row 4: Mark Shipley. Jim Subart. Frank Zollinger. Clark Willard. Tom Gerhart. Dennis Gleason. Phil Schramm. Lowell Larson. Scott Barnes. Lynn Pfenning. 128okiCiub Row 1: Lyle Grandohn. Dave Gneger. Elemer Grieger. Delray Mattern. Kim Sutag. Palli Johntoo. Jim Colby. Row 2: Lori Peicrson. Crini Meide. Myron Maltorn. Larry Slolman, Tim Beiack, Grog Goodyjohn. Kevin Kyloo. Row 3: Udal Melhtatfn. Lorin Richard . Kert Sarri. Tom McNamee. Randy Barl ch. Mark Becker. Dave Bundy. Pete. Clint Lowman. STUDENT CABINET Row 1: Vicki Morris-Sec., Jim Dahl-Pres. Row 2: Lori Smith- Vice-Prcs., Alisa Dahl-Tres., Row 3: Mercedes Morris. John Kertz-Publicity, Randy Lambert-FRC. Row 4: Sam Haro, Don Stalman. 129ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS 1. Cooling and heating 2. Plumbing 3. Sheet metal 4. Environmental Systems Design -uns; :i«»v5iOOT nAUTO MECHANICSAs long as I am an American citizen, as long as American blood (lows through these veins. 1 shall hold myself at liberty to speak, to write and to publish whatever I please. Being amendable to the laws of my country for the same. By Elijah Parish Lovejoy TRADES-TECHNICAL BUILDING NO. 1 ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING. GRAPHIC ARTS, MECHANICAL DRAFTING. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION. CIVIL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY. SUPER MARKET MANAGEMENT. 117THE AUDITORIUM-DENTAL HYGIENE AND DENTAL ASSISTINGHAVERTY HALL Haverty Hall is not only a classroom building but also has many offices. Such as: the President's office. Business Affairs office. Student Services office. Admissions and Records. High School Relations office. Dean of Students office. Associate Dean of Students. Auxiliary Services, Academic Affairs, Arts. Science division office, Personnel office, and Faculty offices.HEALTH CENTER Providing an atmosphere oi comtoTt and professional care. informational pamphlets. and tree services, the Health Care Center iocuses on individual needs. This atmosphere provides both security and assistance to many students each day. Theretore, we tcc this beneticai asset to NDSSS. the Heaith Cate Center, should receive special recognition.THE ACTIVITIES CENTER The NDSSS Activities Center offers the 25-yard Olympic size swimming pool for physical education as well as for recreation. The auxiliary gym is used for intramural volleyball and for physical education. The weight room gives anyone who thinks they have muscles a good workout. The racquctball courts seem to be in constant use. The main gym has much to offer with 4 basketball courts and a running track.GRETA REICH _ CANDACE MILLER | 1981 CAMPUS SWEETHEART t CANDIDATES LISA BECK SHERRI DE VRIES LAURIE IRWIN RHONDA LEE 1 JEANNE FISCHER r,Friends together let’s remember the wonderful experiences of the years gone by and share dreams of years to come. As days go by future plans come clearly into focus, but the past still lingers in our minds. Our years at NDSSS | I will never be forgotten, and will always be ai part of our LASTING IMPRESSIONSAssistant Editor: Lori Anderson § ft It $ been real, it s been fun, I can’t believe this book is done! A lot of hours and days of sitting down in the Agawasic room working till dark has gone into completing this 1981 Agawasie yearbook. Now you can remember the good times you had and the people you met and got to know at N.D.S.S.S. It is the hope of the Editor and staff that you will enjoy this annual and will look at it years from now and remember the best times of your life were right here at N.D.S.S.S. ft ft TAMISCHLENKER 147AGAWASIE STAFF A. Janie Reinowski-layouts B. Lisa Berg-photographer C. Kevin Ness-photographer D. Joe Montee-photographer E. John Tollcfson-photographer Being on the Agawasie staff involves a lot of frustrating w Along with the hard work comes some fun and rewarding moments. After a deadline was met the staff could usually found at Pizza Hut enjoying one of their hard worked for rewards. The hard work proves worthwhile in the end wh all the pages miraclulously form a book.Karen langcnwaltej • Layouts Jean Ostrom • Layouts WILDCAT WILLIE GETS A NEW IMAG1 SCOTT KLINGELHOFER The 1981 Agawasie Staff would like to extend their sincere ‘‘THANKS" to Scott Klingelhofer, Graphic Artist, for his time spent drawing the special artwork throughout this annual. We would like to also thank Steve Krohn, Coordinator of Instructional Resources, for contributing the cover photo for the 1980 Agawasie, and for his continued support.TALK LOW ALL WEEKEND Long distance rates are lowest all day Saturday and Sunday until 5 PM. Rough week? School can keep you pretty busy. The weekend will be a good time to relax and enjoy yourself. Weekends are also the best time to sit down and have a talk with someone special far away. Maybe this Saturday or Sunday you could check up on your folks and let ’em know how you’re doing. Or find out what’s new with your best friend. Long distance rates arc lowest when you dial direct all weekend, up to 5 PM on Sundays. So either day is a perfect time to reach out and keep in touch. Call this weekend. Northwestern BellBOB S FOODS Open 24 Hours 202 N 4th St Wahpeton FIRST NATIONAL RANK of BR£CK€NRIDG€ "Hc e to moke happy iNno) happen Ipi yoo."J.c. PENNY’S The Values Are Here Everyday. Wahpeton, N. Dak. 642-4131 Card, Gifts. Party Goods, And Stationery! 411 Dak Ave. Wahpeton. N.D. 642-6431 • Chicken • Baked Beans • Burgers • Fries 1 We Cater For te Salads Desserts | cs, Club Meetings Or Open 11 A.M. •£ni,nM 1 10 10 P M. 129 Dak Ave. 642-4893 Wahpeton. N.D. 2 BREAT STORES TO SERVE YOU BETTER IN WAHPETON AND BRECKENRIDGE ★★★★★★★★★★ YOUR FAVORITE BRANDS U.S.D.A. CHOICE MEATS 1st QUALITY FRUITS VEGETABLES OUR OWN TOP QUALITY FRESH BAKERY AND DELICATESSEN FOODS BRECKENRIDGE OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK UJtW !lots of free parking each storen THANK YOU . . . . . . SSS Students and Faculty for being our Special Friends. Dial 642-8585 For Want Ads, A Subscription Or Commercial Printing Service daily news CONGRATULATIONS .. . May good fortune smile upon you as you chart the unknown future. And may your every wish be realized. GLOBE- GAZETTE WAHPETON, NORTH DAKOTA COMPANY Printers - Stationers - Office Outfitters - Bookbinders North Dakota Legal Forms AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS OF A B DICK PRODUCTS DUPLICATING EQUIPMENT, PAPER AND SUPPLIES ISAsel: ... ... JWES 'vt Sales, Service and Leasing MITH MOTORS DAK. AVE. 11 ST. WAHPETON. ND 642-6671 Cj's jcBOOTEXY CORNER DRUG COMPLETE SELECTION OF WOMEN’S AND CHILDREN’S SHOES AND BOOTS "Prescription Specialists” D.B. Folden, Prop. 522 DAK. AVE. WAHPETON. ND 642-5595 514 DAK. AVE. WAHPETON. ND 642-6930 55First National bank LOLL’S DODGE White Farm Equipment HOLMLY’S HARDWARE'iSs HANK Housewares, Paints, Tools, Electrical, Plumbing, Automotive, Sporting. 701 4TH AVE. S. NVAHPETON. ND 642-5541 521 DAK. AVE. NVAHPETON. ND 642-5544 Dodge Dodge Trucks Of Wahpeton An Affiliate of Northwest Bancorporation Banco Member FDIC altstatt 7 ALTSTATT DRUG OLSON JEWELERS Gifts For the Graduate PHONE: 643-3871 Breckcnricigc. MN 506 DAK. AVE. WAHPETON. ND OAKES. NO LISBON, NO HAWLEY. MN WHEATON. MN CASSELTON. NO STURDEVANT’S PERHAM. MN ASHLEY. ND MILBANK. MN MOORHEAD. MN ELBOW LAKE. MN Wholesale Automotive Parts and Accessories WAHPETON. NOSEIFERTS diamonds WATCHES SEIFERT’S JEWELERS Keepsake Diamond, Bulova Watches. Jeweifire FL0RAL GIFT Wahpeton, N.D. WAHFETON FLORAL GIFT 312 Dak. Ave. Wahpeton, N.D. STERN S CLOTHING COMPANY Area’s Leading Young Men's Store Wahpeton And Lidgerwood. N.D, Westridgc Mall. Fergus Falls. MNCHAMBER OF COMMERCE wahpeton. ND Hardees Inside Seating - Drive Up Service Hamburgers Roast Beef Breckcnridgc. MN DISCOUNT CENTERServing the Heartland with many services... • Harvest Account • Certificates of Deposit • Bonus Account • Save-by-mait • Mortgage Loans • installment Loans • Payroll Savings • Metropbone Bill-Payment • Travelers CfiCCKs • Oirect Deposit • Notary Public • Money Orders • Metro Club • Pre-authonzed savings • Tax-sheltered Accounts • Pre-auihonzed loan payments Keogh • Agn-Phone Account l R A • Metrophone Transfers - AMetropolitan p Federal5 SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 502 Second Avenue Norm • Wahpeton • 642-6611 |J Compliments Of | WESTERN PAPER COMPANY 2402 8th Ave N. Fargo IV [ AW « w£ ;x-STOP-N-GO • HAIR WE ARE • VALLEY CYCLE VILLAGE VALET • BRIAN QUAMME DDS Village North 16th Ave 9th St. N. Wahpeton Phone. 642 2641 Wahpeton. ND MEIDE SON INC. Builders of: AUTO BODY ADDITION BABCOCK HALL SATTERLEE HALL SCHULZ HALL WALTON HALL FORKNER HALL HEATING PLANT ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS BLDG DIESEL BLDG. AUTO MECHANICS BLDG MILDRED JOHNSON LIBRARY BARNARD HALL ROBERTSON HALL NORDGAARD HALL COLLEGE COMPLEX ACTIVITIES CENTER ALUMNI STADIUM PHYSICAL PLANT STORAGE BLDG.HfiM?E10M AUTO PARIS i WAHPETON AUTO PARTS INC. since 1925 Local Distributors Of All Makes Of Automobile And Tractor Replacement, Parts-Garage. And Filling Station, Accessories And Equipment-General Welding Supplies Equipment 2-6629 Wahpeton, N.D. RO-BANKS TOOL MFG. CO. 904 4th Ave. S. Wahpeton, N.D. 642 2671HermaV.- Karen Mitzel iners SEARS ROEBUCK Coiner Ol 4lh And Dakota Wahpeton, N.D. COAST TO COAST Sport Goods, Auto Supplies. Housewares. Free Customer Parking 301 Dak, Ave. Wahpeton 6TH ST. WAHPETON. ND ■X X •—? .». WAHPETON LUMBER COMPANY Home Owned, Millwork, Lumber, Plywood, Cabinets, Insulation, Building Hardware, Roofing Congratulations to all students. 1011 DAK. AVE. WAHPETON. ND 642-3504k' x atfw- GIA$S i PAINT CiACi 6C HINSVERKS Wahpeton Breckenridge Radio The Business That Service Built RCA Magnavox TVs Magnavox Sharp Stereos Whirlpool Appliances Downtown Wahpeton 642-6331 For The Finest Selection Of Wines, Liquors, And Beer. BOSTWICKS CHUCK’S OFF SALE 801 Dak. Ave. WahpetonCASPER’S FURNITURE Wahpeton. N.D. Wahpeton handin THE HANGIN’ TREE Headquarters For Levis - Shoes - Boots Diner Lounge Wahpeton First Bank Wahpeton Member First Bank System We’ll Take The Time To Know Your Needs ® Downtown Bank 501 Dakota Ave. 642 5567 First Bank North 210 By-Pass First Bank North Member F.D.I.CWhere You Get A Good Deal And A Good Deal More.” IHC, Farmhand, Hcsston Lllllston. Versatile. Frontier Steiger 2 Vt M. Wesi of Wahpeton 642 6689 Bowling, Pool, Pro-Shop Wahpeton, N.D. 58075 NDSSS Information Desk LILLEGARD INC. WELCOME TO THE BLAZER NDSSSini pigwprc 9 Mon-Fri. Happy Hour 5:30-7:00 p.m. Two For A Buck Mug Club Night Tuesday Dave Rusch-Manager On And Off Sale • Live Entertainment Air Conditioning • Large Dance Floor Manufacters And Distributers Of: Field Cultivators, Moldboard Flows, Chisel Plows, Air Seeders, And Mounted Harrows WIL-RICH Box 1013 Wahp«ton. N.D. CASEY’S BAR Live Entertainment Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat. CAL S DINER Home Cooked Food 418 Minn. Ave.WILKIN BAR Breckenridge THE BLUE HORIZON SKATE CENTER For Total Family Enjoyment Wahpeton NDSSS GAMEROOM Fool Bowling Pinball Foosball Tribune Day 1 of freedom Day 1 for a new leader 1 LASTING IMPRESSIONS Assets transfer one of history's most complex ostages finally flown out of Iran i§!P3e wtmvm r-'-' : - '• r •_ -■ j-_  ay your sorrows se fuel to ma happiness brighter. rve only as ke your burn fSl'rsT-.. • •r, _ ’ —- -" . s ri — STUDENT DIRECTORY Wand. Harold W Graphic Arts. Lai .more Valund. Bryan W Dm! sc I Mechanics. MohaH amold. Jell L Electronics. Bunion Vanes. Karen J Occupational Thcrap, Fergus Falls Vatland. Brent D Diesel Mechanics. Fargo Vbdul Fattah All D Pre Engineering. Syria Dera'a Vbdul Fattah, Hatem DP Computer Program. Shamal Abel. Daniel J Recreational Eng SE. Breckenrldge Vbel. Suzanne M Liberal Arts. Breckenrldge Vbcrlc. Brian R Arch Drafting Est. Meiot Vberle. Randy A Diesel Mechanics. Minot Vbousorrkh. Riyadh S Pre Engineering. Riyadh Vckerman. John P Refrig Air Conit. Hillsboro Vckerman. Paul E Business Management. Wishek Vdam. Randall J Cooling Heating E. Reynolds Vdam. Terry L Cook And Chef Train. Bismarck Vdams. Dale A Arch Drafting Est. Bismarck Vdams. Darrel! E Refrig Air Cood;t. Minot Vdams. Todd J Liberal Arts. Strasburg Adolf. Paul W Welding. Fairmount Ahlsten, Melodi A Legal Secretary. Wheaton Ahmed. Riad A Pre-Engineering. Saudi Arabia Alchete. Thomas P Electrical. Baldwin Aippcrspach. Michael R Auto Body. Wishek .VI-Rabia. Fahed A Pre-Engineering. Al-Faha Albers. Dwight J Electro-Mechanical. Hazcn Albrecht. Jerlannc E Occupational Therap. Pelican Rapids Albrecht. John A Cooling Heating E. Wimbledon Albrecht. Timothy B Arch Drafting Est. Columbia lejandro. Rodolo Jr Auto Mechanics. Reynolds ilson. Harris A Diesel Mechanics. Carrington n. Malek M Pre-Engineering. Irbsd A lery. Walter A Electronics, Fargo Jlex. Miles H Ovil Engineering T. Minot Allmaras. Mark D Ba« Machinist. Wahpeton Ailmer. Mark Electronics. Beulah Alstadt. Jim A Refrig 4t Air Condit, Breckenrldge Altendorf. Duane J Auto Mechanics. Drayton Althoff. Ralph L Auto Mechanics. Mooreton Althoif. Scott T Agri-Business. Mantador A man. Elizabeth P Dental Hygiene. Ellcndale Amann. Jolene M DP Computer Program. Dazey Amerman. William D Business Management. Forman Ames. Bradley D Electrical. Wimbledon Amundson. Michael D Electrical. Crookston Anagnost. Daniel S Mechanscal Drafting, Bismarck Andcen. Jeffrey L Liberal Arts. Breckcnridge Andersen. Christian E Diesel Mechanics. Marion Anderson. Brian J Pre-Engineering. Wahpeton Anderson. Bryan G Agri Business. Portland Anderson. Christine L Practical Nursing. Hawley Anderson. Colleen SPN Practical Nursing. Breckenrldge Anderson. Curt A Auto Body. Rapid Gty Anderson, Darcy R DP Computer Program. Grenora Anderson. David A Basic Machinist. Frederick Anderson. David L Pre-Engineering. Breckenrldge Anderson. Dean A Auto Mechanics. Campbell Anderson, Dean A Auto Mechanics. Tuttle Lake Anderson. Dean H Welding. Berlhold Anderson. Donna L Dental Hygiene. Wahpeton Anderson. Jeanne M Practical Nursuig. Veiva Anderson. Kurt K Diesel Mechanics. Colfax Anderson. Lori D Dental Hygiene. Grafton Anderson. Nancy J Computer Science. Breckenrldge Anderson. Norita K Accounting. Center Anderson. Patricia A Upholstery. Wahpeton Anderson. Patricia K Dental Hygiene. Hillsboro Anderson. Richard A Plumbing. West Fargo Anderson. Richard M Business Management. Wahpeton Anderson. Rick L Cook And Chef Train. Fargo Anderson. Ricky E Diesel Mechanics. Danvers Anderson. Robert T Bus Administration. Breckcnridge Anderson. Scott L Diesel Mechanics. Kulm Anderson. Susan R Medical Records Tec. Veiva Anderson. Trent A Welding. Crosby Anderson. Vern R Diesel Mechanics. Gwmner Anderson. Wilma I Practical Nursing. Valley City Andrews. Davsd G Bask Machinist. Britton Anliker. Blaine S Cookng Heating E. Forbes Anhker. Troy D Auto Body. Forbes Annoh. Emmanuel A Insurance Real Es. Ghana Anton. Keith A Plumbing. Dickinson Antrim. Michael E DP. Computer Program. LeSueur Appert. Steve D Welding. Grand Forks Arment. Wayne L Electro-Mechanical, Aberdeen Armstrong. Anthony R Electronics. Willow City Arneson. Caro!! J Accounting. Havana Arness. Jerome D Graphic Arts. Jamestown Arnold. Timothy R Diesel Mechanics. Minot Arntson. Richard M Electrical. Pelican Rapids Aronson. Richard C Welding. Beulah Arre, Wanda J Accounting, Lidgcrwood Arlz. Douglas S Electronics. Selby Asche, Matlene J General Office. Gwlnncr Augustine. David W Pic Engineering. Glencoe Ault. Barry R Civil Engineering T. Detroit Lakes Aunc. Kenneth O Bus Administration, Wahpeton Aunc. Scott T Electronics. Stanley Axtman. Jody L Dental Hygiene. Jamestown Azure, Dave A Coobng Heating E. St Johns Azure. Kenneth J Arch Drafting Est. St John Babitzke. Joel D Arch Drafting Est. Wishek Babitzke. Scott P Business Management. Wishek Bach. Douglas M Electrical. Wheaton Bachmcicr. Clem J Insurance Real Es. Northwood Bachmcicr. John M Electrical. Bismarck Bachmcicr. John R Diesel Mechanics. Crary Backs! torn. Julie J Liberal Arts. Fargo Bader. Merle A Accounting. Breckcnridge Bader. Sylvia A Practical Nursing. Rugby Badglcy, David P Electronics. Wahpeton Bohr. Janelle L Graphic Arts. Mooreton Baler. Ted M Graphic Arts. Wahpeton Bair. Jeffrey D Cooling Heating E. Cleveland Bak. Roland G Mechanical Drafting. Wahpeton Baker, Bcnae D Graphic Arts. Wahpeton Baker. Beth SPN Practical Nursing. Harvey Baker. Bcthamc J Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Baker. Judith A Business Management. Lidgerwood Baker. Luke G Arch Drafting Est. Bekourt Bakken. Dennis N Pre-Medical. Breckcnridge Bakken. Jeff L Graphic Arts. Wahpeton Bakken. Kathleen D Practical Nursing. Knox Bakos, Stephen A Graphic Arts. Elk River BalUet. Linda M General Office. Carson Balvin. Douglas J Agri-Business Claire Gty Banks. Daryl A Liberal Arts. Milwaukee Banning, Ray M Plumbing. Flasher Barclay. Diane M General Office. Grafton Bares. Geffrey C Rcfrlg Air Condit. Fargo Barfuss. Lynn C Agri-Business. Leonard Barnes. Jeffrey R Agri-Business. Courtenay Barnes. Scott G Arch Drafting Est. Barrett. Melanie A Graphic Arts. Deer River Barstad. Ralph A Pre-Medical. Wahpeton Barta. Vein B Basie Machinist. Minto Bartel!, Milton A Diesel Mechanics. Breckenrldge Barth. Brent A Business Aviation. Barnesville Barth. Kathleen M Data Entry. Fairmount Barthel. Donald J Diesel Mechanics. Mott Barthel. Ronald J Auto Mechanics. Mott Bartlett. Candice A Business Management. McHenry Bartlett. Ricky D Electronics. McHenry Bartlett. Teresa L Insurance Real Es. McHenry Bartron. Lori A Computer Operator. Neche Bartsch. Cindy L Occupational Therap. Esmond Bartsch. Randy J Electrical. Minot Bartunck. Dennis N Basic Machinist. Lidgerwood Bartuska. Cindy L Medical Secretary. Forest River Bassen. Lorelei A Accounting. Litchville Bassingthwaite. Mark E Pre-Wildlife Manage. Wahpeton Batcheller, Everett T Electrical. Mobridge Bauer. Ellen F DP Computer Program. Jamestown Bauer. Roy B Computer Operator, Golden Valley Baugh. Mary E Arch Drafting Est. Jamestown Baumann. Heidi M Dental Hygiene. Fargo Baumgartner. Gregory J Diesel Mechanics. Valley Gty Baumgartner. Todd A Electrical. Valley City Bayfess. Debra K General Office. Enderlln Beard. Leslie D Diesel Mechanics. Williston Beard. Russell J Electronics. Williston Beasley. Rick A Refrig Air Condit. Gand Forks Beauchamp. Jeffrey R Electronics. Minto Beaver. Carl W Auto Body. Rolette Beaver. Coleen Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Beck. Lisa R Bus Administration. Calio Beck. Randall C DP Computer Program. Artas Beck. Timothy A Agri Business. Fessenden Becker, Bradley C Agri-Business. Inkster Becker. Donald M Diesel Mechanics, Pollock Becker. Katherine M Liberal Arts. Wahpeton Becker. Lori E DP Computer Program. Wyndmere Becker. Susan A Medical Secretary, Inkster Beckius. Ron D Electrical. Nashua Beckler. Jr Joseph Electrical. Mandan Beckman. Dallas K Welding. Hannover Beckman. Steve B Diesel Mechanics. Clilherall Beckman. Steven D Diesel Mechanics. Clilherall Beeler, Borghild E Liberal Arts, Wahpeton Beelet. Jerome L Electronics, Breckcnridge Behrens, Gary D Agri Business. Wlhcaion Boilke. Bradley E Diesel Mechanics. Buffalo Belike. Brian D Arch Drafting Est. Aberdeen Bcinc. David M Recreational Eng SE. Thompson Bcinc. Mark J Agri Business. Thompson Bekkcdahl. Kevin J Basic Machinist. Grand Forks Belden. Ronald D Auto Body. Goton Belgarde. Brenda M Stenography And Sec. Belcourt Belgarde. Ronald M Electrical. Belcourt Belgarde. Sharon M DP Computer Program. Wahpeton Bell. Dennis J Insurance Real Es. Medina Bell. Richard D Auto Mechanics. Forman Bellefcuillc. Joel R Electrical. Callaway Bemcnt, Jayne M Graphc Arts. Bismarck Bender. LaShell C Dental Hygiene, Bismarck Bender. Michael L Auto Mechanics. Edinburg Bennett. Julie R General Office. Jamestown Benson. DoneQa J DP Computer Program. Morristown Benson. Gordon A Diesel Mechanics. Shcyenne Benson. Marilyn E Practical Nursing. Gand Forks Benz. L Jon Plumbing. Bismarck Benz. Marianne Legal Secretary. Bismarck Berbos. Joseph A Agri Business, Aberdeen Bercier. Grard A Liberal Arts. Wahpeton Bercier. John D Accounting, Belcourt Bercier, Karen R Pre-WildHe Manage. Rugby Bercier, Ronald G Arch Drafting Est. Bekourt Berdal. Wayne F Cooling Heating E. Petersburg Berens. Daniel R Civil Engineering T. Benson Berens. James L Diesel Mechanics, Benson Berens, Paul A Diesel Mechanics. Shakopce Berens. Robert G Arch Drafting Est. Milbank Berg. Bradley A Electrical. Walhalla Berg. Davtd A Auto Mechanics. Fargo 173Berg. Deborah Accounting. Milnor Berg. Dobra F ' Pre-Chiropractic. Wyndmere Berg, Kevin J F.k'ctron.ct, Cavalier Berg. Lisa B Graphic Art . Fergus Fall Berg. Mitch G Auto Mechanics. Max Berg, Norman J Bus Administration. Wahpeton Berger. Daniel G Arch Drafting Est. Breckenridge Berger. Kathleen C Stenography And Sec. Dickinson Bergh. Michael D Diesel Mechanics. Kindred Bergman. Dale H Diesel Mechanics. Grand Forks Bergman. Douglas A Basic Machinist. Grand Forks Bergman. Timothy C Agn Business. ArgusviDe Bergutst. Mark C Pro Chiropractic. Wahpeton Bcrgquist. Nancy A Pre-Engineering. Wahpeton Bernard. Gerald J Electrical, Moorcton Bernard. Monica A Graphic Arts. Fairmount Berndt. Bradley J Auto Mechanics, Hankinson Berndt. David W Cook And Chef Train. Lidgcrwood Berndt. Randy W Pre-Engineering. Breckenridge Bernhardt. Janet K DP Computer Program. Taylor Bernhardt, Jeff T Welding. Taylor Bernhardt. Ronald A Business Management. Linton Bern!son. Marie K Stenography And Sec. Sanborn Bertelsen. Rick L Auto Body. Fairmount Bertsch. Brian L Auto Mechanics. Ashley Bertsch. Gary G Insurance Real Es. Harvey Bertsch. Michelle M Practical Nursing. Rugby Bertsch. Susan J Liberal Arts. Ashley Beskoon. Randy S Cooling Heating E. Benedict Bessire. Michael L Electrical. Thompson Bethke. Timothy L Auto Mechanics. Almont Betlach. Timothy T Refrig Air Condit. HalLsck Betsch. Patricia K Computer Operator. Wahpeton Beta. Dale L Auto Mechanics. Fargo Beyer. Dale H Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Beyer. Danny J Bus Administration. Wahpeton Beyer. Janet M Dental Assisting. Breckenridge Beyer. Mary J Practical Nursing. WahpetonBeyer. Richard A Electrical. Hamilton Bickler, Kent D Ref rig Air Condit, Tioga Bickler. Louis G Auto Mechanics, Orrln Bicgler. Steve H Diesel Mechanics. Edgeley Bicri, Michael A Pre-Engineering. Plata Bicver. Nancy W Practical Nursing. Rugby Bigelow. Bethany L Agri-Business. Forman Biggs. John T Arch Drafting Est. Pierre Biggs. Mark A Electrical. Pierre Bihrlc. Becky Jo Liberal Arts. Wheaton Bmstoek. Monte A DP Computer Program. Leith Birchem. Keith T Agri-Business. Devils Lake Birnbaum. Dale E Agricultural Equipm. Hankinson Burcnkolt. Paul T Welding, Dawson Biwer. Heidi A General Office. Tioga Bjella. Randall H Diesel Mechanics. Willlston Bjerko. Carol M Pre-Nursing, Wahpeton Bjerke. Lester Jr D Agricultural Equipm. Forman Bjerke, Tracy J Electronics. Buxton Bjordahl. Mary Jo Medical Secretary. Fargo Bjorc. Janice M Cook And Chef Train, Breckenridge Bjork. Dana E Plumbing, Mmol Bjorkc. James O Arch Drafting Est. Minot Bjorklund. Stacy K Computer Operator. Hillsboro B|ornson. John R Auto Body. Cavalier Bjornson. Karri J Dental Assisting. Mountain Bjornslad. Andrew O Arch Drafting Est. Cando Bladow. Chad R DP Computer Program. Laurel Bladow. Todd V Business Aviation. Fergus Falls Blank. Jerry A Graphic Arts. Wilhston Btarck. Darcy M Stenography And Sec. Wyndmere B'arek. Linda M Distributive Educal. Wahpeton Blazer. Loti A Secretarial Arts. Mandan Blevins. Louise C Dental Hygiene. Rolla BMie. James M Plumbing. Devils Lake Blilie, Rkk A Arch Drafting Est. West Fargo Bliven. George H Jr DP Computer Program. Grafton Block. Larry G Plumbing. Waubay Blome. Michael G Refrig Air Condit. Norfolk Blomquist. Bernadine M Legal Secretary. New Rockford Blondcau. Randall P Electrical. Fergus Falls BJoomquist. Gary A Civil Engineering. Detroit Lakes Blume. Mary B Dental Hygiene. Mmot Blumeyer. Kathleen P Practical Nursing. Fargo Boah. Youssef S Pre-Engineering. Zwarah Boatright. Randall C Liberal Arts, Jamestown Bock. Bill L Liberal Arts. Grand Forks Bock. John M Liberal Arts. Wheaton Bodeker. Darnel W Electronics. Glcnwood Boc. Kenneth D Diesel Mechanics. Perth Boc, Martin C Diesel Mechanics. Tioga Boc. Thomas H Advanced Machinist. Mylo Bee. Tracy L Diesel Mechanics. Mylo Boehm. Myron K Diesel Mechanics. MeClusky Boergcr. William R Electrical. Milbank Bogenreif. Jane M SPN Practical Nursing. Breckenridge Boger. J.ll K Medical Records Tec. Garrison Bohac. Sue K Legal Secretary. Lankin Bohl. Mary B Management Supervis. Woodworth Bohlin. Cleo A Distributive Educat. Braddock Bohm. Bradley C Diesel Mechanics. Fargo Bohm. Joan M Liberal Arts. Reynolds Bohn. Chris A Bus Administration. Wahpeton Bohn. Jacklyne K Arch Drafting Est. Moorcton Bohn. Terry L Liberal Arts, Wahpeton Bohror. Keith A Basic Machinist. Bismarck Bolcy. Allen H Electronics. Mmot Boll. Becky A Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Boll. Heid. S Liberal Arts. Breckentldge Boltc, Scott K Auto Body. Bowman Bommersbach. Todd S Electronics. Lanmore Bonalme. David J Auto Body. Neche Booties. Ladale L Recreational Eng SE. Breckenridge Bookc. Dianna J General Office. Fargo Boos. Edward J Liberal Arts. Glasgow Boots. MJissa L Dental Hygiene. Riverdale Bopprc. Brad R Diesel Mechanics. Rolla Borgen, Gregory G Basic Machinist. Lidgetwood Borho, Kenneth R Auto Body. Langdon Borkowski. William R Mechanical Drafting. Powers Lake Borland. Gary M Recreational Eng SE. Absarokce Botud. Vicki A Legal Secretary. Mmot Bosch, Beverly C DP Computer Program. Strasburg Bosch, Pam J Computer Operator. Devils Lake Bosh. Kevin M Plumbmg. Lankin Bossert, Curt P Electronics. Valley City Bossert. Richard A Sheet Metal. Minot Bostrom. Scott W Rcfrig Air Condit, New Effmgton Botncr, Brad J We'-dog, IttchvUlc Boucher. Julie R Legal Secretary. Minot Boughton. Warren J Diesel Mechanics. Montpelier Boumont, Becky S But Administration. Wahpeton Boushee. Anthony B Plumbing. E Grand Forks Boutain. Dolores D Graphic Arts. Hankinson Boutiette. Crag E Welding. Wahpeton Boyce. Scott C Welding. Rhame Boyer. Michelle E Practical Nursing. Fargo Boyko. Ronald J Auto Body. Stanton Boyle. Mary K Arch Drafting Est. Crookston Braatcn. Donald T Bus Administration. Wyndmere Brabender, Jr LeonH Auto Mechanics. Breckenridge Brackett. Jr Alvin D Arch Drafting Est. MeClusky Brackm, John R Welding. Fargo Braddock. Cecilia R Accounting. Reeder Bradford. Wanda L Bus Administration. Aberdeen Bradford. Wendell E Journalism And Prin, Fort Yates Brahmer. Tammie J Legal Secretary. Detroit Lakes Braith. Dawn K Business Management. Wheaton Brakke. Kar. SPN Practical Nut sing. Grand Forks Brand. Scott K Pre Law Enforcement. Dwight Brand. Wdkam R DP Computer Program. Antler Brandell. Lonny R Refng Air Condit. Claire City Brandenburg. Jeffrey D Auto Mechanics. Edgeley Brandjord. Matthew R Diesel Mechanics. Souris Brandncr. Vincent J Diesel Mechanics. Wetonka Braun. Brenda K Liberal Arts. Wahpeton Braun. Curtis Q Agn Business. Wheaton Braun. Duane A Basic Machinist. Roshcit Braun. Gmny A Arch Drafting Est. Fairmount Braun. Thomas G D Braunagel. Jerelynn Dental Hygiene. Harvey Brcmmon. Kevin T Auto Body. Britton Brendcl, Rick G Auto Body. Aberdeen Brenden. Bruce L Diesel Mechanics. Rotlway Brenna. David C Electrical. Santsh Brenna. Lealan D Diesel Mechanics. Clifford Breuer. Alan D Mechanical Drafting. Moorcton Groucr. Nancy D Liberal Arts. Mooreton Brewer. Larry A Welding. West Fargo Bnesc. Roberta L Bus Administration. Forman Brinkman. Paul N Electrical. Fosston Brinkman, Randall A Upholstery. Wishek Brobsl. Scott A Diesel Mechanics. Sanborn Brocket, Lance W Computer Science. Burlington Broe. Curtis L Insurance Real Es. Antler Brogren, Randy S Arch Drafting Est. Fargo Brooks. Dale A Arch Drafting Est. Jamestown Brorby. Jody S Electrical. Center Broslowske. Janet D Arch Drafting Est. Wyndmere Brossarl, Charlotte E Computer Operator. Rugby Brossarl, Timothy R Electrical. Mmot Broton. Maureen SPN Practical Nursing. Grand Forks Brown. Denise A General Office. Aberdeen Brown. Kevin R Auto Mechanics. Bathgate Brown. Michael P Liberal Arts. Milwaukee Brown. Ralph T Arch Drafting Est. Wheaton Brown, Robert L Electrical. Valley City Brown, Tim A Refng Air Condit. Glcndivc Brown. Walden C DP Computer Program. Millarton Bruce. Rebecca L Arch Drafting Est. Belcourt Brucsch, Michael S But Administration. Wahpeton Bruggeman, Nancy K SPN Practical Nursing. Grand Forks Bruggman. Francis C Wekhng. Fort Yates Brogman. Kurt S Arch Drafting Est. Watertown Brungardt. Jeff R Pre-Engineering. Wahpeton Brumng. David B DP Computer Program. Carson Brunkow, Sharon K General Office. Herman Bruns. Mark A Plumbing. Grand Forks Bruns. Paul E Auto Mechanics. Grand Forks Bruteen. Timothy J Auto Body. Elizabeth Bubach. Derek R Electronics. Lidgcrwood Buchholz. Dceann M Computer Operator. Durbin Buchholz. Nita M Dental Hygiene. Anamocc Buchholz. Patricia SPN Practical Nursing. Grand Forks Bucholz. Lisa M General Office. Sisseton Buckhoute. Charles R Electronics. Hankinson Buckhoute. Dean F Electronics. Hankinson Buckley. Kyle K Graphic Arts. Courtenay Boechler. Brian A Civil Engineering T. Mmot Bucchler. Calvin R Jr Plumbing. Niccville Buechler. Edwin L DP Computer Program. Glasgow Buen, Dianna L Medical Records Tec. Velvz Buettner. Byron A Welding. Mmot Bulks. Ricky A Arch Drafting Est. Nashu Button. Steven W Pre Engineering. Wahpeton Bultman. Gary D Auto Body. Fargo Bunde. David E Diesel Mechanics. McVillc Bundy. Jan M Liberal Arts. Marshall Bunn. Jeffrey D Diesel Mechanics. Lisbon Bunn. Mervin Jr Diesel Mechanics. Sheldon 17a:urd ck. James L Electrical, Grand Fork I urges . Jellrey S Plumbing, Ortonvillc £ urkhardt, Douglas R Basic Machinist, Guelph Eurkhart, Jonathan K Welding. Daicy Eurley. Todd D Electrical, Hunter E-urley. Veronica J Computer Operator. Casselton Eurns. Patrick J Business Management. Hawley Lurrcr, David H Diesel Mechanics. Wahpeton l-urrcr, Mary K General Office. Wahpeton ikirt. Connte S General Office. Cavalier lurtness. Barry A Electrical. Minot iurton. Myttle P Practical Nursing. Pierce Eosch. Damon D Sheet Metal. Underwood Eusch, John W Arch Drafting Est. Carrington rush. John R DP Computer Program. Mmol f-uah. Jody M Prc Nursing. Minot Eush. Kathy L Computer Operator. Fargo rush. Susan J Practical Nursing. Rugby r usk. Elliott D Auto Body. Eureka : utch. Michael T Arch Drafting Est. Aberdeen i utenhoff. Kelly K Pre-Law. Barnesville i-utter, Dennis L Arch Drafting Est. Aberdeen toller. Susan L Occupational Therap. Aberdeen tuitkc. Larry L Business Management. Corona : yrrves, Susan M Dental Assisting. Emerado ryron, Joyce M Legal Secretary. Cavalier Cameron. Leslie J Graphic Arts, Ayr Cameron. Sharon SPN Practical Nutsing, Breckcnridge Campbell, Charles F Auto Mechanics. Fairmount Campbell. Gregory A Auto Mechanics. Breckcnridge Campbell. Robert L Clvd Engineering T. Egeland ' andrian. Dennis J Electrical. Regent C apes. David C Cooling Heating E. Grand Forks Capouch. Bertha M Practical Nursing, Grand Forks Cariveau, Rick A Electrical. E Grand Forks Carisen. Michael W Diesel Mechanics, Milbank Carlson. Danny W Business Management. New Rockford Carlson. Francis L Liberal Arts. Fordvllle Carlson. Jill D General Office. Warren Carlson. Jodi A Medical Records Tee. Warren Cartsrud. Ordean S Electronics. 8reekenridge C arney. Ronda M Prc Nursing. Wahpeton Carow. Leighton D Auto Mechanics. Edgcley Carpenter. James B Basic Machinist. Grand Forks Carpenter. Melissa G DP Computer Program. Adrian Carr. Tom R Arch Drafting Est. Minot Carroll. Bradley V Welding, Forest River Casavant. Mark A Electronics. Rolette Casler. Cynthia J Arch Drafting Est. Fargo Casper, Anthony M Liberal Arts. Breckcnridge Caspers. Joel J Liberal Arts. Wahpeton Casteel. Mark E Relr g Air Condit. Crosby Caswell, Danny S Diesel Mechanics. Galesburg Caughey. Timothy S Civil Engineering T. Brainerd Cavalier. Mary SPN Practical Nursing. Breckcnridge Cavetl. Richard A Business Aviation. Lisbon Cease. Gary L Welding. Britton Cecil. Ron E Diesel Mechanics. Leonard Ccdcrstrom. Marty G Electrical. Velva Chalimoncryk. Mark K ElectroMecharucal. Fargo Channel. Doyle R Graphic Arts. Foxhome Chapman. James B Refrig Air Condit. Mmnewaukan Charette. Locien L Diesel Mechanics. Wahpeton Charvat. Ken W Diesel Mechanics. Mandan Chase. David P Basic Machinist. Sisseton Cherney. Patricia M Occupational Therap. Courtenay Cherry. Ron W Ovll Engineering T. Park City Chief. Michelle A Computer Operator. Wahpeton Cholc, Tim J Electrical. Minot Chrisiis. Andy R Plumbing. Dtlworth Chtlsi. Lynn D Dental Hygiene. Bismarck Christensen, Carolyn J Journalism And Prin, Wahpeton Christensen, Jane A Bus Administration. Doran Christensen. Joan M Business Management. Doran Christenson. Wesley S Auto Mechanics. Gwinner Christenson. Arthur A Upholstery. Doran Christenson. Carol A Legal Secretary, Lidgerwood Christiansen, Robin A Electronics. Clear Lake Christianson. Bradley D Rcfrtg Air Condit, Valley City Christianson. Connie J Liberal Aits. Rutland Christianson. Dean M Arch Drafting Est. Hankinson Christianson. John R Auto Body. Elbow Lake Christianson. Kris H Accounting. Wahpeton Christianson. Lori SPN Practical Nursing. Grand Forks Christianson. Randal) J Electronics. Devsls Lake Christman. Todd A Diesel Mechanics. Hettinger Chnstophcrson, Mark D Electrical. Regent Church. Kendall H Auto Mechanics. Tenney ChurcMI. Doug G Auto Body. Grand Forks Cichy. Lois M Dental Hygiene. Henning Cimbure, Cris R Insurance Real Es. Brcckenridge Clark. Carl R Radio Communication. Hettinger Clarke. Christopher M Electronics. Sydenham Clarke. Rodney M Electronics. London Claymore. Kenneth C Welding. Fort Yates Clayton Jr. George W Plumbing, Sullivan Clemmer. Paul A Sheet Metal. Glasgow Cleveland. Robert L Pre-Law. Las Vegas Cockerville. Anthony A Electronics. Powers Lake Cofell. David B Auto Mechanics. Edgelcy Coffin. Steven B Welding. Minot Cogliser. Randolph C Electro Mechanical. Campbell Colemer. Curtis H Electrical. Havana Collette. Cynthia M Legal Secretary. Grafton Collette. Vonda L Legal Secretary. Grafton Collier. Robert A Business Management. Lidgerwood Cofvert. Shareen K Legal Secretary. Breckenridge Comas. Kevin E Agricultural Equipm. Chaffee Compeau. Rebecca L Arch Drafting Est. Grand Forks Conati. John B Graphic Arts. Crookston Connelly. Jeffrey J Cooling Heating E. Fergus Falls Conremius. Donovan C Welding. Breckenridge Coneemius. Ronald A Plumbing. Breckenridge Cook. Richard D Atch Dtalting Est. Wheaton Cook. Roderick J Cooling Heating E. Minot Cooksley. Stacy L Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Cookson. William P Electronics. Forman Coombs. Sheldon L Diesel Mechanics. Anamoose Cooper. Roland A Auto Mechanics, Nashua Coppin. Bill D Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Coppin. Tammy L Business Management. Wahpeton Correll. Debra K Accounting. Minot Cosh. Heidi E Liberal Arts. Herman Coutts. William A Cooling Heating E. Rhame Cowardin, Eustls Barber Practical Nursing. Jamestown Cox. Deborah J DP Computer Program. Wahpeton Coyle. Jeffrey J Pails Training. Wahpeton Craft. Donald E Diesel Mechanics. Stanley Crawford. Richard L Jr Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Crawford. Tom M Electrical. Minot Creighton. Kelly R Accounting. West Fargo Crissler. Darrel Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Crockett. Robert S Electronics. Langdon Crompton. Timothy T Electrical. Borup Cross. Brian A Electronics. Mitnor Crowley. Daniel W Business Aviation. Hebron Crull. Robin K Liberal Arts. Rogers Culp. Scott D DP Computer Program. Campbell Curran. Kathy E Legal Secretary. E Grand Forks Current. Jill M Occupational Therap. Fargo Currie. Debra K DP Computer Program. Cando Cusey. Myron B Electrical. Chaseley Cusey. Terrance L Auto Body. Moorhead Cushing. Rodney J Mechanical Drafting. Wahpeton Cusick. Terrence D Auto Mechanics. Fargo Cuypers. Ann M Stenography And Sec. Dickey Cyr. Joseph H Welding. Oklee Dachtler. Vicky M Arch Drafting Est. West Fargo Dady. Steven T Cook And Chef Train. Mobndge Dahl. Alice K Dental Hygiene. Sidney Dahl. J Business Management. Wahpeton Dahl. David M Electronics. Fargo Dahl. Douglas J Auto Body. Park River Dahl. Jams E General Office. Wcsthope Dahl. Jeanette K Practical Nursing. Fargo Dahl. Margo L Medical Secretary. Gackle Dahl. Martin D Electrical. Wahpeton Dahl. Susan A Computer Operator. Hannaford Dale. Howard W Bus Administration. Wahpeton Daley, Renee M Business Management. Park River Dallmann. Kevin J Electronics. Valley City Dallmann. Steve J Refrig Air Condit. Lidgerwood Dally. Tina L Distributive Educat. Montpelier Dancer. James R Electrical. Harvey Daniels. Richard C Agricultural Equipm. Oakes Danielson. Mark W Diesel Mechanics. Rothsay Danks. Marty L Plumbing, New Town Danuser, Reed H Business Management. Fargo Dardis. Mike L DP Computer Program. Lakota Davenport. Paul A Management Supcrvis, New Lciprig Davey. Carla M DP Computer Program. Wahpeton Davey. Carolyn J Electronics. Wahpeton Davtdson. Patricia E Graphic Arts. Underwood Davies. Ted E Cook And Chef Train. Minneapolis Davis. Angela C Dental Assisting. Wahpetoo Davis. Brian L Advanced Machinist, Mooieton Dams. Eddie J Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Davis. Jeffrey R Arch Drafting Est. Bclcourt Davis. Mark A Prc Engineering. Pelican Rapxlt Davis. Vernon F Diesel Mechanics. Wyndmere Day. Teresa C Practical Nursing. Fatgo Dean. Debi K Business Management. Jamestown Deaver. Sandra J Dental Hygiene. Berthold Doavy, Tammra L Accounting. Reeder Decent. Dari E Auto Body. Battle View DeFries. Diane L Stenography And Sec. Foxhome Degenttein. Leon M Auto Mechanics. Fessenden DeCteef. Gery P Diesel Mechanics. Wilmot Deibert. Kerry L Occupational Therap. Wahpeton Doll. Bruce W Journalism And Prin. Breckenridge Dell. Dorean F Mechanical Drafting. Breckenridge Dolvo. Michael J Bas Machinist. Langdon Deleer. Clayton D e Electronics. Artas DcUer. Lor. SPN Practical Nursing. Jamestown DcMafcie. Terry A Auto Mechanics. Bathgate Demety. Paula R Stenography And See. Be'.court DcMontgny. Emil D Welding. Wahpeton DeMontigny. Todd R Electrical. Fargo Denney. Michael A Auto Body. Mmol Dcnow, James P Graphic Arts. Mooreton Derhak. David J Plumbing. Minot DeSantis. II John R Bus Administration. Marshall Desjarlais. Robert D Jr Electrical. Bclcourt Desjarlais. Robert L Plumbing. Breckenridge Deslaurlers. Nancy SPN Practical Nursing. Bottineau Dethlcfscn, Kathy K DP Computer Program. Oakes Dethlefscn. Kathy K DP Computer Program. Oakes Dethloff, Colette S Computer Science. Harvey Dctlaff. Robert L Electrical, Glenburn Deutsch. Terrence L Bus Administration. Sisseton Devlin, Bennett J Diesel Mechanics. Michigan DeVries. Sherri L Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton DeWald. Jeffrey D Agrl Business, Napoleon Dickerson. Richard P Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Dickman, Kathleen M Pre-Pharmacy. Wahpeton Diekmann. Conrad J Diesel Mechanics. Beardsley Diet . Connie R Computer Operator. Fessenden Differding. Jodie L Electro Mechanical. Lisbon r Ouo.[!3a I P II mm ■ rf ilp|?i t"? 1% r i IiL £2j?i H |" 3J ? o| 5 2! ow 5 • ■ fe.3 " Sr » 5? 1 Ir| |o§ 7 5- fc S a 5 ? ? ? .urnf [i;itt»i 1 s s •?•■'3-•' S‘i§'0S I£ " I T s. 1-1 rn g m itrs-j-ri Sr rfl ? I2c “ 2F m, Si even O Electrical. Fessenden Fosse. Jefl L Cooling Healing E. Michigan Fosse. Michael G Electrical. Michigan Fossen. Bruce L Diesel Mechancv. Hcendal Possum. Gregory D Auto Body. Lawton Foster. Jane L DP Computer Program. Fargo Foster. Randy G Welding. Grand Forks Foster. Wayne C Electrical. Mmol Fox. Jr Richard S Dvesel Mechanics. Palermo Fox. Michael W Parts Training. Jamestown Fox, Ricky A Electrical. Grand Forks Foyt. Rick L Business Management, Milnot Fraase. Keith E Civil Engineering T. Buffalo Ftaedrxh. Dwight D Diesel Mechanics. Endetlin Fragodt, Kevin J Auto Mechanics. Fargo Fraki. Joel E Electrical. New York Mills Frank. Janece I Parts Training. Mandan Frank. Sheila A General Office. Wahpeton Frank. Susan L DP Computer Program. Wahpeton Frederick, Clarence A Mechanical Drafting. Belcourt Frederick. George A Arch Draftmg Est. Belcourt Fredenckson. Cheryl T Arch Drafting Est. West Fargo redrickson. Bruce Alan Pre-Law Enforcement. Fargo Fredrickson. Bruce Atlhr Business Management. Forman Freeman. Joe R Refrtg Air Condit, Carrington Freeman. Timothy F Business Management. Carrington regien. Kathleen G General Office. Ashley Freilmger. Patrick L Electrical. Marion :riedl. David R Sheet Metal, Mott ™o: -'riedt. Leroy V Welding. Mott lit . Duke M Auto Body. Clear Lake -tit . John E Refrig Air Condit. Carrington Frit . Scott D Arch Drafting Est. Fargo roemke. Dena M Occupational Therap. Wahpeton rohheh. Jay D Electronics. Bismarck rohheh. Jerry A DP Computer Program. Bismarck rrnjen. Eric Q _ Electronics. Oakes rrounfelter. Stephen L Welding. Wheaton rrueh. Jerry D Agn Business. Goodrich Fuchs. Larvce W Liberal Arts. Wahpeton frigl. Randy W Auto Body. Verona Fuhrman. Beverly Accounting. Alamo "uhrman. Bradley R Diesel Mechanics. Crosby Fuhrman. Daniel D Auto Mechanics, New Rockford Fuss. Karlcen J lor iville ryn irdton' Computer Operator. Gwinner Fust. James W Accounting. Rutland Fuxa. Nathan L Liberal Arts. Campbell Gage. Kenneth W Agri-Business. Oriska Gakle. Christopher L Pre Nursing. Wahpeton Gallagher. Daniel M Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Galliger. Steven R Business Management. Oakes Gandrud. Todd A Electrical. Minot Gangelhoff. Dean R Diesel Mechanics. Sandstone Gangl. Bernard W Cookng Heating E. Endertm Ganyo. Kreg R Refng Air Condit. Grand Forks Gapp. Marly A Legal Secretary. Walhalla Garcia. Martin Electronics. Wahpeton Garrett. Jodi L Stenography And Sec. Woodworth Garrett. Michael G Auto Body. Aberdeen Gartner. Joel J Electrical. Glen Ullin Gast. Timothy S Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Gaulrapp. John S Auto Body. Wheaton Gauthier. An.ta B Dental Assisting. Watford Gebro. Kevin D Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Geek. Timothy W Electrical. Glen Uttm Gedrose. Cohn C Electrical. Cathay Gelfrc, Francis G Diesel Mechanics. Hague Gefroh. Jod. L Upholstery. Esmond Gehler. Lome K Arch Drafting Est. Hanktnson Gehler. Lynette E Burners Management, Hanklnson Geiger. Laun A Dental Hygiene. Kenmarc Gellhaus, Mark A DP Computer Program. Aberdeen George. James P Business Management. Sisseton George, John K Arch Dralting Est. Wahpeton Georgeff. Jay B Arch Drafting Est. Storm Lake Gerhart. Thomas J Basic Machinist. Bismarck German. Neal D Arch Drafting Est. Hankinson Gesellchen. Kalon M Refrig Air Condit. Goodrich Geston. Renee J Arch Drafting Est. Fargo Gtardeu. Tim G DP Computer Program. Mandan Gibbon. Randy J Agri Busmess. Mitoor Gbson. Lisa B Graphic Arts. Wahpeton Gbson. Shirley A Accounting. Leonard Genger. James J Diesel Mechanics. Hunter Genger. Pamela K Legal Secretary. Wahpeton G«ese. Glen T Bus Administration. Fessenden Getien. Gcgg V Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Gigstad. Carol A Practical Nursing. Rvgby Glbertson. Denms C Accounting. Barnesville Gilbertson. Kristie K Dental Assisting. Detroit Lakes Glbertson. Lance A Electronics. Shelly Glhooly. Beth A Legal Secretary. Jamestown Giles. Carla M Business Management. Wahpeton Giles. Kenneth N DP Computer Program. Kent Giles. Mary T DP Computer Program. Wahpeton Mary J Liberal Arts. Park River Gllig. Desiree D Liberal Arts. Wahpeton Gllig. Michael W Electronics. Grand Forks Glsdorf. Gerald F Refng Air Condit. Dumont Gsi. David K Pre Engineering. New Rockford Garum, Linda D Business Management. Rutland GUs. Michael M Liberal Arts. Gallon Glasses, Arron C Diesel Mechanics. Sole.". Geason. Dennis J Electrical. Tolna Gladden. Frederick J Auto Mechanics. Hallock Goehring. Charles E Diesel Mechanics. Ashley Goerdt. Gregory J Liberal Arts. Breckenridge Goer gen. Jerry M Electrical. West Fargo Goene. Terry L Business Management. Sisseton Goettle. Ronald R Computer Science. Linton Gohner. Sheila G Legal Secretary. Montpelier Goldberg. Joseph C Jr Electrical. Marion Gonser. Kit A Business Management. Lisbon Good. Alan G Refrig Air Condit. S Haven Good. Duane L Refrig Air Condit. S Haven Goodijohn. Greg A Recreational Eng SE. Falrmount Good vi. Michael L Liberal Arts. Cleveland Goplen. Mitchell T Diesel Mechanics. Terry Goroskl. Grard J Electronics. Gendive Gottenborg. Peter A Bus Administration. Audubon Gourde. Gerard L Auto Mechanics. Grafton Gourncau. Jerry A Sheet Metal, Belcourt Gaf. Kevin J Graphic Arts. Fergus Falls Gage. Karla A Pre-Nursing. Wahpeton Gage. Tola R DP Computer Program. Sheldon Gramberg. Gregg G Mechanical Drafting. Waubay Grandalen. Lyle O Auto Mechanics. Portland Ganhc, Myton K Electronics. Underwood Gant. Linda M DP Computer Program. Campbell Gay. Philip F Auto Mechanics. Hankinson Geen. Krlsteic A Graph c Arts. Fergus Falls Geen. Loros A Practical Nursing. Gand Forks Greene. Erk N Civil Engineering T. Dalton Greene. Ronnie A Architectural Engin, Belcourt Grcenmyer. Knsti SPN Practkal Nursing. Breckemtdge Greenguist. Gregg L Civil Engineering T. Breckenridge Geff. Rodney M Arch Drafting Est. Regent Grcfsrud. Rollin J Refrig Air Condit. Hawley Grenvik. Larry A Pre Medical, Wahpeton Gess. Leshe P Electrical. Center Geuel. Dean W Electronics. Leonard Grteger. David C Diesel Mechanics. Tower Gty Gieger. Elmer D Auto Mcchanks. Buffalo Gieger. Todd A Business Management. Gand Forks Gilfith. Shirley K Legal Secretary. Colfax Giggs. Jerome W Upholstery. Dclamere Griggs. Teresa A Cook And Chef Tram. Dclamere Grimm. Joe L Bask Machinist. Ha cn Gimsrud. Cory D Agn Business. Veblen Gmager. Susan M Pre Nursing. Wahpeton Gindberg. Tony S Business Aviation. Maplcton Geipentrog. Bradly D Pre Wildlife Manage. Wahpeton Gripentrog. Stewart A Parts Training, Wahpeton Grocnwold. Vkkl L DP Computer Program. Fargo Grommeih. Rochelle S Legal Secretary. Casselton Gross. Leon V DP Computer Program. Bismarck Goss. William J Agri Busmess. Linton Grossman. Julie SPN Practkal Nursing. Breckenridge Gotsman. Peter B Electrical. Minot Gos . Lorraine J Accounting. Breckenridge Gotle. Barry L Diesel Mechanic . Finley Gone. Monty O Electronics. West Fargo Grunendike. Jeffrey L Arch Draflmg Est. Aberdeen Gubrud. Gloria A Computer Operator. Tower Gty Guderian, Lclarvd D Bu Administration. Breckenridge Gulbranson. Mkhael A Electrkal. Harmony Gullxkson. Vicky V Legal Secretary. Wahpeton Gundcrsen. Georgia D Busmess Management. Wahpeton Gunderson. Douglas M Electronics. Lamoure Gunsch. Lance R Auto Body. Jamestown Gunther. Rkky L Electronics. Marietta Gust. Jeffery W Refng Air Cotvdn. E Gand Forks Gust. Renee SPN Practkal Nursing. Bottineau Gust. Scott R Electronic . E Gand Fork Guttaf on. John I Recreational Eng SE. Adam Gustafson. Mark B Arch Drafting Est. Bismarck Gutjche. Craig I Auto Mcchanks, Haten Gut mer. Barb J Accounting. Wyndmere Cutrmer. Dean W Business Management. Wyndmere Guymor. Robert W Pre Engineering. Mandan Haakenson. Cliff D Refrig Air Condit. New Rockford Haaland. Timothy R Electrkal. Fargo Haan, Jodi E Occupational Therap. Herreid Haas, Laurie A Occupational Therap. Carrington Haas, Peter J Jr Dvesel Mcchanks. Lefor Haberman. Cindy A Graphic Art . Barney Haberman. Robert L Electronics, Barney Haberman. Roger A DP Computer Progtam. Barney Haberman. Roger A DP Computer Program. Barney Haberman. William C Dtesel Mcchanks. Barney Hady. Mkhael K Bask Machinist. Minot Haegele. Tom G Electrical. Napoleon Hacrtlmg. Bonita K Pre Mcdkal Technol. Wyndmere Hagc. Keith A Electrical. Colfax Hagel. Debra L Occupational Therap. Fargo Hagel. Janke M Stenography And Sec. Center Hagen. Barbara J Computer Operator. Beulah Hagen. David W Auto Body. Gand Forks Hagen. Dean E Electronics. Pleasant Lake Hagen, James A Arch Drafting Est. Bismarck Hagen. Karen E Liberal Art . Fargo Hager. Eli abcth A Dental Hygiene. Williston Hager. Mark D Electrkal. Minot Hague. Jodi N Dental Hygiene. Jamestown Hahne. William R Die»el Mechank . Trad City Hakh. Jonathon F Computer Sc ence. Gladstone Hairc. James M DP Computer Program. Kent Hakanson. Colleen R DP Computer Program. West Fargo Hall. Geneal L Stenography And Sec. Woodworth Han. Shelley J DP Computer Program. Minot Hall. Willsam F Computer Operator. Edinburg Hallgnmton. Carol R General Office. Edinburg Halter. Daniel N Electrical. Hebron Halvorson. Dewey O Auto Mecharucs. Galesburg Halvorson. Chan SPN Practkal Nursing. Gad Fork Halvorson. Larry K Graphc Arts. Rugy Ham. Kathleen A Computer Operator. Edgeley Harman. Angle M 177Dai Entry. Crary • Haman. Curtis A Diesel Meehanks, Rolette Unman. Jason S Civil Engineering T. Bordulac Unman. Mike J Diesel Mechanics. Crary Knmann. Paul E Pre-Law Enforcement, Tintah Hamedi Farshsd Pre Engaieering. Wnhpeton Hamel. Marc D Auto Mechanics. Mmol Hammer. Kevin D Auto Body. Fairdalc Hammerschmldt. Daniel J Auto Mechanics. Fargo Hammersmith. Charlene SP Practical Nursing. Jamestown Hammoud. Hussein A Computer Operator. Crookston Hamnes, Douglas K Electrical. Bottineau Hanel. Keith C Electronics. Dickinson Hans. Roberta A Liberal Arts. Davenport Hansen. Darryl L Diesel Mechanics. Wheatland Hansen. Dwight D Basic Machinist. Mmol Hansen. Gregory L Auto Mechanics. Mina Hansen. Jerome A Plumbing, Mina Hansen. Kathy SPN Practical Nursing. Jamestown Hansen. Mark H Electrical. Wnhpeton Hansen. Scott J DP Computer Program. Minot Hansen. Vicki R General Office, Luddcn Hanson. Betty Practical Nursing. Jamesiowtt Hanson. Brian W Rusmess Management. Sisseton Hanson. Christie J Pre Education. Wnhpeton Hanson. Dean A Auto Body. Esmond Hanson. Diane M Liberal Arts. Fargo Hanson. Donald L Auto Mechanics. Oakes Hanson. Donnell L Agricultural Equipm. Claremont Hanson. Eric B Diesel Mechanics. Hatton Hanson. James A Auto Mechanics. Lidgerwood Hanson. James N Electronics. Pcevcr Hanson. Jeffrey A Electrical. Horace Hanson. Josh R Agn Business. Forman Hanson. Larry W Bas c Machinist. Finley Hanson. Loren C Business Management. Lisbon Hanson. Steven W Electrical. Fargo Hanson. ZcILa M Accounting. Brcckenrtdgc Hardegger. Irene DP Computer Program. Eureka Hardie. Wayne W Agricultural Equipm. Fairmount Hardy. Brian A Diesel Mechanics. Walhalia Hargis. Paula J Distributive Educat. Kent HarJdstad. Keith A Mechanical Drafting. Beulah Harles. Barbara J General Office. Fargo Harles. Wade E Auto Mechanics. Fergus Falls Harlow. Joseph R Auto Mechanics, Grand Forks Harmon. Jeffrey C Electronics. E Grand Forks Haro. Sam C Auto Mechanics. Lamoure Harper. Rosemarie Dental Hygiene. Bismarck Harris Lori A Practical Nursing. Wahpeton Harrison. Cnag D Arch Drafting Est. Aberdeen Harrison. David D Electronics. Fessenden Harrison. Karen L DP Computer Program. Fort Yates Hart. Jimmie R Liberal Arts. Cleveland Hartman. Rob n L Civil Engineering T. Edgelcy Hartmann, DarrellA Areh Drafting Est. Pierre Hartmann. Nathan P Electronics. Wahpeton Hartshorn. Kelly W Electrical. Aberdeen Hasbrouck, Daniel J Areh Drafting Est. Crookston Hass. Richard A Auto Mechanics. Valley City Hauck. Randall A Diesel Mechanics. Wishck Hauf. Glen R Electrical. Makoti Haugen, Cindy B Arch Drafting Esi. Cleveland Haugen. Donnell J Liberal Arts. Wahpeton Haugen. Julie A DP Computer Program. Gilby Haugen. Karen J DP Computer Program. McVille Haugen. Kathy J Legal Secretary. Pelican Rapids Haugen. Kent M DP Computer Program. Cando Haugen. Ronald H DP Computer Program. Ancta Haugenoe. Bryan D Diesel Mechanics. Crosby Haugenoe. Bryce D Sheet Metal. Crosby HautehJd. Noel F Graphic Arts. Wahpeton Haux. Darcy D Diesel Mechanics. Java HaveUnge. Dion W Diesel Mechanics. Erie Hayden. Jeffrey L Electronics. Steele Haycnga. Paulette Accounting. Cogswell Hayes. James A Liberal Arts. Milwaukee Headland. Gaylenc R Business Management. Medina Heath. Brian R Arch Drafting Est. Valley Oly Hectmovkh. Don Diesel Mechanics. Whitefish Hedstrom. Michael D Diesel Mechanics. Wilton Heesch. Lor an M Diesel Mechanics. Rosholt Heffia. Scott A Auto Body. Adams Hcglc. Douglas L Electronics. Gwinner Hehr. Wallace H Computet Operator. Kulm Heibcl. Rkk J Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Heibcl. Rkk J Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Hcidecker. Curt W Diesel Mechanics. Arvdla Hcidrxh. Lori I DP Computer Program. Strasburg Heidi. Andrew L Electronics. Long Beach Hcigaard. Stephen 0 Sheet Metal Crystal Heilman. Carla M Liberal Arts. Wahpeton Heilman. Connie SPN Practical Nursng. Bottineau Heilman. Richard D Liberal Arts. Wahpeton Heilman. Rodney L Rcirtg Air Condit. Knox Heim. Alv.n W Refrig Air Condil. Edgelcy Hcinert, Edwin G Electronics. Milnor Heinert. Ross W Diesel Mechanics. Flasher Hemrick. Debra S Graphic Arts. Towner Hc-nti, Merle J Electrical. Bismarck Helntt. Terry C Business Management. Rugby Heiru. Nancy A General Office. Mina Hciser. Mark R Electronics. Manning Heisler. Dean L Electrical. Karlsruhe Heltkamp. Cathy J Dental Hygiene. Mooreton Heitkamp. Richard P Agrkullural Equipm. Mooreton Heitkamp. Stacie N Mcdkal Secretary. Wyndmere Hcktner. Lois M Liberal Arts. Mooreton Held. Dale M Business Management, Hankmson Helgeson. Richard R Refng Air Condit, Minot Holland. Faye M Accounting, Park River Hellom. Scott J Refng Air Condit. Coleharbor Helm. LaRae SPN Practical Nursing. Jamestown Helseth. Kurt A Electrical. Columbus Hcmmcrkh. Gregg L Graphic Arts. Elk River Hendershot. David J Electrical. Mmol Hendershot. James H Diesel Mechanics. Billings Henderson. Nancy A Business Management. Enderlin Hendrickson. Rick A Electronics. Wahpeton Hendrickson. Scott J Agn Business. Christine Hendnekson. Shane R Bask Machinist. Michigan Henn, Joseph P Arch Drafting Est. HJlsboro Hennagir. Mark C Accounting. Staples Henneberg. Betty L Practical Nursing. Holloway Hcnnes. Tim J Plumbing. M-.not Hennessy. Daniel J Electrical. Grand Forks Hennessy. Diane R Graphic Arts. Grand Forks Hennings. Daniel S Cooling Heating E. Fargo Henricks. Jeffrey S Refng Air Condit. Lisbon Henry. Charles W Business Management. Hankinson Henseh. Blame E Graphic Arts. Doran Henson. Lana S Dental Hygiene. Elen dale Herber. David W Arch Draltmg Est. Rapid City Herberhol . CarmeUta M Distributive Educat. New England Herbst. Alanna K Computer Operator. Lisbon Herman. Cash. L Bus Administration. Wahpeton Herman. Tom A Electrical. Bowbells Hermes. Paul C Electronics. Fergus Falls Hermes. Wayne A Diesel Mechanics. Wahpeton Herndon. Greg Allen Electronks. Grand Forks Herndon. Michael R Electronics. Grand Forks Herness. Lamont A Refng Air Condit. Dalton Hersch. Curtis A Auto Body. Amenta Hersch. Gary L Electrical. Hunter Hertcl. Gaylen L Bask Machinist. McLaughlin Heskin, Daniel T Diesel Mechanics. Norwkh Heskin. Kris A Diesel Mechanics. Norwkh Hess. Darcy L Business Management. Wheaton Hess. Robert J Arch Drafting Si Est. Jud Hcstdalcn. Brett E Liberal Am. Abercrombie Hetland. Laurie M Dental Hyg nc. Fargo Hetterwg. Brenda K Arch Drafting Est. Center Heucheit, Gtenn R Diesel Mechanics. St Thomas Heuer. Lance B Agn Business. Leonard Heupel. Joseph R Diesel Mechanics. Medina Hkkman. Jesse J Pre Engineering. Breckenridge Hkkman, Linda K Occupational Therap. Fargo Hkkman. Lisa G DP Computer Program. Fargo Hickman.n. Phyllis SPN Practkal Nursng. Breckenridge Hicks. Douglas H Arch Drafting Est. Bismarck Hkks. Jeffrey W Arch Drafting Est. Hastings Hildahi. Colleen M Stenography And Sec. West Fargo H.lgers. Sheila M Legal Secretary. Wahpeton Hill. Jay W Rad.oTelevis.on TE. Vebien Hill. Jerry A Auto Body. Cleveland Hiltebrand. Daniel M Cooling Heating E. Grand Forks Hillerud. Becky Jo Legal Secretary. Norwich Hillerud. Danny W Electrical. Norwich HJWrud. David S Arch Drafting Est. Norwich Hilcstad. Lynn H Arch Drafting Est. Calvin Cindy M DP Computer Program, Wahpeton Hillman. Kelly B Occupational Therap. Rugby Hills. Jod. L General Office. Gasston HJIstrom. Clayton C Electronks. Jamestown Hiltner. Denise M Legal Secretary. Langdon Hines. Kimberly S Graphic Arts. Grand Forks Hingst. Carrie N Col Engineering T. Wahpeton Hinkley, John L Electronics. Grand Forks Hinrichs. Robyn M Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Hins. Lance C Auto Body. Tappen Hinsverk. Steve B Auto Meehanks. Wahpet Holt . Mark W Electrical. Valley City Hmuman. Laurie A Stenography And Sec. V City Hochhalter. Barry L Insurance Real Es. Elc Hochhalter, Nathan H Agricultural Equipm. Cleveland Hochhalter. Ronald R Auto Meehanks. Regan Hoehhalter. Sandra G DP Computer Proram. F Hochsprung. Karla R Mcdkal Records Tec. Ri Hodcm. Kevin D Bask Machinist. Lamoun Hodny. Kevin P Diesel Meehanks. Fordvi Hockstra. Bruce J DP Computer Program. Barncsviltc Hoff. Beth J Computer Operator. Le« Hoff. Helen E Practical Nursing. Under Holfart. Jim A Electronks. Jamestown Hoflart, Mitch S Insurance Real Es. Ru Hoffert. Kenneth M DP Computer Program. Rugby Holfman. Dehvyn D Agri-Business. Munkh Hollman. Dennis M Electrical. Mandan Hoffman. Jeffrey A Electronks. Mandan Hoffman. Joel E Auto Body. Solen Hoffman. John P Welding. Mandan Hoffman. Judy A Dental Hygiene. Bismarcl Hodman. Kim R Stenography And Sec. Ellendale Hoffman. Steven J Liberal Arts, Wahpeton Hoffmann. Jerald W Diesel Mechanics. Watfoi Gty Hodmann. Tom Jeffery Business Management. Jamestown Hoffner. Clyde A Insurance Real Es. Maddock Hoffner. Jerald R Auto Body. Esmond Hogfm. Bruce A Bus Administration. Hankinson Hogoboom. James S Diesel Meehanks. Minot Hoiseth. Brian D Arch Drafting Est. Crookston Hoistad. Darren W Agri-Business. Havana Hokland. Chris C Liberal Arts. Bethel Holden. Craig E Sheet Metal. Wuig Holder. Renee N Mechanical Drafting. Bus Holding Eagle. Kathy E Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Holccek. Eileen K Occupational Therap. Breckenridge Holicn, Conrad Arch Drafting Est. Ca Holland. LeeAnn S Practkal Nursing. Halsta Hollenbeck. Aldcn L Auto Body. McCluiky Hollenbeck. Rex R Auto Mechanics. McClus Holler. Kirby R Auto Body. Andover Ho!! ngtworth. Randolph Areh Drafting Est. Ad Hollmann. Vktor P Mechanical Drafting. Mit Holm. Lisa Asue c Z h a- g i '•v 3 »» ® •3 7 ,3 2 • O ? 5 "O f ‘ £NiHs5»m|Jm£;?V cp rri??:«lr7o ? SKI' {f i Jr- « n 8 ? 2 w s r H | | H § 2 - 3 = u i i - yM}8Graphic Art», Terry Laroque. Cltnt James R«creal »nal Eng S«. Oberon Larsen, Jerry A Diesel Mechanics. Hunter Larsen. Steven J Electrical. Pelican Rapids Larsen. Vicki L Occupational Therap. Underwood Larsien. James A Liberal Arts. Grand Forks Larson. Brent L Electrical. Washburn Larson. Carrie A I Medical Secretary. Northwood Larson. Catherine SPN Practical Nursing. Rugby Larson. Dale D Relng Air Condit. Edmore Larson. Gary E Auto Body. Gackle Larson. Jeanne K Business Management, Wahpeton Larson. Kelly M DP Computer Program. Minot Larson. Kerry R Computer Operator. Wahpeton Larson. Kevin M Agn Bus-nets. Crookston Larson, Kevin S Electrical. York Larson. Kimberly J Business Management. Gwinner Larson. Lowell M Electronics. Newborg Larson, Mark H Plumbing. St Michael Larson, Mark L Electronics. Dickinson Larson, Peter A Electrical. Landa Larson. Quenlin R Cook And Chel Train, Norlhwood .arson. Steven R Pre-Engineering. Wahpeton Larson, Tamm! E General Office. Stanley arson. Timothy J Auto Body. Fargo arson, William L Electronics. Williston Lather. Thomas F Diesel Mechanics, McClusky Lass. Brenda K Occupational Therap. Glyndon Laturnus. William J Refrlg Air Condit. C ndo Lauer. Madonna T Medical Secretary. Fargo lawler, Richard R Welding. Linton Lawson. Craig D Recreational Eng Se. Langford Leake. Mkhacl R Electronics. Emerado -eary. Kelly J Bask Machinist. Portal LcBcau, Keith W Auto Mechanics. Beleourt -eddy. Mark G Agri Business. Twin Brooks .ee. Camille J Pre-Nursing. Wahpeton ee. Catherine E Practical Nursing. Rugby ee. Charles A Diesel Mechanics. DeGraff -ee. Crystal L Practical Nursing. Max ee. Keith A Diesel Mechanics. Adrian .ee. Kevin J Plumbing. St Thomas .ee. Paul M Auto Mechanics, Fergus Falls ee. Rhonda J Medical Secretary. Jamestown -ee. Rhonda M Bus Administration. Haynes Lee. Susan D Occupational Therap. Endcrlin Leebnck. Jeffrey J Recreational Eng Se. Larimorc LcFcvre. Jay A Diesel Mechanics. Jamestown LeFevre. Jeffrey L Diesel Mechanics. Jamestown LeFor. Beth S General Office. Wahpeton Legler, Lori L Dental Hygiene. Alberta Lehman. Carla J Graphic Arts. Tintah Lehman, Martin P Civil Engineering T. Argusville Lehmann. Sherry D Business Management. Havana Letdhoim. Dale G Electrical. Underwood Leidholm. James P Electrical. Washburn Leter. Duane J Diesel Mechanics. Burnstad Leier, Kathy J Legal Secretary. Rugby Leier. Marylou A Computer Operator. Ornn Lein. Diane SPN Practkal Nursing. Grand Forks Lelnen. Curtis J Welding. Walcott Leinen, Shelly F Accounting. Great Bend Leinen. Shelly R Graphic Arts. Walcott Leiphon. Paul R Cooling Heating E. Mmol LcKa-ng. Paul S Arch Drafting Est. Hoyt Lakes Lemer, Mary Jo Welding. Valley City Lemleux. Robin A Auto Body, Culbertson Lemkc. Linda M Medical Secretary. Wahpeton Lemley. Brian D Auto Mechanics. Hope Lemnus. Miiehell A Agri Business. Endcrlin Lengowski. John C Graphic Arts. Dickinson Lenton. Kimberly R Medical Records Tec. Norwich Lent i. Dwight D Arch Drafting Est. Beulah Lenzmeier. Danny Liberal Arts. Wahpeton Lenrmeier, Julie M Liberal Arts. Wahpeton Lesmann. Lyfe B Diesel Mechanics. Souris Lcttow, Kevin C DP Computer Program. Breckenridge Leupp. Henry P Electronics. Wahpeton Levitz, David A Electrical. Maynard Lewis, James B Bus Administration. Wahpeton Lewis. Jeffrey K Plumbing. Fargo Lewis. Kathy Jo General Office. Forman Lewis. Nancy S Dental Hygiene. Grand Forks Lkk. Ronald J Auto Body, Rosholt LkJstrand. Tom J Mechanical Drafting. Jamestown Licbelt. Betty SPN Pracikal Nursing. Harvey Liebing, Steve D Advanced Machinist. Motion Liebl. Joel R Welding. Mandan Liescner, Marty M Welding. Tioga Likness, Darren L Electronics. Britton Lillemon. Brian T Relrig Air Condit. Fergus Falls Lillestol. Katherine A Liberal Arts. Fergus Falls Lmdberg, Brian P Agn Business. Fertile Undberg. Juanita SPN Practical Nursing. Jamestown Li-ndemann. Kerry R Pre Engineering. Wahpeton Lindcnberg. Dennis B Arch Drafting Est. Grafton Lmdscth. Julieann L Practkal Nursing, Silva Lindstrom. Tammy R Accounting. Fergus Falls Lindtcigcn. Wesley K Relng Air Condit. Ruso Lwk. Terry R Electro-Mcchankal. Campbell Linnell. Karen M Cook And Chef Train. Killdeer Linstad. Chris M Arch Drafting Est. Fordville Linstad. Kaye L Stenography And Sec. Fordville Linstad. Kevin R Electro Mechanical, Barney Llpp. Timothy Arch Drafting Est. Bismarck Liteh. James L Arch Drafting Est. Bismarck Litch. James L Arch Drafting Est. Buxton Ltttke. Steve A Electronics. Wahpeton Loegering. James D Auto Mechanics. Durbin Locks, Dennis L Business Management, Campbell Loendorf. Pattkia A Practical Nursing, Valley City Loff. Douglas J Auto Mechanics. Arvilla Loll, Gregory J Computer Science. Wahpeton Lot thus. Phillip A Auto Meehan ks. Manvel Logan. James V Auto Mechanks. Fergus Falls Lohman. CUnton L Electronics, Gendive Loll. Katherine A Pre-Education, Richvillc Lommel. Edward F Auto Body. Breckenridge Loose. Larry A Auto Mechanks. Woodworth Lopez. Sevenon J DP Computer Program. Dallas Loraas. Robert F Refrlg Air Condit. Ltdgerwood Lord. Dona R Legal Secretary. Cando Lorenz. Dean A Electrical. Ruso Lorenz. Rick J Auto Body. Langdon Lorenz. Ronald W Diesel Mechanks. Langdon Loritz. Loren A Mcchankal Drafting, Bismarck Louder. Mark S Electrical. Alexandria Lovaas. Nancy G Upholstery. Fargo Lovaasen, Jeff Electrical. Park River Lovas. Ann L Practical Nursing, Fargo Lovcik. Theresa A Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Love. Janke I General Office. Wahpeton Ludwig. Rodney K Auto Mechanics. Wyndmere Luetzen. Randy E Arch Drafting Est. Berihold Luick. Arthur J Advanced Machinist. Fairmount Lukaeh. Danette M Dental Hygiene. Minot Lundby. Craig A Diesel Mechanics. Underwood Lunneborg. Davtd A Mcchankal Drafting, Endcrim Lunneborg. Mkhelle Jo Computer Operator. Brampton Lunskl. Mkhacl J Relrig Air Condit. Grand Forks Lunzman. June E Graphic Arts. Gackle Lura. Randal J Bectrkal. Carrington Luthl. Barb R Arch Drafting Est. Wyndmere Lutovsky. James E Basic Machinist. Voss Luttschwagcr. Karla L DP Computer Program. Jamestown Lutz. Kip L Auto Body. Java Lutz. Martin F Electronics. Wilkston Lutz. Wesley D Arch Dralting Est. Underwood Lykkcn, Bruce Bruce E Agri-Business. Kindred Lyneh. Marty J Electrical. Williston Lyng. Kevin P Welding. Cummings Lyon. Sandy C Stenography And Sec. Gencseo Maas. Ivan G Electrical. Hebron Mabb. Donald E Arch Drafting Est. Moorhead Machacek. Jeffrey D Electronic . Langdon Mackner. Gary M Electrical, Moorhead Mactaggart. Robin L Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Madden. Charlene D Pre-Education. Wales Magnuson. Clinton P Electrical. Fargo Magnuson. Ricky L Auto Body. Tioga Magrum. Bruce B Welding, Braddock Mags'.adt. Bobby Electrical. Mott Mahadln, Adnan S Pre-Medical. Jamestown Maher, Jeffery D Electrical, Morristown Maher. Kathleen SPN Practical Nursing. Jamestown Maher, Linda M Computer Operator. Morristown Mahlc. Wili am S Auto Mechanks. Knox Mahler. Wendy J Pre-Education. Wahpeton Majala. Wayne R Electrical. Towner Makoosky. Mkheal W Welding. Mooreton Makram. Datwish I Pre-Engineering. Riyadh Malard, Betty K DP Computer Program. Bismarck Maleki, Mostala Pre-Engineering. Wahpeton Malkowski. Kimberke M Electrical, Bowman Malm. Mark A Electronics. Flasher Matsons. Kenneth W Welding, Mino Malsom. Timothy L Diesel Mechanics. Ipswich Maiwitz.'-a Jo Dental Hygiene. Fosston Manley. Steve R Bask Machinist. Pmgrec Manning. David G Liberal Arts. Wahpeton Manock. Davtd J Agri-Business. Fairmount Manock. Kevin A Diesel Mechanics. Fairmount Manthcy. Bonnie M Practkal Nursing. Hillsboro Marchand. Roxanne SPN Practical Nursing. Harvey Marched. David A CivJ Engineering T. Langdon Marched. Doug A Electronics, Langdon Marchus. Mary K SPN Pacttcal Nursmg. Rugby Markle. Roxanc M DP Computer Program. Burlington Marler. Jr Thomas R Auto Mechanics. Grand Forks Mar man. Edward L Mcchankal Drafting. Williston Marohl. Bryan Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Marohl, Jonathan D Agn Business. Hanketson Marohl. Mitch G Electronics. Wahpeton Marohl. Terry D Diesel Mechanics. Wahpeton Marquardt. Ronald D DP Computer Program, Walhalla Marquardt, Tammy L Computer Operator. Fargo Marquette. Kristi K General Office. Ipswich Marshall. Jay T Agn Business. Orlska Mart. Marci A Secretary. Washburn Martel. Mitchell S Business Management. Finley Martcnson. Virgil D Electronics. Sisseton Martin. Davxl W Diesel Mechanics. Wheatland Martm. Kenneth W Diesel Mechanics, Rock Lake Martin. Mark G Refrlg Air Condit. Devils Lake Martinez. Jose M Electronics. Pharr Martinez. Margie Computer Operator. Colfax Martinez. Richard Welding. Brownsville Martinsen. Wayne L Arch Drafting Est. Forman Martmson. Renee M Stenography And Sec. Ellendale Marymk, Timolhy J Graphic Arts. Grand Forks Mason. Craig A Arch Drafting Est. East Grand Forks Matejcek. Jean M Medical Secretary. Wahpeton Matejcek. John F Auto Mechanics, Wahpeton Matejcek. Ross S Diesel Mechanics. Fairmount Mathern. Barbara M Computer Operator. Edgeley Mathern. Brent E Plumbing. Edgeley Mathern. Gregory C Auto Body. Edgeley Mathern. Mary A Practical Nursing. Mandan Mathiason. Eudale A Pre Engineering. Wahpeton Mathiason. Jay L Auto Mechanics, Wahpeton Mathson. David L Refrlg Air Condit. Edgeley Matter. Joseph E Bask Machinist. Devils Lake Mattern. Delrae M Computer Operator, 181L I s 1 5ii!-i1-r 2 wm llilfifl fi if 2 1 a5«c 1 1 !|i“| 8 c !£JzJ“ t‘2|Fall Murray. Robert J Coting Heating E. Wen Fargo Muscha. Brenda M DP Computer Program. Harvey Muscha. Brian J Auto Mechanic . Harvey Muth. Charlet L Electronic . Britton Myhra, Karen J Bu Admintttratton. Wahpeton Myhre. Earl R Agri Business. Wahpeton Myhre. Jane E DP Computer Program. Wahpeton Myhre. Steven L Auto Mechanic . Abercrombie Naat. Terry C Electrical. Kloten Hack. Bradley A Auto Body. Aberdeen Nagel. Darryl M Mechanical Drafting. Linton Nagel. Dion G Electrical. Linton Nat lock. Charlet J Refrig Air Condit. Otlo Nath. Joel E Pre Medical. Wahpeton Nathan. Sutan G Accounting, Cofeharbor Ncitrel. Harriet G Practical Nutting. Moorhead Nclten. Robert J Diesel Mechanic . Egeland Nclion. Beth L Dental Hygiene. GJby Nelson. Bruce C Computer Operator. Crosby Nelson. Clayton D Cooling Heating E. Karliruhe Nelson. Cynthia G Graphic Arts. Roteglen Nelson. Daniel A Advanced Machinist, Fergus Falls Nelson. Dave B Auto Body. Htttcrdal Nelson. Donna M Graphic Arts. Fargo Nclton. Eric J Refrlg Air Condit. Hawley Nelson. James A DP Computer Program. Cummings Nelson. Jeffrey David Diesel Mechanics. Valley City Nelson. Jeffrey Durayne Electronics. Wyndmere Nelson. Joseph A Agri Business. Casselton Nelson. Lori Jo General Office. Fargo Nelson. Mark K Diesel Mechanics. Lidgerwood lelson. Nancy J Data Entry. Hettinger Nelson. Pamela B Arch Drafting Est. Cole harbor Nelson. Randall R Civil Engineering T. Bismarck Nelson. Robert M Auto Mechanics. Valley City Nelson. Stuart A Refrig Air Condit. Red Wing Nelson. Tami F Liberal Arts. Rutland Nelson. Theresa A Liberal Art . Breckenridge Ncrdahl. Diane K Bus Administration. Sharon Ness. Brenda SPN Practical Nursing. Grand Forks Ness. Brian R Pre-Chiropractic. Wahpeton Ness. Gary A Civil Engineering T. Hatton Ness. Kemn L Graphic Art . Grand Forks Ness. Steven M Electrical. Fergus Falls Netier. Larry L DP Computer Program. Bismarck Ncumlller. Landa H Data Entry. Wahpeton Ncumlller. Rick D Cooling Heating E. Wahpeton Ncumlller, Roger S Agri-Business. Bowdon Neurauter. Joseph P Auto Mechanics. Valley Ncutgcn . Paul G Arch Drafting Est. Wolf Point Newton. Jill A Dental Hygiene. Detroit Lakes Newton. Todd W Bu Administration. Bismarck Nichols. Randal B Agri Business, Stanley Nicholson. Jeffrey J Auto Body. Gardner Nielsen. Cindy R Computer Operator. Fargo Nielson. Gary P Electrical. Fargo Nielson. Mona Lisa B Graphic Arts. Fargo Niesche. Michael M Eleclro-Mechanical. Tenney N»c he. Scoit D Aulo Mechanics, Tlntah Niesche. Warren L Basic Machinist. Tintah Niess. Gerald F Arch Drafting Est. Sawyer Nifson. Lynn S Auto Mechanics. Maddock Nilson. Michael A Agricultural Equipm. Maddock Niskanen. Neil C Electrical. West Fargo Nissen. Kevin L Electrical. Minot Nittchkc. Coray J Business Management. Jud Nitschke. Diane R Legal Secretary. Adrian Nitschke. Kevin K Electrical. Jud Nohrcnberg, Rcdge O Electrical, Pingree Nord. Patrick J Electro Mechanical, Breckenridge Nordgaard, Kelly D Pre-Engineering. BarnetvJle Nordick. Andy J Arch Drafting Est. Kent Nordick. Karl J Auto Mechanic . Mooreton Nordick. Kevin R Business Management. Wahpeton Nordick. Paul A Bus Administration. Kent Nordick. Scott M Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Nordin, Tony L Electronics. Devils Lake Nordguvst, John K Mechanical Drafting. Wadena Nordstog. Charles E Sheet Metal. Crosby Norenberg. Mike J Welding. Minot Norman. John D Arch Drafting Est. E Grand Forks Norton. Roger L Agricultural Equipm. Kindred Nostdahl. Holly B DP Computer Program. Bottineau Nou. Dara SPN Practical Nursing. Rugby Novettke. Andrew J Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Novotny. Bonnie J DP Computer Program. Lidgerwood Novotny. Roger Agri-Business. Lidgerwood Novotony. Curtis J Agri Business. Lidgerwood Nowatrki. Richard A Arch Drafting Est. Winger Nygaard. Grant T Computer Operator, Fergus Falls Nygard. Gerald L Jr Graphic Arts. Barnesvitle Nygard. Todd V Advanced Machinist. Williston Nygord. John F Electrical. Grand Forks O'Hara. Tim Arch Drafting Est. Yankton O'Meara. Bill C Recreational Eng Se. Fairmount Oachs, Douglas L Agri-Business. Merman Oakland. Steven M Electronics, Wahpeton Oas. Rhona J Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Obctfoell. Duane M Basic Machinist. Boy River Odden, Mary L Practical Nursing. Willow City Odegard. Brenda SPN Practical Nursing. Breckenridge Odoh. Jamal K Computer Science. Kuwait Oehler. Kevin D Auto Body. Fergus Falls Oestrcich. Dale R Sheet Metal. Haren Oestrekh. Jelf W Auto Mechanics. Harcn Offermann, Bradley D Plumbing, EnderKn Officer, Rcnae K General Office, ©winner Ofstedal. Jeffrey P Electrical. Milbank Oftclie. Dennis J Auto Body. Hope Ogden. Pamela S Arch Drafting Est. Henslet Ogren. Bradley L Auto Body. Edgcley Ohnsman. Steven A DP Computer Program. Breckenridge Ohnstad. Douglas J Auto Mechanic . Miles City Oxn. Steven B Civil Engineering T. Rugby Olafson. Brian L Diesel Mechanic . Mountain Olafson. Sandra J Business Management. Cooperstown Oland. Gregg J Agri Business. Lidgerwood Olek. Jeff S Electronics. Wahpeton OlheHer. Arnold J Diesel Mechanic . Amidon Oliver. Marcus A Arch Drafting Est. Dilworth OWr. Raymond E Jr Graphic Arts. Wahpeton Okver. Sheila Liberal Art . Wahpeton Olmscheid. John D Liberal Arts. Cold Spring Olmstead, Kraig Computer Science. Breckenridge Olmstead. Wade P Electronics. Fargo Olsen. D Brian Part Training. Rugby Olsgaard. Peter R Agri Business. Moorhead Olson. Alan D Welding. Lamoure Olson. Bryan S Refrig Air Condit. West Fargo Olson. Dale O Arch Drafting Est. Eagle Bend Olson. Daron W Pre Engineering. Wahpeton Olson. David B Welding. Minot Olson. Denise C Business Management. Gacklc Olson. Douglas S Agri-Business, Herman Olson. Genelle S Occupational Tlierap. E Grand Forks Olson. Howard L Auto Mechanic . Rolla Olson. John F Bus Administration. Wahpeton Olson, LaDawn M Computer Operator. Wing Olson. Lonny J Bus Administration. Breckcnmigc Olson. Mark T Electrical. Cando Olson. Mary A Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Olson, Patricia A Occupational Therap. Grand Fork Olson, Rkhard C Business Management. Velva Olson. Saralce R Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Olson. Scott B Diesel Mechanics. Brocket Olson. Steffen S Electrical, Glenburn Olson. Terrence L Business Management. Forman Omborg. Dean R Business Management. Hawley Onchuck. Kevin D Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Onchuck, Sherry L General Office. Wahpeton Onufray. Patricia K Civil Engineering T. Williston Opatril, Klmberle Liberal Arts. Dilworth Ophaug. David A DP Computer Program. Grand Forks Oporda. Donald L Electrical. Mmol Ordal. Dann R Arch Dralting Est. Jamestown Orth, Tammy L Computer Operator. Gw-mner Ortii. Guadalupe Pre Education. Mercedes Orvik. Kent A Pre-Engineering. Michigan Oscarson. Darrell A Diesel Mechanics. Breckenridge Osman. Diane SPN Practical Nursing. Jamestown Osman, Richard J Arch Drafting Est. Aberdeen Osowski, Renee M Practical Nursing. Grand Forks Oita. Said M Computer Science. Al-Janoubi Aman Osier. Kevin L DP Computer Program. Lidgerwood Ostrander. Francis J Basic Machinist. Demptstcr Ostrom. Jean Accounting. Wahpeton Otlo. Duane L Recreational Eng Se. Bowdon Otto. Joan E Recreational Eng Se. Wheaton Ouse. Vanessa E Genera! Office. Rothsay Ova. Bryan D Auto Body. Alfred Ova. Kenny R Diesel Mechanic . Alfred Ova. Kevin J Auto Mechanic . Alfred Ova. Kevin J Auto Mechanic . Alfred Ova. Lori A Graphic Arts. Cleveland Ovcrbo. Jan Dental Assisting, Ashely Overby. Laurie R Business Management. Colfax Overby. Lonnie Jo An . Edgelcy Overby. Miles G Electronic . Binford Ovcrgaard. Craig J DP Computer Program. Fergus Fall Oxton. Lesley J Agri Business. Hope Packineau. Phyllis N General Office. Halliday Page. Jon M Electronics. Fargo Palanuk. MkhacI A Welding. Garrison P.slensky. Sheryl J General Offkc, Oakes Palmer, Keith L FJectronks. Sharon Palmer, Kevin E Arch Drafting Est. Sharon Palmer. Steven D Auto Body. Glcnfietd Pandoah, Rosaline V Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Pantike. Bruce N Basic Machinist. Fargo Parisien. Ruby L Welding, Belcourt Pariswn. Sherry A Bus Administration. Belcourt Parisien. Stanley P Welding. Belcourt Parker. Tim M Liberal Arts. Wahpeton Parkhurst. Linda 1 Legal Secretary. Moorhead Parkman. Dana M Practical Nursing. Bottineau Partlow, Tim W Electrical. Carrington Paschke. Perry P Insurance Real Es. Oslo Patnoude. Baron C Business Management, Breckenridge Patnoude. Jason L Bus Administration. Breckenridge Patrick. Bryon A Pre-Law. Wahpeton Patron. Todd W Electrical, Grand Forks Patschcck, Arthur F Arch Drafting Est. Wimbledon Paul. Guy B Liberal Arts. By Request Paulson. Mark D Electrical. Fargo Paulson. Rkhard L Refrlg Air Condit. Britton Paulson. Sandra SPN Practical Nursing. Grand Forks Pauly. Kellan D Pre Engineering. Wahpeton Pauly. Kevin J Business Management, Marshall Pausch. Timothy N Computer Science. Wahpeton Pecka. Todd S Auto Body. Park River Pedersen. Dennis H Auto Mechanks, Fergus Falls Pedersen. Julie M Dental Hygiene. Northwood Pederson. Bradley A Auto Body. New Town Pederson. Janet M Legal Secretary. Wahpeton Pederson. Kathy SPN Practical Nursrng. Breckenridge Pederson. Lane B Arch Drafting Est. Cando Pederson. Rodney M• Agri-Business. Northwood Pederson. Tioy H Welding. Cando Peerboom. Kevin W Agri Business. Goodrich Peery. David A Electronic!. Minot Peery. Todd J Diesel Mechanic!. Minot Pelletier. Lawrence G Electrical. Joltette Pcllman. Dan L Agri Business. Mantador Pellman. Joe M Basic Machinist. Mantador Peltier. Fern M Arch Drafting Est. Rollctt Pcnberthy. Joel A Auto Mechanics, Lisbon Pendergrast. Michael L Electronic!, rgo Penner, Christopher R Liberal Arts. St Cloud Pepple. Michael D Electronics. Wahpeton Pepple. Michelle M Practical Nursing. Fessenden Perkins. Paulette M Dental Hygiene. Fergus Falls Perschkc. Mary A Stenography And Sec. Center Persson. Bradley J Refrig Air Condit. Edgeley Persson. Timothy A Electronics. Edgeley Peters. Brian L Diesel Mechanics. Britton Peterson. Darlene N General Office. Lawton Peterson. David W Parts Training. Columbus Peterson. Gail M Electronics. Minot Peterson. Gregory A Agri Business. Litchville Peterson. Karen M Pre Education. Wolverton Peterson. Loti A DP Computer Program. Wahpeton Peterson, Loti J Practical Nursing. West Fargo Peterson, Lori K Arch Drafting Est. Valley City Peterson. Marvin P Electrical, Eckelson Peterson. Scott D Arch Drafting Est, Osakis Peterson. Timothy A Business Management. Fillmore Peterson. Vickt L Liberal Arts. Havana Petrich. Kathleen E Business Management. Sheldon Pet singer. Ronald W Electrical. Arvilla Pfeifer. Gerald F Diesel Mechanics. Minot Pfeifle. Valerie L DP Computer Program. Napoleon Pfenning. Lynn M Electrical. Minot Pfingsten. Dalon D Business Management. Leonard Pfingsten. Lisa L Medical Secretary. Sheldon Pfingsten. Malinda SPN Practical Nursing. Durbin Pfliger. Rose B Arch Drafting Est. Emmet Pflugrath. Jeff S Business Management. Fargo Phelps. Steven J Arch Drafting fit Est. Braincrd Phillips. Paul J Diesel Mechanics. Lansford Piatt. Fel.x D Diesel Mechanics. Napoleon Pickus. Linda K Electronics. Brcckcnrtdge Picrskalla. Cary J Rcfr.g Air Condit, Avon Pierson. Steve D Electrical. Minot Picske. David A Basic Machinist. Jamestown Pieske. Dwayne S Electronics. Jamestown Pifer. Robert S Basic Machinist. Arvilla Pikarski. Barry P Diesel Mechanics. Mooreton Pikarski. Don R Auto Mechanics. Mooreton Pikarski. Renee A Auto Mechanics. Mooreton Pikarski, Stephanie J DP Computer Program. Mooreton PJgnm. Joey J Liberal Arts. Vcrndalc PJon. Terry P Diesel Mechanics. Drayton Pinkney. Lisa C Liberal Arts. Wahpeton Pithey. Carmen L Accounting. Lamoure Pithey. Michael A Parts Training. Verona Plain Bull. Gordon W Welding. RoUa Plain Bull. Scarlet A Medical Secretary. Rotla Platt. Brenda L General Office. Wahpeton Platt. Darryl E Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Planner. Gilmore L Recreational Eng Se. Erhard Planner. Tammie Civil Engineering T. Erhard PI eels. Ivan J Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Pleines. Kevin R Agricultural Eguipm, Woodworth Pi.nkc. Juke M Graphic Arts. Campbell Ptubell. Craig M Basic Machinist. Orrin Plum. David L Busness Management. Grand Forks Plum. Jeffrey H Cooling Heating E. Maddock Plummer, Dennis J Electronics. Hannah Plutowski. Wayne A Electrical. Mlnto Podenski. Dalanne L Pre Education. Edgeley Poissant, Cindy S Occupational Therap. Thief River Falls Poitra. Kimberly A Practical Nursing. Fargo Powers. Douglas K Electro Mechanical. Laurel Praska. Thomas B Business Management. Oakes Presser. Dave E Auto Body. Mercer Pretrer. Dale Jr H Electrical. Carrington Pretter. Darla S Medical Secretary. Velva Price. Gary H Diesel Mechanics. Egeland Price. K Wayne Jr Diesel Mechanics. Egeland Price. Vincent B DP Computer Program. Egeland Phgge. Mark A Welding, Drayton Prochnow. Rick L Auto Mechanics. Hanklnson Prom. Mike A Distributive Educat. Harvey Prostko. Michael Electrical. WilUston Puente. Janie General Olfiec. West Fargo Pucppke. Mark J Diesel Mechanics. Amenta Pugh. Stuart L Refrig Air Condit. Grand Forks Pulkrabek. Cynthia L Dental Hygiene, Angus Poll. Gary F Electronics. Bismarck Pull. Timothy J Electronics. Bismarck Purcell. Brian S Business Management. Grand Forks Purpur. Steve C Electronics. Grand Forks Putnam. Jonathan D Diesel Mechanics. Ft Yates Quackenbuth. Eileen R Dental Hygiene. Chokto Quailey. Carrie J General Office. West Fargo Quam. Cathy SPN Practical Nursing. Brcckenridge Quenette. Kerry A DP Computer Program. Fargo Qumio. Elena R Stenography And Sec. Breckenndgc Quinlan, Lawrence R Diesel Mechanics. Lamoure Raap. Kevei C Auto Body. Groton Rabenberg, John K Agri Business. Britton Radcliffe, Randy L Business Management. Lisbon Raddohl. Ranee L Business Aviation. Breckenridge Radke. Michael W Arch Drafting Est. Aberdeen Raeshke. Cynthia M DP Computer Program. Carson Raguse. Alan L Agri-Business. Fairmount Raguse. Brad G Agri Business. Fairmount Raguse. David Diesel Mechanics. Wheaton Rahle. Sherrie M DP Computer Program. Sutton Rahrich. Donna M DP Computer Program. Bismarck Ralter. Maty J Business Management. Breckenridge Rambow. Roger A Diesel Mechanics. Litchville Ramircr, Carlos J Liberal Arts. Marshall Rashid. Osama DP Computer Program. Kuwait Rask. Carla Jo General Office. Fessenden Rasmussen. Blaine A Agri Business. Rothsay Rasmussen. David J Plumbing. Fargo Rasmuston. David G DP Computer Program. Kenmare Rasmusson. Gerry D Upholstery. Cooperstown Rasmusson. Thomas A Business Management. Kenmare Rath. Robin R Parts Training, Wishek Rau. Nlcki D Diesel Mechanics, Java Rau. Ricky D Diesel Mechanics, Java Ray. Nick A Diesel Mechanics. Oakes Reardon, James Business Management. Medina Rebcnittch. Kim R Arch Drafting Est. Breien Rebsch. Charles L Arch Drafting Est. Thompson Reese. Luke T Pre-Engineering, Greenbush Reese. Robin J Arch Drafting Est, Waubay Register. Stanley P Arch Drafting Est. Fargo Reich. Greta R DP Computer Program. Mandan Reich. Paul E Electrical. Goodrich Rekhenberger. Robyn R Electrical. Moot Reiff. Jeffrey A Welding. Kent Rethe. Brian Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Reil. Timothy J DP Computer Program. Wdmot Rcimers. Timothy S Auto Mechanks, Courtenay Reinbold. Donna M Computer Operator. Strasburg Reinbold. Jeffrey J Liberal Arts. Wahpeton Reinbold. Scott G Cooling Heating E. Hebron Reinbold, Simon J Plumbing. Hebron Remcrtton. Perry D Bus Administration. Forman Reinertson. Todd L Business Management. Forman Reinke, Michael G Diesel Mechanics. Monango Re.nowski. Donna M Journalism And Prln. Anamoose Remowski. Jams K DP Computer Program. Anamoose Remowski. Kenneth J Arch Drafting Est. Anamoose Reinpold. Lynne M Accounting. Hillsboro Reis. Debra J Computer Operator. New Rockford Reiti. Charles E Auto Mechanks. Billings Rckow. Gerald L D-esel Mechanics. Ellendale Rekow. Keith F Agri Business. Monango Remmlck, Mark A Agricultural Equipm. Kindred Remmick. Robin L Dental Assisting. Streeter Renaas. Debra J Stenography And Sec. Wahpeton Renner. Anthony J Electronks. Fergus Falls Renner. Rodney K DP Computer Program. Fargo Renschler. Julie M Business Management. Linton Rcntlow, Bradley J Recreational Eng Se. Grafton Reuter. Marge SPN Practical Nursing. Breckenridge Rich, Jon E Electrical. West Fargo Rkhard. Steven R Business Management. Fargo Richards. Laura B Graphic Arts. Grand Forks Richards. Loren T Agricultural Equipm, Argusvslle Richards. Myron B Arch Drafting Est. Grand Forks Rlcheis. Roger D Pre Engineering, Wahpeton Richter. Annette C Arch Drafting Est. Wahpeton Richter. David J Recreational Eng Se. Sykeston Richter. Lance L Electrical. Minot Rkhter. Michael L Electrical, Haren Richter. Ronald J Cooling Heating E. Sykeston Richtsmeier. Jeffrey T Diesel Mechanics. Hunter Rkk. Jerry T Electrical. Breckenridge Rtcke. Bernkc A Business Management. Morgan Ricker. Renee M DP Computer Program. Fargo Riden. Linda L Business Management. Valle City Rkder. Guvs M DP Computer Program. Cando RtadMngcr. John A Welding, Larimore Rieger. James L Electrical. Esmond Ricnstra. Bruce A Weldmg. Litchville Riey. Joe K Auto Mechanics. Miles City Rmgdahl. Harold D Electrical. Fargo Rmguette. Timothy M Electro Mechanical. Jamestown Ripplmger. Clyde J Weldmg. Balta Ripplmger. Dean Diesel Mechanics. McClusky Ripplmger. Jolane M DP Computer Program. Bal Risk. Jay D Electronks. Binford Ritten, Rose M Legal Secretary. Wyndmcrc Rit». Lynnea J Computer Operator. Almon Ritrke. Douglas T Electro Mechanical. Minot Rivard. Carleen D Parts Training. Fargo Rivard. Keith G Electro Mechanical. Fargo Roach. Marcus D Auto Mechanics. Campbell Robbins. Myron L Cooling Heating E. Milne Roberts. Barton J Auto Mechanks. Nye Roberts. David G DP Computer Program. Bottineau Roberts. Deanne M DP Computer Program. Bottineau Robertsdahl, Steven J Agri Business. Walcott Robinson. Karla A Accounting. Leonard Rodacker, Denise SPN Practical Nursing. Harvey Rodacker, Keith E Auto Body. Steele Rode. Robert L Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Rode. Virginia K Arch Drafting Est. Mooreton Rodgers. Julie K Computer Operator. West Fargo Rodgers. Robert J Cooling Heating E. Mmo Roe. Lee 1 Arch Drafting Est. Fargo Roe. Marie E Civil Engineering T. Wlllistc Roe. Steven S Plumbing. Bismarck Roeder. Mark C Business Management. Breckenridge Roehrkh. Brenda L Computer Operator. Strasburg Roehrkh. Gregory D Refrig Air Condit. Mandi Roehrkk. Gaty E Auto Body. Grand Forks Roenck, Kimberly A Computer Operator. Sell Roesrler. Cynthia K Medical Secretary, Eltendali Rogers. Joan LBusiness Management. Breckenridge Rohtbach. Amy M Dental Hygiene. Ray Rohier, Roxanne R Basic Machinist. Couttenay Roll. Alex J Electronic . Minot Roller. Kevin Auto Mechanic . Dickinson Ronan. Gary D Electronic . Manuel Roney. Susan M (Attributive Educat. Oaket Roper. Jerry P Arch Drafting E t. Fargo Rorabaugh. Gregory L Relrig Air Condit. Johnstown Rotemore. Bob G But-net Management. Wahpeton Rotemore. Candace F Pre-Med al Technol. Wahpeton Rotendahl, Randy A Welding. Wetthope Rosenou. Irene S Practical Nursing. Bottineau Ro eth. Holly D 8u Administration, Breckenrvdge Rot . Darnel R Auto Mechanic . Nathua Rot . David J Diesel Mechanic . Mirvot Ro . Sheryl R Legal Secretary. Garmon Rostov ', Bruce D Welding, Wahpeton R os sow. Melanie Arch Drafting Est, Wahpeton Roitvedt. Timothy D Electrical, Fergus Fall Rotcnbcrger, Dougla C Agri-Business. Lttbon Roth. Todd A Ba lc Machini»t, McClusky Rowley. Brian R Auto Mechanic . Mandan Rudnlck. Ro anne G Computer Operator. Fergus Fall Rueter, Roxanne L Legal Secretary. Wahpeton Ruff. Cheryl Liberal Art . A»h!cy Rulf. Clayton N Auto Body. Edgeley Rumble. Su an G Cook And Chef Train. Breckenridge Rurup. Keith D Cooling Healing E. Breckenridge Rutch. Paul F Electronic . Sherwood Ru t. Jon L Diesel Mechanic . Columbu Rutted. Rick R DP Computer Program. Kindred Rutted. Rock R Agribusiness. Kindred Rutten. Albert J Electrical. New York Mill Ruud. Naomi A General Office. Pelican Rapid Rueicka. Rodney J Electronic . Wahpeton Ryan. Richard D Arch Drafting Ett. Fargo Ryan. Roger C Basic Machinist. New Rockford Ryba. Charle A Recreational Eng Se. Michigan Rydell. Robert D Auto Mechanic . Rosholt Saari. Cunts A Electrical. Karlsruhe Sabir. Namatalla Pre-Engineering. Fargo Sa4er. Tern L Stenography And Sec. Matron Saint. Annette M Stenography And Sec. McHenry Salwei. Greg T Auto Body. Crystal Salwei. Kent A Sheet Metal. Fergus Fall Samuclton. Claudia N Liberal An . Wahpeton Samuclson, Sigurd C Diesel Mechanic . Sitka Sanborn. Steven G Welding, Grand Fork Sancher. Gilbert S DP Computer Program. San Antonio Sancher. Jessie Bu» Adminijtration. Wahpeton Sancher. Sylvia M Computer Operator. Wahpeton Sand. Kent M Electrical. Clifford Sandberg. Kathleen M Dental Hygiene. Detroit Lake Sanden. Joel D Bu Administration. Wyndmere Sandier. Sheila J Practical Nursing. Rosholt Sander, Sherri R Dental Hygiene. Bowman Sander. Vernon C Auto Mechanic . Grand Fork Sandmeier. Rodney J Diesel Mechanic . South Heart Sandnes . Beth E Dental Hygiene. Lamourc Sando, Donna C Stenography And Sec. Rosholt Sandquist, Gary A Arch Drafting Est. Bismarck Sandvig. H David Civil Engineering T. Fergus Fall Salrom. Loretta A Dental Hygiene. Page Salrom. Nora L Accounting, Galesburg Salrom. Todd J Auto Mechanic . Hope Satterlec. David A Diesel Mechanic . Ft Atkinson Sauer. Bradley B Liberal Art . Grand Fork Sauer. Joyce A Auto Mechanics, Langdon Sauer. Michael A Arch Drafting E t. Wahpeton Sauter. Brian E Businett Aviation. Linton Sauter, Mary SPN Practical Nursing. Harvey Sauter. William L Electrical, Manfred Savagcau. Donna M Liberal Arts. Fargo Savctkoul. Kenneth S Auto Body. Lansford Savey. Kim R Computer Operator. Oaket Saxlund. Pamela J Practical Nursing. Lisbon Saxton. Kurt D Agri Business. Beardsley Sayler. Clarence J Electronics. Lakota Sayler. Perry J Electronics. Beulah Sayler. Richard R D.cscl Mechanics. Underwood ScaHon. Jim R Auto Body. Merricourt Schaack. Joy M DP Computer Program. Syketton Schaar. Lance A Electro-Mechanical. Flaiher Schaff. Kathleen M Business Management, Zap Sc half. Michael D Electronics. Willitton Schaff. Sharon Legal Secretary. Belfield Schaff. Susan M Computer Operator. Flasher Schaffer. Geraldne M Business Management. Napoleon Schaffer, Mark A Electrical. Cando Schaible. Rebecca M Computer Science. Mott Schall. David A Computer Operator. Devils Lake Schanr. Deanna J Graphic Arts. Alsen Schanr. Karen L Stenography And Sec. Alsen Schapp, Myron A Arch Drafting Est. Buchanan Schatr. Gary H Electrical. Regent Schatr. Marly J Business Management. Hazclton Schatr. Raclecn L Practical Nursing. Breckenridge Schatr. Toni G Medical Secretary. Harelton Schaucr, Donna SPN Practical Nursing, Jameslown Schaucr. Rodney R Mechanical Drafting, Ashley Schauer. Steve A Electronics. Hysham Schcer. John R Refrtg St Air Condit. Fessenden Scheerr. Tony J Business Management. Wahpeton Schect, Michael A DP Computer Program. Streeter Scheid. Tim W Arch Drafting Est. Aberdeen Scheie. Stuart B Electronics. Enderlin Schell. David A Auto Mechanics. Mmol Schell. Devin M Electrical. Minot Schell. Gordcn E Plumbing. Mercer Schell. Sandra K Legal Secretary. Langdon Schelske. Ted J Diesel Mechanics. Medina Scherbenske. Robert N Clv.1 Engineering T. Jamestown Scherer. George J Civil Engineering T. Grand Forks Scherle. Ruben F Jr Arch Drafting Est. Bismarck Scherr. Mark S Welding. Strasburg Scherr. Rodney J Sheet Metal. Hazelton Scheuring, Charles G Diesel Mechanic . Lidgerwocd Scheveck. David A Welding, Minot Schiekis. Paul J Pre-Medical, Wahpeton Schild. Glenn A Cooling Heat ng E. Harvey Schiller. Gregory L Auto Mechanics. Fergus Falls Schillinger, Kurt D Computer Operator. Campbell SchdU. Jane M General Office. Hankinson Sch’.ti. Mike A Plumbing. Hankinson Schilti. Paul J Electronics. Hankinson Scrults. Raymond A Business Management. Hankinson Schlrado. Russell K Cooi ng Heating E. Glen Ullin Schlecht. Timothy L Auto Body. Jamestown Schlenker. Kimberly K General Office. Forbes Schlenker. Tami K Graphic Art . Forbes Schlenker. Terry L Arch Drafting Est. Forbes Schleni. Robbin S Computer Operator. Wishek Schlichtlng. Laurie A Medical Secrctray. Garrison Schloeder. Thomas R Business Management. Wahpeton Schlosser. Steven J Auto Mechanic . Edgeley Schmaltz. Donnie A Basic Machinist. Harvey Schmcet . Tim T Auto Body. Martin Schmerbauch. Dean J Insurance Real Es. Dickinson Schmid. Mark L Electronics. Minnewaukan Schmldkunz, Scott E Die el Mechanic . Bismarck Schmidt. Craig F Business Management. Bismarck Schmidt. Craig S Electronic . Mohali Schmidt. Curtis L Electrical. Walhalla Schmidt. Howard W Electro-Mechanical. Wahpeton Schmidt. Jerry Electronic . Kintyre Schmidt. Jon H Plumbing. Maddock Schmidt. Mark E Electrical, Harvey Schmidt. Michael G Business Management. Wheaton Schmidt. Richard H Diesel Mechanic . Kintyre Schmidt. Robert A Recreational Eng Se. A h!ey Schmidt. Scott G Arch Drafting E t. Devil Lake Sehmidt. Valerie SPN Practical Nursing. Harvey Schmidt. Virg.1 K Business Management. Niagara Schmidtke, Daniel F Auto Body. Wheaton Schmitt. Tim A Electrical. Cleveland Schmitt. William J D.esel Mechanic . Shakopee Schmitz. Glen R Accounting. Wheaton Schneeberger. Michael I Arch Drafting Est. Fergus Falls Schncibel. Dwight A Electronics, Harvey Schncibel. Gary A Accounting. Rugby Schneider. Daniel Box 17 Diesel Mechanic . LeFor Schneider Lyle E Cooling Heating E. Aberdeen Schneider. Malinda M Medical Secretary. Linton Schneider. Scott D Auto Body. Java Schneider. Susan R Accounting. Ashley Schneider. Wanda R Liberal Art . Rugby Schock. Todd D Arch Drafting Est. Underwood Schoeder. Sarah SPN Practical Nursing. Jamestown Schoenrock. Michael S Electric. Pierre Scholand. John F Welding. Reynolds Scholl. Kelly A Legal Secretary. Bismarck Scholl. Susan M Business Management. Breckenridge Schramm. Philip L Bus Administration, Cathay Schreck. Paul A Auto Body. Marietta Schrelber. Kevin J Arch Drafting Est. Campbell Schreiber. Paul A Auto Mechanics. Campbell Schreiner. Damn T Agri-Business. Ml Zion Schrenk. Kim C Auto Mechanics. Valley City Schroeder. Timothy C Electronics. Fairmount Schubert, Bruce N Auto Body. Rlchardton Schuchard. Lisa J Stenography And See. Courtenay Schuler. Curtis A Agri-Business. Munich Schuler. David L Auto Mechanic . Wahpeton Schultz. Donna L Computer Operator. Hampden Schultz. Elisabet J Liberal Arts. Wahpeton Schultz. John R Electrical. Minot Schultz. Joseph A Civil Engineering T. Wahpeion Schultz. Michael J Pre-Pharmacy. Wahpeton Schultz. Ron J Business Management. Fargo Schultz. Todd A Auto Body. Ypstlantel Schulz. Lm C Dental Hygiene. Twin Valley Schumacher. Bob J Arch Drafting Est. Knox Schumacher. Bridget A General Office. Medina Schumacher. Keith A Electrical. Bismarck Schumacher. Mark R Business Management. Medina Schuster. Bradley H Welding. Fargo Schuster. Jeffrey J DP Computer Program. Grafton Schwab. Janet L DP Computer Program. Strasburg Schwarlzman. Kit R Electronic . Climax Schweigert. Sara L Medical Secretary. Kensal Sconiers. Nathania! Auto Mechanics. Miami Score. Perry D Accounting. Wahpeton Scott. Jerome A Electronics. Reeder Scon. Leslie E Auto Body. Britton Scott. Robyn D Business Management. Velva Sebastian. Dave J Civil Engineering T. Towner Scbck. Michael R Refrig Air Condit. Claire City Seben . M.tchell D Agri-Business. Milnor Scbo. Marlene K Liberal Art . Wahpeton Sedivy. Scott A Refrig Air Condit. Owatonna Seher. David A Auto Body. Jamestown Sehrt. Lori L Medical Secretary. Walhalla Seibel. Stanley F Civil Engineering T. Driscoll Seidlcr. Bonnie Jo Legal Secretary. Coleharbor Seidlitz, Douglas K Pre Engineering. Junction IdS-ftl imi 3 iO 2i 55 75 S 1 1.1 I , a • « w _ g V -S ' c § - is 15 ||i|- 3 75 75 £ ' I- f sc i i 5 5 i 5 =3 v - jl C-55-5'1-5 o“ 'III la il lit 55 55 J5 !jljrl|l| |3lJ I|j| 75 75 75 55 | £ „ 3-S a% h h 2L Ui s'Jl « Mila- 35 55 ,55Swank . Schurkcy W F Management Supervi . Grand Fork Swanton, Charle E Cooling Healing E. Woll Point Swanton. Debra J Liberal Am. Wathburn Swanton. Diane M DP Computer Program. Henning Swanton. Jell A Agri-Business, Valley City Swanton. Michael D Cooling Heating E. Grand Fork Swanton. Peter Carl Electrical. Watertown Swanton. Sandra L Occupational Therap. Moorhead Swanton. Tamara J Liberal Art . Fairmount Swanton. Tamra J Practical Hurting. Grand Fork Swart . Todd G Recreational Eng Se. Lankin Sweeney, Clyde G Arch Drafting E t. Fergut Fall Sweeney. Jamet F Welding, Arlington Sweeney. Perry A Refrig Air Condit, Sarle Swenton. George But Admlnittration. Wahpeton Swenton. Janice L Occupational Therap. Bowbellt Swenton. Lori SPN Practical Hurting, Rugby Swilt. Paul A Welding. Wendell Swiontck. David E Mechanical Drafting. Oaket Swither. Matthew E Batic Machinitt. Jamettown Synck. Randall W Batic Machinitt. Ray Syntad. Marty L Rcfrig An Condit. Grand Fork Szczur. Jacqueline B Liberal Art . Wahpeton Tabor. Kelly J Arch Drafting Ett. Valley City Tanata. Fredrick J Jr Auto Mechanic . Courtenay Tandberg. Kevin W Die tel Mechanic . HOrthwood Tangen. Jane M Arch Drafting St Ett. Fargo Tank. Linu L Welding. Minot Taxdahl. Michael J Auto Mechanic . Sutton Taylor, John R Arch Drafting Ett. Michigan Taylor. Randi R Electro-Mechanical. Bowdon Tedrow. Barbara K Data Entry. Wahpeton Tehle. Paul D But Admlnittration, Wahpeton Tclgland. Roy M Electronic . E Grand Forkt Temple. Cindy L Graphic Am. Bitmarek Ternet. Donna M Accounting. Bismarck Ternc . Duane E Dietel Mechanic . Strasburg Ternc . Gary D Dietel Mechanic . Stratburg Tettlafl. Steve J Auto Mechanic . Mooreton Thane. Kathy L Arch Drafting Ett. Wahpeton Theede. Tercta M General Office. Wahpeton Theit, Donnie F Part Training. Carrington Thielke. Blair E Batic Machinist. Wahpeton Thompson. Cynthia K Legal Secretary. Hillsboro Thompson. Daniel G Dietel Mechanic . Mohall Thompson. David P Auto Mechanic . Springfield Thompton. Donald L Auto Mechanic . Stanton Thompson. Don F Accounting. Sharon Thompson. Laura J General Office. Cooperttown Thompson. Lee I Dietel Mechanic . Groton Thompton. Lori SPH Practical Hurting. Grand Fork Thompton. Mark R Electrical. Harwood Thompton. Merlm T Electrical, Upham Thompson. Randy L DP Computer Program. Hatton Thompton. Robin L Graphic Art . Wyndmere Thompson. Ronald J Refrig Air Condit. Moorhead Thompson. Sandra K Accounting, Edmorc Thompson. Thoma H Electronic . Leeds Thompson. Timothy J Rcfrig Air Condit, Wahpeton Thompton. Todd H Refrig Air Condit. Sarle Thompson. Todd S Upholttery. Lidgcrwood Thornberg, Lori A Graphic Art . Fargo Thorton. Ronnie W Auto Mechanic . Fairmount Thorton. Suzanne A Dental Hygiene. Bucyrut Thronton. Todd L Electrical, Rot Thuen. Sholayne J SPN Practical Hurting, Jamettown Thurlow. Cory R Plumbing. Edgeley Thurn, Harvey P Electrical. Withck Thurn. Kerry L Auto Body. Withck Tmgclstad, Gregory A Electronic . Grand Fork Titchor. Dann A DP Computer Program, LaMoure Toben. Robert C Dietel Mechanics, Mitchell Tobin. Roger L Pre Engineering. Wahpeton Toenlct, Diane M Practical Nuriing. Dastel Toepke. Kirk B Arch Drafting Ett, New Salem Tofteland. Randy B Electronic . Grand Forkt Tokach, Paul L Dietel Mechanics. St. Anthony Tolbert. Sceven F Advanced Machinitt. Brcckcnridge Tollefson. Connie M Computer Science. Grand Fork Tollefson. John C Graphic Art . Alexandria Tollefton. Yvonne E Accounting. Wahpeton Tomanek. Daniel T Sheet Metal. Mandan Torgerton. Patty Jo Accounting. Park River Tormatchy. Raymond V But Administration. Dckinton Toto. Cindy J Distributive Educat. Devil Lake Toto. David B Electronic . PeUcan Rapid Totenhagen, Kay M Dental Hygiene. Stirum Towe. Melvin W Dietel Mechanic . Webster Toyne. Todd J Auto Body, Milnor Tracy. Celene M Medical Records Tec. Fairmount Traiter. Donald D DP Computer Program. Minor Trajano. Maria V Liberal Art . Manila Trajano. Susan G Business Management. Maria Deb Paz VL Tran. Minh H Liberal Art . Wahpeton Ttana. Scott A DP Computer Program. Hoople Trangtrud. Owen R Dietel Mechanic . Enderltn Trottel. Brian L Auto Mechanic . Campbell Tretter. Duane H Electrical. Larimore Triebold. Raymond M Electronic . Valley City Tripp. Steve D Agricultural Equlpm. Pettibonc Trlttin. R Joan Liberal Art . Wahpeton Trom. Michael S Mechanical Drafting. Fairmount Troten, Jeff A But Admlnittration. Fordvllle Trotvig, Glenn G DP Computer Program. Fergut Fall Trucke. Kim P Dietel Mechanics. Verona Trygitad. Todd A Graphic Art . Pelican Rapid Tryon, Greg C Basic Machinitt. Absarokcc Ttchetter. Keith J Diesel Mechanic . Athley Ttchida. Lynettc M Occupational Therap. Pierz Tucker. Clyde W Civil Engineering T. Mobridge Tuomala. Jon R Electronics. Rolla Turner. Julie A General Office. Bordulac Twcdt. Anthony W Electrical. Maddock Tweed. Marland L Auto Body. Pekin Twing. Scott K Basic Machinitt. Sunnyvale Twohig. Brian G Accounting. Wahpeton Tytdal. Keith L Dietel Mechanic . Fergut Fall Uehran. Randy S Reftig Air Condit. Jamettown Uhlich. Will, E Pre-Education, Wahpeton Uhrlch. Scotty L Rcfrig Air Condit. Sarle Ulmer. Donna SPN Practical Nuriing. Jamettown Ulmer. Scott B Refrlg Air Condt. Edgeley Underwood. Don L Dietel Mechanic . Arvdla Unruh. Gregoiy L Electrical. Cleveland Unruh. Jill L Dental Attittlng, Fargo Unruh. Wayne E Dietel Mechanic . Bismarck Urlell. Robert L Electro Mechanical. Lakota Urlaub. Randall C Dietel Mechanic . Jamettown Uttatit, Rita A Dental Attitting. Nome Ulton. Debra L Dental Hygiene. Sharon Vadnait. Kelly D Electronic . Mandan Valan. Elizabeth A Practical Nuriing. Moorhead Valento. Jeff H Butinctt Management. St Paul Valtvig. Douglat A But Adminlttralson. Webster Van Sambeek. Bob J Electronic . Corona Van Winkle. Edward H Auto Mechanic . Grand Forkt Vandcbcrg. Debra J Bui Admlnittration. Vclva Vanderwal. Joanne M Butinctt Management. DuMont Vanetten. Gary Sheet Metal. Grand Fork Vannurden. den D Auto Mechanic . Valley City Van Winkle. Duane H Auto Mechanic . Grand Fork Vanzce. Joel J Welding, Galesburg Veland. Betty A Liberal Art . Wahpeton Vc-lenga, James D Auto Mechanic . Fairmount Ven Otdel. Clay K Arch Drafting Ett. Gayville Verdouw. Nadine E Practical Nuriing, Rugby Vcrkinnct. Ann M Dental Hygiene. St Cloud Verlinde. Paul S Welding. Noonan Vcttel. Stacy A Dental Hygiene. Bismarck Vetter. Daniel R Agri-Business. Linton Vetter. Paul P Dietel Mechanic . Flaihcr Viall. David L Electrical. Breckenridge Viau. Kip K Civil Engineering T. Grand Fork Viken. Darrn G Auto Mechanics. Wahpeton Viken. Janme R Liberal Att . Wahpeton Vilandtc. Kathryn E Legal Secretary. Grand Fork Vlolett, Jeffrey J Business Management. Wyndmere Vlriyapanthu. Benjl Practical Nurting. Fargo Vinyawathana. Natl H Butinctt Management. Yanaua Viseth. Debbie C Arch Dralting Ett. Finley Vlattot, Robert D Electronics, Grand Forkt David L Civil Engineering T. Hettinger Vhcm. Joy A Computer Operator. Lodgepoic Vkem. Michael J Rcfrig Air Condit. Hettinger Vlicm. Tom A Dietel Mechanic . Hettinger Voeller. Therete J General Olfice. Rugby Vogcler. Michael J Auto Mechanic . Wahpeton Void. Tim M Electro-Mechanical. Minot Voklen. Todd P Mechanical Drafting. Hillsboro Volk. Debora L Stenography And Sec. Martin Volk. Kenneth J Electronic . Selz Volk. Timothy J Arch Drafting Ett, Brown Valley Volk. Tina L Occupational Therap. Esmond Vollmuth. John J Bus Administration. Bottineau Vondall. Jcfl R Arch Drafting Ett. Belcoutt Vott. Barbara J Arch Drafting Ett, Fairmount Vott. Jodi A Occupational Therap. Rosholt Vott. Rorvda G Accounting. Tmtah Voider. Kip A Upholttery. Wnhck Waatdorp. Virgil L Rcfrig Air Condit. Fergut Fall Wacha. Ann L Basic Machinist. Wyndmere Wacha. Craig E Auto Mechanic , Wahpeton Wachtel. Keith J Dietel Mechanics. Cathay Wachtel. Tom M Agri-Butlnett. Cathay W.sck. Joel R Sheet Metal, Esmond Wagner. Claude E Auto Mechanic . Linton Wagner. Eugene D Computer Operator. Moorhead Wagner. Robert J Electronic . Wathburn Wagner. Roger M Dietel Media met. Ncche Wagner, Ron C Electrical. Jamestown Wait. Ed Arthur Civil Engineering T. Beardtlcy Wald. Dennis Agri Business, Stratburg Wald. Irene F Business Management. Napoleon Wald. Susan M Occupational Therap. Moorhead Walden. Scott D Arch Drafting Ett. Hatton Watford. Donald A Civil Engineering T. Wahpeton Walior. Donald C Electronic . Grand Fork Walker. Clayton M Auto Mechanic . Lindsay Walker. Dcnrn B Diesel Mechanic . Britton Wall. Bart M Diesel Mechanic . Michigan Wall. Beverly J General Office. Ltdgerwood Wallace. Mark A Electronic . Mmncwaukan Waller. Gregory J Electronic . Grand Fork Waller. Sandra K Accounting. Bowdon Walock. David A Civil Engineering T. Lisbon Walter . David L Arch Drafting Ett. Fairmount Walters. Dawn M Liberal An . Wahpeton Walther. Mark W Arch Drafting Etl. Dickm on Wamtlcy, Craig S Upholttery. Steele Wang. Orville C Auto Mechanic . Devil Lake Wangen. Audrey L Business Management. Harvey Wanglcr. Mark J DP Computer Program. Wiihek Wanner, Dwight D Electrical, Jamettown Wanner. Phyllis B Arch Drafting Ett. Jamettown Ward. Allen W Agri Butinctt. Mooreton Ward. Dave P Auto Mechanic . Wahpeton Ward. Keith WBailc Machinist, Glyndon Ward. Kevin D Bus Administration. Wahpelon Ward. Pamela M Accounting, Mooretcn Ward. Timothy J Mechanical Drafting. Mllbank Waslaski, Wanda M Arch Drafting fit Est. Langdon Wasncss. Janelle A General Office, Northwood Wasvick. Yvonne M Arch Drafting Sc Est. Wahpcton Wasylow. Robert J Diesel Mechanics. Grand Forks Watcland. Curt B Arch Drafting Est. Brockentklge Watcland. Jan B Liberal Arts. Breckenrldge Waters. Kenneth C Liberal Arts. Marlon Watterod. Lynn E Welding. Columbus Weber. Cynthia A General Office. Webster Weber. Dirk W Auto Body. Britton Weberg. Kenneth L Recreational Eng Sc. Fairdale Wcdll. Dennis J Auto Body. Wahpeton Wegcnast. Timothy D Graphic Arts. Fargo Wegenke. Ne.1 D Arch Drafting Est. Jamestown Wegge. David M Diesel Mechanics. Buxton Wcglcltncr, Gerald L Cooling Heating E. Britton Wegner. Darrel W Electrical. Jamestown Wegner. Steve C Electrical. Reeder Weiand. John J Cooling Heating E. rlcal. West Fargo Weick. Bryan P Diesel Mechanics, Graccville Weick. Marvin D Refrlg Air Coodit. Graccville Wcidler. David J Electronics. Velva Wckfman. Rena D Business Management. Breckenrldge Weigel. Jolenc R Management Supervts. Napoleon Weigel, Myron L Desel Mechanics. Zeeland Weigel. Sienna M Business Management. Napoleon We ght. Brian A Desel Mechanics. Lamoure Weigum. Jean Management Supcrvis. Hazen Weigum. 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Jamestowi'______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • I 

Suggestions in the North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) collection:

North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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