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1MEMORY MARKER We hope that within these pages you will find the photographs and words necessary to recapture the spirit of this year. And after the book is on the shelf, don’t '.or-get that it is you only permanent record of this memorable year. Use it again— —to remember a face —to recall a place —to relive a game —to remember a name THANKS for purchasing this yearbook. Its value will increase with the passing years. Enjoy the memories!L■ 1979 AGAWASIE NORTH DAKOTA STATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE EDITOR ...........JOY RISK ADVISOR .......DEL SANDERS FUNCTIONS 49 SPORTS 171 ADS ———— FINE ARTS GROUPS 33 STUDENTS — ----—1— " 143 FACULTY One hundred and eight Practical Nursing students graduated from NDSSS. this school year. Friday. April 14. at 1:30 pm. Reuben Schnaidl. Chaplain. Good Samaritan Hospital Association, was the commencement speaker. Presentation of graduation certificates was made by Donald Stevenson. Dean of the College Trades Division. Miss Belly Hcldslab, Chairperson of the NDSSS Practical Nursing Department. presented the candidates to Mr. Stevenson. A reception for the graduates and their guests was held in the Student Center following the ceremony. LPN GRADUATION AThis year Agawasic Day was Friday, May 19. The Chicken Feed picnic was held in the oval from 11:00 to 1:00. Students listened to music by Alias as they ate and caught their first glimpse of the new yearbook. This years Agawasic was action packed, and Tilled with memories and events that made NDSSS’ 75th Anniversary the special year that it was. J"1 PARENTS DAY Parents Day at NDSSSon March 31 drew an estimated 1.800 parents from a four-state area for the eighth annual event. One of the most popular stops on the student parent lours was the new Activities Building. Arts and Science Division Dean. Vernon Hektner. told parents about the 75 year history of the college. Parents also enjoyed a fine noon luncheon in the cafeteria while listening to the Music Department's Dixieland Band. The afternoon was spent touring shops, laboratories and college facilities. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Staudinger of Billings. Mont, received an award from the Wahpeton Chamber of Commerce for coming the greatest distance for Parents’ Day. They arc the parents of second-year Tool Making Program student Gene Staudinger. 89GRADUATION The North Dakota State School of Science graduated 1,544 students on May 25, 1978. Commencement cxccrciscs were held in the college’s new Physical Education Activities Building. The 75th graduating class was the largest ever in the history of NDSSS. NDSSS alumnus Lambert M. Huppclcr delivered the commencement address. NDSSS president, Clair T. Blikrc, on behalf of the State Board of Higher Education. conferred degrees and presented diplomas and certificates to graduates. James A. Horton, Vice President of Academic Affairs, recommended the classes to the State Board. The four division deans presented the candidates. Rev. George Mchok of St. John’s Catholic Church, Wahpeton, gave the invocation and benediction. The processional and recessional were played by Evonne M. Oscarson, a first year Liberal Arts student from Wahpeton. Patrick Freese and Marcy Turner led the processional. Ushers chosen from the freshman class honor students were Jancllc Davis. Deb Mauch, Kayla Hasbargen, Kathy Schmil, Jcrcnc Dallmann, Kim Griepentrog, Carl Wasness, and Paul Ellingson. Victoria Klipfcl. Holly Naggatz, and Bill Sanborn, accompanied by Jay Fuchs, provided special graduation program music. President Blikrc presented a recognition award to Dr. David G. Jachning for 25 years of service as the college doctor.7 - ORIENTATION One of the first tilings that all stu-dents at NDSSS do before starling classes is to go through orientation and registration. Preparation of student ID’s, assignment of mailboxes, and vehicle registration, arc just a few of the details that were taken care of. Richard L. Holm. Director of Admissions and Records, reported that 3.354 daytime students enrolled this fall. An all-time college record. This year's enrollment included 1.094 female students which is the highest number of women ever to register at the college. 12 1 aFUNCTIONSHOMECOMING Front from left to right: Barb Hubcr-Homccoming Buttons; Cindy Biwer-Parade Co-Chairperson; Angie Ilcvs-Coronation Co-Chairperson; Cindy Stenstand-Coronation Co-Chairperson: Back: Rick Mangir-Pub-licity; Connie Smilh-Homceoming Chairperson; Joy Risk-Parade Co-Chairperson; Dorothy Kranter-Ejections; Joan Zabalncy-Business Manager. Candidates from left to right; Front: Angie Vaplon. Beth Allmaras. Shelley Ditsvvorih. Kris Bale. Diane Rcinpold. I.orilce Davidson. Back: Connie Smith. Tcri l.offclmachcr. Deb Mauch. Kim Rcitan. Joy Risk. Diana Dagman. Beth Gray. Jean Larson. Cheryl Rciicrath. Ruth Ann Bcckel. Becky Braun.Deb Mattel). Connie Smith. Jean Larson20HOMECOMING ROYALTY Precious and Few BUTE GYMNASIUM September Twentieth EIGHT O'CLOCK Paul Ellineson; Master of Ccromonics Jean Larson: Dale Poppcn. Escort: Deb Mauch; Bob Orndahl. Escort: Connie Smith: Wade Hcnrickson. Escort: 21a23 HALLOWEEN For those daring people on campus who enjoy the excitement of a funfillcd Halloween, there was much to be done. The dance in the Student Center drew Gruesome Ghouls of every sort to laugh away the evening. A pumpkin carving contest as well. To top the night off. McMahon was the target for a very successful panty raid!! 26 -----------— -----------------DANCE FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY DANCE-A-THON28 Sweetheart Candidates from left to right: Front Row Rubs Kastman. Darlene Osatiuk. Sonja Gunness. Lori l.cglcr. Back: Sherrie Hanson. Sue Schaffer. Ruth Kcltcrling. Tana Dosch, l.inda Short. -t' vj o o oS'Totf 30 —re™ WHO’S WHO Front Row from left to right: Becky Obcrfocll. Dorothy Kramer. Joan Brockhaus. Bruce Domm. Paul Ellington. Gerald Gikdorf. Stephen Sicmicnicwsfci. David Maynard. Back: Diane Rcinpold. Jcannic Rettig. Sue Schwart cnbcrger. I.ori Beck. Connie Smith. Jean l.arion. I.ori Brucvch. Kay Walt , Barb Huber. Front Row: Dennis Zidon. Greg Stahl. Jack Plccity. Keith Fink. Dean Spaeth. Nathan Hartmann. Ryan Becker. Duane Wileman. Back: Kathy F.nochson. Kriv Bale. Joy Ritk. I.ona Muehlcr. Garth Kollcr. Jay Fuchs. Lawrence Bachmcicr. Julie Schanz. Anne Bertrand Foriy-onc students from NDSSS were selected to represent the college in the national publication of Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges this year. Honored students will be listed the Who’s Who along with students from over 500 colleges in every state and the District of Columbia. These students were evaluated on the basis of scholastic ability, participation and leadership in extra curricular activities, citizenship and service to the college and potential for future achievement. Not pictured arc: Cynthia Biwer, Lorilcc Davidson. Keith Hoistad, Sandra Kuchn, Randy Meyer, William Sprung, and Janice Terfehr. 31 --------------«—■—■—---NDSSS CONCERT CHOIR AND CONCERT BAND Chorus: From Row from left to right: Theresa Brcucr. Kathy Schmit, l.ona Muehlcr. Kim Payne. Jody Fspclien. Tami Kanzelman. Jeanne Timm. Jan Bartron, Deb Sicbcts, Olck. Second Row: Jcaninc Hit , Carrie Witte. Laura Revering. Kathy Hcjlik. Cindy Pobnsky, Sandy Althoff. Rita Brcimcicr. Pat Carbone. Bev Boschcc. Third Row: Kris Bale. I.ouclla Tollefsrud. Kay Little. Kathi Cormier. Laura Dosch. Robin Madson. Ruth Kcttcrling. Karen Pfann. Nancy Bartron. Sandra Cross. Bev David. Fourth Row: Gary Dunnick. Joel Hartmann. Jerry Gilsdorf. Paul Ullingson, Stephen Sicmicnicwski, Scott Miw. Todd Olson. Tim Viland. Brian Murchic. David Maynard. John Huffman. Front Row: Jean Larson, Lori Bruesch. Jancllc Davis, Tami Gillcs. Jeanne Albrecht, Wanda Becker, Jane Morse, Vicky Hoggarth. Joy Wentz. Laura Mullcnberg. Joy Risk. Second Row: Jane Belcher. Marietta Bachmcicr. Melanie Cutler. Susan Buschc. Sue Schaffer. Susan Berg. Denise Schntr. Kathy Youngman. Loric Orthmeyer. Teddi Odegaard. Marlene Strei. Vicki Smedshammer, Sonja Gunness. Third Row: Terri Loffclmachcr. Debbie Doran, Cindy Skaarc. Susan Hill. Debra Jones. Pamela Unruh. Joyce Aasness. Renada Smcllzcr. Mary Arndt, Linda Hanna. Karla l.uttschwagcr. Teresa Jordheim. Penny Fedje. Mary Gunness. Fourth Row: Phillip Gapp. Shcync Huffman. Duane Wileman, Wayne Martinsen, Alan Albrecht. Randall Nelson, Timothy Boostrom. Russ Jenson. Kim Hauschild, Dean Johnson. Lee Fuchs. Hector Corominas. Jay Fuchs. UBand: From Row from left lo right: Kris Bale. Julie Bollinger. Lori Brucsch. Lori Stone, Teresa Jordheim. Madonna Bonn. Second Row: Cindy Biwer. Joan Sander. Ruth Kctlcrling. Dennis Zidon. Stephen Siemicniewski. Kathy Her. Steve Ask. Jani Richter. Marilyn Rieger. Mary Klath. Ken Kary. Marlene Gustafson. Duane Wilcman. Third Row: James Mahler. Bruce Wentz, Perry Klcvcn. Russ Jenson. Whitcy Schuett. Lowell Johnson. John Huffman. Lona Muchlcr. Jean Larson. Kirby McCcavcr. Cheryl Miller. Val Norsby. Mark Schiclds. Brian Kincr. Karla Lutlschwager. Fourth Row: Rick Focrlsch. Paul Jensen. Sonja Gunness. Dennis Pederson. Phillip Gapp. Joel Hartmann. Richard Kjos. David Maynard. Shcync I luff nun. George Helm.Front Row from left to right: Joy Risk. Steve Ward. Melanie Cutler. Theresa Breuer, Jay Fuchs, Stephen Siemieniewski. Wanda Becker. Jerry Gilsdorf. Jane Morse. Kris Bale. Tilford Kroshus. Second Row: David Maynard. Denise Schatz. Mary Gunness. Sonja Gunness. I.uann Maga. Paul Fllingson, Jeanne Albrecht. Susan Hill. Jesse IIcitkamp.Sandra Cross. Third Row: Brian Murchic. Rick Foerisch. Dennis Zidon. Nathan Hartmann, Ken Kary, Kim Paulson.The NDSSS Folk Group is a select group of students who enjoy music enough to make some sacrifices of their lime and effort in order to make the year's Tour the best it can be. Singing a variation of songs from Mellow to Rock, the group performs various evenings and days during the year. The Highlight of the year is the Spring tour with the stagehand when the groups tour the stale and parts of Minnesota performing and enjoying their music and each other.STAGE BAND The NDSSS Stagehand is made up of the outstanding musicians on campus who enjoy performing for other people. The year is filled with engagements and is Highlighted by the tour in the Spring with the NDSSS Folk Group. Music style varies from Jitterbug music to Disco and Rock. The year is ended with a Stage Band Folk Group final concert on NDSSS campus. Front Row from left to right: Maychr ak. F.lldcan. Cheryl Miller, Marlene Gostafson, Kathy Her. Steve Ask. Thereesa Breucr. Duane Wilenian. Ken Kary. Madonna Bonn, Jay Fuchs. Mike julson. Second Row: David Maynard, Brian Kiner, Val Norsby, Richard Kjos. Mark Shields, Phillip Gapp. Der.r r. Pederson. Larry Rockvoy. Third Row: Perry Klcvcn. Jim Mahler. Russ Jenson. Whitcy Schuett. John Huffman. Stage: Shcync Huffman. Nathan H.irtmarn.DIXIELAND BAND AND MADRIGAL SINGERS The NDSSS Music Department has continued to keep up the excellent work with entertainment at its best. Included in the groups arc Madrigal Singers, Dixieland Band, Concert Band, Concert Choir, and Folk Group, and Stage Band. The vocal department is headed by Mr. Tilford Kroshus, who is assisted by George Helm who handles the instrumental angle. Spring, Fall, and Winter concerts arc given each quarter. Dixie Land Band Front Row: Brian Kincr. George Helm, Cindy Bi»cr, Dennis Zidon. Second Row: Marlene Gustafson. Kathy Her, Phillip Gapp. Whitey Schuctt. John Huffman. Dennis Pederson. Madrigals: Front Row from left to right: Cindy Skaarc. Pamela t.'nruh. Jean Larson. Deb SicbeU. Jan Bartron. Jeanne Albrecht. Jane Belcher. Carrie Witte. Second Row; Teresa Jordhcim. Penny Fedje. Pant Olck. Joyce Aasness, Kay Little. Jcaninc Hit , Sue Schaffer. Susan Hill. Susan Buschc. Ruth Kcttcrhng. Third Row: Russ Jenson. Kim Hauschild. Scott Maus. Paul Fllingson. Gary Dunnick. Randall Scott Nelson. Alan Albrecht. Dean Johnson. Tim Boostrom. Piano: Joy Wentz. 40i JhuJ PLANNING UNDERWAY FOR CULTURAL CENTER Planning for a S2 million fund dmc (o build a Cultural Center on the NDSSS campus has been anounccd by Clair T. Blikre. president. Kick-off for the campaign is scheduled for Sept. 23 during homecoming activities. In stressing the urgent need for a Cultural Center that will include classrooms and an auditorium. Blikre pointed out that educational institutions must change with the times in order to fulfill their responsibility. "For 75 years." said Blikre. "The North Dakota State School of Science has developed the skills, talents, and professional capabilities that have enabled thousands of people to find success in their chosen fields, and we hope to continue to accomplish those same goals with even greater effort in the future.” At the same time. Blikre emphasized, people today want more than just a living that providcsthcm with the physical necessities and comforts that may base satisfied previous generations. "As America becomes of age. its people arc becoming of age.” said Blikre. "and the mind-opening excitement of a wide range of cultural activities has an increasing impact upon the career, job-performance and life-attitude of many people." "At the North Dakota State School of Science, we want to meet that challenge and turn it into an opportunity. Our goal is not only to train people to earn a living, but also to educate them on how to get the most out of living. A Cultural Center will provide us the proper opportunity to achieve that modern goal." Michael Morrison, the college's director of devel- opment who will spearhead the drive, said the campaign will be built around the theme "The Proud Past and Vital Future." Morrison pointed out that the North Dakota State School of Science, which opened in 1903. is today the second oldest continuously operating public junior college in the United States. Me stated that, as a two-year institution, the college was one of the first to enter the vocational education field when the Trades and Technical Divisions were organized in 1922. Today's students have career-opportunities inthc Business Division as well as the Arts. Science and Pre-Professional Division. "Only 66 students registered during that first year. 1903-1904," said Morrison. “During the 1977-7$ year we had 3.765 people registered. In addition to that, in 1977-78 we served over 10.000 people throughout North Dakota through our Continuing F.ducation Division." This Division's major emphasis is on taking needed programs to the people throughout the state. Morrison credits much of this growth to the college's excellent instructional program and its enviable placement record. "We've proven that we arc an outstanding career-training college but now we must further expand our efforts toward the development of the Total person.’ the well-rounded individual.” "Over 75 years of service has taught the college that business, industry and communities not only need trained and skilled technicians, but well-rounded. involved workers and citizens as well. The Cultural Center will help us achieve this objective." Morrison said the Cultural Center would be used for activi- ties and programs, providing an environment for concerts. lectures, seminars and cultural exhibits as well as provide for the critical physical needs of the music, drama, speech and art departments "There is no doubt in my mind.” he said, "that a Cultural Center would increase student participation and appreciation of many specific cultural areas and at the same time strengthen the general education curriculum and stimulate and increase (he public’s use of cultural resource's. It would fulfill ou objective of providing ‘education for life.’" Also coordinating the alumni aspect of the drive. Arlic Steen, NDSSS alumni director, said sizable contributions have already been made even though the campaign has not yet started. In April of 1977. through the will of a former Wahpeton businessman, the late Adolph Torguxon. a bequest of S230.S54 w.i% donated to the NDSSS Alumni Association for use to provide a new major-need building at the college and establish several music scholarships. Among the first gifts received were front Mrs. Della Stern, long-time Wahpeton resident, who donated stocks in excess of $50,000; John Zimbrick. ‘4S. of Madison. Wise., who gave $10,000 and a SIO.OOO Student Cabinet donation made during the 1977 graduation exercises. Steen pointed out that the concept of a Cultural Center on the NDSSS campus has the support of the North Dakota Stale Board of Higher liducation. business, industry, the professions and the friends, alumni, students, faculty and administration of the college.North Dakota State School of Science ART PLAYERS Present Cfje Naming of the IHjreto bp ®tn. J§ f)akSpe itt November 1-4. 1978 HS Shakespeare finally made his dcbm at NDSSS and proved to be as popular and mirth-inspiring as he has been through the ages. Taming of (he Shrew is one of Shakespeare's better comedies and was well received by Wahpeton Play-goers. Katherine, the fearsome shrew of the title, is to be wed to Pctruchio who immediately sets out to change Katherine's nature for the better. All arc afraid for Pctruchio’s well-being, but he proves such a success as a tamer that by the end of the play his docile Kate outdoes all other wives present in obedience. The comedy was accented by harassed fathers, dumb servants, and even a swishy tailor. Shakespeare is usually thought of as being difficult to put on but a talented cast and crew gave a smoothly done and memorable performance. In presenting Shakespeare the Drama Department continued its steady expansion of it's repertoire. The professionalism with which the production was mounted gives evidence that the Drama Department is still a long way from finding its artistic limits.CINDERELLA One of the most popular productions the Drama Department docs each year is their presentation of a Children's play each Spring. Grade school children from the surrounding public and parochial schools arc brought in to see the production in the NDSSS Auditorium. Feats of magic, flashing lights and colorful costumes all contribute to make the production a delight to the youngsters. Last year's production of Cinderella by Ruth Newton, proved to be fully as popular as its predecessors. The story presented was the same fairy talc known to all, but this version required the participation of the audience. Little girls in the audience got to try on the glass slipper to see if it fit them, and everyone had to help the Fairy Godmother do her magic because she was so forgetful and couldn’t always remember how to do them. After virtually all the youngsters in NVahpeton and Rreckcnridgc had seen the production it was takfn on the road to Abercrombie to fascinate more little ones. Children’s theatre continues to grow in popularity with the aid of sparkling productions such as Cinderella. 45 NDSSS ART PLAYERS Gilbert Sulliuan's I k •» 6 --------------------------------------------------------------- j.■ 3 fl Aaland. David Aasncvs. Joyce Abel. Dan Abcrlc. Gerald Abraham. David Achtcnbcrg. Jeff ; v Adams. DeAnn Adams. Janis Adsero. Wayne Aichclc. Gary Akerson. Kirk Albertson, Bccki Albrecht, Alan Albrecht. Jeanne Allen. Denise Aik . Miles Allison. Mark Allmaras. Arthur Althoff. Sandy Altringcr. Keith Aman. Duane Antes. Paul Amundson. E-llis Andel. Connie Anderson. Duane Anderson. Barb Anderson. Bobette Anderson. Brad Anderson. Brian Anderson. Cheryl Anderson. Dana Anderson. Dennis Anderson. Glenn Anderson. Jeanne Anderson. Jeff Anderson. Julie 50  Anderson, Loren Anderson. Lori Anderson, Marlyn Anderson. Perry Anderson. Roger Andes. Jon Andrus. Shirley Andrys. Rob Annoh. Lninunucl Anwlcr. Lynn Araskog, Rick Arndl. Larry Arndt. Mary Arndt. Shelly Arnoldy. Jim Arnson. Rober Artz. Pete Ask. Steve Atkinson. Bonnie Aus. Rick Ausk. Randy Austfjord. Carol Axtman, Susan Azure, Jeff Babcock. Scott Bachmcicr, Duane Bachincicr, Lawrence Bachmcicr. Marietta Bader. Rhonda Bader. Sheila Bacnen. Kathy Baer. Tod Bahm. Richard Baker. Dan Baker, Stan Baldwin, Scon ( 51 I Bale. Kris Ballwcbcr. Blake Bnllwcbcr. Bruce Barry. Al Bartron, Janis Barlron, Nancy Bartsch, I.ynda Baslicn. Paul Baumgartner. Allen Baumlcr. P.ugcnc Baustc. Danny Beach. Chris Beal. Charles Beard. Kevin Beast rom, Kathy Bcauchman. Gabriel Beaver. Dale Beck, Chuck Beck, l.ori Bcckcl. Kuth Becker. Monty Becker. Ryan Becker. Wanda Beecher. Randy Bcchlcr. Douglas Belcher. Jane Bcldcn. Brian Bell. Jerry Bement. Kelly Benson. Arnold Benson. Rick Benz. Dean Berg, Donald Berg. Joan Berg. Paul Berg, Susan 52 Berger. Gary Bergman. Dennis Berndt. Sieve Bcrncking. Gloria Bernhardt. Daniel Bernhardt. Darrel Berns, Pamela Bernstein. Kimberly Bertrand. Anne Bertsch. Greg Bert sell, Michael Bctlach, Tim I Bettenhausen, Joel Beyer. Mike Biel. Stacy Bicrschboch, Scott Biggs, Mark Bildcn, Tom Billing. Joe Birnbaum. t.uann Birrcnkoll. Tim Bishoff. I.auri Biwer, Cindy Bicrkc. Jay Bjerkc. Steve Bjork, Sandy Bjorlic. Russ Black. Chuck Bladow. Jacklyn Bla ck. Doreen » ! I i Blazck, Ken Blevins. Mike Bliss. Carol Bliss, Diane Blumhagen, Tarnera Bodinc. Shane Boehm. Lee Boclier. Jill Borers. Tom Bohach. Randy Bohnei. Rhonda Bohrer, Raul Bolandcr, Kathy Bollinger. Julie Boner, Daryl Bonner. Bev Bonnet. Mike Bontjes. La Dale Boomer. William Borgerson. Joctic Borncmann. Judy Bovchcc. Bev Bosak, Tammy Bosch. Mike Bosch. Sharon Bolncr. Joey Boumont. Jolynn Bourbanis. Barbara Bourassa. Richard Bourgois. Jeff Boushey. Dan Boric. Kevin Braaten. Milo Brake). Pamela Braedenburger. Ann Brancsky. Brian Brandt. Forrest Brauch. Mark Braun. Becky Braun. Greg Braun. Tim Breimeier, Rita 54 ' —-7MBroker. Patrick Broker. Shane Brekke. Andrea Breuer, David Brcucr. Patricia Breuer. Theresa Brevik. Brenda Brew, Dean Brew. Robert Brickncr. Alan Briss. David Brock. Tracy Brockhaus. Joan Brooks, Jerry Brown, Ricky Brucsch, Lori Bruns. Gerald Budke. Dale I Budke. Julie Buctlncr. Mary Burdick. Eldon Burgad. Thccla Burgum, Kathy Burke, Donna Burrer. David Burros, Rachel Burt. Kathy Busch. Craig Busch. Jim Buschc, Susan Butenhoff. Kelly Butler, William Bye. Rodney Byers. Dennis Buers. Judi Callahan. James Campcron. Perry Campbell. Tom Cannon. Michael Carbone. Patricia Carignan, Terry Carlson. Merrit Carlson. Nancy Carlson. Paul Carbon. Robin Cavctl. Richard Chacon, lirncsto Chadwick. Keith Chalintonc yk. Mark Chamberlain. Sharon Chaput, Denise Charging. Arnold Cholc. Terry Cholikul. Jack Christensen. Jint Christensen.I.c Christenson. Nancy Christenson. Brad Christenson. Robin Christian. Reggie Christ), Kenneth Christopher. Greg Clarys. Gcnisc Clarys. Joseph Clcmcntich. Shclli Cody. Tom Cofcll. IX ug Coffey. Sandy Colby .Tim Cole. Dan Colc.l.iss-Bcth Collins. BarbaraCoimtock. Bu Conklin. Tom Cook. Cindy Cormier, kalhryn Corrcll. I cnn» Crandall. Robin i i Crawford. Marianne Crist. Terry Crocker. Kelley Cross, Sandra Crumc. Donna Cuddingham. Cathy lunninham, Rod Culp. Scott Cushing. Byrncll Cutler. Mclainic D.tgntan. Diana Dahl.Cnrolyn Dahl. Cinde Dahl. Curt Dahl. Randy Dahlgrcn. Debbie Dakin. George Dale. Steve Dallman.Jcrcnc Dally. lilainc Dal cll. Jeff Dal cll.I.ori Dasscako. James Dauer. Michele I ! David. Bev Davidson. I.aroy Davidson. Lorilec Davidson. Tim 57s i I Davit, Sheila Deal, Lisa Decker. Alan Dcgenstcin, Delores Deiben, Muren Deike. Darlene Deisslcr. Jins Dcilz. John Delesi. Stephen Dells. Bradley Demaray. Dexter Denny. Bret Denowh. Derry.David Jotcnc Dcsclump. Terry Dcthlcfsen. Melinda Dcthlcfscn. Rebecca Diet , Pamela Ding. Blake Dinga. Myron Dinnccn. Bryan Dishcr. Greg Ditsworth. Shelley Dix. Amy Dixon, Greg Doerr. Larry Doerr. Tim Doggett. Glenn Doll. Marvin Dollingcr. Nina Domier. Gloria Dosch. Laura Dotch. Tana Dovre. John Dragseth. Mike Draih. JayDrxton. Hob DfCwlw, Sue Driscoll. Charles Dullum, Dawn Dullum, Dawn Dunbar. Debbie Dunford. Brad Dunnick. Gary Dunsmoor. Davr Dykstra. Belli Eagan. Catherine Eberhardt. Claire liberie. Donald Ebcrlowski. Trcmaync l-.eklund. Kathy lickrath. Jolcnc lick re. Brian ingcr. Scon Edison. Tim lifimcnko, Robert Ehni. Randy Eichhorn. Teresa Eidsness. Harold Einarson. Daniel r.krc. Blaineq Elijah. Cindy Elijah. Kim Ellingson. Paul Ellison. Mark Emter, Mark E.ndres. Paul Engbrccht. Michael Engebretson. Teresa E.ngclkc. John Engel. David Ennen, DanielI Enockson. Kathy Enstad. Dean Enstad. Doug Entagh. Mortc a Erbclc. Jeffrey Erbclc. Ronald Erickson, Greg Erickson. John Erickson, Leslie Erickson, Rodney Erickson. Vickie Ernst. Keith Espelien. JoEllcn Evenson. Katherine Eversvik, James Eye. John Fagerbakke. Garth Ealdel. Timothy Falla, Mark Eandrich, Larry Faodrich. Lee Farrell, Kathryn Farell. Randy I'aut. Nlcrl Fayette. Mark Fcascl. Joni Fedje. Cindy Fcickcrt. Doreen Fcil. Dawn Feist. Alan Feist. Karl Feist. Mark Fcllon. Greg Fcllrnan. Wayne Fcrch. Kraig Fcrdcrcr, Mary f 0 Ferguson. Gary Ferguson. Gwcndal Ferguson. Jeffrey Fctsch. Randall Fetrer. Michael Fcvold. Jeffrey Fey. Lyle Fidge. Jeanclie Fillpck. Mark Fink. Keith Fischer, Teresa Fischer. Tim Fisher. Nathan Filtcrcr. Howard Fitterer. Sidney Fix. George Flaagan, Julc Flcek. Diane Fleck. Thomas Flcckcnxtcin. Ken Fleck. David Flom. Annette Fodc. Steven Focrstcr. David Foerster, Matthew Focrtsch. Richard Focrtsch. Susan Foicn. Gregory Folkcstad. Richard Fordc. Lois Fox. Mark Frank. DavealFrank. Shari Frank!. Kim Franren. Dennis Frauenberg, James 61 Frccbcrg. Suzanne Freeland. Michael Freeman. Lloyd Fregicn. Slurari Frenzcl. Joan Fretland. Glenn Frickc. Cheryl Fries . Jayme Froemke. Debra I'rolck. Karen Froscih, Lncinda Froslic. D.imcl Frye. Kennel h Fuchs . Jay Fuehrer. Richard Fulker. Debra Fuller. Sheryl Funovits. Julie Furness. Carol Fuxa. Neil Gab. Monic Babbcri. Paul Gagner. Mark Galliger. Jay Gandrud, Craig Gannon. David Gapp. Phillip Gardner. Ralph Garza. Richard Gasper . Joe Gales, (ierald Gaub. James Gauglcr. La Mom Gault. Douglas Geary, Brian Gcdrosc. Orin Gelid. David Gibbens. Rosalie Gibson. John Giddings. Brad Gilbert. David Hilbert. Jeffrey Gilbertson. Ryan (lilies. Tami Gilsdorf. Gerald Gingery. Linda Gion. Jolcnc G is void, Andrea Gjcsdal. Brenda Gjcsdal, Kristi Gjcslvang, Delray GLiduc. Bertha Gleason. Merri Glynn. Susan Godlevsky. Curt Goetzfridt, Sheila Gohman. Donald Goldberg, Joseph (iondringcr. Christine Gordon. Dee A nn Goschkc. Jeffrey Gottschall. Terry Grabanski. Karen Grabow. Jean Grandalcn. JoAnne Grann. Robert Grant. Michael Grant. Vincent Gray. Beth Greenwood. William Griepentrog. Kim Griffey. Chad Griffin, Patrick Grimes. Steven Grimvlcy. Roger Grinde. Deborah Grindc. Gayle Grintcr. Randy Grohs. Ken Groninger, Dwayne Groth. Vicki Grotty, Edna Groves. Paula Gubrud. Mark Gudinundson. Brenda Guenther. Lynda Gunderson. Carol Gunness, Sonya Gunther. Rodney Gustafson. Marlene Guynn. Glenda Gyllen. l.uann llaavcn. Bruce llabigcr. David Mach. Tuyla llacgclc. Barbara llafclc. Aubre llafncr. Scott llaga. l.uann 11 age. Sheldon llagcl. Ken llagcmcistcr. Kathy Hagen. Allen Hagen. Kathy Hagen. Terry Hague. Jodi llaich. Janet Hailey. Everett 6-»Ilnkanson. Roy Hallgrimson. Carol Hallgrimson, Kcilhal Halverson. I.auric llam. Mitchell Hainan. Tony Hammer. Todd Hammond. David Hammoud. Hussein Hanna. Linda Hansen, Janies Hansen. Jcnisc Hansen. Lyle Hanson. Hob llanosn, Christie Hanson. Daryl Hanson. Duane Hanson. Doug Hanson. Harold Hanson, Linda Hanson. Loren Hanson. Pamela Hanson, Paul Hanson. Sheryl Hanson, Tracy llanstad. Jerry Hardy. Darlene Hardy. Don Hares. James Haring. Robert Harlcs. Jacinta llarles, Patricia Haro. John Haro. Sam llarpotc. Tcrral Harris. 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Jeffrey Hodenficld. Brian llockstra. Kent Hoepfner, Jean llocscl. Blanc Hoffarth, Mike Hoffert. Mark Hoffman. Rebecca Hoiberg. Steven lloistad. Keith 67— I llolcn. Rhonda Hollaar. Audrey Hollinshcad. lid lid Holm. James Holman. Marcus Holmcn. Dwight Moll . Dennis Holwegcr. Jennifer Holwegcr, Sicsen Holwegcr. Wendyq r Holwcgner. Dean llol cr. Renee Homan. Jane I lopfauf. Thomas ilorcjsi. David Horner. Darlene Hougc. Sherlock Hough, David lloughtaling. Curl Houle. Glen Houle. Kathryn lloush. Mark Howe. Clyde Howe. Kevin Howe. Rodney Huber. Barbara Huber. Riek Huckcll. Nancy Huffman. John Huffman. Michelle Huffman. Shevne llu list rand. Randall llumann. Laurie Hummel. Alan llunkc. Pal II unkins. Tama la 68- Hurley. Darren Hum. Djincil Hum. Sharon llusehka. Russell llybcrtson, Verona Ibach. Kevin Iglchart. John Ihnkcn. Efflity Her. Dennis Her. Katherine Ishaug. Robert Ivers. Craig Jackliteh. Ann Jahnkc. Scoll Jandl. Kent Janvsen. Kevin Jawaski, Pant Jclinck. Ronald Jensen. Kenneth Jensen. 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Randall Rutherford. Scott Ru icka. Lori Ru icka. VickiMH1 Rydcll. Rcnac Rysavy, Craig Saari. Darcy Saastad. Daryl Sager. Craig Sailer. Sieve Salvcson. Wendy Salwci. Michael Salsvcy. David Sal er. Vaughn Sampson. Ross Samuchon. Corrinc Sand. Renee Sandford, l.cRoy Sand ness. Beth Sandven. Sieve Sanduick. Patricia Sansburn. Scon Sapp. I.inda Saw. Tammy Saltier, Tami Saihre. Gerard Sairang. Thomas Sauicr, Mary Sauicr. Robert Saxon. Mike Schaeffer. Mike Schafer. Rodney Schaff. Gene Schaff. Willard Schaffer. Rodney Schaffer. Sue Sehan . Julie Schan . Roger Schai . Denise SchalJ, N ilia 86 EH ■ ) ! Schulz. Warren Schecr. CIrc Schcllcr. Robert Schend. Nancy Scherer. Kevin Schcrr. Thomas Schiltz. Jim Schimclfcnig. Mona Schimmcl, Bruce Schindler. Paul Schlcchi. Angela Schlepp. Clyde Schlocdcr. Tom Schlotfcldt. Beth Schlotfeldt. Kari Schmaltz. Carolyn Schmaltz. Dennis Schmaltz. Jay Schmidt. Dale Schmidt. David Schmidt. Deb Schmidt, Howard Schmidt. Steve Schmidt. Steve I s Schmil. Kathy Schmitt. Lyle Schmitz. David Schmitz. Laura Schneider. Kerry Schneider, Richard Schneider. Suvan Schneider. Wanda Schock. Dawn Schock. Debra Schocnig. Kim Schrocdcr, Carolr i Schucii. Jeff Schub. Larry Schuler. Alan Schultz. Denise Schumacher. Pete Schumaicr. Wayne Schumakcr. Bruce Schumann. Stacy Schuster. Randy Schwab, Bob Schwab, Gerard Roger Schwartz. Connie Schwartz. Scott Schwartzcnbcrgcr. Sue Seibcl. Ivy Scidlcr. Glenn Severson. Connie Severson. Dean Shcftc. Mary Shelton. Rebecca Shclvcr. Sheila Short. Linda Shorlridgc. Tracy Sicmicniewski. Stephen Silbcrnagcl. Betty Silk man, Shawn Simek. Gary Simenson. Larry Simonson. Scott Sims. Cindy Sippcl. Dana Skaarc. Cindy Skelton. Bruce Skorheim. Jay Skramstad. Kevin  ! 1 I Slabik. Peter Snvedshammer. Vicki Smcll cr. Kcnada Smith. Brad Smilh. CimJy Smith. Connie Smith, Greg Smith. I.ori Smith, I.ori Snell. Patrick Snow, Ken Snuslad. Sheryl Snyder. Dixie Solum. Elizabeth Sonderby. Scott Soper. Dale Soper, Dean Sorch, Donald Sornxin. Jeff Spaeth. Dean Spaulding. Nadine Spaulding. Tom Spcidcl. Craig Sperry. Ross Spiekcrmcicr. David Spit cr. Jimmie Spil cr. Paul Stach. Gloria Stack. Ray Stahl. Greg Staloeh. Steven Slangcland. Jean Stanglcr. Joel Stanislowski. Jim Stavem. Mark Stead. John 8? I Sleekier. Calvin Steen. Paul Slcgman. Phyllis Stein. Rodney Stcinkc. Richard Stenberg. Dwight Stenerson. Cindy Stcnsland. Cindy Stephens. Todd Stieg. Alan Stincr. Tint Stoddart. I.auric Stollman. Larry Stoll , l-d Stolt . Rocky Stone. Lori Storley. Shane Strait. Diana Strand. James Strandc. Dave Straub. Rhonda Straus. Wayne Strei. Marlene Streitz. Terry Streylc. James Stroh. Angie Siroh. Keith Strom. Paul Stromberg. Kan Stubstad. Tim Stuchrcnbcrg, Terry Sluevc. Douglas Stutsman. Hal Suda. Lisa Suck. Mark Suhr. CraigSS7 Sul lc. Robin Sumption, Patricia Sundby. Gary Sussex. Kent Xssalley. Ken Swanke. Bill Swanson. Kirk Sss.itf.igcr, Connie loss ski. Randy Sssegarden. Jeff Sssenson. Art Sssenson. Kent Swiontek. Joe Syverson. Jeff S)verson. 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Carolyn Viken. Brad Viland, Tint Vlicnt. Doug Vocller, Allan Vogel. Julianna: Voigt. Douglas t Voigt. Kari Volk. Janice Volk. Linda Vorachck. Lynn Vosberg. Traill Vosgerau. Kathy Wade. Lana Wagner. Wayne Wahlcr. Bev Wald. Duane Wald. Karen Walcn. Richard Walcn. Stuart Walhovd. Bill Walter. Holly Walt . Kay Walt . Roger Walt . Wayne 93i fiaafifuMn _____________________________i X ■ i I Wanulcy. Craig Wang. Hob Wsimicm. Carl Wallcrton. Kevin Wattcrud. I.ynn Wattcrud. Tony Wayne. Belinda Weber. Jim Weber. Mark Weber. Paul Wegner. Robert Weigel. Clara Weigel. Duuaync Wciw. I.orin Wcndvchlag. Curl Weninger. Baity Wcningcr. Tom Went . Joy Wert . Paula West. Tracy Wesiby. Paula Wester. Kandy Wetzel. Jeff Wetzel. I.ynn r- r- Whalen. Miehac Whitefealher. Guy Whimore. Bruce Whitntore. Kin» Wichmann. Tom Wiebusch. Larry Wiederrieh. Wayne Wiemann. Barbara Wiescr. Joan Wicst. Lucinda Wileman. Duane Willard. Bill Willemsen. Norma Willell. Tom Williams. I.auric Williamson. NVaync Willis, Jamcy Willoughby. Gary Wilson. Hill Wilson. Margaret Wilson. Steve Wimlish, Beth Winn. Tim Wisdahl. Scott Witte, Carrie Wojalin. Darwin Wolf. I.oncttc Wolf. I.ynn Wolf. Ritchie Wolff. Dave Wolfgmm. Diane Wolters. Rodney Wong. Dean Woods. Rob Woodward. Patricia Woolridgc. (Jail Wurtz, Bryan Wuriz, Dorinda Wyum. Tom Ycllowbird. Monte Yeska. Della Mac Yincman. George Yoder. Weldon Young. Mark Youngman, Kathy Zach. Kenneth Zacher. Beverly Zachmcicr. Bob 95 Zahn. Cheryl Zainiiofsky. Josic Zavalney. Craig Zavalney. Joan Zcicn. Cordell Zclmcr. Barry Zender. Calhy Zidoti. Dennis Ziegler. Pairiek Zieske. Ueth Zimmer. Monte Zimmerman. Doreen Zink. Chris Zink. Teresa Zlulicky. Brian Zochcrl. Dean Zubrod. Joe %I will not think that I have Failed, Or lived my life in vain. If to my credit I shall find One friend to be my gain. And Tho‘ the Road of Life is rough, With mountains hard to climb; I find there’s joy along the way, And the journey, it is fine. If there’s a friend beside me; To cheer me with his song, To smile his understanding, When everything goes wrong; It gives me strength and courage, The Mountains to ascend, And I find that Life’s worth living; As long as there’s a friend. Then be not hasty when I’m gone, To say I lived in vain, Tho’ ghosts of many failures, Like monuments remain, But when Life’s sun is sinking, And I reach my journey’s end; Then count my earthly riches In the number of my friends. Author UnknownAarcstad, Julie Almcn, Lydia Ambuehl. Wanda Anderson. I.ynn Andres. Karen Axclson, Alicia Becker. Lori Berg. Janice Bjorland. Jerri Bolgrcan. Tammy Boushcc. Christine Corlcil, Cynthia Craft. Debra Daugherty. Chrysann Decker. Karla Dhuyvctlcr, Susan Ellsworth. Janet Engelke. Paula V Engel. Kathy Erickson. l.aTona Evansb. Pamela Finley. Ilannclorc Fischer. Bonnie Follctt, Linda Fulsebakke. Shelly Fuxa. Karen Gangl. Susan Gcbharl. Michelle Gefroh. Brenda Graves. Sheila Greff. Serena Griffin. Sharon Groth. 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Marjorie Lunde. Melinda Mahlc. Valerie Martin. John Malhheny, JoAnn Mathre. Maureen Mattson. Barb «• y 1 (V 102Mcland. Dianne Mikkclson. J. Miller. Denise Miller. Linda Miller. Natalie Mohler, l.yndcn Morlana, P. Murry. Judy Naggatz. Molly Nelson. Connie Ohlliauscr. T. Ohuyvellcr. A. Olson. Nancy Ostmo. Julie Ostino. Tammy Parent. Cathy Paul. Connie Rosemary Pluto«skc. Clare Quant. Diane Railc. Rose Rippy. Linda Sabc. Donna Scallon, Nancy Schcrcsky. D. Schmidt, Rosanne Schneider. Kathy Secfrecd. Donna Shancr, Hazel Sicmicnicwski. RoscAnn Sicbernagcl. Sandra Sime. Tackic Smith, Penny Spiclman. Joan Stack. J. Steffens. Shannon 103 Strout. Linda Stucvc. Diane Swenson. Deb Ternes, Carolynn Thiel man. Karen Thompson. Kathy Trvasiad. Carol g Vchulck. Julie I Weisjerber. Mary C Weninfer. Mary I1 Went . Sheila .tch. Teresa Zander. I.ois I s ; 104 -------------------------------------------------- ' ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPOR TSNDSSS FOOTBALL This year's NDSSS Football season ended with a 3- 6-0 record overall and a conference record of 2- 4- 0. The Wildcat’s destroyed arch rival BJC with a score of 37-7, and further destruction came when the Cat’s blanked Fergus Falls 28-0. Mark Gablcman was selected all-NDCAC and all-Rcgion XIII. Defensive tackle Dean Spaeth, and Linebacker Mark Holy, were also all-Rcgion XIII. Dean Spaeth, Mark Holy, Jon Bolstad, and Ken Flcckcnstcin were all NDCAC Honorable Mention. Team captains claimed all the awards voted on by teammates. Gablcman was named best Offensive Lineman. Flcckcnstcin claimed the Most Valuable title. Spaeth was chosen best Defensive Lineman. Best Defensive Back or Linebacker, went to Holy. FRONT from Lefi to Right: Ned Nastrom, Neil Christensen. Mark Gabel-man. Jon Bolstad. Dave Honcyman. Spike Keigtev. Greg Stahl. Russ Huschka. Dave Kuchn. Vaughn Salrcr. Al Jochim. Dean Spaeth. Rick Beck. Rory Klein. James Willis. SECOND: Raul Tiegs. Joe Morgan. Tim llohan-scn. Kevin Watterson, Mark Fox. Randy Walock. Keith Met ger. Jim Thim-mesh. Ron Levi 70 w, Keith Hoistnd. Dave Antil. Clarence Bachntcicr. Mark Holy. Kent Fleekenstein. Jerry Krieg. Al Sadowsky. Clint Davis. John Mor-ben. THIRD: Jeff Swegarden. Randy Farucll. Dan Jonas. Jon Johnson. Ron Flottmcycr. Kurt Lesser. Steve Backer. Tim Frant . Dean Land. Jeff Joy. Dave Schmid. Terry DcSchamp. Todd Johnson. Ken Jensen. Pat Rics. John Hackett. Mike Lordeman. Tony Kabasta. Tom Schlocdcr. Rick Michels. Hector Corominas. 106107NDSSS WRESTLING; BASKETBALL AND FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS 709 Basketball and Football Cheerleaders: Dorothy Kramer. Connie Smith. Tana Dosch. Also cheering part of the year: Linda Bartsch. Linda Short, and two NDSSS Male students Tony and Steve.NDSSS WRESTLING “When the going gets tough, the tough get going, quoted Randy Meyers captain of the NDSSS Wrestling squad. Which is exactly the ease for the Wildcat wrestlers in the past and in the present. This season NDSSS was nationally ranked the entire year, and were rated as high as 2 in the NJCAA poll. Coach Larry McDaniel commented: "We arc a very young but a very good team." Science proved these words to be true the entire year and were the first team in Jamestown’s history to blank the team 45-0. and come back that same day and hand Wilrnar its second loss of the year with a score of 24-22. Science wrestlers all have winning records with few losses. Such as IIS pounder Joe Cyr and heavy weight Kurt Lesser, who each have less than five defeats. Once again the NDSSS wrestling team has managed to keep it's superb record. Truly a successful season. noWrestlers: Front Row From left to right: JocCyr. Mike McDaniel. JoeGanghan. Paul llcgrc, Keith Stroh. Shane Breker. John Vine. John Morben. Ken Maltcrn. Randy Meyer. Greg Schccr. Mike Trusty. Ted’Dobcrstcin. Ron l.cvi ow. Marly Third Row: Tim Clark. Ron Floltmcycr. Dean Spheth. George Fix. Amb. Kurt Lesser. Second Row: Randy Wade. Bill Stickland. Brent Bceehic. IllSCIENCE MAT MEN PIN TO WIN 112113■ ! 114 MEN’S BASKETBALL Wildcat Basketball proved to have much skill and talent this year with a good showing for their efforts. Returning starters Jack Plccily. and Todd Enderson were Co-Captains for the NDSSS team. The season began with a game against the NDSSS Alumni who managed to slip by Science with a score of 90-87. Wildcat's Stacy Conn, a 6'5" freshman forward, dc-throncd the slam dunk champ. Jim Jenkins at the game. 6’9" Mark Suck was also a valuable asset to the team with consistent scoring and valuable rebounding efforts. Coach Don Engen ran a 3-1-1 game defense quite often this season, which was made possible largely by three quick guards: Todd Cameron, Scott Lipp. and Todd Enderson. Among several victories for the Cat's this year They walked away with the Blue Jay Classic by defeating Worthington 70-57. and Iowa Lake 88-70.— NDSSS 1978-79 BASKETBALL PLAYERS Name Yr. Hi. Wt. Position High School White Red High School roach Karlo Albert 6'2 185 r Cantpbcll-Tintah 32 33 Jim McChcsncy Scott Babcock 6'4 ISO F Custer Co. US 30 31 Mike Meredith M. To id Cameron 6-0 170 c; Wahptcon 10 II Lance Wolf Mike Cannon 59 162 G CampbellTintah 14 3 Jim McChcsncy Stacey Conn 6‘5 181 F Grand Forks Central 40 41 Richard Viugcr Todd Lnderson 5'6 152 G Britton. SI) 12 5 John Bruce Keith Hoistad 6‘2 190 F Sargent Central 34 35 Gene Leer Dean Land 6'3 195 G Kulm 42 13 Harold Ingals Scott Lipp 6'l 160 G Brcckcnridge 20 21 Steve Lipp Barry Ness 6'6 190 C Breckcnridgc 44 45 Steve Lipp Jack Plccity 6'6 170 G Fingal 50 51 Luther Skogen Mark Suck 6'9 205 C Holdingford 54 55 Jim Larson Jcrc Thorne 6'6 210 F Brainerd 52 53 Dick Juillcra■ I WOMEN’S BASKETBALL According to Coach Max Rcinkc, the I97S-79 season proved to be the toughest and earliest ever. Although NDSSS was up against some tough four-year schools, they still came out on top much of the time. The improvement during the year showed itself in the second Valley City game. Valley City had defeated NDSSS 95-62 earlier in the season, and NDSSS came back to down Valley City at 69-56. NDSSS had three returning letter women this season: Co-captains Joan Brockhaus, and Jeanne Rettig. and valuable guard Cathy Zenker. The team had several promising Freshman players which gave Rcinkc a good bench. Science victories for the season were: Alumni, Jamestown, NDSU-Bottineau. Fergus Falls. Wilmar, Brainard, Golden Valley. Mayvillc. Valley City, and Bismarck. 118 m m FRONT from left to right: Janellc Lard. Cathy Zenker. DcAnn Adams. Jean Patricks. Cindy Winterquist. Jeanette Varrianno. Peggy Miller. BACK: Beth Dykstra. Lana Rossman. Jeanne Rettig, Lori Leglcr. Joan Brockhaus. DeDe Grinurud. Sheryl Snustad. Bobbin Sehlcn?. Kathy Burl. WOMEN’S VOLLEYBALL The NDSSS Women’s Volleyball team ended the season with all-9 record and some very impressive tournament action. They managed to walk away with the State Championship, and took 3rd place at the Region XIII tourney. Coach Grage commented “We had a strong bench and many women on the team that had never played Power Volleyball before, but we still came on strong." Front from left to right: Shclli Ckmcnlich. List Deal.Gail Pcschcl. Laurie Koenig. Mary Huciincr. Jeanne Rein Lori Lcgler, Nila Schatz. Hack: Carrie Witte. Jeanette Varriano. DcAnn Adanu, Carol Bliss. Cathy Zenker. Nell Lord. Manager. 120  ■ CROSS COUNTRY NDSSS men’s team ended the season on a strong point by capturing third place at the Region XIII meet this year. Faust turned in a 1st place time at the SSS and Valley City dual and a 3rd place at the conference meet at NDSSS. Second year Garth Roller's season was cut short by an injury, but he had a 4th place showing with a 28.16 time in the 5 mile race at Concordia. Women's cross country is a growing sport, and the NDSSS team left their trademark by placing high in all meets they attended. Ober-focl clocked in a 15:00.6 to capture the individual Region XIII Champion title. She also placed 26th in the National meet. Krause had a 16.19 time and took 7th place followed by Wolfgram in 13th with a time of 18:29, in the Region XIII meet. As the team members put it, "Cross Country is a HILL of a sport!" Cross Country Participants; Left to Right; Diane Wolfgram. Debbie Krause, Becky Obcrfocll.ETSPRING TENNIS nossa s Men’s trnnis is a growing sport at NDSSS and the quality is getting better and better. This season the Men’s team finished tied for third place in the NDCAC tournament with Dickinson. Coach Al Grage commented that the team had hoped to finish higher in the conference, yet it was a successful season. Women’s tennis at Science is an on and off sport and a team is formed if there is enough interest shown. Front from left to right: Darwin Wojahn, Mike llollalx.Scott llamplc. Keilh Novak. Back: Jerry Jnrski Brian Eckrc. Bill Sanborn. Gary Christenson. 124 Deb Schtcnkcr. Sheryl Eicholu. I.oni Mocn. Kim Rcitan. Emily Tryba. Kathy Houle.FALL GOLF Good weather was a positive factor this fall for the NDSSS Men's Golf Team. They started off the season taking 2nd place at the Carrington Triangular. Head Coach Don Kngen was very pleased with the golf team as he commented. “It was an interesting season with strong individual performances. Notably Bryan Thurlow at the SDSU invitational, and Russ Jensen's performance at the NDCAC tournament." Thurlow turned in a 74 which was good for second place, and Jensen's score of 17 tied him’for third place and also allowed him to be selected onto the All-NDCAC team. From Row; left to right: Rick Buchner. Rum Jenson. (Ireg Braun. Mike llollal . Back: Paul Steen. Brian Thurlow'. David Hough. _ MENS TRACK Bad weather was a major downfall with Men's track this season. The outdoor season began with the traditional Ban-nanna Relays in Marshal. MN where Science came in with 3rd place. Bruce Penas, voted most valuable, set a school record of 22 seconds in the 220 yd dash. At the Region XIII meet. Garth Roller ran a pcrsonel best in the 800 meter run and got a 4th place rating. Russ Dirks claimed first place in the shot put as well. Other placers through the season for Science were second year hurdler Randy Iwcn. long jumper Rick Becker, and sprinter Tony Lang. Coach Owen Jensen was optimistic about his team and thought the season might have turned more their way with a little more work. From Row-(from left) Clyde Srocstad. David Becker. Rum Dirks. Adrian Biewer. Tony l.ang. Randy Iwcn; Back Row-ScOlt Grabanski. Jerry Kreig. Terry Gotlschall. Kevin Thiel. Bruce Penas. Garih Kollar. Richard Garza. Mike Whalen. Bruce Roberts. Audic Brorson, Hector Cormcnias.WOMEN’S TRACK From row from Icfi to right: Barb Collins. Beth Gray, Joan Brockhaus. Barb Amlcison. Debbie Krause. Lu Gebhardt: Back row: my Kcttcrling. Kathy Schindler. Becky Ovcrfocll. Marianne Mathiason. Cathy Zenker, Vickie Smedshanuner, laiurccn Berger. “If you will it. it's not a dream." remarked coach Dee Jensen of the NDSSS women's track team. And the will-power behind the team was definatety no dream. NDSSS claimed the Region XII. State JC CC and Banana Relay leant championship title. Joan Brockhaus became the National Junior College high jump champion with a record jump of 5‘S". She was also named to the All-American team, along w ith Becky Oberfocll who got honorable All-American from her $ih place finish in the 1500 meters with a time of 5.09.0 at Champaign. III. Marianne Mathiason. Barb Anderson. I.ou Gebhardt. I.aurccn Berger, and Barb Collins also qualified for the national meet. Eleven indoor records fell and nine outdoor. Oberfocll set the SSO. -140. mile and 2 mile records, liver, though Deb Krause, Mathiason. Anderson, and Oberfocll ran the 2 mile relay only once, they managed to set a 10 44.20 record time. The national qualifying 440 yd relay team clocked a 50.9 time. Collins holds two individual records. The 100 yd dash at a time of 11:59 and a 17 5" long jump record. Award winners for the season were Oberfocll. most valuable: Mathiason. most improved: and Krause, hardest worker.FOOTBALL Front: Lyle l ey. Monty Becker. Dale Poppen. Bruce Barker. Back: Curt Bowman. Kyle Kuehn, Brett McAtce. Curt Sage born, Jeff Gagelin, Mark Jones; NP. Joel Krosin; NP. 128 INTRAMURAL CHAMPS SOFTBALL Front Row from left to right: Bob Williams. Scott Sclk. Todd Hnderson. Jeff Schuctl. Second: Pat Marcori. Brian llcrmcs. Steve. Tom Pcpal. Jim Trei. Back: fistus Smith. D.irold Haugen. Doug. SOFTBALL COED Front: Kristi Bonnie Atkinson. Liz Robinson. Merri Gleason. Cindc Dahl. Cheryl Ostrem. Back: Curt Decker. Bob Weisenberger. Jim Glick. Terry Martens. Tom Filkosvski. Jim Strand; NP. MICHIGANnr BASKETBALL From from left to right: Tom Sluirm.i. Clyde Smestad. Kyle Kuchn Middle: Mike Stumpf. Seott Machlcr. Brett MeAtec. Back: K«»' Juntunvcn. Joe Krtnin. BASKETBALL Front: Becky Uriekson, l cb Maueli, Paula Stcnson. Middle: Debbie Newman. Bonnie Atkinson. Jeanne Hartman. Back:Coaeh Dan Baumlcr. Monica Shocknian. Coach Dean Atkinson. MlMNUfclt I ON I CIAHP1IK HTRAMURAl 7 3 ON 3 f CHAMPION i TRAMURil THROr i CHAHPIOX «TRAMURA . 3 ON 3 CiAMPION SINGLES Rick Benson. Wade Davis. Bob Williams. Bob Wciscnbcrgcr. John Sehumachcr; NP: lorn Filkowski. three on three. Jerry Mann. Ping Pong. 123 ■ BOWLING CHAMPS Front from left to right: Larry Zimmerman. Russ Jenson. Teresa Zink. Bev Bonner. Lori Kalmbach. Deb Fulker. Lori Bruesch. Ann Ehlkc. Second Craig Pool. Ron Muhs. Joanne Prct cr. Ken Flcckenstcin. Jerry Krieg. Lyle Schmitt. David Maynard. Linda Hanna. Third- Ron Reiter. Briai Brancsky. Greg Braun. Bryan Thurlow. Kim llauschild. Mike Freeland. ! i TENNIS SINGLES Front: Jean Larson. Nellie Lord. Cathey Zenker. Gwen Ferguson. Coley Peterson. Gayle Pcschel. Nancy Carlson. Jeannie Rettig Not Pictured: Lou Gebhardt, Cheryl Larson, Kristen Johnson. Diane Dawly.STUDENT CENTER v 132136NDSSS ACTIVITIES BUILDING NDSSS ACTIVITIES BUILDING DATA: Overall building si7.c-204’ x 405’ Total floor area in building-99,665 sq. ft. 3M Tartan floor surface in main floor area Main floor activity area-162' x 244 Seating in main arca-5,000 possblc 5 Lane-1 10 mile yd.) track with 60 yd. straightaway. 4 Regulation handball racquctball courts with instructor viewing deck. Olympic size swimming pool (six lanes) (25 yds.) Dance Studio Weight Room Wrestling Room Auxiliary Gym (multipurpose area) Equipmcnt iockcr showcr areas Training room Equal facilities for men and women Facility emphasizes physical education, intramural and recreational activities. PEOPLE WITH DRIVEmmm 1 _ PEOPLE ON THE MOVE Mi— I I u snout From from kft lo right: Roger Jensen. Kevin Boyle. Ruth Johnson. Pal Larson. Jeffrey Loren . Kevin Heap. Barbara Bang, advisor. Back row: Tom Spaulding. Bob Kavli, Ralph Miller. Ron Pickar. Pal Freese. Connie Schwartz. «U Ut ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING CLUB Front: Rick Rosson. Julac Thompson. Judy Nieland. Bev Zachcr. Darlene Osaliuk. Nora Rusiad. Glenn Mocn. Sharon Stokes Back: Kent Vernon. Jennifer llolwcgcr. Karla Youngquist. Kim Klosicrman. Beth Schlotfcldt. Trivian Peters. Kyle Kofflcr. Allen McDanal Front: Billie Nedrebo. Patty Thurn. Jo Ka micre ak. Garth Koller. Middle: Richard Walcn. Jim Callahan. Scott Baldwin. Jc Anderson. Paul Strom. Mark llouvh. Doug Norgard. Duane Naas. Diana Dagman. Back: Robert Wegner. Glenn Roberts. Doni Burke. Scott Simonson. Steve Wilson. Larry Hooey. Craig Hclgavon. Bob Roy. ‘mlI . '■ . MECHANICAL DRAFTING CLUB Through Held trips to manufacturing companies, having guest speakers from various industries requiring mechanical drafting technology, and movies showing various techniques or design and manufacturing methods, the Mechanical Drafting Club docs its part to better prepare future draftsman to the growing demand of industry. ff la Front: Ray Stocked. Don Kicked. Tammy Sa». Kim Matarkey. Wayne Preston. Marty Jorgensen. . Norman !• verson. Ron liberie. Frank Poitra: Back: Carlin Klein. Mark Kjosen. Dean Labouniy. Dean Ben . Monty Cab. David Knutson. Kevin Beard. US! OT CLUB The purpose of the Occupational Therapy Club is to aid the student in deriving the greatest understanding and enjoyment from the occupational therapy course and to provide a public relations service for the Held of occupational therapy. I;rc hm:ir : Left to right: from row; l.uannc Gylton, Judy Harmon. Nancy Kolttad. I.auric William . Jackie Blado' l-mily Tryba. Middle row; Denise Schultz. Leanne Kasenun. Alvina Keller. Janice Hinds. Lanac Radi. Back ro' Lynn Wetzel. Teresa Zink. Verona Hybertton. Sitter Mary O’Brien. Sophomores: front row; Edic Bcrglund. Elaine Jorve. Cindy Sims. Jill Boclter. Sands Kcuhn. Pat Marti. Melinda Deihlefson. Sta Schuman. Back ro»; Teri Henley. Deb Olson. Lorilce Davidson. Janice Terfehr. Denise Chaput, Pam Bern . Doreen Feieherl. Cindy Hind 146 ■ I - ■ HE '• From; left to fight: Bev Olson. Kathy F.vcnson. Julie Anderson. Middle Row: Linda l.ackman. Cindy Johnson. Mary Steffens. Patty Phillips. I.ori v; Beck. Deb Phenofl. I.auri Bishoff. Bev I arsen. Renee Sand. Sharon t.imcsand. Back row: Sandra Haugen. Betty Maueh. Debbie llciik.unp. Tamara Blumhagcn. Deb Premier. Karen Johnson. Candice Boger. Mary Sauter. Carol Gunderson SACAJAWEA CLUB The Sacajawca Club is an organization for all college women. The club promotes cultural, educational, social, and service activities. Besides going to Minneapolis and the Chan-hassen Dinner Theater, the women visit the Indian School and the l.cach Home. Another busy time is when they decorate for the Sweetheart Ball. Front; l.onclla Gablefs. Mercedes Morris; Advisor. Kris Bale. Peggy Thornberg. Sue Sehwart cnbcrgcr. Clara Weigel. Mardi Taft. Margaret Pcschcl. Dawn Fcil. Bach; Julie Nelson. Jok-ttc Heilman. Denise l.v nicki. I.ori Bruesch. Jean Carson. Joni I'cascl. Suvm Berg. Julie Richter. Joanne Grandnlcn. Nancy Marshall. Renee Kudcl. : n r ___y 147Front left to right: Julie Ileitkantp. Ruby Rraatcn. Nancy Olson. Jancll Knox. Maureen Mathre. Cyndi Baenen. Raul l-vjen. Linda Ben Back: Jacqueline Simc. Julie Ovtnw. Betty Kary. Sharon Kenney. Rally Althoff. Mrx. Nadenc l.eny; Advisor. Mary Devine. Wc llint man. Kristi Lee. Sara Daley. Kristi Bailey. I I SPN CLUB AND STUDENT CABINET The governing body of the Student body is the Student Cabinet. With the Advisor’s approval, its authority is used to regulate all student social activities and all extracurricular activiitcs. Front left to right: Paul F.llingson. Anne Bertrand. Becky Oberfocll. Keith Fink. Back: Mercedes Morris. Advisor. I.arry Bachmcicr. Brt Domm. Connie Smith. Sue Schveart cnbcrgcr, l on Tobin; Advisor, 148INTER VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Front left to right: Thomas Dunn. Julie Sch:in . Valerie Voigt. Nancy Bartron. Mark Stavenun, Laura Dotch. Wanda Becker. I.cuella Tellcfslud Middle: Pal Mischel. Steve Knodcl. Pat Auch. filoria Domier. Jane Koth. Wayne linl c. Mathias I angedalcn, l Johnson, Sandy Allhoff. Darrell Pasig. Back: Myron Dicbcrt. Cilenn Mocn. Debbie Renats. Mary Ciunness, Scott Maus. Sonja (iunness. Becky Obcrfocll. David I add. Mark I ilipek. Larry Sinveneon. Front: Tim Christensen. Jeff Klein. James Holm. Randy Hu It Strand. Lowell Johnson. Terry Hagen. Paul Niev Middle: Mary Kurlc. Paula Wen . Corrinc Ladwig. Janis Adams. Dennis Zidon. Kris King. Julie Anderson. Chuck Black. Dennis Ired. Back Fwald Christensen. Kevin Ogaard, Tim Viland. Duane Wileman. Joyce Aasness. Terri l.offclnuchcr. Janis Bartron. 49T_ DECA Dcca is an organization of students enrolled in Business and Distributive Education. Deca has Chapters located throughout the United States. Members participate in many fundraising activities such as: Pancake Feed. Bake Sales, and Cake Walks. Money raised is used to attend conventions and compete in their specific areas of interest. Trophies arc presented to outstanding students at the state, regional, and national level. Deca is very exciting and rewarding and can prove to be very helpful in securing a future job. Front from lefi Jo right: Kathy Lachcr. Tana IXisch. Tom Schlocdcr. Crystal Mclby. t cb Schmil. Back: Mr. Iloscih: Advi: Amu Dix. Laura Revering. Becky Bragg. Mark Pollcrt. Bruce Backer. Nirma Willcmnon. Ricky Bcaucchamp. t arry Korj Front; John Rottad, Su anne Freeberg. Debra Froemke. Ann Tuhv. Mike Mormon. David l.illcntocn. Back; Davie Di Advisor. Marlene Strei. Sue Schott. Randy Nelson. Deb Pherson. Rodney Bye. ISO LL DATA PROCESSING CLUB Front from left to right: Nancy Carlson. Renada Smeli er. Steve Ask. Jeanette lidge Middle:Scott Kroeger. Kathy F.cklund. Pat Pctsingcr. Judy Pederson. Angela Schlccht. Saadi Ulvcn. Cindy Polonsky. Back: Sheryl Snuspad. Karen Johnson, Theda Burgad. Front; Martin Strobcl: Advisor. Barb Anderson. Dawn Feil. Barb Mittleider. Melody Hintmcrich. Ann Pcrkcrcwit .Sandy llokana Middle: Don Mueller. Deb Richter. Chris (iondringer. Bccki Albertson. Sandy Kuchynski. Back; Steve Paul. Curt Bowman. Pete Schamacher. • 51LMS LUTHKRN MISSOURI SYNOD Front from left lo right: Bruce Schunuker. Mark Sehicld . Jeff Gngelin. Brad Viken Back: Marianne Matliiav Mary Steffens. Rodney I ntz. Kathy Fnochson. Denise Schull . LCM Lutheran Campus Minisicry meets weekly at Bcthal Lutheran Church or at the Student Center for the purpose of studying the Bible, singing. Christian fellowship and prayer. Some of the members have taken part as guest singers or have sung in the choir during regular church services. 1S2 Front: Craig Nelson. James Holm. Becky Klaudt. Alan Kramer. Susan Buschc. Lynn Wetzel. Back: Wayne Br.iatcn. Tom Tcikc. Gary Dunnick. Tc Obon. Danny Johnson. I.anac Radi. Rev. Bob Olson.S.A.B Front from left to right: Sherrie Hanson. Joni Fauci. Kathy Bacnen. Judy Nicland. Warren Olson. Advisor. Back: Rob Bullock, (ireg Stahl. Don Kickcrt. Bev Zachcr. Scott Slavs. The Student Activities Hoard works together to make the year at SSS exciting and memorable. They plan and organize entertainment that will take place on campus through the school year. They provide dances, movies, and holiday parties for all SSS Students to attend. YOUNG REPUBLICANS dd Front: Harold Bruschsvein. Laura Revering. Dayle Diet . Amy Dix. John Doering. Back: l.arry Korgcl. Tom Teske. Tom Sehlocdcr. Craig Nelson. Sid •- • -. — Bff?-1 ■ REFRIGERATION CLUB The Refrigeration Club Promotes Spirit, friendship, and knowledge in the field of refrigeration. In the spring of the year the club took a trip to Minneapolis to tour the factories there. From from left to right: Dennis Quam. Brian Glynn. Daryl I alurnus. Rob Audrys, Jay Koeppe. I.arrv Arndt. David Dahl. Fric Milki Middle: Dennis Holt . Tim Doerr. RobOgren. Marcel NVirth. Sic Rawls. Rick Thorcson. Calvin Sleekier. Doug Kadlec. Back: Bill Willarc Dow MeAlpin. Jim LaMoinc. Jay Moeller. Advisor. George Dakin. Scott McDonald. Kevin Reff. Mark lillison. Dean Mathiason. Jet Gilbert. AMATEUR RADIO CLUB The Amateur Radio Club at NDSSS receives and passes along emergency information messages and important weather information. They also communicate with other amateurs in the United States and throughout the world. From left to right: Mike Keith. Mark Schicldv. Terry llagcn. Dave Dunsmoor, David Brueni. Paul Nics.nv I. T I Front from left to right: Sandy Kuchynvki. Ann Pcrkercuic . Anne Bertrand. Donnn Knapp. Carmen Kavouvk. Second: Al Sticg. Ken Tcschcr. Dennix. Zidon. Charles Black Third: I jura Dosch. Mercedes Morris. Barbara llocgelc. Melinda Rcthlofsen. Dent- Chjpui. Father Cullen. Chcrie Retlerralh. Kim Malarkey. Fourth: l.arry Bachmcier. Mark l-.mter. Dale Vanya. Diane Kcinpold. Doreen Fcickcrt. Janice Terfehr. Sandy Althoff. NEWMAN BOARD The Newman Board is composed of selected Catholic Students that direct church functions. The board meets monthly to discuss church business and delegate duties for the following month. The board assists in teaching religion classes at the Indian School. FOOD SERVICE The Food Service Club attempts to develop a sense of fellowship and professionalism as well as intcrclass coordination for the betterment of the individuals involved and those touched by the club's endeavors. Front: l.ori Kalmback. Dixie Snyder. Bev Bonner. Deb F.llcstad. Julie Knoell. I.ynn.i Kocbernick. Lorcll Johnson. Della Yexka. Bonnie Novotny. Linda Sapp. Back: Neil Rittenour. Advisor. Bill Stickland. Steve Chamley. Doug Kalmbach. David I loldingcaglc. David Hough. Greg Wishart. Wayne Wiedcrnch. Barb McFarlanc.ES CLUB The Environmental Systems Department has five divisions: Plumbing, Sheet Metal, Boiler Operation-Plant Systems. Cooling I Icating Equipment Servicing. Cooling and Heating Systems’ Layout. The purpose is to promote friendly relations between the different divisions and to provide an exchange of ideas between them. Front Row from left to right: Gary Nysvccn. Kesin I bach. Mark Stow.Steve Sondcrland. Tcrr llcrsch. Bruce liallMcbcr. Joe Perry Casey Berocnl. Kevin Slate . Gerald Abcrlc. Joe Cich. Middle: Mr. Abbott; Advisor, Richard Kunt . Dale Mariot, Duane Wold IXnig Hanson. Rick Schilken. Mark Morrison. Wayne l:nt c. Roger Tessin. Spike Keiglcy. Back Bill ahradka. Gas Ion llclgcson Kent Klein. Jeff Pochant. David Hammond. Rick Sanders. PARTS TRAINING CLUB Front: Tim Dahlgrcn. Jackie Kunt . Randy Bohach. Aon Brandenburger. Vanes lluckell Middle: Bob Bruns. Jeff Nelson Myron Vail. Doug Cofcll. Doug Koppclman. Bill Power. Scott Rutherford. Larry Mitchell. Back; t.isa Marchand. Denni-Zohhcn. Paul Schindler. Tom Koushkouski. Joe Billing. Roger Walt . Mark Meier.ELECTRICAL CLUB The Electrical Club is an organization with the Electrical Technology Department. Members arc both first and second year students. The purpose of the club is to give the members a chance to enrich their knowledge or the field while having a good lime, on tours, field trips, social activities. and recreational activities as well as various campus attractions. I f°nl from left u right: Hill Trailer. Rive Irank. Tom McCabe. Michael llamon. Perry Tom Heaton. Tony Scheming. Middle: im liner, Micbact I lastck.i.ix. Tom I leek. l on Pcplo . Tim Pull. Scoll McKay. Jeff Wet cl. Myron Ciefroh liack' Sicvcn I arvon. I jb% ad •i ncs. Bob llcrKlcr%hol. Scot! Sanxburn. Gary Job moo. Doug R.ixmuwon. Bryan Wurt . Glenn I ret land. I ron! Row: Ralph Gardner. Rob Bullock. I.ori Beck. George Yineman. Second: Kurt Sicgcri. Sid I'iucrcr. Todd Stephen . Gary Pcighlal. Kevin Moe. Kenny l.eicr. Bill Drewry. Dale Zimmerman Third Row l.arry Garriiton. Jamcc MaitCMMt. Bob achmcicr. (iary Markwarl. Jeff Kilber. Tim Nordick. Wayne Strau . Marco llinsvcrk. Back Row Howard liiierer. Sieve llolweger, Duane Balm. Mike llcrk. Bob Efimenko. Jeff l.indner. Roes I .a non. 1S7AUTO MECHANICS Auto Mechanics is an organization of young people interested in the mechanics of auto repair and up keep. They tour manufacturing plants in large cities such as Minneapolis. The members arc highly interested in the betterment of themselves in automobile technology and social activity. FRONT from l.cfl to Right: Dasid llabigcr. Roy llakanson. Jim Busch. t.CC Titus. Keith Knight, Gerard Schwad. I.ynn Anwilcr. John Klu ak. Jir llcndcrshot. Daw Wolff. SECOND: Brad Smith. Claire Hberhardt. Danny Linurson. Whites Schuctt. Steve Lorenz. Jerry Rckow. Jeff Achtcnbcrg, Kevi llochsprung. Dale Myrvik. Larry I.arson. I-RON1 from Left to Right: Kciin Carlson. Arlyn Johnson. Dennis Sehmaltz. Mile Whalen; Wayne Sehumaicr. Secretary; Rick Folkcstad. Doug Paulson. Mike Anderson, Gabriel Rcauchman. Loren Klebe. SI-CONI): Wayne Gapp. Js hn Twcil. Paul Hanson. Don Underwood. Dick Randall. David Briss; Chip Swenson. Treasurer; Dave llorejsi. President; Cary Schulz. Vice President; Herb Doclc. Guy Heffta. 1SBWELDING CLUB !} i n s FRONT from l.cfi lo Right: Dan Ryckman. Bob Meyer. Dale Fcllig. William Boomer. Keith Overland. SECOND: Jeff Beskoon. l.aVern Knudson, Mike West. Denny Byers. Duane Andersen. Terry |.ar«on. Dave Roberts. THIRD: Paul Jacobson. John Westman. Tom Wilkmssen. Kevin Brandt. Dave llonctman. Rory Klein, Blake Ding. FRONT from Left to Right: Perry Poitra. Brian llodcnfield. Keith Hanson. David l.indcmann. Bruce McLaughlin. SECOND: Mr. Westfield. Bryan Rau. Randy Brintnell. Rodney Stein. Mike Maliskc. Charles Lee. Lyndon Kok. THIRD: Alan Tong. Randy Schuster. Larry Olson. Fred Devia. Jeff Pesek. 1S9AUTO BODY I roni from left to right: Kiel: llcalh. F.vory Splitt. Jim Moc. Ran«l Atisk, Back: Scott Nygaaril. Steve Selland. Jin Nuclle. Terry Walter. Philip I auer. Gayle Momcrak. I an Veer. Front: Cliff Myren. Brian Nitsehke. Ron Flottnveycr. Mark Brasol. Harley Ulmer. Middle. Wesley l.arson. Mark Allsion. Keith Metzger David llclgcson. Tom Bogers. Paul Antes. Mark llruby. Kent Hock tra. Gary Willoughby. Back: Arvid Kracmer. Jerry Olson. David Olson. Mike Prosby. Paul Ring. Kelly Johnson. 160 The NDSSS Auto Body Club is to promote fellowship, unity and cooperation between first and second year students on various projects. They have educational activities, demonstrations, and films of the member's interests. A Scholarship Award was established by the Class of 1971-72. Some of their activities arc; football, a float for Homecoming, AB banquet, broom hockey and barbecues. Front from left lo right: John F.ngclkc. Scon Petersen. Bob Palter. Alan Johnson. Bob Rice. Richard Bahm. Back: Keilh Kinder. Mitchell Mam. Bryan Westfall. John DeVinc, Larry Kaihrein. Jim Lund. Vincent Sprague. Robert Moore. 161 Front: Bill Baukter. Mark Curtis. Dana Anderson. Forrest Brandi. Craig Martin. Larry Bachmcicr. Greg Fcllon. DonGohner. Middle R Goroski; Advisor. Dennis Her. Don llardyman, Laverne Kroctsch, John Gaffney. Byron Norsby. Michael Mclby. Roger Schwan , Dale Mann. Bob Howitz. Back: Mark Klundt. Jerry Bell. Joe Pa dernik. Bruce Kubsta. Rick Kolpin. Keith Hoistud, Brian Moen, Brian Daucr.RODEO CLUB MACHINIST CLUB Front from left to right: Darscy Klatt. Perry Moser. Scott Odegaard. Tamma Fischer. Diana Dlfitun. Brad Brausc Weldon Yoder. Back: Tim Braun, Karl Feist. Bruce Kubista. Gerald Pischcl. Mark Rodackcr. Dana Sippet. I.arr Fandrich. Ren Tcschcr. Jeff Keyes. 162 Front: Allan Vocllcr. Dean Mittag. Jeff Hit . Greg Jacobs. Brad Meidingcr. Jeff F.rbclle. Glenn Johnson. Middle: Robin Carlsor Keith Ross. Randy Dufault. Toni Filkowski. Tracy Grow. Bob Rolf. Marvin Fandrich. Back: Joel Kunt . Brian Maes. Do Oakland. Daniel Boc. Kevin Thiel. Jay Rasmussen.FOREIGN STUDENTS From left 10 right: Ernesto Chacon. Colombia. South America; Miss Morris; Jack Chotikul, Thailand: Morten l-ntagh. Iran; I'arshid | llamcdi. Iran; Uadi Abbas. Iraq; Kavoos llamcdi. Iran: lluscin Ali HamnMMid. Lebanon: Javad llamcdi. Iran; Emmanuel Antioch. Ghana; Pablo Mcinhold, Venezuela; and Kinicna Kindaro. Truck Island. Micronesia. Not pictured: Frank lla clman. I iji Islands, PRINTER’S CLUB The members of the Printer's Club arc Graphic Art and Journalism-Printing students. Through this club they can improve their understanding and skills of printing. i Front: DeDe Kolle. Dean Knutson. Joan Sander. Cathy Cuddmgam. Darlene Horner. Deb Markegard. Joyce AAsness. Second: Advisor, i Mr. Joe Blouiu. Gary Kamroswki. Bev Kuttcr. Cheryl Tischcr. Jcaninc Anderson. Ikmtc Messner. Cindy Metcalf. Sherri llanvon. Third; I Dawn Nitschkc. Kathy Rahrich. Pam McCormick. Alan Kukert. Rick Araskojt Fourth: Scott Maus. Kaylenc llaizcnhihler. Sue Rcicrson. Shari Frank. Paul Ikrg. Don Pederson. Mark Fox. fifth: Tim l.ovold. Peggy McMahon. Phyllis Sicgman. Dorothy Kramer. Tammy Hunkins. Angie Vaplon. Paula Wertz. Sixth: Paul F.llingson. Brenda I ce. Lyle Wakn. Kathy Whitten. Cher Anderson. Keith llasbargcn. Monte Zimmer. Donna Crume. Stephen Delcski. 163164 POMPON GIRLS AND PHI BETA LAMBDA A group of attractive, enthusiastic. pretty girls form the SSS Pompon Girls. They put in many hours of practice in order to help encourage school spirit at games, and entertainment at halftime. The purpose of PBL is to provide opportunities for post-secondary and college students to develop vocational competencies for business and office occupations and business teacher education. FRONT from Left to Right: Angie Hew. Susan Buschc. Nancy Koctr. Jan Barton BACK: Susan Hill. Ren. Roller. Una Wade. Patty Phillip . Teddi Odegaard. Julianne Vogel. FRONT from Left to Right: Nadine Spaulding. Reporter; Pant Brakcl. Secretary; Kay Little. Historian; Kathy Enochson. State Corresponding Secretary; Bill Sprung. Slate and Local President: Pal Carbone. Treasurer: Steve Ad. Vice President. SECOND;Sandy Coffey. Sharlcnc llclcy. I.ona Muchlcr. Lori Oalrcll. Shclli Clcntcntich. Julie Schan . Karen CrabansVi. Lynette Job. Laurie Stoddart. THIRD: Carolyn Dahl. Julie Meyer. Rachel Prushek. Kris Bale. I cb Thomas. Joan Berg. Scott Kroegcr. Cathy Eagan. Randy Nelson. I uclla Trccker. I.isa Suda.VETS CLUB The purpose of the Vets Club is to attune themselves to affairs of the community and whenever possible, assist with labor or funds on and off campus. They also participate in intramural functions on campus. They also assist Veterans whenever possible. FRONT from t.cfl lo Right: Don Mikita. President; Jerry Blix. Vice President: Marv S.nhcr. Secretary; Paul Bohrer. Treasurer; Paul Grinde. Sgt. At Arms; Thomas Dunn. Chaplin: Esen. Historian. SECOND: Sweetheart Jolcne Gion. Candidates: Julie Schan . Anita Petron, Paulette Efimenko. Sweetheart Ivy Scibcl. FRONT from Left to Right: Paula Krcbsbach. Connie Schwartz. Kenneth Ru icka. Randy Petron. John Penner. Allen Grant. Mark Schaffer. Bill Greenwood. Earl Sorenson. SECOND: James Baloxki. Ron Ryan. Rodney Kubischta. Jeff Marlin. Ronnie Aberlc. Ellis Amundson. Wade Sisertson. George Scherer. THIRD: Doug Kalmbach. Doug Rasmussen. Lynn Sevigny. Pat Mischcl. Tom Wiehntann. Bob Efimenko. Jerry Jarski. Mike Morrison. David Hough. Jerry Braun. 165DIESEL MECHANICS Diesel Club provides a better understanding of the job opportunities by taking field trips to manufacturing sites, diesel dealerships and repair shops. Members concentrate on improving leadership and dependability through committee and club participation. FRONT: Keith Altringcr. Patrick Becker. Vern Muscha. Steven Schmidt. David Timian. SECOND: Weldon Yoder. K Neater, Gary Merger. Rodney Kubischla. Steve Sailor. Mcrl Paul. Chuck Beck. Kevin Knudson. THIRD: Terry l.aufcr, J KoMctccky, Tom Kassun. Jay Skorhcim. Dan Pfciflc. Mike Fcizcr. Steve Sandven. FRONT from Left to Right: David l.angcnwallcr, Arnold Benson. Mark Richtsmcicr. Mark Gubrud. Terry Custer. Larry Fandrich. Robert Morris. Gerald Pischcl. SECOND: Pat Itauge. Advisor. Rich I ocrtsch. Jim Schilt . Gerard en. Todd Olson. Flint Kasowski. Harold Hanson. Kenneth Weigel. Bill Walhood. Kent Swenson, Bruce Moffitt. THIRD: Wayne Wagner. Orin Gedrose. Scott Edingcr. Allan Johnson. Terry Meyer. David Gannon. Mark Berg. Kent Hughes. Kirk Akerson. 166ET ■ irk ay Front Row from left 10 right: James, .ink. Guy llcfta. Richard Gar a. Stephen Dclcski. Steve Oakland. Back Row: Bob Olson. William Boomer. Allen McDanal, Kirk llelfcnstcin. Russ Bjorlic. Dan Klingcns-tcin, Raul Wnwers. ARCHERY CLUB AND WILDCAT KITTENS The Wildcat Kittens arc a hard working group of girls who take turns as hostesses for many college functions: Homecoming Receptions, at college assemblies, graduation, open house. Parent’s Day, etc. They perform such tasks as pouring coffee, ushering, handing out pograms and arc the official SSS greeters. A willingness to work, friendliness. good grooming, academic standards, arc some of the qualities rccomcndcd to become a Wildcat Kitten. Front Row: Tracy Shortridge. Ruby Kaseman. Bev l.arson. Diane Johnston. Karen Frolck. Back Row: Beth Schlotfcldt. Betty Jilbernagcl. . Tami Gillcs, Jolenc Derry, Denive Ly nicki, Pal Larson, Not Pictured. Barb Tobin. 167 ■■ mailtmWOMEN’S RESIDENCE HALL COMMITTEES Each of the dorms has a Women's Residence Hall Committee. The girls plan activities and entertainment to be held at their dorm, during the year, such as coffee houses open to the rest of the college, dances and card parties. RILEY FRONT from left to right: Jill Boelter. Barb Haegele. Ann Perkerewicz, Jan Bartron. Cindy Cook. BACK: M Adrian, Ruth Johnson, Rebecca Hoffman, Bertha Gladuc, Sharon Stokes. McMAHON FRONT: Wanda Schneider. Kathy Richman, Marcy Twiner, Teresa Fischer, Ruth Ketterling. BACK: Kathy Lacher, Cindy Vigen. L Sturbugson. WALTON- SCHULTZ FRONT from left to right: Holly Walter, Lori Dalzell. Janet Patchkc. Patty Hoff. Donna Burke. BACK: Sherry Hropko, Jcrcnc Dallmann. Pam Hagle. Vickie Smcdshammer, Cathy Eagan. FRONT: Teresa Metzger. Anne Bertrand. Patty Phillips. Connie Schwartz. MIDDLE: Dorothy Kramer. Laura Revering. Darlene Deike. Diane Johnston. Jolettc Heilman. BACK: Kathy Youngman, Karen Wald, Kim Bernstein. Beth Stahlhut. Mary Arndt. Ann Brandenburger. FORKNER 169MEN’S RESIDENCE HALL COMMITTEES The Men’s Residence Hall Committee is a group of men who attempt to keep dorm life fairly organized. They plan activities, enforce a few rules and assist their fellow students when necessary. Burch Halt: Paul Ellington. Par Stichlc. Eric Miller. 170 Satterlee Hall from left to right: Scott Maut. Mike Plum. Bruce Schimmcl. Joe Traitcr. Doug Bechler. Randy Monrelowtky.ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTYLETTER TO STUDENTS North Dakota State School of Science Wthfitten. North Ot‘oro MOtS May ), 1 79 To lk« Students of NDSSS This Annual reflect tbo story ot tke Sorth Dakota Sute School of Set ac . May Ik picture tal »ord» resalad you oI ««rk and play, of friedt ul Mipkbor . of dreams aad achievement . Tkaak to tk effort of many people, tke State Doird of Kicker Education. tke legislator . a d the tax payer , tie College kaa coaclaucd to (roar. A record number of students enrolled ibis year aad aratled thetriMlees of Ui opportunity provided for them. We sincerely bop your day at Science uere beneficial and coyoyable. -May you do uell in your chosen lifo's endeavor, aad also ea)oy uhat you are dstof ! Very sincerely. J AtL'TT UuLs Clair T. Dllkre PresidentADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL JAMES A. HORTON Vice President of Academic Affairs JOHN G. DOERING President Faculty Senate MYRON KOPPANG Vice President of Business Affairs HERMAN A. LIBERDA Director-Auxiliary Services' CHARLES J. HANSON Vice President of Student Services OR UN D. BARKEN Director- Continuing Education ALVIN C. ECKRE Director-Special Services VERNON E. HEKTNF.R Dcan-A.S.P. Division ROBERT J. GETTE Dean-Business Division SAM L. SCHIMELFENIG Dean-Technical Division DONALD W. STEVENSON Dean-Trades Division EDWARD E. WERRE Director-Athletics_L_. ■I --------------I------------I-------------■------------------■-------------------■ ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Kcalh Borchcrt Gloria Dohman Evelyn F-ink Brenda Fischer Marlyn Frcdcrickson Marlin Galdc Richard Graham Richard Hauck i Charles Hegel Blyane Hclgcson Bernard Hilgers Richard Holm Dr. David Jaehning Lyle Kath Thomas Korth Steven Drohn Mary Kroshus John Larsen Chester Larson Sandy Mess i i i Patrick Miller Mercedes Morris Michael Morrison Carol Odegaard Warren Olson Dale Peterson Robert Peterson Carmen Plummer I Robert Poss Layton Prosser Delray Sanders Arlic Steen Jerald Stewart Larry Stillwell Odin Stutrud Donald Tobin Larry Tritten Paul Wawers Penelope Wilson Werner ZentnerDr. R. J. Casad (Dental Aux.) Ewald K. Christensen (Electronics) Larry Christensen (Data Processing) Lee Christianson (Diesel Mcch) Joseph H. Cook (Htg. Cooling) Bernard R. Anderson (Electrical) Christian M. Anderson (Bus. Law) Erwin J. Anderson (Elcctro-Mcch.) Kenneth J. Anderson (Electrical) Kenneth L. Anderson (S.S.P.) ■! -r Bernard M. Brophy (Electronics) Ronald P. Brucsch (Auto Body) Carol J. Brungardt (L.P.N.) Harold F. Bruschwein (Civil Engr.) John D. Carlson (Prtg.) LaVonne Aadland (Dental Aux.) Robert A. Abbott (Plbg.) Edward T. Adams (Prig.) James G. Aldrich (Soc. Science) Wesley O. Allen (Electronics) Marlys Baumann (L.P.N.) Jocn M. Blouin (Prtg.) Arthur Boss (A.S.P.) Patricia Bramcl (A.S.P.) Roger G. Bramcl (A.S.P.) Mark O. Anderson (Mach. Tool.) Harlan F. Arneson (Auto Mcch.) Dennis R. Bader (Electrical) Duane C. Ballwcbcr (Auto Body) Barbara A. Bang (Arch. Drafting) " I J 3 i ► j r Robert G. Davey (Electronics) Donald W. David (Auto Mcch.) Arnold E. Derkc (Diesel) John F. Derry (Diesel) Dayle Dcitz (Dist. Ed.) John G. Docring (Business) Donald J. Doerr (A.S.P.) Michael A. Dzik (A.S.P.) Robert AC. Egge (Machine Tooling) Kenneth M. Ehlcy (A.S.P.) Julianne Eklund (Business) Donald W. Engen (BB Coach Phy. Ed) Kenneth R. Engh (Electronics) Errol Erickson (A.S.P.) Darrel Essig (Programmer) Jean Evenstad (A.S.P.) Donald C. Fauss (A.S.P.) Jean Freden (Dental Aux.) Donald E. Fulp (A.S.P.) Robert S. Goroski (Auto Body) Allen Grage (FB, Tennis, Phy F.d.) Mary Ann Grage (VB Coach, Phy Ed.) Mary E. Gulbranson (A.S.P.) Roy Hackney (Refrig. A.C.) Edward M. Hanyzewski (Mcch. Draft.) Richard A. Haskell (Arch. Draft.) Patrick Haugc (Diesel) Jean H. Haugen (OTA) Jacquelyn Heath (L.P.N.) Martin L. Heath (A.S.P.) 177 ft I L Betty Hcldstab (L.P.N.) George L. Helm (I.earn. Skills Music) Leah Rac Henke (Business) Charles W. Henry (Electrical) Clifford A. Hermes (Business) Joseph O. Hcsch (Business) Arne K. Hinsverk (Welding) Mario O. Hinsverk (Electrical) Doris Holcn (Dental Anx.) Everett M. Holtz (Diesel) Sherman H. Hoseth (Business) James L. Jacobson (Upholstery) Jewitt N. Jacobson (Auto Mech.) Paul Jacobson (Welding) Delores Jensen (Busincss Track Intra- Mural) Owen Jensen (Busincss Track) Roger L. Jensen (Arch. Draft. Est.) Clifford Johnson (Auto Body) James L. Johnson (Auto Body) Lorentz L. Johnson (Diesel Agri. Eq.) Lowell F. Johnson (A.S.P.) Neal H. Johnson (A.S.P.) Russell E. Kastcllc (Civil Eng.) Eugene F. Kemmet (Diesel) Jcrrold L. Kemper (Diesel) Donald S. King (Business) Walter Kjar (Electrical) Wesley J. Klaahsen (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning) Ralph K. Knudson (Electronics) Don Sebo (Campus Security) 178Robert R. Korinck (Mcch. Draft. Design) Joseph G. Kragness (Auto Mcch.) Tilford Kroshus (Music) Donald Kruckcnberg (Electrical) Harvey G. Laab (Electronics) Kay Larson (Dental Auxiliaries) Robert L. l.emkc (Welding) Nadcnc Lenz (L.P.N.) Dale W. Light (Auto Mcch. Rcc. Engines) Thomas E. Lindeman (A.S.P.Asst. Bask.) Harvey G. Link (Agri. Mech.Ag. Mgt.) Henry A. Loock (Auto Mcch.) Verlin E. Lundgren (Electrical) Eugene A. Marcotte (Business) Carolita Maucr (O.T.A.). Joseph F. McCurnin (A.S.P.) Larry W. McDaniel (Wrestling Phy Ed) Joseph K. McLaughlin (Arch. Draft. Est.) Bjorn B. Mclstcd (Electronics) Harold I. Miller (Envir. Systcms Shcct Metal) Eugene F. Mischc (Electronics) Irvin M. Moeller (Ref. Air Cond.) Monroe H. Mocn (Auto Mcch.) Rene J. Mocn (Learning Skills) Ralph Morben (A.S.P.) Darrell Morrison (Business) Milo K. Mugaas (Auto Mcch) Robert T. Mracck (Welding) Roger W. Nelson (Dental Aux.) David Ness (Civil Eng.) ■ vs■f I I Robert E. Nisja (Chef Training) Nciland E. Oas (Arch. Draft. Est.) Elsie O'Donnell (Develop. Reading) Clinton E. Olmstcad (A.S.P.) Arvid J. Olson (Machine Tooling) Robert E. Olson (Graphic Arts) John A. Osland (Electronics) Harvey W. Ostby (Auto Parts Training) Alan J. Peterspm (A.S.P. Coach) Ronald G. Pfaff (Welding Mobile Unit) David Picchowski (Envir. Systems) Gene P. Pickncy (A.S.P.) Dr. James M. Rasmussen (Dental Aux) John Rcinbold (A.S.P.) Max Reinkc (Math Coach) George A. Retzlaff (Accounting) Ardcith Richter (Secretarial) Lawrence H. Richter (Business) Neil Rittenour (Chef Training) Donald N. Roslcy (F.lcctroncis) Gerald B. Ruetcr (Machine Tooling) Leonard F. Ruzicka (Arch. Draft. Est.) Mary Sand (Art) John Schatz (Auto Mcch) Michael J. Schiwal (Data Processing) Lynnwood Schmidt (Business Coach) Phyllis Schmidt (L.P.N.) Warren E. Schuett(Auto Mcch) Paul J.Schultz (A.S.P.) Kay E. Smith (O.T.A.) 180Donald J. Sperling (Civil Eng. ) Raymond T. Stockcrt (Mccli. Draft. Design) Stanley L. Stregc (A.S.P.) Marlin Strobcl (Date Processing) Clayton Swanson (Diesel Mccli.) Dean Swanson (Auto Mccli) Mavourccn Styf (English) David N. Sylvester (Arch. Draft.) Julian F. Szczur (Welding) Philip R. Thcrou (A.S.P. Drama) Timothy N. Thompson (Machine Tooling) James Tillman (Machine Tooling) Keith L. Torgerson (Agri. Bus. Farm Management) Grant H. Unkcnholz Electronics) Helen Vallagcr (L.P.N.) Lowell E. Westfield (Welding) Ralph I. Viall (Diesel Mccli) Edward Viner (Electronics) Margaret Wall (Secretarial) Lyle B. Warner (Agri. Mcch. Farm Management) Dean A. Wenker (Electrical) Larry W. Whitcomb (Environmental Systems) William J. Yost (Automotivc Graphics)184186 h-STUDENT CENTER Left to Right: BOOKSTORE-Robin Christenson. Carol Odegaard. Janet Singsaas, Betty Veland. Donna Hanson. Marge Berg. Don Young. Ethel Wurl, Judy Korn. FOOD SERVICE-Evic Fink. Florence Raftcvold. Rhonda Fcllon. Betty Nordick, Lcnnac Marsh. Hatti Potocki, Larry Stillwell. GAMEROOM-Larry Tritten, Jan Sanders. INFORMATION DESK-Mary Byron, Alice Ellsworth. Warren Olson. V______________________________________________________KRAUSE MOTORS Chrysler-Plymouth Hwy 81 13 West Paint Glass Auto Glass Art Supplies Picture Framing WAHPETON GLASS PAINT Larry A. Mann, N.L. “Skip" Vandal, Ken Krump “COLLEGE EXEC. PLAN” “The Perfect Plan For The College Man" Prof. Bldg. 118 N 6th St. 642-8900 ITT LIFE INS. CORP. _______________ J VALLEY MOTEL 189STERN’S CLOTHING COMPANY Area’s Leading Young Men’s Store WAHPETON LIOGERWOOD ND Your Friendly Store On the Corner KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS. BULOVA. CARAVELLE WATCHES WAHPETON. ND 642-5170 Give Your Child The Gift Of Music S07 DAK. AVE. WAHPETON G B ORGAN PIANO SEIFERT’S JEWELERSWines - Liquors - Beer 306 MINN. AVE. BRECKENRIOGE. MN PHONE: 643-3134 CC LIQUORS CLIFF LOBERG FORD, INC. Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Massey Ferguson Farm Machinery ALWAYS THE FINEST IN SERVICE ■ MEYERS-JONES FARM STORE INC. WAHPETON. NO 1HOOTERY COMPLETE SELECTION OF WOMEN’S AND CHILDREN’S SHOES AND BOOTS 514 DAK. AVE. WAHPETON. ND 642-6930 191MITH MOTORS Sales, Service and Leasing DAK. AVE. 11 ST. WAHPETON. ND 642-6671 Builders of: SATTERLEE HALL BABCOCK HALL TRADE TECHNICAL NO. 2 WALTON HALL SCHULTZ HALL FORKNER HALL ALUMNI STADIUM COLLEGE COMPLEX NORDGAARD HALL ROBERSON HALL MILDRED JOHNSON LIBRARY DIESEL MECHANICS BLDG. ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS BLDG. PHY. ED. BLDG. STUDENT CENTER AUTO BODY ADDITION HBATING PLANT MEIDE SON INC. V _________ PHONE: 642-2641 WAHPETON. ND EPKO, INC. 631 NP AVENUE FARGO. N.DAK. PHONE 293-9880 235-6651 Camera Store •KODAK •BELL HOWELL •LEICA •SONY •NIKON •PANASONIC •VIDEO EQUIPMENT Audio-Visual Dept. CAMERAS RECORDERS REPAIRS RENTALS PROMPT MAIL ORDER SERVICE COMPLETE CAMERA HEADQUARTERS Photo Finishing Color and Black White Fast Dependable Service Easy Credit Terms Quality-Service Dependability In Fargo Since 1932 FERRELL’S HALLMARK Cards, Gifts Party Goods, and Stationary! 411 DAK. AVE. 642-6431 194 r NORTHWESTERN FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN 615 2ND AVI . N. WAHPI-TON. ND 642-8434 TEEN VILLA Not Just For Teens 308 DAK. AVI . WAHPP.TON 642 6790 CORNER DRUG “Prescription Specialists” D.B. Folden, Prop. 522 DAK. AVE. WAHPETON. ND 642-5595 BUILDING CENTER Featuring Ready-Built Homes HIGHWAY 81 31 W. WAHPETON. ND PHONE: 642-5561We do men's and women’s cutting and hair styling ACQUETS BUILDING WAHPETON. ND 642-3565 ACQUET’S HOUSE OF BEAUTY KELLY’S AND SCOTCHMAN’S Food Beverage Come in and Have a Good Time WAHPETON AND BRECKENRIDGE MINN-KOTA CABLE TV There's more to see on Cable TV CH 4 KXJB, Fargo CH 6 WDAY, Fargo CH 11 KTHI, Fargo CH 13 KFME, Fargo CH 5 Local Weather CH 7 KCMT, Alexandria CH 2 WTCN, Minneapolis CH 3 KMSP, Minneapolis 114 N 3RD ST. WAHPETON. ND (701) 642-5355 HINSVERKS The Business That Service Built RCA Magnavox TVs Magnavox Sharp Stereos Whirlpool Appliances DOWNTOWN WAHPETON 642-6331MoRTHW£ST£Rn Sheet Iron WORKS Dodge Dodge Trucks Corrugated Metal Culverts, Drainage, Contractors’ Supplies LOLL’S DODGE White Farm Equipment 701 4TH AVE. S. WAN PI-TON. NO 642-5541 NORTH DAKOTA Box 1005 WAHPETON. ND SOUTH DAKOTA BOX 1445 WATERTOWN. SD MINNESOTA 701-642-4221 605-886-6700 CONGRATULATIONS . . . May good fortune smile upon you as you chart the unknown future. And may your every wish be realized. GLOBE- GAZETTE WAHPETON. NORTH DAKOTA COMPANY Printers - Stationers - Office Outfitters - Bookbinders North Dakota Legal Forms AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS OF A B • DICK PRODUCTS DUPLICATING EQUIPMENT, PAPER AND SUPPLIESHOLMLY’S HARDWARE Housewares, Paints, Tools, Electrical, Plumbing, Automotive, Sporting. 521 DAK. AVE. WAHPI-TON, ND 642-5544 HANK Compliments Of CHAMBER OF COMMERCE — Ml Mil 1 RSLC frtwl S MV L ' c«rp Yom» ln,4j«o ] lo MO 000 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION “It does make a difference where you save” OFFICES IN MORRIS. BRECKENRIDGE. and BENSONTHANK YOU ... SSS Students and Faculty for being our Special Friends. Dial 642-8585 When You Need Our Services. Publication Commercial Printers ■ ■■ daily news v First Bank of North Dakota Wahpeton Well take , the time to know your, needs. Downtown Bank 501 Dakota Ave. 642-5567 Northside Bank 210 By-Pass Member F.D.I.C. Northside BankBOB’S FAIRWAY OPEN 24 HOURS 202 N 4TH ST. WAHPETON HANKINSON OLSON JEWELERS 506 DAK. AVE. WAHPETON. ND MITZEL RADIATOR AND UPHOLSTERY SERVICE Herman Karen Mitzel, owners 116 S. 6TH ST. WAHPETON. NDSince 1925 Local Distributors Of All Makes Of Automotive And Tractor Replacement Parts-Garage And Filling Station Accessories And Equipment-General Welding Supplies Equipment WA11 PI-TON, N D 642-6629 J.C. PENNEYS The Values Are Here Everyday WAHPETON. ND 642-4131 WAHPETON FLORAL GIFT 312 DAK. AVE. WAHPETON. ND 200CHUCK'S OFF SAX. CHUCK’S OFF SALE For the Finest selection of Wines, Liquors and Beer 801 DAK. AVE. WAHPETON. ND 642-6402 COAST TO COAST SPORTS GOODS. AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES. HOUSEWARES FREE CUSTOMER PARKING 301 DAK. AVE. WAHPETON. ND RAINBOW’S END Waterbeds-Finest In Floatation Sleep Pipes By Savinelli, Crahill Lastrada-Importcd Domestic Tobacco’s For All Your Smoking Needs! 108 N. 4TH ST. WAHPETON, ND PHONE: 642-4023PERHAM. MN ASHLEY. NO MIL8ANK. MN MOORHEAD. MN ELBOW LAKE. MN STURDEVANT’S Wholesale Automotive Parts and Accessories OAKES. NO LISBON. NO HAWLEY. MN WHEATON. MN CASSELTON. ND WAHPETON, ND A Fun Place To Eat And DrinK 202Since 1856 We Buy Belter So You Can. BOST WICKS DUTCHMAN’S BAKERY Cakes, Pastries And Bread KOST BROTHERS 6075 4TH ST. S. 642-3371 CASPERS FURNITURE INC. 7 Levels of Home Furnishings FOR THE FINEST SELECTION IN FURNISHINGS. APPLIANCES. INTERIOR DECORATING. CARPETING DRAPES 403 DAK. AVE. WAHPETON. ND 642-6653NELSON BROS. CLOTHING LTD. THE FIKAL AIIIIOIIITY WAHPETON. FARGO. FERGUS FALLS Aletropolitan SAVINGS AND LOAN Lx LV U' ASSOCIATION 502 2ND AVI . N. WAHPETON For over 50 years, Metropolitan Federal has been serving the Heartland, offering multi-services in order to meet your needs best. Serving tho Heartland NEW OFFICETWIN CITY ELECTRIC Electrical Heating Contractors No Job To Big Or To Small. 315 S. 6th St. Wahpeton 642-8752 PRAIRIE GALLERIES 407 DAK. AVE. WAHPETON. ND 642-5152 OF WAHPETONr STOP-N-GO • HAIR WE ARE • VALLEY CYCLE VILLAGE VALET • BRIAN QUAMME DDS VILLAGE NORTH I6TH AVE 9TH ST N WAHP. MOTOR OIL CO. Floyd A. Swenson, Owner Stop at our Complete Bumper-to-Bumper Service Station for Lubrication Needs. We are Equipped to Handle all Makes of Cars and Trucks Able and Ready to Render Complete and Satisfactory Service, Our Complete Line of Accessories will Take Care of all Your Motoring Needs. SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS WAHPETON ND 642-3121 —i dry CLERNINGJj TED’S DRY CLEANING 90 Minute Dry Cleaning Service 206TERRACE LANES Bowling, Pool, Pro Shop CENEX 9 St. 210 Bypass MATH1S0NS COMPLETE HEADQUARTERS for: •Artist Materials •Drafting Supplies •Engineering Supplies and Equipment Three Catalogs Available: ★ Artist Materials ★ Drafting Supplies ★ Surveying Engineering Request Yours! MATH I SHIM'S i2i3NPA»enu«. PO Box333 Fargo, Nonr OakoU 38102 Phon (701)232-8971 Compliments of WESTERN PAPER COMPANY 2402 8th AVE. N. FARGO. NO 58102 JFIRST NATIONAL DANK of BR£CK€NRIDG€ 'Here to make happy things happen lot you.' ITilM DISCOUNT CENTER 208■N WAHPETON LUMBER COMPANY Home Owned, Millwork, Lumber, Plywood, Cabinets, Insulation, Building Hardware, Roofing Congratulations to all students. 1011 DAK. AVE. WAHPETON. ND 642-3504 LORENZ AGENCY “Where The Action Is!” Dynamic Homes Real Estate Insurance Home Farmland Commerical Lake Property Life Health Auto Commercial Home Owners RICHLAND. WILKIN COUNTIES FOR ALL YOUR RESIDENTIAL NEEDS RELIABLE CLEANERS KEEP YOUR WEDDING GOWN FOREVER YOUNG WITH OUR KEEPSAKE PACK SERVICE 209 nlusic. City Pioneer — Marantz — Sanyo — Records — TapesFARMERS MERCHANTS STATE BANK Anytime Teller — 24 Hour Banking ALTSTATT DRUG Gifts For the Graduate PHONE: 643-3871LONG DISTANCE IS THE NEXT BEST THING V Northwestern BellHardees Inside Seating - Drive Up Service Hamburgers Roast Beef AFFILIATED HOME CENTER : 115 N. 3rd St. Brcckcnridgc 643-9273 Your Family PhotographerGood Luck Science Graduates SHAFER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY For The Better Jobs In The Fargo-Moorhead Area 403 Black Building Fargo ND 58102 Phone 237-9495 Biggest Little COOP In The Valley. RICHLAND COOP OIL ASSOCIATION Tires - Batteries - Tune Ups - Accessories Richard Hicks-Managcr; Ken Hanscn-Ass’t Manager 924 Dak. Ave. Wahpcton, ND 642-5611 COOP 2141 CASEY’S BAR ON OFF SALE Live Music Wed.-Sat. Stop in and See Us BRECKENRIDGE, MN LILLEGARD INC. “Where You Get A Good Deal And A Good Deal More.” IHC. AMC. FARMHAND. HESSTON. LILLISTON. VERSTILE. NEW HOLLAND. NEW WAY LOADERS. FRONTIER. STEIGER 2' MILES WEST of WAHPETON. ND 642-6689 Shop Spies For The Best Quality Savings In Town U.S.D.A. Choice Meats Super Fresh Vegetables Large In Store Bakery Open 6AM-Midnight WAHP. 24 Hours A Day Brcck.N k: h«i I ; l r ’ I $ ? ■ 5 Silica i5f|||!p!.iif liilnimjii w w w w | I r s Ilf! SiJjM iliijliijij!] v 0 0 0 H , 11 i |o3 |o“ , t: ! i fill] ill .Hi? 1 I i I } iJ, rviiu Pm £■- f!!!i?!|J53 i | I I« e infill 5 « i-- = lifijjlj lilil]!l 2 « 8 A I-7 i tnWPi .Hi! i ! l¥i x X - J L-? 1|5 iflSil! I I 3 ! 1 11 s ‘61 s sA a £ J 11! J 5 , JHJiWl - » ? $ ! | |12. t .M- 5 ; 2 U mu O O i CO fMPiMlial Nutn| Fargo »•'»«•. Fwemade F Cook And Chef Training Flip l»Mr. Milk I Cml Gkn Ullm Fndeile. Milk J Fleet ronkt Rkhardlon Baden , T«M a Liberal Am Button ! Jmo L. Fketrkal Gland Fork Fndrn. Paul F Aula M«knm Grind Fork Fngbretht. MkIimI F Me Mm | FSeodak Fngebretton. Tcreca I denial llygeec Pelican Rap J» lapketun. Tracy J. Sheet Metal Fargo Engel. Robert J Hettneal Man Fngelhe. John w AMO Bad) Allamlk Fngdkc. Paala K. Praetkal Nurung Moor bead Fitgct. David B. Arch IVafiiag A I .timalm Crmtux Engel. Kith) lou Praetkal Nurung Crooktton Fngh. Bofgkrld II liberal Ant Wahpeion Fnken. Jeffrey E. ki Admuntralioo Brcckrnr-Jtc Cam, Dink l D. Electrical Wing Inoehton. hath) J Bat Adnutntrilion Wabpeton Fanlad. Oran L-A«to Meehiniet Pea foal Fanlad. Douglat L. IJceuical Paerpont F'Migh. Morten Pre-Medical Moeehead Fin e. Wayne A Coding A Mealing F mfmc Beulah Erbek. Jerftey B Advanced Maclunitt Lehr Frbefc. Ronald J Mechanical Orifling A det 1 am-nrc Tibet, doiglat J fketrkal Barney Frd kh. Utelone A. Liberal Artt Vk’abpcMa Frdekb. I.oak P I iberal Artt Wahpcico Friektoa. Greg A, dietel Mceharict Breckinridge I nekton. John I) Auto Mechankt Grand I'eekt Fikktoa. laloni M Praetkal N'vrtmg Wheaton FncLton. letfce K Dietel Mcehaniet Fcrgtit FaBt Frkktoa. Mirk I-l.kenornct Clrnf-clJ Trkktoa. Kodky MV F.ketneal Grand Forkt Fikktoa. Vkkie L dentil Hygiene WaWpeten Erma a. la Spn Praetkal Sorting Harvey Truk. Gar) A Accenting Nine-Month l ingal l.tify. Diton l_ Arch Orafing fat .malm Uidritixd Etchbach. Irani Von Fniiroamcntal Sjvttmt det drake Fapctaa. Joelkn h Iknlal ll)gicac Park Riicr Filet. Jamet S Cml Henning Flint. Melnta Sfn Praetkal Nurung llartt) Fiant. Pamela L. Practical Narung langdoo Fvea. Leo T Iluuaett Manage mem Cogucll Fientoa. Katherine I. Huunett Mamgemrat Wimbledon Fiction. Norman A. Mcchinkal Dialing A det Erhard Evyen. Paul Spit Practical Siring Graad Forkt l! e. Win C. dietel Mcehaniet Britton I add. Du id W. Coil Dkkinton Fagerbikke. Garih W. Rcfrtg A Air Conditioning Noonan Faldci. Timotk) I. Dietel Mcehaniet Goroick Falla. Maik T. Arch Dialling A Cuinuim Elbow Lake l aadneh. I any 1 dietel Mechanict Manfred randiieh. Lee J Aoio Mechankt Manfred Fandiieh. Martin D Batic Mich ml Carrington Farrell. Kalkeya A Legal Secretary Larimore I'araell. Rand) J. Agn-Butvctt Alberta Fatmr. Sie»ea M But AdmiantiataM Pkrr Fa at. Meet A. Dietel Mcehaakt Golden Valky Fayette. Mark S Kefrig A Air Conditioning Grand Forkt leavel. Wt K Dcatal IlygkOC I engdon ledge. Cindy K OceupaUMil Therapy Atti Rugby ledge. Penny M Medical Secretary Wall prion lehr. John F. Pre-Trade l.lkndak Fehrenbach. Pamela O Pre-Medical largo Fehrenbach. Wayne A Electronic! Fargo Flicker I. Doreen G Occupational Therrpy Atti Denhofr Fed. Da»n I Compater Operator Mindjrt Fen). Alan A Dietel Mechanict Iceland Fern. Karl D Cud Mum Fein. Mark L. Bonnet. Miaagenieni Napcdcon Febon. Greg O Auto Body Pkntywood lefcmia. Wayne M Radto-Tcktttion Tcchaolo Mulo Fcmke. Jeffrey F Liberal Artt llonier Fentkc. Paal A. Auto Mcehaniet llankittoa Fentkc. Seoll A Plumbing Wear Fargo Perch. Krug w. Agn-Butmctt lamourc Fergwen. Gary I.. Dietel Mcehaniet Forett Run Fergaton. Gaendil I General Office Michigan Fergaton. Jeffrey A. Arch Drafting A Etlimiiit Grafton Fergaton. Jill M Medical Secretary St- Rockford Fetich. Randal I. Rad-i-TcleinuMi Tceknoto Grand Forkt Fettif. Dak M. Welding Drive ett Fettig. Miry K. Arch Drafting A Ftlmutin SipcJcon Fetter. Mkhael M Dietel Meehankt Wivhek I ciold. Jeffery D. Electrical Roteau Fey. I.) C A B—vinei% Managrmcnl AtbJcy Fey. Kandy R Aalo Body Kuhn Ficek. Ret A. Graphic Artt Sen Fng'ord Fidgc. Jeanette C. Dp Compiler Programmer Alfred Fiehifcr, Tim F Ante Meehankt SViron Fieehtncr. Joel T. Aato Mcckmct Fargo IkChiner. Randy L WeWmg Ftedoaia FApek. Mark C. F leetneal Miaot Fdko-tki. Donna M Sceacgraphy And Sccrctan Wahpeion Fdkcmli. Thomat P. Advanced Michmil Bnmarck riaek. John A. uphcdvtery Mandan F-h. Keith J Radio-Tcktitmt Tcchaolo Brcwkingt I alley. II ante lore M Praetkal Nurung Moorhead Fite her. Bonnie Jo Praetkal Nurung Srvteton Fiteher, George G. Recreational Fng Service Mebeoi Pitcher. Rote Mark Spo Practical Nurung Rugby Fitcber. Tama R General Bclfkld I he her. Teteta R Legal Secretary Betmarck Fhe her. Tim D. Auto Meehiniet Berlin Tith. Vivian S Liberal Ant Milhiak »it er. Nathan I Dkvel Mechanict Norihnocd Fillcrci. Howard A. Electrical Gkn UBm Filtcrer. Sidney L, Electrical Gkn UIWi Fit. George A Burnett Mii-agement Harvey Fite . Scon I'. Agr. Bennett Wahpetoa Fiaco. Steven L Agrr-fknvincvv Wahpetoi Flaa. Paul A Dietel Mechanict tan Grand Forkt I laa gi . Juk M Computer Operator Pelirt Flu . Hnily J Computer Operator Allred Flanagm, John II. Auto Body Grand Foeka Flaicn. Amy M Liberal Aru Aihky Flatcn. Mark Cooking A Heating Fguipmc Athky I kek. I Sane V Dental Hygiene frothy I kcktnvicm. Ken I . Dkvel Mechankt Bnmarck Iktcher. Brenda K Arch Drafting A Fatima I in lircckcnrvdge llick. David R Dvcvel Mechankt Chaveky Horn. Annette J. I (gal Secretary Fairdak Floret. Manuel Auto Mechankt Bro-ntfRe Ikhlmcycr. Ronruc L AMO Body Rockham lode. Stcten M. Refrig A Air Combi unang Forman Former. IXa»d P Agr.-Buunevt Prtck Foenter. Matthe- I Agn-Buvmett Puck Focrueh. Rkhard L. Dietel Methane. Wy rdmere F oertteh. Sutan R Slerograpby And Secretin Wyndovre Fogel. David A Ft—ntling • argo loven. 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Mkhael D FJectronict Moorhead Freeman. Jae nchac Spta Practical Strung Hicekcnndgc Freeman. Lloyd A Flecirical F'arimoiM Freete. Patrkk J Arch Drafting A Etlimjlin Kent Frtgkn. Rutvel M Auto Mechanict Athky Frcgkn. Stuart A. Auto Mechanict Knlm Frntag. Kathleen J General Offke Wjhpcttm Irenrcn. Joan SI Accotniiag Figkeeen-Month Dickmuao I inland. Gkr.1 II Idectrieal Taoga Frey. Clifford L Jr Cooling A Hcai-ng li|upni Minot Irkkc. Cheryl J Arch Drafting A Fatunalin Bildum Frkte. Kenneth W. Amo Body Nc« York M.llt Frkta. Jaymc L. Upholtlrry Mandan Froch. Karen M Accourcitg Nine-Monk Dumont Froehlkh. David J Sheet Metal McCIviky Irochlich. I ctlk J. EJcctrieal Mandan I rojen. E k O Pre-la- Oaket Frokk. Karen J. Dental Hygiene|ci»ocd Frokk. Paul P Civd l.idgemood I rotelh. Lacmda L Pre-Chircpractk Kenmare Ifothe. Daniel W. Electrical Rechtay Fry . Kenneth Sheet Metal HiBdiy Fucht. Jay M Bm Admumlratrou Wabpeton Fuehrer. Richard E. A law Mechanict Gland Foekt Fugkuad. 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Aulo MraluAM Tojj Weruel. Pal L. Accounting N ae-M«ruk Wahpcton Wend . Mag. Cuem L. Arab Drafting A Luawa Mm Wcmngec. Mar, Spa Praaiiaal Nirune (aaoleoa Weaepr, Pall) A. General Offer Scravfearg WemngC'. Thomai P. Am« Meabiaei Stravbnrg Went . true W. Bin net. Miaipaeu Napoleon W coer. La) I RewKK MaM|«uii Sireaaer W ere . Sbeda Spa Practical Nanaaj Rugb, Wcrbagcr. Jerr, I. Octal Meetaaici «U J Wane. Br an I Aula Meebaa » Walioa Wert . Paula M Graphic Aria Oaket Wni, MAc J. Welding Bauman Weil, Trae, A Aula Hod) Bauman Weelbj. Paata La General OfT Ska,anna Waaler. Rand) L. Mechanical Orafiiaf A Dei Bittaaral Weatcrao. tr|je f. WeMin| Watiaion Waaicrw. Roger A. Arab Drafting A Ealtnutm Wdhvton Wealfall. Br an I. Aula Bad) Reehaa, Wciieua. ioba W. Welding Betted ! WeUfBaL Kunet A. Pkumbang Milan W cttfhal. K,k J Plumbing Minot Wauet. Laffre, O tleaineal Bnmarat Weircl. L)U M Occupational Therap, Am Oh.ta Wc,raucb. Danul W Welding Tioga Whalen. Michael J Amo Mcchnoatt Grand look. 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Their Support Has Helped Make This Book Possible. We Urge All The Students At NDSSS To Patronize These Merchants. The ’79 Agawasie Staff Weddings Largest Photography Studio In The Upper Midwest Passports Portraiture Commercials Restoring 237-3157 Three Generations Serving You ScMbg PHOTOGRAPHY While You Wait Old Photographs 313 Bdwy., Fargo NIELSEN ELECTRIC Sell Service Major Appliances General Electric Zenith 207 S 5th St. Wahpeton First National Bank Of Wahpeton An Affiliate of Northwest Bancorporation Member FDIC AGAWASIE STAFF EDITOR-JOY RISK Well, another year has passed, and thus another Agawasic. Our aim was to capture those moments and people on paper that made 1979 what it was. On these three pages you will see the people responsible for this year's book. Also assisting at times during the year were Tammy Hunkins, Julianne Vogel, Dorothy Kramer, and Deb Krause. Del Sanders was the Advisor for the staff. Our hope is that you enjoy this years edition of the Agawasic. because you’re the reason we have one. PHOTOGRAPHER- ADVERTISING-NEIL NATHAN KATHY ENOCHSONMELODY HIMMERICH MICHELLE KATHY HEJLIK HUFFMAN LORI BECKFROM THE EDITOR: Sudden as i( may seem, another school year has been completed in each o lives. As we look back on the good times spent with friends and the sometimes moments searching for ourselves, it can be said that our time was worthwhile our growth invaluable. 1 guess that's what this book is all about. It's an attem capture these remembrances. Just stop them for a moment, that we might fc recall the reflections of yesterday, with a smile for today. I wish to recognize and thank the Josten's American Yearbook Company and representative, Arland "Mud" Waters, who gave much needed help and ins tion during the production of this year's Agawasic. In recalling the long hours of work spent on the previous pages. I mostly than wonderful staff for the time and dedicated effort shown by each of them. Sf mention goes to Kathy Hcjlik and Melody Himmcrich, who tied for the Valuable Agawasic Staff Member award. Finally, a sincere thank you to those who trusted me with the responsibili editing the 1979 Agawasic. I consider the time well-spent. AGAWASIE 1979 ■r y • • » ■'il □HQ I OCffcJ : S'.. .. i . ' • ■ % S :! ii-o V ' J -Vv - v: 'N £ - y f i( f " v —% • i 7. i ' A t • . -V ‘ • j : i 1 S' i' - . [nr.on •■ i ■ v « . r ■ ■: .... y i T " k . i LIOCJCJ X..— i • rjcju “i rr,r-:n ■ ■’ O- ! i-'jrn N • - .; .. : . . . , J ! lie-30 ; • ' r quo i : . . . . v • - y . •" - « . j N : z - IV 1 . vl I J C • y- ‘ n ‘ ' ‘ ‘ •) I: “N Y j (V o) r i 1 .v - 1. j - • - :. - C” i : . • -. ‘ nnau' t • ... • . noun

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