North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND)

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North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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MILDRED JOHNSON LIBRARY N. D. STATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE WAHPETON. N. DAK. 58075  The year 1974-1975 has been a year of startling and rapid change. This year has seen a president resign; new buildings built on our campus; new businesses entering our community; and political figures fighting for power. Indeed, these and other events of this year have been signs of the time a signal that our world, our nation, our stale, our community and our school has been rapidly changing. Yet the greatest change took place not on the outside, but in all reality, on the inside. We adopted new attitudes, set new goals, and in general became more mature individuals. As we look back upon the 1974-1975 school year, the signs are quite clear the world has changed and so have we. 1975 Agawasie North Dakota State School of Science Wahpeton North Dakotais a sign of time.We adopt new attitudes 4 OpeningWe set new heights of expectation. Opening 7 mm «few V0!?7H DAKQTK STATE SCHOOL Of SCIENCE I We are no longer satisfied to live yesterdayso we strive to become something new and better. Car Companies Hike Prices Nixon Resigns NDSSS freshmen Class Biggesi Ever FRUSTRATING Prices Soar as Recession Nears 10 Signs of Our TimeMEN OUT OF WORK Dollar Sinks M.D. Telethon Nets Millions AMNESTY? Courts Rule Abortions Choice of Mol her NDSSS Diesel Building Shown HO RIVER VAllEy SUCAR BEETS Drought Frost Cut Fall . Yields Farmers Shoot Dairy Animals to Protest Prices Signs of Our Time II 12 -Spring Division’• : S ■ ! ii NDSSS TRACK II AM. FRONT ROW: Phil Solum. Soon Much. l Wiley. Oars Keller. Dwight Oss. SECOND ROW Jim Diedrioh. John Hugos. Joe Roscoc. Jaek Hican. Keith Newman. Soon Hanson. Wade Aa«rn. THIRD ROW: Neil W times. Doyle Fdwards. Mike Duren. Dennis Nelson. Tom Sheets. Hob Schroeder. The NDSSS irack learn finished fourth in the NDCAC track championship meet held at Valley City on May 17. The Wildcats took first place in the mile relay with a record selling performance of 3:21:0. 14 Track ' ........................................................................................................................................................... J- I Golfers Swing On Members of the golf team include: Mark Ouradnik. John Coleman. Boh llirschkorn. Kick Welch. Kevin Burrowers. Mike Holiday. Kim lirick-son, Russ Sailer. Brian Ciray. Jan Bloom. Bruce Waustcn, Richard Norgart, PcepTaba. M' ' This year the Golf team, under coach Don lingen, experienced a trying season as they won only one dual meet which was against Lake Region. The Cat's were also entered in a dual meet against Mayville. a Wilcal Quadrangular. and the Jimmic-Cat-Spartan Triangular. The squad took 5th at the NDCAC meet. iolf isr It’s Moving Up Tennis: a young sport but growing at the State School of Science. A grueling sport: a sport of intense physical and mental competition: a sport of the individual. For the members of the NDSSS tennis team, the season may have been frustrating but the excitement and the drama overcame all other disappointments. Members of the team are Randy Docktor, Duane Kragness. David Plumb. Steve Bossert. Jeff Ncppl. Terry Easton, and Brian l.en mcicr.Softball Season The highlite of the 'prims ua the clashing of the intramural softball teams. Softball is a time to compete ami a time to win. Perhaps (ireen Bay football coacb said it best. "Winning isn’t cvcryihing. it’ the only thing. S« Hh.i|| |7 BHBBB I UMBM BBH We Are Proud of You At the Annual Awards Assembly, honored students received gold, silver, or bron .c pins for extra-curricular activities during their attendance at the North Dakota State School of Science. A bronze key was presented to any student who attained a consistent cumulative average of 3.5 or better while enrolled at N DSSS. The honored students were nominated by the faculty and were selected by a joint faculty-student committee for awards. IX Awards Day kThe Big Book Arrives The 1974 Agawasic Day was an important event for the students at the North Dakota State School of Science. They received the results of last year's hard working annual staff. The books, distributed by the Circle K Club, took on a new’ look. They resembled Bicycle playing cards. They couldn't, however, be dealt out for a game of Whist. AgawaMC Day I )Into the World Go Great Expectations 20 GraduationCommencement exercises were held May 24. 1974. in Bute Gymnasium. Raymond C. Dobson, president and publisher of the Minot Daily News. delivered the commencement address. Degrees, diplomas, and certificates were presented by each of the four deans: Mr. Hektner. Mr. Schimcl-fenig. Mr. Koppang. and Mr. Stevenson. During the ceremony, faculty recognition awards were presented by President Blikrc to four NDSSS staff members who had served NDSSS for 25 years. Receiving the awards were lidward Werre. fid ward T. Adams. Muriel Connolly, and llilding Johnson. Graduation 21 22 hall Division I : I I a HHBBoBMBIBBI Freshmen Class Biggest Ever A total cnrollmcm of 3.130 students was reported at NDSSS lor the fall quarter. 2.136 of these students comprised the largest freshman class of any college or university in a four-state area. There were 1260 students in the Trades division, 810 in the Technical division. 720 in the Business division, and 32S in the Arts. Science, and Pre-Professional division. North Dakota State School of Science is definitely growing. 24 Back to School ■ . ■ --------------------------------------7 .----------------------------------------------------------------------------------!---------------------------------Happiness is . . . Going Back to School "Back w School" means many tilings. It is moving from one home to another, going through registration lines, having pictures taken, buying hooks and tools, shopping, going to picnics and dances, meeting new people, and even starting classes again. Yes. back to school is many things. Back i« SvIhhiI 25 Cats Kingdom Reigns I lie NDSSS Homecoming Committee "as an ambitious group of 17 students that worked extra hard to make Homecoming 74 a success. I’hey planned and publicized many activities: all-college assembly, queen coronation, parade, football game, alumni banquet, concert, and dance. I he weather didn’t co-operate so the bon fire, pep rally and snake dance bad to be cancelled. nun i it Lz t w t h vzimil uuliicl ■ HOMECOMING SAT. OCTOBER 5,1974 Parade 10 am Football Gahe 1:30pm SCIENCE WILDCATS« DICKINSON STATE BLUE HALTS Off XIonKComm); ! I All College Introductions An all-college assembly was held for the purpose of introducing the football and cross country teams, cheerleaders, homecoming committee, and the queen candidates. C ampaign speeches were given. Queen candidates were: Standing: Bev I indstrom. Charlene Shyphowski. Sue Trainman. Barbara Mueller, Carol Stevenson. Silting: l.ori Giwoyna. Carol Mar-tlila. Karen Peterson, and Pam Me-Quay. Homecoming 27 Here They Come As in the pasl. ihc NDSSS ha ml led the parade which was then headed by the Grand Marshall B.J. W illiams. The NDSSS Vets C’luh had the first place lloat in the parade. Placing second was Auto Body, with the Printer's Club taking third. The l.leclronics Club received honorable mention. Top honors for the hand went to Sargeant Central of I orman. The NDSSS Homecoming parade was great. X B v ' fV % V v.m ' • " Jfej r-' Game Dampens Wildcat Spirit Homecoming ‘74 was slightly spoiled by the Dickinson State Blue Hawks as they defeated the Wildcats by a score of 31-7. Science's loan touchdown was scored by Gary Del ormc with Bill Nold hooting the PAT. During halftime. President Blikre addressed the large crowd and also gave recognition to the Alumnus of the Year. Dr. Del.os Halvorson and to the Wildcat of the Year. W illiam "Bill" Gros . 2s Homecoming: ■■__________ ----—-------- -- — - NDSSS Royalty Beverly A. I indstrom. a second year Dental Hygiene student from I ishon. North Dakota, was crowned l‘)74 NDSSS Homecoming Queen In college president, Clair I', Blikre. Other finalists lor Homecoming queen were Barbara Mueller of Hillsboro, and Susan I rautman ol’Oriska.They Danced On and On The Homecoming week was capped by a Homecoming Dance featuring 'Overland Stage , held in the Redwood Room. Clothing ranged from grubbies to formal wear, l-veryone was more concerned about having a good time instead of looking fancy. W ith their varied collection of music. 'Overland Stage put on an exceptional performance and everyone had a good time. B .HI HomecomingAlumni Feted An Alumni Recognition Banquet was held Saturday evening in the Flicker-tail Room. Alumni Awards were given and the classes of 1914, 1924, 1934. 1944, 1954. and 1964 were honored. A Wildcat Feast was also held free of charge to anyone wearing a Homecoming button. People Tree in Concert The ‘People Tree' a four member soft rock group, kicked off a homecoming week of activities when they presented a concert in Bute Gymnasium on October 2. The ‘People Tree' have appeared on many national television shows. In addition, they have loured the country with Joey Bishop and appeared in many of the major nightclubs. They have also performed at many colleges, universities, and fairs. ltomccoming-31N.D.S.S.S. Highlites Some highlights of the school year included a Campus Corn Feed held at the Student Center Cafeteria. A Diesel Mechanics and an Lnvir-onmcntal Systems Building, were dedicated. Another highlight was Campus A-warcncss Day planned to make students aware of NDSSS clubs and activities. 3-J Corn Feed. Diesel Dedication. Awareness Day From Top to Table From counicrtop to kitchen table is the destination of this pheasant. The execution and cleaning are far from graceful but when the bird has been stuffed and roasted, all that remains is to cat it. Wild Fowl Supper 35Good Show The NDSSS Art Players presented Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman” November 14-16. Directing his first drama at NDSSS was Paul Laakso. Student director was Holly Marlence. Gary Ulland, Carol l.uick, Roch Sahr. Kurt Thompson headed the cast supported by both veteran and novice players. Death of a Salesman 36 Drama ProductionHarold T. Brausch Guest at Concert The North Dakota Stale School of Science Music Department under the direction of Tilford O. Kroshus. department chairman, and student director George Helm presented four musical groups in concert on Wednesday and Thursday. Nov. 20 and 21. Over 200 NDSSS students were involved in the annual production. Various groups that appeared included the concert band, stage band, concert choir, and Wildcat Singers. Also appearing in conjunction with the concert was guest artist Harold T. Brausch. retired euphonium soloist who was in the United States Navy Band in Washington D.C. Brausch performed 20 years in the Navy and has presented many exhibitions at high schools, colleges, band clinics and music camps. ' Music Concert 37Walking in a Winter Wonderland m Winter is a time for skiing, skating, snowmobiling, or just plain horsing around in the snow. The word "winter" brings to mind many games, such as fox and geese we used to play as children. Indeed, winter brings out the children in us all. As we frolic in the snow, we cast all cares to the wind. Though sometimes serious, winter is usually a time for pleasure a lime to live life to the fullest and a lime to be young again. Yet. there is another side to winter, a more serious side. With the arrival of winter, most citizens of North Dakota, as well as a number of other states, drag out their snow blowers and shovels. The time has come to move the mountains of snow or snirt (as the combination of snow and dirt so prevalent in the Red River Valley could be dubbed.) With winter comes blizzards and cold weather, sometimes with serious results. 42—Winter The first snowfall— The icc freezes over Out comes ski's, skates, and sleds. While some of us arc enjoying a nice warm fire, the braver winter lovers arc out romping in the snow. Feeling the wind in their faces as they zoom down winding slopes The fancy free feeling of gliding a-bout a frozen pond of glass And of course the fun filled afternoon of an old-fashioned ‘snowball fight . Skiing, Skating—45Judy Marohl V Sweetheart Candidates ••Attention all Freshman girls!" Thai’s how it starts, the beginning of another Campus Sweetheart election starling with the posting of a sign telling the girls (12 lovely ones this year) to get their applications to Ms. Morris as soon as possible. Once qualified they are on the road to campaigning, going through the long process of having their picture taken and the agonizing wait of the preliminary election knowing that only three of them will become eligible for the final election. nn ■ 46—Sweetheart Mavis Beckman Michelle Metzger Trudy Pctsinger Sweet hearts—47 Rolling Have you ever been over a barrel. These people arc in a manner of speaking over a barrel. What they are actually doing is rolling the barrels in competition for a first prize of SI5 for their club. Auto Body got the crashing experience of winning it this year. Sno-Carnival Week, Jan. 27 - Feb. 1 Barrel Broom Ball Next on the agenda for the organizations was broomball. where people get out their friendly brooms and make enemies with them. Out of the whole bunch Architectural Drafting was found to be the meanest for they took first place away from everybody. JS .SnoCarni jl TT7 r Sno Carnival 49• • • But Snow is psalms . . . sculptured by SSS students in the snow sculpturing competition as club members compete once again for cash prizes. Piles of snow were formed around the oval and were then scraped, dug. molded, formed, and painted into statues depicting anything from Tony the Tiger to the United States flag. 3rd Place Diesel Club 1st Place Drama Club 2nd Place UCCF SO— Sno CarnivalSweetheart Trudy Petsinger crowned as Sno-Carnival Week comes to a close. Aitendcnts: Michelle Mcl gcr Sno Carnival—51 ------—1----------------------•.__ ______________: The Sweetheart Ball The Sweetheart Ball... HighliteofSno Carnival Week. A lime when lovers unite in the pale nioonlite to dance and to promise, never to part; But for Trudy Pctsingcr. it was a night of excitement at being crowned our Campus Sweetheart. She reigned over the ball held February I with her two attendants. Michelle Met ger and Mavis Beckman. 52 Sno Carnival Everyone Was Dancing in the Moonlite ... Sno Carnival 53—: -:visy- Joel Aaberg Joel Aansiad David Aasen lladla Abraham Alice Ackerman Dean Allmcndinger Tim Amos Mark Anderson Patricia Anderson Kevin Anderson Kirk Anderson Randy Anderson Shelly Anderson Steve Arthaud Robert Art . Wanda Auran Myron Axtman Nancy Bailly Becky Bailly Rocky Bonsness Randy Barkdoll Doug Baron Darrel Barstad JoEllcn Beach Patty Beardsley Dan Beevar Charles Bchm Steve Beilke Kerry Bell Ken Belt Miles Bendixson Daniel Berg Duane Berry Peter Bertram Randall Bertsch Wanda Betsch Darlene Berube Richard Berube Jcnclle Berwick l.ori Best Lynn Best Ray Billing 56 -Student ■H ■ jqpaarnft Marilyn Black Glen Blacksmith Jan Bloom Jeff Boo Randall Boh I man Dwight Bohnet LcRoy Bohrer Rodney Borncmann Gordon Boutilicr Peggy Boost rom l.arry Borman James Borseth (iarold Bosch Maynard Bosh Carol Bostrom Nancy Boslow Lynette Botner Darrel Bradbury Max Brandenburger Kevin Braun Mary Breuer Dwitc Brew Mark Brickzin Brent Brown Jim Brownlee Mary Jean Brossart Doreen Bruun Brian Buchholt George Buckmeier Laurie Bucchlcr Denise Buettner Bradley Bullwcbcr Jan Bunn Don Burdman Julie Buringrud Wanda Burke Brenda Burrer Kevin Burrowes Galen Bush Richard Busch Lucinda Calkins Dave Caroline Students 57 A rlys Carlson Keith Carlson Randy Carlson Loren Chase Dean Christensen Mike Christensen Bruce Christianson Randy Christopher Karlcnc Cleveland Scott Close Dwight Comfort Jim Cook Steve Cornell Mike Cramer Kent Cress Mary Jane Crosby David Dahl Larry Dahl Mark Dahl Steve Dahl Stephen Dale Desiree Dal7.cll Francis Daniels Joyce David Bonnie Davis Patricia Degi Dan Dcichert Rob Dicmcrl Michael Dclislc Mike Dcnault Lawrence Dcsjarlais Tim Devine Tom Dietrich Dianne Dobmeier Bruce Dockter Dale Dockter N.L. Doepke Sandra Domier William Duchscher Terry Easton Daniel Eckroth Donald Edberg SX Students I--------------------------------■ ............................................... r.----------- Doyle Edwards Kalhy Eggen Jeff Ehni Diane Eichhorn Mary Eichorn Michael Einarson Paul Elhard Cheryl Ellingson Gail Enderson Lori Engcbrclson Karen Engle Cindi Ennen Ronald Enizic Mark Erdrich Beth Erickson Kurt Erickson Maurice Erickson Leon Esslcr Diane Etmanczyk Tom liven rude Timothy Ewalt Bruce I'ahn Kim Eairbank Nicole Earbo Dean Ecdji Dwight Fee Robert Fclbr Allen Fcnstcrmachcr Harlan Fcvold Joel Ficst Jcrrold Fix Marilyn Fordycc Eldrcd Frcdcrikson Becky Frenzel Leon Fried! Jerry Fritz Annila Froemke James Fruch Kris Frye William Funk Cynthia Cackle Blair Garrison Students 59 Galen Gasink Laurie Gatherum MikeGcflre Daniel Gefroh GregGerou Ron Gibbens Ron Giesc J. Gilbertson Constance Gisi Dean Gisvold Lori Giwoyna Bonnie Gjerding Gary Glovatsky l.aSctta Gochring Ronald Goldadc Leslie Gooch Bari Gordon Pamela Graff Brenda Granrud Donna Greb Robbin Grieleiz Jody Grunstcad James Gucrard Renee Gullickson Jeff Gunderson Debbie Gunnes Jeff Gustafson Vanessa Hackcy Vincent Hackcy Kelly Hagcl Brian Hagen Jay Hall Barbra Halland Nancy Halle Sherry Hallquist Harley Hallwochs Gregory Hammer Kathleen Hanna Charles Haugen Beverly Hanson Bruce Hanson Devon Hanson 60 Student .Greg Hanson Larry Hanson Kandy Hanson Wesley llarcland Keilh Haring Susan Harr Raymond Hawley Lewis Heaton Joe Meeker Linda Hicks Lynn llcmlc Tom Heinlc Gary Heintz Brian Heitkamp Paul Heitkermp Jody Hellandsaas Mike Hennis Bonita Herr Kim Heskin Paul Heuer Judy Heupel Brian 11 icl Paula Miles Brian Hilgers Bob Hirschkorn Verncll Hoechst Cheryl HoclTel Leo Hoepfner David Hoff l.aync Hoff Esther Hoffman Sandra Hoffman Terry Hokenson Randall Holden Fred Holdcrman Jon Holier Lynn Homclvig Dwight Howe Bruce Horton Lori Huber Stan Huebner David Hulstrand Students 61P m Nancy Hum l.ou Hurly Mary Hurt Debra Husch Keith Huschka Steve Huschka John Hutton Robert Huus Peter Hunter Dean Ihry PaulIndcrgaard Rita Irmcn Patricia Is lcr Becky Jackman Bruce Jacobson David Jacobson Julie Jacobson Linda Jacobson Neil Jacobson Michael Jeffrey Chris Jenson Brad Johnson Craig Johnson Daniel Johnson DcWayne Johnson Erna Johnson Eugene Johnson Greg Johnson Jacquc Johnson Julie Johnson Lori Lee Johnson Lynn Johnson Melva Johnson Craig Jones Jeff Jorgensen Lyncll Jorgenson William Jostad Jeff Kadrmas Steven Kaminsky Lance Kamstra Mark Kamphius Janice Kapaun 62 Students ■ I Ken Kappenman Kim Kappclman Dennis Karsky Don Kast Carla Kauk David Keeling Antoinette Keller Daniel Keller Gary Keller Dan Kelley Gregory Kemmet Clayton Kerner John Kerr Debbie Kessler David Kin ley Judy Klemisch Allen Klein Douglas Klien Shelly Knccht Kristin Knoff Vicky Knutson Laurecn Koffler Vicki Kohler Shirley Koble Craig Kolling Carol Ann Konrad Barbara Kopp Beverly Koshney Ldith Krabbenhoft Ida Kraft Robert Kreitnc Craig Kuehl Barb Kulla Kathleen Kuhn Karen Kuschel Mark Kvamme Janet Kvislcn Vicki I.ambrccht Donald l.aRocque Henry LaRoeque Patricia Larson Patricia LarsonWayne I.arson Sharlct l.autcnschlugcr An Lauit Jr. Joe I.eddige Teresa Doug Licdlc Bruce Lciss Joe Leitner Rod l.cmkc Rick Lcssard Wayne Lutz Darwin Lindahl Bonita l.indcmann Beverly Lindcstrom Eugene Listopad Leslie Little Michael Logc Steve Loll Cindy l.ongtint Cordell Lorenz Neil Loivcdl Nathan Loucks Tom Love Raymond I.averdurc Nancy I.uptak Denise Lura Susan Lukes Craig Machacck Susan Madson Peggy Mahlmann Ron Maixner Dwight Malhiot Cheryl Kay Marklc Holly Marlcncc Vonda Markestad Keith Martin Larry Martin Carol Marttila Mark Masholdcr Sherry Mathis Dawn McCrcady Dale McDougall 64-Students mammmmmmsmmmam  Donny McGuire Michelle McGuire Rod McKilrick Cyndi McKnight l.ori Me Lean Pam McQuay Ldmund Meidinger Marsha Meidinger Marilyn Mcland Jeff Melchior Kevin Meyer Myron Michelson Tangee Micklcson Scon Miller Michelle Miller Cari Miller Marilyn Milliren Pamela Mitchell Cherri Mohr Connie Molmcn Becky Monson Bev Mon elowsky l.aRae Morlock Jim Morris Larry Morris Randy Morris Greg Morud Barb Mueller Robin Mueller Rob Muir Paula Murphy Steve Muth Jonathan Myhrc Duane Nadeau Robin Nadeau Danny Nass Brad Nelson Dave Nelson Dennis Nelson Jerry Nelson Jeff Ness Lee Ness Studcnt -6$Kick Ncscmcicr Keith Newman Cheryl Ncumillcr Curt Nicklos David Nielson Sandra Nishek Tim Nodslc Debra Nomcland Tom Nordick Keith Norstegaard James Nyhusmoen Steve Oaks Christine O Conner Dwight Offcrman John Olderback Susan Olerud Steven Olsberg Donn Olson Gregory Olson Roger Olson Terri Olson Donald Osadchy Katie Osborn Charles Osthus David Ophaug Tim Overland Charlotte Pachl Becky Paczkowski Allen Painman Carla Pankratz Diane Papka Terry Passa Kenneth Patience Kathy Pauls Peggy Paulson Jeffrey Pausch Allan Pedersen Stan Petersen Allan Peterson Allan Peterson Jean Peterson Karen Peterson 66 Students .....- ;•-------—TVT Keith Peterson Randall Peterson Michael Pfau Matthew Phelps Diane Phillipp Bruce Pikarski Sicbert Popinga Kristie Preston Scott Prigge Dean Prochnow Gerald Quenelle Mark Rachow Jan Rafflery l.uAnn Rand Rick Randall Rod Rappuhn Steve Rau Joel Reinhold Bcrnic Reiser Brian Reiter Michael Renden Randy Richards Rus Richards Ken Rieger Kevin Rieger Kent Rigsby Jeanette Rimmereid James Ritlcnhousc Holly Rivinius Angela Roberts akSfc ' Roger Roeheleau Susan Roehl Joseph Roscoc Paul Rosen Gary Roscndahl Brenda Ross Keith Rossmillcr Cedric Rossow Dwight Rost Nancy Roth l.ois Rude Kevin Rueckert Students 67 Harley Rutherford Wallace Rutter Marlow Rygg Larry Sabby Russel Sailer Jane Sampson Monte Samuelson Mike Sander Holly Sando Marlin Sapp Linda Saas Susan Saxlund Judy Schai kc Scott Sehauer Julcnc Schcuffelc Larry Schill Roger Schlegcl DarbicSchlotfcldt Steven Schmaltz Carl Schmid Mark Schmidt Rodney Schmidt Willcttc Schmidt Monte Schncibel Gladys Schneider lirncst Schobcr Dorothy Schock Lester Schoenberg Rebecca Scholcs David Schramm Percy Schriock Karen Schuler John Schultz Gregory Schumacher Mark Schumakcr Mike Schutt Michael Schuurmans Marvin Schwehr Bruce Seibold Michael Scllden Tariq Shah Elizabeth Shaw 6S-Siudcnts IflflNMBMMMBBHNHHSliHKiMBBuHH ■■■■Paul Shea Terry Siegersma Susan Simenson Susan Sipma Cynthia Sjursen L.yndcn Skaarc Melinda Skjcfle Darla Smith Rodney Solar Dale Solberg Hugh Spickcrmcicr Cheryl Staiger Steve Stalboergcr Mark Stalcup David Staloch Dennis Steele Dale Slccnblock Mark Steffens Jeff Steinke Daryl Stensland Carol Stevenson Daryl Stieg Penny Stoekdill Maxine Stollenow Eileen Strand Charles Straub Arden Strcge David Strcge Erancis Strohfus Dan Stromberg Randi Suckut Larry Swanson Janice Swenson Swenson Steven Ternes Denis Thompson Jane Thompson Kurt Thompson Noral Thompson Randi Thompson Marlene Thorcson Diana Thorson Stu Jcnlv69Z Craig Throndsct James Tibbetts Miles Tomac Kathleen Tougas Susan Trautmann Gregory Trenda Greta Tryhus Michael Tuchschcrcr Kenard Turner Bradley Tweed Jancl Tweed Steven Twetc Keith Ucland Douglas Unger Brian Untcrschcr l.yndcl Vandcr Vorst Tracy Vanous Mary Velo Bruce Vcrlindc Brenda Victor William Vincr Jack Vollmuth Jerry Vollmuth Teresa Vosgerau Donovan Wadholm Glenn Wagner Leslie Wagner Reuben Wagner Terry Wald Kathy Waldcra Kathleen Walcn Myron Walcn Douglas Walter Geraldine Walters Jeanne Waltz Joseph Wanner Franklin Weber Michael Weber Charles Weichcl Mike Wcigclt Richard Welch Thomas Welder 70-Sludents ...Nancy NVcIo Marlow Wcrih Paul West Joseph Wcttstcin Kim While Steven Whittier Michael Wickenhciscr Danny Wienbar Dennis Wiescr Virgil Wiescr Steven William David Wilson lidna Winthcr Joanne Wire Leon Wirth Donovan Wolf Keith Wolff Randy Wolff (iloria Wolfgram Craig Wolsky Lorn Wolsky Mary Woods (iayle Wurtz Barbara Young Gary Zabcl Bill Zick Gordon Zimney Shirley Zimprich Kay Zirnhell Jayne Zuttcr Don Bierdman Collcn Pailman Robbin Freitag Mary Krueger Gary Ulland Students-?] I VM S3 ,vr; !2:H- . vs ------------------------------- •_.;-----. ia June Albro Donna Ahrens Pamela Angerhofer Chcrilyn Bakke Pam Bair Joyce Bennett Marcia Bjorgaard Cynthia Bonham Darrel Bradbury Marie Breden Karla Brummund Ruth Carlson Barbara Coker Beverly Crowell Irene Dahlcn Patsy Davidson Mavis Dienert Rose Eckart Gayle Enright Kathy Erhardl Ronalda Evenson Monica Fcltis Dianne Gallagcr Sylvia (iordon Marilyn Gustofson Angela Guttormson Julie Hammorsten Kathleen Meek Pamela Hennes Patricia Hewson Patty llicdeman Linda Huckaby Helen Hurley Rhonda Huwc June Johnson Cheryl Jorgenson Gwen Jones Loretta Keslcr Terryl Kinney Denise Klosterman Teresa Krause Corrinc Ladwig 72-NursesSusan LaQua Michelle Lemnus Rebecca Lewis l-'crn Marks Diane Marohl Barbara Mauch Sharon McDonald Shirley McDonnell Marcie Meyer Michelle Miranowski Wendy Mueller Wanita Nash Victoria Pale Ruth Parsons Jacqueline Pedersen Karen Powell Dorothy Randall Nancy Rock Debra Terfehr Jane Thayer Marie Tiber Helen Walker Carol Willson Colleen Woods Connie Aaker Sandra Anderson Pam Anderson Tina Ankenbauer Janice Barnsiuble Ginny Barry Nancy Baylcy Kathy Baysingcr Damaris Beck Elaine Berg Diane Berge Val Burner Susan Calkcns Marilcc Carlson Jenifer Carico Sanary Clark Renee Collette Kathy Conniff Nurscs-73 Diana Gaudcrman Rebecca Graham Vicki Gunsch Nancy Hageman Debarah Hanson Polly Hanson Sherry Harris Paula Harris Joncllc ilcglic Sherry llcskins Sandy Howe Cheryl Hucthcr Jean Iverson Deb Jacobson Patricia Jen rich Debra Johner Naomi Johnson Barb Kastenbauer Edward Kendall Pamela Knutson Margaret Krupcch Linda Lake Shelia Landregan Jane Ellen Larson Joyce Lciur Paulette l.en en Bonnie McCollough Kathy Murray Carol Miranowski LaVonne Nelson Sheryl Ness Kim Norman JoAnn Olson Elizabeth Raatz Debbie Schaur Cathy Schmokcr Claudia Davenport Susan Dolezal Cynthia Engel Shelley Evanson David Ealk Viona l ode ?J NursesYvonne Swan . Judy Swisher Henrietta Ternes Patricia Trytten Roberta Van Beck Linda Vandrovee Helen Buss Diana Carlson Susan Clausen Vickie Clausen Michelle Conley Cynthia Davis Mablc Denis Virginia Dragswolf Corliss Fccho Cindi Eclchlc Jane Lord Ellen Gabbert Audrey Gordcr Dorothy Graves Michele Grinslcinner Linda Hager Barb Hagesiuen Debbie Hazer Nurses 75 Lois Walstrom Marie Wick Diane Wilson Colleen Woods Kathy Bagaason Elizabeth Broinmenschcnkel Wendy Schnidcr Becky Scott Judy Scott Ethel Scoutcn Jacquelyn Sent' Cheric Sevigny SucSittarich Wilhclmina Solhjem Sandy Solinger KateStokka Elaine Strand Jcanic SlrcbigAmy Heinrich Judy Migdem Sandra Hoberson Mary Holmstrom Peggy HolStC Diane Hornbachcr Cynthia Jefferson Cynthia Johnson Wendy Johnson Pam Koistinen Bonnie Kuchl Sheri Lcistikow Leslie Lewis Marianne Lidstrand Patty Linder Renac Lindholm Denise Michelson Iris Miller Renee Nelson Gail Ness Rose Norgard Kim Novak Linda Olmstead Jo Ann Olmstead Deborah Olson Jerry Olson Sheila Pederson Marcia Phillips Andrea Power Bev Rapazz Arlene Rupp Grctchcn Salland Arlcllc Schatz. Toni Schlcndcr l.oAnn Schneider Bonnie Sccfcldt Kim Sccman Kathy Semrau Patricia Sims Linda Sipe Kandy Smith l-'rancis Stampka Denise Stccklcr Wendy Stiles llencTharaldson Mary Jane Tuchschcrer Nancy Undem Jerilyn Welsh 76 Nursesjb fB Phy-Ed- 77 Physical Education— - -•—•......i. --- — %'h 1 Men’s physical education offers the male portion of the campus a chance to relax and to participate in sports and activities they enjoy. Men have a wide variety of courses to choose from. Just a few courses open to men include team sports, bowling and basketball. There arc. in addition, co-cducational courses. Each person from the novice to the pro can find enjoyment in at least one of the physical education areas. Guided by dedicated instructors, each student can reach his full potential. 78- Phy-oJ ■  ■—- For the woman student, physical education offers a welcome break from the sometime tedious routine of classes and studies. In addition, it affords the student an opportunity to build or develop a skill which may prove beneficial in social, as well as in pleasurable, situations. Just some of the courses open to women include basketball, bowling, and volleyball. Also, there are a number of co-cducational courses, such as indoor sports, archery, and social dance. Phy-cd-79 Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges IRONT: Sieve Hartman. BACK: (L io R) Sue Trautmann. Don lidberg. Susan Simpa. Peg l.cNouc. (I io R) Carol Sicvcnson. Steve Arthaud. I.orn Wolsky. Jeff Melchior. Barb Mueller. 80—Who's WhoFRONT: Bill Shorma. MIDDI-E: (L to R) Carol Lukk. Kaihy Pauls. Debra Nomcland. BACK: Bev l.indstrom. FRONT: (I. to R) Vonda Markestad. Sue Saxlund. BACK: Greg Gcrou. Dennis Nelson. Terry llokcnson. Who's Who-81 --------------- ----—............-....- -.............-..... ......— -.........- (I. to R) Craig Machacck, Karen Peterson. I.ori Giwoyna, Gary Ulland. Sandra Hoffman.Happiness .. . Moods 83 'Moods 85 . .. Content With who I am and whatever Ido—... Enthusiasm .. . 86—Mood :--'7V Sometimes Loneliness — In a World of Millions ... XX Moods ........-r- v.......................;..................- - - :.................................-T--------------r-1—T-------------------------------------------------------------------------------T7,-------------------------------------------' .’r.-.r. - .rr---------— -------------"For Life and Love Go Hand in Hand. You Can’t Have One Without the Other To Love You Must Have Lived. To Live You Must Have Loved. ..: i'll. ...............' - - _____a. =x:-r' '-•: —«. ,'m Student Directory SQImvaT “ntsY ism.. »ecu .c ■AmM(10 »u..-. ■M l f«N “l5.tV7cta ‘» llaa 4 A • llA A v taa.a ••. 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OH ICC 14 1)1141104 IMP 4 -%%SI4C • 41(4(1 SvSA% I •44|(4« VK IU»« =® ksb- ’“iKtysIr J “ 0» COWUlf. “ "otMIIXC W1 .i'«‘ w! i 441 • • « »4«CI» I(1 • 44 U •ICM4 0 H • 4 VI ( ••(••I4ISI MM«IM ‘“Sdi'liiliil.i c mi« n •trAtssVl imriM ...!•! 11 ••• 0 IlfCMICtl ••nil is:;,v ■ 111 14 4 S 1 |% (' •I ( 444 % I ( 4| ©444I|%C ( MV •%C IfiVlCt .III, t r« r ■l(.isi(4l 044 H%C C MV • 1414 •l( 4M » l p »yl|4 MUC44 I • "’■J OMIilW .111.1 ,§■. »• 0 __ JIIXO ...hJS®.,. •■01. •••_■ ' IWI»I •"iuA.U.l •"wutfa •"rtji.rt'.t. imiibm •ci««, Wi j 1(2(111(44 . ■I I4J4 (9 %0»4% 0 B,,|l(!,04lI?lSt 4 «IVI«4lift '"•glUr.l IUHXM ••‘SJ.ffVf-c iijrin ii»i«iti 1 SiSku UcuttApf 44 4 »V I V 4010 40U • HHjofvuav ,...... wxuic Directory • l%Ol • l%oi VKMIM M4 MM4 KI MlllS I 441 «l«l«04ll C4 4%0 »0 V tll4SMH H44«f f 44MV W% V»l" H44I ll%l N M(M • 4V %IJ4% 04« IV 4 IC%I II ®C • I % II Hiiu»%i n iviftlM sifwCi UIM|4|9 C004|P KMB% 041 V4 11 IM004I (IOCUbaH Cllk) IOIIV 111 l%04, f niviTv'joo • IlCOUM • ••91 10% •••HIM V44«IV% •lc l%SO% oil- MV4% MUT Cl t Ml | •I 44»(• | 4«COW% ||(«4KI MK4 -I M ,% • 04 0 H11 (.••%( »C «V • ••co • v.4%4% ■«4%4|4»U«0 MVI MIU) HIIbOjaI MIC • %• IOCI •IMi fl|l»MI •miv citv • •il I • cn« Ii%»c MIOMI •KltV (“• • li » C44 0 I044S fllllVS lOCtltv U 1% (Alls uil VII 1% 44%04% •IV«44(« M (A “ 44 04 »« •I%l•• 4 40410% MIVIMI IIM44C4 II0C444O0O IIV44IK • 4 4| 0% 444(f» • IVHMC • l«4|l 0% UI»C»0V lid CIMI I ■OMM40 •04«•• (I4UI I 4%Co % r- • •• CO vmvMC V’«IVM4Dr. Clair T. Blikre l.aVonnc Aadland Robert Abbott Edward T. Adam James Aldrich Wcslev O. Allen Bernard Anderson Erwin Anderson Kenneth Anderson Stephen Anderson Harlan Arncson Colin Bailey Orlin Bakken Duane Ballweber Barbara Bang Julian Berg Dr. Dennis Bcrtsch Joen Blouin Kcath Borchert Arthur Boss Peter Bower Patricia Bramel Roger Bramel Bernard Brophy Ronald Bruesch Carol Brungardt Harold Bruschwein John Carlson Mary Carter Dr. R J.Casad Ewald Christensen l.arry Christensen Helen Church Nela Coghlan Muriel Connolly Robert Davey 1« Staff and AdministrationDonald Davis Arnold Dcrkc John Derry Davie Did . John Docring Donald Doerr Alvin l-ekrc Robert Egge Julianne Eklund Donald Engen Kenneth Engh Barbara Erickson Errol Erickson Darrel Essig Jean Evenstad Donald Fauss John Foley (Jerald Forster Rodger Fraase Marlyn Frcdcrickscn Donald Fulp Marlin Galdc Robert Gcltc Virginia Gill Jem Gillham Robert Goroski Allan Grage Mary Ann Grage Richard Graham William Gros Roy Hackney Charles Hanson Edward Hany ewski Richard Haskell Nuri Hassumani Richard Hauck Staff and Administration 105Jean Haugen Charles Hegel Vernon Hektner Belly Hcldstab Blaync Hclgcson l.cah Rae Henke Harold Henning Charles Henry Clifford Hermes Bernard Hilgers Arne Hinsverk Mario Hmsvcrk Spencer Hokenson Richard Holm Evcrcii Holli James Horton Sherman lloscth Jewitt Jacobson Dr. David Jaehning Delores Jenson Owen Jensen James Johnsen Charles Johnson Hilding Johnson James Johnson Lor cm Johnson Low ell Johnson Neal Johnson William Jongbloed Russell Kastcllc Jcrrold Kemper Donald King Waller Kjar Wesley Klaahscn Dr. Robert Kline Henry Knighi 106 Staff and Administration Ralph Knudscn Myron Koppang Thomas Konh Joseph Kragness Steven Krohn Mary Kroshus Tilford Kroshus Harvey l.aabs Paul l.aakso lima John l.arscn Brian Lcct George May Joseph McCurnin Judith McDaniel Joseph McLaughlin Bjorn Melsted Lawrence Mcrbach Harold Miller Eugene Mischc Irvin Moeller Monroe Moen Rene Moen Staff and Administration 107 "f1"1 f HflffP T'FTT' i'irin'lfffpyiwwg Robert l.emkc Michael Lenhardt Herman Liberda Dale Light James l.immcr Phyllis Lindberg Lucinda Lindstrom Edwin Littke Henry l.oock Verlin Lundgren Eugene Marcottc Carolita MauerKairouan Moffett Ralph Morben Mercedes Morris Darrell Morrison Michael Morrison Robert Mracck Wallace Nordgaard Robert Nisja NcilandOaj Neil Oberg Sharon Oberg lilsic O'Donnell Clinton Olmstead Arvid Olson Robert Olson John Oslar.d Harvey Ostby l.oran Palmer Gordon Patterson Dale Peterson Judith Peterson Robert Peterson Pinkney Gene Carmen Plummer Robert Poss l.avion Prosser Walter Putnam Dr. James Rasmucson John Rcinbold George Rct laff Ardeith Richter Lawrence Richter Colleen Roberts Donald Rosley Leonard Ruricka Mary Sand 108 Staff 3nd Administration Del Ray Sanders John Schatz Sam Schimelfenig Michael Schiwal Lynnwood Schmidt Phyllis Schmidt Warren Schucti Paul Schultz Esther Schulz William Settles Marly Skramstad Lee Soehren Mary Soehren Donald Sperling Arlic Steen Donald Stevenson Jerald Stewart Raymond Slockcrl Stanley Slrcge Martin Strobcl Odin Stutrud I ean Swanson David Sylvester Julian Szerur Timothy Thompson James Tillman Donald Tobin Larry Trillin Grant Unkcnholz Helen Vallagcr Ralph Viall Edward Vincr Myrtle Vondal Margaret Wall Paul Wawers l can Wenker Edward Werre Lowell Westfield Larry Whitcomb Gary Williams William Yost Dorothy Zabell Staff and Administration ID) 12 C'roi Country N.D.S.S.S. Harriers On the MoveTEAM MEMBERS: 1st ROW. I. to R: Alan Wiley. Bob Procivc. Gary Keller. Leonard Owens. 2nd ROW: Howard Prestends Eagle. JelT Bostowf. Phil Solum. Steve Ackerman. Guy Gubrud. Joe Roscoc. The Race is On Al the UND Invitational, the Wildcat Harriers found themselves at the bottom of a four team meet but Joe Roscoe once again proved his ability by finishing the five mile route in 1st place. Crosscountry 113114 Cross Country Cross Country is a lough, grueling, demanding sport. A runner not only competes with other entries, but he also competes against himsclf-his own physical body. He must conquer the feeling of total exhausiion-ihc urge to quit. There is a constant struggle within him to better himself; to increase his own body's peak performance. This is the major goal of the Cross Country runner. This is when he will truly WIN. Early in the season the Science runners defeated Concordia College 23-32 in a dual meet at Wahpeton. In a dual meet at Jamestown. SSS lost 23-36. but Joe Roscoc took second place. Cross Country is Work but WorthwhileGood Coaching Leads to Success THE WILDCAT CROSS COUNTRY TEAM, coached by Owen Jensen, finished the season with a fourth place finish in the Region XIII NJCAA meet at Waseca. Minnesota. Joe Roscoe finished 8th out of a field consisting of 10 teams. In other meets during the season. Joe Roscoe. Al Wiley, and Phil Solum came in onc-two-thrcc in a triangular between Concordia. Valley City, and NDSSS. Crosscountry IIS 'iriq'-: | I IKMMHMM The seasons of ‘74 proved to be one of rebuilding as the SSS football squad only won one out of nine games. The first picture the opposing defense tries to contain the SSS running back Dave Caspers. Missing the last two games of the season, Dave nevertheless had an outstanding season. The second picture shows the effect of the Wildcat defense. When the offense proved to be unsuccessful, the defense tried to take control of the game. When the defense is unsuccessful. the result is a loss. Wilcats Faced Tough Competition 116-FootballGo! Go! Go! Running back Carrol Ducrr tries to gain a few more yards while Jon Achtcr and Dean Christensen assist in the effort. 9 $ i a •f • I • r-'" P •'•. •' • . » • v • •• »• 1974’ ND.SSS WILDCATS: FROM ROW. l eft to Right: Don Sund. Derm Christensen. Stan. Peterson. Mike Delisle. Jack Peterson, Jim Gurus: Paul Hems. Kevin Fovtcr. Boon l.oftsgatd, Barry Hebl: Jack -tijVar ,SF.CONDROW.' ScottSimorytcti. Scott Beafi. Ron Dettroan. . CCr M tU« Kcnr"Riia ........................ Dudley Hotncl joby. Bill Sold; .Marlon l-«g- Todd Bodine. Lei I ittlc. I ec Ness Terr) Roberg, Mike Weigeh. TtteV Z Cody. Steve Fritz; Jeff Palmer. Gary Det.orme. Ctiru Wecrei. BnOii Hilgcrs; Randy Stahlockcr. John Fonimrd. Tim SeboRser. Jon Adjlrf. " X Don I dhcry tot Kill ROW: Brook Jacobs. Ion Ry I adder, Kim White. Steve Olson. Bliley Thorton. Jr.. Terry llokcnvon. Wayne Lai- ■Kins ... ... SHBREr! IIS Football It Takes A Team Playing in one of the toughest positions on the team, the quarterback must always be on his toes. He must be a proven leader on the field and he must have the respect of his fellow teammates along with the ability to run and pass. One of the two Science quarterbacks. Brion l.ots-gard, demonstrates these capabilities in the picture above and to the left. The other signal caller for SSS was Bill Nold who was equally capable. Both arc second year students. hoothjll 119Cats Looking Ahead While the NDSSS Wildcats were not too successful this year, they arc looking forward to having an improved ball club next year. The team experienced a 1-8 season, but were freshmen who gained valuable experience this year. The pictures on this page again show the Cats defense ripping apart the opposing offense. 120 FootballFootball 121 Above: The leant and coach Grage watched with frustration. The Cats trailed 21-12. Yet each player felt that special hunger for a win. Left: Quarterback Brion Loftsgard gets "Chcckovcr" by one of the teams many assistants who remains unidentified.1974-1975 Wrestlers THE HOME OF WILDCAT WRESTLING WRESTLING THAN! ROW I: Curt Barth. Rod llarmon. Kerry Jaeger. Randy Anderson. Doug Zeis. Steve Aunc. Kelly llagel. and Greg Sauvageau. ROW 2: Wolf. Boh Gubka. Chris Werres. Cy Kittle-son. Don Emerson, Terry Roberg. Randy Carlson. and Dwight Mattern. ROW J: Curt Nick-los. Tim (iross. Brad Dibble. Dan Jacobson. Rock Ode. and Ron .Larson. 122 Wrestling mm MBnenB ■IIU .. :• ■HMHHMMHt Go Science Go Wrctlling 123Why docs a wrestler risk everything during a few minutes on the mat? Is it because he seeks to prove something to himself, or is it because he longs to be in the public lime-light? Quite likely, neither of these is really the answer. Yet at the same time a wrestler must be sure of himself to withstand the grueling minutes of the match. Then, too. the cheering of enthusiastic fans surely helps the wrestler as he struggles against his adversary. Even when a wrestler says that the fight is more important than the win. it isn’t necessarily true. Certainly the fight is important, but to win is to be supreme. Wrestling 125 : Basketball Season is Underway Assistant coach Marlyn Fredcrickson anxiously looks on as Coach Don Hngcn shouts instructions to his players on the floor. Coach Hngcn has been head basketball coach since 1966 and has an overall record of 115-90 prior to the 74-75 season. His record against junior college competition is 82-20. KNEELING, t to R Dclton Schnaidt. Mark Sahl. Bill Mauch. STANDING: Marvin Hills. Mike Noland. Gary Smith, l.e Bjore. Gary Roscndahl. Mike Christensen. Brad Stern. Jeff Trammell. Bruce Kitber. Kirby Skoog. James Toliver. Jay Vagts. 126 BasketballLadies and Gentlemen! Honorary Coaches Announced This basketball season an honorary coach will be recognized at each home game. This honor is bestowed upon members of the athletic booster club chosen for their interest and support of their favorite sport. liu'-U'ih.ill I’7 Tilford Kroshus and the pep band provide the mood for each basketball game, the cheerleaders call out the cheers to bring out enthusiasm from the crowd and the pom pon girls do their thing to the tune of whistles from the fans. Wildcat Willie hugs all the girls he can get his hands on and shakes the hand of the players and coach for good luck. 12 1 B:isVeih:illI I In order to really enjoy and gel the most out of a game of basketball a fan should actually study the rules and learn the various plays that can and are used against the opposition. A game always starts out with the playing of the National Anthem, then the school songs are played and sung. The players arc called out on the floor who arc in the starting lineup. A short huddle by the coach and then a buzzer sounds for the start of the game. The opening tip-off of the basketball takes place in the center of the gym floor. What is a zone defense and why play man to man, go to the games and you will find out. Basketball 131And the Game Goes On For some students at SSS, intramural sports arc a way of “getting in shape". For others, they are a way to pass the time. For still others, intramural sports provide a chance to be with people and to have a great time. The competitors in an intramural sport have an equal desire to win as do the competitors in a varsity sport. NDSSS offers a wide variety of sports, which students may participate in without competing on the varsity level. These include football. basketball, track, and bowling. For example, there is an intramural track meet during the fall. l-'all Intr.iniiiraU 133 134 Ofgam alional Division136 Paris TrainingI RONT. I.-R: B.irh Mueller, Nadine Voigt. Teresa belch. Terri Rasmussen. BACK: Wildcat Willie. Dick Shorma. Jan Rafflcry. Cheryl llubrigand Bcrnic Reiser. 134! Cheerleaders ... To Cheer The Wildcats On! SEATED. I.-R: Linda Lake. Diane llubrig. STANDING: Doreen llubrig. Nancy Johnson.Pom Pon Girls FRONT. l.-R: Pam McQuay. Lllcn lilhari. Becky Alima ras. BACK: Kristy O’Connor. Pam Graff, Fldic Krabbenhoft, Denise Lura. Connie Gisi. MISSING: Karen Schuler, and Kathy Nelson. ADVISOR: Lynda Forster. Wildcat Kittens FRONT. L-R: Diana Loendorf. Bev l.indstrom. Carol Marttila, Carol Stevenson. Diane Papka. Darbie Schlotfeldt. Kathy Pauls. Karen Peterson, and Darhs Lambrecht. BACK: Sandra Schindler.Gerry Wolters. and LoriGiwoyna. Pom Pon and Wildcat Kittens 139HR Student Cabinet Club FRONT. L to R: Terry Hokcnson. Pejj Lenouc. Lorn Wobky, Greg Gerou. BACK: Dennis Nelson. Steve Arthar.d. Sue Saxland. Presidents FRONT. L to R: Peg Lenouc. Sue Saxlund. Ron Schall. Donald Wchri. Gary Ulland. Karen Peterson. Julenc Scheuffele. Les Gooch. Mark Brickzin. MIDDLE: Glen Blacksmith. Randy Bcrtsch. Tom Wcisbcck, Nancy Halle. Kathy CannifT. Terry Easton. John Gilbertson. Robert Feller. Gordon Bouti-tier. Jeff Melchior. Mike Pfau. BACK: Ronna Hanson. Vincent Mackey. Tim Nodsle. Van Mclroe. Laurie Gatherum. E.J. Listopad. Steven Olsbcrg. JelT Moug. 140—Student Cabinet Club Presidents.............................................. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ l-.nvironmental Systems I4| ----------------;------- —-------"-1--------------------------------• t'”' ■ Environ- mental SystemsnmDelta PSI Omega FRONT. L-R: l oug Baron. I). Adams. Carol l.uick. Gary Ullann. Holly Marlcnee. Rum Richards. 2nd: I mda Jacobson. Bill Zick. I urn Wolsky. Bill Shorma. Kurt rhont(«on. Rock Sahr. Kathy Pauls. Mr. Saakso. Advisor. 3rd: Bcrmc Reiser. Cindy Sjursen. Maralyn Fordyce. Boh Raser The Science Art Players FRONT. SITTING I.-R: Gayleen Larson. Cinder Cossettc. Jody Hcllandsaas. Vicki Stolkcrt, Greta Try-hus. Lyn Jacobson. 2nd: Glen Blacksmith. Susan Bowmans, Craig Buen. Jim Pcda. Maralyn Fordyce. Dan Dicker!. Kristin Knoff. DJ Adams. Doug Baron. Bernic Reiser. 3rd: Russ Richards. Craig Wolsky, Lorn Wolsky. Bill Zick. 4th: Kathy Pauls. Gary Ullann. Holly Marlence. 5th: Kurt Thompson. Rock Sahr. Bill Shorma. TOP: Carol Luick. I4X Science Art Players and Delta Psi Omegaz Newman Board FIRST HOW: Marvin Hills. Dan Dcichcrt. Jeff l-.hli. SECOND ROW: Jeff Melchior. Mike Geffre. Barb Mueller. Debbie Reierson. Cindi Lnnen. Father Cullen, Tony Krebs. Mike Christensen. THIRD ROW; Char Pachl. Kris Preston. Katy Sieve. Candi Bosch. Kathy Wakkra. MaryAnn Mutes. Tracy Lody. Ray Long- Lutheran Campus Ministry FRONT: Bill Zick. I.inda Jacobson. Cindy Sjursen. Shelly Schock. Pastor Bob Olson. BACK: Lorn Walski. Mario Rigg. Loren Gul-likson. Gary Ulland. Newman Board L.C.M. 149 FRONT SITTING. L-R: Gordy Zimncy. Russ Richards. Tom Wcisbeck. BACK SITTING: Randy Bcrtsch. Marlene Thorcson. Jams Hausaucr. Holly Marknec. Dave Caroline. Trudy Petsingcr. Mr. Williams. Mr. Hauschild. NOT PICTURED: Barb Hcuer. 150-Vets and S.A.B. Student Activities Board Veterans FRONT. L-R: Larry Gcrtz. Vance Bncse. 2nd ROW SITTING: Pete Bower. LeRoy Peterson. Duane Berry. Marlene Thorcson. Sweetheart: Kevin t.eimn. Terry Olson. Sweetheart; Wayne Ru teka. Bob Fret. Marvin Morlock. Ed Pate. Den Anitorn. Andrew Soger. Wesley Harcland. Terry L. Anttorn. John Seime. Brian Hill. David Baicr. Steve Ackerman. Thomas Rainsberry. Bob Lewis. Jim Gross-mcklc. Doug Slominski.WOT!Intra- Cultural Organization Member Are: Kenneth Alkire. Mike Allard. Jesse Allery. Timothy Amos. Daniel Bclgarde. Brian Berube. Gregory Beyer. Glen Blacksmith. Bonnie Davis, Raymond DeCoteau. Gary Del.orme. Timothy Demery. Mike Gailfus, Darrel Goumeau. Aaron Marnson. Harvey Jerome. Mike La Floe. Donald LaRocquc. Henry I aRocquc. Margaret Leggett, Terry Malnourie. Clarence Marcellats, Alvin McCIcod. Mark McCloud. Marlicnc Movsett, Dale Nadeau. Duane Nadeau. Charles Parisian, Fred Schindler. Jon Snider. Dorothy Strcifel. Kenneth Taken Care Of. bsley Thorton. Georgiannc Wilkie. Kevin Wheeler. Larry Wilkie. Dallas Morin. Mark Mosholder. Bruce Carter. Angela Roberts. Gary Smith. Jeff Trammell. William Wingfield. Supadis Diskul. and Tariq Shah. Judo Club FRONT: (I. to R) Darla Smith, Rob Muir. Robert Feller. Randy Christopher. BACK: Jack Vollmuth. Mike Jeffrey. Steve Sampson. Willctte Schmidt. Kathy Mohr. Dwite Brew. Arlcn Burgard. Darrel Gour-ncau. Randy Barkdoll. Pius Weniger. 154--Intra-Cult oral. JudoWomen’s Inter- Resident Hall Committee FRONT: (L lo R) Pam Hettinger. Terri Olson. Sue Kascman. Ronna Hanson. Nadine Voigt. Cindy Mas-hek 2nd ROW: Michelle McGuire. Nancy Halle. Vanessa I lackey. Mary Keller. Mary Ann Merles. Patricia Dige. 3rd ROW: Christine O'Conner. Ellen Flhard. Dchhie Reicison. Sue Saslund - th ROW: Cheryl Staigcr. Julie Jacobson. Marcia Pierson. Bonnie McCollough. Vicki Lambrccht. Teresa Fetch. Candy Bosch. Vonda Lea Markcslad, Cindy Fleck. Judy Marohl Sacajawea FRONT: (L to R) Ten Snyder, Pat Vollbrecht. Diane F.tmancxyk. Darla Smith. Karla Fnochvoo. Kim Rossov 2nd ROW: Karen Peterson. Lon Giwoyna. Ilene Tritten. Judy Marohl. Liz Shaw. Shells Schock. Nancy Welo. Candy Bosch. Debbie Rcicrson. 3rd ROW: Michelle McGuire, Nancy Hollc. Terri Olson. Pam Hettinger, Marilyn Brakkc. Sue Saxlund, Debbie Nomeland. Brenda Burrcr. Brenda Victor. Cynthia Dallas. Cindy Fleck. Renae Grmde. Gaylccn Larson. Chcri Mahr. Ruby Ackerman. BACK ROW: Mary Woods. Chcric Lee. Denise Lura. Alice Ackerman. Pat Isler. Pam Graff, Marsha Meidinger. Sandy Pcrhus. Sue Harr. Pat Anderson. Cindy Ydxtie. Gail Pomplun. Sandy Nishek. Jody Hdlandsaas. Mary Ann Mertis. JoAnn Leitne. Becky Jackman. Vicki Kohler. Beatrice Benda Inter-Resident, Sacajawea 155156 Denial Auv . c LL-ii 'Z Jr. Dental Aux.Circle K Photo Club L-R: Len Belt . Much Malmc, Bruce Horton. Russ Richards. (2) Mr. Steve Lie . Advisor: Jeff Melchow. Neal Kelner. Mike Shelton (3) Craig Wolsky. (ireta Tryhus. Carol Stevenson. Barb Mueller. (4) Craig Bucn. Julcne Schuf-fek. Kathy Hanna. Linda Lake. (5) Karen Condon. Desiree Dal cll. Janet Stevenson. Kathy Pauls. (6) l.cs (iooch. Kathy Waldcra. L-R: Norm Hoff. Myron Hammer. Dan l legcl. Michael llollarn (2| Kerry Bell. Nancy Domm. Wanda Aaran. W'endelln Burgard. Dwight Boh net (3) Kevin Braun. Paul Shea. Desiree Dal cll. T. Becker. I d I lorcncc. (4J Steve Bren. Robert t eller. (5) David Sloane. Sue Kascman. Karen licnvon (6) Ben llushka. Steve Quirmg. Brent Brown. Sport Parachuting Club l.-R: Van Melroe. Melvin Schneider. Michael llollarn, Mike Schuur-mans. Circle K. Photo. Parachute 157 Gamma Delta IRONT: Mark Schumaker. Linda fimmcr-man. Shelly Schock. I o. Gooch. BACK: Ju-lenc Scheuffde. Pam Wurl. United Campus Christian Fellowship Mike Greenup Kim Koppclman Cindy McKmght Brent Nelson Laurel Evenson Bill Peterson Sieve Cornell Mark Anderson Mark Brickzen Deb N'omcland Marlys Grcgoryk Bob Fedji Marlow Rygg Steve Whittier Darrel Barsiad Ronna Hanson Kim Rossow Jeannette Adam Dennis Nelson Jack Vadnic Dick Wallers Darrell Essig Doug Roisc Greta Try hus William Lukcns Gary Trautman Kathleen Gaffancy Dennis Thompson Phyliss Schmidt Joan Hylden Karla Enochson Judy Christensen Marie Brcden Dave Gasal Rick West June Marck Ellery Coombs Darrell Rodin Brion Loftsgard Tim Overland Bruce St rand Kay Schccr Dale Solbcrg MikeCudmore Ruth Carlson Ron Hooper Mark Hager Errol Wolff Cheryl Eedji Ethel Scoutcn Lori Engebretson Linda Pcttcrson Mari lee Carlson Galen Gasink Charles Ross Dave Strege Kim Stewart Steve Mchl Paul Anderson Beatrice Kin lcr Virginia Smith JoAnn Lugcr Renee Grindc Sue Sommcrfeld Sue l.ockcn Ewald Christensen Myron Michelson Jan Bunn Lynn Heinle Darwin Lindahl Rod Aldrich Nancy Welo Kathy Murray Robert Evenson Roberta VanBcck Naomi Johnson I Ml Gamma Dclla U.C.C.F."ifr Ski Club Ski Club Member Mike Klein. I ini Nodslc. Ronald Gicsc. Curt Kukla. Curtis Coover. Mary Moore. Cynthia Yds tie. Rat Anderson, Mike Still. Curt Holmstrom. Craig Zitrnan. Sonja Meitner. Knut S»cc. Itnan l chn. Bob Geske. Greg Olson. Mark I arson. Jeff Ness. I.eroy Peterson. Brian llilgcr . Nola Amkrson. Robert Muir. Paul Never. Mark Kamphius. Greta Tryhuis. Stuart Meade, Gary Geske. Diane htman yk. I auric llucchlc. Uc Ness. Duane Berry. Morris Bang. Scott Olsen. Hockey Hockey Club I -R: Terry liaston. Berme Reiser. Jim Johnson. Rod l.ahrcn. Tom l.oos. David Torgerson, Tom Downham. Carlo Seaason. Lyle Monsevroten. Keith Haugen. Mike Rcing. Ski Hockey-159 Ready Aim Fire The Rillc and Pistol Club is in existence to give students a chance to participate in shooting. This takes place in Brcckcnridgc, MN with shotguns and clay pigeons. Deer rifles and pistols can be fired at the Wahpeton rillc range. In the winter the Armory and Law Enforcement Center arc used. Safety is always stressed at their regular meetings. Radio Club First With News The Amateur Radio Club is a club for those interested in two-way radios. The members talk with other ham radio enthusiasts from coast to coast including Alaska and Hawaii. In addition. they help people in distress whenever possible. In fact, the Wahpeton community first learned of the Alaskan earthquake through the club’s communications. I.-R: Gordon Boutilier. Arvid Olson. Advisor. Leroy Bohrer. Front: Jack Loren . Nathan t.oucks. Vincent GangelhofT. Paul Indcrgaard. Back: Bob Feller. Mark Schmidt. ItO Rifle-Pistol Cluh ilam RadioPhi Beta Lamba Decca Club Phi 8da l.amba Dccca Club 161Licensed Practical Nursing  Vtropoj,tan. OU« lOC HON5 o 1OU CONVINIINCI DEDICATED TO A MORE PROSPEROUS AGRICULTURE IN THE VAUET! D.-Vrii- milh otoo loimoit light at Ihoh lotm homf . . io »icy don't hoio to toko llmo hoi thnu bwtv Jof% to niiango tot noodod bonking ton rnONI ©43 5)71 51 U 511 'Ou At »l| rlVKlMi 5 . COUN' 'A t 5'CCO 5UN fl4Nt 5CHU4lt 5Advertisements—169Lillegard Incorporated Where You Get A Good Deal. And A Good Deal More! IHC, AMC, Farmhand Hesston, Lilliston, Verstile New Holland. New Way Loaders Frontier. Steiger Tele. 642-6689 Wahpeton. N.Dak. 2 I 2 Miles West of Wahpeton BRECK STYLE SHOP MYRT PETERSEN BRECKENRIDGE. MINN. 56520 643-5331 METROPOLITAN federal savings and loan association FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION FARGO WAHPETON GRAFTON MINOT SAVINGS INSURED UP TO S20.000 GRAND FORKS LISBON LANGDON WEST ACRES}•:: !'■ ';V‘V EVA’S Women's Children’s Juniors Apparel 419 Dakota Avenue Wahpeton, North Dakota ALEXANDER’S VALLEY STATIONERY School and Office Supplies Equipment Quick Service Monogramming Phone 642-2187 Wahpeton North Dakota VALLEY REALTY AND VALLEY INSURANCE Sales Insurance Rentals E.W. OLIVER JIMOSTROM Phone 642-4003 Ails 171I I i I JCPenney The Values Are Here Every Day Dial 642-4131 Wahpeton, N.Dak. Otter Tail HOW CM COMPANv Yes. young people with the talents and technical background are in constant demand in the field of electrical energy. Thousands of skilled people will be needed in this challenging and growing industry in the years ahead. “THE FUTURE’S BRIGHT FOR YOU . . . IN ELECTRICITY" SSUPER SERVICE You for Your Patronage 172 A Jv522 Dakota Avc. Dial 642-5595 Wahpcton, North Dakota isi rii STEAKS .PRIME RIBS. SEA FOOD Come and see our new cocktail lounge FAMILY NITE every Wednesday Nile 5:00- 8.00 Banquet Room Facilities for 50 Dial 642-9939 Wahpcton Ad» 17.t ••••OURTHANKS To The Merchants Who Advertised In THE ’75 AGAWASIE THEIR SUPPORT HAS HELPED MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE We urge all of the students at the North Dakota State School of Science to patronize these merchants. THE ’75 AGAWASIE STAFFNORTH DAKOTA STATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION All Graduates and those in attendance for two or more terms arc automatically enrolled as members of the association. Whether you arc an active member or not is up to you. We need your active support. Why Don’t You Join Now! BECOME PART OF THE GROWTH AND CHANGE W.M. NORDGAARD. known to Alumni far and wide with over forty years of dedicated service to the North Dakota State School of Science — 1935-1975.MUSIC CITY 415 Dakota Ave. Wahpeton, N.D. SEIFERT’S JEWELLERS Keepsake Diamonds Bulova Caravcllc Watches Your Friendly Store on The Corner Phone 642-5170 Wahpeton. N.Dak. 176—AdiHEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES Nationally Advertised Locally Owned PHILCO T.V. AND APPLIANCES Sales and Service Ads 177Faculty and Students take advantage of the friendly banking service at Best wishes to all graduates of the North Dakota State School of Science. We ask you to come in and gel acquainted and use the service that our bank offers the community. First National Bank Of Wahpeton An Affiliate of Northwest Bancorporation NELSON BROS. 416 Dakota Ave. PHONE642-323I Wahpeton, ND High Fashion Mens Clothing 178 AdiMEIDE AND SON INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Northwestern Federal SAVING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone 642-8434 615 Second Avenue North Wahpeton. North Dakota BUILDERS OF: Sattcrlcc Mall Babcock Mall Trade Technical No. 3 Walton Mall Schulz Hall Forkner Hall Alumni Stadium College Complex Nordgaard Hall Robertson Mall Mildred Johnson Library Diesel Mechanics Building Environmental Systems Building I PHONE642-2641 WAHPETON N.D.Congratulations and Best Wishes to Students, Teachers, Administrators, and Personnel of the STATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE GLOBE-GAZETTE PRINTING CO. Wahpeton, North Dakota Printers - Bookbinders - Office Outfitters - Legal Forms Authorized Distributors of A.B. Dick Copying Duplicating Products and Supplies Perham, Minn. Lisbon. No. Dak. Elbow l.akc. Minn. Milbank. So. Dak. Wahpeton STURDEVANT’S WHOLESALE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES CASSELTON.N. DAK. Moorhead. Minn Wheaton. Minn. Oakes. No. Dak. Hawley. Minn. North Dakota 180 AdsTogether we can make it happen. WAHPETON NATIONAL BANK Your Timo and Tomporature Bank Phone 642-5567 VI VPf U « f» ' OLSON JEWELLERS 506 DAKOTA AVE. WAHPETON, N.D. Ad m W 1Cfldpew I or ihe I mcM Selection m Furniture Appliance Interior Iterating Carpeting and Drapo furniture. iixc. SEVEN LEVEES OK HOME FI RMSIIIM.S -w peton, Norik Dakota Area Code 701 - Telephone 642-4780 or 642-J3II LA-Z-BOY MASTERCRAKT DREXEL HAMMARY MAGNAVOX MAYTAG WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES SPRAGUE CARLTON TELL-CITY Telephone and Mail Orders Welcome Decoration and Home Planning Service at No Extra Cost FARMERS "0 MERCHANTS STATE BANK OF BRECKENRIDGE BOX 218 • BRECKENRIDGE. MINNESOTA S6S20 • MEMBER f.D.I.C. Bank on us for your future. PHONE 643-5553 Breckenridge, Minnesota Consult Us About Your Insurance We Can Serve You — WELCOME STUDENTS NORTH DAKOTA S LARGEST FURNITURE STOREleapin’ lizards...the students and faculty at state school of science are the greatest people in the world! and we like ’em all, don’t we sandy? S' daily news Ads 183Your Full Service Home Owned Family Financial Center Phone 642-6790 TEEN VILLA 308 Dakota Avc Wahpcton 184 AdsCOOP Phone 642-5611 RICHLAND COOP OIL ASS’N BULK FUEL OIL AND GAS SERVICE STATION COOP TIRES 11a.m.-10p.m. hours all week Wahpeton Phone 642-4893 129 Dakota Avc Wahpeton cHamm Grain Belt Distributed H H BEVERAGES W ,ih pet on Ads 185Sincere Compliments of the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE WA HP ETON NORTH DAKOTA Shop Stevensons for a Complete Selection in Misses and Juniors Congratulations Grads Thank You for Your Patronage A Place Like home - Always open COUNTRY KITCHEN OF WAHPETON FRANCIS KUKOWSKI MIKE KEARNS 1010 Dakota Avonue. Wahpoton N. D. 58075. Phono (701) 642-4351 CONGRATULATIONS GRADS TOWN COUNTRY SUPPLY Brcckcnridgc. Minn IK6 AdiTHE SHOE TREE EXCLUSIVE DEALER FOR Tony Lama Justin and Texas Boots for Men and Women Glastron Boats UNITED INCORPORATED BKIC KfcNRIIXifc. MINNESOTA YOUR ONI. STOP SPORT CENTER Bolens Garden Tractors Athletic Equipment Lund Boats and equipment Athletic Uniforms Mercury Motors Sno-Jet Snowmobiles Travel Trailers Johnson Motors 643-4559 Sportswear Ad' 1X7WAHPETON AUTO PARTS INC. Since 1925 warren doberstein local Distributors of All Makes of Automotive and Tractor Replacement Parts Garage and Pilling Station Accessories and Equipment General Welding Supplies and Equipment Phone 642 6629 Wahpcion. North Dakota BUILDING FOR A BETTER COMMUNITY ’TTTTTTTtttt TTTI (I II GM ENTERPRISES, INC. 720 DAKOTA AVENUE Realty Construction SEE US FOR GUARANTEED HOMES PHONE 642-8441 IS Ad THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE. COVERING ALL THE LOCAL NEWS TWICE-A-WEEK. NEWS. SPORTS. LEGALS . FARM CITY. SCHOOLS COMICS. ENTERTAINMENT . SOCIAL. LOCALS "YourTwicc-A-Wcck Newspaper" Serving Richland and Wilkin COlinlio. Official Richland Co.. N I). Newspaper - r - 520 3rd A VE . SO. WAHPETON.ND. PHONE 642-8484 Ads 189 I b wbsh FURNITURE HARDWARECARPET Honda Ski-doo Polaris SAVE Everyday Low Prices 190—Ad . ASP. Library. BusinessirvMuiic Department 19.' Sing Sing A Song196 Married Mousing Married Housing Student WivesBabies, Bottles, and Books! Compared to the hectic pace of the dorms, married student housing is somewhat more tranquil. Vet. it would be far from accurate to categorize it as completely calm. In married student housing units, there exists a number of things which keep married living far from dull: stacks of dirty dishes, young children play in'g. and piles of textbooks just waiting to be opened. Married Housing—197 Women’s Housing Life in the women dormitories is quite similar to that of the men dormitories, except with feminine touch. In all actuality, most, if not all. of the same pranks and games are present. It is debatable as to which sex lives in the wildest dorms. In spite of the fact that Women’s Lib is now in full force and that most of the women students are interested in making a living on their own; boys and dates arc not foreign subject. Indeed, such topics seem to go a long way in making academic life possible. Yet women, as well as men, must study sometime. Along with the excellent facilities, the firm, but dedicated supervision of the house mother secs to it that at least a minimal amount of learning occurs. 198—Women's MousingMen’s Housing Most students arc here for a serious purpose- to learn. Yet after the serious matter is finished there is time to pursue the more enjoyable aspects of life. In addition, each room is equipped with a telephone, so if worse comes to worse, the male student can spend hours of his time talking and laughing his troubles away. Parties, pranks, loud music playing at 3:30 a.m. that’s what makes up life in the men's dormitories. Yet after all the fun. there comes a time for studying, or at least a time for looking at textbooks to case one’s conscience. Men's Housing—199Home of the WildcatsTo Shape The World as We Choose Closing 203 Agawasie Staff l.cfi to Right: Sue Kjscman. Kim Rossow, Karla Knochson. Bruce Kahn. Wally Rutter. Dale Solbcrg. Barb Mueller. Bonnita Herr. Mariann l.ako. Jeff Melchior. I am happy to have had this opportunity to be an editor of this year's Agawasie. Holding any position on the staff requires a lot of dedication and responsibility. I would like to commend my co-editors: Mariann l.ako. Sue Kaseman and my photographer Bruce l-'ahn. along with the rest of the staff for their many long hours of work. A special thanks goes to our advisor, who also furnished photographs and did special page layouts. Also I want to thank “Mud” Waters, yearbook representative, who gave us much needed help. Hopefully the 1975 Agawasie presents an accurate picli of campus life. "Signs of Times" becomes even more i levant than when we started. The world and nation in whi we live is changing even more rapidly now, and signs ; keeping us informed. They arc directing us. warning us a most helpful in our finding ourselves in this fast movi society. In short, there arc three types of people: Those w make things happen, those who watch things happen, a those who ask "What happened-?". I fcrvantly hope tithe 1975 Agawasie will meet the needs of each type. Best of luck to all who have walked on this campus and m this book bring a smile to your face and a light to your he; when 50 years from now you look at it and say. "That w my school!" Wally Rutter Del Sanders, Advisor Published by Jostcn's Nationol School Services U Winnipeg. Moniiobo. Conodo 20S SummeryMILDRED JOHNSON LIBRARY N. D. STATE SCHOOL CF SCIENCE WAHPETON, N. DAK. 58075■

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