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North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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We often hear ff3i our sical i'M'iiVAor emotional needs ' of the momentWe tend to act the same "roles", play the same gamesSTATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCEi desire, fear, believe in, and are committed to.We Are In A Mess But We Are Moving-Forward To Be The Best Wahpeton, No. Dak. All these things that define us as a person are forever changing. 3 v Student Life - Spring 73 "52 card pick-up" is a haphazard time; but then so was Spring 73. 2122NDSSS Track 1973 NDSSS experienced a very successful track season. It was the first time that NDSSS had ever won the NDJCAC Region 13 title as well as a place in the National NJCAC meet. They also finished fourth in the NDCAA. Team members were: Cary Bcrtek, Mike Francis, Scott Hanson, Joe Hausauer, Lee Jorgenson, Bruce loney, Tom Marti-kowske, Greg Marking, Brad Naggatz, Rich Olson, Kevin Peterson, Dennis Ramlo, David Reese, Paul Schmidt, Tom Sheets, Dan Shown, Merle Shown, Cordon Stine, Tom Stur-devant, Brian Uhlich, Mike Williams, and Gus Mohs. Kevin Peterson, Scott Hanson, Mike Francis and Tom Stur-devant qualified in individual events and competed in the NJCAA track meet in Houston, Texas, May 24-26 where Peterson placed 5th in the nation in the 880 yard run. Mike Francis led the 1973 team scoring with 113 points followed by NDCAC 100 yard dash champ Brian Uhlich who scored 99 points. Eleven NDSSS outdoor records were established. 23Outstanding Student Karen Boehler Karen Boehler was presented the award for Outstanding Student, the Tom Galbreth Memorial Award. The Tom Galbreth Memorial Award is presented annually to the student of the year as selected by Circle K. Tom Galbreth was president of the NDSSS Circle K Club during the 1962-63 school year. The award was set up by his parents when he was killed in an accident in 1963.Summer School For mosl people summer school is far from reality. But for those who attended the summer session here it was very real. At times it may have been like playing solitaire when the student center or down were empty, but it was full of memories of both times and people.Looking back at Science with a smile and a tear. It's over-graduation. May 30, 1973. 26M"Spring Fever" As spring fever hits 100V of the campus, even the faculty - you can expect anything to happen. And it did ... 28The US. Playing Card Co. CINCINNATI. U.S.A. S 1311 Student Life - Fall 73 It may have been "Go to the Dump" when you were younger, but it was "Go to the Bar" Fall 73 at SSS.WAHPETON THE TOWN For nine months, Wahpcton THE Town is Wah-peton OUR Town. We aren't visitors. We live, work and play here. The town leaves it's marks on us, and we leave ours on the town. T 30Then there was registration. The lines, the lectures, moving in, meeting a roommate, and especially the fees, were all remembered. 33Time Linda Jaskowski Homecoming Royalty Cats A Cornin' "Cals A Cornin' Time", what a week! It may have officially began on Wednesday night, but we were all warming up on Monday night and even some the week before. Lobo started out the festivities in Bute Gym on Wednesday night. It was a sellout concert with a performance to match. Lobo, we loved you. Thursday night was Roberta Miller's as she was crowned the 1973 Homecoming Queen by President Blikre. Her attendents were Ellen Long and Linda Jaskowski. The coffee house and alumni all came on Friday with the parade starting all too early on Saturday morning at 10:00. The football game against Valley City occupied the afternoon while the dance was held that night with Noah playing. All in all it was a week to remember. Queen Roberta Ellen Long Homecoming Queen Candidates. LEFT TO RIGHT: Geratdmc Nelson, Judy Potter DiAnn Stelling. Linda Jaskowski, Ellen long. Jackie Keller. Deborah Vcppl. Roberta Miller Mollv Kuhn and Karen Gibbon. 34 L_ 7 ■:! o . • 1 i 35 Queen RobertaThe Game Despite the loss to Mayville, it was an exciting afternoon. Beautiful fall weather and a beautiful queen made the day near perfect.uI i 5 J Along with the new students came the new drinkers, and more responsibilities. It changed many things: the crowd became 90% your age, the city of Breckcnridge became well known, you found out that playing "Spades" and "Indian" weren't the best ways to get drunk, and you had YOUR first good look at the law. 40 r.. .In October Nordgaard Hall, the new ten story men's dorm, was dedicated in honor of W.M. Nordgaard, director of placement. I i ! I 42■ LOBO Starting off Homecoming week was a concert by Lobo. The well-known performer sang many of his popular tunes and entertained the audience with his humor.Twas Halloween night, and all sorts of strange characters roamed the Student Center. Carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, dancing to "Prodigy," and participating in the costume contest took up most of the evening. But the highlight of the night was the movie, "Creatures From The Crypt," which was presented at 11:30 with standing room only. 7”"Tartuffe" Tom Jones' musical comedy, "I Do, I Do” and the Richard Wilbur translation of Molicre's classic "Tartuffe” were presented on alternate nights, November 5th through 10th, for six consecutive performances by the Science Art Players. "I Do, I Do" 45I I Whether they're peddle or power makes no difference-ihey're still popular. With the price of gas what it is they're even practical. No gas, or even a few gallons, is alot cheaper than fifteen or twenty. Just ask anyone who drives one. Better catch them quick before it snows. 47 SKOGIE The formula for success in rock music is simplicity itself. Copy. Imitate. Steal. The nature of the market is such that every record released, and every live concert given is a gamble, and "Tales From The Crypt," and the easiest way to minimize risks is to stick with a format that has already proven its marketability. Rick Moore, Denny Peterson, All Galles, and Mark Goldstein got a head start on other musicians in Minneapolis by making themselves unique from their first stage appearance; both in their material and its presentation. They wear suits and ties. They call themselves Skogie. They write their own material and recently released a single. Skogie appeared in the Redwood Room on November 12 for a two hour concert.Freshmen Being a freshman at Science means being mixed-up and frustrated sometimes—like in the game Crazy 8's.FRESHMEN Carol Adermon Daniel Anderson Deana Anderson Michele Anderson Timothy Anderson Jean Anderst Viki Applegate James Armstrong Muriel Aspelund Doug Baron Dale Bartnick Vicki Barton Kelly Bauche JoEllen Beach Diane Becker Brian Bellmore Jackie Bergstrom Darlene Berube Jan Bloom Peggy Boastrom 50 Cindy Bohn Terri Bonsness James Borselh Carol Bostrom Lyn Bottner Ranae Brag Jerry Breidenback Susan Brenno Mary Bruer Brent Brown Michael Bruels George Buckmier Dennis Burke lynctie Bush Keith Bylin LaRae Carlson Glen Christianson Mike Christenson Debbie Clcmenson Avis Collette Steve Cornell 51Patty Courtney Mike Craft Mary Crosby Thomas Curry Jane DeCreef Evelyn Dillinger Roslyn Dobitz Sandy Domier Jeff Drcge Jerry Dudley enneth Dwarshak Steve Dwarshak Randy Ebel Olley Eberhardt Don Edberg Cynthia Ellingson Howard Elliot Lori Engebretson Mary Engstrom Beth Erickson Dwight Fagerbakke Bruce Fairbrolher Dennis Feldmeyer Mike Flach Judy Foell Connie Foyt Fred Frederickson Becky Frcnzel Steve Friiel Cindy Gackle David Casal Lauri Gatherum Scott Giddings Connie Giese Bonnie Gjerding Leslie Gooch 1 52Carl Gorman Brenda Granrud Roger Greenstein Tom Grieve Darold Gross Rita Gross Janice Gruenberg Loren Gullikson Nancy Gulsuig Hal Gunderson Diane Hager Terry l lokensonBarbara Hallond Alane Hansen Greg Hanson Michelle Hanson Chris Hardman Keith Haring Brian Meitkamp Susan Hill Joel Hjelseih Cheryl Hoeffel Cheryl Holweger Rhonda Hooly Lynn Homelwig Vicki Hudson Robert Huus Dean Ihry Paul Indergaard Chris Jenson Geraldine Jirges Ed Johnson Gene Johnson Ken Johnson Marsha Johnson Shelby Johnson 54Craig Jones Dennis Korsky Paul Kancmvisher Dennis Kallstrom Julie Jones Carla Kauk Ann Kanwishcher Norma Kascman Allen Kukert James Kotisick Delores Klein Lori Kuril Robert Kramer Karen Kushel Dewey Kvedt Janet Kvislen Allan Lachcr Gaylien Larson Gordon Larson Patricia Larson Arthur Lautl" r Mark Lindseth Sieve Loll Susan Madson Gail Machart Jerry Mollcr Keith Marlin Mavis Mauck John Maynard Debbie McAllister Robert McCann Cynthia McKnight TomMehlhoff Connie Meidinger Kenny Meidinger Marsha Meidinger Tangce Mickclson Cari Miller Vicki Miller Fred Mitzcl Neomie Morehart Greg Morud Geraldine Nelson Jeff Ncppl Claude Netterville Gordon Neumiller Luann Niles Sandra Nishek Tim Nodsle Jerry Novotny Debi Oak 57J- Candace Olson Jane Olson Lyle Ost Carla Pankratz Kathy Pauls Ken Paulus Jean Peterson Stan Peterson Benita Pollan Bryan Poppenhagen Denise Prochnow Donclyn Prochnow Linda Pulskamp Vicki Raatz Jan Rofferty Ernie Roehrick Curt Rogness Joe Roscoe Wallace Rutter Wayne Ruzicka Amanda Sand Terry Sather 58Debbie Gail Schlaht Cynthia Schlenk Adrian Schmidt Del Schmidt Ernest Schober Ed Schonert Merle Schrank G. Shumacher Mike Schuurmans Robert Schwanz Claudice Schwergart Everett Scvcrinson C. Shypkowski Linda Silewski Bernice Silvernagle Susan Sipma Maurice Skogen Sandra Solinger Debbie Steen Kim Stewart LeRoy Stiiz Maxine Stoltcnow Karen Stockerd Arden Strege Cordell Streifel Francis Strohfus V.Stuehkenberg 59 ILynettc Tennyson Bonita Terfehr Kandi Thompson Phyllis Toelle Kenard Turner Bradley Tweed Jeff Vagts Loren Vanderwerff Bill Viner Glenn Wagner Glenn Walden Jeanne Waltz Ken Walz Pat Weber Colette Webster Marlow R. Worth Joe Wettstein Kim White Keith Wibe Frank Willson Debbie Wixo Jerry Wokal Beverly Wold Carol Wyum Wanda Ziegclman Terry Zimprich 60- NURSES Kathy Adair Mary Jo Anderegg Gencll Anderson Marcia Anderson Debra Anderson Judith Bacsler Glenda Bahm Corrine Bailey Kathryn Bakko Elsa Bankers Sue Bauer Jeanne Bender Connie Berginc Laurel Borland Leslie Bernardy Gloria Bier Pamela Blilie Debbie Boldigheimer Kathleen Bolme Glenda Bowhcll Pat Brastrup Regina Brauch Cher Broker Viola Brock Viola Bruggman June Buchl Roxane Birnbaum Mary Beth Burns Janeen Bury Verla Buskohl Mary BuSta Robyn Campbell Patti Carpenter Carol Carter Sharon Clark Cathy Clementson 61Lori Coruan Linda Casselman Cheryl Dahl Bonnie Da I bey Sandra Dancer Melanie Danielson Roberta Davidson Sandy Deal Theresa Deichert Mary Dctcrman Eileen Dewald Sally Dickson Maryjo Diehraff Rita Eberhardt Carol Eisenlohr Diane Eisner Cheryl Ekeland Diane English Romona Erickson Pat Fanderick Kathy Frank Anne Call Susan Gcderson Karen Gendreau Pat Gill Hedy Glass Gail Gordon Nancy Grant Jeanne Greff Jo Anne Gregerson Kathy Gunness Connie Gussious r r' xak Ruth Gustafson v 1 Dixie Habedank Debra Hall • Barbara Hanson 1 [ 62 F Maryjo Hanson - Mary Hart .. Shirley Hcnschcl Sheri Hill v Bonita Hucther Jody Huseth Mavis Imhoff Jackie Himebough Harriet Hogue Darlene Holty Donna Howell Karen Jacobson Renee Jacobson Debbie Jarolimek Douglas Jensen Judy Johnson Brenna Jore Collette Kautzman Beatrice Kinzler Cindy Knutson Frances Kosian Brenda Kramer Wanda Krumwicde Teresa Laken ' y s- 1 Deborah Larson Janice Larson Jonell Larson Nancy Larson Peggy Larson Jcri Lauf Marie Leincn Marth Leland Kathy Lewis Sherry Lewis Naomi Lillemoen Rita Livingston 63Linda Lund Janel Lundby Dianna Lundecn Mary Lyon June Marck Wanda Marshall Renee Mauch Bobette Mayer Theresa McIntyre Linda Michaelis Jeni Mjolmess Marlene Morrison Debbie Mueault Elaine Mueller Nan Nelson Beverly Nemeyer Vicki Ncsemcicr Leatrice Ncwmann Kathleen Nolle Donna Norris Brenda Nygaard Jan Nygaard JoAnn Olson Linda Olson Linnea Olson Rebecca Olson Rebecca Olson Renae Olson Sharon Olson Sylvia Olson JolencOrmsby Joyce Owens Roberta Pederson Susan Pederson Lynn Pcrrizo Joyce Pietth 64 r Y % 1 Alice Praden Kcnac Quennill Marjorie Railshleger Jocelyn Renner Brenda Kessler Glenda Rothman Cathy Ronning Jean Ryan Debbie Sailer JoAnn Samuelson Judee Sannes Pamela Schank Nancy Schiff Brenda Schmidt Joanne Schoyln Jacquelyn Schulz Sharon Scott Deb Senger Rebecca Senger Paula Shanks April Shelton Karen Skarloken Patricia Smith Suzann Snippcn Debbie Sol berg Becci Speakman Polly Spiekmeier Sheila Srb Sarita Stafford Mary Stein Floss Stollenwcrk Sandy Sundby Karen Swenson Pat Tessmer Paula Thorson Darlene Thurlow 65Barbara Torness MaryAnn Tschosik Denise Uhlich Sandra Vig Carol Wagner Twila Wagner Cecelia Walelyko Wendy Walker George Wallettc Janet Wildman Kathy Wilson Jody Young 8 Student Life-Winter Winter may stop some, but not Science, Solitary? not Science students!1 T38th Snow AO fChristmas 73 On the night before vacation, the Center was empty (everyone went home early). Well, we all know how the story goes - and everyone has their own version. I3ut no matter how their story goes, everyone needs the old standby's of mistletoe and Christmas trees to make Christmas complete. Christmas 73 at Science was complete for all. I 4 70I I'Piuttenb ” The five candidates for Miss Perfect type were Beverly Lindstrom, Debra Marks, Katie Marks, Katie Osborn, Diane Theis, and Darby Schlotfeldt. The Printer's Ball was held on January 12 with the music provided by Shondabrook. It was here that Diane Theis was crowned Miss Perfect Type 74. 72Sno-Carnival Snow Sculptures Barrel Rolling Contest Treasure Hunt Drama Club 1st PlaceOfficial Rules of College Games Send $1999.99 for "Official Rules of College Games for the entire year." A 270 day guide to all popular college games including: Go to the Bar, 270 Days Pick-Up, Cheat, Pick an excuse-any excuse, Couples in the Corner, Student Rummy, Gin-Hangover. Helps you to learn new college games and tricks. For more college games send $666.66 for each additional quarter. Price includes: . handling, and student shipping charges. Print name, phone number, and address ( plainly ... and send $1999.99 in cash, check, or money order to: North Dakota State School of Science Wahpeton North Dakota 58075 Specify game or games desired.■ ELLIE KILANDER Ellie Kilander, Dean of Women at the North Dakota State University, was the featured speaker at a lyceum held January 9. Her topic for the lecture was the "Status of Women", which included a brief analysis of the womens movement - its reasons for being, projections of what life will be like if it continues, and comments on what's wrong with the way things are. Even though the turnout for the lyceum was small, the topic was interesting and relevant to us all. 77I Sweetheart Ball February 16 marked the end of a successful Sno-Carnival week with the crowning of Vita Azure as 1974 SSS Sweetheart. "Fat Lip" provided the music for the ball. RIGHT: Candidates for Sweetheart were, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Johnson, Kathy Pauls, Jan Rafftery, Peggy Boost ram. Barb Mueller, Debbie Sctnes, Vita Azure, Linda Lou Bakken, and Pam McQuay. 78« 79  Varsity Bards The Varsity Bards, an allmale singing group from the University of North Dakota, appeared here as part of its winter tour on January 10. The 61 member group performed a variety of songs ranging from authentic folk materials to choral compositions and show tunes. The Goliards, a group of eight men selected from within the Bards, also performed a variety of songs of the Barbershop type. The program was ended with the rousing "Sious Fight Song". 84 Sophomores Although unlike the Freshmen, the Sophomores may not be quite as confused and mixed up when they return fall quarter; they are by no means any less crazy and fun. Go get 'em!SOPHOMORES Drew Aaland Sieve Akason Sieve Aliringer Bruce Amb Bruce Amsbaugh Charlotte Anderson Deana Anderson Debra Anderson Floyd Anderson Kathy Anderson Catherine Anderson Meg Atkinson i Delilah Bahm Nancy Bakkegard Darcy Banning Blaine Barnick Duane Barth Roxanne Baumer Robert Bayeff Mary Beaton Robin Becker Regina Bergontine Bonnie Bergeth Sue Berseth Carl Bcdnarchik Ed Beneda Bonita Berg 86Gary Bertek Brent Bjornson Glen Blanchard Darla Bocckel Tim Boots Brenda Bosard Stuart Bowmen John Braisted Shelley Brandt David Bratager Warren Broeder William Brunner Carla Brushwein Victor Bryans Gcorginc Bubach George Buckmeipr Debbie Buehler Sue Burgum Jerome Bauer Roger Buerkle Greg Burke Alice Carlson Jerry Carlson Terry Chadderdon 87I Ann Christianson Mike Christianson Shelly Christianson Janel Cole Sandy College Janice Condra Theresa Cote Doug Courtney Mike Crawford Bruce Cross Steve Crowe Bernadette Cruden 88 Steve Curfman Eileen Dahl Darryl Dais David Dalas Robert Danielson Donna Dawley Mike Deschene Mike Deilaff Val Dietz Darrel Differding Paul Dimmer Marion Dill Karl Dunklc Kevin Eder Dan Ellingson Penny Enery Randy Entzi Rodney Entzi 89 IBruce Erickson Dale Erickson Pat Erickson Paul Erickson Neil Espeseth Steve Evanson i 1 Dean Evenstad Randall Ferguson Mike Fitch Teresa Fitzpatrick Glenn Fleener Michael Foertsch Maureen Foley James Ford Dave Forde Dean Franchuk Timothy Frenzel Jim Fulwider Robert German Karen Gibbon Rick Graba Dwight Graupe Monte Greenup Lynn Gravas Glenda Gustafson Cynthia Haas James Hagen Jim Hager 90  Steve Harter Cindy Hartl Sandy Hartl Ken Haugen Shelly Haugen Kevin Hauschild Roy Hegney Gary Heilman Pat Hclfcnstein John Hellandsaas Deb Herda Vicki Herman Joe Hermanson Cheryl Haupal Deb Heyne Mike Hilgers Gary Hjelmstad Mark Hoff Palmyra Hoff Joel Holzer 92 7 Robert Hopkins Ronald Hultin David Ihry Gerald lilies Carmen Jacklitch Bruce Jacobson Sandra Jarman Linda Jaskowski Mark Jensen Steve Jensen Diana Kistler James Klamm Cleone Knophle Beckie Koenig Deb Johnson Jolene Johnson Keith Johnson Liane Johnson Greg Johnson Warren Jonasson Denise Jordheim 93 IGregg Kaldor Carlyle Kaufman Karen Kazajeck Jackie Keller Rachel Kettcrling Dale Kilwein Claudette Knecht Ray Knoff Jeff Kadrmas Charles Kaepplin Stan Kovarik Dave Krause Gary D. Krause Tony Kub Sandy Kubishta Marlene Kuhn Molly Kuhn Colleen Kukla Phylis Kupitz John Kuipers Gary Lashem 94 ' T____ Dole Lefor Jerry Lchn Roberta Lincoln MaryBeth Lingen Susan Lipetzty John Littkc Ellen Long Michael Lorentz Karla Luick David Lund Grctchcn Lybeck Susan Lysne Cliff Maki James Martin Calvin Martwick Larry Masching Nancy Mayer Arne Middlestcad Casey Miller Gayle Miller Monty Miller Roberta Miller Duaine Miranowsky Gus Mohs Paul Monson Judy Moore Roger Moore Dave Mork 95 I Brian Ncdberg Joe Neel Jo Ncese Bradley Nelson Marcheta Nelson Deb Neppl Sandra Nishek Tim Nodsle Kelly Norby Annette Nordick Odin Norum Kathleen Oberg Dan Okon Steve Olderud Rick Olson Bruce Orluck Dale Ost Terry Otto Mark Ouradnik Lugen Parkhause Dan Patridge 96 Bonnie Paulson Tom Paulson Kevin Pazdernik Charles Pederson Doug Peltier Leon Pherson Dave Piatz Paul Plathe Gail Rath Norman Ravnahs Delane Rau Bill Rector Steve Rchak Jan Rcmmen Joel Renfrow Jeff Restemayor Yvonne Rieger Paul Rinas Leon Ripplingcr 97 IJames Risbrudt Dennis Riske Warren Rose Ron Rosen Howard Roth Lynn Rudolph Dave Russum Kennan Sailer Jack Salveson Dennis Sameb Steve Sand Anne Sather Pat Sautcr Stanley Saylor Keith Schaan Curtis Schafer Mark A. Schafer Bernetta Schaff 98Don Schmidt Jane Schmidt Nancy Schmidt Sylvia Schmidt Michael Schossow Richard Schuly S. Schwartzenberger Marty Sckamstad Leo Seeda Tom Sheets 99 I Kyle Shephard Neal Simley Kirby Slunaker Dave Soma Ron Stannibeen Jerrald Starr Deb Stinchfield Wanda Stockcrt Kevin Stoltcnberg Dennis Strand Kerry Streifel Jacques Stuart Lou Syvertson Steve Szarbowski Mary Terfehr Jim Thacher Fran Thomas Daryl Thompson Steve Thompson Ron Thoreson Ellen Thorstad 100 CimisThurn Tim Timmerman Peggy Trappen Mark Trostad Annette Trautman Wayne Udby Pete Vandenover Sandra Vanderlinden Tim VanHatten Roy Vefik Renee Vigen Bev Volk Richard Wagner Robert Wahlwend Jacob Waldman Glen Walen Carol Weaver Mike Webber Ralph Weber Susan Wehring 101 IGary Weihemollcr James Weil Richard Welch Barry Welharlicky Janice Westerhausen Lou Whitmar Aaron Williamson Jerry Wilson Robert Wilson Cheri Wolf Roger Wood Larry Wolsky Delaine Worner Curtis Yess Jim Young Bonnie Ysiaas Debbie Yule Mark Zanaria Craig Zander David Zcigler Dwight Zimmerman Jerry Zimmerman Mary Zimmerman Darrel Zweigle 102 aSports To many people, sports are only for the jocks. But to Science they include not only the team, but also the fans, cheerleaders, band, and pom pon girls. Sports are for all.wr1 ■■—'w ■■ — - - t " " '"r FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ron Knpp, Mike Dcliile, Brian Nedberg. Mark Hyldon. Tomlcucr.Crcg Pfivicr, Kim Marsh, Dennis Braaicn, Dale Powell. SECOND ROW: Dan Bommclman, Don Edberg, Joe Hauwucr, Paul Schmidt, Mike Salquist, Val Did , Tim Davis, Ron Roller, Kim While. THIRD ROW: Tom Didier, Brad Dibble, Terry Hokenson, Mike Malison, Dave Russum, Sieve Dot enrod, Roger Johnson, Jeff Fluio, Bob Schrocdcr, Rod Harmon. FOURTH ROW: Mike Webber, Bill Nold, Boon lofisgard. Rick lovdokken. Terry Chadderdon, Tom Siadler, Chip Lyslo, Rick Wacha. lee Jergenson, Bob McKinnon. FIFTH ROW: Mike Hilgers, Gary Lasham, Jeff Gross, Barry Hcbl, Dave Dalton, Randy Oldson, Terry Quenelle, Todd Bodine, Roger Moore, Marlon lagred, Allen Kanwischer. SIXTH ROW: Craig Jones, Curl Thurd, Mike Williams, Tim Bodine, Wayne Szc ur, Kent Kesmeistor, Dave Caspers, Marly Scramstod, Jerry Wilson, Jerry Kuidt, Mark Ouradnik, and Vern Shasky. The award winners for the 1973 season voted on by the team members include: FOOTBALL Freshman runningback Dave Casper of Breck-enridge picked up three citations. Casper was named most valuable player and best offensive back in addition to earning all-North Dakota College Athletic Conference recognition. Named as tri-captains were sophomores Rick Wacha, Mike Salquist and Marty Scramstad. Wacha and Salquist arc both Wahpeion High School graduates. Wacha also garnered best defensive lineman laurels. Rick Lovdokken was chosen as the best offensive lineman and Lee Jergenson topped the balloting for best defensive back or linebacker. Tim Davis of Mooreton was also named to the all-NDCAC team announced Thursday. 105 ! » I U UUt Vr 107ryjc Minot Dickinson Iowa Central CC I 109 Cross Country 110 In their first meet of the year, the Cats finished second in a five team meet, with Joe Roscoe finishing second. In a triangular meet at the Bois de Sioux they placed second. Individual winner was SSS's Joe Roscoe, our 1973 Cross Country champion. In a dual with Concordia, and also in a triangular with Jamestown and Fergus Falls, the Cats came out on top. Joe Roscoe was the individual winner in both. Wes Andrud's Cross Country Wildcat runners climaxed their 1973 season with two third place wins in the NDCAC, and the National Junior College Athletic Association Region 13.LEFT TO RIGHT (FRONT ROW)- Phil Solum, Brian Icn mcicr, Mark Giddings, Al Wiley, Joe Roscoe, and Bob Kramer. (SECOND ROW)- Jock Bican, Jim Armstrong. John 8riggs, Sam Sheets, Scott Hanson, and Gary Keller.A. Basketball The Science Wildcats ended the season with a 15-9 overall record. The Wildcats had little trouble winning 74-67 over NDSU-Bottineau but lost the championship game 97-80. Mike Christianson, Curt Schober, Kirby Stcffons and Dave Russum ended their college play for the "Cats". Mike Christianson, sophomore and Jeff Trammell, freshman were named to the Sub-Region 13 "All-Tourney" team. LEFT TO RIGHT: Marvin Hills, Jim Tretl, Gary Smith, Kurt Skoog, Mike Christensen, Larry Swanson, Brad Stern, Mike Christianson, Jeff Trammel, Dave Veitch, Curt Schober, Jim Doncgan, Kirby Steffans. 112 S'— Team We They Manitoba 72 Sgf80 Mankato-Bethany 72 fe 69 Anoka-Ramsey 83 60 Minn. Tech-Crookston 92 77 UND-Williston 94 88 NDSU-Bottineau 104 96 Bismark 90 65 Lake Region 76 54 Fergus Falls 75 55 Willmar 70 65 Mayville 65 68 Dickinson 72 68 Jamestown 75 68 Minot 88 s 99 Jamestown 89 63 Valley City 53 79 Mayville 68 91 Dickinson 78 85 Valley City 77 74 j Minot 74 79 m  Oom Pah Pah Oom Pah Pah That's how it goes —119 ■Hii CHEERLEADERS Adding pep and cheer Jo the sporting events as well as leading them arc the cheerleaders. We congratulate them on a job well done. RIGHT: Wrestling cheerleaders. KNEEIING-Dianne Hub-rig; SIANDING-Dorcen Broun and Doreen llubrig; TOP is Lori Ghvayna. BOTTOM: Basketball and Football cheerleaders. LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW T-Diane Hager, Jolene Johnson, Betsy lingen, ROW 2-LCO Sccba, Sue Trautmann, Barb Mueller, Dobby Braaten. 120POM PON They were gone a year, but now they're back. NDSSS's 14 pom pon girls. Icfl to right they are: ROW 1-Jan Rcmmon, Pam Craft, Colleen Olafson, Deb Johnson. ROW 2-Dcnije lura, Ann Christianson, Kathy Anderson, Karen Rudolph, Shelly Haugen. ROW 3-Shirley Kolbc, Vicki Jo Flick, Denise Jordhcim, Pam McQuay, Vicki Hudson.Season Record Wrestling This year the coach, Larry McDaniel, and his wrestlers, had a season of 3-2 in conference, and 6-2 in duals. This was an improvement from the past years. This year SSS will be sending five Wildcat Wrestlers to the National Finals. They are: Brian Len meier, Rich Miller, Rod Harmon, Cy Kittel-son, and Tom Lcuer. BELOW, ROW 1: Brian Len meier, Brad Carr, Ron Nostdnhl, Cy Kittelson, Rick Lovdokken, Tom Lcuer, Rich Miller, Rod Harmon, Steve Aune, Mark Saunders. ROW 2: Randy Becker, Paul Weigel, Marlon Lagred, Steve Thompson, Brad Dibble, Roger Rochelcau, Don Edberg, Curt Yess, Scott Johnson, Ben James. ROW 3: Terry Harrison, Steve Arthaud, Curt Nicklos, Randy Twito, Ron Schulz, Richard Evenson, Allan Mautz, Bruce Cross, Robbie Hagen. We They Valley City State 0 42 Minot State 18 24 Itasca Junior College 45 3 Bismark Junior College 30 16 Mayville State 45 6 U. of Saskatoon 44 4 Jamestown College 36 8 Bismark Junior College 24 24 Dickenson State 27 13 1 so 122Kathy Anderson, Deborah Bakke, Anita Bakken, Kari Bartling, Paul Baumann, |ohn Beardmorc, Peggy Booslrom, David Bonle, Stewart Bowman, Vickie Braatcn. Georgine Bubach, Debra Buchler, Curt Cavalier, Ann Christianson, Paula Christianson, Janice Condra. Michael Dcschcnc, Kevin Eder, Margaret Atkinson, Kan Bartling, Diane Becker, lavonne Braaten, Connie Christianson, Pamela Graff, lou Hurly, Mary Jacobson, Alicia Jaeger, Sandra Jarman, Connie Kalina, Nancy Keeney, Jerrry Kub, Bonita lindemann, Susan Madson, Susan Marlcnce, Monica Mastel, Mavis Mauck, Deborah Mcallistcr, .Marsha Mcidinger, Valerie Nill, Susan Olerud, Lori Engcbretson, Beth Erickson, William Felton. Vicki Flick. Charles Garnaas, Leslie Gooch. Allen Grata, Monte Greenup, Donald Hanna, Alane Hansen, Shelly Haugen, Clayton Heidecker, Michcal Hicb, Joel Hjclseth, Sandra Hoffman, Joan Hohncke, John Hutton, Julie Jacobson, Jolene Johnson, Denise Jordheim, Kenneth Kappenman, Antoinette Keller, Pat Kirsch, Rebecca Klootwyk, Michael Klostcr, Ida Kraft, Marlene Kuhn, Karen Kuschcl, Victoria labontc. Mary Lingen, Carol Luick, Karla Luick, David Lund, Craig Machacek, Gail Machart, Marlene Mahler, Carol Marttila, Mavis Mauck, Kent McMartin, Steven Mehl, Barbara Mueller, Loraine Neameycr, Marcheta Nelson, Scott Nelson, Valerie Nill, James Osborne, Bonnie Paulson. Randa Pfaff, Linda Pulskamp, Robert E. Reiser Jr., Jan Remmen, Carl Rinde. Rock Sahr, Colleen Sauter, Cindy Schend, Julene Scheuffele, Dclan Schmidt, Donald Schmidt, Lester Schoenberg, Robert Schwanz, Sheila Schwartzcnbcrgcr, Charlene Shypkowski, DiAnn Sidling, Arden Stregc, Vance Stuehrenberg, Brenda Swanstrom, Don ctta Swenson, James Thacker, Kurt Thompson, Annette Trautman, Gary Ulland. Jack Vadnic, Gabriel Volk, Lori Wolf, lorn Wolsky, Mary Woods, Wanda Zicgclman, Cher Brcckcr, Mark Witteman, Debra Scoular, William Shorma, Jackie Stone, Laurie Swift, Nancy Welo, Pamclla Zimmerman.BAND Kathy Anderson, Meg Atkinson, Susan Burgurn, Ann Christianson, Shelley Haugen, Mark Jenson, Jolene John-son, Michael Kloster, Karla Luick, Judy Potter, Sandra Vandcr linden, Lou Whitmer, Debbie Yule, Mark Wittcman, Michael Hieb, Cassie Hilts, Sandra Hoffman, Chris Jensen, Rebecca Johanns, Shelby Johnson, Kenneth Kap-penman, Nancy Keeney, Gregory Kcm-mcl, Vicki Kohler, Phyllis Kupitz, Beverly Lindstrom, Carol Luick, Craig Machacck, Gail Machart, Carol Mart-tila. Mavis Mauck, Bonnie McCollough, Kent McMartin, Marsha Meidinger, Larry Morns, Geraldine Nelson, Jerry Nelson, Marchcta Nelson, Scott Nelson, Debra Nomeland, Diane Nygaard, Tom Paulson, Allan Peterson, Robert E. Reiser Jr., Jeffry Rcstemayer, Rock Sahr, Terry Sather, Patricia Sauter, Julcnc Scheuffcle, Darbic Schlotfcldt, Debra Scoular, Carol Stevenson, Jackie Stone, Arden Strcgc, James Thacker, Brenda Trana, James Tryba, Glenn Walden, Paul Wallis, Joanne Wire, Leon Wirth, Jerome Anderson. 135 ■i Folk Group Jerry Anderson, Deb Bakkc, Blaine Barnick, John Beardmore, Will Blevins, Jeff Boe, Gcorgine Bubach, Deb Buehler, $C0U Dcx-lor, Charles Carnaas, Joel Hjclscth, Sandi Hoffman, Jolenc Johnson, Marlene Kuhn, Monica Masiel, Bob Reiser, Rock Sahr, Cindy Schend, Bill Shorma, Maurice Skogen, Cary Ullend, Lorn Wokky. 136Stage Band Steve Hartman, Chuck Garnaas, Kent McMartin, Larry Morris, Scott Dexter, Blaine Barnick, Paul Wallis, Mark Wittc-man, Steve Crandall, Bob Reiser, Mike Kloster, Glenn Walden, Glenn Walden, Marchetta Nelson, Craig Machacek, Kevin Eder, Bob Schwanz, Meg Atkinson. 137 ■Diesel Club Greg Burke, Joel Rcndfrow, Brent Bjornson, Jeffery Voltz, Rodney Kojiclecky, Zanc Tabert, Randy Rareck, Larry Mchcrs, John Bcardsmorc, Mark Maadcr, Larry Hanson, George Buckmior, Neil Jacobson, Clair Esligcr, David Aasen, Lynn l-tomclwig, Ernest Schobcr, Dennis Karsky, Darrall Schatzkc, Gordon Bon-tilier, Lc Roy Bohncr, Steve Schmaltz, Jerry Lelm, Robert Stanens, Glenn Wagner, Greg Uness, Ronald Thoreson, Steven Duorshek, Kenneth Dworshak, Edward Schoncrt, John Kerr, Gregory Kernonet, Mike Noland, Jon Erlcnbusch, Tony flaten, Joe Leitner, Doug Young, Barry Suydan, Bryan Freitag, Tom Burke, Larry Sabo, Gary Heilman, Robert Longtine, William Ost, Robert Dukart, Rod Schmidt, Nathan Hcrkc, francis Strohfus, Kim Overdorf, Michael Schmid, Lewis Henton, Chris Jensen, Lyle Ost, Randy Richards, Dean Ihry, Greg Kaufman, John Maynard, Jeffrey Johnson, Dennis Duval, Jeffrey Winters, Terry Spilzer, Kendall Paulson, Danny Gira, Ronnie Maihner, David Malyck, Arrol Molff, Doug Zimmeg, Dale Suhr, Carl Gorman, Kenneth Huber, David Mork, Jim Risbradt, Charles Garmaas, Richard McDonald, James Yri, Michael Crawford, Wayne Udby, Edward Bencda, Douglas Peltier, Steve Horten, Curt lillchoff, Tim Ewalt, Sid Junnson, Ron Schulz, William Erenk, Bruce Vcrhinde, Layne Hoff, Jack Waldman, Gilbert Dopinga, Tom Welden, Myron I locb, Alvin Hawn, Lynn Johnson, Joe Hagen, Carl Schmid, Raymond Hagness, Orlin Dahl, Carl Schneider, Everett Holtz, Steve Curfman, David Ziegler, Tim Anderson, Greg Hammer, Marlowe Rygg, David Hultstrand, Steve Johnson, Max Brandenburger, William Buckholtz, Mark Hoffman, Jim Hcrbarger, Galen Moody, Gerald fix, Kent Kueberer, Tim Vanllatton, Steve Huscltka, Dan Walz, John R. Stutlon, Tom Lobeck, David Kingsly, Robert Oliver, Steve Thymian, Steve Terness, Dean Anderson, Dale Powell, Rodney Scimcn, Dennis Conklin, Roger Herbcrg, Glenn Fleener, Clayton Ssvanson, David Richmond, Bruce Amslaugh. 138Student Cabinet MEMBERS OF PHI BETA LAMBDA: Rosemary Bergman, Stewart Bowman. Dale Erickson, Cassie Hills, Cerri Jirges, Lance Kampstra, Duane Kragness, Jo Ness, Lorraine Neumcyor, Cindy Odogaard, JoDenc Peterson, Linda Pulskamp, Ocbby Rupp, Linda Schaunaman, Marvin Schauaman, Neal Simley, Sue Simpa, Sandy Suko, Janice Severson, Annette Troutmen, Richard Wagner, William Whillock. Annette Nordick, Jim Shacker, Gloria Wolfgram, Susan Wallace, Curt Rogness, Ann Konwischcr. ADVISORS: Mr. King, Judy Olson. 140 FROM LEFT: Richard Wagner, Bryon Bertsch, Lou Whitmcr, Richard Shorma, Debbie Neppl, Teresa Fil patrick, Wanda Stockert, Dale Kilwcin. Phi Beta LambdaElectrical Club MEMBERS ARE: Myron Axrman, Doug Baron. Dave Dahl. Stove lewton, Glen Murphy. Jack Salvcson, Ron Gibbons, John Gilbertson, Milton Schulz, Dave Jacobson, Robert llagcn, Terry Cuthnsucllcr, James ford. Architectural SlMTrx Drafting Club MEMBERS Of ARCH. DRAFTING CLUB: Kirk Swallcy, James Borscih, Beth Erickson, Scott Riemcr, Jeff Boe, John Kuipers, Bruce Erickson, Jim Hagen, Rodney Entzi, Jerald Starr, Brad Johnson, Tom O'Shaughnessy, Randy Oldson, Eric Erickson, Carol Bostrom, Tim Boots, Chuck Osthus, Kevin Edcr, Kelley O'Brien, Myron Mosset, Kathern Hammang, Brad Tanner. Diane Theis, Allen Berger, Larry Houn, Kent Robertson, James Schaller, Kandy Docktcr, Dave Cole, Karen Gibbon, Jim lorgas, Mark Spiekermeior, Delmar Schaiblc, Craig Nelson, Dan Cret en, Tim Davis, Mike Hilgers, Los Swanson, Adrian Schmidt. Craig Zander, David Sickler, Kevin Pazdornik, Mike Koffler, Keith Roeder, Connie Gisi, Karen Gibbon, Mr. McLaughlin. Ml iSacajawea MEMBERS ARE: Joan Hohncke, Pally Hoff, Lori Girvoyna, Kollccn Kukla, Garlet Melby, Darby Schlotfcldt, Vila Kaye A ure, Pal Sauicr, Molly Kuhn, Yvonne Rieger, Susan Lipetsky, Bcnita Tcrfchr, Bev lindstrom, Vickie Barton, Mary Zimmerman, Sue Hill, Carol Manilla, Sue Saxlund, Nancy Roth, Jolonc Johnson, Elaine Hcrmunslic, Pat Linder, Lou Whitmer, Jan Remmen, Ann Christianson, lu Ann Syvertson, Susan Wallace, Brenda Svvanstrom, Karen Gibbon, Wanda Radcliflc. Printer's Club MEMBERS ARE: Greg Hanson, Dan Butler, Carol luick, Claudia Toucr, Kim Sellhcim, Allen Kukcrt, Mike Schossow, Julie Rust, Doreen Hilzcndcgcr, Jim Vacca, Wanda Stockert, Dave PiaU, Jim Hager, Jancll Cole, Duane Barth, Dwight Zimmerman, Yvonne Rieger, Barbara Halland. 142Dental Auxiliaries PICTURE ABOVE LEFT TO RIGHT, 1st ROW: Jo-Ann Wire, Cari Miller, Tanger Mickleson, Cheryl Hocffcl, Peggy LeNouc, Kathy Anderson. 2nd ROW: Pat Larson, Charlotte Anderson, Lori Englcbretson, Ijcquelinc Stuart, Marilyn Millard, Diane Papka. 3rd ROW: Jean Peterson, Kathy Tougas, Mary Keller, Bcv linditrom. Darby Schlotfcldl, Marlys Leopaldt, Deb Bakke, Kathy Pauls, Katie Osburn. 4lh ROW: Laurie Gatherum, Deb Stinchfield, Maureen foley, Judy Potter, Geraldine Walters, Ann Toruie, Liz Shaw, Sandi Hoffman, Becky Scholcs, Bcv Hanson. PICTURE LEFT, LEFT TO RIGHT, 1st ROW: Sandy Jarmcn, Deb Neppl, Linda Jaskasvski, Bonnie Bcrgeth, Kollccn Kukla, .Molly Kuhn. 2nd ROW: Mary Zimmerman, Cindy Haas, Terri Fitzpatrick, Ann Christianson, Diana Kistler, Debbie Oak. 3rd ROW: Cleone Knopfle, Brenda Rinde, Kerry Kramer, Sue Berseth, Sandy Kalbeser, Lynctte Bush, Karen Miranowski, Fran Thomas. 4th ROW: Alice Dammon, Benita Terfhr, Cathy Cornell, Robin Becker, Jerry Wakal, Pat Weber, Jane Olson, Cheryl Halweger, Jody Gagclin. I SCIAC LEFT TO RIGHT: Molly Kuhn, Ken Walz, Rich Miller, Wanda Stockert, ferry Fitzpatrick, Randy Bertsch, Floyd Hauschild, Cail Miller, Gordon Gunness. 143 ■ Parts Training MEMBERS ARE: Mike Fla ten, Mike Bruck, Mark Wrokon, Mark Weyrauch, |ohn llellandsaas. Butch Jochim, Tred Hankins, Dwight Christianson, Kevin Mattson, Jerry Dudley, Curt Rogness, Loren Gullikson, David Lunde, Lynn Amundson, Randal Troutman, Marv Weiler, Carrie Haugen, Boyd Halverson, Charles Weichel, Sherman Sorenson, Steve Nicholson, Steve Fritcl, Hal Cunderson, George Lawrence, Gordon Larson, Jelf Drcgc, Glen Blanchard, Harvey Oslby-Advisor. Wildcat Kittens LEFT TO RIGHT, 1st ROW: Gayle Miller, Brenda Bosard, Linda Jaskosvski, Ellen long. 2nd ROW: Roberta Miller, Diana Kistler, Karen Gibbon, Judy Potter, Yvonne Rieger, Molly Kuhn. Delta Psi LEFT TO RIGHT, 1st ROW: Robin Becker, Rich Miller, Lori Wolf, Doug Barron, Vickie Herman, Tom Blanchard. 2nd ROW: Curt Thompson, Deb Johnson, Gary Uland, Mike Cray, Ellen Long, Jackie Stone, Bonnie Waxweiler, Betsy Lingen. 3rd ROW: Bob Reiser, Kelly Gardner, Desi Stolling, Paul Dimmer, Dick Shorma, Jack Salvcrson, Bill Shorma, Bill Rechter. Drama Club TOP PICTURE llfl TO RIGHT. 1st ROW: Robin Becker, Sandy Kubishla, Betsy Lingen, Donna Waxsvilcr, Ken Jorgenson, Karla Bruschwcin, Dong Barron. 2nd ROW: Mary Jane Corsby, Jo Beach, Kathy Pauls, Gary Uland, Ion Wolf, Ray long, Gail Miller, Ellen long. Paul Dimmer. 3rd ROW: Darius John, Kelly Gardner, Tom Blanchard, Bill Rechter, Mary Dickson, Dick Shorma. Jack Salverson, 2nd PICTURE IEFT TO RIGHT, 1st ROW: Rock Sahr. Karla luick, Desi Stelling, Dianne Moiling, Vickie Herman, Deb Johnson, Mike Gray, Marcbeta Nelson, Scott Nelson. 2nd ROW: Rich Miller, Monica Mastel, Deb Scouler, Terry Gerger, Pat Sautcr, Connie Miedcngcr, Claudia Toner, Carol luick. 3rd ROW: laekio Stone, Bill Shorma, Deb Nombland, Curt Thompson, Oden Norum, Bob Reiser. Radio Club MEMBERS ARE: Paul linnell, Ray Knoff. Nathan loucks, Tony Beltran, Paul Entagard. 145Auto Body MEMBERS AKF: Vcrn Balder, Byron Bcrtsch, Slaty Bcr-grud, Ross Bochnkc, George Conover. Richard Dalbcarc, Gerald Duran. David Engcn, Jim foster, Monte Greenup. Darrell Hager, Gary Hainan, Jerry leruik, Randy Miller, Scott Miller, Jack Misson. Curt Osborn, William Thomas, Craig Rufswold. Randy Smith, Mike Soggie, Paul Stack, Curtis I hum, Kay Wasness, Allan Wacha, Stanley Evenson, Craig Jones, loren Stack, Terry Hokenson, Keith Martin, Glen Christianson, Jon Sebastian, Don Eelberg. 146UCCF MEMBERS ARE: (X'nnis Nelson. DeW.iyne Johnson, Mike Cudmore, Dave Russom, Curl Rogness, Jolene lohnson. Ann Christianson, Carol Pratt, Kathy Mohr, Mark Hager, Linda Peterson, Norm Duran, Rodney Semmen, Diana Eisner, lanicc Larson, David Strode, Mark Kvctncvig, Ron Stanncbcin, Kandy Twilo, Barb Mueller, Darwin Lindahl, Dennis Strand, Carl Noss, Pat Kirsch, Phyllis Schmidt (Advisor), Bill Zuk, Kay Scheer, Lynn MarTaggart. Cary Traulman, Annette rrautrnan, |udy Christensen, Darrel Essig, Brion I discard. Charles Ross, Shelley Haugen, Val Diet , Judy Potter, Al Oppcgrand, Peep Taba, Steve Cornell, Dan Okon, lark Vodnie. LeKoy Tysdal, JoAnn Samuclson, Joanne Schoyen, Kathy Anderson. Rita Livingston, Pat Kirsh, Marlow Rygg, Mark Brick in, Becky f lief .on, Becky Speakman, Mark llager, Ewalrl Christenson (Advisor), Delaine Worner, Steve Mchl, Roxanne Baumer, Alysia Rosberg, Kirn Stewart, Cindy McKnight, Dennis Nelson, lint Overland, Kathy Gun ness, John Schlink, Cindy Schlink, Errol Wold, Phil Mal tg, Barb Moore. Mark Hylden, DaveGasel. Gamma Delta MEMBERS ARE: Tim Timmerman, Gene Timmerman, Marvin Timmerman, David Hooge, Steve Rehawk, Mark WroHon, Phyllis Kupit , Steve Lange, Julcnc Schuedelc, Carol Stevenson. Cloria WolEgram, Randy Twito, Arden Slicgc, Jody Cagclin, Nancy Bush, Donna Greb, Patricia McClelland, Kevin Pankow, Dean Prochvow.■ I OT MEMBERS ARE: Darrel Differding, Jane Schmil, llcrnic Schaff, Janet Shide, Regina Ocrganline, Roberta Miller, Mary lerfer, Connie Griffin, Sue tyine. Sue Cljswr, Marlene Mahler, Shelley Christianson, Nancy Moen, Charlene Schultz, Rosyln Oohitz, Jean Andersl, Cindy Gactle, JoEllen Beach, Candy Olson, Jane Degree!, Colette Welnter, Darlene Berube, Marla Baschc, llolly Sando, R.mea Brag, Karen Kuschel, Carla Pankratl, Darlas Lam, Kim Stewart, Gail Mac hart, Mary lane Crosby, Randi Thompson, Alvsia Rosberg. Charlene Skypkosski. Linda Silewski, Sandy Domier, Michelle Miller.Practical Nursing Hi ROW: K.nliy Lewis, Mona (litkvon, April Shelion, Nan Nelson. 2nd ROW: Jeanne Grill, Glenda llowhall, Karen Skarloken, Rebecca Olson, Hoverly Neamcyer, Advisor-Mrs. li. Johnson. 3r«l ROW: Linda Olson, Joyce Owens, Naomi Lilleinoen, Kerri Dcichcri, Debbie Amlin, Marlene Morrison, liar I) Hanson. Food Service MEMBERS ARE: Paul Hcuer, Don Wolf, Shelley Kncchi, Janice Kapaun, Marlene Lehman, William Unchscher, Claudette Kncchi, Paul Baumann, Delilah Kahm, Tony Kub, loci llol er, lellry Restemayer, Kevin Schneider, Don Manna. 149150 I . . . MEMBERS ARE: Meg Atkinson, Kathy Amlcrwn, Terry Anhorn, Floyd Anderson, Tim Bekes, Blaine V 1 [ ( I I K Barnick, Tom Blanchard, Sandy College, Marlin Hcrtzil, |an Condra, Scon Dexter, Mary Dixon, N 1 1 u Dewey Degagne, Terry Easton, lori Engebretson, Richard Evanson, Dave Gcddcs, Ron Gicse. Ernie Gross, Allen , Don Harrington, Paul Meuer' Mike llilgcrs, Vickie Hudson, Alice Hcrtzill, Keith Huntly, Vincent Hackey, Cassie HaJUc, Mike Holiday, Joe Hausaucr, Dan Johnson, Brooke Jacobs, Keith Johnson, Dale Jorombeh, Dave Jacobson, Carmen Jackolitch, Perry Kroin. Rich Kurtti, Doug liedle. Chip Lyslo. Dale Lelor, Randy Larson, Roger lut , Gerry lannoye, Gretchen lybcck. Curt Iillehoff, Ellen long, Rick loll, Connie Meidinger, Judy Moore, Doreen Maas, Nancy Mayer, Rob Muir, Janie Nielson, Jeff Ness, Arddlc Oppegard, Jan Olson, Dave Opp, Tom O'Shaughnessy, Colleen Olafson, Rick Olson, Mark Ouradnik, Chris Pearson, Karen Peterson, Jim Page, John Ross, Jan Rcmmen, Ron Riflcy, Richard Russell, Ken Sailer, Mike Salquist, Tim Scheuth, Cindy Sargent, Dave Suppa, Rod Simonson, Leo Seeba, Dan Taylor, Mike Ulmar, Mark Vcorn, Don Wodholm, Paul Wallis, Scott Westphal, Pat Weber, Scott Young. Dave Young.DECCA MlMBlRS ARI-. Cynthia Haul, JcU Moug. Sandi Hard, Becky Koein, Wallace Rutter, Tom lattontc. Robert Huus. Oan Davidson, Maxine Sloltcnow, Matlene Biagg. Laurie Swilt, Ocb lin um, Vicki Stockcrt, Art Logan, Ken Patience. Nancy Scibcl. Kim Broadland. Auto Mechanics MEMBERS ARE: Daniel Albrecht, jerry Anderson, David Benson, Wade Ben son, Dave Bremer, Victor Bryans, Mike Buringrud, Carl Bush, Jon Car-ley. Jeff Maich, Rich Jurgens, Harold Kraft, Wayne Joncson, Greg livcdalen, Dave forde, Ronnie Keney, Jim Klamrn, Steve Lange, Dick Lorens, Arvid Mick-ealis, Dave Orthmever. Darrel Ollmar, Paul Pfennig, Bill Rector, Rick Reiner, Merle Reiner, Dennis Rithmiller, Alan Juliuson, Kent Tcgtmcir, Kevin Hal verson. Chuck Geiger, Jim llomelvig, Ardcll Tweed, Ken Jurstad, Bruce for-stcr, Harris Gicrsscwski, Ron Gietsen, Clayton Hcidecker, Bill Craven, Craig Erickson, Ron Roller, Ron Rjsiad, Curt Schaf, Dclan Schmidt, Dennis Schultz, Rod Schuster, Marty Skram-stad, Daniel Taylor, Kick Wacha, Randy Walsh, Larry Zimmerman, Susan Quinn.L Environmental Systems MEMBERS ARE: Tim Nodsle, Cm Weber, Mark Zahuia, Dean Simek, Dave Ihry, Arlo Labrcn e, Rick Himmelspach. Ronald Reich, Joseph Gcrlach, Howard ! I lion, Doug Kuril a. Brad Wilcox, Tim Timmerman, Harlan Wcidnar, Bruce Larson, Paul Delgado, Tom Sheets, Kick Randall, Roger Kohler, Enot Thwedt, Rodney Bimler, Ron Cehrig, Paul Hanson, Wayne Larson, Bruce Hall, Paul Fee, Lynn Schroeder, John Cuenlhner, Steve Plate, Gary Archer, Don Schmidt, Bob Kostelecky, Eliot Reinke, Scott Phillips, Bernare Lusher, Lynn Johnson, Dennis Bonn, Wayne Gondrcau, James Mugaas, Daniel Welder, Warren Stock, Tom Didier, Grey Evans, Cary Jangula, August Werner, Robert Tiber, David Meos, David Iverson, Tom Seibcl, Gene Harris, Mike Gay, Rick Kolpin, Wade Akerson, David Nordstoh, William Smith. Circle K MEMBERS ARC: Mike Filch, Howard Elliott, Curt Rogness, Mark Wrolson, Charlotte Anderson, Leo Seeba, Judy C.arland, Debbie Maddock, Steve Rchok, Dale Kilwein, Harry Mock, Michael Dotlaff, Wade Aherson, Cindy McGregor, Jerome Hauer, Jeffery Volt , Mark Ouradnik, Bonnie Hewitt, Roger Moore, Roberta Miller, Regina Hergantme, Richard Miller, Gayle Miller, Monica Mastel, Connie Meulinger, Victor Bryans. 153r Civil Technology NUMBERS ARE: Toni Kleingartner, Richard Evcmon, Monty Miller, Bill Rcckcrt, Terry Johnson, John Amundson, Tom Frye, Rich Sicg, Andy Sieger, Terry Gisvold, Richard Kuril , Rod Wald, Jerry Gerberding, Kyle Shepard, Byrian Klawitter, Dean Franchuk, Howard Roth, Tom Krebsbuch, Vaughan Griffin, Ray Wald. 154Indian Club MEMBERS ARE: Mathew Sage. Dennis Conklin. Dale Nadeau. Fred Schindler, Donald LaRoeque. Ilcnty LaKoeque, Sylvester Grant, Sherman Sorernon, Aloysius Hear RiE s, Steve McLaughlin, Alvin McLeod, Raymond lavcrdure, Ervin Hill, Lloyd Crawford, Vernal Donnell, Francis Parisicn, Louis Martell, Erl Krese, Holland Blucdog. Rifle Pistol LEFT TO RIGHT. 1st ROW: Tom Mocn, John Brown, Jack 8icon. 2nd ROW: Mr. oison, Curtis Donner, Gerald Auron, Vince Hackey. 3rd ROW: Hal Gunderson, Kevin lohnson, Dwight Nelson, Dennis Thompson, Randy Harkdoll. 155Newman Board MEMBERS ARE: Lori Wolf, Cinily Marsh, Ken Kuylen, Karen Miranowski, Charlene Shyp-kowski, Daniel Gietzen, Karen Gibbon, Rila Gross, Diane Becker, Dale Kilwcin, Monica Matlel, James Hanson, Loraine Ncameyer, ionim Hanse, Mark Saunders, Honnie Uishoff, Odin Norum, I eo Seoba, Ray Long, Charlotte Anderson, Marvin I lills. Rock Sahr. 156Mechanical Drafting MEMBERS ARE: Randy Becker, Dean Blikre, Bcfnjrd fletcher, Joseph Glynn. Ervin Hill, Donald Klucvcr, Harold loge, Joe Ned, Steven Olsbcrg, Greg Schafer, Dale Scherrnan. Philip Schmidt, Larry Swanson. David Tontincrson, lack Irautman, Micheal luchschcrer, Leslie Wagner, Kenneth Wal , Gary Whittemorc, Tim Bodine, Donald Carlson, Bruce Cross, Randy Ent i, Carl Graff, Gerald lannoye, Timothy liebeli, Gustave Mohs, Steven Nelson, Petro Polanycia, Bryce Ralston, Bruce Rossosv, Richard Russell, Stephen Schafer, Monty Sondrol, Leroy Slit , Micheal Webber, Daryl Aveiglc. 157Vet's Club PICTURE RIGHT LFf I TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Lindj Delong, Roger Hendricks, Ellen long, Don Gartner. SECOND ROW: Charles Gustafson, Monty Sund-rol, THIRD ROW: Ron Nostol, Marlin Karlstad, Mike Walters, Tom McGovern. Paul Linncll. PICTURE BELOW LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Dirk Olson, Martin Hagen, Greg Johnson, Hob Danielson. SECOND ROW: Don Walford, Joe Gcrlach, larry Duttcnhefor, Darryl Fraynd, Kenny Matcjcek, Jim Flcchal, Kenny l einen, Tom Kleingartner, Gary Wcinenuller, Wayne Rti icka, John Wineski. PICTURE ABOVE LETT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW; Leo Seeba, Ken Straus, Mario lindstrom, Rick Russel, Ron Riffcy, Kent Sundean. SECOND ROW: Low Valdez, Dale Rosscndahl, Steve Olson, Steve Madsen, Lowell Dcgnan, John Ross, Ardell Rico, Wade Akcrson, Owen Nelson, Dave Powell, Troy Buc k, |oe Schmaltz. PICTURE LETT LETT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Ed Sweeney, Gene Geffre, Curt Lillchoff, Larry Jaeger. SECOND ROW: Wayne Hendricks, Don Clausnitzcr, Andy Sieger, frank Willson, Roger Johnson, Terry Anhorn, Dale Bartnick, Verne Olson, Eldred Frederikson. 159 II Who's Who Among Students In American Junior Colleges I TFT TO RIGHT, IOP PICTURE: Sandra Kubishta, Mike Klostcr, fllen long. Dale Kilwcin, Kollccn Kukla, Jo-lone Johnson, lec Jorgenson, Molly Kuhn. BOTTOM PICTURE: Victor Bryans, Deh Buchler, Kathy Anderson, Robin Becker, WiM Blevins, Byron Bertsch, Charlotte Anderson. 160 ■LEfT TO RIGHT, TOP PICTURE: Bob Reiser. Deb Ncppl, Rich Miller, Jerry Novotony, Yvonne Rei-ger, Karla luick, Jan Rcmmcn. MIDDLE PICTURE: Mark Hyldcn, Ann Christianson, Monte Greenup, Dave fordc, Teresa Fitzpatrick, Karen Gibbon, Mike Hilgcrs. BOTTOM PICTURE: Patricia Sautcr, Lou Whitmer, Wanda Stocked, Dick Shorma, Lori Wolf, Mike Williams. 161Campus Personalities lco Socba Charlotte Andcrton, Terese Fitzpatrick, Mike Hilger , Jolcnc Johnson- DickShorma FAR RIGHT: Roberta Miller RIGHT: Mike Chtbienson lou Whitmcr and Deb Ncppl 162FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATIONDr. Claire T. Blikre President, NDSSS, and State Board of Higher Education 164 FRONT ROW: Commissioner Kenneth Raschke- Bismarck; Board President, Harold Refling- Bottineau; Dr. Robert Painter-Grand Forks; Eleanor Grahl- Bismarck. SECOND ROW: Peter C. ITinrichs- Dickenson; Vincent Buck- Jamestown; Richard H. McGee- Minot; George Sinner- Cassdton; Assistant Commissioner Lloyd Nygaard- Bismarck.FACULTY LaVonne Aadland Robert Abbott Edward Adams James Aldrich Wesley Allen Bernard Anderson Erwin Anderson Kenneth Anderson Wesley Anderson Harlan Arneson Robert Arso Colin Bailey Duane Ballweber Joen Blouin Gerald Bollinger Arthur Boss Roger Bramel Bernard Brophy Ronald Bruesch Harold Bruschwein John Carlson Dr. R.J. Casad Ewald Christenson larny Christenson Donald Coffield Nela Coghlan Arnold Derkc John Derry Dayle Dietz Daniel Dorsey Julianne Eklund Robert Egge Donald Engen Perry Engstrom Barbara Erickson Errol Erickson 165Jean Evenstad Donald Fauss Marjorie Fczler Gerald Forster Marlyn Frederickson Donald Fulp Robert GeHe Jean Gillham Robert Goroski Allen Grage Mary Ann Grage Richard Graham William Grosz Roy Hackney Edward Hanyzewski Richard Haskell Nuri Hassumani Jean Haugen Charles Hegel Betty Helostab Harold Henning Charles Henry Clifford Hermes Bernard Hilgers Arne Hinsverk Mario Hinsverk Spencer Hokenson Everett Holtz Sherman Hoseth Charles Johnson 166Jewitt Jacobson I Hiding Johnson James Johnson James Johnson Lorentz Johnson Lowell Johnson Neal Johnson Russell Kostelle Jerrold Kemper Donald King Waller Kjar Henry Knight Ralph Knudsen Joseph Kragness Mary Kroshus Tilford Kroshus Harvey Laabs Erna Lam James Larson John Larson Robert Lemkc Micheal Lcnhardt Dale Light James Limmer Phyllis Lindberg Edwin Littke Vcrlin Lundgren Eugene Marcotte Lucinda Mathew Carolita Mauer George May Larry McDaniels Joseph McLaughlin Bjorn Melsted Lawrence Merbach Harold Miller 167 IIrvan Moeller Monroe Moen Rena Moen Helen Mohr Ralph Morben Darrell Morrison Micheal Morrison Elizabeth Murphy John Neprud Robert Nisja Neiland Oas Neil Oberg Elsie O'Donnell Clinton Olmsted Arvid Olson Judy Olson Robert Olson John Osland Harvey Ostby Loran Palmer Dale Peterson Glenn Peterson Maurice Peterson Robert Peterson Gene Pinkney Layton Prosser Walter Putnam John Reinbold George Retzlazz Ardeith Richter 168Lawrence Richter Donald Rosley Dorothy Rothwell Judy Rudolph Leonard Ruzicka Mary Sand John Schatz Phyllis Schmidt Warren Schuett Paul Schultz Esther Schultz William Settles Lee Soehrcn Mary Sochren Donald Sperling Raymond Slockert Stanley Stregc Martin Strobcl Odin Stutrud Dean Swanson David Sylvester Julian Szczur Robert Thon James Tillman Grant Unkenholz Helen Vallager Ralph Viall Edward Viner Paul Wawers Dean Wenker Lowell Westfield LuVern Witty William Yost 169ADMINISTRATION JAMES IIORTON Vice-President Jor Academic Affairs VERNON HEKTNER Dean, Arts, Science and Pre-Professional Division MV RON KOPf’ANG Dean, Business Division SAM SCI IIMELFENIG Dean, Trades Division DONALD STEVENSON Dean, Trades, Division ORIIN BARKEN Director, Continuing Education EDWARD VVERRl Director, Athletics and Department Chairman Physical Education JERALD STEWARI Librarian STEVEN KROHN Coordinator, Insturcnonal Resources G.V. PATTERSON Vice-President for Business Affairs ROGER FRAASt Business Manager ROBERT POSS Accountant CARMEN PLUMMER Purchasing Agent MARLIN GALDE Director of Physical Plant WILLIAM JONGBLOED Bookstore Manager HERMAN LIBERDA Director, Auxiliary Services MURIEL CONNOLLY College Nurse ALVIN ECKRE Director, Special Services ARLIE STEEN Director, Alumni Relations DONALD MILLER Director, Public Relations DEL RAY SANDERS Supervisor, Photography and Dis-Iribulion CHARLES HANSON Director, Student Services LYLE SCIUOTFELDT Registrar DONALD TOBIN Dean of Students and Director of Financial Aids MERCEDES MORRIS Associate Dean of Students KEITH BORCHERT Coordinator, High School Education RICHARD FIAUCK Guidance Counselor and Assistant Dean of Students WALLACE NORDCAARD Director of Placement GORDON GUNNESS Student Center Director LORENZ TRITTEN Game Room Manager 170 ADVERTISING "Support Our Patrons"r plumbingheatin Commercial and Residential Phone 642-5559 Wahpeton. North Dakota MINN —KOTA CABLE TV 8 Channel Television "More To See On Cable TV” 114 North 3rd St. 642-5355 —.1, —M Northwestern Sheet t iron worksJ LOUISE'S Alterations • and Wahpeton. North Dakota 5X075 North Dakota Miimcsola South Dakota Dress Making Box I0B5 Wahpeton. N.l). Box X65 Watertown. S.l). Ph 642-4125 Mon Fri 9-12 1 -5 CORIU CA I I I) MI TAI ( IJI.VI R IS DRAINAGE. IRRIGATION AND CONTRACTORS' SUPPLIES Professional Building X- kFAIRMONT MILK ICECREAM COTTAGE CHEESE Phone 642-7711 For the best of Motion Picture Entertainment The Theatres GILLES RIDGE RELIABLE CLEANERS WAHPETON 603 Dakota Avenue across From the Post Office phone 642-3681 COMPLETE ALTERATION DEPARTMENT one day cleaning of request free pick up and delivery service Lathan West, Owner SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ANDERSON JEWELRY Your KEEPSAKE JEWELER Terms can be arranged for any student Phone 643-3193 Brcekenridgc, Minn. THE MOTOR OIL COMPANY FLOY DA. SWENSON Owner Stop at our complete bumper-to-bumper service station for lubrication needs. Wc arc equipped to handle all makes of cars and trucks, able and ready to render complete and satisfactory service. Our complete line of accessories will take care of all your motoring needs. Phone 642-3121 SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS Wahpcton. N.D. 173Compliments of Compliments of DR. GEORGE MURRAY DRS. LINDRERG JORGENSON DR. WALTER HELLAND l)I;N 1 ISIS OPTOM ETRISTS Above Nielson lilecirie Phone 642-4741 Professional Building Phone W 2-4090 W ahpelon. North Dakota Wahpcton mam Required Reading ... For every "Informed” SSS Student SERVING THE TRI-STATE AREA WITH ALL THE NEWS EVERY DAY - MONDAY THRU FRIDAY HR_______________ UHL-RICH UIBHPITOn.nORIM OQNOIQ 5I07S Manufacturer of Truck Boxes Truck Hoists Drill - Fills l-'icld Cultivators Chisel PlowsDAHL MUSIC FINEST AMUSEMENT CO. Coin operated music and Amusement equipment Record Shop Pre-Recorded Tapes Telephone 736-3209 122 South Vine Street Fergus Falls. Minnesota WAHPETON GLASS AND PAINT COMPANY Leon Novetzke Owner • V allpapcr • Waxes • Plate (ilass • Auto (ilass Wahpcton • O'Brien Paints • Paint BrushcN • Mirrors • Ceramic Tile Phone 642-3563 North Dakota A Place Like home - Always open COUNTRY KITCHEN „F ™ FRANCIS KUKOWSKI MIKE KEARNS 1010 Dakota Avonuo. Wahpoton. N. D. 58075. Phono (701) 642-4351 w 1752 Way Radio KGE2S4I C. P. SALES TRUCK STOP Station Open 24 Hours 24 Hour Wrecker Service Truck Tire Repair. Engine Tune Up Phone 643-6219 and 643-4001 Breckcnridgc. Minnesota Compliments of WAHPETON DRUG COMPANY Wahpeton, Compliments of Delos G. Halvorson, D.D.S. Dennis M. Bertsch, D.D.S. And our Friendly Staff DENTISTRY 108 Professional Building Phone 642-2644 Wahpeton North Dakota Tbgether we can make it happen. WAHPETON NATIONAL BANK Your Time ond Temperaturo Bank Phone 642-5567 vi««r oi MEIDE AND SON INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS BUILDER'S OF: Saticrlee Hall Babcock Hall Trade Technical No. 3 Walton Hall Schulz Hall forkner Hall Alumni Stadium College Complex Nordgaard Hall Robertson Hall Mildred Johnson Library PHONE 642-2641 WAHPETON N.D.WAHPETON AUTO PARTS INC. Since 1925 earl schmidt warren doblrstein Local Distributor of All Makes of Automotive and Tractor Replacement Part Garage and Pilling Station Accessories and Equipment General Welding Supplies and Equipment Phone 642-6629 Wahpeton. North Dakota METROPOUTAN sav ngs s loan a ssoc a t on FARGO WAHPETON GRAFTON FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN IN S U R A NCE CORPORATION SAVINGS INSURED U l TO S20.0(H) GRAND PORKS LISBON LANGDON 178DAKOTA CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC Dr . J O. Ness 20 Dakota Avenue PH 642-5600 WE STRAIGHTEN SPINES 80 of all diseases are caused from poor posture Compliments of DR. JACK PFISTER Dentist Wahpclon Compliments of: CASS CLAY CREAMERY, INC. Brcckcnridgc, MN. 179FARMERS - MERCHANTS STATE BANK OF BRECKENRIDGE BOX 218 • 8RECKENRIOGE, MINNESOTA S6520 • MEMBER F.D.I.C. Bank on us for your future. PHONE 643-5553 Breckenridge, Minnesota Consult Us About Your Insurance ' We Can Serve You RANDALL’S SUPER SERVICE ... We Thank You For Your Patronage ■ Iv. . mSTURDEVANT'S WHOLESALE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Moorhead, Minn. Wheaton, Minn. Oakes, No. Dak. Hawley, Minn. North Dakota Lisbon, No. Dak. Elbow I ake, Minn. Milbank, So. Dak. Wahpeton Congratulations and Best Wishes to Students, Teachers, Administrators, and Personnel of the STATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE GLOBE-GAZETTE PRINTING CO. Wahpeton, North Dakota Printers - Bookbinders - Office Outfitters - Legal Forms Authorized Distributors of A.B. Dick Copying Duplicating Products and Supplies 181NORTH DAKOTA STATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION All Graduates and those in attendance for two or more terms arc automatically enrolled as members of the association. Whether you are an active member or not is up to you. We need your active support. Why Don’t You Join Now! 182 BECOME PART OF THE GROWTH AND CHANGEKRAUSE MOTOR SERVICE PLYMOUTH CHRYSLER VALIANT IMPERIAL Complete car service Phone 642-4290 Wahpeton, N. Dak. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BRECKENRIDGE First In Service to Our Customers Why Not Take Advantage of The Following Services Available At Our Bank: Early Hour Extra Hours Walk-Up Window — Banking Service 8:00 A.VI-5:30 PM Savings Interest Computed Daily, Bank Amcricard F.D.I.C. Personal, Business Agricultural Loans Counseling Service Checking Accounts. Maintained With No Service Charge If Balance of $100 Maintained. Deposits Accepted Via Deposit Letter Drop 24 Hrs. Daily 183WAHPETON ELECTRIC, INC. EL ECT RICA L CON T R AC TO R S Rural And City Wiring Eke. Appliances Commercial l ighting Motor Repairing Phone 642-4434 215 Dak. Avc. Wahpeton Compliments of CHUCK S OFFSALE XOI Dakota Avc. Phone 642 6402 Wahpeton. No. Dak. 58075 VALLEY REALTY AND VALLEY INSURANCE Saks Insurance Rentals E. W. OLIVER JIM OSTROM Phone 642-4003 RUSS MOBIL AAA U-HAUL Hi way SI-13 Ph. (42 3430 Wahepton EVA’S Women's Children’s Juniors Apparel 419 Dakota Avenue Wahpeton, North Dakota 184JCPenney The values are here every day. Dial 642-4131 Wahpeton. N.Dak. Wyler and Butova Watches and Princess Diamonds Complete Gift Selection Trophies Name Plates And engraving OLSON JEWELERS Wahpeton, North Dakota KELLY’S DINER AND LOUNGE Dial 642-9939 STEAKS . PRIME RIBS . SEA FOOD Come and see our new cocktail lounge FAMILY NITE every Wednesday Nite 5:00 - 8:00 Adults $2.75 Children $1.25. Banquet Room Facilities for 50 Wahpeton 185186 STERN'S Area’s Leading Young Men’s Store STERN'S Clothing Company Wahpeton. N. Dak. ALTSTATT PHARMACY Walgreen Agency BR ECKENRIDGE. MINNESOTA 56520 PHONE 643-3871 HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES BEN FRANKLIN Nationally Advertised Locally Ow ned PH I LOOT. V. AND APPLIANCES Sales and Service Dial 642-3301 Wahpeton. No. Dak. WAHPETON LUMBER COMPANY 1011 DAKOTA AVENUE DIAL 642-3564 Quality Millwork. Lumber. Plywood. Cabinets. Insulation. Building Hardware. Roofing UNITED INCORPORATED B R EC K EN RIDGE. MINN I SOT A YOUR ONE STOP SPORT CENTER Glastron Boats Lund Boats Mercury Motors Johnson Motors Bolens Garden Tractors and equipment Sno-Jet Snowmobiles 643-4559 Athletic Equipment Athletic Uniforms Travel Trailers Sportswear Brownlee And Swenson Accounting 602 2nd Avenue North Wahpeton Phone 642-6869 f 0 F8SH.ONS ewie££cf fashions Featuring Name Brandt In WOMEN S • JUNIOR S • MISSES' 507 Dakoto Avenue Wohpcton, N. Dak. Telephone 642-6693 Cadbew For the Fines! Selection in Furniiurc Appliances — Interior Decorating —Carpeting and Drapes IFUIRNtTURIE. II C, SEVEN LEVELS OF HOME FURNISHINGS f ]orlh Area Code 701 - Telephone 042-4780 or 042-4)11 La-Z-Boy DREXEL MAGNAVOX WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES SPRAGUE CARLTON Telephone and Mail Orders Welcome Decorating and Home Planning Service at No Extra Cost NORTH DAKOTA S LARGEST FURNITURE STORE MASTERCRAFT HAMMARY MAYTAG TELL-CITY 187188 Congratulations Class of 74 From LOLL AUTO IMPL. 642-5MI Sixth Street South Wahpeton, North Dakota Dodge Cars and Trucks And White Farm Equipment VERN’S BARBERSHOP for the finest in personal grooming, see Vern and Tim Across from Wards Wahpeton Phone 642-6454 compliments of CLEM’S CAFE OASIS BAR Decorated cakes pastries Fresh baked goods daily DUTCHMANS BAKERY 409 Dakota Avenue Andy Ted Anderson Red River Jobbing Co. Inc. Distributors of Bud Schmidt and other Favorite Beverages Breckenridge Wahpeton Chiropractor Dr. Curtis Mitskog 605 Dakota Avenue Phone 642-6480THULEN'S PIONEER MEAT MARKET "The Best in Meats" We Have the Knowledge and Equipment to Do Your Meat Processing Right Phone 643-551 ? Bredenridge. Minnesota HER M'S RADIATOR REPAIR BRECKSTYLESHOP We Guarantee All Radiator Repair Work MYRT PETERSEN HERMAN MITZEL.Owner BRECKENRIDGE, MINN. 56520 Prompt. Courteous Service "Give Us A Try" 643-5331 101 Sth Street South 1)1 Al. M2-69M) Wahpeton. N.l). 189ALEXANDER’S VALLEY STATIONERY School and Office Supplies Equipment Quick Service Monogram ming Phone 642-2187 W ah pc ton North Dakota COME TO THE WAHPETON SHOE HOSPITAL FOR EXPERT SHOE REPAIR "While you wait” If Desired 116 South 4th St. Wahpeton lla.m.-lOp.m hours all week Wahpeton m SPORTING GOODS AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES HOUSEWARES COAST TO COAST STORES B WEEH FURNITURE HARDWARE CARPET Honda Ski-doo SAVE Everyday Low Prices 190Lillegard Incorporated 509 Dakota Avenue Where You Cel A Good Deal, G.E.-Zenith Singer Elna Magnavox Television Sewing Machines And A Good Deal More! IHC, AMC, Farmhand these fine products at Hesston, Lilliston, Vcrsiile New Holland, New Way Loaders Frontier, Steiger NEILSON ELECTRIC Tele. 642-6689 Wahpcton, N. Dak. 21 2 Miles West of Wahpcton INC. . --t: 415 Dak. Avc. —S'- Phone 642-6184 Wahpcton, N. Dak. 58075 Area Code 701 • Records Your • Radios • Sheet Music Center •Tape Records •Guitars mWjhpcion •Stereo-high 191FLAA OIL COMPANY WALT BUST A. Proprietor Texaco Products and Goodrich U.S. Royal Tires Gas. Oil. Tires Batteries Greasing and Washing Phone 642-3451 901 Dakota Avc. Wahpeton. North Dak. SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. Good l.uck Science Grads Phone 642-6634 Wahpeton North Dakota Valley Motel MOTELS ■ Starlite Motel individual heat tiled showers indoor pool steam baths dining room lounge G42-5528 highway 81 13 192 hot water heat tub or shower bath individual heat carpet clean quiet 642-6627 junctions of highway 81 131 he wonderful world of travel BASTIEN TRAVEL AGENCY Best wishes lo .ill graduates of the North Dakota State School of Science. We ask you to come in and get acquainted and use the service that our hank offers the community. Faculty and students take advantage of the friendly banking service at First National Bank Of Wahpeton An Affiliate of Northwest Bancorporation Banco 193UNCLE JIM'S CAKE STEAK HOUSE Closed All l)a S;ilurday Charcoal Broiled Steaks ami Chops Plan lo use our Charcoal Room for Meetings and Private Parties Phone WJ-.iWl Breekenridge. Mmn Compliments of FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone 643 6695 214 North f ifth Street Breekenridge. Minn. cJHxmmN Grain Belt Distributed B H H BEVERAGES Wahpeion TEXGAS CORPORATION Midwest Region Wahpeton. North DakotaSim ori Compliments ot the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE WAHPETON nokiii Dakota DICK’S STANDARD BOLDER CORNtiR DRUG "Prescription Specialists" D. B. l Ol.DIIN. Prop. 522 Dakota Avc. Dial ( 42-5595 Wahpeton. North Dakota Complete Line of Graphic Arts Equip. And Fine Printing Papers Fargo, North Dakota 58102 Congratulations Class 01 72 CL I IF LOBFRG FORD, INC. (Ahva s I he I inest In Service) FORD MIRCURY LINCOLN Masses i’crjtuson I arm Maehincrs Wahpeton. N Dak. 195WANPETON FLORAL CO. CUT FLOWERS CORSAGES WEDDING BO I OU IS PLANTS AND POTTERY Phone 642-3171 BUILDING CENTER BUILDING THE GREAT NORTHWEST I OR OVER 80 YEARS Ph 642-5561 KOST BROTHERS, INC. Excavating and Dozer Work Ready-Mix Concrete Washed Gravel Sand Concrete Tile Kost Concrete Blocks — Building Material Delivered Anywhere I’honc 642-3371 Wahpeton. North Dakota SEIFERT S JEWELERS Keepsake Diamonds Bulova Caravellc Watches Your Friendly Store on The Corner Phone 642-5170 Wahpeton. N. Dak. “The Future’s Bright For You ... In Electricity” Yes. young people with the talents and technical background arc in constant demand in the field of electrical energy. Thousands of skilled people will he needed in this challenging and growing industry within the next few years! il I’OWf « COMPANV 196Agawasie Staff ABOVE: Curt Rogncss, Jackuc Stuart, Bruce Fahn, Leo Seeba, Jan Condra, Dave Ihry, Meg Atkinson, Kathy Anderson. NOT PICTURED: Mike Kloster. From The Editor: I would like to take this space to thank my staff, Don Miller, and Del Sanders. A very special thanks also to Steve Maxwell and Mud Waters. They all gave me much needed help. To all of you-l hope that somewhere, someplace, in this book I have shown something of what makes you, you. Who am I is a much asked question that I hope we can all answer. Maybe this book portrays who you were at Science. Remember: "You are!" Kathy Anderson 198■"Who Am I?" 200201Today it has become a socially fashionable question. The implication is that we do not really know our own self as a person.iI We have said that we are, as a person, what we think, feel, believe in, etc. We must communicate these things freely and openly. 205i We will understand only as much of ourselves as we are willing to communicate to others. 207 m -■______________________________________________________ii_________________________________________________________________________________________d i______________■n jj mM

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