North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND)

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North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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Tin)© editor and staff vMhi to present m 1973 aqawasie pyfegiihed fey f toe State Ssh@®3 ©f Science Wahepton, Itotlh Dakota §8D7?5No one knows what we can do in life nor do we ourselves until we try... . To live Is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. Oscar Wilde capWhere am I going... ? The paths of life are many, and each one leads us to a different destination Choosing the right path is our reason for being12To be needed by just one person is reason enough for may beautiful things happen to you! 16£’72 - a year of national, community, and individual involvement... POLITICS - Nixon’s spectacular victory over McGovern; North Dakota’s resounding defeat of the abortion bill... ECOLOGY - Urban renewal... RELIGION - Being one with God ... PEOPLE - Challenges, new and exciting ... ’72 - a year of getting together; a year of fun -a year of LIVING!!! 1935- CONGRATULATIONS! You've stumbled through the first quarter. Now atart all over-you've got two more quarter to go! 34- Squeak through finalt- Back to 18; back to 8. 33 Find Security Cop Back to 8. 31- Caught wtth your beet friend' girl (guy) In your room during open houte. LOSE ONE TURN. Find loose ecreen on window of women's dorm... Men ahead four. Women ahead one. 32- 19- Meet the gang at New Efflngton. 30- Go home for the weekend. Ahead two while mother does laundry. 29- Say THE HELL WITH IT! Should I drop out? One last party to decide-return to 8. 27- 20 SWEAR OFF 3.2 BEER! 21- Your girl 22-No jutt won't deficiencies. across. Ahead two in a daze. Blues- 23 Forgot to write home. Parents call to see what's wrong. OH JEEZ 24- Blank walls finally get to you. Buy $30 worth of black light potters. Pass all midterms with a "C" average. Go back to 18. Your loan GI Bill Scholarship Grant finally arrives. Pay feet and use remainder to buy can of Coke. No clothes-take 3 hours to get a free washing machine then run out of detergent. 25- 17- It's the weekend and only 4 other people on your lloor. Buy a case MB • and throw a party. Quietly move ahead three. S3 14- This it a political yaar. Get hounded by the activist . Lot two turns avoiding them. 16- Take a breather. Organize dorm poker game. Get $5 In pennies, and no one shows. Division Dean praises your work. You wonder what you're doing wrong (or right). 13- R.A. finds that hidden bottle- PAY S10. 1 9- r 5- 11- Division Dean calls you to his office. Playing it cool just to see what It's like. Ahead One. DROP OUT SWEAT ■ j w You don't know why you’re here. JOIN THE CROWD All the girls LEAD BRICKS. v Police stop you and you're too drunk to find you're driver's license. T 1 8- taken- start hustling the Beware 10 of m.s. students Sleep It off and pay $35 fine. Find boy-girl ratio to be 4:2. If boy,... If girl.... ladles. bearing nickel bags. JK 6- Ahead one. Youownacarand never can find the right parking lot. Pay fines ’till mid-quarter. sa Business student transfers Into trades. Sell books, drop classes, collect $, and become the envy of your classmates. Ahead two. The Game of CAMPUS LIFE Registration Wait two hours before rolling dice Start here 21 Homecoming: After weeks and weeks of hard work, preparation, and anticipation, it was over in a flash- campaign-ing-elections-a concert-parties-coronation-din-ners-parade-game-dance ... Wow! What a flash! Thursday night was Coronation-an end to all that frantic campaigning, yet just a beginning for Queen Lola. Friday the campus was overrun by alumni returning to revive memories of their years at Science. Saturday morning was the parade--the biggest and best ever. Floats-Orama won the first place award, DECA was second, and Auto Body third. 22fT zzHOMECOMING  UPl VISIONS Of TOMORROW QUEEN LOLA Homecoming Queen Candidates Lola Septon, Karen Boehler, Julie Neva, Chis Luick, Sue Doty, Mary Harbauer, Pam Mahrer, Michelle Benson, and Sandy Rasmusson. Queen Lola Septon and her attendants Karen Boehler and Michelle Benson.Saturday afternoon our Cats’ 22-12 loss to Valley City State’s Vikings put somewhat of a damper on the big weekend, but that evening’s finishing touch, the Homecoming dance featuring ''Stone", left the whole student body feeling proud to have been a part of it all. Congratulations and many thanks to Rick Hass and his Homecoming Committee chairmen for a job well done. 26M rr rr ir rr r f I r- rr n Growth on the campus of NDSSS this year had one important focal point-the near completion of the ten-story high rise for men. The structure, located just west of Robertson Hall, will be ready for occupancy in September of 1973. It will be named Nordgaard Hall, in honor of W.M. Nordgaard. Mr. Nordgaard began his 38-year career with SSS in 1935 when he was hired as an instructor in the Business Division. He has since worked his way through several directorships, and now is Director of Placement at the college. l ' "IT.. 28 IfW1 m SHir ■Hi... kh m i11 ' -eTHE STUDENT CENTER-where students spend so much of their leisure time. The men coordinating the center’s various facets are indeed an important part of each student's day. 29I I I October 31 - Bobbing for apples? Carving pumpkins? College students??!! SCIAC went all out to plan a Halloween party that everyone could • and did - enjoy. While some whittled away at their grinning "masterpieces”, others jived to the beat of Overland Stage - even some who looked like jiving couldn’t be their bag! Robin Becker and Rich Miller won the best (?) dressed couple's prize when they showed up as Dracula and his bride. A great night - great memories - and a job well done by SCIAC! 31If Yto V£K£ APBESTED FOR %IHG A CHRISTIAN, WJLOTHErt BE ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO Convict you?? UK God so 'i- TKl vrtAis p hoc a coMtvm RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK Sponsored by the Gamma Delta Club, Newman Club, Lutheran Campus Ministry, and UCCF, Religious Emphasis Week was one brought to the attention of all students. Each club set up a booth in the Redwood Room, and throughout the day movies, singing, and caring brought many students to acceptance of Him. "For God so loved the world he did not send a Committee."MIKE mcginnis The second in the 1972-72 Lyceum series featured Mike McGinnis, solo artist, performing to an enthusiastic crown in Bute Gym on October 30. A former member of the new Christy Minstrels, McGinnis left the group to undertake a career as solo artist. McGinnis belted out his folk music, stopping occasionally to interject the hardships he’d encountered just getting to Wahpeton from Los Angeles • amusing to us, because of our familiarity with North Dakota blizzards. Performing to the strains of his guitar and piano, Mike McGinnis displayed an inner warmth, as well as his undisputed talents, which won him the admiration of his entire audience.Mystical Enchantment A TIME FOR: Christ miniA mas '72 Del) Johnson Charlene Schultz DiAnn Olson Music by Lonesome Creek 36 erfect Type Candidates Saturday, January 13, 8:00 P.M. REDWOOD ROOM Every one Welcome Formal Semi-Formal SI.50-Couples $.75 Single Each vote requires a show of ID Card. Canisters for voting will be located in the Student Center at the Student Activities desk beginning Monday, January 8, 10:00 - 2:00 daily. Voting will continue until January 12. Each person is limited to one vote from one cent to fifty cents.Printer’s Ball Campaigning-throwing in coins for your favorite gal-and then the crowning of Miss Perfect Type of 1973. DiAnn Olson, measuring 207-141-204 (picas) was selected to reign from a group of five candidates chosen by the Graphic Arts Club. Miss Perfect Type was crowned at the Printer’s Ball by Ralph Shults, President of the North Dakota Newspaper Association. Miss Olson’s attendants were Bev Volk, Deb Johnson, Barb Tait, and Charlene Schultz. Ushers chosen from the Graphic Arts Club were Dan Butler, Dennis Volk, Mike Schossow, Dennis Reich, and Terry Mehlhoff. 38 7ISNO-CARNIVAL mmi . Barrel Rolling In the -20o weather, nine enthusiastic groups of six able-bodied men rolled their barrels around the oval three times-a real test of endurance, considering the biting cold, bitter wind, and slippery road. Every team finished the race, proud of their accomplishment, even if they hadn't won first prize. f t 1st PLACE WINNERS: Mike Webber. Steve Cole. Gerry Lannoye. Bruce Crow. Monty Sondrol. Bob Sakshaug of the Mechanical Engineering And Design Technology. 41 Joe Sorrentino Born in a tough section of Brooklyn, Joseph Sorrentino was a gangleader when New York street gangs were at their peak. He dropped out of high school four times, and went through thirty dead-end jobs, from chicken-plucker to bowling alley attendant. By the age of twenty he had served time in the New York Reformatory, Marine brigs, and all kinds of detention houses. After a dishonorable discharge from the Marines, Joe realized education was his only hope, and he went to night school. A devoted pupil, he went on to graduate magna cum laude from the University of California, where he was also student body president. Sorrentino discussed organized crime in its every aspect-from drugs to sex to murder. He seemed to feel that the problem is one of a lack of opportunities-and education - for the underprivileged of America. In summing up, the guest lecturer said: "I believe that the most scientific and penetrating techniques of measurement will never measure the mechanical, or spiritual, side of humanity . . . you will always have freedom. If you have the desire and determination, you can make something of your lives. We are the arbiters of our own destiny; we can find a solution to the problems of our lives and society’s; we can dare to find the courage to risk love, Christianity, and we can reach up to the stars to grab this vision to the highest excellency-in ourselves and America.” 43Sweetheart Ball February 17 climaxed the Sno-Carni-val Week, this year a disappointment due to an unusual heat wave which melted most of the February snow. Regardless, the dance carried on in a grand tradition, drawing a very good crowd. The night held an air of impatient expectancy as the three finalists, Nancy Bakkegaard, Roberta Miller, and Ellen Long waited along with the dancers till 10:00 p.m. when the announcement would be made. Student Cabinet President, Gary Johnson, crowned Ellen Long "1973 SSS Sweetheart" and the night topped a week that, while not as great a success as hoped, was still enthusiastically enjoyed. 441 Time never holds fast-through practice, participation in a sport, organizational dinners, or doing something new and different - life never stops, but seems to pause before every turn of the page.Games Tournaments Nine areas of concentration were offered each quarter in the 72-73 school year, as SCIAC again sponsored its games tournaments. Competition was in the sports of men’s and women’s bowling, chess, whist, ping-pong, pool, pinochle, checkers, and football. Local winners advanced to the Region 10 playoffs at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. With sixteen schools participating. Science's Men’s bowling team, with members Roy Keller. Dave Nielsen, Jeff Grian, Dan Diedrick, and Monty Simpa, took first place. The Women's bowling team placed fifth. Their coach is Mr. Larry Tritten. 48 yGRADUATES Anita Albertson ... Legal Sec. Bruce Albrecht... Bus. Manage. Cynthia Aldrich... Legal Sec. Edward Allen ... Graphic Arts Janet Allen... Pre-Ed. Victoria Allen ... 18-Mo. Steno. Arlene Amb... 18-Mo. Steno. Betty Anderson ... Gen. Office Connley Anderson ... Civil Tech. Curtis L. Anderson ... Liberal Arts Daryl Anderson ... Arch. Drafting John Anderson ... Arch. Drafting Kyle Anderson... Bus. Adm. Mark Anderson ... Arch. Drafting Laura Anhalt... 18-Mo. Steno. Michael Arellano ... Rcfrig. Air Cond. David Askegaard ... Auto Body Claudia Backlund ... Dental Hygiene Susan Bahm ... 18-Mo. Steno. Gordon Baker ... Auto Body MaryLou Banning ... Occ. Therapy Leon Barringer... Data Proc. Elizabeth Bartuska ... Med. Sec. Jerel Baumann... Auto Mech. Duane Bear ... Comp. Prog. Gregory Beling ... Radio-TV Robert Bement... Graphic Arts Barbara Bendewald ... Dent Hygiene Robert Bengston ... Pre-Engineering Joncllc Benson... Accounting Judy Benson ... Occ. Therapy Michelle Benson ... 18-Mo. Steno. Bruce Benz... Diesel Mech. Nadine Bcrglund... Med. Sec. Gary 8erland ... Radio-Telephone Comm. James Bcrnhart... Radio-TV Kathleen Bernstcn ... 18-Mo. Steno Jerome Bettenhausen ... Auto Body Maureen Bittner... Data Proc. Pam Bjornson ... 18-Mo. Steno. Lowell Bladow... Arch. Drafting Garold Bloms ... Diesel Mech 50 Ellen Bodensteiner... Occ. Therapy Karen Bochler... Liberal Arts Joffrey Boehmke ... Electronics Peggy Bokn ... Accounting Dana Boncmeyer ... Bus. Manage. Candace Borchert... Dental Hygiene Shirley Boyer... Legal Sec. Debra Braathen ... Dental Assisting David Brag ... Welding Arto Brakel... Electronics Joan Braun ... General Office Marion Braun... General Office Carl Brohmcr... Electronics Peter Brendel... Auto Body Stevo Brenna... Arch. Drafting Jack Brennan ... Rcfrig. Air Cond. Lana 8reunig... 9-Mo. Steno. William 8rostrom... Arch. Drafting Phillip Brown ... Electronics Shirley Brown... Accounting Marsha Bumgarner... 18-Mo. Steno. David Burger... Arch. Drafting James Burley... Electrical Elizabeth Carlisle... 9-Mo. Steno. Terry Carson ... Arch. Drafting Stevo Chepulis... Radio-TV TcrryChrist... Auto Mech. Lester Christmann ... Gen. Machinist Allen Claeys... Welding Rodney Clemenson ... Gen. Machinist 51 Jotene Crandall... Occ. Therapy Robert Cunningham... Electro-Mech. Dale Dahlen... Electrical Keith Daly... Diesel Mech. Leon Dawkins... Arch. Drafting Kevin Dawtey ... Bus. Management James Delfs... Diesel Mech. Michael Detlaff... Radio-TV Rick Dickson... Diesel Mech. Rodney Dimmer... Pre-Ed. Robin Dinuson ... Liberal Arts Nancy Donahue... Graphic Arts Sue Doty ...Legal Sec. Russell Dressier... Bus. Management Linda Drewlow... Occ. Therapy Kevin Dunwoodic... Arch. Drafting Daniel Duval... Gen. Machinist Rodney Eckroth... Diesel Mech. Diane Ehrman ... Med. Sec. Jan Eklund ... Occ. Therapy Nancee Elletson ... Dental Hygiene Becky Ellingson ... Sec. Arts Leanne Ellingson ... Dental Hygiene Clifford Elsen ... Mech. Drafting Mark Engen ... Welding Steve Engstrom... Electronics Glen Erickson... Data Proc.-Comp. Prog. Mark Erickson ... Electrical Michael Erlandson ... Dist. Ed. Jeff Erman ... Refrig. Air Cond. Darrel Essig... Data Proc.-Com. Prog. Herman Estcnson ... Diesel Mech. 52Terrance Estvold ... Auto Mcch. Duane Evans ... Refrig. Air Cond. Donna Even... Gen. Office Chuck Evcnden ... Dist. Ed. Robert Fail... Welding Clayton Feglcy ... Diesel Mech. Richard Feist... Auto Mech. LoAnn Fenske... Dist. Ed. Mike Ferrell... Bus. Adm. Carey Ficek... Arch. Drafting Alan Fischer... Parts Training Larry Fisher... Arch. Drafting Eugene Foley... Electrical Laurie Forde ... Occ. Therapy Donald Forland ... Auto Mech. Michael Fossum ... Electronics Floyd Frank... Electronics Duane Friedt... Auto Mech. Renee Fullerton ... Legal Sec. Greg Gador... Ref. Air Cond. James Gagnum ... Mech. Drafting Barbara Game ... 18-Mo. Stono. William Gauslow... Arch. Christ Gerr... Auto Mech. Larry Geltel... Electrical Randy Gentzkow... Dist. Ed. Roy Georgeson ... Arch. Drafting Claudia Gette... Gen. Offi td Roselyn Gilliss... Dental Assisting Judith Gladue... Dental Assisting Deborah Godel... Liberal Arts Tim Goff ...Auto Mech. Monte Gonitzke... Civil Tech. Lawrence Gorman... Auto Mcch. Perry Graf... Data Proc. Comp. Prog. Sherrie Grande ... 18-Mo. Steno. Jeffrey Gratton... Electrical Allen Grcnz... Auto Body Donald Gress... Bus. Management 8renda Grippentrog ... Gen. Office 53Jett Grise... Electrical Sherry Gronwold ... Occ. Therapy William Gross... Electronic Allan Grotte... Electrical Glenda Guinn... Dental Hygiene Jerrel Gullickson ... Diesel Susanne Haacke ... Dental Assisting Rick Haas ... Data Proc. comp. Prog. Charlotte Hagen ... General Office Morris Hagen ... Bus. Mach. Servicing Donald Hager... Bus. Adm. Jay Hall... Electrical Richard Halvorson ... Mech. Syst. Designs Tom Halvorson ... Bus. Mach. Servicing Phyllis Hamstad ... Occ. Therapy Robert Hancock... Auto Body Janet Hansen ... Med. Sec. Alan Hanson... Electronics Wayne Hanson... Electronics Don Harrington... Cooling Heating Mary Harbauer... Legal Sec. Robert Hartje... Radio-TV Curtis Hautt... Electrical Joel Haugen... Auto Body Robert Haugen ... Bus. Man. Carol Haukncss... Lib. Arts Pat Hcldrich ... Arch. Oratting David Heitkamp... Engineering David Hemm ... Radio-TV Lcnna Henderson... General Office 54Cheryl Hendrickson... Accounting i - Elmer Hendrickson ... Bus. Adm. Rick Hendrickson ... Electronics Laura Hcntgcs... 9-Mo. Steno. Juline Hiam... 18-Mo. Steno. Kathryn Hill... Gen. Off ice Stephen Hill... Auto Mech. Loren Hoeckle... Auto Mech. Lcland Hoff... Auto Body Leslie Holgerson ... Auto Body John Holler... Diesel Mech. Wayne Holmquist... Welding Mark Hotter... Rcfrig. Air Cond. Richard Holier ... Electrical Randy Honor ... Auto Mech. Adrian Hovda ... Gen. Mach. Bernard Hoverstadt... Electrical Terry Hoselton ... Mech. Drafting Mario Hoyt... Diesel Mech. Douglas Hruby... Diesel Mech. Paul Huff ...Auto Mech. David Ihry... Electrical Dallas Israelson... Electrical Raynctta Iszlcr... 18-Mo. Steno. Maureen Iverson ... Data Proc. Neil Iverson ... Electronics Mary Jacobchick ... Med. Sec. Roger Jacobs ... Electrical Laurel Jacobsen... 18-mo. Steno. Lee Jacobson ... Diesel Mech. Jacalyn Jansen ... Med. Sec. Linda Jaskowski... Dental Hygiene Paul Jensen ... Mech. Drafting Daniel Johannes... Electrical Curtis H. Johnson ... Welding Curtis W. Johnson ... Radio-Telephone Comm. Cynthia Johnson ... Dental Hygiene Deborah Johnson ... Gen. Office. 55Gary Johnson... Graphic Arts Gene Johnson... Auto Body Glenn Johnson ... Electro. Mcch. Tech. Keith Johnson ... Auto. Mcch. Mary Johnson ... Med. Sec. Jandy Johnson ... 18-mo. Steno. Sue Johnson ... 9-mo. Steno. Victor Johnson ... Welding Jerry Jondahl... Graphic Arts Ralph Jones... Graphic Arts James Jung... Civil Eng. Tech. Dwight Kandt... Mech. Drafting Perry Kehl... Electro. Mech. Dan Keisch ...Welding Albert Kershaw... Electrical Timothy Kilbcr... Electrical Sheila Kilene... Dental Hygiene Terri King ... General Office Diane Kistler... Dental Hygiene Jerry Klema... Radio-TV Brian Klostcrman ... Electronics Nora Knutson... Dental Hygiene Sheryl Kollottc... 9-mo. Steno. Ronald Kolbc ... Arch. Drafting David Kooker... Electrical Elmer Korth ... Auto Body 56 Barry Kostclecky... Auto Mech. Dean Kostclecky ... Electronics Miko Krabbenhoft... 8us. Man. « . Mary Kraft... Occ. Therapy Duane Kragness... 8us. Adm. Janice Kuchera ... Liberal Arts Edward Kuhlmann ... Farm Equip. Main. Eugene Kuhlmann ... Arch. Drafting Kevin Kutzer... Pre-Engineering Rick Kvernen ... Accounting Marvin Kylmancn ... Arch. Drafting Robert Laches... Radio Telephone Comm. George Lambertz... Arch. Drafting Alice Landscoot... 9-Mo. Steno. Allan Larson ... Radio TV Servicing Daniel Larson... Electrical David Larson ... Diesel Moch. Duane Larson ... Accounting Michael Lawrence ... Auto Mech. Sheri Leistlkow... Med. Sec. Judy Leith... Dental Hyglonc Jerry Lelm ... Diesel Mech. Thomas Lenihan... Auto Body Curtis Lenovc... Gen. Machinist Dave Lerud ... Cooling Heating Lloyd Lcssard... Bus. Management Carol Lorenz... Gen. Office Eugene Lorenz... Electronics Vltid Lowthammatus... 8us. Adm Jane Lugert... 9-Mo. Steno. Dennis Luptak... Arch. Drafting Roger Lutz... Bus. Admin. Roger Madson... Electrical 57Jeanne Mahler... Dental Hygiene Vickie Mahlman ... Arch. Drafting Pamela Mahrer... Lib. Art Theresa Marsolek... Graphic Art Betty Martian... Occ. Therapy Larry Matching... Accting. Isadore Mattel... Ref. Air Cond. Marilyn Mastol... 18-mo. Steno. Vickie McCollough... 9-mo. Steno. Darrell McConaghy... Plumbing Tom McDowall... Accting. Patrick Meagher... Electrical Arnie Mebcrg. ..Welding Jim Mechl... Farm Equip. Main. Terry Mehlhoff... Graphic Art Gerald Mekflnger... Parts Train. Robert Meier... Auto Mech. Della Mergenthal... 9-mo. Steno. Cindy Metzger... General Office Dennis Michel... Auto Body Leslie Michel ... Bus. Adm. Paul Mikkelson... Part Train. Harry Millard ... Comp. Program. David Miller... Civil Eng. Tech. Jerome Miller... Civil Eng. Tech. Kelly Miller... Bus. Man. Leland Miller... Electro. Mech. Tech. Owen Miller... Pre-law Mcrlyn Mindeman ... Electrical Bradley Moc... Electronics Cindy Moen .. 9-mo. Steno. Deni Mon son... Deisel Mech. Paul Mosey... Auto Mech. 58 7 f Richard Mueller... Auto Mech. Ariyn Mund ... Electrical Stanley Morlock ... Accounting Alvin Mutschelknaus... Diesel Mech. Mary Narum... Occ. Therapy Clark Natalie... Bus. Adm. Tom Nathc... Refrig. Air Cond. Rodney Navratil... Auto Mech. David Nelson ... Electrical Douglas Nelson ... Bus. Man. Jerry Nelson ... Gen. Mach. Sandra Nelson... 18-Mo. Steno. Julie Neva ... 18-Mo. Steno. Leon Neva ... Radio-TV Servicing Barbara Nielsen... 18-Mo. Steno. James Nitsch ... Arch. Drafting Wayne Nolle... Diesel Mech. Richard Novotny ... Electrical Arno Oja... Radio-TV Servicing Kathryn Olson ... Occ. Therapy Mary Olson... Data Proc. Comp. Prog. Rebecca Olson... Accounting Ardella Oppegard... Occ. Therapy DaleOst... Electrical Glen Oster... Diesel Mech. Donald Overland ... Arch. Drafting Debbie Patterson ... Lib. Arts William Paukert... Radio-TV Servicing Ramona Pavlicek... Med. Sec. John Payne... Electro-Mech. Tech. Bruce Perleberg... Welding 59 Kevin Peterson ... Graphic Arts Marie Peterson ... General Office Mathew Petry... Auto Mcch. Sharon Pierson ... Key Punch Arlene Pistorius... General Office Harlan Pladson ... Electrical James Printz... General Mach. Jeanne Purath ... Occ. Therapy Sandra Rasmusson... Dental Hygiene Terry Rath... Welding Leon Rou... Auto Mech. Eugene Reardon... Deisel Mech. David Redman... Electrical 8ryant Regan... Arch. Drafting Dennis Reich... Graphic Arts Gene Reierson ... Auto Mech. Linda Rcineke... Occ. Therapy Craig Renner... Auto Mech. Mark Reule... Electrical Randy Rick... Electrical Dennis Richard ... Mech. Drafting Richard Rlntoul... Electrical Jerry Rhtenbach ... Arch. Drafting Jacob Roemmich ... Auto Body Lorinda Roemmich ... Legal Sec. Lauren Roseno ... Deisel Mcch. Charles Ross. Jeanne Rubcrtus Mech. Syst. Des. . Dental Hygiene mm m 60 Reuben Rud ... Deisel Mcch. Craig Rude... Ref. Air Cond. Bonnie Rudolph ... Med. Sec. Amo Sailer... Auto Body Valerie Sailer... General Office Benny Sarnck ... Mech. Syst. De . lylo Sanda ... Farm Equip. Main. Guy Sandor... Rof. Air Cond. Karen Sando... 9-mo. Steno. Clare Schcffert... Auto Mech. Ricky Schold ... Diesel Mech. Terrance Scherman ... Mech. Drafting Michael Schlwal... Comp. Prog. Jamet Schmaltz... Diesel Mech. Larry Schmaltz ... Electronics June Schmeling... Accting. Neal Schmid ... Data Proc. Comp. Prog. Arnold Schmidt... Electro. Mech. Tech. Doug Schmidt... Electrical Steve Schossow... Arch. Drafting James Schrooder... Dist. Ed. Gerry Schumacher... Electronics Wayne Schumacher ... Mech. Drafting Terry Schvurmant... Auto Mech. Ralph Schwecke... Auto Mech. Leo Seeba... Electrical Mike Seifert... Farm Equip. Main. Dale Scllncr... Bus. Man. Lola Septon ... Med. Sec. Glenn Seven ... Gen. Mach. Wayne Severson ... Radio-TV Carol Sexton ... Med. Sec. Darwin Shefstad ... Auto Mech. Darwin Shelton ... Welding 61 'CJohn Shipley... Electrical Dale Shipman ... Graphic Art Dick Skjonsby... Business Admin. Kathryn Shlrck ... Accting. Robert Sillctto ... Electrical Betty Simmer... Med. Tech. Monte Sipma ... Electrical James Sjostrom... Electronics Roger Skachcnko... Auto Mech. Thomas Snyder ... Graphic Arts Scott Sorby ... Civil Tech. Larry Spltzer... Auto Mech. Richard Stagman ... Electronics Sukey Stark ... Liberal Arts Jerry StcHan ... Arch, drafting Steve Stenstrom...Bus. Man. James Stern...Welding Philip Steinberger... Auto Body Betty Storhoff ... 18 mo. Steno. Larry Strand... Diesel Mech. Sidney Strand ... Civil Tech. Sheila Strclau... 9 mo. Steno. Marcia Swanson... 9 mo. Steno. 62Terry Swenson ... Radio-TV Joyce Syverson ... Med. Sec. Patricia Szczur ... Lib. Arts Pamela Telehcy... Gen. Office Michael Thacker... Diesel Mech. Gary Thilmony ... Arch. Drafting Vernon Thingvold... Electrical Cheryl Thompson... 9-Mo. Steno. Linda Thompson ... 18-Mo. Steno. Phyllis Thompson... Med. Sec. Jon Thorberg ... Bus. Adm. Ellen Thorstad... 9-Mo. Steno. Gary Tingum ... Bus. Man. Roger Tischer... Bus. Man. Lowell Trangsrud... Electronics Larry Trinub... Relrig. Air Cond. Joffroy Trom ... Mech. Drafting Verne Uluen ... Auto Mech. Robert Undhjcm ... Auto Body LuAnn VandcrVorste... Arch. Drafting Gary Vandervorst... Bus. Adm. Deen Vig ... Auto Mech. Ken Vetter... Parts Training James Viksc... Civil Tech.Don Viiina ... Diesel Mech. Steve Voightman ... Ret. Air Cond. Dennis Volk ... Graphic Arts Joan Von Eye ... Occ. Therapy Myles Vosberg ... Accting. Warren Walhaug... Civil Tech. John Walkup ... Pre-Eng. Donna Wannemacher... Comp. Prog. Joanne Warner ... Occ. Therapy James Warrcy... Electrical LaMonte Waslien... Electrical James Weaver... Arch. Drafting Gene Wcfel... Bus. Man. Patricia Wegenast... 18 mo. Stcno. Larry Weil... Liberal Arts Monte Wendel... Diesel Mech. Jan Westgard ... Dental Hygiene Joy Westgard... Dental Hygiene Daniel Whitman ... Arch. Drafting Don Wicker... Auto Mech. Bradley Wilhelm ... Comp. Prog. Roger Will... Electrical 8etty Winkler... Accting. 64Jason Winter... Bus. Mach. Lyle Zimbelman... Auto Body Dave Zimmerman ... Arch. Drafting Debbie Zimmerman ... Med. See. Robert Ziwicki... WeldingGraduates 5Kllingson, Sian A.. Wahpelon Kllis. Krank S.. 1-aMoure Klsbcrno, Bussell L., Crosby Khtll. Clifford II.. Ilrcla. Sl Kim-ison. John A.. BowbclU Kncrson. Conrad K . Fordville Kngelhardi. William J.. Dickinson Kttgm. Mark K . Larimorc Kngsimm. Sloven J . Sherwood Krdrich. Mark It . Wahpeton. Krickson. Calvin I... Ypsilanti Krickson. Craig W.. Wahpeton Krickson. Dean F.. Hunter Krickson. Glen It.. Hettinger Krickvon. Jon K . Kindred Krickson. Mark W . Carrington Krliindson. Michael K . Oakes Krman. Jo(l M . Warwick Knit ad. Ken G.. I’ccrlcu. MT Ksslg, Darrel A.. McOusky Kklcnson, Herman J.. Sane Ksivold. Torrance K.. Mapes Kvans. Duane J.. New Kngland Kven. Donna M . Slliuin Kvcnrlen. Clarence It.. Grand Forks F Fadnev . Mynui K . Lisbon Fagcrland. Gerald W., Crosby Karmen. Clayton M . Wahpeton Fcglcy. Clayton F„ licrihold Feist. ItKluid. Zeeland Krasko. LoAnn I... Ilankluon Ferguson. I-ai ry A.. Grand Forks Ferrell. Mark I)., Wahpeton Ferrell. Michael I).. Wahpoion Ficck. Caro J.. Dickinson Fiochlner. Frederick K. Lehr Fillner, Paul D.. Fargo Fischer. Alan I... Hague Fischer. Arnold J , Wnhpclon Fischer, lairry J.. l-angdon Fisk. Gail I... Fori Itansom Matin. Jerry G.. Kothsay. MN Finn. Michael K.. Hope Flisrand. James A.. Florence. SD Foerslcr. Fredrick F.. Fargo Foley. Kugcnc V.. Hankinsoii Fonder, Larry D.. Fargo Forde. Laurie C.. Hamar Forland. Donald A.. Watford City Ferness. DoAnna L. Mtlnor Foss. Patricia M . Ilazcii Fossell. Thomas G . Montevideo. MN Fossum. Michael K . Brcckcnridgc. MN Fnsremi Bradford K.. Breskenridge. MN Foster. James K . Dickinson Francis. Michael D.. Austin. MN Frank. Movd. Dickinson Frctland. Cynthia, Tioga Fret land. Leonard A.. Tioga Fried!. Duane A.. Moll Frtskop. Kenneth M . Delamere Froemke. Iteggic I).. Lishon Fuchs. Je.inie A.. C.irpio Fullerton. Hence J.. Wahpeton Fulp. Kay A.. Wahpeton Fwikc. Jetne M . Tolley Fust. Linda J.. Hutland Gcador. Gregory D.. Grand Forks Gagclm. John C.. Wahpeton Gagnum. James A.. Howhell Game, Barbara. Jamestown Garcia. Mich.iel I’.. Grand Forks Gauslow. Allen O.. Gi.trvd Forks Gauskiw. William N.. Grand Forks Geddes. David A . Pembina Gellner. Terry K.. l-ingdon Gelt cl. 1-arry J.. Grenora Gent kow, Handy M . Jamestown Gcorgeson. George A . Fargo Gcorgcsoo. Hoy K . Ksmond Gerr. Christ W.. Tuttle Gerricls. Kodney It.. Bismarck Gcske. Steve A.. Kdmunds Cette. Claudia D . Starkweather Giglcr. Patricia K . Ancta Gillcs. Dale A.. Wahpeton Gilliss. Hoselyn J.. New Hockford Gilmore. Joan It.. Guckle Gilstad. Wade A . Newtown Gladue, Judith K.. Neche Glatt. Dean J.. Napoleon Glynn. Thomas K . Fullerton Gubin. Itichard P . Wahpeton Gubin. Hnliard I’ . Wahpeton ________________________ Gudol. Deliorah K . Klbou Lake. MN Goel . Patricia A . Hiehardtoo laid. Tmiotliy P„ Henson. MN GiHMlerson. Joel II.. Italhgalc Gordcr. Jon M . Graf Ion Gorman, l-iwreni-v J.. Adrian Goumeau. Djrrell S . Wahpelon GouriM'au. Knul S . F.ugo Gral. Perry K . N.i|» lcon Graft. Carf A , Grand Forks Gramm. Douglas W . Fargo Crandnlcn. Morris I).. Cooperstuun Granl. Gregory I... Walipeton Granl. Marilee A . Wah|ietnn Graitnti. Jeffrey P . l-armmrc Grayselli. Wanda K . Souns Gray. Gary Condo (jreiear. Charles It . Park Itivcr Gran .. Allen K . Tower City Gross, Donald It . Itivii.u dtmi Gncpcntrog, Brenda It . Iloiikmsoii Grui.i. .led C . MinOt tinse. Jeff A., laids Grunwulil. Slrerrv. Kllmw Ijke. MN Gross. William A . Casselton Grosz. Carolina K.. Kulrn Grotto. Allen I... Finley Grove. Gary S , Kughv Grimsotli. DceAnn M . Finley GiM'iilhner. John I, , Minot Guilin. Glenda S.. Pcrrv. IA GnllH'kvni. Jerrel I.. Taylor Gunil kc. Monte It . Kramer Gylilenvand, Bonnie I.. Mtlnor llaacko. Suzanne M.. Dickinson Haag. Alvin I. . Frcdooia Haag. Debra II.. Wahpoion llaagensim. David B.. Miiiiicvv.iukan Davie II.. Vehlcn. SD llnbcrman. James P . Barney llaedl. Iticharil G.. Cathay Ham. Mary I. . Carrington llagaman. Holiert I. . Kgg Harbor. NJ Hagen. Arthur I, . Dunsrilh Hagen. Charlotte A . Ayr Hagen. Morris J , Alexandria. MN Hager. Donald L. Wvndmere Hall. Gregory I).. Boulder. CO Hall. Jay G . Kdinliurg Hall. Patricia I.. Munich Halland. Daniel A . Portland Halverson. Donald I).. Fargo llalvorsoo. Connie l . Milnor llalviirson. Dennis A . Ilillsboro llalvorsoo. diehard K.. Boss llalvorsoo. Steven A . Fosston. MN llalvorsm. 'Ihomas N . Sharon llamm. Douglas A . Siiscioo. SD Hamstad. Pyhllis J . Valley City Hancock. Robert W . Kdgeley' llanggi. Melanie A . Munich llannasch. Dale It.. Wahpeton Hansen. Itryon I.. Larimorc Hansen. Darold K.. Kenniarc Hansen. Iksnald I).. Ryder llanscn. Gary II.. Bert hold llamm. Janet M , llankinsnn Hansen. Holiert K Hunter Hansen. Wilma, Wahpeton Hanson. Alan B.. Pever. SD llanson. Dennis A . Wahpelon Hanson. Larrv D.. Ilillvlioro llanson, Marie C., Bottineau llanson. Paula C.. Grand Forks Hanson. Wayne (J.. Oiaselev llamtad. Brum L.. Fergus nlli MN llarluuer. Mary M . Kmerado Haring. Itob A.. Wahpctnn Harrington. Donald A . Watertown, SD Hart ye. Bruce W . Ilciucl Hartje. Robert J.. Ilmsd llartl. Cynthia M.. Starkweather llartl. Terrance A . Starkweatlwr Harvey . Dan I).. Pembina Haas. Itieky I’ . Mandan llasselslrom. Carter It , Alamo llauff. Curtis W . Ana moose Haugen. Joel M . Darcy Haugen. Robert T.. Clifford llaiiknrss. Carol A.. Hankinsoii llausaucr. Gene A.. Wahpelon Heck. Curbs C . Alscn llegarty. Kona Id II. GijikI Forks llegwiHid. Susan It . Oakes lleidmger. Kilwm A . Kulm llcjdrich. Patrick. Stravburg Heilman. Kohert II.. Walipeton lleilkamp. David J.. Mnorelon Hrttkamp. Julie S . Mantador llekttier. Gary D.. Mooreton lleley. Karen K . Wahiietou Hclfcrislein. Charles i . Aslilcy llellmutli. Kenneth I... Napoleon llemm. David K . Fargo lleinminger. Hite A., c gs»cll lleiwlcrvin. lenna .1 . Calvin Hendrickson, ciweyl K . Itluine Ihndruksoii. Klmer I.. Fuxlmme. MN Hendrickson. Kickic A , Foslvoine. MN lleukc. Dniiglas A . Dickimon I linn, laiwcll I).. HiIIsImii'o I Hinges. I .a ura I... Great Beiul Herman. John K . Veblin. SD Herman. Michael It . Kulm llrslii. (luick l .. Wetisler. SD I less. Douglas M . W alipeton Hess. K.iiliH-en M.. Jamestown llesldalcn, Itonald M.. Aliererornhie III,mi, Julme M.. W.-ili|M'tcm lldgers. Brian A . Wahpelon Hill. Dean A.. Casselton Hill. Kathryn I... Watson. MN Hill, Stephen G . Portal Hinds. James J . Kinston Hint . Kevin K . Hannover llapp. Ia’Ahii. Wahpelon llodge, Gary I... Minot lluevkle. Inrcn It.. Kalmonds lloerniil. David M.. lie)iron Hull. I -land I). Coluinbltv Itolfni.m. Sloven M„ l.iMomc Hiildim. James G., Webster, SD llolgeiMin. Leslie A.. Alamo lliillatid. Paul M . ladgeruood Holler. J»hn A . Grassy Butte Hot in. Itolieit F„ Alamo llolmiiuist. Wayne V„ AhcrcromlKc Holt. Kugcnc M.. Fargo Holler. Mark A . WUItslon llolupka. Mkhaelino K . Tyndall. SD IHilrer. Itichard J.. Zeeland Hood. Allan W.. Spcarfish. SI) llooge. David I... Walipeton llornseth. Gerald A . Wahpeton IHulor. Handy A . Bristol I lose lion. Terry I.. Wahpeton lloun. Holiert. laoton llnvda. Adrian A . Valley City lloverstadl. Hirrvard «.. W.iubay. SD llovt. Harry I... Hosholt. SD Hoyt. Mario N . IVkm IIruby. Douglas P . Wilton Hudson. Douglas. Walipeton Huff. Paul I).. Krutoi Hughes. James K.. Neche lluminrl. Dean I).. Hague I llirv. David I. . Hope illiog. Itonald ’.. Crystal IsjaevMi. Spencer K . Kdgeley Ixraelson. Dalles AK . Omstc-ne Iszlcr. Martanc K.. Kllendale Is ler. I (a v net I a K.. Adi ley Iverson, t'onnie M . Amenta Iverson. Maureen A , Fessenden Iverson. Neil ole. Kindred J Jacotichiek, Mary J . W’ah| e on Jacotw. Itogcr I). Brcckenridge. MN Jacobsen. Laurel A . Hock I-ike Jacobson. Le A.. Hope Jaeger. Jerry I’ . Mooreton Jaenmiifl. David G.. Wahpeton James. David M . Wahpeton James. Vicki A . Wahpeton Janeski. David W.. Amsterdam. NY Jankc. Charles J , Jamestown Jankc. Handall I... Fra ee, MN Jjiiscn. Jacalyn G.. Adrian Jarrdl. Joseph W.. Walipeton Jensen. Mark J . Ilreckcnridgc. MN Jensen. Paul K,. Jamestown Johannes. Daniel G . Cnderwood Johnson. Alela I.. Kdgeley Johnson. Allen J . W'illiston Johnson. Arlaml I.. Kdgeley Johnson. Berton G.. Fargo Johnson. Bruce Kdward. SenliiH'l Butte Johnson. Curtis II.. Minot Johnson. Curtis W . Wahpeton Johnson. Cynthia A . Wahpeton Johnson. Doan I... Mimtewaukon Johnson. Deliorah A , Slecle 6768 .lolmvm. IVin:ilil W . Nurlhwnod Johnson. Douglas K., Parshall Johnson. Umik V., Tioga Johnson. Gary I).. Walijicton Johnson. Gary I... Fargo Johnson. Gene N . Aiiota Johnson. Cion T.. llankmson Johnson. ( kit (Ion I,.. WahiKton Johnson. linfloj M . Hock Lake Johnson. Jeffrey .1 . Ken mare Johnson. .lorry I... Fort Hanson Johnson. John D.. Park Itivcr Johnson. Keith I... Milnor Johnson. Kirsten A . Hay Johnson. I.yim I’.. Pekin Johnson. Mary A.. Gralion Jolmxiii. Samira K.. Crosby Johnson. Siuart I). Oberon Johnson. Sue C,. Kndcrlin Johnson. Tim I.. Stanley Johnson. Victor « .. New’ Kns:lanil Johns ud. Jeffry A.. Wailnrd City Jnmlahl. Jerry I).. Page Jones. Kalpli (I.. New Itockford Jorgenson. John If.. Senlincl Ruttc Jorgenson. Richard I).. Powers l-«kr Jung. James A . Jamestown, Keith .1 . Dickson Kami. Douglas S.. Dickinson Kaiser. Richard C . Mi not Kallberg. Dean I. . Klaxton Kami!. Dwight A.. Drake Rappel. Deborah A . Dickinson Karsky. (Inaid G.. I 'ngd iti Kasowski, Dean W.. Absaraka Kass. James It.. Watertown. SI) K.islncr, Ann M New Brighton. MN Kastuko. Thomas It. Millwnk. SI) Kelli. Pens G Jamestown Keller. I a.'Roy I). Jamestown Keller. Wayne K-. Bismarck Kelscli. Dan S.. Mott Kelsch. Gerry V.. I.mtwi Kershaw. Allwrl (!.. Mcnoken Kirsten. la-Ann A Newburg Khalib. Ksa M.. Wahpeton Kilbcr. Timothy I’.. Mott Mono. Slietla K . Iterthold Kina. Terri A . Gwlnner Klein. Michael D . Hrcckcnriilge. MN Kleiniiarn, Harvey I... Ilarvey Klein a. Jerry L. llerthold Klimck, Margaret M.. Ilankinsoii Klimple. Gary M . Vclv.i Khxso. Timothy M.. Jamestown KloMcrroan. Hii.ui K.. Moorctoo Klusman. Timothy A.. New Salem Knutson. Keith M . Minot Knulwti. Nora I. . Jamestown KnulSOll. Paul I),. Minot Kohovlek. link I. . I.ldgciWOod Koltie. Ilona Id I).. Wahpelon Kioker. David S . Jamestown Korlh. Klmer I) . Wah| elon Kosti-levky. Harry M Dickinson Koslolecky. Dean A . Dickinson Krabhcnhnll. Klaine M.. Amenia KrabhcnhoA. Mike A . Amenia Krall. M.irv II,. Fa run Krohk-r. Karen It . Fessenden Krebs. Ikrry. New England Kricg. Dels r ah K . Fa run Kroslius. Ron G . Bismarck Krueger. Dale M . Jamestown Krinnp. Diane It . Great Hcnd Kruse. Richard M . Brtvkenridgc. MN John A Jr . laiMourc Kuchn. Jr«i K . Parshall Kuhlmann. Edward J . Wimbledon Kutilinann. Eugene M . Wimbledon Kninnier. Raymond It. Watford taly Knur. Charles Jr,. Sykesion Kul tv. Kevin. Fairiiioimt Kvainnio. Richard N . Fargo Kvitmu. Ilieky. INutland Kylinancn. Marvin W . Jamestown L Udirvnsz. Ailo I. . Mcl.iughlfn, SI) Inches. Itolierl I).. Midi l»«’ . Gregory I.. Wultpcton Udini. David C .. Tny.a laimliert . George W . West Fargo laimiii. Kelly E . Fessenden Uoidscool. Alice M . J.imewtown I-ipic. Johnny II . I nikin l.a(|ua. Vincent A . Zalil Idirscn. Curtis I.. Grand Forks lainton. Allan C.. Michigan I .arson. Hrucc M.. Fargo Union. Byron l.. Wahpeton l-iisim, Daniel A,. Sharon Urson. David II . Clark. SI) (.arson. Duane K . Kathryn l-irsnn. Joel P . Cando Urson, Kevin T . ItisbeC Urson, Mark T.. Grand Forks Usher. Vernon I.. Wahpeton Ulozke. Donald A,. Nettie Uunib. Gregory J . Hcrthotd Uwrence. Michael J . Dickinson l-ce. Dennis It . MeVille I wo. Duane S,. l-mslnrd lav. Kevin I) . M.imlan la’ior. Arnold M . Gladstone la-UM’ii, Keimeth I... Wahpelon l.esiikow . Shen 1).. Marion Uilh. Judith K . Harden la’lni. Kevin I. . Wahpelon Iwmhke. David W . Pembina U-mier. Margaret 1 . Oakex 1-cmke. Coil me M . Argusvillc I win mis. Michael I) . Kndcrlin laniliaii. Thomas A . Baldwin Iwnoue. Curds !.. Doran Iwrud. David It.. Antwvillc Iwssard IJoyd K.. Gralion Iwvns. Slianm J.. Wheatland Iwvvis. Kay K.. Ambrose I aching. Tom I). Marion tail. Rodger A.. Untidoo landc. Gregory A . Grand Forks langvn. Ken A . Manlador lapp, Francis J,. l.mlon l.illon. I.inda M.. Wahpelon laibcrg. Donald C . Wahpelon laiehlhnwe. Heverly A . Norwich IzH’pp. Joltnnie I. .'Wahpeton lamey. I.inda It . Wahpelon Urd. Alvin W . Ilotlineau Izirdeman. Kjllilecn A . Hrcckcnridgc. MN Urenx. Carol J . Beach lawenz. Kurciic G . Uwlon law . Leon W . Panto l N er. Myrna J . Wahpelon Divdokken. Kick. Wahpelon Uwv. Daniel I. . Mellenry l iwlhammalu . Vilid. Bangkok. Thailand l.ogerl. Jane M . Wyndmerc l.inck. Oirisline I).. Fainnounl I .nod. Jerry M.. Bismarck l.unileliy. Dave A . Cando l.undstroni. Conrad A.. Finley lainn. .Mamie J . Bismarck lamvki, Ardell. Grand Forks laiplak. Dennis W , Dickinson Us by. Daniel J . Hamilton. VA lad . Huger A.. Wahpelon laic. Joel) M . CaxscHon M Mack. Giles K„ Kalla Mac kowK'Z. Joan M . Ijdgcrwond Madvon. Roper t).. Gardner Mahler. Jeanne M.. Fairmounl Mahler. Ronald W . Fairmounl Mahlm.inn. Vickie I.. Manning Muhluin. John C . Grand Forks MalwcT. Pamela A . Il.inkinsnn Mangel. Merle G.. Watford Oily Mariiknwske. Joseph P . Hrcckcnridgc.MN Marukowskc. Thomas W . Mnorclon Maiesh. David K.. Michigan Marlemv. ItKbard G . Scobey. MT Mar(|U.irdl, Sheila It . Wahpelon Marsok-k. TlteixM A . Wahpyton Martian. Itellv A.. Ilhame Marline . Juan F . Wahpeton Mason. Dale S.. Fessenden M.iwhi. Dennis I).. Fargo Masiel. Hernadelle. KlM-ndale Mast el. Isadore F.. Kdgeley Mastel. Manlvn A . Klfcndulc Materi. Dan J.. Strasburg Mallteson. Deb J . Urimoro Malhwiek. Kenneth II.. Glcnburn Mai son. Itartiaia M.. laikola Mallern. Itonakl F.. Hismarck MallevMi. Karen I.. Gilby Mai ike. Rickie It.. Itismarek Mayer. Kenneth W Dick mu hi MvtVmaghy. Darrell I). Italhgale Mi'Cullnudi. Vicki K . Cogswell McDouall. Tom I'.. Carson MvGmnis. Itadney I).. Wilton McNamara. Wayne A.. Mmot MclTtensm. Sane A.. Grand Forks Meagher. Patrick S.. Mandan Metxrg. Arne U.. Park River Mcdcnwalt. Fdinund J . Ilankituon Meehl. James M . Crete Meldbotl. Harry A . Garrison Mehlholl. Terry K . Garrison Melirer. Hradley A.. Moll Melde. Itabard’l. Ilankiuson Meidingcr. David D.. Mandan Mcidmgcr. Gerald A . Ztvinnd Meidmger. Kenneth I . Zeeland Meier. Kenneth L.. Wahpeton Meier. Robert. Linton Meier. Holwrl J.. Veniuria Meiseh. Conrad A.. New Itiwklord Mergcntlul. Delia J . Hillsboro Merkel. Bruce W . Bismarck Metzger. Cynthia M . Fargo Meyer. David I... Fairmounl Meyer. Karen M . Wahpelon Michel. Dennis J . Beach Michels. Iwslie II . Milnor Mikkdson. Paul A.. Aticla Millard. Ilaiiv I) . Alamo Miller. David A . Tioga Miller. Douglas J . Tioga Miller. Douglas J . Fargo Miller. Jcrmonc F.. Heaton Miller. Kelly T . Wahpeton Miller. Iwtand I) . Stanton Miller. Owen 1) . Urimore Miller. Paul J . FTillcrton Miller. Peter Jr.. Hismarck Miller. Richard I... Doran. MN Miller. Richard M.. Casscllon Miller. Tliomas N . Jamestown Miller. Timothy K.. Deering Minchinion. Paul W.. Grand Forks Mindeman. Merlvn L.. Harney Minderlcti. Douglas It.. Minot Mischc. Dale J.. Bismarck Maskavigc. Jane K.. Grafton Mitchell. Margaret A.. Holla Mit rra. Cynthia It.. Gralion Moc. Bradley I. . Fessenden Moon. Bradley K . Hunter Mocn. Itvimell V . Fpham Moen. Cindy J.. Wahpeton Mocn. Del It.. Clifford Moerkc. Allen A.. Gr.iflon Monson. Dennis J.. Cooperslown Morales. Eduardo A.. Towner Morey . Brent J.. Minol Morey. Hussd G . Vdva Morlock. Manley A . (xioperslown Morris. Anita I... Wahpelon Mosey. Paul F . Fairmounl Muehler. Jeffrey J.. Wheaton Mueller. Itichard A.. Hillsboro Mugaas. Janies K . Ken mare Mund. Arlyn G.. Wishck Murch. P«ttf Glenn. Hillsboro Murphy. Cathy J . UMoure Murphy. Patrick T.. Kdgeley Murphy. Vernon J.. Fargo Mutvchclknauv. Alvin C. Hebron Muiyck. Jean M.. Gilby My two. Lynn It . Wahpc-lon N Nadlcr. Mike F.. Gwinner Naggalz. Brad M . Fairmounl Narum. Mary E OdckinSOO Natalie. Clark A . Milbank. SD Naihe. Tom A.. New Hockford Noliel. Gregory L.. Montevideo. MN Navralil. Rodney A . Wahpeton NcImhi. David F . Flaxlon Nelson, Douglas M . Oakes Nelson. Jerry A.. Bailie Lake. MN Nelson. Jerry C . Fargo Nelson. Juduh K.. Gillctl Grove. IA Kelson. Paul I.. Cavalier Nelson. Richard D . Hillsboro Nelson. Sandra K Kindred Nelson. Sian II . Grand Forks Nelson. Wayne M.. Cummings Nrsdahl. Guy II.. Larimorc Ness. Lviv W.. Fargo Neva. Julie A . Kettsal Neva. I-eon M . Jamrslowm Newell. Gary !).. Wahpeton Nielsen. Barbara J . oberon Nielson. Steven J.. Valley Cily Nieuwsma. Steven K . Ilerrcid. SD Nilles. Hvvivard F.. Hlanchard Nit»«h. James P.. MmotT3S Nolle. W»nf ( . Webster. SI) Nordick. Anthony H . Kcnl. MN Northing. David It . Crosby Norsledl. Sharol I... Bismarck Novotnv. Connie J.. ladgc-rwood Novotny. Itictard A . Ijd(nw»d Nvbcrg. Calvin W . Palermo O O'Brien. Thomas W , Webster. SD O'Connell. Hon J . Grand Forks O'Donnell. William J.. Dumont. MN O'Neil. Timothy I. . Cogswell O’Connell. Mark W . Grand Forks Ooslnch. Timothy A . Ihizcn O'Hara. James It.. Bathgate O'llaru. Ronald I),. Pembina oiilliauMT. Edgar W . I.mum Ohnslad. Daniel J . Atguxvilto Oja. Arno K.. Portland Olsen. David J.. Walipeton Olson. Gary S.. Tioga (■Ison. Plorenda. Walhallo Olson. Gary It.. l-arimore Olson. Gregory P„ I Moure Olson. Judy I., Fargo Olson. Mary B.. Wy ml mere Olson. Michael K„ Miiinewaukan Olson. Raymond Arnegard Olson. Rebecca J . Ilunlcr Olson. Huger A.. Iloople Olson. Susan I... Wahpcltm O'Meara. Michael. Fnirmouni Oppcgard. Ardcilr. Mandan Orlhaus. Michael J.. Mooreton list. Dale D . Wahpeton Osier, Glenn It. Ham (Hlnio. Peggy A . Sharon Oltescn. Merry L.. Ilunlcr Ouradmk. Joseph K . Makoti overland. Donald II.. Harvey O btin. Jerry I... Flasher PI’age. Si even A . Wahpeton Page). Debbie J.. Fargo Palluck. Curtis W Davenport Palluck, Duane I) . Davenporl Palluck. Glenn It . Davenport Palmer. Boyd L.. Fargo Parker. Jcr’inomc B.. Wahpeton I’arlain. Michael M . Fergus Falls. MN I'altcrson. Debra A . Wahpeton Paukert. William E.. l-akota Paulson. I.yle II.. Jud I’auluv. Ken S . Fargo Pauly. Wayne J . Wahpeton Pause li Mcrlyn II.. Wahpeton Pavlicek. David A.. Dickinson I’jvlicck. Mona I. . Dickinson I’awlck. Kobert J . Ogema. MN Payne. John II.. Fargo Pcrleberg. Brute D . Jamestown Peter . Rodney A . Grand Forks Petersen. Diane K . Brockenridge, MN Petersen. Kevin II.. I.uvcrnc. MN Petersen. Timothy J.. Monango Pttcrson. Bruce I... Battle View Pelerson. Douglas II.. Portland. OR Peterson. Dwight I... Verona Pelerson. Judy A.. Fargo Pelerson. Marie A.. Fullerton Pelerson. Term I.. Flaxton Pelerson. Thomas K.. Minot I’etrv. Matthew S.. Minot Pettis. Dean F.. Willislon Weill, Steven D.. Colfax Pierson. Sharon M.. Minot Pilgrim. Dirk W . Ayr PiMorius. Arlene K . Bnshnll. SD Pladson. Harlan I).. Hatton Wath, Gregory A . Davenport Pletan. Dale A . Hasher Pollcrt. Mural. Jr.. Piogree l orler, Dale K.. Tioga Preston. Richard S.. Hillsboro Priess. Paul M.. Minot Print . James B.. Lisbon Prichard. Clayton J . Verona Prochnow. Neil L.. Hankmsoo Purath. Jeanne I.. Red Lake Falls. MN ftyuenette. Terrance R.. Fargo (Angle). Couin N . Donncybrook (juum. Frank J.. Wahpeton R R.unlo. Dennis l( . Fargo Ramsdell. Dick A . Norma Kasch. Della M.. Wtshek Rasmussen. Bruce A.. Fort Ransom Kasmusson. Sandra I.. Sarles Rath. Terrs I... Wishck Katzak. Gary K . Ilamberg Rau. Leon A . Ana moose Reardon. Eugene I... Medina RedlK'Id. Paul II . Madison. SI) Redman. David P.. Ileil Reed. Charles W . Wahpeton Reese. J. David, W'vndmore Ragan. Bryant K . SleClusky Itcfinvsky. Bernard T . Oakes Reich, Dennis I) . Ilu en Rcierxm, Gene It.. Ilerreid. SD Reilly. Norma J.. BrcckcnndgC. MN Rciliarts. David K . Minot Itcinckc. Linda I).. Browns Valley. MN Reinhardt. Gail J.. Zap Reiser. Jerry F . Turtle take Hcnner. Greg II . Pollock. SI) Itculc. Mark J.. Fessenden Reule. Richard M.. Fessenden Khoault. Dennis P.. Horace Rice. Scott. Grand Forks Rich. Randy I) . Kindred Richard. Dennis A . Vida. MT Richardson. Kerry O . Herron Kichnian. John L . Lebanon. IN Rinloul. Richard J . Weslbope liiMivi. Victor It . New Rockford Kiltcnbach. Jerry I. . Cleveland Rogers. Jerome l .. West Fargo Rod void. Steven J . Crosby Kochnch. Patrick C.. Bismarck Kocmmieti, Jacob G.. Devils Lake Roeinmich. tarinda J . Sprit wood Kogalla. Roger A . Grant! Forks Itoppcl. Donald I... Fairdalc Rose. Iliomas J . taogdon Roscno. tauten D . Grand Forks Rosenthal. Richard A.. Maxbass Ross. Charles H.. Fargo Rnssman. James J.. Wahpeton Rostbcrg. Joel S.. tariniorc Kubcrtux. Jeanne M . Wahpeton Rod. Jerry L . Portland Hud. Norman D.. Portland Rud. Rueben I.. Galesburg Rude. Craig A.. Chester. MT Rudolph. Bonnie K . Barney Kustad. Scott E.. Kindred Kustcbakkc. Dale A.. K. Grand Forks. MN Bvdell. Dean B . Fairmount Kydcll. Bichard W.. Wahpeton S idowsky. Bernard A . Manning Sahr. Thomas I).. Jamestown Sailer. Ames L . Beulah Sailer. Valeric K . Stanton Sakshaug. Kobert A.. Fargo Salter. Tnn II . Newtown Samck. Be nnie J , Wimbledon . Mark I. . Alcalde. NM Sand. Boyd T.. Ellcndalc Sand. Wayne A . Itosholl. SD Sandii, Lyle I).. North wood Sander. Guy W.. Itoshott. SD Sando. Karen K,. Itasboil. SD Sams tram. Ward B.. Williston Sathcr. Anne E . Valley City Sauer. Earl J . Sherwood Sauvagcau. Douglas J . Fargo Sauvageau. Gery M.. Fargo Sax. Edward M . Wahpeton Sax. Charlene M . Williston Schaefer. Gerald E.. Bowman Schafer. Cheryl A.. Lisbon Schander. Tim. Heaton Sehatz. Gary II.. Regent Schauer. Sheila M.. Dawson Sehellert. Claire D . Guelph Scheid. Rickie It.. Ilazen Scherman. Terrance C.. Sentinel Butte Sctieving. Susan A . E. Grand Forks. MN Schell. Ken W . Dickinson Schildbcrger. Marne J.. Ilankmvon Schiltz. Roger W.. Ilankuixon Schimkc. Kathy. Ellendale Schindele. David, takota Schindler. Allen M . Tullle Schindler. Ronald W . Fessenden Schiwal. Michael J.. Mott Schmaltz. James A . Barton Schmaltz. Larry M . Buxton Sehmding, Juric A.. Sentinel Butte Schmid. Neal A . Carrington Schmidt. Arnold K.. M.inilan Schmidt. Douglas K . Tioga Schmidt. Francis C . W.ihpclon Schmidt, lots M . Wahpeton SrhiMibel. Darrell U. Seta Schneider. Denis A . la-for Schneider. Glenn It.. Goodrich Schneider. Karen A . Slrasburg Schobcr. Randall D., Ilankitwrn Schocnborn. Gregory It . Towner Selioos lcr. Connie E . 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Hiverdale Taylor. Susan K . San Antonio. TX Tcloliey. Pamela J . Voltaire T -ske. Gory I. . Scranton Tesincr. Hichard M.. Walhalla Thacker, .Michael I).. Grafton Ihano. Honald It., W'ahpc-lon Thelon. Calvin .1.. Konmare Thilniony. Gary 1,. Knderlin Ihmgvold. Vernon V . Martin Thom, Huliard It . CaimiMI. MN Thomas. Katherine M.. Fargo TlKimpson. Cheryl M.. I.istiori llKun|ison. Daniel I,., Clifford Thompson. Linda J.. Cooocrstown Tli- inp« n. Phyllis K . Glenhum Thompson. Koger A.. Blanchard 'llioniiwon. Susan M.. Beulah Ihornlierg. Jon I .. Klbow Igike. MN IhorsncM. Hodncy It.. Tapfien Thorsnw. Sheila It.. Jamestown Thorstad. KUcn M., Hillsboro Ttiunslielle. Joy It . I’lara Tinguin. Gary I).. W'widmoro Toesiad. Kilccn M.. Tokadi. David A.. Mandan lollefsrud. Neil A . Hhame Tolo. John I) Jr.. Wnhpcton Torgercon. Gregory S . Tiotta Tnugas, Francis I) . W'ahncton Tiadcwell. Itichurd It.. Wah| c|on Trangsrud. laiwvll IL. Knderlin Treflry. Goriton I’.. New Kockford Trihub. Larry W.. Minot Troni. Jcllrey A.. Fairmount TtoUier. Daniel I... Horace Tvedl. David M . l_iriniore Twcle. Honald K . Mmol Ul'hhch. Ilrian L.. Wahpclon I Inch. Donald I.. Wilton t'lvcn. Verne K.. Walcoti I'ndhktn. Hubert W . Columbus I 'rseih. Gordon I... Grand Fork V Van Horn. I lean K.. Sentinel Bulle Van Horn. Hodwy ('.. Sentinel Huilc Vamler Yonsl. Gary I).. Hague V.nuler Vorstc. l.uAnn. Pollock. SI) Vaitdinc. Klcamor K . Klbow Lake. MN Vanerkhnul. James. Minot Vavrovsky. Larry (V. Grafton Veil. Gregory T.’. Mooretnn Ycland. Itobort M . Kllendale Vcrwey. Judy It.. Nckoina Vetter. Kenneth U. Linton Vikse. James A . Pollock. SI) Vizma. Don C,. Wil listen Yoightman. Stove I... laidden Volk. Dennis H,. Towner Volk. James J . Solfridgo Volk. Magdalen Helcourt Volk. Honald It., Bismarck Von Kyc. Joan K.. Miller. SI) Vosberg, Myles S . Wyndmerc Votava. David I .. Grallon . Anthony IV. Ksmond Wahl. Larry O . Jamestown Wahner. Joan K.. I'arshall Wald. Klsie M . Wtshek Wald. Irene B . Wishek Walen. 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Kindnsl Wilkes. Karen M . Dickey Will, linger, B . Klgin Williamson. Aaron G . Grallon Winkler. Holly A . Nixhe Winter. Jason M . Goodrich Wisk. Dennis I,. West Oslo WiK-hl. Gene (».. Wishek Wnhlralv. Mark It.. Doit Hiver. MN Well. Lisxi.ird F.. Alvrdeen. SI) W'nlfcraio. Dale A.. Walipeton Wollilz. J« |rey P . LulgerwiMKl Wlight, t; Alan. Glcnunud. IA Wlight, lasm W.. Grave fill Wyall. Kalph V . Bismarck’ Y Yager. Timm as K . Devil lake Vannahan. Budsikorn. K.iixhaiialmii, Thailand Yotingqihsl, Nanv M.. WalijK-ton Ystaas. Ilmmie r . Shevcnne Z -Hh. Paulette S . WaLpeton Zeeck. Many I.. Favour, si) Zeinlik, James I . Grand Forks Zeller. James K . Aberdeen. SI) Z.imlx'lman. Lyle I).. Minot Zimmerman, i'urtis W . Mott Ziillliicrman. Dave I.. Glendive. MT Znnprieti. Brian K.. Daven|iort Zauicki. ItnlsTt J . Arihur 7 i Debbie Ackerman Ruth Allickson Kathy Anderson Renee Anderson Sharon Anderson Donna Anundson Jennifer Barnstublc Linda Baumgartner Diane Behrens Marie Bchrns Lorraine Benson Linda Benz Diane Belseth Aldcna Berg Ellen Bcrgcson Candace Bergrad Deborah Black Jolene Black Denise Bredvik Colleen 8riggs Charis Brossart Sharon Brostad Elaine Burdick Julie Carrineau Linda Chase Linda Christenson Bonnie Clark Nancy Confer Barbara Coy Barbara Dahlcn 71Julie Deal Vonda Dcering lynette Dclmarie Melody Oerkscn Bonnie Oesautel Virginia Diet Juanita Dorner Cheri Orewlow Nancy Dub Joyce Eckhardt Wanda Edwards Carole Ehlinfcldt Anne Eichelbergcr Becky Ellefson Janna Ellington Kathleen Felt Peggy Fernket Charlene Feniter Sharon Fike Kathleen Fischer Shane Flaten Donna Fleckcnstcin Marsha Fortman Debbie Frasier Sister Stella Fussy Mary Gaspers Ida Gast Marianne Gaudermann Barb Gaughan Carol Gaustad Nancy Giese Patty GicUcn Charlene Gilles 72Wanda Clemming Kristi Goolsbey i 1 LaRayne Graff Lynne Grafsgaard Mary Grenburg Mary Jean Grosek Diane Gryskicvics Charlene Gubka Leah Gumeringcr Mary Haberman Nicolet Halvorson Rita Haman Valerie Hamre Vickie Haney Cheryle Hanson Bonnie Haring Jackie Harlow Carol Harms Debbie Harrison Cheryl Hartsock Wendy Haselhorst Kay Heinrich Cindy Hclenski Geraldine Hclmer Pat Henke Doris Hoggarth Jane Holm Lannettc Holm Mary Beth Horgan Joyce Hettervig Loretta Hoff Diane Huus JoAnn Iknen Nancy Jenny Becky Johnson Deb Johnson 73  Debbie A. Johnson Linda Johnson Linda Johnson Robert Johnson Shirley Johnson Karen Juntenen Sherry Jurgens Vallis Kaier Wanda Kaplor Jeannine Keen Catherine Kelley Joyce Klamm Garland Krause Cindy Kuntz Shirley Lange Kathy Laroque Starr Larson Margaret Latoxke Jerolyn Lloyd Stella Loeb Marjorie Lommel Paula Longenwalter Kathy Lovsmore Mary Ludwig Bethany Magyar Linda Mark Theodora McDonough Shirley McIntosh Theresa McIntyre Debbie McPherson Brenda Menier Deborah Mickclson Sister Mary Miranowski Pam Mitzel Bev Mohs Loretta Morth Marlene Morth Kelly Murphy Kathy Nelson JoAnn Nordick Janice Novotny Merva Odness LuAnn Olson Pam Olson Ellen Ost Cindy Parmer Candc Paulson Joyce Pederson 74I Anita Peterson Gail Peterson Marjorie Pfaff Eleanor Prestegard Julie Puetz Carol Purington Susan Quadc Shelly Quanrud Sandy Queglcy Peggy Rada Kathryn Raney Sharon Rasmusson Celeste Rchborg Mary Rinas Diane Roach Peggy Roark Wendy Rocksvold Rhonde Rodenburg Betty Rosemore Kris Rostad Maureen Rothmann Lynn Samson Donna Sanasack LuanneSchacher Katie Schruier Lucinda Schauer Millie Schlekoway LuAnn Schmidt Karla Schulz Mildred Sedler Cindy Sclingcr Milesine Seppett Ruth Sharp SueShorma Joyce Slcttcn Karen Slominski Linda Smestad Diane Smith Kathy Spletstoser Carolyn Staroba Bonnie Stiegel TerryleStraab Diane Suhumskie Janet Swartzell Patty Taylor Eileen Theisen Nancy Thingstad Martha Thorbcrg I 75 1 Paulette Vren Jean Wallenberg Connie Warner Brenda Warrall Sandy Warren Marianne Weigel Cindy Wcitbcrg Deborah Wheeler Clara White Eyes Mary Wickenleiser Wanda Ziegelman Julia Thorlacuis Carla Thorsteinson Alice Thorstcnson Beth Tisch Ruth Tishmack laVonnoTrosen Ann Trygstad Marsha Tuchscherer Jane Vandrovcc Helen Vaplon Kathy Vehulek Loretta Vocller nil r FOOTBALL!1972 WILDCATS— (first row) — left to right: Don Loberg, Lcston Johnson, Mark Hyldcn, Jerry Dahl. Mark Wohlrabc, Wavnc Byzewski, Jerry Sautter. Kim Marsh: (row two): Kiek I»v lokken, Mike Salquist. Clark Natalie, Mike Lassa, Dave Witt, Brad Foster, Kick Wacha, Jeff Garskc, Ron Roller. Tim Davis; (row three): John Kichman, Mark Sanchez, Mike Byars. Paul Schmidt, Kick Wagner. Scott Davis. Steve Rcimvand, Dave Meyer, Dan Ness, Craig Cns| ers. Gene Holt; (row four): Lee Jergenson, Dennis Miller, Randy Gordon. Allen Kanwischcr, Chip Lyslo. John Schroeder. Dave Russum, Tim Wolfe, Jerry Brack in. Roger Moore, Gary Lasham; (row five): Jerry Wilson, Ron Wicker. Brad Naggaiz, Terry Quenette, Marty Seram$tad, Roger Olson. Mike Webber, Mike llilg rs. Joe fiausauer, Terry Chadderon, Kent Regan, Tom Sturdevant, Dave Reese; (row jn): Mike Reid. Mike Williams, Mark Ouradnik. Mick Schuler. Dave Millbcrt, John Ries, Dave Clukev. Season ended with the Wildcats placing third in the conference behind the top two teams tied for first. During the 6-2-1 season the Cats trounced Minot 48-22, a team ranked eighth in the small college conference division.They also tied with Iowa Central, a team rated sixth in the nation in the junior college competition. The Cats finished 18th ranked in the national junior college poll. They placed four players on the all conference team - Jerry Dahl, Wayne Byzewski, Mark Wohlrabe. and Craig Caspers. They also placed four players on the all conference honorable mention • Ron Wicker, Dave Reese, Tom Sturdevant, and Mike Lassa. Jerry Dahl, NDSSS middle guard and linebacker who led the Wildcat defensive unit this season with 203 points on 77 tackles and 76 assists, was named to the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) All American football team. Dahl is the second first team junior college All American football player selected from the college in recent history. Bob Yaggie received first team honors in 1959, and John Hermes was named to the Little All American team in 1938.11972 CROSS COUNTRY TEAI Tom NUftil tkC-WfcAcnTmeier. Kevin Peterson, Mike' wSnSK Bruce RamX . Dennis Ramlo, Grejj Marking, tom iceo. Cats Take 3rd In Region 13 CC The SSS cross country team had a good year--not outstanding enough to make us No. 1, but rewarding nonetheless. All three sophomores placed high in individual NDCAC competition, and the whole team effort resulted in a 3rd place finish in the Region 13 meet, which had nine colleges in competition. A vital factor in any team is the coach. Wes Andrud is not a typical coach. He demands the utmost of his runners; this sparks them to extraordinary efforts, exceeding even his high expectations. More than a coach, Wes Andrud is a friend. Individual honors for the season went to Mike Francis, most valuable; and Kevin Peterson, most improved and hardest worker. 85X-COUNTRY X-COUNTRY-where the agony and determination of running long distances over varied terrain is largely unrecognized by almost everyone, including men involved in other track and field competitions. X-COUNTRY X-COUNTRY-where you sweat; where your lungs ache and burn; where your legs pound on automatically as you try to block out the thought of rest; where your legs feel like lead pistons which your lungs and heart have to pump too much oxygen and blood to. 86X-COUNTRY-where the winning is that much sweeter; because you have conquered fatigue, and you did it without the accolades of an audience pushing you on. X-COUNTRY-a sport more exacting than football or basketball because you can’t really share exhaustion with your teammates. You can only do it alone. 87 Ever run full tilt down and back the court for an hour, all the while dribbling a ball before you, guarding it against your all too numerous opponents? Running, passing, shooting; falling and fouling. A game with all the drama and excitement of a gladiator’s arena: Basketball. 88The 1972-73 basketball season proved a trying, and perhaps frustrating, year for coach Don Engen as well as his athletes. Having to alternate his starting line-up. and also coping with team injuries were the two big factors that washed away the team’s chances for a conference title. Although the overall team record was not impressive, the other statistics are. Science had 9 wins and only one loss in games played against other two-year colleges. NOSSS • M.ldott Srsson Toots Ctnsts fGA fCM 0,-0 fTA f TM 1972 73 inson Turn- ft'o POOS ortrt As- WU fOUl A . »» Points Points OjIc Kfurgfr 23 430 202 47 112 82 73 140 5) 72 486 21. M.krCh it jnton 13 140 112 46 54 30 54 175 90 88 254 11 CiKt Johnson 11 190 92 48 72 ■19 68 167 46 9 233 10 John Andtrson 23 159 75 47 79 52 66 162 H 21 202 8 JimCmtl 22 161 77 48 43 32 60 158 2$ 18 186 8 M 21 162 74 47 73 33 44 194 99 52 169 8 MiW Noland 14 101 40 39 11 18 82 16 )) 4 25 98 6 CuM J«h«b« 12 17 7 41 8 4 50 12 3 18 | Jon Notrntxxct 13 17 7 41 6 3 50 6 $ 9 17 1. A 6y Sttlfi ns 2 2 1 50 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 1. K.nd.ll Pa-iSo. 5 2 0 00 0 0 0 4 I 0 2 Cwdwi 4lm» 4 1 1 100 1 0 00 0 1 0 2 Sttsons Toids 1811 834 44 482 36 3 62 1124 420 422 2026 88 Cats End Season Overall 90With 12-11 Record Dale Krueger, 6'4" sophomore forward from Jamestown. chalked up an impressive point total in his two years at Science. He scored 935 points in two years to become sixth highest point man in the school's history. moving Gary Frederickson's point career, earned in 1967-69. to number seven. Ed Askegaard led the Cat's total rebounding with 194 grabs for the season, and a total of 362 for his total time at SSS. A 6'4" Pre education major from Barnes-ville. MN., Ed saw regular starting action during the entire season. The Wildcats finished the year with a team offensive average of 88.1, and a team defensive average of 81.0. 91•TATISTICS We H Huron College H Anoka-Ramsey H NDSU-Bottincau H Miles City A Lake Region A Bismarck A Rochester H Willmar A Manitoba A Winnipeg H Minnesota Tech-Crookston H Valley City A Mayville H Dickinson H Minot A Jamestown H Jamestown A Valley City A Dickinson H Mayville H Mankato-Bethany A Minot North Dakota State JUCO Tour-UND Williston They 96 99 107 68 109 72 108 90 84 78 89 85 101 73 100 79 82 87 85 81 70 47 105 78 86 89 65 69 74 85 81 89 87 81 71 88 82 95 108 84 68 61 80 84 86 92 Af S Head Coach, Don Engen Asst. Coach, Marlyn Fredericksen Athletic Director, Edward Werre r  { 1972-73 WILDCATS ROW 1: Mike Noland. Jon Rotenburger. Curt Johnson. Kendall Pankow. Gordon Stine: ROW 2: Ed Askegaard. Mike Christianson. John Anderson. Dale Krueger. Jim Ernst. NOT PICTUREO: Curt Schober. _ 93 Very few sports are placed on such an individual scale as wrestling. One man is pitted against another, each of an equal weight. Only their own skill, endurance, and strength can help them win. It is man-to-man and man against man.Although the Wildcat wrestling squad did not have a very impressive year, the end results showed an amazing abundance of individual skill and endurance. The year record for team was 1-5 in the conference and 4-8 in dual meets. Three Cats qualified for the Region XIII Tournament. Kevin Peterson scored a 5-2 decision over Bismarck JC’s Andy Reimnitz for the championship at the North Dakota Junior College Tourney. Two other Wildcat champions were 134 pound Tom Lenihan who defeated Vern Bren 23-5 and Don Wicker at 167 pounds who dccisioned Kraig Oitzman 8-3. These three wrestlers advanced to the Region XIII meet in Coon Rapids, MN where only two posted victories to be elgible to enter the National Junior College Athletic Association Tourney March 1,2. and 3 at Worthington. MN. Tom Lenihan in the 134 pound weight class won an impressive victory over Don McFarren of Concordia of Wisconsin in a 1:11 pin for the right to enter the Nationals. Kevin Peterson also advanced to the Nationals on a 11-4 decision over Dave McFarren of Concordia for the 150 pound weight championship. Don Wicker was decisioned 4-2 by Tim Dione of Richland Junior College, Wisconsin in the finals. Tom Lenihan pinned Milo Schmeichel, Minot, for the NDAC championship. 1973 WILDCAT WRESTLERS: ROW 1: Brian Lcnzmeier. Robbie Hagen, Curtis Yen. Tom Lenihan. Kevin Peterson; ROW 2: Gary Grove. Rick Lovdokken. Wayne Byzew-ski. Don Wicker. Steve Thompson; ROW 3: Neal Simtey, Mark Hoffman. Al Wacha. Richard Evenson. James Tib-bitts. Terry Harrison. William Brunner, Student Assistant; ROW 4: Roger Cross, statistician. Rick Hass. Tom Miller. Lee Allen. Jerry Sauther. Randy Twito. Ron Schultz, statistician. The Wildcats are coached by Larry McDaniel. THIS IS THE CHANCE FOR ANYONE NOT INVOLVED IN OTHER ATHLETIC ORGANIZATIONS TO TEST HIS SKILL AND ABILITY IN COMPETION, FROM THE FIRST INNING OF BASEBALL TO THE LAST SPRINT IN TRACK. 98 ■ ■AND ABOVE ALL, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS, YOU ALWAYS FEEL THAT WINNING IS EVERYTHING. The Vets got the sweet taste of victory this year when they won the intramural flag football championship. The Trades Division also tasted honey when they won the intramural track meet by a wide margin. 100 7MECHANICAL DRAFTING ROW 1: Terry Hoselton. Gary Franck, Jett Braatcn, Tim Bodine. Mark Christensen. Mike Webber; ROW 2: Harold Cole. Clifford Elstn, Paul Jensen. Terrance Scherman. Lynn Rudolph, LeRoy Stitz, Daryl Zweigle, Randy Entzl, Tom Wcisbeck. Steve Cole. Bryce Ralston; ROW 3; Ed Hanyzcwski. Wayne Schumacher. James Gagnum, Tim licbelt. Tim Petersen. Dwight Kandt. Don Carlson, Monty Sondrol, Gregg Kal-dor. Rick Russell, Steve Nelson; ROW 4: Steve Schafer. Bob Sakshaug, Jeff Trom. Theodore Rosenbaum. Robert Garcia. Randy Clement, Carl Graff. Gus Mohs. Gerry Lannoye. CIVIL TECHNOLOGY FIRST YEAR: ROW I: Brian Klawitter, Michael Ulmer, Russ Kroshus, Richard Even-son. Rodney Beck. Rich Sicg, Gregory Johnson; ROW 2: Bruce Erickson. Tom Klein-gartner, Howard Roth. Tom Frye. Vaughan Griffin. Tom Nelson, Dean Franchuk; ROW 3: Tom Altner. Chuck Pederson, Irv Glanville, Monty Miller. Steve Johnson. Mark Trostad, Dale Nucllc. k SECOND YEAR: ROW 1: Branden Bartholomew. Mike Flatt. Jeffery 8erg. David Miller. Kevin Lee. Warren Walhaug. Robert Meier. Jerome Miller; ROW 2: Dave Lundeby. Merlyn Pausch, Connley Anderson. Clayton Pritchard. Dave Haagenson. James Flisrand. Thomas Fossell. Gordon Johnson. Greg Lacy. Scott Sorby; ROW 3: Jim Vikse, Sid Strand. Kyle Shephard. Tom Krebs-bach. James Jung. Jeff Johnson. Jeff Wollitz. Dave Tokach. Monte Gonitzke. 102 r PHI BETA LAMBDA LEFT TO RIGHT AND 80TT0M TO TOP: Mercedes Baumer. Bob Cunningham. Rick Hass. Rich Kaiser. Sandy Kubista. Suzanne Haacke. Dale Erickson. Lcs Michels. Anita Albertson. Betty Do-green. Raynctta Iszler. Chris luick. Mary Olson. Sue Bahm. Jane Lugert. Linda Yctterbow. Annette Trautman. Connie Davis. 8etty Winkler. Rich Wagner. RTVCLUB ROW 1: Bob Hartjo, Tim Rohovsky. Greg Boling. Mr. Brophy and Mr. Graff, advisors; ROW 2: Leon Neva. Alan Larson. Wayne Severson, Bill Paukert, Mike Dotlaff, Greg Plath; ROW 3: Jerry Klema. Bob Lochess, Mike Garcia. Curt Larson, Gary Borland, David Homm, Steve Chepulls, Arno Oja, Tcrty Swonson. 103 DIESEL MECHANICS PICTURE 1. ROW 1: Ricky Schcid. Le« Jacobson, Merlin Whitson. Mario Hoyt, Paul Minchinton, Gary Grove. Kendall Johnson. Mike Reid: ROW 2: Alois Welgle. Bruce Bakken. Bruce Bent. Gerald Bye. Alvin Mutschelknause. Phil Seghers, Brian Kittleson. Wendell Odegaard; ROW 3: Leonard Bcscman, Tony Brandenburger, Dave Krause. Randy Ptacek, Zanc Tabcrt, John Roerick. Francis Dukart. Keith Daly. JerrelGullickson. PICTURE 2. ROW 1: Jerry Lehn. Gordon Olsen. Richard Edzerly. Rodney Icnfcldt. Gary Artz, Mr. Holtz. David Hardie. Tim Van Hatten. Ken Huber. Brent Bjornson; ROW 2: Rod Eckroth. Bruce Anderson. Sherviin, Nelson. Douglas Pettier. Steve Horter, Mark Stromswold, Joel Renfrow. Ronald Thoresen. Charles Garnaas. Steve Huschka; ROW 3: Pavid Mork. Jim Schmatz. Lauren Roseno, Larry Strand. Don Vizina. Dave Larson. Greg Murt. Jim Yri. Bob Stone. Monte Wcndcl. Bernard Sadowsky. Rick Dickson. Dennis Schneider. OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ROW 1: Roberta Miller. Jane Schmitt. Scott Hample, Mary Terlehr, Shelly Christiansen. Regina Bergantine. Santa (alias Skip Vondal). Theresa Cote. Gail Rath. Susan Lysnc. Marlene Mahler; ROW 2: Marvin Moose, Charlene Schultz, Bernetta Schatf. Susan Glasser, Janet Shide, Darrel Differding. Emily Craik. Nancy Moen. Connie Griffin. 104 7 W v eELECTRICAL E.M.T. ROW I: Leo Seeba. Mark Rude, Jim Wright. Dale Ost. Kevin Larson; ROW 2: Jett Grotten, Tim Kilber. Dave Ihry. Dale Kilwine, Oan Johannes; ROW 3: Dennis Dorian, John Ship-key. Al Kershaw. John Zettel. Leon Phcrson. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Klein. Glenn Johnson. John Payne. Arnie Schmidt. Joel Rostberg, Perry Kehl, Jim Wright, Earl Sauer. Bob Cunningham. Verdcn Anderson. 105 I - SITTING: Sheila Kilcne. leanne Ellingson. Claudia Backlund. Cindy Johnson. Joy Wcstgard. Pam Smith. Margaret Mitchell. Linda Loncy. Candy 8orchert. Sandy Rassmusson, Jeanne Rubertus: STANDING: Sharon Levos. Molly Kuhn. Cindy Hat . Jean Gilham. Mary Zimmerman. Cathy Cornell. Sandy Jarman. 8onnie Bergeth. Judy Leith, Glenda Guinn. Nora Knution. Kotlcen Kukla, Barb Bcndcwald. Karen Krahler. Cynthia Fretland. Judy Potter. Sally Adsom. Robin 8ecker. Charlotte Corncillie. Judy Nelson. p R 1 N T C E L R U S B ROW 1: Terry Mehlhoff. Dean Knutson. Yvonne Rieger. Tom Snyder. Theresa Marsolek: ROW 2: Ed Allen, Mike Schovsow. Dale Shipman. Wanda Stockert. Oan Butler. Wade Bruvold. John Schmalfcldt; ROW 3: Gary Johnson. Nancy Donahue. Danny Volk. Dave Piatz. 106 rDECA Club ROW 1: Mike Erlandson. Chuck Evcndon. LuAnn Fensko. Lori Nelson. Becky Koenig. Deb Buehler; ROW 2: Arnie Schmidt. Darrel Schweitzer. Jerry Novotny. Brian Zimprich. Dale Erickson. Auto Body 1st YEAR- ROW I; Greg Mark-ing. Steve Olerud, Monte Greenup. Bill Thomas. Doug Teets. Rick Miller. Daniel Hager. Lester Lesmann, Randy Miller; ROW 2: Dave En-gen. Scott Miller. Stacy Ber-grud. Glen Olson. Curtis Thurn. Jerry Wilhelm. Reggie Gillis. George Conover. Stan Evenson. Al Wacha. Terry Thorvilson. Randy Kalb. Darrell Fox. Craig Rufsvold; ROW 3: Jerry Lcrvik. Ernest Jo-chlm, David Gcrmanson, Jack Misson. Ross Boehnke, Mark Pederson. Paul Kemp. Paul Stack. Curtis Osborn. Walter Gordon. 2nd YEAR- ROW 1: Rick Rosenthal. Dennis Ramlo, Jerome Bettehnausen. Kelly Lamm. Peter Brendel, Alan Ward. Gregg Torgcrson. Leland Hoff; ROW 2: Philip Stein-berger. Dick Ramsdcll. Doug Gramm. Clavin Nybcrg. Ronald Schindler. Jacob Roem-mich, Larry Nore. Arnie Lctor, Allen Grenz; ROW 3: Peter Murch. Clarence Strickland. Richard Preston. Dennis Halvorson. Wade Gilstad. Joel Haugen. Jerry Dahl. Chuck Hesla. Leslie Holgerson. Gene Johnson. Lyle Zimbelman. Robert Undhjem. Auto Body x 107Practical Nursing Club ROW 1: Linda Smcstad. Marie Bchrns. Marianne Weigel. Jane Vandrovec; ROW 2: Loretta Vocllcr, LaVonne Trosen. Valerie Hamre. Carla Thorsteinson, Mrs. Bushy, advisor. Parts Training Club ROW 1: Paul Mikkelson. Ralph Wallace. Joe Maly. Ron Volk. Jerry Hornseth. Dean Hummel; ROW 2; Gerry Schumacher. Jerry Reid. Allen Skavhaug. Forrest Diehl. Dean Allmcndinger. Cary Olson. Galen Fischer: ROW 3; Jerry Reiser. Dale Busta. Ward Sandstrom, Peter Dcichert. Guy Nesdahl. Pat Dillman. Donovan Bachmeier: ROW 4: Robert Stirling. Joseph Ouradnik. Tom Heine. Dirk Kohovtck. Gordon Ellenson. Gerald Mcidingcr. 108 7A Student Cabinet STUDENT CABINET • Rick Haas, Sandy Rasmusson, Amie Schmidt. Michelle Benson. Gary Johnson (Pres.), Karen Boehler, Dan Whitman. SCIAC • Terry Fitzpatrick. Arnie Schmidt. Tom Snyder. Mr. Gunness. Advisor. Jim Habcrman. Kyle Anderson. Wanda Stockert. Nancy Donahue. SCIAC ROW 1: Rick Hazard, Scoff Norton. Jim Burkett, Greg Brummond. Wayne McNamara; ROW 2: Craig Ote. Larry Duttenhefer, Let Letman. Larry Fltcher, Jim Fuhesder, Steve Dewan; ROW3: Ken Matajcek. Don Gartner, Chuck Guitafton. Dave Snyder. Dale Lefor, Arden Bergen. Chuck Kremer, Vic Johnton. Gllet Mack, Jim Young. Dave Schneider, Jim Fletchel. Roger Hendrickt. Irv Glanvllle. Gary Weihemuller. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT■ Hike Sthl, Dennis Reich, tor lord, Ron Veil Leon Neve. George Conover, Herk kutcht, Jim Heger, Doug Hedlend, Rkhnrd Skjonsby, Gerry Anderson, Dennis Volk, Vlrginle Brummond. Leo Seebe; STANDING Joe Henikowske. GeteJd Slewert, mem HcDonntl. Oscer Henttn. Hen Lientn, Doug Hermes, Greg Unde, Richerdton, Tom tdeingeriner, Mike Hellers, Ron Nosldehl, Verier Kertsted, Chuck HoHtnsteln, Chuck Pederson. Ed Sweeney. Ken Hellmuth, Juen Merllnti, Rick Russel, Bred Jenson, lerry Behr, Tom RkCovern, Bob Dsnitlton. •• ;_______________............................................................... f 'TROW 1: Dour Hruby. Floyd Anderson. Larry Weil. Gordon Baker. Arlyn Mund: ROW 2: Mr. KoppanR, advisor; Clayton Fcglcy. Mike Fitch. Owen Miller; ROW 3: Darrel Essig. Michael Ditlaff. Jerome Bauer. Sidney Strand. Kyle Anderson. Darcy Banning. Kyle Anderson is the district Circle K president for North South Dakota and Minnesota; an esteemed post obtained only by a select few. Circle K ' j V- 1 I r fe, JMU fa ROW 1: 8artuska, Tclchey. Christiansen. Corneillie. Cornell. Knopfle. Sailer. Tail. Remmcn; ROW 2: Ellctson. Krahler. Iverson. Bosard. Kukla. Rieger.Cebula. Shoman. Dahl. Jaskowski. Maczkowicz; ROW 3: Mercedes Morris. Rietze. Gibbon. Terfchr. Miller, Whit-mcr. Moore. Forncss. Anderson. Shide. Jarman. Scpton, Yctterboe. ROW 1: Vander Vorste. Doty. Bochlcr. Neva. Gast, Cruden, Dick. Beaton; ROW 2: Feland, Schwartzcnbcrgcr. Olson. Kuhn. Wahner. Straub. Wegenast. Szczur. Borchert. Ruber-tus. Simmer. Morris. Forde. Wollin: ROW 3: Carlisle. Ellingson, Larson. Svaleson. Yule. Vander Linden. Clarhus. Wcinmann. Collette. Olson. Novotny; ROW 4: Nielson. Reynolds. Maasjo. Storhoff, Buchler. Syverson, Rudolph. Gilchrist. Danielson. Bcrnsten. Hem-minger. Nelson. IllFRONT L. TO R.: Jim Hansen, Roberta Miller. Patty Szczur, Janet Hansen, Joan Maczkowicz. Luke Deichert. Ellen Long; BACK: Ron Schmitz, Regina Bergantine, MaryAnn Stagman, Father Cullen, Tim Boostrom. Rich Stagman. Janet Shide. Karen Gibbon. Don Wicker. ROW 1: Marie Bohrns. Linda Smestad; ROW 2: Sue Bahm. Kathy Hill. Mary Ol on. Raynettz Iszler; ROW 3: Monte Greenup. Rob Haugen. Jim Warrey. Lila Bahm. Mary Schaunaman. Pastor Olson. ROW 4: Les Michels. Mark Hylden. Karen Boehler. Anita Albertson. ROW 1: Jim Klamm, Denise Jordhelm. Marline Weigel. Loretta Voeller. Perry Grot. Kathy Fleischauer. Craig Rude. Rick West. Dennis Strand; ROW 2: Wayne Nelson, lorinda Roem-mich, Mrs. Schmidt. Pally Hoff. Roger Olson, Rodney Aldrich. Dick Walters. Mike Allmaras. Delaine Worner, Julie Thimjon, Arlyn Mund, Ewald Christianson, Steve Evanson. Randy Twito: ROW 3: Roxanne Baumer. Paula Ahlcs. Shirley Boyer. Cindy Haas. Stan Nelson. Sue Sinner, Don Forland, Lou Whitmer. Annette Trautman. Sherry Jurgens. Joyce Klamm. Dan Johannes. Jolene Johnson. John Schlenk. Ann Christianson. Sid Strand. Dave Russum. Charles Ross. ROW 1: Phyllis Kupitz. Curt Osborn, Mlkey Holupka; ROW 2: Karen Mittag. Dale Wolfgram. Leonard Bcseman. Janet Rutter. LaRae Wolf-gram. ♦Vi fJh krAf hi a (j i hufat tr v U n 6 J, f A yyr a 11») CT7 fi O 'L VJfSU 7If , hrrimmCHm+b r jtim .jljfdru Solid Kork Hrat XOflUffO Ai ro TKNtilt MAnn I PIANO 1 3 1' • • i• • tt rT WOMEN: Aarhus. Ahles, Aldrich. Anderson, Backlund, Bergantinc. Bochlcr, Braathen. Brandt. Bruschweln, Buohler, Busching. A. Christianson, P. Christianson. Condra, Corneillie. Cote, Davis. Dickraff, Doty, Eckhardt. D. Ellingson, L Ellingson. Emery, Fitzpatrick, Forde, Frauenberg. Goetz, Gustafson. Haas. Halvorson. Hansen. Haugen. Haukness, Hemminger. Henderson. Herman. Hotter. Hoffman. Holupka, Jaeger, Jarman, J. Johnson. K. Johnson. Koenig. Krahler. Kuhn. Lincoln, lingen, Litton, Long. C. Luick. D. Luick. K. Luick. Lysnc. Maasjo. Mahler. Mitchell. Nelson. Neva, Normann. Novotny. D. Olson. M. Olson. Peterson. Pomplun, Rasmusson. Rath, Rieger, Rietze. Sando, Sauter. Schend. Schmcling. W»-i Schwartzenberger. Severson. UMtt V ailShorma. Sinner, Stark, Szczur, Thompson, Trautman, Vertin, Volk. Von Eye, Whitmcr, Winkler, Wold, Wolf, Yannahan: MEN: Abdallah, Baron, Bengston, Blevins. Boostrom, Bortle. Bowman. Brehmer, Chapman. Conlin, Cunningham. Czeczak. Oeschene, Dickson, P. Dimmer. R. Dimmer. Eder, Erickson, Fegley, Gamaas, Gegelman, Gratz, Greenup, Hanna. Hasselstrom. Hendrickson, Holler, Horsager, Humphry, Iverson. Jondahl. Johnson. Kovarik, Kurns. Littke, Lorenz. Lund. Masching. Mund, Neppl, Overland. Paulson. Pederson. Reed. Reiser. Rude. Salveson. Schmidt. Shorma. Sjostrom, Stelling. Steftan. Stone, Snyder, Transgrud, Vikse, Weil, Weisenburger, Wicker, Witteman. The SSS Music Department, under the direction of Tilford Kroshus, had an exceptional year in 1972-73. Much expansion in the entire program was seen. Along with Intro to Music, a class in sightsinging was begun to further the vocal talents of so many students. In addition, individual lessons were given to any student who requested them. Wildcat Singers, a group featuring mainly popular music, became the favorite for many of us. The atmosphere they radiated warmed each audience and won the group much admiration. Barbershop music seemed suited to the male octet, which sang for many community engagements. In spite of being in only their second year of existence, the "barbershoppers” sounded like the "real thing!” Female octet was a new addition to the music department. It consisted of three and sometimes four-part harmony. Guitars, piano, or anything available added to the versatility the group displayed. Odin Norum. Jack Salveson. Keith Walter. Shirley Maasjo, Karen Boehler. Connie Halvorscn, Ann Christianson, Sandy Jarman. Charlene Hoffman, Kathy Anderson. Denise Wllingson. In this time of expansion of an important facet of the educational experience, the music department, and especially Mr. Kroshus, deserve a great big "Thank You!” lor all they’ve done to enrich our campus and community. Jerry Jondahl, Rick Hendrickson. Carl Brehmcr. Don Overland, Keith Johnson, Stan Kovarik, Lowell Trans-grude. Glenn Erickson. Dave Plumb. Will Blevins. 8udsakorn Yannahan, Dan Sweeney. Lowell Transgrude, Patty Szczur. Neil Iverson. Rick Hendrickson. Deb Buchler, Jerry Anderson, Glenn Erickson, Cindy Aldrich, Mark Wittcman, Janet Hansen, Marlene Kuhn. Don Overland. Julie Neva. Jerry Steffan. Carl Brehmer. Pauls Christianson. Jim Sjostrom. DiAnn Olson, Rod Dimmer. Desi Stelling. mmBAND Georglne Buback, Julie Fiskctjon. Debbie Yule. Meg Atkinson. Sue Sinner. Paula Ahlcs. Jerry Nelson. Carla 8rushwein. Wayne Nelson. Loretta Lind. Susan Lysne. Norma Myhre, Charlene Schultz, Daryl Zwciglc. Noel Schanilic, Kevin Eder. Lou Witmer. Monte Miller. Susan Burgum. Wayne Nelson. Kathy Anderson, Jolene Johnson. Mark Jensen. Cindy Johnson. Ann Christianson. Denise Elllngson. Karla Luick. Jack Salveson. Tim Boostrom, Dan Conlin. Victor Bryans. JeH Rcstemaye, Don Overland. Keith Johnson. Shelly Haugen, Judy Potter. Earl Jensen. Neil Iverson. Richard Jorgenson, Sandy Rasmusson, Steve Anderson. Jim Sjostrom, Chris Luick. Charles Garnaas, Randall Schobcr, Kent McMartin. Kelly Hickel. Mark Witteman. Jerry Stettan. Blaine Barnick, Leon Dawkins. Rodney Dimmer. Tom Paulson, Robert Reiser, David Bortlc, Stewart Bowman. Curt Schober. Mary Olson. Debbie Larson. Sandy Vander Linden. Connie Busching. Nadine Berglund, Mike Klostcr, Charlene Hoffman. Barb Tail. Julie Burrcr. Kevin Dinger. Connie Frauenberg. Mike Dcschene. Phyllis Kupitz, Roxan Birnbaun. Cindy Mizera. Marlys Docbler.LEFT TO RIGHT: Kevin Eder, Wayne Nelson. Daryl Zwciglc. Mike Kloster. Sue Lysne. Loretta Lind, Neil Iverson, Steve Anderson, Jim Sjostrom. Carlyle Krufman, Chris Luick. Jerry Stcffan. Kent McMartin. Blaine Barnick. 8ob Reiser. Mark Witteman. DiAnn Olson. Another select group in Science’s music department is its 17-member stage band. Student director Mark Witteman took control of the group, and through hard work and determination, they rose to a peak in excellence, performing anything from jazz to rhythm and blues to contemporary works. In April the stage band and Wildcat Singers completed a successful statewide tour, entertaining audiences of many ages and tastes. Capable leadership, as well as many hours of practice on the students' parts, have proven the State School of Science excels in EVERY facet of its music program. TSki Club ROW 1: Floyd Anderson, Owen Miller, Scott Westphal. Chuck Evcndcn. Melanie Hanggi. Daniel Whitman; ROW 2: Craig Rude. Greg Gador. Carl Graff, Ron Tudahl, Rebecca Hanson. LuAnn VanderVorstc. Deb Godel. Sue Doty. Mr. Erickson. NDSSS ARC WBGAH Curt Johnson-WBHUJ. Bradley Moc-WAZWI, Don Snortland WAQHl. Ray Knoff-WAWAO. Paul Linnell-WAQBN, Ken Kjar WBBPS. 119 T___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________WILDCAT KITTENS KITTENS-Mona Pavlicek, MaryLou Banning; Michelle Benton. Patty Szczur; Becky Olton. Mary Johnson. Barb Bcndcwald. Karen Bochler. Lola Septon. STUDENT WIVES ROW 1: Sammy Bcrttch. Darlene Noehrich. Jane Wood. Wilma Fiechtner. Karen Hannatch. Natalie Gonitzke: ROW 2: Nancy Blevins. Mary Chapman, Connie Sailer, Betty Huber. Karen Carlton. Lynn McMonagli; ROW 3: Fylne Berthold. Nancy Linnell, Bev Clark. Bea Rettinger. Muriel Soule. Darlene Hager, Joan Lather. YOUNG REPUBLICANS SEATED: Susan Luick. Debbie Lukk. John Dahl. Kyle Shephard. Sandy Kattner; STANDING: Harry Hoyt. Arthur Hoyt. Rkk Hass. Neil Iverson, LcRoy Stitz, H.A. Libcrda, Advisor. Darrel Etsig. 120ROW 1: Kevin Johnson. Jim Filstred. Greg Lacy. Connie Lacy. Gene Ricrson, Rich Lu-reen. Sam Rudolph: ROW 2: Mr. Graf. Advisor. Bob Moment. Jerome Bower. Russ Ball. Dwight Nelson. Ed Sax, Gerald Auran. Rifle-Pistol Club Young Democrats YOUNG DEMOCRATS-Mark Muscha. Paul Knutson. Jo Brodigan. Kate Janecek, Clark Crain, Harold Kraft. Sue Frethem, Nancy Moen, Dick Severson. Daniel Blumc, Peter Octkcn. Randy Walsh, Timothy O’Neill. Dale Dahlen. Gerry Anderson. Steve Anderson, Jim Sjostrom, Glenda Guinn. Mr. Lowell Johnson, Advisor. 121 y The '72 Agawasie incorporated some rather unique ideas in both design and content. We experimented. What you have is the result of editorial rampaging, sleepless nights, retakes, and frustrated workers. We feel it was worth it. 122ROW 1: Dimmer, Weil, Jacobson. Steffan. Neva. Christianson, Cote. Brehmer, Johannes. Olson, Davis; ROW 2: Larson. Rude. Boehler. Haukness. Overland. Dimmer. Wolf. Sinner: ROW 3: Wollin. Slahleckcr. Luick. Witteman, Shorma. Coppen. Jondahl, Mahrer. Mund. Conlin; ROW 4: Trom. Colli, Dimmer. Bladow. Gray. Johnson. Herman. Shide: ROW 5: Stelling. Kilene. Farley. Reiser. Miller. Doty. Heupel, Long. Fleischauer. Lingen. Worner. Waxweiler. Becker. Hoff. Baron. r a m a 123"THE CLOWN PRINCE OF WANDERLUST" 124 The Science Art Players had an exceptional year. Fall quarter began with the play, "All My Sons”. It was really a trial-nothing quite so dramatic had previously been tried before local audiences, but it proved a tremendous success. "All My Sons" was a difficult play to produce: and a unique one in that it didn’t have the usual "and they lived happily ever after" ending. Student director Desi Stelling and director Maurice Peterson deserve much commendation for an excellent production. "The Clown Prince of Wanderlust" was the children's theatre given in February. The forty-member cast delighted many young audiences with their version of the storybook princess who couldn't laugh. In February the drama and music departments began a joint effort in putting together the spring musical, "Guys and Dolls”. Lots of variety, ambitious and enthusiastic students, and a vibrant, dedicated director make the Science Drama Department an excellent one indeed. jLDELTA PSI OMEGA Delta Psi Omega, the national honorary dramatic fraternity, gained much recognition in the past two years. Delta Psi began a new project this year. Members staged ? play, in addition to the regularly scheduled productions; an experiment, yet it contributed much to learning about dramatics. Well received, it added a new facet to a well-rounded portfolio. Kent D. Farley was named honorary fraternity member. Kent is an announcer for KBMW, the local radio station. He was awarded this title for the time and effort he has devoted to the drama department. DELTA PSI OMEGA: Left to right. ROW 1: Jeff Stahlecker, Don Overland, Chris Luick, Jerry Steffan, Julie Neva, Arlyn Mund, Lori Wolf, Carl Brehmer, Carol Haukness: ROW 2: Tom Snyder, Larry Weil, Mark Witteman, Char Goltz, Karen Boehler, Rod Dimmer, Mike Coppin, Jerry Jondahl, Pam Mahrer, Dick Shorma: ROW 3: Desi Stell-ing, Paul Dimmer, Paul Trom, Jerry Dimmer, Craig Rude, Wayne Hanson, Dan Johannes. 126Wrestling Cheerleaders: Deb Larson, Jeanne Rubertus, Deb Godel, Ron Wicker Candy Borchert. Football and Basketball Cheerleaders: Sandy Nelson. Jolene Johnson. Jan Westgard. Carol Haukness. Charlotte Cornell lie. Betsey lingen. c H E E R L E A D E R S 127CAMPUSPERSONALITIES Sandy Rasmusson Nancee Elletson. Gary Johnson, Jerry Dahl, Karen Boehler. Patty Szczur.Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN JUNIOR COLLEGES Who'i Who- ROW 1: Michelle Benton. Thomas Snyder. Rick Hass. Lola Septon. Rebecca Olson. Larry Well. Michael Francis; ROW 2: Kevin Peterson. Lowell Transgrud. Leo Seeba. Betty Winkler. Carol Hauknest, Karen 8ochler. Sheila Kilene. Patty Szczur, Julie Neva. Arnle Schmidt; ROW 3: Monte Gonitzke. Stephen Anderson. Neil Iverson. Gary Johnson. James Sjostrom, Clayton Feglcy. NOT PICTURED: Jerome Dahl. MaryLou 8anning. Laurie Forde. Sandy Rasmusson, Nancee Elletson. The Awards Committee of the North Dakota State School of Science selected these twenty-eight second-year students to represent the college in Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges for 1973. Students are selected from a field of nominees submitted by the entire faculty. They must meet qualifications of scholarship, citizenship, and participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, and who exhibit promise of future usefulness to society. 130 ► I I FACULTY Robert Abbott Edward Adams Wesley Allen Bernard Anderson Kenneth Anderson Wesley Andrud Harlan Arncson Robert Arso Colin Bailey Duane Ballweber Julian Berg Jocn Blouin Gerald Bollinger Arthur Boss Roger Bramel Bernard Brophy Ron Brusch Harold Bruschwcin Janice Busching John Carlson • Mary Carter Dr. RJ. Casad Ewald Christiansen Larry Christiansen NelaCoughlan Murid Connoly Arnold Dcrkc John Derry Oaylc Dietz Dan Dorsey Robert Egge Donald Engen Perry Engstrom Barbara Erickson Errol Erickson Jean Evenstad 132 Indicates Department ChairmenDonald Faust LaVonne Fitzgerald Marlyn Fredrickson Donald Fulp Robert Gette Jean Gillham Robert Goroski Stanley Grat Allan Grage Mary Ann Grage William Grosz Roy Hackney Edward Hanyzewski Richard Haskell Jean Haugen Elizabeth Havcrland Charles Hegel Betty Helostab Howard Henderson Harold Henning Charles Henry Clifford Hermes Bernard Hilgcrs Arne Hinsverk Mario Hinsverk Rhonda Hocscl Spencer Hokenson Evorrctt Holtz Sherman Hoseth Darrell Jacobs 133 XIE Jcwitt Jacobson James Johnson Hilding Johnson James Johnson Lorentz Johnson Lowell Johnson Neal Johnson Russel Kastcllc Jerrold Kemper Donald King Walter Kjar Henry Knight Ralph Knudsen Steven Krohn Mary Kroshus Tillord Kroshus Kent Ladd Erna Lam John Larsen James Larson Robert Lemke Phyllis Lindberg Edwin LittKe Verlin Lundgren Robert Lynum Eugene Marcottc Lucinda Mathew Carolita Maucr George May Larry McDaniel Joseph McLaughlin Bjorn Moisted Lawrence Merbach Harold Miller Irvan Moeller Monroe Mocn 134 Joseph Kragness Rena Moen Helen Mohr Ralph Morben Darrell Morrison Michael Morrison Elizabeth Murphy John Neperud Robert Nisja Nciland Oas Neil Oberg Elsie O'Donnell Clinton Olmstcad Arvld Olson Judy Olson Robert Olson John Osland Harvey Ostby Loran Palmer Dale Peterson Glenn Peterson Maurice Peterson Robert Peterson Gene Pinkney Walter Putnam John Reinbold George Retzlatf IN MEMORIAM Mrs. Royal Steiner taught practical nursing at the State School of Science for three years. During her time as a teacher she also directed her church choir. 135r I Lawrence Richter Donald Roslcy Dorothy Rothwell Leonard Ruzicka Mary Sand John Schatz Lynnwood Schmidt Phyllis Schmidt Warren Schuett Paul Schultz Esther Schulz Lee Sochrcn Mary Soehren Donald Sperling Jerald Stewart Raymond Stockert Stanley Strege Martin Strobel Dean Swanson David Sylvester Julian Szczur Robert Thon Grant Unkcnholz Helen Vallagcr Ralph Viall Edward Viner Dean Wcnker Lowell Westfield David Willcnborg LuVern WittyADMINISTRATION DR. CLAIR T. BUKRE President ORLIN BAKKEN Director. Continuing Education Dlv. ALVIN ECKRE Director. Special Services Div. CHARLES J. HANSON Director. Admissions and Records VERNON HEKTNER Dean. Arts. Science and Pre-Professional Oiv. JAMES A. HORTON Vicc-Prosidcnt. Academic Affairs MYRON J.KOPPANG Dean. Business Div. HERMAN A. LIBEROA Director. Student Services Dlv. JAMES G.ALORICH President. Faculty Senate GORDON V. PATTERSON Vice-President, Business Affairs Div. SAML. SCHIMEIFENIG Dean. Technical Div. DONALD W. STEVENSON Dean. Trades Dlv. EDWARD E.WERRE Director of Athletics CHARLES BORCHERT Director of Guidance Service CHARLES JOHNSON Director. Computer Center ROGERFRAASE Assistant Director of Business Affairs MARLIN W.GALDE Director of Physical Plant RICHARD A HAUCK Guidance Counselor CHARLES MOORE Guidance Counselor KEATH BORCHERT Guidance DON P. MILLER Director of Public Inform. MERCEDES MRRIS Dean of Women WALLACE M. NORDGAARD Director of Placement CARMEN PLUMMER Purchasing Inventory ROBERTPOSS Accountant OELRAY E. SANDERS Supervisor of Photography LYLE H. SCHLOTFELDT Registrar ARLIEC. STEEN Director of Alumni Relations ODINSTUTRUD Teacher Education Coordinator DONALD J. TOBIN Dean of Men 137 Dr. Clair T. Blikre, President, NDSSS, and State Board of Higher Education STATE BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION - SITTING - Harold C. STANDING • George Sinner. Casselton; Lloyd Nygaard, Bis- Rolling. Bottineau; Peter C. Hinriehs.Dickinson; Ailsa Simon- marck. Asst. Commissioner; Vincent Buck. Jamestown; Robert son. Crosby; and Kenneth E. Raschkc. Commissioner. Bismarck. C. Painter. Grand Forks; and Allen H. Hausauer. Wahpelon. 138I John Abbot... Electronic Larry Abdallah ... Mcch. Drafting Liz Abrahamson ... Pre-Law Daniel Albrecht... Auto Mech, Bruce Armbaugh ... Diesel Mcch. Debra Anderson ... Med. Sec. Catherine Arneson ... 18-Mo. Stcno. Gerald Auron ... Radio-TV Servicing Susan Aus ... Data Proc. Delilah Bahm ... Food Services Tech. Charles Baier ... Rec. Engines Servicing John Baker... Electrical Janet Bauer... Sec. Arts Mercedes Bauer ... DP Machine Operator Roxanne Baumer... Pre-Law Terry Baumgartner... Lib. Arts Lynn Beiswanger ... Refrig. Air Cond. Victor Beraun ... Comp. Programmer Regina Bergantine... Occ. Therapy Bonita Berg... Bus. Management Virginia Birkholz... Sec. Arts Carla Bittenbinder... 18-Mo. Stcno. Brent 8jornson ... Diesel Mech. Becky Bohn... Gen. Office Michael Boock ... Arch. Drafting David Bortle... Auto Mcch. Kelly Bouche... Bus. Mach. Servicing Robert Bougie... Cooling Heating Equip. Jean Boyle ... Gen. Office Richard Boysum ... Auto Body Jerry 8reidenback ... Arch. Drafting Doreen Brophy ... 18-Mo. Stcno. Carla 8ruschwein... Lib. Arts Georgine Bubach ... Med. Sec. Lenora 8urckhard ... 18-Mo. Steno. Grog Burke... Oiesel Mech. FRESHMEN i 40Jull.inn Burrcf... lib. Arts Connie Buschfng ... Lib. Arts Alke Carlson ... 18-Mo. Stcno. Colleen Cobula... Med. Sec. Ann Christianson ... Dental Hygiene Shelly Christianson ... Occ. Therapy Jancll Cole... lib. Arts Charlotte Corneillie... Dental Hygiene Theresa Cote... Occ. Therapy Wayne Coulthart... Cooling Heating Equip. Kurt Courtney... Rec. Engine Serv. Bernadette Cruden ... Med. Sec. John Dahl... Cooling Heating Equip. Steven Dulbey... Ref. Air Cond. Connie Davis... Key Punch Donna Dawtey... Legal Sec. Peter Deichert... Parts Training VkkiOkk... legal Sec. Mark Diede ... Occ. Therapy Darrel Differding... Occ. Therapy Tom Divers ... Gen Machinist Marlys Docblcr... 18-Mo. Stcno. Walt Dunham ... Diesel Mech. Karl Dunklc... Electronics 141 Steve Ounwoodle... Electronics Dennis Eckman... ElectricalRichard Edgerly ... Diesel Mech. Valorie Ekeren ... Legal Sec. Denise Ellington... Accounting Cliff Erickson... Electrical Dean a Erman... Lib. Arts Jan Fennern... 18-Mo. Steno. Randy Fetherhuff... Auto Mech. Dwight Fields ... Arch. Drafting Galen Fischer ... Parts Training Gall Fisk... DP Machine Operator Kathle Flebchauer... Pre-Mod. Patricia Foss... DP Machine Operator Gary Franck... Mech. Drafting Connie Frauen berg... Accounting Kathryn Fritz... Dental Hygiene Alfred Gabbect... Lib. Arts Gary Gauer... Gen. Mach. Jacqueline Gilchrist... Med. Sec. 142 TParry Glatt... Lib. Arts Trudy Greenwood... Mad. Sac. Joal Gunderson... Part Training Tarry Hatvorson ... Accounting Donald Hanna... Food Service Tech. Jim Hansen ... Arch. Drafting Stave Hart... Electrical Shelly Haugen ... Accounting Doug Held ... Auto Mach. Clayton Held acker... Auto Mach. Vicki Harman... Mad. Sac. Cheryl Heupet... Arch. Drafting Dave HHbert... Diet el Mach. Mike HHger ... Arch. Drafting James Hinds... Ref. Air Cond. Tarry Hotter... 18-Mo. Stano. MichaelIne Holupka ... Mad. Sec. Stave Horter... Diesel Mach. Deborah Humann... 18-Mo. Stano. Dean Hummel... Parts Training M3 Steve Huschka Diesel Mech. Gerald lilies ... Gen. Machinist Denise Jordheim... Accounting Debra Johnson... Med. Sec. Jerry Johnson... Cooling Heating Jolone Johnson... 18-Mo. Steno. Llane Johnson... 18-Mo. Steno. Kent Kaelberer... Diesel Mech. Allen Kanwlscher... Electrical Keith Knutson... Civil Eng. Naomi Koppang... 18-Mo. Steno. Karen Krahler... Dental Assisting Tony Kub... Food Service Tech. Molly Kuhn... Dental Hygiene David Lallm ... DP Operator Steven Lange... Auto Mech. Deborah Larson ... Lib. Arts Diane Larson... 18-Mo. Steno. Don Latozke... Cooling Heating Dale Letor... Accounting Rodney Lehfeldt... Diesel Mech. Sharon Levoe... 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Richard I.. Com) Fuck Aansot. Michael A.. Wendell. MN Aarhus. Jiilc A.. Colfax Al'lMf. John ) .. Grand Fo k» AUlnll.ih. I-irrs K . Row AIk-I. Iiivli.ini A . Brrckcnridgc. MN .XIhtciIi'oIIi. Kevin It,, Cummings Abraham. Thom.-ix J . Britton. SI) AhrnhamMiii. Elizabeth A., 1-mgd.m Ahlcw. Paula M , V.iIi|k-)oo Akason. Steven H . Maplelon Albetchl. Daniel K , WunMedon Alexander. Timothy F . Reynold Allen. Ixv II.. Dukuiwxi Altholl. D.uuel I. . M meet on .Miner. Thanta . I lenitive. MT Altringer. Steven I) . Mmol Amvbraugh. I truce A . Wilhxtun Amumlvm. John A . Sli.inm Anderson. I truce I) . Valley City Amlcoon, David K . latcliville Anderson. I el ra It., Jamestown Anderson. Floyd K.. I-in more Anderson. James W . ilnoplc Andermn. Jerome I),. Windmere Anderson. Kallveline K . Kindred Anderson. Kevin I. , Cuinner Anderson. Mike I.. K.itlwyn Anderson. Itandall V . Oakes Anderson. Roger ! . Craflon Anderson. Timolhy C , MnmMein. II. Anderson, Todd It.. Kusholl, SD Aiulcrson. Waine It. Ilunislad Anderson. William J . ApntcUni, MN Anton. Alvina A . Itichardtnn Anton. Cary .1 . Dirkmwiii Armstrong. Daniel K . Rolette Amc-son. Catherine A . Willow City Arnos . Timolhy It . Jamestown .Who. I (after 1 .. Gw inner Asheim. Dale It.. Hillsboro A'htield, Susan I.. Fairdalc AtkmsiMi. Margaret M . Fergus Kali . MN Alwdl. r.itru k J . denht Ml Auron. Gerald I).. MaxbaSS B Baitvch. Rodney J . I‘aRe I la dvr. Dennis It.. Mott llahm. IMil.ih. New Salem I taker. Dean I.. Noonan Baker. John It.. Midwest. WY lt.-ikkeK.ird, Nancy M.. Fullerton Halil I-Jiclr. George. Wakjiala. SI) ItanK. Bruce It.. I.irimore Banning, Darcy It.. Jamestown Itarmvk. Blaine M . Lari more Baron. Douglas C . Aberdeen. SD Barringer. Leon. Itotbsav, MN Barrow. Jun. Garrison Itarth. Duane W . Iletiron Bartosh. Raymond A., Lisbon Itartunok. Michael P.. Bismarck I la sol. John O . Hope Bauer. Janet Mae. Zeeland Itauer. Jerome A.. Kenmare Itaiier. Mark K.. New Ixiprig BauinKartnvr. Terry. Bismarck I la timer. Itoxannc al . Wahpefon Beach. Bernard I) . Juanita Berk. Itandall. C.. Jamestown Beck. Itodney I. . Jamestown Itecker. Itobm M . Minot Bcdnarchik. Karl C . Ilankuison Bciswanecr. I.ynn It.. Jamestown Belt . V.« I.. Brcckcnridge. MN Itenicnl. Robert L. Ashland. SlT Bnied.1. Edward F.. l-mkin Benson. David I).. Maxliavs Benson. Greg II.. Ixikota lUnsoo. Wade D.. Crosby Iteraun. Victor I).. N x»a. OK Berg. Bonita M.. Munich Berg. Wayne T.. Ittiso Bet cant me. ItcKuia I... Fergus Falls. MN Berger. David A . Waubay. SI) Knfmn. Marvin J.. Claire City. SI) Bergrud. Stacy A Maddncfc Berry. Kenneth K . Houston. TX Bcovth. Susan K.. Wahprtcn Bertck. Cary A.. Fargo Itcrthold. Michael I.. Portland Itcrtsch. Byron L.. Minot Bey. Thomas A . Brnkcnrlte. MN Beyer. Bradley W . Blaine. MN BirkhoD. Virginia K . Grand Fork Birnliaum. Itoxan M . Ilatiktnvnn Bitlctibindcr. Carla K . Dickinson Ityorke. Florence. Wahpefon Byoritsnri. Brent W .Gardner I!Kifuson. Michael K . Fargo Black. Gary K.. Kvelclh. MN llladow. Mark S . Ilankinxiii Blam lurd. Thomas M.. Minot Blevins. Willard A . Bismarck Block. Daniel C Waubay. SD Itoli M'ii. Slcscii It.. Kllenilale Itodine. Colin P . Minot Itodine. Tim S. Minot Bodnar. Waytie C.. l-uigilnn Bocckel. Darla K . Ilculali llncllrr. Joel J . Ilismarck Bolds. GrH M . Cast lew ond. SD ItollinKer. Gttic I). Mcrricourl Bommelman. Gregors J.. Mohall Itoov-k. Michael . l . Wahpcton Boots. Timothy II.. Oolcharbor Bordeniuk. Itonald J.. Pembina Battle. David It . Page Howard. Uremia I.. hincrndo Busch. Itodney I... Dodge Hum-her. .Volt I). Union Boucttc, Kelly M.. Bismarck Bowman. Stewart I.. AhercromMe lloyee. Donald I. . Trotters Buyeff. Itotierl It.. Minot Boyxun. tin-hard A.. Vida Itraatlal, Craig I . Plata Itraalen. Jeffrey M.. Il.uikinson Itiackin. Jerry I’.. Udgwwnod lliaistcd. John C.. Hope Branduer. Kick I.. Itapid City. SI) Brandt. Berman I).. Mellcney Brandi. Martin D . CaningUm Brandt. Sliclley K . L’pham BranvHi. Jerry W . Kairinount Bralager. David M.. Nielkville. MN Ural lie. Debra I.. Mabon Brat lien. IJoyd J.. Jr . Wdlisinn Braun. James T . Fargo Bmdentoch. Gerald V . Reynolds Brekhus. Boyd It . Kenmare Bremer. David J.. Finley Brendcmual. Scott I . Hone llridgcford. Gordon . l . B. Grand Forks. MN Briggs, linger A . Watertown. Sl) Brodigan. Mary J.. Fargo Brooder. Warren A.. Glendive. MT Itrophy. Doreen A . Jamestown Brown. Dan J . Itcrthold Brudwick. Thomas I) . Dunscith Bruggman. Bernard J . Fort Yales BrumiiMHKl. Kevin I... Itreekenridge. MN Brunner. William A . Minot llrinchwcin. Carla A . Wahpcton Biuscgaard. Jolin W.. Grand Forks Krusseati. William It . Walhalla BfU'ven. Dnnria M . Steele Bruvnld. Wade I).. Wahpcton Itryans. Victor K.. Carpm Kiikuch. Ceorginc G.. Litchvillc Kuctiholz. Gary J.. Jamestown Iteuhler. David K . Wahpcton Koehler. Debra I). Obcron Kutndigcr. Paul II,. Pcrham. MN ItiM-rkle. linger M . Kulm Bulie. Kathrine M . Cando Bunn. Steven P.. Iwonard Itergad. Tim M.. I.inton Itei gum. Susan J.. Garrison Buihans. Judith K . Doran. MN Bunngrud. Michael It . Gardner Burke. Gregory l .. McKeruie Burkett. James It.. Minot Ifurklc. M Paul. Jamestown Buriiison. Doug K . Iluroti. SI) Burns. Diane M . Wahpcton Burr or. Juliann M . Wahpcton Bum . Pat M.. Grand Fork Busch. Doug W . Itugby Busch. Kendall II.. Underwood Buschmg. Connie I... Wahpcton Bush. Carl W.. Beach Butler. Daniel J.. Grand Forks Cadrcau. William G.. Grand Forks C.irlbkim. Sherry L.. Fort Kanson Carles. Jon It.. Casselton Carlson. Alice A . Jamestown Carlson. Donald A.. Minot Carlson. Jerry B.. Michigan Carlson. Michael I).. Wahpcton Carpenter. Kenneth I.. Grand Forks Caspers. James M . Brcckcnridge. MN Ccbula. Colleen S . Jamestown Cexlnik. Richard K.. Billing . MT Chadderdon. Terry I... Waseca. MN Chapman. Risiurd K.. Grafton Chapul. lxu I.. Uingdon Chepulis. Stephen J.. Devils Ijke (Tinsienseii. James It . Fargo Christensen. William K . Mapleton fliristianxen. Slielly It.. Mdnor Christianson. Ann M , Grafton Christianson. Debra A.. New Itocklord Oiristianewn. MK-had I. , Klbow- |-«ke, MN Chnstiarisrsi, Paula K . Klbow Uike. MN Llirislmaii. Mark K . Hettinger Clark. Wayne II.. Fund MT Clarke. Gordon. Mount Vernon. NY OcniCfll. Randy I. . Hettinger Cleveland. Rukey (’.. Dnderwood Clukey. David J.. Moorhead. MN Colby, l iuis P.. Voltaire Cole. David C.. Madison. SD Cole. Janctl U. Page Ode. RHa G.. Wahpcton Cole. Tim I mas I) . Page College. Sandra It . Ksmond Collier. Cvnthta K . New Rockford Condra. Janice M . Fmley t'oniin. Daniel T,. WillUtno Conover. George M„ WiIIisuhi Coppm. Michael R.. Ilankinson Corncillie. (Tiarlolle It.. Dcvib laike Cornell. Boh W.. Moorhead. MN tairnell. Catherine I... Janu-stown title. Theresa M . Fargo Courtney. Douglas J.. Guelph Craik. Kind D . Fargo Craven. William I... Jr.. Wilhston Crawford. Michael L.. Denbigh Crowe. Stephen M.. Fargo Cruden. Bcrnadetlc M.. Lisbon Cullen. Robert G.. West Fargo Curfman. Steven J.. Hunter Ctentok. Larry T.. Bismarck D Dahl. Kileen F . Fargo Dais. Darryl D . Venturi Da I bey. Steven H . Grand Forks Dale. Carl. Jr.. Wahpcton Halos. David K., Kndcrlin Daly. Ilandy W.. Northwxwd Danielson. Colleen K.. Rote!tv Danielson. Jolin L . Wyndmerc Danielson. Melanie K . l-ingdon Darby. Richard G.. Jameitown Daue-r. Keith J . Wahpefon David. Marvin J.. Grand Forks Davis. Chuck I... Buffalo. SD Davis. Mike F.. Minot Davis. Scot I £.. Tioga Davis. Thomas I).. Bclcourt Davis. Timolhy G.. Moorcton Davison. Gary' K . Minot Dawtey. Donna M . Munich DeVries. Rusxcll J.. Arthur Deal. Kevin A., Wheaton. MN Degagne. Duane A . Grand Forks Dos hcnc. Michael P.. Argvlc. MN Dewan. Stephen M . Cavseilon Dichraff. Mary J . Wahpefon Dick. Vicki N.. Ushon Dwde. Mark J.. Jamestown Dtcdnch. Daniel A . Wahpcton Dters. Kenneth E . Dickinson Dietz. Jane I),. Wahpcton Diflcrding. F Darrd. Valley City-Dill. Marion A.. Ryder Dimmer. Paul G.. Alice Divers. Thomas G.. Jantesiown Dix. Jeffrey P . Wahpcton Dockior. Douglas A . Venturis Doebier. Marly It Cavalier iiolbearc, Ricnard I. . Willow- CSly IXiubek. Clyde A.. Minot Duehseherer. Pauline J.. Mmnewaukan Dukart. Robert D.. Ilaten Dummcr. Roger L.. Aberdeen. SD Dunham. Waller T.. Palermo Dunkle. Karl K.. MohaU Dunn. Marvin L . Carrington Dunwoodie. Steven S.. Pmgrcc Duren. Gerard P.. Maddock Durkin. Thomas G.. Inkster Dultcnhefcr, tarry W . Dodge Dvimak. Bryan K.. Kildcer E Eberle. Dean A.. Hague Kckman. Dennis M . Grand Fork Edcr. Kevin J.. Brcckcnridge. MN Kdgerty . Richard W.. FargoKrhc. Duane E-. Fargo Knit. Thomas F.. Dickinion Khni. JariW I).. Fessenden Eisner. Jr.. Alfred W.. Grand Forks Ekercn. Valerie J . Lisbon Kklund. Dennis W.. Tioga Kllefsofl. Wayne I). Mllnor Ellmgwo. Daniel G,. Brlntmade Kllingson. Denise I).. Kdgelev Emery. Fenny K . Wahpeton Kinniil, tarry, South Heart Entires. Patrick II.. Grand Forks Engclhardl. Pal D., Dickinson Engcn. David A.. 11 ill slwiro Hustler. Allen l . Valley City Engslrom. Pamela J.. Sherwood Engstrom, Patricia G.. Wahpeton Engslrnm. Paula A.. Iweds Knlzi, Handy J.. Frcdonla Knlzi. Itodney J , Frcdoniu Erickson. Brian K„ Northwood Erickson. Bruce A.. tangford Erickson. Bruce W.. Grand Forks Erickson. Clifford M . Jamestown Erickson. Dale V.. Kindred Erickson. Eric T . Planklnlon. SD Erickson, Lee E . Willislon Erickson. Patrick J , Kcnmare Erickson. Paul I).. Battley. MS Erickson. William I). I tope Eriksson. Craig G-. Aberdeen. SD Ennnn. Deana M.. Warwick Ernst, James W.. Barnesvllle. MS Kdingor. Steve P.. Minot Espexeth. Nell O.. Noonan Kvaiuon, Steven E.. Norlhwood Evcnson. Alvin K.. Grand Forks Evcnson, Melanie A.. Fargo Esenson. Iticliard I).. Haul) Evcnson. Stanley K.. Fargo Evenstad. Dean N.. Grand Forks F Falk. Gary S,. Courtenay Famtrich. Dwight 1... Fargo Fandrich. Teresa M.. Manfred Feather. Clifford A . Jr.. Sisscton. SD Fcdjc. Linda t.. Iloople Feland. Jean M.. Almont Fcnocm. Jan I... Jamestown Fcrdcrcr. Dennis 1 .. Linton Ferguson. Gary B . Wahpeton Ferguson. Kandall L.. Michigan Felherhuff. Handy J.. Bath Field. James H . Grafton Fields. Dwight D.. Westhope Fields. Honald t).. Wahpeton Fischer. Colin J.. Emmet Fischer. Favcllc F.. Lehr Kitclier. Galen K . Hague Fischer. Timothv. Killdecr Fisketyxi. Julie K.. Watford City Fitch. Michael D.. Sauk Hapids. MN Fitzpatrick Teresa A.. Fargo Fitzsimonds. Dean W.. Walhalla Flack. Wavnc It.. Milton Flommang. Kathryn M . Minot Flaskerud. Shelly K . Walcott Flcener. Glenn F„ Dickinson Fleischauer. Kathie L.. Wahpeton Flctehall. James M„ Fargo Fhgmger. Brent J.. Bismarck Foertsch. Michael P . Wyndmcrc Konner. Julie A.. Minot Fonner. Kohert I.. Minot Ford. James M., Grand Forks Fordo. David F.. Hillsboro For ness. Murk D.. Colfax Fornster. Bruce M.. l.idgerwood Fossuin. Hogcr It.. Fargo Foster. Charles L.. Arthur Foster. James L . Willow City-Fox. Darrell G.. Cando Franchuk. Dean G.. Dickinson Franck. Gary A.. Mandan Fraucnbcrg. Connie I,. IJ Moure Freozel. Tim M . tbekinson Frcthcm. Susan K . Dickinson Friedt. Dennis F.. Dickinson Fritz. Kathryn A . Detroit Lakes. MN Froelich. Adolph J.. West Fargo Frye. Thomas A . Makoti Fugcrc. Terry D.. Willow City Fuglcberg, James S.. Mayville Fulwider. James A . Iona. SD Funfar. Donald M.. l.idgerwood Gtiabbcrl. Alfrssl A.. Wahpeton Gallagher. Bradley J.. Mllnor Gauyo. Lyle K . tiration Gapji. Dim I... tangifoii Garlic. Brian W . Minot Garcia. Holx-rt I).. Grand Forks Gardner. June G . Kcnmare damans. Charles A.. IX-nhigh Garske. Jeffrey W . Bismarck Gartner. Donald E . Dickinson Gartner. Kevin K.. Jamestown Gust. Diane K . Keiiniate Gates. James Si.. Moliall Gauer. Gary A.. Alierdecn. SD Gegelmann.' Darrell I)., H.dlidav Geiger. Charles It.. Solon Gc-ivlor. Sent I A . Valley City German. Hubert G . Guelph Gerniansoil. David A . Davenport Giggens. Mark A . ('Garrison Gibbon. Karen I... Mllnor Gdkson. Iticliard If.. Maplvton Gidduigs. Scott A , Bnvkcnridgc. MN Gienaewski, Harris W.. Drayton Giesler. Denise It.. Kulm Giotwn. Daniel I).. New la-ip ig Gictxcn. Thomas J . New ig Gilchrist. Jacqueline K , Mandan Gilles. Iteggie J . Wahpeton Gira. Daniel J.. Ilankinxmi Glanville. Irvin K.. Wing Glasser. Charles H.. Glen Ullin Glasser. Susan II.. Mott (Halt. Perry M.. Hague Goellcrlz. Itodney A.. Stis-lo Goelllc. Daniel J . IXstinybrook Gordon. Kandy I. . New England Gordon. Walter G,. Wahpeton Gorman. Carl J.. Adrian Coven. Nicholas J.. Turtle take Graha. Hick J.. Grand Forks Graivdalcn. Wayne A.. Portland Grand hois. Paul I).. Fargo Grande. Sherrie I-'.. Ilalton Grant. Erik I... Kndcrlin Gratz. Allen T.. Molt Gravos. Lynn It., Arncgard Gray. Michael 11 . Hanxtnson Grcvnhcek. Jell H.. Karlsruhe Greenup. Mimic J . Iterlholit Greenwood. Trudy A.. Hackoo Greff. Donald It .'Itegcnt Grenz. I.yle It.. Aberdeen. SI) Grey bull. Blair C . Itismarck Grey bull. Myron. Bismarck Griffin. Constance K„ Jamestown Griffin. Vaughan I.. Dwight Gronhovd. Keith D„ Grand Forks Cnxihovd. Paul W.. Grand Forks Guinn. tarry J.. Mmol Gums. Itodney It.. Cackle Gustafson. Glenda I... Wahpeton Gustofsnn. Charles II.. IVwlgo Cuthmeiillcr. Terry I... Willislon Gylland. Monte S.. Colfax H Haarsuck. Steve V . Erhard. MN Haas. Cynthia It.. Turtle l-akc llabcrman. Dean C.. Harney I Liberman. Paul I. . Barney llach. ItK-hard A , McLaughlin. SD lludland. IX uglas I... Fargo Hagen. James t).. Devils take Hager. Darrell J . Balia Hager. James C.. Willislon linger. Honald G.. Willislon Hakanson. Dean K . Ileinidal. liallingstad. Michael It.. Portland llalvorson. Kevin It.. Itovs llalvorson. Pamela K . Glcnfictd llalvorson. Terry II.. Bremen llaman. Gary 1.. Barton llamlcy. Dennis J.. Holla llample. Scott W . Breekenndgc. MN llando. Gary It.. Ithame Hankins. Fred II.. Mott Hanna. lXnald W . Lisbon Hansen. James M . Mitchell. SD Hanson. Clinton J.. Leeds Hanson. Dean A . Esmond Hanson. Gregory V.. Finley Hanson. Itebecca J . Munich Hanson. Scotl S.. Hnsltolt. SD Hanson. Robert A.. Itismarck Harden. Itrad I).. Dickinson Hardic. David I... Fairmounl Hardman. Clins J . Edina, MN Harlow. Michael D.. Drayton Harris. Craig A.. Fargo Harrison, Gerald I. . Fort Vales Harrison. Terry A.. Fargo Hart. Stephen J.. Oakes llatll. Sandra K . Caililo llassunijm. Munwar S . Grand Forks llaueh. .loltrv F . Gladstone Haugen. Carl K.. MimX Haugen. David W . I’arshall Haugen. Keiui M . Dovcn| oet Haugen. Huger A.. Fergus Falls. MN Haugen. Shelley G . I.ltclivillo Haus.itKT. Jose|gi A , WiilifH'lon H.uischiid. Joint It. Waliiieton Hauschdd. Kevin I... Wahpeton Hay. ItolK-rt J . Crosby Hazard. Iticky J.. Cotsjierslown llcck. Barrs J,. Cassellon Hedlaml. Doan T . Hatton llcgncy. Hoy I!., Kiel llcidcckcr. Clayton W . Taylor Heilman. Gary J . Harvey Heilman. Janies A . Carringtixi Henman. Steven I) . Ellemlale lleilik. Mike ! .. Grand Forks lloltenstein. Patricia It.. Ashley llendrivks, H ig -r M . Fargo llrrilz. Itrcnda K.. Ilankinson Herlierg. Itogci D . Falrmount Hilda. Debra M.. l-ovton Herman. Vickie J . 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Wahpeton llolst, Kandat M . Garrison Hotter. Joel II., Jamestown llunivlvig. James A.. M tl Honey man. Saudi K . Hucyrus Hopkins. Holx-rt S . Garrison llonilweber. John S . Eniru-k llorsager. Gary M . Berlin llorter. Steve C.. Bristol. SD lloselton. Vernon M . Drayton llovbind. Steve J . Ayr Hoyt. Arthur G.. Wahpeton Huhlurd. Michael A.. Fergus Falls. MN Huber. Kenneth J . KiiMyrc llultm. Itonakl It.. Iloople llumann. IX-borali H . Ilazelton Humphrey. 1-irry I).. Farxo Hiischka. Steven M . llo|ie I lust. Itodney II.. Tappeti llyldeii. Mark I... Park Itiver I lilies. Gerald P.. l.idgerwood J Jackhtch. Carmen It.. Campliell, MN Jaekssu. Gregory J . Mmol Jacobs. Kichartl D.. West Fargo Jacobson, Bruce K.. Minot Jarotisnii. IXiuhs I).. Wildmse Jaeger. Vevc-rly .1.. Dickinson Jaeger. Karen A . Carrington Jahn. IXtis V. 0 . Ilankinsim JaiK-eek. Kathryn K . Fargo Janke. Curtis •.. Cackle Jarman. Sandra M . IjrinioreJarombck. Dale M . Grand Forks Jusfcowski. l.mda M.. Jamestown Jensen. 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Fr«lrick W.. Jr.. I j Moure Nadi. Terence G.. Manslicld. SD Naumann. Sian A., lantun Ncer. Clair I... olzermi Neil. Dak.' I... Gwinncr Nei . Donald A . Hague NoImhi. Beverly I).. Kdinburg Nelson. Curlis C , Steele Nelson. David O . Minot 152e n o II |i ■SiittSQ 1 = ii 2 E 25 q; , C i 5-2 „ •jA 5 3 5s! jin ip si pif»f S a£ r» illilii■ 154 Sin . Mary I.. Amoiu Si verson. I.irry C . Fnvston. M. Ska r per ml. James 1.. Mayvllle skat iitioi. juiic A.. Sown Skavh.iug. Allen Grafton Sk Inns by. Clifton J.. Karan Skyomhy. Itichard V , Wjh|ieloe Skogen Maurice A . Del roil lal«. , IN Skr.imslad. Many J . Kndcrlin Siama. Jeffrey K . Oswalwook Slaltum. Patricia A . Fort Hanson Sle ak. I Homs L., OH Bank, IT Slnn.iker. Kirtnr 1).. Holla Smith. IJoyd C.. Drayton Snnlh. I’cggy S . l-eed Snnlh. K.iimLiII G.. Wilmonl. SD smith. Steven . I’aae Snnlh, William Maxbas Iluvli II.. Delamcrr Snyder. David I... Arvilla Soule. Michael M . Obcron Snlaiwl. Greg I.. Dickinson Sol berg. Haney A . Alum sHenn. 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Devilf Ijkc Nrnkltiiul. John G.. Minot Siri m v»i4d, Mark IX. Mohall Stuart. Jacqueline S . Bismarck Slunlevatil. Shirley T.. Wahpelon Summerville, lanoa M . Campbell. MN Sundquisl. Itoberl M . Forman Sulim. Itandall S.. Aberdeen. SD Svor. T Itichard. Tioga Swaltcv. Kirk K.. Grand Fork Swan."Beverly K . Hreckenndge. MN Swan. Michael K . I tree ken ridge. MN Swanson. Carl J.. Sarles Swanson, Clayton W , Fergus Fall . MN Sweeney. Daniel J.. Wahpelon Sword. Ilen Dunn Center Syine. Itichard T,. Kay mood. MT SyrMad. Mark A.. K. Grand Fork . MN Syverlion. Sue K. Graml Forks Srarkowski, Steve. Jamestown T Tanner. Gregory I... Ktverdatc Tate. William J . Fargo Taylor. Daniel I.. Grand Forks Toots, Douglas K . Minot Tcgtmcier. Kenl A . Kindred Tcrfchr. Mary F . Wolvcrton. MN Terries. Steven. Kalrigh Terry. Lyle It . Grand Forks Thibert. Harlan I.. St. John Thimjon. Julie A.. Wahpelon Thomas. William K . Harm Thompson. Alan A . Cnderwood Thompson. Kevin M.. lairwta TliompMHi. I homas ().. Kllendalc Thompson. Wayne C.. Wahpcton Thormen. Melvin, Cassell on Thomotl. Itonald G . Nome Thocvilson. Terrance 1.. Wahpcton Ihurn. Curtis J.. Wishek Timmerman. Timothy It . Itolla Tnlleland. Duane C . Anller Tnnuneraus. Allen K . Nome Tnrgersoo. Kathryn K. Gralton Tnvi. Gregory J . tiraceville. MN Tnso. J . Fergus Falls. NIN Tixo. Keary I). Fergus! Falls. MN Tnugas. JatiK's M . Wahpcton Toupal. Goolim J.. Wmnctiago. MN Tracy. T«nt J . Cackle Tradewcll. I„iur.i C . W'.ihpctoii Trapp. Itichard It . .MurfrocsJsioi. TS Trapficn. Margaret It . l-ikota Trauinan. Jerome D. Wahpcton Trautman. Annette K . Cleveland Tramla. James M . lank in Tnehnld. It.mald I. . la-edv Triplett. Michael I) . Tolley Inp-'ctl. Ttieron F . Dimiiyhr aik Troslatl. Mark. Bintord Tuchsehcrer. Micluel A . Fargo Turvlnn. Bernard J.. C.isscllon Twmge. I’aul O . Hatton Twito. Handy S . Filina. MN U t lh . Wayne I.. l-ankin t'cvkcr. IShuiIiI M . Kllendalc I liner. Dean C . l«iMnure t imer. Michael G.. Molt timer. Mike G.. Fullerton Cniess. Greg D , Miiincwatikon V Vail, Jill It Mil nor Vail. Kent . Milnor Van Krem. I hil K . Jamestown Van llalten. Timothy M . Condo. SD Vandal. Nolan, Minot Vandenoever. Feler J.. Minot Vander landen. Sandra K Bismarck VandertMisch, Al ien IX. I.ilchyille Vanornum. IVnald It . Kndeilin Vanvngt, sturgu w . IIa|wi V.irdsvccn. Steven C . Minot Varnson. Civile I.. Grand Forks Yanison. Owen It. Grand Forks VodilcT, Knhcrt IF. Itrcs kenridge. MN Vefik. Hay A . Ashley Vcr Wevst. Itohert J . Fargo Virke. kevin S , Grand Firks Vert in. Marylin G . Hreckenndge. MN Vcsim. Mark I. . Grand Forks Viall. Wayne W . Itay Yig. lie.ui A.. Anela Vigen. Ilraec M . West Fargo ViMail. Tom A.. Ilamillim Voegle. Susan J . Willistnn Voegler. Dennis I... .Momence. II. Vogt. Krvm I.. Coopcrvlown Void. Mitchell C.. Mckmock Volk. Beverlv A . Towner Volt . Jet I rev' A . Clilford Vosgerau. la'll M . I’agc Yreni. David M . Devils laikc Vrcill. Susan J . Hotelte W Wat ha. Allan F . Wahpelon W'acha. Itichard J . Wahpcton Wacha. Steven J.. Wyndniere Wagers. Greg It.. Hay Wagner. Itichard A . Nettie Wagner. Kick D. Fargo Wahl. Wayne A . Jamestown Walakcr, itenac I). Ixxmard Waltierg. Oiarlcs. Wak-otl W.ildman. Jack I.. Oraka. SD Walcn. Darwin I... Fargo Walcn, Glenn K . Glmlield Wallner. Dennis It . Kndcrlin Wakwk. Michael II.. Kllendalc Walsh. Handy I... Niagara Walter. Keith S . Dickinson Walters. Daiva W . Gillette. W Y w.iit rv Michad J . VaUcj City Wall . IVnnis D.. Jamestown Walr. Daniel I. . Iteaeh W.mgm. Duane K . Goodrich Wanner. Delano. Wishek Warner Connie F . Biittsmadc Wasrcss. Hay A,. Finley Waters. James F . Hillsboro Waxweilor. IVmna J.. Manlador Weaver. Carol l.„ Hettinger Weblier. Michael It . Fargo Weber. Italph V„ Hillsboro W'ehri. Virgil I... Wahpeton W'rtiiung. Susan fj . Watford City Weittlc. Ns il M . Grand Forks W.ilir muller, tlars I... Wahpcton Will, James J . Ilarcn Weininann. Mielielle K . Fargo Weishccfc. Thomas. BisinarsK Weiscnhurger. Stcsc J.. New Hoekfnrd Wet hart krky. tiars I.. Hrceken ridge. MN Welk. Du.iik- J . Hague Wittingrr. Gerald I... Strasliurv Wcstertausen. Janice M.. Vellcnry Westplial. Scott W . Grand Finks White, ttiarles K . Willision White. Vernon I. . Wahpcton Wlutesell. Micluel I) . Feet Yatvs Whinner. Ia u K , Hi llinger Wh.iI. Itonald G . Fargo Wk-klebi. David M . Wah|ietoii Wickre. Joint It . Wchstrr. SD wM'litur. Craig It.. Palernto Williur. Has mood. Asliland. MT Wilcox. Gregory W . Buffalo Wililel Itichard I) . Kli abeth. MN W ilhelm. Jerry I.. Arthur Wilkinson. William I).. Jamestown Williams. Ouirlcs K . Tenney. MN Williams. Ia lie K . Maddock Williams. Micfuel J Wahpelon Williams Michad M . New Itixktord Williams. Steven I.. .MniMock Williams. Win K . Jr.. Fergus Falls. MN Wills. David II.. Bismarck Wilson. Jerry. Mctican. GA Wilson. Hubert F.. Watertown. SD Wmditiglaiid. Maureen J , Milton Wincskt. John J . Dark Hi vcr Winter. Clellic G„ .Minot Wlnierquikl. Gary G.. Grandin Wisnewski. I’auUlle A.. Casuga Witt. Dave I,.. Belle Plame. MN Witleman. Mark K . Mohall Willcman. Tom I. . Mohall Wihlwcnd. Itoticrt Jr.. Hreckenndge. MN Wnld, Uirry C.. Wahpeton Wall. Own A . Ksrnond Wolf. I hi A . Wahpcton Wiilie. Tim J.. Ksrnond WiJff. Itandall J . Areru Wallin. I.ynn M . KWred. MN Wnllmuth. Steven C . timigUs Wollcr. Duane A . Breskmridgc. MN Wood. Claytm .. Devils I Jkc Wood. Huger U. Niagara Worncr. Delaine K . Wahpcton Wmiek. Daryl It . Gralion V Yes'. Curtis M . Waseca. MN Vctlcrlxsc. I.mda I. . JamcMown ioung. James II., Grand Forks Yri. James A . Minnewaukan S'ule. Dclibic I) . Bisinarck Zzahnna. Mark J . Bathgate Zokopyko. Warren, Kiel Zander. Craig W . Dickinson Zeller. Greg M.. Mohndgc. SD Zctoeha. Steve. Nlirurn Zs-ltel. John J.. l mgrlon Zich. Dale A . Mott Ziegler. David A . Fraree MN Ziemer. Kugenc B . Browns Valley. MN Zimmerman. Dwight J . Devils Ijke Zimmerman. Jerry I) . Kosrgtcn Zimmerman. Larry D.. Carson Zimmerman. Mary K . Taylor Zimmerman. Itoxannc It . Napoleon ZitnncY. Douglas I . Jamestown Zwvigle, Daryl D.. Harvey1973 WILDCATS-ROW 1: Mike Francis, Kenny Schatz. Greg Gador, Dale Zon, Kevin Peterson. Gerry Duren. Tom Sturdevant. Dennis Ramlo: ROW 2: Randy Gordon. Scott Hanson. Randy Swedberg. John Rkhman. Gordon Stine. Tom Sheets. Dan Shown. Paul Schmidt. Greg Marking: ROW 3: Merle Shown. Brad Naggatz, Tom Manikowskc. Rick Olson, Gary Bcrtck, Lee Jorgenson. Bruce Ramlo, Bruce Lonoy. Brian Uhlich. 1973 NDSSS TRACK 1973 WILDCAT TRACK SCHEDULE DATE PLACE MEET February 3 Fargo 10 Fargo United States Track Field Meet 22 Moorhead North Dakota All College Meet Moorhead State • NDSSS Dual March 21 Fargo 24 Grand Forks NDSU-NDSSS Dual 31 Moorhead NDCAC Indoor Conference Meet Concordia -UNDNDSSS Triangular April 5 Moorhead 7 Marshall MSC-Dakota Invitational 12 Morris Marshall Invitational 18 Wahpeton Morris Quadrangular 21 Morris NDSSS Triangular 24 Wahpeton Cougar Invitational 27 Jamestown NDSSS Quadrangular May 2 Valley City Al Casscl Relays 7 Wahpeton Valley City Invitational 11 Coon Rapids ND Junior College Meet 18 Dickinson Head Coach: Wesley Andrud Assistant Coach: Lynn Schmidt Region 13 Meet NDCAC Conference Meet Head Coach: Wesley Andrud Assistant Coach: Lynn Schmidt Athletic Director: Edward E. Werre 155r Outlook Optimistic For 73 When you’re just beginning something, it’s hard to tell where you stand, but with what has transpired so far, the 73 track team is off to a good start. With the first meet of the year, the U.S. Track and Field Meet held at Fargo. Randy Swedberg placed second in the open pole vault with a jump of 12 6 ". This tied the SSS record set in 1969 and held by Joel Dotzenrod. Mike Francis ran a 4:35 mile to place 3rd in the mile event. At the second yearly meet, the North Dakota Intercollegiate Indoor Meet again held at Fargo. Randy placed second in pole vaulting. Greg Marking finished fourth in the 600 yard run. and Gary Bertek took the fourth spot in the 440-yard dash. Science's mile relay team, with members Tom Maninkowske, Rick Olson. Bruce Loney, and Scott Hanson, finished 5th. 156WAHPETON FLORAL CO. CUT FLOW IRS CORSAGES WEDDING BOUQUETS PLANTS AND POTTERY Phone 642-3! 71 BUILDING CENTER BUILDING THE GREAT NORTHWEST FOR OVER SO YEARS Ph 642-5561 KOST BROTHERS, INC. Excavating anti Dozer Work Ready-Mix Concrete Washed Gravel Sand Concrete Tile Kost Concrete Blocks Building Material Delivered Anywhere Phone 642-3371 Wahpeton. North Dakota SEIFERT’S JEWELERS RO-BANKS KEEPSAKE TOOL MFG.CO. Columbia Diamonds TOOLS. DIES METAL STAMPINGS Your Friendly Store on The Corner Wahpeton. North Dakota Phone 642-6314 Phone 642-5170 Wahpeton. N. Dak. “The Future’s Bright For You . . . In Electricity” Yes. young people with the talents and technical background arc in constant demand in the field of electrical energy. Thousands of skilled people will be needed in this challenging and growing industry within the next few years! PICKED YOUR FIELD YET? il f OWC« COMPAMV 158WAHPETON ORlll DAKOI A Sincere Compliments CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DICK S STANDARD CORNER DRUG Corner 9th Street and Dakota Avc. Wahpclon. N.l). “Prescription Specialists" Complete Brake Service r. Rear Wheel Bearings Alternator Service Dial 642-5165 Lmciikan on. 1 S JDARD [MOTOR CLUbJ D. B. P'OLDEN. Prop. 522 Dakota Avc. Dial 642-5595 Wahpclon. North Dakota rnsim run m Complete Line of Graphic Arts Equip. And Fine Printing Papers Fargo, North Dakota 58102 Congratulations Class Of'72 CLIFF LOBERG FORD, INC. (Always The Finest In Service) FOR I) MERCURY LINCOLN Massey I'erguson Farm Machinery Wahpclon. N. Dak. 159UNCLE JIM'S CAFE STEAK HOUSE Closed All Day Saturday Charcoal Broiled Steaks and Chops Plan to use our Charcoal Room for Meetings and Private Parlies Phone 643-3 91 Brcckenridgc. Minn. Compliments of B R EC K EN RIDG E F E DE R A L SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone 643-6695 214 North fifth Street Brcckenridgc. Minn. THE SHOE TREE Your Complete Shoe Center l ull Service Shoe Repair 116 South 4th St. Wahpelon. N. Dak Distributed By H H BEVERAGES Wahpelon RICHLAND COUNTY OIL CO. COOP Bulk-fuel Oil Gasoline Service Station firestone Tires TEXGAS CORPORATION Midwest RegionCompliments of Compliments of DR. GEORGE MURRAY DRS. LINDBERG JORGENSON DR. WALTER H EL LAND OPTOM ETRISTS DENTISTS Above Nielson Electric Professional Building Phone 64 2-4 741 XVahpeton. North Dakota Phone 642-4090 XVahpeton daily i news Required Reading ... For every "Informed” SSS Student n ws SERVING THE TRI-STATE AREA WITH ALL THE NEWS EVERY DAY - MONDAY THRU FRIDAY UlR________ UJIL-RICH Manufacturer of Truck Box's Truck Hoists Drill Fills Chiacl Plows I I Tool Tolers Cultivators 161Best wishes to all graduates of the North Dakota State School of Science. We ask you to come in and get acquainted and unc the service that our bank offers the community. Faculty and students lake advantage of the friendly banking service at 9mt NATIONAL BANK OF WAHPETON Yes...we re here to HELP you get what you want First with Fashion TEEN VILLA First for you 308 Dakota Avenue the wonderful world of travel BASTIEN TRAVEL AGENCY 162Rive gold bond stamps Breckenridge store is open 24 hours. 7 days a week lowest prices freshest produce Wahpeton store is open 7 to 10 p.m.. 6 days a week Two convenient locations finest meats in store bakery full delicatessen Valley Motel MOTELS Starlite Motel individual heat hot water heat tiled showers tub or shower bath indoor pool individual heat steam baths carpet dining room lounge clean quiet highway 81 13 junctions of highway 81 13 163Lillegard Incorporated 509 Dakota Avenue G.E.-Zenith Singer Elna Magnavox Television Sewing Machines IHC, Wil-Rich, Farmhand these fine products at Hesston, Lilliston. Verstile New Holland, New Way Loaders NEILSON ELECTRIC Tele. 642-6689 Wahpeton. N. Dak. INC. FLAA OIL COMPANY WALT BUSTA, Proprietor SEARS ROEBUCK ANDCO. Texaco Products and Goodrich U.S. Royal Tires Good Luck Gas. Oil. Tires Batteries Science Grads Greasing and Washing Phone 642-6634 Phone 642-3451 901 Dakota Ave. Wahpeton Wahpeton. North Dak. North Dakota THE MOTOR OIL COMPANY FLOYD A. SWENSON Owner Stop at our complete bumper-to-bumper service station for lubrication needs. We arc equipped to handle all makes of cars and trucks, able and ready to render complete and satisfactory service. Our complete line of accessories will take care of all your motoring needs. 164 Phone 642-3121 SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS Wahpeton. N.D.ALEXANDERS VALLEY STATIONERY School and Office Supplies Equipment Quick Service Monogram ming Phone 642-2187 Wahpeton North Dakota COME TO THE WAHPETON SHOE HOSPITAL FOR EXPERT SHOE REPAIR "While you wait" If Desired 116 South 4th St. Wahpeton B W WHOUSAIE FURNITURE HARDWARE CARPET Honda Ski-doo SAVE Everyday Low Prices For the best of Motion Picture Entertainment The Theatres GILLES RIDGE m SPORTING GOODS AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES HOUSEWARES COAST TO COAST STORES ANDERSON JEWELRY Your KEEPSAKE JEWELER Terms can be arranged for any student Phone 64 Brcckenridgc. Minn. 165r- THULEN'S B AND W DAIRY PIONEER MEAT MARKET Home of the Valiev “The Best in Meats" Maid Dairy Products We Have the Knowledge and Equipment Days Fresher Miles Closer to Do Your Meat Processing Right Phone 643-3971 Breckcnridgc. Minn. Phone W.VJJI? Krcdcnridgc. Minnesota HER M'S RADIATOR REPAIR BRECKSTYLESHOP We Guarantee All Radiator Repair Work MYRT PETERSEN HERMAN MITZEL. Owner BRECKENRIDGE. MINN. 56520 Prompt. Courteous Service "Give Us A Try" 643-5331 101 8th Street South DIAL 642-6966 Wahpelon. N.D. 166FAIRMONT MILK ICECREAM COTTAGE CHEESE Phone 642-7711 RELIABLE CLEANERS WAMPETON BRECKENRIDCE 603 Dakota Avenue 110 North 6th St. across From the Post OMicc phone 642-3681 phone 643-3001 COMPLETE ALTERATION DEPARTMENT one day cleaning of request free pick up and delivery service Lathan West, Owner SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Electricians Electrical Contractors MODERN ELECTRIC OF FM, INC. 2011 3rd Avenue North P.O. Box 225 Fargo. North Dakota CLEM AND GEORGE After Hours Phone 232-2986 Phone 233-1136 167VERN’S BARBERSHOP for the finest in personal grooming, see Earl, Vern and Tim Across trom Wards Wahpeton Phone 642-6454 Congratulations Class of ’73 From LOLL AUTO IMPL. 642-5541 Sixth Street South Wahpeton. North Dakota compliments of CLEM’S CAFE OASIS BAR Decorated cakes pastries Fresh baked goods daily DUTCHMANS BAKERY 409 Dakota Avenue Andy Ted Anderson Red River Jobbing Co. Inc. Distributors of Rock Spring and other Favorite Beverages 168 Breckenridge Wahpeton UNITED INCORPORATED IIR F.C K EN R1DGE. M1NN ESOTA YOUR ONE STOP SPORT CENTER FIAREON Glastron Boats Bolens Garden Tractors Athletic Equipment Lund Boats and equipment Athletic Uniforms Mercury Motors 643-4559 Travel Trailers Brownlee And Swenson Accounting 602 2nd Avenue North Wahpeton Phone 642-6869 .fashions .jl •r, featuring Nome Bronds In WOMEN S • JUNIOR'S • MISSES' 507 Dakota Avenue Wohpcton, N. Dak. Telephone 64 2-6693 Cfl4(»e)w For the Finest Selection in Furniture —Appliances— Interior mg — CnrjK'liriK and Dr.tpes FURNITURE. IINIC. SEVEN LEVELS OF HOME Ft RNISIIINCS f Jorik La-Z-Boy DREXEL MAGNAVOX Arcu Code 701 • Telephone 642-4780 or 642-4311 MASTERCRAFT HAMMARY MAYTAG WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES SPRAGUE CARLTON Telephone and Mail Orders Welcome Decorating and Home Planning Service at No Extra Cost NORTH DAKOTA S LARGEST FURNITURE STORE TELL-CITY 169STERNS Campus Fashion Specialists ALTSTATT PHARMACY for the Young Man Walgreen Agency STERNS Clothing Company BRECKENRIDGE. MINNESOTA 56520 PHONE 643-3871 Wahpclon. N. Dak. WA HP ETON LUMBER COMPANY HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1011 DAKOTA AVENUE BEN FRANKLIN DIAL 642-3564 Nationally Advertised Locally Owned PHILCOT.V. AND APPLIANCES Quality Millwork. Lumber. Plywood. Sales and Service Cabinets. Insulation. Building Hardware. Roofing Dial 642-3301 Wahpclon. No. Dak. 170DAKOTA CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC Compliments of Dr. J. 0. Ness DR. JACK PF1STER 320 Dakota Avenue PM 642-5600 Dentist Wl£ STRAIGHTEN SPINES Wahpeton 80co of all diseases arc caused from poor posture 17)JCPenney The values are here every day. Dial ( 42-4131 NVahpcton. N.Dak. KELLY’S DINER AND LOUNGE STEAKS . PRIME RIBS . SEA FOOD Come and see our new cocktail lounge FAMILY NITE every Wednesday Nite 5:00 - 8:00 Adults $2.25 Children $1.00 Dial 642-9939 Banquet Room Facilities for 50 Wahpeton yWAHPETON ELECTRIC, INC. Compliments of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS CHUCK'S OFE SALE Rural And City Wiring Elec. Appliances Commercial Lighting Motor Repairing SOI Dakota Ave. Phone 642-6402 Wahpeton. No. Dak. 5S075 Phone 642-4434 215 Dak. Ave. Wahpeton VALLEY REALTY AND VALLEY INSURANCE RUSS MOBIL Sales AAA U-HA-UL Insurance Hi way 81-13 Rentals Ph. 642-3430 Wahcpton E. W. OLIVER JIM OSTROM Phone 642-4003 EVA’S Women’s Children’s Juniors Apparel 419 Dakota Avenue Wahpeton, North Dakota 1732 Way Radio - KG E 2541 AL'S TRUCK STOP ANDCAFE Station Open 24 Hours 24 Hour Wrecker Service Bunks Truck Tire Repair. Engine Tunc Up Phones 643-6219 and 643-3960 Brcckcnridgc. Minnesota Compliments of WAHPETON DRUG COMPANY Compliments of Delos G. Halvorson, D.D.S. Dennis M. Bertsch, D.D.S. And our Friendly Staff jP DENTISTRY 108 Professional Building Phone 642-2644 wchpcoo. RE 'TORE North Doko.o Wahpeton North Dakota Strength Safety Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Drive-Up Banking in the Rear , A FULl I SERVICE] BANK, 174DALL MUSIC FINEST AMUSEMENT COMPANY Coin operated music and Record Shop Amusement equipment Pre-Recorded Tapes Telephone 736-3209 122 South Vine Street Fergus Falls, Minnesota WAHPETON GLASS AND PAINT COMPANY Leon Novetzke Owner • Wallpaper • Waxes • Plate Glass • Auto Glass 709 Dakota Avenue Wahpcton • O'Brien Paints • Paint BtusIicn • Mirrors • Ceramic Tile Phone Ml 2-3563 North Dakota A Place Like home - Always open % PflTTWTBV VTTHTJP1T uQUlllihY hlluftull OF WAHPETON rn FRANCIS KUKOWSKI MIKE KEARNS 1010 Dakota Avonuo, Wahpeton. N. D. 58075, Phone (701) 642-4351 1 - W I i ■ i ■ i 175WAHPETON AUTO PARTS INC. Since 1925 KARL SCHMIDT WARREN DOBERSTE1N Local Distributors of All Makes of Automotive and Tractor Replacement Parts Garage and Killing Station Accessories and Equipment General Welding Supplies and Equipment Phone 642-6629 Wahpeton. North Dakota METROPOLITAN SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION FARGO WAHPETON SAVINGS INSURED GRAFTON UP TO S20.000 GRAND FORKS LISBON LANGDON 176Commercial and Residential Phone 642-5559 Wahpeton, North Dakota MINN — KOTA CABLE TV 8 Channel Television "More To See On Cable TV" 114 North 3rd St. 642-5355 Northwcstirn Smcit «. Iron Wahpeton. North Dakota 5X075 North Dakota Minnesota South Dakota Box 1005 Wahpeton. N.I). Box X65 Watertown. S.I). CORRUGATED METAL CULVERTS DRAINAGE. IRRIGATION AND CONTRACTORS' SUPPLIES A W Drive ln Wahpeton 11 Street 3 Avenue MEIDE and SON INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Wahpeton North Dakota 177 Phone 642-2641STURDEVANT’S Pcrham, Minn. Lisbon, No. Dak. Elbow I ake. Minn. Milbank, So. Dak. WHOLESALE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Moorhead, Minn. Wheaton, Minn. Oakes, No. Dak. Hawley, Minn. Wahpeton North Dakota CONGRATULATIONS to Students and Graduates of the North Dakota State School of Science ... and best wishes for the future. GLOBE-GAZETTE Printing Company Printers - Bookbinders - Office Outfitters - Legal Forms Authorized Distributors of A.B. Dick Copying Duplicating Products and SuppliesBig Enough To Handle Your Financial Requirements, But Small Enough To WANT To Serve, Know And Help You! PHONE 643-5553 Consult Us About Your Insurance Brcckcnridpc. Minnesota We Can Serve You CONOCO RANPAU. RANDALL’S SUPER SERVICE We Thank You for Your Patronage 179LUNCH BOX Open 6 5 Mon-Friday 6-2 Saturday Meals and Lunches Phone 643-4852 Brcckenridgc. Minnesota Compliments of: LINDALECREAMERY, INC. Division of Cass Clay Creamery, Inc. Phone 642-4281 Wahpeton. N.D. KRAUSE MOTOR SERVICE PLYMOUTH CHRYSLER VALIANT IMPERIAL Complete car service Phone 642-4290 Wahpeton, N. Dak. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BRECKENRIDGE First In Service to Our Customers Why Not Take Advantage of The Following Services Available At Our Bank: Early Hour — Extra Hours Walk-Up Window Banking Service 8:00 AM-5:30 PM Savings Interest Computed Daily. Bank Americard — F.D.I.C. Personal. Business Agricultural Loans Counseling Service Checking Accounts. Maintained With No Service Charge If Balance ofSIOO Maintained. Deposits Accepted Via Deposit Letter Drop — 24 Hrs. Daily 180NORTH DAKOTA STATE SCHOOL OF Science ALUl b ASSOCIATION All Graduates and those in attendance for two or more terms arc automatically enrolled as members of the association. Whether you arc an active member or not is up to you. We need your active support. Why Don't You Join Now! BECOME PART OF THE GROWTH AND CHANGEV Our way of saying "Thank You!” to those who are here helping us; showing us we need them • and yet not always realizing what an influence they have had on our lives. There are from time to time mornings, both in summer and in winter, when especially the world seems to begin anew, beyond which memory need not go, for not behind them is yesterday and our past life. The world has visibly been recreated in the night. Mornings of creation . . . Mornings when men are new-born; men who have the seeds of life in them. Henry David ThoreauI I • j, •’ Outstanding Student of the Year I L-.-V '-“'’’w "r-V. .v.V.i •’ •'» . - ' y- j The 1971-72 Tom Galbreth Memorial Award went to Duane Peterson. Duane is from Clark, South Dakota, and was enrolled in Diesel Mechanics. Active all a-round campus, he was selected to Who’s Who, was a member of Drama. Delta Psi Omega, Student Cabinet, Band and Stagehand, Chorus and Folk Group and was a resident assistant of a men’s residence hall. He maintained better than a 3.5 average in his course of study. In 1968 Mr. Arneson accepted a position in the Arts, Science and Per-Profes-sional Division as an instructor in communications. His sudden and unexpected death will be mourned by all who came in contact with this man who can truly be called an educator.sss Drama and Music Presents "PAINT YOUR WAGON” Wildcat Singers and Stage Band Complete Tour On April 17. 1972, the SSS Wildcat Singers and Stagehand, under the direction of Tilford Kroshus, began a four state road tour. The musicians appeared at Fairmount, Lake Area Vocational School, Water-town. SO; Presentation College, Aberdeen, SD; New Underwood, SD; Broadus, MT; Steele, Hannaford, Wahpeton and Breckenridge. Feeling tired, excited ai d proud of a job well done, the group climaxed their tour with a finale at SSS. The Science Art Players presented the Broadway musical, "Paint Your Wagon”, by Alan J. Lerner and Fredrick Lowe, on May 2-6, 1972. The play, directed by Maurice Peterson, was a two-act musical with a cast of forty-one members from the music and drama departments. Student music director, Mark Witteman, led the thirteen piece orchestra and Tilford Kroshus directed the fifteen voice choir. 185Cats take first in NDJC meet Mike Ferrell, a SSS student from Wahepton. was a medalist in the North Dakota College Athletic Conference Tournament held in May 1972. As a team, the Wildcats placed second in the state-wide competition of Junior and Four-year Colleges. Learn to play golf? Me. Candy Borchert? Who are you trying to kid? Outstanding individual records were set during the 1972 Track year by Jon Gosset. Dennis Ramlo, Mike Francis, Dan Shown and Don Wicker. SSS placed first in the North Dakota Junior College meet at Bismarck and second of thirteen teams in the Region XIII meet held May 12, 1972, at Wahepton. 186At the Annual Athletic Banquet John Anderson of Wahpeton was presented the Duke Wellington award for outstanding free throw accuracy. Other athletes honored with individual awards were: Willie Austin, most valuable Basketball player; Sonny Beilhart, most valuable offensive lineman; Gary Williams, most valuable defensive back; Kevin Peterson, most valuable wrestler and most take-downs; and Dennis Ramlo, cross country award. Lest We Forget... . . . that beautiful scene behind Walton-Schultz-man’s favorite pass time, girl watching!!!■ THIS BOOK is dedicated to Joe and Jane College, those legendary heros of the campus who live through it all.Oh Lord, what have we done now? 'Special thanks to Mud Waters and Steve Maxwell.FROM THE EDITOR Rcflections-on the past two years at Science-past years of high school, grade school, and infancy; it seems all life is headed toward that ultimate goal adulthood. Society is rushing us along our way. and as we grasp for that ultimate goal, which we seem to think will lead us to completeness, happiness, and fulfillment, I can only teel somewhat sad at the irony of it all. Because of our eagerness to attain one goal, we lose much. We don't take the time to appreciate today for what it is-today. So much beauty is thrown by the wayside, never to be used and appreciated. Yesterday; today; and tomorrow. All are a part of God’s divine plan, but it is futile to live for that which is gone, and equally futile to be overly concerned about tomorrow. Live for today-now and you will truly be living a life, and not merely an existence. There is so much to live for-enjoy yourself, and don’t only give to the world, but be a recipient of the world. This is the message I’ve tried to get across in the rest of this book. My success or failure can only be determined for each individual by himself. But in any case, life is short: but don’t waste it away mourning that fact. LIVE!! You only go around once! Karen Boehler 191Published by Josten's Notionol School Sc Winnipeg. Monilobo. Conod  •t.

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