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When there is no longer any direction or purpose to a man’s life, he will look back and see what he might have been, had he chosen a different path to follow, or developed a different attitude towards life. To really know what it’s like to live, you must touch the shadows and know that there is sunshine behind them, see the power love has to comfort and heal, hear the beauty of the earth on a spring day, and feel the music of the world in chorus. You must be AWARE!But awareness is more than this. 4Awareness is walking to class on a bitterly cold day, it’s being with that someone very special, it’s cramming for a quarter final in Anatomy and Physiology, and it’s paying twenty-three hard earned dollars for a single textbook. It’s living for weeks on the promise of a vacation coming up, and it’s watching the last leaf fall in the autumn and the first blade of grass grow in the spring. It’s knowing that somebody loves you, and you can’t be unhappy with anyone. It’s a wonderful sense of being and belonging. s X “To be or not to be.” Ask yourself this answer, lest you be lost in the teeming mass of humanity. To be is to belong, even only one small part of you may suffice, but man cannot exist by himself. Total isolation is a death, therefore be aware. Let your mind reach out and wander, and wonder. Come out of yourself and find a place in the sun to live your life, but remember to let others in. Open your heart and your mind to the loves and laughs, the tears and sorrows, the freedom and greatness, and the bigs and littles that make life bearable. Absorb everything around you and make it part of you. 8The overlooked and taken-for-granted things in life are really the most important, for they are the most satisfying at the moment they occur. Simply taking a deep breath of fresh air on a fragrant day in spring provides a wonderful thought for those few who are aware of it and who know how to take advantage of it. A word or a thought that sets you dreaming or wishfully thinking means more to you then than anything else in the world. A casual converstaion with a buddy or an interesting story in a magazine can trigger your mind and set it free if you’ll let it. In a world where oppression and inhibition is commonplace, we tend to accept it as natural. It takes concentration and a little effort to dig into things and really discover the who, and what, and why, and how of them.It is a wonderful thing to discover, whether the discovery is small or large you have the knowledge that you now know something you knew nothing about, or saw something you never knew or dreamed even existed. Discovery is a power, and it is strengthened by the ability to know and appreciate the little things in life. The pleasures, the everyday jobs, the honors, and the sorrows all are part of you. Don’t ignore them or take them for granted, but be aware of them.All in all awareness is something you feci deep down inside of you first, then you must train yourself to observe and devclope your mind so it comprehends what you hear or feel or see. And last but not least, you have to care — about yourself, yes, but mostly about others. The “I don’t care” ones never really accomplish anything worthwhile. It’s the “Let me help’’ and “I’ll do it” people who can really enjoy life and live at ease with themselves. It’s people who take the time to look around and who can see the good and beauty in everything and everyone they come in contact with, whether great or small, important or so insignificant so as to be almost nothing, who will walk down that path, and when they reach the end they won’t have to look back and say “I wish I had done that differently" and “Why didn’t I wake up before it was too late?’’ They will have lived their lives to their fullest. 141971 AGAWASIE NORTH DAKOTA STATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE EDITOR KATHY LUICK ASST. ED. COLLEEN KRAUSE ADVISOR DON P. MILLERSPORTS 42 ORGANIZATIONS 68 ACADEMICS  £ABOVE LEFT TO RIGHT: Mark Johnson, escort; George Bnkc»cll, Homecoming Chairman; Queen Kathy Ziegler; Mikcl Hagen. Halftime Chairman; President Blikre. RIGHT Candidates for 1970 Homecoming Queen. LOFT TO RIGHT: Kathy Ziegler. Dental Hygiene. Dickinson. NO; Pat Scltcrland. Liberal Arts. Oakes. ND; Judy Muchlberg. Dental Hygiene. Moorcton. ND; Debra Raisler. Dental Hygiene. Beach. ND; Mary l.oyland. Medical Secretary. Kloicn. ND. SEATED on floor: Jan Sanders. Dental Assisting. Frazcc. MN.Kathy Ziegler chosen to reign over Homecoming Festivities Homecoming 1970 goi off to a rousing start with six beautiful coeds competing for the title of Homecoming Queen. On the night of October eighth, Kathy Ziegler was crowned Queen by President Blikrc. Judy Muchlbcrg and Deb Rais ler were chosen as attendants. Queen and her court in review — Queen Kathy is hanked by her attendants Debbie Raiskr. attendant; Queen Kathy; Judy Muchlbcrf. attendant; Stan and escorts. FROM LEFT; Bruce Card, honor escort; Mark Johnson, escort; Michels, queens escort and Bill Nisbet.escort. 21Vikings defeated at Wildcat Homecoming Coronation marked the start of homecoming festivities and the big game on Saturday was on everyone's mind. You couldn't go to school here and not be aware that this week was different. It didn't matter whether you were planning to attend the game, the dance or just find yourself a party, something was alive inside you. Although Saturday morning brought cold, slushy weather, the parade, led by the Wildcat marching band, started on schedule. Kick-off time proved that it takes more than the weather to keep Wildcat fans at home. At 1:30 Saturday afternoon the stands were full, and the Wildcats were cheered to a 24-7 victory over the Valley City Vikings. The end of the game brought mixed emotions ... we had won. but now it was all over and tensions cased. Spirits ran high that night, however, as Homecoming Weekend was topped off by an “Old-Timer' and a young at heart dance.An integral part of college life revolves around social functions, from house parlies to Christmas caroling. Not the least of these arc dances, held by the multitude and commonly packed to the hilt. 1970-71 at Science School saw no change in this as crowds of students converged to hear, dance and swing to the sounds of the Uglics. Truck. Mana, I£rgot, the Cornerstones, the Pilgrims and scores of others ... some good, some not-so-good. At any rate midweek dances whether scmiformal or casual seemed to hit the spot as far as hundreds of weekend commuters were concerned.1 NDSSS activities include many interesting lyceums Him, He and Me, a musical trio consisting of Bob Sanders. Mike Martsolf and Curt Walters opened the lyccum series on campus with a performance on October 6. Jamz Dutton and the Rosewood Rebellion Performed on November 16. Dutton's Musical and light program (provided by an electronic FASOR) delighted the audience. Among the other noted performers was Josh While Jr., who established himself as a solo performer in 1961 and who became an instant favorite of folk music lovers. He has appeared at over 800 colleges and universities in every state in America. 23 i Printer’s Club sponsor Annual Printer’s Ball in honor of Ben Franklin’s Birthday. In spile of a few technical difficulties with the musical entertainment of the evening. Patty Haber man of Barney. North Dakota was crowned Miss Perfect Type by the President of the college. Dr. Clair T. Blikre. at the annual Printer's Ball on January 15. 1971. The Printer's Ball is sponsored each year by the Printer's Club in accordance with International Printer’s Week and in honor of Benjamin Franklin's birthday. honor and voting took place the week before the Ball. Runners-up were Lcora Pugh from LaMoure. Ina Stromberg from Dickinson. Carol Nelson from Walhalla. and Budsakorn Yannahan from Thailand who is now living in Brcckenridgc. After the coronation, the dance proceeded to the sounds of Christopher, a semi-rock group whose music topped off the evening for everyone. Five beautiful and shapely girls contended for the ON FLOOR Dean Shunt.ichcr. K.iih l.uick, Secretary-Treasurer: l.indj Drummond: Phyllis Thompson. Vice-President. ROW TWO Terry Hager; Morgan Rohde: Hill Recce: Gary Pacha I; Myrna Erickson: Debbie Virchow. ROW’ THREE Hruce Card. President: Keith Boettcher: Steve Beuiler: John Carlson. Advisor: Gary Hillius: Greg Davidson: Monte Kelly; Jon Holler; Genevieve Gorman; Gary Rat ak.Miss Perfect Type 1971 Barney. Dental Hygiene; Carol Nelson. Walhalla. Practical Nursing; and Ina Stromberg. Dickinson. Dental Hygiene. - O v jt- V- r 1 » ' -»•» • 1 ’ »• r a 4 0 ' w’ 0 • 0 C O H + 1 , Miss Perfect Type and Attendants L-R: Busakorn "Sugar" Yannahan. Brcek-enridge. Liberal Arts; Leora Pugh. LaMoure. Stenography; Patty Habcrman. Sno-Carnival week sees many winter activities February 6 13 Sno-Carnival ... and it was marked by campus activities throughout the week. Beginning Monday, clues were given to find the lost key. which was discovered between two bricks on the smokestack of the heating plant by five young men. The Sacajawca Club sponsored a skating party on Tuesday evening which was lots of fun despite the snowy, cold weather. Monday evening a scavenger hunt was held starting from the information desk in the College Center. The Student Nurses sponsored a dance Wednesday evening with music provided by the OK-LN-DOR Band, a group from the campus. Final voting on the three contestant was held Friday, and Saturday night at the winter formal, the Sweetheart Ball. Dr. Blikre. President of the College, crowned Janet Metzlcr. of Alscn, North Dakota. Campus Sweetheart. The Ball was sponsored by the Sacajawca Club on campus, and music was provided by Walker.38I Besides an enrollment increase, there has been several new building additions to the SSS campus.N.D. STATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE! WOMENS RESIDENCE HA ADDITION COLLEGE HOUSING PROGRAM woi srr vo ch h p r- ff(p) During the last few years, the NDSSS campus has seen the addition of several new buildings. In the fall of 1969. Walton Hall, a new women’s residence hall, was opened for use for the first time. In the spring of 1970 dedication and open house was held at the new Library building. The completed Library has several classrooms and an audio-visual department. Construction on the S490.000.00 married student housing project is under way and the 36 two-bedroom apartments will be completed prior to the opening of the fall quarter of 1971. A 120-bed new women’s residence hall is under construction west of Walton Hall and a 94 bed addition to l-'orkner Hall is (King built to accomodate the rapid growth of students enrolling at SSS each year. They will be opened for the fall quarter of 1971. Several track meets arc planned at the college on the Westeo all-weather track which was completed in the fall of 1970. 1971-72 football games will be played on Frank Vertin Field now that the new stadium is nearly finished.  Science Wildcats end their season with a seven win, two loss record. NDSSS 21 Rochester J.C. 15 NDSSS 14 Waldorf J.C. 0 NDSSS 13 Minot State 41 NDSSS 19 Jamestown College 18 NDSSS 24 Valley City 7 NDSSS 21 Mayvillc State 14 NDSSS 20 Dickinson State 7 NDSSS 40 Valley City State 0 NDSSS 7 Northeastern Okla. 40 f Congrats While the SSS coaching staff plans the nest move. Science punter Dunn's theft of the ball front NEO wasSSS's lone score of the regional junior col- Barney Ruchl (20) congratulates Tom Dunn (26) on his 77-yard touchdown run. lege battle. 44Thirteen lettermen returned to the NDSSS campus in 1970 to lead the football team to a 7 win, 2 lose record for the season. The 1970 edition of the North Dakota State School of Science football team, with a 40-0 win over Valley City State College became the second college football team in 60 years of football at SSS to record seven victories in one season. The Wildcats were under the direction of head coach Al Grage. in his third year of coaching the team. Marlyn Frcdcrickson, Cliff Hermes, Marv Mortenson, Ralph Morben and Lyn Schmidt assisted coach Grage. SSS Gridders are second team to record 7 victories 45KfMThe Science Wildcats controlled the ball over five minutes late in the final quarter to outlast the tough Rochester Junior College team 21 to 15 in the Wildcats’ grid opener in one of its toughest schedules in history. They then went on to defeat top ranked Waldorf J.C. of Forest City. Iowa 14 toO. Science was defeated by Minot by a score of 41 to 13 in its opening NDCAC game. A pre-season favorite. Minot outdistanced the Wildcats on both the ground and in the air. The tough Wildcat team was undefeatable for the next five games, all NDCAC games, in which they downed Jamestown College. Valley City State. Mayvillc State. Dickinson State, and Valley City State again. Jamestown was defeated on their home territory, the first home loss for them in 17 games. Homecoming provided much excitement and we couldn't have asked for a better result than the 24-7 victory the 'Cats handed us. The Mayvillc and Dickinson victories clinched second place in the conference for the Science team. The last game and defeat of the season was played at Miami. Oklahoma as Science took on Northeastern Oklahoma. ranked third in the nation, and was downed 40-7. The 'Cats hung in there but the tough Oklahoma offense was too much. All in all. the football season and the team's record was something to be proud of. and there are high hopes for next year's team to be just as good or even better. FRONT ROW: Guy Olson. Dave Jacobson. Dave Tischcr. Mike Paulson. Dan Koberis. Dean Sager I. Dick Meyer. Max Rcinkc ami Chris Kicmlc. ROW TWO: Gary Williams. Sian Nelson. Tom Lawrence. Andy Fedje. Ken Prouty. John Mollis. Dave Hodgson. Gary Monnens and Russ Ferric. ROW THREE: Tim Davis. Dave Blue. Roy Miller. Ron Mohs. Jerry Carter. Robert Hagaman. Charles Mohs. Kerry Richardson and Curt Mund. ROW FOUR: Ted Dorval. Brad Olgaard. Dennis Flynn. Pat Rolling. Mike Allmaras. Rich Wolf, Brad Worncr. Gary Masching and Scott Rerick. ROW FIVE: Lyle Kelling. Mick Dunn. Mike Ncppl. Jeff Naggat . Rich Anderson. Fred Holmly, Stu Boyer, Jim Gray and Barney Ruchl. ROW SIX: Ted Dcschamp. Jeff Schmidt. Don Yellow -bird. Tom Dunn. Mike Nccsc. Paul Jacob. John Balk and Sonny Biclhart. ROW SEVEN: Student Manager Bob Boussard. Head Coach Al Grage. Ass’t Coaches Lynn Schmidt. Marv Mortenvon. Marlyn Fredericks. Cliff Hermes and Ralph Morben; Student Manager Stan Michels. 49Cats Fire Up Coaches Don Engen and Marlin Fred-erickson began the process of finding a replacement for Jim Jenkins, who graduated and went to Louisiana Tech. The coaches replacement came in the form of a well balanced team with every member giving his best. Paul Hanson. Bill Bluford. Al (Pete) Peterson and Duane Breuer all were returning letter-men as well as Ron Mohs and Max Reinke. Top Freshmen included: NVaync Reese. Craig Rosenthal. Merle Ruppcrl. Willie Austin. Joe Larson. Mike McCann. Tom Simmer, Doug Cromers. Gerald ilagcnson, and Bob Larson. After loosing the first three games the roundballers found themselves and went on to prove they were hard to beat.BACK ROW: Max Reinkc. Joe Larson. Craig Rosenthal. Wayne Reese. Russ Ferric. FRONT: Duane Brcucr. Al Peterson. Bill Bluford. Ron Mohs. Willie Austin. Paul Hanson._HK North Dakota State School of Science 1970-71 Basketball NDSSS 90 NDSSS 72 NDSSS 87 NDSSS 97 NDSSS 93 NDSSS 97 NDSSS 104 NDSSS 98 NDSSS 105 NDSSS 91 NDSSS 86 NDSSS 74 NDSSS 79 NDSSS 83 NDSSS 75 NDSSS 88 NDSSS 96 NDSSS 66 NDSSS 90 NDSSS 83 ST. ANDREWS 96 MANITOBA 98 HURON 93 NORMANDALE 91 ANOKA-RAMSEY 74 LAKE REGION 83 BOTTINEAU 80 MILES CITY 93 FERGUS FALLS 91 JAMESTOWN 110 MINOT 73 MAYVILLE 79 DICKINSON 88 VALLEY CITY 92 MINOT 92 BISMARCK 99 JAMESTOWN 107 DICKINSON 77 MAYVILLE 76 VALLEY CITY 92 MANKATO-BETHANY ELLENDALE  Wrestlers Demonstrate Determination First year grapplcr coach Marv Mortcnson was optimistic about the possibilities of the squad. He stated, "I feel we have the potential on our team to have an outstanding season. It is a matter now of conditioning. mental attitude and hard work." Wildcats expected to contribute did their part in making a great season. Outstanding wrestlers were: Jerry Hiam. Gary Kast, Paul Tvinncrium, Jim Bach, Jeff Grandrud. Ron Tischer. Dan DcMarais. Larry Olsen, LeeSunrum. Tom Conroy. Neil Miller, Dave Scherer. Arland Krammer, Paul Jacob. Duane Sthchrcn-berg, Dennis Flynn. Bob Hagaman, John Balk. Dave Blue, Gary Williams. Sonny Beilhart. Dave Tischer, and Brad Worncr. 56THIRD ROW: Richard Swenson. Jim Mitchell. Paul Jacob. John Balk. Bill Beh- Dave Tischcr. FIRST ROW: Larry Olson. Gars Kasi. Ron Tischer. Lee Su nr am. rens. SECOND ROW: Dave Scherer, Neil Miller. Dase Blue. Gary Williams. Dan De.Marais. Tom Conroy. John Bear Held. Intramural sports spark lively interest for the athletic minded. Intramural sports provide a lively and stimulating interest for the athletic type students who are not out for regular sports. Basketball and judo are the two main winter intramurals, and softball occupies many minds throughout the spring quarter. Competition is keen as the various teams and individuals strive to make their team "the" team to cheer for. Cross Country, Flag Football, Tennis and Golf are among fall sports enjoyed by students. The Stale School of Science cross country team this year was under the direction of Wes Andrud. a new addition to the teaching and coaching staff. Top runners of the team were Tom Simmer from Wahpcton, Barry Holm from Mandan and Doug Crcmcrs. The Science School harriers placed sixth with 150 points in the North Dakota College Athletic Conference held at Mayvillc. Fall sports also included flag football, as several teams competed for a place in the championship game, golf and tennis.Several league bowling teams were established this fall with the teams competing each week for first place. Men's leagues, including the Roving Rollers, the Screaming Yellow Zonkers, the Rolling Kegs. Big Daddy Wags, the Holy Rollers, the BS Boys and the Fairies. met on Monday and Tuesday nights at 6: 30. SSS faculty also had several teams and there were even a few mixed couple teams.JTX'■Wildcat Kittens TO I PICTURI: ON l-T.OOK: Pat Scttcrland: Kalin Ziegler: Julie V'ertin; Molly Anderson. ROW TWO: Linda Christianson: Ann Aaberg; Sands Olson: Molly Nordeng; Marge Nygard ROWTIIRLL Cynthia Monl: Cabriiu Sclul : Jtidv Rudolph SSS Cheerleaders TO RIGHT ON FLOOR: Kathy Ziegler: Janet Sanders. ROW I WO: Judy Jennet; I’at Setterland; Pally llnbcmtan. ROW THRIils: Judy Davidson: Jackie Ciaule.Pom-Pom Girl PICTURED ABOVE: ROW ONE Sue Bcikv Mmrich . ROW TWO Paula Osier: Debbie Hush: Pederson: Debbie Mellinc: Denise Colvia: Judy Hagen: Jan Brenda Kluge: Sue Ronnigan; Gloria Engle: l eb Raisfcr: Tcrc- Seelhamntcr: Cindy llonl; Josh Anderson: Candy Hoffman: aGosccfcy: Judy Muehllserg:Caryn Loflis.Science band gets new start with new director The musical program is rapidly expanding and developing under the very capable hands of Mr. Tilford Kroshus. A new addition to the teaching staff. Mr. Kroshus has been here just one year, and during that year, the band and chorus has made tremendous progress. Besides regular band, there is a stage band for those who like that type of music, and a swingin' dixieland band. During the year concerts were given, and members of the band and chorus were actively interested in proving to everyone that music is fun! Besides the concerts, the band and chorus, especially the Folk group and stage band, performed elsewhere such as at the various sport functions and at social gatherings both on and off campus. Dixieland Band. LEFT TO RIGHT ROW I: Velma Keller. Gary Magnuson. Marl Wine-man. Holly Nordeng ROW 2: Janei Rutter. Jerry Jacobson. Jeff Asery. Bob Fladxon. Claude Aipperspach. Don Floodeen. Rob Kennedy. Turnouts in the musical organization have been very encouraging, and there is hope that eventually, it will be able to expand and provide even more opportunities for the student. 72%■ :■ Member' of the 1970-71 SSS band .ire ;i' follow Jeff Avery . Debbie Arure. Daniel Baird. Ronald Carey. Paula Christiansen. Marla Dimmer. Vicki Dimmer. Rom: Elliott. Myrna Erickson. Don I loodeen. Jean Grotjohit. I.inda Halstead. Romona Hal-vorson. Nancy lleis . Jerry Hiain. Rodney Jackson. Jean Jorgensen. Ronald Kaiser. Velma Keller. Colleen Krause. Wayne . Donna l.oeken. K.nhy I nick. I inda Lund. Marjorie Mabie. Gary Magnuson. Jerry Miller. Ricky Miller. Wanda Montgomery. Gary Nielson. Holly Nordeng, Donakl Oien. Lyle Pae kowski. Howard Page. Larrv Pederson. Colleen Peterson. Duane Peterson. Robert I’ladsoo. I.eora Pugh. Connie Riehier. Janet Rutter. Judy Sailor. Janet Sanders. Kav Scott. Pam Shroycr. Barb Sinner. Paul Sinner. Sandy Skoog. Greg Swenson. Paulette True-kowski. Verna Walker. Nanev Westfield. David Wivnewski. Mark Wmcinan. Sari Youngquist. Margie Zimmerman Stage Band. LEFT TO RIGHT ROW I Vicki Dimmer. Sandy Skoog. Claude Aipperspach. Velma Keller. I.eora Pugh. Holly Nordeng. Paulette Truckowski. ROW 2 Jeff Avery. Shad Kirkchy. Larry Pederson. Ricky Miller. Duane Peterson. Jerry Miller. Rodney Jackson. Jerry lliam. Mark Wittcman. (iary Magnuson. ROW J Janet Rutter. Mr. Kroshus. l)on l-'loodccn. Jerry Jacobson. Paul Sinner. Bob Pladson. Ron Kaiser. Barb Sinner. Marla Dimmer. Sun Youngquist. Lyle Pa-c kowski. Robb Kennedy. 73130 member chorus is one of our best. Members of Ihe 1970-71 SSS chorus arc as follows: Anita Achtcnberg. Debra Anderson. Holly Anderson. Josh Anderson. Jeff Avery. Debbie A urc. Daniel Baumgart. lirling lknson. Mary Bogan. Kathy Braun. Janet Breker, Yvonne Brcndscl. Jim Brodigan. Barb Buringrud, Judy Butterfield. Paula Christiansen. Lynda Christianson. Kathy Close. Denise Colvin. Bill Cox. Brigette Dauphinais. I.auric DeBilt. Darlys Deike. Jerry Dimmer. Joe Dimmer. Marla Dimmer, Morris Dimmer. Terry Dimmer. Vicki Dimmer. Michael Doberstein. Chuck Dunlop. Skip Engdter. Carl Ennis. Patricia l-'akide. Don Floodecn. Dick Frye, Charlene Colt . Mary GrafTis. Jim Gray. I.eo Grcgoirc. Jeanne Grotjohn. Richard l ullick. Diane ll.iakcnson. Terry Hager. Kay Halvorson. Romana Halvorson. Susan ilegwood. Diane Heilman. Harlan Hclgcson. Steve Hicdiman. Candy Hoffman. I.inda Hokana. Becky Hollingsworth. Alice Husby. Dave Jacobson. Sharon Johnson. Susan Johnson. Jerry Jondahl. Velma Kelier. Sheryl Kcnsingcr. Tom Kmn. Lynn Klawitlcr. Cheryl Koster. Cal l.angncss. Roger Langseth. Marty Lee. Lydia Lcingang. Donna Locken, Terry Loomis. Kim Long. Margie Mabic. Laura Maixner. Rosemary Mauch. Dorathca May. Callcc Meyer. Charlotta Michadis. Bev Milbrandt. Rick Miller. Wanda Montgomery. Mary Mortenson. Mike Ncppl. Don B. Oien. Connie Osten, Joann Paulson. Mary Paulson. Larry Pederson. Duane Peterson. Robbin Plcsuk. Lcora Pugh, lone Ramer. Clark Renfrow, Connie Jo Richter. Raymond Rochr. Curt Rogness. Bruce Rostad. Tim Rude. Danny Kustvang. Janet Rutter. Judy Sailer. Jan Sanders. Sandra Schempp. John Schcnck. Brenda Schwind. Jane Scott. Kay Scott. Barb Sinner. Paul Sinner. Sister M. Theodora. Robert Sit . Sandy Skoog. Sherry Stcnvold, Bonita Stockdill, Carol Jean Swenson. Cary Swenson. Greg Swenson. Ernie Tesky. Barb Thompson. Nanette Thorton. Carol Tisch. Sheryl Tisdcl. Rodney Torkclson. Marilcc Trenbeath. Don Vandal. Sandi Viker. Mary Walker. Janie Wanek. Arddla Wanner. Charles Wegener. Mary Weigel. Curt Weinmann, Nancy Westfield, Colleen Wettstdn. Jane Wilhelm. Sari Youngquist. Pianists: Gayle Hanson and Colleen Peterson. Under the direction of Mr. Tilford Kroshus. the Science music department blossomed this year into an honestly contributory musical organization. The chorus started out its season well, as the excellent performance of the whole choir and the Folk Singers, in joint concert with the band and its groups, drew crowds of enthusiastic fans for its first concert. So well-liked were the Folk Singers who sting such popular tunes as Let it Be. House of the Rising Sun. and California Dreamin . that they were later asked to perform on Parlyline, a TV program. As a Christmas contribution the entire choir joined informally in the Student Center to sing carols. For the chorus as well as the band. Kro-shus's first year at Science proved to be very encouraging. Polk Group: ROW I Laura .Manner. Nanctic Thorton. Debbie Hush. Dorthca Mas. Dan Baumgart. Jim Brodigan. Budsakorn Yannahan. Gayle Hanson. Ma-ruin Nocc. ROW 2 IX'hhie Azure, l.cora Pugh. Paul Pries . Linda Christian- I I son. Mike Dobcrstcin. Charlene Gull . Holly Anderson. Jo Merles. Jerry Jacobson. ROW 3 Tim Rude. Evcrcll Vogel. P.iul Sinner. Don Oien. Duane Peterson. Jeff Avery. Sandy Skoog. Milton Ncsdafil.- —■ NDSSS Drama Club Presents Romulus and Cinderella SSS Drama Club ROW ON!-: Tom Kinn; 'Mary Ludwig; Shirley Mauck; Belly Pom; Mary Mortcnson: Ardclla Wanner: Ray Muriscal: Don Roodeen: Morris Hagen. ROW TWO Hal Rovelslad: Tim Tallman; lilliol Sadlowski: Jude Merges: Jerry Johndalh: Olmstcad Adams; John Alihoff; Tim Rude; Ric Blanchard: lid Rhode. ROW THREE Lee Ganglchoff: Nancy West-field. Marla Dimmer; l cb Kubcla: Vicki Dimmer; Linda Schrocdcr: Michelle Mueller; Pau-leite Truckowski; Diane Krunip. ROW i'OUR Terry Dimmer: Jerry Dimmer: Rob Kennedy: Morris Dimmer: Joe Dimmer; Jerrv Dimmer: Mark Smith. SIDE- ROW Terry Harcland: Wanda Montgomery: l.ydia Lcingang; Avis Reese; Mary llinvderk. 76Ski Club and Circle K are active clubs Willy Hol ingcr: Rick Hucbain. Circle K. Club BOTTOM PICTURE: ROW ONE John l.cnnick: Roland Anotn: Dan Baumgart: Daw Dishcr. Vice President: Daw Walk . ROW TWO Don Smith. Wendy Gcfrc; Curt Raab. President: Jim Boatman: Larry Digman. Treasurer. Ski Club - TOP PICTURE: ROW' ONE Pam Wjsvick; Shawn Olson: Bill DeMars: Monte Martin; Milo Mugaas. ROW TWO Ralph Bergman; Margo Brekhus; Don Vandal: Debbie A urc; Don Smith: ( enc Rudolf: Wayne LaRoeque. ROW THREE Wayne Lang: San-dra Eby: Barry Halm: Carol Tiesh: Ted Althoff;FIRST PICTURE TO RIGHT ROW ONI N. Carter. K. Hum; m. Miller. ROW TWO: K. Ililkrud: T. Stacklcr: B. Eratcy; C. William ; J. Aasmundsiad: B. Graham: I). Christensen. ROW THREE S. Mack: C. Robert ; M. Ilognc s; C. Met ger: I). Longhenry: S. Kinsley; I). Ochlkc. C. Kotta. SECOND PICTURE Elaine Lehman, third PICTURE ROW' ONE: J. Ro cvcW: C. Bauer; J. Olton: P. Nyslrom. ROW TWO: I. Ka-odor; S. Nelson; T. Lucas; J. Peterson; J. Johnson: B. Erickson. ROW THREE: A. Virt ; G. Goodie: K. Decker; J. Geer; P. Wapner: E. Corbin. SCIENCE College Center FIRST PICTURE TO RIGHT K. Meyer; A. Hanna; M. Gcil cn; V. Lan-gendorfer. SECOND PICTURE ROW ONE: M Krause. I Hergum. | GvCfOr. I I ink; H. Poiodt. SECOND ROW: C. Heilman; I M.tnskc. II Shcc-Icy: Ci. Krump; C. Bauer; L. Hermes. THIRD PIC TURI M JoktsM i Dahlgren; M. (iira: M. Schocncck: I:. Rossum; M. Bcrndl; M. I’orup; M. Ilauv child; F. Schriicrlcin. psyc FIRST PICTURE TO RIGHT I:. Medsker: M. Ehlerl. SECOND PICTURE ROW ONE: E. tt’url; R. Sk-fonowic : M. Berg. ROW TWO: D. Han-son; I). Young; B. Jongblocd; C. Me-Taggart. THIRD PICTURE G. Gun-ness; W. Olson; I). Young: B. Jongblocd: L. Trillin; F. Ilaoschild; J. Hagen; C. Carbon.Diesel — 1st and 2nd Year TOP PIC 11 Rl ROW ONI M, Mickdton. V-Prcsidcnt: I) Peterson. Prcudcnt; C. Renfro . Secretary-Treasurer; I.. Johnson; A. Gen ; M Kr.xiv O. Larson. ROW TWO I Shackelford; G. Bechcdahl; L. Sep-u o. R. Scarce: T Dawvtn; M. Schrocdcr: K. Kollman; P. Ditlingcr; N Van Wcehcl; I). I undu: S Bay. P. Wilkie. ROW THREE D. Wilkes; I P.ic kowski; l Dimmer; S. Homing; M. Wesrauch; D. Stuchrenherg-K Hagen; K. Gilbertson: G. McDouall. SECOND PIC TURE ROW ONI: V. Herding; P. Rausch: C. Hemm; R. Larman; C. Kinn; a Bankers; S. Bakken. ROW TWO T. Kiefer; M. Hanson: D. T«clcn: T. Debeke: G. Johnson; C. Hagen; R Marto; R. Zimmerman: M. Baumgartner; R. Grauman. ROW TilRKK S. Tolstad: G. Zerr; I). Wegner; S. Savelkoul; D. Diehl: G. Volk: J. Pielron; G. I.ako; S. Purnngton: I) Kit an. ABOVE LEFT: ROW ONE K. Kauk. Master at Arms; M. Mel-by. Secretary: I). Crandall. Treasurer: I.. Kallis. Vice President: J. Anderson. President. ROW TWO H Larson. R Vcrhasselt; W. l.ggcrt; B. Pence; D. Erickson; K. Martin; G. Sch»ar . ROW THREE G. Hoffman: R. Holm: L. Schlabach: B. Paulson. R. Haas; W. Hall: G. Matheny; M. Fcltman. ABOVE RIGHT: ROW ONE l . Reardon; G. Podhrad-Skv: D. Johnwn; D Henke ROW TWO B. Isaak: A. Aga: T. Nord: D. Wilhelm: E. Albertson: A. Walcn. R Bomesberger. ROW THREE C. Leno: K. Klose: D. Schmidt; D. Richardson; L. Johnson; L. Ent c: M. Yagow.Rifle and Pistol Club - ROW ONE: T. Ralston: M. Weyrauch; K. Heinrich; A. Thompson ROW TWO: C. Young; D. May; I . Lcsmann; P. Stack; D. Leek; Y. Rrcndtcl: I). Foley: L. Johanncson. ROW THREE: F. Baird; C. Leno; S. Doll; T. Tallman; I). Roberts; S. Taylor; D. HingM; p. Rausch: S. Rudolf. 4-H Club ROW ONE; P. Foss; L. Dc-Coteau: B. Hauschild: M. Krous; L. Schroe-dcr; V. Gill. ROW TWO: A. Juven. Advisor; I). Leek; Y. Hrcndscl; J. Jorgensen; K, Heinrich: G. Gorman; A. Jerkc. A Donat; M. Rose. Advisor. ROW THREE: R Sinner. Advisor; H. Gully: E. Vogel. R. Dccdc. D. Salter: G. Hauschild: I) David: D. Krebs- Students take an active interest in the Rifle and Pistol Club, and in the newly formed 4-H Club The SSS students who are active in 4-H in high school will now have a chance to continue their activities in the newly established 4-H Club under the direction of Ruby Sinner. Ardeith Juven and Mr. Rose. The Rifle and Pistol Club boasts six women students as members, an increase of four over last year. The Rifle and Pistol Club encourages women students to join because anyone can learn to shoot a gun. bach; S. Rudolf: K Brecker. 81TffT" Tension increases as Agawasie nears final deadline. Student Cabinet represents student rule on Campus. Agawawc Staff: TOP PICT UR I: SEATED arc Colleen Krause. Assistant Editor: Carl Wen dclbo. Photographer: Kathy l.uick. Editor: Linda Typist; Randy Dccde. Sports Editor. STANDING arc Marry llystad. Photographer, and Tom llanson. Sports. Not pictured is Glenn Meyers. Business Manager.i Student Cabinet: SKATED - Caryn i.oftis. Siou.s Falls. SD: and Judy Rudolph. Barney. ND. STANDING IN CENTER Colleen Krause. Havre. MT. BACK ROW James Brodigan. Fargo. ND: Mark Johnson. Jamestown. ND: Richard Blanchard. Minot. ND: Phillip McFarland. Fargo. ND: Glenn Meyers. Glyndon. MN; Donald I'loodcen. Aberdeen.SD; and Rodney Kcr mann. Koscglcn. ND.Auto Body, Auto Mechanics, Parts Training xcwtd year auto body FIRST ROW: Larry Sinner. President: Larry Stutc; Korn Stein; Jeff Hindi; Gary Kast. SECOND ROW: Steve Stark: Rruoc Hanson; Jim Septon: Dennis Bredvik: Robert Babel; Greg Esenson; Cregg Stein; Mil-ton l.esmann; Ron Kaiser. THIRD ROW; Terry Wanner: Stafford Olig: Virgil Horst: Don Thorsness: Ronald Burchill; Drew Mycr. Ron Anderson; Tom Oscar-son. Treasurer. FOURTH ROW: Jeffrey Klundt: Rich Kil er; Don llingil. Program Chairman; Dasid Aisenbrey: Terrs Peiler; Keith Gunderson; Da sc Cornell: Dean Moon; James Deg. first year auto body FIRST ROW: Stese Pullman: Ron Oster; Curt Kogness. Vice President: Michael J. Welder; Kit Dickman. SECOND ROW; Neil Heiden; Ervin A. Opsal; Charles Enge; Gary Decker; Stese Hooraert; Larry Pederson; Tim Berg; Larry Damm; Terry Berg; Ray Killoran. THIRD ROW: George Person; Joe Pesck; Dale Foreman; Paul Kjensrud; Al Kallock: Ray Soutor: Joel Larson: John Lot cr. Secretary. Joel DcVillcrs: Tim Zentgraf. 8-5parts training ROW ONE: Ronald Viall: Dave Urlachcr. Vice President: Doughs Kirkeby. President: Gary Walters. Secretary. ROW TWO: Mike Smart; Jim Lynner; Duane Ooldade; Vern l.ilja; Allen Net : I.on Burns; Kenny Sabo. ROW THREE: Sant K. Woods: Dan Garaas; Mike Weninger; Kenneth McMahcn; James XVcisen berger; Paul Roullcdgc: Bob Maus; Duane lijorn-son. auto mechanics ROW ONE: Jim Bessler: Bruce Dally. President: Russ llohbcin. ROW TWO: Leroy Silbcrnagel: Gary Wolff; Dean Gunsch; Harry llystad: Richard Schalx: Ken Adair: Dennis Rhcault; Daryl Erdman. ROW THREE: Walter A. Allcry; Richard Cameron; Donald l orland; Duane Gollict; Daniel Inches; Clyde Duchshcrcr; Byron Jensen: Monte Martin.Electronics Drafting, Refrigeration, Electrical and Drafting RIGHT: Suko. Sec.-Treat.: S. I rccsc: R. Ziinprich; C. Weinmaitn: l . lisebcr; T. Hopcauf. ROW 2: N. Iwaniw. G. Evin. N. Fischer. D. Dailey. II Rovcltlad. T. Dimmer. M. Adams. R. Torkclson. D. Vigen. Refrigeration BELOW: N. Corbin. V. I rc .; A. Kaltlor. I»rcs.: J. Aasntundstud. Scc.-Trcat. ROW 2: I). Hcst-beck. I’. Hang on. N. Johnson. I . Kirkeby. Q. kulus. H. Rocker. R. Rcimer. A. Arnson.Electrical l.lil-T: R. Arnoldi. I’. Capouch. T. Clemen'. I). Odegaard Scc.-Trca .. R. Erickson Pres . M. Allrich V. Pres.. I.. Johnson. J. Iransen. I . Beglau. ROW 2: Charles Henry Advisor. M. Vandrouec. I:. Wagner. J I’.iyne. A. Sehenek. E. Oberg. II. Mansirom. W. Overby. R Lcadbciler. Electronics BELOW: E. Johnson, b. Rekkedal Sec.-Trcas.. M. Moher V. Pres.. I;. Jun.1 Pres.. ROW 2: I., liksdal. (}. Fuchs. A. Opp. M. Klein. R. Kutdor. II. Maer-tens. P. Susa. E. Iverson. J. (iunhus, ROW 3: I). Richter. S. I lanscn. E. Karas. T. Bosch. R. Palm. N. Eltrnst. P. McDonald. J. Whcler. C. Krause. D. Kraft. HWt I- I TTT- Girls show enthusiasm in Dental Auxiliary ROW I: M. Roald son. J. Devin. D. Weber. S. Kalash. I). Hush. B. Shidc. P. Shroycr. ROW 2: K. I la Ivor son. J. Gaul. K. Dahlcn. S. Stephens. J. Ilollcrung. L. Pcl i. M. Milne. P. Osier. S. Ronningen. G. Engle. M. Wjlcn. ROW 3: M. Wojahn. N. Levin. M. Mortensen. C. Wohlwend. J. Jerve. E. Aamodt. L. Christianson. B. Rciten. J. Krert . J. Muchlberg. ROW I: C. Krause. A. Aaberg, C. Schalz. I). Durand. J. Hagen. L. Falk. S. Kenvingcr. D Schanilcc. ROW 2: D. Raislcr. C. Loft is. K. Ziegler. B. Cooper. C. Bayley. S. Johnson, J, Sanders. M. Trenbeath. I. Ranter. ROW 3: P. Ilaberman. L. Greenhcck. L. Rudolph. J. Rudolph. D. Colvin. D. Monicith. R. Bjorlic. C. Pctsingcr. I. Strom berg.Occupational Therapy — ROW I: Rosemary Ma-chari. Mary Weigel. Mindy Cickn, Lydia l.cingang. Lynna Chambers. Mary Murck. ROW 2: Judy Schlecicr. Sue Rcinke. Marjic Mabic. Marcy Hanne man. Betty Ross. Sister M. Theodora. Arland Nelson. Jan Thorstenson. ROW 3: Tim Nathe. Bruce Rindahl. Stephen Olson. Occupational Therapy Vets Club Vets Club — James Brodigan. Commander: Ken Mack. V. Commander: Ken Hullingcr. Sec: James Fraley. Treav: Ron Preuss. Sgl. at Arms: Jerome Gagne. Chaplain. »• Three classes of nurses graduate October RIGHT: l onn;i Moore. Gail Nelson. Carolyn Lebeth. Nancy loss. Marcella Jensen. Debra Clemcmson. Eva Geffre. Mar-jo Brekhus ROW 2: l.u Matlis. Cheryl lip-pier. Joanne Okk. Sandra Brown. Dena Fraasc. Kaihy Lafrcnicrc. Connie Pricing. Janclle Mjor. Cheryl Grodc. Gloria Ciorby. ROW J: Brenda Lange. Vickey JohnM n. Janice lihrman. Deborah l.ault. Judy Barlholo-nuy. Slunru Mjcldc. Glenda Barden. Janice Irmen. I.ynda llamann. Janet Aklrieh. Joyce Austin. ROW 4: Arlene Kraft. Karen Olek. Ronna Boeder. Lynn Lciningcr. Susan Beun-ing. Sandra liby. Wendy Hanson. Renee llaraldson. Eileen O'Brien. Victoria Hcrbold. June Rekken. Mary Jo Matthews February RIGHT: Susan Grcgoirc. Jacqueline Arctl. Irene Paulu . Evelyn Slute. Nona Livingston, Joan Miranowski, Pat Nvgaard. Sharon Hanson. Vicky Rocdcr. June Sommer. Sheryl Prosser. ROW 2: Michael Mullancy. Clarke Babolian. Joy Streed. Connie Otto. Deborah Rohlfs. Ramona White. Lynn Severson. Paula Zclmer. Karen Podoll. Kay Sporre. Jay Lowry. ROW 3: Susan Suckut. Linda Deaver. Keith Kummer. Deborah Berg. Susan Tully. Jane Boyd. Renee Bearntan. Sharon Hager. Marie Wcrsal. Joan Jcsfcc. Melody Ward. Ruth Hand. Margaret Osman. 90June OPP. PAG I: TOP Margaret Wicfcrholt. Elizabeth Hubbard. Janice Weseom. Dawn Olson. Adeline Houston. Barbara Thon. RO'V 2: Carol Vanllal, Vickie Titus. Pamela Kaber. Sheila Hanson. Gladys Skwira. Connie Kasowski. Julie Montoy nc. Toni Whitson. ROW J: Alana Tenipcl, Corlivs Monson. Ilc'vtlj Prchal. Peggy Viele. Mary Moser. Vicky Justesen. Sandra Marsh. Diana Nordic!. Angela Ncrlien. ROW 4 l.oi Stallman. Marilyn Terfehr. Mavis Kangas. Susan I.arson. Margerat Kovarick. l.ynn Schwindt. Jane Kasowski. I.orainc Moe. AT I.I;l I : Audrey Huger. Kathy Gunderson. Kathleen Brener. Jill Brown. Tonah Dc-karia. Kathryn Bischoff. ROW 2: Marian Haugrud. Detoris DeGreef. Adclc Erahman. Gloria Viken. Ronda Eherhardt. Lorraine Schmitt. Dorothy Gallagher. Beverly Aarestad. Diana Haugen. ROW 3: IIoiu Novak. Lillian Bervelh. Belly Anderson. Barbara Bergh. Cheryl Mullen. Diana Grossman. Joyce Rcstad. Virginia Hansen. Sister Charlene Grossman. Phyllis I rankl. ROW 4 Debora S'ccn. Annclla Miller. Phyllis Drewyor. Patricia llardy. Vicki Nelson. Victoria Johnson. Johanna Boyle. Debrah Behm. Gayle Anderson. October I.LIT: Mclla Swearson. Sandra Brooks. Shirley Tunseth. Eileen Selimidt. Pamela Sncllman, Sana Hagen, Renee Paulson. I.ynac Schmidt. Angela Saluci, ROW 2: Rebecca Kosdahl. Dawn Slominski. Rcnac Erickson. Carol Nelson. Jean Nei'. Penny Stadick. Sharon Haller. Kathy Mayer. ROW J: Deborah Kapaun. Beulah Stack, Neva Siegers. Geraldine Hansen. Kathy Tanner. Peggy Mund. Lucille Neal. Annette Kinsala, Bonnie Moen. Gerrianne McIntyre. Debra Olson. Nordis Inglis. ROW 4: Rita Johnson, t.onda l.aufcnbcrg. Pauline Sagert. l.ynn Malmgren. Verna Walker. Barbara Carroll. Susan Wahl. Margie Dcaringcr. Patricia Olson. Cathy Bohn. Lorraine Harris. February BLI.OW: Diane Clark. Dorothy Schock. Pat Kurelka. Dorothy Erie. Ann Kastner. Barbara Glaser. Karen Kessler. Mary Neal. Charlotte Huber. Dasvncll linger. Jandlc Hoflcri. Mary llocpfncr. ROW 2: Deborah Hartsoch. Leslie Johnson. Connie Krupsky. Brenda Obcilandcr. Judith Seldcrs, Grace Erbcrlc. Lisa lleniKn. Susan Nord-man. Marilyn Johnson. Genevieve Harvey. Linda Rcinckc. Irene Crawford. ROW }: Kathy Lenert . Esther Schiermcister. Jeneane Schladcr. Stephanie Lyon. Sheila Flynn. Debra Zollinger. Trudi Hert cn-berg. Renee Endcrsbec. Linda Hysjulicn. Nona Grothem. Patricia Davis.SCIAC, Business Club and Sacajawa •SCIAC (Student Center Informal Activities Committee) Glenn Meyers President: Marge Nygard Secretary; Tint Tallman; Car yn Loftis; George Bakcwcll: Dan Baumgart. BOTTOM: Sherry Stcnvold: Pam Van Zee: Jane Berg: Barbara Bauder: Jasvicki: Donna Mucha: Alice Husky: Sandy Lattt; Wanda Montgomery: Allen Erickson; ROW 2: Rose Elliott; Helen Kvllo: Linda Whitmore: Diane Hagen; Judy Sailce: Charlene'DuscII; Charles Poe (Pres.); Edward Rhode: ROW y Ronald Weinmann; Betty Herzberg: Julinc Hiam: Teresa Go-seeks; Truley Thoraldson; Josh Anderson; Marty Lee: Marge Nygard: ROW 4: James Johnson: Kathy Vasviek; Linda Schott: Sue Pederson; Renee Anderson: Linda Rotenberger: Linda Weisenhaus: Mary Human. 92IS : TOP PICTURE: Helen Marildstad - Vice-President; Gloria Engle Treasurer: Deborah Lee Secretary; Paukite Osier President; SEATED ON FLOOR: Candy Hoffman: Mary Murek: Laura Maixner: ROW 2: Linda Rieger: Marge Nygard: Marilyn Man son. Pam Van Zee: Helen K llo; Rose Ellialt; ROW 3: Kathy Ziegler; Beth Reitcn; Jackie Gaul; Deb Raider: Charlene McNeill: Nanette Thornton: Betty Hcr bcrg: ROW 4: Mary Herman: Diane Davison; Peggy Ledahl; Josh Anderson; Marcia Met ger: Marly Lee: Sue Pederson. BOTTOM PICTURE: Mary Walker; Becky Hollingsworth: Marlene Maczkowic : Mary Kay lloepfncr; Sandy Lana. Judy Sailer; Patty Stohlcr; Sue Ronningen ROW 2: Judy Dewald: Sandra Kluck: Roylene Btxlsig; Trulcy Thoraldson: Janis Dahl. Connie Ostcn; Caryn Loftis: ROW 3; Mary l.udwig; Connie Petvingcr; Linda Schroedcr: Barb Shide: Virginia Gill; Mercedes Morris; Cindy Tande: Sherry Stephcnv ROW 4: Ruth Bjorlie; Donnia Montcith; Susan Johnson; Agnes Bisek; Connie llagcn; Barbara Simon; Patricia Fasscll. 93DECCA and Religious groups, Gamma Delta, UCCF, and Newman IJKCCA TO RIGHT: M Lehman; E. Kcslcr. Vice President; I). Tobias; M. George, President; ROW TWO: M. Kuizcr: C. Griffin: G. Winter: A. Sandslrom: L. Oberg: P. Jensen; J. Nielson. UCCF BELOW: S.' Eley: I). Floodccn; M. M.ibic: J. Miller: A. Hood. ROW TWO: Mrs. Schmidt: S. Brown; G. McIntyre: C. Tcngcsdal; M. Ilinsvcrk. ROW THREE: C. Ross; O. Ilan-son; I.. I'cmritc; M. Cole: O. Adams. Gamma l clta ROW I; Jerry Jaeger. Gerhardt Pan-ko». Marr Stenson. LcAnn Schrocdcr. Glen Meden-waldl. ROW 2: Wclson Hoescl, Ronda Pankow. V. Pres.: Lyn Schrocdcr. Dwainc Miltag. Treas.; Janet Rutter. Pres.; Philip Bauek.Who’s Who and Campus Personalities Who's Who ABOVE. FIRST ROW Put Habcrman; Rod Kcrzmunn; Judy Rudolph: Dean Swanson; Cindy Honl; Ric Blanchard: Ron Mohs; Tom Lawrence. ROW TWO Kathy Ziegler: Margaret Nygard; Kathy Luick;Suc Ron-ningen: Paulette Osier: Caryn Loftis; Daniel liberie: Mike George. ROW THREE Mary Knutson: Linda Eckert: Sandy Skoog: Max Rcinkc: George Bakcwcll: Glenn Meyers Not Pictured Jerald Hoffman and Vernon Sycks. Campus Personalities: BELOW. TOP ROW George Bake well; Rie Blanchard: Pat llabcrman: Jerald Hoffman: Ton Lawrence. BOTIOM ROW Carvn Loftis: Ron Mohs: Max Rcinkc: Janet Sanders: Kathy Ziegler.rrr A letter from President Blikre i i » [• TO SERVE This annual depicts through pictures and words the many opportunities for participation, for learning, and for lasting friendships. It is evident that the students are preparing today so they can serve well tomorrow. The Slate School of Science understands its responsible role. Every effort is continually being made to provide the faculty, the facilities, and the programs that are so necessary in this day of constant change. We arc very proud of our students. These young people are vitally interested in not only scholastic achievements but participating in the many activities and programs provided for them. It is evident as we turn the pages of this annual that “students put their college on the map.” We are proud to be a part of the State School of Science and to do our part to serve. Clair T. Blikre President r North Dakota State Board of Higher Education and Governor William Guy BACK ROW (L. TO R.): Albert Haas. New Rockford: Rev. Peter C. Min-rich-., Dickinson: Allen H Hausaucr. Wahpeton: Mrs. Ailsa Simonson. Crosby; Harold C. Reding. Boiiinc.iu: I'rcd R. Orili. Grand Porks. I RONT ROW: Kenneth E. Raschkc. Commissioner. Bismarck; George Sinner. Hoard President. Casselton: l.loyd Nygaard. Assistant Commissioner. Bismarck: Mrs. Adellc Joos. Board secretary. Bismarck.Administrative Council and Administration Orlin I). Bakkcn Director of Continuing Education Alvin C. Eckrc Director of Special Services Charles J. Hanson Director of Admissions and Records Vernon E. Hektner Dean of Arts, Science and Pre-Professional Division James A. Horton Director of Academic Affairs Myron J. Koppang Dean of Business Division Herman A. Liberda Director of Student Services (Jordon V. Patterson Director of Business Affairs Sam L. Schimclfcnig Dean ofTcchnical Division Donald V. Stevenson Dean of Trades Division Charles R. Borchcrt Director of Guidance Services Rodger Fraase Assistant Director of Business Affairs Marlin W. Guide Director of Physical Plant Richard A. Uauck Guidance Counselor Richard Holm Admissions Counselor Steven Krohn Coordinator — Instructional Resources Don P. Miller Director of Public Information Mercedes Morris Dean of Women a Lyle H. Schlotfcldt Registrar Arlie Steen Director of Alumni Relations and Department Chairman of Social Studies Wallace M. Nordgaard Director of Placement Carmen Plummer Purchasing and Inventory Robert Poss Accountant Del Ray Sanders Supervisor of Photography and Distribution Jerald K. Stewart Head Librarian Donald J. Tobin Dean of Men and Financial Aids CoordinatorI ft ! t » : i i Faculty Promotes Spirit Robert Abbott Department Chairman Plumbing Ed Adams Printing James Aldrich Department Chairman Office Machine Repair Wesley Allen Dep't. Chr. Electronics Radio-TV Bernard Anderson Electrical Tech. Kenneth Anderson Electrical Tech. Wesley Andrud Business Head Track Coach Harlan Arncson Auto Mechanics Oliver Arncson Communications Robert Arso Electronics Radio-TV 102. -J Duane Ballwcber Dept. Chairman; Auto Body Julian Berg Elect ronics T ech nology Jocn Blouin Printing Gerald Bollinger Business Mgt. Arthur Boss English Kogcr Bramel Dept. Chairman; Math Science Bernard Brophy Electronics-Radio-TV Ronald Brucsch Auto Mechanics Harold Bruschwcin Dept. Chairman; Civil Engineering Janice Busching Business John Carlson Dept. Chairman; Graphic Arts Mary H. Carter Librarian Dr. R. J. Casad Dept. Chairman: Dental Auxiliaries Ewald Christensen Electronics Ncla Coghlan Practical Nursing Muriel Connolly School Nurse John Derry Dciscl Maintenance Daylc Dietz Secretarial Arts Robert Egge Machine Shop Don Engcn Basketball Coach Physical Education 103I)r. Perry H. Engstrom Denial Hygiene (pari time) Errol Erickson English Jean Evenstad English John B. Farwick Machine Shop Donald Eauss Related Engineering LaVonne Fitzgerald Denial Assisting Marlyn Frcdcrickson Math, Asst. Football, Basketball Coach Donald Fulp Chemistry Robert Ciette Business Jean Gillham Dental Hygiene Robert Goroski Auto Body Repair Stanley Graf Electronics-Radio-TV Allan Grage Football Coach: Physical Education Mary Ann Grage Physical Education William Grosz Dental Hygicnc(part lime) Roy Hackney Dept. Chairman; Refrig. Air Conditioning Gary Hagen Diesel Maintenance Richard Haskell Dept. Chairman; Architectural Drafting Elizabeth Havcrland Assistant Librarian Howard Henderson Dept. Chairman; Industrial Electronic Drafting 10-iJ I I- r. Harold Henning Architectural Drafting Charles Henry Electrical Tech Clifford Hermes Business Mgt. Asst. Football Coach Bernard Hilgers Machine Shop Arne Hinsverk Welding Mario Hinsverk Electrical Tech Spencer Hokenson Dep't. Chr. Sheet Metal Air Conditioning John Holland Machine Shop Everett Holt . Diesel Maintenance Darcll Jacobs Diesel Maintenance Jewitt Jacobson Auto Mechanics James Johnson Social Science Charles Johnson Data Processing Hilding Johnson Auto Body Repair James Johnson Auto Mechanics Orrin Johnson Data Processing 105Donald King Business Walter Kjar Electrical Technology Keith Kluis Architectural Drafting Henry Knight Mathematics and Physics Ralph Knudsen Klectronics-Radio-TV Joseph Kragness Auto Mechanics Mary Kroshus Librarian Tilford Kroshus Music Kent Ladd Auto Mechanics John Larsen Acting Dept. Chairman Gen. Mechanics Diesel James Larson Architectural Drafting Gordon Lee Llectrical l.WCLI___ Lowell Johnson History and Sociology Neal Johnson Science Robert Jokumsen Industrial Drafting Ardeith Juven Business Russell Kastelle Civil Knginecring Jcrrold Kemper Diesel Maintenance Robert Lemkc Welding Howard Lewis Science Edwin Litlkc Machine Shop Verlin Lundgren Department Chairman. Electrical Gary Martinson Economics George May Civil Engineering Technology Billy McElhancy Industrial Drafting and Desing Technology Jesoph McLaughlin Architectural Drafting Bjorn Mclstcd Electronics Lawrence Mcrbach Mathematics Harold Miller Sheet Metal Larry Miller English Monroe Mocn Auto Mechanics Helen Mohr Dental Hygiene Ralph Morben English Michael Morrison Social Science 107 Marvin Mortcnson Wrestling Coach Men's Phy-Ed. Elizabeth Murphy Business John Neperud Auto Mechanics John Nielson Business Management Elsie O'Donnell Developmental Reading Clinton Olmstcad Science Arvid Olson Small Engine Repair Joel Olson High School Recorder Robert Olson Printing John Osland Electronics Harvey Ostby Auto Mechanics Dale Peterson Coordinator. RTA Program Glenn Peterson Auto Mechanics Maurice Peterson English and Drama Coach Robert Peterson Coordinator. Related Study Program Lewis Pilon BusinessGene Pinkney Dept. Chairman English Humanities Walter Putnam Diesel Maintenance Robert Reed Occupational Therapy John Reinbold English George Rclzlaff Business Lawrence Richter Business Donald Roslcv Electronics Dorothy Rothwcll Dept. Chairman Secy. Arts Leonard Ruzicka Architectural Drafting Mary Sand Art John Schatz Auto Mechanics Lynnwood Schmidt Accounting and Asst. Football Coach Phyllis Schmidt Practical Nursing Warren Schuctt Dept. Chairman Auto Mechanics Esther Schulz Language Wayne Skalicky Accounting Lee Soehren BiologyDonald Sperling Civil Engineering Robert Stefonowicz Science Nclva Steiner Practical Nursing Raymond Slockcrt Industrial Electronic Drafting Stanley Strcgc Psychology Martin Strobcl Department Chairman Data Processing Jerome Swedberg Department Chairman Machine Shop David Sylvester Architectural Drafting Julian Szczur Department Chairman Welding Robert Thon Electronics Grant Unkenholz Electronics Gary Valeskc Accounting Helen Vallager Practical Nursing Ralph Viall General Mechanics Edward Vincr Electronics Radio-TV Lowell Westfield Welding 110Roger NVolbrink Auio Mechanics Janet Wolsky Department Chairman Practical Nursing William Yost Graphics Larry Christensen Data Processing Charles Hegel Instructional Resources Technology Odin Stutrud Teacher Training Coordinator David Willenborg Data Processing LuVern Witty Refrigeration and Air ConditioningN.D. STATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE W0MEN RESIDENCE HALL ADDITION A p£P sr ptsr s r Af COLLEGE HOUSING PROGRAM AM UT HO C H ( s P£fW tfm«r of mw m khu Kumm VSX • of ••• ...... • ' 4 New women’s dorm named Schulz Hall Schulz. Hull was ihc name given lo the new women's residence hall presently under construction on the North Dakota State School of Science campus. Miss Esther Schulz, instructor at the college, will have the 120 bed women's residence hall named in her honor. Since 1932. this dedicated and devoted woman has been on the staff of Arts. Science and Pre-Professional Division. Her contributions to the college arc numerous. She was in charge of extracurricular vocal music for 25 years: was instrumental in the founding of the Melodic Caravan and served as advisor to the LSA group on campus for 25 years. Miss Schulz has taught Spanish. German. English. French. Accounting. Typing and vocal music. She has represented the college at numerous professional conferences and is a member of the SSS 300-Club.Miss Schulz was born in Montevideo. Minnesota and graduated, with honors, from the University of Minnesota in 1928. She also attended two sessions at the University of California; one session at the University of Mexico; attended Minnesota Business College. attended twelve choral clinics in Minneapolis and holds a diploma from the Sherwood School of music in piano. In addition to her education she has traveled extensively in Mexico and in the United States improving her background in foreign languages. The NDSSS Building Names Committee had this to say about Esther Schulz. "She has been an outstanding influence on students of the college through her 38 years of dedicated service. Her unselfish devotion to duty and her loyally to her profession and to the college have won her the admiration of both students and fellow faculty members through the years." 113NDSSS graduates leave with knowledge that it’s been two years well spent. Ann A a berg Shirley Abrahamson Steve Achcson David Ackerman Alan Aga John Ahoncn David Aisenbary Eugene Albertson Myron Allrich Ted Althoff Holly Anderson Jim Anderson Keith Anderson Mark Anderson Ronald Anderson Ronald Arnoldl Allen Arnson Robert Babel Michael Bailly Marvin Bukko Clarence Banish Dave Banttari Roger Barth Barbara Bauder Fred Baver Daniel Baumgarl Russell Baumsberger John Bcarfield Craig Bearman Glenn Becker Douglas Beglau Doris Bcithon Russ Beilin Steve Benther 115 V Jane Berg Janice Berg Stephen Berg James Berndt Darold Beruke Delbert Besser Charlotte Bice Richard Biewer Jerome Bixby Richard Blanchard Terry Blinsmon William Bluford Gary Blunt Dale Bocsl Gerald Bocspflug Keith Boettcher Terry Bohlman Wayne Bohrer Wayne Boschef Stcu Boyer Tom Boyle Jim Braaten Charles Brandi Gary Bratlic Dennis Bredvik Roger BrennaDuane Breuer Deverne Briss Ronald Brown Kathryn Bublitz Douglas Buck Jacqueline Bucchlcr Tony Buerklcy Randall Buisker Ronald Burchill Lynn Bure Neil Buringrud John Burns Jalanc Byrd Patrick Capouch Morland Carlson Nancy Carter Mark Christman Glenn Christmann Lawrence Ahlar Timothy Cimlura John Clark Steven Claus Ferrell Clemens Kathleen CloseMonte Cole Barb Cooper Myron Coppen Dave Cornell Darrell Costain Dennis Crandall Steve Dahlstrom Donald Dailey John Dalyell Dean Danielson Douglas Danuser Sharon Darnall William Davy Stanley Dean James Deg James DeMers Ted Deschamp PalDcuenhaac Lynn Dewhirst Judy Dcwald Douglas Dewey Michael Dick John Dorks Paul Dichraft Terrance Dimmer Mike Doberstein 18Vivian Doblcr Ricky Dock ter Shirley Docktcr Ardclla Donat Sandra Donegun Paula Dosch Kenneth Dukart Charlene Du sell Tom liber hart Daniel liberie Wayne Eggert Bruce Lichhorn Iiilccn lilhard Dalton Ellison Gloria Engle Larry Entyc Arnold Entyi Dale Erbes Dale Erickson Roger Erickson Roger L. Erickson Ronald Erickson John Esscr Daniel Essig Gregory EvensonGerald Evin Dennis Ewinc Fred Falck Lynn Falk Warren Fegley Maurice Fcltman Marcy Fcllig John Fettis Harvey Finsaas Darwin Fischer Neal Fischer Peggy Fischer Leslie Fyskym Vern Flanagan Jerry Fleck Don Floodccn John Foley Leonard Folk Kennerh Forster James Frank John Fransen Steven Freese Joyce Fyllesvold Mark Gambrel Roger Garaas Bruce Gard Donna Gartner Sebastian Geffre Wendclin Gefre Mike George 120 Harlan Germundson Jay Gifford Theodore Giovannoni Genevive Gorman David Goudic Michael Grahn Don Gravensen Glen Graves Alvin Gravos Linda Greenhcck Larry Grendahl Dean Groseth Steven Grottc Dale Gulsvig El wood Gunderson Keith Gunderson James Gunhusl Susanne Gyldenuand Ronald Haas Lowell HaasePatricia Haberman Mikcl Hagan Peggy Hager Warren Hall Douglas Hansen Gary Hanscy Bruce Hanson Clarence Hanson Dennis Hanson Dennis Hanson James Hanson Steven Hanson Lenorc Hartman Larry Haul' Brian Hauschild Robert Heinert Kenneth Heinrich Duane Held Harlan Hclgcson Wayne Hcllebust Donald Heilman Wayne Helm Dclvin Henke DuWaync Henne Jerry Herlyn Wayne Herman 122Belly Herzberg Gary Hctland Bradley Hillcbrand John llillcrud Paul Hillestad Gary Hillius Kandy Hindcrus Jeffery Hinds Don Hingsi Renee Hinrichs Sieve Hinlgcn Robcrl Miming Weldon Hocscl Michelle Hoffman John Hoflen Robcrl Hohn Linda Hokana Kenneth Holand Andrew Holdorson Sandra Hollands Earl Hollar Barry Holm Darrell Holweger Glen Holw-eger Cynthia Honl Tim Hopcauf Virgil Horsi Rila HoytLarry Hruza Burnell Hvclhcr Randy Hvethcr Glenn Huffman John Hunt Terry Huseth David I hie Bruce Isaac F.ugcnc Iverson Larry Iverson Nick Iwantiu Wayne Jahner Dennis Jalbcrt Thomas Jamison David Jenty Beton Johnson Darrell W. Johnson Donald Johnson Frank Johnson Gary Johnson Greg Johnson 124Ken Johnson Leon Johnson Loring Johnson Noel Johnson Robert Johnson Vcrncll Johnson Arvid Johnston John Johnston Jcanic Jorgensen Leroy Jorgensen Frames Jrind Jeny Kadric Kaylcen Kadrnias Ronald Kaiser Alton Kaldor LcRoy Kallis Daniel Kannianen Gary Kast Kenneth Kauk Floyd Kcarncs Duane Keller Rodney Kerymann Tom Kinn Martin Kirkeby Paul Kirkeby Keith Klosc Sandra Kluck Kenny Knutsen Mary Knutson Anton Koch 125 ’ — i vsr«___ Harold Rovarik Robert Kranda Russell Kreis Janice Krenz Iventin Rubas Sandra Kukla Douglas Rummer Gerald Runty Renneth Runty Gary Runjc Lee Rurle Terry Rurle Roger Rvasager Dwight Lachcnmeicr Duane Lachcr Scott Lang Roger Langseth Michael Laroque Gary Larsen Charles Larson Doug [.arson Harold Larson Reith Larson Lewis Larson Pam Larson Steve Larson James La Roe Ronald Laverdure 1 Deborah Ronald Lee Ted Lee Twyla Lee Kenneth Lill Allen Lcncriy Calvin Leno Fred Lcschccskc Milton Lesmann Cheryl Lindseth Gerhart Link Kenneth Link Paul Linstad Neal Little Caryn Loftis Larry Longhenry Bruce Loyland Mary Loyland Vernic Lucas Dale Luhman Gordon Luick Darell Lund Linda Lund Jerry Lykken Roger Lwcdalcn Terry Madsen Gary Magnuson Carol Manning Roger Manning 127TCT" I ! f Paul Morin Ray Mariscal Kenneth Martin Charles Martinson Gary Matheny Jerry Mathisted James Mattis Dale McLeod Danny McMcnamy William Meek Curtis Merkel Linda Methrust Jim Metyger Ronald Metyger Sheila Meiers Dreu Meyers Glenn Meyers Jo Meries Stan Michaels Donald Miller Erwin Miller Marvin Miller Nathan Miller Neil Miller Roger Miller Mary Milne Dweinc Mittag Greg Moch Dean Mocn Lynette Mocn 128Henry Mocriens Morgan Morchart Lana Moricnson Manfred Maslad David Moyinski Judy Muchlbcrg Don Nagel Gerald Nagel Dale Narveson Mike Ncese Charles Nelson Lonnie Nelson Terry Nelson Wayne Nelson Milton Ncsdahl Leonard Neumillcr Lynn Nigg William Nisbel Timothy Nord Holly Nordeng Alfred Noe Ralph Nogowski Arnic Novotny Margaret Nygard Larry Oberg Dayle AdegaardDonald Oicn Bradley Algaard Staford Olig Dean Olson Jerry Olson Sandra Olson Anthony Opp Tom Oscar son Carole Ost Paulette Osier Walter Ouradnik Gary Pacha 1 Dcawana Palmer Lcta Palmer Linda Palmer Bradley Paulson Lari Paulson Craig Pausch Susan Pederson Terry Pcilcr Lois Pclyl Bernard Pence William Peterka Wayne Peterson Alan Peterson Art Peterson 130James Peterson Larry Peterson Thomas Picard Douglas Picottc Michael Pitra George Podhrasky Charlie Poe Tom Porter Steven Pranke Dennis Pullen Wayne Quam Debra Raislcr Paul Ramsc Rod Randall Daniel Reardon Robert Rccck Lewis Reed Neil Reedc Richard Rcgcth Max Reinke John Reis Edward Rekkedal John Rcttcralh Ronald Rewald Edward Rhode Kathy Rhode Darrell Richardson Don Richter 131 Mike Riger Rodney Riehl Dennis Rismon Colleen Roberts Zach Roberts Morgan Rohde David Rokusck Patrick Roller Susan Ronnimgen Bruce Rossow Milo Rossow David Roth Dclmar Roth Mike Rott Halbert Rovclstad Samuel Rudolf Judith Rudolph LuAnn Rudolph James Rutschkc Alex Saloum Janet Sanders Steven Satrcaas John Sawicki DancttcSchanilcc Cabrina Schatz James Schatz LSandy Schcmpp Larry Schlabach Dennis Schmidt Kenneth Schmidt Robert Schmidt David Schneibcl Gailen Schneider JocISchock William Schreibcr Dean Schumacher Frank Schumacher Kenneth Schumacher Herbert Schwarsohn Gerald Schwartz Gale Score Jane Scott Rodney Scibcl John Seiler James Septon Patricia Scttcrland Ted Shau David Sheppard Terry Shimek BcvShirck Leslie Shirley Douglas Silkey Adrian Simon Henry SimonsLarry Sinner Paul Sinner Keith Skalct Milton Skjerven Ronnie Skluzak Sandra Skoog Duane Skramstad Daryn Smith Donald Smith Henry Smith James Smith Mark Smith James Sogard Kent Solberg Dean Solyntjes Gary Spcidcl Larry Spcidcl Gayland Staacl Thomas Stack Stephen Stark Henry Sleekier Cregg Stein Ronald Stevens Richard Slompro Larry Stuic MareSundquist Duane Svedin Dean Swanson 134Lawrence Taylor Dennis Tedrow Lrncst Tcsky Curtis Tews Barb Thompson Terrance Thompson Don Thorsness Leroy Thurn Dave Tischcr Ron Tischcr Thomas Toner Ron Torgcrson Arlene Torkclson JohnTrygg Joann Tschackofskc James Tuchschcrcr Paul Tupa Lowell Tvcdt Thomas Twitcro Sam Uran Dale Urlacbcr Michael Valcnta Ron Vander-Lindcn Leslie Vashus Richard Verhassclt Jerry VertesBob Vcttcl Douglas Vigen Thomas Visiad Overett Vogel Max Vollcr Carris Vondal Aldcn Walcn Marie Walcn Craig Wallin lirvin Walthcr Kirby Walz Dennis Wang Tony Wangler Dale Wangsness Myron Washburn Craig Wawers Mary Waytassck Debra S. Weber Allen Weiand timer Weigel Dan Wcisbcck Terry Wcisbcck Gary Weiss Robert Werner Allen Wcsierhausen Fredrick Wcstcrlind Darryl Weyer Bruce Whitehead Theresa Wicklcin Curl WiemanDon Wieman Ron Wieman Vance Wicscr Dennis Wilhelm Andrew Wilkie Steven Winthcr Larry Woodbury James Workman James Woilhc Harold Wrichcr James Wysoski Morris Yagow Charles Young Harold Young Robert Zabell Richard Zablotncy James Zach Robert Zidon Kathleen Ziegler Robert Zimprich mmFreshmen at Science find themselves faced with many decisions. 138Anita Achtcnbcrg Joel J. Ackerman Kenneth L. Adair Mark L. Adams Edward J. Allen Micheal T. Allmaras Belly J. Allman Albert J. Aman Kathy K. Ames Debra M. Anderson Julie Anderson Kenneth Anderson Roger Anderson Steve L. Anderson Deborah M. Azure Willie Austin Terry Baadtc Floyd L. Baird Lee H. Baker Lyle M. Bakkc Steven O. Bakken Arnold Bankers Judith A. Barton Dale R. Bauer Steven E. Bay Larry A. Bayer Carolyn S. Baylcy LonnyJ. Beach Roger E. Bcaroc Guy W. Bcchcdahl James W. Beeler John F. Bchm Duane A. Berg Terry L. Berg David N. Berger Teresa A. Bergrud Donny R. Bingaman Agnes M. Bisck Ruth A. Bjorlic David O. Blade Jeffery D. Blake Roylcne R. Bodvig Sonia L. Boc Micheal A. Bohlcn Timothy Bohiman James M. Bondcrud Lowell Bontjes B. Dean Botts7T— David R. Branson Marlcn Bratvold Sheridan Breding Yvonne C. Brcndscl Beverly G. Briks Gerald A. Brinkman Cheryl K. Brorby Jerome A. Brown Dean A. Bruschwein Rcinhard Buchholz Carol D. Buck Kenneth Bullinger Roger J. Burchill Barbara Buringrud Debra K. Bush Judy Butterfield Richard Cameron Constance Carlson Michelle Casper Lynna M. Chambers Cheryl Chaput Curtis Christensen Paula Christiansen Linda Christianson Roger Christianson Joseph T. Chyle Richard Ciavarclla Monte L. Clauson Sandra K. Colby Kathleen M. Cook Susan G. Cook Nathan B. Corbin William Cox Bruce A. Crowe Janisc K. Dahl Richard A. DahlKaren Dahlen James A. Dallmann Bruce A. Dally Larry N. Damm Marvin D. Damm Gregory Davidson Diane J. Davison Laurie J. Debill Luccnda Dccotcau DarlysJ. Deike Bricn L. Dennis Bruce L. Dexter Dean A. Diehl Jerry R. Dimmer Vicki L. Dimmer Mark M. Dock ter Karen L. Dolbcarc Sherril J. Doll Bruce L. Donner Sandra J. Draroland Linda Drommond James Dvit Steve liberie Dennis D. Eckroth Rose Elliot Micheal S. Ely Diane P. Emery Teresa A. Enger Clement Erickson Tom P. Erovick ArloG. Eslingcr Robert Evenson Joan M. Fagcrland Susan L. I:cdjc Russ J. Fiebiger John L. Fjcldahl Brad J. Flatcn Elnor Fletcher Fay A. FocltzDonna holey Virginia II. I'oncs Donald A. Forland James A. Fraley Roy A. Franks Dennis Frcdcrikson David M. Freilag Jeanne I. Froscih Richard J. Frye Timothy E. Gadcr Jacqueline Gaul James A. Geer Nora J. Gerber Wayne Gerbig Gregory J. Gcrou Daniel L. Gcrov Sheryl L. Gessele Rosalie Giengcr Douglas Giesengcr Virginia Gill George Gillespie Mitchell A. Gira Paul D. Glander Valerie Goehner Charlene E. Goltz Raymond Gourneau Mary Graffis Raymond P. Grauman Jayne Gravdal Leo P. Gregoire James Griffith Charles Grossnicklc Jean M. Grotjohn Darlene Guilbert Dennis Gullickson James R. Gunderson 142Diane Haakenson Ronald Mage Clark Hagen Diane K. Hagen Ken Hagen Morris Hagen Lawrence E. Hager Terrence J. Hager Joan L. Hagge Janice L. Hall Beatrice K. Hallquist Linda C. Halstead Kaye L. Halvorson Ramona Halvorson Jay D. Hancock Diane C. Hansen Stanley Hansen Randy Hansen Thomas E. Hansen Gayle E. Hanson Ordcan L. Hanson Teresa J. Hareland Lowell Haring George Harlinger Dennis Hartjc Elaine I. Hartman Charlotte Hauck I nomas D. Hauf Daphne Haugstad Charles Maus I della M. ilcgsclh Ronald A. Ilcgsclh Neil L. Heiden Richard llcidrich Dave R. Hcil Nancy N. Heisz Bruce W. Hclkcnn Larry D. Hcllcm Jcrcl Helling Jacquelyn A. Hcnlz Vincent L. Herding Jude II. Merges Mary Herman Thomas Hermes Alton H. Hcrmunsbic Frances S. Hcupcl Eric R. Heyerdahl Juline M. Hiam Gary W. Mild Dclphinc Hildahl MaryJ. Hinsverk Steven T. Hoaby Dcl-Waync C. Hoefs Brenda J. Hocrsch Mary K. Hoepfner William P. Hoff Candy Hoffman Jerald Hoffman Ronald E. Hoi me Rebecca Hollingsworth Kathleen P. Hollis Cynthia Holweger Darrell Holweger Paulette Homelvig Steven Hoornaert Steven R. Horning Alice A. Husby Du Wayne Hushka Harry J. Hystad Mervin M. Ihh Douglas Iverson Randy A. Iverson Judith Jackson Rodney Jackson Kenneth J.JacobsonLeslie O. Julio Jeffery Gross Marlon G. Jensen Merlvn Jensen Peter L. Jensen Wayne M. Jensen Alfred I). Jerkc Lance R. Johanneson Colleen R. Johnson Curtis W. Johnson Deborah K. Johnson Earl R. Johnson Edwin C. Johnson Gary L. Johnson Harvey L. Johnson PaulR. Johnson Sharon K. Johnson Susan K. Johnson Terry Johnson Jerry D. Jondahl Sandy Kalash Robert J. Kaufmann Velma V. Keller Margaret A. Kellogg Monte W. Kelly Robert L. Kennedy Sheryl E. Kensinger Ramona Kelterling Gregory A. Kiclb Julie A. King Curtis W. Kinn Sharon A. KirkebyDouglas H. Kitzan Kevin K. Klein Kevin L Klimek Herman li. Knudson Gilbert Koclzle Kenneth W. Kolbc Robert I.. Kollman Gene K. Korstad Wilbert A. Korth Cheryl R. K osier Oren J. Krapp Colleen Krause Kenneth I.. Krause Luclln M. Krous Michcal Krous Sophia P. Krumm Diane R. Krump Deborah K. Kubcla Terry Kvislen Helen I.. Kvllo blame M. Ladue Wayne D. I.ang Wayne L. Lantz Jancie I.aqua Sandra K. Roni I.. Larman Robert Larson MarioT. Lautt Randy l.cadhclter Dwight Leclair Marian I. Leclerc Peggy LedahlMarcia L. Lee Deborah C. Leek Terry A. Letter 1 Donna J. Lesmann Roger A. Levos Rhonda l.incoln Roger I.indcmann Rodney Livingston David J. Lizakowski Donna M. I.ocken MyronG. Lokken Terry K. Loomis John M. Loizcr Patrick T. Love Robert J. Lowe Mary J. Ludwig Robert Luebke Dennis Lugerl James R. Lukes Roger W. Lukes Susan J. Lykken James C. Lynner Lujean M. Lyons Margie Mabie Kenneth Mack Marlene Maezkowicz Laura Maixncr Bruce A. Manstrom Theresa A. Marsolck Carol M. Marlin Monte H. Martin Gary Matching Mary L. Mathern Alan A. Mathiason Kevin Matlhcy Marilyn Mattson Debra A. Maus Robert A. Maus Rosemary Mauch Shirley Mauch Terry Mauch Dorathca J. May Alexander MeCaskey Gene McDowell Keith McFarland Kenneth McMancn Charlene McNeill Glen W. Mcdcnwaldt Jeffery I.. Meiers David Melandcr Debbie Melling Jim Menge Bradley Messner Gaylan Mcthicscn Jeanette M. Metz Marcia L. Metzger Janet M. Melzlcr Callce Meyer Stephen W. Meyer Charlotte Michaclis Michcal Mickclson Beverly A. Millbrandt Guy S. Miller l.cland D. Miller Ricky J. Miller Ronald W. Miller Curtsi W. Monk Donna M. Montcith Wanda Montgomery Gary L. Monnens Doran Moriarty Larry Morlock Beverly J. Mortensen Mary J. Mortensen Gary A. Mozinski Lyndon J. Munch Mike F. Nadlcr 148  Gary Neilscn Arland A. Nelson Don J. Nelson Lyle W. Ness John Nord Marshal A. Oas Emil A. Olwrg Mike J. Ogrcn Loretta M. Olienyk Joann Olson Shawn Renee Olson Shirley Olson Steve Olson David L. Opp Lyle H. Ost Connie A. Osten Ronald C. Osier Gary Ottcnbachcr Wayne D. Overby Kevin Pacykowski Russel Pahl Gerard L. Palmer Larry L. Parrish Robert D. Parsons Sister Theodora Paul Mary L. Paulson John H. Payne Gary E. Pazderic Daniel L. Pedersen James II. Pender Colleen K. Peterson Denise Peterson Duane L. Peterson Sherry Peterson Sieve J. Petron Connie Pel singer Rodney Pfeiflc Keith Pfcilschicftcr Kathryn A. Pint . John R. Pietron Gregory A. Plath Lcora J. Pugh Bclcnda M. Quinnell Terrance H. Ralston lone E. Ranter Clinton I). Rasmussen Wioliam Lee Reece Avis L. Reese LesA. Regner Richard I.. Reimche Robert G. Reinter Elizabeth A. Rciten Clark O. Renfrow Rodney K. Renner James J. Rcsslcr Thomas L. Restemayer Dennis P. Rheault Connie J. Richter Linda R. Rieger Russell L. Rings Davin C. Roberts Raymond R. Roehr Curl Rogness LaWaync D. Rogness Charles R. Ross Bruce P. Rost ad Linda Rolcnbcrgcr Paul Rout ledge David A. Rude Gene F. Rudolf Nancy L. Rudolf 150Randall R. Rudolph John P. Rudow Peter A. Rudsen Merle J. Ruppcrt Daniel Rustvang Janet C. Rutter Mary L. Sabbe Bonnie L.. Sabourin Dean W. Saewcrt Neil Sagerl Judy J. Sailer David l;. Salter Steve W. Sando Stanley Savelkoul Jaclyn K. Sawicki Wayne A. Schafer Gregory Schat kc Bonnie Schaunaman Gerald J. Scheurer Judy Schliesman David L. Schmaltz Dwayne Schmidt Jerome K. Schmitz Annette Schmit c James Schneek loth Gregory L. Scholcs Donald Schornack William G. Schuctt Steven Schuh Paulette Schultz Paul E. Schuster Brenda C. Schwind Gordon I,. Scott Kathleen M. Scott Janis Scclhammcr Barbara A. Shidc Marilyn Siggaard l.eo Silbcrnagel Thomas Simmer John F. Sina Barbara Sinner Barbara L. Simon Nancy J. Simon Mike L. Smeins Robert J. Smith Forrest Solseng Larry A. Spear Vernon II. Spcral ■ 151 Larry R. Spcihman Patty Stack Rondald D. Slenberg Marlowe A. Stcnslic Sherry L. Stephens Sherry L. Stcnvold Sidney B. Stevenson Raclcnc K. Stock Bonita J. Stockdill Colccn C. Stockcrt Kim R. Stokes Mary Jane Strandcr Ina R. Stromberg Deborah J. Stucland Leaunna K. Suko Douglas J. Swartz Carol J. Swenson Gregory H. Swenson Jerold R. Swenson Gary G. Szczur Cynthia R. Tandc HalTarvcstal Jimmy R. Taxis Clifford NV. Tcngesdal Wayne O. Tenneson Trulcy A. Tharaldson Steve G. Thome Cheryl I. Thompson Nanette F. Thornton Deborah Thorsness Swenda L. Thorson Robert H. Tibor Carol L. Tisch Sheryl R. Tisdcl Sherman J. Tolstad Leonard A. Tougas Kathleen Traulman Jane Troftgruben Paulette Truckowski Ardcll A. Tweed David A. Twclcn Ronald F. Twohig Michael Vandrovee Pamela J. Vanzee Kathy M. Vasvick Keith A. Veil Kenneth Veil Ricky C.Velure1 Debra J. Virchow Vincent Vollbrccht Vicki A. Vondal lilton H. Wagner Sharon J. Wagner Steven C. Wagner John J. Wald Viola M. Wald DonaldS. Wanck Ardclla Wanner Pam B. Wasvick John l£. Weber Joseph M. Weber Donald J. Wegner Mary C. Weigel James Weisenberger Linda Weisenhaus Vernon J. Welder Carl Wcndclbo Mike N. Weningcr Nancy J. Westfield Colleen M. Wettstein Dennis Wheeler Stephan C. Wick Linda L. Wiese Lauren W. Wild Jane T. Wilhelm Dennis J. Wilkes Kerry B. Williams Richard Williams Leslie Wirkkuuen Dave A. Wisnewski Mark K. Witteman Rosemarie A. Wold Richard W. Wolf Gary Wolff Sam K. Woods Budsakorn Yannahan Sari M. Youngquisl Carol J. Zabolotny Audrey M. Zach Daniel Zahn 153OUR THANKS . . . To the Merchants Who Advertised in THE ’71 AGAWASIE THEIR SUPPORT HAS HELPED MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE We urge all of the students at the North Dakota State School of Science to patronize these merchants. THE ’71 AGAWASIE STAFFIt Only Takes A Minute to tell you that most of our officers and employees are Alumni of the State School of Science and to ask you to come in and get acquainted and use the service that our bank offers this community. 3i)dt NATIONAL BANK OF WAHPETON AnPETOX. NORTH DAKOTA 580 7 5 I Sincere Compliments of the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE WAHPETON NORTH DAKOTAFLAA OIL COMPANY WALT BUSTA, Proprietor CORNER DRUG Texaco Products and Goodrich "Prescription Specialists" U.S. Royal Tires Gas, Oil. Tires Batteries D. B. FOLDEN. Prop. Greasing and Washing 522 Dakota Avc. Phone 642-3451 901 Dakota Avc. Dial 642-5595 Wahpeton. North Dak. Wahpeton. North Dakota Compliments of MILLER’S BARBERSHOP "If your hair isn’t becoming to you. you should be coming to us.” (Uahpetojv Wahpeton. North Dakota WAHPETON, NORTH DAKOTA Compliments of BUD’S CAFE HOLLY’S BARBERSHOP For The Finest In Personal "Home away from Home" Grooming Sec Earl. Vern and Ed GOOD FOOD Across From Wards Home Made Pastries Wahpeton Ph 642-4661 WAHPETON. N. Dak. BRECKSTYLESHOP ALTSTATT PHARMACY MYRT Petersen Walgreen Agency BRECKENRIDGE, MINN. 56520 BR ECK EN R1DG E. MIN N ESOTA 56520 643-5331 PHONE 643-3871MEI.BY STUDIO A studio of Modern photography Wahpeton. North Dakota KELLY’S DINER AND LOUNGE STEAKS ‘PRIME RIBS ‘SEA FOOD Come and see our new cocktail lounge Dial 642-9939 Wahpeton THE MOTOR OIL COMPANY FLOYD A. SWENSON Owner Stop at our complete bumper-to-bumper service station for lubrication needs. We 3rc equipped to handle all makes of cars and trucks, able and ready to render complete and satisfactory service. Our complete line of accessories will take care of all your motoring needs. Phone 642-3121 SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS Wahpeton. N.D. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BRECKENRIDGE First In Service to Our Customers Why Not Take Advantage of The Following Services Available At Our Bank: Early Hour — Extra Hours Walk-Up Window — Banking Service 8:00 AM-5.30 PM Savings Interest Computed Daily. Bank Amcricard F.D.I.C. Personal. Business Agricultural Loans Counseling Service Checking Accounts, Maintained With No Service Charge If Balance ofSlOO Maintained. Deposits Accepted Via Deposit Letter Drop 24 Mrs. Daily RO-BANKS TOOL MFG. CO. TOOLS. DIES METAL STAMPINGS Wahpeton. North Dakota Phone 642-6314MEIDE AND SON, INC. General Conlractors Phone 642-2641 Wahpcton, North Dakota FARMERS AND MERCHANTS STATE BANK Big Enough To Handle Your Financial Requirements, But Small Enough To WANT To Serve, Know And Help You! Consult Us About Your Insurance We Can Serve You PHONE 643-5553 Brcckcnridgc. Minnesota HOME GAS COMPANY, INC. P.O. BOX 609 Wahpcton. North Dakota Allied Chemical Texgas DAKOTA CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC Dr. J. O. Ness 320 Dakota Avenue PH 642-5600 — WE STRAIGHTEN SPINES — B AND W DAIRY Home of the Valley Maid Dairy Products Days Fresher Miles Closer Phone 643-3971 Brcckenridgc, Minn.t-bXUXX METROPOLITAN savings s loan assoc at on FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION SAVINGS INSURED UP TO S20.000 FARGO WAHPETON GRAFTON GRAND FORKS LISBON LANGDON KOST BROTHERS, INC. Lxcavating and Dozer Work Ready-Mix Concrete Washed Gravel — Sand — Concrete Tile Kost Concrete Blocks — Building Material Delivered Anywhere Phone 642-3371 Wahpcton, North DakotaSINCE 1907. A GOOD NAME TO REMEMBER Globe-Gazette Printing Co. and GIFT AND CARD STORE WANPETON. NORTH DAKOTA AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS OF A. B. DICK DUP1CATING EQUIPMENTAND SUPPLIES SPRAGUE CARLTON — TELL CITY LA-Z-BOY MASTERCRAFT DREXEL HAMMARY MAGNAVOX RCA-TELEVISION MAYTAG WHIRLPOOL-APPLIANCES Telephone and Mailorders Welcome Decorating and Home Planning Service at no extra cost VERTINS NORTH DAKOTA'S LARGEST FURNITURE STORE NDSSS students buy furniture from Vertins — a pleasant place to leisurely choose your carpet colors.NORTH DAKOTA STATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION All Graduates and those in attendance for two or more terms arc automatically enrolled as members of the association. Whether you are an active member or not is up to you. We need your active support. Why Don't You Join Now!Compliments of WAHPETON DRUG COMPANY THULEN’S PIONEER MEAT MARKET “The Best in Meats” We Have the Knowledge and Equipment to Do Your Meat Processing Right Phone 643 5517 BreeVenridj . .Minnoota NORTHWESTS LOWEST AVERAGE EOOD PRICES Larry Mickclson Wahpeton. N.I). We Give Gift House Stamps QUALITY MEATS FRESHEST PRODUCE FRIENDLIEST SERVICE Arnic Lydeen Brcckcnridgc. Minn. “The Future’s Bright For You ... In Electricity” Yes. young people with the talents and technical background are in constant demand in the Held of electrical energy. Thousands of skilled people will be needed in this challenging and growing industry within the next few years! PICKED YOUR FIELD YET? DtterXlaU POWIR COMPANY AUTO PARTS COMPANY Since 1925 EARL SCHMIDT WARREN DOBERSTEIN Local Distributors of All Makes of Automotive and Tractor Replacement Parts Garage and Filling Station Accessories and Equipment General Welding Supplies and Equipment Phone 642-6629 Wahpeton. North DakotaWAHPETON FLORAL CO. BOB’S ARTIC CUT FLOWERS — FUNERAL DESIGNS A WEDDING BOUQUETS — PLANTS and POTTERY SALES Phone 612-3171 Minn Brcckcnridgc. Minn. BOB'S FAIRWAY FOODS BEST MEATS IN TOWN Friend Of The Student MOBIL RUSS’S MOBIL SERVICE Hi way 81 13 Wahpcton. North Dakota 58075 Gas. Oil Tires and All Your Car Needs Phone 642-3430 WAHPETON ELECTRIC, INC. Congratulations Class Of’71 CLIFF LOBERG FORD, INC. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS (AlwaysThc finest In Service) Rural And City Wiring— Elec. Appliances Ford - Mercury Lincoln Commercial Lighting Motor Repairing Massey Ferguson Farm Machinery Phone 642-4434 215 Dak. Avc. Wahpcton Wahpcton. N. Dak. B W fleet WHOLESALE ROGER’S DRUG BOHLKEN’S Furniture And Hardware Wahpcton • Prescriptions • Gifts "Your Farm Supply Store" • Photo Supplies • Cards Save Everyday On • Fanny Farmer Candies Tools — Appliances - We Deliver Furniture Carpets Phone 642-5551WAHPETON BRECKENRIIXiE A R HA'S NEWEST MOST COMPLETE SHOECENTER R oh Ice Shoe Busier Broun Njiurjli cr Tree Miss America SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY WAHPETON Phone 642-3371 One-Half Block South Of Stop Light Corner Bank Amcricard Master Charge Welcome Here. FAIRMONT MILK ICECREAM COTTAGE CHEESE Patronize your local distributor Compliments of DAHL MUSIC COMPANY Coin Operated Music and Amusement Equipment 122 South Vine Street Fergus Falls. MinnesotaT J DRY CLEANING INob wcbtcbn Shcct l Ibon Works) WAlIPbTON. NORTH DAKOTA 58075 Box 1005 Wabpcion. N. I). Ili X65 V;iicrio»n. S. D. COK R UGATED M HTAL CULVERTS DRAINAGE. IRRIGATION AND CONTRACTORS’ SUPPLIES THE CENTER Photographic Equipment Supplies Sales Service SYLVANIA. SONY. PANASONIC COLOR TV. HI-FI. TAPE RECORDERS 216 Wc« Lincoln I'h 736-2191 I I.RGUS I ALLS. MINN. RICHLAND COUNTY OIL CO. Bulk-Fuel Oil Gasoline Service Station Firestone Tires Electricians Electrical Contractors MODERN ELECTRIC CO. 2011 — 3rd Avenue North P.O. Box 225 Fargo. North Dakota CLEM AND GEORGE After Hours Phone 232-2986 Phone 233-1136 WEST END DAK. AVE. Ph. 642-9934 Wahpeton. N.D. Fast Courteous Service Dairy Queen North Hi-Way 75 DAIRY QUEENS BAR-B-QS HOT DOGS SUNDAES MALTS SPORTING GOODS AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES HOUSEWARES COAST TO COAST STORES Compliments Of Delos G. Halvorson. D.D.S. Dennis M. Bertsch. D.D.S And Our Friendly Staff DENTISTRY 108 Professional Building Phone 642-4488 Wahpeton North DakotaPemey’s ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY! Compliments of — THE J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Dial 642-4131 Wahpcion. N. Dak. ALEXANDERS UNCLE JIM’S CAFE STEAK HOUSE VALLEY STATIONERY School and Office Supplies Equipment Closed All Day Saturday Quick Service Charcoal Broiled Monogramming Steaks and Chops Phone 642-2187 Plan to use our Charcoal Room for Meetings and Private Parlies Wahpcion Phone 643-3891 North Dakota Brcckcnridge, Minn. Compliments of LUNCH BOX BRECKENRIDGE FEDERAL PIZZA SAVINGS AND LOAN Serving Pizza From 3:00 to 10:00 P.M. Meals and Lunches ASSOCIATION Phone 643-6695 For Pizza to Go 214 North Fifth Street Brcckcnridge. Minn. Brcckcnridge. Minnesota NIELSEN ELECTRIC, INC. 509 Dakota Avenue Telephone 642-5701 G.E. AND ZENITH TELEVISION NECCHI-ELNA SEWING MACHINES Home of Products Walter Moore - - Marvin Eklind KRAUSE MOTOR SERVICE PLYMOUTH CHRYSLER VALIANT IMPERIAL Complete Motor Overhaul Body Work and Painting Phone 642-4290 Wahpcion. N. Dak. ENJOY IUBL OLA Distributed By H H BEVERAGES Wahpeton. We Give Gold Bond Stamps _ T wo Convienict Locations It Takes The BEST f Lowest Prices To Make The iWTTZTvTTTTTTl Freshest Produce And Pays The Finest Meats To Buy The Congratulations Class of'71 From LOLL AUTO IMPL. 642-5541 Sixth Street South Wahpeton. North Dakota • . kl»f a____J. In 507 Dakota Avenue Telephone Wahpeton, N. Dok. 642-6693WAHPETON LUMBER COMPANY 1011 DAKOTA AVENUE DIAL 642-3564 Quality Mill work. Lumber. Plywood. Cabinets. Insulation. Building Hardware. Roofing Gulf. PAUL'S GULF SERVICE GAS — OIL — ACCESSORIES 96 Dakota Avenue Wahpclon. N. D. 58075 To Be First With What’s "In, Stop at TEEN VILLA 308 Dakota Avc. Wahpeton EVA'S 419 Dakota Avenue Wahpclon. N. Dak. 58075 Women’s Children's Wear STURDEVANT’S Wahpclon, No. Dak Lisbon, No. Dak. Elbow Lake. Minn. Milbank, So. Dak. WHOLESALE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Moorhead. Minn. Wheaton. Minn. Oakes. No. Dak. Hawley. Minn. Wahpeton North DakotaWAHPETON PAINT AND GLASS COMPANY HERM'S RADIATOR REPAIR l.con Novctzkc Bill Crawford Wc Guarantee All Radiator Repair Work HERMAN MITZEL. Owner • Wallpaper • Waxes • Plate Glass • Auto Glass 709 Dakota Avenue Wahpeton •O'Brien Paints • Paint Brushes • Mirrors • CeramicTilc Phone Ml 2-3563 North Dakota Prompt. Courteous Service “Give Us A Try" 101 8th Street South DIAL 642-6966 Wahpeton. N.D. Wyler and Bulova Watches and ROYER'S Princess Diamonds Shoes Eor Complete Comfort Gift Selection Fine Footwear Is Our Business “The Sterling Not A Sideline and Silver Store" wahpeton OLSON JEWELERS Ph 642-3122 Wahpeton. North Dakota Compliments of CHUCK'S OFF SALE 801 Dakota Avc. Phone 642-6402 Wahpeton. No. Dak. 58075 VALLEY REALTY AND VALLEY INSURANCE Sales Insurance Rentals E.W. OLIVER JIM OSTROM Phone 642-4003 REDRIVER JOBBING INC. T. K. GRAY INC. Distributors of Graphic Arts Supplies Rock Spring and Other Minneapolis Favorite Beverages Brcckcnridgc Wahpeton 1812 South Sixth StreetMember Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Drive-Up Banking in the Rear Strength Safety Service WAHPETON NATIONAL BANK State School of Science students will always find friendly, courteous banking service at the Wahpeton National Bank. Required Reading ... FOR EVERY "INFORMED’ SSS STUDENT Farmer- Globe SERVINGTHE RED RIVER VALLEY WITH ALL THE NEWS EVERY MONDAY and THURSDAYSEARS ROEBUCK Compliments of — ANDCO. DR. GEORGE MURRAY DR. WALTER HELLAND Good Luck Science Grads DENTISTS Phone 642-6634 Wahpeton Citizens National Bank Building Phone 642-4741 North Dakota Wahpeton. North Dakota DICK'S STANDARD Corner 9ih Street and Dakota Ave. Wahpeton, N.D. Complete Brake Service Rear Wheel Bearings Alternator Service Dial 642-5165 AMERICAN OIL MOTOR CLUB RELIABLE CLEANERS One Day Cleaning on Request 603 Dakota Avenue Across From the Post Office Phone 642-3681 Lathan West. Owner Free Pick up and Delivery Service Phone 25559 Wohpeton, North Dokoto NODAK Mutual Insurance Co. and Richland County Farm Bureau Complete Insurance Service for Farm Bureau Families 516 Dakota Avenue Wahpeton. North Dakota Dial 642-3483 HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES BEN FRANKLIN Nationally Advertised — Locally Owned PH ILCO AND MOTOROLA T.V. AND APPLIANCES Sales and Service Dial 642-3301 Wahpeton. No. Dak. LILLEGARD INCORPORATED IHC. Wil-Rich, Farmhand. New Holland. New Way Loaders and Hesston — Lilheston — Verstile Telephone 642-6689 Wahpeton, North DakotaANDERSON JEWELRY Your KEEPSAKE JEWELER Terms can be arranged for any student Phone 643-3193 Breckcnridgc, Minn. Compliments of Compliments of — DR.C.L. LINDBERG DR. JACK PFISTER OPTOMETRIST Dentist Professional Building Phone 642-4090 Wahpeton Wahpeton 2 Way Radio—KGE2541 AL’S TRUCK STOP ANDCAFE Station Open 24 Hours 24 Hour Wrecker Service Bunks Truck Tire Repair. Engine Tunc Up Phones W3-6219 and 643-3960 Breckcnridgc. Minnesota BUILDING THE GREAT NORTHWEST FOR OVER 80 YEARS STERN’S TWIN CITY % Construction ; wMj' Campus Fashion Specialists for the Young Man Specialists in Residential Housing Apartment Buildings STERN'S Clothing Company General Contracting • Commercial Construction Wahpeton, N. Dak. Box 6 2102 Great Northern Drive l argo. North Dakota Office 232-2561 Al Smith 232-5616 Bob Sluxar 237-6086SEIFERT’S JEWELERS KEEPSAKE + Columbia Diamonds Your Friendly Store on The Corner Phone 642-5170 Wahpeton. N. Dak. Ulfi______________ LUIL-RICH UUQHPETOn. nORTM 0BK0TB 58075 Manfacturcr of Truck Box's Truck Hoists Drill —Fills Chiael Plows F. T. A.'s Tool TotersCompliments of: LINDALECREAMERY, INC. Division of Cass Clay Creamery, Inc. s Records t-high Phone 642-4281 Wahpeton. N.I).t 1 ifll !! I1!" a x « = 5 5 i»v»J •oi »t«.ss 11‘jtl -woo 'Ol0 •«o i«.ss ii ;n • « -a '‘vj xfrMK 0S-»MfciU3 » S mv»s KK -| I »K t«i-X| Wu p»ra »l li |f »»5l MI n»U OSW«V (f H It »l ft It (Cl • - l « »P H u f HU MWH »« « WU vm Jn .NS IKJMII MMU 0 o i-oori-vH x ll IXN-IN WU SIS ouitrwitu iwjV'J in -p» h v» n3 jrprt© 051 • nU.s in -w+rmixj !» H«K MN»A u •o—'VX) w » ;| 'WVU MMHM UK i 'UVU WMIT—II CI. toj 'Wl iw»'l IfOCIMWWWJ NMKDOfl 9f '(Cl '•‘ ,rO '1 1 '.1 H «ll unv' « «i Kl ot M 3 w na Ww»J (WlWNfcU uoijno u jV i J'l •Mwa j;n 1I I“U as,(ln m-iint VP'VI H»IS IH-I|V'«M Hi I g naarf vmo P'l . Jp»M -ll» »l M»I r«"' oil • tw K tm»j p»V » i t|S 0CI- I f ‘ ii j ■aiall'.W K •ll »» •V M XXPI’. ap lJ —IS » » ■dnhh H SIN H -"! n • a» 1 •««“»l 0, u t- ISI ew K K|-WiKKMM|»i wip«s»a i n ' n i tpji-i •iii»j MMI V¥ I»I W«l (Cl •» «.« • l l I »H "( vVf»l m»d (4 • to' irj WMJ as»WA «i n s— i UOlfc-llf.) 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I i 3 = :« u £ I 8 S S 8 •o I S s o 3Ropcrt, Goy CUfemcovSD («( ». Kcwclk Stack RopnttvCtafl. 150.54.14 CkaMfcj Ropnctv LaW'ayK D. • 150 «'» Fati. SIN RoNlc. Arnold Wilci RoWe. Kathy A.-1)1 CiudM RoMt. MorpanW.. D2. 30 WtkMtf.SD ROnt. Sin4 I • 13! t»r- RnBtr. Patrick -112 Ortimon RonkaVSt Janet 0 Noonan Kom.tpen. SnunC-- IK. 51.W. »95 Carpi Rom . Ptftj. A. locknut Roccda. Mat) J Vprfaa«. Kotenthal. Crarp - M I noma. Ml RotctoU. Dtaw R .Mlyii»c RotvOurk.KI50.-M f-f Rett. JoM CWh «»•-. Bract O ■ 1)2 WakptM Rotto-.MdoJr.-IK HaaAtmon Rate Dear ! R Kata Round. Sr act P.-I50. 54 Car pro Rotenberper. I tada K -150.92 latbea Rolk. Dattd A. ■ I)! lllAllUM Rolk. Dclmar l..|« tlpm Rolk. Garret N. Drake Rotv.MileD IK Roatkdpc.Pml. 150.15 lantford Roefltlad. Halbert S. • IK. 56t 4 Under .ocd. MN Rwc-cld. Jerry Craad Ferkt R-AJy. Georgia M. Wakpcton Ride. 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Suggestions in the North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) collection:

North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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