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North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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A Man Free For GrowtFi Since 1903 enrollment at NDSSS has jumped from 66 to the present student population of nearly 3000. Growth during 69-70 has included not only the expansion of campus facilities such as the future athletic stadium, but also the spiritual, moral educational, and social growth of the individual. : - A Man Free To Become Involved A group of students enjoying the facilities of the center ... students puzzling over a difficult equation ... boy meets girl ... getting settled in your home away from home. These scenes are typical in the college community.TB A Man Free To Participate Outlets for student participation at Science take on many forms. Whether it's attending a Student Cabinet meeting, singing baritone in the Vocalaires, or editing the Agawasie, students arc responsible for keeping clubs of all kinds active. 8A Man Free To Compete A high degree of student interest is displayed in athletics at NDSSS. However, there are many sides to athletic activities that are not readily seen by the spectator; the look of apprehension during a crucial play, the thrill of seeing the home team , take the lead, or the expression of dejection after defeat.I ________.._________ A Man Free To Develop Skills The uniqueness of NDSSS lies in the combination of its four schools: Arts, Science and Pre-Professional Division, Business Division, and the Technical and Trade schools. No matter what type of vocational career a person chooses, training for a number of job opportunities is available.14 m A Man Free To Think Man's greatest freedom is the unobstructed use of his mind. Questioning the result of a scientific experiment, probing into the meaning of the works of Frost, or learning to speak fluently a foreign dialect are only a few of the means by which we are encouraged to think. ip I The Year Is Nineteen Hundred Seventy The Opening Of A New Decade 16 —---------■-----------------------------Table Of Contents The Year of Action ...........18 The Year of Participation.....38 The Year of Competition.......66 The Year of Thought...........90 The Year of Students.........102 The Year of Advertising......138 - -?0Fall of the year an ending to a mellow summer but a beginning of the New Life to many at NDSSS. Our hard-nosed football team performed in a wonderfully manly manner, but there was also a good bit of falling done here. Yet their heads were held high and our spirits were too. Naturally, classes and studies were secondary when a good leaf fight, apartment party, or masquerade fake-out lay ahead. But it was fall. You tried your best to adjust to the dorms. And meet people who wanted friends just like you. And get involved enough to think maybe you'll give NDSSS a try after all. And you did — then suddenly it wasn't fall anymore.Down from the hills they descended. With their stuffed animals, guitar cases, and hot cars they descended. first-year students got a week of orientation entertainment on the house. And the privilege of standing in line to pay bills. And being hustled by an occasional stranger who wanted to show you where it's at. Second-year students came too — launching into this Grand Opening for another season of touchdowns, shutdowns, and rink-downs. And impressing faculty and women alike by their new fall collection of blue jeans and jerseys. Protective parents came too, and were also duly impressed by the Oval, the Hub, and food service Baby Jane would have. "Cl 22 _  Homecoming 1969 Three young ladies proceeded gracefully down the aisle to the accompaniment of pounding hearts. For a novel effect, there was a blackout right during the crowning; at least Jane was the first to know Totally turned on by the Kitowski Kiss, her first night of reigning was something else. The game ... And the crowds went wild in the grandstands And The Boys had a struggle on the field which convinced them to head South later to drown their sorrows, unmindful of the dance that night. C'mrntmimmummmmammmmismmmmmmmmma ■-i The world famous Preservation Hall Jazz Band appeared on the North Dakota State School of Science campus in a concert at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, September 30. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band of New Orleans, Louisiana, is made up of people who actually created jazz music. On October 21, 1969, a unique dramatic production, "The Book of Job" was presented by the Everyman's Players on the NDSSS campus. The actors appeared as living mosaic figures, gleaming in brilliant costumes of red and gold, blue and purple. The NDSSS Lyceum Series presented Francisco Espinosa, one of Spain's leading guitarists, February 3, 1970. A highly appreciative audience responded to Senior Espinosa's program of Flamenco, classical, and contemporary music with a standing ovation. The spring quarter lyccum series featured The Bandanna, a rock group from California, Fred Smoot, and Denny Brooks.Old Man Winter always enjoys catching us when we're down. Down with nearpneumonia, double bronchitis, mono, and other winter maladies. Down on the ice for the fifth time that day because you locked your boots in your car and the snow has hidden it completely. Downtown buying long johns, parkas, stocking caps and maybe a poster of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. "Dream on. Baby." And as for the dental hygiene girls who can't wear slacks, pray against varicose veins, chills blains, and frozen knee caps, because when it comes to this cold, you "have not yet begun to fight!!!" jS.._____ A candlelight procession from St. Mary's School in Brcckenridge to the Newman Center began the evening vigil. Upon reaching the Newman Center, a program of Christmas carols, poetry and prose was presented. The invocation was delivered by Rev. Stanley Meuhler, the address by Mr. Jack Williams, and the benediction by Pastor Lyle Peterson. All those who attended found the Prayer for Peace meaningful and inspiring, and for many, the hope for a lasting peace was strengthened and renewed. "It is better to light just one candle, than to curse the darkness." On the evening of December 15, a considerable number of NDSSS students and faculty expressed their hope for peace during a community prayer service. The activity was unique in that it was not a demonstration of protest and had no political connections. m Miss Perfect Type The Printers Ball is an annual event held during National Printing Week, January 11-17. Lorraine Roehrich was crowned Miss Perfect Type 1970 and her attendants were Mary Shorma, Penny Fugelstad, Mary Maize, and Sheila Meyer.Sno - Carnival Snow sculpture . scavenger hunts Jack frost Campus Sweetheart Sweetheart Ball ... These and other activities highlighted the 1970 Sno-Carnival Week, February 9-14. Clubs and interest groups on campus constructed snow sculptures with the Ski Club taking top honors. Clues were disclosed daily regarding the location of a key hidden somewhere on campus, and Gamma Delta, as the successful sleuth, was awarded a S25 savings bond. The crowning of Kathy Ziegler and Paul Hanson as Campus Sweetheart and Jack frost at the Queen's Ball Saturday night climaxed the week's activities. SONG IN WThe Year of Participation - 12 u -....—I; .-. ••• +. i -’.Jr- .•Student Cabinet, Sciac i I This years Student Cabinet members (above) include president: David Coal-well, vice president: Dennis Olsen, secretary: Sue Stanley, treasurer: Anita Sandoval, and publicity chairman: Ken Novak. As a representative nucleus of the four divisions, they serve as its governing body. The Student Center Informal Activities Committee (right) is responsible for social activities such as dances and movies. Its members include: Dennis Olsen (chairman), James Penuel, Don Bich, Paul Orth, Ken Novak, Cindy Honl, and Renee Hendricks. -10 ■HBP Agawasie Staff Anxiety, perspiration, frustration, secretions from the lacrimal sac these are only a few of the psychological complexes suffered by those unfortunate enough to be a member of the 1970 Agawasie staff. Although the trials arc many, putting together a book such as this can be a stimulating and rewarding experience. The following (left to right) are the dedicated creators of the 1970 Agawasie: Athletic Editor — Mike Bjerkc, Organizations Editor — Pam Peterson, Typist — Linda Mitz-cl. Business Manager — Dennis Olsen, Activities Editor — Lorraine Larson, Editor — Marcia Tolo, Assistant Editor — Tom Lee, Student Index — Ronda Pankow, Student Section Editor — Susan Eckre, Photographer — Leo Kim, and Copy Editor — Shelly Intlehouse. ........_. I' Jx -17 Circle K CLOCKWISE: Tom llipsak — president, Ronald Peterson — treasurer, John D. Dahl — scrapbook chairman, Curtis Raab — housing committee chairman, Wcndelin M. Gogrc — chairman of public relations, Delmer Masc — project chairman, Pat Ackerman, Neil Hettich, Clarence Hildebrand, Allen Brandt, Terry Sletto — secretary, and Steve Benjamin — vice president. Circle K is an international service organi-zaion of college men. Tom Hipsak is president, Steve Benjamin, vice president: Terry Sletto, secretary and Ronald Peterson is treasurer. 42 — mm I' i:t«.lTWM|W "VIWildcat Kittens The Kittens are selected on the basis of attractiveness, scholarship, personality and high standards of conduct. Their duties are voluntary and in no way interfere with course work or any extracurricular activities on campus. SITTING: Beverly Aalund, Anita Sandoval, Margaret Nygaard, Eileen Saville, Beth Schumacher, Pat Berg, Pam Peterson, Mary Stockstad; STANDING: Pam Wallace, Sue Brunskill, Michelle Hoffman, Denise Cladue, and Majorie Hanson. Not pictured — Jane Baity.HACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Linstad, Erling Larson, |ohn I). Dahl, Marcia Tolo. Pastor Lyle Peterson, Mrs. Lyle Peterson, Buzz Smith, Monte Cole; IRON! ROW: Walter Moellerix — publicity chairman. Da wan a Palmer — secretary treasurer, Pam Larson — vice president, Richard Stelter — president. LSA Newman Jerald Jangula — treasurer, Mary Shorma — secretary, Pam Peterson — vice president, Lynn Wolf — president. Father Cullen. 44 The combination of these two religous clubs creates an atmosphere of social fellowship for both Catholics and Lutherans. One of their bigger events is the annual weekend RETREAT at Luthercrest. They sponsor roller skating parties as well as film and panel discussions, and this year produced the second place float in the homecoming parade. I TTShelley Intlehouse, P.n Sutherland, Darrell Chute, Tom lec, Dan Wenger, Randy IXrba, and Terry Dimmer. Gamma Delta FIRST ROW: Paulette Podoll, |udy Griffin, Shelley Jorve, Pam Podoll. SECOND ROW: Mark Rutter, Debbie Novotny, Susan 8ornscn, Carol Dathc. THIRD ROW: Betty Clander, Dwaine Maxaag, Charles Miller. STANDING: Jerome Eslingcr, Larry Honl, Bruce Stahlccker, and Rev. E. J. Rutter, pastoral advisor.Dave Cerving, Emanuel Rotita, linda Palmer, Jim Ferebcc, leta Palmer, Dan Wenger, John Dahl jr-t.-i.ii-.t-:v■■ ■ i. :■ " Rifle And Pistol FIRST ROW: Kneeling — William Witteman, Wallace Earley, Silling — Jim Simon, Francis Bartels — President, Clarence Hildebrand. SECOND ROW: Jackyc Richter, Leslie Zenker, Lucille Bartels — Sccrctary Trcosurcr, Charles Young — Program Chairman, Michael Weyrauch — Wee President, Duane Lachapclle. THIRD ROW: Anton Koch, Terry Madsen, Earl Hollar Greg Moch, Wally Kath, Donald Hingst. Square DancingROW 1: Mark Munson, Pal Clair. Cary Magnuscn. Tom Davis, Jim McKcague. Jan Sanders, Jane Berg, Sharon Ben-dickson, lily Nies, Pam Peterson, Shelly Intelhouse. Cheryl Nogosck; ROW 2: Jenny Hudson, Pal Senerlund, Sandy Skoog. Kathy luick, Christine Getz, Janice Krenz. Pam Wallace, Darlene Herman, Alan Kingzett. Connie Raguse, Jeanie Jorgenson, Paula Nygaard, Debbie Novotny, Marcia Kraus; ROW 3: Mark Rutter, Art Haas, Charlotte Pell man, Dave Erdmann, John Rcitcn, Randy Duba, Brian Wittman, Darrell Costain, Mike Caper, Jim Crccn; ROW A Ardclla Donat, Ryan flieth, Jo Merles, Marilyn Orn, Paul Sinner, Walter Jost, Don Floodeen. Mr. Thompson.ROW ONE: Tom Ice, Connie Raguse, Brian Wittman, Everet Vogel, Paula Palmer, Christine Getz, Cheryl Nogosek, Shelley Intlehouse, Mary Henkcnius, Ron Mapie. ROW TWO: Harlen Lindgrcn, Joyce Johnson, Holly Anderson, Sandy Skoog, Linda Christianson, Carolyn Jelinek, Mike Doberstcin. ROW THREE: Jerry German, Cameron Larson, Don Oien, Paul Sinner, Jim Green, Brian Hauschild, Tom Kinne. SCIENCE SINGERS CHORUS At The Piano: Connie Ragusc, James Pcnucl. ROW ONE: Marilyn Thcede, Margaret Aatcn, Judy Metz, Mary Maize. Beth Schumacher. Carolyn Jelinck, Mary Henkenius, Paula Palmer, Janice Sanders, lane Bail y, I ana Fischer, Oebbic Weber, Marcia Krause, Cheryl Nogosek, Paulette Salzer, Paula Nygaard, Christine Getz. Alice Stegman, lily Nies. ROW TWO: Judy Rudolph, Barb Thompson, Joyce Johnson, Jessica Doblcr, Mary Shorma, Sandy Skoog, Marcia Tuskind, Arlene Torkclson, Sandy Gisi, Debbie Novotny, Jolinc Hrossart, Genevieve Gorman, Peggy Fishccr, Molly Anderson, Linda Christianson, Betty Postier, Shelly Intlehousc, Paula Dosch, Connie Hale. ROW THREE: Richard Wurtz, Harlan Hclgeson, Dave Larson, Kandy Duba, Tom lee, Paul Sinner, Event Vogel, Brain Wittmar, Marlyn Matzke, Ron Mabie, unidentified, James Tuchschcrc, Jim Green, Mike Dober-stcin. Chuck Miller, Wayne Anderson, Darrell Costain, Don Floodccn, Dan Baumgart. ROW FOUR: lyla Nies, Wayne Nelson, Allen Kingzett, Dave Pearson, Mike Usher, Jerry German, Harlan lingren, Cameron Larson, Don Oicn, Tom Kinn, Brian Hauschild, Steve Berg. Tom Trudeau, Darrell Lund, Steve Cole, Kirby Walz.Business Club ■ A more active group on our campus whose activities include hayrides, roller skating parties and selling concessions at games. Officers elected are president — Dennis Olsen, vice president — Don Goggin, secretary — Gerry Kuchera, and treasurer — Jo Mertes. LEFT TO RIGHT. HACK ROW: Louise Johnson, Dick Stcllcr, Dallas Anderson, Janice Colgrovc, Charlie Poe, Dave Braatcn, Clarence Hildbrand; FRONT ROW: Barbara Bander, Charlotte Pcllman, Carol Robyt, Jane Berg, Alice Steg-man, Gerry Kuchar, Dennis Olsen, Don Goggin, Jo Mertes, Margaret Nygaard, and Leslie Zenker. 52_A FRONT ROW, KNEELING: Bradley Trushonski, Dean Schumacher, Rodney Wilhclmi; FIRST ROW, STANDING: Bruce Card, Cathy luick, Daniel Baumgart, Bill Schreiber, Cindy Reihe, Wayne Jahner; SECOND ROW- Rod Johnson, Ken 8eggs, BruCC Kalrn-bach, Ed Adams (advisor), Mark li akowski, Mike Usher; THIRD ROW: Ed Van Der Mccr, Tom Stevenson, Rod Brucker, Keith Boettcher, Paul Hillestad, Jim Underberg; SITTING ON BENCH: Gary Hillius, James L. Schatz, James lunner, Morgan Rohde, and Daniel Weisbeck. Printers Club . ouvlsut-tfbdSSOlWr. r V . l‘ 7 i -Sr - fi'. ......................-......................... ... 1 Sacjawea Each fall, freshman girls on the NDSSS campus are invited to a tea sponsored by Sacajawca, a women's club on campus. Among numerous other activities, the club annually sponsors a winter formal, the Sweetheart Ball. LEFT TO RIGHT: FRONT ROW— Dcbbi Gcrou, Cheryl Collins, Karen Bachman, Dcbbi Raiszcr, Carolyn Lollis, Gloria Engle, Sandy Donegan, Connie Hale, Kathy Ziegler, Susan Ronningen, Jeannie Jorgensen; BACK ROW — Linda Lund, Jane Baumlcr, Mary Knutson, Mary Stockstad, Camille Halverson, Miss Morris (advisor), Linda Greenheck, Fat Haberman. Linda Hakana, Marjorie Ftanson, Marilyn Orn, Cheryl Rohde. Pam Wallace, Susan Stanley, and Paula Ostcr. The officers of Sacajawca arc President — Susan Stanley, Vice President — Jane Baumlcr, Secretary — Paulette Oster, and Treasurer — Pam Wallace. Science Players The Science Art Players provides an outlet for student interest in the dramatic arts at NDSSS. The first production of the season was "The Man Who Came to Dinner" by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. Marked enthusiasm for this and other club ventures resulted in plays well attended, and thoroughly enjoyed by both audience and crew. Si 55 FRONT ROW: Warren Hanson, Roger Bcisingcr, Wayne Hcllc-bun, Brian Schlencr, Lyncttc Moon, Lana Morlinson, Erin Bacon. STANDING: Jim McKcaguc, Bab Vandal, Dean Hoffman, Ralph Bergman, Don Smiih, Mark Munson — vice president. Barb Kirscht — secretary, Bruce Stehlccker, Barry Mowers — President. Ski Club A newly formed organization for those ski fanatics. Their purpose is to stimulate interest in the Sport and plan weekend excursions. Their first field trip of the season was to Quadna Mountain in northern Minnesota, the weekend of January 9-11. About thirty ski enthusiasts attended. President of the group is Barry Mowers; vice president — Mark Munson; secretary — Barb Kirscht and treasurer — Jay Gifford. 56 — — FRONT ROW: Kenneth LoFor, Robert Bouttand. Richard Stompro, Roy Sweeney, Douglas Burley, Thomas Dccbert — secretary. SECOND ROW: Neil Sitz, Ray Nitschbe — Sargeant at Arms, Kenneth Scherr. CENTER: Mr. Steen, Verrtic Lucas — Commander, Lou Sow-itch — treasurer, Jeff Byzewski, Theodore Ciovannoni — vice com- mander. THIRD ROW: Noel Johnson, Milton Ncsdahl, Terry Miller — Chaplain, Stanley Kressin, Larry Johnson, Russ Robsom, Robert Nielsen, Roger Mund, Gary Nustad, David Coalwcll, Mr. Bruschwcin — Advisor. Vets Club The NDSSS Vcis Club is comprised of veterans of the United States Armed forces. By stimulating interest and understanding of the Armed Forces in fellow students, the club strives to further the ideals of democracy and patriotism. The Vets are the most ardent financial supporters of the Stadium Fund on campus. Officers include: Ray Lucas — President, Ted Giovannoi — vice president, Tom Decker — secretary, and Lou Sow-itch — treasurer. 57 '••••• i 1 t . ■ A . • vl: .- i .-As. :Auto Body SECOND YEAR, CLOCKWISE: Melvin Walcn, Leslie Anderson, Keilh Kalina, David Arrling, Tim Hcsla, Tore Braivold, Tom Molde, Lowell Amundson, Duane Voegcle, Keilh Olson, David Fcdje, Steve Bowlds, Jerry Hayes, Eugene Vik, Dennis McKechnie, Lloyd Fritsvold, Blair Ostonson, Alwood Huckell, Larry Ask, Mark Skalicky, Allan Mocn, Clark F. Slahlecker, Ken LeFor, and Tom Sorvik. FIRST YEAR FROM LEFT: FIRST ROW: Larry Sinner, Keilh Gunderson, Pat Ackerman, Bruce Flanson, Jeff Hinds, Ron Anderson, Don Thorncss, Larry Slulc. Lawrence Cillar, Ray Wilson, Siatford Olig; SECOND ROW: Tom Oscarson, Milton Lesmann, Jim Scpton, Terry Wanner, Steve Schneider, Virgil Horst, Ron Kaiser, Adrian Simon, Mark Gibbon, Mike Bloomgtcn, Leonard Ncumillcr, Dean Moon; THIRD ROW: Ray Schwehr, Don Mistelski, Gale Score, Steve Gins-back, Robert Babel, James Deg, Ralph Nogowski, Douglas Doll, Don Reuter, Steve Stark, Larry Soutor, David Aisenbrey, Dennis Jalbert, Donald Hingsi, Rich Kilzor, Jeffrey Klundt, Crcg Evenson, Kevin Stein, Dave Coleman, Cregg Stern; ON TRUNK: Dennis Bredvik, Steve Prankc, and Culcr. S8Diesel First Year, FIRST ROW: Morris Yagon, Eugene Albertson, Glenn Christmann, Dennis Wilhelm, Bill Meek, Dennis Ewine, Richard Ver-hassclt, Steven Grottc, Sebastian Gcffrc, Andy Wilkie; SECOND ROW: DuWayne Hcnne, Bernard Pence, Tim N'ord, Danny Reardon, Curtis Kcdsirom, Jimmy Anderson, Warren Hall, Bradley Paulson, Dale Erickson, Alan Agg, Donald Johnson; FRONT ROW ON TRACTOR: Wayne Eggert, Bruce Isaak, Glen Huffman, Delvin Henkle; SECOND ROW: Gary Matheny, Wayne Helm, Charles Young, George Podhradsky, TOP ROW: Harold Larson. Second Year, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lynn Hodgson, Darrell Moser, Keith Kopp, Mervin Schoncrt, Dale Price, Cary Ridl, William Braun, Tom 8ornemann, Richard Moffarl, Wallace Earley, Michael Wcy-rauch, Alvin Sanda; SECOND ROW: Gary Vollrath, Kerris Ketterling, Donald Johnson, Keith tonski, Craig Paulsen, Jim Whcilcr. Chuck Gilstad, Larry Ricck, Allan Berge; THIRD ROW: Mark Pryor, Bob Wardner, Gary Schmidt; FOURTH ROW: William Witteman, Jay Moody, Walter Leno.and Gaylin Barth. S9 ■■I -.-v. Kotov Architectural Drafting, Refrigeration LIFT TO RIGHT: Qucnim Kubas, Jay Gillord. Darrell Holwegcr, Chock Dathe, Marvin Rolh, Paul Kirkcby — entertainment commit tcc, Alton Kaldor — sccrctary treasurer, and Russel Oramstad — president. 5fj FRONT ROW: Keith Kluis (advisor), Bruce Buchholt, John Melville, Mike Olson, loy Jelinek, Wayne Dolan, Bruce Rich. Gleen Stockdili, Bennett Kubischta; SECOND ROW: Wesley Cameron, James Gag-num, Robert Peterson, Rich Paul, Marlyn Matzke, Ronald Geyer, Adrian Berube, Ted Cote; THIRD ROW: Jerry Brehmer, Mike Kopp, Mitch Evenson, Dennis Laidlasv, Danny Maulding, Hal Rovclstad, James Renuel, James McKeaguc, Arnold Kainz, Ron Mabie, and Tom Duursma. 60Electrical, Electronics STANDING: Gordon Lee (advisor), Jim Granheim, Dennis Kempel, Loron Schrocdcr, Mike Rudolf, Tom Brower, Allen King ett, John Fransen, Tom Brocckel, Dale Muscha, Larry Rcichcnbcrg, Gene Reinhart, Cameron Larson, Robert Omberg, Greg Grant, Ron Scm-ingson, Kelesy Evans, Loren Hass; SITTING: Dave Heilman, Dave Kcmnitz, Steven Halland — sccrctary treasurcr, Dave Paulsen — president, Gleen Bleken — vice president. Bob Meidingcr, Don Gra-vcscn.and Randy Gratton. LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: George Darrah — president, Paul Nord-by — secretary treasurer, Ron Erickson — vice president, Dave Caron, Gary Lenz, Cites Mack, Francis Jund, Terry McCleary, David Olson, Mark Johnson, Henry Macrtcns; ROW TWO: Tom Patridge, Burnell Huether, John Swanson, Neil Hettich, Bob Hciners, Jerry Qual, David Jaeger, Tom Trudeau, Pat Graham; ROW THREE: William Cravens, Larry Riehl, Wayne Tobeck, Gene Johnson, John Bible, James Bcrndt, and Mark Smith. Auto Mech lop Picture: ROW ONE: Robert Moldc, Jerry Frey. Landis Rosen-quist, Wayne Boschce, Arnold Rohde, Lynn Dewhust — vice president, Dale Melhus — president, Duane lacher, Dcryl Kress, Darrell Springer, Kenny Sabo, Dave Urlacher. ROW TWO: Lloyd Cebhardt, Kelvin Ellison, Jerry Carter, Lynn Nigg, Lowell Spitzer, Anton Koch, John Forthun, Lcs Shirley, Robert Doerr, Richard Stagl, Peter Braun. THIRD ROW: Douglas Kirkeby, John Hillerud, Ron Brown, Weldon Hocscl, Earl Hollar, Steve Berg, John Dikkcn Arden Falk, Keith Sinstaedt, James Salverson, Cary Hansey. Bottom Picture: ROW ONE: Jim Holkup, Creg Johnson, |ohn Trygg, Terry Thompson, Richard Krump, Larry Mondry, Dennis Tcdrow, Gene Hcllcbust, Steve Winter. ROW TWO: Clarence Banish, David Guitermson, Mark Myhrc, Chuck Brandt, Marc Sundquist, Harlan Goergu. Ron Metzger. Ken Smith, Gerald Bocspdug, Clifford Tengcsdal. ROW THREE: Rodney Richl, Lee Kurle, Roger Pederson, Arnell Cummins, Joe Schaefer, David Schncibcl — secretary, Jocz Schock, Stan Michels, Jerry Lykkcn, Wayne Bohrer. ROW FOUR: Gerald Schwaiz, Rod Randall, |im Donahue, Dale Wangsness, Doug Kjino, Walter Ouradrik, Gary Johnson, Milo Mugaos, Wayne Peterson, Henry Simons, Doug Bender, Craig Wallin, Greg Moch, Dale Fohrer, Daniel Inches, Wayne Gamroth, Jerry Nelson. Civil TechPARTS TRAINING FRONT ROW: James Bukowski, Dennis Kii-zan, Steve Arnold — vice president, Dennis Abcrlc — sccrctary lrcasurcr, Carroll Roohr-ich — President. BACK ROW: Steve Grenz, Charles Rydquist, Ken Miller, Tom Kcropot-nick, Marlow Lindslrom, Kennan Lund, Darrel Cunsch. Jr. Dental Hygienist Assco. FIRST ROW: Marcia Kyser, Vickie latt, Kathy flater, Wanda Knoll, Diane Skarphol, Marilyn Maihvvich. Diane Danielson, Paulette Ostcr, Kathy Ziegler, Debbie Raislcr, Miss Jean Gill-ham, Rois Vig, Kathy Mack, Jane Baily, Jolcne Bynl, Linda Crecnhcck. SECOND ROW: Joanne Tischer, Sue Ronnin-8«n. Gloria Engle, 8arb Hoogc, Sue Brunskill, Claire Lychc, Beverly Aalund, Joan Bjelvcrud, Cabrina Schatz. Penny Fug-lestad. THIRD ROW: Pat Claire, Marilyn Orn, Pat Sutherland, lu Ann Rudolph, Marie Walen, Caryn loltis, Janice Krcnz, Judy Meuhlbcrg, Candy Gilbertson, Pat Habcrman, Mary Milne, Jackie Richter, Sue Hay, Ann Aaberg, Judy Rudolph, Betty Posticr, Danettc Schanilcr. OPPOSITE PAGE, UPPER LEFT: James Pcnuel, Elaine Berncking, Jim Jenkins, and Sue Brunskill; OPPOSITE PAGE, UPPER RIGHT: Peggy Kaufmann, Harlcn Lindgren, and David Coalwell; OPPOSITE PAGE. BELOW: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Bob Mikkelson, Mike Bjerke, Marcia Tolo. Denise Claduc, Bob Slcl-tcr, Fran Plautz, and Pam Peterson; LEFT: (SITTING) Ken Novak, Connie Raguse, Rick Christianson, and Pat Berg; (STANDING) Walter lost, James Green, and Mike Usher; BELOW: (SITTING) David Kielb, Jane Bailey, Susan Stanley, and Louise Johnson; (STANDING) Mark Rutter, Dick Stclter, Dennis Olsen, and Don Goggin.SSS Gridders 40 Players For 60 Minutes In their season opening football contest, the State School of Science Wildcats were defeated by Rochester Junior College 21-7 at Rochester. The Wildcats managed only one touchdown in the final period as Kent Duval recovered a Rochester fumble in the end zone. Don Oien tallied the extra point by a kick. A series of penalties prevented the North Dakota State School of Science Wildcats from scoring a victory in their first conference game with Minot State. Threatening in the fourth quarter the Science team lost 42 yards and were forced to give up the ball when an attempt to run on a fourth down situation failed to gain enough yardage. The State School of Science Wildcats threatened several times but Mayville's Comets still spoiled homecoming Saturday in a 7-0 NDCAC victory here. Incomplete passes and penalties stifled the Wildcats as they moved into May-villc territory only twice in the second quarter. The Big Red managed only 26 yards rushing in the first half and totaled 26 yards passing. The State School of Science led by the powerful running of Andy Fedje and the passing of Dan Prcgont posted its first football victory Saturday in spoiling Valley City's homecoming with a 43-12 win. It was Wildcat Coach Al Grage's first win of the season after three NDCAC starts. Two second half touchdowns was Dickinson's margin of victory over the State School of Science Wildcats 33-24 in a Saturday afternoon game at Dickinson. The Wildcats stormed back in the Fourth quarter with two touchdowns to bring Dickinson within range but a fifth Savage touchdown made the decision final. 1 t J- 1 ‘ V • ■ t NDSSS 7 Rochester 21 NDSSS 13 Minot 19 NDSSS 0 Mayville 7 NDSSS 43 Valley City 12 NDSSS 24 Dickinson 33 NDSSS 20 Jamestown 46 NDSSS 26 Mason City 6 NDSSS 52 Willmar 20 - - ................................. Slate School of Science put together a good offensive effort but it wasn't enough as Jamestown College rolled to a 46-20 win. Andy Fedje, Wildcat freshman from Hoo-ple and the league's leading rusher, turned in an outstanding performance carrying the ball 32 times for 201 yards and touchdowns. Statistically, Wahpeton held an edge in the contest, but the unstoppable Jimmies cashed in on three early Wahpeton errors for a 24-0 first quarter lead which was the difference in the game. 71 tx • t y- ■An intercepted pass by Bob Mikkelson with 2:50 left in the ball game set the stage for the second victory of the season for the North Dakota State School of Science Wildcats in a hard-fought 26-6 victory over the Mason City, Iowa Trojans, Saturday night in Mason City. End Don Houston's four touchdown pass catches led the State School of Science to a 52-20 victory over the Willmar Junior College Warriors. FRONT ROW: Dave Tischcr, Cary Vollrath, Max Rcinkc, Tom Lawrence, Bob Mikkelson, Rodney Erickson, Dan Prcgont, Pat Kitowski, Mike Rolling, Jerry Carter. SECOND ROW: Don Ructer, Fran PlauU, John Hollis, Ralph Lee, Daryl Ingcrbritson, Barry Nccsc, Ted Des-champs, Brad Olgaard, Don Houston, Pat Schwan. THIRD ROW: Greg Anderson, Stu Boyer, Jeff Naggat;, Andy Fcdjc, Don Oicn, Ron Mohs, David Hogson, Don Ycllowbird, Roy Miller, Chuck Carter. FOURTH ROW: Brent Smith, Chuck Aldrich, Eugene Schwarzbaucr, Dan Eckert, Stan Michels, Roger Meidc, Nels Norstcdt, Gary Mushka. FIFTH ROW: Ass't Coach Lynwood Schmidt, Std. Mgr. Dave Schoar-er, Mick Dunn, Mike Langcr, Jerry Kennedy, B ll Fleming, Vance Cink, Dale Gulsvig, Std. Mgr. Duane Dramstad, Ass't Coach Marlyn Frederickscn. SIXTH ROW: Head Coach Al Grage, Ass't Coach Dar-rcll Anderson, Kent Duval, John Balk, Terry Gingrich, Ron McGee, Dan Hodum, Shcrm Holloway, Tom Duval, Ken Prouty, Ass't Coach Cliff Hermes.NDSSS Cagers Place Twelfth In National Junior College Tournament NDSSS 110 Huron 101 NDSSS 89 Willmar J.C. 73 NDSSS 120 Anoka-Ramsey J.C. 71 NDSSS 113 Normandalc J.C. 104 NDSSS 94 Bismarck J.C. 85 NDSSS 77 Fergus Falls J.C. 57 NDSSS 84 Lake Region J.C. 72 NDSSS 102 UND-Ellondale 57 NDSSS 76 U. of Manitoba 81 NDSSS 92 Hibbing J.C. 56 NDSSS 84 Minot State 103 NDSSS 82 Dickinson State 72 NDSSS 84 Valley City State % NDSSS 107 Bottineau 74 NDSSS 90 Jamestown College 76 NDSSS 98 UND-Ellendale 79 NDSSS 89 Mayville State 79 NDSSS 75 Dickinson State 76 NDSSS 95 Minot State 97(oi) NDSSS 109 Valley City State 99 NDSSS 98 Jamestown College 89 NDSSS 123 Mayville State 121 J REGIONAL TOURNAMENT SSS 108 Miles City, Mont. 91 SSS 100 v-’ 'T • . " r _ Lake Region 95 SSS 100 Glendive, Mo 94 uwv (f Hibbing, Minn. 60 SSS 97 SSS 73 Warthingtoi‘i7 72 yufj NATIONAL TOURNAME 103 Gadsden, Ala. A Grand View, Iowa 82 " A North Eastern Okla. PILEFT TO RIGHT (SEATED): Duane Brcticr, Mike Bjerke, Max Rcinke, Tom Causey, Rick Christianson, Paul Hanson; STANDING: Ron Mohs, Larry Lee, Fran Plautz, Jim Jenkins, Alan Peterson, and Bill Bluford.(ROW ONE): Gary Kasi. Dave Scherer, Gary Oliver, Ted Bcllmore and Ron Tischer. (SECOND ROW): Coach Cliff Hermes, Pat Quaschnick, Gary Williams, Neil Miller, Rich Slagl and Duane Kupfcr. (THIRD ROW): John Balk, Sieve Usclman, Dave Tischer, Dan Roberts, Roy .Miller and Dave Biel. SODUAL MEETS RECORD NDSSS 19 Fergus Falls J.C. 19 NDSSS 11 Valley City State 22 NDSSS 14 Willmar J.C. 22 NDSSS 17 Mayvillc State 19 NDSSS 0 Dickinson State 30 NDSSS 17 Itasca State J.C. 17 NDSSS 29 Bismarck J.C. 10 NDSS placed first in the NDSJC Wrestling Tourney. I 1 | IISr??Golf Last spring's golf team participated in four invitational golf meets. The competition was tough but the NDSSS golfers fared well. Don Rich, one of Science's two golf lettcrmen, was the NDCAC Invitational medalist. A larger team is expected to compete for NDSSS this year. W-i'-f Track The NDSSS track team is growing and improving each year. Last spring 12 men participated in numerous track meets and a larger number is expected this year. Eleven of last year's team members are expected to compete this year. FIRST ROW, (FROM LEFF): Wally Ballict, Roger Bet-singer, Jim Johnson, Jim Jenkins and |oel Dolzcnrod. SECOND ROW: Student manager Dave Biel, Larry Wilhelm, Ken Tricbold, Mike Bjerkc, Gary Vollrath, Fran PJautz, Chuck Carter, Bruce Rich and Coach Dennis Gillund. .Missing were Craig Johnston and Tom Duval. I i I 8 Where did it all begin? With the liquid-lovable eyes of Joe Namath? Or the easy, winning grin of Babe Ruth? Or further back still when David threw that prune pit at Goliath? No, even Hunilcy-Brinkley couldn't tell us where this innate enthusiasm first appeared. One thing is certain though; we have it at S.S.S. Whether we're winning or the "unthinkable alternative", whether it's mosquito or parka weather, and even if we have to take a little brother or two along, we'll be making it to the game. Complete with a good set of lungs, high spirits, and best hopes for "The Boys" — the Wildest Cats in Wahpeton...Intramural Sports Both men and women participate in intramural athletics at NDSSS. In the winter, basketball and judo dominate intramural competition, giving way in the spring to softball. SSThe Year of ThoughtA Message from President Blikre AN OPPORTUNITY This annual reflects the growth of the North Dakota State School of Science; but the activities portrayed by pictures and words tell only part of the story! Much work has gone into the development of this fine annual, likewise much work has been done for and in the college. The college, which enrolls students from every county in the state, several foreign countries, and many states, continues to expand its programs to meet the needs of an ever increasing technological society. Thus, each student has an opportunity to avail himself not only of his chosen curricular program but also varied extra-curricular activities. We encourage our students to be an active part of the college. We are fully aware that students pass this way but once and that which is not provided at this time is lost forever. Yes, the opportunity is available for all who desire. It is our sincere hope, as we turn these pages of history that each student availed himself of the many opportunities for participation, for growth, and for making many lasting friendships. As you go forth will you kindly remember that - "Life only gives us time and space, it is up to us to fill it." Won't you come back to see us often? President 92 NORTH DAKOTA STATE BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION (1969-70) STANDING: Fred R. Orth, Grand Forks; Harold Reding, Bottineau; Bismarck; George Sinner, Casscllon; Mrs. Elvira JeMrab, Williston; Allen H, Hausauor, Wabpcion; Rev. Peier Hinrichs, Dickinson. SEAT- Kenneth E. Raschke, Commissioner, Bismarck; Albert Flaas, New ED: Lloyd H. Nygaard, Ass'l. Commissioner and Executive Secretary, Rockford. ■ — —■■■■ — BSWw •'h Odin Bakkcn Director. Continuing Education Alvin C. Eckre Director, Special Services Charles J. Hanson Director Admissions and Records Vernon Hcktner Dean — Arts, Science and Pre-Professional Division James A. Horton Director, Academic Affairs Myron J. Koppang Dean, Business Division Herman A. Liber da Director, Students Services Cordon V. Patterson Director, Business Affairs SamL.Schimelfenig Dean, Technical Division Donald W. Stevenson Dean, Trades Division Edward E. Wcrro Director, Athletics and Physical Education Charles R. Borchert Director, Guidance Services Marlin W. Galde Director, Physical Plant Dennis Gillund Admissions Counselor Richard A. Hauck GuidanceCounsclor Ronald J. Hoffart Asst. Dir. Business Affairs Donald P. Miller Director, News Bureau Mercedes Morris Dean of Women Wallace M. Nordgaard Director of Placement Lyle H. Schlotfeldt Registrar ArlicC. Steen Director, Alumni Relations Donald J. Tobin Dean of Men and Financial Aids Coordinator ...30... 94 Administration ■I■■■■ iqgBSWBff — mnMemoriam This page is dedicated to Virgil E. Lee, a former auto body instructor at the State School of Science, who passed away April 27,1969. Mr. Lee, a former veteran of the U.S. Army, served overseas from 1941—1945. He was employed by several automobile dealers in this area before coming to the State School of Science. In 1962 he accepted a position as an instructor of upholstery in the Automotive Body Repair Department at NDSSS. Li I « i 9b fOI ■ Jerald Stewan Stanley Strege laiux Thoniasson M.J.Royco Van Sickle Robert Yaggie 30 lean Evenuad Donald Fauss laVonne Fitzgerald lean Gillbam George Gloege Allan Grage Mary Ann Gcage William Grot Dr. DcLot Halvorton Elizabeth Haver land Lowell Johnson Neal Johnson Henry Knight Steven Krohn Gary Martinson Lawrence Merbach Dennis Miller Helen Mohr Arts Science And Pre-Professiona Division The Aris, Science «ind Pre-Professional Division provides the first two years of a college transfer program for students transferring to another institution; provides terminal education for those seeking an AA degree; provides courses to increase social and intellectual skills and provides an adequate transitional period between high school and a four-year college or university. Ralph Morbon Elsie O'Donnell Gene Pinkney Dept. Chr. Engtbh and Humanities lohn Reinbold Esther Schulz Arlic Steen Dept. Chr. Social Science Darrell Anderson Arthur Boss Roger Bramcl Dept, Chr. Mathematics and Science DR. R. |. Casad Dept. Chr. Dental Auxiliaries Donald Engen Dr. Perry H. EngstromContinuing Education I Oliver Arncson Marlyn fredcricksen Howard Lewis Joseph McLaughlin Larry Miller Clinton Olmstead Maurice Peterson William Yost Dale Peterson Robert Peterson Muriel Connolly School Nurse Dr. David C. Jaehning College Physician Del Ray Sanders Supervisor of Photography Carmen Plummer Purchasing and Inventory Robert Poss Accountant 30 97  The Trade Division prepares students for gainful employment in their chosen vocation as skilled craftsmen. Students arc provided with the training and opportunities to acquire good work habits and related skills necessary for job advancement in whatever occupation they may enter in the world of work. Trade Division Edward Adams James Aldrich Marian Arneson Duane Ballwcbcr Dept.Chr. Auto Body Joen Blouin Ronald Bruesch John Carlson Dept.Chr. Printing Nela Coghlan John Derry Robert Egge John far wick Robert Goroski Gary I lagen Bernard Hilgers Arne Hinsverk Spencer Hokcnson Dept. Chr. Sheet Metal Air Conditioning John Holland Evercitc Holtz Darrell Jacobs Jewitt Jacobson Hilding Johnson James Johnson Lorentz Johnson Dept.Chr. Diesel Maintenence Gen'l Mech. JerrokJ Kemper Joseph Kragness Kent Ladd John Larsen Robert Lemke Phyllis lindberg Edwin Linko JO ■H__■■.WM Harold Miller Monroe Mocn John Neperud Arvid Olion Robert Olson llarvcy Ostby Glenn Peterson Walter Putnam Oswald Reitan John Schat Phyllis Schmidt Warren Schuctt Dept.Chr. Auto Mcch. Jerome Swedberg Ocpt.Chr. Machine Shop Julian S;c ur Dept. Clu. Welding Helen Vallager Ralph Viall Lowell Wcstlicld Roger Wolbrink Janet Wolsky Dept. Chr. Practical NursingTechnical Division Kenneth Anderson Robert Arso Julian fieri; Bernard Brophy Harold Brushwcin Dept. Chr. Civil Engineering Esvald Christensen Daniel Giddings Stanley Oral Roy Hackney Dept. Chr. Rctrig. and Air Conditioning Richard Haskell Dept. Chr. Arch. Drafting Howard Henderson Dept. Chr. Industrials Electronic Drafting Harold Henning Charles Henry Mario Hinsvcrk Robert Jokutmon Russell Kastelle Keith Kluis Ralph KHudson James Larson Gordon lee Vcrlin Lundgren Dept. Chr. Electrical Tech. George May Billy McElhaney Bjorn Molsiad John Osland Donald Rosley Leonard Ru ika Donald Sperling Robert Stefonowic Dept. Chr. General Studies Raymond Stockcrt David Sylvester Robert Thon H. Grant Unkcnhol Edward Viner LuVern Witty John Young The Technical Division provides students educational and training opportunities for employment as a technician in those key posts in industry betwen the engineer and the craftsman, between theory and production. Two-year A AS degrees are offered to qualified graduates in this division. Wesley Allen Dept. Chr. Electronics and R-TV 8ernard Anderson 30 Business Division The Business Division provides students with skills to enable them to secure and hold jobs by providing them with sound business training to manage the business and industrial aspects in today's world. The AS degree is awarded in terminal programs. This division also provides students with transfer courses which lead to a professional degree at a four-year college or university. Roger Aspcvig Ocpi. Chr. Business Administration Gerald Bollinger Doyle Diet Rodger Fraase Robert Gene Clifford Hermes Charles Johnson Ardeitb Juven Donald King Melvin C. Khndt Dept. Chr. Data Processing Melvin Knodel George Ret laff Lawrence Richter Dorothy Rothsvcll Dept. Chr. Secretarial Arts Lynnwood Schmidt The Year of Students Beverly Aalurul Darroll Aos Robert Aipperspoch Lowell Amundson Audrey Anderson Gene Anderson YuI •j0 John Anderson Leslie Anderson Michael Anderson Wayne Anderson Delores Andrus Ralph Applcgrcn David Appling Daren Bachman Robert Bader Jane Bailey Hilton Barnes Mark Barsncss Francis Bartels Bruce Bass Jane Baumlcr Steven Benjamin Thomas Bennett Robert Benoit 30atssfii ■HU ■ lyle Booties Thomas Bomemann Caylin Borth Garry Boucher Steve Bowlds David Braaten ...30 ... Donald Bich David Biel Chuck Binj Jonathan Biekhol Joan Bjelverud Michael Bjcrkc Roger Bjerke James Bjorgc Leonard Blade Glenn Blekcn James Boehne Rodney Boclkc Allan Berge Allen Berger llainc Berneking Anne Bertrand Roger Bctsingcr John Bible 10b v,s m Keary Brager Allen Brandt Roger Bratland Ken Braunagel Kenneth Breden Gerald Brehmcr Thomas Brower Steven Brown Terry Brown Deraid Brunette Susan Brunskill Bruce Buchholtz Lonny Buchmann Maynard Buck Wayne Buck Tom Bucchler Greg Bulyca Gerald Burlack Douglas Burley Kenneth Burr ICO r . •"frr-r-A.vy-..f ; tttaK flRSBy?v£ tr:'-:Sv.-... t» ■ i 107 Arvard Burvcc Douglas Buschc Michael Busko Paul Byron Jeffrey Byzewski Ray Cartwright Steven Caspers Thomas Causey Neil Christensen Rick Christianson Darrell Chute Craig Cimbura David Coalwcll Jane Colbenson Stephen Colebank Frank Conlon Gerald Cossettc Kenneth Cox Michael Cramer William CravensGary Cumber John Dahl George Darrah Cheryl David Randahl Davidson Thomas Davis Duane Delzer James Denow Mercedes Dillman Dennis Dockter Neil Docicr Wayne Dolan Dennis Dolechek Robert Dolva Curtis Donley Gary Donncr Lee Doohen Russel Dramstad Steve Drengson Tom Duursma Wallace Earley Earnest Ebcrle Mike Eklind Mike Eldred t OS Timothy Elhard Howard Erickson Lyle Erickson Jerome Eslingcr Donley Evans Kelesy Evans Mitchell Evenson Glenn Ewert David Fedje James Feltman Bob Ferderor James Ferebee James Fish Jr. Kathleen Flaten Lyle Flatland Mike Fleck Jr. Larry Foss Murdy Franks Dennis Fran Douglas Freitag ; Ail i - r. f- i-it : . . • :: ; . : • , .■.. . .t uktzil t. k- ; u i : .-J- Lloyd Fritsvold Pamela Fuglestad James Gagnum Charles Gearge Kenneth Geiger Debbie Gerou Ronald Geyer Steve Giesinger Candice Gilbertson Gary Gilchrist Charles Gilleland Charles Gilstad Denise Gladue Giles Godes Donald Goggin Wayne Gotvaslce Patrick Graham Roger Gramm Michael Gran James Granheim Lyle Gravseth James Green Jerome Green Frank Gregor Robert Groeger Robert Gross Carol Gunning Arthur Haas William Haase Carl Haberman Jane Haberman Ralph Hafner Robert Hager Raymond Hall Joel Halstenson Curtis Halvorson 111  — Dennis Hamling David Hansen Marvin Hanson Paul D. Hanson Delmer Hase Larry Haugen Donna Havelange Jerome Hayes Dave Heilman Larry Heinert C. Barney Heitkamp Ronnie Hclfenstein Leon Heller Jeffrey Henderson Don Hendrickson Richard Henninger Barry Hermanson Tim Hesla Raymond Hester Neil Hettich Susan Higinbotham Clarence Hildebrand Thomas Hipsak Dewayne Hirschkorw William Hobbs Kent Hochgrabcr Cyril Hoffarth Cary Hoffarth Dean Hoffman Jerald Hoffman Lynn Hogness Curtis Hohn Kathleen Holmgren Barbara Hooge John Horgan Alwood Huckell Jennifer Hudson James Ihry Stanley Jacklitch Allan Jacobs H3  David Jaeger Greg Jaehning Curtis Jankc Francis Jangula Loy Jelinek James Jenkins Darrell Jensen Roger Jensen Darwin Johnson Dennis Johnson Gene Johnson James A. Johnson Kathie Johnson Leroy Johnson Louise Johnson Robert C. Johnson Rodney Johnson William Jones Walter Jost Rodney Kadrmas Keith Kalina Bruce Kalmbach Keith Kapp Walter Kath Richard Kauk Dave Kemnitz Dennis Kempel John Kemper Weston Kemper Michael Kenyon Kary Ketterling Marcia Ketterling Richard Ketterling David Kielb Loren Kicmclc Thomas Kinezle 114 mmmmmi i Richard Kimball Allen Kingzctt Leslie Kitzman Gerald Kjorvestad John Klaman James Klein Paul Klimck Rowald Klindworth Roy Klinger Roger Kluck John Koffler Kenneth Kohl Mike Kopp Gerald Kost Timothy Koth Ronald Kouba Ervin Krank Lonnie Krause Lcland Krein Roger Kremer 116 David Kropp Ethel Krous Russell Krull Bennett Kubischta Phil Kueffler Dennis Laidlaw James Lambcrtz Dick Landsbcrgcr Wayne Lang Wayne Langer Roger Langseth Allen Larson Daniel Larson Erling Larson Lavern Larson Mark Kuntz Duane Kupfer Duane Lachapcllc Gerald Lacher Wayne Lacher Lorraine Larson Jerome Ledahl Dean Lee George E. Lee Jerolyn Lee Kenneth Lefor Walter Lcno Jim Lentz Lester Lcsmann Richard Levno David Lewis Tim Lies Andrew Lillehoff Curtis Lillehoff James Lindseih Harlan Lingren Thomas Lowe Vcrnie Lucas Marvin Lugert Thomas LundgrcnGeorge McDonald Edward McIntosh James McKeague Dennis McKcchnie Roderick McNeill Ronald Mabie Gary Maier Danny Majkrzak Michael Manstrom David Martin Duane Martin Kennard Martin Cheryl Martinson Marilyn Mathwick William Mattson Claire Lyche James Lysne Calvin McAfee James McAllister Terry McCleary 119 Marlyn Matzke Paul Mauer Daniel Maulding Donald Meier Karen Meiers Waldemur Melstcd John Melville Michael Mengel Lester Merkel Patricia Merkel Ronald Metcalf Judy Met Jarrelyn Meyer Mary Mikkelson Robert Mikkelson Bruce Miller Charles Miller Kenneth Miller Lonnie Miller Tom MiranowskiJ , . Linda Mitzel Waller Moellering Allan Moen Stanley Mohr Dean Montgomery Jay Moody John Morrison Darrell Moser Harry Mowers Thomas Mucllenbach James Mulford Roger Mund Gary Munn Mark Munson Carol Muske Carmen Myer Marvin Nagel Mike Nelson Alan Neuman Robert Nielsen  I Paul Nordby Kenneth Novak Gary Nustad Patricia Oasc Pamela Offner Gary Oliver Dennis Olsen Christina Olson David M. Olson Gary L. Olson Keith S. Olson Michael Olson 12? Norman Olson Ronald Olson Steven C. Olson Beryl Osmondson Floyd Ottenbacher lack Ouradnik William Paape Donald Parsons Thomas Patridge David Paulsen Dana Pazdernik David Pearson Gregory Pederson Pamela Peterson Ronald Peterson Stanford Peterson Gregory Pctz Timothy Pfeifer Jeannelc Plummer Diane Posch Craig Poulsen Paul Prochnow Cliff Pulvermacher Jerry Qual Pat Quaschnick Constance Raguse Jerry Rask Mark Reddig aiL-.. Larry Rcichenberg Cindy Reihe Gene Reinhart Philip Renwick Ardel Rice Bruce Rich Cary Ridl Larry Ricck Larry Riehl Dale Rienstra Perry Rittenbach Arthur Ritter Luanna Ritter Stanley Rocder Harold Rohde Robert Rossow Marvin Roth Michael Rudolf Rick Rudolf Robert Rudolph Roger Rudolph Carla Runk William Sailer Alvin Sanda Anita Sandoval Donald Saltier Eileen Saville Greg Schander Joell Schatz Kenneth Schauer Michael Schend Norman Schcrbenske Kenneth Schcrr Dennis Schill Dallas Schlenker Alan Schloifeldt-----:___... Arvin Schmidt James Schmitz Raymond Schneider Richard Schneider Shirley Schonhardt Jean Schradick Patrick Schwan Loren Schroeder Richard Schumacher Michael Seavcrt James Sellars Greg Seltveit Lowell Sjothan Jr. Diane Skarphol Ronda Skramstad Kermit Sletto John Smallbeck Jr. Michael Smart Donald Smith Greg Sol berg Roger Soukup William Sparke Gary Speich Leon Spitzer Bruce Stahlecker Clark Stahlecker Susan Stearns Vv.t _ — —u— _ u-_a. --.' V J BWMDBB rj Xi I i-i M Richard Stegman Vernon Steier Barbara Stein Richard Stcltcr Robert Stcltcr Clyde Stenslie Vickie Stevens Glenn Stockdill Kenneth Stockdill Gene Storbakkcn Douglas Strander Loren Svcum John Swanson Raymond Sweeney Stan Swctland Robert Swinney Steven Syverson Robert Tatgc Richard Tatum Karl Thomas Roger Thompson Beverly Thorpe Neil Thorpe Joanne Tischer Wayne Tobeck Marcia Tolo Richard Tradewell Kenneth Triebold Nylc Trogstad Thomas Trudeau ■ Paul Tupa Marcia Tuskind James Undcrberg Michael Usher 126Kenneth Vertin Joe Vetter Leroy Vetter Lois Vig Danny Voegele Duane Voegele Jerome Volberg Thomas Volk Keith Wahlund Daniel Walter Patricia Wanek Donald Weber Jerry Wefel Kathleen Wcgleitner Albert Weisbcck Daniel Weisbcck Edward Weninger Ronald Werner Gordon Wcrvcn Betty Welch Michael Weyrauch James Wheeler Gary White Lyle Winters William Witteman Bill Woehrmann 171 Linus Wolf Richard Wurtz James Wyum Stuarl Wyum Dennis Zachcr Leslie Zenker James Zhorela Neil Ziegclman John Zicska For the kind of job you want MtiONCfAMWSI INC . rCUSIHM Sa n. -ter: INGMUS MAGNUS T«AP itS xsxjmtssi COUOtAD OtWTW»fWH it.’yarKV; UKUONC (NCtslUS get the education you need 128ruir Data Processing 130 S Secretarial And Parts TrainingHMBh ISSiSiSf sS£Siiiv Sui-i iiA LUfcii2 iv»ti !ii i -S !; CiNlkllUOU lht VACUUM A£ V«.H { MUKiHiVMi ''"nDIIOCTODC General Mechanics And WeldingI ROW 1, If FT TO RIGHT: Sis-Icr, Susan; Allen, Kathy; Olson, Mary; Gross, Jacqueline; Rusness, Paula; Rein, Barbara; Paterson, Linda; Kesscl, Shirlcne; Jenkins, Barbara; Halvorson, Lynette; Kuslcr, Marcy; Yoder, Opal. ROW 2: Pearson, Maryls; llelmowski. Georgette; Isvenge, Susan; Olson, Sandra; Wibe, Renee; Spier, Margaret; Gullickson, Sherry; Peterson, Maryls; Rivinius. Susan; Beckman, Janice. ROW 3: Atherton, Jacqueline; Seagren, Mary; Person, Alleen; Hoselton, Lorraine; Schmitz, Melvin; Codes, Quentin; Nasstrom, loiann; Hath. Nancy; Kittle-son, Tamera; foley, Jean. ROW 1. L TO R: Linda Cast, Shirley Christmann, Gayle Fick, Susan Davis, Evelyn Kam, Margie fhlert, Mary Kline, Susan Klundt, Julie Ellison. ROW 2,: Jane Byer, Lois Albrecht, Patricia Phillips, Linda Wartenbee, Beverly Olson, Susan Deal, Betty Cooksley, Myrtle Pender. ROW 3: Joyce Zuber, lyn-nette Mat , Dianna Lund, Diane Breuske. Marcia Steele, Mary Jean Payne, Geneva Madsen, Deborah Oland. ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT: Schaucr. Carol; Herman, Patti; Warne, Sharon; Raymond. Virginia; Thomas, Judy; Hastier. Mary; Weichel. Linda; Lang. Phyllis; Jesse. Bene; Pence. Frances; Trinka. Charlotte. ROW 2: tones, Carol; Lane. Flornece; Klein, Hulda; Mullen. Susie; Dietz, Vicki; Trautman, Marlys; Wiecks, Hazel; Roller. Louise; Georgeson, Marlene; laxdal, Lona; Moline, Linda. ROW 3: Scott, Devona; Odegard, Valerie; Wright, Ada; McKinley. Jerri; Bush. Donna; Ciddings. Blythe; Young, Patricia; Froehlich, Barbara; Kranda, Christine; Johnson, Pamela. ROW 1, L TO R: Paulette Grenier, Sharon Jensen. Joyce LaChapelle, Dcloris Miranosvski, Laurie Grenier. Carol Nordick, Elaine Blazck, Elizabeth Weber, Karen Bcllcrt, Betty Einarson. ROW 2, Jean Pearson, Caroline lee, Glenda Bryant, Kathleen Veit, Barbara Place, Faye Althoff, Mary Krump, Janet Paulsen, Linda Harms. ROW 3, Donna Dick. Mary Kay ludomann, Jane Ulmer, Alice Putnam, Linda leshovsky, Magdalena Buck house, Sandra Ebcrhardt. ROW a, Bonnie Puppe, Susan Fuder, Marie Oss, Joan Brossart. Patti Olson.LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 1: Pamela Brown, Nancy Schrader, Susan Anderson, Patricia Mattern, Cheryl Hanson, Charlene Erickson, Diane Thompson, Charlotte Plieler, Rebecca Matt. ROW 2: Cathleen Dunlap, Vicki Unterseher, Janice Tischer, Bernadette Duchscher, Rita Skarphol, JoAnn Andrus, Denalie Bruins, Ca'ol Pladsen. ROW 3: Debra Hanson, Linda Ruebke, Claudia Shepherd, Ann Kuppich, Susan Wood, Kathleen Trotlicr, Mary Wambeke, Susan Twenge. ROW 4: Gayla Waalcn, Theresa Hilbcr, Julie Nissen, Karen Flannery, Helen Baron, Gail Stevens.CatharineStelton. LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 1: Sherry Kylstad, Patti Rheaull. Rosemary Paulson, Kathryn Kjonaas, Pamela Stempl. Daryln Klein, Gladys Jodsaas, Janice Hatlesvick. ROW 2: Susan Sabourin, Janice Sanberg, Kristie Suedell, Jeraldine Christeson, Machclle Winter. Vivion Asplin, Marie Clapp. ROW 3: Kathleen Foran, Pamela Schrader, Mary Vilhauer, Emm Rmdahl, Doris Eggen. Roberta Holt . Jane Riehm, Carol Puet . Dorothy Martell. ROW 4: Peggy Peterson, Marcella Johnson. Charlotte Martin, Linda Hicks, Janice Anderson, Marlys Haugen, Marilyn Swenson. LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 1: Marla Kuehnhenn, Jane Strand, Linda Zollinger, Kathryn Lindoll. luAnn Mund, Diane Bernhag-en, lynette Anderson, Florence Scherr, Karen Mil el. ROW 2: Sharon Dahlke, Susan Krein, Mary Sander, Judith Russman, Diane Fuller, Ruby Alsaker. Crystal Willprecht, Gayla Wallin. ROW 3: Marilyn Block, Susan Adams, Diane LaPash, Nancy Johnson, Donna Fredrickson, Marlys Gocltcrl , Ann Koenig. ROW 4; Lou Brovik, Deborah Borsheim, Kathy Bassen, Mary Hedlund, Rossella Blazck, Brenda Olson, Marie Wcrsal, Kathleen Rovcnko. 137 fajWords to Remember: "If we work upon marble, it will perish; if on brass, time will efface it; if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust; but if we work upon immortal minds, and imbue them with principles, with the just fear of God and love of our fellow-men, we engrave on those tablets something that will brighten to all eternity ' -OAMtl VSIBSIIK GLOBE — GAZETTE PRINTING COMPANY Wahpeton, North Dakota "Since 1907, a Good Name to Remember" Seven Wahpeton graduates have become important members of the Fargo Foundry family. Four men are expert draftsmen. One has become a sales engineer. Another a top notch estimator and another is in charge of production control. We're proud of the contribution these men have made to the growth of our company. ANDERSON FOOD GUILD STORE "The Store With The New Front" FREE DELIVERY Open Doily 8 to 8 Sunday 9 to 1 Dial 643-4871 205 South 5th Breckenridge Congratulations Class of 70 From LOLL AUTO IMPL. 642-5541 — Sixth Street South Wohpeton, North Dokoto WAHPETON SCIENCE GRADS FIND A HOME fargo foundry » r. avinuc. ruco. north oakotaMember Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Drive-Up Banking in the Rear Strength Safety Service WAHPETON NATIONAL BANK SPRAGUE CARLTON - TELL CITY LA-Z-BOY DREXELL MAGNAVOX MAYTAG MASTERCRAFT HAMMARY RCA —TELEVISION WHIRLPOOL — APPLIANCES Telephone and mail orders welcome Decorating and home planning service at no extra cost VERTINS NORTH DAKOTA'S LARGEST FURNITURE STOREMETROPOLITAN SAV NGS LOAN ASSOC ATfON Currently paying day to day dividends at 4V5° o on passbook accounts. 5 Va% on 6 month certificate accounts paid quarterly FARGO WAHPETON GRAFTON GRANDFORKS KOST BROTHERS, INC. FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION SAVINGS INSURED UP TO SI 5.000 Excavating and Dozer Work Ready-Mix Concrete Washed Gravel —■ Sand — Concrete Tile Kost Concrete Blocks — Building Material Delivered Anywhere Phone 642-3371 Wahpeton, North DakotaWAMPETON — BRECKLNKIDCE AREA'S NEWEST MOST COMPLETE SHOE CENTER FAIRMONT Roblee Naturalizcr Buster Brown Miss America MILK ICECREAM COTTAGE CHEESE Patronize your local distributor SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY IMF SHOETREE WAHPETON ONE-HALF BLOCK SOUTH OF STOP LIGHT CORNER BANK AMERICARO — MASTER CHARGE WELCOME HERE Required Reading .. . FOR EVERY "INFORMED SSS STUDENT Farme r- Globe SERVING THE RED RIVER VALLEY WITH ALL THE NEWS EVERY MONDAY and THURSDAYPHONE 677.4991 Jordal Outdoor Advertising Co. FA8IAN and FABIAN, Owner RAY FABIAN. Mgr. HERMAN, MINNESOTA DON'S RED OUJL U.S. CHOICE BEEF FRESH PRODUCE PLUS S H STAMPS 202 No. 4th Street ANDERSON JEWELRY Your KEEPSAKE JEWELER Terms can be arranged tor any student Brockonridgc, Minn. Phone 643-3193 Compliments of — DR. JACK PFISTER Dentist Wahpeion Twin SUtv. ,• UmdVUicUcrv ___Kjfj SPECIALISTS IN . RESIDENTIAL HOUSING . APARTMENT BUILDINGS . GENERAL CONTRACTING . COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION Ibixtt 2IU2(.r« jt Norther u Drue North DjIiiIj Otticc 232-2561 Bob Slusar 237-6086 -Al Smith 232-S616 ampert BUILDING CENTER 1° BUILDING THE GREAT NORTHWEST FOR OVER 80 YEARS L.P. GAS WORLD S MOST VERSATILE FUEL Home Heating — Water Heating — Cooking Engine Fuel — Crop Drying — Lease Tanks Insulation — Furnaces — Temporary Heat A Northern Propane Gas Company 205 4lh St. So. WAHPETON 642-4371 "The Future's Bright For You . .. In Electricity" WSp Yes, young people with the talents and technical background are in constant demand in the field of electrical energy. Thousands of skilled people will be needed in this challenging and growing industry within the next few years! rjt PICKED YOUR FIELD . , -J— POWER COMPANY Compliments of DR. C. L. LINDBERG OPTOMETRIST Professional Building Phone 642-4090 Wohpeton 2 Woy Radio — KGE 2541 AL’S TRUCK STOP AND CAFE Stotion Open 24 Hours 24 Hour Wrecker Service Bunks Truck Tire Repair, Engine Tune Up Phones 643-6219 and 643-3960 Breckenridge, Minnesota Compliments of — DR. GEORGE MURRAY DR. WALTER HELLAND DENTISTS Citizens National Bank Building Phone 642-4741 Wohpeton, North Dakota HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES BEN FRANKLIN Nationally Advertised — locally Owned PHILCO AND MOTOROLA T.V. AND APPLIANCES Sales and Service Dial 642-3301 Wohpeton, No. Dak. SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. Good Luck Science Grads Phone 642-6634 Wohpeton North Dakota STERN'S Campus Fashion Specialists for the Young Man STERN'S CLOTHING COMPANY WahpBton, N. Dak.MELBY STUDIO RO-BANKS TOOL MFG. CO. TOOLS, DIES METAL STAMPINGS Wohpeton, North Dokoto Phone 64 2-63 14 A studio of Modern photography Wahpcton. North Dakota KELLY’S DINER AND LOUNGE STEAKS • PRIME RIBS • SEA FOOD Come and see our new cocktail lounge Dial 642-9939 Wohpeton THE MOTOR OIL COMPANY FLOYD A. SWENSON Owner Stop at our complete bumper-to-bumper service station for lubrication needs. We are equipped to handle all makes of cars and trucks, able and ready to render complete and satisfactory service. Our complete line of accessories will take care of all your motoring needs. Remember — You can always “BE SURE WITH PURE" "A»r Royol Welcorn S«rvi «." Phone 642-31 21 Wohpeton, N.D. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Breckenridge, Minnesota Continuous Service - Since 1885 General Banking Insurance Of All Kinds 1885 - Our 84th Anniversary - 1969 Deposits Insured up to S 15.000.00 “Safety First Service Always” MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER F.D.l.C.LILLEGARD INCORPORATED IIIC, Wil-Rieh. Farmhand. New Holland. New Wav Loaders and Hcsston — Lilhcslon — Verst ilc Telephone 642-6689 Wahpcton. North Dakota DICK’S STANDARD Corner 9th Street and Dakota Avc. Wahpeton, N.D. $) Complete Brake Service Rear Wheel Bearings Alternator Service (STANDARD) Dio1642'5'65 AMERICAN OIL MOTOR CLUB RELIABLE CLEANERS One Day Cleaning on Request 603 Dakota Avenue Across From the Post Office Phone 642-3681 Latlian West. Owner Free Pick up and Deliver)’ Service Phone 25559 Wahpeton, North Dakota THULEN’S PIONEER MEAT MARKET NODAK Mutual Insurance Co. "The Best in Meats" and Richland County Farm Bureau We Have the Knowledge and Complete Insurance Service Equipment to Do Your for Farm Bureau Families Meat Processing Right 516 Dakota Avenue Wahpeton, North Dakota Phone 643-5517 Dial 642-3483 Breckenridgc, Minnesota 5NJ75 • Records • Sheet M usic • Cuilan • Radios • Ta|K- Hccorrlers • Stereo-IIn li Fidelity Your Stereo Center In WahpetnnNORTHWESTS LOWEST AVERAGE FOOD PRICES QUALITY MEATS FRESHEST PRODUCE FRIENDLIEST SERVICE Larry Mickelson Wohpeton, N.D. Wo Olve Olft House Stamps Arnie Lydeen Breckenridge, Minn. FARMOR DISCOUNT STORE On Highways81 13 West Tools Auto Accessories Batteries-Plugs-Points Tires-Oil Ph 642-3441 Walipcton Farm Home Supplies Guns-Ammunition Hunting Supplies Compliments of WAHPETON DRUG COMPANY THE REXALL STORE Wohpeton, North Dakota AMERICAN LINEN SUPPLY COMPANY A Complete Linen Supply Service for Business, Industries and Professional Users. 206 N. P. Avenue Dial 232-7484 Fargo, N. Dok. KRAUSE MOTOR SERVICE PLYMOUTH VALIANT CHRYSLER IMPERIAL Complete Motor Overhaul Body Work and Pointing Phone 642-4290 Wohpeton, N. Dak. NIELSEN ELECTRIC, INC. 328 Dakota Avenue Telephone 842-5701 C EAS'D ZENITH TU.CVISK NECCHI-ELNA Strive MACHINES Home of Product! Walter Moore — Marvin KklirtdUNCLE JIM’S CAFE STEAK HOUSE ALEXANDER’S VALLEY STATIONERY Closed All Doy Saturday Charcoal Broiled Steaks and Chops Plan to use our Charcoal Room for Meetings and Private Parties. Phone 643-3891 Breckenridge, Minn. LUNCH BOX PIZZA Serving Pizza From 3:00 to 10:00 P.M. Meals and Lunches For Pizza to Go Phone 643-4852 Breckenridge, Minnesota School and Office Supplies Equipment Quick Service Monogramming Phone 642-2187 Wohpeton North Dakota Compliments of — BRECKENRIDGE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone 643-6695 214 North Fifth Street Breckenridge, Minn. AUTO PARTS COMPANY Since 1925 EARL SCHMIDT WARREN DOBERSTEIN Local Distributors of All Makes of Automotive and Tractor Replacement Parts Garage and Filling Station Accessories and Equipment General Welding Supplies and Equipment Phone 642-6629 Wahpeton. North Dakota Compliments of — Penney’s THE ALWAY S FIRST QUALITY! J. C. PENNY COMPANY Dial 642-4131 Wahpeton, N. DakOUR THANKS . . . To the Merchants Who Advertised in THE "69" AGAWASIE THEIR SUPPORT HAS HELPED MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE We urge all of the students at the North Dakota State School of Science to patronize these merchants. THE “69” AGAWASIE STAFFState School of Science ALUMNI ASSOCIATION All graduates and those in attendance for two or more terms are automatically enrolled as members of the association. Whether you are an active member or not is up to you. We need your active support. Why Don't You Join Now! WAHPETON PAINT AND GLASS COMPANY Leon Novetzke Bill Crawford • Wollpoper • O’Brien Paints • Waxes • Point Brushes • Plote Glass • Mirrors • Auto Glass • Ceromic Tile 709 Dakota Avenue Phone Ml 2-3563 Wahpeton North Dakota HERM’S RADIATOR REPAIR We Guarantee All Radiator Repair Work HERMAN MITZEl, Owner Prompt. Courteous Service “Give Us A Try” 101 8th Street South DIAL 64 2-6966 Wohpefon, N.D.Wyler and Bulovo Watches and Princess Diamonds Complete Gift Selection "The Sterling and Silver Store" OLSON JEWELERS Wohpeton, North Dakota RED RIVER JOBBING INC, Distributors of Rock Spring and Other Favorite Beverages Breckenridge Wohpeton Electricians Electrical Contractors MODERN ELECTRIC CO. 201 1 — 3rd Avenue North P.O. Box 225 Forgo, North Dakota CLEM AND GEORGE Phone 232-2986 After Hours Phone 233-1 1 36 ROYER’S Shoe Foe Comfort Fine Footwear Is Our Business Not A Sideline WAIII’KTON Pli 642-3122 T. K. GRAY INC. Graphic Arts Supplies Minneapolis 1812 South Sixth Street VALLEY REALTY AND VALLEY INSURANCE Sales Insurance Rentals E. W. OLIVER JIM OSTROM Phone 642-4003 MEYERS-JONES FARM STORE ALFRED MEYERS DALE JONES Sales and Service Dial 642-4497 Wohpeton, N. Dak. Compliments of CHUCK’S OFF SALE 801 Dakota Avc. Phone 642-6402 VVahpcton, No. Dak. 58075 MEIDE AND SON, INC. General Contractors Phone 642-2641 Wahpeton, North Dakota B AND W DAIRY Home of the Valley Maid Dairy Products Days Fresher Miles Closer Phone 643-3971 Brcckenridge, Minn. Men’s Clothing and Shoes Visit the New Cavalier Shop Wahpeton, N. Dak. DAKOTA CHIROPRACTIC HOME GAS COMPANY, CLINIC INC. Dr J. O. Ness P.O. Box 609 320 Dakota Avenue PH ( 12-5600 Wahpeton. North Dakota Headache -Injuries-Nervous problem FARMERS AND MERCHANTS STATE BANK Big Enough To Handle Your Financial Requirements, But Small Enough To WANT To Serve, Know And Help You! Consult Us About Your Insurance We Can Serve You PHONE 643-5553 Breckenridge, Minnesota FLAA OIL COMPANY WALT BUSTA, Proprietor Texaco Products and Goodrich U.S. Royal Tires Gas, Oil, Tires Batteries Greasing and Washing Phone 642-3451 901 Oakota Ave. Wohpeton, North Dok. Compliments of UIahpcton WAHPETON, NORTH DAKOTA MILLER’S BARBER SHOP "If your hair isn't becoming to you, you should be coming to us." CORNER DRUG “Prescription Specialists" D. B. FOIDEN, Prop. 522 Dokoto Ave. Dial 642-5595 Wohpeton, North Dakota HOLLY’S BARBER SHOP For The Finest In Personal Crooming See Karl. Vern And Joe Across Ktwn Wjrd WalipoTon Ph 612-4661 Compliments of BUD’S CAFE "Home away from Home" GOOD FOOD Home Made Posteries WAHPETON, N. Dak. Wohpeton, North DakotaDOUBLE COLA W For Real Refreshment its . . . MISSION BEVERAGES Distributed by HAUSAUER BEVERAGES Wahpeton Wahpeton, No. Dak. Lisbon, No. Dak. Elbow Lake, Minn. Milbank, So. Dak. STURDEVANT’S WHOLESALE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Moorhead, Minn. Wheaton, Minn. Oakes, No. Dak. Hawley, Minn. Wahpeton North DakotaIt Only Takes A Minute to tell you that most of our officers and employees are Alumni of the State School of Science and to ask you to come in and get acquainted and use the service that our bank offers this community. NATIONAL 8ANK OF WAHPETON WAIIPETON, NORTH DAKOTA 580 7 5 Sincere Compliments of the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE WAHPETON NORTH DAKOTAAUTOMATION Wherever automation systems arc used, they have a single assignment; do the simple tasks and allow people to concentrate on supplying ingenuity and judgment, the uniquely human parts of the job. In this role, automation is helping teachers counsel students, helping police prevent crimes, helping nurses provide better patient care. These are just a few of the unexpected benefits of automation which range far beyond its traditional applications in manufacturing and processing. As an automation company, Honeywell expands the use of automation systems through a global network of factories and offices. Everywhere in the world, Honeywell automation systems help make people more productive. HONEYWELL Employs NDSSS Graduates Compliments of DAHL MUSIC COMPANY Coin Operated Music and Amusement Equipment 122 South Vine Street Fergus Falls, Minnesotaquick, refreshing lift! Nothing does it like Seven-Up! Seven-Up Bottling Company 1900 First Ave. No. Moorhead, Minn. Box 1005 Wahpctnn, N I) Box 865 Watertown. S l CORRUGATED METALCULVERTS DRAINAGE. IRRIGATION AN I) CONTRACTORS' SUITI.I KS Photographic Equipment Supplies Audio-Visual Equipment Supplies Sales Service 212 1 2 West Lincoln Ph 736-2191 FKRCUS FALLS. MINN.The grass is green and lush beside the brook. I stretch my hand and break the mirror, Moist and cool, And at my touch A thousand ripples ring And lap against the stones. What was there is gone... and yet remains.IHHUH HIThe universe may hold a thousand brooks, • A stormy sea, a quiet cove. One mind, so full of thought, Reflects against the mirror Still and smooth All is changed and is no more, And yet.. .will always » wuvi-• i !- -u:la i i mn ra“;'Jos Jinn lilsfj-i mHn sifi}iiiiili_ 3I«? ppp i j|l5.4 vp ■Sr 3 i,_ ■ip JsiwP 2 1 J Of •o - u i C ■ = e - 5 5 c '■ I S J 5 2 g i [! S IDIHi u u u u u IM si sill I' 111 811 5 I x 2 « s a U Hi s £s = if.-fi, !J!l!l1i!llfiItIl!li!l£ IK|t no. ( » glac A 67 ClUMl l«lll K|t tvevlrd. Gerald O 114 Klaman, Ryhn R 114 Vy ndemer e Kirin. Allan I (mWK KIcm. |amev I 116 • w Kletngjrn, Carol |. Ci W Klimr-k. Paul | 114 Vrmng. MS Klindt. Caine P Campbell Khtidniytlh. Ronald I 116 Wahpeton Klinger, Roy R 114 Me Wile Kliptel. Va|ive A .Monango Klore. Krilh I Kbd, Roger vv. 114 Rorhvay.MS Slack. Samba K Rorhvay. MS Kkmdr. G«r U. Iimnlftnn Kkmrlt. (Hlrcy O 44 Gaelic Knartcrud. Man C Maddocl Knethr. |ohn K langdtvn Knell. Gary G. Ila en knoll. W anda I 61 Mam Ian knnpii.liaiHMOA BrIKM KtMitvon. Kennolh |. Reynold. Knutvon. Mary I. Wah| ctnn Kih h. Anion C. 47,42 Manilan Koehrmledl. Connie Portland Korn i . Jerome P IVocalaoMh Kolflrc. lohn I 116 Clm UUn Kohl. Kenneth 116 kc egral. Kim M Cmyrnlonn Wharf I 71 Ciacmlo. MS Mllmg. Waller R. (kdunon Kookrt. Ion t. Mmevlonn Koiv. NUe P 40.114 Mamlan Ko| p. Valor R. Mamlan kojgwimjrr. Coil S Break cm idge. MS Kocoparmcki. Ilwmjil Batkoo Kovt. Cared K Avhley Kml.CnaU! 114 AJiki Kovt.Grcgt. Maiim Kovtad. Misl«-1 Koth. Timothy A 116 Miichrll.sO kewba, l)nn! Alamo Mxiha. Ronald I 116 Pork Km auk. Harold R Wahpelon Mari. Gee aUD loillr lake Mail, Jjenev P. Ntnilh Mam. Mtkr I. langdon Manila. Robril I. lamouir Mank, |nm M. 116 Dakirvvon Mauve. OavnJ W. Non lllingtotl, VO Mauv. lala.r InlKi-lnomf Mauve. lonr-eO 116 Boon, SO Maule. Mama K. SI (idgcrwood Mrbe. Sanili S Wahficlon Kirin, Wilkam | Halve Moin, Irlaml I 116 Unman k Men, Ruvvrll C Hebron Kirmri, Roger I). 116 linlon Mm , lamer 1.46,61 Lee he vile Mew. I)n l D 67 Brack Meveev, Stanley C S7 Wah|icton Kneger. Samacl I Oration Mu ei. Dolorrcl. lap) Mopp, Oaml R 117 Wahpelon Mopumcke. Darrell II lake Pievlon. SO Mouv. llhrl A. 117 Olive oil Krueger. Mu had l». ijmrWunn Kiurjeri. Rodney I. Iieiioma Mutko . Ronnie G Verona Krueger. Stephen (i Garmon Mull. Rowell O 117 Ikon. IA Ktumm. Kaililerm M. Ma» e Mump, Rtrhardl 67 llankirwon krump. Sirvm M Wahpelon kutov. Quentin I 0 Otkimon Kubnthta. Bennett R U . 117 Hope Kuthar. Ccreklme l . Si Brcrkervndcc. MS Kuchmvki. Mamin |. Ok k.n von I 117 Camoia Kuhn.VrckiA. Napoleon Sulla. Sand" a Mannevg Summer. Doutlai W ■ ' Kummef. Paul R Col la. Sunt . Gerald I Halve. Kunl . Stack I 117 Rugbv Sun o.Ccrv I Reemi kt.plrr. Duane M 80.117 Bkiilion. MS kwilr.lerC.67 Io rka. SD Male, terry I. Mcrere kul er. Maivhall 1 laumoani Siaiagcr, Roger l) Ihompvon Kyvcr. Mania I 61 Ine lahienv .letfiev I. Siovn Ccuniv Kvlrrvmm. Idrvin M lamrvtown 1 a hapr Ho. Oua»vr C. Portland I at hemmewe, Dmt;h( D. Mrdina lathn. IA.jnel.67 lather. Gnaid 117 reiand lather. tVaync 1.117 VrtvMiia laty. Inly A. Ilcinngcr lalrante. Donald R kVahprlon lagc.lcol. Cavalier laidtzre Dmnh A 60.117 largo I ambrrl. Catherine A Idgelcy larnbctlr.lamcvM. 117 W largo tandmbnKer. Gaiy D. Underwood landcbcrgcr. D rk I 117 Ha dion landwchr. Henry A. WiSnion tang.lamcvM McKen le lang. Scon M. Moothead. MS Ian . Wayne 0.117 Man dan I anger. M h rl A. 71 Wadena. MN langn. Wayne M 117 I in gal langnew. leindj I. McVille tangvrth. Roger W. 117 Cawdlon larotgie. Mithaell Idmgurg laiten, Craig II Imlnlin larven. Gary A. Ilavlon larven, lame. A. Mribank larvm. lohn Brctkmr.dge.MN larvon. Aim K. 177 Wahpelon larvon. Bonn.e I. Net he larvon. Brute I. Klocen larvon. Cameron SO. 41.61 I alula larvon. Chariot B. Parlor. Prairie. MS larvon. Daniel A. 49.117 Park Rrvrr larvon. Dawd M 41 GrtmBat. Wl larvon.'Dougin O Herman, MS larvon. Irlng M 44. 117 lndnl.n larvon. Harold O. Boinneaj larvon. Kalhy A. Sranley larvon. tavern M 117 lot man larvon, lorranr 41,118 Bretkenialge. MN larvon. I owe! IR Ignae larvon. loyal I Grnvora larvon. Stark t. Dwighi larvon, Mnvyn R Mil band. SD larvon. Pamrla I 44 Colla. larvon, Prrvtoll K. Wahpeton larvon. Robrrl K. Kathryn larvon. Sloven M Mtit hed. 40 larvon. William G. larneMorvn t arue, lainev O. Hoi Springy. MT lari. Wtkie I 6) luthvillr lauei. OarieD O. MtOuvky laughlm, |ani e A. Imley laverdtare. Ronald tV. Bekoutl lavvier. MKhael 4. I ini on lavvrrnte.Chailev l Bretkmirdge. MS lavvrente. Ihomav C. 7J Wahpeton letlae. Valtave Rovhoil.SO ledahl, lerome K. 1M ah lee. Dean I Gannon lee. Deborah 1. Nome lee. Omnn R MtV le lee. Geo ice 1 118 Grawy Buiie lee. Harvey A. Wllbtlon lee. Itrolyn R 118 Gannon lee.lJfiyC 74 linley lee, lor on C. Pcrlcy.MS lee, MonleC. Otlimon lee. Ralph C.7J M yyille lee. Ronald I lA'Iamcre lee. Theodore I Cayuga lee. Ihomav lohn Wahpelon leloi. Kenneth P V. 48.118 Cladvtone legal ie. Sharon R lanmore leggell. RKhardA. Mmlo lehman. Karen A. Wahpeton lemr. Strthad |. largo loom. Nancy I. I a it mount lernen. Paul O lair mount lembke. Dervnn 1 Grand lorlt lemur. Alim P. Karhruhe Imo.Cahm I lulile leno. Waller A.49.118 lulile lent , (m 118 Owvabrotk Imz. Gary D. 61 Dxkmcon leopoldl. A hnn |. Woodworth leiud. Dean I VaBeyCrty levnum. levlrr W. 118 Wevthope levrunn, .Sblion I. Wevthope lev no, Richard C. 118 Wahpeton tnrfc. David (. largo libeida. Darnell. Woodworth lithirnetker, Clyde M. Si wet on. SD lidvlrand. Michael I. (amt-clown lem. (dward W. Sidney I iev. Im R 49.118 Cathay likncvv.Ctfgl Mrlnor (ill. Kenneth) Alven Uleholt. Andrew S. 1U Marion tirvdberg. Helm A. Breekenndge. MN Imderman, Cheryl A. Carrington .mdgren. Harlan O 40. 41. 49. 64.118 Wahpelon lindcay. Thomic | langdon lindveih, Cheryl |. Croctiy lirvdvelh, lamcvC. 118 Crovby Imdvirom. Cary I Mmol Imdvirom. Marlow D 61 Soum Imk.GerhariG. Hawn link, Kenneth I Medma Imneman. Mary I. Reynoldv Imvlad, Paul D 44 largo linviaedi. Keith R 67 J.mmlown lipetrky.Cleluv A. Kmval Inc helvke, (red W. WalhaBa little. Neil A. Wyrvd metre Irudihi, Keith A Kmval Inedalen. Roger yv. Towner li alowvki. Mark D 4) Ardoth lobnt Wayne I. Wimbledon tom. Alan I. Pankal loevlie. Randal W Wahpeton loewen. lack 1. Ahen lotto. Caryn A. S4.61 Srouv lallv. 50 lolm. CrcgK. Warlord Cey I ok km. Myron G. Stanley lommen. Oenno R New Rockford long. DanielS. Willoton longhmD.l4' yA-Ononville. MS lonvki. Kerch 49 Ornla lorenz. Ion I. Sawyer lowe. Ihomav R. 114 lamer town loyland. Brute II. Klocen loyland, .Mary I Klocen lubla, Roger SC Drayton lutav.VcrmcR.114 Bnrrvirtk ludwvg. Barbara I Branllord luelile. Don | Maniador luetk. RomaeP Campbell. MN tugerr. Denrvn I. Wyndmere lugcn. Kmntth |. Hankuwon lugcn. Marvin I 114 Wyrvdemtrc luhmann. Oale R. Alim luKk. Gordon 8 Ian mountII § £ t !- 5Rome!,. Claudia A. liinm Ronkc, Ma» 1.7S. 7.1 Htllmge. Rente. Rixiakl VV. Bottineau Ren. Win R lon U.IA Gene R. WiNpHon Rolen. |onC. WjSpi-lon Rckkrdal, litwa'd I. kan Rmnr . kvn M. Mandan Rremuk. Ptatfl I. 174 Iwkr Rede. I null W'ahprton ol«, Ceorgel. Wahprton RnltMh Oa,«d M VaRry. Cm, Rrlteath. M" P. 1 nluffwoO'l Rrulrr. Donald O SB MnkwUkf.VII Rrwald. Ronald I Sykewon Rkr.Aidril. 124 MokaH Rue, Bomw |. hum Rxh.RurVt to. 124. BS Knhaid. tole f. Botlineau Rm hardvon. Oaudl l. fj.RO Kk hel.. lairy t Wahprlon RVhtc. Donald |. lIVndale Km Ktrr, |a tyr I 47.61 M.xcn R.ddV.Belk.l latnouie RuR. Caiy A 59. 124 Diiiwtvon K«k,l«|M.»,W l atb.n Rn|fi. Mm had V. Ivmond Kehl.lauy II 61.124 Rale-g . Rw-N, Rodney I 62 Catvon Rimvlia. DalrC. 124 Ih.Ih ' Im, |im. M (.ivtliin R nmon. Devon I loliy Knirnbatk.PeerrD 124 Mi not ftillcc.ArlfofG. W.124 Rain.Kuna I. 124 Vrntu.o Rnrllr. Ronald M Wahpeon Robeitv. Danny M a) Moniv. MS Robeyv. aihary I. Dougin Robyt. Carol 1.12 lamevtown Manley R. 124 Hank.mon KooImhIi. Cliatlcv A. l.mon RoAfKh. Clump Valley C tty KochiHh, K Valley Cky Korin. KmmIi P. lute ton Rom le. Cord limmoao RorlgrlK WAn Grallon KugXrnUat k. Quern n V. B $«ot«cGly.SO Rohde. Arnold P62 Wiln, Kathryn A. Caulrton Rohde. Morgan W. St WcbtWf. SO RohrMh.C4f.ol 6) Zeeland Roluu-k. | up" Roll.-.. Mini! Chaw4ey Kollrf. P41.K k fSetmvon Roman. Robert M. Moorhead. UN Ronnntm.SuunC 41 C4.pM Rovrnbrtg. Dale B Nr» Rock lord Row-no. Ruth K. Rivet Roimfjni. l«vti(I Soomn Rodry, Donald V V h prion Roiymjn, landat. I niton, j Rwwow. RrurrD Wahprton Ronoit. Milo |i llank-won Roum.RotHyl R. Campbell Rowum. Vnun | Wah prion Koch. DaykI A. Hank.mon Rolh. Dolma. I. Upn Roth. Mamn D. 60.124 Up" Km.lo. Immanuel A. 46 Nigeria Koti.KVcharlD. Crystal Spong Row-hard. Malbr.1 S. 40 Underwood. MS Rwl. SoimanD. Ponland R0.I0H. had K. 61.124 Wnhdi Ru.loH.SamodO WnhrA Ki.tV.lph, ki.Vth A SI. 6) Ba.nrr Rudolph. Ioann 61 Rudolph, Km ky I 124 Rudolph, Kobeli I 124 lamrUown Rudolph, Roger O. 124 Wolford Rut,void. |i«n A lamou.r Rucle.l on7l Montana Run«k, Catia A 124 W.mUelon Runnmge,. Ronald W. tally. MS Rupp. Honor I tdicrlry Rupp. |atk I IRiow ijkr.MS Ruiuhlr. lamri R ppfjml RulMN.Maakll 46.47.6S Wahpplon Chutlc I 61 Vah|K-lun Ryum. K». k I. Clrnhdd V bo.hrnnrlhll.62 William M. 124 Wy nth-mere Salbeg. lefty D VaBeyOty Salnum. Air. R Rugby Sakweit, Unrhaad Mmol Sahryon. tamo R. 62 Wtld.oyr Sal '., Paulelle G SI Ayhlry Samuelmn. timothy P tiybon Vanda. Ah.nK SI. 124 Will. vt. m Sandm. Paul I Syyrlon Sander. Gregory A Aberdeen. SO Sander 1, (anrl M 47. SI Ira cr. MS Sando. SlrvrnW. Rotholi. SO Sandoyal. Michael A Man dan SarUord. DCMn t. Warlord C.ty Satreaai. Seym l Verona Sanom. Prune R Gak-ibutg Saule., Donald I) 174 Rugby Say.Hr. I.lren S 42.124 Headdotk Saowki. lohnC. Wilton Vharler. toyrph 11 Cathay Vhandrt.Ctrg V124 Bom don Sihandey, Danrtir A fotru Rnet Sthagde. Oran I. M«hcR. SO Sthata. Cabtma A.61 edand S hat , iJmeyt.Sd Car von Vhatr.lodIM 124 edand Sehauer. Curln G long lake. SO yhauer. Gerald W. Sapolean Vhauer. hen D 124 Ayhlry y hearer. Oaye 71 MheR.Geiahll Oirm yhdl. 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Suggestions in the North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) collection:

North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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