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North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Cover

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346The students at Science take an Active Point of View in their sports events, social affairs, and student body participation. ?811 . The Wildcat team members and fans show a Competitive Point of View in their participation of athletic events at Science. 9The Key Point of View is the four divisions at Science. The Business, Trades, Technical and Arts Science and Pre-professional Divisions all striving for individual futures.We the students at Science show Our Point of View in the things we do for and at Science. 1315r jfi ■ Table Of Contents Activities..........................18 Athletics ..........................42 Academics ..........................62 Students............................76 Advertising........................151 mim 16 Agawasie 1969 Pat Killoran ............. Editor Duane Schepp .... Business Manager Mike Scherling............Student Photographer Don P. Miller............ Advisor Special Services Office 17Homecoming 1968 — was filled with events for everyone to participate in: from the victorious game to the crowning of Queen Paula. North Dakota State School 7 H OM Ff 0 MIN C a ■« iivntwRM n W k SAT. OCT. 12,lSE? PARADE 10. AM FOOTBALL GAME 130 SCIENCE WILDCATS ; DICKINSON SAYAGE 20lloiiuviiMiiiiK C.uidid.itrv jcaniicllr Mamli. Jau Krncr. Paula Tryl a. I.imiw Joliinon. Gail ScWit cr. ami Sluron Johnson. Si l l INC HKIIINI): Roxanne 11 •••utricle, and Audrey IWliUr. STANDING: NiLi Kapilan. I.imla Kum-I. Joann MuehUr. aiul Carol jacolxrm. 2223Miss Perfect Type Jane Bailey Printers Ball HS9' - - : - • • o - t Sweetheart Altemlcitls: Mike licit . Steve Gorly, Ilml Johnson. Katliy Utke. Samira Stark. Miss Perfect Type. Carol Ik-cker. Jane Haber-man, Hob Ness ami Itwl Brocket. 1 JJ |r Mi jir; )-imh, Tintjii| | |.M| |Vl|IHUJJll)(l|IO MOU(M|| u« l«'J V"'l1nP 'I ’11 °,nV -||»| I'|S ll| |« )| | V J ) Ml I | XI (MU- !ll||ll| . IIIII J| 'll l ) ) A| •lit;) |li:.M|| "Slll •»i |i|-'(| '|.ij»u»-| | | JIV ) :V|iir|)ii.i||r | ur jjr.ii||,Ki ; iiii )).m{||;) | titv) |jr. i||.i.»u { ih!iiii ) (,■) Campus SweetheartDivision Clubs show their Auto Hotly CluhOffkvrv lkil Fctljc. IXivc Quain. I'ttiy IVtcrka. 26 Klttlnuik- diiltOlliirrs 1‘ilr Kriekson uiul (kinlirClirikluiUrn ArvliilrvluralCluliOffkvn: Wally Lanon. Hill Kink anti Hun Wnollon.Wrliliii);('.y 0((kvn: Melvin Myers. TomCyltrn. Dick Attains, ami l.arrv Sattlar Atiln Mechanics (Mills Officers: Miff Nelson. James Milliard, and Waym I jclnr I’rinlcr’s Club Officers: l.oran Kieinclc. Rod llrucker. Jim Wills, and Ken Novak. Civil Tech Clul Officers: David Nelson. I.ylc Moseng. and Allan Livingston,Younj; Drills (Mill) Officers: Jim I.cill . I.uoella Zacli ami l.eo l-age. Youiik Ih'imlilk'iim Officers: Judy ’oll«itc. Rich l;a ln«s ami Itnsanm- Hendricks It.imlilciN Si|ii.ire Dance Club Officers: Mona i’aiilson ami Dons; Meske. 29Drama Club Officers: James IVnuel. Joyce King and Kathy Ulkc. VelS Club Officers: Darrell A as. Dave Coalwell. Jeff Bvwsvski. Mike Kcmnitz ami Hay Lucas. 30■ IHI.HHI.'" ................................. Saoajawea Club Olf ccr KNKKI.INC: Linda l.elmiin. ST AN DIM.: Camb (•illicrtson. J.m Krocr ;iimI Carol Jacnlrson. Denial llyt ieiwClub: Kathy L ike and Carol Krdman. Iiii ine" Cluli Ollkvrv Mailem- Bartel . Mary l fan. Comm- Aljol ami Delink Obon.FRON T ROW: Jan l.owellyn, Pain Peterson. Linda Brock. Sl’CO.M) HOW: Paula Try l a. Caro! ilaudel. Kathy L Ike. Anita Sandoval T 111H l ROW: Paula Dieke, Joann Mueller. Patti Milkers. Audrey Rochlcr. Pat Hern. Judy Metz. Varsity Cheerleaders: KNlil'il.INC and Jeannette Mjueli SBHRSSSas itiiS ---------------------------------------------------- : I________________■ Science School dances are well attended and enjoyed by all.Lyceum entertainment programs presented were — the "Pair Extraordinaire” and the James Dutton QuartetStudent Cabinet Sludciil Gahinct: SITTINC: JoAnnc Mueller. President Dave Coalvvcll ami Sliarou Johnson. STANDING: Ken Thomas. Gene MulIcnlH'rn anil Richard Mocn. Informal Adivilin Committee: SITTING: James I’cniid. Carol Olson, ( cne SlullenlierR. Audrey Hoehlcr. STANDING: Paul Mumm. Sieve Benjamin. Andy Dmel ami Richard Moon. 381969 — Agawasie Staff Editor Pat Killoranand Biuincu Manager Duane Schcpp. 39 Mr. Tliomassnn. Director. Kcitae Deike. Jane Brailoy. Karen Oiearson. Paula Deike. Paula Try ha. Jan Lewcllyn. anti Nila Sandoval. SECOND ROW: Nelda Krein. Joy Kinfc. Audrey Boeldcr. Limla Sorenson. Connie Raptse. Linda Turner anil Susan Stanley. THIRD ROW: Jerome C r- man. Dan Melchior. Don Nelson. Donovan Hendrickson. Kenneth Trie-luild. John Kjas and Joseph Potaeki. FOURTH ROW: William Rice. Michael Rice. Bruce Biichholtz and Boh Buchholz . 401968 Football Squad FRONT ROW: Mike banger. Knnen Plant , Jim h'ucnlciuii, Gary Mar-i|iiar«lt. John llcnnen. Gary Fredrickson, Garv Vollrath. Paul Dufner. Rick Norton. Jerry Kcnndly. Steve l.asho SECOND ROW: Dick l.undski. Stan Roedcr. Mike Foiling. Gene Gagne. Keith Mating, Stan Wlicclock. Steve l.ibcnla. Sherman Holloway. Pat Kilowski. Jim Miner. THIRD ROW: Coach Darrell AiMlcrson. David Krause. Ihll Fleming. Mike Diet . Chuck (Tarter, Mark Tasa. Bob Mikkebon. Rodnev Erickson. Brad Beyer. Brent Smith, Coach Rill Ovsak. FOURTH ROW: Manager Bruce Hansen. Tom Duval. Dan Pregont. Dan Hilgcr. Tom Bornernan, Bob Peterson. Mike Neese. Don Jones. Dick Dolan. Coach Clifford Hermes. FIFTH ROW: Coach Al Crage, Jerry Radkc. Mike Mattern. Warren Poorat . Terrs- Gingrich. Marshall Kath. Bruce Krablscnholf. Randy Buba. Marlyn Fredrickson Coach. sss 7 Minot 27 sss •12 Ellcndalc 0 sss 34 Mayvillc 32 sss 32 Valiev City 0 sss 2S Dickinson 24 sss 14 Jamestown 40 sss 55 Golden Valley 0 sss 16 Willmar 12SSS 0 Minot 27 The Stale School of Science fell to defeat in their opening game against Minot 27 - 7. Both teams tallied seven points in the first quarter and then played scoreless second quarter to he tied up 7-7 at half time. The Wildcats did show a strong defense forex against Minot by making them punt five times in the second quarter. Then hv fumbles and loosing the ball Minot t mk over and won. SSS 42 Ellcndalc 0 In their second game the Wildcats took over defeating Kl-lendale 12-0. They were able to take advantage of every mistake made by Kllcndalc. The Wildcats ripped through the Kllcndalc defense time and time again. They compiled 282 yards rushing compared to 87 for Kllcndalc. Bob Mikkclson. 181-pound tail back, was leading the way for the Wildcats with 105 yards.SSS 34 Mayvillc 32 The Wildcats moved up their season record to 2-1 with their win against Mayvillc 31-32. With a 32-20 score entering into the fourth quarter, the Wildcats battled back to win. The Wildcats played a fast and furious fourth quarter, with Coach Crage's defense doing a superb job. limiting Mayvillc to one first down. SSS 32 Valley City 0 Out for their third win the Wildcats look on Valiev City, and won 32-0. Having lost the ball to Valley City the Wildcats defense cracked them on their first play and recovered the ball on a fumble. The Wildcats kept up a good strong fight to keep Valley City scoreless and to give themselves another victory. SSS 28 Dickinson 24 Homecoming was complete with a late touchdown pass from Don Pregont to Gary Krcderickson to beat Dickinson 28 24. Sherm Holloway opened the scoring for the Wildcats with a four-yard burst in the opening quarter. I lolloway carried 22 times during the game for a total of 108 yards. This gave the Wildcats a I-1 in the Conference. 46SSS 14 Jamestown 40 Willi Jamestown’s 76 total offensive plays and the Wildcats 53, they defeated the Wildcats with a 10-14 score. The Wildcats seemed nnahle to move until the fourth quarter and punted five times compared to Jamestown’s two punts. The Wildcats two touchdowns in the fourth quarter came on a 12-yard pass from Brad Beyer to Gary Fredrickson, and Beyer scooted in from two yards But for the second score for the Wildcats. This defeat, placed the Wildcats in Third in the NDCAC Conference. SSS 55 Goldt'n Valley 0 In a non-conference name against Golden Valley eleven of the Wildcats scored in the 55-0 victory. The Wildcats put up a strong defence in which Golden Valley couldn't Break through. The final crushing score was added by Dan lligcrs with his 29 yard run in the last 53 seconds of the game. SSS 16 Willmar 12 The Wildcats ended their season with a 16-12 victory over Willmar. a top rated team in the region. A lot of defensive play, with good passes from the Wildcat team put them in the lead all through the game. 471969 Basketball Team $C lENCfc Mike knllinj . I'Van limit .. Briicv Halt'll. Mike IVjorke. Tom Caiwov. Cary Frcderickson. Sain Roliintoii. Jeff Diet . Mart IIuhmmi. Jim Jenkins. Sherman I lolliiw.o. Ik'yi’r, Mumiii; Paul I ) if nor and Mike Gran. 48Victorious Mayville game gave Wildcats 2nd place in NDCAC 501968-69 Basketball sss 85 Huron College 87 sss 111 Bethany Jr. Col. 68 sss 96 Autin Jr. Col. 70 sss 116 Fergus Falls J.C. 88 sss 91 Minot St. Col. 80 sss 67 Ellendale Br.-UND 75 sss 91 Mayville St. Col. 83 sss 74 Lake Beg. Jr. Col. . 55 sss 77 Univ. of Manitoba 68 sss 107 Hibbing Jr. Col. 91 sss 87 Willmar St. Jr. C. 96 sss 75 Jamestown Col. 74 sss 82 Val. City St. Col. 69 sss 107 Jamestown Col. 76 sss 92 Dickinson St. Col. 84 SSS 99 Itasca St. Jr. Col. 65 SSS 56 Mayville St. Col. 55 sss 74 Minot St. Col. 109 sss 72 Ellendale Br.-UNI) 58 sss 95 Bismarck Jr. Col. 83 sss 87 Dickinson St. Col. 88 sss 94 Val. City St. Col. 80 Sub-Regional Tourney SSS 92 Williston J.C. 80 sss 76 Bismarck J.C. 74 sss 103 Dawson County 97 Regi ion 13 Tourney SSS 80 Willmar J.C. 77 SSS 83 Miles City J.C. 97 51SSS Wrestling Squad I'llOM l«) V: C.irx Jt imuii. Slew I velmaii. Dan llihccrv Oarv Vnllralli and Mike l-unner. SECOND HOW: Cary Oliver. Clcn H»ncr . Duane Kupfer. Carv IViIcimmi. Oarv Sa inter ami Dave Hill TIIIHD HOW: I’.il Qnavclmk'k. Terry Stiieluciiliorfc. lairrv llovlaixl. Jim Covtcllo. Cary Klein. Dan HoJiert and (loach NN ill Ovvak S2 Season’s Schedule 1968-69 1968-69 Wrestling Schedule December 5 Minot-Fllcndale January 25 Itasca State J.C. December G Crookston Tech January 30 Fergus Falls J.C. December II Valley City State February 6 Bismarck J.C. Decern Irt 19 Valley City State February 8 Dickinson State January 9 Bismarck J.C. Februaiy 13 Willmar J.C. January 16 Jamestown College February 20 N DCAC Conference Tournament January 23 Mayvillc State 54A Tribute This amitiiil depicts through words and pictures the many programs and activities that make up the busy life for students who attend t lie North Dakota State School of Science. Il is obvious as one pages through this annual that students may. in addition to their regular course of study, participate in those activities that will enhance their full development. We com mend the staff for preparing an excellent annual. We are very proud of our faculty members who by virtue of their dedication and example set the high standards of achievement for our students. The exemplary records achieved by our students, in the classroom or in one of the many extra-curricular programs, signifys the virtue of high expectation. Our students are to be commended lor their sincerity of purpose, concern to do right, and for their outstanding citizenship; and. we congratulate all who have completed this phase of their training and wish them every success in the years ahead. It is hoped that this annual will bring back fond memories and as the years go by. all former students will return to the campus as often as possible. May the years spent at the North Dakota State School of Science instill in each student the conviction that: "One cannot Ik content with the commonplace in character any more than with the commonplace in ambition or intellectual attainment. It is a great pleasure to Ik associated xvith the North Dakota Stale School of Science, its faculty and students. ClairT. Blikrc President 64William L. Guy Governor STATE BOARD OK 111(111 Kit EDUCATION — SKATED: lie i r% Sullivan. Mnliall: Fred Orth, (•rami For Li; (lonrRr Sinner. Cavwllon. ami lYtcr llm-rich . Diekimnn STANDING: Allen llausaucr. U'ahpclnn: Kenneth Raschkc. Cnmmhvioner. Rivmarck. and Allierl ll.iav Rtx-klnrd INSERT: 1rv Elvira JrMral. VVillblon. 65Memoriam JlHfptl IiiIi-IIkmim- This page is dedicated to the three instructors who passed away during the 1967-6S college year. Herbert Diet , was a plumbing instructor at the college from 1942-1967. He died I'cb. 13. I96S. lie had retired in 1967. Clifford Anderson was the Placement Director from 1967-6S. lie was employed by the college in 1960. He died May IS. 196S. Joseph Intlehouse was Director of Instrumental Music at the time of his death on July 21. I96S. lie had been employed by Science since 1962. 66Marlin XV. Caldc Director Phvsical Charles J. 11.noon Director Admissions and Records Division Ted I). Carr Director Business Division Alvin C. Kckrc Director S|K-cial Service Division Administration Orlin l . B.ikken. Director ol aitilinuiitK l'il ion Charles It. Horcliert Director Ciiiil.inec Sets icesT crnuii llcklncr Dean. rt». Science A I’n 1’fofoMunnl l i i'i«n Junto A. Ilorlon Director Trade Technical l)i i'ion Merceries Morris Dean of Women Nordsaard Director of llacomcnl Herman A. I.ibrrda Director Student Ser im Division Donald I'. Miller Director New HnrcanCordon V. I'alirrMiii Director HtiMnc» Die i'imi Sam Seliiincllcmi; Director of Divhii l.ylcll. lleci'lur ArlicC. Steen Director of Almiiin Kel-itioio Donald W. Slcvemon Direelot ol TlJtl.-' Divhinn Donald J. Tobin Dean of Men Kdtvard I!. Werre Director of Athletics fit Pl» Krl DoimoiiKdttiird Aiumt Priiiling James Aldrich Business Mach Kepuir Wesley Allen IX-pt. Ilir Fleet routes Tech Bernard Anderson lllcclliral Tech. Darrell Anderson Science A Athletics kcnnclh Anderson Fleet rival Tech. Harlan Arneson Auto Mechanics O. J. Arneson General Slntlics ItolM-rl Arso Klecfronics Tech, linger Aspcvig Business Duane liallwcbcr IX'pt. Chr. Auto Hods Julian Berg Flectmnies Tech. Gerald Hull in cr Fnglish linger Bratncl Seienee A Mathematics Bernard Brophv Klccl milks Tceh Harold Hrusehsvcin (avil Fiigineering Tech John (airlvnn Printing Dr. HihIiicv Cusavl Dept. Chr. Dental Hygiene I"« aid Christensen Fleet milk's Tech. Nela Coghlan Practical Ntirsiiw Dr. Perry II. kngstrom Dental I Isgicnc (part lime I Jean Ksenslad Fnglish Donald Fauss Survey inn A Mathematics Marls n Fredericfcsen General Studies A Athletics Itnlierl Cette Business Muriel Connolly College Nurse John Derry Diesel Maintenance Itichard Doha Sheet Metal ItolM'rt Kgge Machine Shop Don Kiikcii Basket hall Coach A Pliy. Kd.Dunii-I (adding Iditirical Teeli Jean Callium Dental I Knil’lll1 Denim (alliind (u'iktuI Studio (n-orfci' (•liii'Ki' I’nlit ii -«l Ni inur A Orography Itolnil (airmki Auln lloih Allan (iiaKr I1iv«hmI tid a FiniiIkiII Coach Nlar Aim Cray Ctrl I’liy KiI. Stanley (anil Klcdronkt Tech. " illi.nn (ai» Dental IlyuH'iiclimrl time) It.ilpli (aiii li'r nii HihimM Hoy IIncknci l)o| l. C'hr Iti'li A ir(u nd l)r. llalwiroiii Dllll.ll llygk'liefpurl time Kichard llaxkoll ix-i i (da Auli Drafting Teeli Itli'liunl 11 jink (•uhIjucc ( jnimi'liit al etli I lavcr land A»l. I .il i.nun Howard Heinlerton Drill. (!lir DiallingTit'll ll.irold Henning Arch. Drafting Tech. Clillnnl I limies llioiiifw A AtllMin lli'iiiuiil Hilgerx Mai'liim- Sho| Arne llimverk VVddiiig Mario Himierk Klcctrical Tech llnnald J. Ilollart «l I)ii Hiimim" Allan' S|H'iH-cr lloki-iiMin Dept Clir. Slnt-I A n Cmitl KvereM Holt ( j'lit-rul Mit'luiiKA Dnrri-11 Jacob' Diiirl Maintenance Jewitt Jacobson Auto Mcdiankt Dr. Da'id C. Jachning Cnllege I1i ieiuii Charlo Jolimnn Data Pfoco'ing lidding Jolnuon Auto Hody l.orcnl Johinon Dept. (.‘hr. Diiirl M.iint A (a-ii Mifh 71 9Loss ell Johnson I listors Sociology Seal Johnson Hintons Itohert Jokuniscii Drafting Teoli Ardcith Juson Holiness Kussell kaslellc lull KngilieeringTceli. Jerrold Kemper ( Mtvli Donald Kim; Ihisini-ss Melvin C. Klindl Dept. Clir. IVnccising Keith Kluis r»'li Drafting Tech Henry knight I’lissies Mels in I.. Knodel Data I’rncossing Italph Knmlscii FJn'triums Trx'll, Myron Koppang Holiness Joseph Kragness uto Mechanics I’aiil Lahinski llOlU-lllHS John Larson General Ux h.inK-s Mililri'il l.arsson Head l.ilirafiali irjiil 1.1 0 nto IUhIx Itohcrt l.einkc Welding Howard Loss is General Studies Phyllis Li oil her g I’ractieal Nursing (part time) Wesley Linos Kuglisii and Drama Kills in l.ittko General Stmlii-s Vorlin l.iimlgren l)o|it. Gilt. Kleclr ical Tot’ll. Cwro May General Studies hilly McKIhanoy Inil Drafting Tech. Das ill McKenzie Auto Mechanics Joseph McLaughlin (k'lioral Studies ltjnrn Moisted I'JiX'lfollies Tech. La" re lies Merbaeh Mathematics 72Dennis Miller liemistrv Harold Miller Sheet Mel ill AirCcmd. I.arrv Miller Ccncral Studies 11fli ii Miilir Denial llyj; H nr John e| eru l Aulii Mivhanio Clinton Olmstend Cenerul Studies Norman OUen Department Clir. Civil l!ii-4iiieeriuu Tech Arvid Olson Small KuuineServiemi: Itnhvrl OUoii I’riulim John Oslainl Idiilrnnws Tech. Sylvia Island IVselnpiuental IIi'.kIiuu llarvey (Mill Allto Meelialtiev Waller Ovler Aiiln IUkIv William Ovsak lliisiness s Wre llin ; Coaell Dale I'etervon Coordinator HTA Program Clemi Peterson nlci Mechanics Kolverl Prlrrvnii Coordinator Itclatrd Slndv Program Cene Pinkney Knglish Carmen Plummer Piiri haviiix Inventory Waller Putnam Diesel Maintenance Oswald Itumliing Ceorjje HeUlall Knglisli Francis Mice Flectrical Tech. I jw rence Itichtcr llnsim-ss Donald Koslev Klcctmnics Tech. Dorothy Itolltwcll llusiness Kent Itiikkc Data Processing Tcclinkiaii l.eonard Ito iek.i Arch, Draft iiij: Tech. Sanders I’lmlograpliv Supers iviem Jcdm Aiiln MechanicsMiylliv Schmidt I’ractkal N ir- ini W arrcn ScluieM IX | .irl■ ik-iiI ('hr uli Mivhankv Kvllicr Si-hul I .alixoaue anil Klitflbll G. K. Simpvon I’riuliuu Karl Smith Machine SIh»|i Donald SpcrliiiK (nv il I'jijiiinvrinii Tech. Jerald Slew art AwiMunt l.ihraiijil Hubert Slvfuniivv ic . Drpailinenl Clir. General Studies Kayimmd Stocked luil Drafliitu IVeli Manic) Slrcgc l vvlinh Hy Oil in X ill r ml Department (rlir I’rioting Jerome Swcdherg Department Clir. Machine Shop David S Knlcr Null Drafting Tech Julian S v iir Department Clir Welding Rennet h Thuuiavun Null Drafting Tech. I. aruv Thomawon Department (!lir. Music Hubert I linn Klcvlronio Tech. II. Grant I'nkcnhol Klectrnnics T«vh. Cary Valcvkc Accounting Helen N allagcr Practical Nursing lloyce '"an Sickle Social Science Italph Viall icneral Mechauicv Kduard Vincr Klectrnnics Tech. Waller Wellan Teeli. I.oucll Westfield Welding Loren Willard Data Processing John Winkelnian Knglish Dale Witiman Auto Meelianio l.uVcrn itl Hcfngcration and Air amd. Kogcr olbrink Auto Mechanics 74—Second-Year Students I lan es Aliraham Verlyn Ackerman I'.hiI Adams (•axit'ii Affit'lil Mark Alhnvlit Cary Allen James Allen Ccrald Allicli Duane Allison Douglas Aim I laiicel Alterdorf Dennis Alt linff Karen All hud William All ringer Merle Anders Christian Anderson Duane Anderson Kdssard Anderson ('.ret Anderson Jerome Amlerson Keith Anderson Italph AmlerMHi HayiiioihI Anderson Mike Anflnson 78Wallace Balliel John lUnhli Jim Barker MmIcim Bartels I .am Hartelsnii William Bartlmlnrnaus Donald llarlseli lail Barlnnek Cerald Beaudoin Curtis Heckler Clayton Bcckineu Kenneth Held Billiard lU'iuU'r (Trail; Demon Dsviuht Benson Hichard Bemon Kevin Hen Donald Ik-rj; Cary Bergstrom Carry Berioon Jim fierinjjcr Allen W Hermit Cerald Bills Dennis Bice Dennis Hineeman Kurcik- Bisekke Dong Bjerkc Boll Blateldnrd Brow Bowlerff ii(lr«r - Boclitcr Doll.llll Boolllll Duane Bocdiaux Tlinmax Rodney Holm ArcU-n Roll Sheldon Bokiad Duane Bniiiiiierxhacli Mark Hollander William Bolide Mark Bnpp Gloria Rnrchardl Ronald Rower Roller! llraascli Cary Braden Albert Brag Deary Kroger William RraRC I .eland llramlt Michael Rrasli Harlan IJrckkc Rill Brener l .ile Brener Dan Bitfwcr Dennix Brock Barry Brook Patrick Brown William Bn an Bol. Buchliol N'cil Buck 80D««lj; liuehre Jailiev Hukmwk Wav in' Hu ill (Vim Itiiri Carv linin' Wane Unlike lloiuite live ( I.ire me Card John Carlhlnin liuek ;iiImiii Kh Ii.ikI ('uvavalil DoUtflav C haddock Gordon Chri'leiiven Dale ClirKtiamnn Dean (■liri'li.iiiMui Roger Chrivtianvon Gerald Chrivtinann I).nu ll Chute Toni Clare) Deltoil l.irk l.aVerne Colhv JikI) College John Cuiilin l.ioda Covlain Kelinelh niton Denniv Crotlv linger Crowder Karl CutmiiiKhain Cleiit iimimuliainJr.imir l).ilili;f 'ii I .“"i'll Dolllt (Iraij; Daniel Arviii Djiiiclun D.ivill U.iiiicUnli llkliaril Danin er KkIijkI Dane Itkliard Davidson |imI D.« i Di'l.oimic Di'ulll Jerry Drlk'.minonl QuIDeBnn Itolarl IXerle 1‘iiiilj IX-ikc I lunar Drikr Mike Deity. Dull- Demers D.ivnl Del Itnclics IXivnI Deulsdier lvin Dexter Ji-lf Diet Duvkl DiuiH’xx Hicluril Dolan l.i-.'lie Doriliaii'i’li W illiniu Dow .ik Will Duiksiil Di'lillis Dnk.ird I.arry Dunn Steve Dnrick IWDmekAndre Duval Denniv I hvyor Maureen Dwyer Kieky IH dam I T«l Kiliiurr lav KdwarrH Wale Kdw.inlv linin' Kieldmrn ( liarlev Fhenhalier Inlin K Wlii»H'«Mi IlnU'il KIIiiii:m ii David Ebon Sandra i KIi.iti-.: Terry KUlon Knii Kl iliie Donald Fmde Terrence I jninelli Ken I'.innu-I Daniel ; Fnlield I'.mlelle Knl ie Carol Krdinan l.arry KrH'bmi Maryrose Friekum I Vie Krkkvnii IVm Krlell Nlylev K | cu'lli Allen Kvtcnovnn Dan Kvjii Frank Kvanv linger Farlc Cluster C I’uml'ksir Ronnie I). I'oil N'iin-1 IVnsU-r Kill I'ink John I'liiiu in.iii JlX'l I'imIkt Sir o I'holier Paul l i'lwr Ikirnr l''nU-|jn« fil I I.nil J «- l l.okc- inlor I'l.ilrn Junono rlofhiniK Cerahl I'orstor Di-uni' l: Hllnm Mnrrav I- run IVlw in l'rol;i Kick Friiw I U'O I'fHVO IWor l Davkl Cachnc Juik'I Cagdin U ilium C.iilhroth Marlin (•.iikIkkI I. 'oii.ixl iuitm-r Dun (tail's Doan (ti'ult I5ieli.ini Coir I ..irr Gtfiselliart Mown (U'lishuelilint Cette William Cillwilson Kallis CHiImiii l-aiiee Ciese James Classman I iiiii' Guy I-ifrs 11 auk Dennis II.iuLiikI ItfUCC I last'll Mk li.ii l I lag'll C«i'n I lulvorson l irry I lalvor'on I.vie llalvorson Denim Hansen Dnrss kkI I l.iii'on William Cnepfeftl l.a« leneeCoeltle Steven ("a fley D.nrel (ailvaslw Creu Creuvik William Cresvat . Hill Grieve Tmu Cripeiilroj: Myron Cruem-ieli Dana Client liner I a mi C»nlsviu Jolm Ciiinlorvm I'anl Cinnlclson IXhih Clisarsmi Douglas GustafsonJerry I linisnii Sloven I lanvnn Cordon I larriim VVrnnri 11 urllfil» Jeff I lurlsock Jerry I la l jrgori Ntiri IlnsMiinani (herald llam'k Dalcllaug llenC. I l.nigon James llangeii Thomas Haugen Duane I lain Michael I la ard lire. I I lealv itobert lleglaiKl Linda llcgsclh Huger lleidl Holly I leil ( I,Heme 1 Icinle Dull I leillle I.. Dwight Hondo Tim I leiule Jerome llein I.arrv 11 riser Robert I leil Mars lleitkamp Roxanne Hendricks Norman 11 era if Jon HermaiwonA him- I lrnn« % William I lent Sherri I let rim; Join I li i (Jerald llet el Hieliard Kiel. Dan lliljjer Dawll.llm .III Sort C lliltuhrand Rystn llnae Belinda Milliard Warren llollanl IIikIiicx Muller OrrK I Inf (iiiun Michael I l«.llnt;iii Helix I litlnutreii Chat lev llollli Hand..11 I Innexinan Gordon Hoover Mark Holier Sieve lloppert I .CO llorcan Paul Hornliacker (Jerald llormclh lean llorsiiKer t Joan llorvaner (Jerald Ilmen Larry Hot land Diane I Inward Robert llucbner fci iikLarry Hull David I lii% Dc-lliih Ingliv I’.iirk k Irsfield Darrel Imtmiii Bruce Jackliuh Clicryl Jaeger H«R« Jaeger Carol JjcoIhoii l.awrcn«'Jaeolson Nick Jennigc Oliver Jciimii Dirvin JeiiNM'ii Larry Jirsa Daryl Johnson Dennis Johnson Doll JollllSOII Creg Johnson Linda Johnson I .onnii' Johnson Louise Johnson linger Johnson Sharon Johtnon Tim JohiiMin David Jorde Cheryl Kaal Melvin Kamlieit . Hon Kaiiesvisclter Ia mi Kapaun Niki Kapilan 88Dwtru’l K.i|kcIi JnC Kallev Itnnald Kavli k.iilim kempl l alc Ken»|»li Harley Kenyon Jamev KtoIci Kelly Kkiiiele Gaincrmi Kieneiicnlterjier Carmen Kienenlierger I’.ii killnran Joyce kiiiyl lklall Gary' Klein Gregory Klein l-arry Klein Slew Klein Jainev Knell ic Neil K k'Im riiH-l. Larry kolinen Bruce K olden Linda Kovel Steve Kovterinan David Kraft David Kranin£ Dcniliv Krative IjCC Krein Neldu Krein Jan Kroer Sliamn Krny; 89 Sieve Cli.uU- l.aliiinii JiWMI I.ANll.ll J.IIIII' I AX’ Knli.nd Ix-imU' llolx-fl l.iupnldt IVrj!} la-rml Slew l.ilx-rda C«r l.iknns Dentin I iihK.iv Daw l.iilgcn l-'ranci I,i t i .id Allan l.i mg'lull Jerr l.offi-llt-in Jill) Jaino I .iidwit: IX-nins l.uclik Itnnnic I.mill Victor l.umki Itiiln-rt l.utkat DitWav in- Kin-mi Mark J Kuhn kva'at;er Dan I .alilimi Dan I .aim Dale lam-(i I’aul l.anui-ruil Joint l.aiM-n l(nlM-rl l.anun Wall l.arvniI. yli' I .ill ....... Manx ll.-rlierl Main M.iIh.u.iM J. h'I Manner Hill MalaxLing. ) l) .m M.iIIIm ik Jnl.i. Marollek (iar Mar.|.iar.ll Hill Martin Jim Marlin Hiirm-il Matliim.i. WayireJ. Maxlcl I.yli MallhcWN Jeanette Muik'Ii Davirl Man J.ilin XlrAlliilrr Danny Mel'! van H.mmI.I Mcl K'ii Paul Merleim ..lilt IIikIik )' Mi i.lii.Kir Michael Mclln I ..iii.-l Melchior Decker Merrill ( lc«i Mer IX.ii Meskc Leroy Melz IX.Haiti MiU.eLou IX'imiv MiILr.m !l Duane Miller 91IMIu r Millet Dmih Min'ii (iarv Mikmi llicliaul Moon Ile Miwik Joiinn Mueller Joint Mueller rvid MiiRaav (iriH‘ MulleiiU'ru I’.nil 111111111 Kil MiiiiiI Marl. Murrcv Dale Msrrs David Mvrlre David I’ Nekuu Dull Nekiill llrtlth'R Nekcin Keilli Nelson Norm Nelson Knliert Nelson Itmee N’eros Holier! Ness K.i iiioikI N’esle Meivin Nevler Alan Seta iiiielle Neva (' Allen Nielsen l-eslie Njm Joint NordR-k Hotter! NordiekI .arts N'nrdiiian Jnllll NlXIll.lll Hryiv Norman Kent XikIcII W A Nyj aard Dennis O’Krion Kllnaul ()('"mini IVrry Oln-ru Kick )U!.-r Kicliard Oliver Gene OImiii Karen K Olson OhIimii Olson Slew Oilman Kcilli Osih-ns DaleOst I airs' Oil Duane Otlinar Karl Otto Gerald Otto IlniiaM Otto llarolil i'arhli Michael I’aiilsnn l;rrd i’.iiiM'li Kndnes IVarsnn Holier! I’epin Torn IVrius l.arry I'crman Terrance i’eterka Dwight I’rtcrvm 93kcnuood I’HnuKi Holiert I.viiii IVIiim Terry Peli-rsmi W.iy in Peterson Tr.inli Pfeifer Warren (Sir’ll Pn|M-ILa Tim I’im i'b John Pieliul Jerry Preahl I Van Trie lie I lerl Prochnim li-'ll.llll Plllxl larolyn i.iium l)a i l Onam Donald I Utah Clen Racers Slierw hi Itailc Trace Kaiiistarl Rick Recurs Iwiicc Reis l arry Hel liff Donald Hey ell John Richard I ,ern Itn li in I l.eon Richter Sister Iterniee Itielaml llryon A Ritsehe Houahl Ihuhlsoii Francis (•. K«»ll«-r —Vi-riUHl Hull. I K.i liofiu'rritn I .olio ltoiini'4 'ii Hull..Ill limn l).iw l II. a. nl T«l ltin |l|.i|| It. .lift limit l-iim ItiMxanu'i D.init’l llulwi.l.l I).IIM IStl'.l Hi M I Ilf V llml Kmil Hullfii IXmikIio R Im »k Jilin Kvilr'll li......1.1 IU.I.II Di.i.K Sji.if I .low'dI v ii S;mikIiiI Cary S;.i«lor J.K S.lll.lffN Jorr S.m.lfimiii Larry Sjlli. r I'rjmiN'f l.« K Saw f»t J.IIIHn SlMIllol Clou Scott Cary Scturnl t-rK Tom Sohcfforl IXiiim Schvinp Dii.iiu Sfln p|» T. m SolnllinKcrI.urry Schlahaeh Cary Si-lilnlfi'Ull Itolwrl Selnnidl Stacy Schmidt C l-jlen St-hmit Charles Schneider llurvcy Schneider James A Schneider Frank Schultz Jacob Schultz Torn Schulze Jim Scbninavlii-r Sieve Schwarzroek Cay le Schweitzer Dennis Sell" mil Clen Seas Hill Si'dbaimm-i Dale Seiinen Richard Shelton Mike Sebcrliui Cary Slmlts laldic Shook Curtis Shat void Arv id Nkumlhery: Itneer Smart Carl Smeslad Itryee Smith Diniu Smith Dale Sodalll Noble Si lineSieve Sokness Jarm-s Snmmerleld Don Sunderland I'ilrav Sondrol Jerri Sorin' l.imla Sorenson Shannon Sorlie Ilk-hard J Sootlisvick Ilk-hard Spkvr Melanie Spildr Sieve Splill Clyde Stack Dale Sladslail David Slangier lliehard Slave I Inward Slcen David Slelfitn linger Stein lloh Stengel Holier! Stephens I.outlie Slippieh Calvin Si rami John Strand Milo Strand Terry Sluclirenl erg Hill Sukii Jell Siiensen Oswald Tamil-Harold Tdllierg James Tennesnn 97C.iirtiv lews Cars' Thiel Ijrrs- Thiel Gillscrl Thingvnkl Ken Tlnunas IIoIktI Thompson Mark Thorness Sloven Tompkins (-1 nick Toss mend David Tovne Duane Trisinger Doug Trnm Curtis Trullingcr I’aiila Tryha Ken Tnrliimie l.inda Turner Roger I'KtdsI Ronald Ur luck Ken VjnderVorst D.irrell Vango I .audio Wvcfl.i Gars Viniug Orson V inturd James Vistad I.eland Vilraehonko Magnus J. ' i ennr John Voeller Ken Volk Das id Walcn Donald WalcnDon Welter Ore Weber William Welter Dean W. Wtgnw I nh n Wfied Donalil Weller l.illda Webs Kiehard Welder Joe Wdk Dennis Wellson Kiluanl Wcniii);cr Charles Went Sieve Wnwli l.arrv Wettstein IX-nnis Wever I Mcr VVheder Sian Whedocl Bonnie Wick Kujjenc Wiese Vaiicc Wicser David Wilcox James Wilhem David Wilton James R. Wilson Joint Wilson James Williams Sherry Williams James Willis Thomas Willis Debbie WillsonICd Winner Gary Winter joint Wipperman Kennel li U irl Dean Wiwltrail I loir illltcin Terry Wood Koii Wootloii Hill Worrier Arthur Wmid liudy Wolf Harold Wolfe Neil Wolff William Wurl Kennel It W snclj Kr«k-ri - Zeller Dean Zlmrel.i James Zi.... man DuaneZun Tom Wells 100L Machine Power Governor Guy Visits Campus Man PowerCampus Personality Audrey Boehler A Hazcn native enrolled in Dental Hygiene, Audrey lias served the State School of Science a , a Wildcat Kitten, as a member of the Lyceum Committee and also a member of the Student Center Informals Activity Committee. She has been selected to Who’s Who In American Junior Colleges. Audrey has been active on campus in LSA. Dental Hygiene Club and Yocalarics.Campus Personality Gary Frederickson Cary is enrolled in Pre-Kducation, was selected to Whos Who in American Junior Colleges. This fine athlete hails from St. Paul. Minnesota. While at Science he played football, basketball and was a member of the track team. He was named to all state honors in football and basketball in '67 and '68.Campus Personality Paula Deike Paula in Prc-Education, is a native of Walipcton. While attending the State School of Science she served as an officer of U.C.C.F., was a member of the Wildcat Kittens, belonged to Sacajawca and was a member of the 1968 Homecoming Committee. She was also an active memlwr of the Vocal ires. Ix ing a member of the Girl’s Sextet. Paula was also selected for Who's Who in American Junior Colleges. Campus Personality Paul is from Clendivc, Montana, is enrolled in Liberal Arts at the State School of Science. Paul being an athlete was an active monitor of the football, basketball and track teams, serving as captain of the football team. He was also selected to Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges. Paul Dufner Campus Personality Sharon Johnson A Walipeton native enrolled in Pre-Kd neat ion, was a 68 Homecoming attendant. While at SSS Sharon was secretary for the Student Cabinet, and was selected for Who’s Who in American Junior College. She was an active member of the Newman Club, Sacajawea Club and belonged to the Vocalaires.Campus Personality Dan Hilgers A Wahpeton resident is enrolled in Pre-Kducation. While attending SSS Dan, belongs to Newman Club and lettered in football and wrestling, lie was voted "the most valuable player" in football and wasl also voted "the Most Improved Wrestler" I le also was selected for Who's Who in American Junior Colleges.Campus Personality Jeannette Mauch Jeannette, a native of Hankinson. is enrolled in Dental Hygiene. She was selected to Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges. Jeannette was cheerleader both years at SSS serving as captain her second year. She was active in Sacajawca and Vocalaircs. She also served as 68 Sweetheart attendant and '68 Homecoming attendant. Campus Personality Steve Liberda Sieve Liberda. enrolled in f’rc-Knginecring. is a Wahpcton native. He lettered two years in football at the State School of Science and was selected to Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges. ■Campus Personality Joanne Mueller From Dazey. Joanne is enrolled in Business. She has served SSS as a Wildcat Kitten, and was an officer of the Newman Club. Joanne was selected for Who’s Who in American Junior Colcegcs. She is a member of Student Cabinet and served as their treasurer.Campus Personality Ken Thomas Ken W. Thomas, is a native of Michigan, enrolled in Architectural Drafting. Ken was 1968 Homecoming chairman, and also served on the 1967 Homecoming committee. Some of the clulw he belonged to were Newman. Architectural Drafters and the Vocalaires. He served on the Student Cabinet, Student Center Informal Activities Committee. Lyceum Committee. and was co-chairman of Student Stadium Drive. Ken was also selected for Who's Who in American Junior Colleges.1 Campus Personality Knrolled in Denial Hygiene. Kay calls Wahpclon her hometown. She was an active member of the Sacajawea Club. Student Center Activities Committee and also the ( S Homecoming Committee. Kay was also selected to Who's Who in American Junior Colleges. Kay Romereim Campus Personality Paula Tryba. Business Division, is a resident of W'ahpcton. Paula is a member of the Newman Club. Sacajawca Club. Wildcat Kittens, and sings with the Vocalaircs. She was selected Miss Perfect Type of 1967 and also was made I96S Homecoming Queen. She was also selected to Who's Who in American Jr. Colleges. Paula TrybaIwrlj Aaluml Darroll Aw Margaret Anson Dennis Ahcrle Do vie Alirahainson David AvUev harry Adams Diehard Adams Roger Albro Joyce AI ■ lists'r Cmmic Aljsis M won AI Irish James Amondgaard harry Amundson l.arry Andcl I) Anderson Janies Anderson James Anderson Keilli Anderson la'slie Anslcrson l.avs reives- Anderson M. Anderson it. Aivderson Was lie Anderson Delores Andrus Rolvert A| jx-I Ralph Applegren Da vwl Appling Donald Arm-son la-on Arcaml Meven Arnold l.avs rcnccAsk Krill Itacon Roliert Hader Jane Bailcy Mav nard Baker 114Calvin Hakkcn William Halck Jamc Hall 11illon ll.niirv Clary Harnett Richard Harriot F'eli.v Halve Franeb Ikiitrl' I’anl Itartholoinay Karlenc Barton Bruce Bavv Kathleen Baumgartner l.onnit Haver Carol Heeker Holier! Benoit Jody Hcrg Mark Berg Allan Herge Allen Herder Lorraine Bernard Flame Hcruekmg Dnuglav Hcrntvin Handv Kertvch John Hilile Donald Hieli David Hid Itndgcr Biggv Hence Hilling Chuck Hina Jonathan Hirkhol Michael Hirrenko'.l Hruee Bjcrkaav Joan Hjdvcrml Honita Bjonc Mike Hjerke Rotter OierkeJaiiM-v Hjori;e P.iiik'I Blaeknelder Hi'Im'M Hlacknohlef l wuril Blade JuIiii Walter JallM-k BlielllM- Cranl IWlinke Hod IK') BlX'lke Jerome Boevlianv Joint Bonudawvki Dehor all I loll ii Paul Bolirer Alan Holek Joint Ihmat ila I.yIt- Booties John Boomer Tlioniav Bornenianii Cat Ini llortli Cart Bouclier Sieve How l k Shannon Hon man Lola Ihncr oel Bin ko Cart Hozonky Delink Bfcrlvik herald Hrelnncr ('liers I llrekke Joan Hrenno Harlan Broliery; Linda Brock I 116Silvan Hii K k Tom llrtHvlel Marlin Iknolman Aldcn Hrnokv TIhuii.I' Hnnver Steven ilrowii Itodncy Hrockvr Deraid Hrimrtlc Md linin' Hrumkill l.omiy IliH'kiii.iiin Hriice Huililmll Nl.iynaril llm'k William Duck Way ik I luck Turn Huechlcr Paulette lliirlians Gerald ItiirUk Dnuydal Hurley Kenneth Hurr Arvard Kurvee I) •■ ii l.i' Huvilie Iticliard Husclie JoAnne liuilia" Michael llusko Haul llyron Jeffrey Hyzcwvki Kenneth Calkin' Diane (.'amenin Wesley C .'amcroti Jack Carignan Gayle Carlton Charles Carter J(M,l li(!aiav:ml Steven Ga'|HT' Diana Caswell 117I lioiiiuN ( jnm y James ihaffee J .lines Clianes Marls Christensen Neil Christensen Thomas Christensen Thomas Dus is Denim Deascr Kidiard Decker Drnsilla Del er Duane Dcliiff ('hersI Diehr-ill Clarice Christianson I .vnn Christianson Clmer Chrisll Vance (.'ink Jonathan Clark Itolserl Clifton l)av id Coalwdl Judith Cohli Jane CoIIm-iisoii Delira Col vin John ( ail well I'rank ('onion Gerald Cossette Ihcodore Cote Kenneth Cos Cats Ciunlx-f June Daggett John Dahl David Dalbcrg James Djim'Isoii Ceorge Darrah Jane Iknunlcr Kaudall Dasulson Scott Davis 118Paul Diehl.ill Huwll Dim-Mi'm-dii Dillin.iu Gerald Diselior iiKTnl IXtlilrr Neil IXxkter Colleen Dodder lairry Doherty Wavne Dolan Delink Dole-click Pamela Dillium-r Robert IXdv.i Curio Donley Dale Donat I.CC IXinhcn Joel IXit .cnrod Kennel li Do .ik Duane Druimtiul Howl Draimlad Steven Drcngvon Will Diickoit l.arry IXiciiw Cliarlene Dulner Tommy Duursnia Torn Duval Clarence Dyke. Jr U all ace Talley Cary Kberl iinnl Klx-rle Terry Kdiny-cr Randall Ivdison l.arry Kichhnin Mike Eklinti Michael Kid ml Timothy Kllurd Slvrna Kllington 119Alan Funnel Alan Kii el Julie Ktii'cn I) KrieLson Howard Krickwui Larrv Krickson Kndney KrkUon Sieve Kitell Herbert Krtiiian Jerome Kslinger Munir I a|H’ Rainnna KsHinecr Donley hvanv Frank Kvam Kelsey Kvaiw Mary Kvrn Gerald Kvenson Jol.ane Kvcnvon Milchell l-.vensiHi Glenn Kwcrl Richard Fadncss Kav I’amirk’ll Julie Faiifcvrud David Fcdie Daviil Fedje Steven Kelirnian Marl, l-'eivl Jamev Fell man Holt Kerderer James Kereliee Wayne Ficbigcr DuaiM’ Ftsclter Tnulv Fischer James Fisli. Jr JtilM’ Fuller Douglas Filysillllimits ll.ultl.iml Kathleen H.ilrn Susan I'luit'ii KhIh'ii Flatin I. I Michael Ihvk David Flcckcii'tcill William Fleming Vicki Fnllctt Huger Fullmer I..miiy I'.ml Fortney Pamela FtigehUd James Cagiinni Carla Gartner Kennel li (h-igor Mary (•enter Charles Ccorue llarlcii Geniev Jerome German Debra (Scrim Itniiald (Sever Hetty Glaiuler Valerie Gibbon Vyda Fmmnrk Larry Fo» Timothy Frank Dennis Fran Sherry Fran Honalil Janie' Freier Dennis Fried Linda Frittcn Lloyd Fritsvolil Chuck Fronn-ll Janie' FncnteiiaiiSman Gilson Kathy Gienger W'csly Ck’iigor Stow Cksingcr Garlvn Giffey C -imlicc (■iIIxtImiii Iti»!x‘it GilhertMm lorry Gillx-rtson Cary Cilchrbt Charlene Cill lharlex Cillel.tiid Charles Terry Gingrich linger CjelUlinl IX ilttf Glailuc Ailo Glass Sharon Glanvillc Mkli.wl Clunvillc Giles Codes Dennis Goggin Wayne (iolvaslce Randal (a u in Roger Crainm Kdgar Grumiiioiid Janies Cranhcini Crejjory Crant Kelly (.ration Donald Cranlio jiimi(.rn n David Greenwood I’runk Gregor ( Crindlterg Robert Grocgoi Robert Crn» Patrick Graham Mike (hail 122Small Cratlmi l. ! • Crawelli Jerome (!i«ii Debbie Crete I’.illi Culer Darrel Ci11mli ■ n wikk Karen Cnttrniiisini Mirk ( l (Mil'll Arllmr Haas (’ail ll.iln Jane I laiierinan Ivan HucKlev H.ilpli Ilalncr Kevin llagboin Holseel Hager Ktlvvaul Hager llalawany Ibi ihoikI Hall Steven I lallaml Miehael ll.illol Donald llalselli Peggy llulvelli Curtis llalvnrson Terry llalvnrson Darlene Handing Dennis Handing Carol llanili-l James Hansen Marvin Haiivon 1‘anl Hanson Samira Hanson Steve Hanson Steve Hanson Andreas I larniseli Slurs 1230 Cary llarlje Dnwi Hartvoeli I Miner Have I .ore11 lluss Ixonard Hang Jaincv I latikedalil £ ■ iii m ri Dooglav llumaiicr Haven Jerome I laye» Dennis Hegel Gary ileinerl l-arr llein -rl Uremia I Ivinz C Harney llcitkamp Anthony Heitkani|i Hnnnie Helfemtein Huger llellaml I .eon Heller lairrv Hempler Donald Henderson Jell llemlerMin llrian Hendrickson Doornail Hendrickson Harvey Hendrickson Hirliard lleriiiiiiger Ikirry Herinamon Tito llesla Hay moml I tester Ned !le«ttck Heyd Small Higinhothain I’attK-i.i 111 Igors Timothy Hill Thomas llijwak Curtis V. Hirschkorn William Hold 124I .vim IIikIo"" llii li.ini I luff art Cary llnlfarlli Jl-l.llll I Marimi llnlfiiian Itn I lullillall Kent IIi !m iiiiiici Slav llullic it l.villi llnfcnew Koitli lloirne Kiiucik- I lnlz«T Carol lloldcn l.arrv llolien Margaret llolliinlieail Kathleen I liiliiiv.n ii Cnily le lloltun Jeffery lli l««n r N ail I limi'vinan Barbara lloo e JoIiii Morgan Lawrence I lor nini; Mark lliilnch AIuixkI I IlH'ki'll Jennifer Hudson Karl 11 ii I fma ii Janirv liny Jovepli lllicli Clierio liiivilalil Terri InderKard Donald Ivaak Judith Itcmvc Aldcn Iverson Stanley Jackliteh Kenneth Jacolisun Karen Jacolitoii Carol JacobsonKarnost Jackson David JjrjMf Cail Jaeger I .s Ic Curtis Jahnho I-ram is Jiiin'iil.i I a»y Jclinck (ary Jettison Sharon Jettison Janies Jenkins Ariio Jciucii Darrell Jriurn II Jensen Marc Jenson Ki k«t Jciiscii (amlace Jorosen Alfred Jerke Alton JoIiiisoii I! Johnson H. Johnson II. Johnson Craig: Johnston I). Johnson I) Johnson I) Johnson I). Johnson G. Johnson C. Johnson I liltlcgarde Johnson C Johnson J Johnson Kut hie Johnson la-Roy Johnson KoIhmI Johnson Itced Johnson Donald Jones 126IP d Manon Jwm William Jones lloverls Jorgensen Duane Joint ad Waller Just ItulK'ft Jinidt Hodney Kudrinas Mart. KuIIhis Keilli Kalina llruc-e Kalmliach W illiam karst Kal Mix ■ii kaM-nian Marion Kuxeiiian l. le kal Ii Marshall Kalli Pamela Kalli Waller Kalli llidiaril kaiik Nlosen Kcese l.urrs Kellennun Dave Keninil Michael Keinnil ’ John keni|K-r Woslon kcmiM'r tfil till Drum Rriii|x'l Jerry Kennolly Miehael Kenyon Handy Messier Murcia Kellcrling kallileen kes l)avi l Klein l.oren Kieim-le William killoran Kiclurd kimliall Marliara Kim; l)d l ie Kim; 127 lli-n king eti I .coil Kirvclk'inann l.r lie ktl inaii (a raid Kj«n»l«l John kjnv )»lm klarnuli Allan klcin Jaino Klein IjVihiin' kk'tvn I’.ml klinu-k Wayne kli| fi'l Karen klnlilwrud linger kluek Jolm Knccht IVarl KnniUi ig Mark' kimlson kriinelli knlll I iikI-i Kolcgraf J ’ 4J Michael kop|i (•cralil Knvt Tillin'liv knlli Joint KoiiIki itnnald knulia lirucc lh'iiImill Sieve krall Itonalil krainer Krvin krank l).ivi«l kraove I.oiinie krauM I .eland Klein Unger kreinrr Judy Kli Ikiv ill kropp I'llM krnuv Mk'liael Krueger Suvan Krueger 128II Ixi' Helen Ixv Teny I xv JeroKn Loren I xv Siivjii I xv Delihie Ieliinjiin Lynda l.ehman Waller Leon Jim Ix'illr Lester l.esinaim Milton I.oiiuiiii Sands l.cverson Kicli-ird Lev no IS.nlur.i l.rujiulimtli Jan Ix'wrlls n David l,rui( (lletns l.iiiclAv I .ester l.i|)| ndrew l.illelmll ('min l.illelmll Harlan l.indgren Janies l.imlselli Terr l.ivlncood |{.hkI.iI l.ocslic Keith l.onski I IH'in.iv I .owe Timothy I ji cibU Vernie l.neas John l.uevl Dale l.nhnunn Keenan I.mill Thomas l.miduren Claire l.yelte liu Lyman James l.yxno'! Mahic Holier! Mai l. Mahler Kilctiic Maliliun Itnnila Maier Damn Majkr ak Bernard Maimck Samira Matlock Michael Nlanslmm Duane Marlin Das ill Martin J Martin Ki’iiu.iril Marlin Cherryl M.irlinsun Maynard Malejcek Marilyn Mathsvich Michael Mallern It. Malison Paul Mailer Daniel Mauldin Duane Mayer Calvin McAfee l-arry MeAnally Don McAlce Terrs McClcars CcoiKe McDonald Inc McKarlaml Ilk hard Me I mil's Kdssard McIntosh James McKeaguc Dennis McKechnie I tinier iek McNeill Linda Mcdcnss aid Juanita Meier IXmahl Meier Karen Meiers 131W’aldernar Mchlra Joint Mclvillc lloronce Menne Lester Merkel Patricia lcried Susanne Merrill Paul Messmer Konald Metcalf Judy Metz Thomas Metz David Meyer Jarrcly n Meyer Pamela Meyer Patricia Mey er Thomas Meyers Rnlrcrt Mikkehon Mary Mikkehon Bruce Miller Kenneth C Miller Kenneth I) Miller l.oimic Miller Honda Miller Virginia Miller Joyce Miranuwski T. Miranowski T. Miranowski Diane Mittehtadl Linda Mil el Allan Moon A Mocn Gary Moen Cary Mock Walter Mocllcring Kandy Nojosek Stanley Mohr Tom Moldc 132a Jay Moody Kenneth Moody Kvmn Moor Tom Moore J Moos J. Moos IX-.m Montgomery Jacqueline Mures John Morrison Kirk Morten Darrell Moser Harry Mowers Judith Muchlbcrg llmcc Mueller James Mullord kit MiiikI Cary Sluiiii Mavis Mu rack Teresa Mu rack Dale Muscha Carol Muske Carmen Myer Melvin Myers Marvin Nagel Itnnahl Nanneriga M K’hael Neese Carol Nelson Cary Nelson M Nelson M. Nelson It Nelson It. Nelson Valeric Nelson Donna Nesdahl Alan Neuman Thomas Ncwgard 133Alan New Ion Jay Xicholls Kailx'rt Nielsen John XiUc Sandy Mbwn Paul Nor lb Carrs Nordliotigcn l.ucylh- Nonlick Kenneth Novak Cars Nnstad Patricia Oase Nell Oberg Kathleen O'lkien Pamela Olfner Theresa O'Cor marl Gerald O'Hara Kenneth Oilman Konald Olsen A. Olson 0. Olson C. Olson I). Olson Das id j Olson Keith Olson Keith Olson I.. Olson Michael Olson Norman Olson Steven Olson William OUon Cars Oliver James Oliver Curtis Ones Cmdi Ormiston Paul Orth Konald Osadchy 13-1 Karen Ou-jrvHi Mk'hwl O SImiikIiiii'S Darrel O'Shea IUt I OsinonrUen Carole OM Hl.iir O'U'Iimmi |-1o 1 Otlenluclier Jack ()ll(;iclllik Jerry Ourcn KoIm'ii Tom I’.ilrnl e (iliartn Paul Ckiry Paul Itk'li.iol I’.ml David I'aubcn lomi P.nilwiii llnn.ilil P.iiiImmi Dana P.i leriiik David IVarvon Unue Peasley (Te ory I’edenon RoRcr Pederson Shirley Pcniwr I.liana Peterson Dnnalii Peterson Jr. Cary Peterson K. PctetMin Pamela Pelenon It. Pelenon It. IVlerMin Stanford Pelenon Vernon Peterson Mary Han Dennis Pfeifer Timothy Heifer Cerald Phelan 135h'ranci Haul Cordon Pirkl Ik-nbc Plettl Jeanette Mummer (ieO K ' Podliradski Diane IVisch Holly Puss Davitl I’im Jcneph Potocki (Iraitf Potihcn Dale Price Paul I’n• Mark Pryor Clifford Pulvcnnacher Jerry (Jual I'alriek Ouuu him k Patricia (Juaiclunck Anne Itarlelilfc 51 O iiiil Jm Rndkc CoinlaiKf IUkiih' City H.ihvai Jerry Rask Jariiev lt.ilh Mark Reddiy; IVlxirjh Rolf I.arry Rcichcnlicrt Cy nthi.i Reiuo I.arry Heimann (k'lir Reinhart Wayne Reinhart l.ynolle Renfrew Philip Renwick Dai id Relteralli Hubert Rcllig Duane Hettinger Richard Hettinger 136Ardel Iticr Bruce Hu ll John liiehler Merrill Kiehler ;ir Hi ll l.arr Itieck Larry Itielil Dale Itiemlra Perry Hittcnliadi Arthur Killer I.iuii.i Killer Darini Knlierl Kathleen Knbimnii Stanley Kneiler Hamid Rohde Carroll Knluidi John Roller Kicharil Konnevik Henry Koo» Shier Bine Anne By run Koscncram KoIh-iI Kini'iiLranr Cerahl Kulilidke Cary Kiulen Michael Kn h.lf Jinlilh Kudolph K. Kudolph It. Kudolph Itouer Kii li lph Carlla Knock Jack Rupp Itidiard Ityan Charlie Kydcpmt James Saeinan Carrier Sailer William Sailer 137Alvin S.iimI.i Anita Nandi iv ,il Donald Saltier Lawrence S.illler Kilccii Savillr ireu Scliamler Dandle Sclianilcc Joell Marie Scliat Kenneth Scli.mer MikeScItend Vorman Sclicrbcnvki Kenneth Sclrerr IX-nnivSchill Alan Sclilotleldl Sell lower V Sell lower I) Sclnniilt I) Schmidt ('•ary Si liimdt It Schmidt Junto Schmitz: Uremia Sehnahel R. Schneider R Schneider MarkSchniUlcr Ccorgc Scholl Marvin Seltoncrl Shirley Si'lionli.irdt Jean Schradtck I .nreii Schrucdcr l.vnda Schroder W illard Schroedcr Darlene Sch nil Clary Schumacher Kenneth Schumacher Tliam» Schuwler i s— i 138Saudi Stlimlcr I’allieh Sehw.m Marly Seelu Jamex Seel hammer James Sellars Will,ml Seifert (In-gory Sell voit Allen Sel ler Itniiald SemingMMi linger Seminenx (lien Siekler DnleSiesUehlau J;iiiio Simon Neil Sily Donald Sixerlxon Mark Skaliokx Diane Sk.irpliol Slt'Vt'ii Skorlii-mi llnroara Slat Ion Ketinil Sletto Joint Smalllx-ek Miehnel Small Itrcnt Si nil li I) Smith Hit-hard Smith jnliii Snowdon Kennel h Snyder (las; SoIUtu Maxine Sollterg Sieve Sollicr ! Donald Sommer I’llilipSoolliwick I’alricia Sorensen Terry Surlicn Tom Snrvik William Sparke ft i O til til 139Cary Spcich Alan Spclli.uij; Ronald Spencer Can.- Spicer Man Spickerineier I.con Spitrer I .iixla Slacli Dale Slack Ktehafd Stahlhori: Hruee Stahleckcr Civile SI a Mil ker Das ill Slahlcckcr Susan Stanley Samira Star Susan Stearns Was lie SleMiins Hilliard Sichuan Holier! Slelir Vernon Meier I kill) Stein Diiraml Steiner Robert Sleller Riclurd Sleller l.arrv Stem1 Clyde Slenslie V ickie Stevens Tom Stevenson Craig Stoa Clcnn Stockdill Kenneth Slockdill Karen Sloltenow-Ians Stoltcixiw Keith Slot Michael Storhoff David Storm Howard Stoteshcry 140Douglas Slfamlcf Way ivc Streeker Janus Stringer Uwla Stmvness Dclwcn Sukiit I l.irlcn Simsl John Sveen l.oreii Sveum John Swanson Itaymoiul S'seo iwy Jeffrey Swenson Steve Sy verson Mark Tasa Robert Talge Richard Tatum DavcTcnDrock Sheila Tennant William Tcsch 'I Immas Testier Thomas Tliic Kilitli Thcnugcl laniny Thinijnn LyniiTliuc Uewly Thorpe Neil Thorpe Joe Thomas Karl Thomas Karen Th un| son It. Thmnpsnn Charles Thomson fQl U ti Dale Tliruntvcit IVtter Tlmnshelle l.croy Thnrn l.ouiscTibcrt Das ill Tingles Joanne Tischer U1( liarIt ' Vi ina. Jr I) «K-tfck-I) VocjW-lo l.ariy Vocllrr Jerome VoIIhtr Gary}i V ik Keith .ililinul Gan Walcker Mch in Walen Itniir NVjIoii Daniel Walter faliaA Wayni-'lobcek Marcia Tolu Jell Tnflchon Krncit Tor|H'ii Bichard Tradcncll Kenneth Iih'ImJiI TImniioi Trudeau Bradlry Truilx-nski Marcia Tinkiixl (Mirolojdvcr I'lincr Janwi I iiilcrlH-ru Micliai-I 1'ilicr IA mi l ike Knlleft Vandal Arlin Vandcrweill John jiiV iii l Kilo aril YinDerMecr kciun-tli Vcrtin Delano Vetter Jin- Vetter l.eroy Vetter Maine Vicslcnr l.oi» m I Xu ill id adDavid Wick Ix-itor Wileovnn Nlidud Wild l.arr ' Wilhelm Carlyle Will Rat'd Wilton Gary Wivemun William Willeman K. Who William Wochrinann 'Donald Wohl ('.bade Woll S Waller Denim Wang Robert W .minor Kathleen Wavuellor Knlxil Welier Donald Welter 9 © tikiiM Jerry Wefel Hurt on Kallileen Wegl ell tier Cerald Weigel Cnitiv Weimnann Albert WenUvL Torrance Weivlieek Melvin Wcndel It Wen H Marvin Wcclinger Roger Wrrlinger Honald Werner Cordon Werven Mark Wert Belly Welch Michael Weyranch Jinncv Wheeler. Jr Terrance WhileLoo Wolf William Wolfe Theodore W ncr Richard Wurlz Yvonne Wynveen James Wyum Stuart W ymn (Diaries Y«mii k I.UCclla ZiU'll Dennis Zachcr I .arry Zahradk.i Jim Zulin Richard Zal h twc I .olio Zenker linger Zcfocha James Zhorcla Neil Ztegcliilan John Zicsko Dnaiu' Zimmerman Sieve Zfmnv Sloven Zimprkli Karl Zurchcr 1 14 ) Practical Nurses FRONT ROW: Pcjasy Blixt. Bonnie Cron. Pcjusy Schaucr. Jaw Savaj-oau. ami launar N'elma. SECOND ROW: Kristine I .arson. Helen jofvt. Djjiif Client her. (-irol A. Miller. Kli alicth Naastud, lar Schwab. I.imla Slialer. ami Arlene'Zimmerman. THIRD ROW: Jeanette OUnn. Sman Feirie. Mrs. Florence Johnson. Bctlv Stencniin. Siivan Kleirn. I.imla I Hand. Dorothy Rirclicm. Caryl Twet on. ami IVkk Beaton. FRONT ROW: Judith Fverson. Mary Amundson. I .an reel i Frickson. laiis lames, anti Mrs. Barbara Chase. SRCO.NI ROW; Mrs IMh Foster. Irma Nistler. Cheri Johinen. Mrs Charlene Meyers. Juste Tas arek, Marcia If an. Carolyn Busses . and Mary Aspjeld. THIRD ROW: Samira Ssor. Mrs. INsrolhy Ryliiml. Clarice I’cplinski. Deborah Ciislin. Sharon Dassson. Mary Jam- Dawson. Deborah Spaeth. Anna llcuchert. ami (!arol II Miller. M5Practical Nurses FRONT ROW: Carol Vinllcclic, Marlene Vlaminck, Judith Wright. lrs Clara Halen. Flleen Schiclle. Ruth I.Rlmrg. Kathryn Ctilstad. ami Kurcn Johnson. SMX)M) ROW: Marcia NcwImhisc. Clieryl Kliscn. Mix Aim Kjns. l.inrla Monties. Carol Ms-idingrr. Donna Hart. Mrs Lynn I lackey, anil Somlra I .arson. THIRD ROW: Janu-s Olson. Roniae laisek. Jnrlitli Dreulnu. Vicki Roll. Mrs Dorn Kcklursll. Carolyn Tcrlchr. 1‘cggy Vaplon, Diane Tisdale, ami Uwciwc Langston Not pictured Katherine McFaddcn. FRONT ROW: Carolyn Use. lick'll Hanson. Cyntloa Crnlili. Denise Honlietle. Cathy Hanson. Nancy Hnfchgros ink. Samis Fischer. tel llanson. and Donna lijBCteiniBcr, SECOND ROW: Debra Doc, Nancy llagro Kilters Rrcidcitlsach. LcAnn Jaeolnon.Coltllr llartsoch. Marlene Cricher. Jamile Hose. Annita Haugen. Sara Raarslarl. ami IVggy Conk. THIRD ROW: Joan liaukol. Jean Helm. Margie Ha-man. Drnisc Crilfin. Dons Ilalx l.ois Johnson. Clamlia Andersen. IWtly llins. IXair llilrlc. and l.imla Fiscn immet. FOURTH MOW: l.imla Corliss. Mars Antlcrseii. Jean Forsell. Carol Ik-nson. Rosemary Freeman. Sally Jolmsim. Marliara Jackman, lama Conic. Jessel Hart, ami Karen Anderson. FRONT ROW: Joyce Slorliakkrn. I.inda Trasler. Dianne Keller. Marily n l.imllerg. Marlene landberg. Reeky I. nine man. Corrine Server-iiison. Joyce Kitsch, .oh) Sue MaUon SECOND ROM : Nancy Williams, Patricia hlaucti, Linda Smith Marlene Klinger, Barb Klchok. M.m Rapfias. NormOlson. Linda Lundby . Linda Thkir. and Bctly Karte .THIRD ROWi Mary Prenosd, Karen Foulnnl JodyJunker, Dorothy Meyer. Katliy Zimmerman. Camls Kent. Lonnie Nelson. Joan Syvmon. Kathkvn Smith. FOURTH ROW: Hows Reincke. Teresa Reineke. l.imla Myers. Nanette Simcmon. Marilyn Tlmrs-son. Janet Simmses. Ruth Schroeder, Dorothy Schmaltz. Kathy Moore, and Mary MaeLeod.Practical Nurses FRONT RO'V: Roxanne pjigxlroiii. |)bnc Kaulu. Vonnic ScIIm-I. Mavis Slrcich. Diane OTicarv. Shirley llaughiml. and Dr him- I vet on. SECOND ROW: Janet Micliel.Shcryl Brckkc.Rulh Soutor, Pcgg) Anderson, Janice Oban. Oliver, and Valeric THIRD ROW: Posey Ryan. Rcrniee Dreyer. Carol Jost. Connie dm. Marlene Jcnvcn. Sharon Andenon, Kathy ;Mltlin»;x. Pamela lUavksseldcr. -hkI llarlura l.exsamhnsxki. FOURTH ROW: l.inda Tw» IXhiii.i Jensen. Rou'iu I’rtcrvin. Bonnie ThorliefR. l.inda Ktclicm. Roscrly lies . I.iinla Prtcnon. Susan Lyicngen. Nicola Johnston jim! Dassn Jolimlon. FRONT ROW: Rcm-e llcnm-ficld. lloMtj Wilhain. Karen XIvitro. Sherry Suitdblad. PejtRy Koines and Shirlve Orel!. SF]CON'D ROW: Samira Billiter. Samira Wallon. I.imla .ucharias. I)a«n Tanecn. Janet Raker. Darlene Col I Jam-tie lime, aral l.inda Civilla. THIRD ROW: (,'andi Strom. Karen Schuler. Judith Silkier. Cary Seyli. Tom Miicllonhach.Rnjcam Johnson. Lorraine FTIingson. lone Oopji. ami IX.rotlis Parker. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Olienyk. Rosemary Freeman. Nancy Cariveau. Sally Johnson. Karen lledluml. Patricia Miller. Patricia Wichtnann. IXmna l.emle. Mariea Ness house, and Flstcla SalinasThree one-act On Tuesday night. J.m II. I hi- curtain o|H ticd on tin- liiM im'iIomii.iiki- ol iIn- three one-act play pnwiih'd liy the Science rl Havers The plays Here presented a Mi'nnd lime on I lie evening of Jan l.j. ■iihIimI l y VVcs I.iilev. Director ol Dramatics at the collect , the plays were uell east and the actors |M'rfmmaiiecs showed a convincing | ortrayal ol the characters they presented. The 1'nderground Bird was ,i |)syeliedclie lijslit show. Psychedelic Uj-lits were used to an advantage in this, the first n( I Ik three | lays Tin play was a psychedelic take-olf on man’s everyday addictions The set liny; was a snhw.iy The main characters were The One played l y Steve Syverson. The Kililix played liv l.ouivc Johnson. ‘I In Photographer portrayetl liy (.’lint Dow liny; ami Bolicrt I’epin wav Harold. The second |4ay used no scenery evvvpt a large red ruhlier hall which sy ml oli ctl a car Tile Shiny Kcd Ball was a satire on todays htiyiug ami selling game. The l«u men characters Bill Worncr playing Charlie I'retl and Janie IVmiel playing Johnnie Bill, went through a hilarious game oi (ratling lor tlm new shiny red hall. The lleliiml I lie Scenes technical cress tiki an eveellcnt joh in staging the pro|» lor tlie last play See The Man Die. The healing o( the heart mi a hoard, the lieart pmnpanti the inetlieal etpiipnieiit were lists) loanativail-tage in this one-aet The plot centered aroimtl a traveling science evhihil Iroiil a university which stages tlemoiistr.itions at grade school assemlilies A ytuing Ilian was olwerstd l y ehihlren as lie gives liltMnl Miss Pearl was played Its Joy King, Miss l-'icld liy Cail Jaeger. nr»e Brown liy Kalliy I tla anti Doctor May was |Mirtrayed hy Niki K.ipil.m ll things cnnsitleretl the lust performances ol I lit Science Art Havers were given with asmvessliil Hair lor dramatics. 148STUDENT DIRECTORY iflfs j i }ilh i 2 r MJ4- J -j i i i-2 i H Mi III fliljiiij 1 ; Ji “ a I ?! = i I ||41 j| i I -- x _• 5 iiisissi 11 14111 ‘I' a -3 U 41 U :S . « z 1 i « 2 - s i i J SiiSjiljlij ‘ 3 j‘Sisis]i ' • - i 5 - 3 5 «i ill i t I i 51 f ji I | y% ;i«2 5 5 3l PfI! 3 . 3! 5 n : ■ i! -■ I li Jill Hi! U - .• iii hi sis IJ' .t j . e J nh ; = 3 ’ J 7 3« i m -n c 3 1 1 1 I 1 im m -e?1p flsmilJil 2 is ■'-•• • ‘ .5 1 5 I Kill s -• 1: • ■? 4 t lUiIj i I 1 i|?li? i ? Jr _■ I t II i 1 ji J i Jf4 4 4|!| U- m i x 31 In ? ijilp n3rS'i j j = - -• - I 4 ] 5 j fill! I! J z 11 tmHHHiUHiYnMi ; . _ - 3ua - UlfliiJi ; 4 1 a - S |i -Ji k = a ililsil HUw if . 2 "? • i r e ! j i • |pS| |d| £ = t j »--3| If Ml5HS;l5 1 ! j { I 3 J 5 2 a . t vf 4 • . 1 » I . I - i It Miij osiIleig. Altai • . Ihcwl Matnlrniner 2. Umnc IVigo. Kory I) . Rialto A T V Sot a-ing 2. l ]CC ; '• II. IliiMm 2. Wili|ir1«n K'atrlr AlknC. Ikmnr.. I. koine M . Iln Ok .I i. C-ojAri IVath. I«UI II. At.kilntutal DtalLag-j. Brat.old. Jerald l . Darud Maintenance1. Bt. Httliok). Tote II . Autollud} I. Ilmiiui. Btoarv William K. lkmlMjiiK.wn.fl, W.lijarton Htatmagel. Krnnrth Ixr. Krlrigelalitai I. Bfeataacl lltplfft. Kruiflk II. R-a.mav. I. W.iilfliffr IVntmC . I. 11 ammo. $0 IkflfKI. Gorki I . Inf. I Dr ailing I .Wale tkelke. Chart I A , A S P I, (j KnltMn llft-lkr. Thaama II . 2. Hr. Ikcnna. JohnC. AMoMtduHn I. Gland lab fltt-nno, Joan M . Hum nr.. I. Ulrica - lUrwff. IJalr 11. AM1 2. Mow Mon lit curl. Wdlmra I. .ASH Ualii.I.K. tlcokrrg llifljn I , Cnll lui;lnnfli c I Auduboa Brack. Den I.. Arehitnluol Drilling 2 Ki«Co Hf«k. (.tmJaJ . I. VaHry C y Brock. I.. Huunn. I, Valley ( .1. liter. IH. Tom P . I. Ilf onion. LaraJa M . Ihntaett I. VVikpet-n Heckman Matt.nB, U«HMilnlrtuner I. W«H fwm. MT llfwki. Aldoi J . .MoMwl adn I. Hamilton Ilf.nVi, Hart. I , Pnnt. g2. Baa.-Uig.. SD Iko o. Tl.xnai 1. Klnlitnl I. Millait-n Braun. Chirk F-. ASH I. Walftrlmi Bra . Partake. Dnlmioi. largo Urea a, Mow L. Unmm I. IVkralm MN Broun. Tory A . A S P I. VIdm Hrveke'. Ktdwy G . Hatin. I. Mjulu IkunHI.. IJoald G . IkuiiH.. I, l‘ tt.. Bruin. MHG, -.. I, Crete IkuntkiB. Sutan J . A S P I. liter. Hearn. Wdlunt I HnJani 2. (kan.1 link. HuchSufcr. Brute M . Ai.hitvivnl Drilling I. Davenport MUll. HoUrt A . A M 1 Dale. Buckmann. I.onrn II. A« o Mnktnn I. Nru Salon Buck. MaynardH . Buum I. Wahfatoa Buck. Neil II. JutiiVInkafn. . lactn Hutk. VV ayac A . Auto kit. lain . I. Buck. Jltara t. Huemsc I.Sivtdrm. Sl KuoUef. Tteu S . Daevcl Matnleaunee I. a|. Haiehlr. Ilricljj lee. Cival Ing-aroaiag 2. Ladgoutml Buttle. Il’ak' II. Ar.hjlr.1un1 llialt.jrc J. Oakrt II.e. Ilonaljl VI , Archllrtliiral Doll Ii-e J. Waru nk By ton. Paul G . Aacfc.lrctuol Drilling I. Nn» Tina By Jelfrey J. AKiUoMul Drafting I. Ctrl loti C-allim, Kenneth G, al I. WimUedt . Cameetm. I unr H . A S P ICrt-lal Cameron. Wnley J . AnhUnlutal Dialling I, Nolle C.arll Clamnlt . KatltoAKV So.Hint; J. M) CiallA-ut. John I.. Iluiknrt. J. Miltua Cartgrat.. Ja.k I., Putting I. IIjnitlliKi ('ark--at. Suite. I . Auto P. .1. !. cduiU . iT ladtoji. Gayle M . Hutton. I. Ihmctt a.I Cartton, Join H . A S P I. P.etland Caflum. Tot. 1. Iirlr.tri l Itnltjoc J. katlitvn Caatwud. HonaltlC. A S P, 2. Httrloanlce. MN Caet.iyslon, IVnln J. fttnlnn. I. (.'find Rapid. Caeto. Chirks M Jt.ASP I.DxUoam Cattuticlit. Bat VV . Auto Mechanics I. Hit beg Can, D.t.lM . Pr.nt.ng2, VaBa-yCny t .iinaf, Joxph N , IJntrical I. Kektte Catat ml, Kirktrd J . Auto Mohanas. I v north Ca.perv Mora MAS P I. Btr.lo.udcc, MN Catutll. I Nina A . IWiInru I, Kalae. ( auto, Thomi. (I.. Pl.a4if £ I. Vldujukee. Wit Cavanavgh. Hal.anl N . Keftigerellon I. lot! 1(4 ten CkacUacl. Ihuycla.c . Hutiaru £. But tuna C.halier, James I.. I. Amo . ( haney. James T , ItevIrouK. I. |i»oI.«b ( huel. lanwt I., Ankiti.tunl Drafting 2. Hmkeunlcr, MN Christensen. (rrJ.o I.. llrclradn 2. Jianlma UititloMit V|alt. I,, ■mum. I. Madr. JiiiV.t-areit Ned I). Amo Mechanic. I. Vetitn. SI) l.l.vtjuwn I Irani. I. . ArcMtllutal Uralijnc I. Cackle Chnvlianroa. Claner J . Ban nru I. VV (Baton Cluirtiantta. Dak. Ar.hitt.tufa! Uialtmt 2 Horace Ckitlijaun, lh-an A , Ikiul M.tUfiuirr 2 Neuman ChnniHMMt llanat J . Kuura.. I. Ilaluad. MX Chttdtanton. I.yan I) . Induorul Drallutc I. )»f « Chtirtimroi. Htehanl VV . It.lujt.,1 Cakh. JuilUll 1 . Bmilac I.JuirrliMK o!I«- ai ii Jute V A Ml Manky C'JUtl. IVin k .Cud I iiciiurtme 2. Fmbm kdhy. l a.rtj.- A , VI . t c-ilrer. Judy h . A V P 2. I..I CrJ.ltl IMtl I., H'l.itfjJ I, 4 ryc util 4'adurl. Joint). Bmlnru I. Grand Irak. 4 auJin. John k . iVati. IVrly I. IkkiaMa Caalon. Prank I) . UeOrtral I, largo Cwtoic. (a-fald I) . Mmt Vltfil I. I .ten Cmtelle. Wayne I.. A S I 1.1 are- (iatlaia. I.mli J .A SI' ISiiiimr AOIrHu, Jatne. SI AiitnMnkjhk. I, Talk Hapnlt. MN »4e. 1 heuliae J . AlclaCrctoiilDratlme I. VViHuu City Coinn keaarth W Urcliiealt Cutmaine. Cat keontt h VV . Auto Me.hitut I. Boabrh Cramer. Mlch.rJ r. Machine Shop I. Aareina Clotty, IVnnh C. Hattnr.. J. Prtnloaa Cumlar. Gary VI .Auto Met kin . I. Men! i -lter Cunningham, lari W . Xlaehinrsk i2, lamiaad Cunningham. Glen 1 . Mitkine Slav-. U mined Daccitl, J«ra 1.. Butino. I.Garvltoa UaM. Oataglat J. Jr . AutoIkdy I. Cooftmloa n Dahl. John I). Mart Metal I. Vogar. MN Dahlgfrn. Jeanne k.ASP 2. VV ah|«t-a. IXahnle. kr-Hh V . IUiutr.. I. largo Daldlare. I)a« id 4J„ lagiMflMt I. Snrr1.Hr. Si) Danelton. Jaitar VV .AnteMechanic. I, v.'.y.MT Ditncl. Craig, G . Pfinlmg 2. Heotol|a. VIS Daniel, kedh M . INoH Vlaialmamr I Kay Danoharr. Arrol). tlrctnom-r J. Charlton Damchotr. I. . A S P 2. Hothray MN Danohorr, kalhrnrtr R. Practual NurrooC I. VVdhaUa Darrah, George 11. Urcttnna. I. Ctdamlnr MT Diumger. B« lord I.. Plectra J 2. Hnaaar. k Dalle Charli. G . Rrlngeralain I. laaoKifi Dalle. IrdarG . Mail Metal I. Unxnrr Dinar. Muhaa-IJ . Marline Ska . 2. Wak otoo DifJvon. Randall VV . Davrl Mava4rnaa.r 1. Ikraraftk DataJu.n. Raltard A . Sheet Mrtal 2. Uacdoa Dam. Jioluh V . V M 2. VVakf.t. . Dam. Seed H. Auto Mt.liaoa.. I. Page Dam. I lontar I, . C a.d Inglarotng I. Page Drakd. DrUontr I) . Ankatrefalal IV.It.og 2. largo Drain. Deuanrl.. Dtrcrl Mortrauer I. BothtJd Diehrall (hetylll ASP I.Wahprlnn Dakrall, Paul I). V S r I. Wah( «m Dterrin. Hill. | . Anlo I. Syctilu.-rl Dal . Jedlrr T.AS P 2, VVahyetot. Dige. RuyrrIIJ .Itotinm I.Snlmv vtl Dilllran. Moetder .1 . Balnm I. SeJlrnlgr Dm kef, Gerald 1-. Welling I I niUku Dnrrtte. laala A . Niaetang I. VV Caty iv-ilea Viment C. ludmlfkal Dtalllttg I. Venlmia Ikacllo. Ned 1.. Illlta Shiy . IfonMMJ Ike-Idea. I tilero A . Ilrtinm I. Car alnr IMMty.tdn) M., ASP I. Nr lUxkfoad IMdra. Brian I) . Ar.kglrtutal Dialluag I, Dnkinrm IMaa Kklurd J . Auto M„ haute 2. Crilfoa IMao. Way lie II . Altlafer lueal Dialling I. logur lallr. VIS Ikdectak. IVnnh l(. Ike In mu. I. Dkkiamm Ikdlmger. Pamela VI . Kmmeu I, Ventiina Ikdta. H.deO W . J I Hauler. MN IVmaC Dale I.. A S P I. C.Hi.tena. Ikaolry, Crain I.,Odke Machine Re|vair. Walgotnn IkaaJry. Dale I. . Ilotieerr 2. VV algat.oa Ikaolry, Tomthy J . Dateel VlaaaCetrame I. BltvkrnlKlce. MN I Mono. Cary J . llelogoHum I. Wtrhrk Ikaohen. lav 1 . licet natter I. Smn I all. SD Ikrnanra Ixrlie 11. ln.lwvlfiaJ Dtallmg 2. Walp turn DuCrrntud. J.rl S . A S P I. Wymlauer Ikaulmg. Chain T . 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Hrra—ru I.Wikprlm S-rdnl Hid rot J . Itwsel MmMMCT I. Raralaoailcr. Mum S.r,Una . I nn l J 2 Seaman Sirmin. Rrare A . Proiim 2 Aanlrn Mmn Serena ran. Jam L. IWemrs. 2 W alprtir Sort cm W , A S I' I. Mindi VnaA. iimatl D . Pnr c I. Inc Srnlllr. Thrmirr I.. A VP W ahpclm. S-Jrl KaM M AS P. I. IWHal- Saaatad. Ion R . Daifroiaa I. Mtreprliee Sacmad. W.a nr A , Darnel Mj.nlrn.nrr 2 Dale. I'llanaa. Are h.lralueel lhallinc I. Olerte. I.ann A . Ihnri SlilUriaaiKr 2 Wtltm OlrtJ. SrilC. Ibrerd Mjualrmnrr I. ii'dtma Olrrt Pura II. IJralrarjl 2. Willem I lira la m Ire. Ilrhatd I.. Hrlmanil I VlaKlRfi, Illimani (tteulambu. W'jerrr W . Anln Methanes 2 Whiffle I Mam. IVm H . Ilaalararai, ' allaa I'la I Hern halUrm M . IMemree I. Sr. Hl-aclm SO III learn r. FahauelJ . llwaa-l Maalanana 2 Saw Hanilird iMInrt. Panaada I. . lUan. I. Vlln CId. (I I reman. Tirana M . A S P I. I atf ........a Ir.alJII RalWalr I liman, ianarli I . Ilounaoa I. I'n far rat-can Ihr.IVtranH. Houma I. W'aiprlria iKnal. hat In A . TVaalaaal Surain I. Hrllrld Kiarr.lon I .AST I. Wahirlo Dharr. |nm W ASP I. W ahprron llhaar. Hrhard K. Itaalmaial IV Nrtarinc 2. l aimurnh Oham IVtmaa I.. Ren inn a I, larto Ohm Ramald J . Bourn. I. Ilacmat.MM { Haora. Amlrrr R.ASM.Anna Ohm. Ardrll II. Hwaanna I. larta Ohm itanl I . AS P I. W" Ilham I’and S . A S P I. Manralam Olaam hanlraa M . Rrenma I. Ilatlim Ohaml autnR.Radn.rn.ITA VtamauC I. Sraa. Alan B . I Vat mmo 2. I'aa n I Haem DaaaJJ ..AM Mrohafano I. Siren I Here Daanl M . Ilntanamo I. Rrralmrnlcr. Minn OSaaua llaa.l M . Urttr.nna 2 »t i Hanoun Ohcra H . Mrae M.t.l I. Jananlon n Ohnn. I ucrnr . 2. Vdhal.o. IIh.oa Cara I.. Hrlr rratHra I. (lain I Haora. Jaam It. IVaatnal Sura me I. M.cahrad Minn Ohm J.ri O. Boom. I. Ila.fdr Ohm John I'.. A S P I. Forman 156 (Ham iirrn li. A S P 2 lluMee ohcra Krais . Art.. Itch I. idjma Oham, Inmud SI. Ado Mr. hue a I. Small CRacea Inter W llrala.-cca I. Ilaltincaa Ohcra Marc-. t J . Ilaninraa I. Ilccfdr Ohcr. 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Cnabl (Him (Vaald J . Ihaurl M-Malraunar 2 (Instil (IIto. H-autl R . R.I.. ami TV Sr.a. me 2 Maahna Owjdml. Jul I.. Ada. Mrriinna I. Maid ■ Oram. Jetts A , Arrhcastarjl Daallwac I, Manrrlm Piapr. »Nui.C . A S r I. Watfwi.ra Pair. Jcaianr t, Roams I.Catalog?on Pair. Red rat R. Indoarwl I hill, tat I. R-.a Pariah llwidj I . IS.olu 2. Mi—t Part km. Cara I.. Drat conns 2. Rordular Palmier. Tierrac R . FJastr.rann I. Mdlciril. SI) Paul. (Ihuln C . Anl Met haws I. Romani Paul, (ora C . Ado Mralunns I. Iloclo Pari. Re hard J . An kdrrtural lhill t« I. Stand an Pan hen. Dual R . I Valmal I. larcac Alaaaa M UBI, Fualas p-oher. Mnharl A . Ihnri llaHrtawr I. SI adder! Paohcri Ronald I) . Rid., and 1 Srra uwc l.(Vand Faria Paula. tdlMnlJ .ASP. I.ASaipatm Poac h Frrakncl D . Beacon. 2 AA aifXera I-,.Jr..A Dana II. fJrcUamua I. Rrralmmlca-. Minn Rrarsrm Oa.J F.. Rmanna I. Re.ia . SD lYirecen. Realms « . Fin If al 2. lernun IVails. RruerC. SnSdestural Dtall.nC. Frhud IVdaraem, (VntC T . Flratlnal I. Snartera. SII IValaraem. HeCrr I.. W elie . SaarlwrUku IV—It. sherln A . A S P I. Ilrraiaorder. Mum IVnrni. Jamra J . ArthnnCural lhallent I. Faren IV| ae . Iledrrt I. . PrmleriC 2 (Itkfadei SfrincvCdo IVrrlanlrnin. I nos I) AAVilinc I. Mini IVrtra. 7hunts 11 . ILnlwe aaal I Vra name 2 Bnmaatl PVrman. Inrra D .Shrat Mrial I. Hr-V d.-i. lir.ia lYtrrla. Trtrancr-1" . Aulo Ibda 2 IVe! IVtramaan lacai M . A s|' I I id ah Mmn lllrtmaam Mari A . 8Ht.crtil.m2 "d Fare IVtruarn. IhfM S . Ac.luealwtll Ihattmc Prtrraan. lanana F. tteaemna I. Caarmetam P.trrc.n llroll F . Mjrhinr Skf I. dritd For la Pvtrraeen Cara A . Huawrae I. A alba (‘da ISIrraon. Cenh I. .Clad ) ncoaanr 2 SiJCata IVarraain. Ki-ilK(l. ArtiUratrial lhallinc I. IVIrraaMi, irncal I . tWelnrua 2 Mill. IV tiao-a. Panirla Al . A S P I. Wikf.4... IVlraam. Kedrrt II, Aiaillrrliual Ihdtmc I. Dinarili Palraaam Rrdrut I. Imlanlrid Ihdluut 2 Pari Ri.rr Palrtaam Rrmald F . Rranrsa I. MuhtU rveetem si I.. I. Wnl Farce. IVArraem. Trrrs I.. Ciad Fifmrfiic2 F.lrham Prlraaara. A'rrrrm I.. Rmiuand IA I. FrmCaJ IVtrrcm. WaanrP. lira Iron, a 2. Faacw I’rta. (Vr i I.. HHi«mt r I. Railru Ku. Mira J . Raninn. I. Snlnra. Mod rfralra. IV—n J . Maehe.r Siefi I. Ilacrr flnlrr. Fnnl K . A S I’ 2 (lain Tfrefra. Tm.ris A . Aulo Stevhanha I. Midrnlcr. SD rMan.OrddJ.ASP I.Oall.m IVrll.O rd.m I.. Ilrat—i. . I. Du lemon Haul , llama (1, Iknlmat I. Wadaiaa. Mmn Itrtll, Ornate A.. Ileaaenasa I. Ibe lereeJc '. Mmn I1 mmrr. Jraartlrll. Rum. I. Waterier. P.dkadala ( v.rer A . Ado M.a I. WalhaRa IVedral . W Ulna I.. Rueinasa 2. Celd-eea Mmn Poor a. Her hard P,hinta( 2 Mmd Papdla. Cain Irr. sWf.2 Miaalan ranch Dianr VI . Rm.nn.. Arena, dk p.wrbs . Ihmclaa C . Huamasa 2. iVjli|r1.m Pee... Bella S . A S P. I. Rirtra r «clcJenerdiC.ASr I.W.Vrt.r Peuhrm (nice. I has. I |. Ohrrun P.ewar . Tun J . Ranimsa 2. (Viewl I tola mil. I.. A S r 2 'VjSfTl.n mill. John K. MuhlnrMut 2. Hr.ll.r. ISralr.Jiura F.. Ado K.l 2. Cbnlnrn Pttceed. Ilan-I J . lie. —a I. 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Mraitart XXrnlnjtrf. K »r. IVortkil Nur a.i; I. XX . . chalk M . »■»« . 2. Xlrrrrr XX n rl. HrureJ . Ault. Mr harms I. I ..fl... AXcilllwJrf. Slal.inR ,Gnd ln .nrmne I. Ilafur XVrrlintn. U.- tf J . Mail.... Ship I. Iloicur XX'ctnrf, H.wuM II. ICirstl I. llaiKcalr AXtrxrtx. Gordna S . Aula M.r I. RhU 'Xtaii km A . Hu.tar . 2. Jamoioui. XX'ru . Vr.r.D, XX' I. XX’oIrrt-mnSI) Wnah. MiplratC, ini IS.liine2. R nWidcrMN XX. 1. Mill I' . IA.m..... |. XX' h(Ktm XVrtih, Unix |, IRiumx I. DilncalhMn XX'rll.I.ulx I 1-rr.Kr I..AX p }_ XValfrlia. Mart D. .XSP 2. XVihpilia XXor . Dram I' . Aalo Mrrlniti.2- Irhi XXn.a.k, Maharl R . ISoW I. Ra, XX hrrlrr Jam H . ISvl I. ISanll XVhrrkr. loir I.. DrvrIJ. XI2..T XXlrrinl.Vanlo C .Arrh l rall.t 2 S« l oll. M» xxlmr. C. Rrlr,e ral..n I. MlradaV XX U». Imam I) . llrvl.Kol I. Balliaraa xxlmr. Warm .«2. Kar(a XX'oh. Ibaaa I..AXP2 XVaUnlaa XX Hilrmor. VrtXi A . Kunlun 2. 11 art I XX'al. D.»■! I . ( . J I’l I. XX'dfllw XXovc, I mcrar P . Aatr. IX .1 2. Kr.ii.jr I XX unrr X’jan- I Xhrrt Alrtdi XXillwr. IVaa I . Komi-- 2. r a T.ava XX .km l i. 11 . Am.. Mr ham 2. Cairn, u. XV’drvaa. I rvlrr l . Am.. Xlnlara. I. Raimi XX.U Xlnharl M Hal.. |VV,.„« I. land" XX llhrkn. Jaroo| . Donrl I. I .lerkx XXdhrka. lair I' . X..k IVoRmuc I. Rmuaraa X lH. I aihlr I . Shrrl Mrtal 1.1 mm XX ilfiaaw. I Ina XI . IVartiraJ I. Clot la ml XX . Ja a A . DraflilX 2. Harttaraa XXAm.Shorn V.Axr i.XVahprtnm XXdh . Ituraa I .. Ilr.lfm- 2. XX jh|n 1 4. XX dl.-« urdrll S . 2. XX ahf.l.a XX dh. Jamo II . IVI.a.n 2. Oarnl Karl. XX ,11 ..,. IVtnKohJ .ASP 2. Knrni Kitn XXdlv.o IVi.nnXX 2. lar .. XXikm. Il.t.lll llak.i I X' VliK.iae 2. Dm XXdam. | H . IV.alm« I. Alrukrl. XXlnoJilaX. M or hlnr Shop 2. Seal lari hut XX .«. R.y.r I) . XloUrSIrp I. k.klrrr XX' p r . hka. ASP I. Macron I XXii rr. X2n I.. Ar l. ISallo 2. Pall Ro|ai. M XX’iMi , |. lr R . Rilrqciralairi I. PuRolia. XX'lpfwriaan. J.ho lado.ii.jl IViflin 2. llodlOKU. XVutr, hrniKik SI . PikOimc 2. Rrie«m XX , ,! ■.I. K'drrl I) . Xlarlanr Sh.s.2. Nmumi »-Uimn Willum 1 . I «%H I. | JI WKq IlmMC . i11 .o « XX'ivlrvuan. XVdhaoo A . A MM. XX .l.|. I.m. VX .4,1 I Small A . Ado Ml. halm I Atuaanr XX'oM. ( harks I), Aula IkoK I.IIommuM) XX.JI. lar.J . I)w rl 2. XX mi. Um II. IS ml .a t XVahprtOM XX 41 Hudd|4l SI . Krlncrrdao 2. Uc » XX-Hr XX dim- A . (Mfar Via. Ur K.,..a I. I'olmad XX-4II. Ned C. lhorl2.1 la no XX-lldr. l.-rlll . I(— ... 2. Ial rra...l XX'ofcrt. (ana R . IWvmo I. Maolroralcr MX Irtlamr I . Shrrl lrlal2. IS lair XX.. 1 Irri N ls..a... I. Stiol XXtudl.ui. Rro. P . Xiuh Draltnae 2.1 anllwn SI) XXrtiwr MX AM' 2. Ilurlruw.lcr IV X' «riaf. Ihrolur II XX PI Rrolrnr . l XXonl ,th .XX Xl,l.n-M.v;ikl, l xx. la.I-laM . IVa in 1 ur io I. Mruohrod Xl XX ail. XX tlltam Z . Awl.. M«. ftmtm 2. HrHh XXart I llnlnam I. Ha a XX tn.rra. Ynwr. R-M.wn I. Vrchnne XX iMuU hraarlhl IVorl 2. XnA«h XX «—Jana h I Vrtl.aor I Milam XX... I ASI' I. A.... I k..knl . Xur.. M.n I.I Abrorkm SD .Urnr . A . Amn AloU.m I Mln.4 • ck I -.11. Xl.xxe I. A'ak| arliirli., I.«-li Al . PiartnatN'M.ine I III.mi A ill, . AIN ' arkri. IVmn. Al K.„ino, I l..l.k.l •I. I,m. Hwilno I. I.,id.a, ahloJla Al . Aula Ale hum I. I awl.a, ZoMIim. | n- I Ikvllnnn I. llolaSI) Aim hi R. n J AXI' I. Mil-.. or. kr.CrioUj . M.,m.o 2. A ak|w|.m rlki. Iinlrtk I . IJoln. il2 i iu| 'l, Aaon l , Auto Alrrhaak 2. Ainu ml rain, I oIk Ibavlnr I. J.lnr Zhmrla. IVon r . IJnliad 2. Uand Iml ykarla. Jamo A . Auk lkafl.n I. I.ianl artrliaan. i,l. I.Clrot I. ml y rxkl. I—|4.J . PnolU'C I. Hath -.I. . J.4.U A . Al. h I I. Sr—too. lannnun Iklam- Irr. A.duHnl I. Camai ■■nornaan |.ausAX . tl—lao 2. Ir.w.tnl ....... ii—... lalli.l . Pr—I- al ur ia I. (iOlNO Vaolr R . Pmvuws I. r» io“ « .mm . SOor P XA.IJ.-; |. I ia|i«lxa,l I Aal-Hndi I. M-hr.l .ne- IUu I lodo l,..l I Sill..u 2. Ada SIX am tor. Call I . I So. I I. I pkoa. 159OUR THANKS . . . To the Merchants Who Advertised in THE "69” AGAWASIE THEIR SUPPORT HAS HELPED MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE We urge all of the students at the North Dakota State School of Science to patronize these merchants. THE “69” AGAWASIE STAFF[NoRTHWtSTCRN 8MCET IRON WORKS] Bm 1005 Wahprton. N. I) lk M 5 Wilertiw n. S. I . GORRUCATKD M ETA I. CULVERTS DRAINAGE. IRRIGATION ANI) CONTRACTORS’ SUPPI.IKS RO-BANKS TOOL MFG. CO. TOOLS, DIES METAL STAMPINGS Wohpeton, Norlh Dakota Phone 64 2 63 14 ANDERSON FOOD GUILD STORE "The Store With The New Front" FREE DELIVERY Open Doily 8 to 8 Sundoy 9 to 1 Diol 643-4871 205 South 5th Breckenridge CongratulationsClassof '69 From LOLL AUTO IMPL. 642-554 1 — Sixth Street South Wohpeton, North Dakota LILLEGARDINCORPORATED I IK . Wil-Hich. rannliaml. New Holland, New Way Loaders and I lesston — l.illicslon — Verst ile Telephone 6-12 6689 Wahpeton. North Dakota Featuring Name Brandt In WOMEN S • JUNIOR'S • MISSES’ 507 Dakota Avenue Wohpeton, N. Dak. Telephone 642-6693 PETE’S Compliments of . . . ELECTRIC ★ RESIDENTIAL ★ COMMERCIAL FARM WIRING MOTOR APPLIANCE REPAIR DIAL 642-3340 HERMAN HARELAND 710 — 13th Av. N Wohpeton Phone 25559 Wohpeton, North DakotaIt Only Takes A Minute to tell you that most of our officers and employees are Alumni of the State School of Science and to ask you to come in and get acquainted and use the service that our bank offers this community. Citizens,' Phone 642-5565 ational Bank Wahpeton. North Dakota "The Future's Bright For You . . . In Electricity" C" Yes, young people with the talents and technical background are in constant demand in the field of electrical energy. Thousands of skilled people will be needed in this challenging and growing industry within the next few years! ei PICKED YOUR FIELD tIB-l POWER COMPANY Telephone 642-5561 SMITH MOTORS, INC. 619 Dakota Avenue 1 Oldimob: le Wahpeton, North Dak. Sincere Compliments of the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Wahpeton North DakotaM agnavox-M aytag-Bigelow Dependable Personal Service Decorating And Home Planning Service At No Extra Cost Telephone And Mail Orders Welcome VERTINS North Dakota's I .argot Furniture Store KOST BROTHERS, INC. Phone 642-3371 Excavating and Dozer Work Ready-Mix Concrete Washed Gravel — Sand — Concrete Tile Kost Concrete Blocks — Building Material Delivered Anywhere Wahpeton, North Dakota Compliments of LEE INSURANCE AGENCY ARTHUR DUANE LEE 605 Dakota Ave. Wahpeton, North Dakota TNI ” I IRAMO i tiff r°CK BRAUN’S SUPER SERVICE INC. Phone 642-4451 Wahpeton North Dokoto DICK’S STANDARD Corner 9th Street and Dakota Ave. Wahpeton, N.D. Complete Brake Service Rear Wheel Bearings Alternator Service STANDARD' Dial 642 5,65 AMERICAN OIL MOTOR CLUB ft Northern Propane Gas Company USE GAS FOR THE SIX BIG JOBS - • COOKING • WATER HEATING • HOME HEATING • REFRIGERATION ■ TRACTOR FUEl • CROP DRYING Gas Service Is Our Business Phone 642-4371 Wahpeton, No. Dak. •II5 Dakota Avenue WAIIPKTON. NORTH DAKOTA 58075 • Records • Sheer Music • Guitars MUSIC CENTER Your Stereo Center In Walipeton l»IIONK l2.6I.SI AHKACODK70I • Hadiin • Ta|ie Recorders • Stere»-llijcli FidelityWords To Remember “The schoolmaster is abroad, and I trust him, armed with his primer, against the soldier in full military array.” — Brougham GLOBE-GAZETTE PRINTING COMPANY WAHPETON Authorized Distributors of A. IJ. DICK DUPLICATING EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Compliments of DAHL MUSIC COMPANY Coin Operated Music and Amusement Equipment 122 South Vine Street Fergus Falls, MinnesotaState School of Science ALUMNI ASSOCIATION All graduates and those in attendance for two or more terms are automatically enrolled as members of the association. Whether you are an active member or not is up to you. We need your active support. Why Don’t You Join Now! Compliments of CHUCK’S OFF SALE SOI Dakota Ave. Phone 6-12-6402 Wahpcton, No. Dak. 58073 MEL’S MOBIL SERVICE Free Pickup Delivery U-Haul Trailers AAA Service Oiol 642-3430 Highway 81 and 13 Wahpeton, N.O. MEIDE AND SON, INC. General Contractors Phone 642-264 1 Wahpeton, North Dakota MILLER DRUG B AND W DAIRY Home of the Valley Maid Dairy Products Days Fresher Miles Closer Phone 643-3971 Breckenridge, Minn. Men's Clothing and Shoes Visit the New Cavalier Shop f ZUZEEUHI1 M Wahpeton, N. Dak.AUTO PARTS COMPANY Since 1925 EARL SCHMIDT WARREN DOBERSTEIN Local Distributors of All Makes of Automotive and Tractor Replacement Parts Garage and Filling Station Accessories and Equipment General Welding Supplies and Equipment Phone 642-6629 Wahpeton. North Dakota Penney’s ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY! Dial 642-4131 Compliments of — THE J. C. PENNY COMPANY Wahpeton, N. DakFARMERS AND MERCHANTS STATE BANK Big Enough To Handle Your Financial Requirements, But Small Enough To WANT To Serve, Know And Help You! Consult Us About Your Insurance We Can Serve You PHONE 643-5553 Breckenridge, Minnesota Congratulations 1969 Graduates MELBY STUDIO A studio of UNIVERSAL Modern photography FINANCE COMPANY Wahpeton. North Dakota Ph 6-I2-66S0 Compliments of — Compliments of DR. H. H. MILLER, M.D. DOCTOR PFISTER Eye Nose JACK H. PFISTER, D.D.S. Ear Throat Phones - 642-5631 Citizens National Bank 642-3081 Building Phone 642-4461 Wahpeton Wahpeton, North Dakota Wahpeton, No. Dak. Lisbon, No. Dak. Elbow Lake, Minn. Milbank, So. Dak. STURDEVANT’S WHOLESALE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Moorhead, Minn. Wheaton, Minn. Oakes, No. Dak. Hawley, Minn. Wahpeton North Dakota— RAMRAU'J CONOCO RANDALL SUPER SERVICE We Thank You For Your Patronage We Give Gift House Stamps QUALITY MEATS FRESHEST PRODUCE FRIENDLIEST SERVICE Arnie Lydeen Breckenridge, Minn. NORTHWESTS LOWEST AVERAGE FOOD PRICES Larry Mickelson Wohpeton, N.D. FARMOR DISCOUNT STORE On Highways 81 13 West Tools Auto Accessories Batteries-Plugs-Points Tircs-Oil l li 642-3-MI Vali|)ct«)ii Karin • iIonic Supplies Guns-Ammunition 1 hinting SuppliesTHE MOTOR OIL COMPANY FLOYD A. SWENSON Owner "fW Royo W«kom S "to Stop at our complete bumper-to-bumper service station for lubrication needs. We are equipped to handle oil makes of cars and trucks, able and ready to render complete and satisfactory service. Our complete line of accessories will take care of all your motoring needs. 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Owner Free Pick up and Delivery ServiceFEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION SAVINGS INSURED UP TO SI 5.000 Currently paying 4’ 2% on passbook accounts. 5% and 5' 4% on certificate accounts FARGO WAHPETON GRAFTON 4» 2 per year Current rate METROPOLITAN savings s loan assoc iat on WAHPETON PAINT AND GLASS COMPANY Leon Novetzke Bill Crawford • Wollpoper • O'Brien Points • Waxes • Point Brushes • Plate Gloss • Mirrors • Auto Gloss • Ceramic Tile 709 Dakota Avenue Phone Ml 2-3563 Wahpeton North Dakota HERM’S RADIATOR REPAIR We Guarantee All Radiator Repair Work HERMAN MITZEL, Owner Prompt, Courteous Service "Give Us A Try” 1 01 8th Street South DIAL 642-6966 Wohpetoo, N.D. fargo foundry » n r. »«Nur. »arco. north oahota Seven Wahpeton graduates have be-come important memben of the Fargo Foundry family. Four men are expert draftsmen One o a technician in the foundry operation. Another otirnatri job emtv And another work} in production control. We're proud of the contribution these men have made to the growth of our company. [WAMAttON UtClt»Ctt AM J B JANITORIAL CLEANING SERVICE '•« I.Autograph 188_________________________• ••••• ■____________________________________________________________________________________________________;___________________________ew■Mi

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