North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND)

 - Class of 1960

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North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 186 of the 1960 volume:

The ’60 Agawasie A record compiled bp the students of The Stale School of Science Walipelon, North Dakota DEDICATION We respectfully dedicate the 1960 Agawasie to DUO JOHN STICKEL, 1938-1959.A Message From Our Governor Population trends across the nation graphically point to an ever-increasing need for skilled craftsmen in most occupations, a need being filled admirably by the students of the North Dakota State School of Science. This is an achievement of which you can be justly proud. The important part played by your school in education is at once apparent when the ultimate job of earning a living is at hand. Yours is a specialized school—a school that specializes in preparing young men and women for life-long work and sees to it that each student graduates qualified to hold his own in the competitive days ahead. Yours is in many ways an enviable opportunity because you not only gain the academic knowledge necessary for later life, but you gain, in addition, invaluable on-the-job training that gives you the experience needed to obtain satisfactory employment in the field of your choice. Your school is large enough to serve you—small enough to know you—and strong enough to prepare you. To the staff of Agawasic. the personnel and the students of the North Dakota State School of Science, my every good wish for success. =: O ’ ’XA-''State Board of Higher Education The eight colleges and the university in North Dakota are governed by the Board of Higher Education. This board of seven members is appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate. Commissioner of the board is Dr. A. E. Mead who is elected by the board itself. Newly elected president of the board is Mrs. Elvira Jestrab of YVilliston. while the vice president for the term is Mr. Albert Haas of New Rockford. The Board of Higher Education has the power to pass on budget requests, changes in the curricula, both short and long planning, and personnel policies. Mildred IS. Johnson Wahpeton A. ;. Mind Bismarck Klrirn Jr si rah Williston Fred Orth Grand Forks Marlin (S. Kruse Kindred Albert linns New Rockford M. S. Itijrnc Bowman C. Il linker MinotA Word From the President Some time in the past, I used the title “Growing Pains” for an article in our school paper. It strikes me that this is an appropriate subject for brief comment in this year’s annual because our growing pains arc becoming more intense; and these growing pains, resulting from increasing enrollment, naturally make more work for all of us. During the two years that you seniors have been on our campus you have been most cooperative in accepting crowded conditions and daily schedules that have not been entirely satisfactory. Here is my opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for your fine attitude. While on the subject of growth permit me to encourage each graduate and each first year student to grow and grow and grow. It pays to keep increasing our amounts of knowledge and skill; and good returns result from improvement in our pei'sonal qualities. I will not elaborate; you know what I mean. As I encourage you in the direction of individual growth, I also extend personal good wishes to each and every one in all the years that lie ahead. May good fortune go hand in hand with whatever you do toward your personal growth. Sincerely,Director of Junior College VERNON E. HEKTNER Excellence is one attribute that the modern world must insist upon as never before. There has been entirely too much shoddiness in every line of human endeavor. As a civilization we can no longer afford the luxury of tolerating an inferior product. Yet on every hand we see the effects of inferior workmanship, inferior scholarship, and general apathy toward the demands of perfection. It is no accident that our way of life now faces a foreign ideology that seems bent on destroying us and at the same time has the power to make this statement at least somewhat more than an idle threat. We must look for excellence wherever it can be found. This includes all education from the technical and vocational to the liberal and graduate level. We must learn to honor or even demand excellence in every socially accepted human activity no matter how humble its origin and to scorn shoddiness, however exalted the activity. John W. Gardner, President of the Carnegie Corporation recently said, “There may be excellent and incompetent plumbers; excellent philosophers and incompetent philosophers. An excellent plumber is infinitely more admirable than an incompetent philosopher. The society which scorns excellence in plumbing because plumbing is a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy. Neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water.” It is with this thought that I wish to bid farewell to the class of 1060.Registrar, Director of Business School W. M. NORPGAAKD As I write this statement. 1 am in the midst of planning a trip to Los Angeles, California, to attend the National Convention of Registrars and Admissions officers. While there I shall attend two gatherings of SSS alumni—one at Los Angeles, the other at Oakland. Our Alumni Secretary has provided me with the names of some 200 alumni who have settled in the State of California. As I look over those names, I am amazed and impressed with the success that these people have achieved since graduation. One, Ralph Mccklenbcrg, who has made a tremendous success in the wholesale auto parts business, has invited us to have the Los Angeles meeting in his home. It will easily accommodate 100 people. The two people who arc heading up the Oakland meeting arc men who were very successful in their chosen occupation—George Reeder in the wholesale grocery business and John Maloney in the heavy machinery business. One could go on and name hundreds of Science alumni to whom one can point with pride, people who received their initial training at the college that you now attend or from which you arc now graduating. These young men and young women added initiative, foresight, hard work, skill, and planning to their training. The result was personal success, wealth, and community prestige. You, too, have a similar opportunity. Will we be able to praise your accomplishments ten or twenty years hence? I certainly wish you every success.Director of Trades-Technical Division JAMES A. HORTON The story is told of a bishop in England who was visiting with a business acquaintance. In the course of the conversation the business man turned to the bishop and asked “If you should die today, what do you think the Lord would say to you?” The bishop thought for a moment and then replied, "I think He would ask me this. ‘What have you made of it? " At this point in the school year it is only natural for each of us to look back in retrospect and to ask ourself, “what have I made of the past year?” Have each of us approached our daily tasks with a feeling of compulsion or have we experienced a sense of satisfaction in tackling and completing each task? Have each of us done more work and better work than we had to do. or did we do just enough to get by? If your school work and other tasks seemed to you to be a drudgery, chances arc that you did only enough to get by. The person who does only as much as he has to, turns his job into a prison. Compulsion hangs over every move that he makes. Everything he docs he does only because he is forced to do it. Have we gone home each evening tired physically and spiritually or have we gone home with a feeling of satisfaction because our jobs have been well done..Mein Kckrc Cordon l,ntlerson Public Relations Business Manager Administrative PersonnelCarmen Goeryer Registrar Office Hetty Moxnvss President's Secretary Office Secretaries Judy trims Registrar Office Joyce Gunderson Trades Office Elizabeth Gilles Business Office Vera Doleshy Trades OfficeJean Cherniak, Larry Jodsaas. Don Holland. Hubert Maxwell, Merton lleatulrie. Hrcnl luisson and ( buries Thompson. Student Cabinet President..................Robert Maxwell Vice President.......Brent Kasson Secretary....................Jean Chcrmak The Student Cabinet is composed of seven members of the student body, representing the Trade-Technical, Business School, Junior College, Engineering and Long Winter Term. It is the duty of the Student Cabinet to plan and direct all forms of social activity and other forms of entertainment enjoyed by the student body. Mercedes MorrisFAC ULTYI v. TEACHING The roots of education are hitler, Itut the fruit is steed. —Aristotle . Dunne Itallweber Auto Body John I,. Allen Industrial Drafting1 Merle Robertson Architectural Draftin Industrial Trades I'ftrt Smith Machine Shop Donald Sperling Civil Kngr. Aide Julian Szczur Welding Richard Knight Architectural Drafting Dans l.indlauf General Mechanics Richard Haskell Architectural DraftinOdin Slulrud Printing Edward Adams Linotype Gordon 'linn Printing Industrial Trades l iidinf Johnson Auto Body Repair IV. G. Svenkosen Auto Body Repair Wayne Solberg Engineering Aide Spencer Hokenson Sheet Metal Her her! Dietz PlumbingElectronic Trades Mario Hinsverk Electrical Gordon Kerslen Electrical Alvin Enke Director of Evening School Electronics Wesley Allen Radio and TV Merlon Jacobson Electrical Donald llosley RadioHarold I'liken hot: Radio Clarence llocfs Electrical Electronic Donald I. Olson Radio AI her I V r I aide RadioCharles Huchholz General Mechanics John Xe per ltd Auto Electrical Mechanical Trades Warren Schuett Auto Mechanics Reuben S. Kicsz General Mechanics Iternard llilgers General MechanicsDale Wilt man Auto Mechanics Glenn I’d arson Garage Shop Mechanical Trades Harvey Itisek Tractor and Diesel Harry Anderson Auto Mechanics Painter W'iylil Diesel MaintenanceStanley Strege Psychology and English Morgan Kjer English, Speech Donald Faults Surveying, Math Father Schulz languages. English, Music Donald Seitz Chemistry Junior College Dale Jackson Band Donna Forkncr Home Economics Elisabeth IIoverland Biology Henry Knight Physics and Math E (heard Werre Government. Business and Athletics Mercedes Morris Business English Dean of Women Melvin Knodcl Accounting Business College Myrllc Schultz Commercial Patricia II rase I h Business Earl Hulc Business Math Director of Athletics Mice Walton Shorthand II. Ij. I latter man AccountingLondon Petersen Related Trades Edwin Li tike Related Trades Related Trades Howard Lewis Related Trades Walter Weltan Related Trades i i i i i Catherine Murray Resident Counselor Warren Olson Bookstore Asst. Mildred l.nrsson Librarian Practical Nursing Instructors AY la (’oy lilan Practical Nursing Jean Korsmo Anatomy Helen VuHayer Nutrition Muriel Connolly School Nurse Medical Personnel Hr. I), (i. Jaehniny School DoctorFRESHMENPago 2S Aarhus. Ellen Ahlberg, David Almlie. Allan Anderson. Robert Aascrude. Richar l Ahlsten, Warren Anderson. David Anderson. Rose Aasness. Paul Aho, Vonncdclla Anderson. Galen Anderson. Sharon Abler. Gordon Aird, Douglas Anderson. James Anderson. Stuart Adding, Douglas Albers. Donald Anderson. Neil Andrews. Robert Adams. George Albertson, Darrell Anderson, Richard Arneson. JuelArncson. Robert Balgaard. Roger Baumann, Janet Beglau, Del mar Ashmore, Jerry Barbknccht, Gayle Baumann. Wayne Belga rdc. Raymond Augdalil. Douglas Bar hot. Armand Beach. Merlin Bclinskcy, Donald Aupperlc. Arietta Barney. Cynthia Beattie, J. Gayle Bellika, Charles Azure. Arthur John Bartels, Howard Bcau-lric. Merlon Bellquist, Dareld Bakkc, Ronald Bartuli, Grayme Bcchthold. Kurby Benrud, Julia jM r? Page 20Page 30 Benshoof. Harry Berg, Arden Bettcnhaiisen. Richard Bjergo, Allen Benson, Bernice Berg, Julian Beyer, Paul Bjerke, Darrol Benson. Ellis Berger. Richard Biel. Emery Bhunhnrdl. Willis Benson. Janice Bergeron. Richard Bilycu. Mervin Boek, Geraldine Benson, Jordan Bergren, David Bischoff. Edward Bookc. Duane Bcnzinler, Dale Bernard. Paul Bishop. Roger Boonigardcn, Melvin s Borgcn. Richard Brandt, John Brockman. Raymond Burns. Doris Boschcc, Eidclla Brantseg, Jerald Brossart. Walter Burns. Howard Boutwcll. William Braun. Eugene Brown, Milton Bussman, Joyce Bowen, Milton Braun, Robert Buchholz. Carol CaDotte, Gene Brand, Wayne Brodwick, Joseph Bugbce, Donald Cameron. John Brandt, Harold Broberg. Lonnie Burdick, Richard Carlson. Calmer Page 31Campbell, Kenneth Chambers, Danny Christophersen. R. Cook. Gary Carlson. John Chaskc. Joseph Claridge, George Cookman, John Carlson. Nelson Christensen. Guy Clark. Adrin Coon, Marlys Carpenticr, Jerry Christensen. Helen Cobb. Dennis Cordahl. Ray Carson. Janice Christensen. Melvin College. M.'.rleri'' Cordahl. Russell Cartwright. Gerald Christensen, Wesley Cook. Dale Corey. Richard Page 32 -V Cross. John Costain. Allen Dawson. Joanne Dickerson. Robert Culp, Austin Couillard. Dale Dehn. Donavon Dickhaut. Leroy Dahl. Harvey Coulston, Glenn Demouth. Philip Dickinson. Gary Dahl. Inez Cowan, Gordon Dcschcnc, John Dietz. Gary Dahlgicn. John Cowan. Roger Deutsch, Harley Dobrinz. Larry Cox. Mary Ann Darling. Mary Devlin. Thomas Dockter, David Page 33Domsten, Eugene Dreyer. Orlan Dykema, Peter Elkins, Edwin Donnelly, Dale Duba, Norman Eastman, Wayne Ellcfson, David Donohue, Michael Duggan, Gary Ebel, Curtis Ellestad, Joyce Dracger, Alvin Du kart, Alphonse Ebcrlc, Martin Engel, Glenn Drees, Walter Dunningau. Robert Eklum, Lilas Erickson, Arloc Drcsbach. R. Neil Dybing, A If Elgin. Marvin Erickson, ReneFauss, Joan Fettig, Harvey Ford. Keith Freed, Boyd Fay, Donald Fisher, David Forde, Lyle Fritch, Dean Fcdt. Eugene Fittercr, Eugene Forry, Jon Froehlich, Lee Ferderer, Robert Flaa, Bryan Forster, Gordon Frye, Paul Feller, Albert Flaten, John Foster, John Friedrich. Peter Ferlig, Norman Fondrick, Lorraine Frcderickson, R. Fuller, John Page 35Carter, Myron Geglman. Victor Goldsmith. Sharon Griffin. Lawrence Gagelin, Daniel Gchring, Wayne Graff, LeRoy Grinager, Merle Ganje, Joseph Gctte. Robert Graham, Carole Gripentrog, Mitchell Gartner, Donald Girard. Donald Grandalen. Ronald Grotheer. James Gee, Dale Gjerswolrt. Keith Grccly, Ronald Gunderson, Russell Gcffre, Paul Glud. Joe Greseth. Gary Guskjolcn, JaniceHanson, Gerald Harris, William Pago 37 Guttormson, Gene Hale, Thomas Hammer, George Hanson. Pauline Hafner, Wilfred Hallslrom. Kenneth Hammer, K. Larry Hanson, Lester Haagenstad, Carol Hall. David Hanggi. Robert Hanson, Victor Hagen. David Halvorson, Nolan Hanson. Eugene Harris, Michael Hagen, Roger Hainan, Richard Hansen, Hazel Hardtke, Robert Hagen. Marilyn I-Iam, JohnHartmann, Erwin Hawkinson. Robert Hcinle, Roger Hennum, Colleen Hascnmucller, Charles Hccker, Patrick Hcinlc, Wallace Hcnrichs, Roger Haskins, Sally Hcddc, Earl Holey. Wayne Herk. Rodney Hastings, Wilmath Hegg, Ronald Helgeson, Merlin Herman, James Hatzenbihlor, Robert Hegre, Donavan Holland, Ronald Herman. Karel Haugstad, Maurice Hchr. Ronald Hen non. Lee Herman, NielsHermes, Peter Hocrauf, Willard Holecek, John Hoppe, Alvin Hesemann. Howard Hoff. Donald Holland, Lcwellyn Horton, Clifford Hiedeman, Norman Hoffman, Louis Hollands. Gary Houle. Earl Hill. Shirley Hoffman, Michcal Hollands, William Houle, Louis Hoag, Jay Hoganson, Jcrrcll Holme. Sigard Howard, Arthur Hodgins, Gail Hoge, Dennis Holt Gary Hubbell, Douglas Page 39;--------------- Huhncr, John Idso, John Jakubowsky, Mary Jenson, Donald Hultstrand, Kenneth Illig, Janice Jutland. David Jenurn, Wayne Hummel, Bing Iverson. Arvid Jcannotle. Marlene Jereski, James Hunter, Marjorie Jackson, Gerald Jeanottc. Melvin Jenson, David Huso. Gary Jacobson. George Jefferson. Kenneth Jewett. Kenneth Muss. David Jacobson, Ronald Jensen, David Jewett, VernonJohannscn. Richard Johnson. Ervin Jollic, David Kalina. Darrell Johnson, Argyll Johnson. Eugene Jones. Mariya Kansischor. Dennis Johnson. Darrell Johnson, Harlan Jones, Norma Keaveny. Robert Johnson, Delores Johnson. Ray Jorgenson. Gerald Keene. Terrance Johnson. Edith Johnson. Robert Juberian, Donald Keeney. Duane Johnson. Edmund Johnson, Sharon Kahler. Doris Kclsch. Raymond - Page IIPage 12 Kioffer. Peter Kjellerup, Douglas Klym, Marvin Koeppe, Willis Kiclb, Eugene Klein, Harold Knight, Vernon Kohn, Milton Kiclmeyer, Roger Klindt, Melvin Knodel, Lloyd Kohoutek, Charles Kimble, Richard Klindtworth, Lcland Knutson. Robert Kopp, David Kind, Merle Kloster. Donald Koenig, William .J. Koppang, Marvin Kings. John Klosterman. Patricia Koenig, William J. Korinek, KathleenKorean, Kenneth Kruckcnbcrg, Glen Ivubc, Allenc Kunnanz. Hygenus Kramer, James Kruckcnbcrg, Marlvn Kucbler, Myron K ustcr. Ray Krause. Charles Krueger. Gordon Kuehn, lirucc Kvamine, Joyce Krause. Joyce Krulze, Harry Kuhn, Norman Lalilanc. Ambrose Krause, Karen Knimp. LaVonnc Kuhnert. Ronald Lackman, Sophie Krause, Lois Krump, Patricia Kunnanz, Arthur Ladd, Kent Page 13Ladoucer. Lawrence Larson, Larric Lavcrdurc. Floyd Lcrom. James Lake. Harold Larson. Lcslcr Lawrence. James Letich, Margaret Lambrocht. Gordon I.arson, Loren Laxdal, Norman Leysring, Russell Langager, Harlls Larson. Lynn Lcbus, Ronald Lien. John Lanz, Darryl I.arson. M. Burnett Ia'Clcrc. Ray LIU. Donald Larsen. Jane I.arson. Orlin Lenz, Joseph Liudahl. I eslie Pago 4-1 Lindborg. Herbert Locks, David Lugcr. Robert Lutz. Jerald Lindlauf, Palmer Lokken, Gail Lukins. James Lysne, Duane Lindtwod. George Lothspeich, Leon Lund, Connie Maas. Roland Lingen. James Luckow. Albert Pill-pur, Don MacDonald, Robert Linncll, Dale Luebkc, Harriet Lund, Marlys Madsen. Sharon Littlefield. Waldron Luetzen, Gary Lund, Ronnie Mahin, Richard Page 15 Page 16 i J Mallory, Howard Martin, Gary Mauch, Joretta Mcdhaug, Ralph Malstrom, Victor Martin, Richard McAlpin, Larry Mcidingcr, Leonard Mandlcr, Lester Martinson. Janice McCoy. Noel Melius, Dean Mann. Errol Martz, Kenneth McKenzie, David Merrick. Mark Martens. Robert Matthys, Wayne McLaughlin, Michael Merritt. Verona Martin. Danny Mattson. Gary McPhail. George Mettler, LeRoyMoyer, Murray Mitzel, Mary Lou Morris, Myron Mustad. Lillian Miller. Alfred E. Jr. Montoya. Art Mortcnson, Delwin Muzzy, James Miller, Robert Moore, Donald Mountain. Kenneth Myers. James Milne. JoAnne Moran. Jamcy Munson. Meredith Myers, William Mitchell. Richard Mork, Gary Murdock, Nachbor, David Page 47Pa ge IS Neldlanger. Jack Nelson, Ronald Nord. Elmer Olson. Dean Nelson, Bryce Nelson. William Not’d. Kent Olson, Dell Nelson. Carol Ness, Kenneth Norccn. LeRoy Olson. Dennis Nelson. John Neubaucr, James Oakland, Arvid Olson. Dennis G. Nelson, Laurence Nichols. Danny Odegaard, Donna Olson, Gary Nelson. Robert Njos. Kenneth Oliver, Carol Olson. Gene Olson. Karen Opsahl. I-oylo Page, Clarence Paur, George Olson. Rodney Osendorf, Barbara v f Parker, Justine Pearson, Neil Olson, Ronald Osterman. Gerald Patterson. Richard Peterson. Bert ion O'Neil. Dianna Otto. Donald Paulson. Franklin Peterson. David O'Neil. John Otto. Robert Paulson, Norman Peterson. Gary Page It) Overton. Jerry Paupst, Wayne Olson. Neil Oscarson. Herman Jr.Pfeifer, Charles Polifka, Neil Prochnow, Arlin Ramey. Gloria Piper. Bugene Porter. Kenneth Prochnow. Dennis Ran. Gerhard Piper. Janice Pothen. James Purpur. Don Rausch. Anton Plnchte, William Potratz. Gerald Qualley. Connie Rccllin. Gary Platt, Merrilce Pound, Neil Quarne. Gcrhardt Red Willow. Conrad Plolli. Irvin Powers. Gary Ragusc. Tnitly Roeek. OliviaL ) Regan. David Riba. Gary Roles. Joseph RycUman, Gerald Reichcnbcrgcr. Dennis Rickard. Thomas Roth. Judith Rydell. Wcsloy Reichcnbcrgcr. Gerald Ritzman, Richard Rowland. David Sabo. Norris Reid. Daniel Rodd. David Robertas. Rollie Sagcrhorn, James Renville. Loran Roemmick. Darrel ItUbey, Bernard Sanborn. Fhigcnc Reynolds. Floyd Jr. Rogneby. Karen Rudolph. Colleen Sanda, Gaylord Pago 01Sandcra, Robert Sayre, Richard Schlcnkor. Gordon Schocn, Robert Sanders, Delray Scharf, William Schlosser. Dennis Schroodl. Louise Sandland, Herbert Schatzkc, Wayne Sehlotfeldt. Sharon Schultes, Clifford Sather, Roger Schecl, Richard Schmidt. Maynard Schulz, Dcloris Sauvc. Maurice Schiernbeck. Dennis Schmitt, Anthony Schumacher. Win, Sawyer, Bertrand Schiller, James Schneider. Allen Schuman, JudithSclehert. Charles Shelton, Richard Sjobcrg. Mary Smith, Darrell Severson, Gerald Shockman, Karen Sjostrom, Lyle Smith. Merton Severson. Nora Siems, David Skarohild, John Smith. Warren Severson. Thomas Simon. Clement Skoog. Kathryn Snortland, Ethel Sheets. Roger Sinn ess. I cEov Smith. Allan Soli, Sherman Shclstad, Leroy Jr. Sitar, John Smith. Carol Sommer. Larn Page 53Sonderland, Buel Sponsel, Thomas Sleeves. Donald Slellon, Dominic Sonju. Virgil Stabcr, Jane Sleeves, Larry Stcnberg, Richard Sorenson. Richard Standy, Donald Stelnbcrgcr. Terry Stcnson, Dennis Sparks. Donald Stanley, Douglas Steiner. Frederick Sterner. Lome Sparks. Larry Stearns. Richard Steiner, Robert Stetz. Donald Spitzer. Sharon Steele. Stanley Steinert. Duane Stoa. Gordon o v v ') .rs ft KJ Page 51•■■ -■ Stockcrt, Raymond Struck. James Tnnberp. David Stokes. Marlin Stuhr, Harry Terhurne, Jane Stolle. Bill Sturdevant. James Ihlenfcld. Katherine Stottrup, Karen Sunde. Warren Thimion, James Straus, Kdward Swanson. Ronald Thom. Richard Streifel, Elmer Swenson, Gerald Thompson. Harlan Pairc 05Thompson. Maynard Tolrud, Roger Tveit. Harold Thon, Robert Torgcrson, Arne Tvoter, Doan Thurlow, Jeanne Trapp. Merlin Twcdt, Ernest Tibke, Ronald Troxel, Duane Twcte, Darrell Titus, Nancy Truchan, William Tyvand. James Togstad. Keith Tuchscherer, Pius Ubert, PaulLimn, Donald Vec. Douglas Vrem. Paul ullrich, Larry Veen. Jerome Waligoski, Arnold Ulven, Geraldine Vikesland. Joel Wall, Jon Lrvand. Larry Vollbrecht. Richard Wall. Roland VanuerLaan. Keith Volk. Robert Walter. Beverly Vangsness, Curtis Vosburg, Gerakl W arn re. Duane Page oiPage 58 Wanck, Wallace Wcisbeck. Jerome Westerhausen, Gary Weathcrhcad. Carol Weisser, Jack White, Helen Weber. William Wclharticky. Joseph Wicmann. Robert Wegcnast, Jerry Welter. Daryl Wiese, Richard Weigand, Katherine Wentz. Albert Wiest. Virgil Weight. Gilbert Werner. Edna Wildman. JamesJcannottc. Marlene Wisness, Milton Wolf. Marvin W illiamson. Caral Wittmaycr. Harvey Wolf, Raymond Wilson. Edwin Witty. LuVern Wolferam, Ronald Wilson. James Witty. Wayne Worden. William Winkls, Stanley Wixo, Dwaine Wrright. Robert Winter, Ellen Wolf, Kenneth Yagow, Merlyn Page 09GRADUATESAalgaard, George A. Sheet Metal Lockhart, Minn. Adamson, Daniel It. Electrical Michigan, N. Dak. Aleshire, Dwight M. Refrigeration Pembina. N. Dak. Aarestad. Paul F. Pre-Commerce Wahpeton. N. Dak. Adkins, Sharon L. Liberal Arts NVahpeton, N. Dak. Anderson. Lester II. Auto Body Crosby. N. Dak. Albers, John IV. I) ra f ting- Estimating Williston. N. Dak. Anderson, Norman II. Auto Body Hibbing, Minn. Ahclrnann. Rudolph F. Radio-Television Alexander. N. Dak.Hosak, Thomas A. Engineering Aide Minneapolis. Minn. Hrandsted. Edward ,. Auto Mechanics Galesburg. N. Dak. Hrendel, Gary G. Drafting-Estimating Brockenridgc, Minn. Hoyer. Sylrester M. Electrical St. John. N. Dak. {rancher. Jim I). Drafting-Estimating Minot, N. Dak. trovoUl. Thomas I). Pre-Commerce Fargo. N. Dak. liraaten, Jerome V. Radio-Television Arnegard, N. Dak. Itrendcfur, Wayne It. Electrical Campbell. Minn. Hr own. Dean A. Printing Wahpeton, N. Dak.liroicn. Cary D. Engineering Aide Williston, N. Dak. Car mil. Eugene .1. Electrical Fergus Falls. Minn Bnice. Williurd I. Sheet Metal Bclcourt, N. Dak. (’arson, Dennis .) . Auto Body Havana, N. Dak. Carlson. Beverly J. Business Wahpeton, N. Dak. Caspers, Bober I 11’ Pre-Commerce Wahpeton. X. Dak. ('handler. James .) . Drafting-Estimating Deer River. Minn. Cherniak. Jean .1. Pre-Education Wahpeton. N. Dak. CItrislenscn. Buell C. Radio-Television Minnewaukan, X. Dak.Christensen. Me!t in Diesel Maintenance Flaxton, N. Dak. Colvin. Lester Refrigeration Wahpeton, NT. Dak. Crawford. Donald C. Auto Mechanics Eden. N. Dak. Clausen, Donald K. Pre-Engineering Fergus Falls. Minn. Cook, David D. Drafting-Estimating Gardner. N. Dak. Crawford. Lloyd L. Auto Body Wahpeton, N. Dak. Close. Allan L. Electrical Grand Forks. N. Dak. Cossette, Hcynald '. Sheet Metal Fargo. N. Dak. Crawford. Diehard L. Auto Body Wahpeton. N. Dak.Davis. I{(’tic licl J. Printing Dunscith, X. Dak. Dahl, Robert li. Business Cooperstown, N. Dak. Deck. Andrew J. Printing Harvey. N. Dal;. Dallnum. Donald II. Drafting-Estimating Minot. N. Dak. Davis. Wayne D. Pre-Education Brock on ridge. Minn. Dcthnann, Willis J. Radio-Television Judson. X. Dak. Danielson. Deland li. Electrical Grove City, X. Dak. Deal. Donald J. Sheet Metal Doran. Minn. Dickltausen, Drank J. Auto Mechanics Wales, X. Dak. » Dietz, Virgil (’ . Radio-Television New Liepzig. N. Dak. Dobrinz, Larry 11. Diesel Mantenance Mapleton. N. Dak. Doran. Patrick T. Auto Mechanics Redstone, Montana Dorr, John .1. Auto Body Erskine, Minn. Dravilz, Anthony F. Refrigeration Wahpcton, N. Dak. Driscoll. Thomas ’. Sheet Metal Grand Forks, X. Dak. Dryden. Jerry It. Auto Mechanics Brinsmadc. N. Dak. Duffncy, Diehard F.. Drafting-Estimating Rochert, Minn. Danker, Maynard {. Electrical Fergus Falls, Dybing. Alt It. Diesel Maintenance Hcimdnl, NT. Dak. ICllingson. Stanley . . Engineering Aide Ashby. Minn. funlersbe. Iloger II'. Drafting-Estimating Stephen. Minn. tickre. Clauris (). Printing Wyndnicrc. N. Dak. ICkeren. IJoyd i. Electrical Lisbon. N. Dak. Hngebretson, Dennis L. Electrical Litchville. N. Dak. Dltinyson, Lester H Ante Mechanics Glenfield, N. Dak. Eisner, It it gene A. Auto Body Britton. S. Dak. Ensmingcr, Les (). Sheet Metal Elgin. N. Dak.ICrbslocsser. Carol .1. Business Rndcrlin. X. Dak. l-‘al ter. It asset 1C. Auto Mechanics La Moure. X. Dak. Ferry. Virgil K. Drafting-Estimating Dakota, N. Dak. ICssig, James '. Radio-Television Lincoln Valley. X. Dak. Ferguson. Delores M. Business Brocken ridge, Minn. Fetliy. II are eg A. Diesel Maintenance Steele, X. Dak.Fischer. Larry J. Drafting-Estimating Wahpeton, X. Dak. Fiafen. John T. Refrigeration Osnabrock, X. Dak. Freeland, Keith II'. Radio-Television Cummings. X. Dak, Flam. Franklin M. Radio-Television Wahpeton, X. Dak. Fossa in. Fry ce f». Radio-Television Williston. X. Dak. Froclick. Joyce M. Business Valley City. X. Dak. i. . . Fox, Ronald F. Drafting-Estimating Kenmare, X. Dak. Fredericksen, toss H Diesel Maintenance Williston. X. Dak. (iahriclson, Earl Radio-Television Hillsboro. X. Dak, lilf rrs. Jerome I,. Electrical Barncsvillc. Minn. 11 of forth, Daniel . Business Langdon, N. Dak. Himmelright, Robert I,. Drafting-Estimating Wahpeton, N. Dak. Hoffman. Ervin A. Radio-Television Hnzcn, N. Dak. Hodgins, (foil R. Diesel Maintenance Hannah, N. Dak. Hokenson, Edward J. Pre-Commerce Wahpeton, N. Dak. Ilncfi. Manrille A. Drafting-Estimating Great Bend. N. Dak. Hoffmann, Wilbert C. Business Juanita, N. Dak. Ilolli. Arnold I'. Electrical Hibbing, Minn.Horvath, Cordon I). Drafting:- Estimating Fargo. N. Dak. Jacobson, llarlin II’. Auto Body Edgcland, N. Dak. Muss. David J. Diesel Maintenance Bowdon, N. Dak. Jacobson. Obert E. Auto Mechanics Butte. N. Dak. Jaszkoiviuk. Robert L. Radio-Television Wahpcton, N. Dak. Jefferson. Kenneth . Diesel Maintenance Litchville. N. Dak. Iverson. Dale C. Radio-Television Epping. N. Dak. Jakuboicsky, Hill J. Radio-Television Belfield, N. Dak. Jodsaas. Larry E. Engineering Lisbon. X. Dak.Johnson, Donald V. Drafting-Estimating Pcrliam, Minn. Johnson, Jerome .•! Auto Body Alsen, N. Dak. Johnson, .Xeal II. Pre-Education Dalton. Minn. Johnson, Dari A. Radio-Television Valley City. X. Dak. Johnson, Marlin I). Auto Mechanics Moorhead. Minn. Johnson. Stanley C. Sheet Metal Wahpeton, X. Dak. Johnson, James II. Auto Mechanics Ryder, N. Dak. Johnson, Merle It'. Pre-Education Underwood, Minn. Jones. Donald E. Electrical Twin Valley, Minn.Jornd, Wayne I). Engineering Aide Underwood, Minn. Kaplor. Pete M. Auto Body Tintah, Minn. Kasson. {real X. Liberal Arts Wahpeton. X. Dak. J nil son. Jerry Pre-Engineering Henning, Minn. Kaplor. Wanda . . Homo Economics Tintah. Minn. Hath. Alan K. Electrical Campbell. Minn. Juven. Ardeith O. Secretarial-Arts Fergus Falls. Minn. Karst. Robert J. Engineering Aide Wahpeton. X. Dak. Kiesz. Janet J. Business Brcckenridgc, Minn.Klrmctson, Franklin I). Radio-Television Ulen, Minn. Klnsmann. Kenneth I). Auto Mechanics New Salem. N. Dak. ■3 Koesterinan, Gerald It. Auto Mechanics Lari more, N. Dak. Kloster. Hobart F. Drafting-Estimating Brcckenridgc, Minn. Knutson. Gary M. Auto Mechanics Churches Ferry, N. Dak. Kostiuk, Rater Auto Body Pembina, N. Dak. King. Harold F. Radio-Television Michigan. N. Dak. Knutson. Robert I). Diesel Maintenance Clyde. N. Dak. Kringlie, David F. Auto Body Portland. N. Dak.Krist ia it son. Larry L. Auto Mechanics Bowbclls, N. Dale. Lang, Vernon •'. Auto Body Wishek, N. Dak. Leinen. John L. Engineering Aide Fainnount. N. Dak, Krogslad, Russell I-'. Draft ing-Estimating Wnhpeton, N. Dak. Larson. Itclsy J. Liberal Arts Breckenridge, Minn. Leslie, Jerome I). Diesel Maintenance Finley, N. Dak. Kuhns. Hill C. Engineering Aide Dickinson, X. Dak. Lawrence. Charles D. Pre-Commerce Breckcnridge, Minn. Liebersbach. Francis Auto Body Shields. X. Dak.’ 7 Lindemann, Harriet •’. Business Enderlin. N. Dak. J.nnde, David Liberal Arts Fergus Falls, Minn. McKay, Jay F. Radio-Television Gardena. N. Dak. I Ann ell, IAotjd E. Electrical Grand Forks. N. Dak. McConnell, Robert J. Electrical Backoo, N. Dak. Madsen, Dennis It. Prc-Engineering Brcckcnridge, Minn. l.orig, Marvin L. Business Jamestown, N. Dak. McCoy, Delbert A. Auto Mechanics Minot. N. Dak. Maker. Robert E. Radio-Television Hunter, N. Dak.Malikoicski, Eugene J. Auto Mechanics Frazcc. Minn. Mnrlinson, Donald D. Engineering Aide Brcckcnridgc. Minn. Marolil, liidolph (). Pre-Engineering Hankinson, X. Dak. Martin, Danny It. Diesel Maintenance Emcratio, N. Dak. Mattson, Don T. Engineering Aide Leonard, N. Dak. Marquette, James •’. Radio-Television Fergus Falls. Minn. Max. Dean S. Auto Mechanics Farwcll, Minn. Maxtcell. HolierI E. Radio-Television Cavalier. N. Dak. M etcher, Marlene M. Business Breclcenridge, Minn.Nelson, Laurence II. Diesel Maintenance Mapes, N. Dak. Nolan, Miner 0. Drafting-Estimating Moorhead. Minn. Nordguist. Edward J. Drafting-Estimating Lake City. S. Dak. A'ewborg, Charles C. Nordgaard. Keith I). Novotny, Edwin V. Engineering Aide Drafting-Estimating Printing Underwood. Minn. Wahpeton. N. Dak. Dickinson, N. Dak. .Xicliols, Ceroid I’. Pre-Education Reeder, N. Dak. Nordine, Robert E. Printing Breckenridge, Minn. Oeliler, Daniel I. Electrical Fergus Falls, Minn. mmmm Merles, Harold . Moore, Homer Moss, David It. Pro-Engineering Auto Mechanics Pre-Education Breckcnridge. Minn. Campbell, Minn. Wahpeton, N. Dak Miller. Maynard M. Drafting-Estimating Wendell, Minn. Morehart, Harland 1 Auto Mechanics Camming, N. Dak. Moulsoff. James ’. Engineering Aide Barney, N. Dak Moore. Dennis H. Printing Fort Yates, X. Dak. Moreland. Hassell 1C. Radio-Television Inkster. X. Dak Mountain. Kenneth IP. Diesel Maintenance Calvin, X. Dak.Olunsalte, Silas 1. Pre-Education Zuni. New Mexico Olson, Gerald I). Auto Mechanics Ross, N. Dale. Olslad. Gary R. Electrical Litchvnic, N. Dak. 1 Olson, Paul Engineering Aide Fergus Falls, Minn. Olson, Dennis C. Auto Mechanics Litchvtlle, N. Dak. Olslad, Mt rna ,. Drafting-Estimating Valley City. N. Dak. Olson, Donald II. Refrigeration Bottineau, N. Dak. Olslad. Gale R. Auto Body Litchville, N. Dak. Orr, t ’cil R. Electrical Devils Lake, N. Dak.Orvcdal, Earl l{. Radio Fargo. N. Dak. roller son, Donald E. Electrical Souris. N. Dak. retry. David .-1. Auto Mechanics Appleton, Minn. I (timer, ratricia A. Business Breckenridge, Minn. rearson, t eil II, Diesel Maintenance Stanton. N. Dak. refers, Leonard '. Auto Mechanics Mott. X. Dak. I'ankoic, Derrill .» . Pro-Education Wahpeton, X. Dak. rederson. Gaylord E. Electrical Wahpeton, X. Dak. refer son, James C. Sheet Metal Ellendalc, X. Dak. Pailra Raymond C. Printing St. John. N. Dak. Pints, Mike Auto Mechanics Napoleon, N. Dak. Plelan. Virgil II'. Auto Mechanics Fergus Falls, Minn. Pierce, Ralph R. Drafting-Estimating Brcckcniidge, Minn. i’odhola, Francis J. Pre-Commerce Lidgcrwood, N. Dak. Pass, Lawrence II'. Electrical Pelican Rapids, Minn. Pinkney, Gene P. Podruchny, Loren i. Power, Thomas R. Pre-Education Radio-Television Auto Mechanics Fairmount, N. Dak. Minot, N. Dak. Langdon, N. Dak.Powers. Vary L. Diesel Maintenance Lawton. N. Dak. Quant, Jerald A Pre-Engineering: Fergus Falls. Minn. Rebisclikc, Leltoy C. Drafting-Estimating Wadena. Minn. Prante, Dennis J. Liberal Arts Milnor, N. Dak. Rausch. Nicolas J. Drafting-Estimating Berlin. N. Dak. lied Horse, Verna P. Business Fort Yates. N. Dak. Quallcy. Erie 0. Auto Mechanics Verona, X. Dak. Reardon, Michael Auto Mechanics Morris. Minn. Reese, (ieraldinc I). Business Brcckcnridgc, Minn.ttudh. Richard K. Drafting-Estimating Fargo. N. Dak. Rust. Arden R. Auto Mechanics Harwood, N. Dak. Sanda. dene K. Drafting-Estimating Fargo, N. Dak. Rudy. David R. Pre-Engineering Linton. N. Dak. Sa gren. Larry R. Electrical Moorhead. Minn. Sauce, Kruin J. Radio-Television Emerndo, N. Dak. Rugg. Larry L. Civil Engineering Fergus Falls, Minn. Sampson. Kenneth R. Electrical Ottcrtail, Minn. Schaan. Leonard C. Electrical Minot. N. Dak.Rcmmick, Melvin Auto Mechanics Glen Ullln. N. Dak. Rickard. David .S'. Radio-Television Hope. N. Dak. Rook. Rater .-1. Radio-Television Wahpcton. X. Dak. Renault. Dorcnc .-1. Business Rolls. N. Dak. Rocslcr. Leon .-t. Engineering: Akic Leonard, N. Dak. Roscnan, Jack .•!. Diesel Maintenance Carrington. N. Dak. Rennick. Wallace II'. Auto Mechanics Campbell. Minn. Roiland, Donald T. Business Louisberg, Minn. Roll, Lloyd Auto Mechanics Jamestown. N. Dak.SchnU, iXoreeii I'. Business Milnor, N. Dak. Schalf, Janies Auto Mechanics Belficld. N. Dak. Schatzke. IVayne L. Diesel Maintenance Wheatland. X. Dak. Sclnneiehel, Everett .1. Liberal Arts Wahpeton. X. Dak. Schultz. James E. Radio-Television Milnor. X. Dak. Seaton, Lynn A. Liberal Arts Breckenridge. Minn. Schmidts, Floyd II'. Radio-Television Springfield. Minn. Schulz, Caroline II. Liberal Arts Oakes. X. Dak. Severson. Jay T. Printing Elbow Lake, Minn.Siebcrt. Edwin E. Radio-Television Edmunds, X. Dak. Smith, Glenn M. Printing: Oak Harbor, Wash. Sorenson. Errol A. Drafting-Estimating: Wahpeton. N. Dak. Simon. Clement G. Diesel Maintenance Bismarck. N. Dak. Smith. Margaret M. Liberal Arts Wahpeton. X. Dak. Sorum. AI bin J. Printing' Hawley, Minn. Slatta. Donald I). Diesel Maintenance Upham, N. Dak. Sommer. Larry .1. Diesel Maintenance Hazen, X. Dak. Spencer. Waldo .V. Radio-Television Manvel. X. Dak.Stefonou'icz, Don N. Printing: Wikirose, N. Dak. Steiner, Frederick J. Auto Mechanics Eden. S. Dak. Strom, Undo Pre-Education Breckenridge. Minn. Steinberger, Terry A. Auto Mechanics Donnybrook. N. Dak. Swan. Joint C. Liberal Arts Breckenridge, Minn. Swenson, Merle t{. Auto Mechanics Sanborn, N. Dak. Stans, Kasimir M. Radio-Television Karlsruhe, N. Dak. Stokes, Marlin J. Diesel Maintenance Carrington, N. Dak. Streifel. Fontaine J. Pre-Commerce Karlsruhe, N. Dak.Si rstad. Allen G. Radio-Television Grand Forks. X. Dak. Thor si ad. Donald .V. Auto Body Page. N. Dak. Torgerson. Gerald T. Printing Fargo. N. Dak. Tehle. David C. Business Breckenridge. Minn. Tied man. Dennis T. Radio-Television Hebron. X. Dak. Troutman. Darrell G. Drafting-Estimating Woodworth. X. Dak. Thompson. Charles G. Tobeck. Kenneth J. Trover, Robert .1. Drafting-Estimating Electrical Refrigeration Grafton. X. Dak. Wheaton. Minn. Linton. X. Dak.1'llrich. Larry I). Pro-Engineering Luke Park, Minn. Taller. James A. Radio-Television Clinton. Minn. Vonderhaar. Charles J. Auto Mechanics Madison. Minn. Varloe, Arthur O. Auto Mechanics Minot. N. Dak. Jorgenson, orman C. Electrical Cando, N. Dak. Troxel, Cary 1C. Auto Body Brocken ridge. Minn. ■hm 1 osherg. Align L. Pre-Coni merce Wyndmerc, N. Dak. IVucha, Marlin K. Industrial Drafting Wahpeton. N. Dak. Cndericood. John II'. Pre-Commerce Wahpeton. N. Dak.Walther, Wilhelm l . Auto Mechanics Callaway. Minn. Wettslein. James J. Engineering Aide Wahpeton. N. Dak. Wilkie. Lynn C. Engineering Aide Wahpeton. N. Dak. Weninger, Wendlen .-t. Auto Mechanics Anamoose, N. Dak. While, llonald ;. Radio-Television Mandan. N. Dak. Williams. Jerry ll. Radio-Television Dunseith, N. Dak. Wen tier, James R. Sheet Metal Fergus Falls, Minn. Wiebuseh. Clifford .t Auto Body Wahpeton. N. Dak. Winkels, Stanley J. Diesel Maintenance Valley City, N. Dak.Witness, Mil Ion A. Diesel Maintenance Maddock. N. Dak. Wisneicski, Joan A. Liberal Arts Gcncsco. N. Dak. Walters. Donna It. Business Brcckenridge, Minn. y aggie, Holier I .-I. Liberal Arts Brcckenridge, Minn. Young. Cary A. Pre-Education Sheldon. X. Dak. Yolie. Robert I). Auto Mechanics Bucyrus. N. DakSPORTSFront row. left to right: Jim Myers. Big Timber. Mont.; Don Jones. Twin Valley, Minn.; Bernard Rubey. Cayuga: Jim Sturdevant, Wahpeton; Bill Holand. Fisher. Minn.; Nick Gaulrapp. Brccken-ridge. Minn.; Jerry Nichols. Reeder; Don Thorstad. Page; Darryl Lonbaken. Milnor; Frank Cobb. Brock-on ridge, Minn. Middle row: Bob Yaggic, Brcck-enridge, Minn.; Leroy Shelstad, Appleton. Minn.; Lyle Fett, Frazoe, Minn.; Harmon Krause. Wahpeton: Bill Ovsak. Frazoe. Minn.; Dick Stenborg. Fargo; Tom Bosak, Barnesville. Minn.; Ron Greely, Kimball. Minn.; Ron Fox. Kenmare; Les Esminger, Klgin. Back row: Student Manager Gary Young. Sheldon: Tom Severson, Henning. Minn.; Errol Mann. Campbell, Minn.; Lee Hennen. Wheaton. Minn.; Dale Gee. Big Timber. Mont.: Harvey Dahl. Wyndmero; Kenny Tcubner. Cando; Ken Bina, Mayvillc; Harley Deutsch. Sisseton. S. Dak.: Curt Ebel. Hankinson; Bob Feeney. Crosby; Coaches Roy Hausauer and Earl Bute. FOOTBALL Co-captain Ocsak, Coach Hate and Co-captain KrauseLeft to right Carol Oliver. Trudy Kaguse. Geraldine Ulven, Joan Wis-newski. Linda Beane and John Benson. Cheerleaders i )IAC Standings W L Pet. Mayvillc 5 0 .999 Dickinson 1 2 .667 Wahpeton 2 2 .500 Minot 2 2 .500 Valley City 3 3 .500 Jamestown 1 4 .250 Ellcndale 1 5 .167 Wahpeton . .. 6 Mayvillc ... Wahpeton . .. 12 Dickinson . . . . 6 Wahpeton ... 25 Minot . 25 Wahpeton . .. 13 Valley City . . 6 Wahpeton . .. 6 Jamestown .. . 6 Wahpeton ... 6 Ellcndale . . . . . 18Harmon Krause Wahpcton. N. D. Quarterback A11-conference. Did exceptional job of kicking. Willie Oesnk Fra zee, Minn. Center All-conference. Played good offense and defense. a Comets Down Wildcats in Opening Game In their opening game of the season the Science Wildcats chopped a "hard fought for" 7-6 victory to the Mayville Comets. With the Comets leading in the first half 7-0 the Wildcats drove to the May-vilie's 2-yard line when time ran out. Coming back in the second half the Wildcats again drove deep into the Comets territory. On a sleeper play Harmon Krause drove over the left end for the touchdown. Science elected to run for the extra point but failed. Science out-gained the Comets 200 yards to 85. they also held the edge on downs. Kick (iaulrapp Brcckenridgc, Minn. Guard One of the smallest guards iii the conference. Tough and determined. Page 106 Don Jones Twin Valley. Minn. Guard Played a good guard anti center position.7 om llosak Barnesville, Minn. Tackle Showed great Improvement over last year. Good defensive. Les linsiningcr Elgin. N. D. Tackle Largest man on the squad at 210 pounds. Page 107 Jerri Xiehuls Reeder. N. D. Guard Fast, dependable, small guard. Curl libel Hankinson. N. I . Ken Hina Mayville. N. I). End Played a good defensive end. Holt Yaggie Breckcnridgc, Minn. A not her End Worked hard and did a good job at end position. Guard Made both offensive and defensive all-conference team. reali hob Feeney Crosby, N. D. End Shifted to end this year, played good both ways. Tough and willing to mix anytime. lion Fox Kenmarc, N. D. Halfback Showed marked improvement over last year. Played both offense and defense. Wildcats Down Vikings 13-6 The Science Wildcats evened their NDIAC record with a 13-6 victory over the Valley City Vikings, the defending co-champions. Science opened the game with the kickoff but Valley City was over powered by the Wildcats and was forced to punt. The punt was blocked and Bill Ovsak of the Wildcats picked it up and carried it to the Vikings two yard line. On the two, the Wildcats fumbled and again the Vikings took possession of the ball and carried it to midfield, but had to kick. Science then started their drive on their 22 yard line with Jim Myers contributing yardage for Science, and in the second quarter Harmon Krause plunged over the one and booted the extra point which gave Science a 7-0 lead. In the 3rd quarter neither team could gain any ground, but early in the fourth quarter the Wildcats recovered a Viking fumble on their 20. Myers later went over the end zone from ten yards out. The extra point failed. Valley City intercepted a pass on the Wahpeton 51 yard line and in 12 attempts went over for a touchdown, to end the game with a Wildcat victory, 13-6. Tom Sererson Henning, Minn. Center Voted most improved player. played a tough defense . Harley Deiilsclt Sisseton. S. D. Tackle Did real well throughout the year—real tough.lien Tuebner Caiulo, N. D. Tackle Played an outstanding tackle position. Lee 1 ciinen Wheaton, Minn. End Played a good offensive and defensive end. A good pass receiver. Wildcats Upset Savages 12-G The running and passing of Harmon Krause, Science quarterback, was the outstanding factor for the Wildcats victory over the Dickinson Savages. On the fourth down of the first quarter. Krause threw a touchdown pass to end Bob Feeney. The extra point was blocked. Dickinson scored in the second quarter on a 12 yard sleeper by quarterback Merril Reibhiller. The winning touchdown came after an exchange of punts and on a Dickinson fumble, the Wildcats recovered on the Savages 12 yard line and Jim Myers pitched out to Ron Fox who went into the end zone for the touchdown. The Savages threatened to score in the last three minutes of play with Gunderson throwing six successive passes and completing five of them to the Wildcats M. With just 31 seconds remaining the Wildcats recovered a Savage fumble as the game ended. 12-6. Jim Myers Big Timber. Mont. Halfback Fast an exceptionally good ball carrier. Date dee Big Timber. Mont. End Improved steadily each game. Was tough and worked hard. Page 109Harvey Dahl Wyndmerc, N. D. Showed steady improvement all season. I.eRoy Shclstad Appleton, Minn. Fullback Played a hard hitting defense. Jim Sturdevant Wahpeton, N. D. Co-Captain for next year. Aggressive and a hard worker. ltcrnurd Hit bey Lidgerwood. N. D. Guard Hard and determined playing made up for his lack of size. Frank Cobb Breckenridge, Minn. Right Halfback Fastest man on the squad— good potential. Page 110Science Tics Jamestown 6-6 in Homecoming Game Before a shivering homecoming crowd, the Wildcats struggled to a G-6 tie with the Jamestown Jimmies. The cold and intermittent snow seemed to be the reason of the slow playing and numerous fumbles. Science first drew blood with a drive starting on their own 35. Grinding out short yardage along with a 17 yard sprint by Jim Myers, they drove to the Jimmies one yard line. Errol Mann carried over for the Science touchdown. The try for the extra point failed and the first half ended. In the third quarter after an exchange of punts and fumbles. Jamestown took possession of the ball and moved it to a first down from the Wahpcton 33, and Gary Petrek ran 22 yards around his left end for the touchdown. The Wildcats attempted twice to score in the third and again in the fourth quarter. On one occasion the Jimmies drove inside the Wildcats 25. but Science took over on the Jimmies fumble. The game ended with the Jimmies in possession of the ball. Sneak I’lay! Wildcat-Heaver Game Ends hi 25-25 Tie An attempted field goal failed in the closing seconds of the ball game and the Wahpcton Wild-eats had to settle for a 25-25 tie with the Minot Beavers. Minot tied the game up with 3:15 left to go on a pass from Doyle Radkc to Bob Bodinc which covered 38 yards. The Wildcats took an early lead 13-0 as Harmon Krause ran the initial kick off back to mid-field. The Cats drove to the one yard line where Krause went over for the score. Minot, inside the Science 25. fumbled and Ken Teubnor. putting on a good rush, picked it up for a G8 yard run and touchdown. Then Krause kicked for the extra point and Science led 13-0. The Beavers promptly came back 59 yards for their first touchdown with Radkc going over from the six yard line. Jim Myers capped the 16 yard drive by scooting G yards into the end zone for the Science touchdown. Bob Bodinc scored for Minot just before the half ended to make it 19-13. The third quarter saw action as Ron Bodinc of Minot went 65 yards untouched and tied the game. Science retaliated quickly with quarterback Krause bringing the kickoff back to their 18. Frank Cobb drove around his own left end and outran the secondary for the touchdown. For Minot in closing minutes on their own 17, Radke fired to Bob Bodinc, who collected his second touchdown of the game and Science had time for the field goal attempt. Page 111Ron Grecly Kimball, Minn. Quarterback Played defense most! y. Tough and determined. Errol Mann Campbell. Minn. Fullback Aggressive and hard hitting. Good speed and a great potential. Ellcndalc Upsets Science 18-6 In the last game of the season the Science Wildcats were upset in the NDIAC play by the Ellcndalc Dustics by the score of 18-G. The loss gave the Wildcats a 2-2-2 record in the conference but for the overall year they won 3. lost 2. and tied 2. The winless and scoreless Dustics in the '59 conference were fired to high gear for their last con- ference game. They built an 18-0 lead before Science was able to score with less than a minute to go. Larry Beaver threw for two touchdowns and Vei n Pfiefer on a yard plunge for the victories. The Wildcats only touchdown came on a 13 yard pass from Harmon Krause to Ebel. Coach Bute cited the Ellcndalc squad as having tremendous desire, while his boys were not keyed up as he would have liked. Lyle Felt Frazce, Minn. End Showed big improvement over last year. Gary Young Sheldon. N. Dak. Student Manager Page H2BASKETBALLHarley I)attach Forward Dale dec Forward Where is it ? Hr rot Mann Guard Hob . el son Guard Page 115Jim Slurdeetml I'onvarcl Go get ’em fetioua NI)1 A C Standings Valley City .......................875 Dickinson Minot .............................813 Ellendale Wahpcton Mayville ..........................688 Bismarck Jamestown .........................625 Bottineau .563 .313 .313 .250 .063 Uehound! Virgil Son jit Forward I 1"C 1 IdKen Teubner Center 1959-60 liasketbuU Scores SSS ... . . . 80 Brainerd . . ... 60 SSS ... .. . 60 Moorhead . . . . . 86 SSS . . . ... 64 Minot . . 94 SSS ... ... 64 Bottineau . . . . . .. 43 SSS ... .63 Ellendale .. . . ...79 SSS ... . . . 52 Jamestown . ... 73 SSS . . .65 Itasca ... 57 SSS ... ...70 Hibbing . . . 74 SSS . . ... 69 Bismarck . . . . . 84 SSS . . . . . . 87 Dickinson . . . . . 75 SSS ....... 72 Jamestown ........ 88 SSS ....... 81 Ellendale ........ 74 SSS ....... 64 Dickinson....... 77 SSS ....... 88 Bismarck ......... 85 SSS ....... 76 Mayville ........ 103 SSS ....... 71 Valley City .... 88 SSS........64 Mayville ......... 75 SSS ....... 76 Bottineau ........ 71 SSS ....... 87 Valley City .... 100 SSS ....... 59 Minot ............ 61 Coach lid ll'erre Pnjre 117 In the clearBOXING Hough stun. Page 118 Coaches I1 a tier son and Itrackin “gelling 'em rend! " .1 left to I he head.In trouble. Tokind Ihf count. This one should do it. Lloyd Crawford Page 11!)Watch that right! Virgil Ferry Hill Jakuhoivski Page 120 Richard Duffing Take it cast fella.£ t VJ {(■II Shuts Dale Iverson Don Craw lord Hill Ovsak Loren Renville Page 121Intramural Basketball Junior College — Intramural Basketball Champions Left to light, first row: Lynn Seaton. Gary Groseth. Paul Aasness. Back row: Mitch Gripentrog, Jim liner. Ron Jacobson, Norm Hiedenian, Jim Lawrence. Standings Won Ix st JC IA ........................ 8 1 General Mcch. I ............ 7 2 Commercial ................... 6 3 Printers II .................. 6 3 Auto Body .................... C 3 Radio II ..................... 6 3 Auto Mcch. II ............. 5 4 Electrical I ................. 5 4 Electrical II ................ 5 4 General Mcch. II ........... 5 4 JC II ........................ 5 3 Sheet Metal .................. 5 3 Drafters, Arch. II ........... 5 3 Page 122 Drafters, Ind. II Won 4 Lost 4 Engineers Aide II 4 4 Auto Mcch. I r o 5 Engineering Aide I . .. . 3 5 JC IB n 5 Engineers I 3 6 Printers I 3 6 Radio IA 3 6 Plumbers 3 6 Drafters. Ind. I 2 7 Drafters, Arch. I 2 7 Radio IB 1 7 Auto Mcch. IA 0 5CLUBSHome Economics ‘First rule, left to right: Gloria Itainey. Sharon Johnson. Wanda Jensen Kaplor, Myrna 1 at cor son, Mary Ann Heycr. Delores Schulz. Second row: Janice Carson. Sarah Rogde, Katherine Wei gaud. Sonja Anderson. LaVonne Krump. Third row: Justine Darker, Helen White, Janice Whitman. Verna tied Dorse.First rote, left to right: Campbell. Witty, Chert, Xachbor. Mr. Johnson. Second roic: E. Houle. Stearns. Myers. Ilolmc, Holes. Sparks. Third row: II. Larson. Geffre. L. Houle, Iverson, Weight. Auto Body First roll', left to right: Anderson, Eisner. Eringlie. Hina. Troxel. Kaplor. Hoettcher, Gardner. Mr. Hallueher. Second rote: A. Anderson. J. Johnson, II. Jacobson. Fensler. Olstad, Dorr. Cranford. Helgarde. Third rote: ( arson. Kostiuk, Liebersbach, Hell. Lang. Horjeson, Herger, Peters, Wiebusch. Pago 126Auto Body First rou left to ri lit: Cette. Hjerke, Beyer. Cobb. Ilallweber, A. Johnson. Second rote: Klindt worth. Worden, Crandalen, Weixser, Murray. Fast man. Third row: Lutz, Oresback. Weber. Iff, (!. Jacobsen. t . Anderson. Auto Mechanics First row. left to rif ht: Ferry. Uenunick. C. Olson. Moore. Sleinbcrger, Swanson, Fouer. Max. Sectmd row: Varloe, II dither, Berwick, O. McCoy. I). Olson. Scholl. II eninger. Reardon, lotI. Third row: L. Feterx Fletan, .-I. Culbraa. Qualley, Fiatz, Malikowski. F. Steiner. Vonderharr. Morchart. Page 127First row. left t right: Mr. H ittman (Inst.), Hartunek. (lee. Teuhncr. Twedt. I aulson. Johannsen. Second row: ). Jenson, Ostcrman. MVcsc, i edde. .Xeidtingtr, Olson, Couillard. Third rote: Grother, Arndt, Sawyer. Ladd. Ho wen. Mart;. M. Thompson. Auto Mechanics First row. left to right: Foster, liurdick. E. Johnson. Faulson. Shelton. Xord. H rock man. Second rote: Itarhot. Dickhaut. Straus. Kind. Itehr. Illuinhardt. Third row: Knodcl. Schoen. Fuller. McKenzie. Sundc. Dahl, Elgin. Page 12$First rote, left In right: Christ opherson. Hrandt. Ifreyer, Larson. OakU"1 ■ rf,ur' Seperud. Second rote: Kothen, Hale, Wittmaycr, Hiper, Truchan, (leyhnan. l’oit,,( • • ,IH,m 11 r rou li. Wolf, .) . Smith, V, Jelectt, Corey, I). Jensen. I . Jewell. If- ° ll,son- "1 Auto Mechanics First row, left to right: Mr. Schuelt. Knutson, Fllingson. Koehler. (). Jacobson. Dickhuusen. fans. Second row: Drgden. J. Johnson. T. Dorn. I). Crawford, ). KHz. (iuthmiller, Krandstad. D. Kellemare, Third row: Kasot, (icier. Krislianson, Falter, M. Johnson, Kohn. Kocstcnnan. Pago 120First rote, left to right: llilyett. Melius. V. Knight, L. flennen. J. Henson, II'. Smith, I). Johnson, Lindberg. Second rote: Stems. Ilenrichs. Wilson, Lothspeich. Jentim. Lon gager, Cameron, Sauce, I). Iteichenherger. Third rote: Jutland. Henson, Lund, S heist ad. tied Willow, Togslatl, Selcliert. Hcllika. Drafting First rote, left to right: (I. Peterson, Koenig. Luctzen. (Irahant, Krein. Kartuti. Sanda. Second rote: Klosler, Lake. Gunderson. Kielnteger, Lien. Third rote: G. Anderson, Keaceny, Otto, L. Hoffman. Page 130First row, left to riyht: Doll man, Hebischke. Duffney. Henson, Albers, II. Kloster. Chandler. It. Fox. ('. Thompson. Second row: Fndersbe, Krays tad, I). Johnson. Ferry, Troutman. It rancher. Hrcndel. Third row: Sorensen. Itudli. Ilimmelriyht, Fischer, Xordyuist, Horvath, Fierce, Olouin. Drafting First row. left to riyht: .Xordyaard, A. Holm. M. Otstad. Miller. I). Cook. Second row: F.. tXolen. M. Iloeft. Wacha, C. Sanda, It. Anderson. Page l.tlfirst rote, left to right: Mr. Lundgren, I). Keeker, M. Danker, E. Carroll, I). Jones. Linnell. Second row: Orr, Hiatt, Hath, Schaan, Engchretson. Third rote: Oehler, I’edcrson, Ekeren, Ceritz, Moyer, t’oss Electrical First rote, left to right: Linnell. Hollands, (). I. arson. St either g, Scltarf, I oik. Itodd. Second rote: Keene. Hainan. {. X cl son. Elgin. O'.Xicl. Rickard, Luckotc, McAlpin. Pago 132First row. left to ri( ht: Hum. Chambers, I). Fisher. I). Sclilosser. Second row: Uoerauf. ttedlin, Kanwischer G. Jackson, Stockert, Third row: Wall. Thom. Karpenko. Electrical First row, left to right: llolli, Tatterson. Gilseth. Sampson, Itrcnde ur. Second row: Gunderson, Jorgenson. Adamson, Uilgers, Safgren, Close. Third row: Hanson, Gourneau, lietgarde, G. Olstait, McConnell. Page 133 Engineering First row. left to right: Murdock. Thou, Sandora. s . Olson. Wild man. Fag. liuburtus. Second roiv: Gehring. Hcscmann, Engel, Culp, Stanley, Sagcrhorn, Wolf gram. Third row: G. Hanson, Martin, Kiclb, Hcichenberger. Hammer, Kramer, Gagclin. Auto Mechanics First row, left to right: lleglau. Vikesland. Fritcli. Lund. Schiller. LeClerc. Halvorson. Second row: II. Kunnanz. Lcysring, Scheel, It. Kelson, Schneider. Hoff, McCoy. Third row: K Cuba tier, L. Sleeves. I). Carlson. I). Sleeves, Haumann, Trapp. Hernard. Pago 131First nnv, left to right: (1. Hrown. Wilkie, . ewhorg, Karst, Ellingson. Wettstein. Second row: Moulsoff, Martinson, Eeinen. Itosak. Caulrapp. Third row: l.a toche, Jorud. I . Olson, Horsier, Erickson, l elling. Engineering Aides First row. left to right: Koppang, Martinsen, Lysne, Azure Jr., Wamrc, Mr. Sperling. Second row: I). Olson. Freed. Xiehols. Miller, Ackling, Sparks. Third row: E lief son, lowland, Hogan, Sorenson, Fitterer, locker. Page 135First rote, left to right: Mr. Kies:. Korentzen. Jenson. Ahlsten. {cid. Schmidt. Itcchthold. Second rote: Itoomgarden. Smith. Mint!teed. rigeson. Watt, Fedt. Standg. Donohue. Third rote: Overton. Domsten. Yagote. Dorter Yangsness. Clark. Kid. Pago 136 General Mechanics First rote, left to right: Mr. Kintllattf. II. Itrandt, llischoff. .V. Carlson. I). Ilellgnist. J. Daltlgren. Second rote: Veen. J. Ken:. Kin gen. U. Hagen. I). Teeter. Kusler. Third rote: II. Steele, Coder, lienzinler. Her gen, Chtin. M'. Drees. Thompson.First row, left to right: Mr. Hilgers. Mork, Carpentier, Harris, MacDonald, Vrvund, Kiri ter. Second rote: Kimble, Sunderland. Tibke. Kiel. Kan. A. Torgerson. Third row: l'ixo. Larson. Jewett, lleley. Itoemmick. Salic. General Mechanics First row. left to right: Stolle, J. Kelson. Mitchell. Ileaudrie. Christensen, I Vail, Olson. Mr. Buckholtx. Second row: Swenson. Dtinnigau. Hyckman. Craft. Ahlberg. .1. Smith. Hammer. Ilerg. Third row: ‘aupst. Beattie, Dykema, VanderLaan, ll'eisbeck, Wright, Krtiizc, Soli. e Page 137Machine Shop Welding First roil', left to right: Mr. Sinilh. flraitn, Jorgenson. Co lean. Holland. Second rote: Moran. Froehlieh Andrews, Four. Third row: Sinness. C. Martin. Steincrt, Dakar!. Sheet Metal First row. left to right: llatzenbihler, Frierson, Faul. Larson. Deal. Chase. Mr. I okcnson. Second row: Olson. Duggan. Frondrick, Fordo. Hartmann. CaDotte. Fage. Third row: Fertig. Hanson, Cultornison, (ieigle. Cassette, Driscoll. Fourth row: Otto. Aatgaard. Lcbus, Itruce, H'cutler. Page 13SFirst row. left 1° right: Mr. Stutrud. (•. 7 orgcrson, Herron. Stefonowicz. llellcmarc, Mr. Adorns. Second row: W. Ilrotcn. Voitra, Itiiz. Sorum, Deck, ICckre. Third row: Sordine, Moore. Doris. Iteggs. G. Smith. Printers First row. left to right: tarry, Holm. Arneson. Koeppe, Cobb. Htigbee, Olson. Hi bo. Sanders. Dehn. Second row: Hollands, Moodier. Sanborn, W'aligoski, Grecly, Fteifer, Itishop, Hold. Mettlor, Mr. I'tnin. Third row: Ebcrle. Steiner. Struck. Twcte. kill. It. Olson. Deutsch, T. Severson, Ashmore, Howkinson. Page 139Practical Nurses First rou left to right: Mrs. Coglan, Erickson. Sea ton. Hart. M. Anderson, flannel. Mrs. Korsmo. Second row: If ogle, f.eppke, Stottrup. Edner, Isaak. Linke. Third row: N. Severson, Mikkelson, llockert. Flury. Tan gen. Plumbers First rote, left to right: Wiese. I). Johnson. Mr. If. Dietz. Miner, I'. Ferguson. Second row: SerdnM. Tennancour, .V. Kuhn. If. Whitman. Lotzer. l ruckcnherg. Third row: Juergens, flendixson. .1. Johnson. ft. Johnson, (i. 1‘eterson. Page MOFirst rote. left to right: Moore. Ferderer. (iartner. Sponsel. H irst. Tgeand. Second rote: Jlogenson. Fossan. Jtau.sch. I Mger, Littlefield. Third rote: Wentz. Muzzy, Sterner. Kunnnnz. Moreen. Fetter. Radio First rote, left to right: Aaserude. Malstrom. Abler. Ueinle. Reynolds. Hoppe, Cress. Second row: Hultslrand. Sayre. Lindahl. It urns. Duba, Hummel. It erg. Third row: Schlenker, Huso. Muhin. Sclliernheck. Hen title. F itchier. Page HIw First roic. left to right: V. Johnson. Ticdman. A bet man n, I! ran ten. Horn, Maxwell. King, Monahan, (iiislafson. Taller. Second row: Spencer, Siehert. Goldade, Williams, Hoffman, Rickard, Azure, Stans. Richer, Sauce, Third row: Todrachny, Klemetson, Jaszkoiciak. White, Deltmann, Schmidt:. Uanderet. Hook. Radio First row. left to right: Kyllingstad. Fssig. Syrstad. Orcedat, Larson. Fossum. Second row: Johnson. McKay. Gabrielson. Marquette, Ifilde, Jakubowsky. Giengcr. Third row: Moreland, Dietz. Schultz, It. Christensen. Iverson. Beckett. Page M2Radio first row. left to right: Ilolecek, Lamhrecht. Hitzman. Potratz, Carlson. Kopp, Martins. Second row: Hettenhauxcn. Almlie. Kuhnert. Sanden. H alf. Hartcls. Hagen. Third row: Peterson. Howard. Tceit. Hastings. H. Icintc, Schultes. Refrigeration First row. left to right: Tracer. C.ulleson, Dravitz. Mr. Hackney. Dean Olson. Colvin. Witty. Second row: II red wick, Kjos. Hegrc. Hrown. Arncson. Hooke. Tolrud. Third row: Kelsch. ). Olson. Aleshire. Johnson. Fla ten, Fedt. I'ago 143First row, left to rif lil: Krbstoesser, Buckholz, Benrude, I,. Krause, Aarhus, Beyer, S, Anderson, Miss Morris, M. Halvorson. A. Juven, It. Larson. J. Henson, llrstdalen. Second row: Kruinp, I). Kabler. It. Carlson. Linde man n. Ilaskins, Lenzmcicr. Janies, S. Anderson. Kllestad. Ilussman. Third row: Aho, Carson, Kiesz, Korinek, Hagen, Froclieh, Harney, Cox, J. Larsen, Ktoslernian. Fourth row: Beane, Herman, K. Cunderson, N. Jones, Lackman, Hoschee. Hausauer, S. Johnson, J. Krause, College. Sacajawea First row, left to right: Went her head, Spitzer. I). Schulz, Schutt. C. Schulz. Sjoberg, Morken, Mauch. Skoog, Titus. Winter, Weigand. Second row: Beech. Schroedl. Madsen. C. Kelson. Barker. Shock-man. I'Iren, Calmer, K. Olson, Metcher. Third row: C. Oliver. Walters, M. Milzel. H. Mitzel. Olstad. Bed Horse, Sebens. Sclilotfeldt, Beese, Strom, Swan. Fourth row: Hiatt. Terhune. C. Williamson, C. Smith, Renault, It. Osendorf, Baguse, J. Schuman, M. Smith, Wisnewski. Page 1-MFirst row, left to right: Potifka. Prochnow, S ten son. Mar km, .Vouch, Skoog, Thurlow. Mgers. Schumacher. Holland. Second row: Schroedl. Mitzel. Weatherliead, Spitzer. Schott. Winter, Viren. Wilkie, tied Horse. Renault, Platt. Third row: Terhune. Mitzel, C. (Hirer. C. Smith. C. Williamson. C. Kelson. Seltens. S. Schlolfeldl, It. Walter, Melcher. Fourth row: Reeck, Titus. Weigand. K. Shockman, Procknow, J. Severson, P. Palmer. Reese. K. Olson. Shutta Scribe and Scroll First row. left to right: Erbstoesser, Alto. Fnuss. Keane. Aarhus. Kuchholz, Krause. Anderson. Renrud. Henson. Hausauer. Herman. Second row: Harney, Lindemann, Haskins. Krump, Johnson. James. J cannot te. Hagen, Carson, Hussman Kiesz. Third row: Froehlich. Carlson. Gunderson. Kohler, Ellestad, Kvamme, Krause. Cox. Klosterman. Larsen. Ferguson. Fourth row: Dahl. Heyna. HotJarth. Dietz. Flaa. Hraun, Hroberg, K ellerup. Albertson, Houg. Page 145Lutheran Students Association First rou left to right: Frbslosser, Lindemann. Hen rad, M or ken, Jucen, flalrorson. Schutt, Skuog. Henson, I teen. KUestad. Sjoberg. Second row: Madsen. Olstad. Kohler. Gunderson. Schulz, Kiesz. S. Anderson. S. Anderson. Froelich. College. Larsen. C. Smith. Third rote: 'fuller. .Volen. Hakken. Gustafson. Johnson. Olson, Riba, Oreedal. Ulrich. Aaserude. Sanders. Wesley Fellowship First rote, left to right: Dahl. Fritch, Hodge. Hussman. Orr. Her. Curtis. Second ran: . eubauer. Heichenberger. Young. McConnell, Pago llCFirst rou left to right: {reek. Schrocdl. Osendorf. Flat I. Olson. Manch. Wisneieski. Weatherhead. (Hirer. Mitzcl. Second rote: Fodhola. Maas. Stockert. Fothen. Hedlin. Waligoski. ft odd. Hausch. Hirst. Third rote: Strcitel. Schneider. Schiller. Schaan. Williams. Schmitz. Stans, Ffeifer. Fourth rote: Hit;. Deck. Morris. St ass. Fiat;. Heard on. Sandera. Martin. First roie, left to right: Miss Morris. Lund. Frump. Uaiisatier. Heyer. Cox. Ftosterman. Ferguson. Haskins. Haas, Loll la nc. Second rote: Alder, Houltecll. Hold. J. Hr aim. Liberie, llasenmueller, Frisch, Hraun. Keeker. Funnanz. Third role: Hell. Feeney. Fanteischer. (lotdade. Hatzenhihler. Jakuhoiesky. Hilyrrs, Frrlig. Diekhausen. Fourth row: Framer Hammer. It. Johnson. Lawrence, Dukart. FroehUch. Hawkinson. Ilosak. Dietz. Fielb. Page M7ACTIV TIESPrincess Karen. Queen Trudy. Princess Cynthia Alumni President Carman Jacobson Crowns The Royal Court Retiring Queen Linda Kisses Trudy Homecoming Floats Feature RocketsOne of the Many Floats In the Homecoming Parade Tong Dravitz at Homecoming l‘ep Unity 151Queen Trudy liaguse Homecoming Queen of 1959 1959 Homecoming Princess Karen Shock man Homecoming Attendant of 1959 Princess Cynthia Harney Homecoming Attendant of 1959Page 151l oincconiinfi Dance During the Year Page 155 Cowboy Pete tens the breeze. Western DancePage 156 Christmas McMahon Hall Christmas Dance Riley allChorus First rote. left to right: Mr. Jackson. Wisneteski. Anderson. Huusaur, I.arson. Henson. Hear ltd. Sclintt, Oliver. Skoog. Second rote: (lunderson. Hakken. Lindeniann, Sanders. Spitzer. ttosak. (listed. t'lrich. Krause. Third rote: Pod hut a, lieichenherger, I Air son. Ililgers. Stuss. Sand era. Moreland. Azure. Wolf grain. Fourth rotv: Stanley, (,'ustafson. Xord. M. (iripentrog. J. (iripentrog, ttrandsted, If'iese, Kjellerud. Tutter. Band First rote, left to right: Stanley. Korinck. Hultstrend. Duba. Christensen. White, verson. McAtpin. Second rote: Huutsiecll. Wisneteski. Xordgaard. Johnson. Wei gaud. Hoschce. Third rote: Xord. Pierce. Sandera. Ueichenherger. trend el. Wolf grant. Mr. Jackson. I The Melodic Caravan presents a spring program. The Iona "' 1 hor‘ °' Oral lino Drpnrlmtnl ra«c Three talk Engineering U({( s things over. fPago 162 Dcloris Schulz Caroline SchulzThe Agawasie Staff Editor ............. Gerald Torgerson Business Manager................. Mike Harris Senior Section .......... Betsy Larson Faculty Section .... Gerald Torgerson Sports Section .......... James Struck Robert Hawkinson Activities Section....... Caroline and Deloris Schulz Advisors ................ Mr. Hcktner Mr. Stutrud IIoh l aivkinson Jim Struck Page 163 mam (I cm lit Torgerson ADVERTISEMENTSBOOKS TOOLS STATIONERY SUPPLIES To Serve You THE BOOK STORE ALVIN ECKRB WARREN OLSON Manager Bookstore Supt. CONTINUED SUCCESS TO ALL Science '60 Graduates North Dakota's Largest Electronics Supply House Write for Catalog Bristol Distributing Company Main Office 1345 Main Avenue, Fargo, N. Dak. H RANCHES 1614 East Thayer 25 North Main 1017 South Washington Bismarck, N. Dak. Minot, N. Dak. Grand Forks, N. Dak.PIONEER MILLER PHARMACY Wahpeton COFFEE Laundry and Cleaners CORNER DRUG Used by the leading Hotels. STORE Dry Cleaning and Cafes, Schools, Cafeterias and Laundercrs Hospitals throughout the Mid- west. “Tico Friendly Stores” Hat Blocking The Coffee Monsters At Repairing Pressing Pioneer Coffee Co. Ttco Convenient Locutions Dyeing Moorhead, Minn. Wahpeton, North Dakota PHONE MI 2-5111 West Side Motors Universal Finance COMPLIMENTS Company OF The LARK “( asli in a Flash” DR. E. R. FITZGERALD By Studebakcr Sales and Service Wahpeton, N. Dak. Located in STERN BUILDING Wahpcton 2-4701 Phone 2-6659 Wahpeton CONSUMERS Equipment Feeds LEON'S GAService Co. Servicing Remedies Poults Chicks Our Only Claim Gas Service To Fame Is Our Business ROGERS HATCHERY FINE FOODS Phone MI 2-4371 Wahpeton, N. Dak. LEON OLIVER. Prop. OLIVER'S CARL'S TEXACO COMPLIMENTS SERVICE OF Super Valu LUBRICATING ZENITH Corner Dakota Avenue WASHING BOWLING ALLEY and 9th Street North Phone MI 2-5576 Dial NI 3-5141 Wahpeton, N. Dak. Wahpeton, North Dakota BRECKENRIDGE You and Your Alumni Association The State School of Science has over 6,000 graduates. Each year approximately 300 graduates are added. Immediate personal benefits through joining the Alumni Association include: 1. Each issue of the school paper, the “Scientist.” 2. Periodical issues of the Alumni Directory. 3. Full information on “Homecoming" each fall. Long range benefits to you through joining the Alumni Association: 1. A more active association. 2. Would give school more “voice” in the State. 3. The privilege of doing things for your school. 4. All of which would make for an expanding Science School. Dues are: Yearly: $1.00 Life Membership: $15.00 Let us all become active supporters of our Alumni Association. Contact the Alumni Secretary for full details. Graduates! Why Not Join Now?ACME WELDING SUPPLY "Everything for Welding" Fargo Bismarck GAFFANEY'S 617 1st Avenue North, Fargo, N. Dak. Sales - Service Terms If Desired ROYAL-STUDENTS NO 1. - TYPEWRITERB and W Dairy COURTESY OF Finest in Grade "A" WESTERN NEWSPAPER Products UNION Featuring Milk Cottage Cheese Orange Drink Brcckenridge, Minn. FARGO NORTH DAKOTA Phone NI 3-3971 FARLOW'S Slyle Cenler Ladies' and Children's Ready-to-wear SMART STYLES AT LOWEST PRICES We're cheering for Mission!! For real refreshment it's MISSION BEVERAGES Distributed by HAUSAUER BEVERAGES, WahpetonWahpelon Paint and Glass Co. Leon Novetzke Bill Crawford • Wallpaper • Waxes • O’Brien Paints • Plate Glass • Auto Glass • Mirrors • Paint Brushes 709 Dakota Avenue Phone MI 2-3563 Compliments of SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. Phone MI 2-5538 Wahpeton, North Dakota flicAlancL Gow t f FARMER GLOBE North Dakota’s Greatest Community Newspaper Compliments of WEISER LOAN CO. Loans $10 and Up Sincere Compliments of DR. H. H. MILLER, M.D. EYE EAR NOSE THROAT Citizens National Bank Building Wahpeton, N. Dak. RAY MOSS ELECTRIC Appliances Radio Television GUARANTEED SERVICE We Service All Makes WAHPETON SHOE HOSPITAL and Canvas Co. Home of Expert Shoe Repair Phone MI 2-3973 BRAUN'S SUPER SERVICE GAS, OILS TIRES and TUBES RECAPPING ALL TIRES Phone MI 2-4451 Wahpeton. N. Dak. Peschel Candy Company Wholesale Distributors Wahpeton, North Dakota Phone MI 2-5741 Breckenridge, Minn.The Campus COMPLIMENTS Thanks... Fellows Buy Those OF Good Looking Clothes HYDE'S For the very fine patronage we have en- AT GROCERY joyed during the past year from the students and faulty of the STERN'S STATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE Wyler, Hamilton, Bulova Home of Watches Flowers For All Occasions Nome Hrand Mens Wear Keepsake Diamonds EDENBORGS WAHPETON OLSON JEWELERS WAHPETON “The Sterling Silver Store” FLORAL COMPANY Wahpeton, N. Dak. 802 Dakota Ave- Dial 2-3171 WESTSIDE GROCERY Compliments Groceries, Meats Hollhusen Bros. of JIM'S MARKET and JIM BUSHEE SONS Novelties GRASS Proprietors 821 2nd Ave. North Tel. MI 2-3432 FIELD Fruits and Vegetables Wahpeton, N. Dak. GARDEN Potatoes Our Specialty COAST TO COAST SEEDS Compliments “ Your Complete Hardware Center” “Our Prompt Deliveries of Make Friends” SPORTING GOODS J. C. PENNEY CO. APPLIANCES Phone MI 2-3441 in ROGER BROBERG Wahpeton, North Dakota Wahpeton Owner Krause Moior Service IMPERIAL CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH DEALER Complete Motor Overhaul Body Work and Painting Wahpeton, N. Dak. Telephone MI 2-4290 Compliments of JORGENSEN'S VARIETY Compliments of Ben Franklin Stores Nationally A dvertised Locally Otoned Siurdevani's Auto Electric Wholesale Automotive Parts Wheel Aligning and Frame Straightening Service Magneto Parts Service Carburetion and Motor Tune-up Phone MI 2-5533 Wahpeton N. Dak. ☆ Cream ☆ Ice Cream ☆ Butter ☆ Cottage Cheese Pasteurized and Homogenized Grade "A" Vitamin "D" Milk Lindale Creamery Company Dial MI 2-4218CONGRATULATIONS to Graduating Seniors at s s s xDtterXZalL POWER COMPANY For Style . . . Without Extravagance It's . . . LIEBER'S S t o r c of the Well -1) r e s s e d S S S C o e d Wahpeton, North DakotaBar Best Wishes the of 1960 The Snack •iThe Motor CARL'S TEXACO SERVICE COMPLIMENTS Oil Company LUBRICATION OF “Pure Royal Welcome Service" • WASHING Dial NI 3-5151 Breckenridgc, Minn MELBY FLOYD A. SWENSON STUDIO Owner • REED'S Stop at our complete bumper-to-bumper service station for lubrication needs. We arc equipped to handle all makes of cars and trucks, able and ready to render complete and satisfactory service. Fill your car with Pure Pep Solvenized gasoline and Pure Lube motor oil. Enjoy the peak of performance of quality pro- Texaco "15" Service WASHING BATTERIES GREASING TIRES Dial MI 3-5621 Breckenridgc, Minn. • A MARTIN'S BOOTERY STUDIO ducts. Our complete line of accessories will take care of all your motoring needs. 309 Dakota Avenue “Shoes with Style, Quality, Price—for the Entire OF MODERN e Family PHOTOGRAPHY Martin Fuskcrud Remember— Proprietor You Can Always "HE SURE WITH PURE" Pure Tires and Tubes • Batteries Tire Repair Service HOLLY'S BARBER SHOP • Wahpeton N. Dak. Phone MI 2-3121 'Wahpeton's Finest" Breckenridge Minn.SCHMITT and POULTON FLOOR COVERINGS VENETIAN BLINDS WINDOW SHADES FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director Dial MI 2-3577 WAHPETON, NORTH DAKOTA Compliments We Specialize in Well- of Fitted fluidity Shoes AL'S Mlkr.vvj? at Reasonable Brices BARBER SHOP Dry Cleaning Wash, Dry and Fold ROYER SHOE "it Hays to Look Well Groomed” STORE Wahpeton, N. Dak. Dial MI 2-62-11 Wahpeton, N. Dak. I. E. LILLEGARD, INC. NORDAHL'S WATERS DRUG International Tractors JEWELRY STORE Your REX ALL Store Maytag Washers For Gifts You Give Willi Bride and Dryers Let X ord aid’s He Your Guide Phone NI 3-5411 Phone MI 2-3621 708 Dakota Avenue Brecken ridge, Minn. Breckenridge, Minn. Weyerhaeuser 4-Square Yard He Who Builds a Home Erects u Temple Complete Line of Building Material and Coal WEYERHAEUSER COMPANY Wahpeton, N. Dak. Phone MI 2-3751MATH BRAUN COMPANY Manufactures of Our Best Flour —New Star Feeds WAHPETON, NORTH DAKOTA DIAL MI 2-3611 WHERE SCIENCE SCHOOL MEETS Complete Soda Fountain Luncheon Service and Meals HOME MADE ICE CREAM FROZEN FRESH DAILY COMPLIMENTS OF Wahpeton, N. Dak. General Office Located In Omaha, Neb. Ice Cream Milk Cream Cottage Cheese PHONE MI 2-4411RICHLAND CO. OIL GIL'S D-X SERVICE Accessories Gas, Oil. Tires. Batteries and Grease Wahpeton, N. Dak. Phone 2-5611 Compliments of Wahpeton Electric 215 Dakota Avenue Wahpeton AL BADER AGENCY Complete Insurance Service Wahpeton, N. Dak. We specialize in We Invite All Students Visit the SPEED to Visit and ROSEMEADE DEL RIO QUALITY WORK POTTERY “Wc Aim to Please" Makers of Home Made Candies and BON-E-MAE Wahpeton, N. Dak. Ice Cream CLEANERS MEN'S CLOTHING AND SHOES KEN AND ROY'S CONOCO Compliments of Wahpeton See Us For Styling and Value WAHPETON NORTH DAKOTA Diiuj Company fT} Jp -h ITv? w Vj v. 'trr i r PEG'S BARBER SHOP THE REXALL For that STORE Wahpeton, N. Dak. “Well-Groomed” Look Wahpeton, N. Dak.Bob Caspers Russ Monson "Dealers in Nationally Advertised Merchandise" Phone MI 2-4311 WAHPETON VERTIN'S Furniture Company BROWN'S RELIABLE CLEANERS LAUNDROMAT One Day Cleaning on Request Half Hour Laundry with Finished Shirts and Pants Telephone MI 2-3681FORD MASSEY HARRIS MERCURY STOUDT MOTORS, INCORPORATED WAHPETON, NORTH DAKOTA Phone MI 2-5546 Sales and Service Auto Body Dept. Radiator Dept. Northwestern Sheet and Iron Works FABRICATORS OF CORRUGATED METAL CULVERTS JOBBERS OF STREET SIGNS AND CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES Wahpeton, N. Dak. Phone MI 2-4221 FLAA OIL COMPANY JOHN FLAA, Proprietor Dealer in GAS, OIL, TIRES AND BATTERIES GREASING AND WASHING Phone MI 2-3451 Wahpeton, North Dakota Texaco Products and Goodrich TiresIt Takes Just a Minute . . . to tell you that most of our officers and employees are Alumni of the State School of Science and to ask you to come in £ get acquainted and use the service that our bank offers this community Citizens Midway 2-5565 National Bank Wahpcion. North DakotaWotis to R emem IF A MAN empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from investment in knowledge always pays the highest interest... —Frank Compliments of Globe-Gazette Printing Company WAHPETON, NORTH DAKOTA __IPs a Good Name to Remember!Sincere Compliments of Chamber of Commerce Wahpeton, N. Dak. COMPLIMENTS OF BRONSON CLOTHING Men's Fine Clothing and Furnishings GILLES and RIDGE THEATRES TAKE TIME FOR A GOOD TIME! "Your Best Time Is Theater Time" The Wahpeton National Bank “The Friendly Hank on the Corner” Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MODERN AND CONFIDENTIAL SERVICES FOR YOUR FINANCES

Suggestions in the North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) collection:

North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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