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North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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the 7? iit airfisii i record compiled by the students of The State School of Science Wahpeton, North Dakota— --- -------------■—— m —a mrssuifr If om if our iforrrnor It has become increasingly apparent in recent years that specialized training in trades and business is an absolute necessity for the young men and women of today who aspire to higher levels of income and who seek greater opportunities. Industrial and commercial development of the last decade graphically prove that the professionally trained worker, regardless of the chosen field, will ascend to far greater heights economically and socially than his counterpart who is untrained and unskilled. More and more emphasis is being placed on industrial advancement, an advancement usually coupled with specialized jobs that must be done before the impact of progress can be felt. The North Dakota State School of Science bridges the gap between the high school graduate and the trained technician with specialized education in highly developed skills . . . ready and capable of coping with professional competition. Students at the State School of Science are preparing for these specialized positions. Upon graduation, you will be skilled printers, electricians, machinists or business administrators. You will, in short, be prepared for your chosen field of endeavor. Your degree of success will be determined by your degree of ability. To the staff of Agawasie, the personnel and the students of the North Dakota State School of Science, my every good wish for success. JOHN E. DAVIS Governor of North Dakotastate board of hit her education The colleges and universities in our state are governed by the state Board of Higher Education. This board is made up of seven members appointed by the governor, with a commissioner elected by the board. Newly elected president of the board is M. S. Byrne who was formerly vice president of the group, and the new vice president for this term is Elvira Jestrab. Commissioner of the Board is Dr. A. E. Mead. The board of higher education makes the budget requests and reports for nine institutions under its control. It also has the power to organize or reorganize these institutions, to specify or change their prescribed curriculums. The new dormitory which will be completed this fall was made possible, in part, by the recommendations of the state board. Mildred It. Johnson Wahpcton Elvira Jest rah Wiliiston Martin G. Erase Kindred M. S. Hyrne Bowman .1. E. Mead Bismarck Fred Orth Grand Forks Albert Haas New Rockford ('. H'. taker Minota ico ril from ihv prosiiloiit The Future is what is of prime importance. Thinking and planning and working engenders enthusiasm and helps to keep us young; and gives us “that zest glow from head to toe”. Maybe I’ve carried the idea a bit too far but we are told to set high goals and then sec how close we can come to reaching them. It pleased me to learn that the officers of this annual have chosen to make dedication to the Students of the Future. That is a new idea to me and the more I think about it. the better I like it. The Future is really what counts. Those who are responsible for the educational systems in this country must think and plan and work to be ready to meet the demands of tomorrow. Students of each generation must have more education than those of the past. Progress requires this. To me education means many things. It includes book learning, of course, but more than that it should provide for laboratory experiences, shop experiences and for the inculcation of straight thinking in human relations. It is the responsibility of our staff at the State School of Science to plan as well as possible for the Students of the Future to whom you have dedicated this yearbook. Everything cannot be done in a day. But may I assure you that folks on our administrative and teaching staffs will do everything within their power to improve opportunities on our campus for the Students of the Future who are given special recognition in this 1959 Agawasie. G. W. HA VERT Y Presidentdirector of junior rollryr VERNON E. HEKTNER Ideas are the most powerful things in today’s world. More than anything else, new social and technical ideas will serve to keep the torch of freedom burning. New and better ideas will liberate man from disease, pain, and discomfort. Social innovations will make our life more livable and happy by eliminating some of the causes for human unrest. Most ideas simply do not occur as a single flash of genius in some person, but are the result of creative thinking in some person or group and a lot of hard work to back it up. More than anything else, the educated person must be able to think; he must be able to think through the ideas of the past and come up with ideas for the future. It has been said that Americans are more orientated toward the future than the past. That is as it should be. Science students are interested in the future or they would not be preparing themselves for the future. It is to this world of the future that we dedicate our todays—the world of tomorrow, a future so full of new ideas as to stagger the imagination of even a dreamer.rotfisirar. business school hvatl W. M. NORDGAARD The past several days—this is being written on February 25—my major problem has been student placement. There seems to be an urgency on the part of students, particularly girls, to take a job. I think it is very nice for them to have a desire to work and to earn a living. However, I fear that many young men and women overlook the fact that employers are not seeking people —they are seeking people with certain skills, work habits, personality, and mental abilities. The applicant must possess these qualities before they can expect favorable consideration from the employer. I am frequently asked, “How long should I go to school?” There is no one answer to this question, but I usually answer saying that you should go to school as long as it takes you to qualify for the type of work that you want to do. To be a stenographer you should be able to take dictation at 80 words per minute and transcribe it accurately. You cannot expect to obtain employment as a stenographer if you can just take dictation at the rate of 40 words per minute. Time spent in training for a given job is generally not wasted. The important thing is that you make the best use of the time that you put into training. Do the very best job that you can, so that some employer is going to be interested in your abilities. The school has then attained its goal and you have attained your goal in the business world of the future.tlirertor of truth's Ivvhnivul tlirision JAMES A. HORTON Present and future students of the State School of Science are in an enviable position with the facilities available to them to train both their hands and their minds to meet the demands of industry, business, and governmental agencies in this technological era upon which we are embarking. Skill with the hands is most important. But the person of today and tomorrow, in addition to these skills, will need to know how to apply the principles and laws of mathematics, science, and communications. To be able to repair, service, assemble, disassemble, and assist in the design and building of machines is important, but the very existence of these machines is dependent upon the teamwork of the men and women who must work with them and who are affected by them. Through the years the shops, the laboratories, and the classrooms at the State School of Science have been organized and arranged to provide the best possible opportunity to apply and interpret these skills and to develop the ability of creative thinking. To the student of today and of the future, yours is the opportunity, yours is the enviable position of being able to take advantage of a training program wherein both the hand and the mind are trained. This is the type of person who commands the premium price, the type of person most sought after by all employers.administrative prrsannvt Cordon Patterson Business Manager Alvin Eckre Ass't. Trades Director Mercedes Morris Dean of Women Roger It ram el Dean of Men triUiinj hands to help future students-9 Hen . Ilarnard Public Relationsa salulo In many respects our futures depend directly on the past. The past, in so far as our education is concerned, has been the proving ground for the knowledge that has, in time, become experience. This experience is a beneficial guide in the form of words and inspirations passed on to us by our instructors. These large shouldered people carry a heavy burden, the burden of our lives and what we are able to make of them when we take our places in the future. We at Science are extremely fortunate in having so many competent teachers who are able to instruct their students in the knowledge of the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of the business and the scientific world. Their appraisals of the ‘work-a-day’ world show us how we, as career people, may benefit most from their wisdom of the practical ways of eotieije . L. Ilaberman Accounting Edward W'crrc Government. Business and Athletics Earl Mule Director of Athletics Business Math Melvin Knodel Accounting Patricia Braseth Business— junior coueqe Donna Forkner Home Economics Henry Knight Physics and Math I'hilip I,ip pert Math Esther Schulz languages, English Music Stanley St re ye English and Psychology Uoyer Hramel Chemistry, Dean of Men Donald Fauss Surveying. Math Eliza both aver la nd Biology Donald Seitz ChemistryClarence Iloefs Electrical electronic imiles Albert Winder Unde Radio If jar n M eluted Radio and TVindustrial truiirs Hiding Johnson Cordon Hum Richard Knight Odin Stutrud Auto Body Repair Printing Drafting and Estimating Printing Merle Robertson Edicard Adams Hans Lindlauf Drafting and Estimating Linotype General Mechanics H'. (I. Seenkesen Auto Body Repairimtustriui truth's 1 JT i ? Duane Itatliccher Auto Body Diehard Haskell Drafting and Estimating Herb l)irI; Plumbing Carl Smith Machine Shop S pen err okenson Sheet Metal ’. 1C. i iffhum John L. Allen Engineering Aide Industrial Drafting Julian Szczur Welding — — —■— — — m rrh a n iru iru firs John Neperud Donald Anderson Auto Electrical General Mechanics rainier Wig til Her nor d tigers Diesel Maintenance General Mechanics Roy Hackney Reuben S. Kiesz Refrigeration General Mechanics{ )mvdivttl Helen alia t er Jean Korsnw Nutrition Anatomy dA. Muriel Connolly School Nursefeinted subjorls Walter IVcllan Howard Lcuis Related Trades Related Tradesoffice personnel lone Johnson Trades Secretary Kay Itjorkc Secretary to the President Inez Gripcnlrog Secretary to the Registrar Joyce Gunderson Trades Secretary Kathryn Murray Resident Mother Carmen Goerger Secretary to the Registrar Hetty Gillcs Secretary to the Business Manager Frances Larson Public Relations SecretaryI.elt to rifiht: karl Hoppert. Jeannine Pnape. Merlin Hjorke. Joke Spilzer. John Derry. Jumes Symons student 4'uhinvt President..............Merlin Bjorkc Secretary............Jeannine Paape Vice President...........Earl Hoppert The Student Cabinet is composed of six members of the student body, representing Trades, Commercial, Junior College, Engineering, and Long Winter Term. It is the duty of the Student Cabinet to plan and direct all forms of social activity and other forms of entertainment enjoyed by the student body. vuDinvt mlrisors Mercedes Morris. Royer Itramel, Kd H erre. Urn Rarnardto our t'uturr shutouts Although the soil of our campus has yet to feel the pressure of their feet upon it, it is to those who inherit our mantle, that we respectfully dedicate this, our yearbook for nineteen fifty nine. And rightfully so, for it is to them, and not any of us here, that the coming years at Science School belong, and as they accept the challenge of higher education and unfold the ideas that to them will be ever new, we will leave this campus with these aspirations impressed in our minds and tucked away in our hearts. It is with this dedication, that we express our wish, that what they find here may be better for our having been here this year. It will be these students, who in the years ahead, will bolster the reputation of our institution, and will keep us all—proud of our ALMA MATER.tahlv of oonion s athlvlifs soi-ivti rf I ip ion fa m pus seniors morf huntsi oa tram! There is much to be said for the spirit of competition. It is this spirit that sparks us to higher goals in our everyday living. Competition existing within our minds drives us to better ourselves through inner comparison. It is this same spirit of competition that is developed in our schools and on our college campuses, the purpose of which is to build strong bodies and strong minds. Our athletes today, as a result of the training they receive through sports programs, become strong, patient, morally adjusted, and conservative in their way of life and leave little to be desired for all around fitness. The 1959 Agawasie congratulates the State School of Science lettermen on a job well done.Firs! rote, left In lit lit: (iauhapp. T hurst ml. Fitzsimmons. Henson. M'erman. drove. Sluss. teeny. Second row: Felt. Orsak. Darker. Schaefer. Frickson. Denny, Vanyo. Svenkesen llraiin Driscoll Dietz. Third row: Krause, Duff net), f enniny. Schlolfeldt. Hosak, llina. Danner. Julies. Sleekier. Fox. Jana. foot I HI II Hill Svenkesen Co-Captain Mike Vanyo Co-Captain All-Conference BackSam Dering Jim Darker Mai ville 7—SSS (i Mike Schaefer Doicn on the JO Yard him Opening: the season at Moyville, the Cats came home with the short end of a 7-6 score. Outplaying the Comets in everything but the score, it was a heart breaker to lose. Fumbles were disastrous and penalties hurt at the most inopportune times. Science outgained Mayville and scored first and narrowly missed two tries for field goals by Vanyo that would have meant a win.Stopped Just Over The 'JO' Dickinson IS—SSS 6 Dickinson came from behind to defeat Science in their homecoming game. Science scored first on a plunge bv Mike Vanyo the first time they got the ball but failed on their conversion attempt. Dickinson lied it up and the half ended 6-6. In the fourth quarter Dinius scored for Dickinson to defeat the Wildcats who. all in all. had more than their share of tough breaks. IJnrmon Krause Denny Dietz John Ericksonwm ‘The Good Hook Says . . . Don Thors I a tl Xick (iaulrapp Hon Fox Jamestown li) — SSS 7 Playing before Jamestown's homecoming crowd, in a battle of fumbles, the Wildcats lost by the score of 19-7. Science fumbled away several scoring chances and finally scored on a fifty yard pass play from Svenkesen to Krause. Chuck Frey, for Jamestown, had too much speed for the Wildcats.Ken Kinn Tony J tin it Jiismarck 0—SSS 47 Science won their first game of the season when they overwhelmed the Bismarck Mystics by the lop sided score of 17-0. Sam Deling: started the fireworks when he scored in the opening minutes and Mike Vanyo kicked the point after touchdown. Bill Svcnkonscn scored the first of his three touchdowns with an eight yard jaunt and this was followed by a field goal from the twenty yard line by Vanyo. Hob Ferny Scoring in the second half were Svenkesen with punt returns of seventy yards, twice. Bill Ovsak intercepted a pass as did Harmon Krause and they returned them for T.D.'s. Kay Itraun Roger Neff Hill OvsakTurn lioxak Front. left In right: flecker. Spitzer. Standing: Mr. Anderson. Tragetan. Holm. Minot 14 — SSS 12 Science lost n hoartbreakor to Minot when the Beavers won by a two point margin. The victory points were a result of a safety scored when Svcnkcscn slipped and fell in a very muddy end zone. Footing throughout the game was very poor and at the end of the first half the score was in Minot's favor. 8-6. Bill Svenkesen scored both of Science's T.D.'s. A forty yard run by Vanyo that could have resulted in victory for SSS. was called back as the judges called both teams offside. This was one of Science's best played games, and could have gone either way after a good hard, clean fight. Lute Sclilotfeldt Lyle Fell On foot or by-cycle »re will carry the ballSian Smith and Dick Royers Co-Chairmen of USEB This year marked the beginning of USEB (Union of Sports Enthusiasts and Boosters). This group sparked the cheering at all games this year and made out of town appearances at Jamestown and Valley City. The I SICII at Valley City The IS Hit at SSSCoaches Skip Hale and Hoy Hausauer Ml lend ale 7 — SSS 21 Science toppled Ellcndale for their second win. and final panic of the season. A pass lateral from Tony Janu to Bill Svenkcscn to Harmon Krause was good for sixteen yards and resulted in a T. D. in the ill’s! quarter, followed by the first of Mike Vanyo’s points after touchdown. Vnnyo and Svenkcscn scored the other T. D.'s and Ellcndale came back and scored in the last quarter on a twenty yard pass. Science played heads up ball and as one of the boys said after the game. "We would like to play all the games over again, things would lx different." Science set an all time record for penalties in this game and had to play exceptional ball to win. Cheerleaders llarb Johnson, deni finite, Lori Dottier. Susy Kriz and Joan U'isneivski Valley City 33 — SSS 6 Valley City had too many puns for the Cats and came up with a victory in the second game of the season. Science scored first on a long pass that covered 50 yards that set up a touchdown for Bill Svenkcscn. Valleys Bill Thomas came right back with a 77 yard run to tie the score and Valley went ahead from then on. Science had two good scoring opportunities but were caught from behind when it looked like the runner would score. A rugged game, it had the fans on their toes throughout the contest. Bill Thomas proved too fast for our boys and racked up two T. D.’s and was a threat every time he took the ball. bashvtbailsss sss sss sss sss sss sss sss sss sss sss sss I if 58-59 Basketball Scores Way up there for 2 points. Jack Lee with one of tiis never miss tony shots. Whose hall is it ? It mine rd llismarck Valley City Minot Mayville Bottineau Uihbiny Itasca A brrdeen TC Hcntidji Dickinson ItismarckKarst bringing the hall timvn court Danielson guarded closely Hob Karst Les Vi pond den Hegna Jim CoudrcauClearing the court after a icin. 1958-59 liaskelball Scores sss 73 Jamestown SI sss 7!) Dickinson 77 sss 91 IClIendale S3 sss 63 Minot 71 sss 77 fiottineau 6S .•1 lay up. (food for two!Inarling Left to right: Jacobson, Shim min, Yanyo, Thunjon, Clemens, Dering, Schlotfcldt. Don Heck. Jim Hurkes, Arlaiul Houck, Hob Wultncm, Cary Herron, Huger Self. Tournament Standings Worth Dakota Agricultural College !)Gl( Jamestown College S66 Valley City Teachers College 8626 University of Worth Dakota 8122 M'ah pet on School of Science 8259 Minot Teachers College 812 Mayville Teachers College 802 Hismarck Junior College 7S92 baseball Wildcats win (i, lose S during 11158 Season sss -3 Agricultural College 0-2 sss f-3 Mayville 9-9 sss 7-3 Valley City 0-2 sss 5-0 Jamestown J-S sss 6-2 Kllendalc 5-8 sss 3-6 Concordia 19-9 sss 7-3 Moorhead 12-7 ■ini ram a rat Imslivtbnll nlramural Standings Commercial Won S La 1 Itadio II 7 2 JC II r, 3 Auto Mech 1 r, 3 Engineers r, 3 Drafters II 3 1 Electrical 1 3 4 Electrical II 3 Printers 3 Auto llody :t S Itadio 3 3 General Mechanics 1 3 3 Plumbers 2 2 Engineers Aide I 7 Drafters 0 $ Time Out .... Take Ten.ill rnniurnl basing bull ireif lit lifters Left to right: Jake Spilzer. Lorry Angrimson. Mike Vanya. Robert llcgaye, Hon Stuss.boxint Golden Glove Winners Earns Scholarship Left to right: Jaimer. Reynolds. Coach Pal- Mike Schaefer receiving the Alfred I). Lind• terson, Kinsclla. Duffney. ley Golden Gloves scholarship award. — — Front row. left to right: Leonard lleckeit, Fen Thompson, Lloyd Crawford. John Henson. Vernon Drake. Hilt Wit mot. Les Wilmot. Hack row: Ken Tabor, Dean Kinsclla, Mike Schaefer, Richard Duffney. Ken Hina. Jerome Montplaisir, Virgil Ferry, Coach G. V. Patterson.Watch that left! » eary hut happy — Dean Kinsella Kenneth Thompson liiehurd Duffnet llill Wit yd Craivfor 1 John Henson Ken Hina Vernon Drake Kenneth Tabor Coach Hat ter son gives a lew pointers. ‘Interlocking style.’.•I swing and a miss! Searching for something on the canvas. Les Wilmot Leonard ttcekell Mike Schaefer Virgil ferryto hvUmtf Success in life can be measured in units of friendship, and by the fullness one feels for having known at least one person whom he would unhesitatingly claim as one of the leading factors in his being a success. We can be thankful if, in the course of our lives, we arc fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of many of the people in this category. Here at Science, many of us have done just that by becoming active in campus organizations which were made up of the students who want to ‘pull together’ toward a common goal. We recognize this goal as a step in furthering knowledge, in personality, growth and development of the ‘wealth of soul’ of all individuals within the group. This year those societies were bigger and better than ever before, and it is the hope of the Agawasie that this growth will continue throughout the future years here at Science.nuto hotly bell to rigltl, first row: Thors tad, Olstad. (’arson, Hina, Knowlen, Mr. Johnson. Second row: Fenster. Marqnardt, Kringle, Merger, Johnson. Third row: Gardner. Anderson. Hell, Eisner, Kostiuk. I.eft to right first row: Thompson. Johnson. Anderson, Tweten, Miller, ftorjeson. Second row: H'icbusch. Boettcher. Herrs. Troxel. biehershacli. Jacobson. Torgergon. Third row: Crawford, b.. Crawford. K., Kaplor, Jensen, Mattweber. Dorr. auto hoili Mr. Italhceber, Eddingcr, Moser. Broughton. Mr. Svenkesen. Second row: fitchner. droves. Colo. Wunck. dvroski. Iter land, lleier. Third row: Minten. Iloglin, Schnecklolh, Von Itonk. I,or son, !.n France. auto nirelianies Left to right, first row: Cetera. Washington. Mr. . eperud. Ilin et. Lied oh I, Manning. Second row: Thnnselle, Cron. Erickson. Crawford. Scholl. Holm, Johnson, Swenson. Moore, Brown. Third row: ( Ison ., Sanderson, Olson, d„ Thomson. Angrimson. Schumacher, Uennick.ftIItit IIIIlllIlil’S Left to right, first rote: Kristian son, Ringuette, Olson, .-I., ftjergo, I'lctnn. flcincrt. Second rote: Mumin, Steiner, Malikouski, I'erry, Snhr, Mush, Kllingson. Hit:. Johnson, Raihenteicr. Third row: Meier. Vander-harr, Rower, Mont plaiser, Rentmick, Retie mare, Doran, Olson, f). Left to right, first row: Grosz, Hanson. Roll. Wehage. Geier. Falter. Second row: Rust. Yohe, Gulbraa. Itoehler. Max. U eninger. Strege. Third row: Dryden. Schmit, Morehart, Hansen, nivvlianies Left to right, first rote: Mr. Witt man. flondl. Hanoi. Walther. Guthmiller. Itrandsied. Anderson. Second row: McCoy. Fraser. Vnrloe. Fiat:, fans. Qualify. Koesterman. Third row: Reardon. Groves, Dickhausen, Harkmeier, Knutson. Stcinhcrger, Ostby, Rromsted. Left to right, first row: Muih. Putman, Klein. Haber. Rauerle. Mr. Schuetl. Second row: Viall. Werchau. Derry. Spitzer. Wheeler, Prieb. Sagmiller. Carlson. Heilman. Kissel. Third row: Rufsvold, ftorho. Loonier, Nelson, Romberg, Rosberg, Halvorson, Fritz.unitt ineeliunii-s Left to right, first rote: Gault, Adams, Larson. Kranzler, Rudolph, Mr. Anderson. Second row: Krug, Kunze, Dottier, Mae, Kindsvogel. Hodewald. Ficbiger, Sclilenker, Ackerman. Johnson. Costello. Third rote: Taylor, Ohlhauser, Hendrickson. Kingsley, Kiel son, Henke, Kelson, Cranston. limitiin am! ostiniaiinij Left to right, first row: Rausch. Sorenson, Kolen. Fischer. Mlicitenbauch, Hlouin. Second row: Chandler. Kordquist. Horvath. Endersbe, Thompson. Cook. Krogstad. Third row: Fierce. Frikken, Ifimmelrighl, Ferry. Duffney, Hr end el.ilraftini anil estinia ini Left to right, first rote: Mr. Knight. Manskc, Lenzmeier, Olstud, Gunst. Wuchn, Troutman. Second row: Rlidh, Fox. Ue.gaye, Henson, Rebisclikc, Chalmers, Kloster, McManiglc, I ooeer, iirancher, i eating. Third row: Von Hank. S'ordgaard. Johnson, liotenberger, lloeft, Anderson. Dahl, Miller, Sanda. Left to right. First row: Swung, Vanyo, fleringer. Kuzmicrczak. Kust, Leabo. Second row: Xach, Pederson, Anderson, M., Krueger, Heck, Hanson, Mr. Robertson, Schimke. Third row: Anderson, G., Hergh, Shimmin, II off art, (lest son, Hoelil.ilrn II in if nnd I’slinnilinif Left to right, first rotv: Wattnem. Stangl, Sounders, Farlow, Thody. Second row: Mr. Allen. Peterson. Fred rich son, Wat tie, Ophaug, Shearer. iliesel innintvminvv Left to right, first row: Frick son, I). K., Mikkelson, Mr. Hisck. Mr. I Vigtel. Fehr. Z.astrow. Second row: tXogosek, Moe. Erickson. I). G„ Rohde. Pederson. Olson, hi y guard, Harold son. Windloss, Aagren, Thompson. Third row: Lind. Ylitalo. Winkler, Topp. Lovans, Jacobs. Lien.v wtrivu! Eeft to right, first row: Peterson, Gunderson, Ililgcrs, Molterg, Close, Puss. Second row: Hunker, Anseth, Uujicek, Steckler, Ekeren, Hiatt. Third row: Gilseth, Danielson, Carroll, Ochler, Schooling. Patterson. Left to right, first row: Mr. Ilinsverk, Orr, Werman. McConnell. Koopman, lloefs. Second row: Gliimn. Schaan. Safgren. Jones. Kopseng, lirendefur, Goetz. Third row: Pecker. Sampson. Engebrctson, Olstad. hath, lolli.UlcvtvioMl Left to right first row: Girard. Lorenz. Sualstad. Kearnes. Krebs. Leinen. Second row: r, Gylten, Fncey. Toft. W ahl. Third row: Kaseman. Lien. Leinen. Feeig, Kurt;, Thon, Left to right, first row: Lorenz. Hares. Johnson. Wellbrock. Shcrva, Kaseman. Second row: Tabor, Smith. Schroeder. Anseth. Third row: Kinsctla. Vail, Jorgenson. H. Smith.vntjinvvrhuj aiilv Left to right. first row: Ifosak. S rubor g. M out soft, Erickson. Olson, If asset!. Second row: Helling. Ellingson. Hoeddekrr. Jorud. Karst, Wilkie, U'ettstein. Martinson, Horsier. Third row: ffrown, Hakke, It.. Kubas, Hakke, A., Oaulrapp, Leinen, Mattson, LaHoche, Waldmnn. Left to right, first row: Bald. Forster. Clausen, Itergantine. Mertes. Itakken. Second row: ftugg. I llrieh. Sc tweich, ftoken son, Schaubert. Vosbcrg, Judson. Third row: Strand. Felt, Ovsak, Madsen, Hanson, Sponsel.vnijinvvruuj •et t to right, first row: ‘route. Quant, ‘rib be r now, Vigen, etersen, Jodsaas. Second row: odhola, drove. I ecker, Trieglnff, Frederick. Third row: I’rochnow. Marohl. dunderson. Miller, l)ahl. Left to right, first row: Schaefer. Drake. Kerch, Uuckhouse. Selson. Fdner. Second row: Thorfinnson. De-Fries. Davenport. Iljorke. Thor sell. Frierson. Howe. Third row: Willard. Erdmann. Mathison. Me Don gal. li. McDougal. J.. Maw.ffwimi mwlianirti Left to right, first row: IVadeson, Deplazes, Thompson. Stallman, H'isness. Hoe. Erickson. Walker, Weiner. Second row: Olson. (Irondahl. Ilehm. Dybing, Haumgartner. tXelson. Knutson. Herman. Simon. Olson. It.. Symons, llodgins, Mr. flilgers. Left to right, first row: fiueling, Dobrinz. Towers. Mr. Anderson, Her nurd, Johnson. Second row: Kant, Stokes, ftosenau. Kautz, Tearson, Fettig. Vollmcr, Grotc, Sommer. Third row: Crimb. Anderson. Slatta, Itegner, Askegaard. Pfann, Kelson, Titus. —yeneraI invchanifs heft to right. first row: Kelson. Feist, Reel:. Mr. Kies:. Schneider, Herb. Second row: Olson. Mountain. Winkels, S., Ferry. M.. floss. Hinder, Hrusseau. Martin. Ferry, A . Third row: Flowery, Sjerswold, Cinther. Jarstad. Taylor, Winkels, C.. Cleary, ffeiser. heft to right, first row: Heller. Hagen, Leiseth. Schatzke. Ford, Leslie, Tennyson, W„ O'Toole. Second row: Johnson, Culp. Kraig, Arneson. Picotie, Wick. Tennyson, !)., Saunders. Steig, Jefferson. Mr. Lindlauf.homo ooonomios Left to right, first row: Pan pc, Lloyd, Hodgson, Barron, Jensen. Slattery. Second row: Uobler, Pargnutn, Harmsen. Beyer, Carlson, Wheeler, Lackman. Third row: A ho, Olson. Anderson, Barbkncchl, llalvorson. Smith, Knutson, Metcalf. mttohino shop Left to right, first row: Lundcby, Anderson, Fondrick, Bcrndt, Gullickson. Second row: Mack, Krusmann, Ficenec, Beaudric, Miller.nursuuf Left to right, first row: Voellcr, Young, Ilcber, Madsen. Peterka, Ilursman. Second row: Erb, Westland. Moors. Larson. Ilraaten. Koenig. Third row: Horgeson, Green, Olson. Kittelson. Left to right, first row: Lonbaken. Buckhouse. Jaeger, Kramer. Lilt. Second row: Schultz. Walterson. Jones, Siegers, Itrimer. Third row: Olson, Steffan. Peterka. Zeltel.print inq Left to right, first row: Deck, Smith. Allen, Met:, Reich, Doris, Stefonowicz. Second row: Novotny, Sorum, Sordine, Torgerson. Herron. I’oitra, Eckre. Gregory, Mr. ’linn. Nelson. Third row: ttenoit. Reggs. Even son, Severson, M nr pie, Rederson, Moore, Gest son, llefleinnre Drown. Left to right, first row: Mr. Stutrud. Wanner, Cage. Rogers, Daschel, Mr. Adams. Second row: Van Cleave, Ehel. David Hen, Edwards. Anderson. Helm. Schmoll. Schnaible, Donald Hen. Washek. Third row: Rederson. Reber, Schuler, Lee. Mentzer, Rucbke, l.clt to right, first rote: Spencer, Hr oaten, Ferris, Johnson. Jakuhotcsky, Dcttmann. Second rote: Sicberl, Klcmclson, V or eland, fAir sen, Xicliots, (ioldade, Jaszkotviak. Car hart, Hoffmann. Third rote: King. Abetmann, Koob, Ticdnutn, Freeland, White, Schomberger. Left to right, first rote: Johnson. E. .-I.. Stans. Schmitz, I'odrttchny. Johnson, E. F.. Christensen. Second rote: Marquette, Ifitde. Forsch. Maxicell, King. Third rote: (labrielson, Rickard, Randeret. Azure, in to right, first row: Sauce, dust of son, Henning, Monahan, Hieber. Brickzin. Second row: Beckett, fuller, Syrstad. Diet:, Flom, Iverson, Wilmot. Third row: Johnson, Schultz, Essig, Orvcdal. Weinkauf. Fvssuin, Giengcr. Left to right, first row: Ternes. Sikorski, Keaveny, Stoebc. Engel, Ladd. Second row: Buss, Cummings. Humphrey. Bjorngaard. Lippcrt, Kruckenberg, Luckman. limit . Schneider. Third row: Boyd, Mueller. Von Ruden, Wagner, N order jus, Holtz, t,cft to right. first row: IVilmot, Mott fold. Houck, Kochel. Crisslcr, llansort. Second row: Simonson. Ilamre, Notch. Gilbertson, Johnson, Kenner. Third row: l cdmnn. Tear son, Hogley. Zimhelman, Vogel, Shaffer. rvSritjvralioa left to right, first row: Ftnten, Auer, Alcshire, Dravitz, Tracer. Second row: Mr. Hackney, Koppang. Johnson. Lorenz, Hoffman, Monger. suraiuu a Left to right, first roiv: Lloyd, Ueber. Olson, Kitlelson, Hobler, Baape, Barron. Second row: Beyer, Ellef-son, Strobel, Beynolds, Engh, Brims, Jordahl, If arm sen. Third row: f cnsrud, Benyilly, Ualvorson, Juvcn, Smith, Warner, Swan. I,eft to right, first row: Hothouse, Enyerholm. Johnson. Brown. Steffes, Shirek, Korinek. Second row: Mooney. Bjelland. Boss. Vail. Beane, Hodgson. Scholtfeldt, Schneider, Hendricks, Carlson. Kranig. Third row: Haberman. Hegselh. Anderson. U'url. tXarttm. Frank!,, Collnick.sariijauwa Left to right, first rote: Weight. Dole sky. Jensen. Hodgson. Kick. Second row: Wheeler, Morris. Smith. Carlson. Abbott. Olstad. Third row: Youngbird. Hjnrnson, Hr ewer. Amundson, Knutson, Metcalf. Left to right, first row: Miss Morris. Ilarbnrcht. Huro. Olson. Carlson. Second row: Hansen. Alto. Lackman. Slattery. Cherniak. I rick. Duwcnhoegger. Schulz. Third row: Pargman, Christenson. Kapiton. KI never. Wisnewski, Kriz. Hestdalen.short mot a! Lett to right. first rote: literal, Paape, Mrs. Eagan. I!roan. Steffcs, Shirek, Schlot eldt. Second row: Doblcr. Reynolds. Lloyd. McRobcrts. Strindcn. Donutree. l eitinann. Roilnnd, Engstrom, Jorgenson. Third rou': Anrestnd. Iloffnwn. Uestdalen. Schneider. Frankl. Malsom. Left to right first rote: Raul. Cosset te, Johnson. Mr. Ilokenson, el sen, Desotel. II race. Second row: Rentes. Taylor, Lane, Rriimfield, Peterson, Driscoll, Wentlcr, dingle. Third row: Deal, Korsmo, Vetter, Hanson, I liman, Shervey, DeRcmer, Aalgaard, Anderson. shut fa scriho anil scrollshut in sorihv anil scroll l,eft lo right, first rote: Anderson. Hi shop. Hriz. Kgnh. II rim . Pass. Ilabermnn. Second rote: Pinkney, dustman. Franz. Hot I, house. Vat. Weight. Iljelland. Manet. Third row: llader. Hart. Ilegseth. xtreifel. Uensrud. Peng illy. Mooney. Maezkowicz. r,eft to right first ran: Dole shy. File Ison. Hngerlmln. Hendricks. Herger. Coicin. Johnson. Second row: iranig. Ileane. Hodgson. Carlson. Xarum. Lee. Korinek. Iluro. McHeid. Hanson. Third row: Heinz. Hurkes. Thimion. Hegna. Gollnick. H url. Pick.s luiflo scribe and scroll Left to right, first row: Bvenson, Scheidcgger, Orvedahl. Iloefs. Olson. Aho, McFarland. Second row: Johnson. Jordahl. Strobe!. Abbott. Kluecer. Ilarmsen. Third row: Shuck. Thompson. U nite. Underwood. (irenz, Olson. Klein. bond Left to right, first row: Harbknecht. F lief son, Engerholm, U'isnewski. Hrewer. Faape, Johnson. M ox ness. Cherniak. Second row: Smith, Thorselt. Severson. Amundsen. Koppelman. Flan, Lee. Third row: Farlow. Thorfinnson. Ilellie. Iverson. Loher, Moss. J. Johnson. Fourth row: Fierce. , ord gourd, Funkow. Thomason. Criepentrog. Jacobson.fliorus l,cfl to right, first row: Kube. Amundson. M ox ness. Hjornson. Second row: Shirek, Cherniak, Strom, Morris. Hrewer, Engerholm. Maw. Third row: Heubish, Jorgenson, Smith, Criepentrog. Urdman. Hurkes, Sehlotfeld. 4 left to right, first row: Koppelman. Smith. Tick. Dobler. Second row: Anderson. Lee, Johnson. Carlson, Reynolds. Engh. Third row: Kasson. Melcher, Pinkney. Jacobson, LeNoue, Stephens, Schmidt, Moss.chorus heft to right, first row: Walters, Olstad. Franke. Olson. Second row: Moreland. Ueiff, Me Died, Juven, Fedje, lloltlwsen. Hanson. Hopped. Third row: Slthr. Martinson. Tiedman. Marple, Azure. Freeland, Flan, Myh ra. Left to right, first row: Steffes, S'arum, Youngbird. Fllefson. Second row: Seaton. Vertin. Scheidvgger Dalesky. Jordahl. Arvedahl. Hoefs. Third row: Jodsaas, Uhl rich. Hakken. holier. Matheson, Traugoff, Kiddle. Anderson.the Christian life “If any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed ; but let him glorify God on this behalf."—I Peter 4:16. Throughout our childhood, our parents ever strive to keep us aware of the Lord, and teach us to live in joy as He would. It becomes apparent, later in life, that some of the things that bring us temporary excitement and diversion, are indeed shallow and empty. It is for this reason that our campus religious groups exist and to help us remember that the true joy of living is based on compassion, patient understanding and love of God and fellow man. We must keep alive, the fact that we do not live for today alone, but instead, we are constantly moving toward the time when we will share God’s heaven and His eternal blessings. May we pattern our faith and behavior, so as to bring real joy to all, by making our diversions a helping hand and a kind word for our classmates and associates.irvslvi fvlloivship Rev. It. It. Curtis. Advisor "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, in favor with God and man." This statement emphasizes the development of Jesus in three ways — mentally, physically, and spiritually. I am happy for the encouragement of the "spiritual” on the campus of the State School of Science. Wesley Fellowship is one of the groups dedicated to the development of the spiritual. First rou left I to right: I liman. Hoover. Ladd. Orr. Jacobson. Dahl. Second row: Smith. It.. Vail. Siegers. Anderson. Hendricks. Larson. S.. Madsen, Rogers. Third row: Rothhouse. Tick. Smith. Itrewer, Larson. It.. Adkins. Abbott. f aninm itvlta First row, left to right: Fa ft pc, K op pel man, Wat I her, Cuthmillcr. Schineichet. Second row: Junta lit. Wnrl, A ho. Weight, Hansen. The meetings were held twice a month, including one supper meeting and one picnic. The purpose of GAMMA DELTA is to endeavor to conserve and develop Christian faith and to encourage Christian action among college students through a program based on Christian knowledge and Christian service. The main project for the year was to be in charge of the Red Cross Blood Campaign held in April. Rev. Henry Fry. Advisorlutlirran si mien 1 assoeialion First row. left to right: Hrandsted. Hanson. Ilellie, Ortedal. Ullrich. Second row: Hugh. Huro, Lee. Knutson. l ensrud. Third row: Carlson, Frank!, Anderson. The purpose of the LSA is well stated In its constitution. “The purpose of the Association shall be to afford a means whereby Lutheran students in America may consider and act upon their common problems in the service of Jesus Christ in conformity with the common faith of the Lutheran Church of America." To attain this goal the local I SA holds devotional. study and social meetings each month. Roger Swenson. Adeisor f'T'-First rou left to right: Max. Ilf ringer. Anderson. Nordgaard. Severson. Fredrickson. Second row: Yosburg. Thompson. Krogstad, Oullickson. Itakken. iXolen. lutlio ran si mien t association First row. left to right: Moors. Brown, Ueber, Ellifson, Engerholm, Brnalcn. Second row: Hr ovoid. Hut scold, Werman. Pederson, Evenson, Thronson, Olson. Third row: Amundsen, Olstnd. B rimer. Doleshy, Narum. Juven, llnlvorson. Brims.First rou left to right: Miss Morris. Urn. David. Urn. Donald. Sowing. Davis. ISrnoit. Second row: Steiner. Hold. Foitra, Deck. Torgerson. Third row: Jakubowskg. Goldade, Herron. ncirumn club A Newman Club is an organization for Catholic students attending' secular educational centers. It is named after Cardinal Newman who. a hundred years ago, endeavored to establish such groups at his alma mater. Oxford University. The purpose of a Newman Club is to assist Catholic students to apply Christian thought and principles to every-day life. In addition to regular meetings, which alternate between educational and social study groups arc advanced for a systematic discussion of eternal verities against a background of current conditions. Her. George J. Mehok. ChaplainFirst roic left to right: Christenson. Pots. Jaeger. Peterka, ftishop. Barron. Second row: Oesak. Itosak. Stallman Simon. Humphrey, licit mann, Schneider. Kriz, I rick. Third row: Steinherger, Hcbischkc, llilgers, Strcitel, Wisnowski. II alter man. Schmitz. Sikorski. nou'inaii club First row. left to right: Ternes, Hoffman, flecker. Moulsoff. Ifondl. Verlin. Second row: Stans, Piatz. Dickhausen. Hear eng, Hans, Lilt, Zettel, Shirek. Steffes. Third row: Xolz, iXotch, Schaefer. Ilurkcs, Heinz. Metcher, Reublsh, Wettstein.i ! First row. left to right: Mack. Hell. Muth, Doran. Second row: trsfeld. Slattery. Hodgson. Hellemore. Third row: Reardon, Horho, holier, ll'inkler, Rohde. neinnaii flub Agawasie’s 1‘rayer for Science Our Lord in Heaven, bless this campus and it's students. Keep them well and prosperous. Give our faculty the strength and devotion to lead ever onward to truth and well being. Keep in our hearts the memories of the many blessings that were ours here, and help us always to learn, and to live, and to walk with Jesus and exercise the teachings of our elders and of our God. Amen psalm 1:1-0 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. The ungodly are not so; but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away. Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgement, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous; but the way of the ungodly shall perish.nosialtfia Herewith is but a very small reminder of some of the more carefree and ecstatic moments which will become deeply impressed on our memory tab, mental symbols which unaccountably keep slipping back before the windows of the heart. The affliction is incurable but to get occasional relief one has only to refer now and then to the following pages being sure to take much time and to look slowly up, after each page, and sigh deeply. For this is the pictoral history of the moments which are born only to free and happy minds, justifiably participating in the practice of doing nothing but those things which are entertaining to the very soul. Let these pages be medicine to keep us ever young as we once were, when our whole future lay before us, a future that was made even brighter by acquaintances made in various campus activities.planning committees SlonHmg. left to right; Anderson. Heringcr. II nshek. Ungers. Fredrickson. Amundsen. Chermak. Olson. Seated: Hjorkc. Thortinnson. IIomecoming Conunittce Lett to right: M ox ness. IVisneicski. Unrbknecht. Smith. Sacajaivea Committee Mardi Gras Committee Standing, left to right: Herron. Dnschel. Gripentrog, l riz. Iloiland. Moss, Guthiniller. Seated: Hop pert. Jacobson.Iiomeeominf quvvu Her Highness Linda Beane 1 i ' ■ manli gras queen Her Highness Bonnie LloydThe royal coach. At the field of conquest. Throned. Visiting royalty— Miss ,Worth Dakota. Informal moments. The royal couple and court. Enjoying the game.II it sin css Club Hunt. Just clowning. Home He's winning float. Electrical Club entry. Language Club float. Drafters float (inset). Engineers float. Coach for Miss North Dakota.muni i Science .Xational {(ink I ri liters Dunk ‘Em Throw U list ness Cluh Fortune Telling Fractical .Xurses Fish 1 011(1 Auto Mech Din (jo It nil to and TV Mouse Roulette Scondals Home Economics lulu Hoop Contest finis Chorus {oil Throw Student Wives Cuke WalkFirst Aidivs Mildred Johnson of Stole flonrd of Higher Education breaking ground for new men's dorm. eisii from Miss Xorth Dakota. Helen Korfhage. quests Mrs. Ilavcrly at campus tea. These gentlemen visited SSS on the recommendation of the Office of Education. Washington, f). C.. which named it one of the best trade and technical schools in the U. S. Pictured from left to right: Ondang. Hong, Hao. Science School has been host this year to visitors from Australia. Xorwag. Finland and Pakistan. Visitors at the Science-Mayville game include Ahmad. Matikainen. Robertson. Dalen.And GIRLS! Through these gules . . . You'll find investment . . . Jolt opportunities . . . Polities . . . Homey atmosphere . . .Sports . . . Social get-togethers . . . Record tops . . . Our campus offers . . . Warm companionship . . . 3 4 And GIRLS!del acquainted dance Vpru Halloween dance. Jacobson and Kobe with Thorfinnson and his date. tinner ! tUtnvv I Homecoming dance.thtnt'V ! dance ! Sncnjawea formal. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________,___________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________,_____________________________________________________ foot Thanksyitiny dance. JHZ 1 — rer formers at the Sadie I aw kins Day dance.V Editor Donald I ten thi? tlaliota sfivntist Russell Even son, Karen Kick Carolyn Schultz mmmmmEditor Donald I ten News Reporters ...........Eileen Kriz Lynn Slattery. Gary Herron. Carolyn Schultz, Karen Fick Sports Writers......Edward Novotny, Russ Evcnson, Bruce DuVall, Edward Elkins Advisor ..................Gordon Plum The Agawasic staff congratulates their fellow journalists on a line paper. The Dakota Scientist is a recognized newspaper, distributed to students and alumni to keep us aware of the past, present and future of the State School of Science. Features such as campus briefs, alumni news, timely editorials. |uestion of-the-week and news of our sporting contests make the Scientist one of the tops in its Held. Lynn Slattery, Eileen Kriz Ed Novotny, Cary Herron Co-Editors . . . .Ross Smith, David Iten Faculty ................Betsy Larson Sports . .Jerome Washck, Gary Herron Society ..................David Iten Campus ...................Ross Smith Seniors.......Ross Smith, David Iten Merchants...............Earl Hoppert Photography . . .Mr. Plum, Ross Smith Religion ...........Gerald Torgerson Student Advisor .Ronald Frederickson Business Manager........David Myhra Advisors . . . .Mr. Stutrud, Mr. Hektner Co-Editor David lienfeatured seniors Seniority indicates maturity. Two years at Science is an experience designed to increase the students ability to meet the challenge of life in the twentieth century. The mature individual is one who is prepared to meet this challenge. The faculty is proud of all of the 1959 seniors. In reality all of them are featured because they are the product of our educational endeavors. After having been nominated by individual faculty members, ten students were elected to the Agawasic’s featured senior section by the Faculty Awards Committee. Academic proficiency (2.00 grade average or better), leadership, willingness to accept responsibility, and contribution to campus life were factors taken into consideration. All of these young men and women have been an inspiration to fellow seniors, underclassmen, and faculty alike. By saluting these featured seniors we are, in effect, saluting all seniors for their contribution to the success of the school year. Our memories of the association with the senior students of 1959 will be pleasant and undimmed through future years. The Faculty Awards CommitteeJanice Lynne lljornson Janice Lynne Bjornson is easily the busiest girl on campus. Along with her unusually heavy classes, she is active in dramatics, chorus and caravan and is piano accompanist for both. She has worked as a cashier at a local theater. Jan's great-grandfather helped to frame the Constitution of the state of North Dakota in 1S8S . Her plans for the future include further schooling at Minneapolis.Eugenia Aliens Kube, ’57 WHS graduate, is the third sister to attend SSS. All arc daughters of one of the outstanding and largest farmers in the county. “Geni” is enrolled in the Junior College and is active in music and dramatics. She is known for her friendly disposition. Plans for the future are uncertain.Jean nine Dorothy Paape Jeannine Dorothy Paape is a graduate of Wahpeton High School and is enrollc l in the Business School at SSS. She has been very active in Gamma Delta and served as secretary for the Student Cabinet. Her efficiency was further recognized in that she served as part-time secretary for Mr. Hektner. For the past two summers Jcannine worked at Yellowstone Park and she will work for General Mills in Minneapolis upon graduation. Her name has been linked with Carl Iverson, a 1058 Radio-TV graduate.ribft IteUi Eileen Moxness Betty Kilccn Moxness is a graduate of Milnor High School and is enrolled in stenography and office training. By her singing and accompaniment she contributed to the choms and caravan. Band and dramatics complete her list of activities. President Havcrly knew what he was doing when he selected this capable campus cutic as his secretary for next year.Ronald Gilmore Fred crick.'ion Ronald Gilmore Fredcrickson. Army veteran and Lisbon High graduate, is enrolled in Industrial Drafting. His campus activities include both the 195$ and 1959 Agawasic staff. LSA and Drafter’s Club certainly benefited from "Ron’s" willingness to accept responsibility. In April. Patricia Kluevcr. SSS business student became Mrs. Fredcrickson. Merlin Delano Hjorke Merlin Delano Bjorke has served ns an instructor in the Hadio and TV department. Ho lived in Harvey, North Dakota before serving in the Army. While enrolled here in electrical engineering, he served as president of the Cabinet, assistant in Burch Hall, and genial handy man about the campus. During the Easier holidays. "Bud” was married to the former Kay Lewis. ‘58 Liberal Arts graduate and presently secretary to President Hnverty. "Bud" and Kay will live in Fargo next year where he will complete his education at NDAC.Gary Lee Jacobson Gary Leo Jacobson is a WHS graduate and veteran of a two-year stint with the Marine Corps. The advisorship to the Weekly Fellowship Club claimed much of his time this year. Gary has been generous with his musical talent sharing it with the chorus, band and caravan. As a student in Liberal Arts, his vocational interests lie in the social work field or in the ministry. UN'D will have the benefit of his talents next year.Ross Stanley Smith Boss Stanley Smith is a veteran of the Air Force and a native of Fargo. "Stan" is enrolled in the Electrical Trade department. He held the office of president of the Electrical Club, is co-chairman of the USEB. pep organization, nn l served as co-editor of the Agawasie. His campus activities include band, chorus and the caravan. His future employment will be in the electronics field, and his calendar of future events includes marriage to Leila Bicber, student nurse now in training in Chicago. .......................................--- — -.............................................. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Michael Ray Schaefer, an enrollce in civil engineering received his secondary education at St. Mary's in Bismarck. "Mike's" father is an SSS alumnus, having graduated from the electrical department. Athletics claimed his i extra-curricular interests. In boxing "Mike" won his share of matches as well as the 10SS Alfred B. Bindley Award for scholarly achievement, an award limited to students actively participating in Golden Gloves competition. Coach Bute claimed him as a regular on the football squad. His romantic Interests point to Bonnie Lloyd. '50 Mardi Gras queen. Future plans are to attend NDAC next year. — — ■Karl William Hopper I Karl William Hoppert. Liberal Arts, graduated from Wahpeton High School and has distinguished himself by becoming head of the local Chapter of the Order of Do Molay. Earl has participated in choral a ml caravan groups, disk jockeyed our record hops, and sat as the JC representative on the Cabinet. The 1050 Agawasle was fortunate enough to secure his services as Business Manager. He hopes to obtain his baccalaureate degree from Yankton College. . 3 '__________________________Abbot. I,arris K. Alto. Vonncdella F. Docddeker, Russell S. Brcckenridge. Minn. Business Stanley. N. D. Business Hillsboro, N. D. Business Dole shy. Vera M. ICllefson. Coil '. Fjeld. Dorcan F. Wahpeton. N. D. Business Barnesville, Minn. Business Brcckenridge, Minn. Business Doblcr, Loraltii Fullerton. N. D. Business liar insert, Audrey J. LaMouro, N. D. BusinessIloff art. Jerome E. he Anne, Sister M. Rugby, N. I . Business Lloyd, Honelle M. Wahpeton, N. D. Business Olson. Jeon A. Glen burn. N. 1). Business Shock. Donne C. Fergus Falls, Minn. Business IJurkes. James M. Eleven. Merlijn E. Hazel ton. N. I). Finley. N. D. Business Business McFarland. James li. Grafton. N. D. Business Mcttoherts, Dicaine II. Donnelly, Minn. Business 1‘aape. Jean nine D. Hut. Leo J. Wahpeton, N. D. Sisseton, S. D. Business Business Smith. Arlene E. Thimjon, Duane M. Buffalo. N. D. Business Brcckcnrklgc, Minn. Business Brcckenridgc, Minn. Business Special Moxncss. lie tit E. Milnor, N. D. Business Reynolds, lloxy Ann D. Sheldon. N. D. Business Truedson. Vernal J. Carrington. N. D. BusinessAmmon. Melvin C. Cleveland. N. D. Pre-Commerce Amundsen. Darlene A. Wahpcton, N. D. Pre-E lucatlonal Hurbknecht. Janice D. Havana. N. D. Home Economics Itjomson, Janice L. Wahpcton, N. D. Liberal Arts Diddle, Sherman W. IIreiver. Karen I,. Huckhouse, Mormon O. Brcckenridge. Minn. Wahpcton. N. D. Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Hankinson. N. D. Agricultural Engineering lAtaw.Bjorke. Merlin I). Harvey, X. D. Electrical Engineering Drake. Vernon L. Fergus Falls. Minn. Civil Engineering Finn, (iary .-I. Wohpcton. X. I). Pre-Commerce lied Ike. Ilandall H. Fairmount. X. D. Pre-Education Carlson. I dell M. Wahpeton. X. D. Home Economics Davenport, Daryl D. Fergus Falls. Minn. Geology De Fries, It oyer II'. Doran. Minn. Electrical Engineering DuVall. ttruee (•. Edner. Orville J. Erdmann. Earl II . Xc v Rockford. X. D. Campbell. Minn. Wahpeton. X. D. Pre-Commerce Pre-Education Mechanical Engineering Folstad. tXeal A. Crenz, Herbert II. Cripcnlrog. Dunne A. Walcott. X. D. Bismarck, X. D. Wahpeton. X. D. Pre-Education Pre-Commerce Liberal Arts Heinz. Wayne K. llolen, Arlan If'. II nice. Si vert T. Center. X. D. Pre-Commerce Michigan. X. D. Pre-Medical Rolette, X. D. Civil Engineeringflopperl, Earl 11'. Wahpeton, N. I). Liberal Arts Kerch. Gerald L. Wahpeton. N. D. Civil Engineering Lee. Duane K. Wahpeton. N. D. Pre-Commerce McDougal, Jack A'. Breckenridge. Minn. Mechanical Engineering Jacobson. Gary L. Janu. Anthony J. Wahpeton X. D. Breckcnridgc. Minn. Liberal Arts Pre-Commereo Kriz. Eileen S. Kube. Eugenia A. Oakes. X. D. Wahpeton. N. D. Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Malsom. Lawrence Mat hi son. Arden E. Linton. N. D. Walhalla. X. D. Pre-Commerce Civil Engineering McDougal. Robert X. Morris. Cynthia D. Breckcnridgc. Minn. Wahpeton, X. D. Mechanical Engineering Liberal Arts Johnson. Kenneth C. Wahpeton, N. D. Pre-Commerce Lackman, Leah M. Edgeley, X. I). Home Economics Maw. (Juincy C. Tappcn, X. D. Electrical Engineering Myhrn, David 0. Wahpeton, X. D. Liberal Arts. el son, William A. Parker. James T. Peterson. Keith It. I’llim. Howard ;. Forman, N. D. Pro-Engineering tael:, Robert I.. Marietta. Minn. Pre-Education Schlotfeldt. Kyle U. DeLamcro. N. D. Pre-Commcrcc Vi pond. I.ester A. Herman. Minn. Pro-Education Wahpeton. N. D. Morgan, Minn. Liberal Arts Mechanical Engineering Raymond. Don IV. Richardson. Donald II. Norcross, Minn. Morris, Minn. Pre-Commerce Pro-Commerce Smith, Patsy K. Thorfinnson. Curtis II. Breckenridge, Minn. Wahpeton. N. D. Home Economics Mechanical Engineering Wheeler. Itarbara I. Willard. Loren It. Breckenridge. Minn. Nashua. Minn. Home Economics Electrical Engineering Napoleon. N. D. Pro-Education Schaefer. Michael It. Bismarck, N. D. Civil Engineering Thor sell, Richard A. Lari more, N. D. Civil Engineering Youngbird. Marilyn Emmet. N. D. Liberal Artsi i v dv tech n teat divisionAatjrcn, Wallace I). Rothsay, Minn. Diesel Maintenance Adams, Willard .-I. Belfield. N. D. Auto Mechanics Allen. Edward I. Crosby, N. D. Auto Mechanics Lane. Allen E. McKenzie. N. I). Sheet Metal Anderson, dene A. Anderson, Marlin A. Anseth, Donald E. Regent, N. D. Crosby. N. D. Noonan, N. D. Drafting and Estimating Drafting and Estimating Electrical Ear ho. William W. Wales, N. D. Auto Mechanics Earronn. Kara Lynne Mandan, N. D. Home Economics (Trade) Eauck. Arland II. New York Mills, Minn. Radio and TV Ackerman. Donald L. Wishck. N. D. Auto Mechanics Anderson. Edward L. Woodward. Iowa Printing Raf lcy, Richard L. Lake Preston. S. I). Radio and TV Eauerle, Duane R. Churchs Kerry, N. D. Auto MechanicsIleek, Donald D. Detroit I akcs. Minn. Drafting and Estimating Rjorngaard. Olio H. New burg. N. D. Radio and TV Rrougliton. Leo L. Powers Lake. N. D. Auto Body Crenter. Terrence R. Havre. Mont. Auto Body Rcrgh. Janies D. Ilerland. Eugene C. Hissel, James M. Forman. N. D. I jike Park. Minn. Beach. N. D. Drafting and Estimating Auto Body Auto Mechanics Hoehl. Wesley II. Hoyd. William L. Hraun. Raymond F. Paynesville. Minn. Rock I ake. N. D. Killdeer. N. D. Drafting and Estimating Radio and TV Electrical Rrumfield, Eugene I Columbus. N. D. Sheet Metal Crissler. Furrel Bclcourt. N. D. Radio and TV Costello. Louis O. E. Grand Forks. Minn. Auto Mechanics Crotvslon. Errol C. Hallson. N. D. Auto Mechanics Cola. Cary A. Dunseith. N. D. Auto Body Cummings. Robert •'. Minot, X. D. Radio and TVDaschel. James J. DeRemer. Joe R. Derry, John E. Dobler, Stanley G Aberdeen. S. D. Breckenridge. Minn. Ellcndalc. N. D. Ashley. N. D. Printing Sheet Metal Auto Mechanics Auto Mechanics Facey. Dean A. Farlow. Samuel R. Fevig. Arvid (). Fiebiger. Vernon D. Gil by. N. D. Wahpcton. N. D. Ulon. Minn. Wheatland. N. D. Electrical Drafting and Estimating Electrical Auto Mechanics Fischer, Robert (i. FUchner, Adrian A. Fredrickson, liana Id G. Frits. Corliss J. Driscoll. N. D. Kramer. N. D. Radio and TV Auto Body Lisbon. N. D. Hunter. N. D. Drafting and Estimating Auto Mechanics Cault. Robert R. Geston, Stephen A. Gilbertson, Carl E. Graves. William .-i. Agate. X. D. Auto Mechanics Fargo. N. D. Coopcrstown, N. D. Glendive. Mont. Drafting and Estimating Radio and TV Auto BodyGoroski. Robert .S'. Golva. N’. D. Auto Body (i u Hick non. Ralph C. Benedict. X. D. Machine Shop Gunderson, Arnold II. Gmndin. N. D. Electrical Hal tor son. Kenneth I). Conway. N. D. Auto Mechanics lledmnn, James M. Minot. N. D. Radio an l TV llamre, Herbert I). Gary, Minn. Radio and TV IIcier, Anthony F. Hague. N. D. Auto Body Hanson. I.ester II’. Graccvlllc. Minn. P.adio and TV lleitmann. Donald A. X. D. Auto Mechanics Hendrickson. II rad ley J. Henke, Norman K. Adams. N. D. Penn, X. D. Auto Mechanics Auto Mechanics Herinyer, James A. Carrington. X. D. Drafting and Estimating tiyllen, Delvin ;’. Xorthwood. X. I). Electrical Hanson. Ralph O. Thief River Falls. Minn. Drafting and Estimating Helm. Marvin K. Wahpcton, X. D. Printing Hoffman. Russell J. Wahpcton, X. D. RefrigerationHoltz, Willard L. Hoylin, Richard '. Lancaster. Minn. Auto Body lien. David M. Aberdeen, S. D. Printing: Johnson, Arne L. Twin Valley. Minn. Refrigeration New Rockford. N. D. Radio and TV Humphrey. Hoy I. Sanborn. N. D. Radio and TV lien. Donald E. Jacobs. Darrell C. Aberdeen, S. D. Stanley. N. D. Printing Diesel Maintenance Johnson, Curtis L. Alsen, N. D. Auto Mechanics Johnson, John C. Maddock. N. D. Radio and TV linesman. Hoy A. Brocket. X. D. Rlectrical Jensen. Anton E. Wnhpoton. X. D. Drafting ami Estimating Jorgenson, Honald D. Leeds. X. D. Rlectrical Jorstad, Marvin C. Tioga. X. D. Diesel Maintenance Ease man. Edward C. VVishek. X. D. Rlectrical Kastman, Marvin H. NVishek. X. D. Rlectrical East. I’ercy It'. VVahpeton. X. D. Drafting and EstimatingKazmierczak. Dory J. Stephen. Minn. Drafting and Estimating Kinsella. Dean . Berthold. N. D. Electrical Korsmo. Richard I., Northwood, N. D. Sheet Metal Krueger, Willard Jamestown. N. D. Drafting and Estimating Keareny. William '. Mt. Carmel. N. D. Radio and TV Klein. Leroy, li. Zeeland, N. D. Auto Mechanics Kindseogel. Rueben .1. Hebron. N. D. Auto Mechanics Kochrl. Timothy F. Bentley. N. D. Radio and TV Kingsley. Lee Hoy A. Wheatland. N. D. Auto Mechanics Koppang, Harvey I,. Alamo, N. D. Refrigeration Kranzler, James R. Lehr, N. D. Auto Mechanics Krug. Michael . Mott. N. D. Auto Mechanics Krebs, Vernon J. Regent, N. D. Electrical Kunze. Robert F. New England. N. D. Auto Mechanics Kruckenberg, Arley J. Hazcn. N. D. Radio and TV Kurtz, Krtcin I.. Mentor. Minn. Electrical1MILadd. Holier! If. I.u France. Francis Larson. William II. Larson. FarI L. Monango. N. D. Radio and TV Crystal. X. D. Auto Body Wnhpclon. X. D. Auto Body Park River. N. I). Auto Mechanics Leaho, Orris L. Fee. John II. Leinen, David II. Lien. Warner C. Fergus Falls. Minn. Detroit Lakes, Minn. Doran. Minn. Drafting and Estimating Printing Electrical Wahpcton, N. D. Electrical Lind. Vernon I). Epping. X. D. Diesel Maintenance Upper!. Cordon I’. Verona. X. D. Radio and TV Loonier, Lawrence li. Fergus Falls. Minn. Auto Mechanics Loren:, Cerald J. I.angdon, X. D. Electrical Lorenz. Marcus L. I-angdon. X. D. Electrical Lorenz, William M. Velva. X. D. Refrigeration Lvvaas. Omar I. Valley City. X. D. Diesel Maintenance Luckman, Ceorge I). Bow bells. X. D. Radio and TV — ■—|— Mentzer. Hubert Mallteld. Don (• Martin. Irving h. Cavalier. N. D. Printing: M nr pic. Husscll (). Fergus Falls. Minn Printing Perham. Minn Radio and TV Aberdeen. S. D. Printing Mikkclson. I’vdcr L. Sharon. N. D. Diesel Maintenance Minten. Joseph Perham. Minn. Auto Body Moe. Allen K. Finley. N. D. Auto Mechanics Moser. .Minn A. Napoleon. N. I). Auto Body Monger, Int mid It. Alamo. N. D. Refrigeration Mueller. Donald H. Hope, N. D. Radio and TV Mulli, Maurice J. Gladstone. N. D. Auto Mechanics A 'ell. Huger K. McClusky. N. D. Radio and TV Nelson. Norman .-I. Detroit Lakes. Minn. Auto Mechanics Nelson. Vernon L Wahpeton, N. D. Auto Mechanics Nielsen, Stephen L Wllmot. S. D. Auto Mechanics Not osek. John J. Litchville, N. D. Diesel Maintenancei ols. Andrew M. Zeeland, N. D. Radio and TV Ohlhauser, Marlin M. Linton, N. D. Auto Mechanics X order fins. I'aul J. Souris. N. D. Radio and TV Olson, Clayton J. Madison. Minn. Diesel Maintenance Xoteh. Ilrian K. Cummings, N. D. Radio and TV ear son. Lewis A. Wnhpcton. N. D. Radio and TV Pederson, Kenneth . Peterson. Robert L. Prieb. Theodore (i. Battle Lake. Minn. Binford. N. D. Wolvcrton, Minn. Printing Drafting and Estimating Auto Mechanics Ralter, IP. Paul Ramberg, La Verne A. Reber. Teddy C. Bismarck. N. D. Auto Mechanics Tioga. N. D. Auto Mechanics Foxhome. Minn. Printing A'{ guard. Sylvan E. Alamo, N. D. Diesel Maintenance Pederson, Glenn L. Wales. N. D. Diesel Maintenance Putman, Gordon L. Egcland, N. D. Auto Mechanics Renner. Eugene E. Pelican Rapids. Minn. Radio and TVIt ode waid, Wallace II. Callaway, Minn. Auto Mechanics IIu high. Hon aid l„ Fairmont, N. D. Diesel Maintenance Rogers, Richard J. Wahpeton. N. D. Printing Rudolph. Roger I). Fullerton, N. D. Auto Mechanics Rohde, Charles R. Wales, N. D. Diesel Maintenance Rudy. Cordon J. Union. X. I). Radio and TV Rufseold. Mel ford L. SagmiUer, Lewis •'. Saunders, Dennis I). Fort Ransom. N. D. Fargo. N. D. Pekin. N. D. Auto Mechanics Auto Mechanics Drafting and Estimating Sclilenker, Clifford E. Alfred. X. D. Auto Mechanics Schnaible. Ronald R. Minot. N. D. Printing Schneekloth, Douglas J. Tower City. X. D. Auto Body Rosherg, Lonnie IF. Bottineau, X. D. Auto Mechanics Rnehke, ArDee L. Wahpeton, X. D. Printing Scheller, Ambrose J. Wahpeton. X. D. Drafting and Estimating Schneider. Jack II. Langdon. X. D. Radio and TVScltroeder, Rodney If'. Gil by. N. D. Electrical Sherva, Robert K. Xorthwood, N. D. Electrical Simonson. Donald L. Minot. X. D. Radio and TV Strong, (iordon L. Harvey. X. D. Drafting and Estimating Schuler, Harold I). Steele. X. D. Printing Shaffer. Alvin .V. Mnddock. X. D. Radio and TV Shearer. Jimmy D. Wahpeton. X. I). Drafting and Estimating Sherrey, Clair S, Pierpont. S. D. Sheet Metal Shimmin, Kdtcin I.. Forbes. X. D. Drafting and Estimating Sikorski. Curtis L Breckcnridge Radio and TV Smith. Ross S. Spitzer. Jake R. Sualstad. Hurlin R. Fargo. X. D. Electrical Wilton. X. D. Shelly. Minn. Auto Mechanics Electrical Tabor. Kenneth J. Breckcnridge. Minn. Electrical Taylor. Leslie R. Berthold, X. D. Auto Mechanics Taylor. Theodore A. Fargo. X. D. Sheet MetalTerncs, Leo It. Raleigh. X. D. Radio and TV Topp. Leonard ( . McHenry, N. I). Diesel Maintenance Van Cleave, Hubert I), Wahpeton. X. D. Printing Vogel, Lloyd .-1. Valley City, N. D. Radio anti TV T iody. Jay .-I. Wahpeton. N. I). Drafting and Estimating Trageion. Howard .1. Xorthwood, X. D. Auto Mechanics Vanyo, Michael J. Grand Forks. X. D. Drafting and Estimating Volland. Larry J. Crookslon. Minn. Drafting and Estimating Thompson. Kenneth .-I. Bottineau. X. D. Electrical I'liman, (.'one C. Haynes, X. D. Sheet Metal Vetter. Elias K. Linton. X. D. Sheet Metal l'o i Hank, Alfred J. Buffalo. N. D. Auto Body Toft. Marlin L. Wahpeton, N. D. Electrical Vail. Larry (i. Bowman, X. D. Electrical Viall, lialph I. Erskinc, Minn. Auto Mechanics Von Huden. Bernard J. Mayville. X. D. Radio and TVII 'agner, Edwin L. Twin Valley, Minn. Radio and TV H'fl iffc. Leonard F. Breckonridge. Minn. Auto Body Wanner, Wilfred '. Bel field. N. D. Printing M’afne, Duane .-I. Waltnern. Robert J. Wellbrock, Norman II'. Cooperstown. N. D. Aberdeen. S. D. Fergus Falls. Minn. Drafting and Estimating Drafting and Estimating Electrical li es . Dale J. Wahpcton. X. I). Electrical Wheeler. Lrland II'. Jamestown, X. D. Auto Mechanics Wilmot, William II. Jamestown. X. D. Radio and TV Winkler, Ronald F. Ylilalo. Ralph ' .nch. Francis K. Oriska, X. D. Menahga. Minn. Wahpeton, X. D. Diesel Maintenance Diesel Maintenance Drafting and Estimating Washek, Jerome II'. Underwood, Minn. Printing Werchau, Wayne Judson, X. D. Auto Mechanics Windlass. Darwin L. Sharon. X. D. Diesel Maintenance y.imbelman, Darryl D. Oakes, X. D. Radio and TVStangl. John II. LcMcaa. Calif. Drafting and Eslima Zastrotc. IInice E. Columbia, S. D. Diesel Mechanics llrints, Judith I). Grafton, X. D. Business Thompson. Ilruce IT Britton, S. I). Business Engel. Ohnar I). Battle View, N. D. Radio and TV IIelite. Tilford E. Morris. Minn. Pre-Education ()pitting. Darrell ’. Kloten. N. D. Drafting and Estimating U„ right, nrrt ro,c: Olson. Leader. Ur. Kcbischkc. Anderson, Johnson, A. Second row: Johnson. I. lied strand, liasmuson. Wait, lloucrsox. Tick. enlner. Schudar.On behalf of myself and David Iten, my co-editor, we wish to thank everyone who has had a hand in making this book possible and, we hope, a success. No job worthwhile is ever easy, but with all the fine cooperation we have been blessed with this year, it seemed much easier than usual. A special thanks to Mr. Odin Studrud, without whom, to be sure, we would never have made the grade. This advisor has endless patience, and with us he needed every bit he could muster. Thanks also to the staff for a fine job, the printers, for their good work, and to Mr. Vernon Hektner for very worthwhile advice. I would like to stress the idea of how important it is to you future seniors and to anyone else who may read this and who anticipates higher education here or somewhere else, that you get out and participate as much as you can, in some extracurricular activity while on campus. I have found it to be very rewarding from the standpoint of building knowledge, confidence, experience and in many cases, a business-like attitude which will be helpful in your future, whatever your goal may be. You will meet many more people and will ‘round out your education’ at the same time. We are happy for the privilege of serving you, the student body, on this, the staff of the 1959 Agawasie. ROSS S. SMITH You and Your Alumni Association The State School of Science has over 6,000 graduates. Each year approximately 300 graduates arc added. Immediate personal benefits through joining the Alumni Association include: 1. Each issue of the school paper, the “Scientist.” 2. Periodical issues of the Alumni Directory. 3. Full information on “Homecoming" each fall. Long range benefits to you through joining the Alumni Association: 1. A more active association. 2. Would give school more "voice” in the State. 3. The privilege of doing things for your school. •1. All of which would make for an expanding Science School. Dues are: Yearly: $1.00 Life Membership: $15.00 Let us all become active supporters of our Alumni Association. Contact the Alumni Secretary for full details. Graduates! Why Not Join Now?Besl Wishes And Good Luck BOOKS TO TOOLS STATIONARY SUPPLIES Science Graduates THE BOOK STORE ALVIN ECKRE WARREN OLSON Manager Bookstore Assistant We're cheering for Mission ! For real refreshment it's MISSION BEVERAGES Distributed by the HAUSAUER BOTTLING CO., WahpetonCONTINUED SUCCESS TO ALL Science '59 Graduates North Dakota's Largest Electronics Supply House Write for Catalog Bristol Distributing Company Main Office 1345 Main Avenue, Fargo, N. Dak. BRANCHES 227 West Broadway 25 North Main 1017 South Washington Bismarck. N. Dak. Minot. N. Dak. Grand Forks. N. Dak.Farmers and Merchants State Bank The fastest growing bank in the community solicits your business on the basis of a square deal, courtesy and a friendly interest in your business at all times. Consult Us About Your Insurance We Can Serve You PHONE NI 3-5553 Breckenridge Minnesota REED'S Texaco "15" Service WASHING BATTERIES GREASING TIRES Dial NI 3-5621 Breckenridge, Minn. Compliments of American Linen Supply Company Chicago 11, Illinois PIONEER COFFEE Used by the Leading Cafes - Colleges - Hospitals Throughout the Midwest From The Coffee Roasters Pioneer Coffee Co. Moorhead, Minn. WAHPETON ELECTRIC Electrical Contractors Donald Schend Arthur Berg Herman Hareland Leo Vondal Rural and City Wiring Electrical Appliances Commercial Lighting Refrigeration Motor Repairing and Rewinding Phone MI 2-3585 215 Dakota Avenue WahpetonSincere NORTHLAND ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY Compliments WHOLESALE ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTORS of We invite you to visit the most outstanding lighting and appliance showroom in the Upper Midwest Chamber "Find The Best Way" of SHIRLEY-ONSTAD INC. Commerce 1335 Fifth Avenue North, Fargo, North Dakota ADAMS 5-1166 Serving the Plumbing and Heating Trade with: Wahpeion, N. Dak. Plumbing Fixtures and Supplies Hydronic Heating Equipment Copper Tubing Warm Air Heating Equipment Brass Fittings Air Conditioning Equipment Water Heaters Pumps and SuppliesACME WELDING SUPPLY "Everything for Welding" Fargo Bismarck AHPETOJV The Friendly Meeting Place Hotel Coffee Shop Emerald and Bamboo Rooms Fine Foods - Reasonable Prices Dinner and Luncheon Parties Looking Ahead to the Future To you the future is of great importance, and through your work at school you are making sure you will be ready to meet its challenges. To all of us at Otter Tail Power Company the future is of great importance too. Through research, planning, and building we are making sure we will be ready to meet its challenges and also be ready to serve the progress of the many communities of which we are a part. Otter Tail Power CompanySLETTEN'S MILLER PHARMACY Wahpeton Laundry and Cleaners Aluma-Craft Boats CORNER DRUG Dry Cleaning and Ev in rude Motors STORE Launderers Harley-Davidson "Two Friendly Stores" Hat Blocking At Repairing Pressing Dakota and 11th St. Two Convenient Locations Dyeing Wahpeton Wahpeton, North Dakota PHONE MI 2-5111 KELLY'S MOTEL B and W Dairy DINER Courtesy “Still the beat, of Finest in Grade "A" try us when Products in Waltpeton” Western Featuring Newspaper Milk Cottage Cheese Compliments of Union Orange Drink Breckenridge, Minn. TRI-STATE PAINT S GLASS Fargo, N. Dak. COMPANY Phone NI 3-3971 Wahpeton, N. Dak. GAFFANEY'S 617 1st Avenue North. Fargo, N. Dak. Sales - Service Terms if Desired ROYAL ” STUDENTS NO. 1-typewriter 'TVaicCa Ha ‘tQement e'i; Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive, easy to govern, but impossible to enslave. Compliments of GLOBE-GAZETTE PRINTING COMPANY Wahpeton. North Dakota —It's a Good Name to Remember!Siurdevanl's Auto Electric Wholesale Automotive Parts Wheel Aligning and Frame Straightening Service Magneto Parts Service Carburetion and Motor Tune-up Phone 2-5533 Wahpeton N. Dak. Compliments Krause Motor of Service JORGENSEN'S VARIETY IMPERIAL CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH DEALER Compliments of Complete Motor Overhaul Ben Franklin Stores Body Work and Painting Nattonally Advertised Wahpeton, N. Dak. Locally Owned Telephone 2-4290 Pasteurized and Homogenized Grade "A" Vitamin "D" Milk ft Cream ft Ice Cream ft Butter ft Cottage Cheese Dial 2-4218 Mickey the Milkman says: "Delivered Milk Is Froth . . . Only Hours From the Farm." Lindale Creamery CompanyEquipment Feeds Servicing Remedies Poults Chicks ROGERS HATCHERY Wahpeton, N. Dak. FARLOW'S Style Center Ladies' and Children's Ready-to-wear SMART STYLES AT LOWEST PRICES CONSUMERS GAService Co. Gas Service Is Our Business Phone 2-4371 OLIVER'S Super Valu Corner Dakota Avenue and 9th Street North Phone 2-5576 Wahpeton, North Dakota We Invite All Students to Visit . . . ROSEMEADE Pottery Wahpeton, N. Dak. Compliments of Wahpeton, N. Dak. The Wahpeton National Bank “The Fricndlij Hank on flic Corner" Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MODERN AND CONFIDENTIAL SERVICES FOR YOUR FINANCESThanks... For the very fine patronage we have enjoyed during the past year from the students and faculty of the STATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE Flowers For All Occasions EDEN BORG'S WAHPETON FLORAL COMPANY 802 Dakota Avc. Dial 2-3171 Compliments of JIM'S MARKET JIM BUSHEE SONS Proprietors Fruits and Vegetables Potatoes Our Specialty Compliments of J. C. PENNEY CO. in WahpetonVERTIN'S Furniture Company Bob Caspers Russ Monson "Dealers in Nationally Advertised Merchandise" Phone MI 2-4311 WAHPETON BROWN'S RELIABLE CLEANERS One-Day Dry Cleaning on Request LAUNDROMAT Half Hour Laundry Across from Post Office Wahpeton Your Patronage is Appreciated Telephone MI 2-3681 MEHL'S Flower Shop and Greenhouse Brecken ridge Minn. Anderson Food Guild Store Free Delivery Daily Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Sunday: 0:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 205 South 5th Dial MI 2-6241 Breckenridge, Minn.RICHLAND CO. OIL AL BADER AGENCY GIL'S D-X SERVICE Accessories Wahpeton's Finest . . . COMPLETE (.as. Oil. 1 ires Batteries, and Grease Phone 2-5611 Good Food — INSURANCE SERVICE Wahpeton, N. Dak. Better Service Wahpeton, N. Dak. Compliments of LEON'S CAFE and VISIT THE Del Rio We Specialize in SPEED and QUALITY WORK Spudnut Shop MAKERS OF' HOME-MADE CANDIES H r Aim To Please LEON OLIVER, Prop. AND ICE CREAM BON-E-M AE CLEANERS Men's Clothing KEN and ROY'S CONOCO Compliments of and Shoes wahpeton WAHPETON See Us for Styling and North Dakota Drug Company Value PEG'S - Barber Shop "The Rexall Store" r f« jc ' ZZ3F WAHPETON, N. DAK. For That “Well-Groomed” Look Wahpeton. North DakotaWahpeton Paint and Glass Co. Leon Novetzke Bill Crawford • Wallpaper • Waxes • O’Brien Paints • Plate Glass • Auto Glass • Mirrors • Paint Brushes 709 Dakota Avenue Phone 2-3563 Compliments of SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. Phone 2-5538 Wahpeton, North Dakota RicitLi+ul Gon tl f FARMER-GLOBE North Dakota's Greatest Comnium ty Newspaper Wahpeton, N. Dak. Compliments of WEISER LOAN CO. and EKANGER INSURANCE AGENCY Sincere Compliments of DR. H. H. MILLER, M.D. EYE EAR NOSE THROAT Citizens National Bank Building Wahpeton, N. Dak. RAY MOSS ELECTRIC Appliances liadio Television GUARANTEED SERVICE We Service All Makes Record Bar Phone 2-57-11 WAHPETON SHOE HOSPITAL and Canvas Co. Home of Expert Shoe Repair Phone 2-3973 BRAUN'S SUPER SERVICE GAS. OILS TIRES and TUBES RECAPPING ALL TIRES Phone 2-4451 Wahpeton, North Dakota 6 RED OWL Wahpeton's Lowest Priced Super Market “We give S H Green Stamps”For Style ... Wiihoul Extravagance It's . . . LIEBER'S S t o r e o f the IE el I - D r e s s e d S S S C o e d Wahpeton, North Dakota Park Grant Company Wh olcsal e Dist ri but or s • GROCERIES • CIGARS AND CANDY • FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUIT Wahpeton North Dakota AUTO PARTS COMPANY Since 1925 EARL SCHMIDT WARREN DOBERSTEIN Local Distributors of All Makes of Automotive and Tractor Replacement Parts Garage and Filling Station Accessories and Equipment General Welding Supplies and Equipment Phone 2-3161 Wahpeton, North DakotaIt Takes Just a Minute . • • to and tell you to ask that most of you to come our officers and in get acquainted employees are Alumni and use the service that of the State School of Science our bank offers this community 4 % Midway 2-5565 Citizens National Bank Wahpeton. North Dakota Hbaimc 1 w Universal Finance West Side Motors Company The LARK “Cash in a Flash” By Studebaker Wahpeton, N. Dak. Sales and Service Phone 2-6659 Wahpeton 2-4704 HOLLY'S Barber Shop "Wahpeton's Finest'' Best Wishes for Success Compliments of KNIFE RIVER COAL MINING COMPANY BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTAMATH BRAUN COMPANY Manufacturers of Our Best Flour —New Star Feeds WAHPETON, NORTH DAKOTA DIAL 2-3611 WHERE SCIENCE SCHOOL MEETS Complete Soda Fountain % Luncheon Service and Meals HOME MADE ICE CREAM FROZEN FRESH DAILY COMPLIMENTS OF Wahpeton, N. Dak. General Office Located In Omaha, Neb. Milk Ice Cream Cream Cottage Cheese PHONE MI 2-4411HOPPERT'S Wahpeton Plumbing and Healing "We Service What We Sell" Phone MI 2-4241 Wahpeton, N. Dak. JACK REED, INC. CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC "House of Sincere Service" Phone MI 2-5561 Wahpeton, N. Dak. Pellerson's Our Own Hardware "The Complete Hardware Store in Wahpeton" Hardware Housewares Sporting Goods Phone MI 2-6342 Wahpeton, N. Dak. FLAA OIL COMPANY John Flaa. Proprietor Dealer in GAS. OIL. TIRES, AND BATTERIES Greasing and Washing Phone MI 2-3451 Wahpeton, N. Dak. TEXACO PRODUCTS — GOODRICH TIRESSCHMITT and POULTON Floor Coverings — Venetian Blinds Window Shades FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director Dial 2 3577 WAHPETON, NORTH DAKOTA Compliments of KIELB'S We Specialize in Well-Fitted AL'S Standard Station Quality Shoes BARBER SHOP "The Professional Station At Reasonable Prices with the ROYER SHOE STORE in Wahpeton Personal Service” Wahpeton, N. Dak. I. E. LILLEGARD INC. International Tractors NORDAHL'S Jewelry Store WATERS DRUG Maying Washers and Dryers For (lifts You’ll Give II ith Pride Let Xordahl’s Your REXALL Store Phone 2-3621 708 Dakota Avenue He Your Guide Breckenridge, Minn. Phone 3-5411 Breckenridge, Minn. Weyerhaeuser 4-Square Lumber • ho I! it i Ids 4 Home F.reets n Temple COMPLETE LINE OF BUILDING MATERIAL COAL THOMPSON YARDS Weyerhaeuser Timber Company Wahpeton. N. Dak. Phone 2-3751The Motor Oil Company “Pure Royal Welcome Service” FLOYD A. SWENSON Owner • Stop at our complete bumper-to-bumper service station for lubrication needs. We are equipped to handle all makes of cars and trucks, able and ready to render complete and satisfactory service. Fill your car with Pure Pep Solvenized gasoline and Pure Lube motor oil. Enjoy the peak of performance of quality products. Our complete line of accessories will take care of all your motoring needs. Remember— You Can Always lllK SURE 11777 PURE” Pure Tires and Tubes Batteries Tire Repair Service • Wahpeton N. Dak. Phone 2-3121 COMPLIMENTS OF BRONSON CLOTHING Men's Fine Clothing and Furnishings CARL'S TEXACO SERVICE LUBRICATION WASHING Dial 3-5151 Breckenridgc, Minn. Melby Studio A Studio of Modern Photography Peschel Candy Company Wholesale Distributors Breckenridgc, Minn.FORD MASSEY HARRIS MERCURY Stoudt Moior Company WAHPETON, N. DAK. Phone MI 2-5546 Sales and Service Auto Body Dept. Radiator Dept. DRYCLEANING Hat Cleaning and Blocking Leather Cleaning and Finishing LAUNDERED SHIRTS Wash. Dry and Fold 315 Dakota Ave. Wahpeton, N. Dak. Dial NI 3-4871 NORMAN BUSLEE Public Accountant Income Tax Service Phone MI 2-3705 Lieber Building Wahpeton MARTIN'S BOOTERY 309 Dakota Avenue “Shoes with Style, Quality, Price — for the Entire Family" Martin Fuskerud Proprietor GILLES and RIDGE THEATRES Our Prescription— Take Time for a Good Time! "Your Best Time Is Theater Time" Northwestern Sheet and Iron Works FABRICATORS OF CORRUGATED METAL CULVERTS JOBBERS OF STREET SIGNS AND CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES Wahj eton. N. Dak. Phone MI 2-4221 

Suggestions in the North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) collection:

North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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