North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND)

 - Class of 1956

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North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1956 volume:

PUBLISHED BY THE STATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE WAHPETON, NORTH DAKOTABecause we want to recognize his outstanding contribution to us in his over forty-three years of service to the Science School we proudly dedicate this 1956 Agawasie to Mr. F. H. McMahon. Long time teacher, registrar, counselor, and dean, he is famed for his memory of alumni names and faces. Source of all sorts of diverse information, recipient of more cigars, possessor of a keen sense of humor, embodiment of all that is exemplary in a teacher, and personal friend of thousands of Science School students, we salute him, this day, our Mr. Science School.O'WttftMyfl ftctaiiai t’iatioit 6 24 46 Or aai citioiKi. 62 s4ctivitie 72 £t6,Cettc i 103 rfctve'Ui itty 126 Norman Iirunsdule Governor of North Dakota t 7%.e4.4 zye fattt aui tyoveiaar Since this word of greeting is the last one I am privileged to make to the students and faculty of Wahpcton Science through the columns of the Agawasic. I can appreciate the position of the staff responsible for the publication of the annual. Theirs is also a last official act for the year, or very likely for their entire school enrollment of several years. The 1056 Agawasic very appropriately is dedicated to Mr. F. H. McMahon, Director of the Junior College Department for many years and who is retiring after forty-three years of devoted service to the State School of Science. His great work in an active capacity in education is over, but the effect of his advice, counsel and teaching will constantly increase as long as graduates and former students of the School of Science who attended school under him arc active. Because North Dakota is on the verge of increased development of its natural resources of water, soil and minerals, including petroleum, trained skilled workers will be in greater demand than ever before. In addition, those who have completed advanced courses toward a college degree will find their opportunities for success or employment are greatly increased. Just as we are concerned about the conservation and best use of our natural resources, we can't overlook the conservation, which includes education and training, of our greatest resources our young girls and boys. They will hasten the development of our state because they have been educated and trained. VVahpeton Science has through its graduates assisted materially in the past in the progress made in our state. In the future it will do so in greater degree. My sincere good wishes to the class of 1956 at Wahpeton Science for a happy and successful future. Also, greetings and good wishes to its faculty and students, and on this occasion particularly to Mr. F. H. McMahon. Sincerely yours, NORMAN BRUNSDALE Governor ilState aatcC 6 e% Sctucati a Albert Hass New Rockford Elvira Jestrab Williston M. S. Ityrne Bowman Mildred It. Johnson Wahpelon I). IF. We si bee Ciiaml Forks Marlin G. Kruse Kindred .•I. E. A mason Bismarck Dr. A. I). McCannel Minot Seven members appointed by the governor and a commissioner elected by the board make up the functioning unit which is at the head of our state higher education system. Mr. D. W. Westbee is president of the board, Mrs. Mildred B. Johnson, vice president and Dr. A. F. Arnason, commissioner. In 1938 an amendment to the constitution of North Dakota created this board and vested in it the power to govern the state institutions of higher learning. That they have a big job, no one can deny, in this day of educational change. The census reports tell us that enrollment figures will skyrocket to unheard of proportions. In no small way we look to this board to find answers to some of our problems. rr: 9Our President, 1 G. XV. avert! President 10F. H. McMahon Director of Junior College W. M. Nordgarrd Director of Business School , , , 'Dviecto-'id James A. Horton Director of Trade School 11Edward Adams Linotype Palmer Anderson General Mechanics and Welding Sidney II lake way Drafting and Estimating Wesley Allen Radio and TV Harvey Eisek Tractor and Diesel 12 Eager G. Hr a me! Chemistry and Dean of MenDonald Fauns Surveying: and Mathematics Charles llrockineycr Radio and Transmitters Donna Forkner Home Economics II. ,. Ilabennan Accounting Far I Hide Mathematics. Director of Athletics and Physical Education Hay Cherniak Band DirectorClarence Iloefs Electrical Vernon llektner History, Political Science ami Social Science Mrs. Hath Hodgson Practical Nursing lone IIan son Secretarial Training Elizabeth Haver land Anatomy Iternard Htigers General Mechanics and Bench WorkMiding Johnson Auto Body Repair William Johnson Printing Spencer I okenson Shed Metal Howard Kinde Printing Merton Jacobson Electri :al Mrs. heat rice Jcpson Dietetics 15Henry Knight Mathematics and Physics Mrs. Mildred Inirsson Librarian Eduin I.Hike Related Trade Subjects Virgil Mai he.son Electrical Engineering and Electrical Trade Verlin Lundgren Electrical Shop and Theory Hjarn Melslcd Radio and TVJ. Maurice Ny guard Refrigeration John Neperud Auto Electrical A re id Olson Garage Shop Mercedes Morris Typing and Business English London 1‘etersen Related Trade Subjects Owen Myhre General Mechanicskmil I’cterson Electrical Math and Theorv (Heim Delerson Garage Shop Merle alterIson Drafting and Estimating llermt lloholl Office Machines. Filing. Dean of Women Donald Hosley Radio A ran Quanbeck Related Trade Subjects 1Julian Szczur Welding Harold (7. Unkenholz Radio Waller Business Fundamentals. Temperature Controls Wettan Alice Walton Typing, Shorthand Kdward Werre English, Biology. Athletics Dale Wit I man Auto Mechanicsdtdmiai txative 'Pen. ou.ueC Cordon Patterson Hen II. Ilarnard Alvin Kckre Business Manager Public Relations Ass’t Trades Director TTtecUcaC T e'idamteC Dr. I). G. Jar lining Muriel Connolly School Doctor School Nurse O ice 'Pexa.ruweC Kelly Gilles Lorraine Iteinke Patricia Palm lath Moxness Lois Smith Scc’y to President Scc’y to Registrar Trades Secretary Public Relations Stenographer Secretary 21 itkietic Left to riff lit: Dick Kasper, James Mickelsvn, Deter Cities. Lucerne Job. Left to riffht: John Stephens, Dick Fenskc, David Harmon. Seacar (?C zdd 'PiedicteatdStudent (2 z iuet Left to ri( III. Lett Gould, Dure Stallman, president. Beulah Uusebye. secretary. Gary Meyer. Left to right: Mr. W'erre. advisor. Lea Goulet. Linus Kder, Miss Morris, advisor. Dace Stallman, Beulah f usebye. Gary Meyer, Glenn Smith. Ben Barnard, advisor. 1Bruce H. Aarhus Auto Mechanics Clifford. N. Dak. Owen N. Anderson Auto Mechanics Bay, N. Dak. Gregg: H. Bale Printing Wall pot on. N. Dak. Wayne T. Adams Printing Glendive. Mont. Be Roy E. Albjirg Liberal Arts Fergus Falls, Minn. Eddie Asland Auto Body Buxton. N. Dak. Herbert L. Barker Radio-Television Rock Lake, N. Dak. Walter E. Baumann Engineering Wahpeton. N. Dak.Richard M. Bcchcrl Printing: Jessie, N. Dak. Charles A. Barthwick Radio-Television Warwick. N. Dak. Roger F. Beck Bnginocring Wheaton. N. Dak. lirnest B. Borland Radio-Television Lake Park, Minn. Vernon .1. Bloom Engineering Willislon. N. Dak. Patricia J. Bommersbach Business Forman. N. Dak Maurice A. Bladow Auto Mechanics Wahpoton. N. Dak. Donovan D. Bohn Engineering Mankinson. N. Dak.Lynn D. Brosseau Radio-Television Drayton, N. Dak. Edgar W. Bruce Pre-Commerce White Rock, S. Dak. Wendell C. Cnpnuch Auto Mechanics Fordvilie. N. Dak. Charles R. Christenson Drafting Lawry, Minn. Rodney R. Christianson Auto Body Elbow Lake. Minn. Delbert Burkhardt Radio-Television Zap, N. Dak. l e Roy A. Buittncr Drafting and Estimating Webster. S. Dak. Jay P. Buus Drafting and Estimating Lake City. S. Dak.Ronald J. Christianson Auto Body Elbow Lake, Minn. 1 Patricia L. Cox Business Oakes, N. Dak. Larry R. Dobing Electrical Pago. N. Dak. Kenneth L. Daniels Electrical Engineering Brcckcnridgc, Minn. Lewie Demarais, Jr. Auto Mechanics Crookston. N. Dak. 29 David J. Dalcchcck Electrical Dickinson. N. Dak.Harold D. Drevccky Radio-Television Adams, N. Dak. Linus L. Eder Printing Rreckenridge, Minn. Eldon L. Eliason Diesel Maintenance Buxton, N. Dak. Lyle O. Engel Auto Mechanics Powers Lake, N. Dak. William E. Easton Electrical Humboldt. Minn. :to Erling J. Eaton Radio-Television Breckenrldge, Minn. Millard R. Eide Printing Fargo. N. Dak. John Ficek Auto Mechanics Dickinson. N. Dak.Raymond C. Flaa Liberal Arts Wahpeton, N. Dak. Tracy C. Gapp Auto Bo ly Strandberg, S. Dak. Donovan J. Cangle Printing- I ake City. S. Dak. Wayne L. Gebur Auto Mechanics Rock Lake, N. Dak. Dennis H. Carad Business Lklgerwood, N. Dak. Vincent A. Gregar Radio-Television West Fargo, X. Dak. Halldar J. Goo lman Drafting and Estimating Mountain. N. Dak. Myron Gunderson Electrical Buxton, N. Dak. 31Martin A. Halstongard Auto Mechanics Bergan, N. Dak. Roger R. Hanson Electrical Lisbon. N. Dak. Eugene I . HaufT Auto Mechanics Golden Valley. N. Dak. Janice M. McCullough Liberal Arts Breckenridgc. Minn. Charles E. Hansen Clark k. Hansi n Drafting and Estimating Auto Mechanics Minncwaukan. N. Dak. Ball Club. Minn. David K. Harmon Printing Moorhead. Minn. 32 Roland B. Haugen Electrical Butte. NT. Dak. i CRobert A. Hegge Auto Body Ulcn. Minn. lister L,. Hclmckc Robert B. Holey Drafting and Estimating Radio-Television Georgetown. Minn. Wyndmcrc, N. Dak. Merritt Hoffman Engineering Minot. N. Dak. Cecil B. Henning Auto Mechanics Ray N. Dak. Frank Hi 1 born Refrigeration Valley City. X. Dak. 33Albert M. Holman Radio-Television Hatton. N. Dak. Roger Horn Tractor and Diesel Forman. N. Dak. Robert S. Infold Auto Mechanics Fordville. N. Dak, Luverno J. Job Business Jamestown. N. Dak. Dll wood A. Johnson Pre-Commerce I.owry. Minn.Arthur B. Kallc Electrical Borup, Minn. Manley J. Knutson Electrical Gary Minn. Monica F. Kopplemun Business Wahpcton. N. Dak. Mcrvin L. Knutson Trator and Deisel Sherwood, N. Dak. Owen G. Kornkvcn Sheet Metal Souris, N. Dak. 35Orville Larson Auto Mechanics Cackle, N. Dak, Kay J. LviihI Secretarial Arts Wahpoton, N. Dak. William Lcicr Drafting and Estimating Balfaur, N. Dak. William L. Lillis Electrical Richvillc, Minn.Caii J. Mack Deiscl Mechanics Kcnsal, N. Dak. Leonard D. Martin Business Oberon, N. Dak. James A. Mattson Business Lldgerwood. N. Dak. Gary C. Meyer Engineering Benson, Minn. Edgar D. Mellum Radio-Television Warwick, N. Dak. James J. Mickelson Radio-Television Daven| ort. N. Dak. 37 Raymond Miller Auto Body Hague. N. Dak.Oliver E. Mitzel Business Great Bend, N. Dak. Elroy M. Mund Refrigeration Ashley. N. Dak. Osborn A. Ost Auto Body Jamestown, N. Dak. •»o .»o Clayton S. Patterson Auto Mechanics Danny Brook. N. Dak. Bernard L. Morris Auto Mechanics Bismarck. N. Dak. James E. Nelson Electrical St. Thomas. N. Dak.Boyd L. Pepper Radio-Television Ray, N. Dak. Burt D. Pepper Engineering' Ray. N. Dak. Donald A. Peterson Auto Mechanics Teal. N. Dak. Kenneth A. Pfau Auto Mechanics Upham. N. Dak. Glen A. Pfau Auto Mechanics Upham. N. Dak. Gust L. Premus Diesel Mechanics Ashton. S. Dak. Alex Y. Punton, Jr. Rueben Reichert Auto Mechanics Radio-Television Page. N. Dak. Elgin, N. Dak. Robert W. Roan Radio-Television Custer. Mont. 39Ladrun O. Roaring Radio-Television Campbell, Minn. Roland M. Rokvsek Auto Mechanics Burt. 2S Dak. Clarence R. Schillin: Electrical Mobridge. S. Dak. Bruce P. Schley Printing Aneta. N. Dak. Allen Rosten Tractor and Diesel Wildrosc, N. Dak. Larry G. Roll Auto Mechanics Ashley. N. Dak. Robert D. Sandvlg Auto Mechanics Sheldon. N. Dak. Doris J. Schanz Business Alsen, N. Dak.Gilbert D. Schmidt Drafting and Estimating Harvey, N. Dak. Clayton L. Schramm Electrical Hazen. N. Dak. Kenneth L. Schneider Refrigeration Glendive. Mont. James L. Severson Auto Body Overly, N. Dak. James J. Schwab Electrical Jamestown. N’. Dak. Peter M. Schweitzer Radio-Television Dodge. N. Dak. LeRoy A. Sender Auto Mechanics Me Vi He. N. Dak. Myron I. Scncy Radio-Television Minot. N. Dak. •11Floyd E. Smith Drafting: and Estimating: Sisscton. S. Dak. Glenn L. Smith Auto Mechanics Carpio. N. Dak. David C. Stallman Pre-Commerce Mooreton, N. Dak.Albert E. Struck Printing Long Prairie, Minn. Leonard F. Storbeck Electrical Minot. N. Dak. Robert L. Slice Electrical Fairmount. N. Dak. George L. Swenson Fergus Falls. Minn. Pre-Commerce Ervin Strand Radio-Television Westby. Montana Ottillia L. Sturn Business St. Anthony, N. Dak. Alvin G. Suko Drafting and Estimating Ashby, N. Dak. Melvin E. Tandbcrg Auto Mechanics Decrlng, N. Dak. John L. Taylor Drafting and Estimating Velva. N. Dak. •13Lawrence A. Torno Printing Max. N. Dak. Vincent M. Tongar Refrigeration Pelican Rapids, Minn. Earle L. Treiula Radio-Television Grand Forks, X. Dak. Lester S. Vetter Vernon E. Yiddcn Radio-Television Printing Bismarck. N. Dale. Fertile. Minn. Truman O. Thykeson Auto Mechanics Portland. N. Dak. Pius Volk Auto Mechanics Hague. X. Dak. •11 Donald Tomalino Ra lio-Television Glendive. MontanaRoger 10. Wallner Electrical Enderlln. N. Dak. Lawrence L. Wallace Radio-Television Fargo, N. Dak. A, Gerald O. Watkins Auto Mechanics Hettinger, N. Dak. Leonard D. Winter Mary J. Woodworth Drafting and Estimating Business Fergus Falls. Minn. Wahpeton, N. Dak. •15 Harvey H. Zimmer Pre-Commerce Campbell, Minn.Abies. Gordon Ackerman. Yvonne Adams. Clarence Albough. Lester Allen. Rolland Unruh, Barbara Amesbury. William Amundson. Elmo Anderson. Charles Anderson. Elvina Anderson. George Anderson. Harry Anderson. Irving Anderson. Janet Anderson. Kenneth Anderson. Marlys Anderson. Marjorie Anderson. Marvin I. Anderson, Marvin O. Appert. Clement Aaserud. Oswold Atkinson. LcRoy Babby, Maurice Bach. Marvin Baier. Walter Barrett. William Baltruscl). Donald Bariel 1. Henry Bassen. Dennis Baumgartner. Alvin Beck, Larry Begger. David Benz. Leone Bergren. Dale Berseth. Marcia •ISAlinder, Lowell Anderson. Jerome Anderson. Leroy Aascrud, Martin Bachman, John Backlin, Curtis Bakke. Rodney Bergquist. Lowell Beyer. Wally Bina. Clifford Biggs. Paul Bilquist. JoAnn Bjertness. Levon Bjerke. Willis Blonigan. Beverly Blouin. James Boespflug. James Bommcrsbach. Patrica Boyles, Russell Brat lie, LeRoy Braun, Raymond Brekcl. John Brevik, Bernard Bricn. Kenneth Briggs, Ronald Britsch, Evonne Broin. I e Ann Brophy, Bernard Brown. Alva Braun. Thomas Bucrklc. LeRoy Burley. Harold Busch. Joel Buus. Virginia Campbell, Rodger •19Carlson, Frank Cartwright. Gerald Carlund, Robert Carroll. James Caussyn. Dwainc Clauson. James Cochrane. Donald Coleman. Bert Colebank. Raymond Colvcrt. Lyle Copelan. Murlan Crossan. Lawrence Cruff. Russell Christensen. Arlcn Christensen, D. Christensen. Lyle Christopherson, Myron Curtis. William Dale. Thelmer Daly, Sidney Dalos. Marvin Daman. Joan Detmers. Wesley Dobrowski. Louis Due, Wayne Dubuque. Betty Duckwitz. Hedwig Duvall. Bruce Eckmann. Arlo Edwards. Curtis Egan. Jeanne Ehrens, Dennis Ellingson. Paul Enstad. Roland Erickson. ArnoldErlandson, Harold Esllngcr. James Evans, Allen Ewert, Arthur Fabian, Marie Fandrich. Ervin Fcigcl, Earl Ferguson, Eileen Field. Cora Finkbeincr, Norma Fischer, Robert Fischer, Luvern Flanagan. Richard Fleisher. William Foley. Shirley Foss. Kermit Foyen. Clarence Frantsvog, Eld red Fraedrich. Carole Freeman. Earl Fredrickson, Joyce Froslic, Lyle Fulkerson. Gordon Gajer. Sandra Ganskop. Harold Gardner. Kenneth Geloff. Norman Gerald. Dale Germundson. Warren Gcssellchcn. Harold Gorum. Shirley Grossman. Joe Gronbcck. Julann Green, Claudia Green. CherylGrcnz, George Griffin, Marvin Guggenmos, Mary Gulsvig. Melvin Guthmillcr, Roy Haakenson, Marlin Hagaman. John Haakenson. Stanley Hager. Isabel I Haider. Richard Hammargren. Barry Hanssen, Clarence Hansen. Erland Hansen. Raymond Hanson, Llyal Hanson. Marvin Hardenberg. John Haring, JoAnn Harper. Arthur Hart. Wesley Hartmann. Bert Haugenuc. Edward Hawley. Donald Haux. Roland Hauf. Robert Hedstrom, Lenor Hegdahl. Donald Heib. Willis Hemsing. Mary Heinle, Betty Hendricks. Betty Heisler. Monica Hetland, Wayne Hennings, Joanne Henjum, ShirleyHerfindahl. Duane Hess. Richard Hctland. Lester Hilde. Darlene Hinsverk. Dale IIo. Jay Lee Holland, William Holtc, Richard Holte. Ronald Halvorson, Aloyus Horner. Thcadorc Howbert. Donald Hummel. Ronald Husebyc. Beulah Hutton. Joanne Infeld. Allan Ishaug, Ordean Jacobson. Gary Jacobson. Floraine Jaeger. Katherine Jaeger. Daniel Jensen. Donald Jenson. Richard Johnson. Robert Johnson. Albert Johnson. Paul Johnson. Rodney Johnson. Daryl Johnson, Kenneth Johnson Elert Johnson. Carol Johnson. Robert Johnston. Arlene Jones. Donald Jorgenson. LeonardJorud, Yvonne Josewski, Dale Juhola. Patricia Julson. Duane Kasper. Richard Kosir. Herman Kastelle. Russell Karns, Thoa lore Kehn. Shirley Kahn. Marilyn Keidel. Alan Kempton. Boyce Keye, Bill Kinnoin. Duane Kilt. Donald Klein. La Von Klein. Bernhard Klein. Roger Klostcrman. 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Eugene Onken. Loyce Oliver. Rosemary Olin. Kieth Olson. Ronnie Olstad. Olive Olson. Gordon Olson. Ernest Olson. Duane Ouren. Marlys Pankow, Eugene Pansch. Brcdley Moc. David Moe. Dclmorc Mocn, Monroe Monger. Vernon Monson. Lloyd Monticth. DuYVaync Moss, Richard Mueller. Donald Muffcnbier. James Murray. EarlPearson. John Pederson. Lyle Pellman, Inez Peterson, Dee Peterson. Carl Peterson. Dean Pedersen, Gorm Pittington. Jay Prescott. Wilmer Prcuss. Carol Price. Nelda Raftcvold. Wallace Rausch. Duane Ray, Dale Rebhahn, Donald Reams, Jack Rcgeth. Elaine Reno. Sharon Rcnsch. Lavcrne Reep. Donald Revering. Philip Richards. lone Richardson. Nancy Rittenbach, Reinhold Robeson. Martin Roberts, Richard Roemmich. Raymond Rogers. Dwight Roller. Raymond Roloff. Ronald Rosen, Erhardt Rowe. Robert Rudie. Grlean Rukkc. John Salness. James58 SamueIson. Floyd Sandvig. Robert Sansburn, Charles Sauskcr. Larry Schafer. Edward Schatz. Arlen Schatz. John Scheller. Ambrose Schlotfeldt. John Schneider. William Schmitz. Jake Schmitz. Harvey Schaf. Wilfred Schwartz. Richard Schoenborn. Erick Score. Eugene Schultz. Marvin Schulz, Lois Seller. Gordon Sethre. Russel Sebens. Margaret Shannon. James Sheridan. Jane Siems, Donald Sillerud, Kenneth Singlcman. Robert Singleman. William Skold. Merlyn Smith. Robert Smith. Victor Smykowsko. Donald Snethcn. Phillip Solhjem. Betty Sonsteby. Ward Sorben. ErnestStafford. Ralph Springer. James Stanley. Margaret Stanley. Robert Steenbock. Donn Steiger. Alfred Stelton. Alta Stenberg, LaVonnc Stobe. Dale Stock. Kenneth Stoltenow. Eileen Storhoff. Richard Stram. Wayne Stutsman. William Sunby. Charles Sylling. Donald Teie. Richard Teige. Ardell Thom. Ronald Thomas. David Thompson. Carrolle Thompson. Ronald Thompson. Earl Thorson. Donald Thuen. Harold Torno. Marlin Trageton. Howard Tritten. Lorenz Underwood. Gloria Ulmer. Lloyd Unger. Durran Van Dyke. Harry Vandenburg. Richard Vig, Raymond Viger. RichardVonderharr, Linus Vorwerk. James Vostad, Donna Von Ruden, Charles Waehn. Raymond Wagner, William Walkup. John Wallace. Lester Wahldieck. Betty Wandler, Leon Wegner. John Wanek. Darrel Wenger, Fred Wilson, John Wenstad. Dwanc Wettschreck. Louis Wiegandt. James Wilson. Rodney Wermager, Orvis Wescom. Mickey West. Maxine West. Lynn West by. Joan Westby. Stanley Westom. Richard Widmer, Elmer Wiedrich. Roland Wilcox. Samuel Williams. Jackie Willson. William Winter. Daniel Wolff. Dale Walvatnc. Maynard Wortman. Dwain Yaggie. RobertYoung. Orin Zeller, Orville Zent, Howard Zimmerman. Richard Zwaek, George Aakcr, Hazel L. Aase. Duane W. Agard, Lavon L. Amundson. Gordon Anderson. Gene V. Anderson, James A. Anderson. Jon L. Anderson, Marlyn J. Anderson, Owen N. Anderson. Richard C. Argali. Robert C. Armentrout. Rodney R. Ashmore. Waldo L. Bach. Marvin M. Baldock. Irene E. Banyai. Anton N. Barney. Yvonne R. Barnett. George E. Beck. Gerald J. Benson. Clifford A. Bentley. Lavonne C. Bernard. James F. Bircley, Douglas B. Bossert. Emma C. Bowles. Walter J. Boyle. Richard L. Bratlien, Roger J. Brevier. Robert D. Gabel. Eugene E. Gabel. Wilbur J. Cairns. Dave Campbell. Joyce M. Carter. Ernest L. Cookslcy, Glenn F. Croteau. James J. Dahl. Ronald S. Dahlcn. Jadie A. Dethlefsen, L. J. Divinius. LeRoy Docktcr. Arthur Dosch. Henry Dosland. Daniel L. Eastman. Henrietta Edinger. Victor B. Edwardson. Elvin D. Ehlers. Dale H. Eliason. Eldon L. Erb. Karen C. Evans. Delores E. Fabcl. Joan M. Feland. Gabriel M. Flesche. Everett T. Fischer. Robert G. Fogard, Robert B. Fossilm. Erwin H. Frank. William C. Gaulrapp. Robert Gill. Dale E. Gloege. Gordon B. Green. Cheryl Y. Grieve. James G. Hagene. Valdomar E. Haglcr, Donald D. Halgrimson, Darrell Hansen. Donald G. Hanson, Charles J. Hauck. Wilfred A. Hebert. Joseph E. Heinz. Bernard P. Hcisler. Donald R. Holland. Paul O. Hendrickson. Richard Herman, Eugene G. Hermes. Francis J. Himmerich. Lawrence Hinsverk. Mario Hoefs, Eugene H. Horn. Roger R. Holtc. Kcrmit B. Hovcsklcland. Donald Hursman. Frederic D. Infold. Allan G. Jaeger, Kathleen Jensen. Jeanette A. Johansen. Marvin A. Johnsgard. Larry S. Johnson. Darrell L. Johnson. Lloyd M. Johnson. Richard W. Johnson. Robert Johnson. Sherman Johnsrud. Harold L. Jordan. Loyd Kackman. Lyle R. Kasper. Richard A. Kastclle. Russell E. Kath. Robert J. Kerns. Theodore J. Kertscher. Leonard V. Kilbcr. Edgar W. Kitzmann. William F. Klcvci' Earl G. Knoei :. Lyle L. Knudson. Edwin J. Kuntson. Maynard E. Knutson. Mcrvin L. Koepplin. Clarence Kosin, Herman J. Krononberg. Amelia Krueger. Bill G. Ladwig. Wallace H. Kvalc. Arthur Lackman. Manual Lamb. Louise P. I aRocciuc. Louis P. Larson. Dennis J. Larson. Larry Lau. Gloria E. Laverdurc. Lyman P. Lee, Clayton B. Leben. Howard A. Inline. Floyd J. Lillibridge, Robert L. Lindstrom. Neil M. Linnell. Larry K. Loudncr. Kenneth L. Mack. Carl J. Mahler. Maynard Marcottc. LaVonnc A. Mauch. Kenneth E. Maurer. Ferdinand W. Mayer. Augustine H. Mover. Paul McCullough. Dale McDonald. Robert D. Mead. Richard W. Mickclson. Lester M. Miller. Harold Modi. Patrick D. Mocn. Rita J. Mongoven. Michael J. Moore. Donald L. Mon ness. Darwin Murscth. Sherman Nash. Richard II Ncameycr. Gordon F. Nelson. Harold F. Jr. Nelson. Phyllis M. Nelson. Raymond L. Nitz. Richard F. Olafson. Stefan Olson. Allan O. Olson. Donald Osnumdson. Allen P. Payne. Ruthford W. Pearson. Douglas L. Pedersen. Gorm B. Peterson. Charles Peterson. Gerald Prennis. Gust S. Rath. Leonard J. Rath. Roger D. Reinke. Gary C. Reiter. William F. Rosten. Lloyd B. Ruland. Chester W. R.vba. Charles Rychman. Harold R. Sand. Jcrrold A. Schatz. John Schcck. Cyril V. Schcldcrmann. Lorencc Sell Move. Tilford W. Schncllbach, Edward Schwalbe. Carl O. Severson. Richard Shclstad. Owen R. Shirek. Mrs. Ottillia Singlcman. William Skalct. Myrdcll V. Skalskv. Larry J. Sodcrstrom. Rodney D. Sorljo. Darlyn D. Steffens. Lee J. Steiger. Alfred E. Stenerson. Dona J. Stensgaard. Gladys Stockcrt. Ralph Stout. George R. Strand. Carole A. Strcifcl. William Stumvoll. Gerald Suhr. Curtis E. Tcsch. Ernest M. Thilmony, Marlene Thompson. Betty M. Thompson. Bruce A. Tobin. Arthur R. Tottingham. Jerry G. Vadnais. Duane A. Van Wechel. Dennis G. Wagendorf. Alfred C. Wanglcr. Romaltus Watt. Donald A. Weber. Joseph A. Welz. Doris F. Wilhclmi Louis V. Wolf. Robert J. Wolfe. Flmer T. Young. John N. Jr. York. Roercr D. Yunker. Curtis C. Zaehcr. Rcinhokl Zahn. Elmer W. Zoller. Herbert G. 61 iccauutiuy (?Cct nL LT', !eti 'a- ri,J'jt; I.0 Ir • ])'rdnrd' G°xiUn' C f - Marlin. Job. Second row: Green, bund, h r tied rich, H estby. Oliver. McQuay.. Duckwit: Inruh. Sebens. Mitzel. Third row: Kahn. Human. Hen;. Slenbcrg. Leonard, h rednekson. hourlh Uoto: Hennings. Field. M. Anderson. Foley. Ilroin. Vostad. tmateun ‘iR.adia First row. left to right: Coleman. Daniels. Mayers. Holman. Me Adams. Zeller. Mr. Kosely. Mr. Hrockmeyer. Mr. Schiebe. Second row: Anderson. Weber. Dorevecky, Michleson. McClure, Keduson, Kolstad. Kartell, Torno. 64 iccto acUf, 2 First rote, left to right: Stumvolt. J. Anderson, l| estom, Albouglt. Ererding. i orcm, Haumgarlner, J. Fischer. H ext- Severson, It. h i sc her, Iturkman. Ronald ( hristia nson. Itodney Christianson. Osier. Second row: Murphy. It. Johnson. (Island. L. Ileck. Mauck. Schocnhorn. Trittin. C. Von linden. M. AY Ison. II ay me. C. Miller. Tlwin. C. Ileck. rearson. Third row: Swanson. Ilegge. Howe. Durkin. Ilinnnericli. Ohert. Kruger. (). Ost. l olte. how. Hickel. It. Steffen. Meidinger. Steenbock. II rat tie. McLaughlin. It. Miller. Mead. C. cl son. Thorson. It. II tlson. Hunan nllcr, S. II oaken son. Ilcr gs tad. Argali. It. Vig, Mr. Svenkesm. Mr. Johnson. Secaact fyeezr tecta ’TttecAcLeUca First row. left to right: Mr. Peterson, I). Peterson. d. Plan. Hoeraul. Denis. land berg. Mr. Olson. Lawson. C. Patterson. Hoff. L. Demurai. Hraget, Henning. Mr. Schuett. Second row: Jorgenson. Larsen. Watkins. d. Smith. II null. Pun ton. Ilelgerson. Sentler. Inf eld. It. Johnson. Itokusrk. Hanson. Third row: S. Anderson. d. Cauassyn, Volk. Capouch. Kilber. debar. Hladotc, Olaf.son. Osier. A. Johnson. II. Morris. J. Ficek. Schtecht. Fourth row: L. Engel, O. Larson. L. Rott, O. Anderson. W. Meidinger. I). Stare. Aarhus. Thykeson. Ilartels. Austin. Halstengard. 05'pifi t 'tyea% 4uta 'TKe Aaoccd o nop. o ; o O i'Of'x ; " IWSfSi v O . 0 n % n A'p f k ' |v . y pwfceLr First row. left to right: Pittington, Crossan. It. Anderson, llellnnd. Warntager. Ztcack, Sorbo. ('reives. Mr. Neper ud. Second rote: Schat:. .1. Christenson. Land sent. L. Christenson. Hlouin, Morn. Severson. Dobrou'ski. (). A tsernd. M f.arson. Third rote: Montieth. Heinke. Trageton, CclofT. Nelson, Sausher. Holler. M'itcot, Cermandson. Luckman, Viger. M. Asserud. Fourth row: l afrombois. Hath. Koeplin. Olson. Mayer. Kousch. Hebhahn. Onken. Kitt. Pederson. 66Science "Pefe ancC First rate, left to right: Larsson. McCullough, Hroin. Second row: Vostad, Kahn, . ordgaard, Sethre, Meyer, Herseth. Hakke. Third row: It. Moss. Johnsynard. Messner, (luggenmos. Jacobson. I). Moss. Fourth row: Cherniak, Johnson, Goulet, Schmitz, Hurley, Sunby, Corum, fluscbye, Rukke, Lund. (?a- tye- 'pettoivdAife First row. left to right: Kuehn, Hendricks, (layer. Second row: Linford. Frederickson. Leonard, Duckwitz, Peterson, Hale. Third row: Moss, Abels, Reichert, Jacobson. I Foods. 67'D'uz twfy aact S tcettatitup First roir. left to right: Krenzel. Urrtindnhl. Klein. Anderson. Thor son. Eslinger. Huittner. Sundry, Strand. Taylor. Lee. Crenz. Second rote: Hansen, lingers. Van Dyke. Vandenhurg. Fillers. Hill Singebnan. Wacha. Hob Singebnan. Itoeinniich. Shannon. Leier. Schmidt. Winter, Ferguson. McKerrall. Third row: C. Miller, Kronen. '. Johnson, Madigin. Luheck. Wallace. Idso. K. Johnson. Condition. J. Hass. Hrbneke. Sheldon. Suko. Hart he!. Fourth row: Krlandson, F. Smith. Stiller. Ilacklin. Wilson. Y.enl. Cairns. K under t. Anderson. Del mers, II. Net sen, Horner, Wescont, Itoy. SlecfoicaC @ict First row. left to right: Amundson. Ameshury. Curtis. Hrerik. Mae. Hcdstrom. Hudie, Ibirrett. Linir.ll, Weidrich. Atkinson. Hanagnn. Storhoff. Second row: Mae. Hagaman. tlammagren. Knstad. Clausen. Ilirleij. Sanshurn. Herquist. 7 bird row: Cerald. Inch. Itrann. Higgs. Young. Ilursman. Ishaug. Fischer, Colcbank. Fourth row: Johnson. Meyer. Sillcrude. Lorensherg. CuthmiUer. Hath. Ilaugenoe. Schafer, Huberts. CescHchen. Jensen, Hnnnsen. Snethen. Olson. OSS %.u zel-S (?Cu (■ ,rsJ r nc' h’ J lo rtffht: Schultz, Pepper, Dewald, (1. Meyer, teams, Busch. Kastelle, ttukke. Second rote: Heck, Loll. Baumann, Daniels, Dahlen. Cruft, St or be. Anderson. B. Schultz. C. Peterson. Dalos. Third row: Schciterlein. D. Smith, (lilies. Hahn. McCarthy. (fat Mzt ’WtecAaeUca First row. left to right: Ilagler, Y tinker. F eland. Dethlefsen, Ityba. Flesche. Knoepfle. Johnsrud. Dost and. Wolfe. Dosch. Second row: Mr. Myhre, Kilber, Schnellbach. Ilelland. Schwable. Knud son. Banyai. ameyer. Meyer, Anderson. Wolf. Armentrout. Mr. Uilgers. Third row: (lilt. Kdwardson, Anderson, Hath. Suhr, Texch. Maueh. Hanson, Hychman. Dahl. Brener. Johnson. Fourth row: lleister, Skalsky. Mayer, ‘earson. Hasten. ’ .oiler, Moch, Lindstrom. Benson, fleman. Larson. 69tyuvtio'i @oUeye (?Cu6. First row left to right: Uppers. Geier. Hendricks Krb. Stun,. Second row: Stensgaard. Kuehn. Haring. Cox. Tehle, Hosier man. hube. »oodicard. Sunby. Swenson. Hurd row: Ronunersbach Jaeaer Goulet Olson lira,,,,. Kasper. Shannon. Muth. Wolff. Stallman. Fourth row: Lars son. ostad lr Z tin ...Ihln " , ■ "rehv wn hrn,rr ?nib» KZ seSZ: (alterI. (,. Frierson. Schmitz. Aordgaard. Carter. Kahn. Lund. Tomlinson. Strand. Gorum. Hcinle. First row. left to right: Felhnan. Regeth. Schanz. McCullough. Vnruh. Duckwitz. Richards. Gronbeck. Ilenz. Second row: Foley. Harney. Field. Fraedrich. Sebens. Green. Hennings. Oliver. Juhola. McQuay. » . Indrr-mony, Sheridan. Itenz. Ackerman. West by. Husebye.son.Favian. Frice. Guggenmos. Ourens. Legge. Thil Stenberg. Third row: F. Johnson. Stutsman. Olson. DuVull. Rivinius. Pepper, Johnson. Rukke. Hoffman. Meyers, Reck, Toben. Cnger. Zeller S uttia Secede aad ScsioCC First row. left to right: Oliver. McQuay. Schanz. Second row: Ronunersbach. Haring. Lund. Krump. Cox. Itenz. Huseby, West by. Fraedrich. Stenberg. Lippert. Koppelman. Stensgaard. Green. Sebens. Foley. Third row: Kloslerman. Johnson. Ouren. Thilmany. Leage. Rroin. Larsson. Vostad. Fourth row: Johnson. Garad, Stephens. Johnson, Goulet. Messner, Rivinius. Raffevold. Kasper, Job. Mattson, Otto, Mitzel. Miss Hanson. 70Autdmau Student i accatcan First row, left to right: Buss, Taylor, Haugen, Steffens. Pederson, Christensen. Burley, l.arsson, Foley, Cron-heck. Second row: A. Johnson, liukke. Halos. Flanagan. Storhoff. Copeland. Cor uni. Bilquist. I'nruh. Richards. Third row: Shannon, Tritten. Meyer, Carload, h. Anderson, lillingson. Ourens, Hennings. Sehens. Fourth row: Amundson, (1. Olson, Johansen. Rivinius. , odd guard. Messner, Schoenhorn, Berseth. Damon, Brain. First row. left to right: f uesby. Woodward. Schulz. Vostad. Mickelson. Second row: Thompson, Solhjcm. Price. Cuggemos. Viger. Britisch. M. Anderson. C. Creep. Benz. Third row: Hastelle. Hilde. Field. Fund. Steuek. R. Peterson, Hetland, Wiegandt, Aaserude, Fabian. Wes'by. Fraedrich. Stenberg. Reams. Fourth row: f.awson, Cunskop. H’cstby, Koepplen. Tragenton, Aaserude. M. Wagner. Mandt, Jorgensen, C. Hansen. Hauf. 71UtixecC First rote, left to right: Stum. Heinle, Kegeth. McCullough. Woodward. Kube, Reno. Lund. Sheridan. Husebye, Solhjem. Corum. C. Crcen, l ilde, Oliver. Second row: Uppert, Krh. Jaeger. Fabian. Ourens. Lagge. Fellman. Strand. Klostennan. Richardson. Rerseth. C. Crcen, Cronbeck. Third row: Vorwcrk. I). Ilinsverk. Du Vail. Kahn. Daman. Johnston. Kivinus. Sunhy. Haugen. Rukke. Keidel. M. Ilinsverk. Muffcnbicr. Fourth row: Rule. Schmitz. C. Olson. Freeman. Smith, Swenson, Goulet. Sethre. Rukke, C. Olson. L. Anderson. Kasper. 'Tfecumaet First row. left to right: St urn. Jaeger. Rommersbach. Kahn. Oliver. Stallman. Goulet. Thihnong. Legge, Upper!. Miss Moris. Mr. McMahon. Second row: McQuay. Fellman, Rlonigan, Kegeth. Erb. Sheridan. Klostennan. Haring. Cox. Ackerman. Third row: I nger. Schwartz. Kasper. Recherl. Grossman, dangle. Otto. Garad. Dobrowski. Gessel. Schmitz. Itegger. D. Schultz. Roller. Schultz. Mangin. Soldi. Whalen, Maag. Daniels. Stevens. Tomalino. 72i 'PrUaten, (ZCctft RacUa First row. left to right: Relyea. Many, Wilbur, Schwartz. Mr. Rockmeyer, Gregor. Mayen, Trendu. Korthicick, Sminesvick. Second ow: Woods, Scney, Smith, Fischer, Marker. Pederson, Vortverk. Thompson. Third rote: Milner, l eley. Pepper, Weber, Holman, Turnquist, Rrosseau, Rnudson. Pfau, Schweitzer. Mushier. Fast horse. Strand. Fourth row: Roering. Eaton, Walters. Ilogoboom. Moe. Roan. Coleman. Ruud. Tomalino. Reutter. Uratlien. Filth row: SpafTord. Davidson, Rurkhardt, Drevecky, Reland, Mellum, Mickelson, Rophy, Hinsverk, Reichert. 73 hirst row. i«( to rigm: ocntuer. » unetmi. n. jonnson, nowe. Knrnm « ■ Hinsrerk. Due, dorder. Meyer. Hilborn. Stanley, Hanson, Fleischer it •' ischer. Haugen, Second Mund. Holt lift. ' r' Third row: Keynr, I). row: Jones. Sacayacvea (?Ccc First row. left to right: Lippert. Hommersbach. Richards, M. Anderson. Stanberg. Fraedrich. Second row: Roholt, Shire k. Jaeger. Kuehn. Hendricks. Cnruh. Dick wit:. Heinle. Hegel h. Schanz. dronbeck. Third row: Selson. Morn McCullough. Rrb. Ackerman. Foley. Vrice. Cambell. Fred rick sen, Leonard. Hennings. Me-()uay. Oliver Jorude. Fourth row: Itatdock. La It. Lamb. Finns. 1‘etersen. Legge, Thilmony. Damon, Hem-sing. Larsson. durum. Yostad. Sebens, West by. Hen:. Cuggenmos, Field. Strand. Heilman, Husebye, liar-Sheet 7%etat @tcch Firs rote, left to right: Hawley, Zimmerman, York, Johansen, Thompson, Harringer, Kornkven. Second row: hander, Sleigen, Sckroth. S’eisen. Olson. Sailor. Third row: Miller. Edwards, Kearns. Iletland, Krieg, Smith. Jaeger. Hohnadel, Kelly. Lettenmeu First row. left to right: Sahli, Reck, Eder. Slice. Second row: Harney. It. Johnson. C. Kelson. Winter. Damaris. Scheveck, L'rscth, Yagge. Third row: Watson. Young, llagaman, Each, llraun. 75S utta Scsii e z tcC ScsiaCl hrsl row. left to right: F.rb. Jaeger. Kuehn. Hendricks. Second role: Field. Fenske. Sheridan. Swenson. Third row: I’nee, Ackerman. Fell man. Woodward. Anderson. Federickson. St urn. Duckwiti. I'nruh. ttegeth. Hennings. Leonard, ourth row: Daman, H andler. I). Wolff, Swenson. Hruce, (iessell. Stallman. Carter. Keidel, Kahn. ‘7'uzcta'i cutcl 'Die eC First row. left to right: Knutson. Watt. Osmund. Weber. Ullibridge. Hasten. Kreuger, Schlievc. Second row: ’remits. Van Wechel. II agendorf, Cookslcy. Eliason. Johnson. Maurer. Reiter. Third row: Horn. Mack. Mr. Ilisck, Harnett, .Xelson. 76 7a z tnta tei (?Ccc First rote, left to right: tinkler. C. Frierson, Itusch. I. Anderson ,, „ , , , . Second row: Halgrcnsen, Firgrl. Iterp. U'alcopp, Unger !'!' ,)u 1 f " l° ’(S0"■} n " ('rson- r,,,, t%ald. Lamb, Monger, .eller. 550 '1 eU Ccd 77awtec mivify feverIn Iilonigan AttendantThe fieldhouse tens decora led with caricature drawings by John Wilson. Events were brought to a fitting close as alumni, students and their guests danced to the music of f rest on Lore and his orchestra. The homecoming festivities included the coronation, firelight pep rally and coke dance. .1 parade led the tray to the gridiron where the I 'alley City Vikings were vanished by the Science School 117 rfffl s. VILDCATS VANISH VIKINGS | S2 Music for our Annual Thanksgiving Dance teas furnished by Jimmy Thomas and his Orchestra. Inland flaugan did a fine jolt as chairman of the "dabblers Hall". Forming the grand march at the Halloween Dance. Music by deorge Schoen and his Orchestra. Students dressed in their worst appeared for a gala evening of dancing and merry-making.The Grunetles. I9S6 Girls' Trio at Science, appeared at many local functions during the year. Eileen Klosterman. Kay Lund and Jane Sheridan. Among the programs in tchich they participated were the Wahpeton Guilders Show. The Science Scandals. The Sacajaicea Formal and Senior Reception. They have also sung on several occasions for Rotary and Kiivanis. fn March they appeared on W DAY-TV, when the girls of the Easiness School took a field trip to Fargo. The Kampits Kings, members of which are Jacobson. Anderson. Johnsgard and Flaa. have had an active year—musically. They have sung for many local groups, service clubs and church organizations. Like the Trio, they have also appeared over WDAY-TV. They sang at a banguet sponsored by Shirley-Onstad. Inc. of Fargo in March, participated in the Guilders Show program. Science Scandals and the various school parties and receptions.A A ational Assembly entertainer demonstrates the reverse technique in archery with his assistant. This is one ot the many programs that was presented in the fieldhouse daring the year. Dr. I). J. .Xclson demonstrates some of the more impractical uses of electricity. Assemblies such as this one proved to be as instructive as entertaining.Shirley Foley, Carole Fraedrich. Cheryl (ireen and Ardith McQuay al their heat for the formal. Members of the Sacajaivca Club and their guests danced in a winter wonderland. Caul Hanson and his orchestra set the tempo for the annual formal event. The Melodic Caravan composed of sixteen songsters presented the program at the annual Sacajawea formal in January. SCScience Scandals of ’56 was presented under the auspices of the Student Cabinet at the Mardi Gras. Activities for each month of the year were presented by very versatile members of the group through song and instrument. Director of the variety show was Ted Stelton, former SSS student. Iteverly llonigan Mardi Gras Queen Cliff Urseth General Chairman 87Queen of the March of Dimes event teas f.aVonne Stenberg. SSTed SI cl I on, Director Oue ?4ct ‘PCayt. . . . The Wedding” Student Director. M. Koppelman Pictured from left to right: Wolff. Sheridan. (!essell. Swenson. McQnay, Cox and Kasper. “Wheat Fire” Student Director, lillwood Johnson Pictured left to right: Swenson, Legye. ttruce and Kahn. “Despcrat e Desmonds Dastard It Deed“ Student Director, Dick Fcnske Pictured from left to right: Daman, ThUmony, Fraedrich, Keidel and Fund.The Hook Store i It you (jo to school you must hare supplies and books. This is nicely handled at the Science School Hook Store. Pictured are Areid Olson and Waller We I lan as they hand out books and tools during the registration day rush. Health Center The health center, open to all students, gives medical and emergency aid to those in need. Many medications arc prescribed and treatments tor minor injuries, received in school, are. taken care of without charge to the student. “Mr. Science School” (lifts were presented to F. II. McMahon by alumnus I). It. Allen of Walcott, at a banquet given the honored guest. Mr. Allen described him as having given to the young people of this area something they will carry with them all their lives. Mr. Allen referred to the honored guest as “Mr. Science School." 91bill wood A. Johnson Editor 'DaAata Scieati t Editor ............ Ell wood A. Johnson Assistant Editor .......... Dave Stallman Sports Editor ............ Cliff Urseth Feature Editor ............ Gary Swenson News Editor .........................Gary Meyer Department Editor...........Jane Sheridan Photographer ............... Les Vetter Sports Reporters ........... Dick Fenskc Danny Winter Reporters .... Shirley Lippert, Kay Lund. Cora Field, Betty Waldieck, La Von Klein. Harold Drevecky, Mary Kube Make-up Editor ....................... A1 Steuck, Dick Becherl, Lyle Pederson Faculty Advisor, Mr. Ed Adams Scientist Staff First row, left to right: Dick Fens-ke. Shirley Lippert, Mary Kobe, Hetty Waldieck, La Von Klien, Cliff I'rseth. Second row: Cary Meyer. Cora Field, Jane Sheridan, Dare Stallman, Les Vetter. Third row: Danny Winter. Gary Swenson. Fit-wood Johnson. Not pictured: Harold Drevecky, Al Steuck. Dick llec her I, Fay Lund, Lyle I’ederson. 92Dave Stallman and 1C I w a a d Johnson, editors, compiling stories for the next issue. Pick Fenske. Danny Winter and Cliff I'rseth. This trio carried the responsibility for this year’s sports coverage. AI St click and Pyle Pederson are shown preparing Scientist forms on the press. 93Radio, Electronics and TV ttoyd Pepper in the well equipped second year Nadia and Television department aliyns a television set for the best reception. The oscilloscope on the left and the sweep and marker generators on the right of the overturned TV set are necessary pieces of equipment for this work. Liberal Arts Marcia Itcrseth. Keith Sard-guard and Gordon Amundson. Junior college students are shown here dissecting a frog to examine the anal tony of the various internal systems. Hu si ness Kay Lund. Secretarial Arts slit-dent, is shown applying the principles of filing which is an important part of proper office routine.Sheet Metal With emphasis placed an practical work and experience. the students in this department lay out the necessary patterns, assemble and make a wide eariety of sheet metal articles as used in heating, ventilating, architectural, and general job work. In connection with the varied shop experience considerable lime is spent on design of heating and ventilating systems, oil and gas fired furnaces, circuits and controls. Ret a ted Knot neeri nf Charles Christenson. Drafting and Lstunatmg student from Lowry. Minnesota peers through a transit while plating the campus with a class in surveying. Print infj Starling with practice feeding of blank stock, the student learns to make-ready and print a varied number of jobs on platen presses. James Carroll and Linus lider are shown running the two cylinder presses. The production of I he school paper and the school annual furnish considerable practice on live material.General Mechanics Repair of all kinds of machines, including luten mowers, is a pari of the training offered in the General Mechanics course. Electrical Richard Jenson is shown here operating the lathe machine, turning down a commutator for a repulsion start induction run motor. Rat Itrown is checking his work 06 Radio, Electronics and TV Harold Drevecky. a second year radio and TV student, is shown trouble-shooting a TV receieer. Modern lesl equipment with complete circuit schematics make trouble diagnosis a simple matter. Here he is checking a capacitor to determine its worth AMachine Shop The object of this shop is to pain experience in thread cut tint . The operator must know lime to operate this engine powered lathe, how to sharpen and adjust his cut I inf tools. Koch type of thread is cut to specific pitch, depth and angle obtained from a standard SAL formula. Linotype ,1 good fingering system, proper machine maintenance, and standard machine adjustments are stressed in the Linotype classes. Since many of the students go to work in small shops where they are the only operators, a knowledge of mechanics as well as operating skill is necessary. Ref liberation In the Refrigeration department the students start out doing jobs such as soldering, tubing, practice Haring and checking the different types of eatees. After that they go on condensing units to check the temperatures and pressures. In this picture you see two first year students preparing to install a set of gauges on a system. 97Auto Mechanics Second year Auto .Mechanics spend all of their lime on production work in the garage shop. Repairs are made on all makes and models of cars, and students become acquainted with the latest in testing and tune-up equipment. Auto Body One of the many jobs a student must learn to do in the body trade is the replacement of different body panels. This student is welding in a quarter panel, where the roof rail, quarter panel and roof rail, quarter panel and roof panel join together. Part of the quarter panel is torch welded and other places it is spot welded. Tractor and Diesel Tractor and diesel students are working here on a farm tractor. Practical work is done on machines that work in the field. In this same shop all popular types of diesel engines are in use to serve as instructional material.Library The SSS Library Inis a (joint scire I ion of books for all departments—Junior Colic (j e. Trade School and It u si ness School. Students use the library to study and for recreational reading. On the display shelf there are 160 magazines. There arc about HO newspapers including daily papers and small loan weekly papers. Masonry This is the newest of all the departments at Science School. The first class was held this year starting February 20 and ending April 13. James II. Seeley. Fast Grand Forks. Minnesota is the instructor for the course. The students after tearing here work for general contractors and complete their training. Pictured are Clayton Lee and Wilbur J. Gabel, laying up a straight wall. Drafting and Estimating This Drafting and Estimating student is shown here using a drafting machine to prepare a drawing. The department is designed to train men whose ambitions and aptitudes will qualify them for employment in the many phases of the building trades. This training has enabled our students to secure and hold positions of responsibility throughout the midwest. 99Home Economies The home economics deport men! consists mainly of art. dressmaking and basic foods. Pictured are a fete of the girls taking dressmaking. At other periods of the day these students learn how to prepare and scree well balanced meals. Pradical Nurses The Tradical Nurses learn to make beds in the proper manner. I'rc-clinical instruction includes many of the procedures that the students will need to know when they go from .S’.V.S’ to the affiliating hospitals. Practical Nurses Every year the fled Cross Mobile unit comes to Richland County to colled blood for use in mu line necessary transfusions and emergencies. Here the Practical Nurses are assisting the Red Cross Nurses at the blood bank center in the SSS Hub. 100 in si ness Pictured is one of the ninny students who ore trained each year in the Business department of the Stale School of Science to become efficient and capable office help. This traininy is provided in a pleasant settiny where the latest types of office ei uipinenl are used. Students are trained here to become secretaries, stenographers, accountants, bookkeepers, filing clerks and business machine operators. Pre-Dental Raymond Flaa and l,cRoy Alb-jery using a muffle oven in Quunti-tat ire Analysis. Roth students are pre-dental sophomores. Liberal Arts Robert McCarthy and Arthur River I are shown here making a chemical test in the general chemistry lab. 101✓ s S ife Vieco4 , Athletic Director Earl “Ski )” lute The sports section of the 1955 56 Agawasie has been dedicated to Earl “Skip” Bute, who is in his 31st year of coaching at Wahpeton Science. Mr. Bute began his coaching career as head coach and athletic director in 1924. Since then his teams have re-written the record books at Science. A year later he gave the “Wildcats” one of their many conference championships. In 1927, 1928 and 1929 Science also claimed honors in the conference. Mr. Bute became affiliated with Science in 1915 as a student. He was an outstanding athlete in three sports, doing his best work in football. “Skip" has given the school ten championships since taking over his duties as coach in 1924. From time to time in this section of the Agawasie “Skip" will be giving his views on the 1955-56 school athletic teams. Wildcat Sta ... ... “Pat" Patterson Ed II erre „ , Basketball and Track and Assl‘ Football 104Co-Captains Cddie Dahlgren and till Unmet “We opened the season against a strong and heavy Ellendale eleven. Most coaches rated us as one of the teams to beat in the NrDIC and this was to be our test. I think we proved we would be tough with our 7-0 opening win over the ‘Dusties . Our next foe was to be Minot Teachers, a team we really wanted to beat. We took a 6-0 lead and kept it until the close of the third period, when Berry scored for Minot. Another end sweep by Berry in the fourth quarter gave Minot a 14-6 victory. Bottineau Forestry, a team that hadn’t tasted victory yet, was next on our list. Our ’Cats, sparked by Eddie Dahlgrcn, ground out a 29-6 win on a rain soaked held. Fresh from our win over Bottineau, we were gearod-up for our Homecoming game with Valley City. If ever a team worked hard for a victory it was us, with our 6-0 win over the 'Vikings’. "St. Paul Bethel’s 'Royals’ then moved in for a non-conference affair and we easily defeated them 46-6. Next was our big test against Jamestown. A few scattered bad breaks and we wound up on the short end of a 39-13 count. Our final game of the season found us crushing Mayvi 11c 20-0 in their Homecoming game. "I have nothing but praise for the boys who played this season and I am proud of the fine display of sportsmanship they showed both on and off the field.” d Confcrencc Hack All Conference GuardM)IC 7.955-56’ Conference W Standings L T TI» 01 Jamestown 5 1 0 118 41 Dickinson 5 1 0 126 76 Wahpeton 4 2 0 81 39 Minot 4 2 0 84 48 Mayville . . 3 3 0 63 65 Ellendale . 2 3 1 50 58 Bottineau . 1 4 1 56 102 Valley City 1 5 0 21 71 Bismarck 1 5 0 50 149 Don Moore 106 ■John llayainan Frank Hill horn Fob Johnson Marc Bach Hager Beck Orrin Young AI Meyer 107Fred II iirsiiinn Hob McLaughlin A a; II roivn Mel (Sulsciy Don ScbnlI: I cm lilooin IS oh Y aggie 10S atC 'rfyiyAtiyktd . . . Members of I he Wildcat tout ball learn and their ( nests were treated to a banquet held in their honor at the close of a successful season. Highlight of the event teas a talk by John Hermes, assistant football coach at Fergus Falls high school. Mr. Hermes teas a former Science student and member of its athletic teams under Furl flute. Awards in the form of trophies were presented to John flagaman and Mare finch. Uagaman received his award for the most improved player, while finch was chosen as the most valuable player by members of the Wildcat team. Coach flute spoke on behalf of the team for the fine work that both boys contributed to this year's squad. (lathered around the coaching staff are the returning lettennen who formed the nucleus of the 1935-56 grid team. With only these seven men to work with. “Skip" built what teas picked by many, as the team to beat in the i ) C. A fine crop of freshmen prospects enabled Coach flute to turn out a team that won 5 while losing only 2. 109‘Reyiaaat "7acemameat ltd t to right: Coach 1‘atterson, Frank Horsheim, Marvin Hach, Gary Nelson, Martin Glasscr, Warren Germundson, Reuben Whitehall. Albert Whitehall and Sharold Reynolds. “With only two lettermcn, one newcomer and a former high school novice, Coach Patterson had one of the smallest boxing contingents that Science has turned out in many yeai s. Some excellent prospects from around the area strenghtened the team and Patterson's charges established themselves as heavy favorites in each match. The return of Marv Bach, former Upper Midwest champion and the determination of such youngsters as Bud Germanson, Den Moore and Mel Gulsvig was a determining factor in the success of this years team. The boys split with Monticello in their opener, edged the Staples glovers twice, won over Slayton, made a clean sweep at Crookston, split with St. Paul, won at Redfield, S. Dak. and closed the regular season by beating the Wheaton team. Bach and Germanson advanced to the semi-finals at the Upper Midwest Tournament in Minneapolis.” Hud Germanson 110 Mel Gulsvig Don Moore Marv HachHach sidesteps a hard right (iermnnson take one on the chin Patte daei 'lu ictcaei in (iulseig's right cross is a hair raiserTake that!Front row. left to right: Robert Obert, Chuck Meyer and Hilly Lueck. Rock row: Fddie Dahlgren, Rich Sahli, John Scheecck, Don Stcenbock, Linus Fder, Clyde A'clson, Curt Finn. Don Tclile and Jim Carroll. NI)!C Standings Mayville .... 16 0 1.000 Minot 14 2 .875 Valley City . . 10 6 .625 Dickinson . .. 10 6 .625 Ellendale ... 7 9 .438 Wahpeton ... 6 9 .400 Jamestown .. 6 10 .375 Bismarck 2 13 .133 Bottineau ... 0 16 .000 J13 Coach Werre with Co-Captains Dan Tehle and Linus FderDan To hie Units Kder S Cfr Say } . . . “With only seven returning lettermen, Werre and his cage crew had a long, hard season facing them last November. A fail-crop of freshmen combined with the letter-men to establish a 6-10 record in conference play. This was the first time Science finished in the second division since Ed took over the coaching duties in 1949. We had what you might call an “on and off” club this year. We proved this by beating some of the first division clubs quite handily, but then dropped a couple we should have won. The boys deserve a lot of credit for their hard work, as they entered most contests as the underdogs. I’d say their best performances were when they beat Valley City, Dickinson and Ellendale. Valley City was the highest scoring team in the NDIC and we held them to 66 points in the second game. Our record wasn’t as impressive as it may have been, but the boys played the game right down to the line every time they were on the floor." ill Eddie DahlgrenThe End! 1955-56 Season Record Wahpeton Science....70 Wahpeton Science....60 Wahpeton Science....56 Wahpeton Science....51 Wahpeton Science....71 Wahpeton Science....82 Wahpeton Science....57 Wahpeton Science....60 Wahpeton Science....60 Wahpeton Science....71 Wahpeton Science....70 Wahpeton Science....55 Wahpeton Science....55 Wahpeton Science....79 Wahpeton Science....60 Wahpeton Science....74 Wahpeton Science....49 Wahpeton Science....48 Wahpeton Science....60 Bethel ..............67 — Ellenclale..........72 Northwestern.........73 — Valley City.........99 — Bismarck............70 — Bottineau ..........53 — Mayville ...........81 — Bemidji ...........100 — Minot ..............81 — Bottineau ..........64 — Dickinson ..........71 — Moorhead ...........91 — Jamestown ..........72 — Dickinson ..........59 Mayville ............95 — Valley City.........66 — Bllendale...........47 — Minot ..............77 Jamestown ...........91 Louie Demands Student Manager 119 1 (t£'iavKCtfl zt Front row, left to right: Dale Wolff, Art Tomlinson and (fury Swenson, Second row: Dick Fenske, Danny Winter and Ellwood Johnson. Third row: dene Odegard and Hill Johnson. Not pictured: Sherman Johnson and Don Larson. Who yets it? hit ramural Standiru s Commercial ...................... 9 0 Radio ........................... 7 2 Electrical ...................... 6 2 JC I ............................ 5 3 JC II ........................... 5 3 Auto Mech I...................... 5 3 Drafters ........................ 4 4 Refrigeration ................... 4 4 Printers ........................ 4 4 Diesel .......................... 3 4 Gen. Mech I ..................... 3 5 Gen. Mech II .................... 3 5 Auto Mech II .................... 2 6 Engineers ....................... 2 6 Auto Body ....................... 1 6 Sheet Metal ..................... 1 7 120‘Satvtiety "7c ZWi . Front row. lett to right: Dale Wolff. Millard Fide and Don Tnrngiiist. Hack row. Al IApp. Farr; Dehing and Jim Schwartz. Team Standings (As ot April 1. IH56) 1 Von Lost 1. KA P 33 ■_» 20 'A 2. Rattlers 30 24 3. Instructors 29 » 24' . 4. Aces 29 25 5. Pin Busters 29 25 6. Lucky Four 26 28 7. Lucky Strikes 21 33 8. Gutter Dusters 18 36 Its a strike! 121Popp. Wilke and ICslinger in pre-season session Wildcat TftittwLW S ifr Sa f6 . . . “With forty-five candidates reporting for the first practice and seven of them lettermen, we looked forward to a fair season. Our main obstacle. the weatherman, finally saw fit to give us some decent weather and we were able to move outdoors before our opening game with the NDAC “Bison." With the addition of the University of North Dakota, the Steve Gorman Trophy League was expanded to eight teams and two divisions. We became part of what was called the Southern Division, consisting of the four NDIC representatives. The majority of the teams were strengthened somewhat over last season and we were fortunate in getting some good ballplayers out this year. Our pitching staff is strong this year and they should spell the difference between a successful season or just a fair one." 122 lie's Safe!Left to right: Rag Hrown. John Hagnman. dory Swenson and Richard Jensen 'Wildcat (}iadcn,mcetbelt to right: Dona Stenerson. Yvonne Harney. Darlene little. Cary Swenson. Nancy Diehard son. Cora Field and Hetty Hcinlc. Science @ eenleacCeid Science athletic teams were cheered on by “jumpin’’ Gary Swenson and six young lovelies bubbling with enthusiasm. Present at all home athletic contests, these seven cheerleaders provided that extra drive that a good team needs. Mo matter what the score, they were always on hand to keep the student body in the game as much as the players themselves. New uniforms were provided for the pepsters through the Science Home Economics Department. Students leaving Science this spring will always remember that, “Hey! Hey! All the way,” whenever they attend an athletic function. Yvonne Harney Pep Captain 125. . . 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For real refreshment it's MISSION BEVERAGES Distributed by the HAUSAUER BOTTLING CO., Wahpeton Best Wishes And Good Luck BOOKS Tn TOOLS 1 u SUNDRIES NOVELTIES STATIONERY SUPPLIES Science Graduates CAMPUS BOOK STORE ALVIN ECKRE ART HAGA Manager Ass't Manager 143Park Grant Company Wholesalc I)istrihutors • GROCERIES • CIGARS AND CANDY • FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUIT Wahpeton North Dakota The Friendly Meeting Place Hotel Coffee Shop Emerald and Bamboo Rooms For For Fine Foods - Reasonable Prices Dinner and Luncheon Parties K O Stitrr aaurru Auft IGnunyr FORD MERCURY MASSEY HARRIS FARM MACHINERY Sloudi Motor Company WAHPETON N. I). Phone 2-5540 Sales and Service Auto Body Dept. Radiator Dept.Students relaxing on Vert ins furniture in Science School recreation room. VERTIN FURNITURE COMPANY Bob Caspers Russ Munson Vertin’s arc dealers in nationally known lines of mcr-chandise. They are: ★ Philco Appliances ★ Howell Furniture ★ Armstrong Linoleum 145SCHMITT and POULTON Armstrong Linoleums — Venetian Blinds Window Shades FUNERAL CHAPEL AMBULANCE SERVICE Licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director Dial 2-3577 WAHPETON, NORTH DAKOTA AUTO PARTS COMPANY Local Distributors of All Makes of Automotive and Tractor Replacement Parts Garage and Filling Station Accessories and Equipment General Welding Supplies and Equipment Phone 2-3161 Wahpeton, North Dakota Wahpeton Glass and Paint Co. Leon Novetzke - Bill Crawford, Props. 709 Dakota Avenue Phone 2-3563 ft Wallpaper ft O’Brien Paints ft Waxes ft Sander Machine Rental ft Builder's Hardware ft Paint Brushes ft Plate Glass ft Auto Glass ft Window Glass ft Weather Stripping ft Paint Sundries ft Mirrors WHERE SCIENCE SCHOOL MEETS h ft Mi Hi’i f HOME MADE ICE CREAM FROZEN FRESH DAILY 116 AL BADER AGENCY The Wahpeton COMPLETE INSURANCE Sincere Naiional Bank SERVICE Wahpeton, N. Dak. Compliments Affiliated with First Bank Stock Corporation Compliments of Member of Federal Deposit Richels Bros. Insurance Corporation WAHPETON Chamber Confidential North Dakota MODERN of Services KIDDIES SHOPPEE for Wahpeton, N. Dak. Commerce Your Wahpeton, Finances Compliments of N. Dak. A Friend 14?Whai Can I Do for My School WHAT CAN I DO FOR MY SCHOOL In the main, this is a message from the Alumni Association to students now in school. Few of the older graduates will see this statement. Wo want those who are about to graduate to know our problems and our plans. Briefly: (1) The big problem is extension of membership. We have a loyal core group, which, however, is only a small percentage of our 5.000 graduates. Dues are kept to $1 per year so that membership may be large. Our main difficulty is that so many think of dues only in the terms of Homecoming. That is not the point. In February of this year an alumnus now in Arabia sent $100 to the Alumni Scholarship fund. That is the point. (2) We want all seniors—this year and next—to take membership. In getting the Sciential for next year and a new Directory when it is issued, you get more than you pay for. Again, that is not the point. We want your habitual activity. If all who loved the school were contributing—even a little- the Association could serve the school with complete efficiency. (3) This year many of the older group have taken 15-year memberships. Some of these have been paying dues regularly for over 25 years. If you join this year at the dollar fee. keep in mind, for later, the 15-year plan, which can be fitted into a life-membership plan now under consideration. (4) Some talk of doing "great things": but before thinking of these we have to extend our membership. Just now we have established two scholarship endowments and will soon establish more. A loan fund also is needed. During the past two years an alumnus in California has donated 5 scholarships ( 1 per year) and another in Boston has done the same. SENIORS! JOIN NOW DR. H. S. KREIDLER OPTOMETRIST Office and Residence 115 Fifth St. N. Wahpeton DR. MURRAY AND DR. HELLAND DENTISTS Wahpeton, North Dakota Compliments of DR. MILLER EYE, EAR. NOSE AND THROAT SPECIALIST QUINE INSULATION CO. Contractors and Dealers Wahpeton, N. Dak. MSSERVING YOU BETTER SERVING YOU MORE Do Your Shopping at THE NATIONAL FOOD STORE Wahpeton, N. D. MOBIL GAS, OIL, TIRES GREASE. BATTERIES and ACCESSORIES Walen's Triangle Service Phone 2-3430 Wahpeton, N. D. H. H. Pfister, D. D. S. Telephone 2-5G31 Jack H. Pfister, D. D. S. Telephone 2-3081 Wahpeton, N. Dak. Wahpeton Laundry and Cleaners Dry Cleaning and Launderers Hat Blocking Repairing Pressing Dyeing PHONE 2-5111 PARK GRANT COMPANY Wholesale Distributors Wahpeton, N. Dak. Melby Studio A Studio of Modern Photography STRATFORD HOTEL BUILDING Breckenridge, Minn. Phone 3-1051 COMPLIMENTS OF SOLTIS SHEET METAL PEG'S Barber Shop For That “Well-Groomed” Look KEN and ROY'S CONOCO WAHPETON North Dakota WAHPETON SHOE HOSPITAL Stem Building 149REED'S CHEVROLET "House of Science Service" JACK REED Proprietor COAST TO COAST "Your Complete Hardware Center" SPORTING GOODS . . . APPLIANCES CAR ACCESSORIES . . . TIRES, BATTERIES ALBERT AND RODGER BROBERG, Owners Northwestern Sheet and Iron Works A North Dakota Corporation DRAINAGE AND CONTRACTORS' SUPPLIES ROAD AND STREET SIGNS METAL LATH CORRUGATED METAL CULVERTS WAHPETON, N. D. Wahpeton's Finest . . . Good Food—Better Service After the Theater or Party Visit the Del 150 Del Rio MAKERS OF HOME-MADE CANDIES AND ICE CREAMMable Johnson Ix uise Meyer CAMPUS CAFETERIA AND SNACK BAR 151 Mrs. Margie Berseth Director of Food Service Jancll Grob1956 Student .i t Courses arc listed according to the following key: AB—Auto tody AM—Auto Mechanics til—llricklayiny DE—Drafting and Estimating DM—Diesel Maintenance E—Electrical CM—General Mechanics HE—Horne Economics HKV—Heating, Ventilating and He rigeration MSIV—Machine Shop and Welding P—I’rinting PL— 'lurnbing l —Practical Nursing He—He rigeration HTV—Hadio, Electronics, Television SM—Sheet Metal TSP—Trade Special H—Business BSP—Business Special JC-E—Junior College—Engineering JC-HE—Junior College—Home Economics JC-1,—Junior College—Liberal Arts JC-P—Junior College—Pre-Corn-nterce JC-Sp—Junior College—Special — A — Anker. Hazel—Valley City PN Aarhus. Bruce H___Clifford AM Aase. Duane V.—Valley City RTV Aascrud. Martin L. Portland AM Aascrud. Kenneth—Portland AM Abels. Cordon Britton. S.D. RTV Ackerman. Yvonne—Niagara B Adams. Clarence Mllbank. S.D. E Adams. Wayne—Glendive, Mont. P Adamson. Laddie E. Michigan E Agard. La von Fort Yates PN Albjerg, L. E.—Fergus Falls JC-L Albough. Lester—Bismarck AB A Under. Lowell R.—Lisbon RTV Allen. Rolland—Fair-mount JC-K Amesbury. William—Sioux Falls E Amundson. Elmo L.—Amidon E Amundson, G.- Wahpeton JC-L Anderson. C. W.—Battle I ake DE Anderson. E. C.—Galesburg HE Anderson. Gene W.—Portland AM Anderson. G. D.—Underwood MSW Anderson. H. J.—Fergus Falls AM Anderson. I. Sidney. Mont. JC-E Anderson. James—Regent GM Anderson. Jon Bismarck BR Anderson. J. I.—Morris. Minn. PN Anderson. J. C.—Enderlin AB Anderson, K. R.- LaMoure RTV Anderson. LeRoy--Wahpeton JC-E Anderson. M. C.—Larimore B Anderson. M. J.—Shelly. Minn. PN Anderson. M. I.—Breckenridge DE Anderson, M. O.—Breckenridge B Anderson. Owen. N.— Ray AM Anderson. Richard—I-airmore GM Anderson, Sidney G.—Lisbon AM Appert. C. A. Hazel ton JC-L Argali, R. C. Grand Forks AB Armentrout. R. It. Dunseith CM Ashmore, Waldo Ulen. Minn. P Atkinson. L. R. -Perham. Minn. E Austin. Forest. D.—Gilby AM — B — Babby, Maurice Rolla JC-E Bach. Marvin—Dayton. Minn. E Bachman. John Fresco. Minn. AM Backlin, Curtis Bozeman DE Baicr. Walter L.—Hazen Re Bakke. Rodney—Riverdalc RTV Baldock. Irene—Portland PN Bale. Gregg H.—Wahpeton P Baltrusch. D. L.—Bowdon JC-E Banyoi. Anton N.—Mott GM Barker. H. L.- Rock Lake RTV Barnett, George- Berthold GM Barney. Bill R.—Kindred JC-L Barney, Yvonne. R.- Wahpeton B Barrett. W. J. East Grand Forks E Barringer. D.—Breckcnridgo SM Bartell. Henry R. Stirum RTV Bartels. G. A.—Thundcrhawk AM Barthel. James W.—Golva DE Bassen. Dennis G.--LaMoure RTV Baumann. W. E. Wahpeton JC-E Baumgartner. A.—LaMoure AB Becherl, Richard M.—Jessie P Beck. Gerald J.—Zap AB Beck. I-arry L.—Zap AB Beck Roger F.— Wheaton JC-E Begger, D. F.—Wibaux, Mont. AM Belyea, Dean R.—Lakota RTV Benda, Arlcn J.—Wahpeton JC-L Benson. C. A.— Sterling. Colo. GM Bentley. L. C-— -Borup, Minn. PN Benz. Leone D. -Abercrombie B Berguist. L. L.—Foxhomc. Minn. E Bergren, D. H.—Blackduck AM Bergstad. Hans D.—Minot AB Borland. E. B.—Lake Park RTV Bernard. James—Fairmount B Berseth. M. K.—Wahpeton JC-L Beyer. Wally B.—Minot RE Bickel. Harold J.—Hebron AB Biggs. Paul F.—Hankinson E Bilquist. JoAnn C.—Alamo PN Bina. Clifford W.—Conway AM Biroley. Douglas B.—Fargo E Bjerke. Willis E.—-Hatton RTV Bjcrtncss. Levon—Hatton JC-E Bjorgo. Alfred—Underwood JC-P Bladow. Maurice—Wahpeton AM Blonigan, B. A.—Wahpeton JC-L Bloom. Vernon—Williston JC-E Blouin, James W. Milnor AM Boespflug. J. T.—New England E Bohlig. J. W.- Minnowaukan Re Bohn. Donovan—Hankinson JC-E Bommersbach. P. J. Forman B Borthwick. C. A.—Warwick RTV Bossert. Emma C.—Drake PN Boyle. Richard L.—Fingal AM Bowles. Walter—Osnabrock PL Boyles. R. W.—Woodward. Iowa P Braget. Walter R.—Walhalln AM Bratlie. LeRoy H. Kempton AB Bratllen, Roger J.- Rothsay RTV Braun. Raymond—Killdeer E Braun. Thomas P.—Wahpeton B Brekel, John—Breckenridge RTV Ereuer. Robert D.—Mooreton GM Urevik, B. L.—Williston E Dricn. Kenneth—Stanley AM Briggs, Ronald I.—Fargo P Britsch. Evonne G.—Rugby PN Droin. Lee Ann—Wahpeton B Brophy. Bernard—Pingree RTV Brosseau. L. D.— Drayton RTV Brown, Alva L. —Wolverton AM Bruce. E. W.—White Rock JC-P Buerklc. LeRoy C.—Kulm AM Buittner, L. A.—Webster. S. D. DE Burkhardt. Delbert—Zap RTV Burkman. M. A.—Stanley AB Burley. Harold—Blanchard AM Busch. Joel C. Donnelly JC-E Buss. Jay P.—Lake City, S. D. DE Buus. Virginia—Wahpeton PN Byer. K.—Watertown, S. D. E — C — Cady. John F.—Forman E Cairns. Dave— Appleton DE Campbell, J.—Reston. Canada PN Campbell. R.—Breckenridge JC-E Capouch, W. C.—Fordvillc AM Carlson. F. C.—Wolverton AM Carlund, R. W.—Osage. Minn. AM Carroll, J. L.—Long Prairie P Carter. E. L.—Norcross. JC-P Cartwright. G. F.—Lakota E Caussyn. Dwainc—Noonan AM Caussyn, G. J.—Noonan AM Christensen. A. H.- Wahpeton AM Christensen, D.—Fergus Falls P Christensen. L. T.—Tuttle AM Christenson. C. R.—Lowry DE Christianson. R. Elbow Lake AB Christianson. R. J.—Elbow Lake AB Christopherson, M.—Ortonvillc P Clauson. James L.—Mott E Cochrane. D. R.—Crookston P Colebank, R. H.- Glendive Mont. E Coleman. B. E.- Browns Valley P Coleman. Floyd--Bismarck RTV Collins, Bervin R.—Erie AM Colvert. Lyle T.—Stanley B Cooksley. Glenn—Dwight GM Copelan. Murlan—Egeland AM Cox. Patricia L.- Oaks B Crossan. L. K.- Amherst. S.D. AM Croteau. James—Bel court AM Cruff. R. W.—Wimbeldon JC-E Curtis. William F.—Sarles E — I) _ Dahl. Ronald—Park River GM Dahlcn. Jadie A.—Milnor JC-E Dahlgren. Edward—Wahpeton TSp Dale. Thelmer—Fordvillc RTV Dalos. Marvin D.—Lisbon JC-E Daly. Sidney—Willow City P Daman. Joan F.—Fairmont B Daniels. K. L.—Breckenridge JC-E Davidson. Dale A.— Edgeley RTV Debing. Larry R.—Page ’ E Demarais, L. Jr. Crookston AM Denis. John L. Fargo AM Dcthlefscn, L. J.—Oakes GM 1521956 Student dli t Detmers, Wesley J. -Fargo DE Dcwald, Marvin A. Streeter JC-E Dobrowski, L. S.—Wibaux AM Docktcr, Arthur—McClusky P Dolecheck. David J.—Dickinson E Dosch. Henry—Karlsruhe GM Dosland, D. L. Pcrley, Minn. GM Drcvccky, Harold D.—Adams RTV Drexler, C. E.—Herman. Minn. PN Dubuque, B. A.—Grand Forks PN Duckwitz, Hedwig M.—Hebron B Due. Wayne J.—Omomcc R Durkin. Joseph L.—Ardoeh AB Duvall. B. G.—New Rockford JC-E — E — Eastman. H. S. Staples, Minn. B Easton, W. E.—Humbolt, Minn. E Eaton. E. J.—Breckenridge RTV Eckmann. A. F.—Turtle Lake RTV Eckroth, Joseph L. Mundan SM Eder, L. L.—Breckenridge, Minn. P Edinger, Victor-Grand Forks PL Edwards, C. P.—Vergas, Minn. SM Edwardson, Elvln Carrington GM Egan. Jeanne F.—Tvler PN Ehlers. Dale H. Tyler DE EhrenS, Dennis J. Wahpeton B Eide, Millard R.—Fargo P Eliason. E. L.—Buxton. Minn. GM Ellingson, Paul S. Hoffman AM Enget, Lyle O.- Powers Lake AM Enstad, Roland J.—Pekin E Erb, Karen C.—Hankinson B Erickson. A. C.—Fergus Falls E Erlondson. Harold A.—Lowery DE Eslinger, J. C.- Jamestown DE Evans. Allen L.—Ulcn, Minn. RTV Evans. Delores—Fosston PN Everding, F. Jr.—Nisswa Minn. AB Ewert, A. W.—Nashua. Minn. JC-E F — Fabel, Joan—Grand Forks PN Fabian, M. L.—Tenney JC-HE Fandrich. Ervin A.—Lehr AM Fasthorse, F.—Cannon Ball RTV Feigel. Earl W.—Halliday JC-E Fcland, Gabriel M. Antler GM Fenskc, Richard O.— Cando JC-P Ferguson. E. G.—Wahpeton DE Fleck, John—Dickinson AM Field. Cora A.—Larimorc B Finkbciner, Norman C.—Max RTV Fischer, Delbert W. Streeter RTV Fischer. Gerald A.—Driscoll HVR Fischer. James D. Driscoll AB Fischer, Luvcrn E.—Valley City E Fischer. Robert G.—Driscoll AB Flaa, R. C.—Wahpeton JC-L Flanagan. Richard L.—Gardar E Fleisher. W. H.— Hackensack R Fleschc. Everett -Reynolds GM Fogard. R. B.—Battle Lake AB Foley. Shirley A. DeLarmero B Foss, Kcrmit N.—Elbow Lake RTV Fossum. Erwin H.—Pierpont PL Foyen. Clarence J.—Fargo RTV Fraedrich. Carole J. Enderlin B Frank. William—Powers Lake BR Frantsvog. Eldred L. Butte JC-E Fredrickson. J. Big Stone City B Freeman, Earl A.—Granville RTV Froslie, Lyle D.— Rothsay RTV Fulkerson, G. E. Grand Forks AB — G — Gabel, Eugene—Bismarck BR Gabel. Wilbur—Hankinson BR Gajer, Sandra R. Fairmount HE Galde, Marlin W. Fargo DE Gangle, Donavon J. -Lake City P Gnnskop, Harold W. Flax ton E Gapp, Tracy C.—Strandbcrg —AB Garad. Dennis H.—Lidgorwood B Gardner, K. C.—Warroad R Gaulrapp. Robert Wahpeton AM Gebur. Wayne L. Rock I ke AM Geloff, Norman Tuttle AM Gerald, Dale L. Lake preston E Germundson, W. W.—Hope AM Gesellchen. Harold E.- -Denhoff E Gcssell, Frank C.—Swanvillc JC-P Gibbins, Donald E. Williston E Gill. Dale E.—Regan GM Gllles. Peter B.—Wahpeton JC-E Gloege, G. B.-- Odessa, Minn. E Gorum, Shirley—Blanchard JC-L Goulet. Paul L.- Walhalla B Grams. N. E.—Windom, Minn. AM Green. Cheryl Y.—Enderlin B Green. Claudia A.—Moorhead PN Gregor. V. A.—W. Fargo RTV Grenz. George J. Hazelton DE Grieve, James G.—Buffalo AM Griffin, Marvin T.—Ellendale E Gronbeck. J. K.—Oakes JC-HE Grossman, Joe L.—Dickinson P Guggcnmos, M. L.—Rivcrdalc JC-L Gulsvig, M. R. Jr.- Havana MSW Gunderson. Myron E.— Buxton E Guthmillcr, R. J. Hosmcr. S. D. E — If — Haakcnson, M. L.—Hatton RTV Hnakenson. S. H.—McHenry AB Hagaman. J. R.. Jr.—Breck., M. E Hngene, V. E. Glyndon, Minn. AB Hager, Isabell—Karlsruhe HE Haglcr. Donald D.—Mott GM Haider. Richard B.—LaMourc P Halgrimson. D. —McGregor JC-P] Halstengard. M. A.—Bergan AM Halvorson. Aloyus D.— Pekin JC-E Hammargren, Barry C. -Drake E Hansen, C. E.—Brinsmadc DE Hansen. C. K.- Ball Club AM Hansen. Donald G.—Lockhart GM Hansen, E. H.—Breckenridge DE Hansen. R. M.—Strandburg P Hanson. C. J. Wahpeton JC-L Hanson. L. M„ Jr.—Fergus JC-L Hanson. M. L.—Fergus Falls R Hanson. Rodger R.—Lisbon E Hansscn. C. H.—Dickinson E Hardenberg. J. P.— Fergus AM Haring, JoAnn M.—Cayuga B Harmon. D. K.—Moorhead P Harney, H.—Wichita. Kans. SM Harper, A. D. Windom. Minn. DR Hart, W. J.—Jamestown RTV Hartmann. B. L.—Bagley. Minn. P Hauok, Wilfred A.—Beulah PL Hauf, Robert A.—Tuttle AM Hauff. E. P. Golden Valley AM Ilaugen. Roland B. Butte E Mnugenuc, E. O. Ambrose E Haux Roland—McClusky P Haverstraw. W. Pl sant L ke RTV Hawley. Donald Underwood SM Hebert. Joseph—Cavalier RTV Hedstrom, L.—Kensington E Hegdahl. D. R.—Vilas. S. D. DE Heggc, Robert Ulen. Minn. AB Hcib. Willis M. Harvey AM Heidingcr, Wilfred Milnor AM Heinley. 1C. Lincoln Valley JC-HE Heinz, Bernard P. Hcnslcr GM Heislcr, Donald R. Esmond GM Heisler. Monica B. Esmond HE Holey, Robert -Wyndmcrc RTV Helgerson. F.—McIntosh S. D. AM Holland, Paul O. Bentley GM Helmeke. L. Georgetown DE Hemsing, M. I. Lidgorwood JC-Sp Hendricks. Betty Lidgorwood B Hendrickson, R. Oslo. Minn. BR licitjum, S. M. Breckenridge B Henning, Cecil E.—Ray AM Hennings. Joanne M.—LaMourc B Herfindahl. D. Lake Park DE Herman. Eugene -Wcstby GM Hermes, Francis Fairmount GM Hess, Richard P. Wahpeton DE Hetland, Lester W.—Roth SM Hetland, Wayne Shelly, Minn. AM Hcyon. Dick D. Colfax RTV Hllbom, Frank Valley City Re Hildc . Darlene M. Fargo PN Himmerieh, L. L. Hanaford DM Himmerick, A. M. Rogers AB Hinsvcrk. D. V. Bonetraill RTV Hinsverk, Mario Bonetraill Re Ho. Jay L. Hanalej, Hawaii P Hoefs, E. H.—Fairmount JC-P Hooft. Valeria Wshpeton JC-HE Hoepfer, Fred—Martin P Hoerauf, E. L.-—Grassy Butte AM Hoff. Arthur M.—Washburn AM Hoffman. Merritt E.- Minot JC-K Hogoboom, Jajnes Bowman RTV Hohnadel. James Moorhead SM Hoiland. H. P. Valley City JC-I. Hoiland, W. E.- Kalespcll, Mont. E Holman. Albert M.—Hatton RTV Holte, K. B.—Hawley, Minn. AB Holte, Richard- Wyndmcrc RTV Holte. R. O. Wyndmcrc RTV Horn, Roger R. Forman DM Horner. Theodore J. Esmond DE Hoveskleland. D. Hamnr PL Howbert. Donald Troy, Mont. E Hummel. Ronald—Garrison P Hunomuller. L. D. Elliott AB Hursman. Frederic Brockett P] Husebyc. Beulah M. Kindred B Hutton. Joanne Olso, Minn. PN — I — Idso. Nathan L. Fargo DE Infold, Allan G.—Fordville RTV Infold, Robert S. Fordville AM Ishaug, Ordean W. Barnsville P] 1531956 Student dlut Jackson, Leah E. Litchvillc PN Jacobson. F. L.—Drayton HE Jacobson, Gary -Wahpcton JC-E Jaeger, Daniel N. Hankinson SM Jaeger. Katherine—Hankinson B Jaeger. Kathleen Hankinson B Jensen, Donah! D. Sherwood RTV Jensen. Floyd—Fargo I Jensen, J. A.—Breckenridge PN Jenson. Richard A.—Rochert E Job. Luverne J. Jamestown B Johansen. Marvin Jamestown SM Johnsgard. Larry Wahpcton JC-L Johnson, Albert O. Esmond JC-E Johnson. Alfred R.- Wahpcton AM Johnson. Carol Y.— Davenport B Johnson. Darrell L. Kennedy DM Johnson. Daryl L. Mooreton JC-E Johnson. Elert Benson. Minn. E Johnson, E. A. I.owry Minn. JC-P Johnson. Eugene -Wahpcton DE Johnson, K. A.—Halstad. Minn. P Johnson, Paul L. Glemvood DE Johnson. Lloyd L. Hoople GM Johnson. R. W.—Fair mount JC-P Johnson. Robert A.—Milnor Re Johnson. Robert Wahpcton RTV Johnson, R. M. Lake Park AM Johnson. Ronald Bismarck RTV Johnson, Russell—Parshall AB Johnson, S. Breckenridge JC-P Johnson, W. F. Wahpcton JC-P Johnson, Arlene J. Wahpcton B Jones. D. L. Winner, S. D. Re Jordan. Loyd—Lesterville PL Jorgenson. L. E. Flaxton AM Jorgenson, K. C. Bristol S. D. AM Jorud. Yvonne- Underwood B Josewaski. Dale L.- Cayuga JC-L Juhola, Patricia L. Linton JC-HE Julson. Duane Grand Forks P — K — Kackman. Lyle R. Wahpcton P Kahn. Marilyn L. Hankinson B Kasper. Richard A.—Butte B Kastelle. R. E. Fergus Falls JC-E Kath, Robert J. Hankinson E Kearns. Theodore J.—Hebron SM Kehn, Shirley R.—-Goodrich PN Keidel. Alan M. Wahpcton B Kelly. L. Underwood, Minn. SM Kempton, B. R.—Rosholt. S. D. E Keranen. Morris—Rock Lake Re Kortscher, L. —Detroit Lakes PL Ketterling. W. A.—Carson P Keyes. Bill D.—Towner AM Kilber. Edgar W.—Hazcn GM Kilbor. Wayne A. Bismarck AM Kinnoin. Duane E. Stanley AM Kilt. Donald E.—Sanger AM Kitzman. W. F. Breckenridge PL Klein. Bernhard W.—Burt RTV Klein. La Von M. Hankinson B Klein, Roger W.—Carrington DE Klemisch. Joseph A.— Langdon P Eleven. Earl G.—Elvarado PL Klosterman. E. C.—Mooreton B Knight. Alvin It. Wahpcton JC-Sp 154 Knocpfle. Lyle -Bottineau GM Knudscn, R. K. Fergus Falls RTV Knudson, Edwin Menagha GM Knudson, M. J.—Gary. Minn. E Knutson. Maynard—Michigan PL Knutson. Mcrvin L.—Sherwood DM Koepplin. Clarence Flasher AM Kolle. A. R.—Borup, Minn. E Kolstad. Orville A.- Bemidji RTV Koppelman. Monica Wahpcton B Komkven, owen G. Souris SM Kosir. Herman J.—Fingal AM Kraft. Melvin D.—Barton AM Krenzal. K. J. Grand Forks DE Kricg. Theodore J.- Hebron SM Krieger, Raymond G. Crackle AB Krogcn, Roy F.—Fargo DE Kronenbcrg. A.— Wahpcton B Krueger. Bill G. Wheatland DM Krueger. Donald Hankinson JC-L Krump. Emogene Kent. Minn. B Kubasta. Robert N.—Oakes DE Kubc. Mary E. Wahpcton JC-L Kuehn. Kenneth Breckenridge P Kuehn, N. J.— Lidgerwood B Kundret. Delj)h W.—Fargo DE Kuznia. Delores Stephen PN Kvale. Arthur—Wildrosc DM Kvalheim. Larry- Williston AM — L — Lackman, Manual Edgeley PL Ladwig, Wallace Barnesville GM LaFontaine. Roy J.- -Rolla B Lafrombois, Ernest—Belcourt AM Umb. C. J.—Herman. Minn. JC-E Lamb. Louise Dunseith PN Landscm, Merle J.- Colfax AM LaRocque. Louis J.- Walhalla RTV I.arsen. Howard R. Hunter JC-E Larsen. C. Underwood. Minn. AM Larson. D. J.—New Town DM Larsen, VVilmer E. Flaxton AM I-arson, Betty L.—Sheldon HE Larson. Donn C. Milnor JC-P Larson. Larry—Fairfield GM Larson. Orviile -Crackle AM Larson. R.—Madison. Minn RTV Larsson, Marian Wahpcton JC-L Lau, G. E. —Reslon. Canada PN Laverdure. Lyman P.- Rolla JC-E Lawson. Gerald E.—Minot AM Leadbetter. R. E. Luverne RTV Lehno, Floyd J. Dalton PL Leben, Howard A. Bismarck BR Lee. Clayton B.- Wahpcton BR Ia c. Robert E.—Fargo DE Legge. Janice A.—Sanborn B Leicr, William—Balfour DE Lcnzmeier. Robert Wahpcton B Leonard. Jean— Big Stone City B Lesniewski. S. Wahpcton JC-P Lillibridge. R. L. Fairfield GM Lillico. Robert A. Nekoma AB Lillis. W. L.—Richvllle. Minn. E Lind. R. F. Cass Lake. Minn. E Lindstrom. N. M.- Sterling GM Linford. J. M.—Wahpcton JC-L Linnell. Larry—Petersburg E Lipp. Alvin A.—Linton RTV Lippert. Shirley - McVillc B tall. Marvin B.—Tyler JC-E Lorensberg, Arnold—Roslyn E Loudncr, K. L. Rapid City SM Low. Frank O.—Harvey AB Lubeck. Eugene—Jamestown DE Luckman, Dale G.—Flaxton RTV Lueck. William Lidgenvood JC-P Lund. Kay J.—Wahpcton JC-L Lussier, Valentine B.—Wahpcton B Lvdecn. D. A.—Breckenridge JC-E — M — Maag. Vincent—Florence RTV MacDonald, Robert —Crystal AM Mack. Carl J.—Ken sal DM Madigan, L.—Underwood DE Mahler, Maynard—Fairmount GM Malmo, Ralph I.—Mahnomen RTV Mandt. Edward—Northwood MSW Mangin, William J.—Lamoure P Marchand. Lloyd—Bottineau P Marcotte. L.—New Rockford PN Martin. Leonard D.—Oberon B Mattson. Janies—Lidgcrwood B Mauch, Kenneth E.—Mooreton GM Mauck, Lester D.—Beulah AB Maurer. F. W.—Warwick DM Maurscth. S. M.—Northwood AB Mayer, Augustine H.—Lankin GM Mayer. Erwin—Alfred AM Meyer. Paul—Dickinson GM Mayfield. Leonard—Fargo DE McAdams. William—Milnor RTV McCarthy, R. J.—Wahpcton JC-E McClure. Jack J.—Lisbon RTV McCullough D.— Wahpeton JC-P McCullough. J.—Breckenridge JC-L McGuigan. J.—Park River RTV McGurran. T.—Grand Forks RTV McKenna. I. M.—Valley City PN McKcrrall. M. L.—Willow City DE McLaughlin. R. H.—Havana AB McQuay, Ardith M.—Forman B Mead. R. W.—Aberdeen. S. D. AB Meidinger. Clarence—Lehr AB Mellum. Edgar D.—Warwick RTV Messner. Vernon C.—Pekin JC-P Meyer. Allan E.—Fairmount AM Meyer. Allen V.—Milnor AM Meyer, Charles P.—Fairmount Re Meyer, G. C.- -Benson, Minn. JC-E Meyer. Merle W.—Moorhead E Meyers. R. W.—Rutland JC-L Mickelson. J. F.—Davenport RTV Mickelson. Lester—tastwood GM Miller. Charlotte M.—Fargo PN Miller. Clarence—Bismarck AB Miller, Glen J.—Alice DE Miller. Harold I.—Oakes SM Miller. Raymond—Hague AB Milner. Myles J. St. Paul RTV Miron. Laveme E. -Bathgate RTV Mitzel, Oliver E. Great Bend B Moeh. Patrick D.—Kintyre GM Moe. David V.—Kensington E Moe. Delmore L.—Kensington E Moe. Marvin J.—Hettinger RTV Moe. Mildred—Breckenridge B Moen. Monroe H.—Kennedy AM Moen. Rita J.—Fisher. Minn. PN Monger. Vernon—Alamo JC-E Mongoven. M. J. Hankinson JC-L Monson. Lloyd G.—Crosby AM1956 Student dlcat Montieth. DuVVaync J. Gary AM Moore. Donald L. Doran AM Moroz. John W. Aberdeen. S. D. P Morris. Bernard L. Bismarck AM ?.loshier, R. G.—Siescton RTV Moss, Richard D.—-Wahpcton JC-L Moxncss. D. D.—DeLamerc RTV Mueller, Donald R.—Hope RTV Muffenbler. J.—Grand Forks JC-P Mund. Elroy M.—Ashley Re Murphy. J. A.—Campbell AB Murray, E. V.—Rochert JC-E Muth. E. O.. Jr.-—Campbell JC-P — N — Naatus. Lester R.—Cackle RTV Nash. Richard—Wahpcton P Xeameyer. Gordon Dunseith GM Ncisen, J. C. Waubin, Minn. SM Nelson, Clyde A. Williston AB Nelson. George C. Scranton MSW Ncisen, H. F. St. Louis Park DE Nelson. James E.- St. Thomas E Nelson. Mayo H.—Oberon AB Nelson, Neal H.—Temple AM Nelson. P. M.—Battle Lake PN Nelson. Raymond—Oberon DM Ness, Harold W.- Moorcton DE Nims, Wesley A.—Lisbon E Nitz. Richard F. Rothsay JC-L Nordgaard, K. D. Wahpcton JC-L Nonline. R. E.—Brcckcnridge JC-L Nordmark, James—Roth P Norom. Duane A.—Rhamc AB — O — Obert. R. W.—Powers Lake AB Odden, Tclmer R. Rugby RTV Odcgard, Eugene A. Milnor JC-P Olafson, Stefan D.—Ban try AM Olin, Keith J.—Almont AM Oliver. R. E.—New Effington B Olson. Allan O. Souris PL Olson. C. M. Breckenridge JC-L Olson. Donald J. Streeter AM Olson. Duane L.—Harvey AB Olson. Ernest A. Robinson RTV Olson. Glenn R. Valley City JC-L Olson. Gordon 0.—Cando e Olson, James L.—Audubon SM Olson. Ronnie C.—Sarles JC-P Olstad. Olive M.—Galesburg PN Onken, L. A. Ardton, Iowa AM Osland. Eddie E.—Buxton AB Osmundson. Allen P. Dwight GM Ost. Osburn A.—Jamestown AIi Osier, Elmer R.—Hazon AM Oster. Walter R.—Hebron AB Otto. Duane L.—Osnabrock B Ouren. Marlys A.—Moorcton B Overbo, Irving M.—Williston E — P — Pahl, Fred J.—Lidgerwood JC-L Pankow. Eugene Wahpcton P Pansch. B. C. Odessa. Minn. E Patterson. C. S. Donny Brook AM Payne. Ruthford—Pollock DM Pearson. Douglas L.—Wilton GM Pearson. J. E.—Pelican Rapids AB Pedersen G. Lambert Mont. AM Pederson, D. B. Mahnomen RTV Pederson. Lyle B. Williston P Pellman. Inez M. Manlador B Pepper. Bert D.—Ray JC-E Pepper, Boyd L.- Ray RTV Peterson. C. M. Grand Forks DE Peterson. C. W.—Frederick JC-E Petersen. Doe Wahpcton JC-L Peterson. Dean L. Blabon AM Peterson. G. B. Williston JC-P Pfau. Glen A.—Upham AM Pfau. Kenneth A.—Upham RTV Pittington. Jay L. Wahpcton AM Popp. Charles O. Wahpcton JC-L Porter Gene O.—Dent. Minn. RTV Prcmus, Gust Ashton. S. D. DM Prescott. Wllmer J. McHenry AM Prcuss. Carol J. Esmond HE Price, Nclda M. Egeland B Punton. Alex Y.. Jr.—Page AM — Q — Quandt. Clarence F. Oakes RTV — It — Kaftevold. W. W.- Wahpcton B Rath. Leonard J.—Clyde GM Rath. Roger D. -Cleveland AM Rausch. C. Duane—Berlin AM Ray. Dale A.—Williston DE Reams, Jack L.—Lisbon JC-E Kcbhahn, D. L.—Valley City AM Keep. Donald L.—Stanley JC-E Regcth. Elaine A. Manning B Reichert, Rucbcn—Elgin RTV Reinke. Gary C. Gardena AM Reiter, William—Dickinson DM Reno. Sharon Y.—Milnor JC-L Rensch. L. A. - Jamestown RTV Reutter, Allen C. Heaton RTV Revering. P.—Parkers Prairie RTV Richards. I. M.—Norcross. Minn. B Richardson, N. E.—Moorhead PN Ringquist. R. D.—Fergus Falls P Rittenbach. R. W.—DenhofT RTV Rivinius. R. LcRoy—Elgin JC-P Roan. R. w. Custer. Mont. RTV Roberts. R. H. Jamestown E Roemmich. R. R. Spiritwood DE Robertson, Lee B.—Fordville JC-P Robeson, Martin V. Cando JC-E Roering, L. O.- Campbell RTV Rogers. D. L. Valley City DE Rokvsek, Roland M.—Burt AM Roller. Raymond T.—Hope AM Roller. T. F.- Clifford JC-E Roloff, R. C.—Parkers Prairie RTV Rosen, E. W.—Pcrham RTV Ross. Joan—Emmet B Rosten. Allan—Wildrosc DM Rosten, Lloyd B.—Wildrosc GM Rothwell. W.—Breckenridge JC-L Rott. Larry G.—Ashley AM Rowe. Robert H. Stanley AB Rudic, O. P. Pelican Rapids E Rukkc. John M. Lidgerwood JC-E Rutland. Chester New Town PL Ruud. Kenneth O.—Alamo RTV Ryba. Charles—Lankin GM Rychman. Harold—Pollock GM Sahli. R. J. Aberdeen. S. D. P Sailer, Vernon J. Hazen SM Sadness. J. H. Fergus Falls JC-E Snmuelson. Floyd V. Sarles AM Samd, J. A.—Litchville BR Sandry. William V. Williston DE Sandvig. Robert D. Sheldon AM Sansbum, Charles W. Revere E Sausker. I-arry A. Lansford AM Schaf. W. J.—Fort Yates MSW Schafer. E. B.—Bismarck E Schanz. Doris J.—Alsen B Schatz. Arlen E.—McClusky E Schatz. John —Temvik AM Scheck, Cyril V.—Edmunds DM Scheibe. Paul O.— Marion JC Scheitcrlein, J. Wahpeton JC-E Schellcr. A. J.—Hankinson Re Scheveck. John P. Geneseo JC-L Schlievc. Tilford W. Warwick DM Schilling. C. R.—Mitchell E Schlecht. B. S.—Enderlin AM Schley. Bruce P.—Aneta P Schlotfeldt. J. L.—Lidgerwood JCL Schmidt. Gilbert D.—Harvey DE Schmitz. J. M.—Dumont JC-L Schmitz. H. W.- Halliday E Schneider, K. L.—Breckenridge Re Schneider. W. J.—LeFor AM Schneidcrmann. L.—Ulen GM Schnellbach. E.—McClusky GM Schoenborn. E.—Willow City AB Schramm, Clayton L.— Hazen E Schulz. L. E. Breckenridge PN Schultz. Bruce G. Tolna JC-E Schultz. Don J. Rivcrdale JC-E Schultz. Marvin R.—Tolna B Schultz. R. L.—Glen Ullin RTV Schwab. James J.—Jamestown E Schwalbe. Carl O.—Center GM Schwartz. J. A. Grand Forks RTV Schwartz. R. J. Sauk Center P Schweitzer. Peter M.—Dodge RTV Score. E. D.- Wahpeton JC-E Sc bens, Margaret A. Milnor B Seller. G. L. Grand Forks RTV Sender, LeRoy A.- -McVille AM Seney. Myron I.—Minot RTV Scthre. R. A.—Fairmount JC-L Severson, James L.—Overly AB Severson, R. a.—Windom AM Severson. Wendlen G.—Buxton E Shannon, J. G.—Fordville DE Shannon, R. E.—Fordville DE Sheldon. Edwin P. Moorhead DE Shelstad. Owen R.—Wahpeton B Sheridan. J. F.—Wahpcton JC-L Shirek. Ottillia M.—Lawton PN Sierns, D. W.—Fergus Falls P Sillerud. K. L. Rothsay. Minn. E Singleman, R. H.—Wahpeton DE Singleman, W. W. Wahpeton DE Skalet. M. V.—Niclsvillo AM Skalsky. Carole Ada. Minn. GM Skold. M. E — Mckinock AM Sminesvik, N. V.—Harlow RTV Smith, Don D.—Minot RTV’ Smith. Floyd E.—Sisscton DE Smith. Glenn L.—Carpio AM Smith. R. J.—Dilworth JC-E Smith. Robert E.—Lisbon E Smith. Victor D. Sherwood SM Smykowsko, D. L. Cayuga JC-L 1551956 Student dUet Snethcn, P. A.- Salem E Solhjem, B. L.—McLeod PN Sonsteby. W. C.—Cambell RTV Sorben, E. C. Fergus Falls RTV Sorbo. D. D.—Sharon AM Spafford. R. L.—Max bass RTV Springer. J. R.—Wyndmere MSVV Stallman. D. C.- Moorcton JC-P Stanley. R. K.—Fergus Falls Re Stanley. Mrs. M. J.—Milnor B Stave. David G.—Leeds AM Stcenbock. D. D.—Campbell AB Steffen. R. H.-Blanchard AB Steffens. I ee J.- -Wahpeton AM Steiger. A. K. -Bismarck SM Stelton. Alta G.—Wahpcton PN Slenbcrg, LaVonne M.—Kindred B Stenerson, D. J.- Detroit PN Stensgaard, G. H. Buffalo B Stephens, J. H.- Breckenridge B Slcuck. A. E.—Long Prairie P Stice. R. L.—Fairmount E Stiller, Donald V.—Hebron DE Stobbc. E. E. Euclid. Minn. JC-E Stock. Kenneth E.—Fargo RTV Stockert. Ralph—Halliday AB Stoebe. D. J. Breckenridge JC-L Stolberg, E. R. Flasher AM Stoltcnow, E.—Great Bend JC-HE Stone. A. F.—Wahpcton JC Sp. Stone. M. J. Wahpcton JC Sp. Storbeck, L. F.—Minot E Storhoff. R. R.—Kathryn E Stout. George Jamestown BR Strain, Wayne L.—Lisbon JC-E Strand. C.— Breckenridge JC-Sp. Strand. LeRoy—Wahpeton DE Streifci. William Zeeland AM Stumvoll. G. C.--Brainerd AB Stum. O. L.—St. Anthony B Stutsman. VV. S.—Wahpeton JC-L Suhr. Curtis E.—Page GM Suko, Alvin G.—Ashley DE Sunby. C. It.—Wahpeton JC-L Swanson, J. A. Grand Forks AB Swenson, G. A. Fergus Falls JC-P Swenson. G. L. Fergus Falls JC-P Sylling. D. L. Sheyenne B — T — Tandberg, M. E.—Decring AM Taylor, John L.—Vclva DE Tehle. D. J.— Breckenridge JC-L Tehle. T. A.- Breckenridge B Teie, Richard P.—Hatton RTV Teige. A. J.—Grand Forks E Tesch. Ernest—Lidgerwood GM Thilmony. M. R. Valley City B Thom. It. C.—Jamestown AB Thomas. D. J.—Sebeka, Minn. P Thompson, B. M.—Hawley B Thompson. Bruce A.- Page SM Thompson. C. K. Grafton PN Thompson. Earl D.—Fargo RTV Thompson. R. G.—Bismarck RTV Thorson. Donald R. Fargo DE Thorson. T. R.—Bagley, Minn. AB Thuen. H. L.—Mayville RTV Thykeson. T. O.—Portland AM Tischer, M. E.—Hankinson AM Tobin. A. R.—Seattle JC-P Todahl, L. C.—Fergus Falls P Tomalino. D.—Glendive RTV Tomlinson. A. Breckenridge JC-P Tor no. I awrencc A. Max P Torno. Marlin D.—Max RTV Tottingham. J. G. Sheldon DM Tougas, V. M.—Pelican Rapids Re Trageton. H. A.— Northwood AM Trenda, E. L.—Grand Forks RTV Trittin, L. It.—Hankinson AB Turnquist. D. It. Jamestown RTV — V — Ulmer, Lloyd C.—Wishok B Underwood. G. A.—Ortonville PN Unger. Durran H.—Page JC-E! Unruh. Barbara A.—Wishok B Urseth, A. C.—Grand Forks JC-L Vadnais, Duane A.—Minot PL Vandenburg, R.—Ypsilanti DE Van Dyke. Harry—Marion DE Van Wechel. D. G. Wolverton GM Vetter. L. S.- Bismarck RTV Vidden. V. E.—Fertile P Vig, Raymond K.—Aneta AB Viger. R. B.—Fergus Falls AM Volk, Pius—Hague AM Vonderharr, L. F. Madison RTV Von Ruden, C. V.—Mayville AB Vorwcrk. J. A.—Parshall RTV Vostad. D. J.—Wahpeton B — W — Wacha, R. J.—Wahpeton DE Wagendorf. Alfred—Regent DM Wagner, William—Linton JC-E Wuhldieck. B. J.- Breckenridge B Walkup. J. L.—Campbell JC-E Wallace. Lester L.—Minot DE Wallner. R. E.—Endcrlin E Walters. L. L.- -Fargo RTV Walvatnc, M. O. -Fergus Falls AM Wandlor, L. E.—New England JCP VVanck. D. J.- Wolverton AM Wangler. It.—Napoleon JC-P Watkins. G. O.—Regent AM Watson. Jack L.—Big Bend E Watt. Donald A.—Embdcn DM Weber. H.—Woodworth RTV Weber. Joseph A.—Dickinson DM Wegner. John L.—Reeder AM Weisz. Doris F.—Hazen B Wellan. W. H.—Wahpeton JC Sp. Wenger. F. A.. Jr.—Fargo RTV Wenstad. Dwanc A. Crosby AM VVermager, O. D. Twin Valley AM Wcscom. M. E. Carrington DE West. L. I.—Hecla. S. D. AB West. M. C.—Nashua PN Westby, J. A.—Rosholt. S. D. B Westby, S. E.—Fairdale AM Wcatorn, R. O.—Minot AB Wething, B. D.—Fergus Falls JC-L Wettschreck, L. O.—Wheatland Re Whalen, Michael J.— Knox JC-E Whitehead, E. A.—-Fairmount JC-E Widmer. Elmer D.— Fredonia RTV Wiedrich. Roland W.—Hazen E Wiegandt. James- Larimore AM Wilbur. Larry- Ellendale RTV Wilcox. S. G.—Watertown AM Wilhelmi, L. V.. Jr.—Lomu Re Wilke. Jackie D - Endcrlin RTV Wilke, Darrell M.—Underwood Re Williams. J. D.—Endcrlin RTV Willson. W. T.—St. Paul JC-P Wilson, John S.— Sisseton DE Wilson. It. L.—Minneapolis AB Winter. Daniel A.—Wahpeton JC-P Winter. L. D.—Fergus Falls DE Wohler. Gerald—Cayuga JC-L Wold. Clayton—Bismarck RTV Wolf. Robert J.— Wahpcton GM Wolfe, Elmer T.—Esmond GM Wolff. Dale D.—Hazelton JC-P Woods. Keith—Forest River RTV Woodward. Mary—Wahpoton B Woodward. Maybelle Wahpcton B Wortnmn. D.— Bozeman. Mont. AM Yaggie, R. A.—Breckenridge JC-L York. Roger D.- Nanson SM Young. J. N.- Hawley. Minn. BR Young. Orin R.—Riverton E Yunkor, Curtis C. Washburn GM — Z — Zacher. Reinhold—Elgin E Zahn. Elmer—Bottineau RTV Zeller. Orville H.- Leith JC-E Zent. Howard H.—Mandan DE Zimmer. Harvey Campbell JC-P Zimmerman, It. W.—Wllliston SM Zoller. Herbert G. Tcmvik GM Zwack, George F. Fargo AM 156Joseph A. hi lent: sell Editor £cUfoi 'Ut viet Its not only an honor but a great pleasure for me to take an active part in the planning, laying out and publishing of this, our yearbook, the Agaivasie. We, the staff, have put in many hours of hard work, doing our best to put into pictures, the happenings and activities, which took place during the year. We hope that we have a yearbook that you will enjoy and one that we all can be proud of. Our printing department here at Science under the leadership and direction of Mr. Edward Adams, Mr. Howard Kinde and Mr. William Johnson printed this entire book. We sincerely appreciate their many helpful suggestions and, above all. their patience. Speaking not only for the Agawasle staff but for the whole student body that we represent it is almost impossible to find words to express our thanks and appreciation to Mr. Vernon Hektner, our faculty advisor. Although faced with a complete teaching schedule and many other activities, Mr. Hektner always found time to assist and lend a helping hand whenever the going was rough or a problem had us stumi cd. I also want to thank Rodney Ringquist, although not a member of our staff, for his willingness, effort and many hours put into the preparation of this book. To the members of the staff, for your cooi)eration and hard work my personal thanks go to each one of you—Robert McCarthy, Assistant Editor; Raymond Flaa, Business Manager; Donr.a Vostad and Jane Sheridan, Classes; Kay Lund, Organizations; Marcia Berseth and Lee Ann Bro'n, Activities: Cliff Urseth, Sports; Nancy Larsson, Administration; Bill Barney, Advertising; and Lester Vetter, Photographer. This, the 56 Agawasie, is for you students! I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading it, and we the staff hope you will treasure and remember it . . . and from the staff . . . and myself . . . goodbye and good luck in whatever the future may hold for you. . . . 157 Editor-in-chief..........................Joseph Klemisch Faculty Advisor............Mr. Vernon Hcktner Assistant Editor.........................Robert McCarthy Sports Editor.............................Cliff Urseth Photographer.............................Lester Vetter Organizations........................Kay Lund Advertising Manager...............Bill Barney 15S Settled left to right: Irvin, Lund, McCarthy, Klemisch. Flaa, Sheridan, Y vis tad. l.arssvn. Standing: Crseth. Klvsterinan. Herseth. Ihtseluj.7 e 56 rffycutuzAie Business Manager Activities........ Classes........... Administration. .. . . Raymond Flaa . Marcia Berseth Lee Ann Broin ..Donna Vostad Jane Sheridan Marian Larsson Beulah Husebye Left to right: Klcmisch. Flaa. I rxcth and McCarthy. 159Vernon 1C. Hvktner Faculty Advisor Benjamin Franklin was born 250 years ago this January. As we think about the versatility of this great American on this his anniversary, we have the feeling that he would have been perfectly at home here at Science School Campus. He was educated in a print shop, he experimented with electricity, he dabbled in heating and ventilation, he was interested in all modes of transportation and forms of communication. Political Science and literature were his stock in trade. Biology and physics were special fields of study for him. Without boasting, it would seem that so much of the universal genius of Franklin is reflected in the various departments of our school. It has been our fondest hope, that during your stay here at Spence, you have received something beyond a skill or a special core of knowledge—-something that not only meets the requirements of your future vocation but gives you the confidence necessary to meet the challenge of life in these changeable times. As Franklin knew how to enjoy life and how to make a solid contribution to us in so many diverse fields of endeavor so we would do well to emulate this great man. It is with challenge that we wish you “Good Luck". 160

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