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North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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c NINE Tt N f ORtt wwwyAwgVAiH W!jj; WMmS m NORTH tr s ATE school of scie 1 NORTH DAfcOt MlGo-ntenti FALL Dedication Faculty and Administration Pictures Features — Homecoming Organizations Pictures Freshman Pictures Football — NDIC Crown WINTER Basketball — Wildcats — Intra-Mural Features — Winter Activities Organizations Pictures SPRING Senior Pictures Boxing — Golden Gloves Features — Stag Party Editor's Message Student Roster Advertising Section AutographsFall found us looking forward in eager antici The 1948-49 academic season at SSS opened with an enrollment well over the 700 mark—nearly a record for the Science School. Students from both the East and West coasts were represented, plus others from states throughout the Middle West. Registrants from 12 states, other than North Dakota, were among those enrolled. Activity about the campus was slow in progressing during the first few weeks, but as students became acquainted, parties, dances, general "get tcgethers" became more prevalent. The annual "Get Acquainted" dance brought about the necessary hand shakes; classrooms brought the expected hours of study. As we began settling down for our stay at Science, increased activities lessened the strain of classrooms. We found ourselves looking forward in eager anticipation. Encouraged by the new friendships we gained, enlightened by continuity of the old, we looked ahead to a year destined to bring us many pleasant memories.imi V. x te , m Winter found frantically As the snow came abundantly so came the students to the library for leisure moments and studious hours. All phases of research, theme writing and general reference work began take the lime-light in the ever . library at Old Main. As ;the photos on the right illustrate, many hard at work students were to be seen about ..various classrooms and School was in full swing now. '•rf Hsiness' Arts, Trades and related department c o n t i n- i ................ vied as a feeling of determination fell upon the students ‘‘ struggling on plateaus of learn- ing. For this was the time when aggressiveness was becoming a virtue common in every student. All of us were busily en-aged in the task of gaining vr iofe and more knowledge, ievfer conscious of the duties be-us more settled . . . struggling for more knowledge■mm • r. vtQall Recjlit cUio+i • • • tf-i ut tf-all 2 aHce • • • tyoothall Practice £ta itl • • • cMo+necami+Uf fl it Zol • • .tJ OR THE past twenty years W. A. Currie 1 has taught linotype and journalism at the State School of Science. Previously lie had several years of trade experience in printing and linotype and he had taught at Dunwoody Institute, Minneapolis. Hecause he is expert as craftsman, able and inspiring as instructor, devoted to the welfare of his students not only when they are in his classes but also during their later working years, we rate him as a practically perfect teacher. Therefore we take great pleasure in dedicating THE 1949 AGAWASIE '1 0 YV. A. CURRIEaara±L£ 7 te P've ixtent Sfieahi .... This year’s Agaxvasic staff is to he congratulated upon getting out an annual that makes a permanent record of the activities of all the students who have attended school this year. This permanent record increases in value to you with its age. While this annual is a record of the past, 1 wish to record in it the plans for the future. The next five years will sec great changes in the general appearance of the campus of the State School of Science. A master plan is now being made to permanently change the roads and to provide location for new buildings. A new gymnasium will be built soon. The present gymnasium will he remodeled to provide a permanent auditorium with ample space for band, music, and dramatics. Funds for a new heating plant to lx built north of the present Main building are now available. A dormitory for girls will be constructed in the near future. All of these changes will make a big improvement in '.lie general appearance of the campus. E. F. Riley'_7 £ ig4g Aljmvu fle.p,a it be Qo-tLe'ino-'i “ l |,c interest of North Dakota people in our institutions of higher learning has been indicated duriim the past few years, both by the number of students who have enrolled and also by the substantial appropriations that have been made by the la two sessions of the Legislature for our several colleges. We arc living in a new age. Science, invention, concentration of people in industrial centers and rapid communication and transportation have both broadened and complicated the experiences of living. 1 o make the most of these opportunities and to direct our course in a constructive way it is essential that a larger percentage of our |)cop!c have the advantage of a college education. 'That training, however, should be associated with a good old fashioned homespun phiosophy of kindness and consideration for all those wuh whom we might be associated.” Fred G. Aan’dahl Governor of North DakotaJIU iggg - LJ cavtiiid fey boi+uj, jbep.a itme tt room TKADKS STl'DENTS: Recent i we have received a number of litters froi:: employers informing us of i lie satisfactory sit vice being rendered by former students of the school. This is the best news we receive. To prepare men to get jobs, to hold jobs, to rise to better jobs, to be successful in the skilled trades arc the objectives of the practical courses offered in our Trades School division. Our efficiency varies in proportion as to the extent that these objectives arc met. At the time this is written, all announcements that we receive from East and West indicate that there is considerable unemployment and that unemployment lists are growing. Despite that fact we are receiving calls every day this Spring from employers who want men trained in the Shops of our Centralized State Trade School. '1 his is encouraging; and it is proof of the fact that there always arc jobs for men with training. (jood luck to each of you ; to second year men who go to employment; and to first ear men who take jobs or make plans to be back with us next year. We will welcome back on September 12th you first year men who made good records during 1948-49. G. W. Havbrty.f_ L: !Q49 fcjaaraiu Wksi.kv Ai.i.kx Radio Shop and Related Theory Bt: II. Barnard Elect rical F.ngineering Charles Bkock.mkykr Elect rical AI at hematics Radio and Theory Walter A. Currie Linotype and Journalism Gerald Cass business Fundamentals Stanley L. Dotsetii Auto Body Repair Norman CL Donald C. Fauss Electrical Math., Theory, Surveying, Mathematics Blue Print ReadingC7 £ 7949 7 acvaiLd Clarence R. Hours Electrical Mathematics Theory Sl’ENCEK O. IlOKENSON Simp Sketching; and Sheet Metal Merton R. Jacobson Electrical, Inside Wiring Walter R. Klriii Elect rical. Alternating Current Shop Howard O. Kinde Priming, Hand Composition and Press Work Edwin Littke Aviation Engines H.iorn H. Mei.sted John C. Neperud Radio Theory and Shop Auto MechanicsuaruiU John M. Ntess Machine Shop J. Mai:rick Xvcaari) Refrigeration Glenn H. Pm-Ksov Amo Mechanics. ami Garage Shop Arthur M. Sampson Aviation. Aircraft Repair Merle D. Robertson Architectural Drawing Warren E. Sciiuett Auto Mechanics Leonard W. Smith Machine Shop Earl Smith Auto Mechanics anil Garage Shop  ZJfiz IQ49 czrfgcuira±i£ George A. Soltis Sheet Metal and Pattern Drafting W. (I. Svi: ki:skn Auto Body Repair Julian K. S .czur Welding. (). y-Acctylene and Klee trie Arc Thomas M. Tisdhli. Refrigeration W’ai.tkr II. VVki.lan ICIcctrieal Math, Theory and Mine Print Reading James Wriciit Electrical, Alternating Current Shop1949 c fc uaraiid 1o. Students 9 i flunio i Galley Harrowing George Grim’s slogan "I like It Here." I tiiul it now «liiticult tt» express that deep perennial liking in a lew words. Therefore, I choose only two outstanding' factors: (I) a strong sense of responsibility on the part of students, not merely within this year, but extending through several decades; (2) strong toward the school on the part of the students and alumni. Speaking to junior college students in particular I want to mention just one way in which the principle of loyalty works well. As. in these times, most of our junior college graduates transfer to other schools, we are continually pleased to timl that their records alter transfer reflect credit on the Science School. That’s a thought worth carrying with you: In later schooling and in later life, you are makers and keepers not only of vour own reputation but also of your old school. As we have been proud of our graduates in past years, we thoroughly believe that we’ll also have rea:on to be proud of you. Sincerely yours, l II. .Mc.M. iion.DTie JQ49 t fcjcuvaiLs. Raymond BaSSBTT Athletics, Hiology English Donna Forkner Home Economics Vernon E. Mbktnrr Social Science Frank H. McMahon English Robert McMillan Chemistry, Geography Esther Schulz Language, English, y _ £ 1949 zztf‘t)utva±U Ollice Pentannel IL Ci. RAT LA IT Business Manaiicr (i. V. Patterson Sec rota rv-Treasu re r M. I'i.i .abhtii Diet Secretary Mildred Lars sox Dean of Women J. A. 11 ORTON Ass’r. Director of Trade School Alvin C. Lckki; l'radc School Secretary Carol Anderson Librarian Irene Wacha Secretary Une. JQ49 zzrlaat'jaiid Ja StudVenti 9n 7he feuAimkl Scltaoi The AG A WAS IE is in a sense a history record of every student attendance a: the State School of Science. It is something to he treasured throughout life. True, it will not he somethin" that will he used often; hut years hence when cleaning the attic or an old trunk, it will come to your attention. You will take time out for reminiscence. You will then recall these as sonic of the best years of your life. Some will wish that they had made better use of that opportunity. Others will he satisfied that they made proper use of their time. All will recognize that it was time well spent. Those win se names and pictures appear in this volume have yet to reach the period of recollection. Let us hope that the time spent here gives way to pleasant ami satisfying reminiscences for everyone. V. M. Xokix:aaki 'jhz 1444 -rfcj cUVUlU ICari. YV. I Juris Director of Athletics Mathematics M A I-1.ON KASI’AKI Secretarial Training Bookkeeping Alice YValton Shorthand, Typing II. I.. I I Alll-UMAN Accounting Mkrckoks R. Morris Typing and Business EnglishDim tggg aara±Ld Lower row. Left to right: Donna Peterson: Winnie Springer; Rachel Ruiulle; Dariene Stevens; Margaret Drcycr. Middle row: Charles Lillihridge; Led Warner; Jim Kant .; Robert Lund. Top row: Scott Leedhain; Jim llansmnn; Jack Brown. Lditor. Not Pictured: Ruth Green, Bernard Vanvo, William Boyd. Student AIctiiUtieA. deposited When it comes to hard work and diligent service, the staff of the Dakota Scientist cannot be praised too highly. Kniirely a voluntary staff, thev have written, printed and distributed the Scientist to the student bods twice monthly throughout tho school year with unfailing punctuality. Good luck to these potential editors! Scientist Staff Lditor .................................... Jack Brown Ass’t. Lditor ......................... Rachel Rundie Ass’l. Lditor............................... Bob Lund Sports Lditor..........................Jim Hansmann I'cat urc Editor .................................. Jim Kaat , Departmental Lditor ................... Ted Warner Makeup Lditor ......................... Scott Lecdham Artist...................................... Ruth Green Photographer .......................... William Boyd Stall Writers....... Darlene Stevens .. C. Lillibridgc 949 aivdiU, Reading from left to right: Margaret Dreyer: Robert Waller; (Jeorgc Hill, Pre .; Herman Wald: Robert Morrison; John Krickson QouLeti+unent feuildtk bemoc acif, I'lu Student Cabinet of eve re year has a tremendous job placed before them. As ibe elected "Congress” for the student body, it is their duty to formulate a fair and just type of government, applicable and acceptable to the student body of SSS. Wc say “thanks" for a job well done and for the fine student management we’ve received.mvuiid STANDING: Donald Kludt: James 11 an: maun; John Rhodes; Donald Hart , SEATED: Darlcre Stevens; Margaret I)rover: Rachel Rnndlc: Donn Anderson; Kenneth Fitzsimomls Publicatiank iPcAieve Qaai Agawasie Staff Editor .................................. John Rhodes Ass’t. Editor ................... Kenneth Fitzsimonds Advertising Manager ............................. Donn Anderson Business Manager ...................... Donald Rartz Ciretdation Manager ................... Donald Kludt Feat me Editors .. Margaret Drover .. Darlene Stevens Organizations Editor .................. Rachel Rundlc Sports Editor .....................................Jim Hansmatm Faculty Advisor ...................... London Peterson ..Art Star bn . Devils Lake Lester Oi.son McIntosh. Minn. Tki Warner, Flint, Mich. David Symington, Neche 'Dl'iz 1949 czrfcj curaiU Bartrom, Neche Ii.ah Moursetii. Northwoori Akditii Tet .i.ofe, Hunter Arijes Tetzi.okk, Hunter Donald Kai aln, Fingal Charles Ai.m, Christine Duane Haucan, Mohall Hari.hv Wilson, Bismarck Ielesi’Horus Koi’i , Raleigh Rav Wiest, Wishck Donald Grund. Harvey Lucille Brcckonriduc Robert Wegner. Katluyn Violet 'Fiiu.m. Rage Leo Bai.cer. Gleiulive, Mont. LaMoin Meiirer. Mott Robert Zimmerman, Wahpeton Ai.r Heroii. Watertown. S. Dak. Walter Anderson, Krskinc, Minn. Doris Broadband. B reckon rid ye 'Dliz I p4 p rj j aara±U Even Rude. Daltlcn Michael Caspers, Broekcnritlgo, Wilfred Abkndscmein. It reckon ridge I)o , i.d Mitchell. Elbowoods William Enoch sox, W.ilijn-ton Doiclas Johnson , Kathyrn Vernon Krause. Wahpoton Gordon Bakken, Walipcion Gordon Bondy. Petersburg Jerald Porn ess. Colfax Orrin Abrkv, Gilby I'lleodore Tilics. Ilankinson Charles Lili.ibkidoe, YValipcton Harlani) Mason, Langdon Robert Johnson. Klaxton Ci.AVTON Bertscii. 'Towner Leonard Sciiul .e. Rolla ’ i roil Peterson, Han kin: on Betty Si’Elleruero, Kairmount Lvi.e N.ios. Alamo Robert Fast, Langdon Russel Eck strom. Waltpcton Marvin Martinson, Hillsboro Harold Kaufman, Bisbec{Uh 1949 aara±L£ Arthur Busch. Berlin Lloyd I'redhrickson. Peter:Innj; Larson, Newbury Donai.d M hroenthal, Hillsboro ()w 1: n Sca nson . (i race Ci ty (.'11 M indeman. Calelmtt Clemens I Iaohl, ()rrin I'i.ovd Bennett. Wahpeton Bob Haworth. Gardner John Sweeney, White Butte. S. I). I'm 11. Peterson, GarnVon Lawrence Pape, W.shek WHiek Fames Nei.son, Litchville ICt'CENE Bril ., Richardtcn Lila Jean Lucas. Wahpeton Warren Parker. Brcckenrid e Lucv 11 acer. Tinvncr Lorraine Askerootii. Cayuga Donna, Cayuga Robert Lovell. Courtena) I'i.ovd Severson, Norman Starr, Glcndive, Mont. Jam e Leak, Glcndive, Mont.'Jlld 1949 w icj l avail z. Jerry Kulani), Sanish Ray Bjuoson, Ancta Loren Strain, Page John Riiodi:s, Sanborn John Skarukc, Glcndivc, .Mont. L. R. M, Wahpeton I'.ari. Ferouson, Woodworth Ben KricksoN, Wahpeton Clifford (i. Johnson, Kintvrc Darrel Morrow, Spokane, Wash. Carl Hohknstkin, Center 1 I MOTH Y Khi.SII, Fullerton Dick Casey, Parshall Thomas Brannan, Bishec Marvin Hanson, Lakota Harry Brix, Erie KiJSTHR I IeNDKRSON, Lorainc Leslie Brooks, Cleveland Lund, Arncganl Donald IIexhm, Grenora Louis Cl 1RISTHNSHN, Antelope, Mont. Orville Rorciiard, Mansfield, S.I . Bernard Beck, Wolford Allen Shaw, Wolford'_ ?£ i i)49 aaraiU Frank Mass. Tolley Ooei.i. Zikrartii. Hal four Norman Johnson, Cavalier Rai.i ii Ratii.ik. 'Power City Dei.mer Smedshammbk. Litchville Okdei.i. Peterson, Mayville JfDSON Larson. White Fish, Mont. Montei.i. Peterson, Rock Lake Howard Dahi.HV. Lon" Beach. Calif. John Grodaiil, McCanna James Jerman. Hankinson Shiri.hv Ramstad, Wahpeton E.mii.y Jonas. Grcnora Patricia Roth. Helfiehl Leonard (Irabinokr. 'Turtle Lake John Erickson. Milnor John Weaver, Lowry. Minn. Ci.air Hover. New Rock foul Hruce Rkutiier. B reckon ritlgr Alan Danicourt. Brcckenridne Jerry Carlson. Valley City James Beroknski. Valley City Everett Wkstbrman. McCluskv (Jerald (Jeisen. Hishee Ik- n(_ 2£ Q49 fcjUl cliid Shirley Vacua. Wahpcion Cll ARLES HkII.I.E, Casscltoil M ax Pasciiki;. Ardock Robert Tiiomi son, Parsliall Ksrmit Fi.iassen, Grcnora Mk H H . SciiAKK. Glen Ulin e Ranci3 Van ( Jl'ndy. Fniporia. Kan Charles Arndt, Fullerton i (!N a Stoeiie. Wahpcton Donna Mai: Manna. Lisbon S;i;.u.ia Nelson, Lisbon Loi.i I Iovhski-i.ani). Tolna Donna Fi.aacan. 'I'olna i .1: A C i "o, DA m.. McCanna Betty Howtrum, Fergus Falls Rachel Rundi.e, New Kngland Win mi: Strincek. Wyndnicrc 1 i KI.EN Siiorma. Wyndmerc C koi. Bronder. Willi-ton Marvin 11 lyt .max. Grand Forks Don a i.o Oi.son. Roseglcn Darlene Stevens, Wahpcton Dari.eni- Sciioenecker. Wahpcton Orville Fknske. llankinsonLois Get ., Rlminc Ruth Monson. Watford City .Marian Benson. Wahpcton John Weiler. LaMourc ,, f ( i 1 a| Rov Hero. Hatton Duane Winquist. Mi I hank, S. Dak. John Dodds. Rliamc Vernon Si'It .er. Wilton Cl.ARENCK THOMPSON, Bcllicld Ardei.i. I'edj e, Rugby Bern ei.i. Hoei., Christine Kenneth Nei.i.ekmoe. Hickson Curtis Gwynn, Woodworth Lvnn Peterson. Valiev City Fred Dodds. Rhamc Lester Severson, "Wheatland Louis Starter. Forman Arthur Mii.i.f.r. Ilavanna Lyi.e Staeiinkk. Ilavanna i I a roi.i) Smith. Walhalla Harold Handke. Breckenridge Kenneth Kjos, Wahpcton Robert 'oves, Wahpeton Robert Frank, Tyler_ £ 1949 C rfcjcuuaii Jeanette Osi.uxd. McVillc Joan Habermas . Wahpcton Patricia Sparrow, Wall pet on Harriet Amri.e. Wahpeton Larky Koedek. Hankinson Pkeiker. Buffalo Robert Lund. W'ahpeton Edwin Kueiix. Park Rapuls Meri.vx, Comstock, Minn. Arthur Kvai.h, Arj'vle. .Minn. Kavkibi.d Brown. Devils Lake Dale Zinoi.eman, Watford City Charles Luptak, )ic lfield (ill.ItKKT ZlECI.HR. Edgoly Henry DeKrupt, Brooten, Minn. Kdcar Seitz, lla .cn Ki.ixakktii I Iai.lan, 'Turtle Lake B l:ATRIl“lt BkRCO. Turtle Lake VaLatra Lkvi, Turtle Lake Jami-s IIansmann. Moorhead Roubrt Nolan. W’ahpeton Adrian Fri:i i:rickson. Petersburg Aonks Joni-s, W’ahpeton Jam: Waddinoton. Rosholt, S. 1). LaRai: Ciooi.sbhv, Milnor (iKokch Snl'STAO. 11 ciuI rum. Minn. Lko Pii-ii’KR. Devils Lake Lrvin Stii.i-s. Arvillc Cordon VVolvcrtnn. Minn. Rhiniioi.o Sciiumaciikr. Egeland Janich RhutiiHR. Brcckenridge Ci rtis Christianson, Fortunar_ £ IQ49 donunznli llDij sj3uU The athletic program ai Science is com p ;sed «:f the intercollegiate sports of root-hall. Ila ketball, Kasehall, Roxing. Golf, Track and Tennis. Interdependent athletics on a laige scale has been carried on in basketball and softball. A total participation in all branches embraces over hall the : indent body in one or more sports. A new athletic field has been added to the facilities and we are in hopes of a new athletic plant to take care of our crowded conditions at present. The athletic staff con.istsof Ray Hassett. George Hrackin. Gordon Patterson anti Karl Hute. Ray was a welcome addition this year and had charge of the basketball team. Gordon has been in command of the baseball team and assistant in football. George is the boxing coach and has had phent menal success in this sport. John Xepcrud very capably handled the department softball last spring. 'Phe competition in all branches of athletics is at an all time high at the present time. YVc at Science are handicapped greatly by being a junior college competing against four-year schools. We have students with the right kind ol spirit and the light that they put up offsets their inexperience. It has been a pleasure to have these young men in Athletics at Science. IdJildcati Gapiusie Q lidiAo-n Gn tunI t { Dhs. 1949 fcjaivaiU. N KI.I.KKMOI: Stii:nw rth Johan n i:so Grixdv Dutv SCIENCK 0 MOOR HEAD TEACHERS 32 Opening the season with 6 lettermcn. Science played host to the Moorhead Teachers eleven. MS walloped Science 32-0 in a furious tour quarters of hard fought football. A first period fumble began the MSTC march, with Krar.z scoring from the 26. King went over in the second quarter for the 1 eachers touchdown number two. Science made a desperation second half bid via the aerial route, but were clipped twice on interceptions, thus rolling the MS count to 25-0. An end run produced the final tally. Hermes to Holly passes were the big guns in the Cat offense, while the work of Carrier, Knapp and Starr on defense was of top notch nature. SCIENCE 6 VALLEY CI TY 0 Traveling to Valley City, the Cats again met a determined foe, with a 6 yard run by Dick Johanneson producing the only points of the game. 'This gave Science a 6-0 upset victory over the highly touted Vikings, this year’s defending conference champions. The defensive work of Holly, Ruckman and Hill was tops, as they literally, formed a stonewall the Viking; could not penetrate. Offensively it was John Drury and Dick Johanncson who threaded their way through the Viking defenses for sizeable gains. Stai.EV_ £ h)49 Simonson Gaui.raim SCIENCE 6 ST. JOHN S 26 Versatile Marley Strong dashed 83 yards to paydirt hut no avail as powerful St. Joint’s handed the Cats a stinging 26-6 setback. Pete Newman. Johnnie fullback, and Chuck Miller were too much for Wahpcton throughout the game. Though the Wildcats did justice to their name, they couldn’t halt the powerful St. John’s squad. Cakkii-k Vovrs 11 RRMKS SCIENCE 32 MAYV1LLE 6 Wahpeton took advantage of the first half breaks to smother the Mayville Comets 32-6. All the Cat scoring came in the first half on Comet errors. As result of a blocked kick John Drury tallied 'I’D number one, slipping through for 35 yards and a 6-0 lead. Dick Johanneson grabbed a Comet fumble for another Cat score, with Balcer powering left end for a 19-0 lead. The last two Science scores came when Wally Simonson fell on a blocked kick in the end .one, and Jack Baker’s brd'iant 43 yard rollback of an intercepted pass. Mayvillc's only tally came when Kenny Rio plunged across from the one yard line. Quitxi-vli.AI.CI-K SCIENCE IS JAMESTOWN ( 1 L'CKMAX Showing the strength of the week before, the Wildcats Ite art eyeing a Conference Championship, as they hammered nt a IS-6 victory over an inspired Jamestown College team. John Drury had a field day for the Cats as he scored two touchdowns and help set up a third. Drurv blasted across from the two to give Science a 6-0 lead. Jamestown came back to score a few minutes later when the Cats fumbled on their own 10.. On the following kickoff Drury raced ).? yards to break the morale of the Jimmies. Dick Johannc: n again proved his elusiveness as he broke « ver tackle and dashed 35 vards to the final Science score. Starr SC! FACT. 10 ELLEN DALE 0 A beautiful lady and a nearing conference title was all the inspiration needed for a lighting Science squad, as they rapped a stunning 10-0 upset over the Dustics of NI. For Science it was their homecoming game and it didn’t take long for them to make it a rousing success. John Drury took an FUeiulalc punt in the first period and brought the ball the entire distance, 100 yards, to the iirst Cat score and a 6-0 half time lead. Shortly afted the start of the second half. Drury again scored to give Wahpeton a 13-0 margin. Hermes added another touchdown when be powered over from the two yard line, to bring the score to an impressive 19-0 triumph. yUhz IQ49 ' fijawaiLs,'_ £ n)49 ftj cicvaiU Drury Langi:k SCIKNCK BISMARCK .[. C. Bismarck Junior College was forced lo cancel their game in the Cats due to injuries. ’This gave to the Science team a undefeated conference record and a tie for the NDIC 1949 football crown. On defense, the pla of Holly and Hermes was tops, while the offensive Mocking of rugged Dean Knapp was the standout performance. Brand WliAVKR The time has come for an official “Hats OH” to Coach Bute and his fighting squad, commending them for their splendid display of gridiron sportsmanship and season of undefeated conference football. Not rated strong enough to he conference contenders, the Bute-men surprised everyone by annexing the NDIC title. Holly KnappL7 2£ ig g fcj cuvaiU SEPTEMBER (leqUi atian , . . Qettinq Acquainted . . . Qla ie SEPTEMBER COMES THE TIME when Ma and Pa decide that their dear little offspring shall leave the shelter of their apron-strings and go out into til: big, cruel world to acquire a little knowledge. The institution to be honored by your presence i none other than the State School of Science... • located one mile out of Wahpeton.also miles....hut not too far, from Brcckcnridge. AFTER THE DEMONS in the plaid office take ail your money....and the government’s too ....they tell you to go pick-up your books at the Bookstore. You bravely approach the doors of the Hub when....WHAM !!!..there you arc., in front of the gym with half the school in front of you! 'Ehis is the “the book line.” After standing all morning, going without lunch, baking all afternoon in the 100°C. you arc finally facing t :e door when that door slams shut to the tune of, "closed for today, open tomorrow at 8:00.” Is education worth all this and Burch Hall food too? EVENING KINDS the fellows on the lookout for amusement and recreation. Some find it at the B reckon ridge City Hall....some find it at the Valiev Theater (plug)... .others find it at K raker’s. I like organ music with my zebras too! FIRST IMPRESSIONS of a freshman... .What holds the buildings up?UlU igw C=rfcj tUVUlUL JUI At 7be Catta ei. "What’s yours, is mine and what's mine, is mine” might he a motto tor the give-aiul take life at the Cottages. There the stairs are used to share telephone calls and nearly every study session turns into a gab fest. 'The girls staying in the Cottages come from towns all over North Dakota and a few are from South Dakota and .M’nnesota. Most of them are business students and struggle through shorthand, word study and business law assignments in a Chinese fashion to the tune of several different radio programs. Of course, tilings never get noisy or confused around the Cottages. For in -lance, the two cottages visit each other regularly every Wednesday night to get a little closer to Emily Post. One such Wednesday night Emily Jonascs’ date came bristling into a meeting at Center accusing Em of trying to dodge him.. Then, one weekend V a Laura Levi and Hetty Malian, who got jobs in Fargo during the Winter Term, came down to visit at Center. The door got locked before the Muclsman brothers brought the girls home and the hostesses fell asleep, so the disgruntled guests went to A Vest, woke Charlotte lluclsman and slept on the special "morgue slab" davenports there....The kills at West have fixed some delieiuos banquets and otherwise at the end of or during a hlood-and-thunder card game. Could be Lucy Hager and Lois Getz learning at the hands of Lea Ulrich and Charlotte, or possibly two blondes, Jeanette Auslund and Carol Brondcr, were dealing out three aces and two deuces. .At Center the girls are apt to be scaring themselves silly listening to "Inner Sanctum,” "Mr. I). A. .” and such, with a coke in one hand and a book in the other. A daily visitor from Center to West is Winnie Springer, who takes her roommate, June Miller, over for moral support a she practices her piano lessons. . . .Speaking of visitors at West, although it is rumored that printer Bernard Vanyo stayed there, it isn’t so. He ju t called on Ilorgild Hanson every spare minute he hail and a few he hadn’t to spare. Cliff Johnson makes the trip from Burch Hall pretty often, too. Charlie Fisher comes real often to see Helen Shorma and they are the ones mo. t spied on from the top of the stairs. Next in their box office appeal, since Francis Van Gundy has returned to Missouri. comes Jane Waddington and Dai win Hanson, then printer I Inwit , and Betty Molstrom. In the basement at West, the weekly washings are undertaken—that accounts for the o.vaaona! floods over there. The plugs are prone to come out of the wash tubs...One night the center gals baptized Betty with a bottle of coke. Another time Janie got dunked (p.j.’s and all) in a tub of cool, clear water. Then there was the week Betty bleached a pair of blue jeans in the same tub. This was equalled by the delightful aroma created by the disinfectant used in scruhing the house after June contacted the mumps........When Betty Williams lived at Center a big dummy and an unscrewed light bulb were arranged to frighten her wren she returned from doing her duty on a decorating committee. She has a job at Rosholt, S. I), now, but not because of the dummy horseplay....At West a little navy fun was introduced by Charlotte in the form of short-sheeting. Ah. yes, it’s a great life. The girls wouldn’t move for anything, .even if they do crawl into a bed full of well-placed pretzels,'Dhz. n)4g i(j uarulLd y4zmecomi+iCf,4, . . . ead . . . Partied, OCTOBER VK OFFICIALLY get acquainted at the first school party given hv the faculty. I llK MALY HALL RADIATOR CLUB, with Rose and Parnell as charter members, takes in Max and Randy; Irene and Wally; Flame and George as new members. IIOM FCOMI N( i APPROACHES.... Donnie Anderson begins work to make the biggest and the best Homecoming SSS bas ever had... .the kilowatt boys decide who will be queen... .Ablins of all sizes and ages gather to watch the Wildcats “Drub the Dustics".... We dance to the music of Eddie Osborn midst the falling of the black and red. 151(1 SISTERS initiate their Little Sisters to the mysteries of the TEA. THE BARRACKS BOYS never play for keeps..just for the fund of it....have a heart fellows ..lie’s got a date tonitc. SAT 2 9 16 23 30 OCTOBER'Jhd K)Lfg _7-fy UCVUlid — ATTENDANTS — (Am nntir.n Niylit—King and Queen BETTY SPKI.LEKHERG At I lie Game SHIRLEY RAMSTAI) WMDL 1040 rCliL£ 1949 o4ameco+nin(f d-ifylilicflti'i lint n day—wliat a game—wliat a (|iuvn! Tlu- 1948-49 homecoming at SSS was the biggest ever. William (iillcs and Emily Jonas were crowned king and queen Friday night. October 22, in the SSS gym. On either side stood the two attendants, Shirley Ramstad and Hetty Spellcrbcrg. The next afternoon. THE day, the wildcats. led by left half John “IJubbcr” Drury, continued to keep pace in genuine homecoming style by upsetting a slightly favored Fllendale Normal eleven 19-0 at Chahink-apa Park. Plans began to take shape early in October for the big fall event. Clubs (active and dormant) gathered their flock together to choose the idea for a winning float to be entered in the parade. The Auto Hotly Club proved to the rest of the campus that they had unique originality and came through with top honors. Other events of the day included a luncheon at the Gym for Alumni and faculty where ur own Carol Anderson was elected president. Finally after everyone was tired, droopy, and wind burned, we staggered? to the big dance Saturday evening and punished our feet to the music of ICddie Osborne and his orchestra. All in all. it will he a long time before we forget tin-gala festivities of this 1040 Homecoming!'_ ’£ iQ49 Ici aivu U, NOVEMBER Election feetl . . . c luntinG, . . . tf. cot ball NOVEMBER HI NTING SEASON opens..the boys get dow.t to figure- ami decide bow many satisfactory blondes, brunettes and otherwise are available... .they come to the conclusion that SSS women must be of the extinct variety. EVERYBODY? VOTES for the Student Cabinet president-----the final count finds Sparky Hill way ahead. .could it be his electrifying personality? MAC still can't understand how Truman ecked out victory when Gallup said Dewey had it in the bag... .maybe he should have taken that bet !! WHAT KEEPS Pebby and Loren warm?________the radiator of those exchanged looks-? WITH THE COMING OK WINTER the fellows find that the new winter coats hide the best part of the girl-' personalities.Dfiz 1949 fya-(.'LTa±U fVo+i'ie+i'Le 'Al No- £end,e . . . Excerpts from “Inciters Home" A FRESHMAN WRITES HOME Slate School of Science Wahpcton, N. Dak. Dear Pater. In regards to my financial condition, it lie leaves me to state that the remunerations of practical necessities, have grown to such a magnanimous figure that it will he utterly impossible for me to continue in a manner befitting a collegian of my standing in the future should not have access to funds. My full intentions of the matter were that active participation in admin-istrational and academic actvities were to he within a lesser means, however, forth coming resources shall receive my appreciative acceptance. Your good health is my fondest desire. Your loving son, Ellsworth Spoonswiper Jr. The Senior Writes Home State School of Science Wahpcton, X. Dak. Dear Guvcnor: Well. 1 hummed a stamp so I can write. Ship down a little lettuce. 1 been broke for 2 weeks. School ain’t what it's cracked up to he. Once upon a time (as all good? stories must begin some time) there was a little Pentium who thought she was a fly. Twice a year, and especially on Tuesday, she began the disection of c.atcrpillcr legs. Her mother became quite perturbed at these obvious signs of maladjustment and decided to have Gladys’ eyebrows tested with the future purpose in mind of sending her to study plumbing at the State School of Science. Now, in the hills nearby there also dwelt a Hock of ‘‘peaches'. These peaches were not the fruity type hut nevertheless no one complained as no one cared for baseball. , H.v and by l ony and Perry got together in the valley and the result was a strict test in rythemetic typing. Aryway, (who got me off my subject) the importance of this monologue is in tIn-fact that I have been going to school here h r the past three months and this is all I can write. Hut I'm not cra .y—those men in the white jackets are my friends. Overheard at the last dance: Jim II: Your lips were made to kiss, precious. Pat S: Yes. and I use- tlu-m to ki s, darling. "You know." said Mullherg, “Tin-music of this orchestra certainly has the power to move me deeply. There is something in those chords in the introduction that gets hold of something inside of you ....that grasps you in it's mood........ Well it gives me the feeling of the wilderness, it loosens up something........well ......something inside of me." “Yeah." answered Hub, "but did you ever try e. -lax?" “A POME” I once had a classmate named (iuesser Whose knowledge grew lesser and lesser It at last grew so small lie knew nothing at all And now lie’s a College Professor! I HAD A little dog—I called hint August. August was fond of jumping at conclusions, especially at the wrong conclusions. One day he jumped at a mule's conclusion. The next day was the lirst of September!{ZJli£. JQ49 c facavaiU rr llte facial 'iVlii il" October 1st—Again thi year as in prevails years. tlu "(let Acquainted Part'” srnrtnl the reason off with a bang! Sran Sutter's Orchestra was engaged (or rh. tun fc t from 8:.?() till midnight. The Butterfly dance was the high p. ini of the evening. The fellow- with all the v'm and vigor enjoyed themselves throwing the gals one to another! September 28th—Mam beaming laces were seen when the notice: Assembly: All ?indents must attend! Arc they kidding? Free from the rigorous labor of the class-tw ins and oft to a period of relaxation and music. Ah. for the days of rest and quiet! The hoy's quartet and Marian lien on were ho ts to the first As cmbly. The group of: Bob Wives; Bob Lund: Win. Warner and Charles Kina. The boys sang. Dry Bones, Kentucky Bahc.and The Levee Song. Following the quartet in the music-a presentation department came Marion Benson, accompanied by Lila Lucas, who two popular selections; Tree In 1 lie Meadow and Into The Night. So ended the first SSS Assembly. October 2d— In Inst years Annual, it was quoted "that old home week at the State School of Science was the biggest and bestest ever." It was swell, but being a kid of the class of '‘49" 1 think we will have to be one better and say that our’s was the bestest ever. No hard feelin’s class of "4S. Don Anderson was made “driver” this year and we might add that he did a won-dcrfull job. 'l o start the Homecoming spirt, a new idea was put into effect that of having petitions, with fellows boosting their favorite gal and likewise for tlu women folks. Loads of petitions came in and a assembly was held and the student body voted for three girls and one fellow. Bill Gillcs was voted King and Kmily Jonas Queen, with Betty Spcllcrbcrg and Shirley Rainstad as attendants. Sat unlay evening, wc marked the end of a “bestest” Homecoming ever, with a dance in the gymnasium; which was beautifully decorated in the traditional colors « f red and black. Faculty, students, and a’ all hoarse from the big game in the afternoon, had a wonderful time. So con "hided tlu HOMECOMING OF " 1948". (Jctc.ber 2b—Students cf Sc'encc wen D i'or d further when the Reverend Ivtrl ii. ILi'.din delivered n;t interr tirg ail.I rai’vc talk on "Pale'tine Condtions." ( :;cScr 29th—Twas a dreary night, Oct. 2)tlt. Vept for the SSS’ers a they were «;:! making the llalb.ween a night long emembned. The Tempo Kings fumi lied the music. Home F.c. Club the decorations ::su! students the gay spirits. i he gym was decorated with black cats and pumpkins to give it the ccr effect needed. November 3rd—An Assembly dedicated to the limbering safe driving was presented to the students of SSS on Wednesday. Movies of an very interesting nature we.e shown and enjoyed by all who attended. Not that tlu drivers of Science needed .my instructional work in driving. November 4tli—"Fm your big sister." were very familiar words being spoken by all the second year girls to the first year gills, during tlu initial weeks of school. The Sacajawea Club had its annual Big sister—Little sister get acquainted party November 4th. Tlu theme for tlu party was Stardust. Each big sister and her four little sisters came with their names w ritten on large stars. November 10th—The Student Body and faculty were entertained on Wed. Nov. 10. by the novel techniques of the Shrimplins. Magical tricks and slight of hand plus humor kept the assembly laughing for the entire performance. November 17th—The annual Thanksgiving party was held in the gymnasium on the night of November 17th. The music was furnished by Charles Smith and his orchestra. Auto Repair Club were in charge of the decorating. Mr. Bernard acted :is faculty chairman for the party.(Ufid 1949 lgciiva±i£ Hack R( w— left to right: Lentz. Arkerooth. Tischer, Hager, Johnson. Roth. Jonas. Second Row—left to rijilit: Thum. Hanson. Sclutltze. Wohler, 1 loveskclatul, Eise-inan. Stoehe. Lucas. First Row—left to right: ISishop, Dreyer. Ramstad, Ainlile. Fischer. Flaagan. "tyutu ie c iamemaJzen rr HOME F.C CLl'li OFFICERS President .......................... Shirley Ramstad Vice-president ................... Margaret Dreyer Program Chairman .................. Margaret Dreyer Secretary-Treasurer ................ Harriet AmbleIQ 40 • rj‘uuaruii u 7 e Printed'A, beoilk" PRINTING CLASS OFFICERS (not pictured) Francis Van Gund ................... I.eRoy (ilaesmer. ....................... Shirley Waclt.: Top Row—left to right: live, Gerald Olson, linger. Ilansmann, Clacys. Rhodes. Liedham, (linesman. Sectnd Row—left to right: Kludt. Warner. Lester Olson, Severson. Kngen. Hockley. Fischer Front Row— left to right: Winters, Vanyo, Wacha. Rumlle. Green. Danielson. I Icllickson. Christianson. President . . . Vice president Sect etar . . . ,V C7 L iq49 cliVtllid 0,0,fk I OP Row—left to right: I etzlatf, Oslund, (loolshcy. lleinecke, Weis, Erdmnn, Liter, Amble, Sparrow. Wohler. Askerooth. Sceoiul Row—left to right: Monsen. Brooder. W'acha. Pope, Shorina, Htielsman. Green, Roth, Lentz, Lucas, Hager, Stevens. Grodahl. Bi lu p, Stoebe. , Third Row—left to right: Palcnsky. Miller. Springer, Waddington, Broad land. Spellerberg. Ruether, Dreycr, Movcskclami, Flaagan, Tetzlaff, Tltum, Mauseth. Ilanna, .Mrs. ICstcrhey. Front Row—left to right: Rundie, llolstroin. Benson. Ramstad, Ulrich. Jonas, Schoenccker. Peterson, Fernandez, Kutter, Fischer, W’ellan, Hnh nnan. Get .. "Qab a fid ea" SACAJAWEA President ................ Vice-president ............ Secretary ................. 'Treasurer ................ Scribe .................... Program Chairman .......... OFFICERS ......... Dorothy Liter ........... Joyce Pope ..... Louisa Fernandez ........... Emily Jonas ........ Rachel Rundie ........ Phvllw Ntw Fresideiit .............................. (mirjic Schmidt Vice-president ............................... Allen llajja Secretary-Treasurer ...................... Robert Morrison Fifth Row—left to ri”lu: Siet .. Fritz. Steinwarth, llnrchird, Kersten, Staehnke. Helcnskc, Hopkins. Kraft. Gardner. Theroux. Kirkhoff. Sautter. Schaap. Fromm.. Kvande, Regstad. Myhrc. Fourth Row—left to rijrht: Federson. Feterson. Grader. Hill, John on, Sordi. Fope Fcick, Wcrgclaiwl. Hanson. Matuska. Jacobin; Adviser, Thonp'on, Kin". Hkbald ; Ailvisor, McCurdy. Third Row—left to rijdtt: O'Connell. Kranee. Gidrapp. Kissinger. Olson. Davidson. Fisher, Kjos, Gellett. Jenson. Fidsvoc". F.nj»lund. John on, Stiles. llucUman. Shaw, .Morrow. l ruinhau”h. Second Row—left to rif»bt: Diet .. White. Holman, llaj'a. Duncan. Knutson Schmidt, Rye. Strand, Fndressnn, J avoirs;-n. Johnson, 15« »i. W'ernMuann, Krueger. Wilkins, Sulley. First Row—left to rijjht: Schonlterj , Shirve , Anderson. Faulson. Ilrooks, Ihumpsiiii. Davidson, McAdams. Killers. Ilopmnn. Tufts. Morrison. Ilrakel. 11 aka. Ro elstad, Weist. Rude. "Kilowatt Ki t f4,fr FLFCTRICAL CFl’R OFFICFRS'_ £ ig49 CJ uivuiid T p Row-'—left to right: Reterron, Bergen si;l’al ucr, Kiihn Second Row—left to right: Bjugrun, Clciren. Iloel. Bass. Johnson. Front Row—left to right: Westerinan. Rosier on. Rulaml. Nellcrmo?, Wilde. " fedtpe McfLfie'i4,rr AVIATION CLASS OITICKRS President ...................................... Raul Kiihn 'ice-president ........................... Ordcll Redcrson Sec-Treas...................... (not pictured) Joe Lnngcr{Jfiz aa'diU Top Row—(left to right) : Bcinent. Lovell. Carrier, Baldncr, Berg, Svingen, Gustafson, Frickson, Morrison, Stachloxvski, Middle Row—(left to right): I'atiss, Busch, Strain. Nevins. Scliall. Wolf, Pflugrath, Klosterman, Kuclm. Price. Helling. Front Row—(left to right): Lcrfold. Mayer, Reitan, Cliri.tensou. Hagge, Koshney, MeBride. Zimmerman. Kant .. Schuchard. kn(jIni ;krin(i club ofkickrs President .......... Vice-president Secreta ry-'l Veasu rcr Advisor ............. .. Dale Svingen Fdward Koshney Wilfred Nevins Donald C. FaussL7Im )L)49 fcjca 7UlL£ r Top Row—left to right: Henson. Erdnian. Weis. Amble. Sparrow. Maurseth. Second Row—lefts to right: R net her, Lucas. Flaagan, Hoveskeland, Roth, Lentz, Stoehe. I hir«l Row—left to right. Ilahennan. Wcllan, Hirnbaum, Tetzlaff, Tluiin, Bishop. Fischer. " 7 £ax f 9u (Dun, cMezitl," GIRLS GLKK CLUB OFFICERS I’resident ............................ Joan Ilahennan Vice-president ........................... Maxine Weis Secretary-Treasurer .................... Harriet Amble Librarians...........Janice Rnether and Elaine Erdman Accompanist ............................ Beatrice BergofWwde i tf-o-Htnal Q'leat Succeil • • • fealhetball, QojUncj Jtoid SpatlufUt • • • QluU Mane Active. • • •I IKK.MI'S VCONXKI.I, iuoketeenA, Provide SCIKNCK 61 MOOKHKAI) 77 Conch Kay Bassett’s Wildcats opened their 1948-49 basketball season, by dropping a 77 to 61 decision to the Moorhead State Dragons on the Dragons home court. The Cat’s took an early lead, but the Teachers edged into a 19-15 lirst period lead and were never headed from that time till the final whistle. Klongated Curt McCamy and little Roger Hague were what the Dragons needed in the line of scoring punch, as the center and the diminutive forward tallied .IS points between them. Bill Champagne tallied 17 points to pace the Cats, while I )ighans hit for 14. SCIKNCK 65 ST. CLOl'D 48 In their first game at home the Wahpe-ton cagers proved to have too much rebound power for the St. Cloud Beils, as the Bassett-inen rolled to an impressive 65 to 4S victory. ing two periods, the Cats went into the lead at the outset of the third |x ri«Kl: the period ending with Science holding a commanding 43 31 lead. Alt’ Dighans and Duane Holly paced tile Wildcats with 12 points apiece, plus some terrific rebound work, but scoring honors went to teammate John “Oakie" (VConnell, who tallied 20 points.'Jliz 1444 — f j uivaiiz HOLLY HA LOCK HAMICRI.IK SCIKNCL SJ N’W’KST IDAHO IS John "Oalcic" (VConrell hunted up tlic nets for the second straight game as ilu Cats proved to l»e too much for tin Northwest Idaho quint; handing the Nazarenrs a S2-4S setback. Science :eeined to have everything their own waj through the opening part of the game. hut a last quarter Idahoan rally threw a scare into the Wildcats Indore some timely shooting by John O’Connell clinched a Science victory. O’Connell paced the Cats with 20 points, with the defensive work of Dick Mitchell being outstanding, as he held the All-American Jack Cramer to a mere d points. SCIKNCK s ST. JOHNS So IMayiug a nip and tuck hall game the whole way. the Science Wildcats lacked the finishing touches as they dropped a close 56-50 decision to powerful St. John's. The Cats took an early I 5 to 7 first per od lead, but the Johnnies tied it at halftime and went ahead to win in the final minutes of the game. Mill Champagne tallied 12 points and Alf Dighans added 11 to pace Wnhpcton. hut scoring honors went to little Stan Wilfhart, St. John's forward, who tallied IS points.xJh K)4 ) CIIAMPAdNE DRURY SCIENCE 4') NIMC (».? I ig All Digitalis hid adieu to Science basketball with a 24 point outburst, but li's performance was in vain as NI) AC leserve strength paid off and the Rison stopped the Cats 6.? to 49. 'The Cats rolled up an early lead, but little Dave Torson showed his great generalship as he pulled the Mifon together and led the Herd to an easy victory. The only other consistent Science scorer besides Dighans was Dick .Mitchell, who tallied 9 points. SCIENCE 61 MAYVLLE 59 Waltpeton made their conference debut a real thriller, as they eked out a 01 to 59 decision over .Mayville State College. Leading the whole way the Cat’s seemed to be in little trouble until the final minutes of the game when .McLeod of Mayville started hitting from all angles to close the gap between the two teams. High scorers for Science were Hill Champagne and Dick Mitchell with 15 and 14 point respectively. McLeod paced Mayville with 22 points.Ok IQ49 czrftjatvaiLz. VOVKS NELLERMOK JOHAN NESON SCIENCE 58 JAMESTOWN 66 Tlu- YVahpeton Cats were able to stop Jamestowns high scoring Keith ingstad. but couhin't stop the Jimmies as the boys from Science 1 Topped a 66 to 58 ball name. Jamestown held a first quarter lead of 17-15 and built this up to 29 to 25 at the half. The third quarter found the Cats making their bid as they pulled within one and two points of the Jimmies with the quarter ending 44-42, Jamestown. Wahpeton’s scoring was even as Holly tallied 15. Hamerlik 14. O’Connell and Champagne 10. SCIENCE 53 VALLEY CITY 73 Valley City's Teachers buried hapless Wahpeton Science under a terrific first half basket barrage, as the Vikings handed the Cats a 73 to 53 drubbing. Science found themselves trailing 44-16 at the half and were never able to get back into the ball game after that. Champagne. Mitchell and Holly paced the Wildcats with 15. 14 and 13 points respectively, but the Viking scoring twins. Price and Galloway offset this scoring with the 40 points they tallied between them.7949 invalid SCIENCE 53 V. CITY 74 High scoring Valley City came to visit the Cats and after getting used to the feel of tile court toppled a game Science «|uint 74-53. Science stayed up to and past tin-league lending Vikings three inriods hut as the fourth quarter got under way. so did the Vikings, limiting the Cats to 6 points while racking up 2.$ for themselves. Kenny Nellcrmoc came through with a 16 point splurge and Capt. Holly netted 17 for the top Science scoring. SCIENCE 56 MINOT 58 I lie Science cagers trailed In a slender one point margin at the terminus of the first period, hut In the half the Wildcats had built up a commanding lead. The Wildcats continued to show the way in the thin! period as they led 4N-42 at the end of the canto: hut then the Cats once again failed to have that ‘‘payoff-push" as Minot overtook them in a thrilling fourth quarter. The loss of Holly, the top scorer, on fouls gave the height advantage to .Minot, which may have been the deciding factor. SCIENCE 56 DICKINSON SI Dickinson piled up the greatest total points in a single game against the Science team this year, as they rolled over tIn-Cats in a hectic SI-56 battle. Holly and llamerlik were the big hoop- tcrs for Science in the scoring ability column as they tallied 17 and 15 points lespectivelv. SCIENCE 64 DICKINSON 71 Wahpcton bowed out of their basketball rcasui by losing another game, but the Cats went out in a bla .e of glory as they fought Dickinson till the last seconds of the game: with the Savages winning a hard fought 71-64 ball game. Big Duane Holly put on the years top scoring performance for the Bassett-men as he tallied 26 points for his final game at Science. But then there was John Drury who tipped in a neat IS points to round out the scoring attack of the Cats. SCIENCE 54 ELLEN DALE 70 I'or the second consecutive time the Cals found themselves snowed under an avalanche of buckets as the Ellendale Dusties tried to outdo the Valley City team in pouring on a 70 to 54 drubbing. V ahpen u made a game of it through the first three quarters, but fouls forced the H ildcats to loosen up their defense and the Dusties rolled to an easy victory. John Drury tallied I 5 | oints for the Cats before he was banished by five fouls. Bill Champagne was runnerup to Drury in the Science scoring column with 13. SCIENCE 60 MAYVLLE 64 Losing three players via the foul route, the WahtH-ton Science team helplessly watched Mavville overcome a 59 to 55 deficit and win the second of the two games between the Schools bv the score of 64 to 60. Wahpcton held a 14 to II first canto lead, but the Comets tied it at 29 all and 45 ,-dl at the end of the second and third periods. Science then moved into the lead building it to as many as 6 points before losing their height and scoring balance in the wanning moments of the game. Mav-villc then took the lead and went on to win 64-60. SCIENCE 61 JAMESTOWN 65 Keith Ingstad tallied 19 points in the first half to pace Jamestown College to a 65-61 victory over Science. Science never once secured the lead that Jamestown held the entire four stanzas. Duane Holly, who held Ingstad to 2 points in the last half, paced the Cat scoring with IS points, llamerlik tallied If) while Bill Champagne dropped in 12 each. SCIENCE 65 ELLEN DALE 66 It looked like the Cats had it in the bag as they surged ahead with only seconds remaining only to have their hopes shattered as a long field goal gave the Ellendale five the one point margin. Ellendale ran up an early lead and led at half wth a 39-31 count. Science closed the gap to one point at the end of the third canto and from then to the game’s end it was a sec-saw battle with lead changing hands several times. Uhs. 1949 fcjcauaiU be ia tment fea4,hetkall Noie i A11 underdog Refrigeration team battled uphill to tile coveted inter-dcpartincnl basketball title as they won the regular reason crown and then swept through t » the playoff championship. Forced into a playoff game with Auto Mechanics for the league title, the Reefers edged out a 44-42 victory to win the league champion-hip. A week later they dr wiled the same Auto Mechanics team. 9-36. to capture the straight elimination crown and the inter-department title. In the individual scoring race. Jim llansmann of the Printers edged out Moe Kldewick of the Auto Mechanics for the honors. Ilauillaiin, who played three lrs; games than Kldewick. virtually clinched the championship in the early rounds of play when he scored 30 points in one night and came back with 24 the next. During the regular season Junior college looked like the team to heat, hut three successive upsets sent the collegians tumbling into third place. In the elimination tourney Junior college had to use all their resources to down an improved Printers team 29-23; meanwhile Radio stopped Fleet A 43-32; Klectrical II downed Sheet Metal 41-23: the Drafters edged Klectrical II. 33-26; the Reefers then blasted Auto Hotly in the second round of play. 36-26; the Knginecrs eliminated Radio 42-20: Auto Mechanic rolled into action In downing the Drafters 32-23; Junior college then downed Kicrtrical 2 35-22; Refrigeration stopped the Engineers, while the Auto torch-duxprd the Junior college to to the finals, where the Reefers won handilx. Sea-t nal play found the Reefers suffering only two defeats; one of the e being to a Printers team that was red-lint on the night of the game. During the season different teams had a mixture of lucky breaks ami of tough ties. Auto I Indy lest a major share of tlteir games by «.ne or two points. Junior college lost scoring star Jim Staley prior to the final rounds of play. The Printers were short of men most of the time and when they finally had enough players to show some fight. John Rhodes, center, teceived a gash over his eye: while Jim llansmann was injured prior to the elimination tourney. An .all-department basketball team placed llansmann. Printers: Dodds, and Gwynn. Refrigeration; Staley. Junior College; and Pllugrath of the Kngineers on the first team. Second team members were: Moe Kldevich. Auto Mechanics; Griffin. Drafters; Whiter Kldevich. Auto Mechanics; Hob Morrison. Klectrical (2); and Paul Crocker. Klectrical (I). All-in-all it was a good season. Coach Skip lime, Cliff Hermes and Gerald llamerlik did an admirable job of handling the entire season of play.'_ £ IQ49 f -)cu raiU DECEMBER , . . Winter Sjxanti . . . 'Ljuleti e . . . DKCKMUKR KNdlJSI I LITKRATl’RK II CLASS take a fit Id trip to MSTC to sec I lantlet.... wlu wasn’t there room for the prof, fellows? On tin way up. I lermes discovered a new way t«» smoke “sizars.” MR. IIKKTNKR state that psychologists have no: yet keen able to discover a woman who could yawn with her mouth shut, lie also states that iuh thitants of Madiid. Spain, cannot walk on both sales of the street at the same time. IIAlMMNhSS LN DS. ... bliss begins....if ignoian.e is bliss. IMentv of words couhl describe fall term exams., but one is enough.....flunk! ! ! ! DON RARTZ finds new interest in accounting.... It is accounting you an Joan tall, about i «» 11 Don? Interesting subject when von delve into the fi .ei joints, eh what? 00 to—-rv—7 - : '—' Ljuivuiia JAN l AR V SSS MKN prayed for jn I one Monde. A lass n:um :l li iimiril up juM «:ti tinn in keep tin hoys from oinji heathen. .. .until they looked at her left hand. lhir»l finder. IN VI 1 11 I 111-'. NI'.W I'.AR-------out with tin- ohi nnuances. Tlu IVterson-Spellerhern affair had prospects. ...Inn nothing came of ’em. Brand is iij ht in there pilcliin} ,.inayhe this will materialize. I lll'.N I IIKRK'S I 11K W !N I l .R FOR MAI..............when the girls get look physically... .and ihe lwv gel took financially. Snmv Hall was the them . . snowstorm was ihe worry. in IS NOI.AN always laic to 11 istory class? Could In Keulher use; glue for hand lotion? O VOU UCKV l K() I’Ll-:... Heanie Anderson goo to SSS. Did you know ihat II. A. was in ihe Navy? JANUARY Scltaal Acjain , . . BaAhetball. . . Sacajataea tf-anmalaivuiid Jli e 9 t Ue feaviach'i Tin- barrack home of tlu- more hand s me :ludcnts of ’:ih|H t«n Science. There where the hours of serenity and peace fitness are interrupted l y the chirping of a melodious little bird. Yes, the quietness of a library may be enjoyed at any time at any of the barracks. When the school year opened, I was fortunate in being able to be roomed with an above average hunch: as far as quietness goes. In this group were: John Drury, a very quiet and reserved youth, who ha«i the habit of staying up late working on studies; then there was Yal Burgess, a short, skinny guy. who kept his shape In-tossing either McGinnis or Peterson through the barrack’s walls; and then there was Jim llansmann, who we didn’t see much of because he was always over visiting Mrs. Sparrow. Well, as time went by. the walls in the barracks had so many holes that they decided to move us to another barracks and let us ventilate them. We thought that •as very nice, so we packed our bags and moved to a place where they collected old beat-up signs. They had one of these signs posted where everybody could see it. It was really a dippy sign, having to do with the Iv—quads in printing. I was only there a day when I ran into Don Anderson. A sane man would love that kid. Also met Marv Suchard. the man who blows a trumpet. They call him In t lin= and does his girl ever like that. Well. I’ve been in J-J almost two weeks now, and I really know a lot of new guys. I here’s Richard Jacobson. 1 guess he’s the librarian of the barracks. Anyway he’s the guy who files away all the Ksquire magazines and the pockctbooks. 'Then there’s this guy by the name « f Arnold Bemcnt I gave up on him the first week. All you'd ever hear was. "Delta x plus delta y-----oh. heck!" 1 almost forgot Wilfred Nevins, the Montana Kid. You don’t notice him much, except when lie’s telling about the sheep in Montana. There is another guy that seems to be a little off. lie’s Loren Strain and all he ever does is yell for a party. Now the question is. who did we miss? Joe "Stalin" Stack low-ski (not one of the ski's from the U. of Notre Dame.) Joe just can’t figure out why some guys have to get up so early and use an eiectric razor. 1 really think it’s Kd (the Maestro) Koshney doing it on purpose or else it’s Dale Svingeii. JL IQ4Q fcjcuvrciiis. FEBRUARY Valentine . . . Stacj, Pa itif, . . . Qo-tden Qlo.u. ± . . . FEBRUARY' '.HR FOOTBALL HEROES receive loner jackets for winning Nl)IC championship—you'd I«m L ■.well as mannequins fellas. LAST WORDS—I forgot my activity ticket—! ut you know me. MORAL—never guess- especially in Hektner’s "little T-F quizzes"! REUNION BY' THE RADIATOR—I’ebby a:d Loren arc throwing "those looks" again. SEVENTY BRAVE MEN throw away their ra tors ami start cultivating their manly growths. Waller swears that his grew .01x10 -4 of an in. h in the past week. Personally, I can’t see it. WE HAVE "THE" ASSEM BLY'—Brocken ridge han«l directed In Mr. William Matson.—"i.v(_ »£ 1949 ACCOUNTING CIA B Back Row—left to rijjltt: Waller l'if .simoinls. Krafford. I-rout Row— If 11 to ri”ht: Anderson, Bart -, Doll. " Mixing hallan.i IdJilL Se Lde'— if l J49 Third Row—(left to ri-rht): Arndt. Svienson. linger. Jacobs, Leaf. Weiand, Scltaan, Needham, Second Row—(left to ri ht) : Melstad (inst.). Ilohcnstoin. Pratschner, Anderson. Olson. Burnett, KI sherry. Krein. Ohnstad. First Row—(left to ri ht): Schley, Valesky. Bril .. Reierson. Iverson. (liljte. Krahn. Barringer. "Static-tizian'L " RADIO CIA B OFFICERS Presiden ................................. Lawrence Olson Vice-president ............................. Dale Burnett Secretary-Treasurer ....................... Lester Jacobs Faculty Advisor............................. Mr. Melstad'_ '£ I'Jcj.y siyuivaiLz. Fourth Row—(left to rght): Dwight Satermo, Thomas, Brady, Larson, Fred Dodds. Gwvn, Parker, Brandt. K va!s. Foil .. Dale Satermo. Third Row—(left to right): (iertx, Spitzer, Kopp, Handy, Black, Peterson. Ilocsl. Olson. Stalter, Almipiist, Whitaker. Second Row—(left to right): Bakken, Symington, Carlson, Arlo Anderson, (iihson Wiesenburger. John Dodds. Miller, Willis Wilson. Severson. Mahler. I rout Row—(left to right) : Jenson. Nu?s. Bander. Rhodes, Ro Anuderson, Hurler Wilson, Koenig. ICvenrud. Roberts, Bench. " ?ee e4i" RKFRIOFRATION CLUB OFFICKRS President (not pictured) ............ Don Johnson Vice-president ..................... Harley Wilson Secretary-Treasurer ................ Lewis Brady Uhs p49 c fqaivaiie howling am 'Third Row—left to rij lit: Haworth, I). Olson. Myhre. Frit ., Hand, Fldcvick. Second Row—left to right: Wergcland. Fittcrer. F.nochson. Iluclsman, R. Johnson. First Row—left to right: Mage}. Mackey, Tufto. Fischer. Cron. McAdams. Kidsvoog. Gatntna+tcHe'id."{Jll 1949 awaits !'ourtil Row—loft to right: McGinnis, 1 . Johnson, Meiers. Schaaf. Time. Davidson. Warner. Gibson, Wcisenburger. Waller. Hart . I). Anderson. '1'hird Row—left to right: Parker, Mohs. Goisen, Broadband. ileinckc GooNbey. Weis, Erdmann. Dent . Bishop. Eitcr. Huclsnian. Fit siinonds. DeMesv. Second Row—left to right: Uravich, Haworth. Amble. Osland, Tisclu-r, Schultz. Hager. Roth, Lucas, I(aberman. Peterson Drover. Birnhaum, Hanna. First Row—left to right: L’I rich. Getz, Monson. A. Tetzloff. Maurseth. Timm. A. Tet loff, Wcllan, Jonas, 1 loveskeland. Fernandez Grodahl. Flaagan, Brooder. "Gheeling Science On" PEP ai’B OFFICERS President ......... ’ice President . . . Secret arv-treasurer Cheerleaders ... Francis Gibson Jo Ann Spoonheim ..... Paul Reitan . . Donna Peterson Jo Ann Spoonheim Francis (iibson Joseph DcMcsyC7 L ig49 rfy cuvaiis. 1-Vnr.t Row—left to rij»ht: Grift n. Rrmsvold. Haskell. Kriekson, Larson, iSark Row—left to rijiht: Schaaf. Saj»c. .Matcltinskv. Robert Larson. Nelson. ILirron. "felu p Unt SfLecialiltd' rr DRAFTING CUB OITICKRS President ...... S«vr‘ Treasurer Miehael Schaaf llomer Hrnnsvoltlf_ £ 7949 cl(lrcl±l£ Fifth Row— left to right: John Stewart. M.•Ginn's. Marvin Kldcvick. Bartel. Lilian. Weigelt. Schuett. (inst.). Alexander. Balcer. C iff Johnson, Chole, Chambers Ftmrtr Row— left to right: Heck. Casey, Cross. Swearingen, Pfau, Ihmke. Brown. Ziegler. Moberg. Mows, Neperud (inst.). Third Row— left to right: Martiiv.on. Mehrcr. Danielson. Alvin Lldcvick, Rosenberg. Ziebarth, Andersen, Birnbaum. Bundy, Aim. Kaufman. Furness. Ferry. Second Row—(left to right): Snutad. Brandon, Pfeifer, flagel, Merganthal, Dean Stewart, Severson. Haworth. German. Daeley, Fredrickson. Kapaum, Walter Fitterer First Row—left to right: Nickel Labaw, Langemo, Rude, I ravich. Scanson, Steg-man, Sonsthagen. Norman Johnson, Wayne Wegner. Gleason. Kvale. Luptak. AUTO MECHANIC CLASS OFFICERS President .......................... Albert Stegmnn Vice President ............................... Lloyd Fredrickson Secretary-treasurer ........... Bernard Sonsthagen Faculty Advisors .............. Neperud and Scluiets'Dhs. K)4l) _ fy tuvaiid. "C enebal Mechanic " Hack Row—lt fr to right: Johnson. Sukut, Nelson, Bartron, Hem mingson, Schewing, Stavras. Instructor Scu .ur, Pulst, Burgess, Jorgenson. Trnngsrtul. Reich, Watchcll, Heilman. Front Row—left to right: Fiebick, Gilbertson, Hanson, Thorp?, Svingcn. Boltin. Barcmlt.L71 £ igcfg fy awaiU First Row— left t« right: I'Irich. Getz. Mint on. A. Tet .loll. Maursrth, 'I'ltum. A. Tet .loff, Mrs. Fsterby. Jonas. W’cllan. Kutter. Skovolt. Fiaagan. liovcskcland. Second Row— left to right. Osland. Drover. Gool bey. M. 'Fischer. Schultz, Lentz. Grodahl. Ramstad, Benson, P. J hnron. Sparrow. Amble. Weis. R. Olson. C. Johnson. Third Row— left to rigri: Moinccke. Duhn. Fenskc, Lund. (I. Olson, Mindeniann. Shervey, Rogelstad. (ilaesman. Pedcr. on. Fndreson, Jacobson. Fourth Row— left to right: Kcrsicn, 'Fhue. Davidson. W'ehlaiuler, Borchard, Fnglund. Fillers. P. Johnson. Molts, Part .. Snustad. Lcrfold. R. Anderson. " Jlu,tU,e.n,cL44. Students l-iAaciatia+i" a) L. S. A. aui OFFICERS President .......... V ice President .... L.S.A. Action Secr’y Recording Secc’v ... Treasurer .......... . Ralph Fillers George Snustad . Ruth Monsou . I la Maurseth ... Bob Olson'Jin ig4g rf j UllTU1L "Jlettetmeit 6 Glulx" Front Row—left to right: Quitnev, Hermes. Pfiugrath, Ncllermoe. Staley, Simonson. Starr, Brand. Second Row—left to right: Coach Mute, Baker. Carrier, Drury, Weaver Hill. Holly, Gaulrappe. Third Row— left to right: Kissinger, Duty. Wolf, Steinwarth. O'Connell. Kraft, Gardner, Mammcrlik, Latjua.C7 z£ 1949 ucvaiis " Zayl bo-ukle 2ua itette" Hack Row—left to rijjht: Rayficld Hrown, Loren Strain, Donald Hart ., John Erickson. Front Row—left to right: Arthur Rusch, Robert Zimmerman, Wilfred Wchlander. Orville Kenske. (Robert Lund replaced Don Hart , during the spring term.I'JU 1949 rj-cj aivaiid Front Row— left to right: kamstra, Steedstnan, Faccv. Egge, Pfau. 11 andtman, Wells. Nebon. Second Row— left to right: '1 . Nelson. 11 int .min, Sceberg, Evenrud, Enochson, Aaland. 1 hir l Row— left to right: Wilcox. Norton. Johnson. (lost. Wonser. Rail, Jorgen son, Shearing. u 7 4c 7in o-ilen rr SHEET METAL CLUB OFFICERS President ............................ Lawrence Pfau Secr'y-Freasurcr .................. Marvin Hintzman ice President ...................... George Wells'3IL K)4g rfcj First Row— left to rij'ht: S-m tad, D.evcr, Fernandez.. Ilaberman. Wellan, Birn-haum. A TetzmlY. I hem. Maurseth. Bishop. Spcllerhcrg, Green, Fischer. Second Rew— left to rijjht: Parker. Lu?n . B n on, Erdmann, Weis. Flaaj;a: Hove -keland. Amhlc. Roth. Lent .. Stoche. Bundle, J. Reutlter. Third Row— left to rij'ht: Fe::;ke, Wehlander, Lund. J. Frickson. Wellman. Fillers, Warner. A. Rhode , Mart ., Sparrow. R. Olson. 1 curtli Row— left to rij'ht: Strain. R. Brown. R. Anderson. C. Johnson, Busch, (jrasscr. Severson. Safstrom, Sautter, B. Anderson. "Ai etnhLf Satie}," MIXED CHORUS CLUB OFFICERS President ................... Elaine Erdmann Vice President ........... .... Harriet Amble Secr’y Treasurer..................... Robert Lund Librarians ....John Erickson .... Wilfred Wehlandcr ZJfiz 1949 tz fgciwaiiz "Qi iti 1 bauble Sextette" Top Row—left to right: Maxine Weis, Harriet Amble, Jeannine Wellan, Patricia Roth, Patricia Sparrow, Lila Lucas. Donna Peterson. Front Row—left to right: Rachel Kutnlle. Halt Maurseth, Joan Halvrman. Lois I lovcskeland. Louisa Fernando .. Dhz. Hp49 fL)a cvails First Row—left to right: Jonas. Flaagan, Grodahl. Huveskeland. Kmtcr. Schoen-ecker. Ram-tad. Fernandez. Wellan, Fisher, Dreyer, 'ovcs. Duhn. V. Peterson. Brand. 1). Peterson. Mrs. 1‘Ltcrbev. Sivrml Row—left to right: Rutulle. Ilolstrein, Waddirgton, Springer, Shnrnia. lluelsman. Hager, Stoebe, Hahennan. Lucas. Roth. Wahlcr. II. Anderson. J.C. Erickson. Weaver. Wehlander. Cahill. Third Row—left to right: J. Ruether, Sparrow, Stevens. Benson, Rchtn, lleinecke. Goolsbcy. Weis. Frdman, Amble. Liter, Brown, Askerooth. Bart ., Riden, Lillis, l’enske, Lund. Fourth Row— left to right: Broadland. Sptllerhcrg. Fit .dmonds. Price. Danlap. Boyer, Schumacher. Frafford. Miiuieman. Gaylord Olson, Waller, Kjos. Knapp. Worner. Nelson. LnQua, Lllsworth, Danicotirt. Ruether. "Go+nbiaincf feu£i ie6.4, With P lealu iu" JIN I OR COLLEGE CLUB OFFICERS President ............................George Worner Vice President.......................Orville I'enske Secr’v Treasurer .................... Maxine WeisDL IQ4Q fc u nrCl±L£ Top Row—left to right: Fast. Deichert, Wirt .feld, Alms, Dahlgrcn, Strand, Wil-hur. Ileskin, Frederikson. Third Row—left to right: Walker, Njos, Wilcox, Time, Polkovcskc, Cron, I)cwe . (Iray, Smith. Second Row—left to right: Tiegs. Rinerson, Steve, Champagne, Meiers, Chester Tallof. Rjerklie. Fonder. Sclml .e. Ililhorn. Front Row—left to right :(iilbcrt i (allot. Mason, Monson, (Meson, llillslaml. Workman. Lillihridge, Bertsch, Starr. "tyende i Render" AUTO BODY CLASS OFFICERS President .......................... Harold Oleson Vice-president ............................. Gordon WirtstfeU! Treasurer ......................... Harland Mason Secretary ....................... Lawerncc WorkmanKJhs. 1949 fcjawaiU. t -I Senior Pne identl GUa en • • • School SfLO+td U fyosunal . • • Qnaduation SndU Cuettlfful If can • • •'Dlid 1949 rfcj anTuitd Left to right: Don Anderson; Dclmcr Meyer; Klaine Erdman Dave Quitney; Dale Svingen. 194-9 Qlail Delmer Meyer, second year electrician from Kairmount. was elected president oi the 1949 graduating class by the student voters at an assembly on March 24th. Department presidents elected were Dave Quitney of Lowry. Minnesota. Liberal Arts; Don Anderson of Morris. Minnesota, business: Klaine Kidman of IJrecken-ridge, Minnesota, One year certificate and Dale Svingen of Overly. North Dakota. Engineers. The five student executives represented their departments on graduation exercises June 2, 1949.'ZJliti !$49 ‘ r£ Irving Anderson Radio Trades Lankin. N. Dak. Donn Anderson Sears aria! 7 'rain in tj Morris. Minn. J. Ai.mquist R rf run' vz fo n 7 radt’S Fullerton, N. Dak. Kov G. Anderson R1 ■frit r ration 7 radr$ Rotltsav, Minn. ■ J. Wesi.kv Ai.muuist: Ref liberal ion Club, I ; Science Hand, I, 2; Intra-nuiral Softball. ■ Donn Anderson: Dramatic Club. I. 2: Accounting Club, 2; Intra-mural Haskctball, 1. 2. ■ Irving K. Anderson: Radio Club. I, 2; Photo Club. 1. 2. ■ Roy G. Anderson: Refrigeration Club. I. 2. ■ Fi.rov I). Hai.dnkr: L. S. A.. I, 2; K-Quad-S, 2. ■ Lyle Barringer: Radio Club. I. 2; Intra-mural Basketball, I, 2. ■ Donald Bari .: L. S. A.. 1.2; Mixed Chorus. I, 2; Accounting Club, 2; Agawasie Staff, 2; Pep Club. 2. 7UeAe Ite, the Ki.rov D. Bai.dnkr Rre-EiujinccTuuj Walipcton, N. Dak. Lyle Barringer Radio Trades Sidney, Mont. Donald Bart . Accttj. Bus. A lira. Valley City, N. Dak.'_ £ k)49 UlVcllL£ Arnoi ') Hem ent Chemical Engineering Waubun, .Minn. Jean Bernard Radio Trailes Grafton, N. Dak. Lawrence Hirni»aim .Into Meelinnies Hankinson, N. Dak. ■ Arnoi.i) Hem ext: Foreign Language Club. I : L. S. A.. 2: K-Quad-S, 2. Jean Hernard: Radio Club, I; Newman Club, I. 2; Scientist Departmental Writer. I. 2. ■ Lawrence M. Birnbaum: Auto Mechanics Club, 1, 2; Newman Club. I. 2; Bowling Club, 2. ■ Lorraine Birnbaum: Newman Club, I. 2; Sacajawca Club. I, 2: Mixed Chorus, I, 2; Foreign Language Club, 1, 2; Rep Club, I, 2: dec Club, 2. ■ James Auto Body Club. 1.2: Intra-mural Basketball, 1.2: Pep Club. I. ■ William F. Boyd: Photo Club. 1.2: Flcctrical Club, I, 2; Athletic Commission, 2. ■ Ludoi.imi 11. Brakel: Flcctrical Club. I. 2: Baseball Team, 1; Intra-mural Basketball. I. 2. Qladl ffO-ti r49 Lorraine Birnbaum . ('counting llankinson, N. Dak. Ludolimi Brakel Electrical 'Trades Hurdsfield, N. Dak. William Boyd Electrical Trades Riverton, Wvo. James .Into Hotly Ciilby, N. Dak.1949 - ci£iTcnU Jack Brown Journalism llankinson, N. Dak. Ai.rkrt A. Caliioon Drafting am! Estimating Lead, S. Dak. Arthur Carlson A? if rig era I i on 7 radcs Wahpeton, N. Dak. John Bui.i.incf.r .Into Mechanics Mandan. N. Dak. Cii.HN Bvk Electrical Trades Ciary, N. Dak. ■ Jack Brown: Scientist Editor. 2: Jr. College Club. 2: Foreign Language Club, 2. ■ John Bullincer: Auto Mechanics Club. 1, 2. ■ Glen Bvk: Fleetrical Club. 2. ■ Ai.khrt A. Caliioon : Drafting Club, I; Bowling Club. I. ■ Ai.khrt Carlson: Refrigeration Club, I, 2. ■ Everett Davidson: Intra-mural Sports I. 2; Fleetrical Club. 2: Bowling Club. 2. ■ Mar : ret Drkykr: Sacajawea Club. 1.2; Mixed Chorus, I, 2; Treble Clef Trio, I, 2; Mixed Quartet, 1,2; L.S.A., 1.2: Pep Club, 1,2; Scientist Staff, 2; Agawasie Staff. 2; Home Ee 2; Student Cabinet, 2. Everett Davidson Electrical Trades Portland, X. Dak. Margaret Drever I Ionic Economics Cando, N. Dak.!Z7 £ 7949 c fcjcuvaiU Robert J. Eidsvooo Electrical Trades Alamo. X. Dak. R.u.m H. Km.hrs Electrical Trades Lake City. Minn. Orvin L. Kge Sheet Metal Lost wood, X. Dak ■ Orvin Eoe: Sheet Metal Club. 2. ■ Rai.imi Kiii.hrs: Electrical Club. I, 2: Mixed Chorus, 1. 2: L.S.A., I; L.S.A. Pres., 2; Quartet, I. ■ Rouhrt J. Eidsvooo: Electrical Club, 1 : Howling; Club, 2: Intra-mural Basketball. 2. 0 Irkni-j Eisman: Sacajawea Club. I. 2; Pep Club, 1, 2; Home Economics Club. 2. ■ Dokotiiv Kiter: Sacajawea Club. 1.2: Pep Club, 1.2; Mixed Chorus, 1,2: Girls Glee Club. I; Treble Clef Trio, I. 2; Science Band, I; Newman Club. 2. ■ Lyi.B Ei.SBERRY: Radio Club. I; Intramural Basketball, I, 2; Intra-mural Softball, I. ■ Harris Exdrksox: L.S.A., I; Electrical Club, 2. Irene Kisi-max business Wishek, N. Dak. Dorothy Eiter Commercial Breckenridge, Minn. LyI.K Ei.SBERRY Radio Trades Rock Lake, N. Dak. Harris W. Enoresox Electrical Trades Barrett, Minn.(Z7ll£ IQ4Q 7 f(jat JCl±L£, Leslie V. Ferry John Erickson .Into AI re Jinnies liter trim! Trades Lakota, N. Dak. Lowry. Minn. Leo E NO I. IN I) lileelrical Trades Rosholt, S. Dak. S. Fischer lileelrieal 7 'miles Driscoll. X. Dak. ■ Leo Exoi.i'Xi): Science Band. I. 2: Electrical Club. 1. 2: L.S.A. 1. 2: Intra-mural Basketball. I. "John Erickson: Electrical Club. I: Engineers Club. 2: Student Cabinet.2. ■ I ESI.11: ’. Ki-rrv: Auto Mechanics Club, I. 2; Photo Club. 1.2. ■ S. Fischer: Electrical Club, 1, 2: Newman Club. I. 2; Bowling Club. 2: Pep Club. 2. ■ Maroarht Fischer: Sacajawea Club. 1, 2: Language Club. I. 2; Pep Club. 1.2: Mixed Chorus, 1.2; Dramatic Club. I: Girls Glee Club. I. 2: Jr. College Club, 2. ■ Lccas Fitterer: None Listed. ■ Walter Fitterer: Auto .Mechanics Club. I. 2; Newman Club, 2; Bowling C lub. 2. Walter J. Fitterer .Intn Mechanics Cilen L’llin, X. Dak. Margaret Fischer Junior College Wahpcton, X. Dak. Li ke Fitterer Refrii erafion Trades Glen L’llin, X. Dak.!Z7hz ) J49 fcjaarau£ Kenxmi Fit .simonds lcct j. Is' It as. Prae. Valhalla. N. I :«k. DijVkrb Fonder .lulu I tody I'argo. N. Dak. Loren Frafford Prc-( onuaerce Halliday, N. Dak. ■ Kenneth Fitzsimonds: Agawasie Stall, 2; Accounting Club. 2; Pep Club. 2. ■ Devere Fonder: Auto Body (.'lull. 2: Intra-mural Basketball. 2. ■ Loren Frafford: Accounting Club. 2: lntrn-mural Basketball, 2. ■ George: Auto Mechanics Club. 1, 2. ■ Albert A. Frit .: Newman Club, 1.2; Electrical Club, I, 2; Boxing, Club. 1. 2: Bowling Club. 2. ■ Richard Froninc: Electrical Club, 1.2; Newman Club, 1,2; Baseball Team, I. 2. ■ Francis R. Gibson: Refrigeration Club, 1; Pep Club ('beer Leader, I, 2. George Franklin Radio 'Trades Wahpeton, N. Dak. Francis R. Gibson Refritjt'ration J "rades Elleiulalc, N. Dak. Richard Froninc. Electrical Trades Miller, S. Dak. Albert A. Fritz Electrical Trades Langdon, N. Dak.IQ49 f(jo.ara±U Jl-.I.MKR K. (lll.OE Radio 'Trades Halliday, N. Dak. W11,1.1 AM (ill.I.KS Radio Trades Wahpeton, N. Dak. Russei.i. Gii.uss I.literal Arts New Rockford, X. Dak. LeRov Gi.aes.max Trialing Ashley, N. Dak. " IEi.mer K. Gii.ce: L.S.A.. I. 2: Radio Club. 2: Intramural basketball. 2: Intra-mural Softball. 2. ■ Wii.i.iam ( Homecoming Kin", 2. ■ Ri ssi.1.1. Ciii.i.iss: None Listed. ■ Leroy Gi.aksman: L.S.A., I. 2; Intra-mural basketball. 1.2: Intra-mural Softball. 1.2: Printers Club, bice Pres.. 2. B Nhii. dl.EASON: Auto Mechanics Club. 2. ■ Herbert R. Crasser: Mixed Chorus. 1. 2: Department Writer. 2. ■ Howard Grixdy: Football, 2: baseball. 2. Howard Grixdy Tre-E a gin eerin g Wahpeton, N. Dak. 11 ekrert R. Crasser Electrical Trades Devils Lake, N. Dak. Nun. Gleason An to Mechanics Claire City, S. Dak.K l'l)Y IIaGI-K Radio 'Trades Rnlta, N. Dale. Hanson TAcclrical 7 'radrs lilaiVdrll, N. Dak. (ii:rau) Hamlri.ik Libera! .Iris Wahpeton. N. Dak. ■ Rl'dv Hager: Radio Club. 2; Newman Club. 2. ■ Kruno II. Hanson: None Listed ■ CIiirm.I) K. IIamiiRI.ik: Newman Club, I, 2; Basketball. I. 2; Letter-men's Club, I. 2; Football, 2. ■ Hkskin: Refrigeration Club, 1 ; Intra-mural Basketball, I. ■ Mii.ton I Ihskin :Nonc Listed ■ Vircii. Hii.horn: None Listed. (iI-.oror L. Hill: Basketball. I. 2; Football, I, 2; Track. I: Klcctr.'cal Club. I, 2: Student Cabinet Pres., 2. 4 V 4sr £ 1 A Alvin 1 Ihskin A!efr'n r ration 7'radrs Norwich N. Dak. Ckorok L. Hill TAectrical Trades Pinjjrce, N. Dak. Virgil Hii.iiokn .■Into Body Valley City, N. Dak. Milton Hi-skin .Into Body Portland, N. Dak.Chariot11 A. Huclsman Secretarial 7 'min in g Eoxliome, Minn. Doxai.d If own . Prin lint R.H-k Lake, N. Dak. Kiiwktii Hopkins Elect rit a I rades Ruler. N. Dak. Mil.FORI) B. II I SA Electrical I miles Belden, N. Dak. ■ Kenneth Hopkins: Newman Club, I, 2: Electrical Club. 2. ■ Donai.I) Mown .: Intra-mural Basketball. 2: Printing Club, 2. ■ Charlotte A. Huelsman: Newman Club. 1.2; Pep Club, 1.2; Sacajawca Club, 1,2. ■ B. IIusa: Intra-mural Basketball, 1, 2; Electrical Club. 1.2. ■ Lester C. Jacobs: Radio Club, 1, 2: ■ Di-nnis Jacobson: Intra-mural Basketball, I, 2; Intramural Softball, 1,2; Electrical Club. 2: L.S.A., 2. ■ Li.ovn .1 aster: Draftsman Club, 2. Lester C. Jacobs Radio Trades Taylor, N. Dak. Dennis Jacobson ■Jectrical Trades Rake, Iowa Li.oyi Jaster Drafting and Estimating Cavalier, N. Dak.Ci.ii-tokd M. Johnson .Intii Mvvlumivs Minnewaukcn, N. Dak. Roiikkt K. Johnson •.' wt rit til 7 'railvs Lan don, N. Dak. ■ Sin.Mi;R L. Kv.andi-: None Listed. ■ Ci.ikforo M. Johnson: Auto Mechanics Cluh. I, 2. ■ Rohkrt I'!. Johnson: Electrical Cluh. I. 2: Howling Cluh, 2: Pep Cluh, 2. ■ Rokekt G. Johnson: No Activities listed. " Rai.ihi C. JOST: Auto Mechanics Club, 2. ■ Jost: Sacajawea Cluh. 1,2: Hume Economics Cluh. 2. ■ Marvin il. : Nan- Listed. Ski.nier L. Kvanok h'.lvct rival Trail vs Alamo, N. Dak. Marvin II. Kai.mracii .hitu Hotly Kenmarc, N. Dak. IQ4Q czrlcjuaraii Roih:kt CL Johnson Trv-Connavrvv La.Moure, N. Dak. Rai.imi C. Jost .Into M vvlia airs W'ahpeton, N. Dak. 'I n Jost Sverv arial rainimj Wahpeton, N. Dak.Cllira±LE Leonard V. Kikkopk Elf chi ciil 'Entiles Kintal, N. Dak. Edward YV. Kosiinkv Elec ricul E n i ineeriu u Beach, N. Dak. lii-x Kraft Electrical Emiles Karlsruhe, N. Dak. Arnold E. Kraiin Rail in 'Emiles Fargo, N. Dak. " Leonard W. Kirkoff: None Listed. ■ Howard V. Kosiinkv: Klectrical Club, 1.2; Science Band, 1,2; Intramural Basketball. I, 2; E-Quad-S Club, Vice Pres.. 2. ■ Bln Krai-t: Newman Club, I, 2; Boxing Club, I, 2: Intra-mural Basketball. I ; Electrical Club, 2. ■ Arnold L. Kraiin: Intra-mural Softball, I; Bowling Club, 2; Intra-mural Basketball, 2; Radio Club, 2. ■ Joseph F. Lancer: Football. I; All-Conference Guard, 2; Intramural Basketball. I. 2. ■ Vincent Laqua: Boxing Club, 1. 2; Newman Club, 2; Jr. College Club, 2. ■ Scott Lkkdiiam: Scientist Staff, 2; Printing Club, 2. Scott Lkkdiiam . n itnmlism-Erin tin tj Glasgow, Mont. Vincent A. LaQua Pre-Commerce llankinson, N. Dak. Joseph F. Lancer .■Irintion 'Emiles Fort Totten, N. Dak.Rose Lest . Hume Economies Holla, N. Dak. B. McAdams ' 'ectrical Trades .Mil nor. N. Dak. ■ Rose Lent .: Sacajawea Club, I. 2: l cp Club. I. 2; E. S. A.. I. 2; (iirls Glee Club. 2; Mixed Chorus, 2; Home Economies Club, 2. ■ Cmarlks It. McAdams: Elec- trical Club. I, 2. ■ Dwight McGinnis: Auto Mechanics Club. I. 2; Intra-mural Basketball. 2. ■ Dkl.mek C. Meyer: Ir.trn-mural Basketball, I, 2; Electrical Club, I, 2: Newman Club, 2: Football. 2. ■ Kori-rt Morrison: Electrical Club. 1.2: Intra-mural Basketball. 1,2; Student Cabinet, 2. ■ VaEois Moxness: L.S.A., I. 2; Sacajawea Club. I, 2; Mixed Chorus. 1. 2; (iirls Glee Club, I, 2. ■ Roy Myiire: Electrical Club. 1, 2: Bowling Club. I. 2. Rorkrt Morrison Electrical Trades Woonsocket, N. Dak. VaLois Moxness Secretarial Train in DcLamerc, N. Dak. Dwigiit McGinnis .Into Mechanics Wilton. N. Dak. Dei.mer C. Meyer Electrical Trades Fairmount, N. Dak. Roy E. Myiire Electrical Trades New Rockford, N. D.1_ d: h)49 rfyaivalU A • Ted W. Nuss Rcfrigcralioit ’Trades Fullerton, N. Dak. John b. Oiinstad Radio Trades Argusville, N. Dak. Rokkrt Ci. Olson Electrical Trades Grafton, N. Dak. Wll.FRHD NbviNS l l eel rind E nijineeriaij Sidncv, Mont. I’llYt.l.IS NliSS Commercial brccken ridge, Minn. ■ Wii.iked I.. Nmvixs: Intra-mural Softball, I. 2: Kiev trical Club. I; Department Writer. 2: K-Quad-S Club, 2; Pep Club, 2: Intra-imral basketball. 2. ■ Phyllis Nkss: Sacajawca Cub, 1, 2: .Mixed Chorus, I. 2; Girls Glee Club, I; L.S.A., I, 2; Hand. I: Quartet, I. 2: Scientist Stalt. 2; Agawa ie Staff. 2. ■ 'Fed W. Nuss: Refrigeration Club. I ; Intra-mural Basketball, I. 2: Department Softball, I. 2. ■ John B. Oiinstad: Radio Club, 2. ■ Maroi.d G. Olson: Auto body Club, I ; Club Pres., 2; Intra-mural Ba ketball, I. 2: Department Softball. I. 2. ■ Robert G. Oi.son: Mixed Chorus. I. 2: bowing Club, 1: L.S.A.. 2. ■ Law bench S. Olson: Radio Club Vice Pres., 1 : Radio Club Pies., 2. Lawrence S. Olson Radio Trades Milnor, N. Dak. Harold Oi.eson .Into Hody Lucerne N. Dak. 't —'Jim igijg JfyaivuiLd Robert Peterson Re rif erotion Tradc$ Kllcndalc. N. Dak. Lawrence Pfau Slice Metal L'pham, X. Dak. JoYCB Poi’li Jr. Collect' Pre-Ed. Wahpcton, X. Dak. ■ Lawrence Piau: Intra-mural Softball, I. 2; Sheet Metal Club Pres.. 2. ■ Robert Peterson: None Listed. ■ Joyce Pore: Sacajawca Club, I. 2: Pep Club. 1, 2; Newman Club. I, 2; F.nglish Arts Club, 1,2: Jr. College Club. 2; Foreign Language Club. 2. ■ Clarence Pratsciiner: Radio Club, I, 2; Newman Club, I, 2; Photo Club, I. 2. ■ Ronald Price: Dramatics Club, I; K-Quad-S Club. 2: Baseball Team, 2. ■ David Quitney: Track. I, 2: Football, 2. ■ Rim-ben Recstap: Electrical Club, 2. Cl A R K N C E P RATSC11N E R Radio Trades Jud, X. Dak. David Quitney Pre-Dental Lowry, Minn. Ronald Price Per- ■. n tjin re tin New Rockford, X. Dak Rue ben Recstap Electrical Tradef Balfour, X. Dak.Ai.iki:i W. Rhodes R eftiaeratio a 'Prudes Sanborn. N. Dak. Lvxx N. Roiierts K efri aeration Trades. Garrison, N. Dak. (). Rocei.stad Electrical Trades Rugby, N. Dak. Eddie R. Rycii lilt r t rieaI 7 'fades Turtle Lake, N. Dak. ■ Ai.frkd V. Rhodes: Refrigeration Club, 1. 2: Mixed Chorus, 2. ■ Lynn N. Roiierts: Refrigeration Club, I, 2; Intra-mural Softball. 2: Photo Club. 2. ■ (). Rooei.stad: Intra-mural basketball. 1. 2; L.S.A., 1, 2; K’eetrical Club. I. 2: Department Writer, 2. ■ Eddie Rycii: None Liste«l. ■ James Sakstrom: band. I. 2; Mixed Chorus. 2. I MAN U lit. P. Sciiaax: Radio Club. 1.2: Newman Club. 2. ■ Lko R. Sciiai.i,: Newman Club, I. 2: Elect Heal Club. I; Pep Club. 2: E-Quad-S Club, 2. Leo R. Sciiai.i. Elect rical Eatjineerintj Hague, N. Dak. I man l ei. P. Sciiaax Rad in Trades Rugby, N. Dak. James Sai-strom Pre-Commerce Forman, N. Dak.AdOI.PII Ci. SllHRVF.V •.' Irrtriral 7 7 ad rs Barrett, .Minn. Marvin Sciiucmard '. re frit a I E n i nrrrin y Napoleon, N. Dak. Ghorgk Ci. Sciimid Elect neat Trades Minnewauken, Minn. ■ George Ci. Schmid: None Listed. ■ M kvin K Sciiuciiakd: Hand. !. 2: Klectrical Club. I. ?; IC-Quad-S Club, 2: Intra-nuiial Softball. 1.2: L.S.A., I ; Intra-ntural Basketball. 2. ■ Aix».i,h Ci. Shkrvky: I..S.A., 1.2: K1 eerie a I Club, 2. ■ Jo Ann Spoon i iiim: I .S.A., I, 2; Saca-jawca Club. I : Glee Club. 1.2: Mixed Chorus, 1.2: Hand. I : Cheer Leader. 1.2: Quartet. 2. ■ Bernard A. Sons-tiiagi:n: Auto Mechanics Cluh. I, 2: L.S.A., I, 2. ■ Joseph S. Staciii.owski : Newman Club. I, 2; Kiee-trical Club. I; K-Quad-S Club. 2. ■ Nhii. Stakiixke : Intra-mural Ha ketball. I. 2. JoAnn Si'ooniieim (! ii i mrrr in I Hreckenrid e. Minn. BERNIE A. SONSTHAGEN Auto Mechanics Litchvillc, N. Dak. Joseph S. Stacii i.owski Electrical Engineering Courtenay, X.Dak. Nuii. VV. Staehnkk Electrical Trades Havana, N. Dak.'Jim ig4 j -3y i uvli lid I)kan K. Stewart .Into Mi t Intuits (filin' N. D:tk. John A. Stewart .IiiIo Mrclumict (lilbv, N. Dak. Howard W. Strand Electrical 7'rades Cleveland, N. Dak. John K. Strand .Into H ndy Big Lake. Minn. ■ Dkan U. Stkwak'i : None Listed. ■ John A. Stkwart: None Listed. ■ Howard Y Strand: Electrical Club. 1,2. ■ John K. Strand: Auto Body Club. I. 2. ■ Dai.i: Svinckn: Intra-mural Sports, I. 2: Llcctrical Club. I: L. S. A.f 2: K-Quad-S Club Pres.. 2. ■ John Swearingen : Intra-niural Basketball. 2." Rvi.AND I'.. Svvkrson : None Listed. Rvi.and E. Syverson Liberal Arts Dwight, N. Dak. John Swearingen Electrical Trades Pingrce, X. Dak. Dale C. Svingen E lee triad E n ji n eeri a q Overly, X. Dak.Lea I' i.kici i Secretarial 7 'rain in tj Predunia, N. Dak. Om-nx Tirro fi'rrtrical Trades Williston N. Dak. ■ Paknei.i. 'I nuk: Auto B mI Club, I. 2: Pep Club. 2: I . S. A.. 2. ■ Oden Trrro: Nunc Listed. ■ Lea I i.kick: L. S. A., I. 2: Sacajawca Club. I. 2; Pep Club. I. 2. ■ Herman K. Wald: Newman Club. I; Newman Club Pres., 2: Student Cabinet. 2. ■ Korert Hand Pres.. I: Hand. 2: Student Cabinet. 2: Accounting Club Pres.. 2; Pep Club. 2. ■ George Worn'er: None Listed. ■ Wayne Wegner: L. S. A.. I. 2; Auto Me ban-ics Club, I, 2. Roiiert A. Waller Acclg. un (I Hus. A dm. Urccken ridge, Minn. George J. Worn er Liberal Arts Great Bend, N. Dak. cuvailz Paknei.i. (i. Tik i: Hotly Walcott N. Dak. Herman L. Wai.o P re-(]o at merer Karlsruhe, N. Dak. Wayne C. Wegner A uto Mechanics Kathrtn, X. Dak.'Jlld iggg rf lll-NKV Wll.llELMl Med r if til Trades Loina, N. 1 -):»k. Hettv .1. Williams Secretarial 7 rain in j Kosholi S. Dak. Arxoi.d J. Winters Prill tint and Linotype Adrian, N. Dak. Liaii'aiu Nkls A. Wi:r : i-land Lleetrical Trades Valley City N. Dak. ■ N hi.s Wi;ki-: :i.ani : Howling Club. I. 2: L. S. A.. 2. ■ Pun. Wi-:rns. ian :Klec-irical Club. ■ Hetty Jean Williams: None Listed ■ I Iakky Wii.iiei.mi :Klec-iiical Club. I. 2; Newman Club, I, 2: Track. 1.2: Intra-mural basketball. 1.2: Howling Club. "Walter Wilki-:xs:Noik Listed. ■ Arnold Winters: Intra-mural Harkethall. I. 2: Intra-mural Softball. I; Printers Club. 2. ■ (iorix)N S. Wirt .-it;i.i : None Listed. Walter Wilkens Lleetrical Trades Youngstown, N. Dak. Philip W. Wernsman Lleetrical Trades Miller S. Dak. Gordon S. Wirt .feld .Into Hotly I nderwood. N. Dak. Alfred P. Wilcox Sheet Metal Gilby, N. Dak.OIU KISSI N( ;kr LAOHA Scie+toe PiUjiUUb (icorge Brackin once again headed tin-Science boxers. Thirty-one candidates reported for the initial drill. I'lte Science boxers started off the sea son by fighting the I’, of North Dakota. I lie W ildcats clubbed their way to victory, and. although they looked slightly sluggish, they showed promise of a great future. I he next set of bouts came on I )ecein-ber I I when the Wildcats proved to he poor hosts to highly-rated Wavne State of Nebraska, as they pounded out a 7 to 2 decision over a team that was Nebraska's Qaad yea i state champions and also one of the best Hams in the nation. Highlights of the lights were knockouts by Dean Knapp. (Idle Schell and Hen Kraft. January 17 found a Devils Lake and MSTC combo as opponents of the Cats, and the Brackin-men once again pounded out a 7 to 2 decision. Don Gardner, liar-land Michels, '‘Yogi" Steimvarth and Hen Kraft won by the K() route. .Michels provided the night's thrills by standing toe-to-toe with Hob Storman and slugging it out 'til Storman's knees gave and the haid-hitting Michels won by a K().IQ49 c fcjutvaiiz KRAFT WEI ST KNAPP 'i hr Golden Gloves. tournament of champions, tlu crown for which every your.;; halt er gives his all, was the next event for Wahpeton light fans. There. Ray Kuklenski, who fought for Science timing the year, pounded Don Gardner, SSS light-heavy to the canvas repeatedly to win the light-heavy crown. Hard-hitting Gene Schell put Fred Allen, MS 1C. down early in the light as he went on to knockout the MS battler for the lightweight title. Harland Michels defeated teammate Vince LaQu.t for the feath.’t-weight championship. Michels was the more agge.sive in winning the decision. Other Science battlers failed in the tpies; for the crowns of glory, but they showed lighting spirit in their bouts. Teddy Carr won hi- way into the finals by stopping Don Shire of Morris, Minn., and Harold another of the Rrackin liightcrs. Dean Knapp lost a nonc to-popular decision to Russell Johnson of hergus halls. Minn.!Z7 i£ JQ49 V )RNKR (;. RI )NKR S IT.I X WAKTII I'lic champions arc: Jerry Simdorn. flyweight; Leonard Willard, bantam-weight; Michels, featherweight; Schell, lightweight; Keith Johnson, welterweight; Don ller}j, middleweight; Kuklenski. light-heavy; and Ralph Zink, heavyweight. Following the Gulden Gloves. Science iiighter participated in a number of scattered boxing shows. They won victories at Moorhead and Detroit Lakes to close out their boxing season. Johnson continued from his vict- ory over Knapp into the finals where hr lost the the champion, Don Berg. lien Kraft lost a TKO in a wild slugfest that could have gone either way. Not to forgotten are LeRoy Kissinger, who had to run into Kuklcnski, and George W'orner, who fell before Keith Johnson, champion in his division. And then there was Ray Weist who took everything Don Berg could lire and paid back with his own flying fists before Berg could end the fight.!Z7 £ 7949 z fcjawa±is MARCH Cald Parity . . . St. Patsiich'4. . . . PSA . • • MARCH MARCH COMKS IN LIKE a lamb—«r is it more like a Camel? Gee. a whole pack at once! Let have a party! ’Tis rumored there was a lire in the girls' room—at least, there was plenty of smoke! DICK HODGSON, new director of Alumni Rclatiins. was introduced to the student body at an ASSEMBLY. The program was rounded out with a few vocal selections presented by Miss Schulz. “THE STAG AT EYE" had ate and drunk his fill" (of lemonade, that is). Bob Morrison was crowned Kiny of Beards. Whitaker and Mohs to k the whist tourney, while the Auto Body danced off with $20. R. YOYES’ AMBITION: to have half as maty brains as his dad. We wish you luck on your long, hard journey. Boomer. A AN DAI IL SIGNS away a chunk of the state’s money for a new field house at SSS. Thanks. Ered. we ll be grateful forever. THE IRISH and the rest of the common folk celebrate S I . Bat’s Day with the I empo Knit's.. ANOTHER ASSEMBLY—«ee, two in a month! President Riley realizes a life long ambition to direct a band—thanks to Mr. Buslcc and the Wahpemn Hit'll School band.'ZJfiz 1949 c fcjcuvaiis. 9n (Zunzlt Jlall" IH’RCII MALL; a nice, homcv campus establishment for the housing t»i’ innocent individuals. The favorite pastimes of March Hall seems to he reading comic books, playing cards, (all types from rummy to cut-throat piker) and those good old twelve o'clock hull sessions. Souvenir taking has been fairly popular among certain students (not mentionin': names), but it seems that the city of Wahpeton needs their street signs more than the hall docs. After the first of every month and especially oil weekends many students are seen wearing pouches under their eyes. I guess it must he a result of a rough month of hard studying, anyway it’s possible. Something new has been added to the first floor of the hall, new inner spring • nitre ?e now some of the fellows from the 1.the; fl « . . a iabit of coming d wiistairs and resting their weary bones . t i mconrs bed, anyway it leaves their’s nice with no wrinkles. The chow in the hall has been improving right ah ng. I he fir 1 part of the year we wete having roast beef for a change every day. Then came the good old vvein-tr , and in vv the meatballs even bounce--it must he a iuw recipe with rubber added for flavor. Little Mob Johnson from room 110 is ore of our problem boys, lie goes with the team to a ball game and then doesn't -how up until Sunday night. Whenever llamerlik and C fill is pick him up to go riding, he always manages to talk them into going to Fergus Falls. I guess he enjoys the scenery there. BARRACKS MANEUVERSAPRIL SUN HON TUE WED THU FRI SAT ______ .« THERE'S NO FOOL LIKE AN APRIL FOOL! DLL MEYER is named all-senior proxy—proxy, is that one of those salty, curly-cew things von cat with beer? EVERYBODY GETS THEIR pictures took. v.»y did Joyce Pope have to have two pictures? Maybe she likes the X-ray machine. SNOW IS GONE and the picnic season official)- open—Chac. the San,I Pit and Fold's l oml. PERFEC 3 lO 17 24 APRIL sponsors the seen ul all-r-chool whist party. I wonder how Darlene ith the hoobv prize?Z7fiz 1949 czrfqaivaiis SENIORS II VK THEIR DAY LOOKING OXT.R THE ‘4 AGAWASIEL7h fcjua'uiU llie e. Ate ite fyactl ! ! MEN M'n a what women worry abom. I ! '■ ' have tw feet, two hands, and romciime'. two wives, hut never more titan • m • .'ollar o one idea. Like Turkish cigarettes, men are all made of the same itulrri:il. I he only difference i- that some me a htt’e better disguised than others. (I nera'ly speaking, thci may he classed :n three claves, namely: husbands, bachelors and widowers. An eligible ha helor is a mass of obstinacy, entirely surrounded by suspicions. Getting a husband mfuires science, sculpture, common :en e. faith, hope and charity—mostlx charity. It is cm of the plastic arts known to civilization. It is a p vchological marvel that a soft. Iluffy, tender, violet-scented thing like t woman cnoys kissing a big-hearted, awkward. stubbly-cltinned. tobacco and bay-run thing like a man. If you chatter to a man. it frightens him to death, and if you don’t, you bore him to death. If you permit him to make love to you. he will tire of you in the end and if you don’t, he will lire of you in the beginning. If you believe everything, you cca-e to interest him. and if you argue with him. you cease to charm him. If you believe all he tells you. he th'nks you are a sap. 1» von don't, he thinks you arc a cynic. If you wear gay colors, rouge and a • tattling hat. he hesitates to take you out. and if you wear conservative colors and tailor-made Miits. lie takes you out anti .tares all evening at women in gay colors, rouge and startling hats. If you join him in gayctics and approve if he drink , he swears you are driving li nt to the devil, and if you don’t approve and urge him to give up his gayctics. lie vt ws on arc snobbish or t«M darn nice. If yen area clingi.g-vin- type. doubts whether you have any brains-u are a modern, advnnrcd and independent woman, lie doubts whether you have a heart. If you arc silly, he longs f,,r | bright mate, and if von are brilliant. ■'« longs for a playmate. A man is in t a worm of the dust. H‘‘ comes along, wiggles for a while. ■'I'u generally route chicken gets him in WOMEN Women are what men don’t worri about.... wim says? They have two pci--onalitics, two faces and too many idea-hut onlv one purpose... .to get tlteir man-Women belong to two groups...-the g«Nid looking and the majority. Women are classified by turn in 3 categories: the nice, the popular, the one you n.airy. To marry a woman all you need t‘« tlo is come around twice and her mot he i will do the rest. If you make love to her you’re a wolf in a sheep’s line, if you don’t you’re a hick strictly from Lower Slobavia. If you listen to her you’re hooked and it you don't you lose her. If you have ait idea, it’s stupid, and if you disagree with’re crazy. If you dress well you’re overbearing an I if you go casual, you’re a hum. If von act intelligent you're conceited, 't you don't you’re not understanding. If you chase her. she ignores you and f you ignore Iter. ?lu chases you. A woman is like metal; put her her id e a superior metal and rhe turns green. A woman is something you can't live "‘ith and you can't live without. The «t!y consolation men have is that they »nly have to plea e one w. man. . . . Ini' men have to please all men. £4} ■ — '_3lU L)4g cuvaiia MAY n acJz . . . fyield 5bay . . . Picni L . . . Qbaduatian MAY 1)1!) YOU KNOW that almost all SSS graduates can count up to 10 without making a single mistake ? SENIOR RECEPTION—everybody turns out in his he t bib and tucker for the Mardi (Iras. I he Tempo Kin'gs pVOvided the ,mu$ic. PSYCHOLOGY' CLASS goes on a picnic to Ec gu?— noses were counted and surprisingly, every-hotly got gack....Molberg had us worried for awh le though.... SACAJAWEANS entertain their mothers at th annual tea with a style show and program. WELL, (as I cast a horrorscope in conclusion). 1 s e that days will have 24 hours.. ..half donated to nights... .months will have weeks and dogs will have flees....and Sunstad will have Erdman ....and if anything drastic like Workman ditch ng Movcskaland is in the offing, the stars ain t giving out any info. ... finals come in; days in August and then September.1949 Science School Class Roll The classification of students is indicated l»y the following abbreviations: Arts—Junior College A. It.—Auto Body A. Corn!.—Air Conditioning A. E.—Auto Electrical A. M.—Auto Mechanics Avia.—Aviation Arch. Eng.—Architectural Eng. Cotn’l—Commercial C. E.—Chemical Engineering I . E.—Drafting and Estimating Elec.—Electrical Ltype—Linotype M. S.— .Machine Shop Print.—Printing P.—Plumbing R. —Refrigeration S. M.—Sheet .Metal T. H. E.—Trade Home Economics True.—Tractor Weld.—Welding Aaland. Otto P.—Hatton S. M. Abbey, Orrin C.—Gilby A. M. Abcndschcin, W.—Brcckcnridgc Com'l Adkins. W. —Hrcckcnridgc Com'l Alexander, W.—Spring Brook A. M. Alin, Robert J.— LaMoure R. Aim. Charles J.—Christine A. M. Almquist, Wesley—Fullerton It. Alms. Robert W.—Ada. Minn. A. B. Amble, Harriet—Wnhpcton T. 11. E Anderson Aubert—Dwight Arts Anderson Denis—Enderlin Elec. Anderson, Don—Morris, Minn. Com’l Anderson, (I.—Wahpeton Print. Anderson, K.—Valley City Print. Anderson. I.—Sidney. Mont. Radio Anderson, Kenneth—•McCanna Elec. Anderson, M.—Fergus Falls, Minn. P. Anderson. Orlo J.—Wahpeton R. Anderson, Robert E.—Minot 1). E. Anderson. Roy (I.—Lankin R. Anderson, W.— Krskinc. Minn. A. M. Andrews. Robert A.—Kiagara A. M. Arndt, Charles (I.—Fullerton Radio Askerooth, Lorraine—Cayuga Com'l Aune. Dean O.—Colfax A. M. Bacon, Norm—lot. Falls, Minn. A.M. Baker, Jack—Glendive, Mont. Elec. Bakken, Gordon—Wahpeton Com’l Bakken. Kenneth M.—Sharon R. Balcer, Leo I).—Glcndivc, Mont. A.M. Baldner, Elroy—Wahpeton Pre Eng. - 1949 Science School Class Roll Balo. K:rk 0.—Wahpcton ArU Ball. Robert G.—Palermo S. M. Baronilt. Gerald R.—Webster A. M. Barringer, L.—Rothsay. .Minn. Radio Barron, Jack—Baudettc, .Minn. I). E. Bartel. Robert—West Fargo A. M. Bartron, Kenneth .1.—Ncchc A. M. Bart ,, Donald L.—Valley City Com’l Bass, Frank E.—Tolley Avia. Bander. A I nert V.—Ellcndalc U. Bauer. Deliner B.—Butte Avia. Bauer. Marian M.—Zap T. H. E. Beauchamp. Leon I).—Olga A. B. Beaulieu. Lornic C.—Wales A. M. Beck. Bernard P.—Wolford Klee. Beck. Eugene—Alice A. M. Bel mg, Dale—Great Bend Arts Bcmcnt. A.—Waubun. .Minn C.E. Bcmcnt, C. F.—Wahpcton A. M. Bcmcnt, Mary—Waubun, Minn. Com’l Bennett. Dennis—Wahpcton S. M. Bennett, F.—St. Paul. Minn. A. M. Benson. Marian F.—Wahpcton Com’l Berg. Bruce W.—Brcckcnridge Elec. Berg, Duaine E.—Argusville Avia. Berg. George C.—llatton A. M. Berg, Roy R.—llatton A. M. Berg. Vernon J.—Wahpcton Coin‘1 Bcrgenski. James—Valley City Avia. Bcrgh, A.—Watertown Arch. Eng. Bergo. Beatrice—Turtle Lake Com’l Bergo. James A.—Turtle 1-ake S. M. Bernard. Jean W.—Grafton Radio Berndt, Del wood—-Hankinson A. M. Bcrscth. Barbara—Wahpcton Com’l. Bertsch. Clayton I .—Towner A. B. Bcrtsch. Walter—Harvey It. Bjrnbaum, L.—Hankinson A. M. Birnbaum, Lor.— Hankinson Com'l Bishop, Irene—Oslo. Minn. Com’l Bjorklie. James It.—Gilby A. B. Bjornson. Joe A.—Mountain Avia. Bjugson. Raymond—Aneta Avia. Black. Robert J.—Carrington R. Bluinhardt, Ruben—Elgin Elec. Bohle, Georgia Ann—Forbes Com’l Bohm, Didrik E.—Mohall A. M. Bohmback, Marvin—Charleson A. M. Bohn, Clyde M.—Great Bern! Com’l Bondy, Gordon I.—Petersburg A. M. Booke. James C.—Dickinson A. M. Borchard, 0.—Mansfield. S.I). Elec. Borshcint, W.—Wheaton. Minn. Com’l Boyd, William—Riverton. Wyo. Elec. Boyer. Clair N.—New Rockford Arts Brady, Lewis—Lisbon, N. II. It. Mb . 1?1949 Science School Class Roll Brandt. John W.—Carrington It. Rrannnn, Thomas —Risbee A. M. Brake), Ludolph—Hurdslicld KIcc. Brand. Klwood W.—Wahpcton Arts Bye. Eugene—Moorhead, Minn. Print. Brecsc, Royal—Powers Lake A. M. Break. Dennis—Detroit Lakes Avia. Bril ., Eugene II.—Richardton Radio Brix, Harry It.—Erie Elec. Broadland. I).— Breckenridge Com'l Broden, G.—Crookston, Minn. I). K. Broader, Carol A.—Williston Com'l Brooks, Duane—Kenmarc Arch. Eng. Brooks, I eslie L.—Cleveland Elec. Brown, Floyd V.— Leonard R. Brown, Jack E.—Hankinson Arts Brown. Rayfiekl—Devils Lake A. M. Brumbaugh. Arthur G.—Ryder Klee. Brunsvold. Homer—Alexandria D. E. Buckley, E. J.— Fergus Falls Print. Bullingcr, John—Mandan A. M. Burgess, John—Devils Lake Mcch. Burgess, Valdec—Billings, Mont. It. Burnett, Dale II.—Li.Moure Radio Busch. Arthur J.—Berlin Eng. Bye, Glen E.—Crary Elec. Cahill, Vincent—Breckenridge Com'l Calhoon, Albert—Lead, S. D. D. E. Caress. John—Staples. Minn. Print. Carlson. Arthur K.—Wahpcton It. Carlson, Carl J.—Valley City Avia. Carr, Gary B.—Wahpcton Arts Corner. Del mar A.—Gmccville Eng. Casey. Richard D.—Van Hook A. M. Casrers, M. I).—Breckenridge Com'l C’nll-s, Wilmcr—Fortuna Radio Chamber. Charles—Michigan A. M. C anvv.ignc. W Hard—Belcourt A. B. ('hole. Harold It.—Bclfour A. M. Christensen, Harold—I.uverne Eng. Christensen, L.—Antelope Five. Christianson. Curtis—Fortuna Print. Chi istoj herson, Dale—Wildrose Elec. Clacys, Charles—Breckenridge Print. Collette. James—Fort Ransom Elec. Cooper, Jay—Portland I'. Comstock. Lynn—Wah| eton D. E. Crocker, Robert—Adanis Elec. Cron, Clarence B.—Bowbclls A. B. Cross. Norman—Milnor A. M. Crowl, Gerald—Watford City Elec. Curren. Michael—Vienna S. D. A. M. Daeley. II. -Long Beach, Cal. A. M. Pnhlgrcn, Cecil—Adams A. B. Danicourt, Alan—Breckenridge Arts Danielson. B. E.—Van Hook Print. 1919 Science School Class Roll Daly. A.—Columbia, S. 1). D. K. Danielson. Daryl—Aberdeen A. M. Davidson, Everett—Portland Elec. Davidson, Gerald—Valley City Elec. Decde, Robert—Wahpeton Arts Dcichcrt, Otto—Carson A. 15. Deissler. Charles—Wahpeton I'. DcKruyf, II.—Brooten, Minn. Elec. De.Mesy. Joseph—Wahpeton Elec. Dennis, Joseph—Eldridgc R. Dierks. Mary L.—Wahpeton Coin’l Dietz. John—Wahpeton Arts Dietz. Neil II.—Wahpeton Elec. Digitalis, A.—Peerless, Mont. A. M. Dillonburg, Cyril—Tvler Eng. Dodds, Fred—Rhamc R. Dodds, John W.—Rhamc R. Doll, John A.—Mandan Cont'l Dreyer. Margaret—Cando Cont’l Drury. John—Moorhead Elec. Duhn, Nylaiul—Wahpeton Arts Duncan. Richard— Grand Forks Elec. Dunlap, Delos—Fergus falls Cont’l Duty. Donald—Brcckenridgc Cont’l Duhn, Mary Ix u—Wahpeton Arts Eckre. Alvin—Wymlntere Cont’l Eckstrom, Russell—Wahpeton Cont'l Ege, Orvin—latstwood S. M. Fillers, Ralph—Lake City. Minn Elec. Eidsvoog, Robert—Alamo Elec. Eiscman. Irene—Wishck T. II. E. Kissinger, LcRoy—Wishck Elec. Eiter, Dorothy—Breckenridge Cont’l Eldevich, Marvin—Kindred A. M. Eldcvich, Alvin—Kindred A. M. Kliasscn, Kermit—Grcnora I). E. Elliott. Eugene—Grand Forks R. Elliott, Richard—Buffalo, N. Y. A. M. Ellis, G.—Wolverton, Minn. Cont'l Ellsworth, Lincoln—Flasher Cont’l Elsberr.v, Lyle—Rock Lake Radio Kndrcson. H.—Barrett. Minn. Elec. Eng. Irving—Portland A. M. Engcn, Roy—Wahpeton Print. Eager, Alt—Grand Forks Print. Eager. Clarence—Fullerton A. M. England. Leo—Rosholt, S. 1). Cont'l Enochson, Win.—Wahpeton S. M. Erb, Henry—Hankinson Elec. Erdahl. Wesley—Rosholt. S. 1). Cont'l Erdmann, E.—Brcckenridgc Cont'l Erickson. Ben—Mandan Elec. Erickson. Donald—Wahpeton D. E. Erickson. J.—1st wry, Minn. Elec. Erickson, John—Milnor Prc-Mcd. 'm —I " 1 • 1___ ■ -4) 1949 Science School Class Roll Rrickson. Robert—Repent Klee. Kslinger, Malvin—Elgin A. 1J. Esterby. Kennit—Appam Com’l Kvenrud, Martin—Balfour S. M. Evenrud. Otto—Balfour R. Bwals, Robert—New Rockford R. Kaeey. Patrick—Gilby S. M. Fast. Robert—Langdon A. B. Fvdje, Ardell—Rugby A. M. Feick, Wesley—Neche Klee. Fenske, Orville—Hankinson Com’l Ferguson, Karl—Woodworth Klee. Fernandez, L.—Brcckenridge Com’l Ferry, l.cslic—Dakota A. M. Fiebieli, Ralph—Fessenden (leu. M. Fischer, William—Kulm Print. Fischer, Charles—Driscoll Klee. Fischer, Margaret—Wahpeton Arts Fitterer, Lucas—Glen Ullin R. Fitterer. Walter—Glen Ullin A. M. Fitzsimonds, K.—Walhalla Com’l Flnngan, Donna—Mamar Com’l Foertsch, Melvin—Wymlmorc P. Foltz, John—Grand Forks R. Fonder. DeVere—Fargo A. B. Ferness, Jerald—Colfax A. M. Foster, Blake—Amcniu A. M. Foster, Frank—Williston D. K. Frafford, Loren—llalliday Com’l Frank, Robert—Tyler C’om'l Franklin. George—Minot A. M. Frcdcrickson, A. - Petersburg A. B. Frederikson, L.—Petersburg A. M. Fritz, Albert—Langdon Klee. Froning, R.—Miller, S. D. Klee. Gaoske. I»ando—Oberon A. M. Gage, Charles A.—Page P. Gardner, Donald—Kcnmare Klee. Gaulrapp, L.—Breckcnridge Klee. Geiscn, Gerald—Bisbee Avia. Gillctt, Ralph—Dickinson Klee. Gillcs, Bernard— Wahpeton P. German, James—Hankinson A, M. Gerlz. Wesley—Steele R. Getz, Lois—Rhnmc Com'l Gibson, Francis—Kllendale R. Gilbertson, Don—Charlson Gen. M. Gilge, Jelmer—llalliday Radio Gillcs, William—Wahpeton Radio Gillespie, R.— Lead. S. D. Klee. Gilliss, Russell—New Rockford Arts Glaesman, 1-eRoy—Ashley Print. Gleason. X.—Claire City, S. D. A. M. Goolsbey. LaRae—DcLnmcre Com’l Grabinger, L.—Turtle Lake Arts Grasser. Herbert—Devils Lake Klee.1949 Science School Class Roll Cray. Cordon—I.akota A. 11. Croon, Ruth—Hnnkinson Pi ini. Gregorson, F.—Ogcma, Minn. Radio Crotter, Joseph—Wahpoton I). E. Criffin, James—l.nrimnrc I). K. Crimly. Howard—Wahpoton Arts Crodnhl, John—McCanna Avia. Crodalil, Ula—McCanna Cont’l Crondahl, Melvin—Minot Special Crund, Donald—Harvey I). K. Culor. Donald—N'ow Rockford Klee. Gullingsrud. M.—Park River A. M. (.■undersoil, Clifford—Reynolds Klee. Cast. Merritt—Leonard S. M. Gustafson. John—NVilliston Arts Guymer, William—Jamestown A. M. Cwynn, Curtis—Woodworth R. Haherman. Joan L.—Wahpoton Arts Hackey. Newell—Colfax A. M. Haga Allen—Endorlin Klee. Hagel, Clemens B.—Orrin A. M. Hagen W. .1.—Moorhead Minn. Klee. Hager. Lucy I .—Towner Com'l Hager, Rudolph M.—Balta Radio Haggc, Obert II.—Hanks Arts Haka. Robert K.—Leail. S. D. Klee. Hallun, Elizabeth—Turtle Lake Com'! Hallof, Chester O.—Antler A. 15. He Hallof, Gilbert L.—Antler A. B. IPdverson, Malcolm—Tunbridge Klee. Ilnmerlik. Gerald—Wahpoton Pre-Ed ll'i'dc. Wallace D.—Riiame R. Ilandkc, (5.—Breckenridge Pre-Corn Hnndtmann, Douglas—Mandnn S.M. Helliekson, V.—F. Grove, Ore. Print. Hanna. Donna Mae—Lisbon Com'l llanncmnn. 1).—Watertown S. D. R. Ilansmnnn. J.—Moorhead. Minn. Print II 'nson, Borghild—Grafton T. II. K. Hanson, Krling H.— Blaisdell Klee. I l-inson, Marvin J.—Mnpes A. M. II 'iison, Walter S.—Hillsboro Gen. M. IP'.nzlik, A. A.—Ogden. Utah S. M. Hanzlik, D.— Belle Fourchc Klee. Haskell. R—Fergus Falls, I). K. Haugen, Duane—Mohall S. M. Ilaugan, Robert R.—Minot Klee. Haugen. Walter W.—Yf»silanti A. B. Haworth. Robert K.—Gardner A. M. Hayes. Esther—Grafton T. H. E. Ilogle, Manley C.—Gwinner Com'l llcillc. Charles L.—Casselton Com'l Heilman. Edward—Wcllsburg A. M. Hcinecke, Joyce K.—Bottineau Com'l Helenske. Richard—Wahpoton Klee. Helling. Duane—Wheelock Klee. mmingson. Oscar—Fordville A. M. 1949 Science School Class Roll Mess, Robert W.—Wahpcton Com'l Henderson, Lester M.—Lorraine Klee. Ilering, LcRoy E.—Max A. M. lien lies, Clifford A.—-Tyler Lib. Arts Hermes, Frank—Fail-mount Lib Arts Heskin, Alvin S.—Norwich R. Ileskin, Milton N.—Portland A. B. Ilexem, Donald 0.—Grcnora Klee. Nickel, Donald J.—Kay A. M. Hilborn, Lloyd B.—Valley City Avia. Ililborn, Virgil D.—Valley City A. 11. Hill. George I —Filigree Klee. Ilillcsland, C.—Seattle, Wash. A. 11. II nrichs, Henry—Tower City Klee. Ilintzman, M.—Grand Rapids S. M. lloel, Oscar—Christine Avia. I local, Joseph G.—Walhallu R. Hohenstein, Carl R.—Center Radio Holly, Karl 1).—Wahpcton Pre-Coin. Holman, Albert M.—Hatton Klee. Holmes, Dayton J.—Dent, Minn. Klee, liolslrom, K.—F. Falls Minn. Com’l Hopkins, Kenneth T.—Ryder Klee. Hopman, Greg P.—Michigan Klee. Hoveskeland, l ois—I Lunar Com'l liowitx, Donald F.— Roek Lake Print. Huelsman, A.—Foxhome, Minn. A. M. Huclsman, C.—Foxhome, Minn. Com’l Huelsman, L.—Foxhome, Minn. Klee. Iluniann, Kdwin—Hazel ton A. M. Huso, Milford 11.—Ilelden Klee. Huso, Curtis T.—A net a Klee, imsland, Arnold M.—Ray R. Iverson. Adolph M.—Ileimdal R. Iverson, Harry S.—Maddoek Radio Jacobs, James K.—Fargo Print. Jacobs, lister C.—Taylor Radio Jacobsen. Richard S.—l.uvcrnc Klee. Jacobson, Dennis—Rake, Iowa Klee. Jacobson, Orville T.—(.angdon A. M. .faster, Lloyd II.—Cavalier l . K. Jensen, Clifford C.—Minot R. Jensen, Glen—Ryder Com’l Jensen, Karl—Reynolds p. Jenson F.—Great Falls, Mont. Klee. Johanneson. Richard—Knderlin Klee. Johanncssohn, N.—llorup. Minn. Klee. Johnson, Clifford CL—K intyre Klee. Johnson. Douglas L.—Kathryn S. M. Johnson, Clilf—Minncwnukon A. M. Johnson, Dwayne—New KnglandA.M.1949 Science School Class Roll Johnson. Donald—Watford City R. Johnson. Howard J.—Harvey Gen. M. Johnson. I.eander—New Salem Klee. Johnson, Norman Q.—Cavalier A. M. Johnson, Patricia—Wahpeton T. II. K. Johnson, Phillip—Grand Forks Avia. Johnson. Robert E.—Langdon Klee. Johnson, Robert—La Mo ure Pre-Corn Johnson. Robert M.—Flaxton A. B. Johnson, Susan—Grand Rapids Com’l. Jonas, Emily K.—Grenora Home Ec. Jones, Agues K.—Wahpeton Com'l Jorgenson. A.—Powers Lake S. M. .lost. Ralph C.—Wahpeton A. M. .lost, Thelma K. Wahpeton Com’l Kaatz. Ernest J.—Wahpeton Arts Kalmbnch. M. II.—Kcnmare A. It. Kamstra. Robert II.—Mand.-in S. M. Knpaun. Donald A.—Fingal A. M. Kappel, Jerome E.—Fingal Klee. Kaufman. Harold C.—Bishee A. M. Keenan. R. W.—Wahpeton Com’l Kelsh. Timothy J.—Fullerton Elec. Kersten, G.—Rochester Minn. Klee. Kessler, Alien W.— Arts Kelt oil mg. Allen II.—Wishek Com'l Kiilm, K. P.—Alexander Aviation Kindel. Howard E.—Wheelook A. M. King, Dwight W.—Sawyer Elec. Kinn. William F.—Wahpeton Arts Kirkhoff, Leonard W.—Fingal Elec. Kjos, Kenneth G.—Wahpeton Com'l Kling, Darrell—Wilton Elec. Klostcnnaii, J.—Wahpeton Chem. Kliidt. Donald K.—McCIusky Print. Knapp. M. I).—Glendive. Mont. Com’l Knutson.—Pelican Rapids Minn. Elec Koenig. Darrel It.—Jamestown R. Kopp, Tclcsphorus—Raleigh It. Koshney, E. W.—Beach Pre-Eng. Kraft, Benedict—Karlsruhe Elec. Kmini. Arnold E.—Fargo Radio Kranee, John P.—Dickinson Elec. Kir use, Vernon W.—Wahpeton Com'l. Krauth. Rich.—Downer, Minn. Elec. KVcn, A.— Claire City, S. I . Radio Krohn. Arvilla—Wahpeton Com’l. Kruger, Elmer V.— Niagara Elec. Kucha. E.—Park Rapids. Minn. Eng. Kupit ., Karen—Oakes Arch. Eng. Kutter, Grace—llankinson Com'l. Kvale. Arthur—Arg.vle, Minn. A. M. Kvande. Clarence—Alamo Elec. Kvande. Sclmer—Alamo Elec. I .a Haw, Eugene—Milnor A. M.  1949 Science School Class Roll I,nngomo Paul—Kintal A. M. I .anger, Donald—Fort Tot ton A. M. I .anger, Joseph—Fort Totten Avia. La«;ua. Vincent—Hankinson Arts I .arson, O.—Breckcnridge, Minn. H. 1 .arson. Allen—Newburg Klee. Parson, Brnest—Hicmdal Klee. I irson. Bugene—Grenorn Klee. Parson, .1.—Whitefish, Mont. I). K. I .arson. Robert—Wisliek D. E. Parsson Mrs.—Wahpeton Com’l I .oaf. James—Glendive, Mont. Radio loo, l.awicnee—Mandan S. M. Pee. Ployd—Pitchvillc A. AI. Pee, Mavacc—Brookings S. D. Klee. I eedliam. S.—Glasgow, Mont. Print. Ixtntx. Rose—Holla Home Be. I.erans. I).—Barrett, Minn. Com'l I-crfald, G.—Krskino, Minn. Arts Pester, I Aval—Watford City S. M. I.evi. VaPaura—Turtle Lake Com’l la-vin. James—Park River I). K. Pewsadcr. Warren—Valley City Klee. Pillihridge, Charles—Wahpeton A. B. I .oi lbus, Clarence—Gilby 1». K. ls gstrom. IP P.—Atwater. Minn. P. Povaas, Daniel—Dunscith D. K. I swell, Robert,—Courtenay Arts Pucns, Pila—Wahpeton Arts Pund, Adol; h—Arncgard Klee. Pund, Klwood—Wahpeton A. M. I un I. Robert—Wahpeton Com‘1 I ir Ink. Charles—Bcllield A. M. Pysno, Donn."—Harvey Com’l McAdams, Charles—Millior Klee. McBride, Dale—Millior Arts McCarthy. Robert—Jamestown Arts McCloud, Garvin—Maddock A. M. McCurdy, Charles—Bnckoo Klee. McGinnis, Dwight—Wilton A. M. McDougall, I).—Detroit Lakes Com'l. McMahon. David—Wahpeton Klee. Mahler, Kdgar—Wahpeton R. Mnupiardt, Walter—Velva A. B. Martinson, Marvin—Grandiu A. M. Mason. Ilarland—Pangdoa A. B. Matehinsky, IP—Fergus Falls 1 . K. Matlhias, C.—Breckonridgo Avia. Mntuska, I.endall—Wahpeton Klee. Mauch, Arenfreidc—Fargo Klee. Maursclh. Ila'a—N'orthwood Com'l Maxlon, Robert—Lunsford Radio Mayer, Joseph- Grand Forks Avia. Meek, Robert—Willislon P. Mcginncss, John—Isabel. S. D. R. Mehror, M.—Mott A. M.1949 Science School Class Roll Melius, Donald—Leonard IClec. Meiers, Wallace—Itoss A. 15. Mcrgenlhal, Donald—Hillsboro A. M. Meyer, Dolnicr-—Fairinount Klee. Meyer. F.—Pleasant Lake (Jen. M. Michels, II.—Brcckenridgc Print. Miller, Anton—Marnlan R. Miller, Arthur—Havana It. Miller, Lcland—Garrison Klee. Milner, J.—Brcckenridgc Klee. M indeman. Charles—Wahpcton Com’l Mitchell, Donald—Klbowoods Arts Mitchell, It.—Comstock, Minn. It. Moberg, Carl—-Mapcs A. M. Mohs. Kenneth—Fergus Falls Klee. Mollbcrg, I).—-Brcekenridge Coin'l Mmison, Dallas—Cummings A. 15. Monson. Ruth—Watford City Com’l Moore, Gerald—Turtle l-ake Klee. Moore, John—La rim ore Coin’l Morris, Chas.—Britton, S. 1). It. Morrison, Ixion—Cackle Klee. Morrison, It.—Woonsocket. S. D. Klee McClure, Arthur—Wahpcton Arts Miller, June—Milnor Coin’l Morkert, Melvin—Leeds Avia. Morrow, Darrel—Wolford Klee. Moses. V.—Pelican Rapids, Minn AM. Moxness, Valxiis—DeLamere Com’l Myhro. Roy—New Rockford Klee. Needham, La Vaughn—Silva Radio Nelson. Wesley—Wahpcton D. K. Ness, Phyllis—Brockcnridge Coin'l Nevins, W.—Sidney, Mont. Arts Nicholls, Gene—Ypsilanti Klee. Njos, Lyle—Williston A. 15. Nolan, Robert—Wahpcton Arts Norton, I).—Brcck'cnridge Coin'l Norton. Herbert—Mandan Avia. Norton, James—New Rockford S. M. Nuss. Ted—Fullerton R. Nellcrmoe, Kenneth—Hickson Avia. Nelson, Kdwin—Detroit Lakes Com’l Nelson. James—Litchvillc A. M. Nelson, K.—Frazcc, Minn. A. M. Nelson, NoDell—Rugby S. M. Nelson, Shirley—Lisbon Com’l Nelson. T.—Kvansville. Minn. S. M. O’Connell, John—Brinsmadc Elec. 0’l)ay, Robert—Moorhead. Minn. R. Ootiker, Albert—Fort Yates Arts Ohnstad, John—Argusville Radio Oleson, Harold—Luverne A. B. Olson. Dean—Forman It. Olson, Donald—Roseglen A. M.1949 Science School Class Roll Olson. Dorothy—Eden, S. I). Special Olson. Dunne—Devils l tke Klee. Olson. Gayloi’i!—Dwight Arts Olson. Gerald—Forman Print Olson, .Innies—Eden. S. I). Elec. Olson, l-nwrencc—Milnor Radio Olson, L,—McIntosh, Minn. Flint. Olson. Ixiis—Mooreton Coin’l Olson, Robert—Grafton Klee. Oslo ml. Jeanette—McVille Com’l Palonsky, Mary—Milnor Coni’l. Palmer, Elroy—Anetn Av’a. Pape. Lawrence—Wishek Gom’l Parker, Erwin—Breckenridgc Com I Parker, Glen—Sioux Falls, S. D. It. Panott. Dewey, Bristol, S. 1). A. 15. Farrow, Wilfred—Wahpcton I). E. Patrick, George—Bismasck F. Faschke. Max—Andock A. M. Paulson. Floyd—Bowman Elec. Pcchlnt, L.—Breckenridgc Coin’l Pedersen, Harvey—Grenora Elec. Peterson, Ordell—Mayville Avia. Peterson, C.—Bemidji, Minn. Elec. Peterson, D.— Breckenridgc Com’l Peterson, Emil—Garrison Elec. Peterson, Lynn—Valley City It. Peterson, Montell—Rock Lake Avia. Peterson, Robert—Ellendale R. Peterson. Virgil—llankinsnn Com'l Pfau. Lawrence—Uphnm S. M. Pfau. Vernon—Upham A. M. Pfeifer, Glenn—Buffalo Com’l Pfeifer. Leo—•Devils Lake A. M. Pflugrath. Donald — Wahpcton Arts Finney. Philip—McArthur. Ohio A.M. Pietcrick. Ix rraine—Cayuga Com’l Pn’kovsko. J. Hreckenridge A. 15. Pope, K. Joyce—Wahpcton Arts Pope. . illiam—Manilan KUv. Piatsclmer, Clarence—Jud Radio P :ce. Alfred—Fingcl Elec. I'•■sc . Itonal 1 New Rockford Arts Pulxt, I any- Grrskc (Sen. Mcch. Qir-mme, It‘chard—Wahpcton Com’l Dnitney I). — I«owry. Minn. Ar’s U- atx. Ronald—Verona A. M. It"der, Charles Jr.—Cando Gen. M. It fines, V.—Fergus Falls, Minn. A.M. Ramstad. Shirley—Wahpcton Arts Uathje, Ralph—Tower City A. M. Rchxom, Joe—Grassy Butte A. M. Kegs tad. Ituchcn—Balfour Klee. Rohm. Donna—Wahpcton Arts Reich, Raymond—11 oxen Gen. Mcch.1949 Science School Class Roll Reicrson, Mil Toni—Baker Kailio Keitan, W. Paul—l arimore Avia. Kcscndahl, Harold—Ivlotcn A. B. Brother, Bruce—Breekonridgo Arts Rculher. J.— Brocken ridge Arts Rhodes, Alfred—Sanborn R. Rhodes, John—Sanborn Print. Richards, Floyd—Towner P. Riden, James—Pingreo Com’l Riedinan, R.—Valley City A. M. Rincrson. Raymond—Ada, Minn. A. B. Rio. Lynn K.— Michigan Radio Elec. Risovi, Celester—New Rockford R. Roberts, J. E.—Aberdeen. S. I). Klee. Roberts, Lynn N.—Garrison R. Rod, James G. -Rock I.ake Com'l ltoeder, Istrry—llankinson Pre-Corn. Roehr, Herbert B.—Jud l . K. Roehrich. Joe R.—Napoleon Radio Rogelstad. Allan 0.—Rugby Klee. Roney. Robert—Milbank, S.' 1). Klee. Rosenberg. R.—F. Falls, Minn. A. M. Rotli, Patricia M.—Hclficld T. II. K. Rockman, G.—Glcndipr. Mont. Com'l Rude. Kven L.—Dahlen A. M. Rude. Harlan L.—Columbus Klee. Roland, Richard J.—Saltish Avia! Rundlc. Rachel—New Kurland Print. Ruppert, Glenn II.—Bowbolls Radio Rotten. George L.—Devils Lake Elec. Ryjrh, Eddie R.—Turtle I-akc Klee. Snfstrom, James—Forman Corn-Law Sage, John B.—F. Falls, Minn. D. K. Sarnia, Royert L.—Hatton A. M. Satermo, Dale V.—Van Hook R. Satermo, Rwight W.—Van Hook R. Sautter. Harry L.—Linton Elec. Sayre, Lrcd B.—Hillsboro Cont’l Seanson, G. Owen—Grace City A. M. Sch.-an. imanucl P.—Rugby Radio Schaap, D.—Battle Lake. Minn. Klee. Schaff, Michael—Glen Ullin I). K. Schall. l co—Hague Klee. Kngr. Scharf. Dennis—Devils Lake Elec. Scheuring, Richard W.—Barney S. M. Schley. Stanley—Anota Radio Schliehenmayer, M.—Bismarck Print. Schmid, George—Minnewaukan Klee. Sehoeneckcr. I).—Wahpeton Arts Schoneborg. K.—Devils Lake Klee. Schuchard. Marvin—Napoleon Klee. Schultz. Marlyn—Wahpeton T. II. K. Schumacher. R.—Egeland Pre-Coin. Scilley. Allen V.—I Oonard Klee. Score. Archie I).—Wahpeton Com'l Sea burg, J.—Glendive, Mont. S. M.1M Science School Clan Roll Seitz. Edgar S.—Hazen EIcc. Severson, James L.—Rugby A. M. Severson, Floyd A.—Towner Print. Severson, lister G.—Wheatland It. Shaver, E. I).—Mpls. Minn A. M. Shaw, Allen A.—Wolford Klee. Shevvey, A. G.—Barret, Minn. Klee. Sliorma, Helen—Wyndmcrc Com’l Shulzc. Leonard L.—St. Johns A. B. Sibley, Wilbert A.—Walhnlla Avia. Sieve, Carl—Reading Minn. A. B. Simonson, W.—Morris, Minn. Pre-Kd Stovik, Lester—Wahpeton Arts Sister Mary Kdith—Brcck, Com’l Sknuge, Louis R.—Wildrosc Radio Skjoiten, Glenn M.—Hatton Klee. Skovholt. Jean M.—Mooreton Com’l Slominski, Henry—Ardock A. M. Slotten, Dale K.—Wah|eton Com’l Smedshammar, I).—Litchvillc A. M. Smith, Harold J.—Walhnlla A. B. Smith, Howard L.—Wahpeton I). E. Snider, Oscar—Fort Yates Com'l Smistad, G.—llendrum, Min. Com’l Solie, Henry—Winger, Min. Print. Sonsthagen, Bernic—Litchvillc A. M. Sordi. Robert—Aberdeen, S. I). Klee. Sparrow, Patricia—Wahpeton Arts Spcllerbcrg, Betty—Fairmount Com'l Spenst, David—Cavalier Print. Spit .er, Vernon J.—Wilton It. Spoonheini, J.—-Brcck., Minn Com'l Sp eager, Edgar—Elgin EIcc. Springer. Winnie—Wyndmcrc Com’l Staehlowski. J.—Courtenay Klee. Eng Staehnkc, Lyle J.—Havana It. Staley J.—Marshall, Minn. Pre-Corn. Stalter, Louis S.—Forman It. Staren, Arthur Jr.—Devils Lake R. Starr, N. K.—Glendive, Mont. A. B. Stavros, James W.— Parshall (Jen. M. Steedsman. Harvey—l-arimore S. M. Steen. It.- Fergus Falls. Minn. S. M. Stegmann, Albert—Bathgate A. M. Steindl, Raymond—Valley City I). K. Steimvarth. J—St. Cloud. Minn. Klee. Stevens, Darlene—Wahpeton Pre-Kd. Stewart, Dean R.—Gilby A. M. Stewart. John A.—Gilby A. M. Stiles, John E.—Arvilla Klee. Stoebe, Donna—Wahpeton Com’l Stovik. Virgil—Wahpeton P. Strain, l rcn S.—Page Avia. Kng. Strand. Howard W.—Cleveland EIcc. Strand J.—Big I-ake. Minn. A. B. Strege, Howard—Wyndmcrc _ P. Strong, Marlon 11.—Fargo Print. Sukut. Victor—Lidgerwood Gen. M.1949 Science School Class Roll Sveinson. John T.—Cavalier Radio Svingen. Dale C.—Overly Elec. Eng. Svingen, Robert J.—Overly Gen. M. Swearingen, Donald B.—Oakes A. M. Swearingen. John II.—Pingrcc Klee. Sweeney. .1.—White Butte. S. 1). Klee. Sylvester. W. K.—Pembina Elec. Symington, David I .—Ncche R. Syvcrson. Ryland K.—Dwight Arts Taylor. Richard A.—Verona Elec. Tctxlaff, Allies I..—Grand in Com’l Theroux. G.—Crookston. Minn. Elec. Totzlaff, Ar.leth I.—Grandin C'om'l Thoc, Russell .1.—Devils Lake Print. Thomas. John M.—Fort Yates R. Thompson. C. C.—Bclficld Elec. Thompson. E.—Herman Minn. Elec. Thompson. Robert— Parshall Com'l Thorpe, El wood C.—Mohall Gen. M. Thorson, J. R.—Henning Minn. I). E. Thorson. Richard—Wahpcton D. E. Thue. Parnell G.—Walcott A. B. Thum. Violet A.—Page T. II. E. Tiegs, Theodore A.—Hankinson A. B. Tischcr, Elaine—Hankinson T. II. K. Tischer. M. L.—Hankinson T. II. K. Torkclson. Duainc A.—Wahpcton R. Transgrud, B jar lie—Webster Gen. M. Tronos, Aldcn C.—Alexander I). E. Trudell, Eli E.—Moore ton I). E. Tufto. Odcen I .—Williston Elec. Ulmer, James E.—Fullerton Print. UI ness. E.—Brcckonridgc.Minn. I). E. Ulrich. Lea M.—Prctlonia Com'l Uravleh. Wm. J.— Wilton A. M. Vagts, Eois L.—Breckcnridgc Com’l Valan. M. O.—Comstock, Minn. A. M. VanGundy. F.—Emporia. Kan. Print. Vanyo Bernard—Grand Forks Print. Vik, Verley E.—Wahpcton Com’l Vining, William—Alice P. Votesky, K.—Huron. S. D. Radio Vovcs, Robert A.—Wahpcton Arts Wi’eh', Shirley—Wahpcton IVnt. V'aehtel, George—Lmrich Gen. M. Waddington, J.—Rosholt, S. I . Com’l. Wagar. I eo J.—Upham R. Wald, Herman— Karlsrude Arts Walker, Ivor E.—Ashley Elec. Walker, Een C.—Nekoma Elec. Walker. Oliver—Ashley A. B. Weller, Robert— Breckenridge. Cmn'l. Wal'o’s. Donald— Palermo Elec. Warner. T. E.—Flint, Mich. Print. V caver, John—Lowry. Minn. Arts Wegner, Robert—Kathryn A. M.1949 Science School Class Roll WciMsmann, I .—Miller, S. I). Klee. Wcslcrnmn, Kverett -McClusky Avia. Whitaker. Arthur—Carrington Klee. Whitaker, Wilbur—Dunn Center R. White, Wendell—Park River Klee. W'cst, Eugene—Storling Klee. Wcist. Raymond—Wishek Com’l Wilber, Leslie—Von Hook A. It. Wilcox, Alfred—Gilby S. M. Wilcox. Stuart—Fairdale A. B. Wilde. K lwin—Grand Forks Avia. Wilhelmi, Henry—I.otna Klee. Wilkens, Dick—Youngstown Klee. Wilkens, Walter—Youngstown Klee. Wilkinson. R.—Parkers Praire, Klee. Williams, Hetty—Rosholt, S. I). Com’l. Williams, L.—Roshholt, S. D. Com’.l Williams. M. A.—Wahpeton A. I». Willman, Donald Jamestown l . K. Wilson, Harley—Bismarck R. V ilson Will's—Bismarck R. Wiiuiuist, Duane—Milbank. S. I). A. M Win«|uist. I).— Milbank. S. D. A. "M. Winter. Wayne—Wahpeton Arts Winters, Arnold—Adrian Print. Wirt .fcld. Gordon—Underwood A. B. Wohler. Donna—Cayuga Com’l. Wolf, Richard—Wahpeton Kng. Womlcrlich, Arthur—Fargo Klee. Wonser, Norman—Page S. M. Workman, Igiurcncc—Pdlsbury A. B. Warner, George—Great Bend Arts Wright. James—Wahpeton Arts VakimiAV, Arthur—Grcnora K- Ziebarth. Odell—Balfour A. M. Ziegler, Gilbert—Kdgcley A. M. Zimmerman. R.—Wahpeton Arh. Kng. Zinglcman. Dale—Watford City Elec.1949 Science School Class Roll Wegner, Wayne—Kathryn A. M. Wclilandcr. Oscar—De La more Ar's Wei and, E.—Claire City S. I . Radio Weigelt, Donald—Fessenden A. iM. Weiler. John—La Moure Arts Weis. Maxine—Brcckenridgc Cun'L Weisenburger. Malvin—Brantford U. Wollnn, Jcannine—Wahy.eton Aits Welle. Elnvin— Beaulieu, Minn. P. Wi lls. George—Cogswell S. M. Wenaas, Theodora—Mayville I). E. Wcrgcland, Ncls—Valley City Elec. WoeLrmann, L.-—Springfield. Draft Bekkcdahl, Vivian—Williston ItEA Bergs joe, Ellen—DeLaniere REA Boehme, Ellen—Cando REA Bryngclson, Lyle—Finley REA Falabella. 0.—Watford City REA Galster. Erwin—Hazen REIA Hanson, Gudrun—Kindred REA Helgeson. Lynn—Columbus REA Kartes, Orville—Grand Forks REA Kcttcrling. Arnold—Flasher REA Kuefler, Evelyn—Wadena, Minn. REA I icher, Katherine—Linton REA Ma’-cotte. Kathryn—l nngdon REA Mickclson. Melvin—Finley REA Mucnch. Robert—Vclva REA Rise, Sverrc—Stanley REA Smith. Constance—Carrington REA Walters, Joseph—Garrison REA Westrum, Harold—Bismarck REA Wolf. Dolores—Dickinson REAIQ49 fgcuira±is £p.ilo.(j,ue Here it is — time for the hditor to actively participate in the project oi writ ini' for the 1949 Agawasie. In all sincerity 1 can think of nothing 1 «l rather write about than the excellent cooperation l vc receive!I while winking to present this annual to you. To enumerate the many persons who aided we of the staff in this publication would he impossible. Hut I believe we do just that when printing the student roster. Speaking on behalf of the staff and faculty advisor, I wish to say we are indeed grateful to all who have helped in any way. Although I stated previously it would be impossible to list all those who have helped. I wish now to single out those of the staff and present them to you ami also to congratulate them for their splendid work and patience while doing their important share. First, my assistant editor Kenneth Fitz-simonds. because he has been a conscientious and eager assistant. I think he merits a big ‘Hats Off from all who turn these pages. Secondly; comes the team of accountants extra-ordinary, Advertising .Manager Don Anderson and Business Manager Donald Bart .. It has been the job of the two “Don’s" to sell the advertising and balance the budget. Congrats men. for the many hours donated and for the job well done. Once again on the “Don” list comes Dut Kltidt. Circulation .Manager. Don’s job is in full swing at this writing, that «.f mailing the annual to the many absentee students. On the female side of the staff, we crane to the Feature F.di-tors Margaret Drcyer and Darlene Stevens. Their cleverly written and original work is certainly a welcome asset to the pages contained herein. Next in line is a gal with the joh no one envies. Organizations F.ditor. Rachel Bundle. She’s the one you’ve seen swishing about the halls in :carch of names and faces to identify the many clubs photos. Sports F.ditor Jim llansmann concludes the list of staff members from whom we’ve re-cieved so very much in the past year. Jim’s work, written in a free and easy style is highly complimentary. To I.amlon Petersen, faculty advisor, we take this opportunity to say "Thanks!" Mr. Petersen’s consistent aid has been a mo t deciding factor ami has certainly raved us from many a gross error. All this would not be complete without a final vote of thanks to Mr. Kinde and M r. (. urrie for their splendid joh of printing and helpful advice which was so neces-•ary in producing this annual. Well folks, guess that takes care of the hoiuiuets. I sincerely hope this book acts as ;1 pleasing remembrance of your stay at Science during 1948-49. John Kiiodhs, EilituixZfhs, 7949 f(jacvaii£ Science Qymnaiium lutcuyiafdiiTil 1C EDITOR AND STAKE OK THE 1949 Agaivasie WISH TO THANK THE Advertisers FOR THEIR CONFIDENCE IN THIS PUBLICATION ANI) FOR THE MATERIAL HELP WHICH THEIR SUPPORT HAS GIVEN TO OUR ROOK BEST WISHES TO the students and FACULTY OF THE SCIENCE SCHOOL Your friendship and patronage is appreciated. Stern Clothing Co. % ? ROSEMEADE POTTERY —A NORTH DAKOTA PRODUCT— Made from North Dakota clay, designed hv a native North Dakotan and produced In North Dakota people When veto want a souvenir of North Dakota select a piece of —R OS KM HAD K— Wahpeton Pottery Co., Wahpeton, N. Dak. Compliments ofB W Dairy LAWRENCE KROHN, Prop. Pasieurized Milk and Cream Breckenridge, Minnesota ENTRANCE TO SCHOOL CAMPUSTHE MOTOR OIL COMPANY “YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBOR" Stop at our Complete Bumper to Bumper Service Station for lubrication needs. We arc equipped to handle all nurkes of cars and trucks, able and ready to render complete and satisfactory service. Fill up your car with PURE PEP Solvenizcd Gasoline and TIOLENE Motor oil. Enjoy the peak jjcrformance of quality products. Our complete line of accessories will take care of all your motoring needs. Remember! You can always “Be sure with Pure” YALE TIRES AND TUBES BATTERIES TIRE REPAIR SERVICE—PHONE 77 BASSETT, WEAVER. BUTE. BRACKINCongratulations N Wah|K ton ORTH AMERICA CREAM E ROES. INC. N. Dak. CONGRATULATIONS THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ESTABLISHED 1885 BRECKENRIDGE. MINN. j; REA STUDENTS AT SCIENCECongratulations I)R. S. C. LUCAS FARMERS MERCHANTS ’ Dentist STATE BANK Masonic Temple Building Phone 22( Brecken ridge, Minn. Phone 179W Wahpeton. N. 1). Conc ra t u la t ion s Olson's Bill’s Barber Shop Wahpeton N. Dak. STYLE CENTER Thompson — Farlou H i- Invite You to Conn- in anti Set-On r Xriv Merelinntlise "Stiv ll l 'ith Mr til's riouurs“ KELLY’S CAFE MEHL'S FLOWER SHOP Air Conditioned Across tracks from American Legion Pavilion —Specializing in Sizzling Steaks Fountain Service Home Made Pastries BRECKENRIDGE. MINN. Good Food Well Served 105 Dak. Ave. Grindy’s BROWN'S Richland Wilkin Creamery Co. Cream Eggs Poultry Grindy’s quality pastueri .ed Milk, Cream and Butter RELIABLE CLEANERS for RELIABLE CLEANING Across From The Post Office We Call For and Deliver Phone 350SLETTEN MOTOR COMPANY Auto Electric Servicing Indian Motorcycles Johnson Outboard Motors Delco Radios Batteries D;ik. Avc. 11 St. I’honc 821 JOHN DEERE IMPLEMENTS and TRACTORS REI) RIVER IMPLEMENT CO. Repairs and Shop Service GEORGE A. THOMPSON VICTOR K. PAULSON Breckenridge, Minn. Phone 1-1 Larson Transfer Co. Courteous Service LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING Bonded and Insured Brcckenridgc, Minn. Compliments of NORTON’S BAKERY Brockcnridge, Minn. REA STUDENTS AT SCIENCEIVERSON'S GROCERY •FflIRUJBY FOODS Fancy and Staple Groceries Breckenridge, Minn. 1 Sturdevant's Auto Electric SILVER ANNIVERSARY Wheel Aligning Service Magneto Parts Service Car’niretion and Motor Tune-up Phone 157 J $ Wahpeton a The National Bank GOODIJOHN Produce Wahpeton, North Dakota . Home owned and operated CREAM—POULTRY Capital $75,000 Surplus $125,000 EGGS—WOOL Member of the F. D. I. C. . Itreckcn ridge Mi AUTO BODY HOMECOMING FLOATCompliments of the CONSUMER GAS CO. Home of Quality Gas Ranges and Water Heaters “Electrolux” Stop at the WILKIN HOTEL and CAFE Hrcckcnridge. Minn. HOLT HU SUN BROS. Crass—Field—Carden SEEDS "Our DrlifrrifS A lute •V Vm jt" Phone 210 Wahpcton. N. 1). Compliments of National Tea Co. Wahpcton. North Dakota LACY'S JEWELRY STORE M. C. OLSON. Prop. W.AHIM-TOV. NnKTIf DAKOTA ” 'hr Strrlin Silrcr Slurr" ELGIN. HAMII TON :m.l WYLER WATCHKS —DIAMONDS— Jack H. Pfister, D.D.S. H. H. Pfister. D.DS. Dentists Pfister Bldg. Phone 302W 780 FLA A OIL COMPANY JOHN FLA A. PROP. Dealer in Gas, Oil. Tires, and Batteries. (I.easing and Washing Phone 280 Wahpcton. N. Dak. i- Bon-E-Mae Cleaners —With All New Equipment— We appreciate your patronage MAE G. SAEGER 228 Dakota Avenue Wahpcton. N. Dak. PHONR 582Compliments of The Campus Hub your State School of Science Student Union Book Store Snack Bar You’ll always find recreation and activity at The Hub.The Wahpeton Chamber of Commerce Wishes you happiness and success in the field of —for it is only through vour success that YVahpcton, or other communities like it where you choose to make your homes, can he successful. Successful individuals make successful communities; ami successful communities make a strong nation. In this day of international uncertainty we Americans have much to he proud of. and much to be thankful for. America is now more than ever the land of the free. Americans enjoy freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and most of all freedom of enterprise. The free enterprise system makes it possible for a person to rise as high as his talents will lift him, and he need not rise b trampling down those who are weaker. The American system of free enterprise is not a profit system—it is a profit and loss system. All who work for wage or salary have a stake in the incentive system that is no less than that of the enterprisers. They share a large proportion of its increment. They prosper as the enterprisers prosper. Wahpeton is proud of its many advantages—and it is e pec-ially proud of the State School of Science, for the SSS as a leader in a new trend in education, has a bigger and brighter future before it than any other institution of learning in North Dakota. Wahpeton is proud to have hail you as a member of the community during your attendance at ‘'Wahpeton Science.” We hope that if you are not to return you will encourage others to come here and take the place you have left. endeavor you have chosen LIST OF DIRKCTORS A. F. Bader, Vice President F. Agnew. President Don Lum Frank Grindy Rav Moss Kirk Bale Cliff Sclmeller Harvey Loll ’■ . F. (lilies. Secretary. F. (). Stoudt. Jr. (i. W. H averty Mike Pflugratii A1 Peterson Jim Murray Tony Braun C. J. Coghlan Uankl For The Very Fine Patronage We Have Enjoyed During The Past Year From The Students And Faculty Of The STATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE Valley Theatre _ ... Ridge Theatre TRANSPORTATION To and from "A GOOD SCHOOL" Inter-City Bus Line Wahpcton Breckon ridge i .7-7» ■ i - X j v j X' ■ 1 ' M Si ' l2:tos 7 ■ ■%.. • Dakota Blacksmithing General Blacksmithing Herman Ganelin, Prop. CAS AND ARC WELDING TRUCK AND TRAILER BOX BUILDING 911 Dakota Avenue Wahpcton, N. Dak. C. V. BATEMAN Physician and Surgeon Office Phone 128 Res. Phone 167 A. M. THOMPSON Physician and Surgeon Office Phone 128 Res. Phone 210 Office 310 Dak. Ave. A. A. SEIFERT Bulova, Elgin, Hamilton and Waltham Watches Jewelry—Music Watch Repairing -121 Dakota Ave., Wahpcton H. H. Miller, M. D. Citizens National Bank Building Eye, Ear Nose, Throat and Oculist Phone 146 Wahpcton N. Dak. iSirlilanJi (Enmity 3farittpr-(8lnltr —Published by— K. Donald Lum—I). Ki.don Lum Xorth Dakota's (treateft Community Xewspaper" Wahpcton. N. Dak. I SPECIAL VALUES ON FINE BEAUTY WORK We offer special values in fine I c..uly work for visitors and home folks every day in the week and especially invite you to visit us when in town. WRIGHT BEAUTY SHOP Wahpcton, N. Dak. OLIVER'S GROCERY "ll'e Deliver" SOUTH NORTH 219 - 2nd St. 228 - 4th Ave. Phone 566 Phone 47 Wahpcton, North Dakota COMPLIMENTS of MILLER BARBER SHOP If you need a Haircut Get it at —MILLERS—PHILLIPS "66" f " “ 1! We Make Gas—Oil—Greasing Our Own Ice Cream FRESH DAILY Flushing and Washing “You can always do better at Braun’s” . BRAUN’S SURER SERVICE Complete Fountain Phone Wahpcton And Luncheon Service 1 REA STUDENTS AT SCIENCE"ALWAYS GOOD QUALITY" Deep Mined BEAULAH PREMIUM LIGNITE Knife River Coal Mining Company Phone 44 Bismarck, N. Dak.CORNER DRUG STORE MILLER PHARMACY COMPLIMENTS OF “Two Friendly Stores” • Wahpetnn. North Dakota C. V. Ramstad. Prop. NORTZ LUMBER COMPANY Incorporated BUILDING and HARDWARE BUILDING .MATERIALS and FUELS STEWART PAINTS. VARNISH ENAMELS Ask Us About Installment Buying Breckenridge, Minn. SCIENCE STUDENTS ON FIELD TRIPMeet Your Friends at to AH PETO.IV Theo. F. Stelten, Mgr. COCKTAIL LOUNGE COFFEE SHOP SNOW ON THE CAMPUSMen’s Clothing: and Shoes “Correct to the Nth Degree” Ruberlus Clothing Company YOUR STORE IN STYLE AND VALUE Wahpeton - - North Dakota A Complete Photographic Service Portraits Photo Finishing Commercial The Johnson Studio J. A. and C. M. Johnson, Photographers Wahpeton North Dakota WAHPETON FLORAL COMPANY A Complete Floral Service “We Grow Our Own” Phone 122 Wahpeton. North Dakota SO years Growing; and Selling flowers in WahpetonPeg’s Barger Shoo Five Registered Barbers If your hail isn’t becoming to you Then yon should be coming lo us Valley Theatre Bldg. Wahpcton, N. Dak. DAKOTA MOTORS Ply mou tli Dodge De Soto Wahpcton, N. Dak. Frank Haas Phone 156 WEST SIDE GROCERY MEATS GROCERIES NOVELTIES "CHUCK" OBERG 821 2nd Avc. Norm Wahpcton 64 OJ Dr. George Murray Dr. Walter Helland DENTISTS Citizens National Bank Building Wahpcton, N. Dak. Office Phone 364 Melvin V. Young, D. D. S. • BRECKENRIIHIE MINN. Telephone 130 HYDE’S School Supplies—Ice Cream Pop—Candy—Tobacco Groceries—Lunches Pee Wee’s Bowling Alley Pierian Kchm, Prop. 204 Minnesota Ave. Breckcnridge, Minn. WAHLIECK BARBER SHOP Wc need your head in our business. I'honc 333 Breckcnridjre, Minn.Dr. Lorin B. Hodgson Dentist “A7ever Let Your Teeth Ache” Brocken ridge Phone f 7 Green Castle Plate Lunches Home Made Pastry Tasty Hamburgers Across from Post Office BELLA OLSON. Prop. H. S. KREIDLER, O. D. —Optometrist— Specialist in Eyesight and Visual Training 115-Fifth St. North Wahpeton, N. 1). SKOPAL SHOE STORE Nationally Advertised Paris Fashion Connies Jacqueline Natural Pose Shoes for Men Shoe Repair Hosiery Wahpeton, N. Dak. Electrical Dealers HINTGEN-KARST ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Appliances Lamps Wiring Repair I)r. A. W. Plachte Chiropractor and Phvsio-Therapist All modern Ray and Electrical Equipment Ground Floor Location Phone 317W DR. E. R. FITZGERALD —Dentist— Office in Stern Bldg. Phone 15SJ Wahpeton, N. D. Compliments of Qamble'I Wahpeton, North DakotaWEYERHAUSER 4-SQUARE LUMBER "He who builds a home erects a temple.' Complete Line of Building Material Thompson Yards. Inc. Waltpclon, N. Dak.STOUDT MOTOR CO. MERCURY FORD MASSEY-HARRIS SALES AM) SERVICE WRECKER SERVICE COMPLETE BODY JOB Wahpelon. N. 1). Phone 96 “Wahpeton’s Finest” Good Food Reiter Service Makers of Home Made CANDIES and ICE CREAM After the Theater or Parties Visit THE DEL RIOVertin Furniture Company COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS ANI) FUNERAL SERVICE Bob Caspers — Russ Munson WAHPETON Phone 406 N. Dak. ]----------- -----------------=---------- Quality Printing and Bookbinding We carry at all times a Complete Stock of SCHOOL SUPPLIES. GREETING CARDS and EXCLUSIVE GIFT LINE G LOBE- G A ZETTE PRINTING CO. The Most Interesting Store In Walt get on Wahpeton, N. Dak. Wahpeton's Electricity Barber Shop Produced By Next to The Gilles Theatre North Dakota Lignite —It Pays To Look Well— Otter Tail Power Co. Earl J. Holly, Prop. Wahpeton, North Dakota Wahpeton, N. Dak. HOLLY’SMINETTES BEAUTY SHOP Comple'e Beauty Service Permanents — Manicures Hair Shaping and Styling Hair Coloring—Eyebrow Arches (Cosmetics for sale) Stern Bldg. Wall pc ton Phone 397 HOESE NELSON Brockcnridge. Minn. Sporting Goods Appliances, Hardware Paints HAMBURGER INN Orders To Take Out Phone 328 Brcckenridgc, Minn. Bronson Clothing- Co. The men's store of Brcckenridgc would like to meet you personally; drop in at your first opportunity and acquaint yourself with this line store. BRKCK ENRi DC E. MINN. JOHNSON imos. PHONE 123 GRAIN DEALERS WAHPETON LAUNDRY Bonded ami Licensed Trucking CLEANERS rii'ino 69 Brcckcn ridge, .Minn. Johnson Bros, drain Co.. Inc. —Dry Cleaners and I.aundcrcrs— FARMERS ELEVATOR Hat Blocking - Pressing - Repairing Plr no No. 8 Herman, Minn. Dyeing - Rug Shampooing Furniture Renovating Weslronvs Market C B Auto Supply Quality Meats at BRECKENRlDCiE, MINN. Fair Prices Your NAPA Jobber Cleanliness. Quality, Service 320 Dakota Avenue Phone 12 1 Phone 48Wahpelon Paint, Glass and Material Co. L. J. NOVETZKE, Prop. Benjamin Moore Paints - Roofing and Millwork - Wallpaper Pittsburg Plate and Auto Glass Phone 26W Wahpeton, N. Dak. Bailey’s SIXTH STREET STORE "It Pleases Us To Please You"BASSETT'S JEWLERS Telephone 165 He josz for inn boos of I hr Slotr School of Science WAHPETON, N.DAK. 414 Dakota Avenue Compliments of PENNEY’S A1 Bader All forms of insurance including life Phone 170 5G2J Wahpeton. N. Dak. 309 Dakota Avc. ._____ BUD’S CAFE A Good Place To Eat Meals Short Orders Lunches Wahpeton, North Dakota Air Conditioned Zenith Club Bowling and Billards Throughout Winter and Summer Wall pel on’s Recreation Center Olson Motor Co. Chrysler Plymouth Mo Par Parts Harry Olson Arnold Olson Wahpeton. N. D. Phone 3C1 CONGRATULATIONS! COMPLIMENTS OF Sagness Varieties Everything from a dime to a dollar Compliments of Dr. E. J. Beithon Wahpeton N. Dak.Farm and Home Siore Farm Home Supplies Sporting Goods PHONE 100 WAHPETON, N. DAK. Compliments of — “Try the Ilexall Store LIEBER’S FIRST” Wahpeton's Finest For Store For Women Your Drug Store Needs • Wahpeton Drug —Featuring-— Company Quality Merchandise at POPULAR PRICES B. C. THOMPSON, Prop. Northwestern Sheet and Iron Works A NORTH DAKOTA CORPORATION Drainage and Contractors' Supplies Road and Street Signs Metal Lath Corrugated Metal Culverts Wahpeton. North DakotaLeach Gamble Company Wholesale Distributors ol LA FENDRICH CIGARS CIGARETTES CANDY Libby's and Plee-zing Food Products Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Leucli Gamble Company Wahpeton. North Dakota Kstnblishod 189GWhen School Days Are Over We, your fellow Alumni, ask your consideration in the choice of a serviceable, dependable Banking connection The Citizens National Bank Wahpeton, North Dakota Member of the I'eilernl Deposit I ns it none Corporation SCIENCE CAGER GOING FOR TWO POINTSfine PRinunG plates POSSESSING AN EARNEST DESIRE TO COOPERATE SNIMd M008HV3A U (I 0 A 9 N 11 V 1 D W U 0 i Nl

Suggestions in the North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) collection:

North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


North Dakota State College of Science - Agawasie Yearbook (Wahpeton, ND) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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