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' 1 E I 3 is l , g -T X M. XX S MM: M. -XX -A STX-MW -Xa ,3w11XX4-XX,MJQ.M:M:bXXM:vw4- ,whim :XXX Xaa1Jw.i?X'w- as :XSQMMX-X ,M M . MLMXMXX-.X .XX XMXMAQM QM LMMXQ MXMXAMXXMXMXXMMM'XQX.MXM-X-MXXAMXXMXXX! LXM BX BQMXM-1 MXMXM-M . X -XXX -XKMX' 1-X 55? :M XX: -XX Mr, X "W 1 M X, 55333 My M35 5 5 gif -X XXXMXX M5 .XM MX- :XXV M M M., M X- M XX XXMMM M M MM MX, MX- M- XMXXX X, XX. XXXMX XX 7 MMMMMQMMX, MMM.,-,XXM XXXXE L.. MXM QXXMU. XX,-X A-.MMM ji, XM. XX. X., QXA XM MXM X X M? M H M X. W X . .M . 7 ,MMM MMM 3: M My M, M MM-QM..-.X X..M .MMXMX MX ,M 2,4 V. MM . ,-,X-XM ..,., S X.,.,-X. XX X - X XM Mngw MM ,MWMMMWM .M MMMMMM MMU .MMMTMMMM MM-MMMMX .MMM-M M ,M MX X1XMM.,,..XM MMgMXM.MX,XM.,,MX3M.aM-X. .JM , - ff P .- 2 M f Y XM? . Q MA M VM V H ,X XX .XM-3MXfrMX Xu-XXXXXMXM.. XXX.X.-'.X MX-XPXXM, M -X.1MM-nMM.M-MM"-WMM MX MXM M I M,,-XXX -XXX-.X-:X f M X. X X, QMMMX- MMXMLMMMXXXXMXMXXMXMXMXMX ,M XXXMX --M XX-M XXXXM MX MMX' ww -' MMXXM -X FMMMXMMIX MM,.. 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M' XAXQ 'MM MXX-.MMM -MMFMQM XM" -LM L, MM f'.MM M MM1 M. MMM.-MMLMMMMMX f-MM. ' M M X- MTXM XXMX MM MX XXX XM XA-MX XMXMX-XMXXX. MM X X X XMXM XA 1 ,XMX Q -MMX M MMM MMTMMMMM-Q5 'M W. .. M X M. AM L I -.M f M.. -LM -.ML - -M MMMX .M X .Mr M XQMXMX M -AXVX ,X -XMXM X XMXX -X X-X -X - M XA X X- MX Ms M 'A MX A -X-X - Xfzi.+W?M5-if-X XX-47 M--X -M -X --MMM -X XMXMX M MMMMVM .XMMM .X XMX-MM Xi, MX XM X MXMM. X j XM X , X, -2-XMMMK www ,' 1 K X .MM -L M!M-M6MMMMML-QMML-.MLM '-MLM, , M SM! M M " MM X.. . MX ,MX M XX -X X. M -X. M A 3- , MXMMHM-f M ff MM MMMMM- MMLMML MMSMMAM M .SX MMA. M,"f'2., MQ- M fMf.M .M,, M AZ. AX M XM X w X M ' X ' . A A .M . ' ZMXX .M ff 2 -WMM MXMM-M -Ms X XM MX1.-'M -1 1' 2. YU .MM JM ...M XM MMM, X ,M M XA A,, . - - M M - AX A MMM. MM M MM P Mi MYAMLM '-K MMM LM M: A. K MX M A MYM QMXMMKM 2 XM! I-M: MX -KM 'X XM! C 'V M'1 M . ' 'X M fx 'M .M M. M M ' MM..MLM QMMMM M " .11 MM MLM X AA XMMXM- XM X MX XMX X XX MX-XMX-X XMX X X X M X' X M . X M' M M M.MM XX X .,XMMiM . MMM W M MMMMM: M MM X XMX MXXM XX.. MXX X -1 -'M X X-XM M ' M M M M .M MMMM X-M MXMXMLMMMM Ma Ml M MY KM KMM M AMX VM X XZ YC , M! H K' A ' - KA M MMM M M,M. MM M MM M,MMf X-XMIM M M M XM XX X M X X X X X , M X , 3 X X M -M .M MM.M X M MM. 2' M, SM M Q 5M 1'-M IM M M - X X M ' X X 'M X M '- M Mg M M MMM- M-MM X M XM XM X MXXM - .MMM MMM M , X A M M M M M .M M M MXM MXMM M MXM XM. X X X M, M M X M XMM M XM Mx XM X "X X ' X X X M' M M M X . X X M XMX X MX M Xi M M M V. MK AA MX M K MM! W X: M M X1-MX - ,.M W, M M.X,X V' Xi X X hx Wx X MX X -X f ' .. X 2 M M M M A 'M, M 'M M M M , M M M M X W X X" X W MX " MMM ' N M M. M X 'A ' My .M X - X X X M M M. M M M M . - M M M A A M M M M., M ,MM X i X , M M X ,X M- M. M X V' A M. X X I A Mx A M M M M I M M X A M X M M. M X M X X M X X X M MMXM M XM X X M- MM K M M X X ,X X , MMM - M X M MM M M X M M . , M X X M M M X,,. X X X M M M M X X Xjj M M X -X' " X M MM X X' -X WBNMM M . 5 X -- - M X A ,MM M MX-MMMM XA. ...L I C X., , "'isa sf""A Sdoszri-r CR O6 5 Z Scuoox. 1' 4? f U 58 W , ' C :QKWWV Qedication ...... page 3 Faculty ......... page 4 In this edition of the North Cross Annual we shall attempt to present a pictorial history of the academic year of 1964-65. Since North Cross is surrounded by mountains, We have chosen as our guide a mountaineer. Upper school .... page 9 Lower school. . . .page 39 f Features ....,. . . page 49 Q- Organizations. . .page 57 Prepared by the students if f of North Cross School i Roanoke, Virginia Athl9t1CS ....,.. page 67 ' 7,2 A Advertisements . .page 79 X 1 E""Q.nt 'v , w " I H For his dedication to the school as an efiicient administrator an 1nsp1r1ng teachei a wise counselor 'we dedicate our annual to Mr. Johnson, our Headmaster and friend. . 1 EQ, M- at basketball practice mamma 'swims-ss A. Emerson Johnson, III 1d L. Nickerson PROPERTY MANAGERS William Jernigan James B. O'Brien 5 OFFICE STAFF June Long Dorothy Ste Dorothy Sm Hilda Howa d kms.. AVF' 14151, ELSIE WINGFIELD BAILEY ROBERT LAWSON BEASLEY GEORGE HOUSTON BELL Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S. Duke University, B.A. mathematics American history, geography ' QI DAVY CROCKETT MARGARET NORTHCROSS Lynchburg College, B.S. ELLIS Virginia Polytechnic Institute, M.S. Longwggd College, BS, SCieIlC6 8, biology George Peabody Radford College University of Virginia Virginia Polytechnic Institute Director of Primary Department MARJORIE MONEYHON FARIS NELLE RYAN GARDNER Western College for Women, A.B. Longwood College, B.S. Middlebury College Virginia Polytechnic Institute University of Virginia Richmond Professional Institute French Teacher of Form III 6 Randolph-Macon College, B.A. Yale University, B.D. University of North Carolina, M.A English ,. ' ' 'ws JOSEPHINE NORTHCROSS FAGG University of Virginia Madison College, B.S. Ohio State University, M.A. music Pe in O PATRICIA C. GASKINS Georgia Southwestern Troy State College, B.S. University of Georgia physical education E355 is JANICE PINKARD I-IITT Longwood College, B.S. science, Forms IV-VII ELIZABETH WILKEN SON w m was a marins CAROLYN L. JONES Grove City College, A.B. Pennsylvania State University Latin ALAN MARSHALL MCLEOD LAURA COLEMAN MEAGHER KOONTZ Washington and Lee University, A.B. William and Mary College, A.B Longwood College, B.S. University of Richmond Sorbonne Universite de Paris, Roanoke College Uruversity of.V1rginia degre superieur University of Virginia Enghshf hlstory aft Teacher of Form II as m C35 EMILY HASKINS MOSELEY IRMA TRAMMELL MOSELEY CHARLOTTE RAMSEY OAKEY Normal Professional Certificate Roanoke College, B.S. Normal Professional Certificate Longwood College Florida State University, B.A. Longwood College University of Virginia University of Virginia University of Virginia Richmond Professional Institute Librarian Teacher of Form VI Teacher of Form I VIRGINIA DAVIS PAITSELL South Georgia College Georgia Teachers College Valdosta State College Teacher of Kindergarten, Form II FF I : MARSHALL HOWARD STUART Hampden-Sydney College, B.S. Spanish, government, ancient history eggs aggmxm THOMAS JAMES PRITCHARD math physics 0 5 'ff Normal Professional Certificate Exeter College, Oxford University, B.A. -I ERSKINE LEWIS WHITE Roanoke College physical education 8 MARY KELLY ROSS Longwood College Roanoke College, B.S. University of Virginia English, Form V, VI spelling, math, history, Form VII Not Pictured GRACE ESTER ECKLEY Mount Union, A.B. Western Reserve University, M.A. English SUE T. HUNNICUTT Marshall College, B.A. Teacher of Form II if ll JULIA MOSELEY WIMMER Mary Washington College, B.A. University of Virginia social studies, English, Forms IV-V U P P E R 1 QWXW N Wvxghq I S X591 uf! ,fmwl A 'X if -A , i I ljqff .'7a?"5' 'Xi " ' " ' ' XQg91Q?LK- li1if'Al!55 .EKYNIIIJ f-Wx ff ' 1 1 N f . Iv xl m IG M IN Q . 5 V' lxf 'N XR X', y: .-4 ' X' ' I , I ,gum mm wtf' SENIOR OFFICERS GEOFF JENNINGS ...,...,...... President RAND GARRETT .,.. ..,.. V ice-President VIOKY BROWN ,... .,..... S ecretary BRYAN TYACK ..,.. ..... T reasurer ANN GAYTON CARMICHAEL S6AnnI7 Ann, voted "the girl most likely to succeed" during her senior year, has won the Virginia Club of Vassar Alumnae Award for scholarship, a National Science Foundation grant to study chemistry at West Georgia College, and has been a consistent member of the honor roll. Ann is often found engaged in lively conversations with her teachers before, during, and after classes. ' She has applied for entrance to several Midwestern colleges, and everyone wishes her success. VICTORIA CHURCHILL BROWN ClViCky77 Vicky brings to North Cross a smiling face, a consideration for fellow students, and enthusiastic contributions to school life. She has been an active member of the Student Council, the Annual Staff, and secretary of the senior class. Vicky's friends send with her their sincere wishes that the follow- ing years will be as successful as those in the past. tw JOHN RANDOLPH GARRETT, III "Rand" Rand's congenial personality, leadership ability, and willingness to work led to his being voted "the best all around boy" during his senior year. As president of the Student Council and vice-president of the senior class, he has contrib- uted much to the development of the student government. In the field of sports he has been a valuable player on the gridiron as well as on the basketball court. Everyone is certain Rand's con- tributions to his college will be as valuable as those he has made to North Cross. HENRY RHIEL GARDEN, "Hank" l Hank is known for his coopera- tive attitude and school spirit. He has been an ardent team sup- porter of all North Cross athletic organizations and has spent much of his spare time managing the basketball squad, working on the Annual Staff, and as co-editor of the newspaper. Hank has applied to several colleges in Virginia, and every- one wishes him much success in the future. FRANK GEOFFREY JENNINGS 66Ge0H'33 GeoH"s interest in all of his fellow students and his ability to see both sides of any situation won for him the vote for "the most popular boy" during his senior year. As president of the senior class and captain of the football team, Geoff has used his leadership ability and made many contributions to North Cross. Everyone wishes him further success in his life at Hampden- Sydney. LAWRENCE DUNCAN HAMMOND 4:La-rryaa For several years Larry has been an invaluable member of the Annual Staff. He is often found with his camera taking pictures of football games, basketball games, dances, and other school activities. His great interest in North Cross is evidenced by his attendance at the majority of school functions. Larry plans to attend St. An- drews Conservatory of Music in order to study organ, and he is wished every success in his pro- fession. vi 55 rs RWE? WILLIAM THOMAS MCMILLAN C4TOmIny77 Tom's fellow students are proud of his winning 'honorable mention in the National Merit Scholarship Awards his senior year. In football his competitive spirit and deter- mination won for him the respect of his teammates and fellow students. I-Ie has also played baseball, basket- ball, and run track during previous years at other schools. Tom plans to study for the ministry and is now president of the Roanoke Christian Youth Fellow- ship. His friendliness and many talents will be missed, and everyone wishes him further success in the future. MARTHA ELLEN JOLLY "Martha" Martha has made a major con- tribution to the annual serving as assistant editor and editor. In addition, she has been head cheer- leader and has supported all the social functions of the school. Her good taste in clothes won for her the title of "best dressed girl" in the school mirror. She has a lively, friendly disposition and can be found anytime in important con- versations with fellow students. Many good wishes go with her for her continued success. iv K 1 MARY PENN RUTHERFOORD zcpennyv Penny began her high school education at Eaton School Where she was a member of the Glee Club and editor of the annual. She is very interested in horseback riding and water sports and is a loyal member of the Bridle Club. Penny's sweet and pleasing per- sonality will be missed next year. Everyone wishes her luck and success at Southern Seminary. ALAN HART MOORE l6A1an77 Alan, voted "the most athletic boy" during his junior and senior years, has been a member of both the football and basketball teams these three years at North Cross. His ability to remain level-headed and stable in difficult situations made him a most important member of these teams and a co-captain in basketball. Alan's versatile personality led him to be a good representative from North Cross on "Klassroom Kwiz" his junior year. Everyone fygshes him success in his college 1 e. f WIZTT' 4 2 iii , il Z. lin., ELIZA BRANE SPESSARD 6 KLiZa97 Liza's witty personality and easy- going temperament provided much enjoyment and 'many light mo- ments for her fellow students. During her senior year she was elected co-captain of the girls, basketball team on which her height and her scoring ability made her an able forward. She also was a member of the Annual Staff her sophomore year. Her many friends wish her suc- cess in all her future endeavors. ROBERT KENT SMITH "Kent" Kent's friendliness, strong sense of humor, and quick repartee, have made him a most congenial fellow student, and he was voted "the wittiest boy" his senior year. He participated in football, basketball, and golf his three years at North Cross and was a co-captain of the basketball team his senior year. His friendly and smiling per- sonality will be missed, and many good wishes accompany him to the college of his choice. NELLIE MARIAN UPCHURCI-I "Marian" Marian, with her vivacious per- sonality and deep southern accent, has made Roanoke her "home away from home." Leaving Villa Rica, Georgia, she brought to North Cross a friendly, sym- pathetic disposition. Her originality of thought made her an important member of both the Newspaper and Annual Staffs. She has also been a member of the Science Club for two years and was elected president her senior year. Marian, an excellent student, has been accepted at Emory Uni- versity, whereushe plans to study chemistry. Everyone wishes her the best of luck in the future. BRYAN GREGORY TYACK :sBryanu Bryan, voted during his senior year "the boy most likely to suc- ceed," has a friendly, congenial disposition and is always willing to help others. During his senior year he was treasurer of his class, a member of the Student Council, "George 'Burnmer' Smith" in the three act play, and business man- ager of the Annual Staff. In ad- dition, he managed the football team his senior year and the basketball team for two years. Bryan plans to study law and has applied to Yale, Washington and Lee University, and Wesleyan College. His friends wish him every success in his future studies. FRANCES BOXLEY WHITE ' ' Chancey' ' Chancey's outgoing personality, friendliness, and wonderful sense of humor have often cheered her fellow students. She is conscien- tious in her work and has devoted much time to the Annual Staff working with both the layout and financial committees. Her never- ending energy has also contributed greatly to the Cheerleading Squad, of which she was a member for two years. Wherever Chancey goes to college she will make many friends, and everyone at North Cross wishes her much success in the future. DEBORAH ELLIOTT WASHBURN "Debbe" In her one year at North Cross, Debbe has earned quite a reputa- tion for herself as a student, being voted "the most studious girl." In addition to her studies, she has found time to participate in the Art and Music Clubs, and to work on the Newspaper Staff. In previous years she served in Junior Achieve- ment as Personnel Manager and Vice President and twice received the Achiever Award for her ex- cellent record. Debbe's many talents and kind, humorous personality will be missed next year, and all of her friends wish her the best of luck in the future. Only three note cards to go! Finger exercises . . . Confederates 20 -Yankees 10?? Y' S E N IOR Shall I leave? You idiot! Senior privileges?? 454 i .l 'L s:...:x fnf, g-,--gig: Bw V Et 'Wig miyiagimg gg :bww 0 , WAYS I -X.. W XI I x ,K JUNIOR GFFICERS X RICK DUNLAP ........,........ President -'Q ib Ff PAUL CARMICHAEL ....... Vice-President A U, M ' LINDA TAYLOR ...... ..... S ecretary ' ' H EMILY GOOCI-I ..... .... T reasurer 20 Jimmy Bowman Rickie Brown Caroline Babb Lynn Bailes Gordon Carmichael Paul Carmichael Emily Gooch Jon Henley Beth Connelly Rick Dunlap Alison Jolly Field Jones Gary Loftis. John Milne Frank Smith Don Sommardahl vm wx Steve Shimchock Jim Skarbek M as +58 mn B H iw. 'mms .ms .mf mn .emi Mm, Billy Tice Cindy Willis Greg Spencer Linda Taylor PQ -1 S si K ..,.: . ig? ,:. W Us ,Q 1. ,S 45 I , 2 -":"' Z -3 l aj ' Q 3' xg 5 2 :.fV X , 3 A .:.: : gg G A z s T2 -'1 2 4 5 1 N' Q 9 in , uw- -Q .- A 5 2 sf 5 a 'T A Q! ' T f H W H M, E: 1 '- 2 9 -eff ,SM ,Q S 5,4 :':': Q63 !f' ZZ -2'iiL"Ii 5 L 5 ,: .L ' xl' ,Q -.:... M Q .:.:: Q .:.... - :.::.: f- 3351 Q - -:-" -:-:- 2 4.,. i :.,.:: 5511 11 5 Ei Q .. ,. HQ I -: bv , wg I ' 5, 3 Q gf f gigw :Zi K ..,. ,,,, 9? paw -ffzff . WS 'i g IME +2 f ii 2 A 2 '53 y 2 H' 3 4, IJ 7' 3 V :si WM Y in! 2 :xg A Q Sallie Carter Alan Evans Mary Ferguson Bill Barker Ricky Bateman David Abbe R Mac Garrett David Gillespie Anne Gooch Andrews Holland Martha Hooker Jim Hopkins Ed Mattern Don McBroom John Minor Paul Jamison Kirk Kirkland Bruce Jacobson xf 1 1 V1 Herbie Moore Hunter Mounfield Pratt Mounfield Bob Mountcastle Mary Oakey Jerry Sexton Tom Trinkle Katherine Watts 3 0 Nomi Weinstein win LTA. QQTQQQ 54 Wi mega n 'm fs? 5 Andy Bullington Caroline Darby Carol Dillard Tommy Anderton Tina Archer I I Sarah Crockett xx. X J wx '- 'H Gordon Fish Annette Foster SQ .BZ H5553 BBSSEGB David Jones Linda Lawson Katrina Rogers Tim Shepherd Linda Steele Linda Turner ,df ulstbig ,, ' M - r' 1: ' . W5 jg WWI' Q WSE. ' Ann Wallenborn David Washburn Gordon Willis 31+ X 1 f Q7 0 Els:-:TH GRADE OFFICERS RICKY JENNINGS .............. Presldent DAVID WEAVER ........... Vice-President CHERRY FREEMAN ...... .... S ec.-Treas. M X 35 Elizabeth Bailes me vm M.a Kirk Bowers Sam Brown Danny Burress ..-I . . ,,, ..-, ,M . David Dale 36 Tommy Dickerson Cherry Freeman Anne Fishwick Marc Levine Bili Houck Rick Jennings 37 ' Carl Moushegian Bill Noftsinger Dexter Ross David Weaver Charles Sherrxll N8I1Cy Trout in 38 Ginny White L O W E f" ' 71- 5 0 1.14- ...--o 1 w 'x 1 x SQXWJV UI W 55 Da 'Q W U W' cn -1 W rs co 5 Q: W U3 ro F9 5 eo- '4 97 -1 '4 U3 O 2 cu 71 an U W 4 .-. Da U3 v-x I: 0 an 5 5 Q 93 '1 5. n 'J' 9 cu 71' Q Q. 77' co 'C U cn 'U ff: 5 27001 U1 FF C na "I ef .-14 U1 Q o FF ff' E in ' lx BAE? ili 1 Wl xx 3 X E Q. WWX Steve Shaughnessy Roger Steele Nell Temple Ellen Watts Aloris Forbes Nancy Forbes Eric Jones Karen Levine Mary Mountcastle Bill Oglesby Stephanie Raphel Walton Rutherfoord Robert Schmalz Leslie Wolfe 'C' Richard Buchanan Mary Bullington Sallie Creasy Charlie Crockett Cindy Crockett Hal Depkin Claiborne Gooch Susan Havnaer Janie Hopkins Linda McLeod Mike Minarik I Y ,. Q :-, 1 A L' ' R ,,.o ly "" Z 3: , -5 ' n f 3- in ix X.:, W ,.n gage ' iil y l Robert Oglesby ' :" X fix Margaret Robison .. iei C , S Y , , if . A M i " "': :':'E :': Peggy Randy Rutherfoord Robby Slaughter Sommardahl Garrick Steele Hans Stroo Keene Varner if il 2 41 , 'hs' " - f lv i l S' xx 1 Margaret Jones Ashley Kistler David Levine Bob Long Chip Magee Mike Nickerson David Smith Eric Stroo n aar ' , ag..- 'im ., w al s 6' U 4 y id, h 3 X t K l I 1'.-,'. may Q 1. Q xi ii, A ff. -.- - Linda White Susie Weinstein 42 Lin Baker Mark Bowers Nancy Carson Chris Depkin Dee Dee Dixon Biddy Ellett John George Joyce Hewitt f 4 3 X I 9 YV.f Larry Thompson Mary Alice Thornhill Edward Via Mary Watts Ben Bullington Rossie Carter Lynda Crockett Margaret Darby Jo Ellen Davis Mark Davis Isabel Depkin John Dickerson Brian Smith Carolyn Steele Ben Temple Suzy Trent , . i,., 214 , B Jack Etheridge Liza Hooker Susan Mountcastle Richie Oglesby Jimmy Penn Bill Petty Tommy Satterfield Barbara Scott Mike Brown Philip Bruce Keith Comfort Mary Edmunds Stevie Ferguson Carlos Hart Nancy Havnaer Mary Holland Cindy Kemp Gene Kistler l 6 f r E S . I , E KQII -:fi-: I J E N .,. .SW , as 5 91 Q ss W fs el X' 9 Edward Brand Ben Carson Jimmy Frantz Freddie Manley Buddy Miller John Reynolds Berkley Roberts Susie Scott Bill Strickler Brian Stroo Jim Taylor Fred Thompson FDRM ,J s ,id of J. FORM eil - , ' A Y -i "J N- l N E Q 7 ' 'K l x 4 w l ', 'x "1 Z S' is- ., gm, ,,,,,, L, . x K 4 ' xi H t A I n -' 1: .:.2::, Ml .:. ,.. .. 5 "' ' 1 fit .,. x . ,Q QA 'Wg -' f " , , x l wk, ff fy Bob Angell Carol Bower John Fishwick David Harris Grace Havnaer Henry Hewitt Suzie Holt Lynn Jeremiah Ricky Magee Bob Nave Gary Nickerson Dawn Paitsell Jim Pinkerton Jack Ross Jimmy Wheless Eddie Willett Rhona Levine Doug Logan Rod MacRae Carl Nave Kelly Preas William Sibley John Strickler Margaret Watts Hooker Witlock Elizabeth Willis I ll 'K . l .. e 4 p -r ,,., f fi " ,f2 I F ' 4 li 'iaawllii' ' I Q. 1 '- K 1 V-QQ . 4 ' . l G-if Q 9 W ', '. , Scott White Forrester Davis Jimmy Dixon Robert Frantz Pat Garrett Lendy Goldstein Delores Grant Jackie Holt Zeb Hooker Robert Hudson Sam Krisch Mason McLean Virginia Robertson Churchill Robison Jon Sensbach Keith Willis Scott Bower Catherine Clough Charlie Coulter Af ' 46 4-Y. A w Q-Y ii' f , l l 1l,., ti f J , . Susan Anderson Elizabeth Angell Jay Creasy Stevie Crockett David Crow Melissa Fenner Leigh Huff Ted Lowry Anne Gordon Martin Mark Page George Preas Tommy Scott Alison Semenkovich David Sibley Louis Strickler mn N 'A Q, Vw 5 A. - x 'ji , .X y if tm: 6 '- L- x I u -4? X 4 'v "N H f Sv i 4 V Lx 1 Q Q I V sa .1 X I fig i A, 'KX gd lx Q .lf - .wily X Q . WI' XXL' S' l n ' 1 1 . X V il N Mike Anderton Kent Bartley Kim Beekman Terr Bohon Y Elizabeth Bullington David Case Andy Clark Linda Davis Wally Denison Julie Edmunds Ricky Forbes Lynn Hardy Chip Hitt Sarah Houlton John Jeremiah Lynne Kerfoot Gill Page Marla Roberts Robin Rothrock Hal Rowe Fred Shaw Randy Sibley Harriet Slaughter Jed Thomas Kathryn Tuck Katherine Vaden Cathy Watson Carol Wheless David Willis Jimmy Willis KINDERGARTEN 47 4 9 C 3 . I a'e5. as , Wm? -Q i nb ' xh".,a . "' :wie , 1 .af , K V YV 'I ' ,V i .,. .:. 1: ' ,H -1 ,dl ,.a.1:.: '. :Q -Q -a .f5,Kg , " ' U :ff:, ' "Wi if . - 2 i W A , 1 gi?--. l- "Be my Valentine" Procession for Pageant LGWER SCHOOL Christmas choir CANDIDS K I Yeah-Yeah-Yeah" Nativity scene - L . , 1 ' 'Q Thanksgiving program F' X V IBVINV W mfixfw 'L F E A V T -, gR I r "+ S qw : 4 'Q i W Wv My ix K WM wt KX George Meridith ...... Bill Oglesby Bill Meridith ......... David Bruce Emily Meridith . Mary Mountcastle Mary Potter ......... .Nell Temple Margie Newman ....V . .Leslie Wolfe Mr. Newman ......... Roger Steele The Ghost ..... .... A loris Forbes E is v E 1- ll i fi, ll . E GHOST IN THE HOUSE By HELEN LoU1sE MILLER Director: GEORGE BELL PINK AND PATCHES BY MARGARET BLAND Directed by: MARJORIE FARIS Texie ,,...........,.. ....... T ma Archer Rexie .................. Bob Mountcastle Ma ........., ........... A nne Gooch iv? Mrs. Allen ..... .... M ary Frances Oakey Have a dip of snuE? blister your You ain't no man yet!! Git over there and .mind thehhaby or l'Il ide Or the red velvet? E Poor Bummer Smith! WHAT'S going on here?! .fl X , M... Q A as . . sw 5 X A . B X U. 11 fats. x xrx'm X M M New ,X if -fav .,g.f,s U fm H H . as H - 2 f: x .- M'Liss already is a lady! M'LISS THREE ACT PLAY BY VIRGINIA MITCHELL Directed by: MARJORIE FARIS Mrs. Lena Moffits .... .... A nnette Foster Yuba Bill ,...... .....4 1 . . .James Skarbek Carter Langdon ............. William Tice George "Bu1nmer" Smith. .Bryan Tyack M'Liss Smith ,.......... Andrews Holland Clara Hunting .... .,.. N omi Weinstein Clytie Moflits .... ..... L inda Turner John Grey ......,... . . .Jalnes Bowman Bess Starlight ........ . . .Katrina Rogers Judge McSnaggley ......... Richard Brown Judge-I ll turn state s evidence. So you did it!! DANCES Now for Bach's Third Prelude. i y I 3 'so 1 . I A 1 Lf 5 .Q 2 O 1 We're having a ball! GYMNASI UM Open House . . . 9 'A JH. xi Wm, of , ses- a frm F N Party Rejects! Zorro unchained! Was man derived from monkeys? .X . -M - z.W Aiming? gms. I :Erma 111 H S .Vex ,M H gxjqjtjzsis 1 E .1 ,LI 33? m r W .2 m.V.,, A We were on opposlte s1des m a toothpaste contest. N EW STU D ENTS Well he got up there by himself. Kwai E H J? W Q U 2 Let go of the rope, Anne Palmer! Our answer to the London Ballet me me mm me BEST LOOKING BEST DRESSED Linda THX101' Martha Jolly GGOH 59111111135 Field Jones WITTIEST Caroline Babb Kent Smith Jxjwjxfx VOOIO V E MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Ann Carmichael Bryan Tyack JR-jx., ,,jX...fg f-xl YXZ'Sf 54 MOST STUDIOUS BEST ALL AROUND Debbe Washburn Linda Taylor Gordon Carmichael Rand Garrett j,-2X1 ,JN-A JLXN' .JN-'X MOST POPULAR Linda Taylor Geoff Jennings ff' ,-jxfk wiv-Z 700 :,. ,- a:W, 1 F' . ,QA fx as H L., ' n MOST ATHLETIC Cindy Willis Alan Moore I-jx, .jx.zx in 5 K I, Marian Upchurch, do hereby bequeath to Rick Dunlap fifty sour grapes SQXN X SENIOR WILL I, David Albertson, do hereby bequeath to North Cross an extra locker to be used only for mid-year emergencies. I, Vicky Brown, do hereby bequeath to Rick Dunlap my good counseling and a dependable shoulder to cry on. I, Ann Carmichael, do hereby bequeath to the school vivid memories of all the newspapers my staff put out. I, Hank Garden, do hereby bequeath a recent publication of Pride and Prejudice to Beth Connelly. I, Rand Garrett, do hereby bequeath 1,899 frogs to the biology lab. I, Larry Hammond, do hereby bequeath to Bill Tice my tapes of Bach to listen to during French lab. I, Geoff Jennings, do hereby bequeath to North Cross a set of iron bars to complete the incarceration of the inmates. I, Martha Jolly, do hereby bequeath a beauty parlor appointment to Field Jones in hopes something can be done about his green hair. I, Tom McMillan, being of dense mind and sparse body, do hereby be- queath to North Cross School the honor of remembering me. I, Penny Rutherfoord, do hereby bequeath to Pratt Mouniield a 12-inch gold ruler to use in study hall next year. I, Kent Smith, do hereby bequeath to Jimmy Bowman a duck to make all his noises. I, Liza Spessard, do hereby bequeath to Beth Connelly all my unopened textbooks. I, Bryan Tyack, do hereby bequeath my infamous driving habits to who- ever has the necessary intestinal fortitude. and the ton of snow he gave me. The Senior Class hereby bequeaths to Mr. Pritchard a copy of Webster's From English to American. Mr. Nickerson a year's supply of "Ca,p'n Crunch." Mr. Mr. Beasley a copy of The High and the Mighty. Stuart a Charles Atlas body building set so the bullies w0n't kick sand in his face at the beach. Mr. McLeod one cow for his famed "bull" for the purpose of starting the great "El Toro Ranch." Mr. Crockett a "coonskin" cap. Mr. Bell a copy of English Made Simple, or 913 pages of "sage comments" and four paragraphs of pertinent English notes. Mrs. Bailey a class of child prodigies. Mrs . Faris a copy of the Rise and Fall of Anglo-French Relations. Mrs. Jones a tape recorder and a set of tapes for a Latin lab. Mrs Mr. . Jennings money enough for Geoff to get a daily hair cut. Johnson a senior class already accepted in college. N I I XNWNWN ae. i 5 9 Nl NN x j AMW I I 56 AQA L 0 A JL 0 N? W ' ! : I I G UI! A , ' 'I ,- .- I -....... . , ,gg S s ' f " is ' ' 11 4- . J ,.n,n...,nlx.,QY ,-,L , ss f . ss ' ' E W H K as 'H is W p nm ws, Q ms sa Bas Egan an 5 H as as is n M as as E E as an as e- H H L H E we f., at it ,i Q s '5' ' 'A rl K, ' LN E B Ai, . WA I ' Left to right: Rand Garrett, Presidentg Geoff Jennings, Vice-Presidentg Annette Foster, Rick Dunlap, Ricky Jennings, Mac Garrett, Linda Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer: Paul ' ' ' k M . M Leod, Sponsor. Carmichael, Vicky Brown, Ricky Bateman, Bryan Tyac . r c STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, composed of elected representatives from each form, acts under the authority granted by the Board of Trustees and the faculty. Its aim is to represent the student body and to promote an effective harmony among students and faculty. ' T esda The Student Council, sponsored by Mr. McLeod, meets on u y afternoons prior to a meeting of the faculty to discus ' ' ' nent to the student interests in the school. This year the council has been responsible for drafting a constitution, sponsoring three dances, contributing fifty dollars for the scoreboard in the . . . . h L gym, s those situations perti- and for the mstallation of a coke machine in the upper sc oo 58 STUDENT COUNCIL -Q 'Wa R :ML "f M., zy. an 'I' figg . A I ,I U, a M' NII' I 1 I ,EN M, Im ,W W, I 5- - I .Ig A- I: MM MW M N .mn I f?5'5M g,f::iZ..uvNfe"-Wagga I M ,UL 1,3 M. If :I ,I .sf 22 I. aw, 1 Hi Q H BTW? H Fl Bi WE sm W :Mm E M 59 In mms , VD , An HH W Hmgf 5 all M . nfl ffm ' T: 'hw 'LJ -. In .x.f. 55255. ,Mi Man A 1-pl. 'M A 1 M M E ,K M M FH Qwzwfmm 5525 H ,YW 'MM -fl' Hgggff Mw?'? wQfQQ,,5,1m W I fgaggwl E3waM,.151w M www: ' 7:-firm.: -- M . :My-mf M-Q . gggsgy . migfm gHw'gg-mf:,?- mmm, mmm mmm mxmgg l mn my Ex W EE H Wm m mxxmim www: sm? mm wwgw. E I mx, NSE 2 am 5-- mn ms sm ACTIVITIES ANNUAL OFFICERS ST Bryan Tyack, Business Manager Mr. Nickerson, Sponsor Martha Jolly, Editor Linda Taylor, Assistant Editor Mrs. Bailey, Sponsor LAYOUT AND EDITORIAL STAFFS 60 Left lo right, row one: Field Jones, Chancey White, Nancy Trout. Row two: Vicky Brown, Marian Upchurch, Sarah Crockett. Standing: Greg Spencer, Mary Ferguson, Ginny White. SUBSCRIPTION AND ADVERTISING STAFFS Seated: Ed Mattern, Steve Shimchock, Beth. Connelly, Standing: Bob Mountcastle, Emily Gooch. Notpictured: Larry Hammond. Chancey White, Nancy Trout Marian Upchurch, Vicky Brown, Greg Spencer, Sarah Crockett, Field Jones, Geoff Jennings. ART AND PI-IDTOGRAPHY STAFFS Our annual staff, sponsored by Mrs. Bailey and Mr. Nickerson, had a membership of twenty-five students this past year. The members gained experience in preparing the annual for publication by working individ- ually and collectively to edit an annual of which our school may be proud. I- - H g-,W ,V '37,-.fel , , l Left to right: Linda Steele, Emily Gooch, Katherine Watts, Cherry Freeman, Nomi Wein- stein, Ann Wallenborn, Linda Turner, Mrs. Meagher, Sponsorg Katrina Rogers. Z The aim of the art instruction at North Cross is to encourage an interest in seeing. This is observation, not only 01-,,-5, of the work of competent artists, but also of the phenomena of nature that inspire the creation of art. f f 04 This year the Art Club has been studying forms, shadows, and color theory. From this knowledge they haxfe'iJ' practiced drawing still lifes and landscapes. The club has also aided several other organizations by providing sets for the Christmas Pageant and scenery for the Dramatics Club. f KT? at-:fi-if I 62 D R A M A T I C S C L U B Left to right: Linda Turner, Annette Foster, Cherry Freeman, Gordon Willis, Katherine Watts, Tim Shepherd, Billy Tice. The twofold purpose of the Dramatics Club not only pro- vides a means of entertainment for the school community, students, faculty, and parents, but also develops the dramatic skills of each student involved. Through the varied efforts necessary to a successful production, whether backstage or on-stage, the individual student finds a growing sense of personal as Well as group achievement, which will serve him well in the future. Left to right: Mrs. Faris, Spon- sor, Sarah Crockett, Anne Gooch, Nomi Weinstein, Ginny White, Andrews Hol- land, Tina Archer, Nancy Trout, Linda Steele, Sallie Carter, Katrina Rogers, Mary Frances Oakey. Left to right, seated on floor: Sallie Carter, Rick Brown, Katherine Watts, Bill Barker, Don Sommardahl. Seated: Mr. Pritchard, Sponsor, Tim Shepherd, Andy Bullington, Alison Jolly,John Minor, Vicky Brown, Debbie Washburn. Standing: David Abbe, Don McBroom, Frank Smith, Field Jones, Alan Moore, Kent Smith, Gordon Fish. The Music Club's purpose is to develop in the student an appreciation for serious music. During the meetings the mem- bers listened to the works of Beethoven, Mozart, Dvorak, and other classical composers. Then they discussed the themes and motifs and how they were interrelated. This year the club was sponsored by Mr. Pritchard, who led the discussions. 64 The Scarlet Letter was organized and published for the first time this spring. Its aims are to develop journalistic talent among the student body, create a liaison between the home and school, and to promote creative writing. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Bell the paper was successfully co-edited by Ann Carmichael and Hank Garden. The staif was completed by students interested in journalism. First row: Hunter Mounfield, Field Jones, Marian Upchurch, Feature Page Editorg Bryan Tyack. Second row: Linda Lawson, Vicky Brown, Tim Shepherd, Jon Henley, Editorial Page Editor. Third row: Ann Carmichael, Co-editorg Sarah Crockett, Annette Foster, Mary Starke Ferguson, Rand Garrett. Fourth row: Mr. Bell, Sponsor, Katrina Rogers, Ann Wallenborn. Standing, left to right: Alan Moore, Hank Garden, Co-editorg Linda Valleroy. Not pictured: David Abbe, Sports Page Editor. Left to right: Katherine Watts, Bill Barker, Paul Jamison, Field Jones, Vice-Presidentg Marian Upchurch, President, Ann Carmichael, Secretary- Treasurerg Gordon Fish, Mr. Crockett, Sponsor. The Science Club was organized for the purpose of helping scien- tifically-minded students further their interest in science. The club members are each responsible for one project and a paper written about that project during the year. At its bi-weekly meetings the club members discuss or debate topics of scientific interest, view and discuss films, or perform experiments to demon- strate certain principles of science. The club itself is a member of the Virginia Junior Academy of Science, and its members are entitled to enter their projects in state-wide competition. L 15 M' fr V! UGQ Q 2 IZQUIQJ 0 1 xv Q Q Ne , 1 J' 'fi I., Coaches: Mr. Beasley and Mr. Stuart Captain: Geoff Jennings J . f f-". nf The Raiders, under new head coach Mr. Beasley, concluded the 1964-65 season with a respectable 2-4-2 record. Mr. Beasley, along with new assistant coach Mr. Marshall Stuart, changed the offensive attack from the "single wing" to the "T" formation. Departing from the squad are Rand Garrett, Geoff Jennings, Alan Moore, Kent Smith, and Tom McMillan. Geoff, who was captain along with co-captain Gary Loftis, finished third in the City-County scoring race with 52 points. It will be difficult to replace these five seniors, but it is hoped that the advancing squad will compensate for their loss. Mr. Beasley and Mr. Stuart feel that the Raiders' record was admirable, especially when viewed against their size and the toughness of the schedule. The coaches were pleased with the spirit and determination of the team and have high hopes for next year. 68 1 .mn mm, B We N Lrmnaamzgg,-imaaif - X ,EEE may Engage J ,S ...W ,E wa 155 if I' W QE Emma s v:-an 'S' 15i.?.f. ww ammo U- 13:1 :pgs X-:-an 'true-lift WX, 1 mg ,H mn ,W ...M .M , E... .. . was 59,515 MW -urn W5 :sas-a I 3- gg-- .,.., - .wr .,r,, '-is -5Q',i:Sig,agEu2?2sEf?,-V: s ., . , S CRIMSON RAIDERS ,. ,E 5. . K m.,.. f M ,im 'Ii M Ma-was Wm ., i N m M. ai X.. ll 5 pa we F ll 'IRIS Kneeling: Gordon Carmichael, Manager, Ricky Jennings, Carl Moushegian, Tommy Anderton, Rickie Brown, Gary Loftis, Paul Carmichael, Bryan Tyack, Manager. Standing: Kirk Kirkland, Ricky Bateman, Pratt Mounfield, Jimmy Bowman, Jirn Skarbek, Herbie Moore, Kent Smith, Alan Moore, Greg Spencer, Tom McMillan, Rand Garrett, Geoff Jennings, Field Jones, Mac Garrett. North Cross Visitors 13 Roanoke Catholic 18 0 Altavista 21 7 Blue Ridge 13 18 Virginia School for the Deaf 12 7 Woodberry Forest J. V. 7 0 Valley 0 35 Liberty J. V. 0 13 Appomattox 27 69 Ca-captain: Gary Loftis N ss S E N I O R -M A X an a mn ss a W ,EMM :ll he 1 ss 1 YE, EE as nm mn ss ss -5 xi E a Kent Smith we W E H E Alan an ms a Moore E B E. new a msn ms mn a a ss mn: ,sm .Ju A, Q TRN Geoff Jennings P L A Y E R S 70 Rand Garrett Tom McMillan my gps 'Q'-P mf mf nm-lm ,A wg UM .HQ 'Mxxx H.: 5 vw xjw .M mn Center: Co-captains Alan Moore, Kent Smith. Left to right: Alison Jolly, John Minor Jon Henley, Rand Garrett, Field Jones, Ricky Dunlap, Herbie Moore, Gary Loftis. Rear. Mr. Johnson, Coachg Hank Garden, Manager. l VARSITY BASKETBALL North Cross Visitors 59 Auburn 83 36 New Castle 50 36 Roanoke Catholic 76 43 Fieldale 64 52 Millboro 44 46 VSD 37 54 New Castle 67 58 Auburn 62 72 Allegheny 88 62 VSD 58 56 Fishburne 58 65 Meadows of Dan 73 58 Roanoke Catholic 76 7 Allegheny 61 74 Millboro 66 43 Blue Ridge 41 72 Rand Garrett Kent Smith P l. A Y E R S Alan Moore Under the leadership of Coach Johnson the Raiders showed considerable improvement. over last year with a 6-10 record. Alan Moore, one of the three seniors on the squad, finished fifth in the City-County scoring race with a 17 point average and shared co-captain duties with another senior, Kent Smith. Kent, a 6'5" center, showed much progress over his junior year. Rand Garrett, a 6'0" forward, was a stalwart on the reserve bench. All will be missed. With three of this year's starters being under- classmen and a strong bench returning next year, the prospects for a winning season are extremely bright. 73 BASKETBALL CANDIDS 9 J K 'V' right first row Bllly N oftsinger Alan Evans, Bill Houck. Second row: Don McBoom Jamison Ricky Jennings Jerry Sexton Third row: David Jones, Bill Barker David Fourth row Tommy Anderton Kirk Kirkland, M anagerg David Abbe Mr J UN ICR VARSITY BASKETBALL North Cross Visitors Auburn New Castle Roanoke Catholic Fieldale Woodrow Wilson Millboro Baptist Children's Home New Castle Auburn Glenvar Baptist Children's Home Roanoke Catholic Allegheny Millboro Glenvar 75 Left to right, first row: Sarah Crockett, Linda Taylor, Anne Gooch, Hunter Mouniield. Second row: Emily Gooch, Linda Lawson, Debbe Washburn, Ann Carmichael, Katherine Watts, Liza Spessard, Captain: Elizabeth Bailes. Third row: Caroline Babb, Nancy Trout, Mary Frances Oakey, Cindy Willis, Captain. Mrs. Gaskins, Coach. GI RLS' BASKETBALL This year was the first time the girls have competed in interscholastic basketball. Although plagued with inexperience, the girls worked hard and long to lay the foundation for a better team next year. The team's greatest achievement was their winning the "Best Sportsmanship" trophy awarded by the league. Liza Spessard, the team's leading scorer at forward, and Cindy Willis, an outstanding guard, led the team as co-captains. The team was coached by Mrs. Gaskins, who not only taught the girls fundamentals, but also promoted team spirit and incentive. 76 GOLF TEAM TENNIS TEAM CANDIDATES 77 Left to right: Mr. Stuart, Sponsor, Alan Evans, Tommy Anderton, Frank Smith, Don McBroom, Billy Barker, Don Sommardahl, Kent Smith, Herbie Moore. Left to right, First row: Sam Brown, Mary Frances Oakey, Sarah Crockett, Jerry Sexton, Anne Gooch. Second row: David Albertson, Sallie Carter, Jimmy Bowman, Chancey White, Gordon Carmichael. Third row: Kirk Kirkland, David Weaver, Jimmy Hopkins, Ann Car- michael, Vicky Brown. Fourth row: John Milne, Paul Car- michael. Fifth row: Andy Bullington, Tim Shepherdg Mrs. Gaskins, Mr. Bell, Spon- sors. Sallie Carter C9 l' Emily Gooch ,X Linda Taylor, Head Cheerleader 45 Ann Gooch Nomi Weinstein X ' K - Sarah Crockett ' ' L Cindy Willis Mrs. Gaskins, Sponsor A X Compliments of A Friend 80 T Compliments of of the FABRIC CENTER Compliments of DAYS CONSTRUCTION CO. X I H S RESTAURANT . BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY - U. S. 220 SO Rours 5 - Box 615 ROANOKE. VIRGINIA DIAL 343-0373 CHARCOAI. STEAKS PRIME RIBS OF BEEF A.B.C. LICENSE ON 8. OFF Compliments of A Friend Fine IVY CLOTHES For High School Men! The hnest in Ivy clothes for young men! Famous brands, newest styles, expert tailoring make for smart appearance. De Lfmg, S BoYs' AND YOUNG MEN's SHOP 29 West Church, Roanoke You Seve When You Buy the Best RUTHERFOORD INSURANCE AGENCY, Inc. Insurance ond Bonding of cull Kinds I37 CAMPBELL AVE. PHONE DI 3-I5II 82 ROANOKE, VA. WINSTON-SALEM, N. C J. W. Burress, Incorporated Comtmctiovz C? Imlufirial Equipment NORFOLK 2, VA. ASHVILLE, N. C. 83 Compliments of Blue Ridge Stone Corporation 84 Major in fashion AT 'A O I 501 SOUTH JEFFERSON TOWERS PLAZA LITTLE SHOP cRossRoAos C Tl' ompoh ments Q WATTS 8. BREAKELL --'-' QHAEWESUN ":" i ll!! rll'55L Roarwoke,Va. F 85 FLORA 8- MARTIN INSURANCE CORP. Frank W. Martin William S. Trinkle General Imzmznce and Bondi' 619 Brandon Road, S. W. PHONE 343-8073 ROANOKE, VA. 86 X-R vws: E l i niilliir ' S A 'N ' ' ill.. l QANOKE-SALEM PLAZA QVVERB SHOPPING CENTER of T Pl E R O A N CJ K E R S Emma good glad A Friend ROANOKE. VIRGINIA Compliments BROOKS-BYRD PHARMACY, INC. of SALEM'S PRESCRIPTION CENTER . A Friend 2 E. Main St. Salem, Va. 24-Hour Prescription Service 0 Q X Home of the sf, RQ, hamburger 5,1-35 U n W M rf famous amily restaurants convenient locations for your dining enjoyment Klfhpyf - , i - T r' , I HO, I 'IEE-HI' Dfln In E 5 I N Wah: N'- 4 'TAKE HOME SMP?- T. ' 5 " V w e N . 3 lil 'IWNUNERC is . ' " ---, ,, Y l-E:-f, YL :vin MSM ing B :vu I--mu ld nr, 'V I l X IF Q xQ!, TH F .I' 5' " f' ini 13 FL? f'ffi51':' f, - .E , , '1'-'lk ff E I 11" , - q.. ,,, az. f- 1. ' ff 45 A gg. 9,4 ' s ra ..., ,, .E , - , -Lrg ,,r-,-. L. rg. F15 h i m .. wi t . ow n ' EIFF' gum DUDE rn "H" 1 1 9 2- .,. A - fl" ff: ..,, rf. N .' ' mu A . " x " 1 A -fvo-'-ff--7'5-n:h-c-- 87 Compliments of Rockydale Quarries Corporation Producers of Crushed Stone - Agriculture Lime Roanoke - Lynchburg - Martinsville 88 Compliments of LIPES PHARMACY No. 1, Inc. 2201 Crystal Spring Ave. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Compliments of FRANK L. MOOSE, JEWELER Tho Sohool and Tho owspopor ilro Partners in Eiluootion In :chooZ:-textbooks provide the basic knowledge which in turn helps provide a foundation on which young people can build opinions and ideas. But in every texthooh there i: a mining chapter-TODAY! As the world moves faster, the textbook falls farther behind. That is why many teachers and students have come to depend on good metropolitan newspapers - with broad coverage of world events, government, agri- culture, business, science and the arts - to provide the mining chapter. In Roanoke metropolitan area Jchool: - for today': new: and tomorrowif reference material - teacher: and Jtnafent: turn to Uhr illnannkv Mnrlh-Nunn THE ROANOKE TIMES 90 . S H Comphrnents of ycamore wen SCHOOL OF HORSEMANSHIP A Friend Schooling, Boarding, Lessons RFD 7, Roanoke, Virginia GREEN MARKET, INC. "HOME OF FINE FOODS" a EAST MAIN STREET SALEM, VA. Complimentf of I Compliments UPCHURCH CEV. Co. of FINKS JEWELERS A Friend 91 Now that I'rn assistant headmaster C a P e K e n n e d yn 1 ..- I The irony of it all! l Y Two demerits!! Gaping doltf Somebody tell them to shut up!! "Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall' 'rm ma ,-'ki swans af' P , ..,M.4Uv n x f. A 7 A Bxxxv 1 , xr .. sl xx If S H sm Nu 1 ss Bm , Xa, msspwmsa, SSBEH 5.3 " v M 1 ,MMV Jai? in . H :fm aims 5 fy w may W H Ba "mama a .Wu ff vf " " 2 NNW W QM KSBVR E :XV rx ,. .K-, 4 X . - 5- '- Q mggfz wiimal 1 ,f 1' ,,- xx Y ,,3,. 5, , N-,QQ ll LQ ik 53 Qu 5, I pi fl 1' . :vp .gf v iv. 4 w f :.. F I-2- . ,- U' l fr H F ji, 13 I I 1 N

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