North Coventry High School - Torch Yearbook (Pottstown, PA)

 - Class of 1954

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North Coventry High School - Torch Yearbook (Pottstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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KK... Ci oZD The1954 Torch The 7954 Senior Class North Coventry High School V V ' if - ' ,- I ' .4 ' V. -c , , f Q V , ' H Y v K - 'Q ,Ii ,, - . ,.- , ,X LQL4 K A 1 , . : ' . 4 ,Q , ' A I .Q f. f ,Q A x 3 J lefbgl tQ6! 3 IE 'Ihe class of 1954 fake greaf prlde In ded: cahng fhns Issue of The Torch fo Mr Kennefh I Muller Alihough Mr Muller has been wrfh us only a shorl' 'hme hrs wlllrngness +o do all In hrs power Io help has sfudenis noi' only In fherr school work buf In Ihe planmng of fherr fufure Ilves has qurclcly won hum fhe respecf and admlrahon of all KENNETH I MILLER H sfory Er-glxsh InsI'ruc+or He as a fine example of a Ieacher who can com mancl bolh 'Ihe friendship and esfeem of his sfudenis Hrs manner of leaching Engllsh geography and hrs for good crhzenshlp Ofien aH'rrbu+es such as +hese go unrecogmzed buf fhe class of 54 would luke fo show nfs appre crahon by malung +hrs deducahon . . fory has been ins+rumen+aI in creafing a foundafion 2 Lei? to r r Dorla Faye Darlington treasurer Iecrnne Smlth ecreta 1 DGV1d Clemens vlce presldent Donald Laverty cfm, ofnm., CLASS MOTTO Bunldmg 'Today for a be+'I'er 'Iomorrow CLASS COLORS Blue and Sulver CLASS FLOWER Red Rose PRESIDENT Donald Laver+y VICE PRESIDENT Davud Clemens SECRETARY Jeanne Sml+I1 TREASURER Dorla Faye Darlnngion rogreii In+I1eI1umdrum of everyday Iufe When a 'Iask ns of+en a du+y Or nn fhe mndsf of 'Ihe ba++Ie s s+rnfe Or In fhe presence of Sprung s fresh beaufy In fumes of joy and IBUQIIIGY In hmes of weepmg and sorrow We make wha? wlII come a'f+er We build fo day for a IaeHer Tomorrow 3 ,. . . I 11..- -ir- I - 573- I I I , S re- ' ' ' - premdent . . X . I . . , . I . . . . I I ' I . ll u ll Kid' F t left to zght Clae Lane learme An Wannan Esthe Clark le se Dclp Ar1 a T ego lean R oss Ma an Machamer Charlotte Cook Edna Shlnehouse o'1d ro I lt nt lohrt DGV1HCeHl1S Neal Burtner Stanley So mge C Ke meth Mllle C Allyn Brown Lou e Buck alter Rmhard KOO1' S a lcf Sel 11 e P l G1 Al m Alderler CLCU, ALVIN S ALDERFER Administrative Assistant Blol ogy Problems ot Democracy Driver Educatuon C ALLYN BROWN JR Science Physics Chemlstry Jumor Varsity Basketball Coach Varsuty Football Coach LOUIS W BUCKWALTER Physlcal Education Health General Science Basketball Coach Base ball Coach NEAL R BURTNER Vocational Agriculture CLIFFORD S BREY Clvlcs Arlthmetlc Problems ot Democracy Assistant Football Coach ESTHER C CLARK Engllsh French Library CHARLOTTE U COOK Vocational and G neral Home Economics JESSIE M DFLP Hvstory Vrsual Fducatlon Cheer leadmg Coach JOHN B DEVINCENTIS Jumor Hugh Engllsh PAUL H GRIM Supervlsung Prunclpal MIRIAM D HAUSER School Secretary CLARE K LANE Jumor Hxgh Hrstory and Geog raphy MARIAN K MACHAMEP Shorthand Typ ng Sec retarlal Tralnlng Business Engllsh KENNETHI MILLER Hnstory Geography English SUSAN PHILLIPS Music Supervisor JEAN RUOSS Physlcal Educatxon Health Hockey Coach Basketball Coach STANLEY SEITZINGER Shop Mechanical Drawung EDNA G SHINEHOUSE Trigonometry Geometry Algebral ll Aruthmetlc General Math STANLEY S SPRINGER Boolclceepung Typlng JBT S P A ANNA C TREGO RN S hool House Home Nursing JFANNC ANN WANNAN Art Supervusor ALFRED R RHYMER Custodian . I .- P. A' A 'N , , cu, , f . .irs row, r' - r , rm , r , S.i , .n r , u , ri , , ' . . Sc-C 1 W, e. to rgg' f ' ' , , :rl r, tiifofd E50 Ti ' r, , , i. W , A .s, t rx ' Atzi r, au r'm, V' , . T , ' - T . , , . . . . ' I " I v 1 ' ' . x 1 , : , - . , . ' I . l , I . I 1 u ' . . . . . I I . . ' I I i . . , . I ' ' ' I I ' I I ' I I I ' . T . 9 T ' . . , , . . ., - V L' , . , ' , . , . . T C , Selma! Boar o ngn Frar 1 War ple member Edward Welclrer VICQ pres1den1 G1lbert Stauifer reelde' NH' L rf: r Clarence Yocorr freasu Pau Grlrr sup V1 m prmcxpal X in C 11.5.5 Ul.50l'J na nm r Kea M Rue I 5 'R pau! A gflln Supervrsung Pruncrpal GEF' ,l f l"ll'lCll96l if effiflflge To +l1e Class of 54 Congra+ula+uons und besl wrshes for a happy fufure We are happy and proud of your many splendid achrevemenis durmg your days a+ Nor+l1 Covenfry As a class you rank wr'I'l1 'l'lle bes+ of our pasf graduales Indrvrdually your class has produced excellenf leaders As you fake your place ID socrefy your responslbrlrhes wrll be grea+er H wrll no+ 'rake a long period of fume for you fo experrence flue clrfference be+ween school socle+y and adull socre+y You have 1'l1e equrpmenf rf rs 'for you +o demons+ra'I'e fhe abrlrhes whrclw are yours You can If you wall Sincerely, Paul H Gram 6 ! , A, . f ., , fr CN f r ' 1 7 I I I C U n " 9 f Am 3 Afverg, Admlnlslrahve ASSISlBf1l CY 5 8:5 15 Ct 9 Q FELLOW STUDENTS HE preparahon of fhe Torch has become for cer+aln members of +he Sensor Class an ex+ra curricular achvuiy of no small proporhon and lhe class In spon sormg +he book has more fhan once assumed a dusproporhona+e burden I+ ns suncerely hoped fhaf 'rhe foul expended upon 'rhe presenl' volume wrll be rewarded by an adequafe apprecnahon of 'Phe publucahon I+ ns always an m+ereshng record of +he llfe and achvuhes of "Norco" ihaf ns broughl logefher upon +he pages of fhns book For fhose who have been a parl' of 'rhe lvfe of lhe school durmg ihe curreni' year, fhus record wnll have perenmal un+eresf l feel cer+aln +ha+ lhus volume wall por+ray +he +rue sprruf of our daily lufe un Norrh Coveniry Hugh School My besf washes and God's blessmg go fo you, fhe class of 1954 Always ready +o serve, Alvm S Alderfer Admlnlsfrahve Asslsfanl' 7 'T' 9 "1 ,, . f :fix M42 ,',:,j-.. 41, Q , , 44 V e L, ' . . ,f , f ,, "1"c"" If W... 1' , K f N T ' I I I I ' I - I - Front o Iett to rght W Yocom K Evans G Shrum D Dorlmgton C Rondum A A seo R Gorman I Smith D Clemens D Lcxverty S ond ro left to rzght Mrs Clark GdV1SOI N Orcmdosh D Trythull B Lloyd P Cannell G Seydel P K lp I Shell E Kellar C Shcmer I Rlchcrrds C Pxckc S Krrby V KTISCO F Faust I Torcrlc B Plke Mrs Ruoss udvlsor UA EMA 5? EDITOR IN CHIEF BUSINESS MANAGER ASSISTANTS ART EDITORS PERSONALS EDITOR ASSISTANTS ASSISTANTS SPORTS EDITORS LITERARY EDITOR COPY EDITOR ASSISTANTS PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS FACULTY ADVISORS Arlene Richards 8 Aprll Asseo Rulh Gorman Nancy Orandosh Palrlcla Cannell Joyce Richards Fay Fausf Dorla Faye Darlungfon Barbara Lloyd Suzanne Kirby Barbara Pulse Enos Kellar Cary Shaner Vrrglnra Krlsco Carole Lee Plclcar Peggy A Kulp Gladys Shrum Kathryn Evans Davld Clemens Donald Laverly Claudelle Rondum Judl+h Sheff Joan Torak Geraldine Seydel Dons Trylhall Wilbur Yocom Mrs Es+her Clark Mrs Jean Ruoss r w, I - . , . , . , . r' , I , . s. , 66 77 Q Cl FEATURES EDITOR .....,..........,.....................,.........t......,.................,.... Jeanne Smith Ql'll0I"f5 Li X X X if Qx ARTHUR AIREY O VOCATIONAI.. He who owns the soll owns up to the sky Allled Youth 10 11 Football 10 11 Always neat noted for the way he walks lrke ports and n'us1c spends hours car1ng lor hrs dalry cows has a pleasmg personahty doesnt 11ke homework or book reports one of the 1okers ol th class plans to do agrr cultural work alter graduatlon rolls around APRIL ASSEO Apr1 ACADEMIC The hlghest of d1st1nct1ons IS servlce to others Glee Club 9 11 Norco News 9 10 11 12 Busmess Manager Safety Patrol 12 Co captaln 12 Ed1torof Torch 12 All1ed Youth 10 11 12 Treasurer 11 Secretary 12 Tall sl1m cmd gacetul personable able conversahonahst enyoys readmg m lexsure ttme frequently seen 1n a blue 41 Plymouth dxshkes wearmg glasses doesnt belteve ln hurrymg honor student cant work u enthustasm over housework has an averston to bugs gets along w1th every one college w1ll prepare her to be an Englrsh teacher PARKE BlSHOP VOCATIONAL The genuuneness of good nature A 10 11 12 Class Play Short wrth curly brown halr and a look of mrschlel tn hls clark eyes 13 a wh1z at workmg around cars dlSllk9S clomg Enghsh homework struggled valrantly wlth Macbeth quotattons suffered amnesxa when 1t came to h1s one l1ne 1n the class play was a great help rn sound ettects ottstage llkes to compare the speed of h1s Plymouth w1th other cars works at a garage after school hours Wlll become a mechamc ROBERT BRANNAN Brannan GENERAL A soft answer turneth away wrath P trol 11 12 Football 11 12 Norco News 9 Class Play 12 That rare person-a qulet general boy enyoys eatxng przza ple and subs not enthuslastlc about women drlvers always ready for a good laugh makes a hobby of wastmg ttme thmks gtrls wear too much make up played a convmcrng role as an FBI agent was a rehable stagehand durmg semor play wlshes to become a tool and dxe maker or enlrst tn the Arr Force 10 ll +rIl ,, . 11 . I I F I I ' ... ... ' s s 1 ' . ,. . - , , , l l I I E' . . . . I l 4. .- ll 'Ill Il I o 5 u 1 ' ll . 11 11 I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . 1 11 11 . ' , 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 - llBa-Ball ll ' ll F. F. . 9, , , 1 , 12. 11 11 ll ll I ' ll ll . a 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' JOHN BROWER "Johnny" GENERAL Whenever work and play collrde, seek play and flung fhe work aside oball91011 Pa ol 1 12 AllredYu+h 9 0 l-l1s clean cut good looks cause many a fernmme neart to flutter suffered a bra1n concussxon as a result of a football tmury created a sensatlon 1n Pott town Ho prtal when sent there for treatment fmds 1t d fflcult to stay awake rn cla es thmlcs every hour 1 lunch hour carefree only does home work when there IS nothmg else to do emoj Saturday mghts plan to make d1e castmg a '1 er hrs future car MARY ANN CAMAHO Mary COMMERCIAL She looks on lrfe wrfh quref eyes Glee Club 9 10 12 Allred Youfh 10 Twrrlers 9 10 Srrall dark and usually qulet wears a frlendly srrtle fmds emoyment rn patntrng and sketching spends many happy hou s on the roller skatmg rmk faJor1te pastlmes are eattng and chattlng wlth fnends has a sweet srngrng orce llkes programs featurmg popular muslc and fl'lUS1CGl come-dres rn the novre IS enthus1ast1c about cooklng expects to1o1n the WAC PATRICIA ANN CANNELL a COMMERCIAL Her smrle all ofher mands surpassed, a rose wrfhouf a fhorn H c ey 10 11 12 Soffball 10 Norco News, 11 12 Torch Sfaff 12 A crte lrttle blonde unu ual laugh emoys a good loke thmks Iulrus l.aRosa 19 perfect carr es on long telephone conversatlons dlsllkes rrdmg on 'he chool bus her boy trouble a e llmlted to one person after graduatron plan to make off ce work h r ca eer THERESA CISARIK Tres COMMERCIAL Wherever she may be seen, you may expecf fun and laughfer Hockey 9 Shop Club 10 Glee Club 9 blorde rox to 'alle nored1c able personalny emoyea e ID 'o Washmgton knomn or 'mer unted bangs her Saturday mght da' K6 p he busy rra-ces good 1, e or 're recentll acquired d xvers llcen e el tall a s ll or' .w. rkmg N h the Bell Telephone Corfpany 11 II 4 a ll Fof , , , ,125 fr ,1, j o , ,1,11. 2 . ' ' i ' ss Doe. l- s . eer. ll Il fx .. . . . .. I I I I I I I I ' Y . , . . . . Q. . 'J V . A - C V .ul I ' IIP +I' ll f I ' II II ll II ll o k I I I I I I I I I ' 1 1 . . , S . . . I . . . l 9 l f . . s , .,. ss r ' ' S ... ' ga 1 . e r, ll ll Il ll I I 1 I I - ' ,. - .N v . . r ., - . - V ' A , Jnactous . . , Qs . . , u .A t K . . . .L . tr . ' mil '. " .'.. ' ' ,es ' e . r . . . . I r rs ' I r ' ' r' ' ' .s , , loves to T l " f le?" . wi c .firiue "O ' ' ii . . . .1 . DAVID CLEMENS Ow ACADEMIC The very punk of courtesy Allred Youth 9 10 President 11 12 Safety Patrol 9 10 11 Treasurer Football 10 11 2 Basketball 9 10 11 Class Vrce President 11 12 Class 11 12 Torch Staff 12 Boys Glee Club 9 10 11 Baseball 9 11 12 Student Councrl 12 A four year letterman 1n sports noted for h1s crew cut Mrs Clarks problem lrves IH Pottstown but IS falthtul to Norco serves the Mercury before hxs customers are awake has many troubles possesses a qurck temper very good dancer hkes to tease gtrls thmks gym classes are fun probably w1ll enter the SSTVICS or attend college DORLA FAYE DARLINGTON ee ACADEMIC Musnc ns truly sand to be the speech ot angels Class Treasurer 10 11 12 Student Councrl Treasurer 12 Class Play 11 12 Torch Staff 12 Norco News 9 10 11 12 Patrol 12 Glee b 12 Sexte e 0 A ne ou h 12 Basket a Dlstrlct Chorus 12 Short blonde haxr neat appearance uses every mtnute to good advantage good student always ahead tn French asstgnments ltkes her work behmd the soda fountam at Ramble Inn doesnt l1ke to get up early 1n the mornmg her extra currlcular tnterests are musrc and dramattcs w1ll go on to college expects to teach muslc ln publlc school KATHRYN EVANS Kate COMMERCIAL Kindly helpful never blue vrrtues are many taults are few c ey 9 10 11 as etball 9 a 12 Shop Club 10 Allred Youth 9 10 11 12 Torch Staff 12 Shmtng yet blak han' and keen dark eyes shy untll you know her able to have fun under any condttlons takes lrle as lt comes always enloys eatmg makes the best of school outstandlng ln every sport housework IS her bugaboo plans to be a secretary FAY FAUST Florence Art does not :mutate but rnterprets Glee Club 9 10 11 12 Shop Club 10 Torch Stat? 12 Norco News Has a mtnd of her own sometimes dlsplays that arttsttc temperament ltkes horseback rldtng always wxllmg to help d1Sl1keS slow drlvers excels ln art produced unusual sketches for Norco News spends her evemngs at the Mercury Wflllng :tems for the socxal page has been dlslllusxoned about the glamor of newspaper work plans to tom the Amr Force 12 ll Ill Play, :" I I " . 'il I' I . , , : , .10. IID ll :" " . :" , , , : , 1 Clu. 9,10,11, 5 tt,1, ll'dY t,10,11, 1 bll,9,10g Ho lc , , , , 12, B lc , , 10, 11, 12, Sottb ll, 9,10,11, 12. RUTH GORMAN nz COMMERCIAL It l could wrlte the beauty of your eyes Glee Club 9 10 11 12 Hockey Manager 9 10 11 12 Alllecl Youth 10 11 12 Safety Pat l 12 Torch Staff 12 Student Counctl ute lace azure blue eyes not so qu1et as she seems upon flrst acqualntanc usually cool calm and well potsed constantly WOYIIGS about her halr on of the Bell workers favors whtte camelhas feels well dressed 1n lngt heels emoy a game of tenn1s dlsltkes walkmg to the cafetena collect mlmatur dolls .rush s to becom a d ntal techntctan MARY KAZIMER ootle COMMERCU-Xl.. Born wuth a gift ot laughter and a sense that the world was mad Hockey 9 10 Shop Club 10 Known for her pecul1ar laugh keeps her classmates entertazned 1nseparable companlon of Tres comes to school because she has to has an unpaid d bt ol seventy one cents ID Washmgton spent several weeks IH Pottstown Hospttal her long lllness d1d not spoll her cheerful d1spos1t1on IS vlolently allerglc to homework 1n fact to school work IH general practlcal Joker future IS undecided GLADYS KEELER Keeler COMMERCIAL By sports luke these are all theur cares beguuled C Captaun 12 Glee Club 910 11 A ed Youth 91011 Attracttve lass wtth curly golden brown hatr pals around wtth Pat and Shrummxe one of your cheerful telephone operators loves to drxve a green Mercury when annoyed mamtalns an eloquent sxlence has a hobby ot collectmg salt and pepper shakers Mtss Delps pnze board washer plans to contmue worklng at the Bell ENOS KELLAR me GENERAL Come and trap as ye go on the light fantastic toe Football Manager 12 Glee u Norco News 9 1 12 Allred Youth 1 12 Torch Stat Tall th1n and dark chatters ceaselessly dellghts IH telhng Jokes ore of the cool cats excellent dancer hates to get up IH the mornmg no sat1sf1ed to stay m one spot for more than f1ve mmutes Mrs Clarks llttle helper makes frequent trlps to Chester County Hospttal to VISI1 h1s slster krows some other nurses too after g aduatlon lntends to Joln the Navy 13 IIL' ll 9, , . : ro, " l I, Ip I I ',12l IIT ' ll Hockey, 9, 10, 11, 12, Softball, 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball, 9, 10, 111 0' . I 1 1 I 1 f u 1 1 l 12' IIE ' ll ,9,10,11,12, Class Play,11, j CI b, 9,10,11p " ," , 10, 1 , I ' , 1, f " " t, 12. SUZANNE KIRBY ue COMMERCIAL Muslc ISfUf1dBf'neI'I1'B1 one ot the great sources ot lute health strength and happiness eCIub 9 10 11 12 Torch Staff Slender wlth tawny ha1r and eyes has a qulet laugn not talkatrve but ha def1n1te optmons on most subyects constantly seen w1th Mary Esther and Ioan an accompl1shed p1an1st and orgamst IS the proud owner of an orga one of our school accompan1sts serlously tnterested ln a servxceman spends much txme ID letter wr1t1ng IS embro1der1ng items for her hope che t would lxke to do secretanal work 1n a bank MARY ESTHER KREPS Mary Esther COMMERCIAL The best rellglon IS tolerance ee Club 9 10 A e ou 11 12 Cheerleadn 11 12 Co captain Cheerleader 12 One of our cheerleaders ltkes the mov1es enyoys s1ng1ng thmks home work IS a waste of f1me works at Memorlal Hospltal as a nurses alde ln her spare ttme avld sports fan often chauffeurs her frxends 1n a 41 Ponttac w1ll do volunteer church work after graduatxon before choosmg a career VIRGINIA KRISCO Gmny COMMERCIAL e Club 9 10 11 Norco ews 11 12 Allled Yout Torch Presents a neat appearance always good humored a camera flend emoys dnvrng her father new Olds one of Norcos best commercxal students excels m bookkeepmg IS very 11'1dlV1dL1Gl1SllC was an angel 1n the Iumor class play has a good tlme 1n the cafeterta plans to enter Wesley Iumor College and study account1ng PEGGY ANN KULP e COMMERCIAL ln talth lady you have a merry heart ee Club 9 10 11 d Y th 9 10 Norco ews 12 Sottl::allMan1ger 10 11 12 Hockey Manager 11 Class Play 11 12 Torch Statt 12 One of the Pughtown gang her lxtterbuggmg attracts a crowd dependable commerclal student travels with Sm1th and Ptke always chews gum can be found at Frunks good QIGDO player w1ll make someone a good secreta y 14 IIS ll Gle , , , , g" " , 12. GI , , ,11,12g Ili d Y th, 10, , 1 I g, 10, "Good words are worth much, and cost little" Gle 1 . , , 12: " N ." 9, 10. , I ' 11, 10, 111 " ," 12. 'IP gll GI , , , ,Allie ou , , ,11,12," N ,"10,11, DONALD LAVERTY The Kid GENERAL Earnesfness IS +he sall' of eloquence Shop Club 9 10 Basketball 9 10 11 Foofball 9 10 Class President' 12 Torch Sta Our capable presrdent for two years belongs to the shop gang likes cowboy muslc and basketball games doesnt llke to walt 1n lme for the caleterxa known for h1s crazy jokes and Welfd laugh enloys llterature but has an averslon o grammar hot rods a Chevy may lther nter the Marmes or become a draftsrnan EARL LFARY ar Wase enough fo lc ep hrs own counsel mera Club 12 Band 9 10 a ro Class Pa Usually very qulet gtves rmpresslon ol shyness 1nterest1ng conversa fmrahst when talklng to lrlends about h1s hobbles collects match books and kmves dellghts ln any work connected wlth rad1o lxne tuba player an double on strlng bass talented ln any mechanlcal hne plans to enter CHARLES LIGHTCAP Chet GENERAL A merry l1ear+ malcelh a cheerful countenance A ned You'l'h 9 10 11 Football 9 Glee Club 9 11 CI ss Play 11 2 Known for h1s dark brown curly haxr and hearty laughter sports a palr ol red srspenders IS patlal to a Iumor grrl hkes dancmg emoys arch1tectural draftmg doesnt take to cool cats would rather hunt than go to school stamp collecting IS one ol hls hobbles the Naylor Brothers relxable all around er plans to take advanced schoollng m meat cuttmg BARBARA LLOYD Barbara COMMERCIAL Dark eyes wufh a wondrous wllchmg charm Hockey 9 11 Baslce+ball Manager 11 Glee Club 10 11 12 Torch Staff 12 7 b unette fro the suburbs of Kenxlworth beaunful clark eye set off bw ar' tt actrve smile any warm day lxnds her on he tervms Court IS hurt easllv at empts drlvlng has a rmnd of her own plans to cont Due workxng at the B ll Telephone ompary 15 11, 2" " FF, 12. - E I Ca , 1 , , ,11, 125 P 'l l, 11, 125 ly, 11, 12. radio school . . ,Aexpects to become a radio and T. V mechanic A A A ll' . , , 1 , 1 . , : a , ,1 - Q1 1Q.,, . , " l ' . ' ' LUCILLE MANWILLER Lucy COMMERCIAL Neatness rs the crownrng grace of womanhood Glee Club 9 10 Shop Club 10 Twrrlers 9 Neat trrm and effrcrent enjoys telllng a good tok apprecra e teachers who enlrver the class wrth humorous remarks swrmnrrg r her favorrte recreatron spends happy hours rn summer playrng softball wrth Monocacy arrls lrkes to take long trrps rn an Oldsmobrle thrnks fordly ol the drr e r content for th p esent to corsrde a secretarral posrtrorr JEANNE MILLER Jeanne VOCATIONAL Full of sweet mdrfference Glee Club 9 10 11 Class Play Prompler, 11 Dark harr and large clark eyes quret wrll stay up all nrght wrth a good book lack of sleep 13 no hardshrp has a flarr for organ musrc and readrng poetry expresses unusual rdeas rn wrrtrng noted for her long frng narls drslrkes homework but usually does rt conscrentrously would lrke to b corre cr wrrter JAY MOURAR rayray VOCATIONAL A lr+'I'le nonsense now and then rs relished by 'l'l1e best' of men A real roker lrkes to go deer huntrng noted for the tall tales that he tells can lrsten to hrll brlly musrc any trme cant endure the merrtrorr of homework has a hard trme gettrng up rn the mornmg enroys trnkerrng wrth cars car dragnose the 1llS of an arlrng engrne enjoys a good trme hangs hrs hat rn Douglassvrlle may Jorn the Navy or work wrth a const uctron aang JOHN NESLEY Jack GENERAL An ounce of mrrtlr rs worth a pound of sorrow Football 11 12 Allred You+l1 11 Stockrly burlt for school exhaus ed hrm 1 plan calls hr usually good naturea Bucktow hot rodde always late easrly rnlluenced by hrs trends studyrng Macbeth almost educatron rs not rn loans lrrre frequent vrsrtor o Kulptown to work mth hr lathe rr' the lur"be bustne ntrl Urcle Sarr 16 ll ll ll n . ll I I I I F I ' r . . rrf. s ' '- ' . - A A . . . s 4 ' . ' ' . . .. "J r . .e r. r' V ' ll ll H . . .- I r 1 I - ll ll ll ' ' 1 ll F.F.A.,11,12. . . .. . 7 . Il ll Ol s ' ll . I I I I ' ' ' - ' 'r - r. . . Z . , . ,, . 1 H'll . .. s ' r 's . r '. . ,r r .. ss u . r 'Q' RUSSELL NORRIS Russ VOCATlONAl., Culhvahon of the earth is the mos+ imporlanr labor of man F A 9 10 Presidenf 11 12 Safery Patrol 11 One of the Ag gang reliable president of the F F A works regularly at the AFP likes to work on hot rods his pastime is talking to Pottstown girl doesnt like history and homework isnt found at many school dances ha many friends good pool player will work on a farm after graduation JAMES OLEXA Olexa VOCATIONAL Everything is sweetened by risk A 12 Foo a Tall and strongly built played left end until a down field block resulted in a broken leg found school routine ditticult after an absence of several months likes last cars his hobbies are hunting and fishing has no enthusiasrr for teachers who assign homework hope to become a tool and die make NANCY ORANDOSH Nanc COMMERCIAL Tell me preH'y maiden are there any more al' home like you7 ee Club 9 10 1 Chorus er 10 Cheer eader 9 11 A u+h 10 11 orco ews 2 Torch S+aFl Very good dancer noted for her light soprano voice corrpetent comrre cial tudent but dislikes reading shorthand has a krack for designing ard rnakina he own clothes thinks only ol one boy do srit litce to drive a her moods is considering nursina a a career CAROLE LEE PICKAR Pickar ACADEMIC Adventure lit her srars without avail ee Club 9 10 ' ' 12' Scienc C ' Senior Class Play 12' Torch Staff 12. "The dynamic blonde" of the senior play . . dramatic, boh on and o't stage . . violently opposed to the ordinary and th, conven.icrial . , . -ks exci.ezrer1t and danger . . her "hot roddirigw days we.e good-while hey lastc . . . po'sesses a sweet singing voice . . . does solo worn . . the idea ot homework very seldom occurs to he. hopes to become a laboratory technician at Firestone. 17 BARBARA PIKE Barb COMMERCIAL Ever let fancy roam pleasure never is at home Hockey Manager 9 10 Glee Club 9 10 11 Baske+ball 9 Allred Youth o u orco ews Class Pla Torch Stal? 12 Attractrve and short dresses smartly 1nterested rn members ol the opposrte sex GXDTGSSIVS brown eyes dependable worker temper frequently rtses to the bo1l1ng polnt cowboys a 51 Bulck glven to moods plans to make secretarxal work her career ARLENE RICHARDS ufl VOCATIONAL She that rs merry of heart hath a conhnual feasi Gee Club 9 10 11 Norco News 10 11 Allred Youth 9 10 11 Shop Club 9 Camera Club 12 Torch Staff 12 The other one of the two semor home economlcs students can be seen drrvma a Burck every s1tuat1on rs met wxth a wrde smtle llkes popular mus1c and movies constant companion of Iudy Lucy and Gmny enyoys school Ruff w1ll make a good hOUSeWll9 JOYCE RICHARDS ur ACADEMIC Knowledge rs power Co caplarn 12 Class Presrdenl' 9 Hockey 9 10 11 12 Norco News 9 10 11 12 Torch Sfalf 12 Science Club 9 10 Tall blonde vxvacrous and attractwe always a lashron plate IS generallv talkmg excxtedly usually mvoved tn an argument chauffeurs a Ford V1ctor1a rn a haxr r1s1ng lashlon readmg and art are her lavorrte pastrmes athletrc mterested rn all sports can be spotted by her comlcal laugh pokes wrth all boys but reserves a special spot rn her affectrons for one plans to attend college RUTH ANN RILEY rrs ACADEMIC MISChleVOUS often, drgnlhed somehmes popular always Glee Club 9 10 11 12 Dlsfrrcl Chorus 12 Hockey 9 11 12 Basketball Manager 12 Naturally wavy lrght brown halr loses temper qurckly but not for long drrve a two tone Pontlac wlth reckless abandon cute pug nose her hobb1es are dr1v1ng and dreammg usually easy to get along wlth her love affarrs lfeep her occupled hkes most sports hopes to become a telephone operator alter graduatlorl 18 9, 10, 11, 12, Sh p CI b, 10, "N N 11, 12, ' y, 12, 'IR Il .l 'IJ ll' Allied You'I'h, 9, 10, 11, 125 Glee Club, 9, 10, 11, Baskerball, 9, 10, 11, Ill 9 hll CLAUDETTE RONDUM Claudeffe ACADEMIC Speech finely framed clelrghted the ear GI e Club 9 11 Norco News 9 10 11 Assrs1'antEdl+or 12 Allred Youth 10 11 12 Class Play 11 Torch Staff 12 Has a sparkllng v1tal1ty frrendly to people rn general an ardent reader ol sctence f1ct1on always contrrbutes to good dtscusslons emoys playtng at the harmomca a pleasant avocat1on IS horse back rtdmg an asset to Smrths Book Store plans to get a Irberal arts degree at Temple Unlversrty as a back ground for a career ln wrttlng WILLIAM ROWLAND I GENERAL The thoughts of youth are Iong long thoughts P rol 11 Allred Youth 11 12 Glee Club 11 Band 11 12 Projecuon Crew 10 11 Camera Club 12 Always ready to QIVS a helplng hand llkes mustc and art radlo and televrslon are hrs hobbres hates to be bossed has a spectal d1sl1ke tor arguments and whrte l1es spends most of hlS tlme at W P A Z rn Pottstown occasionally gets some experlence operatlng the control board hopes to enter radlo and televlslon school SHIRLEY SCHWEITZER S rr COMMERCIAL For she IS just the quiet' kind whose natures never vary Shop Club 10 Allred Youth 9 Glee Club 9 10 Slender sweet faced wtth gentle brown eyes senous mtnded an attenttve Ixstener travels Route 83 wrth ye olde Monocacy gange wrllmg to help anyone who needs 1t excellent book keeper keeps cateterta records for Mr Grxm dxsllkes ramy weather delxghts rn a good comedy at the mov1es especrally wlth a sentor escort by her s1de Irkes to prepare mrdntght snacks should have no trouble to get a bookkeepxng positron GERALDINE SEYDEL Jerry COMMERCIAL Ornament of a meek and quiet' SPIYI1' ee Club 10 orco ews 12 Basket a 11 Patrol 12 Torch Staff 12 Pleasant gr I to know gets along wtth everyone cooperatxve and helpful the qulet type p11ots a green Chevy Wllh sktll and ease travels wtth Nanc and Lucy bakes dehctous cakes actrve IU Luther League work bookkeepmg IS her tavorlte class plan to rom the Arr Force alter graduatxon 19 e I I I ll In I I I . . I I . IlB'lIll at , : ' , , 1 , 1 , . 1 ' t' ll he Ill GI , , 11, 12g "N N ," 10, 11, 1 b II, 10, CARY SHANER "Shenzee" ACADEMIC And away we go H 9 e a re ou+ 2 Vrce Presnden+ 12 rco News 9 10 11 2 Torch Sta Class Play 12 Student Council President 12 Tall man from Cedarvrlle curly harr and merry brown eyes noted for hrs unusual sense of humor the Iaclcle Gleason of the Semor class lrlces anvthrno that has to do wrth horses and Drxrelancl musrc refers to Mrs Clark as Mor' professeur favorr can rmprovlse on any one of four muslcal rnstrument plans to attend college after gracluatron GLADYS SHRUM Shrummue COMMERCIAL She IS luke a sunbeam on a sullen sea c ey 9 10 11 12 Glee CI la 9 10 Norco News 11 Baskel a 10 11 12 Allred Youth 9 10 11 SoHball9 Manager 10 1 Torc Staff 12 Pretty long dark harr shortest of the class bundle of pep arnrable and soclable has a frrendly word for everyone but saves her love for one er carefree manner covers a lot of worrres IS reluctant to tell any of her future plans but we thmk weddrng bells wrll rrng COMMERCIAL Honor lres rn honesl' roll ee Club 91011 2 A dYou+h 910 12 ShopC b 11 Play 11 Class Secretary 9 10 11 12 Cheerleading 9 10 11 Caplam 12 Norco News 10 11 Edrfor 12 Torch Staff 12 Capable class secretary for four years attractrve consrstent honor student throughout her school hte works as a secretary at Levrtzs after school enloys dancrng pleasmg personallty enthusrastrc cheerleader lauohs a ot wrll contlnue worklng at Levrtz Furmture Company JUDITH STIEFF u ACADEMIC Paheni' endurance a'H'ame'l'h all things Glee Club 9 10 11 12 Chorlsfers 10 Torch Staff 12 Others reflect her pleasant smlle when near her emovs swrrnmrng IS sar d wlth readmg a good book good lrstener when rt comes to mus1c hates 'ms hoo always remedles total srlence spends most of her trrre keeprng a ertarn Army rrarlbox frlled plans to enter nurse s trarnrna rn Readrr-g Ho ral after nurse s trarmng cr homemczkmg career awarts her 20 Ba d, , 10, 11, 12, Baslt fb ll, 10, 11, 121 All' d Y h, 9, 10, ll-1 I ' - ' , :UNO , . ,1 1" " 'Hflzi H0 k , ,, . , : u , . :" f b ll, 9, . , 1 ' . , . : : , ,1 2" h" JEANNE SMITH "Smi++y" GI , , , , 1 1 llie , , , 11, 5 lu , 1 Class 'IJ dyll I A ' y . ' 1 ' I' .,, '. fsfile sf: 'l.., A -I-I ' I In g JOAN TORAK Torak COMMERCIAL Good humor makes all things tolerable ss Play 11 Glee Club 9 10 11 Band 9 10 11 Allied Youth 11 Torch Staff 12 Patrol 12 Always talkmg llkes to dance a clltferent boy occupies her mmd each day couldnt l1V9 wlthout gomg to the Cllppers cant sit stlll through hour long classes hlgh powered Newberry saleslady states her opmlons frankly plans to be a prrvate secretary DORIS TRYTHALL Dons ACADEMIC Laughter ns the muslc of happiness Allred Youth 9 10 11 Shop Club 9 Glee Club 9 10 11 12 Band 10 12 Torch Staff Has a good word for everyone hkes boys happy whale dancmg can always hsten to h1llb1lly musxc makes a hobby of playlng the clannet as a tlcnr for humorous roles played a comedy matd IH both yumor and senior class hopes to become a nurse BILLY WHITLATCH Wllly ACADEMIC Something between a hindrance and a help Football 9 10 11 Captaln 12 Baseball 9 10 Patrol 10 11 Captam Allred Youth 9 10 11 12 Class Play 11 12 Blg blue eyes a look of belng startled out of sound sleep set 1n hls ways captaln of the lootball team enyoys swlmmmg bemoans lack of sufttclent sleepmg txme can take a 1oke as well as make one can usually be found drlvmg a car handy at workmg gas pumps school IS a restlng place between Oaklelgh and Kemlworth undecldecl about the future ROGER WOLF Zeke GENERAL Young man wlth a horn Ban 1011 12 AllledYouth 11 12 Senous and a httle on the shy Slde has a wxde knowledge of muslc and n'us1c1ans can appreclate both Jazz and classlcal muslc plays the trombone Clenn Mlller style IS annoyed by hxllbrlly muslc hds hxs OWI1 bdnd excellent wood worker plans to be a drattsman 21 ll ll ll . U I i I I I I I I I I - I Iol l ll II I ' I I I ' ll ' ' 0 ll - I I I I I I I I I I I I I 11, j " " , 12. plays . . , enjoys sports from -the bench . . . practices dress-making in spare time . . . ll 0 ll II 0 I ll I I I I I I I I I I I I . . I I I I I I I ' ll ll Il ' Il dl I I I . I I ' 1 . ' ' A I - . . . -. D b l 1 I ' - l I 0 l I ' ' Glee Club, 9. ' cabinet maker LEROY YERGER "Spike" GENERAL "A closed mouth catches no flies" Short, slender, and dark-haired I I .seems quiet and shy but is surprisingly talkative when given the opportunity I I I thoroughly enioys hunting and fishing , works industriously at homework, even though he dislikes it I longs for warr:I weather the year round, so ne can go swimming I excellent in woodwork protects I I hopes to find some work along this line would entoy learning the traflo of I WILBUR YOCOM "Bud" ACADEMIC Act well your part there all the honor lies Camera Club 11 12 Allied Youth 10 Projection Crew, 10 11 Science u 10 orch aff 12 ee Club 9 ass ay One of Norco s avid radio enthusiasts appreciates good literature and clas ical music very much interested in drama in general and acting in particular enioyed UD teach ng his younger brother to drive IS usually friendly and cheerful possesses a satiric sense of humor and a hearty laugh plans to enter Syracuse Universitv and study radio and t levision announcina 8171 owed WE LL NEVER FORGET the funny mirrors in the Franklin Institute the general boys bird calls during English class Mr Brown s book on flying saucers the extremes of hot and cold 1n different rooms the acaderric vocational groups library duty Mrs Mdchamers reading stories in English class the angels in the iunio class play and the communists in the senior play the breakfasts UD served in Washington lunches in the cafeteria the days we missed because of snow Iudy s face the GGY she came to school with ar engagement ring the weeklf Norco News the irrpressive programs given by th Glee Club the hall passes our history classs fash ion show healh class d1scI1ssions Waldo the good tirres at Shane sriddy pool roorr NERE YOU THERE V HEI' ar' eyp irrent blew up in crie ist y class Ioyces ca cauaht fi e the Aa boys filled 1 eek the Studer Council p e p esidertial election derr on ratiors N6 e he ft top ra dis ance es s we e e f' certain bard nemibers blew a sto rr on F e Fo Two Fav aliced 'o ir' t'1e Na ri gallery rt c'1e Cu pop IC e in e fate on out r h ardde c z 1 rc: rrp Cla k read Gunga Din Ruth Gorrran took he peed test without paper ln the typewriter? THESE PERSONAL TRAITS IMPRESSED US loyces unus dl laugh Peggy Ann s iitterbugging David s cou th comrrercial girls chewing gurr Barb lora mootr ai Theresas slanguage Patty s smile ay blue eyes Iohnny Brewers deceptively bashful rranne Leroy Yerger s constant talking Ro er Wof hu r ous criticisms Mary Kazimers practical idk Bishop or rua' lauahlng NED LIKE TO FORGET those long English ou lire npleasant odors frorn the lab t 1 e ri e a oldest days Carole Lee clearina h h oa F c a s the tests brought on by Cary GI dso a ' 'ie mile long trigonometry problem the 'tea QQ f' au ts in horre oo'n meetings wash g boa fl the day we had scalloped beef for l Maf"1.' a ka Cxieer ay N a uttriou a gas hoc Y TI-I Y REST IN PEACE Gle J I-Ia v y Bi mark trip. ripped 'ie e 1 euiz Carre pap Ma beth l in . In I l I I I I I .I .I I CI b, , T S+ , ,GI , ,1OgCl Pl ,11,12. . I A . I - I . A . I . :S A I 1 IA I I I ' I' , I I I A I , II Y C ' 2 I I I ' I ' ' r " ' " I I I r s e ' ' I I I I I' - ' I : I su ' ' ' I I I I I ' I' r I e II ' ' I' ' I I I If Is II ' I ' I , I I I, h 'r I I I I ' " " I 'I FI' I 'Is I I' I 'I I ' j 'I . ' g-I I rior- I " I I I I ' I ' ' ' A I ' I ' ' ' 'es T s " " I I 'II ' ' ' I e C Iii I I ' I ' " I , I I TI I ' 'F ' I I I I " " I I ' 2 I I 't'I,s the .I ' I " is I ' u A ' I I he f'r d lls hcl' on the C'. II ' ertrtirt renh I vy .fi I - I er II ' 'II Iam- C1 5 A A + 'S '- E - H CA A ' r I I r I 'r I I ' I +' - , ' i I ' . I r' 4 5- V ' A Z I Ak A .. sf CAI ' the school with smoke I I I the seniors celebrated "crazy :ex A, - A A , A - A A A . A ,R ' I In ROCK ' I I I - ' It " I ' re- r I I' ' II- , V 9 III, - I I - unch roar Q. , . ' it Q Is: "I, . -. I H 1' ,lg Q Q ,., I I ' " " ' J - ' " .rn -- r- - ' A V J I I AI J s I e the d Ir. Brown Trade Lrorzgnt I I . ' I : II o " -V up I' r " iv at f. 1 - " ' I A ' " I I 'A tu' ' I an artist 'I I ' lngton Art 4 C I' I Tarn F iIs I A A les 'I Zh, -r if TIA IIE axon Alice and Ralph ni It. g ' lass picnic Su anne rnd Ffa I j alI Ior' 'Jaldo r e I I3 'I I II - 'refine under st ' TI - a-ars or The rrfrzec raph rna I ' I, I I Iffrs wall I er c I QF? GHC! SAQPQ :JI O i if f F X I J 3 ,I ' A FX, . 7 Q . w Q I .4 TF 5 F Y Q ,, . vi hi A . KX Sung ZALf"'f1" '- - ' miami hy auzernnr krrhg ' , ,Q f 5 my mn UH 'F swtmzsr 55+ glliijdg iiffijlj A gidd f fu edit 5 fhgl L V1 Fl 14261145 Wil wee, lFFsmgppmrzrP5PI ffaidi-5131419114: L Ml FEEPPPWHQWFEEQZQ - www P- e v 1- EifVEFFFBE?E5 l,yq4,, gi s ave Fmssel suwae, we en fer-ed e us reuse our you ces nn ex, qlo.J 4 2:1 1i iii: F 9 F l Nor- CSS Saks - vaulig OS- work, Faq, Omg Sei- ow - ship with our mam - 11 c, Sona of Prmfse To the high school mheve we ha.-ve S vw 'f-5658 NLP ' PH J ha-FPS - an wr J' F ' - ' KJ h i + 1 mnies Now the. -time has cone. Sm- Suk 0 e bus Ser V019 WMI' 3 L: O eff dents . ma? lv , h oi Si 'tl'-Sour, Cv-Cv T and in ' U be 0 5 Q ff G' A Chorus 9 8 ' dear Nur-co, -Yov stou malt. our heuis sa Sari. , , . . Th ere Je- f- -Y th H kii 5 m-LAI and the lewd o-Y ML - ev- tj. 0 ld Pav M3 Yom ew' wa' SJ I s I . x - rich mu-Jr-ies will still ve-mann to re-mud Us QS those. re-wmv-ina Amis, and 1 5 sie. -an-JS , 5+ 2 4 4 4 4 C c 4 4 C 4 4 C 4 I - I . 165 ' ,I In - ' 0 3 J lllHll-- 11211125101 U II5 - UlU'l::l lr: 115 0 1:10 ll - - we must mmm-ta.'m' so on we o to do ouv Lest Sew- it e lard we ioue -forth la,nJ we love. ' 4 434 1 -1 4 4 4 ' , 4 2 - : ' . 4 4 , 4 4 4 in :Q - II!! 3 - 2 ' - - - : ' I :O OH - miagg 1gnPn1'61'arh1xzttinn E ARE STANDING ON LuFE's wemome NAT, LOOKING Tunoueu HER OPEN DOOR, AND, ou, How WONDROUS as THE SIGHT AND How we ve DREAMED OF 'rms BEFOREI WW Z 54,321 1 HE SLANTNNC-r RAY5 OF MORNING PAINT OUR FUTURE DAYS UPON THE WALLS OUR THOUGHTS AND GOALS ARE PKJURED THERE VE LL MAKE THEM TRUE ERE TWILDGHT FALLS HE DANCING VISIONS THERE WITHIN CALL US ACROSS THE MYSTIC FLOOR, WHERE THERE ARE BATTLES T0 BE NON wuesze THERE ARE New worms To EXPLORE CLAUDETTE RONDUM -:ag u A Qzxw wnwf f 'lm f 64 Qfhff f f 'E vdfvfiizflfs w wf ' N HW 1 NJ ' INK N i1, g7f ff -sgjha,-fig.-QF 25 . I , ' I I I WW' My ,f 1 V X M I I , . , ,. , M fx iff Il, nf, . Al ETF' f DV' : Q I If E ' I ky D D ,Nl N , J A W l N D I , w Wx g , ff? D V 47 ' lf!! Af 147, "fb mx -Q l 'V Nw xl 'XL I 1 fl- Q 7 ,IIIQZQ X Ji ' D V 5 f Q 'X "'- I X L -9 . I Y . In K E ,-,-VV' .A Q, ffff , A A I 1 I I , ,If , D. 1 4' J N - ,- A , . , "" ' q 'QE - ' ,, 1' ',' ' f 4 .Ni X ' - ' . l'1..'. -1' 1 X 'df' f' A-4 I ' V ' W , , H- f I avr' I NAND ff MOD I. , I A X ,. l , wa .A N 4 V , ' : Q A i up j ' h xx wx- 1 Y ji ' Q 'T V 3.35. X ' lt, H -Q X ' , ' , ,limi ly, in it V hm ' :I x 'H 'Q' ' Q -A ,ffffjjnfl I , '5 1 ' 1' .13 I X - - fE,!f P -" ' wadzzngfon 065,915 :S-'- ek FL 6F?f2'vf'yWk I'?"'?!!lPl'!1!' wnillg Qtr JAPOUQA wa5Alngl0n As l gaze un+o 'lhe pas'r And scan my memorues o er I lhunk of lhose days al' Washungfon Spenl' by +he class of 54 I+ all comes back so clearly now Those scenes of froluc and fun Theres Enos lyung on +he floor Hus fruends have locked hum ou+ The boys are peepung from +he door lThe chaperone s asleepl If s uusf noi safe 'ro walk +he halls Or barge unfo a room Unless you swum for fhere s Bull Pulchung a wafer balloon Theur appelufes are runnung wuld We need some food' lhey cry Dave says he II go for cokes and subs A feas+' a+ lwo a m ' Parke +hunlcs +ha+ he would luke +o sleep Bu+ lhere us 'loo much nouse They fund hum an hour laler where7 Jusf resfung un fhe ba+h'rub boys The gurls are on fhe floor above lThe chaperone s awalcel And no+ a sound lhere can be heard Excepf a lappung on +he wall Carole and Joyce are sendung by code A message 'ro Rulh Ann nex+ door So'ne of 'rhe gurls uusf cannof sleep They wanl 'ro pace +ha+ hall loor Bul' Jerry Rulh and Nancy und They +urn +heur aflenhon 'lo a ba'I'h A problem wulh four gurls +o one lub There s many a guggle snuclcer and laugh As Gunny Luculle Shurl and Arlene All rush af once lo gel clean Jeanne and Fay are hunfung 'rhe roof By way of a lure s+aur The house defecluve fouls fheur plan They never do ge+ lhere Some of 'rhe gurls are hungry now So Peg phones for some 'Food A vouce says un a warnung 'fone You were fold 1' be un bed by now Bu? noi asleep quups Barb All us noi' lugh+ hear+ed gauely We learn a few lhungs 'loo The fulure nurses bofh agree The meducal buuldung us 'the besl' Joyce and Aprul are bolh umpressecl By fhe 'treasures of +he Arr Museum When fhe boys were our lo esl' They vofed for +he F B l And surely The gurls wull never forgel The vusu+ 'ro Annapolus Wulh Roger s words we all agree The munl us a l'hrull +0 hum The change of guards al Arlunglon Fascunafes Enos and Leroy The Capufol +he monumenls The o+her +hunqs we see Wull ever lunger wu+h us ln happy memor,f 27 Q . O 0 ' L ' I . . . . . . I : , I ' I ll If T I - ll . fl ll . ll I ll I 1 1 . ll , . T I . ' ' g .r I . ,. I u ' Thaf +he hall us well palrolled. I I I . u I I I I 4 I . . . I o . . ll ll 5 ll ll s , . ' I , . . 1. I - . . , N 1 Front row left to nqht H Blckel I Lucas R Gorman L Swcxwely P Colver C Bltler D Dcxrlmgton G Brower Second row left to nght Mr Brey GdV1QOI' I Seydel D Kncruer I Huy H Schwextzer C Shcmer L McAfee L Asseo D Clemens I Horosky G Stcmson MISS Delp Advleor 3iMJQnt 60ll,l'lCL URING fhe pasl few years lhe Idea of sludenl' governmenl was presenfed several hmes 'lo fhe sludenl body for +helr conslderahon Lasl' sprung School descrlbed lo our sfudenl' body lhe funchomng of +helr sfudenl councll A few monlhs la'I'er some of our sludenfs VISIl6d Norrlsfown fo see lhelr sfudenl' governmenl' In achon A plciure showing lhe achon of sfuden+ council In lhe average American hugh school was shown +0 our s'luden+ body Al' fhe begun nlng of +he year lemporary home room represenfa 'hves were elecfed lo draw up a cons+l'fuhon fha? would go mlo effecl' If s+udenf governmenl was vofed favorably by fhe sfudenl body Sfudenl' council was passed by a lwo fhlrds majorlfy vo'l'e of 'lhe sludenl' body The four candldafes for presldenl s'l'arl'ed cam paugnlng lmmedlalely The clemonslrahon was fyplcal of lhose glven In nahonal pollhcal campalgns Weekly meehngs are held 'lo discuss any problems anslng among 'I'he sfudenls Members of fhe council are servmg on +he monrlor sysfem whuch has recenlly gone Info eFfec'l The councul has sponsored several dances all of which have been a greal' success Sludenl councul us now operahng smoolhly and we hope rl' wlll conhnue +o do so an fhe years lo come C sludenl' council represenlalives from Norrislown High . . r i U D l ' 28 f 'Wig .3 'f .Q- if 74 F, ny 4 WW 441' sf A 5-an wtf 3+ fi ian, , T ROM I rv e e Ro er Wo wb r ve! Yerqer OND ROW-6 Ruth A R Ney 7 S z A Nene Rlchdr use " 9 D ROW W2 95 G ra c re dys 9' r we Ney h e RTH ROW 17 Fay Faust 18 Jean e Sw r 34 uc 4 M nw er eresd C su k 2 O df' r H ROW 23 os elkav 24 Rat a e vd'1S Efi . 3' Y Q , X .3 ,QW 4 , V v I . ' 4 d f , fs , 5 15 3 l . ' 1, 4 4 - 15+ W X 'ff M it - I ' " 30 1 . 'Y if 3, i "' 'av .jg I , K 5, N A ' ',a . ' .+sr.f" ff 'Vv ,A r - ' g .sy -fl, fa' R Zl ' 5, Q K , J f ' 12 5' xi 0 X wi Y .I ' . h 5 . f 'Army , Ji' 25 N 2 X X X y 24 ' 'V T' 01' 4 N D ' k . A' h 15 'I - -, ,X f ' ,v y, ,, 4 E . N N w . ' Q is Q 5 , . V 5 WK FIRS '- 10" N Sl YI 2 Q Vp 3 WN .. Y::um, 4. DoraNd La fy 5. Lercy SEC U' 1 I u ave Kvby 8 Peggy Arr- Ku1p'9 r ds,'1O,Pat C: " W, U C:'c'e Lee P1 ka THNR - J ""e MwNef,' T3 e N ' Seyce '4 G45 Ke e,15 Judy St H W6. Sh Sc W 416' FOU - . ,' - .?hg19 Dcrs Tyth 'Wi 20 L We a H ,' 21. Th 1 w,2 Nd'CY V 'TFT - EV' K 'h G3".s'w Z5 Ckwes Llqicac ZZ: Joi-rv B'Ow:f 27 Ki E ZB Rob B'a"O" 0LUl'l fo gdfi HIS fhree acf farce presenfed by fhe Class of 54 un nfs junior year IS a mosf dellghfful work of non sense cenfered abouf bofh earfhly and heavenly creafures As fwo angels Agnes lVnrglnla Krlscol and Wulfred lWulbur Yocoml are on fheur way fo earfh fhey discover wufh fhem a half angel Pllone lEnos Kellarl The frlo go fo earfh fo puck up souls abouf fo deparf Augusfa Applegafe a somewhaf eccenfruc old lady lDorla Faye Darlrngfonl IS deeply dlsfurbed when her niece Orpha lleanne Smlfhl and Orpha s daughfer Rufh lPeggy Ann Kulpl move un wufh her Anofher nlece Mvllle Bromley lClaudeffe Ronduml comes fo vusnf hoplng fo borrow money for her husband Baxfer lWllllam Rowlandl Wn+h fhem IS fhelr daughfer June lJoan Torakl Rufh manages fo make June believe fhaf her france Ruchard Whrfe lCharles Llghfcapl rs being unfrue fo her Pllone has fhe magical power of fhe spmf world and causes Roberf Hanley lBlII Whlflafchl a nch hypochondrrac fo fall In love wlfh Rufhle June funally learns fhe frulh and forgives Richard Herman Howell lDavad Clemensl meefs Mlss Applegafe and fhey bofh decide fhaf lxfe ns worfh llvlng now fhaf fhey have found each ofher Because of fhls Wrlfred and Agnes are depraved of fwo souls They musf fake a soul back wlfh fhem In order fo refurn fo Heaven so for some fume fhey are sfranded on Earfh Pllone unwrffmgly solves fhelr problems The mand Duana lwho has been jllfed so offen she as afrald she wull be an old maudl cafches Pnlones eye Even fhough as a half angel he IS mvlslble Dlana falls In love wrfh hum As she crosses a sfreef she furns fo falk fo Pulone and IS sfruck by a car Diana be comes an angel and Pllone becomes a whole angel Wilfred and Agnes are now able fo refurn fo Heaven because fhey fake Dlana s soul wlfh fhem The play ends happlly as fhe four angels ascend fk FZ 54, !JgA HEN Aloyslus Mundy lWrlbur Yocoml a wrnfer of mysfery sfornes and Dr Barfo lCary Shanerl a popular sclence professor af Greenwood College came fo vlslf Sky Hugh Lodge owned by Medora Pefmore lDorla Faye Darlungfonl no one knew of fhe exclfemenf and danger fhaf were fo follow lf was only when some luvely young college sfudenfs came fo fhe Lodge fhaf fhe exclfemenf really sfarfed The role of Toofs Llvlngsfon blrd bralned freshman was played by Carole Lee Packar and lhe lnghf hearfed joker of fhe casf was Hank Wnnfon lEnos Kellarl Two college seniors who were serlous abouf fhe fufure because of compllcafuons 'rhreafenmg fhe end fo fhelr engagemenf were Jnll Davis lBarbara Plkel and Tracy Arnold lDavld Clemensl Monica Shane lPeggy Ann Kulpl a mlcrobe hunfer and professed manhafer had druven Jnll fo fhe Lodge jusf before Chr slmas vacaflon fo meef Tracy Bofh Tracy and .lull had received mysfenous phone calls arrangxng for a meefzng af Sky Hugh To compllcafe maffers furfher Mrs Pefmore s mald Kaddy lDorls Tryfhalll and her hrred man Oscar lBull Whrflafchl furned ouf fo be helpers of Dr Barfo commumsf spy The plof rs so cleverly worked ouf fhaf fhe audience was surprised fo find af fhe end fhaf Mr Mundy really s a F B I agenf He gof In fouch wlfh f ree sfalwarf F B l me Hewleff Carfer and Wesf lBrannan Bishop and Rowlandl who came jusf an hme +o cafch Dr Barfo Kaddy had deserfed fhe Commumsf cause and helped by sendlng mformaflon eFB The audience was kepf In a sfafe of suspense and merrlmenf rughf up fo fhe explosuve lasf momenfs The casf dad a fine job under fhe msfruchons of fhe coach, Mrs Clark, and wxfh fhe assrsfance of prompfers and sfage commrffees 66 A77 gl a CC 77 C i W ' . ' - ' Q Q ' ' 1 f. , ' ' . - fa ' . wa . . . . ' I ' h I. 1: ' D ' I .. . n- , ' ' ' ' +a+h ..I. 30 K7 W Wffff? Jafriwf, if' Awww M WU 6346 Www WWW QMWY aff A My QMQQW DJjiJ,4g,,,M, fad tb WWW UL SL-ffw J qkywk M W M WW was fy! Nj W JM-L M W Q1-ww mzffw W cf ,J W7 JW QM QWW miwqgk 14 H , mf ww Nw, A Q .Q Q! QM V w ai Amy in 22 506241 f A f 5 U wow , WX , W , W Q, M W CY w b j Gaza , U, ww Qt "tif fl t ' .fy . 'J I ' X I My Q fy tlyiy W W ,ff M gk 14 fx v f ll dmv Q Z 2 ff W W H1 C' if CQ? 2, eww, L Qui uk: A ry P J 2 M if wx Q ty M7 V lo if fl! W Y ' 4 QW W 2' b by . , M M 31 C055 p I0 QC? NX HEN Merlun was courf magucuan for Kung Ari ur he had a secrel' room con+aunung a mysfucal cauldron un whuch he was workung one day and chanced lo see a vusuon un hus cryslal ball Merlun sfudued I'he vusuon recorded uf unfo hus v suon reporf and submurfed uf +o fhe kung for hus approval Afler I'he kung read ihese reporfs he gave lhem 'ro hs scrube who filed +hem un fhe royal Iubrary A+ Ar'l'hur s deafh lhe warluke Danes pullaged and burned +he palace One of 'the Danush leaders was supposed 'lo have sfolen fhe len volumes of Merlun s Vusuon Reporls The whereaboufs of fhese ren vol umes was unknown unlul nunereen hundred filly four when un rhe Norrh Coven'rry Hugh School lubrary Mrs Clark rhe school lubraruan found Volume IV of Mer luns Vusuon Repor+s +ume worn and dusl covered behund +he reference books for hugher ma+hema+ucs Mrs Clark upon readung rhe old Englush records duscovered +o her amazemenl Ihaf nne of +he vusuons had +o do wulh Ihe Norlh Covenfry class of nuneleen fif+y four on +heur graduaruon day The vusuon nex+ recorded revealed +hus class and fheur occupahons un +he year nunefeen hundred sux+y four Mrs Clark 'lhoughl' rhus would make a fine class prophecy and Iranslaled ul' unlo modern Englush wulh +he ex epluon of +he preamble whuch sh lef'r un uls orugunal form as wru'H'en by Merlun Courl Mag cuan +o Arlhur Kung of England Be ul' known 'ro ye who are hereun readung 'lhal' a vusuon hafh appeared +o Merlun Courf Magucuan of hus mosl' Royal Mauesly Ar+hur Kung of England lhrough fhe crysral ball un hus myslucal Chamber of 'lhe Cauldron ln 'l'he smoky dep'I'h of hus crys'I'al ball he saw lhe followung vusuon Because of hus vocaruonal experuence ARTHUR AIREY has been made manager of Laurel Locks Farms Hus fine herds are unsured by MARY ESTHER KREPS and her Farm Bureau unsurance plan She us 'Ih lead ung unsurance agenr un fhus counfy She also unsures RUSSELL NORRIS cars on hus Pussy Foorun Cal' Farm Norrus and Aurey are borh lryung 'ro engage fhe servuces of FAY FAUST and her genuun uenn sylvanua Dulch Barn Paunrers Fays hex sgns k ep bolh farms prosperung and druve +he evul soururs away APRIL ASSEO now known as The Mauler us rak ung on all comers al Raunbow Arena Aprul alrrubures her success un her holds 'lo +he physucs pruncuples learned a+ Norlh Coven+ry Hugh School from C Allyn Brown The vuclums of her backbreakung sleeper hold are revuved by JUDITH STIFFF and DORIS TRYTHALL 'the officual nurses al' Raunbow JOHN BROWER us leavung all compelulors behund un 'lhe hor rod races al' Induanapolus Much of hus success us arrrubuied ro 'lhe pu'I' work and speedy 'lure changung of hus head mechanic PARKE BISHOP who go? hus srarl' al' Graham s Garage un Buckrown Pennsylvanua All fhe druvers are deeply undebled lo GERALDINE SEYDEL who us always on hand wufh her luHle red fire engune +o pul our fhe fires when wrecks occur She creduls her +umely arruvals lo her experu ence un chauffeurung her fruends and classma+es al' Norrh Covenlry Hugh School RUTH ANN RILEY can be seen managung her Tod dlers Nursery To pu? Ihe IuH'le ones ro sleep GLADYS KEELER reads selecruons from h r lal' s+ book of bedhme s+orues The Sandman Slrukes JOYCE RICHARDS who has recenlly sugned up wulh Joey Chulwood and hus sfunl' druvers has been arresled +he Readung Pol ce Force arresred her on her wuld druvung spree up Penn Slreel Readung afrer a I'hur+y munufe chase We hope +ha+ hereaffer Joyce wull confine her sfunls 'Io lhe lrack PAT CANNELL has become olihcual handler of smudge pors un her fa+hers orchard She produces fine fruui' for CHARLES LIGHTCAPS new super markel The Heavy Hal' CARY SHANER us doung quu're well Iraunung horses for lhe curcus JEAN SMITH 'lravels wulh rhe curcus acfung as fucker faker and bookkeener Jean s com mercual experuence af Norfh Covenlry prepared her for Ihus field The new Broadway nughrclub +he Copa Banana has un uls e'nploy several members of our class of 1954 DAVID CLEMENS us doung well un hus new job as 'I'he masrer of ceremonues The auduenre us enyoy ung 'l'he sousaphone solos of EARL LFARYS musucal group The Sousaphone'Hes THERFSA CISARIK looks very sfunnung un her brief uewelled coslume K l"0 ff - . . I U . h ' . . - - - I I 1 e . . J J . E e ' ' ' ' 3 ' for reckless driving. CAROLE LEE PICKAR, chief of I ' ' I ' 3 0 , I I I . . . . . 32 passmg ouT favors To The many celebnhes Among These ceIebrlTles IS ENOS KELLAR who has become known as The world famous Kangaroo Dancer Kellars kangaroos are an added aTTracTuon To any show WILBUR YOCOM and WILLIAM ROLAND In Thelr raduo shows from Their DeaTh Valley broadcasTmg sTa Tron are makmg use of ARLENF RICHARDs joke book More Expensive by The Dozen The counTry s besT seller Women are Taklng over new Tields of endeavor LUCILLE MANWILLER has deTeaTed all male candl daTes IH her recenl' pollhcal campalgn She ns The loyal honesT and TrusTworThy mayor of Monocacy CLAUDETTE RONDUM has puT AIberT ElnsTem To shame wnTh her Theory of aonlzahon GLADYS SHRUM IS greaTIy soughT aTTer Tor her new Techniques ln sTone masonry She goT so enThuslasTlc T'1aT she Tore down her own house so ThaT her IaTesT consTruc'I'uon The newly IocaTed RouTe 100 could go Through The dlvorce raTe has b en lowered because of BARBARA LLOYDs maTrnmomaI agency She keeps all The couples oT NorTh CovenTrys class of 54 lock JOAN TORAK as playmg Cupid Her arm wlTh her bow and arrow IS parTlcuIarly accuraTe In her maTchmak1ng endeavors Much of Th success oT MARY KAZIMFRs PeT1Te G TT Shop has been aTTrlbuTed To The TacT ThaT she IS selling PEGGY ANN KULPs book Personal Dance Auds To Those wlTh Three FeeT DONALD LAVERTY sn Tched uw by UnuTed DrafTs m n Inco poraTed upon graduahon has b en placed aT The head of The ArchlTecTuraI DeparmenT Tor deslgnmg modern bnrdhouses AIThouoh her name beTrays Th posshon she holds VIRGINIA KRISCO has been nlac d as an execuhve rn The Spry Corporahon The Telephone commumcahons of NorTh CovenTry Township have been greaTIy Improved by The prompT eTTlclenT and courTeous servuce rendered by RUTH GORMAN a Telephone lineman RuTh goT an early sTarT back nn 1954 when she sTarTed as a Telephone U55 I' I0 QC? operaTor She has worked hard To geT The posnhon whrch she now holds However she owes her success To her spiked booTs produced by ThaT 'famous Tlrm The JAY MOURAR Engineer BooT Company T America The PoTTsTown pollce have been Turmng ouT In Torce To conTroI The mobs aTTracTed To WILLIAM WHIT LATCHS Super Service sTaTlon by ROBERT BRAN NAN and has Rudy Vallee Technique of a sTraw haT cane and megaphone He has been keeping Ball WhnTIaTch and has employees very busy JIM OLEXA kung of The ChesTnuT Hull lumbergacks Tells Trees for JOHN NESLEY s sawmlll and TooThp1ck TacTory These Too'I'hpncks because of Their sTurdmess and reslsTance To decay are used by JEANNE MILLER ln her Puck your way To heaITh naTuraI Tood sTores SUZANNE KIRBY ns currenTIy playrng wnTh ROGER WOLF s Dixieland Band whnch has jusT reTurned from a world Tour Roger says The naTlves In The Belgian Congo TeIT The beaT of has band and Trled To keep The members chiefs of Their Tribe To saTnsTy These naTlves he IeTT LEROY YERGER has agenT The naTlves obey Leroy and reTer To hum as greaT whuTe TaTher Leroy has sTopped Their cannnballshc Tachcs BARBARA PIKE us modeling busTIes un MARY ANN CAMAHOS Fashuon Salon Mary Ann designs The umforms Tor KATE EVANS and h r baskeTbaII Team The Feudmg Females Mrs Shmehouse IS deeply nndebTed To DORLA FAY DARLINGTON who has lnvenTed a new equaTuon ma ch ne The machine allows her To do In r work Tor The classes In one hundredTh The Tame and now she spends h r Ieusure Tme coaching hockey NANCY ORANDOSH a one Tnme mllk maid has been Tram ng her cow To jump She complefed The hngnesT jump possxble over The moon SHIRLEY SWEITZER because of her calm manner sooThed The cow aTTer her 'Franhc leap The Toregolng record I respecTTuIIy submuT Tor his royal approval To ArThur Kung of England ISlgnedI Merlin CourT Maglcuan ArThur Kung of England . . . I . . I Il ll ' - , , , . . o I . J . . . I - 4- . - , , , - ll - In I , , ' 1 ' ' . . . I . t U A u , I . . . I u I . . r 1 ' ' ' ' . 5 . I n I I I I . - lr - rl . ' . I 1 p Q - , . . . . . - , , . . . I ' J . 1 g . u . . . . . I U . . ' Il ' Il happily uniTed. For Those who have noT enTered wed- - - - ' ' , . . . . . . M E 4 ' e . ' ' - - ' . I .. I . I ' - In ' , I . . - I . ' .e I ' 5 1 I ' ' , ' , 5 - ' D . . . ' ' ' ' e : . ' .L V , . I r ' - I . I J e D I . 1 . I I ' , . e ' U . ' V I I n . I I ' -I I I ' I I 0 I 33 To cQ,,RCh A 'Peggy Flnn lgfllps fl 6 6 'cars Jean Smuth b Y Z Wal ur' ocom LI-ttle Four Crown X gf X Novemloevsll 1950 Slcaie Bas ketlaall V ff play offs wuth J'QnKm'L0Wf1 GO' Seffembef 5 ,750 Halloween Dance Ociobev- 31 i950 'X X lX!lG.Y'Cl'1 Z I 951 CDel?e,o.tecD l .Vp lc, armer Farmerette September 3 1952. 0-QM .920 M Octobera Id L t .0 4 , 0 Q 0 V Dinfd CIZWQ' 7 fggaaggi 'ELL APM as 145.1 V mans 45 Q. 'Q 5 4 'prom MOFJIG QS DOYIO.. Faye DQYIIDBL YI .SOPhQn'1Qre lc'-IIC' Chr St' we Jean Smlth Willow Grove, Wullnam Rhyme! Jura 5' !'75-2 'X New Al-,l-'let Q I2 A b as 675.2 n er ah Washnngton D C tember I4 1516 M 5 Sh ln M53 ne 52, ' 7 lm PY J Officers .N Laver y C'.le.menS A Faye -Dav-lm D M- N 0' S th 0.11616 lqsz X Sale emor Class Y S Hugh - 3 1453 November -Q'-I, 19.5 APY1 In D105 vi class Ma lynLon3 Wlmer Klnckmev' Senior -lfarkey D2,cQrY1bev- 5, A 2 I . K fjffg. - - Xjzr I e ' e ff f X i e 4 e x' lx gl ' t X A ,X - NOQTH f A C' I Q Q , l ' X ,ll XL' 4 ee , , ,png I ,',Q?4.0 Q,5 'AQ , A , ,- QD- , 4,4r4,4i4r f e JC A fzgagiyz,-rnfwfngmij ' v QQ- gvfii . I i 4N 5 A, ,APAQ ,Qing 7' v ,- , Q A .1 - Y 1 , I 0 . I 'I ' 1 I z F' I A I 4 . i . ful ,jx le 1 1 f -S Y . l. o , X. 12 ms . pil ,.nA . ' Eton Q, 1, ' f X V 51 I Le S Ula 'W I , 3 sl I 0 v rf f ' ' f l l B Jim for? 553-ff' L. ny ,R gow Class R ngs 59" ll February Lf, 1752 eDlOY' a Fantasyln este X Freshman pnmuc, Z A ll 2"l 1 -5-1 September :a 1951 June 6 1951 Wu lbu Yggom Gffl cars Cary Shanem gean Sm tam or-lo.l3aye hon Elementary SC'-l1O0l 'B .Icmuav-Y N52- xx Nloonlfjhf Bay So horpore l-lop i 'iv Novembera 1751 November 30 l95l Q CIQSS colors lue and S Flower Rzcl Rose, Q' TodyFo QB 0 S KH :USE oc o GQ 4762 Z gi? Volcmj Fo Caps and Gowns maS party Nbev 23 1953 Q A is Commencement Tune I, 1954 Q :Iver N 097 1 S ebruoxy la 19511- QYIIOY YIC2 March 5 1754 V' - ff N FONT Aprnl Q3 H551 Baccalaureate n w' May 30 1954 l ,Q A X, I Froncus l mplsr- ir Y J" QQUA UWC- IN! k t , - I , X' 1 no - L 3: E I 'K Z r' , q I . F 1 X 1 - o 5 lv l -- ' Xl l W 19 yd 0 P Ts-Y etf-er-T on ow 0 1 DQ ' F P if I 7 , I 29 A f ' SK I l N Q11 flgg d , Y f w I .,l. , 'UI' ' I 5 ' 'st 1 CAM 'lflf WE lhe senror class of Norlh Covenlry Hugh School rn +he counly of Chesler s'I'a+e of Pennsylvanra berng of sound and drsposrng mrnd and memory do hereby make publrsh and declare lhrs our las+ wull and feslamenl rn manner followung +ha+ rs 'lo say ARTHUR AIREY leaves hrs cows lo LEE ASSEO so 'rhal' Lee may be well rnformed rn lhe agrrcullural field as well as +he academrc ourse APRIL ASSEO leaves her excellenl grades +o DALE KIRBY so 'rhal he wull never have +o worry aboul hrs baskefball elugubulrfy PARKE BISHOP wrlls hrs ho+ Plymoulh 'ro JOHN HOROSKY so 'lhaf John wull be well acquarnled wufh olher cars as well as hrs Ford BOB BRANNAN leaves hrs qurel' manners 'lo JEAN ANN KEPNER JOHN BROWER bequealhs hrs long wavy harr +o JOHN BROWN who sporfs a crew cu+ ceplance of Irfes problems lo ELIZABETH ANN CLARK PAT CANNELL wrlls her pleasanl' smrle fo MR SEITZINGER who appears unmoved by humor THERESA CISARIK bequealhs her bleached blonde harr +o BETTY ANN KERR A brl of blonde wrlh Belly Ann s black harr should be a good combrna+ron DAVID CLEMENS leaves hrs courfeous manners lo JACK TEAS so +ha+ Jack may become a refined young genlleman DORLA FAYE DARLINGTON leaves her posrfron as lreasurer of lhe class lo BARBARA KENNEDY so fha? Barbara may conlrnue keeprng frnancual records eff? crenlly for +he class KATE EVANS wrlls her abrIr+y 'ro play hockey 'ro PATTY COLVER who already seems fo have a good s+ar+ To CHARLOTTE GUMMA FAYE FAUST bequea+hs her 'rumblrng gymnashcs We hope CharIo'H'e doesnl have as many falls as Faye has experrenced RUTH GORMAN bequealhs her knee socks fo ALICE READ Bo'l'h gurls seem 'ro approve of 'rhrs new a MARY KAZIMER wrlls her abundanl supply of pep and energy +0 RONALD DOMIN who clarms fo save all hrs for varsuly parlucrpalron GLADYS KEELER leaves her posrfron as baskerball guard fo DOROTHY ROSEWARNE or anyone else who wushes lo play as consuslenlly as Gladys has rn 'rhe pasl ENOS KELLAR wrlls hrs dancrng fee+ 'lo HORACE SMITH so l'ha+ Horace may some day rr++erbug as well as Enos SUZANNE KIRBY leaves her exceIIen+ prano play rng +o SHIRLEY LANDIS so +ha+ Shrrley foo may become 'lhe Senuor Hugh Glee Club accompanusl MARY ESTHER KREPS bequealhs her cheerleadrng abrlu1y'l'o all prospecfrve cheerleaders PEGGY ANN KULP leaves her dancrng abrlrfy lo sfyle of dancrng VIRGINIA KRISCO wrlls her boolckeeprng abuIu+y lo ROBERT STEINER so he may fund r+ easuer lo do nexl year DONALD LAVERTY leaves hrs posrlron as presrdenl' of lhe Senuor class fo any Junuor who deserves rf EARL LEARY wrlls hrs sousaphone 'ro BARBARA VOGT and BETTY LOU NIMMERICHTER srnce Iwo people wull be needed fo handle lhrs large rns+rumen+ CHARLES LIGHTCAP leaves hrs farlhlulness fo one gurl lo RUSSELL BIEHL a Romeo nf 'rhe Junuor class BARBARA LLOYD wrlls her dark rummed glasses lo RICHARD KUNTZLEMAN so he may vuew lhe hrgher 'lhungs rn Iufe LUCILLE MANWILLER leaves her calm cool and collecfed manner 'lo ELIZABETH FILLMAN JEANNE MILLER bequea+hs her sophrslrcahon 'ro JANET MAE BROWN JAY MOURER leaves hrs lall 'lales +o MR ALDERFER so he may allernafe fhem wu+h hrs jokes l E . . . 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McAfee I Olexa R Thomas W Root Mr Brown Coach Thzra' row left to rzght B Stahl I Brower R Domm D Clemens D Zelenak I l-lellr ch Schwe1tzer F Sxtko R Brannan C Foreman Mr Buckwalter Coach Fourth row left to rtght E Ingram R Hohl W Iohnson K Darlmgton D Mllle B Iohn Seralml P Brower C Carly R Strunk Mr Brey Coach joofgaf NORCO LOSES OPENER TO COLLEGEVILLE ORTH COVENTRY opened fhe foofball season af Collegevrlle and losf fo fhe fune of 6 0 College vnlle s fouchdown was made on a pass from Bull Yeagle fo Fran McManus rn fhe second period The resf of fhe game was foughf befween fhe fwenfy five yard markers BOYERTOWN SWAMPS WILDCATS The nexf week we mef our foughesf opponenf Boyerfown The VV ldcafs performed vallanfly during 'Ihe f1rsf half and led af 'Ihe halfflme 1412 The second half broughf our downfall wlfh Greg Lrgnelll passlng and fhrowlng plfchoufs fo Fronherser Alfhough Bull Whrflafch Ronny Domrn and Johnny Brower made good gams fhroughouf fhe game fhe fTnal score sfood af 30 pornfs for Boyerfown 14 for Norco NORCO SCORES FIRST WIN Vrcfory finally came our way on Thursday mghf Ocfober 16 on Ihe home field Schwenlcsvrlle was on fhe low end of a 19 0 score Whlflafch Domln and Brower scored fouchdowns In fhe second and fourfh periods Bob lfhe Toel Hewlff locked an exfra pornf for Norco on fhe second 'Iouchdown WILDCATS TIE SUNSETS On Ocfober 24 Norfh Covenfry came from behind fo he Wyomrssung The Sunsefs baffled fhe Wuldcafs rn fhe fhnrd and fourfh perxods wlfh spread forma 'Irons Their score was made In fha fhurd period and fhelr exfra pomf was good Lafe rn fhe fourfh quar fer Larry McAfee rushed m fo puck up a bad pass from Wyomlssrng s cenfer and wenf all fhe way for a fouchdown Dom n bulled hrs way across for fhe exfra polnf Mlsforfune came fo Norco In 'Ihe second perlod when Jim Olexa going down under a punf fracfured hrs rrghf leg NORCO AND SPRING CITY BATTLE TO SCORELESS TIE The lasf game of 'Ihe season wrfh Sprung Crfy broughf no score Io erfher srde The feams were well mafched and fhe game was hard foughf all fhe way 'z I x 16 - 'nr Ml 1 'V 1 1---1- 11 '1 . . . i , -. ,. ,. ,. ,. , . , ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. , . 1 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- l, '. ' 'Y ' ' r I ' . , ., . . 1 . .. , . . . , . . . . . n ' , . i ' ' l - o-n , . -u uu- ' 1 f . 1 . . ' . ,1 . . - . . . I I I 1 I .. I I r I ' - ' I ' - lhrough Bolh leams had good chances lo score bul fauled There was a near lragedy un 'the lasl munule when John Brower playung hus lasl' game suflered a slughl concussuon PAST AND FUTURE Upon lookung back over fhe 1953 season lhe record shows one vuclory a hard foughl game wulh Schwenksvulle 'rwo losses and lwo lues On lhe sur face of cold slaluslucs lhus may nol s em umpressuve However when you realuze 'lhal Norlh Covenlry 'hed uls ancuenl nemesus Sprung Culy on uls own field we see an accomplushmenl whuch hasnl' been a realuly em Parting JOHN BROWER one of lhe besl halfbacks Norco has seen for a long 'lume was a lop ground gauner for lhe Wuldcals Hus ball carryung abululy auded hum un makung many long runs and un scorung 'louchdowns WILLIAM WHITLATCH varsuly fullback for four years caplauned +he leam lhus season very eFFi cuenlly Hus leadershup kepl' Norco conslanlly un 'lhe game for Bull never gave up unlul lhe final whuslle DAVID CLEMENS lhus year look lull command of lhe quarlerback posl and called all of lhe games luke a veleran He was always dependable as a safely on defense and gave us many lhrulls wu+h hus punl relurns for many years Also we came from behund al' Wyo mussung Readung lo 'rue lhe Sunsels Thus us lhe firsf 'lume un lhus serues 'lhal' we have done so well un Wyomussung s back yard Games won losl' and lued are lhe sfaluslucs of a foolball season lhe coaches belueve lhey have laughl 'leam play sporlsmanshup and cooperaluon Barrung unforeseen academuc weaknesses Norco wull have a nucleus of lwenly eughl men from lhe 1953 leam ready for 'lhe 1954 grund Thus guves Norco a brughler horuzon for lomorrow ell l orJ Allhough lhus was JAMES OLEXA s firsl' year he was lhe laslesl' man on lhe feam and could handle an end run 'lo perfecluon Unforlunalely hus leg was broken un 'lhe Wyomussung game and Jum spenl several monlhs hobblung on crulches ROBERT BRANNAN dud nol' play un many games bul' helped lhe feam un many ways He was a capa ble subslulule and a morale buulder Bob was a good Iuneman who should have come oul' for sporls earluer un hus hugh school career These five senuors upheld a fine sfandard of sporls manshup lo add 'lo Norco s name and 'Fame May 'lhey go on lo greal' achuevemenls un lhal bugger game of u e l . , ., ' , ' u u ' . ' . . . . . I A I I . . ' ' ' u u .' , l T - , , . I I - ' . . . . . . . I 9 ' 1 I . I I u I ' . - , . - . n a . u I - - 1 u ' 1 . ' . I u 1 . . I ' - I ' . - u - u I Fist row lett to rzoht G Shrum P Cannell G Keeler I Rucharcls R R1ley M Luft K Evans Second row let! to rz ht D Rosewczrne D Bcztdorf D Fredertck B Ro henbc fue Gummu L Iones B Goswellun L Swcxvely D Lung Mrs Ruoss Coach Thzrd row left to rzght S Sands I Fox B Muller I Rock I Yergey B Clark A Recd B Buckwcxlter Fourth row Iett to rmht B Rothenberger P Colver L Wumpler M Nesley M B n I Frues L Rutter Ruth Gorman Manogere l l , J -, , , , , , . , , eo, Ljlrloclwy . A .'. at v . I i . . f . . ' ' I . . - .:.'. I 52 FTER what seemed luke a short summer vacatuon the flrst notuce for candudates for the hockey squad was Issued on September 1 A group of 37 gurls came out and practuced hard under the unstruc tuons of Mrs Ruoss A great deal of practuce was requured un order to get a team un shape for the first game The Kuttens had a good season wuth four wuns two tues and one loss ln our first game we played host to Royersford Our hard work pand off as we came out on top wuth a vuctory 6 3 For our next game we traveled to Up er Perkuomen where once agaun the Kuttens clawe theur way to vuctory wuth a score of 2 1 We then journeyed to Collegevulle where the game ended un a 3 3 tue The gurls had to fight hard un the second half to overcome Collegevulle s half tume lead of 2 0 but the teams were evenly matched Once agaun Next we played Sprung Cuty at home the Kuttens came out the vuctor wuth a score of 2 0 Wuth our fighting spurut stull very hugh we were ready for the Bearettes from Boyertown The Kuttens fought all the way and handed the Bearettes theur first loss by a score ofl 0 The next game was played at West Pottsgrove but even though the Kuttens fought all the way the Falcons handed us our tlrst loss by a score of 1 0 For our last game the Kuttens went to play at Schwenksvulle Both teams fought a hard game to brung the final score to al 1 ue The Kuttens finushed un a tue for second place un the Perkuomen Schuylkull Valley League Th Norco Kuttens wull lose s ven hockey players and one manager thus ycar These semors hope to see successful hockey teams un the future If!! M!!! W Ulm .Slmm GLADYS SHRUM Gladys played rughf wung un'ruI her senuor year when she was changed 'fo lefl wung on 'I'he varsuly whuch us a more dufficull posufuon fo play Gladys wull be remembered for her abululy a+ prelendung as she played The ball when ul wen'r over +he sude lunes durung pracfuce KATHRYN EVANS Kale played leff unner on +he varsuly and wull long be charac+eruzed by her conscuenhous eFfor+s un each game The gurls wull ceriaunly muss her morale buuldung chaHer which echoed durung prac+uces and game fume GLADYS KEELER Gladys played varsu+y rughl half back and wull be remembered for her consuslency and dependabulufy un backing up fhe lune players JOYCE RICHARDS Joyce played varsuly cenler half back She had greai' speed whuch gave her 'lhe abulul' fo cover The whole field We wull remem vuded or +he feam during prachce PATRICIA CANNELL Pai spenl' her firsf year un varsu+y compe+u+uon playing rughl wung Alfhough Pal +rued very hard 'lo s+ay un her alley she always ended by followung +he ball MILDRED LUFT Boze s speed and druve whule al +ackung +he goal remauns a mysfery lo her oppo nenls buf no+ 'lo fhose who know her Boze was our hugh scorer for lhe season from her cen+er forward posuhon RUTH ANN RILEY Rufh Ann played varsufy lefl half back and wull be rememberd for her skull un usung +h circular Tackle +o oblaun The ball from her oppon nl RUTH GORMAN Rulh was our dependable and loyal manager for four years The leam and coach wull muss her loyally and her abululy +o keep fhe score book un perfecl order Rufh could always nughl before a home game lunung fhe field SL ,Slum M!!! W The good fumes we had af pracluce Our lasi nughl a+ hockey prachce Fun we had on fhe bus when goung lo games The gab sessuons we had ai' pracfuces The fhrull of wunnung a game Our faulhfulness un lakung our laps and exercuses Our mo++o A +eam fhal can + be bear and won I The orange sluces al half 'lume be beai Our wonderful coach Gellung ou'r of classes early for games Our lasl game Q i '44 ' . . . . -I e . I ber Joyce for lhe enferfainmenf which she pro- be seen running up and down +he field jusl 'lhe e ' I 3.5: . 5 3 M.........2 J I fn ' 2 -if I 53 Frrst row left to rmht C Shcner W Wise R Domln R B1eh1 C Foreman L McAfee D Krrby Second rovv le't to rght G Stcrnson D Nell K Dorhngton R Moyer E Orr I Brown C Curly L Asseo K Becller P Iones Mr Buckwolier Coach Thzrd row left to rrght Mr Brown Couch D Sercrfml G Hcxkum R Iohn R Hewrtt R Strunk H Sm1th C Berkey I Hcrrlung W Strunk 095 aalfelgaf HERE was buf one sensor on Nor+h Covenfry s 1953 54 feam Cary Shaner 'l'he only player we wull lose af graduahon was noi' a regular s+ar+er buf he was a greaf morale buulder and helped keep up +he spmr of +he ream The sfarhng llneup usually conslsfed of Russ Blehl a junior and fhe capialn of fhe feam Russ was +he feam s lop scorer and was selecred for fhe firsi 'ream of fhe Perk League Hrs one hand push shol from rhe oufslde IS deadly and he should shafler all scoring records nexf season John Brown 5 9 sophomore was 'I'he o'l'her forward Larry MacAfee a 6 fool' junior who was our blggesl' fhreaf under fhe back boards wull be back nexf year Ron Domm and Chuck Foreman were +he fwo guards and bofh of fhem helped In fhe scoring and rebounding durung lhe game Mr. Buckwalfer also had a s+rong reserve club In Pefe Orr and Cluff Car+y sophomores Bull Wise a junior and Cary Shaner Coach Buckwalier worked Wllh a group of boys who were for fhe mosf pari' inexperienced However fhey all showed 'lhe wull fo play and If fhey conhnue fo Improve as 'l'hey have done fhls year 'I'he Perk League crown mlghl' be flymg over Norco wn+hm +he nexf few years The Norco Jayvee squad under +he leadership of Coach AI Brown broughl honor fo Norlh Covenlry +hrough fhelr fremendous season If some of 'l'he regular players had noi' been promored +o varslfy 1'hey mughl' have won fhe crown In lhelr dlvlslon Lee Asseo and Bob HewnH were 'I'he hugh scorers for +he yearlmgs nd bofh of fhem should be varsrly ma+erlal nexf year O+her boys who rounded oui' +he .layvees 4 11 . A gr - ,':ivl,l' , of . , , - - , V , V . - , V , - , ' 1 1 I - V . - . - , V . - , V , , - - , . V . - . - , - , - . , . . . . I ' n 1 1 . , , . I I I ' I . I 1 ' . . I , . . . . l I I ll a I ' 1 . , ' - I ' I I - ' 52 41 were Duck John Duck Moyer Kenr Darlungfon Paul Jones Jay Harrung Kennerh Bealer Rance Srrunk Charles Berkey Horace Smufh George Hakum and Donald Neff Managers were Gregory Sranson Don Seralinu and Rance Sfrunk Norco Norco Norco Norco Norco Norco Norco Norco Norco Norco Unuonvulle Warwuck Phoenuxvulle Warwuck Royersford Lookung +oward fhe 1954 55 cage season we see lo+s of hugh scorung ball games and possubly fhe Perk crown a+ Norco We senuors wush Mr Buckwal+er and Mr Brown lo+s of luck nexf season We know +ha+ fhey wull be guvung +heur besf fo Norco 00.1 Oil .5 01 Ol' Wesl Po'H'sgrove Collegevulle Boyerrown Upper Perk Schwenksvulle CQIIIAUICAUI 3 Russell Buehl John Brown Dave Clemens Ronnue Domun Larry MacAfee Charles Foreman Dale Kurby Clufford Car+y Pele Orr Cary Shaner Jum Owens 'Played un only 8 games """Played un only 3 games 55 Norco Honeybrook Norco Royersford Norco Sprung Cufy Norco Wesf Poffsgrove Norco Collegevulle Norco Upper Perk Norco Schwenksvulle 52 41 52 53 35 42 51 53 44 86 59 49 Tolal poun+s Norco 876 Cpponenis 993 Average per game Norco 461 Opponenls 52 1 on league games Ollllg X06 Ol J Tofal pounls 5 ' IQ Q J "' - ' ' 33-67 "' - - "' - ' 40-39 - - "' - ' ' 54-76 - ' ' - "' - ' 49-56 - - - 62-59 - ' - Norco-Spring Cify 41-35 Norco-Boyerfown 42-54 - 46-35 - - - ' 42-57 - ' - - 34-50 - : I I 1 - 39-66 : I . i - ' 41-39 'N - - - f - -' W W -J ' 307 152 1' 109 . ' A 88 73 58 ' 31 ' 28 13 13 - un 4 Front rv le' to nel' D Batdorf K Evane G Shrum G Keeler I Bxcha ds D Bo Q warne H George B Buckwalter Second row lefl lo rzght D Lang B Bxley Managers I Fox E Clark B M1ller I Yergef L Iones I Seyolel N Brannlng I Layman K Collms Manager Mrs Buoss Coach Tl' rd row le! lo r H Bxtler M Bean M Hahn B Bosenberger B Goss L Wampl ll' if KCCJLQMG S oof Gill I N lale November a large group of gurls reporled +o Mrs Ruoss for baslre+ball prachce They were enlhuslashc and wnlllng lo follow her lnsfruchons The resulls of prachce showed In fhe openlng game wrlh Collegevulle on +he home cour+ The score al' half 'lame was 1416 favor of Collegevrlle bu+ In +e second half fhe Kulfens wenl on lo defeal College v e 31 7 The nexl' week Norco wenl lo Boyer+own hampered by 'rhe loss of a regular guard Dorolhy Rosewarne who was oul' because of lnjurues There lhe Kl++ens played lhe bes+ game of +he season The defense dad an oulslandlng job In holdmg Boyerfown +o 25 pomls De+ermmed lo wm +l1e nexl' game +l1e KuH'ens clawed lhelr way 'rhrough +he Blueburds of Schwenlcs vllle To wm by one poml' Schwenksvulle guards cov ered +he baske+ so well lhal' Norco was forced 'ro shool' from fhe sides of 'lhe courl' A foul shol al' 'lhe end of +he game made +he score 35 34 Our game on Royersford s floor resulfed rn a he The Kl'r+ens led rn 'Phe early parl of +he game bu+ Royersford In fhe second half broughl' lhe score +o a 39 39 he ln our nexl' game al Upper Perlc we were on fhe shorl' end of a 4619 score We massed Deanna .- , n1 , n.1,w.IiK I l ro' , A .Y . , . ., . , . , . ' r ., ss -- .li ,.l . lah!-, ' , , , . , . - A QT o 9 7 as A M 177 9. I , . ' 1 I 1 . h -' ' ' U I - , . . III , -2 . - I .K . , ' I I I 1 - ' ' I I 56 Bafdorf, absenf because of a sprained ankle, and fhe necessary use of inexperienced forwards was seen in fhe score. The lasf game of fhe season, Wesf Poffs- grove on our own courf, also ended in a defeaf, 45-27. The four seniors who leave fhis year wish for nexf year's feam a successful season. GLADYS KEELER, co-capfain, came ouf for baskefball four years, and in her junior year became a regu- lar varsify guard. She did a fine job in fhis posi- 'fron and could always be depended on fo fighf fo fhe end of 'rhe game JOYCE RICHARDS who shared co capfain honors wifh Gladys also played varsify during her junior and senior years Because of her heighf Joyce could block shofs very effecfrvely GLADYS SHRUM, fhe smallesf varsify member, played cenfer forward in her senior year. Her besf scoring fechnique is a quick sef shof from 'rhe leff side of 'rhe floor. KATHRYN EVANS spenf her fwo sfarfing years play- ing jayvee guard. In her junior year she was shiffed fo fhe forward secfion and became a regular varsify forward fhis year. "Kafe" is besf known for her smoofh lay up shofs which helped her fo become high scorer for fhe season RUTH ANN RILEY was our capable manager fhis season She was always on hand fo fake care of fhe needs and wishes of fhe squad mmf Siafralrca Tofal Age of Class 4 years Tofal Age of Boys years Tofal Age of Girls years Average Age of Boys 17 yr 6 mo Average Age of Girls 7 yr 4 Tofal Weighf of Girls 3862 S Average Weighf of Boys S Average Werghf nf Girls s Lighfesf Boy S Lighfesf Girl S John and Bill Youngesf Oldesf Tofal Heighf of Boys Tofal Heighf of Girls Average Helghf of Boys Average Heighf of Girls Smallesf ir Smallesf o Tallesf Girl Tallesf Boy Tofal Weighf of Class Tofal Weighf of Boys 17 years 19 years 168 ff 4 ff HM 6543 los 26 lbs Popular Boy s Name Popular Girl s Name Tofal Size of Shoe Tofal Size for Boys Tofal Size for Girls Average Size for Boys Average Size for Grrls Smallesf for Girls Smallesf for Boys Largesf for Girls Largesf for Boys Mary Ocfober and December 1705 2285 2 2 2 2 ' .,......,..,.,,.......,,..,.,.........,. 538 ' . ' .....,..,.........,..,.,........ 124 lb . ' ........,..............,....., 1 . mo. ' ' ..,..,.,............ .....,..,.. .....,...,......,.. 1 0 5 Ib . Tofal Heighf of Class . . .. .... ..,. , 279 ff. 6M in. Popular Monfh of Birfh . ,,..,. .,.,,.,,,...,.....,. . .. .April ' ..,...,. ..,. . H111 ff. 5 in. ' ' ,. ,,,....,, ...,.,.. . .. . 1V in. ' .. , ...... ,.........,,, ..,,, .... . . . ..,,,....399 ' . . ...5 ff. 10 in. A ......,... . ' ' . ,,.,..... 5 ff. 5 in. .' ' , ,....,.,..,.....,.., .. . G'l .... ,. ..... .. ...,,.. ...., ..... 5 . V4 in. ' ................-.-. -.--,-. V B y. ,.,. .. . ,5 .6 an. ' , ...,,,,..... , ....,,.7'f ' . , . ,. , .... 5 ff. 9 in. ', ..... ,..,. ,,.,,...,.... . . ' .,,, ,,,, . , , , ,, ,,,, ,,,, ' , ' ..,.. . ,.... ., , . ....9'! i ,.... , , ,.., 81 . . ., , . . ,H13 57 I'l6l,l9C5A0f:5 Q55 939 BBE QB? ll! E!! Ill 593 Q C Bltler H George I K pne Ms D lo C och I Slwlllh Capo M Kr p Co Ccptcm I Lucas C QQPLULJQFJ ave, cab, pave A FAMILIAR cry around all Norco +he pasf year was Norlh Covenfry Frgh+' If seemed as If everyone cheered Iusf a lrH'le louder and 'The 'reams fried jusr a llffle harder rn response +o +he cheers The answer 'lo all +l1e exfra sprrrf rn fhe bug wheel of sfudenls was In fhe cog of fhe wheel Norco s cheerleadrng squad Cap+arn Jeanne Smrlh and her co cap'I'arn Mary Esfher Kreps were 'fhe fwo sensors on The squad The Iunror class was represen+ed by Carol Mary Br+ler Jean Ann Kepner and Barbara Joan Lucas Helen George was 'rhe one sophomore rn 'rhe group These gurls who were chosen by 'rhe facully af +he opening of school are fhe ones who lcepl' 'Phe wheel of school sprrrl' rolling The squad was under The durechon of a very en fhusrashc and capable leader Mass Jessre Delp She has worked hard wr+h fhe cheerleaders for The pasl fave years and drd much +o help fhem wrlh fhenr program Pep rallres were held before each foolball game wnfh +he grand finale before +he Iasf game The dance held by lhe cheerleaders proved +o be as greal' a success as all +herr prevrous endeavors The cheerleaders added much color 'ro Norco cheered en+husras'hcally and were exampl s of fhe good sporfsmanshrp of fhe whole school The school as grafeful 'lo all +hose gurls who so proudly wore al all games +herr large red N l'he svmbol of a grow :ng school wrrh a growrng spmf I Fr nt row, .eff fo f1fj.l'Zf+ . ' , , e r, 1:5 e 4 , 5 , J , cf. in . Q ss, - ' , . .. CC 77 O L 0 -. . ., . . . . . r - h 1 ' - . . . I I I . - I I D o c I v . , . ' . . . D ' ll ll . , . ' 59 NAME Ar+hur Aurey Aprll Asseo Parke Bishop Roberl' Brannon John Brower Mary Ann Camaho PBIFICIB Cannell Theresa Clsarlk Davud Clemens Dorla Faye Darlungfon Kafhryn Evans Fay Fausl Rurh Gorman Mary Kazlmer Gladys Keeler Enos Keller Suzanne Kirby Mwry Eslher Kreps Vxrgnnua Krnsco Peggy Ann Kulp Donald Laverly Earl Leary Charles Lnghfcap Barbara Lloyd Lucllle Manwlller Jay Maurer Jeanne Muller John Nesley Russell Norrls James Olexa Nancy Orandosh Carole Lee Pnckar Barbara Pnke Arlene Ruchards Joyce Rnchards Rulh Ann Ruley Wllllam Rowland CIaude++e Rondum Shurley Schwellzer Cary Shaner Gladys Shrum Jeanne Smllh Judllh SIIBH Geraldme Seydel Joan Torak Doris Trylhall Wulluam Whnrlafch Roger Wolf Leroy Yerger Wulbur Yocom PERSONALITY IN SONG Farmer on lhe Dell My Good Gurl Baa Baa Black Sheep Wn+h These Hands The Rovnng Kmd Sweel Muss Mary When You re Smllung Keep I+ Gay Heaven Help Thus Hearl' of Mme There s Music IH 'lhe Arr Tell Me Where +he Good Times Are The Old Masler Pannrer Angel Eyes Crazy Mixed Up Song Jus'l' My Bull Crazy Man Crazy Type Wruler Song There s Musnc nn You Never Leave Me Dance Me Loose Marine Hymn Slow Poke My One and Only Love Beauhful Brown Eyes My One and Only Love I II Gel By Dreamer s Holiday Beauhful Dreamer How Are We Gonna Keep Em o Blowln Wllcl I+ Had 'ro be You Hof Rod Race Tull I Walfz Agaxn Wlfh You Marriage Type Love Sophnshcaled Lady When Irlsh Eyes Are Smllung Wnlhoul a Memory Hey Joe Always Lale A Hunllng We WIII Go No Olher Love Cup of Joy Be My Life s Companon Drunk Io Me Only walh Thane Eyes Everybody Loves Sarurday Nlghl My Hear? Crues For You I Il Be There In Ihe Mood Gave Me Ihe Name Age Henghl Once Upon a Tune 60 wn e+c and Suze DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS Hrs walk Her earnesrness Qule+ mlschnevousness Has shyness Good looks Her apparenl shyness Her sm Ie Shlnung golden hair bleached bangs Crew haurcul Eflnclenl use of hme Her nanvefe II'1dIVIdUaII'Iy Sweef smnle Unusual laugh Her walk Unusual hanrculs Musucal 'I'aIen+ Rehrmg ways Her Iaughmg Crackmg gum Crewcu+ Conhnual doodllng Hrs prelly eyes Her brown eyes Her gayness Hrs blue eyes Her long fungernauls Slow mollon Wavy hair Slrong fealures Her peaches and cream complexuon Colleclnng summonses Her cheslnul brown haur Her laugh er s'ryIush appearance Her 'Iurned up nose Hrs helpfulness Excellenl command of vocabulary Her sweel smule Has jokes Pehle sfafure Her good humor Inabulvly +o gel up In +he morning Her shyness Changeable Ideas Her cons+an'r challer Expressuve eyes Has qulel' seriousness Hrs smallness Hrs walk ' Ir - n - ' ru . u ' an nr ' ' ' u . nv ' n - - n uv - ll ' ' ll I - - lr ' ' ll u - ' ' 1 ' u - - u ' - n u . . . ul - ' ' un . ll - In - n - - ' n un - ' un - u ul - u n In - ' lu . n - n 1 . . rr - - K. ' ' ' ' un n ' nn ru ' nl - rn In rl - ' ' nr u - nn - nu ' - u n urn nu - ' ur r - u - ' n - n - ' u 1 1 D n ' - n - I - n nu nu ' ' n n ' ' u - - . nu ' ' n . ul ' un - - ro H f ' rn - -- In 1- - ' ' u - u - ru u I ' f nu un ' ur - - n - - n un - - Ir ur . - u - r u . . . . - u - - - In In - lr - - an - rr - ' - un u ' an n - - ' rn v - - ru - I u 1 - n n - FAVORITE PASTIME Mulkung cows Beung wuII1Ium HoI roddung Workung wuIh wood EaIung n AcIuvuIy Peruod Rudung un cars Talkung Io Donald Runnung around Playung sporIs Talkung Havung Fun Sleepung Talkung on phone Takung uI easy Sleepung Lookung Ior gurls WruIung IeIIers Io Don Goung Io Ihe movues Druvung Playung puano Fushung and hunIung SI'1orI wave raduo Workung aI sIore Druvung car Relaxung Rudung un cars WruIung sIorues HunIung Workung around cars HunIung Makung cloIhes HOI roddung Druvung a Buuck Tellung uokes Readung Goung ouI wuIh Clyde Workung wuIh raduo TV Readung Rudung wuIh Jack Fox hunIung Workung puzzles Druvung a PonIuac WruIung Io Bob Druvung Talkung Sewung cIoIhes Foolung wuIh cars Play ng hus Irombone Talkung Workung on raduo FAVORITE FXPRESSION You re noI so smarI II s uusI paIheIuc How should I know7 ThaI s rughI WhaI7 Boy oh buddy' Oh go home JusI checkun Ihe rackeIs Cherchez La Femme HonesI Io Goodness Oh my Iuver I m so glad Ior you ThaI burns me up Hey Chuck' I don I belueve you Keep cool See how you are I Ihough+ I d due I IhoughI I d due Boy don I you know And away we go' Check IhaI I don I know Long DusIance Oh Ior goodness sakes e I don I know You all come I Ieel Ior you buI I can I reach You donI say For cryung ouI loud There s no sense Io IhaI II sIunned me II s rough aun I uI7 LusIen boy' You d beIIer belueve uI LeI s geI wuIh uI WhaI do you know' No kuddung M M M boy you re IaI You know Are you kuddung You know I' ThaI uars me I InoughI I d d e WhaI do I care WhaI s Ihe maIIer7 By George' You don I know d you? Don I Iurn IhaI dual 61 USUALLY FOUND AI Nancy s AI Trunks Pugh own Garage Home Work Home Home Any place IhaI s uumpung WuIh Goss Ramble Inn Hard Io Iell Bowlung Alley Bell Telephone Co On Ihe hughway In a green Mercury Hugh SIreeI Home Home Home Trunks AI PaI s house Home aI workshop Pune Forge Workung aI Bell Home Home AI Shurley s house BeIIy Jane s Workung aI IIorusI s o Home Rudung around AI Eddue s Cup Skeeze s place In her car SuIIung un Clyde s car Chapman Pa AI SmuIh s Book SIore Home Hus pool room WuI Lowell WuIh Barb Home Home Hugh SIreeI AI People s u SIore Ramble Inn Burdsboro Home SIraIo Tone Reco dung Co ' ' ' ' ll -Il ' ' ll I I i+?lI I l A "Y h ..,....., .......,.. 7 7" Trunks " ll I II n 1 h p ' ll II nh ' F ll illl ' un I I lu uu - . ll ll I g l II I I O -II SERIOUS WITTY INTELLIGENT MUSICAL ROMANTIC NATURE-LOVING ATHLETIC COURTFOUS 14 ma Wafer THE NCDRCQ WILDCAT y'l'IIgl'1 school has al gend Passed on from y ar o year To hrch we pledge allegiance And always cherrshed dear Bu+ of all +he honored rdols s fhe s+a+ely Norco Wrldcaf The symbol of our besl CHORUS Haul 'ro lhe W1ldca+ loyally bred' l-laul Alma Ma+er s+h vour Whu+ and Red' Norco forever moulder of men' Frgh+ for her honor And vuclory aga n 63 X K Ever' ' C e I- , W . . There's bu+ one which sfands 'rhe i'es+-- I+' ' ' , , W' I ' e . ll 109 PUIJAJ

Suggestions in the North Coventry High School - Torch Yearbook (Pottstown, PA) collection:

North Coventry High School - Torch Yearbook (Pottstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


North Coventry High School - Torch Yearbook (Pottstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


North Coventry High School - Torch Yearbook (Pottstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


North Coventry High School - Torch Yearbook (Pottstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


North Coventry High School - Torch Yearbook (Pottstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


North Coventry High School - Torch Yearbook (Pottstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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