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graciousCy donated (By (Patty J{o[CifieCd MciDowet! County Pu6lk LiSrary 90 W. Court St., Marion, %C 28752 1 North Cove High School Alma Mater In the shadows of the mountains Under skies so blue. Stands our dear old North Cove High School Glorious to view, Sound the chorus, speed it onwaro; Thee we ' ll never fail Hail to thee, our North Cove High School Hail to thee, All Hail] In thy halls we formed our friendships Dear old high school Hoye And to thee we pledge our hearts Wherever we may roam Sound the chorus, speed it onward Thee we ' ll never fail] Hail to thee, our North Cove High School TO thee, All Hail] BURG5SS BAFTLETT, Glee Club; Softball Team; Basketball Team; Trans- fored from Heasant Gardens, Pall 1947. ASHFORL. N.C. H NFY Sf5A LL BRCWN, Secretary Student Council; 4-H Club; Glee Club; Fresldent Freshman and Sophcffnore Class; Sagle Scout; Besketball Team; Softball Team; Captain basketball Team; ESditor North Cove Echoes; Assistant editor Hi-Lite; Recitation Medal. ASHFC L, N.C. BT3TTY JSAN CCNL ' ?Y, Student Council; Secretary 4-H Club; Secretary Sophomore and Junior Class; President Tlee Club; Honor latlng 1, Tis- trict Music Contest; Fresldent Library Club; president County Council 4-H Clubs; Grammar Grade Librarian. MARION, FT. 3, N.C. FRANK " ATSCN T5NGLISH, Student Council; 4-H Club; President .Tunlor and Senior C4ass; Softball Team; tesketball Team; Assistant editor Hl- Llte. ASHFCRI , N.C. JQANNS McGH?3, Vice President Student Council; vice President 4-H Club; President and Secretary of Glee Club; Editor-in-Chief Hi-Lite; Manager Girls Softball Team; District Recreation Leader Home Economics Club; Secretary Senior Class; Echoes Staff. NORTH COVE, N.C. MAHy .;Li :N S-L:- ' -(.L, llHr, Club; -i-H Club; hasketball Team; Softnnll ' ' a ' NOhTri N.L . ClAUDs; T(Jf ' NS:NL, Glee Club; 4-H Llub; Treasure Junicr class. ASni ' ChL , J .C . ■ ' ' lU. ' A TC«NS=CND, Glee Club; 4-H Club; Tr3f3sur9 i ibrary Club; Student Council; U r-. }irls .•.ssketcall learn. ASHFaL, N.C. HIU ' A FAYS ' ' . ' ASbtjUFN , StuG ' nt Council; Glee Club; i ibrery Club; Vice I-reslcent 4-H Club; Sgftball Team; tassketball Tsan. MAhlCN " , RT.3, N.C. r,AH .A: ' A ' -ik i ' .Vli LIAMS, Student Council; 4-ri Club; Glee -lub; Soft- ball Teem; basketoell Team; I-rsaloent Library club; business Npnager hi -Lite; Echoes Stnff; .lor.e •Iconcnics Club. ASriFCKL, M.C. Senior Class History It was in the bright, sunny September of 1944 that the doors of north cove h i oh school were opened to an eager crowd of waiting boys and GIRLS. They were not as they are now; some were SHY, SOME WERE AWKWARD, BUT ALL WERE WHOLESOMELY GREEN, We CHOf?E Henry Seawell Brown as our president THAT year. So, the pleasant autumn days slipped THEN into SPRING, AND COMPLETED ONE YEAR OF quietly into winter, and before we knew it, we had our high school work, The green had somewhat FOR OUR Sophomore year, as WORN WHEN THERE WAS WE RETURNED NOW A CLASS BELOW US, We AGAIN CHOSE Henry Seawell Brown for our leader. When we came back the following year we picked Watson English as our president. We were a rather OPTIMISTIC class THEN, AS WE KNEW THAT ONLY THAT year remained before we acquired the long awaited " senior privileges " . The highlight of our Junior YEAR was our CLASS PLAY, " LET ME OuT Of HeReJ " . And then at last we were Seniors. ' The long SOUGHT FOR TIME HAD FINALLY COME, WE HAD REACHED ANOTHER RUNG ON THE LADDER OF SUCCESS, WE AGAIN put our leadership into the capable hands of Watson English, There were several Seniors who starred on our BALL TEAMS, ThESE WERE HENRY SeAWELL BROWN, FAYE Washburn, Mary Ellen Swofford, Watson English, and Burgess Bartlett. On May 19th, we received the reward for which we had so faithfully worked, our diplomas. We do NOT KNOW HOW MaY 19TH DAWNED TO OTHERS, BUT TO THE Seniors, it was a day of sunshine and showers - SUNSHINE, because WE WERE AT LAST ENTERING THE WIDE, WIDE WORLD; SHOWERS, BECAUSE IT WAS A TIME TO PART, For WE HAD LEARNED TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER IN THE FOUR YEARS OF WORK AND COMPANIONSHIP GETHER, But we all SMILED THROUGH THE MIST TEARS AND WISHED THE BEST TO ALL OTHERS, TO- OF S I NC ERE appreciation for We do will the access to benefit State of North Carolina, County School of North Cove- To WHOM IT MAY CONOERN- Section 1. We, the Senior Class of 1948, oo AND bequeath TO OUR DEARLY BELOVED SCHOOL gradituoe of our entire class, and our what it has accomplished for us, Junior Class all our books and that may be derived from th£4j, To THE Sophomores, we leave our best wishes. May they follow in our steps and someday become dignified sen i ors. To the Freshmen, we give our congratulations when AND IF they BECOME SOPHOMORES, Section 2, Betty Conley leaves her musical talent TO S| DNEY McGhEE. Henry Brown wills to Alvin McCall his HUMOR, Mary Swofford bequeaths to OF her boy fr I ends. Watson English wills his seat anyone that will take it, wilma townsend leaves her school store to billy wright, Burgess Bartlett bequeaths to his ability to get along with the Faye Washburn surrenders to her place on the basketball team, Claude Townsend wills his rCHELL, Barbara Williams gives to the Freshmen Girls COMB and MIRROR, Joanne McGhee bequeaths to Jean Harrison her 5iti0n in the seventh grade. 3. to the faculty, our deep SENSE OF Beverly Lonon one IN PHYSICS TO POSI Tl on in THE J,W, Carpenter opposite sex, Lucille Washburn CURLY HAIR TO JOE RESPECTFUL- 1948 DO HEREBY AFFIX DAY OF May, 1948. IS- m ?cvi ' ;i?. Prettiest Girl Mary Ellen Swofford Best Looking Boy Watt English Most Intelligent Girl Betty Jean Conley Most Intelligent Boy Henry Seawell Brown Most Athletic Girl Faye Washburn Most Athletic Boy Watt English Most Popular Girl Betty Jean Conley Most Popular Boy Claude Townsend Friendliest Girl Wilma Townsend Friendliest Boy Claude Townsend Quietest Girl Wilma Town send Quietest Boy Burgess Bartlett Most Ambitious Betty Jean Conley Best Sport Joanne McGhee Most Courteous Betty Jean Conley Most Dependable Joanne McGhee Class Pest Claude Townsend Best All Round Henry Seawell Brown 1 3LEV3NTH GRALii y ' r -iS . JOS MJTCHaLL VIC3 PRES. SIDKKY McGH i C SKC. ThiiAS. b-:i1Y JC BKC.WN ftUTH BCrYD BETTY JC BRC N JSAN KAKKISON RUBY HOLLTFISID HSL3K KING SIT N ' Y McGWSS RObiiRT BRIIvKi Y JOe ENGUSH RAY GRti3Nh; ALVIN MCLALL HAL TOR MOV JUN H ER No, F I N CLA S I D AN DAY HAP UR THE ROO CHE ( S AN GUE OLD Syo D I S WH A Gre LEMAIM K| N Har ALL The L ,LA N ADO ABLE 1 OR S E? THEY ALLY SS, er(n F I N i N S BU Lit A B PAS M TE LL I WO R T OUR As SS, H MAI NEY TING T EL JUNIORS PAST-PRES EN T- FUTURE BELL RINGS, ThERE IS A COMMOTION IN THE UGHTERjTHE DOOR OPENS AND ELEVEN HUMAN ES WHIRL INTO THE ROOM, Qu I C K L Y , E VER Y TH I N G IS PUT AWAY BECAUSE THOSE ELEVEN ARE THE OF North Cove High, WaitJ What do we have Jean and Betty Jo in a political argument, ' re not mad. Things just got dull. They SETTLED DOWN, Th E TEACHER TRIES TO HAVE A QUESTION COMES UP-NOBOOY AGREES, An OUT- OT A JR,) STATES A VIEW, Th E ELEVEN UNITE ALLY WIN THEIR AR GU M E N T , Su CH IS A TYPICAL THE LIFE OF A JUNIOR, A LITTLE HECTIC PER- T A LOT OF FUN. TLE CAN BE SAID ABOUT OUR PAST, WE LEARNED C ' S AND MULTIPLICATION TABLEs(l HOPe), In T THREE YEARS MR , TylER HAS BEEN OUR HOME ACHER,(A GOOD ONE,TOo),At PRESENT JOE MlT- S OUR H MORE CLASS CLASS PRES I DENT,OuR MOTTO IS " A LAUGH THAN A HUNDRED GROANS IN ANY MAPKET? FLOWER IS THE WHITE ORCHID. FOR THE FUTURE, NO ONE KNOWS, OnE CAN ONLY ERE ARE OUR P R E I CT I ON S ; R UB Y Ho L L I F I E L D , AN D SCHOOL TEACHER J Betty J oBRO WN , A HOUSEWIFE McGheEjA concert ' p I an I ST; Robert Brinkley,a UISHED minister OF THE GOSPEL.JOE MiTCHELL, SE BUT A LAWYER-WITH HIS BIG MOUTH; Ray EN, AN ACCOMPLISHED LOAFER, AlVIN McCaLL A GENT- FARMERj Joe English, A radio comedi anjHelen CONOVER MODELjRuTH BoYD,A NURSE, AND JeAN IN, A POL I T I C AN.WOUL DN ' T IT BE FUNNY IF THEY G,A R I SO CAME TRUE? JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY On a « SUNNY September mor of shiny faced, scared to deat after some persuasion from th seats and tentatively begin Six wee. voci es, wh i spered Rob McCall, Helen King, Ruth Boyde Harrison. How those voices h ARE THE (Juniors of 19 8, Ther o ui- 1948, Ther but they have, by chance and Painfully we learned? our SECOND grade. Here Ruby On through the third A B HolL 1 F AND FOU ED rvuuijn inc. inir u rti ' u Brown and Ray Greene Joined u SIXTH Joe Mitchell and Sydney PLACE IN our HEARTS, TiME DR A GRADES Tyler DR A AN D TOOK . « THROUGH THE GRE pREs I DENT , Joe Mitchell fo Sophomores we again hid behin Juniors we find _ _ _ I _ seventh and E I gh t -High School. Mr, AND guided us OUR :s WL FliMU OURSELVES AGA Yes, we ' ve made it, Eleven together, eager for, but when we bid each other goodby OUR OF U A LIT - . D EACH OTHER HISTORY IS WRITTEN, NING IN 1937 A BUNCH H KIDS MARCH ED IN AND E TEACHER TOOK THEIR TO GIVE TH E I R N Ai.lES, ERT 3RINKLEY, AlVIN ,JoE English and Jean AVE GRowNi Those kids E WERE MORE OF COURSE I SFORTUNE , FORSAKEN US C ' s AND ENTERED THE lELO JOINED OUR RANK RTH UNTIL Betty Jo S I N THE Fl FTH, I N TH E McGhEE took THEIR GGEO US THROUGH THE FINALLY THE BIG US AS HIS HOME EN Year. We R A FOUR YEAR D Mr. Tyler and as IN IN HIS GOOD H ANDS, S ARE STI LL ST I CK I NG TLE AFRAID OF THE DAY AND THE LAST CHAPTER DAY ROOM ELECTED T E R U . A S Seeing that THEM (no harm m LEND THEM SOME TO TIDE THEM OV FACE THIS WORLD To THE ENTI and sincere wis Ruby Hollif beautiful fiour modeli ng. Ray Greene ability to tal T I ONS, Joe Engl I sh OF his hei ght, Ruth Boyo b NESS, seeing TH Robert Brin ability to reas Seawell can eas Helen King Barbara William Joe Mitchel SON English an WITH IT, Sydney McGh surance that th YEAR, Alvin McCal his common sens BettyJo Bro HER winning SMI friends in the Jean Harris kick and a good AWAY PRESENTS THE Seniors of ' 4 have need of eant) we, the Juniors decided to OF OUR MORE DES|RABLE(?) QUALITIES ER THE FIRST FEW BUMPS AS THEY LY WORLD. RE CLASS WE GIVE OUR CONGRATULATIONS HES FOR SUCCESS. lELD GIVES TO VVlLMA ToWNSENO HER E. May it bring her a career in LENDS TO Burgess Bartlett his K his WAY OUT OF DIFFICULT SITUA- GivEs TO Joanne McGhee a few inches Maybe it will help balance things, ESTOws upon Faye Washburn her quiet- AT Faye is in bad need of it. KLEY LENDS TO HENRY on thing out. With i ly become a genius, surrenders her " way with S. L D S, Brown his ADDED, TH I S MEN ' TO G I VES H I S BEAUT I FUL HOPES HE WILL GET HER TO TO Wat- Hollywood EE GIVES to Betty Conley her as- E BELLS WILL RING ON TIME NEXT L LENDS TO ClaUDE TowNSEND SOME OF E-WE KNOW HE CAN USE IT. WN GIVES TO Mary Ellen Swofford LE, May FUTURE. ON G I VES BY. IT GAIN HER MANY THE Senior class a NEW SWI FT Signed Juniors of ' 48 TUNTH aRAD2 l-KES. WALTaR SNGi ISH VICE IrP ' -lS. J.W.CARI-SNTHiR SBC.TF.3AS. CI-tARLCTTE SLlIOTT GLADYS MIJCOK MAHY " TTA ELANKSNSHIi CliARLCTTS iLllCTT G«: CP. G lA H CLL I F I iX BDITH JCRrAN e=;vsrly lcncn ni :a mckinN ' ;y IRSN3 WaSHBUHK LUCTLL5 " ASIit ' iRM J.W. CARPENTER 7 ' ALTER ENGLISH LAN HCLLIFI-;!! ' WILIARL hITISKINS ALLSN KLING BEN KELLY KcGAL., ■BIi.L WRIGHT ' NINTH GKAL ' i NINTH GRADE PRES. SHIRL3Y K ING VICi CLARA SWOFFCRD SaC.TR3AS. ROSS L. BURLESON RICHARD BART LETT DELMAR filDDIX JACOB EOWWAN JOB BOYD ROSS L. BURLESON CHARLES COX JTiNICR CRISSON JACK GREENE J.C. HOGAN THCMAS HOGAN CLAULE HOLLIPIELD CLIFTON OLLTS J.L. WILLIA ' C SHIRLEY KLING DOROTHY F CBBRTSON CLARA SWOFFCKD E STELLA WEBB EIGHTH QRAL ' i: T IACHT :?- ?!RS. NORA HKNNBSS- ' l? S ' ilC. TP AS . LOTTIS ' • ' ci ' INN Y I-H- S. MAX JGPDAN OTT ' if-S- J-]A : HUSK IKS VTC ' ] 1-FKS. GILMAR H=?NN «SS5;=; .TAM ' -iS HCLLIPI ' allD •4 SKVSNTH GRAL3 TSACH JR- BOYt ' M. FRANKLIN FKBS. A.G.nCLTSCLAW VICE FRSS. MARILYN BRINKLBY SaC.TRSAS. ARDITH WILLYS RBtOHTfSR- MARILYN BRINKL ' ?Y « SIXTK GRAD3 TSACfW- hIKS. LAURA McGHSa SEC. O-ALDsiNMlS PRES. JERRY McK INN TRBAS . HAZ- i. R OfclNSCN VICE FEES. CARRCLL OLLIS REPORTER- EDITH HCiLIFISLD FIFTH GHALS TBAGHBR- MRS .PAYE PROCTCR PRES. RCD BROWN VICE PRES. JOANNE HARRIS (iJ SEC. ALICE FAY WILLIAMS REPORTER- JOANNE HARRISON FOQRTH GRADE TBACKSR- MRS. LELA McCALL SEC .TRSAS . GAIL WILLYS fWS. JIMIifir WRIGHT REPORTERS- FSGGY BROWN VICE IRKS. DCFIS BYKD HERMAN WILLIAMS THIRD GRAD5 TSACriSK- MRS.LOCKY WILSON KEi- ORTSR- ALIOS BH-DIX SSCWD GRALS T ' ACIfiJR- MISS PRANC15S KICKS RBP CRTHIR- RANLY LONGN FIRST GRAL .h; TBACHSR- ■IS3 ELLEN CRAWFCfO) RSf TiRS- ROYGS WISEMAN .DOJGIE COCiKR STANLEY SWOFFGPiJ, HbJLaN HSiin-iS Ss; , jack LOMCN HAS K -JT BALL TKAM SCFT[;ALL T .AM !-ott,om row BILL i ' hlGHT WALTS K KNGLISH jce umcmLL WATT «:nglish Center row hAY Gh ' ' ;SNS HSNBY 3 . hKOV ' N JOt : hlsj ' GLlSh Top roy -iHut Ai LiiN K LING -MOB . BnhGKSS BABTi KTT WlhLAhL IfiiSKlNS J.W. LAHttSK ' T IR J.L. ' MLLlAf S bDBG-JSS BAHTLKTT BILL ?VhlGHT lAl.T ih KNGLISH I ' AY GHi JNK JCK MITCHWLL WATT ENGLISH HKNRY S. BBC ' - ' N JW. S POLISH WTLLAHIJ HTISKINS Aj.L«N KLING Mr. BCYL M. FhANKLIN - COALH SOFThALL T AI. ' I BASK ' THALL T-:aI.; DcRCTIiY PGh ' FTSGN SYIN ' -TY Mcr TOS {fiLi N KINO •t an hat- his on VKllL . " ASHPTIBN F-AHF ' APA " WILLIAMS KAF-y S ' ' CFFrFD VARY U ' W ISP-IP DLADYS PAHCG! ' ' GSfii ' JiA KCLLIFISa- SHTi ' LSY KLING MAPY S ' CFFCJ-D SHIPL=:Y KLING FAY3 ' ASifBUPN LHCILLS; ?»AShPURN SYLN ' JY V.cGHK ' -; VJSS VAPTHA McTVs;R -- COACH (Lower, top center) JiAN dAPHISON TCP f PAl PAPA ' ' ILLIAKS H- ]L?N KING PCTTCM PCW MAPY } LA.N ' K- NSHIP GLAl YS PAUC CM S ' :CC.!!L ' Per FAY " ASHBT ' PM Name Primary Department Address Bartlett, Coy -----Holli fi eld Bates, Earl Marion Bates, Shirley Marion Baucom, Dorothy --Marion BiDoix, Alice Marion BiDoix, Fate -Marion Blankenship, Betty Jean -Marion Bowman, Boyce Ray -North Bowman, Donald -——Marion Bowman, Grady --Marion Bowman, Roy North Boyd, Doris — -Hollif Boyd, Max -—Marion Boyd, Pegoy -Marion Boyd, Ralph Hollif Branch, Burl -—.—--—-.-Marion anch, Minnie Sue- —.Marion anch, Vernice Marion OWN, Floyd North own, Leslie Marion RowN, Margaret --— — North own, Steven --— -— — -Marion RD, Ray Sevier RD, Willie Ray Marion llahan, Doris Marion ARPENTER, WiLMA MaRION iLDERS, Harold Marion NE, Frances Marion INE, Madge Marion INE, Shirley Marion OPER, Douglas Marion issoN, UoYCE Hollif LioT, Junior Marion LioT, Marion -Marion NLEY, Betty Mae -Marion NLEY, John Marion FORTH, Roger Neal Marion OD, Irene Marion Good, Clyde Marion Greene, Joyce Marion Harowick, David — Little Harris, Margie - — Marion Harris, Rosetta Marion Harris, Zelda Marion Hennessee, Helen Marion Hensley, Loretta Marion Alma -Ashfor Betty Lou -—Marion Clara Marion Ellen Marion Eugene -——-Marion Geral ——---Marion Jane — —Marion Lee Ell —-—Marion Lee Marion — Marion Marlowe -----Marion Patsy Lee Little Paul ---Marion Rosa Little Vernon Marion Clarance Ashfor JiMMiE -— -Marion HuDGiNS, Howard Marion Kling, Beverly — Marion Leister, Katherine Marion Leister, Mary Jo -Marion LoNON, Jack Carson -- — --Marion LoNON, Patty Marion LoNON, Randy -— ----Marion HOLLI Fl ELD HOLLI Fl ELD HOLL I F I ELD HOLL I F I ELD HOLL I F I ELD HOLL I Fl ELD HOLL I F I ELD HOLL I FIELD HOLL I Fl ELD HOLL I F I ELD HOLLIFIELD HOLLIFI ELD HOLL I F I ELD HOLLIFI ELD HOLTSC LAW, HOLTSCLAW, 1 2 Switzerland - — -1 Rt.3 2 Switzerland 1 Rt.3 3 1 Rt.3 —3 Rt.3 2 Rt.3 3 Rt.3 2 Rt.3 1 Rt.3 1 Rt.3 3 Rt.3 2 Area Altapass -2 Clinston Altapass 2 Joan North Cove 2 Josephine Marion, Rt,3 2 Mary Jane Altapass -1 John Ed Marion, Rt,3 2 Ray Marion, Rt.3 2 Rt.3 3 Rt.3 2 Switzerland 3 Rt.3 Rt.3 Rt.3 Rt.3 Rt.3 Rt.3 Rt.3 Rt.3 Rt.3 Rt.3 Rt.3 Rt.3 Rt.3 Rt.3 -3 -3 -1 -1 ■1 -3 •3 ■3 -1 •3 -3 LOWERY, LO WER Y , LO WERY, LOWERY , LOwERY, Mace, Mace, McCall, Grace ■ McGhee, Dean -• McKiNNEY, Amos -LiNviLLE Falls 2 Marion, Rt,3 3 Ray Marion, Rt,3 1 5 NNEY, Dean Nort NNEY, Eva Nort NNEY, James Mari NNEY, Li l Mar 1 NNEY, Ralph Mari s. Warren Wayne Mari iE, Dale Mari NsoN, Ralph Mari lEY, Andy Nort 1EY, BuooY Alta ;ton, George— Mari ;ton, J.D. Mari ;ton, Jean Mari " FORD, Al ASHF ■FORD, Stanley Mari " FORD, WANOA ASHF ), Barney Mari ), I na Mar I ), Tommy Mari ), Von Ray Holl iBuRN, Bobby Mari iBuRN, Donald Mari jBuRN, John C. Mari i, Nellie Holl . lAMS, Doris Mari .lAMS, Paul •. Mari :man, Royce AsHF )HT, Jacob Aronalo — Mari H Cove 2 H Cove 1 ON, Rt. 3 1 on, Rt. 3 1 ON, Rt. 3 2 ON, Rt. 3 1 ON, Rt, 3 1 ON, Rt. 3 1 H Cove 1 PASS 2 ON, Rt. 3 -3 ON. Rt. 3 2 ON, Rt. 3 2 ON, Rt. 3 1 ORD 1 ON, Rt. 3 3 ON, Rt. 3 2 ON, Rt. 3 3 IFIELD 2 ON 3 ON, Rt.3 - —3 ON, Rt. 3 2 IFiELD 1 ON, Rt, 3 2 ON, Rt. 3 1 ORD 1 ON, Rt, 3 1 Elementary Department Ayers, Gifton Mari Ayers, Jacob Mari Sartlett, Annie Laura — Holl Bartlett, Oelo Holl Bartlett, Tulcie Holl Bates, Arlene Mari Bates , Bi lly Ashf Bates, Loyd Mari Bates, Robert • Mari on,Rt. 3 7 on, Rt. 3 IFIELD S IFIELD 6 ON, Rt. 3 6 ORO 5 ON, Rt. 3 — ' k ON, Rt. 3 o i Annje Ray Marion Ruby Holi-if LuL A - Ma r I ON PEGGY Mar 1 ON Baucom, Baucom, Bl DDI X, B I D D i X , Blankenship, Doulie .-Marion Blankenship, Guy Marion Boyd, Glen Holl i f Boyd, Harold -Marion BoYO, Helen Hollif Boyd, Shirley Marion Bowman, Kay Frances -Marion Brinkley, Marilyn • Marion Brown, Brown, Brown , Brown, Brown, Buckley, Jimmie Ashforo burnette, boyce -north cove Burnette, Fred North Cove Byrd, Doris Marion, Rt. Byrd, Ruth Marion, Rt. Callahan, Georgia -Marion, Rt. Carpenter, Margaret Marion, Carpenter, Mary Lou Marion, Rt. Rt. ELD • RT. RT. Rt. Rt. ELD • RT. ELD ■ Rt. Rt. Rt. Freddy ■ Marion, Rt. Jack Marion, Rt. Lens North Cove 6 Peggy Ashfcrd 4 Roderick Ashford 5 - 7 Rt. Rt. Cri sson Denni e, Denn : E , Durham , Edwards Edwards Ell I OT , Ell I CT, Ell I OT, Engl I sh Fencer, Go I NS , GOODE, Greene, GWI NN, -4 •7 -4 -7 MARJE HOLLl FIELD Mable Mar 1 on , Opal Marion, Lester Ashford Doris Marion, Max ' Mar I on , Herman Mar i on , Janet -Marion, Ni na ■ • Mar ; on, John =Ashforo Peggy -Mari on, Charlyn Ashford Margie (Bubbles )-Mar i on, Anne . -Marion Rt. RT. ■I Rt. Rt. RT. Rt. Rt. IIIIIIIIZs •5 RT. 3 Rt. 3 6 RT. 3 4 Robert .Ashford — 5 - •■■1- ' -J vv.s jLj — 1.1- . ' -Hi- ' t v- Hard WICK, M Harris, N,D Harris, Nor Harr I 8 , Rus Harris, Shi Harrison, J Harrison, J Hennessee , Hennessee, Hennessee, Hensley, Go Hensley, He HOi,L I F I ELD HOLL I FIELD HOL L 1 F I ELO HOLL I F I ELD HOLL I F I ELO HOLL I F I ELD HOLL I F I ELD HOLLI F I ELD HOLL I FIELD HOLL I F I ELD HOLLI Fl ELD holl [ f i eld Holtsclaw, HOPPES, 3et HoppEs, Fay HUDGINS, OO HUSKINS, JE Husk I ns , Mi Jordan, Oea Jordan, Hoo Jordan, Wax Le I s T E R , Ma Lenon, Pegg LowERY, Cha LOWERV , LOWERY, LoWERY , LoWERY, DOL DOL Mel Ray I CHAEL Ll , No A Bee Ma S E L ■ iMA RLEY No J M No OANNE No Bobby Ma Donald Ma Gilmer Ma rdon No LEN No Billy As LOiTH Ma £ONA Ll Harold Li Jack Ho James As Joyce Ann — Ho Norman Ma Pansy Ho Peggy Ma Roy, Jr. Ma Vergil Ma A.G. As TY Ho E _ „Ho nald Ma AN — . Ma loreo .Ma N No D No No RG I E Ma Y No RLES Ma LIE No LIE Bell Al L I SA Mace, Lois •Al -Ma •Ma TTLE Switzerland 5 RTH Cove r o RION, RT.3 5 RION, RT. 3 4 RTH Cove 5 RTH Cove 7 RTH Cove 5 RION, RT. 3 7 RION, Rt, 3 6 RION, Rt . 3 8 RTH Cove 5 RTH Cove -o HFORO 5 Ri ON, Rt. 3 o TTLE Switzerland TTLE Switzerland LLIFIELD 5 HFORO -B LLIFIELD -5 RION, Rt. 3 o LLIFIELD -3 RION, Rt. 3 7 RION, Rt. 3 4 RION, Rt, 3 4 HFORD 7 LLIFIELD 3 LLIFIELD 6 R I ON, Rt. 3 Ri ON, Rt, 3 RION, Rt. 3 3 RTH Cove o RTH Cove RTH Cove RION, Rt. 3 4 RTH Cove 3 RION, Rt. 3 7 RTH Cove -8 TAPASS 6 TAPASS 6 RION, Rt . 3 — ■ RION, Rt . 3 MoCall, Clara McCall, Wayne MCKINNEY, Arvil McKiNNEY, Clayton McKjnney, James MoKiNNEY, Jerry — McKinney, Lewis — - — - McKiNNEY, Lois McKinney, Lorean— — MoKiNNEY, Mildred — - — — MoKlNNEY, Nelle — McKinney, Ray MiSENHELDER, OaVIO OcLE, Kattie Mae Ollis, Carrol--- Ollis, Jean Richardson, Robert Robertson, Kathleen Robinson, Hazel Robinson, Max — Robinson, Rex — Sneeo, Joe Stamey, Lucy Stockton, Ruby Lee SwoFFoRD, Barbara Sue SWOFFORO, DECKIE -- SwoFFoRO, Joe SWOFFORO, ZELOA Taylor, Harold Taylor, Troy Dean ToLLEY, Amos TowNSENO, Harlan Townsend, Rosie Ward, Doris Ward, Mary Anna Ward, Violte Washburn, Betty Washburn, Joan Washburn, Ray Washburn, Ruth Webb, Hazel Mari on, Rt, 3 n 4 North Cove o Marion, Rt, 3 7 Altapass 8 North Cove 6 Wild Acres - 6 Marion, Rt, 3 — 8 North Cove 4 Altapass 5 Wild Acres 5 Altapass -— 4 Little Switzerland - 5 ASHFORD 8 Marion, Rt. 3 8 ASHFORO — 6 Mari on, Rt. 3 6 Marion, Rt. 3 8 North Cove 5 Mari on, Rt, 4 o Mari ON, Rt. 3 7 Mari on, Rt, 3 7 Ashford Mari on, Rt, 3 5 Marion, Rt, 3 5 North Cove o North Cove — 4 Ashford — - — 5 Ashford North Cove 8 North Cove 5 North Cove 3 ASHFOR» 7 Ashford 5 Mari on, Rt, 3 6 Marion, Rt. 3 7 Marion, Rt, 3 o Mar I ON, Rt, 3 5 Mari on, Rt, 3 8 Mari on, Rt, 3 6 Marion, Rt, 3 8 holl ifield — 8 Web-b, Willi Wl LLI Willi Willi Wl LLI WRI GH Wrigh Bartl Bartl Bauoo Bi 00 1 Blank BOWMA Boyo, BOYO, Brown Brown BURLE BuRNE Carpe CONLE Cox, Cri ss Elli Engl I Engli Engl I Green Green Harri HOGAN HOGAN HOLLI HOLLI HOLLI HOLLI HOLL I Melba Ho AMS, Ali ce Faye As AMS, Betty Faye As AMS, Herman Ma s, Aroith As s, Gail As t, Dean Ma T, James — Ma High School Oep ett. Burgess As ETT, Richard — As M, Gladys Ma X, Oelmar Ma ENSHiP, Mary Etta -- Ma N, Jacob Ma Joe Ma Ruth Ho , Betty Jo As , Henry Seawell As son, Ross j., — Ma TTE, Joyce No NTER, J, W, As Y, Betty Jean Ma Charles As ON, Junior — Ho t, Charlotte Ma SH, Joe As SH, Watson As SH, Walter As E, Jack Ma E, Ray -Ma son, Jean No , J. C, As , Thomas As Fi ELD, Claude Ma FIELD, Don Li FIELD, Donald Ma field, Georgia — - — Ma FIELD, RuaY Ma LLI fi ELD 4 HFORD- -5 HFORO 7 RION, RT. 3 4 HFORO 7 HFORD 4 RION, RT. 3 7 RION, RT, 3 4 ARTMENT HFORD — 12 HFORD 9 Rl ON, RT. 3 10 RION, Rt. 3 9 RION, RT, 3 10 RION, Rt, 3 9 RION, RT, 3 9 LLIFIELD 11 HFORD 11 HFORD 12 Rl ON, Rt, 3 9 RTH Cove 11 HFORD 10 RION, Rt, 3 12 HFORO 9 LLIFIELD 9 RION, Rt, 3 10 HFORO — 11 HFORO 12 HFORD 10 Rl ON, Rt. 3 9 RION, Rt, 3 11 RTH Cove 11 HFORD 9 HFORD 9 RION, Rt. 3 9 TTLE Switzerland 10 Rl ON, Rt, 3 9 RION, Rt, 3 10 RION, Rt, 3 11 HusKiNS, W1LV.AR0 Ma Jordan, £01 th --.--..-....No King, Helen Ma Kling, Allen Ma Kling, Shirley Ma LoNON, Beverly — ... Ma LowERY, Lucy -. Ma McCall, Alvin — .- No MoCall, Ben Kelly As McGhee, Joanne — No McGhee, Sidney No McKinney, Nina — — -. ma Mitchell, Joe No Ollis, Clifton Ma Robertson, Dorothy -- — — Ma SwoFFORD, Clara Jean — — No SwoFFoRO, Mary Ellen — - No TowNSEND, Claude — - — --- As TOWNSEND, WiLMA — . AS Ward, Zelua Ma Washburn, Faye -. Ma Washburn, Irene Ma Washburn, Lucille Ma Webb, Estella Ho Williams, Barbara As Williams. J, L. As Wright, Billy — Ma RION, Rt.3 10 RTH Cove 10 RION, Rt,3 11 RION, Rt,3 10 RION, Rt, 3 9 RION, Rt. 3 10 RION, Rt. 3 10 RTH Cove .11 HFORO — -10 RTH Cove — — 12 RTH Cove 11 RION, Rt. 3 10 RTH Cove . 11 RION, Rt. 3 9 RION, Rt, 3 9 RTH Cove — 12 RTH Cove — — 12 HFORD 12 hford 12 RION, Rt. 3 9 RION, Rt. 3 12 RION, Rt, 3 10 RION, Rt. 3 10 llifield 09 HFORO 12 HFORD 9 Ri ON, Rt. 3 10 luiiiiniLiiiMsiiMiuiiinisiniiiniiitnwiniiiMiiKniiiiSiiitHsuinMtiiiiiiMiiinnniiMiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiuiiiMcniu Congratulations | and I Best Wishes I Drexel Furniture Company Drexel, North Carolina iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiininnniiiniMiininiiiiiiiininniiniiiiiMiiriiiniiininiiiriMiriiii I I iiiu(iumnniiiuii(iiiiii(ririiiiuti(iiiiiuiiiiiiiiiininiiniiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiniiiniiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiM Compliments of MARSHALL LUMBER COMPANY i s Marion, North Carolina BOOSTERS Dr. M. H. Hewitt, Marion, N. C. Dr. J, F. Jonas, Marion, N. C. Proctor Dameron, Attys,, Marion, North Carolina Marion Flower Shop, 118 N. Garden Marion, North Carolina Proctor ' s Feed Store, Marion, N. C. Su llivan ' s Gulf Service, Marion, North Carolina Lawrence D. Greene Jewelry, Marion, North Carolina J. D. Blanton, Marion, N. C. Norris Clothing Co., Marion, N. C. Dixie Cleaners, Marion, N. C. Betty Jean Beauty Shop, Marion, North Carolina Catawba Groc. Tourist Court, Marion, North Carolina niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin :i}iiiiinMiiiniii!i:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinuiiiMniii!iiiiii!MiiiiiiiiiiiiniintniiiiiignMiniiniiiiiininiiiiiii!iiiMiii MAX ' S AMOCO SERVICE U. S. Tires, Auto Accessories, Whiz- zer Motor Bikes, Martin Outboard Motors, Electrical Appliances N. Garden St. Marion, N. C. Compliments of WORKMAN ' S Marion, North Carolina Compliments of C. M. POOL Sheriff IT PAYS TO ADVERTISERS! WE WISH TO THANK THE MERCHANTS FOR THEIR SPLENDID COOPERATION IN MAKING THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE aiiraiimiitiniiniiiHNiiiiiiuNinimmuitiiMmittmiiHifHniiitittnitMiiHtiiiinntinimiitHiiHmmiim I I I JOHNSON ELECTRIC COMPANY | S Electrical Appliances, Wiring Contractors, Radios g = r i i E Marion, N. C. Spruce Pine, N. C. 1 3 = S " 5 s ' s mm mm i Compliments of S S mm s c S ELIZABETH JAMES KNITTING MILLS, NO. 2 S Marion, North Carolina FARMERS FEDERATION COOPERATIVE Seed, Feed, Fertilizer — Farm Implements WestTnghouse Appliances Marion, North Carolina S 3 111 W. Henderson Phone 77 J | s s s 5 mm CLINCHFIELD | E MANUFACTURING COMPANY | s 5 Marion, North Carolina £ 3 3 iniiniiiiiiiiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMmHiimnraiiiiifiiiiiiiiniiniiiiimiiiiiitiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiintiiuiiu j i untMmiiiiiitieaiiiiiiiiiiriiMiiiiuiiiiiiMiiiiiMiiiiiHiiiiiuiinniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiutii i: s z = s A. BLANTON GROCERY Wholesale Grocers Phone 25 Marion, N. C. CROSS COTTON MILLS CO. Marion, North Carolina r r 5 Compliments of 3 mi i LINVILLE CAVERNS, INC. i i Western Carolina ' s Best Scenic Attraction i I Underground Wonderland s r I I WISEMAN and LONON = General Merchandise = Ashford, N. C. niiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiumHHfiinnHfiiiHiMiiHiHiutwiminiwitwwtBiNHiti uuuiiuiimmiiinnuminmtiuinitiriinnimniiinniniiiitiiiirnnuuuMiinriinnirinuiiiiiiiiiiihiMiin mm = Compliments of E I SARAH GOOD HOSIERY MILLS, INC. | = Manufacturers Fine Half Hosiery E I R.F.D. No. 3 Marion, N. C. S SNIPES MOTOR COMPANY Dodge and Plymouth Cars Dodge " Job-Rated " Trucks 314 East Court St. Telephone 24 Marion, North Carolina Compliments of MARION MANUFACTURING CO. Marion, North Carolina = Protect Your Loved Ones in Our Burial Association 5 I McCALL ' S FUNERAL HOME | I C. R. McCall, Owner Mrs. C. R. McCall, Asst. |. E C. Harry McCall, Asst. and Bookkeeper = E Ambulance Service E I Day Phone 34 Night Phone 32 | E Marion, North Carolina E nirrnrnriiffiniiiinniiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiHiiniiiiiiiinniiiiiiiniiiiiiiii i uiiiiiiiiiuuiniHinciriuiuiutniuiutuinnnnuitiiniiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiinwHiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ' iHiiiuiEn Compliments of OTIS L. BROYHILL FURNITURE COMPANY Marion, North Carolina Compliments Of Your EUICK INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DEALER Phone 469 Marion, N. C. TRAOC-MARK COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF Marion, North Carolina Compliments of BEAMAN LUMBER CO. Quality Building Materials Telephone 4Y Marion, N, C. niiiiiiiiiiiiuitiiiKnsiniKni fuiiuinninntiiiiruintiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiniiiiiniiiiutisnntniniiiiisiiiiiiiiiiMiiniiiuiiiiiiir: 1 :initimiiinitmmiitiMtimiti(niiiiin:niiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiniiiiniiuiMi!iiiiniiiiiriiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiii(Hii(nnwii I I I McCALL - BURGIN HARDWARE COMPANY | i Electrical Supplies, Hardware, Paints and Radios S I 3 North Main Street Phone 352 | 5 Marion, North Carolina S Compliments of OVERLOOK KNITTING MILL W. P. Elliott, Owner Marion, North Carolina Compliments of McCURRY HOSIERY MILL Marion, North Carolina Compliments of BILTMORE DAIRY H. M. HENSLEY STORE and SERVICE STATION Groceries and Feeds Phone 1 North Cove, N. C. niiiniiiiiiiiiiiiinniiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniniiifiiiiniiniiiiiiDiiiiMutiiiiiiiiniiiiiiniinniiitniiiiniiiiiiiniiiiiiiii :j|iiiiiiiMiiiMiniiiiiiiiiMiiiinMiiiiniiiiiMiiiMiiiiiiiniiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiHiiiiMiiiiii]riniiii:::iiMisiitn R. L. Conley, Distributor GULF OIL PRODUCTS Phone 113 Marion, N. C. " We Make Wives of Sweethearts and Sweethearts of Wives " ROSELAND FLORIST Phones: Day 444 Night 451 Member F.T.D. Marion, N.C. ' Fords Love Ford Service " SAIN - BROOKS MOTOR CO. Phone 242 Marion, N. C. YOUNG ' S ESSO STATION North Main Street Phone 202 Marion, North Carolina HOLLERS SANITARY MARKET Groceries and Fresh Meats Main Street Phones 253-255 Marion, North Carolina Compliments of MARION MACHINERY CO. Marion, North Carolina FIRST NATIONAL BANK Marion, North Carolina Member F.D.LC. ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY Con Bost, Prop. Goodrich Tires, Auto Accessories Norge Home Appliances Phone 16 16 W. Court Marion, North Carolina niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirtiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii]iiiir!:i!!a.- :Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii niiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiinisiiiiiiniiiMiigiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMitinidii W. G. LONON Groceries, Gas, Oil Phone Woodlawn 2 R.F.D. 3 Marion, North Carolina BROV N MOTOR CO. General Automotive Repair 855 E. Court Phone 472 Marion, North Carolina STEP? SERVICE STATION Gulf Products, Auto Supplies, Tires, Tubes and Accessories Highway 70 64 Marion, N.C. JOSEPHINE MILLS, INC. Marion, North Carolina i: TAINTER ' S Prescription Headquarters Phone 33 Marion, N. C. Compliments of McDowell insurance agcy. J. E. Neal, Jr., Pres. R. M. Dark, Secy.-Treas. Marion, North Carolina Compliments of LOVEN FURNITURE CO. 6-8 Main Street Marion, N. C. R. V. HORTON SON Groceries, Meats, Feeds Rt. 1, Box 7 W. Marion, N. C. niiiiiMMiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiii.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiuMiiitiiiiniiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiHniiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiMiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiii uiiiiiniiii!(ii (ii:iiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiti!MiiiEiiiiiiniiin(iiiiiiiii iii!i:niiniiiiiiiiii]iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)iMii:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiu BALLEW MOTOR CO., INC. 439 E. Court St. Marion, N. C. Phone 225 Chevrolet Sales and Service TYLER WILSON GULF SERVICE Your Friendly Gulf Station _09 E. Court Phone 317 Marion, North Carolina Compliments of JIMESON ' S FARM SUPPLY Marion, North Carolina LAUGHRIDGE SHOE SHOP Main Street SHOE HOSPITAL Court Street Marion, North Carolina PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Studebaker Sales and Service 414 E. Court Phone 138 Marion, North Carolina If It ' s Hardware You Want, Ask Us McDowell hardware co. Wholesale, Retail Phone 68 Marion, N. C. Compliments of FIRESTONE HOME and AUTO SUPPLY Marion, North Carolina MARION ICE COAL CO. Ice and Coal Phone 76 Marion, N. C. niiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiririiiiniiiHiiitiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiUiiiuiiiuiiniiifiiiiriiiiiieiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiMiiiiiiiiii :j|iiiHiiiiiininniiiiMiiiiiiiii!iniiiiiniiHi!:iniiiMiiji!iiii!niiii(MiiiiiiHMiiiii3!!MiiiiiuuniiiiiiiiiK!iiniiniiiiiin i: EAST COURT MOTOR CO. Pontiac Sales and Service General Repair and Body Work Phone 39 Marion, N. C. McDowell cut rate DRUG store The Best For Less 12 S. Main Marion, N.C. The Rexall Store Loans Secured By: Endorsement, Deeds of Trust, Electrical Applian- ces; Also Automobile Financing MARION INDUSTRIAL BANK MARION APPLIANCE and PAINT STORE Complete Line of Electrical Appliances and Paints Phone 308 17 State St. Marion, North Carolina IDEAL CLEANERS We Call For and Deliver Phone 115 133 W. Henderson Marion, North Carolina Compliments of H. F. NANNEY Marion, North Carolina CITY TIRE APPLIANCE CO. Goodyear Dealers, G-E Appliances 19 S. Main Phone 143 Marion, North Carolina Compliments of LAUGHRIDGE FURNITURE CO. Marion, North Carolina •iiiniiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i!!!iiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiitiiiii!iiii!iiiiiriiniiiiiiniiiit!i!miiir o MCOVE 1 north cove,

Suggestions in the North Cove High School - Conasoga Yearbook (North Cove, NC) collection:

North Cove High School - Conasoga Yearbook (North Cove, NC) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


North Cove High School - Conasoga Yearbook (North Cove, NC) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


North Cove High School - Conasoga Yearbook (North Cove, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


North Cove High School - Conasoga Yearbook (North Cove, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


North Cove High School - Conasoga Yearbook (North Cove, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North Cove High School - Conasoga Yearbook (North Cove, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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