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,a Q 'zi lfif iff, +193 .. 'ig 'Kill I 73 , T35 JwHZ'f5!IlQfi34l'ff. ' ' V . - :- JWUA-5 3, bffimww, -E 'ei-:fifsam Qzzfffgffwiszwy:-A V Y 4 A new M1 L- zfifffi ,w,fUg..f1, . I A W5B2471122253-1?li'1g ,fl 'fevisfiisks2iU1.J5?f -up 7 V7 .JI.l,4-fri W M. .r 1 :T,15ifH'5lf.. ,E fl' ' 'k,.Qt5?:ii-2 Q f X xfrfifgg ,W .. T, 1,3533 WSW, ,,.,,. . ,,,:Ty. -M .mpg My , ' '.:-mm, ' iv :z V .wzif f if . .. .. , f-.,:: Wiizfflff 'iii A , ,ya " itfsfgw L, wif., f1?'1fi1 . f?m?TQ' , J iw- ' .Nfwi , .giilf 71 151355 '49 zgxvsg . .mi 6312 . , S REVEHIE - 1956 - NORTH COLLINS CENTRAL SCHOOL North Collins, New York Editor ........ ........ M yra Milius Co-Editor .......... Joyce Taylor Treasurer .. ......... Elmer Dustman J A TABLE 0E CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS UNDERCIASSMEN ACTIVITIES ADS FOREWORD This 1956 REVERIE is-first and last-a memory book. For the Seniors it is the pictorial history of their final year at NCCS. For the remainder of the student body and for the faculty it portrays the highlights of another milestone in lives usefully lived. Step by step We progress through formal education until we reach the crowning point-graduation. We Seniors are nearly ready for that final step. 3 . . .. -.-,yay -- - X My J QA U COACH BUEL COAC -Q l X119 I '-b, s wr Xb 5 v DEDICATION To you, the coaches, we dedicate this, the 1956 REVERIE. Through your efforts, school spirit has been increased. You have used sports not only as a means of physical activity, but also as a vent for the emotions of the complete student body and a release from the academic worries of the school day. Through sports, you have given us a greater source of interest in our school. For this we say, "thank you." 4 ,gif A ,MV I 4 , ,- ,..L.,af--,4',frga4aa+,Z's12m:vmiif1.3a.. ,, lm H FELTHAM xv BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. David Burchett, Mrs. Mona Ahlers, Mr. Sam Pittro, Mr. james Sion, Mr. Wilfred Taylor Mr. Clarence Winter, Mr. Kermit Stearns, Mrs. Marion Hammond. Mr. Douglas Tower, Mr Charles Ognibene, Mr. Merrill Lawton. 6 S DOUGLAS B. TOWER, Vice-Principal M WL A . L I Q 1 . FACULTY ft' ' in Yi .vs Q "x kv. ig i if .Q :Ni . 55 , Eg gif If 1 , 552,414 3,3 ,lgulah M. Beaver N-Iune R. Beck kX"" B.S. 9 A bird Grade First Grade JP r 1 yi' X J I X3 f' N! f Ji I l, , y Virginia Boardway W?Brooker Anna J. Bucher Fifth Grade Science Latin, English 8 rf - W , W .- xxj 'D 'Q f f he L' fi- g A f ,- , f fam-, risk' 5 - -wvlwr., nfl f "GY iw? lx fig? f RH if A Donalgl E, Buel Frances G. Burke Maude Crandall , V B.A. B.iA., Ed. M. District 2 Q N lj Physical Education -X Erlglish WY I5 dl? Dorothy Cross Wilma L. Darrow Patricia Donovan B.S. B.S. Third Grade Education First G e Special Class Joyce H. Duwe "EyelXn L. Falk Hilda C. Falk . . B.S. Fourth Grade Speech Therapist Second Grade 9 ik? ' f .gs R ff 1 I - - ., - Lm,L'- ,zl g ' - VI HSS' .1 T5 at ifw,'fi1SfF" 2 ' Fi 'g" " fy ? .,: my 5 fi ' 22. 3 me Q Reginald Feltham Edwin O. Franke Janet M. Gaude B.S. B.M.E., Ed.M. B.S. Special Class Psychologist Kindergarten f M xi Deleo R. Gravink Robert Harrishburg Muriel N. Hickling Johrl W Hubbard B.S., M.A. B.S., M.A. First Grade B-A-, MA History, General Industrial Arts Libmflfw 1311811519 IV Business is W George A. Johengen Joyce H. Kelkef Barbara Kennedy B.S. B.S. A.A.S. Guidance, Health Vggal Music Dental Hygienist 10 WW fm J' wjjjii Grace G. Korthals. Joyce Laing B.S. B.S. Eighth Grade Second Grade 33 S83 Eva Leiker Second Grade Herbert E. Lewen Miller john M. Owen Mary L. Ol n B.A. B.A., M.A. B.A., MEI - ' Instrumental Music Seventh Grade Fourth Grade f f 1 s A fl N . X P4 VG- Qif fw- I X Alayne Poeltl Miriam L. B.S. B.S Kindergarten 1' Eugene F. Provenzo B.S., M.Ed. Social Studies RW' X JL K0 , U- f ' X oi 6. 'Y0r EW D. Robert Remais Paul J. Schutrum Mary Ellen Smithf?D66 ut' B.s. B.s. B.s. Q5 Instrumental Music -0Driver Education, Third Grade fl Mechanical Drawing V lf -. I fl l M J 1' ' I .JK if I , , r eeee Loretta M. T j sixw Grade smh Grade . , ns. ad 11M rx c o Nurse Art Mary K. Twist joseph J. Valone Margaret M. VanDyke B.S. B.A. B.S. Home Economics Mathematics Commercial 12 NK fd We OFFICE STAFF Sitting: Mrs. Rutledge. Standing: C. Schmitz, C. Renaldo, N. Richmond, A. Aderman 'r V fl , ,Mt .V 5 .11 f.. 41 fa-. , LL -f.. Q. -A 1 .Aff ,,,A, ,4 f .J If L . ., , ,H N , 1 . . ,,.., 'jr-LA L '.- , 1,5 .-, 1 CLINIC Sitting: J. Diodato, Dr. Thorbury, Mrs. Sullivan. Standing: Miss Kennedy. ' i I 4 .g., 5 I 5 3 3 5 , Q 5 s CPD azz. DYIWIY 4: , X 1 ,., , .,,,, V. -- . ,. YW vw ,AQXJ ' my x A I K Aff 3 M L in KITCHEN STAFF Q?" Q Mrs. C. Castalgizr, Mrs. I. Hussey, Mrs. E. Schillace, Mrs. B. Peet, Mrs. A. Andolina. Absent: P if K h' Y Mrs. T. Valone. 3.iL5,:f1' ' fi X, , JANITORS C. DiPiazza, L. Pabst, C. Andolino, J. Santa Maria. BUS DRIVERS E. Lawton, W. Wittmeyer, N. Ko- ningisor, W. Schmitz, R. Roth, N Wittmeyer. Absent: D. Spicola. WIC' Vincent Padalino "lu lu" "There is no virtue so truly great and godlike as justice." Senior Class Presidentg Student Councilg Chorusg Basketballg Intramurals. Maurice H. Dole "Marry" "The integrity of men is to be meas- ured by their conduct, not by their professions." Student Council Presidentg Chorusg Shop Council Secretaryg Volleyballg Homemaking Clubg Intramuralsg Freshman Play. Patricia Lee Detwiler "Pat" "The happy combination of fortuitous circumstances" Senior Secretaryg Intramuralsg Cheerlead- ingg Art Club Vice-Presidentg Library Club Vice-Presidentg Dramatics Clubg Yearbookg Senior Play. Beatrice Jean Nowak "Bea" "The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr." Senior Treasurerg Freshman and Sophomore Treasurerg Junior Vice-Presidentg Green- Goldg Yearbookg Chorusg Art Clubg Public Speaking Club Vice-President. 16 Da ontaldi "Mutt" "The old believe everythingf the mid- dle-aged suspect everythingy the young know everything." Senior Vice-Presidentg Freshman and Jun- ior Presidentg Sophomore Vice-Presidentg Bandg Basketballg Baseballg Volleyballg Public Speaking Presidentg Senior Play. Carol Ann Thill "Chance happens to all, but to turn chance to account is the gift of a few." Student Council Treasurerg Secretary-Treas- urer Green-Goldg Secretary-Treasurer Pub- lic Speaking Clubg Art Club Secretaryg Jun- ior Treasurerg Library Clubg Yearbookg Chorusg Freshman, Sophomore, Senior Playsg Intramurals. Davnd Brooker Dave For knowledge too, zs ztsel power H1Y Treasurer Presxdent Band Dance Band Basketball Chorus Freshman Sophomore Senior Plays Grade and Jun lor Chorus Accompamst john M. Andohna Chuck "A wzse man knows everythzng' zz shrewd one, everybody. Basketball Baseball' Green Gold' Intra murals, Homemakmg Club. od Y 2 g 2 rx S F' Q 5 ...S 2 P. S 5 5 2,5 a JT' Q R as S Q Q 3 3 5 D' E an N 'S' P Q Us B : M 'U- Q. fb 3. 5 Q I EU v E N I 1 I B "' S Y D' an E Q Q : 5 3 Ii v 'D 5 E G- an D cm C N rn Q S S 3 :nz CJ DT w. W rn sr" of Q 5 cg 2' D 2 ro S be 5' E' ll Q Q.. 'D Q v 0 rn Cf o I E "' so EQ G' B Q.. m -4. P4 R. D an ,,, Q 3' E S' 'U S' UQ Q O an af " ' P' 5 S fb 5 E 'P 2' : if iirigke Theresa Burgno "Teri" Gentle o speech, heneficent of mznd Green Gold Yearbookg Chorusg Youth Recreatxon Commlttee Intramuralsg Fresh- man and Sophomore Secretaryg Library Club Presldent Semor Play. Edward W. Awald "Believe only half of what you see and nothzng that you hear. Basketball Rose Marie Gloria Catalano "Ro" "Wise to resolve, and patient to per- form." Green-Gold Editor, Cheerleadingg Year- bookg Baton Twirlingg Intramurals, Chorusg Student Councilg Library Clubg Hi-YQ Dra- matics Clubg Senior Play. Elmer Franklin Dustman Jr. "Dusty" "A boy is, of all wild beasts, the most difficult to manage." Freshman Playg Yearbook Treasurerg Intra- muralsg Dramatics Clubg Basketball, Soc- cerg Volleyball. Joanne Mary Diodato "Io" "Truth exists for the wise, beauty for the feeling heart. Il Chorusg Art Clubg Yearbookg Office Staffg Green-Gold, Library Clubg Intramuralsg Dramatics Clubg Shop Clubg Freshman Play. Jean Marie DiPiazza "Kindness gives birth to kindness." Chorusg Green-Goldg Art Club. james Clark "Jim" "Many receive advice, only the wise profit by it." Footballg Basketballg Glee Clubg Intra- murals. john Fazzolaro jr. "Fuzzy" "Study until twenty-five, investigation until forty, profession until sixty, at which age I would have him retired on a double allowance." Library Clubg Chorus Presidentg Intramu- ralsg Dramatics Clubg Yearbookg Basket- ballg Soccerg Volleyball. 18 Jean Marie Feltz kljilheynihat know no evil will suspect none." Hi-Y Chaplaing Band Vice-Presidentg Cho- rusg History Clubg Dramatics Clubg Intra- muralsg Sophomore Play. Merrilee Lawton MM ' rs any can argue, not many converse. Freshman Vice-Presidentg Sophomore Pres- identg Chorusg Yearbookg Hi-Y Vice-Presi- dent and Corresponding Secretaryg Cheer- leadingg Freshman, Sophomore, Senior Playsg History Club President, Dramatics Club President. Christine Greuschow Chris A still, small voice. Cheerleadingg Homemaking Clubg Green- Goldg Intramuralsg Art Club. Raymond N. Koningisor "Ray" "A good laugh is sunshine in a house." Public Speaking Clubg Intramuralsg Senior Play. Angela Dorothy George "Annie" "The word impossible is not in my dictionary." Chorusg Intramuralsg Green-Goldg Year- bookg Library Club. Myrna Lawton "Anybody can cut prices but it takes brain to produce a better article." Hi-Y Secretaryg junior Class Secretaryg Green-Goldg Art Clubg Yearbookg Vice- President Dramatics Clubg Secretary-Treas- urer Chorusg Freshman and Sophomore Plays. Bonita Lou Luther "Bonnie" "The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most. Il Yearbookg Green-Goldg Art Club Presi- dentg Student Councilg Homemaking Clubg Intramuralsg Bus Monitor. Kenneth Albert Myers "NIush Mellon" "One cannot know everything." Shop Council Sccretaryg Visual Aidsg Cho- rusg Bandg Yearbookg Christmas Play. Myra May Milius "Everywhere I have sought rest and found it not except sitting apart in a nook with a little hook." Yearbook Editorg Green-Goldg Chorusg His- tory Clubg Public Speaking Clubg Intra- muralsg Office Staffg Freshman, Sopho- more, Senior Plays. Angeline Mardino "Angie" "My time is not yet come." Green-Goldg Art Clubg Intramuralsg Shop Club. Catherine Renaldo "Earnestness is the salt of eloquence." Library Clubg Green-Goldg Chorusg Office Staffg Art Club. Richard Munson "Dick" His heait as fa1 fi om fiaucl as heaven from earth." Chorus, Band, Senior Play. Nancy Laura Richmond "Nanl' "Make use of time, let not aclwantage slip." Green-Goldg Yearbookg Art Club Treas- urerg Homemaking Clubg Office Staffg Bus Monitorg lntramuralsg Shop Club. Patricia Eileen Stephenson "Pat" "Earnestness is enthusiasm tempered by reason." Chorusg Green-Golclg Office Staffg Public Speaking Clubg Intramuralsg Band. Richard Bie ,Kgyye "Digger" "Clei'erness is serviceable for every- thing, sufficient for nothing." Bandg Dance Bandg Bascballg Soccer Mana- gerg Basketball Manager: Homemaking Clubg Public Speaking Clubg Library Club. Frances Ricotta "Fran" "Yon heliere that easily ivhirh you hope for earnestlyf' Green-Golclg Yearbookg Senior Play. Flora Jean Taber "Flo" "Silence is one great art of conversa- tion." Green-Goldg Library Clubg Yearbookg Art Clubg Senior Play. Charlotte Jean Rynkiewicz Char "She who sings frightens away her ills." Chorus' Green-Gold' Intramuralsg Public Speaking Club. Anthony Alessi "Tony" "Let's eat, drink, and be merry." Soccerg Bandg Chorusg Yearbookg Green- Goldg Intramurals, "BROTHER GOOSEH Row One: Miss Gravink, R. M. Cata- lano, T. Burgio, Miss Kclker. Row Two: P. Detwiler, C. Thill, M. Lawe ton. Row Three: F. Taber, F. Ricotta, R. Konningisor. Row Four: M. Mil- ius, R. Munson, D. Brooker. R014 Five: D. Montaldi. 22 Ann Marie Rizzo Marilyn Ann Miller "Mare" "I am zz part of all that I have met." Junior Red Crossg The Spark Staffg Garden Cluhg Chemistry Clubg Athletic Awards. f!Ann!7 "Life is iz jigsaw puzzle with most of . . . ,, the pieces missing. Art Cluhg Shop Cluhg Green-Goldg Library Cluhg Intramurals. HETROSPECT of the CLASS of 1956 We have come a long way since that day of September 6, 1944, when 40 perplexed young- sters entered NCCS as first graders. Miss Towne was the first of our many different teachers that first year. In second grade our teacher was Miss Fafinski. Thirty-four of us were present in Miss Beaver's room as third graders. There were 27 of us in Mrs. Falk's fourth grade. We increased to 39 in fifth grade with Miss Boardway as our teacher. With Mrs. Stearns in sixth grade were 44 of us. September 1950 saw us as seventh graders. We were now in the homerooms of Miss Potter and Mr. Sager. Our officers for the year were: Presi- dent, David Montaldi, Vice-President, Jean Feltzg Secretary-Treasurer, Edward Awaldg Student Council Representatives, Theresa Burgio and David Brooker. There were 72 eighth graders in the home- rooms of Miss Korthals and Miss Wagner in the year 1951-52. Beatrice Nowak was president, David Montaldi, vice-president, Merrilee Law- ton, secretaryg Paul Noecker, treasurer, and The- resa Burgio and David Brooker again represented us in Student Council. Under the guidance of Mrs. Burke and Mr. Brooker, 48 freshmen started their high school careers in September 1952. With David Mon- taldi, president, Merrilee Lawton, vice-president, Theresa Burgio, secretary, Beatrice Nowak, treas- urer, and Bonnie Luther and Vincent Padalino representing us in Student Council, we held a very successful Harvest Dance. In March we pre- sented our play "Life 0' the Party." Our treasury was increased during our sopho- more year when under the guidance of Mrs. Bokman and Miss Gravink we presented our Thanksgiving Dance and an Amateur Show. We also sold pencils and gave "Magnolia Blooms" as our play. Elected to office were: President, Mer- rilee Lawtong Vice-President, David Montaldi, Secretary, Theresa Burgio, Treasurer, Beatrice Nowak, Student Council Representatives, Rose Marie Catalano and Maurice Dole. We spent our junior year in the homeroom of Mr. State. Our officers for the year were: David Montaldi, president, Beatrice Nowak, vice-presi- dentg Myrna Lawton, secretary, Carol Thill, treas- urerg Rose Marie Catalano and Maurice Dole, Stu- dent Council members. We held our dance, the Junior Jamboree in November. In May was our prom-"Stairway to the Starsf' Carol Thill was chosen queen with Myrna Lawton and Merrilee Lawton as attendants. We had a very successful Fish Supper and campaign selling Gowfmda News subscriptions. Also sold were pencils and fudge. Our rings came in February. In this our last year at NCCS, our officers are: President, Vincent Padalinog Vice-President, David Montaldi, Secretary, Patricia Detwilerg Treasurer, Beatrice Nowak, Student Council, Maurice Dole and Carol Thill. Under the direc- torship of Mr. Valone we conducted a magazine campaign, fudge sales, a baked goods sale, and a Fish Supper. Our play "Brother Goose" came in March and was directed by Miss' Gravink and Miss Kelker. Our Ball came in May. We spent an enjoyable Easter Week in Washington, D.C. Class Night finds us surveying the past, present, and future. Graduation is our stepping stone to adulthood. , CLASS PBOPHECY My secretary had just brought in the mail and laid it on my desk. Maybe I should have continued being a teacher, although being vice-president of the Thill Party Noise-Maker Company certainly isn't dull work. On top of the pile of mail I saw the following invita- tion: "You are cordially invited to attend the reunion of the Class of '56 at the Moulin Rose, Fifth Avenue, North Collins, New York on June 25, 1976" It has been twenty years since I graduated from North Collins Central, and I had lost track of many of my classmates. I was pleased for this opportunity to greet my old classmates and to learn of the successes they have attained. The Moulin Rose sounded familiar. Why this must be the Nightclub that Rose Marie Catalano built with the money left to her by her sixth husband! I wondered if Merrilee Lawton would be able to attend. She was saying something about judging at a 4-H dress review that night. She's certainly busy what with her 4-H club work, her teaching career, and her teen-age twin daughters. When I arrived who should I see sitting at the main table but the great writer, Myra Milius. Myra recently won a Pulitzer Prize for her book about rabbits. It was plain to see that everyone enjoyed the music by Dick Munson's orchestra. He featured jazz by jean Feltz and Richard Rowe. Kenny Myers took time from his heavy schedule of appearances to be present. When asked to sing a few numbers, Kenny responded, and I realized then why he was the idol of the "bobby- soxersf' The food was delicious, but no wonder, with jim Clark as head chef. He received quite a bit of valuable experience working in the Colony House during high school and doing K.P. duty in the Air Force. Elmer Dustman informed me that he was now selling a new line of jetmobilesgthe "Almer Conver- tible," which he designed himself. At present Theresa Burgio is advertising Elmer's cars on the super high- ways of North Collins. He tells us that his sales have almost doubled since he employed her. Angela George established a Nursery School for children of 'all colors, sizes, and kinds. Remembering Angela, I wonder who is taking care of whom. Jo- anne Diodato married soon after high school and fre- quently sends her eight girls to Angela's school. I hadnit realized that the new sensation in teeth had been created by Vincent Padalino. This new idea features fancy false teeth for every occasion. Vinny tells us that he became bored with ordinary dentistry. Catherine Renaldo makes great use of this new idea in teeth in her new movie, "Forever Red." We knew that red hair would get her somewhere. Catherine's fan mail keeps her private secretary, Nancy Richmond, very busy, but Nancy still finds time to do the town- Hollywood, that is. Maurice Dole didn't like the climate of New York State and moved south to Texas where he became one of the richest oilmen. Recently he entered politics and is now Governor of Texas. The executive experience he received as Student Council President is probably a great help. Contrary to my belief, Bonnie Luther stayed single and became the world's leading dress designer. Her styles long ago replaced Christian Dior's. Christine Greuschow and Pat Detwiler opened a beauty salon in North Collins a few years ago. Women come from all over, especially New York City to bene- fit from the new hair styles and hair colors created by these girls. Frances Ricotta, the homemaking0teacher at NCCS, frequently uses beauty tips from these girls in her classes. Dave Montaldi is also a member of the faculty. He took over Mr. johengen's work of Guid- ance Counseling and coaching. Never before have girls been members of the basketball team. 24 V 1 I learned that all the corsages and floral arrange- ments were made by Anna Marie Rizzo's florist shop. They really helped beautify the room and the ladies. Bill Adam is a traveling salesman for the super- sonic dishwasher invented by Ray Koningisor. Ray and Bill can't understand why more people don't buy the dishwasher. After all, the fact that the sound vibra- tions break more dishes than they clean is only a minor detail. fRay is now working on unbreakable dishes that can be used in his previous invention.D A new chain of stores has arisen-the S10 to S550 stores. Myrna Lawton and Jean DiPiazza originated the idea from the 5 and 10 cent stores that were popu- lar when we graduated. Charles Andolina shocked us all by announcing that he had just been appointed President of Vassar College. Charles hasn't changed much since high school. Flora Taber showed the world that the United States could do anything Canada could do. Her quin- tuplets have replaced the Dionnes in world fame. She tells us that five boys of the same age are quite a handful! Allene Aderman is the guide at the "Smith"sonian Institute. On taking a tour through there she points out Angeline Mardino's antique collection that she has donated. It surprised me to learn she took up such an interesting hobby. One of the most successful businesses, the "Rylon" Hosiery Company, is headed by Johnny Fazzalaro and Eddie Awald. Their product made them very popular with the women since Rylon is guaranteed never to run. Dave Brooker is the owner of the first jet passenger airline. Beatrice Nowak is his chief airline hostess. Bea's winning smile and Dave's speedy and safe air- craft really attract the passengers. At the table next to mine were seated the great trapeze artists, employed by Barnum and Bailey Circus, Charlotte Rynkiewicz and Pat Stephenson. They al- ways did make a good acrobatic team in gym class. With them was Marilyn Miller. I was pleased, but not too surprised to learn that Marilyn is a travel con- sultant for a nationally known railroad's vacation service. Anthony Alessi could not inform us as to what he was doing at the present except that he was in the Secret Service. Working on something dangerous and exciting was the only way he could be happy. For a hobby, Anthony is raising black orchids. He became interested in them while in Africa, getting informa- tion to write a book for one of the book reports he composed for English. As I rose to leave I thanked my hostess, Rose Marie, for making it possible for me to reminisce with my former classmates happy high school memories, and to learn of the successes they have achieved and the impression they have made upon the world. A-...MY . CLASS Wlll As we the Senior Class of 1956 bring to a close our elementary and high school education, we wish to declare this to be our last will and testament. To the Freshman and Sophomore classes we leave our good luck and sincere wish that their Senior years will be as enjoyable as ours has been this year. To the junior class we bequeath the following: To Frank Warnes and Peter Loretto, Bill Adam wills his "second story" height, but keep your heads out of the clouds, boys. To Margaret Neifergold and Marjorie Witt- meyer, Bonnie Luther and Allene Aderman will their love for square dancing. Charles Andolino and Anthony Alessi will their Business Law books to anyone in the Jun- ior class that is taking Business Law on the con- dition that everyone will pass like they are going to do. Dick Rowe, David Brooker, and Richard Munson have decided to give up their well-earned positions in the band to Donald Eppolito. Merrilee Lawton and Beatrice Nowak leave their scholastic abilities to Joyce Taylor who seems to be doing quite well. Myrna Lawton bequeaths her gay, fun loving nature to Lucretia Cocca whom we feel is worthy of it. To joseph Pellegrino, John Fazzalaro leaves his ability to get around teachers in a smooth way. jean DiPiazza and Frances Ricotta will their "see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil" at- titude to Eva Mae Wilson. Angela George wills her mirthful laugh to Mary Loretto who we feel will have as much fun as Angela did. Anna Marie Rizzo and Angeline Mardino give up their favorite recipes for pizza to anyone in the Junior class that likes pizza. Christine Greuschow wills her love for hill- billy music to Evelyn Polzin and Harold Wil- liams. Jim Clark leaves his well-dressed appearance to Vincent George. Remember Vinny, it always pays to look your best. Catherine Renaldo leaves to Mae Vara her ability to make a friend and keep it. Ken Myers leaves his ever ready foot on the gas peddle to Bob Hadley. Joanne Diodato leaves to Donald Peters her bashful ways. Her motto to be 'seen and not heard comes in very handy. Elmer Dustman and Eddie Awald will their "straight hair" to Keith Dillingham. Theresa Burgio has decided to leave to Fran- ces Fazzalaro her co-operation in class affairs. Theresa's co-operation has always been a great help. Marilyn Miller and jean Feltz leave their silent manners to Mary Ann Gawlak and Agnes Kelly. Pat Detwiler and Rose Marie Catalano pre- sent their cheerleading ability to Marilyn Ricotta. Keep up the good work, Marilyn. David Montaldi leaves his love for basketball to Bill Lawton who seems to do quite well. Carol Thill leaves her dignity, quick smile and readiness to help in any situation to Eliza- beth Koch. Charlotte Rynkiewicz and Pat Stephenson will their continued friendship to Dorothy Alff and Pat Bowman. Myra Milius wills her search for knowledge to Marica Whaley and Dorothy Macakanja. To Louie Richmond and Paul Adam, Maurice Dole leaves his love for shop. Ray Koningisor leaves his readiness to debate on any subject to Louie Macakanja. ,Nancy Richmond wills her roving eyes to Doramae Hadley who we are sure will use them to her advantage. Vinny Padalino leaves his class leadership to Louie Catalano, who we hope will continue the good work. Flora Taber leaves her ability to fit in small places to Irene Catalano. This concludes the Senior Class Will of 1956, written this 25th day of May, in the year nine- teen hundred and fifty-six, in the village of North Collins, county of Erie, State of New York. Signed by: ,WM-vf ,g we, 'Si Wg me 571 , 35252, 'Sin 455 ,gp 'iii ,T Q i W: , A .. 'F 'Y -if 6... ,fy i A H V CLASS of 1957 Row One: Mr. Provenzo, Keith Dillingham, janet Loretto, Frances Fazzalaro, Lucretia Cocca, Louis Catalano, Joyce Taylor, Evelyn Polzin, Mary Loretto, Dorothy Macakanja. Row Two: Marcia Whaley, Irene Catalano, Marilyn Ricotta, Mae Vara, Joseph Pellegrino, Eva Mae Wilson, Margaret Neifergold, Patricia Bowman, Dorothy Alff, Louis Richmond. Row Three: Mary Ann Gawlak, Donald Peters, Dora Mae Hadley, Vincent George, Agnes Kelly, Paul Adams, Marjorie Wittmeyer, Louis Macakanja. Row Four: Harold Williams, James Evoy, Vincent Koener, William Lawton, Frank Warnes, Robert Hadley, Anthony Loretto, Peter Loretto, Donald Eppolito. President ............ ....... L ouis Catalano Vice-President ...... ........ L ucretia Cocca Secretary .......... ........ E velyn Polzin Treasurer ....... ,.,.,.,. J oyce Taylor R28 CLASS of 1958 Row One: Miss Van Dyke, Donald Wittmeyer, Paul Whaley, Madeline Klepher, Sara Jane Winter, Judy Mallaber, Albert Decarlo, Rosina Wittmeyer. Raw Two: Agnes Steff, Dorothy George, Patricia Warnes, James Thill, Patricia Spengler, Joseph Diodato, Eunice Greuschow, Harold Hauser, Sharon Ognibene, Dean Gallaway, Donald DeMeo, Dale Remington. Row Three: Walter Williams, Rosali Conti, Mary Ann Elardo, Corinne Schmitz, Frances Andolino, Bonnie Heavern, Jerome Wittmeyer, Margaret Awald, Nancy Schmitt, Leslie Hussey. Row Four: Charles Frazier, Jean Thiel, Lenny Loretto, Charles Leno, John Nowak, Anthony Gaw- lak, Robert Kuerek, Russel Thompson, Charles Dietzman, Anthony Renaldo. President ............ ....... A lbert DeCarlo Vice-President ..... ....,.... J udy Mallaber Secretary ......... ...... S ara jane Winter Treasurer ..... ........ R osina Wittmeyer 129 4 Mg 4 , CLASS of 1959 Row One: Mr. Brooker, Joan Schillace, John Alessi, Margaret Thill, Sally Ann Castiglia, Judy Feltz, Sam Markello, Beatrice Canale, Bob Jeswald, John Abramo, Patricia Dillingham, Sylvia LaFave, Patricia Schmitt, Mrs. Burke. Row Two: David Wagner, James Moore, Mary Ellen Schmitz, Larry Geiger, Jackie Prime, Gerald Koningisor, Cathy Bucco, James Rodenburg, Joyce Plyman, Carmella Noto, Judy Lawton, Claudia Decker, Doris Simmons. Row Three: Otto Rosenaier, Fred Miller, Sandra Seely, Pat Cleveland, Jimmy Goran, Elaine Fricano, Joanne Rizzo, Vitus Loretto, Veronica Briggs, Sam LaDuca, Olivia Williams, Carol Glow, Kathy Wood, Kathy Adams, Carslye Trippi. Row Four: Robert Jentz, Barbara Milius, Ray Calleja, Marcia Winter, Eddie Ring, David Nowak, Kathy Simmons, Susan Hurd, Betty Lawton, Ralph Gruppo, Agnes Smith, Cyril Harrishburg. President ............ ............ J udy Feltz Vice-President ..r... ,.,,.., J ohn Abramo Secretary .......... ...... S am Markello Treasurer ...... ........ B ea Canale , so Q 3 MRS. BUCHER'S EIGHTH GRADE Row One: Mrs. Bucher, R. Burnside, P. Renaldo, M. J. Nicosia, P. Castiglia, R. Valone, W. Brock, N. Geiger, A. Compisi, M. Lawton, Mr. Hubbard. Rau' Two: J. Whaley. G. Koch, J. Tower, M. Briggs, C. Eppolito, R. Rowe, T. Regan, R. Hammond, K. Hunter, J. Viggiano. Row Three: D. Burchett, S. Botko, V. Dibecki, B. Thompson, H. Koch, R. M. Bator, D. Lietz, E. Forney, C. Kehr, K. Loretto. Row Four: A. Herman, D. Ognibene, B. Cerne, R. Rutledge, P. Sterlace, B. Congdon, J. George, W. Ormsby, T. Marx. MISS KORTHAL'S EIGHTH GRADE Row One: Miss Korthals, B. Briggs, M. J. Padalino, R. Andolina, L. Loretto, K. Plyman, D. Lawton, D. Leone, E. Denmeade, D. Rizzo, S. Gallaway, R. Wantuck. Row Two: H. Law- ton, E. Kehr, M. Conti, D. Mallaber, M. Pozdyn, W. Jensen, M. J. Vacco, P. Giesler, P. Lan- taff, E. Koch, C. George, S. Hussey. Row Three: P. Munson, J. Munson, W. Jentz, S. Warnes, T. Zulawski, D. Aeschbacher, R. McCormack, J. Webb, R. Haberer, A. Green, R. Blair. MR. OWEN'S SEVENTH GRADE Row One: Mr. Owen, L. Castiglia, J. Vara, M. Loretto, D. Shaw, N. Awald, S. Mallaber D. Puntillo. Row Two: S. Wilson, V. Osterstuck, R. Giesler, D. Glow, M. E. Schmitz, D. Sion A. Greuschow, D. Clark, E. Maglio. Row Tbree: H. Pozdyn, T. Schillace, J. McCormack E. Green, D. Hadley, A. DiBlasi. Absent: M. LiVecche, D. Grill, K. Koch. MISS POTTER'S SEVENTH GRADE Row One: Miss Potter, J. Loretto, S. Marsh, J. Ortel, C. Morgano, V. Lindow, D. George, A. Loretto, R. Bucco, A. Diodato, D. Maglio. Row Two: B. Bakston, P. Loretto, R. Aderman, J. Green, M. DeCarlo, J. Thompson, E. Detwiler, P. Rynkiewicz, P. Miller. Row Three. R. LiVecche, L. Kaminski, P. Sion, A. Koch, T. Meigs, J. Debicka, S. Heavern, S. Fricano, B. Briggs, E. Tillinghast, D. Nellis. Absent: S. Mecca. MRS. SPENGLER'S SIXTH GRADE Row One: A. Lindsay, S. Cooper, J. Denny, J. Demmon, W. Witmer, L. Renaldo, T. Rey- nolds, C. Cimicato, S. A. Blasz, M. G. Valone, A. Denny, L. Minekime, Mrs. Spengler. Rou Two: D. Bell, L. Cerne, J. Nellis, M. Teiieira, M. Felt, L. Lawton, S. Venson, M. Milius M. Clark, L. Seeley, P. A. Kleever, T. Noecker. Row Three: M. Darling, B. Becanitch, P. Re- naldo, L. Dole, K. Ritz, J. Taylor, K. Cross, L. Lawton, S. Lipka, D. Dustman, G. Simmons R. Warnes. Absent: G. Klepfer. MRS. STEARN'S SIXTH GRADE Row One: Mrs. Stearns, P. Loretto, C. A. Lawton, H. Willett, P. Geiger, A. Vazquaz, M. A. Castiglia, M. Loianono, R. DiBlasi, S. Evoy, F. Padalino. Rou' Two: D. Russell, D. Akins, D. Wehling, R. A. Viggano, N. Schmitz, L. Fiaschetti, K. Denea, J. Canale, J. Roth, N. Speng- ler. Row Three: D. Luther, T. Meehan, E. Ring, J. Stefan, R. Goodard, S. Felt, S. Lipka, W. Grill, B. Agliata, W. O'Hara, J. Offhaus. vi 11 x? W A J, '? 'Q- S K A, ,iii -milf! 4 .1 if ' 'W ks 5 . " X W S F Haggx 'M Ka ka, A .:',.' fjg zw ' 'Wliv ,ibn , . si :ig1., g. i,1 ' 1: , ww ' 5, ., - - ,-,S w ' , fm W :gf fiffg Pgiws- 1 A ,f ' ,g -as 5 ,M . :X- ffl I, af in MISS BEAVER'S THIRD GRADE Rau' One: N. Schmitz, M. George, M. Regan, P. Compisi. Razz' Two: A. Reynolds, N. Schmitz, S. Walker, A. Volo. A. Loretto. Row Three: P. Brenner, J. Viggiano, L. Peckham, H. Debicka, A. Pridgeon, Miss Beaver. Row Four: W. Dils, D. Fiaschetti, P. Schmitz, D. Detwiler, W. Feltz. Row Five: A. Cantie, F. Burgio, P. Fricano, D. Cooper, J. Noecker. Row Six: D. Mor- gano, L. LiVecche, J. Orton, L. Shred, H. Osterstuck. Absent: A. Miller. MRS. CROSS'S THIRD GRADE Rau' One: R. Guadagno, R. Taber, L. Rizzo, J. Roth, D. Briggs. Row Two: C. A. Pollard J. Santa Marie, J. Kelly, P. Paulucci, E. Clark. Rau' 7l,?l'UB.' J. Castilia, C. Osterstuck, L. For- ney, M. Rutledge, J. McMahon, Mrs. Cross. Row Fnur: D. Gamel, J. Witmer, P. Musacchio M. Mullay. Row Fire: C. Collins, J. Simmons. Absent: S. Stevens, M. Loretto, E. Warnes. MRS. LAING'S SECOND GRADE Row One: M. Bley, J. Gugino, J. Wagner, S. Nowik. Row Two: J. Alessi, R. M. Greuschow K. Lee, K. Valone, D. O'Hara. Row Three: A. DiBlasi, D. Thiel, T. Remington, S. Lawton P. Orton. Row Four: K. Kaegebein, J. Compisi, R. A. Mecca, P. Marx, B. Watt. Row Five D. Harrishhurg, V. Diodato, R. Zeman, J. Jensen, L. Cantie, Mrs. Laing. MISS LEIKER'S SECOND GRADE Row One: A. G. Olds, R. Demmon, L. Turnbull, H. Kordas. Row Two: C. A. Smith, S. Schil- lace, L. Quiter, P. Cantie, A. Diodato, Miss Leiker. Row Three: D. Lindow, M. Hussey, V Boltes, M. Barber, K. Krall. Row Four: H. George, G. Eppolito, M. L. Haberer. Row Five T. LiVecche, R. Denmead, C. Loretto, D. Hunter. Row Six: K. Leslie, R. Clark, R. Elvin E. Carbone. r MRS. BECK'S FIRST GRADE Row One: A. Gonzales, F. DcMarc0. Row Two: D. Stalker, C. Pollutro, M. Lennon, J. Felt- ham, S. Demmon, A. Pirelo. Row Three: L. Berment, A. Bunnell, D. Gearhart, S. J. Cerne, D. Loretto, D. Doctor. Row Four: E. Renaldo, S. Grill, V, Loiacono, D. Long. E. Osterstuck. Row Five: B. Awald, D. Renaldo, P. Seitler, T, Ponomarew, R. Selcska. Row Six: M. L. Cor- bin, K. Fricano, A. Puntillo, Mrs. Beck, J. Lawton, J. Schroer. MRS. DARROXYVS FIRST GRADE Row One: C. Marsh, W. Feltz, W. Ortel, J. Silleman, B. A. Rudyk. Rou' Two: A. Musacchio E. Garnel, J. Poreba, T. Nowik, B. Matteson. Row Three: M. DeCarlo, P. Winter, D. Miller S. Pirela, B. Loretto, D. Ortel. Row Four: J. DeCarlo, L. Valone, T. Quiter, M. Osterstuck N. Kleever. Row Five: B. Kibler, G. Gervais, Mrs. Darrow, C. Kelly, C. Fullone, C. Heary MRS. HICKLING'S FIRST GRADE Row One: E. Ribblett, D. Bonafede, D. Collins, C. Ricotta. Row Two: K. Cross, L. Giesler, D. Gearhart, V. Neu, K. Regan. Row Three: T. Cantie, V. Mecca, P. Cantie, D. George, M. Stevens. Row Four: R. Myers, J. Carozzi, M. Leith, E. Aderman, D. Spicola. Row Five: K. Sprickman, M. Kelly, T. Heavern, L. Holcomb. Row Six: M. A. Novara, Miss Tedesco, F. Venson, U. Kordas, Mrs. Hickling, E. Geiger. Absent: C. Koch, S. Leone, C. Privitera. MISS GAUDE'S KINDERGARTEN-GROUP 1 Row One: C. Kohn, R. Spengler, W. Osterstuck, S. Bonafide, B. Fillipiak, B. Rosten. Row Two: M. Schmitz, T. Schmitz, T. Lennon, H. Armbruster, J. Docter, N. J. Kohn. Row Three: S. Smith, A. Castiglia, J. Winter, S. Geiger, D. Koch, J. Winter. Row Four: M. Weber, L. J. Schmitz, J. Meacham, E. Enser, J. Kestner. Row Five: F. Diodato, C. Novara, J. Bray- miller. A 5? MISS POELTL'S KINDERGARTEN-GROUP 2 Rau' One: C. Lomison, B. Frederick, D. Ellero, K. Loretto, I. Hunter, j. Poreba, K. Lawton. G. Felt, A. Campisi, T. Holcomb, A. DeMarco, A. Vara. Ron' Two: M. Boltes, K. Thiel, A. Catalano, E. George, L. Rodriquez, A. Fourney, E. Fricano, O. Vazquez, L. Giambrone, j. Bottoni, F. Valone. J. Tubero, B. Noto. Absent: B. Kender, N. Quinones. MISS GAUDE'S KINDERGARTEN-GROUP 3 Row One: E. johnson, G. Corbin, O. Wilson, G. Shred, A. Bunnell, J. Demmon, M. Bow- man, G. Detwiler, Conductor: Miss Gaude. Rau' Tu'o: G. Ruper, R. Zayas, E. Kaczanowske R. Simmons, D. Gearhart, J. Eppolito, S. Seitler, R. Gabcl. Ron' Three: M. Loretto, J. Conti G. Oleska, P. Hussey, R. Lantaff, B. Leith, L. Cooper, D. Gabel, A. Rudyk, P. Gervais D. O'Hara. s DISTRICT 2 Row One: P. Nowak, R. Wittmeyer, E. Wittmeyer, E. Wittmeyer, K. Wittmeyer. Row Two: R. Wittmeyer, E. Wittmeyer, B. Koningisor, C. Faulring, J. Wittmeyer, Mrs. Crandall. Row Three: L. Lux, J. Wittmeyer, C. Lux. Absent: R. Edmonson. SPECIAL CLASS Row One: D. Decarlo, L. Plecha, A. Amabile, L. Steff, R. Mardino, J. DiMaria. Row Two. J. Rotalo, M. Decarlo, V. Keller, T. McKeown. Row Three: Mr. Feltham, P. Ertell, A. Speck, P. Darling, C. Kasinski. SOCCER Row One: Manager J. George, D. Galloway, E. Ring, A. DeCarlo, V. Loretto, D. DeMeo, L. Geiger, Mr. Johengen. Row Two: K. Dillingham, D. Eppolito, J. Goran, H. Hauser, R. jeswald, S. LaDuca, V. George, A. Compisi. Row Three: C. Leno, O. Rosenauer, H. Wil- liams, A. Renaldo, F. Warnes, R. Calleja, F. Miller, C. Fraser, F. Provino. BASEBALL Row One: Manager F. Provino, K. Dillingham, C. Leno, D. Montaldi, D. DeMeo, Mr. J0- hengen. Row Two: R. Rowe, P. Loretto, V. George, L. Catalano, C. Andolina, W. Lawton 3g2,gNiifi3iQ?Sw3i 411 'gnu- iii i P MEN 1 REVERIE Row One: Mrs. Bucher, J. Schillace, I. Catalano, J. Diodato, M. Milius, J. Taylor, E. Dustman, M. Lawton, C. Thill, P. Detwiler, Mrs. Burke. Row Two: T. Noto, E. Fricano, M. Ricotta, B. Nowak, E. M. Wilson, D. Macakanja, B. Canale, A. George, R. M. Catalano, S. A. Catalgia. Row Three: F. Taber, H. Taber, N. Richmond, A. Aderman, B. Luther, D. M. Hadley, S. J. Winter, F. Andolina, M. Awald, T. Burgio. Row Four: J. Plyman, C. .Harrishburg, R. Gruppo, J. Fazzalaro, S. Markello, J. Alessi, K. Myers, D. Eppolito, D. DeMeo. Editor ......................,........... Myra Milius Editor .............. ...Rose Marie Catalano C0-Editor .........,,..,,,,,,,.,,.,, Joyce Taylor Co-Editor ............... ...... M arilyn Ricotta Sefretary-Treasurer ,,,,,, Elmer Dustman Secretary-Treasurer .. .......... Carol Thill GREEN AND GOLD Row One: J. Diodato, M. Ricotta, I. Catalano, L. Catalano, T. Noto, C. Schmitz, T. Burgio, Miss VanDyke. Row Two: C. Renaldo, B. Nowak, M. A. Gawlak, A. George, M. Vara R. Wittmeyer, C. Thill, R. M. Catalano, F. Taber. Row Three: J. DiPiazza, P. Stephenson, C. Rynkiewicz, M. Milius, A. Aderman, N. Richmond C. Greuschow B. Luther. 9 s nk 214+ 535352 SENIOR BAND Rout' One: Louis Catalano, Cyril Harrishburg, Leslie Hussey, Vitus Loretto, Jean Feltz, Susan Hurd. Row Two: Thomas Marx, Sandra Seeley, Walter jentz, Linda Dole, Stephen Lipka, Stephen Hussey, Lorraine Kaminski, Donald Eppolito, Robert Rowe, joseph Pelligrino, Anita Diodato, Herbert Koch, David Burchett, John Abramo. Row Three: Louise Castiglia, David Puntillo, john Vara, Carol Lawton, Mary Ann Castiglia, Terry Reynolds, Butchie Lindow, Dick Goodard, Peter Miller, Douglas Lietz, Wayne Brock, Frances Provino, Robert Burnside, Richard Rowe, Louis Mackanja, David Brooker, Richard Munson, Sam Markello, Lawrence Geiger, Valentine DiBecki, Richard Rutledge, Paul Sion, Kenneth Plyman. Row Four: Patricia Warnes, Ruth Aderman, John Alessi, Robert Hammond, David Montaldi, Mary Chipman. 50 4 it seem' .swf MEM: 'viii " s?.5?wg.. 'I in A tm. .1 .. Qssifsif, - . lilies - 51.5, is' 5 W1 - 2fix'.l?.l . 9' 1 . H SENIOR CHORUS Ron' One: S. A. Castiglia, J. Feliz, E. Fricano, J. Rizzo, J. Schillace, J. Nlallaber, J. Fazza- laro, M. Ricotta, B. Canale, T. Noto, J. Alessi, R. Gruppo. Rau' Tivo: Miss Potter, F. Fazza laro, R. M. Catalano, A. George, T. Burgio, S. Ognibene, F. Andolina, C. Rynciewicz R. Wittmeyer, D. Eppolito, Miss Kelker. Rau' Tlareez L. Cocca, M. A. Elardo, C. Thill, M. Law ton, S. J. Winter, M. Awald, K. Wood, C. Glow, J. Lawton, J. Thiel, B. Milius, L. Geiger Rau' Four: V. Briggs, E. Dustman, D. Brooker, M. Lawton, J. Felrz, C. Harrishburg, S. Mar- kello. KP. Munson, M. Dole, V. Padalino, M. Milius. JUNIOR CHORUS Rau' One: L. Castiglia, S. Wilson, M. J. Vacco, S. Gallaway, J. Ortel, P. Castiglia, N. Geiger, P. Giesler, J. McCormack, S. Heivern, A. Koch, D. Brooker. Ron' Two: M. J. Padalino, D. Lawton, C. George, A. DiBlasi, M. Pozdyn, Miss Kelker, E. Denmeade, C. Morgano, B. Bakston, V. Linclow, S. Warnes, L. Kaminski. Razz' 'I'lJrez'.' R. Bucco, A. Diodato, R. Acler- man, D. George, A. Loretto, S. Fricano, M. DeCarlo, P. Sterlace, R. Valone, B. Briggs, P. Rynkiewicz. Razz' Ifour: S. Botko, J. Munson, O. Payton, C. Renaldo, B. Congdon, W. Ormsby, D. Ognibene, A. Herman, J. Tower. JQSSEW W ' if VR X QQ is-L if 5 if A S0 if W QE ' .f H- if "' U , 6 49,1 v i sw Ning, 'Q 160 ' uv 'ff ,fy v if f xgkfijrwf O AF Q9 r W as Q if v ,Kim A 12 4 WIS' P"- fi? f Q ,Zi 5,- YB 5, LQ- ffrfif ' Q If -:ff 'HW ifef ri 4 ,f vu, N ' .. y A ,fe if' If 1 ,, Q 1 x X 1. 60 3' .. 5 1 Congratulations to the Class of i956 REV. FATHER JCHN ALVEREZ Sacred Heart of Mary Church Episcopal Diocese 54 DESIGN FOR LIVING Lord, let me bring a little mirth To all who share my days on earth, Let something I have said or clone Remain, when I have traveled on, To prove the man I tried to be, And make men glad they walked w A flower, a smile, a work of cheer, Make these my gifts from year to year. Lord, let me carry where I go Some little joy to all I know, Let these into my life be wrought, A little faith, a little thought, A little mirth, a little grace, To glorify the commonplace, Lord, let some little splendor shine To mark this earthly course of mine. -Anony CONGRATULATIO ith me 77101131 NS TO THE CLASS OF l955 - l956 When you are in need of friendl Remember y counsel THE BANK OF NORTH COLLINS North Collins, New Yo rk YOUR HOMETOWN INDEPENDENT BANK Members: Federal Reserve System Federal Deposif Insurance Corporallon 55 Besi Wishes MEYERS BROS. GARAGE Texaco Gas 8. Oil Marfak Lubrication 24-Hour Towing 81 Power Winching Phone NC 3144 or 2404 Sisson I-igwy of Longford NORTH COLLINS LUMBER CO "EveryThing in Building" PAINTS THAT LAST Phone 3322 56 ED. ROSE Sporting Goods Disfriloufors for A. G. Spaulding and MacGregor Golclsmillw "Special Discounls To North Collins STuclenTs" Cleveloncl 255l 51 GENESEE STREET BUFFALO 3, NEW YORK Compliments of ED SMITH'S MEATS 57 LEG J. WINTER J0'S BEAUTY SHOP AUTO - LIFE - FIRE Main Sheei' Phone 3990 Phone 2727 North comns Friendly Insurance Service Shirley Road North Collins, N.Y. GROCERIES - MEATS - DRY GOODS BRANT SUPER MARKET TONY'S TAXI Phone Angolo 5I6 Brant, New York 58 Courtesy f Complimentsof HOWELL CHEVROLET H THGRNBURY Compliments of Comphmemsof "THE SPORTSMAN REV. ARTHUR LUTHER wc fRE5TAbURANT" "ine oo atifs esT" Sunset Bu 89B D ily: 10:30-5:00 Evenings: Mon.-Wed.-Fri. W. A. HILLWIG F. L. BOYER Compliments of 3 COLVlN'S RESTAURANT Langford New York uffalo Street Hamburg N Y Phone EMerson 2391 4 I COMPLIMENTS OF LAWTON'S CANNING CO., INC PACKERS OF NEW YORK STATE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES LAWTONS, NEW YORK 60 Congratulations To The Class of l956 PRODUCERS-CANNERS COMPANY For Satisfaction at Harvest Time INTERNATIONAL MINERALS 84 CHEMICAL CORP. Buffalo, New York Ph. TA I888 Compliments ot RIEFLER BUICK, INC. Buick - Cadillac Dealer Hamburg New York DICK FISCHER SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO NORTH COLLINS CENTRAL SCHOOL STUDENTS! Gel' all your Sporting Goods Needs at the "Sporting Goods Center" 699 Main St., Buffalo 3, N.Y. 44 Main St., Tonawanda, N.Y. -' """--4 'I :fi 135 '5f'7If"f"f??'5f-"S, .4 -f :lt :I . IIIIREJ " "'f1' - .- 5: " 'f' M--w X-1115.5 ff, "H -in Z Mm x li - IW" I. ., .... I 1..'vi!'r"'g M. if mtullrlofq, FERTILIZERS .. .- I' ., .... "" I r -1.-. V- . ..ff5s25:f " COmp,m.SO. sPicoLA's GREEN:-iousE REV. ROMAN J. on AND FLOWER SHOP Dial 2437-if no answer - 2780 J O H E N G E N Compliments of ..SPEEDY,5,, CQMPANY, INC. Mike Pima "EveryThing in Hardware" M 5 ef Non C Electrical Work and Repairing T levision Radio Repai g Phone 2445 Compliments of Compliments of DR. 84 MRS. PAUL E. HOFFMAN WATTS PHARMACY "Your Re-xall Dealer" Phone 8981 N C N Com liments of C plimen f p DR. JAMES V. FREGELETTE J. C. BEVIER FARMS Ralph W. Rutledge l M ld d. L N Compliments of Veith's Soles And Service Sisson Highway Langford New York Compliments of DEMEOS Sherman Ave. North Collins BROWNYN THEATRE Your Theatrical House Compliments of WALKER'S INN Shows Nightly-7:30 - 9:30 Sherman and Railroad Avenue Sunday-2:30 North Collins New York North Collins New York GIFTS TOYS Compliments of PlTTRO'S PAUL BANTLE GREETIIXG CARDS Compliments of JACK GAYLORD Main Street North Collins Congrotulotions to the Seniors of '56 FELTZ'S GARAGE North Collins General Repairs Welding Congrotulotions to the I Compliments of SCHINDLER'S MILL Class of '56 FEED - SEED + COAL - COKE INSURANCE Phone North Collins 2238 Lawtons New York Costiglici Music Cent "Meeting all your Musical Needs" BAND St ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS I PIANOS - MUSIC 8 Buffalo Street EMerson 4583 Hamburg, New York Sl' Compliments of WAGN ER'S RESTAU RANT Longford New York Compliments of STRONNER'S GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone North Collins 2232 Lawtons Ne SODA FOUNTAIN -ICE CREAM DAIRY PRODUCTS KEN'S DAIRY AND DAIRY BAR w York Phone 4556 Eden, N.Y. Compliments of AVERY LAWTON'S SERVICE STATION Main and Spruce Streets North Collins, N.Y. Compliments of QUINBY DAIRY, INC. Hamburg New York S 81 H Green Stamps Phone 2464 65 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM V. SCHMITZ W. E. BOLTON 8K SON GENERAL MERCHANDISE North Collins New York Compliments ot THOMAS CH IAVETTA B t New York Compliments of GRAHAM'S SHOE STORE Compliments of OVERLOOK FRUIT FARM CAROL-ANN SHOP for Distinctive Styles at Moderate Prices LIE-rz BRQS- Theresa Spicola, Prop. Ph 2521 Ph 3390 Phone EM' 2278 one one 9 Buffalo sneer Hamburg, N.Y Compliments of John Deere Quality Farm Equipment Gulf Service Station Goodyear Tires "Wade Rain Irrigation Systems" Phone 2541 North Collins HARRIS SEED CO. 1519 Clinton Street Clinton Bailey Market Buffalo 6 New York Compliments of KUNDERMAN'S SERVICE STATION Compliments of SUPERIOR MOTORS, INC CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH SALES and SERVICE 36 Jamestown Street Gowa nd CHIAVETTA'S CHURCHSIDE FARM POULTRY - EGGS Ph Angola 170-J Angola Brant Road Brant, New York Congrotulotions to the Seniors of I956 Joseph Puntillo and Sons COAL and CARTING Dial 3159 Harris A North Collins C0mDIlm9n'f5 Of Compliments of LAWTON BROS. GARAGE HAROLD POLZIN Compliments ot Compliments of JOE'S SPORTS WEAR NORTH COLLINS HOTEL ' Nationally Advertised Merchandise Richard Taczkawski, Prop. For Men and Boys North Collins New Yor Compliments of KOCH'S CLEANERS Main Street North Coll Compliments ot PETE PERO'S RESTAURANT ins Brant New Yor HARRY HARRIS' MEATING PLACE North Collins New York Best Wishes to the Closs ot i956 FELTZ BROS. "Fruit and Vegetable Growers" John N. Schreiner 81 Sons Congratulations to the "Artistic Monuments anol Markers" Closs of '56 Established 1902 Phone 2688 North Collins Compliments of DON-CLIFF "Your Friendly Florist" Cain Road North Collins New York Congrotulotions to the Closs of l956 From NORT AND JESSIE RGWE Brant-Angola Electrical Service Your Local Authorized Dealers GROCERY STORE For The Following: Phone 2533 Sylvania - Norge - Amana sfofe Hours: 3 - 6 Philco - Whirlpool Main sneer North collins gales 3, Service Angola, N.Y. Phone 'l'lO FRANK N. WINTER, INC. INSURANCE LANTAFF'S DELICATESSEN at LUNCH Room Roswell at Main St. Gowanda State Road Eden, New York Compliments of WALTER GEIGER G.L.F. Soil Building Service North Collins, New York G L F Service W. E. MASON, Superintendent N.C. 3865 Langford, N.Y. DR. G. L. PRIESS Abraham Dry Goods Store DR. R. E. MARTIN Brant Angola Rd. Brant, N.Y. Eden, New York 69 Congratulations to Compliments ELMER WINTER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Sisson Highway - Shirley Rood The Class of "5-6" from Your Photographer THE SHEFF STUDIO 'I7 E Union St. Hamburg, N.Y. North Collins, New York JCJSEPH C. ALESSI REAL ESTATE -- INSURANCE Phone 2522 P. O. Box 277 Main Street North Collins, New York 70 With Compli of GROWERS 84 PACKERS CQQPERATIVE CANNING COMPANY., :Nc NhCII N Yk Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ahlers Miss Beulah M. Beaver Mrs. june R. Beck Miss Virginia M. Boardway Britting's GLF Service Mrs. Quentin Bucher Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Elwood T. Burke Merton Congdon Erwin Cross James Darrow Elmore C. Falk Ernest Falk Miss janet Gaude Miss Deleo R. Gravink Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. . Robert Harrishburg Leonard Hefner . E. F. Hickling George johengen Miss Grace G. Korthals Mr. and Mrs. Paul Laing Miss Eva Leiker Liveeche Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Miller Mr. and Mrs. John Owen Miss Poeltl Miss Miriam L. Potter Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Ralph Rutledge Paul Schrtrum jack M. Smith Leo Spengler . Kermit Stearns Mrs. Mary M. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Clayton C. Taylor Miss Loretta Mae Tedesco Miss Mary K. Twist Mr. and Mrs. joseph C. Valone Miss Margaret M. VanDyke 72 AUTGGBAPHS XR f ik' Y' Y . g r r 54 i L-L t -- 4 ' -2 .,,A " K: +2-I V, , ' . algal." ' I .,QjfllfS- ileE,:2WLii3-9? .gg 7 . i. ' ...... - w:ts- , pffiiii ' A -P I "+A-Hi 'Q M4-, A ZZWV ii: , L,,LV,,MA. ., . , in Y, 1y,, , , ., L,,.. G VM, l. Hup! 1-2-3-4-S! 2. The Gang's all here! 3. See the yard-bird? 4. Romantic? no! disgusting! 5. Who? What? Where? 6. Build it! 7. A window or a basket? 8. "Stairway to the Stars" 9. Ginger Ale? 74 "f, , .Y W . fe fi ,, ,k,. . iv Qi 3 E S w K, 1. Say that again? 2. Guess who? 3. I'l1 have some too! 4. Party anyone? 5. That ought to bring the house down! 6. Magnolia or Sarah? 7. "Brother Goose's" sister 8. Stretch! 9. Aw come on, have some! In " ' Y K x ,. . 1 . , A, .sl I 1 ff: i vm . 'Q ' .' .521 ' . 3 X - ,qs 1 t 5 qqqt .S 5 . .L -,i i X . , .i . -' 1 Q - ' . Q F I :QQ . 3 ZQE :,..,, N gf ..,. ,. I 1 . ta W 1 - .wl- fffi e o as 1 it . ,?. . ff i 75 'v 1 Q ix 13 , L4 4 gf ' 1 li 3 4 1 ,11- . 5 .ri Q x , 45, fir . SSH -of, I A gf' A 1 'EU Xl INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS FACTORY A HOMF OFFICE Knnsus City A 1 J I S . J s N ?l .. 1 J 1 1 v i Q W E Ex E 5 1 F i E v E 3 E H 5 1 5 . , I . . , A fy! . 1-1 , , ., - ,wg fs k I fr Ev. T, :IQ

Suggestions in the North Collins High School - Reverie Yearbook (North Collins, NY) collection:

North Collins High School - Reverie Yearbook (North Collins, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


North Collins High School - Reverie Yearbook (North Collins, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


North Collins High School - Reverie Yearbook (North Collins, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North Collins High School - Reverie Yearbook (North Collins, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 64

1956, pg 64

North Collins High School - Reverie Yearbook (North Collins, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 44

1956, pg 44

North Collins High School - Reverie Yearbook (North Collins, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 11

1956, pg 11

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